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File: 1459477340391.png (349.79 KB, 363x494, dakoo.png)

No. 254463

No. 254465

File: 1459477485018.jpg (42.87 KB, 600x450, Ce1q-qdUMAAiVRk.jpg)

old thread ded.

No. 254466

new vid
ngl i love her hair like this

No. 254468

She looks more unrecognizable and lumpy than usual.

No. 254469

its weird how she also spoke in english since i feel like this would only cater to japanese people since it is located in japan and she only cares about them

No. 254472

how does she get her hair to look so fucking silky.
My hair is also thin and it always looks frizzy at the ends with flyaways.

No. 254473


man her top lip looks like it has a nipple hanging off it. she looks weird. cool hearing her speak English for the first time in forever though I guess

No. 254474

She's been looking like macaulay culkin lately.

No. 254475

But I find it funny how now she decides to appeal to her english speaking fans now that she wants to sell them something.

No. 254477

well i'll be damned.

No. 254478

File: 1459478237746.jpg (218.47 KB, 1920x804, dakoo.jpg)

No. 254480

Why does dako insist on doing this to her lips and face? Has she got body dysmorphia? She isn't ugly to begin with but somehow has this warped idea of what looks good on her.

No. 254487

She looks like a 60 year old who got too much plastic surgery to try and look youthful again but just looks busted.

No. 254488

Goddamn, I really wanna get extensions again.

Can't believe how good Kooter makes them look, especially with how thin her hair is.

No. 254489

Haha holy shit, I can't believe she used Die Antwoord for the background music! Nice going, Dakota.

No. 254490

>Has she got body dysmorphia?

No doubt.

No. 254496

okay legit
I think babyfang is gonna flop hard. It's SUPER generic like even more than I thought it would be. Everything looks like something I could buy off of some etsy/storenvy/taobao store and the raw crystal stuff looks straight off of ebay.

No. 254497


Well I mean half of the length is extensions, but it looks like she's applying an oil, probably argan.

No. 254498


Hmmmm, but does she have the rights?

No. 254501

Someone made her

No. 254502

Straightening iron + extensions + lightning

No. 254515

I really hate this dark lipstick, it's butthole colored. The combo of her hair and her speaking English is giving me some serious Kirsten vibes it's almost scary

No. 254517

File: 1459484306081.jpg (101.49 KB, 500x667, tumblr_n1py90hz7d1sbs2ldo1_500…)

I think the problem will be the branding. You can even sell generic shit if its branded well but the photoshoot she's done for babyfang doesnt seem to fit the image at all. She should have done some sort of goth look like pic related.

No. 254524

Sage for OT but can someone tell me the theme during when she's talking and at the end? I recognise it but can't put my finger on it, it's bugging the fuck out of me.
Thought it was one of the cave themes from Pokémon but it doesn't seem to be. FF maybe?

No. 254543

is this a candid? she looks really cute here.

No. 254562

Yeah but all her hair is placed at the front, you can imagine how tragic her hair looks from the back. With hair as thin as hers the clips/bands would be all over the show.

No. 254610


Fuck off back to pull

No. 254619

>implying that i'm not rated 9/10 at 23, multiple dating options at my beck and call

No. 254621

Omg what a hideous autismal fucking autistic thicc fatass

No. 254625

holy shit look at that greasy hair.

No. 254626

pullfag ass thirsty narcissist. faggot.

No. 254630

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No. 254634


Go back to r9k.
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No. 254635

Sweet oily hair you hunchback

No. 254644

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No. 254645


keep eating

No. 254648


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No. 254657


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No. 254666


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No. 254669

This girl is a fucking potato nose

No. 254671

You're such a self poster.

No. 254680


Disgusting samefag

No. 254690

File: 1459526176124.jpg (988.46 KB, 1920x2560, lookdakota!.jpg)


No. 254707

retarded fucking scaly embarrassing cunt.

No. 254717

File: 1459531398749.png (458.55 KB, 1165x515, Nipple Lips.png)

Wow ok you awful fucking fatty-chan.

No. 254737


What the fuck did you just say to me self obsessed hamgalaxy

snowflake. hunchback :^)

No. 254740

She's an obese ultra amerifat

No. 254742

File: 1459535393856.jpg (154.25 KB, 1170x660, b26705db9a5225807b704359e08e59…)

Laughing @ the sausage fingers

No. 254743

File: 1459535399235.jpg (105.98 KB, 848x550, 8840ee7bdf731b9e828e672a742bcb…)

wow look at her torpedo tits

No. 254744

File: 1459535404833.jpg (89.77 KB, 848x550, 451ecd5071cb89c2ea304e5211ce0f…)


buck-toothed slutty ultra newfag

No. 254745

File: 1459535410990.jpg (73.35 KB, 480x720, 2d4a054aa2c00007948d09e4300872…)

i detest this skeleton.

No. 254748

File: 1459536336245.png (506.19 KB, 1072x687, fix.png)

Cool muffin top you stubby salty summerfag

No. 254749


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No. 254750

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No. 254757

File: 1459537917630.png (639.41 KB, 1092x515, 1459531398749.png)

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No. 254758

File: 1459537928924.jpg (92.91 KB, 750x1151, WzKfviK.jpg)

she's a jewish retarded fucking attention whore.

No. 254759

File: 1459538011834.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26.68 KB, 720x701, 67V9mZu.jpg)

Laughing @ her eye bags

No. 254764


You should have been aborted

No. 254768

File: 1459539606908.jpg (36.63 KB, 400x307, hfghf.jpg)

She's an emaciated FAS cow

No. 254776

enjoy your ban, smdh.

No. 254778

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No. 254788


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No. 254791


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No. 254792

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No. 254844

File: 1459553599267.jpg (152.33 KB, 1808x500, Untitled-1.jpg)


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No. 254846

You're a cunty bitch.

No. 254851

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No. 254852


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No. 254854

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No. 254855


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No. 254856

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No. 254860

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No. 254862

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No. 254863

omfg look at the alien fingers

No. 254864

File: 1459556373977.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 173.84 KB, 638x815, image.jpeg)

Read the sticky, you fucking dumbass.

No. 254867

File: 1459556589711.png (302.27 KB, 610x494, image.png)

nice nasolabial folds you thundercunt!

No. 254868

you shitposting self poster

No. 254869

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No. 254871

File: 1459556855763.png (443.36 KB, 1025x968, Untitled-1.png)

so cute, tryhard chubby fucking slut

No. 254875

Fuck look at her wrinkles

No. 254876

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No. 254877

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No. 254878

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No. 254881


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No. 254882

File: 1459561561868.jpeg (42.7 KB, 443x332, image.jpeg)


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No. 254886

File: 1459562772589.png (168.53 KB, 500x420, image.png)


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No. 254887

God i literally hope she gets attacked by bees

No. 254916

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No. 254952

File: 1459591971235.jpeg (240.76 KB, 1024x768, image.jpeg)

wow she's so beautiful!

No. 254973


Are you literally autistic

No. 254975


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No. 254984

File: 1459607518375.jpeg (209.93 KB, 2048x1529, image.jpeg)

Such a blatant nose job

No. 254985

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No. 254986


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No. 254989

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No. 254990


Wrong, check my ip. ;^)

No. 254994


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No. 255007

Hi dakota

No. 255015

Check your privilege.

No. 255025


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No. 255034

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No. 255035

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No. 255040


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No. 255041


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No. 255050

What the fuck is happening(read the sticky)

No. 255051

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No. 255057

whats going on with the threads?(read the sticky)

No. 255058

jesus christ look at the thin lips.

No. 255063

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No. 255066


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No. 255071


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No. 255082

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No. 255083


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No. 255089


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No. 255136

i literally hope she gets bitten by a rabid dog.

No. 255169

This release just goes to show why she's my as popular and famous as everyone non PULL likes to think she is. Everything she does she half-asses, can't be bothered to put effort into it or just goes with the cheapest possible route. In this case she hit all 3 marks.

Lol must be Bravo-senpai's anthem.

No. 255172

Probably her being edgy again. We all know the kawaii thing is an act.

No. 255218

Her outfit is boring and plain but that's kind of a thing. She just looks like every other girl wearing "natural" "american style" or whatever the heck they try and sell it as, see video related at 04:44

Kind of like Taylor and her clones dressing like a little american boy

No. 255244

My favorite part of this whole thing is the lyrics to Cookie Thumper.

No. 255245

File: 1459705919907.jpeg (31.65 KB, 456x348, image.jpeg)

fuck you hamburger slut you want hamburger too bad you get my cum

No. 255246

Her outfit is way more basic than those you posted. Black pants+white XL shirt+black hat is about as basic as it gets, she could have at least tried to dress up even a tiny bit for her ~big lasso jewelry line debut~. She isn't even wearing makeup, she really doesn't give a fuck anymore. I'm starting to think she just wants to retire and fade out and have a normal life but someone else is trying to make her stay in the game (even though her Hawaii ship has sailed tbh).

No. 255247


Wow my new phone really hates the word "kawaii".

No. 255248


Daai bra Anies hy's a fokken gangsta [that boy Anies, he's a fu**in gangsta]

Daai bra Anie hy's varas uitie mang ja [That boy Anies, he's fresh out of jail]

Wys hom punani, waars jou cookie thumper? [Show him punani, where's your cookie thumper?]

Gee hom punani, maar hy soeki bum bra! [give him punani, but he wants my bum-bum]

Daai bra Anies hy's a fokken rou bra [That boy Anies, he's a fu**in raw boy]

Ek blom met Anies lekker oppie sofa [I chill with Anies nice on the sofa]

He love Yo-Landi coz I'm blonde all over

Maar yoh! Daai Anies hy hou van my boude! [But jeez! That Anies he really loves my bum-bum (butt)]

dang, dakota. you chose a song about anal sex for your first promo. bold?

No. 255251

I'm really suspicious of some of the babyfang accessories. some of these look almost exactly like those oversized 'angel aura' pieces that kiki was trying to hawk.

i might be jumping to conclusions, but what if this was kiki's new project? like, behind the scenes? she's just getting her sister to promote it…which would explain why the promo is so shitty (dakota dgaf whether it bombs) and all of the accessories look like cheap tumblr trash, a style I've never seen Dakota wear and Kiki clearly thought was the next new scene.

No. 255253

I don't think she chose it. I think her involvement with this project is just being the face of it and maybe being the one who thought of the name. Die Antwoord doesn't sound like Dakota's style of music based on the songs she used to use in her vids. The accessories aren't her style, and she clearly doesn't want to be there at all. This is probably a Bravo stunt to try to keep her relevant but she clearly cbf anymore.

No. 255256


I don't think you know what that word means. Plain pants & a baggy shirt with no makeup isn't tomboy, it's just lazy. Dakota has never been a tomboy, she's just got a bitchy, gross personality.

No. 255257

File: 1459710771248.jpg (72.34 KB, 500x750, Dakota_Rose_Webcam.jpg)


I beg to differ. I was a tomboy growing up, still am, and Dakota has always struck me as one too, albeit one that become swayed during her formational years by her abusive parents and older, more successful sister.

Tomboy isn't exclusively in the way you dress you know, it denotes more a "brash, boysih" attitude/personality, which Dakota has always exhibited.

No. 255258

either way this is the first time she's dressed anything like that in public for the past however many years. Go through her instagram and she's always dressed at MOST 'boyish cute'

No. 255259

Doesn't she speak Japanese in a really weird way too, purposely refering to herself as male? I always thought that was kind of cute.

No. 255262


She uses 'boku', which is usually used by teenage boys or very occasionally boyish, rough women, or as my native Japanese teacher puts it, "fat guys".

No. 255278

not being overly feminine =/= tomboy

No. 255280

Yeah, that outfit is like something Taylor would wear. Funny how the tables have turned.


Ehh, I think Die Antwoord does seem like the sort of band she might like. It fits with her "real" edgelord personality and not her fake kawaii uguu one.

No. 255284


Is that what I just said.
Read it again.

No. 255289

Kind of miss this type of Dakota. I really do believe she has a genuine personality, but she tries to hide it so hard to seem kawaii

No. 255294

I don't remember how Kiki's stuff looked, do we have comparison photos?

That would make so much sense.

No. 255299


I had my money on that too anon

I always thought Dakota was into school uniforms and chokers? I know she said she wanted to mature a bit more as she got older but I have yet to see her wear anything she's had in her brand.

Plus we haven't heard from kiki in some time… it'd be hilarious if the bitch was there shagging the director and kota was just the face of the whole thing. Kill two birds with one stone!

No. 255304

File: 1459726264606.jpg (48.59 KB, 1280x720, chunky shit.jpg)

Kiki and Kota had the plastic scene diamonds and bats way back, but the last thing I remember was her reselling some extremely clunky rings, bracelets and pendants from another artist. Not sure which Kiki accessory phase you meant.

No. 255306

File: 1459726504660.png (323.69 KB, 375x480, tumblr_ldih2w306e1qecnmao1_400…)


Here's some:

No. 255307

File: 1459726510566.png (377.56 KB, 400x632, tumblr_ldihtaZQHu1qecnmao1_500…)

No. 255308

File: 1459726581158.png (516.33 KB, 700x386, tumblr_ldijg26aaS1qecnmao3_128…)

No. 255309

File: 1459726609870.png (334.83 KB, 464x467, tumblr_lbuja8ZqN31qecnmao1_500…)

No. 255310

File: 1459726623437.png (517.18 KB, 451x750, tumblr_lc6ue6dstX1qecnmao1_500…)

No. 255311

File: 1459726639566.png (1.01 MB, 650x1059, tumblr_lbuj3iC84S1qecnmao1_128…)

No. 255312

File: 1459726711311.png (480.87 KB, 700x304, tumblr_ldijnjlzVp1qecnmao4_128…)

No. 255315

File: 1459727067866.png (191.25 KB, 697x397, Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 6.37…)

I was specifically thinking of the stuff in Kiki's 'Crystal Jewelry Collection' video.
It's stuff like pic related which makes me wonder, esp. since this 'druzy' style jewelry was always a big part of Kiki's style and I've never seen Dakota wear it before now.

No. 255318

is that literally kiki's wrist? it's so hairy. anorexia confirmed, just look at that lanuga.

No. 255319

p sure thats not kiki

No. 255320

File: 1459727983917.png (511.42 KB, 454x750, tumblr_ldiipvzN0H1qecnmao1_500…)


No, it's not Kirsten, it's the male 'model' they hired for some shots.

No. 255328

And how would they ever get Kiki to remain silent about this project and her involvment? We're talking about a person who announced marriage and an elaborate fake relationship with a guy she barely knew and slept with once. Apart from all the other lying and attention whoring on the internet. I doubt that if she were working on a project like this, that she could keep her mouth shout for weeks even after the promo.

And who really cares about Dakota's style? She's not well known for having a super great individual taste. I know this is presented like, ~*her*~ line of accessoires, but we don't know how much she was involved in the design process, do we? After all she's a model paid to wear and promote whatever her clients want to.

No. 255332

i dont see the relation at all.
dakotas stuff is all dainty and feminine. where are the giant rocks? stop reaching

No. 255333

No. 255344

Am i the only one who thinks the designs are very Kota style? The stuff she wore for her Dakota no subete fashion book thing was very similar to the stuff she's releasing imo.

No. 255345

I fucking doubt deadbeat Kiki has a hand in any of this. Bitch is dead, let the cow go.

No. 255356

File: 1459738987495.gif (2.18 MB, 500x284, shut-up.gif)

No. 255375

File: 1459742674954.png (247.98 KB, 500x369, rocks.png)

No. 255390


Those ears tho … H u g e

No. 255391

Ikr she should totally get her labia minora and toes shaved down as well what a gross unkempt bitch

No. 255423

This new video though… Kaka wants her hair and face back.

No. 255424

I take it you haven't seen Sheena's.

No. 255435

It style is basically kikis style but dainter. It isnt kotas style at all. Never even seen her wear this type of style. Ive seen her in creepyyehas stufff and chokers but not moon rock and pastel goth 2012 wear.

No. 255443

her latest instagram post is in english.. is someone trying to get her foreign fanbase base back?

No. 255444

File: 1459772576364.png (181.73 KB, 290x516, 2016-04-04 08.21.39.png)

lmao what is she doing
fucking thing wont post unless i resize, so if its really tiny i'm sorry.

No. 255445

trying to get the sweet USD

No. 255446

File: 1459772640958.png (240.22 KB, 441x784, 2016-04-04 08.23.07.png)

No. 255452

File: 1459773903194.jpg (51.34 KB, 528x529, Screenshot_20160404-134338_1.j…)

What even is that horse mouth

No. 255453

i think she looks cute in these, better than full on alien at least

No. 255455

File: 1459775380996.jpg (253.06 KB, 638x640, 16-04-04-14-08-36-929_deco.jpg)

My Line Camera edit is poor, but I imagine this is whether looked like before she manipulated it

No. 255456

yeah she's starting to look like pre-jaw surgery ashley

No. 255457

*this is what it looked like

My bad.

No. 255461

You didn't do anything with the jaw or cheeks?

No. 255463

No. 255467


Why Kota? Just…WHY?!

No. 255475

I actually think she looks really cute in these. Shooped to hell, obvs but its not nearly as bad as her other fetus alien shoops. Also its glaringly obvious she's trying to appeal to the English-speaking crowd again. After 3-4 years of ignoring them completely..

No. 255500

File: 1459785318020.png (836.1 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


Here, have one that's actually readable.

It's cute how she acts like she never uses herbTV/computer by saying SE hasn't turned them on in months, girl what do you do in your apartment all day then?

No. 255501

Don't worry, she'll go back to using Japanese exclusively and ignoring anything in English when people start comparing her candids to her shops and calling her a cunt again. Dropping English was a smart move for her with all her history and bullshit, but lately none of her decisions have been any good, so who knows what she's doing.

No. 255504

Looks ten times better, to be honest.

No. 255506

Didn't she post a clip of her watching the walking dead not too long ago…?

No. 255508

File: 1459787501353.png (871.2 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Yup she did.

No. 255509

File: 1459787556685.jpeg (112.58 KB, 640x878, image.jpeg)


And another shit of her TV on before that

No. 255510

File: 1459787644878.jpeg (109.83 KB, 640x931, image.jpeg)


And another only two weeks before that.

>why you always lyin

>why the fuck you lyin
>mmmm oh my god

No. 255512

?? she has two tvs, this was clearly evident in the house tour video that she posted ages ago. There's a TV in the guest bedroom and TV in her living room. Presumably she takes her pictures in the guest bedroom, but if she actually wants to watch something, she goes to the living room where she has the bigger screen. The TV in the guest bedroom was much smaller and also on top of a dresser or something, I think.

No. 255513

File: 1459788219105.png (737.08 KB, 720x540, 73b.png)

What was she even trying to show with saying that?
>"I-I'm not a hermit…I go out! A-And have friends! I swear!"

No. 255515

Oops, didn't see this before I posted. Disregard.

No. 255516

wot is anatomy

No. 255517

she's trying to imply that her camera detected something supernatural, I think…like it was picking up a ghost face from the dark screen or something

most likely kiki's vengeful, jealous spirit crossing the oceans to kill her and wear her skin.

it's probably already too late, actually. would explain the tacky jewelry, kiki-inspired hairstyle and sudden reversion to english.

