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File: 1477050038580.jpg (212.42 KB, 685x776, image.jpg)

No. 186467

Last thread >>174539

Kim Dao is insecure, cheated on her boyfriend, and is accusing people of copying her.

Sharla is self-aware and is making an effort to make her Taylor copying less obvious.

Taylor moved and is living with her boyfriend in a new place.

Mimei had people break into her home and is taking a break from the internet.


No. 186469

File: 1477050141415.png (486.67 KB, 1440x1875, 1477018681975.png)

From the last thread, Micaela continues to throw herself a pity party on twitter

No. 186471

Just wanna say i love the OP pic

No. 186484

Anyone knows what happen with Sharla's giveaway for reaching 200k subs in her 2nd channel?, she was talking about buying a lot of stuff to giveaway but nothing happen…

No. 186490

>Sharla is self-aware

lol what?

No. 186501


Finally she cut some of her super damaged hair. Should have gone shorter though.

No. 186511

Her hair wasn't damaged at all

No. 186514

You're kidding, right?

No. 186516

Considering the length, it looked pretty healthy. It's hard to have hair that long and keep it perfect. I would not call it "super damaged" at all.

No. 186517

New hair looks much better, and I'm glad she's growing out her bangs.

No. 186573

Who is the tall one in the back? Looks like a man. Taylor is cute sometimes, but all these girls look so ugly…

No. 186583

Tay cute but the rest aren't ugly, but they're plain. I'm sure they could look cute if they put actual effort into their appearance but they go around looking sloppy and unkept instead.

This isn't including that man looking one. Nothing will make that not ugly.

No. 186584

yeah idk her hair wasn't damaged at all. if it were it would thin out from breakage near the bottom and change texture. she used those hair growth pills so it's no surprise. her hair wouldn't be neeeearly as thick on its own.

anyway how much did she pay for that haircut bc i feel like it looks really mediocre lmao. i'm so unimpressed with these japanese salons. that ombre she got last time was a fucking joke.

No. 186614

Maybe the salon sponsors her? Sharla, Mimei/Duncan, and even Rachel all went there for hair treatments/dye jobs and made videos about how 'sooooo awesome' it was, so I wouldn't be surprised if they were all contacted by the owner lol

No. 186615

Oh thank god she didn't cut it short yet. Taylor has some seriously nice hair, so thick and long, I don't get why she seems so keen on chopping it off now. I feel like people on the internet convinced her to do it.

Agree. I've had moderately damaged hair from dye/bleach and her hair looks like it's in way better shape. It was barely damaged. Truly damaged hair turns into a rat's nest at the slightest breeze.

No. 186629

File: 1477098275541.png (215.05 KB, 1202x352, 1467768505310.png)

Anons in the last thread wanted to see when Taylor said her bf isn't Japanese. She doesn't outright say he isn't in this comment, but it's very much implied that he isn't.

She also says "when my boyfriend is in Japan", meaning up until now he didn't actually live there full time. He probably is from Hong Kong and was just traveling back and forth for work. There were periods of time where we wouldn't "see" him at all and Taylor would talk about being alone all the time, and then all the sudden her bf was there for every video again.

No. 186631

You realize that hair can get annoying and people like to change their appearance from time to time? Not sure if anyone ever told her to cut it.

No. 186633

Maybe because it's her own hair and she wants to cut it?Also,hair can look decent but actually be damaged.

No. 186636


I think she'd look good with a pixie cut.. but it's her hair, her choice.

No. 186637

File: 1477100312652.jpg (42.43 KB, 370x497, Classic-Japanese-Bob-Hairstyle…)

anything in the google search results for "japanese bob" is the perfect haircut for taylor. i think it'd suit her personality. but then again the long blonde hair makes her look very girl next door which is also part of her appeal to her subscribers.

No. 186640

a short hairstyle like this would make her look young and fresh I think. I don't see her ever going this short though.

No. 186663

wouldnt this highlight her chubby cheeks too much? just a thought

No. 186667

File: 1477105943000.jpg (36.28 KB, 500x500, bob.jpg)

Something like this but longer would look cute on her.

No. 186671

If you watch her videos regularly, people have been telling her to cut it in the comments for a couple months now, and she noticed because she only started talking about it after people kept commenting on it. She at least reads her youtube comments because she addresses them all the time.

She can do whatever she wants, I just think she lets her followers make decisions for her a lot, and to me that's sad.

>hair can look decent but actually be damaged.
If it looks decent there's no way for us to know how damaged it is. So why do a few people keep insisting it looks damaged? That makes no sense.

No. 186673

Where do people get this idea that short hair makes people look younger? If anything it makes people look older. Half the reason people want her to cut it is so she looks more her age aka older. Long hair is youthful, short hair is mature and practical.

No. 186674

File: 1477106845864.jpg (29.07 KB, 500x757, Japanese-Short-Hairstyles.jpg)

i was thinking something medium length. pic related. but with bangs.

then she's look like a mommy blogger lmao

it depends on the style. if you get the let me speak to the manager haircut then yeah you're gonna look older.

No. 186676

What a soulless looking bunch of people.

No. 186677

File: 1477107247238.jpg (33.98 KB, 500x752, Stylish-Long-Bob-Hair-Color.jp…)

I think she could pull this look off, but anything shorter would put too much emphasis on her cheeks.

No. 186682

File: 1477108252885.png (3.42 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_8052.PNG)

I think she would look cute in shorter hair, but not sure if her agency would let her cause I feel like her image has a lot to do with her long hair

No. 186683

Holy shit I thought that was kooter

No. 186685

I was referring to your post where you said her hair was barely damaged.

No. 186690

there was also another instance she had short hair for a photoshoot where they pinned it all up like a bob. but it was a looong time ago like 2 years. but she had just arrived in japan. i thought she looked cute. i don't think her cheeks are a problem as long as the bangs aren't cut too wide and expose the side of her face. just like this pic.

i feel like she'd mention it if she had to ask her agency tbh.

No. 186691

She briefly mentioned it in her latest vlog saying "if my agency lets me "

No. 186693

File: 1477110379268.jpg (160.43 KB, 440x960, kim_dao.jpg)

Did you know?

Kim Dao created Japanese Make Up and was responsible for creating the Japanese flag!

No. 186694

This is amazing

No. 186781

Yeah I don't think they'll let her. A lot of her photo shoots emphasize her hair and really help with the whole dolly look/young girl thing she caters to. Maybe if she got a solid wig that was really similar which she's wear to shoots they'd let her cut it?

I think a long bob would really flatter her, I hope she can do it.

No. 186790

It's kind of funny how no one cares about Mimei. She made a video about what happened to her yesterday and no one's even mentioned it.

No. 186792

>She can do whatever she wants, I just think she lets her followers make decisions for her a lot, and to me that's sad.

Maybe those followers and a few randoms got her to stop making videos to pay attention to her mother.

No. 186795

I think she's fine to change her haircut, as long as she updates the portfolio with new test shots. The dolly thing is out of style and the kawaii thing only works if you're an actual young teen in Japan.

No. 186797

because she's always vague about every issue she's facing. it gets tiring to keep hearing her say "GUYZZ I'M HAVING A HARD TIME I'M NOT GOING TO SAY WHAT BUT IT'S JUST BEEN SO DIFFICULT AND THE WORLD SUCKS BUT DONT WORRY I'M OKAY I'M NOT GONNA TELL YA THO" She's a wreck

She's like those annoying people on facebook who post vague status's fishing for people to ask whats wrong

No. 186806


No. 186807

I love her new, shorter haircut. Her hair looks way better now

No. 186823

Oh my that massive closet! All those bags! I'm super jealous. Pretty sure her bf is well-off as well.

No. 186826

If her bf really is from Hong Kong there is a high chance he's very rich tbh.

No. 186828

Likely a Hong Konger in Finance who was assigned to work in Japan. Combine with her family money means a lot of shopping to do.

No. 186841


thought the same when I watching it. I'm also very interested about the house tour which she wants to do at some point because from what you can see in her current videos, it's def super big. And it looks also very nice.

No. 186863

File: 1477173846581.png (298.18 KB, 630x307, fjoiwrjwhrwiu.png)

damn that's a pretty gorgeous kitchen (at least for tokyo or any expensive city.)

No. 186868

I feel like im the only one who isnt jelly of Taylor.

Shes alright looking, rich and such but she meh at the most to me.

No. 186875

I think she's new money but not rich. Her father is in the few millions not hundreds.

She gets a small cut of that and doesn't make enough on her own to live a truly rich lifestyle. Until I see her invited to charity galas, she's upper middle class.

No. 186883

Gold star for being so special

No. 186885

Saying that made you seem pretty jealous. This is not your diary. No one here said that they were jealous, just noting things about her new place/ hair/ whatever.

Sage, bc like you this doesn't contribute to anything

No. 186888

I think saying that you're having a hard time but not going into detail is much better than oversharing and airing all your dirty laundry online. She was pretty clear about the break-in situation though, there's just not much to talk about with her.

No. 186891

Kim always looks so dull and fed up whenever she shows up in other people's vlogs

No. 186892

She might not be a socialite but she's definitely very well off, "upper middle class" doesn't pay for a house like that in Tokyo. Not all rich people go to charity galas.

No. 186893

I find it hilarious that she's using the same music and similar editing style Taylor does, which Taylor got from Casey Neistat. It's just a chain of copying.

No. 186896

Did she mention she's still living in Tokyo? I assumed she moved a bit further out

No. 186897

Seriously? Not everyone is jealous of Taylor anon. Shes alright at the most and has money but I dont see why everyone in this thread raves about her.

Same in the venus thread - say anything bad and "so jellyyyyyy"

Get the sand out your fucking ass

No. 186906

Time will tell.
If she starts daily vlogging again, we will see if she still taxis everywhere or the boyf drives her

No. 186910

She probably will regardless though. She does most vlogging during daytime (it gets dark around 5pm in Tokyo), when her bf is at work.

No. 186913


Kim just has permanent resting bitch face. I can't believe I watched that boring crap just to play spot the Kim.

No. 186921

Pretty sure she is still in Tokyo. In the moving video they went grocery shopping in roppongi. It's doubtful they would travel far away to go grocery shopping right after a tiring day of moving.

No. 186924


Though Taylor is Vegan, and I don't know if rural areas/outside of the city have vegan/gluten free shops.

No. 186929

Isn't she not vegan though?

No. 186930

Sorry it was actually the video from the day after they moved. But anyway there's no reason to over think this. They didn't even go to a vegan grocery store or whatever because she showed what they got and there was meat and eggs and milk for her boyfriend.

No. 186934

Btw this reminds me…

If you are a foreigner in japan, you need a guarantor (family or employer) if you want to rent or buy property. Who do you think it is?

No. 186937

Her agency would work as a guarantor probably. Also she's been in japan for 2 years so the fact that she has a 'resume' persay of her stay in her other apartment and whatever bills she has probably help her out too.

No. 186942

Get a diary anon

No. 186996

Probably someone from her agency was the guarantor for the apartment, but in this case there are other options, maybe her boyfriend is renting this house/ her boyfriend's employer is the guarantor/ he just bought that house, but since she doesn't talk much about her bf (where's he from, his work etc), it is better to not assume things.

No. 187023

Kim Dao hates Melodee, who comes from a rich family and didn't go to university

Kim Dao hates rich people and looks down on people who didn't go to university


Kim Dao hates Taylor, who comes from a rich family and didn't go to university

No. 187027

A lot of people use guarantor company. I paid 1/2 month's rent when I first moved in and 10,000y every year. My apartment's management chose the guarantor company. It depends on the apt/management/owner though, some require a person (i.e. adult Japanese with full time job) as guarantor

No. 187029

Didn't melodee go to uni for marketing or something?

No. 187030


This would honestly look so darn cute on her!!! I really hope she has enough courage and cuts it like this. Her long hair is annoying af.

But its nice to see she's transitioning from the cute kawaii fashion and style to a more mature look

No. 187035

JAPANESE!!!!!111111111111 hair salon

No. 187039

Taylor, noooo. You're supposed to take off the bottle cap and the label, THEN dump the bottle. There's even a little arrow on the label top where you're supposed to pull it off. Most bottles even have pre-made holes to tear from.

No. 187043


Surprise, surprise, it's that ~foreigner friendly~ salon that every jvlogger goes to because they can't speak enough Japanese to go to a normal one kek.

No. 187045

Damn, her hair is so fried. Why on earth would she keep dying it?

No. 187050

So Do they all just leech off each others sponsorships?

No. 187059

Nalu is owned by Cheesie (Cheeserland) husband. So ofc it's friendly to foreign bloggers and they probably get a cheaper rate. They're also one of the few salons that does Olaplex

No. 187069


To be fair, though, a lot of foreigners typically have a very different hair type, chemical makeup, and structure than the average Japanese person. So going to a foreigner friendly salon doesn't always mean that you can't speak Japanese well enough to go to a normal salon.

No. 187074

yeah that's why they advertise themselves as foreign friendly. foreign doesn't always mean white. plenty of hispanic folk go to japan too and a foreign friendly salon means they'll have stylists who know how to work with hair like that. if dakota were to go to a japanese salon to dye her hair it would probably snap right off because her hair is like 3x thinner than japanese hair. although with these girls they prob just want a place that speaks english.

No. 187079

it's super fucking annoying when Kim always talks about how she doesn't spend money and how "expensive" things are… like.. it's super weird and uncomfortable?

No. 187104

Hispanic isn't a race. Hispanics are predominantly white. Some of them aren't. Some are Black, Asian, or mesoamerican. But for the most part they are white. I'm not sure of the point that you are making. Could you explain it to me? Hispanic whites have differen't hair to non-hispanic whites?

No. 187111

Kim speaks Japanese, maybe not at Sharla's level yet but enough to have a normal conversation and she likes beauty related stuff so she probably knows the vocabulary, going to a Japanese salon isn't that difficult anon. I also agree with anon here >>187069

Typically they all go to the same places, if you liked the results then why try a different one you don't know? When it comes to my hair I always go with the same person or do it myself.

No. 187112

God I feel like I've seen this video 20 times already

No. 187114

Aren't most 'typical' Hispanics rather a mix of White and mesoamerican? Mesoamericans and Asians are the same race btw. Which is also why White/Asian mixed people and Hispanics look kinda similar, I guess.

No. 187119

Can we stop the race discussions? I highly doubt race is the reason why they went to that hair salon, many foreigners go to a normal Japanese salon and use their products and nothing bad happens. The truth is often very simple, maybe they like the service and the results, it's cool they can speak English too.

No. 187120

Please stay on topic, no racebaiting/derailing.

No. 187138

File: 1477251664842.jpg (46.98 KB, 418x309, ss (2016-10-23 at 12.39.54).jp…)

HOLY FUCK that 5 head.

Why does Kim think parted hair looks good on her?

No. 187147

>parted hair
as opposed to what? an afro? a coconut head bob?

No. 187149

If that a 5 head then what the hell is Kaka? a 10head?

No. 187150

What's so bad about her forehead? I honestly see nothing wrong with it.

No. 187157

File: 1477254568989.gif (485.85 KB, 500x341, e4xRw.gif)

No. 187162

I seriously don't get how people still think she dresses too "kawaii". She went from wearing Liz Lisa and school uniforms everyday to wearing hoodies with leggings and overall dresses and baseball hats, the same kind of stuff you see every other young woman wearing around these days. But somehow she still dresses too cute???

I don't know what some of you think is mature, "age appropriate" clothing for her. It's not like she works in an office or something.

No. 187163

No that's what everyone here thinks Taylor looks like.

No. 187164


From Ugly to uglier fashion. ( track suits are fine everything else, no )

How can she be a model and have such ugly taste in clothing ? Most of her clothing is just not flattering on her ( or anyone )

No. 187180

Models don't need to have taste. They just wear what they're told.

I like what she wears now. It's not particularly special but it's cute/casual. She's thin enough that everything looks fairly good on her without effort.

No. 187182

This video has already been posted up thread.

This thread is seriously getting derailed by Taylor spergs, go to PULL for these type of conversations, you guys are bringing no value to this thread

No. 187183

File: 1477259545664.jpg (129.62 KB, 640x640, 8677995362_bca5f3a663_o.jpg)

Something that covers that alien like protruding forehead of hers. If you look through her videos and old blogs she's had this same fucking hair cut for at least 6 years

tfw you cake on makeup but still look the same

No. 187185

Her forehead looks pretty normal to me, anon.

No. 187187


Is it the way she's tilting her head or doe she have an uneven jaw/chin ?

No. 187210

if you can line 5 fingers on your forehead that means your have a big forehead

What's with the Kim stans wking so hard lol

No. 187214

Wait isn't that Hanami video old af? Why is it relevant now? After the Melodee drama, I think these Kim discussions look forced, like… big forehead? It looks pretty normal imo.

No. 187215

Different anon here but I agree with anon saying it is a normal forehead >>187185 it's a pretty common size, yes it is wide but not HUGE. Make up, hair, style.. those are more interesting topics, but a forehead? Really?

No. 187218

It is a rounded forehead, a pretty common shape, just google it.

No. 187235

Oh I understand why the quality of thread is shit and there was a sudden surge of whiteknights and taylor sperg discussion,

this thread was linked on PULL

No. 187243

Something about her face just makes me so inexplicably angry… I can't tell if it's because her top teeth look like they flip out almost horizontally, hey eyes look super gross with how puffy they are underneath, or how she always has an expression that looks like it's smelling dog shit. Maybe a combination of all three? Usually a face doesn't make me feel this furious but holy shit, what is it about her that is just so damn ugly? Her voice doesn't help either, it's so grating.

No. 187244

No. 187271

It's a punchable face I know what you mean

That coupled with her unwarranted self importance makes you want to knock her face in even more

No. 187289

Taylor thread

No. 187310

So, is it against the rules to ignore this and just continue to talk about her here? I'd really hate to go back to her solo threads where every other post was: asslicker white knight and salty jelly!

No. 187326

The original taylor threads were civilized so it always seemed like they were meant for self promotion. It only got bad as time went on.

No. 187343

At least sage your autism

If Taylor is interacting with another jvlogger then you can discuss it here but otherwise take everything else there.

No. 187345

if you're going to dress like Taylor let's try wearing something other than hoodies

No. 187391


I'm glad she is not in Tokyo anymore because she will be doing this kind of vlogs all the time, and they are bad. All is cute, Pokemon overload, all the time acting childish and overexcited like a 12 year old girl. I like Sharla and she is so good when she tries to do more mature stuff but this kind of vlog has been done to death and is not engaging at all.

No. 187393

Sharla seems like the type of girl who's always wanted to be cute and never quite learned how to dress or make herself up. Probably feels self conscious next to Tay lol.

This is the first time I've watched a video of hers. Vlog was shit but her personality is kind of charming? At least she's more entertaining than Kim and her MTF roomie.

No. 187405

It's wide but some anons lose their shit about it when it's still pretty normal. Then again "lol 5head" seems to be the new "potato nose".

No. 187407

oh shit sharla used the japan emoji on her thumbnail, quick someone alert Kim Dao

No. 187434

kim probably wont notice.
too busy cheating on her boyfriend.

No. 187435

Sharla used to be really cute though. Check her old videos. Idk what happened. She got old and lazy i guess?

No. 187449

urgh she's hanging around the UK weeb squad. Most boring and cringe out there. Worse than Sharla and Kim combined.

No. 187456

I actually think she's cute currently in that natural girl next door type of way

Kim's forehead is definitely big. Anons saying otherwise must have similar sized foreheads

No. 187466


I agree with "girl next door" comment, that and the fact she is very photogenic are her signs of identity in my opinion.

No. 187511

Watched this whole video and got so much secondhand embarrassment from how loud they were being. Jfc man you're not 12. Learn some manners

No. 187514

I really don't think she is very photogenic.

