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File: 1432661603195.png (567.49 KB, 466x713, tumblr_nnta4qY1LR1tkw6jho3_500…)

No. 110937

Ok u jelly pedolesbians (dakooter reference, you guys are all kawaii living dorrus), let's make a Sims game with our favourite lolcows and make them fight for fame in a kawaii house.
I don't have the game myself but i would love to see that happen.

No. 110944

>mfw sold my sims game a while ago
I-I'll never be able to make a Sims of our queen ;_;

No. 111003

File: 1432667543462.jpg (58.46 KB, 778x600, 9cdc8d7daf08f6d8ae435123ebfaa1…)


No. 111032

File: 1432668323243.gif (489.18 KB, 500x363, goddess.gif)

Are you using sims4?
I now have a need to make pt in game.

Also I think this thread would be better off in /b/.

No. 111034


No. 111035

File: 1432668506158.jpg (58.08 KB, 380x374, 1431498455309.jpg)

>tfw graphic card died

can't play shite

No. 111042

OP here i used to use sims2 for my lolcows back when i had the sims but i think anon used sims4 tho.
Idk about moving the thread since it's ABOUT all the lolcows? But we shall wait and see. And if it truly bother i guess we can ask admin-senpai to move it gently

No. 111048

I'm at work and I have the sims 3
This is going to be my life for the next 34 hours when I get off

No. 111050

The sims 2 one is spot on.
I think OP made kaka too cute.

No. 111066

Oh god yes, pls deliver

No. 111068

File: 1432669409386.jpg (63.62 KB, 419x768, rusenation.jpg)

Sims 2 can probably make good likenesses, especially for those creepy porcelain doll wannabes.

But the autonomy and traits in Sims 3 are more fun. The only likeness I made that wasn't a total failure was Parkourdude91.

Sims 4 looks like it can produce better likenesses than Sims 2 but the selection of traits is pitiful.

No. 111074

Make a house with Ashley Finch and her minions.

No. 111076

And a Chris-Chan house oh my god. I'm so upset that I don't have the sims rn.

No. 111085

Make a Big Brother-like house with lolcow.farm's biggest stars

No. 111098

I'm gonna give it a crack and see how well I do.

If you have steam it goes on sale during the summer/christmas time. Bought the main sims 3, and then three DLCs for around 10 bucks.

No. 111101

We need:
Dakooter (her old version will do)
Weenus Angelic (let's put her old weeb version since she's boring af now)
PT, off course, or kawaii queen
Charlotte Charms, oh imagine putting her in lolita again!!! But while still fatty.
Also at least one fakeboi would be cool.
And maybe Sluttypon

No. 111119

File: 1432671200459.jpg (253.44 KB, 933x450, kikisims.jpg)

I just tried making Kiki on ts2 body shop, I just ended up making her look like that model, Gisele Bundchen, an anon compared her to in her thread.

No. 111121

File: 1432671515017.png (83.99 KB, 582x483, lawlfactory.PNG)

Only the hair to change and it's perf, also laugh lines if you can?
I made Venus and Kooter, not on the Sims but on that thing called kisekae???
Hope you still enjoy it

No. 111125

I believe I still have the Sims 3. I could try out the disk later and see if my computer can handle running it. If so, if be happy to create a House of Cows, even though I don't have a lot of customization/skins/ect.

No. 111128

I have Sims Medieval on my computer but I don't want to imagine kawaii uguu-chans in medieval ages.

No. 111131

Hmmm… I have the Sims4… At work currently however.

No. 111149

I am now off, I will deliver once I have screenshots!

No. 111152

File: 1432674469711.png (1.09 MB, 1342x900, lolptsim.png)

Working on PTs face. Does it look like her nose needs to be longer? Also do her eyes look too big/youthful?

Tips are welcomed.

No. 111153

File: 1432674480721.jpg (6.38 KB, 300x168, surenigga.jpg)

Shit guna be gud

No. 111155

Sharpen the chin, widen the nose bridge and squint the eyes a little and she should look closer to PT

No. 111157

File: 1432674674167.jpg (322.89 KB, 925x581, kikisims2.jpg)

I found some cc for laugh lines, but I haven't found any cc for hair that is long, straight, super thin, and her color.
In the middle image, I thought I'd make her a Kota clone.
And the right image, I thought the hairstyle looked a lot like the hairstyle she had on that ep that she was trying to famous off of in Japan.

No. 111168

File: 1432675515336.png (1.15 MB, 1342x900, lolpt2.png)


Okay i've updated it some,and took off all the makeup cause the queen doesn't need any of it.

No. 111169

Absolutely perfect.

No. 111171

Also I haven't added the blue circle lens yet, or even planned her outfits.

No. 111173


No. 111176

Can you make the mouth sit a little lower? If it was a bit lower it'd be spot on.

