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File: 1442533350942.jpg (88.42 KB, 640x640, 11363836_1638240603132203_1265…)

No. 180862

Last one reached max

They are still in Seoul, Korea waiting for their new visa and it seems Venus discovered how to stretch photos to make her legs appear more thinspo.

No. 180863

I can't help but be jelly

No. 180879

File: 1442536000854.jpg (32.82 KB, 640x960, lolnotfatyouanafag.jpg)

To the farmer who thinks Venus is fat in this photo (from the end of the last thread) - Are you delusional? Your ana sure is showing, she is barely a shade over slim here.

No. 180881

omg I just noticed she's making almost the exact same pose in both of these pics XD

No. 180889

Wonder how many have contact Manaki on Twitter to tell him what a huge mistake this marriage is lol. Let's hope Japan go full on NOPE with their visas.

No. 180893

They will get their visas as they are still not done with their language school.

No. 180894

Um.. If they got married 2 weeks ago, there is no way they are dumb enough to apply for a marriage visa THAT fast.

Besides, you can go from tourist visa to spouse visa and while inside Japan, so there would be no need for them to leave and come back. Immigration would give you an extension while waiting for everything to process.

They left to reset the tourist visa. She still haven't applied for the marriage visa. And if she does right away when going back, that's begging for rejection.

I honestly hope they are dumb enough to apply while going back, that'd be less than 3 months after getting married, and also they got married RIGHT before her other visa expired

This gun b guud

No. 180895


Can't the Japanese authorities pick up on this shit? She literally got married right before her Visa expired. That just screams desperation to stay in Japan at the last minute, not true "love" for Manaki.

No. 180896

I don't think they care.

No. 180897

are you american? that is fat… remember that she could not even fit into clothes for bodyline. probably 28-30 waist, she is very large on this photo

No. 180899


I don't think you know what a 28-30inch waist looks like.

No. 180901

There is absolutely no way her waist has ever been 30 inches. Her maximum waist was probably like 26/27 inches which is medium! I'm probably overestimating, too. Do you have anorexia? That is not fat. At her "fattest" she was just a tiny bit chubby and she looked great.

No. 180902

Not that anon and not American, do you have an ED?
Because there's something very wrong with you and your thinking if you believe she is fat and has a 28-30" waist there.

No. 180903

*I am that anon and even though I was born in the U.S., my parents and sister (and the rest of my family) are from Ukraine and I don't have american sensibilities when it comes to body size at all.

No. 180905

Well, they go by the application papers. You need to show proof of relationship like photos, chatlogs and stuff.

But they can tell the time difference between the marriage, when she left to renew her visa and the application date. So they don't need to do a background check, it's all there

No. 180907

File: 1442540632705.jpg (912.57 KB, 1271x1920, tumblr_mkdob6h3381s0g3kyo9_128…)

Different anon but she had a long phase in 2013-2014 where she was really…bloated?

No. 180908

It's nothing to do with "American sensibilities", you have an unrealistic and unhealthy expectations of weight. A 30" waist is not "fat", unless you define fat as not being a perfect thinspiration…

No. 180909

File: 1442540724765.jpg (134.28 KB, 547x730, tumblr_mkdob6h3381s0g3kyo3_128…)

And it was most noticeable in photos made by others at cons.

No. 180910

Jesus, is that really her? It looks like a fat fetish photoshop. Those arms!!

No. 180911

>A 30'' waist is not fat
That's an american size large. That is fucking fat.

No. 180913

File: 1442541047494.jpg (100.92 KB, 640x640, tumblr_naodd6SVtF1qlkpdmo1_128…)

She always looks like that at convention candids.

No. 180914

Oh, I'm not the anafag anon, lol! I'm the "she was just a tiny bit chubby and she looked great" anon. Also I think she looks so cute in those cosplay pics. She is not fat there, she's a little bit chubby. There's a BIG difference.

No. 180915

Venus is just one of those girls (like me) who has chubby looking arms and hands no matter how thin she is unless emaciated or something.

No. 180916

A 30" waist, depending on the person's height and frame is usually on the mid - high side of chubby, not yet fat.

No. 180919

lol. That dude's face in the background.

No. 180926

a 30" waist could also be a medium too. depends on the overall proportions of a person.

No. 180930

No. I know people say lolcow calls everyone fat, but no. Unless you are like 5'10+, a 30 inch waist is really fat.

No. 180931

its not "really fat". its chubby at most.

No. 180932

Chubby is like 26-28.

No. 180933

You and Aly should try splitting a "huge" covered in oil (!) plate of zucchini.

No. 180934

I'm sorry, a 26" waist is chubby?

Please seek help.

No. 180935

Chubby is 28 - 30. 26 is a size 6 which is slim.

No. 180941

US size 6 is NOT slim lol. that's like a size 10 in other countries

No. 180943

I feel like there's some confusion going on with waist vs natural waist here and people are getting bent out of shape over it.

No. 180944

File: 1442545882922.jpg (169.27 KB, 959x679, 81.jpg)

a size 10 in japan maybe, a size 6 is pretty damn slim.

i think this chart summarizes how lolcow sees bodysize

No. 180945

Your perception is warped because you live in a country with an extremely high obesity rate. It's not the other people who are wrong.

No. 180946

File: 1442546445530.jpg (30.21 KB, 580x387, marshmallow girls cute.jpg)

This would make sense if we didn't consider girls like this fat, lol! We're talking about size 6/8 (probably) Venus here, jeez.

No. 180952

File: 1442547984362.png (499.74 KB, 815x396, Tokyo.thumb.png.c3e790a468e39c…)

Tbh I find it funny that their "marriage" photo was made at the Haneda Airport.

No. 180953

LOL are you fucking kidding me?!

No. 180954

File: 1442548046906.png (310.26 KB, 498x500, 10517577_914453585256759_15621…)

No. 180955

Are you sure? The seats in Venus' photo look brown and the ones in the airport look olivey green.

No. 180956

That's because of the filters on her photo.

No. 180957

OH lol. I don't have a smartphone so I wouldn't know heh

No. 180961

Not sure how it is in Japan but when marrying "for a visa" in America it is actually considered favorable if you marry short before you have to leave because the marriage has to come out of a spurt in the moment and isn't allowed to be planned before entering the country.

No. 180964

I get what you're saying, I just still think it screams fake based on the timing.

She's white though, and Japan loves whities, so she probably gets away with it

No. 180965

I am a US 6 in dress size and am 180cm/53.5kg. I just have ridiculously wide hips (like a 93 or a 94cm). My waist is around 60cm or 24in.

No. 180966

36/37 inch hips are not ridiculously wide D:

No. 180967

Are you blind, the seats don't even look the same. I'm not denying that they were at an airport, because that's just what I'd expect from these two, but at least use evidence that supports your statements.

No. 180970

in comparison to my waist, they are.

No. 180979

Another PULLtard using an excuse to brag about their body when they could just say "it's wide in comparison to what a healthy body/national average waist is"

No. 180990

File: 1442557166893.gif (1 MB, 245x240, ohkayy.gif)

No. 180995

But she's not bragging. She's just explaining why she originally said they're "ridiculously wide". She was just responding to my assertion that her hips are a normal size and not very wide.

No. 180999

The thing is that nobody cares about any of your bodies. Gtfo, this is a Venus thread.

No. 181000

lmao im underweight yet i got a 26'' waist
pls go away

No. 181001

Pls join her.

No. 181002

Probably the same that would say "I have the same face shape, nose, hair and body like Dakota"

No. 181004


umm, it's more your waist that is ridiculously tiny

No. 181005

File: 1442564502893.jpg (50.26 KB, 266x594, marilyn-measurements.jpg)

I don't think it's ridiculous at all, look at Marilyn Monroe's measurements! Her proportions are so nice! :> (37 - 23.5 - 37.5 in case you can't see the photo for some reason)

No. 181006

Forget it. These anachans won't accept anything over skeletal.

No. 181007

Can you guys fuck off with your 32" Waist-chan-esque bullshit?
Post about Venus/Margo or don't post at all.
So sick of this PULL-tier garbage.

No. 181010

Wow, 118 pounds? What a fatty! Any woman over 100 is obviously an obese-chan. She needs to go to the gym, she's nothing in comparison to me~~~!

(This is sarcasm in case it wasn't obvious but goddamn I am sick of these Ana chans)

No. 181011

No. 181013

Look at those flabby arms. Her thighs are gigantic! I can't believe she thinks that she can Photoshop her fat away. Look at the warping in that pic

No. 181014

She is pig disgusting! seh is a pinup and sex icon and doesn't afraid of anything.

No. 181015

Thought this was a Venus/Margo thread and not a waist size comparison thread.
Huh, must be in the wrong thread then.

No. 181018

Her waist is probably 26-27. I mean just look at her that is not a 23.5 waist lol. She is still thin though.

No. 181020

File: 1442572871444.jpg (99.11 KB, 714x1000, normajeanstripes.jpg)

I don't know, it looks pretty small.

No. 181023

Fatties still claim she was a 16. I don't understand how. Marilyn wasn't fat. Those ads from the 50s about being too skinny are really referring to a lack of curves. I mean boobs and hips. Not fupas. So it's not implying that 50s men wanted to have sex with Moby Dick.

Anyway, I don't think Venus is a fatty. I live in 'Murrica so maybe Europeans see it differently? But while she isn't a skeleton she really isn't chubby either. Her weird shooping makes her look a lot thinner though. When you see bad shoop then see real proportions in a video you get a skewed picture of that person. Of course she'll look fatter.

No. 181024

You must be incredibly skinnyfat. Gross.

No. 181026

She looks so uncomfortable. Idk, she really seems like the kind of person who can never loosen up but tries desperately to seem bubbly and easy going

No. 181033

Why can't the topic stay on Venus, I'm tired of seeing Marilyn in every thread. This the only celeb you know or something? someone throws Marilyn around in every thread. It's getting annoying.

No. 181034

The recent obsession with constantly referring to people as skinnyfat kek

No. 181035

Hrr weight fluctuated a lot but also, dress sizes back then were sized differently as now. She started out at 118 lbs and was 5'5". Also, the dress sizes she wore were based on UK sizing, so a UK 16 is a US 12.

No. 181036

its true though? a 26 waist is quite wide unless you are very tall, you would have to have a huge amount of fat around your stomach to have a waist that wide while underweight

No. 181038

No. Not everyone stores weight around their stomach.

No. 181039

Can someone start a body/size thread in /b/ or something? Who cares?

No. 181045

umm, you do if you're supposedly underweight with a 26 inch waist lol. but she probably thinks she is underweight and is actually on the fat end of the bmi scale.

No. 181047

Not if you're 6 feet tall.

No. 181048

File: 1442590077497.jpg (88.88 KB, 640x640, 11821940_1158046897545899_1202…)

Margo looks so bad in her recent photos, annoying people on PULL like 24h sure gets on her health.

No. 181049

and how likely is that? thats like 1% of women, unless you live in the netherlands or something

No. 181051

Wtf isbshe wearing? Oh god..

No. 181052

Ever since they got them, they wear their Adidas shoes with everything.

No. 181053

IDk where you live, but I know plenty of women here in the US who are at least 5'8"-5'9".

No. 181055

5'8 is not 6 feet. a waist that size would still look pretty large on a tallish girl. just not if you are super tall.

No. 181056

Wtf how can someone look this dead. She should log out of Pull for a few hours and go to sleep

No. 181057

A 26" inch waist on a girl that's 5'9" would not look pretty large unless she also had an extremely tiny frame and no curves. Go home Anachan

No. 181061

She still posts there?

No. 181064

She has to keep Venus relevant somehow

No. 181065

I guess you can't read because I said AT LEAST. Meaning I know plenty of women between 5'8" to 6" tall.

No. 181072

Monroe wasn't 180cm tall though, and yes, her proportions are gorgeous.
Do you have proportions similar to ANTM's Anne, anon? She had the whole really tall, tiny waist, relatively wide hips thing going on

No. 181073

settle down fatty. are you angry because you're hungry? http://www.cdc.gov/growthcharts/data/set2/chart-08.pdf 5'8 is about the 92nd percentile for a 20 year old woman, meaning it's taller than 92% of women. 6'+ is far above the 95th percentile.

No. 181078

That doesn't mean a 5'8" tall women is 8 percent taller than the rest of the population. It means out of 100 people, 8 people are 5'8'. Which translates to much bigger numbers in the real world where there are 325+ million people.

No. 181079

Meant to add that I'm talking about the population in the US.

No. 181081

>That doesn't mean a 5'8" tall women is 8 percent taller than the rest of the population.
when did i ever say that lol? you can't even read and you don't even seem to know what you're arguing about. i feel sorry for you.

i was saying that most women look fat with a 26+ waist. tall people are of course excepted. are you going to say that 92% of the population is not "most"?

No. 181084

No…you're reading that chart wrong. I know how percentiles work, thank you very much. When you translate the numbers into real life, it means over 10 percent of the US population is 5'8". So tall people are not as rare as you think, meaning plenty of women in the US can have waist sizes at 26 or 27 inches and not be fat.

No. 181087

hahahaha you are completely fucking retarded. please never attempt to understand statistics or have an opinion on anything again

first of all, 100-92 is 8, not 10

the 92nd percentile DOES mean that you are taller than 92% of the population – here's a source that will explain this to you in language you can understand https://www.mathsisfun.com/data/percentiles.html

this does also imply that 8% of the population is that height or taller. yes that means that there will be hundreds of millions of tall people in the US. but that is COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT to what i'm saying which is that the proportion of people below 5'8 is much larger than the proportion of people who are 5'8 or taller.

what's your height and weight, anon?

No. 181088

i should probably clarify that this all applies to women, obviously more than 8% of men are 5'8 or taller, i'm sure some butthurt fatty is going to nitpick me about that

No. 181090

Stop. Just fucking stop, this is so fucking off topic. Start a new thread in /b/ if you want to argue about height and weight and how a 26" waist is totally obese.

This is the Venus thread. Its about Venus' drama , not lolcow's rampant insecurities.

No. 181091

Back on topic.

Does Venus wish she had a lesbian lover or something? Because she posted what looks like an old pic of Manaki when he dolled up like a girl for one of her videos on IG. The caption is so fucking cringey.

No. 181095

Nah, she only tries to appeal to a new audience as her neckbeards aren't too fond of her being with a dude.

No. 181101


Waiting for the moment her fans think Manaki is actually Trans. The neckbeards definitely will. They honestly think they have a shot with Venus afterall lol.

No. 181103

Still needs some more updatin, it still lacks the part on them always moving in order to avoid having to pay stuff, like the tax evasion in the UK, having run into dept with ruining a houseboat in the Netherlands, visa expansion in Japan, etc. Screenshots are the most important.

No. 181105

I'm 100% sure I read someone asking that on her Instagram (if he was MTF)

No. 181108

Yeah, also a lot people speaking spanish? talk about it there.

No. 181131

>>180952 has really green lighting whereas >>180954 looks pink-ish due to filters. That's why everything looks different.


>selfie at the 100 yen store
she looks like she's trying to dress herself like venus again

No. 181146

Really? I wonder if they were serious. Poor neckbeard fans will never have Venus now. Not that they could before. It was all about that ticket to stay in Japan.

No. 181165

File: 1442617725563.jpg (345.75 KB, 1439x2040, IMG_20150918_183331.jpg)

the caption

No. 181169

that.. doesn't really look like she's kissing him. Unless his mouth is wider than we originally thought.

Also she's so fucking dumb.

No. 181172



No. 181173

Her face is inches away from his

No. 181175

I bet they've never kissed during their entire relationship l0l

No. 181185


What sort of pose is that…like she's trying to eat his flesh off or some shit.

No. 181188

She looks as though she's nearing his cheek with her lips but isn't touching :/ Why?!

No. 181190

Maybe she added the heart because one of their faces looked stupid? The way she's holding him is so janky and weird.

No. 181195


I honestly would not be surprised. They just seem to be so awkward and uncomfortable in that relationship. At least on camera.

No. 182982

They don't even seem to be hugging

No. 183057

I love how they hadn't even kissed before the breakup, now they're married. Hahahahaha poor Manaki, the creepy fuck

Never gonna get laid with Venus

No. 183064

Oh come on, they MUST have had sex before getting married. It's not like we see what's going on in their lives 100% of the time. Margo and Venus are messed up and weird, but they're still human beings.

No. 183075

Now I just have this image of Margo with her ear pressed to the door of whatever love hotel Venus and Monkey rented just to make sure everything was going the way she wanted

No. 183161

>>181165 congrats venus you are now a lesbian.

No. 183164


I really don't see Venus fucking. Ever. She's too childish.

No. 183165

I'm probably even more childish than Venus and I love to fuck.

No. 183167

ok, it's not a thread about you, no one cares

Margo said herself that Venus is waiting until marriage or something, so I guess if they did it, it wasn't long time ago. By looking at the pictures and how awkward they are with each other I doubt they had something more than hugs and kissing on the cheek

No. 183168

Well, my intention was to just show that being childish doesn't necessarily mean someone dislikes sex :P

If hugging and kissing on the cheek is seriously all they've done, how retarded!

No. 183190

Are you the one who thinks Venus' relationship is so romantic and amazing because he stalked her and they're so kawaii together?

No. 183195

oh jeez -.- I don't think that's the ONLY reason it's romantic, I just think that that sort of thing CAN be romantic sometimes and because Manaki is so cute and shy, yes I think it's romantic. romanticromanticnaksdaedflekfaejleakje too many times :s

No. 183196

you're one disturbing motherfucker. you could always ask venus if manaki has a brother who could lock you up in his basement and shyly fap behind the door.

No. 183197

I have a Girlfriend already :>

No. 183209

Underrated post (and probably an accurate summation of >>183195 here)

Is she locked up in a basement somewhere? Does she get to go out and do her won stuff without checking in with you every hour? Just asking.

Staying on topic…
Was this from back when she did the Make Manaki a Girl video and took a few photos? I swear I have seen these before without the hearts.

No. 183219

File: 1442671943919.jpg (176.89 KB, 667x1000, The-40-Year-Old-Virgin.jpg)

I wonder why people thinks that Venus doesn't have any kind of interest in sex just because of the constant presence of her mom and no friends. I've met lots of boys and girls with extremely conservative christian families and they grew up as the most perverted people in the world with bizarre fetishes.

I bet she can't wait to have some time to spend alone with Manaki, kek.
But mom doesn't want to give her precious daughter for free, she must wait for the shining spouse visa in exchange…

Poor Manaki.

No. 183225

Yeah, she does recycle old photos of them a lot recently.

No. 183226

But you don't share your bed with your mom /all the time/.

No. 183273

OT but steve is so hot in that movie

No. 183280

I honestly don't believe that she's attracted to Manaki at all.

No. 183281

Innocent older men that aren't fat neckbeards make my loins tingle.

No. 183284

I've been out of the venus loop for a while. I thought she broke up with her boyfriend? Doe we know for sure that they are getting married? Whats this talk about them being in paris? Are they in Korea now?

No. 183286

"Visa" is the answer to all of your questions.

No. 183313

Maybe she has a hidden ageplay fetish or something, she seems like the type to have it. She's probably still to discover what she likes sexually.

If she's around her mother 24/7 though, has slept in the same bed with her until a late age and has her online presence stalked by her, she must have no free time to express interest in sexual content without feeling awkward. Maybe having an intimate relationship with someone and having alone time with him in general will allow her to become more independent and mature.

No. 183333

No! I said that obsession is romantic, not locking anyone up D: I'm not at all dominating anyway so I really hate the idea of controlling anyone :s Also, she's older and taller than me :>

No. 183335

Please stop with the emoticons and kill yourself.

No. 183336

Fuck you :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :PPPPPPPPPPPP(underage)

No. 183358

Pull tards are officially running this thread.

