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File: 1526361187652.png (85.74 KB, 639x547, 1525823020144.png)

No. 518603

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>514202

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay

Twitter: N/A, banned x2

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun

Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, xmariahmalladx

Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad

Google Drive:

Attn: Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/snow/386826

The basics:
>Originally 'thicc Samus' with 2+ lipo sessions now trying keep some semblance of a figure (and failing miserably) all while lying by saying she's exercising
>So laughably bad at making cosplays; gets 90% of costumes commissioned/bought and then makes gloves so she can credit herself as a talented cosplayer and claim her money is "hard-earned"
>Does "boudoir"/softcore porn shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>Thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame where she'll loiter around booths/other cosplayers or pretend to be a con guest
>Has to beg for money, con passes, or just ghosts at cons despite +$10k/month on Patreon, not above bullying staff to get a free 'Professional' badge
>Pretends to know about the series she cosplays, despite evidence proving otherwise; will tweet profound essays to prove her expert fan knowledge
>Has lewded young characters for the attention; backpedals after backlash
>Goes on crazy media tirades against people like old fuckboy KBBQ, old photog, yet preaches about being nice to everyone
>Constantly goes on pity party rants or videos, trying to make people feel bad for her about things that are happening to her when she’s done the same
>Lies about attending college even in the face of mountains of evidence proving otherwise
>Rips off a dress design from indie designer MyOppa, denies it and has yet to make an "official statement" about her blatant bullshit
>Also rips of well-known hentai character as her original character and mascot, once again denies it
>Yes, her photos are being used for a KIK FOR FAT ad
>apparently "used to lift", was sorely butthurt when multiple liftfags told her that her body form was dangerously off

>Do your jowls hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? Can you paste them back with tape? Can sculpt them through lipo?
>Was doing "Pochaco month" for her Patreon cosplays but instead aims for Majin 21, Semiramis, Lucoa and Retsuko (maybe)
>Went to LVLUP Expo and caused eye trauma with her shitty!Saber
>Apparently was given a booth at LVL UP but because she left a ton of merchandise (like her banner etc) in Portland, she was unable to maintain it.
>When Moo wants you to leave your ~abusive psycho ex~ she'll guilt trip you, post your private conversations and self harm photos! When you hide her comments, you're hiding the truth!!!
>Wasted her trainer's time again by taking video and selfies at the gym, where she should be working out with him
>Was triggered by a anime short about a cat's life (it passes away eventually). She started flamboyantly crying about her cat, Jaeda.
>Continues to mistreat her eyes by not preparing her Majin 21 contacts, leaving her eyes swollen.
>Hoping to rekindle her growth in Patreon numbers by wearing her beekeeper!Mei glasses all the time, passing them off as ~prescription glasses~
>A cosplayer mentioned in a group post that she was called "Black Cindy" by Moo in passing
>Commissioned her second tattoo of a command seal from Fate/Stay. It takes up her whole forearm and ~is a part of her now gaiz~
>Continues to record pedestrians without consent, seems to target more children
>Going to Blizzcon to stand outside the venue!!

No. 518605

File: 1526361390604.png (244.56 KB, 345x650, Screenshot 2018-05-14 at 10.15…)

resident asian slave makes food and cosplays for the Moo

No. 518606

File: 1526361402439.png (180.91 KB, 349x650, Screenshot 2018-05-14 at 10.15…)

No. 518607

File: 1526361426402.png (34.7 KB, 126x251, Screenshot 2018-05-14 at 10.16…)

they stood there then kissed eachother

No. 518611

Should of known as soon as we saw that fabric she'd have cat over shortly to build their cosplays.

No. 518616

where is gif anon when you need him
was it cringey AF?
are they trying to bring back the "we're dating on facebook cuz we're totes gay my dude"

No. 518618

it was more like a peck but still weird

No. 518620

File: 1526363821066.png (247.17 KB, 350x649, Screenshot 2018-05-14 at 10.56…)

god she did use her moo wig for Francis Drake this gon b good

No. 518623

Those poor pants won't see relief for another month.

No. 518624

Aaaaaaand yet another energy drink. I swear she acts like she's allergic to water. It can't even touch her skin.

No. 518626

File: 1526364769425.jpeg (435.95 KB, 1365x2048, 75D0EC36-0CDC-4CB8-8EC8-ECE0D3…)

Found some blasts from the past. I think this one is completely unedited, she used to be able to cover up her dark circles once upon a time.. and look at how reasonably sized her hammy arms used to be.

No. 518629

On the bright side, she does still have the same flat ass that she had when she was a smaller weight.

No. 518630

Her eyes don't look like vaginas, and she actually looks a lot like her mom.
But those jowls and that ill-fitting bra are a nice reminder that some things will never change! Lovely.

No. 518631

we’ve all said it but I can’t believe we thought she was a hammy sloppy mess back then, if only we knew how bad it was going to get

No. 518635

File: 1526365536875.jpeg (90.74 KB, 1080x1349, 6505A2C5-3233-4069-8A12-B0D331…)

Another old one I found, almost wanted to make the tinfoil joke that those are the gross elf girl panties but look at how small she was comparatively.

Honestly if you put her sets from this time next to her sets now, they don’t look so bad. She looks like a regular chubby girl, not donkey Kong.

No. 518639

As we always say, her toxic, bratty, lying, cunt attitude was and still is her problem. She can lose weight and get as much lipo as she wants but surgery and diets can't fix her real problem.

No. 518646

File: 1526367619859.png (833.39 KB, 717x1144, Screenshot_2018-05-14-23-52-01…)

No. 518647

File: 1526367635417.png (379.87 KB, 720x894, Screenshot_2018-05-14-23-52-14…)

No. 518648

File: 1526367746064.png (53.8 KB, 720x310, Screenshot_2018-05-15-00-01-56…)

No. 518650

Are they trying to emulate SSS and her gf or? This is so cringy.

No. 518651

They're like the super ugly great value and already expired version of SSS and Bunny.

No. 518652

Gross. They are back to pretending to be dating again?

No joke. Vamp and Mariah are both busted, overweight, and gross. I guess with her twitter down, and her patreon slowly bleeding out, she has to do something for attention.

No. 518655

that wig is about to ascend to a higher plane

No. 518662

So she remembered she's bisexual again my dudes…

No. 518667

Hopefully their teeth didn't get caught in that kiss. Otherwise it would've been a bloody mess.

No. 518672

Holy shit the summary I had a good hearty kek, gj anon.

Or Mooch's nose picking Moo's nostrils.

No. 518675

File: 1526377890402.png (1.13 MB, 720x1156, Screenshot_2018-05-15-02-49-03…)

She claimed she made this for Lucoa

No. 518676

File: 1526377919666.png (673.89 KB, 720x1138, Screenshot_2018-05-15-02-49-29…)

Help her

No. 518677

File: 1526377935857.png (989.86 KB, 720x1178, Screenshot_2018-05-15-02-49-47…)

No. 518678

I believe it tbh, the wig was probably pre-curled, you can tell it's Moo's shitty "styling" job because the back looks just as ragged as her OC ponytail wig did.

No. 518680

File: 1526379175138.jpeg (687.38 KB, 2048x2048, FBA52614-0E3A-4F28-937B-0171BB…)

Oh my god I thought thar was her old shitty Pochaco wig, turns out this is the new one. A brand new 40$ wig and she of course manages to fuck it up again.
She really needs to start commissioning all her wigs instead of costumes. Years in and her styling is still atrocious.

No. 518683

File: 1526379760552.png (826.4 KB, 720x953, Screenshot_2018-05-15-03-20-03…)

Remember this

No. 518710


ew. wtf. Both Vamp and Moo are such massive cows. Are they pandering for views again?

No. 518714


I have to imagine this is just pandering to horny neckbeards. Like “Hurdur she is totally my “girlfriend” now since we just “kissed”. Moomoo does this shit all the time where any physical contact she makes with another girl, she tries to play it up like “We’re totes dating now”.

No. 518716


No. 518719

File: 1526390954022.png (382.18 KB, 512x724, Drake4.png)

I cant comprehend how she fucked up the wig so bad. She realizes that not every wig needs hairspray right? All she needed was scissors and a razor comb because Pochaco has VERY flat hair outside of her ponytails but she'll fuck those up too.

Francis' hair is definitely a magenta/fuschia not the 'strawberry milkshake' of that wig. This will probably be the biggest costume fuck up by far since her costume was already shitty and wrong (colors off, jacket way too short, sausage boots) .

No. 518720

it would look better if it was strawberry milkshake pink. moo's wig is that ugly peachy pink ala madoka everyone uses now. moo is so fucking dumb.

No. 518723

when that wig color first started being sold it was always called 'strawberry milkshake' (on ebay at least)

No. 518724

the money she spends in materials to turn them to trash always makes me wow

No. 518739

This looks like Tina Fey, or am I going insane

No. 518740

nta but it started on that shitty gothic lolita wigs site i think it's called dollux now or something. but their colors are shitty anyways and i've seen the same color called milkshake pink or pink lemonade, and i've also seen strawberry milkshake refer to a paler bubblegum pink color so idk.

No. 518743

Now that you mentioned it, I kind of see it.

No. 518763


Wait, what is that?
Please tell me that's some old messy wig of hers and not a recent work.

There is no way anyone is this blind to think that looks even mildly ok.

No. 518764

Love how it's not even the right colour

No. 518768

File: 1526402937039.jpg (46.87 KB, 640x960, 19905188_1121090798035868_4391…)

Her previous Pochaco wig had clip on ponytails so

Yeah 4 days ago this poor wig looked like this >>517223 so yea I refuse to accept that any of her wigs that look decent are styled by her because wow literally ALL she had to do was trim the bangs and she made it look like THAT

No. 518770

looks like its the chibi wig from arda…..i doubt shes gonna undo the elastics to add better ones…and hell even if she did, this is so rough…

No. 518779


it legit looks like some five year old cut and styled barbie's hair

No. 518781

shes not gonna do anything
remember sabers bangs

No. 518785

File: 1526406916437.png (11.19 MB, 1242x2208, 69FB2DAB-691B-44EA-8D1F-C53589…)

>Blizzcon tix

Excuse YOU, OP, she totally legit got tickets.

No. 518787

lurk moar

No. 518788

>not understanding the obvious sarcasm

okay, anon calm down there.

i love that she didn't show any proof of this, you'd think she'd show a receipt screencap or something.

No. 518791


You planning on ghosting Blizzcon too, Anon-kun??


Pretty much, they send a very easy to redact notification. Moo, at least pull someone else’s.

No. 518792

No. 518798

At one point I felt bad for Vamps but now they're equally as bad and enable/feed off each other.

No. 518801

I’ll be at BlizzCon this year and will definitely be on the look out of Moo.
I went last year and she was nowhere to be found inside the halls. Just wobbled outside all day.

No. 518803

/pt/ meet up group?

Also going to be there and ready to laugh. Friend group has made jokes about trying to hook a single guy up with her.

No. 518804

I have zero doubt she's going, but she's absolutely just going to ghost again and creep on Jessica and her friends since it's been forrrreeeeever since Moo's been able to get anywhere near Mommy Nigri. I'll laugh hard if Jess keeps a large, polite distance from Mariah the entire con.

No. 518805

File: 1526410410668.jpg (110.77 KB, 500x287, W1TM6KV.jpg)


>trying to hook a single guy up with her

No. 518806

Don’t fret anon, he’s white so it wouldn’t happen anyway.

No. 518807


Not like she will go for it anyways. She’s only interested in guys who are already taken

No. 518809

Being white doesn't matter if he's even vaguely e-famous, Moo will chase that cock down in a heartbeat.

Of course her dream man is a cut Asian fuckboi who builds cosplay armor, but we've seen how well she can keep THOSE around.

No. 518810

what happened to danny or whatever?

No. 518812

What happened to a lot of her friends and fuckbois? Maybe they caught a whiff of her body odor, tried to run, she rolled onto them and ate them.

No. 518813

most of the people in the calf op dont even talk to her/like her anymore

i still cant believe you guys wanted to put him in the op. i fucking forgot he even existed

No. 518815

He seems to have quietly distanced himself from her, as most of her besties/lovers tend to do when Moo becomes too much for them to handle.

She hasn't had a proper armor bitch in awhile and it has shown in her 'cosplay', I can't wait to see her ruin the $2,000 dress Cunt Corsetry making her with crappy, rushed accessories.

No. 518816

It just shows how many bridges Moo has nuked in the last eight months, holy moly this chick is toxic.

No. 518817

File: 1526411927880.png (256.15 KB, 351x655, Screenshot 2018-05-15 at 12.18…)

No. 518818

File: 1526411982422.png (237.92 KB, 348x653, Screenshot 2018-05-15 at 12.18…)

it looks like she spat up water on herself to look "sweaty" lmao

No. 518819

File: 1526411994885.png (527.4 KB, 810x594, Screenshot 2018-05-15 at 12.18…)

No. 518820

shouldnt you be wearing compression shit for your new lipo, you dumb bitch

tinfoil: her dad pays for it because hes ashamed his daughter is such a unit

No. 518821

Oh look, it's those pants again. She won't wash them or shower after the gym.

No. 518822

I don't think so. Her dad seems a overall hardass about exercise and doesn't enable her. Especially when she went to Portland, she was dismissive of her own actions saying "nevermind" when she was at the shrine so nah.

No. 518823

File: 1526412270382.jpg (78.76 KB, 720x576, Caterpillar-4[1].jpg)

>that stomach

all i see is pic related.

No. 518824

well its not like walking in, taking a few pics and then walking out builds up much of a sweat

No. 518825

she absolutely splashes water on herself. Her face is the least greasy it's looked EVER and just looking at her neck you can tell she hasnt done anything.

Also I think she's self conscious about how tiny her head looks compared to her body because there's no reason why her hair isnt neatly tied back. It would also explain why she's trying to give volume to her Pochaco wig that shouldn't have any. It's why she's trying to push the 'my hair is so fluffy' narrative.

No. 518827

SHe didn't even post this on one of the days the tickets were on sale.. what an idiot. it would be more believable if she had just googled when tickets were on sale so she could at least pretend she had to sit in the lobby to buy tickets jesus christ

No. 518828

tbh who the fuck cares about a shit OC mei skin.

No. 518829

I guess that's true, anon. If she's wants people to believe her lies though she should at least take a photo of several pairs of the same pants or an instastory of her throwing them into a washing machine.

She makes dumb ass stories for everything else.

No. 518831

I mean, Moo would because it would steal the "spotlight" from whatever Mei skin she decides to do

No. 518832


can we stop talking about a) going to blizzcon and b) our friends going to blizzcon? post when you get the milk, we don't care otherwise.

ps no cowtipping

No. 518833

Sorry anon. I won't cowtip, just gunna ask her about her interaction with Moo

No. 518836

Rip red jacket-san, blue sweater-chan is now her outfit for the next 2 months.

No. 518838

File: 1526414349105.jpeg (344.64 KB, 750x1094, 14F17C27-0A8C-4FB5-9E14-2FBD90…)

No. 518840

Is anyone really surprised that she wants to slut up an animal.

No. 518843

File: 1526415344488.png (203.43 KB, 548x306, tumblr_p4oikyNKhJ1w23bkzo1_128…)


i don't want this

No. 518844

Can't she just photoshop a new head shot on and a tail and call it a day.

No. 518846


Where did they imply in this show that MC is fat? Did I miss something?

No. 518849

I guess her wanting to do yoga and deer-bitch calling her squishy sort of implies she's chubby
But not Donkey Kong shaped

No. 518851

my lord these overgrown nails

No. 518852

its just furry fetish shit.

No. 518854

File: 1526417078855.gif (566.57 KB, 295x207, 1515562508873.gif)

I'm not surprised but it still really pisses me off she wants to lewd a character as innocent as Retsuko. Like, this bitch has so many women characters to lewd, but she wants to do what is basically a Sanrio character.

No. 518855

She's literally a Sanrio character.

No. 518856

They never implied it. Moo is just gross and wants to pander to both the furry and chubby chaser communities.

No. 518857

Oh, so Moo and Kelly Eden can be friends then.

No. 518859

it'll be funny to see if she tries to sell the Fatsuko set since Sanrio hates people to try and profit off their characters. They're one of the few companies that will legitimately file suits

No. 518868

File: 1526419331658.jpeg (66.57 KB, 533x800, 2753628F-27D5-4040-9F26-B1CE0B…)


The episode before Retsuko joins that yoga class Tsunoda comments that she has chubby arms or whatever. It’s a definite reach but a lot of fan artists and fetishers have been sourcing it for “thicc retsuko”

No. 518869

>Sanrio hates people to try and profit off their characters

because they want their fingers in the pie too. sanrio is like disney in that they hate when someone profits without their consent. sanrio is the biggest whore right now pandering to fujoshits and older crowds, the likely don't care if some fat american makes jackoff material of their bootleg animal crossing character.

No. 518870

File: 1526420070782.png (1.21 MB, 717x1146, Screenshot_2018-05-15-14-33-53…)

She wore it to the salon..

No. 518871

Who cares? If sanrio goes after moo that would be amazing.

No. 518873

Moo's always complaining about people leeching off of her and yet her closest friend is the biggest leech. I bet Moo paid for Mooch's nails.

No. 518879


if they really are dating they're probably not fucking with nails like these

No. 518884

It isn't like she actually sweats enough for it to smell- oh wait, she's worn it since she got her tat and hasn't washed it
I feel bad for anyone that has to get within 5 feet of Moo

No. 518890

Tinfoiling but maybe that is the hold that moo has on snaggletooth. Vamp may be the one that is thirsty for moo and moo uses it to control her without ever really getting physical.

No. 518891

I'm triggered by how absolutely filthy her cuff is. This sweater was originally peacock blue and it's halfway to a mustard color. Disgusting.

No. 518893

they're straight anon lol

No. 518903

I know they are and I also know that all of mooriahs bullshit about being bi is just more of her attention whoring. But I really wonder why vamp would still hang around with the toxic bitch. Nobody else will. She literally has no other friends.

No. 518910

$$$. even if it's running dry she's clearly still taking vamp out for food and nails i guess.

No. 518911

>complaining about a company being strict with their IP.

Also sanrio was doing the 'animal crossing' thing like 30 years before animal crossing existed. But they absolutely would go after moo. They even went out of their way to say 'dont make fanmerch of sanrio boys' because people were jumping on that hard assuming it wasnt under the same rules as other Sanrio products. They'd ESPECIALLY go for moo since she'd probably set it up as some kind of weird non-con scenario.

Have you ever stopped to think that Vamp is also a terrible and toxic person?

No. 518915

i'm not complaining about it you retard, i'm just saying they're not actually strict, they're not fucking nintendo strict, they won't give a shit about moo.

also, you know you can be a toxic bitch but still not want to hang out with annoying cringy harpies, right? wondering why vamp is still with moo has little to do with thinking vamp is some pure naive thing and more to do with the fact that moo is a walking layer of hell.