No. 255518

File: 1459788628025.png (399.01 KB, 1017x546, Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 11.3…)

Here's the one she meant, presumably.
also I goofed, it's in her own bedroom, the guest bedroom is the one with all the sailor moon animation cells. (I think? I don't know moonspeak)

No. 255529

Can you read? The second hashtag says #offtothelivingroom. She was clearly saying she doesn't use the TV in her bedroom often.

No. 255532

You know the milk has evaporated when you have to accuse someone of lying about not using a tv.

No. 255534

You're right, this image here is her room while the other one was a guest room.

No. 255581

Probably. I have the feeling it won't really work that well unless you count her die-hard stans.

No. 255588

No. 255614

man, koti seems to be living the life..living by herself in tokyo, just watching tv in a cute room she decorated. getting jobs and getting praise just for being pretty. i'd do anything to experience that just once.

No. 255621

>face liquifying into the pillow in various ways

She's getting worse and worse at this.

No. 255626

Let a middle aged Jap guy put it in your butt and you can have it all too anon

No. 255627

but where do i find one?

No. 255628


Tokyo Backpage

As lob as you aren't fat and have good skin and basic hair/makeup skills you're set.

No. 255629

But only if you're white or half.

No. 255632

i'm 1/4th japanese and the rest german.

No. 255638

Nobody cares.

Jfc can we just make a "how to get a Japanese sugar daddy for ugly foreigners guide" thread to contain this cancer already?

No. 255642

oops. i take it back..

No. 255700

File: 1459844148497.jpg (163.95 KB, 1080x1070, Screenshot_20160405-091402_1.j…)

No. 255701

File: 1459844160794.jpg (96.31 KB, 1080x1068, Screenshot_20160405-091414_1.j…)

No. 255703

Everything looks so fucking cheap.

No. 255704

The same can be found on Taobao for two dollars.

No. 255723


So it was a Star of David on a choker she drew.

Bad time to go back to English, Kooter. Dumblr is likely gonna rip you a new one.

No. 255739

You can find this anywhere in tokyo for cheap. How unoriginal. It's just harajuku necklaces.

No. 255744

File: 1459861089323.png (717.21 KB, 593x593, babyfang.png)

No. 255745

She has big dinner lady arms

No. 255781

Anyone else spotting that totally faked photo? Who 'gasps in amazement' at jewelry much less cheap ass shit like that

No. 255784

its probably someone just sneezing

No. 255787

I agree. I'm actually jealous of her tbh

No. 255788

Seems like cheap shit, but as long as the prices are low enough, it's not bad for a simple jewelry line. Not like Kooters could ever market high end jewelry. She's not an artist, but more like an Olsen twin gimmic at Walmart.

No. 255814

Or Aliexpress for 99 cents

No. 255823

It looks like she's yawning, lol.

No. 255872

She actually looks really cute smiling here…? I think it's because it helps reduce the creepiness of the super shooped baby head that she usually just does a blank stare with

No. 256003


Go away Dakota

No. 256008

i'm actually more creeped out by the weird disney princess look she's going for. it's jarring and more uncanny valley.

No. 256016

I don't know if she's trying to be edgy with crosses and Star of David or is just uncultured.

No. 256043

Lol really? You can't tell she's painfully uncultured? That's what white trash means- uncultured, uneducated and ignorant.

No. 256044

File: 1459907395804.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.56 KB, 600x447, 131123.jpg)

She just follows japanese fads and hexagrams are very popular in Japan atm as they are popular in the magical girl genre due to the occult origin.

No. 256056

Sage for OT but where is this hoodie from? It's cute as fuck

No. 256060

fuck, why her apaato so cute guys

No. 256062

fuck off ana chan

No. 256070

What are 'dinner lady' arms? Like lunch lady arms?

No. 256073

No. 256182

Probably another way to say bingo wings. Those fat, flabby upper arms middle aged ladies get.

No. 256212

Its just a star

No. 256255

japanese people have been using religious symbols from other cultures for solely aesthetic reasons for ages now, but tumblr will still piss itself over it. i could see her getting backlash considering she's already branded a racist by call out blogs.

No. 256259

the jfashion side of tumblr won't care, except maybe Petitepastry and her girlfriend. Its not a big deal

No. 256269

But Anon, only white people can be racist!

No. 256280

actually, the whole line is religious symbols. Crosses, stars of David, dreamcatchers. That sun symbol might ultimately derive from alchemy or paganism, but tbh I just associate it with cheap merchandise from the 90s. (Dreamcatchers, too - they were everywhere. Today that would not fly.)

No. 256297

I think they mean bingo arms

No. 256302

will someone please explain why a star is inappropriate but a cross is perfectly fine in modern day jewellery?

No. 256303

Because SJW think it was invented by Hitler as symbol for jews that are to gas.

No. 256304

Lol nobody is that stupid anon, but caps if you're not shitting us

No. 256305

Tumblerinas usually don't accept crosses for anyone who's not christian, and those who do, do it because they think that christians oppress everybody and need to check their privilego. There was a huge fight over non-catholics using rosaries as accessories a few years back.

No. 256307

Consider a shitton of amerifags that spew nonsense about WWII it is not surprising.

No. 256342

Crosses are used by Christianity as a symbol but are not considered holy themselves. No Christian should have reason to get mad at anyone wearing one. Crucifixes are considered holy though as they have the image of Jesus dying on it.

Rosaries are considered holy and are not meant to be worn by anyone that has not been ordained as a priest/nun/minister. If you aren't ordained you shouldn't wear it as a necklace or bracelet but having it on your person would be considered fine.

No. 256347

Rosaries are often given out at christenings, first holy communion and confirmation so as a Catholic its pretty usual to wear them, especially when at church.

No. 256353

When I was in school we were given them every year, but we would actually get detentions if we were seen wearing them. Not to say that there are not people who wear them anyway, but wearing them just as an accessory is frowned upon. If you are the kind of person who uses one frequently wearing it would make sense though.

No. 256372

No you hold them in your hand while praying to count how many Ave Marias you have left. I have never seen anyone except for nuns wear it as a necklace.

No. 256377

whoops guess I'm a bad Catholic then

No. 256410

Thread is derailed entirely, post about Dakota, who cares about the symbols. Dakota is just using generic Harajuku style necklaces. sheesh

No. 256411

I actually like her normal voice when she isnt making it high and cutesy. It's so much better. Now if she stopped the baby alien look and came back to her cute but "mature" look from 2012 it would be really great and flatter her more. I personally dont think the "natural look" looks good on her. Koots is a cute chick in my opinion but i really like her more with eye makeup because it suits her nicely.

No. 256473

Oh my god how shallow are you

No. 256497

Seriously? DO you read the rules or what? Stay on topic.

No. 256512

I don't go on the cesspool that is tumblr, but I imagine they give no fucks if it's a cross. Maybe I'm wrong but it seems trendy to hate Christians.
I think it's REAL weird for her to use the Star of David. She can't really claim ignorance after all the offensive stuff she said and did in her stickam days. She had a part in pretty much insulting every group with her sister. You'd think that would make her slightly more sensitive to that sort of thing.

No. 256519

File: 1460000234430.jpeg (306.29 KB, 1221x1865, image.jpeg)

She looks so different when she's not filtered. She's pretty this way. I wish she would just embrace it.

No. 256524

I've actually seen sjws getting angry over the "appropriation" of the cross

No. 256541

I have to wonder just how ugly our farm is for people to consider Kooters beautiful…

No. 256552

Sweet Jesus, she needs to go back to bangs. This hairstyle is doing her no favors.

Also, her hair looks a lot lighter here than in all her other photos, is that because of lighting or is she cheating and lightening her hair? (Since she claims her hair is ~all natural~)

No. 256554

It's her old shoops that have skewed everyone's perception of her. They've made her look like garbage without makeup and filters by comparison, but she does clean up nicely when she bothers to put on makeup and avoid a horribly clashing and/or basic outfit.

No. 256560

File: 1460007474262.jpg (41.18 KB, 500x750, 6902921632_0020084b87_b.jpg)

I actually like her bangs swept to the side like this. It reminds me of the really early days of her ~living doll~ era of internet fame before she cut them, where her shoops were beautiful, and thus so was she.
I'm so bored of the straight cut bangs. I think this style makes her features look nicer (albeit maybe not her forehead, but it's not Kiki-tier at least).
For some reason to me it gives her more of a tomboy look(?), which I really like and think suits her more than the delicate and super girly stuff.

No. 256561

lol if only she ever looked like that picture.

I agree though

No. 256572

SE looked good with them in this picture. Every other picture with them since she moved to Japan have looked bad on her, especially since she cbf to put on eyeliner anymore. Hair accessories? Forget about it.

I get that she might be trying to go for a more casual/natural look but that's no excuse to let yourself go, you can still style yourself and wear light makeup to look nice and not like you just combed your hair and walked out the door.

No. 256574

She kinda looks like this when she has western makeup to be honest see this picture
Like nothing is "really flawed" about her face, which is why she could definitely be above average with proper styling.

No. 256576

>albeit maybe not her forehead,

what's wrong with her forehead? it looks normal i think. the only problem is her hair is too thin for side part, it shows her scalp a lot especially since she keeps it a light colour. when she has bangs the "part" is at the crown of the head which noone can see

No. 256577

Well, if we truly want to know: post a selfie here

No. 256580

Its completely normal to show some scalp if you have straight hair unless your hair texture is the same texture as your pubes: coarse and densely packed together.

No. 256585

Well, I personally don't think it's that bad, but it does look quite large sometimes when she puts her fringe back or parts her hair, as you can see in her latest YouTube video >>254466
It seems she actually likes that look though and tries to accentuate it; it adds to the alien foetus image.
It looks fine here though >>256519 so it's not really a problem, at least I don't think so.
As long as she styles her hair nicely while using some product and and doesn't just let it sadly and limply hang off of her head like her sister's, it looks fine.

No. 256591

Were you around for PT's tinychat where farmers found the Instagram profile of some guy in the video chat that they thought was hot and he had nothing linking him to that in the room? Fuck that.

We also have a huge thread over in /g/ where a shitton of people are crying over their ugliness. Enough said.

No. 256612

my point is that she never, ever looked like this picture. It is a very carefully shooped picture that she tried to pass off as a Polaroid (and Bravo bought it). A couple weeks later she showed up in Japan with the same hairstyle, with a completely different jaw and face shape.

No. 256643

I wouldn't of paired those boots with that skirt, it's very unflattering for the calves.
C'mon Dakota, you work in fashion, you should know this.

No. 256670

i like it. Idk if she did on purpose but her nails are black and that gold thing on her dress is the same color as her hair. Most girls dont know how to match colors even if its a simple black outfit so kudos to kota if she did it on purpose.

No. 256680

It doesnt look that bad because she has long legs. Now on shorter stumpy girls, anjle boots are pretty much a bad idea

No. 256681

Yea but bangs swept to the side only looks good in her early living doll age because she didnt show off her massive alien spoop forehead like she does now

No. 256684

File: 1460030844158.jpg (76.63 KB, 640x884, original.jpg)

She does look better imo with bangs swept to the side, but she doesn't look like >>256560,
In >>256519
she reminds me of pic related, with a lip job and better angle/lighting.

No. 256694

Yesssss! No circle lenses!

No. 256710

I don't think she looks pretty here, but then again, candids don't turn out good too often. She just looks pudgy and motion blurry.

No. 256711

she wore circle lenses in that shoot and in the close-ups where she was applying makeup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iSBvBsszvg

No. 256714

Also she has zero hip-waist ratio. She looks like a sad square in that dress. But I do like her hair like that at least!

No. 256719

Are they really lenses? But even if they are, they dont look like lenses. She'd probably look even better without them in that shoot and korea knows that it seems.

No. 256722

I completely disagree. The skirt needs to be a bit shorter because it really accentuates her knees (literally a tiny dab of foundation or tights would also work)

this The dress is obviously made for women with hips/ butt hence why it's literally sagging around her hip area

No. 256723

Chimps only have wide hips, humans do not.

No. 256740

i think its just an ill fitting dress tbh

No. 256745

don't get salty fam

No. 256746

Same. If it was tailored to her measurements I think she'd look fine in it. Can't really judge her figure in a dress that doesn't fit. Everybody looks like shit in ill-fitting clothes.

No. 256762

File: 1460042551925.jpg (137.54 KB, 1087x639, pygmy_chimp_bonobo_flat_vagina…)


>chimps only have wide hips, humans do not.


No. 256763

They're being racist, anon. They mean black people, not actual chimps.

No. 256767

that anon was forced to turn to racism to justify their brick body lmao

No. 256798

Welp. Now I know what a bonobo's pussy looks like. Thank you lolcow for teaching me something new today.

No. 256823

File: 1460054153102.jpeg (62.88 KB, 920x672, image.jpeg)

Ah you're right. I meant monkeys.
DAS WACIST. Why is everything wacist these days?

No. 256828

Gee, I don't know, maybe because there has been a huge poltard influx lately, and neither chimps or monkeys afaik don't have wide hips. Of course people are going to assume that you mean something else, especially when stereotypically black people have huge hips. If you had meant to call black people chimps, yeah, it would have been racist. Humans are kind of meant to have wide hips, because human babies are huge when they are given birth to.

Sage for off topic and autism

No. 256832

I love when tumblrinas end up being racist as hell themselves while trying to be the SJW police.


No. 256836

Can we get back on topic please? Why the hell doesn't Dakota put makeup under her eyes, it makes her look Culkin-ish

No. 256851

>the irony
You can't be mad about the offtopic posts when you make such a PULLtier post. Also I see nothing wrong with her "bags". Jesus christ i know there is no milk but can we please not make unnecessary comments about her looks all the time?

No. 256853

Yeah her eye makeup is disastrous most of the time. It's like she follows some trend despite the fact that it doesn't suit her. Imho she looked way better in the past when she wore more eye makeup…and smaller lenses.

No. 256859

Allright then, eyebags-and-narrow-hips-chan. These are not unnecessary comments, since she really does look kinda bad

No. 256866

They are, but they're the more subtle ones she used to wear when she first got to Japan, not the ones she wears now to overcompensate for her aging. The ones she used to wear were much smaller and realistic looking and blended with her natural grayblue eye color very well.

No. 256905

She looks ugly compared to her selfies here. I compare her to half models like treindel and maggi and dakota looks like a random person than a beauty.

No. 256962


Dakota is and always has been a nice average. Not ugly, leaning on the plain side, but with makeup and styling and lenses she was decently pretty (and with her shoops enough to fool Bravo). Problem is now she has let herself go, she doesn't even bother with eye makeup, just her lenses and her overdrawn lips- and idc who it is or how pretty anyone thinks they are, circle lenses look stupid and out of place without eye makeup.

No. 256963

Has she ever revealed what type of camera she uses? I always thought her Youtube vids were BYOUTAFUL

No. 257024

This eye makeup application makes no sense… Why would you line you lid with eyeshadow when you're just going to cover it with thick gel eyeliner?

No. 257048

it's not even entirely her camera that makes good videos, but rather, a really good lighting set-up. I think she uses Nikon for a camera, but not sure on the model.

No. 257082

I remember when the full, unedited Etude House photoshoot got put on flickr. The pictures were awful. I like to think the photographer did it on purpose.

No. 257114

It wasn't just her camera, it was also her lighting (she used a professional setup with a soft box and even a light reflector) as well as the tedious editing she did, IIRC some anons in the past looked at the data for her pics and determined somehow that she would spend weeks editing a single pic.

No. 257125

So a little while back (?? I have no concept of time with lolcow for some reason) when all these pics of videos of Koota started popping up of her at events and appearences looking actually real and good, like she looked super underwhelming for a bit but really pulled herself together and she looked so cute and actually like her real self, and she was only posting crazy shoops every once in a while
I remember feeling happy for her and liked her irl face

It's like the moment I had those thoughts she started posting on instagram again and her shooping went full force obnoxious 4 year old style like @_@ this shoop style is the most depressing

No. 257126

Eww, really? Her eyes are all wonky and creepy. No bueno.

No. 257158

That's why big ass circle lenses are a bad idea outside of cosplay and photo shoots.

No. 257165

Pic reminds me of Beatrice.

No. 257201

Camera doesn't really matter that much. You don't ask what brand of pencils an artist uses and assume the picture is good just because of them. It all comes down to the skill of the person using the tool e.g. having excellently set up lighting like the other anons mentioned, and good editing skills.

I'm pretty sure she uses a canon eos too btw, not a nikon.

No. 257207

ok your pencil analogy isnt that good because cameras are a wee bit different my friend.
theres a difference between phone camera vs $100 digital camera vs $2000 SLR.
but yea, among the SLRs, its pretty much up to skills of the photographer

No. 257216

Honey, i come here to talk about dakota too, but sometimes I enjoy different topics than "you're a weeaboo/she's fat/go back to pull" stuff. You're shallow anyway.

No. 257217

According to her old photobook, she uses a Canon EOS Rebel T1i. It might have changed, but that's the camera she used during her most "famous" videos.

Anon is right though, it doesn't really matter what DSLR camera you have; they're all pretty similar and will get the job done better than a phone camera or whatever. Also as anon said, her success mostly came because of her lighting setup. She probably had two softboxes, a reflector, and possibly a ring light at work. (Not to mention her meticulous editing.) Her videos are "pretty" mostly because of the flattering lighting.

No. 257219

Do you know what the point of having an D/SLR camera actually is? Two reasons 1. You can change the lens, which is arguably the component that actually makes a real difference to the quality of your photography. and 2. The photographer has direct control over all of the settings. Professionals use D/SLRs because they know how to set up a camera better than a computer does. Someone who only has a basic grasp of what they're doing will take shittier pictures when using a D/SLR than they will on an iPhone, because the iPhone is designed to take nice pictures without much user input, and D/SLRs are designed to be completely controlled by the user.

The point is that if you buy an expensive tool because you think you're going to suddenly be able to get the same results as the person you admire, you're going to be disappointed. They get better results than you 99.99999% of the time because they're more skilled. Gearfagging is shit.

No. 257244

Ok, and you're stupid, STAY ON TOPIC. WTF

No. 257248

This thread was cancer but now it's ebola. Dont bump threads that has no milk, please.

No. 257346

Wut thats exactly what that anon said.
They said
> its up to the skills of the photographer
Who put salt in your vag

No. 257479

File: 1460200475063.png (1.2 MB, 1440x2560, tmp_471-Screenshot_2016-04-09-…)

Oh hi Taylor

No. 257485

there's enough space for another face on the top half of her head

No. 257505


Haha oh wow, she legit looks like she is copying Taylor here.

No. 257512

I'm getting kind of tired of the couch pics.

No. 257516

Well she almost never leaves her house, so where else is she gonna take them?

No. 257517

>hurrrrrr wearing a baseball cap is so taylor
Are you autistic or what? Everyone wears them. this is no milk you fool

No. 257518

Outside of the blatant Tay copying her face looks the most shooped as it's been for a while. It looks like the shooped this face from another pictrue cause it just doesnt seem to actually FIT.

