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File: 1426289843397.png (403.47 KB, 367x599, 367px-Kaoruirl4.png)

No. 61768


Creating a whole thread for this because I knew the cow personally, but I actually did not have a part in creating her ED page. I do, however, know the person who did create it and they're their own kind of ugly/disturbed Tumblrina self. Maybe will create a thread on them sometime if I can find their new Tumblr, its been years.

>30 year old trailer park weeaboo with a self insert OC Mary Sue

>uses said OC to hop into any fandom she chooses, force herself into relationships with people
>manipulates them, makes them abandon friends for them, forces their SO to knight the fuck out of her OC
>draws hilariously bad/traces shit like crazy and still demands asspats for her ~*art*~ desu
>has had three ED pages in her lifetime and featured on nearly thirty Mary Sue blogs

Feel free to ask questions and I'll try to answer what I can.

No. 61780

No. 61781

File: 1426290495573.jpg (42.08 KB, 480x640, 954661_748932335201529_7485437…)

>dying hair to look moar azn

No. 61787

File: 1426290747871.jpg (66.34 KB, 500x667, 1471791_565831310178300_227654…)

No. 61789

File: 1426290782499.jpg (112.64 KB, 640x640, 10426879_678921892202574_39254…)

This cow is the worst. I know more about her than I probably should, but that's because I've known her since I was like… 16. I'm turning 24 this year.


No. 61793

For the record, >>61789 isn't my post. Just someone else who has known her.

No. 61799

File: 1426291283008.png (348.7 KB, 834x981, tumblr_nl20aifhIo1sewn3fo2_128…)

No. 61801

No. 61804

Will read her ED, she's a new one for me (but I can already tell dis gun be guud).

No. 61825

File: 1426292372200.jpg (46.9 KB, 500x276, Daisy-Girl-Interrupted-girl-in…)

For some reason she reminds me of that one character in the film Girl Interrupted.

No. 61827

I loved Daisy! Yeah, I can see what you mean.

No. 61828



No. 61842

File: 1426293341196.png (376.32 KB, 612x901, Themuniskaoru.PNG)

No. 61843

File: 1426293459041.jpg (60.97 KB, 640x640, 10326551_1502261819994647_6797…)

No. 61871

No. 61938

Is she that Canadian lolita who used to piss of the egl comm on lj and covered that Portal song on Youtube?

No. 61946

No. 61986

Shit, I've seenvthat ED before. What a loon.

What are the deetz on her "rise to stardom before the scandal" and her being from Japan? I just don't find that believable.

No. 62048

No. 62049

File: 1426321821483.jpg (339.09 KB, 948x1041, Ff8-selphie.jpg)

No. 62119

She's never been to Japan. She still lives in Massachusetts supporting her parents with her Lowes job.

No. 62258

damn… she is just… way unattractive.

No. 62501

the galleries on the ed page are too cringe worthy. lock it up and throw away the key for gods sake.

No. 62507

OP pic reminds me of Ichigo Chu for some reason.

No. 63107

Isn't she that weeaboo who would pitch a royal baby fit when ever anyone would remotely critique her self inserts or some dumb desu shit like that?

No. 63600

No. 63602

Still does and clearly still has not learned despite being on so many Mary Sue blogs. Also dyed her hair black recently in an attempt to look more Azn.

No. 63656

Nigga that ain't kawaii.

No. 63851

if her characters are original then why do all of their faces look like copypastas of princess peach?

No. 64008

Ew the majority of her gallery are just sketches of her OC and it's all in that horribly generic anime trash style.
Does she not know how to draw or do anything that doesn't involve her big boobed characters?

No. 64011

She traces or uses bases. Her best artwork is collabs with others, because THEY do most of the work.

No. 64067

>>64011 Jesus Christ there's so many too. She seems really obsessed with Space Dandy too, way too obsessed that she is one step away from taping a sketch of his face to a shower nozzle if she hasn't already. I haven't looked at the ED page since my virus scanner goes bat shit crazy when I go on there but I'm going to assume that this weeb is like this with any fandom she puts her OCs in?

No. 64080

Dandy is the latest. Her list from the past includes..

