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File: 1635985596479.jpeg (29.87 KB, 356x360, 1578116347713.jpeg)

No. 958960

The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.
Previous >>>/ot/940572

No. 958962


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No. 958983

Is it concerning that my pussy smells after using dildo? It's a high quality dildo so I don't think it has bad shit in it, and I clean it. There's just a smell of silicone that lingers in my vagina for a day.

No. 958988

yeast infection

No. 959027

could be bv if you aren't boiling your toys or at least cleaning them with soap and water between uses

No. 959051

So there's like 5 cars that circle my neighborhood and go to the trap house next to mine. They watch my husband and me. They slow down and sometimes stop in front of our house. I walk to work in the mornings while it's still dark. One of the cars pulled up to me and just stopped.

I don't want to call the police, because I've seen them throw up gang tags. They'll know it was me. I have a taser, but I still don't feel safe. My husband works earlier than me and has already gotten in trouble for taking me to work and being late. Im scared for my life and don't know what to do.

No. 959057

can you gain real weight in one day if you binge and eat around 2800 calories? i'm pretty short, so that's a lot for me. I usually eat about 1000-1100 calories.

No. 959070

wave at them. start a convo. bring them some fresh baked goods. free protection?
no but really anon im sorry u feel unsafe at home and your hesitance to go to the cops is warranted. i don't know the details of the situation but if communication with them or ur neighbors is not an option i'd invest in a good home security system and get a gun. probably good ideas regardless

No. 959083

Yeah bake the gangsters some cookies and have a tea party with them in exchange for not being sex trafficked

No. 959104

3500 cal to a lb, if you know your TDEE you can do the math

No. 959161

File: 1636008984113.jpg (286.2 KB, 1148x1140, HELLO77777..JPG)

I was watching a youtube video on frogs and saw the comment in picrel. When i clicked on the account, this was the description. What the fuck?????????????????????????????

I guess my question is, is this person documented? I ask because
1) this is so batshit i can't even process it, and she leaves weird comments like this on random videos so it seems easy to discover
2) She talks like she has some sort of following but that could be just a schizo delusion.

No. 959164

samefagging but just to recap if TLDR

>Thinks she's Jeffery Dahmer

>Is married to a man who thinks he's the Crocodile Hunter
>Is supposedly Dahmer, an animal killer, yet loves wildlife and donates to conservation efforts. Doesn't see how this makes no sense.
>says internet doesn't work but somehow made a new channel
>urges subscribers to stay tuned for more of their favorite "cannibal songs"

No. 959166

File: 1636010313787.jpg (33.03 KB, 718x183, hello2.JPG)

update, found a twitter account by searching "dahmer" and "crocodile hunter" in quotes. what level of schizo is this? the things she says are so funny that i'd be inclined to think it was a troll if not for the multiple videos she posts of herself acting insane (presumably, i can only see the thumbnails since she privated the vids)

No. 959167

File: 1636010404170.jpg (62.23 KB, 735x639, hello3.JPG)

No. 959171

File: 1636010955726.jpg (595.86 KB, 711x1391, hello5.JPG)

she gets very upset about animal rights violations. At this point I was starting to feel like "oh, okay, this is just some poor schizo lady who has a good heart" but then she posts pictures of Dahmer's victims' bodies as a Halloween celebration and brags about the murders (I blurred the pics)

anyway im now realizing this isn't quite the right thread for this tangent but i had to make other people see this lest i wake up tomorrow and swear i dreamed it

No. 959188

everything in existence, including the things we universally perceive repugnant, has a teeny gathering of dedicated fans…

No. 959213

Why does my black chicken suddenly grow white feathers? She looks healthy but I have never seen something like this before. Is this normal?

No. 959215

File: 1636018958281.jpg (112.11 KB, 720x983, 1619415550952.jpg)

"Dahmer Stans" only started appearing after the release of the film My friend Dahmer, before that he wasn't talk about much compared to other killers
I mean who in their mind thought of casting former Disney-star Dreamboat Ross Lynch as fucking Jeffrey Dahmer, like of course dumbass teenage girls are gonna thirst for him, same with casting Zac Efron as Ted Bundy

No. 959223

She’s becoming a angel

No. 959226

It was intentional. I tinfoil that this is a part of the mass grooming to have the next generation of women being even more receptive to male violence.

No. 959229

File: 1636023938553.jpg (296.53 KB, 1473x539, Dahmer.jpg)

I actually read the graphic novel the film was based on and its way different, for starters Derf(the writer) only kinda knew Dahmer, just a guy who hung out with from time to time but never without his other group of friends and then there's way he draws and portrays Dahmer
everyone is drawn with this grossish style with exaggerated facial features but Dahmer especially is meant to look unappealing, he was very tall for his age and had a long face so that made him stand out

No. 959232

now compare this with the film where even his fake public epilepsy is meant to seem cute and where even supposed to feel bad for him

No. 959237

Maybe she's getting grey hairs.

No. 959310

File: 1636034956425.jpg (314.48 KB, 1080x1047, Screenshot_20211104-150923_Fir…)

Someone explain to me if 3x12, 10, 8 (and increase the weight) means I have to do 3 sets of 12 then 10 then 8 and then increase the weight

or do I have to do 1x12 (increase weight) 1x10 (increase weight) and 1x8 (increase weight)?

No. 959350

I think it's the latter, but I don't know if it's one set of each rep or three sets of each rep before increasing the weight.

No. 959356

I also think so since it would be exhausting to do 9 sets of the same exercise but it's just not clarified in the program and I wasn't sure if I'm overthinking it or not

No. 959467

What does it mean when a twitter account appear protected, but with 0 following and followers? I'm not blocked or it would tell me right? Is it suspended? I don't understand.

No. 959475

Didn't we use to have a vtuber drama thread? What happened?

Did it get raided by 4chan moids?

No. 959476

Do you guys eat a savory or a sweet breakfast?
I usually either eggs or bread with some sort of cheese spread and either cucumber or bell pepper. It feels wrong to eat sweet things for breakfast to me

No. 959480

I had the same psyop tinfoil when all the tumblr chicks wanted to fuck Pennywise because they cast a hot dude to play him

No. 959482

It attracted to many scrotes and retards. There was also no real milk

Both! Usually eggs, bread and a bowl of oatmeal with fruit as topping or a bit of chocolate

No. 959485

Pretty sure Dahmer Stans were a thing back in 2013, on Tumblr
I would never think that anyone would want to fuck Pennywise, yet here we are. He wasn't attractive at all

No. 959486

I actually prefer having sweet stuff for breakfast so I don’t feel as much need to have them in the afternoon, mostly because I can burn whatever I’ve eaten for breakfast in the afternoon.
But I usually have stuff like sandwiches with ham and cheese, maybe some scrambled eggs, oatmeal, those bakery stuff things they sell with ham or cheese or both of them.
If I can buy some bagels, I have bagels for the whole week with either eggs, salmon, ham, cured ham or cream cheese if I really feel like it.

No. 959489

Savory but only because sweet breakfast foods (+ hashbrowns) fuck up my stomach

No. 959533

If you're a from a country where romantic kissing isn't really a thing (surprisingly that's apparently the case in more countries than not), how do you feel when you see it depicted in movies or similar?

No. 959543

Grossed out. I have a libido but kissing in general is gross why would I want to taste their last meal. Maybe it's the autismo but the texture of a tongue is disgusting and makes me feel like there's a slug in my mouth.

No. 959544

I dump some sugar into my weetabix. Good shit. Literally.

No. 959551

That's a really interesting question anon. I didn't know that.

>We found no evidence that the romantic–sexual kiss is a human universal or even a near universal. The romantic–sexual kiss was present in a minority of cultures sampled (46%). Moreover, there is a strong correlation between the frequency of the romantic–sexual kiss and a society’s relative social complexity: the more socially complex the culture, the higher frequency of romantic–sexual kissing.

Where are you from?

No. 959560

do you think this place was made in dreamweaver?

No. 959563

no it was made with frontpage

No. 959567

Bump for CP.

No. 959570

stupid question: what does this mean

No. 959574

It means that child porn was posted and anons tend to bump threads so it gets pushed to the second page and no one has to look at it

No. 959576

CP has been posted so it's common courtesy to bump threads to bury it.

No. 959622

what happens when someone posts CP? I'm assuming it's a bot but are there any consequences? do the mods report it to the FBI or interpol or some shit or do they just delete it? do they report the IP? Though again, sickfucks posting CP in imageboards is just another Thursday.

No. 959681

If I made a thread to post song mashups in, would you post in it

No. 959720

Depends on my mood. I'm a burgerfag and grew up eating sweet cereals for breakfast so I'm used to sweet things for breakfast. Sweet things usually take more effort for me to prepare (like pancakes or something) unless it's like plain cornflakes/cheerios with sweetened soymilk, or overnight oats/regular oatmeal sweetened with honey and fruit. I'll usually have a savory breakfast though- eggs or buttered toast or something else very simple.

No. 959744

I’ve been asking a lot of questions here lately relating to my eating disorder and today I have two more. Firstly, at what point do you think going to hospital is justified? My doctor wants to send me due to my blood results but I worry my BMI is too high because it’s 14. Secondly, at what point do you think you can start a recovery that involves eating lots? I get desperately hungry but again I worry that my BMI is too high to justify eating pizza etc. I get really bugged by the anachans on this site and use what they say to sort of further encourage my disorder.

No. 959808

File: 1636064692828.jpg (82.44 KB, 564x846, zooey.jpg)

What is it about Zooey Deschanel that is so… irksome? I think it is great she has found her style and niche, but sometimes I feel like she is really lacking in depth and development. She isn't remarkably funny nor talented at acting, yet she behaves undeservingly proud of only being able to portray one type of character despite being surrounded by much more skilled and passionate colleagues. Am I wrong? I hate being mean about these things and worry I am only seeing these things because one day it will apply to me? I don't want to bully her, so please do put me in my place if I am hallucinating my impression of her, aha. For the record, I think she is really cute and very lucky with the image she has created of herself. It works and isn't overly objectifying. It is fun and colorful and has inspired a lot of girls to also dress in this slightly modest and playful way. Besides, a lot of stylists dress actresses in a way that is completely unflattering to them and makes no sense. So, again, I commend her for having found a fun and playful, effective niche for herself. She seems to lead a comfortable life without having to have sacrificed herself in a way a lot of women unfortunately do, and she sets a good example for girls in doing so. Something just seems off, and I wonder if I am alone in this. For I say her impact on society and girls has been good, but I also feel like she sometimes kind of perpetuates the manic pixie dreamgirl trope, which isn't healthy at all… Sorry for the weird white knighting, I just don't want to seem like a mindless bully. I don't dislike her at all and see a lot of positives with her. There's just something… It doesn't seem entirely right and I don't know what it is.

No. 959815

Will fixing my overbite get rid of my top gums showing when I smile? It's not a huge amount of gum showing but I have small-med teeth so I look ridiculous.

No. 959820

yes. just improve your (tongue) posture and look into myofunctional therapy you can perform on yourself. i recommend the russian course provided by mewing.world on instagram. it is far from highly professional and flashy, but it works and doesn't require any medical procedures.

No. 959824

I don't know but I agree. Even that photo is annoying. That 50 shades woman provokes the same reaction. Something about the way they move.

No. 959827

mewing seems fake

No. 959835

I think it has to do with them being "perfect" all of the time. From what I saw of fifty shades, Dakota looked beautiful in every scene, and her styling isn't really different in person. They always look pretty and happy, they almost don't seem like real people. I guess the thing is that they are essentially Mary Sues! And at least for Zooey, this image seems to leak into real life which simply provides a very inauthentic persona. A lot of the actresses that are truly respectable and touching have depth and aren't afraid to be "ugly". I think Saoirse Ronan is a perfect example of this. She is absolutely stunning and skilled, but she is not afraid to try different roles and show her range. I hate sperging about celebrities like this kek and I really don't like speaking poorly of people I don't know, but it is interesting to think about and I believe provides opportunity to be introspective. Maybe I can apply what I learn from this discussion to myself… anyway, sperg over

No. 959838

then don't do it

No. 959844

dakota kind of looks like kiki lol

No. 959845

a short version of this commercial with her used to air on repeat when I still had cable, over and over again until I started to internally rage every time I see her face. They already make commercials much louder than shows so her coming from the quiet tv yelling BUT IM NOT FINE really pissed me off, wanted to stomp her and her bangs into a muddy puddle

No. 959847

Who is currently the worst on lolcow: the anons who think life after 25 is over or the celebricow spergs/edtwitter?

No. 959855

you seem butthurt about your age

No. 959860

Definitely the benjaminB-chan, it’s constantly sperging anywhere it can, we can’t be sure of wether it’s a scrote or an unhinged pickme.

No. 959861

Boo hoo I’m 22 years old. The age bait is getting old.

No. 959875

The ED spergs are the worst because seeing so much of their shit fans the flames of my own disorder, I'm >>959744. The age spergs are just showing how little life experience they have, who the fuck cares about ageing when you're a skeleton who looks 100 anyway?

No. 959880

I think it's just bait tbh. There was bait exactly like this a few weeks ago in the previous vent threads too, surprised anons keep responding to it.

No. 959901

Will they not accept you if your BMI is too high or..? I think it is justified to go, especially if your doctor recommends it. In addition, you should not worry about your BMI at all. Your body is far more adept at indicating the amount of food you need than a formula. However, I don't recommend eating pizza or other processed foods. Your body craves nutrition and this food lacks it. Eating processed food will only further deplete you and probably lead to disordered eating developing differently. You won't feel satiated and it will destroy your body in a different way than anorexia does. What you need is healthy fats and vitamins, especially from organic sources and animal-based. The human body can more easily digest animal-based foods (unless it is overly processed, for some) than plants. Since you have lost a lot of nutrition, it would be wise to look into this. Don't feel guilty if you do end up eating junkfood, though. I usually eat very healthily but ate two big cookies today because I craved it. It wasn't a smart decision and I should have eaten something else (like nut formula), but it can happen and we can recover from these "mistakes". Our bodies are stronger than we think they are and a future filled with opportunity awaits us. Finally, you will recover and overcome what you are facing now. Even when reading unpleasant posts on here, you will overcome it. You are strong and will heal. Have faith in yourself and the universe.

No. 959941

They don't seem to admit based on weight, it's more related to blood and ECG results. I've been really stressed about it and haven't eaten anything or drank anything with calories since Tuesday night because I'm afraid an admission won't be justified. I wonder if the ED spergs think a 14 BMI is normal?

No. 959958

File: 1636070056914.png (873.71 KB, 1600x1200, omwcnjd.png)

Medical nonnies can stress really make you gain more weight than normal? Or should i get checked for hypothyroidism?

I have been through some horrible shit this year and struggling with mild PTSD, flashbacks, nightmares, physical symptoms, the whole wazoo.
I have been eating slightly more than usual and not being active due to covid but i gained around 33 lbs, i have no eaten the amount of calories that would amount to this, not in a billion years, and now that im dieting the weight won't come off, im on a 400 cal deficit on most days and definitely not overeating, god i even have a food scale, I started to suspect hypothyroidism the last few days because my mom has it and I do have most of the symptoms like impaired memory, being more depressed than usual, skin gone to shit etc but they could ALSO be due to stress and said PTSD.

No. 959980

Ignore them. They are so deep in their own EDs they've lost touch with reality. I was admitted to inpatient ED treatment at a BMI of 14, and I was one of the lowest there. BMI 14 is verging on life-threateningly low.

No. 959982

It sounds like it could be and it's just a simple blood test, and if that is the issue it's very treatable. I say get the test.

