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File: 1505231620478.png (191.71 KB, 258x453, 1505162938906.png)

No. 432595

Last thread: >>429934

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mariahmallad
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram / Snapchat: mariahmallad

-Gets two hairdyes in less than 24h because she can't read, her already damaged hair is now totally fried and she starts wearing a wig
-More "Moomoo doesn't credit" drama
-Calls dibs on Beekeeper Mei because she thought she was the first, she wasn't
-New cosplays: Beekeeper Mei and Chun Li, both look like garbage
-Says that she will do a "bikini Beekeeper Mei" shoot and sell the prints for a charity; first she announces that the profits of the shoot will go to a "save the bees" charity, but after the hurricane disaster she decides the cash will be for a Harvey and Irma charity fund. Then she "clarifies" that "if you want to get the print to donate to the relief don't donate to Patreon", because the Patreon money will go entirely in her greedy hands
-Gets called out hard for this, especially from a photographer that used to work with her: she goes on a massive Twitter rant and a whole 6 minutes long instastory video rant where she goes full psycho, eye twitching and all
-Buys Bad Dragon cum lube for a new trashy "totally not porn" photoshoot
-Deactivates her personal fb
-The saga continues!


The basics:
>body positive, but photoshops her body and wears shapewear/corsets constantly, resorted to getting liposuction
>Proven through twitteraudit that she has bought at least 20k followers.
>laughably bad at making cosplays – if she's told they're bad, she falls back on her Mei costume and makes excuses for why she couldn't wear the new cosplay
>spends very little time and effort on each costume and then claims her money is "hard-earned"
>claims she cosplays because she's passionate about the characters and the hobby, but is only in it for the money
>does monthly "boudoir"/half-naked shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame
>has to beg for money, con passes, etc. despite making over $10k per month on Patreon
>known to spend chunks of her Patreon income on fancy vacations, alcohol, drugs and treating her friends while simultaneously half-assing all her cosplays
>pretends to have played/know about the series she cosplays from, despite evidence proving otherwise
>loiters around at booths during cons, pretending to have been invited as a guest
>lewded a dragon loli after people told her not to and massively backpedaled after she couldn't just laugh off the backlash
>had a major fallout with her boytoy KBBQ bc he didn’t want to fuck her, according to numerous rumors she threatened KBBQ with something that made him quit all social media in a second.
>constantly goes on pity party rants or videos, trying to make people feel bad for her about things that’s happening to her when she’s done the same
>goes off on social media tirades and then immediately back pedals

No. 432598

here's to hoping we don't derail the thread with other fat uggo 'cosplayers'

No. 432606

File: 1505232939180.png (57.01 KB, 634x466, Momokun NYCC ? on Twitter.pn…)

When the cows keep colliding.

No. 432609

File: 1505233137300.png (25.92 KB, 590x206, ff78a182873efa70100cd151eccb33…)

No. 432611

Her "quick" 1 2 and sad kick (link on last thread) second time I've seen her struggle to lift her own tree trunks (Insta Kanna bikini screenshots in older thread) I want to know why she didn't put any effort into her sneakers like she did the first time she did Chun li, these look boring and dirty ("gym" underwear set)

No. 432612

didn't we already predict her backpedaling into her happiness/everybody be nice blebleble bullshit right after her bitchboy nonsense

No. 432614


Yep. Totally called it.

No. 432617

those weren't even punches they were just… Limply moving her hams a little. And that wasn't a kick, she couldn't even fully unfold her leg. She got too winded from lifting a knee??

No. 432620


Pretty sure all that movement counts as her exercise for the rest of the year.

No. 432621

>you guys just wanna be happy
>even if you're meanies
>or a bully like me

No. 432622

moo is such a fucking basic bitch but her milk is still so satisfying.

No. 432623

>Deactivates her personal fb

I didn't realize she did that, thats a little sad because I loved it when people leaked her posts on there

No. 432624

I laughed so hard at her doing those little punches they were so damn sad and pathetic ohman.

No. 432627

It basically just happened.

No. 432628

I'm seriously starting to believe she's having a literal psychotic episode and she's genuinely mentally ill. We all know she's nuts and shit, but this is next level behavior and is really similar to what I've seen with bipolar disorder. I know it's annoying when any of us try to diagnose her or anything like that, I'm just saying this type of behavior doesn't seem to be that of someone who is ok mentally. She needs to get her shit together and go see a doctor.

In other news, wtf is the point of tweeting the most vague shit you can come up with??? Obviously for sympathy, but I thought people stopped doing stuff like that once they graduated high school.

No. 432630

Agreed. Bitch's got issues. Remember her old forum posts from when she was like 14, talking about her dad? She needs therapy.

No. 432632

I'm very old and uncool, but people in their 30s still vague post. It's always shit for attention.

The worst is when someone vague posts then freaks the fuck out when you ask if they're OK, what's wrong, etc

No. 432634


Clearly your happiness comes from hunting people down and calling them out so you can feel superior to them. She is nothing but a bully. She should realize by now that the fact that she burned so many bridges and the fact that even her "friends" are against her, she is a terrible person. She can't keep using the "people use me because I'm famous" or the "people hate me because I'm famous" excuses forever.

No. 432636

This was like her kbbq meltdown too, she put him on blast and made him seem like he like murdered her family but then was like wishing him happiness and bullshit and then went to I'm my own "women" bs and would freak the fuck out when someone would ask about him to her
She's so fucking weird and ugly

No. 432638


She called him a "snake" and made it seem like he's a terrible person. She talked about him behind his back. She tried to take credit for his work.
Then….. when someone accused her and kbbq of being on bad terms she talked like they were still friends.

Something is clearly wrong with this person

No. 432641

links/caps? i'd love to see

No. 432642

File: 1505236519356.png (862.31 KB, 1080x1557, Screenshot_2017-09-12-12-12-24…)

No. 432643

She still loses her mind when people bring him up.

No. 432644

Ew, she's sitting her bare ass on that dirty ass floor….. Well, not like she showers anyway.

No. 432645


>I hope I can give you want I can't even give myself

I'm sure you mean "what" I can't give myself.

This and "reading compression" is why people cannot take your intelligence seriously Moo

No. 432646

Nice botched bo burnham quotes, mooriah. Not a creative bone in her body.

No. 432647

>hope I can give you want I can't even give myself
>I can give you want

No. 432650

Yeah, like everyone makes typos and all that, but she does it way too often for it to be okay…

No. 432651

Then again, Las Vegas education is pretty shit, so I can't say I'm surprised.

No. 432655

If something is staying up, like her tldr insta shit, those should be checked.

"Owning" someone over their reading "compression" should also be double checked.

No. 432659

I bet she cried writing this on her insta. lol

No. 432662

>>432642 This picture looks so fucking aweful from far away, it's like she's not even the same person and it makes her look WAY fatter and obese than she usually does. I'm guessing she did it on purpose but good lord does she look terrible.

No. 432664

Looks like she shutdown her facebook, or facebook shut it down.

No. 432668

yea it was said earlier, personal fb is disabled but cosplay page is up.

No. 432670

File: 1505238704730.png (178.52 KB, 748x1032, IMG_5966.PNG)

It's funny how all the comments are giving her asspats and calling her a pro. She bought both cosplays. Only difference is that she has more money now to buy things of slightly better quality.

No. 432671

File: 1505238715383.jpg (19.49 KB, 443x488, 1504814498533.jpg)

She really is having a mental breakdown. Waiting for the next "crying on camera" video. Keep an eye on her instastories, everyone

No. 432672

I didnt see that comment. Looked again for it. Did the person say why she was suspended?

No. 432674

File: 1505238961532.png (116.97 KB, 750x1048, IMG_2580.PNG)

Why the fuck is this parent letting their two year old child see her content??? There's only like 1% of it that would be appropriate for a child to see wtf

No. 432675

File: 1505239126783.png (60.93 KB, 750x1239, IMG_8732.PNG)

cuz its probably a fake account kek. wouldn't surprise me if it was moo herself or one of her neckbeards trying to make her look like a good person

No. 432677

lmao a fake account for asspats… How much lower can she go

Also look at how quickly she replied while she didn't reply to anyone else around it

No. 432680

She looks so dead inside in this picture

No. 432681


Or a fake account made by a white knight or her manager

No. 432682

Did this talentless scamming hack even mention the name of the relief organization she's supposedly donating to?

No. 432683

File: 1505240619779.png (296.67 KB, 984x550, a5ab4c12b85297ac6a1566764beb8b…)

Moo JUST protected her twitter account and if you don't follow her, can't see anything anymore.

No. 432684

Maybe she disabled her account herself, as part of the meltdown. She also made her Twitter private

Today, on "Stuff that never happened". The fake account is probably Moo herself.

Nah, methinks she won't donate a single penny

No. 432686

Wow, a "public figure" going private. Must be great for her "

No. 432687

Wow what the hell is going on with her today??? She's acting more shady and dramatic than usual.
Hope some of you in here actually follow her on twitter and can post caps cuz I don't even have an account to follow her with

No. 432688

This is hilarious, she must know her tweets are being capped. That isn't going to stop people who might already follow her though. She has enough tough bitch attitude to tear someone a new asshole on instagram AND twitter, but has to hide herself once her precious feelings get hurt? What a hypocrite.

No. 432690


I was just about to post this

No. 432691

Hilarious because she can't send out @'s on a private account. She wont last more than 2 days

No. 432693

i've commented on her twitter but didn't follow her, so now i can't. rip open access.

No. 432694

Shit this must be serious

No. 432695

>>432693 She craves the attention far too much, it won't last long. This has to be a ploy just to get people talking about her again, as if they aren't already. Something else must have happened to set her over the edge to start protecting accounts. It's only going to hurt her in the end because it makes her look like a drama fueled coward.

No. 432696

Wtf is the purpose of going private?? She's gotta know that SOMEONE will cap whatever she tweets regardless.

She's a PUBLIC figure, this isn't her personal twitter account or anything (even though she treats it like it is) so this is just a horrible idea in general and isn't going to accomplish anything.

No. 432697

Some of us are following her for sure, remember that we've had people from her circle writing on here.
Waiting for ~ private ~ caps

No. 432698

File: 1505241713294.png (190.13 KB, 1242x887, IMG_3704.PNG)

Is her "mom" defending her? Lol

No. 432701

But your not diagnosing her, she actually is bipolar. She was diagnosed 7 years ago.

No. 432702

Probably. Nigri had the same problem when she was first starting

No. 432703

I'm sure moo went crying to her, and Nigri tries really hard to be Cosplay Mom to everyone, so ofc she'd try to defend her

No. 432704

It's SO easy to defend her and yet they condone her going on screaming tirades on instagram calling people names like Bitch Boy and digging graves for them?? She can dish out the heat but can't take it herself, that's beyond typical.

No. 432705

Even at her worst, Niggles wasn't nearly as bad as Moo though. Man it must be tiring having to comfort that sack of lard when she's on a tear like this.

No. 432706

I knew I had seen a Facebook status or something from a while ago saying she was bipolar but that was the only thing I had ever seen. Didn't know if it was one of those "I'm totally bipolar" but not actually diagnosed things or not.

Is there a cap or something that says she was diagnosed or??

No. 432708

Momo isn't just starting out though.

No. 432709

I meant that in relation to Nigri

No. 432710

It's in one of the older threads. Sorry anon. Try some 10 threads ago?

No. 432711

Double posting but make sure to check friend and family FB to see if she revives her Facebook. She might condense the name because there's 3 accounts with her names currently

No. 432712

Jnigs doesn't even care for moo.

No. 432713

Doesn't Nigri lowkey throw shade at Momo and clap her down?

No. 432714

We assumed but they are indeed actually friends. Nigri is going out to Vegas next week to celebrate Moo's birthday according to facebook posts.

No. 432715


Not a lot of the more well known cosplayers seem to like her. They just tolerate her.

No. 432716

Ive got her Patreon on my side, so Ill keep you guys updated with anything she says.

No. 432717

Eehh, it's hard to tell. All these costhots spout random "spread love/let's all be friends" messages constantly. I doubt it has anything to do with jnigs actual thoughts or feelings towards anyone inparticilar.

No. 432718

This fucking mess better be good.

No. 432719

Where's her so called bestie Vamplette on the defense? Momma Nigri stepped in quick.

No. 432720

Not only is it going to look weird that she can't @ people on twitter, but now any shared post by other people aren't going to be viewable by anyone anymore either. She's a fucking idiot.

No. 432721

Gonna throw a stick in the dark here, but with how crazy Moo has been, anyone think Vamp mightve tried to explain people's confusion and Moo went off on it as if she was being attacked?

No. 432722

This is just her doing damage control. Expect all those mentions about the charity and meltdown tweets to magically dissappear and be replaced by positivity bullshit by the time she makes it public again.

No. 432723

if that's the case, people better remember the charity. as they're gonna have donated to something they thought was a good cause, all for nothing. not like they're not going to be losing out anyway. but still.

No. 432724

lol maybe she's going to delete her old racist tweets too

No. 432725

>>432722 Except if she does that then people are going to start asking even more questions. It's going to look stupid if she suddenly decides not to donate to charity because she already made such a big fucking deal about it.

No. 432726

Bipolar or not what a typical meltdown. She spent a day raging with intensity about the haters on twitter and insta without even sleeping, only to now suddenly go into a "delete all my accounts" depressive stage. She's either demented or on drugs. Maybe both.

No. 432727

Momokun will have to show evidence she actually donated to charity. The fact that she being all nickel and dime about what she is donating makes her look horrible

No. 432729

File: 1505243736388.jpeg (128.25 KB, 750x908, image.jpeg)

She's liking his tweets now. Will the cows collide? Who is the strongest narc? Will Moomoo manage to crush him with her massive rolls before he can shame her into
losing weight?

No. 432732

It's funny to me that they're interacting. The two biggest cows of /pt/, together…
Can we say that Mariah and Gurg are equally disgusting now?

No. 432733

Which is why I hope she's doing just that. She will crash and burn with no one to blame but herself.

No. 432735

they'd have the grossest sex ever.

No. 432738

Plot twist. What if this tweet is also partly about Mariah's behavior yesterday? Jnig always tries to stay super neutral, but it technically applies to what we saw Mariah doing yesterday excessively crying 'bitch boy'for several hours.

No. 432741

Cosplayers that are usually associated with moo are forced to be neutral because they have more of a reputation than her. If they were to call her out on her bs that would look very bad for their sponsors.

No. 432745

File: 1505246969929.png (199.86 KB, 712x582, Capture _2017-09-12-13-02-23.p…)

I saved this cap before I saw the new thread but its confirmed that her personal account is down and the twitter is private (I guess we already figured that out but it doesnt hurr to have multiple confirmations)
i will post caps when she tweets again

No. 432747

Wasn't able to get caps before she deactivated her Facebook, but momo commented on some thread saying pewdiepie isn't a racist and his latest fiasco is just a slipup, then a guy named Chris who is a mutual and friends with just about everyone in the California cosplay scene made a comment saying "maybe pewdiepie should do a charity print shoot and send that money to ACLU" sarcastically.

Momo flipped her shit seeing this, Chris's friends tried to defend him and she started saying how anyone who is friends with him is awful and then made all these "trust no one" vague statuses

No. 432749

Should have capped for delicious milk

No. 432750

>>432747 As soon as her FB comes back and if the comment thread is still there, someone PLEASE get caps of this!

No. 432756

The milk here is delicious

No. 432757

File: 1505248565656.jpg (283 KB, 720x979, mariahalwaysthevictim .jpg)

Her response to a comment on her latest IG post.

No. 432758

They're both coshot trash who barely make their own costumes, so they're perfect together. Nigri probably sees Moo as a baby version of herself that needs protection from teh haturz.

Tinfoil time: What if Moo is trying to milk Nigri to give her an 'in' at Rooster Teeth and Funimation outside of that one guy's dick she already sucks at Funi.

No. 432761

How will she clap back from this lmaooo

No. 432762

Its definitely her or a wk because she seems to want to push this child friendly thing lately? Remember the random floating about hugging a child or whatever? Maybe just more to try to back up her IM SUCH A GOOD PERSON!!!! I WANT TO HELP PEOPLE!! CHILDREN!!!! ILL PUT YOU IN THE GROUND BITCH BOY REEEEE

No. 432765

File: 1505249972427.png (51.65 KB, 750x408, IMG_2582.PNG)

Why the fuck does she keep trying to pretend like she's some sort of angel and she's so nice to other people and has never said a bad word about anyone else???

No. 432769

But she bullies people all of the time????? She least she could do is say "you're right, I apologize for the times I have put people down because now I realize how terrible it makes people feel." That would have earned her at least some morality points.

Moo if you are reading this, know that you are not entirely innocent in all of this. Even if Plusfox was wrong in his claims and maybe you really did want to do it for charity, the fact of the matter is that you acted unprofessionally and continue to do so. You burn bridges with people who were once your ~friends~ because of differences in opinion. Even Thornechan, who seems to have had your side for a long time has decided to distance herself from you. You need to put down the booze and drugs for one minute and really look back at your actions because if you were this nice pure person you try to make yourself out to be, you wouldn't have so many hate threads. No, it is not because you are famous because Jnig (your cosmom with more followers than you) does not have as many hate threads about her. People do not call her out for the same stuff they call you out for. You are clearly toxic to all those around you and you can't admit this to yourself, which is why you look towards your neckbeards for comfort. People talk shit about you behind your back because they are tired of your shit. It wouldn't be a plot twist if Vamp felt the same way. Ffs she has not defended you once during your whole mental meltdown. If you want any respect from the community, instead of being all talk and trying to cover up your tracks, make a sincere apology and change yourself. If not, we do not care at this point. Just give us more milk.

No. 432770


I think this is what is pissing me off the most. That she is trying to act like this saint who never did anything bad or said mean things to anyone and everyone is just pulling reasons to not like her out their ass. She is the toxic asshole who bullies others out of the community. She is the asshole who constantly goes on rants looking to drag anyone who doesn't kiss her ass through the mud. And as usual after being caught acting like a cunt to everyone online, she is trying to backpedal with her "Everyone should just love each other/it's so sad you take joy in trying to bring me down" bullshit. Except now she thinks that by going private it will protect her. Guess what dipshit, the leaks are coming from your "inner circle". No matter how much you try to box people out, we'll still be able to see what a shitty person you are because there is no shortage of people who hate your guts and want to see you brought down. So go ahead crawl away to your safe space, it will only make you more furious when you see more shit about you being put out there.

No. 432772

I think the WORST part though is, how pathetic and sad that even when she makes these "woe is me, Im so sad, I'm never happy", like to make it sound personable, the only comments you see are how sexy, thicc, how someone wants to fuck her. Wake up Moo, your followers DO NOT CARE about your feelings, and they have said this many times. You are nothing but T & A to them, and if you think posting these sob stories is going to get you genuine validation, you're painfully wrong. Just reading the comments show people only care about your body, and you have yourself to thank for that.

No. 432774

It's now time for her inner circle to make a move. Like she said,"trust nobody!" My goodness she's finally at that point where everything is crumbling around her and I'm so ready to see her explode.

No. 432775


She is just a disgusting leech of a person. She constantly plays up this "oh woe is me everyone hates me for no reason" act so that desperate neckbeards will feel so bad for her will throw some sheckles her way in hopes that she might want to bang them. No one gives a shit about your feelings Moomoo. They are just waiting for you to get naked.


Agreed. Now is the the time to sink the dagger. She is wounded and getting desperate and is alienating more and more people. If any of you "inner circle" anons are actually telling the truth then come forward with any info you have so that she might finally be taken down.

No. 432777

I didn't watch her sperg out insta story video but the OP pic already makes me lol hard and I just noticed ALL THOSE DASH MARKS AT THE TOP like holy shit, she had to keep going, stop, post, go ahead, stop, post, oh my god hahahahaahahaha

No. 432791

Excuse me for being late but I remember a friend of mine who has a facebook site. She wanted to delete her account or make it inactive (since you can't really delete accounts on facebook (or has that changed lol?))
Anyways she couldn't because then her site would have been down too.
So eithet Facebook changed, my friend talked bullshit or Moo made a new private account.
Correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 432792

her page could have another admin

No. 432796

You can delete a facebook page but you actually need to search the keywords to get the link off google or something. Scummy business practices all around.

No. 432799


Remember a month or so ago when she bothered Nana about not deactivating because it would remove her public page? She said Nana should make someone else an admin of her page fore she deactives. I remember because it was totally imsensitive at the time to be so concerned about likes when she was that stressed out over everything. Mariah is well aware of how to get around her page being deleted. I bet she made Vamp or someone "close" her admin so she can still monitor comments.

No. 432802

File: 1505256305499.png (226.97 KB, 750x1091, IMG_2583.PNG)

I hope she took this picture yesterday and is just now uploading it, there's no way she'd wear that shirt twice in a row going to the SAME place right??? I'm guilty of wearing outfits repeatedly but never if I'm going to see someone who saw me in it the day before. This is also probably the 10th time she's worn it in two weeks wtf there's no way she's even washed it yet

No. 432803

I'm pretty sure that shirt smells so bad by now.

No. 432804

File: 1505256533731.jpg (80.05 KB, 605x586, 1496969510777.jpg)

Gawd, she wore that awful wig and those glasses for this?

