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File: 1472396826455.jpeg (411.55 KB, 3000x2000, image.jpeg)

No. 169136

There is already a thread revolving Venus in the /Pt but its dedicated to mostly her mother. We haven't got a Venus thread as of yet just focused on her and after the complaining in the /Pt I decided to make one.

> Venus youtube celeb since she was 11/12 years old

> Has been on various tv shows, travelled country to country by her mother speaking fuck knows how many languages
> Never went to school/was homeschooled
> Her mother Margret basically used Venus for $$$
> Venus escaped her crazy money sponging controlling mother and leapt into the hands of her visa cough husband Manaki
> Currently resides in Tokyo now living life and still hiding from her mother who continues to try stalking/harassing Veenos!
> Venus is still social awkward but may gradually be making friends alas Taylor R

The journey of the kawaii khalessi is still on going…

Youtube: /venusangelic
IG: Venus_Angelic

No. 169138

Sorry for errors (on my phone and this shit aint easy)

No. 169142

Why you always salty, mmmMMM oh my god stop being saltyyy~

No. 169144


this was a bit cringe. i don't see why there couldn't be a venus thread? it's not just for shitting on her believe it or not. we can talk about her instagram updates that don't have to do with margo and all that

No. 169146


Thats why Lolcow has becoming annoying when it comes to Venus. While the one for her mother has Venus involved in it people moan if you derail or if you talk shit about Venus.

What really annoys me is that 5 minutes ago people used to bitch about Venus so so much but now 2 minutes later its all "how dare you say that!" Or as the other anon says "you're salty!". Nah people are allowed to have their own opinions, thoughts ect. Not everyone is taken by Venus even though shes moved away from her mother. Some people still just dont like her, but oh well.

But yeah we can just throw in Venus updates in this thread, videos and discuss properly. Makes sense.

No. 169148

she started using YT when she was 13, not 11-12.

No. 169149

I think Venus videos are still 100% akward and cringe worthy. Like the content didn't got any better after she escaped from her mother

No. 169150

10$ you made this thread just because she's befriending Taylor, some of you are so obsessed with her. It's insane

No. 169152

God finally.. I know she went through much and i am aware her mother is evil as heck but this girls videos are so so so hideous. And i mean even the current ones who she made withouth the influence if Margo. I get that people feel a lot of sympathy for her but judged only by her media appearance this girl is just cringeworthy. No doubt she is trying to look as nippon-y as possible (check the photos of the latest youtube space tokyo event where she met Tay and Kumamiki etc) and the way she talks and bites i to food makes me want to slap her idk.

Also, there's something about Manaki that i find creepy af.
but ooohh shhhh no one is allowed to say any of this loud because her mother is evil and its all her fault.

No. 169154

Lol thought exactly the same, anon.

No. 169155

You guys are adorable :')

No. 169159

You're the one bringing Taylor up though… This is Venus' thread so talk about Venus.

No. 169160

Where's the milk?

No. 169161

Tfw you have nothing to talk shit about so you discuss about having your feelings being hurt by anons on an image board kek

No. 169162

Even though she's escaped her mother and started anew, she's still an annoying Weeaboo who's trying to milk being a 'living doll' for as long as possible. I thought she stopped with that persona as it's very much linked to her mother until she started up selling merchandise focused on being a doll & posted her recent makeup video. The fact she lives in Japan now and is with Manaki just fuels her kawaii uguu dream. She's not improved at all and still acts like a child.

No. 169163

Can all the whiteknighters… Fuck off?

Its bad enough trying to say anything alone about Venus these days without you lot poking your noses in.

No. 169164

Why do you think I saged and censored, anon?
Anyway, let's talk about Venus!

No. 169165


There is plenty to discuss. It doesnt always have to be negative thats the thing. Now stop with the "ur so salty and jelly" bs because you cant handle having Venus criticized.

Dakota still had a thread and whete the fuck is here milk these days? We all know shes a micro cock sucking A* weeb who still photoshops. But we proceed to still keep her on float here. Taylor again who has not much drama but relevant is still bitched at and moaned about on here. So why not Venus? Shes relevant, she's popular. Why not her? Again doesnt always have to be negative. Not everything has to be negative.

No. 169166


Its what pays her bills anon. Aside from Manaki working all of Venus's old videos and added drama alas being a amwf couple which is the trophy within the kawaii world all adds and boosts Venus's ego.

Her videos… Some i can stand and others I cant. I think her eating ones are ridiculous but arent all Mukbang videos? I would like to see Venus drop the doll shit. I want her to go back to school, vlog properly and even though I think Tay and Sharlz might leech off her popularity more so. It would be kinda nice to see her vlog outside and come out of her shell.

But i do think part of why they want to know Venus is to gain some fame. They would do the same to Dakota is they had the chance but both are as socially awkward.

Thats why im 50/50 about Venus and Tays relationship atm.

No. 169168


Finally someone else who finds Manaki a creepy bastard. Something is off about the guy…

I dont know what it is fully because he seems alriiiiight but I get a weird vibe.

No. 169171

>still acts like a child
>Doesn't get better
You're one salty bitch.

>creepu manaki pervert
Next time you call veenoos a bully?

No. 169175

She is mentioned in the op, anon.

Make it 20

No. 169176

She still needs to find her way on youtube imo. She tried the mukbang, the "do things with husband/boyfriend/pet", the beauty tutorial and now the "my makeup routine". It's not vlogging, it's not giving good content. it's kinda annoying, especially her peanut persona.

No. 169199

Yeah where the fuck is the milk, she's sometimes cute, sometimes annoying, who cares

No. 169202

Manaki could be a cow but in what way

No. 169206


Within time


Why do we care about Tay? Why do we care about Mira? Why why why anon?

Venus has a thread.

Run along now

No. 169210

What kind of videos do farmers think she should make?

No. 169216

>let's make a thread about Venus we have so much to talk about!!!
>durrhurr what kind of videos should she make gaiZ

This is pull leveltier shit

No. 169218

I see no milk flow

No. 169220

File: 1472409318027.jpg (72.24 KB, 400x267, Brett-Cole-India-06575_medium.…)

No. 169221


Calm down samefaggers

We get that you don't want to have the kawaii queen slandered but yet Tay and Dakota are bitched about? Fuck off.

Venus is as lulzy as the rest.

No. 169222


Ones where she isn't eating like a twat and acts normal for a change because it isn't cute anymore. She's almost 20.

No. 169223


gomenasai for ur butthurt

No. 169225

No milk. Pathetic thread.(samefagging and shitposting. stop it.)

No. 169226

i love the symphony of butt-rustling going on in this thread

No. 169227

>Venus is as lulzy as the rest.

and 34 posts about nothing proves it

No. 169229

Taylor isn't lulzy at all, neither is Dakota.
The only reason the two have a thread is because as soon as you lock the threads some PULLfag is going to spam the board with unfunny memes ("CHIPMUNK FACE AHHH~~~")

No. 169230


Samefagging detected

Go back to PULL

No. 169231


Then why can't we have a thread via Venus to discuss? Videos and shit? Everyone else seems to throw those two under the bus. But yet they can't take the heat when Venus gets a thread. Either its a bunch of kids from PULL or her sympathising white knights who feel they must defend her all the time.

This board is getting worse. If you're offended then too bad so sad.

No. 169232

Except I only posted the first of those. Nice try. Maybe you should provide milk and stop being salty people think your thread is shit.

No. 169233


Its because the ones who love to praise Venus and how dare u say anything about her! parade around maggot's thread and yet people on that thread said "anon make a thread for venus!" so when it happened all hell breaks loose

despite the fact there has been anti-venus tumblrs, blogs ect ect for years now. what difference does this make?

No. 169234


It isn't my thread though retard?

Its not just for milk. Didn't you read upwards? Its for things other than milk. Also milk will no doubt come now that Venus is getting together with the other bunch of jvloggers. This shit is all in the making anon, be patient.

