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File: 1513476309705.jpeg (100.48 KB, 750x534, 1513032466582.jpeg)

No. 475963

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>472802

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
New Twitter: https://twitter.com/omariahmallad
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad

IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad

Google Drive:

Attn: Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her lackeys have their own thread here >>>/snow/386826

The basics:
>”body positive”, but photoshops her body. Resorted to getting liposuction to keep some semblance of figure (and failing miserably) all while lying by saying she's exercising
>so laughably bad at making cosplays; gets 90% of costumes commissioned/bought and then makes gloves so she can credit herself as a talented cosplayer and claim her money is "hard-earned"
>does "boudoir"/softcore porn shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame where she'll loiter around booths/other cosplayers or pretend to be a con guest
>has to beg for money, con passes, or just ghosts at cons despite +$10k/month on Patreon
>Spends chunks of her Patreon income on food, drugs, alcohol, etc. rather than on actual cosplay
>pretends to know about the series she cosplays, despite evidence proving otherwise; will tweet profound essays to prove her expert fan knowledge
>Has lewded young characters for the attention; backpedals after backlash
>Goes on crazy media tirades against people like old fuckboy KBBQ, old photog, yet preaches about being nice to everyone
>constantly goes on pity party rants or videos, trying to make people feel bad for her about things that are happening to her when she’s done the same

Highlights from the Last Thread:
>Announces on twitter that she's paid off all her family's debt like the saint she is
>Hops on Nigri's dick every chance she gets; buying a sonico figure, claiming she wet the bed, christmas Ahri cosplay
>Still insisting on establishing her "OC" with photoshoots in different costumes
>Showing how she's turning her kitten Guzma into a POS
>Shows she's done over 50 trash cosplays/photoshoots where she's made about 5
>Admits she's spent $50 on a Fate mobile game
>Argues she's allowed to use patreon $$ on whatever she wants when she's failing to deliver on rewards
>Twitch was temp banned, her ig was temporarily gone
>Claims she used to self harm for pity points

No. 475967

File: 1513476647217.png (389.86 KB, 720x931, Screenshot_2017-12-16-18-07-59…)

No. 475968

one tit

No. 475969

File: 1513476761765.jpg (356.96 KB, 2048x2048, 60EF7FCF-ADDD-440D-B7F2-DDFA4B…)

This might be a nitpick but its annoyed me since thread one. Shes too lazy to pluck her brows to the point where even with a layer of make up and eyeshadows you can still see a thick grey undercast her drawn on brows. Its so sloppy to let your brows grow to essentially full lenght but still draw skinnier brows hoping nobody sees the black straws portruding under her crusty brows.

No. 475973

File: 1513477479264.jpg (24.32 KB, 234x121, 20171217_031912.jpg)

Her eyes freak me out

No. 475975

Of course Moo is making it about herself again. not even a 'nice to meet you too!' like a normal person would respond.

No. 475976


You're not alone anon, they freak me out too. They look like they're bulging out and those eye bags aren't helping.

No. 475977

File: 1513480641078.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1200x1598, 7A1CE705-22DD-49E8-A37E-962700…)

Not only did she wear the same shawl for two different cosplays, they were inaccurate both times. Super Pochaco's was the most accurate of the two but still.

There's nothing wrong with repurposing items but they need to be modified to still work with the costume.

No. 475978

Sorry, forgot to sage

No. 475979

It drives me nuts to see so many stray eyebrow hairs. One or two is like ok, maybe they just didn’t see them but THAT many. That’s just lazy.

No. 475981

yet she waxed her vag and ass

No. 475982

File: 1513484676712.png (397.21 KB, 720x949, Screenshot_2017-12-16-20-23-15…)

No. 475984

File: 1513485179268.png (153.99 KB, 720x814, Screenshot_2017-12-16-20-30-30…)

No. 475985


This legit makes me sad. Sad that I had to see this with my own two eyes. She looks like an aged crackwhore. That wig isn't doing her any favors either. The whole photo feels stiff, like all her sets, but this one especially since it's supposed to be seem candid(?)

No. 475987

sage but her upper back fat is eating her bra…and I know this has been repeated over and over but the lack of ass at her size baffles me

No. 475989

File: 1513486858840.jpeg (61.83 KB, 642x846, 56D2B4A8-5D27-4300-9849-7CE376…)

She seriously looked this photo and thought
“Yep that looks great”

No. 475991

File: 1513487386111.png (554.47 KB, 784x534, totes muslim my dudes.png)

No. 475992

File: 1513487485573.jpg (25.57 KB, 381x351, 665114655.jpg)

wow, so classy

No. 475993

File: 1513487586515.jpg (23.6 KB, 320x307, 1406683135470.jpg)

>that leg shoop

No. 475994

I don't drink anymore, my dudes~

One of her eyes is bugging out more than the other.

No. 475995


So what is she cosplaying?

No. 475996

hounding Asian boys as usual, I see

No. 475997

No ass at all, fat literally spilling over the side of the bra, chicken wing arm, wig so frizzy that it looks like cheap doll hair, super granny mode activated, and her peanut head is too small for her body.

The best thing about this shot are the fake leaves behind her catching the moonlight.

No. 475998

Single White Female, of course. Intimate Nigri Edition.

No. 476000

File: 1513488734044.png (1.09 MB, 576x1024, dat fatface.png)

No. 476004

Holy shit I’m howling they put that towel behind her stomach so they could shoop it flatter - they wouldn’t be able to with the posts behind her

No. 476005

Good eye, anon. Is that why her leg looks fucked?

No. 476006


Looks like she is holding in a pee

No. 476011


She has the worst taste when it comes to the Asian boys she loves so much. She has no chance with that guy. I'm sure he prefers tiny Asian girls. Mar mar is likely twice his weight. She'd crush the guy.

No. 476013

One thigh is larger than what is supposed to be an ass. Tragic.


No. 476015

I feel so much pity for dgn when he has to photoshop momokun, could you imagine the trouble needed to attempt to make momo look slimmer?

No. 476016

He really doesn't look all that happy in this photo if I'm honest. Just looks like "ugh okay fine I'll take a photo with you and be nice"

No. 476017

He is also posting "im backlogged!!!!" posts on his instagram all the time so I imagine he shoops sloppily for paying customers like Mar Mar

No. 476023

Jeeeeezus her arm is huge. And what is going on with her thigh?
I like how the editor edited her backfat/bra area look smoothe enough to almost look like the bra is just shaped that way. But no bra anywhere is shaped that way.

No. 476031

just want to thank op for not using the picture of her shitting in the Santa costume. Ty

No. 476032

I'm not even going to cap it but she went to a massive Xmas party and people were opening gifts. She was obnoxiously yelling at people, demanding things and was the only one doing it.

No. 476033

This is an image board

No. 476034

I understand that. If you want to go on her instagram and record/cap her shitty screech takes of her recording other people opening gifts then go ahead.

No. 476038

File: 1513501423557.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171217-170220.png)

Here you go anons

No. 476039


I just watched them all, everyone is obnoxious during those types of gift exchange things, not just her. You're reaching.

No. 476040

so what did she give/get from the exchange

No. 476041

A Goku cup was handed to her by a girl. She didn't show her own present.

No. 476042

File: 1513502667975.png (10.71 KB, 480x61, Screenshot 2017-12-17 at 1.23.…)

No. 476043

File: 1513502736940.png (250.57 KB, 912x618, Screenshot 2017-12-17 at 1.25.…)

No. 476044

It's been warned by a mod in previous thread, if you don't want to do it, then don't bother posting at all.

No. 476047

The google drive in the OP is getting pretty outdated. Is anyone able to update it?

No. 476049

OP for the original drive decided to stop uploading a while ago. Not sure if there's another patron anon who is willing to edit a new one..

No. 476068

Someone should spend less money on lipo and more money on butt implants tbh. Assuming they wouldn’t burst under her weight or something.

No. 476072

imagine living next door to where she was, stepping outside to let your dog out to pee or something, and you see this on the balcony.

No. 476078

good thing they probably took this at 3am.

No. 476091

File: 1513532589246.jpeg (54.46 KB, 750x266, 0F1D503D-4AC8-4729-80C3-DE84C5…)

Thought she didn’t drink??

No. 476092

at what age do attention whores grow out of this HAHAHA I DRINK ALCOHOL LOOK AT ME shit

No. 476093

File: 1513533071907.jpeg (349.38 KB, 2048x2048, 76E6124A-5B34-4A7F-828C-3DED08…)

Nice stache bro. Lookin like the matchmaker from Mulan

No. 476101

I can't be the only one that sees that huge fupa…right? Kek she could at least photoshop that. Sage for nitpicking

No. 476109


Holy fuck did she actually get bigger? What the actual fuck. So much for lipo and working out. Also don't understand the point of this set. Like what's the theme? Fat, ratty ass, cat lady sipping wine? I bet she did this set just so she can have something to release and thought putting on unflattering lingerie and old wig would be enough for a set. If the so-called ~ 20 sets~ she releases every month is of this quality I doubt she will keep patrons for long and it also shows what her standards for a set are.


Didn't she say not too long ago that she no longer parties because she is "shy" and no longer drinks? If she wants to lie, at least wait a few months before contradicting yourself. Jesus. And she wonders why people can't take her words seriously.

No. 476111

This wig will never die. NEVER.

No. 476121

Looks like she’s wearing “muh chunners” (chun li) today again. She’s working this one almost as much as Mei now

No. 476129

File: 1513544326518.png (884.67 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2017-12-17-12-57-02…)

No. 476130

File: 1513544350057.png (972.82 KB, 720x1041, Screenshot_2017-12-17-12-57-31…)

No. 476131


Poor drunken baby, grow up and stop partying like a piece of shit. If your hangover was as bad as it was you wouldn't be in fucking cosplay either. She's such a gross attention whore.

No. 476133

is it just me or is there a prominent 'stache going on there? Also what the fuck is that brown shit on her nail????

No. 476137

yeah looks like a 5 o'clock shadow

No. 476139

i think that's from her acrylic falling off

No. 476141

It looks like she's caked on so much foundation that it's stuck right to any fuzz she might have on her top lip. Even if you don't have much facial hair going on, that can highlight anything that's there.

No. 476142

File: 1513548059496.png (161.81 KB, 720x872, Screenshot_2017-12-17-13-57-50…)

She has a gold crackle design as a accent nail. It looks shit from far away.

Its a shame she spends so much money on makeup and wastes it on shit application

No. 476144

File: 1513548388172.png (475.33 KB, 1080x642, Screenshot_20171217-170445.png)

Wobble city =/= sharp

No. 476147

How do all of her wigs manage to look so insanely heat damaged from the very start? She says she buys mainly from arda, I have NEVER received such a bad quality from them, and they're all heat resistant too right? I'm baffled.

No. 476149

Overuse of hairspray will make anything dried out. She also probably cuts them with craft scissors..

No. 476151

I think she wants them to look realistic so she makes sure they look as fried as her own hair. It’s just her attention to detail

No. 476154

sage but fckng kek

No. 476160

It's crazy everytime she says she buys from Arda. I am surprised she doesn't just buy them off ebay china and say they're from Arda.

No. 476162

saying sage doesn't sage. It goes intt he email field. You know you didn't fuck up when you aren't green after posting.

No. 476167

File: 1513552422687.png (1.76 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171217-151203.png)

She looks so haggard

No. 476173


Vampybitme is not going to like this. That is her best friend. She is doing it to get close to Vampybitme

No. 476180

I dont think vampy gives a bit of a care about momo and what she's doing tbh.

If momo tries to go after/ruin dpiddy she'll have more to worry about that what vampy thinks

No. 476181

Rinnieriot is there and she's not taking pictures with her? Is she threatened by her or something?

No. 476184

File: 1513554115720.png (772.02 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2017-12-17-15-40-08…)

No. 476186

File: 1513554195631.jpg (371.71 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20171217_153526.jpg)

Exciting con

No. 476187

I think that's from the band of the false eyelashes

No. 476193

jfc… how is this even considered a con? This is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen.

No. 476198

That Dashcon aesthetic.

No. 476200


This perfectly encapsulates Moomoo’s perceived fame. If she was half as famous and important as she claims she is, she wouldn’t have time to sit around and play UNO with all the other no names. No one is begging to get photos with her. No fans dying to meet her. You think Nigri would have the time for this if she was at a con?

Can’t wait for the bullshit “I was super busy my dudes. Got to meet sooo many fans this weekend” lies she will tell.

No. 476202

I can't wait. I can tell she left early because no one was there. I await her delusional tweets.

No. 476204

It makes me laugh really. She sees herself as a world-renowned cosplayer, yet she gets nowhere near as much attention of some of the cosplayers. I mean, look at Enji lately, she's been receiving gifts etc from her fans at con.

No. 476208


I’m sure she’ll try to spin this as “I’m not some elitist snob who thinks she is too busy to hang out with people”. As if she had to take time out of her “oh so busy schedule” to do this and she should be applauded for it.

No. 476210

Is she trying to copy Trisha Paytas now?

No. 476215


She's been copying her.


>using social media to call out guys
>making videos crying
>acting like the world is all about her

No. 476219

File: 1513561526968.jpg (74.21 KB, 958x640, 1455596061006.jpg)


Remember the good ole days when she could successfully fake an ass and pose like something other than a real doll?

No. 476220

Oh my god is that fucking Emmahdorable to her left. How perfect for two disgusting people to collide together.

No. 476221

Squint harder, maybe one day you’ll become the asian girl you always wanted to be

No. 476227

File: 1513562889796.png (830.26 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2017-12-17-18-06-12…)

Real talk how does one's eye bags look like a scrotum

No. 476232

File: 1513563355038.png (312.18 KB, 720x938, Screenshot_2017-12-17-18-10-05…)

No. 476234

File: 1513563394625.png (76.9 KB, 720x512, Screenshot_2017-12-17-18-10-14…)

Inb4 catcalling video

No. 476236

i look forward to no one giving a fuck, again.

No. 476238

Oh hey look i guess she remembered her flop of a 'passion project' she really must be desperate for attention after a weekend of nobody caring about her

No. 476241

File: 1513565214771.png (785.64 KB, 720x971, Screenshot_2017-12-17-18-45-29…)

Can't wait to see the new house she'll trash up!!!

No. 476242

The way that she writes sounds so fake compared to the way that she speaks.

No. 476244

Oh no why is this hoe coming to my house

No. 476246

File: 1513570174835.jpg (332.08 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20171217_200046.jpg)

Not sure if fupa or hoodie pocket

No. 476247

pocket she wears a body shaper under everything

No. 476250

File: 1513572868144.png (1.29 MB, 640x1136, IMG_0843.PNG)

After zooming in on this photo I felt my own eye bags shrivel up

No. 476253

Christ almighty. What is wrong with her left eye?

No. 476254

jesus fuck, her left (our right) is so gross… it’s like it’s eating her eyeball… how do you even get this bad? It’s not just weight gain, right…?

No. 476263

File: 1513579046680.png (786.96 KB, 720x957, Screenshot_2017-12-17-22-36-24…)

No. 476264

File: 1513579163859.png (937.2 KB, 720x816, Screenshot_2017-12-17-22-38-37…)

No. 476266


Oh no, I know the girl in the top right pic. She looks up to Mariah and it makes me extremely sad because she doesn't realize how much of a shit person she really is. She's also done fanart of her and I just want to shake her and tell her to stop.

No. 476272

It's the front of her other thigh kek
It's just positioned slightly more forward, peep her toes on the carpet

No. 476274

She looks like she has fucking pink eye

No. 476277

She probably would or some shit, she leaves eye makeup on for days and probably wears contact lenses on for more than the recommended time, she can't even take care of her worm infested cat and keeps kissing it

No. 476280

File: 1513595106429.png (1021.37 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2017-12-18-03-03-42…)

Look at that mouth acne

No. 476281

File: 1513595411195.png (355.81 KB, 414x603, Screenshot 2017-12-18 at 3.09.…)

No. 476282

File: 1513595723863.png (48.09 KB, 299x609, Screenshot 2017-12-18 at 3.15.…)

No. 476283

lol cheer up dude, no one gets anything

No. 476284

Remember when she bitched about having to go to Michigan to visit her dying grandfather and how she would have to miss the gym.

Well, you’re off to New York and you were at back to back photoshoots in California, then Vegas, then Disney, then a con, now NYC.

What a cunt. Is this sage? Just in case since mods are sensitive

No. 476285

She hates doing things with her family and not for herself.

No. 476286

File: 1513597219182.png (73.52 KB, 720x478, Screenshot_2017-12-18-03-39-27…)

No. 476287


What is she even doing here?

Who even takes holiday like this when there's a whole house to pack??

No. 476288

Maybe she's expecting her dad and family to move her

No. 476289

she owns like two pieces of furniture

bitch has a mostly empty house, aside from garbage

No. 476299

I wouldn't be surprised if there is a shoot she has scheduled around the decorations or something like that. She thinks traveling so far = photos that ooze professional and quality even though her and the costumes can't even keep up with that.
Watch her fly clear over there just to shoot in another mediocre hotel room bed no one can tell the difference between.

No. 476307

Overtflow is in NYC at a sneaker con. She's just following to try to fuck him

No. 476309

She also said the reason for this trip is “Christmas” she mostly just wants to see the tree

No. 476310


She's such a homewrecker and a hypocrite if that's the case. Apparently the reason why she kicked out nomisphotos of the community was because he wanted to see other girls or something. So if she's trying to homewreck a guy in a relationship it makes her a hypocritical scum. Then again wouldn't be her first time being a hypocrite.

No. 476313

it would rely on him actually finding her attractive tho

No. 476322


She pretty much only goes after guys who are already in relationships. She can’t get a guy on her own so she has to try to steal one from another girl because she is scared to death of actually having to compete with all the other women out in the dating world.

