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File: 1449983828649.gif (325.53 KB, 977x595, venus.gif)

No. 213483


Previous one reached its max.

Recent Developments: Failed indiegogo campaign. Tried to raise 40k and got 268$ before cancelling it. Now selling autographed Polaroids now!

No. 213504


Jfc, that pic

No. 213509

Should have mentioned the eating disorder too

No. 213564

This is still unconfirmed information. I was going to mention the possibility but meh

No. 213565

File: 1450026074248.jpg (106.99 KB, 1080x1080, 12357845_988626567863478_76456…)

Looks like she might be doing Draw My Life after all, she says this is from next week's video.

Or she might just be trying to create false hype and it's something else. Would be surprised if Margo let her back track that much.

No. 213600

File: 1450034376571.png (893.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-12-20-42-59…)

Its interesting that she has close to a million subscribers but hasnt even gotten 300k on a video this past month. I swear just 4 or 5 months ago she would get a minimum of 100k on the first day of uploading, or am i wrong?

No. 213602

File: 1450035675497.jpg (174.81 KB, 768x960, 1898222_942687555766695_550984…)

These pictures are less than a month a part, it's clear she's not stick thin and dainty. I do not understand why so many people worry about her weight? It's all of her photoshop.

No. 213603

File: 1450035723108.png (319.02 KB, 503x598, 12360373_960473250654792_53498…)

^I'm new to lolcow, thought I could add more than one image..

No. 213604

Before the other thread died, someone asked how Venus would get away from Margo. That is a good question. If I were Venus, I'd get in touch with my father or some of his family members. I'm sure she has relatives on his side who haven't seen her. I think Venus is a victim of parental alienation and I've never bought Margo's story. I know Margo hates her Hungarian past, but if Venus' father were so terrible, why keep his name? I would also steal and save my own stash of cash money and try to make friends who could facilitate a getaway. If I were truly desperate, perhaps I'd even go to the Hungrian embassy (although since Venus isn't a minor, I don't know how much they could help).

Honestly, sometimes I think that Venus leaves nasty comments to fans under Margo's name since by doing so she can vent while maintaining her innocent victim image.

No. 213605

I agree. I think they encourage that whole ED rumor thing since it makes people talk about them.

No. 213606


OT but that's a cute top.

No. 213607

Agreed, would really love to know where she got it.

No. 213608

>why keep his name?
Probably fucked herself over with her previous name.

No. 213611

yeah, i think some people here don't know how poses and angles work. she looks chubby in pics where she's just standing normally like this one, she only looks thin in >>213603 because she's pushing her hips all the way back to get a thigh gap and make her legs look slimmer. probably using a stretching app as well.

No. 213612

Good point. Given her dramatic changes in appearance, she's no stranger to re-inventing herself

No. 213613

I feel Sad watching her get sicker and sicker. Then going back to watch old videos where she seems to be in her own head playing by herself all happy.

No. 213616

She's not sick. She looks fine here >>213602

No. 213620

I have thighs around the same size as hers in post >>213602
Just slightly moving my feet to face inwards and bending over gets me looking 100 times slimmer. Then of course, there's the heels and stretching. I wonder if she'll keep posting her more chubbier pictures.

No. 213622

I certainly hope you do realize that her legs are much shorter here while her head looks much bigger
she's playing with angle/perspective.

Yet what's clearly visible is that her face became gaunt.
Just compare to 6, 7, 8 months ago.

inb4 "she lost her baby fat" there's no freaking baby fat at the age of 18, you're a baby when youre 1 year old or less.
she lost tons of weight. she stuffs her face with crap.

please don't act dumb

No. 213623

she doesn't have an ed ffs

No. 213624

Fucks sake how can you say she looks "chubby" in those pics? She looks underweight and you can see how frail she appears now compared to a year or two ago. Obvious ED traits in the above few posters if you think Venus looks fat with legs like that!

No. 213625

File: 1450038316091.png (577.36 KB, 518x645, hgfd.png)

just a reminder

No. 213626

She looks like a complete different person here.

No. 213627

There is no evidence of photoshop, and I doubt Venus is enough of a photoshop wizard to be able to photoshoop her legs into sticks on an irregular background without a single thing giving her away. At best it's some creative angling, but she took pictures of her legs from 3 different angles and they all look same.

No. 213628

Why is everyone trying to pretend Penus doesn't have an ED? She makes videos where she eats thousands and thousands of calories in one sitting and yet she looks skinnier and skinnier every time she posts a picture. Her face is clearly more gaunt. If she isn't binging and purging I buy 100 of her shitty signed polaroids.

No. 213630

ever heard of collagen?

No. 213631

She was stick thin in her perfect body challenge, so I suppose it could be angles..

No. 213632

no anon, tell me something about collagen and it's meaning for 18y.o. girls

No. 213633

I'd imagine those posters have EDs themselves and see her low weight as being normal/aspirational. Whereas we can see her dramatic weight loss, frail shoulders and junk food fetish/binges. It's quite sad and I think Margo must have influenced such a decline.

No. 213634

I think it's pretty said that Margo said she was called a doll in her younger days, so everything Venus does is all for an image her mother sees herself as. Kind of a, do what I always wanted to thing.

No. 213642

The other thing is, the defense they always use is that she isn't ~that~ thin, she looks normal, etc… you don't develop an eating disorder and overnight you are a skeleton knocking on death's door. She is exhibiting an unhealthy relationship with food, she is undeniably losing weight.

Maybe it's a guilty conscience because they have called her fat in the past and don't want to face potentially having a share in responsibility

No. 213647

Her mother is killing her.

No. 213649

The chubby comment was referring to this photo >>213602
Not this one, >>213603
She does look thin in the second one but she's obviously using angles to look thinner. You can try this yourself. Stand in front of a mirror normally, then bend over and bow your legs like Venus is doing in the second picture. It makes your legs look much slimmer.

Never heard of stretching apps?

No. 213650

Are you literally retarded? She doesn't look anything close to chubby in >>213602

No. 213651

I wouldn't call it chubby, just defo not a twig like the other picture.

No. 213652

Well, maybe not by your standards. Why are you so defensive?

No. 213653

Why is everyone on this board pretending that anything bigger than >>213603 is somehow fat? Venus has lost weight and she is not fat anymore

No. 213662

Her father is dead apparently and how the fuck do you get in contact with relatives you don't know. Honestly your suggestion is shit.

No. 213670

Margo said he left, not that he's dead. Your reading comprehension is shit.

No. 213686


And besides being skinnier. She looks increasingly exhausted and unhappy.

No. 213747

File: 1450046476781.png (632.29 KB, 914x597, Margo.png)

You get in touch with relatives you don't know the same way stalkers find their victims and the biological parents of adopted children find their biological children: facebook. Heard of it?

No. 213783

…may I say that I like this? I mean, I usually think she's ugly but this style suits her more

No. 213811

Most of us do, I think. She can't pass for a little girl anymore.

No. 213819

I like that style though. Hair looks horrible and she's way too thin and sick looking but her harsh countouring and eye makeup give her a kind of a dark/goth feel, she reminds me of BJD faceups. Maybe it's her true calling, she should go for a neo goth or gothic lolita look.

No. 213820

the video was horrible, why the hell she highlights with white and contour with orange???

No. 213822


Probably cos half those dicks are ana-chans themselves

No. 213824

Maybe she's opting for becoming a model now since nothing she's trying is working for fame?

Next year, she'll be making a video about "my eating disorda"

"Hai gaiz so u kno how I have been gettin fina and fina everi veedio? wel, dat is becoauseee i hav an eatin deesorda!"

smiles sickly and waves

fans are supposed to cry

"Me and mai mova are at a hospitahl and i am gettin treetment! yaaaayyyyyY!"

"I am anorexhic, I waz denyin it all dez month and I was foolish… yes… a ano!"

shakes head cutely

"Buh dont wurry! A will beh back soon! Bai bai!"








bet u

No. 213825

you forgot this part:
"so please give me lots of money"

No. 213835

The most important part. Margo will never forget the bottom line, even if Venus actually does have an ED

No. 213839

>korean rent-a-family

No. 213846

I think her face looks really cool here. I wish Venus would try a darker look. I think it'd really suit her.

No. 213850

File: 1450059116138.png (171.15 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-12-14-03-08-55…)

Isn't this her contour palette?

No. 213851


Lol oh fuck sorry

yeah and that too

No. 213852


Don't encourage her, she'll end up going anorexic goth like that other pale anorexic idiot with the scene kid hair on YT.

Next it'll be nymphet dolly goth or something fucking stupid as that.

No. 213853

Ugh god her elbows look backwards.

No. 213855

I said her face not her body. She's starting to lose her followers because of weird eating videos and she doesn't fit the dolly image anymore. If she'd focus on any style at all she could gain some back. It's not like goths aren't used to crazies either.

I'll admit nymphet dolly goth sounds pretty funny, but even that would be better than what she's doing now.

No. 213871

rofl. You're great, anon

No. 213872

Yeah, what did she mean by Korean family they rented?? Did they mean family house or room?

No. 213897


Have you ever thought that maybe she's just wearing a baggy top? To me, it looks like a sweatshirt type top that's meant to be worn baggy.

No. 213898


Just goes to show how desperate they are.
"Because of the bullying there will be no Draw My Life video!"
Ya, we'll just wait about a month for that video anyway, Margo.

No. 213908

Lexis language school (where they go) offers students a home stay option


No. 213912

Holy shit! These whores have the nerve to beg for money but can afford about 900,000W (at the very least) a week for tuition and boarding? (not to mention her Venus's binges and "kwiyowo" Korean shit.) Lol sorry but I hope they end up homeless and penniles, living in a cardboard box in Seoul Station..

No. 213939

Jesus, I saw she posted a picture on FB and I looked at it and accidentally hit the arrow key to her very first picture back in 2010. It's like looking a completely different person if you're looking at her first picture and yesterday's picture. I miss 2010 chubby faced Venus.

No. 213950

thats like 1000 dollars a week in my currency

jesus christ

No. 214060

I personally suspect she has an ED because of all the mukbang shit, she looks like she puked in the chicken nugget one. I imagine because of margo refusing to cook shit that she has to live off fast food and snacks and as someone who grew up with a mother who refused to buy or cook food since a very young age that really fucks up your health.

No. 214104

My kawaii dolly eating disorder* you mean

No. 214113

Got bored so I started looking at her old videos, and holy fuuuck, cringetown


No. 214136


the kawaiiest dolly ed of them all obv

No. 214182

She definitely has an ed. She's tiny and yet in her videos she eats 100 chicken nuggets in one sitting? I know huge men with bottomless pits for stomachs who found that video impressive.

She's starving herself and then binging on sweets on camera to make it look as if she eats what she wants and is just ~naturally thin~. Fucking awful thing to do to impressionable young girls who watch her imo.

No. 214192

But in her beer video her face isn't as gaunt as the model make up one - isn't it just her make up?

No. 214245

Venus is about 170-172cm
How is that tiny?

No. 214251

Her face looks full and shoulders look filled out in her indiegogo video. This girl obviously edits her photos, I don't see why people don't understand that she would edit herself thinner for more hits and to get people talking.

No. 214265

It's possible that she is retaining a lot of water because she eats so much salty ass junk food, which would cause some fluctuation in how fat she looks in the face. A lot of salt will do that.

No. 214268

they meant weight-wise you walnut

No. 214283

Yeah I know, I've known girls with EDs before and it's not something MOST girls (and probably guys, I've never met any ED guys) want public. So if she is, it's an ED for attention.

No. 214284

The problem is that social media has made it so that even people with real issues are getting asspatted for their disorders. Look at Ash and Aly. Both of them genuinely have an eating disorder but yet they still post and almost flaunt it.

No. 214287

I've never heard of these two people, link or something please?

No. 214295


Most recent Ash thread >>208348

Most recent Aly thread >>64095

No. 214297

It was t too long ago that Margo was claiming that Venus was cutting because of bullies. Now she's saying that she's not eating because of bullies. Just saying.

No. 214298

What's your point? Just because Margo makes shit up, doesn't mean that it's not possible that Venus has an ED.

No. 214305

Can we stop talking about this girl's ED and find some new milk to discuss? Like why keep bringing up her bulimia, pretty sure we all know and until something juicy develops with it, I don't see why we should care or "feel sorry for the girl"

No. 214332

Feel free to start a new discussion if you happen to have something else to talk about. If you don't, then shut up and ignore the thread until you have something to add.

No. 214341

File: 1450129211792.jpg (1.18 MB, 1000x1500, sunny56.jpg)

When did she claim Venus was cutting?

>mfw I thought you were talking about cutting as in losing weight even though I'm a cutter


No. 214344

No. 214346

I dont see shit on her wrists

No. 214347

That's the point

No. 214402


Here you go anon >>208348

No. 214404

I miss this venus too anon.
Weeby girl into kawaii bullshit in her own world and despite her mother being cray she seemed happy but as the years passed she looks sadder and sadder i just want the bitch to end up ok. I wish someone would take her away from her fucking crazy mom and take care of her

No. 214408

Ok guys
I had a dream last night.
>I was at Venus' house when she was still in London
>she was still her 2011 dolly self >had some pigtails with red ribbons and a blue gingham lolita dress
>I was sitting in the kitchen with her
>her mother was making food or something behind us
>she whispered something to me really quietly and i couldnt understand
>i got closer and she said "i am scared"
>I kissed her cheek (what)
Then i woke up.
I wanna go save her now if only i could. I dislike her but fuck that makes me sad.

No. 214411

Did any of the contributors to the indiegogo thing get refunds in the end? The autographed polaroids seems like a dodgey quick fix to making money.

No. 214423

The anon who donated $5 had it refunded >>212002

Venus is selling polaroids for $25 if anyone happens to be interested

No. 214435

I got my five dollars back and used it on a metamorphose skirt.

No. 214440

post the skirt

No. 214480

>doesn't like shin chan
what a fucking bitch

No. 214508

Her weeb is useless.

No. 214515


Much better use of money than Venus!

No. 214518


I also had a dream about Venus the other day, she was doing a make up tutorial on how to cover up facial injuries like bruises or cuts as if Margo beat the shit out of her for failing the indiegogo campaign.

No. 214531

Margo was on PULL again… talking about starbucks tokyo

No. 214534


Jesus christ, she's still blowing Xiao's dick for drama?

No. 214587

File: 1450198758380.jpg (51.6 KB, 500x500, gunna be sick.jpg)

never been on pull before so I went and oh god

No. 214594

when did Margo say she doesn't eat because of being bullied?

No. 214638

It's what con-men do when their scamming finally catches up with them.

No. 214639

File: 1450210341120.png (14.16 KB, 400x400, 1412570294548.png)

She looks like a midget, what the fuck?

No. 214645

Good Lord!

No. 214651

File: 1450214302126.png (176.05 KB, 438x483, Margo.png)

I thought it was a more recent thing but she said it a few years ago.

No. 214652

Five bucks well spent there.

No. 214653

It's not like she doesn't do this all the time but then changes back because she depends on her weeb followers views.

No. 214672

Huh? I was talking about Margo.

No. 214677

Oh, Margo, Margo, Margo…

I still love how she seems to feel entitled to Venus's viewer's money. It's like she's not even on the same damned planet as the rest of us.

No. 214679

File: 1450223238886.png (225.27 KB, 500x418, eternal victim.png)

>Did you know, how hard Black Eyed Peas was struggling?

No. 214684

Not any different for Margo either. Remember how she suddenly tried to go full VK when she was in Japan? Yeah.

No. 214732

Most of the recent venus videos are all food-related. ._.

For the people saying she photoshops herself thin, it's pretty obvious from her videos that she's lost weight this year…

No. 214734

Well, most of her videos have always been either shitty makeup tutorials and food when not making music videos in Ikea or Mc Donald's.

No. 214770

I must agree with both sides

she isn't spoopy thin (yet), that's a fact.
But that does not mean she cannot be anorectic or bulimic.. you're not turning into spoopy skeleton in a few months.

She does have stick like arms, a bony cleavage and thin legs and that only started with her "I'm vegan bc I luv animalz -eats hardcore lowcalorie shit for 1 month-" (and then started bingeing shit and tons of meat again)

she talks about food like it's her senpai, she DOES have a weird relationship to it.

She sometimes looks chubby because as one anon said, you'll get a bloated face from all the salt and sugar and unhealthy fats. But she can't shoop a chubby body into a stick like shape - if she can, why didn't she do it earlier?

I don't see how some people don't get it, or it's just margo defending here.

No. 214876

Is anyone else not seeing this thread in pt? I found it in the catalog but not the main page

No. 214877

Nevermind, its shown up now that ive posted

No. 214898

I don't want to join the ED bandwagon because a lot of it seems like projection on the part of the anons. I need to see a recent candid, which will probably never happen since she has almost no fans in Korea.

No. 214923

I mean, just throwing in my two cents, developing an ED can also be about establishing control over something in your life. And considering the absolute lack of stability or control that Venus has - we assume her mom views everything she posts online or has some control over her social media, she is bounced from country to country, forced in and out of marriage, etc..

Can we blame her for finding something she can finally have control over? Plus we know she's been insecure about her weight for years. Yes, she probbaly shoops her pics even thinner but she's definitely lost weight and if anyone was going to end up with an ED is someone as fucked up as Penus

No. 214991

File: 1450307858831.png (872.22 KB, 933x598, not fooled.png)

No make up my ass. Who does she think she's fooling?

No. 214993

File: 1450308126089.png (823.4 KB, 931x599, instaSS_0142.png)

So we know at least one person actually paid for these… The commenter appears to be a teenage girl. I assume she didn't buy these with her own money.

No. 214995

I don't see any makeup, just a shitton of Meitu.

No. 214996

Apparently the Christmas polaroids are sold out. Can't she just take more? Even if it's to factor in shipping, how long does it take to take a couple more, sign them and send them off?

No. 214997

Ofc they're not sold out. That's jsut a trick to make them seem more popular/valuable

No. 214998

I know it's a common tactic, but you'd think they'd be smarter than to use it for something that literally takes seconds and minimal effort to produce.

No. 214999

Marg and Venus. Yeah, no.

No. 215000

Highlight in the corner of her eyes, eye bags shaded in, her eyebrows are filled in and she might have mascara as well

No. 215014

Yeah, I don't see how they can "sell out" something like that unless they're too lazy to buy more film. The profit margin isn't that bad (probably make around 22 dollars per polaroid after shipping costs and the cost of the print).

No. 215032

God, I read this in her voice and it was awful.

No. 215041

I had a dream about her exactly 2 days ago too, what the fuck.
She was wearing a shiny green body suit with giant fake yellow flower petals around her head while filming herself and tip toeing around a closed shopping center in the middle of the night while muttering "venus desu!" over and over quietly. it was eerie as fuck.

No. 215042

I hate women who have to announce they aren't wearing makeup like it's some sort of fucking accomplishment. Obnoxious.

No. 215044

How much were these again? so pathetic

No. 215045

>> 215014
Ok, nm I see that the polaroids intended for Christmas delivery are sold out. I guess she doesn't want to pay rush shipping/wants to make sure they get there in time. She's selling more.

No. 215048

$25. I've seen actors and voice actors and the like sell autographed photos for a similar price at cons and whatnot, but Venus is nowhere near their level of fame to justify selling hers for that much

No. 215140

She has on a bit of eyeliner but only right at the eyelashes as they flare out. her lashes are too thin to look that dark. You can tell because her bottom lashes are barely visible

No. 215246

To be fair she has to ship it as well. Anyway I don't care what she asks for it. I'm not buying so good for her if people are willing to pay that price.

No. 215324

Shipping isn't expensive. It's only a couple of bucks to mail a standard sized envelope overseas, and I don't see why you'd ship a polaroid any other way. Excluding the camera, the polaroid would cost less than $5 to produce and mail.

No. 215417

File: 1450470378124.png (746.22 KB, 934x598, instaSS_0143.png)

Somehow the idea of them attending a party is shocking to me. Does that mean Venus is talking to people who aren't her mother?? I assume Margo is still hovering like the Apache parent that she is, but I hope Venus makes a friend.

No. 215453

File: 1450474490117.gif (552.9 KB, 431x323, tumblr_mtb5vb899u1s5v8xvo1_r1_…)

margo really reminds me of miss pickwell from bad education

No. 215456

File: 1450474720599.gif (951.99 KB, 500x259, tumblr_nesvkrUwzF1tabillo9_500…)

samefagging because this made me laugh

No. 215483

To be fair, Venus has posted about having friends in her early era (her 'Chinese' friends from Tenerife, and friends and fans in Japan).
Also, back in England, they have posted about going to different outings and parties. Sadly, I assume she doesn't have much friends in Korea other than some classmates at the language school.

While we are on the subject, I believe they should go back to Europe. They both seemed way happier. Venus admitted to going into London, shopping, taking her time to explore the city, going to cons to cosplay or dress up in lolita. Margo actually had a job.