No. 187530

These fake af open mouth expressions. The guy on the right has the worst one kek.

No. 187533

idk if it's just my culture but I think getting drunk on camera (& uploading it for everyone to see) is a bit embarrassing

No. 187554


This felt like such an awkward hang out, i was uncomfortable watching it.

No. 187571

File: 1477337150335.jpeg (86.98 KB, 750x545, dda09512d9ce8102cfcd7dfb6200c5…)

She looks like one of those anthro furry things from a movie

No. 187577

File: 1477338039153.png (325.05 KB, 579x716, Untitled.png)

What the fuck is Sharla doing

For someone constantly worried about spending money she traveled a lot for no reason. She went from Nakano to Shibuya for only purikura. Then Ikebukuro from Shibuya to see Pokemon "on a whim" and didn't even buy what she came for?

>opening cards obnoxiously and loudly
thanks for making foreigners look like baka otaku gaijin gaiz

No. 187585

Emily is pretty but she is actually a really boring basic white girl

No. 187589

Christ, they're both fucking boring. How is MTF still this painfully awkward on camera. The scene with Emily being fed made me cringe

I liked her outfit though

No. 187597

Emily started vlogging recently too. She's very pretty, but so boring. I don't know, maybe her vlogs improve when she gets more experience and a better equipment, which would be nice because I like her fashion style and looks and is not an annoying weeb. But for now is absolutely meh.

No. 187599

Are people just going to Japan now for a piece of fame? Jvlogging doesnt even look that fun anymore or watching it. Everyone is just flocking over to Japan with a meer whim of adoration for the country because it invented Hello Kitty and had a bawl with the Americans.

No. 187601

She definitely was a weeb. Probably still is, but does a better job at hiding it. The vlog was boring and judging but Bii's video she doesn't seem to have much of a personality so I doubt it'll improve. Fucking pretty though.

They're going because they have nothing going on for them in their own countries and are weebs. Everyone is vlogging now because they think being in Japan is enough to make them popular even though they're making the 500th Pokemon Center video on youtube.

No. 187607


Its kinda sad and every foreign model just looks the same. At least this one is a brunette but…

If someone really wants Japans attention: do what dakota did.

Make a persona for yourself and speak nip

No. 187617

Probably was a wee
Did student exchange as a kid, worked at a sushi shop in america before meeting her husband during vacation to japan

No. 187618


Everyone is a weeb anon

No. 187619

And you know people are still gonna watch that 500th pokemon center video. Its draining

No. 187621

lol, do you know her personally?

No. 187623

Who is this Emily? She's insanely pretty!

No. 187624

She use to have a fashion blog or some shit. She was never full gyaru but did lean toward j-fashion. I remember there was a photo of her in a seifuku that would be all over kawaii tumblr lol

Was in a pretty long relationship with a guy (she might have cheated on him? I don't really know/remember) till she left him for her visa husband she met at a bar while on vacation. Got married fast too.

No. 187625


She'll be Audrey 2.0

White, kawaii and pretty. Perfect mix not the usual Mira tier of gaijin.

No. 187627

white latina she's cuban if I'm remembering right

No. 187637

Holy shit she's gorgeous, no wonder MTF chan and Kim Dao want to hang around people like her and Taylor, it gives them that false glimmer that they live in the same world as these models LOL

No. 187640

A beautiful brunette foreign model that speaks perfect Japanese already exists, and her name is Stefanie Joosten. And she happens to vlog too (but is not that active). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUFJMrVUaXs

No. 187644


Nothing is Mira tier … Nothing.

No. 187646


You know what I mean anon. She's on that level of pretty compared to the rest of the Jvloggers.


anon lol

No. 187647

Anyone interested in black and mixed jvloggers for a change? Its always about the white ones.


No. 187650

I knew what you meant just throwing that out there for anyone else that might have been curious but honestly she's the most attractive of the girls I've seen mentioned on lolcow

No. 187654

A few years ago Sharla was fairly "normal", or at least not as cringey. I think there was a time when jvloggers tried to distance themselves from the weeb image, but now it's full force. Maybe they're capitalizing on the renewed interest in Pokemon or they just stopped giving a fuck

No. 187660


Both sound possible. I wouldn't put it past them for following a trend. I cringe every time Shart's starts digging thru those old decrepit Mc Donald's Pokemon toys.

No. 187661

No. 187662

Its funny because when she was with her agency she wasnt as weeby even though thats the stuff that sells

No. 187663

no one cares about niggers

No. 187668


Oh right, yeah I agree. If she does up her jvlogging she is definitely probably one of the prettiest. I think she's prettier than Taylor and kota. She looks a bit like Lana Del Ray… maybe its the hair. Probably. She isn't overwhelmingly amazingly beaut but she's good looking and pretty tier. Best we have had so far.

She seems nice. I hope she doesnt become milky. Lol literally.


Nice to see you again stormtrooper-chan

Yeah asshole there is black folk in Japan

No. 187669

Yes, most of these jvloggers don't have much of a personalty and the only "interesting" thing about them is that they in Japan. If they were back in Canada or America or wherever they came from they probably wouldn't have most of the subscribers/views they have now since most of their fans are weebs

If they have any milk or their snowflake material then sure

No. 187670


Do the Snidel models and Jill Stuart ones look weeby anon? No.

No. 187673


Whats funny is most the black jvloggers out there are normal

No. 187674


someone posted a vid of Ami drunk

No. 187677

Will never get her appeal. Her face just isn't cute to me.

No. 187680


She's cuter than most the black 'kawaii' girls over there though. Her face is asiany looking in a way its just the weave and darker skin that changes that.

No. 187685

Sorry, I just don't see it. I mean she certainly seems to to out of her way to try to give that impression. But honestly, I would never mistake her for being mixed Asian.

No. 187881


No no I meant like… not mixed. But like… just her face? It comes off well to me for e.g as cutesy I can see why they would pick her over Barbie or Shani. She's as short, petite and cutesy with those crooked teeth like the rest of the Japanese models.

Dakota for e.g

She's as short as they need her, cutesy face and has that… cute appeal?

No. 187884

I don't understand stand her appeal either. She can probably be cute if she put forth more effort but she just looks sloppy and unkept. Her weave constantly looks greasy and unbrushed and her make up ages her.

As far as looking "mixed" she honestly looks like she's purposely squinting in all her photos.

Compared to other black girl she definitely is more feminine and petite which is a plus.

No. 187888


She's alright I think. I know what you mean anon… I do myself think Ami should renew that bloody weave of hers. It does look greasy and it does look rough as a bear's ass. She looks grimey…. I always find her scruffy looking. She's not an ugly girl by any means just a scruff.

She does squint… I noticed that too. Venus Angelic used to do that shit too and still sometimes does.

No. 187889

Well Shani and Barbie…nuff said
Honestly for me it's her mouth that ruins it. It's just so wide compared to her other features and she does that silly 'moe" lip smile that accentuates it.

Yeah exactly, the constant squinting.

No. 187891

samefag but I know a guy she use to fuck with by pure coincidence who never had anything good to say about her. probably still got old ass chat logs of it

but aidoru wannabes have their own thread we're derailing

No. 187893


Eh? Even Ami is at it?

We need a new thread for this chatter.

No. 187907

it's like im on tumblr

No. 187908

anon clearly wanted to have an ami discussion

make a new thread for ami, it's not banned anymore
don't clutter the thread with this one

No. 187937

After having seen Bii/Taylor type models with tragic makeup and etc I probably think she's more gorgeous than she really is.

The inoffensive catalogue look among the jvloggers is refreshing though, if a bit bland.

No. 187946

You're complimenting bii too much by calling him a model

He took before/afters for plastic surgery clinics, nothing brag worthy.(and yet he still brags about it LOL)

No. 187952

Is bii actually trans mtf cause id believe it their lips are so manly

No. 187955

lol shes completely average.

No. 187957

no. who tf cares what race they are? why add more just bc theyre black or whatever? christ

No. 187960

Bii accentuated how hideous his lips are by getting fillers in Korea. Most places in the US would have fixed up that manish cupid's bow

No. 187963

File: 1477369273465.jpeg (462.99 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

slightly less prominent Cupid's bow. looks less like a drag queen imo. Her lips are really fucking uneven

No. 187974

It's not just the lips, it's also the tiny close-set eyes. And I don't know, I don't think she is, but it really looks that way.

No. 187975

I don't know what it is but it's like every part of her face together as a whole is the problem.

Like you can fix the lips, but now the bad eyebrows or the nose is bothering me, or the space between the eyes or the space between the nose and the mouth, idk.

No. 187981

File: 1477371392425.jpg (258.71 KB, 600x600, um.jpg)

I tried but his proportions are just B A D

No. 187985

this dude is gross

No. 187986

File: 1477372078859.jpg (56.6 KB, 661x327, ss (2016-10-24 at 10.07.13).jp…)

is bii even real

No. 187989

File: 1477372563924.jpeg (490.56 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

I tried to give it a shot too but it's really hard to pinpoint what's wrong

No. 187992

Emily is definitely the most gorgeous among the jvloggers - if you wanna know what model's life is like in Japan, then I suggest following her on IG, she's definitely hustling it (unlike Taylor's occasional low grade shoot)

I followed her on Tumblr before she deleted it, not much changed though, same weebish posts (maybe she started over to delete her stuff with her ex). She's been obsessed with Japan forever, I kind of laughed when she said on Twitter a long time ago when she said if wasn't for husband, she'd move back to America. Guess she finally realized Japanland isn't 100% magical. She said she met her husband at his friend's bar while vacationing, they did the long distance thing for a while, then she packed her shit, moved to Japan, and quickly married him.

Other than that, not much dirt nor drama (other than Koots blocking her on twitter). I can see why people think she's boring, but at least she's down to earth and not going down the plastic surgery hellhole like Taylor and Biibiibeauty. Gorgeous girl, but her only downfall is that she's a huge weeb

No. 188001

Hmm maybe shorten the length of the face in the nose area and thin the eyebrows, then move the eyes farther apart.

No. 188011

all she has to do is stop the lip fillers and she'd look soooo much better.. on top of the way she puts on her lipstick.. No idea why she thinks it looks good

No. 188022

Despite her unfortunate face, Bii at least puts effort into her appearance. I generally like how she dresses and does her make up

No. 188028

File: 1477378942913.jpg (281.62 KB, 475x594, fsafafa.jpg)

I tried my best but I think I did a good job

No. 188036

File: 1477380334562.jpeg (329.23 KB, 1600x1600, image.jpeg)

Good job on the lips!

She just really need to fix her lips, her eyebrows and do some contouring/get some definition on her face, especially her lack of cheekbones.

No. 188037

File: 1477380376087.png (247.92 KB, 404x329, eyes2close.png)

well at least put a real effort in anon

No. 188040

these brows suit her so much better

No. 188044

Amina is gay or asexual so I highly doubt it. Sounds like Micky/Himeka bullshit coming back.

No. 188057

>dat don't
>no name
Obvious photoshop. Even if it's real what does this reveal? The aminyan thread was banned months ago because there's no milk. Why do you faggots keep dredging it up?

No. 188058

>dat font

No. 188062

File: 1477389314508.jpeg (89.84 KB, 750x720, image.jpeg)

she looked cute before the brow and lip change

No. 188064

and here I thought he was born with muppet lips

what is wrong with him

you taylor spergs rag on tay for plastic surgery but bii takes the fucking cake

No. 188067

She looks pretty here, if she had stopped at the boob job she might actually look human right now

No. 188070

File: 1477392665396.jpg (68.64 KB, 712x476, IMG_1503.JPG)

Is this bii's mom

No. 188080

Poor girl, she was so much more beautiful before her injections. She's just another case of a girl with insecurities problems that's only making herself ugly by trying to "fix" whatever she thinks is wrong. What a shame.

No. 188081

Kooter blocking her? Why?

No. 188083

Imo she's pretty much the most beautiful White girl, from all these White girls. Well, together with Taylor.

No. 188084

ok stephanie

No. 188085

I thought Bii was mixed? And well, Duncan is also mixed. He has been discussed before. So there, you already have it. Idk about Blacks, but unless Ami starts hanging out with the jvlogger squad, she's not really gonna get mentioned in this thread more often.

No. 188086

I'm not her lol. But I am a fan of hers.

No. 188087


Exactly her make up is normal and just soft

No eye bags, no weird lip shit. Just normal thank fuck

No. 188089


She just seems normal to be fair. But everyone likes Japan anon, everyone seems to be obsessed with Japan. That "but they have liked Japan forever" is literally every weeb and edge lord. Nothing special.

But Im glad she's just nice and normal. The rest are weirdos

No. 188091

Bii is half Metis (native Canadian)

No. 188099

>Emily is definitely the most gorgeous among the jvloggers
Your opinion. She's pretty, but not prettier than Taylor. I guess they just have a different vibe, since Taylor is a bit more cutesy, and she is more cool. Anyway, I don't see anything wrong with her weebness. Especially if she is already out of that phase. I'm just wondering, what her age is, if she got married so quickly. If she's in her late 20s like the other jvloggers, then it is pretty normal though.

No. 188109

Ah yea, I forgot that original HK Taylor was pretty gorgeous back then too, not fan of the current cutesy baby version though

No. 188115

She looks pretty average to me. She comments all over other cows IGs trying to get their attention. She's been up Yukapons ass for a while. She wants e-fame so bad. Doesn't seem to have any real life friends…

No. 188117

Emily is 25 or 26
Her husband is about 8-10 years older

No. 188121

lol u made her look so bad

No. 188150

Emily who? Links/username please

No. 188153

Her vlog was already linked, scroll up. Her IG is @lovelymilky.

No. 188154

File: 1477405271419.png (918.09 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2331.PNG)

No. 188159

Oh her. I remember her username. She has been super thirsty for efame for years now.

No. 188166

How is she thirsty for efame lmao she's a literal model in Japan and became one without a big following

No. 188176

She's quite pretty. Shame, because she's leagues above Maggymoon for instance. But Japan is thirsty for hafus, and will take any thrown their way.

No. 188195

I really hate those shoes, the straps remind me of grandmothers and the platforms make it just cheap and tacky.

The boobs are a bit much but the rest looked really good here. When was this?

No. 188210

News flash, any basic white girl is a literal model in Japan. Her profile even says freelance.

No. 188218


Looking at the shoes now that you brought my attention to them … They look like Spice Girl shoes..

No. 188235

she's not a halfu

No. 188256

This emily bitch is not pretty she looks like sandra bullock lmao god why bitches come on here to self promote is beyond me

No. 188257

She average at best if not inbred looking

No. 188258

Did you already get bored sperging at the Taylor thread?

No. 188263

Nope im a different troll not everyone is sperchan u retard

No. 188276

Samefags need to get sand of their vag seriously

No. 188502

From Maggy's Wiki entry:
Her father is an ethnically Scottish Canadian (Narrator Ian Gibb), her mother is Japanese.

No. 188503

Emily is pretty enough, but hafus are so popular because they seem more approachable while still having typically white (it's mostly the half-white ones who get popular) characteristics (high nose, big eyes). To many Japanese people foreigner = entirely different species.

No. 188511

>Kim Dao: I don't have any insecurities haha

This is an opportunity to connect with your audience, drop your stupid pride lol

No. 188516

White this white that u bitches are retarded just cuz u white dont mean ur cute in japan n halfus get made fun of in Japanese schools… an ugly white girl is still ugly dont matter where u go u bitches are ridiculous

No. 188521

Most white hafus in the media there arent that pretty. If they look more Asian i think theyre prettier. White compliments arab asians more than eastern asians. Just my opinion.

No. 188523

Enough with the race shit guys, come on

No. 188524

Agreed the race thing is boring.

I think its a bunch of white weebs who enjoy uplifting themselves with "buh japan loves white so much we all models tho" and its exhausting as fuck. Not all Japanese are kawaii desu anyway and why do people feel the need to brag and boast about being white to a bunch of Asians who dont even give two flying fucks about you.

No. 188531

Butt hurt anon?

No. 188536

That maggy and maggybon are different people

No. 188548

Stop sperging. We're talking about Maggymoon, not Maggybon.


No. 188554

Do u wana lick my tan butt hole to make me feel better anonchan?

No. 188555

the word sperg needs to be banned solely because of this thread, oh my god.
in fact this entire thread needs to be nuked. it's just anons attacking each other and some intense white knighting. it's gotten a million times worse than all the ana-chan shit combined.

No. 188565

Nice sperging, sperg.

No. 188575

This whole thread got derailed from annoying samefagging and race discussions again


Kim's makeup is a fucking mess and both of their intros were so awkward

No. 188587

the whole video is fucking awkward. Kim considering herself a beauty youtuber is hilarious

No. 188603

File: 1477452202006.png (166.11 KB, 500x372, Did i say of quot arthur quot …)

>"Bibi wats ur biggest insecurity"
>"omg my uneven nostrils!!!!!!"
>not her tranny man face
>not her fugly lips
>not her caterpillar eyebrows

No. 188610

Kim dao is really weird looking

No. 188611

She has a box face n a weird skin tone its not white or tan

No. 188615

The one with the short blonde bob haircut has such a punch-able face

Was that the one overcharging for plain white tee-shirts and chokers?

No. 188620

not sure about the overcharging but isn't she a model?

just goes to show how low the standards are for modeling work in Japan

No. 188630

I dont think the tumbleweed hair is popular i really dont get how some of these ppl can afford their lifestyles are they being pimped on the side by yakuza or someshit… we can only dream right

No. 188635

afford what lifestyle? Kim and MTFchan live in a fucking trash den and the traveling and salon visits most of them do are sponsored

No. 188637

But they travel back n forth from korea like its going out of style.. or are they doing it to renew their visas

No. 188648

it's probably the latter, neither of them have jobs to warrant a work visa

No. 188657

Is biibii botox still with the white boy?

No. 188662

File: 1477460291470.jpg (176.17 KB, 1050x583, image.jpg)

Tweedledee and Tweedledum

No. 188664

File: 1477460550065.jpg (74.84 KB, 500x473, IMG_3513.JPG)

Poor japan attracts all the retards from around the world

No. 188666

Wishtrend flew them to Korea this last trip, and before that it's usually been Odigo Travel I think? I doubt it has to do with their visas. Visa hopping to Korea too many times can get you banned from reentering. They probably have some sort of work visa

No. 188668

>Kim and Sunny's face when they know they scared Melody enough to make her delete her vid

No. 188693


No racebaiting/race discussions outside of /b/.

No. 188778

Brony really needs to learn Japanese.
It pisses me off that she apparently still can't even read Hiragana and Katakana, something that you learn within like a week max.

No. 188812

>and became one without a big following
Aight, just think about all those models in Japan that aren't 'famous'. You don't need a big following. In fact, it should work the other way around. You start out as a model, and work your way into becoming a famous one. Taylor also started out like that. The only ones who has made way into modeling by being famous are people like Dakota and Venus.
Are you kidding me? Maggy(the tarento) is goddess tier, and Emily is nothing compared to that. Oh well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But Japanese prefer hafus over white girls anyway, so you better deal with that.
Btw different anon than this one, so I guess I'm not the only one who is feeling that someone is praising her a little too much.

No. 188826

White people and their fight to be asian… fuck sake

No. 188835

What part of this >>188693 don't you understand?

No. 188846

File: 1477514708050.png (83.84 KB, 262x212, Screenshot (2).png)

Kim's man jaw

No. 188859

File: 1477517888957.jpg (13.69 KB, 480x360, 025.jpg)

I hope she takes the hint from her BESTIE XD and get v-line surgery

No. 188865

Where do i watch this att

No. 188880

kim's face at the beginning of this video… and the zoom at 1:08

No. 188927

Taylor just moved and Sharla is immediately going to stay over for a couple of days.

Why is Sharla such a leech?

No. 188928

Has she ever hosted any sleepover/hangout for Taylor?

