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File: 1448650393809.png (24.24 KB, 484x310, jng.png)

No. 208335

New JNig thread, old one hitting limit >>34186

So, she posted this not long ago and as much as she's brought on a lot of shit herself by enabling her fans behavior, I'm still disgusted by some of the comments.

No. 208360

Did she mean to say "pop bubbles" or something else? Why is poop in a list of shoots she does

No. 208362


I think she's just being "random XDDD".

No. 208363

So nudity is lol no way but poop is a okay. Even joking those are some messed up priorities. Id rather have nude shots that pictures of oneself playing with shit

No. 208503

it's a joke you sperg

albeit, an obnoxious haha lel so randum joke but no need to take it so seriously

No. 208527

>I got myself huge fake boobs to put on display all the time and I pose in the tiniest bikini that leave me pretty much naked but UGGHH NUDE PICS THOSE ARE TOO MUCH I COULD NEVER DO THAT THAT IS DISGUSTING

Whatever Nigri.

I also hate to say this but I also agree with OP on the enabling part. She does nothing to call out her followers who lust after her tits and constantly give them more fodder to slobber over. Sometimes she makes a "snarky" comment about the neckbeard fanboys but all in all she keeps feeding to their habit. She made herself a sex object and that's what people are going to view her as. The worst thing is that it's affecting other cosplayers as well as the thirsty neckbeards believe they're all out to put their bodies on display.

No. 208573

I used to actually kind of like JNig as a cosplayer. I thought she handled her weird cos-fame okay and people who hated on her generic awful sexy stuff seemed a bit venomous. She just seemed like a run-of-the-mill attention cosplay attention whore.

This actually pisses me off, though. So, suddenly she has a high ground for not taking nudes? What the fuck? You're known for having your tits hang out. Honestly, no one would bat an eye if she did nudes. It'd be like her being a cam girl or a stripper, which she practically already is. Who would care?

This is like that time she went to that foreign con in Brazil, I want to say, and the crowd jeered at her for wearing normal clothes and not sexy stuff. She was ~floored~ that's what they wanted her for. She was also upset at the same con when they would not cheer for men who made really good cosplay. She has zero self awareness and it's painful.

No. 208574

>Jnig slams tasteful nudity
>lists a whole bunch of disgusting pandering nerd shit for her fans

She's seriously delusional.

No. 208575

Hi Jnig

No. 208599

Um… They aren't even whiteknighting JNig. They even criticize her.

I am all for calling out self-fagging in threads, but at least read the whole post you call some anon out on. ffs.

No. 209024

I'm not sure whether it's just her preference not to get naked or if she's implying that getting naked is objectively worse than getting your tits on display most of the time and quite clearly pandering to a certain kind of fan.

If it's the former, I don't particularly care: I can understand that her parents might tolerate it as she supposedly makes a load of money, while they might not want to come across photos of her naked. I don't personally see much difference but, then again, I'm of the opinion that in this day and age bits of the body are more or less sexual because we decide they are, not because they inherently are. Of course, it's a left over from thousands of years ago, when women developed more protruding breasts after we started walking erect rather than on all fours but last time I checked we were out of the caves.

If it's the latter, it is annoying to see the double standard. Her saying "If you are here in the hopes that one day I will do this, you are a poor poor misguided soul." does sound like she feels like she can talk down to those who'd like to see her naked or, worse, those who do do nudes.

Look, I'm straight, female and I don't like the look of inflated boobs, but I also don't particularly care if someone else wants to wank off to her pictures. It does, however, irk me somewhat if someone builds their career on that and then feels like they have the high moral ground compared to those who do nudes or, say, even porn. And I want to make it clear: I'm not saying porn actors or nude models are in any way inferior, I just get bothered by the suspicion that her and her ilk might think so when they make such a thing of not wanting to pose nude, because I generally hate hypocrites.

No. 209070

File: 1448816200330.jpeg (54.78 KB, 1290x301, image.jpeg)

This is kind of petty considering she brought all this shit upon herself but if she's actually messaging them, thirsty guys gonna get dumped.

No. 209081

That wasn't Brazil (I'm brazilian and I follow her). It was a con in Peru, another macho country that also treats women like shit.

Very common in Latin America. It sucks that we don't have laws to protect us. What she got was a mix of what she enabled her fans to do, plus the way men are raised there.

No. 209111

The general "I wanna see your tits comments" aren't really worth her sending, but some of the shit where people are literally typing sexual fantasies into the comments box could be hilarious.

No. 209138

I thought it was Chile.

No. 209149

I find that pretty funny to be honest.

No. 209153

File: 1448833694996.png (244.79 KB, 900x851, 1348622442927.png)

>sexualizes herself aka making herself appearing as a sex object
>literally asking to get sexual comments by her creepy fans
>gets disgusted by how her fans sexualize her
If you present yourself as a sexual object, people don't owe you respect and you don't deserve any either.
still jelly that she makes a shit ton of money tho

No. 209156

maybe she's trying to appear "innocent desu IM NOT DOING NUDES BECAUSE THEYRE UNKAWAII!!!"?

No. 209246

Why does someone who presents themselves as sexualised doesn't deserve respect?

No. 209258

You have to earn respect. It's not something that's automatically given just because you exist. It's very hard for people to take you seriously and respect you if you're sexualizing yourself like Nigri does. Most people will assume (and rightfully so) that you choose money and attention over your own dignity. Whores and sluts will never be respected by the majority, no matter how hard they try to preach that they deserve it. Kim K is a perfect example of this. She got famous because she made a sex tape, and even though she now runs her own business(es) and has a successful reality TV show, hardly anyone truly respects her. She decided to whore herself out in order to get famous, and every one and their cousin can go watch her getting fucked by some shitty RnB singer.

Women who willingly objective themselves, invite others to do the same. Women who are confident and truly respect themselves do not whore themselves out over the internet, or anywhere else because they understand that their dignity is worth way more than money, fame, and material things.

It's really not that hard to buy bolt ons, a push up bra, put on 6lbs of makeup, and take skanky photos. JNig has done absolutely nothing to earn respect. Fap material is the only thing she has contributed to society, and a lot of girls are trying to follow in her footsteps. It's pathetic, and people like that don't deserve respect, because they dont do anything respectable. Learn a real skill and contribute to the world, instead of taking the easy way out and using your body as a tool. It'll get old and wrinkly one day and then nobody will give a fuck about you anymore.

No. 209260


No. 209273

meh, men literally throw money at her to do this banal shit, why shouldn't she take advantage of it while she can? Although I disagree with the sketchy shit she does

No. 209284

Do you think people respect sexual objects, whether they're male or female? no. people use them for sex because thats how they present themselves. they don't present themselves as human but objects

No. 209286

She can take advantage of it, but she cannot expect people to treat her decency or with respect lol but i doubt she cares with all that money she's doing.
does anyone know how much money she makes a month btw?

No. 209287

probably more than one thousand

No. 209289

File: 1448850985833.jpg (Spoiler Image, 9.35 KB, 180x294, 180px-Naked_Jessica_Nigri.jpg)

Is this truly her or did someone photoshopped her head on the body?

No. 209290

i feel sorry for her due to the lack of butt

No. 209292

File: 1448851101943.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.66 KB, 399x599, 399px-Emma01.jpg)

No. 209295

File: 1448851348591.jpg (3.29 KB, 120x105, 120px-Jessica_Nigri_Is_A_Beaut…)

she needs a better skincare routine jfc

No. 209296

so sad she peaked when she started lol

No. 209303

File: 1448851914373.jpg (13.02 KB, 200x406, JNig.jpg)

It is her, but someone Photoshopped her clothes off. In the real photo, she has on a blue bikini. You can still see the blue string hanging off her right hip in that "nude" photo.

No. 209331

same lol

No. 209367

What? We can't even see her butt in this picture.
Maybe I'm insecure, in fact I clearly am, but this obsession with huge asses is kind of getting to me. I've always had a nice butt, but back in the 90's it was NOT a good thing to have around here. It's not a huge butt by any means, but back then it was considered too big, not even just wide just… too protruding. You were supposed to have a small, almost seamless dainty little ass. And now it's a "thing" and I'm mad.
Sage for diary post, sorry.

No. 209386

You're not an object because you highlight your own sexuality, though - you might be the subject of someone else's masturbatory fantasies, but you're not an object. We are in agreement when you say that putting make up on and dressing sluttily doesn't take a huge amount of skill but there's got to be something more to what she does or anyone else who whores themselves just as much would have a similar amount of followers, sales and pageviews. They don't, though; if you look at JN's output you can see why, it's not just a matter of having been there first (which she hasn't).

One could argue that someone like Pewdiepie has a similar kind of appeal: she capitalized on sex appeal, he capitalized on being an idiot on camera. He didn't learn any particular skill either,but Pewdiepie isn't as reviled over here.

The thing I'd be curious about is to know this: do you have the same opinion of porn stars and prostitutes or is there anything else about JN that irritates you?

No. 209388

Don't worry about it too much, anon. If you have a nice butt, that's all that really matters. Don't let the 'media's standards' get to you; they're going to change in the next five years anyway.

No. 209391

I just don't see this as her saying she's taking a high ground for not doing nudes
it just feels like a clear statement that she's not going to. It doesn't really seem like she's putting down anyone who does

No. 209458

I'm >>209258, and yes, I feel the same way about porn stars and prostitutes. I know some are forced into certain situations, and I don't necessarily think they're bad people, but I don't respect sex workers. The ones who act like they're proud to be a hoe are the absolute worst. Anyone can sell their body, it's nothing to be proud of.

I also don't respect Pewdiepie lol.

No. 209494

Jesus fuck, she's annoying. A+ actress, totally believable https://www.facebook.com/Crunchyroll/videos/10153434761679340/

No. 209495

File: 1448911395979.png (5.33 KB, 471x60, image.png)

OT, but this is fucking cringe

No. 209509

…Aaaaaand people wonder why I don't admit to watching a few anime.

No. 209513

File: 1448914338378.png (13.16 KB, 633x102, 1215564.png)

This is ironic coming from someone who was once guilty of doing something similar.

No. 209595

Because if your entire career is based off being a slut and a sex object, you are going to be treated as an object. Jnig has made a career off her implants and wearing as little as possible, rubbing cream on her boobs and playing with dildos while trying to act like she doesn't care what people think of her. Why does she deserve any respect? Real women who wake up every morning and have a job and career don't ask for sexual harrass, but Jnig brought a lot of it on herself. She knew the type of men and fanbase she'd be catering to early on and even lead a lot of them so they'd buy her prints and calendars.

No. 209598

What the fuck. Being an otaku isn't even a good thing to begin with.

No. 209670


No. 209677

Porn stars are sexual objects though,not that its wrong but come on. Do you realy look at tits to fap and think "samn she deserves respect i like her personality"
If you present yourself as nothing else than tits and butts then you are a sexual object and dont deserve respect lol and i dont have anything wrong against sex workers but be realistic.

No. 209678

So basically, youre mad that beauty standards have changed and your small butt is no longer praised

No. 209679

Amen sista

No. 209680

Sounds like shes 12

No. 209681

I feel sorry shes an inverted triangle

No. 209788

Hooooooly shit, someone should spam her twitter with caps of when she did that to Masamune.

It's hilarious how she's so eager to send attack dogs at other cosplayers.

No. 209789


She doesn't look bad in this, she looks pretty fit.

No. 209791

Jnig may be a lot of things but her figure is fine. She actually inspires me to work out more. I just think she could do a lot with not frying her hair and wearing a lot less makeup. Also…maybe a fucking skin care routine?? she has all the money for this shit.

No. 209792

Nothing wrong with small butts. Everyone has a preference. And beauty standards are bullshit anyway

No. 209807

File: 1448993649420.jpg (62.08 KB, 461x376, 1367356588482.jpg)

Jessica is a hypocritical bitch, this should surprise nobody.

Background for the newfags: See picture. She stole a photo from a photographer, blackened out his watermark, started selling prints without his permission or paying royalties, got confronted about it and basically just said that he's the one who should be thankful that he's getting more exposure since she's using his photos. More exposure with the watermark wiped off? lmao

No. 209809

If it's a photo of her I think she should be able to sell it for whatever she wants. A dick move to remove the watermark for sure but the picture wouldn't exist without her.

No. 209813

File: 1448995205290.jpg (33.77 KB, 390x355, 1367390797909.jpg)

You'd think so, but no. The photo belongs to the photographer, but he can't sell it either without her permission like she can't without his. The photography wouldn't exist without his effort either. Removing the watermark was the most shittiest cherry on top of the sundae.

No. 209873

>all ur likes are from me!!!
What a cuntastic response.

No. 209994

Jnig is such a stupid hypocrite. I cannot stand her.

No. 209995

That's not how a photoshoot works. The photographer took the photo, so he has rights to it.

No. 210006


No. 210011

It looks like her costume is slipping down.

No. 210016

It's like, at one point she got the joke and manufactured it and profited from it, which was ok, but now she's incepted herself into believing the joke and doesn't realize she's still only hot girl in the cesspool where otaku and normie semen combines.

I don't know what's next for Jessica Nigri, but she'll need more luck to get out of her current state than it took to get her in it.

So, Good Luck, Jessica!

No. 210027

>he can't sell it either without her permission
He generally can, model release are not mandatory.

No. 210200

Hahaha I was just thinking the same thing the other day after seeing a random pic of LL

No. 210204

I think she intentionally pulled the bikini down to show more of her crotch. Much self-respect.

No. 210212

She could still sue, regardless if there was a model release. Actually, if they had no contract and then he tried to sell it without her knowledge/permission she def could. He has rights to his photo, unless he signs it away, she has rights to her likeness, unless she signs it away.

No. 210216

no, that's not how it works. why would that be how it works? he has the rights to his photos(of her). just because she is in them doesn't mean it's him 'selling her likeness' that's not what likeness refers to.

No. 210224

But they are still images of her. So therefore her likeness. Maybe it's not the right word, but it's her. So he can't sell them without permission, unless there was a contract. Even a general model release states that. It only allows for general distribution as in, posting online to show HEY I CAN TAKE PHOTOS and not for monetary gain. She's also not allowed to do the same and can only distribute to show HEY GUYS LOOK AT MY COSPLAY.

In any case, it just has to be in writing, which I'm guessing neither did. And I know people who've done general model release forms for cosplay photos. They don't turn around and try to sell them because they can't.

No. 210229

that's a totally different thing it's more for minors, nudes, or things like advertising etc, or if they themselves are paying the photographer. photographers have all right to sell their photos regardless of who is in the photo.

No. 210231

Even if they are not. It's why I know some people who won't work with a photographer without a general model release. It's one thing if your friend is just taking photos of you, but if the other person is supposed to be a cosplay photographer, even if they are an amateur that does it only at cons and does no other photography, you should have something. Or in this case, JNig should have something because she's the 'professional' cosplayer. I don't know anything about the photographer, but they probably have something in place now.

It would be nice to trust people, but it's always better to not trust them for things like this.

No. 210234

I think you're misinformed, unless you pay for the photos or you're doing a tfp/tfd etc then the photographer has all rights to them. by letting a photographer or even someone with a phone take you photo, you're giving them the rights to do whatever they want with it, whether it's wanking or selling it to tabloids. hell, how do you think tabloids and paparazzi get photos out there? model consent release forms only protect the photographers from stupid models who don't understand this, or as an agreement when you pay to have them taken but also allow them to be used by the photog.

No. 210246

it was Chile

apparently this was a scam and no one got their crate

No. 210282

If you're in a private place a photographer needs your permission to take photos, but she was at a convention from what I recall. The organizer of the convention himself made a statement defending JN, I'm not sure on what grounds.

No. 210286

The person has to give you the explicit permission to use that picture. If not, any recognizable subject in your photographs can take serious legal action against you if they consider your photo is damaging personally or financially.

You are ok to sell your photographs of people without any release forms if your photographs features unrecognizable subjects, (crowds for example) or your photographs have editorial, factual, and newsworthy purposes.

No. 210494

She has the right to do her hair however she wants, but damn. Girl how do you not look back on your tutorials and not see how she would look better with some sort of bang. Whether it be a side bang or straight bang. I don't think she is physically ugly. She is so damn annoying and can't even take advantage of the fact that her parents giver her money or even learn to be a good person with her free time. Get a real education. Stop trying to follow in your sisters foot steps.

No. 216093

Actually that's not the whole case. For starters, these things vary by country and state in most of the western world you can sell photos of whatever you like as long as any recognisable subjects are not being portrayed in an inaccurate way and the images are not being sold to or for something that people, but not necessarily that specific person, could find objectionable.

The simple and classic example is you can't take a photo of a random girl and sell it to or use it to advertise a porn site.

Of course there are a few countries and states where things are a bit tighter and you do need permission to sell the image at all if any subject is illustrated clearly enough. But even in those areas, things can be complicated, usually in the photographer's favor, depending on if the image was taken in a public place, if it looks like the subject knew the photo was being taken or a hundred other tiny loopholes and exceptions.

You also gotta remember that releases don't actually apply in most cases and most judges will ignore them. Releases were invented for publishing houses to cover their asses and it only became a thing the photographers themselves got because it was more convenient for the photographer to get it at the time of shooting than for the publishing house to get it days, weeks or months after the shoot. If the photographer themselves is the one using the image then any release is more or less irrelevant. There are a few states where releases are enforced more and are more of a requirement, but in many they're treated on a case-by-cases basis and throughout Europe, especially Britain, releases mean jack shit.

I'm not saying Nigri's case is one way or the other, but in all situations it's more complicated and down to obscure specifics than most people think.

No. 216102

Nothing wrong with big butts either.
You're just upset that beauty standards arent praising your small butt anymore

No. 216103

but most people don't prefer small butts.
someone sounds insecure

No. 216104

she's so self-centered holy shit

No. 216113

is she still relevant?

No. 216740

She's still the most famous cosplayer on the planet, and she's more famous now than she ever was before, so yes, yes she is.

No. 216757

She had no qualms about getting a tit job, why not get a butt job? She could afford it, and it would only help her career to have a normal-looking butt instead of flat white girl frog ass.

No. 216764

She's streaming right now.. made like 100 bucks in donations in like 5 minutes. She ignores her chat though and people get super pissed.

No. 216765

I hate how we live in a world that values fake plastic tits and vacant women over real intelligence.

No. 216768

File: 1450848642421.jpg (62.98 KB, 640x480, girl-fedora-tip_384b904f6c7763…)

No. 216769


>why do men go for the bitches and never the real women

No. 216865

I don't anyone truly values her, not even her "fans". Go take a look at her comment thread section on any one of her pictures. It's disgusting.
She's just fap material.

I wonder what her parents think of her "career".

No. 217043

Sex workers and porn etc deserve more respect basically because they actually engage in their trade all out. Pseudo cosplay in between ero/advertisement shit is just half assing it. Just for fun it's whatever but trying to brand it as professional is ridiculous.

No. 217045

The main issue with her being fap material is that it's half ass bottom tier fap material. Like it's already a joke "who actually buys porn?" but this just takes it to another level. Who buys her shit that's not even porn?

Most guys don't have the luxury of being gay.

No. 217081

Her tits tire me, honestly. I'm tired of seeing her lady balls.

Surely neckbeards must be into some booty as well? And you'd also think for all the exercising that Jnig does, she'd have a decent ass, too. Or maybe she just doesn't like doing squats and lunges.

No. 217086

File: 1450950053431.gif (1019.87 KB, 500x281, Britney-Spears-Cringe-Face.gif)

That was so full of cringe.

No. 217088

File: 1450950352403.jpg (13.37 KB, 275x275, 1438501794068.jpg)

That's because Jnig's development into cos-fame and spiraling into the drain from it plays out just like Lindsay Lohan's.

And the sad part is that Jnig did have the potential to be something like a Disney star. She had that 'Disney look' back in high school.

No. 217101

No. 217102

Her ass is small like her frame. I think she shoops it for photos tho

No. 217108

Her parents probably blame her audience and don't see the part she plays in it at all.
Remember: if a woman gets her clothes off it's empowering, if a guy faps to her it's sexist and demeaning.

No. 217126

Problem is that that is the audience she herself has cultivated. She has only herself to blame for pandering to them and targeting them.

No. 217512

This. She gets a ton of disgusting comments on her accounts but she brought that shit upon herself. I said this on a friend's Facebook status when he mentioned how gross the comments she gets are and some dumb girl who looks up to JNig and (and thinks that coming up with slutty designs for unsexy characters is challenging) asked, "Just curious, how did she bring it upon herself?" "Look at her fucking behavior and how she markets herself, you idiot" is what I want to say,

No. 217532

Yeah, she posts videos of her BF groping her tits, her vlogs are mostly her pouring/putting stuff over her tits and jiggling them and being a vapid air-headed ditz. All her cosplays are done with a tiddies first principle, she even genderbends male characters so she can show off her breasts. She takes almost nude bikini photos of herself and puts them up for everyone to see. It's all her own damn work. She knows what her fanbase is and wants to cater to them.

No. 217539

Exactly. She gets zero sympathy points from me.

No. 217549

That perfectly sums it up.

No. 219442

File: 1451833349900.jpg (149.8 KB, 2000x1229, fb.jpg)

I didn't want to be salty about this, but I am. I've been saving money up for months to buy one of these. Why the fuck are companies giving her this shit, most of the people on her page are probably cheapos who won't even go out and buy most of it. Guess it'll come in handy for her boring as fuck LoL streams.

No. 219486

because she influences other "XDDGAMURGIRLS" so if they see that Jessica has it, they'll want one too.

No. 219494

fucking crying at that second photo. wtf is her face.