No. 518922

Vamp is just as bad. Not completely on Moo's level, but toxic enough. She has an ignorant attitude when she came to defend her bestie on Twitter in the past which just shows how she's the perfect friend for the cow. Vamp is just a busted up nobody with nothing to offer but cringe worthy twerking videos in her sad cosplay side job and will probably be Moo's doormat until the money runs dry.

No. 518926

Sanrio has gone after small time artists for selling fanart prints and merch of their characters.
It's a well known fact in the con scene to not make any Sanrio stuff because they'll go batshit
I do hope Moo does it and gets into hot water

No. 518930

cosplaying isn't fan-art though anon, cosplayers can sell their cosplay photos because they're not competing with official merch, that's how it's always been, and comparing cosplay photos to fanart is just ignorant. plus the photo is moo's property. that's like saying you can't take a pic of yourself wearing hello kitty ears and sell it. you can.

i just hate how you morons grasp at straws so hard to try to bring moo down despite not knowing wtf you're talking about.

No. 518936


Anon you're dumb if you think Sanrio is going to go after Momo.

Hope she does lewd Retsuko. Her lewd stuff is always hilarious, so i'm ready for some new laughs


tinfoiling, but with all this gym shit she's showing and no weight being lost (someone like her would brag about how much weight she lost. like she use to do) i'm assuming she's just covering her tracks, so when she gets her next round of lipo she can slam these pics in naysayers faces

No. 518940

Cosplaying and selling cosplay photos is definitely different, but we're also talking a large corporation here. They could absolutely find legal loopholes to sue the shit out of someone.

Maybe it's more like one of those Disney parks things where you shouldn't do it within direct vicinity of the corporation, kinda like how you can't cosplay at Disney theme parks.

No. 518951

Yeah it is. Some anons here always think that Moo will get into legal trouble for her cosplays by big companies but nothing ever happens. If Moo ever gets into legal trouble it'll be by the IRS not from being sued.

No. 518960

It’s difficult to actually go to the gym when you eat like shit. Every time she eats a ton or drinks she loses whatever she’s lost (weight) or gained (muscle). You can always bounce back from a bad day but when your eating habits are constantly shit, what’s the point? Working out is 80% diet and 20% working out. She’s pretty much wasting her time with her bad eating habits.

No. 518967

>Working out is 80% diet and 20% working out

lol no it's not.

No. 518974

This. You can not lose weight if you do not work out and do not reduce your caloric intake. Moo's workouts are so obviously fake and even if they were real she isn't doing the kind of exercise that would target weight loss. She is a lazy slob who sits on her flat ass all day and who knows what kind of garbage she shoves in her mouth when she is at home alone which is 95% of the time. Taking trips to the gym for instastory workouts ain't gonna do shit. She'll just keep getting bigger.

No. 518993

the way moo is, she could cut her drinking by half and she'd lose 50lbs without one day at the gym.

No. 519022

File: 1526439404183.png (3.12 MB, 750x1334, 29AA1DD7-987C-4DB1-AE70-CA4027…)

No. 519024

Wonder what fuckboy she's trying to impress this time by taking up jitsu.

No. 519025

How long before she gets kicked out for being dangerous or not attending classes?

No. 519026

the onlt outfit she'll ever wear once

No. 519027

hahah stop pretending you like to exercise

No. 519029

Just remembered OverT does jitsu and the place she's at with Vamp looks like where he goes too.

Give up already Moo lmao.

No. 519030

wow, i wish the possibility of dick would motivate me enough to buy a membership to something I'll only do once

No. 519031

She's had him back in her life more recently with his random trips to her house and getting involved with YouTube stuff he works on. Looks like getting into jitsu is the latest attempt, Moo is just desperate.

No. 519033

serious nitpick, but her teeth are looking quite yellow

No. 519034

File: 1526440944746.jpg (223.63 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20180515-221137.jpg)

Oh these eyes look painful

No. 519035

Her face always looks soooooo greasy.

No. 519036


Doesn’t he have a girlfriend though? There’s a couple of videos with her in it. She looks a ton better than Mariah. I don’t know why he would ever be attracted to Mariah. Well it’ll be great to watch her ruin whatever little career he has.

No. 519040

>doesn’t he have a girlfriend
That’s Moo’s exact type

No. 519041

That doesn't stop Moo, it's been mentioned here a few times how she purposely goes after guys who already have girlfriends. She's fuck buddy material.

Plus OverT is also trash, an anon here seeing them together at a bar after LVL Up makes it obvious something is going on. Like he'd completely just rock up to Moo's house while she now lives on her own, from time to time to 'chill'.

No. 519046

File: 1526443040259.jpeg (494.95 KB, 641x1145, 8E5767B9-435A-4702-9048-644EC0…)

this is overt right? looks like maybe they jitsued and then are hanging out with vamp still

No. 519047

That's him alright.

No. 519049

He looks like the definition of a fuckboy.

No. 519051

File: 1526443715614.png (1.05 MB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-05-15-21-05-00…)

I think shes posting out of order. She spits up water here and its on her sweater in the same place. Did she go to jitsu then to her gym??

No. 519053

File: 1526443754466.gif (4.29 MB, 270x480, 0027667A-F8FA-4215-AE90-2C399B…)

No. 519055

jitsu already happened if you look at overt’s story, it’s probably her change of clothes she brought

No. 519059


is spitting up on herself something she does often

No. 519060

I'm sure she does it all the time when she meets with Justin to talk about her Funimation promotions

No. 519061


i wish this was spoilered. this is nasty

No. 519062

How are men finding her attractive I'm confused, is it just that she's easy? even that answer isn't acceptable to me lol

No. 519064

bottom low standards. men will fuck anything

No. 519067

This and because she really is that easy. She'll never get a man to stay, though.

No. 519068

She is a trashy desperate fat girl who will do sex stuff guys are too embarrassed or afraid to ask other girls for.

No. 519072

same anon as >>519064 but wanted to add that trash attracts trash simply. She's a desperate massive cunt and he's a fuckboy (a desperate one as well it seems). it's a perfect fit from both ends

No. 519076

Right after an anon said it seems like she must be allergic to water…hmmm

No. 519079

She must be one of those low level people who think there is no difference between water and sugary drinks. That water doesn't "taste good"

No. 519082

File: 1526452001803.png (237.76 KB, 346x650, Screenshot 2018-05-15 at 11.23…)

>going to Cali in 12 hours
>"busting out some content", thanks paypigs for bearing with her during finals
>releasing two sets: a "normal location shoot" and a lewd shoot
>getting Semiramis this week from Castle Corsetry
>apparently having a big group for Fanime (Fate cosplay)

No. 519083

File: 1526452019256.png (229.1 KB, 341x654, Screenshot 2018-05-15 at 11.23…)

oh also recording an accident

No. 519084

File: 1526452130165.png (398.76 KB, 810x595, Screenshot 2018-05-15 at 11.29…)

No. 519085

File: 1526452316049.png (399.17 KB, 810x595, Screenshot 2018-05-15 at 11.31…)

No. 519087

that is a TRULY tragic ass

No. 519088

Good for Moo for having somewhat clean feet. I'm used to seeing all these cows having pitch black feet in candids. I'm impressed with her.

Annnnnd she completely lost me here with this Nigri skin walking. Why does she continue to wear this? I'd be pissed if I was Jnigs; her original costume got ripped the fuck off by Moo, piece by piece.

Moo's shameless as fuck. Bitch needs her own trash reality tv show.

No. 519089

aside from looking like Linda Belcher from Bob's Burgers… she was actually really cute here. Do you think she looks back at these photos and gets depressed?

No. 519093

Don't understand why she dyes her hair pink when she doesn't even dress nice or do pretty makeup. She just dyes it and sits around looking like a fat unattractive slob. Only time she "cleans up" is for cosplay and even then she shoves her bad looking hair under a wig. This woman truly sabotages herself, looking like that all the time.

No. 519094

was gonna say… can confirm as an ACTUAL lesbian; these are not the kinda nails you see BOTH partners have lmao

No. 519096

probably one or two classes, max. they don't dig the whole "almond shape fingernail/claw" thing in martial arts classes.

No. 519097

holy shit. I would not be caught DEAD looking like this in front of someone I liked or wanted to impress… what the fuck

No. 519100

Holy shit, overtflow was that guy who did the “HUGE SHOPPING SPREE” Video with her from the Samus days.


Hit 4:30 for a fucking hilarious fat girl dig where he complains about her not shutting up about food

No. 519104

File: 1526456261938.png (926.44 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-05-16-00-31-29…)

>says everything is secret but zooms in to costumes gaining dust for the past 2 months
>says she didn't notice the time, wanted to clean house before she left
>said she has had a headache from not wearing her glasses

If any gif anons wanna gif her eye freaking the fuck out then thank you

No. 519106

File: 1526456429650.gif (2.93 MB, 337x600, 658E1FEC-1F84-4314-9538-B76D4B…)

No. 519107


Will never understand why people look up to her and idolize her. She’s a fucking nobody. She’s just a ho that got lucky with chubby chasers. She’s not some marketing genius. She’s not some crafting genius. She’s not even a social media genius. She’s just a porn star that doesn’t do hardcore. She doesn’t even believe in her own body positivity bullshit because she chose to get lipo multiple times!

No. 519108

I wouldn't put it past her to be faking that eye spasm. She fakes her whole life anyway

No. 519109

File: 1526456983133.png (341.86 KB, 930x443, Screenshot 2018-05-16 at 12.49…)

No. 519112

File: 1526457388917.png (215.64 KB, 343x653, Screenshot 2018-05-16 at 12.56…)

No. 519115

……. Didn't this literally happen in the fate/zero event?

No. 519116

You arent allowed on Judo mats with nails or dirty ass feet. In other words thank Gracie for some one sending her ass to a shower. Its the only one shell take all month lol

No. 519119

Yes. Yes it did. Good to know that she is such a great "fan" of a series she claims to know everything about.

No. 519124

She has filthy feet on multiple occasions, like her bikini Android 21 shoot. I think this was a rare occasion that she actually showered before meeting the fuckboi and the dojo has clean floor.

No. 519125

What the fuck

Ding ding. She might be doing it to copy h3h3, since she seems to like him a lot. Except that his spasms are real

No. 519128

It’s 100% intentional

No. 519135

So she's been wearing the same crusty sweater for days and has been doing jiu jutsu with a new tattoo. Plus, she's pretty much fucked up her eye(s). Healing that shit is gonna be horrible thanks to her lifestyle

No. 519138

Click (hide). I seriously have to do it for every gif. She's a literal monster in motion.

No. 519149

For the Mordred pepakura pattern on her Etsy wishlist?

No. 519157

It was hinted at, when Retsuko asked Tsunoda for advice, Tsunoda said that Retsuko being chubby makes her more appealing to people- but Retsuko did start working out to try and get thinner, unlike our moo.

No. 519162

>said she has had a headache from not wearing her glasses

I've been wearing glasses for most of my life and I know that's not a thing. Definitely from wearing two contacts into her eyes and shoving sclera lenses in her gross ass sockets. Probably also has something to do with the amount of sodium and shit she's consuming from her trash diet.

No. 519170

LOL no way shes doing BJJ

Also Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu? Wtf

No. 519171

The Japanese have really weird standards though. Most people that they would call chubby are still slim in the eyes of westerners.
And Moo is far away from being chubby she is highly overweight.

No. 519175

The second Overtflow stops porking her on the side she'll drop this in a heartbeat.

No. 519179

inb4 she gets white belt fever and is told shes top of her class and told shes a natural sumo…i mean ninja my dudes.

No. 519184

except they're looking at you in a bikini

No. 519189

They're definitely fucking and probably been doing so for a while, looking forward to Moo taking up all these different things she'll fail at to win OverTFlow over. Can only guess his girlfriend doesn't care about his cozy 'friendship' with a costhot lol.

No. 519198

does she show her dad her ""cosplays""? wonder what he thinks of the valentine choco one.

No. 519213

He sat at her booth recently

No. 519217

He may have only seen the more tame photos and not the tacky softcore porn she releases for Patreon. Didn't look like she was selling the more lewd stuff when he helped look after her table at the last con she was a guest at. Either he's oblivious to it all or is aware but supports her career choices anyway to keep the peace.

No. 519219

Not to mention that her sister knows about the nasty shit that she posts on Instagram. Her parents most likely knows as well and don't care. Look at how they raised her. They let her get away with shit all of her life cause she'd throw a tantrum if she didn't. If they did try to talk her out of it, she probably whined like a baby like she did in her bitch boy rant and they dropped the subject.

No. 519224


Even if her glasses were supposedly real, she wears such a low prescription kinda like I do (about a 3) then her eyes wouldn't hurt from not wearing them. Her eyes would only hurt if she had been wearing her glasses EVERY DAY and then took them off. She's such an idiot

No. 519226

my perscription is -10 and i had to go without my glasses one day and you don't get headaches from straining, you just…can't see.

No. 519228

It's probably that dumb myth that you hear about. Supposedly people who wear glasses regularly get headaches if they leave them off for too long.

No. 519241

If anything I get headaches when I get a new prescription. I wear my glasses the entire day and have been doing so the past 12 years I’ve had glasses, but not wearing them doesn’t give me a headache. I’m able to go through a whole day without glasses just fine but I’m around low to mid prescription.

No. 519246

Exactly. Yeah, you can totally get a headache from not wearing glasses when you need them but it wouldn't happen instantly the second you took them off. How can a human being lie so much? I still cannot get over it.

No. 519257

File: 1526497656225.png (395.07 KB, 811x594, Screenshot 2018-05-16 at 12.07…)

No. 519259

Her legs look like they're going to burst. That's not thicc, Moo. That's painful.

No. 519262

That cheap diamante belt makes this costume look so fucking shit.

No. 519264


If anything, the belt "cuts" Mariah's figure and makes her look even wider. If that's even possible.

No. 519275

God, the few thirsty fans she has left are just so, so pathetic. She spouts her nonstop lies and they just eat it right up, encouraging her to do it even more.

No. 519283


Samefag but why the fuck would a cow be wearing a leather belt?

Moo puts the same amount of effort into designing her OC as she does in the rest of her horrorshow of a life.

No. 519289

File: 1526499633741.png (37.47 KB, 262x250, Thanos.png)

How is this a "sexy" face?

No. 519303

I feel like she's the eyebrow guy from FLCL for us. Cept with eyebags

No. 519305

remember the "milk man" one, and her drinking milk for some reason.

No. 519317

Random but does Moo have smoking pics/videos? I'd be interested in smoking weed with her, as an observational experiment. If Vamp wasn't such a cow herself I would assume she hangs out with Moo for this reason.

No. 519321

Message her if you want to hang out with her. We'll be expecting 99999 instastories with you in them.

No. 519330

bc men arent looking at her face. all they see is she's chubby in the stomach, thighs and has tits.

No. 519332

I would 100000% take one for the team but I don't think she is anywhere near me/doubt she would be anytime soon. I live in a boring state but I am in the US. Would this be cowtipping lol

No. 519335


Ugh she’s giving me Aly vibes with the tightly pursed lips and moon face

No. 519337

that's exactly what I thought!

No. 519338

File: 1526505261949.png (446.51 KB, 653x814, Wizpig_DKR_Artwork.png)

I swear she looks more like wizpig day by day

No. 519339

File: 1526505796752.png (322.55 KB, 348x651, Screenshot 2018-05-16 at 2.23.…)

No. 519348

Why does she keep posting these pic where she looks like a mid thirties worn out white trash baby momma? What's the point?

No. 519349

Nobody cares mariah. And nobody is impressed or scared of you. Just another meaningless photo op.

No. 519350

He is purposely oblivious. It's impossible to not know that his daughter is a low tier internet whore. He just chooses to ignore it. Just like he has always ignored her bad behavior. It's a big part of how she got to be the thing she is today

No. 519356

I have a miniscule prescription no more than a -1 in each eye but if I don't wear my glasses all day I have a dull headache from straining. Being even so slightly nearsighted means reading over head menus or signs can give me a headache.

I'm wondering if she has prism to fix that cockeye of hers. That might explain the headaches.

No. 519370

File: 1526510618886.jpeg (479.97 KB, 1242x1657, A1490558-E1EB-411A-B8FB-1F5A11…)

Like we needed more proof she’s lurking- after we tracked her patreon goal % and used it to estimate her earnings, the % of the calander goal has jumped once again. She most likely changed the $ amount.

No. 519372

File: 1526510667367.jpeg (576.13 KB, 1242x1691, E2690596-1D04-4830-A3EF-D1A051…)

She also added a new goal. Considering before she claimed she needed 10k just to make a calander, I can’t imagine what this $ amount is.

No. 519380


Looks she is begging for cash to fly her friends out and rent out a studio to shoot in. Looks like she has taken a pretty big hit if she resorting to this now.

No. 519382

Her goal for the calender used to be 10k. At most right now she’s making sub 8k.

No. 519383

Added a new goal and can't even proofread it, how pathetic.

Also shouldn't you be working on your current promises before making more, Mariah?

No. 519385

mariah you have a house with a garage and cant convert one room into a studio? girl bye

No. 519390

She even has a spare room now that her doormat found another house to lay in front of.

No. 519392

File: 1526511385646.png (37.08 KB, 142x234, ange_hehe.png)

it's probably less "can't" than it is "won't", honestly

No. 519393

I was thinking that too. If vamp just moved out she should have an extra room right? But tbh even WITH vamp still living there they have that full house with garage, there’s more than enough space for a studio.

No. 519396

She'd have more room if she cleaned up too.

No. 519397

More ontent linguistics major!

No. 519400

Somebody please explain how this bitch is funding the community. I don't think her neckbeards even read this shit. She had them at lewds.

No. 519404

she commissions people. das it

No. 519412

Her thighs don't even look real…

No. 519413

Slight OT sperg on the glasses thing, but born with bad eyes+ a squint. Had glasses since I was 3 and have had two eye surgeries to correct my bad eye. Guess which eye hurts, and only from not sleeping enough. Glasses don't do shit to give a headache, even if I go without mine (I think I've had prisms for about 8 or so years too?). Either way, she's super full of shit. Also terrifying to see someone with a lazy eye that wasn't born with it? Moomoo makes some terrible decisions tbh

No. 519414

And still no calendar.

No. 519421

Or new keychains.

No. 519427

In the end the only people who can hold Mooriah accountable for her bullshit is the spergs beating their dicks to her. As her Patreon continues to drop, her ego has finally begun to crumble, I think she finally realizes she's in some deep, deep shit and she's the only one to blame.

No. 519431

she knows she's the one to blame buuuut she'll sure blame everyone else til the bitter end.

No. 519441

nah. That would require some self awareness. She has none.

No. 519442

I get it now. Buying cosplays from someone else because you have no creative ability and/or are too lazy to do it yourself is some kind of noble act. How did I not see that?

No. 519443

How hard would it be to make this stupid calender? She doesn't even need it to be "exclusive" cus her fans don't care about that, just take a picture from every cosplay she's done and make it in publisher if she has to lol it would be so easy

No. 519444

Remember when Puerto Rico was flooded and she made a shout out to a commissioner when his shop was severely water damaged? She was doing the best she could for the community!!!

No. 519447

Did she actually ever commission him again? Or in the first place at all? I can't recall

No. 519449

This goal has been there for 3+ months.