Too bad they shat on England, and admitted to not paying taxes. It would be nice for Venus to finish achool, and study something (I think she said she likes psychology? Or she could try to dabble in sewing and fashion design. Make her new goal to present kawaii to the world I guess.), anything actually. From there, she can be independent (if she wants).

No. 215493

It's a party for the students at the language school.

No. 215496

Not to mention that Margo has been posting a lot about going clubbing at night a lot in the past. Stopped after they went to Japan, probably due to the lack of time with all the visa document stuff.

No. 215505

>smiles sickly and waves
>fans are supposed to cry

Anon, I'm in love with you.

No. 215599

Wait, so does this mean Margo doesn't attend the school? What does she do all day then?

No. 215607

What the fuck? That's so weird but also hilarious to imagine.

Agreed. Margo's just dragging Venus around to where she thinks would be beneficial to "Venus' career" (aka where she thinks they'll be able to rake in the most cash). Venus seemed to genuinely like London and they should definitely move back to Europe even if they can't move to London.

She probably attends the school but is just saying "Venus' school" just to remind everyone once again that she's Venus' mom.

No. 215634


She attends there too.

No. 215659

Holy cow! I really hate the way they can just travel the world with no real jobs or career aspirations beyond internet idol. Venus doesn't understand the value of hard work at all. And that's really bad. Because of the way she was raised she doesn't understand anything at all about getting a job and earning a proper salary. Yet she and Margo get to do an amount of traveling that most normal people have to save and plan for.

It's a really horrible way to raise your child. I think the way Venus was raised is a form of abuse. An now she's 18 and completely clueless as to how the real world works. She's basically married to Margo and her crazy way of life. Ir's really sad. Venus depresses me.

No. 215674

>>smiles sickly and waves

I lost it

No. 215685

File: 1450527655864.png (1008.12 KB, 750x1334, image.png.24e99c98eadfc0aae1ec…)

This was up for a few minutes. Then she deleted it and put it through a mirrion filters and uploaded it again.

No. 215687

File: 1450528131193.jpeg (8.39 KB, 163x163, image.thumb.jpeg.e289c883652a1…)

No. 215691

What the hell is going on with her eyebrows? They look like those anime eyebrows that go over the characters bangs

No. 215692

She looks like a villain.

Also it's very obvious that those eyebrows were stuck on with some sort of editing app. You can literally see the distorted pixels around them.

No. 215697

o crap it's Margaret Syndrome

I'd really like to see her teeth irl…
they look so bad here.

her legs are enviable though

No. 215698

File: 1450529999979.png (860.53 KB, 1007x641, pa.png.6b35dd5a6f33ba9733b9289…)

Looks like what happens when you edit your eyebrows in the youcam app

Margo sure loves that feature, pic related

No. 215700

File: 1450530262279.jpg (2.32 MB, 2560x1440, Cute-Anime-Girl-anime-36962613…)


She is a real animu girl, she even has her eyebrows over her bangs

No. 215728


My god, she looks like she could be one of Cinderella's ugly step sisters.

No. 215730

And people like to say she's still chubby.

No. 215731

>what is shoop

No. 215732

File: 1450540592408.png (13.74 KB, 272x170, instaSS_0144.png)

According to her Instagram she attends a different school and was only Invited because Venus studies there.

No. 215733

You seriously overestimate her shoop ability?? With the square tiled carpet, there are no obvious photoshop artifacts or warping, and the squares are all proportionate to each other, so it's not like she just stretched it to make her legs look thinner either. She could make a career from photoshop if she could do it that well.

No. 215735


I could've sworn the school's Facebook page posted a photo of a class and Margo was in it. What school was it again? I can't find it in my history anywhere.

No. 215737

File: 1450540888651.png (693.44 KB, 932x601, margo the 1 woman party.png)

Do you think she is one of those really embarrassing and attention seeking sort of mothers?

Also, is Venus shy? Seems weird that Margo is participating in the games while Venus stands at the side taking pics, when Margo doesn't even go to this school or know these people.

No. 215738


Found it.

No. 215739


I must've been dreaming it. I swear, I saw a picture either posted by Margo or by Lexis Korea, it was a picture of Margo and other people sitting around a oval-ish table looking to their right. I can't find it anywhere. Like I said, I've had to have dreamed it then.

No. 215740

You drink this milk too much if you're even dreaming about browsing Margo pics.

No. 215741


Milk's too good for me.

No. 215751



^these? Pretty sure they were going to school together and got the home stay through lexis. Maybe they can't afford it anymore and only Venus will continue there and that is why they needed an apt?

No. 215776


YES THAT! It was driving me nuts because I could've fucking sworn she was going there.

No. 215778

That painfully obvious blurring of her under eye bags

No. 215798

it's sad that even with all the filters and shitty shoop her cakeup is still very very visible.

No. 215803

File: 1450551604367.png (532.95 KB, 824x399, bruise.png)

I was looking through Venus' old videos and noticed her arm. Do you think Margo abuses her? If so, I wonder why nobody else has stepped in, if Venus shows off bruishes like this. I just think it's in a questionable place to just accidentally hurt it.

No. 215804

If Margo physically abused her, we'd see more than just a single bruise over years. And have you never found a bruise somewhere weird and wondered where it came from?

No. 215806

I suppose… they're just all over her in this video. The comments section keep pointing them out and Venus never responded or said anything as a response.

No. 215809

She is also pale. I'm pale and I bruise very easily, maybe Venus is the same way.

No. 215829

Are you fucking kidding me, a lot of people always have bruises here and there from walking in to stuff and general clumsiness.

No. 215832

Dunno, I guess I don't bruise very easily then because I never get bruises there even from clumsiness.

No. 215841


I agree with anon. She's so pale her bruises will be more visible. She might also have thin skin and bruise easily, but I would think if that were the case, then I would see the veins on the her chest like I have.

No. 215872

I get bruises from walking against my bed when tired.
ONE slightly visible bruise, what's that? If she abuses her she won't make it visible. She's not THAT stupid.

I think she's abusing her enough without even knowing (since Margo thinks she's a good person) in a psychological way though lol

we all know that.

No. 215876

File: 1450566368785.jpg (83.56 KB, 500x289, tumblr_mox4dq7P341sx3gkao5_500…)

I don't know about you guys but Margo reminds me of Lysa Tully from Game of Thrones. They both scare the hell out of me

No. 215891


Oh god yes. Venus is the equivalent of a suckling sweetrobin.

No. 215893


If anything, margo could have grabbed her arm too hard or something by accident.

Venus is pale so it would brusie easily. I don't think margo would purposely Mar her little cash cow.

No. 215896

She's probably just lying about not going to the same school but I can totally imagine her hovering over Venus everyday when she goes to school just to make sure she gets no freedom, kek.

No. 215899


Yeah. Not to 32" waist chan here, but I get a fuckload of strange bruises everywhere, too. It's a combination of being pale and clumsy, and I can definitely picture Venus being clumsy. I'm pretty sure the only abuse going on here is the very obvious emotional abuse.

No. 215900


No. 215937

hahaha i agree

No. 215971

She looks like a damn witch in that get up. poor guy that has to stand next to her while she tries to be the brightest snowflake of them all.

No. 215991


could be from low iron. considering how small Venus is it's likely she doesn't get enough of it.

No. 216061

>her fans have the same poor grasp on the english language as her

Colour me surprised.

No. 216062


oh the irony

No. 216072

i thought margo is part of the language school too. how else would she be allowed to stay in korea?

No. 216073

but if margo isnt in school (the cheap easy way to get a visa to live in a foreign country), she cant stay there…

No. 216076

File: 1450649942620.png (791.03 KB, 902x589, lmaoo.png)

No. 216078

>your skin is so amazing!
>you don't have any wrinkles!

Are these people new to live, or still incredibly naive?

No. 216080

Haha in fairness, that's a great response.

No. 216083

Probably in one that's cheaper than Lexis.

See, Margo would be bearable if she had a sense of humor more often. I actually loled at her response.

No. 216086


For a second I thought she was going for that One Punch Man bald look.

No. 216089


No. 216090

I lol'd at her rebuttal. Dammit margo, why you gotta be so crazy?

No. 216126

She claims to be attending a language school, just not the same one as Penus

No. 216138

I though she is at Lexis as well as Venus O.o

No. 216142

She was, but now she's saying she isn't. So she might be lying, or maybe she was at Lexis and is going to go to another school now. Who knows.

No. 216143

She's lying.

No. 216158


I mean, none of us can say for sure but she might be "attending" a cheaper language school than Lexis just so she's still technically a student. I imagine she doesn't care about learning Korean at all.

They have English language "schools" here in London that are just a front to get people a visa. You never go to class or anything, you just pay the "school" and they pretend you are attending classes there so that if the UKBA comes knocking it all seems legit and you don't get deported (to remain on a student visa you must keep class attendance above a certain %). I'm sure they exist in Korea too and I really wouldn't be surprised if Margo would sign up for one, as she'd be too lazy to learn a language, it's too much like working.

No. 216171

I don't think either of them care about learning Korean, to be honest. It's just a way to stay in Korea

No. 216201

Considering Venus' poor grasp of language in general I wouldn't doubt it. Now that Japan didn't work out they need to cling to Korea. I wonder how much longer they'll be there. I guess they'll eventually have to renew that visa.

No. 216202

I think they may have had a genuine interest in learning Japanese, since they're both weebs and Venus' 'career plan' was to make it big in Japan. Korea is just them taking their MO of staying in Japan and using it to make Korea their temporary home.

Now that I think about it, why did they leave Japan in the first place? I know they probably left because Margo couldn't stay even if Venus got married, but could they not renew their student visas any longer?

No. 216223

Maybe they quit language school in Japan because Venus was supposed to marry Manaki and Margo thought they would let her live with them? Or they ran out of money.

No. 216227

They keep going to all these schools but c'mon really now, what the fuck are they planning on doing with their qualification though?

No. 216228


She could have made it big the same time as kota tbh. But the niconico path aidoru would have been better. Now she's at a lost point.

No. 216229


and by the time she does make it "big" she'll be in her mid twenties after trying to regain trust and shit from lost fans cos yellow face and stuff they've done.

Dakota was 17 at the time of her peak. So she's 22 now, she's already got a "place" if you get me?

No. 216231

Poor manaki, does anyone know how he's doing at the moment?

No. 216250

Margo would not have been able to just live with them. Her visa would not allow her to stay there indefinitely like a spouse visa.

I'm pretty sure that they each only get 180 days per year in Japan on a tourist visa with a Hungarian passport…?

No. 216273

i wonder if it lives in her nose aswell

No. 216294

Probably getting on with his life, glad he dodged the crazy that is Venus and Margo. Maybe a little sad, but otherwise okay.

No. 216306


No one knows for sure, because the only time he used social media was when he was still with Venus. Probably because Margo and Venus made/owned his accounts. (I would check when they were made, but who cares tbh.)

No. 216316


He's probably trying to find another anglo saxon weeb to be his beloved bride.

Is it me or are Japanese guys either desperate or too sensitive?

I did an experiment the other week. I'm not white either but even so, I wanted to try it just to see how desperate some of these guys are.

All on separate accounts from Gaijinpot, Hellotalk and FriendsinJapan. I added some of the older ones in their early and mid thirties. I myself am in my early twenties. Didn't bother them though.

Most of them didn't seem to care I wasn't anglo saxon weeb or their age either. It was just simply because I'm foreign. They even said it. I started this off actually months ago and have chatted to them on and off as days pass on my phone here and there.

I got so bored and said to one of them "I think we should get married!" just randomly in the middle of a boring conversation. You know what he said? "Okay."

and the other said "Yes! :)"

While the other sort of lead it into a shy way of saying yes.

I've just been leading them on really but I'll cut ties nicely and say "it isn't working out" then block them.

I'm so surprised they'd agree to it.

These men are so strange.

No. 216320

File: 1450731016534.png (229.73 KB, 580x377, image.png)

>anglo saxon
Penus looks 100% Slav even if her dad is Swiss. And Swiss people aren't even Anglo Saxon.

No. 216321

People use those sites for dating purposes. Of course it's going to be full of desperate creeps. Many Japanese girl's profiles mention that they have a boyfriend or they're not interested in dating so it goes both ways.

No. 216322

Considering the websites you chose for your little 'experiment' i'm not really surprised by the type of guys you encountered.

No. 216342


Still, Hellotalk is more or less an language app and majority were from there than the others. Creepy though.

No. 216344


White folk anon <


No. 216360

Nice greentext tumblr.

Just say white instead of trying to sound fancy and looking like an idiot. Especially when Venus and her slavness has been discussed multiple times ITT.

No. 216371

Venus and Margo are Slavic as you can get. Kinda sad for Venus that they didn't stay in Switzerland until she at least finished her first education. Not that Margo cares really what happens to her down the road. She will ride that train until it breaks.

No. 216415

The seems kinda plausible

No. 216416

Maybe literally if the money really starts to run dry. I'm sure there's a market for videos of that.

No. 216432


How about just fuck off and leave it be then?

Stop derailing the thread.

Come on guys, who really cares about Venus and slavness or whatever the fuck.

They're both white, end of.

Venus and her mother are going down the shitter. Their lives suck and Venus is probably only to get skinnier.

No. 216442

File: 1450754124139.jpg (82.13 KB, 480x270, sadcat.jpg)

Every time she loses a follower she loses a pound.

No. 216454

>use a specific type of white to describe Venus
>no Venus is clearly Slav
>lol white is white white people smh fam
>then say white people not Anglo saxon
>several replies later
>omg stfu stop derailing white is white lol
You should have never replied because you are fucking wrong as shit. Venus isn't Anglo Saxon and you sound like a weird fuck with your "dating site experiment".

No. 216509

She reached 1 million subscribers and made a compilation of all her 200 videos.

No. 216526

The animation part was good but what the heck? Why did she needed 3 long days to edit this shit?

No. 216531

File: 1450774849797.gif (1004.93 KB, 645x360, 1450774355230.gif)

I watched the whole thing. I can't help it, she's cute. Especially with dark Long hair.

No. 216540

Wow, she looks stunning in that gif. If she styled herself like that instead of the blonde teenie-bopper kawaii shoujo she usually does, she would be very attractive. That whole look makes her seem mature and alluring.

No. 216545

She looks really good here. If only she'd hold onto that and just do regular makeup styles and ditch the put on "sah kawaii" voice

No. 216554


She just had to remind us about Venus Desu.

No. 216562


1 Million subs?!

Why do people still even watch her videos?


Reminds me of a korean advert tbh. Remember guys, it's just angles and effects. She's probably starving herself to get into modelling I bet.

No. 216563


Why hasn't kota got 1 mill yet tho? She actually made it as a model, has a book about her and appears in tv appearances whereas Venus has been on tv but she's hopping from country to country.

I'm not trying to be an ass. But plenty of Youtubers nowadays are getting around 1 Million subscribers so I barely even think it's anything too great. It gives them money sure but unlike most, Venus is just at a dead end. I still think she is.

No. 216568

So which is it? Margo's excuse or Venus'?

>weenus will not upload draw my life because bullies

>I don't want to make a draw my life because, my life isn't quite a whole yet!

Probably because before the apartment tour video, she hasn't uploaded for over a year whereas Venus uploads somewhat regularly.

No. 216579

She doesn't get that many views considering her subscriber count. I think her subscribers went up by like 20k in two weeks, too. Hmm.

No. 216580

I thought that too. Even for others with 1 million subscribers, the view count doesn't really reflect their subscriber count yet nevertheless, her views are quite low even at that

No. 216581

File: 1450802488044.png (191.88 KB, 541x509, 4566.png)

I was looking through her blogspot and came across this post from a few years ago. I wonder how past Venus would feel about the mukbang videos?


No. 216583

because kota put out a video every few months at most. her most recent one was 2 months ago, and before that, over 6 months ago.
she's not consistent and doesnt care anymore. she got what she want. she has other things besdies youtube to stay relevant. penus only has YT

No. 216588

>huge meal
>poorly spoken spanish
Never change wenus

No. 216589

She could be a gorgeous woman with dark hair and mature or basic makeup and dropped the kawaii uguu garbage. Too bad she's mentally fucked up anyway.

No. 216590

>even better than McDonalds burger!!

implying they are very good in the first place. Never change Penus.

No. 216591

Oh no, not a whole 20 cents! Who wants to bet it was an honest mistake and Margo made a big deal out of it?

No. 216593

I bet margo was a bitch for no reason. 20 cents can be easily let go of. Sheesh

No. 216594


That's the thing. Only 1/10 - 1/5 of her 1M subs watch her videos. Kinda sounds like she either has dead accounts or she bought her subs.

No. 216595

I'd count more towards dead. When you think how many preteens would've subbed her back in the day that probably don't use their accounts anymore…

No. 216601

I'm subbed to channels that I never watch the videos of anymore, and I've gone through like 4 YouTube accounts in the last 7 years. I'm sure lots of Venus' subs are the same. The other problem is that she just doesn't have a "theme" anymore and that is not good for sustaining viewers.

I mean, look at Beckii and Kelsey, who put out content on a similar schedule. Beckii has over 100k subs and gets under 10k on average views per video, maybe at most 25k on popular ones. Kelsey only has 66k subs and she usually gets over 10k views and regularly gets 30k-50k views.

Kelsey has consistently created the same kind of content (dancing, reviews, lookbooks, her music) for her entire YouTube career. Beckii is a has-been gaijin idol trying to stay relevant, who puts out a random assortment of videos and totally changed her channels direction after her peak. The pervy japs and weebs who followed her before are probably not going to watch a video about thin shaming or growing long hair, but they might not have unsubscribed.

Venus got famous doing her make up tutorials, some dances, etc… and had a similar following as Beckii, weebs and pervy japs. Now she's making cooking and mukbang videos (not kawaii!), and there was that marriage fiasco, so she managed to alienate a large percentage of her fans. They might still be subbed because they're lazy, like me, or because they hope she'll go back to tutorials. If she started putting out content like she used to then her viewers would probably come back to some extent.

No. 216612

Does she still claim to be fluent in Spanish? This is a mistake a fluent person wouldn't make.

No. 216613

> The other problem is that she just doesn't have a "theme" anymore and that is not good for sustaining viewers.
Yeah, those viewers will be picking and choosing which videos they watch, which somewhat explains why her views aren't consistent video to video.

Overall though, her views to subscribers ratio is very low. Out of the last ten videos, only the nugget challenge has made it over 200k, they seem to hover at about 150k (and that's a generous estimate).

No. 216614

Does she really think her viewers are going to watch a video that's almost 40 minutes long?

No. 216618

But she doesn't really look like that. She's got Margo's face. She'll look like Margo with dark hair.

I think the gif is cute too.

No. 216632


No one who wants to be kawaii desu is actually kawaii desu in rl

most kawaii desu people are the ones who dont realize it or give a fuck about kawaii style

No. 216708


But if you think about it (assuming the majority) that's A LOT of dead accounts. You would've thought that YouTube would delete all of the dead accounts since they still do that clean up every once and a while.

No. 216860

File: 1450885601880.png (173.96 KB, 1080x1147, Screenshot_2015-12-23-10-37-22…)

There are so many comments under this video of disappointed fans who wanted a draw my life video, its great. They're finally catching on. Good job on alienating even more fans weenus

No. 216862

File: 1450885788010.png (201.69 KB, 1080x980, Screenshot_2015-12-23-10-36-32…)

Another good one

No. 216863

File: 1450886022203.png (79.43 KB, 1080x375, Screenshot_2015-12-22-23-12-10…)

Sorry for triple posting but this was under her pic saying she found a new place on facebook. Its interesting, i didnt even notice that she found a new place

No. 216878

I hope they all leave her channel. She doesn't deserve fans.

No. 216888

I don't blame her fans being upset though, no one wants to re-watch old content. It's like a recap episode in a tv show, no one actually likes recap episodes and they're only made to save money.

No. 216902

File: 1450894218334.jpg (207.04 KB, 1365x2048, 1052567_947401042006521_773877…)

No. 216904

File: 1450894235138.jpg (183.14 KB, 1365x2048, 10560503_947401608673131_54359…)

No. 216905

File: 1450894274600.jpg (146.57 KB, 1365x2048, 10271343_947401335339825_13501…)

No. 216906

File: 1450894306658.jpg (285.89 KB, 2048x1365, 1920994_947402272006398_451881…)

No. 216907

It bothers me that her eyebrows are too big and dark for her hair… it looks sorta bad? ALSO if ya got extensions (or real long hair) make sure not to mix it in with the food other people might eat haha.

No. 216910

File: 1450894781541.jpg (210.14 KB, 1365x2048, 12375171_947402382006387_89442…)

No. 216911

File: 1450894808247.jpg (143.15 KB, 2048x1365, 774643_947401435339815_8294203…)

No. 216913

File: 1450894851984.jpg (266.52 KB, 2048x1365, 12371217_947402278673064_37798…)

No. 216914

Not so skinny without all the shoop.
(seek help)

No. 216918

what are you talking about? shes super skinny!
why do people on image boards always act like you are fat if youre not literally a skeleton?