She always preaches that bullshit about “girl power” and “us ladies need to stick together and stop trying to tear each other down”, but she has no issue fucking other women over to take something from them just because she doesn’t have it. She’s always been a lying hypocritical piece of shit.

No. 476335

I believe she first mentioned this trip a few months ago, before her patrons started dropping like flies and before she had any idea she was moving. Tbh if my life was as much of a dumpster fire as hers I'd still take the vacation too

No. 476338

bitch is gonna be cooooooold.

No. 476339

right, cause going to disney and cons and parties and eating out all the time is such hard work on top of her needing to move, right?

No. 476340


this >>476339.

why does moo need a vacation from her vacation of a life?

No. 476348

Can't wait for her to experience New York City's transportation. You either experience horrible traffic, smelly subways or walk everywhere and we know that this bitch ain't walking anywhere.

No. 476352

Knowing mooriah, she's nowhere near ready for NYC. They have no time for foolish little girls there.

No. 476356

She’s either getting evicted for the cats/state of the house or she’s even more dumb than I assumed. Who plans a vacation in the same month their lease is ending? I wanted to go back and see if she had tweeted anything about moving this time last year but alas, no old twitter.

Calm down Pegasus

No. 476362

File: 1513628701965.png (1002.67 KB, 703x1195, Screenshot_2017-12-18-12-21-36…)

No. 476363

File: 1513628775836.png (1.03 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2017-12-18-12-22-43…)

No. 476364

File: 1513628794269.png (1.01 MB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2017-12-18-12-23-45…)

No. 476365

File: 1513628982102.png (446.73 KB, 720x890, Screenshot_2017-12-18-12-27-27…)

Vamp said she didn't like them in her Instastory though

No. 476366

File: 1513629004075.png (531.78 KB, 720x803, Screenshot_2017-12-18-12-27-40…)

So thrilled

No. 476369

File: 1513629146229.png (1.01 MB, 720x1044, Screenshot_2017-12-18-12-30-46…)

No. 476373

pathetic…i almost feel bad for her but like it's too good to watch.

No. 476374

LOL did she buy a coat?

No. 476375

No. 476376

File: 1513629595531.png (314.08 KB, 542x517, Screenshot 2017-12-18 at 12.38…)

i wish this was clearer itd be a good reaction image

No. 476377

File: 1513629645791.png (384.45 KB, 587x476, Screenshot 2017-12-18 at 12.40…)

No. 476378

File: 1513629723029.png (248.33 KB, 320x517, Screenshot 2017-12-18 at 12.41…)

No. 476379

whoever said vamps is cute is a liar. her and moo look twice their age.

No. 476380

Her stopping to get Vamp to take this ugly ass picture of her in the middle of Times Square during Christmas season is almost making me fume. Tourists are the worst.

No. 476381

it is a pain. she also looks like she could be literally anywhere in the US.

No. 476382

i can only imagine the smell @2:43

No. 476383

Vamp has only posted maybe 2 things related to her on her instagram in relation to NY but Mariah is spamming like crazy. Tells you how different their personalities are.

No. 476386


All this effort and still not her cosplay daughter. Good fucking game. I feel embarrassed for her almost. Just give up Mar Mar. She won't see you as anything more than a crazy fan girl.

No. 476388

I know right? What's the point of visiting NYC if you're just gonna do the same shit you would at home? Stay where you are, in that case.

No. 476389

File: 1513631288476.jpeg (755.48 KB, 1242x1291, 3C3293D9-640E-4899-A5CB-A31A58…)

Stay classy moo

No. 476393

Thank god he's wearing a mask and can't smell that shit too much.

No. 476394

She’s now doing her hair exactly like Nigri too. Maybe that’s why she fried it so bad. So it can look like straw the way Nigris is. She copies every single thing this woman does. Jesus.

No. 476396

Next thread OP should be an image of Single White Female with Moo and Nigri's heads shooped on.

No. 476398

I'm sorry but this is pathetic as a tourist. You go to Times Square at NIGHT, you know, where there are people and lots of lights. This just looks like downtown, any city. sage for tourist shit.

No. 476419

She had that reputation in high school too, she was a big boyfriend stealer back then so some things never change. Aside from her losing her looks and guys rejecting her now.

No. 476420


She tried to steal mine two years ago. When I caught her she said she wasn’t doing anything wrong. I’ll never forget Mariah.

No. 476421

File: 1513636965466.png (1.24 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2017-12-18-14-40-36…)

No. 476423

oh..so your re-releasing your most expensive and most popular set….again? this is the third time right?

No. 476424


Kek she is a huge hypocrite. It just shows that she only cares about herself. Sure it's okay when she tries to steal other people's boyfriends but when the same happens to her or if a guy finds interest in someone else other than her, all hell breaks loose. She should just spend a whole day looking at herself and think carefully about her actions. Sadly we all know she's too busy being delusional thinking everything she does is correct.

No. 476425

File: 1513637115983.png (124.03 KB, 720x516, Screenshot_2017-12-18-14-43-45…)

No. 476426

File: 1513637313951.png (581.64 KB, 720x928, Screenshot_2017-12-18-14-47-18…)

So popular its re-re-re-released lmao

No. 476427

No. 476433


>does so many shoots a month that she feels the need to re-release sets.

This was definitely her 30 pounds ago.

No. 476434

File: 1513638167442.jpg (Spoiler Image, 454.94 KB, 1926x1878, rollingstaaaart.jpg)

The original picture is really small, but I tried my best to capture Momo in her natural form.

No. 476435

we missed u

No. 476436

Sorry I'm a different anon. I hope the original comes back and blesses us with more amazing momo drawings soon.

No. 476437

don't speak for us.

fuck off. if you wanna artfag do it in the tempcow thread.(Don't mini-mod. Report and move on.)

No. 476441


What is up with your fucking attitude, damn.

No. 476442

i hate attention whores coming ITT and trying to get praise for shitty traced moo pics.

>uwu isn't moo fug as a drawing

no. fucking. shit.

our thread is full of too much OT shit lately and we've been getting warnings, and now this shit is back. fuck. off.

No. 476443

Ignore the salty anon, this is glorious.

No. 476444

People in NYC will probably think she's another homeless person. Bitch, get outta my home city.

No. 476446


This had me laughing my ass off in an otherwise quiet coffeehouse. Great job! Just ignore the anon with the stick up their ass.

No. 476447

Kek. I like how none of the photos are from recent shoots. Reminiscing from when you looked like a healthier person and 50lbs lighter eh, moo?

No. 476449

Has she sent out any of her prints at all?

No. 476458

Why does she need two tickets? For her and vamp?

No. 476460

drink some tea and take a nap, anon. you seem really upset.

No. 476462

The other is for her humongous fucking ego, it takes up at least another seat, doncha'know?

Jesus Christ, go to a proctologist already and find out what crawled up your ass and died, to make you such a raging fuckhead, geez.

No. 476463


How sad is that. Having to resort to re-releasing pictures of you from 50lbs because no one wants to see what a fat, disgusting slob you have become.

No. 476464

Lol @ the people calling her Chunk-Li and Chun-Ki in the comments of the second link.

No. 476465

>wahhh hamilton is so expensive
triggered as fuck bitch get the hell in line did you seriously think you'd be able to see a sold out fucking show for cheap

No. 476467

you can see how horribly it fits looking at her backrolls in the second link jfc lmao….

No. 476469

File: 1513641666904.png (279.68 KB, 1080x1772, 20171218_155927.png)

Anon, dont cowtip.

No. 476475

File: 1513642316446.png (938.4 KB, 720x1198, Screenshot_2017-12-18-16-06-39…)

She's with Vamp

No. 476476


Possibly a slightly late milking of the Pokemon Ultra Moon and Ultra Sun train too. Desperately trying to get her Thicc Wicke status back.

No. 476478

File: 1513642459510.png (1.03 MB, 720x1038, Screenshot_2017-12-18-16-12-22…)

Too late

No. 476479

File: 1513642645949.png (592.02 KB, 720x929, Screenshot_2017-12-18-16-16-17…)


No. 476480

This is narcissism crossed with she doesn't realize how fucking goofy-looking she is. Don't you lump us in with this cow. :P

No. 476482

hilarious how the fake fur on her hood looks 100x healthier than her actual hair

No. 476483


Her "look at me at this very moment taking notice of all the beauty in the world" bullshit is getting old. It's actually repulsive.

No. 476484

I legit thought watching this instastory string that her hood was so fluffy…but then she turned her head and I was shocked.

No. 476489


It really is. She sounds so completely up her own ass and it’s obviously so fake. She’s trying to give the appearance of his “sweet, wholesome, down to earth girl who just wants everyone to love each other” when she is really a raging cuntbag who tries to bully anyone who doesn’t kiss her ass and tosses people like trash when she doesn’t have a use for them anymore.

No. 476490

Did someone deck her ass in the cheek, kek

No. 476491

File: 1513644643812.jpg (58.53 KB, 300x1024, IMG_20171218_164910.jpg)


No. 476492

File: 1513645025165.png (786.78 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2017-12-18-16-55-47…)

Wow much vacation a coffee shop wow

No. 476494

I don't think ass has much to do with size. More to do with her genetics and likely sedentary lifestyle.

No. 476495

File: 1513645289823.jpg (620.33 KB, 2048x2048, 6E2D11E1-0146-4120-BCEA-9D7CE2…)

Sorry for potato quality but this is beyond embarassing. S H A P E L E S S

No. 476496

File: 1513645411213.jpg (115 KB, 960x807, M7211_03.jpg)

When your back fat is visible THROUGH YOUR DRESS???

No. 476497

Does she wear ill-fitting VS PINK to give the illusion that she isn't too big for name brands even though she really is?

No. 476498

That thong looks stretched to max limits, my dude.

No. 476502

File: 1513647994469.png (906.68 KB, 720x948, Screenshot_2017-12-18-17-45-08…)

No. 476504

File: 1513648103110.png (85.84 KB, 720x535, Screenshot_2017-12-18-17-47-33…)

No. 476507

fucking disgusting.

No. 476508

Who the fuck see's a pile of trash bags and thinks, "hmm Let me lay on this filth to prove a point to the haters!"????????

No. 476511


Fucking gross. Did she really think that she “showed the haters”? She really does belong there.


And watch no one will show up just like conventions she is at.

No. 476512

She literally looks like a hobo here

No. 476514

File: 1513649281907.jpg (26.14 KB, 435x326, absolute-disgust.jpg)

Wow, what a disgusting cow. She will be with the trash as soon as her patreon bucks dries up anyway.

No. 476515


If she wanted cheaper hamilton tickets, she should have watched when they went on sale. Also, she should be doing the lottery. But she can't plan for shit.

No. 476528

Reminder of two things

Mariah was going to do some wolf photo shoot for a friend

She was going to "make a set" in her house for a big Umineko shoot.

Anyway, never forget the latter, because it proves she was evicted/did not get to renew lease.

No. 476529

File: 1513652319856.png (69.85 KB, 720x478, Screenshot_2017-12-18-18-57-14…)

No. 476530

She knows that dogs piss on those trash bags, right?
You know she's going to be wearing the same pair of leggings her entire trip, day and night. I hope she enjoys train/garbage germs all over her ass!

No. 476531

File: 1513652753528.gif (1.91 MB, 268x268, 95e92e7b037eb2de1f01e823581b46…)

No. 476532

I'm unfollowing him.

>trying to buy Broadway shows last minute
>during the holidays no less

LMFAO how retarded is this bitch. I've never even been to America, and I know better.

No. 476537

She is the Queen of not preparing anything. Look how she's planning a random ass and not needed trip to NYC on the same month she's being evicted. Hope this bitch ends up homeless.

No. 476538

i'm sure her suddenly not unemployed father will bail her out until she breaks down and go full nude to recoup neckbeard dollars

No. 476539

Sage for OT but I went to a broadway musical with my friend and her parents - friend and I bought tickets month in advanced and had far away seats - her parents last minute bought tickets at the box office at the hall and got better seats than we did for the same price. It was a pretty big show too, so it’s not that far fetched to be able to get last minute tickets - just don’t garauntee yourself that you’ll get in incase others have the same idea

No. 476541

File: 1513654920234.png (369.22 KB, 477x605, Screenshot 2017-12-18 at 7.40.…)

How many times is she going to admit she cried in a toy store infront of normal ass people?

No. 476542

File: 1513655070827.png (424.01 KB, 850x556, 25354117_1984332978473856_7579…)

wtf THIS was the star wars character she chose to do? Is she so dumb she didn't see the opportunity to ride the hype of the new one with a character that's right on her brand?

No. 476543


I remember her constantly talking about how she was going to completely transform her house for cosplay sets to “prove she is super professional and serious about cosplay”. Little did we know the dumb bitch was getting evicted anyways.

No. 476544

Was this a video, or did she just magically get those two photos.

No. 476545

My assumption is that Vamp too them. Theres two photos on her twitter >>476479

No. 476550

that's chun li

No. 476562

i really wanna know who you thought that was, though, unless you were making the comparison between moomoo and jabba in figure

No. 476569

something happened to my brain and i thought it was leia because of the buns and maybe the gold trim/gold bikini

No. 476572


Does she literally have to mention how she's always happy or crying. This cow is so depressed its funny

No. 476573

The fact that she would wear this underwear with this costume makes no sense to me. You really don't own a solid black pair of underwear? Not a single pair with all that money? Especially if you know it's gonna show, this just seems lazy.

No. 476574

That's not Jabba, it's a sea cow thing that lays on the rocks and gets milked by Luke.
Perfect for Moo as she just sits around being the size of a cow anyway.
But I hope to god she doesn't try to slut up Star Wars, it's bad enough already.

No. 476577

She's going to now that you've said it. You can always delete your post, though.

No. 476605

Some people just like to watch the world burn

No. 476637

File: 1513681473523.jpg (Spoiler Image, 18.69 KB, 300x300, s-l300.jpg)

You can buy C-Strings for literally $4 or less dollars, which is what every other decent Chun/Cammy/Kasumi/etc cosplayer does.

No. 476643


I feel like because I'm a NYC based anon I'm especially appalled at her lack of going.. anywhere that isn't retail related? There's so much to do and all this girl does is go to chain retail. It would be one thing, for sure, if she was a foreigner but holy shit.

She looks like a frumpy Long Island young mom on pup number four here.

No. 476658

NYC anon here too. I mean, nothing wrong with wanting to go to Nintendo world, but honestly it is a tiny two level shop that is overpriced. it isn't anything special.

Of course she won't go see monuments or museums, but that's expected because she's a lazy fuck. I wonder if she'll spend more time sleeping/in a hotel than traveling since you actually need to walk in nyc to go many places.

No. 476659

To be fair I feel like more foreigners are the ones going to monuments etc while americans just go there for shopping.
Not a NYC native but from ouf capital here I mostly see foreigners visiting monuments.

No. 476664

She's not going anywhere special (cept for maybe the pokemon center) though? why buy anything from Macy's when those exist in vegas? If americans go there for shopping they usually are going to boutiques or places that are semi unique to NYC so if she was going to places like Kinokuniya, Uniqlo, etc.

She's doing the same thing she could do in LA or any other big city.

No. 476675

File: 1513704224157.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 260.01 KB, 1238x1951, 24823848-BA5A-46D9-8750-20C91E…)

In the instavid she’s slapping her legs than spread her legs and starts slapping her vag, stay classy moo moo. No guy wants to fuck your nasty conch anymore.

No. 476680

Yeah but was it Hamilton? Seems like the hardest show to get into right now.

No. 476681

File: 1513706269376.png (6.82 MB, 1242x2208, 18AED57A-2DD1-4022-B40D-FB609A…)

>doesn't know if it's pronounced atat or AT-AT (literally how it's spelled)
Biggest star wars fan guise

Also the dots on her Instagram story, god. Just get a Snapchat.

No. 476682

funny thing is, she actually does have one

No. 476684


not to defend moo but even people involved with star wars have not come to a consensus on the pronunciation and it's been pronounced both ways in the tv shows.

No. 476695

Can we stop nitpicking what she does on her vacation? Just let her do whatever the fuck she wants in NY. If she doesn't want to see museums oh fucking well. There's zero reason to argue about what SHE is doing vs what YOU would be doing.

No. 476699

I want this bitch to try with real fans lol
Her “oh yeeeahaw guise I’m such a huge fan now cuz I saw last Jedi” the worst audience reviewed Star Wars since clone wars. She’s just training to cram it like she did fate for the cred, mariah YOU ARE OVER! You may still get money but you are fat and ugly now and guys are less likely to believe anything you say your just in this for the hype because you can’t love anything just because. Have fun with what is left of your money because you are fucking over. Nigri hates everyone hates you fat ugly cunt.

No. 476709

I agree the nitpicking is getting out of hand, but I also disagree about letting her do whatever she wants. Knowing Moomoo, that would involve harassing people. There are some things that she shouldn't be doing, but none of which has been mentioned so far.

No. 476711

but chun li does wear underwear. it makes it worse for moo since that ck ones are probably dead

No. 476717

File: 1513711763103.png (1.17 MB, 720x1198, Screenshot_2017-12-19-11-24-50…)

No. 476718

File: 1513711798088.png (990.27 KB, 720x1027, Screenshot_2017-12-19-11-27-15…)

Wow a bookstore

No. 476719

that was probably also the face she made when she saw her Patreon numbers dip

No. 476720

Is Macys the one with the wooden escalator? That'd be neat to see.

otherwise I agree with >>476664, she needs to stop by Kino, Uniqlo, and like Midtown comics or something for nerd factor

I'm jealous she's staying for more than one day though, there is a lot of shit to do outside of monuments

No. 476721

File: 1513712537456.png (1.12 MB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2017-12-19-11-30-39…)

She's complaining that these twofigures by Scultures COMBINED are "44 dollars" when they are not. She's mad she isn't paying broken box prices for new figures and goods

No. 476723

I guess legit figures are a bit much for moo's bootleg buyin' wallet.