No. 519450


These businesses should be thankful the infamous Momokun graced them with her presence and money for commissions! She's such a supportive cosplayer in the community, giving exposure to these artists, just like she did with My Oppa-

Oh wait. Everything involving that project has been erased from Instagram to cover her ass as she moves on. It's a shame MO hasn't done anything more about it since because of Moo's shitty fanbase and her asslickers ganging up during when it all blew up.

Once again the cunt wins.

No. 519451

I dont think so.

No. 519465

File: 1526516087859.png (264.36 KB, 344x650, Screenshot 2018-05-16 at 5.14.…)

No. 519467

File: 1526516102658.png (284.41 KB, 348x652, Screenshot 2018-05-16 at 5.14.…)

hello veinchan

No. 519469


Is that a new lipo scar dot on her lower left stomach?

No. 519475

Yikes…What even is that face?

No. 519478

I legit thought this was a man

No. 519479

What sad saggy boobs. Fucking god damn granny tits.

No. 519481

File: 1526516887983.png (381.66 KB, 808x593, Screenshot 2018-05-16 at 5.27.…)

im going to puke
your boobs in the front and on your back must be too fucking big you sow

No. 519483

File: 1526516982176.jpg (23.54 KB, 480x480, product-image-241231261_480x48…)


this is how its supposed to look. it's ruffled

No. 519485

File: 1526517624224.jpg (41.81 KB, 744x959, 32627633_1323113537833592_5277…)

Dear god…

No. 519486

File: 1526517629091.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.18 KB, 230x267, Screenshot_20180516-173955_Ins…)

Her ass is saggy too anon.

No. 519487

File: 1526517629793.jpeg (761.48 KB, 2448x3264, C180E512-159A-4ABE-85A4-C402CE…)

Friendly reminder that once upon a time her boobs fit in to these tops.

No. 519488

"Don't worry my dudes i will photoshop the tattoo"
yeah sure

No. 519489

File: 1526517645788.jpeg (30.78 KB, 492x299, E6B7F523-A883-472D-A75B-262C23…)

I’m sorry she looks like special needs kid like one of those that stops aging mentally. Pretty sad since she was looking aight during her Samus era

No. 519490

I just want to inform you guys that today is the first day of the holy month of Ramadan. A month where Muslims abstain from sin, fast an entire month only eating at night, and be good people to one another, and a devout Muslim.

So next time this piece of shit wants to claim her POC card for something as stupid as she is, please remind that she’s doing this instead of observing the only thing that Muslims really need to do every year.

No. 519491

Shes definitely catering to the foot fetish side with pics like this. She really will try anything huh.

No. 519492


Pandering to foot fetishists now huh…

No. 519493

File: 1526517787829.jpeg (72.65 KB, 540x960, F1AA81F0-2D3E-4988-9F55-84519B…)

No. 519495

File: 1526517881557.jpg (286.88 KB, 1080x1008, Not doing lewds anymore my dud…)

No. 519496

File: 1526517890928.png (6.98 MB, 1242x2208, DC0FF8D8-1D9D-4F45-8E90-36BBFB…)

Holy shit. Anons called it… shaking her tits on video, were only one more patreon dip away from full porn

No. 519498

That vein looks like it's about to pop. Put some makeup or photoshop it, anything.

No. 519499

Damn veinchan is t h i c c

No. 519501

she's so big the cat face doesn't even have ears anymore.

No. 519502

Shes always done this

No. 519503

lmfao keep digging yourself to a new low moo

No. 519505

her boobs aren't the issue, it's her fucking chest. her ballooned out chest measurement is obvious since her tits look smaller than in your pic.

No. 519506

File: 1526518085954.jpg (628.39 KB, 1080x2087, Screenshot_20180516-174734_Ins…)

Jingling the bell but she looks like a slow person. And hello vagina eyes

No. 519507

bitch where?

god. her breasts are so small now compared to her fat midsection that she has to smash them together.

No. 519508

she bought the fucking knockoff set it seems.

No. 519509

I know the character's shtick is that she's too busty/chubby to fit in shit. But it works for anime proportions not obese girl ones.
At what point do you look at your legs and go "Yea tumor legs are sexy!"

No. 519510

File: 1526518254962.jpg (216.76 KB, 1077x1039, Screenshot_20180516-175026_Ins…)

Even her fanart has bad proportions

No. 519511

File: 1526518258207.jpeg (131.8 KB, 1242x344, 76B37F51-074F-4269-9DDE-60201D…)

Her fucking fans lmao

No. 519512

File: 1526518305253.png (464.57 KB, 720x900, Screenshot_2018-05-16-17-49-59…)

>I want to be seen as a serious cosplayer
>I won't post lewds publically anymore

No. 519513


That Fate tattoo looks trashy, where's the editing it out she said she'd do? Lol what a mess.

No. 519515

File: 1526518468063.jpeg (52.61 KB, 600x450, theyasminshow1451060109[1].jpe…)

pochaco doesn't have a 'shtick', anon. she just has huge tits and is chubby. moo doesn't look like pochaco though and never has, she looks more like taruco now than anything tho. dumpy granny bod and average/small tits compared to her girth that only look big because she smooshes her other fat into them.

No. 519517

File: 1526518540198.jpg (87.12 KB, 1080x276, Screenshot_20180516-175535_Ins…)

Someone said it

No. 519518


No. 519520

File: 1526518702454.png (1017.46 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-05-16-17-57-31…)

This random artworks is legit gaiz Tumblr is muh source!!!

No. 519521

not to be an ass anon but that's obviously santa tsuji's original, you can tell if you looked at any of his other works…

No. 519524

>no headphones
>low pigtails because she didn't by clip-ons
>no bells

i guess those contacts really ruined moo's eye for detail.

No. 519527

Wrong. It's same circle, different artist. Thanks though.

No. 519529

Once again not citing the artist. Good god.

No. 519530

Peek-a-boo veinchan.

No. 519531


Lmao who could forget that Mariah is such a devoted Muslim.

No. 519532

uh no anon, it is by him. he's not in a circle he works for nitroplus…

No. 519533

File: 1526519541570.png (1.95 MB, 1440x1569, Screenshot_20180516-211206~2.p…)

Her "abs" look like Hawaiian rolls

No. 519534

She still has her watch on LMAO JESUS

No. 519535

What happened to her vow not to post lewds?

No. 519536

File: 1526519586267.png (80.45 KB, 300x188, 1513538624292.png)


No. 519538


Looked at her bank account balance and realised she needs to sell out again to make ends meet.

No. 519540

I would never have guessed that top had a ruffle, it looks like its about to snap right off. Her nips are huge and poking out every which way and that vein has had it, it's clearly stressed

Lol abs, they are WORKOUT LINES

No. 519541


Fair enough.

Moomoo, just get naked for your neckbeards already. That's all they really want.

No. 519543

File: 1526519818691.jpg (10.31 KB, 123x186, bread_squished.jpg)

No. 519544

Also, so much for being 'quiet' according to her Patreon. Why pay her to see exclusive lewds when she's posting the same shit in lower quality for free on her Instagram?

No. 519545

Wasn't she going to do like 6 other cosplays instead of Poch because some other cosplayer was doing her?
Instead this is the first "cosplay" she's done all month

No. 519546

I'm not going to argue with you about who made what but since you're too lazy to use a booru, here you go. Here's the artist.

No. 519547


The first day of Ramadan is a great start for the neckbeards to fap over her, so close to that porn dream. Wonder how she's coping with fasting…lol.

No. 519552

File: 1526520907788.png (209.13 KB, 344x654, Screenshot 2018-05-16 at 6.34.…)

No. 519554

File: 1526521013470.png (266.79 KB, 352x653, Screenshot 2018-05-16 at 6.34.…)

shooting with squarenoodles

No. 519556


She's definitely seems to be lurking here as we speak.

No. 519557

Good thing no one here loves that cringy ass character.

She’s so bad at insults, taunts, and clapbacks yet thinks she’s such a tough, witty bitch. She’s just so boorish and stupid it’s not even worth “clapping back” or whatever at her so she thinks she wins everyone she argues with. People at her level of retarded (her turtle face is looking more special needs to match her brain) are frustrating

No. 519562

If she stayed in her own lane and focused on her own lard she wouldn't be losing people left and right

No. 519565

she is always saying this but she doesn't realize that NOBODY cares anymore what she lewds
in fact most of us want her to lewd shit because its always hilarious

No. 519566

nta but that person isn't an official nitroplus artist, it's just a fanart. in any case santa drew pochaco in the cat bikini before anyways when the cat bikini was popular.

No. 519567

LOL she really does. i almost feel bed for her.

No. 519568

doesn't she realise that her fans, the ones that think she has a 6 pack, don't even know who she's lewding? they think she's a cat, they wanna see her vagina, this whole lewd thing doesn't matter

No. 519570


She tries so hard to be the 'better' tough person.
Nobody cares if you lewd everything everyone loves Moo, that line is getting old. Keep sipping your imaginary tea as you'll always be a pathetic trainwreck lmao.

No. 519572

Do you think at any point she realizes we prefer her to contradict herself constantly?

Moo we're not your fans, we're here at the end of it all to laugh at you. You're not going to 'prove' anything to us.

No. 519575


Deep down in her mind she thinks everyone here are haterz and are jealous of her looks, whatever she labels as talent, cosfame and Patreon money. When actually she's just one massive chunk of entertainment for us.

No. 519577

I’d really hoped the wig would look better on, but my god was I wrong

No. 519579

File: 1526522195182.png (853.14 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-05-16-18-55-19…)

Was asking Square if the song he was playing was from UBW

No. 519580

So guys, her left eye was never this bad. It seems to be drifting more these days and she has this weird twitch and blinking to it? I don't care what anyone says, she's abusing some sort of drug. Like I see that kind of shit when people start tweaking.
It's obviously some sort of stimulant.
She really does look like some sort of drugged out homeless lady

No. 519583

File: 1526522505538.png (8.34 MB, 1242x2208, 5724625B-AD70-4590-860A-99A595…)

damn she’s looking rough

No. 519589

Why does she always sound like a broken record. Mariah you have said this so many times girl. As your lolcow managers, we know your intelligence is low, but get some new sayings.

No. 519590

Did anyone really expect for her to keep that promise? It's why her fans didn't believe the shit either.

At least we got some ugly ass stills from that story.

No. 519592

Yeah. First the shot of her clean feet earlier and now this. She interacts with farmers more than she does with her patreon chumps. Hey Mariah, nobody here considers you anything more than a fool and a clown. So take that to the next jiu jitsu class with you after you flip some tires after you study for your double major finals dumbass. We are not here to see you learn. We are here to watch you burn.

No. 519594

File: 1526522865069.jpg (35.43 KB, 499x846, 2018-04-28_14-49-31.jpg)

We hope you do, Mariah! We could use more laughs over your "not being bothered, only positive vibes, I'm going to be serious now" rants.

No. 519611

Betting she drinks alot of energy drinks too as her sleep schedule is all over the place. Those will really fuck with you if you become addicted and mix anything else with them together. She's making out she's sipping green tea in her video though, gotta look healthy my dudes.

No. 519616

File: 1526524037731.png (3.66 MB, 1376x2172, expectation reality.png)

No. 519621


My Oppa took the high road and with any luck is busier for the help given calling Moos stupid ass out. And MAN her tits look all sortsa bad in this new travesty.

No. 519635

If she had two brain cells should would have picked a better place to film this and take photos. Does she ever get anything right. This outfit could have been cute in a nice setting as a opposed to her plopping herself down in front of a door.

She thinks we're jealous of her and aspire to be where she is, but bitch I rather aspire to be someone who takes care in what they do and how they present themselves.

This is OT, but recently saw Bunny and Susu mention they take classes on how to pose, have proper lighting, where to take photos etc. As im sure many other professional cosplayers who care for their job have done. Then we look over to mariah who repeats poses after pose (She loves holding up her invisible hat)

No. 519637


that poor wig

No. 519641

>I like fap on our foto

Moo’s fanbase will never change.

No. 519652

Did she get resculpt

No. 519653

Vein Chan works so hard ganbatte

No. 519654

yeah, though it's really high up. she's gonna look like one of those caterpillar anime guys.

No. 519655

File: 1526528569725.png (380.66 KB, 808x595, Screenshot 2018-05-16 at 8.42.…)

her swim top is lifting up yeah squishy lmao

No. 519657

Anon, think hard and you'll realize we're her biggest fans and the people who care the most about her.

And that's just fucking pathetic because we all hate her.

No. 519659

Nah she's just sucking it in see the following:
There's a reason where in half of the other stories she's wearing a hoody to hide how hammy she is. the lines are where her previous sculpt already was and the last time she got a sculpt it was extremely obvious so I think this is just the remnants of her old one,

No. 519660

She's already admitted she takes Adderall or whatever

No. 519662

File: 1526529271672.jpeg (429.7 KB, 2048x2048, 02862C40-91C4-4ED9-AC36-12FAC0…)

Points to the anon who said she wouldn't change out the elastic that comes with the wig. That Momokun Eye for Detail™ y'all.

No. 519663

Her eyebags are so bad do you think the beauty filters recognize them as mouths?

No. 519665

To be fair anon, we have been going at her attempts at ponytail wigs. She probably thought this was the best away to get away without it looking trashy.

No. 519667

I don’t feel bad for her but it’s sad seeing old pix of her, so much wasted potential

No. 519668

But anon she has to pose that way so that her thighs look firm instead of like cottage cheese as they do when she stands normally uwu

This is such a trainwreck. She looks like she has a mustache ffs

No. 519673

They just seem more defined then last time I saw them

No. 519675

She does
That's why it's extra funny she gets only her lower lips waxed

No. 519677

My theory is because she is such a slouch, the rolls in her stomach are making the creases more defined

No. 519678

I wouldnt have cared if she just got a ponytail clip wig. The issue with her last pochaco wig was that she STRAIGHTENED the curls out of the ponytails despite the character having a curl to it. It's not even that hard to replace the elastic. Put a more subtle or canon hair tie on it and simply remove the ones they include.

No. 519679

no anon, we're her managers she should have just popped in and asked.

No. 519680

so work out lines eh?

No. 519681

File: 1526531050308.jpg (9.18 KB, 355x266, clear elastics.jpg)

with how much time she spends on amazon she couldn't pick up some clear elastics? hell, even go to the dollar store to pick up some?

No. 519688

she doesn't even need to do that, she just needs to wrap a strand around the shitty band that's on there.

No. 519692

File: 1526531824571.png (301.81 KB, 349x647, Screenshot 2018-05-16 at 9.36.…)

No. 519693

File: 1526531862690.png (290.39 KB, 353x654, Screenshot 2018-05-16 at 9.36.…)

No. 519694

Silly anons, you know if she can do the absolute bare minimum for a shoot, then by god, our heifer is going to go out of her way to do just that.

No. 519696

She goes out for sushi 3-4 times a week. She's going to be really broke when her Patreon dies cause she can't hold onto money for shit.

No. 519697

For someone who eats a lot of raw fish and seafood, someone who is eating a lot of clean proteins and omegas, she shouldn't have as fucked up skin and eyebags as she does lol. she posts sushi once or twice a week and yes a lot of anons agree its not as healthy as she should be eating but theres a lot of health benefits to the amount of fish she eats that we just arent seeing.

No. 519699

Probably because of the sheer amount of drinking, lack of sleep, lack of water, no hydration whatsoever, no actual exercise besides her thumb taking a selfie photo(and even that's fat), drugs and binging on energy drinks and junk food. Too many counters for the omega and protein to make a difference.

No. 519702

She'll be living on instant ramen once the IRS catches up with her.

No. 519703

File: 1526532891562.png (250.98 KB, 346x652, Screenshot 2018-05-16 at 9.54.…)

No. 519705

I don't think she ever eats at home, and I bet she pays for at least +1 (aside from her own eating if +2 shares kek) person

No. 519706

It's evident she doesn't cook at all. Why do you think she's so fat? She could just buy a bulk bag of fish for pre-planned meals or eat salads for lunches but she'd rather overindulge

No. 519708

Sushi is considered a treat food in most places. I wonder if she's going to get a parasite someday? Her diet is shit

No. 519710

That's actually a really good point. Moo likely never learned basic cooking. Basic Home Ec classes aren't really taught anymore And I doubt her mom did anything but baby her.

No. 519713

It's funny because her family are smaller than her and eat a all vegan diet. She likes to say she helps her family but I guarantee you she refuses help from her family when it comes to her life and diet.
When she was little, I bet she raised a stink when she was told something she saw as negative so they gave up discipline.

No. 519715

Of course she did. She wanted to slit her mom's throat cause she didn't get the car that she wanted.

No. 519716

Judging by her hate posts on social media about her mom yea

No. 519720

File: 1526535246979.png (203.82 KB, 601x313, 9561-screen-shot-2017-07-29-at…)

Does anyone besides me think Donkey Kong here has Lipedema? Pic is a famous instagram "model" named Raylynn who is known for this body type and she suffers from the condition

No. 519721

doubt it.

No. 519722

Don't think so, but I wouldn't put it past her to now use this as a medical condition for ass pats.

No. 519723

No, Moo's is just cause her lipo areas. She doesn't take care of herself and only does her waist. So the fat distributes weirdly.

No. 519724

i gotta tell ya… nothing gets me ROCK FUCKING HARD LIKE AN APPLE FITNESS WATCH.

christ jesus moomoo

No. 519726

Why did she add nekomimi ears? what the fuck.

No. 519728

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think they come with the set?

No. 519730

maybe. i have a black set that DIDN'T come with them… but then again you can buy them from like 500 different online stores. Either way her "source material" doesn't have ears…

No. 519734

File: 1526536463993.png (123.31 KB, 720x870, Screenshot_2018-05-16-22-52-44…)

She got jokes

No. 519735

yes, they do. it's the lil cheap one off amazon. it come with the ears, the top that isn't even shaped like a cat (this is coming from someone with smaller boobs), bottoms, and a tail with a safety-pin for you to attach it to the bottoms

No. 519740

She pretends to sometimes. But it's always fried frozen food.

No. 519741

"I'm too busy to date"
>posts a million selfies and instastories a day doing absolutely nothing but hanging out with worthless friends who also do nothing

No. 519743

>only eating at night
No problem with that seeing as she stays up until 5:00 AM anyway.

No. 519744

File: 1526537605613.jpg (30.65 KB, 600x375, comeonnow.jpg)

>only hangs out with 1 person on a daily basis
>dumps attractive boyfriend for cosfame
>makes 0 effort to be clean or put effort into appearance
>mentally stunted at 14 years old

No. 519745

This is the same girl posting about all the shit in hentai she sees and wants to do. But yea she's too busy to date.

No. 519746

Also the same girl who watches hours of anime for days.

No. 519748

There's a difference between being too busy and not having your shit together. But in her case she doesn't want to date unless it's someone she wants and at the moment he's taken.

No. 519750

14 year olds aren't as bad as moo. We're definitely talking 8-12

No. 519751

She's pretty much both of those.