No. 183418

File: 1442710030766.jpg (62.32 KB, 640x640, 11821934_1602943689980183_2382…)

And of course they had to photobomb the show of a cultural festival for selfies.

No. 183419


Fuck, you're almost as obnoxious as Venus. Gtfo.

No. 183420


I don't know if it's the lighting or the angle, but Margo's leg looks like a mammoth.

No. 183427

I thought the drum was her skirt lol

No. 183432

NO! I'll comment and comment and COMMENT and sometimes you'll know it's me and other times you won't, so HA! :P

No. 183433

LOL I think it's a combination of the angle and the fact that it's being cut off at the top by the drum.

No. 183443

Ehh, I'd say maybe 26 there, taking into account that she is sitting down. That's a picture from when she was younger though.
(P.S. Her eyes are fucking freaky. Why are her pupils so dilated, despite the lighting, and possibly flash photography?)

No. 183444

I think she looks so beautiful there. She looked much prettier before she had plastic surgery and became blonde. Her pupils do look very big, though. I love her outfit and her hair is so cute fluffy like that.

No. 183467

Before I enlarged the thumbnail I thought Margo was an ugly little man.

No. 183471

Margo needs to remember how old she is, jfc.

No. 183479

She isn't old at all, but she should remember how old she looks.

No. 183496

I still think unshopped Venus looks kind of like Daniel Radcliffe.

No. 183512

Ugh that's not a "cultural festival", it's the changing of the guard at the royal palace in Seoul. It's a welcome photo op. I dont care for Venus but at least make an attempt to grill her for things that are actually true.

No. 183518

User was (shockingly) confirmed to be under 16 and has been permabanned.

No. 183542

oh thank god

No. 183545


I was going to ask her how old she was, but felt like it wasn't needed since the thread isn't about her. Thank you though, admin!

No. 183558

File: 1442740111723.jpg (118.41 KB, 650x650, aXm8400xjU.jpg)

Inspirobot has spoken words of wisdom.

No. 183599

File: 1442750506789.jpg (392.08 KB, 1279x1047, 2015-09-20 13.34.18.jpg)

She deleted it, but here folks I have them all

No. 183600

File: 1442750521460.png (61.26 KB, 1232x240, Screenshots_2015-09-20-13-37-3…)

No. 183602

Too bad your personality is pretty shitty along with your mother's. :^)
And miss I never heard of a fat doll shouldn't be talking on judging others for their looks aswell.

I don't see why she's this upset as she put herself into a substyle which is based entirely on your shape, looks, and makeup. Now if she was a normal kawaii loving girl, I could understand, but she put her whole shtick into being a realistic non plastic surgery having doll.

No. 183623

They said themself it was a cultural festival so chill.

No. 183627

Anon was responding to someone here on lolcow who criticized the duo for 'photobombing a cultural festival'. They never claimed that it was Venus and Margo who said it.

No. 183628

Shit sorry, I misread your post.
The point still stands, though. It's not a cultural festival. Venus and Margo saying that doesn't make it any more true. You're still wrong.

No. 183645

Bruh if you think she was fat in that pic i'm genuinely concerned for you…I am european and even have a korean mother (asked her when she passed around to see what she thought) and NONE of us think it's fat. She looks slim. Some people here have serious delusionnal views it's scary.

No. 183660

I wouldn't quite call her fat but she's definitely wide and thick. It wouldn't be a problem for a normal girl, but it doesn't suit the kawaii doll desu style.

No. 183662

she's really not wide or thick

No. 183667


No. 183672

Everyone on lolcow is fat. Every lolcow is fat no matter if they are Tess Munster, Venus, some tumblrina or an actual skinny model, and every user on lolcow is fat too. Everyone is fat. Except extremly spooky anas like Ash and Aly, maybe.

Just ignore it. I wish the admin would be harsher against this nonsensical weight debate every single fucking time there's a picture posted in almost any thread. It is worse than the tumblrinars and their race discussions by now.

Sage for rustled jimmies.

No. 183683

I agree that the weight talk is annoying but ignoring it is the best way for people to get back on topic.

No. 183684

So now that Venus is getting married, who wants to start the bets on when she gets knocked up?

No. 183685

This i am getting so fucking tired on EVERY THREAD to see that weight talk. Yes we get it no one is kawaii everyone is fat and ugly and all of us are fatties with bad eyebrows. Now can we please move on to something else?

No. 183686

That whole marriage thing is a trainwreck.
It's painful and makes me sad but i can't help but look at it in morbid curiosity to see what will happen

No. 183687

Twenty bucks for in the next….year or two. If they last that long. Five bucks if they break up, and she finds out she's pregnant after.

No. 183691


>Five bucks if they break up, and she finds out she's pregnant after.

Imagine if Venus had a daughter in that situation, it would be like an endless cycle of single mothers raising talentless money makers.

No. 183723

File: 1442777757150.jpg (67.84 KB, 587x719, Clipboard01.jpg)

this popped up on tumblr

No. 183732

Didn't that happen like 2….3 years ago? Did Abi just reblog that for whatever sake?
Oh well, I guess this is why Abu made that comment/Liked the Tokyo Fashion comments. Venus has a pretty bad past with the older (2010-2013) weeb community.

No. 183740


It's just Abi-pop trying to stay relevant in the weeb community again, nothing major here.

No. 183743


Probably just jelly that Venus got a "kawaii" (Yeah, using that term very very loosely) nihonese bf, when all she is stuck with is a creepy pedophile who send her stickers and pencil cases.

No. 183744


Ya, this is very old news.

No. 183745


Imagine if she had a son. She'd probably what she did to poor Manaki and dress him up as the daughter she would always want.

No. 183748


She was also talking shit when Venus got snapped by Tokyo Fashion. She's incredibly jealous and is too afraid to admit it. Venus is doing everything she wishes she could do, instead of being stuck as a shop assistant in England.

No. 183753

The thought of her ever becoming a mother scares me. And just think, if she does have a baby, Margo would use that as an excuse to control her daughters life even more under the guise of 'helping' her.

No. 183754

Not to defend Venus, but isn't it terrible for your business if you are just sending $300 worth of product away for free? I mean, if she honestly did hate the clothes, she shouldn't have to review them. But then again, I'm being too trusting here.

No. 183756


Well the owner of the business turned out to be a total cunt anyway, so nothing of value was lost.

No. 183806

Wait if she does have a baby that will be another Venus thing all over again. Maybe she will even force her to dress up as her broken weaboo aidoru dreams? Beautiful. Story material there someone please write this.

No. 183808

I don't see any legit reason why she wouldn't review them. Its a video idea isn't it. A chance to have people tell her how kawaii she looks. It isn't like she's full of other ideas for videos..and she has done reviews of other shops?
fuck knows though.

But I dislike abi pop even more

No. 183809

*any other reason

No. 183824

That's because, this post too, is old as fuck.

No. 183850

Venus looks a little skinny in >>180879 pic.
I'd say it's average but fat? You have an ED, anon.
Fat is NOT like this. That is very messed up.

No. 183874

She's thin, she just has a chubby face and big thighs. I think the pose is unflattering for her, though.

No. 183878

I just hope that whatever child she has, she'll (and Manaki if he sticks around, kek.) raise it right and not into her mother.
If she does…

I'm sorry Venus' child(ren).

No. 183889

Venus does not know how normal people act TO teach a child. If she ever has a baby it's already a guarantee it'll be messed up.

No. 183900

And it prolly would get taken away from them as I doubt Manaki's parents would want their first grandchild to become a mess.

No. 183910

uh the owner of sassynpunk went fucking insane. who cares about what got stolen from them?

No. 183950

File: 1442830526248.png (431.32 KB, 926x593, image.png)

ok… wow so ulzzang wow much aegyo very korean living doll
until Nippon-kawaii-land will allow to return

No. 183957


I imagine if Japan didn't allow her back she'd milk the Korean living doll shit. Let me guess another Korean dolly look tutorial? Fuck she's boring.

No. 183958

File: 1442837505554.jpg (287.2 KB, 679x800, 15-09-21-14-09-49-517_deco.jpg)

I went on her blogspot for nostalgia when i was a kawaii weeb fawning over her when she was still new and interesting and i found this.

No. 183960

File: 1442837687695.jpg (283.96 KB, 542x800, 15-09-21-14-07-38-426_deco.jpg)

Sums up Venus pretty well.
This girl is ashamed of wearing bras (but apparently was not ashamed of pandering to pedofans before??) and wants to be kinda slow and retarded to be cute. She isnt ready for life,even less for a marriage. She's still like a 13yo girl in her head even though she is 18 ffs.
Also no Venus being retarded is just retarded. Not kawaii.

No. 183961

>Margaret talking about growing up
top lel

No. 183972

File: 1442842085650.jpeg (136.83 KB, 640x979, image.jpeg)

No. 183976




(he rly does look like a white ape)

No. 183977

File: 1442844912575.png (815.48 KB, 928x596, image.png)

friendly reminder that he was uneducated perv few months ago ok
also i think she has control over his instagram account

No. 183996

File: 1442850239591.gif (52.71 KB, 353x200, 200_s.gif)


No. 183997

Of course she does, they made all his accounts besides the twitter one.

No. 184033


No. 184054

I hate when people think acting shy and dumb makes them look cute. Try actually being mentally handicapped, Venus

No. 184062


He isn't 3 years old. Seriously what the fuck Venus…stop with the lolicon shit.

No. 184078

Dat salt. So she thinks that cleaning bathrooms is shameful? How sad she'll eventually end up doing that exact job when she won't be able to milk pedos anymore and Manaki will divorce the shit out of her because of her aging 'no more livingdoll desuu' and Margo's creepy omnipresence. Topkek

No. 184083


I know, what a cunt. Some parents don't always have a choice and when you're the one doing that to bring in the bread and butter for your kids. You don't complain and neither do the kids.

Venus is very, very fucking lucky she is where she is to be honest. If she's not careful then her future will be bleak too. She won't always have mummy and kawaii forever. Manaki won't last 5 years either.

All these cunts on here in the /pt/ & snowflake section. Kaka, kota, yuka, barbie, sere, Himezawa ect they won't have the luxurious lives they have now forever. Not being funny but half don't even deserve the attention. They're all assholes.

No. 184112

Yep, it will be another korea makeup tutorial.

No. 184114

File: 1442869133247.png (16.28 KB, 289x256, 3435.png)

Seems like they are on a blocking spree again as I have seen quite a few posts like this complaining about her blocking fans that ask questions but they quickly get deleted.

No. 184119

>those tags
there is nothing korean about this. fuck this stupid bitch

No. 184120

>bras are shameful
Please tell me I am reading satire…

No. 184121

Yeah, venus likes to shame people bullshit. She thinks a hard working cleaning job is shameful and so are bras and having an adult body after puberty hits. I can't wait for Margo to die or get sick and then Venus is stuck in life. I wonder where she'll be in 5-10 years?

Can't wait for Venus' life to fall apart without the e-fame

No. 184211

Is it just me or is she trying to talk a little…softer? It kinda creeps me out.

No. 184274


She does sound softer…it's giving me creepy vibes as well. Plus, this eye makeup looks like the same eye makeup she always does in her videos. She's seriously lacking original ideas.

No. 184279

I can barely tell the difference between the two 'different' looks. As for her voice, I think a lot of it has to do with the terrible audio quality, but she does seem to be talking somewhat softer

No. 184295

Lol omg he has braces. Priceless.

He probably doesn't even know he has an Instagram account, lol.

No. 184322

File: 1442897078585.gif (2.11 MB, 600x332, stopfuckinglying.gif)


Manaki could barely speak good English on Twitter let alone on Instagram. Now with their "marriage" being known, Venus probably has taken over his social media accounts like she did when they first got together. Manaki doesn't seem huge on the whole social media front, so she went on a spree to make him known practically everywhere online. He'll probably have his own Facebook fan page soon. She is full of shit.

No. 184341

He already has his own fb fanpage xD

No. 184391

You can't have little pink loli nips forever Venus. I'm sure that entry had her creepy old man fanbase fapping to the thought of Venus blushing as she goes bra shopping.

No. 184392

From the still on the embed it looks like she has conjunctivitis

No. 184429

Gotta say though, her skin looks really nice in this

No. 184466

That post is quite a bunch of years old, just saying.

No. 184468

Margo is in charge of the accounts, don't forget she is also got access to the ones of Venus as she is her ~manager~.

No. 184503

maybe she is trying to reel in some ASMR comments so she can start making those videos

No. 184599


I REALLY hope she doesn't try ASMR again.

No. 184620

OT but Uggggh, I hate the feeling those ASMR videos give me. I don't understand why people seek out those videos.

No. 184650

File: 1442964661802.jpg (259.55 KB, 1439x2017, IMG_20150922_193015.jpg)

He looks like he got hit with the diarrhea gurgles.

No. 184661


They look the same?

No. 184794

He actually looks decent from that angle.
Too bad he looks like shit from the front.

No. 184838

Oh thank god i wondered if it was just me thinking that.

No. 184839

I wonder why she settled for Manaki.
Is it really love after all?

Because if she wanted a guy to marry her for a visa with money to spend she could have found a better looking one.
Same with dakota's sister

No. 184846

Not a lot of guys would like it to be the dressup doll of an retarded weeb.

No. 185003


Why not? If her visa was running out, she had to find the closest idiot to marry.

No. 185026

He was probably the least-threatening of her creepy Japanese fans.

No. 185028

This is what I think too.

No. 185211

He's probably the closest in age to her, actually

No. 185227

some anon who saw them together when they "broke up" said that Manaki has a lot of money

No. 185317

Im suprised no body has mentioned Venus Angelic's Karaoke Videos on Instagram …

No. 185333

Kind of sad when you realize that instead of being with friends she's probably alone in that room with her mom.

No. 185347


Hahaha! I thought that too!

No. 185348


I don't think he's loaded, part of me just doesn't think he is.

It makes me laugh how the fans keep defending her "omg no it was all a joke dey rly together".


No. 185366

The only thing that makes me think his parents have more money than average is the braces. Everything about him screams NEET to me.

No. 185410

And if he wouldn't have money he wouldn't be abel to collect BJD and anime figures (those where in the background in Venus's "cumshot face" photo).

No. 185412

File: 1443147794172.jpg (283.83 KB, 1500x750, 11934867_385415041667916_19526…)

I still don't get how her and Margo can claim the difference is "only makeup".

No. 185414

https://instagram.com/p/8AFYdePB9q/ Tbh the sjw shitstorm is full of lulz, we all know Venus is a weeb but how is she "stealing" japanese culture with circle lens?

No. 185418

I think he's a NEET with parents who support him and who are probably relieved that he is married. They probably know nothing about Venus and Margo, just that their son has weird hobbies and that his getting married will make him seem more normal to their friends and family.

No. 185424

so am I going to be attacked by SJWs now for wearing circle lenses is that a new thing I have to look forward to wtf

No. 185426

I have SJW tendencies but I think this accusation on their part is ridiculous. Pfft, who cares about circle lenses and camera angles?

No. 185427

holy.. goddamn.
she's cute in the left too, but yooooooooooooooo that meitu + filter. Seriously forget her IG face isn't real.

No. 185488

Honestly, she looks below average on the left. Maybe only slightly so, but still below average. She just looks like a sex doll on the right

No. 185492


Venus singing Anaconda…such a pure loli desu

No. 185494

She sings like she's got a mouth full of cotton wool

No. 185498

Jesus, that honker.

No. 185510

Does she have club thumb?

No. 185512

File: 1443190565073.png (36.31 KB, 406x307, clubthumb.png)

No. 185517

File: 1443191843782.png (542.19 KB, 586x398, venus.png)

she appears here: http://www.miomio.tv/watch/cc241333/ 2:57-4:06

No. 185520

She's always been ugly to me. She has Margo's nose, nonexistent lips and weird teeth. She looks like the typical ugly german girl who lives near the mountains and drinks goat milk straight from the source and wears a Dirndl and stinks of goat

No. 185536

that. was embarrassing.
(putting her next to gaijins who have established themselves with ACTUAL jobs must suck)

No. 185539

Well, her music taste was always kind of that.

No. 185540

thank you for putting this into words, i get the exact same vibe from her, lmao.

No. 185543

She looks like a mountain girl but a cute one.

No. 185548

is drinking goat milk straight from the source a bad thing now? sounds pretty fucking idyllic to me.

No. 185565

…dude, it's like drowned in bacteria, not safe at all

No. 185572

not if you take proper care of your goats. don't be a pussy, drink that fresh goat milk while it's hot

No. 185579

but she got her mother's slavic features.

No. 185591


You see guys, this will be it. Venus's first slice of jap tv. Give it time and she'll be getting into that industry too.

I'm fucking dreading seeing those two goons on tv over there. Dakota is tolerable but Venus…

No. 185612

i think marrying this soon has blocked off a couple of avenues there.

No. 185613

Oh my god all those clips they showed of her old videos… so embarrassing.

No. 185617

Yeah, seems like even mainstream pop stars can't maintain the same level of popularity after marrying, much less someone like Venus

No. 185629

Did Venus or Margo (or even Manaki) post anything about getting a dog?

No. 185654

yeah shes fat. stop thinking this is ok fatty-chan

No. 185658

Wasn't there some YouTube stats image that showed a huge chunk of her fan base were 40+ year old japanese men? I can't imagine they'll still be interested in their pure loli waifu now she's married and 18+ anyway. She isn't really cute or fashionable enough to have much of a female fan base either, and I imagine they'd be put off by her lolicon pandering. So yeah, she's most likely turned off 90% of her Japanese fan base.

No. 185664


I thought I read somewhere that her fan base was 30+ year old japanese men? Oh well, either way her fan base is too old compared to her. Considering how most of her fan base didn't even know that her and Manaki are together again, her japanese male fan base might still think that she's single especially if she's not wearing a ring in her videos.

No. 185665

I'm interested in what her Japanese neckbeard fans had to say about her getting with Manaki.
Aside from jealousy, I wonder if they think Manaki "got" her (as opposed to Venus and Margo actually "getting" him for a marriage visa)?

No. 185670

yeah her face and legs look fat.
shes standing bow legged to hide it lol

No. 185672

They think he is a trap because of her makeup boy to girl video, gives fetish bonus points.

No. 185677

She's not famous in Japan , she don't have fan base there except manaki.

No. 185682

N-No pls anon

No. 185683

Is Margo slavic? Her last name is italian tho… (yeah, I know two dudes whose last name is Palermo, which is an italian city, too)

No. 185684


No. 185687

>inb4 stormfags read this comment and start defending their hillbilly goat milk waifus to the death

No. 185689

drink the fucking milk, bitch!!1!
(too much?)

No. 185690

Her last name came from Venus's dad who was adopted by spanish people while his actual parents were austrian+swiss, you know, marriage and such.

No. 185691

*italian, not spanish

No. 185692

Then she wouldn't have so many views from Japan in her YouTube statistics, just saying.

No. 185713


Nah, she's not that well known over there. I think Kota would have more acknowledgement than Venus.

No. 185723

But that doesn't mean that she has no furiously fapping male fanbase in Japan.

No. 185726


Yea but those are just the majority who watch her. Venus isn't a celebrity though, she's just someone who claimed herself as a doll and got fan base for it. Naturally people will watch her videos either because its unusual, she's cute and they're old perverts or they're weebs because Venus is a weeb too. Venus isn't a celebrity, she isn't even big and unless you're a weeb who's into anime/loli then you'd know her.

Most people in Japan are just normal. Again it's the majority who watch random shit on youtube, have an interest for kawaii dolly girls like Jrcach and spend time playing with themselves.

It bugs me how people think she's actually big and everyone knows her lol.

No. 185727


Ask anyone on the street "Do you know Venus Angelic?" and they'd probably say "No".

No. 185851

they'd probably lower their gaze and walk by silently but i get your point

No. 185857

Where are they now?