No. 476724

Without proof shut the fuck up. Im sure she isn't going around New York sexually harassing people and being an ass to everyone she meets. God damn. The tinfoil is real. Moo is a fucking asshole, but for fucks sake. Complaining about what she does on vacation is seriously dumb as well as conjecture about how she is POSSIBLY behaving around others without proof.

No. 476727

File: 1513712915874.png (928.91 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2017-12-19-11-30-53…)

>fate stay/night full collection blu-ray, 3 discs
>79.98 at the Image Anime store where she took this story
> way below retail instore pricing, some shops charging more
>50 dollars + 20 for shipping (guesstimate) if bought online

No. 476728

File: 1513713127167.png (1.12 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2017-12-19-11-50-02…)

No. 476729


I'm waiting on this bitch to show up at Next Level in BK.

Like seriously, there's so much uwu nerd girl sfuff going on and all she can manage is normie shit like Macy's. Not even anything in Ktown, which is literally right there..

No. 476730

You seriously need to calm the fuck down. I didn't say that she was harassing anyone at all, I said that it's like her to do so and that's why it wouldn't be cool for her to do whatever she wanted. I didn't say that she did or would. Go for a fucking walk and breathe, ffs.

No. 476731

>>475982 Long time lurker. I think this is one of the first photos i've seen of her that made me audibly gasp out about how deformed she looks, holy shit.

No. 476732

Imagine MarMar as a koreaboo because she went there and loved it so much my dudes holy fuck

No. 476736

File: 1513714441008.png (150.43 KB, 720x924, Screenshot_2017-12-19-12-12-13…)

No. 476737

File: 1513714464051.png (192.93 KB, 720x922, Screenshot_2017-12-19-12-12-20…)

No. 476738

File: 1513714552883.png (350.71 KB, 720x872, Screenshot_2017-12-19-12-14-46…)

No. 476739

File: 1513714781143.png (490.94 KB, 720x932, Screenshot_2017-12-19-12-17-07…)

No. 476740

File: 1513714991921.jpg (205.65 KB, 2158x2158, nLBwX70.jpg)

shouldn't you know that, Moo?

No. 476741

Do goathead please so at least I wouldn't have to see your fugly mug, and while you're deciding decide when you'll ship out the Beekini Mei prints

No. 476748

which beato tho? i assume witch, since that's likely all she's aware of, but human beato is more her style (revealing)

No. 476750

That's surprising. I would always avoid Image because of how astronomical their prices were.
She's not going to care about Fate in a few months anyway, so I guess she doesn't want to commit to the price lol.

No. 476754


I guess she's realizing how expensive will be to buy/commissioning the Beato signature dress than do another lazy and easy version of Shion, considering that maybe her incomes would drop the next year.

No. 476755

she's to narc to do human beato, despite it being better for 'lewding' and easier to just get inaccurate pieces for.

No. 476773

I love when she replies to stuff like this since it really reveals just how much of a fan she really is.

No. 476779

Why is she acting so surprised? She drives to LA multiple times a month and there’s a big kino there with this same set up.

No. 476799

No. 476800

the number of stories on her IG is just insane

No. 476801

I live in LA and have been to the SF a couple times and even I have to admit the SF one is waaaaay better for weebs. All of their sections are better laid out, bigger, and has an entire floor devoted to it instead of like a little area.

No. 476802

Aren't you playing the game, Moo? Cause if you would, you would know, eh.

No. 476840

no surprise, but I'm still laughing what's in her hands is only English manga

No. 476853

She only speaks english so why would she get something she can't read?

No. 476854

This whole thread makes me wanna jog for half an hour, deep condition my hair and put a face mask on.

No. 476858

You missed where she used to tout being a popular japanese manga translator

No. 476859

File: 1513741652628.png (405.26 KB, 720x798, Screenshot_2017-12-19-19-43-59…)

Currently sperging her ~Takano Project~

No. 476860

File: 1513741701575.png (180.17 KB, 714x937, Screenshot_2017-12-19-19-44-23…)

Full of respect and dignity

No. 476861

File: 1513741849831.png (1.18 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2017-12-19-19-43-08…)

No. 476865

all they want is to see you naked like the cosplay is meaningless

No. 476870

pov of white dick (relatable to audience) going in to moomoo's momo

i feel gross for typing that, i appologize.

No. 476872

she needs to stop.

No. 476884

@ 3:32

No. 476886

That con looks like a snoozefest. There was barely anyone there.

No. 476893

For the 14K monthly that she gets she has NO fashion style whatsoever holy shit
I don't give a shit if its winter, you can be both warm and stylish, what a sloppy bitch

No. 476897

File: 1513758604798.jpg (388.65 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20171220_002657.jpg)

No. 476898

File: 1513758632892.png (131.5 KB, 720x792, Screenshot_2017-12-20-00-26-04…)

No. 476899

File: 1513758707097.png (396.87 KB, 720x927, Screenshot_2017-12-20-00-27-29…)

Yes that second picture is her lying on her hotel bed with her grungy shoes

No. 476900

File: 1513758727977.png (255.89 KB, 720x726, Screenshot_2017-12-20-00-26-12…)

No. 476903


Is anyone really buying this? She's such a goddamn fake and it's so cringe worthy seeing her post this. I guess Moomoo has to pretend she's a hardcore fan of the latest Star Wars to cling to any relevancy she still has before her Patreon tanks.

Who wants to bet she bullied kids for liking Star Wars when she was in school since she's given others crap for being into nerdy activities…

No. 476904

This con reminds me too much of dashcon

No. 476906

File: 1513763993362.png (908.72 KB, 715x928, Screenshot_2017-12-20-01-55-52…)


No. 476914

FUCK YOU YOU WANNABE STAR WARS FAN TO GET DICK if you KNEW anything about Star Wars you would KNOW why he had a cough. She is jumping on a bandwagon that hardcore fans will not accept. Except the ones that post "who grab titie I want to". Sage for fan rage

No. 476916

He legit looks like a cleaned up version of that gross nerd on memes. Kind of depressing.

No. 476931


>walk around new york city all day

>holding the railing of a subway car has enough germs to like it to handshaking 12k+ people without washing
>subway cars are cleaned with a hose
>sidewalks carry residual of the above and more

Ladies and gentlemen, wading in your own filth.

I literally make people take their shoes off before they come into my apartment and INSTANTLY shower and change when I get home after being exposed to this grime all day. I can't even imagine what shit she's now tracked into her bed.

No. 476935

How the fuck did I miss this? I've been reading #38 for days thinking there was nothing new being posted and we're up to #41 now…

>Highlights from the Last Thread:

>claiming she wet the bed

What the fuck

No. 476939

that's a bummer fam

someone said they had a bladder problem or some shit
jnig was like omg my brother had/has that
then moo was like OMG DID HE WEAR (some diaper thing?) I HAD TO WEAR THAT TOO

its at the very end of the last thread

No. 476942


What a fucking mess…

No. 476948


I couldn't even imagine meeting up with strange men who follow you on instagram or twitter, knowing full well they probably masturbate to your content. She is completely clueless as to what could happen if she met up with someone who tried to cop a feel or take advantage of her because she seems to encourage it online with how she posts and responds to people. Not saying she deserves what could happen at all, but the way she behaves and presents herself is asking for trouble if she was ever alone with someone bold enough to try anything. Especially in a city she doesn't know well at all.

No. 476950

But there's a kinokuniya where she lives too… why she acting brand new?

No. 476955

There is no Kinokuniya in Las Vegas, what are you talking about? She does travel to LA a lot where there is one though, but I doubt she's been there if she's this excited to be in one in NYC.

No. 476957


This. The kinds of creeps she attracts with her behavior online could very well lead to something like that, where someone thinks they can get away with copping a feel because she acts like a trashy slut who practically craves dick online. Especially in a city she doesn’t know very well with complete strangers who pretty much treat her as fuck meat to jack off to. We know she is full of shit with her “I’ll lay your ass out if you touch me without my permission” wannabe tough talk because she avoids any sort of confrontation.

No. 476965

File: 1513793973246.png (384.55 KB, 720x809, Screenshot_2017-12-20-10-09-34…)

It's weird that no one mentioned the fact that she was at Hunniecon with DPiddy and suddenly she ups and goes to New York with no mentioned plans, and he's there with her…maybe she is a hoe lol like an escort or something, or just really thirsty for dick, but it's a strange coincidence.
Unless she played pool in Vegas but she posted this tweet after she landed in NYC.

No. 476973

LMAO my god why does she have to bandwagon jump on every single game/show/book/activity that she thinks any male would like, fucking pathetic. Streaming pool???? FUCK OUTTA HERE YOU LEECH.

No. 476976

To be fair, she has mentioned having plans to go to NYC in the past (can't remember which thread) that's when she first bought the tickets (that way they weren't in the 4 digit prices probably). But if he's there with her that's new. I think this is something that just got posted late.

No. 476980

File: 1513797628948.jpg (307.16 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20171220_111942.jpg)

What is this

No. 476981

That's why I saged for speculation, maybe they did play in Vegas but if he is in New York with her there's no doubt in my mind what kind of hoebag she really is lol.

No. 476982

omg i was just trying to post this. WHAT EVEN look at that bloated face.

No. 476983

Mariah you're too young to have skin this shitty. Calm down on the salt and booze for a while.

No. 476984

She looks actually homeless like holy shit how does a fat chick look WORSE 1-2 months later????

No. 476986

They way she's posed, taking her glove off makes me feel like she actually thinks she's modelling or something. True top cosplay model right here!

No. 476989

She and Luna Slater should take pics together they'll have great synergy, the hobo and the drug addict

No. 476993

Sage for no contribution. If she was a real Star Wars fan she would be raving about the how good the xmas special is.

No. 476994

Christ. She’s 21 and she looks like a homeless 40 year old druggy.

No. 476996


So many people on her facebook and twitter are shocked to find out how old she really is and think she looks so much older. That's not a compliment mariah lol, when a 30+ year old looks better than you there is a problem. She's so disgusting, her eyebags are some of the worst i've seen, and her hair looks about ready to fall out. I really hope there is a huge drop in her patreon pledges in the next few months, bitch doesn't deserve a dime of it.

No. 476998

No she wouldn't because everyone knows we don't talk about that special.

No. 477002

Did she really just put on the flannel to wear around her waist? I don't know why you would bring a flannel if you already had on a hoodie, it wouldn't really fit. It clashes hard with the scarf… makes no sense.
>sage for my clothes spurg

No. 477003

The flannel is a cover to try and hide her sad ass.

No. 477015

File: 1513806011237.png (1.14 MB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2017-12-20-13-36-18…)

In public she did this then coughed like h3h3

No. 477016

File: 1513806040665.png (929.09 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2017-12-20-13-36-54…)

No. 477017

File: 1513806167227.jpg (289.61 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20171220_134209.jpg)

Buying this uglyass shirt

No. 477018

File: 1513806202017.jpg (Spoiler Image, 396.13 KB, 1538x2048, IMG_20171220_134200.jpg)

Cursed image

No. 477022

File: 1513806984726.png (1.05 MB, 1079x1476, Screenshot_2017-12-20-13-59-39…)

She looks like that someone's single frumpy aunt who chain smokes and owns 10 cats.

No. 477023

File: 1513807014105.png (888.15 KB, 716x1024, Screenshot_2017-12-20-13-55-50…)

No. 477024

This is not only a dead joke, but she couldn't even get the V/\ part right

No. 477026

could even spell naysh

No. 477027

that's our Moomoo, the biggest fan of everything and anything

No. 477028

That goes on sale often though. And its been sold off gamestop and amazon for like 30 bucks. Whut

No. 477032

File: 1513809358681.png (170.86 KB, 750x1087, IMG_2434.PNG)

I swear, she has to be the only person that would walk up to some army guys and ask for a picture. It's not a con Mooriah. This is just more "peace and love everywhere thank you for those who serve and protect!!!" crap.

No. 477039

I’m so glad I’m not the only one that noticed how odd and off putting this is. Why would you just go up to a couple of soldiers and ask for a picture??? I could understand a child wanting to do something like that but she’s a grown ass woman

No. 477040

I have a strong hunch the one on the right was thinking something like, "can this be over already?"

considering all the tantrums she's thrown, she may as well be a child lmao

No. 477044

moo is only a grown ass woman in size. though, she is growing into the 40 year old minion-loving 'i need to speak to the manager' type, who -would- go up to army guys and ask for a pic. all she's missing is a N.E accent.

No. 477048


Every thing about her just seems so fake and disingenuous. Like she is just putting up a front because she thinks it will make people like her.

Also lol at the guy on the right. Dude looks like “What the fuck does this loud fat bitch want?”

No. 477050


She does this shit with literally everything. She always has to be like “Like lol I’m totally obsessed with this thing now and the biggest fan ever/always secretly been a fan but was always bullied for liking it in the past. Lol you guys would totally watch me stream me doing/watching this, right?”

Come to find out that the only reason she is pretending to be so obsessed is because Nigri made a passing mention about it and she practically wants to wear her skin so she’ll say anything to seem relateable to her.

No. 477053


It wasn't even that cold here today.


People literally do this all the time and I don't get it.

I worked in WTC and the reason these soldiers are there is to do security checks. Newsflash: they can't do it while you're taking kawaii uwu thx pictures.

We've had two terrorist attacks in sixty something days - people die and it fucks up the day for everyone else. Take your fucking selfie somewhere else. She's as bad as people who have selfie sticks at the memorial pools at the old WTC site.

Sage for NYC fuckery.

No. 477056

I feel so bad for Jessica… I can't imagine how hard it is to have someone act this way about you and not really being able to do anything about it

No. 477057

File: 1513814547817.gif (262.88 KB, 500x545, 1505117912267.gif)

goddamn her face got so fat

No. 477058


Why is she not wearing make up.. I mean, you call yourself a “model” you should have your best face on at most times, especially with all these pictures. Also where the fuck are her eyelashes???

No. 477059

Of course she got the worst adaptation, too

No. 477060

Maybe she's so arrogant she thinks she can pull off a natural look? Maybe she relies on photoshop too much? I don't know, her head is probably too fucked from alcohol, adderall and fatty food to function properly

No. 477061


I was honestly thinking this too. Only because when she went to LA like what a month ago? And she wore a full face a makeup, and that's hideous blonde wig on the plane right there and while she was getting a massage. Maybe she's trying not to be in cos-mode 24/7 for once. Just wonder why she'd pick now when she's doing "photo shoots" in NYC to start.

Also speaking of the blonde wig, I noticed her new shoot (Hollywood Hills) the wig was long then it was cut in another picture? Wonder if she's making a whole homage to her blonde wig and that she's finally trashing it for the new year. That would be the greatest Christmas gift of all.

Sage for extensive tinfoil

No. 477063

nope it was just swept to the side. I thought that too.

No. 477065

Not the anon but the post is bait. Mooriah follows the thread and will start talking more about things she doesn't understand just because we talk about it here.

No. 477068

Ew, she goes after any basic looking asian.

No. 477069

It's hard to believe a 22 year old can have skin this haggard and saggy. Like, god damn… Drink water! Work out (for real.) She's going to age like a prune.

No. 477073


No silly, anon she's 22!

We went to middle school together, so I can vouch for this.

No. 477074

This cringy fucking cunt. they aren't there to pose for photos. they are there to do their job. Hope none of them get in trouble for this.

No. 477077

Another case of Moomoo wanting validation for how much she loves this world & everyone in it because she's such a genuine, caring and amazing person who truly understands.

This is worse than her story about the kid with a Torchic plush and her moment of happiness noticing it.

No. 477080


Seriously. Every other day its “Omg we should all just love each other. I don’t understand how anyone can hate someone. I just want to give everyone a big hug and tell them it’s all going to be okay”

Just fuck off with that fake, saccharine over the top bullshit.

No. 477084

shes gonna wear those garbage touched legging the entire time, i just knew it

her looks are constantly on a downward spiral, despite tire flips my dude

no wonder shes reusing old sets

No. 477085


Her face gained so much weight. Isn't she dieting and exercising? What's her excuse now? Busy traveling? Busy with cons? Busy with the rewards she never sends out? I'm not really complaining about her getting fat because it brings me joy to see that she's doing it to herself. Her laziness is catching up to her.

No. 477086

Not that it matters, but she's 22 now. Just FYI.

This type of cringe could be felt in another continent. Jesus christ.

>dragging the shirt on the floor

w h y

No. 477096

Damn, did she come here just to virtue signal? She's the worst kind of tourist.

No. 477100

tbh thats basically her goal anon

just proves her bandwagon ass even further. i have this sitting in a box unplayed (i just like musou, im probably as much of a fate fag as moo aka barely but for a longer time period)

this is super gross…

No. 477101

i think its to make her "relatable" + she doesnt get paid so feels its not worth it aka shes lazy

No. 477116

File: 1513832528890.jpg (241.35 KB, 1365x2048, IMG_20171220_210032.jpg)

Slight retouching amirite

No. 477117

File: 1513832578889.jpg (252.38 KB, 1365x2048, IMG_20171220_210044.jpg)

No. 477119

look at those sweet abs!

No. 477120

File: 1513832949894.png (531.08 KB, 720x934, Screenshot_2017-12-20-21-05-25…)

Nice ripoff

No. 477121

Did she try to alter those bikini bottoms by herself? Jfc it's her second year doing this cosplay shit and she still can't sew a straight line.

No. 477123

she did.