No. 519753

You forgot Asian

No. 519754

There's a screen shot of her bitching at her mum for not making her meals and that she had to cook for herself

No. 519756

File: 1526538706036.png (933.45 KB, 720x1178, Screenshot_2018-05-16-23-30-30…)

No. 519758

I’m not sure what’s worse.. this or the six pack comments.

No. 519760

Hours of anime in between her hard af double major finals anon.. don’t forget

No. 519761

File: 1526538893731.png (783.84 KB, 720x998, Screenshot_2018-05-16-23-34-37…)

No. 519763

Her nipples are going in different directions (zoom around the whiskers) as expected the wig was butchered in the front and she darkens her eyebrows and wears the same "anime" eyes for all her sets. Moo if you want to lewd loved characters why not just be Sonico? Someone people actually care about and you get to reuse your "OC" wig you lazy shit

No. 519764


Why would she post this, it looks like she has a 'stache

No. 519766

and a bleached anal for mouth

No. 519767

File: 1526539356614.jpeg (133.96 KB, 1200x900, mermaids1481255347.jpeg)


TBF, Pochaco is a better choice for Moo's built. Taruco would be the perfect one lmao
pic related, Taruco is the first one.


Is it just me or her left (our right) eye is super fucked? Is droopier than the right one and also it looks… bloated? idk the word. very weird

No. 519768

File: 1526539695434.jpg (19.25 KB, 310x400, DOtjU33V4AIguev.jpg)

No. 519771

I hate this wig. She fucked those bangs something fierce.
One side is above her brow and the other is down to her eyelashes

No. 519776

are those phones made out of pool noodles?

No. 519783

File: 1526545706981.jpeg (224.6 KB, 713x841, 0625C7C6-B2C4-44BD-B479-2679D5…)

Probably these comments because they’re complimenting her shit personality and making her feel valid as a human

Side note, saw this on instagram and immediately thought of her.

No. 519784

Her upper lip has been bleached so much in an effort to hide the dark hair it created a perpetual mustache. I can't look away

No. 519789

I fucking hate people that do that.

No. 519791

seriously what the fuck is going on? what is that white strip above her lip? Is that a thing?

No. 519795

File: 1526560287109.jpeg (661.52 KB, 1242x1052, FBD6E744-D703-4D1E-875E-86BD1F…)

No. 519804


The only people who say they're too busy for relationships are the people who cant get boyfriends/girlfriends.

No. 519807

I was talking to my bf who enjoys keeping up w the major momo milk about the fact that she hasn’t had an actual relationship since Eric. She had.. what, kbbq, who she was just FWB with because he wanted to avoid the draft even though she was clingy?

She claims vamp is her gf and yet vamp moved OUT. That’s not what gfs do. She’s in a prime spot to be in a relationship imo - she’s needy, lonely, not self suffociant, has a lot of free time and is young. We’ve all seen her personality type so we know she so desperately WANTS to be in a relationship, and yet her shit personality keeps everyone away

No. 519818

please get out.

No. 519821

Did she already forget that she's dating Vamp for bisexual points?
Must be hard to remember when you gotta juggle all those lies

No. 519823

Vamp thing obviously wasn't getting her enough attention. Either that or she's one of those bitches who only considers it "real" dating if it's with a man.

No. 519824

Doesn't help that Vamp looks like the wicked witch of the west. But we all know it's the later you mentioned

No. 519825

obviously the vamp shit was just one of those "it's a joke guys! u-unless you like it!" type things. we all know moo doesn't like girls and only says this shit for pandering. i do think she probably likes animu girls in some way, only because she's fucking insecure and obsessed with anime tits. but there's no doubt in my mind that she's never once been attracted to the female form.

No. 519828

This is 100% correct. She once mentioned she finds girls pretty and it's fun to play with breasts but what she fails to realize is, most straight girls appreciate other well-groomed pretty girls. Doesn't mean they will fuck their friends or date them, but with permission, they will grope each other from time to time. But Momo is dumb and thinks "I like boobies so I must be bi!" is legit.

No. 519830

I think the only reason why moo keeps vamp around is because she needs "the ugly friend" to make herself look better and it genuinely disgusts me so much. Unless Mariah can currently get something out of someone she's toxic and out.

No. 519835

Vamp was one of the people who helped her out in the start, so maybe that's why? But she ditched all her old friends. Honestly it's because Vamp is just as toxic as Momo. It's just that Momo can't shake Vamp off, like a bad tic. But maybe that is another reason why Momo likes Vamp, she can do whatever she wants to her and she will still kiss her ass. Why I don't feel bad whenever Momo does anything bitchy to her

No. 519836

It is much simpler than that: Vamp is the ONLY person Mariah can trust now and that just makes things so, so very sad. Well, sad for them, funny for us. Keep on burning your bridges, Moo.

No. 519838

She literally said Vamp "didn't open any doors for [her]"

No. 519841

and that is one of the bitchy actions I'm talking about. She doesn't appreciate Vamp at all, but as anon stated here
Vamp is the only person she can trust. Plus Vamp knows waaaay to much, so she better keep buying her silence and keep her friendship. If Vamp didn't have so much dirt on Momo she would have gotten rid of her a while ago. Why I can't wait for them to have a major falling out.

No. 519848

File: 1526578877546.png (952.73 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-05-17-10-40-51…)

No. 519853

aaand we're back to drinking energy drinks instead of water or a cup of coffee like a normal person

No. 519855

This bitch must have used Vamp's old room to stock up on energy drinks and that's why she can't use it as a studio.

No. 519856

I don't even think she likes breasts, she just wants to fit in with her trashy neckbeards and look like a kindred spirit.

No. 519860

Yep. It's her way of being "one of the guys and not like other girls".

No. 519869

The comments on this are popping off
Someone tagged ThorneChan and dragged her into a fight with one of Moo's neckbeards

No. 519870

So show some screenshots.

No. 519871

Which is a total lie. Vamp is LITERALLY the person who let her borrow her Samus costume. Vamp is the person who started Mariah's "thicc samus" which is how Mariah got famous in the first place. She also made her Diane cosplay

No. 519874

Grabbing them right now on my phone
The girl who dragged Thorne into it seems like a farmer IMO and mentioned lolcow

No. 519875

Sounds like it might be a newfag.

No. 519876

File: 1526582386277.png (260.99 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-17-11-33-14…)

No. 519878

File: 1526582440859.png (183.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-17-11-33-45…)

No. 519880

File: 1526582501153.png (194.89 KB, 720x1193, Capture _2018-05-17-11-36-52.p…)

No. 519882

File: 1526582552675.png (226.64 KB, 720x1193, Capture _2018-05-17-11-37-21.p…)

No. 519883

I feel like it's time to make a compiled list or video of the shitty things she's done instead of scrambling when wk trolls come around

No. 519884

File: 1526582577893.png (240.24 KB, 720x1193, Capture _2018-05-17-11-37-34.p…)

No. 519885

File: 1526582616175.png (238.76 KB, 720x1193, Capture _2018-05-17-11-37-48.p…)

No. 519887

I don't see why they're bothering to argue with a whiteknight with no power anyway. She'll have a dozen more ready to defend her while teasing their micropeens.

No. 519888

Sorry for the spam. None of it is exactly new milk, but the girl who tagged her is mostly just talking about stuff we talk about on here and I figured Thorne's comments were the only ones with actual merit to post considering her past with Moo

No. 519889

Who knows
Maybe Thorne is lying about nothing to gain and hopes all the Moo haters will hop on her dick for talking shit on Moo

No. 519891

We know anon. That's why I bring it up. It shows how little she actually cares about Vamp.

Well, I mean, we know Vamp helped her. I didn't know the other stuff (minus muh thicc samas)

No. 519893

>mentioning her child recording habits

Hi Kaeru!

No non-farmer would notice this lol

No. 519906

It seems like Mariah's male fans only get off the ride when they feel like she's scamming them or she's let herself go too much for their tastes. The ones that are left are the extra degenerate fucks who see her as a chick they can bang and who somehow won't be disgusted by them in the process, so they'll never listen to reason.

No. 519909

Kaeru is definitely a farmer, she's usually involved whenever Mariah gets called out on Twitter, but has never taken credit here or outright cowtipped I don't think (not that Mariah doesn't check here everyday anyway), so I don't think it's that big of a deal. She usually just gives more evidence to the people already calling her out (like YJ or Thorne).

No. 519910

File: 1526586840287.gif (1.74 MB, 337x600, 77A5507A-252B-4982-85BB-EB0A88…)

Sammy hammy

No. 519912


Is she…sitting on a toilet?

No. 519913

No. 519914

File: 1526587243592.png (381.35 KB, 512x724, CE41572C-6437-48C2-B3CB-CD7AC8…)

She's so inaccurate Jesus how hard is it

No. 519915

forestkun working overtime again i see
her upper body looks like its going to explode

No. 519916

do you think she pinches her waist enough to cause rib damage like the olden days


No. 519917


No. 519921

If she's looking in the mirror and the scar is in the right direction, doesn't that mean irl it's going the opposite way

No. 519925

Time for Round 1,685 of I'M THE BIGGEST FATE FAN EVER MY DUDES!!11!!

No. 519926

Holy fuck she literally hacked her wig while getting ready in the costume. The hair is all over the restroom floor. She's so fucking lazy.

No. 519928

File: 1526588601125.png (692.81 KB, 563x750, 1523303071364.png)

Ok so i've officially called it. She's styling wigs bigger than they need to be to make her head look bigger compared to her linebacker shoulders.

Even if the wig color was right where's the ahoge? god what a train wreck.

Also here's proof that she's padding her bra/wearing one that adds cupsizes. It could easily fit around her actual chest without having her bra completely showing.

No. 519929

File: 1526588670115.png (23.5 KB, 512x512, thonking.png)

so like why does her coochie have a seam

No. 519935


Taruco would fit better, cause she is fat and her tits are small.

No. 519936

File: 1526589330117.png (254.93 KB, 346x653, Screenshot 2018-05-17 at 1.35.…)

im dying she cut her fucking wig in the AIRBNB BATHROOM

No. 519938

Those boots make her look like she has a big ass body with tiny legs. It's like Little Red Riding Hood all over again.

No. 519940


Her shapewear can move her fat around but it cant make it disappear. It's just pushing her gut down and it looks like she's packing a goldfish bowl in her pants.

No. 519941

File: 1526589743015.png (86.15 KB, 360x410, Drake_new_sprite1.png)

Reminder that even if you wanted to blame the inconsistent card art for FGO, Francis' coat is supposed to be well past her knees and the top of her boots.

No. 519942

Sorry for nitpick, but why is this bitch throwing a shaka. Shaka is generally done by surfers and Hawaiians (some other sports). I am not very familiar with the character she is cosplaying. Does the character do the shaka?

No. 519943

No. 519945

File: 1526590117825.jpg (33.96 KB, 384x596, 1526589330117.jpg)

The heck is going on with her boot?

No. 519947

she cut open the front and added tongues for no fucking reason so its slouching. she also added more lacing, even tho they were laced already

No. 519948

She cut it open because the boots couldnt fit her hammy legs

No. 519949

File: 1526590308825.png (239.04 KB, 301x599, Screenshot 2018-05-17 at 1.51.…)

someone posted this yesterday and she looked rough

No. 519951

File: 1526591248706.png (203.27 KB, 349x654, Screenshot 2018-05-17 at 2.07.…)

"oh look, its my tits"
"bye mariah's boobs. bye!"

No. 519955

File: 1526591713337.png (604.2 KB, 600x753, too many keks.png)

No. 519958

I am so ready for the candid shots my dudes. It'll be I think even better than her RoadHag ones.

No. 519960

File: 1526592407799.png (202.05 KB, 350x657, Screenshot 2018-05-17 at 2.26.…)

holy shit peep those stacked bras

No. 519961

Well surfers surf on the ocean and Francis Drake traveled the ocean on a boat so they're kinda the same thing sorry you can't make that obvious connection anon

No. 519964

Good news for Drake fans-she can't ruin your waifu if she's totally unrecognizable as your waifu

No. 519965

She should be sitting in a lawn chair on top of an RV in the infield of a NASCAR race drinking cheap beer.

No. 519966

The funniest bit is her boobs aren't that tiny either. But the sag is so real from how her fat distributes she needs the extra bras to support the illusion. Also isn't it pretty bad to regain weight when you'd had a reduction?

No. 519967


her face is a completely different colour from her chest

No. 519968

Why is she even wearing this many bras?? Her coat would be 10x more accurate without her trashy smelly bras sticking out. If its not in the character design it just shows how fucking trashy you are.

No. 519969

this is old af isnt it?

No. 519970

shes trying to out fat her belly by stacking her boobies

No. 519971

>tits too big to eat a mint

i dont get it. is this some butchered meme im too old to know of

No. 519972

This is the stupidest thing. Big boobs dont prevent people from eating. Wearing a jacket that's too small for you on the other hand…

because she's getting so fat that even with forest-kun her boobs look extremely small without extreme padding

No. 519974

I'm surprised she owns multiple bras tbh

No. 519978

File: 1526593346876.png (229.91 KB, 342x651, Screenshot 2018-05-17 at 2.42.…)

No. 519981

Her tit is barely even in the cup, why does anyone think this is a good look.

No. 519984

Eh… so she's done nails on one hand but not the other?

No. 519990

File: 1526593793175.png (377.06 KB, 811x596, Screenshot 2018-05-17 at 2.49.…)

No. 519991


i guess we know which hand she finger fucks vamp with

she has nails in >>519960 so it must just be her middle finger(s)

No. 519993

Guys she's in transit with other people stop being so dumb

No. 519995

>greedy, selfish, manly

well, you got those traits down i guess

No. 519996

You're right, but knowing Momokun, that wouldn't be too far off. But yeah, I was wrong about that!

No. 520006

File: 1526596695276.jpeg (672.94 KB, 750x1103, BD220A38-B6D9-4E56-A9AF-B05284…)

No. 520008

File: 1526596766637.png (1.02 MB, 720x1177, Screenshot_2018-05-17-15-38-18…)

No. 520010

File: 1526596804760.png (1.17 MB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-05-17-15-38-30…)

No. 520011

File: 1526596813127.gif (2.82 MB, 337x600, D7ED1B31-59FC-46E2-A3D5-D5A4DE…)

No. 520012

That 'scar' is so bad. She might as well not of bothered and just ask the editor to edit one on her face.

No. 520015

Her wig. Aside from everything that is horrible and inaccurate, her wig kills me.

No. 520017

I was just about to say the same thing. Of course her neckbeards don't give a shit about good cosplay, they just care about vein-chan and the lumpy twins.

No. 520019

….. this "cosplay" just looks like some random Holloween costume for sluts you find at Spirits

No. 520021

trying so hard to be like jessica again, i see

how did it somehow get worse since she was sitting on the toliet lmao

No. 520022

And it's not like she can lewd on the ship. This is just the Brig set all over for them.

No. 520024

jfc she should've just done like the coat and nothing else and just give it up like no one cares who this is or that its on a ship or blah blah blah

No. 520026

File: 1526597728858.jpg (62.67 KB, 1024x720, C___n24XkAEO9uc.jpg)


Christ…when will she realize that a well fitting bra will make your tits (and entire outfit) look five times better than an ill-fitting one? This looks so sloppy. It's got such a "47 year old mom of 3 trying to fit into her 32 DD bra from 7 years ago" vibe to it.

No. 520034

I guess she was trying to use her tits to distract people from her granny face.

No. 520035

Wow. An ACTUAL ship.

Young lady, please don't touch that. Young lady? Hello? Call security.

No. 520043

Imagine going out with your family on vacation to see a ship and this monster is there

No. 520062

File: 1526599282050.jpg (1.53 MB, 1920x2560, 18-05-17-19-20-12-077_deco.jpg)

If only she actually cared about her "work" and appearance.

No. 520068

This is just begging for a dick to be shooped in.

Wait, she would probably like that

No. 520077

>Wow. An ACTUAL ship.
i thought this was a fat joke before i saw what you were replying to

No. 520078

according to her instastory, she couldn’t do a full shoot on the boat because….she didn’t realize you had to book the boat. they took the boat shots and are now going to a cove to shoot the rest. Muh professional

No. 520079

File: 1526601939385.png (249.28 KB, 340x653, Screenshot 2018-05-17 at 5.05.…)

actually dying

No. 520082

ug get the fuck out of my city. She's shooting at the maritime museum in San Diego. All those poor people on vacation on the ship with her/having to see this shit

No. 520083

OF COURSE YOU HAVE TO. God she's so fucking dumb. It's a maritime museum with active ships that actually sail around, and they won't want people like her disturbing other paying guests.

No. 520086

File: 1526603424082.png (490.01 KB, 929x594, Screenshot 2018-05-17 at 5.30.…)

No. 520087

File: 1526603485284.png (599.46 KB, 927x591, Screenshot 2018-05-17 at 5.31.…)

tragic outfit

No. 520092

does moo know that when you fake your tits with bras they should look like they're in the bra?

No. 520097

Shhhh, she thinks she looks good like this. That's why it's funny.

No. 520098

other people already said it, fuck off.

No. 520100

File: 1526604039142.png (220.66 KB, 341x662, Screenshot 2018-05-17 at 5.40.…)

The "second location" is a park.

No. 520101


this is bad even for mariah

No. 520105

her boobs look like an ass, thats all i can see

No. 520106

File: 1526604313853.png (259.16 KB, 348x654, Screenshot 2018-05-17 at 5.45.…)

No. 520108

…what is going on with the white? You can see its pushing out–the onlything I can think is that the corset is buckling slightly and creating that weird pointy fat thing in the front.

No. 520113

Maybe it's a white cincher or waist trainer with her bigger bra over it?

No. 520116

A professional would have called ahead and paid for the shoot there, fucking a moo is an idiot . She wouldn’t have shelled out the money anyway since it’s not food or drugs, but you know it’s not like that’s what her patreon was originally meant to support.

No. 520117

Fuck now that you mention it they do look like an ass. Now that's all I can see.
She doesn't have the hat. I'm surprised cause then she'd have an excuse to do her hat pose.

No. 520125

Is that an ACTUAL ocean?

No. 520129

Sorry San Diego. It's your turn. You know the deal. Any city that moo is in becomes 20-30% less cool for the duration of her stay.

No. 520130

This wig is soooooo bad! It looks like she has short hair. Also, why does her bra have to be showing? It looks so tacky….Fuck, this is embarrassing.

No. 520134

File: 1526606669004.png (308.3 KB, 341x655, Screenshot 2018-05-17 at 6.24.…)

w h e w those BOOTS

No. 520135

File: 1526606681286.png (270.4 KB, 348x659, Screenshot 2018-05-17 at 6.24.…)

No. 520136

they didn't even fix the sand and she didn't walk carefully so all you can look at his her sloopy footprints.

No. 520137

File: 1526606825212.png (1.3 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180517-182518.png)

Her face actually looks covered in dirt. But Jesus Christ it looks like she has a corset on with a deep V shape in the front but it looks like it's about to snap in half making our Moo look like she has a dick.