No. 216919

Her arms look like the ones of an old woman wtf is wrong??? She might not be ultra thin but her arms, eww I don't know if putting on some weight would help, but sports would do it

No. 216920

Ana chans, anon. Ana chans. Just report them when you see them, hellweek is on so hopefully they'll get banned.

No. 216929

File: 1450899090691.gif (996.8 KB, 330x215, fucking ridiculous.gif)

No. 216934

File: 1450900115195.jpg (5.89 KB, 160x110, lordoftherings4.jpg)

No. 216948

Venus has undeniably lost a lot of weight, those of you who have been insisting that it's ~all photoshop~, this should put it to rest

No. 216951

Fuck i laughed

No. 216953

Her hair's in the fucking pizza.

No. 216954


haha they're look so fucking "gnarly" .. it's hilarious how she can't shoop the Lexis pics

No. 216956

Holy shit, she looks old. Is that what happens when you cake on your make up daily and then sleep in it? I mean she's like 18 right?

No. 216961

I think this is what having Margo for a mother does to you. Both in terms of genetics and the stress of dealing with her.

No. 216962

It's not in the pizza, but it's pretty close to it.

No. 217005


ewww her skin looks fucking gross

No. 217027


Poor girl's 18 and looks like she's at least in her 30s-40s.

No. 217040

My god those extensions are awful D:
She needs to go back dark to match her eyebrows/make her hair look healthier.

No. 217046

Dear lord, I refuse to believe she is 18. I'm 11 years older and don't even have these prominent mouth lines.

No. 217047

Are you a skeleton? she's definitely below average thin. Fucking ana-chans, i swear to god.

No. 217049

Beautiful legs at least

No. 217053

Please continue to report posts like these >>216914.

No. 217063

Are they really that prominent? Honestly, they're not nearly as bad as some people around 18- early 20s. Looks like it's less to do with wrinkles, more to do with cheek fat.

Also holy shit, did Magro get extensions too??

No. 217065

It looks like Margo got some. She needs bangs though. That forehead. And you're right, Venus looks bad mainly because she rapidly gained and lost weight in an unhealthy manner.

No. 217068

No lolcow thread is complete without the obligatory

>She's fatter than me.

>She looks older than me.
>She's got a bigger nose than me.

Age is like… One factor that determines how quickly you shrivel up. Venus is moving to a different country every other week and is under a lot of pressure to "succeed" in some way. All of that is stress. She also has Margo's A++ genes to work with and seems to eat mostly garbage, if she eats. I am not surprised that all of this is starting to take a toll on her, even if she is only 18.

No. 217072

Margo's mop looks like a scrunchie ponytail piece. If you look close you can see the tortured ends of her real hair poking just beyond the band.

No. 217082

Margo's just so… old looking. How old is she? Late 30s/early 40s if she had Venus around 20ish, right?

No. 217084

I'm pretty sure on one thing floating around somewhere it said she's 51. (Don't know if true, though.)

No. 217087

Venus is almost 19, that would have made her 32ish when Venus was born. That doesn't sound right, wasn't Margo a young student when she had Venus?

No. 217094

File: 1450952315119.jpg (833.02 KB, 1280x858, 1423419776170.jpg.fa272394f448…)

They are both as old as they claim. Both of them were extras in a Swiss film called "Ready,Steady, Charlie!" And have posted pictures with the other actors before. Pic related. Considering that it came out in 2003, they both look like the age they claim to be. It's just that the stressful life they have chosen to live is aging them prematurely.

No. 217095

She looks so adorable and Margo looks so normal

No. 217098

She actually looks like a kind mother.

No. 217103

I don't doubt that she is a kind mother tbh. Venus and her seem to have a genuinely good relationship, and Margaret is convinced she is acting in the best interest of her child. She lets Venus do a lot of things other parents wouldn't allow (dropping out of school, doing suggestive things on the internet, dating someone older, marrying young, displaying signs of disordered eating etc.), she fiercely protects her and supports all of her interests. In fact she's almost too kind. Normal moms don't let you get away with everything, they say no sometimes and talk some fucking sense into you when you tell them you don't have to stay in school because Japan will make you famous.
Oh yeah, and then there's also her weird obsession with making Venus famous and her persecution complex ("Everyone's bullying me!")

No. 217110

File: 1450965422773.png (22.19 KB, 584x141, f8c6e28fdd276a8832ef3372b59458…)

Senpai noticed him, guys.

No. 217111

It's a sick codependency, not a healthy mother-daughter relationship.

No. 217113

As someone who grew up with little to no boundaries - NO. This is not the right thing to do. Parents NEED to teach their children discipline unless they want them to grow up heavily fucked up and incapable of functioning in the real world.

No. 217116

That's what I was saying. It's not the "kind" part that's the problem, it's the fact that she's not being a mother. She's like that shitty enabling friend you've had aged 16 who encouraged you to skip school and sneak out of the house to party.

No. 217118

I think the primary thing is that Margo wants Venus to be famous so she can be famous herself. This leads to her pulling Venus through the whole world in hope of making it.. You can't tell me that came up with that manaki shit on her own..

No. 217121

Is that a wig?

No. 217122

I bet this is the best day of his live.

No. 217123

are they joined at the hip?

No. 217124

the way she holds onto venus' hand with both of her hands does seem insanely overprotective

No. 217125

>Margo wants Venus to be famous so she can be famous herself
Pretty obvious that's the case. Margo comes off like the stereotypical dance/pageant mom trying to live through her daughter.

No. 217130

Can't remember where she said it - but didn't Margo once say that people said she looked like a doll in high school? But back when she was little she couldn't start a youtube account and stuff?

No. 217132

>cheek fat
It really is. Kota and ahripop (or whatever I don't really follow) have the same nasolabial fold development super young. Venus' is the worst but she she the biggest moonface. I kind of feel bad for her.

No. 217164


I don't think she's worn a wig in a while. Not to my knowledge at least. She has been wearing extensions though, so I'm 100% sure she's wearing extensions here.

No. 217187

> nasolabial folds
regarding that, ive never saw them as a sign of aging. thats just how some peoples face is.

No. 217194

They can become more prominent as you age, but generally they are just how people's faces are. Same with other 'signs' of ageing too. For example, I have undereye wrinkles, but they're not as a result of ageing, they've always been there and that's just how my skin folds.

No. 217204

File: 1451002784618.gif (231.27 KB, 500x281, cantbeseriouslaugh.gif)

holy shit her nametag legit says pinasu on it. that's not even close to what it should possibly be!

>tfw they don't even know how korean works

No. 217231

No, it actually says bi-nuh-soo. 비너수
It is however not how most Koreans write Venus. It is usually written as 비너스, bi-nuh-(s). The way they wrote it looks dumb.

No. 217245

File: 1451010919802.jpg (186.17 KB, 610x754, fsdfsd.jpg)

oh my god
you were so right

this IS margaret.

she never looked so bad with dark hair. when she was younger it looked quite okay.

No. 217248

thank you korea-chan

No. 217249

File: 1451012945709.png (442.31 KB, 932x596, venussubs.png)

So, five days ago, Venus had 1,001,532 subscribers and today she has 1,005,482. Is that sort of increase normal…?

No. 217254

File: 1451013639485.jpg (10.39 KB, 296x158, 1440059268404.jpg)

She's Margo's clone, dear lord…

No. 217258


Still say she's buying her subs.

No. 217260

Maybe they haven't realised yet that Korean uses another "empty" sound when transcribing English than Japanese? eu instead of u.

No. 217265

They may have tried translating Venus to Japanese and then translating to Korean… Which explains the "su"
Venus → bi na su

No. 217288

File: 1451041241479.png (30.25 KB, 542x326, freeleevenus.PNG)

One of you actually got through to Freelee, like we discussed in the last thread. Great work, let's hope she actually does it. Margaret will lose her shit.

No. 217289

Good Job anon. hurrdurr so stopid hurrdurr. At least get it right if you want to be smug.

No. 217290

Holy shit, if this happens, it's going to be fucking lit. Freelee is crazier than Venus and Margo combined! I. Cannot. Wait.

No. 217299

>the brides lazy eye

No. 217335

Fuck yessss!!

No. 217341


No. 217346

What does this person do? Make call-out videos on YouTube about people's eating habits?

No. 217353

God bless Freelee, what an amazing woman

No. 217354

>Venus and Freelee
Oh my god
I can't wait for this delicious vegan milk

No. 217357

Google dot com

It might be the best way to start 2016.

No. 217358


anon forgot to mention Venus claimed being "Vegan/vegetarian" then went back to eating animals

No. 217360


Follow up on that ask anon and send that to her as well. I'm sure she'll be thrilled to know that bit of info.

Tbf it was quite pathetic with the whole vegan and vegetarian thing. She barely lasted a month or so now eats her weight in double deep fried processed chicken nuggets. Stupid cow.

No. 217381

Yeah? And all that came up was some shit about bananas.

No. 217398

No. 217446

It actually was even earlier with that one milk soap.

No. 217447

Margo was 37 in the dailymail interview from april 2012 and as her birthday is on the 3rd march she should be 40 turning 41 next year.

No. 217448

I know people always go on about how lolcows look SO OLD, but Margo genuinely does look much older than her age.

No. 217449

She is a really hard 40. And she had Venus so young too. wasted life.

No. 217484

I knew that name was familiar. The raw food banana nutcase. She eats 50 bananas a day.

This will be lolworthy.

No. 217485

I'll also add for people not familiar with her that she's said in the past that people who eat meat shouldn't be allowed to live.


No. 217489

She's dead right. The earth is in danger and people ignore the suffering of millions of animals daily. All for the sake of a chicken nugget that's dyed and flavoured anyway.

No. 217490


Wow what a dumb cow lol. Thank you I had no idea who this was, so glad I managed to avoid her.

No. 217565

40 years old and the years have not been kind. Her genetics are awful and it's no surprise that Venus looks so damn old too.

No. 217569

File: 1451165208713.jpg (22 KB, 467x399, gollumsmile.jpg)

Venus looks awful and far older than 18 in the Christmas party pic of her that's unedited on IG.

No. 217570

I don't think it's genetics, she rather looks like she's been partying hard.
And Venus just looks sad and exhausted. Like a washed out child star.

Looking at them both I highly doubt they have a pleasant kawaii life like they want us to think.

No. 217584

Stop being so optimistic. There's no cream that'll help bags like those. I know because I've tried. Venus literally has nothing to stress about.

No. 217586

since when creams help reduce eyebags? lol
what affects your looks is the lifestyle you live and how you take care of your health

and yes, she has things to stress over - like that she has no future, no life outside social media and she'll soon be forgotten
I'm personally sad for her, she used to be so radiant and cute and now she's barely adult and already looks so burned out

No. 217589

This is a fucking image board, post the picture ffs

No. 217594


Fuck, she's in Korea and she eats flavorless shit like that? Wtf for $5 you can get a rich flavorful soup with side dishes and rice delivered. This girl is straight up anorexic. Nothing can convince me otherwise now because no one but an anorexic cow would eat that poorly over there.

No. 217595

She's such a goddamn hypocrite. fuck

No. 217601


See >>216905

It's already been posted on here.

No. 217605

The proportions look so weird because of the awkward posing and the untrimmed extensions. Looks like she is made up of different bodies cobbled together in Photoshop. It's so strange to see candids. Would be nice to see her in a candid where she poses normally.

No. 217609

she was still in Japan back then, but I bet there are enough soups and veggie dishes even in Japan

No. 217612

I much prefer her older videos because they were kawaii in a very cringe-worthy way and she was just a teen.
but now, she's an adult trying to stay relevant and she follows mukbang trends and make even shittier tutorials (like the victoria secret one).
in the old ones, you could see she wasnt serious and she was just messing around but now, she's just desperate.

No. 217617

No. 217619

Can someone give me the link of her nyan cat makeup and unicorn makeup?
I can't find them

No. 217620

where is this from?

No. 217622

what the hell are those eyebrows

No. 217625

All I see is the guy-girl from White Chicks

No. 217626

Her shirt changed halfway through and she calls herself Amanda but her channel name is Harley. Where is the truth.

No. 217628

Are you kidding me? Freelee is a disgusting human being. She onision-tier.
How the fuck is she amazing? She told people to go kill themselves and think meat eaters are evil

No. 217633

>can't detect obvious sarcasm

No. 217634

im sorry anon

No. 217657

File: 1451190137075.png (171.12 KB, 1080x754, Screenshot_2015-12-26-23-19-48…)

No. 217677


Someone's in denial.

No. 217678

Her hair in the photo accompanying this is a dark brown. Did she dye her hair AGAIN?

No. 217679


I know this comes off as petty but whenever girls say stuff like this, all I can do is roll my eyes and think it's the biggest humblebrag ever. Venus, you look like the dying corpse of your mom, stop it.

No. 217683

watching the video made me think, in all this time in all things she did, why she thought it was a good idea? I know she was young at all but even so is hard to like her stuff… they're someway forced -_-) I don't know how she can be proud of this seriously :/

No. 217707

>on a side note I absolutely hate diets

Lolwut Venus?? You've been on almost 2 or diets so far?
Funny thing is, most of the things she say are contradicted on her blog, or recorded through pictures.
So far, she has been on the Vegan diet(I don't think she actually changed lifestyles.) twice, and the 100 day clean eating challenge. I believe there was another one, but probably not.

No. 217709

She should have moved to Japan when she was still a preteen, her chances of becoming a known personality there would have increased. She was a little plump cringe worthy weeb who was proper lolzy and now she looks like a washed up has-been grasping for straws to stay relevant for fans. She's milking the Korean market and it's still not working. Go back home Venus and Margo, it'll never happen.

No. 217723


Of course she had to say something, now her weeb fans can agree with her while we have to be quiet because anyone saying something against it will be banned.

No. 217728

She's such a pathological liar. Surprised Margo hasn't written an essay on how her daughter would never develop a ED and brag about how healthy she is because all the big meany jealous fatties are giving her a hard time.

No. 217732

File: 1451225019193.png (550.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-27-08-59-21…)

Guess shes gonna go back to the dolly look (but with a mature edge), something she should have just stuck with in the first place

No. 217735


Ya, I found that really odd. For someone who wants a happy channel ("I won't do a Draw My Life video because my life story is too sad!" for example, though it's a bit of an old statement I think?) she wouldn't make videos about things that she hates. Seems she listened about her hair and dyed it brown.

No. 217750

File: 1451232288535.jpg (82.05 KB, 428x510, face2.jpg)

>her hair is brown now



No. 217756

She should stop spending money on makeup and start taking care of her skin, I can give her tips since I mostly use my money on skincare. Makeup isnt going to make you look good, Venus, a good skincare routine yes.

No. 217757

she's been switching hair colors between blonde and brown since forever

No. 217758

give ME tips anon
even though I drink water like a cow (kek) and avoid so many foods (no sugar and flour at all) and use natural skin care, my skin is even dryer than Venus'

No. 217760


I know, she looks like she needs a good break away from make up and I don't know why she wears so much. It looks worse on than it does off majority of the time.

No. 217761


A year from now and she'll be making a video about her disorder.

No. 217763

Dif anon, but you might just have dry skin naturally anon. It happens, like people who are naturally very oily. Just use moisturizing creams, primers, foundations, etc and exfoliate to get rid of the flaky dead skin and you should be fine. I went through a weird dry patch a couple of years ago and using Vaseline under my foundation fixed it for me.

No. 217767

File: 1451236338365.jpg (34.71 KB, 640x480, FOTM2.jpg)

I have sabboreah dermatitis so my skin is always dry and flakey. I just washed and moisturized for years and that usually fixes the whole "having dandruff on your face" look but sometime I'd like to have a good skincare routine for my face

No. 217768

>>217767 Nobody cares about your shitty skin. Back to Venus.

No. 217770

I agree a bit.
Youtube barely pays now.
I remember ross made a video about it exception pt it was for animators.
Youtube pays with minutes watched, not with views anymore which is the reason why so many youtubers are making a patreon.

No. 217772

No. 217773

I meant except instead of pt

No. 217775

try using Bio oil

No. 217778

YouTube hasn't revealed much about the algorithm. It takes into account several factors and minutes watched is just one of them. I am so curious about Venus' income from YouTube. If it were significant, wouldn't Margo push for more videos, or even be more active on her own channel? I also wonder if Venus gets freebies from her IG account but the only thing we've seen is those ugly extensions.

No. 217780

Kek'd at this.

I'm starting to wonder if she reads this thread. Everyone was complimenting that gif of her with dark hair, she dyes it dark, we post about how she's alienating her fans by posting food and other shit, she's back on the kawaii.

No. 217781

I dont get why she doesnt do more sponsorships since thats what every other youtuber does to get extra money. Another thing she could do is sell merchadise based on her channel which is how other youtubers make enough money to live off of. Hell, Philip Defranco recently put up a video saying that youtube views dont give him enough money to live off, so he opened a shop selling tshirts and other stuff to make enough for him and his staff.
I know your reading this Venus, if you want to make a living, put more effort into your channel, if not, have fun getting a job at Mcdonalds

No. 217783


Venus definitely reads this thread and so does Margo, just about anywhere that anyone can talk down about them. We should all say hello to them from time to time, I'm sure they're loving our posts.


The last time she got sponsored it didn't end well. Granted it was with SassyNPunk which no longer exists and the owner was a complete nutcase but that's besides the point, she did a shit job.

No. 217786


It wasn't sarcasm. She was a chubby girl addicted to drugs and she changed her entire life around and leads a really healthy lifestyle. She calls out hypocrites who say they're "trying to be healthy/diet but I was just born this way! He he!" but in reality stuffing their faces with shit food. It's really admirable.

No. 217787

Are you old enough for this board?

No. 217794

She's tried selling merch with the gofundme scams. She's selling Polaroids now.

No. 217798

File: 1451245777504.png (16.28 KB, 572x71, b3e7e314cd2a13873ced0e89aa3d69…)

Who the fuck says smexy anymore?

No. 217801

Scene and emo kids back in 2009-10

No. 217805

She looks really nice here. In my opinion, she's one of those people who would genuinely benefit from using a lip plumper like candylipz.

No. 217819

Oh, i forgot about that bullshit. It almost doesnt count since she's only selling one or two of those and nothing else. Im thinking stuff like t-shirts with her website logo or with the little cartoon version of her from the million subscribers video. Maybe some actual prints of her from her dolly days and not tiny polaroids of her boring selfies

No. 217854

She's an anti-GMO fearmonger who thinks non-vegans shouldn't be allowed to live. Are you serious? Eating 50 bananas a day isn't a "really healthy lifestyle." That's 5,000 calories a day JUST IN BANANAS. She's batshit and people who consider her a role model or "health guru" are idiots.

No. 217857

I hate Freelee too, but Frelee exercizes like crazy so she would be able to eat 5k cals a day. However, that much potassium would kill you.

No. 217862

I highly doubt she eats 50 bananas a day. We're supposed to average roughly 4,700 - 5,300 milligrams of potassium a day. The average banana has about 360. 360 x 50 = 18,000. I'd be shocked if she wasn't suffering from the effects of hyperkalemia by now.

No. 217872

Freelee gives vegans a bad name. Most vegans hate her with all her misanthropic bs, pseudoscience, fat/skinny shaming, and creating drama.

She basically shames anyone who isn't an exact copy of her.

No. 217888

She definitely doesn't eat 50 bananas a day, it was something a newspaper came up with as a juicy page-turner.

She does a "mono" diet of a different fruit every morning. There's no way you could eat only bananas every day, all day and not be severely malnourished.

The majority of vegans also survive on a diet of chips and oreos. They're not exactly shining examples themselves.

No. 217951

Idk if anyone remembers that kid Talia Joy who had cancer and did make up videos, she was on Ellen, and she died. Freelee made a video just after she died and used it to further her agenda. Said chemo killed her and implied that eating raw vegan would have made her better.


No. 217976

I did see her on a video about breakfasts saying she'd normally eat 10 to 15 bananas a day. Maybe that's not true either. Then she puts a huge amount of dates in a blender with water and peppermint drops. With that many dates she'd probably be on the toilet all day. Some vegan recipes are so insane or unreasonable to the point where turducken sounds more normal.

Venus barely gave veganism a chance. But I think it was done for quick publicity anyway. Maybe they were hoping for more attention from it then they thought they'd get. Plus Venus can't have any normal cakes, lattes or ice cream while vegan and it's a hassle to ask the people working at shops and restaurants what is and isn't vegan. Sometimes they don't even know. Or in the case of some Starbucks drinks the syrups in the vegan version are made with dairy anyway. Maybe they fixed that by now.

No. 217981


Maybe new vegans. Most just eat normal. You know, mostly fruits and veg and only occasionally a treat.

Nah she probably isn't that much on the toilet. The intestines adapt to that amount of fiber over time.