No. 432805

She's been wearing that wig and those glasses since last Sunday at Pax. I'm pretty sure she's had them on at all times except for when she was in her chun li cosplay (and during that rant but she put them on right after the rant)

No. 432806

I just realized in her insta story that she said she had to wear it again for continuity purposes so ignore that first comment.

Second comment still applies tho

No. 432807

She said in her story she has to wear the same outfit twice because she's doing some video project for a company (?) about cosplay and it has to look like it was done in one day

No. 432808

OT that guys retarded face is offsetting how bad hers is lol

No. 432809

In one of the IG stories she complains about having to wear the outfit again for the "filming" because they told her so.

No. 432811

File: 1505257115236.jpg (388.07 KB, 1448x1931, IMG_2385.JPG)

Friend sent me these… Cause of the breakdown is someone calling her out for defending Pewdiepie. (1/2)

No. 432812

File: 1505257142890.jpg (462.12 KB, 1931x1931, IMG_2386.JPG)


No. 432813


I do not know much about shows like these but would that not be against the NDA agreement? A friend of mine was on a few reality shows and she was not allowed to tell people things like this because the shows wanted to keep the illusion that they were done within a certain time frame.

No. 432814

This is some good milk. Another glass please!

No. 432817

>>432811 She is so fucking dense. People aren't making fun of you for wanting to help people, people are making fun of you for being a fucking SLUTTY SKANK about it. You could't just donate, no, you had to smear fake cum all over your face to do it.

No. 432819

File: 1505257653997.gif (384.71 KB, 224x233, aYJZ3pzg_700wa_0.gif)


No. 432820

This girl is dumber than a bag of rocks. I almost feel bad.

No. 432822

File: 1505258129954.png (2.1 MB, 1152x2048, i just wanna help out.png)

No. 432823

>I want to help out and do good in the world
Then do so, you fucking cow. Help feed the homeless, because Vegas has a terrible homeless problem. You could easily set aside $200 on simple supplies and toiletries and make homelessness kits. It's not expensive, $10-20 tops. Simple shit like toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, deodorant, pens, paper, soap, sunscreen, little snacks that last a while, some water, etc. Then you start handing it out to people who actually need the help and you can directly see shit happening with. The best part? You don't need to tell anyone it's going on.

That's how you actually help people. BY GOING OUTSIDE AND HELPING OUT. Not by dressing scantily and smearing Bad Dragon lube all over yourself. You tell no one, because anyone that needs to know already does. You don't have a fucking mental breakdown because "haters shitting on you for doing charity."

No. 432825

Why does the front of her thighs have a bigger ass than her actual ass? It's like her legs are on backwards.

No. 432827

It's depressing how she always looks better out of cosplay than in it, even when she's wearing a shitty wig and stupid fake glasses and in the same clothes day after day.

No. 432828

Her fb is back up. Couldnt even last a full day.

No. 432830

I'm also extremely disturbed by how much the front of her thighs curve outwards

No. 432832

Has her freak out been deleted yet or is it still up??

No. 432834

The difference is that now a single one of her legs equals her body mass when she first began to cosplay.
Guys, I think she is legitimately going crazy. She's making fake accounts to give herself ass pats. Fake accounts about two year old children being forced to look at obese woman porn on his death bed. And she thinks this is normal. She thinks this will make her look good. She needs to get some help, holy shit. And that help needs to want to legitimately help her, unlike all of her current "friends" who just want to use her for fame, so they tell her whatever she wants to hear.

No. 432836

Honestly seems like she freaked the fuck out when someone with some actual clout in the LV scene called her out. This dude is pretty well known in the area, so for him to call her out probably scared her shitless lmao

No. 432837

I will give this to her because she said they told her to wear the same clothes since they're doing a continuity thing with the special. that doesn't excuse the fact she wore this same outfit every day at PAX tho

No. 432839

She wasn't even complaining, just explaining and then going "this is a great excuse because I love this outfit lol." Of course she is going to announce the one time there's a reason why she's wearing the same outfit.

No. 432841

Lmao at momo making her twitter private and losing tons of potential followers. I'm following her so ill screen cap anything good

No. 432842

Still there

No. 432843

Saged for OT but I hate that I am close to all the people talking to her in these comments. I don't understand how they support her

No. 432844

Soooo, while Mariah is doing all this crying about being not racist, I'd like to remind everyone of the video of her dressed up as a Chinese character yelling "CHING CHONG CHING CHING CHONG" through a microphone. And this is not highschool stuff, this is like last year. So yeah. You have no high ground, Moo.

No. 432845

Let us know if she deletes it or says anything else on those posts

No. 432847

"no one cares about anyone. You all just wanna fucking use eachother."

ironic coming from someone who's built an entire career off of using other people's cosplay skills to get followers and was just recently outed for claiming someone's work was her own lol oops.

No. 432850

File: 1505259976238.jpg (31.88 KB, 592x288, IMG_2784.JPG)

No. 432851

File: 1505260016825.jpg (39.02 KB, 634x400, 3BD650FA00000578-4087002-The_f…)

I love this and her other racist bullshit because it means she's totally adopted the Muslim stuff out of guilt for her actions, but she still can't help herself. Truly a prime example of white trash.
Moo is the gift that keeps on giving!

No. 432852


Yes Moomoo. You're totally helping people by smearing fake cum all over your tits.


Something seems, "off" about her this time. This isn't her usual "fuck the haters" type bullshit. This sounds like she is legit having a hard time keeping it together and is ready to blow at any second. And of course it is all her fault and has no one else to blame but herself.

No. 432855

And so we find Moo's kryptonite outside of DADDY: People with actual influence. Otherwise she sees herself as Nigri 2.0, some fun, partying, KIND, and HONEST THICCCC GODDESS WOMEN and untouchable.

No. 432858

>dumps maroon cosplay once she becomes a "big shot"
>constantly kisses mama nigri ass
>ditched Vegas photographers once she thought she was too good for them
>throws out Justin Rojas' name whenever she can
>used kbbq for gropey shoots and took credit for his work
>used a charity as an excuse to backpedal on her word about not doing lewd bee keeper
>ditched her old Vegas crew once she became "famous"

It all checks out

No. 432859

File: 1505260639111.jpg (69.86 KB, 486x265, IMG_9273.JPG)

No. 432860

Pretty sure she won't last long with this shit.
She'll make a post about "coming back stronger" or some.other bullshit.

No. 432861

"this is a job now"

you finally fucking realized????????????????????

No. 432863

Wild, never thought I'd see someone I know defending this cow.

Sage for no contribution.

No. 432865

This girl has no chill ffs
She's becoming pretty pathetic to read/watch

No. 432866


Lmao didn't she just tell someone the other day this wasn't her job?? Bitch make up your mind holy shit.

Waiting for her obligatory "im back and stronger. Dont let anyone get you down. Fuck the hater" post. God she's so predictable. She's juat backpedaling after she realized she fucked up yesterday.

Weak bitch throws a tough game, but when it comes to sticking her ground she fucks up and calls for her neckbeards.

No. 432867


I thought she wasn't a professional

No. 432868


Jesse fucking Christ what a drama cow. Of course she had to add the "I was thinking dark thoughts last night" bullshit. It's just more "oh woe is me please pity me" shit. This was all shit you brought upon yourself by your shitty actions and attitude.

And this stay from social media won't last long of course. She is so desperate for attention and validation that she'll be back in a week talking about "coming back stronger" or "I won't be brought down by your negativity".

Also I thought you weren't a professional, Moomoo. You said so yourself whenever people call you out for your shit wigs and trashy bikini that you call cosplay. And you sure as shit don't act like a professional with all these constant public meltdowns.

No. 432869


Her existence is sad but i love seeing the wreckage.


Is this is personal fb? If so lmao damn she still got ppl on her friends list who hate her and cap her shit. Thanks for sharing anon

No. 432870

Bitch you're making Gs for months and NOW this is a job?

No. 432871

>>432859 She's been on social media all fucking day, who is she kidding. She can't separate herself from it because social media is what gives her ALL her validation. She can't breath without it. Just because she doesn't post doesn't mean she wont lurk on it just to feed her need to feel accepted…or what she THINKS is accepted. People don't care about you Moo, they want to see you naked.

No. 432873


You know she won't be able to just sit back and lurk. Someone will say something to piss her off and she'll jump right back in with her "I won't just sit back and be bullied" bullshit.

No. 432874

I'm excited for her next "I'm so resilient and strong, fuck the haters" photo shoot in her musty Calvin Kleins!

No. 432875

Momo is one fucked up narcissist on a whole new disturbing level. Her constant need for validation, attention and sympathy from absolutely everyone and in fact anyone(when in low supply leads her to going completely batshit it seems)-will be the end of her in time.

No. 432876

This is the exact kind of post that 15 year olds make. We all know it's not true. She'll be back to oversharing on social media in like two days. She at least needs the constant gratification of her neckbeards. Watch her be like "YOU KNOW WHAT, I WON'T LET PEOPLE CONTROL ME FUCK U ILL BE A BAD BITCH ON SOCIAL MEDIA ALL I WANT."

The sad thing is that her not posting anymore on social media would be the one thing that would hurt us haters. She's like the biggest cow on this site right now (Rest in Peace, Queen Pixie. You left us with this garbage cow.) and people on this site would do what they always do when there's no milk: resort to tearing fellow posters apart for dumb shit.

No. 432877


Should be a drinking game for every time Momo has a malfunction and comes back 'stronger' lmao.

No. 432878

No wonder Greg seems to be legit sucking up to her ass for fame and bux, they're peas in a pod!

No. 432880


Seriously fuck this cow. How many people has she made disappear from social media through her unprofessionalism so far? Are we forgetting about how she doxxed a guy for a meme and made him disappear? How about when she made nomisphotos disappear? Or how about when she made kbbq quit cosplay only to steal his work? I heard from mutuals that he was depressed and starved himself. And let's not forget how she put her latest victim on blast for calling her out for not crediting. Oh wait she also called out Chris for disagreeing with her gators methods.

Don't dish out what you can't handle.

No. 432881

I worry she believes the things she says about herself that are not accurate

No. 432882

Really don't get how she condones others while she can't even think about her own

All her rants are so hypocritical

No. 432885


Classic work of a true narcissist. Driving people away, ensuring their lives are ruined or will keep them close for future contact while carefully playing mind games. Everyone who gets involved with Momokunt becomes trapped in her sugarcoated web and once they discover what she truly is, she can't handle it each & every single time.

No. 432886


It's like those dipshits who threaten to "leave Facebook" because of all the drama. And lo and behold they are right back next week. She is just looking for attention.

We know Moo is full of shit. She'll lurk for a few days, see that people are still talking shit about her and will run in to defend herself because "I won't sit back and be bullied!" Either that or she'll come with the whole "Fuck the haters, I refuse to be brought down by your negativity" routine.

No. 432889


Fucking this.

Every post she makes she tries to act like she is this pure saint who never does anything wrong and everyone is just hating her for no reason. She is the biggest, most toxic asshole in the community and it's about time she got ran off like she does to others.

No. 432891

File: 1505263580436.jpg (262.84 KB, 1200x799, DJihyC3VYAAs4a1.jpg)

No. 432892

i'm SCREAMING. wtf did they do to her leg!! jcf shes need a better editor to make not look shoop away her fat cause this is not it.

No. 432893

I know it's super insensitive, but I laughed really hard at the starving himself thing. Like, hanging out with Moo so much made him want to get super skinny because he didn't want to end up like her or something.

I feel really bad for KBBQ, though. I've never heard a bad thing about him besides him associating with and doing photos with Moo. I hope he comes back; he could make good money off of his props, and he shouldn't let a fat cow ruin his life like this. Now that she's claiming her and KBBQ are on good terms, she won't be able to be a dick to him anymore without it being super obvious that she's the abuser here.

No. 432895

Dude don't defend that shit king. He knew what he was getting into and gladly took money from her. If she hadn't found out about him he'd still be mooching and going to parties with her.

No. 432897

I almost kind of feel bad for her. You can tell how paranoid she is just from these conversations and her hiding all of her social media accounts is another red flag. Idk, this might really be the tipping point for her

No. 432898


She already looks like the abuser. She accused him of fat shaming her and said he was being a jealous cunt whenever she would try to flash her stank pussy in other dudes faces for attention. She spent the entirety of their break up trying to publicly drag him through the mud and make herself out to be the victim.

No. 432899


we know you're bored with your fb being deactivated and your private twitter, but you don't need to come here.

No. 432900

Ha what? I said I ALMOST feel bad for her, not that she isn't a shitty person. It's kinda crazy seeing someone have a mental breakdown online

No. 432901

Like I said, I've never heard a bad thing about him before. I don't see anything wrong with him using Moo to get money and exposure. Has he done anything bad besides that? (Also lol if this is really Moo.)

No. 432902

File: 1505264422412.png (14.16 KB, 464x212, W1zk4ZF_d.png)

Me right now

No. 432904

The guy said the same shit we say on his personal Facebook before he got taken by Moo. So to me he sold out. He posted before all this that people who beg for money for cosplaying are losers. Then goes about trying to get his dick wet with MooMoo and use her to get connections at parties. That's why to me he's a shit king.

No. 432907

sold out? girl what? for all we know he just thought she was cool and told her off when her crazies started creeping in.

No. 432908

Kbbq doesn't even care anymore. He has a real world job and is trying to live his life. If he wants to comeback then that's his decision.

No. 432911

Fucker still hung out with the bitch afterward. None of her pals are innocent. They all took money when it was easy and convenient. Let crazy bitch pay for shit and kept their mouths shut. Even her ex took money from her when she paid for all her gremlin looking friends to PAX last year.

No. 432912

File: 1505265135938.gif (1.9 MB, 355x200, 200.gif)

Good. This cunt deserves every bad thing that's happening to her.

No. 432914

And that was a decision that she made. You make it sound like they opened her wallet and took the money out themselves.

No. 432916

Well a lot of people noticed he was gaining weight while they were together. I'm sure he saw that and was like "hale nah"

No. 432917

Her mental break down seems to be her not believing people would call her out on her shit. Moo, it was transparent you were using a national disaster for attention. And you did state originally you were going to donate for the bees.

Also calm your titts girl. You are not the salvation for thousands of people because you put fake cum in your mouth.

No. 432919

you're forgetting moo is so insecure she's practically trying to buy her friends. of course they're going to take it, she's offering.

No. 432921

Nah the point is they don't have any pride in themselves or self respect. They all talked the same shit and had/have issues with her attitude from the start of all this. Yet they didn't do shit and took the money anyway.

No. 432923

I get your point anon, I'm just saying that she's the one who allowed it.

No. 432926

File: 1505266030840.png (448.35 KB, 846x900, servallaugh.png)

Mariah never went through a coping phase through highschool and college so she thought just putting up a front and fighting aggressively was the best course of action…its not. I just hope she doesnt have children if she doesn't want to seek help. She will take it out on everyone else, as we know, and she will also take it out on her own family.

This is some hilarious milk though. Nice hole you've dug, Moo.

No. 432927

I know she did. But having this mythos that KBQ or any of the knuckle draggers that mooched off of her are innocent is wrong. Moochlette is 28 years old who's got a dad who owns a car dealership. Total her car because she was texting. Begged for money to fix it. Gabby, husband gets cancer and makes the same thing. Yet, has enough money to buy a VR system top of the line.

No. 432928

you reap what you sew anon, she throws money, people are gonna ask for money and if they get it thrown at them they ask for more.

No. 432930

File: 1505266200142.jpg (24.29 KB, 750x510, FB_IMG_1505266165375.jpg)

No. 432931

No that's the thing they didn't beg MooMoo. They begged to other people. They are moocher people even without MooMoo.

No. 432932

okay moo, you can turn fb back on now.

No. 432934

…that is a Dreamworks movie.

No. 432935

dumb and racist great.

No. 432936

Sure that's why none of these people seemed to have drama before moo. I'm not saying any of these people are any better but i dont see anything wrong with taking moo's money cause god knows the only other place it's going towards is either shoving stuff into or ripping it out of her stomach.

No. 432937

but like, they didn't.

No. 432938

listen. no one is here to discuss all these meanies leeching off moo, we're here to discuss her. mooch or not, she dragged kbbq through the mud cause she wanted to date him and got rejected, that's a fact, this hearsay shit has got to go.

No. 432940

i dunno what the url is for her other FB but https://www.facebook.com/MariahAMallad

No. 432941

This is how a stupid ass little spoiled rotten bitch acts when she starts to get schooled by what the rest of us call the real world.

No. 432942

i just watched the vid.me of her FREAKING out. holy hell thats the attitude that's so absurd and childish and unnecessarily aggressive that gave her such a terrible rep! complerwly unhinged

and yeah the eye twitching was hysterical

No. 432945

I'm genuinely surprised by her meltdown. I always assumed she would lose her shit over something to do with her appearance (maybe KBBQ post recent, untouched nudes or documentation of cosmetic procedures), but wow, she's actually being called for being a manipulative, scheming person.

She's probably going to crawl back and say she's been suffering from the pressures of her job. It's pathetic because she's the only one who's made a mess of things. Other costhots/camgirls have no where near the ill reputation she has.

No. 432949

This looks like some kind of parody movie version of street fighter

No. 432950

File: 1505270321923.png (176.98 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8569.PNG)

Let's see how this goes. I assume this is a way for her to pinpoint who is a "hater" and still follows her so she can block them.

Total speculation, though.

No. 432951

It looks like if drag queens tried to make a street fighter parody, if the drag queens were particularly ugly.

No. 432952

Go forth lolcow
Flood her twitter

No. 432953


No. 432954

Also her twitter is public again

No. 432955

Can't wait for her to cherry pick softball questions. I guarantee you she'll deny lipo, doing drugs outside of pot, or any other such hard truths.

No. 432958


lol didn't she do this same shit early on? It was one of the "first crying into the camera" videos where she was in her car answering questions and started fake crying about all the "mean comments she was getting".

Also it's super obvious she is going to use this to weed out and "haters" who ask her anything other than softball, ass kissing questions and block them.

No. 432959

Yea, her circle is clearly as bad as she is, and are at least technically not helping things. At least Kbbq left (her at least), so he could be trying to improve idk. I just think anyone who associates with her regularly/closely is toxic themselves to varying degrees, and I've never been impressed by anons claiming to be "friends" with her and to mooch off her, yet don't like her and talk stuff about her (when she isn't around). Why would you even need or want anything from her if you're so much better? And also, just because you don't like someone, doesn't mean blatantly taking advantage of them is ok. I mean, I get your morals and principles are more lax toward people you don't like, but they act so proud of themselves for it and i'm like wtf? Soo not impressed.

Sage for moral fagging I guess

No. 432960

File: 1505271281157.png (421.3 KB, 507x583, Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 10.5…)

from her facebook. i know those frames are just memey, but it's disturbingly accurate for her.

No. 432962


To get close to ride off her exposure, collect milk, and reap benefits once it's safe to do so.

No. 432963

File: 1505271515505.jpeg (39.66 KB, 600x566, short-drake-590dce2ab1f81.jpeg)

How is it possible her body looks like pic related?

No. 432964

>with honest answers

Is she taking a line from Onision's book? kek

No. 432966

Too bad people can just make throw away accounts to give her heat. She won't know who the lolcows are

No. 432969

So far there is one question about lipo, one about drugs and one kinda giving her heat about being lazy. The rest is pure asslicking. I don't want my twitter associated with her, but if I were to create a throwaway, what questions should I ask?

No. 432970

something about her "charity work" being clarified in a place everyone can see permanently

No. 432971

"Did you hope to improve your image by doing this charity print sale?"
Or something like that

Because it's obvious she's not doing this charity thing for selfless reasons or else she wouldn't care so much about what other people think of it and would laugh it off like every other hater comment. This made her delete everything, it really struck a nerve with her

No. 432972

File: 1505272223365.png (47.89 KB, 750x291, IMG_1042.PNG)

Oh fuck off.

No. 432980


what butt is he referring too?

No. 432981

File: 1505273563705.png (11.68 KB, 341x110, afaacb9f275cc7ee3b6681efe392a1…)

Another day, another fuckboi

No. 432983

The fact that she is even catoring and doing this is fucking ridiculous. We all know shes just going to pick and choose questions and not address the real issues. She will probably lie about all of it anyways. She's only making herself look like an even bigger fool. Moo is such an insecure cow. Fucking someone needs to ask how she felt smearing fake cum all over her mouth and tits to make money, honestly.

No. 432984

Someone should ask her if she even enjoys cosplaying anymore

No. 432985


Of course she's gonna no reply/lie about the drug and lip questions. This bitch can't tell the truth for the life of her

No. 432987

The thread she's saying got deleted didn't! My friend posted the status and it's very much still there she just deleted her comments. She's a fucking liar.

No. 432988

File: 1505274349596.png (65.64 KB, 471x332, roasted.png)

She's honestly getting roasted on facebook lol, someone post the photo of her with the fake cum in her mouth!

No. 432989

Momo lied?