No. 219495

those thighs and arms.. blech

No. 219499

You can buy a chair very similar that just isn't that brand. All this shit comes down to is brand whoring. and jessica is the biggest whore of them all.

No. 219517

File: 1451850945846.png (2 MB, 2000x1229, Untitled.png)

where is…where does her face end?

No. 219675

File: 1451889045839.jpg (17.94 KB, 318x308, Untitled.jpg)

ayyy lmao

No. 219679

Spooky Terry Schiavo

No. 219703

She has no lips…

No. 219706

File: 1451900229756.png (458.76 KB, 800x773, trueform.png)

No. 219707

File: 1451900460814.png (249.22 KB, 358x358, topkek.png)

You are my favorite anon.

No. 219710

Is she actually a gamer? I'm just wondering because how the heck does she put aside time to play games when she's travelling all over the place, doing photoshoots, getting sponsors and planning cosplays.

No. 219745

She says she does but always refers to the most popular games around. She may have back in the day but I'm doubting she would have the time now.

No. 219746


Is LoL even a game anymore? I mean, even with the players who spend 40+ hours a week on it.

It's all buy shit for skins and who has the best alternative costume for your character, cos that makes you cooler than the other idiots wasting money on that kinda stuff.

Does she actually play it though? Or just gets overwhelmed with too many people buying her shit over that?

I don't like the game so you can rip into me all you like for that, but the last con I went to was filled with them in alternative and re-arranged alternatives costumes for that game.

No. 219747

Samefag here, I'm still having flashbacks, it was awful.

Is she at least paying the people who make costumes for her now?

No. 219750

More importantly, why did her boyfriend get one too?

I can understand Nigri purely because of how big her fanbase is but why him. Every time Nigri gets sponsored for something, he gets it too even though he has less than 40K likes. Just because they're dating?

Yes, I'm jealous.

No. 219791


At one point they were giving these chairs away to almost any Twitch streamer with more than 100 viewers so their standards are pretty low.

No. 219796

What's so special about this chair? Looks comfy, yeah, but I bet there are many similar others (and cheaper ones) on the market

No. 220069

File: 1452001267800.png (670.03 KB, 857x484, U8aGQbQ.png)

Since nobody mentioned it I figure I will.
A few days ago this pic was posted on Reddit "Visible implant scar at the beginning of the Sexy Santa Mail Monday video!"

link to thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/JessicaNigri/comments/3yv2ui/visible_implant_scar_at_the_beginning_of_the_sexy/

and the circled armpit here >>219517 looks kinda like it has scarring?

No. 220103

those are god damn drag queen lashes. Girl. why you do this??!

No. 220105

Her stream is fucking boring.
She does absolutely no interaction with the audience except when someone donates and then she strokes out or something.
I really, really wish people would quit giving attention to this girl. People keep throwing money at her because of a pair of fake tits. There is no talent or personality involved.

No. 220106


i tuned it for the first and only time once. literally no interaction while people in the chat are begging for attention from her.

all she plays is aram and she pretty much sucks. she also called the enemy katarina akali when there wasn't even an akali in the game. i hate to sound like a neckbeard but.. i think it's safe to say she's a "Fake gamur girl".

No. 220119

Are there still people who think her boobs are real? I knew about JNig just before she the lollipop chainsaw stuff and she was much flatter chested then. Her boob job is super obvious.

No. 220123


Beta guys are that stupid so yes some guys still believe they're real

No. 220164

I'm still in awe that there's still people out there that think her tits are real. I wouldn't be surprised if she goes in for another plastic surgery procedure in the future like butt implants.

No. 220197

The majority of her male fanbase think that they're real. Apparently they know more about how boobs work than women and we're all just jealous that her real boobs look better and are bigger than our own.

No. 220199

I was about to say, "If all neckbeards are after is a pair of big fake tits, then why not Yaya Han instead of Jnig?"

But then again, I remember Yaya is at least honest about hers while Jnig still denies it. Guess that's how Jnig keeps the beta moola flowing in.

No. 220200

File: 1452035332434.jpg (80.06 KB, 554x443, a348e75bb74b85135f00c77d17b9bb…)

>I'm waiting for that moment when someone has the same bra size as or even bigger than Jnig's and complains about the boobs hurting their backs oh god why would anyone want big boobs

Neckbeards make me rage.

No. 220201

You gotta consider too that yaya is old as fuck, even jnig looks less haggard

No. 220202

>New chair, new shoes, new everything
>stupid matching purple and black outfits/chair
I really hate how much of a 'swagfag' she's become after she started sleeping with her new/current BF.

Looks like Jnig has been slacking off on her exercising lately.

No. 220208

What is her cup size anyway? I know she uses push up bras to make them look even bigger.

No. 220226

Jnig 'vital stats':



>'Battle Born' native here having embarrassment that she's originally from Reno, Nevada

I can't believe she was born there. But I also didn't know that she grew up in New Zealand, too, before moving back to the states.

Actually, New Zealand can keep her lmao

No. 220228

She belongs in Nevada. She can be a proper whore there.

No. 220242

Funny enough, it's perfectly legal in Reno. Illegal in Las Vegas though. Reno can have that slut.

No. 220245

…those tits look a lot bigger than a 34D. Why does everyone think that's a big bra size, anyway? It really isn't unless you're short as hell.

No. 220248

34D can't be right, does she have a 34in underbust? it's highly doubtful. plus Ds aren't big, i'm a 32D and my breasts are tiny. 4in isn't that much difference…

No. 220249

File: 1452044372780.jpg (203.17 KB, 960x953, 1360033292548.jpg)


do u have eyes? Auntie Yaya looks way younger that jnig

No. 220263

Her under bust is probably a 30, 32 at the most. She doesn't look wide enough to have a 34in. under bust. Whoever came up with JNig's measurements is full of shit.

No. 220272

that's what i figured, unless she has never taken the time to figure out how bras work, which is probably since she wears so much VS(in which case those chestboulders are gonna deflate in no time)

No. 220365

File: 1452093746966.jpg (16.67 KB, 266x400, aucyV5h.jpg)

That website is def shit because she was not a b cup before her boob job. Pic related, JNig was an a cup without help from push up bras or cutlets. Also JNig doesn't have a true hourglass I don't think. She doesn't seem to have the 10 inches in difference that tend to define that shape.

I used to be a 34d but gained weight which I'm trying to lose and yeah, a d cup isn't big at all unless you have a small waist. I'd wager JNig is a 34c wears a 32d at VS with a lot of push up, since VS bras are sized weird.

No. 220367

Sorry to samefag, but they both look old as shit with no PS. Neither has aged well at all. JNig can at least blame tanning, but Yaya should have agreed more gracefully.

No. 220368

File: 1452094056692.png (1.39 MB, 633x958, poorboobies.png)

Most women aren't measured correctly for their bra size so it's not really surprising. Hell, she probably doesn't know what her right size is either.

Have a pic of her "34D's" smashed to all hell. She says she made this costume herself.

No. 220369

Serious q but what can really be done to "age well" ?

No. 220371

In general or are you asking what Yaya specifically is doing wrong? In her case it's mostly the OTT stripper makeup which she probably doesn't remove properly, stressing her skin) the squashed-together titty costumes and the fact that she regularly cosplays and sexes up characters that are much younger/more youthful that she is. Dressing too young for your age will often make you look even older than you actually are due to the contrast (see: PT in her kawaii toddler outfits vs. when she's dressed like a regular twenty- or thirtysomething).

No. 220373

File: 1452095448897.jpg (60.09 KB, 970x764, gogoweb-web.jpg)

Sunscreen. I hate to recommend reddit, but the skincareaddiction sub is a good starting point, I also lurk on asianbeauty.

That and generally taking care of your body, getting in some exercise, don't starve yourself to stay thin. A lot of it is genetics, no way around that, but my brother always made fun of me for using sunscreen year around, but 10 years down the road and his skin looks like shit compared to mine even though we had the same shit skin before. Also here is a pic of a truck driver who had half his face in the sun all the time.

No. 220393


I'm really big in my skincare and apply a 30 SPF moisturiser and a 15 SPF lip balm everyday bit I'm wondering if this is enough.

I want to move on to move into actual sunscreen but I'm having trouble locating one today doesn't leave a greasy film on my face.

What do you use Anon?

No. 220397

She's so basic. It would really suck knowing that your fake tits are the only reason people pay attention to you.

No. 220405

File: 1452106001708.jpg (50.9 KB, 375x500, 53d34ac9d8b4a_-_soap-and-glory…)


Not that anon but I thought I'd recommend pic related. I'm not sure how easy it is to find outside of the UK though.

Should we maybe start a skincare thread in /b/ or /g/ or something to avoid derailing the Jnigger thread any further?

No. 220407

there's already a skincare thread in /g/, please use it.


No. 220408


Farmhand this level of policing is completely unnecessary, we're just having a small discussion whilst there's no JNig dramu presently ongoing.

You really don't need to pop in and out of every single thread the second it veers slight OT, although this is still pretty relevant considering the horrific condition of JNigs skin.

Like c'mon.

No. 220409


Oh btw I am in the UK also so I'll keep an eye out for it thanks.

Sage for OT, guess I'll cut this now.

No. 220410

That anon said
>Should we maybe start a skincare thread in /b/ or /g/ or something to avoid derailing the Jnigger thread any further?

So I linked them to the already existing skincare thread.

No. 220411

Actually we do need it, threads have been easily derailed. Don't blame the mods, blame the idiot children that ruined it for the rest of us.

No. 220412

I for one welcome it. Thanks farmhand.

If you're bored from lack of milk go find some. I don't want to read through OT /g/shit going through pt threads, either. Admin/farmhands have taken into consideration concerns we have, otshit being one of them. Pretty sure you're the minority and farmhand is justified.

No. 220413

Agreed, thank you Farmhand. I might comment on something off topic too but I try to at least include a pic of the cow in question to keep the thread relevant.

No. 220420


Thanks, farmhand!


Yeah, it's easier for someone to post in a more relevant thread than for everyone else to have to wade through all the OT posts.

No. 220421


I can understand if a thread is getting massively OT but a minority handful of posts discussing a subtopic is not a derailment.

Get your nose out of the Farmhand's chocolate starfish; there is such a thing as overooderation and incase you're forgetting it's what killed /cgl/, I don't want you pedantic fucks ruining my new hideout as well.

At any rate what do you think you're doing more? How is any of this relevant to JNig?

No. 220422


Where is your picture of JNig then.

No. 220425

Cgl killed Cgl.

I'm all for user enforcement of proper board culture. That's what we're doing. :^) it's too bad the majority of users don't want to bend to your every whim, bratty princess-chan.

No. 220426

I was going to link your asses to the skincare thread, too, but I couldn't be fucked. Thankfully mods did. Christ you're entilted. Get over yourself.

No. 220427


The fact that you seem to be unaware of the fact that it was a minority of users calling for stricter moderation on /cgl/ that rolled in a wave of excessive overmoderation, extreme mod bias and totalitarianism of the board proves to me that you were never actually there during its glory days.

>"I disagree with your opinion so I'm going to call you a - chan!"

I see you're new to the internet. Enjoy your stay.

No. 220429

Please go spazz somewhere else, no one cares

No. 220430


Ok, yeah, but it's not like everyone who went OT got b& or anything, I asked if we should start a skincare thread and the farmhand was just pointing out that there was an already existing one to post in.

Jesus christ, here we are going OT again. Is there a "bitching about moderation general" or do we use /meta/ for that?

No. 220431


There's a complaints thread on /meta / yes.

No. 220432


That was kinda meant to be a joke. But yeah, complaining about the moderation is better off in /meta/ than this thread imo

No. 220444

They can't be bigger than a DD. She wears bombshell bras and those aren't made in sizes above DD. Plus she doesn't have extra boob bulging over the top of them so they're not bigger than the sizes offered.

I've met her in real life. Her boobs aren't that big and are surprisingly much more in proportion to her body than pictures indicate. A D cup is realistic for her.

No. 220474

File: 1452126403809.jpg (50.29 KB, 500x312, Cup size different[1].jpg)

It's very clear they don't fit, anon. Pic related is DD and D, she's likely an F or so.

Also it's well know that VS lies about their sizing to get people to buy, especially if they don't have their size.

No. 220613

I don't have screenshots but if you follow her bf's snapchat he sometimes takes pictures of her in normal clothes where she's not wearing a push up. In those pics her boobs really don't look any different or bigger than those in that picture, just more perky because of the implants.

Also you can't compare D's in a standard t-shirt bra to D's in a push up.

No. 220627

Seriously, Jnig does a lot to her boobs to make them look the way she does and she always has. Before and after the boob job. I mean hell, just layering two bras for me makes me go from a D to an F much less all the push up and cutlets JNig uses.

No. 220642

>61 kgs
>dat box shape
>64 cm waist at 61 kg with that wide waist

Yup, bullshit. I'm the same height as her and though body-wise I'm a banana (lol) type, my waist looks a lot more dramatic than hers… and I still need to weigh 50 AT MOST for it to be 64 cm.

Also there's no way she is a 34 D now as anon pointed out (though I can believe she was a 34 B before the implants).

No. 220696

fucking LOVE this pic, sizes with bands below 32 or above 36 and cups below A or above DD are so often overlooked

No. 220697

oops, meant to say overlooked and misunderstood

No. 222315

She now has a patreon. Already at 7K a month.

No. 222327


Daaaaammmmn son. I'm actually impressed as when I double checked the other cosplayers weeks ago the highest I saw was maybe 3k in a sea of 0$ money donated.

No. 222407

It seems to me like she got fairly small implants and she just wears super pushups and photoshops them to hell. Plus makeup can do wonders.

No. 222872

I wanna spew right now

No. 222911

I'm a 30F/30G naturally and my boobs don't look nearly as big as hers do. I think it has to do with how the implants are placed higher on the chest;therefore, look bigger.

No. 222912

I've worked at VS for 6 years and I've never had any of my girls lie to anyone about their size to make them buy a bra? That's the worst fucking sales tactic. VS bras are like women's jeans. They are sized for THEIR brand. I'm not the same size in Brand A as I am in Brand B. Shitty walmart bras aren't VS and VS isn't Fredericks

No. 222913

>>219675 hah oh god she looks like a palermo

No. 222932

On her patreon she's offering "monthly lingerie photos" for high contributers. I guess she's actually starting to get honest with herself about what her fans actually want and the best way she can make money off of them.

No. 222934

Getting even closer to doing porn…

No. 222936

They're probably expecting her to drop porn in there. If they want to see some generic bleached blonde with fake plastic tits do porn so bad… Well… There's myfreecams.com?

No. 222937

They're probably expecting her to drop porn in there. If they want to see some generic bleached blonde with fake plastic tits do porn so bad… Well… There's myfreecams.com?

No. 223010

Holy fucking shit she has a Patreon?
Sweet baby Jesus $8385!? WHAT!? Talk about getting paid!

What's this bullshit other cosplayers say that other people won't sponsor you or invite you to cons if you have one? Sounds like some bull to me.

No. 223018


Sounds like to me those cosplayers are just mad jelly over their 0$ donations

No. 223023

Nah this was coming from "top tier" cosplayers. I kept seeing it posted and I guess various people believed it. JNig's Patreon shows me that that was all hogwash or just trying to go against the grain.

No. 223028


Combo A and B really.

I personally think those "top tier" cosplayer will jump on the patreon soon enough but won't make as much as jnig in donations.

No. 223075

The scary thing is that I don't think she's actually posted or linked the patreon anywhere on her fb or insta.

It was only mentioned at the end of her youtube mail monday as far as I'm aware.

Might have missed the post about it though so could be wrong.

No. 223340

Ds ARE huge…. But this is coming from an A cup.

No. 223354

As someone whose ranged from a 34d to a 38d/40c, the physical cups are pretty big, especially compared to a cups with the same band range but on the body they aren't that big. Big is when you get to the f cup range and bigger. I have a friend who wears a 40f, but only because she finds it more comfortable then the 38g she technically measures to. She has very big boobs compared to me.

No. 223569

I really don't understand why anyone would give these girls money when all you have to do to see tits is go to google and type "big blonde tits"

there, free boobs

No. 223574

I don't get it either. It makes zero sense but you know as they say, "A fool is soon parted from their money."

No. 225244

File: 1453669905711.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 2400x3300, Hereoes of cosplay.jpg)

Someone just sent me this, and I had to post it here. This shit is getting out of hand

No. 225265

And it's all tramps. Where are these lonely ass men so I can take advantage of them at the cost of my dignity?

No. 225276

Who actually pays for stuff like this?

No. 225296

Not sure but maybe it's something about the feeling of accomplishment for these men? Like if you just go see any random whore, it's so easy it's boring, but if you follow a non-nude cosplayer for a long time, you're always on the edge of uncertainty like "is she finally gonna show her tits this time?" and you become more interested in her cause of the challenge, to the point where you're spending money just for the hope of it. Not because you're just horny anymore but because somehow seeing her naked became a conquest?

Idk it baffles me too

>Where are these lonely ass men so I can take advantage of them at the cost of my dignity?

Let me know if you find out, I'm seriously interested too

No. 225304

I will never understand men. They're so weird.

No. 225318


I also agree with you on this. Additionally, I think it gives the guys who donate a sense of power and control over them. They think they've made these girl popular/successful, that they own a little piece of them, and without their money the girls would be nothing. Which is kind of true and false. Most guys would deny it, but secretly in their hearts they know it's true.

No. 225371

Trust me, Jnig is the only cosplayer to make this kind of money because she's not just a cosplayer, she's a camgirl bordering on softcore porn and has used all her connections to make people think she's important and talented. Not even Kamui makes money like this despite trying desperately to go the worbla bikini whore route.

No. 225407

I think you have a point here anon. I've never before thought of it this way but it definitely sounds plausible. It's kind of like someone investing in business shares to own a part of it and to keep it going. To help her out financially ensures that they'll get plenty more of tiddy shaking videos and lingerie photos.


At least most of her fans know she's not a cosplayer, just a regular slutty camgirl.

No. 225650

I always figured it was because JNig looks like the walking stereotype of the popular normalfag cheerleader that nerds would have wanted to bang but never had anything remotely in common with.
So seeing a girl like her at cons/cosplaying/whatever, they get excited and see it as their chance to interact with a woman who would ordinarily never give them the time of the day. They build up this fantasy of 'the perfect nerd gf' in their head and they hope that flinging money at her will encourage her to notice them, no matter how impossible that is.
plus, they have the chance to actually meet her IRL at cons and the like, unlike most camwhores, so maybe they think they'll be able to impress her by bragging about how much they spent 'supporting' her 'career'.

No. 227579

I actually enjoyed this time lapse

No. 227740

File: 1454106002754.webm (459.23 KB, 320x568, jnig.webm)

Jessica "I will never show my nipples because I am a paragon of virtue" Nigri

No. 227743

File: 1454106253214.jpg (89.12 KB, 750x937, 12317481_827532914022184_13823…)

No. 227744

File: 1454106480039.jpg (40.34 KB, 750x500, 12552287_1663664977238074_4428…)

No. 227745

File: 1454106550378.webm (2.66 MB, 636x720, jnig1.webm)

jesus christ

No. 227753

Enjoy your sacks of sand

No. 227758

I feel like her boobs will eventually morph to a uniboob. I've seen it happen over time to girls who get em too big

No. 227776

Those look like some painful plastic she's got going on in her chest.

Anyway, the whore that fucked up the cosplay community seems to be diminishing in popularity. For that I am glad because the shitty JNig copycats seem to be dwindling once they realized it's not working for them and cosplay quality seems to be getting better (albeit slowly). The shelf life for these sluts seems to be no more than 8 years. Before there was JNig, there was Francesca Dani. JNig fucked herself up as soon as she started ditching cons like that one in Canada. She's being invited to less and less and looks desperate. In one of her Mail Mondays she was pretty much petting her vagina, she begs for people to buy stuff on her Amazon wish list and her prints don't sell out anymore. I don't think she's as smart as some people give her credit for. She's not as rich as she bragged to be.

No. 227779

how long between cosplay money drying up and her inevitable residency on MFC?

a couple months?

No. 227783

It looks shit and half assed to her other stuff so I 100% believe she made this.

No. 227784

She should just go to MFC. She'd make more money there and stay the fuck away from the cosplay community. No one wants her there. she's a straight up whore.

No. 227785

why do that? Her Patreon makes it so that isn't even close to necessary.

No. 227786


Why would she? She making bank by not being nude

No. 227792

I don't think she'd go that route unless the money stops coming in entirely from her soft core porn, I mean… Cosplay. Her fanboys are already commenting on her Facebook page about how she looks old. She doesn't have that many years left. She's close to her expiration date as a "cosplay" slut.

No. 227805

Probably why she's learning armor making. Need something to fall back on like Yaya.

No. 227813

I don't really see it helping her unless she made actual products to sell like Yaya, honestly.

No. 227826

Why doesn't she just get fillers or actually start giving a fuck about her skin with peels and shit? If she fixed her flat ass she would be investing in so many more years of her career.

Definitely don't believe anyone "needs" those things so I don't mean to come off as if I'm entirely objectifying her- but let's be real, her job is objectifying herself and she's not even taking good care of herself.

But tbh I have a personal vested interest in her getting lip fillers because i fucking hate her paper thin midwestern-girl lips.

No. 227831

I honestly won't be surprised if she gets butt implants in the future. Right now she claims she's doing squats but we know she's lazy as fuck and half asses everything since she's used to having everything handed to her. She's only 26 but looks like she's in her 40s with visible wrinkles. I remember in the past she mentioned she goes to the tanning salon twice a week. That is the dumbest thing she can do–aside from the whole getting herself blacklisted from conventions, anyway.