No. 959997

do any of you have a dbt diary card app you like?

No. 960096

A good time to go is when you've been considering it, when you are sick of the shit you're putting yourself through.
There are usually a lot of people with BMIs in the normal range. Your electrolyte imbalance and whacky bloods are what kill you.

I'm rooting for you on your journey anon!

No. 960110

Anyone have tips or resources for dealing with burnout as a student or in general?

No. 960141

tbh i'm struggling with burnout too and i even cried to a friend when we were catching up because i was so stressed, but she gave me some pretty helpful advice. she said that it's really easy to get caught up in work/school to the point that it becomes the only thing in your life. and it isn't healthy to have anything be the sole focus on your life. that's why it's important to find things outside of school/work that you genuinely enjoy doing that give your life meaning. i thought it was really good advice and while it hasn't cured my burnout it helped me put things in perspective. it also made me realize that i have to distinguish between meaningful activities and not just stuff that makes me feel good in the moment (like talking to friends, eating yummy food, or playing vidya). doing things that feel good in the moment is important too, but it won't be enough to make you less burnt out because they're only temporary fixes to your mood (at least for me, but maybe those things might be really meaningful to you and that's fine!). i hope this makes sense. burnout is tough and i think different things work for different people so i wish you luck nonnie.

No. 960173

File: 1636091645186.jpg (Spoiler Image, 17.44 KB, 600x600, 29139296813248.jpg)

what would you do if you were gifted a sex doll like picrel?

No. 960175

I’m not really into the missing chromosome look

No. 960176

i would honestly ask how much they spent on it and if i could have that in cash instead. otherwise it would weird me out so i guess i'd throw clothes on it.

No. 960184

Eeewww thx for the nightmares

No. 960190

why didn't they get me a prettier one

No. 960198

use it to hold my necklaces

No. 960206

Weird that someone would give me that but I'd change the wig to a black styled one and use it if I couldn't return it lmao
I live with my parents and siblings though so that would be weird, to say the least.

No. 960208

Why do cc mods remove the most random threads

No. 960213

Buy a pole with a base. Stick the pole up his asshole and practice boxing.

No. 960252

CCs a shitshow filled with people who's braincells replaced with big titty hentai porn. Literally not a day goes by where they aren't discussing boobs

No. 960368

Why is expected of you to tip tattoo artists/hair dressers? It's not like they're servers who rely on tips.

No. 960562

Do you think males can sense you're attracted to them? I keep staring at my coworker, it had to be noticeable because there were a few instances when he said "what" kek. I barely talk to him

No. 960573

Is it
>"This is even more so the case"
>"This is the case even more so"?

No. 960585

the first one

No. 960587

I think so yeah

No. 960588

honestly i seldom tip tattoo artists or my hairdresser (she works from home, and i mostly get tattoos from artists working independently of a studio). i figure they already set their own rate, so why would i tip? i would understand maybe if they worked at a studio that takes a cut of their pay. but if you choose to charge your client $80/hr or whatever then why would you expect them to pay extra instead of just raising your rate. makes no sense.

No. 960592

Can you please explain why? The second one sounds more natural to me so I'm going crazy realizing I've been speaking grammatically incorrect this whole time

No. 960594

Why do a lot of scrotes want to fuck teenage girls so bad? I sometimes frequent sites like 4chan and know your meme. Sometimes these users mention going rule 34 sites to whack off to canonically underage girls either out of spite or being really into it. It honestly baffles me…

No. 960602

Either because they had a crush that rejected them when they were kids/teens, because of the whole wall meme, because teens are impresionable and easy to manipulate, the whole
>muh pure virgin waifu who has never seen a dick nor even masturbated in her whole ass life and who will eek and meeeewwwww while fucking my ugly ass with a 3 inches pencil dick, because she doesn’t know better.
Which is usually the most common reason why, the whole forbidden aspect, how their brains are also underdeveloped in some areas so they can only related to younger women, since the personality of such moids is more shallow than the most shallow of puddles, the whole “fertile waifu” meme as if their disgusting, weak ass sperm could be of use at all.
But it’s basically “purity” “ignorance” and “forbidden” aspects the reason why they want to fuck children.
In my opinion, all moids who show attraction to female children should be working in dangerous mines with the hopes of them all dying suffocated by the toxic fumes of their own disgusting bodies.

No. 960608

Yes, I am pretty sure but I am fuzzy on the details… but stress is related to cortisol levels which is related to weight gain…somehow.

No. 960621

File: 1636141568102.jpeg (60.93 KB, 700x723, 2852B79E-67F8-42F6-BED7-941674…)

> they had a crush that rejected them when they were kids/teens
That’s literally exactly how Humbert Humbert becomes a pedo in Lolita lmao

No. 960625

File: 1636141770170.jpeg (50.1 KB, 640x640, 4B9439DA-B0A6-4920-9A61-D97E7E…)

Are you serious? I never read the book and I honestly don’t even want to read it, is that really the reason why he excuses his pedo behavior??

No. 960629

It’s been a long time since I’ve last read Lolita, but if I remember correctly, Humbert fell in love with a girl when he was younger but, when the girl died before Humbert could fuck her, he’s been spending all his life trying to find a girl that reminded him of her

No. 960659

So my apartment has been cold as fuck and I thought it was because my radiator was broken. Turns out it isn't, but my landlord told me that I shouldn't be opening the windows because then the warm air from the radiator will escape outside. That makes sense to me, but the issue is that I have to open the windows for a few hours everyday because my kitchen doesn't have an exhaust fan and my bathroom also doesn't have any ventilation system. If I don't open the windows then my apartment just smells like oil and whatever I've been cooking. Is there anything I can do about this or will I just have to choose between living in a cold, fresh smelling apartment or a warm stinky one?

No. 960665

get air filtering plants

No. 960667

Have any of the artists here tried out NFT art? It seems interesting to me and I'm aware of how many fees are involved with it. Still kinda interested.

No. 960669

Why do you think anons who report others for dumb shit like a smiley emoticon do it? Is it a power trip?

No. 960671

Probably cause you were being an argumentative little faggot

No. 960672

Emoticons are awesome! It is defiantly a power trip. Don’t agree with what anon is saying? Report it. Unless it’s obvious bait or is harmful there’s no need to report like a tattletale.

No. 960676

It's literally against the rules. And stands out too much, it looks like kids in a chat room.

No. 960678

I know and don’t use emoticons.

No. 960683

if I can't use emoticons then neither can you

No. 960698

File: 1636146341323.jpg (17.1 KB, 800x800, 323333.jpg)

Anyone else with PCOS tried Fenugreek?
Did you see any differences? For how long did you take it/are you taking it? And how much a day do you take it?
I bought the powdered version and I ate a spoonful (it wasn't very pleasant but alas), but I have no idea of what I am doing

No. 960710

File: 1636147107072.jpg (58.05 KB, 600x750, Tumblr_l_128814911658255.jpg)

I will beat the pumpkin spice and emoticons out of you.

No. 960811

I have a stupid and kind of philosophical moid question. As it is said “hard times breed strong people and strong people make good times but good times breed weak people and weak people make hard times”. If we are in arguably the most peaceful (good) times that the world has ever known do you think that the zoomers are the weak people who are going to create bad times?

No. 960835

I bet achmed is considered problematic nowadays (ecksdee)

No. 960863

No and I wouldn't bother. NFTs are bad for the environment, pointless, and a rich people invention as a status symbol of how rich they are.

No. 960885

I don't think that. Generally speaking, zoomers seem to be invested or at least more interested in human rights causes, environment, etc than previous generations and that could lead to better times. I mean, we've had "strong people bred by hard times" and the world they created is absolute shit, no good time for everyone except a few.
Also in all generations there are "weak" and "strong" people. A lot of 1st world zoomers are vapid, vain and terminally online but half of the worldwide zoomer population is growing up in poverty, discriminated, without healthcare/education and in violence ridden zones.
It's not so black and white imo, half of the world may know "good" times but the other half doesn't.

No. 960888

Why do we applaud faggots for wearing heels and dresses? To quote “it’s giving me life!!!!”

No. 960894

Out of pity and to increase social credit. It's the same thing as taking a severely disabled person to prom when you aren't really attracted to them but want to be nice to them or because you want to be perceived as nice. It's a "Look at how nice I am. I am truly great and people should like me and think I'm good because I'm nice," kind of narcissism.

No. 960896

Also anon. If you mean just drag queens and not troons, then to look cool. "See how rebellious I am. I'm interesting."

No. 960897

how? isnt an nft some picture only people who pay have access to?

No. 960898

Because men are unstable misogynistic homicidal babies demanding to be lied to so they don’t shoot up public spaces

No. 960899

I mean gays which is basically the same because wearing a wig and dress

No. 960902

Women are endlessly grateful when a male deigns to appreciate something stereotypically feminine (and therefore inferior to stereotypically male) so they grovel and fawn in response to make sure the man feels special and welcomed.

The reverse just gets women told they aren't real fans and interrogated on their expertise on whatever masculine interest they have, really makes you think.

No. 960904

It's a way to indulge in very feminine makeup and fashion without having to see gorgeous women and feel bad about your own appearance by comparison. Wokies love to gas up dudes in drag, but deep down they know that men look ridiculous in heels and dresses and will never look better than even the plainest of women.

No. 960999

Has anyone else noticed they shed more hair at specific points of their cycle? I noticed the shedding gets worse right after my period

No. 961111

Fuck it I'm saving up for a switch can probably get it by the end of the month. Should I go for a lite or the one that plugs into the TV? I sort of want to play zelda on the big screen but I also played my brothers switch lite and played skyrim and it didn't bother me being on a smaller screen, plus I can't see anyone ever playing multiplayer with me on the big screen because I'm at the age my friend's have kids instead of gaming consoles.

No. 961116

Saving for a switch? Its a few hundred dollars… you need to get your life in order first holy fuck.

No. 961117

Didn't realise there's a new version of the switch now. Does anyone have the standard switch with the detachable controllers does it feel sturdy in the handheld mode I might get the new oled one

No. 961119

I get paid weekly and put away a 100 into my savings every week it's not a big deal lol

No. 961132

Get the OG Switch, if you prefer playing on handheld mode just do it with your normal Switch, if you decide you prefer to play on TV later or if you ever need to replace or repair the Joycons because they have technical issues it's the better option. Make sure you get the OG Switch with the better battery.

No. 961204

Nta but if you're not in US or Europe Switches are crazy expensive. Here it's like two months rent

No. 961231

I find their interest to be, mostly, performative. They still support big companies by buying their producs despite their effects on environment and violation of human rights. A typical zoomer is an "anticapitalist" with an iphone in their hand. Not to mention their obsession with gender and tranny bullshit is even bigger than that of millenials. There's also an epidemic of faking mental illnesses and disorders for attention.

No. 961262

I'm doing the same for PS5, gotta play Demons Souls and Returnal. I already got money for Steam Deck so I want to fill up my piggy bank before emptying it again.
Seconding the other anon, if you're not in the usa, you're fucked in regards to prices and wages.

No. 961272

Where do you live and how much is your rent?

No. 961275

help what are some anonymous instagram story viewer sites that let me see their pinned stories. i'm down bad for a girl i met last night

No. 961285

Just try anything "ig story viewer", one usually works

No. 961327

how do i begin an apology to a friend I've ghosted for months who i want to get back in touch with and who mutually wants to get back in touch with me too? i don't want to sound manipulative and like some bpdfag by being like I'm EVIL I'm HORRIBLE but i don't know how to let her know that I'm truly sorry and that i know I've been shit in a way that's more meaningful than just… saying those things. i also don't want to make excuses but there are a lot of excuses that are partly to blame for our distance. I'm just a retard honestly but i have no idea how to do this

No. 961329

>hi there, sorry for ghosting you, I couldn’t stop thinking about you during that period of time, so I was thinking that maybe we could reconnect, would you like to be friends with me again?
I think it’s sincere, or something.

No. 961364

not access but ownership, and the ownership is certified on the blockchain, which involves generating codes with loads of processing power, which is bad for the environment in the same way as crypto mining (feel free to amend if my explanation sucks)

No. 961376

I'd say you should also explain why you ghosted them.

No. 961384

I was vegan for a few years but then I had to stop because of insane reasons that I can't tell anyone (not eating disorder), and if it weren't for that I'd still be vegan. Does anyone have an idea for a fake reason that I can tell other people?

No. 961389

Tell them you became sane

No. 961391

Say that you had to stop because you fainted a lot and the doctor told you that you needed vitamin B12 and that vitamin supplements weren’t enough according to that doctor.

No. 961396

I'm really curious about what the insane reasons are. Also did you just become a vegetarian or are you eating meat?

No. 961398

Idk I feel like this would give vegans a bad name because I always found it easy to get enough b12. But it's still a better reason than anything I could think of so I might say that.

I got a psychotic episode where I thought I had to starve myself to get rid of demonic possession and now I'm fine but I'm not sure if I can restrict my eating anymore without losing my marbles immediately

No. 961400

Sounds like your vegan diet wasn't giving you enough nutrients and you're malnourished brain broke

No. 961401

No wonder. Long term veganism destroys your myelin sheaths as well as other brain and nerve tissue

No. 961402

Maybe you could pretend or imply it was ED related and you can't restrict your eating anymore for your mental health. Since it's a personal issue you shouldn't have to go into more detail than that, and it's kinda true? Like if you were starving yourself while you were vegan then it probably qualifies as some sort of EDNOS.

No. 961408

The vegan cult doesn't accept excuses, even pregnant women and kids don't get free passes. The best thing for her to do is get new friends

No. 961415

I'm not going to tell you my life story but I'm about 100% certain that this isn't what happened

I wouldn't want to tell stranger something personal like that especially if it isn't even true. Also I don't want to imply that being vegan caused my illness because that's not true in my case at all

No. 961421

If they're a stranger you really don't have to explain shit to them, tbh. You can literally just say that you had personal reasons for changing what you eat, the same way you don't have to explain to a stranger why you became vegan.

No. 961423

In any case, just say that you just felt like changing things up for a while and that you hope to go back to the vegan lifestyle someday, you don’t really have to explain anything, like, the more you explain something, the more annoying it gets and the more bored everyone around you gets.

No. 961427

How do you stand running? I can feel my ass flopping help

No. 961432

what is a good breakfast for tomorrow? what is your favourite breakfast?

No. 961433

Actually I thought this would happen too but just recently other people tried to squeeze the reason out of me but I couldn't really say anything which was pretty awkward

No. 961440

Have some pancakessss or waffles. Chocolate chip pancakes, hell yeah. I like this lumberjack breakfast at a cafe nearby, it's sausage, bacon, eggs, toast, and hashbrown potatoes. I usually hate sausage but the little breakfast ones are so yummy.

No. 961444

I love porridge with apple sauce and cinnamon

No. 961486

What order do I watch NGE in? Including movies and whatnot

I'm about to go insane trying to find the answer to this simple question

No. 961489

NGE TV - EOE and that's it. If you want to cringe, you can watch the Rebuilds in the chronological order. Or you can just watch Rebuilds, but IDK why would you want to see an inferior version of the franchise

No. 961494

Was gonna post exactly this >>961489.
I would also watch the director's cut version of the anime.

No. 961509

I just have bread, I don't know why anyone would go through the trouble of making food on the stove in the morning.

No. 961518

Oh yes, legitimately forgot that a TV version even exists. The only reason is that Gainax didn't have the budget to fit those extra scenes in. BTW — OP, you can completely ignore Death & Rebirth (it's a recap movie & first half of EoE released early either to get money to film the rest and/or to throw fans a bone)

No. 961523

Thank you guyssss

No. 961548

You should also definitely read the manga when you're done.