No. 520138

She has no idea how to walk in sand. Shoving the whole HEEL into the sand just helps to ruin the damn boot and it looks awful. It’s like she’s got half a heel on now.

No. 520139

File: 1526607124863.png (287.41 KB, 349x657, Screenshot 2018-05-17 at 6.32.…)

whatever it is it's sticking out

No. 520141

Those cheap ass boots are going to be ruined overnight by the sand and saltwater. And WTF is up with those tits??? She looks like one of those fetish models with the gigantic breasts. I can only imagine the scene miss hey-look-at-me made at the maritime museum. The tourists will have something to talk about but only after they calm their traumatized kids.

No. 520142

God she is so huge. Everything she has on is struggling to stay together under the sheer mass of her body. This girl has to be so self conscious, that's why she always looks so lifeless and uncomfortable in pictures.

No. 520143

>cheap ass boots
Weren't they like…at least $150 pre-destruction from this dumb thot?

No. 520145

they were overpriced stripper boots

No. 520146

dat sloppy titty contour

No. 520150

Chinese plastic and glue. It would be very surprising if she is able to walk in them again after this. You know she is just going to take them off and throw them in a corner and not clean off the salt or try to get them dry.

No. 520154

Her colors are always so wrong. Is she colorblinded or just stupid?

No. 520156


she looks like she can barely breath im dying

No. 520159

I honestly don’t know how she lives with herself making shit tier cosplays like this. I get so mad and frustrated when I can’t get a small detail accurate and I only make a few cosplays a year. Idk how she can just keep making mediocre cosplays (what parts she DOES make). I know it’s because she doesn’t care but idk how she acts like she feels no shame about it

No. 520160

At this point she's not even a patreon ho anymore, is she? Her quality is so bad that you're paying for nothing. She's basically a sugar baby…. or I guess a sugar slut since she's funded by several people to exist.

No. 520163

That scar looks awful.
Miss professional cosplayer can’t even figure out a little liquid latex and tissue paper to make a realistic scar.
She just drew it on. How lazy and cheap.

No. 520164

It's because she DGAF about cosplay. It's just the vehicle she is using to get her tits in front of neckbeards so she can internet whore.

No. 520165

File: 1526610778663.png (3.12 MB, 750x1334, A1562E2C-3CF4-429B-9256-B61C56…)

here’s this dress whatever it’s for

No. 520167

File: 1526611037952.gif (942.38 KB, 337x600, FAC96DBE-D839-444D-A7E4-1E330D…)

No. 520168

File: 1526611042130.png (275.45 KB, 512x724, Portrait_Servant_199_1.png)

No. 520169

Hahahahahaa holy shit.


No. 520171

compared to this picture the dress looks so cheap, I can’t wait to see whatever wig she wears for this either

No. 520172

Nice corset. Shame about the garbage bag at the bottom.

No. 520173

how much did she pay to be inaccurate as FUCK

No. 520174


her scar looks like she just dragged period blood across her face and let it dry

No. 520175

At this point you can only blame her for having poor judgement. I seriously have to question castle's taste if this is the monstrosity they pumped out

No. 520181

saggy ol' boobs back where they belong

No. 520182

I see her invisible hat is back

No. 520185

jfc, did Mariah ever say how much she paid for this commission? If I was spending mad bucks on something this detailed I'd be raising a storm at CC with how inaccurate those details are. But this is Mariah we're talking about, she doesn't care about accuracy as long as she doesn't have to put in actual effort making it herself.

No. 520186

2k according to instagram story

No. 520188

She said 2k, although who knows if that's true. CC usually does good work, maybe she realized that Moo gives no fucks about accuracy and quality and is going to blow up too big to wear it in the next few months and just put no real effort into it.
Semiramis is not a costume that translates well into a real garment but this looks below normal standards for a CC costume.

No. 520189

Damn, knowing $2k went into this I'm mad about the quality of this costume for Moo.

No. 520200

File: 1526616035391.png (422.79 KB, 450x600, 3D511E6B-C8F0-4EEA-A1ED-223546…)

It looks like one of those old Milanoo lolita prom dresses.

No. 520203

File: 1526616600516.jpeg (532.65 KB, 2078x2078, B1D73761-FC89-4F43-9FB1-5C7AEC…)

I dont understands why she throws away money on expensive cos commissions and then does the most boring, bland, poses

These are practically the same pose.

No. 520204

Moo is the cosplay example of money isn't everything

No. 520205

ok in this one, i doubt she could move much more than she is already kek

No. 520206

Haha like Moo ever gives a singular fuck about being accurate. Let them scam and ruin each other.

No. 520208

She's barely showing any expression as always. But this time it looks like a forced smile cause she's holding in a fart and unable to move.

Why did she even upload these? Besides how forced it is, it looks like she has a cock.

No. 520209

i doubt it was really 2k. moo and cunty corset are probably just trying to seem cooler.

No. 520212

File: 1526620326163.png (175.97 KB, 347x652, Screenshot 2018-05-17 at 10.11…)

I guess Roxy is her assistant now. She went with them to the location shoot

No. 520213

File: 1526620389619.png (197.91 KB, 353x652, Screenshot 2018-05-17 at 10.13…)

No. 520214

File: 1526620408232.png (258.33 KB, 344x657, Screenshot 2018-05-17 at 10.11…)

showing off her airbnb.

No. 520215

I wonder if Roxy knows that Moo just posted a photo showing her real nose and chin.

No. 520216

She does it all the time. She knows it bothers her, and believe she stopped her costhot account because Moo did it.

No. 520217

File: 1526620667735.png (197.48 KB, 239x557, Screenshot 2018-05-17 at 10.17…)

No. 520218

omg where did you find this?

No. 520219

comment section of her facebook page.

No. 520220

This side profile of Vamp makes her look like Luna Slater's boyfriend.

No. 520221

Says Yuno Gasai and Rem are worst waifus

No. 520222

No. 520223

9:11, 12:20

No. 520224

File: 1526622047380.png (231.27 KB, 440x403, Screenshot 2018-05-17 at 10.40…)

Rem from Re:Zero

No. 520234

File: 1526624399419.png (73.68 KB, 720x491, Screenshot_2018-05-17-23-18-38…)

No. 520245

What sort of 'professional' cosplayer and photographer doesn't book a location so they're legally allowed to use it if it's a tourist attraction for paying guests!? What the fuck they're fucking useless and ignorant as hell.

No. 520255

This caption is so great because '
"THE MOST AMAZING CREW" kicked her unwelcome ass off immediately. Love how she tried to pretend it was such a bigger deal than it was to fall flat on her face only mins later.

No. 520258

File: 1526626562717.gif (1.06 MB, 480x270, V0NEG.gif)

She got her ass kicked off of the ship wearing that cheap ass costume, waddling away in those shitty heels hahahaha

No. 520259

She always has to make it seem like she went beyond on a project so everyone believes her imaginary hype. In this case she made it look like she booked the ship for a shoot, turns out they were there illegally and were kicked off.

What a fucking dumbass. Way to go Moo!

No. 520282

… it's not short hair?

No. 520285

so is she k e k

because she makes enough money to fund her party lifestyle aka the real thing she cares about. also her 800 weekly plates of sushi

No. 520286

File: 1526631603303.png (234.02 KB, 372x243, Capture.PNG)

No. 520291

She literally only hates Yuno because Moos obscure and shitty "yandere waifus" don't get any attention

No. 520292

Man I’m just baffled how she can smoke, drink and stuff her face almost every minute I eat 3 slices of pizza and I feel disgusting after that(no one cares)

No. 520293

She hates rem? The best wifu?

No. 520294

ntm she probably hates her more now given the Thornechan and YJ incidents.

No. 520295



All your people don’t eat all day!!!!!!!! FUCK

No. 520299

I wonder if she had tried to pressure the crew into letting her continue the photoshoot by showing off her IG follower count lmao.

No. 520304

File: 1526637121503.jpg (240.35 KB, 1125x1610, tumblr_p2nvrkRC4E1wgdp08o1_128…)

throwback to pretending to care about ramadan still

No. 520309

she left her job to work in cosplay full-time, buys her costumes, and does most of her photoshoots in hotels?

mariah, you should already be producing content weekly. there's literally no excuse.

No. 520310

Moo actually gave this comment a heart, took time to find amongst the thirst. Unless it's gone now, she's still Muslim my dudes!

No. 520334

File: 1526644323991.jpg (11.09 KB, 267x400, 1493576822983.jpg)

>actually having to pretend to be Muslim and participate in Ramadan instead of gorging on sushi

This is the best. How long until she slips up and posts a food pic because she forgot just like she forgot she was dating Vamps after 48 hours.

No. 520362

she didn't she got fired and got kicked out of school.

No. 520431

File: 1526664961936.png (797.48 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2018-05-18-10-30-36…)

No. 520432

File: 1526664985941.png (1.03 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-05-18-10-30-44…)

No. 520434

File: 1526665010152.png (890.91 KB, 720x1042, Screenshot_2018-05-18-10-30-25…)

No. 520435

File: 1526665034456.png (675.6 KB, 720x1037, Screenshot_2018-05-18-10-30-21…)

No. 520439

"let's take pics on a boat!!"
So outlandish and crazy, Moo. Almost as wild as your shoots in front of a white background

No. 520440

That forced smile makes it look like she needs to vomit.

No. 520442

File: 1526665995761.png (180.88 KB, 512x724, CT_Gilles_de_Rais_AF_2015.png)

I'm sorry but the angle and how her eyes look make me think of caster gilles.

No. 520443

File: 1526666293251.jpeg (502.03 KB, 750x1017, 1F78F676-242C-4FBA-9B6E-B247E4…)

dumpster fire drake

No. 520444

wouldnt this look "better" without the black bra showing???

No. 520445

Her coochie is eating those shorts it's not attractive at all moo stop

No. 520446

You beat me to it, anon.

But she looks like she is getting ready for a pool side porno.

No. 520450

Yeah I know the unbuttoned thing is a look but…I don’t think she could actually button these

No. 520451

File: 1526666649913.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, DDC73509-00AD-4030-A7ED-94350A…)

The arm looks so fucked up. Like what the fuck is going on

No. 520452

The angles she's forcing her body into are getting weirder and weirder, she's starting to look like a bird

No. 520454

ya but w/o the bra moos saggy pancake tits would have no lift to them

No. 520455

Look at the angle of the doorframe behind her arm… this is definitely shopped. Insecure about your arm size much?

No. 520457

File: 1526666989452.gif (1.69 MB, 337x600, BC3361C9-CFA6-40BA-949E-BBCA90…)

No. 520462

Muh muh I wanna be respected gais, I wanna be a cosplayer for real gais, no more lewds outside of patreon dudes, respect meeeeeeeee

Even with all of dem filters and shoop her skin next to those circulation-destroying shorts is a hot mess. Squarenoodles so obviously hates her ass, but he sure doesn't hate her money!

No. 520463

Moo there's nothing there but fat. You're flexing fat. Shape up, bitch.

If it's a swimsuit, why wear a bra underneath the swimsuit top? She has no brain, I swear.

No. 520464

That thousand yard stare
Also she looks like a hillbilly chick going out to the lake for wine coolers and corn hole

No. 520466

Just be glad her pube stubble is not showing

No. 520467

File: 1526668528816.jpg (42.01 KB, 552x552, CvdYY-OXEAAnzLg.jpg)

This looks so bad. Like, not just the gigantic, poorly fitting bra(s?), but the shorts, the craftsmanship, the wig, the makeup…
Why does she not get that shit looks SO much better when it fits? There is nothing less sexy or more embarrassing than seeing someone trying to squeeze into something 5 sizes too small. Not everything that looks "good" in anime translate well to real life, Momo. It just looks gross.

No. 520468

you do know that's a pretty big fetish right? just because you don't like it doesn't mean other people don't

No. 520469

I shudder to think what the back looks like

No. 520470

File: 1526668745110.jpeg (241.67 KB, 569x646, 520102D4-5538-420B-9FD7-37906C…)

She’s so fucking derpy. How can she think any of her faces are sexy.

No. 520471

Her hips are pointed back soo far

No. 520472

File: 1526668983027.png (1.05 MB, 720x1151, Screenshot_2018-05-18-11-41-56…)

She said another vine meme wrong

No. 520473

Those lopsided buttons and posing directly in front of the fire alarm in your B&B lol, much professional

No. 520474

It's a dumb fetish and she looks dumb doing it.

No. 520475


what did she say

No. 520478

Looking at Moo's shit tier cosplays is the greatest confidence boost. She's a prime example of what not to be.

No. 520479

File: 1526669449199.png (100.65 KB, 300x224, Sakura_Part_1.png)

when did sakura get a big scar

No. 520481

Jesus her body looks more massive than usual here. After all that “lifting” I feel like she should have at least a little bit of muscle or definition there. I haven’t Worked out regularly at a gym in about 9 months and I still have more definition than her.

No. 520483

basically this but "we're at the beach, beach…Nicki Minaj"

No. 520484

File: 1526670585518.png (336.58 KB, 472x551, Screenshot 2018-05-18 at 12.09…)

sharp ass chin

No. 520485

Yeah you're right! The way she's attempting it isn't sexy in the slightest, though. Didn't mean to make a generalization, sorry. Really tight jeans (and clothing in general) can look good, but the way they're slung on her make her look like she has a gigantic hanging gut and no curves. Very hog body-esque. Lots of push-up can look good, too, but her bra is like…weirdly "on top" of her tits instead of around them and supporting them, which gives them a weird shape. Kinda bulky looking. It's just…she really needs to consider her body shape and size when dressing and commissioning cosplays. I do get what she was going for, but it's just not working out in my opinion.

No. 520487

The lapel is upside down. How in the flying fuck do you mess that up?

No. 520497

File: 1526672056930.png (998.07 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-05-18-12-32-33…)

No. 520499

I feel like she made the red "bikini" so badly her tits sagged too much so she opted to wear the black bra again lmao. Also seriously is she colorblind? I don't understand why her wig is so bad? Can she really not tell or is this her "OC COSPLAY COSPLAYING FATE TEEHEE"

No. 520501

File: 1526672174392.png (813.03 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2018-05-18-12-33-06…)

Forgot to mention that she was uncomfortable that people were staring at her from the pier. Apparently there was a dude in front of her and she didn't want to move

No. 520503

File: 1526672209378.jpeg (42.68 KB, 600x120, C07CF387-389B-4E02-AE15-A6AFCB…)

No. 520504

She needs the bra to boost her sad and flappy pancake tits.

No. 520510

But that's her job, I thought she loved the attention for her work? Is poor little tough girl Moo not so confident in the real world?

No. 520512

Who knows

No. 520514

It's gotta be rough when actual people react to her misshapen unshopped body. I am curious if she'll pull a Penny at some point and appear on Botched.

No. 520521

For all of Moo's bark, she has zero bite. If she isn't in the middle of her herd of calves, she's a pathetic pushover. Hell, I remember when a cosplayer said she was going to hunt Moo down at a con for Moo's bullshit and Moo promptly hid the entire thing as to not encounter her.

No. 520522

File: 1526674515608.png (889.63 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-05-18-13-14-44…)

No. 520525

Cross eyed fuck

No. 520540

She's so weak and useless, poor Moo got stared at by normies and random guys on the beach where hello, lots of people are going to be. She's uncomfortable with that but is fine with her neckbeard fans making vulgar comments and knowing they fap over her images online though. Her lack of backbone is pathetic.

No. 520541

But she has done so many cosplays in public, whether it's swimsuits or non swimsuits, why would she be uncomfortable now? She's just fishing for asspats.

No. 520542

Who’s that girl?

No. 520543

I think it's Roxy.

No. 520550


tbf her bra looks like it almost fits her in these pics (not the other francis drake outfit), bras for bigger boobs tend to have more boob coverage with some of the cup on top of the boob


i can't wait for her and this other cosplay to talk about their boots ruined by the salt water. what a couple of dummies


thats why it looks so smudged and unscar-like

No. 520556

Momokun, I know you read everything both here and in your FB comments so when are you going to do something that is actually "body positive"? Some people are saying "so what she isn't hurting anyone" but we know that's not true. The number of people coming to you with their insecurities is really high, they fucking look up to you and you lie to them. A minor ended up in the hospital because she wanted to kill herself because she was eating only ice chips and lettuce in an effort to look like you. You can go on about how you supposedly love your body but a good chunk of your actual fans are unaware of all the lipo and coolsculpting etc, your photoshop and abuse of shapewear and padding may be obvious to us haters but it's soul crushing to those are actually working hard to improve themselves and can't figure out why despite all their legitimate efforts they aren't losing weight as fast as you claimed or spot reducing(another thing that isn't real that they expect based on your "results") Doesn't matter if other "cosplayers" or "lewd models" have work done too, I'm talking to you bitch. You need to get it already, your damn actions mean something to people even if they can't see thru your bullshit, you may not matter to us but you matter enough to them that actual lives are being affected

No. 520572

>takes pictures and videos of strangers in public
>”people are looking at me I’m soooo uncomfortable”

?? Bitch what

No. 520584

File: 1526683881714.jpg (554.53 KB, 1077x1286, Screenshot_20180518-154756_Sam…)

I'm screaming over how bad these boots looked. Like gurl, wtf.

No. 520589

File: 1526684274073.jpeg (46.39 KB, 480x360, 41AD25A7-6EEF-4AC0-9919-4AB051…)

I can’t unsee it…

No. 520593

File: 1526684859317.png (943.15 KB, 720x1021, Screenshot_2018-05-18-16-03-51…)

No. 520600

That braid is disgusting

No. 520606

yeah. People tend to stare at trainwrecks and freaks. But really, when has moo ever not been thrilled by any kind of attention. It's all she lives for. But an obese cow like her is going to draw some attention on the beaches of SoCal.

No. 520613


WHAT? Someone starved themselves to look like HER?

No. 520616

Looks like moo is trying to move in on Marvin now, one of her calves boyfriend. Lol the guy gates her though so he’ll stay faithful. It’s just sad how much she’s throwing herself at him.

No. 520617

I think the last few days have been rough for our dear moo. It's hard for her to be out in the real world away from the protective cocoon of bullshit that she has created for herself on the internet. First she gets thrown off the ship and then she goes to the beach and she's "uncomfortable". She was probably being openly mocked at both. Because lets face it, away from her online neckbeard and costhot fans she's just some loud chubby girl in cheap costumes with a freaky looking asian dude taking her pictures. Not famous. Not the great momokun. Just some weird chick making a fool of herself in public. Love ya moo. Never change.

No. 520620

>A minor ended up in the hospital because she wanted to kill herself because she was eating only ice chips and lettuce in an effort to look like you

WHAT?! How fat is this kid?!

No. 520622

Many plus size girls look up to her for being big in the cosplay game. That blinds them from all the bullshit she pulls and being body confident is a huge thing these days. Moo's constant lying and being a fraud about her body image is foul play. But will she care though? Not at all. She doesn't see herself as a role model and just does it all for 'fun'.

No. 520623

She's nothing outside of cosplay, her lapdogs, neckbeards and the Internet which is the greatest thing. Which will be her future when Patreon dries up. An irrelevant basic bitch.