I cant tell if she's trying to shoop her forehead biggerit it's because she shrunk her jaw SO much but the band of the hat just looks like a toddler in an adult man's hat. I think it's also that I cant see a SKULL in that head. Also all that shoop and she didnt make her eyes straight

No. 257520

I'm getting sick of you guys why is a logging her selfies literally the only thing thats happening in this thread it drives me crazy

No. 257523

Lol, so it looks like the tables have turned.

No. 257536

Because this girl does not fucking do anything anymore that is even the tiniest bit entertaining, but some people insist on trying to milk the dead cow.

It's either bitching about her shoop, bitching about her fashion choices, bitching about her modeling, bitching about her moonspeak abilities, bitching about them nasolabial folds, bitching about her thin hair, bitching about her cheap and half-assed accessories, bitching about her general laziness, arguing about how many guys she bangs behind the scenes in order to still get jobs/afford her apartment and having completely unrelated arguments, preferably about racism.

No. 257544

then hide the thread idiots geez. it's not like this is new. Kota threads have been like this for a while now and tbh that's what half of the threads on lolcow are.

For someone who claims to be a model to constantly fail at every aspect is considered as milk to most people same way how people will nitpick every costume a cosplayer makes.

No. 257585

Kinda offtopic but not really. How do girls deal with all the thirsty comments from indians, arabs, blacks and men of color in general? They are so fucking thirsty and desperate and gross me out. It keeps me from making my account public even though I want to. I always see them on every girls Instagram and it triggers me.

No. 257586

Why is this asked here? Your post proves dakota's thread should be locked or put in /snow/.
She probably deals with them the same way she deals with the thirsty comments made by white men, easy peasy.

No. 257588

File: 1460232648299.jpg (178.04 KB, 600x800, 20141208_719388.jpg)

No. 257589

File: 1460232664139.jpg (158.98 KB, 600x800, 20141208_b7ecc9.jpg)

No. 257590

File: 1460232667963.jpg (154.8 KB, 600x800, 20141120_379333.jpg)

No. 257591

File: 1460232672396.jpg (189.88 KB, 600x800, 20141128_24dff1.jpg)

No. 257599

wow those legs

No. 257601

Wow, she looks gorgeous in these. I'm not a fan of the clothes but the styling and shooping suits her.

No. 257602

Adorable, last outfit is bomb!

No. 257608

File: 1460240118969.jpg (138.67 KB, 600x800, 20141120_7dbc35.jpg)

No. 257609

File: 1460240127153.jpg (190.79 KB, 600x800, 20141128_93e9e1.jpg)

No. 257610

File: 1460240133147.jpg (195.56 KB, 600x800, 20141128_470768.jpg)

No. 257611

File: 1460240138291.jpg (194.09 KB, 600x800, 20141206_746f9f.jpg)

No. 257612

File: 1460240143309.jpg (183.89 KB, 600x800, 20141206_d63b10.jpg)

No. 257613

File: 1460240148030.jpg (149.43 KB, 600x800, 20141210_1b60cf.jpg)

No. 257614

File: 1460240153613.jpg (155.91 KB, 600x800, 20141210_087055.jpg)

No. 257615

File: 1460240158284.jpg (150.89 KB, 600x800, 20141210_fcf30b.jpg)

No. 257616

File: 1460240163237.jpg (186.94 KB, 600x800, 20141211_1f2fa4.jpg)

No. 257617

File: 1460240167304.jpg (152.41 KB, 600x800, 20150219_cf1b6c.jpg)

No. 257621

Wow those last few pics make her look cute!

So she finally spent money on a professional Photoshopper. Good decision.

No. 257624

she looks like charms

No. 257625

Those knees are so fucked

No. 257626


I have no idea where you're seeing that.

No. 257633

This brand always has shitty shops when you look close enough. The liquifying around the legs and face are always too much.

No. 257638

Soon she'll get a little dog..

No. 257739

File: 1460266597431.jpg (79.36 KB, 600x800, CfqCOIuUEAAwKAW.jpg)

No. 257740

File: 1460266906001.jpg (85.76 KB, 600x800, CfqHrXFUIAM-ktV.jpg)

No. 257773

The girl next to her is adorable.
Kota's mime-white foundation and chola lips though, nooo.

No. 257779

File: 1460272879059.jpg (55.25 KB, 319x470, 2056900_2015073105078380014383…)

she kinda looks her age now…

Also, unfortunate photo but she should go back to this hairstyle, it helped soften her features

No. 257781

I remember back in her living doll days when she modeled for TM and they shipped the f u c k out of her face and eyes but left her cold sores, shit was hilarious.

Also wtf is going on with the bust in >>257617?

No. 257791

Just found this online, what do you guys think? I feel like this is enough evidence that the two are dating! I don't have time to write a more detailed post right now but maybe the other moon speakers can help translate.


No. 257794

Nice find anon, I have no idea who that guy is, but it looks pretty conclusive. So he's some sort of movie star? Kiki will be furious lol, though I guess she already knows.

No. 257797

No. 257798

Poor guy :(

No. 257803

Kek. There was a comment last year about seeing him together with her at a pachinko parlor in Roppongi. Apparently they were kissing a lot and she was smoking. So it must be true then. Classy as fuck.

No. 257805

Why would she go on Last Kiss then if she has a boyfriend? Especially with the way she was flirting with the guy and talking about how much of a gentleman he was and how she nearly fainted when they kissed or smh.

No. 257810

Because it's a job? The show was probably scripted/staged, like most TV shows.

No. 257816

do you want some peanut butter for all that jelly

No. 257817

File: 1460280019565.jpg (138.48 KB, 599x432, 1443118569107.jpg)

Loved her here, she looked so adorable, natural and pretty. Nice hair, and nice makeup (she looks so good with winged eyeliner).

Pic related, fav photo.

No. 257818

Whoaa. I can't believe we missed this. Props to the Japanese, although it probably took a good amount of creep to figure it out.

No. 257819

Whoaa. I can't believe we missed this. Props to the Japanese, although it probably took a good amount of creep to figure it out.

No. 257820

This dakota style is the best dakota style, western style is so much better for her! She is so fucking beautiful

No. 257829

Haha this will make everyone here jealous. I dont have a thing for Asians but even I admit he is a good looking guy. But then again Dakota is good looking too. I'm so happy for her!

No. 257833

Not with a rotten personality like hers

No. 257836

File: 1460282691543.jpg (63.74 KB, 600x644, CfqzKrOUIAAnKvE.jpg)


No. 257839

I read it doesnt give evidence at all just speculation on similar clothes and some random comment that they suposedly saw them kissing at a pachinko

No. 257842

File: 1460283131781.jpg (72.68 KB, 640x854, CfrCYDIVAAAbrlU.jpg)

No. 257844


I can't imagine her going to a public place and suck the life out of her boyfriend's tongue…i dunno

No. 257846

Smells like Ostrengas a lot lately around here. I'm sure they'd love to no longer have anyone criticize anything about them online, but when you're in the public eye, it's somewhat expected.

No. 257847

Unless there's some pictures out there, why would anyone believe the gossip? Because it's on the Internet?
Not going to say that she's not dating someone, or married at this point. I think it's interesting how much she is going the Taylor fashion route these days too. Her manager at Bravo follows Taylor, it's obvious she is highly on their radar and a threat to Dako's snowflake status.

No. 257850

>Kinda offtopic but not really. How do girls deal with all the thirsty comments from indians, arabs, blacks and men of color in general? They are so fucking thirsty and desperate and gross me out. It keeps me from making my account public even though I want to. I always see them on every girls Instagram and it triggers me.

No. 257853

File: 1460284180992.jpg (34.03 KB, 306x398, 2953A5C700000578-0-image-a-94_…)

No. 257862

>she thinks men think with their head


No. 257880

is this a setup? like seriously who noticed all of these things???

No. 257883

Explains why Kiki sperged out so much about getting a jap bf, that guys hotter than all of Kiki's bfs put together.

No. 257884

File: 1460291602379.jpg (253.44 KB, 640x480, top-main-009.jpg)

dont mind me just taking a bath in jelly

No. 257885

File: 1460291626155.jpg (622.93 KB, 2400x2400, image.jpg)

Here are proofs from the article, showing Dako wearing his clothes. (Just in case farmers can't be bothered opening the link)

No. 257886

she looks like michael jackson

No. 257887


Huh, if it were just 3 garments I would have waved it off as circumstantial, but the striped, fluffy hoodie really cements it for me.

No. 257889

Stop saying "Proofs." that goes for everyone esl here. It's like saying "Sheeps" It's already plural and makes you sound like an idiot child.

sage for autism.

No. 257900

There's the Kamen Rider figure as well. Why else would she own that? I remember thinking it was weird when I saw it in her apartment tour, as it doesn't really fit with the rest of her stuff.

I think by western standards he's fairly blah, but for a Jap guy, in a sea of snaggle-toothed, potato faced, emo hair cuts, he's definitely on the hotter side.

No. 257904

Are we sure he's not just a friend/orbiter?

No. 257916

Dakota is so cute in that adidas b/w pic. Anyway, I hope it's true that they are together. I mean not only is she a model & tv personality (you know what I mean), started her own brand and now supposedly is dating a handsome nippon dude, kiki must be frothing at the mouth kek

She's been posing a lot with her kawasaki lately as well, maybe it's to be kind to her batshit sister

I wish kiki would slip up and spill all her salt

No. 257918

hes def a step up from taco

No. 257919


Oh shit, the evidence is conclusive to be honest. The matching clothes, but mainly the Kamen Rider Chaser figure in her apartment (the role Taiko Katono played in Kamen Rider Drive). I've always been curious about if he had a girlfriend, since some of his pictures (at home) were taken by somebody else and I always assumed it was some secret girlfriend. Must have been Kota when she stayed over at his or something.

Ugh, dying in a sea of jealousy. I love Taiko Katono and have been following him since KR Drive. Excuse me while I cry myself a load of salt.

No. 257920

File: 1460298832012.jpeg (108.04 KB, 749x916, image.jpeg)

At least now we know who the second bottom account is (kota's following list on IG).

No. 257922

It's okay to be salty, anon. At least you're crying quietly instead of raging through the thread saying how ugly Kooter is and that she doesn't deserve a japaroo boyfriend desu.

I'm pretty happy for Dakota. It's good she has a successful, attractive boyfriend. Mostly because I can't even imagine how angry Kiki must be about this.

What is Kiki doing now? Do you guys think she killed herself or something? Or is she just lying low, super depressed and concocting a new scheme to become more famous than Koots?

No. 257923

File: 1460299726455.jpg (519.63 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_20160410_164734.jpg)

No. 257924

I don't even know why I'm so upset, it's not like I had a chance with him, lol.

I also think Kota is very pretty (except for her own creepy alien foetus shoops). I wonder how they met. I want more deeeeeets

No. 257925

Jesus, while scrolling I thought for a second this was a shoop of her bald.

No. 257927

Yeah, I'm pretty pleased about this because it's yet another nail in Kiki's metophorical coffin. At this point I'm starting to think she's just given up because there's no way she can compete any more. I wonder if when she started going crazy over finding a Jap husbando was when she found out Kota was dating this guy.

No. 257929


>implying men care about your personality as long as they can get in your panties

No. 257930

I honestly cringe when people say they feel jealous of Dakota.Some of the people who come on here are so pathetic it's truely sad.

No. 257931

Where has anyone said they are jealous of her? Maybe you're just projecting. Saying they are happy for her and think she is pretty is not the same as being jealous, fyi.

No. 257933


The only reason I think people are jealous is because she went viral. Any girl could go over to Japan given the right look and probably make it with hard work. But the jealous erupts from the fact she went viral all over the world, Asia especially and how she got given a free ride. Plus majority who are jealous are weebs who want the Japanese to give them attention because kooter is obviously more in with the Japs than Taylor is. Her Japanese fan base is bigger prior earlier days and certain jobs.

But you have to remember it's probably people who just follow her online and go "aw cute" then just follow her like most of us follow bloggers/vloggers. Also high school girls and older men.

I don't think it's worth being jealous over her guys. Just say "yes good for her, nice one" and move on.

No. 257934


Different anon here, I think Kiki has given up tbh. Isn't that a good thing? I don't like her much either nor care about her. But I do think people on here get a wrong thrill out of her having issues and Dakota getting the best out of life. I know they were cunts back then, Kiki was a bigger cunt and a nut case obv. But I am starting to find it a bore when people want her back just to laugh at her and say "lol kota made it and kiki didn't." It's getting a bit gross.

No. 257935


Still not enough proof anon.

No. 257937


Personally, I wish the pair of them would just fucking meet. Get it over with. It's been 6 years almost since she went viral, I just want kota to meet the other weebs in Japan who would piss their pants over her presence and do a video.

Dakota can finally answer the fucking questions everyone has wanted to know for yonks, Tay and kooter or venus take a wapanesey picture together shooped to fuck and back then that will be it.

No. 257939

The jealousy in this thread is so obvious. Sorry I struck a nerve, but honestly this whole thread has turned into people nitpicking her over nothing.I just don't get where all the salt and hate for her comes from,she literally does nothing to anyone.

No. 257941

I have this theory that her parents paid an agency to make her go viral. The earliest "viral" reports were from obscure news websites in strange places (including countries she ignores, like Vietnam) and forums for viral news (even though she was not yet viral). The people would just post a lot of pictures and use the words that would later become infamous: "real Barbie" "real doll." The comments were often written in Middle Eastern or Indian languages.

Of course she got picked up by English and Asian viral news machines, but the way it started was really suspicious. I suspect it could have succeeded for just about anyone with the right style and expertly shooped photos (and those early ones were the best of the best, none have even come close to that level of uncanny valley pseudo-perfection) - but not without the money to fund the initial viral surge.

No. 257945

To be honest, her pics back then were amazing, it filled a niche not seen on the internet back then, so her pictures did the work for her.

No. 257946

I'm still not sure it explains everything, but I agree to an extent. It was the powerful shoop and high-res photos.

Also a heavy dose of "is she legal" aesthetic from her pervy dad.

No. 257948


>there's the Kamen Rider figure as well

Ooooooooh shit you're fucking right.

No. 257950

Holy mother of venus, why would she post this? She looks like megans prettier and more successful sister or cousin or something. Her instagram feed has gone to shit lately, the pictures are so unflattering.

This hair style looks so good on her, but her face is so white that she shines like black people teeth in dark photos, kek. Hopefully she just bought her foundation by accident, and not on purpose, because damn.

Do you guys think that her boyfriend (if they actually are dating) is getting her jobs and appearances? Is he famous or something? Could he be sugar daddying kota? He is kinda cute and his hair is nice, but I've never had too much of a yellow fever so what do I know, but he's definitely better than some old, rich perv

No. 257952


Yeah, and let's be honest, compared to the average female population of these countries, of course PS'ed kooters would look like a real doll or real anime girl or whatever titles they gave her, hence why 3rd world beta males became so obsessed with her in the first place. Then Japan senpai noticed her.

No. 257953


>what is Kiki doing now? Do you guys think she killed herself or something?

After the Taco debacle I legit believe Kirsten had a complete mental breakdown or something. Literally every single one her ventures we successfully sabotaged and exposed.
It's likely that she's decided to quit social media temporarily, but the fact that her Instagram and Twitter accounts are still open and that we've seen her accidentally post to them (like that day she accidentally Tweeted "Dakota" having mistaken the Tweet field for the search bar top kek), that indicates to me that part of her is still holding out hope for a grand return to fame. She needs to let them go.

Kirsten is one of my favourite cows so the bad part of me wants her to return so she can fuck everything up again and provide a sea of milk, but the reasonable part of me is glad that she's gone for her own sake.

I really believe however that one of the biggest reasons for her current absence is that she got it into her head that Japan would be this land of golden opportunity where she'd be able to fly off and strike immediate success and that would people would worship her for being a blonde-haired, blue-eyed white girl.
I think she put all of her eggs in one basket and began convincing herself that she was going to make it big like Dakota, finally got there and HATED it. Hated the culture, hated the social conventions, hated the language, hated how nobody was worshiping her and how she wasn't getting chased for modelling jobs.

She tried one last ditch attempt to make it work, found herself a native squeeze, got it into her head that she would marry and get permanent residence there and that she could then begin working on formulating a career, and then the Taco shit fell apart and she probably fucking cracked.

No. 257954


If the only men you've dated have been like that it's probably because you make yourself easy.

No. 257956


I don't understand feelings of jealousy full stop.
When people say "Oh I'm so jealous!", what does that even mean? I have a hard time processing it.
Don't you guys want what only you can give to yourselves?

No. 257957

What was it that split Kiki and Taco up anyway? Did we ever find out the reason as to why their whole thing went to shit?

No. 257958

She never actually spoke about it, I assume because she didn't want to give the impression that any man could ever resist/reject the almighty goddess Kiki Kannibal. I think there was speculation that he was only sleeping with her because she was easy and desperate, while she thought they were "in love". I think he got bored of her loud, annoying personality after a while. But again, she never spoke about it so who knows.

No. 257959

kek I'm not jealous of Kota by any means, but jealousy is a normal human emotion (in moderation). Stop trying to act like you're so above everyone.

No. 257960

There were never an official explanation, probably Taco got tired of her princess complex. Honestly both were using each other to satisfy their yellow and gaijin fetishes.

More like the other way around, sweetie. You still have a lot to learn about men.

No. 257961



Awww, I made her mad :(

And yeah, you saying that "all men only care about is getting into your panties" is practically screaming "I'VE ONLY EVER DATED SHIT MEN".
>You still have a lot to learn about men.
No, you need to stop chasing assholes and settle down with a decent human being.

I've been with the same man almost a decade now Anon; can you say the same?

No. 257967


Talk about jumping to conclusions… We hardly have enough info on them yet again. Kota seems the type to keep things private, being mind she is only "20" (23 nearly lol). I think she would give in and tell public more when she's milked her loli doli image to it's advantage and then say. I wonder how long she plans on living in Japan… reckon forever? Especially now she's got to a standstill.

No. 257968


Exactly, now everyone is trying to be living dolls and once someone has milked it, literally OWNED the style then it's done with. Kota earned the crown from that one and overtook Venus by a long shot even with her 1M subs. Kota has still practically owned her.

No. 257970


I always found that weird too. I noticed it was always in weirdo Asian places besides Japan, Korea, China. Dodgy areas… it DOES make you wonder.

No. 257976

You didn't strike any nerve with me, anon. I thought you meant people saying outright "Kooter is so beautiful and I'm jealous of her fame," rather than people deflecting their own insecurities by ragging on her and role playing that she's married to some old Japanese man. I misunderstood what you meant, sorry.

No. 257977

If that is the case it's not surprising really - so many kpop and other agencies groom their idols at a young age, and in a lot of cases $$ is traded off with public attention. If there's a place where that'd go down well, eastern asia kinda seems like a prime market.

No. 257978

>(like that day she accidentally Tweeted "Dakota" having mistaken the Tweet field for the search bar top kek)

Damn, when did this happen?

Also, I really agree with everything you said. I miss Kiki as a cow, but I also think that she's a lot better off without social media. Or rather, I hope she is.

Maybe she had a bad experience in Japan and had a breakdown because of it. That may be another reason for her compelte abandonment of her social media accounts. I did that once after having a really bad experience and having been public ally shame about it, so I guess I have some sympathy for Kiki.