Pretty sure freelee has binge eating disorder and/or orthorexia. No sane person thinks it's normal to eat like that.

No. 218010

hey i actually have the same thing! i dont wanna derail the thread so hopefully someone in /g/ can help

No. 218017

File: 1451327432398.jpeg (16.15 KB, 300x354, facepalm.jpeg)

>E-mail: zicovian

No. 218018


I don't want to derail but I want to help so I'll spoiler this:

I had rampant sebb on my face for 5 years, first developing when I was 19, and it destroyed my confidence and many a social outing in the years that followed.
Tried everything possible from simply drinking more water to taking up derma rolling, acid treatments, steroid cream, going on birth control, going off birth control, acne medication, switching to vegetarianism, losing weight, building muscle, consuming every vitamin and supplement under the sun and the only thing that helped in the slightest was beating back the scales and scabs by scrubbing my face daily with an exfoliating glove.
Even then though this only removed the bumps an would still leave my face plastered in angry, red, often weeping or bleeding sores.

5 months ago, aged 24, I finally found… not a cure, but it's completely stopped it in it's tracks.
I took up a proper skincare routine, every morning after showering I lightly exfoliate with my glove, then I apply Cetaphil cleanser and rub in until dry, then I apply Simple alcohol free gentle toner, then I apply a moisturiser with SPF15, and then my makeup, if I'm wearing any that day. I do the same routine at night only without showering and after removing any makeup.

The difference is incredible, it's unbelievable how simple it was I feel foolish for not thinking of it sooner but for sebb there's a different solution for everybody usually, but this is the one that worked for me. Now my face is as clear as a baby's arse and I display this proudly.

No. 218024

I think you guys should make a new thread about Freelee if you want to talk about her. You're getting dangerously off-topic

No. 218039


Agreed. Wish Hellweek was a little longer so mods can get rid of everyone who is derailing the thread.

No. 218088

I don't believe Youtubers when they complain about not having money. Phil has over 5 channels, hes pulling in serious money from every channel.

No. 218121

  • You should sage when sharing something so off-topic or personal.
  • Minor usage of spoilers for off-topic content is ok, but that's just excessive.
  • Spoilering so many lines actually makes the post stand out more than everything else in the thread.
  • Please use /b/ or /g/ in the future.

No. 218122

I agree Freelee needs her own thread. She's worthy of one anyway.

No. 218126


roo roo ree ree

No. 218154

She has one actually…

No. 218230

block that motherfucker

No. 218231

oh the humanity

No. 218247

I think that the "dyed hair" is a wig. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0av5oPM7K70

No. 218248

Why would anyone want to watch someone (with no charm) put together a pre-made set? There's no creativity or anything, just follow the instructions and end up with something that doesn't even look that good.

No. 218253

it annoys me so much that she always uploads up to 1080p while her face is always blurred like it's 360p

No. 218257

Same. It could be true but a lot of youtubers are greedy and money hungry so I wouldn't be surprised if some of them pulled some woe is me sob story about how youtube doesn't pay enough to make a living so buy from their store or donate to their patreon..

No. 218268

Good. She looks 100% better with brown hair.

No. 218275

Guys, tell me something. Why do I keep watching her videos? I find her voice grating and everything about her annoys me yet everytime this bitch uploads a video I check it out right away. I don't understand. It's not even trainwrecky enough to warrant morbid curiosity ffs.

No. 218308

Definitely a wig. Which sucks because she looks so much better with the dark hair.

No. 218311

File: 1451420697495.png (489.94 KB, 864x487, Potato.png)

It's like this was filmed with a potato

No. 218348

What the fuck is the point of this if it isn't even real food?

No. 218359

She wants her fans to buy her a new camera (based on the retired gofundme campaign) so maybe she's hoping someone will step up.

I wonder why she lied and said the wig was her real hair.

No. 218369

same reason I watch trisha paytas videos, hate the person but love hating them if that makes sense

No. 218432


Inb4 she jumps onto the toy/whipple bandwagon.

No. 218441

it looks likes shes stretching a condom

No. 218459

She's bleached the shit out of her real hair again. Maybe it's completely fried now and so she is trying to convince people the wig is her hair so nobody asks to see her fried and dead hair.

If she can keep the wig thing going long enough, she can grow healthy hair again and nobody will ever have to see her totemo unkawaii frizzy haiiiruuu

No. 218490

God damn it. The application is so bad. She has no talent.

This would have been super cool if she was actually baking. How hard would it be to learn how to bake a vanilla cup cake then decorate it?

Margo, get your daughter back in school! This is sad.

No. 218492

Yeah, if you watch the video, the macarons are especially terrible.

>How hard would it be to learn how to bake a vanilla cup cake then decorate it?

They probably don't have the space and equipment to do that. Not that that's any excuse, but it's a possible reason why she didn't actually cook anything. She's done proper cooking videos in the past when she had the space

No. 218496

I suppose you have a point, anon. But the idea of putting together a toy set isn't cute or interesting. It's not even bizarre considering it's just Venus giving out practical directions. It's sad.

No. 218505

Her videos in general have become more boring. Even her more 'kawaii' videos, which would have attracted the majority of her subscribers, don't get that many views. People just don't care about her anymore. I mean, she may have reached over a million YouTube subscribers, but she's only got about a tenth of that number in Instagram followers

No. 218506


I've noticed the Weebs of her living doll spotlight era are fading away. I used to watch Beckii Cruel's stuff when she first appeared and she's just the same as Venus now. Boring, unexciting, lacks original content and keeps making 'kawaii' videos to regain popularity when it just isn't working.

They need to give up.

No. 218610


For the weebs it could be cute. I know some of those whipple videos are obviously directed towards kids, but I don't know if that's what Venus is going for.

No. 218630

It's really apparent that she's lost interest in doing youtube videos. Since it's a source of income for her and her mother, it's just like a job to her now, and not the fun little "kawaii" time she had when she just began her videos.

No. 218631


She's so fucking boring. I've seen other youtubers (grav3yardgirl for example) put together food sets and unbox toys but they have personalities and energy so their videos are at least enjoyable to watch. Venus has no personality. She's not funny, she's not cute. She's just annoying and boring lately.

No. 218654

Grav3yardgirl is obnoxious. How can you enjoy that? Are you 12? I do agree that Venus has no personality, though.

No. 218660

Not that anon, but different people like different things. Don't start an argument and derail the thread.

No. 218678


They are, all of them are fading. It's because the gimmick is played out, it's been done and dusted. But the doll gimmick at the time was an easy route to fame because when it was popular it wasn't the usual blogger norm. It was cute and unusual, now no one gives a fuck.

It's the same for ALL kawaii gook wannabe dolls atm. They're all the same, if you get my drift? None of them look or are original.

It's going to take a miracle for something new to come along in hopes that some other poor weeb can also accomplish her loli uguu yume dream <3

No. 218679


Yep, Venus is uploading any old shit to Youtube. Despite having 1M subs doesn't mean fuck all (apart from money) because her videos are boring to fuck.

I pray decent vloggers will get attention and more subs soon too.

No. 218691


Does anyone know how accurate these statistics are? Because if they're accurate, she's making pretty good money. I'm sceptical though, because if she's got that much income, why would she have been asking for money?

No. 218692


Dunno how accurate. Here's socialblade's analysis.

No. 218694

What happened between 12/23 and 12/24? One day she's losing 24k followers, next day she's gaining 26k…

No. 218852


My theory is that YT took down 24k accounts due to them being either dead or bot accounts and the 26k is her buying them back.

No. 218862

The animation is from a dress up game based on Touhou Project. You can move the avatar around and add speech bubbles too which is probably how Venus animated that segment.

/sage for OT

No. 218866

Not very tbh
Maybe some of the lower numbers are right but when I compared mine the estimate was way over estimated

No. 218876

File: 1451565852708.jpg (11.75 KB, 320x99, what.JPG)


No. 218922

No. 218924

>google candylipz before and after

no thank you.
that looks like plastic surgery gone horribly, horribly wrong.

No. 218927

Ewwww wtf it looks like a bad allergic reaction.

No. 218928

File: 1451594765248.jpg (21.5 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


Uh, no.
Those things are exceedingly temporary and will fuck up your mouth and the skin around your mouth longterm.

You think the wrinkles that smokers get around their mouth from having their lips constantly puckered is bad? What the hell do you think one of these is going to do to your mouth long term?

No. 218949

File: 1451604181836.png (521.28 KB, 589x634, fix them.png)

No. 218952

Dear sweet baby jesus. Those are some dick suckin lips.

No. 218957

Looks like Sarah Paulson in the after pic

No. 218974

File: 1451615448825.png (626.89 KB, 888x514, happyhalloween.png)

Speaking of candylips / plumped lips, did Margo do something to her lips? Something(everything?) about this photo is just odd

No. 218977

She looks like an elderly chinese man

No. 218986

that's fucking disgusting. she has no shame.
seriously, making money off a girl who had cancer who just died? smh what the fuck

No. 218987

what the fuck? that can't be true..

No. 218988

youtubers who make a living off youtube are pathetic.
idk it's just weird.
like what about their college degree?

No. 218989

i miss scene

No. 218994

It might just be her using concealer to outline her lips? I'm surprised she didn't shoop her eyebrows and draw in lashes

No. 219045

I wouldn't mind living off youtube

>like what about their college degree?

why does everyone needs to go to university? you can do well without it, plenty of business people never got higher education and still succeded
it just pisses me off when people expect everyone to live their life the same way

No. 219055

In venus case she doesn't even graduated from any kind of school, except for elementary school

No. 219058

Man. I feel bad for this woman. She's mourning her youth so hard. I really hope that this isn't me some day. I can't imagine the pain of being old but still wanting to feel like a cute young woman.

No. 219159

…she actually did, in most european countries you only have to go to school for 9 years so you are done with 15 unless you want to go to uni.

No. 219161

not germany and switzerland

No. 219168

Because all jobs require you to have a degree. Assuming you'll magically do well in business with no education or experience is not only idiotic but severely limits options.

No. 219174

what? it's the first time I'm hearing this
maybe it's true somewhere like Britain, but in most countries education is mandatory until you're 18

No. 219175

yes, corporate jobs
but assuming that degree = skills & experience is just ridiculous, you can be moron with a degree, degree only means you're hardworking and obedient

I study because I like it, but I don't a see reason why someone who doesn't should force themselves to do that, she make it on her own finding a path that's more suitable for her

No. 219177


God help if she ever comes back to the UK then because fuck the immigrants and god help the ones with no degree. Half the population of young people here in the UK can't even find work even ones with a degree.

Doubt Venus would be wanted here in celebverse anyway. I can't picture her on Celebrity Juice or Big Brother, she'd need her mum.

Idk reckon Venus could serve a Greggs pasty brit-fags?

No. 219180

Well, kinda. In Germany one can graduate after 9 years, but would be kind of a shitty one and still has to be in some kind of schooling till you are 18. They have a rather strong apprenticeship system which is part job, part school.

No. 219193

You can graduate after 10th grade, but as long as you are under 18 you need to go to some kind of school or have proof that you are doing an apprenticeship. Considering the low, low value of the Hauptschulabschluss (degree you get after 9 years of school) these days, you'd be a fool to do so.
Technically, you don't need to go to school anymore once you turned 18. So if you didn't manage to get any degree by then you can quit school at 18 without ever having acquired any kind of degree.

As said even if you did drop out of school after 9 years, I doubt Germany would accept pulling out your child after the 10th grade for their "YouTube-carrier". I always wondered how Margo managed to drag Venus around the world and barely have her attend school regularly. Is it some kind of loophole because they are hopping from country to country?

No. 219194

>you can be moron with a degree

This is true. Even friggin' Chris Chan has a college degree. It's like when my mom thinks that just because someone's dumb, it means they didn't complete high school.

No. 219203

Technically she's been to school while she traveled. In Switzerland she went to a Thai covent school. In Tenerife she went to a regular school. In the first year or so in England she stayed out of school for a while under the guise of the city or England having no space. Later, Margeret 'homeschooled' Venus during the whole 'I want to go to a private German school!' fiasco. Lastly, she attended highschool in the Netherlands. Now whether she graduated or not is beyond me.

I don't think she did, or she would have bragged about it already. My guess is that she dropped out/moved right when she hit 18, or just when she was about to reach 18. So there was no sense of her finishing (to her) I guess.

Like first anon (219193) said, there is probably a kind of loophole where if they're at least looking for schools, or are in a school system, they're fine.

Is there a GED-type of system in Europe(really doubt she'll be able to do it in Asia) she could attend if she really wanted to get an education, finish highschool, and go try to develop a skill she liked (whether it be hobby, trade, arts, talent)?

No. 219222

there are schools for adults that didn't manage to get high school diploma, it's usually for some troubled youth but not only.
I personally know one person from such school, they turned out fine, went to university, got a good job etc

No. 219240

>In the first year or so in England she stayed out of school for a while under the guise of the city or England having no space.

It's not a guise m8. There is a genuine crisis going on in the UK atm. London is overcrowded as fuck and there aren't enough primary school spaces for the native kids, let alone the hundreds of immigrants turning up every year. Sometimes the only local school is a faith school which requires proof from the local church/temple etc that you're a regular attendee, do a certain amount of charity work etc etc.

>Is there a GED-type of system in Europe(really doubt she'll be able to do it in Asia) she could attend if she really wanted to get an education, finish highschool, and go try to develop a skill she liked (whether it be hobby, trade, arts, talent)?

Europe is made up of fifty individual countries, we don't have a centralised education system, every country does things differently. I'm sure there is such a thing in several countries, but this question isn't really answerable in the form you've asked it.

No. 219241

Huh, I started school with 6 and finished with 15 and didn't have to go to any school after that nor did I have to work if I wanted to.

No. 219242

Same goes for certain parts of Italy.
The point is, it really depends where you go to school. Discussion over?

No. 219244

It depends on what country you live in tbh.
Here 30 y olds can enroll in high school, you just have to pay a fee to enter unlike kids who are 16-18/20 ish. But it depends on each country, like, Germany and Denmark probably don't have the same rules for this type of stuff. Idk about Switzerland f.ex. but im assuming it's similar.

No. 219252

>You can graduate after 10th grade, but as long as you are under 18 you need to go to some kind of school or have proof that you are doing an apprenticeship.

Simply not true. If you finish after 10th great you're 15/16 and can do whatever the hell you want, you don't need to prove anything. Of course it is beneficial if you go straight for an apprenticeship when having left school instead of wasting your time (like I did).

No. 219259

Used to be that way but when I graduated a few years ago I needed to proof that I was doing something after school, otherwise I would have gotten in trouble with the school ministry

No. 219282

She would just have to contact her local authority requesting that Venus is withdrawing from whatever school she was enrolled in, in order to be home schooled/private tutored.

No. 219469

File: 1451841197573.png (1004.64 KB, 937x602, penus.PNG)

Sexual innuendos aren't very kawaii Venus

No. 219475

She only has that shirt and sweater as far as clothing goes? She eats out a lot for someone who was begging for housing money.

No. 219504

Well, I guess she did dye her hair brown after all.

No. 219506

She's always had a very small wardrobe right after they move. She only had a handful of stuff when she went to Japan too. It seems like she bought more clothes while she was over there, but now she only has a few nice items again

No. 219511


>training to become kpop star


>She even said so herself

My god, some of her fans are sheep.

No. 219520


That's what weebs do. Japan won't love them so Korea will have to do. As long as they have spawn by some azn and a kawaii dolly offspring plus dolla with 39393993948494 azn fans then it doesn't matter.

Notice how none opt for china tho? china isn't dolly enough </3

No. 219522

File: 1451851275588.jpg (586.24 KB, 700x1050, photo 1 (2).JPG)


Probs also why she's losing shit ton of weight so she can be kawaii as the korean girls.

Venus it will kill you trying to compete with them.

No. 219523

It is rather that she makes a shitton of photos a day but doesn't post them at once.

No. 219524

>Notice how none opt for china tho? china isn't dolly enough </3
Uh, Dakota did as well as plenty of others. You seem to forget that China is like the birthcountry of heavy shooped wannabe dolls with their Feizl thing.

No. 219527

That too, but I really do think not having many clothes is a big factor too. She's often got her hair and makeup done differently in photos where she's wearing the same outfit, so I'm pretty sure those are different days. I don't think even Venus would go to the effort of changing her hair and makeup just to make it look like they were taken on different days.

No. 219596


Yeah but Japan and Korea are more KAWAII than China. Japan is like the cutest place on the fucking globe, Korea comes second cos pale azns and fashion.

But c'mon, they'd all pick Japan over China.

Kota probably pissed herself with joy when she found out Japan liked her. China could fuck off and so could Korea.

No. 219602

>are you under training or something to be a kpop star?


No. 219754

File: 1451918308427.png (1.48 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-04-09-34-24…)

Venus has taken our advice and is now starting to show a but more of Korea and what she is experiencing there.
I feel that she would have a lot more followers if she talked and bloged about life in Korea, in depth food reviews, recipes, how she lives every day and how she is doing in language school/how she is doing. It would actually be interesting to watch. However, she never posts about how things are going for her and how life is over there.

She and Margo are really missing out on a huge market and fan base.

No. 219762

this post is a mess

No. 219767

what. korean girls arent exactly known for being dainty. of all the kawaii ugu east asians, i thought korean girls are biggest (not in a bad way. they have nice figures too)

No. 219783

Pretty sure she lost weight before she even went to Korea.

No. 219787


Sorry about that, this is my first time trying to post off of mobile so I feel that my spacing is off.

I'm trying to say that Venus should blog about her experience in Korea instead of just random makeup videos and mukbang. I think her followers would enjoy it more.

Venus seems to be posting more of what is going on in her community rather than just random photos of herself or a greasy cheeseburger.

No. 219896


No, she's lost a shit ton when she was in Japan when her dream was there. (I think her perfect body challenge was when she was still in Japan?)

No. 219935

I have those ear muffs in beige, they suck.

No. 219948

she kind of resembles Mr. Bean in this photo. weird

No. 219949

It's the shoop on the aegyo sal.

No. 220030

File: 1451985454400.jpg (310.78 KB, 1280x720, z5kyb.jpg)

No. 220079

File: 1452003261259.jpg (51.1 KB, 483x343, wat.jpg)

Can anyone explain this to me? What the hell is going on in this video?

No. 220086


holy shit LOL, for reference does anyone know the exact height of some of these girls?

No. 220088

Granted, they are all wearing platform heeled boots that are probably about 3" thick but their heights range from 5'3" to 5'6".

No. 220111

tallest ones are about 169-170

No. 220129

File: 1452017167489.jpg (16.82 KB, 720x162, image.jpg)

No. 220140

File: 1452021054303.jpg (465.71 KB, 688x1024, sunny12.jpg)

Why is sunny so perfect bros?

No. 220151

Sunny is cute but I prefer her in short blonde hair

No. 220178

Dif anon, buy I was in love with her red hair.

No. 220183

Is this some like weaboo shit?

No. 220186


I'm assumimg she's some kind of sprite tiny person? Really, that's all the budget allowed? Just her torso?

No. 220187

Sorry for samefag, I meant assuming.

No. 220265

File: 1452048480309.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.9 MB, 1280x720, sunny69.webm)

I like sunny in all shapes and sizes but to each their own, no more off topic


I'd like to tell you but the video is apparently unavailable. I wanted to watch it but I guess its gone

No. 220267

WOW!! Few women can pull off bright red hair without looking like a clown, but she looks great.

No. 220571

I feel like she's more energetic in this one than she's been in her other videos.

No. 220573

File: 1452150060042.jpg (123.61 KB, 600x448, tumblr_kz6oh51st11qbr4who1_128…)

that image is slightly deceptive though. SNSD put their A-game tallest in the front, plus they are wearing heels.

No. 220576

SNSD is in the foreground. Sunny is the shortest at 4' 11" and I think the tallest member is 5' 7" or so?

me too

No. 220582


euuuugh i couldn't watch it until the end. her voice annoys the shit out of me.
why is she trying so hard to be quirky and dorky now?
jesus fucking christ

No. 220584

Jesus Christ her fucking ears at 15 seconds in.

No. 220596

Oh look. Another eating video. Exactly what her viewers don't want to see.

I thought it was interesting how she's jumped back to something Japanese though, since no one cares about her in Korea

No. 220597


I prefer her energy here, and I would have liked this video just fine if her voice wasn't so insufferable

No. 220841

File: 1452255698445.png (1.75 MB, 1061x893, venus numba wan fan.png)

Which one of you owns this Penus fanpage? It's almost as cringy as Venus herself.


No. 220843


This video is the perfect opportunity for someone to photoshop the umaibou as a dick.

No. 220848

yeaaah, this is pretty bad.

No. 220850

I'm starting to think this might be an SJW of some sort because from their comments they seem very angry that Venus is trying so hard to be Asian. And specifically they want her to GTFO Asia.