No. 520627

I'm sorry, are there screenshots of this? Smells like flaming bullshit

No. 520628

File: 1526689911622.png (284.26 KB, 750x1334, 1506033873626[1].png)


from thread 30, found after a quick google search for "momokun lettuce ice chips"

No. 520629


i mean >>520556 got the details wrong but there is no doubt in my mind that there are people who think momo's unrealistic plus size body is attainable because she isn't honest

No. 520630

File: 1526690191590.gif (1.4 MB, 337x600, 4953989D-1B06-47A9-AF06-989BB6…)

Alaskan bull worm

No. 520631

Letting a 15 year old look up to a costhot is great parenting for starters. 18+ is understandable, but at that age? The fuck.

No. 520633

File: 1526690798142.gif (2.74 MB, 337x600, 91FC4A44-283E-44E1-8CB9-AF0334…)

No. 520634

It's Ramadan Moo, you're not allowed to enjoy food even in cosplay for a photoshoot. Remember that my dudes!

No. 520637

Wasn't she eating steak last night??

No. 520639

n a s o l a b i a l
f o l d s

she looks fucking 40 lmao

No. 520641

Not sure, but it's a certain time frame you can't eat in. Not familiar with DBZ but this character loves food? Moo mentioned on her Patreon it's going to be full of sugar, if she's that devoted to her faith as she preaches about to cover her ass she won't be eating any of it during her photoshoot lol.

No. 520642

so who styled her wig? hopefully she credits them

No. 520643

No. 520655


the steak was after sundown. if she eats after sundown she's fine.

No. 520661

Once again you anons are giving her way too much credit. It may be part of her family history but moo is about as muslim as mike pence. She doesn't give two shits about ramadan.

No. 520668

fucking stop with the Ramadan bullshit. she obv not participating and just full of shit if she says she is.

No. 520671

It's sarcasm. Of course she isn't celebrating it because we all know she's full of shit anyway just like she is with everything else. Chill a little.

No. 520673


No. 520684

It's not even a braid, she only crossed it one or two times.

No. 520686

>blaming the mom for her cosplay daughter looking up to a cosplayer

It's like you were never 15 and on the internet.

No. 520696

File: 1526701143362.png (717.04 KB, 528x821, 1477411552058.png)

Looking at these pictures I feel like she's almost reverted to 2016 moo when she was at her biggest.

She's only going to get bigger from here because I think she's seriously at a point where she cant afford lipo anymore

No. 520698

File: 1526701785393.png (209.75 KB, 931x444, Screenshot 2018-05-18 at 8.49.…)

No. 520700

File: 1526701892414.png (310.94 KB, 505x591, Screenshot 2018-05-18 at 8.51.…)

unedited pics dump from keltonfx

No. 520701

File: 1526701918625.png (272.53 KB, 501x593, Screenshot 2018-05-18 at 8.51.…)

No. 520702

File: 1526701940354.png (331.74 KB, 502x594, Screenshot 2018-05-18 at 8.51.…)

>her eye

No. 520703

File: 1526701960549.png (423.63 KB, 828x589, Screenshot 2018-05-18 at 8.51.…)

No. 520704

Can’t wait for the “set” to be 10 pics all variations of this sitting pose because there’s no other way to hide her gut

No. 520705

File: 1526702158890.png (367.51 KB, 821x591, Screenshot 2018-05-18 at 8.56.…)

No. 520706

Damn. He really accented her turtle lips. Lmao

No. 520707

That top looks like it's going to fall apart at any moment, what the fuck kind of mess is that.

No. 520708

gotta give the guy props, he did an amaing job making giving her shitty skin a "decently" even/smooth pink colour

No. 520709

Her tits don't even looks like tits anymore. She's got to stop wearing too tight sports bras.

No. 520710

Kelton knows his shit. Which is hilarious because Moo's shit all over him before AND ruined work he's done for her before, but it is obvious that Patreon money talks.

No. 520711

I'm really impressed with the body paint too.

No. 520712

1. The reason why her bras in the full Nathan Drake looks so odd is because it's sitting on a corset (which a lot of you don't seem to get). That's why it floats away from her ribcage in the off way that it does, and is better fitting in her swimsuit version.

2) I wish Kelton would stop doing projects with her. I know he's going through a hard time but really? I know money is money but Kelton is so much better than this. As a friend, I hate seeing this because his talent is so wasted on her.

No. 520715

no anon. her bras look weird because she stacked them, poorly, to make her boobs look bigger. she's clearly wearing more in her full outfit than the swimsuit. and the bras don't look floating it's the tits themselves because they're in a diff push up bra underneath the visible black bra.

No. 520716

francis drake*

He must've overcharged

No. 520722

Gurl you look like Majin fucking buu

No. 520725

I wonder how long this will stay up since there’s no “ab lines” from her gains my dudes.

Damn those boobs are just sad.

No. 520731


lmao i can't get over her weird lazy eye in every. single. one. of these shots

No. 520734

No I didn't get any details wrong. Y'all can find the screenshot regarding her diet but I have all of them from Momo's FB comments&the mom's page. I'll only post 1 in respect to their privacy but trust me, if any of y'all read the comments from when she first started til now, that mom&daughter have been her fans since before all the lewd shit(read the rules)

No. 520735


you said that the girl went on the diet of ice chips and lettuce to get a body like moo. the screencap in >>520628 says she went on the diet because she was told she was too fat to cosplay a certain character.

if there are more screenshots that prove what you're saying is true feel free to post them. otherwise it definitely looks like you got some details wrong.

No. 520737

Stop it

No. 520749

Kaeru is, he's mentioned it and called out Mariah on behalf of other farmers like the screen shots of her lying about studying at cons instead of partying

No. 520752

Her boobs are hanging so low! Her top poorly made that it can’t even lift her boobs up!

No. 520757

File: 1526715142884.gif (4.43 MB, 270x480, F5B6E185-4B57-4AF6-A2EE-FCE13F…)

leaning on pole is this sets invisible hat

No. 520758

I see some invisible hat + leaning on pole wombo combo there.

No. 520760

Is that her bunny suit bulma cut into a crop top??

No. 520762

File: 1526720949941.jpeg (312.71 KB, 737x770, 75350B8C-E66A-4F50-87D1-134B8D…)

No. 520763

Gotta love the way she is trying to hide her gut.

No. 520764

looks like she was caught in the middle of taking a piss

No. 520765

Is she peeing?

She already sold her bunny Bulma iirc, the boning along the cups(?) doesn't match anyway.

No. 520766

It looks like a pink Luffy

No. 520798


Jesus her head looks fucking tiny. Really shows how enormous she is.

And also how awkward. Why would you post a picture that makes it look like you are peeing?

No. 520800

Just another example of her silly ideas and outlandish ways!

No. 520801

This is crazy unflattering. Do you think this is why she's not updating social media as much as her other costumes? It shows her stomach and she's in public?

No. 520804

what does she even have other than facebook lmao

No. 520805

It's her OC, Moonkey D. Lumpy.

No. 520811

File: 1526745908760.png (Spoiler Image, 79.75 KB, 316x333, chrome_2018-05-20_04-02-59.png)

Warning: Half a lip showing in the new set posted to gw

No. 520812

No. 520814

dot c o

No. 520817

no one knows what ur talkin about mate

No. 520819

File: 1526748207828.png (712.72 KB, 720x1198, Screenshot_2018-05-19-09-42-04…)

Oh like your commissioned props?

No. 520825

>I wish I was there to find more prop slaves.

No. 520832

File: 1526752626526.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 95.78 KB, 1920x1080, 93DC3218-C62F-4305-9C89-69D565…)

No. 520833

File: 1526753030719.png (Spoiler Image, 7.38 MB, 1242x2208, 34D6C79D-3415-4242-ABF2-9AB2BC…)

Oh my god the videos are so bad. What’s the best way for me to upload it? Can’t gif it

No. 520834

She looks mentally disabled.

No. 520835

File: 1526753273886.png (8.25 MB, 1242x2208, FD832E32-2BDD-4AB3-9316-08C466…)

No. 520836

File: 1526753415579.jpeg (6.4 MB, 2160x3840, 558DE6F4-9D68-4828-944B-7F44A0…)

Holy shit she really looks fucked up..

No. 520837

Good fucking lord. How long until Moo starts to employ a proper stunt cock on a stick ala the rest of her porn 'friends'? She's already done a gross lollipop, why not go all the way, Moo?

No. 520838

google how to make a webm

No. 520839


That sexy "I'm about to vomit " face
I wanna vomit just by looking at it

No. 520840

She has to have gained at least 5 pounds in these pictures. Her poor fupachan is moving to max capacity

No. 520841

why do people not know how to agehao properly? i know it's anime shit and looks bad irl usually, but that's why you practice so it doesn't look like this…

No. 520843

i cannot get over how small her breast are for her size. and i'm glad to see return of caterpiller abdomen.

No. 520844

Candidate for next thread pic right there, she looks absolutely ridiculous

No. 520848

PLEASE NO. it's too gross that it's triggering my gag reflex.

No. 520849

File: 1526754468094.jpeg (131.83 KB, 1600x900, Photo May 16, 5 10 21 PM_previ…)

Holy fuck vein-chan has been reproducing. I did not edit this photo AT ALL this is straight up from the drop box and OUCH

Also she's trying HARD to pander to the weird fetish crowd. There are 5 pictures in this set alone where it's specifically foot based. Seems like she's lowkey given up on pretending to be thick and is pandering to chubby chasers as well (possibly also those people who have a 'mental illness' fetish but that could just be her inability to pose/make expressions)

Either way it'll be a good laugh to see this flop too. The more desperate she is for money and attention the more she's ruining her future and it's so good to see someone who was so self-righteous writhe around like a bottom feeder

No. 520850


that fucking messy background ffs

No. 520852

NOOOOO why didn't you spoiler this

No. 520853

That's some bingo wings right there

No. 520854

File: 1526755312783.png (8.42 MB, 1242x2208, C30B50AF-737B-4B15-BE7F-32F3D0…)

Listen, I had to see it SO MANY TIMES to get the screenshot. You have to suffer with me

No. 520855

If that's what she thinks an agehao should look like, no wonder no one wants to have sex with her. Repulsive.

No. 520856

File: 1526755458392.png (207.12 KB, 304x505, Screenshot 2018-05-19 at 11.44…)

you literally see no lip

No. 520858

she looks like she face swapped with one of her neckbeard fans wtf?

No. 520859

File: 1526755530617.png (206.44 KB, 297x502, Screenshot 2018-05-19 at 11.45…)

this video was weird and not sexy

No. 520861

File: 1526755643196.png (210.7 KB, 303x501, Screenshot 2018-05-19 at 11.46…)

clear lipo scars. she was gyrating and sucking in when her pooch was visibly bigger

No. 520862

File: 1526755846334.webm (3.49 MB, 720x1280, Video-May-16_-5-03-22-PM.webm)


No. 520863

Yet to her dumb neckbeards that's "abs".

In >>520854 she vacuumed and absorbed a neckbeard fan through her lip-less food hole to gain the appearance of a Mexican rapist here >>520856

No. 520864

This looks like really shit DDLG kitten images. Moo just so porn already and give up cosplay, this is just terrible.

No. 520865

File: 1526756401765.webm (6.84 MB, 720x1280, Video-May-16_-5-04-41-PM.webm)

i cant look at anymore of this

No. 520866

File: 1526756608563.jpg (46.23 KB, 240x200, internal scream.jpg)

It makes no sense who would buy his garbage

No. 520868

if you look carefully you can see where she stops sucking it in at 4 seconds

No. 520869

File: 1526756753829.jpg (647.7 KB, 841x1603, 20180519_160242.jpg)

can this video be flagged as a safety hazard

No. 520870

I see a mustache honestly.

No. 520871

Fat and retarded adult baby fetish video lmao

No. 520872

File: 1526757418411.gif (2.9 MB, 290x189, laughing cowboy.gif)

No. 520873

no lip all stache

No. 520875

File: 1526758114421.png (1.06 MB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-05-19-12-27-13…)

No. 520876

File: 1526758163997.png (1012.16 KB, 720x1173, Screenshot_2018-05-19-12-27-23…)

No. 520880

What the fuck???
her upper back looks like hanging out boobs

No. 520883

please spoiler this kind of shit, i know ya'll know that stomach is indecent.

No. 520884

i'm gonna throw up

No. 520886

Pandering to bbw, foot, and adult baby fetishits all in one shoot nicely done moo

No. 520888

Moo doesn't fit into the corset at all properly, it's too tight and clearly has incorrect measurements in place. Castle must really like keeping her close for that commission money after the My Oppa bullshit.

No. 520890


when are we going to see this mess in action?

No. 520891

God I cannot WAIT to see these fucking back wings in person at Fanime. It's gonna be glorious

No. 520893

Tbh corset back fat happens to anyone who tight laces. She's just accumulating a ton of fat to her back. Why do you think her bunnysuit was so high up in the back?

No. 520894

Holy backtitties, Batman!
That dress is so inaccurate it hurts. Fucked up the actual detail design and added cheap looking embellishments…

No. 520895

File: 1526760644484.png (706.19 KB, 720x942, Screenshot_2018-05-19-13-08-59…)

I chalk this up to instagram's horrible crop but I also think she did it to hide her backfat

No. 520897

To think Moo's career is now just throwing money at rushed and inaccurate commissions. All she does is sloppily make a little prop or two to balance it out. Betting anything she'll carry off this costume as if she made the entire thing as she's so clearly talented. She's getting more lazy and claims to work hard & wants to work more from home. On what exactly? She doesn't even slave over costumes like actual professional cosplayers do. She's nowhere near on that level but she likes to think she is.

No. 520898

Sorry, I know this new outfit is a two thousand dollar shitshow, but I still can't get over her fat baby retard pics.

No. 520902

As if the MyOppa shit wasn't enough for you, between Moo's disasters and the fact that she works with Sheena as well, this just further proves that you shouldn't give Castle Corsetry a single fucking cent.

No. 520903

i just assumed this was castle

No. 520905

Moo likes to multitask during her jaunts to California; last time she popped over for shoots/partying she got that fug Drake coat fitted, now she's getting that fug dress fitted.

No. 520906

>I want to be seen as a serious cosplayer int he community and be taken seriously. I'll cut back on lewds and go quiet after finals

You don't even take yourself seriously, Mariah. She looks like a retarded, adult, fat baby with a mustache.

No. 520907

also the cat ears on the retarded bottom looks like a diaper fold because of how fat she is

like, i didnt even realize it was cat ears at first

No. 520909

honestly I thought it was a period pad sticking out of her bottoms

No. 520913

Why does it look like she has a cesarean scar?

No. 520915

Probably drew it on with eyeshadow to pander to the milf audience too

No. 520916

p sure its a lipo mark anon mentioned

No. 520917

>>520832 this has got to be the most revolting, degrading and trashy she has looked yet. How disgusting that she has to pander to the lowest common denominator to try and make herself feel relevant. She looks like a deranged or mentally unstable camwhore in all of these shots. Good for you Mariah, you've further ruined your name with nasty photos and videos like these. I can’t wait to see how she can’t find a job when her patron shit finally dries up.

No. 520923

Fuck me. I regret looking at these. Disgusting.

No. 520925

File: 1526765962244.jpg (251.81 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20180519-163651.jpg)

wow her attention to detail is so good I especially liked the framed photo of a bike in the background and being able to see the kitchen thru an open door, nice

No. 520926

File: 1526766211606.jpeg (383.33 KB, 1183x1132, 88ECB325-136B-486C-B819-3F753D…)

No. 520927

KEK these replies are perfect. The last one is really going to make her go on a bitch boy rant.

This is the audience that you've always wanted, Mariah! Now you have it.

No. 520936

File: 1526768293925.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 714.21 KB, 2160x3840, Photo May 16, 5 11 16 PM_previ…)

I can't believe no one posted this one yet
spoilered to save lives

No. 520937

Octavius didn't pull any punches there holy fuck

No. 520938

>I'm gonna edit the tattoo out of cosplay pics, my dudes!

No. 520940

……… that's literally her entire vagina.

No. 520941

File: 1526768780390.png (1.06 MB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-05-19-15-22-21…)

At Nicoletters

No. 520942

File: 1526769024606.jpg (179.18 KB, 800x800, disney_beauty_and_the_beast_be…)

I wanna know how they looked at the design and took "slightly gathered" to "copy the dress from beauty and the beast."

No. 520943

Looks like a cheap halloween costume

No. 520944

I can smell this image

No. 520945

File: 1526769371500.png (315.35 KB, 593x262, Capture.PNG)

oy lads only the finest of air bnb for our cow

No. 520947

File: 1526769770493.png (1.18 MB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-05-19-15-22-45…)

No. 520955

Wow I'm going to vomit. Butch cant even move her hips to save her life. Does she really think this is sexy?

No. 520956

You know I dislike Nicolette as much as the next person but how is she okay letting moo know where she lives? Especially when the inevitable fall out happens cause she like to do a smear campaign on her snakes, also since her new group is best group of friends ever and supports her outlandish and crazy ways why didn’t she just commission Nicolette for semiramis?

No. 520959

Labia-chan yamero

No. 520969

holy fuck I think this is the worst picture I've ever seen of her(face).

No. 520970

…Is that a stain on the front of her panties…

No. 520975

File: 1526778856058.png (826.49 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-05-19-18-13-03…)

No. 520976

File: 1526778953212.png (767.58 KB, 720x1038, Screenshot_2018-05-19-18-15-15…)

No. 520978

Jesus. The light and shadows in the floor made me thing for a second there was piss on the floor.

No. 520979

File: 1526779566136.jpg (54.48 KB, 960x701, Adobe_20180519_192509.jpg)

Ah yes! This is my favorite type of cat.

No. 520982

File: 1526780186083.png (12.12 KB, 461x73, Screenshot 2018-05-19 at 6.36.…)

holy fuck

No. 520985

I'm pretty sure her lips are full spread, Anon.

No. 520986

You can see the pubes hanging out. What the fuckkk.

No. 520988

Thank you for appreciating my terrible sense of humor, Anon.

The return of flannel-kun.

No. 520992

>ass acne

No. 520999

Anyone got a dropbox link for her Peachy set?

No. 521005

Not yet. For some reason that and the shibari Android didn’t leak - I think because she had such a huge dip, even the leakers didn’t stay pledged

No. 521013


"yandeyray", oh momocunt. you slay me.

No. 521014

That ahegao. I have never been more embarrassed for someone in my life. That’s… so embarrassing for her oh my god

No. 521015

File: 1526787719082.png (230.1 KB, 350x652, Screenshot 2018-05-19 at 8.40.…)

No. 521016

File: 1526787741395.png (229.12 KB, 341x653, Screenshot 2018-05-19 at 8.41.…)

icecream with nicoletters

No. 521022

Nice bootleg Rilakkuma

No. 521030

Tattoo not edited out as she claimed she would do in photos, watch still on, lipo scars everywhere, choppy wig, weird frozen smile, vagina practically hanging out of the underwear-this is a fucking mess and she knows it.