As funny as it is to imagine her seething at Kotex's accomplishments, I truly do hope that Kiki is doing something meaningful with her life and is seeing a therapist. I hope she gets the mental help she desperately needs.

No. 257979

You're being autistic, stop shitposting. inb4 "you mad?" I'm not even that anon just someone who is really sick of posters with shitty superiority complexes ruining threads

No. 257987


kek and saying "u obvsly don't kno anything bout' men sweetie ;)" isn't superiority comp;ex shitposting Away with ye'.

No. 258013

just an honest question but why do people say "I am so happy for (person) being in a relationship"
like… its a pretty normal thing.

No. 258019

i thought taco was cute except his teeth.

No. 258057

I think in this case it's just because kota is a shut in who doesn't seem to have anyone, not even family or friends. People would react the same if she was just making a friend.

No. 258075

File: 1460327792067.png (55.11 KB, 595x355, c7EklzN.png)

I can only make out Taiko's name…can someone translate?

No. 258077

seriously though…maybe it's to "boost" their popularity/fame? Give little hints of a relationship so those two stay relevant?

No. 258084

defying gravity plays in the background

No. 258102

Probably this "relationship" is just some set up to promote their company/career. Korean media is well know to make fake relationship only to promote their artists so why not Japanese media??

No. 258113


>okay Dakota we want you to enter into this fake relationship for publicity, maximum publicity!

>okay but we don't want you tell anybody
>or make it public
>or give any indication that you're in a relationship
>okay but you have to buy this Kamen Rider figure and place it in your apartment on the off-chance that you make a video where it's visible for a few seconds
>maximum publicity!

No. 258116

Are you bitches honestly jelly of this? I get that he's an actor but Japanese people have pretty shit taste when it comes to men. There's hotter guys than this out and about in Tokyo.

I mean good for her, but if you guys are seriously thinking this man is ~*goals*~ then lol

No. 258119

nothing interesting really.
> compared to before taiko-kun got put on the black market (meaning this social media frenzy?)
> it must be a problem having to deal with the grand displays that come from being with dakota (what she wears, where she goes)
> but maybe he doesnt even know, because its his work-related SNS
> why do people that dont even know the whole story keep tweeting about it

No. 258138

It would be publicity if any shows or magazines pull this up and try to create a scandal from it. I honestly doubt a fan or anyone cares enough about her AND this one rando Rider actor. That Venn diagram doesnt exist. Dakota isnt that popular, what are the actual chances of an OBSESSED fan of a Kamen Rider actor would also be an OBSESSED fan of Dakota to be able to compare a still very limited number of outfits like that???

Even pulltards aren't that good.
It's probably one or both of their companies trying to pull a "totally kakkoi japanese actor falls in love with kawaii princess whitey look at them wearing the same clothes"

A couple coming out doesn't generate NEARLY as much publicity as a couple being caught in secret

No. 258151

No. 258157

Shes an idiot to keep those accounts. Like yea 20k tweet followers, 60k YT subs, but its all attached to her past infamy as kiki kannibal. Shes needs. To start. Over!!

No. 258166


I'm hoping they're really a couple that gets married. Imagining Kaka's salty tears.

Just realized this could be Kooter sending a message!

No. 258167


A declaration of war?
Wonder if she'll buy a teacup poodle and call it "Blushy" or some shit lel

No. 258186

She tried that before when she started her Kiki Mimieux project. She tried going by Kirsten for a while too but it never sticks and she knows if she starts over too fresh she'll lose all of her followers/subs. That is her one shred of proof when she wants to claim success so it's either start over from the bottom and possibly fail or stick with what she knows and try half attempts at restarting with guaranteed followers.

No. 258188

there is also the possibility that one of her parents is managing her accounts for her, while she is locked up in a psych ward somewhere.

No. 258195

You sound bitter af anon.

No. 258196

this jacket is way too big…waiting for related Taiko pic

No. 258202

thats a cute name

No. 258221

I wonder what kinda japanese wife shel make … (thats if she hasnt married for visa already. Seriously, what kinda entertainment visa lasts 3 years?! )

No. 258265

Nah man, don't forget she's edgy. Would probably name her dog ゲロ

No. 258285

I agree. I have dated several japanese men and believe me they are nothing to be jealous about. Specially the gaijin hunters like this guy seems to be

No. 258295

Tried to find but after 8 pages of google images I gave up.

No. 258296

File: 1460375461230.jpg (4.56 KB, 150x150, o015001501427787179259.jpg)

kawaii boyfurendo

No. 258300

If the rumors are true…

Good job kootz

No. 258302

File: 1460376537371.jpg (19.97 KB, 355x398, kek.jpg)

Meanwhile Kaka's biggest score was this lol

No. 258310

When it comes to taste in men, my fetish lies in the French dudes, so I can't really comment about the standard of Japanese ones, but he seems like a nice looking chap.

No. 258311

see also:

Dude is gonna look just as old as Jackie Chan in a few years

No. 258313

I can't help but wonder what ever became of that Nao guy, if that was even anything to begin with.

No. 258322

No. 258331

He was a qt
I remember an old video tutorial of Kota, she said she was invited to a friend's house. I think it was Nao's. And when they broke up, she deleted the video

No. 258334

File: 1460383468234.png (115.02 KB, 190x353, image.png)

Not letting this image die

No. 258335

She's cute chubby but for a model she doesn't fit in.

No. 258346

Nah… chubby girls can look good if they have a small waist, but Kota just has a dumpy refrigerator body.

No. 258365

File: 1460390402241.jpg (14.65 KB, 370x208, d73c43326bb.jpg)

No. 258368


God that's tragic.

No. 258370

how long ago was this?

No. 258376

Jesus fuck, exercising and getting a little muscle definition isn't that hard, kota. Every time I see this picture I have to wonder what the hell is wrong with her to think that she doesn't have to do anything "hard" regarding her profession like the rest of us. Athletes need to train, artists need to invest in tools and practice, makeup artists need to follow trends, and models should look even a little toned! Shit makes me irrationally mad, maybe I'm PMSing

No. 258393

Couple controversy can kill a female model's career in Japan, I'm actually worried for dakota if this isn't an actual 'forever' relationship because it could send her packing for home.

Kamen Rider is actually really big btw, even has a huge Western fanbase

No. 258396


iirc 1-2 years ago

No. 258397

File: 1460400039207.jpg (2.12 MB, 1920x2560, 16-04-11-20-38-20-360_deco.jpg)

Just noticed that he's also been wearing the same ring for a while now…it's not a gold one like Kota's though

No. 258403

File: 1460401426560.jpg (1.28 MB, 1825x1240, 12784055_1704774426461968_1482…)


>same hat

>same sweater

Whelp, that pretty much seals it.
They're an item.

No. 258404

Been creeping his twitter and he started wearing the ring around October/November 2015, about the same time Dakota did isn't it?

No. 258411

i think they overdid the smoothing tool here lmao

her legs look like fabric

No. 258412

File: 1460402346039.png (775.05 KB, 1557x859, bb.png)

This is an old, deleted Tweet from Dakota's Twitter.
The account she's Tweeting to is Taiko Katono's, and the figure itself is of Mashin Chaser, the character that Katono plays.

I actually think it's cute.

No. 258413

It looks like she's wearing pantyhose.

No. 258423

No way! What's the date on this? Do we think they started dating last October/November when they started wearing rings? Or do we think they started dating over summer (when Kiki started flipping out trying to get a nipnop bf too)? Exciting.

No. 258430

File: 1460405363343.jpg (65.4 KB, 600x627, CI_NQU3VEAA2WWj.jpg)


3rd of July 2015.

No. 258432

it's a pantyhose anon, look closely at her toes in

No. 258433


any moonspeak-wise anon translate please

No. 258441

It's so adorable that they share clothes. Good for her!

No. 258463

It would be super hilarious if they weren't dating, but dako was actually obsessed with him and bought all the same clothes he has and made an altar out of her fake vivienne westwood bags to pray for him

No. 258466

they shooped off giant chunks of her legs. What a mess.

No. 258468

I like to think that he's obsessed with his blue-eyed cat and only dates Koots because she reminds him of his precious kitty kek

No. 258479

I don't really understand everything, but it basically says this:

I want to eat something fast today. Should I go for Hokkyoku again…?(Hokkyoku means northpole, maybe there's a restaurant that's called like this?) Nah, but if I feel like it tomorrow I wanna avoid it.

"Fast ramen…?"
"My stomach…Yaay" (Not sure about this one)

Someone please correct me, that would help me alot with my studies.

No. 258484

She's a model, not a real talento or idol etc. Plus she's a foreigner, she'll get a pass. No Japanese is looking up to her like some kind of pure being. If anything, HE has more to lose (female fans) but ultimately he's a man so he'll get a pass in Japan too.

No. 258488

I am so giddy about this.
Somewhere along the line when she arrived in Japan i started rooting for her.

I hope this hurts Kiki

No. 258490

Yeah… Models and actors are allowed to date it's not going to be a scandal lol what. I mean yes, secret dating could cause like a two second stir but even then, it wouldn't hurt either of them.

No. 258492

That says spicy, not fast

No. 258493

ngl this is so fucking cute

No. 258494

whoops, thank you!

No. 258548

Oh snap that seals it, I wonder if Kota herself was dropping those rumors so it would catch on here!

No. 258555

if youve ever been on a japanese gossip site youd know that these comparison type of pics of people wearing the same clothes and stuff like that is fairly common. being that dako took tons of selfies in his jackets/sweaters when she couldve easily taken them off seems like she wanted people to find out tbh

No. 258557

>[Kiki's guttural shrieks intensify]

No. 258559

Agreed! Both have a public image and if they were so set on keeping it hidden, they wouldn't consciously do anything that might might anyone catch on, and some of these like the hat/jacket picture are too obvious once you put them together. Also I really believed she was married for a second, how the hell is she keeping her visa at this point? For an uneducated, not (that) popular model, it should be very difficult. I work my ass off to keep my visa, kinda jealous she gets everything so easy.

No. 258564

You're joking, right? This is kept secret to protect his career, not hers.

I guess we finally know why kiki killed herself

No. 258565

Reminds me of when people found out AMO was dating a guy in a band, all his female fans started attacking her, calling her fat and ugly and constantly comparing her magazine shoots to how she looked irl at events and stuff. (Just like we do on here to Dakota lol)
If he has enough female fans it could get really brutal for both of them.

No. 258567

File: 1460423024760.jpg (139.18 KB, 500x701, tumblr_mcjsqexFIy1r7jtrwo1_500…)

this amo?

No. 258573

File: 1460424031963.jpeg (30.32 KB, 335x438, image.jpeg)


Real Amo is ugly though.

No. 258594

The real question is why did they put her in a bikini. Or why did she choose to wear one. The poor thing mustve felt horrible being around all thise tiny girls

No. 258595

Im wet

No. 258598

From what I remember, after this she no longer wore bikinis or did shoots like this. All the other girls are half her size, it looked so bad.

No. 258600

Don't forget that they covered her up with a towel immediately after, while the other girls roamed around in a bikini.

No. 258601

who was her bf sorry for getting ot

No. 258603

Agreed, he's actually very good looking.
I know a relationship is more than that, bur it's all we have to go by.

No. 258608

File: 1460428309377.jpg (306.61 KB, 1200x1800, amo.jpg)

No. 258611

This post ruined my life

No. 258619

File: 1460430131347.jpg (29.49 KB, 500x362, tumblr_inline_o01ojwmVzr1rxlg8…)

No. 258630

I've seen her in person, she does have a very round face but she is fucking adorable. There's just a few unflattering shots floating around

No. 258647

Don't forget that camera angle, lense and lighting can make a HUGE difference…

No. 258648

Honestly, she doesn't look that much different. She looks as different as anyone would going from a selfie taken from a higher angle with soft lighting to one taken in the sun, harsh shadows being cast on their face and taken from a much, much lower angle.
Everyone has unflattering photos. She's not ugly by any means.

No. 258661

File: 1460438292094.jpg (21.85 KB, 222x328, image.jpg)

Don't worry anon, the only actually hot one in Drive was Warabino Tomoya, please cheer up!

No. 258670

Sage for irrelevancy but that guy is pretty fucking hot. Is he considered hot by japanese women or at least a certain age group/subset of them? Beauty standards are weird.

No. 258720

He's definitely イケメン

No. 258723

To be fair, I'm pretty sure she's pregnant in the top pic. Sage for OT.

No. 258755

File: 1460461220275.jpeg (59.8 KB, 600x800, image.jpeg)


No. 258768


He's pretty alright, jesus. The arms tho. No idea, the Japanese usually stray for those pretty girly boys don't they?

No. 258769


Give it time, they'll probably nit pick Dakota to fuck. They already do on Girls Channel anyway.

No. 258770


Meh, I don't think it's that cute. Couples clothing is cringe at the most. The picture she used was terrible. If she didn't shoop it would've been cute.

No. 258800

I'm so glad for koti :3 she is doing so good!

No. 258815

Why does someone post this every 5 minutes. Shut the fuck up.

No. 258816

korean kpop stars do the same eh look at Taeyeon and Baekhyun

No. 258817

ITT: Lonely bitter bitches

No. 258824


ITT: Dakota

No. 258827

>implying she'd post here when she could be hanging out with her qt 3.14 Japanese husbando

You'll find someone someday, anon.

No. 258835

I wish

No. 258873

File: 1460479130415.jpg (271.29 KB, 666x767, ZEtgd564Dgz.jpg)

Just rewatched one of her TV appearances where she states that she has someone she likes, that he is Japanese and 22 years old.

The show aired on June 20, 2015.
Taiko's was born in 1992 on October 20, which means he was 22 at that time.

Guess that seals it even more, he's off the market…

No. 258892

That's pretty cute, chin aside.

No. 258945

Oh wow nice connection tbh
Jelly pedo lesbian plz

No. 258951

File: 1460492077205.png (28.07 KB, 674x432, -04.png)

You know this board has IDs, right? We can all tell that you're samefagging…

No. 258955

Also can anyone make a kawaii desu romanticu desu kota and katono banner?

No. 258961


>this board has IDs


No. 258968

anon meant IPs*

No. 258975

Stop baiting already samefag, I was only >>258945 like I already said

No. 258982

is there anything else besides air in your head?

No. 258987


lol no

No. 259000

Seconding this, with a salty kiki in the background.

No. 259002

And a salty kontrakoti :^)
She must be considering suicide right now lmao

No. 259009

File: 1460500507511.png (15.46 KB, 455x418, Id.PNG)

Lmao, nice try. You could have at least tried to change your writing style. Not that it would help when your ID is right there.

Nope, I meant IDs. You have to turn them on in your settings.

No. 259033

No idea why it is like that, but I was the one who posted >>258873 and tried to translate this >>258430…oh yeah and I called you an airhead, sorry about that

No. 259034


Settings… what? How long has this feature been here?

No. 259036


idk what that is but it is definitely not a display for ID's because I made >>258961 and I'm none of the other Anons.

No. 259053

are you using some shitty chan addon or something

No. 259079

Calm down, aspie.

No. 259080

So has anyone heard any recent news about baby fang. Is it selling well,or?

No. 259095

Didn't you know only two people post in this thread?

No. 259142

It's cute how there are anons ITT trying to asslick Dakota for dating this celebrity guy as though it coming to light is a good thing.

Sure, it makes her look better to her jealous weeb base of hatestalkers, but from the Japanese side of it, Taiko's fansgirls are gonna eat her alive. There's not gonna be any "kawaii waito gaijin" free pass of politeness from his fans for her. They're going to dig up every shred of Japanese and even English dirt on her and her family and drag that shit out in the open on BBS/SNS. Japan is still really bad about idol worship when it comes to celebs.

For example, when Miyavi and Melody got married when she got pregnant, they didn't make it public until several months into the pregnancy after the marriage (because they kind of had to) and then they moved to LA so their kids could grow up at least semi normal without the risk of being recognized as "Miyavi & Melody's kids" in public.

I can't wait to see how jealous Taiko fangirls react to Dakota. Specially once they start comparing her shoops to her TV appearances and candids. They'll pick her apart worse than we ever did.

No. 259144

They opened up the online shop. Those prices holy shit.

No. 259149

File: 1460522075857.jpg (662.48 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20160413_143126.jpg)

I have seen this charm before like years ago, i just did a quick search and found this, it's not exact but you get the point. I could probably find the exact one but yeah those prices are a bit rich considering.

No. 259156




Wow, no. Japanese ppl don't mind spending coin on brand stuff but those prices for that stuff is just mad. Literally a basic black hair tie with a simple black ribbon on it for $15? Good luck with that, koots.

Why doesn't she just bite the bullet and have selfie cards made and sell those? Since all see and is to make money selling her face (the product cards for her merch at her pop up shop had her heavily shooped face on them. The accessories are just there to decorate the cards.

No. 259157

She bought cheap bulk jewelry supplied and slapped them together half assed. I wouldn't be surprised if those chains and charms tarnished in less than 3 months.

No. 259158

It's not like she's in control of any if this crap especially the prices. They probably just approached her with a sketch or 2 and she was like "sure".

No. 259163

Nice try, but Dakota even posted sketches of one of the chokers before the pop up shop debut. Not to mention this looks like cheap western crap like you would find in F21 or Claire's. Cheap Japanese crap has a different look than this.

No. 259165


>dakookoo announced babyfang

>"HAH eat it all u jelly hater pedo lesbians, sweet little kawaii princess Dako-chan really IS getting her own brand!"

>babyfang debut, cheap junk and Dakota dressed like a slob

>"W-whatever she probably just put her name on it and had nothing to do with the designs/production! She probably didn't even have enough time to dress up nice for the event! Her manager probably made her do it!"

No. 259166

Ok so I'm no expert on cheap japaroo jewelry or anything. It just doesn't appear to be more than any celeb slapping their name on a perfume or Target clothing to me.
Even is she had a creative say in the products, most likely she just yay'd or nay'd it. She most certainly did not have a say in the budget or quality.
M It's kind of cute anywags.

No. 259167

Babyfang "Making of"

No. 259168

Ok but you sound like more a Kota fan than anyone here.
You actually think this bitch thought up, designed and marketed her own brand of cheap ass jewelry when she can't even be bothered to wear anything other than a plain t-shirt or extremely unflattering makeup to promote it?

No. 259172

File: 1460526036988.jpg (163.82 KB, 794x784, no.jpg)

>$40 for a $3 trinket

This burgershop venture won't last.

No. 259175


Ngl, sometimes I get jelly of Dakota's model pics but then when I see her candids and pics like this I'm reminded how fake she is and how much of her "look" isn't her own face, idk it gives me hope in a way.

No. 259188

Dakota is really kind of a slightly unattractive girl. Not hideous, but she has too many faults on her face and always has. It's amazing how she just cheated her way into the industry. She'd literally be nobody in a pre-Photoshop world.

No. 259191

I feel like she would be one of those plastic surgery junkies if she didn't have photoshop. If it wasn't for her "deviated septum" nose job everyone would have been calling her a potato nose the whole time just like every other cow (but tbf that term is thrown around rather willy nilly and doesn't have much meaning anymore).

No. 259193

Should dakota have married a loser like manaki then?

No. 259195

No, she should have spent her time and money investing in something for her future so that her 5 year plan doesn't involve marrying some jap for social status simply so she doesn't have to pretend to care about modeling anymore.