No. 169235


"Stop being salty"

In other words "I can't handle people talking bad about kawaii Venus!"

No. 169236

No. Your thread isn't enough. There's nothing here. It's pointless, there's literally nothing of interest in this thread other than you being a sperg and samefagging anytime anyone tells you how shitty this thread is. It's really pathetic.

No. 169237

File: 1472410977627.jpg (85.71 KB, 720x513, 922943.jpg)

No. 169238


taylor has a thread - barely any milk and the girl is genuine

kaka has a thread - she's been in hiding for months

kota - only shoops but no milk

venus's mother has milk alas venus was always surrounded by milk and has milk worthy things

I think she's pretty relevant

No. 169239

You're so butthurt you can't handle the truth, that your thread is completely unnecessary. I haven't seen such levels of autism since Sperg-Chan just couldn't let Taylor go.(same.fagging.)

No. 169241

Anons loving her be like "where's the milk"??? if all the things she is doing now were something Kota or Taylor were doing you'll be milking them in PT every day but nah, it's now your favorite weeb queen.

No. 169243

You're really boring. You have fun with that. Protip, if you don't add anything to make a thread worth looking at, you'll get called out on it.

No. 169244

File: 1472411677897.jpg (69.52 KB, 600x407, S.jpg)

No. 169245



Either >>169239 is some complete vagina on legs and can't handle that Venus has a thread plus continues to spam with "omg salty!" or its the cunts from Margret's thread.

We don't just have to talk about the bad things about Venus. Could talk about improvement and shit. That would be a start because for one I think her videos and potential could be a lot better. She's at 1M subs and her content is rubbish. Not saying that to be salty but its… no good! I for one actually think as boring as she is Taylor's videos are better. Sorry what I say offends the Venus supporters but not everyone wants to bow down to her pink glitter lolita platforms and kiss them.

What about her ED? Clearly there was one (is one? idk). Shit with Manaki at DisneyLand and I know people keep prying that off with "He's a genuine nice guy! He's good for her! He saved her!" yet he was some cretin who probably used to wank over her YT videos when she was like 14 because he's got an obsession with dolls. I don't even know.

But there is stuff to talk about whether people like it or not.

How many times do we see "omg her face is alien" on Kota's thread when its always the same but yet we stick it out? The thread is here and its staying.

No. 169246

File: 1472411705455.jpeg (57.75 KB, 600x603, image.jpeg)

Reported. Pls ban for at least a week. Would benefit their mental health as well.

No. 169247


arigatou anon-san

No. 169249

When someone finally makes a Venus thread because it's a No-No to discuss about Venus on Margo's thread (only if its negative because it's totally Ok to write ass licking comments like "ugh she looks beautiful, I love her, she's perf" or some shit like that) , you now invade this thread trying to make other anons shut up if they dare to criticize her.

No. 169252

problem isn't making a venoos thread, but OP hasn't provided anything worthy to start the thread. Basically the whole OP greentext revolves around maggot's actions while still being a minor.

No. 169253

Have to agree, the video where she showed the fried chicken vending machine was probably the only semi decent offering so far as it showed a bit of real life rather than cutesy, toddler eating huge puddings.

Maybe if she did more realistic videos on living in japan, visas, work, taxes day to day living when you are not 100% fluent and with no real company apart from your boyfriend. I get the vibes that manaki is just for convenience, Venus needed rescued and he was her only option. But who knows if they will start to have a more rounded relationship with time.

No. 169254

>What about her ED?
I remember she got really thin when moving to Korea, I also feel that it was about the time she started doing the eating videos? But she looks fine(skinny but not sickly skinny) to me now.

>husband Manaki

Is she and Manaki really married? I thought there was some problem with the marriage application so they aren't married yet.

No. 169260


Venus calls her fucking HUSBAND "PET", when he basically rescued her for living other 10 years with Margo.

Many here believe she only married Manaki for her Visa. Many criticize Kirsten or Taylor and several others for her Japanese boy toy hunting to get a spouse visa. I don't personally agree in some cases but in case of Manaki it looks exactly like that, when your own wife calls you pet and boyfriend it sounds like she's pretty much using you.

Venus just followed then unfollowed a ED account on instagtam, keeps binging gross junk food, write negative captions about many things, claims to drink only a warm yogurt on mornings to stay thin, it's a freaking unhealthy tip.. uh no ED where?? Leave her alone ignore her boohooo

She's a fucking adult and married but still dresses like a 12 years old girl, you laugh about Taylor dressing like a retard but it's fine if Venus do it.

These are just to mentiom a few …

You know what is pointless? You licking her ass and defending her while you criticize others for the same things she's doing.

No. 169266

has there been any candidate of venoos since she was at that foreigner event in Korea? She looked haggard as fuck which is probably why she wouldn't let Taylor show her in the video.

No. 169269

I don't get why everyone calls her smart? How, why?

No. 169273

She's not. If it wasn't for her husband doing all the papers for her a spouse visa so she can run away, she'll be still doing videos with Margo.

No. 169275

>Venus calls her fucking HUSBAND "PET"

In what context did she say this? Because "pet" is a term of endearment. It's used in the UK, where she visited and might have picked it up. Unless she collars him and chains him up in the yard, it's not a big deal.

No. 169276

I want a Tay-V Talk where Taylor and Venus sit down in their PJs with snacks after doing some silly challenge and then discuss about V's recent struggles with her mum and how she feels.
>yeah I've become a fan, suck it

No. 169277

She's not in the UK, she's in Japan and it's not a cute thing to say to your huusband. She clearly treats him like her pet in her videos, she always tries to make him look like the stupid one and she's in charge.

No. 169278

You're really reaching with this one.

No. 169285

She knows exactly what she's doing, calling him pet is something she's doing on purpose. No excuses.

No. 169288

>She's not in the UK, she's in Japan and it's not a cute thing to say to your huusband.
She used to live in the UK and she's European, where they teach predominantly British English.
Kindly shut up. And I think it's an adorable thing to call someone you love.

No. 169289

I think she's just trying to make herself a new persona, like with her yandere jokes and things. I think it's cute to call your partner a pet, but then again I'm not japanese so i don't know how they feel about it

No. 169292

They're different people; one has been banned for shitposting other places, but you need to stop derailing threads.

And, for someone likes to talk about samefagging, you sure do it a lot.

Lastly, for all of your complaining in multiple threads about wanting a Venus thread, no one is stopping you from doing this. We're attempting to stop your multiple thread derailment.

No. 169296

Yandere jokes? Fuck off weeb.

Venus is not from the UK she only lived there and she knows it's not a nice thing to say in other cultures, no reason to call her man pet and treat him like one.

No it's not a nice thing to say in Japan/many oyher places, believe me. just imagine the scene presenting your bf to the world as your pet. Common sense. Stop white knighting her.

No. 169302

Venus perfectly knows where is acceptable and where's not. In my culture is ok to call people names like "fatty" or "my old man/lady", it's supposed to be an "adorable" nickname for your bf/gf even if it's not fat, we use words like that for nicknaming friends and even people on the streets, however we know this is acceptable only in our culture, outside of it is not, we know where to use it and how and where not.

No. 169306

This was for you -> >>169302 , sorry wrong anon.

No. 169309

There is none. Shes reforming. Someine is stuck in the past.

No. 169320

If he doesn't give a fuck about being called pet, why do you?

No. 169322


No. 169323

I can use your same argument for all the other people you bitch about "uh it's her/his business why do you care??" This is so stupid.

No. 169325

Venus looks taller than Taylor or around the same height in their purikura picture, she's definitely not 5'4 / 1.65cm like she claimed.

No. 169326

Yeah I kinda wonder if she is around 5'7 too, if so I think it's kinda cute that she's tall but still dainty.

No. 169327

That wasn't even the argument. You're getting offended on behalf of somebody who does not give a single fuck about his nickname.

