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File: 1637519691845.jpg (65.43 KB, 735x736, 75af4964276728643e8c199d15356d…)

No. 974552

"There are naive questions, tedious questions, ill-phrased questions, questions put after inadequate self-criticism. But every question is a cry to understand the world. There is no such thing as a dumb question." -Carl Sagan. He was lying.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/958960

No. 974560

File: 1637520217820.jpg (177.93 KB, 640x920, 7b85f24062fb9b35d6ef2bbb8e853b…)

How do I build up patience effectively?
I wanna do things without feeling I'm gonna explode in anger or snapping at others and later regretting it.

No. 974593

I sexted with a guy today and when the scene moved onto cunnilingus he said he's stick his tongue IN me as deep as he can. He isn't a virgin so it really made me raise my eyebrows, does anyone find this combination of words hot?

No. 974629

No, dude watches too much porn

No. 974678

That sounds more like fanfic lingo to me tbh

No. 974683

Literally slow down everything, including your thinking, feeling emotion, and reactions. If you need to say something, stop and take your time. People can wait for your response
Nope, sounds gross as fuck and I would tell him so, but tbh it's probably just awkward being awkward

No. 974685

I think there's a dead mouse/rat behind my stove. Can't really tell, but it looks sort of petrified and I see a tail sticking out. This is the first time I've had one in my apartment. Do I just sweep it out with my broom and throw it away? Are there any sanitary protocols I should take since it could have diseases or something?

No. 974695

I was just wondering if I was not with the times and this is something people do or this was how porn portrays pussy-eating like >>974629 said. I feel like I'll have to teach him a lot of this goes on, he can say some pretty awkward stuff, but usually at least I know where he gets the idea from.

No. 974696

Are most leftists pro or anti surrogacy?

No. 974701

"Her body, her choice, no matter what and what circumstaces uwu" is what I always hear

No. 974704

I’d pick it up with a latex glove and throw it out if it were me, then just clean the area with some antibacterial cleaner. You can often push your stove away from the wall a bit to get better access.

No. 974707

unless it's a vaccine

No. 974709

Learn about and practice mindfulness. It’s a skill like anything else.

No. 974716

is it sloppy to not wear a bra? do you think people notice/judge?

i haven’t worn a bra in a couple years because it’s uncomfortable, i have small boobs and i just don’t give a fuck. but lately i’ve been trying to look more polished and “put together” more socially acceptable i guess. i never thought anybody noticed or cared but maybe i’m wrong. should i wear a bra more often? or does it not matter?

No. 974717

Is it true that if you're close to 30, gynos usually refuse to prescribe birth control for you even if you ask them?

No. 974719

go back to your containment thread

No. 974720

No. 974724

> is it sloppy to not wear a bra?
> do you think people notice/judge?
However it depends. If you feel judged (you might not be), want to be comfortable and "look put together" you can try bralettes or very comfortable sports bras

No. 974725

Honestly as long as you're not wearing a skin tight, see-through shirt in a more formal setting it's fine.

They do notice tho, even when you have small breasts. I have my nipples pierced and yea, everyone notices now lol

No. 974761

I would say that most are anti surrogacy as they see it as an unbalanced class dynamic: rich person pays a poor woman from a poor country to carry their child for nine months and we know that pregnancy is pretty scary stuff. Most of the time, it's poor women who have no other choice that resort to this, barring some altruistic motives of a friend of a relatively infertile woman.

No. 974766

Can you actually tell you're not wearing a bra? I have small boobs and I find with any decently thick or structured fabric you can't even tell. I think visible nipples are generally not socially acceptable but otherwise I don't see the issue.

No. 974774

What are some good reasons to recover from diagnosed anorexia and gain weight? Every time I eat I feel gross and dirty and right now I feel like I'm only doing it to keep other people happy and not lose my job.

No. 974775

not to mention that gay men- i mean "mlm" are holy and therefore entitled to having a blood related child. also le evil cissies are oppressing transwo men by being able to give birth so they should absolutely be turned into baby making factories. something something exploitation is empowering something hashtag girlboss.

No. 974782

You think? It's usually more noticeable when girls with small to average boobs don't wear bras since their nipples are usually harder and higher up where as bigger boob girls tend to have lower and softer nipples so it's not as noticable

I go out anyway with no bra since bra sizing is too much of a hassle and makes me feel uncomfortable even with the "correct" sizing. Maybe it's because I buy these big itchy bulky bras? Idk. Sports bras or braless is my go to

No. 974787

I honestly never notice if someone's not wearing a bra so I'm def not an authority. I can only talk about my own boobs and I make sure my nipples don't show, since they don't move a lot either that's why I assume nobody notices.

But since anons are all so confident that people can tell you're braless I'm a bit worried kek. I like the comfort but I don't want anyone noticing.

No. 974790

Not dying and not having brain damage by malnutrition

No. 974804

Teeth rotting and falling out

No. 974807

Maybe try researching on all the vital impact that nutrients have on your organs. Then translate those nutrients to the foods that contain them. Try to eat natural, real food (Vegetables, seeds, legumes, eggs, fruits, nuts)

No. 974821

Your bones will become brittle and weak from malnutrition, and you'll suffer from bone loss and eventually osteoporosis. You know who gets that? Old people and troons. You wanna be a fucking troon?

No. 974830

i haven’t worn a bra regularly for 7 years, i just stopped giving a fuck. ill wear one if i have to go to a wedding or funeral or something but that’s about it. live ur life

No. 974834

File: 1637548524034.jpeg (454.96 KB, 923x688, F071F315-36BB-4740-8BC5-73BC48…)

Who is this sexy ass

No. 974839

Not sure the name but he’s from kuroko no basuke

No. 974847

I think his name is Murasakibara

No. 974870

File: 1637551652020.gif (297.4 KB, 960x540, 385D7088-8EBF-4CA3-92D2-4CD7E4…)

this mf is 2 meters tall his dick will destroy you

No. 974871

Aomine is hotter

No. 974876

Thank u nonas


No. 974879

>Pull is for straight women and lolcow is for lesbians/bi women
Is this true? cause i don't see it, it seems straight women are still the majority even on here, i think that's pretty obvious

No. 974884

PULL is full of they thems that are actually straight women who wanna be kweer

No. 974886

then he's perfect

No. 974891

If the poll we had in the fujo thread is anything to go by, we're fairy evenly distributed, with bi the most and lesbian the least. The results were as following:
Lesbian: (IIIII)(IIIII)I

No. 974899

pretty sure PULL is dead…?

No. 974916

No? Ppl complaining about their dogshit bf been the majority since the beginning of time. Maybe the lesbians are unrepresented bc they aren't suicidal over their relationship constantly idk.

No. 974920

reposting cause didn't get an answer last time
why does my phone keep saying that i'm running out of storage space when i barely have anything on it to begin with? i already tried deleting some apps, clearing the cache, went through the internal storage section in settings, and only have 1 pic saved but it still keeps telling me this. and some apps cannot be uninstalled anyway though i tried disabling them

No. 974930


No. 974972

any based schizo-chans learn how to manange their schisms without antis?
i had psychosis for a year and it only comes back if i am very stressed and sleep-deprived. i only drink or smoke socially, might quit altogether since i am not that attached to it. i am practicing mindfulness techniques.
since i don't think it's that bad, i recognize when i am hallucinating, i don't want to be prescribed shit that will destroy my brain and body long-term and make me completely reliant on it, and have everyone think of me as crazy and dismiss everything that might bother me as a result of a diagnosis.

No. 974977

My old Huawei is like this as well, I want to know too.

No. 974983

Why is this so true? Straight women and their ghoul bfs are infesting every board and media

No. 975005

Why do so many people care about the Kardashians? They have produced nothing of value yet they are apparently huge influences when it comes to fashion and shit like that.

No. 975019

i was reading about the town hall and i see anons mentioning 2x board. where is it? what is it?

No. 975040

I got sick and totally lost my voice. Aside from losing my voice I feel quite okay. Is there anything that works for you to make it better faster? I need to go to classes and have oral exams soon.

No. 975046

Schizo with negative symptoms here. Will never take anti psychotics again and I'm glad you don't take them either! I can live relatively normal without meds and therapy now, I have a normal job and pass as a normie imo I'm just a little bit… Confused sometimes haha. Yoga and qigong were a godsend, going outside daily, eating healthy, being kind to myself helped big times as well. Also journaling to get the crazy thoughts out of my head.

No. 975050

It's hidden, you have to type it in to get to it. It's for gender crit and pink pill anons

Sipping warm tea and a spoon of honey usually help. Good luck

No. 975073

Do trans terfs exist? I'm not talking self hating ones like blaire white btw, given blaire is conservative.

No. 975077

Detrans terfs yeah

No. 975091

what happened when you took them? i known one woman who used them and she was on autopilot the whole time. no emotions whatsoever… that's a no from me, i can still enjoy my life. i quit a wagie job where i was experiencing the hallucinations. they were of my coworkers saying outrageous things to me, and i knew they were unreal but didn't fully understand it back then. i laughed it off or looked confused and said what, joked back sometime. i wouldn't have done anything bad since i am a peaceful person, but it still scared people. this is why i'd want to keep this to myself and avoid medical records of it, people don't understand. they think everybody with any schizo type disorder sees dragons and wants to do a mass shoot murder suicide.

No. 975143

Truscum? Or whatever they call themselves?

No. 975214

How easily can one get addicted to prescription pain killers? I'm getting my wisdom teeth out soon and last time I got them out I didn't even bother picking up the prescription strength painkillers (because of fear) and learned I could take ibuprofen and tylenol together and it was doable enough. Is my fear of addiction overblown or justified? I don't think anyone in my family has a history of opioid addiction, but a lot of people are drinkers (but I can't stand alcohol).

I grew up with my dad being nonchalant about literally everything I did but he stressed the fuck out of avoiding drugs, and in science class we used to get shown episodes of intervention so I've been scared about it ever since lol.

No. 975221

This is how my opioid addiction started, painkillers from all my wisdom teeth being removed. Always exercise caution with narcotics

No. 975262

How could a tranny be part of a trans-exclusive movement?

No. 975281

Would anyone use a sadcat filter app if I made one? Sick of loading up Photoshop to make edits, thought it would be cool to make an app instead but only if others would use it.

No. 975284

Anon I can't tell if you're joking or not…

No. 975286

Is anyone going to make a friend finder thread and can it be on 2X

No. 975289

Yes, on autopilot describes it perfectly. And I would never tell a doctor you have hallucinations, you just get pumped with meds. I saw so many medicated schizos and there souls were with God. Super creepy stuff. Only meds I would take in an emergency situation are benzos.

No. 975301

File: 1637598157459.jpg (268.89 KB, 1080x1236, Screenshot_20211122_172108.jpg)

I've seen some gc british hons and some "transmasc" radfem zoomers on twitter

No. 975311

nayrt but what is it? I've tried typing in several things but can't find it

No. 975313

No. 975314

What in the hell is with the sperging lately

No. 975325

anon, chilllllll. the painkillers they’re gonna give you aren’t even the kind that get you high, it’s like tylenol mixed with a small amount of opioids. if you get addicted to pills because of this you were probably gonna get addicted anyways

No. 975345

File: 1637599982819.png (815.99 KB, 957x776, 555pd4.png)

Ok, idk if I'm being autistic here so I'll just check:

>be me

>have an online friend on twitter
>the way my friend circle and I use twitter is that when we're online, we check a bit what others posted, like some stuff, share some stuff, the usual
>this is how the online friend used it too, more or less
>we're both online artists
>she tweets A LOT (like 50 tweets a day), and blogs a lot
>she talks to me for hours sometimes
>recently: I pop up online and interact with her stuff, she is online but ignores my stuff
This just gives me a bad vibe. My bf says some people just leave others on read for days, but this feels different.

She had such phases earlier, at one point even whined how all her friends abandoned her and how no one wants her art because literally no one comissions her. She told me it depends on her moods, but she has no problems talking with a non-artist friend.

Do I just stop caring or am I reading too much into it?

No. 975357

Well, that's why I asked. I wanted to know if someone so contradictory to themselves existed

No. 975368

Thanks nona kek guess I'll take the chance

No. 975436

why do my clothes dry stiff when i hand wash them?
t. poorfag

No. 975441

File: 1637605449560.jpeg (5.77 KB, 472x260, images - 2021-11-22T202304.935…)

Where the fuck do I find the romaji to the polish cow song? I wanna sing it out like weebs who sing anime OPs without knowing shit about nipponese.
I'm serious. Help, nonnas.

No. 975453

I'm bored nona. I can try and write it for you but don't be mad if it's shit

No. 975454

>>975441 im polish nonna and i really wish i could help you somehow, there is not a lot of "sz" and "cz" or other things that you apparently can't say in there

No. 975459

Do you add fabric softener and do you dry them in the air because a clothes dryer makes the clothes more soft too

No. 975465

File: 1637606772725.jpeg (36.95 KB, 463x662, images - 2021-11-22T204458.075…)

Girl, I can't be mad when I'm desperate. Thanks in advance.
If I still can't spell it like >>975454 said, guess I will learn pronouncing Polish alphabets.

No. 975466

maybe have Google read you the words you have problem with and read some very basic guide to the Polish pronunciation. I believe in you!

No. 975470

Male cow milk? That's too lewd nona.

No. 975476

Have any of you ever spilled coffee on your laptop? Did you manage to save it? I did and now my laptop has faulty keyboard i.e. it either doesn't register me pressing keys or it outputs wrong letters. I'm taking it to the computer repair shop but I'm in panic mode right now. I don't want to lose my laptop.

No. 975482

It's just filled with water. He likes swimming so he is a water enthusiast. Don't lewd Makoto.

No. 975492

Did you disassemble it at all? Or just cleaned the top of it off? I spilled water on mine many times and it's still working well. If you take a good care of it now it can be fine maybe your keyboard will need replacing. If you feel confident you can look up a disassembly vid for your model on your phone and follow along to make sure it's dry (don't ask me if it will void any warranty tho, I don't know. I just do whatever with mine since it's old) Just take out the battery before you do anything else.
If you don't feel confident you can always turn it off and wait for repair (When it first happened to me I put it open on my desk upside down so it wouldn't drip any further, sorry if that's autistic advice kek) There also is the possibility that your keyboard is held 'separate' from any other component so it's not as easy to cause bigger water damage, my model does that. You can then just screw it out and check what the situation is like

No. 975493

I just realized: you are a weeb, so maybe it will help you to know that Polish letters are pronounced like in romaji lyrics (like, most of them). So if you don't turn Sasuke into Saucegay, you should be fine

No. 975527

You didn't wash the detergent out

No. 975563

Thanks! I really hope so. It's a Thinkpad t440p and I've removed the back, and it seems to be untouched so it must be just the keyboard or at least I hope so. However, I have troubles with dissembling the keyboard as I lack the tools and I don't want to damage it so I'm still taking it to the repair shop. I really love my little thinkpad, I hope it makes it. It's been my best buddy for years.

No. 975594

I'm curious, I know 2x and cream and manure but are there any other hidden boards? I love reading them even if posting is pointless or impossible

No. 975596

Hope it all goes well anon

No. 975599

Thank you! I hope so too. I really hate myself for having butterfingers.

No. 975601

Because normies will gobble up generic personalities that media normalizes, it gives normies a sense of belonging to care about stuff what they perceive as stuff other people care about.

No. 975636

Is there a plugin that can block websites for me for a lengthy time? I have to cut my internet addiction and I'm starting with imageboards

No. 975641

File: 1637620503818.jpg (122.49 KB, 1280x720, jelly.jpg)

So, we all know the jelly gouache thing by now, but it got me thinking… Like, could I buy an ice mold with a lid (preferably silicon, maybe), use my regular gouache paints and just mix them and store it in the ice mold? Eventually watering it so it won't dry completely.
Could that work or is this just a stupid attempt and a waste of paint?

No. 975653

I don't think that's a good idea, the paint is best protected in its packaging, it will just dry out like this and you will waste paint. I don't get what's the point, is it for youtubers to have something pretty on their desk?

No. 975663

Has anyone successfully quit gacha games please I need help

No. 975665

File: 1637622696207.jpg (183.56 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

IDK About the OG jelly paint havers, but in my case I am just a hobbyist and sometimes I get too lazy to mix my paints to the exact color I want, so having them pre-mixed like that would be better and easier for me. But I'll try to find a solution, paint is very expensive here where I live so it would be cheaper to just buy basic color tubes (CMYK+white) and mix. The dilemma of the lazy 3rdworldfag

No. 975667

I used to play PPP everyday before it ended and had a fixation with trying to get every pull and I was doing pretty well. I didn't quit willingly but I missed some limited stuff and got huge fomo. My fomo makes me avoid the thing I have fomo about for some reason so I just avoided the game after that until it ended a few months after, so I guess It's just 'luck'

No. 975712

File: 1637626249009.png (2.05 MB, 1500x1002, thisIsYou.png)

Hey I did it. Halfway through writing it down I started feeling mega autistic but I promised to deliver. Later on I rolled with the autism and started making a karaoke video but I realized I don't even know if this is comprehensible at all so I figured I'd send you raw text instead
I hope this helps, anon! Enjoy your karaoke

https://pastebin.com/pcgLKzhd - text
https://pastebin.com/8417UFMx - reference

No. 975734

How do you seduce someone who's a 100x times more intelligent, smarter, interesting, funnier and just generally a much better person than you'll ever be?

No. 975742

Idk i would just manipulate them into thinking i'm the shit and then kill myself if they eventually find out the sad, sad truth

No. 975794

Does anyone have a good way of looking at their boyfriend's phone? Did you just ask or what?

No. 975807

Say hi and promptly have the worst conversation known to mankind

No. 975839

File: 1637643873675.jpg (95.88 KB, 736x736, a7904576af48dfea89342cc4c5fb7a…)

NTA but I love this and I love you kek I was vibing and mouthing the words!

No. 975861

What is Emma Chamberlain's deal? Is she a junkie or something?
I heard her name in an old vlog and realized I've never actually watched this huge YouTuber, so I checked her latest video and she seems super isolated and depressed,like she's doing a Jenna Marbles burnout speedrun.
Then I watched her top popular videos and saw she would often hang out with a dark haired girl obviously rolling on something because her pupils are ten times bigger than anyone else in the room. Turns out Emma C is only 20 so when she got popular she was 15/16? Idk why I care I'm just curious what happened to her, did she have scandals or get canceled for being skinny or rich and white or something?

No. 975864

I memorized his code and went through it
Snapchat is #1 and you can look through saved messages with suspicious people
#2 is to control + F SMS and Facebook messages
Photo gallery and #3 and don't be afraid to be a crazy gf if you catch him cheating. Air out his dirty laundry to these women, screenshot it and send it to yourself and his family and friends, tell all potential gfs, etc

Phone history is important too to make sure he isn't watching porn, if he's an expert cheater he will have different hidden apps and galleries for this reason

No. 975879

Is there a place where you can sumbit your writing for critique/tips?

No. 975887

fuck yes

No. 975889

1. Find out what they want
What are they missing?
What makes them feel good?
Imitate their friends, stay busy, learn the things they have and keep distance until you sort of catch up to an acceptable state close enough to their level

No. 975903

File: 1637652659941.jpeg (87.31 KB, 552x555, 14CF797C-4BF7-424E-8EBF-B7592B…)

Nonnies , how do I create a toxic work environment for a man at my job? He’s a scrawny manlet so I think that’s a good jumping off point.
I moreso want to start because he’s the ugliest mf in the establishment but boasts about how all the servers are flirting with him.
I just hate him, and seeing him talk about my beautiful and sweet coworkers who are way out of his league like that makes me seethe.

No. 975904

Great points, thank you! I have a strong feeling they like me but I'm horrible at social interactions and that also makes things harder for me

No. 975915

don't get into petty work drama, you will always regret it and it will end up making your life own miserable, as well as the lives of people who don't wanna be involved in this shit
people like me

No. 976050

W H Y, don't some people clean up after themselves??

My mother will bitch and moan about cleaning and shit but 80% of the time she's just cleaning up her own crap because she was too lazy to pick up after herself.

No. 976059

Are we sisters???

No. 976070

a better option : stop being so petty. learn to not get so worked up over retarded moids.

No. 976072

Dumb as fuck but max your team and clear all of your stuff, quit the game with a cleaned out account you'll be less axious because "at least" you can come back with a solid rooster.

No. 976108

Maybe. Does she not flush after taking a piss?

No. 976112

Just don't, he's already doing it himself. Those brags will eventually get into the ears of your coworkers and he'll ostracize himself kek

No. 976153

Yes! Does she snore as loud as a wild bore?

No. 976156

File: 1637678877500.png (333.94 KB, 740x372, tylko.png)

You actually did it! Thank you so much for indulging my sleep deprived ass yesterday KEK.
My bath time is going to be less mundane now.

No. 976196

Yes. Wtf anon? I actually DID have a sister but I was told she died when she was 2 days old. This is getting strange haha

No. 976253

why do my joints pop literally every single time i move? my knees pop constantly when i’m standing/walking, my hips, elbows, and shoulders pop all the time too. what the fuck??

No. 976338

No idea but I have this problem too kek. At least we're not in any pain anon, it could be worse.

No. 976355

kek I'm glad you got some enjoyment out of this, anons ♥

Nonnies, how do I deal with the nervousness I feel every time I think about engaging with my hobbies? I don't know how to explain, it's like I'm scared to 'fail' or not live up to my own expectations.
Do you think making my hobbies a 'chore' would help me get over it? Like making it a task to do something 3 times a week like with exercise.

No. 976448

I've tried scheduling time for it, and for a lot of other things in my life. I used to be really against it and it would make me nervous to plan things out, but now I find I really need the structure to motivate myself. I just don't have the discipline otherwise. I procrastinate, I feel anxious and scared all the time. But if it's all planned out on a time table then there is no thinking involved, it's just time to do the thing, and then there is a thing to do after that. And I like doing them! So what's there to be afraid of? I also have to remind myself often that the best of the best are the people who fail the most. You can't learn without failure, it's necessary, it's inevitable and it's not a bad thing.

No. 976460

I'm diagnosed with autism and its only occurring to me i might be a female autist stereotype. Am I ?
>No friends, never had any
>still obsessed with childhood interests (cats/dolls i played with as a kid)
>live everyday basically the same in a routine i started when i was like 14
>Don't take care of appearance beyond hygiene
>Long term eating disorder
>Can't go a day without my mum

No. 976474

Can you channel your autism to build the first fully mobile male sexbot?

No. 976483

Hope for the best, expect the worst. I had a lot of anxiety with hobbies I wanted to pick up for the longest time, because what I got out of it didn't meet my standards (esp for art/craft related hobbies) and I felt like a failure and didn't want to do it anymore despite the fact that everyone starts out being absolute shit. What personally got me to enjoy my hobbies was keeping as quiet as possible about it. I didn't mention to friends that I started painting, or running, or anything. The way my mind works is that by telling anyone or even vaguely mentioning it on social media, it sets up an invisible goal post that I now feel like I must meet even though I know that I won't be able to meet it.

I try to set my expectations on the ground and really focus on the process of doing said hobby e.g. with sewing, enjoying the process of pinning fabric together and handstitching/running it through the machines rather than turning it inside out to see what it looks like or with painting, enjoying the feeling of mixing colors and swiping the paint over the paper. Maybe setting up a consistent schedule will help you, but I'm very lax with myself because I know I'll quit the second I start to dread something. If I feel like knitting today, I will. If I don't want to knit for the next two weeks, that's cool. I keep everything as nonchalant as possible because my dumb little monkey brain is a sensitive bitch.