No. 259198

At least he has a job and isn't a leeching hobo

No. 259202

…now she's copying the Vivienne Westwood logo? http://www.baby-fang.com/shopdetail/000000000122/all_items/page2/order/


No. 259221

Holy shit

No. 259222

That looks so sloppy too

No. 259223

File: 1460534390275.jpeg (152.68 KB, 700x840, image.jpeg)

Nice contacts, koti

No. 259226

File: 1460534515450.jpeg (20.18 KB, 241x424, image.jpeg)


Dat chin tho

No. 259227

File: 1460534523913.png (593.64 KB, 701x635, tZgsgr45Se.png)

damn, I want to know which ones she is wearing..they blend so freakin well

No. 259230

File: 1460534706775.jpeg (107.53 KB, 700x840, image.jpeg)

Her nails are really gross

No. 259234

File: 1460534842282.png (731.6 KB, 1242x2208, image.png)

Isn't this direct infringement?

No. 259237

File: 1460535002773.jpeg (41.44 KB, 440x335, image.jpeg)

Yeah, but unless VW themselves report it, it'll just be left like it is

No. 259239

looks normal to me…. if it was smaller she's look weird

No. 259248

Weird because they aren't exactly unknown in Japan. There's a shop right in Harajuku.
"Puraneto" chamu choka. Sure, Dako.

No. 259287

Her line is such an embarrassment. I hope she at least gets paid well to do it

No. 259294

Most likely not. I don't know how it works, but I'm assuming she gets paid a certain percentage of how much is being sold.

And all her fans are 15 year old girls who don't make money, so I can't see this shit selling much. Especially since you can find identical stuff for half the price around Harajuku.

No. 259301

I know right, all these years I've been trying to find something similar that'd look good on light eyes, but no luck.

No. 259310

Is it just me or is her lip make up really bad and obvious?

No. 259311

This whole thing seems the same thing as Kate Hudson and her "brand" Fabletics.
It's just a "famous" face on items made for cheap by 12 year olds in South East Asia then sold for $$$$$.

No. 259314

Wow, I really wanted to get something form here, but it's all super overpriced and very generic, doesn't looks like the quality is worth what she wants to price it at. Bad show, koots.

No. 259315

What are you complaining about? You dont have money for it anyways. It's only for the rich japs not you

No. 259318

Buy from Forever 21.

No. 259324

So what happened to the model call thing she did? I thought she was gonna get someone else to model everything but it's just her. Also why is that main picture so out of focus? Why everything is made so halfassed?

No. 259326

No. 259335

File: 1460553926366.png (121.37 KB, 825x478, Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.24…)

twenty bucks for a ribbon on an elastic band
my sides

No. 259341

did they straight up photoshop these onto her? yes i think so

No. 259343

lots of cheapo jewelry shops in japan sell this design. this looks so cheap

No. 259353

looks cheap afffffffffffff

No. 259356

It's only like $14…

No. 259359

jesus they couldn't splurge on a mani for her?

No. 259362

you could probably find the same shit on ebay for $1

No. 259364

14 dollars for a ribbon glued on to a elastic band is pretty expensive. A retarded 5 year old could make that for less than 3 dollars at home.

No. 259459


>open jump rings

>poorly finished charm
>unmatching plating tones


No. 259486

Her eyes are so uneven….and her neck is so wide/short/stubby….this photo is just awful.

No. 259491

Wow this overpriced shit she's selling is worse than the stuff Kiki tried to sell on her last e-shop.

No. 259603

You can send a contact mail to VW through their website

No. 259620

Didn't she put out an ad looking for girls to model this accessory line for her? Yet here she's the only one wearing the items on her online store.

Also it looks like she couldn't photoshop all of these photos to high-heaven which makes sense because if she raised the brightness level like she usually does it'd wash out the jewelry details.
I was surprised to see that she actually has some freckles and faint neck lines though.

But yeah this whole line just screams Claire's to me. Cheap jewelry brought to high prices.

No. 259624

A mani wouldn't do, she clearly always needed false nails.

It's out of focus because of shooped bits.

No. 259633


Anyone of you going to do her over? Remember how PULLtards went ape shit over kaka's e-shop Lilkitten and slated it the day it opened? Kaka stole some Japanese Artist's work and they filed in complaints to them to have her site taken down. She was ruined from the first day of that opening.

No. 259635


They're not that bad anon, fucking hell. Anyway she had them done, see her IG. Back to the falsies with animu on them.

No. 259639


You're not Japanese, so you're not allowed anon.

No. 259640


It's her real eye colour, how very fucking dare you.

No. 259665

This is what naked nails look like after they've been subjected to constant gels/acrylics, they actually look pretty good considering

No. 259670


I don't ever know why her company/manager/whatever didn't bothered to approve each item before getting the collection produced. It's not like VW's orb is a super obscure symbol.

I'm actually tempted to send an email to the company but my english is shit and probably won't bother reading reports about some nobody selling look alike designs. I don't even think they have take legal action vs the chinese factories.

No. 259686

Her natural eye color is pale gray blue, there's a pic in one of the old threads of her real eyes without lenses from her early scene days. The lenses blend very well with her eye color and enhance them, but that's not her natural color.

No. 259687

Even if they don't take legal action, consider this: Dakota's fake VW wing sandals and horns were super popular at the time she started wearing them, as were her knockoff cardigans and orb necklaces. When she went viral, those knockoffs became impossible to find on Taobao and Aliexpress. I don't think that's a coincidence.

I say go for it.

No. 259688

File: 1460601658238.png (275.5 KB, 535x535, 302e26e9bda5d9a9a2fabab4e6392c…)

These "planet charms" (obvious VW orb copy charms) are super popular right now on japanese handmade sites, pic related. There are so so many of these, they sell like 400yen for a 3 pieces set or something

No. 259692

I think she's using G&G A21 Greys.

But the other anon you replied to is referring to Kooter saying "it's my natural eyes" when asked on a tv show once.

No. 259704

>>I'm actually tempted to send an email to the company but my english is shit

I'm just gonna ho ahead and assume you meant Japanese.

No. 259713

No. 259721

This is like one desperate jealous teenager with no life doing this whole thread right? Nohody wants to hear your insane body dysmorphia rants where you secretly wish you were dakota

No. 259722

She's cute, you jelly hater

No. 259724


Painfully obvious.

No. 259728

All asians are tiny skinny anime characters and dako is a white fat giant cunt becuase she is an inch taller than them. /s you guys are reeeeeeaaally reaching, how insecure can you be? Bodyshaming her for some reason? Go ahead and make fun of her but shes short. Yoh must really hate yourself to project on her like that, really she looks good. Like fuck, at least make sense.

No. 259732

I sense a Monstrenga ITT

No. 259733

File: 1460610364115.png (179.29 KB, 400x600, hana_ishikawa.png)

No. 259734

same anon. all im getting is projection projection projection LMAO it's so sad

No. 259739

No. 259743

You're the one bullying dako for something that isn't even true just because you fetishise asians. I see you know what the word projection means, you must be a pseudo intellectual

No. 259744

Jiggle jelly 5'8 fridge body weeb detected. You are mad because dakota is 5'3 and petite lel

No. 259745

Ears, neck and fingers soon to be tinted green from quality accessories. Can't wait.

No. 259746

They managed to make the earrings uglier than a cheaper earring wow,just wow.

No. 259749

Is this the best resolution of this pic? I hope not. She's cute but she's not too cute, she's just the right mix of cute and plain to not overshadow Dakota but I doubt she'll get used very much. At first year casting call announcement made it seem like Dakota was gonna let some other girls do some modeling but since the debut we've only seen her so far.

No. 259765

the charms look to be exactly the same. Only the hoops are different.

No. 259780

>muh generic pistol earrings can be copied
>muh air is being copied!

No. 259783

File: 1460623109923.jpeg (271.5 KB, 1175x1680, image.jpeg)

No. 259784

File: 1460623141122.jpeg (296.67 KB, 1197x1727, image.jpeg)

No. 259785

File: 1460623161671.jpeg (254.06 KB, 1242x1647, image.jpeg)

No. 259786

I assume you mean Japanese so…
Um honey, Vivienne Westwood is based in England. Mail them in English

No. 259796

I scrolled past this pic the other day when I was drunk and it was fucking me up.

I know ragging on her shoops is stale milk but I'm floored that even sober it's still truly as awful as I had first thought. The fucking eye, man…

No. 259818

no no no no no

No. 259820

File: 1460633737772.png (963.37 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160414-123517.png)

No. 259823

I want her hair

No. 259824

File: 1460633966006.jpg (14.91 KB, 498x247, Screenshot_20160414-123625_1.j…)


She's blurred the front of her part to cover the tragedy that is her hairline

No. 259827

It's mostly extensions anon

No. 259828

So what? I compliment Rihanna's hair too and it aint real too

No. 259829

I want criticizing you, just telling you in case you weren't aware. Tone down the salt levels

No. 259839

OT but curious, do you know how much extensions such as these would cost? I assume they're "glued on" the hair, right?

No. 259845


>Vivienne Westwood is based in England

I'm pretty well aware of this anon, I thought it is like… common knowledge? my english isn't good enough for redacting a formal notice to them.

No. 259848

>When she went viral, those knockoffs became impossible to find on Taobao and Aliexpress.

I didn't knew about that anon, interesting.

Seeing stuff like >>259688 and >>259713 most likely Kooters/whoever designed the collection just picked already made charms for the designs. If there's any legal infringement notice they just would say that their brand bought the already premade items therefore they don't purposely intended any plagiarizations as excuse.

No. 259870

and shes thin as fuck. not very kawaii

No. 259887

File: 1460645352086.jpg (140.11 KB, 400x857, 12_10_09_10.jpg)

It's what I would expect of someone in her line of work but she is much taller than a lot of other non-runway Japanese fashion models so she does look pretty lanky

No. 259890

they shouldn't be buying those premade charms even then. i mean obviously they're not going to compete with VW but it's pretty ridiculous of them to just rebrand premade stuff. what are they walmart?

No. 259899


Agreed, that's just lazy. We can't expect anything better from an Ostrenga. Funny how they flaunted being super innovative out-of-the-box thinkers and shit lmao

Aside the leg gap, she looks normal and healthy.

No. 259911

No. 259970


No she didn't it's a camera app that layers a blur/softening filter over selected areas how many times do people have to state this.

No. 259976


its the same fucking thing, she's just lazy about it now

No. 259992

>she's blurred the front of her part
>no she didn't it's a camera app that layers a blur/softening filter over selected areas

… anon what

No. 259997

yea nothing against that girl. i just thought it would be a softer, younger looking model like yulayula or something. not a model model
then again kotes cant have 'real' competition so maybe not.

No. 260003

What app does Dakota use I wanna be a kawaii alien

No. 260009


As in she herself did not sit there with a little tool on her phone or her computer deliberately blurring little sections. The app does it automatically, you have no control over it. I have the app, but I don't turn the filter up anywhere near as high as she does.

No. 260020

Lol you can actually blurr selected areas with some of these apps anon (e.g. line camera) and then blurr/add a filter to the picture, etc.

No. 260040

File: 1460666545688.jpg (58.09 KB, 825x324, fewfwf.jpg)

Why does the inaccurate ID's post have a star now >>259009

Not even new, I just don't get it either and somebody on /meta/ got banned for asking >>>/meta/2369
I'm assuming it's a chan addon interacting with the site or some shit. idk. I want to know though.

No. 260047

Wait did the Anon shoop a screenshot and everybody fell for it or-

No. 260056

I'm assuming its a gold star for trolling.

No. 260057

Yeah, idk what that other anon is going on about. Most of the beauty apps have manual settings that let you tap what areas you want to edit.

No. 260058


Oh so its a shoop. Fucking brilliant kek, didn't even occur to me initially.

No. 260060

if she really thinks that this shit looks good, it's no wonder she came out with such horrible jewelry

No. 260085

File: 1460671674431.jpeg (50.36 KB, 640x348, image.jpeg)

Who is Taylor R? Is she copying Dakota or does she actually like the style? https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCuySkUHjdgugMw61waqFsRg(there's a thread about her in /snow/, don't derail)

No. 260087

File: 1460671820628.jpg (31.58 KB, 584x408, 41c829482b5ec9527d631bd63a7833…)


>who is Taylor R

No. 260095

File: 1460672318763.jpg (82.06 KB, 1300x1008, 17861461-Man-making-fun-of-som…)


No. 260098

File: 1460672520181.jpg (201.84 KB, 1170x660, 18b8a26c6c143987fe57557c1e39f9…)

No. 260102

File: 1460672913259.jpg (101.14 KB, 480x720, 7471172302fa8f4d8d38e0722cd834…)

No. 260103

File: 1460672922465.jpg (107.48 KB, 848x565, d9cfbe6b730f40a32ab87f6fa7b5f2…)

No. 260106

Are these the only fucking shoes she owns now or some shit??? She's been wearing them for the past few weeks now it seems.

No. 260107

her lips looks so bad omg

No. 260130

Wow her face looks like Sharla's. Is this unedited you think? Or did they make her like this on purpose? So unfortunate.

No. 260144

Why would she choose harsh, chunky black shoes to go with a white frilly top/soft pink plaid dress?
I know it's well known that she sucks at dressing herself but fuck man, how can you be that bad at coordination?!

No. 260180

Her teeth seem more yellow in all these pics than I remember. Am I wrong?

No. 260184

I just realized both of these pictures were taken at the same time.

No. 260192

Why are people annoyed that I'm asking about Taylor R. Most people are here to talk shit about someone they don't know personally. But when I ask one question, everyone loses their minds.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 260193

Because there is already a Taylor thread? Talk about her there.

No. 260227

Because she's been discussed for the last several years and compared to Dakota.

No. 260261

Her point top lip over-lining is fucking with her look so much

Whenever she's not smiling or making a kissy face her top lip almost looks connected to the bottom of her nose

No. 260268

That was me on /meta/, I don't appear to be banned as of right now. If I am, that's kind of really unfair.

No. 260269

>top lip almost looks connected to the bottom of her nose

This. It looks like those malformed faces, I forget what illness it is called though.

No. 260305

File: 1460720031089.gif (21.17 KB, 530x280, 125733.gif)

U thinking of cleft lip & pallette?

No. 260313

Are we sure Dakota is still in Popteen ? No sign of her in recent issues and videos

No. 260315

Most likely not, she hasn't been there since last year (I've been checking without buying)

No. 260316

She's still listed on their site.
Also, Yula visited her popup shop and I'm pretty sure that has nothing to do with their friendship

No. 260317

File: 1460724044658.jpg (72.93 KB, 768x960, 12991052_968033733246174_31068…)


Sage for Taylor

No. 260345

File: 1460730881438.jpg (100.51 KB, 480x720, e3fc626c3849e867fa4b923aebb3c8…)

No. 260361

Omg, Dakota, please stop overlining your top lip and also please get your teeth whitened. Just those two things would make you look so much better.

No. 260367

I think she looks cute here, ngl. Not a fan of her alien baby shoops though. Wish she wouldn't edit her selfies so much.

No. 260385

I dont get girls who shoop their selfies all together. If anything I never bother with making sure my selfies look that great because I cant imagine how embarassing it would be to meet someone and have them be like 'oh you dont look like your selfies' in a pitiful voice.

Sometimes that what I think she's doing with her fetus shoops but then you can tell she WANTS to look like that whenever she keeps overdrawing her lip etc. So sad

No. 260387

Okay Dakota is seriously fucking cute lately. 99.9 percent sure she's had fillers (even just tiny ones) done though. But seriously Dakota fuck, you'd sell so much better if you had more professionalism in your clothing and body care.

No. 260388

>have them be like 'oh you dont look like your selfies' in a pitiful voice.

That never happens though. Everyone knows you look nothing like your heavily edited pics, but IRL almost nobody cares because you look different IRL than you do in pics, which is why pics have been touched up since the technology became available to do so. Stills of a face, even when it's posed, hardly ever look great without perfect makeup, lighting, focus, etc. and not everyone has the ability to tweak all those settings to get a great looking unedited pic.

Even with Dakota, who had an entirely different face shape from her pics, only gets asked "wow have you had plastic surgery? Is that you real eye color? Is that your real eyelashes?". Not once has anyone outside of a BBS/SNS ever complimented how much she looks like her pics or how much her candid face looks like a Barbie doll. It's always "living Barbie doll model Dakota Rose blah blah" not "gaijin model Dakota Rose looks like a real living Barbie doll!". They only call her that because she made it her title by using it to tag her videos and pics before the big reveal.

No. 260389


She just needs to get it over with already and get fillers, but her teeth are fine Anon.

No. 260391

people dont say it on TV because they're being catty sarcastic. Fans definitely do though. I staff cons a lot and I've seen so many cosplayers get said that to their face.

I'm mainly talking about the people who meet her at events and that kinda thing. I'd assume it happens less in Japan because of the difference in general behavior but still

No. 260393

I think it's okay to fix stuff like lighting and zits, or to use Meitu or something (which automatically edits your face.) I mean, everyone wants to look their best in selfies, and pictures in general, so I understand. I'm horribly unphotogenic so I edit my pictures a little bit so I'm not embarrassed of them . But I know that I'm ugly so I don't try to shoop my face into oblivion to convince people who have already seen my ugly face irl.

I feel like Kooter sets all these super unrealistic expectations of what she should look like in her horribly overshooped alien baby selfies, which is why when we see her candid we think she looks so terrible.

No. 260394

if you check twitter, there's tons of tweets saying that she looks nothing like her pictures, or that she shoops too much and therefore looks scary, etc.
Girlschannel would be another good example

No. 260448

They say it on tv because they're trying to get her to slip and tell them why she looks nothing like her pics without actually asking. Even Japanese ppl who are terrible with white faces usually can tell hers is completely different.

>if you check Twitter/Girlschannel

I said outside of BBS/SNS, which means offline. Nobody calls her on it offline because they have to be polite to her face.

No. 260452

Thank you. I'm calling this shit cleft lip from now on.

No. 260478

File: 1460766904805.png (266.23 KB, 604x387, 1437513208514.png)

No. 260521

Jfc, how can she not cringe when she watches herself on tv with that disgusting growth on her upper lip?

No. 260619

File: 1460813647996.jpeg (180.28 KB, 750x1099, image.jpeg)

No. 260626

She looks so cute in that kimono! Love her hair! She is starting to get cute again!

No. 260627

File: 1460814621645.jpg (66.39 KB, 600x805, CgJ9HLZUMAATxHE.jpg)

No. 260628

Absolute cutie!

No. 260703

Her eyes are a bit red here, it must be hell to wear these lenses longer than just a couple of hours.

No. 260709

this styling confuses me

No. 260743

>it must be hell to wear these lenses longer than just a couple of hours.
Aye, it is. I dunno if you've ever worn circle lenses longer than you're supposed to, but they hurt so bad. Once I took them out, it felt like I had sandpaper in my eyes.

No. 260744

She wears pink eyeshadow so thats probably why you think her eyes are pink

No. 260753

It even more cringe when you remember she wears them every time she leaves the house, every time since she came to Japan. That might be another reason she never goes out. Idk how she hasn't irreparably fucked her eyes up by now.

