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File: 1637787102168.gif (497.65 KB, 220x220, DBBAFE34-EC9A-424D-98B2-9FFD8E…)

No. 171269

It’s that time of year again! Here’s a catch-all thread for holiday pics, videos, and chatting. What is your favorite part about the season? What are you giving or what do you want to get this Christmas? Are you traveling to be with family or staying home?

No. 171270


No. 171271

File: 1637787318913.jpeg (120.63 KB, 1000x1512, AAB86218-992B-44A7-823B-126E3C…)

I love making gingerbread, but it just doesn’t feel season-appropriate outside December and I have a hard time getting other people to eat them if it’s not the right season. Anyway, last year I found a recipe that makes these puffy fluffy gingerbreads, but they’re not very flavorful. I did some experiments with packing in way more spices and I think it’s much better now, but I want to do even more fiddling with the recipe this year.

No. 171272

File: 1637787406177.jpg (1.38 MB, 1983x3481, 20201225_131549.jpg)

Hoping I get another cute doll this year, here are cuties from the previous two years. The one in white is Angelica and the pink one is Yuki

No. 171273

File: 1637787603849.jpg (1.3 MB, 2610x4640, 20191225_124939_HDR.jpg)

Gonna spam some Christmasy pics of Angelica

No. 171274

File: 1637787656877.jpg (934.08 KB, 2610x4640, 20191225_133048_HDR.jpg)

She is ready to receive sustenance

No. 171275

File: 1637787695285.jpg (1.03 MB, 4640x2610, 20191225_112553.jpg)

Last one, cozy by the fire.

No. 171278


No. 171283

File: 1637788983843.gif (2.51 MB, 500x500, tumblr_51ad47930db812e462dd7c3…)

So cute!! such an lovely lady

No. 171284

File: 1637789250856.gif (228.56 KB, 700x400, tumblr_6b38cab76c09d2dd4b05eaa…)

No. 171285

File: 1637789425719.gif (2.85 MB, 500x400, tumblr_4d254030f39de0595150a8c…)

No. 171286

File: 1637789654527.gif (112.07 KB, 130x150, 2013570.gif)

No. 171288

File: 1637789937611.gif (34.41 KB, 465x495, bec9779b7811397acfea519846153a…)

No. 171290

File: 1637790139613.gif (330.51 KB, 400x250, 86b6fcfa1a34f3d31e5c23bf657c96…)

No. 171293

File: 1637790462526.gif (96.42 KB, 400x200, tumblr_inline_mvsf3lJO3f1ql5d5…)

No. 171295

File: 1637790927631.jpg (255.87 KB, 896x597, Elisen schoko schnitt_1.jpg)

I hate that you can only buy "Lebkuchen" from the end of August to the beginning of January. I don't care for the season, I don't care for religious holidays, I care for gingerbread, let me buy it throughout the whole year.
Don't know what spices you use, but cinnamon, anise, fennel, cardamom, coriander, cloves, allspice, ginger and nutmeg are conman spices in gingerbread in Germany and for my taste, the more the better.

No. 171297

File: 1637791405282.jpg (156.72 KB, 1000x316, hometown-holiday-jeff-tift.jpg)

No. 171298

File: 1637791788520.jpg (291.95 KB, 1920x900, Tokyo-at-Christmas.jpg)

No. 171305

File: 1637792915389.jpg (118.17 KB, 1200x800, stollen-rezept.jpg)

me too!!! i hate people that complain about christmas food being in stores too early, like just don't buy it if you don't wanna eat it in september, christiane. also i'm always paranoid that the ones in store in december will be older/taste less fresh than the ones in store at the beginning of the season.

picrel, i miss homemade stollen. never had a grandma who made stollen and my last remaining great grandma who made any died when i was 9, so tfw no omas selbstgemachter stollen for 20 years now.

No. 171309

File: 1637793883280.jpeg (96.65 KB, 750x448, EC208D33-8CC9-4FED-821D-71A335…)

I’ve never heard of stollen. It looks like a yummy homemade version of boxed panetón, which I learned about from my Peruvian roommate and now eat every year. Maybe I should find a stollen recipe and make that instead this year…

No. 171312

File: 1637794201101.gif (105.34 KB, 498x273, hello-kitty-merry-christmas.gi…)

No. 171318

File: 1637795650667.gif (1.87 MB, 256x320, dog-doggo.gif)

No. 171325

File: 1637796845485.gif (4.33 MB, 400x400, c9567e08a83109ae9c9dcb30effb2f…)

No. 171326

oh, I never had homemade stollen, I've got an old Austrian cookbook, there are very nice recipes in it, maybe they have a stollen recipe. Did no one in your family kept track of the recipe of your great grandmother so you could try to make it yourself? One year I bought a very good one at the supermarket but they changed the recipe and now it tastes like shit, so, I need to find a good recipe and make it myself.

they are a similar, but you really should try stollen. If you like marzipan get the one filled with it and if you look to make one yourself, use butter and no other oil, it doesn't taste right without butter. Some people like a rather dry texture, I'm more for the fluffy stuff with butter and don't forget the powdered sugar on it, kek.