No. 976489

If I lie and remove my degree on my resume to get a minimum wage job (so they don't think I'm overqualified and will leave soon), what do I say if the interviewer asks me what I've done for the last 5 years, since the only thing I did was go to school

No. 976490

Tell them you were working on your family farm?

No. 976495

If you haven't work in 5 years they won't think you're over qualified

No. 976496

File: 1637694408658.jpg (61.37 KB, 960x640, darn-tough-1541626319.jpg)

Are those darn tough/smartwool socks really worth the money?

No. 976510

Thank you, anons. I will try to apply your advice and see what sticks. What you both described is something I can really relate to, so I'm optimistic this time!

No. 976514

what are yall getting your mum for christmas? idk what to get mine

No. 976518

i’ve worked minimum wage jobs with coworkers who have college degrees, and people who were like 20 years older than me

No. 976519

My friend loves them, but I’m not gonna buy socks I can’t throw in the dryer.

No. 976522

a spotify membership for 3 months, since she expressed interest in it a few months ago

No. 976523

Oh jeez I just realized I haven’t thought about it yet, and my mom is sooo hard to shop for.

No. 976528

File: 1637696179049.gif (203.66 KB, 300x226, 18009.gif)

how come messy hairstyles are the only hairstyles that look good on me? but i can't go out in public like that cause it might come off as unpolished.. but literally nothing else works

No. 976534

Oh fuck I didn't even think about that! Damn guess I'll have to reconsider because my dumb ass would definitely accidentally throw them into the dryer without thinking one day.

No. 976549

Is it because messy styles tend to have more volume?

No. 976571

Go out like that. Be a queen

No. 976574

I just asked my mom and she had a whole list of things she wanted for me to pick and choose from.

No. 976600

What organic essential oil brand is good? There's so many it's insane

No. 976613

anyone here have any experience taking ashwagandha or l-theanine? been looking into alternative medicine and ways to chill out my anxiety + boost productivity/mental clarity without actual meds and have heard these pop up alot

No. 976622

I've been taking ashwaghandha for the past 2-3 days. I've definitely noticed I'm quicker to calm down now than before, plus my sex drive is coming back. I recommend it, it's only half a teaspoon or a teaspoon anyway

No. 976631

What are you using it for? If you're just using it for a diffuser then just cheap on on whatever smells best but if you're just it on your skin go to bulk apothecary and they have a better variety

No. 976651

I'm new to using menstrual cups but if my bf and I are kissing, touching, etc, and I cum from that, will I find cum in the cup? Sorry I know this is such a stupid embarrassing question but no better thread I guess

No. 976652

Why does the USPS let people ship things in plastic bags? I got a pair of shoes wrapped in a transparent plastic bag and it gave me flashbacks to that girl who got a lolita dress in a garbage bag

No. 976705

Please go back to school

No. 976718

Literally the stupid questions thread

No. 976724

How can perceiving yourself as ugly affect those around you? Can you truly accept your unattractive self and still be kind to those around you? Is it possible to never feel any jealousy towards people who are attractive?

No. 976735

Do burgers really have to pay thousands for one hospital visit like say you pass out or get into a small accident where you are good to go in a few days and boom you suddenly have a debt of 20k

No. 976750

Yes but actually no
If you have medicaid it, usually, completely covers any sort of accident but if you have a private insurance through your job they very rarely have complete accident insurance. Blue cross blue shield is hell with this too. If you don't qualify for medicaid and your job cannot provide insurance (which america has very little job security mind you) then you're fucked. Same goes for if you havent passed the 90 days to get insurance mark. Many American's such as myself will make enough to technically qualify for medicaid but have a side hustle/tip based/under the table job so they can under-report how much they actually make because for some reason medicaid thinks people who make more than 27k a year are completely capable of paying thousands of dollars out of pocket

No. 976756

Lmao obviously people can be kind even if they are ugly. Only dysfunctional tards who obsess over being appealing to strangers would even question it.

No. 976757

Babe you need to learn your own anatomy so badly. How are you fucking but don’t even know where your fluids come from?

Look up bartholins glands, at the very least.

No. 976759


I have a minor outpatient surgery (correcting a deviated septum) coming up in a few weeks. I expect to be in and out of the hospital within a few hours. The total cost is expected to be $10,000 with me having to pay ~$2,000, and I have what’s considered very good insurance. It’s not an accident but that may give you some context.

No. 976764

Depends on where you're from, ugly people from other countries should just move to America since most Americans have standards lower than hell for what is hot. If you're ugly in america then you're ugly ugly

No. 976784

If you're a content uggo then you also have to be super outgoing and high emotional intelligence to be accepted y general public.

No. 976830

can I be a woman and hate (some) women but not have internalized misogyny

No. 976832

It depends on why you hate them

No. 976836

I think it’s only internalized misogyny if your hate comes from statements like
>She can’t have babies
>She doesn’t wear makeup
>she doesn’t like high heels nor dresses
>she doesn’t like men
>she doesn’t shave her whole body for men
>she doesn’t dress for other men
>she doesn’t want to get married
>she doesn’t want to be a housewife
>she can’t cook! Omg what is she going to do when she gets married!
>she criticizes men a lot
There’s even more, but I think those are the most common “reasons” why some women hate other women.

No. 976842

kek imagine hating someone because they cant have a baby

No. 976884

Yes? It's natural and human to not get along with other people sometimes regardless of their sex, like another anon said it depends on why you hate them.

No. 976885

I've heard plenty of women express hate against infertile women, this is especially true for tradthots and scrotes who have weird complexes about how women need to practically exist for fertility.

No. 976887

NTA but I've seen plenty of anons here say women are pickmes for hating other women even if it's only one women and particular (and you're not hating her because she caters to men)

No. 976936

Well I personally don't see that mentality here that often but I do in other feminist leaning spaces and I've always thought that it's stupid as fuck and dehumanizes women. It's normal for individuals to disagree, dislike, and butt-heads with each other sometimes based on their own personal agendas. Even men always say "nobody hates women more than other women" or some shit like that to detract from their misogyny. Yeah okay, men literally rape and kill women and kill other men in wars and gang disputes every single day, but somehow women having some personal beef is like the worst thing ever.

No. 976948

anons who wear high waist pants, skirts, or shorts what size do you buy? I feel like when I buy my correct size it falls down a bit. Should I be buying slightly smaller instead of my normal pant size?

No. 976960

everything is vanity sized to hell and back even when they put a specific inch measurement to go with their randomly-selected size 6, size 8, size 10 whatever. I've ordered the equivalent to my exact waist measurement according to a company's size chart and it was unwearable, I could have fit a spare tire in there with me. Try on in store any time you can to at least get a feel for the brand and how they run before you order things. If you can only do online read a lot of reviews, often people will say how tall they are, how much they weigh and what size they got.

No. 976981

Buy what fits?

No. 976994

it depends on the material. i bought 100% cotton high-rise jeans that are tight af right now but they will stretch out and inch or so to fit perfectly. otherwise like the other anon said vanity sizing has fucked everything up so you really just have to go with what fits and feels comfortable and functional. it's helpful when companies post measurements in inches but that's kinda rare ime. sometimes the measurements are incorrect too due to shitty quality control, so it's really a crap shoot.

No. 976999

Fit is super dependent on the particular cut and style of a garment so there's no surefire way to make sure that something is going to fit perfectly without trying it on. It can be useful to identify brands that tend to work for your proportions, but even then there's usually a fair amount of variation even within one brand's clothing.

If you're into designer clothing, there are a couple sites like net-a-porter that offer exact measurements for every size of a particular style, which can be pretty helpful.

No. 977025

Use a tape measure

No. 977202

Did anyone try self tanner? Does that stuff work?

I'd like to try it but I'm worried I'll be straky lmao

No. 977214

I use tramadol pretty often and when I'm not using my pupils are pretty big to the point where someone has pointed it out. Is it a side effect of the tramadol or is he just retarded? I've never noticed it before but I have really dark brown eyes so maybe it was there and I just wasn't paying attention to it lol

No. 977217

It works if you get a decent brand. You can prevent streakiness by exfoliating well, moisturizing well and not working too slowly. Honestly it's pretty easy to prevent streakiness. Don't go too dark the first time.

No. 977231

File: 1637784148294.gif (2.85 MB, 500x400, tumblr_4d254030f39de0595150a8c…)

Is there a Christmas thread? i know is kinda early, but i want to share these cute pictures/gifs i found while searching for a wallpaper

No. 977236

You can make a Holidays 2021 thread here

No. 977237

You could start one, anon. I think it would have to go in /m/ though? Like the Halloween thread. I would post there for sure!

No. 977240

nonnie hears them sleigh bells ringaling, tingtintingaling too

No. 977286

I just made one, go dump your pics!

No. 977307


No. 977323

When start kissing with your SO, which direction do you tilt your head?

No. 977324

File: 1637790951127.png (17.21 KB, 720x178, Screenshot_20211124-125209~2.p…)

Everyone keeps saying that YouTube made dislikes invisible but they're still there for me, what's going on?

No. 977328

I think it’s something that each channel has to do for their videos or that it’s something that a channel can only do manually for each upload or something like that. Idk, I don’t have a yewchub channel, I just like to think about why are people saying that the likes got disabled.

No. 977331

My channel did it by itself, I didn't move a thing

No. 977356

This is all bc MSNBC & co. shat themselves over the ratio of dislikes on their vaccine vids

No. 977358

File: 1637793118383.jpg (419.57 KB, 1080x1119, mimduypujmo61.jpg)

How to stop sabotaging potential relationships? I've blown off every single guy that has shown interest in me even if I like them back too by making self-deprecating comments. I wouldn't even say they were self-deprecating exactly, just honest? too honest. It's like I can't help it. I would say that he should get to know other women because there are a lot out there that are so much better than I am. They would say they don't want to and I would continuedly push him away from me and even try to set him up with others. Then of course they meet someone else and naturally like them more than me and I end up feeling shitty. The obvious solution is becoming the best I can be in every area of my life, but even then there will always be a woman that's even better yet.

No. 977368

> I've blown off every single guy that has shown interest in me even if I like them back too by making self-deprecating comments.
Just don’t make comments like that to other people at all. Hopefully in time you’ll internalize it and that’ll lead to increased self confidence on your part.

No. 977371

Realize you can't compare yourself to other women, only the you from yesterday. Men don't care if you're the best at what you do. If you're average then you're perfectly fine. I'm not joking when I say confidence is key, bc a confidant woman is a rare thing with all the female socialization. And decent men don't want a submissive insecure woman. If you're submissive and insecure you'll only attract predators.

No. 977373

Daily affirmations like "I am worthy/ I deserve unconditional love" help in my experience. Brainwash yourself into confidence.

No. 977376

File: 1637794491731.jpg (46.63 KB, 750x749, 25ac05df859f79fd65b7e1f4eb6a58…)

If the future looks pretty shitty, is it really that bad to live in the past?

No. 977377

needs moderation tbh

t. timelooker

No. 977379

File: 1637794767652.jpg (50.89 KB, 473x750, dedf24e993d0e8c9cb224ed094babd…)

No. I got much happier once I stopped reading all news and started sperging about victorian era.

No. 977391

incredibly based

No. 977397

File: 1637796663589.gif (416.73 KB, 500x381, sturs.gif)

Nonas, I come with The Great Question; do you think:

1. we are the only ones in the universe
2. we are one of many in the universe
3. we are just the beginning of life in the universe

I apologize for any existential crisis I induce

No. 977402

There's definitely someone out there somewhere, but we'll never have contact them in my lifetime and that makes me very sad. Someone would have to reach out to us for that to happen, and by the time we hear them it will probably be way way too late, and we wouldn't be able to respond.

No. 977405

I tried L-theanine and caffeine combo, i didn't notice any difference from regular coffee. Proper sleep, diet and exercise are underrated.

No. 977411

File: 1637798108288.jpeg (892.18 KB, 3850x1925, main-qimg-20f7c73e70f1fcdc477c…)

>1. we are the only ones in the universe
In the entire universe? Hell no, with how absolutely unthinkable big it is and how miniscule earth is compared to the universe, there's no way.
>2. we are one of many in the universe
3. we are just the beginning of life in the universe
No. But I also don't even wanna think about if a "beginning" even exists when it comes to the universe itself.

No. 977415

2. we are one of many in the universe
BUT no one wants to talk to us bc they see how fucked our world is. It's like adults putting a baby gate for the retarded kid so he doesn't cause a mess.

No. 977416

File: 1637798765375.jpg (17.53 KB, 553x554, et bilu.jpg)

I mean, the aliens visited us so many times already, obviously we ain't alone. Just want to know where the other humans are. Tired of the baldies.

No. 977424

Do people with very thin lips get messy foods all over their face when they eat? I have big lips and my husband out to me that my lips create a barrier when I eat things like chicken wings and pasta so I don't get food on my face and don't need napkins, I feel like very very thin lipped people would be very sloppy eating chicken wings

And if this is true, would lip fillers be considered a necessity for extremely thin lipped people?

No. 977427

Some time ago, two anons were having a combo (more like a discussion) and one of them said
>you fucking cartoon
What did she mean by this? is "cartoon" a valid insult?

No. 977477

File: 1637803191908.jpg (40.77 KB, 590x437, EoA7B9MXIAQNXJl (1).jpg)

I've always thought this was silly but worth a try tbh, thanks for reminding me
I only become insecure after they say they like me. I attract them because I'm normally confident (at least outwardly) and carefree but then they make a move and I turn into this different person. I wish I could go back, good advice either way. Thank you nonnas. Here's to thinking before I speak next time.

No. 977508

I have thin lips and even though I have never thought that it contributed to how I eat, I can confess that I once asked anons here how to drink water out of a bottle without making your face wet

No. 977510

I have fat lips and get food all over my face like a baby when I eat.

No. 977527

Sounds like a scathing insult in bongistan perhaps

No. 977556

Is there a drawing thread? I know there's the artist salt thread, but I meant more one dedicated to drawing.

No. 977559

Kinda sounds like "you fucking clown" to me. I might use that, calling someone a "cartoon" sounds hilarious

No. 977631

There’s a rate-my-art thread that kind of doubles as that.

No. 977655

File: 1637822788995.jpg (81.52 KB, 900x460, 894652.jpg)

What is the relationship between fruits and vegetables? are there any foods that are used in the way some fruits and "vegetables" are? for example are there any foods with an overlap the way, say, a tomato has? where botanically speaking it's a fruit, but culinarily it's a vegetable? Like some sort of transfood? Are there other food groups where this phenomenon is observed too? Like maybe a grain is also considered/used as a dairy or a dairy a grain or a grain a protein or a protein a grain or a protein a dairy or a dairy a protein? Or are only fruits and vegetables the "xx" and "xy" of food? I guess when you think about it that way it would make more sense to consider a tomato an interfood(intersex)?

No. 977656

sage for samefag, but it is possible there's no relation and my confusion stems from the social construct that is culinary arts. Correct me if I'm wrong but it isn't backed by science is it?

No. 977657

yeah, fruits/vegetables is from the point of view of the cook. The cook has vegetables, but the botanist says an eggplant is a fruit, a potato is a root, and salad is a leaf. that's the best i can do for you.
no, it's not backed by science, but by whether we culturally use it as sweet food or savory food.

i feel like the analogies are a real stick in the wheel of you bicycle here, you should stop rotting your brain with internet trans matters

No. 977658

samefag, but broccoli also is a flower !

No. 977663

the classifying of them as either sweet or savory just confused me to the point I thought there was some sort of relationship between the two the way human sex chromosomes have asides from them all just being edible. Your explanation really cleared it up though thank you!

No. 977747

This is going to be a very stupid question but recently I've not managed to get into any music because everytime I try to listen to something I've never heard I can't help but think "they are not as good as my favorite band". How can I rid myself of this way if thinking?

No. 977750

just stop focusing on the artist so much and just listen to the music without thinking about who made it. Seems like you're stuck on the "who" rather than the "what"

Try giving songs multiple listens at different times. Sometimes it takes a few times to realise you actually like it

No. 977758

What milk are you grateful for this year, my fellow farmers?

No. 977773

File: 1637843347127.jpg (53.78 KB, 456x700, df4031336833b5fd178f48cb072a3f…)

How much/what exactly of this era was photoshopped? Whether or not it is edited, I still will always find her pretty in these photo's and take style inspiration from them.

No. 977780

okay here’s my stupid cooking-related questions:
>say i’m cooking something in oil, and the oil pops up out of the pan onto the burner, would that start a fire? or would the oil just burn off?
>can i microwave a tin can? like a can of beans kek
yes, i am retarded

No. 977790

You can microwave a can of beans but it will make your whole kitchen explode. The oil won’t cause a fire, but it will make everything sticky, so it’s better to clean it up after you cook.

No. 977791

Yes, the oil will burn off. You're not pouring a ton of it, to start a fire. But it will smell..and the smell tends to last. Just be careful with the amount of oil you use in the first place, and cover the pan, otherwise you will clean like crazy afterwards, because small droplets of oil will get on your burner/stove as your dish is cooking.

No, don't microwave a tin can! Pour the contents on a plate, cover the plate, place in microwave. Make sure it's not a plastic plate! Porcelain plates are fine, you can try to buy some stuff, like containers, that are microwave-friendly. And cover it, otherwise, just like above mentioned, droplets of food are going to stain the walls of your microwave as they are heating.

No. 977794

File: 1637845456769.png (929.73 KB, 990x715, 1333802428831.png)

You just gave me a huge flashback to dissecting these images on /cgl/ when they first came out like 10 years ago.
That said I couldn't tell you exactly, it was an abundance of small touch ups like chin/jaw size, eye size, stuff like that. Stuff that can easily be changed with app filters nowadays.

No. 977803

Never put metal in the microwave, not even foil. My roommate did this once and our microwave almost exploded. And it's ok anon, we don't think you're stupid, just that your parents never taught you shit. It's good you're trying to learn on your own.

No. 977804

thank you anons!! ♥
thank you! and you’re right about my parents not teaching me shit

No. 977805

What are some fun games a large group (around 30 people) could play online in a Zoom meeting? Other than Geoguessr

No. 977807

How do you regain your love for literature? I used to love reading, but now it takes a huge effort for me to read more than one page of a book.

No. 977811

Maybe try reading short stories or novellas and move up from there? Or even something long but easy to read like YA books

No. 977812

Jackbox games?

No. 977828

File: 1637853222277.png (470.03 KB, 710x475, b0d.png)

Get offline.

No. 977831

NTA but I don’t think this is true. I grew up online, started writing at the age 11 for hours everyday, would spend hours reading on my tablet reading everyday as well. When I got a phone at 16/17 + depression I just stopped doing both. Nothing gives me that rush anymore. The general book thread in /m/ is really encouraging though, I’m trying to get back to reading because of it.

No. 977869

What is it called when you have thoughts similar to those of a person with an eating disorder but don't actually have an eating disorder? Or you have behaviour that is almost an eating disorder but not quite? I often regret eating and punish myself for it. I used to binge eat but I no longer do that. Now I simply rarely eat and only eat very small portions throughout the day. I feel light-headed and exhausted a lot, but I don't weigh myself or count calories. I think I'm too fat but at the same time I eat normally on some days, and occasionally I even eat more than is maybe normal, I suppose when I'm binging. So I don't know what is exactly wrong with me. I hate myself for eating very often, I need to lose weight, I feel this compulsively, but sometimes I don't feel it, but I don't eat very often, so I don't know. I want to be healthy so I try to eat, because I hate feeling light-headed. During the summer I would starve myself for days, but I did look so beautiful. I felt extremely anxious and tired, but I was so thin, only eating air and drinking diet soda. I feel guilty that I stopped doing that. But I'm not anorexic and I don't purge by making myself vomit and I don't count calories so what does it mean

No. 977873

Why don’t we have a rollerskating thread? I see lots of anons talking about their skates, it’d be nice to have a thread to document our progress and be retarded on wheels.

No. 977876

Is it weird to say you have an interest in something with zero intention of practicing it? Like I love reading about mountain climbing, it's one of my favorite subjects but I would never do it (or at least not any of the extreme shit with the highest summits).

No. 977884

i'd say it's fine. i'm obsessed with naval hsitory but i won't set foot in a boat if can help it.

No. 977886

You have a bad relationship with food

No. 977890

thats called an eating disorder luv

No. 977895

Why do I have so many dreams where I'm raped?

No. 977900

File: 1637862449298.jpg (65.83 KB, 449x552, 1634473754756.jpg)

Hey farmers, can you help me ponder what the mystery illness of one cosplayer I know from twitter could be?

>she has no visible disability

>no dietary restrictions
>the disease appeared/was discovered in high school and she didn't go to class much
>she just finished university
>lives alone and has a job that requires her to work outside
>she often makes statements how her life span will probably be short
>she can have children but doesn't want to be with anyone or have a family
>the mystery illness apparently prevented her from a singing/dancing career and caused her depression

She keeps alluding to her illness, but I have no idea what it could be. Maybe cancer? She looks normal, has healthy long hair.

No. 977905

I know someone like this who has an auto immune disorder that attacks their body in various ways and doesn't have a concrete diagnosis after a decade of doctors visits.

No. 977909

File: 1637862972620.png (10.71 KB, 483x376, Screenshot (309).png)

Can people who understand tech better than me help me with this? Fuck windows 10. I tried to download something that was perfectly safe, but this blue-yellow shield icon stops me from downloading it. I've clicked properties>compatibility, but I can't find "Run this program as an administrator" or anything. How do I get rid of this (at least temporarily) so that I can download this?

No. 977914

What is my eating disorder though

No. 977929

nta but you'd probably fall under the diagnosis of EDNOS

No. 977936

Can anyone explain me what's up with the sudden influx of "NOT ALL MEN, WOMEN CAN BE AS EQUALLY BAD" sub-girl mentality that's going on in LC recently? Are these ppl coming from tiktok/twitter and staying for literally what??? trying to convince us or something? help
I also can't tell if they're a girl or a scrote anymore.

No. 977938

Probably e-girls finding lolcow through their own drama. I am personally fucking tired of the cow-apologists.
>uwu pixie and shayna actually look cute

No. 977939

That's a man, baby

No. 977941

Absolutely disgusteng, the anti-bullying brigade is willing to look at those hogs in the eye and call them cute

No. 977945

I feel like this has been going on since creepshowgate, it made the male advocates and uwu posifags pollute the boards with their idiotic takes.

No. 977948

I was thinking the same.

No. 977963

Is the whole "don't take things personally uwu" just a way to cope?

No. 977965

Feeling your friends boobs pressing onto you/your arm when you're hugging is just a weeb virgin thing, right? I can't remember being conscious of my friends boobs even once when we were cuddling, but it gets played as a joke so often in bad mangas.

No. 977969

How are you not conscious of boobs? I can feel my own and the other persons if they aren't flat. Same goes with stomach fat, you feel it when you hug.

No. 978004

Any experiences with drinking lemon water/apple vinegar? It seems so common for weight loss, skin health blabla but does it make a difference fr?

No. 978049

File: 1637874989985.png (788.82 KB, 800x600, 6e6.png)

What is it more likely to mean when someone tells you "that's all you're getting"? "There is no more information" or "there is more information but this is all i am willing/able to provide you with"?

No. 978063

Drinking vinegar just before or just after a meal can help with weight loss because it stops the body from absorbing as many carbs as it would otherwise.