No. 111180

I can check, but I think I have it as low as it can go.

No. 111184

File: 1432677827974.png (1.7 MB, 1600x900, lolpt3.png)

Ok should she wear a kimono for everyday wear or a school uniform?

I tried that's as low as the lips can go.

No. 111194

File: 1432678687999.png (796.3 KB, 992x726, kawaiilolipt.png)

Heres a close up of the school uniform.

No. 111195

Kimono for formal and school girl for normal wear ?

No. 111196

i can't decide. i feel like the school uniform is very new pt, and the kimono is very classic pt.

No. 111197

File: 1432678782038.png (501.7 KB, 494x755, kawaiilolipt2.png)

No. 111202


jesus fucking christ

No. 111203

Ops picture looks like audrey

No. 111206

File: 1432679639299.gif (1.47 MB, 350x197, tumblr_ncffjh6Ow21r9xitko1_400…)

No. 111213

File: 1432680073457.png (545.13 KB, 595x813, ptsleepwear.png)

Lol thanks.
I'm gonna do the school uniform for everyday.

Thoughts on the sleepwear?

No. 111214

File: 1432680093710.jpg (117.15 KB, 1024x768, Screenshot-29.jpg)

Took a crack at this Charlotte character. Can't get the mouth to look right.

Also, Chris chan since someone mentioned him.

No. 111215

File: 1432680245435.png (585.03 KB, 681x755, Weebenough.png)

I made the kimono more weeb for the queen.

OMFG I love chris chan. 10/10

No. 111216

Thread belongs in /b/ but I'm going to keep it here anyway, because it's earned it.

No. 111217

I thought it was Audrey until I read the caption. Looks JUST like her.

No. 111218

Bra and socks are perfect, but I think I'd prefer the panties to be a little more granny-style than bikini style. Perhaps I'm being too picky, I just want the representation of our queen to be perfect!

No. 111221

File: 1432680720664.png (317.26 KB, 449x557, piggyqueen.png)

I don't have granny ones, but I do have a pig pair.

No. 111223

can you pull out the stomach more?

No. 111224

No unfortunately.
I could if I had sims 4.

No. 111229

Hm nice try anon. But yet she is way too skinny for our queen like the chara is not even slightly chub. But it is a good beginning though!!

No. 111231

The avi is sliightly chub already. My bad. She needs moar flab tho.

No. 111233

File: 1432681837646.png (377.45 KB, 652x636, schoolswim.png)

School swimsuit?

Im looking into adding on sliders for the game, so she can be pt size.

No. 111234

T-Thanks admin chama

No. 111235

File: 1432681934300.png (474.16 KB, 515x783, 2.png)

No. 111236


There's a custom slider mod at modthesims you might be able to use for that.

Here's another one that lets you give sims a shelf ass.

Also a height adjuster but that will probably make all the interactions look weird.

No. 111237

maybe its too late bu i.think pts school uniform is too matchy for her. her newer kawaii outfits dont have this much color coordination

No. 111238

Sugoi desu. The pastel uniform is my fav so far.
Needs more stumpy legs too if you can do it. She is very short it always surprises me. But very stumpy too. Also maybe she shod have her kawaii straight fringe?

No. 111240

Keep the concept but find something less matchy-matchy and more messy yet still kawaii and very child like. That or a cosplay…Oh Shampoo cosplay i miss ye

No. 111242

Yeah I saw those, also found another one.
Just need to register and download them.

I tried really hard to make it missmatch, and I just couldn't leave it alone.

Thanks. I'll see what I can do to make her more stumpy. And the two cuts That I have for a blunt bang would give her hair waaaay too much volume. So I went with the weeby ageplay pigtails.

No. 111251

please change her eyebrows they are too thick and too well groomed

No. 111275

File: 1432683863153.png (432.29 KB, 888x646, suzysim.png)

My Suzy attempt. I gave her the comedian aspiration because we all know how funny she is. I was kinda stumped on traits because Sims 4 has like none.

No. 111282

File: 1432684352954.png (477.48 KB, 935x646, ptsim.png)

And the queen, of course, complete with giant kawaii circle lenses.

No. 111283

Not enough FAS.

No. 111286

Yeah, there's no get rid of philtrum option. :( She just doesn't look right with one.

No. 111289

hahaha i love your PT

No. 111304

brb looking for my sides

No. 111355

File: 1432691251659.png (448.69 KB, 1057x590, ashsim.png)

Ashley enters the fray.

No. 111356


Holy shit, my sides. Bless you anon.

No. 111357

No. 111358


No. 111359

File: 1432691800927.gif (936.68 KB, 320x214, laughing-skeleton-o.gif)

I can't breathe oh my god.