No. 188932

So far no, they haven't mentioned it publicly. I don't think there's anything for Taylor to do where Sharla lives though.

No. 188933


Lol, no.
Shart's doesn't even help clean or cook. Just takes.

No. 188934

i'm sure sharla will be "borrowing" her clothes once again

No. 188935

Sharla can't function if she's not in Tokyo

No. 188936

I feel like kim probably won't be leaving japan anytime and I have a feeling she might want to move to korea and live with sunny

Her poor bf whats the point of even being in a relationship if you never even see your partner and seem more happen in a foreign country than where you're actually from? and shes admitted to cheating lol

No. 188942

It's funny that MTFchan pretty desperately followed her boyfriend to Korea only to abandon him to go to Japan

No. 188943

File: 1477533368773.jpg (28.76 KB, 228x292, when kim dao remembers her rac…)

No. 188945

>whats the point of even being in a relationship if you never even see your partner
In any other case I would disagree with you but for Kim's, she really has no excuse.

If she had ACTUAL work then that would be a liable excuse for her to live in another country but she's honestly just fucking around

No. 188956

i dont see anything wrong with LDR but if you're just going to leave your partner for the hell of it might as well be single right? usually people become long distance for a reason

No. 188967

Well, Emily, I'd say the fact that you are on your thread in lolcow making sure every other post is you – whoops, I mean "Anonymous Farmer" ;) – talking about how "unbelievably gorgeous" and "totally down to earth" and "a real model in Japan that didn't even CHEAT to get there" indicates you are interested in e-fame.

No. 188968

I'm not emily though just a farmer from miami whose know her online for a while

No. 188986

shut up about emily no one fucking cares unless you got milk

No. 188991

File: 1477541002766.gif (301.17 KB, 213x160, IMG_3062.GIF)

Emily looks like some rich bitch that pays photographers to take her photo and shes not a fucking model! Models are tall n do runway emily needs to shut her whore mouth n go suck a cock like she does fo her modeling photographers cuz thats WAT MODELS DO THEY SLEEP THEYRE WAY TO THE TOP naive bitches

No. 188993

File: 1477541203291.png (28.86 KB, 344x261, IMG_3517.PNG)

She used to be really pretty before she fucked her face up with all that she used to be really pretty before she fucked her face up with all that surgery now she looks like A creepy horse face with a long chin good luck trying to fix that

No. 188995

Everyone knows that models are high class escorts and emilys husband looks like a yakuza pimp n he smokes alot

No. 189006

She is pretty young but the surgery is making her look like she is in her 30s.

No. 189011

u need to chill emi sperg

reread your post

No. 189012

gangnam face

No. 189015

File: 1477543918859.png (846.58 KB, 749x424, IMG_3521.PNG)

Kim is hazkashee-ne

No. 189016

File: 1477543940283.jpg (160.33 KB, 623x1061, 99U7a4a.jpg)

I wonder why Sharla replied to Micaela's old twitter account +2 year later and just one day after he reveled she had a boyfriend/fiancee. I guess this guys in the pic are random guys or friends?.



No. 189019

File: 1477544124882.png (96.16 KB, 173x223, IMG_3522.PNG)

No. 189025

Sharla dresses like a soccer mom who throws on a hoodie before picking up her kids to hide the baby vomit on her shirt

No. 189034

When you reply to a tweet it links the OP twitter user who made the post and she added micaela's current one she she could notice sharla wrote a comment

No. 189039

File: 1477548158092.png (38.2 KB, 750x416, IMG_3524.PNG)

Before ANY surgeries my god she mutilated her face smh

No. 189044

I really dont understand why she had chin surgery?

No. 189045

must suck to live with an ugly resting bitch face…

No. 189046

stupid korean beauty ideals

sucks for her that ideals are changing back to natural faces and she can't unfuck her jawline

No. 189050

She used to have such a perfect face damn

No. 189052

File: 1477550057238.png (58.42 KB, 750x431, IMG_3527.PNG)

She fucked up her face beyond repair RIP to her old cute round face.. A lot of people get fat inserted into their face to make them look younger this bitch had fat Lipo from her face plastic surgery not even once kids

No. 189063

File: 1477553314768.png (417.04 KB, 900x378, image.png)

I don't think she looks bad currently. Her jawline surgery is obvious but it's definitely not the worst especially compared to Wengie or certain Korean celebrities.

She was definitely cute before getting work done. Pre surgery Sunny reminds me of the natural beauty in the comic lol anymore and she'll end up the gangnam unnie though

No. 189068


That is pretty clear anon but is a little strange she replied to something twitted years ago.

No. 189078

File: 1477557120672.jpg (293.89 KB, 1820x2250, IMG_0913.JPG)


That photo was taken after her surgery when she was still swollen. This is her before surgery picture.

No. 189081

File: 1477557690871.jpg (15.63 KB, 255x263, IMG_0914.JPG)


Also her before surgery with makeup on.

No. 189083

She was surprinsgly cute, wouldn't have guessed from her current face

No. 189085

File: 1477558218246.png (57.12 KB, 481x300, image.png)

No. 189086

she doesn't look bad here, but nothing special either. she looks cute now tbh


all sound like the same anon bitching

No. 189087

File: 1477558767500.jpeg (574.13 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

beyond repair is reaching. That's what a truly shit ps job looks like

No. 189154

Literally no one wants to be asian

No. 189171


Wengie's face is soooo botched, and yet she tries to pass that off as her natural face.

No. 189205

Wengie is hideous now lol

No. 189207

File: 1477582540770.png (213.87 KB, 650x366, wengie.png)


She always was ..

No. 189209

Am i the only one who thinks she looks fine before and fine after?
If i saw her walking on the street she looks like any other girl, not some botched monster some of you are making it out to be.

No. 189211


Nah, your not the only one. She's the only one tbh that is truthful about it and she's happy with it.

No. 189212

Except weeaboos

No. 189215

Her jawline is too sharp n the chin is too pointy damn n she was so young getting these surgeries why didnt her parents stop her wtf

No. 189216

Thats what im thinking too, she made some good videos about surgery. I'm not one for surgery but those videos are still enjoyable to watch and see how its done.
She looks like a normal girl. Most of you are just reaching because she was with Kim.

No. 189241

Personally I think she looked prettier before, because her face now looks too plastic surgery. Whereas before, she looked more unique and natural beauty-like. Although I think it's quite impressive of her for putting up the surgery videos, I know that if I ever got surgery I'd be embarrassed of people seeing me like that.

No. 189264

File: 1477590999199.jpg (221.99 KB, 670x1005, IMG_3534.JPG)

Nah man wengie was to b pretty

No. 189266

Theyre all fucking ugly

No. 189268

No. 189271

All those annons r different i know cuz one of those posts r mine

No. 189299

so this thread started talking about korean vloggers and suddenly everyone is a samefag

People have different opinions
Some people may think someone is pretty while others may not
Beauty is subjective
If someone has a different opinion than yours, accept it, and move on. They are not right and neither are you.

You guys are so fucking retarded if you guys have to be reminded of this every fucking thread

No. 189309

>korean vloggers
anon go home you're tripping

No. 189339

Call me weeb, but I used to.

No. 189358

My mistake, Wengie and Sunny may be korean and blog about korea and being in Korea but they are not """"korean vloggers"""

No. 189372

Wengie is fucking Chinese living in Sydney or some shit.

No. 189388

Wengie was a Koreaboo before wasn't she? She and that Airi chick went a bit crazy with the plastic surgery to look like a gangnam unnie.

No. 189389

Even of these girls were born perfect they would stilll fuck themselves up

No. 189394

oh god that Airi chick is something, she butchered her face so bad

I think people still can't figure out what her ethnicity used to be.

No. 189396

I'd honestly rather watch Sunny than "Chonunmigooksaram" or whatever her channel is. Waaaay to tryhard

No. 189397

OT but "Chonunmigooksaram", that bitch is such a wannabe Korean.

No. 189400

Uggh this girl. This girl annoys me. Tries too hard to be Korean.
And can I just say that her new hairstyle doesn't fit her. Short hair is trending in Korea now but it looks terrible on her. Her head looks humongous.

No. 189407

File: 1477610168787.jpeg (89.37 KB, 750x1014, image.jpeg)

No. 189428

This girl always tries to show off in her vlogs about how she works for TV or whatever but literally nobody watches that shit she is on lmfao Imagine somebody running around bragging about how they are on some channel 11 early morning show that nobody has ever heard of

No. 189430

Bob cuts really don't suit her relaxed hair. There's no volume or movement, it's just a helmet of a haircut stuck to her head.

Her roots always look gross too

No. 189434

Can someone post a pic of her hair?

No. 189437

File: 1477614010007.png (603.21 KB, 468x584, EDNjkcF.png)


it's a shame her hair used to be really nice

No. 189438

Should make a separate thread for the korean youtubers.

No. 189451

She.actually looks.really fucking.pretty in this pic but I dont know how her head looks compared to her body. Also that chick next to her is HIDEOUS. damn

No. 189460

To each his own. Personally the eyes, cheeks, and pointed chin scream gangnam unni to me.

The girl next to her is Bronybeauty. See upthread for more.

No. 189464

rip his lips

No. 189474

has she gotten surgeries

No. 189527

File: 1477625065177.jpeg (91.87 KB, 572x488, Farquad_l8.jpeg)

No. 189538


She looks like a plastic doll.

No. 189574

Chimpmoonsarm is just boring asf i cant relate to her

No. 189650

Wow, she looks half Asian rather than half Black here. I guess it's a mix of make-up+hair+shoop. Idk if it's intentional like ahripop, though.

No. 189654

This is honestly like the only pic of Brony I've seen where she looks pretty and not like a tranny blow up doll.

No. 189659

Lol. It's completely intentional. Her skin is lightened so much in that pic, her features are softened, eye-shape changed, and made bigger, etc.

No. 189723

Someone delete or spoil these meme because it's the ugliest thing I've ever seen

No. 189763

hooooly lol
this is too perfect

No. 189832


You've never seen the movie "Shrek"?

No. 190097

File: 1477711442872.jpg (102.98 KB, 800x800, UGLY.jpg)

Kinda off topic a bit, but I was looking up jewlery and other crap today on ebay, and i stumbled upon this ugly "choker" for .75 cents. It kind of made me chuckle..and reminded me of that ugly chicks pop up store, Bambi and Luna and how she was selling an item exactly like this for 10$ lol

No. 190254

File: 1477753805014.png (305.17 KB, 598x1146, Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 10.0…)

Makes me think of this.

No. 190280

lol i thought this was a jump rope at first glance

No. 190555

MTFchan wears a shit ton of much make up but can't be bothered to contour apparently. his face looks so flat especially compared to emily's at 5:00

No. 190562

pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee someone tell her to stop getting fillers
u dont need anus lips to look good
she looked far better before
please someone

No. 190565

she's very camel-like

No. 190573

lmao i like how she gives free beauty shit to people to be her friend
i feel like thats why emily reached out to her in the first place

No. 190579


Are the brands even any good though ?

No. 190609

>needs contour

Thank god she doesn't contour. Contouring needs to die.

No. 190820

File: 1477886985108.jpg (29.38 KB, 240x331, EmbTgHx.jpg)

Goes as carrot costume she found in the mens section to the halloween party because she doesnt want to dress in any of those "lame" sexy costumes

No. 190822

File: 1477888636304.png (2.33 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_0068.PNG)

I've been binge watching MTFchan's beauty channel which I kind of like (can't stand her vlogs though). Is there anything she can do about her joker mouth? I think she would be pretty without it.

No. 190823

why is she always wearing that fucking dog collar of a choker

No. 190824

I haven't seen any of her beauty channel videos, but I love/hate her vlogs. They're awkward and fucking boring but I always watch anyways. At least fillers aren't permanent. Hopefully she'll change those brows too

No. 190827

File: 1477890977322.png (837.31 KB, 939x597, 0.png)

She looks like Nicolas Cage in Kylie Jenner's makeup.

No. 190828

File: 1477891296253.png (342.55 KB, 500x664, 1438944667519.png)

Or one of those faces that people merge different features from different faces together.

No. 190850

s/he looks so fucking ugly and it's her own fault. Get rid of those horrible eyebrows and lips.

No. 190858

File: 1477895856704.jpeg (94.16 KB, 676x574, image.jpeg)

I actually really like her look here

also she really does look like Nic Cage fuck

No. 190859

File: 1477896726065.png (5.58 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0071.PNG)

She needs to change her hair color and maybe she's doing something with her skin? If you go back in her old blog she looks like a regular native girl now she looks like a weird tranny freak.

No. 190861

File: 1477896807075.png (2.79 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0070.PNG)

More native pictures and probably the best looking bf of the jvloggers.

No. 190862

File: 1477896868321.png (432.3 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_0069.PNG)

>blending in with asians so good
>African American

No. 190864

LOLL "blending in with Asians" ??

No, honey, no.

No. 190868

lmao and here I thought she only turned into a weeb after she moved to Asia

No. 190869


The right choice, that Halloween party was not the right party to wear a sexy costume, obviously she had other reasons for not wanting to dress sexy.

No. 190937

Do Canadians in canada still call black people african americans?

No. 190945

No, that's just the US. We call them Black people. Immigrants here usually refer back to their specific country of origin (even if they were born here), so they would identify as Congolian, Haitian, Jamaican, Bajan etc.

Also since French is our second official language, and many of these countries were colonized by the french as well, there's more tolerance for keeping their original patois, whether derived from English or French. Basically, we know better than to call Black people 'Africans', it would be rude because they are not all immediately from Africa.

We also do not refer to 'Hispanics' because we have such a minor Latino population, again, they're referred to as Mexican, Argentinian, Dominican etc.

Asians are probably the only group lumped together under 'Asians' unfortunately.

We also do not call our Native people Indian. Ever. It is considered a slur. Indian people are from India. Our native people can be called Aboriginal, Indigenous or First Nations.

No. 190952

That last paragraph was unnecessarily bitchy. Was there a reason she had to mention that the girl was "African-American"?

No. 190962

You shouldn't say "Black people", it's like implying they're their own species. Just "black" is fine. We're all people.

No. 190966

aren't they considered black-canadian? I know Canada is part of North America but it's not actuall the US….

No. 190968

>we also do not call our Native people Indian. Ever. It is considered a slur.
lol that's not true, the only time you hear stuff like 'first nations' or 'indigenous people' is in government documents
the only people who get mad about the word indian are self righteous white people or "1/8 native" clowns

No. 190997

Where in Canada are you from? I'm from Toronto and in schools, universities, meet-ups and galleries I've been I have never heard or read anything else than first nations/ indigenous people.

Sage because derailing but I doubt you're from Canada.

No. 191000

Who would want to wear a sexy nurse costume anyways? They're tacky as hell and reek of desperation. Funny group costume was definitely more suitable for the party.

No. 191019

Their costumes were appropriate, and leg avenue IS lame.

That aside, that store had a lot of shitty leg avenue. You'd think being in Japan they would go to a place that doesn't sell american shit.

No. 191062

Why are all these weebs from Canada …. Its already shameful enough that Mira came from here..

No. 191075

A lot of the Halloween costumes here are from the US. The Japanese ones are often more… age-playish.

No. 191078

>and probably the best looking bf of the jvloggers.
I assume this comment was meant to be sarcastic.

No. 191082

I'm in Canada (Toronto) and we never call First Nations Indians. I found that we commonly call them First Nations or Aboriginals.

No. 191084

I agree with her. He probably is the best looking. Who is better looking? You could say that Jun has a better style, Ryosuke better body? I guess these things are subjective.

No. 191128

I don't find him that good looking compared to Jun and Duncan. I guess if I had to choose, then Duncan would be the best looking guy. Apart from his odd tooth, he's really good looking. Granted, he's more popular than Mimei on YouTube, but he still counts as 'the bf of a jvlogger'.

Ryosuke is OK. I would also still choose him over the other guy. And yes, these things are subjective. But I'm really not feeling that guy, so that's why I assumed so. Oh well, if you agree with that anon, I guess he does appeal to certain people.

No. 191158

god why can't grace pronounce her husband's name correctly
its not りおすけ its りょうすけ, grace

No. 191179

Original anon that said her bf is best. The competition isn't that steep unless you're a hardcore weeb that finds those halfu abominations in any way attractive. And Kim's looks like a stereotypical geek mixed with an SJW cuck. Penus' is the worst.

No. 191255

File: 1477974471855.jpeg (271.4 KB, 1575x1218, image.jpeg)

loool. I bet none of them knew who she was. Awkwardddd.

No. 191275

So many shades of pale and gray looking god they need some sun

No. 191357

Ok racist chan

No. 191374

Jun would be okay without that helmet hair

No. 191376

Fuck off, Tumblr-chan.

No. 191393

>halfu abominations
RUDE. The most beautiful people I have seen are White/Asian. If mixed successfully they have the perfect balance in between not having a face that's too deep (aka White), and not having a face that's too flat (aka Asian). Duncan has this balance too, hence why I think he's really handsome. (and also a lot more handsome than Kyle with his -too deep for my taste- facial features)

No. 191571

Asian and white mixes look weird.

Mulattoes are more popular - they take over the label as "black" and get roles.

Asian and white mix is only relevant in Asia and even then full blood Asians dont give a shit about them.

No. 191573

To be honest none of the jvlogging community or half the foreign models Japan hired are that great looking.

Everyone just seems to have shit taste. People think highly of themselves or raise someone up because they are half asian / shagging an asian guy or loaded.

Here in the UK we would just find half the fuckers in this thread weird and mediocre.

No. 191574

* are not

No. 191585

>Asian and white mixes look weird.
I don't agree with this anon, Marie Digby is half Japanese/Irish and she's gorgeous man, there are more examples, but she's a good one.

>Mulattoes are more popular

Many of them look sexy imo.

No. 191654

enough derailing, get back on topic.

No. 191672

Um there are some really attractive haafu celebrities, but I wouldn't personally call Duncan one of them. Just my preference.

Anyway black to vloggers: Sharla's video of the party.

No. 191679

a fourth vlog of MTF going out for wine with Emily. Visa husband makes an appearance.

No. 191687

Most people do think asian and white mixes look weird. Unless they look more asian theyre odd. Blue and green eyes look weird with that eye shape and its bad enough seeing asians in circle lenses.

Mulattoes are more evened out. Some are ugly but they go further than hapas in the media.

No. 191708

>Asian and white mix is only relevant in Asia and even then full blood Asians dont give a shit about them.
Except they are the most popular models and talents in most Asian countries. Just look at Japan and Becky. Mulattoes are only popular in Black communities, in the same way. And both groups fill in the Asian and Black roles in Hollywood. There is little difference between them. Blasians are another story, being two minority groups and all.

>Most people
Aka just you. Blue and green eyes look awesome on Asians and Blacks. It's seriously a pity those eye colors are only connected to Caucasian DNA.

Emily's husband is not that bad looking, to be honest.

No. 191709

What part of >>191654 was too hard to understand?
More derailing will result in a ban.

No. 191714

Biibii is one of those girls that just talks a lot but has nothing to say

No. 191720

I agree. He looks bad in photos, but I thought he looked pretty attractive in the video.

Bii comes across as really fake in her vlogs. She's trying to front like some ~exciting party girl~ despite being completely dull.

No. 191730

And talks slow as shit. Its so irritating

No. 192965

File: 1478167304853.jpg (156.3 KB, 600x751, EMb0VIZ.jpg)

No. 193167


Who's the girl on the very left?

No. 193171

I usually enjoy watching videos of people eating especially when I'm hungry or craving something… but the way she eats is so gross it made me want to vomit her lips are really weird looking

No. 193563

File: 1478281576390.gif (6.8 MB, 400x224, horse.gif)


Bii looks even more like a horse when she eats..

