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File: 1431037798730.jpg (55 KB, 533x800, 10168060_880388708690810_78604…)

No. 95180

No. 95190

She's a hateful bitch, that's her deal.

No. 95198

Not OP but please do.

No. 95210

Ended up making a separate thread! :)

No. 95257

Isnt she a shit poster on 4chan?

No. 95410

File: 1431056016515.gif (5.03 MB, 400x225, Maximum shitposting_3a7ad6_540…)

Yep, It doesn't matter what kind of thread she gets posted on, she will eventually get in there as start spamming

No. 95432

She feigns being nice and flirty and sex-positive to lure in all the beta orbiters but will treat anyone like shit who is not in her clique whenever she feels like it. Throws tantrums at the smallest dumbest shit and holds grudges forever. Once got in some sort of fight with another cosplayer that used to be her friend a long time beforehand IIRC, her bf got involved too somehow. There was a long post on someone's LJ about it, the names were censored IIRC. Came on a friend's couch and ruined it.

There's lots of things here and there about her over the years on cgl's archives, and as mentioned she'll start posting whenever they talk about her there and it's obvious by the way she types on the internet.

No. 98202

I recall a story about her having her period on someones prop…

No. 98314

she looks hot and cute

No. 98325

Are you thinking of the story about her masturbating on someone's chair and leaving a permanent stain?

No. 98329

/cgl/ thread mentioning the chair:

No. 98341

No. 98348

Please be fucking around.

No. 98389

File: 1431315182606.png (785.49 KB, 630x312, 1395635088599.png)

No. 98390

File: 1431315215706.png (785.49 KB, 630x312, 1395635235846.png)

No. 98405

she's attractive, but she's clearly a horrible person

No. 98590

…I don't know how to handle this

No. 101040

File: 1431540389255.jpg (79.27 KB, 450x253, image.jpg)

Holy shit, she's fucked up as hell.

No. 101059

Do thongs not exist anymore or something?

No. 101487

the threads keep mentioning JJ. who is JJ?

No. 101507


JJ is her ex-gf who iirc kinda fell off the radar, but not before Jenni and her friends harassed the shit out of her.

No. 101517

wait is it pyropi

No. 101531

yup. she is the one being harassed in what is described here >>98341

No. 122718

Nah that's Kasai, an ex-cosplayer. Jenni holds grudges for decades.

No. 122783

^talks about how she got into cosplay for a "nerd girlfriend" etc.

^when she got hit because she spat on someone. also was when her boyfriend at the time stood by and did nothing. they later broke up and she apparently swore off men…lives with her best friend's ex-husband?

No. 126874

I want to like her but something just puts me off

No. 126940

To me, Jenni is a girl who comes off confident and people are amazed by her ability to shit out costumes quickly. She befriends people with low self esteem so that when they're weakened by circumstance, she can cut them off and humiliate them. She lacks smarts, however, and caters to the current crowd rather than her own interests.

There's been talk that she and her posse have personal twitters..where they talk shit. I personally don't care to find them cause its extremely elementary.

I remember when this was first seen and people were interested in Jenni because she had -gasp- personality. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uW_jevjNs4s
This went on for a few episodes and they're still up. After this she had problems with her ex-girlfriend and their mutual friends. I remember these people being IchigoKitty, Inabari, Pyropi who is JJ who was her ex-girlfriend, and others. They seemed to either stay with one side or the other. After that, she started to get raunchy with her appearance and do shit like Fakku! doujin reviews.

She stopped the reviews because ~guys are gross~ etc. and now is trolling the internet in her own friends circle, still talking shit.

No. 127017

wait who is her friend's ex-husband? btw she's staying in california rn with ceruleandraco/Jason, I think.

that video is so damn cringy

No. 127021


She lives with Dr Teng/ Adam, who is the ex husband of Jessie Pridemore/Rufflebutt. She's a whole other mess and probably deserves a thread of her own lmao.

No. 127050

Yeah she was in Cali with tattobot/Skye because they released a "brand" called Anime Trash Swag. Mostly outsourced anime inspired stuff.

Jason/Cerulean Draco is Skye's boyfriend.

No. 127054

I knew she lived with Dr. Teng but I didn't know he was Jessie's husband. That changes things.

She's still in Cali. She told me she was staying until after Anime Expo. She only said she was staying with Jason lol. No mention of Skye.

No. 127058

Ex-husband. They broke it off after a long relationship. Adam worked for NASA and lost his job, went on to other things. Again, another thread for another time.

No. 127928

Tatto looks like a fucking horse

No. 127994

File: 1435363172575.jpg (109.34 KB, 640x960, 11227862_1637504356461751_1899…)


She's fucking holding the violin wrong!!

No. 128035

How so? am a violin noob

No. 128036

I'm a violin noob too but it's pretty obvious her hand should be higher up on the neck, not so close to the body.

No. 128043

File: 1435369960846.jpg (227.22 KB, 1924x1162, image.jpg)

Also also violin noob, but I don't think that's it.

I don't think it's resting on her shoulder properly? They normally sit flatter than that

No. 128048

Where her hand is is fine since it just looks like she's supporting the violin. What's throwing it off is that she's using her shoulder to clamp it against her jaw instead of letting it rest on her shoulder and them resting her jaw on it. Her bow grip is wrong as well.

No. 128049

She's also holding the bow too high up on the violin. (I play the violin)

No. 128056

I thought so too but I thought she was just posing as Neptune surprised after someone caught her playing the violin and poses differently afterwards?

If the hand is that close to the body, can the violin play higher notes or does it not work that way?

No. 128061

Yes, that's the point. There are seven positions on the violin (well, technically more, but they're not used often). First position starts close to the scroll of the violin. This is the first position beginners learn. As you go higher, the distance between each note gets smaller and the pitch is higher.

No. 128071

Then she is not holding it incorrectly and is possibly using higher note positions?

No. 128103

Jenni's new friend circle all has private twitter accounts where they talk massive amounts of shit about anyone they dislike.

No. 128104

I'm surprised there isn't anything about her posted. Hideous personality to match the hideous looks.

No. 128162

She is holding in incorrectly. A violin shouldn't be held slanting up like that. A real violinist would also be using a shoulder rest. It's really awkward if you don't, and back in the day, violinists didn't user them (they're a new invention), but their way of playing was a lot different then anyway.

Her arm looks like it's also positioned inccorectly. What should happen is that your elbow changes angles depending on which string you're playing on. For example, the G string is played with the elbow tucked close to the body. She looks like she's supposed to be playing the last string. In that case, her elbow would be away from her body. Her bow is also too high up on the violin. Nobody plays it like that, it should be positioned halways between the bridge and the fingerboard. Her bow hold also looks wtong.

Those are all the mistakes I can think off of the top of my head, hope that helps.

No. 128163

File: 1435412551259.jpg (12.22 KB, 300x225, 3VStandingFrontBow_300_225.JPG)

This is how I real violinist would hold a violin. This is the proper way.

No. 128168

I don't even play the violin but I still think that looks so fucking awkward. It's like she's making out with the violin.

No. 128221


They broke it off because while Adam was going through the process of emigrating to the U.S. From Canada she was off in Cali fucking anything with a dick. I was still involved in that circle when it happened so I heard allll about it lol.

No. 128257

I've seen her around a couple times. She's worse irl. What's the drama with her?

Her bf's got a cute face but I'm pretty sure he's also a load of shit since he likes her.

No. 128349

I only know of some of Tatto's drama second hand, mostly her being extremely shitty to other people.

Her boyfriend likes to stick his dick in anything that moves, so you might have a chance with that.

No. 128401

any first hand stories?

No. 128438

I am surprised no one has ever started a thread on here for Jessie Pridemore. Bitch is as two faced as it gets and rides so many asses to try and get fame.

No. 128441

yes, please, someone needs to make a thread for Jessie.

No. 128459

Kek he's cute but idk about fucking him. Don't want secondhand Tatto pussy.


No. 128724

Do you have any stories??

No. 128732

spot on tho

I'm surprised she hasn't cut off PP at this point, she's a lousy scammer

No. 128736

Isn't Jenni 27? this bitch is almost 30 and still dwelling in highschool level drama. The faster she drops out of cosplay the better

No. 128746

I've noticed that she and some of her other crew really like to kiss Mookie000's ass too, which I guess I don't blame them but mookie could do so much better

No. 128927

Skye is pretty good about keeping her shit to word of mouth. The things I've heard have just been talking shit about people who disagree with her. I know there are some good stories out there, I just don't have any information on them. From what I've seen her and Jenni's private twitter accounts are filled with gems.
I have personally witnessed Jason trying to get a girl to go back to his room with him, of course this was a year ago.

No. 129073

Has mookie or babyenema (aka Ayu) talked to them recently other than shitting out designs then having Jenni etc. claiming "I'm first!!!" at making said designs?

No. 129076

Nah, I do see Jenni comment on mookie's instagram photos from time to time tho

No. 135335

Made this for Fae (takisiski) for her Scarlet Witch but strongly believes in slacking off and not adding padding/chest boning.

dem holy pantyhose and ill fitted bunnysuit


If you're making something for someone else, why would you wear it…
She wore it to NYCC too..