No. 978067

What kind of vinegar and is it scientifically confirmed?

No. 978076

It means that there’s more but you won’t/can’t get anymore for some reason.

No. 978079

>"there is more information but this is all i am willing/able to provide you with"

No. 978085

thank you!
it's weird though, wouldn't someone withholding some information give a reason? I asked why and they just repeated themselves, saying that was all i am getting. Makes it sound like that is all I'm getting because that's all there is, duh

No. 978089

It’s probably her/him being mysterious so you either push for more deets or to have a reason to get mad at you.

No. 978110

Does anyone have pictures of those marks you can get in the back of your throat/mouth after giving a blowjob? I have weird marks in my mouth but they aren't like what I find on internet when I google the symptoms

No. 978115

File: 1637880915378.jpeg (99.38 KB, 1172x617, BD79729A-78B4-4776-B10C-49DD16…)

No. 978116

I don't know I read about it one time that it can irritate your mouth/throat and it was my first time doing a sexual act like that…

No. 978133

Cancer?! Throat cancers in women skyrocketed when BJ's were made into the norm

No. 978136

Wait, maybe it’s the circle thing? Or the red spots? How does your marks look?

No. 978156

They are red, like blood spots. There is one miscellaneously shaped spot as red as fresh blood on the right side, a cm or two above the ridge where the dangly thing hangs, and then on the left side at the same height there are approximately five spots of differing shape but still slightly similar in sort of a circle shape but just to give you an approximation in the same colour of the other spot. Hope this doesn't sound weird haha, just wanted to be as specific as possible. I didn't find anything that looks like it online and I don't have any other symptoms! Only a bit of a sore throat bc I had ice tea and that always makes my throat feel weird. Maybe it is spots from burning my mouth from eating hot food, I thought, but I had other burns from that and those are already faded… halpp

No. 978170

really? source?

No. 978192

File: 1637888880622.png (247.36 KB, 626x1213, image_2021-11-25_200753.png)

nta but she was right

No. 978193

Shout out to the HPV denier anon in the tinfoil thread

No. 978210

I wonder how much cervix cancer would go down if men all wore condoms. Semen is definitely not good for you, it has tons of immune suppressants.

No. 978213

Honest question, so the only, truly, healthy way to reproduce, is by in vitro?

No. 978215

no just don't take birthcontrol and get basted every day for no reason when you aren't trying to get pregnant.

No. 978219

So many women sadly just do not get this. I have an acquaintance that lets her boyfriend finish in her often and she has all needs issues down there but can’t figure out why. It’s really not that hard ladies.

No. 978224

Women are definitely too casual about letting semen in them. Men have an obsession with putting it in every hole bc their semen literally has behavior changing compounds, they "manage" women through semen.

No. 978226

Can confirm. My vag has been much happier since we started using condoms (I had my implant removed because it was making me legit suicidal. feel much better now) and even then I don't let him finish inside of me. I used to be really sore after and it would make my vag feel weird. It's crazy how different it is. Different in a good way.

No. 978261

Just don't have sex. It's not that hard.

No. 978264

Sounds like women do not have a good time having sex with men… so why do u bitches still do it ? Not like u live in Afghanistan or Africa where you are arranged married to your cousin , you can literally just stay single..

No. 978265

How would you break up with someone who's very in love with you ?

No. 978273

you don't have to be single, you just don"t have to accept being basted on the daily - basted by a substance evolved to break down your vaginal barriers and neutralize your acids to extend the survival of sperm (NOT to keep you healthy).

There's a malebrained idea that it's "normal" for couples to have daily PIV sex and people will say there's something wrong with your relationship if you don't have frequent PIV. And there's not anything wrong with it if you like it, but it's clearly not the best for health.

No. 978274

Be straight forward and honest but don't say anything you don't have to. Spare their feelings as much as you can. Don't leave them with any feelings of hope either. Sounds harsh but a clean break and cutting off contact is best.

No. 978304

What are the long term side effects of daily energy drink consumption? Like, if you had only one a day (less than the 400mg reccommended max) for ten years?

I exercise, drink heaps of water and only started having them during exam period last year. I do have periods where i don't have any but lately for the past two months i've been swamped/feeling insanely tired after getting covid and having on every afternoon. My blood tests all come up clear (aside from anemia due to period).

No. 978348

File: 1637922543503.jpg (28.03 KB, 468x534, drddxdjqqet61.jpg)

I'm watching Hannibal and I'm puzzled by him being called a psychiatrist instead of a therapist. He isn't prescribing anyone pills (he only illegally drugs them lol) and he's clearly doing typical television talk therapy ('you need to stop being afraid of the imaginary tiger!!!'). He even undergoes supervision by Bedelia. AFAIK psychiatrists don't undergo supervision. Are the two terms synonymous in the USA or is this typical confusion (possibly carried over from the book)?

No. 978380

>There's a malebrained idea that it's "normal" for couples to have daily PIV sex
I like piv but fuck no to that. I didn't know some men thought that was supposed to be done daily. I don't even want my pussy eaten daily. Give the poor genitals a break.

No. 978389

I ended up having talk therapy with my psychiatrist because nO oNe ElsE cOuLd GeT iT and that's pretty much how it's set up about Hannibal in the show, yeah? If I'm remembering it. correctly, they jerk off about how qualified and prestigious he is in his field and talk of how well rounded his education and experience is.

No. 978392

How do I politely tell friends no when they ask to bum a cigarette?

No. 978398

That's pretty wild! Glad it worked for you. Here I can talk with my psychiatrist about how I am feeling, but it's brief and related to diagnosis or new medication. The difference is distinct. Even if someone was qualified for both, you could book a visit with them as a psychiatrist or therapist.

No. 978435

I'm sorry I only have a few

No. 978439

File: 1637939550364.jpg (102.56 KB, 800x533, sad-nerd-celebrates-christmas-…)

How do you have a cozy, okay christmas when you live with people that hate each other?

I never liked the holidays because you can always feel how forced it was since none of us like each other. I could bear it because my dad and I had fun with video games but this year it's just my mother, brother and me and the situation is tense. I avoid both of them by staying in my room and being low key.

I want to try to make this year somewhat okay, because I'm tired of crying and stressing every single year and being lonely. I have no friends I could visit or extended family, nor are there any places I could visit so I'd probably have to stay in my room.

No. 978444

a guy in my class has a fucking vulva diagram as a sticker on his laptop. like a drawing you'd find by putting 'female sexual anatomy' in google images. am i wrong to find this obscene and objectifying? it's just a drawing and i don't think i'd mind if it was a woman, but since it's a guy i find it disgusting for him to have it right on his damn laptop so everyone has to see it when he opens it.

No. 978445

That dude looks like a literal ape kek. You can dress christmasy, make some sweets, light candles, and watch Christmas movie in your room.

No. 978458

I didn't have a good Christmas until I met my now husband and had Christmas with his family. At my house, there is no Christmas without my Dad getting drunk, my brothers starting a fight, my mother somehow finding a way to blame it all on me, and lots of crying. Crazy people. But at my husbands family's house? We have coffee and brandy together, we watch the Queen's address on Christmas morning, we take an early morning walk down this beautiful trail, have the most amazing dinner and when we open gifts everyone is so grateful and sweet to each other. My hope for you is that you meet a new friend or someone special that can bring you into their life and give you the kind of holiday you deserve.

No. 978464

File: 1637942044780.jpg (23.37 KB, 250x249, 1585051105167.jpg)

Thank you anon, hope it will happen one day

No. 978476

File: 1637943274560.jpg (72.85 KB, 750x893, 9db243cfd62a10746cc5be069b2c2d…)

Nonnas I think I somehow accidentally landed on the wrong timeline and didn't get synched up properly. How do I get back to my original one?

No. 978483

What's something good I can make with cranberries? I was thinking of cheesecake but I'm not sure

No. 978486

No that’s definitely objectification and I would be disgusted too

No. 978487

b-but anon i'm sure he's a MaLe FeMiNiSt

No. 978515

File: 1637949777436.png (396.61 KB, 510x472, 2864690.png)

How can I stop being so spiteful?

No. 978530

Same thing happened to me anon, not to scare you but I never found a way back home. I just hope I'm less unlucky in my next life.

No. 978547

a woman would be one of those vulva obsessed lesbians or feminists (maybe even a terf, aka based even though the pussy imagery is cringe) but when a scrote has it it's disgusting

No. 978551

File: 1637953359909.png (446.1 KB, 570x570, il_570xN.1930673511_1ezc.png)

thank you, nonnies, glad to know i'm not crazy. and i agree, if it was a woman and she had something like picrel i probably wouldn't mind. in general i'm not much of a fan of yonic imagery either, even though i can see the appeal, but i just don't wanna look at genitals all the time. but that detailed vulva diagram is just… ugh.

No. 978560

Is Death Note seen as scrotey?

No. 978561

I like it but yeah, all of the manga by those authors are. They cannot or don't want to write proper female characters if their life depended on it (and I empathize with Misa). The only sensible woman got killed in the very beginning. Don't get me started on the trophy waifu gf in Bakuman. God bless fujos for sexualizing the hell out of those scrotes, even if I don't personally enjoy it

No. 978579

Does it matter? It's a good anime, watch it if you want to

No. 978599

To the lesbians on here, did you or do you have serious attractions towards men? My friend who is bi used to have massive crushes on boy band members and used to annoy us with it all the time even after she was out (she's in her 20s).She feels attraction towards dudes all the time. But now she says she's a lesbian and i don't want to invalidate her in any way but i just feel some type of way about it since she heavily believes queer theory and thinks sexuality is fluid and shit. Might sound terrible but i feel like the bi label might not be "queer" enough for her that's why she'd rather say she's lesbian. Getting attention within the lgbt woke community and being validated is a really big thing to her; she literally dresses in ways to make her look more "gay" (her own words). I just feel iffy. I'm not a bad friend, and i won't ever question her in person or anything…

No. 978608

i only ever see internet lesbians sperg about being lesbians while also obsessing over male characters/actors. i know one actual lesbian (the actual pussy eating kind) and she finds male characters ugly, doesn't care about male actors/musicians and never felt any attraction for bepenised people. when she sees a man, she looks disgusted, which makes people think she has a resting bitch face, but there's just men everywhere and she's constantly disgusted. when she's around women, her face looks normal.

that one comphet pdf from twitter just gives a bunch of bi girls the impression that they are lesbians while still obsessing over men.

No. 978613

Is it possible to train yourself to become less emotional? How would I go about it?

No. 978615

CBT and/or DBT exercises. Deep breathing. Exercise and/or meditation.

No. 978617

File: 1637959169008.jpg (138.67 KB, 750x750, 1567114905090.jpg)

No. 978618

Look into stoicism maybe?

No. 978624

It's called stop giving a shit. Unless it directly impacts your ability to get food shelter and internet then don't give a shit. Let it go in one ear and out the other, treat everything as joke. Also meditation, and remind yourself ppl only try to rile you up to feed on your reaction/energy.

No. 978635

I can't tell who this is being sexist towards…

No. 978641

is it worth it to date in my early 20’s? i’m not sure if dating is worth my time, or if my time would be better spent doing other stuff.

i have no experience dating and it seems….hard.

No. 978669

File: 1637963363457.jpg (991.28 KB, 1200x800, 22A_0095.jpg)

If I always expect other people to be critical of me, could that be an example of projection? Like, I might be projecting my own criticalness onto others?

No. 978678

File: 1637963855112.jpg (127.46 KB, 947x346, Screenshot_20211126-155652_Fir…)

Who is this retard

No. 978683

It depends. Occasionally going on dates, that is, meeting new people and doing things together with no sex and no emotional strings attached is totally fine to get a sense of what you like/don't like. But the problem is people end up taking it too seriously, thinking they've found "the one" (which doesn't exist) after 2 months of knowing someone, think about moving in together, getting married, kids and so on when they're still growing and changing a ton themselves. If you can keep things casual and find interacting with a variety of people fun (if it's guys - a variety of people who mostly just want to fuck you then leave) then go for it, otherwise it's a waste of time and you likely won't stay with anyone you meet at this stage in life. Focus on your education, finances, hobbies, mental/physical growth.

No. 978724

No. 978726


Actual Autist and/or Schizo giving LC a visit

No. 978728

I agree but it’s not easy for some people to not give a shit. Learning to not give a shit is a process. It’s natural to give a shit.

No. 978732

File: 1637968408184.gif (2.42 MB, 327x251, 163794380379877.gif)

how to move to someplace and not be homeless? any anons have experience avoiding homelessness as a budding adult?

No. 978738

get a job?

No. 978756

No. 978757

Okay boomer jobs aren't hard to get it's apartment waiting lists, housing pricing, odd requirements and lengthy intrusive applications and leasing lengths

Not even that anon, for a while I was making 10-15k a month and the only place I was able to get the fastest since I was homeless was this crappy shared house for 700 for a tiny room that slugs and mosquitoes kept getting into and didn't even have a dishwasher. Please tell me again about how it's lazy fucks who just don't want to work

No. 978765

Need this help too

No. 978778

If you're a white-collar worker then my advice would be a lot different but the best option is to save enough money for a down payment + a few months worth of rent and poverty groceries to hold you down while you look for a job and find a roommate through an informal means. If you have a friend who lives in that city then you could also pretend that you live at their address and crash with them for a little while as you try and find a job.
Your situation seems incredibly rare, but yeah unless you have a rental history, a stable job, and/or someone to co-sign the lease then you're going to have to slum it for a while.

No. 978783

How can insects reach high places? Like a 9th floor of a building.

No. 978784

Flying, climbing, and probably also by taking rides on animals.

No. 978785

elevator or stairs, like how do you get there and what makes you think you're so much better than insects?

No. 978788

But don’t they get tired? They’re so small.

No. 978820

Why does it mean to have "no personality" is that even possible?

No. 978828

Everyone has a personality, some people are just more secretive and prefer not showing themselves indiscriminately

No. 978845

Extremely basic and boring, just no flavor or dept. Likes and interests are extremely basic and a lot of these people cope by trying to over compensate which they either look like a pathetic lord or the loser kid in school trying to do what all the cool kids are doing

It is hard to tell who's pretending and who's not, usually people who try to overtalk about their interests or will mention them once and never talk again are the pretenders

No. 978878

Why the fuck is my Chinese spyware game dropping the whole download to fucking 0% when it was at 87%?

No. 978889

What are the top 3 circle jerk threads on /ot/ formerly known as /b/?
And why do circle jerk threads give us so many deja vus?
Reddit space embedded
Last question: what is the female friendly term for a circle jerk? Clit rub?

At last, these are my cries to understand the world.

No. 978890

No. Work on establishing your career, early 20s women are huge targets for scrotes who love to waste women's time.

No. 978909

hmm. a clam jam?

No. 978925

>clam jam
Perfect. I love it.

No. 978945

File: 1637995166568.jpeg (82.83 KB, 995x964, C013F6C9-BAD0-4194-8FBC-CEEEF1…)

Weebs please help. I bought anime film strips but I wanted to know if there’s any special care I should pay mind to. Obviously no direct touching, but what about when displaying? Will them being in direct sunlight mess with the film or no?

No. 978955

Depends on the kind of film but, generally it's best to keep it away from direct sunlight. If you're gonna display them, wear gloves when handling them, and frame them however you want. There's a special kind of non-glare glass called museum glass, but it's fucking expensive. Display them in a room that's got regulated temperature (not too hot because exposing film to it for a long time will start muting the colors), and doesn't face the sun. It'll also help to find out what kind of dyes are used on the color bits of the film. They may fade sooner or later, depending on the kind.

No. 978961

Thanks so much nonna!

No. 979050

How do I deal with an online friend who I started finding annoying?

Usually I ghost such people but now that I'm older it seems wrong. She keeps whining on social media how nobody likes her and fishes for asspats. It was fun when we talked about hobbies, but eventually it turned into her one-sidedly talking about her favourite singers.

No. 979052

What the hell is Tiger King and why are people losing their mind over it? From what I've heard it sounds like it's on the same level as trashy reality tv and yet people talk about it like it's a murder mystery show à la True Detective.

No. 979054

It's a "docu" series by a guy who exploits turtles and he wanted to make the tiger people seem crazy. So he picked an inbred guy from Florida with a criminal history who did a ton of stupid shit and ended in prison. He also used the opportunity to shit on a woman who makes a genuine effort to save animals and doesn't like him.

No. 979068

After it first came out and everyone was hyped as shit about it I went to give it a try and I dropped it 2 episodes in. I still don't get the hype. Usually I'm not this underwhelmed about hyped shows, at the very least they turn out to be "Ok".

No. 979106

Is there an option on Facebook to get a notification every time someone logs on? I met this scrote a while ago and as soon as I log onto Fb (which is super rare, I'm on digital detox and my account is deactivated most of the time), he messages me and it's creeping me out

No. 979116

you have autism.

No. 979118

Is it possible to be completely fine without socializing? I got so peaceful and happy when I was alone for a whole week.

No. 979120

He probably made a bot to notify him, but change your email and password just in case.

No. 979122

that's a good idea, thank you

No. 979128

Not on the long term. Humans are social beings, you need some way of socializing but it's not the same for everyone

No. 979136

Really, like even posting on lc could be considered socializing.

No. 979158

Why does one of my kittens always lick his brother's bootyhole? Is he a sexual deviant?

No. 979168

Some cats lick butts to make the other cats poop.

No. 979171

I know mother cats do that to their kittens for that reason, but why would a kitten do this to his brother?

No. 979174

this is so cute, nonny.

No. 979176

He likes the taste?

No. 979180

Is it really cheaper to build your own PC? I'm not going to game on it or something I just want something that won't break down in 7 years.

No. 979248

How do I deal with thigh chafing?… I gained some weight and mostly in my lower area so my thighs became thicker… I keep ruining my jeans and the inner part of my thighs hurts so much after long walks from friction

No. 979249

how do I make my dress look less slutty? I ordered an open back dress online but it's way too short

No. 979251

Antiperspirant. It creates a barrier so your thighs just glide over each other. You can also use primer, in a pinch. I also never wear jeans– tights still rub but not as intensely, ime.

No. 979253

Wear a skirt or safety shorts

No. 979257

File: 1638036171190.jpg (661.99 KB, 1920x2560, inCollage_20211127_100103515.j…)

help, I'm buying a gift but I am retarded and confused by size charts. I have a hoodie to use as reference, it's a size medium in mens, it's the one on the top. the hoodie I want to buy is unisex, the one on the bottom. what do you think?

No. 979260

Can anyone help me figure out what to do so I can cure most of my adhd symptoms? I’m not lineair, clueless, chaotic, slow at processing, as a result I’m slow in my motor skills as well. It doesn’t help I have depression. However, I don’t thinkt hat I lack motivation, I’ll try my hardest if anyone here can tell me in a few steps how to cure my adhd. Don’t refer me to medications - they don’t work and I noticed my ears were getting worse. And my adhd coach ran away from me because I’m an adhd monster/alien. I’m really alone in this battle. My adhd’s so bad I can’t keep the most simple job - retail.
Anon you’re based.

No. 979262

File: 1638036319751.jpg (45.72 KB, 1080x652, SmartSelect_20211127-095514_Br…)

I don't think I'd need these sizes but just in case here's the part of the second chart that got cut off

No. 979272

What were you taking for meds? Meds made the biggest difference for me. Also not being around your phone helps. Not really sure what else can help you, sorry.

No. 979274

I'm not positive but I think the top chart is the full chest measurement (Chest/Size/38"-40") and the bottom chart measurement (Body Width) is the measurement of the garment laid flat. Therefore the equivalent size on the bottom would be size small because a 38"-40" garment laid flat would be ~20" in body width. I might be wrong tho so wait for more feedback before you pull the trigger kek

No. 979278

Methylfenidate retard (hehe retard)
Also citalopram but I quit with both since yesterday and I was able to do more than before I took the meds.
I just wish anyone could coach me. I also noticed that I suffer from memory loss, brain fog, brain farts, panic attacks and logorrhea.

Help meee anyone

No. 979282

File: 1638037296136.jpg (58.8 KB, 600x600, FIGURE-133317.jpg)

I don't wanna necro some ancient thread in /m/ so: I wanna get a little something to satisfy my weeb side. My options are:

1) pic related small sitting figure
>cheapest, cute
>but the nendo has a better outfit and is posable
2) nendoroid of the same character
>very cute
>but I have to buy it second hand from mercari
3) artbook of a different series
>love collecting artbooks, it could have juicy new info
>but I could also just ask for photos of it on discord and it might be full of reused default art
Can't decide what to go for.

No. 979291

File: 1638037934366.gif (349.08 KB, 300x169, 1571175486290.gif)

How do I warm up my brain for work?
I have a job that requires a lot of mental exertion, its like the equivalent of doing math problems for labor.
Its hard to bridge between my relaxtion time and my work time, when I see the directions for the work my brain just shuts down.

No. 979295

I like art books, personally.

that makes sense, thank you anon. If it doesn't fit I can always return it

No. 979314

Is it weird to cosplay an OC at a con?

No. 979320

I loove collecting art books of my favorite series/artists. I vote that.

No. 979321

Whats your job? Actuary? Quant?

No. 979345

is it gay if a guy wants to have anal sex and likes deep throat or is he just a porn addicted scrote?

No. 979348

also anyone remembers the thread about the damage anal sex causes? it was made by an absolute sperg and was banned but I think it was quite funny. I can't remember the exact words op used but they were hilarious.

No. 979355

No, people do that all the time. Just be prepared for people asking who you're dressed as.

No. 979356

File: 1638041939908.gif (19.87 KB, 434x32, picasion.com_flyK.gif)

There were a bunch of those threads, but most of them were deleted. Here's one >>>/ot/731481 but you can just search anorectal violence and more will come up. Some anon figured out they were a scrote spamming across multiple forums (and I think imageboards as well?).

No. 979360

Is vaping weed bad for you? My roommate always cringes in horror when I vape. “B-but popcorn lung!!!! The chemicals!!!” She’ll say. And I’m hitting carts from a legal dispensary if that matters.

No. 979373

I miss anorectal violence-kun (not actually)

No. 979379

there were also threads about it on /g/ I'm pretty sure they're still up

No. 979390

File: 1638044539457.png (762.65 KB, 700x980, sarah.png)

Is this body type maintainable? It looks so good but I've always wondered if it was unhealthy or unattainable.

No. 979394

Unattainable how? She just looks like a normal woman who strength trains a couple times a week.

No. 979398

Sure? I mean she's underweight and that's not ideal esp re bones long term. Some women can't menstruate at low weights and that accelerates bone loss dramatically.

No. 979402

samefag. I phrased that so badly, I'm sleepy kek. I meant to say she's only slightly underweight and that would probably result in lower bone mass and faster turnover/loss post thirty, but effects would take a long time to show up, if ever. Weak or absent menstruation is a big deal, however.

No. 979403

How can you tell that she's underweight? You can't see much other than some muscle definition around her chest, shoulders, and arms.

No. 979409

she looks like a regular muscular women, doesn't seem unhealthy nor unattainable
all the times i was underweight i still got heavy periods

No. 979412

I might have gotten an internship through my uncle but i ghosted him for no reason after he called 5 days ago. Should i call him tomorrow or should i just cry instead?

No. 979413

Call him before it’s too late.

No. 979459

Call him and make up something if he asks (your phone was malfunctioning and had to be taken to a service center)

No. 979468

If you get talking to a guy randomly and he quickly brings up star signs, wanting to know what yours is.. does that typically mean he's looking at you in a romantic or sexual way?