Homestuck, Batman, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Hanna Is Not a Boy’s Name, Gravitation, Fruits Basket, Rurouni Kenshion, Samurai Jack, Cowboy Bebop, Peacemaker Kurogane, Earthworm Jim, Fullmetal Alchemist Ghost Trick, Venture Brothers, The Adventures of TinTin, Professor Layton, Lupin the Third, Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright, Saiyuki, Gundam, Ouran Host Club, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Chrono Crusade, Superjail!, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, MonsterKind, Dr. Who, Team Fortress 2, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Sonic The Hedgehog, TMNT,Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san, Animal crossing, One Piece, 07-Ghost, Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist,Dragon Slayer, Kingdom Hearts,Free, Dangan Ronpa, Ao No Exorcist, Bakemonogatari, K-on, Kill la Kill, Attack on Titan, Gurren Lagann ,Total Drama Island, Space Dandy, Black Lagoon, Invader Zim, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac … etc

No. 64094

JFC doesn't this bitch have a job or something?

No. 64095

Yeah, she's been working at Lowe's since she graduated from high school. She's 30. She still lives with her parents. She doesn't know how to drive and doesn't want to learn.

No. 64103

>>64080 I don't know what half of that shit is but that is too fucking much. Someone go throw her computer and phone in a volcano so she can get a life beyond thirsting after anime boys.

No. 64106

TBH this weaboo looks older than 30.

No. 64107

She 30, sadly.
She was always that haggard.

No. 64114

She even tries to dress like her self inserts and I'm sure those aren't even cosplays in the OP pic but her every day outfits. Does she have a personality of her own or is she that fixated on her fictional desu life?

No. 64117

The op pic, she took a Christmas door bow to make one of her outfits she would use for Kaoru.

No. 64642

I skimmed the links to see if there was any potential dramu lawlz or if this was created by pure butthurt. But after clicking around, I can see why this cow has an ED page. She is shady as fuck.
She admits to slut shaming which is hypocritical in her "online persona's" position, and she talks so much trash on her co workers, family, and her white knight Tumblrina followers on Twitter. Good find, OP.

No. 64859

File: 1426694925224.jpg (21.9 KB, 460x276, image.jpg)

No. 65059

File: 1426719843157.png (82.5 KB, 996x854, begging to be noticed.png)

No. 65061

File: 1426720071570.png (89.15 KB, 1028x866, more shit.png)

No. 65062

File: 1426720198322.png (27.88 KB, 704x262, gee i wonder why.png)

No. 65064

File: 1426720300844.png (68.43 KB, 975x838, goddamnit.png)

No. 65073


Why don't these people get that if multiple people have told you to quit your bitching and stop acting shitty, it's probably not because everyone is out to get you and probably more to do with the fact you're being moody and obnoxious?

No. 65082

Because she and others like her refuse to believe that. Krissie is very much closed off from reality aside from her retail job. She sits inside all of the time, willingly, on her computer and that is her only form of social interaction. And, it honestly isn't surprising that it is because it's the only place where she can (somewhat) filter out all of the "meenies". She can't really do that offline and that bothers her because she's forced to face reality.

No. 65087

File: 1426723415544.jpg (90.95 KB, 640x640, 10561221_691659430883014_93729…)

No. 65089

File: 1426723524342.jpg (121.22 KB, 640x640, 10449150_513639495403866_18931…)

No. 65114

Gemsonas are popular with Tumblrinas so look who is now hopping on the bandwagon of suddenly getting "obsessed" with Steven Universe. Why does she try so hard to be hip and cool like the young kids?

No. 65116

That show is such shit.

No. 65120

She needs that stick surgically removed from her ass. Whats with the special snowflake attitude?

No. 65122

That show is the new bronybait so why does it matter?

No. 65123

File: 1426728691790.png (30.87 KB, 719x347, boohoo.png)

No. 65124

File: 1426728755220.png (31.17 KB, 692x323, boohoo2.png)

No. 65127

She has a point though.

No. 65129

Not when she's nearly 40 and still being supported by her parents, still in retail (not even a manager), and still refuses to learn how to drive.

They drive their 40 year old daughter to work everyday and have since she graduated high school.

Maybe you should think about that for a minute.

No. 65130

File: 1426729186322.png (81.08 KB, 860x855, Screenshot (474).png)

No. 65132

File: 1426729289653.png (77.65 KB, 954x848, more dramatic bs.png)

No. 65136

this is one of those "college triggers me/driving triggers me" people, anon. theres literally no excuse when you're as old as this chick is and leeching off of your rents because you can't be assed to drop the self insert charade for like a day or three to study driving. when they drop dead so will her chances of getting to work. no work = no money for the bills or food.

No. 65137

I read from one of her tweets that she refuses anything higher from her cashier position but she bragged that she could do those jobs better than every one else there.
I figure that she doesn't because it'll take away from her screen and doodle time.