No. 193577

File: 1478283868750.jpg (93.67 KB, 1090x767, Clipboard01.jpg)

even Kim's giant jaw looks delicate and feminine next to his head.

No. 193815

mimei fixed her hair colour finally

No. 193819

That's the longest face I've ever seen. I don't keep up with j-vloggers, I thought the thumbnail was edited

No. 193824

File: 1478316896381.jpg (74.15 KB, 594x750, mimei.jpg)

wth she looks exactly like The Scream in the thumbnail

No. 193832

It looks extra bad, posted right below Kim's face here >>193577

No. 193833

She should just chop those ends off. How old is Mimei?

No. 193835

I'm assume that thumbnail is a stretched video thing because head is so long.

No. 193844

>switched "management teams" again
>"hai guiz what ideas should i do for my newww channneelll"??
Not shitty content

No. 193853

an 18 minute long video of absolutely nothing

No. 193868

When sharla gets a new piece if clothing she really gets wear out if it huh

Brown sweatshirt is the new galaxy hoodie

No. 193869

Kimstan your kind is not wanted here.

No. 193881


Yeah, I like Sharla but damn girl, take care of your wardrobe. She has been wearing this cut black jean for the last videos and maybe days and she is wearing them again today while she goes to Iwate. Is perfectly OK to use the same clothes again and again but a little more variety will do her some good, I'm not saying she is not cleaning her clothes or anything like that but it looks as she has very little variety of clothes and she uses the same stuff over and over again, like the stripped shirt or the pastel hoodie.

No. 193885


I feel like this really shows her insecuritie in fashion and style. She has absolutely no idea what suits her and what looks good on her. She takes a lot of inspiration from taylor but as soon as she's on her own she just wears one piece over and over again because she has no idea how to style it. It amuses me to the max how a grown up woman is so incapable of dressing herself

No. 193896


I guess you are right, it makes me sad she is trying to hide herself behind clothes, and most of the time the stuff she uses don't suit her. She may not be a model like Taylor but definitely she can look cute with the right stuff.

No. 193933


Exactly! She isn't ugly per sé. But it is always strange to see how she copies other or is so dependant on so many ther people. I really wonder what she would be like if she had no friends in Japan.
I kinda have the feeling she is living the life she wants throughout taylor. I know i am a bit reachy atm but its just my interpretation of her actions. She clearly loves hanging around Tays fancy home and sharing her fancy lifestyle. to me this feels a bit childish to be hinest and that is something i generally don't like about her.

No. 193948

And its very surprising because she does seem to have a very large wardrobe from all her shopping videos. I think she buys a lot of things she likes but as other anons have said she doesn't feel confident in them and thus sticks to safe ones/ones she was taught how to wear (either by watching Taylor or having Taylor dress her).

No. 193981


Not that many clothes or even underwear in that suitcase, is she going for just 1 day?.

No. 194031

probably just gonna wear somebody else's…

No. 194091

She's 29

No. 194180

Her new hair color looks like shit sorry but that's such a patchy job and wasn't even blended properly,I hope she didn't pay a fortune for it.

No. 194416

He is definitely roasting Sharla in his first "impression"

No. 194458

Is he trying to turn into the weeb version of ricegum/leafy or something? His videos have gotten super shitty lately and he's just posting videos about trending topics with shitty clickbait titles.

No. 194468


Sharla wrote a book ??

I sorta also thought of Taylor with "basicbitch 27" since Tay is 27 and pasta meals are her go to meal.

He should of done Mira as that'd be funny to see.

No. 194471

she probably did pay a lot for it which is even more sad. two rounds of bleach couldnt even get out that nasty turquoise color. i don't see why she didnt just chop it off. would've been cheaper and better looking

No. 194474

i thought its himezawa… she wrote a book and does lame shit like "oh hey didnt see you there~! tee hee"

No. 194476

isn't he just making fun of the whole "genre" of boring 20 something white girls who's only character trait is that they live in japan?
its more likely a combination of a bunch of these people than one specific channel

No. 194578

Texan in Tokyo wrote stuff too… He is roasting them all. And being obnoxious while doing so.

No. 194680

With some Youtubers I wish they could stop shouting at their viewers…

No. 194752

Yeah seems to be a combo of basic white bitches in Japan so as not to completely burn the bridges.

No. 194764


I don't think Sharla wrote a book, at best she may have translate a book because she was doing translation jobs but I'm not sure.

No. 194776

As soon as I saw the ends were still blue, I know they just stopped there so her ends didn't melt off.
Super shit.

No. 194778

Grace wrote one so..well a comic book

No. 194927

what an annoying fuckwit

No. 194938

File: 1478528756590.jpg (45.05 KB, 650x366, bf6a26d13480a886c6a6940351c93b…)

Younger than Martina. But if you really want to criticize someone for being too old for certain hairstyles, you might want to go for Shirley Manson instead. I think Mimei (and the others for that matter) look just fine. But then again, I'm not an ageist.

No. 194939

File: 1478529010133.gif (985.33 KB, 500x252, hm.gif)


No. 194966

Seeing older ppl with teenage angst stretched ears n lip piercing look dumb on an aging face

No. 194967

Same goes for colorful hair looks dumb on aging ppl

No. 195053

It always looks good on me..

No. 195065

Rock stars must trigger you so much.

No. 195072

File: 1478551679880.jpg (207.33 KB, 852x434, imfuckinggreen.jpg)

Fuck you, green grandmas cool.

No. 195073

Sheesh she should have just cut her hair,at least it would be somewhat healthy

No. 195076

Speaking of Shine, are him and Sharla definitely not friends anymore? Or is everyone just speculating?

No. 195155

Ur all a bunch of butthurt retards

No. 195165

Boohoo that really hurt our feelings :(

No. 195214

slightly off topic, but I was reading the discussion about Sharla's clothes. I don't know how Sharla (and Grace) can film looking so sloppy all the time. Sharla at least tries but Grace is a constant mess.

No. 195264


Oh noes!! A random anonymous stranger thinks ill of us.. What ever shall we do to recover?

No. 195352

Ur a fucking fat faggot

No. 195353

I know wat will make u feel better… a fat dick in ya ass(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 195517

Anyone has a pic of Taytay's bf?

No. 195730

File: 1478640053945.jpg (122.74 KB, 1391x844, bf.jpg)

yeah it's this guy

No. 195755

I hope Kaka won't start stalking Emily after she gets bored with Tay. Again, Emily is everything Kaka wishes to be, naturally gorgeous, living in Tokyo with a Nipponese husbando, working as a model… and she's also from Florida.

No. 195863

So that's what Kojima's wife looks like!

No. 195874

Are we meant to know who this "Emily" is or are you just self posting?

No. 195879

There is one anon here that keeps praising Emily like the best thing ever, even though she isn't. It might be Emily herself, or just some anon that really wants people to agree with her opinion.

No. 195989

Emily (@lovelymilky) has been discussed in this thread earlier. And no, I'm not her.

No. 196362

Some unfiltered Sharla if someone wants to know who she really looks, sounds and probably a fair look at her real personality.


No. 196367

File: 1478786033958.jpg (264.47 KB, 1024x687, 4052973630_18769c7301_b.jpg)

In the live chat there is mention that there is another cow and that they are a western girl in Japan. We have to play the waiting game until it is revealed. Good thing we are full and stocked up.

I think its most likely Mira but I'm praying its Kim or Sharla..

No. 196377

Mira would be a boring reveal since it really would be no surprise. I'm hoping its Sharla too. Wouldn't put it past Kim or Bii either.

No. 196395


Can you explain this for the uninitiated?.

No. 196409

I would die laughing if it was kim after all that "ur so fake melodee, you can't bullshit us!" shade she was tweeting, but sharla would be great to.

Mira is just the same unfortunate train wreck in slow motion time and time again at this point, I'm bored of her.

No. 196428

Aside from kiki there is another samefag here and staff is seeing to the investigation. The only hint we have is that this person is a western girl who lives in japan. I can say that staff is very sure and are covering all bases before everything is revealed.

Ya in all seriousness, its not news, we all know shes a retard.

No. 196436

Yeah, Mira isn't all that interesting. But it would be interesting to know if she commented on anyone else's threads, especially other jvloggers. I'm sure she's bitter as fuck about being excluded from the "popular" group

No. 196437

kind of hoping it's someone really boring like mimei or texan in tokyo

No. 196441

Could also be Mikaela, she obviously comes here since she's posted with her name before but couldve continued postng as anon etc

No. 196498

Honestly, I would be so satisfied if it was Grace posting.

No. 196503

Grace used to self post on PULL back in the Mira drama days so it wouldn't be surprising kek

No. 196504

It would be funny if it was Taylor, since the whole kiki drama thing, it would just be hilarious to think they were just arguing with each other

No. 196505

I'm more excited for this reveal. Kiki's reveal was great but her posts were just mentally unstable sperging over Taylor. If the next one is a jvlogger it'll be interesting to see what she's been saying about the rest.

Let's hope it doesn't disappoint.

No. 196529

that would fucking gold! the two of them bitch fighting kek
Just because kiki is bad, it doen't mean that taylor is an angel

No. 196568

Yeah kiki's post were more like being overly annoying and spamming for the sake of being over the top and controversial. I want to see real shit talking and back stabbing dammit

No. 196633

I think it's Kim or that girl she was fighting with, the thread derailed way too much when that happened.

Taylor doesn't seem savvy enough to use an imageboard. I can imagine her lurking PULL though.

No. 196643

>talking about jvloggers in a jvloggers thread is derailing

Bitch what?

No. 196716

Probably Taylor.

No. 196722

No. 197089

She bitches alot about the content in here and p sure she reads these posts. why not add to the drama?

No. 197311

does anyone know where i can watch taylor's episode in that j drama?

No. 197510

File: 1479050347139.png (350.06 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2256.PNG)

Looks like taylor found out about the keekster

No. 197516


Kiki must be seething, she has no audience to sperg out to now.

No. 197517

Am I the only one who was hoping Taylor would tweet at Kaka something like "I know that you've been posting about me online and I don't hate you for it. I really hope you get the help that you need."

I feel like if Taylor did that, she'd end up publicly sperging out on her or at least go on another one of her insane twitter rants.

No. 198073

Alright, so I was looking into a video Mimei's husband posted and in a blog entry about it (http://minsyojo.blogspot.jp/2016/11/pdr.html) I found some info on the break-in at their home. If you scroll down it has reasons for why he posted a video he posted, and number 5 is "for Mimei". Apparently one younger brother (Michael) of Duncan's took offense with how Mimei described the incident.
He said that it was basically Duncan's family who came to Mimei's and Duncan's home because they hadn't heard from him in 3 years. According to Michael they said they were family. Mimei called Duncan's mum a stalker…
It's kind of sad to me. Obviously it'd be easy to speculate ("Mimei doesn't want Duncan to contact his family!!" "Duncan's family is probably abusive!!") but really - who knows.

No. 198082

Wasn't there some drama with Duncan's mom to do with PDS and Duncan? Not sure how credible youtube comments are at times but I read that Duncan's mom told him to fuck off and stop leeching off of his younger brother's fame

No. 198087

Maybe, but towards the beginning when they lived together and started making videos Duncan was more popular than PDS. I think family contact ended when they decided to live separately and had their own falling out. So I don't think he and his mom were speaking at that point. But really I don't know.
Also, even if Mimei was trying to keep his family away, I still think there's probably a reason. Mimei is annoying, but I don't think she's crazy or would overreact that much

No. 198330

I personally don't think Mimei is crazy either. They seem super sweet together, so I'd rather think they had a falling out with his family.

No. 198336

I'm confused so the break in was done by Duncan's family? Why the fuck would you break into a family members home even if they are estranged and you want to talk to them??

No. 198351

I think there was some drama, Duncan decided not to be in contact with them anymore, didn't take their calls/didn't reply to their messages/whatever and they thought they'd just show up at his home (I guess Mimei and Duncan didn't move in between), thereby totally freaking Mimei out. We don't know who exactly went there (only that it was 3 men) and I doubt Mimei knew any of them, so even if they said "We're family of Duncan's" that'd be creepy as fuck. There are quite some break-ins here where people pretend to be from delivery companies etc., and if 3 people stood in front of your door claiming they're your husband's family (but you don't know them) … I'd freak out as well. Especially considering that Duncan wasn't home.
(I also don't think they broke in as in "breaking the door" or "breaking a window", but more that they rang the door bell and tried to get inside when Mimei opened the door)

No. 198389

Yeah, that was my impression as well. Or maybe when they arrived she felt unsafe opening the door to them (either because they were 3 strange men or because there's a reason they don't want to see the family) and they tried to come in anyways. They may have also thought Duncan was actually there hiding and tried to get in to see him, even when she said he wasn't there. I also recall Mimei saying this might have happened before, so maybe they came back to try again. Either way they should try to move apartments. I wouldn't feel comfortable living there

No. 198547

Finally getting her nose done. I'm happy for her. She doesn't look bad in this video since her lips and brows are toned down

No. 198556

His face proportions and nose were fine before her lip fillers, what the fuck is he doing

No. 198578

Yeah, honestly a smaller/more narrow nose is only going to make her look even more plastic faced and like a post-op tranny.

No. 198579

He's going to look terrible with that nose job. There's nothing wrong with his nose right now.

If anything, he needs a surgery to make his mouth smaller and his eyes further apart. I don't know if those exist.

No. 198580

The nose wasn't the bad part to start tho?

The lips are just too fucking much rn and with a smaller nose even more so.

No. 198584

Good. She has an Easter island statue nose.

No. 198588

Lol did anybody catch the subtle shade throw to Rachel? "No, getting surgery done on your nasal passageways does not change the shape of your nose, unless you specifically ask the doctor that you want your nose shape changed while they are at it"

No. 198589

She looks like one of the older brothers from malcolm in the middle

No. 198590

lip injections aren't permanent. they'll eventually go back to their old shape more or less. that nose is a fucking beak and manly.

No. 198703

File: 1479204296602.gif (4.44 MB, 404x404, soooo good.gif)

No. 198707

Take a shot each time she says "share experience"

No. 198715

She reminds me of Charles Gross

No. 198717

Channeling her inner Mark Wiens I see

No. 198730


Is like she is having an orgasm. I wonder if she is doing it for the camera or she is like that in real life. I mean is OK to enjoy food, but she does it with everything.

No. 198735

She seemed more restrained than usual in this video. This was also the first time I've seen her eat something and not go, "Oh my God soooooo good you guys~~~~~~"

No. 198863

File: 1479228663045.png (500.55 KB, 660x621, wut.png)

So I finally decided to watch a few of her videos. Maybe I cannot say she is conventionally beautiful but I think she has an uncommon/striking face so I hope she doesnt change it with surgery too much because then she will look like just every other boring basic bitch.

Her videos are a bit boring but I think she is well spoken and classy. What she needs to do is cut the length of her vlogs and make it a bit more exciting and I will be a fan.

No. 198963

She needs to let her lip fillers go away for good. I don't keep up with this person or know what she looked like before but the fillers were applied in such a way that just emphasizes her weird lip shape and legit makes me look like she's having a bad reaction. Isn't there some sort of actual surgery to change your lip shape? If so that's what she needs, not fillers.

No. 199013

File: 1479238093809.jpg (12.17 KB, 182x268, MV5BMTg0OTgzMjMxNF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

No. 199020

She's worse than leafy when it comes to repetition, we get it the medical surgery was not cosmetic

No. 199047

She always freaks the fuck out like 1 second after taking a bit. Chill Sharla

No. 199066

I was trying to figure out why her face is so manly. She needs to shave down that fucking jaw.

No. 199077

File: 1479248398201.png (3.77 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_8390.PNG)

Kim has old white lady lips

No. 199079

Not really

No. 199087

I wouldn't be surprised if she got one eventually

is this from a make up tutorial? how embarrassing

No. 199094

it's just two girls in knitted fucking sweaters stop reaching

No. 199096

I'm starting to feel really bad for her. She always ends up making herself look worse. I think jaw shave and somehow making her mouth less weird shaped and less broad but it's so hard to figure out what's wrong with her face exactly.

No. 199099

You're gonna pull a muscle from reaching so hard.

No. 199105

File: 1479251426795.jpeg (73.81 KB, 448x526, image.jpeg)

I think she was pretty cute before the injections. Her only bad feature was her nose. If she had that fixed that instead she probably wouldn't look like a MTF

If her lips manage to go back to what they originally looked like along with the nose job she'd be attractive

No. 199108

It's from her new lip swatch video where all the colors look the same and by the end of the vid she looks like joker

No. 199109

Also looks better without her dark ass eyebrows

No. 199123

You'd think having a gross dried makeup caked cold sore would make you think twice about uploading a lip swatch video

Kim needs her jaw shaved more than Bibi does. It's like a fucking square it's so weird

No. 199169

>beauty guru
>shitty acne skin

you know a beauty guru aint shit if they skin aint on point

No. 199220

I agree, her face looks mostly proportioned here and the brows are more natural. The big lips with Roland McDonald realness just made the nose seem bigger somehow.

No. 200592

Grace and Ryosuke are quitting youtube because they want to have kids
Grace is already pregnant I guess

No. 200603

The last thing those two need is a baby. Especially after burning bridges with the majority of their fan base that gave them their income

No. 200623

I don't follow them that much, but I remember Ryosuke quit his job to be some sort of entrepreneur and Grace is scratching by as a freelance "artist," so I'm wonder how they're going to survive now that they have no reason to have a Patreon

No. 200701

Texan In Tokyo got mentioned in a Scarce video

you made it big time boiz

No. 200746

I didn't like Grace previously but I'm glad they plan on getting real jobs now and are stepping away from Youtube

No. 200822

Seems like Texan in Tokyo will quit.

No. 200862

K bai gurl

No. 200864

boring as hell with no personality. no idea how they got so many followers/fans

No. 200886

her being boring is probably why she had so many, its easier to be a self insert for girls who fancy your husband if you have no personality of your own

No. 200905

they were appealing to the WW/AM community and bonding with other race fetishizers on fb and all over. Grace was caught promoting her book in a black women's IR dating group too

No. 200907

how desperate. there are ww/am vloggers who are actually kind of interesting. this girls vlogs consist of her cleaning her house, cooking boring dishes and looking slobby as hell putting no thought into her appearance. she didnt even try and put any effort into her vlogs. gay.

No. 201117

Eh, I'll admit I liked them. I liked how their vlogs felt pretty normal. I think it's weird how they're ending cause it seemed like they have invested a lot into the channel, but whatever works.

No. 201125

Grace is probably already pregnant, and it most likely it wasn't planned? That's what it seems like to me.

Ryosuke left his job to dedicate more time to Youtube, right? If they were planning to have kids so soon he probably wouldn't have bothered. They seemed to be doing pretty good as well.

No. 201128

I'm wondering what Grace is going to do. As far as I know she has no sort of degree and has been "an artist" for the past few years. They seem to live in bumfuck nowhere so I guess she could be a housewife or work on a farm or something.

No. 201150


She does have a degree from an American College and I think she focused on International Relations.

No. 201165

She has a degree, but she seems the housewife type tbh

No. 201178

That seemed like a dumb choice, Youtube doesn't seem that hard to do for the both of them. They gotten more popular recently as well, so more money from views.

Plus if I could recall Ryosuke didn't even like working in the corporate world. So what the hell are they going to do?

No. 201199


I read her blog post on the matter since I cbf to watch her videos. She said that Ryosuke has been doing a lot of job hunting the past month and may POSSIBLY have something lined up, and will be quitting all social media but the vidoe's will stay up, so she will still get some income from those, but it really is stupid to quit one job before getting another.

Grace said she is also looking for work but I'm assuming it's just freelance stuff, she seems like the lazy type, given how her artwork hasn't improved over the years.