No. 521031


This is, no hyperbole, legit haunting. Very unfortunate to have seen this right before bed

No. 521038

I thought the peaches one was on the other chicks patreon?

No. 521039

File: 1526811016969.png (934.28 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2018-05-20-03-08-06…)

Lifting Roxy and Nicoletters, only to drop the latter

No. 521040

File: 1526811045648.png (876.97 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-05-20-03-08-19…)

No. 521042

File: 1526812806322.jpeg (8.37 KB, 188x132, D577603A-D1AD-4810-8E77-8BB653…)

god left me unfinished

No. 521044

she's trying to be like those ig fitness girls who can overhead squat their friends but she's weak af so all she can do is deadlift them (barely)

No. 521046

File: 1526815199794.gif (2.11 MB, 320x320, 07AA3CEE-BFE9-4D4C-98BD-BC1AD9…)

No. 521047

File: 1526815227601.gif (1.69 MB, 320x320, 808DF371-A286-4D00-A55F-2ABBB4…)

No. 521048

File: 1526815255782.gif (1.64 MB, 320x320, A089D0AB-2B96-4F27-9690-DFBFE3…)

No. 521049

200lb + And can’t deadlift a girl that doesn’t weigh more than 140.

No. 521051


i know we're not there yet but this should be next thread pic

No. 521054



No. 521070

Sadly, her ignorant fans know nothing about working out and how deadlifts can be pretty easy. She takes full advantage of people’s laziness and stupidity.
They’re gonna watch this and think, “Wow! She picked up a whole girl! She isn’t enormous because she’s a fat whale, it’s all muscle!”

No. 521073

I fuvking hate how she’s trying to reinvent herself as this strong bad bitch when she lifts once a week and eats like shit and gets lipo once a year

No. 521074



LMAOOO it fucking inverts

No. 521081

Do you think she realizes the only reason people are impressed by those “girls lifting girls” videos is because they’re usually really skinny girls in minimal workout clothes, suddenly getting their friend off the floor and over their shoulders for a squat.

She looks like a gorilla struggling

No. 521083

but moo is only trying to impress her shit neckbeard orbiters who probably haven't stepped foot in a gym since high school assemblies. she best be careful with dropping her friends, she's bound to give someone brain damage.

No. 521085

She looks like a fat lumberjack man that came out of the woods to kidnap a skinny girl.

She makes the ugliest fucking faces holy shit man.

No. 521086

or like a bigfoot or something.

No. 521087

File: 1526832347817.jpg (44.73 KB, 500x695, Trunchbull-Matilda-movie-Pam-F…)

She should just stick to lifting children

No. 521089

this seems more like moos #goals every day tbh. moo is just as gross and old and lumpy looking. she probably wishes she could be a tall menacing beast.

No. 521091

She wishes she had bigfoot's strength. She probably smells like one, though.

No. 521094

Seeing Moo with other girls is sad. She always wears the same thing, never wears any makeup outside of cosplay, never does anything with her hair… I know that she's a total cunt and her friends don't like her deep down, but I almost wish someone would take her under their wing and at least show her ways she can dress or a simple hairstyle. Not that she deserves it, but she looks like an off-duty lunch lady compared to these other women.

No. 521095

File: 1526834161579.png (1009.08 KB, 720x1149, Screenshot_2018-05-20-09-34-09…)

No. 521097

The last time someone tried to teach her something, she acted like she was a total expert on the subject. It's easy to see why people won't bother trying to teach her anything.


So in Mariah's English: Any Higurashi fans going to ax that don't want to be with a group?

Mooriah, you lurk here enough to know the difference between a part and apart. Stop being a lazy cunt.

No. 521102

File: 1526835433163.png (173.72 KB, 490x574, Screenshot 2018-05-20 at 9.57.…)

No. 521104

>tells her fans to buy from a sketchy overpriced shop



Mariah are you too retarded to use Google? Literally the first search that pops up is IS HELLO COSPLAY LEGIT

No. 521106

File: 1526837588171.jpg (705.84 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180520_103201.jpg)

In comparison to the actual outfit design..

No. 521108

Now you too can be as inaccurate as Moo!

No. 521113

File: 1526838876793.jpg (50.46 KB, 650x500, higurashi-no-naku-koro-ni-cosp…)

I'm laughing so hard because this shit is so inaccurate that even the shitty figure they tried to use as reference shows how incorrect the costume is.

Moo is such a HUGE FAN though so she definitely knows better than the actual game

Either way I sincerely doubt that this costume would even fit her since a common complaint that these companies get measurements wrong (usually too small from what I'm seeing).

This also shows that she's indeed losing massive bucks on patreon because why not just commission the costume? If she was commissioning hers then she wouldnt be telling everyone to buy this shit version and just tell people to make their own.

No. 521114

Bet you 5 bucks antares is making it for her again. They went down to her house recently

No. 521122

Tinfoil: moo is linking shitty versions so her commissioned one will stand out against her thotlings

No. 521128

Most cosplay companies do Asian sizing. Moo isn't even American sizing at this point even the most basic of clothing looks weird on her. If she put her 'idealized' measurements in like she seems to with every cosplay she commissions. I imagine it being milanoo disaster.

No. 521150

That's true. She puts zero effort into her appearance and looks like she smells like mildew and farts. I guess it's beneficial for insecure girls because basically anyone looks cuter next to her.

No. 521154

She makes Vamp look cute next to her and that's saying something since Vamp is ugly as fuck and gaining weight.

No. 521157

At the risk of derailing, I've wondered why Moo never offered to help Vamp. Fixing her nose and tooth can't be all that much more than her lipo can it? It's not like Moo isn't throwing money at her 'friends' as is.

No. 521171

I'll be going icognito. This is gonna be fun

No. 521172

She could have offered it for her birthday instead of buying her new furniture, but Moo has made fun of Vamp before for her looks, why make the competition look better?

No. 521177

Where the myoppa statement at

No. 521179

With her diplomas.

No. 521186

File: 1526854527934.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 597.42 KB, 3840x2160, Photo May 16, 5 20 08 PM_previ…)

I know this was posted yesterday but this picture is the fucking worst out of the set im in shock that she allowed this to be posted publicly

look at her fucking ripply stretched stomach. it doesnt even seem real.

No. 521189

The videos are so fucking creepy, I don't know exactly what it is about them, but they make my skin crawl. It's not even just disgust at how grows she's being, there's something really creepy about them.

No. 521193

God, just. Everything about this is disgusting.
>Uneven, mutilated wig
>Bad attempt at kawaii animu eyes makeup
>The gaping mouth of a dead fish, with extra dirt stache
>Too small top squeezing the color out of her poor tits
>Rolls on rolls of her definitely totally developing six pack for real
>Obvious pandering to foot fetishists
>Complete with "I don't want to focus on lewds please take me seriously!!" labia indent
I would say this was a new low for her, but nothing has surpassed the time we got to find out what color her asshole is. Not just yet.

No. 521200

She has no sex appeal at all, she has no fucking clue how to be sexy, the whole overgrown baby surprised at being dropped on the floor thing might work for a stupid anime character, but you're a human being. If you try to make the same expression as an already dopey looking cartoon, you're going to look completely ridiculous. She either does this surprised look, looking half-dead gazing off into place, or a somehow even less sexy 'sultry' look licking her non-existent lips. I know she's not a professional model, but try to actually learn how to look sexy on camera dumbass.

No. 521207

She really does like a big, fat stupid baby with her chunky, short limbs and that retarded face on top is so off putting. The videos are just horrible kek.

No. 521208

>im in shock that she allowed this to be posted publicly

I mean
only to people who were giving her money, ideally lol

No. 521211

I don't think even her patrons were hoping for her to look like an adult retard baby. They just want her to get into porn and get degraded.

No. 521212

It's because she looks freakier than an animatronic from Five Nights at Freddies

No. 521215

and don't forget wig head-chan peeping in the background

No. 521216

That labia indent almost looks shooped in… But if it's visible doesn't that mean the bottom is that tight on her?

No. 521218

anon you didnt look at the set, did you.

No. 521238

Long gone are the days where Patreon was for truly talented creators, now you can have your vagina practically falling out in a Aliexpress cat lingerie set and classify it as art. Which is sad as there are many great cosplayers on there who share their skills and deserve better.

No. 521239

FFS post a spoiler on that shit

No. 521253


can we just take a second to talk about how gross she is for clearly pandering to foot fetishists in this set

No. 521256

File: 1526864641693.png (895.99 KB, 720x1178, Screenshot_2018-05-20-18-02-12…)

No. 521259

we already mentioned it multiple times but sure

No. 521260

That is her entire pussy. You can even clearly see her cleft where her clit would be. This is porn.

No. 521264

File: 1526866545521.jpeg (819.69 KB, 733x1105, D00702F0-E331-47CC-A6AD-563F3B…)

slave appreciation post

No. 521268

And she's even bigger now, yikes.

No. 521269

"Why are your curves so curvy"

aka why are u so fat

No. 521272

Oh fuck off with that love for culture and history bullshit. Rich coming from a ching chang chong shrieking moron with yellow fever.

No. 521275

File: 1526867363064.jpeg (65.75 KB, 666x314, 6BDA1C84-F124-47F4-9638-4BE7D8…)

No. 521281

Showed this to my bf, pretty sure he went blind after exposing him to it.(no1curr)

No. 521284

File: 1526868938484.png (593.8 KB, 930x592, Screenshot 2018-05-20 at 7.15.…)

why is she posting old af pictures of herself

No. 521287

probs 'cause she misses how she looked in those photos

speaking of, the lower left one there would be a lot more terrifying if we all hadn't already seen her shitshow Pochaco up top lul

No. 521294

Truffle shuffle!!!!

No. 521303

This racist bitch got some nerve trying to act like she doesn't mock chinese people and anyone else who cosplays Mei.

No. 521305

File: 1526875064452.png (128.22 KB, 720x845, Screenshot_2018-05-20-20-54-46…)

No. 521307

File: 1526875737808.png (485.23 KB, 1024x1796, PicsArt_05-20-09.08.05.png)

No. 521309

>realistic look
>pink hair

If she wanted to go more 'realistic' why not just go ginger? that literally makes no sense. Also if your jacket is darker shouldnt your wig also be darker and not paler? Your lies make no sense moo.

This actually rustled my jimmies.

No. 521310

Such a fucking chukd. She ahs decided she likes her cheap fake glasses now so she will wear them until they fall apart.

No. 521311

She's lazy. It doesn't take much to order a magenta wig. She used this excuse for her Pochaco/Carmilla argument

No. 521312

>"I recommend Meditation, and yoga!"

God forbid it ever happens, but you should practice what you preach, Moo. with all the tirades you've gone on as well as your general cuntiness, I'd say you could use some "Meditation, and yoga!"

No. 521313

she's just forcing positivity instead of telling people to off themselves.

No. 521315

>I can see the passion put into it

Yeah a lot of passion of paying for a comission. She STILL isn't correcting people when they assume she made it. Did she credit the cosplayer who made it in the post?

No. 521317

she never credited monchichitanuki for making it on her second account, no. Not on any of the Francis photos is there a credit.

No. 521318

If she can find an excuse not to buy something she'll go with it.

No. 521319

True. But, yaknow, "being seen as a serious cosplayer" means not being lazy..? Her eyes and hands must be broken.

No. 521323

File: 1526880263583.png (292.07 KB, 349x655, Screenshot 2018-05-20 at 10.24…)

No. 521324

File: 1526880292298.png (222.23 KB, 348x652, Screenshot 2018-05-20 at 10.24…)

it begins

No. 521326

Gotta appeal to the furries!

No. 521327

time to work on this for 3 months and never finish it and then sell it

No. 521330

File: 1526881806701.png (203.54 KB, 352x651, Screenshot 2018-05-20 at 10.50…)

No. 521343

File: 1526883816073.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180520-232151.png)

No. 521344

File: 1526883840645.png (439.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180520-232202.png)

No. 521345

File: 1526883905562.png (54.09 KB, 190x230, Screenshot 2018-05-20 at 11.24…)

where's your neck bitch

No. 521346

this is extremely awkward and her tail looks like a really long dick

She really doesn't do any sort of quality check, does she

No. 521348

Nitpick but why the fuck didn't she remove the pin before it went under the presser foot, no wonder whatever seam she does is wonky.

No. 521349

For some reason I was thinking she didn't look so bad here body wise and then it hit me why - those huge baggy pants somehow balance out how huge the rest of her is. Like, I don't know how to explain it but it's hilarious to think about.
Her fucking face, though. It's like she just clocked out completely.

No. 521350

I’ve DIED. The tail looks like a long penis. Oh moo, don’t ever change. You’re one of my favorite disasters.

No. 521351



No. 521352

Once again, her "I'm trying not to shit myself" face. Too late Moo, the tail already looks like a huge turd.

No. 521353

This is a fucking trainwreck…
Lopsided bra
weird tag in the front of her pants
turd tail
curtain pants
huge neck and arms

No. 521354

Am I crazy or is shit sticking her butt out to make her midsection look smaller? There's no way she's standing straight.

No. 521355

her midsection has 0 curve so it looks hella donkey kong

No. 521356

Is that hair of her butchered Pochaco wig??? Damn she’s lazy as fuck, she already released her photos with that stupid cosplay and didn’t pick up the mess she made yet?!?! Clean after your mess your pig

No. 521357

File: 1526885750796.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1706, moojin.png)

DAT shoop tho. Literally just compare it to these:
I believe they squished the entire torso thinner and lengthened her legs

This took me less than 10 minutes to lazily shoop back into her real body shape that matches the photos she took before.

No. 521360


i'm laughing at the thought of this dick-looking tail dragging behind her wherever she waddles. she's so sloppy.

No. 521362

Oh Christ, does that mean Kelton had to airbrush her whole body? I hope he charged her quadruple because DAMN that's a lot of paint.

No. 521363

File: 1526887386101.png (1001.79 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-05-21-00-20-13…)

Dyeing inside her cosplay room?

No. 521366

The dyed bits already look ratty! what the fuck did she do to it?

No. 521367

The wig is dying alright.

The tail is wrong already, and no one there has the sense to even place the tail slightly sideways so as to not look like an elongated penis. Bless their souls.

No. 521368


It's only for show

No. 521370

You can sew across a sideways pin if you want but yeah, this is totally staged.

No. 521374

This just makes me think mom says it’s my turn for the xbox

No. 521377

File: 1526891683010.png (1.14 MB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2018-05-21-01-33-33…)

nm Vamp is over making their costumes

No. 521381

File: 1526893932221.png (244.34 KB, 345x652, Screenshot 2018-05-21 at 2.11.…)

>just realized she dyed the wig the wrong gradient
>thinks it looks better this way

No. 521383

What an eye for detail! Nevermind being accurate, it "looks better", in quotations because it's a sorry excuse of a gradient.

No. 521384

We can only hope someone steps on it.

No. 521392

File: 1526899912028.png (759.87 KB, 830x1080, 3E1BEC37-BAC6-4043-A090-FEE82B…)

Does she not look at reference pictures before she does anything? She makes so many dumb, easily avoidable mistakes like this or like the upside down Francis Drake collar.
Not to mention it's the order the colors go in the color wheel, why would a gradient even go yellow -> blue -> green? She puts no thought into anything before she does it.
It doesn't look better Moo, because it's literally wrong.
I swear she goes on these energy drink and Adderall-fueled sprees of working on stuff and after a few hours she crashes and realizes how badky she fucked up.

No. 521397

File: 1526902837746.jpeg (1.09 MB, 3072x3072, E4FD02D1-B7CD-4DDB-84BB-60E807…)

she’s the same dumbass who flips bangs on every character she cosplays as, even her beloved mei. she’s absolutely braindead

No. 521403

Zoomed in (why) and you can see some of her butt curlycues sticking out of her underwear. And a zit on her cheek.

Fucking disgusting. Who's shooping these for release? Her? Why can't she quality control her own shit?
This is worse than that old grey thong worn wrong pic.

No. 521408

What the fuck are those 2 cotton patches on her thong for?

No. 521409

they're supposed to be cat ears

No. 521414

File: 1526912085089.jpg (61.16 KB, 900x900, 46_original[1].jpg)

pic related is how the set should look, but it's not for moo's size and she stretches it out past max. it doesn't even look cat ear related anymore. the chest hole is supposed to be a kitty head too, so…

No. 521415

Thank you for the clarifications anons. I thought they were bandages for fresh lipo scars.

No. 521420

File: 1526915989156.jpg (28.92 KB, 665x574, 47b.jpg)

>I made a mistake
>you know what it's better this way I meant to do that

No. 521421

Honestly thought it was pad wings

No. 521423

As her management company we should diagram whatever her cosplay is supposed to be and color code it for her since she obviously can't. Ever. And also a shopping list that has her ACTUAL sizes listed. Seriously as funny as it is to watch her fuck up every last single thing she does it might be hilarious to watch her do one right for a fucking change and know it came from us.

No. 521428

Why? It just validates that no one is following her for her "Cosplays" and just care for the weird fetish porn. No real fans of any series follows Moo for her "accurate" cosplays unless they are overweight thots who want to leech off her

No. 521433

When does Lucoa ever even have her hair up?

No. 521434

File: 1526921366711.jpg (230.48 KB, 1366x768, elma-lucoa-shouta.jpg)

A few times actually
And iirc she's doing waitress Lucow and her hair is up for that

No. 521435

File: 1526921403392.png (1.09 MB, 720x1151, Screenshot_2018-05-21-09-49-00…)

No. 521436

She'll still fuck it up with her poses, her expressions, her makeup, her choice of location, editing etc., she can't get anything right we'll have to cover everything. But even if we tailored a whole cosplay plan for her she'll still make "artistic liberties" for everything so it'll all be for moot.

It's best for us to just point out her mistakes afterwards since we're paid in milk lol.

No. 521437

I think all of us who knew what we were looking at were just people familiar with the outfit.

And even then, not always 100% sure. Or at least, I wasn't…

No. 521438

File: 1526921498039.jpeg (22.63 KB, 329x447, images.jpeg)

It's the version in a kimono for new years.

No. 521442

Lmao it's so unrecognizable as Drake.

No. 521446

Oh shit it's so innacurate it's supposed to be in a loose bun lol. Mariah gave Gabby her Camilla Kimono which she changed for new years Lucoa, guess she'll be taking backsies since they love to penny pinch with each other.

No. 521447

lmao anyone who works out even minimally would know this isnt impressive, people who just start deadlifting can probably lift 100+. Moo has been supposedly been working out for a while she should be able to do this for reps.

Sage for /fit/ sperg.

No. 521450

File: 1526925201581.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1242x1708, E845A540-A9FB-4A3E-A459-E3D605…)

If anyone was wondering who she’s copying, misotokki the gf of squarenoodles shot Luoca with him a week before she went to them

No. 521460

Moo's doing Waitress Lucow this time around, but I wouldn't be surprised if she now attempts the kimono version since it has been pointed out to her on this thread.

No. 521461

wait… why is the scar going the other way now? Don't tell me she put it on backwards???

No. 521462

File: 1526928404618.jpg (92.36 KB, 960x960, swimsuit lucoa.jpg)


remember mariah's swimsuit lucoa?