No. 111360

File: 1432691811770.png (1.15 MB, 1328x700, bingan.png)

No. 111361

oh my god dont; any of you fucking plebs have cc? get a non default skin or some shit. vanilla sims look like complete shit in every game.

No. 111364

Calm down sandy vagina

No. 111371

>>sandy vagina
well aren't you edgy and original.

No. 111373

Top fucking kek

No. 111391

Still sandy

No. 111400

File: 1432694445516.jpg (749.34 KB, 1024x768, Screenshot-7.jpg)


I think I do use a non-Maxis skin. It's just not a high-res one. I tend to avoid high-res textures and high-poly models whenever possible.

Most of my other CC is for socials like punching out a bouncer when I bribe him and he tells me to fuck off.

No. 111408

Charms needs a bigger nose.

No. 111421

the one on the right is spot on

No. 111464

I'm dying. That's fucking magical. Please tell me we can get her weird toddler outfits and ugly wig into this.

No. 111499


No. 111538

File: 1432707101468.jpg (95.99 KB, 1024x768, Screenshot-33.jpg)

All right.

No. 111542

File: 1432707545148.png (392.63 KB, 371x930, thequeen.png)

I didn't bother to download the full game, but I got the demo.
Here's my version of PT with the limited demo freebies.

No. 111545

she's not that big

No. 111571

Her thighs aren't that big are they? Maybe it's the proportions making me think they are too big.

No. 111573

you're right. she's not pear shaped, more apple shaped. if you made her shorter and her hips narrower she'd look more accurate.

No. 111577

Oh no lolcow don't do this to me. I used to have sims3 and about a billion expansions and stuff packs installed, as well as tons of custom content, but I uninstalled and deleted all of it because it took up so much space on my crummy laptop.
I am not reinstalling sims3 I am not reinstalling sims3 I am not reinstal… oh fuck it I'm reinstalling sims 3.

No. 111669

File: 1432732958287.jpg (252.15 KB, 552x1336, Screenshot-43.jpg)

My Pixy and Dakooter
Though I didn't take any real good shot's of the latter… my queen was just to kawaii and entertaining

No. 111751

I hope that pizza is vegan.

No. 111867

You should make a comic with these screenshots

No. 111973

Bonehilda strikes again omfg

No. 111975


my sides i am at work but damn you made me laugh harder than i should.

yessss. Now if you dress her in lawlita it's the best day ever. Man i wish she would go back to lolita

Agreed with other anons, she's more apple shaped than pear shaped, also work on her face a bit more and it's perf!

I love you anon

No. 111976

Oooh dakochan it's not very vegan

Your PT is perfect seriously. Dakota is adorable.

No. 111982

"can this fat pedolesbian stfu i am trying to eat my pizza with grace and kawaii"

No. 111984

File: 1432756076010.jpg (108.63 KB, 854x482, screenshot521_thumb.jpg)

Mooooommmmm I want to go to Targetttt.

No. 112068

File: 1432760723272.png (877.97 KB, 2274x666, suzyberhow.png)

My Suzy sim.

No. 112071

File: 1432760830601.png (692.3 KB, 1936x666, chrischan.png)

My horrible attempt at Chris-chan.

Forever on his love-quest.

No. 112075

File: 1432760919504.png (794.94 KB, 2274x666, pixyteri.png)

And finally PT.

Not sure who else to add to the household. I don't have an CC downloaded lmao sorry.

No. 112090

these are amazing anon… bless

No. 112112

File: 1432762818928.gif (58.75 KB, 412x280, Topkeks.gif)

Anon my sides! Have all the keks!

No. 112113

I would watch the shit out of this house

No. 112115

oh. my. god.
im dying

No. 112130

All of them seem to be more attractive in the Sims no matter how accurate you guys try to make them.

No. 112137

File: 1432765234557.jpg (15.09 KB, 296x271, 10384898_1582147685352774_3606…)

top fucking kek

You win anon, you win
Fucking perfect

No. 112145

Pls more Penus and Dakooter

No. 112162

I will upload my Chris-chan, Berry and Venus once the be lets me back on the computer
These are beautiful anon

No. 112187

File: 1432769156305.jpg (146.98 KB, 532x748, Screenshot-32.jpg)

Pixy, Dakota, Chris-Chan and Venus

No. 112188

File: 1432769199965.jpg (77.72 KB, 521x401, Screenshot-27.jpg)

Berry and Chris-Chan

No. 112189

File: 1432769251241.jpg (72.53 KB, 564x423, Screenshot-35.jpg)

A lovely close up of my Queen

No. 112191

FUcking lol at berry

No. 112193

File: 1432769493542.png (395.09 KB, 704x650, kawaiitho.png)

PT got herself some kawaii burando.