No. 477125

up the buttcrack, as usual

ugh hers is gonna look like shit tho

No. 477126

Jesus Christ she literally has udders, she smoothed the fuck out of her flabs but you can still see them clearly. What's even the point of having lipo if you turn out to be such a monstrosity

No. 477127

lipo made her fat!!!11

No. 477128

If only the backdrop was not something she could bleed into and hide.

No. 477132

File: 1513833937433.jpeg (193 KB, 749x1151, 15E44200-029E-464F-B54A-B2D8FB…)

How she saving face about completely stealing a character. “This is my super original character who looks exactly like the milk party girl just cosplaying as the milk party girl but she is totally not the milk party girl, my dudes!”
She had to steal the nickname lolcow gave her, ffs. Her alcohol brined and for salted a brain doesn’t have the processing the power to come up with a simple name for herself, much less an actual character.

Also: Scope the back fat completely enveloping her bra band. Kek

No. 477133

*alcohol brined and pho salted brain

No. 477134

File: 1513834044834.png (168.56 KB, 516x386, Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 12.2…)

Sage for nitpicking, but couldn't they make the smoothing transition a bit more subtle??

No. 477136

File: 1513834798202.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171221-073838.png)


how is she so HUGE

No. 477137


What a punchable face.

No. 477138

File: 1513835792538.png (2.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171221-075510.png)

totally keto my dudes

No. 477141


Personally I hope that she does change. I think it would be good for her to follow the image of positivity she tries so hard to be online. It's just terrible that she's always flip flopping constantly so no one can take her words seriously anymore. Like if I was in her shoes and was constantly getting backlash whenever I try to be nice, I would know that there's a problem with me. I would know that it would ultimately be the outcome of my actions, past and present. Her biggest problem is she will never admit she is ever wrong and any attempt to do so will always end along the lines of "I'm sorry I was wrong but I was actually right my dudes."

No. 477156

this is in a hollister. I have this shirt…

No. 477157

File: 1513850253470.png (1.75 MB, 1770x1316, ggg.PNG)

whoops dropped my sage

I bought it because it covers the winter chub pretty well, assuming that's why she got it too.

No. 477162

File: 1513856846712.png (183.36 KB, 720x944, Screenshot_2017-12-21-03-42-03…)

Puke sperge incoming

No. 477163

File: 1513856886722.png (192.45 KB, 720x936, Screenshot_2017-12-21-03-44-20…)

No. 477164

File: 1513856930041.png (271.1 KB, 720x935, Screenshot_2017-12-21-03-43-58…)

No. 477165

File: 1513856958984.png (114.73 KB, 720x734, Screenshot_2017-12-21-03-43-13…)

No. 477166

File: 1513856983736.png (201.38 KB, 720x934, Screenshot_2017-12-21-03-43-01…)

No. 477167

File: 1513857052556.png (75.18 KB, 720x505, Screenshot_2017-12-21-03-42-30…)

No. 477168

File: 1513857844945.png (99.5 KB, 720x599, Screenshot_2017-12-21-04-02-41…)

Lancer? Not Archer?

No. 477170

Is she too stupid to know that these are based on real characters…I admittedly don't know the differences between the Fate Mordred plot and the original King Arthur legend but she acts like this series originated the characters, you would think if this was her favorite and she loved Saber so much she would talk about it being based on something else in all her character analyzing shitposts.

No. 477172

oh fuck off

she's too stupid to realize it's more than a surface level pull

No. 477173

File: 1513860838223.png (414.06 KB, 914x263, Nice try moo.PNG)

If you go to the Type Moon wikia page on Maiya…

No. 477179

Wow Mar Mar good copy paste skills

No. 477185

Is she high on drugs again?

No. 477194

File: 1513871777067.jpeg (53.6 KB, 640x398, image.jpeg)

I think it's because of the hips. She's definitely not the first to think so as it was all over Twitter/4chan/Reddit yesterday. Moo is just trying to think that she so clever~~

No. 477205

Everyone in Fate is fucked up to some degree. That's pretty much the point of Fate/Zero- to explain why everything is fucked up. It's about how they all react based on all this shit that's happened to them.
Also Artoria never had a problem with being king. Mordred didn't want to "save her from suffering", he just wanted to be king because he felt he deserved it for being Artoria's son. Artoria refused because Mordred didn't have the capacity to be king.
Of course Moo just wants to spit out the wiki to make people believe that she cares.

No. 477215

lol sage for OT. but i fucking hate how people clamor for non-stereotypical girls in media and then immediately claim that said non-stereotypical girls are fucking boys.

No. 477220

File: 1513880829222.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.47 MB, 1242x2001, 3C4A220D-4752-485C-B6EF-1329BF…)

That moment a lolcow “non sw” ends up in a bimbofication porn tumblr.

I’m weezing.

No. 477228

sage for being a gross man but i'm a regular on /r/bimbofetish and she doesn't fit the bimbo body type????? the whole point of bimbos (except being dumb af, which she is) is to be skinny/fit but with big milk juggs n butt. and we all know she is def not skinny.(gross man)

No. 477229

Is she still in NYC? She's in NYC during Christmas time and she can't think of anything better to do with her time than write long winded essays on twitter over anime characters? Bitch, what are you doing with your life?

No. 477231

Exactly. Tumblr is a mess. Whoever is running those bimbo acccts need to step down ASAP.

Moo is not a bimbo. She’s a fat-ho.

Sage for going off topic.

No. 477232


It's no surprise she is incapable of any original thought at this point. She's just a meat husk. I wouldn't be surprised if she forgot her own birthday and thinks Jessica Nigri's birthday is her birthday now.

No. 477233

get over it and focus on moo.

No. 477234

"i believe it's stated…." she's such a dumb fuck. i wonder if she has any ACTUAL interest in ANYTHING without needing the use of wiki pages to get her information.

No. 477240

Idk how gabs can say she loves evo when she’s admitted to hating fighting games and etc.

No. 477241

She means Evangelion.

No. 477242


Eva. Not EVO anon.

No. 477246

File: 1513886701937.png (346.31 KB, 720x730, Screenshot_2017-12-21-12-01-06…)

I know this is a meme and I might be reaching/sensitive but sometimes I consider what she's said I thepay and think she's a fag hag who doesn't respect gay people.

No. 477248

File: 1513886726399.png (186.15 KB, 720x953, Screenshot_2017-12-21-12-01-37…)

No. 477252

File: 1513887163305.png (275.99 KB, 788x411, Screenshot 2017-12-21 at 12.12…)

We all knew it'd come to this…

No. 477256

She's all about supporting the little person to look good. If she actually cared she wouldn't post something like this, especially with how shitty the term trap is. But she ~totally cares about trans and NB folks, my dudes~!

No. 477257

>If i cosplayer
>a passion becomes works
>stating you could go about work "casually"
Not only does she suggest she works on her cosplays more than logging into her paypal account, but she is straight up saying this artist went "overdrive" and essentially overworked himself, when she has no fucking understanding over how difficult it is to actually make money as an independent artist that doesnt involve getting naked for neckbeards. Shut your illiterate ass up mooriah.

No. 477260

File: 1513887728402.png (67.37 KB, 240x240, tumblr_inline_nk15aiY18r1rb2xg…)

Jabba the Slutt

No. 477262

Kek, let her waste hundreds of dollars on a franchise she doesnt give a shit about while looking like a sweaty stuffed sausage. Slave Leia was already overdone even before thots started doing slave Disney Princess crossovers. She will only come out looking like the worst of the worst.

No. 477263

The split of power is so obvious here where she sits there and donates 100 bucks likes its nothing doing soft core porn but this guy has to think about if his job will even make revenue in 5 years lmao shes dense.

No. 477265


sexualizing slave leia has always disgusted me. super disrespectful to carrie fisher and to the franchise

No. 477269

so has she ever sent out those beekeeper mei charity prints?

No. 477271

Don't ask us. Ask her.

No. 477275

She is going to be crucified if she attempts a slave Leia cosplay. Star Wars fans are pretty rabid when it comes to people shitting up their beloved characters.

No. 477286



does this bitch even know what it means to work hard? She's right about one thing: she doesn't work on cosplay every day or does any work every day. She does NO WORK! It must be nice to be all high and mighty when you don't do anything yourself. She doesn't make cosplays every day because she instead spends 3 minutes to pay someone else to do it and make them work every day so you can keep her neckbeard money rolling. She's absolutely disgusting. She doesn't know what it means to work hard. No Mar Mar, buying costumes on eBay and asking another person to shoot you and edit you (blur out every jelly roll) while you just lay there doing the same 4 poses is not HARD WORK. A brain dead monkey can literally do what you do. The only difference is the brain dead monkey will still have original ideas.

No. 477287


Does she really have to do this shit? Especially during the screening of Carrie’s last film? What an ugly cunt.

No. 477288

you must really be some kind of asshole to go straight to THIS kind of cosplay…..for an icon who passed away recently. i mean, really? on top of already being a fake fan.

No. 477290

I had to read that three times. She writes like someone just starting to learn English.

The fact that she thinks one has the luxury of going about their work, which is their sole source of income, "casually" speaks volumes over how incredibly spoiled she was raised.

No. 477293

I doubt that she even knows about Carrie Fisher's death. She's that kind of airhead.

Next thread title right there.

No. 477304

File: 1513891198780.png (1011.57 KB, 1137x980, makeashirtmomoidareyou.png)

This whole OC bullshit drove me up the wall tbh and I can't get over it somehow.
It's a real dumb thing to do, even for her standards.

No. 477305

>>477304 God bless you Art anon oh my god. Christmas came early!

No. 477306


I'm no "businesswoman" like Mar Mar but if I was her I would've said "hey my dudes, I just love how successful my Milk Party set was and I would love to make a similar looking character as my OC!" And then proceed to change the design a bit. Like why not just use that ratty blonde wig she wears with everything and make the character at least blonde so she's not 100% copying the character??? Why is she even keeping the armband? Only the Milk Party character had it. She could just not use it. She's really not smart at all.

No. 477308

Jabba and Leia crossover.
I'm disappointed and disgusted, but I'm not surprised. Some form of Slave Leia is like a requirement for coshoes.

No. 477309

Good fucking lord her back fat is devouring the back of that top. Also is that a random string coming off of the bottom of the bottoms?? How did they go through all the effort to smooth the fat rolls yet not fix a little thread…

No. 477310

Beautiful work.

The OC thing was the final straw for me, and yet no one outside of here really seems to care. She's had a few comments here and there but she just gets a free pass once again.

No. 477311

not only that, i'm pretty sure she bought it because that's the ONLY thing that fits her from Hollister. Hollister has some skinny clothing

No. 477313

Can't wait for Momo to steal your art and print it on shirts so she and her cos-friends can wear it to the next con again.

Paying to get a drawing making fun of you printed on like 10 shirts so you and your buddies can wear it is still the most pathetic thing. She must've spent nearly a hundred bucks on that. Wonder if those people kept their shirts, too.

No. 477317

This costume choice makes it so painfully obvious she just wants to slob around half naked for neckbeards. Maybe also some deluded thirst to be a geek sex symbol herself.

She claimed in her tweets it was the NEW film that peeked her interest in Star Wars, so wanting to cosplay a certain female protagonist from TLJ would be slightly more believable.
But no. Instead she goes for a different character from a trilogy she claims didn't even like and obviously isn't familiar with at all. Because it's slutty.

No. 477318

She spent like a few hundred on those actually because she got express shipping iirc. I doubt she'd do it again because she basically had to FORCE ppl to wear it and then we never saw them again from anyone. Clearly she was hurt by it lol

No. 477328

Why is Moo so anti-Evangelion? I don't get it. It doesn't make her better than anyone else for not liking it..

No. 477335

Because another Vegas cosplayer that Mariah hates loves Evangelion.

No. 477345

Wow, I don't remember her paying for express shipping. Holy shit, that makes it even more sad. The anon's drawing could've been funny and self aware if Momo had kept it as a tweet or something, but the whole paying massive dosh and getting people to wear these shirts was just playing herself.

Momo likes to think she's edgy by being a contrarian, even if she's never watched the series. Watch her do a 180 once 4.0 comes out and is the new hot shit.

No. 477346


"Don't bash things you hate, just promote ~love~"
"What about this thing you hate?"
"Oh no, fuck that I'll always bash it."

I swear, Mooriah could write a book on how to be a hypocrite in less than 50 words and it would be a best seller. She's obnoxious.

No. 477351

She has the obnoxious fat girl personality. Shes insecure about her appearance so she has to be as loud and obnoxious to compensate for her garbage looks

No. 477355

How would Mariah know/care about Misato if she hasn't watched the show? Just further proving how much of a wiki warrior she is than an actual fan of anything.

No. 477358

Someone commissioned her to do a Misato cosplay a while back. Maybe he's still bankrolling her and she doesn't want to piss off him off and lose even more money, or she wants a chance to lewd her up if NGE hits the mainstream (as in attracting a new wave of fans or normies) with the next movie or a Hollywood adaption.

No. 477362


So she can pay Express shipping for shirts with an insulting caricature of her to show people she doesn't care about it BUT she can't pay for express shipping on rewards for her fans? She is so backwards it hurts.

No. 477364

well duh bc fuck the haters my dudes…..but also the people who pay me

No. 477365

this bitch takes x10 more breaks then jnig and does 1/4 the actual work she does

No. 477367

i hate jnig but even i have to say moo only does like 1/10th lmao she's such a fucking talentless loser

No. 477369

File: 1513906719210.png (1.33 MB, 710x1171, Screenshot_2017-12-21-17-36-26…)

Its their last night apparently

No. 477370

File: 1513906764266.png (1.31 MB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2017-12-21-17-36-17…)

No. 477372

To the one anon trying to make "mar mar" happen, why did you start doing that? It's basically namefagging at this point.

No. 477377

File: 1513909365607.jpg (23.51 KB, 600x600, regina-george-fetch-meme.jpg)

Stop trying to make mar mar happen

No. 477378

She changed the end date, and iirc said she's shipping them on fucking New Years Eve.

No. 477381

File: 1513910721042.png (1.14 MB, 720x982, Screenshot_2017-12-21-18-43-18…)

No. 477382

File: 1513910766231.png (1.15 MB, 720x987, Screenshot_2017-12-21-18-43-22…)

No. 477383

File: 1513910789552.png (971 KB, 717x995, Screenshot_2017-12-21-18-43-27…)

No. 477384

File: 1513910866540.png (791.28 KB, 720x1034, Screenshot_2017-12-21-18-43-08…)

No. 477385

Wore the same outfit every day …

Gross man.

No. 477386

lmao i think she is actually wearing her waist trainer in these. you can clearly see the difference in her body vs the last 2 days. pretty damn obvious.

No. 477387

File: 1513911213032.jpg (70.28 KB, 499x499, xemocutterx.jpg)

guys I found her super serious self harm scars she totally wasn't lying at all

No. 477388

her hands are so dry it's hurts my soul.

No. 477389

File: 1513911257335.png (531.13 KB, 720x934, Screenshot_2017-12-21-18-48-41…)

Shes also sitting on a pole

No. 477390

File: 1513911445627.png (162.38 KB, 449x514, Screenshot 2017-12-21 at 6.56.…)

No. 477391

i agree

shit, good eye. this explains why her hips look better i guess.

guzma abuse

No. 477392

Implying that she doesn't pig out on carbs all the time? We see your insta stories and expanding waist line, my dude. You're not fooling us.

No. 477393

File: 1513912972741.jpg (6.02 KB, 343x147, images.jpg)

No. 477394

>the pubic stubble.
You have a better eye for detail than the cow herself.

No. 477395

is vamps crouched on the floor taking this

No. 477407

File: 1513916006375.jpeg (87.8 KB, 750x513, 89EFF13C-6351-4D7E-90C9-D25D6B…)


No. 477408

File: 1513916132370.png (354.75 KB, 720x901, Screenshot_2017-12-21-20-12-39…)

Must be why she cakes on makeup, wears a blonde wig and talks like her?

No. 477409

it’s her cosplaying her oc - smessica smigri

No. 477410

samefag but I’m also kinda surprised she hasn’t tried to market the blonde wig sets (at least the “cozy” one) as ~casual cozy Samus or somehing but meh I guess is so done to her now

No. 477411

God Vamp isn't the most attractive girl in the world but next to Moo she is so significantly the cuter of the two. That really had to say something.

One of her patrons or clingy fan was calling her that on IG or Twitter or something, I think in the last thread, I don't mind anon(s) using it and trying to retake it or whatever, but that's just me.

No. 477412

Messica Migri

ya know, cause she's a fucking mess.

No. 477416

File: 1513917112700.jpg (57.48 KB, 474x531, IMG_20171221_202916.jpg)

I was hoping she'd upload the other photo with her mouth open but this'll do

No. 477420

the lines in her face are worse than my grandmother’s ever were. Imagine looking like you need a facelift in your early twenties…

No. 477423

God, looking through the first thread after a long time and she really let herself go so quickly. At least before she had some sort of shape to her body, now she's literally just a blob. Her face is so much worse now too.

No. 477425

imagine how bad she looks without a beauty filter if this is the best it can do with her lmfao

No. 477427

“Do my own thing”….

>Stole her slogan of Susu

>Stole anon’s artwork for shirts

>Constantly uses h3h3’s stupid cough

>Stole another girl’s poses and backgrounds for her Chunk Lin photoshoot

>Stole the name MooMoo off of lolcow

>Stole the character design off that milk party girl

No. 477428

File: 1513922423991.jpg (36.79 KB, 275x275, 1459729923447.jpg)


speaking of first thread came across this. she said it a year ago and literally nothing has changed. in fact she got worse

keep giving the milk moomoo~ <3

No. 477430


Part of me wonders what her old self would think of her current self.