In other news, the sky is blue

No. 432993

File: 1505274663625.jpg (219.87 KB, 1080x1145, IMG_2589.JPG)

Found this in the comments of her twitter screenshot on Facebook. Not entirely sure what it means tbh

No. 432994

No. 432996

File: 1505274710987.jpeg (59.23 KB, 600x450, 30a.jpeg)

No. 432998


>says she won't post about private matters anymore and keep it to herself

>goes on twitter to have people give her a reason too

Never change Mooriah never change

No. 432999

If she was earnest about apologizing, she wouldn't need to do it in a Q&A format. This is the exact opposite of what we talked about in a previous thread about how she could come clean and at least try to redeem herself.

No. 433000

>implying she's earnest about apologizing and not just wanting attention

No. 433002

File: 1505275412184.gif (869.17 KB, 400x200, tumblr_o5bn1eIM4G1tw9bgoo1_400…)

Good luck, farmers! Lets see how long it takes for her to fake cry during her video, if she does it at all.

No. 433004

>a bipolar bitch
>coming clean
She's mentally ill, dude.

No. 433008

Ask her if she'll unblock people she's blocked for "hate" for a fair playing field. If not, she'll be milking her cows for complimentary questions

No. 433009


No. 433010

nah moo cancelled that.

No. 433011

did the Facebook Q&A get deleted? There was post from an alleged high school friend I was going back to screenshot and suddenly I can't find the post anywhere.

No. 433012

Just noticed the same thing. It's gone.

No. 433015

Goddamn she's so infuriating. A mentally unstable person has this kind of thinking. She' flip flops constantly!

No. 433016

Someone ask her why she fucking parts her bangs the wrong way on her wigs. Is she really that stupid she can't see she does it wrong?

No. 433022

Or she's covering up something on that post. The comment I was going to screenshot had actual text conversations over FB between her and the commenter. He pulled up an old yearbook pic to prove he went to her school and accused her of bullying anime weebs and overall being a nasty person in high school. Wish that fucking post wasn't deleted, otherwise I'd have image proof.

No. 433023


Ohh ffs ??‍♀️ That is dreamworls, not Disney

No. 433025

I saw it as well, but it didn't even occur to me to screenshot it and now I'm mad at myself

No. 433026


We need to get these messages and blow them up everywhere.

No. 433027

You know what it does? Two fold. First it is a flimsy attempt at culling people she claims are traitors because they try and tell her she's doing bad stuff, and second, ensures that she won't have to actually answer for any of the fucked up shit she's hiding and full well knows is bad without her friends losing social status for doing so. You are right she is not earnest at all and is hoping some of her garbage hiding under the surface stays hidden. If nobody posts about it, then in her eyes it didn't even happen.

No. 433028

Let's make a general post like on google docs or something and submit it to her

No. 433029

Contact that person and get everything

No. 433030

I gyazo'd them but my window crashed, I will see if I have them archived and will post them here

No. 433032

Good work! Hopefully they're saved

No. 433033

Right. It'd be one thing if she made a video and apologized for things without asking people what she should apologize for. But this is like her crying "I don't know why people are mad at me! Tell me so I can defend myself!"

No. 433034


Go to Jamie The Mailman on FB, look at the Homer Momokun photo and look at Anakin's comment.

She's the one momo bullied and has screenshots of her messages with her.

I can't cap it right now myself sorry

No. 433036

File: 1505277755036.png (348.05 KB, 599x758, 1.png)

These might be out of order but thank goodness Gyazo saved the day lol.

No. 433037

File: 1505277786535.png (337.87 KB, 556x761, 2.png)

No. 433038

File: 1505277799569.png (303.28 KB, 613x781, 3.png)

No. 433039

File: 1505278090036.jpg (54.6 KB, 539x960, fb pic.jpg)

that's not even the full conversation, I have more pics from the Jamie the Mailman post

No. 433040

File: 1505278106894.gif (25.37 KB, 200x200, RecklessPhysicalKudu-max-1mb.g…)

No. 433041

Destroyed in seconds

No. 433042

File: 1505278162385.jpg (70.43 KB, 539x960, fb pic 2.jpg)

No. 433043

File: 1505278212329.jpg (13.84 KB, 177x315, fb pic 3.jpg)

No. 433044

You can run, but you can't hide little moo

No. 433045

File: 1505278303554.jpg (71.55 KB, 539x960, fb pic 4.jpg)

"your money isn't good here" Legend

No. 433046



No. 433047

What a savage holy shit

No. 433048

The picture he pulled up is the one that she herself posted when she first did the body thing long ago. Using that image isn't really good proof that he actually knew her.

No. 433049

File: 1505278430545.jpg (124.56 KB, 1280x720, MomoDelivers.jpg)

No. 433050

Yet again, her apology had to include dragging the other person down to her level. Why not just say sorry and leave it at that?

No. 433051

With how many people got involved on Facebook, to suddenly see it gone, she just royally fucked herself. She basically is backpedaling EVERYTHING she said on twitter, but she can't take that down because that's where it started. She's such a fucking coward.

No. 433052

File: 1505278577431.png (31.37 KB, 402x325, holy fuck.png)

I noticed that too, and yet, if this is legit, and god I want it to be legit, Anakin is fucking GOAT. I also believe that Anakin is a chick. Here's some more from the Jamie the Mailman post.

No. 433056

File: 1505278665777.png (33.4 KB, 274x348, saved.png)


Order's probably messed up, but here

No. 433057

Yea, Anakin is a chick. That was my bad. But they didn't show any real evidence that she actually knew Mariah once upon a time. As such, can only take it as a possible truth

No. 433058

File: 1505278680577.jpg (22.32 KB, 290x305, 84186145646.jpg)

No. 433059

also if anyone can think of a better folder name, that'd be nice

sage for samefag

No. 433060

Keep giving her the proverbial rope to hang herself with, folks, she's flailing around in a corner now with her beefy, beefy arms and she just can't hide behind her landmass of a body this time.

No. 433062

Thank you, I was getting tired of screenshotting and saving everything. I usually lurk but I found this bit of speculation interesting, even if it's dubious at best. I will say this, all Anakin has to say sounds a lot like Moo. Not completely out of the realm of possibility.

Fuckin legendary

No. 433064


This is also a well circulated image so not good evidence.

Revenge of the Sith fits

No. 433065

File: 1505278902521.jpg (29.19 KB, 540x960, 21371397_385309448567662_76001…)

She has a Tinder…I know we were joking before but wow

No. 433066

She deleted the Facebook post that asked the same thing her twitter is asking.

No. 433067

i posted it for the joke

No. 433069

File: 1505279306313.jpg (55.34 KB, 749x832, 21371092_385369181895022_33718…)

No. 433070

File: 1505279325942.jpg (673.73 KB, 1428x1521, farmer tweet.jpg)

Speaking of twitter, I really want to see how she handles this guy, obvs someone here

No. 433071

Bitch does not play d&d

No. 433072

File: 1505279431300.jpg (241.93 KB, 1438x1080, 1505253348845.jpg)

>Revenge of the Sith

Make this the title of the next thread please.

No. 433073

File: 1505279491298.gif (1.92 MB, 320x200, Bf8cRo.gif)

No. 433074

I think she did for like one night before a year ago actually.

No. 433076

So, no she doesnt.

No. 433077


they should have used her samus image where you can clearly see all the lip marks.

No. 433078

Comeuppance is my favorite flavor of milk.

No. 433079

Welp she unlocked her twitter. Knew she wouldnt last long

No. 433080

Lol holy shit she is getting absolutely dragged. It's all coming to a head and there isn't shit she can do to stop it. No more lies or trying to blame other people. Everyone can finally see what a shitty person she is and always has been. She's finally getting her comeuppance.

No. 433081


No. 433082

Her retarded WKs, the ones who pay her bills and think the lipo scars are freckles, won't abandon her for this, but at least we can finally show randos the light about her.

No. 433083


samefag, but for those who have throw away accounts we should ask the questions we wanna know

No. 433084

This video just popped up on my feed, it's like someone wrote a book on how she makes costumes, except now she commissions 90% of it.

No. 433085

I have never felt so satisfied in my life. All this milk pouring on my face fills me with euphoria. Goodbye Moo you're literally cornered lmao

No. 433086


Lol holy shit it hasn't even been a full day and she already made it public again. I knew she would come running back to it but I never imagined this soon.

No. 433087

File: 1505280241892.png (14.28 KB, 532x213, q.png)

why is this even a question

any farmers got a twitter just to state the obvious?

No. 433088

She probably lurked here today and read that making it private would drive away potential fans.

No. 433089

If Moo was smart, and she sure as fuck isn't, she would of stayed off of all social media for at least a week or two. But no, it is the only place she gets worship from neckbeards and probably the only way Nigri-senpai talks to her too.

No. 433090

Wouldnt put it past her tbh

shows she has no one out there for her irl. pretty sad when the only validation you can get is from people online

No. 433091

File: 1505280428953.png (60.36 KB, 815x431, finish the bitch off.png)

Will there ever be a cow as wild as Moo?

No. 433092

She's not going to respond to any of the questions except for the fluffy fanwanky ones like "will u b my waifu" or "forks or chopsticks"

I'll bet you anything on this

No. 433093

File: 1505280461797.jpg (49.21 KB, 540x960, racist momo.jpg)

I haven't seen this before in any of the threads, so I figured I post this. She is a fan of abusing women and being racist.

No. 433094

We literally posted that today

No. 433095


The savage questions seem to get a lot of attention already, it'd be poor taste for her not to address them

Moomoo I know you'll be reading this, answer the questions

No. 433096

>>433092 She's already put herself in a corner. She herself stated she wants to clear the air of all rumors and accusations about herself. She opened the door, now she has to answer to it. If she does not, then everyone will know she's a fucking hypocrite liar and she DOESNT care about clearing her name. The funniest questions though to me tho are "what do you want to do post cosplay?" She's already used her real name on everything she's done, good luck getting a real job anywhere.

No. 433097


This is what im expecting tbh. With the attention the questions have gotten if she doesn't answer its just going to make her look worse.

But I fear if she does answer them she's just going to lie and jump through hoops.

No. 433098


Like I said, haven't seen it before.

No. 433099

If momo was smart, she would just go down the list, read every question, and the more savage ones she'd give a quick shut down answer like that Luna chick did.

No. 433101

Please keep up. Also, are you that dense to not see the quotation marks and what that means?

No. 433102


I don't use twatter.

No. 433103

If she was smart she wouldn't be in this situation. She could have been mature from the get go and have kept her professional life separate from personal

No. 433104

The only possible way she can come out of this looking good is to just read all questions. If she skips the more savage ones or the more intense ones, then she makes herself look bad…. again

No. 433105

She's going to bounce back from this just like how she lewded the dragon loli and said perving on young girls was okay.

No. 433106

Oh no doubt, but every time blow ups on this level happen with her, public opinion sours on her more and more. Not to mention she gets more paranoid!

No. 433107


Ugh that reminded me how creepy it is whenever she takes a pic hugging a child or how she pushes her content as kid friendly

No. 433108

Surprised no one asked her about groping people in public without permission. When she attacked someone for groping someone in public

No. 433111

Like that one Sabrina photo where her face clearly says WHAT THE FUCK MOO

No. 433112

We need to create more throwaway twitter accounts and ask these

You can create multiple accounts with the same email/phone number FYI

No. 433113

It's basic grammar even outside of the internet, dingleberry

No. 433115

she didn't even try to deny that she did that this person or anyone, so whether or not this person actually knew her doesn't even really matters since she has basically admitted to bullying the type of people she claims to be.

No. 433116

All of her breakdown Facebook posts have been deleted. Good thing they're archived here.

No. 433117

File: 1505282895336.jpg (561.27 KB, 1477x1321, the first answer.jpg)

She just responded

No. 433118

Let the clapbacks begin

No. 433121

File: 1505283398331.jpg (748.86 KB, 1279x1551, diet and exercise.jpg)

Recent tweet

She didn't even bother to cover the lipo scars

No. 433122

File: 1505283432249.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170913-021538.png)

Why didn't she do this before getting a shit ton of lipo then!? You can see all her lipo marks!

No. 433123


Maybe her left thigh was 209, but she definitely wasn't

No. 433124

File: 1505283564229.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5522.PNG)

Can't tell if that dot under her underwear band is actually a mole or a new lipo mark……

No. 433125


Good fucking lord she's already back on her bullshit. "dieting and exercising" aka got another round of lipo. Momo why are you so fucking retarded?

No. 433126

I always add 10 pounds to whatever she says. So currently around 187 after another round of lipo. Don't forget, she replaced her sodium soup for high carb piroshki

No. 433127

File: 1505283870688.jpg (556.56 KB, 1430x1660, lipo bullshit.jpg)

No. 433128

File: 1505284063407.jpg (68.59 KB, 1024x576, 1482285209010.jpg)

Damn, anon.

That fat hanging over the bra.

No. 433129

File: 1505284153087.png (97.27 KB, 750x925, IMG_5523.PNG)

her fans physically wound me

No. 433130

I feel like this is a direct result of virginal neckbeards going onto the wiki pages of their big titty anime waifus and seeing that the author assigned them a random height and weight lmao

No. 433131

File: 1505284435195.jpg (451.84 KB, 1434x970, i stopped overeating.jpg)


>"I stopped overeating"

No. 433132

To be honest, I think she could only be 177. Muscles weighs more than fat, and seeing as she has no muscle 177 pounds of pure fat doesn't seem too unreasonable.

How? How could someone this big possibly look 110? Maybe if she cut off both her legs.

No. 433133

the fact that her fans have "daddy" and "Hentai" in their names speaks volumes on the deluded neck bears who jack off to her.

No. 433134


Didn't she say a month ago she was like 175 or something? She needs to get her story straight. If you're going to lie at least be consistent. I think it is sad that even after lipo she struggles with her weight. It shows that she lacks any self control. She ate junk and had booze all last weekend for fucks sake.

No. 433135

Can someone post the screen shots of her tearing the guy down on twitter? It happened on 9/11/17

No. 433136

This bitch is straight up lying and it's obvious. There's no way she lost 30+lbs by training for a few hours three days a week and "cutting out carbs". No way at all.

No. 433137

cut out carbs? bitch, booze, piroshki, bread, chips, fries, all things you took pics of all have carbs in it. are they putting the fat they sucked from her body into her head or something?

No. 433138

maybe because they are all fake worthless people who thrive off of drama. I know them too.

No. 433139

That's in the last thread

No. 433140

110kg is 242% believable

No. 433141


I know them #3. One is a local, never been close with her but she is popular where I live.

No. 433142

Can you link it? I'm new here, but I'm liking this place.

No. 433143


Should be near the bottom somewhere since it's recent.

All thread topics at the top usually have a link to the previous thread for future notice. Used to have links to every single old thread, but since we're on about 30 of them it got out of hand.

No. 433144


She just deleted this

No. 433145


Are your fingers and eyes broken?

No. 433146

Just how fucking stupid is she? She posts and then waits 3 hours to respond. The first response she already fails at. It was as if she trained for the big fight then just face planted as soon as she left the house to go to the fight

No. 433147

theres a matching one on the other side in the other picture if you look closely, so probably another lipo scar

No. 433148


She already backpedalled that first response and blocked the user lol. Pathetic

No. 433149

I didn't even count that one because she pushed it onto Sabrina to answer for her. If she has any form of manager they must be laying into her right now and pulling their hair out. So much back peddling then you take one step forward just to take ten steps back. She's a PR nightmare

No. 433150

The only kind of people that drop 30 lbs in a month are professional fighters/boxers, which involves an extreme diet, and the professional looks like shit at the very nadir of the cut. Normal person drops 10 lbs a month, fatter people would would drop maybe 15-17 somewhere around there.
Dropping 30lbs in the space of a month? Come on Mariah. Try to put effort in lying at least.

No. 433151


No. 433152

File: 1505286683492.jpg (613.97 KB, 1426x1878, nigri bb what is u doin.jpg)

No. 433153

File: 1505286753227.jpg (21.41 KB, 199x275, 1505140586161.jpg)

Is this it?

If it's not to much trouble, can you post the Screenshots of everything? I've been trying to find it all for the past 2 hours. What's the full story?

No. 433154

For the love of God someone go to Kiwi farms and bring up her sisters post admitting to lipo. It should be easy

No. 433155

…..This shit was seriously just in the last thread. Fucking do some digging or gtfo. No one's here to spoonfeed you.

No. 433156

it's on the last page of her thread on kiwi farms too iirc

sage for please let this be the last time you ask

No. 433157



I'm new here. I don't know how this place works fully yet. Wasn't you lost when you first used this place?

Can you please just give me the cliff notes on what happened?

No. 433158

File: 1505287368422.png (898.5 KB, 1437x1554, more backpedalling.png)



No. 433159

No. 433160

Awe man.. Nothing on my side.

No. 433161

File: 1505287885641.png (178.89 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-09-13-02-30-20…)

No. 433162

File: 1505287910142.png (179.31 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-09-13-02-30-22…)

No. 433163

File: 1505287990770.png (198.02 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-09-13-02-30-28…)

No. 433164

File: 1505288015699.png (187.9 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-09-13-02-30-34…)

No. 433165

File: 1505288036995.png (153.91 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-09-13-02-30-40…)

No. 433166


Thank you so much.

No. 433168

I was hoping this was a screen shot of a Facebook post. I don't think they'll take kiwi shots to heart. But also now we know where the money all goes.

No. 433169

I wonder if she is crying realizing most of the questions are coming from haters, asking about lipo and fights with other cosplayers/photographers.. Etc. She opened her own can of worms and as someone who is soooo quick to clap back at replies, she sure is taking her sweet, sweet time and has only answered 2 so far.

No. 433170

wowee a real live retard

No. 433171

Same. I can't find any proof this was from her sister at all

No. 433172

File: 1505288833779.png (218.74 KB, 750x1303, IMG_5525.PNG)

Here she is saying EXACTLY one month ago she also weighed 177…….. LOL

She really likes this exact number doesn't she? Does it seem extra believable?

No. 433173

maybe that's what the lipo doctor tells her every time

No. 433174

maybe that's what the lipo doctor tells her every time

No. 433175

When I first got on lolcow I spent HOURS catching up on cows, it was fun and made me informed before I ever posted - ITS NOT THAT HARD. JUST READ SHIT. Omg no one help this guys, anymore, please. Newfags will never learn if we spoonfeed them.
Sage for blogging but ffs

Moo is quickly becoming a primary reason to get a twitter. I just want to keep up with her nonsense firsthand but I also feel like I would throw my phone reading her tweets + her wks tweets as they come in.

No. 433176

Man someone post this in reply to her "2 month" bullshit

No. 433180


She doesn't have a damn manager other than herself. Let's not push it with the reaching on this.

No. 433181


Reading and paying attention doesn't cost you a penny, lazy shit

No. 433182

File: 1505290061886.jpg (550.1 KB, 1298x1433, called out.jpg)

No. 433183


She has a manager. He was around her during AX. He's from Vegas and saw him at a few parties there. He clearly sucks at his job.

No. 433184

can't make a manager out of a fuccboy

No. 433186

bless this

No. 433187

That was never confirmed to be her sister

No. 433190

actually laughed out-loud at that. Holy shiiiiiiiit

No. 433193

>I'm sorry you feel that way
>I'm sorry that I've caused you to have these feelings
A classic example of a guilty person trying to apologise to alleviate guilt without admitting to anything lmao what a piece of shit

No. 433205


You lost 30+ pounds in 3 months? Bull fucking shit you did Moomoo. It would literally be against the laws of conservation and mass for you to drop that kind of weight in that short amount of time. When you are lying, at least try to come up with one that makes actual sense.

No. 433206

File: 1505307232199.png (77.2 KB, 720x662, Screenshot_2017-09-13-05-48-21…)

Woke up to this. Controlled environment she will throw away our questions

No. 433207

Did they have to? Mariah basically confirmed it herself that she was a huge bully in HS. Maybe this person in particular is lying about being bullied, but if none of it was true then why the fuck would she outright admit that she was a bully because she was trying to fit in and was super insecure?

No. 433210


It's kangaroo court. No way in hell will she even answer the questions, let alone tell the truth. She is just using this to weed out the "haturz". The only questions she'll answer are the fluff neckbeard ones like "Will you be my waifu" and "Will you cosplay this character because you're my thicc queen and I want to jerk off to you wearing this".

No. 433212

How the fuck are people suppose to send questions to her if she has them blocked?

No. 433214


I guess that's her plan. She doesn't want questions from the "haters" because she doesn't want to have to answer difficult questions. That way when it's all over, she can say "I gave you a chance to come at me. Not my fault you didn't take it". It's no different than when people talk about confronting her at cons. She talks all kinds of shit leading up to it, but during the actual weekend of the con, she hides in her hotel room all weekend. Then when it's all over she goes back to talking shit again.

No. 433215


Even if she doesn't answer them a lot of her lurkers see these questions. Still spreadinh how shes a shit

No. 433217

File: 1505310549515.png (2.78 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0750.PNG)

She was this huge just a month ago. So I call bullshit

No. 433219


Well of course she's had more lipo, the scars are there some of them new! She's at least up to 18 small "moles" like her fans think

No. 433220


Exactly. It would be impossible for her to drop all that weight unless it was literally sucked out of her body. It's a good thing her fans are morons otherwise they would have called her out months ago. And even now she won't admit to lipo because she want to keep up the image of "I'm just a sweet, innocent girl who works hard at everything I do and you're all just haters looking to bring me down for no reason other than jealousy".