No. 135347

wow those photos are unflattering already but the bunnysuit is just making it worse

No. 135348

omg her vag is eating the crotch of the cosplay, thats pretty gross

No. 135394

She said she's closing commissions permanently so you guys don't have to worry about seeing people pay her for shitty cosplays ever again.

No. 135437

No. 135445

Jenni is known for hating people and holding grudges not just against people she dislikes, but also their friends and their friends friends. I've never even met her and I know she hates me because I'm close with people she used to post on /cgl/ all the time. It's really bizarre.

At Katsucon she also gave a girl a card that said something like "Congratulations!" with "ya nasty" under it, and later her and/or her boyfriend threw a drink on the girl.

Another time, her and her boyfriend gave out fliers with a cosplayer's photo, cell phone number, and basically solicited her as a prostitute without her even knowing.

No. 135448

>>98341 is what
>>135445 is talking about

No. 135452

I just realized this was posted in 2013, this was sort of recent. It's disturbing to me that someone would even behave like that, especially when they're in their late 20s

No. 135453

Couldn't she be criminally charged for this?
I would have gotten a lawyer if I were the cosplayer in question, cheeky ugly cunt.

No. 135455

the prostitute story always gets me, I can't imagine what the cosplayer had to go through to get those fliers taken down and changing their phone number. Goddamn

No. 135456

Even so, where would it go; small claims? It's not big enough for anyone to hear about or be worth the money. People have tried to call her out or warn others, but Jenni just immediately "black lists" them and socially destroys them online and irl. I've watched it happen to one of my friends; this girl has enough dumbass neckbeard fanboys and underage tumblrinas following her that she basically has an internet army.

No. 135464

that is frightening

No. 135468

Yeah, and that's why no one talks about her. I'd love to see her taken down, honestly.

No. 135521

She honestly needs her ass beat again.

No. 135557

Mostflogged got beat up?

No. 135564

this girl's bow placement is way crooked too.

No. 135586


She spit on some dude and got rightfully slapped.

No. 135619

why is she obsessed with crotch eating cosplays

No. 135744

Who is her new targets? Someone really needs to cap her and her friends private twitters.

No. 137698

Her new targets are the people on this site.

No. 137729

getting caps from those private accounts is difficult/risky since only a few people can see them and it would be easy to narrow down who it was. MF is self destructive anyway so it's only a matter of time before new drama occurs,or she chills out and doesn't bring anymore drama to the table (or she just drops out of this community and does something more with her life)

No. 138045

Yes I have access to a few, but if I shared it… Well I don't want to be the next person they wreck socially.

No. 138142

You would be one out of how many? Honestly..

No. 138156

And this is exactly the reason why they get away with it. I don't blame you anon, outing a bitch only makes your life hard, and for what?
I almost want to make a MOSTFLOGGED TRUTH tumblr with posts and screencaps and links so that her dumb tumblr fans will see it. I have enough SJW followers that I think it'll get out.

No. 138162

Please do.

No. 138190


Please do it. I'd reblog in a heartbeat.

I have less of a beef with Jenni than I do with PP, though. This bitch has screwed over so many people in terms of commissions, money, etc and is just all around the dumbest bitch ever. I'd be more explicit if it weren't social suicide/if we didn't have close mutual friends

No. 138219

That's really interesting, but yeah if they found out who you were it would not be pretty

No. 138244

See, this is what I don't get.
You all hate this chick right? Or disagree with what she has done/is doing? Why not dump the shit she posts behind closed doors if you have it? It's wasted goods.

No. 138261


Exactly this. It's sad because I feel like this essentially boils down to bullying, as pathetic as that sounds. The Kasai story and the prostitution story were just a culmination of months/years of shit talking and harassing.
I've watched a friend of a friend be really affected by Jenni and crew's relentless shit talking and rumor spreading, but it's so passive aggressive no one can really do anything than say "hey you're a shitty person." This girl isn't even from NY, and it feels like it has really changed her. Posting this stuff online won't do anything except have them attack me next. They have posted that they want to physically harm this person (and others) like they're joking.
How do you stop someone who technically isn't doing anything other than acting like a shitty person? I do not want to be the next on their hit list. I feel dejected sometimes because if they stopped acting like this they would be somewhat great people otherwise. Wish there was some kind of karmic justice that existed.

No. 138350

what is her nose, holy shit

No. 138352

didn't you know? she's half bird

No. 138374

At least she's only half bird.
Tatto looks half bird, half horse.

No. 138377

File: 1437030109841.gif (1.59 MB, 325x235, flavortown.gif)

No. 138379

dump the goods and if she does irl shit to you, call the popo

No. 138399

Looked through cgl's archives for funsies and found pic related, lol. This was for the time she spat on someone and got punched/slapped for it, so she tried to get the police and this came up.


No. 138400

File: 1437040071774.jpg (136.78 KB, 590x364, 1393182315330.jpg)


Pic didn't upload for some reason, trying again

No. 138410

Her cosplays usually seem decent I just dislike her plugsuits.
and her weird hentai review videos

No. 138415

File: 1437045101654.gif (951.15 KB, 500x281, 1430447725446.gif)

Well if either of you ever want to spill the beans about any of them we'll always be here.
It's so interesting and baffling that they've all managed to stay popular even tho they're all horrible, like the only reason I would see to be friends with them is because you're in it for the fame by association or you're actually unaware of what they've done.

I remember reading this on tumblr, yeah no one deserves to be catcalled/harassed/etc.. but spitting on a stranger? especially one who is clearly aggressive and has a whole group with them that out number you? You're just asking for trouble, she's lucky they didn't gang up on her , they really could've done a lot worse.(Personally, I would've just ignored them/ran away because I just don't deal with dumbass people who clearly want to get a reaction out of me.)/yeah just repeating the thread but it's true man

No. 138616

I feel like if homestuck wasn't the thing to take tumblr by storm none of them would be as popular as they are now, like homestuck is the main reason why any of these cosplayers got exposure

No. 138670

File: 1437097992545.jpg (659.69 KB, 666x1000, primadonna_girl___homestuck_by…)


I think MF was popular before Homestuck grew to what it was, but she was in the Homestuck fandom for quite a while, riding that wave for more fame, until she apparently abandoned it not too long ago.

No. 138677

She decided she hated Homestuck because the creator got butthurt that she was selling a used cosplay of a Homestuck character.

In a shocking twist, Jenni was actually in the right there and the creator is a piece of shit who goes after cosplayers who ~~MAKE MONEY OFF HIS ART~~ because they sell an old handmade costume for $15

No. 138713

Have you seen the prices Jenni sells her used cosplays for? She sold a WORN swimsuit that she made for over $100 without shipping.

No. 138807

I haven't, but I'm not surprised ahaha. Of course she would.

No. 140072


All of you saying you have access but refusing to post caps or prove it sound like you don't actually have access.

No. 140117

The proof is when mostflogged becomes paranoid and comes here to try to flush out the double agent/s who may or may not exist.

No. 140134

No. 141794

No. 141904


The worst part is people will actually buy this.

No. 141998

Where is this picture from?

No. 142109

Boku no Pico

No. 143970

No. 144226

File: 1437847930778.jpg (12.66 KB, 133x234, reary.jpg)

I feel like she makes 90% of this shit up.

No. 144429

I don't know man maybe she did, a lot of crazy people in NYC tho (including herself)

No. 144588

I'm not whiteknighting MF, but I don't really get why everyone freaks out over the fact she spotted on a prop. Girls often get their periods randomly when they're not expecting it. This is something even men should be aware of past age 12 and I'm pretty sure most people in this thread are female, so not really sure why this concept is so crazy to everyone. It's gross, but not something to be overwhelmingly shocked an appalled about, especially years after the fact.

No. 144599

I'm assuming she didn't attempt to clean it or anything, or that it was a fairly large stain.

Also, there's a story about her masturbating on a friend's computer chair and getting it dirty that way, so those 2 stories together lead to the idea that she probably doesn't wear panties much… Which she should.

No. 144605

>Also, there's a story about her masturbating on a friend's computer chair and getting it dirty that way, so those 2 stories together lead to the idea that she probably doesn't wear panties much… Which she should.
Her lack of underwear should not be the issue people take with the chair masturbation story. People shouldn't fap in their friend's chairs without permission, panties or none.

Also, there's nothing wrong with not wearing panties if you're not wearing a skirt. A lot of people find them very uncomfortable.

No. 144616

No. 144617

Kinda bothers me too. Every girl on the planet has faced period accidents. shit happens and sometimes you think you're done when you're not. I mean, this is why panty liners were made, but still. not a big deal. I dunno why but when it comes to menstruation, people tend to act like children when it's a very normal bodily function for all women. It's so silly.

No. 144649

well I think it's more that things keep coming out of her vagina and onto her friends' things.