No. 227832

I hate her lips

In the grumpout beanboozled challenged, she's smiling and laughing a lot because yeah, she's having a good time, but her top lip disappears entirely. then you see her gums and it just doesn't look good

she got the white people cursed lips really bad

No. 227950

She is 26? Omg what

No. 227985

I thought she was already in her early to mid 30s. haha WOW. I feel good about myself now.

No. 227999


I thought she was pushing to 29 but she's only 26? Dang son…

No. 239715

File: 1456103601023.jpg (Spoiler Image, 593.64 KB, 2560x1440, 16-02-21-20-04-54-471_deco.jpg)

So she posted an Instagram picture of the lingerie Polaroids she's sending out to her top Patreon contributors. Out of a sea of positive, pervy comments one person mentioned the word porn. She had this to say to the haterz. It gave me a chuckle.

No. 239727

…Does she realize that this is what camgirls do? Sending Polaroids to her top contributors? Lol

No. 239765

Honestly, anyone who has a patreon and uses their body to get their money (nudes/lingerie shots/whatever) is no better than a cam girl. Which is a sex worker.
There's nothing wrong with that, but they need to stop acting high and mighty about it.

No. 239770


Yeah she acts oddly morally superior for someone who consciously makes her money off the lust of strangers

No. 239786

I think despite paying $$$ for a good boob job something may be "off" with her boobs. I cant see any other reason why she wouldnt show them by now. Maybe im reaching

No. 239788

I don't get how she thinks of herself so high and mighty above sex workers either. No matter how I look at it, she is in the same boat as them. She fucking sells her body through photos. Her entire "career" is based on getting lonely guys off.

No. 239838

File: 1456145866209.jpg (315.94 KB, 1137x775, Q6WaykT.jpg)

No. 239854

Why don't people just admit they have fake tits? No one cares anymore. The only reason people care about Nig and her tits is because she lies and is terrible at it.

No. 239855

lol why the fuck you lying when it's obvious as hell?

No. 239862

Reminds me of Clay Aiken years ago.We knew he was gay and just wanted him to confess. Once he did, it went away. He denied it for the longest time.

No. 239915

She's so fucking annoying when she starts the "im all naturel guiez xd" shit… Girl there are a shit ton pics of your pre-surgery body, like who do you think you're fooling, who's gonna believe this
>inb4 "neckbeards"
Yeah, sadly. But normal people will laugh at her

No. 239916

And this is one of the many reasons people can't take her seriously… The lying about obvious shit. She has nothing to lose by admitting to having fake tits. Almost everyone that knows about Nigri knows that she has fake sandbags. It's not like she's going to lose a ton of fans. Most of them have figured it out and she's already fading from popularity as it is.

No. 239943

I will say her implant scar is placed/done very well. When she stretches her arms out to yawn, it gets stretched out too and blends into her skin a bit. It was hard to find it in her other videos. Maybe some other bored farmer can. She probably shoops it out of her pics and makes sure its not noticeable in her videos. But shes doing all of it for nothing. None of her fans would care

No. 239961

>that eye makeup

What's even the point of wearing eyeshadow when you're going to wear gigantic lashes and an inch of eyeliner? Jesus.

No. 239965

File: 1456173331047.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 2560x1900, 16-02-22-15-30-00-077_deco.jpg)

Her eye makeup is waayy too much and should probably be reserved for occasional nights out clubbing or something but imo her worst offense is her foundation. Does she not find the two skin tones in this pic embarrassing?

No. 239972

lol the difference is skin tone is from shooping. Whoever did it did a terrible job. Her face looks stiff and lifeless. If you've seen her face without Photoshop, she has some wrinkles.

No. 239974

No. 239983

Tbqh I've seen a lot of YouTube "make-up artists" do that, too. And I have to constantly remind myself to not follow those/there are better tutorials out there. They might pass off as crisp, clean lines in 'dramatic' make-up in photos and video shoots. But in real life, you look like a drag queen or a stage hooker with that make-up.

It only looks nice if you're going to be under harsh lights and be seen from far away, like in theatre.

No. 240005

This is why i seriously hate the new instagram contour trend. people look god awful irl

No. 240015

Instagram is full of wannabe Kartrashians/Jenners. That's why this drag queen makeup is trendy.

No. 240019

Her cleavage contouring is pretty funny to me. By the looks of her instagram it seems to be an everyday look for her. And then of course after doing shit like that she feigns annoyance when people only like her for her boobs.

No. 240025

It's funny because she basically said she wanted to be known for her tits a few years back. Well, she's forever fap fodder for losers. She needs to just accept her destiny.

No. 240182

File: 1456208298083.jpg (85.01 KB, 571x960, DTYMMZT.jpg)

>She needs to just accept her destiny.

she must know, how could she not?

No. 240185

that's why she can't admit they're fake, they're not special that way.

No. 240188

She's such a butterface, can't belive she's only 26 (?) :/

No. 240191

I can't believe people want her to do a makeup tutorial for this shit when she looks so busted for her age. All they have to do is get some eyeliner, line it thick all over their eyes, apply heaps of mascara and some big ass false lashes. Voilà!

No. 240908

She's essentially a sex worker. There's really no going around it. She might not show off her nips and vagina but she puts up videos where her boyfriend is groping her breasts, vlogs where she pours whipped cream over her breasts, sends patreon donators lingerie pics, most of her costumes are focused on showing off her tits and body etc. Her whole product relies on sex and giving sexual pleasure to lonely nerd guys. If I was mean enough, I'd just call her a good old prostitute.

No. 240917

What a retarded ass slut…

No. 240931

It makes me so salty as a DFC that any ugly bitch can get everything in the world handed to her if her tits are big enough. Show me on girl with A cups, no matter how pretty or talented, who gets the kind of recognition that these girls do.

So hard not to be salty.

No. 240932

File: 1456299025735.jpg (74.53 KB, 700x960, fba.jpg)

it's a shame and a waste really. She is pretty ok looking with lighter makeup. I think less makeup makes her look younger, and her eyes are prettier and less harsh.

She just needs to up her skincare routine and/or look into getting some fillers for her laugh lines.

No. 240933

Lol, is this her "no makeup" selfie where she's clearly wearing mascara, eyeliner, and eyebrow pencil?

No. 240937

Filtered/brightened af too

No. 240970




No. 240984

>She still denies getting implants though they're very obvious and she suddenly grew like 3-4 cup sizes
The sad thing is that there still are people who believe her.

No. 241042

i'm so sure there was a video somewhere with an interview of her where she clearly states that her tits are fake. i'll try to find it. she says something like "i love big boobs so i got big boobs"

No. 241051

I feel like if she said that it's going being interpreted as "I wanted big boobs so I just grew big boobs teehee." Because that's how that works.

No. 241083

Who was the cosplayer she got her super girl from but turned out the girl was shit talking her?

No. 241084

Her face has already been ruined by lack of sunscreen and moisturizer.

No. 241408

Mostflogged. Photos of it are in her thread >>95180

No. 241601

File: 1456437405376.png (435.57 KB, 936x600, 1450626825292.png)

I wish I can make 100k a year, too. Anon. I went to college/uni and everything and I still don't make as much as Jnigger with a high school diploma and minimum wage job experience only. She didn't even need experience, whereas I'm busting my ass here to get the experience I need that every damn employer wants. Anything to actually get me working in my actual field than go have to resort to working retail again. sigh

Even my husband doesn't earn that much, and he's an engineer.

And Jnig doesn't even do anything good with that money. Just uses it to buy stupi junk. Why don't you donate some of that money go someone who actually needs it, huh? Like to Monty Oum.

Oh wait, she already did, but instead it ended up going to that other bitch who's just as bad if not worse than her

>also forever salty that Jnig was able to get a $200 Agent Provocateur bra with no effort, something I've dreamt of having for years. Most I could afford was the 'AP lite' line of theirs, L'Agent, and only if there was a huge sale. Prices go down to Victoria's Secret prices.

No. 241623

Don't be salty anon. Just remember that Jnig is basically nothing more then a blow up doll that guys don't get to have sex with, because if they ever did they wouldn't think twice about her after that. She'll hit rock bottom soon enough when filters can't save her old ass looking face and the dumb thirsty neckbeards move onto some other cosplayer. Even Yaya is struggling to stay relevant since while her sewing patterns did well enough, her fabric line is crap.

JNig doesn't have anything but bouncing her tits at a camera, which oh yeah, a lot of girls do for money already.

No. 241648

I don't think it counts when the contrast and brightening is high enough to blur out most of her face, not to mention any flaws.

No. 241649

Same here, anon. I'm so fucking salty.

No. 241654

There really is no point in being upset. People in sex work always make a lot of money, the only real benefit to sex work as everything else is shit. That is all what JNig does: sex work. As much as she tries to deny it, or thinks she better than girls who take their clothes off. She is a glorified cam girl. She isn't the first to exploit sex, and she won't be the last.

At least you and your husband will make money from the merits of your hardwork and intelligence, something that will sustain you both for a long time. Whereas people like JNig are relying on something fleeting for their income. She is very easy to replace and isn't getting any younger. All it will take is for people to get bored of her or the new hot girl to overtake her, and she has nothing. Not to mention, all of the hate she gets regularly and a fanbase that the majority only cares about her body and nothing else. Is that really something to be angry or envious about? It is sad or fucked up, if anything.

The bra was most likely a gift from one of her neckbeards, which isn't something I would be happy about. I could picture those dudes jacking off over the box as they ship things out and pray for their waifu to notice them. Gross.

No. 241659

She got the bra while in England for a con with Nicole/Sheena. Whether JNig bought it herself, or if Nicole/Sheena bought both using the money neckbeards gave her for her dead-from-cats husband remains to be seen.

Needless to say, JNig will start to dwindle soon.

No. 241689

Apparently Nigri was made a mod on her own subreddit because she didn't like how users were posting her Patreon photos. Immediately after she was made a mod, there are a lot of removed comments and downvoting was removed.

Here is the announcement about her being mod. Pretty much all of the comments were removed.


You can see people mad about it in the comments of several posts, and her mod posts were downvoted to oblivion (before downvoting was removed).


Making fans angry is definitely how to make money off of them.

No. 241691

I wouldn't be envious of her. She's a sex worker no matter how much she denies it. You and your husband are doing honest work and it will pay off eventually. JNig is solely relying on her fake tits for money. When her easy money making machine of selling her body runs out? Who in the hell is going to want to employ her? Once they look up her name on the internet like most employers do these days, there's no way in hell she's getting that job unless she's doing something like advertising for more sex workers.

No. 241695

That's cause YAYAtits fabric line is just over priced JoAnns Halloween costume fabric.

No. 241697

Lol this bitch is shooting herself in the foot. That's where most of her gross fans hang out, outside of her Facebook page, anyway. And what is even the point of donating to her Patron when she's going to release the photos a few days later to her page? I don't see the point of paying for something that you can legally get for free.

No. 242033

I felt this was worth reposting here. From a thread on /cgl/:


>I really miss Miyu. I feel like, had she stuck with it a little more, she'd have become Jnig. I hope she's going okay now.

I'm actually really glad for her that she quit in time NOT to become what JNig is now. I mean she even said it was bad for her mental health.

Think about it: People only valuing you as masturbation material, having to constantly hustle and self-promote and have your boobs out on display to keep your popularity? That's it's own kind of hell.

JNig built her empire on cunning, not talent, and staying on top of it requires her to be online every day monitoring what people are saying about her online, in threads like these, and do her best to twist the narrative in her favor.

She's mentored an entire generation of attention-addicted girls who are putting their bodies on display instead of concentrating on their brains, vying for her throne, and exchanging their self worth for likes. I wouldn't want that on my conscience. And the pressure would be overwhelming.

JNig is the queen of a desperately lost and lonely subculture of misfits who look for acceptance in all the wrong places. To keep her throne she has to keep them looking in her direction, idolizing her, which is the total opposite of where they should be looking for their happiness. She has even taken the traits she thinks they want in "the perfect hot nerd girl" and integrated them into her identity. Does she even know who she is any more, or has she become the person she created to sell to them?

In my opinion, that's definitely hell.

If you're reading this Jessica… I really hope you follow Miyu's lead. You built a trap for other people but you're the one who's caught in it."

No. 242045

sorry for OT but what is that thing she's wearing and where can I buy one?

No. 242075

This right here, speaks the truth. Even her boyfriend pans her out. All the images of him touching her boobs. He just doesn't want his money making cow to stop flowing. Her life is nothing to be jealous of and I think most people on here believe this because honestly this thread is rarely even posted in except recently and all the replies are just how people don't think JNig is anything to want to like. Plus this gamergirl, nerdgurl stuff is stupid as all hell and well all know.

No. 242111

File: 1456522858508.jpg (241.3 KB, 1918x966, g40K5G7.jpg)

I can't handle that subreddit

>Lord have mercy! I'd <3 to see some more Nigri booty. Cammy, Psylocke, R. Mika? ^^

No. 242116

I dont get it either. She does not have a bad butt by any means but it is nothing to write home about either

No. 242117

Argh, leave Cammy and Psylocke out of this. I bet this cunt has never played street fighter or read/watched X-men.

No. 242120

JNig has no butt. She has a white girl ass that happens to be toned. Stare at a close up of her boobs and pretend it's her ass because it's full of shit anyway.

No. 242133

cute perky butt

No. 242143

And admin-sama isnt going to ban you?


Not everyone


To have a disgusting Kim K butt.

Fat people only have "ass"

So stfu and stop

Fattening them.
Reverse anorexia isnt any better.

No. 242148

File: 1456527889345.png (166.92 KB, 292x189, 00000000.png)

i go to her reddit and see this. yuck. she's kind of ugly in my eyes

No. 242149

File: 1456527916475.png (30.78 KB, 488x704, 0000000.png)

and then i click on the top post, and see this. nigri is a nazi mod

No. 242156

Oh,that's my comment they're responding to. I agree with them, completely. That was what I was saying, that had she been stuck in that attention hungry mindset for longer, she'd be stuck where jnig is. And I remember her saying she stopped because of her health. She used to post on /fit/ on occasion, where she mentioned she was teaching kids ice skating, but then she disappeared. I hope she is doing okay. I know she was having a lot of issues before she left the Internet.

Exactly. Even her boyfriend treats he like that, showing hI'm groping her constantly. It's insulting, but she's got to put up with it to keep her attention.

No. 242158

She's a ruler shape, extremely devoid of curves (if you don't count her fake tits). I actually liked her body a lot before her implants.

Calm down, jesus.

No. 242160

Are you on a meth bender or something? They werent even being racist. They never said girls need to have fat asses. They were saying Jnig has huge tits and a typical toned white girl ass that does not match.

No. 242164

May we ask how? genuinly interested.

No. 242165

File: 1456530504183.gif (2.4 MB, 300x226, 1325947139977.gif)


No. 242168

Details would be appreciated, anon! Did she do something directly, or was he thirsty for her?

No. 242170

Sick of the whole 'big ass trend' in america too. I feel you

No. 242171

Unless she literally fucked your boyfriend, how?
I'm actually curious now.

No. 242178

It's the Whitney Bra from Agent Provacatour (or however you spell it) but it's sold out and was $200. There's an easy DIY video to make your own though.

No. 242180

File: 1456531167574.jpg (155.36 KB, 1200x630, Hip-hip-artist-Nicki-Minaj.jpg)

Especially as most of the big asses on celebs are fake and carry huge risks

No. 242181

File: 1456531328204.jpg (29.16 KB, 480x360, damn son.jpg)

There are worse than this but i wont post because they will make you vomit.

No. 242187

From what I know she's doing great now because becoming christian helped her turn her life around

No. 242188

Okay, no-ass chans. This thread is about JNigger, not your literal butthurt.

Her entire career is based on physical appearance, so it is not that far out for people to criticize her looks. It is all she has going for her.

No. 242211

You know I actually disagree. Her looks are not all she has going for her. In fact, it's not her looks in and of themselves that got her efamous. There were (and still are, and always will be) girls in the cosplay community who are more attractive than she is, have better bodies, etc.

She used networking and social engineering skills to get where she is now. Those are highly valuable skills. Jess could use them in better ways than just trying to make herself famous. She could make more money by capitalizing on them. Like going back to school and getting a business or marketing degree and then doing what she's good at in a larger more professional capacity.

No. 242212

No. 242214

Some anon said that JNig ruined their relationship. Curiosity is getting the better of us.

No. 242217


Most big asses are actually fat transplants nowadays

No. 242219


Yes i am waiting on details i want to hear what happened! Hope anon posts soon.

No. 242220

No she won a cosplay contest and then almost got kicked out of PAXEast for being a booth babe for the company that had the contest to hire her as the mascot model (Julliet, Lollipop Chainsaw) which got her a lot of press because of the grey area that she technically fell into making her much more well known to those outside of /cgl and gross neckbeards who voted her to win. I won't say she didn't utilize social media, but had she not won that contest and get that press as a result of PAXEast there is no way she'd be where she's at now.

She might be able to get a marketing certification and say that she garnered an online following on twitter/facebook/etc of millions for companies looking for a social media manager. Only issue is that when they actually look to see what she did, she's unlikely to get hired by any company that isn't related to the sex industry.

No. 242223

Didn't someone claim that like a couple years ago on /cgl/?

Not that I don't think she would do it, but god the milk that would come from that would be great.

No. 242251

Add more spaces just to make sure no one reads the post.

No. 242252

File: 1456541302447.gif (703.17 KB, 245x245, uhm.gif)

>Being this retarded

No. 242254

There was. Long story short, their relationship was long but not solid since he dumped her to chase after his dream of being with JNig. Lol It's one of those, "What the fuck?" stores that sounds so dumb that there's a 50/50 chance of it being real.

No. 242258

I think Jnig ruined a lot of things.

No. 242264

File: 1456542903212.jpg (131.31 KB, 500x750, jnig.jpg)

I first encountered her "sexy Pikachu" cosplay back when it was posted on /b/ in like 2006, 2007

No. 242265

File: 1456543054390.jpg (38.71 KB, 403x604, Jessica-Nigri-Pikachu-01.jpg)

No. 242266

File: 1456543080626.jpg (191.03 KB, 407x640, tumblr_msxjxbuGNl1r1slf9o1_128…)

and then… lol

No. 242267

It is almost amazing how horrible her agin process has been in what, 10 years? She is 2 years younger the

No. 242269

>She is 2 years younger then me, and with a better body, but she has no suppleness left in her skin at the apparent age of 26.

sage for dumb.

No. 242276

File: 1456544219694.png (84.53 KB, 1152x648, jnig.png)

Pissing off fans left and right. This is a fun read.

No. 242281

This was the best thing I read all week. Finally some of her fans are getting some sense.

No. 242282

Oh wow. I wasn't expecting the crash and burn of Jnig to be like this. It's wonderful. 10/10 would kek again.

No. 242287

The new subreddits created in response to her being a domineering mod have so much great stuff.

No. 242289

File: 1456545222739.jpg (58.7 KB, 877x125, jniginsta.jpg)

She's really shooting herself in the foot

No. 242290

This fan makes more sense than any of hers I've encountered online or in real life. JNig needs to step back and reflect, but we know she won't.

No. 242292

File: 1456545862325.jpg (104.65 KB, 1080x1080, 12729627_984394934986581_45374…)

>you want me to show my nipples? I am not a prostitute!

No. 242295

What subreddit is this?

No. 242296

File: 1456546541700.jpg (132.77 KB, 535x676, image.jpg)

Apparently she wanted fanpages to have a link to her Patreon in every post. Greedy much?


Comment seems to be deleted now, though.

No. 242299

No. 242302

JNig needs to face facts that she's a cam girl. She poses almost naked in front of the camera, strips down to nearly nothing, jiggles her boobs and stretches around to showoff her body. Once she just face facts she'll be able to keep the audience she's cultivated, as horrible as they are.

I mean fuck, if she did a closed stream session with a certain tier level to have access with her in pasties instead of a bra, she'd keep making money.

No. 242303

Lol. She'll run dry in 2 years or less. Nigri seems to love killing people's interest in her. Making people link to her Patreon in every fan page post?! That's greedy as fuck.

And I agree with that other anon. I'm glad that Miyuu left cosplay since it was bad for her mental health (hell, a lot of cosplayers develop some sort of crazy if they're focused on popularity). Nigri's megalomania can be spotted from Pluto.

No. 242309

How so? we want to know.

>being this salty

No. 242310

Even with the same hair and costume its hard to believe they are both jnig her face is so different.

No. 242312

She's so goddamn trashy. might as well join MFC

No. 242313

>badly sewn eyes
>yellow bra
>literal belt around ribcage
>porn store miniskirt

I fucking hate the thirsty nerds who made this cunt popular

No. 242314

HOLYSHIT, she looks like she's 45 years old here.

No. 242316

May Nigri's wrinkled face remind you all to drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen.

No. 242317


And its really funny when they turn abound and complain about her like-you guys made her famous! its your own fucking fault kek

No. 242318

File: 1456550853623.png (113.64 KB, 500x293, damnitfeelsgoodtobeagangsta.pn…)

Hahaha, YES. I love this. Solid truth/10

No. 242319

Meant ears, not eyes

Pretty fucking much.

No. 242325

More like that YouTube guy KassemG or whatever, actually.

No. 242339

Ok so sorry if this is a stupid question but i just looked her up and saw on her wiki she has done things like voice overs and even commercials for games (shocked at the ass creed credit) but she seems to be fading-how come? Did these companies drop her or just think she was useful for one stint or is something else going on?