No. 979503

Sounds like he’s baiting you into thinking he’s nlog by mentioning that he likes star signs because thats seen as something women like. Might mean hes trying to impress you by showing interests in it too, hoping you would be delighted by it and consider him to be special. I noticed whenever men try to understand anything related to hobbies or interests that women like its always used to make women think they’re with someone on the same wavelength. I’d be wary anon, might seem like the type to lie about what he’s into in order to get with you.

No. 979507

No. 979509

Either way, I'd say he's probably interested in a sexual or romantic way. It's an old trick dudes use to get closer to someone.

But males are generally untrustworthy, so be wary and don't jump into feelings just because he has an interest in you. Watch how he treats you and others in general. Watch out for general sexist behaviours too.

No. 979516

Is top hourglass a real body shape or is it just a nice way of saying inverted triangle with tits?

No. 979519

Next time I see him I'll try and somehow slip my gayness into the conversation. I nearly did that last time but I was slow picking up on what seems like some signals

No. 979533

People have told me that i'm a top hourglass, but i consider myself just an inverted triangle with a small waist (if that's even possible?)

No. 979543

Should I call the home phone # of my best friend from elementary school? I haven't talked to her in 10 years lol

No. 979550

Please don’t, just send her a message via Facebook or Instagram.

No. 979581

I wouldn't put her on the spot like that. Like anon above me said, just dm her. That gives her the chance to think about her reply for a bit, you haven't been in contact in a decade after all.

No. 979594

how do people get followers on twitter? it’s like a fucking void

No. 979598

Going viral usually, or some one finding their content through hashtag.

No. 979719

How do 'civilized' men (not catcallers) treat female strangers that they find hot/beautiful in public?
I see girls like Shayna and other cows claiming that scrotes talk to them which I don't doubt happens bc typically those women are more importantly visibly desperate for attention which men definitely pick up on and will use to their advantage. But in my experience and what I've even seen of and heard from legit stunning women, men who find a woman actually very attractive will usually stare and hardly actually approach. Most pretty girls ik have told me only ugly geriatric creeps approach them occasionally. Another thing I've heard from young women is that guys in their age range never approach in public.
Asking because my own personal experience on public transit is that hot men will stare and sit near me and then continue to stare but nothing ever comes of it. Do guys even approach women in public anymore to ask you on a date (assuming they're not PUAs)?

No. 979747

There are better ways to meet people than getting asked out by strangers, join some clubs, short study courses, go to events and meet people a fun way instead nonno.
This is from someone who systematically gets approached and asked out in public, it isn't actually flattering or pleasant like the thots would have you believe, it's just men getting free emotional labor from women (men's worst fear is getting rejected/women's worst fear is getting raped/killed) since you are obliged to be pleasant to Random Man #75 in case he's a nutjob.
Also take their details if you meet someone, and don't give yours out for the same reason. A hot stranger is still a stranger and you don't know anything about these dudes. Hence why meeting at clubs, courses and events us best since you get a chance to know them a little first.

No. 979777

Thanks anon. Ik male attention in public isn't flattering, usually it's because they think you're easy.
I guess I'm sexually frustrated so I'm especially annoyed with all these guys who look cute, sit next to me on the train for an hour, and then never say anything even though they're clearly semi-interested. I was trying to use dating apps but they're all scams nowadays and want you to pay 30 dollars a month to see someone who isn't a fuckboy or a basement-dwelling cretin that would fit better on r/cringetopia than Bumble or Hinge.

No. 979827

>rental history
and how are people supposed to get rental history if apartments won't accept people without a rental history? that makes no sense and it's just assuming the rare situation that most people have friends or family that can put them on the lease. On top of that wouldn't this encourage people just to jump around a lot? it just seems exhausting and horrible financially to have to move once a year just to have rental history. This sucks especially for young people who don't have friends who have an apartment and don't rent a uhaul and move wherever anytime the lease it up
>a stable job
if yours is tip based it's a bit harder. on top of that it's also harder for self employed people such as myself since a lot of apartments require exclusively paystubs, this even sucks more for people who are paid monthly
>someone to co-sign
why does that even have to be an option? not everyone "knows a guy" who is willing to risk their credit score and finances for you to live in a dingy apartment just to get some rental history under your belt. This is why apartments in america are failing and even high earning people are ending up in odd living situations

No. 979864

File: 1638085914073.jpg (25.27 KB, 449x449, 7yvtf0oohom41.jpg)

Retarded question, but the main difference between platonic and romantic love is sexual attraction, right? I've never been in a relationship and am trying to understand the main difference between romance and a strong friendship.

I've met people before that I can safely say that I loved with my entire heart, I felt like we were fated to meet one another and spiritually bonded. I could live the rest of my life with them and die happy. But I had absolutely 0 attraction to them or sexual desire for them.

No. 979867

i don't think sexual attraction is necessarily needed in romance if it isn't a requirement for you
asexual people can also experience romance beyond a strong friendship, and even some people who aren't asexual fall in love with people they aren't sexually attracted to

No. 979872

A year has passed and you still talk like asexuality is a thing, cut it out already, is cringy

No. 979887

they aren't wrong tbh

No. 979893

If it wasn't for people like you, asexuals wouldn't think they're oppressed and shoving themselves in lbg spaces

No. 979895

No. 979896

Personally I think friendship and romantic love are two seperate things with or without the sex (no I'm not asexual or a 'supporter').

No. 979903

How do you get pictures of yourself doing things you like/hobbies if you don't have friends and can't use a tripod?

You can usually tell when the picture was taken by someone else or it's a timer

No. 979938

I used to have a twitter account until April 2020 and made a new account in February 2021. I used to follow an artist's private account before, and now that I found her private account again by pure chance just today it turns out that she blocked me. How did she even find my account before I found hers? I only have one follower and I just retweet art sometimes, and only 10 irl friends were following my previous account. Maybe it's because I liked her art from her main account recently but she has so many followers on her main account I'm shocked she noticed me. Super weird stuff.

No. 979941

I hope it's a she (as it should be), but you never know on anonymous imageboards so my mind defaults to the neutral pronoun

No. 979947

I think romantic love usually entails having very strong affection for that person, as well as a longing and desire to be with them and connect with them on an emotional level.

No. 979969

I agree, I totally agree, I have sex 450 times a year, I suffer from a sex addiction, but I’m still asexual. I just force myself to have sex, just so people won’t judge me if I’d have no sex at all.

No. 980055

Nona, I think one of them isn't serious at all and the other one doesn't really see it as an actual sexuality, either…

No. 980059

>If it wasn't for people like you saying nonbinary is not a thing, they wouldn't be forcing themselves in LGB spaces
See how nuts it sounds? These people are insane, me pointing that out is not the problem wtf are you one of those twitter refugees that anons have been talking about?

No. 980081

No, i'm just tried of everyone bringing the crap up everywhere

No. 980102

nta but how are these different from platonic love?

No. 980103

When people talk about swiping left/right in terms of online dating apps, which direction is the one to accept and which one the one to decline? Or does it differ by app?

No. 980105

can someone give me a rundown on why red scare podcast sucks

No. 980107

on tinder swiping left is to decline

No. 980113

There is literally no difference, they just don't have good friends.

No. 980119

this shit got me so confused, I literally don’t know what ‘romantic’ attraction is.
> Romantic attraction: attraction that makes people desire romantic contact or interaction with another person or persons

what exactly is ‘romantic contact’ if it’s not just wanting to have sex with someone, am I retarded or??

No. 980148

Is there truth to the 'looking in x direction while speaking indicates lying' thing? Do you guys believe in it?

No. 980154

No. I think the only way to tell is if you already know the person well enough to notice when their behavior is off. If someone just fiddles or looks off into the distance or doesn't hold eye contact, I'd just assume they're shy or anxious

No. 980157

i always look up/at the ceiling when i have to think about something first, but many body language gurus claim that's a sign of lying. stfu i am using my brain, jared.

No. 980186

i've heard liars look up left and i've caught myself doing that

No. 980202

What is your favourite word for the female sex organ? Mine is fanjo.

No. 980218

pizda is a nice productive word, it can be a verb and an adjective etc etc

No. 980226

cuca is my fave, my coworker used to call shower gel "cucoper"

No. 980311

File: 1638134244153.png (51.01 KB, 300x268, 39.png)

I have a few questions about twinks.

>do you find twinks hot/sexy?

>can bi or straight men (like straight male models or timmy chalamet) be twinks? what about overweight or older men?
>why do so many fakebois aspire to be twinks?

No. 980331

>do you find twinks hot/sexy?
>can bi or straight men (like straight male models or timmy chalamet) be twinks? what about overweight or older men?
from my understanding as an ignorant straight woman, it's a bit to do with personality but mostly to do with appearance (and, you know, being gay). so I think a straight guy could certainly look like a twink. I don't think a fatass could be called a twink though
>why do so many fakebois aspire to be twinks?

No. 980358

What's the difference between nepotism and getting a job because your uncle has a friend whose company is looking for an employee right now?

No. 980362

No. 980368

>do you find twinks hot/sexy?
>can bi or straight men (like straight male models or timmy chalamet) be twinks? what about overweight or older men?
I'm not a fag scrote, so I could be wrong, but as far as I know "twink" applies to gay men who have a smaller, leaner stature (but I've also seen tall skinny guys get called twinks before). I don't think straight men would be called twinks, but maybe bi men? I couldn't say overweight men could be called one either, but maybe an older guy could if he has more of a youthful appearance.
>why do so many fakebois aspire to be twinks?
Like the other anon said, just look up a random BL manga and look at the characters' appearances.

No. 980375

i think they're hot. don't know how to answer the other questions.

No. 980410

File: 1638146072554.jpeg (378.5 KB, 750x597, E15DD002-512D-4DA5-A28D-039074…)

Would these paintings be considered impressionist paintings?

No. 980415

My gut says no. They’re very painterly but impressionism puts a big focus on how light impacts the subject, and light seems to be totally ignored in these pieces.

No. 980481

Thanks nona!

No. 980571

if a fictional character is abandoned and its creator has no presence anywhere anymore, what's stopping people from not just taking it as their own creation?

No. 980896

File: 1638201448281.png (1.66 MB, 1069x1068, ian fisher.PNG)

How does someone go about buying art from a gallery? Are works in an exhibition at a gallery available to be purchased? I'm not a fine art collector but I found this one painter on instagram and I'm obsessed with his paintings and would love to own one one day. It's probably one of those "if you have to ask how much it costs, you probably can't afford it" type of things but fuck I really want to buy one of his paintings one day. How would I even go about finding out the price range that his paintings have sold for? I've tried googling around but there's no price records anywhere (that I don't have to pay to access) and the gallery's website has little information.

No. 980907

Is the discord still full of trannies?

No. 980919

What can I do to be a better older sister? Any younger sister farmers have something they wish from their sister?

Our relationship is totally fine, we get along etc. but she’s so independent and smart while I’m indecisive and emotionally all over the place. It feels like she’s the older sibling sometimes with how she gives me good advice but I can’t do the same. I plan on getting her birthday presents every year from now on since I feel like as an older sibling that’s the least I can do, we aren’t the type of family to give gifts or show affection due to the way we were raised so I want to start here. Is there anything else? I’m working on improving my mental space too so hopefully one day she can look up to me instead of probably pitying me like she does now

No. 980936

Aw, the fact that you're worrying about it means you're already a good sister.
Giving her gifts it's a great idea, proposing fun plans to do together every once in a while is my advice. Taking her out to eat something, going to a park, watching a film, going to a concert of an artist she likes, that kind of stuff. Honestly just making sure she knows you're there for her for anything she needs, that she can trust you and knows you'll do your best to help her. I'm sure she appreciates you a lot nonnie!

No. 980941

What decides if a wound will scab or not? I fell the other day and scraped a small bit of the palm of my hand. It ripped off the top layer of skin and there was a bit of blood. It's finally healing over, but a scabbed never form and there's just new skin there now. Why didn't it scab over?

No. 980951

this is going to be really dumb. was vintage porn photoshopped? context: my friend has a ton of old magazines (previous home owner just…left them. multiple containers) and I've considered asking for a couple to use as drawing references lmao

No. 980954

I wish my big sister would shut the fuck up sometimes. Just kidding, I have a big sister who's annoying sonI avoid her, a younger sister who I get along with normally and another little sister who's 10 years younger than me so I'm pretty much her second mom. You sound like you already get along with your sister, what's your age difference? If you're close when it comes to age I'm sure you just think she's more mature than you when the truth is that you just have different personalities and nothing more.

No. 980955

I imagine if they did do any editing, it would be skin smoothing.

No. 980960

This is extremely sweet im pretty sure your lil sis loves you and admires you with all her heart. As the younger sister I always valued my older sister taking time to hang out with me over the gifts. Transparency is the best thing, tell her how much you appreciate and love her as a sister, it means so much to have your older siblings just bluntly remind you that they always got your back.

No. 980992

File: 1638206379863.png (78.4 KB, 564x772, Screenshot (316).png)

>want to make a neocities page
>know VERY basic HTML
>decide to copy a PageMaker into my code
>screw it up really badly

What should I do to my code so that it actually works

No. 980994

Yes. Anon there's been photo shopping since photography was invented. Victorian photos would be edited with ink and whiteout in the developing room.

No. 980996

>what's your age difference?
Our gap is 3 years kek so yeah quite small. She’s been this mature since as long as I can remember though
Thank you guys. I’ll definitely start planning days out too, we have very similar tastes in like 99% of things so that sounds like a good idea.

No. 980998

What's neocities?

No. 981000

No. 981079

yeah I figured. I was just wondering if it were subtle stuff like the other anon said (skin smoothing) or crazy instagram level shopping that would make it useless as a reference

No. 981106

File: 1638214960974.jpg (350.58 KB, 1350x900, Preventa-THE-CLOWN-112-FILIX-T…)

I just saw something that unlocked traumatic memories on my brain, should i:
>1) Block those memories and act catatonic
>2) Let it flow, embrace those memories and cry in the shower
Please help, i'm about to have a breakdown again, how do i cope with traumatic memories? nothing is happening but i feel so scared still

No. 981132

Both, I know you're flexible anona.

No. 981135

Maybe my advice is bad, but I think you should let it out. It's better than just bottling it up, and perhaps it will take it off of your mind, even if just for a little while.. I hope you feel better soon nonna.

No. 981163

kek i actually do that sometimes, cry in the shower and then go catatonic for some hours
Thanks for your advice anon, i cried a little and i do feel better, i think i got this

No. 981185

File: 1638217682933.gif (1.64 MB, 498x193, good-for-her-arrested-developm…)

has anyone here ever broken up with someone they lived with? how did it go?

No. 981209

Do alcoholics vomit a lot? I have a crazy moid neighbour who I hear vomiting every night(thin walls, rip my ears) and I'm wondering why the fuck he is doing that so often.

No. 981217

is he bulimic? even in my peak blacking out party days i would only throw up maybe like once the next morning or night of. once you're drinking heavily you can kind of tell what your limit is to prevent that i'd think.

No. 981220

File: 1638218752205.png (33.22 KB, 224x280, 5278237.png)

Terrible. After almost four years together and two months into a new lease, we broke up. He immediately went on Tinder to date. I lived with him for one more month and I cried through all of it. I hated him so much. I almost killed myself because of how much of a joke my life seemed at the time.

If I had to live through it again, I'd throw myself into debt to move out sooner. I'd pay whatever and move out the next week. Just because your lease ends on the 30th doesn't mean you need to stay there until then

No. 981226

That's possible. He never talks to people so all I know is that he is loud and annoying at home and vomits a lot.

No. 981236

that would be so distressing for me kek i am so squeamish about vomiting and the sound of it

No. 981248

emetophobes gang rise up!

No. 981261

Yeah it's gross, I really wish he would stop or move somewhere elde.

No. 981330

Cringe. Go back to Reddit or the YouTube comment section with this annoying type of reply.

No. 981351

Its just a random, silly reply, take your meds

No. 981353

am i wrong for separating art from artist? i listen to some pretty problematic figures/figures that go against my beliefs (az banks, various trannies, most rappers…)

No. 981355

Was there a mass exodus of jannies or something? I keep seeing people blatantly breaking the rules and reporting them and nothing comes of it. Like I know they don't redtext every single time someone breaks the rules but I figured and least some of them would have been redtexted and they haven't been.

No. 981366

Ugh me too. I know there's something wrong with me but I'd actually rather die than see or hear another person puke ever again. I go out of my way to avoid situations where this might happen. Literally nightmarish

No. 981413

They're slow as fuck, got my bad a day late

No. 981416

idk what to get myself for christmas can you nonnies rec something? i'm mostly into technology but i feel like i already have what i need (laptop and phone, and the accessories they have) i'm thinking of getting a tablet but i don't know if i'll actually use it or how it's any different from the other stuff i have. also can't be thousands of dollars and can't require a large amount of space in a room

No. 981438

Why not a nice headphone set or speakers for pc? Maybe nice speakers for your tv? I've been meaning to get the HD600 headphones because I heard they're amazing. There's also wireless headphones for earbuds or over ear ones that can be all-around used for travel/at home. Desktop audio there's 306PMKII but they're big. You could look into keycaps or keyboards too, maybe buy an external harddrive incase stuff crashes, more sd cards, a nice camera, subscription to photo editing or video editing, usb mouse if the laptop one sucks, various keyboards that are really fun

No. 981440

File: 1638230988037.jpg (28.85 KB, 664x475, E88M2dyWYAE45sC.jpg)

Can someone give it to me straight, please: how concerning is this new Covid variant? The Omicron. I've seen people say it's no big deal, just get the poke, and others claim it's going to turn 2022 into 2020, but worse? What is the truth?

No. 981443

is it true physicians are notoriously sex weirdos?

No. 981448

Dunno, i dont hear anything apocalyptic going down in southern Africa so far. Might just be as bad as delta variant; time will tell.

No. 981453

Anon we have a covid thread, but really it would all depend on your health and where you live anyway if your country already had economic problems or stricter rules for distancing.

No. 981460

My understanding of it: seems to be driving a huge spike of infections in South Africa which makes people think it’s extremely infectious and may be able to get around vaccines/previous covid sickness, but the doctors who have dealt with it so far say it seems to be mild in severity. That being said it’s still really early on so too soon to say either way, governments closing borders are trying to be proactive in case it turns out bad.

No. 981476

File: 1638233445467.png (201.03 KB, 1700x714, download.png)

Jpn learning anons, does this mean I wont be accepted to the list if my account is private? The only account I have is locked and it's to keep up with fanartists…

No. 981479

one of those laptop holders for your desk so that your neck isnt always straining (if you have a lower desk)

No. 981565

What do middle class ppl do for fun/leisure?

No. 981608

How do you feel secure in being a little chubby but overall athletic ? I've been pretty confident lately but I've been hit with massive insecurity comparing myself to really skinny girls. I don't want to be weak but I don't know why I don't feel comfortable in my skin.

No. 981620

Either lose fat, or accept that ppl have different body composition genetics. I knew a girl who regularly did boot camp type stuff but still had a fridge upper body, it's just genetics.

No. 981653

what are you supposed to do when someone tells you they’re attracted to you? whats the correct/polite response?

No. 981654

Depends, if you like the person
>oh, thanks, I actually like you too!
If you don’t like the person
>oh, thank you, I’m really flattered, seriously!
And hope for them to not ask what you think about them, if they press for an answer
>well, I think you’re a really nice friend/colleague/person
And if they ask if you like them back romantically but you don’t like them
>I don’t know, I’m not ready for a relationship right now

No. 981661

thank you anon!

No. 981673

File: 1638256329917.jpeg (16.38 KB, 554x554, images (58).jpeg)

I used to be really close with this girl but now, ever since we've stopped hanging out, she became obsessed with kpop. When I try to send her a message, that's all she wants to talk about like a loser w/o a life, and spergs to other kpopfags she met online. She's introduced me to some and they're all insufferable. Cut her out?

No. 981679

It’s one thing to be into a music group as a preteen/teen and have a dumb phase. (I was metallicafag when I was 16/17 and I wouldn’t stfu about how I loved James Hetfield, but I grew out of it. I still listen to them occasionally. Maybe she will grow out of it? Idk how old she is though. And if she’s that insufferable than cut her out

No. 981866

wtf does "practicing mindfulness" mean?? whenever i look for advice, the top comment is something like "practice mindfulness uwu" and it's a reply to some bullshit question like How to fix a leaking roof or something. what does it mean!!!!

No. 981874

I actually don't know what the answer is but for me it's taking a brief moment to really pay attention to what's going on, not just of what's going on around me, but also myself. I take note of my breathing (shallow, deep, fast, slow, etc), what I can see around me and really absorb myself in what I'm looking at, what I feel in that moment (stressed or relaxed, happy or sad), what I physically feel (the chilly of the air or the warmth of the sunlight), stuff like that.

No. 981881

thank you, this is actually really helpful. i'm trying to find out how to not rush through my meals when i come home really hungry and your reply makes a lot more sense than just someone telling me to be mindful.

No. 981891

You're welcome nona! I actually saw something a long time ago on one of the Feebs threads (of all places kek) about… mindful eating? Intuitive eating? I forget what it is, but when I looked more into it, it was basically practicing mindfulness while eating. That meant no distractions (browsing phone or watching videos/TV while eating) and really paying attention and thinking about what you were eating while you were eating it. How does it taste? What is the texture like? Should you eat another bite or are you full right now? Just really savoring the food and the action of eating and all the little parts that make up eating a meal. I hope it doesn't sound too silly!

No. 981900

mindfulness originated with buddhist monks and the idea is essentially to fully embody or root/ground yourself in only the moment and the activity at hand. pushing judgements and distractions out of your mind. not thinking about what you have to do later this week and not ruminating or judging or worrying.
there is "ambient clutter" of background stress or preoccupations and distracting trains of thought that you can learn to gently push aside to experience the present moment and just sit with yourself. the distractions don't necessarily have to be negative. but you want to learn to focus purely on your present moment or activity.
it is a form of meditation but can be applied for nearly any purpose. a great antidote to the ways we are constantly overstimulating ourselves with vices and technology and 5 kinds of media media at once.
it's learning to just sit with yourself and vibe basically. learning to pay attention to what is going on inside of you and gently send away the portions irrelevant to your meditation or exercise like little paper boats.

No. 981908

What's the best way to save your money or invest, I have managed to save £1000 and it feels substantial enough I should be doing something more with it than just having it in my savings account

No. 981915

Are there any useful sites or guides for adult things, like buying a house, savings etc

No. 981916


If you’re in the U.K. you could shove it in a LISA and get £250 added to it from HMRC. You can only withdraw to buy your first house or at retirement but I try to funnel the max amount in there because it gives me £1000 back in taxes every year.

No. 981918

I don't know what's available in the UK, but I would find a high yield savings account to shove the money in. Make sure you have 3-6 months worth of expenses saved up before you start investing money. You only want to invest with extra money you can afford to lose/play around with.

No. 981928

Hmm that sounds good, I'm worried about my pension since I was out of work for a good while and haven't got a private one but what if I die? Well then I guess I'd never have the money lol

No. 981933

Seconding this.
t.unhelpful parents

No. 981953

No. 981968

Pure incel rage

No. 981970

what's this kid so angry for lmao

No. 981971

Of course he isn’t bumping any men because he’s afraid of getting beaten up.

No. 981972

According to the sub, it's a "thing". But I don't know if I believe it.