No. 961648

You don't, running is a meme it ruins your joints esp if you're fat. Do biking and walking and swimming instead.

No. 961660

Is that JFK Schlossberg kid gay? He pings.

No. 961661

Late but how come? I heard there are some small differences. Is it better?

No. 961677

I like them both equally, but the manga does a better job at fleshing things out.

No. 961713

Why did they stop using jewel cases for album releases?

No. 961715

Are you supposed to wear all black to a funeral if you're not part of the immediate family? I'm attending a funeral as a non-immediate member and I was planning on wearing a dark blue blouse with black dress pants.

No. 961717

That sounds like a good choice, you can still choose to wear all black and it's ok, but most people now prefer to wear some sort of color along with the black

No. 961719

Just keep it dark if you can, imo. Might depend where you live.

I had a lady come in a red checkered coat, flashy pants and bright orange hair to my fathers funeral and honestly no one gave a shit.

No. 961746

File: 1636241945522.jpg (122.44 KB, 1200x1800, Chili-Crisp-Recipe1.jpg)

When making homemade chili oil, can I put the chili flakes and then pour the hot oil on an aluminium pot? Or will this fuck up the flavor, for some reason?
I don't have heat resistant mason jars to directly pour the hot oil directly, so I was using a ceramic bowl, but since I plan on doing more, I only have big aluminium pots.

No. 961750

Less plastic waste or flimsy cardboard sleeves being cheap to manufacture leading to a larger profit margin. Pick one of those.

No. 961775

does anyone know where I can get a maternity bridal dress for cheap?

No. 961790

Is this bait?

No. 961791

How the fuck is this bait?

No. 961792

Amazon it.

No. 961794

The idea of wanting a dress for a wedding while already pregnant and prioritizing cheapness almost feels like the start to a joke or a punchline. Sorry if you were asking genuinely.

No. 961795

What’s your price range anon? In most cases, buying secondhand off ebay or something is the most cost effective option.

No. 961803

OP here, I get it sounds like an old cheesy joke but wouldn't it make more sense to prioritize cheapness? What's wrong with having a wedding while already pregnant?
I've definitely been looking at eBay but not many people are selling used maternity dresses, I know how to alternate myself so I'd probably just get a plus size and then alternate it since adding "wedding" to literally anything doubles the price

No. 961805

You let guys impregnate you before marriage lol it’s not hard to not get pregnant

No. 961807

I wore a cheap dress for my wedding. It's for one day, as long as it looks good on you who cares? I used the money I saved towards buying a bigger car which I still drive.

No. 961811

Nta but maybe they didn’t even want to get married but have a nice and stable life? Some people just don’t want to go through the hassle of a ceremony or the legal implications of marriage.

No. 961815

Not all weddings need a ceremony. I’m sure she is only getting married because better insurance benefits for the baby and her. It’s more beneficial to be married when you have a children then just a bf with a child.

No. 961816

I honestly don’t see why is that a big issue, as long as the guy isn’t a wife beater or a child abuser, it should be fine.

No. 961818

Nobody said it was a big deal

No. 961821

I was actually told I was infertile for the longest time and never used birth control since he's the only guy I've been with. Don't be judgemental.

No. 961822

Nice life story

No. 961823

You asked, you got an answer. What did you want?

No. 961825

Shotgun wedding is trashy lol like you

No. 961826

File: 1636251096416.jpg (43.62 KB, 640x640, 1630132540718.jpg)

Maybe this isn't a "stupid" question but it's a question nonetheless.
How do people who aren't filthy rich afford to study abroad for their entire time in university? It's my dream to study abroad and travel the world, I absolutely hate where I live and I want to spice up my life.
I honestly hate my life and am depressed purely because of my living situation. I'm attempting to get a job and may have finally gotten a job, albeit a shitty one, but I'd be forced to stay within my city which I HATE.
I could drop college and go get married for a visa but I want my degree and a career so badly, I never want to be dependent. But I'm so fucking burnt out. I have a 4.0 GPA but I'm not studying towards a "desirable" degree, it's just an English degree, but maybe a 4.0 is enough to be noticed by scholarship programs? I've looked everywhere though and can't find anything.
Are there some scholarship programs I'm just unaware of? How do people follow their dreams when they have no money?

No. 961828

Seriously? It's 2021, who the hell cares about other people getting pregnant and getting married?

No. 961830

She’s baiting I know who is posting

No. 961831

It’s a moid baiting, nonnie, don’t fall for it.

No. 961835

Maybe create a gofundme? There’s lots of them that have been created to help students go somewhere else to study.
Or maybe find a really rich person and get them to fund you, It’s complicated, a girl from my uni did that, she needed to have perfect scores on everything, then at the end of the course, all she had to do was put the name of the person as a thanks for helping her with her studies.

No. 961836

I've heard that it's possible to study for cheap in Germany, but idk how true that is. Otherwise, you may have to spend a little while working and either join a company where you can get an internal transfer abroad or eventually get a master's abroad, which can open a path to permanent residence depending on where you got the degree.

No. 961839

I always thought Gofundme was for people with social media presence (or people who are willing to e-beg), never considered that, I have no social media presence though.
I could look into that second option considering I do have essentially perfect scores across the board, not sure if it'd work for abroad though. Still something to check out, thank you!
I've heard Germany is easy to go to for studies, I just looked it up and I had no idea that it could be free or just a few thousand per year, I may look into that actually as living costs aren't the big problem, just tuition. Europe is my goal so this would be a really good choice. Thank you anon

No. 961858

Don’t worry, nonnie, you could ask your family and friends to spread your Gofundme, maybe find some hashtags or something and in a while you might get some funds for your studies, it isn’t something that happens in a flash, but it could work.
And yeah, Gofundmes got bastardized by money hungry retards on the internet, but the real purpose of the website is to be able to help people who actually needs the money like those who want to study something and such.

No. 961890

File: 1636257219366.jpg (951.65 KB, 1613x1034, hpart.jpg)

how come whenever it comes to race bending harry potter characters, ron is always a white ginger? harry always gets turned into an indian and hermione is always black, but ron is always canon ron..is it because people think ginger is different enough? not racebaiting, genuinely curious

No. 961893

his whole character is based on being ginger

No. 961895

that makes sense, thanks!

No. 961896

File: 1636257513512.jpeg (47.46 KB, 432x394, 375D422B-266F-417B-B860-2C5F09…)

Gingers are always getting bullied around, so it’s okay to keep Ron as a ginger, i guess, like, there’s always been on the internet those jokes about gingers not having souls, being plain ugly or not being people. So I guess they could be considered a minority to the tumblr/twitter soldiers.

No. 961900

facebook market place

No. 961902

How do i cure my chronically low self esteem??? enfp here

No. 961909

theres like 9 other weaslys and then you have to deal with racebending them as well. too much work

No. 961911

Maybe that's why he looks like he got beaten up in the fanart

No. 961944

It's 100% established in the books that Ron has red hair and freckles, pretty much only white people have them so ofc fans consistently think of him as white. People didn't pick races at random for Harry and Hermione, there was some logic and canon justification (very minimal and dubious but still) behind the choices of indian/black respectively.

No. 961972

File: 1636265470056.jpg (119.66 KB, 750x749, 9f633a37e45a37c6076d947d44cad7…)

Can you anons tell me the nationality of this model and outfit? I think it looks like a Hanbok (Korean) but I don't trust my own judgment.

No. 962000


this is traditional chinese hanfu, and the model is chinese. This type of fashion style is incredibly popular in mainland china but the hair accessories and makeup (incredibly heavy with red dots on the forehead) signal chinese

No. 962001

Thanks for including your MBTI, that informs my suggestion. Try getting drunk and posting a series of unflattering photos on instagram like usual but instead of deleting them the next morning, just leave them up

No. 962013

Lmao anon do me, infp

No. 962015

but how can you tell when the face is so shooped?

No. 962017

This is really fucking funny.
Ask yourself where the concept of reducing yourself came from, and then question why you are repeating that abuse to yourself. There are workbooks you can get off of Amazon about self esteem and processing shame, honestly they’re so good and the act of making time for it and listening to yourself is you deliberately appreciating your value, and that’s what you need practice with. If you feel ashamed of yourself, there’s a part of you that struggles to be accepted by your psyche, and it will be a slow process of gaining that part’s trust. It will open up to you and you just have to make space for it and be compassionate. There is nothing but enjoyment of yourself and all the connections you’ll be able to make with the world and others in it, you’ve already survived the worst parts. Nothing external can ever effect your self esteem, that’s your safe space of acceptance including all your flaws. Life is short and it can be taken away at any moment, don’t let anything hold you back from enjoy what you have to it’s fullest capacity.

No. 962021

Nta me too please anon! INTP how do I stop caring what others think and just do my own shit without chronic fear of judgment??

No. 962022

Thank you anon ♥

No. 962023

Stop using emojis dumb bitch

No. 962026

The heart is written into the code of the site newfag ♥

No. 962029

I’m uncultured and black what does that even mean

No. 962060

Should I buy a 22 or a 24 inch monitor?

No. 962093

Because nobody cares about Ron and you won't get brownie points if you wokefy him.
What's the justification for Indian Harry? This one has always dumfounded me.

No. 962111

Nta but if you write # < 3 without spaces, it posts as the heart emoji. That's what anon means by "it's written into the code of the website". The instructions are in meta if you wanna check >>>/meta/6821

No. 962112

Should I try going to church? I have never been super religious but I am trying to escape neetdom and going to a place once a week that is not my own home to get over my fears would maybe be good.

No. 962118

If it's for the purpose of getting out of your home and over your fears, you may as well choose to do something you could actually enjoy, right? The gym or a sportsclub or a hobby related club or something like that. Although you don't really have to talk with anyone in church, that could be a pro I guess.

No. 962121


nta but I've been here for years and only just learned this this very minute
♥ ♥ ♥ (I hope this works)

No. 962124

File: 1636279001997.jpg (339.87 KB, 1080x1596, IMG_20211107_105315.jpg)

I googled the Indian Harry thing and instead run into a well-known fanartist drawing him like that (and a black Hermione). Sorry to be OT but God, this is so fucking pathetic. Be aware that she's been making money on Etsy from selling books with comics drawn based on HP scenes

No. 962174

>What's the justification for Indian Harry? This one has always dumfounded me.
I think because Daniel Radcliffe's feautures could feasibly fit a South Asian type man, and light skinned South Asians can also have green eyes to match the character. So you can draw him darker skinned for woke points but also have the character look recognizable.
Also kek at being a freckled ginger = woke diversity. You'd think they'd try make Ron albino or something.

No. 962187

File: 1636286057583.jpg (4.48 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

My friends are doing an internet slap fight after a bad threeway ERP. Should I intervene?

I know two of the people involved and I can only guess the third party out of two possible people (unless it's a mystery person I'm unaware of), but I'm not sure who got jealous of whom. I want to pry but I also don't want to exhaust my pal.

No. 962188

It depends on where you live but churches are supposed to be judgment-free places for things like that. Supposed to be.

As long as you aren't waltzing in parading what a faggot you are or outright being offensive, you'll probably just be ignored or welcomed by nice old people.

No. 962190

I'm in logistics and went cross eyed trying to figure out how a bad Enterprise Resource Planning system stated a fight in your friend group

No. 962193

Erotic roleplaying, pff sorry. Yeah, no worries, as a medical worker there's some acronyms that people use casually that catch me off-guard too.

No. 962213

File: 1636289136150.jpeg (219.73 KB, 640x854, D5AAA815-4EB9-4820-8A6D-3EB635…)

What month of the year would you consider to be the worst? I’m like 99% sure it’s November

No. 962220

>>962213 February. It's cold af

No. 962222

I really hate December because the whole month is a reminder how I don't have family/friends, while having to watch acquaintances have fun, getting gifts and traveling.

Or are we talking weather? Because then July, it's hot as fuck every year

No. 962237

January and februar

No. 962244

Summer. I know it's not a month, but in Harvest Moon and other farming sims it is one, so I'm going to say summer. If I have to choose a month it's July, since it's the hottest one at with some days reaching 30°C. But May~August are almost as bad. The remaining eight months are fine, since we reach a comfortable 2~14°C depending on the time of the year.

No. 962270

same. the holidays suck ass when you don’t have family. it’s always been this way too

No. 962272

File: 1636294955753.jpg (316.61 KB, 1080x1722, Screenshot_20211107_161319.jpg)

Farmers who frequent moid boards, do scrotes ever shamefully admit having a fetish for weird NEET girls with cellulite and nasolabial folds or whatever?
Not a day goes by on /g/ without some cursed heterosexual confessing her barely contained lust for crusty gas station men, I'm just curious if men do the same or if their "women you're ashamed to say you'd fuck" threads are just perfect bimbos with visible labia minora.

No. 962277

Is there any way at all to recover deleted chats from Google hangouts? My BF went thru my phone, nuked a bunch of stuff from certain old friends and deleted some of my longtime chats with a few people and it's killing me, bc I no longer speak to those people but I miss those memories. I googled it, but google is trash and every result I get is written in broken English sentence fragments I can barely understand, and they all want me to download some software. Can I email google and get my chats restored? I already checked the archive and the chat history tab in Gmail, but he got those too.

No. 962278

File: 1636295840329.jpg (244.41 KB, 1000x748, 1629478645033.jpg)

They do, this pic used to be posted everywhere on 4chan in like 2012

No. 962279

File: 1636295840664.png (572.78 KB, 1074x1006, 6A357F94-212D-4B3A-B318-79B705…)

Yeah, I’ve seen it, but the idiots think even NEET girls won’t want them. Men are hopeless.

No. 962281

Typically it’s purely sexual, they just want a girl that’s too lazy to leave their asses and will suck their dick at a moment’s notice.

No. 962293

KEK this is kind of wholesome, it's nice to know at least some of them have (or had) realistic expectations

No. 962294

The "just like man but in female form" is always fetishized. Also kek it says she never shaves but her legs are shaven, how weak can they be.

No. 962304

Her legs are hairy on the calves so she's not shaving I think. I have the exact same leg hair, fine dark hairs on the front of calves and short white hairs everywhere else. I think it's a Slavic thing?

No. 962310

Is it normal to have incredible difficulties when doing something the first time? Like reading a textbook page and struggling to get through every sentence, having to restart multiple times but the next time you read it it's suddenly easy and extremely simple? Or getting into a car for the first time and having difficulties steering and pressing the gas pedal, to the point where the car is barely moving and then trying again the next day and suddenly it's super easy?

No. 962313

Are people from Argentina seen as people of color even if a huge majority of their population is european? Are they just seen as latino as people from mexico?

No. 962317

This is how I feel doing math

No. 962318

it depends on the severity, but I think it's relatively normal anon. Everything's easier once you've developed some familiarity/muscle memory. A lot of people also suffer from anxiety the first time they do something, which can really fuck up your ability to get it right.

No. 962320

"People of color" is a new age bullshit term that shouldn't even be embraced, in 15 years it'll be considered racist and we will have to switch to "people of spices" or some other stupid shit

And to answer the question i thing of Argentinians as simply south American, their ethnicity varying

No. 962323

Is there a reason you can’t make friends? Or volunteer or even go to church?

No. 962326

Latino is a nationality not an ethnicity, Argentinians are mostly European descendants, technically white

No. 962329

>"People of color" is a new age bullshit term that shouldn't even be embraced
In British English people used to be referred to as "coloured". It stopped being used as a descriptor because it was deemed offensive. Then a few years later "people of colour" became the pc woke term. It doesn't make sense.