Overall it's definitely because it's her and she did these things to "friends" she then fucked over, so they posted these stories in return. She's crazy enough without these stories added on, so these plus the fact that she was explaining how to masturbate to her 14-year-old Homestuck fans is kind of

No. 144680

>Explaining how to masturbate to under aged Homestuck fans

Ok, that is actually disgusting.

No. 145045

>people defending MF
PULL bitches please go back to tumblr

No. 145054

That was an accident that could've been prevented.
She was wearing a white dress with no panties when she was spotting? She could've at least put a tampon in.

No. 146015

Went down to Philly for a friend's wedding with Adam.
Not dating? Sure.

No. 154078

JJ is Jenni's exgf who Jenni passed out fliers at anime boston one year saying JJ was a prostitute and left JJ's number on the flier

No. 154150

Sorry to be that nasty bitch, but I'd totally do Jason (providing that their relationship is an open one)

No. 154350

That wasn't Jenni lol it was Cole and Jewls and Nick and some other old friends of JJ's who fucking hated her. That bitch made a lot of enemies over time. The only reason Jenni gets the blame online is from passed down word of mouth internet drama and because the real people behind it aren't well known on the internet.

No. 154386

didn't she throw her drink on JJ tho?
also isn't that proof livejournal written by JJ herself?

Tbh I think he looks really fucking cute in his Dante cosplay.
Out of cosplay, he's meh.

No. 154597

he has a shaved head he only looks cute with wigs on to me tbh

No. 154708

Usually I'm really not into shaved heads, but he's still hot to me for some reason. To be fair, I'd totally also fuck Stannis Baratheon.

No. 154716

Nobody threw a drink on JJ? You're think of Liz maybe, and that wasn't Jenni either, it was another girl.

No. 155046

If you're female and show interest he will definitely sleep with you.

No. 155062

He'd better keep his cosplay on the whole time otherwise I'm out.

No. 155191

File: 1439155260332.gif (39.22 KB, 200x200, 200_s.gif)

I want to be the one to confirm this theory

No. 160332

File: 1439674409723.png (129.03 KB, 591x415, men.PNG)

Comments on her MeMeMe wip.

No. 160339

File: 1439675006606.jpg (64.35 KB, 680x680, 1332363876793.jpg)

"Do you miss dicks mostflogged?"

No. 160873

Too bad JJ stopped being so crazy. Top-tier lolcow right there. The late 2000's were good times on /cgl/.

No. 160973


>most of her cosplays expose a lot of her figure/skin

>sometimes modified from the source to show even more
>men will obv notice it more
>"ugh men r gross"

Not to mention that for a "lesbian" she spent years bragging about her active sex life with a guy.

No. 160985

>can't see the difference between men noticing revealing costumes and calling the girls who wear them slut shaming slurs
nigga are you for real?

No. 160987

>Not to mention that for a "lesbian" she spent years bragging about her active sex life with a guy.
Jenni is bisexual with a strong preference for girls, not a lesbian, and it's annoying that she can't see the difference.

No. 161424

I'm not one to defend Jenni on nearly all occasions but these comments really are pretty gross.

Yeah this. I'm 99.99% sure she's dating Dr. Teng or w/e her roomie's name is. Strong preference for girls =/= lesbian.

No. 170234

Isn't Dr.Teng Jessie Pridemore's exhusband lol >>127021 Pretty sure they're not dating as hilarious as that would be.

No. 170243

File: 1440644850696.png (522.65 KB, 881x657, Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 8.03…)

Here's a good one: Jnig buys Jennis costume, pimps her on facebook, and yet literally a day or so ago..

No. 170246

File: 1440644927376.png (268.12 KB, 585x631, Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 8.03…)

and yet..

Jenni has also publically bashed jessica before. did jnig order it under someone elses name or was jenni just that money hungry..?

No. 170249

File: 1440645033696.png (287.69 KB, 592x520, Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 8.03…)

And a little more

iirc jenni has shittalked jessica on tumblr, both by reblogging stuff about her and answering asks saying she thinks shes a shitty person and some other stuff

No. 170271

No. 170277


Literally what the fuck
I want someone to show this to jnig and have her fucking drag the bitch

MF and PP are moronic assholes who can't keep their mouths shut

No. 170286

I hope this happens, both of them need to learn how to shut the fuck up

No. 170296

MF literally only hating because she genuinely believes that she is best Ryuko cosplayer.

No. 170391

yes he's jessie's ex-husband. jenni lives with him and she attended a wedding with him. whether their dating or not is up for debate.

>You and MF are friends?!… Love seeing all my fav cosplayers together
Derek confirmed for shit taste.

this is hilarious

No. 170788

File: 1440723931298.jpg (132.42 KB, 640x853, image.jpg)

So I guess MF is selling hats that say futanari on them? And she identifies with futa?

No. 170792

So she's saying she's a hermaphrodite then? People really need to calm the fuck down with all this "identity" bullshit.

No. 170817

File: 1440727156637.gif (999.33 KB, 250x239, 1432220982385.gif)

She's full of shit, she's probably only saying that so she doesn't get a bunch of sjws coming in trying to tear her shit down. I'm sure she's probably complaining about it on twitter trying to get people on her side

No. 170864

Damn she deleted her private Twitter account.

No. 170892

>I identify very strongly with futanari

Holy shit, I wish she would just stop talking forever.

No. 170923

yea she's annoying and all with her 'identity' shit, but holy fuck never thought i'd see the day where futanari is being called 'transphobic'

i thought these tumblrinas were all about genitals not mattering or something, why the fuck should anybody care if people have a fetish for chicks with dicks

No. 171176

How can one person be so extremely bitter?
Even though Jess has done some shit she doesn't deserves to get backstabbed like that and I hope she will see this.

No. 171177

I'm retarded today.

No. 171189

Did PP delete her tumblr?

No. 171201

Nah, she changed it to monchichitanuki

No. 171212

Yeah, I really hope Jnig acknowledges this and calls out MF.I'm not a Jnig fan either but this is just straight up backstabbing

I never got why she compares herself to monchichis, they're cute little things while she on the other hand looks like a rat

No. 171242

I don't think JNig doesn't deserve it, but I still would love to see some fall out from this. I think Jess is used to people who are two faced and hate on her until they can ride her coat tail then they love her, she doesn't seem to mind because she uses them just at they use her. I recall there was one photog who bitched her out on social media because of what she did to Masamune, but then later he was her BFF and defended her when he started getting shoots with her.

No. 171263

Someone please send these tweets to jnig

No. 171290

I want to but I'm not sure what the best way is to insure she sees it.

No. 171293

How about sending those tweets to her most trusted friends? ( if she does has some…)

No. 171325

Honestly not even expecting Jnig to bat an eye, she's used to the backstabbing cosfame game by now.

No. 171830

They went to wedding together because they were both friends to the couple and Adam was even the one who officiated the wedding for the friend so you're looking too deeply

No. 173487

I distinctly remember MF making some pretty ass kissing comments about JNig when she first became famous. Quite gross to see her bash her for no reason now after Jess gave her such sweet advertising (that she doesn't even deserve).

No. 173489

File: 1441214253634.jpg (64.84 KB, 900x900, 1439790253772.jpg)

>funatari fetishizes women with dicks and is thus transphobic

I'm so done with these tumblrinas talking about how problematic fetishization is. It is entirely possible to get off to something without dehumanizing it, why is this so fucking hard to understand?

No. 173521

drink some water and take a nap, anon.

No. 173535

Not sure why that warrants that response more so than anything else posted on here

No. 173537

drink some water and take a nap, anon.

No. 173654

drink some water and take a nap, anon.

No. 173763

I'm sorry, but those eyebrows are terrible.

No. 173846

File: 1441257360619.jpg (78.28 KB, 640x472, image.jpg)

it's about to go down

No. 173848

Y'all are welcome. I immediately PMed Jessica when I saw the tweets here.

Just so yall know
Jess mad.

No. 173868

File: 1441259816087.jpg (48.45 KB, 836x470, tinaandamy.jpg)

I can't wait

You are a saint

No. 173870


No. 173872

someone pls screencap all the drama going on MOSTFLOGGED twitter right now!!!!

No. 173875

fineee ill do it.

No. 173877

File: 1441260740691.jpg (50.87 KB, 572x441, fullsjw.JPG)


No. 173878

File: 1441260759973.jpg (72.6 KB, 634x452, ry76.JPG)

No. 173880

File: 1441260982879.jpg (55.64 KB, 723x393, hooboy.JPG)

No. 173881

File: 1441261022206.jpg (219.96 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

I mean, at least Jessica hasn't thrown drinks or people or cum on their stuff. So. More like.

What's good, Jenni?

No. 173883

this whole fight makes Jess look p good to be honest.

No. 173885

My entire Twitter feed is people defending Jenni. I'm horrified.

No. 173886

Okay I dont think Jessica is 'right' to make asian jokes because 'herp derp racism' BUT JENNI YOU WERE ACTIVELY SHIT TALKING SOMEONE ON A PUBLIC FORUM WHERE EVERYONE CAN SEE?

One is tasteless and ignorant

The other is being a straight up bitch.