No. 981973

Literally why does no one in the comments simply suggest to trip the little fucker up

No. 981975

File: 1638293518364.png (76.2 KB, 895x380, m.png)

Somehow, watching that video, I got the exact sense that it was this shit
It's like when all the boys are mean to girls in elementary school, except these grown men are extra upset because women make their pee-pees feel funny and they can't handle it

No. 981981

An incels thoughts only oscillate between
>wanting to hurt women
>wanting to troon out

thus we see him here, acting out his tantrums meekly enough not to get beat up, and likely going home to put on a dress and jack off afterwards.

He wears his backpack low and would easily fall if you give it a good yank. But the Japanese have no backbone. Id love to see him try this in the Bronx

No. 981994

File: 1638294936818.png (941.74 KB, 920x798, j.png)

No. 982003

Kek i would love to see these Japanese incels try to survive in Harlem acting like this

No. 982014

Sorry to shill reddit but this is honestly good stuff when you're learning about money https://www.reddit.com/r/personalfinance/wiki/index

No. 982033

kek at how he doesn't dare to do it to any men
and all those women are hardly bothered by his tiny skinnyfat shoulders slightly bumping them

No. 982037

I forgot Hanukah started this weekend and I wanted to wish our Jewish customers a happy one but like is it anti Semitic to just assume everyone with a jewish last name celebrates Hanukah still? Should i just say happy holidays???? idk anymore. Maybe i should just say merry chrismahanukwanzika.

No. 982039

are you fucking 50 years old? just say nothing

No. 982050

I got a random verification code via SMS from Telegram even though I never use it. Is someone trying to hack my account or phone?

No. 982052

Just say happy holidays, anon. It's not that hard.

No. 982053

anon, don't sweat it. just say happy holidays if you're so worked up about it. i really don't think anyone with half a brain will get offended by being wished a happy holiday.

No. 982058

just wish everyone a happy hanukkah regardless, it's the only one that's actively happening at the moment so it's your only accurate option

No. 982074

Thank you

No. 982075

thanks ladies!! i ended up just posting it on our company facebook page that way im not singling anyone out. Being a social media manager is so stressful /s

No. 982115

Can someone please briefly spoonfeed me on this dasha cow, or direct me to the most comprehensive thread(s) on her? I see her on lolcow, on twitter, on tumblr, on Instagram, and everybody tells a different story: she is a model, she is a nobody leftist, she is sailor socialism?????, she is an actress, she is an icon, she is a commie, she is a dumb slut… who is this person

No. 982116

Is it my laptop or does lolcow not properly pages for everyone? Not properly as in, I can click on a thread and read all replies but the circle in the browser keeps spinning and it won't jump to the newest post (though I can see new replies immediately). Images sometimes load, sometimes they don't.

No. 982240

Anyone else feel heavy when they're copying+pasting? While I'm "holding" something I feel absolutely heavy until I paste it.

No. 982244

No. 982349

Why do extreme couponers always get so much laundry detergent? It's like the one item every single one of them get. Are there more coupons for detergent than other products?

No. 982403

She is everything ♥

No. 982422

Youtube recomended me a pixielocks video and i've never seen anything of her outside lolcow banners…is she retarded or dishonest? I think DID (as far as multiple perdonalities goes) is a fake diagnosis but youtube comments eat that shit up?? And a ton of teenagers and pathetic adults claim to have it? I am confusion

No. 982433

Why is the name "Nigel" used specifically to be referred to bfs/husbands? I tried looking up its origin but turned up empty.

No. 982437

iirc I remember lots of different generic male names being used for "not my blank" at one time, but imo Nigel stuck because it's a very nonthreatening male name and also begins with N so it just sounds right in the sentence

No. 982454

NIce Guy Everyone Loves

No. 982474

Labia Lover Cool Jim

No. 982480

that's my gf

No. 982622

should i get an exercise bike?

-i often feel anxious and going on walks and exhausting myself helps me calm down. i'm scared of going outside after dark so i could use the exercise bike instead
-could watch movies/tv shows while doing exercise
-obviously need to lose weight kek i'm already doing CICO but exercise is always good

-money (the one i want is almost 150 euros)
-if i have to send it back it'll be troublesome because it weighs almost 15 kilos
-what if i hate it?
-i have only one room so i'll see it all the time (i can't just hide it in another room or anything) could also be a pro since i'd feel guilty if i'm not using it?

also apparently getting on it for 30 minutes burns like 200-300 calories which is (apparently) the amount of calories i burn on a 1 hour walk. people always say you barely burn any calories with an exercise bike but 200-300 calories for 30 minutes sounds fine to me??

No. 982631

File: 1638355554563.jpg (175.86 KB, 1000x1000, How-to-Convert-a-Bicycle-to-a-…)

My mom loves cyclcling and has a thing called a Turbo Trainer, pic rel, which basically turns a normal bike into a stationary bike. It might be a good choice for you because it's far lighter, cheaper, and it's easy to put away for storage!

No. 982635

i was thinking about one of these too but i don't have a regular bike and i'm scared of cycling in the streets because traffic here is insane. i'd also have to keep it in my room as well because people in the dorms keep stealing bikes or parts of them.

No. 982683

Can you do the handflapping thing on a daily basis without being autistic ?
My autistic friend keeps telling me that I'm autistic too but I would be too ashamed to ask for a diagnosis.

No. 982704

Just lift weights, anon
Cardio sheds less calories than just lifting stuff/limbs. Buy a set of 2-5lb hand weights and place your hands out and in, up and down for a number of minutes, do squats, lay on your side and lift your leg up and down, etc. I used to do one hour cardio on the elliptical and treadmill 4-5x a week and it never really changed my figure.. I only achieved that through lifting (and yoga). Even 30 mins a day, twice a week, makes a difference.

No. 982707

If you wanted to open a restaurant using a recipe from another established restaurant, would there be anything stopping you? Like, what if you found out the recipe for their special sauce and used it? Or they released a cookbook and you use their recipes?

No. 982716

Nta but what does yoga help with? And what excercises are the best? I've been practicing yoga on and off because I'm not sure if it helps with making me a little stronger and building some muscle. Also, does it shed a lot of calories? I'm a bit underweight but I still want to excercise, so I wouldn't want to do anything that makes me even thinner.

No. 982762

Has anyone moved from their family home and had their life completely change for the better?

I tell myself everyday that when I eventually move out X, Y and Z will improve but I don't know if that's just cope on my part. I just feel trapped here and like I need a breath of fresh air away from the people who socially stunted me but I'm afraid that when I actually leave I will still be the same weak person I am now just with more stress.

No. 982770

me! i became more independent, confident and active. i know nobody else is going to call my doctor for an appointment so i have to do it myself. i feel like it finally gave me the last push i needed to grow up. i still have my mom to support me in times of need, but most of the time i just deal with shit on my own because i'm an adult now who doesn't live with her family anymore. i never wanna go back, it's an absolute nightmare for me. i love my family and my hometown is cute, but i only enjoy visiting it like three times a year. i'm always so happy and i feel so free whenever i return to the city i live in rn.

No. 982780

can i tell my therapist about this?

when i get really unbelievable stressed and sad, i sometimes (very rarely) punch myself in the face. it feels like i can't help it, it just happens like it's a tic or something idk. i just wanna make sure she's not gonna 51/50 me. i live in america if that makes a difference

No. 982791

Nta but I’ve found yoga helps with my balance, posture and flexibility. If your worried about burning calories from exercising you could try to just eat a little more (like a piece of toast would probably be a 20min yoga session).

No. 982797

Why is almost every girl rude to me at my school?
They shade with each other at whatever I have to say by laughing. It breaks my confidence a little bit because I have a headache today so I did tasks very slow.
I can’t say a thing without them looking weird at me. This girl asked for my ethnicity which I told her but she wtf’d because she didn’t understand what it was still. Mocked me every time since that day. Wish I just lied about it to keep it simple.

No. 982798

My friend recently found out that she’s pregnant for the first time. Would it be inappropriate to get her a Christmas present that would be baby related if she’s still super early? By Christmas she’ll only be 2.5 months along if all goes to plan.

No. 982802

Pff how old are they acting like that? Please know that they are the losers in the situation, not you. People who act like that are mentally stunted idiots, watch them all get pregnant and fat and ugly in a couple years.

No. 982804

This is her last christmas that's not all about the baby so personally I wouldn't.

No. 982810

What >>982804 said, but also so early into pregnancy co much can still go bad, wouldn't be good for her to have baby things laying around if she miscarries or something, wait until the baby comes out.

No. 982812

They already are tbh. I am not trying to be rude or feel better about myself, but it’s just a category I could place them in, and how does one even make friends with such pathetic ass people? I don’t look weird or dress weird, at all…

No. 982850

File: 1638381752178.png (8.61 KB, 1000x1000, gnatissue1.png)

I have a gnat infestation in my home office. Not in the kitchen or bathroom, nowhere near any sink, leak, or food: just in my office. What's weird is when I come into the room in the morning there are around 6-10 of them lined up in a perfectly straight line along the top left corner of my monitor, and another 5 or so sitting in a circle on my desk. It's like this every morning. I don't have any house plants and when I eat in my room I clean very well. I don't have a trashbin in here, nor any houseplants, I never leave empty cans, bottles, plates, etc. I've wiped down my monitor and desk with cleaner each night to no avail. I feel like their pattern of sitting is really creepy, though. I'm going to try the apple cider vinegar method to get rid of them but I'm almost more concerned with why they are in my clean room, and why they sit in a weird formation. Also a side note: I turn my monitor off at night so they aren't attracted to a light source or anything.

No. 982851

That's so weird, if there was something in your house somewhere you'd for sure smell it. Maybe it's a drain? I'm not sure what would attract them to your office though. I've used wine to catch them before and it solved the issue!

No. 982856

Personally, yoga helps with my core strength. I'm a weakling but I've noticed that my endurance and general energy/strength has improved. The stretching aspect of it also keeps my muscles looking leaner.
For general exercise, you can target where you need to bulk/tighten up (unless with just diet). If I feel like I need more work on my stomach, I lay on my back and lift my legs straight up and down for a long time. For my butt, I just do squats or side lifts, or hip thrusts (laying on your back and thrusting your hips to the sky).

No. 982879

it's just a tiny ripped scab, why does it bleed so much? am i going to die?

No. 982880

ok it stopped now

No. 982886

They have to be coming from somewhere, you should do a deep clean of your office. My aunt once had the same problem and she found a bag with a rotten banana in it. I had gnats in my car and it turned out to be from a half-empty cup of horchata my friend left in the backseat months before.

No. 982894

File: 1638384547924.jpg (135.13 KB, 667x575, 근황2.jpg)

Anyone who know korean/hangul what does the graph titles mean? (for context the artist posted it about her twins she gave birth)

No. 982896

you're disturbing their ritual…shame on you

No. 982916

Question for the websleuths: what can you do with someone's IP address? Like what kind of information can you gain from knowing it?

No. 982919

Why do I sweat so much even when I'm cold? Please help

No. 982921

General location, like city & possibly neighborhood (it can also be way off especially if they live in a rural area) but other than that really not much

No. 982925

clockwise, starting from top: physical strength, mental thoughness, reliance, break (as in relaxing), aging. i looked up like 3 of em, im not native. so idk if there is a better translation.

No. 982933

Is it bad to eat spinach every day?

No. 983004

Could be an autoimmune disease like >>977905 is mentioning (with or without solid diagnosis) or could be something like cystic fibrosis. I used to know someone with CF and she looked healthy but she's definitely not. Lots of lengthy hospital stays and she's probably going to die in her 50s.

No. 983005

Thank you so much anons! I'm also pretty weak and even a little more strenght would be perfect (also my posture is shit so yeah).
Definitely will try to eat more so I can excercise without worrying too much too.

No. 983018

ty lol!

No. 983026

Not either of those anons but I hope you'll enjoy trying out yoga! I usually follow yoga stretching routines and have been for over a year now (usually 20-30 minutes in the morning) and its done wonders for my posture and I also got the added benefit of being more flexible! I've shilled her a few times here but I really like SarahBethYoga. She has stretching vids, but also workout videos. Don't let the workout videos fool you! They're very low impact but can be quite tough! I usually get a good sweat going on. I like that she includes the warm up and cool down in them too, so if I only have 20 minutes to spare in the morning, I can get my warm up, workout, and cool down all done when I follow one of her 20 minute videos.

No. 983056

Is the lc discord even worth joining? Or is it dead?

No. 983075

Why do so many women in fandoms obsess over m/m relationships and feminize the fuck outta male characters in their personal creative content? I understand liking pretty boys but what's the point of making female-like males or completely ignoring the heterosexual female gaze?

No. 983081

It's the worst aspects of namefagging, amplified x 100.

No. 983085

Considering them straight brings about existential dread in ugly fujos.

No. 983089

If I would explain it you probably still wouldn't even want to understand it because I'm assuming you ask this more as a form of frustrated ventposting instead of genuine curiosity. Either way TL;DR: A lot of fujos are lesbian or bi and want the characters to be female-coded but in a way that doesn't attract moids to coom over them and ruin their girls only club. Hence, feminized (either looks wise or mentally) male characters.

Cope, seethe, dilate

No. 983100

I'm a bisexual BPDchan with barely any experience with men and more with women. I've only had one-off hookups with two men and have never had a bf and I feel bad about this because it's unusual for a bi woman. I want more man experience but I have a huge irrational fear of getting pregnant so I've been considering becoming "blowjobs only" with men and racking up the man numbers that way. Is this a good or bad idea? And why/why not?

No. 983108

what would you get out of this? is reciprocal head implied here?

No. 983113

No, I wouldn't ask for reciprocal head unless they wanted to give it. I guess I'd get the satisfaction of fucking more men.

No. 983115

so, not physical satisfaction then

No. 983120

It’s a fucking stupid idea but you only “asked” this because you were probs horny anyways.
Get a fucking real boyfriend you love anon the hell.

No. 983121

Can attractive women get bullied?

No. 983141

absolutely. all women can and do get bullied

No. 983143

Nta but thank you so much for the suggestion!!

No. 983144

File: 1638399356253.jpg (289.15 KB, 1217x1171, 108306062_2352765368359974_743…)

Terribad idea, pic related it's you

No. 983145

Do they bully me because I’m hot, motherfucker? This is what a friend and my mother said. Answer me. I want to fucking understand. My mind tires me out and if I don’t get an explanation why I’m a target for bullying, rape and possibly in the worst scenario murder by a sick maniac bully who chose me because nobody gives a shit about me, I’ll eventually stay crazy and go even crazier than I already am.
If you blame my in this post horrible personality then at least answer if attractive women get bullied for being attractive?
Brb getting the exit pills because I feel horrible and depressed.

No. 983150

If you've sucked one dick then sucking ten more isn't really an experience gain, it's much the same.

No. 983151

people bully for many reasons, could be jealousy or their own low self esteem. this is cliche sounding af but you have to fight back it your bullies will continue to pick on you. bullies look for easy targets, people who won’t resist or fight back at all. next time someone fucks with you throw a drink in their face and/or tell them to fuck themselves

No. 983164

>throw a drink in their face
I’m doing a cooking class for the gibs and networking at a ghetto college, when I still had my personal dignity I would stand up for myself, until the teacher told me to apologize to my first bully. I am crumbling apart and I feel desperate to understand why I deserve this.
Slap some sense to me and tell me how I can love myself again and make those horrible bitches worship my toe fungus instead.

No. 983165

Oh wait
>tell them to fuck themselves
Alright I will do that instead.

No. 983168

telling people to fuck themselves or to leave you the fuck alone works really well. you just need to show them you’re serious and not one to fuck with

No. 983171

>Bringing up the fujos are all lesbians tinfoil
Yeah no, majority of fandoms are full of het fujo girls who like non-threatening men, and thus "feminize" male characters.

No. 983184

Don't waste your time, they wanna die on that hill even though there is zero proof or statistics supporting lesbian fujos carrying (the western) BL fandom or even the iconic BL mangaka being lesbians (as someone claimed months ago)

No. 983251

can a kind nonny please give me good male cows/male-centric spaces (like the mtf thread) to read about? i get tired of making fun of women.
kf links are fine.

No. 983252

just go search "lesbian fujo" on twitter or something.

No. 983257

kek twitter's a terrible example. people there call themselves """lesbian""" over anything and everything, even with a bf

No. 983258

Stop replying to the in-denial bi fujo kek she honestly needs professional help

No. 983259

i'm trying to steer you towards actual examples of fujoshi who happen to be gay, and you're insta-denying it because of the two-three zoomers on tiktok you've seen claiming to be lez while dating moids. spend ten seconds maybe trying to suss out the truth for yourself before you claim things that aren't true.
some of these lesbian fujos happen to be radfem/gender critical as well, by the way.

No. 983271

I'm sure your friend means well but it really depends, hand flapping is a trait of autism but it doesn't automatically mean you have it. I'm a hand flapping autist myself and I did it all through childhood up until now. There's certian things you should consider, like if the behavior started in childhood, or if you have other autistic traits. Honestly I don't recommend self diagnosing but it's good to be aware of any autistic traits you might have

No. 983285

It depends on your circumstances and the professional really. I've been stimming in heavy ways such as heavy rocking on a counter or bookshelf, running back and forth pushing off the walls, and technically lots of time on the swing but I don't have autism and I was tested by a professional. In the tests for autism I did hit some of the traits but not enough to be autistic or even be diagnosed with aspergers. I have been diagnosed with ADD and have been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder(which is controversial because there's overlap with autism with sensory things but not things like bad facial recognition etc) however. I think I stim partly because I grew up quite sheltered and contained in a house and backyard(was homeschooled etc), kind of like how zoo animals do things like that as well. I also want to remind you that shit like liking excel sheets, databases and having a very specific in depth pinpointed interest does not make you autistic despite what people on the internet would have you believe

No. 983302

why is the Elaine Gertler Miller thread always pinned?

No. 983318

I'm kind of always out of the loop because I don't have social media but are we taking back the word 'cunt' or something? I keep seeing the words 'serving cunt' and whatnot captioned over pictures of some girl or kpop boy doing something on my occasional dives into twitter and I just want to be kept upto speed. What does it mean? Is it cool to be 'cunty' or 'speak cunt'? Can anyone explain well this development? What serves this cunt and what doesn't? I thought it was an insult? Is it like 'bitch' now?
t. esl

No. 983320

Nonas is roe vs wade gonna get overturned? Are we fucked?

No. 983336

I noticed some mangas get officially translated to french before they even get translated to english, some never even get translated to english at all but french. Why is that? Are the francophones bigger weebs/is france secretly weeb land or is it something else?

No. 983340

I honestly don’t see how it won’t since the supreme court is stacked. I’m more curious if they’ll just leave it up to the states which if that is the case if you’re in a blue state you’re probably fine. Or some kind of 15~ week ban? It’s looking bleak. If the senate wasn’t beyond useless they could do something.

No. 983344

Does it even matter? Who cares what some old scrotes say? We have easy to use diy abortion already. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menstrual_extraction

No. 983355

A shit ton of anime were released in France in the 80s and 90s, and because we're already used to reading bandes-dessinées, manga became very popular very fast long ago as well. France is the country that buys the most manga right after Japan iirc, unless that data recently changed. Americans were introduced to some mainstream anime like Dragon Ball or Sailor Moon long after us for example. Some things that seem niche like Captain Tsubasa in the US are so popular in France that if you don't know it exists you might as well live under a rock. I think it's the same in Italy because they got the same anime at the same time on TV but Italian anons can correct me if I'm wrong. If you're interested you can look up "club Dorothée"

No. 983357

Oh and it's not a secret at all that France is full of weebs. Macron wouldn't stop posting about One Piece and Attack on Titan to attract young voters for the next elections not that long ago and Oda gave him and autograph and a signed illustration.

No. 983367

>to pass the entire menses at once

holy shit I didn't know you could do this. I always wondered what if you could go to a clinic and have them vacuum your period.

No. 983369

How the fuck do you build confidence?
I’m sad and hurting and I feel like a piece of shit and I’ve felt this way for 2 years now at least. I genuinely don’t know where I’m supposed to get the confidence or how to love myself.

No. 983372

Is alcoholism really more frequent in Britain? Or the English being drunk all the time is just a baseless stereotype?

No. 983375

Develop skills, daily affirmations, and stop looking to others to validate you.

No. 983378

Yeah Italy was also the same, even now we import and dub so many animes. We dub the openings too and the singers are popular enough to hold concerts, literally everyone (even some boomers) knows the songs. Overall we just really like comics.
Even some huge korean webcomics were translated and put in book form suprisingly early here.

No. 983382

Nta but how do you get affirmations to feel anything other than embarrassing?

No. 983384

I've seen the same thing with recent manhwa that started as webcomics but I don't know when they started being translated in my local bookstores. And it used to be the same for openings and endings for older anime but they're not translated anymore now thank god. I don't know how anyone can be nostalgic for Dragon Ball Z's opening it's so bad.

No. 983411

You're embarrassed bc you know what you say is currently untrue, but as you keep doing it it'll be less embarrassing. Write them down multiple times for first month, then mouth them second month, then whisper them, then say them to yourself in the mirror.

No. 983413

Even worse, how do I get affirmations to not sound like total and complete bullshit?

No. 983414

There's literally no point in replying to them. They start with the same "why do fujos like __???" bait only as an excuse to throw a tantrum over women bonding over gay anime boys. They've been explained a million times about the history of lesbian fujos, the same statistics have been linked too many times for them to have missed it and their bad faith acting os getting tiring. So let their have their "all fujos are bihets in denial who just need to be cured by cock" cope since they're all combative scrotes and homophobic pickmes because nobody's going to change their minds.

No. 983443

>So let their have their "all fujos are bihets in denial who just need to be cured by cock" cope since they're all combative scrotes and homophobic pickmes because nobody's going to change their minds.
??Fujos are the ones constantly posting about anime cocks though especially on twitter. are they being homophobic towards themselves

No. 983445

I have been diagnosed with ADD and have been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder
Thanks for your input nonnas. I do have other autistic traits like being obsessed with animals, and used to be completely clueless about social norms, but most of my difficulties that started in early childhood seem way more related to (textbook) ADHD: speaking too fast, too loud, interrupting others, disrupting the class, not being able to wait for my turn. I have managed to stop doing this but balance issues, shitty spacial skills, memory issues, addictive behaviours, doing retarded shit for the "thrill", impulsivity, unability to stay focused at work (who's posting on LC right now instead of working?), taking hours to do basic house stuff, agressivity, forgetfulness, meltdowns, commitment issues… remains.

Sadly I have been misdiagnosed as a kid for reasons, I think, specific to my country psychological "trends" at the time.
Anyways I should see a therapist because I can't learn how to drive, but they are overbooked at the moment.

No. 983449

Is a guy needing to hold you or grab you to come a sign of pornsickness? For example druing a bj he can't come from the sensation alone. It's weird, I've never encountered something like that.

No. 983454

Nope, some people just need to grab something when they're climaxing, hence the stereotype about people grabbing the sheets during sex

No. 983464

File: 1638445535200.jpg (14.06 KB, 175x250, aERfBgY3MkwZmvJtqYn4VsGld39175…)

Why do guys with faces like this always get cast as bullies in film and tv ?

No. 983465

Holy fucking shit
Guys AND girls look like that irl too, no matter what ethnicity they are. Always some kinda butterfaced danielle bregoli looking cunt. Yes he kinda looks like her.