No. 242342

She's been doing some pretty dubious business practices since I believe 2013 when she'd ditch a paid appearance to play around with her boyfriend of the month at an aquarium. She's done this several times, has been called out by companies for lying about making costumes that they provided her among other shady things she's done. Plus there's a ton of JNig wannabe clones out there too. I saw one on Instagram that I had to do a double take to make sure it wasn't her. The cosplay scene has since become over saturated with girls willing to wear skimpy shit for a lot less than her, some even for free to be a convention guest of honor.

Plus she's aging horribly. Companies are looking for newer fresher faces to be their booth babes now.

No. 242344

Oh ok thanks, i kinda thought the voice over work would keep her going and suspected the only reason it may fail was if she pulled a felice. so i guess cosplay isnt as lucrative given its oversaturated now like you say-are many girls still getting into it for $$$ tho?

No. 242345

and don't smoke

No. 242347

File: 1456557827013.jpeg (19.95 KB, 480x720, 1435033842950.jpeg)

>are many girls still getting into it for $$$ tho?


No. 242348

Think i've seen this girl on the board but dont know who she is or anything about her. she make a lot of dough?

No. 242349


don't know how much she makes. she does Twitch streams, sells autographed photos, and is currently at some anime con selling photos.

she is absolutely a Nigri wannabe.

No. 242352

And that. Also don't overdo it on the alcohol since she really chugs it down. No one wants to be wrinkled as early as she is.

No. 242354

Thanks, will check that thread out, its really funny to me that they get paid for signed photos but i guess there really are some desperate neckbeards out there.

No. 242355

I'm genuinely happy about that! I really liked Miyu. She was always really kind hearted to me.

I honestly didn't know about that. I knew the contest, but not about the grey area from being a PAXEast booth babe. I just recall her winning.

Holy shit. That was the most satisfying read. Not all of her fans are blind. I love that this one called her the fuck out.

No. 242357

What had she even voiced? The localization of an anime so bad that they couldn't get a real VA to do it. And I think something with RWYB? Those might be out of order, I don't watch the show.

No. 242360

Basically that's really it. She did a shitty job as Sonico although the anime was already bad and she's Cinder Fall in RWBY (since Monty was a fan of her)… Which is also a shitty show. She can't get voice work in a series that's actually worth watching and thus, her inability to get more roles. At least, that's how I see it.

No. 242364

yeah it was rwby, iirc, don't know if she voiced anything else. she was so horrible in that too, i remember being so frustrated at her character. she should stay away from voice acting and go back selling her pics.

No. 242403

couldn't even draw red cheeks

No. 242482

I thought for being a serious VA she needs to also do acting school and be affiliated to whatever association for actors in general. And we know she won't spend a penny improving her trading skills, unless is boons related trading skills.

She'd rather make her boons bigger than even fixing her face with some fillers. Holy crap! Her boons are her only skills. I see her face melting in 2 years real bad but her boons touching her chin.

And no proper education preparation for when neckbeards stop paying her shit.

No. 242483


Sage for stupid autocorrect.

No. 242485

Samefagging here one more time, now about the PAX thing:

She won the context for Lollipop Chainsaw to be the official cosplayer for Juliet, then she was kicked out of PAX not because of just being a booth babe. Search on Google what she was also wearing.

Wasn't the cheerleader costume, but a cat suit that had a zipper open all the way to the middle of her crotch and stupid company or her didn't have an alternative costume. So the PAX organizers sent her home and banned her for a few years. I think she's now able to go back to PAX?

I'm ashamed to tell I was a big fan of both that stupid game and her. And I'm not even a neckbeard.

No. 242502

the subreddit drama posted about the jnig drama, and i'm surprised most of the comments seem to side with jnig, at least for the patreon thing.


No. 242527

subredditdrama is full of SJWs. it's worse than tumblr. she's a woman so of course they will side with her

No. 242535

Wait, so she won the contest, wore a costume that was way too revealing, and got kicked out? So they fired her as a booth babe over it? I'm trying to understand just how her rise to fame began, in this case. I guess bad publicity does still matter.

No. 242541

File: 1456592444332.jpg (96.16 KB, 338x600, image.jpg)

That's too revealing? Really? I've been to cons and seen girls traipsing about in bikinis being Poison Ivy etc a tonne of times. At least her ass is covered up and you can't even see her vag.

No. 242542


Samefag, just wanted to add that this is WAY revealing for a normal person, but since getting her tits out is basically her whole shtick I don't see this as being that different to when she's got her winabegos out all the other times. Just there's a belly button in this one. eh

No. 242548

I tried to go onto that thread when it FIRST started to say she's done a fair amount of fucking shitty stuff. reaction? OMG you just hate a successful WOMAN you're jealous lololol hater.

I can't. What the fuck is wrong with these people.

No. 242550

Yes, this is still too revealing, calm down.

No. 242554

as much as i dislike nigri/nigiri/whatever i really want her stomach

No. 242560

The PAX organizers said that the problem with her costume was too reveling for a family oriented convention, which was the purposes of PAX at that time, to be a family oriented environment, then Nigs get her tits out and they list their minds.

I'm just saying what was covered on the media. For me I like her costume, kinda reminds me of Mortal Komat Mileena''s for the cleavage(Mileena old costume, and plenty of girls already done that in cons too.

No. 242563

Why? She's flabby and jiggly.

No. 242564

I'm glad she went up a size with her implants.
These tits look so pasted to her chest, it's like she has a flat ass on her chest.

No. 242584

>Flabby and jiggly
I know we all hate Nigri here but the girl works out more in one day than the average person does in a week. Without her boobs she has a very stick-like figure but at least it's a toned stick figure instead of just being naturally skinny with zero exercise or healthy diet.

Shame she still can't get an ass with all that exercise though.

No. 242587

Are you kidding
She's a huge ass bitch but her body is perfection

No. 242589

Genetics or lack of steroids. If she did a little bit she would even get better abs and better curves

sage for crossing off topic

No. 242591

Everyone has a different perfect body. For me I find her angular and hard looking, not soft, and I tend to like women with a softness to them. She's not ugly at all but she's not 'perfection' to me at least. I'm going off the pikachu costume picture - I really dislike the hard lines of the hip in women, and she has a very boxy middle – without stretch digging into her upper waist, she'd have no real defined waist.

No. 242602

Wow this looks like shit.

No. 242605

I assumed she was wearing this costime because its related to the character but from what im reading here it sounds like it isnt?

No. 242607

File: 1456602971895.jpg (29.57 KB, 388x588, Lollipop_Chainsaw_Skins_Xbox_3…)

It's an alternate costume.

No. 242610

>> flabby and jiggly

No. 242611

Thats what i guessed but i am kinda surprised they took exception to it. dont get me wrong its revealing but so are many other costumes not sure why this one was singled out.

No. 242612

The dramu happened back in 2012 or so. Revealing cosplay was probably not as prevelant then as it is today. She was the one of the people who started the trend.

No. 242619

You can see how much her gut sticks out here >>242264

No. 242622

File: 1456605548982.png (82.44 KB, 594x595, bait.png)

No. 242623


Start stripping then. You can make up to 10k a month. It's tough work though.

No. 242625

please be joking..

No. 242663

No. 242665


I think the issue with her costume was that it was a family friendly convention and there were clear rules about not wearing super revealing stuff.

No. 242679

Ok Ash

No. 242681

File: 1456613752141.jpg (119.4 KB, 576x1024, nigrimod.jpg)

Really crashing and burning over on reddit

No. 242684

>bribed Craig with your body

It wouldn't surprise me. She's had sex for sponsorships in the past.

No. 242690

Are you referring to the speculation surrounding the modeling she did for that clothing brand a couple years back? I can't remember what it was called.

No. 242691

Cherry sauce clothing?

No. 242692

Cherry Sauce Clothing.

No. 242707

An entertaining comment section with all the deleted comments still visible


No. 242711

File: 1456617236128.png (17.11 KB, 963x243, jnigsboobs.png)

Haha I love that she deleted the last comment

No. 242712

Not sure if it is just "speculation," since she did end up dating, and presumably having sex with that Cherry Sauce guy. Much of the drama came from whether she cheated on her fiancé with that guy or not.

No. 242713

File: 1456617316567.png (400 KB, 400x550, jessnig.png)

Oh my, i wonder what action shes gonna take now

No. 242719

Ah I see, that makes sense. I think I read about it a long time ago while it was happening and the situation was less clear.

No. 242721

I still laugh at how she lies about how she got the Juliet Starling model job. She claims that they were holding auditions at some place in her town and there were "so many pretty models" there auditioning for the role, but they didn't know what it was for. Then she says she got the role because she knew what it was and was enthusiastic about it.

Bitch, please. The fucking winner was chosen based on social media vote from a video each candidate made. When you have an army of neckbeards at your disposal, there was no way she could lose. Wank Bank just likes to make herself seem more special than she really is.

No. 242722

That's hilarious. Do you have a link for where she claimed that?

No. 242764

Good lord. almost 12k on Patreon. Jesus. Damn. DO like Momokun is going to do and give 1k of that to a "lesser" cosplayer fuuuuuuck.

I'm salty af over this. Think i'll go drink some Whiskey to counteract.

No. 242765

It's no wonder thousands of female cosplayers jump on the Facebook, Twitch and Instagram page bandwagon posting revealing tacky costumes while coated in makeup. They look up to Nigri and see how much money & attention she gets getting her tits out for neckbeards and aspire to be like her. It's fucking sad and nothing but exploitation of a great geeky hobby.

No. 242772

It's at 9:40 where she tells the biggest lie aside from her breasts being real. The entire interview is hilarious because she's so obsessed with her tits and now she doesn't want to be known for just those anymore. HA!

No. 242774

She has a baby now. Seems to be happy.

No. 242776

Thanks! Oh man, did she refer to that thing she was wearing as a cosplay? And then she admits the only thing she actually "made" was the sweater. Looking back on 2012 Nigri is insane because she was sooo horrible at cosplay and somehow getting famous for it. At least now she puts some effort into it.

No. 242784


Wow, sorry for off the topic but that's Miyu? I don't really know much about her drama but she was a part of an old forum I was on and she looks like an entirely different person here, even without makeup. Was she famous for shooping like crazy or something?

No. 242785


I've noticed it with some cosplayers IRL with large real or fake tits that they obsessively talk about them even when the conversation is completely away from that subject…like it'll just crop up in there without warning or they'll make it obvious of bringing attention to their busts by adjusting themselves.

Then they moan about it when people only point out about their chest 24/7 in photo comments. LOL fuck off seriously…

No. 242786

Nah, shoop wasn't really a thing then. She was just known for being pretty and crazy.

No. 242789

From that distance she looks like an aunt trying to be hip

No. 242790

I actually like her better without makeup

No. 242803

File: 1456632069516.png (466.4 KB, 498x646, yeahok.png)

Theres that wierd thing that nigiri does, actually tbf a lot of cosplayers do which is pic related not sure how to describe it its like "look at me dont look at me" or something?

No. 242808

And yet, she's making sure that she shows off her ass… What the fuck?

No. 242811

>I am creating art

fuck are all cosplayers this delusional? kek.

No. 242817

its totally not just photoshopped tits and ass you gotta post to social media for the attention you desperately crave! A R T motherfuckers!

No. 242820

Sorry if this is a stupid question but that pics photoshopped? I just assumed she looked like that because of the deliberate angle pose shes doing. Also i think i got this pic off jnigs reddit or at least an asscioated one i cannot remember.

No. 242837

yep, delusional and an attention seeker indeed. lara croft 'costume' isn't even that hard to make, where's the art?? plus she's holding her butt for the pose ffs, surely we'd look and comment at it first. she should have seen it coming and don't complain.

No. 242845

HAHAHAHAHA there's soon many things wrong with this

you're financially benefitting from the people leaving sexual comments, because you are literally pulling apart your ass in booty shorts. You are shooting and selling softcore porn.
Women are gawking at you too. Children are probably gawking at you. You are half naked and in a recognizable cosplay.
And since when the fuck was art ever nonsexual? get the fuck out of here.

No. 242854

I think she made a typo and meant "i am creating FART". I mean thats why shes holding her ass up like that right? lol.

No. 242857

a bit late but most eyebrow pencils/pomades/gel/whatever come in a reddish hue instead of a kind of ashy/khaki tone for some reason. If you're a blind idiot who doesn't really look at what youre buying then this is an easy mistake. Most girls make this mistake.

No. 242859

wasn't this proven to be shopped and not what the model actually said?

No. 242863

Honey, that girl on the Picture is SuperMaryFace. She's famous for being all of Tumblr poured into one shitty cosplayer:

No. 242864

She wrote excactly what is posted, no photoshop. Just stupidity.

No. 242865

Must be so hard cosplaying as Lara Croft when it's nothing more than a slutty inaccurate version of her. These cosplay whores are so delusional.

No. 242873

>> spreads asscheeks
>> Dont sexualise muuh!

No. 242877

File: 1456655338073.png (899.15 KB, 995x604, Q3jYtTD.png)

She's trying so hard to be like Nigri, holy fuck

No. 242878

File: 1456655464210.png (290.32 KB, 990x650, htRWIx0.png)

She might be an even bigger cow than her tbh, just look at this

No. 242880

wow. i knew something was off when I stumbled across her video about how Instagram accounts using photos of her for RP'ing was like being raped or whatever

No. 242937

I haven't played the newer games, does Lara Croft have black hair now?

& I know she wears shorts in the games but I don't remember seeing the bottom of her ass cheeks and I must have missed the scene where she lifts and separates them

No. 242938

I was there and she did not get kicked out. They made her change into the cheerleader outfit but made her put a regular Lollipop Chainsaw shirt over top of it. Except she rolled it up so it was still a belly shirt.

No. 242940

that hairline, and crowsfeet i think theyre called? basically the rinkles next to her eyes


No. 242942

File: 1456676410325.png (312.92 KB, 634x668, wn8v5qt.png)

You can tell even by looking at her that she is insane.


Sorry for that post. I messed up.

No. 242976

Dude, what the fuck? This is horrible.

No. 242983

I'll give her credit for being one of the few big cosplayers to be honest about her boobjob and how often she posts no makeup pictures.

No. 243004

It's like she was using bad cheap makeup/ or let makeup on face for so much time, because she fucked up her skin.

No. 243017

File: 1456689774689.jpg (143.93 KB, 603x590, supermaryfacecosplay.jpg)

She refers to herself as a "professional cosplayer" but she's beyond shit and usually goes to conventions in just regular attire. This is a cosplay she was sponsored by some poor company to do. Even turning the brightness way up doesn't hide how breathtakingly bad that helmet is. As someone else mentioned, her gurugossip threads are really entertaining. Reading about her makes Jessica Nigri look really good in comparison.

No. 243021

She deserves a thread, she's a complete cow. I can't even watch the Guy Tang videos she's in cause just seeing her pisses me off.

No. 243023

The term professional cosplayer is fucking idiotic anyway. Very few times can you turn a hobby into a profession. People like this bitch and Jnig won't survive another few years.

No. 243024

What's with this stupid bitches and getting balloon implants?

No. 243025

It really seems to help them get the attention they want lol

No. 243026

Just make a thread on this dumb bitch already, and stop derailing the JNig thread. Fucking hell.

No. 243027

Her breasts are way too big. look at that skin stretching. disgusting. Is this supposed to be lara croft? What a joke.

No. 243067

oh my god, we need a thread on her

No. 243079

File: 1456700066242.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.04 KB, 400x600, TCQ7umN.jpg)

No. 243182

Someone make a new thread about supermaryface and post a link here but don't derail this thread for Jessica Nigri.

No. 243369

I made a thread for SuperMaryFace


No. 243574

JNig is the most overrated bimbo in cosplay history, but lol stop acting like she is just around the corner from "rock bottom." Bitch is making 100k a year and is sitting on a throne of neckbeard tribute. If she is earning that much off glorified BRA PICS, then don't be acting like she's gonna end up wrinkled and on facialabuse.com by next year.

>what will she do when she gets older????? 26 is so ancient!

Idk what do NBA players do when their bodies get older?

I never liked this bitch. I don't care for her cosplays, I think the fame has reached critical levels of absurdity, but y'all sound like a bunch of fucking broke, jelly ass landwhales. You know what makes Jnig unbearable? Not her still pics, but seeing her in motion on video. Obnoxious fucking shrill voice, spastic quirky put on persona, spoiled right and left when other cosplayers are more deserving. That's what I think makes her a piece of shit.

No. 243578

No one here is saying 26 is old, but Jnig looks much, MUCH older than 26. Hell, I'm 30 and I look younger than her wrinkled ass. All that sun tanning, bad diet, lack of face washing/moisturizing routine has caught up and will only get worse. I wonder if she ever washes off her makeup?

No. 243580

Didn't she just recently complain about neckbeards only focusing on her tits? And even then I said that in reality she doesn't mind the comments because it's what gives her the ego boost and the money, both of the things she's in this whole business for.

God I fucking hate her.

No. 243599

Pretty sure niglet uses a bunch of fillers to try to "fix" the damage she's done to her skin, in her recent interviews her skin looked rather smooth

No. 243625

I am actually 100 percent okay with this. I don't like jnig but if my SO was was embarrassing themselves online, I'd wanna know.

No. 243635

She uses a lot of stuff to try to 'fix' her face. What recent interviews btw? Decent lighting can do wonders when paired with the right make up.

No. 243636

I can't understand what's happening g to her boob/armpit in the first photo. Looks like a chunk of flesh is missing

No. 243677

Umm… No one here is saying she's old. They're saying she looks old. You can't honestly tell me she has the face of your typical 26 year old.

No. 243679

There was the whole "mucha ropa" thing. She said she would be less about boobs, or whatever.

She is making 100k now, but couldn't all of those people funding her Paetron cancel their funding after a while if they want to? idk how Paetron works, but it doesn't seem like steady income.

No. 243704

Pledging on patreon typically works on a month to month basis. So you pick a pledge level, every level is supposed to have different incentives, and once a month you send money to patreon based on your pledge amount. Obviously a cut is done to the site for processing and shit, but you don't have to pledge to follow someone on patreon. You can cancel your pledge at any time, but there's probably a cut off date for a given months billing.

I know only because I have a couple of creators that I pledge to so I get billed every month.

No. 243732

I too am okay with this. Want to act like a cunt then by all means have it shared with your mom/gf. I love when people do this.

No. 244027

It was something about having an "aggressive navel" or something like that. When I first heard about it, I thought it was pretty hilarious.

horrible joke, but I did chuckle.

No. 244052

I'm referring to the one where she was with ryan and kassem, she didn't look as crusty as she normally does in that one

No. 246952

File: 1457554257470.jpg (19.17 KB, 396x385, Happy-Sad-Frog-07.jpg)

Sorry I left this thread for a bit to take some fresh air, so to speak. And in that time away I had a revelation: Jnig doesn't matter.

So yes, thank you anons for reminding me that being salty over this bitch isn't worth it, and soon her money pool will run out.

it's just kind of sad though when you think about it, that sometimes society these days values 'celebrities' more than people who actually do more productive shit for society. Like doctors, scientists, etc.

Thanks for this too, anon. Although that reminds me, my husband used to be a Jnig fan………
luckily he sees through her bullshit now.

No. 246966

Can someone send this bitch an invite to a Sephora make-up class please? Her make-up bothers me so much all the time, especially her eye make-up ugh. It seemed to have gotten worse over the years; totally the reverse of how everyone else progresses with their make-up skills.

No. 246986

File: 1457559440096.gif (1.03 MB, 500x277, tumblr_nfb0rugxOj1ql5yr7o1_500…)

I keep forgetting that Jnig is only a year older than me, like >holy shit

She's like the older sister I never wanted to have and would totes be embarrassed for

Bitch would also do her some good to invest in a skincare routine. Her skin will look like PT's in 5 years, kek

No. 248545

Bitch has fucking invaded the Dragon Age fandom now. Get the fuck out. :c She's ruining my beloved Morrigan.

No. 248550

You know, compared to the sorts of people usually posted on /pt/, JNig actually has a fair bit of class.

No. 248557

So anyone keep up with the reddit drama lately? Theres so much of it god shes such a dumb bitch.

No. 248560

File: 1457913400183.png (1.71 MB, 1440x2200, Screenshot_2016-03-13-16-50-27…)

Someone on reddit insisted Nigs has fake anime boobs on here. she responded that wasnt true. Real life problems man

No. 248561

The last thing I heard was that she made herself mod of her fan subreddit and at first starting removing shit that you have to pay to see and then just started removing everything she didn't like until it became her own personal hugbox. It was something like that, right?

Has anything else happened since then?

No. 248566

Yep she ruined Morrigan, her fake tits ruin it completely.

No. 248569


She basically left the sub due to receiving too much hate and gave the mod a dropbox link to upload her content for her which pissed people off. More patreon leaks, the whole Crunchyroll/lying about sponsors coming to light. Oh and yeah someone really passionate about fake anime boobs accuses nig of it and she denied it.

All the comments are just roasting her at this point. Her persona is rubbing them off the wrong way. I always knew she was fucking retarded so I dont know why this is new to them

No. 248589

I don't remember Morrigan's tits being ridiculously huge

No. 248600

What's the crunchy roll/lying about sponsors thing?

No. 248625

Lol. This is no surprise to us but a major shock to her dumb fanbase. Anyone genuinely into geek culture with a brain knew that she's a fraud as soon as she made her debut.

No. 248628

Morrigan is small breasted…morrigan is SMALL BREASTED. What the fuck. this stupid bitch probably never played the DA games. Don't ruin my favorite character.

No. 248720

I want her slimy hands off of Morrigan and Dragon Age. Morrigan doesn't even have huge tits.