No. 171330

File: 1637798065213.gif (578.15 KB, 220x335, kitten-cat.gif)

No. 171334

Oh wow you can have stollen with marzipan? I looove marzipan, I have to try this. The one issue is that I have nothing to compare it to so I won’t know if whatever recipe I end up using is a good one or not. Guess we’ll see!

No. 171414

File: 1637859854241.jpg (45.83 KB, 550x415, 15350049429216277133.jpg)




No. 171436

File: 1637869410065.jpeg (89.72 KB, 1120x1120, 53ED316E-DF70-48FC-95BD-A7D9F3…)

I wish I lived in the Netherlands so I could inhale these every year… we got lucky and found some in Lidl this year, they are my crack

No. 171441

File: 1637871392546.jpg (69.97 KB, 512x342, unnamed.jpg)

me, too. There are just some people who hate marzipan, I don't understand them. The stollen looks like that, with a core of marzipan.

why don't we have those? They look tasty, I want some. There should be an international sweets sharing ring, I'm tired of German stuff.

No. 171570

File: 1637953166718.gif (497.43 KB, 500x378, giphy.gif)

No. 171613

Driving to the next state over for a funeral and I’ll be staying at my sister’s apartment, but she’s out of town with her boyfriend for thanksgiving. I’m going to sneakily decorate her apartment for Christmas so she will come home to lights and garlands and a little tree I decorated, because she owns no Christmas decor right now. I’m the beeest.

No. 171618

File: 1637973608464.jpg (550.8 KB, 1000x750, kourabiedes.jpg)

waiting for my annual asbestos cookie batch

No. 171637

File: 1637986167110.jpeg (47.82 KB, 500x327, 021D7D02-4A82-495C-AF71-AF2F9E…)

we can drink coffee and eat homemade candies

No. 171639

>take bite
>inhale powdered sugar
>cough for 10 minutes

No. 171682

this is so sweet, anon!!

No. 171701

File: 1638037257436.gif (149.43 KB, 130x150, unnamed.gif)

No. 171705

Who gets a real tree every year and who has a plastic tree? It's the first year I'm in a house with space for a tree and I'm torn. I love the smell of a real tree but it's so much cheaper and convenient just to get a fake one I can use for years on end

No. 171718

File: 1638048942932.png (4.86 MB, 1330x2000, Dreamy White Christmas Tree at…)

White trees are so beautiful, i'm a poorfag but first thing i'm going to do if i earn big money is to buy a white tree for Christmas

No. 171719

File: 1638049342127.jpeg (7.33 KB, 225x225, Unknown.jpeg)

I love the trees with the white snow dusting.

No. 171720

File: 1638049900149.jpeg (34.33 KB, 500x500, B166941B-3F59-4BEA-BBF6-C01233…)

Bought this Hello Kitty wreath for Christmas
I love it so much

No. 171726

File: 1638050581423.jpg (34.86 KB, 419x700, 8516216b7d42c2df658dfb59bcbca3…)

Ohh it's so cute anon

No. 171730

File: 1638050962496.jpg (124.67 KB, 512x512, unnamed.jpg)

I'm team real tree. I love how they smell, and
I'm in a small enough apartment that storing a plastic tree for the rest of the year is a bit inconvenient for me.

No. 171733

File: 1638051955129.png (653.55 KB, 500x662, 295ab24d627111acf22fc67f2f37b9…)

Vintage Christmas art always warms my heart

No. 171734

File: 1638052046038.jpg (209.78 KB, 1429x2000, wsi-imageoptim-little-tree-log…)

I will buy a tiny real tree like last year, they smell so nice.

Nice thread btw - I have a lot of trauma from previous christmases so it's nice to see positive inspiration about the holiday.