No. 260760

File: 1460843790279.png (366.97 KB, 500x400, image.png)

Nostalgia, this is my fave pic of the ostrenga sisters yet

No. 260776

she looks really cute here. Is it candid or is it shopped?

No. 260780

Shooped of course. I think it's from their "pay for our trip to LA" Kickstarter.

No. 260781

damn, they both look like supermodels here. i'd have loved to seen kaka adapt kota's most known style a few yrs back

No. 260784

Whats the point of polaroids if your gonna shoop them.

No. 260790

To pull off the whole "this is how I really look" illusion

No. 260794

File: 1460852434163.png (317.02 KB, 404x719, 2016-04-16 20.17.06.png)


No. 260796

File: 1460853350241.jpeg (168.69 KB, 750x1178, image.jpeg)

No. 260810

This hair color suits her so much!
She is the only gaijin I've ever seen who can pull off kimonos

No. 260814

Seriously? She looks terrible here. Kota has a receding hairline and looks really old with her hairstyle + lines on her face. Something about her face looks almost Kardashian too. It just overall seems a little try-hard.

No. 260815

God she looks like such a chola here

No. 260823

thin hair or not, I really like her hair styled like this. She has a large forehead, but I think it balances out her face and jawline and looks elegant/high fashion.

No. 260831

I notice that every time she takes a picture that can't be edited or where she has little to no make up on ,she pokes her lips out,honestly it Makes her lips look like a prolapsed anus.

No. 260846

Suzy looked better in a kimono that this PoS trainwreck
>judging your opinion on this blurryass photo.

No. 260848

Love how she makes that face every time she takes pictures with fans as if to hide her protruding chin

No. 260854

File: 1460872694704.jpg (91.08 KB, 321x639, Chuidt5ER.jpg)

her new style looks refreshing, but seriously she should go back to bangs

No. 260891

File: 1460883527468.png (970.16 KB, 1292x1396, Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 17.5…)

I know I'm a week late, but I can't get over this part of the matome article:
ショック!ファンから貰ったプレゼントをローズさんに横流ししていた… ("Shocking!! Giving away his fan presents to Rose-san…")
^I know this is all "speculation," (seems pretty legit to me though), but I find this both hilarious and unappealing. I wouldn't like getting left-over presents he didn't want, but that's just me. I know he's free to do whatever he wants with his fan gifts, and maybe Koots likes that he gives her stuff he got from fans so to each their own.

Anyway, the second to last part of the matome article is just fans tweeting out pictures of gifts they gave to him and how they realized that he gave it away to Kota after she posted herself wearing/having those things on her insta and line blog, etc. The white stuffed animal, the cat hoodie, and the fluffy pullover are examples. That sucks for them, I guess.

No. 260894

Also, sorry if somebody already mentioned this earlier in the thread, I tried to go through and double check I wasn't posting like the same thing as somebody else.

No. 260901

Why would anyone assume that he "gave away" the stuff to Dakota? Most likely she's just wearing his clothes, that's all.

No. 260908

No, the article shows him with his fan mail and all the presents he got, including the ice bear plushie.

No. 260920

Yeah, but it doesn't mean he "gave it away" though. Lot's of couples use each other's stuff.

No. 260924

true. but things like plushies? nah…I could understand if he has no use for things like that, but giving a present to someone else, especially if you're well-known, is kind of a no-no. Imagine the girl sending him the plushie seeing this…poor thing.

No. 260927

What are the fans' reactions to the dating rumours?

No. 260930

File: 1460895230790.jpg (132.1 KB, 1024x1024, CgO1P_HUsAAhYQD.jpg)

No. 260931

File: 1460895278499.jpg (170.35 KB, 1024x1024, CgO1r6xUEAAgs72.jpg)

No. 260932

File: 1460895470601.jpg (57.81 KB, 600x797, CgPAsREUEAAlGmZ.jpg)

wow, they spelled her name wrong

No. 260933

That's a good 'un.

No. 260938

This outfit is so pretty

No. 260941

wonder how much it costs to get pics with koti

No. 260942

lmao her wrist in the mirror

No. 260943

>Dacote Rose
Oh god, that's great. Poor thing lol.
What event is this for? That kimono is giving me so much life.

No. 260945

Those osomatsu nails though.. Idk if they're hideous or if I want them.

No. 260952

She could be staying at his house.
They could be practically living together. Or married.
In any case, not that weird to me.

No. 260956

.lololol the chubby wrist in the mirror

No. 260962

This is actually a really good shoop. It's the baby look without the alien nonsense. The lips are especially well done.

Kimono is beautiful and works with Kooter's hair color, skin color and eyes. Good choice.

No. 260964

yeah it's like she had a stylist or something kek

tbh I dont get why Taylor always gets called a weeb when it's Dakota who seems to always get anime nails done.

No. 260967

>yeah it's like she had a stylist or something kek

Uh, I'm aware of that. The stylist made a good choice. … God damn PULL users.

No. 260971

Lol I'm obviously not a PULLtard since I can use Taylor's name without spewing about how evil and rich she is. I read your post as if it was complimenting Kota's choice my b but you dont have to get your panties in a bunch. But my main point is that I dont think she did her makeup either. She probably kicks and screams and demands the overdrawn lip but past that it looks nicer because it's not her usual 'not there' makeup

No. 260972

What makes you think she kicks and screams? She's getting her hair, clothes and make up done by professionals while being treated like a celebrity. She's been doing this for a few years. It's far more plausible she really prefers the high priced staff.

Reason I called you a PULLtard is because they love to assume all these ass backwards shit about Dakota as if she's the vile person that existed and immediately assume it's some non-existent drama. Dakota's shitty anus lips are probably drawn on advise of her manager to follow current Japanese trends.

No. 260973

*shit theories

No. 260992

You're right, I wasn't considering them living together. And it's definitely not weird, just mean in my opinion.

No. 261090

stop fucking accusing people of being from PULL >>260972

No. 261097

Lol at the comparison. And that chubby arm in the mirror. (Could be the angle but however)

No. 261114

Whats wrong with their hands

No. 261146

I actually think her usual stick thin/straight bangs make her jaw stand out and her face look too bottom heavy.

No. 261156

File: 1460961132740.jpg (227.98 KB, 424x640, ChZghd.jpg)

I agree on the straight bangs, but the fluffy curled/tousled ones gave her face some softness. I wish we had some none-edited quality pictures of her current hairstyle.

No. 261163

Damn, she got a beefy chin from this angle.

No. 261170

We Kyary now

No. 261639


So….she's going to be in the Gothic and Lolita bible?
Her hashtag says "gothic and lolita bible"…

No. 261652


She's already been in the GLB, but I noticed that nobody posted the pages here. And then I was too lazy to do it myself.

The scans were on Tumblr but they weren't tagged under Kotakoti, I guess because nobody realised that she was the model? I'll go look for them now.

No. 261654

File: 1461074747631.jpg (59.07 KB, 480x640, 10603780_696692383766404_60475…)

Have these been posted yet? Dakota doing a gig for Alice and the Pirates?

(btw I think she was in vol.59 of the GLB)

No. 261655

File: 1461074754827.jpg (34.17 KB, 480x640, 12832397_696692380433071_35115…)

No. 261656

File: 1461074759953.jpg (35.54 KB, 480x640, 72334_696692377099738_63242876…)

No. 261657

File: 1461074764422.jpg (38.84 KB, 480x640, 944886_696692370433072_6125396…)

No. 261658

File: 1461074787240.jpg (38.03 KB, 480x640, 1935113_696692423766400_190824…)

No. 261659

File: 1461074792186.jpg (43.69 KB, 480x640, 12814120_696692440433065_50705…)

No. 261660

her strong features look much better in this stuff than her more 'kawaii' shit.

No. 261662

File: 1461076277354.jpg (185.29 KB, 540x787, tumblr_o4kgu7QJJ11ufislwo1_540…)

Ah, found them, vol.59.

No. 261663

File: 1461076287650.jpg (158.03 KB, 600x870, tumblr_o4kgu7QJJ11ufislwo2_128…)

No. 261664

File: 1461076292138.jpg (148.61 KB, 596x892, tumblr_o4kgu7QJJ11ufislwo3_r2_…)

No. 261665

File: 1461076297340.jpg (181.47 KB, 600x942, tumblr_o4kgu7QJJ11ufislwo4_r2_…)

No. 261666

File: 1461076303358.jpg (144.88 KB, 600x844, tumblr_o4moinKFER1ufislwo1_128…)

No. 261667

File: 1461076320085.jpg (16.31 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Also a screen from a TV appearance I've never seen before?

No. 261697

Poor kota. So many of those pictures look awful

No. 261760

She's good enough for Japan.

No. 261762

That's still not saying much, lol. Japan's only standard for white girls is "don't be fat" and "don't have acne". The only reason more weebs don't "make it" in Japan is because they don't know how to professionally market themselves the way Scott & Cathy did with Dakota.

No. 261765


It wasn't just her parents, it was also her professional-tier photography equipment and editing software skills. All the marketing skills in the world won't sell shitty, grainy, low quality pics of some white butterface who can't even edit out their blemishes. There's no magic secret to her getting the contract she got, she just had good equipment and knew how to use it and her parents knew how to be at least semi professional (I'm guessing) to get her the deal with Bravo.

No. 261769

Right, I would think Dakota's success is in spite of Scott & Cathy, not because of any support beyond financial.

No. 261775

They were posted in the previous thread

No. 261786

The only thing Scott and Kathy did was give her the $$$ for the equipment and paid for trips out to California to see Bravo agents.

No. 261798

but that's still quite a bit more than the average parent would do imho

When it came to wanting DSLRs and p much all my tech I had to save up and buy it myself. Sure buying stuff isnt best parenting but spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on cameras and laptops and plane tickets isn't 'nothing'

No. 261799

Spoiling your child does not equal good marketing skills.

No. 261813


So you guys honestly think a teenager who didn't finish school and had no legal experience got a contract in a foreign country by herself? Massive lol.

I know some people like to pretend Dakota was the poor wittle abused and neglected cave troll sibling, but despite Kiki being the golden child Scott and Cathy did still try to promote Dakota and make her famous as well. She wasn't just some background character they ignored, she was Kiki's sidekick, they were a package deal probably because nobody else could stand to be around Kiki. When Dakota went viral of course thy milked it, they're so hungry for fame despite Kiki being their favorite that they took it and ran with it, probably thinking Kiki's fame would follow. Saying Dakota did it all by herself (absolute lie) and that her parents had no role in her getting to Japan (also wrong) is not only ridiculous but downright laughable. I know a lot of newfags who weren't around for the Original Dakota Rose like to root for her as some poor broken angel underdog, but those of us who remember her before the Living Doll craze and before Scott and Cathy baleeted most of her online history fortunately have the ability to see her for what she was and is, and not through rose tinted glasses (pardon the pun).

No. 261816

No but managing her website, running her contact @ dakotatose.com email and copyright claiming everyone and everything that makes her look bad does. They were undoubtedly shitty parents, but their marketing tactics are somewhat decent, even with their complete lack of shame or business ethics. Kiki is a nobody because she's an insufferable twat, not because she was poorly marketed by her parents.

No. 261820

She looks cute in this picture! The guy not so much lol.
Also can yall just either make this thread entertaining by posting new pics of her or just stfu about shit that happened 1 mil years ago?

No. 261823

>What makes you think she kicks and screams?

probably because that russian model she worked with told everyone that kootz was the only model who insisted on doing her make-up herself. that was a few years ago, though, and she's changed her own personal make-up style since then so maybe she doesn't care anymore.


can't feel good to spend all that money on your kid's success, only for her to avoid seeing you as much as possible afterwards

No. 261830

Yeah no, it was Bravo Models who contacted her for a contract because her YouTube videos going viral, that's nothing her parents archived and they were still registered bankrupt at that time anyways and as such you can't have much money anyways. The leeched of their now dead grandma.

No. 261834

I don't think anyone is disagreeing with you on most of your points. The Ostrengas were/ are fame hungry but I don't think they're some master marketing team. I just think they had a huge advantage compared to other wannabee J-models since they were willing to shill out the money for the equipment and the trips.

No. 261844

Are the Ostrengas total creeps? Yes. Are they pretty much trash? Absolutely.
But even a fool is wise in some sense. I think they have a certain knack for picking up on trends that are first getting off the ground. I think they have some kind of eye for it, while most parents would say "that's tacky" or "stay traditional" or otherwise feel shameful for exploiting their children, the Ostrengas have an instinct for cashing in at the right time. It's nothing to admire them for, however it seems to be some part of who they are and that's what resultIed in their daughters success. Initially. Dakota and Kiki are very different people and their differences are what made one more successful than the other. Dakota had some kind of heart in her projects while Kiki was basically a spawn of the Ostrengas and will continue to try to capitalise on trends while never exhibiting creativity of her own.
Dakota may be too much like her family to do more than she has already but it's a big step up from what the elder sister accomplished.
It's not really rare for parents to push their kids into trends. It's the main reason there are "popular" kids in school. It's largely the parents that influence the kids in one direction or another. Buying the right clothes and giving advice on being social and less about being true to yourself or learning any arts. These people don't end up doing well after high school mostly.

Sage for Ostrengas tangent

No. 261853

Zero chemistry there. All of those photos look uncomfortable and not in the "we meant for it to be that way" sense.
When you over line your lips this often, do they eventually become chapped? It really looks terrible, like babby's first time with lipstick. If you want full lips, just do fillers….

No. 261855

It's sort of like low level "alternative" Paris Hilton or Kim K, realizing that putting on a certain persona and act correlating with current trends can be really lucrative.

No. 261916

>Buying the right clothes and giving advice on being social and less about being true to yourself or learning any arts. These people don't end up doing well after high school mostly.
>this is what autists believe

No. 261993

Sure that was a bit of a generalization but, rather commonly, people who only grow up learning how to be 'social' and what clothes to wear end up burning out in college because in most normie colleges being 'social' means drinking and partying etc. Pretty much all of the 'popular kids' from my high school dropped out of college and are working some low level job because they only know how to dress nice and smile in people's faces

No. 262011


No. 262018

That is a female model with her.

No. 262019

ok, fatty-chan. The "hot" girls from school all ended up getting married straight away, having kids and getting divorced and are now overweight.

No. 262022

Literally "implying that I'm not rated 9/10 at 23, multiple dating options at my beck and call, while my ex-pretty-ex-classmates are pushing 190lb, fighting with their highschool sweetheart husbands and/or divorced, and pregnant again with the second kid."

No. 262023

>implying that I'm not rated 9/10 at 23, multiple dating options at my beck and call, while my ex-pretty-ex-classmates are pushing 190lb, fighting with their highschool sweetheart husbands and/or divorced, and pregnant again with the second kid.

No. 262032

that copypasta

No. 262035

>delicious pasta

No. 262349

File: 1461244786811.jpg (87.61 KB, 600x667, CgixMcYU4AE_GJP.jpg)

No. 262351

File: 1461244805723.jpg (51.82 KB, 600x600, CgkG1BuU4AAPGRa.jpg)

No. 262352

Cuteeeee! Almost perfect!

No. 262354

If she just wore some damn eyeliner, this would look pretty close to her golden age of shoops. I guess she thinks not wearing it makes her look younger?

No. 262355

I think this what bugs me the most about her pictures nowadays.

No. 262362

Don't be fooled. This hardly passes as human, it merely looks refreshing compared to her recent masterpieces.

No. 262370

Her scalp looks weird af

No. 262408

the fuck?

No. 262416

I'm really not feeling the middle part. It just looks like she's wearing a lace front and its kind of weirding me out.

No. 262421

she always gets really tacky looking nails……

No. 262422

What part do you not understand?

No. 262428

I don't know what kind of crack you people are smoking but these photos are fucking horrible.

No. 262429

Anon's view on cuteness and perfection, mainly.

No. 262477


Do we have an official name for her lenses yet? I want to try them myself next.

No. 262496

idk what kind of cheapo lenses ya'll tried but I wear mine almost every day for hours and my eyes don't get dry or red. It's all about the water content, if you get 50%+ water content they are just as comfortable as normal contacts.

No. 262507

I think she only puts on makeup when she knows she will be photographed or filmed and is too lazy to put any on when she takes selfies cause she can just shoop her face

No. 262509

Did kotoobs spend so much time shoopimg her cleft lip that she forgot to go back to the brush strokes she made as placeholders for her eyebrows?

No. 262512

Those are most like G&G A21 Grey ones, but could also be Naturali Charming Grey although those tend to be more see-through when you look to the side which hers don't.

No. 262522

The fuck?

No. 262541

Sigh. Not everyone have moist eyes. Stop acting like you're better than others.

No. 262556

I agree with you but that is the weirdest argument I ever did see.

"Fuck off moist-eyes".

No. 262606


I have dry eyes so it's not really an issue with the lenses.
If I don't put lubricating eyedrops in every night before I go to bed, sometimes my eyelid sticks to my eyeball in my sleep and when I wake up it rips the top layer of the epithelium away and I'm in agony and blind for the next 1-3 hours.

No. 262607


Thank youuuu x

No. 262647

Kek, I wasn't sure how to word that on the go

No. 262666

She got really lazy with the blur tool.

No. 262686

Lel, even her teeth melted together.

No. 262690

File: 1461325974374.jpg (201.03 KB, 403x403, d8f24624f24c02ec9c69f6d4cb5d7b…)

Just in case this photo gets lost, this is what she basically looks like with just little eye makeup and no/smaller circler lenses. And I don't think it's edited.

No. 262691

File: 1461326729872.png (804.28 KB, 600x667, Untitled.png)

is she covering up for her hair thinning or something

No. 262697

I'm starting to think Kiki died

No. 262705


She's done the same thing where she's blurred her hairline like this photo >>259824

No. 262706

She looks like a Hanson brother

No. 262710

I laughed at this way harder than I meant to. May she rest in pesos.

No. 262715


The app does this automatically because it has difficulty detecting where the forehead ends and the hairline begins. She's turning the smoothing Filter up maximum.

No. 262719

she looks so much better without that overdrawn top lip

No. 262724

Or she's doing it on purpose because her hair sucks? Stop sticking up for her.

No. 262727

what app does she use? does anyone know?

No. 262728

Wow she's cute!

No. 262758

Oh lord she looks like Lauryn on this photo

No. 262762

You sound offended but whatever, lolcow kinda is not the place to post "sooooo cuteeeeeee!!", just a friendly tip for you to get out of your newfaggotry

No. 262852

This has been said a couple times now.

It could be an app, could not be (since she could do the exact same thing on photoshop) butt regardless we know she's being lazy in her editing and it's showing.

No. 262853


No. 263204


You people know de has a Samsung phone, and most (in fact practically all) Samsung phones sold in Japan/Asia have a built in beauty cam function that edits your face as it takes the pic. Not saying she doesn't still shoop, because she does, but most of the smoothing/face reshaping/dark circle erasing/whitening/eye enlargement is probably done by her phone.

Now, since so many of you seem to be thirsty for apps that do this:

Pitu, Beautycam , Line camera (better for editing color/lighting than beauty tbh). Pitu is the best free one I've tried so far.

No. 263211

I'd believe that if it was just the front part of her hair; like a blurry oval placed over her face. But you can see the continued bluring along her parting as well. She's done it on purpose, I would too if I had hair like that.