No. 248789

What's bothering you guys more - that she's cosplaying Morrigan now? Or "X character doesn't have big/small tits?"

No. 248805

Both,really. Morrigan is a very liked character in the DA games. And she obviously has an A/B cup chest. JNIG is doing that bullshit where she can cosplay any big breasted bimbo (like starfire from dc comics) or something and chooses to do this?
And why?

Trust me, she is not a DA fan. She's a stupid bitch looking for more 'geekcred'and it's obvious.

No. 248842

I love DA, but it's not like she padded the bikini top to make her chest bigger.

It's not the cosplay that annoys me, it's the overly sexual photos of it that she's posting.

No. 248854

Doesnt matter. she got fake tits to be a whore. Morrigan is not a whore. She shouldnt be cosplaying her.

No. 248967

I don't think jnig's boobs being big is what makes the cosplay bad, it's just that she's made them the main thing by wearing a top that doesn't fit them. I know her boobs would have been eye catching even if she had worn a top that fit, but she intentionally put on a top that made them the most important thing. Her boobs would have looked good in a Morrigan cosplay anyway, there was no need to make the top even smaller and show off even more tit than usual. She made it look more porny than it had to look.

Morrigan's outfit was pretty revealing but it never screamed "I can't run in this without my boobs falling out of the bottom, I'm only wearing it so you'll look at my chest."

It's just kind of annoying how a professional cosplayer sacrifices accuracy and character for their boobs every single time.

No. 249019

File: 1458000786411.png (347.48 KB, 705x500, 1455439279908.png)

>professional cosplayer

Please be joking

No. 249041

What happened with crunchyroll?

No. 249053

Very well said. This is exactly how I feel about that cosplay as well. Jessica Nigri doesn't cosplay so much as it's "Jessica Nigri dressed up as character X." She always wears her signature heavy eye makeup. Earlier on in her "cosplay career" she dressed up as Nausicaa. Of course she cut her shirt up so there was cleavage and she wore her usual raccoon eye makeup. I've always been a huge fan of how Miyazaki refused to sexualize young girls and gave them central roles in his stories.

No. 249060

File: 1458006722927.png (744.6 KB, 613x986, MorriganInquisition.png)

When the fuck has Morrigan ever worn a white bikini top and purple pullover thing?

Is she just going off of the concept art or have I not gotten far enough into DAI?

No. 249062

File: 1458006797456.jpg (640.93 KB, 1320x1034, works_0013.jpg)

The concept art in question.

No. 249063

File: 1458006862280.jpg (894.47 KB, 1920x1080, ZtZwIfR.jpg)

No. 249064


She is gaming the system good

No. 249072

I don't understand, how is this scamming?

Isn't that exactly what you're supposed to do to promote a product? Not make it obvious you're being sponsored?

No. 249073

This is probably what shes going off since its not like she played the games/ is into the series in general.

I just find it weird that she's doing a DA cosplay now, DA:I has been out for a year and a half now.

No. 249076


other people do this version too (friends who have played the game). I've never understood why, tbh. I don't like it. But eh.

No. 249077

Maybe she occasionally looks up characters with their tits out. Granted even though Morrigan shows a lot of skin she's not a bikini top bimbo.

No. 249086


Maybe she typed in Morrigan thinking of dark stalkers instead?

No. 249095

File: 1458014516907.jpg (921.95 KB, 1920x1080, RxaXcCY.jpg)

Here's part two

People were saying it was illegal to not disclose when you are being sponsored, but I don't know much about these kinds of laws to confirm that. Still pretty shitty to lie about it.

No. 249099

It's against the law to not disclose if a video is sponsored or not. There's lots of info on it via google.

No. 249100

That is true. There's even something about it on YouTube when you go to upload a video.

No. 249104

Morrigan from darkstalkers is a succubus with big tits and would better suit Jnig's bullshit agenda.

No. 249317

I think she cosplayed Morrigan aensland before? She needs to gtfo DA

No. 249322

File: 1458083249388.jpg (284.3 KB, 1184x1784, image.jpg)

She has. God this cosplay is horrible.

No. 249326


Oh gawd :/

No. 249358

That bodice is a fucking mess.

No. 249377

Damn, it's like a Sheena cosplay. Better in the thumbnail.

No. 249382

Maybe if you're on your phone. I can see all the bunching and the wonky heart cut out in the thumb. It only gets worse when you click it bigger.

No. 249388

If I didn't know any better, I would think that this was a post-op tranny. God damn, she looks horrible in this. The nude lips makes her look super manly.

No. 249392

This is so horribly made, her makeup looks awful, but more importantly…why is she wearing a wedding band?

No. 249393

File: 1458099780795.jpg (146.25 KB, 1024x1532, Morrigan.jpg)

JNig has one look and it's always bad. I actually thought her eye make up looked decent, but looking at an actual picture better, it's dumb. She should have gone with a neutral eye and a pink toned gloss.

Good catch.

No. 249394

Now that I looked at this anon, are her armbands made of pantyhose with holes cut out?

No. 249395

Probably, but that's not a horrible way of doing it. if they were the right color…

No. 249397

She's had a nose job since then, right?

No. 249420

I noticed the wedding band too.

Jnig is a one trick pony. she has no idea how to do makeup.

No. 249425

I think it's supposed to serve as an engagement ring. This was during the time that she was engaged to that guy who started her fake nerd girl persona, Vaan Childs. We all know how that worked out though… You know that saying… "You can't turn a ho into a housewife."

No. 249426

this makes me feel infinitely better about my rusty sewing skills because wow, at least i'm not that bad.

No. 249429

File: 1458110072245.jpeg (989.32 KB, 2592x3240, image.jpeg)

dat wedding band
she also did this version of Morrigan. I think this was her first boob job?

No. 249431

jesus. I was always doubtful of her getting so many expensive items from her fans this definitely explains some shit. She's despicable.

No. 249435

Hmm I always thought she got them after but now that you mention it it seems like that was her first boob job.

If you google search Jessica Nigri 2008 its hilarious. All the terrible costumes she made before, now she just gets people to do them for her.

No. 249441

File: 1458121020710.jpg (76.13 KB, 612x612, n2DA3xP.jpg)

I was looking at random google photos and if I recall this was when she was here in 2013? I remember seeing her run off to grab food or something. Her butt is toned but there is nothing there.

No. 249442

She's just predetermined to have a flat booty. Lol

No. 249446

File: 1458123047004.jpg (74.16 KB, 650x1000, morrigan-tvc1.jpg)


Actually they are the right colour. Morrigan's original design has her sporting orangey hued gloves.

No. 249447


That isn't a boob job, those are her natural breasts, she's just padding and taping the fuck out of them.

No. 249467

>>249397 she prob uses a fuck ton of fillers for her tucan sam nose

No. 249478

her bad contouring and shading on her tits bugs me

No. 249579

File: 1458159287701.jpg (45.09 KB, 640x960, 10373729_10154032724197533_227…)

What the hell is this? I hate it, just no!

No. 249585

What the fuck is she wearing? What is the original character supposed to look like?
When I see this, I dont see someone who enjoys cosplay. I see someone who just wants to make money off of her assets.

No. 249586

File: 1458159734107.png (713.43 KB, 775x458, v476.png)

I think she's supposed to be Veigar from LoL. She had a robe for it but I guess she had to make it even sluttier.

No. 249599

She's such a fucking whore. One day someone is going to beat her ass. she cant even cosplay

No. 249600

See, im sorry but this isnt cosplay. The whole point of cosplay is trying to imitate the character as closely as possible and that is usually costume wise because not all characters are human or have human features. If she wants to run around in her underwear fine, but its not the same as people who actually put effort into creating accurrate replications of the characters looks.

This is the majority i see of female cosplay these days and its little wonder its being seen now as more of a fetish offshoot/alt porn category. Its ironic that the mouthbreathing neckbeards will complain that a film or game changing a slight detail about a character because they are "true geeks who care about the media" but then will give people like this money and attention when these people clearly dont care about the media either.

I feel bad for the actually good cosplayers who get overlooked for people like this, and find it funny that nigiri takes pics like this then moans about people making sexual comments much like supermary "i am creating ART (by spreading my asscheeks)" face.

>inb4 you just jealous of nigiri and are a silly cosplayer

yes actually, i wouldnt mind being nigiri given the amount of free shit she gets, but tbh i couldnt deal with having all that attenion im really shy. if she was just dressing up and having fun fine, i just feel sorry for actual talented cosplayers that this is the person people think of when they think cosplay. there are some amazing cosplays ive seen but dont know the names of, but everyone knows her even those who dont follow cosplay. also i am not a cosplayer because i dont have the talent or money to that and also previus stated shyness, but i really admire great cosplayers. Her dbz cosplays irk me because they spawned a tidal wave of equally shitty copycats.rant over.

No. 249603

Exactly. This isn't cosplay. This is something you wear when you are going roleplaying in a bedroom with your husband/wife/bf/gf or whatever. This is NOT cosplay. She is only trying to be as naked and slutty as possible. She is a straight up bimbo.

No. 249618

Jfc anon take a xanax.

Or don't, this is the exact kind obnoxious hater speak that fuels Jessica.

No. 249627

The funny thing is is she complains thats shes not respected enough,and thats shes going to try harder on her cosplays, and yet she posts overly slutty stuff, it just overweighs the anything else, she won't change her rep, because really she doesn't want to, no tiddies no Jnig

No. 249634

No. 249638

>trying to be 'sexy'
>has to wear the stupid gauntlet to be recognizable
>lazy as fuck panties aren't even sexy/don't even match

why? i don't get it at all. and seriously? she's tugging her panties off with a spiky gauntlet? because impalement is so sexy! lets just hope she doesn't cup some poor guys balls with the wrong hand!

this shit is getting worse and worse and this isn't even executed well in the slightest.

No. 249642

It wouldn't have even been hard to do a sexy fem! version of this either. WTF JNig at least try to take yourself seriously instead of using Victoria's Secret as the basis for your costumes.

No. 249644

it's not even good vs. damn seamless panties.

No. 249646

File: 1458169302728.jpg (94.93 KB, 640x960, 10981959_10153507739807533_518…)

She already did a sexy fem! version..

No. 249647

Her breasts are so unattractive.

No. 249650

… That doesn't look like JNig. IDK who shooped that but fuck it looks awful.

I concur. Her breasts looks like what chit comic artists draw because they've never been near real breasts.

No. 249656

That's exactly what they look like. Fake plastic tits just like the fake tits shit comic artists draw.

No. 249658

File: 1458171991333.png (417.04 KB, 1080x1920, 1439687530187.png)

So, I'm guessing this was all bullshit?

No. 249659

File: 1458172012272.png (406 KB, 1080x1920, 1439687574680.png)

No. 249660

She never once said she's gonna stop doing sexy shit, she just said she's going to do more stuff that actually takes skill and imo she is. Her Jolteon took skill to make and the same with her Deathknight.

No. 249661

True, but I don't get how she can say shit like

>I've been letting you guys down with my style of cosplay (some boobies is okay but not every damn costume Nigri).

When her entire Insta is still filled with tits.

No. 249667

She has done nothing to help the situation. Her and all the other OTT sexy cosplayers have helped create this subculture that is only interested in the fap material, not the talented and hard working cosplayers out there

No. 249672

This. Yaya han was bad, but Yaya kind of stood on her own pedestal. Jnig is the one who opened up the dancefloor for all these booth babes, porn stars and ex-car models to 'cosplay' for 'fame.' It's awful. Jnig is not a cosplayer. she doesn't care about the costumes she wears or the games/series she's cosplaying from. She doesn't think of it as art or a hobby, as it should be. She considers it a business opp for horny beta fags to throw their money at her fake tits while she pretends to be a victim.

No. 249673

In an interview at a con she said that she wanted to cover up her boobs more, which I assume is to be taken more seriously as a cosplayer, but her boyfriend had convinced her not to.

No. 249676


As lame as it sounds it would be smarter not to.

She didn't make money or get to this point by covering up

No. 249677

>she wanted to cover up her boobs more
And does anyone honestly believe that? She was always in this solely for the money and the fame, long before she even had this current bf.

In reality, it was probably that covering up didn't give her enough views, so she is going to continue to stick to her old ways.

No. 249680

It would be 'smarter' if she would actually do things that makes sense. Taking a non-sexualized character and then making them all tits it's the same as dressing as a character who already has their tits out. Yaya at least does this, but JNig looks at what's popular, picks something and pushes her boobs up. The fact she hasn't done Ahri from LoL yet (I think?) is perhaps the most surprising.

No. 249696

i believe it considering ryan is obsessed with dating the famous Jnig. If she becomes less popular in the fap-world and is taken more seriously as a cosplayer, their relationship would lose its boob charm.

No. 249699

so either she's lying or she confirmed to the world that she's just a dumb, impressionable, pair of tits. i almost feel bad, but she did this to herself.

No. 249711

honestly, from some of the stories i have heard from people that know ryan irl, it seems like has a lot of control over jessica and her "career"

No. 249755

Hes scummy. She should leave him

No. 249821

if she really wants to break out of the boob community and be more serious with cosplay, then yes. she really needs to.

No. 249825

What do you know?

No. 249826

girls with fake tits almost always end up with those types. especially normalfags like jess. i think it just naturally ties into the idea of being so immature to get fake titties in the first place.

No. 249827

This was almost a year ago, last time I talked to said person. But they said Jessica was a no show on a photoshoot, and when the people in charge of said shoot tried to email Jess to complain, Ryan responded instead. He went Ultra-douche on them and said he was a super famous cosplayer who makes $$$ selling his prints.

Also apparently he forced Jessica to block all of her fan IG accounts because he didn't like them

No. 249832

Why? Cuz they didn't plug her patreon? Also he dresses like a faggot

No. 249833

This is so true. That sucks because give it a year or two those airbags will morph to a uniboob

No. 249850

He thought they were creepy, according to my friend. But I'm sure it had something to do with money.

Ryan is just plain fucking loser. Up until he moved in with Jessica he was living with his mom who paid for everything, he had no job and was a total mooch. Now he just mooches off of Jessica.

No. 249860

here's the thing, though. jessica relies heavily on ryan to construct her cosplays. before she met him, she was doing mostly walmart bra cosplays. after she met him, "her" cosplay quality shot up, and she was suddenly doing full-armored cosplays.

if she left him, she would have to find another source for her cosplays. which is most likely why she even bothers to listen and stay with him.

No. 249871

eh, its not like she ever made a lot of her cosplays to begin with, even before ryan most of her shit was made by someone else. if she left ryan she would just have to shell out money again to get her stuff made. i guess she really doesn't want to let her money go, though

No. 249881

At this point I feel very little for Jessica as she's basically cemented herself in our world as little more than a pair of silicone bags on legs, and even as she continues to age, her looks continue to degrade and her fanboys move onto the next big cosplay tease, that's all she'll be remembered for.
Nobody will ever take her seriously because they'll look at her and only see the figure she spent so much time and effort constructing, and I think in the future she'll regret that when she's older and scraping for gigs and the guy she's trying to negotiate with is eyefucking her stretched, leathery bosom whilst licking his lips and fantasising about her 20 year old self.
She's never going to be more than "that chick from the early 2000's that used to cosplay from games she never played in costumes she never made where her inflated tits were always on display". That's a depressing legacy.

I mean already we're already starting see a receding hairline, the tanning has FUCKED her face with wrinkles and probably skin cancer in her future (I'm already side-eying those moles littering her torso, she needs to keep an eye on those), her implants are clearly too large for her frame and appear to be gravitating towards the beginnings of symmastia and even then she's going to have to have them replaced within what, the next 5-6 years?

I don't understand why any of you are mad, the next few years this is going to be one hell of a show to behold. Nothing funnier than watching fake hoes addicting to tanning and hair dye and heavy makeup and surgery scramble away from the inevitability of their mortality.

No. 249935

File: 1458253621787.jpg (554.78 KB, 1642x976, jnigcopycosplays.jpg)

Tbh it may not even be that long, she has created so many copycats and wannabes shes pretty much brought about her own demise.

No. 249950

File: 1458255909023.jpg (340.95 KB, 1385x926, nUkAacc.jpg)

Picture from her patreon.

No. 249954


It hurts to know that she's the one with a huge donation on patreon for doing very little work

Again gaming the system well

No. 249974

obviously she doesn't wanna let her money go, she know's she's going to be washed out in a few years.

No. 249982

Another display of JNig's low self-worth. I'm not too surprised by this since he comes off as a super douche. I can't really feel too bad for her since she keeps bringing it upon herself with all her sleeping around. Her other two steady boyfriends were far better than Ryan though.

Bra pictures. Bra pictures. I can't even be mad. It's funny more than anything else that her fanbase is so thirsty they'll shill out big dough for photos everyone on the Internet has seen of her already thousands of times.

No. 249984

Seriously. She isn't even smart enough to do teasing nudes or some shit. It's like JNig thinks that as soon as she takes a photo with her bra off (even if the photo is at an angle where you just see side boob) that's when she' officially a sex worker.

No. 249987

I think she just uses a bra so much cuz theyre probably fucked up looking by now without one

No. 250003

This. i imagine her tits without all the tape/ push-up bras are probably on Charms level of grotesque tbh

No. 250016

eh they have a reciprocal relationship, he makes the costumes.

No. 250026

I have fake breasts, and I'll tell you the one that's really pushed up? (the top one)…that hurts like fucking hell to have it pushed up like that. Especially if they are under the muscle. And mine aren't anywhere near the size of hers. Like I don't understand why she's doing this to herself.

No. 250033

When I see her boobs like that I just think of pain. Same with Yaya. It almost looks to me like they're gonna explode.

No. 250040

When they are older their skin is going to thin out around the implants and its going to be bad–its what happens when you get implants that are too big for your body.

No. 250042

Same, I accidentally shoved mine up the other day and I almost cried. The only thing I can think is that she's gone so big she's damaged her nerves to the point she can't feel it anymore.

No. 250059

Oh my god they hurt if you even just do something like that?! How can they keep doing this e-e

No. 250066

In my case you have to shove them up pretty suddenly or lean over in a certain way that your boobs have gravity kinda pull them forward quickly.
You know–basically pull the implant against the muscle wall quickly and heavily. They are sitting in a pocket and really, I can push against them or down and they don't hurt at all, it's just upward movement, or anything that could really strain against the upper chest wall that can make it hurt pretty sharply–because you're basically straining that pocket that they are sitting in.

Mine aren't that large, so JNIG has to be dealing with a lot of pain unless she went over the muscle–then I have no idea what that might feel like. But from what I can see I'm pretty sure she went under.

No. 250080

She looks huge and short. I'm confused, is she fit or fat? I feel like we keep seeing her old photos of her when she used to be fit. But now with her massive fake tits, she might also counture/paint on her abs as well

No. 250081

She's not anywhere close to fat, but I think the angle/lighting is highlighting her tits but doing a dis-service to the rest of her body. It's curving her back out slightly so her stomach's pushed forward. She's not flexing her stomach, either. Given how her leg is pulled up…she's just hunched up anon.

You can see in the picture right above that while there might be some makeup conturing she's still pretty damn fit. It's from the same photoset.

No. 250084

Everytime I see some stupid gif of her attempting to bounce them by jumping up and and down (with a lot of force) I think about all this shit. Like forreal don't do that they don't even move lmao.

No. 250085


You mean >>249579 right? She looks much wider and chubbier from when she had her pikachu/lollipop chainsaw costume years ago. She looks like shes flexing extremely hard and that her abs have make up/shoop on then

No. 250086

File: 1458282927846.png (1.3 MB, 1024x1600, Screenshot_2016-03-04-20-14-02…)

Shes fit and has a good body she just has no sense of what looks good on her body or any taste period. She is white trash from Arizona. Pic related. Low class.

No. 250155

File: 1458316177848.jpg (337.47 KB, 2048x1536, 12783739_932403723541818_47101…)

>created so many copycats shes brought about her own demise
>posts a bunch of shit-tier cosplays

If you're gonna talk about NigriClones you have to bring up Kay Victoria since she does everything in her power to look like Jessica. (her body isnt as good though and without her jesscopycat hair they dont look as similar)

No. 250357

>implying jessica nigiri cosplays arnt shit tier

Think it was pretty obvious i was talking about style of cosplay which was why i used those pictures, i never said any of them were any good, no idea where the salt is coming from but yes if we are talking actual lookalikes victoria is the closest i know of.

sage for kinda ot

No. 250755

File: 1458376793476.png (1.75 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

This really does not look like her at all

No. 250756

i agree except for the eye wrinkles.

No. 250763

File: 1458379857144.png (838.54 KB, 896x588, jnigclone.png)

To me the most obvious JNig clone out of a sea of them is Daniellebaloo. I saw a friend post a selfie with her and I honestly thought it was Boobs McKinzie herself. Same indistinguishable boobplays, same shitty makeup, same annoying ass "quirky" faces, fake tits and they even have the same fucking nose shape.

No. 250769

I am so disappointed that she did this. I mean, her regular titty Veigar was already crossing a line, but at least it was recogniseable? It just makes me upset because I wanted to cosplay Veigar too, but now I feel people will just think I'm a JNig clone even if I don't show cleveage.
jfc this is nothing like Veigar at all… of all champs, why Veigar???

No. 250774

I'm so fucking tired of worbla titty armor. There are plenty of official character designs and outfits from hundreds of anime and video games that feature cleavage yet they gotta keep on doing the same fucking armor not even based on fan art.