I hate the whole 'I'm being opressed so I'm OBVIOUSLY in the right' thing

No. 173887

Thankfully I'm seeing a lot of backlash towards jenni, much deserved. I'm so tired of her EVERY MAN IS RACIST IM SO OPPRESSED shindig.

I'm so glad she didn't get a ton of popularity out of this, dumb ass burned so many bridges so hard. If she were smart she would have used Jessica to push her shitty taobao reselling business.

No. 173890

>If she were smart she would have used Jessica to push her shitty taobao reselling business.

Her items are taobao resells??

No. 173892

if she had any brains Jess would have probably bought everything from her store and she would have had actual money. I wish I knew how many follows she got from Jess promoting her in that post.

No. 173896

50/50 iirc. Some are just badly printed designs done by Skye, the rest are just resold from taobao

No. 173899

Also literal official artwork that they slap on a t-shirt and claim as their own.

No. 173900

Where are these Tweets where Jessica is supposedly being racist?

No. 173901

I was hoping to buy something at ATS's booth at Sabo this weekend but now I'm reconsidering it. Skye has always been chill but I really don't want to give MF my money.

No. 173902

I'm trying to wrap my head around this. So Jenni is mad that Jessica called her out on her shit taking publicly on twitter even though Jenni was making fun of Jessica publicly on her twitter earlier? What the fuck Jenni? Don't like the taste of your own medicine so you need to play the race card?

No. 173904

Jessica bought one of Jenni's older costumes. Jnig advertised MF and spoke highly about her.
Jenni meanwhile was speaking very badly about her publicly…someone posted the screencap to Jessica thennnn the following happened.

No. 173906

File: 1441263881732.jpg (64.22 KB, 603x501, raughs.JPG)

Jessica never made any racist tweet, Jenni is shitting on her for pic related. Jenni reblogged it awhile ago because some sjws commented on the pic and were talking about how this was offensive to asians

Yeah, spend your money elsewhere, don't give it to this psycho

No. 173907

Yeah, I just saw the post Jenni randomly brought up where Jess is supposedly "racist" and I don't find it offensive at all. It's one of those things where if you're offended by it, you really just need to get a sense of humor. Or if you really find it problematic, just gently explain to her why it is, it's nothing to get so pissed over that you bring it up out of nowhere as bullshit justification to be a cunt to someone that has never done anything to you because pimp out your business.

No. 173908

That's just typical ignorant white girl that needs a brief history lesson. Jumping on her for something so minor and saying you don't have an obligation to educate her does nothing to help the situation she claims to be so passionate about.

No. 173909

Why do I get the feeling MF's making the shit about Jess being rude to her friends and talking shit about her fans in front of her up? From what I've been told by people who know MF, this is something she says about any popular cosplayer she dislikes. Also, when have they ever met in person, this is the only time I've ever seen such a thing referenced?

No. 173911

JNig asked her what she supposedly said and MF hasn't replied.

No. 173913

That says a lot

No. 173929

File: 1441267235332.jpeg (398.98 KB, 1440x812, 1439878800039.jpeg)

I remember when I used to defend MF

No. 173931

well at least now you know better right?
The people who I see usually defend her are people who can't see what a shitty person she is or her friends/people kissing her ass to gain fame

No. 173934

I knew her through mutuals and really liked her. I wanted to believe that most of the shit said against her wasn't true because she was an awesome person from what I saw. We grew out of contact and I'm still fond of the girl I knew, but I realize now I was only shown one side. There's still a part of me that wants to defend her, but when the evidence is right in front of you it's time to acknowledge your denial.

No. 173940

File: 1441269128415.png (254.76 KB, 522x394, 1435683198129.png)

Quick! someone needs to drop a bomb on Jenni. She deserves to be called out.

No. 173942

She gets called out all the time

No. 173943

Like literally drop the bomb

No. 173944

Um…she is being called out

No. 173955

File: 1441271109551.png (2.98 MB, 1856x1192, Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 2.03…)

This was the post MF made right after Jessica promoted her. Couldn't even call her by name.

No. 173997

/cgl/ deleted the drama thread just a second ago. Is one of the mods friends with MF or some shit or did MF herself report it? There are plenty of callout threads each week and normally nobody gives a shit.

No. 174001

File: 1441276254146.jpg (930.07 KB, 1388x2696, 1441264173502.jpg)

Salvaged this from /cgl/ for future reference. MF basically used the racism card to get out of jail free. What a class act.

No. 174007

mostflogged is so bleached and white already how the fuck can she even call herself asian there is nothing asian about her.

No. 174008

She's asian? She looks so white to me wtf.

No. 174063


She's mixed iirc

No. 174067

Half-half. Mom's white, dad's Japanese.

No. 174102

Can someone point out to Jenni how hypocritical she's being? She's using past ~fetishization~ as an excuse to be a bitch and giving JNig so much shit about not catering to her demands, but here she is denying futa is fetishization when it undeniably is (not that I think people shouldn't feel free to consume it) and saying its okay because she "identifies" with them. How the fuck is that any better than what Jess did???

No. 174115

That girl in OP looks really creamy.

No. 174116

Can we make a pact to call Jenni creamy anytime we see her?

No. 174233

File: 1441305703852.png (581.7 KB, 474x684, yourenotnickiplzstop.png)

I totally agree and almost feel like making an SJ style tumblr blog to call her out on this to see what would go down. Someone on the /cgl/ thread mentioned that Jenni may have defended Jessie Pridemore using dark makeup on her Anthy costume in the past and I'd love to have receipts on that if it's true. Is there a way to search a twitter for certain terms/phrases?

Also: PP and Taki are such little suck ups to Jenni and the secondhand embarrassment is so strong. Does Jenni just not get that these girls are only her friends for fame or does she just not care? Pic related… Note the necklace

No. 174236

I was the one who made the comment about the blackface. IIRC it was on her tumblr and twitter.

No. 174240

Then she should shut up about racial issues, fucking mulatto don't know shit. Come back to me when she stands up for South Asians.

No. 174244

File: 1441307475216.png (46.52 KB, 589x295, rully.png)


Have yet to find any comments on the Anthy thing, but I have some content that may be of interest:
The amount of times that she's talked about "omg so cute lil brown girls" is kind of skeevy. A lot of the comments on cosplaying darker skinned characters are from years ago but tumblrinas don't care about that and will condemn someone forever easily lol

No. 174265

I'm not near a computer otherwise I would look too. I specifically remember this because soni ripped Jessie a new asshole on tumblr, and both Jessie and Jenni made huge tumblr posts about it.

No. 174269

File: 1441310098067.gif (857.88 KB, 240x228, q3iCWqE.gif)

She is the biggest fucking hypocrite, oh my god.

No. 174270

File: 1441310201963.gif (41.35 KB, 424x200, 200_s.gif)

Holy shit, this is too fucking good to be true. So, she asked for advice on how to do literal blackface yet is using this old ass ~problematic~ pic of JNig as justification for being a bitch?

Someone seriously needs to call her out as soon as possible. Honestly, I think this chick has officially earned herself an ED article.

No. 174273

I will never not pass a thread or pic of MF without commenting on what a creamy delicate Asian frahwur she is

No. 174280


So, I guess this is officially a thing now?

No. 174296

It's against the rules on /cgl/ to gossip about people. If someone posted something about an individual that is on-topic and board-relevant (i.e. - someone claiming to make a costume that they didn't make) the thread would probably be left alone. Threads about cosplayers or lolitas that have nothing to do with cosplay or lolita break the "no singling out" rule. Jnig and MF fighting about cultural appropriation has nothing to do with the hobby itself, it's just drama.

No. 174328

File: 1441318168358.png (29.02 KB, 617x254, fact.png)

More kindling for a tumblr fire.

Also screencapped the tweets saying she wanted to cosplay Lal'c/she didn't personally find browing her self up to be offensive. I'm worried she's gonna delete everything if anyone brings this all up

Any receipts/testimonials on her violent behavior? I know that she beat her ex up at Katsu this year, but I want to have evidence before I potentially write anything.

No. 174332

beat up her ex?
wat…details anon

No. 174334

>I know that she beat her ex up at Katsu this year, but I want to have evidence before I potentially write anything.
This is the second time I've seen mention of this. Details? My thirst is strong.

No. 174339

You can archive tweets.

No. 174348


Friday night of this past Katsu everyone was abuzz that she got violent with her ex for telling people that she was abusive. I didn't see it happen before my eyes and I don't have testimonials on hand, though, so I'm wary of adding it to a potential dramabomb.

No. 174358

Someone just called MF out on twitter lol the endless apologies…

No. 174359

I guess Jenni is selling a hat that says "Futanari" on it and claimed it wasn't transphobic because she identifies as one and also she's Japanese.

No. 174360

how can you identify as a futanari? it's a fetish thing. it's like identifying as a vore monster or something like that. you either have the whole penis/vagnia at the same time shebang or you don't. it's not an identifying thing

No. 174362

File: 1441322888839.png (709.36 KB, 599x591, futahatsaga.png)


Here's the hat in question. I'll upload the comment screencaps after.