No. 185859

South Korea

But I couldn't t understand her because of the shit quality in my headphones, and I guess her echoing voice too.So she's gonna be eating ice cream on TV in Korea…..? Woooo accomplishment, I guess. But I also heard Got7 and I was confused on whether if she was meeting the boy band or not, and then she said TV channel. Also, is she dying her hair darker again, or is she growing out her blonde? If the latter, Damn her hair grows fast! Also, I want her sweater! Anyone know where I could find it online?

And to the discussion of her fan base, I don't think she cares about them that much, to say she would care about how they feel. I've always seen the Palermos trying to move to East Asia as a first and getting famous second. Her fans were just the bridge she needed.

No. 185863

She's not naturally blonde, she's brunette - see old videos from 2011~12, not her time in Japan. That was a dyed dark brown.
It's extremely damaged from switching between blonde and dark brunette as you can see in >>185517
Her dark brown hair roots are showing in the pic you referred to.

I'm excited for the ice cream contest. Hope there'll be a recording afterwards.
Wanna see how much she can eat. Guess she won't keep it inside her tummy though.

No. 185867

I know that she's naturally a very dark brown (probably a lighter brown now that she's older, but it was very dark in her older vids), I was just asking if she was dying in darker as it grew because I can't believe her hair would grow out as fast. We all kinda can tell it's very damaged.

No. 185891

Is Air BnB cheap for traveling in South Korea?

No. 185902


Right, now that Japan is boring her she's hopped to Korea in the hope of fame there. Korea would just rip her apart in terms of looks. Jesus christ Venus.

No. 185909

It varies, but on air bnb you're able to rent decent apartments for short amounts of time for the same price or slightly less than a cheap hotel or expensive hostel/guest house.

No. 185916

Marilyn is fucking amazing and a legend so stop whining

No. 185917

She was young when she wrote this shit. come on lol

No. 185921

i want to look like her in the right.

No. 185923

her audio is so bad

No. 185943

You just went full retard, they are there as long as they wait for their new visas.

No. 185944


She's been catering to the koreans too you know dickhead

No. 185950

People asking where they stay at all the time as they travel, I'm sure Margo is part of Air BnB where you can get accommodation to stay at for dirt cheap prices.

No. 185958

Aw I think she looks cute here. Such a shame about her and her mom's bizarre antics.

No. 185979

Airbnb is expensive

No. 186056

She already made an ulzzang video when she was 13 just like how she also made a feizl one so stfu, nothing new.

No. 186057

Margo used to do a video explaining traveling with living at host services, pretty sure they still do that considering they always stay with "friends".

No. 186059

*host families, not services, derp

No. 186067

She mad a feizl one? Which one was that, did I miss it? And btw, she made two Ulzzang videos. Not sure why she didnt delete her old one considering it was terribad.

No. 186132


Just an example of what sort of room two guests could get located in Seoul, Korea for about a fortnight, even though the host has a limit on how many days you can stay there. I'd say it's a damn good price for the location. Hotels are a rip off so this is the next best thing.


No. 186169

yeah but it goes to show how much her mother's opinions influence her thoughts.
She's just been imprisoned more and more since then so I doubt they've changed at all.
Margo even makes fun of slutty girls in interviews because 'venus is so pure and innocent desu'

No. 186209

File: 1443418490702.png (14.13 KB, 581x94, 276ce977adfe7c3a6a83399085d239…)

What the fuck does that even mean

No. 186212

File: 1443418903240.png (13 KB, 500x314, double_facepalm.png)

Venus is so asian that even asian people are not asian enough, yeah right, why she even retweeted it…

No. 186216

File: 1443420494697.jpg (99.58 KB, 640x625, image.jpg)

the height ….

No. 186217

File: 1443420532729.jpg (129.41 KB, 641x909, image.jpg)

fixed it

No. 186220

She used that Meitu 'Taller' feature, didn't she?
It looks terrible.

No. 186223

lmao thank you for making my morning

No. 186229

It's embarrassing to be associated with her image of Asian, probably.

No. 186230

Lol who does she think she's kidding with those shooped legs?

No. 186231

Dying. This is amazing, anon. I hope you have the best day.

No. 186232

She could have at least shopped them into a nice shape. Cuz they look all wobbly n shit

No. 186233

I can't understand a fucking words aside from "south korea" and "get some ice cream ready."

No. 186253

File: 1443431098638.png (854.83 KB, 584x596, 2314321421312.png)

she has a dog now

No. 186257

I doubt it's hers if they're only in Korea temporarily

No. 186266

File: 1443434500758.png (819 KB, 442x767, ss (2015-09-28 at 12.00.19).pn…)

concerning shooped height I loved this even more

No. 186267

she looks like she had polio

No. 186273

Very twiggy arms

No. 186298

Does any one else think she might be developing an eating disorder? It just seems like she keeps losing weight and she already looks so small and bony.

No. 186361

I think she's already there, anon. You don't get her legs without some serious ana shit. The unedited Tokyo Fashion snap shows how skinny she's getting minus the shoop 'n stretch.

No. 186368

Link to pic?

No. 186374

1) you're retarded
2) you're wrong

the application for a spouse visa in the us takes 6 months to 1 year to be complete. sometimes even longer. they do thorough background checks on both parties, request piles of proof of legitimate relationship, and conduct an interview.

No. 186379

she did write about counting calories once on twitter. I followed her on my smartphone so it would show me all the messages deleted or not.
I didn't screen it though. I tapped the tweet to see the full thing and of course it disappeared bc it was deleted already.

But that aside since it's worth nothing w/o proof
she had a blog where she openly started a healthy eating challenge (she only ate few fruits, claimed to have been starving and binging)
it's still online

plus didn't anyone realize when she actually got that skinny? during vegan time. she kind of maintained since then

No. 186381

In her "my diet" video she talks about how she counts calories.

No. 186382

this video is bs from the start until the end. in that vegan month she took photos of her meals, mostly not even consisting 100kcals.
She claims to not workout and advertises some weird wii game.
some time after, she showed us her running attire on instagram.
some time before, there were photos and videos with her and Margaret hitting the gym…

No. 186384

File: 1443459496213.jpg (70.3 KB, 640x640, 11930897_1206744676018816_3530…)

She just posted another photo from that day without face filters, she looks so bad and the thinspo pose doesn't help it either.

No. 186385

That really doesn't look ana to me. Notice how her knees aren't touching. She does that to make her legs look thinner. She's obviously thin, but nowhere near ana tier. Her body doesn't look out of place in Japan

No. 186402

I never said she was ana? She tags a lot of her stuff as thinspo.

No. 186411

Anon, the post was about her face looking bad and the pose making it worse as her head appears even more tiny due to making her legs seem longer. Just like her mom, she looks like she hasn't sleep a lot recently.

No. 186459

always with that fugly old backpack

No. 186929

She's not skinny. Her jeans are tight and holding some of her flesh in. Her legs are some kind of bandy. Her waist is not tiny. Therefore, she is not anorexic, she does not have a lollipop head and she needs to quit the #thinspo. She looks okay, just bandy.

No. 186960

that actually makes sense, yes. She has really wide hips too and she admitted that already.

she lost a lot of weight during 1 month though
"anorexic mind" doesn't always have to look extremely skinny especially when it just started

No. 186962

>she lost a lot of weight during 1 month though

That'll be all the energetic, rampant sex with her beautiful husband with whom she has amazing chemistry.

No. 186977


Made me choke on my fucking tea.

No. 187288

New vid.
Her sarcastic laugh is a bit cringey.

No. 187289


That thumbnail makes my eyes hurt.

No. 187295

ouch my ears

No. 187333

I love how her new vid only have like 8k views.

No. 187335


Did she actually eat all of those noodles? That is a huge ass portion.

No. 187339


What direction is she really going with these videos? like…

No. 187344

I think she is slowly going into the whole mukbang side of youtube. She did it once and said she would try it. And as it's a korean thing and she is in Korea……

It wouldn't surprise me at all if she decided to do a mukbang video next. She seems to be getting closer and closer towards it. I think she is slowly altering her videos into mukbang style so she keeps her views or some shit

No. 187345

What's a mukbang?

No. 187348

No. 187357

She eats like a pig.

No. 187359

i know she wasn't doing the challenge (which is to eat them dry), but the noodle package says to drain the noodles and only keep about 8 tbsp of water in. it's not supposed to be soupy, bc that makes it less spicy ugh venus y

No. 187364

that's some sick fucking shit. can you imagine this being your job? doing this every other night? holy shit. hadn't heard of this before.

No. 187367

it's like camwhoring but with eating. i thought i'd seen everything

No. 187378


I swear all of these people are bulimic, theres no way someone can eat that much and remain slim.

No. 187379

maybe not all of them (I've checked out some and they do it half time while they spend the rest of their time at a gym)
but those girls who eat like only ramen… well this stuff is mushy as shit, probably going "out" easily

No. 187380

lately it's like she wants to show off that she's eating so very much yet staying skinny.
hope she's not going back to that bodyline chubbiness

No. 187381

File: 1443638064119.jpg (57.88 KB, 450x255, 2fingers1mouth.jpg)

No. 187382

why is she in korea if she's married to a japanese guy? i thought the point was so she could stay in japan?

No. 187383


What about Japan though? Wasn't nippon good enough for our little living dolly? What about Manaki gasp what will he think of old korean men gawking at his lovely tsuma?


No. 187384


exactly my thoughts

No. 187385

had the same thought when i saw some of these women

No. 187386

thought she was cute, then. was more childlike/dolly or whatever than being super thin and i'm saying that as someone who's been a stick all their life

No. 187387

does she really eat all that? if she does, that's insane! and how often?

No. 187389


jesus christ, im not a super model myself but even I couldn't polish that lot off!!!!

No. 187397


I think I read somewhere that they still need to file paperwork, which they didn't make the deadline for that so they had to travel. I'm not sure.

No. 187398

>dat filename
If she's not puking it all up, she probably does this like once a week and diets/exercises like a maniac otherwise, like that one guy on YouTube who eats ridiculous amounts of food, like 10lbs of popcorn in one sitting, but is still thin.
Her shits must be massive.

No. 187425

Let's not forget Kinoshita Yuka

My theories:
- they do A LOT of cardio
- their metabolism is just really fast
- their bodies reject the food, and it just passes through.

Also, they have to eat like this every day to ensure that they can stuff that much down - in cases of competitive eaters anyway.

No. 187430

File: 1443649522817.jpg (68.2 KB, 1138x758, venusoreo.jpg)

Anyone notice her eyelashes falling off in the oreo video? And yeah, what's the story with the dog?

No. 187431

Pretty sure the dog isn;t hers, just like any other house animal she poses with.

Those pets you see her with recently (just like the cats in the Netherlands and I think Japan), are under the ownership of the person who owns the house.

No. 187453

My one nice thing that I have to say about this video is that her hair doesn't look like shit.

No. 187455

I've read somewhere (possibly PULL don't hate me) that some competative eaters have some disorder, where their stomachs don't tell their brains that they're full… so they can keep eating much longer than normal. (and their stomachs grow much bigger to accomodate all the food)

Not sure if this is a general thing in Mukbang or not. Perhaps they just have really good metabolism and don't eat much else that particular day so they can film?

Anyone brave enough to try it?

No. 187458

I don't think competitive eaters have a disorder. They eat very quickly and they "train" so they are able to eat more. Some of them have good metabolisms but it's not like a fast metabolism is going to make you not gain weight from a 10,000 calorie meal. Most competitive eaters seem to also be into fitness and working out.

I think if I psyched myself up for it and got paid for it I could eat a huge amount of food once a week or so. I would probably hate myself afterward though.

No. 187459

they either fast before shows or puke it out. It isnt possible to eat that much and not gain weight…You don't have to stuff your face everyday just often enough for your stomach to stay the same size.

No. 187472

pretty sure popular mukbang stream like, alot, at least once a day or something? so my "theories" are… exercising like mad every day of the week, fasting the rest of the day (although, it's not fasting if you eat 3 days worth of food in one sitting…), and prolly abuse laxatives/purge.

but the popular ones rake in $$$$ so I'd guess it's worth it…?

No. 187475

Most are on special diets and have specific lifestyles that allow them to eat competitively, not to mention certain techniques. A few years ago there was buzz about that super skinny Asian guy beating out bigger dudes in a hot dog eating contest, and his win had nothing to do with his size but how he ate the food itself.

I honestly think people who do mukbang likely eat very little throughout the day, or lead active lives to burn the calories. I remember in HS i had a friend who ran cross country and was super fit but ate really gross amounts of carbs the day before a meet because he knew he'd run it off the next day.

No. 187482

What the fuck this is so creepy. Stop eating like an anime girl

No. 187498


Seriously who on earth finds her videos remarkably interesting? 90% of them are just her stuffing her face with food. What's so amazing about instant ramen? Unless you're making that shit from scratch don't bother with a video about how kawaii tasty desu spicy it is.

She should eat ghost chillies mixed in to truly find out.

No. 187537

That eating disorder is life threatening, and they consistently eat. Also binge eating has a similar effect, but doesn't last long. Competitive eaters have to eat a lot at once

No. 187777

File: 1443776884746.jpg (55.32 KB, 640x640, 12135248_152790908401473_19428…)

Oh Margo, you showed us!

No. 187782

She should at least buy that hat before making photos with it. That is so impolite

No. 187791

The spelling and grammar on that hat.

No. 187815

File: 1443790215898.png (657.32 KB, 586x594, venus.png)

she deleted photo holding the dog with #nomakeup, when will she delete this one?

No. 187824

this woman is so cringe worthy.

No. 187894

Still hoping Japan say NO about them living there. Those sweet sweet tears that would pour. One can dream tho.

No. 187900

File: 1443816169732.jpg (245.43 KB, 806x463, wtf.jpg)

Checked up on this girl's facebook page and this is what I stumble upon.

No. 187911


She's so fucking desperate. She didn't even address it nicely, or get Venus to do it herself. A simple "Hey I'd love to collaborate with you, could you please get in contact with me?" would have been better, yet it's more like "I demand you contact my daughter asap as she needs to get more famous kthx".

No. 188064


That's because they know Venus isn't going to get anywhere in Japan.

No. 188106

My favourite part is that she didn't reply despite activity on her page since

No. 188270

How should that collab even look like, two girls sitting next to each other eating?

No. 188534


The post doesn't even appear in the feed anymore either lol.

No. 188572

I wonder if someone warned her.

No. 188579

Ugh, that is so impolite.

No. 188609

That's because Margo deleted it a while after she got called out.

No. 188635

the dog in this oreo video is so annoying! It's not the dog's fault, but really, these interruptions in these videos are not cute, they disrupt the flow.

How does she eat so many Oreos yet stay so slim?

Anyone familiar with Youtube income and could guess how much Venus and Margaret would make off Youtube/her videos?

No. 188640

>How does she eat so many Oreos yet stay so slim?
I'm pretty sure she only ate about 6 for the sake of the video. That's not going to do shit unless you're eating like a pig every day of the week.

No. 188641

Recently she's been upset about her fantards calling her too thin, so my guess is that she usually diets/exercises like mad but eats a shitton of crap food in her videos to 'prove' she's naturally skinny and humblebrag with how much she can eat without gaining. Just like a real life anime girl~

No. 188643

>How does she eat so many Oreos yet stay so slim?
Fingers, meet throat.

No. 188648


Tbh, I thought she was bulimic. I know that affects teeth and to me her teeth are really weird. I don't know if it's the angle/lighting but her teeth look completely straight height wise and a little grey-ish looking.

No. 188649

File: 1444028391638.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-05-07-58-03…)

Looks like she is going to jump on the mukbang wagon.

No. 188664

Tbh this will probably as disgusting as the marshmallow challenge video.

No. 188671

Why would someone want to watch someone else eat? That is the most gluttonous thing I've ever heard of.

No. 188677

Forever alone neckbeards that imagine having a date.

No. 188690


Just like what anon above me said. That's literally the reason why it's so popular. People watch mukbangs while they eat so they feel less lonely.

No. 188698

I don't like mukbangs but sometimes I watch Yuka's videos because I'm either a) hyping my hunger up (good tasting food tastes even better to me sometimes when I'm more hungry than usual), or b) just want to see her eat an insane amount of food to see if she'll actually do it. It's weird.

No. 188702

Really? That's so pathetic. haha.

No. 188723


I had a childhood friend who had very similar teeth and she happened to be bulimic, so I can see what you mean.

No. 188739

That dog is so cute!

No. 188741


Mukbangs are broadcasted on AfreecaTV, which is basically a website like Stickam, but you can donate little icons that actually give the streamer some money. Some of them are all about the experience of 'eating', and they'll emphasis the smacking and hype up how good it tastes. But the majority of them are just live streaming while eating something, while the host just interacts with the stream. Not too weird, tbh since those kind of sites used to be really popular in North America 8~10 years ago.

No. 188790

Do they ever get sponsorships from food companies?

I don't really get the draw of watching people eat unless it's something where they are reviewing foods. Maybe it's a fetish thing for cute girls stuffing their faces but not getting fat.

No. 188873

Watching people eat, Mukbangs, are more of a cultural thing. Because Korean culture (and other Asian cultures) is heavy on socializing; drinking, eating hanging out with friends, colleague, your boss, you're family. etc., but eating with friends and family is the most important and the most…..loved fact I guess? But some people who live alone and etc., dont really get to eat with their friends and family, and those people watch Mukbangs and eat, uh, along with who evers broadcasting the Mukbang.
It's basically a form of socializing.

No. 188932

She's eating the ice cream for that show now live. This is…interesting.

No. 188950

Assuming "Batman" is the owner of the house that they're staying at?

No. 188954

No. 188955

No. 188956

Thanks! I'm mildy curious

No. 188957

fuck, I wanna get paid to just eat in front of my computer.

No. 188958

>he look away my ice cream that tasted too grown up

No. 188977

File: 1444117147936.bmp (931.41 KB, 887x358, Unbenannt.bmp)

oh margo

No. 188978

File: 1444117297267.png (5.55 KB, 239x200, hhg.PNG)

It..is an 'official' acc right?

No. 188997

Wow, what the fuck

No. 188999


I'm pretty sure it is, because if you type .tv/venusangelic, it takes you to her channel.

No. 189001

This is soooo intensely awkward omfg

No. 189031

It's her mom. Just. K.

No. 189309


I watched the live stream all the way through. When she said that I thought…"you're 18 years old and already married" yet you think this ice cream tasted "too grown up"? She needs to drop the lolicon act now, she went too far. It was awkward as fuck.

No. 189311

>18 and married to some japanese stan

Haha, I don't envy her ass at all.

No. 189315


She kept ignoring all the questions about Manaki, her Visa and anything about living in Japan, but went straight to the other questions about general stuff like fave foods, music and shit asked by her fans. Who's she trying to fool lol.

No. 189534

She didnt get any stars from her fans. Like, how much did she get? 500? That is like 20 dollars, right?

No. 189540


I wonder why she even announced it at this point. She could have just not said anything and no one would know any better

No. 189575


Her efame was dropping a bit more so announcing she's married to Manaki, who thousands of her fans think is like the ultimate cliche anime dream boy, was perfect to take advantage of. She's gotten thousands of more followers on IG and subscribers on Youtube since she revealed it.

No. 189597

next step is camwhoring

No. 189603


She already said she's going to do more live streaming. I can only think it'll be of her eating or dancing like her old skool Nico Nico days.

No. 190081

The bottom looks burnt to shit. Also, RIP macarons.

No. 190108


Wouldn't mind trying this recipe out actually. Rice cookers are a godsend.

No. 190152

first asmr now this shit

No. 190230

kek the comments

No. 190370

It's burnt because the damn thing was in there for 45 minutes because a rice cooker was never intended to be used to make a cheesecake. Why is it so freaking flat?