No. 477431

this has the opposite effect mooriah. now everyone is sure that you want jessica's skin

No. 477433

File: 1513924916065.png (672.13 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2017-12-21-22-34-18…)

So hilarious gaiz

No. 477434

File: 1513925323096.png (199.86 KB, 720x954, Screenshot_2017-12-21-22-45-23…)

No. 477439

File: 1513926848882.png (1.07 MB, 698x1188, Screenshot_2017-11-16-02-23-32…)

No. 477447


Yet again she is incapable of admitting she is wrong. I think a genuine apology would actually kill her.

No. 477458

Another bootleg, or this a legit figure this time?

No. 477479

I was going to say you should take care in case she makes another shirt but then I read the file name. Kek

No. 477494

File: 1513943195067.jpg (49.98 KB, 152x229, messicaMigri.jpg)

No. 477507

D-Piddy has a Girlfriend tho - she goes to every con with him and is the one filming most of his videos. She’s also not fucking ugly as hell like Moo. I really hope he wouldn’t cheat on her with that ugly cow.

No. 477517

>lighthearted joke between Fate fans
>I disagree whole heartedly
You're talking on a public platform with thousands of followers, dipshit. Also, she talks like she's a Reddit fedora tipper, now.

No. 477522

i think it's real..i have a signed one of these so i didn't take it out of the box tho.

No. 477523

i hate when trans people think trap is about them. trap is a transvestite or someone who is overtly very feminine/masculine that is the opposite. the trans community doesn't get to be offended by that. they can fuck off.

No. 477524

>that is the opposite sex

No. 477526


that's not correct, trap refers to a pre-op passable transwoman who you don't find out has a penis until you're in the bedroom, meaning you've been "trapped" into a situation you're not comfortable with. it's definitely a slur towards trans people

No. 477528

it is used in anime like i said above tho. also trap never was explicit to pre-op MtT or anything.

No. 477530

The term trap refers to people, or anime characters, that look feminine but are actually guys. It has nothing to do with trans people, but they have tried to make traps about them and failed.

No. 477531

thank you.

that's why 'reverse trap' exists. which is a girl who looks like a guy, like haruhi from ouran host club.

No. 477532

wrong. the only time i've ever heard it that way is on fucking /b/, but even then "trap threads" contain pre-op trans, trans who have implants, transvestites and straight up feminine males. it's never been trans exclusive and sounds like one of those words the hijack to make themselves feel better, cause usually it's used by "straight men" to deem someone with a penis as fuckable regardless. trans people always do shit like this to feed into their egos. like "oh, look at all these people who like traps, they're talking about me! but i better act like it's offensive so people won't think i'm weird."

No. 477533

straight guys use the word trap for trans girls too who don't want to be called that. some trans girls who do fetish shit call themselves traps. it's a weird situation

No. 477536

and? even moo wasn't talking about trans so it's reaching. also maybe males who are trans shouldn't be shitty to feminists and lesbians if they want people to not be shitty to them.

No. 477539

Please sage that shit. No1curr.

Not only that, but the way that she said it is like the time she made a racist "inside joke between friends".

No. 477540

stop reaching. i get that moo is shit but literally no one cares what transbabies get offended by.

No. 477546

File: 1513956655075.png (906.28 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2017-12-22-07-26-32…)

10 instastories of her and Vamp throwing candy into each others mouth

No. 477547

Here's the issue:
momo SHOULD care that she offended someone. Even if she wasnt sincere she could have said 'Sorry if my joke hurt you'. The issue is instead of apologizing she immediately throws the blame to someone else cause she's 'totes full of loving and caring my dudes'

If she stuck to her 'post-kanna era' mentality where she was trying to trigger SJWs or whatever then no one would care but she's been spouting nothing but 'love n peace for everyone and never say mean things or bully u guyz lol' for a straight month now so she should at least know how to apologize even if she doesnt give a fuck.

No. 477548

File: 1513956819587.png (135.78 KB, 720x635, Screenshot_2017-12-22-07-32-08…)

No. 477549

File: 1513956861982.png (139.86 KB, 720x931, Screenshot_2017-12-22-07-31-56…)

No. 477551

Doesn’t lemon mean a bunch of old guys fucking? Idk, I remember hearing this shit back in 2005

No. 477554


Lemons just means there's sexual content in the work. Not age/gender specific

No. 477555

Oh god anon no that's lemon party…although lemon is a a term for sexual explicit material.

No. 477556

The person wasn't even offended (and I don't think they were even trans)–they were giving Momo a headsup about something that could be misconstrued as hurtful or offfensive. Like, she didn't even say "oh, thanks for letting me know" or considered that she's not in a private discussion when she tweets shit out to 25k people. Jnig and other softcore models who are actual professionals about their work and image are careful about what they say and post (generally).

Lmao, that's a "lemon party". "Lemons" in fanfics refer to smut.

No. 477562

the only real issue is her being a cunt.

No. 477563

File: 1513960289573.png (186.69 KB, 720x943, Screenshot_2017-12-22-08-27-26…)

No. 477564

File: 1513960322447.png (200.88 KB, 720x929, Screenshot_2017-12-22-08-27-50…)

No. 477567

File: 1513960405489.png (206.83 KB, 720x928, Screenshot_2017-12-22-08-27-56…)

No. 477568

File: 1513960432788.png (159.2 KB, 720x878, Screenshot_2017-12-22-08-28-05…)

No. 477572

File: 1513960667269.png (518.56 KB, 720x1026, Screenshot_2017-12-22-08-36-07…)

No. 477573

Wow… she actually ended up acting mature about it. I'm actually blown away.
Unfortunately, knowing Moo, she'll do the exact same thing tomorrow and not act mature about it because she's manic/high on cocaine/whatever drives this nutcase.

No. 477575

All those tweets when a "sorry, I know better now, thanks!" would've worked.

No. 477577

this is mature to you?
>sorry this is how -i- feel about the word
>excuses for not being up to date
>takes 5 posts to just do >>477575

No. 477580

Well, you see, a woman (as far as I am aware) was the one who pointed that out, so Moo gotta clap back as fucking always. If it was a guy, she wouldn't of made such a fucking deal out of ~her feelings~.

No. 477586

Gross. Does she really think we need to know all of her sexual fantasies?

No. 477587

>implying she wasnt lurking here and wanted to 'totes prove us wrong cause she's totally the most loving cosplayer of all time'

No. 477597

It's like she's really trying to look like the female version of the h3h3 guy

No. 477602

Sage and shut the fuck up about it. How do you NOT, at this point, understand how saging works?

No. 477603

the backseat mod strikes again

No. 477604

>The word doesn't affect me, so it carries no weight to me.

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING?? After all the shit she's been spewing on her fucking social media?

No. 477605

>hidden fees
>probably didn't know you have to PAY for those mini bottles of booze

So…She didn't read any of the ToS or anything attached to her bill or acceptance of the tickets? What a fucking bitch. Probably hoping they will give her free shit or upgrade her for the 'trouble' by yelling at them like a child on Twitter. She tried this shit with HP too and then stopped @-tagging them, but still putting their name in her stats because they weren't going to give her anything for free.

She's already a middle-aged white cunt with 4 kids and a husband already on his second marriage with her and he knows he downgraded.

No. 477606

sorry i upset you :^)(Don't be like this)

No. 477607

I know, right? She's so narcissistic that she only feels the need to defend herself and herself only. Remember when Gabby was dealing with hate for being heavy and Moo made that awful post about not looking thin like Rin and cosplaying her anyway? She only cares to bolster her own ego.

No. 477608

Why does she need to book with a discount airline anyway (I've never even heard of them)? I thought she was rolling in 15k a month?

No. 477609

Dude look, Susu’s GF Bunny unfollowed moo. Sorry to bring up non-cows but Bunny is really popular and used to follow moo. Bunny Ayumi is the cosplayer that did a female wario right before momo also did a female wario out of no where. She was mentioned a few threads back.

No. 477610

Probably because she bought both tickets, hotel, transportation. Gotta cut costs somewhere. At this point Im wondering if Collette if ASKING for this stuff, or Moo is just doing it because she has money which in turn sorta makes it seem like Collette is indebted to her.

No. 477611


Seriously. All the shit she has been spewing these last few weeks and her constantly being up her own ass about how “We should all love each other. I don’t understand how someone can hate. Don’t bully other people”, and then she says some shit like this? “Oh, well that word doesn’t affect me. So it holds no weight”. But your fat ass knows not to use the word “nigger” despite you not being black, therefore “not affecting you”.

It shouldn’t matter if you aren’t part of an affected group. You should have sense enough to know not to use specific words or least listen to people when they tell you that what you said can be considered offensive. Instead of just being like “Lol don’t curr. Not a trap” and always trying to clap back at everyone who calls you out.

This is like her Kanna shit all over again, her trying to be edgy and all “Lol at all the SJWs getting pissy with me cause I hurt their pwecious feefees”. She really needs to grow the fuck up.

No. 477612

Seriously lmao. It’s common knowledge that discount airlines charge for everything - she’s probably shocked and appalled she had to pay for luggage or pay extra for a seat her for her fat ass to fit in to

No. 477613

It’s great that other popular people are unfollowing but unless Jnig herself unfollows I don’t think Momo will bother self reflecting. As long as someone more popular follows, she’ll feel validated.

No. 477616


You need to be 18 or older to post here.

No. 477617

It’s a good start but I don’t recall Moo ever kissing her ass so it’s not like it will matter. It’s like >>477613 said. She needs to lose jnig in order for it to really hit.

No. 477618

Bunny wouldn't be a large enough impact on her, because she's friends with Tasha and Steff. We both know how she feels about those two. What I want to know is, have people like Stella Chu and Deanna Davis and VampyBitMe unfollowed her yet? Those would drive her up the wall.

No. 477619

I wonder if she does need to buy two seats? I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be stuck next to that fucking blob

No. 477620

But Bunny is dating Susu who is kinda the queen bee of the lewd girls scene. Losing Susu would be way worse than losing Jess because Susu is almost the 'hub for anyone looking for lewd girls' since she promos p much everyone whereas Jessica might promo someone every other week

No. 477621


I feel likes a bit of both. Mooriah has been paying for everything even before this for Collette. She pretty much pays for her living costs and Collette lets her so she can live for free. Mooriah pays for her stuff likely to use as leverage if Collette ever wants to backstab her.

No. 477622


Last thing I expected watching a Shofu video is hearing Moomoo getting shit talked lol. Even people outside of cosplay think she is a gross mess

No. 477623

They're not actually dating, they're just making it look like they are. They're using each other to bring in more neckbeard bux. But yeah, it's nice for more and more people seeing Mookunt for what she is.

No. 477624

Maybe the really popular peple like stella chu, sss, jnig and others don’t unfollow moo because it could mean bad PR for them? Like how momo attacked that one photographer guy on twitter and IG stories or how she bullied KBBQ and Nomiphotos out of the cosplay scene.

No. 477625

Not to be a sjw, but that’s a classic thing neckbeards themselves say when girls they are hot for are lesbian. They don’t want to believe they have 0 chance.

No. 477626

Didn’t she get roasted by Ryan and Jess a while back? I also never see Jess retweet or mention Momo in her IG stories. You might be on to something saying the popular people only continue following to avoid Momo dragging them through the mud and playing victim.

No. 477627


Surprised nobody thought to comment on her misuse of the word literal, which is fucking kek. So, moo-moo, you literally had an ENTIRE airline fuck you ? ORLY? One at a time or all together?

No. 477635

Get back on topic, if you want to talk about Susu and friends there's a thread in /snow/

No. 477641

File: 1513987379331.png (7.54 KB, 530x130, cb878d74c260fc6ebc837801a99820…)

We can use tripcodes now?

No. 477646

Sometimes it glitches, so instead of the correct "farmhand" title, it comes out looking like a tripcode
(As you saw it just happened again god dammit)

No. 477659

File: 1513993935145.png (125.15 KB, 475x440, Screenshot 2017-12-22 at 5.51.…)

Did breathing NYC air make her more retarded?

No. 477665

What omg? I never heard about the shirt thing before

No. 477666

lmao stupid fucking cow thinks she can apply this to herself.

No. It doesn’t work for you, mooriah. Also your own “call outs” and “clap backs” put you on an even worse level, hypocrite.

No. 477667

Not to defend moomoo but it's called a hyperbole, anon.

No. 477668

File: 1514000247187.jpg (Spoiler Image, 90.67 KB, 852x852, u md.jpg)

Guess she wasn't really


to fly then


>sorry i used words that i dont understand

This is gonna be here new out when people cry about her saying something.

No. 477669

ot but susu is gay with bunny?

No. 477672

Yeah, they both have each other listed as their girlfriend in their IG bios, and Bunny just made a story to clarify that they were dating a few days ago.

No. 477673

Just realized I didn't sage, sorry guys. But yeah, they're dating. We shouldn't talk about it any longer here.

No. 477675


Her arguments are never "clear cut". It's just her yelling as loud as she can and nitpicking insignificant evidence just to cover her ass like she did with plurfox. She ignored the actual evidence against her with how she asks for RAWs so she can self edit and her remarks about heavily editing her own body. It's made even more ironic when she tries to fight "slander" by actually slandering the person. She also is not above using her following to use as leverage against people with less followers. She did it when she bullied Steff by trying to make a private post Steff posted all about her and publicly tried to attack her. She did it with kbbq by getting her fans to go after him with her not so vague, vague posts. She did the same thing with Nomisphotos and scared him from going to cons. She did the same thing with Luna Lanie by publicly posting against her on twitter. And the list goes on….

No. 477677


Samefag but she literally does the same shit Liui did.

>highly hint at a person she has beef with so she can play victim and distance herself from being held accountable.

>uses her fan base as an army

No. 477678

File: 1514004153215.png (839.28 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2017-12-22-20-37-49…)

>goal is to sign and deliver these in two days
>"when I said I was going to come back I was going to come back hard"

No. 477679

File: 1514004188500.png (793.21 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2017-12-22-20-38-11…)

No. 477681

File: 1514004394350.png (955.27 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2017-12-22-20-37-39…)

I know she's backed up but Jnig has never had this many? Is she a year's worth now?

No. 477683

she literally always says this

No. 477686

File: 1514004812385.png (224.26 KB, 720x790, Screenshot_2017-12-22-20-50-22…)

No. 477687

File: 1514004875032.png (438.08 KB, 720x822, Screenshot_2017-12-22-20-51-33…)

I know but its just funny when she tries to be serious and fails

No. 477688

File: 1514004900787.png (494.16 KB, 720x945, Screenshot_2017-12-22-20-51-12…)

No. 477689

File: 1514005008755.png (959.78 KB, 720x933, Screenshot_2017-12-22-20-50-44…)

Overhead shot

No. 477690

Wtf why has she been trying to suck up to shadman?

No. 477693

Susu did a collab with Shad, that's why lol.

No. 477694

Is she really trying to squeeze herself into this shit storm by kissing Reika as out of no where? I guess she needs a distraction from her own drama.

No. 477695


She said July. It’s December. Is that how sending out Patreon awards works? Patrons wait THAT long???

No. 477696

@Middle Right Pic : did just put her vag on twitter or is there something covering it?

No. 477697

Pretty sure Reika hates cosplayers like her, who rely on sex for fame. Cause Reika's cosplays are craftsmanship focused whereas Moo's are usually bought, commissioned, and on the rare occasion (poorly) made.

No. 477698

Just a little too optimistic about how many prints she thinks she needs

No. 477700


That's the irony. Moomoo is the type of cosplayer that Reika dislikes. Reika is talented and does everything better than Moo while Moo sits on her fat ass all day, using her money for trips and neglect her work, and never make anything herself.

No. 477701


isn't hyperbole if she says LITERALLY anon. its hyperbole if she says they totally fucked her up the ass. thats hyperbole. what she wrote is that the whole airline lined up and fucked her dry.

No. 477702

Ok does this lard ass think she's h3h3 or some shit. STOP IT MOO

No. 477703

She does. Huge fangirl who wants his attention.

No. 477704

[Slams fists on desk]
When will the human cow disappear into obscurity already

No. 477705

Since when did she speak Japanese

No. 477706

since google translate

No. 477708


0/10 thought this was an asshole

Also, one these touristy pictures only confirm one thing that astounds me continually about Moo… how is she not crucified by her "followers" for posting these unflattering/no makeup photos? I KNOW my selfie game is only strong because I know my flattering angles and have strong makeup skills but… she doesn't even try… yet her "followers" never even comment on it? It's so bizarre. You see these kind of unflattering images of REAL celebs in magazines absolutely TEARING them to shreds for looking like normal humans; yet she does it and her mouthbreather followers eat it up.

It's both infuriating and mindboggling. Like, I want to say "holy shit put some effort into your appearance" but at the same time; she doesn't receive any criticism from her "fans" about it… so why would she?

No. 477710


The reason none of her “fans” comments on her appearance is because she will take it as bullying and make some long winded, self-masturbatory essay about how “society’s beauty standards are bullshit and how girls don’t have to wear make up to look good for other people” stand and will try to ruin anyone who even mentions it. She has no issue throwing her “fans” or even her patrons under the bus and to the wolves.

No. 477711

When people get rejected by attractive people, their standards are low. They think she's a 10 when she's a 3.

No. 477712

since forever my dude, she is a professional translator

No. 477713


I think people like her

No. 477714


This actually says a lot of your own self confidence anon.

You seek acceptance through "perfect angles" and "make up skills" and are enraged by the fact that moo doesn't need any of that to get people to follow.

It's really an insight to those who post here to be honest.

I've always lurked because I wondered about her and what she does.