No. 433222

we also have caps of her saying she was 177 a month ago >>433182

No. 433227

>30 lbs in one month
Yeah, no. Impossible without lipo and even with liposuction still dangerous. Not that I believe she was 209 anyways. My fatass mother is closer to 250 and looks similar to her.

Sage for blogposting.

No. 433231

Daddy paying for her weight loss surgery and breast reduction/lift, still gets fat. Momo pays for lipo every moth, still fights and continues to get fat.
That is over 40k put into her, trying to not be a fat ass. What a brat.

No. 433235


Well according to her, she's the one who has been taking care of her parents lately, which she tried to use for more ass pats and shielding from criticism.

No. 433236

I see she got her "abs" back.

Jesus, I can tell where she got the lip just from where her body is extra saggy. Forget the lipo marks. Why didn't she at least airbrush all that sagging skin and cellulite on this "new toned bod" of hers? The second hand embarrassment is killing me.

No. 433237

I have never in my life seen someone so desperate for validation. These past 3 days have been a fucking whirlwind, all because she doesn't have REAL honest to goodness friends, and her life revolves around her social media and taking pornographic photos of herself. What a sad, miserable life she must lead. She has money, but money comes and goes. What on earth is she going to do if she's not gone to school, has her real name attached to porn photos all over the internet besides actual porn eventually. It's easy for her to take photos and post them because no one is actually having physical sex with her on a camera, but I can bet her "yay porn!" attitude would change the minute she can't do anything else. She's a stupid, naive little girl who has NO idea what the real world is like. She's barely out of highschool and has turned herself into a skank online, She must feel so proud of herself. I want to see this bitch crash and burn. Sage for rant and disbelief over these past 3 days.

No. 433238

This bullshit plus the fact that she's a heinously shitty voice actress anyway is why I hope her character in RWBY remains a mute for the rest of the series.

Monty baby, your love of cosplay titties was the death of you.

No. 433241


Was pretty apathetic about Nigri before, but now I def can't take her seriously. Why is she trying to get involved with this dumpster fire? It just makes her look really, really bad. I get the whole "Cosmom" thing, but there is no saving Moomoo. She should have kept her at an arm's length like before.

No. 433242

Because Nigri is slowly, very slowly becoming irrelevant in a cosplay world now full of easy access and highly paid Patreon thots. She's got to keep in the game by befriending them and treating them asif they were her children no matter how shit they are.

No. 433244

are these images supposed to look different? as if you could see any (natural) change in one month

No. 433246

reminds me of how billy rae cyrus was on hannah montana. waning stars always try to ride on young star's coattails.

No. 433249

File: 1505318778095.jpg (54.35 KB, 540x534, IMG_8032.JPG)

I think we've hit gold everyone. Get the party favors ready.

No. 433250

Because she (and all the rest of the cosplayers that praise Moo) know what to do to stay popular. 'Cospositivity' is such a big thing and they all try to seem supportive. Why do you think they all promote each other? No way all of them are close friends

No. 433251

somebody already posted this. wasn't it a fake?

No. 433252

It's been posted before, and debunked as being fake

No. 433253

My apologies

No. 433254


I feel bad for whoever her manage is. Then again he isnt doing a good job if his client is having meltdowns left and right.

No. 433255

This is really cute and funny considering I got blocked within the hour of stating her "booty moles" were actually lipo scars and I wasn't mean or malicious at all. Nice fucking try Moo, but you block anyone that might tarnish your image and more than it already is.

No. 433256

does she have one? she seems like she does everything herself (which explains why she sucks so hard) any reference by her of a manager was probably just to shift responsibility, or act like she was going to be more responsible.

"oh my manager booked me for too much stuff so i can't send out rewards" or "oh my manager said i should commit 2 hours a week to work on rewards he's so helpful!"

like, i can't see this mess having anyone willing to work with her if she does this.

No. 433257


I really don't think she gives two shits about "irrelevancy"

she knows she's old and on the way out

No. 433258


It's because in the dog eat dog world of cosplay you're expected to keep up the appearance of "positivity". Always supporting everyone and heaping nothing but praise on each other. Because if you don't, you'll suddenly wake up to an army of neckbeards with no compunction about being polite and will look to ruin your life for daring to even imply to insult or criticize their "cosplay queen".

No. 433259

This must be her way of being "honest".

She's so predictable at this point. She only wants to protect her image after the meltdown. It does not seem like her "fans" even care. They just want more porn.

No. 433260


It seems like if she cared she would try way harder like the old days but lately she seems to just be coasting.

No. 433262

File: 1505320940038.png (118.92 KB, 750x928, IMG_2590.PNG)

I almost somewhat liked you Sabrina…

No. 433265

lol i didn't, she's the same as moo. these lewd 'cosplayers' need to be shut out of the scene. ffs. they can be lewd all they want but cosplayers they are not.

No. 433267

File: 1505321183671.png (158.36 KB, 750x1095, IMG_2591.PNG)


No. 433268

That's nice

This person must never have seen someone that weighs 110 then

But she is totally sucking in her gut here

No. 433269

File: 1505321205199.png (123.23 KB, 750x898, IMG_2592.PNG)


No. 433270

File: 1505321223384.png (154.46 KB, 750x888, IMG_2593.PNG)


No. 433271

too bad for sabrina, moo literally asked people to ask her.

No. 433272

the term bullying gets tossed around too much in cosplay. fucking whiny hugbox shit.

No. 433274


Yes, because someone asking for context of a picture is obviously bullying

No. 433275

File: 1505321476042.png (127.45 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8236.PNG)

No. 433276

Mariah literally said "ask me anything you want to know" and people are asking things they want to know. Hardly constitutes as bullying

No. 433277

Seriously wtf is up with these fragile costhots? They need to grow some backbone.

No. 433278

but anon, we all know moo wasn't serious, she probably just thought she'd get a bunch of fluffy comments since all the haterz are anon pussies, remember?

No. 433279

Sabrina and Jessica will not find out about how terrible Mariah is for a while. She treats them differently then she would her regular friends. She puts them on a high pedestal because they have a bigger following. She views them as her equals. I'm in her circle of friends and even been in group chats with her (I will not post screen caps because I do not want her to be all up on me. But if she confronts me and figures out who I am I will post screens). She treats her regular friends as if they are beneath her. Me and a few others have disagreed with her before on things and she talks down on us or talks like she knows more. A lot of us are older than her but she talks like she has years of experience over us. Sometimes she would rant on about 'how dare this person talk to me like this' like she is a real celeb. It is seriously annoying and happy to get this off of my chest. I'm sure collette is sick of her too because she treats even her like she's a child. I'm glad Sierra spoke out about her. It's more proof that she only treats people well if she sees them as an equal but like she is nowhere near the people she thinks she's equals to.

No. 433280

According to Moo and other brats like her, bullying is saying anything that the other remotely dislikes. Even when there is clearly no malicious intent. I swear to god, these bitches need to grow some fucking balls. The Internet is not your safe place.

No. 433281


Please anon, stop. We've had enough of this inner circle shit. Fucking caps of gtfo. Who cares if you'll get a bunch of people whining at you, grow the fuck up yourself if you're really 'in the know'.

No. 433282

File: 1505322204284.png (169.55 KB, 750x1077, IMG_2594.PNG)

When the FUCK did she openly admit to lipo?!?! I guess I must've missed something.

(Also pls stop cow tipping there's plenty of other caps you can use you don't have to take caps directly from the fucking thread)

No. 433283

OH LOL shes literally never admitted it but Sabrina just confirmed it. This just makes it easier to prove since im sure her and moo talked about that stuff.

No. 433284


Fuck off with this "inner circle" bullshit. Either post proof or get the fuck out.


And just like Vamp another dumb cunt instantly comes to Moomoo's defense. And they both chose to chimp out and scream about "STOP BULLYING HER! I WONT LET YOU USE MY NAME TO DRAG HER THROUGH THE MUD!! SHE IS LITERALLY THE NICEST PERSON EVER!!!!!"

It's shit like this why I won't defend anyone of Moomoo's "friends". They are shit people just like her and will instantly jump to her defense. Just go fuck off Sabrina. No one gives a shit what you think.

No. 433285


Did we just get proof that she got lipo?????!!!!

No. 433287

holy shit, doing our work for us. she's either a supreme troll or a major idiot.

No. 433288

I am like actually giddy with childish excitement about the fact that Sabrina just outed her so hard

No. 433289


. . . You dumb bitch. She never openly admitted to getting lipo. Did you seriously just out her like that?! Holy fuck balls are you dense. Good luck trying to defend her now when she comes after you for airing her dirty laundry.

No. 433290


I go with major idiot lol. Most of the people in the cosplay community don't seem very bright.

No. 433291

File: 1505322486575.jpg (52.53 KB, 1144x643, reactionimage[1].jpg)

No. 433292

Eventually people will realize associating with her isnt worth it. A lot of people do it to leach her fan base but shes so desperate to be in the spotlight shes terrified that if attention slows down she will lose it all.. its why she only openly praises and talks to people more popular than her.

Associating with her makes people look terrible and I think it changes a lot of peoples opinions. There's so much dislike for her, even among people in the community who hate drama and have never heard of lolcow.. her name carries such a weight (lol) that 90% of people who know who she is chose to avoid her just because they dont want to be tangled in the crap that follows her around because they know she brings it on herself. Maybe one day people like Nicolette/Kevin, Sabrina, Zergiee etc need to realize theyre actually hurting their reputations by sucking up to her since everyone knows its fake as f anyway.

On that note I was watching storytime bullshit on youtube and I watched a video about her coolsculpt she got for her face and im so so sure that's what Moo got on her face. You swell for a few days to a week but besides that there's no downtime, and it seems SUPER popular among small time youtubers. It does seem to work though like her lipo its not permanent and made to be an aid once youve lost weight but cant lose it in your face, not to just make you look skinnier while you keep gaining.

No. 433293

inb4 tweet gets deleted and screencap is "photoshopped"

No. 433294

someone should tag jnig and ask if she still stands by her praise for momos weight loss.

also might wanna direct some ppl who praised her weight loss as well to that tweet, its not hard to see who was cheering her on in the @ replies

No. 433295

nah, moo's gonna chimpout about it.

No. 433297

Oh ffs Nigri, you of all people should know her diet and exercise regimen are shit. You are one of the fittest cosplayers out there and you KNOW this hasn't done anything.

No. 433298

Oh man this is so good. Keep it up farmers.

No. 433301

You have to remember that Jessica has NEVER admitted to all of the work she has had done, so that is where her precious babby cow gets the idea it is fine to constantly lie about her lipo.

No. 433302

you're out of the loop she admitted to a lot of stuff already.

No. 433303

Sooooo when is mariah gonna answer these questions? Or was this all for attention like usual

No. 433304

File: 1505323414702.png (643.71 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2596.PNG)

Took one more screenshot of it just for good measure. This is the milkiest thing I have ever seen thus far.

No. 433305


I know she wouldn't care but anyways here the archived copy of this tweet lol


No. 433306

Even better, thanks anon. I'm almost positive this will get deleted and she'll try to backpedal and pretend it never happened.

No. 433307

Oh man I wish I could see the messages she sends Sabrina. We already know moos temper is insane and that shes got the spoiled girl attitude which means shed usually blow up… but also she sucks up to sabrina like crazy and blowing up at her would ruin all that work.

sucks because im sure it will just silently be deleted and brushed under the rug, but i am soooo curious if she can keep her sperging in check

No. 433308

She's probably getting a bunch of "omg you had lipo?" messages as we speak.

No. 433309

File: 1505323853089.png (322.08 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8058.PNG)

took my own screenshot as well, figure it wouldn't hurt to have as many copies as possible. this is the best thing i've read all day

No. 433310

crap that was for >>433307

No. 433311

>nicest person I've ever met

Uh, sweetie, we have all sorts of evidence to back our claims up. For one thing, the whole fraudulent charity shit where Momo was oddly shady. Or not crediting people until lolcow got on her case about it. Or exposing her cat to toxic fumes. Or the rampant bullying Momo does to people, has done and will do. I'd tell you to eat shit, whore, but there's a good chance you already have on camera.

No. 433312

I really wish this tweet had a bit more visibility cuz it seems pretty far down in the replies. I'm not good with twitter tho so idk how to make it more visibile.

No. 433313

retweet it. everyone retweet it

No. 433314

Someone could film the tweet and page just in case.

This thread is less than 24h old and is already almost half full. Mooriah really is the cow that keeps on giving.

No. 433315

done, hope it gets more attention

No. 433316

This, lets film the twitter post.

No. 433317


I have a feeling if this doesn't get deleted and ignored (which there's so much proof at this point there's really no way she can just pretend it never happened honestly) she'll just say something like "well I never said I DIDNT get lipo!!!"

No. 433318

She'll probably just twist it into some ~*body posi~ bullshit

No. 433319

but she did state that her weightloss was due to only gym/diet.

No. 433322


She literally just said that her "weight loss" was all from just diet and exercise. This emphatically proves she is full of shit.

No. 433323

And she claimed her lipo scars are moles. Maybe not lying directly about lipo, but certainly misleading.

No. 433324

I really want people to pressure her on this, I will as well but this is literally proof that she MAJORLY lied for attention and asspats less than 24 hours before Sabrina said she had lipo. It makes anyone question the legitimacy of all of her claims and would take away her go-to of a sob story when she causes drama because no one would believe her.

No. 433325

File: 1505324701508.gif (2.89 MB, 500x277, save the Momokun.gif)

Wonder if Moo will have "dark thoughts" again after seeing this…

No. 433326


The nicest person you ever met? I guess that is something in a world of toxic thots. At least Momo is a bitch in public. Who knows how shady the rest of these girls are

No. 433328

actually no that is lying. she's been called out for them before and lied about them being moles.

No. 433331

do you guys know how tall she is
cause im 5'5 and pushing 210 and im way thinner than her

still want to die tho(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 433332

yea i'm sure you can ask her instead of shitting up the thread.

No. 433333

She claims to be 5'4 but several people who met her at cons said she's 5'2 at max

No. 433334

filmed it but i'm at work so i can't upload till later.

No. 433335

shes literally posted pics of carbs before eating them LMAO

No. 433336

lol oh my god. Sabrina just proved that Momo gets lipo when she is going around telling everyone she is working out. Maybe Sabrina wants to out Momo but has to pretend to defend her. If that's the case she isn't a shining model people should look up to. Then again, she produces porn, not many can look up to her.

No. 433337


Exactly. She said they we're just moles and did her usual "you guys will make up anything fir drama and attention" bullshit.


She absolutely will do her usual "oh woe is me I had really dark thoughts last night" horseshit for attention . It happens every time she has a public meltdown. Then she'll
go back to posting pseudo-inspirational "Love yourself and love other people instead of spreading hate" and "I can't trust anyone" bullshit for even more asspats.

No. 433339


nvm posted here. shouldn't be anything identifiable (i'm at work)

No. 433340


Nah. It's more like she is a dumb cow who tried to insert herself into all of this for attention and "positivity" asspats.

No. 433344

"take this post down!"

lol who does she think she is to demand something like that

No. 433347


A dumb, self-important cow who thinks she is helping by inserting herself into all of this when really all she is doing is making things worse for both her and Moomoo. She was better off just shutting the fuck up and ignoring all this.

No. 433348

They won't say who they are cuz it's probably Roxy or Antares.

No. 433349

lucky for us she didn't

No. 433350

who cares, caps or gtfo, this rumor shit just gives moo more fuel for her fire.

No. 433352

File: 1505326121096.png (108.02 KB, 696x862, Screenshot_2017-09-13-11-01-30…)

Small update. I posted this earlier at work. I share the same time zone so either she saw this and conked out or she's choosing not to respond at all

No. 433355


Too bad for her, since she is no doubt now on Moomoo's shit list. With how paranoid she is, she probably believes she outed her on purpose and is another jealous, "inner circle" member looking to betray her and take her down. Moomoo will absolutely be looking to publicly drag her for this.

So much for her being "literally the nicest person ever". You deserve this kind of shit when you choose to defend her.

No. 433357

Why do you have your panties in a knot stop derailing.

No. 433358

no one is derailing but people who come in here with hearsay. this shit needs to stop.

No. 433361

Except some of the stuff that's been said has been proven true by many anons who posts pics from moos spazzing. Stop trying to chase out those who bring in milk. Getting angry at random posts is what moo wants, she wants to see us fight so that way she can say "oh look see! They are bitter losers!" Course we can back up are claims when it's available. Which is so laughably often with mooriah.

No. 433362


Asking for these "inner circle" dipshits to provide proof isn't derailing. There have been a number of them coming here with the same story of claiming to be in Moo's inner circle but not being able to prove it because they are afraid of getting harassed by her fans. It's complete bullshit and they need to come here with caps of proof or shut the fuck up and leave.

No. 433368

some of the stuff sure, but circulating rumors that are not true is even more what moo wants. she just wants to be able to gain more sympathy and if these 'inner circle' idiots keep coming in without anything to show for it it gives her more room to baww about us making shit up.

No. 433375


Speculation is a part of lolcow. At first people like you were huffing about the lipo rumor when other famers noticed her first round, now it's obvious and proven to be true. Momo is so transparent now we just need solid proof of the drug claims.

No. 433379

saging OT shit is also part of lolcow. you're missing the point here. two or 3 anons coming in and saying shit like 'oh man moo is a super nice ass licker but really a bitch irl' is not milk saying 'i saw her get fingered 4 years ago' is not milk. no one has come in and said anything even speculative about the drugs yet, if anything our lead is her being bipolar.

speculation may be important but useless shit like >>433279 is OT crap we already know.

No. 433384

Can you guys just stop arguing and focus on the milk that is being delivered to us on a silver fucking platter ???? Thanks

No. 433385

Nothing's been happening ITT right now and people have been complaining for weeks about these "inner circle" posts. And not all the vague proofless anons get shat on, just the ones saying they're "in her inner circle but won't provide caps", that doesn't get anyone anywhere.

No. 433396

tumblr anon I hope your documenting the lipo stuff!

No. 433397

I love Sabrina, but she just majorly fucked up lol. It's good for us trying to back our case, but Sabrina is probably about to receive the business end of a Moo shitstorm

No. 433399

File: 1505329933738.jpg (129.66 KB, 634x805, ;ipo.jpg)

Janice's lipo disaster on her stomach, arms, and thighs will be Moo when she hits 50 and will only get worse.

No. 433401


I'm still kind of in disbelief that it actually got confirmed. I always figured she'd finally admit to it while blowing up at an anon on twitter like "YES I GOT LIPO DONE! BIG FUCKING DEAL!" followed by a huge attempt to publicly drag them through the mud.

But nope, it was some dumb cunt looking to defend her and just happened to accidentally spew it out while having her own twitter blowup. Crazy and almost anticlimactic really.

No. 433402

File: 1505330330935.png (32.33 KB, 622x342, dumbass.png)

These fans are the dumbest fucking people ever.

No. 433405

Dude this is soo fucking funny to me. She hella just busted moo on accident. That's what she gets for lying.

No. 433406

Moo really is the Trump of the copay community. She's perverse, dishonest, gross, not bright, and appeals to the lowest common denominator.

No. 433407


I sort of don't think it is an accident. I think Moo put her on the spot to have questions answered through other people, not her, and Sabrina probably got pissed that she was forced into this fucking hell whole mess that Moo started herself.

No. 433411

File: 1505330759967.png (772.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-09-13-14-23-53…)


No. 433412

are we copying it every few hours for posterity?

No. 433413

It looks like Sabrina deleted the tweet

Looks like Moo tried to cover her tracks

No. 433414

File: 1505330810430.png (458.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-09-13-14-23-57…)


No. 433415

it's still there for me.

No. 433417

Can't see the tweet either. It has to be deleted.

No. 433419

Personally I think there's no doubt that they acknowledge what a shit person Mariah is. They're just benefiting from each other, collaborations help them promote each others' patreons and Nigri needs to stay relevant by mooching off of younger, raunchier costhots. That's why Moo's "friends" are so aggressively defending her. Vamp stays by her side because Moo pays for the rent and most other expenses.

Hoooooly shit you fucked up now Sabrina. She must've thought Moo admitted to it somewhere when she didn't, or she did it deliberately to shame her passive-aggressively.

No. 433420

I bet that Mariah's sleep schedule it too fucked and she's still sleeping right so she can't cover any of this up right now
BTW god bless the twitter anons.

No. 433421

the tweet is still there you need to click the tweets and replies header not the default one

No. 433422

No. 433425


There is nothing wrong with lipo. What is wrong is that she lied and continued to lie to her followers she lost weight through healthy eating and exercise. It is obvious that she has been hiding the fact that she had it done because it would make her the biggest hypocrite ever. How can you preach body positivity when you had a procedure like that done? People saw you as an inspiration and many people even saw you as a fitness inspiration. You lied to all of them. And the worst part is you kept lying.

No. 433426

I don't even understand how she even sleeps one hour with such a shitty personality. I would want to kill myself if I were at her current state in life

No. 433429


Exactly this. There's nothing WRONG with getting lipo if it makes you happy, but with such a big following she needs to be honest about it. It's doing a disservice to her fans that see her "losing weight". They see her and think 'Oh, I can do that too!', but now they'll see that she just took the easy way out and it will crush morale.