No. 983467

Well just look at him! He's a big meanie, you can tell!

No. 983468

why do i get acne between my eyebrows/the bridge of my nose every time i wear my glasses? (i almost never wear them)
the glasses don’t even touch that part of my face, at least i don’t realize it if they do.
i clean my glasses with alcohol regularly. can they get dirty in between the times that i wear them?

No. 983472

File: 1638446574693.jpg (24.59 KB, 251x321, 1631791516856.jpg)

>Guys AND girls look like that irl too, no matter what ethnicity they are. Always some kinda butterfaced danielle bregoli looking cunt. Yes he kinda looks like her.
and they get bullied IRL for their looks, why are they seemingly always cast as the bad guys, while the skinny, clear skinned, good looking and attractive actors get cast as "nerds" who we are expected to believe can't possibly ever find girlfriends

No. 983475

How complicated is it to stream video games? I'm legit considering doing it just for fun and to show video games I like to my friends especially if we get a new lockdown where I live but I have no idea how to do it with a laptop, old consoles and handhelds. I guess it'd be easier to emulate games on my laptop directly. I've looked it up online for the PSvita and the 3DS and I've seen that I'd need tobadd some accessory inside both consoles.

No. 983476

The actor you just posted only looks average. He's not ugly but there are so many more attractive men all over the world I'd say he just looks normal, nothing more and nothing less.

No. 983501

What are green flags that a woman wouldn’t sabotage your friendship by prioritizing scrote(s) over you?

No. 983502

do men actually care about women sexualizing them or is it just another response to invalidate women's struggles?
to elab, the common response by men to women saying they get cat called, harassed by men etc.. is that women do it to men but no one cares. but would an average man actually care if a girl called him hot? i've never seen a man say he finds it uncomfortable when women sexualize them and i think it's because they're a lot more hypersexual than women

No. 983511

>If not single, has been with the same man for a long time to the point their relationship has stabilized
>Has a lot of female friends besides you
>Has actual hobbies and interests, not just twitch streaming. Bonus points for a female-dominated one
>Isn't social media addicted
>Doesn't become uncomfortable or turn on the "both genders bad" mode when you talk about feminist issues
>Has an actual personality and not just a collection of scrote-pandering tropes
>Talks like a normal person who isn't attempting to impress moids or be condescending towards women
>Doesn't try to hide her female-specific parts of life to avoid alienating men
>Doesn't brag about how different she is from other girls

No. 983522

Hypersexuality aside, most men who have experienced catcalling from women don't care and can't empathize with what women experience because they know that women are not an actual threat to them the vast majority of the time. It doesn't come with the same danger and uncertainty as being harassed and followed by some potentially psychotic stranger who refuses to take no for an answer and could easily overpower you if you piss them off. Men would feel different about it if the person cat calling them was bigger and stronger than them.

No. 983524

Good self esteem, is the only thing most pickmes lack.

No. 983528

If you like seeing anime dicks/ reading about two guys fucking you're straight and bi at most, cope

No. 983532

Nah. Most men can’t even sympathize when another guy gets catcalled or harassed by a woman, they call him a faggot and weak for not being able to protect himself against a girl. Or say shit like you should’ve just went with it, I would’ve enjoyed it if I were you, etc.

No. 983536

No. The only men worth listening to are those who've been catcalled by OTHER MEN

No. 983542

What statistics? All stats say that bihet women constitute the majority of the female BL fandom. The best that I've seen is that there is a larger density of lesbians in the BL community than in the general population, but there is still less of them than bihets combined. Never saw any lesbian fujo pull actual unbiased research statistics for that reason, only some vague references to a tumblr poll (without a link to it).
I do not deny that maybe some lesbians are into BL for whatever reason, but I absolutely do not buy that they are the majority. BL fandom in the west was created and carried by mostly straight women, cope and seethe. Your heritage are yaoi paddles, aidens and sweaty Naruto cosplays. Own it

No. 983546

no, it doesn't affect them the same way because they're not scared of women the same way we are of them. they can't understand what it's like

No. 983548

As long as you're eating other things, it's great

No. 983591

I don't see moids cooming over female characters in het relationships like in romantic novels tho. I think theres a way to make heterosexual female gaze material without resorting to feminizing males or making it so it appeals to straight men

No. 983592

Why do so many TIMs look like 80s rock/pop stars and why don't straight men emulate that style?

No. 983603

i feel like 90% of males don’t have any type of style at all, they just wear a shirt and pants and run their fingers through their balding hair

No. 983607

That anon really overestimates how many lesbians are in this world, with very few exceptions, straight women will always be the majority in most hobbies because there are millions of millions of them

No. 983621

is my kitten growing up to become a gay pornstar?

No. 983635

Seek help

No. 983639

i should, my cats are pervs

No. 983648

this drives me crazy, especially when redditors whine about how men never get complimented or w/e. like yeah… if you literally blend into the crowd like a camouflaged toad why would you expect anyone to notice you at all?

It's actually crazy to me how men, especially white men in the west, seem to have like literally abandoned the idea of trying to dress nicely? like they actively hate the concept? i've tried to give advice to some men - who were asking for advice abput clothing - and the response was just screeching "I LIKE MY COMFY SWEATPANTS" like… ok then everyone will continue to see you as a slob.

Like to men, clothing has to be justified by being either "comfy" or "practical" and if they dared to just like something for how it looks, it would make them gay.

And when they do get into clothing, it's almost always streetwear hype faggotry (and white guys in streetwear is high cringe) or they get fixated on weird suit details, which would be fine, but somehow they talk about all this suit stuff and then their pants don't even fit right.

I'm trying to facilitate the resurgence of sweaters for men. They're easy & traditional. White people have been wearing knits for genuinely thousands of years… a fisherman sweater is like the white kimono.

No. 983651

What do British people think about Shaggy from Scooby doo? Is his name inappropriate in that part of the world?

No. 983655

Shaggy still just means messy hair, now if his name was shagger…

No. 983687

Lol that’s exactly how I dress in the summer expect I wear short shorts not pants. Idk how the fuck to dress myself in hot weather. I just want to be comfy.

No. 983700

This is a legit question pls don't ban mods.
Can you say nigger on LC or will it be banned for race baiting?

No. 983712

would youse shag shaggy?

No. 983716

File: 1638466690438.jpg (13.93 KB, 340x270, yeahbaby.jpg)

No. 983719

Depends if the janny is a n(racebait)

No. 983725

makes sense, thanks nonny.

No. 983727

You're retarded

No. 983731

Please don't use such vulgar language on lolcow.gov

No. 983732

File: 1638467353241.png (1.25 MB, 910x650, 1619867286339.png)

Left or right, only allowed to pick one

No. 983739

right, duh

No. 983740

Right has a slightly higher chance of not being homosexual

No. 983743

left I don't like blondes

No. 983745

mmmm going to the left

No. 983746

Left is for pedos if you go by LC standards

No. 983750

left, I feel he has a big dick and I'm into even a size queen I'm just really into skinny pretty boys with big dicks

No. 983751

don't like blondes but the one on the left looks like a kid. one on the right looks like a man, so…right

No. 983753

Why does left look like ruby rose

No. 983756

neither. left looks kind of young and right is too bara looking. maybe body and hair color of left with face of right

No. 983758

are you a male?

No. 983759

RIGHTTTTTTTT i need me one like him

No. 983761

Lesbo left please.

No. 983762

No. 983763

t. kid diddler

No. 983764

Nta but who is the leftie, age?

No. 983765

less of a pedo then those kpop stans

No. 983770

neither do it for me tbh

No. 983773

Francisco Lachowski, a brazilian model that was super popular in like 2013 (just checked and he was 22 yo at the time). Now he's married and has a kid

No. 983777

Are you ever worried that if you blink or space out you'll suddenly be somewhere else and something else entierly is going on?

Like you could be walking to the store and you blink and boom, you're at your family home celebrating xmas or something.

Idk but I think I developed a fear of this shit even if it's impossible

No. 983781

nah, that’s just you.
i could only see that happening if i started taking xanax again

No. 983783

File: 1638469747479.jpg (24.84 KB, 385x563, 11aec2f9c9c2396a1bbb29686627d2…)

okay I take back I said, choosing left now

No. 983785

Right still looks better unless he is bald and fat now

No. 983786

File: 1638470212058.jpg (311.26 KB, 682x1024, gettyimages-1133070765-1024x10…)

This is a recent photo of him, looks fine to me

No. 983789

Do you have any of your exes added on social media? Do you ever interact with them?

Personally, my exes annoy the living shit out of me, I haven’t interacted with any of them in years and don’t have them on social media. But sometimes I think about adding/following them, just for the fuck of it, but I feel like that would be weird, or they would try to talk to me, or they’d start talking shit about me.

No. 983796

I don't have socials so if anyone breaks up with me I cease to exist and they for me. Which is amusing sometimes as instead of quiet online stalking and tossing petty likes, they attempt to run into me at work to gauge how I'm doing.

No. 983797

Right all the way. I love Dolph

No. 983798

All depends why you broke up. I've got my ex added but don't really talk to him since his current girl freaked out about it. We just watch each others stories, or maybe he just taps through them to remove them idk

No. 983800

Imagine having good genes

No. 983801

I'm just like >>983796
I had one ex contact me a handful of times through email asking me how I'm doing and what I'm up to, I wasn't about to send him life updates 2 years later.

No. 983805

File: 1638471691801.jpg (4.92 KB, 240x151, 125364547_3513693645390829_112…)

I'm doing kegel exercises rn, am i doing it wrong? because every time i clench it feels weirdly good, is that normal? i'm not even clenching hard and i'm supposed to hold it for like 5 seconds

No. 983811

It's the power of your inner divine feminine

No. 983813

I think it's normal, isn't it the same muscles that contract when you're having an orgasm? When I masturbate I do short kegels and it speeds up the process.

No. 983827

You got that gorilla grip coochie anon

No. 983834

File: 1638474247616.jpg (22.18 KB, 440x388, 34fc76ce64dbaf7544a39463308223…)

>Tfw you decide to test the power level of your gorilla grip coochie and clamp down when pulling out a tampon, the ensuing tug of war resulting in the string breaking and the tampon disappearing into the shadow realm

No. 983951

With great coochie power comes great coochie responsibility anon.

No. 983964

Anons, am I reaching or is sister in law's eboy trying to distance her off everyone? I am concerned but I am afraid If I am reaching.

>every time she spends even few minutes not playing a game with him (eg guests coming to her room) he spams the shit out of her messages, also talking trash about her friends

>spams the fuck out of her WhatsApp with shit even when she just goes down for dinner, making her eyeroll and leave
Note: she is a NEET and BPD, he is some "pseudopsychology" obsessed coomer that also "hates himself".
>during one of her episodes you could tell he had influence on her, she vanished off every friend of 5+ years from her old Discord server (with no warning, it wasn't "dead" but people had active talks 2 days a week, everyone are in uni and got a job so you'd understand why they are busy), he tried convincing her to "rebrand" it, she just left it altogether
>he ends up creating his discord server in which there's only her and his friends, always makes sure to nuke a lot of people once a week
>a group of her friend cycle always hosts Minecraft server once a year, he tried making it all on "his" server without asking anyone's opinion, just immediately "that's settled". That didn't happen because people were comfortable with their own Minecraft server-only Discord

He also convinced her to leave her job without telling her family in whose basement she lives. Lasted there three months. (Though she never wanted to work anyway because she believes in "tradlife".)

No. 983968

Probably normal. I've always had a hard time doing kegels because it makes me horny.

No. 983970

Bri'ish nonas, is bloody used in daily converations? Bloody as in that's so bloody cool and not oh lord there is so much blood why is it so bloody i'm going to faint

No. 983972

I'm getting dinner with a famous professor who is in town and his sons tomorrow. However, he asked to get dinner at the same time as my friend's acapella concert. Does this sound ok to say?

>Professor XXX,

>That sounds fantastic! However, would there be any way to push back dinner slightly later? My friend is having an acapella concert tomorrow and this is my last chance to see her perform before I graduate. If not, that is also fine, and I can definitely meet you at 6:30 tomorrow.

No. 983984

Where can I find these women? I ask because I've subjugated myself into numerous Internet friends, and I want to branch out and make closer to me without getting flaked on by scrotes

No. 983989

Yeah pretty much but its more common to use it alongside a negative sentence instead of
>thats so bloody cool
it's more like
>bloody hell it's cold today

It also just depends on what region you're from.

No. 984097

File: 1638497906672.jpeg (325.61 KB, 1578x2048, 418F24DA-3EDC-496E-8331-F3AAD4…)

Can anyone give a rough translation of the text in this?

No. 984124

File: 1638500461859.png (2.13 MB, 1578x2048, for nona-chan.png)

ant size yo

No. 984139

Thank you so much!!

No. 984191

You're beautiful.

No. 984212

jp speaking anon here, to help a bit, the last two large text said:

1. Tidy the lines from above like Thick coat painting*
2. You can save time with same lines without making it looks like Thick coat painting* style.

*So this tutorial is total nonsense actually, I still don't understand what OP is trying to demonstrate (lol), though I dug up a bit and what they meant by 厚塗り (Thick coating painting). It's basically zoomer pixiv artist definition of "render" where you paint over your colored rough.

Here's a video demonstration of Thick coat painting style, there's english subtitle in it. (Skip to 7:00)

No. 984273

Is there a single handsome man on the planet who isn’t retarded and/or a massive douche? It’s bizarre how handsome guys are all horrible people to be around. Does pickme attention turn boys into monsters?

No. 984274

Is there any male director/writer etc who went through csa and has explored this in his works? I'm curious to see the differences between how men and women navigate csa, but I don't want the whole 'man molested as child becomes criminal' that seems to be the most prominent, but a non-criminal man exploring these personal topcs through film/writing.

No. 984279

I believe the singer from Korn was molested by his father and sings/writes about that a lot.
I never listen to Korn, though.

No. 984280

Ok just looked it up, he was molested but not by his father. The song “daddy” is about his father not believing he was molested, not about the father doing the molesting.

No. 984287

File: 1638526664806.jpeg (381.97 KB, 1555x2560, EAA0AF18-0E5C-4203-B99A-C2672E…)

The Perks of being a Wallflower.

Never watched this movie nor read the book, but it matched the description of male protagonist exploring difficult with intimacy due to childhood trauma the molested childhood part is a spoiler, though, it's a repressed trauma of his. The character in general is just a nice boy with kind parents, no psycho inceldom or anything.

I read the wikipedia and the author described the story was loosely based on his own personal experience, so there.

No. 984288

Scott Heim, he wrote a story where the abuse is a spoiler to the plot Mysterious Skin
It's a beautiful film I have never forgotten

Chester Bennington from Linkin Park was abused as a child and couldn't outrun it

No. 984289

How weird is it to have sex when your parents are home? I recently got my first boyfriend and I don't know much about what is the norm. We aren't loud and we do it in my room. We don't leave a mess and we only present ourselves decently and respectfully to my parents. Still I worry if it is disrespectful to have sex when parents are home? Despite us being quiet etc, I'm quite sure they know what we are doing. (I'm 18 and he is 22, my bf)

No. 984291

I did it all the time when I was a bit younger than you and I was not at all respectful about it, I regret having so little shame. Our poor parents kek not to mention how much I must have embarrassed myself.

That said, what they don't know can't hurt them, depends how careful and subtle you are.

No. 984298

It's normal, what choice do you have while living with your parents? As long as you're mindful of not being the only person there and don't make too much noise of course. I'm pretty sure your parents have sex while you're at home too.

No. 984299

Thanks a lot, nonatellas. I've heard of the first film but not the second one, I'll watch these today since I'm free.
Linkin Park always reminds me of an old friend, I often think about how she reacted to the news but we've long lost contact.

No. 984308

File: 1638530923211.jpeg (336.59 KB, 1045x1383, DE157E93-8F61-4AAE-A05F-4C8706…)

On many forums, pic related is being spammed, allegedly as part of some “girls’ forum meme”. Apparently not any of the forums I go on, because I have no idea what’s it about. The story goes that she posted a lot on pro-ana sites and sites similar to Skinny Gossip and constantly talked shit to everybody, particularly black girls, whom she accused of “never being able to be as beautiful or perfectly skinny as white women”, saying that black girls had asses that were too big and generally didn’t conform the to her standard of beauty. The thing is, she recently got doxxed and it was discovered that she has a black step-mom and two mixed half-sisters. Other forum users are on a crusade to humiliate her now by posting her pictures all over the internet.

Does anyone here onow if any of this is true? I’m tired of seeing this picture being spammed without context.

No. 984321

can't comment on whether that's true or not but I have to saying that being skinny has nothing to with the color of one's skin
fatties should be mocked regardless if their white or baclk

No. 984328

Is it really mandatory to introduce your partner to your friends? I'm a lifelong celibate but I give myself anxiety thinking about every aspects of relationships, I don't have a friend group, just a few friends scattered here and there that I like to see individually, I don't see how I could introduce another person to them organically, but I always see "hasn't met your friends" as a red flag in relationship advice.

No. 984330

Lmao damage control.

No. 984332

Legit how hard is learning to code?

No. 984342

It just naturally happens over time, meeting each other's friends. It's more of a red flag if HE won't introduce you to HIS friends and family, that shows he doesn't see you as serious at best or you are the other woman at worst

No. 984351

Fairly sure you’re the girl lol

No. 984354

Easy, I’m retarded and learned to do it. Start with the Python or Java programming languages. My university started us with python to get an idea of programming, moved us to Java to get a little more complex, then to C++ when we had a decent understanding of object orientated programming.

No. 984355

For tutorials, I recommend thenewboston.

No. 984363

The deadness of her eyes says yes. There are some deranged people in this world, hope she gets help

No. 984366

Thank you anon!! Is there other languages past those that's used a lot in the programming work field? Or is every company using one of those for their programs?

No. 984369

What if I don't want to meet his friends or family though?

No. 984376

Is there a community to hire a life coach to just point gaslighting and bullshit out? I'm a fucking pushover, mentally exhausted by some suicidal scrote and can't see the damn forest anymore.
A therapist is too exhausting when it's time sensitive and literally just thise one stupid issue. Also hate troubling my tired friends.
Scrote knows reddit.

No. 984382

He or you bring the other to hang out. Like, your friends want to go to a concert and you decided to bring him along. They get introduced then. It usually happens organically like this and not in a serious "introductions meeting". If you don't want to meet his friends/family, I guess don't tag along to anything?

No. 984384

The vid is really helpful, thank you nona!

No. 984406

File: 1638543663554.jpg (76.01 KB, 640x853, your stuff is now my property.…)

When I was a kid my friend had a graphic tablet and it came with that program that lets you change the settings, and in that program there was a puzzle (the one where you have to move squares around to complete an image) and a part where you can test your tablet pen and like a notebook that you can write in and flip pages. I'd really like to have a virtual notebook like that where I can flip the pages, does anyone know if there is a program like that? Pic unrelated.

No. 984439

How much money do you need to move out? I have over 20k saved up and I want out soon but not sure what to do. I’m really frugal and wouldn’t mind getting a tiny house or something like that

No. 984449

When speaking about a Korean person, which should I say first, their given name or their surname?

t. dumbass burger

No. 984455

I think it would depend on where you are? If you're in America then it would make sense to say their given name first.

No. 984465

something like this maybe?

No. 984474

File: 1638552137656.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 344.33 KB, 750x732, 701371DD-4DE1-4D49-8870-85A81B…)

Is this really that shapeless of an ass? I think it’s pretty average, if you don’t know what her waist or bust looks like. Asking because she’s my ass twin

No. 984482

Spoiler that shit

No. 984485

Yes, that looks amazing thank you, but I don't have an ipad and this program is not available on PC so I searched for similar programs and found just what I need, there is a program called Journal, it's great

No. 984491

which thread were farmers posting about bullet journaling on /ot/ like an hour-ish ago? i completely lost it and i wanted to read the tips on journaling.

No. 984559

The Neurodivergent, spectrum disorder and ADHD thread with the Eizoken bucket girl pic

No. 984569

Female rapist ate me out and i felt her teeth grinding against my vulva, I asked the cunt why the hell she sucks at it and she said it’s because of her overbite
Is she correct or did she just suck at eating out
Or was she just raping me and did she hurt me on ourpose?
Btw I am a straight woman and rarely had my puss eaten out before by men but they never sucked this hard(fuck off scrote)

No. 984570

Considering running a lolcow RPG one shot! Would any of you be interested?

I'd post it in the friend-finder thread and screen users of course. Considering a google doc sign up sheet.

No. 984572

I'm down!

No. 984573

what in the fuck

No. 984574

What would be a good present for my boss? I was debating if I should get him a gift but I just found out from my coworker that he planned on getting me a gift. I was originally planning on gifting some homemade jam to coworkers I'm close with (easy and delicious) and considered just making some for him too, but what do anons think? I guess maybe I could get him a tie but he doesn't wear ties unless he's meeting someone important (not that often).

No. 984576

I mean it’s a good question why did she suck at it. Speaking of eating out what’s a good vibrator/clit sucker?

No. 984578

C-can you help me with >>981476 ?

No. 984583

Ugh I'm starting to wish I did the computing course instead of Econ at my uni

No. 984585

It's probably that one anon that was in the vent thread a couple days ago tbh

No. 984589

What does looking a certain type of European mean? As in, "looking french", german, etc? I kind of understand french, usually it's associated with looking tired and strung out, with somewhat sunken eyes, or Irish, which is usually having freckles a potato nose or any reddish tint to your hair, but what's all the other phenotypically european stereotypes?

No. 984590

Yup yup, I checked the posts about me in the lesbian thread. Don’t summon the beast by talking about it. Especially so cruelly.

No. 984603

Not a full answer but for me there is a stark contrast between southern European (Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece) and everyone else who is north of southern France. It for sure a lot of the time has to do with the noses (roman), darker hair, different skin tones, and the way that they style themselves.

No. 984605

I assume you're not from Europe? People from European countries tend to look very different. French isn't associated with looking tired, but more with being short and having dark features (and curly hair) with mid-lightish skin. Scandis/Nordics and the Dutch tend to be quite tall and look kind of similar to each other, but I can always immediately tell if someone is from Finland. Germans tend to look similar to the Dutch but shorter and with certain fashion quirks that just scream GERMAN. Eastern Europeans have their own look (and fashion tastes). People from Spain look completely different than Swedes. Meds look different than Germans. It's not a subtle difference.

No. 984607

For example, with Spain and Meds I meant that those usually have muuuuch darker skin than Northern Europeans and just very different facial structure. Shorter too.

No. 984611

What does climate neutral mean? I understand that it's the latest buzzword and synonym for 'environment-friendly' but I literally see this label on everything from food to clothes. What makes my shirt climate neutral? And my orange juice?

No. 984615

does it ever dawn on you that you could have the worst infight ever with an anon and then the next day relate to them and be nice to them

Based on context clues alone, I'm guess it means that even though it causes environmental damage to make, maybe in some way it can also improve the environment, thus canceling each other out and making it neutral.

No. 984617

the production and transport was done in such a way to mitigate carbon emissions. Its a buzzword indeed, and considerably different than being, say for example, pollution neutral. That would be a real selling point.

No. 984618

Yes, this is actually the exact reason I don't participate in infights.

No. 984619

This is what I tell myself when my feelings get hurt when an anon replies something mean/pointed to me kek. I don't engage because it's not worth arguing, regardless of whether I'm right or wrong.