GDI /cgl/ janitors. Stop deleting all the threads about this

No. 174363

File: 1441322917738.png (30.82 KB, 289x341, futasaga2.png)

No. 174364

File: 1441322981781.png (9.46 KB, 291x97, futasagafinale.png)

The irony of this all being that Jenni is pissed at Jnig not apologizing to a comment that might be perceived as offensive

No. 174365

Someone is calling Jenni out on twitter and brought up http://degrassihigh420.livejournal.com/ and Jenni is mad because it's "irrelevant"

No. 174368

it's actually really cringy to watch MF dig herself deeper and deeper with every fucktarded comment she makes. i almost feel sorry for her because she's clearly an idiot.

No. 174372

File: 1441324284730.gif (479.24 KB, 500x235, jcc.gif)

Goddamn this chick is messed up. Anyone who behaves like this past age 14 is nuts. That's some seriously malicious behavior.

No. 174378

I made a post on the saboten thread hoping everyone who sees her there this weekend calls her a creamy, delicate frawur and it was deleted immediately.

No. 174381

My personal favorites;
>I'm not and have never been her friend, I have no reason to come to her about behavior
But talking shit about her publicly online is better?
>I said if she wanted to actually work things or she should have come to me first she can post about me, but for her to do that the expect a real conversation with me while I'm being harassed by the ppl she purposefully set on me is backwards.
So, you have no reason to directly confront Jessica instead of just talking shit on the internet, but she's obligated to directly confront you and at fault for discussing it on Twitter? lolwut. Also, not seeing this "harassment" she's talking about?
>I don't confront every person who makes a racist comment on the internet I reserve my time and energy for ppl I care about
Right, that's why you put your time and energy into insulting her out of nowhere and defending your actions.

No. 174384

Posting the evidence in public online can cause her to start hiding things more carefully. My personal suggestion is to stockpile as much as possible, wait for an opportune moment, and send them off anonymously to someone who needs to make decisions about her.

No. 174386

I did this with my gf once and she was like "why didn't you take it off"

No. 174389

If she saw people even just mentioning they had access to this shit, wouldn't she do the same, though?

No. 174391

>When she discovered a friend was filming the situation, she said she was going to kill her and lunged at her but was intercepted by me and others.
I would pay serious cash to see that footage. Why did this cruel temptress have to tell us about this gold if she had no plans on sharing?

No. 174439


No. 174440

File: 1441333614160.jpeg (21.18 KB, 400x400, aaTAFBgi_400x400.jpeg)

i know she's calling out jenni and all but all i can focus on is how fucking huge and ugly that girl's nose is

No. 174442

Where is Jenni from?

No. 174480

A garbage dump

No. 174481


Mostly a court ordered C&D, reimbursement of phone bills resulting from the flyer, pain & suffering if enough evidence of such, medical & psychiatric bill reimbursements, restraining order, and permanent mark on her record

No. 174482


It's ok, you can publish a tell-all later when she's 40 or something

No. 174485


cgl janitors are deleting it because it's drama focused on jnig and jenni rather than cosplay and egl discussion threads. it falls under the "no singling people out" rule.

she's not even full jap. she's half white. can someone remind her that her mom is white af and even her dad is super americanized?

No. 174491

Jenni to this day denies her involvement and there's absolutely no way to prove she had anything to do with it. I was at the con the flyer incident went down at (Anime Boston 2009) basically it was JJ's phone number with a picture of her with cat ears that said something like "for a good time call —" and that she was 15. The cops came, but the second they found out JJ wasn't actually underage, they stopped giving a shit and left since no one actually called her and there were few enough where they were easily removed. Most of my friends went the entire con without ever seeing the flyer.

I know someone posted it to /cgl/ before. I would love anyone who happens to have it, just make sure you censor the phone number. I really wish I had taken one.

No. 174500


All of his relationships are "open" according to him because he's cheated on every girlfriend.

No. 174503

File: 1441343617549.gif (490.5 KB, 311x205, a scared fat baby.gif)

Wait what. Where did you hear this?

No. 174505


Wouldn't her lips get rotted away from all that ass kissing?

No. 174506

File: 1441344668928.png (427.02 KB, 599x719, farwhur.png)

I'm trying to find her defending Jessie's brownface stint, but damn Jenni you held onto shit from 2014? Actually, I'm not surprised.

I don't want to put the effort into capping everything but there is some hilarious shit in the replies.


No. 174507

From the block

No. 174508


Alright, but can we stop using "jap" though?

No. 174509


Jason had a girlfriend before Tatto annnd Tattoo is who he cheated with, so how can you miss

No. 174510

no? because this isn't tumblr? and you are the one perpetuating that it's ~problematic~ by insinuating it's bad?

No. 174511

Tacky as hell

No. 174532

Can we stop using every other shortening, then?

I'm sure seconds take offence at being called "sec", the United States to "US" because it's them, it's not us and LOL is demeaning and appropriating at the same time, because of reasons.

No. 174534

I'd say it's partly made worse by the camera lens: the area between the brow and bottom of the nose should be around the same as from the bottom of the nose to the bottom of the chin, whereas in that picture it's almost double. I'm guessing she was trying to make her eyes bigger and ended up with a proboscis.

No. 174543

Holy shit like she herself spews offensive shit all over the place and uses the racism card to get out of trouble after being caught repeatedly talking shit about a very famous cosplayer on a public account. It's just disgusting, she's grasping at straws and trying to sneak out of the whole situation by calling racism on something so fucking far-fetched even tumblrite SJWs would call bullshit on her. She's literally using the whole race issue to make it look like she's the good guy for shitting on her, and coincidentally she didn't at first even call her out for racism until she was caught, she was just doing the basic petty "what a shitty cosplayer lmaooo" thing. Even more fucked up is that she got a lot of fucking advertising from JNig just a while ago, if I was her I'd keep my fucking mouth shut.

Learn to damage control, MF, you could've just apologized or at least ignored it, but you just had to dig yourself deeper in that hole. I hate JNig just as much as the other person and when you make HER look good and grown-up, you're doing something really wrong.

No. 174554

> even tumblrite SJWs would call bullshit on her.


No. 174621

No. 174638

She has such a nice body but she is the definition of butter face

No. 174647

JJ was not 15 at the time she was at least 20. The reason Jenni and co got a slap on the wrist was because she was of age and the flyers were only considered slander.

No. 174736

I think you misread. Anon said the flyers said she was 15, but that she wasn't actually underage.

No. 174748

This is the first time I'm hearing about this.
Although I did hear rumors of him getting with some girl at DragonCon one year.

No. 174750

File: 1441387180855.png (416.22 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2015-09-04-13-16-30…)

some of the replies

No. 174751

File: 1441387203722.png (360.14 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2015-09-04-13-16-46…)

No. 174752

File: 1441387252260.png (415.78 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2015-09-04-13-17-53…)

Lol @ the guy who thinks Nigri is a play off of nigger and not her actual last name

No. 174795

File: 1441393238755.jpg (60.03 KB, 1536x259, image.jpg)

I feel like 75% of the stuff she's saying, could be turned around and said about her. She's gotten away with a lot of verbal and physical violence, yet she still has "fans" who admire her. This thread is proof that she's and her friends for that matter are terrible people.

No. 174807

I think he's referring to the fact her site titles tend to be "Nigri Please", not her name itself although that would be gold.

I'm black and don't find Nigri Please offensive at all, it's just tactless but harmless humor. People need to get the fucking stick out of their ass.

No. 174812

I think the guy is talking about the whole "Nigri please" thing that other people have complained about.

Which brings me to my question: what the hell does "racist" mean to Americans? I saw someone complaining about JN and her "Nigri please" poster at some con saying how she, as a woman of colour, was made to feel really uncomfortable at a convention because of such racist, hateful language.

So, what does "racist" mean to Americans? 'cause I've got no clue. In my country you're racist if you discriminate on the base of race, not if you make puns with no hateful intent (yeah, how is it hateful?) or if you say something about trying to look creamy.

No. 174815

File: 1441395847555.gif (460.48 KB, 160x160, rusrsrn.gif)

>It really bothers me when people get away with awful shit bc they're popular


No. 174816

Ohhh yeah you guys are right. I had forgotten that she used to do that. I'm 1/2 black and I never found that offensive either. People seriously can't take a joke anymore.

>Which brings me to my question: what the hell does "racist" mean to Americans? I saw someone complaining about JN and her "Nigri please" poster at some con saying how she, as a woman of colour, was made to feel really uncomfortable at a convention because of such racist, hateful language.

In America, you could literally make a fart that sounds like a racial slur and you'd have a lynch mob called after you.
Shit's getting really ridiculous lately. I have to be incredibly conscious about what I say around certain friends because I don't want to trigger a SJW outburst. Something is terribly wrong with how PC everything's gotten lately, because it's arrived at the point where people are starting to become afraid to express negative opinions.
"As a woman of color", JNig could literally run through the con halls screaming "I hate blacks" and I wouldn't give two shits. If someone is that ignorant, I'll just ignore them.
Racist people are just idiotic attention whores who probably hate themselves more than anyone else. People need to realize that no matter how much you try to coddle and get all butthurt about "muh feelings" there's always gonna be someone out there that will end up upsetting you in one way or another.
That's just how life is.