No. 201245

File: 1479559937800.jpg (481.63 KB, 2048x2048, 6bt0Eg4.jpg)

No. 201293

What are those comments

No. 201297

Jfc those are some salty people. She doesn't look amazing but it's also not the most flattering photo. I do think the nose job was a mistake though. People made fun of her for it but I thought it really made her stand out from the typical button nosed westerners that nips obsess over.

No. 201301

It seems like a fair amount of jvloggers have been getting (or have already gotten) some sort of cosmetic surgery. They're all sort of in the same circle as well. I wonder if they figure, well so-and-so got work done so I might as well, or if they recommend surgeons and procedures to each other. I don't really mind because I might get cosmetic surgery in the future, but it seems like if this were 3 or so years ago Rachel wouldn't have dared to get it done

No. 201324


Either way if her and Jun have a kid it will still end up with her beak nose and hapa eyes. Red hair too…

No. 201326


Same with Taylor, Venus, ect ect white girls who date Japanese men are basically getting followers for having a trophy asian guy. Thats basically it.

No. 201347

And lorena lol

No. 201440

Red hair is not a dominant trait, their child will most likely have black hair. With half-Japanese kids it's really hard to predict what they're going to look like, but yeah, no red hair there.

No. 201592

Venus, honey, the extensions…

No. 201630

I always wonder if I had kids with a Japanese guy what the genetic lottery would role us. Everybody in my family has blue/light grey eyes and light hair

No. 201635

Asian is a veeeeery dominating trait. Hafus can be born with blue eyes, but they always turn into some variant of brown within a year or so. At least 99% of the time. The same goes with hair, from maybe light brown, but usually just.. brown or black. Most hafu kids I've seen were quite adorable, I think because they look like Asians with white skin and big eyes. Which is pretty much what Asians want to look like.

No. 201642

They would have black hair and brown eyes dumbass. White genes are recessive.

No. 201656

File: 1479643749743.jpeg (23.06 KB, 326x451, image.jpeg)

Yumi Lambert

No. 201663

She's not half. She's only a quarter Japanese, so both her parents probably carried the genes for light eyes.

No. 201677

File: 1479647605297.jpg (55.99 KB, 488x488, aya.jpg)

Nah, the kid's nose will be a mix of Rachel and Jun's noses, which will be probably a very balanced looking nose.
A lot of half-Japanese kids also have dark brown hair, rather than black. Just look at Duncan for example.
It depends, blue eyes is unlikely, but green eyes is still pretty common. Just look at Becky, Eji Wentz, Kat McDowell, or this cutie (I think her name was Aya Marsh?). Also keep in mind that your kids can turn out different looking too, so one might get green eyes and the other brown eyes. It is a lottery in that sense.

No. 201678

Venus I get, but Taylor? We still don't now what her boyfriend looks like and whether he's Japanese or Chinese.

No. 201714

He's Laotian–from Laos, stupid! It's a landlocked country in southeast Asia. It's between Vietnam and Thailand, OK? Population 4.7 million

No. 201722

So BiiBii the tranny got a nose job

No. 201788


She'll still look like a tranny .. Case closed.

No. 201799


I dont think their kid would be nice looking at all. Both Rachel and Jun are unattractive af

No. 201801


Pfft most look mostly Asian just like Mulattoes look mostly black anon. Unless like anon >>201656
>>201663 mentioned about Yumi Lambert. Unless the hafu had kids with another white person i.e Duncan and Mimei then would the kid look more white with unusual coloured eyes and light hair (Mongolian look a bit like this).

Its like Mulattoes and as a mulatto myself we come out looking more black hence why the shitty one drop rule in the US knocks around still. Obama, Alicia Keys, Leona Lewis ect ect all half black and half white people.

Yet when a mulatto has kids with a white person they will usually come out looking more white. I have a friend, she's mulatto too and her boyfriend is white. Their two kids have gorgeous caramel light skin, big green/blue eyes and their hair is loose golden curls. Features are softer than their mother's and you can just tell they are quarter and not half.

So Rachel and Jun's kids would end up looking mostly like Jun. Possibly lighter hair but my betting is more on the Asian side. The Asian gene is a strong motherfucker. Ever seen half black and Japanese kids? They look more Asian too and the black gene is strong as hell too.

Even if Venus and Manaki have kids. They'll end up looking more Asian. Probably bigger eyes because Venus has naturally quite large eyes without the lenses while Manaki has smaller squinty ones.

I'll bet Audrey's baby looks more like the dad too.

No. 201804

Why you defending so hard?
Rachel and Jun really aren't that attractive, and I doubt their kids will be either.
The green eye thing isn't very common at all, it's more common in kids with Asian grandparents.
Dark brown hair is also common in Japanese people who aren't mixed, they just tend to dye it black due to job hunting.

> also that girls eyes are light brown (or hazel), not green.

No. 201806

File: 1479668148599.jpg (26.23 KB, 600x315, 5b4a3f5d05f7ef7e5baf30476a549f…)

Half white/ asian baby < their kid will probably look like this

No. 201807

File: 1479668276324.jpg (42.32 KB, 640x480, 42343.jpg)

Yeah it will look mostly Japanese, the only thing that really effect haffu kids are lighter hair color and maybe some double eyelids

No. 201808

File: 1479668277524.jpg (25.78 KB, 500x500, 413THSP807L.jpg)

But to look like this Im guessing she has a white parent and a hafu parent tbh

No. 201811

File: 1479668678124.png (478.56 KB, 480x720, 4c12b4b53278a57fa46f2f51b43d1e…)


Same as when a mulatto and white person have a kid they usually come out with the lighter features too

No. 201812

File: 1479668850550.jpg (17.47 KB, 320x137, when_marnie_was_there_2014mp4_…)


that baby is cute but reminds me of emily from when marine was there

marine was the first fictional character to pin down an asian man ofc

No. 201817

File: 1479670367334.jpg (185.12 KB, 1200x1600, aya00.jpg)

Why are you hating so hard? Rachel and Jun are both pretty good looking, and their kid may come out even better looking. And Aya's eyes are green, not light brown/hazel. It only has a hazel ring around the pupil, but so do plenty of other eyes defined as blue or green. So it's either green, or green with brown if you want to be specific.

No. 201819

That's hazel (and the photo is very white washed).
I'm not really hating, just saying it like it is. That outcome is very rare. Usually more common if one parent is happa.

No. 201870


Anon their kid is gonna look more asian and that kid in the picture is probably quarter asian at the most. Its a rare outcome for the hapa to emerge out the womb like this. I know you are trying to push the "buh hapa babies are perfect and angelic' shit but please.

Shut up

No. 201873

I know a family of mulattoes who married other mulattoes, and 2/3 of their kids came out with blue or blue-green eyes.
You don't need "more" white for lighter features, it really is a gamble lol.

No. 201876

File: 1479680763111.jpg (26.66 KB, 500x667, 369898-500w.jpg)

exactly you really can't 100% predict with certainty the outcome of biracial kids. halsey is half black but she looks completely white. it all really depends on ancestry and if someone's family tree spreads out to different nationalities then you really don't know what you're gonna get. my cousin is half black but looks completely white with black kinky hair and brown eyes. when she married her white, brown eyed husband her daughter came out with blonde kinky hair, white skin and blue eyes from her grandmother. it really is a gamble.

anna cleveland's mother is half black and her father is white, and she ended up looking completely white.

No. 201878

Pretty much. Some people just have much stronger genes than their partner. White genes aren't always necessarily weaker, contrary to popular belief.
That "mulatto anon" just sounds like they're butthurt and wish they were white or something.

No. 201883


Yeah but most of the time anon if a mulatto or a hapa goes with white folk the kids come out lighter. Its like diluting cordial juice with water you either make it stronger or weaker. But yeah it can be a gamble.

Asian genes and black genes are pretty strong anyway while white genes are weaker. But obviously having someone half white already and another full white it will make the person obviously more white.


Butthurt? Why because I'm speaking facts? Look at the model Jasmine Saunders for e.g she's from a mixed parent and a white one. Looks more lighter and then look at someone like Amandla who looks more black who just has the typical white and black parent.

The more white you add the lighter.

Still bet my cash on Rachel and Jun would have a kid who looks more like Jun.

No. 201884

Ramanda and Daisuke's two daughters look like the father and their mother is black as hell.

Rachel and Jun having a blue eyed designer hapa is a pretty rare chance.

No. 201885

There are exceptions to your examples, as >>201876 stated. I don't think it's correct to say "most" without actual data, either. It's more complex than that.

No. 201886


Its the majority of the time anon. Lets just leave it at that and stop derailing the thread as it is.

No. 201890

Lmao their kid won't get light eyes nor red hair.
Both have dark eyes and red hair needs both parents to carry the gene.
Which isn't happening in juns case. Kid gonna look Japanese

No. 201891

The anon with the hapa fetish should really take it else where. You should delusional

No. 201897


No. 201951

The only person besides me in my family with brown eyes is my great grandfather, everyone else has blue/ green eyes. Which wouldn't be possible according to your logic. DNA is complex.

No. 201978

lmao calm yourself and you're probably white. It's already been said that Asian genes are stronger.
The possibly of their kid having blue eyes is low if none.

No. 201985

imagine a kid with his tiny eyes and her large nose at the same time…

No. 202151

File: 1479730568896.png (641.07 KB, 600x826, 98f.png)

Maybe you should shut up cause she is half, not quarter. Look up her parents. Look up Becky's/Eji Wentz/Kat McDowell's parents, cause they all have green eyes too. Not saying Rachel and Jun's kid will look like that, since it was originally my point to other anon who was wondering about genetic lottery. Of course brown eyes are more common, both light and dark. But even if Rachel and Jun's kid will have dark eyes, that doesn't mean the kid probably have balanced facial features (as I stated earlier). Why so salty on Rachel and Jun? They aren't bad looking in the first place and it's ridiculous to act like their kid is gonna get the worst features.

No. 202158

Kinda OT but why do so many of these girls have ombre hair? What a dead trend

No. 202161

So rachet…

No. 202165

They're basic bitches, that's why.

No. 202168


Most of them come out looking Asian anon.

Deal with it and this is coming from a different anon too. Y'all salty and butthurt over the fact that they dont come out looking more caucasian like half of you weebs want because you're so infatuated with the whole idea that Japanese bow down to any white person and therefore the outcome they produce with asians is an amazing A* race combination.

Half of these hapa kids that will be born from jvloggers and idols are basically trophy babies because their mothers are that desperate to stay in Japan (sere is a good example) or they just want to milk the kid for cash out of modelling.

Sad really

No. 202189

Mimei would be perfect.

No. 202226

And how exactly am I salty and butthurt over that? Never said looking Asian was a bad thing. Just stated the facts that they can have a different eye color than brown, and mostly have features (e.g. a nose) that are a mix of both parents, rather than one or the other.

No. 202251

No. 202267

Anyone knows what became of hanna?

No. 202280

She moved back to Michigan to raise her daughter closer to her family and choose not to YouTube anymore, but she said they would skype suki(the father) over Skype. At least you can say she wasn't in it for a visa.

No. 202420

Is there a reason Kim doesn't film the tranny in her recent videos? Is it because of the nose job?

No. 202431

I'm kind of annoyed about her Korea videos. They are all extremely boring.

No. 202463

going to South Korea and returning to Japan repeatedly
is this so-called border run?

No. 202497

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the visa run requires you to be somewhere else for 90 days?
Also, Bii somehow manages to make nose jobs in Korea the most boring topic ever with her vlogs, and this is coming from someone who enjoys looking at those Korean before and after plastic surgery photos (°_◞°)

No. 202500

Not always and depends on your country and on the immigration officer. You can stay in another country for at least 24-48h and return to Japan. But it's more a Russian roulette after the first run if you are able to get back in or not.

No. 202508

It'll be funny to see one of them get stopped from reentering

No. 202510

I don't know their visa situation but it would be pretty stupid to move to Japan without a proper visa and just as a tourist.

No. 202514

Bii has a work visa, she talks about her job all the time.

No. 202516

Bii has a work visa, she has a video explaining how she got her job.

In the case of Kim, Im not sure about her but Australians can apply for a working holiday visa.

No. 202517

Yeah, I'm pretty sure she has a working holiday visa like you said. They might be boring as dirt, but neither strike me as visa jumpers the same way someone like Lorena does.

No. 202551

Tranny said in her second day vlog she didn't want anyone filming her because this was her series.

No. 202553

Think these videos were from October? Isn't Bii in Korea getting her nosejob right now?

No. 202568

She is

No. 202579


Still looks like a tranny. I wonder if the surgeon tried convincing her to do anything else.

No. 202582

File: 1479815008359.png (1.28 MB, 1236x1016, Screenshot (66).png)

No… Mira…… no. What are you doing. You look like a prostitute.

No. 202583

No. 202586

That lace front wig looks so wiggy on her. She should follow one of those tutorials to make it look natural. This is not exactly promoting that wig in a good way.

No. 202608

Eugh, Mira is just so unsalvageably ugly, it's almost sad. Like, she's one of those people that are so ugly that doing her hair and makeup only makes it look worse. Like if Quasimodo were to trying wearing makeup.

No. 202616

File: 1479827322529.jpeg (14.74 KB, 155x275, 1479151497260.jpeg)

Her and "Sindpop" almost look like relatives. I guess inbreeding produces similar results

No. 202624

why would anyone post a picture like this of themselves online? it is so fucking unflattering. i feel embarrassed for her. jesus christ.

No. 202640

I'm so sick of this picture. Can we please spoiler it from now on?

No. 202645

It's like Mira finally tried to do something with her looks and it somehow came out looking even worse. Her forehead looks giant and that wig is so horrible.

No. 202677

File: 1479844504729.png (109.82 KB, 275x271, 1457256822750.png)

Tell me they don't look alike..

No. 202692

…..ok you are not wrong

No. 202698

Damn that was fast

Can't wait to see how much more of a monster he becomes afterwards

No. 202717

The wig itself isn't horrible, but the way she wears it is.

No. 202720

They do, it's seriously not about that kek. If i never see that picture again though, i'll die happy.

No. 202725

Her Japanese is so fucking bad. She says "last year", but the subtitles say "next year". She uses 着る for "to wear a wig", when it should be かぶる. She uses 勝つ for "to win something in a contest" when it should be 当たる. Yeah, totally nihonjin desu.

No. 202767

please go to korea and get plastic surgery

No. 202768


I don't think Mira's face is fixable …

No. 202780

If that wig is sponsored, then her sponsor is fucking with her. Look how bad that is on her, kek.

No. 202811

Can you move Mira discussion to her thread? Discuss Mira here only if it's interacting with other jvloggers.

No. 204709

Last thread or the one before that people were complaining about the jvloggers just doing the same shit over and over again in Toky. I recently found a new-sh jvlogger that actually explores Japan and is really comfy.

She seems to be part of some jvlogger crew I can't seem to find much info on (I guess they're just really small youtubers, she seems to have the most subscribers of her friends). I like her though, she seems more authentic than others like Sharla and such.

No. 204839

Yeah, I like her as well. Tbh sometimes I find small or underrated jvloggers that I like but I don't post them here because inevitably someone will call them ugly or something and they'll delete, which is sort of what happened with Jessica (that's my guess anyway).

No. 204890

I love Emma, she's sweet

No. 204899

You mean the blonde british girl? I loved her videos, very chill, cool editing and not a single trace of weeby and childish stuff most jvloggers do. It's a shame she's not making videos anymore, hope she comes back at some point.

No. 204918

Yeah, it was her. I really liked her vibe as well. I went back to try to find a restaurant in Nakameguro she recommended and noticed that all of her videos were gone.
I think it was also around the time that someone posted photos of her wedding on here and was calling her ugly, but everyone kind of stepped in and pointed out she had no milk. She probably left for other reasons as well though.

No. 204922

I know this is a stretch, but does anyone here know tkyosam? I follow some Korean skincare blogs and one of them posted about this foreigner who made a video about picking up and dating asian girls which was completely disgusting and I'm 99% sure it was him and some of his friends.
I remember there were screen caps of him saying they should be grateful if he tries to hit on them or something like that. The blogger deleted her post later, but I can't find the original video. Does anyone remember if any of his stupid shit has been mentioned on here in past threads?

No. 205976

File: 1480395131514.jpg (133.41 KB, 1920x1090, xSrl2Li.jpg)

I didn't know Sharla had such a bad skin, I guess she does a good job hiding it with make up and lighting most of the time.

No. 206118

Yeah, tkyosam is a prick, but that doesn't sound like anything I've seen.

As awful as he is, he does seem to be self-aware regarding his appearance.

(I can't believe I'm defending him, even just to this tiny degree. I need a shower.)

No. 206129

Those tiny ass eyebrows do nothing good for her huge moonface

No. 206254

I've never seen anyone go vegan for a year and still be this fat and unhealthy.

I suppose french fries are vegan and that's all she stuffs her face with.

No. 206299

She mentioned recently that she's switching to more "organic" skincare and some products aren't working out for her kek

No. 206363

File: 1480465164198.png (3.26 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_8663.PNG)

Wow how cute

No. 206406

I love watching YouTubers putting out videos when they look like shit because they need that youtube $$$

No. 206416

File: 1480472330845.jpeg (79.9 KB, 717x749, image.jpeg)

She's so unattractive, she's the one who should have gotten a nosejob, not Biibiibrony.

And why does she have extreme white girl's lips?

No. 206420

She's probably eating a lot of salty food.

No. 206487


I think she started with the vegan thing in spring?, definitely not one year.

Meh, skincare products can help or screw your skin but I don't think is all down to that, if you see old videos you can clearly see she always had problems, maybe the aftermath of puberty.

But most people is like that anyway, is not a reason to pick on her.

No. 206521


Did anyone else thing those products looked like gimmicky crap? Why waste all that money on cheap crap because they slapped a pokemon on it?

No. 206538

I would say that tony moly is made for young teenage girls cause their products are relatively cheap and their selling point is their "cute " packaging. It just bothers the crap out of me that she does "beauty" videos without knowing much about the products she's testing out (even if it's first impression, do some fucking research) on top of that looking like utter shit. Like why wear lip tint prior to filming if you need to swatch lip products. Her videos are mess man

No. 206548

Yeah, I live in Korea and I cant even go into toly moly and etude house anymore because the shops are always full of obnoxious middle/high school students playing with makeup testers.

She really should just buy higher quality stuff instead of cheap crap because its 'cute'. That above picture of her with that crappy lip tint is proof enough

No. 206552

File: 1480487312300.jpg (22.15 KB, 415x195, related?.jpg)


And she posted yesterday about having a reaction to skincare product. Makes you wonder which product from the hauls it was.

No. 206568

You're right, for regular people there's nothing wrong with having shitty skin

but in Sharla's case she pushes a clean/healthy lifestyle but in reality she looks and lives like garbage

No. 206571

>using liptints without exfoliating lips

Yo is this person fucking retarded?

No. 206634

God has anyone seen the latest Rachel and Jun video where Rachel shows her winter lookbook? It is cringey as fuck. rachel really isn't a fashion person

No. 206682

Any news about who is the girl in Japan posting in lolcow?

No. 206698

Tony Moly is shit but she can do whatever she wants with her money.

No. 206702

Admin said they'd reveal but that was a long time ago. Maybe there will be a reveal like kaka?

No. 206730

With how much she complains about how everything is expensive (including at her friends when they want to buy something) would you expect anything less? She is grandmatier when it comes to bitching about prices.

No. 206740


Oh, wait, did I miss something ?
One of the Jvloggers were on Lolcow ?? If so I hope it isn't something disappointing like " it's Mira", because we can already tell when she's on here with out the admins help.

No. 206771

Well, according to this anon here >>196367 and here >>196428 it was a western girl in Japan. However that doesn't necessarily mean is someone from this group.. (unless they had already specified it..)

No. 206775

The Kaka reveal was one of most fun things I ever witnessed and I was glad to be in the chat during it, that's when admin said there's another person posting. But yeah it would be anticlimactic if it's Mira.