No. 190381


So she married a pedo who was watching her since she was 13 huh?

No. 190394


I thought he started watching her when she was 15? Either way, all she sees is a walking visa.

No. 190399

He isn't much older than her.

No. 190404

why would she tell her to do that? it's fucking weird. he takes off the mask at some point though, right?

No. 190417

18 years and 24 years, it's up to you if it's a big difference or not.

not exactly "pedo" though

No. 190482

Does anyone know what happened to her dad? I've known about her for years and have always wondered. Especially in the beginning before she became youtube famous, her and her mother seemed to travel a lot and they had a nice apartment and they always owned nice things like high end make up and kawaii shit. Doesn't seem like her mom keeps a job for long either, well it doesn't matter now because she is Venus' full time manager

No. 190486


Definitely when she was around 13 or 14 as it was even before her trip to Japan for the Bodyline photoshoot. She mentioned it a while back as well when they first met. So given he's 6 years older than her, that'd make him around 19/20 years old when he began following her on social media, mostly Twitter, like a thirsty creeper fanboy.

No. 190508


They've told so many different stories about her dad, it's annoying. I think the last "update" is Margo saying that she finally divorced him. (correct me if i'm wrong, anons!)

No. 190515


who cares

he's still a creepy stalker and visa material

No. 190567


She's been in South Korea for quite a while now. Manaki is probably going stir crazy from lack of living doll fun time.

No. 190641

that's right.
Margaret had a blog in which she ranted about creepy men and that Venus shall help her decide whether or not the next "dad" is the right one.
She's kind of traumatized.
Her blog isn't up anymore though

No. 190971

Oh wow, theory time.
So do you guys think maybe Margaret is so crazy towards Venus because she wants to protect her at all costs? Maybe her father was abusive to Margaret and when she had Venus, gave him the boot and moved out of the country and continued to scatter about since then.

Thinking about that makes me feel pretty bad for her.

No. 190974

>protect her at all costs
>puts pic of her underaged daughter up where she photoshopped her breast bigger

No. 190976

Venus was a kid when her parents divorce but nice try though

No. 190981


Margo is definitely not protecting Venus. My theory is is that Venus is nothing but a cash cow to Margo.

No. 190982

File: 1444477989211.png (30.34 KB, 624x291, 661c7ae80077815fc0735c6ec63e0c…)


Nice try, anon.

No. 190983

well margo definitely has problems and we'll never know why. maybe there is no explanation but i think we can all agree that she's not the kind of person who should raise a child

No. 190988

I think >>190976 meant that her father left/ they left him when she was a child

No. 191000

File: 1444492440251.png (1.57 KB, 259x194, download.png)

Let's talk seriously for a second
Margaret isn't stable mentally and is EXACTLY THE KIND OF PERSON that shouldnt be raising a child. I follow her and that drama since 2010/2011 and i gathered some things:
>Margaret is living through venus, putting on her clothes,did a "how to be kawaii" tutorial,…
>Let her underage daughter do suggestive thumbnails/videos and nicolives ("THEY'RE SO BIG" with camera angles clearly showing her boobs instead of circle lenses, "sleepy bunny" video, live with licking whipped cream off her fingers and acting all kawaii while wearing a japanese animu sport uniform)
>harasses younger girls and make fun of their physical appearance sometimes,get aggressive for no reason and sees herself as a victim
>All the "friends" Venus had or did things with (Yukapon,xiaorishu,…) Margo scared them away (leaked a pee video from Yuka, harassed xiao by insulting her nose and shit,…)

When i was younger all i saw was "ooh she buys her kawaii clothes and is totally ok and shares the kawaii passion with her sooo jealous i wish my mom was like her"

My guess is she has and had problems, we will maybe never know what, but she has problems. Like really, she's not completely sane.

No. 191006


If that's the case, then yes. Her dad was out of the picture (someway) when she was little.

No. 191007


Don't forget, Venus was in child beauty pageants, which I think any parent are not right in the head for having their kid do one.

No. 191013

Well, she was in one beauty contest (that we know of) in whatever country that was.. That's hardly toddlers and tiaras tbf

No. 191027


Tho speaking of Toddlers & Tiaras, Margaret behaves exactly like some of the mothers featured on their. Possessive, living their dreams through their daughters, won't stop at nothing to get what they want, pressure them to continue being this 100% flawless perfect girl until it gets to much and so on.

No. 191042

Must be kind of weird, he gets married and then his wife just ups and leaves the country for what, two months now? (Could be wrong there)

Still, if I got married and then my partner just left the country without me, deciding to stay in another country for months, I would be pretty pissed

No. 191067

WHAT? she leaked the pee video? source? holy shit

No. 191153


it has been around 2 months almost, not sure how long it takes for Japan authorities to deal with visa renewals and marriage stuff, looks like itll take a long time.

No. 191186

for 3-4 weeks now but I think she moved there.
that's her profile and translating her profile information, her location says "south korea"

No. 191189

could it be that they lied about the marriage?

No. 191190

not exactly but
> Some of you guys expect the vide to be about my marriage with hubby @manakiokada but because the actual wedding ceremony is going to be held on our 1st marriage anniversary we'll save it up for later!

guess they want to "wait"

No. 191197

about a month

No. 191198

Her Instagram/Twitter doesn't say Tokyo anymore

No. 191213


maybe Japan said nah and she's making out she's still waiting for the all clear to move back there lol.

No. 191403


she lived in UK (idk but most probably in Hungary or Swiss before since her mom always says they're hungarian and there's an old video where they speak Swiss German pretty well), then Netherlands, then Japan and now South Korea

they're getting bored quickly… and seem to never build a connection with anyone where ever they are. They never seem to settle.
I don't think that Japan is their final station, most probably they'll visit some even fancier place after South Korea. Or some Island to just hang around and go on living that lazy lifestyle while getting yt cash.

No. 191407

Actually you missed Tenerife, Spain. Lol
So they already lived that "lazy island" lifestyle, but they hated it and called it ghetto (or something. Too lazy to say I would go all the way back on her blog.)
Basically it was:
>S. Korea

The first three they claim they hated.

Lol, probably they denied her marriage visa, and they are planning/waiting to get a new tourist visa.Or you know, S.K is the new new best thing with the Orientalphiles with their pop culture on a rise.

Kinda OT, but she said long ago that she would always love Japan and she would never give it up. However, she never declared she didn't like Korea. I mean, she has some experience/was exposed to it before. She has used a Kpop song instrumental in one of her videos, she made two ulzzang tutorials(first one being very shitty), and has done a gwiyomi video. This doesn't prove much, But I'm just saying that she was always "into" Korea/Kpop for a while. But honestly I don't remember if she ever said she hated Korea or not.

Sorry but this came from remembering from when I lurked old PULL and Venus's comments and everyone was like "Nooo! Don't touch Korea!" or "Keep your grubby weeaboo fingers off of Korea!"
When she already touched Korea as if they didn't remember her past, or payed any attention to the content she made.

No. 191414


You don't need papers to class yourself as divorce. I should of stated separated for the dumb fucks out there.

No. 191417


First you said Mags was still preggers when they divorce and now your'e admitting the truth just to correct someone else.

Trying to hind the fact you was wrong by having a go at me for me wrong also? so childish and stupid.

I hate to break it to you but we was both wrong.

No. 191419


I never stated that Margo was still preggers with Venus when that happened? You must be confusing my post with another anon.

No. 191420


If you're separated, you're still legally married. NOT divorced.

No. 191423


I mean I can't imagine that getting married right as your visa expires looks good to Japanese immigration lol

No. 191485

>"sleepy bunny" video
I forgot all about this shit

No. 191496

this is sooo creepy when you keep in mind that margo is filming this shit. beyond wrong

No. 191512


Just proves Venus and her mom are stupid as shit. Who the fuck gets married at the very moment your Visa expires? Jesus. At least get hitched months before you know it's due to expire to cover your ass.

No. 191515


If they were clever, they would have never said anything about the marriage. Venus should have done a kota and kept her trap shut but obviously venus needs popularity so obv kekkon was a boost ugh

No. 191660

So is this Psycho Margo's way of doing a mating call for a husband in order to obtain a Japanese visa?

No. 191777

Margo said they did sign the marriage papers but had no ceremony.

No. 191778

File: 1444729969048.png (21.3 KB, 525x264, tumblr_m6ckuud4K31rw5tjbo1_540…)

She posted it to her Tumblr back then saying she is a 18yo prostitute.

No. 191807

but how did she get it? and wasn't yuka underage when this was leaked? doesn't that make margo guilty of distributing child pornography?

No. 191808

She already produces homemade creepo fap material soooo

No. 191841

File: 1444749633906.png (1.72 MB, 1199x1188, Screenshots_2015-10-13-17-19-4…)

There, she is atleast 1.70 m

No. 191850

How is she not in jail lul

No. 191852


I met her irl in London at MCM Expo. I'm 173cm and she was the same height as me.

No. 191853


I don't get it either. Aside from tax fraud and other crimes, Margo bullies younger girls and yeah, leaking that video, then admitting she did so is distribution of CP. i don't get how they are getting away with all of this with no consequences.. Do you think they palmeros will have their day in court at some point? I don't believe in karma, but these cunts have it long overdue.

No. 191860

Lel, wonder what poor Venus would do if her puppeteer ever got thrown in jail.

No. 191889

kiss her husbando for the first time probably

No. 191895

I'd love to imagine her taking control of her life and being her own person, but she seems so vacant and without experience of the world that you can imagine her being the sort of girl stuck with five kids and an absent dad before she's 23.
I have nothing against capable single or young parents,just btw.

No. 191900


Vacant is a good word for her. She kind of lacks any real personality and doesn't seem to know quite how the world works. Her mother has sheltered her so much I don't know if she'll even know what to do with herself when Manaki finally deflowers her.

No. 191905

She found it while searching venus's name 24h, it was posted by Nick on a japanese BBS which had Venus as meme.

No. 191909


The very thought of Manaki and Venus actually fucking is disturbing. It'd be like a lolicon anime episode with how she acts. That live stream she did with the ice cream gave off some creepy undertones.

"Oh no, don't touch me there nekochan, that's my grown up spot!"

No. 191924

I don't know why she has so many fans when she is basically advocating child porn. She acts really young, almost like a toddler. No one who is 18 (and fucking married) talks like that unless they are mentally ill or someone who is acting like a child for views, which is worse.

No. 191925

using that word is fucking cringe. Don't.

No. 191933

Oh, I'm sorry. Were you triggered? :^)

No. 191955

No. 191961


I lost my shit when she said the ice cream she was eating was too grown up on her stream. What 18 year old says that? It's fucking ice cream, not an edible candy penis. The sheer cringe.

No. 191963

Pffft, I'm pretty sure Venus ain't a virgin. Sheltered girls tend to be horny as fuck and are desperate to get any sort of sexual release. She's just innocent uguu on cam for views.

No. 191968

She probably is, but I don't see how she could have gotten any with Margo always hovering.

No. 191969


Love hotels.

No. 191979


As much as Margo is constantly around Venus, would Margo even allow that or would she want Venus to stay "pure kawaii girl" until she got married?

No. 192058

They will probably deny sexual encounters until their visa are secured.

Regarding Visa- maybe they stay so long in Seoul because Margo has problems with getting one? Venus is married now but as far as we know Margo is not, so she's lacking a serious reason to get another visa soon. Doubt she'd let her precious little daughter go off to Japan and her husbando alone and without a possibility to hover around her 24/7.

No. 192071

She let Venus travel to Japan alone for the body line modelling thing.

No. 192089


Margo has no choice but to be left behind if Venus gets given the all clear. Her mother doesn't have any reason to be in Japan and has never held down a proper job. So she's fucked. She didn't care when sending her kid all the way there all alone for the Bodyline photoshoot so doubt she cares now.

No. 192128

Probably because:

>Venus got her entire trip sponsored

>Margo had no money to go with her
>Margo saw it as an opportunity for fame
>Venus is, after all, her cash cow

No. 192129

I honestly think that her visa might be rejected, I know that Japan is very lax when it comes to white foreigners, but it shouldn't take this long…

and it's pretty obvious too, if they applied like a week after getting married

No. 192134

That's what happens when you panic marry to stay in Japan.

Either way though, Margo is screwed since she can't stay there indefinitely herself. She has no job. She'll have to con some poor sucker into marrying her. I feel really bad for that guy. He has no idea what he's in for.

No. 192168

Yeah, she has a couple of red flags
-Never co-habitated with her husband
-Quick courtship/marriage
-Timing of the application
-Their ability to communicate with each other is poor (her Japanese isn't good and his English doesn't seem to be very good) and that might impact the overall quality of their application
-She has no job and poor prospects for a job in Japan (her English is poor, she has a spotty educational background, and the market for teaching is pretty saturated with native English speakers with college degrees and greater proficiency in Japanese)
-His employment history may not be sufficient (Is he a factory worker or a student?). Their financial situation may not be a big deal but it might raise questions.
-Age difference (although they don't really ask questions unless it's a difference of 10 years or more so this might not be a problem)

Those are just the things I can think of off of the top of my head. Is it possible that she might just be applying for another tourist visa?

No. 192183

Let's hope she gets rejected.

No. 192184

meanwhile here i am stuck trying to get a residence permit to live in a certain scandinavian country after 3 years of being married to a national… is it that easy in asia?

No. 192185

Japanese spouse visas can take about 3 months to be approved, so let's wait and see what happens.

No. 192201

Is her getting married at age 18 also a red flag?
Can't wait to see what happens next.

No. 192213

For all we know she already got turned down. That's why she is trying to transition into Korean, because that's what she's trying next, since Japan failed (it's the next best thing to weaboos). Forget about the husband.

No. 192229

How long has it been since she married Manaki/ went out of Japan?

No. 192240

A month.

No. 192241

Don't think so, it's rather that while she is in Korea she wants to try to get a new following as she can't make vids about being in Japan while not being there.

No. 192267

damn, look at her neck, she always looks so tense and uncomfortable. i mean, i can relate, because i'm sort of social phobic but this chick tries to seem so bubbly and outgoing. lol

No. 192268

I don't even get what she meant by that. What kind of ice cream was it?

No. 192270

Venus looks like she smells bad

On pair with kanadajin3

No. 192272

Her Wiki page, that she's obsessively editing/keeping track of says 165

No. 192273

They actually check if your registered address is with your husband (if it's registered, they have it in their system since they have to put it on your gaijin card). If it isn't, then that's basically a huge red flag. A big enough to reject her.

Not in Japan, at least. Probably very easy in other Asian countries that no one cares about though.

Not really

Yeah. She has stayed there for quite a while. She could actually have applied to that visa from inside Japan.. I think they left because of Margo's visa (since Venus would get to stay in Japan while they process her visa).

The weird thing is that if you leave the country, your application will be discarded. So I honestly think it was already rejected, and then they just went to Korea to stay close to Manaki and try to come up with another plan.

No. 192274


I'm actually Venus's height and that kind of clothing always looks a bit weird on really tall girls… It's not awful but it looks weird.

No. 192281

Blech, she should lose some weight. she's starting to look dakota tier.

No. 192282

File: 1444826235984.jpg (24.75 KB, 366x360, b8.jpg)

No. 192287

>The weird thing is that if you leave the country, your application will be discarded. So I honestly think it was already rejected, and then they just went to Korea to stay close to Manaki and try to come up with another plan.
That's odd because a lot of people go as "tourist" to other countries while waiting for their visa, Magibon does that with Korea all the time too which was also stated in some interview she made in the past few years on why she disappeared for a while.

No. 192289

(I don't know if the video will show because it's not live yet) For those wondering if Venus is jumping on the mukbang bandwagon…
She most certainly is.

No. 192290

I cant see it. Where is that from?

No. 192291

File: 1444828731777.jpg (19.52 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

You don't even have to be cute or thin to do it either. It's clearly just binge/purge fetish pandering. Wonder how hubbo feels about that…

No. 192293

No one can see it because it isn't up. It's on her youtube. A mukbang live stream happening in 3 days.


No. 192296

Ngl i would jump on the same bandwagon because i love to eat and possible sponsors or any hint of getting paid for it?! Hell yes.

No. 192303

It's not like she didn't say in the FineBros video, from months ago about Mukbang, that she would like to try it

No. 192338

aw no i think it's because lonely guys like to sit and eat their own food with them lol, i can understand how that could be comforting.
maybe you're partly right though cause people are weird.

No. 192342

Biological age difference, would not be an issue at all. If she's not marrying for love, then I hate her, but her husband still sounds creepy.

My assumption is she's into ageplay, how far she might regress while still performing sexual acts & shit could be pretty weird. I honestly feel like ageplay is for pedophiles, who know the consequences of going after children. However, Japan caters to the Loli-lovers by slapping them with "VAMPIRE, KITSUNE, 1000 YEARS OLD NEVER PHYSICALLY AGES MAHOU SHOUJO" anime characters.
While they're both physically adults, neither of them sound like the most mentally stable. If he's been watching her since 13 and she's possibly into regression/always acting childish there's a chance even as she ages, he will treat her more like a child than he would their own children. Both will probably continue to hold onto her made up doll persona, as her mother clearly wants to in her middle age.

Guessing some kind of sexual abuse during Margot's childhood. A lot of victims continue to perpetuate the cycle. Margot is an empty shell that lives vicariously through Venus. She has hypersexualized Venus, while trying to simultaneously keep her pure. Mother gains financially + emotionally off sexual attention derived from daughters youth. Knows daughters 'time' is coming to an end, marries daughter off. Hopes for granddaughter to kidnap, or have brainwashed Venus enough to abandon the man that helps spawn innocent infant destined for hell.

In a way I do feel bad for Venus. Nature vs Nurture, & it seems she has shit on both sides. The only role model/'consistent' friend is her lawn mower, control freak mother half her genetics are from. So far mothers life skills are making quick connections, moving to a new country, burning said connections just as fast, and moving the fuck out, harassing minors, and pimping out her puppet. Something needs to happen to a creature that vile.
This is probably gonna be an unpopular opinion, but I'd really like to see Venus cut ties with her mother (that everyone agrees with yes?), get a part-time job as a cashier, learn basic human interactions and functions while receiving therapy. Then pursue education and a real career that interests her, even if it's still fashion/makeup/fun, but on a more fulfilling level than being a fuck doll persona. You know, break the cycle, don't let herself be an empty shell like her mother, get out and actually live for once.

No. 192349

hate to say in the US i've known several bulimics who plan giant grocery shopping trips, drop black out curtains, and plan to binge eat with mukbangs and purge after. if they don't pass out after, they'll find another mukbang while they're still shaking in pain.
a lot of bulimics are very isolated. so eating large quantities of food, despite guilt associated with it, during the mukbang makes them feel less alone in their disorder.
and the person on the other side has no idea.

also known some anas who torture themselves with it, watching the action of eating makes them physically ill especially with all the food set up around them.

mukbangs probably make more off of illnesses than realized.

it's not just lonely men.

No. 192350

oh yeah, sorry, i meant in japan that's what it was intended for

No. 192363


You would think so, but there are accounts online of people having their spousal visas rejected because of the age difference. They're cracking own big time on sham marriages.

Also, the fact that they met online might be something to raise red flags. They want to see pictures over a couple of years and with family. She's not a good candidate at this point. She should have waited.

No. 192370

Wow! For a 6 year difference? That doesn't sound unbelievable to me, but my parents were 16 years apart (puking).

Meeting online is definitely skeptical without enough evidence backing it. She does document her own life nonstop, so it wouldn't take much to see how short notice of a decision it was.. (I had a 6 yr relationship start from an MMORPG. weekend up to a week visit, every 2 months-ish)

Well, I hope they deny her then.

No. 192373

Usually 10+ year age difference but all of these little things add up and it might be something they pay attention to. Esp. if in their narrative of how they met they go into how he stalked her when she was super young.