No. 169328

Just imagine the scene where a high profiled youtuber is acting as a character online. You know literally nothing about Venus/Manaki's personal lives, despite how much they put on the internet. If I was a betting lady I'd put money on Venus simply going through a character phase for her online persona.

Genuinely drop the pet thing cause it's derailing your own thread, it's the only "milk" you've come up with and it's pathetic.

No. 169330

No I don't find her cute at all, she looks like a giant hamster wearing a seifuku, fucking weeb makes me cringe.

No. 169331

Heard Venus is around 5'7 based on old pictures of her when she wad doing con appearances

No. 169332

Her videos are in English though, and she's European?
There are barely any universal pet names (yep, that's what they're called) in Japanese, except for like …anata.

No. 169338

Yeah she's tall, it's pretty obvious. I think she's actually taller than Taylor.

No. 169402

Why are you so hung up on Manaki appearing subservient to Venus? He's obviously strong, responsible and mature when be needs to be. He's not so typical, which is (likely)why Venus was attracted to him. She was never going to marry some normal bro. But he's also part of the otome kei danshi demographic, which is not that uncommon these days. I know several guys like that here in Japan. They all have normal, full-time jobs and healthy relationships too. They're weird by Western standards, but nothing nefarious.

We know so little about him besides him being an otaku, crossdresser and cat lover. He may enjoy being called "pet" and feeling cute when he actually has a lot of adult, "manly" responsibilities. It could be escapism or even kink. Who knows? But have you looked at Manaki's instagram or old tweets? He clearly enjoys this stuff.

Also don't forget that there are many anime and shojo manga fans in Venus' audience, meaning they love the senpai/kouhai, yandare girlfriend/pet boyfriend gimmick. Not everything is so serious.

No. 169403

*yandere. oops

No. 169407

That's why this is in snow, not pt.

No. 169413

I wish people would elaborate more on Manaki being a weirdo/ creepy. The only evidence I can sort of this is being a Venus fan originally and meeting her at Disneyworld one day.

No. 169439

The original post wasn't only about that tho, I mentioned some things to discuss but anons protecting her ass focused on the pet thing, and it was the less important point to me tbh. Like I said in the original post, ( >>169260 ) many here are just defending her ass but they criticize Kirsten, Kota, Taylor and others for exactly the same things the Weeb Khalessi is doing.

No. 169443

Something along the lines of him saying he fell in love when he started watching her videos (she was only 13). And him showing up at Disneyland (which honestly imo, isn't that creepy considering she's well known, and fans often do this with people they like).

He's only 4 years older, and the age thing doesn't really matter like that in Japanese culture.

However, he did consistently tweet her like daily for many years before they met. But eh. It wasn't bad stuff, although he did seem pretty obsessed from the start.

No. 169447

Venus has stated in one of her past videos (after the first channel take down) that she's currently attending school so there's that. Everything is just going to take time.

No. 169448

I know. And because he knew of Venus since she debuted, people automatically assume he was jacking it to her from day 1. But we have absolutely no proof of him expressing such thoughts when she was younger or leaving inappropriate messages to her. He went to see her at Disneyland after she announced it to fans, but I don't think he had any other plans besides a photo and an autograph, like a typical idol.

This whole pedophile thing really comes from what people imagine he was thinking/doing years before they met, but she was 17 going on 18 when they started dating. Didn't even have their first kiss until months into the relationship. Margaret said Venus was still a virgin when she ran away. That doesn't sound a raging pervert pedophile trying to rush Venus into something before she was ready. The only one looking to rush things was Margaret, as we saw in the old messages where Manaki talked about it being early to marry.

No. 169449

Was there any indication that Venus was private messaging him during the time he left all those comments? Or what his online activity was like concerning other accounts? I wasn't there to witness it, so I don't know if he was just a lonely nerd simply making small talk or being genuinely creepy. I think people underestimate Venus' popularity at that time and why some nerds could be star-struck.

No. 169453

The only people who criticize Taylor for her style or anything other oh-so-milktastic~~ are the annoying, nit picking tayfags from pull, or someone random who thinks baggy clothes don't suit her.

Kristen gets criticized for yellow fever because she was really hunting japanese men just to stay in glorious nippon like kota. Venus wasn't hunting for a boyfriend, she just happened to find someone who likes her and who she likes who happened to be japanese. They did get married quite suddenly, tho.

Venus dresses like how a young woman interested in kawaii culture usually dresses like, not like a fucking 12-year-old. If her style is one of the only things you find to talk shit about, well shit.

The ED thing is true though, but it's really not milk or even snowflakey if she doesn't keep on giving shitty advice or flaunting her ananess.

I don't really mind a Venus thread because I have always had a interest and a liking to her and her weeb shenanigans, but some of you anons are just reaching and being complete faggots. And somehow the thread came up just moments after Tay had Venus in her vlog, coincidong? The reaching and faggotry says no.

No. 169545

Are you Hispanic/Latina? Because "viejita" and "gordito/a" are terms of endearment that would not sound appropriate or very endearing in English. Not sure about other cultures. Sage for ot.

No. 169554

I get she needs friends ect but Venus is basically being fed cotton wool balls by her audience.

"Go easy on her!"

Oh please.

No. 169740

The problem with past claims like this is we have no idea if it was Venus… or venus-because-of-Maggot.

It has been stated that Maggot had control over all Venus' online accounts, so she could have claimed venus was shorter to fit in with the kawaii living doll image.

I don't actually recall Venus ever physically stating her height where it's clear it isn't Maggot behind the keyboard

No. 169773

There are so many channels that just follow YouTube trends like this… why wouldn't Venus join in too? I'm sorry, would you prefer to go back to her eery music videos where she looks like a child prostitute that her mom made her do?

The people on here saying she hasn't improved since margo got out of the picture are insane. She's come out of her she'll completely and has turned out to have a good sense of humour and fun editing style. You guys are reaching and I'm 100% with the anons saying its rabid Taylor fans. You're all nuts.

No. 169774

Venus ain't as lulzy. Dakota shoops herself into an unrecognisable fetus, desperately clutching to fame. Venus uses glowing filters sometimes but it's hardly lolcow worthy. Taylor has had weird plastic surgery and came to be from copying the fetus so that makes her interesting.

What has Venus done that's even lolworthy? It's been revealed that all the cringey shit she used to do as a young teenager was staged by her bitch mom so it's not even fair or interesting to poke fun at. She doesn't shoop excessively and show off, or shovel filler into her cheeks. She just sits at home making videos with her bf while her crazy mom spergs out about it.

This thread is a reach.

No. 169775

>>mentioning Taylor AGAIN

No. 169778

Here we go again with "venus has no milk"

Fuck off shes got plenty of milk

No. 169779

Dakota has NO milk either? When we the last time she did anything lulzy? Years. She shoops and dont act as if Venus doesnt shoop herself into an Asian. Shes desperate as fuck to fit in and dont pull that "buh beauteh standards!!!" Shit either

No. 169795

File: 1472565158789.jpeg (114.66 KB, 750x908, image.jpeg)

seriously you people think this is hilarious?? hahaha so goofy venus! hahaha

No. 169796


not a venus fan but tbh its interesting to see her other faces besides the ugu doll ones in her videos

idk gives her more life

No. 169797

File: 1472565319424.jpeg (134.31 KB, 750x1042, image.jpeg)

and samefag here but c'mon.

No. 169800

I imagine Margo was very strict on her for what she could post on her IG and such. She's finally able to be herself. Maybe its a little try-hard and dumb, but compared to the shit other snowflakes do here, I'm not clutching my pearls about it.

No. 169801

This whole thread is just people fighting over bullshit instead of talking about Venus, clearly there isn't much to talk about. RIP you guys with the hateboner up your ass over Venus.

No. 169804


There is anon? >>169797

Lets talk about Venus's kawaii dumb looking IG pics

No. 169805


kek when people cry over Venus having a thread

get over it

No. 169808

she's a big annoying weeaboo.