No. 984627

kek ikr. It's like "alright bitch but I probably gave you life advice yesterday…"

No. 984661

AYRT here

I had taken a look and OP seems pretty strict with their listing huh. From what I understood, you have to leave a comment in the list stating your age. Locked account cannot be added, newly made account cannot be added.

As for additional account for viewing only 閲覧用申請用アカウント (Browsing Application Account). This term is still new to me, at least back then I assumed Read-Only-Member (aka ROM) was more tolerated within jpn circles.

You can give it a try and message them something concise like.
Roughly translated to:
"I'm 21. Is ROM account okay?
If it's not a problem, I'm grateful if you can approve it."

Good luck nonna, feel free to report back lol.

No. 984717

I'm an amerimutt so I'm not familiar with the features of each euro country. I just find the schematics of the human face interesting so I was curious what the difference between euro "stereotypical" features was. Problem is I know researching this will lead me to a ton of white supremacist BS

No. 984730

i genuinely dont know what my race is. my mother is irish and scottish and my dad is mostly spanish with a bit of native american and italian, what does that make me?

No. 984735

You're a white woman who can probably tan a little more easily than other white people.

No. 984738

All of those things you listed are nationalities, but probably white.

No. 984745

Maplechans, are abortions in Canada really legal at every point of the pregnancy? Like if I was 35 weeks preg I could just say fuck it and get an abortion? Has there been any push back about this? What do other nonnies make of this. I am pro-choice but I think having an abortion into the last few weeks of pregnancy if the baby is viable is wrong. I guess this is assuming that Canada actually does have legal abortion at any point in the pregnancy for any reason.

No. 984748

I can't answer your question, but wow having an abortion that late sounds dangerous and inhumane

No. 984749

lmao anon you're white. Italian and Spanish aren't really races btw they're nationalities, ig on average we're tanner than Northern europeans but I know plenty of Italians with blonde hair and blue eyes

No. 984771

I love you nona, I wasn't expecting this much help. I'll give it a try and report back if she lets me in! TYSM anyway!

No. 984772

i was just confused because im quite tanned so i wasnt sure if i was white. my brother is a lot paler than me so i guess it's just how the genetics worked out

No. 984784

Is it normal for a 26 year old man (who's in uni studying to be a teacher) to be following and liking pictures of random 15-18 year old e-girls? Is it indicative of something much worse?

No. 984787

its not okay and yes its indictive of something worse, especially if he wants to be a teacher.

No. 984789

No man that isn’t high school age should be following ethots

No. 984794

Not even e-thots, just random teenagers from our country
But he does follow some OF girls as well

No. 984796

You already know exactly the type of person he is

No. 984799

Besides the obvious being who they're attracted to, what are the main differences between straight women, bi women and lesbians?

No. 984802

Every other answer you get to this will be a generalisation mostly influenced by where each anon lives and her own social circle

No. 984804

Lesbians won’t shut the fuck up about hating cock. Bi girls only want push at the young and experimental phase, then date and marry a man for the rest of their life.

No. 984806

Pussy **

No. 984807

File: 1638574595977.png (10.2 KB, 1103x35, Screenshot 2021-12-03 183319.p…)

I'm a retard when it comes to coding, computers or anything related. A male sent me some file that might be some kind of trojan or virus.
If this shows up when you put a .pdf through VirusTotal, does it mean you're fucked?

No. 984809

Don't accept any files from anyone unless you know them irl and feel comfortable and trust them. What's the context of the file?

You can try Windows Sandbox.


No. 984815

What the fuck pdfs can do that????

No. 984816

>My mother is Irish and Scottish
Kek that means she could be brown, Asian, black or white but from this sentence alone I bet she's actually a white American

No. 984825

He said it's a book from an online store, but he didn't send me the original link (I'm dumb, I know). When I opened it, it seemed completely clean. I guess I could try to find the store (or ask him where he bought it), buy it for myself and then run that file through VirusTotal to compare.
I'd like to use Windows Sandbox, but I only have Windows 10 Home. Are there any alternatives?

I was shocked, too. This Reddit link says it might be unfiltered noise or something, though?

No. 984838

when i said that i meant that’s what her ancestry test showed. that side of the family has been in england for multiple generations

No. 984894

File: 1638583877224.png (271.94 KB, 799x1199, IMG_20211204_031030.png)

No. 984895

He's not worth your time, nonna.

No. 984896

I know, I just want to make sure he's a pdf file/otherwise predatory before I fuck him over (I have some dirt on him)

No. 984901

Is he though? He seems slimey, but not attracted to children. More like a epub file.

No. 984902

thank you so much!

No. 984915

>waaah i'm afraid of getting MeToo'd

this guy is scum, just block him

No. 984917

Thought so! I was just worried about being disrespectful. Thanks, nonny.

Speaking of Korea, can anyone recommend some decent K-beauty YouTube channels? I didn’t see a related thread here last time I checked, but perhaps I overlooked it.

No. 984927

What counts as actually growing up Christian?
If someone’s parents are Christian but they only ever take the family to church on special occasions and otherwise never brings up religion what would that be?

No. 984928

File: 1638586967237.png (155.3 KB, 1080x1326, IMG_20211204_035806.png)

(he has a body count of "30-40")
He deleted his x years old ig account with 1.4k posts shortly after this conversation took place. I'm sure he hasn't just blocked me, I had someone else check it for me. Sus

No. 984937

How can I tell what USB port letter my laptop has (type-A, type-C etc) and whether or not a product is compatible with it? Yes I Googled and that just made me more confused. I looked at my device manager and it just shows the number type (like USB 3.0) not the letter. A few products I want says their USB cord is USB 3.1 or 3.2 or mentions 'Type C' so can those work on my computer?

No. 984971

well you see sometimes a cord has two different ends and your laptop(type-A) and product(type-C) has different shaped openings and then sometimes when laptops and products like each other they find a cord they are compatible with(3.x is just faster but will still work all the same) and then data is shared

No. 985010

File: 1638594000476.jpeg (15.28 KB, 590x290, New Project (22)(342).jpeg)

I can't tell if I have aphantasia or not. When I close my eyes, all is black, but I can just FEEL just about any scene. If you asked me picture a lemon floating in a bathtub full of milk, I wouldn't see it like a picture, but I could just FEEL it. I think that maybe there just isn't a word in english for the verb I'm doing, because when I say "feel" I don't mean like with touch or emotion; instead I just sort of conjure the essence of something in my brain and can play with it in a space separate from vision or language. I can do just about anything in this space, spin a cube around, remember my mom's face, create an alien creature that doesn't exist, etc. My eyes don't have to be closed for me to do this, I can sort of 'project' the idea of Kanye West sitting on my bed, while I stare at my empty bed. I guess my question is just, to what extent can you see within your minds eye and do you at all relate to my (poor) description of "visualizing" a scene.

No. 985069

What you describe is normal. Most people who claim to have aphantasia are 100% normal too. The only difference is in how people understand what's going on in their mind. Like nobody has a dreamlike vivid "feels real" image of an apple in their mind just from simply imagining an apple. That's why dreams feel different and more "real" than imagining the same thing while awake. That's why lycid dreaming is different from just casually imagining something.

But people see this stuff that implies that if you don't have a dreamlike real-feeling vision when ypu "imagine" something, then you have aphantasia, and that's definitely not right. Your understanding in your post of imaginative visualization vs "feels real" visualization is much better than those people. I'm the same as you in any case and so is literally everyone i've ever talked to about it. Like, if I close my eyes when I'm tired, I can sometimes have dreamlike visions of using my phone or doing other stuff, but not on command.

Basically I would say that if you have dreams where you see things in a real-feeling way, you don't have aphantasia.

No. 985070

I’m not a doctor, I’m not a medical expert, but it baffles me how such conditions are even considered real even though the research is scarce or questionable. I know we’re taught that science made sense, but when we look at a couple of snowflake conditions like this being able to see 1 billion colors or tasting red, it makes me want to suffer from only one condition, severe depression that emphasizes on the symptom suicidality, so I can finally get rid of myself.
That being said, I understand what you say, I can both feel images and picture them visually by choice, when I feel it without visualizing it, it’s because the picture is too big for me or too uninteresting and I’m lazy. When I’m visualizing it, it’s because I want to because I’m enjoying it. I heard also that men tend to visualize thoughts more and women “feel” them.

No. 985129

why do my hands smell like poo

No. 985137

This is sort of a disgusting question but when you get your period and bleed on on the sheets, do you immediately change them? Or wait until your period is over since you might bleed on them more in the following days?

No. 985141

Why would you bleed more on them? Are you freebleeding? Fresh blood is easier to remove than dried, so it should be changed as soon as possible

No. 985143

I just mean like, if I know I'll continue bleeding for 4 more days and potentially bleed on 4 more sheets then I might as well just keep the one I've already bled on and try and remove the dried blood when my period is over

No. 985145

Fellow anons who often wake up in the morning with a stiff painful neck and shoulders, what helped you? What exercises did you find most effective?

No. 985147

Lesbians, what flag do you use? I’m straight so I get confused that there’s multiple flags and apparently libfems don’t like certain ones because apparently it’s trannyphobic? Like, what do genuine, sane lesbians consider as their flag?

No. 985148

Stopped happening after I stsrted lifting. But I guess stretches/yoga for the upper body would also help + check your pillow if it's supporting your neckas it should

No. 985149

the idea of needing a flag is retarded imo, but women on our side of the political spectrum tend to use the labyris flag (purple with the ax on it) or just the rainbow gay flag

No. 985152

File: 1638618746785.jpeg (77.79 KB, 795x718, AF0EED89-3F9B-4EAB-809F-2695DD…)

If you have some sort of dark color rug or a towel I should be good, stop staining your bedsheets!!
Idk where you live but we have a small bamboo mat like picrel, I spread it my bed around where I tend to lay my butt on.

No. 985180

ntayrt you're letting the stain set. change your sheets and rinse the stained place with cold water as soon as possible even if you can't get them into the wash right away. and blood is ah…organic matter. it's like spilling food on your bed and letting it rot for days. don't do that.

No. 985186

Would you consider watching movies/tv shows to be a hobby?

I can't say I do but at the same time it's similar to reading a book so it should be? I guess it's because I connect it only to "boring people" on dating/chatting apps

No. 985190

I've seen this discussion on here before and the general consensus seemed to be no because it's a passive activity- unless the hobbyist also engages into discussion. Personally I think it is a hobby (no I don't watch netflix or movies myself, boring). Pretty much any way you spend your spare time for relaxation is a hobby in my opinion.

No. 985192

what does it mean when a sex worker “does meets” ? is that escorting?

i’m concerned about my young friend, she started doing SW the second she turned 18 and now she’s posting about “doing meets”

we really do live in a society

No. 985198

Yes, a patriarchal society. You need to speak with her. Meeting up with random johns isn't safe.

No. 985202

>Because you never know if you've actually hurt someone, […]
how can this man go 26 years through life and not learn how to not sexually harass someone

No. 985214

it is a hobby considering there are already crazy star trek fans out there who spend their freetime theorizing lore and stuffs like that.

No. 985258

Someone made an account for an estate agent's website on my emailaddress, they also planned an appointment to view a property. It's weird because it can't be a typo, my emailadress is a character+my first name and the first and last name of this person are way different. Should I just do a request forgotten password, reset the password, log-in and delete the account? Or is that a bad idea?

No. 985263

It depends. If you just plop down on the couch after work and stick on any old channel, then I would not consider that a hobby. If you’re a hardcore film/show buff and spend time analyzing the material and engaging in discussion afterwards, then that can definitely be categorized as a hobby. Books and movies are both forms of art; I don’t see why reading books would count as a hobby but watching movies wouldn’t.

I do agree with you that including television as an interest on a dating app is boring, though. Probably the type of person that watches reality shows or sports and does nothing else in their spare time.

No. 985280

Does anyone else not "get" poetry? I love getting immersed in a novel, but poetry just comes off as boring and wanky to me. Or like reading song lyrics but there is no music.

No. 985284

Some of it is really nice but most of it is garbage and if you read enough of it, all of it starts sounding the same
So yeah it is like music in that way, I guess. Most poems would make horrible songs, however

No. 985333

Help nonnas. I’m a dog anon and have never had cats/have only interacted with one family member’s friendly cat and he’s chill, but I might need to long term cat sit for a friend for a bit and I don’t know how to coexist with them lmao. One is a sweetheart but apparently the other one he has is the devil incarnate. What can I do to get them to trust me? I’m fucking retarded when it comes to cats.

No. 985357

Don't look the devilish one straight in the eye, this is a sign of aggression and don't pet it until it approaches you. I would just babytalk to it in a high pitched voice to show that I am not a threat

No. 985365

Does anyone actually look at boys’ asses? I feel like men made this shit up. “Ooh we get ogled too!!” Manbutt is not sexy.

No. 985372

honestly there’s not much you need to do, just feed the cats and they’ll trust and like you. don’t try to force the devil one to do anything. cats are pretty chill and don’t require much attention, but they’re like dogs in the way that they can sense your mood and vibe

No. 985375

Poetry was historically meant to be recited & heard, not read alone. That's why it focused on the sounds & feelings of words etc - and meter & rhyme schemes originally were there to help with memorizing poems by giving them structure. So it was never that different from lyrics, and historically, any poem could basically be set to music, so there was no difference.

The modern idea of "poetry" as just "writing, but fancy and tricky sometimes. but not song lyrics that's lame" leaves just faggotry basically. It's not written to sound good when recited, it's not written to convey anything by its form… there's really no good reason for it to be a "poem" vs just some writing, except that someone wanted to feel extra special.

So like, looking at it historically, what we consider song lyrics actually does fill the historical place that poetry had. I'm not saying all modern poetry sucks because there is some that is written for auditory qualities, but the stereotypcial "a normal paragraph but chopped & screwed and spaced weird" kind of "poem" is straight up pure pretension.

No. 985391

I love mens asses and I would look at them and touch them all day. The catch: I have to know and like the man as a whole first. Ogling stranger butts has never even crossed my mind.

No. 985392

I do, but I prefer legs.
Thank you,now I feel better about not liking poetry.

No. 985425

Mens clothing doesn't show much so there's really nothing to see.

No. 985473

i have this pair of jeans i love but they give the worst camel toe. is there a workaround?

No. 985520

Boyshorts panties and some thicc liners scooched up so your pussy lips don't split apart. Otherwise just say fuck it, some pants exist to give you camel toe and we need to accept natural beauty amirite

No. 985559

Have you worn them a couple of times yet? If not, wearing them around the house and washing them a couple of times may loosen the fabric up just enough.

No. 985599

I don't because most men in my area don't own bidets so I assume they have shit smeared underwear and there's no way in hell I wanna inspect a scrote's trousers

No. 985629

Is it weird to have a strong sexual preference for bi men over straight men?

No. 985632

I had a phase of being into it. Things happened that have definitely changed my mind since then lol. I'd say you're in the minority for sure but I wouldn't say you're weird.

I still like men who have some non hyper-masculine traits, but straight. I think I was always chasing those softer traits more than anything.

No. 985633

>men who have some non hyper-masculine traits, but straight.
nta but where are those men, feels like every real life male i find attractive turns out to be gay to some degree or hasn't existed for a century

No. 985640

I don't know if it's just me but I find smiling is so tiring for me?

I do work from home 24/7 and rarely have to make interaction with anyone except greeting my neighbors when I take out the trash and such, but lately it becomes difficult for me to smile whenever someone makes eye contact to me. I can feel the corner of my mouth twitching Badly and I'm worried I'd make a weird face because of that.

Did I lose my face muscles due to lack of talking and smiling in my daily lives?

No. 985646

I live somewhere where smiling or fake happiness isn't really a thing so maybe I blend in decently enough here but I realized lately I rarely smile during casual interactions with people. Part of me suddenly wondered if I should be trying.

I think I smile with my eyes (if you get what I mean) I started to notice that more since masks came in. I see it more in others. I sound like an autist here but maybe I am.

No. 985666

I like legs too but I can never put my finger on what I like about them, and why I like some more than others

No. 985673

is it weird if I buy online friends who are…. 16-18 things they want? like, I ordered one an esports jersey for a team we're both supporters of… and another earrings that are themed off a band they like. but like, I have extra money, these are cheap to me. But i do think back and go "hmmmmm this might seem weird".

No. 985675

what’s your worst trait?

Mine is that i like talking shit. on anyone or anything, i just like to talk mad shit

No. 985679

I'm lazy when I shouldn't be and it's been my weakness since I was a teen. It's pretty bad. It doesn't help that I have a really bad attention span too.

No. 985680

Never buy anything for “minors” online lol you’re setting yourself up to be posted as a predator and buying people’s affection. If you’re older than 20 buy yourself some sense and stay away from kids that you don’t know irl and have no business treating like a spoiled niece/nephew. Stick to adults your age and invest that money back into yourself nonna

No. 985684

Overthinking. I overthink, quite literally, everything. This leads into my second worst trait which is indecisive. I'm also too dependant on other people while also being avoidant, somehow.
I second what >>985680 is saying

No. 985686

I talk too much, but also too little.
I could be talking about whatever, and then, my brain will come up with some wild lie, I will then have to apologize and say that I’m insane and that I’m sorry about lying.
I talk too little because it’s hard to actually get to know me, or maybe I’m normal and everyone else just overshares, but I will never forget when some high school friends were talking with me, I was about to graduate, and one of them just looked at me and told me
>I feel like I know nothing about you
And everyone else nodded in agreement, they were surprised actually, and then started questioning me about random stuff that I thought I said to them or that I just never considered important enough to share.

No. 985688

I can't stop being mean and directly blunt to men in front of women. Pick me behavior but for other women to show that I can't take shit from guys… It's pretty bad since I've sacrificed networking opportunities in my field because of it

No. 985691

I have met one irl that I have bought something for. I essentially became her guardian at an event when she flew down with her step dad and let her meet with others in the fan club and tried to make sure she had a good time/had someone looking out for her with interactions.

No. 985693

Debatelord for no reason, just love arguing, truly insufferable. I speedread wikipedia pages just to own dudes online. Best part is knowing that most people also only have very superficial knowledge on any given topic and they themselves know this thus are insecure about their stance (unless they’re a fucking idiot), cuz I just be making shit it up sometimes and watch people roll with it as if they already knew.

No. 985694

That's pretty iconic anon

No. 985698

I both love and hate you

No. 985699

I come to lolcow and steal reaction gifs from anons

No. 985703

Go back to reddit.

No. 985718

I'm lazy and retarded

No. 985733

I gatekeep the shit out of things I like and judge everybody.

No. 985748

Thank you nonas! I went over to meet them today. The devilish one is a lot more friendly and open to meeting new people than the sweet one (who is very skittish). I guess rather than devilish, he’s just very mischievous. He broke the only toy he’s willing to play with when I was playing with him lol. They have a whole box but don’t like most of the toys my friend got them. They’re both weirdo freaks and I think we’re gonna have a good week together kek. They do this funny thing where they sniff people’s shoes then look up with their mouths open like a “UGH! You stink!” face and it’s so funny. The sweet one shove her whole head in my shoe and the devil one was rubbing up on my shoes/me!

No. 985761

I have many but I'm going to point out three: Never commit to something/someone and put serious efforts into it because I'm lazy, can be very hateful when I'm not in the mood to act nice and often want to feel superior to others (in reality I'm just coping because I'm disappointed in myself)

No. 985767

A scrote asked me for feet pics. Do I say no, or do I give him a price?

No. 985773

If i want to become tan quickly, is a self tanner a good investment? and will i become 3-4 shades darker within two weeks without it?

No. 985774

Say 80 for each pic and 100 for special feet pics.

No. 985777

You shouldn't send anything. but if you do, anywhere from $200-$1,000 for each foot

No. 985780

Ariana grande is regretting her recent choices I see

No. 985788

Kek I wish. that bitch has all the resources to become 20 shades darker in one hour, while I'm here just starting and desperate.

No. 985789

Why is my heart pounding so hard if I’ve been drinking so much water? 8 huge glasses of water. Am I going to suffer from a heart attack in my sleep?

No. 985810

File: 1638678791586.jpg (97.08 KB, 1024x683, p455.jpg)

left or right

>Picrel are a Pakistani(though Kashmiri) and Chinese border guards at Khunjerab Pass

No. 985813

I don't want to disrupt their love with my hotness

No. 985821

Your right and btw this is what I mean when I say that only the tribals in my nation are the only attractive males in my nation

No. 985834

I'm selling these brand new boots worth $100-$120 on Poshmark for $70. I only wore them indoors once to try them on. Someone just offered me $50 for them. Should I accept the offer?

No. 985836

Never take the first offer anon

No. 985838

What kind of pillow do you like sleeping on, soft or hard?

No. 985840

thin and firm

No. 985847

It's dumb but a rolled up shirt, nothing is as comfy.

No. 985849

Soft and big.

No. 985861

File: 1638689789681.jpeg (70.09 KB, 789x803, 5f27e5db2ea17.jpeg)

I grew up poor and then started getting financially secure but expensive pillows just don't feel as comfy as cheap ratty ones

No. 985863

Journaling does help big time. It saved my life tbh, i used to be super hyper and overshared because there was so many racing thoughts in my head and i wanted anyone to listen (bad idea, not everyone has empathy) but writing thoughts down really turned that off. Its like i vented and i dont need to talk to ppl about it anymore and i would encourage anyone struggling to journal

No. 985867

We ended up having other a drunk fuck at our weekend Christmas party and I had too much messing with him that the other two people still awake were mad at me.

Bruh. Let me annoy a male. Let me mess with emotions or time here.

No. 985872

I hate cheap pillows and I'm poor

No. 985874

File: 1638692039012.jpg (80.45 KB, 748x744, EpJfEynW4Ac1TSt.jpg)

Is this really her?

No. 985886

yes, that's sasha obama

No. 985925

Quick question for burger anons, if you order something from China do you receive it at the post office or at home? How are you notified to
come pick it up?

No. 985946

it gets shipped to wherever you asked for it to be shipped to like any other package from any part of the world duh

No. 985948

omg sorry i just realized im in the stupid questions thread i was about to be like "what type of dumb…" I apologize for the duh lol.

No. 985968

Bitch my pillows look like that and I almost died of the flu

No. 985993

Why is crystal cafe raided more often? Their raids go on for much longer too. Here, usually someone drops a single cp pic and scuttles away.

No. 986000

Because LC is a gossip board first and sekrit girl club second. I've come to the conclusion that if a female imageboard wants to be somewhat successful it has to be based around some type of unrelated interest and that's probably the reason why so many cows always think we're incel men. I don't see choachan getting raided that often either.

No. 986010

File: 1638715542409.png (131.67 KB, 1025x607, 454545.png)

9/10 of the people who are still into GoT and a song of ice and fire are all women, was it always this common for women to be into GoT ?cause I'm only mildly into and I thought I'd be the odd woman but it was surprising seeing so many women who were part of the Fandom

No. 986020

File: 1638716359789.png (178.64 KB, 903x837, 3434.png)

I have to post the rest, I'm not usually fond of FDS but this was an entertaining post

No. 986030

what the fuck is /a/ sound thread? where and how the fuck am i not hearing the sound it's supposed to be making?

No. 986035

In my country depending on the parcel bring priority or not, I get either a text or a piece of paper. In both cases the parcel can only be picked up from the post. Thanks for nothing, I guess.

No. 986038

It needs a tapermonkey script
but judging by the movie thread I feel like linking this is futile.

No. 986060

Nuh-uh, i wont dissapoint you nonny.