No. 192770

Margo says Venus does have a spouse visa already, they are waiting for Margo's new visa.

No. 192772

>Guessing some kind of sexual abuse during Margot's childhood.
Nah, Margo was quite normal until Venus got attention for being a living doll, it's not common for parents to go nuts when their child suddenly gets somewhat famous for stupid reasons as they want a piece of the attention, in the case of Margo it is probably worse because she has been alone ever since she did go to university as exchange student in Switzerland only to get knocked up there (still don't know what she did study).

No. 192782

how embarassing is it to have your mum control every aspect of your life at this age. Does Venus even have her own bank account and money, I wonder.

No. 192785


God Margo is such a pathetic bitch. God forbid Venus go stay with her HUSBAND while her mom waits for a visa, can't leave her behind…

Or even gasp consider the possibility that Margo doesn't need a Japanese visa and should fuck off and live her own life? Like what's going to happen when her visa runs up this time? Is Venus just going to leave her husband and follow her mom while she avoids work and taxes for the rest of her life?

No. 192788

I don't think so. As venus was underage when she started to be a YouTube partner, everything is connected to her mom's bank account plus she got the passwords for each of her accounts.

No. 192791


It's sad as Venus is 18 and can control her own earnings, accounts and everything else now she's of 'adult' age, yet you're probably right about Margo still behind it all. I wish Manaki would tell her to fuck off so he and Venus can live happily in Japan already. Venus already is okay to be there, waiting on her mother's Visa renewal is fucking pointless as she has nothing important to back it up.

No. 192818

Not sure that I believe Margo. We shall see.

No. 192821

Worth a read?

No. 192826

It's not that hard to get a spouse visa in Japan, it's only hard to keep it when they question why the wife is gone and the only reason is "but her mom".

No. 192827

I don't understand how it is possible for Venus not to resent her super controlling mother. I'd be so embarrassed to have my mum butt into everything I did, having her humiliate her on livestream by logging into her accounts and spamming chat with retarded shit.

Margo is so unbearable, if I was Venus I would have distanced myself long ago.

No. 192828

That sounds like bullshit.
September 2nd: Venus said they got married "last week"
Then FOUR DAYS after she was suddenly in London.
Then Sept 8th, she was at Harrod's Christmas World in London.

She did not get her spouse visa yet. It's utter Bull. Shit.
She won't instantly get a spouse visa after getting married. It takes AT LEAST 4 weeks to process the visa.

What a sad little world they live in

No. 192830

Those who go to Korea are the ones who need another tourist visa.

Basically you enter Japan and get a tourist visa for 90 days (in most countries). When those are up, you can "reset" by leaving the country. Once you come back, you will get another 90 days. You can't (normally) extend the tourist visa while in Japan.

This works for a while.. until customs notice that you visit Japan (from Korea/etc) several times each year. Then it starts to look sketchy (they care, because you're not allowed to earn money while on a tourist visa)

No. 192833

Speaking of money, I was just wondering how can afford jumping around to all these countries like they have been. Does Venus really get that much from YT sponsors?

No. 192844

Yeah, they sometimes ask you to show that you have money to be able afford living expenses in Japan if you're renewing a tourist visa.

I would think that their lack of employment would raise eyebrows.

I wonder if they'll be asked about having a guarantor since their first stay was for so long.

No. 192873

You know that it is mid october now, right?

No. 192878

She already tried that before when she was butthurt about her mom spending more time with her bf than with her. It just doesn't work as her accounts her connected with margo's mobile phone and bank account, if she changes anything Margo would get informed about it via a message saying she can get the typical "if it was not made by you, click her to get the change made undone" message.

No. 192879

Was already explained billion times, as they are citizens of Switzerland they will get money from the state until venus is like 23, not to mention the benefits you get for "studying", more so if you do it as exchange student somewhere else.

No. 192882

They are on student visa, not tourist visa.

No. 192883

wow, where's that kind of information from?
please explain what kind of money a citizen of switzerland will get. esp. if they haven't been in switzerland for years…

No. 192885

and "until venus is like 23" sounds like child allowence, which 1) isn't much (around 200$) and 2) isn't paid all the time. only if Venus is actually somewhat employed.

No. 192891

1. Margo posted it on PULL including all the other informations about their income which is also how they found out about her getting money from Venus's father
2. I just checked it, it is until 25 and "family beneftits" at least $260 each month, it is gained as long as the gaining parent is swiss citizen (place of living doesn't matter, nr does marriage) and the child is living with it

No. 192894

>…and the child is living with it
Maybe that's another reason Margo won't let Venus go: She would have to actually work

No. 192898


It's like those low life mothers who pop out brats every year or so just to get food stamps, benefits and other shit paid for them. Margo prob throws the "I have a job" line around as she's her daughter's 'manager'. Yeah that's a great job I'm sure. More like puppet master.

No. 192940

I should become a Swiss citizen, children allowence seems much better there!

As for their father's income, when did he start to give them money?
I don't think they always had a "rich people" lifestyle. Their interior and clothes in old videos actually looked rather lower class like.

No. 192942

They aren't rich. If you don't keep a household or pay taxes, your money goes a long way, for sure.

No. 192953

Ever since she was born, a father can't just run away without having to pay for the child unless he wants to get in a huge lawsuit.

No. 192978

File: 1444955120343.png (27.37 KB, 623x271, 256906b6293db81d1a0f3eae25399f…)

Trouble in paradise, Venus? kek.

No. 192980

File: 1444955268002.png (29.09 KB, 619x267, bfedf9af0132200be6adb3baa7c395…)

Oh, not done yet.

No. 192981


Either margo or manaki has pissed her off

No. 192982

She deleted the Tweets already.

No. 192983


poor venus

its a cry for help


No. 192986


Good thing I grabbed them before she deleted them. It's nice to have a live Twitter feed notification thing.

No. 192987

Girl needs to get the fuck away from her mother.
This is probably regarding Manaki, right?
Of course he's not happy, his wife's mother has full control of her.

No. 192989


I doubt it's about Margo, since I don't think she's renewing her visa. If she was then that would probably explain the patience part like "Where the hell is my visa", Manaki is really the only option with "When is my waifu coming back?"

No. 192992


Prob growing impatient because he wants to tap that ass already now that they're married.

No. 192999

Seriously though. What man wouldn't be irate if their new wife just took off right after getting married?

No. 193008

Margo reminds me of the Grandma from 'Erendira and her Souless Grandmother' novel

No. 193015


I imagine his family is like what the fuck about it too.

No. 193112

>since I don't think she's renewing her visa.
It's not like if the past few posts weren't about them waiting for Margo's new visa.

Also it seems like they are planning something new considering her website…
They always delay the countdown tho so it is probably about when they are back in Japan again as Venus said before that she wants to have a site for her fans regarding the venaki ship.

No. 193140

Did Margo have Venus in Switzerland because there she'd get the best benefits?

No. 193156

No, because she got knocked up while in uni there. Compared to other EU countries the benefits are shit.

No. 193157


Whoops, must've forgotten about those posts then >_< So it might possibly actually be about Margo then.

No. 193164

Imagine coming home to your Mother doing this..

No. 193173

File: 1445011475638.jpg (173.15 KB, 1200x844, Piper-Laurie_carrie_1976_04201…)


For some reason…this reminds me of Carrie.

No. 193216

When's that Mukbang?

No. 193230


31 hours, according to the event video thing.

No. 193289

So, I understand this time she's going to eat actual food? Since it's the weekend and I have no social life, I might actually watch that shit. Venus annoys me to death but I've got to admit that seeing people eat yummy food is strangely satisfying. I don't know why, I don't even eat a lot myself. Venus eating two of those spicy ramen things was weird enough and idgi. Wonder if the video was just cut in a way that made it seem like she had the second bowl right after the first.

No. 193298


I remember she posted something about eat large versions of her favorite foods. Now she's saying that she's keeping the menu a secret.

No. 193373

File: 1445049854963.png (17.22 KB, 486x138, 3afbb6fb431718ed1b29e3c349b33e…)

I'm having trouble understanding this. So…she's saying she's not married?

No. 193374

HAHAAHAHA WOOOOOOW trying to garner your pedofans back penus?

No. 193376

She is no longer "pure" by pedo standards so it's a bit late.

No. 193377

She posted a screenshot of an email. It's obviously not in English, but should I still go ahead and post it here?

No. 193378

She changed all of her videos of her and Manaki to ex boyfriend again. Kek.

No. 193379

Haha oh shit.

No. 193384


What this means is though: the Hungarian Embassy sent her the correct papers that she needs to submit to Japanese city hall. The Japanese and Hungarian authorities do not work that out directly among themselves.

If she doesn't, she's not married in Japan (or her stalker isn't, Japan doesn't care about her being married or not since she's not on any family register there).

The Hungarian Embassy doesn't know that she changed her mind, so to them, they'll have her on register as 'married'. This will come back later to bite her in the ass if she ever does want to get married, because the Hungarians will want proof that she got divorced first.

No. 193386


Sounds like she's just digging herself into a deeper hole. Thank you for explaining that to me!

No. 193387

Oh man this is rich!

No. 193390

I bet she changed her mind because Margo couldn't get her visa renewed. I guess they'll be staying in Korea for awhile

No. 193394

I wonder how Manaki feels about this. Did he ever even get to tap that?

Maybe Margo will go man fishing for Venus in Korea now.

No. 193397

So, she is aiming for Korea now?

man, i feel kind of sorry for monkey but then again he is a creepy stalker so lol

No. 193400

what the fuck is she even doing?

No. 193401

Jesus Christ, how much does she want to fuck Manaki around?
This isn't high school dating, Venus, this is fucking marriage.

No. 193426

holy shit

No. 193436

I can only imagine that Manaki and his family got tired of waiting for Margo's visa, and pressured for some answers on why the fuck Venus is still in Korea despite having a marriage visa. So Margo got fed up with Manaki&family for asking too many questions and being too noisy, so she decided to have her precious daughter back for herself and made Venus not send the correct papers to City Hall.

No. 193437

She worded this pretty weirdly, is she implying she never was married, or is she implying that she was married and changed her mind?

No. 193438

I fucking knew it!!

No. 193439

Guys, I'm pretty sure it was a lie in the first place.

No. 193441

Basically married see >>193384

No. 193445

She said "I am not married" rather than "I didn't get married", so to me it sounds like she's only referring to her legal status. She did go through with it but changed her mind now.
Regardless of whether Manaki is a massive creep or not (Spoiler: He is), this is a huge dick move on her part.

No. 193446

Well, I'm growing more and more convinced that she was never married in the first place and that it was all for attention. There is no way Manaki would tolerate all this bullshit, even for his living doll waifu. It explains why he's not in her life even though she's not in Japan too, she doesn't tweet him or anything.

No. 193447

Not saying that you're wrong, but I don't understand how she would benefit from lying about this. Either way, this is beyond pathetic.

No. 193449

Attention, I guess? Venus has been losing relevance steadily, I guess this is a way to keep people talking about her

No. 193450

True, but at this point they're just shooting themselves in the foot. Both of them would be unable to hold a normal job because they're too entitled, and it's almost like they're actively ruining what's left of their reputation. I have to say it though, Marg is a 10/10 manager.

No. 193452

I don't really see any reason for this back-and-forthing with Manaki unless they were just using his existence for attention.

Another possibility is that they actually did get married, but the visa application was turned down, so she decided to pretend it never happened. She's telling the truth about the Hungarian forms or whatever, but her motive for changing her mind was that she wasn't granted the visa so she no longer had any use for him

No. 193455

LMFAO the plot thickens. How convenient.
Poor Manaki. Gotta feel bad for the guy..

No. 193456

I can't feel bad for him. If he's stupid enough to fall for this shit, he deserves to get played.

No. 193457

Idk how things work in Japan, but as someone who is also in the process of applying for a partner visa, I was just asked to produce evidence that I haven't been married in my birth country. Maybe these are the papers (certificate of non-impediment) Venus needed from Hungary. Unless she registered her marriage there I think she is still considered single. But I don't follow her and I don't know if they actually signed any papers

No. 193464

I wonder what Hungary has to do with it as she is swiss citizen. she never was living in Hungary in her life.
You went full retard, the videos always said EX boyfriend still after they announced the marriage as he isn't her bf anymore but her husband.

No. 193466

File: 1445078568000.jpg (38.66 KB, 505x505, 12118641_937874189581365_27236…)

She changed the post and included the mail she got.

"Explanation with screenshot of an email.
It might be surprising, but actually … I am not married. If the Hungarian Embassy didn't make this mistake, I would be married by now, just as I told you.

As stated in the below email, they somehow put me as married on one paper, while the other papers have been correct. But one document messed it up. And while this I thought: I'm still young and shouldn't take such a big step yet.

Then the corrected papers arrived but I don't send them back to the City Hall ^^"

No. 193467

I thought I was the only one confused about that

No. 193469

File: 1445078644893.png (8.49 KB, 314x137, 232.png)

No. 193470

The text says that there was a translation error on their side btw.

No. 193471


That's right, that means she would need proof of her single status from Switzerland. That is weird. I'm not sure she's in marriage limbo - married because they filed the paperwork in Hungary, but not in Japan. Did she initially claim she got married in Japan or elsewhere? I can't follow this country hopping globe trotting insanity race.

No. 193472

File: 1445079142744.png (161.34 KB, 815x285, what.thumb.png.311cdb1a8ed65fd…)

…incest incoming.

No. 193473

She claimed that she did fill the papers out while in Starbucks.

Thinking of it, the hungarian paperwork could be because she is still is still in the age where you need your parent's permission to marry, meaning the documents may have to do with checking if Margo indeed aproves it.

No. 193477

She really needs to get away from Margo.

No. 193481


Is this supposed to be kawaii? Jesus christ, Venus. Seek help.

No. 193489

what. the. fuck

No. 193493

Her mom probably told her to write this.

No. 193497

if you do shit like that for 30 minutes straight, there's gotta be something wrong with you

No. 193500

is it really 30 min straight or did she edit it to repeat? i don't want to watch it…
she's psycho

No. 193501

No. 193503


1) "Japan rejected my spouse visa, and since I don't actually love Manaki, I will just abandon him (I don't want him to move to Europe with me)"

2) "The Hungarian Embassy did not make a mistake, this is just me trying to not say I broke up with Manaki again, because 2 times is too embarrassing"

Ugh, she's disgusting. Her visa was obviously rejected, and now she's trying to play it off another way.

No. 193504

Do it, please

No. 193505

What has that to do with the fact that it has been over a month that she applied already which is the minimum waiting time?

No. 193509

She's so full of fucking shit.

Here is how it works:

1) The only thing required from HER, is her passport. The rest is stuff like Manaki's tax reports, family register, etc, etc, and filling out the marriage form. Anyone can get married. It's easy as shit. Then they go to the city hall and sign some papers. 10 minutes after, they're married. (READ #4)

2) AFTER getting married in Japan, she needs to register her marriage in Hungary for a spouse visa. So even if that's what they messed up, she would still be registered in Japan as married. And she would be on Manaki's family register, a register she can never remove herself from even when divorced (it's like a permanent life history)

3) It does not work the other way. Get married in Japan, then register it in Hungary too. You can't do it the other way around.

4) So yes, she's full of shit. The only thing she would need from Hungary, is a paper that basically says "Venus is not currently married in Hungary. Therefore, she can get married in Japan."

If she said she was already married, then she had already gotten that paper.

I don't fucking know anymore. But I'm willing to bet that they got married, her visa was rejected and she just said "fuck it" and came up with another lie to cover her bony ass.

No. 193510

I didn't watch the whole thing but I had it running in another tab and I clicked it every once in a while. I didn't see any repeats. Bitch is crazy. Also that audio track, I don't wanna know how long that took to record and mix.

No. 193512

jfc you mentioned october and I assumed it was because I wrote Christmas

No. 193514

her ass ain't bony tho

No. 193515


I'm so aboard this 'her visa was rejected' train. I'm pretty sure the marriage office would have attempted to look her up and a simple google of her name would give them all the evidence that she barely knew Manaki.
I'm so glad because it's shits like her trying to live in 'glorious nippon' that ruin it for people who end up marrying a japanese person because OH HEY they actually have a relationship.

No. 193516

So, I just checked the link to her upcoming Mukbang-thing and it says the video has been removed.


No. 193520

Why would any guy want to marry Venus? It means if you want to sleep in the same bed with her, you'd have to share that space with her mom, too! Fucking gross!

No. 193522

Yeah, her marriage visa was 100% rejected. Manaki probably doesn't even understand what's going on. That or Margo can't renew her own visa and Venus is not allowed to be separated from mommy dearest.

Well, Korea was their backup plan anyway.

No. 193531

No. 193532


Did Manaki even have a steady job? It's super hard to get a spouse visa if your husband isn't working full time. A friend of mine's husband works a non-traditional job that didn't pay a lot, and she went through hell trying to prove that he could 'support' her so to speak.

No. 193533

Some of us have a theory that Manaki doesn't even know that Venus said "I'm not getting married" because her and Margo have already unfollowed Manaki on Twitter and Venus already changed the videos back to ex-boyfriend. Now, this could still be the creepiness in him, but he's still following Venus on Twitter.

No. 193534

I actually feel bad for the guy. Yeah he is a little creepy with the whole following her so much stuff, but he had his dream of meeting dating and marrying his online idol and then she ups and leaves, probably stringing him along for months

No. 193536

Wow so Venus and Margo hatched a plan to get Venus into Japan by using a guy's feelings and native status and then Margo can leech off them whike returning to Korea to renew her visa. And it didnt fucking work. Karma is the biggest bitch. Watch them try to hop into Korea but Knetizens are fucking hardcore and past mistakes arent easily forgotten.
Karma is

No. 193538

He said he is studying while Margo claimed he is a NEET when they threw a tantrum.

No. 193546

File: 1445104027363.png (Spoiler Image, 265.36 KB, 497x546, gbn.PNG)

This dude is still willing.
I admit i had to dig for a bit for his facebook but as soon as i saw Venus is now suddenly not married anymore i immediately wondered if this creep ended himself like he threatened he would when she got married.

Turns out he's still pining for her.

No. 193550


This dude is far more creepier than Manaki. Kinda makes me wonder if he'll pull a Rebecca Schaeffer or any kind of situation where a obsessed fan kills a celebrity over something stupid regarding a relationship.

No. 193553

tbh that's not her English language level.
Her English is way worse than that.
I wonder if someone else wrote this.

No. 193555

So Venus is a Hungarian citizen? Not surprised that Margo would lie about that. On PULL, she said that she hates her parents and blocked Hungary from being able to view her/Venus'fb.

So how much more of their backstory is a lie?

No. 193561

so manaki, as a fan, went to meet her once? how does that = stalking to everyone in this thread. Little bit strange but definitely not a stalker by a long shot.

No. 193562

You seem to confuse her VA persona with her actual one.
Venus is swiss citizen but you need your parents permission for marriage in Japan if you are an under 20, thus they needed some documents from Margo.

No. 193566

There is no need for Hungarian documents if Venus is not a Hungarian citizen. Proof of parent's permission is in the form of a notarized letter from the parent (Margo).

I'm thinking the document that they were requesting from the Hungarian embassy was the document showing proof of eligibility for marriage (i.e. showing that you're not already married or anything like that).

No. 193568

I think they were requesting the "certificate of no impediment"


When getting married in Japan, it is necessary to prove that you meet the requirements set by the law of your own country. That is why you need to go to the Embassy or Consulate of your country to obtain one of the following certificates :

Australia : Certificate of No Impediment (CNI)

USA : Affidavit of Competency to Marry

Canada : Affidavit

New Zealand : Certificate of No Impediment

France : Certificat de capacité à mariage

UK : Certificate of No Impediment

Philippine : Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage http://www.tokyope.org > Legal and Miscellaneous documents

For the citizens of countries that are not listed above, please contact the Embassy or Consulate of your own country.