Careful anon, your insecurities are showing.
Does anyone else feel like this??
Maybe, they feel like they have to go through such lengths to gain any traction in the community and all she does is bare it all and reaps reward?

I always had suspicions that's why people were here but now… I'm super curious.

No. 477715


Who taught you you had to be beautiful to be accepted?

No. 477719

I think most farmer hate her because she’s the absolute worst and gets away with everything

>doxxes and acts like a bitch: gets away with it

>lies about creating a character: gets away with it
>is paid to be beautiful but is actually fat and ugly: gets away with it
>shows people her filthy home:gets away with it
>terrible at making cosplay and steals credit: gets away with it

I see what anon is saying. It’s weird how people find such a mess attractive.

>skin: broken out, eyebags

>face: bloated, fat nose, no lips
>hair: fried to shit, never styled, bad cut
>body: fat and misshappen from lipo
>ass: broad and flat

What is sad is she just shows that the most worth a woman can have is a willingness to sell her body. She supercedes actual beautiful, good natured, talented people because of that.

No. 477725

Fuck off with your samefag bullshit

No. 477728

File: 1514021151034.png (813.72 KB, 720x1173, Screenshot_2017-12-23-01-04-16…)

Prepare for lulz:
>They find out that Guzma's parasite is from his mother's milk
>Says that she hopes everyone will learn from her mistakes when buying from a breeder.
>frustrated over health costs and the breeder guy denying the parasites. Plans on sending bills to said breeder guy and possibly taking legal action basing it on her contract that apparently said she was buying a "healthy kitten"
>went to breeders place and said she could smell the stool from outside. Mother cat was in a too small kennel and the litter boxes were "overfilled with stool"
>the breeder apparently took the first kitten he was selling to her and its eye was scabbed over with puss. Said to her he can just wash it off and actually took the kitten away to the bathroom to do so infront of her. She was apparently taken aback by this
>Guzma passed the parasite to Jaeda. Guzma is on his 2nd week of meds and Jaeda her 1st.
>apparently never had a cat with worms.

And now is when we audibly wonder if she saw this many red flags why didn't she call animal control nor stop the transaction?

No. 477729

File: 1514021305195.png (853.68 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2017-12-23-01-11-19…)


No. 477731

She always does this I'm a manic episode at like 5am. I'm sure the cats will be fine and treating worms or other parasites goes pretty fast usually idk why this is dragging out. Also why didn't she think the other cat would get it that's how parasites work if you don't keep the cats separately.

She honestly doesn't need to have animals she has zero knowledge just like sewing she has zero knowledge

No. 477732

Oh god that's fucking disgusting. Both of her cats have worms and im pretty sure her cats ass have been in her face, bed sheets, clothes at one point, so fucking nasty.

didnt she at one point swear that the breeder she got her cat from was good? you just dont go to a cat place one day suddenly and everything is trash. lmao you fucking suck momo. you knew this house was shit, but only decided to say something when it cost you money

moomoo bitch isnt gonna mention it on her main because she knows all her followers will think she's more disgusting then she is

No. 477734

She swore up and down that it was a reputable breeder. Check out OP where the instagram archive is. It's literally when she got Guzma.

No. 477735

I dunno, I think she's lying about how bad the breeder was. Even as dense as Moo is. There's no way she'd pass up an attention spotlight like exposing a mill operation to her adoring fanbase. She names and shames at the drop of a hat, especially when it could get her brownie points with those she's sucking up to.

No. 477736

It's funny because any judge who can rub two brain cells together will ask her what made her not take correct action when she noticed the animals were not taken care of at the facility? It's not about ~rescuing the animals~ when you bought ONE over maybe TWENTY that lived there.

No. 477737


Weird sentiments for someone posting on a website where people are regularly ripped a new asshole about their appearance. No one taught me that; that's literally the society we live in. Wrong or right, that's the fact of the matter. We, as a society, judge people based on appearance. Especially people in fields of work that center primarily around their appearances. (Models, sex workers, etc)

This isn't a jealousy thing. I don't want to be Moo. I just seriously don't understand how someone with no redeemable qualities receives more praise than people who actually spend a lot of time and energy into excelling in HER PARTICULAR FIELD OF WORK.

Fuck off with your "your insecurities" bullshit lmao. Of course everyone who posts on here has insecurities. Every human being on earth does. Sage your fucking holier than thou samefagging.

No. 477738

DO. NOT. CALL. IT. STAR. WARZ. You're not cute. Also, who just announces their cat has parasites? I've had several cats, breeder and adopted, and we had one adopted with worms and it cleared up fast, as long as we FOLLOWED DIRECTIONS. I'm pretty sure she's not doing that.

No. 477739

Not to mention what bad breeder would take such a huge risk as showing off a sickly kitten? Mill operations survive on staying out of lime light. I know Moo's a moron, but does she seriously think no one is gonna question her little tale?

No. 477741

cat fags on suicide watch

jk but seriously im triggered and furious

mariah i know you read this fucking thread, if youre serious actually do something about this supposed breeder.

also theres no way vamps cats arent sick too. you better pay for their fucking medical, or your cats will never get better.

No. 477742

Exactly. She probably won't post caps of the full conversation with the breeder either. They'll be cropped out conveniently like she did with KBBQ on twitter.
Remember when she was saying she texted the breeders every single day cause they were best friends or some shit? Suspicious.

No. 477743

File: 1514024312165.png (395.62 KB, 720x727, Screenshot_2017-12-23-02-15-58…)

No. 477744

File: 1514024340246.png (290.5 KB, 720x917, Screenshot_2017-12-23-02-16-53…)

No. 477745

File: 1514024472326.png (906.74 KB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2017-12-23-02-20-23…)

No. 477747

File: 1514026087189.png (769.67 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2017-12-23-02-46-51…)

She been bent over 3 times during this ad

No. 477748

File: 1514026455724.png (47.21 KB, 450x403, Screenshot 2017-12-23 at 2.53.…)

No. 477751

No. 477752

File: 1514028218361.png (179.67 KB, 588x426, trash.png)

Why not just make it easier on yourself and suck and lick a real dick Momo, you trashy piece of shit. This entire preview is disgusting, if you want to suck dick so bad and look like an actual porn star, just go ahead and just do it.

No. 477753

Was just about to post this. … every day we stray further from God's light

No. 477755

just do porn already what a attention whore

No. 477756

File: 1514029225028.png (557.41 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2017-12-23-03-38-12…)

No. 477757

Let me catch her saying she’s Muslim one more time.

No. 477758


Sorry, sage.

No. 477762

True…but let's not make Luna Lanie out to be a victim here…Moo didn't start bashing her online until Luna literally started attacking multiple cosplayers and trying to ruin Kay's reputation cuz she thinks "Kay stole her following" and is a racist POS.

No. 477763


I also love how she never posts videos like this onto her facebook page, because she knows she'll get ripped to shreds for it, AND be reported at the same time. Whats wrong moo? You want to be seen as a trashy slut but only where it benefits you? And you're too afraid to cross post it? I would be so horribly ashamed if my kid posted crap like this online. She has zero respect for herself.

No. 477764

"I want to be a person people look up to. inspire them blablabla"

omfg moomoo is just a worthless piece of trash

No. 477766

This is false. Kaybear is a lying cunt and this is coming from someone who watched this bitch bully my kid in 9th and part of 10th grade. The fact that momo banned together with Kay. SSS and failed is sweet. I mean you can call me a racist I don’t care I see a spade as a spade. She literally tried to be white when I knew if her. And my mistake she was cosplaying years before Delanie j didn’t become known until Delanie called her out and Nigri hopped on it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 477767

That's still a hyperbole

No. 477769

File: 1514037998392.jpg (410.68 KB, 2048x2048, 033B2CD3-0E38-4D3B-A93C-3C328C…)

For those who wonder how bad it is and havent seen the video.

No. 477770

I remember everyone telling her to go get a healthy adult cat from a crowded shelter but still going to get her fancy designer cat anyway.
Hope it was worth it. Even if it was a shit decision on Moo's end hopefully the breeder didn't fuck up anything else for the kitty.

No. 477771

It's a wonder her arm hasn't fallen off from how tight that band on it is.

No. 477772


The reason none of her “fans” comments on her appearance is because she will take it as bullying and make some long winded, self-masturbatory essay about how “society’s beauty standards are bullshit and how girls don’t have to wear make up to look good for other people” stand and will try to ruin anyone who even mentions it. She has no issue throwing her “fans” or even her patrons under the bus and to the wolves.

No. 477773

it’s actually embarassing how many followers she has and the amount of rts/likes that are on this disgusting video lol everyone knows it’s trash

No. 477774

>>477752 lol…the video got removed from her instagram due to content violation. Big surprise Moo, Instagram doesn't want you licking and sucking all over a dick sucker to promote your nasty patreon.

No. 477777

Get out of here with that shit MOO. Nobody here has to be a pick me girl that panders to neckbeards to feel good about themselves. The fact that you have to do so says a lot about your insecurity

No. 477778

She's gotta get it real tight for her diabetes shot

No. 477779

Every day she gets closer to actual porn. First the trashy legs-spread poses, then fake cum, now this… It's a slow, unrelenting path. I give her 2 years at max until she starts sucking actual dick on camera

No. 477780

It would be funny if someone added sound effects like chelhells nerf this video lmao

No. 477781


oh my god, girl. i could not believe my eyes when i saw this and thought it was a fever dream. she must be super desperate to bring her patreon back to where it was before the end of the month.

No. 477782

everyone always uses the 'OMG YOU JELLY' defense for moo, but it makes no sense. what moo is doing is easy, anyone could do it, most people just have more self respect.

No. 477783

So how many weeks/months do you anons give her until she's a full on cam girl doing porn

No. 477784

Oh I know that Matt guy from my localish con scene, he's like this with literally every female cosplayer ultimate whiteknight.

No. 477785


>he can become aware of his mistakes and grow from them.

Fucking kek.
She is the least self aware person I know. Doesn't she realize that she does the same shit that Liui Aquino did? She runs around trying to preach positivity and yet she's the reason why multiple people aren't even in the scene anymore. She's running around blackmailing people, threatening to hurt people, and doxxing people she doesn't like. She has no right to think even for a minute that she doesn't do those things. Wirru's post could apply to her very accurately. She is a disappointment to the community because she started off preaching positivity. I would even argue that she gained a lot of fans in the beginning because she was preaching positivity, especially body positivity. But look what she has become. She got lipo, she's a bully, and she's a liar. Those are not the qualities of someone who promotes positivity.

Mariah I know you lurk here and I hope that you would grow and learn from your mistakes. I say this as someone who used to be a fan and is deeply disappointed in your actions. You have yet to apologize for your actions and even apologize to those you've hurt. You're always talking about being the bigger person but you never are. All you've done in any opportunity to redeem yourself is say what you think people want to hear and immediately back pedal, or give a backhanded apology where you're not admitting you're wrong. You're someone people look up to and you have a big responsibility. Trust me when I say that day by day more and more people are turning away from you and disappointed by you because of what you've become…. or maybe this is the real you all along and you lied your way into it all.

No. 477787

2018 the year of full frontal horror

No. 477788

What's even more is that Liui manned up, apologized, and took responsibility for his actions in his latest post. Momo has never fucking done anything close to that. But no doubt she is going to use it as a chance to stand on her soap box again and preach more insincere "cosplay positivity/be nice to everyone" bullshit. She needs to keep her nose outta the Liui drama because she is by far a much bigger bully than he is.

No. 477789

Bitch, stop pretending you ever go to the gym!! Stop!

No. 477790


Not to mention she has no place in the international scene. I bet you if she ever went to a con out of state people would be repulsed and wonder why she is even there. The international scene is definitely something she will be unable to tap into. And no Mooriah, just because you have a few fans in Brazil and Mexico does not make you an international celebrity.

No. 477791

I seriously give her 1- 2 years before that lollipop becomes a real dick. She's already escalated to diliberate nip and labia lip slips, fake cum lube, and now dick lollipops. And that was just from this year alone. Her supposed plans for next year hint at her getting even lewder??? and I idk how that could even happen without her being fully penitrated at this point. Go ahead and embrace your porn star destiny, my dude.

No. 477792

File: 1514045938070.jpg (Spoiler Image, 212.16 KB, 2896x2896, 20171223_101754.jpg)

Turtle sneeze is her go-to "sexy face"

No. 477794

Sorry, but for once Moomoo didn't do anything wrong. That jinglefish bitch is looking to get offended. Trap has always referred to overly feminine boys in anime/games. It has zero to do with the trans community. they're so fucking annoying.

No. 477795

>sending out prints from july-oct

>it's almost January

I can't believe people still give this bitch their money.

No. 477796

>people pay for this

>can view better porn with hotter women for free

I don't…understand men.

No. 477797

Kek anyone who has been with us since thread one already knew what garbage she was.
You all were just too mesmerised by her tits and her fake body positivity when you should have been looking at who she was before this all happened. I don't even think she knew who the fuck Jessica Nigri was before she became a cosplayer, I followed her for a year and never once heard her mention it, even when Nigri debuted (sp?) her Vegeta cosplay. We were both Vegeta trash back then lol.
When I knew her Twitter handle before the cosplay fame she was just a toxic cunt, so desperate for attention she leaked her own nudes.
Then again after reading some of the comments on her Reddit, her fans don't care because she's just a really good jerk off session to them.
She's still trash and will continue to be trash. Don't be so sad about it.

No. 477798

Lmao I cackled at turtle sneeze face

No. 477806

She was a guest at a con in Canada last year, though this was during the time when cons were just getting wind of her antics. It's funny how after that she can't seem to get or keep any other gigs besides those one run by her friends. It also doesn't help that she barely even makes things any more and her whole image is now lewd material, it's really hard to sell yourself as a cosplay guest when you don't have a good portfolio of works to go off of.

No. 477807

loonie gtfo and stop pretending to be your own mom

No. 477808

As if she could get actual dick. She scares away every guy around her. Not to mention if she were to get someone to fuck her it would probably turn into KBBQ all over again.

No. 477809

Samefag but sorry forgot to sage

No. 477810

I think she will try to copy Lana &just use dildos & never real dicks so her fans won't be jelly & She can still appear "obtainable"

No. 477811

Anon so triggered hahahha(You were caught, my friend)

No. 477812

Luna you're going to end up getting your own mother doxxed with this shit if you keep this up it's literally just a google search away…

No. 477813

File: 1514051344074.jpg (5.7 KB, 162x185, Spike_in_The_Land_Before_Time.…)

Leaked pics of momokun's aheago shoot

No. 477814

File: 1514051420827.png (267.75 KB, 456x418, totes muslim.png)

No. 477815

Obvie her wicke set with simulated blowjob & titgroping sold most, so it’s in her best interest to return to these raunchier photoshoots.

Gotta burn pretty bad that people will never want you for creativity, craftmanship or decent cosplays. Its just “damn I wonder what she’d look like with my cock in her mouth”

Daddyo must be proud

No. 477816

File: 1514052012113.png (307.3 KB, 421x580, oc donut steele.png)

No. 477817

File: 1514052091675.jpeg (111.77 KB, 1236x693, 5CB6BDBB-02CB-490B-9512-549ED7…)

She looks like a real cow here lmao

No. 477818

File: 1514052174340.jpeg (91.64 KB, 1241x681, 03C7E547-7991-40E9-AD02-EAD4B7…)

Also uploaded a second twitter preview where she drops a bunch of broken candy out of her mouth in yet another disgusting attempt to be Jnig

No. 477820

I'm not sure if this is intentional or not but Jess has replied to Steff on twitter like three times in the past three days. Maybe to piss off Moomoo in an attempt to shake her off?

No. 477821


But does that one even count? Nathan Deluca was the one who got her invited (probably to fuck her). The con itself didn't go out of their way to invite her. If Nathan didn't get her invited she would have never been invited.

Man if she ever went to Japan, Korea, or China to cosplay, people would avoid her like the plague.

No. 477823

ya like no one who buys her patreon cares that its cosplay, ok maybe 1%

No. 477825

File: 1514053710057.png (369.32 KB, 750x1334, 0072E1B9-299E-4F83-B4CE-541968…)

No. 477826

File: 1514055247680.png (768.72 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20171223-135239.png)

she looks so fucking o l d

No. 477827

File: 1514055287395.jpg (599.83 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171223-115425.jpg)

No. 477828

I hope more people who just show up for lewds start calling her Velma like in the first time she released a photo of it on Instagram I couldn't stop laughing how generic her 'mei' is.

No. 477829

Yeah I can’t remember exactly, whether she asked to be on Nathan’s table or if Nathan invited her, but the con itself did not invite her. But apparently she had a “terrible” time Bc she kept calling kbbq while he was at blizzcon (both cons happened at the same time)

So she didn’t event get invited out to an international con, she wormed and probably made it seem like she got invited, gross

No. 477830

I give it 3-4 months before dildos make it into the mix. I think she'll be able to hold her audience with that but she'll need to increase the dildo weirdness (tentacle, animal, large size) to avoid outright fucking.

No. 477834


I wouldn't be surprised if she uses that con as a way to say "I'm totally internationally famous my dudes!"

No. 477845

who sleeps with glasses on mooriah?

No. 477847

She just needs to embrace one niche/personality and go with it. She could keep an audience if she were just consistent and reliable. She can't decide if she wants to be traditional (sell prints, go to cons), silly, sexy, or just be a straight sex worker. Bitch needs to just stop and go get healthy, get her marketing degree and come back when she knows what she wants her business and brand to be. Like I'm sure many people would be down with weird dildos too but she'll likely do it twice, be late on the prints for them, and then try doing something else. Oh and then rerelease the prints 8 months later if they're successful and she fucks up again.