No. 112195

So kawaii they all eat pizza together

No. 112196

Oh my god yes

No. 112198


No. 112203

Yellow or pink for sure, it's too gothic for PT

No. 112211

If only there was a way to make it tight and unfitting…

No. 112247

File: 1432774452018.png (925.69 KB, 1366x768, 05-27-15_8-47 PM.png)

Just finished building Suzy's room.
Tried to make it as gaudy and goffick af.

(Not pictured, Suzy's very own fridge)

No. 112248

Dakota looks like she's gonna puke.

No. 112249

File: 1432774487710.png (364.52 KB, 708x612, debtbyburando.png)

I was just thinking about that bunny salopette she had that was black, but I guess she wore that like one time maybe.

PT gets new burando part 2. The bow doesn't really match but she wasn't ever known for her coords anyway.

No. 112250

File: 1432774510221.png (983.38 KB, 1366x768, 05-27-15_8-47 PM-2.png)

Another view.
I'm pretty new to building lmao.

No. 112252

File: 1432774638635.png (946.45 KB, 1366x768, 05-27-15_8-48 PM.png)

She also has a walk-in closet filled with clothes she will only wear once.

No. 112254

File: 1432774851037.png (970.69 KB, 1366x768, 05-27-15_8-59 PM.png)

Chris has his own bedroom too. He lives in the basement.

No. 112266

Looks less cluttered and somehow less kiddy than the real Chris's room

No. 112270

you forgot the three foot tall pile of trash chris must wade through to get from his bed to the door. otherwise, wonderful.

As another anon said already, I love how every lolcow is much more appealing in the sims than they ever could be irl, no matter how accurate you try to make them.

Good show, anons!

No. 112278

You should totally add Arin.

No. 112286

Yes please add Arin! He can have a tiny little section in Suzy's room

No. 112433

File: 1432791372610.jpg (147.03 KB, 1536x768, ashbury.jpg)

Maxis didn't give much control for the cheekbones. But then, no human is supposed to look like either of these two.

No. 112478

this thread is perf pls moar

No. 112546

>but she wasn't ever known for her coords anyway.

No. 112547

No. 112559

Oh oh I'd love to see what traits you gave them as well! Especially PT and kaka. Also charms. Damn, it looks like I'll have to tw relapse into my sims addiction again.

No. 112561

you guys have to make a fucking comic please this is gold

No. 112562

where did you get the dress? Do you know websites whith lolita things for the sims?

No. 112563

that's because the pizza is not vegan

No. 112570

Not that anon but that looks like it was the sims3. Just google "Sims # custom content" and you should find a few sites.

No. 112571

It's Sims 4, and I just googled "lolita dress sims 4" and that popped up. I found the bow on some asian sims site, I could probably dig it up if you wanted it.

No. 112582

File: 1432829251658.png (371.49 KB, 1226x322, ajfklds.png)

My Chris (who is not nearly as good as the other Chris's in this thread) has autonomously become hated by everyone in the lolcow household.

Which, by the way, they have FINALLY made enough money to graduate to a 2 room shack. (I started them off on a lot with no money.) It's still pretty barren. Kooter and Suzy are the only ones who have gotten promoted (and it was only to the 2nd level), and Chris, who is a waterboy, always comes home having done terribly at work and is no where near being promoted.

No. 112586

File: 1432829573113.png (834.94 KB, 1366x720, 05-27-15_9-31 PM.png)

Here's PT trying (and failing) to impress a potential husbando with her sexy gravure poses while Ash creeps because she can't not be the center of attention.

No. 112595

That actually sounds like what would happen in real life.

No. 112596

Anon from >>112570 searching for Sims 4 custoemr content (I have Sims4 but have yet to set up my own cow house…) and found this site http://sims4downloads.net/ searching lolita gave 2 dress options.

No. 112597

Someone should make a Quirky.

No. 112612

File: 1432834220866.png (457.45 KB, 741x632, quirkysim.png)

Quirkplanet has arrived.

No. 112613

Dat Ash
I can't fucking breathe, LMAO

No. 112615

Hahaha I love you.

No. 112618

still prettier than the real thing

i do miss her though :(

No. 112620

No. 112638

What happened to Quirk planet?

No. 112639

File: 1432836568500.jpg (1.62 MB, 2400x2400, ptkawaii.jpg)

My version of the queen.

No. 112643

Your version is the most accurate imo. Love it, love it, love it! Plz do more screenshots!

No. 112647

Maybe later lol

No. 112659

I reguest screenshots of sim PT celebrating her birthday.
I wanna see how you guys imagine it.

No. 112669

This is a quality thread but should be moved to /b/

No. 112670

Please see >>111216

No. 112678

File: 1432840637421.png (1.02 MB, 1366x720, 05-28-15_3-13 PM.png)

As a lolcow household, I thought it was only appropriate that they have a cowplant.