No. 193575

But Venus is swiss citizen, she and her mom said plenty of times in interviews and otherwise they wouldn't have been abel to live in Switzerland so long, not to mention that you get swiss citizenship when being born in Switzerland.

No. 193576

He obsessively followed her on social media since she was 14 and he was 20. That's creepy, no matter how you spin it.

No. 193578

so she faked her English level all the time. I see
how smart

No. 193579

Both Hungary and Switzerland allow dual citizenship. For whatever reason, Venus and Margo chose to go to the Hungarian embassy. Perhaps because Margo is a native Hungarian speaker.

No. 193582

Didn't he show up unannounced and uninvited when she was at Tokyo Disney in 2013?

No. 193585

File: 1445114073290.jpg (143.51 KB, 720x480, creepyasstalker.jpg)


He lurked around the gated entrance area in hopes of catching a glimpse of her before actually getting a chance to speak with her briefly while she was with the Bodyline crew.

Right that moment is when they fell in love!

No. 193588

She acts like she doesn't speak English as well as she does to seem ditzier and more kawaii.

No. 193592

No, you don't get swiss citizenship just by being born in Switzerland, one of your parent has to be Swiss

No. 193594

Guess what her father is.

No. 193707

File: 1445155266368.png (669.66 KB, 594x592, jesuswhatthefuck.png)

wannabe korean much?

No. 193715

File: 1445157383587.gif (1.06 MB, 245x200, 1436734199362.gif)

I thought she said her father was Austrian?

Idk, but probably she only says she's Swiss because she was born there. She nor her mother actually admitted to having a citizenship did they? (excluding that her parents were studying for university there)

Caption: Hmm~ There are so many Korean Dramas! which one is the best~?♥

No. 193716

Sorry, forgot to add >mfw on the second reply

No. 193730

So…how is Korea and visas?

No. 193731

lmfao! now i feel like rewatching azumanga daioh

No. 193733

Her father's parents consist of an austrian woman and a swiss man.

No. 193772

She looks like Manaki in this

No. 193774


It's fucking creepy. She's making her makeup and editing her pics to look more like a "korean girl" now since living in Seoul.

No. 193775

Maybe she will fix her face up now that she lives in a country where surgery is of quality and low-cost

No. 193830


That's not true.

1) You can't get married in Japan without an official statement that you're not already married in your country of origin.

2) Foreigners aren't on the family register the way Japanese nationals are; foreign spouses are mentioned in the footnotes only.

No. 193873

The funny thing is, the recent selfies she posted after the breakup are from when she was still in Japan, they aren't new.

No. 193875

File: 1445185919704.png (55.67 KB, 407x436, ve3.thumb.png.6b6e356350bebdda…)

No. 193879

File: 1445186026910.png (90.84 KB, 347x333, DNnDqLH.png)

Here we go again.

No. 193918

what is that?

No. 193927

Pretty sure its a fleshlight

No. 193928

An penis trainer. Sth like a flashlight, if you know what flashlight means ^^

No. 193937

>> .1) You can't get married in Japan without an official statement that you're not already married in your country of origin.

That's why I wrote #4 (I forgot while writing, so I added it at the bottom)>>193830

No. 193938

She tweeted that she was in Tokyo Disneyland. So he instantly went there, and probably tweeted at her that he wanted to meet her while she was there

No. 193939

The part you cut off is Margo saying that Venus has a Hungarian passport (according to PULL. I'm too lazy to search for the original on instagram).

No. 193940

File: 1445190543361.png (83.96 KB, 339x595, Hungarian.png)

Nm, it was easier to find than I thought so I'll just put it here

No. 193941

it looks weird though. also: did they actually use venus' pic on that and what's that thing she's holding to her mouth?

No. 193985

That's what a dual citizenship does to you, I think they got her an hungarian passport instead of a swiss one as Switzerland isn't part of the EU, as EU country member you don't have to get checked at border controlls, making tax evasion easier.

No. 193995

It looks like rabbit ears or something, as if the picture was taken from somewhere else and that bit edited out.

Wait, so Venus didn't marry Manaki? What?! Holy Fuck I am confused over the entire situation. Venus says he's her husband. Then Margo says they didn't marry?! WTF is going on?!

No. 194012

It's probably because either her fan base is mostly old men creeps or because her female fan base isn't dumb enough to believe they got married for love. Or it could just be they're afraid Venus will get denied her marriage visa but I don't see how that'll matter at this point if it's already official with the Japanese government.

No. 194014

They did sign the marriage papers but they didn't get approved due to an error and it seems they used it as excuse because Margo's visa wasn't approved.

No. 194022

They probably got married, were denied the visa and then decided not to follow through with the paperwork because they don't have any use for Manaki anymore.

Wouldn't leading their lives be pretty stressful? Is that why Margo looks so old, or is that just bad genes?

No. 194026

I wonder what will become of our little venus one doll wonder then?

No. 194030

If they did get denied for the visa, I'm glad. I hate seeing people get used, even if it is a weirdo like Manaki.

No. 194039

As mentioned before, Margo is really eager of wanting to become a grandma /soon/, probably searching the next best dick and letting the circle continue with Venus turning into Margo 2.0.

No. 194040

Gurl. No. Just no.

No. 194048

I honestly can't feel sorry for him. He's not a retard, he should have realised that they're using him the minute she wanted to show him off in videos back in December/January

No. 194050

No. 194102

Next thing you know Venus will be marrying an oppa and speaking Korean.

No. 194107

yeah, all joking aside this is definitely not a normal thing to say. she's so abused and she doesn't even realize it.

No. 194112

Easier than Japan I heard.
Maybe she'll try out for a idol group or something.

No. 194128

At least Koreans don't typically marry foreigners. It's usually just a short dating situation because they want a cute foreign gf/bf or to see what it's like to fuck a foriegner.
They would probably run away at the sight of Margo's face.

No. 194132

She's so desperate to become known in South Korea with jumping on the Mukbang wagon.

No. 194133

I've heard about that too, they just want to date you because you're foreign and that's it.


Does anyone ever watch SmilingSeoul?

Jesus, she befriended some Korea guy when she first moved there and he followed her to her apartment (he was a bit drunk). She locked him out and he was pounding like a mad man on her door, she said she was TERRIFIED and barricaded her door.

Next day he text and apologized. Admitted he was just in it for a fuck :|

No. 194134

Nah, she already said she wants to try this back when she was in that one Mukbang reaction vid in Japan, it's just that eating stuff was always what she did the most.

No. 194263

File: 1445263389791.jpg (29.66 KB, 640x640, 12106112_981336475236029_63735…)

Some company just sponsored her real hair extensions.

No. 194269

heh, i'm waiting for this company to sponsor surgery/ies, so she can look like in her last photoshoped selfie

No. 194271

i'm jelly, not gonna lie

No. 194272

can't tell if they're actually good quality,
or they just look nice because brand new and she hasn't washed away that crappy protective coating they put over bleached asian hair extensions, or because filter. Her ends looked like shit. Either way, free weave!

No. 194285

It's a hair company, why should they do that.

No. 194286

"any company", are you happy now?

No. 194287

File: 1445267807083.png (713.51 KB, 592x598, venus.png)

btw new photo

No. 194290


where is her upper lip?

No. 194292

She never had much of one and the angle makes it look worse.

She said she just recorded a new video, prolly about her extensions.

No. 194293

These bangs and the eyebrows don't go well together.

No. 194298

I don't follow Venus dramu/life much but does anyone else feel like they can't actually picture her face, how it'd look if you saw her in person?

Everything always has such strong lighting/filters etc

It almost makes her seem uglier to me somehow. She really doesn't seem to have a single redeeming feature..

No. 194305

i'm glad she keeps following up her flattering/well edited pics with pics like this one. can never be jelly when she keeps remindung me how she really looks

No. 194306

there are pics where you can see it. or check out the tv interviews. she looks very different irl.

No. 194308


I never got why she called herself a living doll tbh. Such an average white girl face omg, also don't dolls always have small chubby lips? Not a turtle mouth? Don't get it. With the other living dolls I can see it, but give any blonde chubby cheeked teen some giant contact lenses and they'd look like Venus. I don't understand how she's successful.

No. 194310


Meant to reply to


No. 194314

Her eyes are so unfocused and creepy. She looks like a corpse lmao.

No. 194327


Placing bets now this is some shitty Korean makeup tutorial video.

No. 194328

File: 1445277676316.jpg (416.52 KB, 800x600, ec15c7c7c08a320d4bc66330834e3a…)

She wasn't the one who gave her that title, it was other people and BJDs often have fugly lips like that when they don't look like an inflamed anus.

No. 194341

File: 1445280164565.jpg (27.29 KB, 300x500, not_dolly_at_frickin_all.thumb…)

awfuuul eyebrows and lips
also have a pic lel

No. 194342

File: 1445280254800.jpg (307.62 KB, 1000x1512, 1445104817885.jpg)

No. 194343

if penus decides to move to korea she's basically fucked because she doesnt stand their (Korea) idea of beauty.

Sure surgery is cheap but do they really have the money for that?

Also she looks fat in Korea (inb4 she aint fat!! but for Koreans she is)

No. 194348


They sure had plenty to travel to London, Paris, and Seoul.

No. 194351

File: 1445281199094.jpeg (324.17 KB, 1280x720, image.jpeg)

The average Korean girl is actually taller and weighs more the average Japanese girl.
Japanese idols are usually thinner and shorter…so if she not considered fat in Japan I doubt she'd be considered fat in Korea.

Picture related:korean idols standing next to Japanese idols

No. 194352

File: 1445281329714.gif (497.57 KB, 245x245, 1.gif)

No. 194354

Lol at those mom arms and underarm flab

No. 194357

Those are old as fuck.

No. 194358

It doesn't matter where they life, it won't change a thing as she depends on her online audience for money anyways which is weebs and furiously fapping sandnigger neckbeards.

No. 194359

>implying snsd is "average korean girl"

No. 194361

venus is thinner than most of the women in snsd. I doubt people will think shes fat.

No. 194362

This is basically a younger version of Margo. Venus does not have a great genetic pool to age with.

No. 194366

If I were a surgeon I wouldn't even have a clue on where to start fixing, and I'm talking just about the face.

No. 194375

holyshit-her face looks like a rubber mask.

No. 194376

Agreed. It's very sad.

No. 194380

Someone pls explain to me why this pic freaks me out so much. I have no idea why.

No. 194381

File: 1445284867965.jpg (219.32 KB, 700x450, ai_takenaka_big1.jpg)

If this thing can become an idol I am pretty sure Venus can too, neckbeards have shit taste anyways.

No. 194382

this gives me lesbian bdsm thoughts

No. 194383

Well, she looks retarded, creeps are into that.

No. 194401

If she had a smaller mouth, she'd be an Asian Venus.

No. 194402

at least they show her real face, which shouldn't have changed much

tbh in that japanese street interview video she looked the same but older, with wrinkly cheeks

No. 194403

You can see her real face in the Mukbang Reaction video from the FineBros and yes, it DID change.

No. 194406

File: 1445290967436.png (1.31 MB, 1364x696, 3423.png)

It looks less like a dumpling and it is possible to elongate the face at photos with opening the jaw while still having the mouth closed.

No. 194417

File: 1445291898767.png (132.18 KB, 275x249, ss (2015-10-19 at 11.52.07).pn…)

still a dumpling I'd say but with visible dimples

No. 194419

She also does have a chin now, at everything older than two years her face was one big round featureless piece.

No. 194421

She looks way cuter and natural like this

No. 194424


lets not forget that first interview

No. 194426


Now she has Japanese visa! Lel if she made a video about that

No. 194427


her old videos are weird af

No. 194435

I feel like she was uglier before

No. 194437

File: 1445295856960.png (11.75 KB, 83x93, Keroppi.png)

Her natural look is better than this new photoshopping style

No. 194439

did the mukbang livestream thing happen?
haven't read about it again and can't find related uploads

No. 194449

Don't compare penus to this precious frog.

No. 194466


Nope, never happened.

No. 194490

How did she get a Japanese passport? I thought you could only have one for the country you were a citizen in (not just permanent resident visa)?

No. 194491

i forgot how cringey her old videos were.

No. 194492

go to 1:44 and you will see it's just a notebook.

No. 194501

she is a spitting image of Margo.

No. 194560

Well they say that a girl's mother is a good indication of what she will look like in 20 years. With Venus though it looks like the morph may be coming a bit early. In some photos she really does look like Margo junior.

No. 194581

File: 1445345218279.jpg (53.24 KB, 1145x646, venuswtf.JPG)

Venus at 13

No. 194606

they say a lot of things.

No. 194654

Wow. she looks haggard, even that young.

No. 194843

So did Venus just decide not tp ve married without consulting the groom?

No. 194846

She looks like Paula Deen in that photo

No. 194869


Cookin' in Butter with Weenus Desu!

No. 194873

nice grammar, hi margo.

No. 194891

File: 1445422528271.png (524.95 KB, 539x537, Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 5.58…)

she's really pushing the korean editing jeez.

No. 194899

The smallest top lip I've ever seen.

No. 194902

Can she do something to give her eyebrows some shape? They look like big brown frowns on her forehead.

No. 194912

I am far away from being Margo but nice try, you seem to forget that we have many ESL users here. Also why should I if I was Margo post about them lying, LOL.

No. 194913

He sure will know as the husband gets a letter too when something is invalid.

No. 194918

OT but what would you suggest? I have the same shitty eyebrows and have no idea how the fuck I should shape them or anything…

No. 194922

this is so gross.

No. 194923

to the point where its not even cute anymore

No. 194930

She seems to be trying so hard to fit in with the korean culture.

Next her eyebrows will be done so they are straight. As every korean makeup tutorial on youtube goes on about straight brows.

Waiting for the Korean Dolly makeup look

No. 194932


i love this dress

No. 194933

Venus on how to make your fringe look like crispy pubes!

No. 194934

File: 1445440468356.jpg (51.88 KB, 460x287, walus-newtv_1782801c.jpg)

this REALLY reminds me of these 2 men

No. 194936

OMG I remember this sketch, its hilarious, but surprised they didn't get in trouble for it (or in fact the whole show)

No. 194952

this look is so ugly on everyone. i have no idea why it's a trend.

No. 194955


Combine those and her retarded unicorn horn hair and you have balls and a cock.

No. 194966

Find a salon that does eyebrows, but make sure you do some research and find a place with good feedback. From there they can shape them for you and if you need, they can probably give you advice on products you can use to enhance the look of them like eyebrow pencils, powders, etc. You can always try from home with a pair of tweezers but I'd only recommend doing that if you really know what you're doing. Sometimes hair won't grow back so you have to be very careful.

No. 194967

File: 1445451812417.jpg (49.74 KB, 640x480, 9f839b33794a20a3e8026a03c2a298…)

No. 194968

Weeaboo's trying to be "real life anime" right? Some things, well many things should be left in anime, because when people try them IRL it looks retarded.

No. 194971

But that's a japanese trend, nothing to do with weebs.

No. 194972

>Waiting for the Korean Dolly makeup look
Already made many years ago.

No. 194975

No. 194978

So many comments saying it looks like a ballsack

No. 194979

her pronunciation is absolute garbage. how is she still this bad after so many years of speaking?

No. 194984

File: 1445457693205.jpg (18.45 KB, 590x121, ohvenus.JPG)

No. 195003

How did she edit this and think "oh yeah, this sounds fine. Nobody watches videos with headphones right"

No. 195012


Yeah, she's definitely trying to conform to the korean beauty levels.

No. 195024

venus lurks so hard

No. 195029

Her makeup skills have gotten a bit better, I'll give her that.
But that was damn hard to watch, her voice, her actions, uuugghh

No. 195037


No. 195041

the fucking turtle lips skeeve me out

No. 195043

She lurks lolcow very hard maybe. the heart-shaped bangs trend was posted here a month ago. >>>/b/35538

No. 195050

Honestly, I think she has lurked here, because she has read PULL, which linked here.

Not because of a trend, lmao. It's pretty popular (or was? Not too sure. Venus has always been late to the bandwagons) in the Korean ulzzang social media scene, and since she's in Korea, she's going to pick up on their bueaty standards.

That being said, her hair looks terrible, and so far, Korean styles look terrible on her. She needs to stick with Japanese & Western (mostly western) styles.

No. 195066

Actually is part of her persona, she does speak quite normal in interviews.

No. 195067

I don't think she made it because of cow, I have seen that fad somewhere months ago too and that was because it went viral on FB.

No. 195085

A little bit OT, but has she always followed so many k-pop idols on instagram? I mean she follows a lot now, and I noticed she still follows Manaki.

No. 195142

Naoh, that's just another part of the kpop bandwagon, soon she may start raving about her face kpop groups and the like.

Thinking about it, I wonder if she would try to be fiezl after she done with Korea, she already has the shoop down, And the ulzzang/Korean shoops/makeup doesn't suit her at all.

No. 195159

I feel so sorry for Venus. I really do. If Margo was my mother… I……. just…. idk.

No. 195172

Yeah. People keep saying she should just get away from Margo and while that's true, it isn't that easy. I mean, she's basically been brainwashed. I don't think I'm exaggerating. She's been raised with some truly skewed values/priorities and never knew real stability in her life.

No. 195184

I can't agree with you more anon. Venus would have no idea how to take care of herself if she was alone. She really needs someone that can take her in and teach her some independence and also how the real world works. I'm an Amerifag so I don't know, but are there young adult programs in Europe that help people to become independent? I imagine it would be something available there.

No. 195192

There are those help houses for woman but for that the person would have to seek help themself.

No. 195353

Seriously. She raised Venus to be completely dependent on her. She probably has some really fucked up codependency problems from it. 90% sure she did it intentionally.

No. 195362

Actually it seems that Margo's parents raised Margo like this too but with strict christianity which is why she hates her parents (idk anymore if it was in an interview or an old photo where she stated this), yet she basicly repeats the same but in the weeb way.

No. 195365

i really wish i could be venus' friend and take her away from her shitty life and psycho mother.

No. 195393

I feel really bad for Venus. She's 18, a woman now. She should be experiencing life to it's fullest. Go out, have fun, be 18. I just fucking hate Margo for fucking up her daughter's life. They remind me so much of Norman Bates and his mother.

No. 195813

This video creeps me the fuck out. She looks soulless and her acting so genki is so cringey.

No. 195833

I tried saying this to Margo and Margo's reply was "No one's holding her back."
Which is bullshit. She won't even let Venus speak for herself in interviews. She's truly an awful mother.

No. 195841

I actually thought this was adorable.

No. 195867

she's unfollowed a bunch of people on instagram and is now following all the k-pop idols lel what a fucking try hard moron

No. 195869

I thought she'll never not be about Japan. Venus your not fooling anyone. Plus Korea netizen arent gonna live let you just forget the scams and shit youve done.

No. 196408

File: 1445694230959.jpg (18.82 KB, 546x105, what.JPG)

Her hair in the thumbnail turned pink. Why? Ugh.

No. 196409

File: 1445694456679.jpg (182.27 KB, 1080x1080, 11348250_1714759095411834_1245…)

orange hair really isn't for her…
she looked like a pumpkin in her autumn style pictures.

No. 196412


Is that still a thing though? I always thought it looked kinda stupid

No. 196413

I thought it looked sweet personally.

No. 196414


She does seem to suit orange and dark hair better than blonde I think.

I just think it looks awkward because she's fairly tall.

No. 196415

aw i actually think she looks really nice here. this style suits her a lot more than her living doll stuff and the strange pajama-esque street style shit she's been wearing recently

No. 196416


Are you kidding? That's the best colour she's ever sported.

No. 196457


Nah, she suits dark brown better. Just brown.