No. 477850

File: 1514064877299.png (105.88 KB, 720x549, Screenshot_2017-12-23-13-32-45…)

I'm sorry you think you're this important lol

No. 477851

What I don't understand is if she is a year behind on her rewards why not sign her name once digitally and custom order her prints with her digital signature printed in a gold color?

It would cost a lil more but it would save a lot of time and it would be a very classy look. Then she would have no more excuses and just send out her prints. Or hell she makes enough to pay an intern to mail the orders out.

It makes me really think she is faking her pateron numbers and throwing away money to barely have enough for rent. Reminds me of the girls in the "webcam" thread who makes like 20k a month but are always broke AF

No. 477852


Jesus, how up your own ass can someone possibly be? Moomoo, if you keep having to tell people you are a good person, then you aren’t. Not that it matters, since you’ve already burned every bridge possible. That’s why no one gives a shit about you, and you absolutely deserve it because of what a shit person you are.

No. 477853

because she isn't classy and she always needs an excuse to not give people what they paid for. And with the way she acts and how cheap she is I suspect she is always broke.
She has to commission and buy her cosplays, buy her friends, booze, drugs, designer kitten mill cats, food, moving, cosmetic surgeries, vet bills, car, school (if that is true), buying followers and the speculated fake paetron numbers. Am I missing anything anons?

No. 477854

her """"mom""" hand signs everything but has never had this many prints backed up

No. 477855


Where’s that one lady that commented that her kid looks up to Mariah? Is this the material you want people to look up to you for?

No. 477856


She couldn’t be bothered to even make the print design on the pants …

No. 477857


She couldn’t be bothered to even make the print design on the pants …

No. 477858

File: 1514069475097.png (6.9 MB, 1242x2208, ADFFB1FE-44C9-475A-9499-4DDE50…)

Such a youthful face…

No. 477859

this is an imageboard, anon

No. 477860

it does not belong in the momo thread though, beyond this speculation it's entirely unrelated to moo what jess posts or who she replies to

No. 477862


mhm then don't bring it up at all

No. 477864

looking at her, I'm reminded of the big, ol' hag that tried to bake and eat Hansel and Gretel…lul

No. 477866

File: 1514071468265.png (863.9 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2017-12-23-15-19-34…)

Looks like Miso Tokki's grandmother

No. 477867

>the insanely old lemonparty meme
>weird fanfic slang made by teenagers

Anon I think the person you're replying to has been browsing the internet much longer than you have. Lemonparty was the NSFW precursor to SFW rickrolling.

No. 477868

File: 1514071629491.png (597.11 KB, 1201x668, Screenshot_2017-12-23-15-25-49…)

No. 477870

I really don't get why men are paying money for such, sorry, really ugly (inside and outside) women like momo or trisha paytas. I just don't fucking get it.

No. 477872


She doesn't all of it herself either. I heard that Vamp and her mom sign a lot of these for her. It really makes me wonder at that point why she still insists she works super hard when she doesn't even do all the work herself.

I'm waiting for the day she messes with the wrong person within the community and gets a Liui Aquino style post from a famous cosplayer. She knows she's not untouchable. That's why she tries to kiss up to anyone with a following.

No. 477877

but muh tire flips

No. 477879

having backed up prints is a good scam. if people drop their pledge before they receive the item, they risk her not sending shit out of spite.

mailman lost it my dudes, sorry

No. 477880

File: 1514076780156.png (1.06 MB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2017-12-23-16-45-42…)

>Ranting about how she only sees good things about the cosplay community and women lifting each other up. Forgot to mention that shecreated a gigantic hug box and blocks anyone with a brain who holds her accountable for her actions
>recorded herself sitting by herself moving the end of a Sharpie near her mouth on a MeMeMe print, snickering fellatio joke wow funny
>selling her new video release for 50 dollar tier

No. 477883

It's from 2002, yes I actually checked, but I remember lemon being used for lesbian fanfic roughly the same time period. Apparently it's taken from an 80s anime.

… so I don't know. I thought people didn't use that term anymore at all.

Yikes. Is that Vamp? I seriously don't know. I guess her nose doesn't look like Vamp's…

No. 477885

It's Miso Tokki.

No. 477886


Why is Miso Tokki associating with scum like her? She could do far better things without being around her.

No. 477889

lemon is a term in japan, stemming back to the 1980s. it's most widely used for doujin, shojo-ai/shounen-ai and fan stuff that has 'happy sex' in it, so it's more about lovey romance sex than lewd stuff. it's like a level below ecchi.

No. 477891

honestly this bitch looks so shapely sometimes. I wish I knew my angles half as well as she does and I'm not 200lbs.

and yet in her shooped lewd shit she looks enormous. idgi.

No. 477895


She must not have any kind of conscience if she can just flat out ignore all the bullying she does to other women in the cosplay community. How she always has to clap back at any girl who tries to call her out. The fact that she is the biggest cancer in not just the cosplay community, but others as well.

Like, she is just completely up her own ass and lives in her own little world where nothing is ever her fault, everyone hates her for no reason and she is a beacon of positivity that everyone loves and worships.

I shudder to think what kinds of delusions go on in her head.

No. 477897

That’s because all lewd cosplayers are in a fucking circle jerk, where they’re the most popular because people who don’t even give a shit about cosplay are there for tits and ass, and they promote each other and only each other, and to seem more “positive” they sometimes (rarely) share other cosplayers that actually made costumes and actually have them on and actually are cosplayers and not using cosplay as a platform to be a “lewd” model and make money by selling sex, proving that cosplay is meant to mostly only be a hobby since it makes no money standing alone and has to be sexed up to bring in $$$. Sucks for the cosplayers that aren’t elite in their game or complete total fucking sell outs that have no problem with the concept of men ejaculating to their pictures as a form income. Of course this isn’t spoken out against because it’s either slut-shaming or cosplay gate keeping and lol god forbid that you speak your piece as a cosplayer or fan of cosplay that sees this as truly a disgusting turn of events.

I saged it

No. 477902

backpedaling is not the same as speaking backwards

No. 477904

File: 1514087673235.png (495.72 KB, 720x907, Screenshot_2017-12-23-19-52-38…)

Nice stay at home mom cosplay

No. 477905

File: 1514087698197.png (348.79 KB, 720x941, Screenshot_2017-12-23-19-53-02…)

No. 477906

And whose fault is it you have such a backlog of work, you stupid fucking cow.

No. 477907

File: 1514088229058.png (1.49 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-12-24-06-58-57…)

this was my first time watching her instastory. i cannot believe how insane she is. in the span of a few minutes she' talking abiut flutes, how to play them, to… idk. i forgot. she looks and sounds insane. i'm new to this thread but eithet she's on some kind of uppers or she's manic, like mentally ill. it's really sad to watch.
sage bc wow.

No. 477908

good job me, making typos everywhere while talking about how insane moomoo is.

No. 477909

File: 1514088386270.jpg (37.5 KB, 472x472, 1324181868951.jpg)

No. 477910


>months of backlog

>doesn't work on cosplay
>commissions 90% of cosplays
>goes to California twice a month
>went to New York because she needed a "vacay"
>goes to the gym twice a month

She has the worst time management skills in the world. If she was constantly working on cosplays of high quality and actually working on content (no being in lingerie and wig for a 1 hour shoot does not count) I would cut her some slack. But she literally does nothing with her time and money besides splurge on herself. She thinks showing off how much work she has left will show people that she's a hard worker but to me and many others it's more proof she's a lazy slob.

No. 477911

i dunno about yall but im so on board for this Slave Leia garbage fire she's hinting towards.

she's gonna get crucified and then after 3 days they'll pierce her side with a sword and out of it will pour milk

No. 477914

1500 idiots threw money at you for doing absolute shit. Shut the fuck up, cow.

No. 477916

we say things like this every time… but I really don’t think any dedicated legit fans of anything ever give two shits about her. I think if she was in shape or at least vaguely attractive maybe then they would get mad lol

No. 477917

le disingenuous face

No. 477920

File: 1514091780198.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, 96029A6F-44BE-4AA3-A1E6-CEA4B6…)

Making that annoying fucking kissy noise she always does at Jaeda, pets her, then starts pretending to squeeze her nipple on the print. Wtf is wrong with this bitch she’s wild

No. 477921

i hope shes just drunk
sounds a bit much even for her tbh

No. 477927


Thank god for that; my best girl is in the Type-Moon light novels and is a very innocent/introverted character so I'd flip a table of Moomoo lewded her.

No. 477928

She is so disgusting. Those gross coughs she makes are vile. The candy spilling out of her mouth… I can't even begin to imagine being attracted to such a loathsome creature.

No. 477930

dudes like her cause she reminds them of themselves.

No. 477934

plus she seems obtainable. her dick hunger also fuels the hope she'd bone them. though i'm sure a majority of them don't give to fucks about her beyond fapping material, those who do care about her beyond that probably see her shitty personality as a challenge. they could fix/save her into the perfect thicc lewd wife.

No. 477936

Good god that perspective I'd love to see one of the draw anons sketch this out. sage of course

No. 477939

a lot of them probably have bimbo or anti bimbo fetish and either love to see her turn into a fat lewd cunt or fantasize about turning her pure.

No. 477943

File: 1514100521671.png (689.21 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2017-12-23-23-25-18…)

>puts up lights and snowflakes all over

No. 477947

Her insta stories just seem like her trying to be that "lol so randum" type of person and humor, which is why she makes like 20 a day talking about random ass shit.

That or she has to take advantage of every bandwagon as it starts (seriously, i thought she didnt like star wars)

No. 477953

she wouldn't even have this many prints to sign at one time if she wasn't a terrible artist and sent her rewards out on time.

No. 477968

File: 1514135481894.jpg (16.03 KB, 430x319, 1511507553507.jpg)

>has job based on appearance
>puts out instastories looking this haggard
Is she too big to fail or some shit? How does she get away with this? Sage because we've been asking this shit for months but I really don't get it.

No. 477969

this is part of her allure, anon. like, the guys see her as someone who can "look hot" and "be sexy", but also can just pal around and is average looking. she puts herself on their level, but it's cause she -is- on their level. they think she's attainable and ugly cause she actually is. she's not doing it for show, she's a genuine nasty neckbeard bitch.

No. 477970

also, why do people keep asserting her job is based on her appearance? it's based on T&A. in makeup she looks a bit better? (not really cause she has no clue how to do it) but out of makeup she's a butterface.

No. 477971

wouldn't that imply a good body?

No. 477972

i mean through the eyes of her fans. she doesn't have tits and ass either, anon.

No. 477976

File: 1514140309663.jpeg (142.12 KB, 712x1028, BE5B7904-24F6-49CC-91FC-F3963B…)

our beautiful thicc goddess, here >>477920.

I watermarked it, in case when moo ever gets butthurt she puts it on a shirt and sells it, just like the previous drawanon.

No. 477977

And here to you too

No. 477989

She better do sexy Jabba because slave leia would be more then an insult. Jabba fits her better and actually would be a compliment lol

Saged for stupidity

No. 477990

She talks so much on her Instagram stories because she sits on her ass all day and gets high so she does this in an attempt to seem interesting. She really has nothing else, no cool travelling shots, no progress on new cosplays because they're all bought, so she talks a lot to make up for the fact that she does fuck all.

No. 477991

File: 1514148837540.png (627.67 KB, 720x805, Screenshot_2017-12-24-12-52-02…)

No. 477993

File: 1514149027311.png (89.75 KB, 720x586, Screenshot_2017-12-24-12-55-07…)

Are you kidding me?

No. 477994

File: 1514149058163.png (63.2 KB, 720x433, Screenshot_2017-12-24-12-55-15…)

No. 477995

this bitch look the moon emoji

No. 477996

so, she's dirty neckbeard money, and not the neckbeards? okay?

No. 477997

File: 1514149828566.png (332.27 KB, 720x930, Screenshot_2017-12-24-13-09-04…)

No. 477999


It's been more than a month since blizzcon and she made that post saying how it inspired her to want to work on new cosplays and shit…. but she hasn't worked on anything since she came back. All we saw was her making shitty gloves for her Hoechaco Christmas shoot and get the Saber chest plate from kbbq. I'm not even saying that she has to finish anything right now. I'm just saying if she is going to sperg about how inspired she is and how much she wants to make new cosplays, you'd think she would at least start on something. She's clearly a pathological liar willing to say whatever just to have people think she's a legit cosplayer.

No. 478000

What do you contribute to this thread anyway? At least art anons make people laugh.

Your sperging and spamming is worse than anything they do. The most annoying person I’ve ever seen on this thread.

No. 478001


>This is her secret to making herself believe she's a size small

Buy a small bikini bottom with laces on the side so as long as she can still tie it she can be a size small.

Seems legit.

No. 478005

>bitching at anons for bitching at artfags not saging ot stuff when we keep being threatened for /snow/
>asking anons what they contribute
okay i will just stop uploading IG stories then. bye.(Calm down)

No. 478008

File: 1514151023325.jpg (Spoiler Image, 591.33 KB, 1386x1352, Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 1.27…)

No. 478009

No one cares. Take your leave. You are not the only bitch here who uploads content lmao

No. 478012

File: 1514151564045.jpeg (550.18 KB, 750x1228, 7A71CFA7-6423-48F3-B4F2-4556FB…)

Nooo please don’t leave. It totally isn’t like we don’t all have public access to her ig!

Your unsaged sperging is worth your uploads!

No. 478015

File: 1514152881961.png (29.38 KB, 532x532, IMG_1427.PNG)

>that Mei cosplayer
The ego. My lord.

No. 478016

File: 1514152974353.png (361.6 KB, 720x875, Screenshot_2017-12-24-14-01-20…)

No. 478019

Ew, tmi!

No. 478024


>that Mei cosplayer

More like that toxic ass, lying ass, stealing credit ass, no ass Mei cosplayer

No. 478037

File: 1514158992166.png (935.17 KB, 720x1165, Screenshot_2017-12-24-15-40-09…)

>finished Xmas shopping. Apparently family does not celebrate Xmas
>might be on Twitch. Said she wanted to wear Super Pochaco but would be "a bad idea Mariah"

No. 478038

File: 1514159110001.png (156.96 KB, 720x939, Screenshot_2017-12-24-15-43-56…)

No. 478039

File: 1514159261291.png (335.2 KB, 720x936, Screenshot_2017-12-24-15-46-38…)

No. 478045

File: 1514159819198.jpg (42.34 KB, 550x550, CxDAI1X.jpg)

No. 478048

more gross than enraging they're both garbage

No. 478052

Momo has spoken. Time to ditch anyone who struggles with present buying.
We all saw your Black Widow cosplay. No one wants anything handmade by you Momo.

No. 478053


>make someone a gift

Bitch can't even make her own cosplays let alone a gift.

No. 478055

the only thing she can make is a mountain out of a molehill lmao

No. 478058


Why the fuck does she think anyone wants to hear about this? No one wants to go anywhere near your rancid ass pussy Moomoo.

No. 478059


God. Just fuck off. She literally tries to take anything and make it seem like she is better than everyone. “UNLIKE YOU LOSERS, IM A TRUE FRIEND WHO ALWAYS KNOWS WHAT TO GET FOR MY FRIENDS”.

Like, it’s not even something worth bragging about. It’s just her being up her own ass and thinking she is “such a good person who cares soooo much about her friends”. Just shut the fuck up.

No. 478061

She's live on instagram

No. 478064

>>478061 someone please cap all the bought Arab comments and likes

No. 478065

File: 1514164128666.png (839.31 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2017-12-24-16-56-46…)

Making cat cookies

No. 478066

so far:
>Someone asked if she would not do a certain cosplay and she said Asuka from Evagelion because she hates her
>said she was invited to South American cons (Mexico and Peru). She did a weird lip smack when someone asked her to come to Peru and "to keep that in mind". This is apparently happening next year 2018.
>wants 6 cats
>is literally making cat treats and is frustrated she can't make them the shape she wants and has to tell the chat over and over

No. 478069

File: 1514167591926.png (1.13 MB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2017-12-24-17-31-35…)

No. 478072


>said she was invited to South American cons (Mexico and Peru). She did a weird lip smack when someone asked her to come to Peru and "to keep that in mind". This is apparently happening next year 2018.

Did someone actually ask her or did she say it out front ? She's not even hiding she likes here anymore. Trying super hard to look like an international cosplayer.

No. 478074

We can go see it for ourselves, you're doing no one any favors. Buhbye!

No. 478076

TBH some real no names get invited to South American cons. There's a couple of people from the cali scene who dont even have 2k followers that were flown out to one last year so tbh unless the con also has giant names it really doesnt mean much.

It's pretty often that small cons will ask people they know are desperate or cheap to come to their cons to be their 'main line' guest to promote the con more than actually thinking the person is any good but how many times in these past 2 years has momo 'totally been a guest my dudes' only for it to turn out to be a lie

No. 478080

Her only friend is Vamp. How hard can buying the person who live with be.

I missed a word, but it still feels suitable.

No. 478084

File: 1514178617375.png (675.49 KB, 924x617, Screenshot 2017-12-24 at 9.09.…)

Mar Mar stop taking photos this is blinding and makes so sense to edit a photo this way

No. 478086

She’s just another typical person who thinks they know how to be a photographer since they own a digital camera

No. 478087

oh yeah it’s kinda like how some girls think they’re a model just because they have an instragram….

No. 478088

File: 1514179690094.png (635.02 KB, 720x951, Screenshot_2017-12-24-21-26-48…)

No. 478089

Her hair is disgusting. it's a bird's nest like Aly's.

No. 478091

I work at a theatre and we were absolutely slammed today. They're either seeing Father Figures, which noone is seeing, or they're in a shitty theatre.

No. 478095

it's a little different in vegas, a lot of casinos have movie theaters as well, there's more movie theaters than you'd expect in an average city bc of it. besides that, does it really matter what she saw?