No. 962344

File: 1636302931469.jpg (372.07 KB, 1536x2048, 4d321035-7b8b-4443-a945-95f33a…)


No. 962352

>people of spices

I’ve already seen some people say ditch the term POC and say “people of global majority” instead. Who keeps coming up with these terms and how is their ego so overinflated that they think the whole world should use them kek

No. 962357

NTA but not everyone is christian and volunteering sucks ass and that's how you meet virtue-signaling people who are addicted to attention.

No. 962362

I think the worst I heard was "marginalised bodies".

No. 962363

not sure how its even seen as pc when its a word specifically for whites to refer to non-whites. if they wanted to 'humanize minorities' they would say who they're talking about

No. 962365

File: 1636305371475.png (45.11 KB, 567x402, microsoft.png)

Why is all of this on my laptop? Is it neccersary? It looks like I've got lots of old versions of the same thing or is that not what am I looking at? Can I just remove everything up to the 2015-2019 version?

No. 962369

Someone correct me if i'm wrong but different software requires different versions. So if you remove them, there's a chance something you installed won't work anymore.

No. 962376

Ooh I see, that sounds logical! Thanks for replying!

No. 962377

Better not to fuck with it

No. 962383

You don’t have to be Christian to go to church just to make friends. And I’m assuming you’ve never went out and actually volunteered kek

No. 962385

File: 1636306982028.jpg (70.15 KB, 750x1020, iu[2].jpg)

What kind of penalty would you face for successfully defacing the Mona Lisa?

No. 962393

Pissing off normie pseudo-artfags and enduring their harassment until the end of time. Other than that, idk Euros barely punish pedophiles and murderers, so you might get a slap on the wrist esp if you say you did it for Allah

No. 962394

Well, it was already defaced beyond repair…the one at the louvre is just a shoddy canvas print.

No. 962396

there's also Unitarian churches where members follow & discuss any religious texts that speak to them regardless of origin, on the basis that they're all divinely inspired since god does everything. And therefore whichever text speaks most to you is god speaking to you. Not religious myself but it makes sense to me, since it isn't based on any kind of "no but we jist KNOW our one is right" type of thing.

I've known several people who liked the activity & community of a church growing up, but they aren't comfortable with a lot of church beliefs/teachings as an adult. So they take their kids to Unitarian churches, so they can have the experience & community without the bad stuff.

Plus unitarians are supposed to go to any other religious ceremonies they find interesting which seems fun. Pope's in town? Get blessed. In japan? Go to shrines. I kind of want to go to an Orthodox christian ceremony also, with all the incense & icons & big beards.

No. 962401

So even if I delete my search and browsing history in Firefox, if I Google something I Googled before, the links I previously clicked on are highlighted in a different color…how do I delete my history properly, so the links are not highlighted?

No. 962403

Delete cookies too

No. 962405

Cookies are checked too, as well as browser history, form & search history but it's still the same

No. 962406

If you're logged into a Google account when searching, that may be affecting it.

No. 962407

I'm not logged in though. This is weird

No. 962412

Change your IP, if that doesn't work reinstall your browser.

No. 962414

If that doesn't work, get a new computer after every google search.

No. 962427

did you choose 'last hour' instead of 'all time' or something like that? that's the only thing i can think of

No. 962429

is a hernia that is impossible to push back in ER worthy even if it isn’t strangulated? i feel like now with covid they would tell me to fuck off like it’s an elective surgery unless it’s strangulated
i literally cannot function because all i can feel is my guts moving all over my abdomen and groin and it’s a million times worse after i eat but i can still take a shit so it’s not like i’m going to die. really just feel like killing myself rather than dealing with it though

No. 962431

still worth going, I've gone to the ER for some less serious shit than that during covid

No. 962437

The reduced-price stickers at my supermarket are slashed in an X shape so you have to peel them off in 4 parts. Is there a reason for this?

No. 962439

what about when you close and reopen your browser?

No. 962443

File: 1636311278905.jpg (132.97 KB, 736x1103, e614a16ccd7c914b7ccd3993a8b0ac…)

To me it just looks like a Chinese taobao model wearing wa lolita or maybe qilolita. Picrel

No. 962447

Do you think the anons obsessed with cows are bigger cows than the ones posted? It’s like they dissect every aspect. “__ would totally do this.” How much “research” do you have to do to know the full details of them? There’s not much to say about cows besides they’re laughable and cringe. Trying to contact their family or find their social medias is weird.

No. 962460

it's to make it hard to take the reduced price sticker off and put it on a different item

No. 962470

I would not like to be friends with people who subscribe to a sexist and homophobic religion, sorry. And volunteering is a mixed bag but I did not enjoy it, why are you being so presumptuous?

No. 962496

File: 1636314843830.jpg (199.83 KB, 736x1103, 07c3285354f4de4d87ebda7d51d370…)

Samefag, this is the exact dress. Wa lolita dress called Kaiseki in Waves.

No. 962498

There's definitely some anons that go so far it makes them look cowish themselves. Like in the Lillee Jean thread for example, every so often the twitter "callouts" are discussed. A lot of people - myself included - are of the opinion that it's pretty pathetic to have a twitter account dedicated to "parodying" a cow and trying to goad them into reacting. No cow has ever interested me so much I thought "damn I need to dedicate more time to this person, in fact, I should make a twitter account with a silly name and @ them and reply to them all the time lol that'll pwn them". This always causes a lot of butthurt anons to imply following and posting in the threads is the same thing though. It's definitely not, but whatever helps them sleep at night kek.

No. 962540

What type of discords are chill? I've only been in ones with friends which is relaxing to vc together but I want to try different ones

No. 962548

Why do I keep looking for new haircuts and colors on Pinterest when I know all those look good on stunningly beautiful Pinterest girls?

No. 962562

have you tried shooping them onto your own head?

No. 962568

Life is too short to worry about that. Just get the damn haircut.

No. 962569

has anyone else experienced being 23 as the worst year of your life? i read some astrology thing (12h profection?) that says it’s the case and while i don’t really believe it too much, i’d like to know other peoples experiences since i have just generally heard that 23 has been hell for other people who don’t know or follow astrology at all (and frankly i’m already at rock bottom so i really don’t want to go any deeper)

No. 962580

File: 1636321189041.jpeg (73.42 KB, 496x480, FE5F4399-E93B-4D90-9FBA-A8FF08…)

I’m 23 and my twin sister died in september so yeah but idk anything abt astrology it just rly sucked even more bc of other stuff but mostly that

No. 962586

Definitely the case for me. Not an astrologyfag but it sucked.

No. 962589

how did she die thats terrible wish you and your family well sorry

No. 962590

Not really, I was actually really happy, sure, I didn’t have any irl friends that I could meet, but I lost lots of weight by having fun doing exercise, going to yoga lessons, I got a job for a while too and I was feeling overall nicely, I also dropped my porn addiction that year and travelled two times.
I feel like being 13 is the real hellish age to me, it was the worst.

No. 962593

i'm sorry anon, i've heard that losing a twin is a different level of pain

No. 962599

she had addiction issues specifically with alcohol and one day she drank too much, laid down to sleep, rolled into the wrong position, and asphyxiated. it was a complete accident and it was horrifying.
please be careful with your intake nonnies.

No. 962600

Yeah it sucked I wanted to kms the most that year, its cursed

No. 962605

File: 1636323329352.png (548.34 KB, 485x700, meethos' bachelor.png)

this is going to be maybe a very specific question but does anyone have any idea if Meethos, (former?) concept artist of Ice-Pick Lodge, the studio behind Pathologic and The Void (among others), is trans? I keep reading on twitter that she's trans but I haven't seen any shared or circulated coming-out story. I scrolled through her instagram and it may be because my Russian is rusty after years of not practicing but I haven't found anything. Did she ever make some sort of announcements that some Russian anons know about? Or is everyone losing their minds because they cannot fathom a woman with short hair and enjoying hobbies.
Picrel is Meethos art that some may be familiar with, if it rings any bells.

No. 962613

For me it was age 22 because my grandma passed away. 23 was definitely a better year. I had just gotten a new job I really enjoyed and it felt like everything was getting better. I'm back at rock bottom now four years later though.

No. 962637

Yeah. My dog passed away when I was 23 and I was planning on killing myself.

No. 962647

i’m sorry to hear this. i hope things are or will get better for you all soon

thanks for the optimism, i’ll pray it’s good for me too. i’ve actually heard 12/13 are another one of those ‘12h’ things so that’s interesting!

No. 962699

File: 1636328686815.png (408.56 KB, 720x545, imagen_2021-11-07_174505.png)

is it normal that pet rescuers want you to send a picture of the cat each month/week? and give them money for the cat + cat food or litter? and come to your house for an inspection? I wanted to adopt an old kitty but that threw me off

No. 962706

It's normal in my country (Poland). I had one "house inspection" (they just looked if there are any potential dangers for the cat I could've overlooked myself), asked for a photo of a cat few weeks after adopting and asked to pay vet fees for sterilization if possible (I did). It may sound extreme but they really care about making sure the decision of adoption is well thought through and they care about the cats wellbeing, with approach like that it's far less likely you'll get a cat that is not a good match for you, or a cat that has some illnesses they omitted, which would be a common occurence when you just pick up a cat from the shelter. So yeah, I really recommend going through all this, it's for everyone's best interest.

No. 962709

who is kumoki

No. 962712

Non-weeb farmers, what are you guys into? I’m trying to not be an autistic with only 1 cringe hobby

No. 962718

I'm autistic in my own ways so those may not be the best examples to follow but I'm personally into herbology/plants and trees identification. Getting into it forced me to go outside after being insanely sheltered. Get yourself a good plants/flowers/trees identification books and get your ass outside, try to identify what you find around you. If you can't go outside, look at pictures of plants and trees and try to match them. I find it a good exercise to not let my brain rot after days spent inside on the computer. As I've said, I'm an autist with my own cringe hobbies, but consider this a recruiting message into tree identification.

No. 962733

Working out, it really made me stop giving a fuck about anime in an obsessive level, now I only watch stuff when my friend tells me to watch it with her or if my cousin wants to talk about a specific series and such.

No. 962742

History, video games, old movies and old TV shows. I'm talking like, shows from the 1960's old. Try watching "It Girl".

No. 962766

How is someone with an eating disorder still so fat? Like can someone explain that to me or are they attention whoring?

No. 962775

Have they always been fat? I have ed stuff and have swung between underweight and overweight a few times. It’s easy to develop bad habits when you go through recovery.

No. 962809

What sort of ED are they claiming to have? There's a few possible reasons, aside from being being a wannarexic who's faking it. Binge eating is an eating disorder, obviously that makes you fat. Bulimics don't always manage to puke up enough calories to lose weight effectively. If an extremely fat person starves themselves until they're less fat, they could have atypical anorexia. And anorexics can easily tip into overeating when they recover like >>962775 said.

No. 962812

its called binge eating disorder

No. 962837

hi nonitas! not quite sure where to ask this but i remember some anons saying you don't need ic/ to find most books/courses, but my search skills aren't that good and cgpeers seems like its going to be closed for a long time so, where could i search for art courses like schoolism?

No. 962867

How many butches and dykes are on here?

No. 962869

Too many.

No. 962872

File: 1636349237415.jpeg (313.85 KB, 1170x1840, 2D5D0075-04C4-47DD-985C-E3BF1A…)

What does nypa mean?

No. 962873

I don’t wanna get bullied by some dyke on a tricycle

No. 962874

not your personal army

No. 962875

"Not your personal army"

No. 962876

They banned me for venting

No. 962882

File: 1636349974170.jpg (199.28 KB, 1080x675, 20211108_003926.jpg)

Where would a thread about Kai the Hitchhiker, the Netflix movie, the case and appeal updates best fit? /ot/ or /m/?

No. 962883

Stop scrote

No. 962884

Misreading happens. Appeal.

No. 962885

Who is the hitchhiker guy that got raped lol

No. 962887

NTA I searched it girl 60s tv show but all I came up with was “That Girl” is it the same?

No. 962921

UC stay bigmad bc he's smart, sexy af, young and hung. Fuck off tho I got work to do.

No. 962934

File: 1636352565652.png (236.42 KB, 540x822, 20211108_071600.png)

What do people rate mountains on on Google? "Cool slopes, shiny snow top, 4 outta 5"?
Why is this even an option? Like if a mountain gets enough bad reviews we can just level it or replace it or repurpose it as an island

No. 962944

Cultivate multiple mental illnesses

No. 962949

Just so you know there isn’t homophobia or sexism in the really old untouched shit, so much was rewritten and there are some really cool things, like when Jesus said if a man has the intention to rape he should have his hands cut off. Lot of “Christians” forget that..

No. 962950

Nothing is wrong with homophobia, look what happened with the aids epidemic #stonewall

No. 962965

hike the 50 worst rated mountains challenge

No. 962981

can i take aspirin on my period or should i take something else?
taking aspirin in general makes me nervous idk why

No. 963010

File: 1636364569176.png (62.81 KB, 149x319, imagen_2021-11-08_034232.png)

Is saying "genderbent" politically correct nowadays? Please I'm writing something (not a fanfic) for an official website.

No. 963015

Isn't aspirin super tame?
I watch anime but it isn't my entire personality, I also love reading (books), writing, and if I had more money I would be into playing musical instuments for sure (did it as a highschooler)

No. 963017

From what I've seen it varies wildly. I'd google the name of the thing you're writing about + genderbent to gauge the fandom on it. Maybe consider "gender swapped" if you wanna play it careful with the current state of fandom politics.

No. 963019

File: 1636365213469.jpg (34.31 KB, 500x500, 5191cRerX1L._AC_SY580_.jpg)

What's the best pillow anons?
>used to love down feather pillows but now I'm allergic
>tried molded memory foam pillow but it made me hurt and didn't fit right, there was a gap between my neck and the pillow (I'm short with a big head so I guess standard sizes don't help)
>tired of buying cheap polyfill pillows that feel good for a week and then slowly deflate
>am side sleeper but trying to become a back sleeper for my spine health
I don't care if it's a crazy expensive pillow I just want to stop thinking about pillows

No. 963023

Thank you anon, I just submitted it with the word genderbent in it RIP
But if they let me edit it later I'll totally change it to gender swapped

No. 963028

Why dont you google "best pillows ever"?

No. 963031

>"just Google it" in the Stupid Questions thread
Well actually Amazon dropshipping bros contaminated the SEO of every household good by writing thousands of the same topic blogs with affiliate links, astroturfing on Reddit and making a hundred versions of thebestpillowever.com to make a buck on my next shitty pillow purchase

No. 963033

Use duckduckgo?

No. 963035

AYRT. If the thing you're writing about doesn't have a majority zoomer fanbase you should be fine. I've noticed that it's mainly zoomers and younger millennials who think genderbending is this awful, transphobic thing. Good luck with your article, anon!

No. 963037

it's zelda, but I think I'm fine. It has to go through the editor filter too anyways, so I'm hoping it all goes well!! thank you nonna!

No. 963039

who else refreshes lolcow like a maniac?

No. 963054

Sometimes LCF becomes all inverse for me, like in a mirror, why is that happening?

No. 963056

what do you mean?

No. 963058

All text and everything becomes backwards, but not upside down. Its hard to read like that.

No. 963059

Ah, that happens when they ban you forever. Just clean your history and cookies and try again
I thought you meant something more philosophycal like "lolcow is a reflection of my soul" or something

No. 963065

What are those dumb "collab" messages from obviously fake accounts on instagram? Is it a way to promote their business?