No. 250783

She looks like fkn shittttt irl, my friend tattoos her boyfriend and I couldn't even believe it was her. Someone is shooping that woop so good.
Loves to talk out her ass about herself but she's not a huge bitch tbh, she's just milking what she has going for her and I can't really hate on that.
The world is fucking shitty, making money off of your tits isn't awful in the grand scheme of things.
Her being a liar is, though, fuck that.

No. 250811

you and me both anon, you and me fucking both. I'm sick of shitty armoured versions of characters that are unrecognisable, it's a waste of time and a waste of resources.

No. 250829

File: 1458400788708.jpg (174.01 KB, 935x582, mumitan.jpg)

Jfc, when a fucking pet owner has better costume and construction skills than a #cosfamous! Jessica take some notes, this is a well made item. For a fucking rabbit.

No. 250834

that's probably because that photo has way less shoop than she ordinarily uses

No. 250839

my heart is melting

No. 250920

That is super cute and makes me wish I had a rabbit.

Sad that even JNigs clones have shitty construction, none of them are better than the already crappy original. Always unrecognizable boobplays that look nothing like the character it's based on.

No. 250962

Rabbits are adorable but they're high maintainance. You MUST spay and neuter them, once they hit puberty they become jerks and are obnoxious. On the other hand, once they're fixed they can be litter trained like a cat.

No. 250963

That doesn't sound too bad, honestly. I've raised one of the most stubborn but cute dog breeds to be housebroken. It wasn't a walk in the park but I can do it again with another animal.

No. 250966

I posted that pic, I have one and I was browsing rabbit pics on instagram and had a good laugh with my SO that the rabbit is better dressed than Jnig and other coswhores. TBH my rabbit isn't neutered and he's fine, doesn't chew or dig on things and doesn't spray/urinate/hump (Common un-neutered issues). Just depends on the bunny.

He is housebroken entirely, lives around the apartment with an open-cage and litter box.

No. 251163

Me too, anonettes. They're easy to make and there are a million tutorials and patterns online so everyone keeps making them because it's an ~armored~ cosplay so it's instantly great. I also find it hard to believe that these girls are actually making these cosplays themselves, no WIP photos, no explaining the materials, a prop-maker boyfriend. I hate assuming that their boyfriends made the costumes, but honestly, that's usually the case.

No. 251311

File: 1458550386214.gif (898.94 KB, 245x200, tumblr_inline_nkp8pphbkP1rb7e1…)

No. 251313

File: 1458551469233.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.02 KB, 500x350, d1301ecda6c98a01fc9d53ba0479ef…)

She'll be like Pam Anderson in a couple of years.

No. 251315

She looks like a scene queen here
And tbh her eye make-up is better than Jnig's

At least Kay blends dark and light shadows seamlessly, unlike Jnig who always stops blending the dark shadows at her brow bone and does nothing to soften the lines

No. 251321

File: 1458555163317.jpg (14.21 KB, 480x360, vegetapls.jpg)

leave DBZ alone jessica

No. 251499

File: 1458606308868.png (371.05 KB, 974x430, Witch_hunt.png)

keke, i'm no jnig fan but they only made morrigan's titties small after origins dlc, and most da fans will agree that everything post origins is crap. anyway, more than likely it depended on the artist portraying her.

No. 251548

lol get the fuck out. Inquisition had a lot of flaws, but was a blast. And I love my trash Hawke squad.

No. 251563

Jessica only started doing "armor" cosplays after she became friends with Kamui Cosplays, AKA, a cosplayer whose VERY well known for making armor (shes published 3 books on it).

Kamui even started promoting Jessica. Seems pretty damn suspicious to me.

No. 251567

File: 1458629284601.png (903.69 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (101).png)

Also I'm doing a panel on sexy cosplays at my next convention.

By some sort of miracle, Jessica Nigri will also be at this convention.

So I've taken it upon myself to include multiple pictures of Nigri ripping off commissioners, photographers, and lying in the power point. Hope she shows up.

No. 251571


How are some of those slides even relevant to a panel about sexy cosplays? Especially the whole "yaya is an escort" (like sure, she is/was but how is that related to actual cosplaying besides pure drama )

No. 251575

Because those are the slides about why sexy cosplay is seen as "controversial" due to its front runners giving it a bad rep, thus people assume every sexy cosplayer is human scum

No. 251576

I'm amazed you took the time to compile all that
That's a whole new level of sad and your panel audience will definitely feel the same

No. 251582

>>Sexy Cosplay & Dead Horses: An In-depth Look into the Minds of the Butthurt

No. 251584

they are tho.

No. 251601

It's pretty tasteless to bring all this up publicly. You're going to make a lot of people uncomfortable, plus I still don't really get your point.

No. 251602

this looks like shit and i hope you get laughed out of your panel and i hope someone records it and posts it online :)

No. 251604


Yaya wasn't an escort tho, thoses pictures are from a con…there's even badges around some of the people's necks. Why is everyone so retarded

No. 251651

>cosplaying a cheap slut
Hm, not shocked

No. 251653


This is embarrassing. Don't do it Anon.

No. 251662

This is a really bad idea.

No. 251696


I removed the escort pic. But its still pretty vital. The point here is, Jessica Nigri basically started and destroyed the concept of sexy cosplay.

The point of the panel is that sexy cosplay in itself isn't bad, and not to go off the Jessica Nigri stereotype to judge others in that form of cosplay.

I'm kinda just using her as an example of what not to do (EX: credit your commissioner, photographer, dress appropriate to the rules of the convention)

No. 251699

You can mention all of those issues without directly bringing her into it though. She's definitely not the only one lying about her costumes and not crediting photogs.
It seems petty to call her out in a panel when everyone already knows about her bullshit. JNig is stupid and gross but there's more tactful ways to approach it.

If I was in a panel and someone started shit talking another cosplayer (famous or not) with accompanying power point slides, I'd get up and leave.
Save yourself the embarrassment, anon.

No. 251700

you're gonna get torn apart. good luck.

No. 251701

just comes off more as a vendetta tbh, and really pathetic.

have an open discussion about how there's a sleezy subculture in cosplay now thats all about sex and not about the work and fun of cosplay. shaming another cosplayer at a con, even if its fucking Jnig, is going to make you look like a twat, not a hero

on second thought, do it. because i want to watch it and laugh

No. 251702

Lol you sound salty as fuck. Not crediting the people you work with, passing off other people's costumes as your own and not complying with a convention's rules are shitty things to do REGARDLESS of whether you have decided to hang out your tits or not. Why make it all about all those evil cosplayers who dare dress revealingly?

Also, if you're so butthurt about ~reputation~ you're part of the problem, sorry to say it. Cosplay used to be a hobby, now it's all about the attention you can grab. Doesn't matter if you want to be complimented for your fake tits or craftsmanship, everyone is in it for likes on Instagram, lol. If you really gave a shit about the hobby you'd leave the fetishists and their glorified booth babes in their own little corner of the internet while doing what makes you happy. Instead you waste your breath bitching about how other people like the wrong things for the wrong reasons.

No. 251716

She's not friends with kamui AFAIK, just acquaintances. It's her boyfriend who does her armors. Just look at the boyfriends' work, it's identical to what Jessica wears.

No. 251743

The level of second hand embarrassment I have just thinking of you doing this is unreal. You're probably the type of person who supported PULLtards messaging Taco too aren't you?

No. 251751

Look, anon, I'm a cosplayer who thinks that cosplay is an art form and I hate people like Jessica, Yaya (yes, also her, she might make her own costumes, but dang, she started this "tits-business") and others who ruined a lot in the community. But I don't think you should do it. A lot of my cosplay friends are convinced that while, yes, Jessica is not really a cosplayer and more like a "sexy" cosplay model, she's SOOO NICEEEE! People seem to love her. I just feel like you might want to restructure this completely… a lot of people will get very angry.

No. 251760

Honestly, I think you're better off making a YouTube video about it on a side channel or something instead of doing a full on panel about it at a convention. You're going to get a ton of backlash and probably have a bad time at the con afterward. Save yourself the potential embarrassment and just upload a YouTube video.

No. 251762

File: 1458694228623.png (401.92 KB, 599x337, Bemv8glCAAAK3kK.png)

To the anon that wants to call these hoes out, fucking doing it. Wear a fucking mask so know one knows who you are out of the panel.

To the ones saying people already know jnigger and yaya and xyz are fake and not real cosplayers, if that were true we wouldn't be bitching up a storm about it.

No. 251779

> she complains thats shes not respected enough,and thats shes going to try harder on her cosplays, and yet she posts overly slutty stuff
sorry for being OTT but why is this so common nowadays? some women in my fb act slutty, wear very slutty clothes (almost naked), call themselves bitches and sluts yet they want respect from guys? im pretty sure thats against what feminists fought for

No. 251782

nice taco

No. 251788

Do whatever you think is best, anon.

A small warning, though: these type of call outs might not work as well in real life as they would online. Online, there is little to no repercussions and it is easier to get your points across. IRL, this will be seen as very aggressive. You will have to actually deal with the rabid fans face-to-face, and fight them off.

If you do keep the slides, record the entire panel and post it here. For the lulz.

No. 251791

The issue is that Jnigs wanted to be taken more seriously as a cosplayer as a reflection of her skills while she continues to churn out the same unimaginative costumes that rely heavily on her breasts for effect. Let's not get into a conversation about the tenets of feminism please.

No. 251818

The issue is not that they don't know. It's that they don't care. Fanboys like these girls because they are sexy as fuck and still (pretend to) have the same hobbies as them, which makes them seem more approachable. They don't give a shit about the drama, they're in it for a good wank and that's the end of that. As long as these women can somehow keep up the illusion, the Fanboys will keep fapping. And as soon as the girls are not attractive anymore, they will move on to the next piece of meat. Don't overestimate how emotionally invested they are in this whole thing, lol. Not everyone cares as much about the "legitimacy of cosplay" as us catty bitches on this imageboard.

No. 251919

Because those women are idiots who think freedom of sexual expression means being a complete slut online and in public, yet still demanding respect. You can't have both.

No. 251920

Pretty sure actual cosplayers and people in the hobby care about it.

No. 251938

Here's the thing about tits-ahoy and their merry band of retards. The strive off of attention whether it's good or bad, and nothing that's said will really do anything because of the basis that it's all online. True you can get a point across much easier but the same could be said about people not giving a fuck. Doing an open panel like that is something that can in my own opinion be a way that breaks that wall. However it has to be done correctly, so my recommendation to you dude if you really plan on doing it is do a mock presentation on YouTube and post the link. Allow feed back to be given and edit through certain suggested feedback. One thing I would say is that you can make references to cosplayers but I would leave out photos of said individuals because that can lead to legal bs. But I would do it man, shit if it's a convention near me I'll even go to show support, just remember to do it in a professional matter with cold hard facts.

No. 251963

File: 1458762493154.jpg (1.27 MB, 2269x2560, Jnigshairline.jpg)

So I came across her ex-fiance's instagram and found this pic. I lol'd. That hairline tho.

No. 252181

lel at the Yaya Han photos that are found on lolcow

No. 252184

Power point-anon, I'm going to have to agree to this and also what others have said here.

Sure it's great to reach the masses that are blind to Jnig's BS and hope that they learn the truth, but you said that Jnig might actually be there. I'm just concerned that she might start some firestorm there and get her rabid fans to actually jump you or something

No. 252185

Make-up is still chit

No. 252187

File: 1458804954418.jpg (9.77 KB, 225x225, 131039985536.jpg)

No. 252250

She is so unattractive. like holyshit, she really is just a decent body and nothing else. Even her personality is nonredeemable.

No. 252393

Jnig posted a full shot of her finished Morrigan, her boobs look so wierd!

No. 252433

File: 1458868659197.jpg (551.88 KB, 1079x1331, Y7BJWCn[1].jpg)

There's so much in this picture I can't even start. The bottoms aren't bad but her tits look like under cooked pancakes.

No. 252440

>age me 10 years filter

No. 252441

For reference, what is she actually cosplaying?

No. 252445

File: 1458872478402.png (2.19 MB, 1565x1092, Morrigan_concept_icon.png)

Concept art of Morrigan from Dragon age.

No. 252447

>leggings with belts

No. 252453

File: 1458876258461.jpg (124.72 KB, 1329x1199, Morrigan_concept_art.jpg)

If she was going by this, it's wouldn't be the worst interpretation of the design, but def not what would look visually accurate.

Actually it looks really lazy and wrong in a lot of ways.

No. 252454

File: 1458876734457.jpg (53.24 KB, 313x700, 32a166a2e377ff917cbff7145675bd…)

Shit there is so much wrong about that cosplay. Personally I found this on goggle and compared it looks a lot better.

No. 252474

File: 1458882266415.png (85.89 KB, 202x255, 1451939139500-0.png)

>being this salty that she has better tits than you.
She's gorgeous looking, much better than the rest of you salty cunts. You people are fucking retards who hate sexy chicks because it makes you uncomfortable.

No. 252476

File: 1458882665527.jpg (17.8 KB, 600x600, 2835100-1214491687-e9d.j.jpg)

No. 252520

File: 1458899062545.jpg (690.74 KB, 1380x1380, 2016-03-25_05.43.31.jpg)

Is Ryan starting to get jealous of Jnig's attention? I saw some comment in this post he did saying that he deserves more attention.


No. 252523

Oh damn Nigri looks SO old, can't believe, she's the same age as me.

Total Butterface

No. 252531

She's a couple years younger then me and looks way older. She needs to reevaluate her make up because she's likely hit the time in her life where less is more and really needs to focus on skin care.

No. 252546

File: 1458916736139.jpeg (188.28 KB, 630x940, image.jpeg)

More Patreon content. Pretty sure this is the first photo she's posted where her butt is the focus.

No. 252547

I don't even play DA but in all the references of Morrigan, her hood is wine colored. Why tf did Nigs go with purple?

No. 252552

lol it looks like they made extra breasts in MS paint. Why edit there if she has perfect breasts?

No. 252553

File: 1458917579454.png (283.88 KB, 539x544, Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 10.5…)

like why even?

No. 252573

File: 1458926006025.gif (459.06 KB, 256x144, 1430279386869.gif)

No. So much fucking no.

No. 252574

>lazy and wrong
Like…all Jnig cosplay?

No. 252579

Bitch even has the skirt on backwards. I want her off my dragon age

No. 252631

Her lower backside is so small lol. Also what's with the colour scheme? Did Ryan dress her?

No. 252641

She actually went on reddit and complained about her ass being flat and people told her to use her patron money for implants kek. Bitch is so self conscious about her butt. It is really fkin flat but moreso bc her implants are way too big now.

No. 252645

File: 1458934648899.jpg (18.18 KB, 500x500, 74d.jpg)

Someone from her reddit found the thread, anons

No. 252646

I think its a robot

No. 252681

Yeah pretty sure Ryan chose lol.
Something about her butt looks off

No. 252688

She's arching her back so hard to make it look like she has a butt. Her spine is gonna snap.

No. 252735

File: 1458954678696.jpg (1.87 MB, 1921x3929, 9873826842.jpg)

No. 252736

didn't realize the image was so large, my bad

No. 252739

Love how you can see she's wearing two bras on top of each other.

No. 252740

Isn't that band really high up? Doesn't that mean her bra's ill-fitting?

No. 252741

i tried that once ( for science) and it is the most uncomfortable fucking thing ever

No. 252742

I can't imagine it either, I'm a D myself and it just sounds like ugh, awful.

No. 252749

Uhh that's her hair. Not a painted on boob

No. 252750


No. 252768

Damn, she's getting chunky! I wonder if the weight gain happened before or after her latest breast augmentation …? At any rate, her body is less and less appealing every time I see a new set of photos. I used to think she had an adorable body! Hopefully she doesn't get any bigger, yikes.

No. 252770

She probably doesn't have to maintain her insane Fitness routine right now, but keeps eating like she normally does

No. 252772


But maaan, her boobs are LITERALLY up her neck. I think she's immune to pain, now.

No. 252775

File: 1458985441775.jpg (30.97 KB, 521x292, lol.JPG)

I think her fans are getting bored by her body

No. 252943

she went nuclear when she took over her own sub reddit

she is losing the plot and out aging her fans

No. 252954

If anyone wants to know one way to kill their "career" all they have to do is look toward Jessica Nigri.

No. 253021

this anon >>252741
I'm DD and my tits did look fab that day, but when I got home I just laid in bed and cried

No. 253039

When I do it I use an old bra from when I was a band size bigger.

No. 253146

File: 1459129964880.png (186.11 KB, 293x353, Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 02.5…)

Remember guys. They're 100% real.

No. 253159

I don't understand why she looks like she's constantly filthy.

No. 253164

Patchy tan job and weird filters.

No. 253175

it's just bras guise, titty magic
clearly she's jesus with that magic side boob.

No. 253176

Actually because of how the image is cropped, I keep thinking she has a spine as fucked up as Nicole/Sheena's. I know she doesn't (but they both have flat white girl butts.)

No. 253189

Damn, she's fat as fuck. Just goes to show that working out isn't enough to keep your body looking good. Stop eating like a pig Jnigger.

No. 253256

Nigs has had some weight gain since her 'career' and boobs started getting bigger. I'm going to assume anytime she got a little more chunky and less toned it's bbecause she sized up her boobs. You can't really exercise after surgery. Also assuming she has a shitty diet.

No. 253398

File: 1459222597457.jpg (81.56 KB, 960x408, image.jpg)



No. 253400

I don't get how she's still living with her parents and they're okay with her "job." How do they even explain it when they're hanging out with extended family?

Person: So what does your daughter do?
Mama JNig: She's a model!
Person: Really? That's cool! What kind of modeling does she do?
Papa JNig: Uhhh…. sweats

No. 253414

File: 1459225097702.jpeg (73.88 KB, 500x375, image.jpeg)

Nigri's parents be like

No. 253427

This is the best way to describe it.

No. 253428

Her tits look like they're always in pain. She's so gross.

No. 253441

Doesn't her father help pack the prints she sells, or something like that? Forget where I heard that, though. She also drags the whole family to cons from time to time (iirc, some of her ridiculous demands for getting paid to show up to cons included hotel and travel fair for multiple people to come with her), so I guess they don't give a shit.

No. 253445

I have heard her father helps pack the prints and even mail them out.
What kind of hick/trashy family is that?

No. 253472

Gonna spoiler away and say JNig is the number one in this MojoList. I know MojoList is shit in general, but the narration said JNig has won several awards for her cosplays, is this true? Tbh, this is the first time I hear cosplay works being awarded, wow…

No. 253479

Nigri has been posting throwbacks (pictures of her costumes from over a year ago) a lot lately. Is she trying to lose the weight she gained? Is she getting uglier and trying to hide it? New boob job and needing of recovery? She's done more activity over the past month so who knows.

No. 253480

Yup. Her dad is also the person to whom any emails sent to her business email go to. Basically he gets all the creepy messages when guys think they're being clever by emailing her rather than FB messaging.

No. 253481


Real lol. When parenting goes wrong your daughter comes out a JNig

No. 253495

wait, she still lives with her parents? wtf… the girl has to be making plenty of money to move out on her own. doesn't ryan live with her as well?

da fuck

No. 253613

As long as you pay your household bills share, what's wrong with living with your parents?

No. 253614

I'm 20 and still live at home (parents don't mind as long as I'm working and going to college instead of being lazy) but if I had that much money then I'd have my own place in a flash.

No. 253621

Fucking gross. There's no way in hell I would be okay with that as a parent. It'd make me sick to my stomach.

But hey, the Nigri family is trash.

No. 253629

I am not extremely close friends with a cosplayer she is friends with and travels with regularly and he said she does not live at home and I'm inclined to believe him

No. 253639

A lot honestly. it usually means you're lazy and unaccomplished.

Jnig herself is nearing 30 and makes tons of money. She can afford a one or two bedroom apt.

20 is an okay age. A lot of people are still at home at 20 while working or going to school. Don't worry about it. Jnig is a different case entirely.

No. 253686

I don't believe that sorry.

Every single one of her mail mondays is filmed at her parents house. Proof for that is in her videos whenever she goes downstairs to show her dad what someone got for her and that time her mom interrupted her filming by walking in with the laundry.

On top of that, her parent's garage is where all her prints are stored. Proof is in one of Henchman Prop's google hangouts where she does a mini tour of the place and there are multiple shelving units with stacks of prints on them filming the garage. Also through pics and videos it's clear she's living in a big family house - the same one she's been taking pictures and videos in since she first started aka her parents house.

Unless she has her own place and then literally spends multiple hours at her parents everyday then I don't believe she lives away from her parents.

No. 253703

no privacy and no independence. unless your parents need some sort of physical help, it just screams "i'm too lazy to live by myself, parents take care of me!" especially when you're racking in the $$$

No. 253705

so does that mean ryan lives with her and her parents? thats so awkward.

No. 253706

An ex friend of Ryan's has claimed that the both of them moved into a house with a slew of other people, but that was a year ago, so idk.

I suppose if her "buisness" is set up at her parents house its not crazy to think she commutes between the two buildings, especially if she lives close by. But its strange if all of her photos/ videos are only at her parents house.

No. 253723

She should just buy her own home. 16k a month is more than enough

No. 253724

Nothing wrong with that since you're focusing on your education and want to leave. I have a friend that's disabled and she probably won't be able to leave until she's 30. There are legit reasons for still living with your parents but in JNig's place? Most certainly not.

No. 253725

What bank would lend her a mortgage? You need to have steady income from a real job going back at least 3 years and then some.

No. 253754

I don't think so. I've watched a couple of Ryan's streams on Twitch (total zzzzzzzz btw) and Jessica is usually there, but at least once Jessica's dad has come into the room Ryan streams from to talk to Jessica. (Who sits at her desk behind him) SO unless Ryan goes over to her parent's house just to stream, pretty sure they all live in the same place,.