No. 521463

No. 521467

Such a kawaii whalefu uwu
She’s so accurate with the animes and captures the characters with such dignity and grace.

No. 521468

Dude (Looks Like a Lady)

No. 521469

How can moo even compete? Even if she were 100 lbs lighter she's not really cute enough to compare.

No. 521471

Why does her face say, "ahh, finally sitting down for a piss"?

No. 521473

She did lucoa ages ago so its tinfoiling to say she is copying misowhoever
Everyone knows anything Lucoa is copying Gabby

No. 521476

YESSSSS called it lmao, Moo's such an idiot and I just live for it. She lurks here so much you'd think this is the one thing she would take from us. I can't get enough of her fuck ups.

No. 521477

File: 1526933398741.gif (1.87 MB, 245x160, Meangirls.gif)

Why did no one tell her it's wrong
Does she just plan on mirroring all the images?

No. 521494

Jesus christ she's such a loud mouth breather in her recent clip.
Also, surprising no one, she's being cringey in Joanns/Michaels with Vamps.

No. 521496

File: 1526937505805.png (337.97 KB, 351x656, Screenshot 2018-05-21 at 2.18.…)

No. 521507

File: 1526940741538.png (489.43 KB, 810x592, Screenshot 2018-05-21 at 3.12.…)

No. 521510

File: 1526941152017.png (13.65 KB, 470x129, Screenshot 2018-05-21 at 3.19.…)

No. 521511

more looking for ideas to steal, I see

No. 521512

My favorite cosplay is momocunt doing jnig. The walmart version.

No. 521527

File: 1526946548053.png (7.27 MB, 1242x2208, 5554182F-010D-43B8-8B88-0823AE…)

That gut….

No. 521529

File: 1526946621426.png (Spoiler Image, 5.87 MB, 1242x2208, 3390C1DD-21B2-48C7-B3FE-EBBF9A…)

Thirsty for taken guys again, Nicoletters bf. she never makes posts like this especially about people who don’t use their Instagram much.

No. 521530

File: 1526946663288.png (Spoiler Image, 8.33 MB, 1242x2208, 8ADD88A3-E0B0-4188-8FC1-F387DA…)

Whoops didn’t mean to spoiler that one.

Her skin looks fucking trashed

No. 521531

>messy wig, strands all over the place
>can see her hair/cap/whatever
>still has gut - this is the best photoshop can do to her body

No. 521533

>umineko anime

imagine having taste this bad whew

No. 521541

I’m surprised Nicolette hasn’t really done much knowing how she is, also I think it’s hilarious how much Kevin kisses her ass now with how much shit he talked about her and just those types of people in general
Birds of a feather I suppose

No. 521542

File: 1526948104438.jpeg (409.46 KB, 750x797, B6CC989B-9A78-4184-8297-11A7F5…)

No. 521544

She probably has dirt on Moo, and its not like Kevin would downgrade so hard from her to Mariah. She probably is aware of this so doesn't worry. They seem like they genuinely like each other.

No. 521547

>brown eyebrows
>not winking
>black bra
>lapel facing wrong way
>wrong color of pink for wig
>that fucking "braid"

jesus h christ

No. 521552

honestly that's what I thought that black and gold dress was going to be for…

No. 521556

>being this much of a faggot
anon the chapters in the game are called episodes…
ffs i hate when people try to one up moo when they don't know shit. most embarrassing behavior.

No. 521558

Almost as bad as triple posting my dude.

No. 521560

Wait, what? Is this guy dead? She's posting photos she took with a now dead guy?

No. 521562

It's just another spoiler.

No. 521564

File: 1526952266087.png (594.6 KB, 720x941, Screenshot_2018-05-21-18-23-55…)

No. 521565

File: 1526952490167.jpg (63.25 KB, 960x960, 33161891_1326172084194404_2085…)

from facebook

No. 521566


she didn't give herself credit for the top in this one. maybe she's realizing how garbage it looks.

No. 521568

Man, i wondered why that wig looked pretty good. Of course, she didn't touch it.

No. 521569

She looks like a giant stick of pink gum

No. 521570


they call them episodes in the anime adaptation too and there aren't 8 episodes in the vn. who's the faggot now?

No. 521571

File: 1526953074593.png (507.19 KB, 808x590, Screenshot 2018-05-21 at 6.37.…)

No. 521573

last pic without 2 pounds of cat hair and wrinkles from laying on the floor.

No. 521575

She really looks like she has aged 10 years in the last 2. Going downhill quick.

No. 521576

File: 1526953656147.png (99.11 KB, 235x271, I_see_new_art[1].png)

>there aren't 8 episodes in the VN
uuuh anon, 8 is in chiru and is the last episode. you're more of a fraud than moo.

No. 521579

No1 currs

No. 521584

No. 521586

File: 1526956084716.jpeg (574.12 KB, 750x1071, C00E14FD-C820-4592-8DE9-254B28…)

don’t worry, she spit the cupcakes out

No. 521588


"Cheap baked goods" Moo, you are cheap as fuck yourself and bitch you so fat that at this point eating a few cupcakes and cookies vs the shit u put into your body already won't make a difference.

What a waste of cheap baked goods

No. 521590

I love that she has to TELL us that she 'tots' spit them out after. Soo health conscious my dudes

No. 521594

What even is a cheap baked good? like you gotta spend $30 on a cupcake or something but you know unnecessary details = lie

No. 521597

Didn't she claim to have made the top in another post?

No. 521598

File: 1526957259452.png (84.18 KB, 492x280, press4forlie.png)

the gut tells me different

No. 521599

I can't tell if this is condescending because it implies she "only eats the finest sweets huehue~", condescending because she's fucking wasting food, or condescending because she's pretending to be the bestest muslim observing Ramadan!

No. 521600

File: 1526957395848.png (272.87 KB, 342x650, Screenshot 2018-05-21 at 7.48.…)

No. 521601

File: 1526957422809.png (144.4 KB, 344x649, Screenshot 2018-05-21 at 7.49.…)

No. 521602

Yeah right. I bet this bitch sucks up whole boxes of hostess cupcakes in seconds when no one is around.

No. 521603

File: 1526957612162.jpg (25.36 KB, 400x400, aggretsuko.jpg)

both are way too dark… (pic for reference)

No. 521607

So we are just supposed to not notice her weight gain and meticulously recorded unhealthy lifestyle because she says she eats right and claims to work out? What a delusional twat.

No. 521609

Tits down to her goddamn belly button
Get supportive bras, bitch

No. 521613

Aw lookit, she got new horns from China. The shitty 3D printed horns gifted to her by one of her neckbeards was the funniest part of her Lucoa before, no lie.

No. 521614

Apparently eating out at KBBQ, pho, icecream with nicoletters, sushi and drinking Monster like it's water is healthy

No. 521617

File: 1526959419655.jpeg (215 KB, 750x1748, 4109EDCB-A4A3-49DD-8594-D5CCBA…)

This showed up on my Pinterest feed and it’s pretty relavent to Moo. Poor, poor assless Moo.

No. 521618

>other times I just prefer a different side
That's her amazing eye for detail doing its magic I guess.

This looks worse than I had expected because I didn't think even moo would mess up such a simple costume. You can tell she's uncomfortable wearing this cosplay because her poses/expressions are even more awkward and stiff and she's doing this slouch that says "I want this to be over with".

That's it, she's going after feeder fetishists.

No. 521619

Legitimate question: Is she color blind or just dumb and stubborn? She keeps picking the worst coloured wigs for her cosplays and I don't get why. Does she just search up "orange wig" and pick the first option without looking at the reference image because she's a lazy fuck?

The 3D printed horns weren't really shitty per se, she just didn't finish them properly. The person sent Momo a base for the horns which you're supposed to sand and paint properly, and Momo just slapped on one solid coat of paint and called it a day.

No. 521621

File: 1526961434174.png (18.46 KB, 493x174, Screenshot 2018-05-21 at 8.57.…)

Angel Mort group post

No. 521630

This is bullshit
Last time she planned a group thing like this was that 7 Deadly Sins group and that was a shit show
She literally shuns people who aren't in her clique

No. 521635

She won't even do a short wig for Retsuko, lmao. She needs long hair otherwise it's not sexy!

No. 521636

File: 1526967231639.png (178.38 KB, 348x651, Screenshot 2018-05-21 at 10.33…)


No. 521637

I remember when she insisted she ONLY bought Arda wigs lmao

No. 521638

Bitch can't buy a new accurate wig for Drake, but buys two inaccurate wigs for Retsuko

No. 521639

She said in her recent instastory that she had no time to get a new Lucoa wig because she had no time but does this >>521636

No. 521650

File: 1526971750654.jpeg (551.6 KB, 750x1291, 5B06C4DB-5F97-4290-8721-6EC786…)

if this dumbass bitch could order a seriously inaccurate Retsuko wig she could’ve ordered a wholesale Lucoa wig lmao she’s just so stupid. also, i understand con crunch but Fanime is literally in 2-3 days lmao she’s gonna be a wreck

No. 521652

>we both like food nomnomnom thow i spit ot out

What is she trying to say? She’s a linguistic major right?

No. 521654

Kek I really can’t wait for fanime. It’s such an overcrowded, busy con there’s no way her and her calves can keep an eye out for any sniper pics. Can’t wait to see some raw unedited gut ripples

No. 521659

File: 1526973012927.png (203.01 KB, 351x650, Screenshot 2018-05-22 at 12.08…)

>bought teeth whitening kit
>complained it made her jaw lock
>says she's going to whiten 3 times a day

No. 521662

it’s not as overcrowded as katsucon or ax which makes it so liked. because of that it’s not as easy getting candids of moo lol she’s literally always surrounded or hiding out

No. 521665

3 times a day with hismile, with sodium bicarbonate? Her teeth with be white but her enamel will erode and hurt like hell if she does it to much

No. 521667

File: 1526974266955.png (276.45 KB, 346x648, Screenshot 2018-05-22 at 12.30…)

mentioned her "manager" won't let her eat a ton of savory food. bitch where lmao

No. 521669

File: 1526974418902.png (180.57 KB, 347x657, Screenshot 2018-05-22 at 12.33…)

No. 521670

File: 1526974441943.png (203.46 KB, 348x657, Screenshot 2018-05-22 at 12.33…)

No. 521673

Those are some deep dark circles around granny's eyes. She needs to stop seeking attention and go to fucking sleep. The least she can do is save her eyes. And wash her clothes.

No. 521675

We’re her “manager”.

No. 521676

File: 1526975517106.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, 5FEBAB50-25CB-422B-8DFE-36ED41…)

She makes me sad because sometimes she has a really pretty smile. :,(

No. 521677

wtf does that mean? why 'savory' food? does she know how food or tastes work?

No. 521678


No. 521679

tbh the funniest part is that she thinks what she does is hard or even good enough that she'd need a manager.

No. 521682

File: 1526977497259.gif (4.31 MB, 337x600, 141F88BB-1C5C-4727-B029-D2F1A7…)

No. 521683

File: 1526977551411.png (153.23 KB, 352x655, Screenshot 2018-05-22 at 1.26.…)


No. 521684

That would be us lmao

>opens with tits
And you say people don't take you seriously

No. 521686

oof that blatant Nigri teaser ripoff though

No. 521687

File: 1526980812157.png (955.67 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-05-22-05-19-53…)

This looks like it hurts

No. 521688

File: 1526982029854.jpeg (136.02 KB, 750x1334, 74445865-FFF7-4E2C-8640-78BB20…)

Titty stretch marks(Nitpicking)

No. 521689

everyone has these, don't nickpick

No. 521691

How is she so wide? People usually look more flattering from the front, but she seems way skinnier in the right pic. Shoop?

No. 521693

File: 1526986271815.png (Spoiler Image, 1.49 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180522-124931.png)

No. 521696

Ahhhh this gave me nostalgia of her to love ru photo set where she used heavy cream on her tits vs whipped cream

No. 521697

Oh Mariah…

No. 521698

not advertising lewds on instagram anymore my dudes

No. 521699

“no more lewds my duuuuudes!!! i wanna be taken seriously!!! no lewds, i promise!!”

No. 521701

Holy mother of god, I thought her legs were balloons, and even with all the airbrushing her stomach is still a different shade from the rest of her body.

No. 521703

she said her manager wont let her eat food from random people. which is reasonable seeing how that one "problematic" chinese artist got cookies from a random fan and they had needles in them

No. 521706

You can see the padding in there

No. 521707

That reminds me; I saw her at Fanime a few years ago when she was still wearing those bodysuit/waist trainer costumes. Everything under the waist trainer jiggled super hard when she walked. She's gained a lot of weight since then, so it's probably even worse now…

No. 521708

Anything to be able to put "wig hand dyed by ME" under every single picture anon

You know I wouldn't believe anyone could be so stupid, but nothing surprises me anymore with Moo. How is she expecting to eat her precious pho and drink sugary, bubbly Monster when the pores of her teeth are being blasted open for like three hours a day? She's going to be in so much pain.

No. 521709

Why is she in a bathtub though?

No. 521715

Probably because of the body paint. If she's at an Airbnb then she wouldn't want to mess up the bed sheets with that pink shit.

No. 521718

Ok sure, if that makes you feel better. I haven’t seen many girls her age with no kids who have them.

Any time anons share an unfortunate trait w moo they consider it nitpickin. It’s normal to have them sure, just like naso labial folds, off white teeth, puffy eyes, etc are but sorry. You are unlucky in that department.

No. 521720


stretch marks are normal. most of my female friends have them somewhere and none of us have kids.
you're either lucky if you don't have them, or you have them somewhere you can't see.

No. 521721

Anon you’re either retarded or a man. Girls get these after puberty when their tits swell up from mosquito bites to actual breasts in little time. Literally every girl I know has them whether they be slim or obese. We all have them and no one is trying to defend moo. Quit nitpicking and sperging when you’re called out

No. 521722

omg anon this spooked me for a minute, too, but they mean the character he's cosplaying as is dead not the actual guy himself!!

No. 521726

No im a girl and literally only have one friend who had them this high up. Literally everyone shares one sad trait w her, boohoo.

You’re as touchy as the dumbass bad tattoo defenders from earlier.

No. 521727

Are you prepubescent? or can you just not see where your own stretch marks are?

Stop being a sperg and swinging at all the anons bc you know you’re being retarded. It’s nitpicking, and it makes us look retarded to sperg about tit stretch marks of all things. Moo has way better faults.

No. 521729

>"I only know one person who has stretch marks that high up therefore they aren't common even though I'm basing it solely on people I know and not factoring in every other woman I don't know"

Stop nitpicking nothing, seriously.

No. 521731

Nope, actual real tits, just “lucky” I guess.

Oh well it’s funny to see all these ladies get upset when their personal imperfections are called out on someone else. “I have this, dont make fun of it!”

No. 521734

not everyone gets breast stretchmarks, anon

(tiny titties here)

No. 521736

On a final note, I don’t get you people. You shit on her for how saggy her tits are, which is also super common and you rag on her over vein-chan when tit veins are also a common thing to get but the stretch marks are somehow off limits. Ok.

No. 521737

not everyone does and that’s true but saying that it’s weird for people to get them at moo’s age is idiotic. i got stretch marks during puberty because my hit a growth spurt weirdly, and i have a friend who has flawless skin and no stretch marks. there’s actual things wrong with moo’s body (like the way she takes care of it) but stretch marks just happen sometimes.

No. 521738

It’s bc most things we shit on for moo is a product of her gluttony and shitty life choices.

But even the great retard moo can’t help tit marks. It’s stupid to laugh at something that she was gonna get no matter what she did and who she is. It’s agaisnt the whole point of poking fun at moo for doing something stupid and something stupid happens to her bc of it. That’s why it’s this and not that, dumbass.

Can we stop infighting about this shit now? 16 year olds coming in to fight about all the things they don’t know and shitting up the thread is irritating

No. 521739

saggy flat tits are not common on an obese 22 year old. We point out the veins because she's always so shooped and covered in makeup why would she cover blemishes and shoop out her liposcars but not her giant boob vein that is directly where people are looking and she's constantly using her boobs as the focal point.

No. 521741

The veins and sag aren’t caused by her choices nor are many others things that we all find it alright to laugh at but ok.

No. 521742

Saggy breasts are natural. Saggy breasts after you’ve had a reduction and a lift are not and are due to her weight gain. I don’t care about vein-chan but it’s something people make fun off in her patreon photos as it’s something that really should be photoshopped out of pay to view images.

No. 521743

imagine doubling down on your sperging this hard. Just let it go anon

No. 521744

Fck, it almost made me vomit my pizza out

No. 521745


we rag on her for her saggy tits because she doesn't wear properly supportive bras/tops.
we rag on her for vein-chan because she doesn't take the time to cover it up or edit it out for professional shoots.
when it's a story on instagram nobody cares about her stretch marks.

No. 521746

Let's move on from the tit marks topic and get back to actual shitty things this cow does like lie about having a manager and posting lewd shit despite quite recently saying that she would stop doing that.

I am actually amazed at how short-term her memory is.
Bitch just do porn already.

No. 521747

moo's stretchmarks at this age are from her getting fat tho. they weren't on her old nudes, she's 21, and not still in the kind of puberty where your chest grows cause of hormones, it's growing cause she's a fat slob.

No. 521748

>actual shitty things

you mean like every cosplay she's shat out in the past week? good lord. it's like every time she gains weight, she gains mediocrity.

No. 521749

.. I think it's okay? In a sense? Besides the obvious things others have pointed out, but it just looks better compared to others. I guess since her eyes are closed in this one so I don't get distracted by her massive pupils

No. 521752

i don't think it's okay. i think it misses the point cause she's fucking nasty and fat. so it just looks like genderbent majin buu eating a bunch of sweets in a tub. it also is disgusting. i don't think she realizes that people use props for this kind of thing and don't actually stick real sugar near their cooch.

No. 521758

File: 1527008121751.png (361.61 KB, 477x574, Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 12.5…)

This is probably off topic completely but I found this and thought "Omg, someone is cosplaying as Moomoo!"
Sorry for not contributing just thought I'd show off Moomoo's competition(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 521759


that's just a regular roadhog cosplay anon

No. 521760

File: 1527008940251.png (676.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180522-100620.png)

Man I can't wait to see how inaccurate and cheap looking her Tamamo will be for its Big debut at AX

No. 521761

Why doesn't she just buy a pair from the stores she posted? What a dumbass

No. 521762

i was LITERALLY abt to say the same thing. this is myoppa all over again lmfao “can i get ears that LOOK JUST LIKE THESE….but way cheaper???”

No. 521763

Pretty sure the tiny amount of time she actually sleeps has fried her brain by this point. The possible cocaine and the definite energy drink abuse doesn't help that sad little piece of headmeats, either, of course.

No. 521764

yo someone tag the craft shop in her post aukamicraftshop

No. 521766

The girl has custom orders open in her Etsy shop AND is located in Canada so moo can’t use the international excuse.

No. 521772

Since she's such a pro cosplayer why doesn't she make them herself?

No. 521778

She can barely fit in the tub haha. She