No. 206780

Honestly just delete tour existence. Your kind don't deserve to breed.

No. 206792

Nigs don't deserve to breed(racebaiting-chan pls go)

No. 206793

Go home, baitchan.

No. 206795

You're prob a nig

No. 206813

…other options?

No. 206835


Well, maybe its someone interesting since they haven't revealed yet…

I hope it's Margo ! and have a Margoose week with all her crazy ass post. She use to post back on Pull especially when people insulted starbucks when her and V were in Korea.

No. 206848

This is pretty bad

No. 206861


Yanks and their nasal ass voices… but okay. Tbh I dont mind her looks? Better than the kawaii dolly shit half the other fuckers run around in.

No. 206862

File: 1480546241119.jpg (52.55 KB, 734x750, 97868758.jpg)


I don't mind the outfits, but the background of her bedroom was just eeh.. Idk why but her fashion makes me think Kim possible ..

No. 206863

Why are you replying to a post from a month ago?? Get over it ps nigs can suck my ass(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 206870

It's fashion from last century, no one wears this shit now

No. 206872

File: 1480546722638.png (144.61 KB, 279x417, Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 22.5…)


Jun could be her Jake Long (kek)

No. 206884


Kek, maybe instead of finding inspiration from sailor moon like the others, she finds inspo from old cartoons such as Kim Possible.

No. 206887

File: 1480547910547.jpg (29.43 KB, 700x385, 3.jpg)

what's up with the music/background/style? Rachel has zero taste lmao. Did she think that her style was like boho and it matched with the reggae music? All her outfits were fugly except for her jeans and tank look which is just "okay".

The whole video was ruined by her messy fringe hanging down her face. Am I the only one who want's to snip them off or push it back with the rest of her hair? It's always these two strands of long hair in the front and the rest is in a pony tail. She looks like a kid who doesn't know how to tie her hair properly. On a positive note, I'm just happy that she finally combed her hair.

No. 206890


Her fashion seems like a clash of KP and suburban soccer mom.

No. 206893

Ngl I don't hate the looks, I mean, I like the pieces of some, but the first two pair of pants are very ugly.

I do hate her hair though, like why are those two pieces dangling there, I want to put them into her braid.
Can't be unseen.

No. 206902

File: 1480551062068.jpg (1012.67 KB, 3600x3600, 3.jpg)

Idk about anyone else but when I first watched Rachel years ago, I thought she was gorgeous. She looked like the left (to me) where she had striking red hair and had a model like appearance. She came across as classy and charismatic. With each passing video, she is just looking less and less attractive. She looks like she tries so hard with her style and her poses. I would describe her as scruffy. It doesn't help that her wardrobe is full of shitty cheap quality clothes from Chinese sponsors. Didn't she say before that
Jun cuts her hair? No wonder why they both have terrible choppy cuts until she finally went to the salon.

No. 206915

Anon, her hair color is the same, it depends on the lighting.

No. 206918

Naw. Gingers are gross. I feel like they have real cooties, and flakey skin like that dude in Goldmember.

No. 206923

obviously her hair color is the same, I just made a point that she's shaggy looking.

No. 206930

Rachel gorgeous hahahahahaha dude she tops a 4-5

No. 206940

Ever since Taylor entered their group I did notice she's been try harding more

It's a shame because she really seemed like the nondrama/idgaf about petty shit type

No. 206944

Someone has high standards. I think people forget what average actually means/looks like.

No. 206948

Ikr??? Tbh I think she's pretty, I like her hair. I never rate girls. That 1~10 scale is bs.

No. 207019


To be fair she said she was trying to revamp her old highschool looks in that video. Unfortunately she has 0 taste and 0 personality which made for an awkward show of a boring girl playing ~model~ in front of the camera. She should stick to her culture ambassador videos or whatever.

No. 207114

Rachel is average but she's tacky so that makes her unattractive. But I feel like guys would usually overlook that aspect and care about her face and body, if she can learn how to dress well she'd be great no doubt

No. 207118

File: 1480611179656.jpg (49.19 KB, 999x461, qi6HwKR.jpg)

She has to wear it like that because she's half bald both on the top of her head and the sides.

No. 207120

How old are you?

No. 207445

Didn't watch all of this (cus honestly who has the time to sit through over 6hrs of a live stream) but caught the end and our little tranny is so mad.

6:21:17 Talks about people from "the hate forum pretty little liars" and bitches how they are talking about her. The other girl admits to going on there too lol, these chicks are obsessed with themselves.

6:24:55 Someone comments how they don't like the dark lipstick so tranny tells them "if you hate it then go kill yourself" then goes on a rant about all the comments ppl online make about her.

Fair enough to be affected by this, but it is SO unprofessional to put something like this online lol… 7 hours of you getting drunk in a live stream? So fucking classy.

No. 207449

I feel like Rachel was a horse girl before

No. 207452

wonder if Miranda is shitting up this thread with her hate boner for Rachael. she just seems so innocuous i don't see why anyone else would hate her so much.

No. 207459

Who the fuck in their right mind does a 6 hour stream

No. 207463

File: 1480667763361.png (618.6 KB, 596x574, image.png)

Another jvlogger confirmed to lurk here and PULL

trans chan hi

No. 207469

idk i think they're some of the realest girls of the jvloggers

they're just.. like normal. adult women who drink and have fun and admit to doing normal things like looking themselves up

if i had pages about me you'd better bet i'd check what people say lol

they all lurk. let's be real

No. 207470

File: 1480669824134.png (948.46 KB, 1342x536, Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 18.0…)

No. 207471

It makes sense for them to all lurk. I would too, but Emily is irrelevant. She's been brought up only a few times recently. It's not as if she googled her handle and found her way here by accident. She's probably been lurking/contributing for a while now just for fun and not to keep tabs on what people say about her.

No. 207472

Transexual drunk man goes crazy

No. 207477

i honestly don't get the hate on bii?

she's so real. yeah she may do her makeup and fillers weird but is that really a reason to be mean to her. she has the best personality hands down, even though her vlogs are boring af

No. 207478

has the best personality
blogs are boring af


No. 207492

>She's so real!
>had plastic surgery a shitload of times


No. 207494

File: 1480676361360.png (422.12 KB, 749x416, mup.png)

The Muppet species has evolved a lot over the years and managed to retain many of it's notable features

No. 207500

how is it not real if you're 100% honest about it

you're probably one of the fags that thinks that taylor is ~so genuine~

No. 207501

hi emily

No. 207507

What the fuck isn't she contouring her face? She looks like someone put makeup on a piece of paper

No. 207514


I dunno what I hate more… Her brows or her gorilla lips..

No. 207519

No. 207524

Different user, but I sort of agree? I don't think Bii is cute at all, but at least she's honest and transparent, even with her boring personality. That much can't be said for Taylor

No. 207535

I also agree she's honest, but damn she's hard to look at and is bland. But most of the jvloggers have basic af personalities anyway.

No. 207568


underrated post

No. 207570

not trying to whiteknight but i was indifferent to bii until the "go kill yourself" thing at the end of this…i laughed, i think i like her now

i find it grating when vloggers act fake nice and fake pure, assuming it's to appeal to more people but it makes them so boring and lifeless

No. 207582

by definition, her features have been altered therefore physically she isnt real

chill your trans dicklust anon

No. 207627


Hey now, don't denigrate Pepe like that..

No. 207731

…Miranda? Who is that?

No. 207733

File: 1480725208217.png (487.53 KB, 715x557, d.png)

I think this is appropriate now that Kim, Bii, and Taylor(by association) confirmed to lurk these 'hate forums'

No. 207772


Is there a reason why Taylor is the only one who had a decent picture used that was old ? ( thought her old makeup looked better then her current )

No. 207784

I just googled and used whatever came up fam

No. 207792

>Taylor is not Regina


No. 207793

taylor is truly just minding her business and living in ikea without so much as letting a pinkie dip into drama

No. 207801


Honestly then Taylor doesn't really belong in that picture, as the girl played by Lindsay Lohan became just like them and got involved before correcting herself in the end. Maybe Mira belongs there as she did try to tear the Jvloggers down and destroy their rep.

No. 207807

It makes even more sense Taylor is in there because she was minding her own business until she joined them and now she's changed to be like them

No. 207822

File: 1480738193948.png (2.47 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_8747.PNG)

Need some wrinkle cream

No. 207851

I see all this shit about Bii and her lips and I feel kinda sorry that she was dragged into this when she joined this group, she is honest and has a good job.

it's like a curse…

When Sharla and Rachel talked about Mira in PULL, they both were like omg you guys are awesome, they probably thought it would make them immune since Mira was a bitch no one liked. I just watched them adding more fuel to the fire and I thought ..Oh you sure about this? you're going to regret it when girls here kissing your ass today, start talking about you and your friends tomorrow…

No. 207859

Fake face ≠ fake personality.
And shit, what do you expect? She's trans, of course she's going to get ps done on her naturally masculine features to pass as female.

No. 207877

I thought she made a post about how she wasn't trans and was acting offended by people asking her?

No. 207880

Ugh sharla is so unfeminine looking no matter how hard she tries to be fashionable

No. 207883

Ia, idk why every jvlogger thinks they need to make fashion or makeup videos. Rachel's other vids are fine, no need for this embarrassing shit

No. 207898


Is not only the clothes is probably her demeanor and personality too, some girls can be feminine and sexy, others can't. She probably has other things going on for her.

No. 207899


Sharla really needs to drop this entire pastel-cute shit and get something that suits her look, like some earthy colors. She wouldn't look that bad all the time if she would finally dress her age. And what's even more tragic is that her style went really downhill the last years. She uses to dress herself so much better.

No. 207903


Never realized how bad her crows feet were ..

No. 207915

Those Harry Potter sped glasses are never going to be fashionable and I wish people would stop trying

No. 207935

The round glasses trend is fucking awful

Why are asians trying with it?

No. 207978


Brb making a fortune selling old Rez glasses to Asia

No. 208006

Is this pre or post nosejob?

No. 208015


They were quite popular n the 70's and 80's.

And a ton of shot fashions from those periods came back (low rise jeans, straightened hair and bell bottoms for example)

No. 208016

*shit fashions

No. 208113

She looks normal for her age in terms of aging. Not every woman has to look like a barely mature 18 year old in order to look attractive.

No. 208122

Yeah, the wrinkles around her eyes look pretty normal for a 30 year old. Most white girls get that by then, no shame in it if you get them. Kudos to those who don't.

No. 208151

She is also smiling in that picture, which of course is going to push up the skin and exaggerate lines around the eyes. That's a pretty natural occurrence even for young people that don't have visible lines and you would literally have to always have a flat expression and never smile to avoid that "scrunching" effect.

No. 208239

I was more focused on the lines on her forehead

No. 208302

I actually like those two a lot. They seem normal and I like their style. I like how that just cause they're in japan, they don't have to do huge dolly eyes/makeup and have a weird cutesy personality. Just because she gets work done doesn't mean she's really that lulzy.

I think the transexual jokes are too harsh because there's a lot worse contenders on IG. She looks fine.

No. 208468

These tranny jokes are getting old, people..

No. 208531

Nah, we will tell the tranny jokes until she reverses/ stops getting lips fillers. It's for her own good.

No. 208534

i agree shes pretty but those fillers are doing her no favors

No. 208642

This is post nose surgery right? If so this is pretty sad cause I can't tell a difference she can barely move her face

No. 208649

when you get a nosejob your face is stiff for a couple of months

No. 208653

Don't be transphobic and erase her identity anon!

Bii is trans!

No. 208667

It really doesn't look like there's been much of a change to her nose but I believe it takes a few months for the swelling to fully go down and reveal the final result of the surgery>>208642

No. 208712

This is pre-survery right? Has to be… her nose is way more swollen on her vlogs about it.

No. 209439

File: 1481018624856.png (2.47 MB, 1920x1080, geez.png)

Good grief, Sharla looks she's Taylor's mom in this video. What an unfortunate angle/sitting. She looks so massive next to Taylor, especially when they're wearing the same shit/style.

No. 209440

No. 209443

File: 1481019414470.png (1.86 MB, 1684x866, Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 19.1…)

No. 209445

File: 1481019759328.png (910.21 KB, 728x728, Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 19.2…)

soooo goooood

No. 209447

I think Sharla is pretty cute. It's a shame she doesn't take care of her appearance though.

No. 209448

She'd be cuter if she'd ditch those retarded frames.

No. 209507

I think you're the only person in this thread who tries to tear down Bii and promote the trans theory. It's funny if you occasionally use that to make fun of her, but you just sound bitter anon. Got thin lips or something? Can't afford surgeries?

No. 209510

I can see that since Sharla is chubby and Taylor is thin, so the fatter person looks older…
Honestly though, I think Sharla is cute. I don't like her clothing style most of the time because it makes her look too "how do you do fellow kids" but she doesn't strike me as a lolcow…
I think most of the annoying things she says/does like taking a bite out of something and instantly being like "OMG SO GOOOOD YOU GUYS" are Japanese tics? Like I always saw girls do that in Japan when eating…

No. 209515


Despite that, you'd expect to see just a little bit of a difference … Though if its still swollen, yikes ! imagine her nose becoming smaller and how atrocious her lips will look even more ..

She looks like she's trying to become a Bratz doll.

No. 209518

Watched those vlogs where they give each other presents. Sharla gave Taylor some nice and genuine stuff, and then of course Taylor had to give her back really expensive stuff. That t-shirt alone (about $100) probably cost more than all the stuff Sharla gave to her. Poor Sharla

No. 209524

File: 1481035351526.jpg (485.02 KB, 1821x923, cQYolbP.jpg)


I think presents were good in both sides, no need to talk about money.

Sharla is average looking, she can be cute under the right circumstances, you take out the makeup and the digital magic and she is just a normal average girl, nothing wrong with that of course.

I wonder if she wanted to kill Taylor (she the pic). lol

No. 209526

Sharla tearing up the wrapping paper was quite something…

No. 209532

Yeah I feel like people on here are too harsh on sharla and act like she is Satan incarnate or something. I don't think she is bad at all tbh, she is good for Taylor who seems mousetrap and reserved

No. 209534


No. 209574

>sharla becomes vegan
>is still fat

Haha wow okay

No. 209585

Hi Brony. Have you had bottom surgery yet?

Not that anon but I've never seen any natural lips worse than Brony. Brony isn't something to get jealous of (like Tay) more like if you have the money you'd be scared off to get surgery.

No. 209607

That nose looks so sharp, like it could cut somebody. There is just so much wrong with her face now the lips look like ronald mcdonalds and those eyebrows.

No. 210785

File: 1481252397171.png (901.83 KB, 1262x677, 2016-12-08_21-56-49.png)

Sharla got her hair cut.

Honestly, I think just to the shoulders would look better, but I do think this looks pretty nice.

No. 210790

I think Sharla would be a lot cuter if she didn't have such an ugly voice, the Canadian accent really intensifies it. Ughh and the way she talks to her cats kills me.

No. 210801

voice and mannerisms really does make you ugly or cute. I used to yhink those koreaboo twins sonia and celia were pretty until I saw them move and speak….

No. 210815

she has an old lady voice to match her old lady jowls

No. 210830

I feel the same way about those two. The way they speak is so unattractive and disgusting

No. 210832

Somehow it made her face less round? That's weird, shorter hair usually have the opposite effect. Maybe it was just that one angle/lightning.

I like the length but don't like the cut itself, it looks very flat/dead. Maybe just a little volume would be better.

No. 210845


If you watch her reflection on the Hair Saloon mirror, you can clearly see Sharla has a very roundy face. Pics and videos are often misleading, they use filters, different setting, lenses and all kind of stuff to make them look better.

Is the same with Taylor, she never shows her real face but you can get an idea because is impossible to control every single second of what they film.

Sharla looks great with this new hair style thought.

No. 210998

File: 1481278590563.png (36.86 KB, 624x355, 4lCg1PZ.png)

I thought Sharla was serious about going vegan, specially when early on she was talking all the time about cruelty free products. Maybe she is only vegan with food related stuff?.

No. 211005

Her makeup is already bought, throwing it away would be an absolute waste of money and wouldn't do any good really.

No. 211006

if it's already purchased why not use it up instead of throwing it away? she's not going to buy anything new.

No. 211103


You have a point but at the same time that doesn't sound like someone fully committed to a vegan lifestyle, she literally said she cried watching how animals are treated to produce stuff people eat and use everyday and that was 6-7 months ago, does she still have makeup from that time?.

Is completely fine if he wants to use it but from her videos an tweets I got the impression that how animals are treated (with cruelty) to produce and test everyday products made a big impact on her and that's why she turned vegan "out of nowhere". I'm not criticizing her, simply I feel there is a little disconnect with her words but maybe is just me.

If she is half vegan or vegan just for food and think she should say it in my opinion.

No. 211106


*I think she should say it, in my opinion.

No. 211129

That seems like it would be a waste to me. And you know people would be criticizing her if she did throw it away, anyways.

No. 211156

Oh look she's wearing the shirt she stole from Taylor…great…

No. 211159


Are you really defending Sharla on a legitimate reason on this website LOL

No let's not defend her when people call her fat, but oh she's a vegan but still abuses animals? NAH FUCK YOU LOLCOW YOU'RE INSANE. L O L

No. 211162

>she's a vegan but still abuses animals
By using her old makeup up? Are you drunk or just stupid?

No. 211189

taylor gifted her another as the 1 she owns bc sharla really wanted it lol

No. 211196

A lot of people who are serious about veganism transition without wasting things like cosmetics. Except maybe the hardcore people like Freelee. I don't get why it's such a big deal. And saying she's abusing animals is such a fucking reach

No. 211204

can sharla stans just go

No. 211211

Her taste needs to upgrade. Tired of the dressing and acting like a teen shit from adults on youtube.

No. 211217

Who cares really. What matters more is her behavior.

No. 211278

I dislike Sharla as much as the next person, but wasting perfectly fine cosmetics just seems crazy to me.

Well she is at least chubby? Plus, wtf where is she abusing animals?

No. 211287

I think vegan logic goes like:

product tested on animals->animal cruelty

use product tested on animals->promoting animal cruelty->indirect animal abuse

No. 211292

Please look up the term stan before you apply it to everyone who disagrees that using cosmetics is animal abuse

No. 211349

File: 1481330877038.jpg (114.33 KB, 1366x768, QQcWrRc.jpg)

Rachel, Rachel, why are you making yourself look like you put your makeup on in th dark?

No. 211360

? Her makeup looks normal anon.

No. 211375

Her lips look fine from this angle you've capped but the liner is not good

>[Japanese man] explains ENGLISH idioms

They are grasping for video ideas at this point are they

No. 211429

Did everyone miss where Sharla said "I know I say it's soooo gooood all the time but this is soooo goooooooood" in a recent video (can't remember which recent vlogmas)? I thought it'd be a hot topic of her lurking

No. 211461


She says it so much that probably even her friends and family told her she is overdoing it, I doubt she wants to lurk here and not specially PULL, people there dislike her deeply, most of them anyway.

No. 211466

I wonder why Rachel started to put more effort into how she looks? Shes wearing a matte lipstick, actually fixing her frizzy hair and is wearing a choker. She still needs to work on her fashion though.

No. 211473

It also looks like she started bleaching her teeth?

No. 211474

Never mind, it's obvious she hasn't if you compare her teeth to Jun's in the same screenshot.

No. 211503

She thinks she has model potential after she had her nose job.

No. 211510

Like another anon wrote, a confidence boost after her nose job, or after noticing that even Sharla was starting to put effort in her style thanks to Taylor's influence, Rachel didn't want to be the only plain Jane left in the group. In terms of personal style Rachel and Sharla are at the bottom compared to the other Tokyo bloggers as the rest of them are interested in fashion and makeup.