No. 169832

what point does does one become a weaboo and not just one who loves the country and culture. Because i'm sure a most of us here have at one point. Venus has learnt the language, how to cook and immerse herself in the country and has a Japanese husband. Her general personality is pretty cringe (tbh marg may not even be lying about the autism or whatever she said) to me but I wouldn't put her down as a weeb myself.

No. 169859

are you serious? have you seen her old videos? and now don't tell me that it was margaret telling her what to do.
those "back to school" video it's
oozing with weeabooness

No. 169864

Could you elaborate instead of throwing out weak statements. You're making the thread look bad. Use adjectives or something.

No. 169867


reach for the stars anon.

No. 169874

Venus is living the weeb dream half the fuckers in the gaijin in japan thread live.

Japanese spunk rocking around Manakis ball sack for her future sloth eyed mongolian hafu child she may throw into the tarento world becoming the beloved Maggot.20. 1M subs of delusional teenagers who feel sorry for her and young girls who think marrying a man for visa overseas is the right thing to do to achieve your dreams and run away from your problems.

Money in her bank from her teenage wreckage shes got on Youtube.

Language skills due to her mother dragging her around the world depriving her daughter of proper schooling and socializing forming her into a shy, anxious damaged young woman.

Venus has the life guys and whoever disagrees is a jelly salty sack of shit on legs!

No. 169875

"sloth eyed mongolian hafu child" … yikes

No. 169885

(Cant reply properly on my phone)

^ you've seen PDR-san right? Mimei's visa. Hes half and his brother. Hapas come out looking weird as fuck. If venus has a kid it will look more like Manaki than anything.

I remember that black woman jvlogger who has had two babies to a jap man and jesus christ. I thought the black gene was powerful but the asian gene is one strong motherfucker. Some bruce lee DNA they have.

No. 169887

File: 1472582756232.jpg (25.89 KB, 300x314, mig.jpg)

True. Rule of thumb for Hafu kids is that they end up looking mostly like the japanese half except with huge awkward gaijin noses

No. 169888

Yeah, a lot of haafu kids don't look anything like those half-Japanese celebrities everyone fawns about. >>169874 is being too optimistic.

No. 169889

She's from Switzerland right? Swiss people are all fucking weird. So are Venus & Mommy

No. 169890

File: 1472583469360.jpg (26.35 KB, 535x810, 12552964_1050339814986338_7451…)

>and now don't tell me that it was margaret telling her what to do.
>anything produced by Venus before she ran away
>not entirely caused by Margo

No. 169891

File: 1472583571568.jpg (15.13 KB, 192x171, 1453501296496.jpg)

now that's a heaping load of assumptions you're making there

No. 169915

File: 1472589372869.jpg (24.43 KB, 736x503, c7546987c67c5b53522c5f7f1e28b7…)

No. 169922

I think that Venus videos are pretty lazy and boring (even if some blind people here hailing her as a genius…c'mon…). But I hate vlogs in general and I'm not the target I guess.
But let's be honest Venus is not a cow anymore.

No. 169932

>Venus has the life guys and whoever disagrees is a jelly salty sack of shit on legs!
This reminds me of what people use to say about Kota

No. 170061

just because she has a Japanese husband and lives in Japan is okay for her to be a typical weeaboo and saying faito, having a yandere persona, going around with fake school uniform (and not for cosplay)?
have you seen her instagram? she's not talking about culture and country - all she does is acting like an animu girl and calls her husband "sempai". So, yeah, that's how weeaboos act.

No. 170071

The way she is acting as of late in videos makes her look really pompous and unlikeable. She has a tone in her voice that seems big headed and it's highly annoying. Not sure if anyone has picked up on the character change.

No. 170072

I really don't like how she makes her videos, but it's not particularly lulzy imho. I'm definitely not her demographic…

I just wish she would improve her English, I hate her accent.

No. 170079

Same fag but to put it in better words: Why is she acting like a total douchebag in her newest vids? Especially in the newest one - why is she giving attitude when all she's doing is spinning an egg.

No. 170082

How? When did she seriously complain? When she joked about having marshmellow arms?

No. 170084

No her sharp tone of voice, acting mardy and eye rolls.

No. 170305

File: 1472660569228.jpg (44.05 KB, 460x300, 15dab75a183faa78bb95546dfa0eb1…)


>acting mardy

No. 170317


She'd rather focus on improving her Japanese than her English it seems. It's broken and still off, but at least it's not as shit as Margo's spoken & written English. Venus can write perfectly well thank goodness.

No. 170319

No. 170321

Hahaha that's one way of explaining it. I forget how words that seem normal in Britain really makes no sense to other English speaking countries.

No. 170322

Thanks for fucking reminding me that they haven't released music in like three years.

I agree, she isn't really bringing down any kind of community which is usually part of my litmus test for what I consider a cow.

No. 170611

File: 1472759915261.jpeg (249.62 KB, 750x1167, image.jpeg)

I wonder why she delete the last part of the caption

No. 170614

Because she probably has anxiety from all the stress of everything happening so she'll be seconding guessing everything she does.

She'll write something that sounds depressing/sad because letting it out makes her feel some relief then she'll realize it was a bad thing to write and will think she shouldn't let the bad stuff out like that for her fans sake and change it.

No. 170621

Poor thing. She making it worse

No. 170920

She looks like Margo sometimes, lol.

No. 170921

I get the feeling you are the same person/peopleinsulting her this way. Of course family look similar, but saying this about her is unnecessary. She's nowhere near as busted and has forgiving proportions. She may look a bit goofy, but eyes, nose, jawline, forehead and even mouth are all MUCH better.

Poor Manaki. He really wasn't prepared for a fraction of what Venus has received over the years. I remember him deleting a comment a while back calling himself ugly after receiving a series of compliments. Maybe he was bullied as a kid about his looks/being dorky?

No. 170956

>lol a child looks like one of their parents
Quality post

No. 170961


She's allowed a personality since Margrog is out of the picture and has revealed a dark/sarcastic sense of humour. It's not an attitude at all. She's just free and being herself.

>>news flash: children resemble their parents

No. 171051

It's kind of weird that she announced she's uploading 3 videos each week, but doesn't go through with it. Didn't she do a lot of videos while her channel was down? And she was going to upload a video yesterday but she accidentally deleted it, which seems like a lie because it's such a rookie mistake. What do you guys think is up with that? Why does she make promises she can't keep and doesn't really upload videos that much anymore even though she said it makes her super happy?

No. 171057

She's 'deleted by accident' a few times or 'lost the file'. She makes it seem such a chore to make one shit video eating candy or spicy noodles.

No. 171062


Maybe she was so excited that her channel was back and over estimated the workload of making three videos a week. Clearly the girl has no creative bone in her body if all she's going to do is sit at home and introduce ~crazy Japaneezu snax~. Pretty sure she said she made a lot of videos when her channel was down, but all her videos are recent ones and you can tell because the hair changes coincide with recent Instagram posts.

No. 171069

Why does she even bother, she doesn't seem very committed to YouTube even though she makes out she can't live without it.

No. 171087

Hold up, did Manaki delete his Instagram or something in the past few days? It no longer appears when clicked on in Venus's selfies with him, unless there's a site glitch of some kind.

No. 171089

I think she likes making videos but is just serverly uncreative (props cos she's used to being mangos puppet) I think she doesn't really have what it takes to be a youtube star (these days so many youtubers have 1 mil subs) she's nice and can be funny but she needs somthing more than her kawaii shtick otherwise she will be trapped in the youtube niche box

No. 171098

Because people have fluffed her ass too long over Maggot drama so now she thinks she's empowered and can do no wrong. Seriously, this is a kid without any supervision whatsoever of course she'll turn into an egotistical brat if she keeps pouting face on insta and jewtube and getting money for doing fuck all.
At least when Maggot was slavedriving she had to put effort into doing interviews and making appearances every now and then.