No. 196502

yeah, I agree. I think it looks nice on her.

No. 196568

This outfit is super cute, and I think the hair matches super well. I've always been a fan of light orange hair with white and wintery themes. If the dye job was really nice with high lights and low lights and looked like a dark natural ginger blonde I'd be super into it, but knowing Venus it's just orange from being halfway bleached out.

No. 196576


My thoughts exactly. It looks good in videos and pictures because she can lighten it and herself so she looks good with filter but actually in person it looks half as good.

Usually the way, especially kawaii clothing. It looks cute in pictures but in person looks tacky af.

No. 196582

File: 1445715692339.gif (19.94 KB, 200x155, 9374iEF19E74A74D7CEEA.gif)

No. 196790

i need more peenus drama

No. 196934

She literally looks 6 years old.

No. 196936

stop posting this gif. you're not funny.

No. 196937

Her lips look like a puckered anus.

No. 197010

200-300 a month for birthing a child is hardly incentive to have them. Margo sounds like a genuinely terrible human and deserves to be punched in the face. Venus needs to find a woman's shelter, a therapist, and a codependency support group to help her get on her feet and break the cycle.

This color suits her better, but her hair is in awful condition. So crispy.
She's too tall for the skirt or dress/whatever is under her jacket. She probably thinks that short length is ~super adorable~ with her thigh highs (which I do like).

No. 197011

she really doesn't.

No. 197100

File: 1445903944840.jpg (70.5 KB, 640x640, 12139724_1655097938101175_9844…)

She looks like Margo here.

No. 197130

oh god, it's like a little blonde clone. i feel bad for her that she has margo to look forward to for her future looks.

No. 197146


nah it's just blur, brighten and the meitu app

No. 197153

Her hair looks so bad.

No. 197173

Her hair looks so fucking porus.

No. 197176

…that's not what makes her look like her mom.

No. 197190

I used to hate Venus and laugh at her dumb "I'M SO KAWAII XDDD" antics but over time that feeling has dwindled into just feeling sorry for her because she's never known a life that's not 100% controlled by her mother.

No. 197228

genuinely thought her hair wasn't looking too unhealthy. Nah just excessive straightening and filters to make it look okay.

No. 197304

Lol, Mr. Yan claims that Margo and Venus told him that Venus is a Hungarian and was born in Hungary. It's in the response that Bodyline issued after the drama with Venus. I can believe it. Margo blocked all Hungarian IPs from her Facebook. I think she is ashamed of being Hungarian or something.

No. 197337

But that doesn't make sense as Margo was never in Hungary again after she got accepted in uni in Switzerland where she married and got preggo, then lived in a Thai Vat with Venus where she would also go to school.

No. 197338

You think Margo doesn't lie?

No. 197344

Which part do you mean? Because it's not like the Thai Vat and schools they attended in Switzerland don't have them in their year lists, that's nothing that Margo could lie about.

No. 197410

Decided to read Bodyline's statement about the photoshoot just to read about Venus's nationality. I think it's pretty relevant with all the topics about her. (Size, nationality, living in Japan aka visas, etc.)

No. 197425

every time i see her hair i cringe, venus pls love yourself.

No. 197456

No. 197457

she never had and doesn't have straight eyebrows - as for korean and japanese fashion standards

I really like her circle lenses and hairstyle atm

No. 197480

Everything stated by Bodyline should be taken with a grain of salt, they did something very similar at the drama they caused to their haffu model Yoshiko Sakurai (also known as Bodyline-chan) and everything of their claims was proven to be BS.

No. 197482

No. 197485


She has seriously ran out of ideas.

No. 197494

They look like brown caterpillars. Why are they so thin on the inner corner?

No. 197495

Also what's with the colour of her brows? They're a mix of dark brown/black and that awful yellow colour

No. 197513


There is nothing else for her to really do. She's done everything, no one wants to hire her as a model and Japan doesn't think she's dolly enough.

No. 197514


and every fucker in korea looks like a plastic doll anyway so it's not anything new to them

No. 197515

File: 1446067578661.jpg (58.34 KB, 640x931, 12032908_10204681169738360_889…)


But I find it hard to see Venus as a doll without the filters/effects on her face though.

Especially when I see plastic surgery barbies from Korea like this.

No. 197517

File: 1446067693364.jpg (208.18 KB, 350x350, 12032908_10204681169738360_889…)


especially this model

No. 197518

File: 1446067812399.jpg (350.06 KB, 500x765, 12032908_10204681169738360_889…)


Everytime I go on Milkcocoa… I always think she's the most dolliest thing I've ever seen even though it's surgery (probably)

No. 197519

File: 1446068035011.jpg (47.83 KB, 350x350, 12032908_10204681169738360_889…)


but thats asians for u

No. 197522

These girls are pretty but not remarkable… maybe all asians just look the same to me

No. 197523

Those bangs are awful.

it is probably a combination of plastic surgery, make up and PS. Especially in commercials like this. Everyone half decent looking can be shooped into a "dolly" look for pictures like these.

I wonder what went wrong on the Venus route to fame. Sure, she's not the best looking, but she had a gimmick, a persona and some internet fame. Dakota did it mainly on shoops alone, so where did Venus go wrong?

No. 197527

isn't a Japanese idol not allowed to have a bf at all?
and then there's Venus telling the world she's married (and suddenly stopped the marriage)
maybe they think her image is fked up because of that.

idk if it's the same for models.
Kota always seemed more reserved anyways. Also.. Venus has a weird way of 'silently screaming for attention', cannot explain that too well. In her ice cream stream you could see what I mean.

No. 197529

I agree. Just average Asian girls, nothing special about them

Also I think all white girls look the same too. Or people of any race, really.

No. 197534

>I wonder what went wrong on the Venus route to fame. Sure, she's not the best looking, but she had a gimmick, a persona and some internet fame. Dakota did it mainly on shoops alone, so where did Venus go wrong?

Oh, I don't know, her insane mother maybe?

No. 197535

>isn't a Japanese idol not allowed to have a bf at all?
lolno, that only applies to AKB48's and its offsprings.

No. 197559


But you can't not say they have more dolly like features and an aura about them though than Venus? C'mon.

No. 197560


They do, but most of them got there from surgery and photoshop anyway. Not that there's anything wrong with that, because the aesthetic is nice.

No. 197642

Dolly features? No, not really. All I see are normal Asian girls. Not what aura you're talking about, all I see is good photography as opposed to Venus' selfies and instagram filters

No. 197705

File: 1446116772046.png (1.59 MB, 1079x1523, Screenshot_2015-10-29-07-04-58…)

why indeed, venus

No. 197712


These ladies actually look like adults/teens too. Still dolly, but kind of grown up.
If these ladies are like Barbie, Venus is more like an American Girl doll. Sad to say, but true.

No. 197715

heavy makeup, editing and bleached hair

No. 197716

has anyone noticed that PULL has been taken off?

No. 197746

Still online, idk what you are talking about.

No. 197953


The same can be said for Penus and Margo.

No. 197978

maybe they look all the same because they go to the same surgeon

No. 197993

File: 1446210576167.png (325.52 KB, 253x558, ss (2015-10-30 at 02.04.00).pn…)

is it just me or did she get tired of all the "wow you look so tall" comments so that she finally stopped shooping her legs longer?
when people started assuming she's really tall her mother said she's 1.65
…even though on her bodyline chubby pictures 2 years ago she was 1.66 just check some pictures http://image.rakuten.co.jp/bodyline/cabinet/l/l493-2.jpg

No. 198003

She always looks like Margo.

No. 198007

File: 1446217307379.png (757.09 KB, 804x594, venus.png)

No. 198015

File: 1446220337064.jpg (359.33 KB, 804x594, Untitled-3.jpg)

No. 198039

I seriously hate girls who act this way. She's just asking for rude ass comments.

No. 198041

Subtle or not - she will stick to this sex sells thing forever.
Poor dirty thing.

No. 198086

So where the fuck is Manaki? How's he coping being forever alone up in the great Nippon while his real doll tries to become well known in South Korea?

No. 198090

Anon you're a sleepy head.
Venus refused to marry him.
She's now a free and innocent girl.

No. 198092

So why did Venus and Margo even bring up marriage at all? attention? Wonder if maybe Venus noped out because she thought being married would mean losing fans.

No. 198099


Yes, but at least they could PASS as dolls in some shape or form. Still more dolly than Venus and kota.

No. 198101


That's the point of Milkcocoa, they use cute doll fair girls and put them in adorable clothes. Grown up and not flaunting dumb brands which look like Halloween costume shit.

They're more dolly than half the fucks that flaunt Lolita.

No. 198102




(big azn cock)

No. 198103


Yeah since she's tall already, no doubt she's shopping herself to look tinier to fit da "kawaii petite" build kek

No. 198106

Considering they were waiting for Margo's visa to get renewed, it is very likely it didn't get approved and if Margo isn't allowed to stay in Japan, Venus won't too because she is still her mother's puppet.

No. 198107

Nah, Margo got much harsher features and not a round face.

No. 198112


She needs to change her Twitter info then if she's that free. I was under the impression they were still a married couple lol.

No. 198122

Venus' features look less harsh because she shoops and uses angles. Plus, she's young now… Just let her reach 30's and see

No. 198150

Even in candids her head looks like a featureless dumpling, nothing that has to do with shoop and different than Margo, she doesn't go on parties drinking alcohol almost daily since a young age.

No. 198265


I was waiting for someone to blur whatever the fuck she's eating. lmfao

No. 198289

File: 1446280972014.png (589.96 KB, 801x588, venus.png)

No. 198291

File: 1446281236181.png (213.35 KB, 556x171, wtf.png)

wtf with her left eye tho

No. 198296

Lmao. She forgot to edit it

No. 198393


sloppily drawn on whiskers = shapeshifting into a cat apparently

ok venus

No. 198437

File: 1446322567976.jpg (27.92 KB, 460x276, Thom-Yorke-007.jpg)

No. 198438

wtf? I mean I understanding following Korean fashion and makeup trends, but is she shooping herself to actually look Korean now?

No. 198468

Yep. Notice how she is even smiling differently in >>198289
I can't explain it very well (or at all) but the way she smiled looks as though she is sucking in the corners of her bottom lip to make it smaller, while sticking out the top lip to make the mouth more kitty shaped. I have seen many K-Pop stars do this (though it could just be the natural shape of their mouths)

Compare it to the way she smiles in >>197705

(Links of the "korean kitty" smile)




No. 198479

>Implying she has a top lip

No. 198494

Looks like her usual shoop but with squinting instead of opening her eyes so much that they almost pop out.

No. 198519

Looks more duck-like than the actual "duck face"…
weebs will never stop finding new, even dumber selfie faces, will they.

really ugly.

I don't think Venus is ugly. I even like her natural, slightly blobby face.
But this disgusting fake smile is creepy.
And the fact that she owns one of the dumbest dog breeds just because she needs it as a mascot…

No. 198521

She doesn't own the dog, is the one of the host family they are living with.

No. 198525

I don't care since she's using it as a mascot.

No. 198526


Probably why she and her mom chose to stay with that host family because of the cute fluffy dog. People are suckers for cute and fluffy, especially her fans.

No. 198528

File: 1446348496860.png (2.22 MB, 1028x1070, penus.PNG)

No. 198532

I wonder if she misses her "husband"

No. 198540


Well, considering she doesn't have a husband…probably not. Obviously.

No. 198653

Where've you been this past(what, 2 months?)?

No. 198670

Where have you been? we've already discussed whether she's actually married or not due to the very likely faked email from Hungarian Embassy saying the marriage wasn't valid and she never sorted it.

No. 198673


I would like to see how Manaki has reacted to this whole "not actually married" stuff.

No. 198674

that's beautiful

No. 198871

So if they were never married, have Venus and Manaki broken up?

No. 198882


I've been following this shit. Where have YOU been?

No. 198883


All the videos of Manaki say ex-boyfriend. So yes.

No. 199096

File: 1446499721943.jpg (73.19 KB, 640x640, 12135425_1638958023032075_3279…)

They are on a student visa in korea now, Margo posts once a while about going to language school.

Pic somewhat related.

No. 199100

oh my god bitch stop learning korean and go back to your country

No. 199119

So their plans are basically to half-ass learning a bunch of languages on student visas forever?

No. 199121


Student visa again? When will these countries just tell them to fuck off already? They've had their fun in the Azn wonderlands.

No. 199173

Unless they suddenly skip classes, there isn't anything that can be done against it.

No. 199174

I know, but that's hardly a viable long-term plan

No. 199176

As long as they get money from the state+youtube it will continue to work as you can study forever.

No. 199183

That cash flow isn't going to come forever

No. 199184


I know, eventually people are gonna kick venus to the curb

No. 199185

Then she will just do the same as her mother, getting pregnant and milking her weeb child online.

No. 199192


Will kawaii even still be "In" by then?

No. 199194


Japan isn't showing interest so they're hoping Korea will.


No. 199195

Oh my god.
Oh my god i can see it now…
Venus being so confused by the bad education her mother gave her just do the same and end up living vicariously through her child…making it famous on the internet.
Like you, i wonder if kawaii is still going to be "in" by then but i think it can still be cool and make a revival.
Imagine us farmers still doing our farming bullshit at age 30+ tho.

No. 199199

Wait what the hell so no marriage bullshit then? Then what now?
It's getting more tiresome and sad than funny like it was before in her weeb years. Circa 2011-2012 (the golden age. The cows were great,and the milk was flowing and delicious) she had some real appeal. She was an annoying weeb but had something about her…Now it's just sad. She's desperately hopping from country to country trying to do something with her life. She's 18,was ""homeschooled"" and i doubt she did a lot or even less had a diploma. Not saying she's stupid but…kind of an airhead and most of all corrupted by her cray mother. It used to be funny but now seeing how desperate she is…it's just sad.

No. 199201

We're running out of good animes now. The minellials will soon be having kids. So yeah it's gonna expire like all styles. Of course, it may remain underground

No. 199203


Lol I doubt it, we'll have forgotten and moved on I bet but I know of us will still google "kiki kannibal" just to see what became of her ugly ass. Dakota will probably live elsewhere in Japan, married off with a kid. Lmao oh man.

Venus probably end up in porn.

No. 199205



She should have really kept at Nico Nico, she would have became and done something. Honestly, she would have actually gotten somewhere with Japan I think. Same time as kota. But nope, she didn't keep it up and it all went to shit.

No. 199277

File: 1446523395374.jpg (118.04 KB, 640x640, margo less lines.jpg)

Hey guys, I don't follow the Venus drama too closely. But I see everyone says how Venus is looking like Margo. I was curious and did a little shooping to see how Margo would look like if she didn't have laugh lines like Venus.

No. 199281

File: 1446523828562.jpg (133.73 KB, 580x637, shit hair.jpg)

Throw on some shitty hair, you get the idea. I don't have time to finish this atm, but I can see the resemblance.

No. 199284

Wow, totally. To her credit, I do think Venus will always be slightly more attractive than her mother, but the resemblance is uncanny.

No. 199302

marg will print this out and look at it every evening before hoing to bed
her dream come tru

No. 199338

File: 1446535042273.jpg (96.64 KB, 640x640, margo venus hair.jpg)

No. 199380

Damn, they do look alike. I'll dare to say Venus will look even worse though, because Margo didn't grow up with all pressure Venus is having now. Girl has to have issues with a crazy mother like that.

No. 199381

No. 199395

>Margo didn't grow up with all pressure Venus is having now
She did, she actually was raised the same way as Venus but the strict christian way instead of the weeb one, hence why she hates her parents. Also Margo is the only one always stressing about everyone being a ~hater~ that wants to ruin there lifes, Venus is just used to it growing up on the internet.

No. 199635

Go to this pic on her insta >>197993
and read the comments. Prepare popcorn farmers.

No. 199643

fucking screencap it you fuckwad.

No. 199651

If Kawaii isn't in, she can milk her child for something else.

No. 199661

Don't bother. It's just full of some Koreabooturds arguing over who knows more about Korea and who is entitled to say what.

Pretty boring and I highly doubt Venus is even gonna bother reading it, she ain't gonna be offended by someone saying she is fat in Korean standards. She'll stop reading at the "get the fuck out of korea" comment

No. 199864

the person who's calling her fat has a bloated face. not even as slim as Venus most probably. just an attention whore, a stupid one.

And all the "you're racist because you're imitating japan/korea" shit has never been interesting, it's the most stupid stuff you could find among her comments.

No. 199901

No. 199904

'my favorite color is rainbow'
'or should I say tiny tail?'
I actually want to punch her in the neck

No. 199965


She's running out of ideas rapidly, isn't she?

No. 199966

people have been saying that for years. clearly not.

No. 199975

Being a cat on Halloween is literally the laziest costume ever. Damn

No. 199976

York may have a wonky eye, but he's a talented fucker. Don't compare him to Penus.

No. 199977

Why are countries allowing them to stay with visas? They have such a shady history. All Korea needs to do is look it up and kick them the fuck out.

No. 200048


Best get reporting to the Korean authorities then anon.

No. 200063

I would if I lived in or near South Korea.

No. 200067

looks like keeki hime really hates her-she commented on the new video on her fb page

No. 200077

do you pulltards just not know how to screencap?

No. 200091


No idiot, I mean she's just getting lazier and sloppier with each video.

No. 200097

Oh no, a comment, the world is going to end!

No. 200098

Not the same anon but that insult gets tiring already, more so when considering that PULL is 99% screnshoots.

No. 200099

File: 1446687288569.jpg (264.14 KB, 1342x688, PeeenusssKoreaboooo.jpg)

It isn't that interesting to read. But I stuck the comments together in one easy picture for you all

No. 200108

My favorite color is tiny tail? How is that a color??

No. 200113

It's like she's just making dull cliche videos about Korean pop culture for the sake of Youtube money now that she's no longer in Japan. There's no passion in any of them, no matter how enthusiastic she seems about her videos when advertising them on social media. This shit has literally become a chore for her.

No. 200117

lol wasn't Helen a koreaboo for a while too? and I know she outgrew her ~living doll~ stuff

No. 200273

Helens a koreaboo, weeaboo, wants to be Ariana grande, and is a huuggee attention whore. Look at her Instagram she recently cosplayed Cammy from street fighter n literally went with her ass cheeks out n she's only like 16. She's so embarrassing

No. 200275

omg I am so excited to see the Koreans hate on her, Japanese people will shit talk behind your back but Koreans are way more blunt. Young Koreans aren't going to be able to put up with her bullshit

No. 200280

Does anyone in Korea even care about her?

No. 200287


Went to the same con she went to, can vouch for how cringey and desperate this jailbait trash is.

No. 200311

Nope, not one single bit. Unless they were into weird obscure internet dramu.

No. 200312

LOL Korea doesn't give a fuck about visas, as long as you aren't working illegally. I literally stayed with my boyfriend and his family for a year just by going to Japan every three months. They just stamp your passport and send you on your way, it's pretty surprising.

No. 200316


Either way anon, Venus won't gain an audience there anyway. Not when you've got korean barbies floating around their doll aura.

No. 200318

File: 1446729416843.jpg (256.96 KB, 800x488, Natalia-Calvin-Klein-Underwear…)

Same anon, and I agree with you. Plus, dolly asian wannabe foreign girls are never popular. Guys here are all about tall Ukranian and Russian girls that look like models. Pic related.

No. 200371

I dont understand these ulzzang human doll wannabes, I prefer to be a hot woman like the model you posted over a kawaii ulzzang animu gurl. The hot woman is still hot naked, the kawaii uguu not.

No. 200384

File: 1446743448210.png (800.48 KB, 989x539, SweetcornTegs.png)

How flattering.

No. 200386

Same. I feel like it's red flags when a woman is in her 20s and wants to look like a 13 year old or worse and acts immature. This whole living doll and 'kawaii' culture is gross. It's like wanting to keep women at an infantile stage.