No. 174817

Honestly, this entire fight is essentially just MF being a massive hypocrite who lacks any self-awareness.

No. 174819

To Americans either nothing short of actively declaring your desire to lynch PoC is racist, or literally everything is. Part of why race is still such a massive issue here is because of extremism from both sides.

No. 174821

The media doesn't help either. They love to hype up anything involving racial tensions.

No. 174823

God, both those girls are an embarrassing joke. Both PP and Tak combined with MF are like drama magnets

No. 174830

File: 1441397436443.jpg (35.67 KB, 308x290, disgruntled old man.jpg)

>mfw people in this country still say negro

Americans would explode.

No. 174845

SJWs aren't representative of how Americans view race. Most Americans are pretty racist, actually.

No. 174847

What country? In some countries, its just their word for black and not a racial slur like it us in the US.

No. 174857

Some of the most racist shit said to me has come from SJW types. I've literally been told that my perspective as a black person on issues regarding my own race isn't valid by white SJWs because I'm the only/one of the only PoC that have ever disagreed with their extremist persecution complexes. No matter how trivial the issue (most of the worst has been over shit like Disney nitpicks) I've got some white bitch calling me self hating, ignorant to my own heritage, etc. They can get vicious as fuck too, I've been called a disgusting Uncle Tom (again, by a white person) for saying there's nothing wrong with whites cosplaying black characters as long as they don't do blackface, and how it made me sad that people were scared to because i think it's nice seeing whites like and relate enough to PoC characters to dress as them.

No. 174860


Lol, I just remembered how FOX and a shitton of people were trying to say Dylan Roof was targeting Christians, not blacks.

No. 174862

Oh shit we need more details anon. They've always rubbed me the wrong way but I've never been able to place it beyond being friends with Jenni.

No. 174866

File: 1441402272992.png (902.19 KB, 593x591, learntoeyebrow.png)

For real. She's slim and proportional but looks like fucking Baba Yaga

No. 174869

you're talking about saku/cheyenne, who is just as insane and vindictive as MF so it's hard to believe anything she says either. AFAIK TATTO and her bf didn't get together till after he dumped saku but she was pissed about it so she tells people he cheated on her.

No. 174873

More deets on saku being like MF??

No. 174878

I really wish that JJ was still nuts. That will always be my favorite MF drama. Anyone else remember that shit throwing contest?

No. 174880

I don't have anything specific but her last relationship crumbled because of her toxic behavior

No. 174882

MF is the only girl I actively want to have sex with and I will never understand it

No. 174884

Please love yourself

No. 174903

Shortening "I am" to "I'm" is triggering my delicate nature

No. 174904


Yes, so vindictive and insane that no one's heard from /for years/.

No. 174909

if you're friends with or know her on any capacity then you'd understand how nutbag she is but she doesn't actively participate in cosplay culture that much anymore so she dropped off of cgl radars.

No. 174911

"no one's heard from /for years/"

What part of any of that means friends?

No. 174915

did you miss the "or know her in any capacity" part of the post? jesus.

No. 174919

Damn anon what did she do to you? AFAIK she hates Jenni just like the rest of us, I don't know if I would consider that vindictive.

No. 174921

Way to derail

No. 174929

nothing to me, I used to have her on twitter a few years ago and it was a trainwreck. left that shit behind and I doubt she's gotten any better. "as vindictive as MF" might have been overkill but she's still not someone I'd trust about any shit talking.

No. 175030

File: 1441424151452.png (115.94 KB, 596x683, kek.png)

I fucking hate twitter's new display for replies, it makes it difficult to view the chain in one go.

No. 175052

hell yeah shintaro kago

No. 175081

Awww yeah u go gurl

No. 175091

File: 1441438206741.gif (782.51 KB, 400x225, 1439341538948.gif)

Yesssssss put her in her place

No. 175188

Could someone please Tweet both Jess and Jenni the cap of Jenni asking how to do blackface so she could be "African Goddess Brown"?

No. 175248


No. 175257

If MF really hates Jess then why did she sold her costume to her in the first place?

No. 175261

File: 1441476018004.jpg (145.47 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

Jenni looks busted as fuck. I don't blame her for never smiling. Damn.

No. 175275

publicity. had we not told jnig about jenni's gossiping, jnig probably wouldn't have found out. on the other hand, jenni knew that jnig would promo the shit out of her if she sold jnig that cosplay.

No. 175302

Yeah, someone needs to call her out on how disgusting it is that she used her like that.

Didn't someone say they were going to compile all of Jenni's past questionable racial comments and make a Tumblr call out or something?

No. 175316

Aren't you just mad people want nothing to do with you, Jason, or Jenni anymore, Tattoo? You only call "vindictive" because no one wanted to waste time on you, so you made it up to get attention back.

No. 175343

I really like that squid kid wig.

No. 175345

Silly, Skye. That's a story about you, not anyone else :)

No. 175353

never said I liked the rest of them either, they cause just as much shit. I've just heard conflicting stories from sakus side since she's batshit. but ok. whatever you want to believe, anon.

No. 175362

Yeah she's has bad teeth and her bird nose isn't doing her any justice either
Speaking of splatoon has she even played the game yet?

No. 175371

You sound mad.

No. 175386

Her room mate just got it a couple weeks ago (WAY after she did Callie) and she plays it every once in a while.

Nothing will ever top the story of someone asking her at ax which team she was rooting for during the first splatfest (while she was in Callie) and she didn't know what she was taking about.

No. 175387

that sounds amazing
do you have the full story? or was this heard through the grapevine?

No. 175463

>basing on hearsay

No. 175779

So, has Mostflogged learned this time?

No. 175781

new anon here but saku/cheyenne literally is a psychotic bitch. i've known her for years and i've met few people who were more two-faced and awful. mostflogged is shit, too, and so is tatto. they all deserve each other.

No. 175799

Who is this person and how are they so awful? No one has posted any details.

No. 175800

I highly doubt it

No. 175892

Doubt it

No. 176410

File: 1441666425929.png (48.32 KB, 573x318, ddc20d2aaca9c9ab72512f79f5f255…)

I know it's not MF but this shit had me laughing. On top of a group of people complaining on twitter about their store's futanari hat being cultural appropriation. The same shit Jenni just called Nigri out for. >>174362

No. 176413

File: 1441666607147.png (122.82 KB, 600x793, dfab7df79974b0831d8e9b9c7150e0…)

No. 176416

>then you zero in on the one fuck in some dumb xxxl shirt that says "SENPAII" with an inverted cross and this hat, and you resign right there

too true though

No. 176475


No. 176510

This person sounds like a whiny faggot tbh, but I hate MF so whatever

No. 176566

File: 1441684180941.jpg (7.26 KB, 480x360, filthyfrank.jpg)

For some reason her expression here makes me think of filthy frank

No. 176573

Fucking really? Tumblr, shut up. You don't even know what you're talking about. Do they believe traps and cross-dressing in anime/manga is transphobic too?

No. 176574

It's definitely a fetish, but nothing to do with trans people.

No. 176576

I say negro because it's spanish for the color black. Deal with it, tumblr.

No. 176577

File: 1441685142532.jpg (573.74 KB, 1080x1080, Data_takes_the_stand.jpg)

>Not I am

No. 176578

Is that the same Chris married to Carrie Wink?

No. 176836

While I'm glad they're not doing the shitty manga-style contour bullshit, those eyebrows are so bad on both of them. Her personality doesn't fit Yasuho either.

No. 176852

I wasn't talking about Spain at all. Where I am from people still use the word Negro in reference to African people.
There's nothing tumblr about it, tumblr probably doesn't even know my country exists.

No. 176883

I tried supporting the BLM movement and was told by a few black people that it's probably because I want a black boyfriend/am fetishizing blacks.

So literally being white an acknowleging poc in any way, whether positiviely or negatively, will be seen as racist.

No. 176905

Then let them stew in their own bullshit.

No. 177238

this is the biggest crock of bullshit i've ever heard. "fetishizing blacks" because you tried supporting blm lmaoooooo

anon, you don't understand! all of this drama is just people trying to attack mf and make her look bad. 0m0 she is actually a perfect, sweet, gentle, beautiful animu goddessu. uwu

No. 177250

>0m0 she is actually a perfect, sweet, gentle, beautiful creamy animu goddessu. uwu

Fixed that for you.

No. 177302

There's always going to be people you offend no matter what your stance on anything is, especially with issues like race. There's some PoC who pretty much want separate but equal. I kind of understand why some people don't trust supportive whites (I have met quite a few white guys trying to pick up black chicks at rallies and some of the most racist things ever said to me have been by SJWs who think they are in a position to hostily tell me off for my beliefs not being horribly radical because ~black friends~) but exercising caution is different than just being a dick and thinking that's the sole motivation anyone could have.