>travelled country to country by her mother speaking fuck knows how many languages
It really amazes me how people can be impressed with her gypsy lifestyle and having no decent fluency in any of the languages she speaks. Her word choices in japanese and english are awkward and don't make sense, on top of her pronunciation being absolutely grating and at times illegible. Her grammar is often riddled with errors and spelling mistakes.
Like just because she happened to pick up speaking a language from immersion and takes 10 minutes to write crappy insta captions doesn't make her unique.

No. 171123

lol it's funny how you feel bad about Manaki and his feelings but you are here bitching about others on other threads. Stop kissing his flat ass ewww… there's a reason why Venus doesn't want him in her bed.

No. 171124

When did she say she didn't want him in her bed?

No. 171125

Stupid anon, no one said you said that… ugh Mana/Venus's ass kissers are the dumbest type of white knights.

No. 171128

Peenoos "accidentally" deleted her new video file, but don't worry kids she's going to upload it tomorrow when her new (and only) "friend" Tay Tay's new vlog is up too.

No. 171129

What the actual fuck are you talking about. If she never said they don't sleep in separate beds then how the hell do you know she doesn't want him sleeping in her bed? I'm not even an ass kisser, but you're just saying random shit out of nowhere. Go and rub off that hate boner sweetie

No. 171132


Stupid anon, that last part was when I said "there's a reason why she doesn't want him in hiss bed" was a fucking joke, that weeb randomly decided to confess the world why they sleep in separate beds, it was a completely unnecessary thing to explain. I joke about her wanting him in a separate bed because he's fugly/ have a flat cold ass…

But don't worry anon I know she's just pretending to be an innocent little dolly but we all know she loves to have eggs and winnie for breakfast in bed.

No. 171133

You don't know what kind of activity I have on this site or what I write elsewhere.

But here you are, making more baseless claims. Do you not have a normal sexlife? Beds are not the only place to have sex and you have no idea how Venus and Manaki interact off the Internet. It's not weird to have a separate room for filming and keeping extra stuff either.

No. 171135

And it's weird how you created an image of what his ass looks and feels like. I don't think any Venus stan has ever done that.

No. 171137

It's obvious they can fuck in other areas, stupid anon… ugh learn to read : It was a JOKE.

No. 171138

I'm not that weeb's stan I think it was clear.

No. 171145

he deleted bc of the hate

No. 171146

I know, but its just funny considering her situation.

No. 171152

Venus always had that dark sense of humor tho, only you can think it's something new, she and Margo shared many characteristics, they behaved very well, looking well educated and nice during interviews but if suddenly there was something they didn't expect both of them acted all offended and started to be very sarcastic. Venus is well known for looking down on other youtubers on social events. I think her "Venus Angelic Fall in dream" video (Mr Yan episode) is the best example of her real personality, she's very direct and has a strong character, just look at her facial expressions when they are having dinner. You need to separate her online persona on her main weeby videos from her behavior when is around others, she has many videos showing dark attitude, she always was like that, her dakr sense of humor amd behavior is not something she revealed only after escaping from Margo. Both are professional bitches and know each other well.

No. 171156


about the mr yan incident… pretty sure if a bunch of old farts are hitting on you and talking about marriage to your underage ass, you just don't keep smiling and nodding at them, do you?

No. 171162

In COMPARISON to a Venus Stan. Not even they think about that. You have to be over 18 to post here, you understand?

No. 171163

That's obvious, genius. If you read like a normal person, you'll see I'm describing her as someone strong and direct during that episode, she had to be, she also knew how to play the innocent little girl in the right momments. Her atittude and behavior, and that dark sense of humor, is not new. Only that sempai weeb game is new, and is fucking annoying she calls her husband sempai.

No. 171168

I find amusing the whole

>omg she's an annoying dumb weeb only 12 yrs old may find her videos interesting

>omg what a cunt two faced bitch showing a bit of personality how dare she

No. 171170

Are you 12? you're sounding as insane and unreasonable as the Taylor sperg

You bitch against everyone that they must be venus fans if they disagree with you and that you're just being critical of venus but you're legit sounding insane.

No. 171172

What if it's one of vexxed's 7 twitter followers who decided to come here and sperg things up a little

No. 171173

Probably. The terrible spelling, baby insults and weak baiting make them sound like one of Vexxed's child followers.

No. 171251

Yeah because everyone who criticizes this weeb must be a Vexxed's fan. Dumb anon.

No. 171262

If weeb is the only descriptor you have for the girl then you're clutching at straws. Until she kills her husband with cats and uses the pity fund for kawaii surgery before running off with Taco to join Game grumps theres not really much milk outwith her mother. She's generally harmless if a bit cringey

No. 171265

If you wanna stay safe and not get in trouble yes you would play along. The girl was underage, in a foreign country, all alone and she never has been a confrontational person. Mr yan could have done whatever to her, when you end up in situation like that you dont start fighting people cause you probably will be the one that gets screwed. Remember the police in japan usually dont give a fuck about foreigners so no protection there either.

No. 171266

I thought you had to be atleast 18 to post here

No. 171280

Venus is perfect and people who try to nit[ick anything are margo tier pathetic.
>#spergfest thread

No. 171294

You summed that up well. I don't understand why Lolcow is turning to PULL-tier arselicking when it comes to Venus.

No. 171304

i see no arse licking here. venus is cringey as fuck, great. what else is there to say??

No. 171352

Remember when she was vegan??? That was totally her own BS and not margos. People should stop the arselicking

No. 171378


Can't forget the time when she was younger when she joked about "have you ever seen a fat doll? lololololol". Not arselicking but her mother had to have played a role in her diet & general eating habits all the time they were living together. Not sure on the mukbang though, as Venus obviously loves eating ALOT and makes her eating challenge videos now more entertaining rather than sickening to watch like she did in South Korea when Margo was around.

No. 171379

>Venus (more liek peenus amirite XDD) is a weeb and I hate her
>Venus is perfect no milk here
>Manaki is a creep tbh
>lol salty
>no u

This thread is cringe.

No. 171389

It belongs in manure. It's just people sperging over who is and isn't doing any arselicking.

Anyway, I was watching her videos last night. Some candy videos and something about vending machine fried chicken. I find that I can take Venus in small doses. But too many of her videos in a row and I get annoyed. But I'll still take her videos over Margo's any day.

No. 171401

idk which thread to put this in anymore. New vid anyways.

No. 171411

she looks very aged in this video. lighting and poor shade of bronzer/foundation perhaps?
hearing her speak english sounds like she has a mouth full of cotton

No. 171425

I'm saging this because late but you are lying. She wasn't 13, she was 16, and it's in the old Venus threads here inc caps.

By all means critique Venus if you want but this thread reads like some of Margo's favourite lies. Literally other threads in this same site prove that "fact" wrong.

No. 171426

yes, 45 at least

No. 171438

yeah, i was gonna say, especially at the beginning of the video she was looking like her mom

No. 171444

she always sounds like she's yelling

No. 171457

cant believe its not in manure, this thread is full of weebs who are just jealous they dont have their own jap dick and want to take it out on a poor girl whose been abused by her mother the majority of her life

No. 171460

Oh don't say jap, I thought it wasn't big deal bc I saw someone saying that on Kirsten thread and explaining and people said it wasn't big deal so I asked my husband and told me it's actually still very offensive and sad, I told him people nowadays just say jap because it's easier, but he told me 'people should never forget history, it's important to know' so yeah, about the jealousy of the japanese dick… well I think you can't generalize. We have the right to have this thread since we cannot say anything on Margo's thread. To be honest I don't even believe she had such a terrible life, yes Margo is a crazy bitch obsessed with money and fucking needs to get a job, but I cannot blame on Margaret for evrrything Venus does now.

No. 171463

Some people here live/have lived in Japan or have a relationship tho, if her stans just leave this thread alone and let people discuss whatever they want this thread would be less aggressive, her stans derail this and other threads when trying to protect her ass, let Venus prove she changed, her fans are just annoying.