No. 253779

In other news, that bra does not fit her :D the band is rising yo.

No. 253855

I don't think she'd even need a mortgage though. She made £30k over a weekend when she came to London from print sales alone. Now imagine how much she makes when you combine convention print sales with the amount she charges to be a guest. Plus online print sales, plus patreon, plus any paid jobs she does. She's easily making >200k a year after taxes. If she's living at home and her mom still does her laundry, I think it's fair to say she doesn't have many living expenses.

She honestly probably has close to a million in savings right now.

No. 253856

Yeah, I suppose she could buy a house in cash.

No. 253918

That's probably because she tightens the straps to get higher cleavage.

No. 253919

that's not how bras work.

No. 253943

seems pretty fking suspicious

No. 253965

Yes it is. The more you tighten the straps, it will pull the band up, especially if the band is too large to begin with.

No. 253967

If you tighten the straps a lot, your bra can't go down your back as far but your boobs sort of anchor the front so, while it does pull your boobs up, the back goes up even higher and gives you a look like in >>252546

I'm not saying that the bra is the right size for her but you can definitely make your bra look like this by trying to hoist your boobs up a bit higher and enhance your cleavage.

No. 254010

File: 1459378583797.png (57.32 KB, 651x715, fuckjessicanigri.png)

No. 254013

File: 1459378989851.png (12.06 KB, 793x144, dlskfjdklesfjdkl.png)

^imgur link he's referring to that's farther up itt

No. 254017

File: 1459379593812.png (58.29 KB, 1013x573, PULLtards.png)

OT but I tried going to PULL for more info on her sponsoring scamming stuff and holy shit I totally get why everyone hates that place now. Like they all want to be Jessica lmao. Their autistic male member is also reporting her to the police for the Crunchyroll shit. They really are a nutty bunch. Fuck that

No. 254038

That photog is an idiot. When you zoom in like >>252553 did, you can blatantly tell that her boob is (badly) photoshopped.

Her subreddit has been interesting lately, it seems as though her neckbeards are slowly turning on her. She sure has made some shitty career moves since Ryan came into the picture.

No. 254039

File: 1459387804571.jpg (164.53 KB, 614x767, LnjlRtHCwFXnAq0znTk1xpH2CZSquL…)

No. 254040

How exactly is it scamming though? She opens boxes and plays with the shit. She doesn't makeup things for whoever sent them. It's not scamming at all she's just doing sponsorships lo

No. 254041

She doesn't disclose that the videos are sponsored. She claims fans send them to her. Read the fucking thread

No. 254042

Who cares if she discloses it or not though? She never claimed a fan sent her those specific items, she just unboxed them and used them in her video.

No. 254043

You are required by law to put a disclaimer if a video is sponsored or not.

No. 254044

Legally, she is supposed to. YouTube's rules are such.

No. 254046

Did you even read the earlier posts? It was already mentioned ITT that it is illegal.

I'll spoonfeed you further, since you are clearly slow:

No. 254053

I don't see what you guys are seeing. Are they trying to say her boob was shooped larger? It doesn't look like it to me.
This photographer often shows her before and afters and does tutorials and such, and most these images looks pretty much the same body wise. She just tends to smooth skin a lot for my tastes

No. 254068

I think they are talking about the light colored bit at the top of the Orange bra. It's obviously her hair, you can see her damaged ends all over the place. Zooming in just makes it more obvious it is hair. I think people are just trying to pick apart the photo I'm any way they can.

No. 254233

Yo, her skin in so bad in the amazonfire video with him with the pies and shit.

No. 254330

File: 1459457928534.jpg (173.95 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

I think this is the first almost head on butt shot she's posted? It's always hidden in some way like her sitting photo.

While she clearly has leg muscle.. That's about it. It's pretty damn flat, even when she's standing in poses that make butt muscles look most round. but I guess that's better than cottage cheese butt.

No. 254332

>the ole twist pose to make waist small and butt big

That's still a flat butt though.

No. 254340

Idg why shes suddenly obssessed with her butt (is she badnwagoning or something, or feeling left behind?) also wont she complain if people leave sexual comments about this photo?

No. 254346

its so weird that ryan just comes along to these things

No. 254350

File: 1459462542796.png (32.86 KB, 345x304, flatass.png)

She is pretty obsessed with herself but because she is now coming to the conclusion her ass is flat as everyone else is she is seeking validation from others by pointing this out

No. 254351

Her house looks pretty low class/dirty

No. 254373

Because apparently having a massive ass and big lips is the new in thing. Big eyes and boobs are passe now.
I hate body trends even more than fashion trends but they're definitely a thing. So she's jumping on that.

No. 254390

I mean it doesn't help she got the biggest boob job possible which makes her butt look way smaller in relation. If she got smaller implants than what she has now her butt wouldn't seem so small. She's just realizing how disproportionate her body is now. I dont necessarily think it has everything to do with trends as it does with this but it may be a factor

No. 254397

How long till she gets a Brazilian butt lift? If she's able to get so much breast work done I'm sure she's willing to do her butt too.

No. 254400

Probably for attention and ass pats. But she also seems really insecure about her appearance. First it was her breasts. Then it was the "no makeup" selfies that clearly had makeup. Now it is her ass.

inb4 she get ass implants or injections, and lies about that too

No. 254559

how's her ass so flat even if she works out so much and is pretty fit?

No. 254574


nice try, u goddamned autistic motherfucking fatty-chan. :'^)

No. 254586

Fat assed two-faced ana-chan-ass awful samefag

No. 254588

this girl is a fucking instawhore

No. 254590

Hi kiki.


No. 255060

upboats to you friend

No. 255067


Kill yourself, girl.

you damn fat assed mega goddamned faggot.

No. 255068


Are you a retard.

No. 255108

slut saggy titted cunty gigantic fucking goblin.

No. 255115


Fucking pudgy cuck. autismal lolcow.

No. 255159

keep dreaming fatty, you're just a jealous pull tard, you even sound mexican.

No. 255161

File: 1459659527582.jpg (842.34 KB, 582x900, youwillneverlookaspureandangle…)

i was gonna bitch about how she looks nothing like fluttershy, but i gotta admit she has a pretty good horse face

No. 255166

Let's keep the threat on topic, stop posting pictures of actual horses.

No. 255200

File: 1459677004128.png (873.23 KB, 675x939, sktJiow.png)

So much butt focus recently…

No. 255211

she looks so gross and used up. Either that or a crossplaying dude cause her face is looking a tad manly. She looks like shes doing the "im poopn" pose

No. 255225

In regards to her moving into a house with a much of other people that's not true, I'm the close friend of her friend anon and what happened there was she invited her friend cosplayers (my friend is one of the guys) down there to help out make stuff together and shit, my friend made her an amazing gift that she cosplayed actually. He said her no Ryan have there own place (or well she does and Ryan stays there) but she spends a lot of time are her families house or something because they live close to her po box.

No. 255235

I doubt Niglet will get ass surgery, you need alot of downtime and history has proved that this whore can't live even a day without attention.

No. 255277

Her chin my god lol. How does this photo really pander to the neckbeards. You can't see much cleavage really and she has no ass. The costume maybe but this is fairly boring.

No. 255602

Sooooo she has her own place but films all her videos and does all their streams at her parents house? What's the point?

No. 255653

JNig, just stop. You'll never have an ass.

No. 255772

File: 1459866746965.png (21.48 KB, 560x128, ffs.png)

I rarely post in the jnig thread because i just don't give a shit about her. But man, this urked me big time, why share that?
I dated a cos photographer for a few years and if he posted something like this i'd be like wtf why man?

No. 255773

because ryan needs to brag to the world he's dating the famous jnig

No. 256078

He tries way too hard to appear like a straight dude when we all know he likes tubesteak up the rump

No. 256187

Say whatever about JNig but her boitoy is garbage.

>hey everyone, remember me, Jessicia's boyfriend?

>I'll say "half/boner" because ??? I mean I publicly chub but not get it all up for some hot blonde with big ol titties


No. 256445

that's funny considering he goes after people in her comments section for posting shit like this

No. 256474

They're a disgusting couple for so many reasons… This being one of them.

No. 256547

No. 256595

File: 1460014203183.png (1.05 MB, 822x966, 111111.png)

lol what the heck is this

No. 256598

An ugly person.

No. 256601

I'm amazed that there's people out there who are still in denial that she has implants

No. 256602

>that blurry tit shoop
>that foundation 5 shades lighter than her body
It looks like her head was shooped on someone else's body

No. 256615

She looks like a slutty mime.

No. 256617


She looks like a cliche skinny overtanned bimbo pornstar who's had too many boob jobs. So this is what being cosplay famous can get you…

No. 256706

She's prob saving her ass surgery for when she does porn

No. 256754

Man, she really is made of makeup and plastic. And her stomach looks so odd from that angle. I would pay someone to let me punch her hard in her fake tits.

No. 256755

That's really gross and unprofessional. If any real photographer tweeted that, they'd be out of a job and probably sued.

No. 256764

They're trash

No. 256824

holy shit this is disgusting and I am cringing so hard. why are they so gross

No. 256889

No. 256929

Oh god the cringe is so real. I had to walk away from my computer when she picked her nose.

No. 257010

Ugh I get that always try's to be quirky and weird to keep people from thinking she takes herself seriously, but really? There's a difference between being a quirky and relatable person and just being classless. She makes herself look like total trailer trash. This shit is not relatable, it's just cringeworthy

No. 257013

This photo is awful in so many ways…

White foundation
Horrible makeup all around
Plastic tits look like they belong on a retro doll

No. 257017

what a small ass lmao

No. 257065

I still can't believe people send her crap. But I guess her neckbeard fans will send her anything…

God, her I'M SO RANDOM faces are irritating. Pixel panties around the 4:41 minute mark.

No. 257097

File: 1460099485224.jpg (69.03 KB, 489x600, 1459076886454.jpg)

>All those moles

No. 257100

No offense but this looks like a porn video.

No. 257102

Why the fuck would you send someone you dont even know who you have never met in another county stuff? Like i dont get it. I cant believe men can be this stupid.

No. 257106

Her Mail Monday videos somehow get worse every time. I don't know how anyone can sit through more than a minute of her trying so hard to be quirky. I still don't get how people are so dumb that they think her personality and tits are real. Jesus Christ, how horrifying.

No. 257157

I remember some top streamer girl got thousands of dollars from some rich kid and in the end went to his place and fucked him for cash, wonder if Jessica ever took such a offer

No. 257194

As much as I dislike both of them, it seems like she's been copying Danielle Beaulieu lately with suddenly doing the hurrdurr boudoir shoots of my characters now.

No. 257247

I like how she tries to make it seem like a fan sent her those stupid pixel panties

No. 257265

Its funny how this went down just like >>249063
predicted. And its so obvious the panties weren't from a fan because she didn't say the name or anything, he just showed the label, and the product and thats it. And then she did a shoot in them.

No. 257291

I know right!? I also like how she doesn't say who got them for her in the fanmail video.

No. 257309

She doesn't even say thank you or anything. Even if it was an anonymous gift, you'd still say thank you? That's the point of the videos, she even says so at the end of the video.

Jessica continues to be a terrible liar.

No. 257312

Typical trailer park trash couple.

I got curious and looked up the cost of these weird looking undies. $19 a pair? Seriously? No wonder that company is sponsoring people. Doesn't look like an easy sell at all at that price point.

No. 257314


Nigri isn't stupid, she knows exactly what she's doing. Borderline porn shit in cosplay doubles the neckbeard fanbase and money for her.

No. 257336

But then how long till she starts screaming DONT SEXUALISE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE again?

No. 257494

Till someone uploads her pixel panties video to an actual porn site then she'll prob lash out.

No. 257598

@ 3:40 she opens up a letter that says "Hey Jessica, me and my friend love your super feminist attitude and body confidence!"
she pauses the video and goes

I would think she would reply to it more like "yeahh feminism my boobs!!"

No. 257640

Ryan is so fucking trashy.
His latest instagram photo is him with his pants pulled down. So you see his junk and Pokemon briefs..his caption is something along the lines of "I just wanna be sexy like jessica nigri"

No. 257695

it's the Jews trying to push race mixing on white males

you're not sure if I'm joking are not, are you?

No. 257993


WHHYY does she always burp in her videos. It genuinely seems forced at this point. Does she think it's cute or something? It's just gross, please stop Jnigs. Also, one covert boob jiggle in that sports bra would have been enough but she just kept on jiggling them. How can you say you don't want to only be known for your tits and then turn around and do stuff like that? I really don't understand what goes on in that girl's head. When you guys said she got the Pixel Panties I assumed it would just cut to her opening the package so it was implied that someone got them for her but she wouldn't have to flat out lie. But when she immediately went "hmmm who got these for me? Where is the name?" I just face-palmed. And 2 seconds after getting them she immediately decides she's going to do a shoot in them. Nope, pretty sure she had planned that out some time ago when she got the company to agree to them sponsoring her. I don't understand how her fans don't see right through her.

No. 258030

Seriously. She's as transparent as a fucking window.

No. 258275

File: 1460370125477.jpg (178.06 KB, 1024x550, 1439626005820.jpg)


You think with all the exercising she does, that she'd at least have some ass…did she start to get lazy on squats or something?

Even Miyu has more ass than her.
>pic for ref
>better white gurl ass

No. 258276

Most of the exercise Jnig does is cardio (running and "insanity" calisthenics) neither of which isolate the glutes in a way that would build bulky muscle there. Miyu looks like she does actual heavy lifting very regularly

No. 258401


The wonders good lighting can do. Her skin in the Amazon Fire video is so gross and toasted.

No. 258410

her lack of ass is actually so bad it makes me feel good about my own small ass. good god.

No. 258440

I was reading that stupid comment thread by Jeremy Thomas and luke v's drivel on Jnig's "feminist attitude", and I just cannot. I want to say something about how she's being hypocritical of wanting to stop guys from only looking at female cosplayers as objects to ogle at, but what's the point of arguing with neckbeards?

>people come here for glitter, stickers on the face, and random shenanigans

Uhuh yeah….right.

No. 258609

File: 1460428538284.jpg (139.14 KB, 610x813, image.jpg)

Miyu did bodybuilding though and her ass is the result of lots of heavy squats and deadlifts. She's just a lot more fit than Jnig. It takes a combo of the right genetics and lots of heavy weight to have a bubble but like hers.

No. 258612

I should add that I doubt Jnig has time to spend a few hours at the gym 5+ days a week which is what it takes to have the kind of body Miyu has. Realistically speaking Jnig stays in good shape for being as busy as she is. Her focus isn't on fitness.

No. 258654

she has also been a figure skater since she was young and as far as I know, still teaches figure skating.

No. 258870

Niglet thinks shes being #DIFFERENTFROMALLTHEOTHERGIRLS when she does that lmao

No. 259003

I feel like I'm stroking out when I watch her videos. JUMP CUTS JUMP CUTS OMGEE SO RANDOOOOOM

No. 259100

Uh she also did a shitload of drugs and got plastic surgery when she was a stripper for years.

What's with the Miyu shills?

No. 259183

It's funny to read comments on her "cosplay lingerie photoshoots" on facebook. Everyone seems to get sick of her doing the same shit over and over again.

No. 259428

File: 1460566476225.png (329.18 KB, 510x434, ehehehehehehehhehhhehhhe.png)

meltdown when

No. 259547

>when she was a stripper for years
do you have a single fact to back that up?
not defending Nigri, but i never heard of that before.

No. 259591

Pretty sure that person was referring to Miyu

No. 261554

No. 261573

Miyu always had one of those fucking porn star faces I wanted to punch. Did she really have plastic surgery? I like how all these anons are defending her but she was as bad as the rest any typical tripfag famewhore did that. She also still does cocaine, despite what she says.

No. 261597


She has some interesting fans alright.

No. 261600

so she keeps claiming in her videos that these "super cool" items she promotes are things fans sent her, and yet no one knew what her PO box address was

seems legit

No. 261604

File: 1461055631963.jpg (52.35 KB, 601x800, 1350152443338.jpg)

Some of her photos made her look like a man in drag

No. 261605

you can't tell me that's not a tranny

No. 261670

So weird

No. 261708

Miyu had a nose job when she was 18 IIRC. It's possible she got lip fillers later on but that was never confirmed.

No. 261752

Man, Miyu before she got super into heavy lifting

Just watching the process of her transformation, it wasn't noticeable, but now comparing her before and after pics, it's like woaaaaaah

No. 261771

File: 1461099538799.png (983.53 KB, 808x1260, lvKJ2KC.png)

Nigri making almost 18k on patreon doing the same butt showing poses when she'll just post them on fb in a few days time.

No. 261772

File: 1461099581978.png (908.64 KB, 698x1119, 3miP63L.png)

Plus her newest patreon content.

No. 261790


Her face is really not that attractive. Kind of annoying really. And wow, shes really trying to sell her butt now eh. Even the last pose lool.

No. 261795


She's good at what she does, and that she's making so much off of complete autists is pretty awesome, but I personally would rather be a "general hot chick" for attention/no donations than be the LA "Your Dream Whore" of Cosplay, solely because her paying fans are really pathetic (see: any guy that follows her on twitter/facebook comments), and I'd be worried about feeding their odd pervert-centered attention. Either way, if she's making that much now, she'll probably have this "Career" for longer than most people would like. Again, boner dollars aren't as picky about looks as we are. She'd have to be completely obliterated by a new face, and people have been waiting for it since she got popular. It's been so long that she's creating her own "brand" and her new bf is creative and hard working enough to pick up any slack (but he's a fucking annoying tardo too)

It's Smart and work, but just her fans are such a hard turn-off. If she's smart (this is a freebie, Jessica, enjoy), she'll start having her friends mod her comments on all accounts because if her image keeps getting associated with her weirdo fans, a good bit of that donation money is gonna start sinking the good ship.

No. 261812

This pic trips me out because I've actually seen Miyu irl and she doesn't look like that at all. Photoshop maybe? Idk but she was super pretty when I met her. Well except for her teeth being pretty fucked up but I think she got braces and fixed them since then

Jnig will probably last a long time if she keeps expanding her brand like Yaya has. I don't see her losing popularity anytime soon now that cosplay has gone mainstream. She has changed it up by starting to do lingerie shoots so she obviously knows that she has to diversify her content to stay relevant and is doing what's necessary to keep making money. She's making bank so her new stuff is working well for her

No. 261825

Her leg turns into her butt. What's the word for that?

No. 261826

Is she trying to be Springbreakers? Bitch u wish

No. 261827

Think about it this way: we know JNig reads these threads right? You can tell when she tries to defend herself like in the last thread about her. Well those of us who are oldfags from /cgl/ know mentioning Miyu hits a sore spot for JNig because people always thought Miyu was hotter and had a better body than her. Some of us still troll Nignog by posting about the one girl she can't beat.

No. 261831

Posting about Nigri's extremely flat butt and unattractive face also seems to do the trick.

No. 261835

No. 261837

>two plastic whores trying to 'outbeat' each other

No. 261838

I find this pathetic tbh. When you literally make your living putting yourself out there for creeps to creep on, don't lash back out at them so personally when they do what creeps will always do.

And what about all the single guys creeping up her inbox? Do they get words of encouragement or something? Lol.

Quite frankly this girl's career is a lot closer to the shamefulness of doing full-on pornography than she's willing to admit. The threshold into whoredom is crossed when your boobies pay your rent. Whether you're showing nip or not is not small peanuts, and definitely not something you should be humblebragging about on social media.

JNig, I just wish you'd give all the equally hot women who get through life on actual talent and hard work some fucking credit. With a bit of luck, any of them could have taken the easy way out and gone the same way as you. But they decided that keeping their pride intact was worth more to them than a life built on creepy boner dollars.

No. 261856

Lmfao, I look at her butt and I feel like if I were to grab it, all id feel is bone idk.

Also why is her face/poses always the same shit?

Her ankle in this pic is so bendy 8)

No. 261857

No. 261961

The funny thing is all I could think about when watching this was…"where are her eyes?"

No. 262085

So much cringe… It's like watching Bayeatch and watching Pamela Anderson's fake tits sway back and forth.

Lol I was thinking the same thing. this is what happens when you go overboard with the eyeliner and fake lashes.

No. 263171

>This thread

No. 263218

she runs like she's genuinely afraid of her boobs popping with one heavy downward flop

No. 263225

From photos I imagined her body being so much longer and leaner looking than it is in this video, it's not bad just way more average than carefully posed photos make it appear

No. 263271

I literally just had some nigri fanboy try and argue with me using this video as "why her boobs are real"

No. 263276

ily anon

No. 263282

Not a fan but I thought her body looked pretty nice. Aside from the boobs.

No. 263634

File: 1461600679109.png (189.24 KB, 295x414, Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 17.0…)

Feeling sorry for whoever is paying $60+ a month to get this as their patreon polaroid pic.

No. 263653


this wasn't as bad as i thought, but at the end when she's lying down i only have 2 words.. NO ASS

No. 263654

Gross. Why does she go out of her way to make herself look unattractive? I know there's a lot of women who take photos of themselves making dumb faces so you can't call them ugly but… She's all kinds of ugly here. You can just see how bad she'd look without makeup, especially those fake ass lashes.

No. 265436

She's at my local con this weekend, and my FB feed is already blowing up with "omgz I met jnigz she's da most influential cosplayerrrrr" she's there in her slutty ewok "cosplay" which just looks like a costume from Yandy. That's all she is to me….a Yandy model

No. 265551

i was literally 2 feet away from her, you didn't have to wait in line to get the full effect haha. Acting in typical Nigri fashion wearing a Stitch kigu gnawing on a piece of pizza with black eye liner down to her fucking cheeks and black lipstick. shes a lot shorter than i thought she would be for some reason

No. 265552

Not posting pics. Come on you guys.