Not that Moomoo cares.

No. 433435

Still interested in what anons think of the second half of my post re: her jaw and coolsculpting

No. 433436

So much for working out with a trainer. Fucking lying cunt. Taking the easy way out to lose the fat and making people believe she's genuine with her weight struggles.

No. 433442

Nice but you should included the cap of her saying she got fit yesterday.

No. 433447

I hope people cancel going to het birthday. If I was a prominent cosplayer, I would avoid het at all costs.

No. 433448

Its fucking BS anyway. One photo is a candid of her slouching down and the other is a professional photo, most likely manipulated, of her sucking it in and arching her back.

I can't believe people fall for this shit.

No. 433449

Not only that but Mariah always said to go ask Sabrina herself, lmao. So she even threw her under the bus and then deleted it.

No. 433455


Shall never forget when she streamed on Twitch for her 21st only just last year. I'm sure she has plenty of 'friends' to remember this time.

No. 433457

moomoo lipo confirmed
Wow, so much for "body positivity" now huh, moomoo! Practice what you preach you dumb broad.

No. 433458

just did a short post about sabrina outing her, going to do a big post about her lying about her weight the last month tonight.

of course everything pops off while i'm at work

And again, please feel free to submit posts if i'm being a slow ass. i hope mods forgive me for posting a link https://momokuncosplay.tumblr.com/submit

No. 433460

Please make sure when you do the full write up you mention that she told people the scars are moles.

No. 433461

bless, anon. These are not cosplayers. These are erotic "models" or whatever in costumes.

No. 433462

It's great that she wanted to start a hashtag Justin is over the other day but it all back fired

No. 433463

Ily sushi

No. 433464

Lmao. Dumb thot. You get associated with Moomoo, you'll get the same treatment as Moomoo. And verbal assault? He was just pointing out how uncomfortable you looked. Get your head out of your own ass you retard.

No. 433465

Should just start #MomokunLies

No. 433466

Not only that, the "one month ago" photo was actually taken at Colossal con in June. Like, she thought we wouldn't notice.

No. 433467

Are there caps of her saying that? I actually don't remember her saying that, but she spills out so much BS its hard to keep up

No. 433468

yea there should be in a previous thread, i can look but leave it out until we find it.

No. 433471

Lmao she has a new IG story up, she's mad.

No. 433473

it's giving me edgy middle school vibes

No. 433475

Also a snap of the same song (Runaway) playing while in the car with just the buttons/console visible.

No. 433476

wait, the snap was like from an hour ago, has she been playing that song on repeat like an angsty child???

No. 433477

Sabrina is a blessing for being such a dumbass lmao. Momo is probably an atomic bomb at this point. Karma has been good and so quick, it's beautiful really.

No. 433478

maybe there is a god after all…

No. 433481

LMFAO!! She chose Kanye West to be the song?! The biggest sell out just so he could fuck a Kardashian! Bitch you are dumb, even black people call Kanye out for being a sell out.

No. 433482

Please record so we can archive it

No. 433485

>>433482 It's not really worth recording because it's just a black screen with a few seconds of music. She might put something juicier up later though

No. 433486


It seems she deleted the tweet. I guess Moo told her to take it down. It's hilarious because it makes it all the more incriminating.

No. 433487

stop saying this, you guys need to learn to use twitter god damn

No. 433488

it's deleted

No. 433489

It's actually gone this time. She deleted it.

No. 433490

No man. its actully gone this time

No. 433491

If only Moo slept like a normal person, she wouldn't have had to wait almost 5 hours to do damage control.

No. 433492

Yep it is. Get ready for the vid. Because I'd bet my life her manager, if there even is one, has told her to keep quiet until everything settles then address it. But because none of her "friends" know the actual truth she's got them outing her by being misinformed. There's going to be gag order from her to all of them so she can post the video with her response.

No. 433493

No. 433494

dude i don't even know if this is supposed to be mocking her or it's genuine fanart from someone that likes her

No. 433495


Wow it's almost as if we don't an auto archiver.

>she just got up now
So she fell asleep at 8am? That's some scumbag sleep schedule right there.

No. 433497

File: 1505338087691.jpg (215.95 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6984.JPG)

She's currently getting dragged in the anime expo group

No. 433498

this shitty sleep schedule actually kinda makes sense if she is bipolar and is having a manic phase right now.

Sage for pretending to be a psychiatrist.

No. 433500

File: 1505338466268.png (103.81 KB, 464x478, lipo.png)

lol holy shit

No. 433501

its more like she doesnt have a real job

No. 433503


Holy hell. The hits just keep on coming.

No. 433505

Why am I not surprised
But anyway it's good to see that large groups of people are becoming aware that momo is a dirtbag

Man, how is momo going to come back from all this

No. 433506

File: 1505338643219.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

>holding her fatbags

No. 433507

oh my god, this is gold. I really think this might be the end

No. 433509

File: 1505338810434.png (19.46 KB, 315x228, Capture.PNG)

Just a little milky. It may be fake but it's a fun tidbit.

No. 433511

When someone reports a tweet it is deleted or removed from that person's timeline because Twitter assumes you don't want to see it again if it's offended you. Same with Instagram. You report a photo and your profile won't see it again.

BUT. I am not even on twitter, I browse. Sabrina definitely deleted that little outing oopsie.

And now Moomoo is playing Kanye in the dark.

How about this: instead of lying when you tell people you're going to speak the truth you, y'know, actually speak the truth? This is the only reason lolcow has so many threads on you, we don't hate you for being fat like you keep trying to deter the actual issues. We hate you because you're a lying scumsucking cow.

No. 433512

File: 1505338909525.png (150.55 KB, 466x690, lipo2.png)

>>433500 part 2 of the comment thread, good lord. How is she going to recover from all this??

No. 433513

Lol even Chad wouldn't bang her

No. 433514

Im at work so cant cap well, but Sabrina is pullimg this "Im not sure, heated moment and I said somethingI habe no proof off' bullshit. Gag order confirmed

No. 433515

where's the thread? the convos aren't expanded.

No. 433516

I'm surprised no one has posted the screenshot from Sabrina's twitter yet

No. 433517

someone should ask him if its true she got fingered in class lul

No. 433518

Now I want to see that video of Mooomoo holding the fatbags.
Holy fuck, these days it's like karma is finally hitting her right in the mug, and a week before her birthday. I guess that #Momokunisover

No. 433519

The girl saying Moo sent her photos holding fat needs to provide the evidence!

No. 433520

File: 1505339331394.png (101.36 KB, 605x922, Capture.PNG)


Dat beck pedal tho

No. 433521


She used to be Mooriah's main photographer so there is no doubt this is true

No. 433522

File: 1505339351034.png (93.59 KB, 588x821, Capture.PNG)

Backpedaling, Sabrina?

No. 433523

>>433515 Its coming from the anime expo fans page on Facebook

No. 433524

im driving so i can't cap but glad i got the video of the tweet.

No. 433525

File: 1505339410114.png (35.17 KB, 612x377, Capture.PNG)

She also added these two tweets while I was capping/posting

No. 433526


No. 433527

lmao how do you go from "SHE OPENLY ADMITTED TO IT" to "well idk personally if she did…"

No. 433528

File: 1505339581616.jpg (9.41 KB, 264x275, 1505092138519.jpg)

Both Sabrina and Mariah are dumb as fuck for thinking that anyone would fall for that obvious backpeddle. In order to lie convincingly you have to be smart, and they're not.

No. 433529

oh mam guys moo needs LOVE not HATE!

No. 433530


God these cosplayers are a fucking wreck holy shit. Sabrina basically confirmed mariah had lipo. Once she realised momo never admitted it to the public herself she back peddled fast goddam.

And mariah played kanye in the dark on her insta vid? Is she trying to be edgy?

No. 433532

File: 1505339992676.jpg (31.4 KB, 298x470, IMG_7618.JPG)


No. 433533


Yup. Looks like gag order confirmed. Moomoo probably wrung her by her neck and told her to delete the tweet and issue an apology if she knew what's good for her. Why else would she go from "Yeah she got lipo done, so the fuck what?! Leave her alone!" to "Well I'm not entirely sure and was just getting too emotional". Fuck outta here with that bullshit Sabrina. Your dumb ass outed her trying to defend her bullshit and now you are trying to backpedal to avoid drama with her.

No. 433534

Moo probably made sure she got that handled as quickly as possible. Too bad she can't seem to understand that just because you delete something online, doesn't mean it's gone

No. 433535

>eats right and works out
Mariah doesn't work out. Why? Because if she did, there would be endless videos of her doing squats to get something resembling an ass. Or doing pullups. Or bridges, or other shit that fitness IG people do.
Plus, she said she was "177" a month ago, then said she was actually 209 a month ago and 177 now. She can't even keep up her lying straight.

No. 433536

She probably would have been better off to just delete the tweet and never mention it again. This terrible lie of "well idk if she did or didn't!" is so obvious and just shows she was telling the truth the first time around

No. 433537

it genuinely baffles me how stupid she is. like holy shit, how can your brain possibly be so dysfunctional

No. 433540

Does anyone know that Alyssa girl with the lip proof? She obviously doesn't support Mariah, it would be glorious if she'd post proof here. Mariah is having a breakdown, now is the perfect time for everyone to come forward

No. 433544

File: 1505340780708.png (437.63 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2597.PNG)

Looks like Sabrina has resorted to doxxing now too. Her and Mariah are perfect for each other.

No. 433546

File: 1505340929282.png (144.11 KB, 750x1119, IMG_2598.PNG)

Guess she's just going to pretend like none of this is even happening. Super professional. Pretty cringey if you ask me.

No. 433547


I almost liked her, expected her to not respond to me or something. This is disappointing

No. 433549


She has no one to blame but herself for all of this. She is the one who decided to insert herself into all of this by defending Moomoo and her bullshit. Now she is desperately trying to backpedal out of it because she said something she wasn't supposed to.


And like that she is just as much of a cunt as Moomoo. Looking to drag everyone else down despite her being the one in the wrong. Go fuck yourself Sabrina.

No. 433550

I thought this bitch was only going to post business-related stuff.

No. 433553

Im laughing because outta everyone in momos friends circle only jnig and sabrina have said anything lmao. Even vamp has kept quiet

No. 433554


She couldn't even get through a day

No. 433555

File: 1505341734609.jpg (64.54 KB, 640x638, IMG_3748.JPG)


No. 433557


I'm laughing hard at the fact that she's outed people like kbbq as being "snakes" but the person to give away one of her biggest secrets was someone whose ass she would kiss. Fucking classic

No. 433563

kbbq probably knows all kinds of dirt and yet doesn't say a word. I don't think moomoo knows the meaning of snake.

No. 433570

Mariah's logic:
Person who does literally everything for me, including making props and costumes and touching my nasty ass for photoshoots BUT WON'T HAVE SEX WITH ME???? DRAG THEM FUCKING KILL THEM RUIN EVERYTHING THEY HAVE SEND MY NECKBEARD ARMY TO HARASS THEM OFF THE INTERNET.

Person who I barely hang out with and doesn't ever really talk to me but who exposed the secret I've been hiding from my fanbase and have based my entire online persona about not being true? Lol, it's cool, just delete it.

No. 433573


If it was Vamp that confirmed her lipo momo would have thrown her under the bus I bet.

No. 433577

Vamp is truly at the mercy of Momo

No. 433582

i wish someone of influence and nothing to lose would just call her out for who she is WITHOUT backing down. Fucking pussies retracting their statement, Clearly u don't care that much about her being deceptive if u can just take it back like that. She must've offered money or something

No. 433583

are you talking about Sabrina? Because Sabrina didn't say what she said because she was calling out Moo, she was just an idiot and thought Mariah had already admitted to the lipo even thought she hadn't

No. 433584

File: 1505344629460.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2600.PNG)

Yup, she's just ignoring everything. Nice move, Moo

No. 433586

god her body is so fucking weird

can ANYTHING save it at this point

No. 433589


No. 433590

With a face like that, not really.

No. 433592

if i ignore everything, it'll just go away, right?


No. 433593

File: 1505345226021.jpg (166.61 KB, 716x1344, IMG_0985.JPG)

Fans asking her to put out the twitter fire. Kek

No. 433594


Yup. I'm sure this will all go away if you ignore it Moomoo. Dumb cow

No. 433595

in b4 that comment is deleted

No. 433596


If she was smart she could have just taken this as an opportunity to apologize and come clean about it. After all she did say she wanted to be honest.

No. 433597

oh my bad i got the fb girl and her mixed up. fuck thats even funnier

No. 433598

Can't keep your fans waiting moomoo

No. 433599

yo moo wont you answer the questions? at least the fluffy ones? or else your fans will think you can't compromise or worse, that you don't care about them (we know you don't, you probably hate them all)

No. 433601

what would moo say, anyway? sabrina is more popular than she is and has her own neckbeard army that would jump down her throat. also it would require her to continue to try to keep up with a lie that's already flimsy and falling apart. making sabrina backpeddle is her only option really.

No. 433602

File: 1505345690395.png (182.98 KB, 540x766, Screenshot_2017-09-13-18-32-00…)

So Momo since none of your other "friends" have said anything are they under these descriptions?

No. 433603

her face looks SO BAD here. like, i actually don't think moo has an ugly face, just bad expressions, but what the fuck she looks awful here.

No. 433606

you sure?
>>433121 sure looks ugly to me.

No. 433608

she looks bad in all the pics where she's obviously sucking it in. when her face is relaxed i think she looks fine.

No. 433609

File: 1505346195853.png (57.63 KB, 155x301, Capture.PNG)

First thing I thought of

No. 433612

Props to this person for not staying quiet

No. 433613

Man what a day it's been

No. 433619

right? this is enough milk to for 2 or 3 threads

No. 433622

She deleted all the tweets about her weight loss.

No. 433623

fucking kek'd

No. 433625


Inb4 another video of her crying about how the internet is so mean and how everyone's a bully. She needs to face the facts. If she stayed honest and was not a terrible person none of this would be happening. Instead she keeps pushing these issues away diluting herself into believe that her bullies are all just jealous haters. Just like every milk she has an expiration date

No. 433626

Does anyone have them archived or are they still up in the old threads?

No. 433627

literally just scroll up, holy shit

No. 433635

This is her sucking it in?
Damn, tens of thousands of dollars spent on liposuction for her ever-expanding gut and she still looks like she has a giant hunk of lower belly fat WHILE sucking it in?

Also, this is the first time I've enlarged this picture, and holy shit is she gross looking. Her entire body is saggy and just gross and dirty looking. Look at that tiny head. Or rather, normal size head on a huge body.

No. 433637

Ya know all it took was a little bit of healthy eating and 30 min of exercise a day to not blow up into a whale.

But here she is. About to turn 22, lipo scars all over her body she can't get rid of, fucked up legs/stomach that cant be fixed.

Her body is ruined for the rest of her life. And for what? A year or two of fame? How can anybody be happy like that.

sage for fucking diary shit

No. 433638

I can't believe Nigri gave moomoo ass pats for "losing weight when her friend destiny lost 70+ lbs actually working out and dieting…and I think des is like…8 years older than moomoo

No. 433639

ez to tell when people are sucking it in because they get that big hollow in their throat, stuff shoulders and expression, etc. moo is sucking in hard in both of those pics and that's why her face looks stupider than usual

No. 433640

File: 1505349988234.png (406.52 KB, 720x1057, Screenshot_2017-09-13-17-38-01…)

Twitter anon here. She posted this in response after taking HOURS to respond. Will not be responding to her anymore. She will not be transparent and will pick and choose questions only to delete them or have a whiteknight defend her despite she saying any accusations are welcome.

I also messaged Alyssa. She said the video and any caps don't exist since Mariah had shown her these videos in person.

No. 433641


Lmfaoooooo. Who's being a little bitch now? She was going crazy when she ~put Justin in his place~, but now that her ass got exposed she deletes everything?

No. 433642

File: 1505350024952.png (293.12 KB, 720x965, Screenshot_2017-09-13-17-38-11…)

No. 433643

File: 1505350075520.png (266.56 KB, 720x1004, Screenshot_2017-09-13-17-38-17…)

No. 433644


Fucking really?! Holy Christ this just gets worse by the minute. Who is the "bitch boy" now Moomoo? Who is the chickenshit who ran into hiding after she got exposed? That would be you Moomoo.

No. 433645

I can spot the difference, you lazy cunt. Pink anime avatar is genuinely interested, other dude is shitposting. No sarcasm from the former. Momo is hella noided

No. 433647

I opened Moo's twitter incognito and all her photos are marked as sensitive material to me. Even a meme gif was marked as such. Is this a twitter setting? In comparison I opened Gabby's and could see all of her posted photos and nothing was marked sensitive.

No. 433648

Yes..also appears if you have it auto set on that setting

No. 433649

I wanted to say that but I'd rather not play Round Robin with her.

No. 433653

Message me for screenshots of what happened with me and Mariah

No. 433654

Shit tier manager. A legit manager would tell her to quit social media, lie low for a few months and finish working on the patreon rewards. Maybe set up a couple of shoots to fill up time on patreon. No cons, no cosplay, just time to breathe.

She's mentally unwell, you could respond to her all night and she'd never listen to you. Thats why I've been lurking these threads less and less. It's like making fun of a retard.

No. 433655

lol what. why not just post them here?

No. 433656

hey anons, come un-anon and message me <3 kek … uuuuhh no??

No. 433658


No. 433659

File: 1505351410189.png (111.08 KB, 500x378, daisukicannibush.png)

Post them here or you can leave

No. 433660

I don't think she's coming back from this, y'all. She's gonna disappear, change her name, get more botched surgeries and do porn. That's all she can do now.

No. 433661

As long as her whiteknights keep rubbing their microdicks to her Patreon sets, she'll still be around. Hopefully this will greatly diminish her chance at being a ~cosplay queen~ though.

No. 433662

This is bait. You didnt even spell her handle right

No. 433664

File: 1505351791844.png (28.98 KB, 485x271, 72587408221019e25d81596e75c9b0…)

Mariah how is this hate??? Holy shit girl get a grip. Your paranoid ass is scared of everything when you have two genuine ppl in this pic asking you about your lipo. They're even saying they don't think its bad. What the fuck is wrong with you girl.

You called justin a little bitch, but fuck you're a little BITCH yourself. "sorry cant respond to hate" dont say "Any accusations. Any thoughts. Anything you want answered. Tell me what you want to know about me. It's time I put everything on the table." when your fat ass is gonna sit there and cherry pick what you want to answer.

lmao sage for being triggered

this stupid cunt cant stop lying for a day to save her soul.

No. 433666


Her cosplay queen days are over. If she doesn't address the lipo no matter what she does she'll be attacked for it.

Looking forward to when she talks about body positivity again. 93K followers and you can only imagine how many ppl have read through her tweets and seen all the lies she's told. You may have had 128 ppl comment Mariah and a selective few of neckbeards kiss your ass.

But dont forget the number of ppl who have seen those lipo tweets by now. So dont think you can just deleted your tweets and everyone will forget about them

No. 433668

I wonder what momo's next move will be
The suspense is killing me

No. 433669

File: 1505352195970.png (270.19 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2613.PNG)

Why must everyone who hates her be a "thirsty neckbeard who got rejected by her"??? Most of us are just normal fucking people who realize how much of a shitty human being she is.

No. 433670

Sage for OT, but just noticed Voldie in that reply. So how does she play into all of this? I figured she'd know better than to get involved w/ drama, but I guess if it's unrelated to her…

No. 433671

It's easier to discredit them that way

No. 433672

We already knew she had a tinder but nice to see she keeps it updated and is still looking for dicks to ride

No. 433673


It's just to boost her ego. Just write all of them off as "thirsty neckbeards who are just buttmad she rejected them and now are looking to tear her down". And of course a retard dipshit like Sabrina would think that.

No. 433674

I don't think she was saying that's hate, she was talking about the former.

No. 433675

And if is not a "rejected guy" is a "jealous girl"… I don´t think any guy here was rejected by her cottage cheese ass nor the girls here are jealous of her "six pack" xD.

No. 433676

finna make a sabrina thread on /snow/, it feels like there's milk there too. Moomoo's reached Peak Milk

No. 433677

Jealous of the amount of money her hank hill ass makes for putting absolutely no effort into her cosplays, maybe.

No. 433678

kek, yeah as if she would be able to reject anyone…. shes too easy and desperate for dat sweet acceptance by the dudes

No. 433679

Sabrina says that whomever is in this "bully circle jerk" is pathetic and sad but what do you think Moo gains from having yesmen around her instead of her having people closest to her to tell her no?

You cannot be selective about certain behaviors when someone you know is racist or harasses others to the point of social extinction…

No. 433680


Even funnier is that we have proof of her chimping out over getting rejected by KBBQ and her attempt to drag his name through the mud publicly for not wanting to put his dick in her.

But sure, WE are the buttmad ones.

No. 433683

>bitches about bully circle jerk
>confirms moomoo had lipo

No. 433687

I like how okay with being thrown under the bus Sabrina is. Jesus. Moo is the fucking worst.

No. 433693

File: 1505354857046.jpg (103.73 KB, 619x647, modcos.jpg)

Another up and coming cosplayer posted this like 30 mins ago…it seems like too perfect timing for it not to be related to Moo.