Thanks for supporting my people, by the way. <3

No. 177304

They do, actually

No. 178771

Well that new drama fizzled out fast and was slightly disappointing.

No. 179307

It could have been glorious if JNug hadn't stopped contributing. MF was still bitching two days after JNig's last tweet on the issue.

It would probably be reignited if someone were to Tweet Jenni the cap of her asking how to do blackface. I'm sure shed flip shit at being called out in her hypocrisy.

No. 179792

someone dooo it.

No. 180087

omg "jap" is not the same as just shortening a word dumbass it's historically a racial slur https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jap

No. 180096

I cringe when people don't realize 'jap' and 'JP' are not the same thing.

No. 180099

Historically, sure.

But what if you're from a different country and you didn't have that? Intentions should have a bearing, too.

And it's still just a shortening, without the demeaning intentions. If a person really dislikes a particular word, I'd avoid saying it even if it was 'banana', but it's ridiculous when people who aren't even the ethnicity they get outraged for start as if it was impossible for someone to use a word without malicious intent.

No. 180332

not being completely ignorant helps.

No. 180340

I feel like with the historical context, it's fine for non-Japanese to be offended by that word.

No. 180362

You can take offence at anything, and other people can also not care. If you do get outraged when there's no malicious intent, then your priority is to show you've got the higher moral ground, rather than calmly explaining why something might be offensive or hurtful.

No. 180468

File: 1442447712639.jpg (162.47 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

I feel like she's actually getting worse at makeup as time goes on

No. 180500

That looks pretty accurate for the character

No. 180552


Bitch needs to leave my waifu Jolyne alone.

No. 180580

Are you missing the eyebrow situation that's going on?

No. 180597

Frank is a happa God. They're not comparable.

No. 180949

Yeahhh I'm white too and not long ago I shared a video on Facebook supporting BLM. My reason for doing it is that I have a lot of ignorant, blatantly racist family members on my friend list who keep posting about on Facebook how black people deserve what they get for commiting crimes, and macros saying things like "I choose to support our police and not criminals" and "police lives matter". The video was really informing and explained a lot of misconceptions white people had about it, and I wanted them to see it without sending it directly to them because I knew they'd blow up at me.

But I got a message from a girl who went to my high school (she wasn't black, but Hispanic) and she told me I was obviously seeking attention/fishing for likes by publically supporting a poc cause. I politely told her about my racist ass family and how I was indirectly targeting the video to them so they would shut the fuck up, and she deleted me as a friend.

You can't please everybody.

No. 180958

Bitch needs to also leave jJBS alone, holy shit she's fucking ruining it, especially. Jolene. Like girl seriously, GTFO

No. 180959

**JJBA fuck I hate my phone
But yeah, bitch needs to leave my fave series alone

No. 181189

File: 1442623302643.jpeg (92.38 KB, 640x686, image.jpeg)

Twitter just recommended this tweet to me.

No. 181193

File: 1442624037465.png (316.37 KB, 581x373, worm.png)

LOL last night one of Taki's friends tweeted this at the girl who made this tweet and a whole bunch of those little twerps ganged up on her (mariahmallad)

Can I propose a thread that's MF clan general? Possibly merging it with the psychedelicpaprika thread on snow. Taki, yirico, and co are so obnoxious

No. 181197

I agree with this!

No. 183445

with it being prominent during a world war, there's something to be considered: "world". involving the entire world. every country is in the world. so being "from a different country" has no validity

No. 183446

oh no, please burn it

No. 183473

>ignorant white girl
that girls profile literally says she's arabic

No. 183501

God, all of them are psychos trying to kiss each other's asses and riding coattails

No. 183504

yes pls make the thread there is so much to discuss

No. 183714

File: 1442776573795.png (24.28 KB, 585x195, likeshit.png)

Would you guys actually want one? I feel like I'm the only person on here who's interested in them acting like fools (despite /cgl/ bitching about them always). I don't know if I'm organized enough to gather the info for a thread OP, though.

Anyways, interestingly enough…

No. 183715

File: 1442776603193.png (344.93 KB, 589x589, makorins.png)

However, this was not the case with that spongebob tweet from earlier.

No. 183777

File: 1442784318611.gif (993.29 KB, 451x332, anigif_enhanced-buzz-23846-139…)

what a piece of shit hypocrite omfg
Taki wasn't like this before tho
>I like to think Drew broke up with her because deep down he knew she was psycho

No. 183796

You're doing pretty well so far, anon.

No. 184235

this girl is a world-class violinist, so…

No. 184388

File: 1442911973510.jpg (246.08 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

This is the most juvenile MySpace thing I have ever seen.

No. 184389

File: 1442912076369.jpg (235.75 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Not to mention how wildly professional their tweets are. I'm all for keeping your (taobao reselling) brand you, but they take it so obnoxiously far. They should consider taking classes on marketing or something bc frankly It looks like a 14 year old runs their company

No. 184604

I don't see what makes this any worse than any other "company" (take that with a big grain of salt but still) considering their style and what they're selling. Not my style but I don't see the big problem or why you hate it soooooo much aside from "MF fronts it"

Not just these posts but a lot of what I'm seeing complained about here seems really graspy. This girl is some hypocritical tumblr shit but y'all need therapy from sitting on twitter hitting refresh.

No. 184621

Didn't Jenni go to school for marketing

No. 184785

So embarrassing. It's like she's trying to be hip and cool and edgy.

No. 184810

>I don't see what makes this any worse than any other "company" (take that with a big grain of salt but still) considering their style and what they're selling. Not my style but I don't see the big problem or why you hate it soooooo much aside from "MF fronts it"
Different anon and not trying to be rude, but you don't get it because you don't know much about business and marketing. In business classes, the first thing they emphasize is being professional when doing anything related to your company. Even people who run stripper clothing stores know to be professional and not type like a 13 year old Tumblrina when posting to their professional pages, it's so basic that I can't even say it's Business 101. Personally, I think the most unprofessional thing about her Tweets is that she has no problem having ridiculous Twitter wars on her main account, which she also uses for ATS. I was actually considering getting one of the Madoka necklaces, despite her being a tool, until she had that thing with Jess. It's a huge red flag for a seller to bring completely unnecessary drama to an account they also use for their company.

No. 184893

also diff anon but the accounts are separate? she retweets stuff from ats since I assume she's trying to spread the word but as far as I'm seeing ats doesn't tweet anything other than clothes/company related stuff, her account is only as connected as any one else who also retweets ats tweets so I don't really understand what you mean

honestly I don't think many people even know she's attached to ats at all, most people here didn't until someone mentioned it

I guess she types like a tumblerina but that's clearly who she's trying to sell to, also plenty of companies not selling professional goods or on a "professional scale" type/use internet style language, so that argument doesn't really make any sense

No. 185035

That Tattoo chick is so revolting looking. I cringe every time I see her.

No. 185715

Oh so Skye and Jill (Zalora) are truly sisters. Cheaters.

No. 185722

Zal cheated too? Damn.

No. 186377

File: 1443458285421.jpg (166.91 KB, 682x1024, image.jpg)

God damn her eyebrows get worse with every photo

No. 186632

she looks old

No. 186817

She's not super young. Iirc she's 28 or 29 or something? She tweeted the other day about being almost 30 and still cosplaying high school girls.

No. 186821

Fucking dammit. When you have angular features don't fucking contour. It'll make you look older. I'm legit getting awkward Madonna vibes from >>186377.

No. 186831


She isn't old, but her makeup is making her look way older too.

No. 186978

File: 1443542535460.jpg (19.91 KB, 308x640, CH29lgBUsAAtrnd.jpg)


Yukako (the person she's cosplaying) is a high school student, but she makes her look like a drag queen. The heavy white lower lash line is a bit too much. The costume's mostly accurate (nitpicks are the skirt has too many ruffles and top is cropped a little shorter than normal) – her face just seems a bit angular because of her contouring, and as usual, her eyebrow game is overboard.

No. 186980

>she makes her look like a drag queen
It's a JJBA cosplay anon

No. 187000

Oh hey! This is me. This picture was from a while ago. Yeah, my nose really isn't the greatest but I've learned my way around camera angles a bit better now on the bright side.

I tried. I got pretty tired though when she called in her tumblr-y friends to lecture me on how they're a sociologist and how their theories of sociology-version racism are actual fact when most of sociology is opinionated theory.

No. 187008

Does this bitch have a job? Or a life?

No. 187009

lol, my thoughts exactly.

No. 187370

I don't know what you were using, but it looks like you have some barrelling effect going on there, making your nose bigger than it could be (the eyes as well). Generally, the distance between the brow line and the bottom of the nose is the same as the one between the bottom of the nose and the end of the chin, but that's not the case there.

No. 187394

last I heard, she has a job
>"half goes to bills and the other towards cosplay"

No. 187466


I was using a crappy iPhone 4 camera at the time and didn't really know how to flatter my face, but I find that it looks a little better in my recent pictures in spite of me having an unfortunate german nose. Thank you for your advice though, I'll take the barreling effect into consideration when I'm taking random snaps of myself in the future.