No. 263797

Fucking ugly looks like a troll

No. 263833

File: 1461661223452.jpeg (250.41 KB, 1209x2013, image.jpeg)

found this on Instagram and can't stop laughing. Did someone shoop her face pudge or is that normal?

No. 263846

No she doesn't she looks very cute in that pic
Blowfish pose is the duckface of Japan

No. 263865

Careful, don't slip on all that jello

No. 263868

Like >>263846 said, she's just puffing out her cheeks.

No. 263879

File: 1461673439396.gif (353.18 KB, 640x550, www.GIFCreator.me_NZBmR3.gif)

I imagine doing stuff like this but way more extreme. Esp brightness and enlarging

No. 263907

tbh it is hard to tell if she is really puffing or not.

No. 263941

Careful, don't suffocate on all that ass cheese

No. 264265

File: 1461771325957.png (687.61 KB, 919x591, koti.png)

How'd she manage to look like her shoops in this video

No. 264274

Filters, angles, etc. And all she has to do when taking those videos is save it to her phone, edit the video on her computer and then upload it back to her phone and upload to IG. Which is a lot of work which is why this isn't a perfect shoop (her chin is still large and she doesn't really have a legit alien fetus fave). Looks like she just edited her lips

No. 264289

She already post-processed her old youtube videos with After Effects, so…

No. 264351

She's using an app called "Snow". It makes your eyes automatically bigger and your jaw like a v-line.

No. 264379

does anyone have the video where she went to japan and showed her true face????? i cant find it anywhere

No. 264420

If anyone finds a version with better quality, that would be great.

No. 264435

dang havent heard her speak english in ages

No. 264476

File: 1461792120861.jpg (79.35 KB, 1000x751, ChA3Ka4U4AASK2e.jpg)

Just FYI all the Japanese beauty camera apps do that shit where they blur the hair. It's pretty standard, and it's automated.

No. 264478

its really funny how she tries to hide her round face with her hair, likeeeeeee obviously thats not going to make us believe you have an oval face. no Photoshop in real life honey

No. 264481

yeah it blurs out lines and auto corrects a your whole face, i mean have you seen these models in real life? they have pimples and cracks like everyone else

No. 264482

!! but she is obviously just hiding her alopecia even though her hair isnt much thinner than any other fine haired blonde girl

No. 264484

looks like shes using new lenses? her eyes are more blue she claims they are real but cmon fess up kota nothing about you is real

No. 264497

yeah which is strange because she has gorgeous eyes naturally

No. 264498




No. Anon, the app does it automatically. It's not intentional.

No. 264540

so… why does she still have a thread? in pt, no less? she doesn't DO anything. shes better suited for snow since all the talk is just about her shoops (like thats new).

No. 264547

People who were long-term cows or major centers of discussion online have been grandfathered in, like PT herself, who also rarely does anything really noteworthy lately but people still enjoy following her due to her past. It's like lolcow tenure

No. 264559

I think it's the app. It adds a filter directly over the person. Eyes bluer, lips pinker, etc. There's one on snapchat like this.

No. 264571

File: 1461802532813.jpg (344.87 KB, 1500x750, 10890774_1694855094059300_5520…)

I really want to know which lenses these are.
I've seen one person insisting they are Princess Mimi Almond Brown/Geo Bambi Almond Brown, but the limbal ring is way too thick.

I think they might be a natural grey lens but I'm not sure.

No. 264578

>who rarely does anything really noteworthy lately
are you kidding? she's been trying to morph onto a shota for the past few months!

No. 264585

She has reuploaded this video 3 times?? Are there any differences?

No. 264595

So here's the thing: She lives in Japan where there are a billion color & circle lens brands. She must have bought some locally that aren't known in the west because they don't ship internationally, or don't ship online. She is most likely not using Pinky Paradise ones, or any you know, because the contact lenses in Japan are far more nice and natural looking and cheaper, so why would she buy them from there? She wouldn't.

You can buy very nice natural enlarging ones at the optician too, with prescription. A lot of them only add color to the end like hers, not almost all the way around.

So unless she actually says which it is, there's a 99% chance we'll never know. One can only dig up the most similar ones.

The thing though, is that it might be possible to find them in Japan with a little effort since blue contacts are kinda rare compared to the amount of brown ones. I haven't seen many smalle stores sell blue ones (but they sometimes have grey), but the large stores usually carry a lot of different brands. I'm going somewhere next week that has a lot of blue ones, I'll take some pictures and maybe an anon can see if they look similar. I think she's been trying out a lot for a while until she found some that blended well. I remember her using some green ones before in her early Japan days.

No. 264617

Can you tell me what store you're going to? Gonna be there in a few weeks and would like to grab con lenses while I'm there

No. 264628

I'll be going around a little, but for instance there's a big one with tons of brands on the same floor as Spinns at Shibuya 109!

I think if you buy in-store they often make you fill out papers in Japanese to make sure you can get the right lenses and such, but maybe it isn like that everywhere.

No. 264638

File: 1461820722604.jpg (53.72 KB, 600x600, ChFfTdZUYAEJpFD.jpg)

Tthe lenses look the same to me here.

Ok, now we know for sure that she edited the clips. I tried the app, some filters edit your face automatically, but the one she uses here doesn't…no brightness/contrast, no jaw line nor eye correction. Also she claimed to have had a 3 hour phone conversation with a friend 30 minutes after she posted the clips…That's not saying much, but just saying…

No. 264695

Unrelated but I like her hair extensions color in there.

Can someone good with hair styles tell me which color it is called and recommend a good brand for dyes like these ?

Also, is anyone starting to believe Kota's gig is gonna stick in the long run ?
My best guess is : She's never gonna make it big because she's boring, not nice enough to be liked and not edgy/funny enough to get noticed by her crap personnality. I can see her marrying someone in the industry (manager or another model) paying for her lifestyle, keep doing small shoots and appearing in obscure tv shows until her early 30s then she'll quietly retires.

No. 264706

Requesting more translations of what people think of Dakota on Japanese gossip boards and sites. What do they think of these ugly alien Dakota pictures?

No. 264756


You've basically summed up what is going to happen. I can see that too actually, she will quietly no doubt just retire and fade away. But probably stick around here and there… but meh.

No. 264766

that sounds pretty chill tbh. it's interesting how she came off one way as a younger person but seeing her now, with all her homebound selfies, she seems really introverted.

No. 264782

Can't wait for kawaii little Taikoti babies.

No. 264797

whats your guys take on her now like do you guys hate her? like her? like for me i dont hate her as much anymore i totally think she was a little shit back then but new kota is ok and like honestly i feel sometimes she was a little shit because she wanted to be praised by kiki and you know on the same level but sometimes her shy and introverted attitude makes it seem like girl you were just hoping into the bandwagon of what kiki use to be and did. cause kiki you can still tell shes a bitch and has made no effort of trying to change and apologize or whatever so with kota im like damn you were stupid and i hate it but your ok now. still have hate love relationship but yeah

No. 264804

Um, guys? Why is the Babyfang Website offline and why doesn't their Twitter page exist anymore???

No. 264807

Same with their Instagram.

No. 264809


>can someone good with hair styles tell me which color it is called and recommend a good brand for dyes like these ?

It's just a mousey/ash dark blonde.

No. 264810


Holy shit I thought you were kidding, but they're fucking gone wtf.

No. 264811

The Youtube is still up.


This is weird. I was only on the Babyfang site last night. I wonder what's going down?

No. 264820

Just poppin in to say
I'm really hoping I called it. If it was just the site then I would assume they're just redesigning the site but there's no reason for taking down the twitter and IG.

I would LOVE if there's some scandal or that they got sued by some designer.

No. 264825

it could just be that they aren't that popular and they decided they don't need all the extra media or something. i mean shes basically a local brand but its not really anything like brand brand

No. 264834

omg…..can you imagine cathy being on here and like screaming at kota about how she needs to do this and this and fix this and that and lalalalalala

No. 264836

what happened to kiki did she admit defeat to kota

No. 264837

That would be a pretty stupid move on their part. Social media is extremely important nowadays to make something known and popular. It just takes time…I mean how long have these accounts existed until now? 1-2 months? They weren't even trying.

Or maybe someone called them out on the Vivian Westwood similarity kek

No. 264847

>Or maybe someone called them out on the Vivian Westwood similarity kek

This was my first thought.

No. 264866

I noticed last night that she doesn't follow them anymore, butnow it's gone.. I see this though, followed by one of the people in charge http://instagram.com/babyfang.official

No. 264898

Honestly at first I was sooo angry at how she fooled everyone, was a raging racist bitch and gave incredibly photoshoped pics to a legit company. It just felt like "Where's the karma ?"
Now I understand that japanese standards aren't the same as here, and she isn't exactly cheating the system by shooping or using lenses because that's what everyone's doing. Her audience is japanese so it's normal that she caters to them.

I still don't think she's a good person at heart. She's shown that she isn't exactly nice to other girls and is still probably very insecure about her chubby bod.

Basically the only thing I dislike about her is how lazy she is. I wish she could try a bit harder to work out and get a lean body or fix her posture. When she is out of kawaii orderdone shoots, like in fashion shows, you can see how shit she is.

Thanks anon, I think I'll print out her pic and try to compare it to the closest dyes.

Can't believe I forgot about popping out kids. I don't think I see Kota childfree but I don't feel like she'd be a doting mother either. I wonder if she'd milk out her kid à la Margo or remember her own shitty parents and do the reverse.

No. 264902

>or remember her own shitty parents
How exactly are they shitty if they made her more succesful than our parents made us succesful? I think her daughter, if she is tall, will become a very famous model with good aesthetics.

No. 264905

of course she's insecure, that's why she shoops in the first place, and continues to do so even though she's famous without it. i think she probably has body image issues, not an ED but something similar.

No. 264909

Speak for yourself anon.

No. 264914

>Or maybe someone called them out on the Vivian Westwood similarity kek

I was thinking the same thing. LOL. Oh well. Maybe Dakota's next business venture will make her be more creative than ripping off a world famous designer's bloody logo.

No. 264916

Anon, if you truly were more succesful than Dakota you wouldn't be making here an extremely long post.

No. 264919

I literally posted four words retard.

No. 264932

She may have body dysmorphia which could happen especially since she has gone through her whole adolescence living through virtual edited images of herself, but more likely it's just standard low self esteem

No. 264943

You responded to a post that wasn't meant for you, but you are calling me a retard… Okay…I guess?

No. 264948

That doesn't make much sense since they opened an online shop as well. If it was really just a local brand then MAYBE, but they planned to ship all over the world.

No. 264949

Just because your parents didn't raise you right doesn't mean the rest of us are like you lol.

No. 264954

I can't wait to find out what happened here. Like did they get sued?

No. 264960

>How exactly are they shitty if they made her more succesful than our parents made us succesful?

Her parents didn't make her successful. They might have financed a camera and a few plane tickets, but they didn't make her successful. In fact, everything I've read about Dakota's parents– especially the account from Charms– makes them sound like they almost certainly have NPD.

No. 264967

I feel pretty sure the site got taken down because of the Westwood orb knockoff choker. That "generic orb" shit might pass in China or the US, but in Japan Westwood is a big brand that's well known, and they take copyright infringement and fakes pretty seriously there. Dakota probably thought it would've fine since she passes her TaoBao VW clothes off as legit but there's no way she could have pulled off a shameless fake as an original/generic design.

No. 264968

>babyfang being quietly baleeted from existence

Ohoho, this is sweet. Idc why it happened, but now I can laugh at Dakota and all her "SEE! SHE DID GET HER OWN BRAND! HAH JELLY HATERZ!!!" whiteknights. All the laughing and snickering people said she must have been doing at lolcow when she announced her line sure as hell isn't happening now. Dakota is following in Kiki's footsteps, albeit way less crazy and more quiet.

>rise to efame with Photoshop and lies

>ride the wave
>lose relevancy
>desperately try to start a brand/business
>it flops
>turn to IG hoping to maintain popularity/image

Now though Kota passes Kiki by landing a meal ticket/visa (if she can get this guy to marry her- if he hasn't already). But tbh Dakota will never be as relevant as she was right up to the point where she went to Japan (when her decline began imho).

No. 264976

This one is still up http://sp-baby-fang.com/

No. 264977

I really just don't understand why she would copy another design, a famous one at that, and think she'd get away with it? It's so ridiculous.

Once a cow, always a cow.

No. 264978

there's nothing on there, it's just the front page.

No. 264980

Because she's stupid and lazy.

No. 264985

What happened to kiki? Anyone know?

No. 264995

>plot twist, kaka reported the infringement

No. 265018

That would be fucking hilarious.

No. 265053

Kiki and Kota have one thing in common (that they probably learned from their childhood) they are lazy as fuck. They won't go into something with the thinking "I'll do this thing seriously, give my best and work day and night".

Nope, they see the first thing that they could cash on and briefly go into but not enough to completly care about it. Let's do a fashion line, a kickstarter video, let's do pole dancing, make-up/hairstyles videos, DJ, marry a japanese guy, launch a pop-up store … All these things are half-done and come to a stop quickly.

Kota line flopped because she never took it seriously from the start and just bothered to pick and choose designs from China to scalp. She made a crappy drawing or two. She never chose a specific trend (is baby-fang supposed to be elegant ? Pastel goth ? Edgy ?) and now it's gone.

Successful people are successful because they're driven and passionate. That's why Kota will never be a high-end designer or model.


No. 265054

File: 1461918309215.jpg (379.32 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_20160429_100817.jpg)

No. 265064

File: 1461920964313.png (549.32 KB, 932x589, international shipping.png)

Yes, Kota herself even said she was "trying to make international shipping available" on instagram

No. 265065

what i don't understand: why not just remove that one item? The rest was all knock-off too, but generic enough that no one was going to flip out over it.

No. 265071

>thank you for translating for once Dakota!
Such thirsty comments. The only reason why she's translating for once in English and speaking to us again is because she wants our money and only cares if we throw some at her. Don't give her any money for her knockoff taobao shit.

No. 265080

No one really knows. The consensus is that Taku dumped her and she's too humiliated to admit it, so she's going to stay offline until she feels people have forgotten about him and she has something to show off. We came to that conclusion because she made new language exchange profiles after she left, Taku's fb relationship status was changed to single, and she bragged about Taku randomly giving her a bunch of money like a day before she left the internet (one anon pointed out that in Japan it's common to give someone money if you're going to dump them).


No. 265082

I hear that the first time with giving someone money when they dump you. I don't think that's common at all.

No. 265099

We need some candids with this hairstyle, she looks like a grandma here.

No. 265100

If she made any money by selling any f those "planet" chokers she might not have had a choice. It depends on how hard VW's legal team came down on them, they might have been served a full on cease and desist type of thing t avoid getting sued. There's also a possibility that whoever investigated the knockoff also looked into Dakota and her past as a liar and Kiki's past shamelessly stealing shit and decided r shut her down completely to avoid the possibility of her trying to make a new item with the char and sell it again.

No. 265108

Boob loaf.

No. 265110

You're still being retarded huh? What have you accomplished? She is more succesful than you are face it loser lmao.

No. 265120

you know, I never post this, but: I smell Ostrenga. Go away

No. 265124

Oh wow…you're so sad.
I REALLY like her hair! She can pull off anything but this hair reminds me of the "heroin chic" style she had.

No. 265131


Japanese student here. It's common, but it's definitely more of an old tradition.

No. 265157

but Dakota and Kiki only got famous BECAUSE they had good pictures. If they has low level cameras we wouldnt know about either or them. Even if they were shitty parents without them Kiki and Kooters would be huge try hards fucking around Florida right now.

Lemme guess you think because she's 'famous' she's accomplished more? Not every job means you want to be famous or even known. There are people who have actually accomplished amazing things in math, science, etc that you've never heard about, hell you dont even know the names of the people that created the beauty products dakota USES. Get over yourself.

No. 265160

No. 265165

Fuckoff you cocksucking stalker, lol your either Dakota or want to be her,if anything your the one who's sad.

No. 265166

i agree with the anon you sound like an ostrenga or whatever too, honestly it be so sad if you were actually kota or even sadder if you were kiki sitting on your moms couch eating cereal lurking your sisters thread page because you even find her more interesting than yourself.

bu i could be wrong and you could just be an ass kisser LOL!

No. 265167

sounds like something you'd see them say on Myspace lol

No. 265170

omfg she ended up forgetting her boob line! lmao

No. 265171

I swear to god I thought I was on PULL for a minute.

No. 265172

Oh so you come from pull,go figure.

No. 265173

You should be 18+ to post here

No. 265176

Go back to pull already, or even better get a job

No. 265177

Both you fuck off or learn to sage. What is it about Kota threads that attract fucking autists?

No. 265178

Both of you*

No. 265180

>calling me an autist when…
I'm not sperging over Dakota's existence. But ok I'll admit I had to sage I guess.

No. 265183

Calm the fuck down people get into dumb banters all the time on this site if you don't like it log off.

No. 265192

lol would never anonymously compliment Dakota. She would only compliment her if it made herself look better. Hell, in the video where Dakota first stared going viral she talked about being on TV in Asia and Kiki was sitti next to her, rolling her eyes.

No. 265199

Anyone have the link to that video? Sounds pretty funny.

No. 265207

No. 265213

That was great, I forgot how tryhard and self-aggrandizing Kiki acted since it's been so long that she was active online now

No. 265239

kirsten sounds so weird in this video i've lived in FL my whole life and no one talks like that lmao

No. 265245

File: 1461970221444.png (145.03 KB, 531x640, 5086751-6995862794-24279.png)

>brags about money
>finds out via Twitter its because she's getting dumped

oh man i can't fucking kek enough

i miss that twat

No. 265248

She's doing that dumb vocal fry thing that chicks do a lot now, thanks to the Kardashians.

No. 265252

Dakota can be considered charming compared to Kiki.

I have a friend from Florida who speaks exactly like this! It drives my boyfriend insane. He finds it insufferable.

No. 265382

reminds me of the Coneheads

No. 265487

So Babyfang is still AWOL as far as we know?

No. 265525

Someone please shoop Kota's hair onto one of the cone heads omg

No. 265530

No one will receive, I requested a couple days ago a dakota and her boyfriend banner but no one received…

No. 265556

Because why the hell would we want that? Kota stans gtfo and diaf pls.

No. 265563

Do you shit up the Venus threads too?

No. 265575

The Venus situation has nothing to do with Dakota. Venus was a young weeb being whored out and dragged around by her psycho mother, it's good she got away. Dakota is just an ignorant racist lower middle class white trash spoiled brat who learned how to suck yellow dick for her own benefit.

No. 265584

This really isn't a fucking fan site.

No. 265683

>implying it isnt lulzy to piss off retards like you and kaka
Man shut the fuck up, there is no milk in this besides posters like you here sperging about Dakota's movements. She has a famous nihongo actor boyfriend, what kind of milk is that?
Also as I expected you can't sage, but at least the other retard did it right.
In this photo Dakota looks Japanese.

No. 265706

>she looks Japanese!

Kota get out.

No. 265713

her eyes look round and buggy as fuck, theres no epicanthus, theyre like the opposite of asian eyes

No. 265717

>Dakota looks Japanese
Which Japanese people have you been looking at?
She looks white as all fuck.