No. 211529

She's always shown an interest in fashion, video related(it starts around 2:18). I just assumed that she has more money to put effort into her appearance now. I feel like a lot of their money was put into traveling and saving up for her nose job until now.

I also think she was inspired by the other jvloggers as well.

No. 211567

I love Emma but the music she uses in her videos annoys the hell out of me

No. 211724

I stopped watching after someone pointed out her vocal fry and couldn't stand hearing her voice

I think it's obvious now that everyone in their group lurks here and/or PULL though

Sharla already did that with 2chan and probably got off on Japanese dudes jerking to her onsen back scenes>>211429

No. 211946

>Japanese dudes jerking to her onsen back scenes
That's just gross. I'd say 2chan is worse than here and PULL then, but it all depends on what your opinion is on creeps.

No. 212006

File: 1481469613957.gif (1.24 MB, 412x320, 5342234.gif)

what the actual fuck? NONE of the outfits look ok.
What are those pants? What are those boots?

i only watched one of her videos before (about the straight hair perm) but holy moly, guys, this is a parody, right?

No. 212016

File: 1481470654980.jpg (228.48 KB, 517x389, mmm.jpg)

yeah it's really good

No. 212522


Sharla referring to her fiancee as "keyboard-san". I wonder what Taylor thinks of that.

No. 212590

To be fair, I think her viewers started that first.

No. 212618

She let her cat touch all over the food with its nasty ass paws that's been all over the floor, instead of simply closing the container?

No. 212694

not to mention, in her litterbox.

No. 212733

This wengie person came up in my recommended feed and she has the same accent as Kim Dao, but I find her bearable. This is probably because Wengie is more pleasant to look at than Kimchi Dao

No. 212765


She has a literal Dorito chin …

No. 212789

Well she did get jaw surgery

I'd take a dorito over a caveman jaw anyday though

No. 212848

File: 1481590288503.jpg (630.47 KB, 2400x2400, 4f227139a2cb-Doritos Nacho Che…)

The chin job looks so botched, especially when she talks. Slimming a jaw is fine but making a chin long and pointy isn't cute.

No. 212906


Not really surprised by that, all her stuff must be covered in cat hair anyway. She goes out to film videos with her clothes covered by her cats hair, she gives zero fucks about being presentable to be honest. She always talks about organizing stuff but from day one she always had crap all over the floor in her house, it was kinda gross in her old place to be honest.

No. 212993

I rewatched Sharla's home tour recently from when she just moved in. Did she ever do the 'finished' one?

No. 213022


Not yet, I think she said she was going to do it when she has time to organize the house.

No. 213067


Besides her dorito chin, I do find her more tolerable then Kim and less pretentious/self important.

No. 213950

Is just me or Sharla's microwave oven is dirty as fuck?.

No. 213989


Isn't everything about Sharla dirty ?

No. 215263

>Taylor's B-day
>Low Effort planning from friends
>Brings her to the same resturaunt they did for Mimei
>Her boyfriend is the only one who put the effort to do something

What a surprise

No. 215644

It had a my sweet 16 or prom night feel up until they showed up to some dumpy looking restaurant. What a weird let down.

No. 215680


It really did give off a sweet sixteen kinda vibe. Kinda embarrassing knowing that they're all like near or in their thirties. Taylor's probably going to be like Valeria Lukyanova once she finally hits thirty and claim she's forever 21.

No. 215811

I think it's pretty cute that her boyfriend put this together since it's well thought out and filled with things she enjoys (vegan food, spa, and lush). It's not super extravagant or anything but probably still costed a good amount of money.

No. 215865

so elaine made an q&a and she was talking about having a fall out with a friend from japan and it's so obvious it's kim dao because she said the main reason she went to japan was to apologize to that friend and save their friendship.
but kim dao didnt want to go back to being friends and while elaine was in japan she just ignored her
srsly kim dao is such a bitch? she comes off as unfriendly and egoistic anyway

No. 215866

so elaine made an q&a and she was talking about having a fall out with a friend from japan and it's so obvious it's kim dao because she said the main reason she went to japan was to apologize to that friend and save their friendship.
but kim dao didnt want to go back to being friends and while elaine was in japan she just ignored her
srsly kim dao is such a bitch? she comes off as unfriendly and egoistic anyway

No. 215867


Looks to me more like "I throw my money to the wall and she what sticks", he could have done something really special for her with that kind of money, this is just random things mashed together. The reality is he spoiled her friends more than Taylor.

In any case, good for her, she enjoyed it and that is what it matters.

No. 215869


Looks to me more like "I throw my money to the wall and she what sticks", he could have done something really special for her with that kind of money, this is just random things mashed together. The reality is he spoiled her friends more than Taylor.

In any case, good for her, she enjoyed it and that is what it matters.

No. 215872


Looks to me more like "I throw my money to the wall and she what sticks", he could have done something really special for her with that kind of money, this is just random things mashed together. The reality is he spoiled her friends more than Taylor.

In any case, good for her, she enjoyed it and that is what it matters.

No. 215876


Looks to me more like "I throw my money to the wall and she what sticks", he could have done something really special for her with that kind of money, this is just random things mashed together. The reality is he spoiled her friends more than Taylor.

In any case, good for her, she enjoyed it and that is what it matters.

No. 215878


Looks to me more like "I throw my money to the wall and she what sticks", he could have done something really special for her with that kind of money, this is just random things mashed together. The reality is he spoiled her friends more than Taylor.

In any case, good for her, she enjoyed it and that is what it matters.

No. 215880


Looks to me more like "I throw my money to the wall and she what sticks", he could have done something really special for her with that kind of money, this is just random things mashed together. The reality is he spoiled her friends more than Taylor.

In any case, good for her, she enjoyed it and that is what it matters.

No. 215903

so Elaine made a q&a and she was talking in it about having a fall out with a friend from japan and it's so obvious it's kim dao!
She said the main reason she went to Japan was because she wanted to apologize to that friend and 'save' their friendship.
But that certain friend didn't want to go back to being friends and while Elaine was in Japan she just ignored her.
Seriously, Kim Dao comes off as such a Bitch? She seems quite unfriendly and egoistic in her videos anyway

No. 215904

so Elaine made a q&a and she was talking in it about having a fall out with a friend from japan and it's so obvious it's kim dao!
She said the main reason she went to Japan was because she wanted to apologize to that friend and 'save' their friendship.
But that certain friend didn't want to go back to being friends and while Elaine was in Japan she just ignored her.
Seriously, Kim Dao comes off as such a Bitch? She seems quite unfriendly and egoistic in her videos anyway

No. 215905

>>215904 delete your duplicate posts, anon

No. 215931

Watching their vlogs from the ugly sweater party, was that Airbnb a prison cell?! Why would anyone want to stay there it looks so cold and horrible. Obviously Bii picked it, no taste at all.

No. 215981

Laughing at the fact that Sharla had to borrow an ugly sweater from taylor as well. How last minute was this party that she couldnt go and buy an ugly sweater the last time she was in tokyo?

No. 216016

to be fair to Kim, I wouldn't want to be friends with Elaine's crusty ass either. fuck her shitty as sense of humour and ~dErPyY XD~ faces

No. 216390

You got a point, but this Elaine person has more subscribers than Kim so she must be doing something right LOL

No. 216392

I start to wonder if the sponsorships include the restaurant, the spa and Lush. It's too convenient to keep revisiting the same old places.

Why not just have it in someone's living room? That place was creepy AF.

No. 216485


She looks like that awful Aki bint.

No. 216616

That's because Kim Dao is from Perth and sounds like a bogan.

No. 216819

File: 1482104532890.png (597.5 KB, 842x469, hurrderp.png)

>Be Sharla

Seriously she couldn't check it in at a coin locker at the station? FFS Sharla there's a limit to being this inconsiderate.

No. 216847

I work at Lush! So I can safely say they aren't sponsoring some random youtuber… they whip their staff hard enough as it is, and only care about sales… they wouldn't waste money on a random girl in Japan

No. 217044


I don't think is inconsiderate but you have a point, use a locker, left it in one of your friend's house.

No. 217068

File: 1482122699026.png (619.5 KB, 845x475, Untitled.png)

>when you go shopping with your friends but you get dragged down because they're carrying a bag that is "so heavy"


No. 217171

Talking about Sharla, is just me or she looks super sad in her last vlog, the one from today, December,19.

She said she was going outside to do some karaoke with her fiancee but it was 01:00am and he was still playing in his computer, so they didn't went. I don't know if she was sad because of this or just tired, but I felt genuinely sad for her.

No. 217176

She was trying to make that prison cell sounds super lux too lol. Saying it won a design award or something. The fucking bleakest and least festive place ever for a Christmas party.

No. 217177

It's hard for me to tell. Sharla always comes across as lowkey depressed to me lol

No. 217194

From a design point of view it was an interesting space (although not a way I could live, personally). Brutal minimalism and girlie Christmas parties just don't go together.

No. 217199


Wow, Laura was gorgeous with her natural hair color/length. Too bad she went full weeb and ruined it.

No. 217201

No. 217204

I still don't get how these people become models, I came across some chick who claims to be a model in Korea called Carson Allen and she almost looks like she's got a mono, very toad like.


No. 217248

File: 1482152762214.jpg (145.41 KB, 768x627, Untitled-1.jpg)

I know this is old, but I just had to post this (yes I just watched Home Alone :P)

No. 217275

I know Carson irl and she looks just as bad in person. Her dads super rich tho, and shes super desperate to be ~famouzzzz~ in Korea.

No. 217277

Tay should have just hosted the party, shes way better at that kind of stuff than the other girls.

Best part of the christmas party was Somebody commenting that all if the mac and cheese was gone, and you can just bear sharla loudly in the background say "OOPS". Its in Taylors vlog if the party i think

No. 217304

Know/knew her irl also. She got liposuction in high school and used to date a korean army guy when she was 16. Only other interesting thing I can remember is that when she was underage she was on a hair product commercial and falsely pretended to be a professor to get the role.

No. 217311

>falsely pretended to be a professor to get the role
wait, what?

No. 217330

I wish rachel went back to her homely self instead of this tryhard

No. 217344

OT: I wish the whole moronic "Ugly Christmas Sweater" shit would die.

No. 217351

No. 217365


There isn't much valid proof that this anonymous person posted… Unless the can provide more evidence and get the other person to come forward aswell so it isn't just their word.

No. 217367

>"When I was with him in Japan. He was saying that he'd do things to kids, now I don't know what to say to him."

Making shitty jokes about "loli" doesn't make someone a pedo. If anything this just shows Shine was a teenage idiot

No. 217620

They probably go there because it's vegan and they know the menu. So it's like a "private safe" place

No. 217665

I don't think her dad is rich, she flies economy and whatever surgery she's getting in Korea isn't working.

No. 217674

Just because you're rich doesn't mean that you dont ever fly in economy

No. 217705

there are plenty of vegan places in Japan, they're just being lazy by going to whats most comfy

No. 217878

File: 1482222267837.jpg (128.68 KB, 1080x1440, Cz9MW3nUcAAN089.jpg)

>hey lets put christmas lights on our heads bc AESTHETIC XD

cant wait to see the falling out for dorito chin and man jaw

No. 217891

File: 1482223006562.jpg (284.31 KB, 754x518, twinsies.jpg)

kim's twinsie

No. 218209

In case you guys missed the memo, Sharla totally love vegetables and healthy food guysssssssssssssss

No. 218219

I like how she looks fresh on her own channel but on others she's a blob mess

No. 218241

File: 1482286398870.png (1.19 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_6908.PNG)

Rachel and Juns new video how they met… Idk how Jun puts up with Rachel. She sounds like an asexual sperglord

No. 218244

I feel like she only eats like this on camera and when with Taylor since she is desperate to be like her. She is so chunky looking she probs just eats snacks and shit 24/7

No. 218248

>"I was literally attracted to nobody until I saw Jun!!!!"

kek I bet she was the weirdo type who would fantasize about anime bishies and shit

her Costco vid was just 12 minutes of her usual "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmh that looks SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD OHMAHGOD"

No. 218261

how do you read this from that? are you the same sperg who thinks venus isn't intimately familiar with manaki's angry inch yet?

No. 218275

I don't even follow Venus.

Rachel basically said she was a virgin who had never felt any attraction to anyone ever until her weeb ass saw the first guy she met in Japan who she thought looked like anime. And she was in her twenties at the time. 22-23 I think.

No. 218282

You damn twat.

Basic white girl with yellow fever…

Weeb: I'm not interested in dating.
Wild *JAPANESE MAN* appeared!
Weeb: Notice me senpai!

No. 218287

take a shot every time sharla caresses a package of food

No. 218302


Come on, she doesn't look like a blob mess, obviously when she films her own videos she can control angles, light and those things, she will always looks better in her own videos, I think that is common sense. She puts a lot of effort in the thumbnails though, sometimes she looks way better in the thumbnails than in the videos but I guess everyone does it because is always the first thing you see, and that gives them clicks.

No. 218330

And you can't look perfect always. They are pretty imo.

No. 218390

No offense, but are you retarded?

No. 218418


Instead or asking if he or she is retarded, maybe you should explain why do you think that way, you know, try to behave like decent human being and not like an ass.

No. 218490

The role was a professor talking about the hair product's benefits and she was 17 when she filmed it. It's kind of sad because that meant people believed she was in her mid-20s when she was 17.

No. 218750

No. 218812

No offense, but are you retarded?

No. 219905

Where do you think you are lol wtf. Agreed, what a retard.

No. 219935

Why is Laura Ribeiro on the talent page of Wilhelmina Japan? What's her talent, lol?

No. 220268

File: 1482468732779.jpg (209.43 KB, 1200x675, iB1vtrO.jpg)

Gotta love Sharla, she goes to a nice place with her fiancee, the guy dress nicely and she still wears the same ripped black jeans, same shoes and same pink sweatshirt.

No. 220272

tay didn't let her borrow one of her outfits for this one

No. 220300

You think filming vlogs for 25 days in a row might motivate her to not wear the same 2 outfits during the month. I swear she only has 1 pair of pants and 3 sweatshirts

No. 220306

That's actually embarrassing lol doesn't she have any pride hahahhhahahaha

No. 220320

She's listed as "Japanese" kek. I think Wilhelmina has slim pickings in Japan tho.

No. 220357

Is there any photos of Sharla's fiancee/husband?

No. 220454


He has such skinny legs compared to her

No. 220486


No, looks like he wants to remain a private person.

No. 220509


I actually don't have a problem with that. I wear whatever I like and is comfortable.

I've never been a slave to fashion.

No. 220520

I actually like Laura for the most part. I mean she's not gorgeous but she's had a pretty solid modeling career in comparison to most girls who do catalogue or Halloween costume shoots. And at least she's not a weeb. Did she do something I missed? All of the girls I can stand are all fucking up

No. 220530

Yeah, but that's all she ever wears. No variety.

No. 220542

No. 220545

There used to be a long time ago when mira was going around on 4chan starting threads on jvloggers. But she was too fucking stupid to add the actual images to her posts and posted links to facebook and instagram instead so sharla found them and deleted everything. His pics actually looked really attractive and makes sharla look so plain and dumpy next to him kek

No. 220583

Man some Japanese gaijin hunters just don't give a shit what the girl looks like as long as they're foreign

No. 220609

He looks more feminine and dainty than her but not terrible.

Is she the one selling overpriced junk accessories or was that another one?

No. 220656


Talent doesn't mean that she has a talent. Just that she'll do TV/radio work. Plus Wilhelmina is absolutely categorising her as model and they are an agency for foreigners only. So either I'm missing something or you guys have pretty fucking bad reading comprehension.

No. 220790

Not sure if anyone is still interested, but as regards that JVlogLeaks business from a couple of months ago, Tksyo sam confirmed on a livestream (now private I'm afraid) that the man he suspected was indeed Unrested (Scott Ackerman).

No. 220791



No. 220853


That makes a lot of sense, her fiancee has plenty of tattoos, and likes golden or gold accessories, it could be him. I'm sure he is korean, to many korean this and that in Sharla's vlog over the years.

No. 220855


*too many korean…

No. 220857

not to mention shes always playing kpop in the car he looks pretty korean to me

No. 220861

File: 1482560527984.jpg (140.61 KB, 762x421, H2UIamQ.jpg)


Is not about that, is her lack of variety and sense of style. She has other clothes but she wears always the same, some times literally the same clothes in many videos filmed over many days.

Who goes out with sandals in winter, in Japan?.

Is OK if she is comfortable with hoodies, there is nothing wrong with that but mix it with other things and don't wear always the same jeans and shoes. For someone that is the business of selling her life and image, she is very careless in my opinion.

No. 220895

i think she just has low self esteem and wears what she's comfortable in and hides her body.

i'm kind of the same, i always want to put more effort in but when i do i feel very uncomfortable and stupid. it's hard to explain

No. 220910

Did he do it or was he just suspected to have done it?

No. 220924


Technically suspected, but Tkyosam is 99% sure that it was him. It fits as all the people implicated have a history with Scott. He also showed one of Scotts messages live (no screen caps) in which Mr Nice guy Scott was shown to be not so nice, taking some pretty low shots against Sam.

No. 220926


Can you share the link to Sharla's thread on 2ch, I want to check what Japanese people say about her.

No. 220930

File: 1482585074885.jpg (243.75 KB, 1920x1090, Z44tC8N.jpg)


Yeah, that looks like it might be him, more or less same height and same wavy hair if you compare it with that thumbnail from the other day.

No. 220931

File: 1482585089449.jpg (291.1 KB, 1920x1080, YaTSjrn.jpg)

No. 220932

File: 1482585268243.jpg (299.04 KB, 1920x1080, miBkR0R.jpg)

No. 220945

Huh. I wonder what he does. From the secrecy I thought he was an office worker, but the way he looks/dresses makes me think otherwise. He obviously isn't some sort of talent or else some netizen would've recognized him at some point.

No. 220946

thanks anon

No. 220959


He has a chest tattoo. Anyone know what it says ?

No. 220966


I think Sharla hinted he works in the entertainment industry but I'm not 100% sure, maybe is just my imagination. She said on twitter some months ago he is an interim.

I believe someone in PULL speculated he works in the TV/film industry and she got her movie job thanks to him, but is pure speculation.

No. 220972

Office workers don't wear suits 24/7, and there are more casual-wear allowed offices these days. I've dated a few guys that could wear jeans to work

No. 220977

He's better looking than Taylor's

No. 220979

Anon where do you even see a chest tattoo

No. 220997

On his chest fool. Get your eyes examined.

No. 221007

File: 1482600260638.png (113.76 KB, 267x376, Screen Shot 2016-12-24 at 12.2…)


Here …

No. 221008

File: 1482600288994.png (194.86 KB, 477x342, Screen Shot 2016-12-24 at 12.2…)


and again here.

No. 221025

He looks so much like my bf I thought it was him for a second(no1curr)

No. 221032

we really don't care

No. 221118

>listed as Japanese

No. 221124

>So either I'm missing something

Yes, read the website.

No. 221160

Could someone link me to what is going on between tkyosam and Scott? I tried to google it but wasn't sure what to search…

Sage for being an idiot

No. 221203

You can find it in the previous thread here >>182357

No. 221225

File: 1482639976613.jpg (720.59 KB, 1585x909, dddd.jpg)

>be a beauty guru
>cake on foundation so much it cracks on your lips
>lips aren't exfoliated before lipstick/tints
>have high definition camera, doesn't shave face and leaves slight mustache and unibrow

??? Kim Dao are you retarded

No. 221261

are there pics of taylor's bf?

No. 221302

Her dry ass lips irritates the shit out of me

No. 221313

Please stop asking to be spoonfed, go to the taylor thread or read

No. 221324

So Sharla's husband got exposed because Taylor showed him on a video?. Is Taylor that stupid and careless?.