No. 200388

Absolutely. Couldn't agree more.

No. 200392

>I prefer to be a hot woman like the model you posted over a kawaii ulzzang animu gurl


No. 200405


I agree too, but how can they get noticed in any other way?

Think about it. If it wasn't for the doll thing kota would never be where she is now. Taylor would still be modelling because she's got the looks (not the doll thing obv but back in HK).

Venus had to rely on the doll shit to get an audience.

Himezawa needs the doll shit to TRY to get an audience.

Peachymilk ect

They ALL need it despite it being gross because they're just boring af without it plus Japanese women Risa Nakamura, Yui Kanno, Tsubasa ect they're ALL in their late 20s/30s and they model for childish looking clothing.

Without it they're bland.

No. 200877

>The hot woman is still hot naked, the kawaii uguu not
>hot naked
wtf are you even trying to say here
The people actively trying to be living dolls are obviously dressing in kawaii or dolly fashion for attention. But most people into jfashions like lolita or himekaji genuinely like the fashion. Not everyone wants to look sexy or trendy.

I also think it's unfair to call people childish or infantile for liking a certain style of clothing if they are responsible people who take care of themselves and pay their own bills. As long as they aren't attention-whoring or being immature or obnoxious, who cares what they wear

No. 200880

'The attractive people are still attractive no matter what they're in whereas the kawaii uguu girls need to be dressed in the 'kawaii uguu' fashions to be cute'

If they dressed 'normally' they'd look 'normal' compared to actual attracive people who are attractive even in 'normal' clothes

is what I THINK they're getting at.

No. 201297

File: 1446916456104.png (7.09 KB, 292x129, 2332.png)

I don't wonder how she can still have so many fans, so many dumb people in this world but most of her non-pedo fans seem to be from the US and don't know shit about the rest of the world.

No. 201299

I'm just really waiting for some major Venus drama.

No. 201303

The only recent drama is the daily SJW butthurt on her IG photos, I don't think there will be any new drama soon as their new student visa for korea will run a year.

No. 201510

Not that anon but that sounds about right.

No. 201539

How come her hair in her pictures always look dry and stiff, like hay, but in videos it looks sort of fine? Does she just moisturize it and restraighten to look "fresh" or it just looses moisture quickly?
Not only her hair looks better, but her facial features look better too. In pictures, she always photoshops her face into what she think is a babified ulzzang, but actually look like an alien no lipped granny.

No. 201553

I think it is just the photoshop and filters. I do think she looks better in videos than she does in photos, but I don't think she looks that great in either

No. 201635

File: 1446996145431.png (503.48 KB, 472x589, venus.png)

new style

No. 201636

File: 1446996209413.png (595.85 KB, 930x436, venus.png)

No. 201647


She looks like a little boy

No. 201653

Why do you call this "new style", she has been casualfag clothes and updo hairstyles for at least two years now.

No. 201657


It's purely all filter and meitu.

Her angle making her eyes look bigger, biting her lips, lighting up the picture and probably editing her face a bit like slimming.

No. 201673

by "new style" I mean "new style of photoshopping" not about about her clothes

No. 201676

looks cute af but knowing how she actually looks it's a damn joke. her face is just very shoopable i guess.

No. 201699

Huh, I fon't see any difference at her shoop compared to the rest of the year, it's only the different hairstyle that makes a difference as it doesn't cover her cheeks.

No. 201757

So did ahe break up with manaki? Cos she deleted their videos again

No. 201762

She is pushing the mukbang thing soooo far. Where's ya lip girl

No. 201769

I mean, he's beta as fuck, but I don't think even he would stick around after getting together, being publicly dumped and slandered, getting back together, getting engaged, going through the process of marriage, only to be dumped again.

No. 201821

Who here thinks that Venus and Manaki actually did the do?

No. 201823

I honestly don't. He was nothing but a ticket to living in Japan and a fashion accessory to Venus and Margo. I wouldn't be surprised if she wasn't even actually attracted to him.

No. 201897

File: 1447069152491.png (35.83 KB, 135x163, Screenshot 2015-11-09 at 8.38.…)

It must be really hard to do the do when the beast is around you 24/7

No. 202091

File: 1447114074286.png (4.92 KB, 302x75, 35235.png)

Considering how long it takes already I bet it will be a shop as Venus used to make her blog layout herself.

No. 202095

Margo is so gross and creepy. I wish someone would beat the shit out of her.

No. 202100

There's SJW butthurt on her IG?

No. 202181

Are you new? SJW always get butthurt about people that love some asian country.

No. 202213

No, not new to Venus. Just didn't know the specific details. Thought they'd be on her ass about her weird childish behavior or hypersexuality.

No. 202235

I was watching those mukbang videos. they make my stomach hurt. Probably a good diet aid.

Nightmare fuel. That's all I can say.

No. 202665

File: 1447217964944.jpg (41.17 KB, 320x320, tumblr_nxmrydwHbb1qlkpdmo1_400…)

Article from blick.ch

If anyone can find a bigger picture and translate it, that'd be great.

No. 202688

No. 202696


"I can eat portions up to 3 kilos." Definitely not a healthy practice.

Also lol at the doctor at the end saying how dangerous Mukbang is, I'm sure Venus isn't going about it in a safe way at all.

No. 202702

Of course she's not doing it safely. She's just jumped on the trend instead of gradually easing her body into it.

Assuming she actually does eat 3 kg and isn't bullshitting us

No. 202703

File: 1447237793074.png (794.83 KB, 600x601, venus.png)

No. 202704

Her head literally looks deformed. She looks like she has a birth defect.

No. 202734

When and where did she made mukbang 3 times a week???? Also,margo is 52? LOL. Maybe Venus is also older than she claims to be..

No. 202736

My parents are around Margo age, I'm fact my father is older. It's nothing weird. My brothers are 27 and I'm 19. So I don't think Venus is lying.

No. 202751

OT But I want that heart-shaped coffee cup.

No. 202759

My mum is 61 and I am 19, nothing weird.

No. 202763


No. 202764

My dad was 58 when I was 18

No. 202765

ok, can we get back on topic?

No. 202775

No. 202785

Wish granted. I translated the most important/funniest bits from that article someone posted (thanks anon):

Article describes her as a popular YouTube star in South Korea. Kek.

Venus does up to three Mukbangs a week.

Article also refers to her as a former child star and quotes a Swiss movie called 'Ready, Steady, Charlie!' As far as I know Venus and Margo were extras in it (top picture in >>202665), so I don't understand how that makes her a child star.

Venus claims people watch Mukbangs because eating alone is not a great feeling, and also because they might enjoy watching someone else eat (quantities of) food they couldn't eat themselves.

Penus practices eating in front of the mirror because it's important to look attractive and visibly enjoy the food during Mukbangs.

Her viewers love watching her eat things they love themselves and often ask her to eat their favorite desserts/dishes.

She drinks 3 liters of water a day and explains that it's very important for her metabolism to drink enough before, after and during the Mukbang.

The article randomly describes her as having a doll face because Venus can't do anything without bragging about her super special dumpling face.

She says she does sports every day and prefers jogging or dancing. Claims that her body has gotten used to the huge portions so that she can now eat up to 3 kilograms of food in one sitting. Also says that she's aware she can't do it every day without gaining weight. Says she knows how to juggle her daily caloric intake accordingly.

No. 202789

Sorry for being OT but can somebody tell me what the deal is with Venus and the Song "I love it"? It says that Venus did a cover of it but when I listen to it, it seems to be the normal song.

No. 202795

It was part of a scam.
>Margaret and Venus put together a Kickstarter page where they try to jump start a singing career for Venus
>They raise the pitch on the song "I Don't Care (I Love It)" and claim it's Venus covering it
>people call them out on lying
>the Kickstarter gets taken down, no word of it

No. 202819


"3 mukbangs a week" I'll believe it when I see it.

3 liters of water a day seems…quite excessive.

No. 202955

3l of water will help her to throw up, not digest.

Drinking while eating actually inhibits gastric acid production.
Guess she's bulimic.

Plus nice how this is just a big lie. She didn't stream anything. Can't find it on afreeca either.

No. 202960

Depends. I drink 3 liters of water a day because I sweat a lot and do like an hour a day of cardio.

No. 202986

Competitive eaters drink vast quantities of water when they're in training to expand their stomach capacity. Could be what she's doing. 4 litres isn't that much if you think it as two 1.5l bottles.

No. 202989


I'm really convinced she has an eating disorder. She looked incredibly thin in her selfies taken in Japan, then when her fans pointed it out, she suddenly does a turn around when moving to South Korea and becomes a "mukbang" as she apparently loves to eat tons of food. So many lies.

No. 202992


Yes, she's always been weird about food.
And no she wasn't always skinny as some people claim lol
she was chubby as f and she started to worry about it alot.
I don't believe in losing "baby chub", who the hell does that? except for babies.
It's actually the opposite, metabolism decreases once you get into your "gonna be mom"-years and even more later on.

not so recent pic (2015 though) related but it's always been a topic for her.

She's living the dream though. Can't deny my jealousness
I'd love to be eating and working out all day if that's all I have to do to get money.

No. 202995

Looks like she finally removed Manaki from her Twitter bio and only her mom is there now.

No. 203000


I think a lot of her selfies are shopped to make herself look smaller. (I know little about photoshop though, correct me if I'm wrong.)

I'm very surprised she hasn't gained weight, from all of the pictures she posts of desserts/fried food she eats.

No. 203008

>4 litres isn't that much if you think it as two 1.5l bottles.
Nice math skills anon.

No. 203013

Haha, oh fuck. Yeah, I don't do numbers.

No. 203016

Could anyone estimate a height/weight for Venus? I saw her in person about a year ago now and she seemed quite healthy and reasonably normal-sized, but she's either shooping hard, like people have said, or she's dropped a ton.

No. 203021

>1.5 times 2 is 4.
Yup you're from PULL aren't you?

No. 203040

She looked to be my height when she was stood next to me, I would say roughly 5'7. By how she looks in the photo I will link I would say around 110lb give or take 5lb.

No. 203041

Her face looks physically ill.

No. 203043

Ah Marg actually states her exact height in the comments of that photo - 165.4cm

No. 203047

Plus, that's what her Wiki page says. The one she's editing herself.

No. 203048

File: 1447294360408.jpeg (94.96 KB, 750x667, image.jpeg)

No. 203094

Strange thing she was 1.66 when modeling for bodyline.
And after that during Venus' weightloss Marg stated that's because she's growing.

Maybe she's shrinking like a raisin lately, tbh her face looks like it and it seems it also happened to Margaret.

No. 203130

Plot twist: She's actually in her 30s and is shrinking prematurely.

No. 203201

I can't believe people are debating over a centimeter in height.
People can shrink up to 15mm during the day, so Venus can be both 165cm and 166cm, depending on when she measures herself.
Some claim they have met Venus in person and that she's much taller in reality, but such a small difference is nothing to write home about.

No. 203207

File: 1447338858938.jpg (37.12 KB, 600x400, B7xgNWICAAAv-SZ.jpg.568b983658…)

Is Venus seriously only 5'5"?
I always believed she must be quite tall because in so many of her photos she positively towers over everybody.

Always assumed she was 5'8"-5'9".

No. 203211

You might not have read all of it:
After being 1.66 at bodyline (winter 2013~14)
her mother claimed that she is growing. And that her growth is the reason she lost weight (which was around summer 2015).

So did she grow 0 centimeters or -0,5 I wonder?

No. 203222

for anyone who missed, she reuploaded the ice cream thing

No. 203231

I mentioned this before but I'll say it again.

I met Venus in person at MCM in London. Stood right beside her, even got a picture with her.

I'm 5'6" and she was taller than me, she was wearing flat tea party shoes so they weren't contributing to her height.

She's bullshitting about being 5'5". I dunno why she's lying about it, there's nothing wrong with being a tall girl. She's so obsessed with appearing Asian that she's even trying to pretend she's the same height as Japanese/Korean girls and it's stupid as fuck.

No. 203234

New vid of her eating pepero… a lot of it. She's looking even thinner.

No. 203242

I bet Margo is helping her purge.

No. 203244


Yikes she really is.

I'm convinced she's not eating, and if that's the case I'm not surprised. The amount of people that tore into her and called her fat when she got a little bit chunky at a point where she was obviously depressed.

No. 203250

Either she is eating only what she films and not eating the rest of the day and exercising, or she's straight up bulimic.

No. 203256

She's always been chunky and still is now, she just learned how to use angles and skinny apps. She's not purging lol. She is a chubby little glutton.

No. 203259

When will the anas leave?

No. 203260

Go back to your chair grave, hangry skeleton.

No. 203263

dem bulimia cheeks.
yeah i really don't believe she isn't purging the stuff she eats for these mukbangs, considering how much thinner she's gotten.

No. 203266

lol, she's really not. you can barely even see her collarbone. many slim girls have bony wrists but she's not exceptionally thin. no ana

No. 203269

>celebrate another yummy stick
oh venus

No. 203271

what? when? i wanna see it!

No. 203296


Literally fuck off back to your purging BoneLord.

No. 203302

This. Even in her shopped pics you can see she's normal sized. Definitely not fat, but not thin either.

No. 203305

File: 1447354774362.jpg (286.27 KB, 853x480, Untitled-1.jpg)

idc who wants to call me fat she is becoming pretty noticeably underweight for her height.

No. 203307

cut the shit guys. She is definitely thin. Not "normal" not "average" and the fact she's claiming to eat all this shit and is noticeably skinnier than she usually is suggests somethings up.

No. 203310

She's wearing heels in that photo, those boots have quite the high heel. IIIRC, they're 2-3 inches, so that'd bring her to about 5'8"ish. Lots of those other girls are wearing flatter shoes and they're Asian. The girl second from right seems taller than Venus, and she's wearing shorter heels.

No. 203311

might be the case


anon translated that >>202785
the most interesting fact concerning her body and eating habits is that she's -working out every day, loves dancing, running daily-
these large amounts she eats only UP to 3 times a weak, so around 2 to 3.
On the other days she eats "less", which could mean anything between air, a yogurt and normal meals

she also claims to have a "healthy metabolism"
look at your photos from only 1 year ago. 2 years ago she was close to becoming fat.

No. 203314

File: 1447356810460.jpg (93.1 KB, 685x960, 10660343_743737578995028_25281…)

btw Venus is known to lie about her height in order to make herself appear a shorter for god knows what reasons

The girl on the left is Midori Fukasawa. She is 158cm tall without heels. I think she is wearing these heels, which are either 4cm, 6cm or 7cm tall, which would make her about 165cm or so with them on and their shoes are virtually the same height.

Venus is about 5'8" in all likelihood.

No. 203315

File: 1447356845423.jpg (120.02 KB, 768x1024, tumblr_m4uga8hua51qlkpdmo1_128…)

This statue is officially measured as 3 metres in height.

No. 203317

Venus always had a good metabolism and it is not uncommon to have 2-3 years in puperty when it suddenly doesn't work anymore due to hormonal changes, I had the same when I was 15-16.

No. 203318

its so sad how venus has literally no friends other than her mom :')

No. 203320


You know a "good metabolism" isn't something you're just born with?
Do you understand what a metabolism is? It's rate in which at your body expends and conserves energy in processing activities throughout the day, and that is entirely influenced by diet and exercise.

Sick of people talking about good and bad metabolisms like you only get one that can never be changed and then that's it for your life.

Fuggin' good metabolisms my ass, the girl simply moves more and grazes throughout the day.

No. 203322

I also met her at MCM Expo in London when she still lived in the UK. I'm 5ft5 & was wearing sandals at the time and she was much taller than me. 5ft7 or 8 sounds about right for her.

No. 203325

Umn, there are people born with fast metabolism which IS considered good.

No. 203328

>Studies of identical twins suggest that your baseline metabolism is determined at birth. But if you have a naturally slow metabolism, weight gain is by no means inevitable and though it may be harder to shed body fat, it's nearly always possible, says weight-loss expert Pamela Peeke, M.D., M.P.H., an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Maryland in Baltimore. You may never burn calories as rapidly as, say, Serena Williams, but you can raise your RMR to a certain extent by exercising and building lean muscle.

Sorry to burt your bubble, anon.

No. 203329

Gtfo please and the only reason why she doesn't have friends is that her mom is the one who bullies everyone who wants to be her duaghters friend.

No. 203337

File: 1447360017531.jpg (226.27 KB, 908x1800, 1443733276355.jpg)


>she believes metabolic rate is static

No. 203339


Nice source you got there faggot.



Fucking kek so you believe in fat logic.

No. 203348

sounds American tbh

No. 203352

Can we stop with the metabolism talk? Take it elsewhere

No. 203357

Fatty-chan detected.

No. 203380

i think its just because shes smoothing the fuck out of her pics to hide it tbh. idk, look at her arms and legs. they look really thin. her face has always been really round so maybe her collarbones won't ever really show despite her weight. some peoples aren't prominent even at a low bmi

No. 203383


Yeah, the one bish in this thread that's trying to inform people that metabolism is controlled by diet and exercise is the fatty kek

How's the chronic acne friend :^)

No. 203390

Collarbone aren't really a good indication. I used to be overweight and you could see my collarbone quite well. Looking at her arms in >>203305 is a better indication

No. 203400


Dis, even when I was 108lbs at 5'7" my collarbones were little more than a small road bump below my neck.

No. 203403

I have seen her in real life at Hyper Japan. She's about 5'7'', I would say.

No. 203410

how did she seem to you?
i can't imagine her being at ease around a large group of people, she always seems so tense and awkward

No. 203412

bonelord lol

No. 203415

I saw her from quite a distance but she was wearing that miko cosplay with the fox ears (which made her look even taller). She seemed friendly, was getting her picture taken with a lot of people, but quiet. As you would guess.

No. 203453

Her mom finished Venus's website and the cringe in the about part of it is just too much.


No. 203456


I agree. She must be purging. Her frame is so skinny nowadays.

She does look a lot better slim though, I'll admit… even when not using the leg-lengthening apps.

No. 203460

So uh… anyone know any good mukbang's to recommend? I kinda think they're cool…

No. 203461

That's a pretty average weight, though. Most skinny people have prominent collarbones.

No. 203468

ana chan pls go

No. 203470


108lbs at 5'7" presents you with a BMI of 16.9.
In order to be medically diagnosed with anorexia your BMI needs to be below 18.5".
You're a dumbass.

God I am so fucking sick of the ana-chans.
Where the fuck did they crawl in from because I don't remembers these idiots being here 3 months ago.

No. 203476

"Seeing is beleving …"
Margo pls

No. 203477

1. Not everyone with anorexia has a BMI of 18.5.
2. Not everyone with a BMI of 18.5 have anorexia.

No. 203483


This sounds like it was written by a fat.

No. 203489

Ever since Ember started posting and got called out by admin-sama and then allllll the wannarexics flooded here to see the drama for themselves. Lolcow can never have good things I s2g

No. 203494

I'm normal

No. 203514

>Bragging about being a polyglot.
>Can't even write in English properly.

No. 203516

Love how she added korean after being there for what, a month? Lmao

No. 203520

tells alot about her language skills in general…
English might be the only language she really speaks fluently and without severe mistakes.
As a German person, I often detected mistakes whenever she wrote/said something in German.

No. 203522

This. I have no idea how this girl communicates. Her German is weird, she still makes so many mistakes when speaking/writing English, her Spanish wasn't very impressive when she was living in Tenerife and I doubt it's gotten much better since she's not being exposed to native speakers anymore. I also find it unlikely that she already speaks advanced Dutch after having lived in the Netherlands for less than a year.

No. 203524


Anorexia is usually diagnosed if you meet a certain criteria. You can be a landwhale and still have an eating disorder.

This discussion is over, get back to the fucking topic of this thread.