No. 171465

She's forcing her voice in her videos like always, she doesn't talk like that in public, idk why she keeps forcing her old online persona… for someone who started a "new life", she's still making the same mistakes.

No. 171466

File: 1473105832421.gif (431.75 KB, 500x276, tumblr_lj7a6jKcEB1qa6spbo1_500…)

there's no fucking milk

can't you boys shut up until Manaki reaches his final form

No. 171476

Boys? Manakis final form? lek.

No. 171480

Do you have evidence of her real voice?

It'll make your claim more valid instead of coming off like a bitter 12 year old.

No. 171482


Her voice hurts my ears… I've not watched her videos in ages and this was just… Why is she dressed in one of those dodgy uniforms? Why do people think this is cute? It's just creepy. She isn't of high school age anymore, not even there and with a Japanese husband too. It just screams… all sorts of wrong shit. But whatever. Tumblr girls did it too ect ect.

This is why Venus never drew me in… she tries too hard and its painful. Glad she's got a new life but its always so cringeworthy watching her. You know those presenters that host little kids tv shows where they have to be enthusiastic? Its like that. Yet her audience is like fucking young women and teenagers.

Venus should go for becoming a Japanese preschool teacher or kids tv host. She'd suit it.

No. 171483


Who cares what she sounds like anon? It used to annoy me when people thought she sounded Japanese years back. She sounded swiss and I don't know how people couldn't tell! How deaf have you got to fucking be.

No. 171484


Manaki is a bore. I don't know why people are either jealous or bothered about him. His only purpose to Venus is shelter and those two tiny hairy sacks in-between his hollow legs that carry millions of uguu totemo kawaii swimmers. Those are her meal ticket to spawning a possible future model or tarento = more yen, more future in glorious nippon.

No. 171489

can you reach harder

No. 171501

Uhm yes, we don't need to prove this we know it from years ago, watch her old videos when she's among other adults and she also talks different in Tay tay's vlogs. Anon this is a well known fact, she forces her voice is nothing new. Stop saying 'you are 12' to everyone who has a different opinion than yours.

No. 171505

Tbh I don't think she's going to be hired as a model/talento, she's married and soon will be in her 20s, two main components that are a No-No for someone who has very few experience in this area, too late for a start. Plus all the experience she had on TV and modeling resulted in drama, bad bad publicity. She'll stick at her yt videos.

No. 171507

Is this margo

No. 171510

She doesn't have to get a TV/ magazines/fame realted job tho, she can still study something at a university, she's earning money now that she has her channel back so she should use some of that money to study something while she's young, I hope she can go to a school in Japan and make friends there, it's the best thing she can for herself in my opinion.

No. 171514

File: 1473112714757.jpg (25.34 KB, 311x314, 1469418946728.jpg)

It's that man hating femnazianon again that's always defending her kawaii uguu fantasy girlfriends from their imaginary opression

No. 171563

'people should never forget history its important to know' so using that logic anon, venus was sheltered her entire life and controlled by a known narc who threatened her, threw a knife at her, and hit her, along with many other emotionally crippling things throughout her childhood, maybe, just maybe shes a little awkward from being so sheltered, she talks funny because shes been carted around from country to country since she was was what, 13? she has weird interests bc being cute was her only outlet from her intolerable home life? ya'll literally nitpick venus to death for the most trifling shit but get butthurt bc of the term jap on a forum,fucking retarded logic

No. 171565

>she can still study something at a university,
Jesus man, she didn't even finish high school. All these 'universities' Margo sent her to were just paid language courses to get visas.

No. 171568

the problem with this thread is that it's going to become a full-time forum for people like mimii or those who fangirl after vexxed. I appreciate there are real people here but this thread was amistake. like for taylor, discussion of venus as a youtuber should be rolled into the jvloggers thread. otherwise this thread will be hijacked daily by people who are trolling the rest of you.

No. 171578

I agree, Venus on her own is a weeb however she's not interesting or even ridiculous enough to deserve her own thread, this shit would normally dry up but since Vexxed is going to send his total of 4 minions here to come shit up PULL, we're going to have a lot of fuckery going on this thread. Venus' shit with her mom deserves to be in the Margo thread but Venus by herself just doesn't deserve to be on anything other than the Jvlogger thread bc she's pretty boring imo. And tbh everyone always asks why she doesn't do this or that, maybe she just wants to lie low and stay at home for a while, I don't really see her as the type to actually want to model or partner up with people like these other youtubers.

No. 171612

Dude. Do you live in Japan or have you even been here? She's a standard otaku, and even though she's a weirdo to the mainstream, she has lots of company. So many mid-twenties otaku women wearing seifuku or even cross-dressing on weekends, playing the burikko angle and frequenting sweets cafes. Like nothing about Venus is unique or unusual in that community.

Check out a Nico nama stream sometime and see an average to below attractive 30 year old woman, in twin tails, talking like a slow child while doing a LP or a masked girl conducting her broadcast in character, with the most ear-splitting anime girl voice. I don't understand why anyone expects Venus to go all normalfag, hook up with a bro or humorless salaryman and drop her nerdy interests. She's playing to the same audience she always has. But that doesn't mean she's acting like a screaming, disrespectful retard off camera.

And Jesus butt-fucking Christ. Who keeps getting hung up on the pet names? You sound so uptight and boring.

No. 171618

It's not a mistake, everytime someone said something about Venus on Margo's thread the answer was : Make a Venus thread. So this is the space for that.

Jvlogger thread is about Sharla's group, Venus is only friends with Taylor, not exactly part of that group and not exactly a vlogger, so no I don't thibk she fits in there. Actually when anons talked about her there the answer was: Make a Venus thread. Not all of us feel like enjoying her videos and actions, we can discuss about her just like you do with any other girl. I hope you understand.

No. 171620

No. 171621

I was watching it a few momments ago… that video reminded me of something my 4 years old niece watchs, is like one of those videos of people unboxing candy and products for children , that kind of shit gets a lot of views. The funny thing is that all those candy is not for a little girl, Venus bought it for herself. So yeah V chan, answering your question.. yes you are old for that shit haha

No. 171626

Oh Jesus I'm so sick of the whole she's to old to like this or that crap, some of you anons can be really close minded and petty sometimes, she likes cute shit so what?

No. 171630

Lol, I don't even think Dakota's whiteknights were this defensive.

No. 171632

She asked that, we only answer her question: Yes you are too old for that Venus.

No. 171633

You see, anon, there's a thing called subjectivity.

What you may perceive and think may not apply to others. Perhaps you have yet to understand that.

No. 171656

It's only trinkets and candies. If she takes care of them, she can pass them on to her future children. Otherwise, they serve as cute decoration.

It's not like she's going adult baby with a shitty diaper and "Daddy" talk. Do you want her to start collecting novelty condoms to prove she is adult enough for you?

No. 171658

I agree. There are some legit concrit in here and I can understand people not liking Venus, her videos and such but some of this shit sounds like eurofag mimii, Ass Labrynth and Vexfag supporters. This thread is shit at the moment.

No. 171727

>>future sloth eyed mongolian hafu

The racebaiting needs to stop.

We've heard the complaints and many reports about this thread; at some point it may be best to combine Venus with the jvlogger thread if there's no milk. But for now the thread can stay.

As you were.

No. 172196

File: 1473336332864.png (1.72 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160908-130216.png)

She's so fucking bad at photoshop. Look at those arms - especially the crook of the elbow. Terrible.

No. 172200

Tbf jewtube is a pretty common nickname for YouTube

No. 172203

I feel like there's one person with a hate boner for Venus ITT who keeps reaching desperately. Her "elbow crooks" clearly aren't shooped… her arms are different widths because they're at different angles.