No. 478099

Can we stop with the "Mar Mar" already? It ain't gonna catch on.

Why does she always exaggerate everything like this?

No. 478100

File: 1514188858356.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.89 KB, 748x931, 625685452.jpg)

why does she look so much like jessi's vagina

No. 478101

Yeah, it is different in Vegas. Went to see Star Wars on opening night and the theater was half full if that.

No. 478117

File: 1514214010618.jpeg (172.25 KB, 640x820, 62F193DC-7E32-4207-84E1-6334A1…)

She wrote afterwards that people suck on that recent quoted retweet … she’s so spoiled, I actually feel sorry for vamp that she has such an unthankful friend as mariah

No. 478118

File: 1514214066650.jpeg (155.34 KB, 640x617, 072A185D-5A8B-4134-8333-FE346E…)

this tweet

No. 478120


Of course she's unthankful. Everything is about her. She's probably the type of person who only keeps track of the wrongs and never thinks about the good people do for her. That's why it's easy for her to cut ties with people. But I'm sure she either denies or forgets ever being horrible to others.

No. 478123

Jesus I'm jealous then

Movie didn't matter, it was just the only movie at my place that would look anywhere near that empty

No. 478125

What about it?

No. 478133

Momo’s mum bought her a taser. American anons is that legal there? Something like that in Momo’s hands is terrifying.

No. 478134

It's not a big deal. Nevada doesn't consider them a firearm. Alot of people have them or pepperspray as keychains.

No. 478138


In Nevada it is open carry without a license. So for a taser it isn't farfetched to just get it.

The only trouble she'll get into is bringing it into casinos and convention centers. She would be kicked out real quick by police or actual security faster than she can guzzle pho.


No. 478140

File: 1514239147533.png (690.71 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2017-12-25-13-56-52…)

Her family came over for a little but but now shes harassing her cats alone

No. 478141


In California you can have it but cannot carry it in areas of public meeting. Basically if she has it at a convention area you can report her.

No. 478142

She is likely to get drunk and rowdy while waving it around at some point so you do have something there…

But there's always the chance it will get lost forever in one of the many garbage piles in her house.

No. 478143

the fact this is legal and someone could technically go buy a massive firearm if she wanted is why america is terrifying

No. 478146

Oh fuck off. and it's just a taser. Don't turn this thread into some anti gun law bullshit.

Did Vamp spend xmas with her family or alone with moo cow?

No. 478147

Anon… it's America we're talking about, if guns are legal why wouldn't a taser

No. 478148

File: 1514241158199.jpg (361.34 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20171225_143118.jpg)

That or she's working. She's a manager.

No. 478149

File: 1514241702895.png (334.57 KB, 470x603, Screenshot 2017-12-25 at 2.40.…)

No. 478150

File: 1514242001827.png (812.18 KB, 720x1010, Screenshot_2017-12-25-14-44-31…)

>went to NYC with Vamp
>no photo with Vamp for Xmas
>alone on Xmas

No. 478151

Yep it's also sick that they think it's normal

No. 478152

That’s what she gets for being a snake by every friend

No. 478154

>harassing sick cats


wew lass

This is depressing.

Also, those are her same clothes she was wearing in NYC.

No. 478155


No. 478156

I dare her to bring & use it at a con. Do it, coward.

No. 478157

File: 1514244641145.jpg (56.2 KB, 489x750, IMG_0817.JPG)

>Star Wars sweater
Hoe will never be able to resist a hype train.
Watch her cosplay EVA again whenever the next movie comes out.

No. 478158

File: 1514245220480.png (1.13 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2017-12-25-15-27-12…)

Tinfoil: Mariah is losing money

No. 478159

File: 1514245723070.webm (214.67 KB, 894x1080, please-god-no-momo_Scene-1.web…)

reposting for relevance.

No. 478161

File: 1514246025883.jpeg (298.24 KB, 750x817, 50E5EBEB-8046-488E-8B76-F6AFB8…)

Dear god her stomach looks so unnatural

No. 478162

File: 1514246100456.png (443.03 KB, 720x767, Screenshot_2017-12-25-15-53-36…)

No. 478163

File: 1514246160158.jpeg (267.99 KB, 750x776, 4530A0E2-7D0F-4010-98E3-8B7B8E…)

Stop fucking bullying cats. 99% of them don’t like being handled like this. She thinks it’s cute when Guzma gets really upset and smacks her, but he’s distressed. I’m sure this cat was probably just as upset.

No. 478166

Every day is your day off, marmar

No. 478167


Don't do liposuction, kids. Or at least listen to & follow your doctor instructions if you do.

No. 478168

Didn't she lose/stop buying 200 Patreon spots.

No. 478172

Lmao! Workaholic????? All you do is sit on your ass eating garbage. You never work on cosplay until days before the con, or you get your cosplays commissioned. Shut the fuck up you dumb cow.

Stop fucking using mar mar. You should stupid

No. 478177

File: 1514249967342.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 86.71 KB, 750x841, 5EF20787-ADEC-47D3-A89C-A7831D…)

This video is so grotesque.
She moves in such a dumpy, graceless way. Her flabby, pale body in motion is sickening to look at.
Her facial expressions and her erratic behavior make her seem like a special needs child which adds a whole other layer of disturbing.

No. 478179

File: 1514250480024.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 94.33 KB, 750x721, 90D3E451-C670-44A7-B5E7-47F6F7…)

Looks like she’s squatting for a dump

No. 478180


Her ass literally looks like that pig ass another anon posted previously

No. 478181

File: 1514250822092.jpeg (101.88 KB, 750x821, 26BE27EF-1DD1-4672-B287-EAEDA1…)

Sad little cheeks on full display

No. 478182

File: 1514250976442.jpeg (108.7 KB, 750x802, EFFD6949-6D42-4EEA-8E6C-306091…)

This video is a treasure trove of cringe

No. 478183

Marmar looking at some weird porn to think this is hot???

No. 478184



What work do you do? Within the past month… no the past year, all you've done is put on the same 3 lingerie and put a wig on to do photoshoots that only require and hour or two of your time. None of which you edit yourself and are late on constantly. You've made no more than 50% on all of your cosplays besides your Yoko which was a week worth of work at most. You spend a third of your time going out of state for a con or another motel photoshoot. You are backlogged on most of your rewards because you keep holding them off to travel or party.

So tell me Mooriah, what work do you do again?

No. 478185

File: 1514252045356.jpeg (302.65 KB, 2048x2048, E845A992-0F92-4511-BB12-4550B5…)

Quite literally.
Maybe Mariah should have come up with a pig-girl OC instead of a cow since she actually looks like a sow.

No. 478186



Stop it.

The likeness is uncanny. Desperate neckbeards will find anything attractive.

No. 478195

File: 1514254282917.png (330.27 KB, 586x327, Capture.PNG)


That miso girl seems so weirded out and uncomfortable throughout the video, it looks like she'd literally rather be anywhere else

No. 478198

lmao there is no way in hell that any casino security would even notice she had it unless she was brandishing it. they don't even check all employee bags, there is absolutely no one at the door at any casino checking purses.

that's beyond tinfoil at this point, it's just not visibly concrete yet

this has got to be the most ultimate poopin pose, she is truly coming into her destiny as PT Mark II

No. 478203

Mar mar is twice her size, of course she's nervous

No. 478204

Stop trying to make mar mar happen
It's never going to happen!!

No. 478206

I'm all for the Mar Mar thing if it's a Jar Jar reference. We all know she's such a big Star Wars fan, my dudes.

No. 478207

ok, but all i can think of is mar mar luvs chinks and thats a bit much. gotta give her the last name.

mar mar drinks?

cant wait to see her totes legit jar jar oc

No. 478209

File: 1514261285056.jpg (33.16 KB, 500x517, pE0ce8l.jpg)

Surprised Moo hasn't jumped all over Chun Li’s Akiman Training DLC outfit. But then I remember she'd never be able to pull off a waist trainer underneath

No. 478211

File: 1514261361753.png (726.89 KB, 2010x1938, hoechaco.png)

Hoechako Christmas card. Merry Christmas, y'all.

No. 478212

always A+ content from the drawanons here

No. 478213

If your art is shit please just take this artfagging to tempcow

No. 478215

Oh stop having a cow over stupid shit. Drawanons make this even more fun.

No. 478216

File: 1514262136455.jpg (31.66 KB, 500x238, 33d (1).jpg)

No. 478217

Sorry, I'm too lazy to cap because his little speech is so long winded, and I'm sure it will stay up for awhile because it seems like a callout/troll account anyways, but who is this psycho? Lol.


No. 478218

Yeah, also I thought this person said they were taking their precious ig stories elsewhere.

We all know how much Mooriah hates the drawings, why should people stop drawing her and displaying where she’s always lurking

No. 478219

i don't enjoy them because they're annoying.

No. 478220

The draw anons are the best and always give me a good cackle. Don't be such a salty whiner about it plz some of us really enjoy them

No. 478221

Your incessant complaining is annoying. Stop trying to control everyone's comments around here. Nobody gives a shit if it annoys you

No. 478223

File: 1514263768665.jpeg (64.87 KB, 394x406, 2922D407-ED7F-401B-8807-9ABB36…)

I’m just gonna start ignoring your whining.

Which is what you should do when you see any art on here bc you’re obviously in the minority. People aren’t going to stop posting caricatures.

No. 478224


lol I wouldn't be surprised if Mariah came in here trying to find out who that is. Hey Mariah, how does it feel wronging so many people that you don't even know who's calling you out anymore? How pathetic that you're paranoid and have to ask farmers to put themselves.

No. 478229

>when u burn so many bridges you don't know who is clearly specifically talking to you

No. 478233


The person does bring up some good points. Everything she's done, she did it to herself. She chose to burn bridges in order to be surrounded by yes men. She doesn't want real friends, she wants a hug box. You can see that everyone she's cut out from her life disagreed with her one way or another. It's unfair for those people too because she went after them… and for what? For having a different opinion than her? This is why she will always be surrounded by yes men. People around her are afraid to ever disagree with her because she will try and go after them. They just don't want to deal with her starting drama. It's really sad.

No. 478234

Wasn't Mariah but okay. Just thought it was weird he was going off about Saber and her family. I don't get the martyrdom thing, is he trying to say her whole family is a bunch of losers too?

To the anons saying "stop making Mar Mar happen", I've been going through the last two threads but I can't find the screenshot, Moomoo was going on some rant a few weeks ago about leeches and one of her friends, possibly Nicoletters? I really wish I could find it, she said "ooh you tell em, Mar Mar!"
Clearly anon is making fun of the fact that it IS a thing.

No. 478235

Marmar will thank you for giving her the idea, you know she lurks

No. 478236

……..then again even if I do know that Mar Mar is a real thing I can't help but think this idiot is actually Moomoo shitting up the thread.

No. 478238

we're not the minority, mods have said shit like that will get us kicked to snow.

No. 478239

i think what'll piss them off more is you not saging your whinging.

No. 478240

i haven't seen them say anything about the caricatures. stop using them as an excuse and just fucking ignore the art if u dont like it. enough in-fighting about a stupid subject i know they've complained about THAT. back to the milk and moomoo jfc.

No. 478242

Please stop.

No. 478243

File: 1514269905058.jpeg (553.46 KB, 750x1220, 171463A4-D87B-4F7D-9A2C-AE88BA…)

She seems to be home alone with her cats. She complained about needing a special brownie to fall asleep, showin off that shes going to arizona, texas, anaheim, peru, and mexico. Says ALA, Fanime, Katsucon, and AnimeExpo are all for sure cons shes going to.

No. 478244

For as fucked up as he is, I hope Shad draws her as a pig that's tied up in the slaughterhouse or something dark to make fun of her or something tbh. She loves riding his dick to look edgy and alternative, but I wonder how she'd react to him mocking her. Not like he'd care if her fanbase went after him

No. 478245

big shock this cow needs drugs to sleep

No. 478246

Was she born with FAS or something ?? Something weird is going on with her face

No. 478252

File: 1514273903564.png (484.92 KB, 485x405, leg proportions.png)

No. 478253

File: 1514274804558.png (670.42 KB, 883x492, notolipo.png)

Yikes. Really do need to be careful with lipo. Moo, I love how body positive you are with all the photoshop. You really do love your body, don't you?

No. 478255


No. 478256

Sorry for forgetting to sage my last post farmhands, but for the anon (s??) using "mar mar"… what are we, her gal pals? Cringe. Mariah is a tumor, not worthy of "endearing" nicknames.

What a shitshow. Please remove moomoo stans.

No. 478259

"I don't alter my body, dudes!"

No. 478261

File: 1514281723429.jpg (113.22 KB, 1024x569, square-watermelons.jpg)


Her breasts here remind me of [pic related].

No. 478262

Why Mar Mar

No. 478263


>Peru and Mexico

Really trying hard to be an "international" cosplayer. Like another anon said those are easy to get into for anyone with a decent following. My friend with only 5k followers got invited. I predict barely anyone will recognize her but she will still post about how blessed and happy she feels knowing she has so many fans.

No. 478266

Stop this shit. You are the only one saying calling her that so it's basically namefagging at this point.

No. 478267

I mean the only con Luna Lanie got invited to were Mexico and little local shit cons so moo is basically in the same league as she was and just as toxic

No. 478280

I’m starting to think that this person is Mariah herself.
Please stop you’re making a fool of yourself.

No. 478286

Is Moomoo namefagging? Is momokunt namefagging?

No. 478287

I don’t know, I guess if Mar Mar isn’t acceptable then Moomoo or the other nicknames we made for her is unacceptable.

No. 478288

no anon, marmar isn't acceptable because

1. a fan called her that, and some anon is just using it cause they think it sounds dumb. why would we be calling her a term of endearment her fan called her
2.it does actually sound stupid, but it makes the person saying it sound stupid, not moo.

No. 478289


oh my god who cares!! i'm going to start calling her mar mar just to spite you at this point

No. 478290

File: 1514303223152.png (Spoiler Image, 266.63 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171226-174250.png)

Why does she keep making derp faces while trying to look sexy?

No. 478291

File: 1514303265559.png (Spoiler Image, 269.41 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171226-174223.png)

No. 478294

there are multiple people who think it's fucking stupid, anon, sorry to spoil your fun.

this thread is full of too much garbage, shit art anons being attention whores for no reason, cunts refusing to get in line. i hope we move to snow. moo is boring anyways, nothing has happened in months it's just, do a shit cosplay, do shitty IG stories, "omg love and peace", be a fat cunt, repeat.

No. 478297

>>478294 if you fucking hate this thread so much then stop looking and posting in it, plenty of people are still entertained by this thread, its not hard, jesus christ

No. 478299

calm the hell down cunty. if you love the thread so much, stop replying to bait, infighting.

No. 478300

Because Jessica does it. AKA the reason she does everything she does.

No. 478301

Who died and made you the boss around here? The only person out of line is you! You're probably moo herself and getting annoyed with the funny art! Literally no other thread with art anons is getting my complaints I think it's interesting that this thread has a whiner who doesn't like it + keeps calling her fan names

No. 478302

are you retarded, i hate the artfags and fan names. why don't you learn to read.

No. 478303

Can we wrap this up

No. 478304

>hi moo

Stop. Not that anon, but come on, artanons always act attention grabby, and as much as it pisses off Moo, it's just giving her some fuel, we're just bullying her looks with the shit art. Plus it's not really that hard to draw her (just draw an amorphous blob with wrinkles). I know it's mostly just fun and games, but they got really ahead of themselves a few threads ago, what with posting "serious art" and getting shat on. I think we should have it in tempcow since it always causes derailment issues.

No. 478305

Fuck I forgot to sage.

But seriously stop the infighting. If people want to bitch about shit, stop bitching back at them.

No. 478307

"Bullying her looks" are you serious? This is a gossip site 95% of this thread alone is making fun of her looks . Are you moo? Gtfoh

No. 478308

>hasn’t checked up on moo in a few days
>decides to catch up on what I’ve missed
>tons of infighting

Just report people u think are white knighting or Mariah herself. You’ll get banned if you say “hey cow” and are only contributing to the problem. Looks like a farmhand already asked people to stop.

No. 478311

Shit you people are touchy. Moo uses this shit to baww to her fans, are you new? Holy fuck.

No. 478312

Sage your crying newfag.

No. 478318


Stop the infighting. As long as art anons are not derailing on purpose or promoting their art page I believe it is fine. This is an image board after all. Plus it's been proven that art anons bother her. Examples: hiring someone to redraw the picture of her as nude Mei covering herself with a blanket and covered in wrinkle, making shirts trying to show that it doesn't bother her [it obviously bothers her], and her passive aggressive responses to people posting them as comments.

This thread is not a fighting ground amongst farmers. It's made to find and discuss Momokun milk and hope to even find milk so damning she will finally quit being a tumor within the community and leave.

No. 478323

then they should fucking sage.

No. 478325

You weirdos are so easy to trigger, just like Mar Mar(stop)

No. 478328

Just move this thread back to snow. This thread is filled with triggered snowflakes over artfags and people who keep saying mar mar.

No. 478329

Stop the infighting. The artwork was saged, you can easily ignore it if it triggers you that much.

No. 478330

not all of it is saged you fuckwit. >>477976.

idgaf if i get banned, but please, they cause more drama than they're worth.(come on)

No. 478331

this. the thread has no milk, moo's milk is dried up like her sandy snatch.

No. 478335

Chill out farmers. It’s the holidays, all the cows are a little quiet. She’s been on vacation, Just because it’s been a week or two without a major breakdown doesn’t mean she’s “dried up”

No. 478339


Put it in snow then instead of these empty threats every so often. Come through with it.

No. 478340

Moved to >>>/snow/452841.

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