No. 220852



ffs this is just fucking evil.
Why are Venus' haters so psychotic? It's one thing making fun of her because of her failed ventures and loopy life courtesy of Margo but this is ridiculous.

No. 220853

I wouldn't be surprised if it's someone from PULL.

No. 220862

I reported it so I wouldn't be surprised if it gets taken down.

No. 220866

File: 1452266812115.png (9.24 KB, 299x108, homie has problems.png)


I hope it's taken down. I'm going to report as well. So fucked up. The account has posted on loads of Venus' pics too, it's obsessive. If someone was gunning for me like that I'd actually be scared for my safety. Pic related, why do they always have to call her a whore?

No. 220869

Why does she look so much like Manaki? Is this a man in drag?
Venus gets on my nerves too, but this is too much. Sounds like a raging ex-fan, like the one who started mocking Ahri

No. 220887


Jesus fucking christ. I'm not particularly keen on Venus, either, but this fucking psychotic.

No. 220898

Eh, creepy things like that kind of come with the territory.

No. 220899

>Sounds like a raging ex-fan

Or Margo building up sympathy for another crowdfunding pitch. It's a long shot but I wouldn't put anything past her.

No. 220925

easy way to see perhaps is search the images and see where they come from. if there is any photo not from the interweb or a screenshot it's probably her

No. 220934

Totemokawaii probably made this.

No. 220969

I've seen all the pictures before so we can't use that to work it out. Also the person doing this keeps calling her a pimp(???) and obviously doesn't understand the word so I doubt English is their first language.

If Margo mentions this instagram I'll be suspicious.

No. 221002

It will be incredibly suspicious if Margo mentions this account … It has about 5 followers. It isn't popular at all.
Though it would not be surprising at all if Margo made it

No. 221452

File: 1452546543431.png (608.96 KB, 848x594, 3532.png)

Last time she said something along those lines it was them moving to the netherlands, get your popcorn ready for a lot of dramu.

No. 221455

Are they being kicked out of Korea?

No. 221486


Part of me wants this exciting news to be Margo or Venus fount a new thirsty husbando in Korea or Japan.

No. 221525


No. 221529

Smiling causes wrinkles, resting bitchface keeps you pretty. Or in Margo's case, slightly less wrinkly.

No. 221535


Can't wait for her subs to tank down if they move to the Netherlands, because Netherlands ain't kawaii.

No. 221540

Prediction: Pregnancy

No. 221546


Prediction: they're going to go back to Japan again and try to get famous

No. 221551

Christ their lives are so fucking unstable.

No. 221553

File: 1452609528523.jpg (45.43 KB, 400x600, freelee.jpg)

No. 221557

Please let them come to the Netherlands. I want to see the dramu up close.

No. 221581


There's always desperate Manaki to manipulate into their schemes of getting back to Japan. Could be possible as they're getting nowhere in South Korea.

No. 221592

Anon, they already were living in the netherlands, you misunderstood the post…

No. 221593

No, apparently they got an own apartment now, she said so in another photo post standing before that door.

No. 221594

No. 221595

File: 1452627037167.jpg (57.16 KB, 640x640, 12519268_1054425604608227_2923…)

I think this is the worst photo she posted in a long time.

No. 221597

THIS is scary m8

What the fuck happened to her chin? Why does she look older than margo in this one?

No. 221624

I saw this out of the corner of my eye while watching tv and thought it was margo.

No. 221631

She's talking out of her ass regarding why she can't upload a draw my life video. There is plenty of stuff she can talk about.

A back story on how her perants met
Being born
Growing up
Living in Switzerland
Her dads side of the faimly
Her mothers side of the faimly
Her perants divorce
Moving to tenaref
Normal school life
Joining YouTube
Dance videos
How she became interested in Japan
Going viral
Moving to the UK
Being home schooled
Her mothers new abusive boyfriends
Her time spent in the UK
Her first meet and great
Being bullied in the UK
The kimono time drama
Going to Japan to model
TV appearances
The drama from the lolita site she model for
Moving to the Netherlands
Living on a house boat
Going back to school
Her grades
Her friends she apparently made
Going to Japan
Meeting her Ex-boyfriend
Her fake marriage.
Thanking her subscribers

No. 221637


Because she knows her thirsty-for-fame life is shit and full of drama with great thanks to her mother, so it's not worth making a video about.

No. 221680

She looks exactly like my 15 year old cousin in a wig and it freaks me out. My cousin is a boy by the way…

No. 221695

the left one looks just like isaki

No. 221714

She looks like a clown without clown makeup.

No. 221733

What was her excuse?

No. 221746


to young to make one

No. 221747

She REALLY needs to work on her voice overs. One minute she's quiet as a mouse and the next minute she's blowing my ears out.

No. 221749

File: 1452697412576.jpg (38.63 KB, 580x863, orphan.jpg)

I don't even know what she's trying to pull off here but she looks like the subject of a cheap horror film.

No. 221752

File: 1452700328851.jpg (55.05 KB, 960x662, caption.jpg)

Ready, set, CAPTION THIS!! :D

No. 221758

>It's my 40th birthday today and I still look kawaii.

No. 221763

Is it just me or she edited herself to look asian?

No. 221766

"Dammit! Still not asian!"

No. 221778


Venus comes up with a new tutorial to stave off those pesky nasolabial folds.

No. 221802

Japan, can I come now? Damn it

No. 221849

am i the only one getting PT vibes?

No. 221852

that hairstyle is really not doing her ears any favors. I mean, come on. Also her hair is thin as fuck I didnt realize it. It sucks to have thin hair but for someone who prides themselves on being a self proclaimed makeup tutorial artist whatever the fuck, youd think would care more about how her hair and skin looks.

this girl has one million subscribers?

No. 221871

Pretty certain her mother has bought quite a few of those subscribers. Could one million people seriously still be interested in her stuffing her face in a total kawaii dolly way desu

No. 221886

Goddamn, the Margo genes are kicking in HARD!

No. 221889


Maybe that's been the plan all along.
Maybe one day Margo will sacrifice Venus and take her place, and nobody will know the difference.

No. 221894

She looks like her ex husband / boyfriend / visa on that thumbnail

No. 221954

How many valentine's day makeups (that look the same) does she plan to make?
…this doesn't look anything asian.

No. 221978

She literally looks like squidward here.

No. 221991


Oh ya, there's no way that most of the those subs are loyal fans. No one loses thousands of subs and then they all of the sudden get replaced with a larger number the next day or week.

No. 221994

At least 80% of her subscribers don't even watch her videos.

No. 222003

orphan ain't cheap yo

No. 222004

thumbnail is definitely edited. people are mentioning it in the comments too

No. 222012


That too, hell, that's even more obvious than the replaced subs.

No. 222033

She makes me think of a 6 year old colouring in when she applies that eyeshadow

No. 222034

Is it just me or did she do something to her eyes to look more asian…?

No. 222297

File: 1452888521133.png (512.97 KB, 493x600, fff.PNG)

Nice tiddies, Margo. Shame about the face that comes with them.

No. 222303

>tfw haggard face margo has a better set of tits than most of snowflakes here that are more than half her age
I can't help but laugh a little.

No. 222314


it looks like she's squishing them together, I bet this pic was taken on purpose.

unnerving as fuck.

No. 222318

>>222297 God, what the fuck is their relationship? "Hold on, I gotta put my cleavage right beside my daughters face." They're getting creepier and creepier for each other.

No. 222326

what the fuck is that caption even?
"Yes, surely this will make it seem like my tits are a funny joke"

No. 222328

How old is she?

No. 222369

That cleavage looks unusually crisp for the photo

No. 222391

I consider myself a tits expert

Those are NOT nice titties.

1. As you can clearly see, Margo is pushing her shoulders up (see how curved her collar bones are) while wearing a pushup bra.

2. Shes old, naturally her boobs will have some "problems" but we can't see if they are veiny or anything due to the filter

No. 222392

Too old to act like a creepy child.

No. 222417

Yuck. She's getting to PT levels of greasy bangs, it seems … so gross.

No. 222420

Look at Venus' hair - those are photoshopped on.

No. 222494

Sorry to respond to my last post - after coming back and looking again - I think that's a ribbon…

No. 222781

the ears, why do people put their hair like that?

No. 222806

this shit is just so wrong

No. 223153

"Margaret Palermo speaks out" apparently goes LIVE on VenusAngelic's channel in a few minutes!

No. 223159

where do you get this from, anon?

No. 223161

File: 1453180333549.png (18.28 KB, 962x511, ven.PNG)

No. 223166

according to chat on the youtube stream it's been like an hour since the stream was meant to start. good job margo.

No. 223183

Aw man I've got college, I hope she either holds off another 7 hours or it stays up afterwards.

No. 223197

Any ideas what she is going to say?

No. 223199

There was a leaked video of her on a jap social media site. Anybody saw it?

No. 223201

is that what she was gonna talk about..?

No. 223202

I hope so. Everything else is boring. I want a leaked sex tape :(

No. 223203


I just woke up and saw this and it still says it hasn't started yet instead this stream is over. What the fuck are you doing Margo?

No. 223207

Only one person has been mentioning it in chat. At first they said they didn't know what kind of video it was because they didn't see it but then 20 minutes later they started saying it was a sex tape so i'm calling bullshit.

No. 223209

If it's not a leaked video, i'm gonna guess the instagram account and that's all going to backfire because it's going to make it look like that SHE made that account.

No. 223210

Which acc anon?

No. 223211



No. 223212

samefag, but I just looked at the account, and it's not there anymore.

No. 223226

Everyone should just report it as misleading tbh.

No. 223263

Still going

No. 223266

File: 1453224182226.jpg (99.74 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Change so much

No. 223285

ikr? i need some real drama

No. 223289

Wasn't Venus also super late for her ice cream mukbang?

No. 223290

Apparently the screenshot of the leaked video is on IG under #savevenus2016
I don't have IG, so I can't confirm this.

No. 223294

>>223290 oh man. It is just the period vid
And u dint need ig to see it. Just click here https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/savevenus2016/

No. 223295


I feel trolled that it's the period stain video. That's such old news.

No. 223320

crispy titties

No. 223353

they are calling mags "MAYO SENPAI"

No. 223355

quick some inanimate magro being mayonnaise

No. 223356



No. 223553

File: 1453255444506.png (543.45 KB, 791x456, hereitgoesagain.png)

looks like we haven't seen the end of manaki after all

No. 223554


Manaki too thirsty for that virgin puss.

No. 223556

My goodness…. Her hair is a fried mess…

And I knew that it wasn't over with Manaki.

No. 223561


No. 223563

Every single photo of him is so special needs. It makes me wonder.

No. 223564


Virgin or not, he's obviously desperate at this point.

No. 223567

So they're trying to hold onto their visa dreams although they fucked it up? Lol

No. 223578

Venus is the cow that never stops giving milk.

No. 223579

They'd have the ugliest kids.

No. 223585

What a cunt and what a cuck. She and her mother basically humiliated this poor guy online and yet here he is. How can he go back after being called poor and useless and that he tried to sleaze on Margo, then he wants to marry Penus Cuntgelic and she goes all "lol no" on him.. And he flies to damn Korea to see her?!

They kind of deserve each other I guess. He'd put up with any shit from her, it's basically a match made in heaven.

No. 223586

She deleted the picture now, I guess.

No. 223588

>>223586 next thing you know she'll be posting something about how they're still in love and how they're going to give marriage another try

No. 223589

File: 1453259537468.jpg (65.97 KB, 900x900, COLD SO COLD.jpg)

So Manaki is confirmed a cuck then right? How could someone be treated so mean.

Imagine if your girlfriend/boyfriend/friend posted a picture of you guys then deleted it later because "lol people don't like seeing us together"

I'd be like "bitch why should it matter what they think?!?!"

Of Course Venus and Margo don't care about people, they care about being famous

No. 223595

She's baleeting pictures now because of people spamming them with questions about her and Manaki, the livestream, etc. I'm just imagining her sitting at her desk and watching her IG comments in terror.

No. 223596

Damn, what a thirsty nigga. I don't even feel bad for him anymore. He's old enough to realize he's being used. besides, he's a creepy stan to begin with. No sympathy.

No. 223610

File: 1453263974644.jpg (99.46 KB, 1028x740, brainwashing.jpg)

She deleted this too.

No. 223611

I wouldn't be surprised if she were telling the truth about Margo being that manipulative tbh. I don't think it'd be that farfetched if Venus genuinely liked Manaki but Margo was behind everything negative that happens with him

No. 223612

hahaha holy shit

No. 223613

This is … sad. But, I can't believe Margo would let Venus post that in the first place. Maybe it's just an attempt at drama to keep Venus relevant.

No. 223619

Well let's not forget manaki started following this girl and dating her since she was underaged.

No. 223622

What a hot mess. I don't know if I should laugh or feel really sad…

No. 223623

File: 1453266322571.png (375.83 KB, 1327x675, Screenshot (315).png)


No. 223625

Shots fired?

I'm confuse.

No. 223628


Jesus Christ on a pogo stick.

No. 223629

I feel really bad for Venus. She obviously likes Manaki but her mom has absolutely no use for him and wants to keep her little Cash Cow to herself.

No. 223630


No. 223632

some people on instagram are trying to contact Manaki through his twitter. Maybe they'll get somewhere?

No. 223633

Basically confirms >>223629

Did Venus ever say anything negative about Manaki, or was that all Margo?

No. 223640

I believe it was mostly all Margo

No. 223644

So let me get this straight, Venus actually liked Manaki this whole time, and Margo keeps on deleting the pics…?

So that means everytime their relationship came to life, it was probably sabotaged by Mother Gothel here, and Manaki finally letting Venus see the bullshit that is her mother and life currently(hence "brainwashing".
Lol that means even a Japanese husbando can't stop Marge's grasps.

>tfw you leave for one day, and miss all the dramu

No. 223652


>factory worker

>nail salon worker

because quit fleeing from country to country evading taxes and having a real job is such a bad thing, right margo?

No. 223668

Damn, I actually feel sorry for Venus. She genuinely likes him, it seems.

No. 223672

I don't have any caps right now, but I'm pretty sure Venus implied that Manaki drinks too much and mistreats her. She was also really salty about the whole EX thing, so for someone who supposedly cares about this dude she sure was into roasting him online.

I don't buy this. She doesn't give a shit about this dude and only keeps him around because he's japanese and a cuck who comes crawling back every time she screws him over. Penus-chan never does anything without mommy dearest, so how the fuck are they still in touch and were able to meet if Marg is so against it?
I smell a desperate attempt to start drama because Venus' bulimia career in Seoul is not taking off.

No. 223675

Also, I wouldn't be surprised if they only used him to get knocked up and make a kawaii haafu child. Venus didn't sell in Asia so now they need a new cash cow, or else they'll actually have to get normal people jobs.

No. 223690

That's the thing though. Money seems to be their biggest concern right now. This drama isn't going to do anything, except deflect attention from their money problems. By bringing Manaki back into the picture properly, Venus' weeb followers might increase activity, which in turn would mean more money for them. I'm not convinced that this is just an attempt to start drama. Posting photos and deleting the after an hour isn't going to help them in the slightest.

I'm leaning more towards the theory that Venus genuinely likes Manaki, while Margo doesn't want him to come between her and Venus. After all, marrying him was Venus' ticket to staying in Japan, but if that happened, Margo couldn't have stayed as well. I wouldn't be surprised if Margo convinced Venus not to marry him at the last minute with that technicality. Venus has always seemed pretty happy being with him in photos at least. The videos were pretty awkward, but they were still relative strangers back then.

No. 223691

File: 1453283305371.png (741.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-20-09-39-40…)

Just found this on IG. Definitely will be deleted so I capped it.
Seems to me that Margo is a bit salty. It's not all Angelic in the Palermo family atm

No. 223692

File: 1453283352254.png (311.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-20-09-39-45…)

Second bit. Which seems very obviously written by Margo

No. 223693

Run Venus! Margo is insane, she wants to keep you forever and never let you grow up like a normal girl. Marry him Venus and work in a nail salon while doing YouTube. Have fun. Go out and make friends. Have drinks with them in an izakaya. Get so drunk you need Manaki to carry you home. Smile and laugh and live your life. Your mum won't let you do any of this. Google "narcissistic personality disorder". She wants you "close" and to "protect you" to feed her own needs and narcissistic supply. Her "love" is toxic.

Get away.

Your mum is having a PUBLIC hissy fit about her CHILD online like a petty 14 year old.

No. 223694

Wait, who took the picture?

No. 223695

And is it even Venus?

No. 223697

Someone on instagram suggested it might be Margo. It honestly doesn't even look like a person to me, it looks like it might be a doll of some sort. That position can't be comfortable for either of them to lie in, let alone sleep in if they're both people

No. 223699

Wasn't Venus still blonde on New Years?

No. 223700

Is there a way to check what date a photo was posted on instagram? There was one of her with dark hair posted 3 weeks ago, but I don't know when exactly. It's possible that she dyed her hair before new years

No. 223701

Im horrified. I think margo is upset that manaki visited. And is punishing Venus by making it look like Venus broke up her mothers relationship. This is so terrible.

No. 223702

How do you know Manaki visited?

No. 223703

No. 223704

File: 1453286271508.jpeg (18.81 KB, 180x142, image.jpeg)

Fucking christ, Margo. I'm honestly expecting her to snap and kill Venus or something. Bitch is cray.

No. 223707

And poof! It's gone. I'm really curious what is happening in thier house tonight. Arguing? Or maybe Venus didn't come home? Is her mom just paceing around muttering to herself? I'm so curious

No. 223708

Wow I missed this. She looks genuinely happy here. So this ticked Margo off and now she's taking revenge on Venus for it? The girls 18…

No. 223710

Hoooly shit.

No. 223711

Seems like she's deleting comments now. People won't stop asking questions.

No. 223712

File: 1453288889502.png (540.7 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-01-20-07-20-32…)

No. 223714

I commented that it was most likely Margo deleting them and my post was deleted lol. She's blocking people too.

No. 223716

File: 1453289848173.png (1.6 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-01-20-07-33-16…)

No. 223717

File: 1453290224807.jpg (138.25 KB, 615x960, IMG_20160120_044244.jpg)

No. 223718

File: 1453290267052.png (526.6 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-01-20-07-43-26…)

No. 223720

File: 1453290612953.png (65.32 KB, 1440x364, Screenshot_2016-01-20-07-48-03…)

No. 223721

I know I shouldn't be happy about this but YES FINALLY SOME FRESH MILK HELL YEAH

No. 223723

Holy shit Margot is psycho as fuck. She has reached a whole new level of creep.

No. 223724

She's mad as fuck about Manaki coming to see her bc she knows Venus will run off to Japan with him leaving Margot alone in Korea with no one to mooch off of.

No. 223726

File: 1453293554438.png (387.16 KB, 459x596, penus.PNG)

No. 223727


What the fuck is going on

No. 223728

what the fuck.
Are they schizophrenic?

No. 223729

tbh at this point it really seems like margo is pulling the strings and telling her what to say. i wanna feel bad but all this has become so normal

No. 223730

omg trying to decipher this…

so margo's mad that venus publicly complained about her deleting the pics, and decided to mock her?

No. 223732

It sounds like Margo has full access to all her accounts anyways. More than likely she's going in and editing, deleting, blocking, even posting under the guise of Venus.

No. 223733

Hey Margo could you be anymore obvious. Why would Venus say shit about her degrees. Fuck this woman is mental.

No. 223740

Hmm anyone else think Margo choose to post the most recent ig picture of Venus in the same flowery pajamas to prove the new years picture is actually Venus? The woman is insane, Venus needs to get the fuck away from her!

No. 223742

There seem to be a few accounts on IG now exposing the whole mess.
I found them when searching venus angelic

No. 223748

File: 1453303379857.jpg (332.37 KB, 865x1254, 16-01-20-09-21-32-551_deco.jpg)


No. 223749


Or maybe Margo's still on her account, fucking with it.

No. 223750

Holy shit this is getting scary. At first I kind of understood Margo, I've always found Manaki to be a creepy guy, being obsessed with Venus even when she was underaged and shit. I mean, no mom would like that. But that thing on instagram? Venus should run, Margo is crazy.

No. 223751

Seems to me like Venus is finally starting to wise up but also realizes she cant do anything if she doesn't play nice with Margo for a while. Margo is obviously the one posting all the stuff about Manaki being a stalker. I think even anything Venus posted in the past about him was Margo posting it. I think Venus really does like Manaki but I think she's unfortunately stuck between a rock and a hard place right now.

No. 223752

Thing is, she was totally fine with him and his creeping on her while underaged until she realized she wouldn't also get a visa if they married.

No. 223753

I guess Venus isn't a virgin anymore

No. 223754

I wouldn't put it past Margo to take total control of Venus's accounts right now when she is starting to say things like >>223610

No. 223755

If Venus really did like him then she wouldn't be crawling into bed with an even older guy on New Years would she?