No. 171738

I'm the no tree person, because I don't celebrate christmas, but if I had to, I would get a real one with roots. Somehow I don't like the idea of cutting down plants just for decoration, so I would get a tree and plant it in my garden after christmas (if I had a garden)

But I love white trees, like nonna >>171718 they look so nice and would fit to the way I would decorate my home (if I had money, kek)

I hate christmas trauma, everyone is happy and you just remember all the fucked up stuff that happend around that time. Hope you can have a nice relaxed christmas this year.

No. 171824

Today I put up the advent decorations, cozy!
I'm really torn between getting a real tree and a pretty white one like this >>171718

Anyone want to share their favourite chill seasonal music?

No. 171826

File: 1638115809206.jpeg (174.77 KB, 640x854, 3B7E9640-AE3E-479C-BCB5-0DF2D3…)

No. 171834

File: 1638121229258.jpeg (43.42 KB, 466x594, images - 2021-11-28T113908.368…)

I just got the cheesiest hat similar to picrel. Can't wait to wear it once December arrives!

No. 171858

I personally really like my fake tree. It’s not perfect, but often the real trees we used to get were pretty shitty and bare in spots, so the fake tree is guaranteed to look more uniform. I also just don’t like letting a tree die for a month in my house and then tossing it. plus my fake tree has lights already, so we just add another layer of colorful lights and it ends up looking very cozy

No. 171878

that gif makes me always so sad because making those plants close for no reason kills them

No. 171879

>The average trap of the Venus flytrap can only close, digest, and reopen roughly Six to Ten times before it dies and is replaced by a new trap. That is why it is important not to trigger the trap accidentally or attempt to feed it too large of an insect (no bigger that 1/3 the trap size).
Oh god noooo, this isn't merry at all

No. 171891

File: 1638138243747.gif (1.03 MB, 540x540, 65c6faa322d02d52ef27a367a6d6a0…)

No. 171894

File: 1638138628749.png (942.55 KB, 564x883, 100 Creative Christmas Decor f…)

No. 171899

same and this is so lovely

No. 171922

i love it

where did u get??

No. 171931

It’s a single leaf cut from a Venus flytrap and stuck into loose potting soil, it’s not a real full plant.

No. 171995

File: 1638219280375.png (758.17 KB, 672x924, 456346457856.png)

the gift shop at the human body museum I work at is getting festive

No. 172003

I love their spirit, I love the idea, would get myself a huge christmas tree with hanging body parts everywhere if I had space for it.

No. 172005

Looks like the christmas version of Mahito's domain expansion.

No. 172009

Google secret surprise shop it’s a Sanrio shop in Arcadia California

No. 172099

File: 1638305359113.jpg (20.42 KB, 564x423, 773f5d9ac2264d5287e2a06de6a970…)

No. 172100

File: 1638305580808.jpg (64.45 KB, 519x800, dadd6a3e625e176ff067e36562cf3c…)

No. 172101

File: 1638305938572.jpg (70.69 KB, 564x682, 1623d7051f14b7855aaf72dc8ba958…)

No. 172103

File: 1638306470493.jpg (162.12 KB, 512x800, e097b681abd39e89d6df3834e5caa3…)

No. 172703

File: 1638638498459.jpeg (161.86 KB, 650x670, 424963E3-2947-4A31-B34D-383C96…)

Samefag, I just happened to find a marzipan stollen at Trader Joe’s the other day! I have nothing to compare it to so I can’t say how it ranks compared to other stollen, but it’s pretty good. I really like the marzipan and the powdered sugar. My one complaint is that it’s a little on the dry side compared to panetón, but the marzipan definitely makes up for that. Now if I make one I will have a baseline to compare it to!

No. 172718

If you aren't vegan, use some good tasting butter instead of the other fat choices. And yes, Stollen is a little bit drier than Paneton. I had a look and found this recipe https://www.chefkoch.de/rezepte/1833611297339517/Butterstollen-Thueringer-Art.html (sry, it's in German) and it sounds really nice and not dry at all, if you need help translating anything, just let us Germans know.

No. 172720

File: 1638647472219.jpg (95.95 KB, 563x741, 3ecb3751218ca63446596689f95561…)

No. 172721

File: 1638647495118.jpg (148.33 KB, 735x1103, 34e280e6bd4c72c0137cf33fd95b8b…)

No. 172722

File: 1638647559052.jpg (118.31 KB, 564x705, ee74e5fdfc069c8c42c2b77dc7420e…)

No. 172723

File: 1638647597601.jpg (440.81 KB, 1024x1280, original(1).jpg)

No. 172724

File: 1638647642104.jpg (246.88 KB, 750x1123, original.jpg)

No. 172725

File: 1638647675605.png (605.96 KB, 640x640, original.png)

No. 172982

Trying to learn more Christmas carols in my native tongue, I'm starting to feel really festive!