He's called her out constructively multiple times before when she complained about how she only got attention for lewd sets and suggested she work harder to prove how talented she was, and she totally kissed his ass cuz he actually is really talented and has become big in the scene.

I think people really ARE catching on.

No. 433696

wasnt moo trying to ride his dick just awhile ago?

No. 433700

If you don't have caps gtfo

No. 433701

I follow this dude on IG and he's really nice to actual cosplayers who make them own shit and ask for advice/opinions. I hope he calls out Moocow.

No. 433702

yes, and he was very nice to her. i think when everything is exposed like that you can't suck up to bigger names anymore

No. 433704

Then give caps. I have no idea why you and people like you allow her to get away with this shit. Stop being a goddamn coward. She's just a fat bitch. What she does in retaliation will be shitty for a couple of days, if even that long. It's not the end of the damn world if you show a bit of backbone.

No. 433705

Then why even post that you're a close friend of hers? Everyone can see that she's had lipo there's no doubt about it. You claiming to be her friend doesn't clear up any doubt.

No. 433707

Obviously you're in the group of people that enabled her shit behaviour in the first place so give caps or shut up

No. 433708


Caps or shut the fuck up and get out.

No. 433709

>>433703 you sound like a really shitty "friend" then, why do you even call her that if you're enjoying the drama train, just say you fucking know her and be don with it. Friends don't do what your doing out of sheer enjoyment, that makes you just as much of a fucking asshole as she is.

No. 433710

birds of a feather really do flock together, eh. goes to show how moo only seems to attract the shittiest people to her.

No. 433711

If you didn't think she was filled with drama and a shit person then you wouldn't be here telling us this shit.

Continue being a weak shit and licking her ass.

No. 433726


Hi Nicolette

No. 433727


So that must have been true since that comment is gone lol or they bugged off since we told them off

No. 433729

They buggered off when we told them off.

No. 433736

File: 1505359632940.png (375.75 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8063.PNG)

ot but here's something sabrina said before that's right up moo's alley

No. 433737

File: 1505359692104.png (208.59 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8064.PNG)

No. 433738

Holy shit what an awful person

No. 433740


Her attitude is disgusting.

No. 433742

She literally has the body of a 40 year old woman

Who would be jealous of that lmfao

Her tits sag halfway to her bellybutton
She has that weird little potbelly
No tone, no definition
She's just all around unattractive(sage)

No. 433743

She's more of a terrible pornstar. She made snapchats of her and her now ex bf fucking. Dude's got a below average dick. Pornstars were already renowned for getting shit on and drama which shouldn't be a surprise to us. Or to her for that matter.

No. 433744

what a dumb cunt

No. 433745

Wow. What a cunt.

I bet the person reported it for being inappropriate.

No. 433746

If you want to see them they're one Pornhub just put her name in and she has like 5 of them. Masturbation and getting fingered.

No. 433747

As much as I'm enjoying this milk, this does not have anything to do with Mariah. Can we just make a general thread for all the milk from people associated with Mariah, but not directly having to do with her?

No. 433748

i think someone mentioned making a sabrina thread, so if that ever got made/will be made, feel free to use the caps for it

No. 433750

Fuck yes, Calves of Moomookunt thread in /snow/, please! The generic coshot thread doesn't accommodate most of them.

No. 433752

File: 1505360553560.png (848.05 KB, 720x1177, Screenshot_2017-09-13-20-39-54…)

My body is ready

No. 433753

I think they posted it thinking it was related to her post about Moomoo's lipo being taken down really fast.

To me all it really shows is how much she and Moomoo are alike. Always thinking someone must be jealous when they don't get their way. Both of them look like utter shit, yet their heads are bigger than Moomoo's gut.

This is a great idea since the skanks that follow Moomoo have drama surrounding them too.

No. 433754

She looks like a fat midget.

No. 433756

even with the lipo her knees look fucked from holding up all that weight. can't wait to see her shitty costume in HD

No. 433757

File: 1505360933097.png (116.93 KB, 1242x1268, IMG_5558.PNG)

She's active on Twitter. Liking posts. You know people can see that right Mariah?

No. 433758

File: 1505360978074.png (277.65 KB, 1241x1626, IMG_5557.PNG)

Not even surprised she liked this one either.

No. 433759

these girls have no self awaresness. i scrolled thru sabrina's insta and she had uncensored pics of her vagina on there. didnt kno she did porn stuff like that. how close is mariah to jumping onto that, i wonder? they are toooo much alike lol

No. 433761


Active on twitter, but taking her sweet time responding to the messages hmm

No. 433762

I can't find it anon! Help a dumbass like me out?

No. 433763


No. 433764

>Associating with her makes people look terrible and I think it changes a lot of peoples opinions.

Definitely, I've blocked her usual photogs and have absolutely no interest in ever working with them at all. Even blocked many of the usual "friends" because nobody got time for that bullshit

No. 433765

the generic costhot thread is barely updated too

No. 433766

Not defending Sabrina's attitude, but she was already in porn doing playboy, vids, and has a paid private snapchat for nudity etc.
I don't know if Moo is really that close to going full-porn since people will probably tear her fully nude body apart even with the large amount of fat fetishists.

No. 433767

File: 1505362238559.png (1.51 MB, 800x1020, acowanditscalf.png)

If anyone is still working on that "Calves of MooMookun" thread, I felt inspired. Not sure between Collette or Sabrina which one is more milky but you can use whichever.

No. 433768

this made my night

No. 433769

the poster girl should obv be vamp

No. 433771


No. 433786


I read that like "Eating mode" ?

No. 433788

It's the same guy earlier that told her if she didn't want to be known for sexy cosplays to not do them lol. bless him.

No. 433792

That new header is so fucking ugly and so is the new photo as her icon. Holy shit.

No. 433793

File: 1505366943232.png (432.52 KB, 1057x444, ug.png)

Of course I drop it.

No. 433797

File: 1505367165303.png (55 KB, 611x587, silence.png)

She won't even reply to Jessica with words, just an emoji. Guess we have to wait until this 'tell all' comes out and then rip into her about all these cherry picked questions.

Moo, if you are seeing this, just fucking be honest. All this hate comes from your dishonesty. Its not bullying, its wanting to know the truth. Yeah, some people are fucking dicks about it, but just be candid with what you had done. Answer all the fucking hard questions that might make you look bad. Don't make excuses. Even Jessica admitted to her boobs. You didn't get fucking boobs. You got lipo which is MUCH less bad despite you saying you lost all your weight from 'working out'.

No. 433800


when is she gonna answer instead of doing comparisons between "genuine questions" and "hate" clear the air already bihhhh

No. 433801

Her arms and back are so fat. Not a lick of muscle or 'tone' to be seen

No. 433802


Did she really use a blurry ass photo for her header?

Also uh oh everyone get ready. "new and improved, i learned a tone of shit in two days' mariah is about to come out.

No. 433808

I posted this, but I just realized the fucking CK underwear! THAT SHIT DONT FIT! THE BOTTOM PARTS OF THE UNDERWEAR AND BRA FUCKING SINK INTO HER FAT!

No. 433810

File: 1505367931638.jpg (293.33 KB, 683x1024, IMG_0244.JPG)

Such tone!

No. 433811

anyone else notice that she dropped @ NYCC from her name? so she's not going after all?

No. 433812

Someone post link when you make this plz. Been wanting this forever the whole crew has lots of milk.

No. 433813

File: 1505369005570.jpg (49.6 KB, 400x488, tumblr_o7dlftO1kJ1tm1x8po1_400…)

Saw this on tumblr and it immediately reminded me of this thread.

No. 433818

File: 1505372200161.png (400.09 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5925.PNG)

sounds fake but ok

No. 433819

Props to her for being transparent here, I guess? I'm glad she realizes she needs some time away from all this. That's kind of mature (for her, anyway).
I know she's probably going to bullshit this video she's making but I'm so ready for more milk. Moo is spoiling us.

No. 433820

She will be back in a day or when she figures out how to make people feel sorry for her or blame everyone else for her lies.

No. 433821

Time to refine things. Get all the caps together. She's

No. 433824

Oh boy I can feel the sweat of terror going down her back when writing these tweets. Goddamn Sabrina, your dumb ass goof'd up major.

Jesus what a bitch. This is some serious thot behavior.


Her "breaks" last about half a day. She was supposed to take a break from cosplay/cons and it took her like two days to get back into it again. She's just gathering up sympathy points.

No. 433825

File: 1505372908591.png (713.15 KB, 645x597, oh ho.png)

Here is this to keep ya'll busy.

No. 433826

Oh hunny.. Oh no no no. It looks like her knee is bent the wrong way because of the horrid editing.

No. 433827

I told you guys. I got your Patreon inside.

No. 433829

File: 1505373183491.png (12.65 KB, 859x233, this will be good.png)

No. 433830

Her boobs look so bad because she is obsessed with that ugly ass CK set.

No. 433831

That empty stare (sorry forgot to sage)

No. 433832

If it is true she got cool sculpting on her face it is a waste. Her jowls are so saggy, even when taping her face. 22 years old and already needs a face lift.

No. 433834

File: 1505373608433.png (681.89 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2614.PNG)

No. 433835


She just said she was going to release a set tomorrow and post a video. What an attention whore

No. 433836

Good. I hope she fucking sits in her room, crying all those days, then stares at the wall thinking for a few minutes/hours, gets food, sob eats while watching anime, and fucking REALIZES that she isn't a positive force in the community. She doesn't bring anything to this community. She is a liar, a cheat, a bully. No different than the 14 year olds my sister goes to school with. Think yourself over Moo. You are going to go straight back into your old routine, but maybe. JUST MAYBE. Stop lewding shit. Actually TRY doing your own stuff.

No. 433840


She is clearly broken by the past few days. That's what happens when you constantly bully people and can't keep your own lies straight. Heck even your friends can't keep up with it and that's why Sabrina leaked the fact that you had lipo done.

I predict that in the video it will just be answers to cherry picked questions as everyone is saying. I can predict she will continue to deny lipo and try to push the "personal trainer" story. As for questions about kbbq stuff I can already see her trying to continue playing victim or trying to make him look bad. Which would be pathetic seeing as he has no online presence anymore and she would just use him as a door mat. Afterwards she will probably talk for 10 minutes about how she loves her fans and all of the support.

No. 433844


She's going to admit to the lipo. She's going to say that she felt pressure and she knew it was wrong but this community pressured her by calling her fat. She realized it wasn't healthy but pushed her to be better and that's why she is now dedicated to eating better and working out daily. She wishes she didn't do it, but will never do it that again realizing how negatively it effects her idea of body positivity, and her being human, made a human error is allowing the pressure to get to her and succumbing to it by getting it. She is going to thank all her fans

No. 433845


Ding ding ding.

Well… that is if she doesn't meltdown and delete it the moment someone calls her on her BS.

No. 433847

File: 1505375771674.png (50.59 KB, 858x520, replies.png)

She's active.

No. 433848

File: 1505376007045.png (457.51 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20170914-035906.png)

Ummm…she deleted the 2 tweets asking people to send her questions lmfao

No. 433849

File: 1505376114630.png (222.25 KB, 851x532, ew.png)

I want to rant about something really quick. I have money to burn. I pledged a really, really fucking high amount and you know what grinds my gears? She posts this fucking shit. She posts this fucking image everywhere and suddenly thinks "Yeah. This is $5 tier worthy". Mother fucker. She KNOWS she pockets the money. She KNOWS what she is doing. She KNOWS she is a fucking scumbag and a cheat. DONT fucking post images for money exclusively on patreon when you are going to fucking, same day, throw that shit out into the world. What a worthless mother fucking scammer. Ill keep posting most if I know anything else or anything that hasn't already been posted, but holy fucking shit. Im so tempted to call her out on that, but I dont want to lose the milk I can bring you guys, so Im staying incognito.

No. 433850

File: 1505376277316.png (3.11 MB, 1600x2131, ew.png)

Here is a disgusting Velma one I havent seen on here before.

No. 433851

File: 1505376327951.png (37.36 KB, 850x277, ew2.png)

Im sorry I know these are old, but I havent seen them posted here before and if she stays silent for a while, I want us to still talk about shit.

No. 433852

File: 1505376449288.png (203.94 KB, 864x569, boots.png)

Weird. Who made the boots.

No. 433853

File: 1505376512598.png (548.09 KB, 861x571, disgusting.png)

No. 433854

File: 1505376651239.png (143.03 KB, 422x750, 5260492946882321770.png)

No. 433855

File: 1505376677255.jpg (38.88 KB, 563x750, 271799828230807718.jpg)

No. 433856

File: 1505376765745.jpg (1.85 MB, 4912x7360, BOOB.jpg)


No. 433857

File: 1505376827236.jpg (2.68 MB, 7360x4912, axuV9GV.jpg)

No. 433858

File: 1505376867163.jpg (2.75 MB, 4912x7360, Hi8ZK9E.jpg)

A little more close up

No. 433859

File: 1505376881973.jpg (2.2 MB, 7360x4912, d8SXwUP.jpg)

No. 433860

File: 1505376922340.jpg (1.78 MB, 4000x6000, All edited.jpg)

What ISNT edited. This IS a pretty shot, I give her that, but you can tell 100% where the editing is.

No. 433861

File: 1505376959059.jpg (1.21 MB, 4000x6000, bad edit.jpg)

No. 433862

File: 1505377050422.jpg (49.91 KB, 563x750, gross.jpg)

No. 433863

File: 1505377059693.png (90.74 KB, 728x476, tracer.png)

No. 433866


No. 433867

I know right? Thats why I kept in that zoomed one too. LOL

No. 433869

Why didn't you NSFW for trauma ;_; this is UDDERLY disgusting

No. 433870

I was too focused on just trying to grab some stuff RIP

No. 433871

File: 1505377452438.png (12.18 KB, 325x200, info.png)

She got rid of all her info.

No. 433872

File: 1505377574126.png (350.4 KB, 540x960, 21733298_10212389967736296_186…)

Instagram too.

No. 433875

stop complimenting her

No. 433876

No. It IS a good shot. Just ruined by all the damn photoshop. Especially whatever the fuck is happening in the eyes. I can backhand compliment all I want. After I sage.

No. 433877

File: 1505378548261.jpg (651.69 KB, 1440x1544, tmp_18327-Screenshot_20170914-…)

No. 433879

File: 1505378591470.png (1.13 MB, 1440x2560, tmp_18327-Screenshot_20170914-…)

No. 433881

Both of these were already posted, jeez.

Her stomach makes me nauseous, holy fuck. And yea, that bra is too small in both width and cup, why can't she ever just get proper fitting bras/bikini tops? Her spilling out is not sexy!

No. 433882

File: 1505379541232.png (563.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-09-14-04-53-48…)

Reddit anon back again. Nothing new to report really but I did find it interesting how little her neckbeards care about her video of hugging that little girl. 7 upvotes for that compared to over 300 of that ghastly Chun-Li shot.

Get over yourself, Moo. They never gave a shit about you, just your gross body.

No. 433884

Who wants to bet she won't even make a video OR it'll just be another pity party for herself? She's reached the point where everything she says is so fake and phony because all she does is lie. I don't see why anyone still supports her or takes her seriously

No. 433886

she did, anon. previous threads show shoddy ass work

No. 433887

spillage aside, how is she even comfortable??? like…that must hurt like a bitch. or maybe the diabetic neuropathy has already kicked in.

No. 433892

Tbh I did start following her for admittedly shallow reasons but now that I see how she behaves, it makes sense why she and Moo are friends

No. 433898

someone else made the base, she only did the shitty detailing. don't remember who it was though.

No. 433900

This. I can't feel sorry for her at all, she's been such a bitch to a lot of people and leaked toxic waste all over the community. I hope she breaks down enough to straighten up and come clean with her lies and bullshit, then continues to actually improve herself as a person and a public figure. Send out those fucking patreon rewards, treat your fans right, stop getting into fights constantly, stop using other people, apologize to KBBQ for driving him out and Steff for trying to bully her and give credit whenever its due, Moomoo. But I doubt she'll do it, in a few days she'll just get back to her usual style and try to play it like a "strong woman who can pull through this and doesn't care about bitch boys bullying her".

No. 433901

she looks like a soccer mom on summer vacation

No. 433905

Keintastic on ig
A little ot but I noticed keintastic gf unfollowed moo after her not giving credit to Kevin, funny cause they defended her too
Nice to see old "friends" realizing her crazy bullshit and just cutting her off

No. 433908

Sage for dumbass autocorrect

No. 433917

WHY. WHY does she do this? Does she sit there at night and think 'hmm which character needs to have upskirt shots and needs to be 'sluttified'.

No. 433920

File: 1505391711172.png (4.89 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_6369.PNG)

lol featured on ign snapchat. this girl i swear. why did she choose such an old photo.

No. 433921

I agree with all of this but the Steff part. Steff is a pos who treats people below her like garbage. Also another Patreon thot. Ask almost anyone in Vegas she just plays nice online. She does soft core porn on her "print only" rewards on Patreon, she's no better than the rest of the Patreon thots. Don't believe me just look at her Patreon descriptions. I think momo needs to apologize to her fans mostly for lying about lipo. I would love to see a post apologizing to people for the lipo with no excuses, but that probably won't happen. It was everyone else's fault but hers right…?

No. 433923

her boobs look huge for her bod in this photo. it's like she's gained everywhere but her chest…

No. 433924

It's a pushup bra and waist cincher in use. This is also when she was at least 50lbs lighter, so her waist cincher wasn't working overtime just to hold in the gut.

No. 433926

This whole "break from the internet" obviously won't last. She'll be back in a couple of hours after seeing everyone still talking shit about her. She literally just did this a couple of days ago and was back after a few hours.

And as for the video. That will be a complete joke. Just more lying, writing everyone off as "jealous haters", eventually leading to crying into the camera about what a "good person she is who only wants to spread positivity". She won't address the lipo and she won't address her bullying KBBQ off the internet. She won't answer anything that might make her look bad.The only questions she will answer truthfully are the "will you be my waifu" ones.

No. 433929

Here you can see the difference of her figure before and after the lipo. Even though I'm sure she weighed less here (we know she ballooned even more after the lipo) but you can see that here she had that typical hanging fupa of obese people which she doesn't have now.

Some people here say that her lipo did not anything because she got fatter after it, but if it wasn't for that, she would had a big ass hanging belly xD.

I recall the groping Mei set where she looks even worse and with a more "obese like" figure than here.

No. 433935

That's because the cosplay community is one giant hugbox. Those people would never survive in the real world, with a real job. Ask them a question and they'll call it "boolying"… I swear half the people in the coscomm have the thinnest skin ever and behave like babies.

>taking an internet break
Topkek, as if. This feels like everytime Aly announces she'll have a break from Instagram and two hours later she uploads a new picture. Bitch won't stop scrolling through her mentions and replies to clap back at everyone.

My thoughts exactly. She lied, but it was because of the big meanie cosplay community that bodyshamed her. It's always somebody else's fault, she never fails.

No. 433936


Her body was better here than it is now. Her "abs" look so unflattering and unnatural. Her fat is now distributed weird. She has the face, arms, back, and calves of someone who should be MUCH heavier while her belly contradicts that. If she really wanted to inspire she would have started dieting and hired a personal trainer earlier on.

No. 433941

dont give her money then lol????

No. 433945

This is what you get lmao. You should know better not to give her money, dumbass

No. 433947

Anyone feels they have to announce "taking a break" from the internet, clearly won't be doing it. She needs comments, ass pats, validation from strangers to survive, it's like taking air away from her. She's reached a whole new pathetic level, however, I feel like this whole mess gave us a ton of milk, but she's just going to brush it off and keep doing what she is doing. The important thing is everyone HAS to keep knocking her on her ass, keep leaving the questioning comments on why she did this or did that, or when this apology video is going to be released. If we let up on her for even a second she'll think she won. Her releasing this video might be the worst thing for her depending on the content in it.

No. 433948

Of course, nobody inspires with lipo and lying xD. I was referring just about her fupa and her waist to hip ratio.

No. 433949

Maybe she can use this internet break to finally send out her rewards for Patreon. I mean, she won't, but she could.

No. 433954

I give her until 5pm PST before she starts being active on social media again. That's about the time she wakes from her fucked up sleep schedule, right?

No. 433956

More like taking a break to write down the best guilty as fuck fairytale she can in order for more sympathy & validation.

No. 433963

is it really a break when you're simply asleep

No. 433964


I'm sure her and her squad are coming up with a script. Several victim cards played. Ex that did her wrong, parents health issues, something about her cat, anything to garner sympathy points.

No. 433966

Well, it IS Moo we're talking about…

No. 433968

That made me chuckle. After all she works so hard! She deserves that well earned rest.

No. 433970

So is someone going to make that "calves of moomoo" thread?

No. 433971

Kek. I can't wait for whatever sorry excuse she spews out. Shall we make a new Moomoo bingo card of lame reasons why nothing is ever her fault?

No. 433979

Seconding. I would make it but I'm at work. I just like to lurk and contribute from time to time

No. 433988

File: 1505405935267.png (168.48 KB, 655x794, bingo.PNG)

It's not only reasons because I couldn't come up with that many that weren't too repetitive (bawwww it's not me), just general bs that is seen from her time and again.