No. 172205

What if it's Margo

No. 172209

Yep >>172196 is trying to sound like an authentic farmer, and is not carrying it off too well

No. 172210

Margo would love that this thread exists

No. 172255

Omfg. I swear every time I post anything that isn't putting her on a pedestal and worshipping her I either get blamed as being Margo or Vexxed. She has clearly shooped her arms to make them thinner but not liquefied her elbow area or forearm to be thinner. Y'all fucking nobheads keep crying wolf.

No. 172287

File: 1473365426455.png (196.18 KB, 911x184, littlesister.png)

Her fans are really puzzled by Manaki's omelette IG pic and the caption lol.

No. 172296

if your beliefs line up with margos or vexxeds, you should re-evaluate a thing or two

No. 172309

>>if your beliefs don't lick her arse we will always be a bastard and call you out about it.

No. 172326

I really don't want another 16-hour sperg fest about manaki calling venus his imouto on here. the last one in the marg thread gave me ass cancer

No. 172335

I dislike how the Margo thread and this thread overlap… I too cannot be bothered to hear about the imouto thing again…

No. 172338

Same with vexx thread, should have just kept it contained to one thread.

No. 172379

Not everyone is a photoshop queen and its bot like its Kota level.
Overreact much.
Its barely noticeable

No. 172380

Honestly, I think Venus is a pretty genuine girl.

She isn't that milk worthy but she does get pretty cringey in her videos.

I think she's doing some great things with her life nowadays tho

No. 172383

?? I'm not seeing it

No. 172384

I think she probably just used some beauty app like Beauty Plus, nothing drastic but her legs are clearly different sizes and it's easy to see how the rest of the photo employs other basic beauty app tools. It's nothing against Venus since pretty much everyone who knows about those apps uses them these days, though, and wanting to present yourself well in extremely public settings/photographs isn't some unusual behavior.

No. 172644

shes still a weeb

No. 172701

You don't find it more amusing the part where everyone does a 360 and is all OMG POOR VENUS!!!!1 SHES SUCH A KIND SOUL after giving her shit for a while?

No. 172706

are you daft lol the world isnt black and white, having sympathy for someone because they were being emotionally and physically abused by their narc mom doesnt mean you want to crawl up their asshole either. opinions change, try not to be so buttblasted about it

No. 172709

that's a 180.

No. 172718

Never said they want to crawl up her ass.

Never said the world was black and white either.

I see you like pulling shit out of your ass though.

Vitue signaller. You're still a piece of shit for being on this website. But please, keep pretending to be a nice guy on lolcow, lol.

No. 172719

Virtue** :))))00(:))))00 )

No. 172722

Yeah I was debating in my head whether to use 180 or 360, I went with 360 because I thought lolcowers were too stupid to understand the common 360 didnt really make sense.

No. 172773

Whoa man, control that edge

No. 172780

File: 1473506274493.gif (841.12 KB, 450x254, giphy.gif)

No. 172782

Fucking hate this gif. So overused.

No. 172804

I don't think you know how to use edgy properly.

No. 173007

Venus eating Mcdonalds again… she literally eats at macdo twice a week.. sad.

No. 173008

That drama is already annoying and boring and Vexxed is getting attention from that so don't keep it alive, just let that cancer die and move on. Venus is with Manaki now: new chapter.

No. 173012

Holy shit. Second so hard. And it's from fucking tumblr, too.

No. 173013

Yet she's still skinnier than you

No. 173014

How is eating McDonalds sad?

Their artisan chicken sandwich and egg white delight are hella macro friendly

No. 173017

WHAT!!!!! She eats food?! Like a person?! Who does she think she is!!!!

No. 173032

We don't know for sure how often she eats there a week, and McDonald's is very popular in Japan. Two times a week, for a single meal won't kill her. We know she does like cooking, though.

No. 173034

Eating mcdo once in a while is Ok, but it's sad when you eat their shitty burgers twice a week, and she's not eating that sandwich tho, she can do better.

Who said "eating food is bad" ? Her poor food choices is the main point, not the act of eating.

Actually, No.

Well, she posted many Mcdo selfies this week, and it's starting to look like something she does often so yeah. Yes it is popular, but it doesn't mean it's healthy and the world knows mc burgers are cheap junk food.

No. 173035

Have you ever been to a Japanese McDonalds? Its not exactly the artery clogging grease-buckets like in the US

No. 173036

There are body builders who eat mcds everyday, mcds isnt the problem

No. 173039

Yes, and it's still junk food, they know, the world knows.

They have a specific diet and follow instructions, not Venus's case. Her eating habits are just bad, very poor choices. We don't know what else she eats but based on her videos and what she posts on IG, yes, it's a unhealthy lifestyle. Ask any nutritionist.

This is not supossed to be an insult, I'm actually kinda worried.

No. 173040

>We don't know what else she eats but based on her videos and what she posts on IG, yes, it's a unhealthy lifestyle.

exactly, we don't know everything she eats so how can we make a leap in assumption to say whether her diet is healthy or not???

No. 173048

IOW, she's pretty much the same as EVERY OTHER TEENAGER in the developed world.

No. 173049

This shit right here is why this thread is trash.
Its full of reaching and assumptions.
Eating McD isnt a problem. Japan's McDs is so different than America's. And who cares if shes eating McDs?! Its not you.

No. 173050

Based on what she posts that's what we got, that's they way she's portraying herself. Most of what we call evidence here about others is based on what they post, Venus is no exception. She actually has a video talking about how she stays thin, which consists in having only a warm yogurt for breakfast, ask any nutritionist if that's a good idea.

No. 173053

File: 1473581294729.gif (779.81 KB, 500x270, 3673_600.gif)

who gives a fuck, let's be real
You wouldn't give a fuck if a random person where starving or eating badly why feign some "concern" for her. Fat people are disgusting, bottom line, I don't care about their health and I don't pretend to, I just don't like looking at them but Venus isn't fat so who really gives a fuck?

No. 173054

You think is trash because you obviously are doing your best to defend her, if you could just read without thinking everything that doesn't sound pretty is just "trash". Japan's mcdo is crap, we can say it's different from America's, but still crap, they know it. Venus eating at Mcdonalds and other crap restaurants pretty often and her binge eating videos are a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle.

No. 173055

This is not about if she's fat, it's about how unhealthy her lifestyle looks like and what she claims in her videos.

No. 173056

Why does she need to have a healthy lifestyle? What has she claimed? That she doesn't have an eating disorder?

No. 173057

You literal have no idea what venus eats or how she spends her days.
Her lifestyle seems pretty normal to me. Most folks in the world eat at fast foods evety othervday. Its easier and cheaper. And she hasnt made a binge watching video since she left Margo.
Her eating habits arent my concern. Worry more about her mother's obsession with her and pray she jumps back to the river she came from so Venus can live easier.

Hell this thread barely talks about her actual posts and are full of tards like you concern trolling.

No. 173059

Because it's supposed everyone should have a healthy lifestyle and be in a good physical condition to stay away from hospitals and live longer maybe? dah there're many basic reasons why you should have a healthy lifestyle.

No. 173061

This thread is about Venus, not Margo. That's why we have two different threads, if you want to discuss about maggot, she's in PT.

This was about her actual posts, she just posted a selfie eating Mcdo AGAIN.

No. 173062

She has videos talking about what she eats and what she does to stay thin, it's not an assumption. She explained it herself. Lol

No. 173063

File: 1473582411295.png (15.42 KB, 1003x175, ss (2016-09-11 at 01.24.38).pn…)

Dont shit talk mcdonalds, this has less fat than two eggs

No. 173064

So yeah, basically we're back at, "who gives a shit.
Whatever I'll be back when we have a legitimately big reason to dislike this chick, I personally have a shittier lifestyle and eating habits than Venus bc I am a college student who lives on beans and rice so I'm not going to sit around playing concern troll.

No. 173065

Sorry, but Venus is not eating a chicken sandwich, she's eating mcdo burgers often and all sorts of crap, full of trans fat and satured fats.

