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File: 1477091306639.png (496.51 KB, 1248x1000, JygHOt3.png)

No. 186605

Plainclone containment thread so her every sperg-out on Twitter doesn't have to derail Onion's thread.

https://www.instagram.com/lane1313_ (private)

Laineybot whiteknight despite lainey not actually giving a fuck, clearly pulling a Single White Female.
She's a baby snowflake in that her only claim to online fame is copying another baby snowflake whose only relevance consists of being Onision's wife. Constantly sucks up to her, hates on Billie and Greg (but only when Lainey does, so she never goes against Space Princex' mood swings and denial)

Lurks onion threads and constantly whines about them.

No. 186610

Doesn't this dumb bitch know that her online stupidity is going to be visible to employers, future colleagues and associates, etc. when she's grown up?

No. 186616

File: 1477094676286.jpg (179.24 KB, 1248x1408, VcleUlu.jpg)

"I can't help looking like Lain! You're all so mean!"

> changes Twitter URL from LizzepopLiz to Lane1313_

> cuts hair
> copies Laineybot's makeup
> same selfie styles
> fiercely whiteknights
> pussydrools every time Lainey acknowledges her existence

No. 186622

How old is this girl? She looks so young. I'm actually slightly horrified because she could be the twin sister of one of my boyrfriend's nieces. Except she doesn't have the shitty haircut or do the terrible winged eyeliner.

No. 186642

File: 1477101286987.gif (246.85 KB, 320x220, dascreepy.gif)


OMG she's one step away from wearing Laineybot's skin. That creepy level of ass-kissing and molding herself into Laineybot, on almost… everything

No. 186647

wow, she's just as lack luster as I would have imagined.

No. 186661

File: 1477104765378.png (281.04 KB, 628x516, agyFER0.png)

Hi Elisabeth

No. 186684

i've always thought she was super annoying and cringy but from the looks of it, she's still just a kid and tbh i probably would have went through a phase like that if i had internet as a kid.

No. 186727

i pity her.
what a shitty person she chooses to imitate.

She'll probably grow out of her little obsession with plainbot though and grow into her own identity. She looks super young, like 15? 16?

No. 186864

File: 1477174515093.png (10.86 KB, 218x77, wxJRps5.png)

How hard can you lurk?

No. 186918

Yeah this i feel bad for her. She's clearly underage so she should be left alone. Later in life she'll look back in shame. Just let her do her annoying little kid on the inernet thing for now.

At least I'd hope she's under aged because if not she's either an extremely extremely late bloomer or legitimately cognitively retarded.

No. 186948

lmfaO she's trying so hard to act like this aint getting to her, stop lurking before you get your feelings hurt little girl

No. 186951

File: 1477191171256.png (44.97 KB, 1174x164, cringe.png)

this is so pathetic it hurts, poor thing keeps refreshing this page just to make indirects on twitter for sympathy :'(

No. 186953

this thread reeks of self post. if not, why would you give this boring nobody a thread? she's such a nobody she thrives on the attention, and she's not even interesting.

it's got to be a self post.

No. 186955

dumbasses keep bringing her up on onions thread, it's gonna die anyway so let her enjoy her 3 seconds of attention

No. 186958

I want to agree, but the post isn't newbish enough. I'm convinced she selfposts in the Onision thread though.

No. 186959

It saves Onion's thread being shitted up with pointless crap about her when she doesn't even speak to Lainey/isn't relevant at all/is self posting.

No. 187022

how many days until this ugly little troglodyte posts ITT?

>inb4 "I just want you all to know that hiding behind your screens and anonymously bullying a teenage girl is pathetic and you must all be so unhappy with yourselves"

No. 187070

I'm all for leaving her alone.
She's an immature kid with typical identity issues. Some teens are all over their fave musician or sport player and they make their entire personality about being a SUPER FAN. LaneClone is the same, but for some reason she chose to mimick Onion's brainwashed child bride who never got to develop her own personality being shitposting angsty song lyrics and transtrending. Hopefully LaneClone won't make the sane mistake and end up in arrested development.

On another note, remember when Lame released that shitty Shybot Army merch? I wanted to know what kind of person would consider themself a fan of literal nobody. Now that I know… Well, ignorance truly is bliss.

No. 189719

Hahaha, I remember her from just a couple of months back when she tried to convince people on Twitter that her real name was actually "Lain" and that she couldn't help looking like Lainey as she had ALWAYS looked this way before Lainey.

She's fucking nuts, she claims to dislike Gerg but is just a carbon-copy of another creepy obsessed fan/wife of Gerg, so she technically likes him by proxy.


No. 190760

File: 1477873071250.jpg (54.76 KB, 525x561, TZkX4Fj.jpg)

not even by proxy, she's a full-fledged fan.