No. 112682

LOL. That Berry is wonderful.

No. 112685

The tub pic lmao.

She got off the internet because her feeder dumped her.

No. 112723

File: 1432845239918.jpg (616.97 KB, 1024x768, bday.jpg)

No. 112736

File: 1432845803754.jpg (2.06 MB, 2400x2400, queen2.jpg)

Aaaand some more for you, anon

No. 112743

File: 1432845968368.png (59.42 KB, 1345x846, lolcow.png)

i… actually feel kinda bad about making ashley lol

No. 112744

classic pixy

No. 112745

Make a Totemokawaii one.

No. 112748

Should have much darker skin

No. 112759

I thought that was a slab of steak at first when I saw her kimono.

No. 112771

Best PT in the whole thread so far anon good job.

No. 112779

Haha, awwww ♥ Thank you, anon, she is so ~adorabaru~! I wish I could play her, too ;'(

No. 112801

Someone please stream a game of this!

No. 112812

I love you anon, I must now do my own photos boot with pixy and the gang

No. 112815

File: 1432850252284.png (710.89 KB, 2251x651, arinhanson.png)

I added Arin.
He has a tiny room behind Suzy's shitter.



No. 112817

File: 1432850330330.png (744.95 KB, 2236x651, venusangelic.png)

Also added Venus for the hell of it, even tho it looks nothing like her.



I finished building their house too, so be warned, I might spam a bit.

No. 112819

that actually looks quite a bit like him

No. 112820

File: 1432850413088.png (913.65 KB, 1366x768, 05-28-15_5-44 PM.png)

It begins.

No. 112821

Lmfao pics of arins room pls

No. 112822

File: 1432850525327.png (847.85 KB, 1366x768, 05-28-15_5-46 PM.png)

Here is Arin sitting in his bed, contemplating suicide, while Suzy snacks on chips.

No. 112826

File: 1432850675173.png (813.79 KB, 1366x768, 05-28-15_6-03 PM.png)

Arin gets the pleasure of living between Suzy's bathroom and PT's bedroom.

No. 112828

File: 1432850891531.png (953.61 KB, 1366x768, 05-28-15_6-06 PM.png)

Another shot of Arin's room.

No. 112831

File: 1432851066751.png (955.56 KB, 1366x768, 05-28-15_6-09 PM-2.png)


No. 112842


No. 112844

Haha, I want to see a playthrough

No. 112916

Hahhaha shit

No. 112918

File: 1432856278103.jpg (101.85 KB, 1000x750, belinda.jpg)

I can't take screenshots while I'm on the sims.. Here's Belinda

No. 112920

You are awesome anon hahahaha oh wow
Just maybe take off Weenus smokey eye it makes her look older, also she needs bangs.

Venus with Chris Chan i never thought i could one day see this

No. 112921

File: 1432856385246.jpg (132.27 KB, 644x800, kote.jpg)

and Kotex

No. 112924

Make her lips tinier and give her the hair fringe too.

No. 112929

Good job, anon. Unfortunately can't say the same about your kooter

No. 113003

Oh no I'm 30 now! I'm so old!

No. 113009

That's seriously great thank you anon

No. 113132

>>112817 where is Margo? She NEEDS to be there too

No. 113166

I just wanted to say this is perfect. That heart ring too. i'm dying. You're amazing, anon.

No. 113169

That looks straight up like skeletal Ashley. Amazing.

No. 113170

My fucking sides

No. 113207

File: 1432900051967.jpg (1.75 MB, 2400x2400, queen3.jpg)

PT photoshoots again. I'll try to create Raven today if i can find fitting cc haha.

No. 113235

that poopin' in front of the garage

No. 113253


oh my god the garage haahaha I'm dead post more!!

No. 113293

File: 1432913381666.jpg (2.04 MB, 2400x2400, ptsparks.jpg)

Ok PT now has new roommates, yaay!

No. 113295

How jelly is pt over Ravens shota husbando

No. 113297

those are good, anon

No. 113299

She was crying in the living room while R and L were trying to make a baby ;( We'll see if she got preggers haha

No. 113301

That house burned down but i might make another garage shoot at some point, haha

No. 113306

OMG, this is perfect.

No. 113363

File: 1432919895904.jpg (2.1 MB, 2400x2400, ptsparks2.jpg)

It continues…
-Logan walks in on a sexy photoshoot
-A naughty pillow fight ensues
-Raven shows signs of pregnancy
-Raven flips out on L & PT for being sluts

No. 113369

File: 1432920202931.jpg (2.33 MB, 2400x2400, ptsparks3.jpg)

- Raven locks him in a cage
- PT keeps teasing
- Finally out of the cage he is forced to record a youtube video with Raven ranting about whores
- PT ain't gonna give up

No. 113371

The butt picture omg hahahahaha

No. 113372

shine on pt!!