No. 265555

File: 1462050835458.jpeg (158.64 KB, 640x628, image.jpeg)

Not me on the left but here u go

No. 265557

Ofc she has her tits out.

No. 265564

File: 1462052940593.jpg (77.24 KB, 720x338, lmao.jpg)

what the fuck

No. 265565

Can someone who is her actual friend and who actually cares about her please tell her this make up shit has to be toned down? she would look so much better in natural, light make up.

No. 265628

Wait did her boobs shrink? Maybe the rest of her just got fatter…

No. 265634

Her implants aren't as large as many think they are. She just does the double-bra, boob smashing in addition to having implants to achieve those painful bubbles we often see. I read accounts before that when she is outside of cons or shoots, her boobs look smaller and proportional to her body.

No. 265685

Agreeing with this. I've seen her in real life in regular clothes due to having mutual friends. Her boobs are not nearly as big as they're made out to be and are actually perfectly in proportion to her body when she isn't using tactics to make them look bigger.

Her normal wardrobe is also no where near as revealing as the outfits you see her in on social media.

No. 265701

Yeah but shes still ugly as fuck with or without implants

No. 265731

File: 1462112815298.jpg (278.11 KB, 720x720, PhotoGrid_1462112771405.jpg)

With all of that money that you're raking in, you should at least get a face lift.

No. 265841

I don't even think she needs a facelift, she just needs to stop caking on her makeup and invest in some good skin rejuvenation stuff to fix all the damage she's put on it.

No. 266517

5.5 is pretty tall, not giant, but still pretty tall.

No. 266527

Nah, it's average height for a female in the US.

No. 266532

Oh, I misunderstood then. I thought the other person meant that she looked particularly tall and ended up being short, rather than just average. I thought she was around 5.4 from the way she looks, so I had the opposite reaction.

No. 267432

File: 1462543014661.jpg (72.72 KB, 931x1678, j33ly7l.jpg)

Jess attempts "High Fashion".

No. 267456

She looks like a stripper

No. 267457

She looks like she belongs in a hobag magazine.

No. 267460

This pic looks like it belongs in the cheap, tacky lingerie section of a sex toy website/catalog.

No. 267477

She looks like a soccer mom who dyed her hair a quirky color, purchased some lingerie from Spencer's, and got a tit job in an attempt to be "hot" again. It's disturbing.

No. 267484

This looks like the kind of photo you'd see in an escort catalog.

No. 267497

Scene bangs in 2016, hah.

No. 267539

File: 1462571421273.jpg (284.26 KB, 600x900, 1444164159439.jpg)

No. 267541

Oh, jessica, a patterned leotard and heels does not high fashion make.

No. 267545

Hey, anything to take the attention off of that receeding hairline.

No. 267640

stripper heels aren't high fashion.

No. 267832

I think you're too soft, fluffy.

No. 267858

Good, now you can fuck off.

No. 267900

>robots aren't this venomous
Except when they are. Kek

No. 267906

You came here from a board of pathethic wannabe-edgy rape and slavery apologists and angry misogynists who blame women for all their fucking problems. But yeah, sure, shit-talking someone's appearance where they will never see it is sooooo much worse u guise!

Where are the goddamned janitors?

No. 267916

Pointing out that someone looks like a cheap ho when they actually look like a cheap ho isn't venomous.

No. 267961

I see she admitted that Pixel Panties did send her the underwear, why didn't she just say that in the video?

No. 267975

File: 1462660234765.png (1.52 MB, 1316x2212, Screenshot_2016-05-07-15-26-11…)

She looks so tiny in pictures but huge in video stills.

No. 267980

Woah. I um. Didn't expect that from all her other images - man she really plays up the flattering angles/pro photos, anything else she looks like what she is. Average with fake tits.

No. 267981


Anon that isn't huge though.
Her stomach is perfectly flat, and those are a pretty good set of thighs, even if I do despise the girl I will admit it.

No. 267984

Oh I didn't mean she was fat or anything. She def has a nice body (don't care for the implants) BUT I'm saying in comparison to her pictures she looks much bigger.

No. 267985

Yeah, she looks kinda cute…

No. 267986

She's not a whale at all, she just looks significantly chunkier than most of her other photos.

No. 268000

File: 1462663698880.png (1.86 MB, 1440x1125, Screenshot_2016-05-07-16-25-13…)

What do you guys think of her ewok? I'm not a fan of it but damn her boobs look good. Maybe it's because girl to the right's implants look kinda uneven

No. 268001

Did she? Where?

No. 268007

File: 1462665092175.gif (331.08 KB, 400x216, giphy.gif)

No. 268017

her implants honestly look like they're about to pop from the pressure

No. 268027

The one in the center is the cutest imo. I would've said the one on the center girl's right is the cutest, but the way her implants look throw in that picture throw me off.

No. 268028

File: 1462671813851.jpeg (54.86 KB, 415x637, image.jpeg)

I think her boobs are real, anon.
Unless she got real small implants proportional to her body.

No. 268043


i was talking about jnig considering this is a jnig thread

No. 268059

She tends to look chunky sometimes because she's short as fuck, I dunno how tall she is but I saw her a few weeks ago in person at Comic Con and she's a midget. Shorter girls can look chunky sometimes

No. 268060

This post was redundant as fuck sage for my autism srry

No. 268061

????????? do you know where you are right now grandma

No. 268062

File: 1462680632001.gif (1.98 MB, 400x225, 142358876390.gif)

How did you get her from that comment?

No. 268095

that looks more like natural lowset boobs that have been pushed too far up

No. 268588

No. 268655

File: 1462824203304.gif (335.63 KB, 1000x696, kylo-ren-stress-toy-3.gif)

Fuck this shit.

No. 268656

>Bra size:34D (34B before implants)


No. 268737

Wtf is up with her soft porn vids lately. Like what are you waiting for just do it to secure a career for when 'cosplay' goes to shit.

No. 268740

Honestly I do not think she will ever have to do porn. Financially wise. I do think however part of her really wants to do it but not for the money necessarily. She is vain af and loves the praise/validation. So it'd be for that, and probably when she's older. She's like 26 or 27 now right?

No. 268755

I'm a 32D and am pretty flat chested. A D cup isn't big unless you have a bigger back. She's a lot bigger than a D cup and also wears push up bras. I've never been in this thread before but I've started reading a bit just because of her whole bra size thing.

Why do guys get so disgusted by boobs they know are fake but foam at the mouth over ones they've been told are 100% real, even though they must know deep down they are fake.

No. 268762

She wears a lot of bombshells from VS, and in that exact bra i too am a 34D. My tits do not look that huge, even in that bra. Also there is a gif of her in a non padded bikini where she bounces around in the water, she looks at least like a DD, probably bigger.

No. 268790

The fact that youre talking about VS bras alone shows you must not know about titties
Jnig is slim, how is her ribcage 34 inches?

No. 268794

She looks like she's more likely to be a G cup, and it looks like she was a D cup before she ever had surgery.

I would say she's on the last band of a 32" bra, probably leaning more towards needing 34", but looks like she's squeezing her titties into a 30" bra for how sore and squished her tits look in most photos I've come across. (I'm just using google, like I said I've not read through these threads and am only just starting)

No. 268807

Cool it anon, How the hell can mentioning a brand of bras she wears be so damn triggering? I swear to god, sometimes it really catches me off guard how pissy some anons on here can be.

The other anon said 34D, I have a bra she has, in that size, hers are, as I said, bigger. Jeez.

No. 268809

Anon that (god forbid) mentioned VS here, yeah you're probably right, G seems more fitting.

No. 268823

That's true, she makes like 22k on pateron which is fucking ridiculous honestly. It's just like when she makes videos like the one I'll post I just…idk man it's so hard to see her as a cosplayer and not a sex worker :/

No. 268825

Do you think a 34 underbust is seriously hippopotamus tier? It's not. 30-34 is an average for most women past the age of 20 assuming they're not small framed asians.

No. 268827


person you are responding to only said she is not slim, which you yourself backed up by saying 30-34 is average. nobody said she was fat or "hippopotamus tier".

No. 268828

Ugh Ive been seeing this same stupid taobao underwear set everywhere. Every other pseudo-weeb attention whore has it.

No. 268829

She is a sex worker. She is a cam whore, which is a sex worker. Same with a lot of those twitch girls. They sell sex, it may not be through hardcore porn but its sex.

No. 268831

>she is not slim
>Jnig is slim, how is her ribcage 34 inches?

Am I missing something? Clearly that post is saying she is slim ergo her ribcage should be less than that…

No. 268836

Still a sex worker. You can't say that any of her videos like this are SFW.

No. 268858

Lol I'm a G and her boobs don't come close to mine in size. She's a DD max, she just has a small frame so they look bigger. Plus her implants make her boobs perkier than a regular person with that size so they appear bigger that way too. Also seen her in real life and in normal clothes and her boobs are not that big when she's wearing a regular bra.

No. 268885

Kinda seems like she's stopped working out as much. Her stomach looks skinny fat and doesn't seem to have much muscle definition. Idk maybe I'm wrong but if you have a toned stomach, shouldn't it sit a bit flatter and less concave?

No. 268897

File: 1462909664094.gif (1.33 MB, 320x180, Cringe.gif)

Too much cringe

No. 268900

File: 1462910218868.jpg (56.25 KB, 378x318, 68337208.jpg)

No. 268963

No. 268965

Nice repost.

However it does make me happy the likes/ dislikes are nearly 50:50 onthis

No. 268972

She's so obnoxious and narcissistic. I'm trying to imagine myself as a fanboy paying for this shit, and I don't see how even they would enjoy this. She's acts disgusting and annoying, not sexy or cute. Especially when they get cucked by that dude at the end.

No. 268977


Jing got the crazy eyes going.

No. 268986

This is what I don't understand. In some of the shots she looks sexy, but then she does the stupid "i'm so yoonique and goofy, i'm not like those other gurlz!" faces and it kills it. AAAND not to mention her fame hungry bf just pops in and out of the video. even if the neckbeards were fapping to this, i can't imagine that would do anything for their boners

No. 268987

I think she goes through phases of working out like crazy and then not much if at all. Over time she goes back and forth between having a lean toned stomach and looking average and somewhat doughy.

No. 268993

I feel like she throws in the faces and shit just to be like "if i make this ugly face, then its not soft core porn lulz"

No. 269059

VS doesn't make bras pass DDD so even if she were a G she wouldn't be wearing VS in the hopes they'll look even bigger

No. 269103

this is what i got out of it. if i make a doublechin and cross my eyes and scream into the camera, i'm just a NURD GURL panning over my half naked body, not a cam girl!

No. 269159

File: 1462995110451.jpg (139.02 KB, 1080x1080, 13126807_490877574449681_20093…)

lol look at that hairline

No. 269162

Wtf she has no lips. And since she make ugly face in almost every shot she look like she has a birth defect.

No. 269163

Bleaching really does fuck up your hair permanently huh?

No. 269164

File: 1462996053910.jpg (133.09 KB, 700x1214, Sexy_372220_733308.jpg)


I think she's always had a super high hairline, but bleaching can fuck up your hair follicles and reduce your overall hair count.

No. 269173

OT but could someone tell me the difference between high hairline and tall forehead?

No. 269174

File: 1462998957614.png (1.82 MB, 1440x1390, Screenshot_2016-05-08-15-24-39…)

It makes shit worse

No. 269187

looks like Lindsay Lohan

No. 269188

She wishes

No. 269214

It's kind of the same thing. People usually have a high forehead if their hairline stops at the top of their head.

Good. Let her fry all her hair off.

No. 269221

Ew, I've never noticed this before. No wonder she keeps the scene fringe.

No. 269227

I hate jnig as much as the next person, but some people do naturally just have very high hairlines/large foreheads. I've never bleached my hair, and I have a massive forehead.

No. 269498

File: 1463099390010.png (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 1440x2097, Screenshot_2016-05-12-17-27-25…)

Oh jeez

No. 270292

File: 1463382853707.jpg (5.91 KB, 275x275, 1454854623501.jpg)

ugh. racist chan detected. It's a wonder why admin refuses to ban this person.

No. 270296

Calling moomoo a beautiful arab cosplayer. lol yeah okay.

No. 270667

File: 1463498332453.jpg (1.47 MB, 1269x1903, eGmAE1u.jpg)

This is such a good example of doing a sexy cosplay without over sexualizing it. JNig wishes she looked this good.

No. 270689


that's the classy way to show skin, take notes jnig.

No. 270704

I really wish people that put so much effort like this into cosplay got as famous as JNig/ Yaya. People like her deserve it tbh

No. 270705

That staff is absolutely gorgeous.

No. 270709

File: 1463507153736.jpg (241.58 KB, 529x1043, Angchu_Spire.jpg)

Its so fucking detailed its ridiculous. It has more detail than the original texture.

No. 271061

File: 1463629211205.jpg (289.99 KB, 1024x905, PYsbNTY.jpg)


No. 271063

Who is this btw?

No. 271064

She looks so trashy.

No. 271066

>can't even be arsed to make a tail
Come on now.

No. 271067

kinda jealous of her body in this pic tbh.

No. 271068

Maybe shes worried it would get in the way of her ass, and we cant be having that now.

No. 271070

What a stupid pose, she is trying so hard to make it look like she has an ass, once again.

No. 271074

I had to Google it, she's missing a few key details to actually look like the Pokémon (tail, spike cheek things)

But I find that outfit cute af!

No. 271089

File: 1463634128016.jpg (217.87 KB, 852x856, Litten.full.2001235.jpg)

I had no clue it waa Litten until I read her description. I love how she posts an image of all her cosplays she's done this year and says she wants to do better. then a couple hours later she posts that, that she "threw together" lol

No. 271091

I'm jealous of her boobs. The rest is ok/take it or leave it. She's sucking it in and lifting her leg to make her butt stick out tho. But her fanboys are saying they love the new thick jessica.lol

No. 271097

Oh my god, seriously? They're so dumb that they don't even know what constitutes as thick. She's a plank with huge fake tits.

No. 271104

>that "skirt"
she's not even trying anymore

No. 271107

So is she actually gaining a bit of weight?

No. 271109

Yeah dude she's bulking. Anything for that butt.

No. 271112

File: 1463643421711.png (331.6 KB, 1440x1904, Screenshot_2016-05-19-00-34-01…)

No. 271116

File: 1463644764896.jpg (74.09 KB, 720x540, absolutely-disgusting.jpg)


men are disgusting

No. 271118

agreeed lol and they truly think they are smarter and clever, and we're the dumbasses that are fooled

No. 271126

File: 1463648496042.jpg (277.07 KB, 1022x759, jfc.jpg)

>I'd eat through a mile of her shit to sniff her asshole

No. 271153

I'm still laughing at the fact she told everyone in her last big rant that she was going to "try harder", yet about 80% of her content she's churned out this year has been underwear shoots. Why doesn't she just drop the fucking cosplayer label and just admit she's trying to be a model, because the fanboys genuinely won't give a shit.

No. 271155

Shes still made a bunch of 'legit' costumes this year though. I dont think its fair to compare what she does in between bigger projects even if it is the majority. That would be like saying an artist isnt any good because they put out more sketches than finished work.

No. 271157

Disagree. If she made lots of WIP costumes and only a few finished ones, then the comparison would hold but her situation would be comparable to that of an artist only if you said that a 2D artist who mainly does 3D stuff should still be recognized mainly as a 2D artist.

No. 271163

Kek, implying that jnigger even still makes her costumes in 2016.

No. 271169

…Theres still people out there that think she made those armored cosplays?

No. 271174

I think it's very safe to say her bf does most of the costume making. Once she started dating him, her costumes got better armor wise. I think she helps, like doing some of the painting. I don't think she is totally brain dead, but I HIGHLY doubt she is the only one touching her costumes. But to her if she touched it just a little bit she made it totally by herself which seems to be lot of cosplayers theories.

No. 271180


That and with how many cons she attends, events and churning out prints for her fanboys, with her past history of not making costumes (that one photo of her friends helping to paint the Sailor Mars armor she wore once that was lurking around) it's definitely her boyfriend making most of them now. There is literally no time to make that much armored cosplay completely on her own. She probably does a tad bit and the rest relies on the help of bought push up bras & bikinis edited into a majority of what she wears. Her skillset seems very basic compared to what her bf can do.

No. 271191

>the Sailor Mars armor she wore once

Another reason why it's highly doubtful she made any of those armored and other complex cosplays. If someone worked that hard to make a costume, wouldn't they want to wear it more than just once? Even the costumes that Yaya (and of course with the aide of her husband) makes are worn more than once. Nigri is a lazy lying shit.

No. 271192


Jessica lying about making shit or Jessica "forgetting" about "making" the skirt too?

Y'all know what I think, but what do you think about it?

No. 271194

File: 1463699644791.jpeg (58.67 KB, 719x735, image.jpeg)

She didn't make the bra either.

No. 271196

lol she must browse this thread because she is REALLY trying to prove she has an ass… not that it's working lmao

No. 271199

2 different bras

No. 271201

Something is up with her proportions. Photoshop?

No. 271202

The quality of that costume is absolutely 10/10 stunning.

No. 271203

bitch about her all you want but be fair she did make her recent armour cosplays. She has videos of her making them on youtube

No. 271215

You only see her heating up some worbla thats not working on it let alone making the whole thing.

No. 271222

Anyone can heat up Warbola. It's common knowledge in the community, for fuck's sake.

No. 271227

I think the momokun thread has made many people nigri stans

No. 271229

File: 1463707540688.jpg (312.83 KB, 2048x1365, 13244228_10154204458072533_254…)

No. 271230

This just looks like an emo slut, not a god damn Pokémon cosplay.

No. 271233

"thick" nigri… yet I can still see her ribs. Alright.

No. 271238

She looks like she's cosplaying an avatar from Gaia online.

No. 271251

ew that boob/ab contour looks like dirt, blend out your shit nigri

No. 271252

Holy shit this cosplay is a joke! She looks like one of those insane clown posse juggalette whores that you see in those rave festivals LOL.

No. 271254

She could have at least drawn on some whiskers and made a tail…?

No. 271358

4 mil. likes and still continuing to inspire the lazy tiddie cosplays for cosfame

No. 271446

PR farmer here, I'm at a con and JNig is holding a Q&A. What should I ask her?

No. 271449

Anyone else starting to see her looking EXACTLY like Yaya now?
>boob job
>drag queen makeup
>outlandish skimpy costumes
>looks old but still wants everyone to think she's early 20s at worst

No. 271454

Idk. Ask her about dragon age or some shit and watch her struggle. Kek

No. 271463

Yes and if you can post and record results kek

No. 271468

I don't know why she tries to contour at all. Shit's literally invented by drag queens for drag queens.


No. 271471


I can feel the inner 2006 edgy random goth chick that squeals rawr & glomps from within and it fucking burns.

This is so fucking shit. Pokemon my ass.

No. 271480

File: 1463784787232.jpg (162.54 KB, 1080x1349, MUWaFCy.jpg)

Uh..am I the only one who thinks her ass was shooped?

No. 271484

I was literally just gonna post this picture and ask if it's shooped. Lol the line on the wall by her butt gets curved out a bit

No. 271490

The wonky blurred fishnets are also a good giveaway.

No. 271494

She already got breast implants so why not get her ass done too? Genetics were not on her side in that department. Sloppy unnatural editing.

No. 271536

JNig has reached massive levels of desperate, even for her kind.

No. 271541

her right cheek has a weird white spot on the fishnets

her editor is really bad, but no one notices or cares. but it's definitely not professional level

No. 271550

Well the editor looks like a Nigri wannabe so that'll explain it. Noticing a theme here with how skimpy her costumes are now when her boyfriend photographs them. Really wanting her to be superior fap material alright.

No. 271792


No. 272007

Seen it a million times over. Skeezy boyfriend buys an expensive camera and declares himself a professional photographer, friend pirates a copy of Photoshop and learns the liquify tool and declares themself a pro editor.

Like this is bad lazy shopping of a bad lazy photo but it's not something unique to Nigri. There's a million of these all over tumblr and deviantart and whatever.

No. 272079

I really shouldn't be surprised by this with her extensive history of lying about everything. "Thanks everyone who donated on Patreon because without you… Weird things like this won't happen!" Fucking fake bitch.

No. 272321


I'm too lazy to check what she actually said but if she just got something like that in the post, I'd find it really creepy to do a video like that. I mean, would you make a dedicated video in lingerie that some rando sent you over the post?

No. 272326

File: 1464079889028.png (841.33 KB, 933x591, 793ad51215e1be60541921781ffab9…)


Apparently it was for a contest?

No. 272437

>You should pose for a waifu-pillow

…I'm a little surprised she (or other slut cosplayers) hasn't stooped to that level yet for high paying patrons.

No. 272447

Isn't this the same artist who draws Snoozy?

No. 272468

Some japanese gravure cosplayers have dakis of themself tho.

No. 272731

Talking about "haters", Dragon Age and other shit. If you can tolerate watching her anyways lol.

No. 272733

oh yeah lol, near 49:55 someone asks her about Fallout and she's like "I'll make Ryan Dogmeat and I'll be a pipboy, uh, no I mean vault tech" LOL

No. 272804

She said her "job" is hard. Kek

No. 272841



No. 272845

I believe her name is Savints, but she's part of a Cosplay group with her SO called Cloak&Dagger:


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