No. 223756

Manaki didn't hack the account out of revenge like mayo claims. If he wanted revenge he would have hack mayos not Venus

No. 223757

Why do I feel like this story is going to end up with Venus dead? Like, if her mum treats her like this it wouldn't surprise me if Venus went insane and killed herself.

No. 223758


wasn't venus blond around new years?

No. 223759

I doubt she had sex with that other guy. I doubt her mother would allow it.

How do we know that a recent picture though of maniki? Could have been on her phone from when they was dating and all of this is a publicly stint.

Sorry English isn't my first language

No. 223760

He doesn't seem the type

No. 223761

Pedophiles normally don't

No. 223763


I don't think so. I don't know if there's a Lotte World in Japan, but the only Lotte World i'm seeing is in Seoul and it has that exact same castle that Venus mentions in the picture.

No. 223764

from the description of the picture weenus says that it's "Lotte World Castle" in the background. a quick google search shows that it is in Seoul.

No. 223765


Samefag, but plus, the sign behind them says Happy New Year. I don't think that it was even close to New Year when they were originally together.

No. 223766

Why do you guys think her ex hack her? He wouldn't of been able to get that pic

No. 223767

We don't we think mags is a fucking crazy bitch

No. 223768

i don't think anyone actually believes he did. margo is the only one who said that

No. 223769

So Venus have been with two Asian men.

No. 223770

Yea Mayo is pimping her out to all the Asians for visas. I'm guessing her mother boyfriend was also Asian

No. 223771

So this is why they moved away from Japan. To get away from their exs? Didn't they do this before in London? I see a sluty pattern

No. 223772


lol we don't even know if that story is real, considering it's coming from margo.

No. 223773

Please don't slut shame

No. 223774

Uploading creep shot of your daughter with a lover? Nice one, mom.

No. 223775

I don't think Mayo cares about them being Japanese anymore just as long as they are asain

No. 223776

also is the guy from the sleeping pic the dude from her ice cream mukbang? is that the guy margo's with, i thought he was just the one hosting them

No. 223777

There's a name for that? What is it?

No. 223778


Where did you get that idea from?

No. 223779


How can you tell from that angle?

No. 223780

I legit can't even make sense of this text post. Margo bought some tickets for them but Wenus decided to stay home and fuck the friend of her mom's bf???

No. 223781


I don't think it is. The guy's lips in the picture look bigger/fuller than the guy from the mukbang.

No. 223782


So she sleeping with asain men for videos now?

No. 223783

Desperate to pop her cherry so she did it behind mayos back with the closest guy who would have her

No. 223784


his hair and the shape of his face looked similar, but i think that >>223781 is right now that i look at it

No. 223785

No. 223786

Why is everyone assuming that she fucked him?

No. 223787


Why do I get the feeling you're the same person posting?

No. 223788

So that would mean Venus took a pic of her mother in bed with a man or worse maniki took it. Gross

No. 223789


don't worry, you're not the only one thinking it's the same person also. Maybe the person who ran the ourlittleslutvenus IG?

No. 223790


Probably. All they're doing is shit talking instead of contributing anything useful to the thread.

No. 223791

Could the guy in the picture happen to be Manaki then? I mean, I THINK their nose looks the same, but the face shape is really throwing me off.

No. 223792

He wasn't there. Why would a person break up with someone just because their girlfriends daughter slept with your best friend? It was nothing do with your relationship. It's not like Venus slept with her mums boyfriend.

No. 223793


Why would she say it wasn't if it was though?

No. 223794

Stop talking to yourself

No. 223795

Stop replying to yourself lol

No. 223796

Maybe trying to show that Venus herself is not after Manaki?

No. 223797

Mayo deleted the picture

No. 223798

File: 1453306739484.jpg (174.24 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 223799

File: 1453306756317.jpg (150.12 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 223800

It's like she trying turned on by it or something

No. 223801


Because it's Margo. In denial, maybe? Who knows, she's off her rocker.

No. 223802

File: 1453306979476.jpg (154.5 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

What the fuck

No. 223803


Ugh, probably someone from that stupid mayo squad. They've been fucking with her wiki since yesterday.

No. 223805

mags should be Mayo
At least it's has an "M" in it

No. 223806

File: 1453307302150.jpg (134.25 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

What. When was this

No. 223807

I'm genuinely sad for Venus now.

No. 223808

One a single comment here about him stabing her sorry

No. 223811

If Manaki really is there, Venus should do the following:
-convince Manaki to buy her a plane ticket on the same flight as him back to Japan.
-convince Margo to let them go see him off to the airport.
-leave with Manaki (preferably while flipping off Margo)

Of course, this won't happen… but it'd be fun if it did.

No. 223813

Margo? That you?

No. 223817

Tbh that would probably be her only shot at a semi-normal life at this point. She's all alone in a foreign country with her psycho mom, has no family, no friends, no work experience, no money, nothing. Yes it was creepy of Manaki to obsess over a 14 year-old girl, but he seems more like a pussy whipped nerd who does not know how to have normal human relationships and less like a straight-up lunatic. He keeps crawling back to her no matter how many times she fucks him over. If she went with him she'd probably have a good chance to get her life sorted out. She could probably wrap him around her little finger and get everything she needs from him.

No. 223819

Not Manaki. The hairstyle is completely different and this dude looks like he has a fatter face.

No. 223820

Margo is creating a great fucking mystery for us, while showing that she's clearly not above shaming her daughter for revenge.

I don't think this is actually Venus, unless she owns 2 similar pink pajamas. The one she's wearing in her other picture have smaller flowers/whatever. But if it's not her, who is it? Body type seems like Marg's, but the hair is off. HMMM…

No. 223821

Honestly, is there any evidence he stalked her when she was a kid? I get he was probably a fan boy (he is a doll otaku anyway) and most likely attracted to her…again, weird, but Margo has made Venus's image oversexed since the beginning. I didn't realize she was AS young as she was when she first put herself out there. But as for the whole Disneyland story…is it unbelievable that Margo and Venus would do a sort of meet up event on Japan when she was steady trying to be an idol/model?

No. 223823

Wow so she's really blaming Manaki for all of this…

No. 223826

File: 1453309638624.png (890.61 KB, 1440x1184, Screenshot_2016-01-20-13-04-20…)

Dropped pic

No. 223827

I never thought I'd say this but I think Venus genuinely likes Manaki. I would say "I can't believe Margo would stoop this low" but I've seen psycho moms do the same shit to their daughters in person. Venus really needs to get away from Psycho Margo at this point because it should be obvious to her that she doesn't have her best interest in mind. Her one shot for a chance at a normal life is with Manaki but I don't know if she can still even marry him after that visa fiasco.

And since we know you're reading this thread, Margo… What's wrong with working in a nail salon? Nail techs actually make a decent living, you idiot. Actually working for your money isn't a bad thing like you for some reason seem to think it is. Being a factory worker isn't bad either, especially since it means not having to rely on your own teenage daughter to take care of your ass.

No. 223829

Ok, but Manaki doesn't have any experience with the English language, does he?

No. 223832

I am looking at this and just thinking about Margos post. Someone posted it here but I can't remember but she said something along the lines of "Anything can happen"

No. 223833

Samefagging - this is the post I was on about

No. 223834

Wow shit finally hit the fan. I hope this is the start of a breaking point for Venus to get out of Margo's grasp. I hope Manaki isn't really mistreating Venus either…he's rather creepy but I'm scared for Venus to be around Margo at this point.

No. 223835

Not really. Manaki started following her on Twitter when she was 14 and he was 20, which is a bit creepy because of their age gap but doesn't seem that bad. Plenty of people obsess over popular YouTubers, and there is no evidence of him ever having been sexual/inappropriate to her. He also showed up unannounced at Disneyland when Venus did the Bodyline shooting there, which again is pretty damn odd. Tl;dr: He seems more like a desperate fanboy who watched one too many Animes and thinks being obsessed with someone is romantic, and less like someone who will murder you and make a belt from your nipples.

No. 223836

I'd love to see a Dramalert video on this shit xD Keemstar would be lost.

No. 223837

Seriously. And nail salons in Japan are probably very nice too. She could comfortably practice Japanese, gain a working SKILl in a typically all woman's space where she could make some friends.

No. 223838

He is studying English and once posted an English textbook on his Twitter. The text was pretty basic but idk how good his grasp of the language really is.

No. 223839


Even then, I'm just going by what we've seen on Manaki, I don't he would do something like this to Venus. Like I think he's too awkward to actually hack her account. Plus they both look happy in that Lotte World picture.

No. 223841

Dude, is that Margo, wearing Venus' pajamas?

No. 223843

Since Venus's popularity seem to be decreasing I kinda feel like this is some attempt to create some drama for views or something.

No. 223846


The cheeks look a bit rounder like Venus's than Margo's.

No. 223849

He wouldn't benefit from hacking her at all. If he's the obsessive fanboy wanting to win Venus back, he'd want to kiss up to her rather than lash out at her. Maybe he really is insane in the membrane and not acting rationally, but imo it wouldn't make sense.

No. 223855

Pretty sure she said nail salon worker to be fucking racist since it's a stereotype that Asians only run nail salons. Cause otherwise it doesn't make sense. Clearly Margo only cares about Asians for her cash cow, otherwise 99% positive she's a racist piece of shit pretending so she doesn't have to work and can live off her daughters ~fame~.

No. 223856

Marg is a piece of shit but I don't think she said that to be racist. 15 year-old Venus used to mock her classmates on her blog, speculating how they'll all end up cleaning toilets to make a living. Guess where she learned that from. They're both narcissists who think unskilled labor is beneath them.

No. 223857

this would make me sad because then I'd have nothing to come to lolcow for ;_;

No. 223858

If I remember correctly wasn't Margo the one who said Xiaorishu was "half chink half gook"?

No. 223859

I don't know, making cheap drama for attention makes sense but to imply Venus slept with a fat, older guy goes against the entire game plan, it just doesn't add up even in Palermo land.
Not to mention deleting things so fast rather than leaving them up for maximum impact. Surely instead Margaret would be encouraging people by saying things like "oh my what's happening, what do you fangelics think?" rather than banning people left and right.

I agree, I don't think he's gone Akira Sky High, unless Margaret is trying to inspire him to do that or to make him give up on Venus with her stunt.

No. 223861

fuck off dumblr

No. 223863

File: 1453313032885.png (135.21 KB, 1079x858, Screenshot_2016-01-20-11-48-11…)

I think its mewwcheww since they keep calling margo mayo. Her mewwcheww.spam account has sceenshots of the livestream which has spongebob pic of a mayonnaise jar.

Hey meww, this site is 18+ only. You gave yourself away with immature shitposting. But good job gathering all those screenshots, hopefully they dont shut down your account

No. 223865

Mayo is the in name for marg right now though, a big group of people are using #mayosquad after that video live that never happened.
It probably is all the same person on here though, hopefully a mod will follow up

No. 223867


Hopefully. That entire chat was so cringe.

No. 223874

Just realized I didnt block out her profile pic and name. Mods should probably delete my image

Sage for non-contribution

No. 223900

But it wouldn't. Having Manaki on the scene would create more views than this drama. Youtube is their biggest source of income, not instagram, and if they put him in videos, some of her weeb followers might come back. This is Margo being bitter and spiteful about something, pure and simple.

No. 223903

Age of consent is 13 in Japan tho.

No. 223904

Considering that Margo got access I am pretty sure she was the one who wrote that.

No. 223906

what the actual fuck is going on in this thread?

No. 223907


No. 223908

That's only in one area of Japan, not the whole country.

No. 223910

I am so curious about what's going on in their house right now? Is Margo in the same room as Venus, are they arguing? Is venus even there? It must be really awkward for them…

No. 223911

This isn't Venus or Margo but a random image from the internet. Margo got short hair and Venus's hair is shoulder lenght without her obvious extensions.

No. 223913


No. 223914

" The Article 177 of the Penal Code puts the age of consent for sexual actitvity at thirteen (13) years."

No. 223915

What source? I only explained why it oubviously is neither of them.

No. 223918

Could be Margo or Venus either wearing a wig, or even some creepy doll/pillow. I'm not sure that even looks human but I don't think it's not their pic.

No. 223921

The age of consent is 13 though if you're 13 and the guy is over 18 it is in fact illegal.

No. 223923

This thing says.
"Inducing a minor who is less than eighteen (18) to be engaged in sexual activities is subject to
punishment under the Child Welfare Law. According to Japanese Court cases, " inducing a minor to
be engaged in sexual activities means an act of working on a minor to have intercourse or analogous
conducts ( including oral and anal sex) with him or her, or with someone else by exering influence on
the minor virually. " Also, doesn't each prefecture have their own child laws?

No. 223924

Am I the only one who's actually really worried about Venus right now?
Jesus Christ, this whole thing is a mess.

No. 223925

I am too, it must be so horrible if she's still in the same house as her mother… I wonder if Manaki is close by or went home??

No. 223926

Does anybody know the laws in Korea? Is what Margo is doing illegal? I see this as abuse.. Venus is 18..,

No. 223927

File: 1453320596898.jpg (92.51 KB, 323x400, untitled3.jpg)

I think the dude is the one from the photos of the ‘More than A Woman’ exhibition which is documenting the life of him with the sex doll he married.

Tbh the whole screenshot looks fake with the writting style that doesn't fit Margo and Venus, I call troll.

No. 223928

Okay, so all we know is that Margo is being a little spiteful and angry because Manaki turned up. Don't jump to extremes and say that she's being abusive, because those are some pretty serious allegations. I'm not defending what Margo is doing, but jumping to conclusions isn't going to help anyone. Remember what happened on SR with the PT scandal?

No. 223931

+ her IG auto-posts to Twitter and this post was never there.

No. 223933

I've not been on PT for long.
Also, I am not jumping to conclusions - I just thought there'd be a law on this since Venus is 18.

No. 223934

To be honest, I always thought Margo was abusive towards Venus, at least mentally/emotionally.

No. 223935

According to Margo, Venus goes to a private school in Gangnam and the livestream was Margo asking for help. Possibly begging for money.

No. 223940

I agree there's something highly volatile about their relationship, but I don't know if we know enough about it to make a judgment call for sure.

No. 223949

File: 1453321862886.gif (921.47 KB, 245x140, tumblr_n22r1kkxh01ryqrrdo2_r1_…)

No. 223950

This is getting creepy.

No. 223951

File: 1453321977570.gif (1.01 MB, 245x140, tumblr_n22r1kkxh01ryqrrdo2_r1_…)


what venus rly needs 2 du

No. 223953

It's fascinating how similar Venus and Margo are to Rapunzel and Mother Gothel.

No. 223956

File: 1453322131003.jpg (395.54 KB, 1280x853, il_570xN.549450014_3px9 - Copy…)

No. 223965

File: 1453322707105.jpg (141.53 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 223969

File: 1453322874646.png (173.68 KB, 640x1136, 888.png)

No. 223977

I barely understand what she's saying.

No. 223985

File: 1453323717685.jpg (529.83 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20160120_134815.jpg)

Idk why it triggers me when people act like something didn't just happen. The whole live stream thing, the pic with manaki, the pic with random dude, deleteing comments, changing image discriptions. Then They just turn around like "what? Why are you guys bully?"
it drives me nuts.

No. 223986

>public language school
>private school
topkek, not to mention that they don't own a studio.

No. 223989

The whole story sounds as true as the one where she claims venus cuts her wrist over internet haters all the time.

No. 223992

It's not even the language barrier, Margo sounds unhinged.

No. 223996


If he's such a dangerous stalker, then why did she leave them alone to talk in the "studio" ?

I went back to read her comment myself in context, and she deleted her own comment

No. 224004

Why would manki or whatever his name is needs mayo consent when her and Venus arnt even living together?

No. 224006

Using YouTube to webcam each other? Can you even do that? Bitch hasn't heard of Skype

No. 224010

HAHAHA is this real? she's pathetic.

No. 224012

File: 1453326397961.jpg (134.7 KB, 617x960, IMG_20160120_144057.jpg)

Samefag sorry.

No. 224014

ugh ugh! that's so fucking creepy.

No. 224016

Margo is so terrifying. she really is ugly inside and out!

No. 224018

>we don't have time for holiday
I think the problem is less time and more money…

No. 224023

Or called the police on him

No. 224030


>dat stare

margo happily would skin Venus alive and wear it like a pajama 24/7 if it weren't illegal to kill your children.

No. 224039

Jesus fucking Christ. I really hope Venus can get away from Margo soon or later. Like I wouldn't even be surprised if Margo kills her when Venus finally finds the courage to leave her. I mean Margo has vigeroussly lived through Venus the past few years and I don't think she plans on giving that up..

No. 224063

This entire thing happened so quickly and got swept under the rug really fast.

I think maybe it was a method of gaining attention. I bet Venus' next video will have a lot more views than her recent ones as people will be looking for signs of how she is reacting with all this drama

Margo is going on and on about haters and how people will be blocked for being rude over Instagram… meaning people will be going to youtube to ask questions… racking up the video view count

No. 224085

>I wanted to ask for help online

What the fuck does this even mean? If you daughter is being stalked by a pedophile you seek for help in real life. This woman doesn't make sense, she just wants to create drama around her daughter to get views.
If Venus is really having those kind problems why not exposing the dude online and call the police? Why these blurred accusations?

No. 224087

I feel sad. I wish everyone could know how her mom is controlling her. I don't think we have heard from venus herself, in real time, in weeks.

No. 224102

she won't make one because there isn't really a conclusion. there is no "now im a big shot so n so" most draw my life video show how they got to where theyy are now. where is she now? she doesn't seem to have a clear direction with her YouTube, modeling, whatever… so to margo its bullying because venus doesn't feel adequate or secure. venus wasn't lying when she said her life isn't whole.

No. 224109

lol Margo is so terrified of Venus actually making a human friend besides her that she's desperately trying to make everyone hate him and think he's a bad person by reiterating over and over that he's a stalker and he hacked their accounts?
She absolutely must control every aspect of Venus life, she really is just a repugnant person.

Does Manaki even know all the things Margo is saying about him? It would be interesting to get his side of the story and find out all the dysfunction between them.

No. 224125

No, you can do livestreams but that's it.

No. 224127

I'm sure Margo largely controls her computer and phone, especially now, but I hope Venus has another device (3DS, shitty old iPod) that she can use to access the Internet. I wonder if she has any secret accounts. I hope she does.

No. 224151

Margo doesn't seem to have access to her Twitter and Tumblr considering how often Venus spoke badly about her there in the past, even the comments about hating her mom's bf back in the UK is still online.

No. 224199

File: 1453346682835.png (743.46 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-01-20-23-23-49…)

Does anyone know what this person is talking about?

No. 224202


>valentines in july

Anyway, the speaking out video never happened, so she was probably asking if someone saw it if/when she left the stream.

No. 224204

Margaret was going to do a stream and it was called something like "Margaret Speaks Out". It was up for about 24 hours and was either deleted by Margaret or stopped because it was on for 24 hours straight. Some people thought it was a video, but it was just the stream that everyone waited for that never happened.

No. 224230

Ugh venus needs to get away from Margo and also stay away from manaki. both margo and manaki are crazy.

No. 224240

I wouldn't be surprised if margo is right about the manaki situation, we created such a crazy mother image of her that I doubt we can think logically about this.

No. 224246

He's brazilian(like me), that's why he said that, but I'm Brazil is celebrated in June. Crappy english lol

No. 224252

It's not even about the Manaki situation but about Venus controlling her own life and decisions. What if she wants to go with Manaki? She's 18 she can do whatever she wants. Let her fuck up if she wants to and learn from it.

Margo can't control her forever.

No. 224275

What's with the sudden talk about Manaki? Venus back with him again or something? Which I wish would happen as she needs to get the fuck away from Margo somehow.

No. 224319


He came to visit her in Seoul for New Years.

No. 224332


My bad had to scroll up and read more, Margo has a screw loose. I honestly think Venus loves Manaki, but her cunt of a mother is feeding her all sorts of twisted ideas to prevent their relationship or her life in general from developing properly, exactly like Mother Gothel does to Rapunzel in Tangled.

It's so fucking obvious Margo is salty and can't stand that someone else other than her cares about her daughter.

No. 224345

File: 1453352381829.gif (2.33 MB, 512x287, bait.gif)

I don't doubt Youtubes stupidity but there is no fucking way

>valentines in July

No. 224355

Some kind of madness. Also the Ashley thread is lunacy at the moment.

No. 224393

This is hilarious.
>You don't respect her decision of support her.
Margo won't let Venus live her own life or respect her own daughter's decisions.

>If someone turns up at my home without telling me then it's stalking.

Or, you know, just someone coming for a surprise visit. Venus was happy with it. Why is Margo so paranoid? She is the manipulative one.

No. 224415

New video. Can't she doing anything about her fucking microphone? Her voice is blowing my ear drums when I have the volume super low.