You can even play along online!

No. 433990

This "break from the internet" will last about a few hours. She is such an insecure, narcissistic cow that she has to know every word that that is being said about her. And she of course be looking to clap back at any negative comments or criticisms. So you can bet your ass she is constantly looking at her mentions and lurking here for any potential "snakes" that may be looking to out her now that she is "on a break".

And you know that video is going to be bullshit. She is probably crafting every excuse under the sun for how none of this is her fault, trying to gain as much sympathy as she can and how it's "the big dumb meanie heads on the internet to blame". You can bet she will mention:

- Taking care of her parents

- Her cat getting sick

- Haters looking to bring her down

- "Jealous" ex who wronged her by fat shaming her

Literally anything to absolve herself of any blame. All leading up to her boohooing into the camera about how "she is such a good person who only wants to help people and spread positivity" and "how it sucks that there are so many hateful people in the world who only want to see you fail because they are so upset at their own miserable lives". And of course she will top it off with "I'm so lucky to have so many people who love and support me and you all give me the strength to keep doing what I love".

No. 433991

wow lol I can't believe this reaction… Her friend slips out that she had lipo (everybody already knew, moomoo) and she pulls this? lmao…

No. 433993


You forgot spaces for "Im such a good person" and "Only spread positivity"

No. 433994

If she was actually smart she could have come clean and used it to her advantage for pity points like: guyzzz I did lipo because I was insecure from being fat shamed boohoo.
She could have gotten asspats. But no she just keeps lying. No normal person would be okay with lying thing long especially when the truth is out.

No. 433997

You're the best, anon.

This looks so bad that I'm not even sure where to start. It looks like she dislocated her leg. Because her thighs are so big, it makes her lower legs and feet super tiny. Hell, even her hands look tiny. That's the obese look. Her knees are barely even there.

No. 433999

She makes it so blatantly obvious that a person was telling the truth when she does this.

I hope her fans still give her hell even after she admits it for lying to them all. She made her fans and Nigri think that she lost so much weight all on her own with effort. Bitch only opened her wallet and set an appointment. That's as far as her effort went.

No. 434004

What your boobs look like in that spandex now is what boobs fuckin look like in spandex dude. You really going to let someone put black streaks all over your printed lazy suit again?
And tracer's chest is mostly covered by her jacket and chest piece anyway so I'm so confused…
fat tracers always look terrible anyway. She's Olympic runner, maybe it's okay to skip dis one.

No. 434005


Didn't she get lipo on her thighs too from where the "moles" are? Ffs imagine if she didn't get the fat sucked out of her thighs. They would be bigger than most peoples waists.

No. 434009


It really is obvious with her. If it's a lie she'll try to do the whole "tough bitch" routine and try to publicly drag the person and get her fans to go after them.

If it's the truth she'll either ignore it and try to pretend it never happened or quietly ask the person to delete it. Or she'll try to take them down with her with either "You're not exactly a good person either so you have no right to be calling me out" or "Everyone does this! Why am I being the only singled out and getting shit for it?! It's totally because I'm fat/famous"

No. 434011

You can get a glimpse what she would really look like before the lipo, a Mei set then a Valentine one, you can see how her legs and stomach were a lot larger. Like many fat girls she wanted to be smaller in the middle only so she wouldn't loose her big boobs. If she never got work done her gut would stick out further than her extra large thighs

No. 434012


Jesus Christ. How does anyone get that big and not notice sooner? Like her pants probably stopped fitting. That would be a red flag for most people. Or maybe she made herself believe it was all muscle.

No. 434014

File: 1505409975880.jpg (49.06 KB, 540x676, milktime.jpg)

yessss, she truly is the cow that keeps on giving. I can't wait to see her cosplaying her spirit animal.

No. 434015

chill pill just gonna mean getting wasted on liquor and edibles my dude lol lit!

No. 434018

you forgot her saying "everyone makes mistakes" and blanket lame ass statements

No. 434019


No. 434020

There's also "not like those other girls/ just one of the guys."

No. 434021

I can already see Onision's reaction to her admitting that she got lipo

No. 434023

that reminds me of fat girls who cosplay characters like that swimmer from danganronpa just because she has big boobs and loves donuts. She's still a skinny fucking ATHLETE, sorry fatties

No. 434024

Someone needs to invent the spandex version of titty-armor.

No. 434026

This is Anakin. My name on FB is the same if anyone wants to hit me up about this (don't add just message me lol). I looked through my old social media to see if I could find anything, best proof I could find that we went to school together was some pics of my friends in the Centennial PE clothes and me blurry af in the background lmao. But I know that's kinda shite.
I think her response is proof enough though. She didn't deny anything I said except that she bullied me specifically, but then tried to bribe me as an apology bc she knows she did.

No. 434034

Yeah her response was all the proof we needed tbh. Even if you're lying about being personally victimized by Mariah Mallad, its clear she did bully the fuck out of people in high school.

No. 434037

Thanks lol. I had a lot of pent up anger that I got to unleash.
Also the pics I was posting weren't to prove I knew her. The first pic was just the one that made me realize it was for sure absolutely her because that pic went viral when we were in high school and I remember congratulating her lol, so it was just a good reference point for me idk. And the second one was bc a lot of people for some reason didn't know she was skinny in high school.
I didn't save pics of her in 2011/2012, and keep them all this time. That's weird man.

No. 434038


You seriously laid the Saturday Night Smackdown on her. Good on ya. She couldn't say shit to weasel her way out.

No. 434039

Is it true that she used to get fingered by her jock bf during classes?
By the way, I love how you replied to her. It was savage and absolutely on point, especially that last message about watching her getting dragged online everyday

No. 434041

File: 1505414249274.png (372.72 KB, 720x882, Screenshot_2017-09-14-11-35-47…)

Shes active still. This account was reported.

No. 434042


Even if you didn't go to high school with her, one thing is clear- she was a shifty person because she even admitted she was herself in her messages to you. She keeps saying "respect respect respect" but she has none for anyone who is not famous or well known. When Sabrina told the whole world she had lipo she did not even vague post about her let alone say anything negative. Instead she seems to have cried to Sabrina for protection. If it had been any of her lesser known friends she would have called them snakes and doxxed them.

No. 434045

WEW LAD. I hadn't heard about that honestly. I don't even remember her bf at all. Does anyone know what his name was? Like did he play for the schools team? I knew some of the jocks, but I don't even like calling them that bc our school was NOT at all cliquey.
There was a lot of hoe shit going on at the school tho. I definitely remember girls getting fingered in class, but I can't for sure say she was one of em.

No. 434048

Also it was true as fuck. The value of anything she could've given me to "make it up" (lol) is pretty much 0 compared to exposing her.

However I just wanna say if her response was a genuine apology instead of calling me DELUSIONAL I wouldn't have posted shit. In fact, I probably would've felt bad for what I said. But nah. She played herself. And now it's all over the internet. Srry bout that Ms Zero Suit "Samas" gg no rere bb.

No. 434050

No. 434052

An anon who claimed they went to hs together said so in the tempcow, tried to take a cap now but the site seems to be inaccessible atm. But their post basically said that they saw Mariah getting fingered by her bf during class, in the same period when she wrote those cringy fb posts against "sluts".

No. 434054


It also gave us some insight into her and her behavior. That she has this idea that if she throws enough money or tits at her problems then they magically go away. She has to be seriously fucked in the head to think that. It's probably why she never truly apologizes for anything. She thinks that if she throws enough money at you or gives you hope that you might maybe get to fuck her it will make you forgive her and turn to her side.

No. 434055

You two completely missed the point I was making about how nothing she posts on there is any different than anything else she normally posts for free. Basically her whole Patreon is a scam and its disgusting. I have cash to burn, so don't even worry about my money.

No. 434057

File: 1505416854776.png (50.19 KB, 202x200, 20170524_215646.png)

No. 434060

>everyone crying for caps and receipts
>complains when anon goes into her fucking patreon and provides


No. 434061

Sage for blog post but I've gained weight and my pants don't fit period. She knows and she's too damn lazy to workout let alone lie about getting lipo. Like girl I'm fat but the weight didn't come on overnight, you have to work to get it off. But Mariah has never worked for anything so who am I kidding.

No. 434062

So don't keep posting her patreon stuff even though she just posted a huge ranting sympathy thing?

No. 434064

Omg I totally forgot how much she hated sluts LOL. But to be fair lots of teenage girls are like that. I was like that, and if young me saw current me she'd think I'm a hoe too.

No. 434065

Ignore the salty cows who never provide anything and likely never will. Give us the milk. I for one applaud you for taking the plunge for us to get us the exclusive.

No. 434066

oh man. oh man oh man oh man. i just can't wait to find out what happens to her about, i don't know, 5 years down the line. what's she going to look like post that insane amount of lipo even if she does lose weight - actually, ESPECIALLY if she does?

remember how we watched Dakota from start to finish? deliciouuuus.

sage for absolutely no contribution

No. 434069

I know this is old but wow, that photographer's body I see a million times better than moomoos. The difference between them is kind of funny.

No. 434070


Y'all two are fucking dumb.


Anon dont worry about them atleast youre actually contributing something. Thank you

No. 434072

Thank you for posting this milk.

Don't listen to the other anon's who are bitchy you have money to spend and they don't

No. 434074

Does anyone have a link to her instastory freakout? I can't find shit. And there's no way no one recorded it.

No. 434075

File: 1505418872691.png (157.18 KB, 899x1248, MAYBE.png)


Sorry. Got a little salty for trying to post stuff considering so much shit from her patreon is now on my computer. Not like I want a thank you or anything, but don't worry about what I use my money for. Especially if, according to her Patreon post, she will be afk from other social medias for a while.

Here are two more things that were posted today before I hop off to work.

No. 434076

File: 1505418886916.png (71.73 KB, 1141x545, reply.png)

No. 434077

Ignore the other anons. I appreciate you burning money in order to bring us the milk, personally.

No. 434078

did this dumb cow finally learn something?!?!

No. 434079

I really don't know how to mentally process these last few days. We've been saying that "this is the beginning of the end" for months and she just keeps going however.. this time it feels like it's really happening now. I have now idea how she's going to back petal out of this mountain of evidence against her. Even if she does come clean it will only confirm what a shit person she is. She's fucked no matter what.

No. 434080

OH OK so it wasn't ok when Justin was bitching about it but every other photog that licks her ass it is. Got it.

No. 434081

No. 434082


>just left the gym

She really wants to sell the idea that she never had lipo done. If she really is working out now that's great but she shouldn't keep denying the lipo since at this point everyone knows.

No. 434083


I ignore those "this is the end" post because thats been said since she started cosplay and it gets old. Excited for this video. Though i dont expect momo to tell the truth.

Shes just not an honest person, so why think she'll tell the truth

No. 434084

>> She isn't learning shit, she just knows everyone in the free world right now is watching her like a hawk and knows if she fucks up or says the wrong thing, it's gonna get capped and posted. I wonder now though if the donation print is gonna include the fake cum since she's been dragged for it so hard already.

No. 434086

You'd almost think English was a second language to her. Ugh.

So she's not going to have a huge crazy party for her bday? What about her Cosmom coming to visit? Just a low key family dinner? Interesting she chose to share that bit of useless yet specific info.

No. 434087

Holy shit she acts so insane…

No. 434088


Well if you're paying for her Patreon you might as well post the new sets here to post to the google drive.

No. 434089

Yoko video. Jk, Im at work, but Ill still post.


No. 434095

At the most she's destroyed any chance of working in the industry with credible companies. Sadly, as long as her neckbeards are kissing her ass she is going to stay.

No. 434096

holy shit, the way her stomach jiggles…
also, the stars look unrefined and jagged. but that's to be expected considering the level of her handiwork.

No. 434098


She looks awful here

No. 434108

Off the current topic but I just realized the reason why she was on the super news live, where they recreated her as Annabelle. It's her friend that runs social media there. Rian Synths boyfriend. The reason she was a guest at Funimation at Anime Expo is because she's buddies with Justin Rojas. She also found my friend whose a photographer through the explore feature and stalking other cosplayers and harassed him to take shots of her, although he doesn't do cosplay photography. Anything she gets is never handed to her, it's her begging and demanding it. She is absolutely not talented and no company cares about her. With those numbers? You would think she would amount to more.

No. 434113

This. Stop piling on the Patreon anon you retards, they're the ones actually delivering shit.

What the fuck? Her "own money" IS her Patreon money that is supposed to go to delivering content to her fans! What a greedy cunt. She hasn't learned a fucking thing.

No. 434119

File: 1505421303488.png (2.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170914-153441.png)

No. 434121


Exactly. It's all shit handed to her by people she keeps bothering hoping to get a hand out and they just give it to her so she will leave them the fuck alone. Companies aren't knocking down her door trying to work with her. She isn't constantly asked to guest at major cons. It's literally her begging to be included and then going off and bragging about it after they finally oblige her. It's hilarious how she talks about having "connections" and how she is a "super famous" figure in the cosplay world when she is a complete nobody that leeches around the actual big names then acts like she is super best friends with them when people spot her in 1 or 2 pictures with them.

No. 434122


No. 434124

just a lurker here for the past couple of days. i really used to look up to her and actually believed her but reading all these threads have really shown me she is toxic and in need of help physically and mentally. im disappointed and angry, and i hope she understands that she cant continue this anymore. back to lurking.

No. 434126

Except for 24/7 lurking of course.

No. 434137


This is why anons go on her social media and spread the word about how toxic she is. It's not bullying, it's awareness. No one is making this shit up. And she isn't changing. She fucked me over two years ago, and she continue to fuck people over. It needs be brought into the light and exposed for the bully she is.

No. 434139

File: 1505422288641.png (469.45 KB, 822x451, Yoko_FullResVersion.mp4.png)

>closeups of her badly sewn costume (those stars… that cloak…)
>closeups of her face doing always the same expression
>closeup of that ratty ass wig
>Mariah striding and looking out of breath
>Mariah pushing her face in this weird 3/4 pose, glaring at the camera

No. 434144

This is so gross… I feel like I'm watching some kind of weird parody?

No. 434145

If anyone can provide a list of Moo's calves other than Vamp and Sabrina, I'd be happy to make the thread for her lackeys over in /snow/.

No. 434146

I mentioned this in the temp thread without mentioning a name.
But you know who airbrushed her suits and doesn't get credit unless you ask "who did it?" Kelton. Ge also made her Mei pouches back in the day (the only time she's ever given him credit was back then when she first got big for her Mei)
Nobody even knows he airbrushed her Rogue for her as well. I only know because he shared it when she first started posting pictures.

Sage for not really interesting milk. It just bothers me since he's a friend.

No. 434147

Yeah, the conflict between the video production and the subject matter is really jarring. Like making a music video of a turd.

No. 434149

File: 1505423093098.png (112.76 KB, 540x678, Screenshot_2017-09-14-16-01-30…)

Ya make the sub cow thread. Sabrina is just as bad as MooMoo.

No. 434156

are these the stars she used to put paint on while doing bee mei

No. 434167

File: 1505424688908.png (256.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170914-143026.png)

More from work.

No. 434169

File: 1505424717707.png (159.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170914-143004.png)

No. 434173

Kek, so much for this break from the internet bullshit. She's just patreon as her personal hug box now. Excepting a bad bitch "haterz aren't gonna get me down. Now I'm stronger than ever" essay and/or video rant once the asspats boost her ego enough.

No. 434174

hahahha she can't even post the right videos on her patreon and people expect her to be able to donate their money to a charity

No. 434177


Yup. Looks like instead of blowing up on Twitter for the 1000th time she just ran scared to Patreon for her hugbox now. So who is the "bitch boy" now Moomoo?

No. 434179

She still can't be bothered to Google the name of a charity. Jesus.

No. 434185


She's had a week to research this too. She can spend time attacking someone and put together a video for a 15 minute rant on instagram [while driving] but can't even pick a charity within a span of a week? [three weeks if you are counting from the time her fan suggested the idea].

>inb4 : boo hoo I had no time to find a charity because of my haters attacking me my dudes

No. 434188

Sabrina Nichols/Sabrinathebunny
Nana May/ Nanasushibear
I think she talks to thrdplnt still
Riansynthh and her boyfriend
Nigri and her boyfriend
Keintastic and his group
That's all I remember

No. 434189

Seviria Cosplay that she hangs out with sometimes might be one too.

No. 434190

the edit on her hair i'm laughing so much

No. 434191

Those closeups on her shit craftsmanship and all the jiggle in her walk. Jfc she must be losing it to actually think this was okay to post.
Also…her face skin texture has gotten progressively worse and worse. Guess her waning nutrition is really showing.

No. 434192

i remember her saying who airbrushed her rogue tho. can't remember if it was this kelton guy.

No. 434193


Zach Fisher
Rae Kay
Kevin Matthews
Lethal Soul
Gabby Cooke

No. 434195

You forgot lilmissdoom

No. 434196

This showcases everything wrong with her costume/wig, not how "sexy" she is… why did she think this was ok to post?

No. 434197

Too lazy to read the whole thread so, did Moomoo got a new lipo? Is she not that huge anymore?

No. 434198

lol no

No. 434201


Dapper Geek News Photography/Oliver

No. 434203

ahh she cant even cross her legs

No. 434204

If she really wanted to make a recovery, the first step would be to donate the entire set of the yellow bikini Mei to charity. Not just 2 out of the usual 20 ish shots. The amount of greed is overwhelming. She can also donate all sales of those prints to the charity and then release the set far down the line to her Patreon, like in 2018, but not announce that to defer sales of her prints to charity. She's a moron.

No. 434205

Hasen't seen her family in a while…conveniently goes on her own birthday…makes sense considering she is so take take take all the time. Imagine the convo. with her parents. "Yeah! Mean people on the internet got mad at me for donating money to a charity! Did I tell you I smeared fake cum all over my face to do it???" Yikes.

No. 434206


Watch her do this and confirm that she lurks here. More so than already confirmed.

No. 434207

I'm waiting to see the answers to the "Muslim" questions she's getting. She doesn't follow any of the customary or religious practices, or celebrate the events such as Ramadan. Porn, publicized drinking and drug usage, more porn, there's nothing Muslim about this girl. Maybe it's in her bloodline but she and her family and not practicing. She needs to stop saying it as a victim card. Theres

No. 434209

>I've never been in a relationship

What a surprise.

My goodness she is tubby. She has so many wrinkles for someone her age.

No. 434210

File: 1505429729350.jpg (412.73 KB, 1304x1413, Screenshot_20170915-004930.jpg)

This fucking wig

No. 434211

File: 1505429772078.jpg (432.93 KB, 1304x1304, Screenshot_20170915-005033.jpg)

Also wtf are those pimples on her eyelid ??

No. 434212

Milia. They're white bumps. She probably doesn't wash her face at night.

No. 434213


Oh shit. Someone told me she had eyelid surgery a long time ago. I wasn't sure to believe it, but this is actually a reputable person. That might be a scar.

No. 434214

Man she's about as Muslim as I am, which is to say…not at all. Just a regular ol' middle eastern person. She mentioned being Muslim like once in high school as a reason why she doesn't like sluts and you can't get mad at her for that bc it's her religion LOL.

No. 434217

Idk about that. Her eyes look the same to me? But that also could be why I didn't recognize her. Something is different. But I always attributed it to being because she got fat.

No. 434219


It's just milia. I have them under my eyes. Super annoying since you can't pop/extract them like a regular whitehead. Sage for useless skincare knowledge

No. 434221

There's also that Sarah girl that's always sucking up to her but idk if she's anyone relevant in the cosplay scene

No. 434231

usually need to have them removed professionally as it often times requires cutting them open. SOMETIMES you can remove with a pimple extractor but typically a doctor (or esthetician, depending if the law where you live allows them to cut skin) has to do it.

aka moo can afford to have them removed.

No. 434233

All her pants are stretch leggings so she's never noticed them not fitting anymore

No. 434240

super duper OT, but chemical exfoliation can help get rid of them. Something like Stridex or w/e. I forget if BHA or AHA is better for milia. Chemical exfoliation is kind of like a miracle product if you use it correctly, though, so it might not matter.

No. 434241

Thanks anons ! Wasn't sure what it was. So they don't come from.bad hygiene then?

No. 434245

i mean i'm sure she has bad hygiene, but these might not necessarily be attributed to that, no.

No. 434246

I want to cry, that video is pure shit. The quality is good tho
She doesn't even look happy.

No. 434247

yeah its probably just bad luck + not washing off her make up

No. 434248

Bad hygiene can make it worse, but some people just shed skin faster and it gets stuck on their faces in little bumps.

When was the last time (or relatively recent time) anyone took a picture with/of her in proper pants?

No. 434249

File: 1505432391445.png (1.82 MB, 1403x814, Capture.PNG)

Everything wrong with this. Also, wtf is that yellow thing on her tit by the star on the right?

No. 434253

Makeup? Glue? Snot? Nacho cheese?

No. 434258

Oh my god she can´t even cut something without it looking choppy/sloppy as fuck (star edges). I know she lacks talent but how is this even physically possible??

No. 434259

i mean, is she even good at anything to begin with?