No. 986073

genetics are weird, my sister is a direct clone of my mother with my dad's ghost pale skintone, and i am more of an admixture of my parents all around with my dads upper face

also being a dark haired white girl I thought I'd end up having more southern european descent given how dark my brows are and how my skin color fluctuates between seasons. maybe it's the ashkenazi genes. I was disappointed by my ancestry test knowing it was exactly what I expected and perhaps even more irish

No. 986075

basically you get a text or email and you can choose whether to have it shipped to your office, home, apt, post office, etc. It just has to be a marked address that is deliverable. sorry for not answering the question earlier lol.

No. 986078

and the text or email notifies of when your order is set to arrive. You basically order it on the website like normal and put one of those business, post office, or home/apt addresses on there. I recently got something shipped from china and it got shipped right to my apartment complex. it took about 2 weeks though.

No. 986134

What's the point where you know you have a spending problem?

No. 986135

or shopping problem, whichever

No. 986148

How do you stop getting obsessed/experiencing limerence with people you barely know?

No. 986150

Find a husbando

No. 986179

Is it too late to get into tech if you're mid 20s? I read that most do their best work in early 20s. And lots of ppl in tech start coding/learning about systems from a young age. It feels impossible to catch up.

No. 986182

You mean as a job? Go to college

No. 986209

How much sleep on average do you nons get cause I'm definitely under 8 hours and I wonder why I look run down

No. 986214

If I get 7 hours I tend to wake at that point and feel awake. Used to need more.

No. 986215

Usually 7 to 7 1/2. I’ve tried going to bed earlier to get 8 hours and I just wind up sleeping the same amount.

No. 986217

Between 6 and 8

No. 986223

9 hours otherwise I am cranky. There was a time when I would sleep 10-12 hours, I wasn't feeling that good back then.

No. 986228

9 hours minimum my body automatically wakes up. I hate it so much i need to sleep less and do more

No. 986232

the people you "hear about in tech" are usually the people at the top
you can still make a career from tech without being one of those people, especially if you live in the US

like >>986182 said, you can just go to college and get a job, even if you're older
nobody in the industry discriminates based on age

No. 986237

Nta but I heard certain jobs like software engineering actually discriminates on age. I was also considering finding a way into tech after finishing this econ degree but I don't have the money to go through university again

No. 986240

File: 1638735414274.jpeg (85.92 KB, 749x830, jun togawa.jpeg)

What is zynab's url? (the tumblr user) I think pic rel is supposed to be a meme about her. She posted a bit about falconry and catholicism

No. 986244

5-12 it depends. getting a normal amount never made a huge difference for me, it actually makes me more tired in some cases

No. 986245

How do people get this annoying. Does a liberal arts education literally make you retarded?

No. 986246

I run on 4-5 hours most days of the week. If I can get anything over 6 I feel like I've won the lottery.

No. 986343

do hipsters really listen to um kulthum now? that's such dad music

No. 986410

YouTube used to show comment dislikes, right? I feel like I remember seeing it, but it’s been so long that I’m not sure. Why’s the button still there? What does it possibly do? Are comment dislikes used to push a comment further down in the section without publicly shaming the commenter, or does it do absolutely nothing? What’s the point if I can’t nonverbally tell people what I think they’re saying is stupid

No. 986416

do any of you have suggestions for writing or content from people who attempted suicide or ways to convince myself against it?

No. 986421

Comment dislikes do nothing but make you feel like you have the power to dislike anything at all. Video dislikes are gone because mainstream news became assblasted by the amount of dislikes they received when pushing propaganda.

No. 986422

How do you hide threads on here?

No. 986425

report button, reason is for being annoying

No. 986431

File: 1638752151688.png (75.33 KB, 545x156, thread.PNG)

Look at the very top of the thread, to the left (right next to file) there should be a button that looks like (-).
Are you both newfags or something

No. 986456

Depends, 6-11 hours range for most people. Apparently some ppl have a certain gene that lets them sleep 5 hours and be totally refreshed. Seething.

No. 986457

I don't get any of this pls explain

No. 986460

Second anon was clearly joking

No. 986464

I think I follow her on instagram @ zenubeh if this is the same zynab I'm thinking (can't imagine there are more zynabs exactly like this out there)

No. 986466

5-7. I rarely wake up feeling refreshed and rested (I can function and without coffee tho) but can't seem to sleep more time. I wish I could

No. 986475

How do people tell the difference between authentic and inauthentic celebrity relationships, or straight and 'bearded' relationships? Tbh I don't understand sexuality speculation in general or the "gaydar" concept unless the person shows an obvious interest in one sex over another. Wouldn't every relationship regardless of sexuality come across as inauthentic by default since they're celebrities, since all we see is whatever the camera captures at the moment? So how is one fake but another isn't?

No. 986476

When I was an "essential" worker: 5-6 sometimes less

Now that I lost my job: 8-9. Don't feel as much like a zombie.

No. 986485

I’m going to Trader Joe’s for the first time tomorrow, what are some snacks/frozen foods should I look out for?

No. 986491

the frozen strawberries covered in chocolate that have a cute bunny on the box I can't think of the name now

No. 986498

look up everything bad you can about them assuming it won't encourage the obsession, sometimes it only deepens it, or go completely cold turkey or reduce the amount of media you're consuming from them. find whichever works for you personally, for some reduction works and for some finding out disgusting info works, and for some neither works

No. 986502

Frozen chocolate lava cakes are delish

No. 986505

I really like the mini ice cream cones w/chocolate that they have

No. 986548

how doese the sonic thread work? does he reply in secret? does he reply then delete? i see people saying thank you but no one ever responded to them in the first place. what happened???

No. 986549

Dear idiot newfag-chan, his answer is the last digit of your post number. Dubs/triples are posts that end in eg 44/777. Go ask him a question now.

No. 986551

i dont get it.. his answer is 0?

No. 986552

Dear idiot newfag-chan, if you tap/click on the sonic totem picture, you can zoom in and read the text. This also works for any thread pics. And yes you are an idiot newfag, sonic totem will see you soon.

No. 986554

ohhhh i get it. thank you wise oldfag chan!

No. 986566

How closely are work phones monitored? My non-work phone is old, crappy and slow and I want to download some habit tracker apps for my personal life (I'm messy af and want to set reminders to clean stuff, among other things) and thought about doing it on my workphone but obviously don't want my managers/IT guys to go through it.

And while we're a it, can someone recommend me a productivity app where you can set recurring goals/habits as well as one-time goals?

No. 986571

Do you ever experience a fart bubble just rolling out of your butt before you can do anything to stop it?

No. 986576

I don't fart and if I do it's elegant

No. 986582

Women don't fart, Scrote! Go back to 4chan

No. 986598

What exactly is a femcel? Is it basically the same thing as an incel, just in female form? Idk it's kind of hard for me to understand because I don't think I've never met anyone close to being a femcel irl, but I hear about them on imageboards all the time

No. 986600

It's just the female version of incel. Any girl that unironically calls herself that on social media is definitely an nlog though

No. 986619

Is there a way to permanently set Teams to available status?

No. 986648

True female involuntary-celibates don't exist. There are only women who are mentally ill and difficult, who have strings of many failed relationships because men only want easy bangmaids without any burden of emotional labor.

No. 986651

Male incels don't either, prostitutes exist. I used to lurk in incel spaces and many thought it beneath them to pay for sex, and you'd be surprised by how many had had opportunities to have sex and form relationships but the women didn't meet their standards.

No. 986656

Paying for sex isn't a contradiction of incelism. Prostitution is rape.

No. 986665

Uh yes it is, incels complain they cannot have sex when they can. I am not pro-prostitution anon but that's irrelevant.

No. 986672

Idk anon, forcing a woman into having sex with you isn't pulling bitches. Although, in a scrote's mind, it doesn't count more so because whores aren't humans to them.

No. 986677

God you are so fucking annoying.

No. 986686

it's the female version of incel which is ironic considering the term "incel" was originally coined by a woman who used it to describe herself, and wanted it to be relatable and used by anyone in a similar situation. but of course, scrotes claimed the whole thing and now the general belief is that women cannot be incels.

No. 986696

Why you having aggro reaction to a simple convo lol

No. 986697

stupid annoying bitch.

No. 986700

File: 1638791862072.gif (807.99 KB, 244x218, ok-okay.gif)

No. 986701

You're gonna bald seething every time someone disagrees with you online

No. 986702

Do you think that's how keeks hairline got like that? Finally my own hairline makes sense

No. 986758

I'm bi, nearly 29 and have been a lifelong celibate, I don't feel the need to be in a relationship, but if I ever change my mind, is it still possible to find another woman who'd agree to date me despite my lack of experience?
>inb4 it's never too late to start XYZ…
People tend to want to settle down in their 30s and they generally don't want to deal with relationship immature people, especially women.

No. 986771

There's tons of lesbians who don't figure it out until their 30s, never too late.

No. 986778

Holy shit kek, thirding this, also have a shot hairline

No. 986801

Some dude from another continent gave me a 20 dollars subscription unprompted, am I going to be indebted forever? How can I even repay this? I don’t want to fuck someone for a subscription, that’s basically prostitution.

No. 986808

just say thanks and leave it at that. It's a gift, you don't have to repay it

No. 986815

does anyone else make words or phrases up in their head to match the sounds they're hearing? i do it all the time now, mostly when i play piano. if a song has no words i just make them up in a way that sounds right, usually the sentences make no sense they just fit in with the tune in some way i cant even explain

No. 986904

File: 1638812236875.jpg (20.31 KB, 433x280, woman-waving-red-flag-260nw-39…)

Boyfriend of few years has never mentioned that he dated his coworker just before we started dating; they still work together in the same team, though are not close friends afaik, red flag or not?
can't trust my own judgement because I'm overly paranoid BPD-chan

No. 986916

Bit weird. Has he ever mentioned her name while you guys have dating before you found out? Did he tell you why they broke up?

No. 986918

Never, that's the thing. He mentioned going out on a few dates with another coworker, but not about this one, that's why I feel so weird about it. I've only found out she even exists because talking about something else he slipped and said sth like "these two women from work I was dating before you", and I was like, what TWO? Ughh.

No. 986920

the way it gets used on lc (and sometimes other imageboards) it means "any woman i disagree with/says anything remotely negative about men/isn't interested in sex" at this point it's hardly related to incels

No. 986935

It's definitely weird but it could also be a case where he really doesn't gaf about that relationship anymore so it's just never crossed his mind? If you aren't getting any other weird flags from him then just ignore it for now imo

No. 986944

Thats other imageboards. I almost never see anyone around here calling themselves femcel. It’s usually a big scrote alert when I see it used as an insult.

No. 986965

File: 1638815542749.jpeg (23.8 KB, 500x406, delete-button.jpeg)

How often do you use the delete key (not backspace)?

No. 986966

Nta but I've seen it used here in the context she's talking about usually during random sex related infights on /ot/ at least

No. 986969

literally none of your business anon

No. 986977

Thanks anon; there are no other real warning signs so I'll take your advice; maybe whine to my therapist next time i see her

No. 986982

File: 1638816514112.jpg (126.74 KB, 640x480, 72551686.jpg)

>the delete key

No. 986985

Often, used it a ton at my job so I got used to it

No. 986988

File: 1638816831892.jpg (491.96 KB, 1200x675, covergn.jpg)

No. 986989

I think for some, they're buying it with plans to flip it in the future. For others, I think it's just buying into the hype because they have consumerist FOMO and bragging rights.

No. 987002

I used to use it all the time on my old laptop but now as an applefag it doesn't exist. I can't wait to go back to windows tbh

No. 987041

speaking of NFTs, could anyone spare a minute to explain to me what the hell they are?
from my understanding, it’s digital art, right? and you pay with cryptocurrency or something? google says
>NFTs are pieces of digital content linked to the blockchain, the digital database underpinning crypotocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum.
these words in conjunction mean nothing to me. i know next to nothing about cryptocurrency in general tho.

No. 987046

It's their go-to insult for women who aren't interested in relationships with scrotes, as if that's a bad thing.

No. 987052

TBH, I still don't really understand but you're basically just buying a digital art piece and along with that art piece is a reciept that says you paid for it. Like all crypto transactions, the transaction where you paid for it is publically available information. You own it since you paid for it, but you don't own a physical copy or anything. You just own the receipt that says you do. A smarter anon can correct lol.

No. 987066

File: 1638820256429.jpg (821.6 KB, 1280x1280, Glittery_Unicorn_1__90814.1597…)

I'm using this Pillow Pet currently. Honestly, pillow pets are the most comfortable pillows I've ever slept on and idk if I could go back to using a normal pillow.

No. 987074

File: 1638820732196.jpg (12.47 KB, 522x467, 51Tahu98IiL._AC_SX522_.jpg)

Hehe I use this squishmallow knock off

No. 987084

Mine is on the harder side. It's like a really densely packed plush toy, so soft enough to squish but still holds my head up while I sleep. I went to a friend's house one and her pillows were very fluffy but the second you laid your head on them they just deflated, no support at all.

No. 987088

how can i make friends in a new country? how does one make friends in general?

No. 987090

File: 1638821803876.jpg (40.32 KB, 584x800, LR.jpg)

Left or right ?

No. 987091

unironically left, but he should be less insecure about his body!

No. 987093

The one downside to cute unicorn plushies is always the risk of that horn getting you right in the eye.. speaking from experience lol

No. 987095

Right looks like my ex and now I wanna kms

No. 987096

No. 987097

File: 1638822305479.jpg (34.18 KB, 720x405, 82726172848271.jpg)

Left or right?

No. 987098

Left, skinny men are hot

No. 987104

marry farquaad then kill him, fuck shrek

No. 987105

I posted this before, but I'm into skinny boys with monster cocks, not even a size queen but seeing a scrawny, shut boy with a big cock is my fantasy

No. 987112

I want to be railed by a monster tbh

No. 987113

Gimmie the ogre

No. 987114

right bc I'm high estrogen and not afraid of chads

No. 987115

Since no one wants righty I'll take him

No. 987117

Finally someone with taste.

No. 987119

File: 1638823101697.jpg (907.68 KB, 1857x2745, 1626964979154.jpg)

but scientists have said that skinny men don't have an ounce of sex appeal

No. 987123

The skinny man is immediately evaluated on his facial features and his inborn grace. Nothing is exaggerated or hidden, his true physical qualities are on display. Also long pianist fingers are hot
The excessively muscular man cowers behind months of iron-pumping in a bid to mask his shortcomings, both physical and otherwise

No. 987126

>I'm high estrogen
Sounds like hell

No. 987127

Right I want a sturdy build that can handle a lot of abuse

No. 987129

Really often, probably more often than backspace actually. I often misplace the cursor in front of the letter I want to delete instead of behind it.

No. 987131

Pretty boys > some stinky beef slab

No. 987134

Right. Male chestlets are barely even human.

No. 987143


No. 987151


No. 987160

I would never date one but what is dating a 4chan guy like? My assumption is they're all leeches but I want the details.

No. 987169

male bpd, coomerism

Theres a few sane ones but they go to hobby boards and usually have a life and dont care to meet up.

No. 987173

Right, that's a nice and natural body for a man that does exercise and is toned, it's not exagerated
Right, farquaad is such an incel and I'm pretty sure I'm taller than him

No. 987207

I'd like both, for a long term relationship I'd pick the /fit guy but for just fucking I'd choose the skinny guy

No. 987242

Why isn't the Favorite Song Thread on /m/?

No. 987243

in my experience, rapidly shifting political views and escalating emotional abuse culminating in physical. also leech

No. 987255

Was there a wallpaper thread?

No. 987325

what do you all think Shrek's hot chocolate would be? Just straight up poop?

No. 987328

No. 987338

Why do you have to pay an application fee to apply to rent an apartment? Why does it cost them money just to look at your application? I don't understand

No. 987375

should i be worried if i had a super light period for the past 2 and a half weeks? like, almost no blood is coming out but its still there and i have light cramps too.

No. 987404

why are you bitches so terrible today? is it because its a monday?

No. 987411

nonny we're on lolcow

No. 987427

How do I cancel plans without feeling guilty or embarrassed?

No. 987434

Tell them you just had a miscarriage

No. 987435

File: 1638845309212.png (388.78 KB, 1068x1089, kjcg.png)

No. 987436

Are you on birth control?
I had to completely stop taking birth control because it would make me lightly bleed non stop and also had cramps.
You should definitely talk to your doctor.

No. 987453

It's usually used for your background check

No. 987456

Is penetration actually just harmful? Specially when it’s done by a male? How do I stop craving it? I really am too retarded to explain my gynecologist about my masturbation habits, specially because she knows me since I was a teen, so it would be extremely awkward.

No. 987496

Join hobby clubs, check out dating apps (look out for creeps) or meetup apps, go to bars and clubs (even if you don’t drink, it’s just an easy place to make friends), take some classes where you can talk to locals or other foreigners, etc. There’s many options. Just go out and meet people regularly.

No. 987572

Anyone else noticed that moids (especially in fandom related communities) have an obsession with femdom/mommy gf type of characters and the only time they consider a girl (whether RL or fictional) to be the "sub" type is if theyre particularly weak looking or visibly underage? Its fucking weird

No. 987575

I have a tall best friend (I'm 5'2, she's 6'0) and men do this shit irl. Their poor coomer minds can't even handle the contrast of two woman with different body types standing next to each other without assigning us fantasy personalities.

No. 987577

I have so many questions and so many things to say but I'll just start with the obvious one: who the fuck told you penetration is harmful?

No. 987579

Same I've experienced this too, I'm super pale and my best friend is black and very dark-skinned, moids are weird and coom-brained and have to make weird comments, women aren't even women to them they're porn categories
r/breastenvy is disturbing as fuck too since they'll take pictures of random innocent women who are just hanging out and automatically sexualize them and turn their bodies into a personal judging rank as if these women posted pics specifically their ratings or have a certain woman they "pick" out of the group. Like who the fuck posts pictures so creepy dudes on the internet can determine if you're hotter than your friends? Women who egg this on are even worse since it's just makes you think how many women are truly friends with you and treat it like a moid attractiveness competition

No. 987586

5'10, used to have occasional weird guys message and just straight up and unironically aske me to step on them
would happen once or twice a couple weeks

No. 987594

Sorry chestlet but men tend to prefer bigger tits, don't be mad at other people you're genetically cursed

No. 987595

File: 1638870548827.png (253.97 KB, 1065x1927, Screenshot_20211207-014014-645…)

This is such a retarded intake
1. r/breastenvy gets off on jealousy, plenty of users there actually point out that they found the woman with smaller boobs more attractive since there's so many other factors and breast size is the the least of those factors
2. We weren't talking about if we cared what men like we just don't want to be sexualized, and you managed to make it all about how my hypothetical are too small for men to like when I didn't mention my own breast size at all
3. Plenty of big breasted women have actually reported and called out their photos being used on there, who the fuck wants to just post cute night out photos with your friends just to end up on a subreddit for moids to comment "meh she may have bigger tits but I'd rather bang her friend". Stop turning everything into a competition for moid attention

No. 987596

Lol facial features matter the most in the end, any guy would fuck a 10/10 pretty girl even if she doesn't have big breasts or butt. If you only have big boobs but you're not conventionally pretty, guys will just want to fuck you for one night but they won't go all crazy for you like they do with actually attractive girls

No. 987598

They'll fuck you but most men overall prefer big tits and it's just the fact of life, pretty women without big boobs can get laid, can get simps, and so on, but everyone knows he'll be obsessing over bigger boobs the entire time. Every single high quality man I know pick bigger boobs each and everytime, big boobs always reign supreme and there's millions of studies proving it

No. 987599

You sound like a troon with a severe hentai addiction. Who let crystal cafe users back in here?

No. 987601

I have a butch look to me (tho I'm not gay) and men love to ignore my sexual preference and usually the preference of the other woman too by imagining me with a really feminine woman. When I was in college I was pestered about my taste in women and whether I found particular (always very opposite looking women) attractive. They absolutely knew my deal but just wanted to imagine I secretly fancied all the same women they did.

No. 987602

My chest is non-existent and I have Loades of men lusting after me

No. 987604

>They'll fuck you but
Nta oh thank fuck, the number one concern in any womans life.. will scrotes fuck me

No. 987605

No one said flat women can't have men lusting over them, it's that men generally prefer big boobs and most chestlet will admit this too. I bet most of the scrotes simping after you will take a girl with bigger boobs in a heartbeat if given the chance.

No. 987608

I'm not a small titty anon but those scrotes don't have their pick of women anyway, they can have their big titty tastes but they're getting that by fapping to images. It's a fantasy or far off goal to alot of them. It's not like most men are in a position to pick and choose which hot woman they're getting with tonight. They're sitting online looking at strangers and pretending to reject some.

No. 987609

>>987605 what's your point? all of us should frantically be insecure about our boob size because coomers may like other sizes better? most of us hate men and would actually prefer to have smaller boobs regardless of if men are going to be low-key lusting after Kate Upton while simping over us creepily. trust me, once you leave middle school, the rest of the world isn't thinking about boob-size as much as you are.

No. 987610

>admitting chestlets are only able to pull low-tier coomers

No. 987611

Women have their pick more than men do, big tits or not.

No. 987612

It's not hard to get bigger boobs, you can always just gain weight, take birth control, or get breast implants. I also heard you can always take hormones and stuff like those japanese models do. Large-busted women undeniably have a much better success outcome, more job opportunities, higher value men to date, and usually get treated better.

No. 987613

Possibly, but busty girls will always reign supreme and get higher value men, chestlets won't, most of you will get cheated on or just be with a guy who loses interest.

No. 987614

Skinniness is considered attractive and the vast majority of skinny women don't go past a C cup. Check mate dumbass

No. 987615

I have biggish tits myself and I dress to hide them. I don't want that being the thing that pulls in men.

No. 987616

Every single study relating to breast size and attractiveness always says larger is better, the most ideal would be huge tits on a skinny girl but most men will just take some chub for a massive rack. I'll take having some chub if it means having a big rack unlike skelly chestlets.

No. 987617

>Large-busted women undeniably have a much better success outcome, more job opportunities, higher value men to date, and usually get treated better.
this has to be a fucking joke

No. 987618

God just ignore the bait, how would a man be "high value" if he would leave you for another girl based on some superficial criteria anyway

No. 987619

huge tits on a skinny girl is nearly impossible without plastic surgery. if you like skinny waist general proportion and leg is more important. and small boobs still look feminine

No. 987620

This. These anons sound extremely underage or well, still stuck in that mental space. Jesus.

No. 987621

>Telling women to risk their health and permanently damage it because coomers will cheat on them if they don't have tig ol bitties
You're so close to swallowing that pink pill

No. 987622

File: 1638873408245.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.29 KB, 640x480, 1522925127956.jpg)

Plenty of skinny girls have massive tits and most men have fucked very skinny girls with enormous tits before. Stay seething chestlet.

No. 987623

My big ole tits are bored reading this repetitive tit sperging.

No. 987625

if she's natural then explain why there are literally no pictures of women built remotely similar to this naturally until now, which you can almost only exclusively find from random nobodies on the internet who could have easily photoshopped, got implants, or worn a breast plate, and never in normie women or even celebrities

No. 987626

Low Iq subhumans prefer "thic" women, actual logical intelligent mals will always choose skinny and tall women, as we are the superior long term partner(bait)

No. 987628

because it doesnt exist, lmao. love when people show "natural body types" that strangly didnt exist before the 1990s hmm