No. 221336

Why doesn't she get that fugly mole under her nose removed while shes in Korea. Its cheap as fuck there and she wont look like shes got a constant booger coming out of her nose

No. 221362

taylor's bf was found in a reflection in a recent vlog

sharla's was revealed in another friend's vlog

No. 221378

No. 221386


But the video of Sharla's fiancee is +1 year old, why people will go back to check that video after so long?. I think someone said Taylor showed him on a video and later edited it, they even joke about it on twitter (Taylor & Sharla).

No. 222506

Just Google "2ch シャーラ".
They talk about her A LOT. Mostly Mira though. They really, really hate Mira. But Sharla has had tons of her own threads.

They're pretty much saying what we're saying. Conspiracy stuff, speculations, fat "even when vegan", screenshots and other stuff.

No. 222611


Thanks, found it.

No. 222981

Why is Sharla so wary to give her full name?, fans are asking for it to send her stuff and she is like: "you don't need it , just put Sharla channel". Girl your full name can be found in 5 seconds using google, and if you are worried by Japanese stalkers, they can find your full name in the Shin Godzilla movie credits.

No. 223884

File: 1483056708310.jpg (587.61 KB, 3736x1816, fd050fab38eb92f3.jpg)

Looks like we might be having a new addition to the jvlogger squad.

No. 223891

She mentioned this in a vlog a long time ago, so I'm not surprised. Can't wait for her boring "Harajuku Shibuya kawaii purikura 109 sale shopping ramen" videos.

No. 223918


Why do they all flock to Japan ? and are always all networked together ..

No. 223929

lol I didn't know she was friends with Rachel & Jun. Since when is that?

No. 223930

Who is this person?

No. 223962

This. Even if she didn't mention it before, it was incredibly obvious this was her goal. After Kota first got to Japan, she started making videos with Japanese titles/tags and even had a her own Japanese blog.

I think they've been talking for a while? Iirc, Rachel has commented on her outfit videos before.

Peachmilkytea, she was one of the most known Kota clones. That's really as much as I can say about her, she's not really that interesting tbh.

No. 223967

lol Sophie. I can't wait for her to show up to the jvlogger thread and start whiteknighting herself.

No. 223987

File: 1483065358016.jpg (284.95 KB, 1200x675, fDcDzRl.jpg)

2ch seems to have their shit together

No. 223998

When did she say all of those things?

No. 224004

who is she talking about?

No. 224013

Sounds like stuff from the Mira sock puppet time.

No. 224018

It's from that time mira leaked the screencaps

It was already confirmed to be true since Sharla also shared similar caps but the majority of people said it was normal

No. 224022

Go away, Mira.

No. 224025

She leaked the screencaps but she also doctored them. I have a very hard time trusting anything with her taint on it, especially if it's in service to her agenda.

No. 224040

yeah but who was she supposedly even talking about

No. 224054

People are talking about her in the Taylor thread. Maybe >>223987 meant to post there.

No. 224148

File: 1483091247017.png (62.98 KB, 233x198, mimei.png)

I like to think this is Mimei throwing a salty shade at Taylor.

No. 224150

Doubt it.
But hey if it makes you happy…

No. 224154

Taylor p much said she doesn't live central, while they say they do live p central. So I doubt it, it's probably because they're moving and now it doesn't matter if people find out where it was.

Jesus it is messy as hell though.

No. 224280

Well, that was depressing to watch.

No. 224282

File: 1483122528271.jpeg (85.6 KB, 640x960, E0Ds05C.jpeg)

But why would Sharla dislike Ashiya, though? I also saw the other imessage screenshots on 2ch, like this one with Sharla calling her a Russian hooker. But well, it could be photoshopped for all we know, just like those previous LINE chats that were posted in this thread. I'm honestly wondering how legit this all is..

No. 224291

>But why would Sharla dislike Ashiya, though?

Who the hell cares? Miranda posted those during her "suicide" play. She deleted a lot of stuff to try and make herself look innocent and Sharla guilty.

Go to the Mira threads or to PULL to seen the undoctored screenshots.

No. 224292

what if i wanna see screenshots of your face?

No. 224293


Pull also has the two sets of screenshots for comparison (same with the Miranda threads).

Very touchy, though, aren't you?

No. 224295

>what if i wanna see screenshots of your face?

I'll show you mine if you show me yours.. Maybe you post of of yourself holding a sign that says "I'm not Mira". That usually works

No. 224297

no i just want yours pls, it just turns me on to see photos of bullies <3

No. 224410

I think the whole "realistic" thing was just a defense tactic for her messy and gross apartment. I hope they take care of themselves in their new place.

No. 224427


Agree. Mimei constantly shades Taylor

No. 224436

Anybody think Mimei is the worst? Always fishing around for asspats and vague posting on twitter to get sympathy. Every fucking vlog is her going on and on about how today wasn't the best day/today sucked/she's feeling depressed.

She wants to use the fact that she's 'real' to cover up how gross she is. Her hair, her skin, her clothes, and now even her apartment is a mess.

Tay can be try-hard and Sharla is frumpy, but at least they don't look dirty and gross.

I bet mimei and duncan are those kinds of owners that smell like cat shit because they don't change the litter box often enough.

No. 224444

So basically these are fake, and just Mira's shoops to make Sharla look bad? That explains. I know enough then.

No. 224481

Not really. If you live in central Tokyo and aren't rich, this is what you're going to get.

Mimei is depressed. And she's probably not in therapy or taking meds. The being messy and lethargic can be explained by that. Personally she seems struggling, but to me it comes off as genuine, and I appreciate she shares the bad things too instead of being fake. I hope she will be alright. Duncan seems kind of immature and tactless to be able to understand how she feels tbh.

No. 224486

gawd, Mimei and Duncan are such an unattractive couple

No. 224595



No. 224597

File: 1483146149960.jpg (97.42 KB, 960x719, Punkmiraburger.jpg)

Here you go.

No. 224622

So are there any receipts regarding fujuashiy being a hooker?

No. 224718

It was irrational hatred imo. In those old conversations they were just nitpicking on her.

sadly many Russian women and girls are trafficked to Japan, so I guess that "Russian Hooker" nickname was just a lame way to make fun of her.

No. 224778

looks like mira in a way

No. 224782

i dont get why they didnt just make the "americanized room" into the bedroom? it seems bigger and could fit a bigger bed they sleep like sardines i wouldnt be able to handle that… if you have a small place why hoard so much shit idk how they can live like that

No. 224793

That is Mira. Before she moved to Japan, during her gross "punk" phase.

No. 224818

>that was the joke

No. 224825

No shit, anon. I'm explaining to >>224778 that it is indeed Mira.

No. 226438

Bii throws some shade at Kim and sunny in this vlog


starts at 0:31


kim and her bestie left a huge mess of hair/garbage before they left for their vacation in Korea and bii cleans it up

No. 226452

Jesus, how much of a pig do you have to be to leave a mess that takes an hour to clean up?

Kim is the worst lol

No. 226465

the fuck @ biibii just constantly repeating "vlogmassssssss" wherever she goes

No. 226468

I never watch her but i had to see the shade, her lips are so gross it's hard to concentrate on what shes saying. They must have left a pretty big mess for her to complain like that, i wonder if they apologised after

No. 226491

Because this tranny looking bitch has nothing to offer for content so she just repeats vlogmasss/new yearsss/christmasss or whatever the topic is. Idk how ppl can hang out with her irl repeatedly.

No. 226493

Sunny and Kim seem like the biggest bitches of the group so I doubt they even feel bad.

No. 226681

Kim Dao:
-Cheated on her boyfriend
-Gets upset when people use the same font/emojis as her
-Messy and dirty as fuck, bad roommate

bitch of the year 2016-2017

No. 226682

File: 1483421148318.jpg (167.1 KB, 1024x1024, C0ZXwk9XUAAV0Tb.jpg)

all of them looked in the mirror before they left their house and thought "i look good"

No. 226752

god that chin could stab someone to death geez

No. 226776

That MingChungGoonSanRan korean vlogger looks nothing like her natural self now.

No. 226810


What looks "bad" about them?

No. 226816

she looks like what korean people would call a "plastic monster"

No. 226830

wew lad that girl on the right's face. she looks like an ugly doll you would shove into an attic, never to be seen again.

No. 226845

Kim looks like she has a black eye lmao

No. 226881


Considering the other eye is not like that It could be she does, or it could be just shadow from crap lighting

No. 226894

is Shine still relevant?

No. 226908

do you not see dorito chin on the left and gangnam beauty on the right

No. 226909

compared to these jvlogger kids he's just a retard weeaboo in japan, the lesser evil

No. 226956


Yes. What about their makeup or clothing is off?

No. 226967

anon means Dorito-san's chin is a bad plastic surgery work and that the gangnam beauty has too much work done to her face, too many fillers to look like a Korean gurl. God, she could recycle her face with all that plastic inside of her.

No. 226969

File: 1483486941333.png (63.48 KB, 625x626, bxeAwbN.png)

No. 226970

File: 1483487076634.jpg (255.06 KB, 600x660, image.jpg)

Why do Kim's teeth flare out and look like a racist caricature?

Is this the result of an overbite or genes

No. 226973

Japan is getting too much infected with those weebs.

No. 226988

she looks like a taylor clone

No. 227008

Both, probably.

No. 227010

She used to copy kota I think. Had a nosejob. Boring as fucking hell. She only gets atten because she's attractive.

No. 227034

she's cute but she's no where near attractive as Taylor. I've seen people speculating Taylor is going to feel threatened by her but bitches please

No. 227088

Lol she is way better looking naturally than Taylor. Taylor has a puffer fish face.

No. 227093

I've never seen a natural picture of her. Every single picture is ps-ed to hell and back.

No. 227097

I gave her a chance but the forced 3/4 angle on all her videos is unnatural


No. 227107

Sophie Shaw's boyfriend is such a cuck. She blatantly uses him as an accessory. Plus she's so weeby and ~kawaii~ Im surprised he's white tbh.

No. 227131

>Pretty girl moving to Japan
>Friends with Sharla????
I can predict your future here Sophie:
>Omg she's such a bitch!1
>are those hair extensions? screenshots
>Oh she went to Nalu what a fucking surprise!
>When does her visa expire???
>Her Japanese is so bad!!
>She doesn't earn enough for that lifestyle.
>is that her real voice??
>Her bf is just an accesory.
>is it just me or Mimei is throwing shade at Sophie?
>Sharla is so jelly bc Sophie made a vlog with Taylor.
>She got a nose job? When?????
>You looked better before
>Dat ass.. edited af

Girl you just wait.

No. 227134

they're both equal attractiveness with the hamster look

No. 227135

Taylor is starting to look better like her original self again. She finally got rid of the bangs and all that stupid hair in her face. She just needs to stop the ugly aegyo sal bags and go back the western make up. Asian make up does not suit her at all like most white chicks.

No. 227137

Poor Japan, they get the worst immigrants

No. 227146

>Im surprised he's white tbh.
I was surprised about that too tbh. After her and her ex broke up, I thought she was gonna start dating Japanese guys in hopes of getting a spouse visa.

No. 227149

are you blind? off of facial symmetry alone peach is a 7 and taylor is a 10

No. 227155

and yet they both look like hamsters

No. 227158

>Taylor is a 10
inb4 not kiki

No. 227163

>off of facial symmetry alone

No. 227164

I don't think her face is asymmetrical.. just oddly shaped

No. 227176

Peachymilktea detected. I don't believe there is anybody besides herself that thinks that chinless overbite inbred Brit is on the level of Taylor kek.

No. 227190

bitch they may do or they may not, I'm saying symmetry is attractive and based off of placement, taylor's eyes/nose/ears are more in balance in comparison to peach

damn, hoes cant read for shit

No. 227199

taylor stan detected
beauty is subjective, and they both look identical in the circle lenses, overgrown light hair, small head type of way that weebs like you worship

No. 227200

Lmaooo no!! Peach has a huge ugly head and a big ass nose, Taylors face has petite features

No. 227202

Where the heck would she find any of those? She lives in the middle of nowhere. I'm pretty sure she's only with her bf because they started dating before she became a weeb.

No. 227249

Ofc beauty is subjective, symmetry being attractive however is universal

Did I say Taylor was beautiful? No, I said she had better symmetry

These Taylor fucks get #triggered whenever an opinion differs holy shit, chill and read you stupid cunts

No. 227287

>Where the heck would she find any of those?
On the internet.

>I'm pretty sure she's only with her bf because they started dating before she became a weeb.

Her and her current bf have been dating like less than a year. She's been a weeb for years.

No. 227310

You sound the most triggered here anon, no one cares

No. 227363


Mimei, you looked adorable in this video. Please do your hair like this again!

No. 227392

But that isn't what the original comment was about. It said:
>all of them looked in the mirror before they left their house and thought "i look good"

That would indicate something about their clothes or make-up. You can't really run get some plastic surgery done before you leave the house.

No. 227422

Lol no I am not peachymilkytea or whatever her handle is, thanks. I just think she is better looking than Taylor. I'm allowed to have that opinion

No. 227425

Are you blind? Taylor has a huge nose as well. They both have bigger noses, but peachy got a nose job, and her profile is much more dainty. Taylor has a large nose from the side. Not sure why everyone is losing their shit about Taylor not being the ~** the most kawaii desu youtuber **~

No. 227441

File: 1483558009568.jpg (106.83 KB, 693x960, b2R5Q3u.jpg)

On what planet does Taylor's nose qualify as "huge"?

No. 227444

File: 1483558291933.jpg (346.81 KB, 999x662, 20130917_jimmy-jams_0073.jpg)

this one is candid

No. 227447

On the same planet she is called comparable to a girl with a weird shape head, no chin, and actually big nose. Here where insane haters are.

No. 227454

I mean, it's not a huge nose but it's small and super cute either. I don't think Taylor is that perfect either and tbh her looks are pretty boring imo.
if you really wanna see people losing their shit, be honest about Venus' horrible face and weirdly shaped naillness fingers kek

No. 227457

The Taylor stans here sure do get triggered easily…

No. 227463

Taylor's nose is objectively not huge. Calling it that is delusional.
How does pointing out that stupidity make one a stan?

No. 227464


Yes, yes. Taylor's before face and makeup was pretty but her now face is bloated and fat. Neither her or peachy are perfect. Her nose is average though, not petite or huge.

Also didn't Peachy have a nose job ?

No. 227474

why are all of you so fucking autistic and nitpicky about taylor and comparing taylor to other people, its always an anon saying they dont like one of her features (opinion) and a sperg stan comes out to defend her like its personal

time for a 500 reply argument about taylor's nose compared to other basic weebs in the same league

No. 227477

Sounds like an ordinary day on lolcow.

No. 227484

File: 1483563263780.png (172.91 KB, 350x353, nose.PNG)

Sorry anon, I apologize. I thought it was her direct profile where her nose looked big, instead it is when she turns her head to 3/4 of the way

No. 227486

File: 1483563297428.png (257.6 KB, 605x401, nose2.PNG)

There are other examples, but I'm lazy

No. 227488

She did, but she was honest, which I appreciate

No. 227490

I agree. To me, it is reasonable to make a passing comment stating you don't like Taylor or a feature of hers, but when that happens, about 20 people go off the deep end like they owe Taylor something for some reason

No. 227495

What's with the Taylor stans? She doesn't stand out as the pretty one of the Jvlogger crew. She's the same level basic as the rest of them.

No. 227499


The only time I, personally, object to something is when it is categorically untrue.

I.E. Saying Taylor has a huge nose. That is just demonstrably false.

Criticize all you want, but keep it based in reality, please.

No. 227505


I don't think that's exactly fair to be honest. People can have different opinions on what they feel is big/small, fat/skinny, etc. That person might be an asshole (myself included), but I think those things are subjective until a certain point

No. 227512


-Onion logic detected

Your logic and believes are not fact or reality because you think they are. Stop being so salty that someone thinks differently.

No. 227518

you're looking too deep into it to white knight, They look terrible bc of their plastic surgery

No. 227519

C'mon anon, don't be childish.

People have different opinions on things and even if you think X has a small nose/mouth/butt/whatever I can think otherwise, it's all about preference and pov.

No. 227533

I meant in regard to that anon saying they find Peachmilk better looking than Taylor followed several anons telling him or her their opinion was wrong not her nose being big or not.

No. 227540

Ok. Then totally agree. Beauty and personal taste is subjective. Besides, they both are pretty.

No. 227814

Everyone's nose looks larger at that angle.

No. 227877

Uhm, yes she does? Shes a fucking model lmao

No. 227879

Peach is weird looking, her lower face looks like gackts lmao

No. 227891

>her lower face looks like gackts

Shit. Can't unsee.

No. 227896

That doesn't mean a damn thing.

No. 227907

She was a model. She isn't really being booked that much anymore, but that may be her choice.

No. 227912

Sophie will be there for a year on a working holiday visa, and her boyfriend who is coming with her on his own working holiday visa. They at most will pull an 'Eat Your Kimchi'. And EYK never got slack for it. Sophie was also pretty open about her nose job, so I don't think people are really gonna care. Pre-nose job Sophie is pretty nostalgic though.

>inb4 Sophie

Just an anon that happened to follow her for a long time.

She definitely does.

And Taylor has a smaller nose than Sophie, but if you know what Sophie's old nose looked like, you know that her current nose is very decent. I don't think Sophie can really make it smaller without looking uncanny.

No. 227921


So is Dakota … and she ain't no great catch.
Geez just about any average white chick with blonde hair can do low tier modelling in Japan. Taylor isn't some top tier model that looks godly, but nor is she ugly either. She just isn't eye catching or has any distinct features that stand out in a crowd.


I think Taylor's shit choice in makeup is what makes her not stand out from the other weeb vloggers. Those vag eyes ruin it.

No. 227934

Other than dorito, what did the other one get done? I can't tell but I also don't know the "before" face.

No. 227935


Not at all.
If someone said "I don't like her hair" or "her clothes are terrible". That is opinion and subjective.

If someone said "Taylor is fat as fuck." or "Taylor's hair is short"

That's simply not true, and not really a matter of POV or opinion.

Please explain to me your logic that would make objective things subjective.

No. 227944

Yeah she is not striking. Her pictures from Hong Kong days were good, but in Japan she was just a niche model. Low grade Halloween costumes and crappy drama promos.
thr only thing that people would envy about her looks is her hair. Her face is nothing special.

No. 227973

Not the anon you're responding to, but you're using an extreme example. People are allowed to have differing opinions. A nose is something that IS entirely subjective. Some people might think her nose is too small for her face, but others may think it is too large. Some people are allowed to say I think Taylor is in shape, and others are allowed to think she's not. It's really all about preference…you can't invalidate someone's opinion because it doesn't match your own. Yes if someone says the sky is red, that's false and makes that statement a blatant lie, but a nose or body weight (even if it means their view is warped), is still a valid subjective opinion.

No. 228017

>Pre-nose job Sophie is pretty nostalgic though.

Omfg same. I have been watching her since the beginning and it may be shitty to say but she was drop dead gorgeous with her old nose. Her new one looks… off? It's a shame.

No. 228025

Stop responding to this troll

No. 228039


I disagree. The examples are not "extreme". They are no different than the previous comments regarding her nose.

But, you are right. They can have their opinion, and everyone else can have the opinion that they're fucking idiots who don't have a grasp of reality.

No. 228069


I thought Peachy only shaved the hump off her nose … ? Or atleast thats what I figured she did.

No. 228277

Lol okay, everyone that disagrees with you clearly has no grasp of reality. Sure thing champ. Stop defending someone you don't even know so hard. This board has many voices - not everyone is a dumb asshole because they don't kiss Taylor's ass.

No. 228321

>Does a lucky bag video
>Too self conscious to film below the waist to show what a lot of the clothes look like unless it's a giant ass circus tent skirt