No. 113392

anon, you seriously made my day. even my bf thinks these are hilarious since he knows about pt.

No. 113414

File: 1432925296686.jpg (2.19 MB, 2400x2400, ptsparks4.jpg)

- After hearing about the pregnancy PT just wants to watch the world burn
- Desperate feels fill her heart
- Plotting her rival's demise, she has a light snack. The most sour lime of them all…

To be continued…

No. 113420

Haha oh god, his is turning into the girl version of Chinman.

No. 113436

anon you are amazing, these are so hilarious

No. 113649

File: 1432946778152.jpg (1.11 MB, 800x2400, ptsparks5.jpg)

- Pixy goes to the park with tripod-san
- Txts Logan, and learns he's all alone

No. 113652

File: 1432947129960.jpg (2.35 MB, 2400x2400, ptsparks6.jpg)

- She rushes home
- They party and it get's wild. PT makes Logan feel alive
- Raven suddenly returns
- Not happy

No. 113654

No. 113658

File: 1432947817660.jpg (1.09 MB, 800x2400, ptsparks7.jpg)

- PT finds Raven's diary. It's scandalous!

- Raven lied about being preggers just to keep lil Logan away from all the other bitches.

- PT tells L and he breaks down. But PT's there for him

No. 113918

File: 1432976348295.jpg (1.17 MB, 800x2400, ptsparks8.jpg)

- Logan confronts his nasty waifu while Pixy tries hard to hold back giggles

- Finishes her by delivering a roundhouse kick to the face

- Raven's heartbroken and can no longer fit her super gothic clothes. Also homeless.

No. 113922

File: 1432977890644.jpg (694.39 KB, 800x2400, ptsparks9.jpg)

- Raven hits the bar and complains about haters and hoes. Plans a new youtube video. Bartender gives no fucks.

- PT makes her move and makes sweet, kawaii love

- As the night competes with Raven's own darkness, she vows to make Pixy pay

No. 113946

I love you hahahaha continue the story

No. 113975

File: 1432993886404.jpg (1.12 MB, 800x2400, ptsparks10.jpg)

- The dark Raven wakes from her drunken slumber and finds herself on the beach. Fuck, don't wanna tan!

- She makes her way back to the apartment and finds the sluts playing videogames together.

- PT feels the crazy seeping thru R's pores

No. 113981

File: 1432994863579.jpg (2.81 MB, 2400x2400, ptsparks11.jpg)

- Raven doesn't feel like she is given enough attention.
"I'm gonna kill myself Logan if you don't come back to me!"

- PT and L are too busy playing the game, so R get's upset and sets her ass on fire.

- Pixy ain't gonna let a bitch anhero on her carpet so she grabs a fire extinguisher!

- WTF!? This guy's an even bigger bitch than PT ever imagined.
Those two can fuck right off together.
Pixy needs a real man.

No. 113985

File: 1432995386635.jpg (1.06 MB, 800x2400, ptsparks12.jpg)

In the next episode~

PT sells her old cosplay costumes and spends the money on a new kawaii house.
Meets a mystery man online.

No. 113986

Please dearest anon, make a blog I could follow. I am chewing on my ponytail just waiting for the next set of photos.

No. 113988

I'll think about it ♡

No. 114076

Keep'em coming anon!

No. 114082


I know you have probably heard this before but your PT is perf. P E R F.

No. 114136

Thank you, kind anon! The saga continues soon.

No. 114141

this is pure entertainment

No. 114187

I am enjoying these so much. You are my hero

No. 114275

File: 1433027923109.jpg (206.5 KB, 368x618, ptzebra.jpg)

lol happy to hear that ♡

No. 114277

No. 114294

>>114275 The Sim even makes the same "kissy face"

No. 114295

Perfect Lum

No. 114296

Pixyteri looks like Rinoa Heartily mixed with Gruntilda.

No. 114502

File: 1433053643545.png (299.97 KB, 496x545, pootee.png)

I think I fucking nailed pt in the sims 4 demo

>now I'm going to end up buying the sims 4

>demos work

No. 114509

it worked on me too :( bought the game after screwing with the demo

No. 114563

File: 1433070617642.jpg (2.65 MB, 2400x2400, ptsagaE2-1.jpg)

- With the dramallamas now out of her life, PT is back, sassier than ever. Full of inspiration she wanders around town with her beloved tripod-san.

- But something strange is happening. It's like she's become totarry famous overnight. People won't stop taking pictures of her gloriousness.

No. 114566

File: 1433071623553.jpg (2.58 MB, 2400x2400, ptsagaE2-2.jpg)

- Back home, Pixy downs a tub ice cream and gets an idea.