No. 173370

File: 1639150832988.jpg (300.04 KB, 590x393, 4H1A5221.jpg)

Just over two weeks left nonnas!!! I'm so excited!

I commissioned a small time jeweler for some matching custom bracelets for me and my best friends. It's not the most high end jewelry, but I think the look and feel of her stuff doesn't easily give that away. It's been so great to work with her and have something special and custom made just for us. I've been getting progress pictures and I desperately wish I could send them to my friends to see because I could cry over how much I adore these bracelets already, but then I remember they're the ones this is for!!! I don't want to ruin the surprise if I can help it. I think we'll be going out for dinner sometime after so I'm trying to get everyone to go all at once so they can all get their presents at the same time!

My parents are immigrants and work in the restaurant business so Christmas isn't really a thing in my family. We've never had a tree and don't even exchange presents. It kind of sucks because all of my friends celebrate with their families so I wait until before or after to celebrate it with them. I don't hold anything against my parents for not celebrating since it doesn't stop me from enjoying the holidays anyway. At the very least, I buy a cake every year for us to enjoy and just sharing that is enough for me.

I bought a vintage Christmas sweater last year and I'm so excited to wear it. It is a little over the top but so cute. I told myself I'd only buy one "ugly" christmas sweater and that would be the only one for the rest of my life since it's only appropriate for once a year, but now I want more. I want one for every day leading up to Christmas. I fucking love Christmas and the holiday season so much, I don't even know what it is. It feels so magical and lovely.

One day in the future, I hope I can move out to a nice place and have a nice Christmas tree. I want to invite friends and family over and host Christmas dinner for them. Of course I'll have my bedroom open for my parents to go and sleep in once they get bored (they used to do that when we would go to my aunt's for Christmas kek). I want to play video games and board games with everyone, and if I have dogs, I will dress them up in their own silly little Christmas sweaters (which I want to knit myself) and have reindeer horns for them.

No. 173417

Your joy is infectious anon I wish I was your friend

No. 173744

File: 1639442835844.jpg (130.06 KB, 835x1357, 3892938c05ab34bab846bfc7fd5661…)

Pink Santa is best Santa

No. 173768

What an incredibly sweet gift, anon. Your friends are lucky to have you. And your future Christmas plans sound amazing – you're going to make so many incredible memories for people.

No. 173769

There were a bunch of really cute little pink Santas at the flea market the other day. I should have taken pictures.

No. 175466

File: 1640324197837.jpg (221.21 KB, 736x1152, 12373996499194b6ef723654182e40…)

No. 175509

File: 1640347602285.jpg (72.54 KB, 506x720, e423ee7455e8215cfea35ac3e22b43…)

No. 175510

File: 1640347885743.jpg (84.94 KB, 735x957, 29f4fab546b3acee48aeef757e7e18…)

No. 175515

File: 1640348741448.jpg (135.11 KB, 736x981, 809746761cdd921bfc91999042ad56…)

No. 175516

File: 1640348933725.jpg (92.48 KB, 736x878, 15dfb05796a15e7081a0a8e29b715d…)

No. 175517

File: 1640349024883.jpg (343.96 KB, 736x1377, 0788d833040781bbee7db13323d08b…)

No. 175614

File: 1640397421285.jpg (189.45 KB, 465x723, 04vicardxm04_465_723_int.jpg)

Hope you had a scary merry christmas nonners

No. 343744

File: 1703073645411.jpg (84 KB, 500x615, 1672491800468.jpg)

Should we make a new holiday/christmas thread or use this one?

No. 343780

this one is great

No. 343784

File: 1703086855804.gif (8.11 KB, 155x202, tumblr_2e1025898221f5a9b59aa7e…)

No. 343785

File: 1703086889324.gif (11.39 KB, 164x186, tumblr_8ec8e9176f25ed620afb881…)

No. 343786

File: 1703086910783.gif (8.96 KB, 230x205, tumblr_52bf5e76a2359ac4bf8fb52…)

No. 343787

File: 1703086999491.gif (8.24 KB, 240x164, tumblr_bb125ded567fc9f2e10e6b4…)

No. 344049

File: 1703184483340.jpg (519.13 KB, 1210x588, gators.jpg)

Absolutely enamored with this display

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