No. 963087

Ant tea on the women who run that podcast Redhanded?

No. 963088

File: 1636375776449.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 3888x2592, 31c826_14ead2792c3d4765a726017…)

>ant tea

No. 963094

Half the apostles were women too!

No. 963097

No it's a way to scam you. They either ask for a "small fee" to promote you on their page wearing their "products" (which of course they don't have and will not send you) or they will ask you to buy one of their products to receive extras as a free gift to promo on your page. They basically want your money and information. So just delete them and block.

No. 963100

Thanks, I always get a few and was wondering what thy were about

No. 963118

That still doesn't change the fact that organized religion reeks. Some people don't want to go to church because they've had bad experiences, however severe it may be, and it is what it is.

No. 963153

I like the faux down ghost pillow, pretty sure it's just shredded memory foam, I think its comfy

No. 963185

File: 1636385905834.jpeg (859.25 KB, 3464x3464, 61C32A1C-F2C2-4C3D-97E0-BB48D8…)

What’s more expensive, depression showers or depression baths?

No. 963188

Is it normal to have lower back pain from laying down/sleeping too much? I’m in pain right now and last night I slept for 13 ish hours

No. 963203

Is it rude to do an Irish goodbye leaving work like I don't want to go and say goodbye individually to people, I'll only say bye if people are within earshot like fuck that. Anyway hope I don't lose my job for not being polite

No. 963207

Yes nona, just take a small/flimsy pillow and put it under the curve of your back and make sure your neck is supported and it should go away

No. 963261

What's a good app to use for planning? I'm switching from paper because the one I bought sucks ass and I don't feel like buying a new one lol. Preferably an app that lets you set a date but not neccersarily a time. I don't like the standard google/android calender because it won't let me log out off all my extra email adresses lol.

No. 963271

Depends on how long you shower I guess. I'd suggest taking a shower but putting in the plug, so you see how much water amasses when you take a shower and compare it to a full bath.

No. 963276

I want this too, extra points if it's also adorable/customizable

No. 963280

your shower is in your bath??

No. 963283

File: 1636391837176.jpeg (30.17 KB, 960x960, New-pattern.jpeg)

Nta but ?

No. 963286

I use TickTick and Notion

No. 963292

I've never seen this before, that seems really uncomfortable to shower in.

No. 963295

Baths, I think, unless you reheat the water.

No. 963307

Curious where you live anon? Afaik this is the standard for Canada and US.

No. 963310

It's not and it's easier to clean than sliding doors and tile

No. 963320

Somewhere in Europe


No. 963326

I live in Europe and my bathroom is like this.

No. 963334

You never played the sims bitch

No. 963347

File: 1636396140678.png (450.25 KB, 511x576, Ts2_colonial_combocleen_by_imp…)

Yeah, I assumed everyone chose this shower tub with the palm shower curtain and golden rim after motherloading twelve or thirteen times.

No. 963370

Hell fucking yeah I did

No. 963411

What's up with hyper-religious people who believe in God that are also, ironically, godless? like evil? my neighbor is one of those and even tho he's always blasting christian music daily and obsessed with going to the church he also abuses his family and sometimes beats his pets for no real reason, he even beats his fucking chicken for cackling in the mornings he's absolutely nuts. I'm not the only one who noticed the cognitive dissonance, even my family noticed and some neighbors are worried his going to do something worse.

No. 963427

8th = Eighthth??

No. 963434


says google, I'm els and the more I repeated it the less it made sense

No. 963436

It's a shield. Evil people always try to find morals-oriented groups like those so they can have a morally high position. This gives them protection from criticism and let's them control the narrative and gaslight others much easier. Not just that, but usually in these groups they find people who are the same as them, giving them a sense of community. It's why it's ill advised to give abusers places where they can congregate, because they'll justify each other.

No. 963467

Sigh… Because God forgives us our sins if we ask for it. Personally I'm rooting for the chicken.

No. 963478

A lot of christian men are full on narcissists, and their religion ends up getting folded into their complex set of justifications for the heinous shit they do. Every time they punch their wife in the mouth, they just go "I'm a humble sinner trying to walk the righteous path, god forgives his children uwu" and relieve themselves of all responsibility for their actions.

No. 963527

Help me I'm too autistic. I asked my boyfriend what he thinks of some curtains I got and he said that he needs to get used to curtains first and he doesn't know. Does he just not like them? I asked what he meant and he just rehashed what he already said.

No. 963537

We all are, everyone has told him to stop hurting it as cackling is its nature, is just cruel but he won't listen, he's too unhinged and far gone. We can't call animal services on him because the chicken is "stock" and they don't count it, they will sell it eventually, i hope. The funniest thing is, that chicken is his mom's property, if he kills it he's going to get in very serious problems, i'm praying that lady beats his ass honestly, fuck him. Its not even the first time he hurts someone, last time he hurt his little sister too and they had to get her away from him, now that he can't touch her he goes after animals, i always knew something was off with him.
He's always (loudly) singing about how he's a "sinner" and shit, maybe he's conscious he's trash to a certain level, no one in his family is obsessively religious but him, which is even weirder.

No. 963619

all people are just an endless form of stress for me. i don't know if its an anxiety thing or not. can someone tell me what i should do to make other people tolerable even when they're not? try not to recommend drugs because i've tried that already

No. 963624

I had a therapist who would literally encourage me to imagine beating the shit out of people who pissed me off. Imagery is surprisingly effective and and makes you realize you don't have to act out to feel better. Just imagine running them over with your car that was my favorite.

No. 963643

I've learned to tune out people. Just completely zone out and not hear a word they're saying.

No. 963648

i do it all the time but it makes me feel cheap and reminds me how i'm hopeless to do anything about the things that make me angry

No. 963662

Why are there over 5 fast and furious movies? Movies really are inferior to tv shows.

No. 963666

Act autistic and they leave you alone it's great! But really most people are unpleasant to be around bc they're always stressed/looking to emotionally dump/are just plain boring. Treat them like the npc they are and try to make your transaction quick.

No. 963667

but there's tons of tv shows that have over 50 trillion seasons so it's not that different

No. 963668

Better to pick up cheap dishware and go smash it in the woods/abandoned place.

No. 963679

He might well be simply being honest and really doesn't know or needs time to get used to it. One option is to wait a few days and then maybe bring it up again. Another option is to tell him it's really important to you to have his opinion he might not understand that. Look guys can be a little clueless about this stuff sometimes and need a bit of nudging in the right direction is all.

No. 963680

Focus on how the whole world is stressed out and confused, and it’s just people trying to adapt. Be secure with yourself and forgive them, you’re not perfect either and everyone is in process. Learn how to not give into something pathetic like imagining beating someone up as a violent ego release. Let it go. If people are consistently treating you a certain way, they’re reacting to how you carry yourself, your tone, and your own stress/energy level. Make space for all the things you enjoy and appreciate about people, and how much people put up with and accept about you and learn to laugh at it. I mean if you’re constantly judging someone in your head someone will pick up on that, and you could use that energy on enjoying something on your own or putting in extra effort to meet the kind of people who do interest you.

No. 963685

Yes, litter. Always litter.

Because you’re engaging your adrenal system to prepare for a fight which raises cortisol, which is a stress hormone. Do the fucking opposite and someone else’s nervous system will instinctively act more calm around you as well, or they’re wired and you need to learn social etiquette to excuse yourself from that. If you have repressed anger, work out or write it down so the body and mind integrate to release something with intent. Or play a bunch of violent video games and escalate like a real weirdo to prepare for the upcoming apocalypse.

No. 963686

He wants to see how he reacts to them in his environment, if he can forget about curtains but still be pleased by their ambiance. Men can adapt to really jarring conditions inexplicably, so do what makes you happy he probably doesn’t care and just wants to enjoy you being happy about the curtains

No. 963690

nta but how do people pick up on thoughts going on in another person's head? especially if the person presents/expresses themselves differently from what they actually feel

No. 963721

im 23 right now and this is definitely the worst year of my life by far
my grandma died and i have a really bad painful hernia and my mental and physical health is declining faster than ever and started having auditory hallucinations again and i havent had them since i was 15 all while the entire world seems to be going to shit along with me

i don’t believe in astrology tho

No. 963728

Since drug induced psychosis is a thing, is sober induced psychosis a thing? Because when I'm sober for too long, I get psychosis/mania, and doing drugs calms my brain and keeps my psychosis away. Ill have the most inane thoughts and act completely irrational, but after a few hits I'm fine and rational again.

Like I've only been asked if I am on drugs when I've been sober, and not when I'm actually on drugs

No. 963743

That means you're addicted my dear anon

No. 963787

File: 1636428577406.png (2.72 MB, 2000x1333, imagen_2021-11-08_212917.png)

Has anyone here worked as a masseuse? My idea is to go to the clients home and give a massage. It is nothing sexual
Please help, I have no other money option right now.

No. 963788

Are hitmen actually real or is it just an urban legend?

No. 963790

Do you having training? If you don't you need to find another option.

No. 963792

What do you mean with training? What I'm afraid of the most is safety, not technique.

No. 963793

100% real but they usually get caught a lot easier than what you would think. It's not like in the movies where you find some agent 47 type dude either, it's usually just some hood rat or druggie desperate for cash.

No. 963798

At least in my country, basically every masseurs/masseuses have a training. Except the ones that give sexual favors

No. 963800

I meant the proper education and credentials who be a masseuse. imo, having those would make you more likely to gain more trustworthy clients. I'm sure there are special websites you can advertise your services on, the only one i know of is treatwell.

No. 963804

I plan to do a certification in the very near future, but for that I need to work first. I'm not doing anything crazy, plus my country doesn't require training.

No. 963891

still possibly vainly hoping for a positive solution to this

No. 963967

File: 1636456437520.jpeg (30.76 KB, 364x274, FA649583-3B14-47FC-87F8-47231E…)

Does law of attraction actually work? I feel bonkers watching youtube videos and wondering if the person I’m watching is actually the mentalist they seem or just wants their monetisation pay check. Unsure if comments are authentic or if they are all attempting to manifest. Is this a ponzi scheme of hopes and dreams???

No. 964000

Don’t waste your time, anon. They dress it up in fancy language but basically it’s all just: work on a more positive life out look, build your confidence, take opportunities, set small achievable goals. Not some super power. You can get all that info in a less cult like way.

No. 964002

File: 1636459581827.jpg (85.14 KB, 664x769, paintint.jpg)

what is the painting called and who painted it which is about some students watching their teacher doing something in some dark room idk it looks like this

No. 964006

File: 1636459811781.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 100.99 KB, 1280x720, 952D6837-7FFB-4D22-A75D-BC6AF4…)

The anatomy lesson of dr Nicolaes Tulp by Rembrandt?

No. 964008

no it's not some anatomy lesson i think the teacher is showing them some device

No. 964010

File: 1636460192833.jpg (182.26 KB, 1200x899, An_Experiment_on_a_Bird_in_an_…)

oh i found it it's this, it wasn't a class or about students but anyway

No. 964016

Now that instagram allows users to post from computers and not just smartphones, how's the quality of pictures when they're posted from a computer? Instagram always ruin my pictures because I use an Android phone.

No. 964026

I was crazy long before I started doing drugs

No. 964081

It's not all that magical or fancy. For example if you think you're unworthy of being loved then even when you're given love you push then away bc you're afraid. That kind of thing. It's basically psychology but make it wowoo new age.

No. 964120

Someone posted a clip from the Inazuma 11 show, but I can't find what thread it's in. I saw nonnies talk about it in the retarded shitpost thread but the video was posted in a different thread. I thought it was posted in the dumbass shit thread but apparently not, does anyone know where it is?

No. 964130

It's in lolcow's own caps thread

No. 964137


No. 964167

File: 1636474992519.gif (5.71 MB, 275x212, 06E6AE96-D8EB-4CF5-8F6C-B24D8D…)

Can the anon who worked on improving her voice and speech share the corny “guru expert” looking guy again? I forgot which thread in /ot/ she posted him in a couple days ago. I need to sound strong and powerful lol.

No. 964190

It's called interpersonal intelligence. Some people can be empathetic enough to feel other's anxiety and bad mood and they react preemptively. Abuse victims are particularly good at it. Also, even if you don't think you are showing your emotions, you are, especially anger and anxiety have an inherent "tension" that permeates an area.

No. 964204

File: 1636477224726.jpg (649.88 KB, 1066x1322, 20211109_175820.jpg)

What are these clocks called? Any brand recs that aren't ebay/amazon?

No. 964233

This guy right? >>>/ot/954671

No. 964246

Should I ask for my book back? I had a very powerful break up (I sent the asshole out of my house), but my book is still at his house. It's just a children's book (I can explain) and I can live without it, but it irks me that he still has it. Should I just let it go or message him and ask for it back? I haven't spoken to him since and I don't want to lose power in the situation.

No. 964248

I think it’s better to let it go and maybe buy a new one, talking to an ex after a bad breakup can’t be good.

No. 964250

Yes, thank you very much anon!

No. 964259

imo i would cave and but it from amazon because it's going to be hard to find something similar in general, let alone have it be less than $200

No. 964268

I asked anyway. If it ends up being a horrible experience I owe you an "you told me so" hahaha

No. 964285

Amazon sadly doesn't deliver to my country

No. 964288

Are there any good selfhelp books on failure anxiety? Maybe one you've had personal experience with?

No. 964299

Any tips for painting my nails? I bought some new Essie nail polishes recently - base coat, color (vanity fairest, its very pretty) and top coat. I've tried to paint my nails thrice now, but I keep getting everything wrong. Either the polish will chip/pull away around the cuticle almost immediately and then peel off, or it will go on too thick and clumpy, get all over my skin and look terrible. Even when I manage to get a simple nail right, it will end up going streaky!
Am I missing something here? Pls help nonnas im really stuck.

No. 964302

I liked Fear And Other Uninvited Guests. Helped me to make the leap into public speaking after being raised by socially awkward wolves.

No. 964340

Who is Kai? Also, why were there so many posts on him, hes not even attractive kek get it together nonnies

No. 964354

In Teams, can someone other than the admin see other people's messages?

No. 964373

How do I stop basing my self worth on sex? I pretty much need to have sex every day with my partner and if we don't have it for 2 days consecutively, I become paranoid and convinced he doesn't find me attractive and that he must be watching porn, even though most of the times we don't do it are because he suffers from serious migraines. He always apologizes and feels bad, and I try to empathize and I don't act rude to him. But internally I feel fucked. Body neutrality is an idea I try, but it's hard for me to connect to it at all.

No. 964377

I'd let go of the idea that you can keep a moid from watching porn, but also entertain the idea that he can find you attractive in spite of watching it

No. 964383

How do I stop getting infatuated with every guy who is even a little bit nice to me?

No. 964384

No. 964386

It would really be annoying to me. My boyfriend acts like he is above it since he really hates that men are portrayed that way. But I feel cautious, always. It sucks because I wish I could just love freely. Either way, even if he's not watching porn, not having sex with me is still difficult for me to accept.

No. 964387

do you enjoy having sex with him or not?

No. 964391

Yeah, we both know how to please each other. It's good sex. He cares about my pleasure.

No. 964395

I do the same lmao someone help us

No. 964404

seconding this because after one pleasant conversation i developed a crush on a guy far too old for me. its not fair.

No. 964415

so lets say i was shit talking in a group message about my friend's gf, then added my friend to the chat. can he said what i said, or does it just look like a new chat?