No. 434260

she seems to be good at
1. gaining weight
2. chimping out
3. wasting money

No. 434262

good at anything worthwhile and honorable, i should have said lol. everyone's gotta start somewhere though ;)

No. 434266


She could practically teach classes on "How to play the victim"

No. 434270

Nice upper stomach stretch marks peeking out. Sick abs moo.

No. 434273

So when is she going to watch a anime and pose correctly? Yoko does more than this and it makes me sad Moo half assed her. Plus she let down the spiral flooring by NOT pointing up

No. 434274


Can we not go after these people? It's a little too mean spirited imo.

Especially for someone like kaybear who's had issues in the past and has cut marks on her arm. Just restrict it to momo.

No. 434276

i do agree with not going after some of them, but people like vamp and sabrina definitely deserve it

No. 434277

Can you two clarify who is the most deserving, then?

No. 434278

Yeah seriously. Some of them probably didn't do anything wrong.

No. 434279

She only lifted her arm halfway to point up because keeping her arm close to her body hides her arm fat.

No. 434283

i think some people don't deserve but kay is far away from that people.

No. 434284

With leggings though, that shit will cut into her gut and it can rip at the slightest movement. She more than likely has to wiggle into them, I'd assume if they are too tight.

No. 434286


Why? Kay avoids drama and minds her own business.

No. 434287

Quit derailing

No. 434288

chloe is her own bag of bullshit, but her crazy ass going crazy on this milk got me blasting off into space

No. 434291

File: 1505440065575.png (610.96 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20170914-204023.png)

They barely showed her from behind and put all the focus on those shitty stars

No. 434292

File: 1505440185574.png (725.18 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20170914-203923.png)

Starts the video by zooming in terrible shoes then this. Does she crop them like her old Mei too?

No. 434293

I feel like SSS should be held accountable for enabling this behavior in Moomoo

No. 434295

i think nigri too but she is dry so i dont think she would be relevant to the thread

No. 434299

This might be trying too hard but I tried to get kbbq to give me milk today. Especially with all of that's going on… and nothing :((( I even sent him the link to the video of her Yoko and he wouldn't even comment on it….

Sage for lost cause…

No. 434300

Agreed, she lays low out of it. But what about her fuckboy? He's been defending Moo hasn't he?

No. 434301

She has her own thread anyways tbf couldn't most of these snowflakes go into the irrelevant uggo cosplayer thread anyways?

No. 434307

File: 1505442894752.jpg (70.91 KB, 1069x227, Screenshot_20170914-223337.jpg)

Still fake as fuck. Wish you could audit Instagram followers.

No. 434308


Can you post a link? I need some good comedy after a long day of work

No. 434309

it's at >>434089
please scroll up next time…

No. 434310

The link was already posted, scroll up.

No. 434312

If you look at her followers on IG only like 1 in 10 have a seemingly real account. The rest are obviously spam or on private but only have like 3 followers.

No. 434313

File: 1505443488320.jpg (198.35 KB, 1552x1029, IMG_1069.JPG)

Too soon?

No. 434317

Bless you

No. 434321

stop going on about a manager, there is none!!

No. 434322

The Calves thread is now up over at >>>/snow/386826

No. 434327


either way, her insta stories will be archived on here isdb.pw/mariahmallad

No. 434381

It looks like filler fluff from the star. You can see on the right one it's got that lighter yellow stuff inside but the top point is missing a bunch.

No. 434382

Man, all I see is belly jiggle. Also some weird patchiness on the back of the cape… thing. The red lining has rando white spots like it was rubbed off. She's so awkward in these, I don't get why they didn't do second takes…

No. 434400

I don't know why this thing even exists. Not only is this her worst costume, every take and every angle is most unflattering I've ever seen of her. Did the videographer have a grudge against her or something? It really looks like someone was purposely making her look like garbage.

No. 434406

File: 1505487881714.jpg (665.03 KB, 1292x1219, fanpage1.jpg)

how to expose someone 101

No. 434407

File: 1505487942670.jpg (630.8 KB, 1303x1229, fanpage2.jpg)

No. 434409


The "cheap spandex suit" rant has become my favorite since we know none of what she was bragging about was true:

- No company actually wants to work with her. She literally has to beg her "friends" for a handout. She constantly overexaggerates any sort association she has with a company. She'll go to an event open to the public and try to act like she was personally invited there. She'll turn an "ask the fans" segment into "OMG ___ just asked me for a personal interview! I'm literally crying right now"

- She doesn't have "connections" she just stalks and tries to be seen with the cool kids and tells everyone she is like super best friends with them when really they all hate her. She thinks name dropping actually important and notable people means she is totally friends with them and are asked to guest at cons together.

- She doesn't get invited to cons. She has to pay for her own ticket and then stand around and pretend like she was an invited guest. That is if she even bothers to since she spends most of her time partying and getting drunk. Hell, even some of them she sneaks in without paying.

- She doesn't give back to the community. She is a cancer that scares people off for not kissing her ass. She constantly tries to take credit for work done by others and then bitches when she gets called out on it.

Just every single about it was a lie.

No. 434411

File: 1505489687319.png (16.11 KB, 1480x192, i was blocked.png)


full album of every question I could remember, plus extras

No. 434412

File: 1505489690380.jpg (575.45 KB, 1024x1435, Landou1.jpg)

Landou and co. reconfiming Moo's lipo/plastic surgery while trying to defend her decisions to lie about it. This status has since been deleted it seems.

No. 434413

not to side with moo, but little girls aren't looking up to her and shouldn't be. she. is. an. erotic. model. we should stop perpetuating the idea that erotic models in cosplay are cosplayers. they are not. if people start 'looking up' to her, they'll just start wanting to be slutty erotic models doing cosplay since the community is a toxic hugbox that doesn't understand that sex work doesn't belong in it.

No. 434415

That's a problem with these "sexy" cosplayers tbh. They should be in a separate category from those who are actually cosplaying, not just showing off their tits in costume.

No. 434418


Lol at these dipshits outing her lipo thinking she has already publicly admitted to it. And then the lazy idiot says "Go look it up" when there is no proof of it. And then deletes it all like "Oh shit, she really did never talk about. Now she'll think I'm the asshole for revealing it".

No. 434419

exactly. i get that some characters have revealing costumes, and that's fine, but this is not that. her and that sabrina chick are sex workers at this point, and i'm not even trying to voice any opinion on sexworkers, just saying, it's a different bag. it's been said ITT that gravure and jav idols in japan wear cosplay but are not suddenly cosplayers. why do we do it? cosplay should have an all ages element to it. because of how hugboxy the community is, these sex workers are just riding to the top with neckbeard money, another toxic part of the group. they have nothing to contribute to cosplay by getting lewd or naked. i remember when we thought people like yaya and kamui were toxic cause they had petty drama, but at least they crafted and contributed in some way. i really think people like momo and sabrina and other lewd or nude or 'boudoir' cosplayers need to leave. not all of them do just cosplay, cause they do erotic shit first. regular cosplayers don't just do photoshoots in their regular clothes for their fans like moo does in her cks. i get america doesn't really have a gravure scene, which is probably why the community thinks these types belong, but they don't, and they need to go.

No. 434422

It seriously does piss me off that Moo and her cosplay thot buddies are making cosplay look like a sexiness contest. Many people start cosplaying when they're like 13 or 14 and nowadays this is the kind of stuff they'll find online. People selling pictures of themselves ducking dick as a Pokemon character. Fuck, I'd rather go back to cosplay.com with all the dumb PEOPLES REACTIONS TO UR COSPLAY IN PUBLIC??? threads than this shit.

No. 434423

Her friend roxychan tagged her when she was at a boba place on ig lol

No. 434430

Patreon boudoir cosplay thots are just as low as the 'gamer gurls' with the same qualities who stream over at Twitch. They're all trash and no amount of preaching about being empowering for women in the geek scene will make it better when they make a living from neckbeards who think they'll fuck them one day.

No. 434434


What was the status about ?

No. 434450

I honestly don't have an issue w/ sex workers who cosplay. Just be honest about it. Don't act like you're the forefront of body positivity when you're just a thot.

No. 434451

I think the issue people have is that these cosplay thots are presenting themselves, and seen as by many, as the face of cosplay. Which gives the whole hobby a weird fetish vibe to it when a huge handful of the most popular cosplayers are pushing their softcore porn harder than their actual cosplays.

No. 434453

File: 1505496960157.jpg (442.9 KB, 1024x1292, LipoStatus.jpg)

My bad. Here was the original status before it got deleted. This is the same person in green from the first one I shared.

No. 434454

I don't either, because they're honest about what they are. They aren't claiming to be professional cosplayers just because they're getting paid while they're in charge cosplay. They aren't trying to be guests at conventions, buddy up to companies like Blizzard or Riot, they aren't trying to convince people that they're a cosplayer first and a sex worker second.

This. That's why everyone and their brother has a cosplay page and a Patreon account nowadays, because they feel like they /need/ to do that stuff to be popular. It's sad that this seems to be at the forefront of cosplay now as opposed to actual craftsmanship.

No. 434456


It's the idea that cosplay is no longer about having fun and dressing up as a character you like. Now cosplay is filled with people capitalizing on how mainstream it is with sex. It is even worse that most of these thots have no talent and equally terrible personalities. I'm not saying you have to be talented but at least put in effort.
When I started cosplaying 12 years ago it was nothing like this. Yaya who is a total Og is talented and her craftsmanship shows it. Now everyone is buying some China made cosplay from amazon and shooting "art". I will admit that if there wasn't a market this would not be happening.

No. 434460


Momo has to be livid that this got out. She is probably thinking to all her "friends" who keep accidentally confirming she got lipo "WHAT ARE YOU FUCKING DOING?! STOP FUCKING RESPONDING TO THEM!!"

No. 434469

I wonder if GRRL army will still sponser mariah. They are all about loving yourself and working hard and here they have a chick who rarely wears their clothes but promotes them because she is a "model" and body positive, only to be outed as a fitness fraud. I hope they stop partnering with mariah.

No. 434474


Considering all her public meltdowns I'm surprised they haven't dropped her already.

No. 434479

I wonder when the last time any of you idiots even competed at a masquerade at a con. Maybe 2? Maybe 3 of you have competed? Be the change you want to be in the community and stop saying your hobby is ruined. No one ruined it but your shitty attitude. Cons haven't disappeared since sexy cosplay became mainstream and sexy cosplay isn't going away. Be mad at Mariah for doing shitty things, but don't get mad at sexy cosplay in general you bitter fuck stains.

No. 434480

2many snakes

No. 434483


I wonder if she's going to out these "snakes". If she doesn't then she's a hypocrite and shows that she cares more about connections than actual friendship.

No. 434484

Begone Patreon thot

No. 434486

Did jnig not know mariah got lipo?
since she complimented her on working hard on losing weight lol

No. 434488

Maybe she's been putting on a good girl act for her copay mommy. Or jnig is playing along because she has nothing to gain by outing her.

No. 434489


She'll do the same thing she did when one of her friends made a joke about her her donating to charity: try to do the whole "tough bitch" routine like "I am so not fucking okay with this! Anyone who agrees with what this person said is an asshole and I don't want to hear from any of you!"

You know, the usual. Try to drag them through the mud and get her fans to go after them.

No. 434491


I don't think JNig knows about the lipo. Moomoo will do anything to try to impress her "cosplay mommy", even lie about getting lipo to keep the illusion of a "hard working girl who doesn't take the easy way out". That way mommy will be so impressed with her and will want to teach her all her cosplay secrets and let her into her inner circle and train her up to become the new "queen of cosplay"

No. 434494

Top kek. Mariah is the definition of a sexy cosplay patreon hoe. They are all the fucking same. If you don't see that shit as toxic wtf are you doing here?

No. 434504

Stfu. Im not even a part of this argument, but there are 100% sexy cosplayers. Ones that limit their cosplays to legit revealing costumes characters wear. And this goes for guys and girls. The ones who know they look good and want to show it off minus all the boudoir and fluff and who don't do sets. These DO exist in the community. They don't get as much attention as the usual thots, but they do get attention. For example, Yaya. She HAS done revealing ass cosplays that are canon, but has rarely, if ever, done boudoir cosplay like Jessica dressed as the character. To be honest, I wouldn't even really throw Jessica in there either. She's borderline soft-core, if that. So don't try to say there are extreme and then there is 'normal' cosplay. Even back in the fucking 70s there were women walking around in very revealing outfits, a lot of the time nipples showing, without fucking around with people. BECAUSE the outfits were canon, but revealing as hell.

No. 434508

Nobody cares, we weren't talking about "sexy cosplay", case closed.

No. 434512

The problem absolutely is doing both at the same time with nothing to differentiate between the two. I've seen dozens of social media profiles where these "cosplayers" rarely venture outside of a bikini version of x character of the week and will promote themselves as cosplayers first and (fetish) models last. And the mainstream doesn't care what the difference is. They will see a cosplayer portraying a character with a sexy character design and a thot and take them as one and the same. The more lewd cosplayers that crop up the more the mainstream will interpret this as what a big part of the hobby is and not just a small nitch or something totally different.

No. 434514


I'm sure Jnig knew about the lipo. Since Jnig had work done herself it would only make sense that she knows. It's not impossible that Moo asked Jnig for tips about hiding procedures too. Based on what her old photographer Alyssa Lopez Mayhew is saying Mooriah was trying to be sneaky about it all.

No. 434519

She doesn't hide it though. She just photoshops the marks out because her presence is limited at a convention vs online photos that she can send out to more of the masses and photoshop the marks out so those masses don't know.

No. 434523


More like she does a terrible job at it. She's sloppy with everything she does. Make sense she can't even hide a procedure she keeps trying to hide. Within 2 days, 3 trusted sources outed her and 2 of them were her friends who assumed she told the whole world.

No. 434530


No. 434532

> Even back in the fucking 70s there were women walking around in very revealing outfits, a lot of the time nipples showing, without fucking around with people. BECAUSE the outfits were canon, but revealing as hell.

lol bitch are you for real???

No. 434536

I think that was just hippies

No. 434540

File: 1505511506507.jpg (Spoiler Image, 164.37 KB, 800x1227, 17i23qon78j5njpg.jpg)

Do some research. And these weren't at sex conventions. This stuff was at real comic conventions along side more modest cosplays like Star Wars and Superman.


No. 434542

Cosplays like the one that girl is wearing has been banned at most decent conventions. Even Nigiri has been told to leave a convention because to was too lewd. this is the current age

No. 434543

we weren't talking about sexual character designs, but sexualizing of nonsexual designs for the sake of sexualizing.

No. 434544

if you read you'll notice the issue is with people purposely sexualizing characters.

No. 434546

This was okay back in the late 70s, early 80s. Then one person fucked it up, and the rules were changed pretty much across the board at what small amount of conventions existed like at WorldCon.

No. 434547

ok, thanks for sharing. i dont cosplay because im ugly/poor and self aware.

but the anon who mentioned hippies is right, shit was a different time and im p sure none of this thread was alive in the 70s.

also how many of these girls were selling photos of themselves? or dressing up just to get money? i doubt most, if any.

No. 434549

Fucking lord. Can you dipshits please shut the fuck up and get back on topic about Momo

No. 434567

>No1 cares about you or your life here, and if they say they do it's cause they are hoping to be your "White Knight" so then maybe they can feel cool that some thot acknowledges them
Daaamn, even the dudes thirsting after her a stone cold.

No. 434568

are* not a, sorry

No. 434572

It really shows how particularly toxic and awful her fanbase is. From what I've seen, usually if people are into jacking off to a particular porn star, they usually think pretty highly of her. Not Moo Moo's neckbeards, though. They literally just see her as a piece of meat. Congrats, Moo, this is your fucked up version of fame. It suits you.

No. 434576

Make a thread anywhere but here about cosplay. The mods have warned us before about being OT. Please stop.

No. 434577

It makes sense, a fan base usually reflects the person. By being a toxic waste, it doesn't give people any reason to support her than out of the desire to see her go full-porn or because one is similarly deluded.

No. 434580

I can't believe their main defense is "she's been totally open about this!" BITCH WHERE? They claim that we're unhealthily obsessed with her and yet we'd overlook something as major as ADMITTING TO GETTING LIPOSUCTION?

No. 434583

I know. Don't they realize that if she had ever said that she had lipo, we all wouldn't be sperging out whenever we notice a new scar or claims she went to the gym?

Also, do they not read her posts? She's always talking about working out and dieting to lose weight, never lipo. They're supposedly her friends, but apparently they don't even read what she says on twitter, which is actually important with someone like Moo who spends like 70% of her waking moments on twitter.

No. 434586

No. 434589

File: 1505522780630.png (74.57 KB, 896x431, Screenshot 2017-09-15 at 5.44.…)

So much for her fans caring lol
posted into her reddit

No. 434590

Ouchies I'd be crying right now if I was her lmao

No. 434601

>fuck! No more lewds?

Of allll the lewds and nudes out there mostly of much more attractive women, I will never understand why they want hers? Unless you have a fat fetish, that is the only thing I can think of

No. 434607

Definitely a main reason why I don't ever bring it up with anyone I don't know personally.

No. 434612


u sound mad

No. 434615


It sucks to be her. She has no real friends, only people who fear her or leech off of her. And she has no fans, just horny neckbeards.

No. 434617

The outrage is it became cool to be nerdy. That because cosplay got notoriety through hard work of cosplayers up until Nigri came onto the scene. From her has been a swamp of people trying to make quick money to bullshit excuses just to be a part of what's "cool". It's the quality vs quantity of people. And judging by the quantity that keep getting large sums of money, they're not of quality character.

No. 434623

Honestly though, this is a pervasive problem in the weight loss community. A bunch of lying bitches going around and pretending that their mediocre 20 minute treadmill stints a day between selfies at the gym somehow got rid of the extra skin on their bingo wing arms, or made their tits huge and perky overnight.
People who don't own up to plastic surgery after weight loss are fucking toxic, or hell, even during weight loss. They know they're fake, but they'd rather have the praise than say what they got is unrealistic for people who have to deal with weight loss naturally.

A lot of plus size models are guilty of this too.
Ever wonder how 300 pound models miraculously have no double chin and slim arms? Well, they don't without lipo.

No. 434627

No. 434631

You know, I was looking this up because I assumed she would've been posted by now but the DIY Costume Squad show she was on is pretty cute. Too bad she picked such a simple costume that will be horrible looking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2l1ENJU5lg&list=PL1AXWu-gGX6J6320gvgPoL6OzoUpqugUS

No. 434634

oh wow that is some thicc shit right there, i am aroused for some reason, i would do naughty things to her man mhmhmh(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 434638

This is why boys aren't appreciated here

No. 434639


She doesn't have a man for you to do naughty things to. Go be a perv somewhere else.

No. 434644

Based on the way Jnig has handled other cosplay drama, especially when it involves her friends, she always tries to take the neutral route or omit anything that is open for debate if it isn't out in the open yet.

I'm sure she knew about the lipo, but she tried to covertly play it off so in case if it ever came out, she could easily pretend that she knows nothing about it and that she's only merely commenting to be positive and friendly towards Mariah. She tends to gloss over this kind of stuff so that she can never be traced back as a source of drama.

She probably doesn't realize though that staying quiet and enabling Moo is really just as bad.

No. 434646

is she in this? where

No. 434651

im assuming they're editing her episode or she dropped out

No. 434653

I think she may have openly admitted to it to her select friends or publicly in private, chances are in a post that average nobodies would be able to see

No. 434656

Jessica probably agrees with lying about it since she hasn't opened up about her boob job ever or lip fillers…even though you would have to be extra stupid to not know they are fake. Moo better address the liposuction in this 'answer video' otherwise people will be pissed off. I have a feeling shes going to sugar coat everything.

No. 434657

There's a tier for her discord with her fans…I wonder if she has a separate one with her calves.

They were giddy about and asking each other to go into "the chat"

No. 434668

So are we going on two days of silence on only Ig or is she daily posting on patreon / replying to people on twitter?

No. 434677

Where is patreon anon? If she's active online it will be on her hug box of the week. Though I gotta admit, I am impressed with this radio silence. She might actually be reflecting on all this…. but let's not hold our breaths just yet.

No. 434687

File: 1505547497793.png (149.69 KB, 720x663, Screenshot_2017-09-16-00-35-42…)

Mama Nigri won't be going ;( why does everyone avoid poor Moo

No. 434694

Who Moo gonna stalk this time I wonder now that her cosmom can't make it?

No. 434697

Didn't moo removed @nycc off her twitter?
I don't think she's going anymore tbh.

No. 434698

Nigri might not be going BECAUSE of Moo. Maybe they were all supposed to go together…this was Moo's first year, after all.

No. 434705

I wondered about the same thing and had an interesting theory thrown my way: with normal porn photos or videos, you get to /see/ someone naked or having sex, but the suspension of disbelief has to be higher to pretend that you could ever come close to any of those actresses or models.
With these girls, who have social media profiles where they interact with fans so as to get support on their Patreon accounts, it's easier to pretend they're attainable.

Think of all the Twitch boob streamers who make heart shapes with their hands and "reaaaaallyyyyy appreciate chuuuu!" for subscribing to their stream and giving them money. You can tell yourself that if you say something impressive enough in their chat you might then get to talk to them online and, from there, maybe one day you might hook up. I don't know if Mariah has any discord chat or anything like that, but being in her Patreon might mean that it's easier to communicate with her directly.