No. 190762


spoil this gross onion shit.

No. 190780

Figures she'd be a shitty liar just like both of her idols, bitch was swearing blind on numerous occasions that she doesn't like him and doesn't watch his videos, but now I realize she just said that to weasel out of confrontations she started and couldn't finish.

No. 194281

File: 1478398279495.png (449.52 KB, 573x579, ILTIvNt.png)

I know she just wants the attention, but I don't even care, I want to document her stupidity for the future.

No. 194295

What an attention whore. Let's collectively stop posting about her so she fades into oblivion. No more feeding her ego. Lainey doesn't even care for her, let's just drop it.

No. 194316

god, clone, nobody gives a fuck about you. this is a containment thread.

No. 194319

File: 1478402184887.png (14.69 KB, 624x115, becauseitstrueandyouknowit.PNG)

sage for her being a tumor


No. 194659

no one talks about her anymore lmao why she still lurkin, so sad

No. 204794

Talk about her turquoise hair here plz.

No. 204811

despite her desperate claims that she didnt do it bc of lainey, it's pretty obvious she did (or at least she did it for some form of attention.) she's an irrelevant teen looking for some way to get attention, so she dyes her hair to get attention from lainey… or maybe even us to notice her since we haven't talked about her for a while. then she rants about how shes so upset that people arent giving her endless compliments and complaining while also obviously fishing for people to be like "oh it looks great! ignore those BULLIES!"

shes so try-hard it hurts.

No. 204817

>I regret ever dying my hair blue! im crying! i hate myself!
>posts more selfies with blue hair

No. 204820

I've said this like three times already but legitimately, lolcow is the only place I see people hating her hair. if what she's freaking out over is a bunch of anons commenting on how creepy her timing is, then that's just fucking sad.

No. 204833

As far as what's been said on lolcow goes, the "hate" on her has been very small. Possibly because she's so young, but hardly anyone is like "ew she's ugly" people are mainly just speculating on the timing. She really hyped up the "hate" she's getting when she was complaining on twitter, so I agree that she's mainly seeking attention.

No. 204841

honestly I'd hate to see what would happen to this girl if she actually was involved in the "trinity".

No. 204861

We know you lurk both threads.
No one is hating on your hair (as someone who has colored hair it looks quite nice)
Only you seem to be hating on it.
But you can't deny that you either did your hair for Lainey/Greg or some attention from Lainey/Greg
or if you truly did it for yourself, you must've known that people were going to think you did and talk about it, considering the timing.
You need to stop crying (and tweeting about it, for christ sakes, that just makes you look even more stupid), grow a thick skin, and not give a damn what anons or anyone else think about you.

No. 204871

They'd wait until she was 18 and fuck her up pretty good… we've seen before-onion picks of Lainey, so this girl would probably end up the same just more depressed.

No. 204872

I don't get how she lurks the threads, but still supports onion and doormat after these threads exposed what scum they are. If i recall correctly, when lainey and onion had their drama, clone was all against onion and now she's buying his merch again?

No. 204886

File: 1480283717239.png (326.52 KB, 517x623, Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 4.53…)

Her hair's going to be fried to shit.

No. 204891

what a fucking waste of time and money.

No. 204895

according to her, it was only $10 box dye.

still, what a waste.

No. 204916

what >>204891 means is the time and money she spent bleaching and coloring her hair turquoise was a waste

No. 204929

Did she even replicate laineys bad eyebrows?

No. 205401

no one gives a shit about your stupid hair, you useless cow. stop ruining the onision thread with your self posts. go cut yourself or something, at least then you could be a subject of discussion cause you are boring as fuck.

No. 205411

Pretty embarrassing that she's throwing fits on twitter over her HAIR. I've seen better behavior from young children.

No. 205429

I think she reads these threads and takes the comments here to heart since I keep checking her twitter and literally nobody has said anything negative to her.

Worst of all, Plainclone, not even a peep from Queen Lain herself.
Why did you even bother?

No. 205436


ow, the edge. how about you don't encourage people to self harm, anon? like i'm as exhausted by plainclone as much as the next guy but let's just not resort to being a dick.

No. 205437


fuck i forgot to sage lol soz.

No. 205438

She probably does.

Hey, if you're reading this (not sure what's your real name) turn off the computer and stop thinking about Lainey/Onision. Seriously, this is a legit advice, I'd say the same to a friend or younger family member.
All the anons here will forget about you soon if you stop, and honestly I'm sure most of them, if not all of them, don't have a single thing against you. We think your behaviour is sad, but we don't hate your per say. I'm sure most just want you to set yourself free from this shit.
Lainey probably won't ever notice you and even if she did you wouldn't want to have a relationship with her or be her close friend, just look at her and Greg's recent drama. Trust me, you don't wanna be part of that shit show just to have a super negative video about you and your private life on YouTube after get tired of you. I know she's some kind of idol in your life rn, but you can find cooler idols and tbh being crazy for a celebrity isn't healthy (I use celebrity very loosely here lol), especially one who shits on her fans when they try to help her.
Save yourself now, forget about those two and try to find some inner peace. Good luck!