- She signs up on a dating site in the hopes of hooking up with a japanese husbando who would surely appreciate her heritage.

- But no dating profile is complete without a sexy picture, so she heads out to the beach.

- Ten minutes later her inbox is already filling up with creepy and kawaii msgs and amongst them she spots that one golden nugget.

No. 114570

File: 1433072522670.jpg (1.06 MB, 1200x2400, ptsagaE2-3.jpg)

- His name is Kaoru and dayum is he hawt.
They started chatting and he told Pixy that her picture gave him a raging boner and he wants to marry someone just like PT. They even share the same fetish.

- He is so perfect that Pixy prints out one of his selfies and frames it.

No. 114572

File: 1433073703713.jpg (14.67 KB, 300x300, $_35.JPG)

Will PT-chan find true love????

No. 114576

File: 1433074795703.jpg (1.12 MB, 800x2400, PtsagaE2-4.jpg)

- A few days go by without a word from Kaoru-chan and to take her mind off things Pixy is tending to her ichigo garden.
Then she suddenly hears a familiar sound.
!Ermahgerd! A message!

- It's him! And he wants to take her out on a date. Tonight!

- Even though Pixy is super ecstatic, she can't shake this weird feeling… Like someone is watching her.

No. 114612

File: 1433080477115.jpg (958.41 KB, 800x2400, ptsagaE2-5.jpg)

- Yattaaaaa! Dressed in her finest kimono, Pixy is ready to finally meet the love of her life.

- She arrives an hour early. Her ebay sandals are getting uncomfortable so she sits down and waits… and waits…

No. 114620

File: 1433081466958.jpg (853.97 KB, 800x2400, ptsagaE2-6.jpg)

- She hears footsteps. Correcting her maiden-like posture, her heart racing faster and faster.

- As she looks upon dat face, she falls off the bench.
Sweet Jesus!

No. 114627

Looks like Rinoa Heartily gone wrong. Now where's her Squall?

No. 114691

File: 1433091340943.jpg (430.58 KB, 1024x768, brianna-wu-working-hard.jpg)

Are you using poseboxes for any of this or just standard interactions?

No. 114699

File: 1433093682436.png (1017.83 KB, 1338x699, tumblr smashing the patriarchy…)

Here is some rare footage of tumblr smashing the patriarchy. You can tell this is getting triggering by tumblr getting PTSD on the bottom left corner. :(

No. 114700

File: 1433094196494.jpg (774.2 KB, 2400x742, ptsagaE2-7.jpg)

The saga continues~

- "Well hello there, Pixy!♡ Let me explain something to you."

- It all becomes clear now. There's no Kaoru-chan. PT wasn't ready for this much evil, dark gothness.

- "Bitch, it was me all along. When we got our new apartment i locked Logan's ass up again.
I milked his brain with a mind reading machine for any information i could use against you. I've been watching you very closely."


I use standard ints and pose and animation players.

No. 114704

File: 1433094644512.jpg (852.33 KB, 800x2400, ptsagaE2-8.jpg)

- Raven attacks like a crazed walrus in heat

- Poor Pixy can't do much anything because her kimono gets in the way. It's a fucky situation and she gets her ass kicked.

No. 114708

File: 1433095034063.jpg (823.08 KB, 1200x2400, ptsagaE2-9.jpg)

- As Pixy sits there motionless and shaken, the unkawaii rage inside her grows like the rising sun in the horizon.

She's out for blood.


That's it, i'm done (for now atleast).

No. 114717

My god i love these
They are fulfilling the detailed narrative we wish we had of pt's life

No. 114729

lmao is that fat heffalump

No. 114762

File: 1433106283276.png (400.9 KB, 766x705, pregnant rosechu.png)

The household consists of Pixyteri, Tom Preston, Chris Chan, Crystal Chandler, Sonichu, and Rosechu. Rosechu is pregnant with Sonichu.

No. 114771

File: 1433107552969.png (592.52 KB, 950x692, pixyteri cant stand chores.png)

Pregnant Rosechu anon here with Lazy Pixy.

No. 115263

File: 1433188124409.jpg (47.64 KB, 742x487, ptsleeping.JPG)

No. 125060

No. 135150

File: 1436469545522.jpg (371.22 KB, 1600x733, cowsims.jpg)

I just got Sims 4 on an Origin sale and I thought it would be fun to at least give this a shot…

Here's my attempt at Margaret, Venus, Dakota, Kiki, Suzy, Yuka, Mira, and PT.

I really wish there were more options for traits and customization like in The Sims 3. I would have loved to have some sort of 'jealous' trait.

No. 135153

Holy shit great Venus+Margo

No. 135154

These are fucking amazing!

No. 135159

Thanks so much! I'm really happy you guys like them. I haven't actually played with them yet, but I might upload some screenshots in the near future if anything interesting happens.