No. 964422

It depends on the app and their settings. You can test it by adding an alternative account of yours to the chat in the same way you added your friend to mimic his experience

No. 964434

What does it mean if you say that normies live on autopilot? How the fuck do I explain this to someone?

No. 964435

imessage, and i think it's all good..i feel bad if he can see them, but also no one said anything we wouldn't/haven't said to him already. just the fact that he could think we made a group chat solely to talk behind his back

No. 964451

Why does my body constantly feel warm despite being thin? It's not like a fever it just feels like it's always summer/springish unless it's in the early daytime. It's not related to my location because other people around me, even people who weigh more talk about feeling cold often. The only times I'm genuinely cold is early in the morning as stated, and between late November and mid-april.
That they do things without really thinking about it?

No. 964454

What does transmasc lesbian mean? If you're a TIF how can you be a lesbian? Unless I'm misunderstanding

No. 964456

Just a lesbian on T really. They don't suddenly stop being a certain sexuality just because they get on hormones. Not all of them are deluded to the point they think they're genuinely men. It makes more sense than traditional tif imo.

No. 964457

Word salad, it means that a girl looks like a butch, she has a vagina, and she also wants to fuck girls, but she knows normal straight girls don’t want her, so she copes by saying that she would rather have a lesbian girlfriend who likes butch girls with extra steps because she’s special and takes unnecessary hormones that makes her voice sound like a retarded teen boy, gives her a pube beard and acne.

No. 964475

This is so retarded… so she's isn't fully troon/see herself as an actual male? Just kinda halfway there? Wouldn't actual trannies find this offensive?

No. 964484

sorry for being a newfag but what does it mean when people say >t. [something]?

No. 964487

She thinks she’s a guy, but she knows that nobody buys it. The tranny cult and the gender fandom don’t even know what the hell they believe in, if a girl says she’s a transmasc lesbian today, she will be called a terf in a week, because now the use of the word lesbian should be only for men in dresses who are into normal, non-brainwashed women.

No. 964489

>Borrowed from Finnish t., abbreviation of terveisin. Originally started on the Finnish imageboard Ylilauta.
>(Internet slang, 4chan, abbreviation) Used as a way of signing off posts. Typically followed by an occupation, nationality, or field of expertise. These can sometimes be satirical, to imply said poster is being disingenuous.
t. european

No. 964513

is it actually possible to join the US army, go through basic training and then just sit on your ass and make propaganda for them or some other desk job? what are the risks here?

No. 964519

thanks anon!

No. 964537

Why do some guys and their moms have such weird relationships? Like picking them over their wives, living with them until they're like 50.. you never hear of this shit with women and their dads or moms

No. 964538

The risk is that the US military is not the safest place for women, mostly due to the type of fellow enlisted ppl you'll encounter. Incels with no social skills at the end of their rope for instance or first time offenders for violent crime enlisting instead of serving sentences.
Also instead of getting the job you want, you end up somewhere else. It's risky.

No. 964543

How do I end a longterm 'close' relationship? I can't just ghost, they would confront me about it. I've just outgrown this person and they don't pick up on a single signal that I am tired of them. I don't even have a great excuse for ending our relationship except that I am tired of seeing them, hearing their dumb opinions, etc. I'm a horrible friend and I just want it to end. How do I end it?

No. 964544

Can you make other plans (even if they're not real) and not include them? Repeat until there's a distance.
I get the impression that you dislike confrontation but you're going to have to be the bad guy to some extent.

No. 964545

They are extremely proactive about making plans with me and accommodating my schedule. I really can't do any sort of fade-out, drift away, or ghosty passive activity. I am just trying to think how to write up a letter or something. Ive literally considered moving to a different country because I hate confrontation so much.

No. 964546

I think a lot of it has to do with the way mothers spoil and baby their sons even into adulthood. Of course fathers can also spoil their daughters but 99% of the time it's not in a subservient way… you don't really hear about fathers who cook every meal for their adult daughters and clean up after them and enable them to be useless, but you see it all the time with mothers and sons.

No. 964566

I’m just moving out of my parents and the place I’m looking at says “Water information: Well”. My mom says that means it won’t be safe to drink or shower in but I googled it and it said it should be fine. Also the place is nearly 70 years old and an hour and a half away from Flint where they had that huge water crisis a few years ago. It’s really pretty but I don’t know what to think.

No. 964576

File: 1636515137973.jpeg (136.29 KB, 800x737, 0C266948-CCC9-4F67-870C-2C5AC5…)

Which erasers do you think are the best erasers ever?

No. 964578

They have to stop making erasers so damn edible looking holy shit.

No. 964579

Any plastic one
Mono is a classic

No. 964580

unironically those shitty little animal/food/object puzzle iwako knockoff dollar store ones, I don't know why but theyre always the most effective erasers I've ever used even if it pains me with how cute some of them can be

No. 964581

Flint's water is still bad but the issue is with the pipes & municipal supply. Well is generally fine but you should probably get a test done on the water to be sure

No. 964617

File: 1636521071474.png (1.02 MB, 841x1000, The_Hand_Key_Art.png)

No. 964658

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kneaded_eraser(this is an imageboard. post a screenshot)

No. 964734

Why is this Kai Hitchhiker guy suddenly mentioned everywhere on here? I never ever heard of him until 2 days ago and now I've seen him being mentioned and pictures posted of him multiple times on LC. Has he been on the news in North America recently or something?

No. 964784

Is it normal when mothers tell the same story more than twice? I really dislike this from my mom. She tells me things I already have heard from her, over and over. I hate people who tell me the same shit over and over again and expect me to be interested in their shit

No. 964787

Most people tend to forget what they were talking about even if they told you something a week ago or three days ago. I feel like having a good memory in general is quite rare, it could be that she either genuinely forgot about it or that she wants to know your opinion, again, and again, because it interests her.

No. 964789

my mom has been doing this since I was a kid. I don't mind, it's not like we have much else to talk about

No. 964795

It's one anon who is obsessed.

No. 964801

Yeah my mom does it too, the sad part is it's like nothing new or interesting has happened to her in the last 20 years.

No. 964828

Just say you're a man or ask mods to permaban you

No. 964830

This might have been asked already but should I cut off my male friends? I have two male friends who I’ve know for several years, one of them I dated for a few months at first but became friends with after. A couple days ago friend one and I decided to hang out at his house and I noticed he was flirting with me. After I left he asked me if I had feelings for him and I said no. This all came out of the blue. Friend two, the one I used to date, admitted he still had feelings for me and I always turned him down.
I can’t really call these guys my friends if they really want more than that right? If all they wanted was a chance then they weren’t actually my friends.
Is it possible to be friends with a guy and he doesn’t secretly like you?

No. 964832

I've asked before and they didn't

No. 964839

There's a massage parlor near my home and they have tantric massages as one of their services, isn't that basically prostitution (which is illegal in my country)? It's not hidden, it's clearly written on the menu with the other types of massage, and I don't even live in a seedy place.

No. 964840

Ok, what the FUCK are these weird porn bots on YouTube? They leave comments on a variety of videos and actually post on topic, coherent comments on a thread, sometimes even addressing some small thing that was said in the video…. But they have pornographic images of women and have names like “tap to have sex” in weird fonts. “Anon, they’re trolls or coomers”, you say. Then why has this one account been posting on the same video for weeks now? It posts every few days and sometimes only hours apart! I get notified every time because I fucked myself by commenting in that same thread

No. 964842

I asked and they did but I lurked anyway so what's the point
If I could be banned from accessing the site however…

No. 964843

Just get a website blocker, pretty sure there's apps for it on mobile if you aren't on desktop.

No. 964844

Yes, in situations when he is your BFs good friend.

No. 964880

File: 1636556875402.jpg (24.22 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-864494224-612x612.…)

if you hire task rabbit to mount a tv do they provide the mount too? Im only asking because yesterday i bought 2 $30 mounts and then was gonna schedule someone but my sister said they already have the mount. Is she wrong? Ugh im screwed cuz i can't find the receipt. woah is me.

No. 964884

It's the brain damage from sleepless nights raising kids, and dealing with a scrote in close quarters.

No. 964900

Don't return anything until it's already done, cause it sounds silly to me for them to supply the mounts

No. 964917

Why are insecure polfags so jealous of black people

No. 964925

Polfags are just retarded and think that whoever is different to them is having a great time in life. Also, most polfags are from different ethnicities and the opposite to the ideal fascist man, so it’s all they got is a self-hate fueled tard rage with a chunk of autism right in the middle.

No. 964955

i like him too tbh, pretty sure there's at least 3 of us

No. 964968

Anyone found unexpected things to raise their libido? I noticed that whenever I take my iron supplements I become really horny afterwards. Same when I drink too much coffee

No. 964976

being constipated, chest pain, the thing when your heart stops/skips briefly forgot how it spelled heart palapations or something, and being tired

No. 964982

Present ideas for a 20 year old? She doesn't wear makeup, isn't into the newest cool technology like a new phone, apple watch etc. My budget is about $100 for non-tech stuff.

No. 964984

I'm curious, does removal of body hair help with your body odor or make it worse? I have thick and coarse hair and removing it makes me stink less but I've also heard the opposite.

No. 965001

Hair keeps moisture like sweat which makes odor worse

No. 965002

It doesn't do anything

No. 965005

any hobbies or interests?

No. 965010

Taking off on an airplane and, ironically, stress.

No. 965012

We need more info, but Etsy would probably be a good place to browse

No. 965013

Does she wear jewelry? Other than that, maybe a book or a notebook. Or something like cute soaps, I'd like those gifts

No. 965021

File: 1636569570570.jpeg (37.87 KB, 425x397, 0F041467-4916-4147-BF06-B84C5F…)

Maybe those interesting wooden puzzles that you can arrange in different ways, I think they look neat, she could use them as decoration and play with them whenever she’s bored.

No. 965022

Bamboo or merino socks are always nice.

No. 965031

Good smelling stuff? Bath bomb, candle, soap?

No. 965050

What do you eat when you don't want to eat anything but are hungry? I have plenty of healthy options but I'd rather die than eat a vegetable right now.

No. 965051

Maybe you can gift her a day trip? Like a spa day, a restaurant ticket, a trainticket abroad/to another state, museum tickets etc.

No. 965053

Rice? With some eggs or cheese if u eat that but plain with salt and oil is so good tbh

No. 965054

Mostly nuts, like cashews or almonds. If I have nothing of the sorts, I just distract myself until it’s time to have a full meal.

No. 965057

Rice cakes or crackerbread

No. 965067

Thank you nonna, rice is appetizing enough
Ty nonnas but I meant like when nothing is appealing but you still have to eat a meal.

No. 965084

Can people tell if someone rarely socializes based on the way they talk or behave?

No. 965096

Yes, general speaking too fast or stuttering. I do that a lot after a long depressive episode, then back to socializing again to speak in a normal speech.

No. 965110

Depends, if you say weird stuff, or act too fidgety to the point that the person talking with you looks extremely uncomfortable, It’s possible that they will ask wether you go out often or not.
But I feel like most people stutter and suddenly stay silent while talking, dunno why, I just notice such things.

No. 965126

Raising or lowering it?

No. 965134


No. 965246

I do this too.

No. 965321

File: 1636602326254.gif (1.12 MB, 498x280, 41600F30-ACE5-4E01-B4EA-567448…)

I know this is the worst place to ask, but how do you get better at literally picking up after yourself?
Everything in my house is a mess as usual, but I also have a terrible habit of leaving a mess wherever I go and not realizing. For example, when I clean I find little bits of garbage and candy wrappers everywhere, like I can’t believe I opened things up and just literally drop the garbage wherever I’m standing without realizing it

No. 965328

Maybe she likes telling the story. When my mom does this she’s usually smiling so I let her speak and I just say “I know.” If (she’s mad) it’s something demeaning towards me I just also say “I know” and just ignore it.

No. 965332

Try to have a reminder if you tend to immediately forget. Once you have this reminder you can then take care of the problem once you’re done with it. Once you do this enough with enough discipline it will become second nature. It’s possible you could have an underlying issue that’s out of your control if it’s hard to remember, but if you’re able to correct this by having the habit of taking care of something at the moment, then it can override that maybe.

No. 965347

do you know what she likes?

No. 965408

you could have adhd tbh. but just try to pay more attention. i try not to leave the room without something in my hands, every time. so like dishes on my desk, trash, anything i've taken somewhere it's not supposed to be. it helps a lot. you could also just dedicate like 10 minutes a day to picking up clutter or tidying things. it adds up fast.

No. 965414

wish I could give advice on this without realizing that I was beaten the shit out of me as a kid whenever I "made a mess". So now my brain has an auto-alarm to clean stuffs I spilled immediately, and clean after myself as much as possible.

No. 965421

Is it possible to fix a bad posture that is the result of years of bad habits? One of my shoulders is visibly higher than the other one and one of my shoulder blades sticks out more. Would yoga help with this?

No. 965424

Yes it can be fixed. Yoga could help, but specific exercises aimed at the problem would be more effective. Also its a myth that flexibility can't be achieved in later years, it just requires work.

No. 965542

You might need to talk to a specialist about that. I've been lifting for years and my shoulders are still uneven despite all the muscle I built

No. 965623

I need an excuse to ghost people for a few days. I'm struggling with my mental health and I don't have the energy or mental capacity to maintain conversations, but I can't be open about that without making people worry. Does anyone have any ideas on a simple excuse to disappear for a few days without being too weird?

Please I could really do with some suggestions

No. 965626

Maybe that you want to take a break from your phone. You don't have to open up about your struggles, just say that you need to focus on work/study/whatever you have going and the phone is too distracting. "Social media detox" are becoming more common, I don't think it will worry your friends

No. 965627

Maybe say that the phone never notified you of their messages? It happens to me a lot, specially with telegram, sometimes the messages just only appear when I open the app.
And you could also turn off the notifications so you don’t feel pressured to answer whenever you see a message popping on your screen.
You could tell them that you wanted to reduce your screen time too because it was causing you major headaches and making you feel dizzy, so you either stopped using your phone or your headaches would’ve gotten worse.
Those makes sense and I’m sure most people would understand that.

No. 965646

File: 1636641581262.png (554.12 KB, 377x512, bacon_f.PNG)

Art anons - any recommendations for online resources on learning to draw better, preferably a guided course? Or should I try something in person? I just look up the occasional youtube video if I want to learn more about a technique but other than that, I usually just practice drawing from my reference board on pinterest. I really want to improve because I don't think I can progress by just aimlessly practicing.

No. 965652

How do nazis signal to each other these days that they are nazis

No. 965653

These are good. I feel anxious about saying that I didn't get a notification because I feel like people would think "ok but why didn't you just check anyway". They might think I'm lying or that I don't care about them

No. 965655

My coworker has "glory glory hallelujah" in German set as her ringtone and a lot of people in my state use the Punisher logo. Usually some sort of symbology.

No. 965658

Yeah but the less obvious ones. Something insider, something that won't show up if you Google "nazi/far right symbols"

No. 965667

File: 1636643221121.jpg (5.3 KB, 236x80, ecce601d51fa1520d513cc7ab1d6cb…)

I need help with something embarrassingly basic.
How do I integrate myself into a new environment?

I'm joining a new sports team tomorrow, and it's not a school team anymore, so the women there are different ages. I will be less familiar with the rules, and I know nobody, and have less in common with them.

I'm literally begging right now, how do I integrate myself into the team when I know nobody? I'm scared I will just stand there like an autist and not talk to anyone, or try to ask questions and make introductions robotically and awkwardly. If anyone has advice, please help.