No. 65143

Screenies or it didn't happen.

No. 65144

She's full of shit, lol. Her same tweets are comprised of whining about how mean customers are to her and following every story about it comes a "breakdown" tweet. She couldn't handle a higher position which would involve her actively needing to deal with even more customers on a daily basis. Especially since she'd be the one resolving their issues and dealing with the cuntiest ones, but I guess she thinks that a manager position doesn't come with all of that sort of shit.

>using this tired ass meme when you have a link in OP to all of her accounts
>s-she innocent!1!1!1!!

Oh, goodie. More white knights.

No. 66114

>Whines about Dumblr followers on Twatter
>Goes on a hiatus from Dumblr for attentionz while continuing to whine about her loyal white knights followers
>Returns to Dumblr with excuse of making new icons for her precious self insert baby >Gets one follower who she was shit twating about to draw her self insert while acting fake as fuck

She stank of bullshit.

No. 66129

Shady as fuck.

No. 66156

The only reason this weeb is obsessing with that show now is because her current bae loves it and it's the big with Tumblrites. Since she's already calling Pearl her waifu in the usual creepy manner, it won't be long until she draws multiple doodles of her Mary Sue glomped all over her.

No. 70968

File: 1427648165373.jpg (36.19 KB, 617x245, image.jpg)

Guess who's Twatter account is now locked. At least her old accounts on ED are full of lawlz.

No. 70970


No. 70973

She looks like one weird cousin that no one wants to talk to at family gatherings.

No. 70994

That struck a nerve cries in the corner

No. 70996

Uh… ok.

No. 70997

File: 1427652071084.jpg (13.8 KB, 198x254, download.jpg)

Is she trying to look Perfect Blue?

No. 71002

I think she is trying to cosplay as one of her characters.

No. 71006

File: 1427653691546.jpg (32.87 KB, 297x281, image.jpg)

No. 71140

Kek. She has no problem talking trash behind anyone's back, even if they are one of her Tumblrite bffs or white knight followers, but no one can say shit to or about her without her having a pity party fit and dubbing those haterz misogynistic bullies .

No. 71259

She is already stalking a Pearl roleplayer on Tumblr.
>[Whispers I want Kammy to befriend a Peal. or any of the Crystal Gems aaa]
>[I just want her to talk to more females. DEVELOPMENT.]
This was posted after they never responded back to one of her asks on Tumblr. I wouldn't be surprised if she is whining on Twitter about them not wanting to be her waifu.

No. 71840

This person is so cringeworthy. Does she not know how much of a creepy stalker vibe she gives off?

No. 71861

That boob.

No. 71880

No. 71911

File: 1427747062638.gif (991.17 KB, 500x325, 1403504687669.gif)

Those eye brows.

No. 71936

File: 1427749042518.jpg (10.12 KB, 187x229, image.jpg)

No. 72065

No. 72080

Is there something mentally wrong with her?

No. 72119

It looks like she is now stalking 3 different Pearl roleplayers on Dumblr and commissioning artists on Twatter to draw her gem waifu .
How does someone get so desperate and obsessive over a character from a shitty show?

No. 72597

>Proclaims that she and her muse are "feminists".
>Believes slut shaming is okay and talks down about any fellow female coworker that gets more attention than her.

Kek.. Ok.

No. 72606

I think you mean any female.

No. 74018

Because she's desperate and lonely.

No. 74111

Doesn't she have a girlfriend?

No. 74118

Seeing how her entire follower count is her bae's fanbase and the majority of art work she posts is originally by her bae, they are still together.

No. 76323

File: 1428284626340.jpg (42.82 KB, 546x714, image.jpg)

>ooc: GENTLY LAYS DOWN I want to rp this……

The self insert x gem waifu fan art has started. She is also still stalking after multiple Pearl rpers on Dumblr to live out her shipping fantasies and failing horribly at it. Kek.

No. 76416

this weeb sounds hella skeezy.

No. 76681

I remember this weeaboo from a few years ago when I was Hamsteak trash. AMAA.
IIRC the Mun would pit her followers against each other if they didn't pay attention to her constant whining or if they wouldn't roleplay pr0n with her.
She also acted like her Mary Sue was an canon character in MSPA and would be popular enough for famous artistfags to notice her. From her ED page, she has attempted this with past and current fandoms she is festering in to become famous.

The Mun later threw bitch fits then "left" the fandom by creating a different account after her ED page was leaked and good percentage of her white knights found out how much of a manipulating liar she was. Truth be told, not many Tumblrites openly wanted to talk or roleplay with her. The more known roleplayers had enough common sense to stay the fuck away from her.