No. 187542

She used to work at some tea place iirc but quit her job to do her taobao resellin– I mean, her "Ceo position" full time. That's how she's able to spend a month or two at a time in SoCal.

No. 187553

I wasn't criticising your appearance by the way, I don't know whether it was clear. I don't see anything wrong with your nose, but if you want to minimise it, taking a trial photo of something you know to be square to see where the barrelling effect occurs would help you.

I've tried iPhone 4 cameras before, they seem to make everything in the middle puff up.

No. 187718

Don't worry anon, you don't sound offensive at all. I really appreciate your helpful advice.

No. 187742

File: 1443764894394.jpg (99.41 KB, 525x800, wicked_ways_by_mostflogged-d3e…)

I'm gonna be real disappointed if this is the only "nude" she has floating around

No. 187743

File: 1443765138283.jpg (263.74 KB, 903x1376, BRIGHTERANDFAPPABLEwicked_ways…)

Also here I adjusted the image so you can make out the tit.

No. 187755

There's another one from that shoot on anonib that shows her front.

No. 188689

Another diff anon chiming in, but isn't this her store's account? >>184388 I know people starting businesses for niche subcultures think it's fun and quirky to type like the stereotype of their demographic group but it rarely works for your advantage. It doesn't bring you "closer" to your group, it just makes you lose all authority in their eyes because you don't feel professional and thus trustworthy enough.

But otherwise holy shit all that 2007 scene garbage. Lasercut diamond necklaces haven't been a thing in years, melty stuff and studded caps were big in 2013 and does anyone even wear those heart chokers anymore? The whole promo poster just reeks of tryhard, especially with the "anime trash swag" tagline that's probably trying to be ironic but that's pretty much what this is.

No. 188772

They seem to cater to weaboos of the darker-skinned African descent and other trash that are behind in the times, so it oddly fits.

I agree that they're extremely tryhard and I would never buy anything from them. It's extremely tacky.

No. 190473

File: 1444420265591.jpg (419.81 KB, 1936x1936, image.jpg)

Masks make her look so fucking derpy, especially with her god awful teeth. Why would she ever post these?

I also love that she brags every year about """"working""" at the koto booth.. Except koto takes so freaking many volunteers every con, they have literally ten-fifteen cosplayers every day. and their only compensation is a couple free figures that didn't sell at the con.

No. 190476

She is 25

No. 190495

shes 27

No. 190573

Apparently NYCC is terrible since some dude tried to take her pic on public transportation, she made a scene and some lady called her a tramp.
Oh and cat calling. I just hope she gets beat again.

No. 190575


She looks hideous.

No. 190975

File: 1444472822517.jpg (194.74 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

She VOLUNTEERED to work at the koto booth, in costume. She ASKED to be standing in front of their sign all day, and is mad when passer bys at the con snap a photo of her? Kind of ridiculous. You're not in the con hallway taking to friends eating your lunch. You agreed to work there, don't whine when people are too aspie to ask or you're already posing and they don't want to stop walking.

No. 191002

File: 1444492725244.jpg (22.82 KB, 218x266, 1438886255664.jpg)

She's been cosplaying for ages. This happens all the time at cons. wtf is she even complaining about?
Dumb attention whore.

No. 191528

Oh MF. I do believe that women should be able to wear whatever they want and still have their privacy and personal boundaries respected. But, when you're in public in an obviously shitty wig, unusual outift that reveals various parts of your anatomy, and crude layers of makeup, people will take notice. It's the same as people taking pictures of train wrecks and car accidents without asking; it's because it's a bizarre thing to witness.

Plus, her personality seems abrasive and off putting. She seems loud and ill informed. That's scary and intimidating to the people who are socially awkward, and that's the people she constantly surrounds herself with. Maybe instead of being combative, approach some of the random guys and say "I'm sure the photo you took wasn't that great because of the lighting, or my face was weird, would you like one that's posed?" Nip that shit in the bud and maybe these guys will either be embarrassed and think twice about doing it again, or encouraged to ask for a photo once they see it's not hard to do.

But it's whatever.

No. 191882

i dunno why it's considered normal to take photos without asking. Even if she's working a booth/standing in a sign, it's still common courtesy to ask. I don't like MF either, but she does deserve something as simple as asking for a photo.

No. 191883

>comparing car accidents to asking a person for a photo
I agree with mostly all of your post aside from that though. Instead of getting upset of the dudes taking photos of her, I would call them out and say something. I dunno. she seems whiny, though I can understand a bit why she'd be upset.

No. 191910

Adam worked for NASA? Doing what? I thought he sits resells shit on ebay and craigslist? He seems like a cool guy, but way to concerned about whiteknighting his feminist posse. Him and Jenni living together just boggles my mind.

No. 191923

I disagree to an extent. I think the polite thing to do is always ask BUT, I can see it from the attendee side where these girls are pretty much just objects along with the rest of the booth. They are ONLY there for sex appeal/get guys interested.

What I don't get about MF and this hobby and its neo-feminist bullshit. Why the fuck do you think ANY vendor whether it's comic, anime, or game want women to volunteer to booth babe? You're eye-candy, models, a face with no inherent value to anyone outside of those hours on the floor. It's a complete novelty, especially for vendors who make a large killing off of their sexualized merchandise. You signed yourself up for it. These girls have been going to cons across the country for years and try to act oblivious to what their doing is so hypocritical. All those prints of you provocatively posed for in next to nothing that you sell on store envy? Who do you THINK is buying them? Do you think dudes jerk off more respectfully to you because of your "dedication" to the hobby?

No. 192047

This! Obviously no one deserves to be disrespected, but if you're going to volunteer to be a booth babe basically, you take the shit that comes with it- like thirsty ass niggas.

No. 192078


I think I wouldn't mind trying out to be a booth babe. I love meeting new people. My part time job involves me sitting in a booth talking to people anyways. I guess the sexualization aspect isn't the greatest but that's where the money comes from lol

No. 192101

You sound like a stupid slut

No. 192102

The only people you're going to be meet are grimy neckbeards. Have some self respect.

No. 192115

if the pay is worth it, go for it. The neckbeards enjoy the illusion of you being attainable amd you get their money. Everybody wins.

Farmers here will tell you to keep your dignity but there is nothing wrong with using your sexuality to earn money as long as you're safe about it. Enjoy it while it lasts because you won't be able to do it forever.

No. 192539

File: 1444854270615.jpeg (41 KB, 477x319, image.jpeg)


No. 192560

I'd say do it if you're offered, anon. Salty uggo-chans are just mad that they're not qt enough to be chosen.

I've done it at multiple conventions before, and it's pretty fun. It does get tiring standing for 8+ hours and handing out flyers, but for $800 and a free badge for 3 days work… Not a big deal. The company I work for gives me a ton of free crap, too. They are quite the large company though, so I guess it wouldn't be expected of smaller booth owners.

You do definitely get the autists and neckbeards, and you have to be nice no matter what… But fellow booth babes and booth owners have ALWAYS had my back and bailed me out any time a creepy guy tried holding a long conversation or tried to touch me.

Srsly though if you don't mind missing out on the con for 8 hours a day, I say do it and rake in the cash.

Sage because unrelated. I don't really follow this thread, but I have no idea how people find her attractive… Shes quite ugly imo. How did she get popular in the first place?

No. 192717


Yeahhhh I don't remember him ever working for NASA, he's always made money off selling shit online. Hell, when he was married to Jessie he didn't even live in the U.S., he was trying to get his green card marriage visa bs all sorted out and was in Canada most of the time. Pretty sure that's why she went around banging other dudes.

No. 192728

um no, she's famous but her technique is pretty atrocious. she has good showmanship but that's about it

No. 192752

She looks bad here. What is her race/ethnicity?

No. 192798

gremlin witch from under a toadstool

No. 192799

tbh im the one that posted this and i feel bad now

No. 192991

File: 1444958715372.jpg (163.47 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

>fake piercing
Have you ever been so try hard…

No. 193013

she's white/japanese
every weebs dream

No. 193025

so trashy. she looks like the kind of girl who lets her bf cum in her without a condom

No. 193068

Apparently this "store" http://arsenicxcyanide.tumblr.com/
Found out where ~anime trash swag~ outsources their Chinese made snapbacks etc and now everyone in that group is butthurt.
It's hilarious because they're saying these newer items are boring when its the same shit. Literally. https://twitter.com/takisiski/status/654848869616873472

No. 193083

She's a really unfortunate looking haffu

No. 193139

Woah it's literally the exact same items, these girls are delusional as fuck
it's unsettling

>I honestly hope this hurts their sales

No. 193151

i lol'd

her face shape is so… unique. i don't know what to say. i think if she didnt have a hook nose it would be better. she's not horribly ugly or anything.

No. 193152

i know its probably just stereotype but often times, haffus (white+asian) are pretty cute
or maybe its just that those are the only ones that get attention for being haffu -.-

No. 193155

It's just the cute ones that get attention. I've seen some busted looking halfus.

No. 193396

Moved to >>>/snow/44761.

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