No. 265732

I'm curious if the people who bought anything from babyfang on their website will still be getting their items or got a refund? I wonder if there is an email floating around for customer service.

Would be screwed up if she just took their money and ran with it.

No. 265760


No. 265769

I agree Dakota is a really cute girl
I am wondering about this too. Would really be fucked up if they didn't receive anything, but if they didn't I'm sure a "japanese" farmer would post a screenshot of angry people

No. 265771

I wonder if people bought anything in her fast food popup stall.

Also, who do you think reported her? They weren't even around long enough for VW to get wind on their own…

No. 265788

Either an anon on this site or some random Japanese fan who is also a diehard VW otaku.


PULL get the fuck out. We don't want you, we don't need you. And using sage doesn't suddenly make whiteknighting okay jsyk.

No. 265802


it's a meme you dip!

No. 265813

cough or Kiki cough

No. 265843

>PULL get the fuck out. We don't want you, we don't need you. And using sage doesn't suddenly make whiteknighting okay jsyk.
this is so ironic and i dont think you even know why.

No. 265895

Funny how faggots like to keep bumping the thread, always claiming they don't care for Dakota and that sea all dried up, yet they still keep posting rather than let the thread die. Hm.

No. 265899

Oh lord…another comically ironic post. Use the sage form newfaggettes!

No. 265923

She's cute!

No. 265973

Milhouse it's not going to happen

No. 266058

File: 1462199439419.png (20.62 KB, 377x173, UZdwgbaDW.png)

She's up to something…I'm wondering what this "important business" is all about.

No. 266063

can you pls do actual translations for those of who aren't total weebs.

No. 266064

I'm giving my best now
Nyaaa it's important work

No. 266175

Not only is it laughable to imagine Kota working for anything, much less working hard, but I wonder what must be so important that she's pretending to put effort into, after all she didn't give a single shit about her own accessory brand/line enough to have it last longer than a few weeks.

No. 266186

Yeah it just seems fake to me. Her post is way too enthusiastic, like she's trying to lick her wounds over her accessory line being taken down and that she's got something "totally so much more important" to make up for it.

No. 266189

have we actually confirmed that the accessory line has been completely withdrawn/bahleeted or is there a possibility that it's 'on hiatus' or something?
it seems unusual for dakota to move onto a new project so quickly, esp. since it's one she's been hinting about for so long. so there's a part of me that wonders if the 'important business' still something babyfang-related.

No. 266200

True, we really haven't confirmed if it was officially taken down so it could still be babyfang related.
But they would've announced that on the other social media site branches if it was put on hiatus or something but even those were taken down.

Is it possible that it all just sold out and that was that?

No. 266206

>working for anything
The girl worked hard on her japanese

No. 266208

Lol no she didn't, she learned it by being surrounded by it 24/7 and even then it still took her 3+ years to be able to use the semi decently. Any idiot can learn a language via immersion just by paying attention.


Grasping at straws, are we? The fact that it's disappeared from the internet so suddenly and without any kind of notice isn't proof enough? If it were just an unplanned hiatus/tenchical issue they would have put a hiatus message up on the website, rather than deleting fucking everything Ostrenga style. Plus Dakota and none of the other associated people (that I've seen at least) have said a peep or referenced it at all since it disappeared. It looks like her plan is to just pretend it never happened and try to drum up a quick distraction to cover her embarrassment.

No. 266210

File: 1462236779014.jpg (105.32 KB, 426x640, gBFUM.jpg)

quick question: who's been posting on her twitter for the past few years in decent (but masculine) japanese though?

A japanese girl posted this with the caption that said something top the effect of "why does she talk like a man". I posted in on tumblr but was hit with copyright notices from tumblr, haha.

She speaks japanese fairly well now though, and her enunciation hasn't been that bad either. She exaggerates some gestures and doesn't always seem natural when speaking but she's improved a ton.

No. 266217

Gee idunno, probably her translator/management? The same people who posted in full Japanese on her Twitter when she first got there despite her having to go around everywhere with a translator or her English speaking manager for over 2 years? Sure, she's halfway decent at it now, but only a few months ago Dakota got busted for using google translate to write a script for one of her vids- she mispronounced a basic word in a way that only google translate does.

>inb4 "proof!!!111"

Archive, newfag.

No. 266218

>deleting everything Ostrenga-style

Which is why it's weird. I could expect it from Kiki, who's unprofessional af, but Dakota has a manager and an agency, who you'd think would make some attempt to cover up this kind of mistake for the sake of her public image. Even if she was running it entirely by herself, it would still look better to pretend it was on hiatus. Plus, the twitter and youtube accounts are still up. If she wanted to delete all the evidence, you'd think those would be gone, too.

No. 266219

>despite her having to go around everywhere with a translator or her English speaking manager for over 2 years

In the begging she had to have had help, no doubt. But she had to have had some role in deciding how she was being portrayed if she didn't understand a lick of japanese right? You can tell she's translating some things word-for-word from English so it end up being awkward in Japanese. It's interesting that she'd pick masculine language. What kind of niche is she pandering to by combining "nyaaa" and " dorou ze"s tho lol

No. 266220

Exactly. It's one thing if just he Twitter or the IG went down, but the main site without any notice? She even took it off her persona site.

No. 266221

Old men. She thinks it makes her sound tough and punk but it just doesn't work that way with Japanese. It probably hurts her with young women/teens but older dudes seem to think it's "endearing" or something.

No. 266223

>her sound tough and punk

Yeah …Sounding like you're not able to differentiate between the fem and masc isn't cute. Japanese girls seem to ignore her abrasive language for the most part though.

She's had this ultra-sexualized young girl image from the start but then she tries to appeal to teens close to her age with tutorials and larme-ish style. The way she was presenting herself rubbed me the wrong way from the start.

No. 266224

File: 1462239200800.jpeg (130.85 KB, 640x1097, image.jpeg)

Idk why you guys are saying the babyfang site is down, it's working fine for me.

You guys know it's sp-baby-fang.com and not just baby-fang.com right?

No. 266225

It's embarrassing at this point. From a gaijin point of view it can seem kind of funny to combine the two, but that's such a weeb mentality. There's so many weebs who try to do what she does and talk like yanki yet keep up the kawaii shit but once you realize you're not an animu character there should be a turning point when you stop.

No. 266227

uh oh now the catty reaching anons must really feel shit now.

>jelly anons in 1….2….3….

It will happen
Saged because I hate it when this useless thread gets bumped

No. 266228

Foreigners can basically ignore the rules with Japanese and still get a free pass for being able to say more than "konnichiwa" "arigatou" and "hajimemashite".

No. 266229

The shop part is completely gone. Something's fucky, not to mention someone said the instagram or some SNS thing was deleted?

No. 266230

File: 1462239698186.png (306.16 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

It's still up but there's practically nothing left on it. All it says is that they finished the brand rep model search and thanks everyone who auditioned.

Although I can't help but notice the babyfang website is registered to someone else, all her other shit says "Copyright 2016 Dakota Rose". Maybe she couldn't take it down herself because she doesn't own the actual site? Tbh I know fuck all about website ownership stuff.

Also, the babyfang Twitter acct bio links to the broken baby-fang website and not to the sp-baby-fang, wtf?

No. 266231

The Instagram is gone, and there's no mention of baby fang on Dakota's website.


There's Enter Labo's website, theres no English on it though so idk what it says. Moonfags pls translate.

No. 266233

File: 1462240597055.png (228.2 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

There's only 4 pics left on IG under the #babyfang tag of her stuff and it's all by randoms who went to the launch. Dakota has 3 pics of her babyfang stuff but in the description of one she says "link in bio" but the URL in her bio links to this dead end site.

No. 266241

Maybe it was a soft opening?

No. 266246

I doubt it, they wouldn't have just deleted everything without a word if that were the case. Plus soft launches are usually indicated somehow with words like "preview" or "beta" or whatever.

No. 266254

You do know that site was for the model audition only, right? We're talking about the online shop, twitter and instagram here…

No. 266266

Did any Japanese farmers at all buy anything from the website? I really am super curious as to how they are treating this with their customers.

No. 266272

Is the disappearance because people noticed the jewelry was just overpriced replicas of cheap bulk charms/accessories? Perhaps there were enough inquiries or complaints that the project was dropped. I feel bad for Dakota. That line was so underwhelming, uninspired and strange for her debut line.

No. 266280

File: 1462256954142.jpg (48.63 KB, 600x400, 20150428102052229_000.jpg)

I don't think that she that cute either. She's got a good face shape but she's rather plain and wonky looking. I really don't understand her appeal most of the time. She's only looked good in her "club makeup" days from all hose years ago. Those lens she uses are not made for her eye shape, they're quite off-putting to me. She's attractive enough to adequately fulfill the role of generic white girl no.324545 in most adverts though (her e-fame definitely gives her an edge).

No. 266283

>slightly unattractive
>too many faults on her face
like what? chin that doesnt meet the perfect standard of the no-chin asians?
or the crooked eyes that are unnoticeable unless youre really trying to look for faults?

i think youre reaching

No. 266286

She's not pretty. I don't get why so many people act like she's the second coming of bird Jesus on this board. Just what the fuck, is this a PULL containment thread?

No. 266287

I disagree that she is ugly. She's not gorgeous, but she's cute over all. She just can't seem to style herself worth a shit.

Perfect example of her looking really cute.

No. 266299

File: 1462271815584.jpg (44.13 KB, 480x720, TuATBOd.jpg)

Nobody here, not even PULL, thinks she is a goddess. But she is definitely not ugly. Just girl-next-door cute.

No. 266300

that is a reallllly cute picture of her. Her lips almost look normal!

No. 266301

You can see more natural(I mean hardly manipulated) pictures in this three part interview series. It's free of creepy baby alien.http://bimajin.jp/list_by_subcategory/217

No. 266302

Doesn't PULL hate Dakota? I'm not sure but PULL hates everyone for no reason, here we hate no one unless you're an idiot newfag. Oh I forgot /snow/ but that's actually just the /pt/ for the PULLlosers

She looks fucking adorable in that picture and dress, I like it

No. 266304

File: 1462274749796.jpg (39.08 KB, 453x604, -d9H8n43Lno.jpg.c67370fd6565b9…)


Anon she wouldn't have landed all the modelling and promotions shit if she wasn't pretty. She's obviously an attractive young girl, just kind of a shit.

No. 266306

I really love wispy bangs on her. I can't stand the middle part she keeps doing these days.

No. 266309

I've seen PULL accused of both hating her guts and worshipping her. It's very confusing here. Maybe it's the same person or few people stirring up the pot.

No. 266311

File: 1462276726169.jpg (12.47 KB, 160x160, 2u5urgy.jpg)

did this thread get dementia overnight?
How can you forget this pictures are photoshopped to hell and back?

No. 266312

She is famous for EDITING. NOT natural beauty. IF she was naturally beautiful then she wouldn't need to abuse photoshop and phone apps.

No. 266315

Dude. Saying she is pretty or cute doesn't mean we don't acknowledge the tremendous difference between her real face and edits. To me, she's cute, not a knock-out. For print models in Japan, it's enough to get work. She's not someone I physically compare myself to or envy, but she's just decently good-looking when compared to the other white girls who get jobs here. You really look at those Bimajin photos I linked to and think "What a dog!"?

No. 266316

Again, She made a name for herself by editing. She only surpassed most white girls because she because the most subscribed to youtuber almost world wide.
She made a name for herself before she went to Japan, she was able to basically sell herself and milk what little fame she carried on with her. She is nothing without her edits and her name.

No. 266317

Holy crap sorry for the typos
Because she is the most subscribed to*

No. 266323

Its pretty fucking obvious that if Dakota hadn't edited herself in the pictures that got her famous, she would not be where she is. Bitch has been posting high res photos of herself since she was 13, and the only reason it took off when it did was because of that specific style she was doing at that time.

Normally, Dakota is just plain. She has nothing special going for her except being white in Japan and her edits.

No. 266328


tbf ANYBODY would look like complete shit under that lighting. It's horrendous.

No. 266329

File: 1462282268175.jpg (37.31 KB, 349x253, 1424395259126.jpg)

If anyone had the full cover of this image, I recall her being the only one looking like Hitler. But whatever, she has many unfortunate looking pictures from all lighting angles. Which is why she has to pose from the side or hide her face mostly in candids. She still edits her images from hell and back.

No. 266330

She even has to draw fake lips because she doesn't have any! Shes a brilliant con artist that's it.

No. 266332


Anon she wouldn't have landed all the modelling and promotions shit if she wasn't pretty. She's obviously an attractive young girl, just kind of a shit.

No. 266334

Easy, Keep editing pictures to become half way decent.
Anon if she was so "pretty", why does she rely so much on editing and exaggerated makeup.

No. 266336

Wait, is Dakota claiming to be 20? I know she's lying about her age, but that young?



No. 266337

Dakota is not fucking 20. She is at least 25. Last time I brought this up I get yelled at by weird Dakota fans for being a conspiracy theorist, but just look at her age in comparison to Kiki's.

Also, there was an image long ago for Dakota blowing out candles with an 18 on them. I was wondering if anyone had it? Or, do you know what year that image surfaced? That'd be pretty telling. She has been beyond age 18 and both 20 for years now, regardless.

No. 266338

Yeah, and she was supposedly 16 when she packed her shit and moved away from her parents, as a minor, to literally the other side of the world.

Her real age is 23 or so.

No. 266340

Holy fuck. Is it 2013? You're repeating shit everyone already knows. Are you the same fag trying to convince everyone that Dakota is ugly?

No. 266342

She's 22, Kiki is 23. This year Kiki turns 24 and Kota turns 23. They're 1 year and 1 day apart, Kota's real year of birth on her original Illinois birth certificate is 1993.

No. 266343

>she wouldn't have landed all the modeling jobs if she wasn't pretty

Have you seen some of the other white models in Japan? Dakota does so well as a ~living Barbie~ because the standard is so abysmally low.

No. 266344

File: 1462286206496.jpg (202.18 KB, 419x601, dakota-rose.jpg)

Not entirely true. Dakota got super lucky getting Bravo as her agency, with a relatively big backing that for some reason has a huge boner for her. She has gotten a lot better in the years as far as styling/ appearance wise during IRL interactions. But when she first got to Japan she looked terrbad, very much like her old scene days

No. 266345

Is it? Does anyone have that image? I thought it was older because there was a picture of her ID card with a birthday in the 80s.

No. 266347

I've never seen her post any ID with a DOB that old on it, and I've been around since the /cgl/ days. I'm on my mobile so I don't have shit to post right now but Dakota and Charms are the same age, confirmed by Charms back on /cgl/. Right before Dakota left for Japan and right before they stopped being friends they were making plans for Dakota to move in with her to get away from her shitty family, she was gonna finance it by selling some of her expensive equipment.

No. 266349

File: 1462286670456.jpg (78.48 KB, 500x403, Dakota_Rose_eighteenth.jpg)

I have these

No. 266350

File: 1462286699551.png (284.15 KB, 500x293, tumblr_m0yfmpVQwl1rqi7ugo2_500…)

No. 266351

The only "official" thing stating that her birthday is earlier than what is on her passport was the police report from back in the day that had Dakota's age about 2-3 years old than what she claimed. I'll try to find it.

Besides that and her passport video I can't think of any other "official" document that lists her age.

No. 266353

Nah the 80s ID wasn't her real one.

I think people were split between believing it was a fake ID she used to go out with or it was some anon who made it pretending it was real (neither were ever confirmed), but no one ever really thought it was her real ID.

Plus if memory serves me right the only 'legit' confirmation of her age we've ever gotten was one of the police reports which put her birthday around 93?

No. 266354

There's another picture somewhere of her actually holding the cake up where you can see the "18" candles more clearly from the front. I think it's in one of the threads actually.

No. 266355

File: 1462287190715.jpg (105.13 KB, 500x467, dakotaage.jpg)

This police report listed her birth year being 1993 while her passort has it as 1995.

No. 266356

File: 1462287211433.png (381.86 KB, 636x387, dakotas passport.png)

No. 266358

I don't count the passport as legit, it's possible to legally change your DOB on your birth certificate (which you provide to get a passport) and I have no doubt that Scott and Cathy would absolutely do that in order to make Dakota more sellable. Them bein her parents might have even made it easier, all you have to do is request a new amended certificate with the new DOB on it and say the other was a typo/misprint, and as log as you can pass a background check nobody is gonna look too hard into it. They could just say the '93 was an error that was supposed to say '95.

Either way, Dakota only looks "20" with heavy shoop and carefully done makeup. The fashion show she did with short blac hair, she looked her actual age.

No. 266359

Everyone knows the shoulder thing isn't proof her passport is fake, right? Not saying 95 is her actual birthday (I believe it's 23), but when that photo was circulating I checked both mine and my mom's and we had the weird shoulder overlap thing as well.

Definitely agree there. Especially at how easy it is to slightly alter your age and even name for passports. Honestly unless you're off getting multiple visas or paperwork with a passport, no one really checks that closely (especially while travelling) so unless you declare it as an error you can go about with it for as long as you want.

No. 266360

File: 1462287751946.png (256.88 KB, 300x450, Kotakoti_age_fake.png)

I remember this on ED

No. 266361

Does this look like a 9 or 10 year old? She even looks like a teen here.

No. 266363

with her skin in that light, she honestly looks like she could be 20 or even older kek

No. 266366


That or probably flopped due to the ridiculous pricing and similar mediocre jewelry one can find in any tween store for less than 500 yen. There wasn't much hype around it from fans nor Kota's moderu friends. If she were smart, she'd ask Yula or Tsuplastic to casually promote it on their social media. I bet she thought sticking her name and face on something was enough, and even finally using English to pander to her western wannabes.

It's strange that everything's gone even though the pop up shop in Hiroshima is supposedly going on till tomorrow. The Osaka pop up shop was announced to open later this month and go into early June. This pop shop info is on Japanese news sites btw.

No. 266368

No. 266370


Ah, from what I gather with my shit moonspeak the Hiroshima pop up shop and event with Dakota was cancelled due to something sudden happening with management? According to a tweet a few posts down…

No. 266373

Ah, it's up again. Last time I checked the account was deleted or deactivated.

No. 266380

The Twitter never went down, the IG did.

No. 266382

It was gone. That's how i noticed that their Instagram was also gone and the website down.

No. 266414

File: 1462308444947.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

It was Kota that one time she was snapped walked down the streets by a Japanese Twitter user. The photos snapped by the Japanese user can be found in precious threads, however no clear indication it was Kota was presented.

No. 266415


No. 266422

Why did she overdraw her top lip twice its actual size?

No. 266423

Bc she always does

No. 266424

rokupa style doesnt suit her but her make and face is so cute here

No. 266425

File: 1462311180300.jpg (169.41 KB, 1024x1024, ChiFwj9UgAA-qi4.jpg)

Oh boy, you can see it really clearly here.

Also, new twitter pic.

No. 266427

I think it's the hair, but there are weird amounts of Kylie Jenner vibes from this.

No. 266438

Kek you can tell she a fattie from this beause of the torso compared to the head and no neck, Berry style.

No. 266439

>cholastache is back

No. 266442

No. 266444