No. 224420


No. 224421

File: 1453377074902.png (128.67 KB, 375x500, image.thumb.png.ef7bfaa037552d…)

No. 224422

That's just a troll account.

No. 224425

What if Venus made it? Although the "mum" thing kinda tells me she didn't.

No. 224427

Even if Manaki was creeping on her it was probably very refreshing for Venus to develop a close relationship with someone other than Margo. And since the marriage visa thing didn't work out there is now no need for Manaki so Margo doesn't want him getting any closer to Venus. It's actually pretty sad. I don't think Venus will ever have a chance at a normal life. Margo has taken her over and will control her until the day she dies. If Venus ever has a child then Margo is going to do the same thing to it.

No. 224429

Definitely, it's probably one of those mayo people seeing as how it was just created. Manaki's IG was something else but I can't recall what it was. He created it when he and Venus first started dating publicly.

No. 224433

File: 1453384246251.png (714.58 KB, 939x617, 484848.png)

No. 224444

I'm sick but i'll put on makeup, tease my hair and pose provocatively for this selfie. but seriously, cough cough y'all.

No. 224480

When I'm so sick I need to take time off, the last thing I'm doing is putting on makeup and posing inherently nude.
I'm bleary eyed and in sweatpants and sweaters.
Fuck off Margo

No. 224504

This is the most attention whore thing I've seen in a while. Just as bad as those stupid bitches who say they just woke up but are wearing perfectly done eye makeup.

No. 224569

what what WHAT??

No. 224571

What the fuck is this shit? Someone give me an update

No. 224573

Shit really hit the fan now didn't it? This is glorious. I wanna see Venus get out of there and grow a personality.

No. 224574

Guys, could this be a ruse? Are we being trolled? Did these bitches do this on purpose to stir up drama?

No. 224576

Dude, that pic with the guy in bed is her. Exactly the same robe (?) and hair lenght/color

No. 224577

Biggest attention whore since JNig and that's saying something. Why the fuck would anyone want to put makeup on and take selfies if they're actually "sick?"

No. 224578

That seems to be exactly what she's doing.

No. 224582

Thing is, why didn't Venus just go to Japan and attend a modelling agency there? I mean. What is her actual goal, what is Venus and her mother trying to really achieve? That's what I can't understand.

No. 224586

Didn't Venus want to be an idol or some shit?

No. 224598

Haha! She blames Venus for that cold too. See>>224012
I fucking hate this bitch

No. 224616

They never had a game plan to begin with. They thought Penus-chan would make it big in Japan simply by being a kawaii bleach blond foreigner. None of them ever pushed for any of the skills that traditionally make you famous, unless you count her early dancing videos and her 5-second career as a model for Bodyline and Lethal Models. She can't sing, she can't dance, she can't act (obnoxious anime Mary Sue doesn't count) and she's too socially awkward to be an entertainer. Maybe she'd actually be somewhere today if she put any effort into anything. But no, developing a skill set is for peasants.

No. 224683

The pajama in the new years picture is strawberries, not flowers.

No. 224686

It's a troll, his real accounts are manana_91 like his Twitter.

No. 224688

both have strawberries and white flowers

No. 224689

File: 1453412534285.jpg (101.83 KB, 1080x1080, 12519214_989876511071630_16760…)

The one of Venus is a Liz Lisa dress tho, not pajamas.

No. 224691

No. 224693


This sounds like what the crazy cunt I mean Margo would do actually. Take this with a pinch of salt, alot of shit has come to light about Venus and crew lately. She'll be 19 soon,time to escape mother dearest.

No. 224694

File: 1453412825322.jpg (142.57 KB, 1080x1080, 1941288_188395074845092_498740…)

>Wasn't Venus still blonde on New Years?

No. 224695

What if it was actually really recent and not New Years so Margo can make the drama a bit more complex to figure out? That sure as hell looks like Venus laying there with the fatfuck in bed.

No. 224698

Considering that Venus's language school had quite a bunch of late parties like in >>224694 it could have been a sleepover of the attendants too because it doesn't look like Venus's room.

No. 224701


The first picture she posted with brown hair was the 22nd of last month. I just checked the date of this photo and it was one the same day, so she dyed it like the day after the party or as soon as she got back home.

No. 224702

Samefag, but wanted to clarify, dyed it OR decided to wear a brown wig. Which begs the question, if Venus's hair is a wig, could the person sleeping with that guy be MARGO in Venus's wig?

No. 224707

Didn't even think of that as her real hair is still very light in >>223553 which also shows the short lenght of her hair without the extensions and in >>221752 you don't see the scalp at the roots.

No. 224708

That person could be anybody. Maybe it's Manaki in a wig, kek. Maybe it's Venus, maybe it's Margo, maybe it's a random picture Marg posted to make Manaki hate Venus for 'cheating', and Venus hate Manaki for 'hacking'. Childish move, but since Margaret never seems to worry much about the consequences of her actions and acts impulsively, I would not put it past her.

No. 224718

It's obviously neither Manaki or Margo, it's some random some chubby, asian man. I'm so weirded and freaked out that a mother would take this picture and use it to shame her daughter. Really weird, immature and psyco. Venus needs to be freed.

No. 224722


Wouldn't it have been common sense though to go and sign up to an agency in hope for potential work?

jfc margo

No. 224733

Margo said at PULL some months ago that she still works for Fitness First or how it is spelled.

No. 224735


No. 224738

File: 1453423054449.jpg (163.37 KB, 812x600, asdfgg.jpg)

No. 224739

What an obnoxious post. she's clearly wearing circle lenses…

No. 224741

no she's not

No. 224742

I really doubt she is. It's all the fucking filters she slaps on that make her eyes look an unnatural hue. The iris size seems normal.

No. 224745

Whenever Venus makes those weird little gasping noises in her videos, she reminds me so much of this woman for some reason lmao


No. 224786

File: 1453443943349.png (887.24 KB, 800x540, uh.png)

No. 224787

That's really random…

No. 224817

Holy fucking shit Margo is a total psycho she really snapped up there.
I want Venus to escape this crazy bitch. It's like Rapunzel and Mother Gothel jfc.

She has total control on her she litterally made her avoid having ANY friends by homeschooling and even being a cunt with the few she had for some time like xiao,yukapon,…

It's terrifying she just wants to have total control on her.

And these pics and vids where she is wearing her clothes just makes me think more and more that she might be vicariously living through her on top of it all.

Really. I don't really understand what is going on atm (pretending that venus was hacked? Posting a pic of "her" with a guy in bed, throwing a hissy fit in public about her daughter,…) but all i know is that she is batshit crazy and seriously i think it's why Venus is fucked up.

Like come fucking on Margo has been SEXUALIZING her when she was a teen. This is Ostrenga level of creepy like Scott/Cathy taking creepy sexy pics of Kiki and Dakota.

#freevenus2016 we can only hope. I want to get her out of there and get stable mentally somehow and just grow a personnality. The girl must be so lost i feel bad for her.

No. 224823


What, that's a completely normal iris size..

No. 224824


I wonder if her mother has been talking shit about her image as a way to degrade her and wanted some sort of reassurance…I gotta feeling they're not on great terms at the moment.

No. 224825

Since Margo hinted at Manaki being a stalker who might stab Venus i wouldn't be surprised if margo snaps and stabs Venus and then tries to frame manaki

No. 224826

I think that photo Margo uploaded to Venus' Instagram is probably really Venus in bed with some mystery guy, although it looks like they're just cuddling idk.

Margo obviously uploaded it to hurt Manaki though, she knew he would see this and thought it would get rid of him.

Has anybody else considered the scenario here that Margo walks into a room to find her 18 yo daughter in bed asleep with a man and the first thing she does is photograph her against her knowledge and hold the photo in secret to use to blackmail get later?
Margo is a fucking fruitcake. I wish I could take Venus in myself, fucking hell I feel so sorry for her.

No. 224827


You're an idiot.
The national age of consent in Japan is 13 according to the penal code but each prefecture retains its own individual age of consent and not a single one enforces the national AoC.

No. 224862

Doesn't change the fact that it is legal for 13 yo to fuck around.

No. 224863

I guess it was posted to show that she is fine considering people asked about it a lot after Margo's shitstorm.

No. 224879

is she starting to grow a personality or…? i mean she still comes across weird and fake but in a way that seems to be more idk, natural? no idea what i'm even on about tbh.

No. 224880

if she started making vids like that i might actually enjoy watching her. she's got the telemarketing-talk down

No. 224881

She's acting like more of a teenager that wants to rebel.


maybe this is why margo is having a hissyfit?

No. 224885

yeah, that's what i meant. thanks. kind of like a 15-year-old, which makes sense, considering she never really got to act like one when she was that age.

No. 224886

Sooo cute, pics like these make me jelly, not gonna lie.

No. 224899

That video is actually old just like all the photos of her posts recently, Margo got full access over her FB now and posts old content that wasn't posted yet in order to make it look like if Venus was ok.

No. 224900

u blind, son? those are her real eyes. the filter is making them look more crystal-like though.

No. 224901

I really hope she's okay, I'm kinda afraid Margo is keeping her in a freezer right now

No. 224906

What if Venus and manaki already ran away together and margo took over her accounts to keep it going.

No. 224910

Then he would have posted something on his Twitter, that has been quite silent for a while too.

No. 224915


I actually cringed at this


You can do it too. Just blur the shit out of your pics and meitu it to fuck.

No. 224916

Maybe he doesn't use his Twitter any more. Or he doesn't want to post anything that could give away their location, etc.

I don't actually think they've run together for the record, I just don't see how him not tweeting proves anything.

No. 224917


It's sad. She's 18 almost 19 and she's still in the mentality range of a 14-15 year old.

Poor venus

But tbh, sad as it is. I don't think much will change for her. Maybe 3 years time but not this year or next.

No. 224951

You know what would solve the brunt of their problems?…..

No. 224953



They need 9-5s. The pair of them, Venus is old enough to work and go to uni at the same time. Margo needs actual work.

No. 224959

thats not very kawaii

No. 224963


Hell, Venus going to an actual university would help. Margo needs to get a fucking job though, how pathetic of her to basically live off of her daughter.

No. 224964

I don't think they have a working visa in Korea. And I also don't think that Venus would be able to get a flight to wherever she's a legal citizen and allowed to work (where is that, btw?) on her own and get a job/ apartment/ her life together.

I'm not even sure if she has any control over their finances, to be honest. Manaki is really her only way out.

No. 224965


Are you fucking blind or stupid? What part of "THE NATIONAL AGE OF CONSENT IN JAPAN IS NOT ENFORCED WITHIN ANY PREFECTURE", as in, it's a crime to "fuck around" on Japanese soil period of you are 13 or below that she.

How the fuck do you idiots even find this site I swear.

No. 224969

Spamming the report button on Instagram to get Margos sorry ratchet ass off there. She's so full of fucking cringe.

No. 224975

File: 1453530662704.jpg (159.22 KB, 933x602, weenus.jpg)

All those filters made her fingers pink lol. and according to google translate the text says "Japanese confectionery".

No. 224976

It does. Wagashi are Japanese sweets, though I'm not entirely sure what exactly she has there. Doesn't look too delicious tbh

No. 224977

I've been watching this forum for about the same time that Venus has been in Korea, and being in Korea myself I want to just add a few things that maybe you guys are getting a little wrong. Not completely, but just to put things in perspective a little.

-Venus eats a lot of Korean sweets, yes, but Korean sweets have so little calories. I was shocked myself to find out the difference between American and English calories in things versus Korean sweets. I'm not saying all of them, but the ones she's eating doesn't have many calories to begin with.
- Manakai visiting Korea isn't so far-fetched, it only takes around 2hours and the cost of a plane ticket from Tokyo to Seoul is around 200,000W (120GBP and like 190USD? I'm not sure conversions anymore but you get the idea. It's cheap and quick.)
-Venus' brown hair is a wig. I don't know what her hair color is currently, but in Korea it's not uncommon for girls to wear wigs or hair pieces in their hair for a time. It looks the same wig that is tied into a pony tail and is also braided. I have seen Korean wigs and the way her hair shines seems like it's unnatural, but that's just my opinion this time.

Since i've never posted on this forum before I'm not sure if I'm doing it right ;; Apologies in advance!

No. 224979

Looks like a gross poptart

No. 224984

Its ok. Are you new to 2chan-style imageboards?

No. 224985

File: 1453535557995.png (442.33 KB, 592x443, 8rt95.png)

Looks pretty delicious to me

No. 224986

I am familiar with that style (which is also this kind of style if I'm not mistaken)
I just know that there are rules to follow here that I might not be 100% aware of, even if I read them I'll probably end up messing up.;;

No. 224987

to each their own

No. 224996

spoiler that shit goddamn

No. 224997

1.) It's an imageboard, not a forum.
2.) Please do not use emoticons.

No. 225009

Unfortunately Venus hasn't grown up in an environment where a good work ethic was enforced. I think she would benefit from some kind of mentor that would teach her how to function in the adult world outside of Youtube.

No. 225012

So is there a possibility that she's in Japan atm? I guess it's nearly impossible to really track down where she is, or the point in time.

No. 225013

I'm going to guess Margo holds her passport, plus every other important piece of paper she might need.

No. 225015

I doubt it. If she was then Margo would be bragging about it and be posting more pictures of glorious nippon

No. 225019

She k-nocked off her lenses onto the floor.
Why hasn't her English improved, like, at all?

No. 225023

pretty sure the only person she talks english to is margo

No. 225036

Why would she speak English to her mother when her native language is Swiss German? Pretty sure the only time she speaks English is if/when she is allowed to interact with anyone at the language school she attends.

No. 225044

Honestly I think Venus bullshits about how "poor" her English is because thick accents are "Kawaii". I think since her previous videos of pretending to be Japanese were at the highest level of bullshit, but it was made apparent that she could speak perfectly well ( ie. When she and fhat Russian chick met up and danced around a public square like faggots ) when the camera was on the two of them she spoke quite clearly. (Which was hilarious since Anastasia didn't know shit she was saying anyway)
I think it's just something she does to appear "cute" or "foreign". Venus. if you can speak clearly, so it. Nobody likes the sound of someone with a mouthful of cotton pretending to be clueless.

No. 225054

File: 1453571987697.jpeg (180.56 KB, 750x1279, image.jpeg)

Maybe this is for the tumblr thread but here are some comments from venus's pic lmao

No. 225055

This is an extremely common phobia.

No. 225059

The rea world isn't gonna censor phobias, people just need to suck it up and deal with it. I can't take people seriously when they say they have this in RL bc of tumblr.

No. 225063

I had never noticed I had this until I saw photos of it from Junji Ito's works, I had never seen a lotus pod before actually, but when I saw pictures of that I realized I had it.
Strawberries and things like the pastry she was holding don't set it off though, it's not ALL clusters like people act like it is.
So, yes, you can get it from tumblr if you've never actually seen that shit until on the internet, but these kids are being silly.
Also I think in the "real world" if someone has a phobia people try to keep them away from it.
For example, I have a massive phobia of butterflies that I've had my entire life, therefore people don't just throw butterflies at me. My mother has a phobia of water, no one's pushing her into pools.
Obviously these people are ignorant, but the whole """"real world""" bullshit is ignorant too.

No. 225064

Looks infected and infested with maggots, sort of.

No. 225069

>Dat comment saying "Muh trypophobia"
I feel ya, vegetabul

No. 225070

yea but people dont walk around screaming and crying MUH TRIGGERS

for those affected, is it a true phobia causing intense anxiety, shaking, and crying? or merely an uncomfortable, squeamish feeling that makes them look away

No. 225076

Depends on the phobia and how bad it is. I get shitty anxiety from being yelled at and I have some pretty shitty social anxiety. It feels like you can't breathe, you feel nauseous/could possibly vomit, your blood runs cold, you can't think straight, and you want to die, not necessarily suicidal thoughts, but death seems better than a few seconds to a few minutes anxiety attack.

No. 225078

Plus I have trypophobia and it makes me squeamish, not have a fucking panic attack over it. But it depends on how bad your phobia is.

No. 225081

Haha, I can't believe my comment got capped. But seriously. That shit needs a trigger warning.

No. 225083

I have tryophobia. I've had it since I was about 6 or 7, I think. I remember I would get geeked out by pores on skin, pomegranates, strawberries, popcorn ceilings.. Almost anything with a texture that is or is similar to a small or large grouping of holes close together. I actually developed trich from it because of my weird phobia of holes. It doesn't send me wailing and screaming into the next room, but I sweat and get the beginnings of an anxiety attack if I focus on it. Sometimes I will have nightmares of being consumed by tiny holes in the ground. I can't look at my face up close because of it.

But I try to joke about it as much as I can, because it's a little less scary that way. It's a real thing to a lot of people. I'm not going to ask for a trigger warning in a serious sense, but goddamn will I scroll by that picture as fast as I fucking can when it pops up.

Sage for OT

No. 225084

imho Venus couldn't even get into university, or if she did, she'd never be able to handle the workload and drop out in the first semester while they jet off somewhere new to escape the shame. She's been bought up in a stupid way and has no idea how to dedicate herself to something academic.

No. 225089

I agree. I don't think she'd be able to handle going to an actual university either, especially if she gets put into one of those expunction classes (tough teachers that make you wanna drop out).

No. 225107


Manaki can't and won't save her. I don't see them pairing up together in the future at all. Venus needs to try doing this alone. Get the fuck away from her mother.

No. 225110

The pressure in uni is probably easy as cake to handle compared to the 24h one by Margo.

No. 225112

No. 225113

>If she was then Margo would be bragging about it and be posting more pictures of glorious nippon

Not if Venus fleed from Margo.

No. 225115

Nobody is talking about Manaki saving her. People always say Venus needs to just leave, but where would she go? She didn't finish school, never had a job in her entire life, has no family, no friends, no money, no place of her own, does not speak fluent Korean, likely couldn't work if she wanted to because of visa restrictions and had a very sheltered upbringing. How the fuck is she supposed to just leave? Where would she go? She has no understanding of how the world works and will likely take YEARS to recover from her shitty childhood, if ever.
Manaki can't fix the psychological damage Marg did to her, can't finish school for her and can't make her develop a work ethic. So no, he can't 'save' her. What he can do is provide her with some food on the table and a roof over her head, away from her crazy mother, while she gets her shit sorted out. If he really is a creepy nutcase he obviously won't be much good as far as emotional support is concerned, but best case scenario is she can milk the thirsty fanboy for enough money and resources to eventually survive on her own.
Would it be morally wrong to take advantage of him? Yes, but it might be the only shot she gets. At this point she might still have a chance to turn her life around, but every year she waits only means lagging further behind her peers and having fewer chances at being semi-normal.

Tl;dr if she's smart she fucks off with him. Fame in Asia did not happen and is not going to happen, it's time to grow up, untie the pigtails, drop the squeaky voice and join society.

No. 225117

The pressure is not the problem, it's her upbringing. She makes half-assed YouTube videos and yet earned comparatively huge amounts of praise. People like her often don't understand the concept of having to put effort into things to succeed. And yes, university usually requires at least a small amount of dedication and discipline unless you're going for a shit degree.

No. 225118

i dont think you understand the definition of a phobia
sounds like you're just grossed out by it (like most people)

No. 225119

I don't think she even has the proper schooling to meet entrance criteria or pass entrance exams. She's seriously behind in her education because it's always taken a backseat to her quest for fame

I don't think Margo really puts that much pressure on her, at least in relation to her 'career'. Venus hasn't done a day of work in her life, and there's no way she has the work ethic to pursue a university education. Everything they've ever done is by half-assing it and taking the easy route.

No. 225120

I wish i could save penus, i've sometimes thought of flying her here to move in with me and being her big sister forever. helping her readjust and grow up…

No. 225125

No. 225127

I'm glad I'm not alone. I wonder if there's any way that could happen or anything. Hum.

No. 225131

Don't they have Swiss citizenship? That is waaay more valuable than Hungarian.

No. 225132

You don't get 'likes' every time you do a basic task at uni, that's for sure.

Marriage is probably her best option.

No. 225134

Or even just a normal wageslave job. But she's far too much of an immature princess for either of those options.

No. 225139

>I don't think she even has the proper schooling to meet entrance criteria or pass entrance exams. She's seriously behind in her education because it's always taken a backseat to her quest for fame
She does, the only time she wasn't in an actual school was when they moved to the UK and that was only a tiny part of her life, her grades in school in the Netherlands wouldn't have been good if she behind in education.

No. 225144

stop with the creepy maternal shit pls

No. 225146

Whats so bad about want to help someone to have a normal life away from their abusive parents???

No. 225154

There is nothing bad about it at all. I've done the same thing and I have another friend who said the same thing. I am sure there are plenty of us that do. It's just reactions to her situation AS WE PERCIEVE IT.

No. 225157

it's ironic because y'all sitting around and nitpicking her all day

No. 225163

I don't nit-pick her, I despise Margo.

No. 225382

Has anyone heard anything from Freelee about Venus yet? Very curious..