No. 965670

Is 162 cm and 46 kg a normal weight?

No. 965680

I think it's on the lower range of normal. People vary a little by ethnicity and muscle mass etc, so maybe focus on questions like

>is my period regular?

>am i getting cold easily?
>how are my energy levels
>are my hair and nails healthy?

If you are underweight these things will be affected. Make sure you're comfortable with food as a way to fuel and love your body, just like exercise. If you struggle to get extra food in due to low appetite, taking it in liquid form can help.

No. 965686

File: 1636645422008.jpg (70.64 KB, 465x635, mindset.JPG)

Besides consistent, hard work and a bit of affinity, all you need to become a master at drawing are these three books, everything else is optional:
Drawing Course by Charles Bargue
Drawing Dynamic Hands by Burne Hogarth
Constructive Anatomy by George B. Bridgman

Do a lot of sketches. Don't watch tv without a sketchbook in your hand. Do a line every day, no, not that line.

Pffft ..screw optics, proper national socialists don't bother maintaining a public facade, that being said, advertising your personal values everywhere like some SJW is ..well, being like some SJW.

No. 965694

File: 1636646156215.png (672.11 KB, 1080x2310, Screenshot_20211109-121058.png)

Is 25 too old to own a backpack like this for regular use? I work in an office where jeans are okay and I'm using a solid pink backpack right now.

I'm probably going to buy it regardless because I think it's cute, but on a scale of one to cringing out of our skin where am I at with this?

No. 965697

No it’s cute if the rest of your style is more understated while still matching the scheme and theme.

No. 965701


I wear mostly dark, solid colors. Lot of black. It'd match way more than the pink bag tbh

No. 965729

mostly cringe bc of the design, not because it's a backpack or because of the color

No. 965750

If it was just the text or character it would be fine imo, this just screams edgy. But hey if you like it go for it

No. 965752

Say your phone needed repairing

No. 965754

File: 1636652120550.png (656.43 KB, 1080x2310, Screenshot_20211109-090707.png)

Yeah the text is a little try hard, but so am I.

Is this one better or worse? I really like the character lmao

No. 965757

File: 1636652374294.jpeg (301.12 KB, 789x1000, 5EC077CA-419D-4F6E-AC6F-409F66…)

Buy and wear what you want, nonnie, my backpack is pic related with fluffy pusheen shit and a pokemon keychain, nobody will mess with you as long as you wear your stuff with confidence. Who knows? Maybe you could even start a trend and other women will want to get cute shit to go to work as well.

No. 965759

I like these better. Alternatively use an “adult” bag but hang kuromi accessories from it.

No. 965760

It looks adorable but I think it might be too small to go to work with, depends on the things that you have to carry around.

No. 965761

Tru. I dress like a boring OL but my cubicle is kawaiimaxxed. Get compliments about it every day.

No. 965770


All I bring with me is phone wallet and keys. Outside of water.

That's also a good idea, I wanna get charms anyways

No. 965776

Why are some retards dummy thicc? There are retarded white boys out there with the bodies of slim thick mixed women. What causes these big booty genetics in retards specifically?

No. 965785

Because Nature is kind and flags a himbo for the convenience of a himbo afeciando just as it does a white-tail deer.

No. 965792

Ass clapping is essential for further inbreeding tbh

No. 965804

File: 1636655729733.png (130.65 KB, 759x1024, 255020046_414302836935273_6573…)

Should I buy a dayplanner? There is a sale until midnight and it a good price. However I do always get a free small dayplanner that says the date and holidays along with rules from my profession. I don't really use it as I have written down the shifts that I have on my phone and otherwise I don't really use besides checking when there is a holiday.
I don't want to buy something and not use it

No. 965806

Doesn't sound like you're going to use it at all

No. 965808

File: 1636656804870.gif (2.81 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

Sometimes i feel my bed shake at night. I know there isnt an earthquake or anything else but I just feel it? For no reason?? Do you guys also experience this? Shit got me crazy

No. 965815

We had a few earthquakes this year so I know the difference but yea it happens to me to. My bed is just woobly I think and sometimes my heart just beats that strong, idk

No. 965816

File: 1636657374062.png (5.41 KB, 197x256, images (2).png)

I get this too. I like to imagine there are tiny little bugs in my mattress rocking back and forth

No. 965822

File: 1636657764095.jpg (209.52 KB, 800x450, xmen.jpg)

Can I manifest someone's breakup without being the side hoe? I just want it to happen and then try to hit on that person

No. 965841

Lol here u go

No. 965864


If I had know about this 4 years ago, maybe I could have saved myself some heartbreak. Godspeed, breakup energy anon

No. 965874

File: 1636662395642.jpg (63.79 KB, 779x960, tumblr_2ecc8ab4bfbceaf7f976084…)

Let's trade manifestations, I will manifest them breaking up and you manifest my scholarship kek

No. 965883

No. 965907

File: 1636664267578.png (1.57 MB, 1075x2048, 1618703627270.png)

Can I manifest someone being obsessed with me? Is there any other method to make someone obsessed with you? A relationship can only function if the guy is more in love with her than she is with him. He has to be the one chasing not the one being chased.

No. 965908

Is the instagram algorithm broken?
My explore page is all dumb shit I have no interes in, mostly indian, arab stuff that I never liked or follow anyone from there

No. 965914

girl you gotta think the consequence that he Might kill you or drag you into a double suicide if you didn't happen to fit in his one dimensional version of yourself in his head.

No. 965915

hate to break your fantasy but obsessive moids are bad, bad news

No. 965926

Neville Goddard.

No. 965929

>can I manifest XYZ

No. 965931

kinda want this too ngl, I’d have to obsessed with them too tho

No. 965934

same, but for pinterest

No. 966036

Can confirm it's bad, had on obsessive moid ex once and it literally felt like I was in danger.

We had to be apart for a couple of DAYS and he would make me sleep with my Webcam on. He also gave me an ultimatum to end afriendship with one of my male friends.

He wouldn't even let my friend (another girl) sleep over with me even when she came to visit from the other side of the country.

And I work from home doing concept art, he would just sit next to me and stare for hours. I would tell him that it was weird but he insisted it wasn't. God i can tell you so many nightmare stories dude, glad I'm free from all of that, but I basically moved to another country. Be safe girls.

No. 966091

Anons, I don't care if I get caught but I hate humanities so much I hate it so much. I have a thesis to write and I don't know what to do.


No. 966107

Is Macron gay?

No. 966114

It's so weird when I get a random video of an Indian man with 4 likes. Like why instagram??

No. 966243

Kek. I wish I had this problem, I'd rather see weird random people than a hundred cloned influencers slo-mo running in designer gowns before some sweeping vista they'll never actually explore past their 5-star hotel

No. 966364

File: 1636699562135.jpg (149.89 KB, 1280x720, ruby blank.jpg)

Nonnies, I am batshit dumb about technology. I just bought a Nintendo Switch and I used to play my brother's. He moved out of state and I want to import my Animal Crossing data from his switch later. If I link my Nintendo account to this switch will something happen to my Animal Crossing data on the other switch? This feels so dumb to ask because it seems like it wouldn't, but I am nervous.

No. 966370

File: 1636700405120.gif (2.68 MB, 188x167, 1636666721838.gif)

Im genuinely curious. Is it normal to feel general discomfort in random parts of your body? They never last longer than a few seconds. Like, randomly my knee or head feels uncomfortable for a few moments and then i'm good as ever. Is that being alive or am I dying?

No. 966371

iirc Animal Crossing works differently from all the other Switch games so be very careful if you want to move your save file from one Switch to another. The Nintendo website explains what you need to do.

No. 966388

File: 1636703799660.jpg (40.73 KB, 550x550, blue eyed sheep.jpg)

I looked into it and it seems both devices have to be logged into the same account anyway to make the transfer which makes sense considering if you aren't linked you can't even purchase the game so I went ahead and took the risk and downloaded it. Hopefully it goes well.

No. 966478

Are lesbian celibates/volcels a thing?

No. 966489

Wasn't the term incel invented by a black lesbian who was complaining that her dating pool was small to begin with? I'm guessing lesbian volcels would def be a thing.

No. 966495

It’s possible that whatever you think of, will exist in a huge group of people.

No. 966504

anybody can be voluntarily celibate. You can abstain from sex for many reasons regardless of sexuality.

No. 966515

she was mixed race and is "queer" so could be anything between straight and lesbian, she was also autistic
Not a great combination for finding dates

No. 966529

I guess her not being able to get dates is a good thing for the rest of the population then.

No. 966559

Is it annoying to end every sentence in an email with an exclamation point?

No. 966562

I guess, but I've never seen a lesbian say she doesn't want to be in any kind of relationship whatsoever, it's mostly straight or bi women, lesbians tend to be hopelessly romantic from what I've seen.

No. 966599

File: 1636734510333.jpg (83.3 KB, 1000x1000, image.jpg)

What is the origin of these 20cm plush dolls? It seems like mainly a kpop thing but I've also seen dolls of characters from popular anime like JJK. Was there some company or artist that popularized the design?

No. 966652

This is something I only see moids on apps like tiktok, instagram, etc do but you know the thing they do where they'll try to thirst trap and look hot by rubbing their hands together and biting and/or licking their lower lip? Does anyone actually find that hot? I don't think I've seen a single woman, even the most basic normie woman, call that expression anything other than cringe. But then why do moids who 'thirst trap' do it so much? Was there one guy who did this who actually looked good and then everyone else tried to copy him or..?

No. 966658

Teens might find it hot. But also men copy each other completely ignoring any feedback from women so

No. 966659

Moids can only think in what makes them hard, they find sexy when women do this biting/licking their lips so "of course" we must feel the same way.
As for the rubbing their hands together, I have no clue, but probably just a behavior they themselves find "hot" for some reason.

No. 966667

I used to have an ex that bit his lip whenever he was embarrassed around me, but it was clearly a nervous tick sort of thing. I found it really cute and seductive, but I don't think I've ever seen someone do it on purpose.

No. 966668

what am i supposed to do while waiting for the plug to call back it's the only thing i can fucking think about and i am going insane. he always responds within 5 minutes it's been half an hour now kill me PLEASE

No. 966670

rethink your life decisions

No. 966672

One time I had to wait like 5 hours for my plug but he gave me extra herb so it evened out.

No. 966673

Maybe he’s getting arrested.

No. 966700

grow your own

No. 966701

Find something to do? It's not that serious, anon.

No. 966711

Is it normal/socially acceptable to drink a beer or a cider alone once a week? Or do 'normal' people only drink socially?

No. 966714

here's my stupid question: what does 'plug' mean in this context?

No. 966715

Drug dealer

No. 966720

>once a week

Yea, it's fine. As long as it doesn't affect your life too much is fine.

No. 966724

this isn't something i can grow or cook myself sadly. also i hate weed

i did tell him not to sell me anything for two weeks bc im taking a t break so i hope he's just ignoring me for that reason lol…

No. 966726

Typical meth head

No. 966740

I’m accidentally in London inside England, and sometimes I wonder if posting from an ip close to Elaine will get me banned. Can it really work that way?

No. 966741

anyone got any good recommendation for external hard drives? my cheap ass computer doesn’t have enough storage for games and I desperately want to play sims again lol

No. 966748

Has anyone done/is doing a Mathematics degree? Ideally in the UK but I'll take literally anyone at this point

No. 966779

please jannies don’t ban me I’m very curious but.. why do lesbians always say their ideal partner is a beautiful stereotypical white woman? I mean they don’t bluntly say that it is but they show pictures and describe their ideal woman and it’s always that so it kind of makes me sad or am I just seeing things wrong?

No. 966784

What is so revolutionary about squid game, it's just another death game show. The pics I saw all look "off" and not in the good way. Feels like netflix just advertised it as the most popular (not that it's actually good) and a bunch of teens jumped on the bangwagon.

No. 966790

I've got a 1 Tb Samsung T5 external HD for gaming and work - it's so tiny, and so fast! It's USB 3.0 connected, so the lag is minimal and it doesn't need an external power source. Highly recommended.

No. 966792

Idk what lesbians you're around but most I know aren't picky, they know they'll never find someone they get along with and is their perfect looks ideal.

No. 966797

I just think it's riding on that wave of being Korean media, in combination to the whole survival aspect being popular in the West maybe. Just my guess, I don't get the hype around it either. I was chatting with my doctor about it and she was trying so hard to convince me to watch it but I was telling her that I had no interest because survival shows like that stress me out kek I don't want to become attached to a character that can suddenly die.

No. 966806

File: 1636753066363.jpg (91.8 KB, 726x1000, dh0h70yue2j41.jpg)

Maybe because the most well known lesbians are white? Even in fictional and mainstream media, most lesbians are white and thin. The only lesbian I can think of that wasn't white was the actress from the Mummy, picrel Patricia Velásquez. What you surround yourself with is what you tend to lean more towards generally speaking.

No. 966812

File: 1636753452007.jpeg (53.53 KB, 360x450, 3AD3FBF9-746D-4985-8645-E41CB1…)

my ideal woman looks like brandy Norwood or something but I like how a lot of women look

No. 966817

I get that it's annoying, but mainstream western LGB culture is obviously quite white-centric (I mean obviously since western/global north countries are majority white) and people generally tend to prefer their own race. Maybe hang out with more lesbians of colour?

No. 966822

NTA but no way. Thanks for the info anon, now I feel a lot more comfortable about how I viewed her in that movie.
>"No other man was allowed to touch her"
>He didn't say woman so…
I don't really have an ideal partner looks-wise. There are a lot of fine women and my head keeps spinning. I think with most women I can find something about them, which makes me really attracted to them. I'm already struggling with feeling predatory though and I'm also worried it comes across as fetishizing when a whitie like me is too enthusiastic about woc.

No. 966824

My ideal woman looks-wise is East Asian but I get immediately called a yellow fever weeb for it so can't win, even though I like plenty other ethnicities as well. Either way the anglosphere internet is pretty white-centric since it's mostly western people so that plays a part.

No. 966909

This is such a cool outfit/photo. Gives me 90's vibes

No. 966910

Ok bear with me, lady question

>be me, on period

>get out shower
>wrap wet body in towel
>if towel touches cooch, the towel gets bloody and stains
>if i use toilet roll it sticks to the wetness and makes a mess

Am i supposed to air dry and hover over a toilet so the blood can drop in? I can’t use towels on my period, I’m literally sitting on a sock as a makeshift pad right now as I don’t know how else to dry my area without bloodstains.

No. 966921

does your blood not stop when you shower? usually when i wipe after a shower theres nothing. just dab with tp and put your undies on

No. 966933


No. 966938

For some reason, no. A little bit of blood drips afterwards, so I have to cover it up. This doesn’t happen in the bath though. Maybe I will try the dab and then pulling on pre padded undies

>>966933 It’s time to stop. Everything can be interpreted as ‘suspect’ but it’s like you guys think a woman can’t use the Internet and everything is a man scheming to impersonate a woman because why not? Mento illness.

No. 966939

>does your blood not stop when you shower
Nta but mine doesn't either. Is it supposed to? I never knew this was a thing

No. 966955

.if my flow is that heavy I'll air dry while sitting on the toilet.

No. 966957

File: 1636763847833.jpeg (137.59 KB, 528x818, 1570681444632.jpeg)

Definitely some tranny.

No. 966960

Some people bleed a lot, so you're not abnormal. Try kegeling most of the blood out right before you stop showering. Personally, I do bleed onto my towel on my heavy days but just a little bit. If it happens, whatever. I'll throw it in the washer soon anyway.