No. 76930

egofag alert

No. 78232

>[ P R O T E C T P E A R L ]
>[Protect my bird wife ;; ]
>Not all OCs are out for all the ships.
>Not all muns like shipping with a lot of characters.

From the time stamps it looks like she has found this board and is trying to make herself not look like a creepy japanophile who lusts after every cartoon character.

No. 78732

Her sketches suck.

No. 78960

Don't u mean tracings?

No. 80824

So much backpedalling that it hurts. Any one who takes 2 seconds of their time to google her name can find how much of a shitty liar she is.

No. 80832

Take a screenshot before she deletes.

No. 80843

This chick looks retarded.

No. 81194

Is this bitch retarded or is she just really fuckin ugly?

No. 85304


No. 86105

You know, I have to wonder, where's her bae in all this "drama" BS?

No. 86199

Her bae doesnt count unless they are showering her with gifts.

No. 86276

Does anyone else find the bae term annoying as fuck?

No. 86297


Oh god, I wish it were nuked out of this language. Where did it come from, anyway? That drag queen Beyonce?

No. 86300

I think it came from Pharell, but brands like Olive Garden and Ihop have been using bae on social media for a while now.

No. 86476

I hate the word just as much, it sounds so douchey!

No. 86557


Why so hostile? I can see how people would find it annoying, but it fills a gap in language. It's gender neutral, less formal than "partner" or "SO", and rolls off the tongue easier than "bf" or "gf".

If anything, I feel weird when I say "my boyfriend" because that term can come with a set of social expectations like implying a younger, more casual relationship. I'd say "boyfriend" to my parents and "bae" to my friends.

No. 86941

It becomes annoying when couples say it in every single sentence. If the term wasn't abused so often, it wouldn't be as bad.

No. 86943

It came from the south initially, actually.

No. 87064

That has more to do with disgusting couples using the word than the word itself, though.

No. 87066

File: 1429734828083.jpg (18.72 KB, 624x352, babeBABEBABE.jpg)

No. 87089

Hiding like a pussy on twitter.

No. 87263

Her Twitter is protected Now? I was hoping to read all of those retarded vent tweets.

No. 87274

Only niggers say bae.

I just refer to my wife as Ms. Lady.

No. 87301

File: 1429767425256.jpg (18.81 KB, 236x326, doll2.jpg)


No. 87381

unnecessary, I'm tired of seeing racist bigots use this word, tasteless and obnoxious.

No. 87579

Tumblr, leave.

No. 87614

Be gone, tumblr. Nobody cares what offends you.

No. 87620

k bae

No. 87699

not that anon, and I don't have tumblr, so I don't understand why everything is about tumblr? That word was being used before tumblr and people had a problem with it before then.

Anyway, my argument isn't about the word itself but rather why you retards always thinks that everyone who doesn't think like you is from tumblr. It's sounding like a fanfuckingtastic site to check out if they use more common sense than you fags.

No. 87702

so its not the word itself rather how certain people use it

No. 87788

I thought it was a meme.

No. 87794

>gets mad a "nigger"
>calls everyone fags

k byyyyye niggaa

No. 87796

wow. wowowo.
so first off, you don't know what tumblr is so idk why you have the right to say you're not coming off as someone from there. just so you know tumblr is known for jumping down the throats of anyone who isn't perfectly politically correct.
At the same time, you must not understand the concept of a chan, because places like these are kind of anti-political correctness.

in essence, lurk moar faggot :^)

No. 87800

How shitty does someone have to be to get three ED pages made about them? JFC.

No. 87931

HAHAHA then Don't Get pissy when people group asians as a whole. You people have the IQ of a brick. Everybody is from tumblr because of different opinions? I see you idiots worship asians and run to the defense like some faux peacemaker squad. But then turn around and hate African Americans? Seriously grow up.

No. 91551

File: 1430431956808.jpg (28.82 KB, 580x197, image.jpg)


No. 92470

I'm surprised that Krissie is still with her current babe but I do not see this relationship lasting much longer since she seems bored and is stalking so many Pearl roleplayers on Tumblr as she sends them creepy affectionate messages.
If she doesn't cheat on her babe first, I fully expect some lolcow worthy drama to start happening to make her babe look like an uncaring abuser so she can cry wolf and try to manipulate one of her latest obsessions to date her.
It is not like Krissie hasn't done that multiple times before.

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