Sage for a buncha reasons

No. 205440

I think she loves that she was talked about in Lainey/Onion's own thread. It meant she was somehow tied to them and then she started self posting herself to get more attention. Now she's having a fit about it on twitter to get Plainey's attention so she can complain about how anons are ~bullying~ her on this website and kind of have something in common with her.

No. 205446

Maybe we should just agree that we need to stop talking about her for once and for all, like some other anon mentioned earlier in the thread. It feeds her ego and I think that fuels her behavior.

She can shave her head like Shiloh, get a tattoo for Lainey, try to take Sarah's place, whatever… It doesn't matter what she decides to do, she's not getting posted anymore; she's not relevant enough to be here, is still a minor and no one gives a fuck about her.

You don't even look like Lainey. Sorry.

No. 205573


woah there edgelord
how about we reel it in and NOT tell harmless teenagers to commit suicide like an asshole?

No. 205574

She lies a lot, you just have to read what was previously said in this thread to see those examples.

1. Claimed her real name was "Lane" before Lamo even changed her name from Taylor to Lainey… her name is Lizzie.
2. Says she "can't help looking like Lainey" when there's proof she used to have a different style and fashion sense before being her stan/fan.
3. Claimed she disliked Onion and doesn't follow him or watch his videos.
4. Plays the victim when she purposely goes out of her way to stir up this pit of snakes.
5. Dyes her hair the same colors as Ayalla/Billie in hope that Lainey will notice her.

She's delusional.

Gah… she's going to end up like Charms if she keeps doing that shit to her hair.

Of course nobody is saying anything negative about her on her Twitter, she's addicted to the attention she gets from here - whether it's negative or not.

She's basically doing this to herself, if she had stopped antagonizing Onion/Lamo's Twitter trolls and stopped self-inserting her existence into the Onion threads on here to begin with, she would've never had to of worry about getting her own thread on here in the first place.

It's all self-inflicted… and it will continue to be self-inflicted if she keeps on associating herself with this board.

It's not going to happen, she'll resort to self-posting in Onion's thread to get attention when she feels she's not getting attention elsewhere… the best course of action we should be agreeing on is reporting every post in there that relates to her from here on and to consider emailing Admin with her details so that they can ban her from posting in there in future.

No. 205583

and Lizzie if it makes you feel better, I don't want you to kill yourself

No. 205824

File: 1480374497269.png (86.79 KB, 623x730, cmonclone.PNG)

just posting proof that she lurks here religiously. word for word.

No. 205825

File: 1480374533048.png (542.04 KB, 583x590, clearly.PNG)


No. 205842

She needs to thin out the eyeliner on her lid and wear mascara.

No. 205844

but then her makeup wouldnt be like laineys!

No. 205851

Hey lane clone, I'm the anon who originally posted your blue hair to the onion thread

I don't hate you, I think you're actually pretty cute. I think it's a shame you're obsessed with a boring sack of shit like Lainey. You know if you honestly grew your hair out and dressed cuter and changed your makeup style you could be very cute in an artsy lesbian way. I know you're young and probably lonely and depressed or whatever and spend a lot of time on the internet and having Lainey attention every once in a blue moon feels good but trust me it ain't shit - you need to focus on your studies and real life friendships and forget about these online asshats. Honestly what does Lainey have going for her? She's 21, married to a borderline pedo sexist, popped out two kids, shit online degree, no personality, fake gender queer.

No. 205855

Let this thread die, people. This girl is irrelevant, Lainey/Greg don't care about her existence and she feeds on the attention received here to fuel her tiny sad ego.

I'm pretty sure she already knows we don't want her to die except for the 2edgy4me crowd.
If someday Lainey decides to give a fuck about her then we will give her the attention she oh so deeply desires.

For now let's forget about this individual who's a nobody to us.

No. 205858

>let this thread die, people
>doesn't even sage

No. 205859

if you don't like a thread, hide it. if we stopped posting about cows only because they like attention, this board wouldn't exist. /snow/ is for boring cows who don't have a lot of milk. if farmers want to laugh at this girl's lame attempts at being someone, let them.

No. 206257

Yo, have a nice tune… you're okay.


Pick your idols more carefully.

No. 206284

Hey Lizzie…


OG Mannequin challenge.

You still interested in a mother of two, no personality and says and does what her creepy husband wants of her?