No. 173069

So you go to the gym every other day, never eat fast food, drink 2 lt water daily, have a 5 step skincare routine, get all your vitamins and veggies, go to doctors for a check up every six months, etc etc etc?

Because if you don't that's hypocritical. Where do you draw the line? Are we all doing wrong and deserve to be shamed if we don't do that?

I'm not even defending veenos, just think that since she's not a health guru she has literally no obligation to lead a particularly healthy lifestyle.

No. 173073

Which video? Did she claim to be a health guru and knows how to add 7 years you ones life? If not fuck off. Eating McDs isnt gonna kill you any faster than awhole lot of other shit.
And you are getting asd blasted that she eats

No. 173074

I'm a college student too and I eat healthy and do exercise, you can always find time and a way to improve your lifestyle.

Yes, that's basically what I do, included the etc etc. I'm not hypocritical, that's why I'm telling you.

Venus is not a health guru, she called herself the guru of cuteness, I don't see the cuteness in eating a bread the size of her head, I don't think it's right to eat only a warm yogurt for breakfast, that's why people like freelee and other youtubers roast people who talk about their crazy and unhealthy tips or diets, if you go to the comment section of that video, you'll see a lot of people saying that's a terrible eating habit.

No. 173075

Health nut anon, you're getting crazy. She's not going to post every boring thing she makes, especially when her fans are young kids who love junk food. Did you consider that she may not be posting her everyday homemade meals because they're not as visually stimulating to 15 year olds? Unless she masters presentation for the healthier stuff, junk gets more comments.

Another thought: Manaki usually comes home very late/early morning. Picking something up at 24 hour McDonalds on the way home is not unusual for late-night workers and maybe Venus stays awake to share with him.

No. 173076

Lol so u r saying it's easier to buy gross burgers instead of a salad (mcdo has salads and grill chicken, even apples) or a bento from 7eleven or something less shitty than a mc burger? Honestly I'd never let my husband buy me that shit for dinner that often, I respect my body, There are more options even at night tho

No. 173078

Do you have a working husband?

No. 173079

who the fuck calls mcdonalds mcdos

what backwards country do you hail from

No. 173080

Healthy food is visually stimulating wtf IG is flooded with kawaii bentos and all sorts of healthy yummy food but you think teens only like to see and eat shit? how stupid that is?

No. 173082

HER fans. Not you. Not me.

No. 173083

It's actually makudo マクド. It's tge common nickname in Japan.

No. 173084

Name too long, it's just an abbreviation, if you google it, McDonalds appears in the results.

Yes, actually, but I prefer not to give details about this.

I know that, I like Mcdo. nitpicking

No. 173085

She has 1 million subscribers, not all of them are stupid, she's not doing it for her fans lol, she's posting crap because she likes crap.

No. 173087

Herusu-chan, you are getting too riled up over this.

Do you openly hiss at people who walk out of fast food restaurants? I mean, fat asses are one thing, but thin teenagers letting loose once in a while? You're judging her real
life, not just online image, from just her instagram.

It's absolutely bonkers that a simple McDonald's burger in her hand sets you off and makes you decide she's a gross pig with one foot in the grave.

No. 173088

You have some reading comprehension problems then. She said she eats ONLY 1 warm yogurth for breakfast to "stay thin" which is BS, it's a crap tip, ask any nutritionist if you can binge food often and then have a restrictive calorie. All of you defending her obvious shitty lifestyle is just sad, I know you like her but you can't defend her even for what is obviously wrong. She has to change that or she's going end up in a hospital again.

No. 173091

I just answer what you all write to me.

It wasn't a simple burger , I was pointing out she's eating burgers quite often, and you all raged over that tiny comment because you cannot stand someone not talking only pretty things about her. it's not a gross pig, it's just a very unhealthy girl.

No. 173092

People are more raging that you insulted McDonald's, not Venus

Pick your battles and shut up

No. 173094

Yeah… now this is only because I insulted McDonald's LOL. Sure. If you read again, you'll see they were witheknighting Venus all this time, if someone says something they don't like to hear, that anon is immediately attacked by her white knights. That's why people get tired of this thread, it's not because there're are not things to say, it's because no one can say anything about her, even if its constructive criticism. If we talk about Venus, everything is normal and totally ok. Why only this aplly for Venus? why not for the rest here in snow? So based on her whiteknights logic /Snow/ shouldn't exist then.

No. 173095

File: 1473589712469.png (3.32 MB, 1520x2149, perfect body challenge.png)

>"if she doesn't keep on (…) flaunting her ananess"

Yeah. It's not like she made a video, proving how she's having the 'perfect body' just to tell her audience "Hey it doesn't matter!"
No, but really… why dedicate half your video to showing how you can do all those things when it doesn't matter? And lbr, she does look pretty proud when doing those things. It looks more like an extended body check than anything else.

No. 173097

Because her tryhard fans are just glad she ran away to live with her now "sibling" and all the shit she said a few months magically disappeared.

No. 173098

I don't remember any other girl on yt doing this "perfect body challenge", actually Venus was the first person I saw doing it.

No. 173125

You fucking Westerners and assuming even that the food items in Asia are equally "shitty" or "junk food" as America need to learn that even if there are same brands in Japan, the recipe and level of shitiness is significantly different.

No. 173127

>Yes, that's basically what I do, included the etc
Really? I'm glad for you, seriously. Still, although health isn't subjective cuteness is, and like it or not, some think eating a bread the size of your head is cute. Mostly people who distance their cute from the real life and just think it looks cute without thinking of how it affects the body, because who cares about a kawaii girl's 2D body?

And anyway, even though I admire your good habits (I'm trying to build some myself) nobody has a moral obligation to follow them. It sounds silly to criticize her for that alone.

No. 173132

If you think that was Venus's idea and not Margaret's you lack critical thinking skills.

No. 173139

Her idea or not, she does look proud. And lbr she's not good enough of an actress to fake it, not to that extent. Fuck off, whiteknight.

No. 173141

By any chance, isn't mcdonalds anon the same anon who thought Venoos eats 3kg puddings and 100 chicken nuggets in a daily basis? kek

No. 173154

Going down the slippery slope of what facial expressions should be generalized to equate to certain feelings or way females carry themselves, kiddo. What are people supposed to look like when they are proud? Seriously, you sound like someone who will tell others, oh that girl had the look that she wanted to be raped.
… :|

No. 173163

chemist here with extensive physiology and nutrition edu.

Saturated fats are very misunderstood.Its understandable though, maybe people avoid fats and carbs and sugar because they have little understanding and nutrition education is limited.

Educate yourself- many think shit like adkins and paleo is good for you kek

No. 173165

What? Anon take your meds.

No. 173167

In Margos thread
Anon1: Venus is cringy!!
Anon2: This is Margos thread don't derail, go make a Venus thread and sperg in there!!

Venus thread is made
Anon1: Venus is cringy!!
Anon2: There's no milk here!! and proceeds to get overly defensive

What gives? Why do some of you anons keep bumping this thread?

No. 173173

Lol predictable answer, white knights always say everything was Maggot's idea, when you can't defend her anymore, just blame others.

Like anon said, her idea or not, he does look proud in that video.

Anon, there're anons literally criticizing Mimei because she has greasy hair, or Rachel pronuncing Jun "wrong", and you crying when someone says anything about Venus? You're in lolcow not PULL.


Chemist anon, no one said she needs to avoid fats,carbs and sugar, those are necessary too, read again, I said her diet is full of trans fats and satured fats which we all know eating those quite often <- this is key in that comment, is bad for your health. nice try.

No. 173177

No one is bumping it, this thread is here for a reason but overly defensive white knights are trying hard to protect her ass and are making of lolcow their Venus's delusional official fan base. Not so many threads ago they were discussing every single detail.

No. 173187

Moved to >>>/b/109867.

No. 173189

Thread has been moved to /b/ so it can still facilitate discussion. There is no milk here, though.

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