No. 225385

What, that banana psycho? Why would she talk about penus?

No. 225387

File: 1453712832602.jpg (178.78 KB, 816x606, zxcvb.jpg)

This was posted a couple hours ago. People on her insta are asking for a timestamp photo, or a video update to let them know she's okay.

No. 225388

>>225387 Finally her fans are taking more notice of this shit and how much of a cunt Margo is.

No. 225400

I really want to know what's going on right now. It wouldn't take her long to post a short video.

>duh she's going to eat Korean food

No. 225401

>Simon and Martina finally leaves Korea
>Seems like Venus is actually going to stay

will we never be free from the these shitheads

No. 225403

hebephilia isn't exclusive to males it seems

No. 225413

>The user quoting Perfect Blue
Woah he's right!

No. 225417

See posts
So I was wondering if anything ever game of it..

No. 225549


Sorry for being so anal, but the past tense of flee is fled*.

No. 225632

It indeed is possible that the photo could be older because it was taken at the Lotteria Margo was at 5 days ago.

No. 225687


Venus is an 18 year old young adult.
Shut up.

No. 225710

I don't get why everyone's acting like she's 14 or something either. I mean really, she's going to be 19 next month.

No. 225725

Exactly. She's not a god damned child and Manaki is not a pedo for being attracted to her.

No. 226096

File: 1453792418529.jpg (40.83 KB, 720x480, 1236713.jpg)

what the fuck is going on

No. 226142

It's probably more the fact that he WAS contacting her when she was like.. 13? They claimed he "fell in love" that time, idk, sounds gross

No. 226158


This. He was in contact with her when she began to rise to efame with her Youtube persona. Between when she was 13-15 years old I think it began. TBH it was creepy Manaki was lurking after her for that long before she made her trip to Japan with Bodyline and obviously continued to pursue her till she officially became his girlfriend.

No. 226176

You guys act like if he was the same age as now back then too, thy only have a 6 years age difference.

No. 226178

>taking what Margo said serious
The only thing he did was tweeting her once a while like all her other fans and "falling in love" souldn't be taken literary as he uses it for objects too, many people do this for things they like.

No. 226216

Do we have any evidence of him doing that though?

No. 226365


Well with Venus saying they started speaking on Twitter when she was really young, if it was when she was 13 that'd make him 19. Or at 15 that'd make him 21.

The fuck is a guy considered an "adult" doing stalking and fanboying 24/7 over an underaged teen girl online? That shit is creepy. It's alright now that their ages are seen as legal, but that's besides the damn point.

No. 226392

>The fuck is a guy considered an "adult" doing stalking and fanboying 24/7 over an underaged teen girl online? That shit is creepy. It's alright now that their ages are seen as legal, but that's besides the damn point.
Which he didn't, I pity you for trusting Margo with what she says.

No. 226411

It's not even possible as their first contact was via Twitter and he created it in September 2012, meaning few months before she turned 16 but his first Tweet to her was in late 2013, it was a reply to a "learning japanese #insertbillionjapanesehashtagshere" Tweet.

No. 226576

>actually believing Margo's rendition of things

No. 226584


God forbid there are people out there who genuinely believe Manaki is a thirsty creepy ass otaku and have done so before Margo began to dislike him after he failed to keep them in Japan for longer. Margo's opinion is irrelevant as she just talks shit about everyone who shows an ounce of care for her kid regardless.

No. 226586

>God forbid there are people out there who genuinely believe Manaki is a thirsty creepy ass otaku and have done so before Margo began to dislike him after he failed to keep them in Japan for longer. Margo's opinion is irrelevant as she just talks shit about everyone who shows an ounce of care for her kid regardless.
Because there is SO much information about him avaiable that doesn't come from Margo, righto.

No. 226757

am I the only one dying at "Fucking hell you're an S rank weeb"?

No. 226788

File: 1453899234380.jpg (188.29 KB, 934x604, qwerty.jpg)

Translate says "Various sweets bought in a long time!"

So is she back in Japan or did she buy these at one of those foreign food stores?

No. 226791

Old photo. Look at the date on top. kek

What a lameass.

No. 226793

File: 1453903170069.jpeg (1.57 MB, 3024x3024, image.jpeg)

To clarify what I meant:

I actually bought a package yesterday from the same brand. The date says:

Expires: <date, YY/MM/DD>
Packed: <date, YY/MM/DD>

So she must've bought it (probably in Korea, of course), back in December. Unless they don't sell well in Korea and don't get stacked up that often.

No. 226873

Likely is still Margo pretending to be her.

No. 226877

Btw the screenshot for her "new" video seems to be old too as she looks the same as in the Umbrella Man video.

No. 227217

Blonde. I wonder what she's up to.

No. 227221

Jesus, wonder why she keeps flip-flopping colors. At this rate, she might end up with a patchy scalp like Keekz and Kooter.

No. 227223

She's blonde because this video was filmed when she was………

wait for it……

Why is that concept difficult to grasp

No. 227242

this vid is clearly a few months old. she posted a pic of herself wearing that same outfit and i think that was around the time when she made the other spicy noodles vids. this shit is weird. how long has maggro been using old footage and posting vids?

No. 227250

Wasn't the brunette a wig?

No. 227251

No, she definitely dyed her hair brown.

Is Venus even alive anymore?

No. 227252


I'm getting skerred now.

No. 227255

>And maybe I'm gonna die, but… hmm.
>Even though I think I will probably die… It's really exciting.

Jesus, did anyone else find the way she said those lines to be slightly unnerving?

No. 227257

Nah. She's only trying to emphasize the idea of eating a bunch of spicy stuff.

What's terrifying is that Venus may not have any access to her social media.

No. 227266

She looks quite nice in this video. Shame the content is so dull.

No. 227270

The thought of Margaret puppetering her accounts is kind of scary.

No. 227271


No. 227279

She died her hair brown but because of its shitty condition she wore a dark brown wig sometimes.

No. 227283

With how crazy Margo is, it's kinda understandable. I mean, I don't think she's actually keeping Peenus' accounts on lockdown, but I do think Margo definitely cleans out what she doesn't like on it and probably orders her daughter to post some stuff like "Venus, go take a selfie for instagram"

No. 227305

> and probably orders her daughter to post some stuff like "Venus, go take a selfie for instagram"
So far all the contet posted since Margo's mental breakdown has been old tho.

No. 227307

Maybe Margo hit her and now she has a black eye? Who knows honestly, I'm just really hoping she's ok

No. 227356


>Clinician Christine Ann Lawson, Ph.D. developed four distinct types of people with borderline personality disorder (BPD) in her book Understanding the Borderline Mother: Helping Her Children Transcend the Intense, Unpredictable, and Volatile Relationship (2000).

>Dr. Lawson's book categorizes borderline mothers into four groups: Witches, Queens, Hermits, and Waifs. "Queens and Witches" are higher-functioning, acting-out "invisible" BPs, while "Hermits" and "Waifs" are lower-functioning, acting-in "conventional" types. Most people with BPD probably display secondary elements of other categories. The "Queen" has both BPD and narcissistic personality disorder (NPD).

No. 227357

The Witch

>Typical Thoughts

Unconsciously, Witches hate themselves because they grew up in an environment that "required complete submission to a hostile or sadistic caregiver" (2000). They continue the cycle by acting cruelly to others, especially those who are too weak, young, or powerless to help themselves.

>Typical Emotions

They feel no remorse for nightmarish acts, showing more interest in their own well-being than concern over the way they've hurt others. The Witch's triggers include jealousy, criticism, betrayal, abandonment, feeling left out, and being ignored.

>Typical Actions and Central Dilemma

Most BP parents do not physically abuse their children. Those who do probably fall into this category. However, the abuse usually occurs when other competent adults are not present. Thus, family members can live in fear while all seems well to the outside world.
Witches want power and control over others so that others do not abandon them. When someone or something triggers the Witches' abandonment fear, these BPs can become brutal and full of rage, even punishing or hurting family members who stand in their way (2000). These types of BPs are most resistant to treatment: they will not allow others to help and the source of self-loathing is very deep.

>Typical Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions of Family Members

"I will comply with what she wants. Resistance is futile. I will be assimilated."
Fear in victims.
Denial on the part of those who could protect the victims.
Tries not to trigger the witch. But her behavior is not really about the non-BP, so this strategy doesn't work.

>The Effect of the Witch's Behavior in Children

Children live in terror of Witches' capricious moods; they are the "collateral damage" of a secret war they did not start, do not understand, and cannot control.
Attacks are random, intense, and cruel. Children automatically think they're at fault and can become shamed, depressed, insecure, dissociative, and hypervigilant.
As adults they may have multiple difficulties with self, relationships, physical illness, and even post traumatic stress disorder.

No. 227358

The Queen

>Typical Thoughts

"I want more attention. I deservemore attention. And, by the way, what have you done for me lately?" Also, "My children should fulfill my needs, not the other way around. They don't love or respect me if they disagree with me, go against my wishes, or have needs of their own."

>Typical Feelings

These include entitlement, deprivation, emptiness, anger, frustration, or loneliness from the deprivation they felt as children. Queens are impatient and have a low tolerance for frustration. They also push others' boundaries without regret or recognition.

>Typical Actions and Central Dilemma

Driven by feelings of emptiness and unable to soothe themselves, Queens do what it takes to get what they feel they so richly deserve–including vindictive acts like blackmail. Initially they may impress others with their social graces. But when "friends" can no longer deliver, the Queen cuts them off without a thought. Queens are capable of real manipulation (vs. more primitive BP defenses) to get what they desire.

>Typical Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions of Family Members

"I can't meet this person's needs; my best isn't enough."
"Don't I ever get to have any needs? (Better not say that or the Queen will leave me.)"
"Why is everything always about her?"
"If people only knew what an act the Queen puts on, they'd sure be shocked."
Family members who the Queen shames, ignores, or gives superficial attention learn that their worth depends on external things (cars, important titles).
Non-BPs' self-esteem also suffers–especially among those who become isolated or who had a Queen parent.
Over time, non-BPs feel used, manipulated and angry–anger at the BP and at themselves for capitulating so much they no longer recognize themselves.
Non-BPs give in to her wishes because it's easier than maintaining personal limits.
Less assertive non-BPs are vulnerable to distortion campaigns, unwilling or unable to protect themselves or their children.

>Consequences to Children with a Queen Parent

To the Queen, children are a built-in audience expected to give love, attention and support when the Queen needs it. Children feel confused and betrayed when their normal behavior is sometimes punished (according to the Queen's needs of the moment). Since Queens don't allow or help children become individuals (autonomy is discouraged–even punished) kids mimic the behavior they do see: the Queens'. Thus, a new generation of BPs is born.
As kids grow, conflict with the Queen increases. Underneath, these kids long for approval, recognition, consistency, and to be loved unconditionally for who they are, not what they achieve.

No. 227359

The Waif

>Typical Thoughts

"I am a worthless victim. I do so want to be loved and protected, but I am not worthy of it." Philosophy: The glass is not only half-empty, but is about to spill all over the floor I just washed.

>Typical Feelings

Helpless, hopeless, and despair. Rage can be masked by sadness and depression, but released by rejection or abandonment. Waifs distort their own errors or disappointments, leading to more shame. They feel vulnerable, defective, anxious, moody, and irrationally fearful.

>Typical Actions and Central Dilemma

They look to others to "save them," but ultimately refuse assistance because helplessness makes them feel safe. Ironically, if they mistrust everyone and let no one get close, they stay in control and no one can abandon or disappoint them. Waifs may hurt themselves to express shame, but they are capable of raging if they feel rejected or abandoned. They don't ask for what they need, then appear Martyr-like because others can't read their minds and give it to them. Waifs may have crying spells and be unable to give nurturing to others.

>Typical Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions of Family Members

"The greater the sacrifice, the more I show I love her."
"She desperately needs help, so I must save her, no matter what."
"My needs are not as important as hers."
"If I learn enough about BPD, I can heal her."
"I like being needed, but sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the BP's neediness."
"I get confused and frustrated when she rejects my help."
"Her behavior isn't all that abnormal. I can manage it and so can the kids."
"I feel abused, and my self-esteem wasn't all that high to begin with."
"I try to help, but she turns it down again and again."
"If a method for coping with this doesn't work, I plan to keep trying. It will eventually succeed."
"I am unable to protect my children or myself from this behavior."

>The Effects of the Waif's Behavior on Children

They feel angry, afraid and alone.
Children may feel like failures for not making the BP happy, or they may keep trying and trying until the mother's death. This enmeshment (inability to separate) may hinder grown child's relationships, which may be fraught with dependency.
The child may become cynical, angry, and feel manipulated or turn into overresponsible nursemaids seeking elusive approval.
The message to children is that life is something to be endured until you die.
The BP shelters children to such an extent they find autonomy disconcerting.

No. 227360

The Hermit

>Typical Thoughts

"It's a dog eat dog world out there and I'm a cat. Everyone out there is for themselves and no place is safe. Since people will always end up betraying me, I must be alert for hints or hidden meanings in things others would consider innocuous."

>Typical Feelings

Terrified of not having control, fear of engulfment keeps them from obtaining comfort. No wonder they see potential disaster everywhere. Hermits take criticism as a global condemnation of themselves and depend upon work and hobbies for self-esteem. Their inner shame is expressed through continual criticism of others.

>Typical Actions and Central Dilemma

The hard shell makes these BPs appear confident, determined, independent, and even socially graceful. But it's a veneer. Like many BPs, hermits show one face to the world and another to everyone else. Close family members experience, "distrust, perfectionism, insecurity, anxiety, rage and paranoia" (2000). They hold everyone to same ideal of perfection, punishing others by raging or shutting them out. Hermits fear losing themselves, which translates into possessiveness about their belongings.

>Typical Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions of Family Members

"Like the BP says, the world is unsafe and I should not risk trusting people."
"I need to protect the BP from the terror of the outside world."
"I am a faithful, loyal person and would never leave the BP to fend for herself."
"I feel trapped and isolated by the Hermit's fear."
"I have trouble trusting and making mistakes because I know the BP will say, 'I told you so.'"
"I'm giving up my social life because it's too hard to maintain one and be a helpful person to the BP, who doesn't want to go out or make friends."
"I will make excuses for the BP so no one will suspect the real problems."

>The Effects of the Hermit's Behavior on Children

During adulthood, they suffer from many maladies stemming from trapped feelings such as panic attacks or phobias.
Children not encouraged to explore and learn can become anxious when faced with new situations. They may not learn appropriate coping skills, give up control too easily, have a hard time trusting, and be less capable of naturally moving away from the parent.


No. 227370

I'm actually a bit concerned for Venus's well being. Everything just seems shady.

No. 227415

Haha wow thats a lot of shit im not going to read

No. 227437

More so that Margo doesn't post on her won accounts anymore when she used to post like 24h.

No. 227441


Plus the latest video is months old before she dyed her hair dark again, that room and pink blanket backdrop come from their previous host family's place before they got their own apartment in Seoul. This isn't like her at all.

No. 227442

margo is probably the queen, maybe a bit of the waif as well

No. 227453

I'm pretty concerned too. I really get the sense that something unsavory is going on.

No. 227457

Considering how much old new content Margo posts, I wonder if Venus's whole day is only filming and making selfies and we only see like 1/10 of it.

No. 227460

File: 1454034847365.png (662.61 KB, 921x590, 43534.png)

No. 227463

File: 1454034979811.png (651.86 KB, 1079x1388, Screenshot_2016-01-28-21-29-45…)


Here's the pic to confirm the fact that this video was shot December 8

No. 227470

I'd love to ask her why is she such a cunt, that's a good enough question to get a answer out of.

No. 227472

Pretty convinced Venus done a runner with Manaki now and Margo is cruising along on her social media.

No. 227477

"did u kil venus? pls respnd"

No. 227480


I hope she gets spammed with questions asking about venus

No. 227485

Anyone have an instagram and want to ask margo where Venus is right now?

Also that cat in the jar picture is disturbing. Why would anyone post that?

No. 227488

She always deletes every comment (that goes into this direction) when she's online.

No. 227491

I hope that Venus has run off with Manaki and the truth comes out soon. Venus seems happy with she's with him. It would make for an interesting new chapter in this lolcow story.

No. 227495

Same. I never thought I'd be concerned but I understand Venus' situation a little better now. Christ, I genuinely do feel bad for her. She has no skills, no real education and no experience with the real world. I don't know how she'd do on her own and I bet Margo has her passport so she couldn't have run off with Manaki.

No. 227507

I feel bad for this cat. Why would someone take a picture like that instead of trying to get it out? Jesus

No. 227510

File: 1454045953106.jpg (61.13 KB, 640x640, 12534360_229645307372100_64250…)

And this happens when Margo shoops Venus's selfies instead.

No. 227567

Jesus everything about this looks so bad

No. 227568

This is definitely Margo style of shoop.

No. 227575


He could be a creepy stalker, but I doubt it. I doubt she would have stuck around with him if he was giving off creepy vibes. It more likely he admire her like a lot of people who admire people on the internet.
Then only went to Korea to find out what the heck happened to her. They were getting married, then she left the country not even with all her stuff that i presume he still has and just never came back.

No. 227578

What I wouldn't give to see Margo in jail or deported for being a selfish useless piece of shit.

No. 227591

Has anyone tried to message Manaki and see what he says?

If Venus ran away with him, then he can confirm.

No. 227592

I'm sorry, there are so many posts I can't catch up with. What's this about Venus being disappeared? Summary, please?

No. 227593

If you scroll through his oldest tweets, you can tell how unhealthily obsessed he was with her

No. 227594

Can you just look at the date of the recent posts and read them? They're not a lot. Just look for the ones that are newer than "2 days ago".

No. 227595

Margaret Internet Defense Force, please leave.

No. 227596

jesus christ can we have one thread where someone doesn't get fucking armchair diagnosed with BPD?

No. 227598

I did now, thanks

No. 227605

Margo is just a plain old narcissist. Venus should joing /r/raisedbynarcissists

No. 227627

A hand full of posts within 2 years hardly counts as unhealthy obsessed. Hell, he only got about 600 Tweets in total in 4 years and 90% is casual stuff.

No. 227721

Margo seems the type of mother who would make Venus choose between her or Manaki and if she chose him, would kick her out of their flat with only the clothes on her back and nowhere else to go in Seoul. With her daughter on the streets she then milks what she can to live well financially and keeps the fans happy enough with old video footage, selfies and kawaii food pics before it gets too suspicious.

No. 227865

Jfc, her eyebrows look hella thick through her fringe. It looks like a unibrow that's been shaved in the middle.

No. 227912

Why is Margo suddenly starting to insult Korea on her IG?

No. 227913

Why are you not screencapping and posting that shit?

No. 227926

checked her insta, I'm not seeing anything.

No. 227935

He also had to be in contact with Venus or them to know where they live in Korea? so Margos story has holes

No. 227947


I think >>227942 tried to post it in here.

No. 227959

Margo is implying that koreans don't appreciate the worth of things (likely refering to herself) as the bag is on a trash transport.

No. 227960

*value, not worth

No. 227979

File: 1454184181295.png (2.49 MB, 1794x1128, Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 18.1…)

lmfao, shit had too many tabs open.

No. 227988

marg is so attention thirsty. Why does a woman of her age take so many selfies? Guess she really wants to steal penus' spotlight

No. 228009

I may have the unpopular opinion here, but if Venus really ran away, I hope she is smart enough to stay away from social media and the online world in general. Her fans will wonder where she is, but it would be the wisest move on her part to stay away from Margo and pretty much the life she had. Starting fresh will be a chance for her to learn and grow as a person, not as a puppet.

No. 228014


Mongy Margaret at her finest…

No. 228016


Same here, just a life somewhere else and getting better. But it won't happen. Kawaii and subs matter more.

No. 228018


I really don't think she's ran away tho. Margo wouldn't let that happen lmfao.

No. 228019

Really bad fake LV bags on a crappy truck? Sounds like you really enjoy being in Korea Margo

No. 228020

File: 1454188795300.jpg (208.16 KB, 1920x1080, large.jpg)


No way would Margo allow her little sunflower ticket to fame escape her wrinkly clutches

No. 228025

Margo must be mistaken, that bag sums up herself not Korea. An ugly asf fake piece of tacky trash.

No. 228027

I agree. It's extremely unlikely Venus went anywhere. She has nowhere to go in Korea and is most likely still very emotionally dependent on her mother, even though it is probably starting to sink in how much her life really sucks.

No. 228058

Her german comment says it is not hers and not the one of someone else (as it is on the way to the trash).

No. 228071

This. Margo is an egocentric bitch.

No. 228100

It's probably her's because she's trashy enough to carry a fake LV bag, but she's just ~pretending~ it's on the streets and thinks its witty

No. 228112

Venus just posted on tumblr for the first time in like forever. I actually forgot I was following her

No. 228118

Idk what you are talking about as her last post was only two weeks ago.