No. 135161

awesome ! good job
lol mira

No. 135412

my jaw hit the floor, these are so perfect

No. 135419

amazing. someone should turn this into a banner.

now take videos of them doing stuff.

No. 135431

holy shit anon, props to you for that accuracy. venus and margo are dead on.

No. 135449

lmfao fucking mira tho

No. 135563

OMG VENUS! could you please upload it?

No. 135574

File: 1436523968146.png (668.17 KB, 737x650, 06_38.png)

i gave kira-kira a shot as well

No. 135911

This thread is beautiful…

No. 135913

She's too pretty, good job on the tacky outfit though.

No. 135934

File: 1436579299820.png (26.49 KB, 401x204, old maid.png)


No. 136079

dakota doesnt look like this…kiki is also very bad…but you id the rest perfect!

No. 136288

The Dakota one is just a little too jowly. Most of the others are fantastic though.

No. 137164

Hey, it's >>135150 here!

Thank you guys so much for all the complements! I'm honestly really flattered. I agree about Dakota and Kiki, though. For whatever reason I found that their features were the hardest to reproduce, so eventually I just got lazy and decided to settle for a vague likeness.

Anyways, it took me a while to figure out where the files were hidden, but here's a download link for Venus and Margaret.


Just move the contents of the zip file to your game's tray folder (it should usually be in User Files\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Tray) and they should show up in your gallery. I don't have any custom content or expansion packs, so I think it should work for everyone, but let me know if you have any problems.

No. 137199

YO these are spot on! Margo, venus, suzy, and Mira are perfect. I've never seen anyone replicate mira's ugly mug as well as you have!

No. 138463

File: 1437060217734.jpg (146.87 KB, 1082x803, falseconfidence.jpg)

>instill with false confidence

No. 138467

File: 1437060781258.jpg (64.23 KB, 351x412, siblingrivalry.jpg)

No. 138522

File: 1437077542687.jpg (7.19 KB, 225x225, a1f8eera25f.jpg)

Amazing how Sims just seem to get their personalities right.

No. 138662

File: 1437097807929.jpg (412.92 KB, 1024x768, Screenshot-3.jpg)

Here's my PT for TS3. Requires fully-patched World Adventures, Generations and Showtime. Download her here: http://tinyurl.com/nt2rt4f

It's a large file because I included all the CC and sliders you'll need (there's quite a few). Absolutely read the read me file because it truly is important if you want her to show up properly in-game. I promise, it's extremely important.

Personality: Ambitious, Childish, Couch Potato, Hopeless Romantic, Neurotic
Lifetime Wish: Vocal Legend
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Music: Chinese
Favorite Color: Yellow
Astrological Sign: Leo

No. 138665

File: 1437097869443.jpg (298.79 KB, 1024x768, Screenshot-7.jpg)

Another shot.

No. 138666


hory shit

No. 138668

File: 1437097933419.jpg (246.65 KB, 1024x768, Screenshot-6.jpg)

No. 138671

File: 1437098047498.jpg (402.03 KB, 1024x768, Screenshot-4.jpg)

Lolita formalwear.

No. 138780

Holy shit anon. You've got some sim skills. Very impressive!

No. 138897

This is amazing! Great job, anon!

No. 138923

Thanks, guys! I took great care to make a true likeness of my beloved Queen.

Who should I do next? Once I get my game's constant crashing under control, I mean.

No. 138924

from all that cc lol
i could never get that much, game already drops fps when it freaking rains

No. 138927

Yeah, I have way too much. lmao If I had that much useless clutter irl I'd be on that Hoarders: Buried Alive show.

No. 138930

No. 139045

Can you upload these? Venus is perfect.

No. 139525

have you tried ccmagic? its a godsend

in one of the old sims threads on /cgl/ didn't the creator of a bunch of those lolita dresses show up as well?

No. 139579

I pretty much just merge all my packages together using S3PE, but I'll have to look into that.

I don't think I ever saw that thread, but the dress in my post is from the Sims 3 Store.

No. 139828

Thank you, anon! I posted a link to download Margaret and Venus here: >>137164

If you do download them, could you do me a small favor and just let me know if it worked? I haven't tried sharing anything outside of the gallery before, so this is honestly a bit of an experiment. Thanks so much again!

No. 147487

File: 1438308796045.png (460.78 KB, 504x704, 2015_0730 1907_00_009.png)

not sims and w/o references so may be a bit inaccurate

No. 147488

File: 1438308809038.png (449.05 KB, 504x704, 2015_0730 1909_27_080.png)

No. 147594

Head seems too large for her bod. (goes to look at real PT to see if her head is too large for her bod too)

No. 148299


What game is this?

No. 148731

Sexy Beach Premium Resort character creator

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