You deserve more than that.

Have some self-respect, if you don't feel it yet… it will come to you.

No. 207391

it's funny because this pathetic ugly bitch will never ever be noticed by onion boy and lameo beyond a tweet. Those gross ebiphiles might have gone for an insecure loser like plainclone but she's not cute enough for the part. Maybe she would have a chance if she caked shit on like billbong.

I don't give a fuck if this kid is a attention whore because at the end of the day this creepy skin wearing, edgy snowflake brings insight to how fucking stupid bananas really are.

No. 207503

I think they didn't choose her simply because she copies Lainey, considering Lainey has self-esteem issues I'd assume she would not want to get with someone who styles themselves after her.

She claims to be more into more femme looking girls… with blue hair.

No. 207509

I don't think it's about what Lainey wants, it's more about Gurg not wanting another Lainey (plain cupcake) but someone else like Billie (sprinkles)

No. 207511

Haha, yeah… silly me, I nearly forgot this was all about Gurg's desires.

No. 207631

fucking thissss

No. 207992


>they check my twitter


this girl thinks we stalk her every move or something, she sounds paranoid as fuck. we post screenshots to mock her, but like… we don't go to her personal twitter to send her hate, if she lurks here and gets her feelings hurt that's her own fault imo.

No. 207993


agree, she's just not pretty. if she tried to have her own style maybe, but plainey's style really doesn't look good on her.

No. 207996

hardly anyone even cares about her, we just have a laugh sometimes about the shit she does. its clear based on her twitter that she thinks the world revolves only around her.

No. 210394

File: 1481195359663.png (110.74 KB, 618x754, braindrainlane.PNG)

she needs to chill the fuck out and stop word for word quoting this place.

No. 210598

lol this girl, is she 12?

No. 210609

File: 1481237079569.gif (1007.81 KB, 500x261, ignoreitaway.gif)


She's going through the typical teen angst phase and playing the pity-magnet-drama card to attract followers. She's not even a full grown adult yet, so there's no substantial milk that lulzworthy. So you all need to stop bumping up this laineyclone thread and just sage when you comment – otherwise it'll be plain obvious that you're in cahoots with this girl or you are her shit-posting and self-posting.

Don't waste your time trying to make her e-famous by biting into her ploy in using lolcow to garner fame/infamy. Let this laimeclone be laimeclone.

Just sage

No. 210759

I didn't think minors were allowed to be talked about on here?

No. 210791

i hope this thread fucking dies again soon. lizzie, if you read this at least you can take pride in the fact you complain just as much as lainey, kek.


No. 212114

If anything, I hope that what's happened with Luxymoo and Lainey serves as a wake up call to Lizzie. Lainey is just a big ol' chunk of shit who will chew Lizzie up and spit her out.

Lizzie, just run. You've got a whole lot of life ahead of you and you don't want to waste any bit of it on these jokers.

No. 215773

laineyclone, i know you lurk here. did you see all the attention luxy and the other girls got on the other thread? that could be you! we love them now! all you have to do is bring the milk and that's it. at least you could get something out of the whole situation since i imagine neither greg or lainey talk to you anymore.

No. 215780

File: 1481952128939.png (926.31 KB, 650x1132, laine1313.png)


samefag here. okay so she KNOWS. and looks pretty depressed about it so i imagine she got played by lainey too.

sorry about what happened. but again, they already dumped you like they did with those girls, so may as well get something out of it?

No. 215941

The question is now… does she continue kissing the asses of her idols even though she's now witnessed first-hand; that they're horrible, abusive, slimey people like everyone has been telling her since she first stuck her unwanted oar in the farmers' business.

No. 216348

Lainey unfollowed Clone

No. 216370

Lmao please ignore her. She just saw what happened with luxy and wants the same thing to happen to her. She's acting like Gerg and Plainey were talking to her like they were with luxy and the other anon. Clone they never cared about your ass to begin with.

No. 225839

so like, does clone just lurk this thread, just hoping that someone will bump it? because she just loves mentioning us.

When you associate with lolcows and do stupid shit, you are posted here, it's pretty simple. now just, let it dieeeee

No. 237766

Don't post real names of minors.

No. 553581

File: 1523557243043.png (1.75 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2837.PNG)

After the whole Billie saga, Lane went from copying Lainey to copying Billie. She's very buddy buddy with her on Twitter.

Just look at her, poor Billie can't get enough skinwalkers:(necro)

No. 553586

Fake milk, they're friends. Learn to sage next time.

No. 553592

When your former clone looks better skinwalking your latest victim than you do.

No. 870411

What's this cunt's full name
Elizabeth ?(necro)

No. 873279

she lives in Menphis, TN
19 in october 5.7 tall(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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