No. 966967

I don't get this question, I have a heavy flow and just wash it out and then when I get out put a tampon in

No. 966971

Which one should I choose?


I know, Amazon, but I'll buy better quality later on if everything works out. I'm 5ft tall, and I'm going to have a bike shop assemble it so I don't fuck it up.(this is an imageboard)

No. 966973

I love these! I always wanted one!
I would chose the Slsy one based on looks

No. 966978

why is your towel touching your cooch?? i stand with my towel around me (not touching my cooch) for a bit then dry with toilet paper (use more) and then put underwear and pad on

No. 966985

Bought!! Thanks for the input, it does look cuter. Hopefully this will be my holy grail of transportation lol

No. 966989

Keep me updated! I don't know how to ride a bike so I always considered buying one of those, they seem easier and very comfortable. Have fun nonny!

No. 966992

I don't know how to ride a bike either! I've tried and failed multiple times my whole life, so fuck it, I'll look stupid on a tricycle but at least I won't need t take a bus. Thanks, will surely update!

No. 967001

The best part about both of these bikes is they don’t look like tricycles they just look like bikes! Everyone who sees it will just assume the extra rear wheel is for stability while hauling cargo.

Warning: I’m drunk and I love bikes

No. 967022

I fold a paper towel into a pad-like shape until I dry off everywhere else, then replace with padded underwear. I don't like using tissue paper because I don't want tp residue right after I shower.

No. 967023

the inversion method is bs, right?

No. 967063

How do I deal with withdrawal symptoms from Advil? My headaches are getting out of hand to the point where it's hard to focus but medicine is the only thing that gets rid of it, but if I keep taking it the headaches will get worse. I already drink water by the way. And normally I don't get headaches this bad at any other point, I only took the medicine in the first place to deal with period pain.

No. 967072


You don’t get withdrawal symptoms from Advil. Go see a doctor.

No. 967080

Really? I've seen a lot a people mention this happening from taking too much of it.

No. 967084

How does townhall work? And when you submit info does all your personal info show?

No. 967098

As someone with migraines & headache issues advil can absolutely cause rebound headaches and they suck. Get a bit of caffeine in you and take a warm dark shower/bath. I know that sounds weird but dark showers/baths really help me when I'm suffering. Something my neurologist suggested.

No. 967133

A friend of mine who studied psychology 101 told me that I have signs of ADHD. Some relatives did tell me before that I have symptoms of developmental issues similar to ADHD and this is stuck in my mind. My therapist couldn't give me an evaluation on it (she's not a specialist).
Idk where I can find an evaluation for it, and if I do have ADHD how to I manage it? The antidepressant available in my country are incompatible for me.
I don't know what kind of symptoms or signs that I should watch out for, I do know that my room is a mess though…

No. 967158

So the other day, I left a couple of comments on this blog that I’ve been following for a while. It’s not a personal blog, it’s basically like a historical fashion blog that’s run by one person. The comments need to get approved before being posted. When they were finally approved, I noticed all of my comments were edited to sound “smarter.” It was like the guy had ran every word through a thesaurus.

Is this normal nonnies? I basically never comment on anything, I just found the subject matter interesting in this case. I noticed pretty much every other comment on the site is the same type of wording so I think he rewrites every comment to sound smart or witty. I don’t really care since it’s obviously his site, but it just seems so bizarre and tedious. I can’t stop thinking about how weird it is.

No. 967159

Never heard of this, wtf lmao

No. 967160

what a psycho

No. 967162

This is hilarious lmao

No. 967168

My TA is very obviously flirting with me and I need to not let this situation escalate before the semester is over or else my grade in the course is dunzo. How do you keep moids at arms reach?
I swear to god he tried using that Kino escalation method on me too which if you didn't know, Kino escalation method is a manosphere PUA tactic.

Also ik this sounds stupid but I’m not ready for how he’s going to treat me after he realizes I won’t fuck him. I’ve had it happen every time where a guy just cuts me off completely once they realize they’re not getting anything and the change in treatment is depressing because it makes you realize that any acknowledgement was based on the prospect of sleeping with you. It makes me feel like a blowup doll with no other value than fucking but in reality I’m a grad student who just wants to be seen like other grad students.

No. 967170

Does everything have to be about diagnoses? Find the true reason to why you have trouble focusing or getting things done. Maybe you're just not that interested or lack motivation. No need for meth pills or expensive therapy.

No. 967171

Finding motivation and focus is the goal for sure. Just thought that having a proper diagnosis can goal me into a right direction to keep my life in balance.
I'm good at my current job right now despite constant distraction (can't stop having intrusive thoughts about past events and such), there are days I'd have to rely on alcohol to "mute" my brain. Otherwise nothing severed so far.

No. 967187

ever just wonder what happened to the nudie pics your bf/gf took when you were young and dumb? my ex had a really shitty cellphone back then and that is my only solace. but he said he showed his mom, and that make me wonder who the hell else saw me

No. 967190

How can I become better at putting my thoughts into words?

No. 967192

I’m so happy I don’t have this problem as an ugly woman

No. 967197

Yup. Especially wonder because the reason we broke up was because he was screen recording every single webcam interaction we had and he would sometimes take pics of me secretly when we were hanging out in person

No. 967212

I'm taking a 5 month course provided by an university. Would it be correct to say I'm going back to school? Or that I'm just attending a course?

No. 967218

When is it acceptable to make a new thread? I've been told 1100 is too early but do you have to wait until it's over 1200 or is it ok to anticipate a little?

No. 967225

Can anyone help me understand what Twitter analytics mean???

I have 2 old ass private accounts, a musician that I've followed since I was like 12 follows me on both, and I have analytics on both accounts. My main has 3 followers (musician, his fanpage, and a dead acct belonging to an old penpal) and the other has only 1, the musician.

ANY time I post anything on either account, the analytics numbers climb on the post by the minute starting in under a minute from each post time. Does this mean one of my favorite artists is watching my Twitter?? Otherwise, I can't figure out how I can post a selfie at 3am to a prvt acct with 3 followers and end up with:

>33 impressions

>13 total engagements
>6 media engagements
>6 detail expands
>4 profile clicks

I emailed my penpal about his acct and he said he abandoned it and hasn't logged in in years, his last post is from 2016 so I believe him.

What does it mean???

No. 967226

Isn't it OK as soon as the automated "this thread has reached 1100 posts" post happens?

No. 967227

No, you've got to wait until 1200. The 1100 message just gives you time to prepare a new one (which is handy for cow threads that have a lot of information in the OP). You'll definitely get yelled at by anons if you create a new thread at 1100.

No. 967252

Which one is better to depuff, the face roller or the gua sha?

No. 967288

a spoon that was put in the fridge for 15 minutes. not joking

No. 967309

1100 is way too early, make it when it reaches 1200.

No. 967324

>because it makes you realize that any acknowledgement was based on the prospect of sleeping with you
You need to realize that's how the majority of males are until they prove otherwise

No. 967357

File: 1636820675155.jpeg (1013.36 KB, 1242x1264, 2CA6138F-BC28-4455-915A-DC35E5…)

Since so many nonnies seem to be white girls who geg seriously angry when white guys date black girls, I was wondering if any of you have black stepmothers.
100% serious question, I’m seriously wondering if some of you have some knee jerk reaction because it reminds you of your mom not being with your father anymore.(racebait)

No. 967364

none of what you said is accurate, most white girls don't seem to give a shit don't seem to care much if non-white girls date white guy, however they tend to underestimate/downplay the misogyny of non-white males, I doubt most can even comprehend the misogyny outside the western world

No. 967366

Why are you taking bait? Only white moids care about their girls getting "blacked"

No. 967367

Racebaiting white incel. You did this before, except you were insisting that white women were jealous/angry because white men like Asian women more. Hang yourself by your cock
Anyone dumb/insecure enough to reply to this in seriousness should also suffer for shitting up the thread

No. 967371


No. 967373

File: 1636821850215.jpg (87.2 KB, 1300x866, 86670068-young-beautiful-girl-…)

If I mention person A on work chat (Teams) while in a private conversation with person B and person A messages me immediately - and this has happened numerous times - is it rational to assume that person A can read our chat? How difficult is it to set in Teams to have access to other people's chats?

No. 967382

If it’s not work related I would just not talk on teams

No. 967491

I tried to have a private account with no followers for about a day, and somehow got impressions on it, more than could be made by me simply viewing my own Tweets, so I ditched that. I'm not sure if Twitter bots scour every post, Twitter staff?? seems unlikely. But something is up with so-called private accounts.

Also kinda want to know more about why you have private accounts following only one musician, if he's active on Twitter maybe he is looking at your Tweets which are essentially a DM to him since you have no other followers.

No. 967498

Oh and to answer the literal question

>33 impressions (means how many times it appeared on someone's/somebots screen)

>13 total engagements (total of the two below)
>6 media engagements (times clicked on media/photo)
>6 detail expands (times opened Tweet to see details, as in from timeline)
>4 profile clicks (means when they click to view your profile directly from the Tweet)

No. 967519

Literally when does this happen? What's up with this recent race baiting of how "white girls do this and that"? Is this some shitty /pol/ psyop?

No. 967526

Yea, there's been a few men around lately

No. 967533

Some pol user probably got turned down by a girl or smth just ignore the autism and go

No. 967534

Male projection.

No. 967541

Why do you guys have such a hard time ignoring racebait

No. 967559

me personally I'm retarded

No. 967566

they react to every type of bait

No. 967567

Not just racebait but bait. Idk if the anons are autistic or if it's op samefagging to get the fight going

But you can always report idiots who take the bait

No. 967574

How do fraternal twins even come about? I can understand the sperm part but don't we only have 1 egg in our bodies at a time?

No. 967584

I'm really confused about why Jillie is causing such a reaction from some farmers, a lot of people and cows larp disabilities and mental illnesses, nothing new under the sun imo

No. 967593

do fandoms just suck, or is it people in general?

No. 967598

I'm assuming it's because anons who follow her were originally in it for her old milk with fashion etc, and she's made this drastic change into a mental health munchie. It's more dramatic than if she was always a larper and that's the sort of milk you prefer.

No. 967601

No. 967603

Both suck but fandoms seem to bring out the worst in people

No. 967633

she was originally jsut a spoiled rich weeb with disastrous outfits and worse cosplays. most people knew her bc of old lolita/cosplay drama or followed her awful attempts at fashion
she took a sharp left turn into munchiedom recently and the nosedive has been very quick.

and getting a fucking custom cake to celebrate your DID diagnosis is… something.

No. 967687

we need context anon

No. 967693

How to get over my androphobia?

No. 967696

>I tried to have a private account with no followers for about a day, and somehow got impressions on it, more than could be made by me simply viewing my own Tweets, so I ditched that. I'm not sure if Twitter bots scour every post, Twitter staff?? seems unlikely. But something is up with so-called private accounts.

Thanks so much for even replying! My main acct was made in 2010, the 2nd in 2013 just to post outfits from darling Nikki for in game currency. The musician followed my main during a following blitz where all you had to do was @him, but I have no clue why he followed my 2nd acct. I never followed any accounts on my 2nd (even my main) except the musician. Here's the other thing: he follows a TON of his fans, to the tune of 850K followers. I have NO IDEA how I can make a post at 3am on my 2nd account and within the hour have SO MUCH activity on my post unless he maybe had notifications turned on for me? Also neither account has ever been public.

I send him a DM a few years ago on his birthday, he saw it and immediately posted a video thanking all his fans for the birthday wishes which was HELLA coincidental. There are soo many incidents over the years of this musician just popping up unexpectedly wherever I go like this for me to be like, okay, I'm just a paranoid conspirator… but I DO NOT use twitter, it's locked up like a diary so for me to be able to watch those interaction numbers climb by the literal minute… Like, I'm not that interesting??? Until recently when I noticed this I only posted once every few months at most. And on top of that, except for the bday DM which he never sent a reply to, I never tried to @ him or DM him (after the @ that got me the follow years ago). I will rarely post a selfie (like 2 per year rare), mostly I post snippets from my poetry or just little things like "delete ur FB" or "stop drinking soda". No matter what I post, someone is immediately crawling all over it within minutes and the numbers don't stop climbing for hours. I posted a selfie last night to the main with 3 followers and as of right now it has:

>50 impressions

>24 total engagements
>12 media engagements
>11 detail expands
>2 profile clicks

>Also kinda want to know more about why you have private accounts following only one musician, if he's active on Twitter maybe he is looking at your Tweets which are essentially a DM to him since you have no other followers.

I followed more accounts at one point, but as I stopped using Twitter for anything but myself I removed them, except the musician because… yeah. Been a fan since I was 11, and even if it's easy af to get a follow from him it just makes me smile I guess that he follows me. I followed him on my 2nd when I followed like 30 musicians, but ended up deleting the others when I started noticing all this, and that's why the 2nd account now ONLY has the musician follower.

No. 967710

Oh and also, the time of day seems to matter too. I notice that the things I post after regular business hours (like between 11pm and 4am) get hella interactions immediately, but ones posted during the day take a lot more time to get those same numbers (though they do bt the end of thw day).

No. 967770

Do you use deodorant on your crotch? I hear about it on occasion and it seems strange.

No. 967772

no wtf

No. 967775

No, wtf who does this? And how stinky is their vagina that they need to do it?

No. 967776

If a random scrote on campus asks for your name should you give it or say something like “none of your business” ? This happened on Friday and I did the former even though I really wanted to do the latter but I was scared he’d be offended (kinda my intention though) and start harassing me if he spots me again on campus. I’m usually alone so I’d rather not deal with a pest and his scrote friends encouraging him but also I didn’t want to give my fucking name or waste any more than 1 second speaking to him

No. 967780

When this happens to me, I start acting like my toddler neice. Every answer to every question becomes only the word "why?". After 5 or 6 whys they usually look at you like you have a mental problem and walk away.

No. 967783

Just say that you’re busy or that you have to go somewhere else, go to a place where there’s lots of people, preferably other women, and wait for him to leave you alone.

No. 967790

Kek this sounds hilarious

No. 967797

I only give fake names which are top ten most popular girl names in the past 20 years level generic. Was a bit awkward though when one guy recognized me again and I couldn't remember what name I gave him, so maybe you should stick to a specific one lmao.

No. 967802

Try it nonny, the looks you get are amazing. Don't act like a tard, just like you genuinely don't understand what they want and keeo asking why.

No. 967825

No, we are all born with all of our eggs we will have in our lifetime. You have a ton of them in you rn.

No. 967855


Me again, just to say that since I made this post NONE of the 5 tweets I've posted since then have had any interactions on them, except for scrollbys and the #s are staying under 5. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttt the f

No. 967856

If 1 sperm fertilizes 1 egg you get 1 baby.
If 2 sperm fertilize 1 egg you get 2 baby with identical DNA.

No. 967877

follow-up question…since we used the work chat for venting with said coworker (who's also new) and I have the concern that our superiors are reading our messages, would it be weird to ask him to have these discussions privately on Viber for instance or through our personal emails? If I gave him his number would he possibly see it more than what it is? He's nice, but I don't want anything more than having a place for venting our work related frustrations

No. 967898

i'm horny all the time because husbando coomer but i rarely masturbate to anything. when i do i just focus on the sensations. do you think i'll have trouble performing once i get a boyfriend?

No. 967900

>i'm horny all the time because husbando coomer
can you explain please?

No. 967903

i consume explicit fic, shows, or games everyday

No. 967904

wait are you a coomer or is your husband? are you esl (no offense or anything if you are). I just don't understand what you're trying to ask

No. 967905

I've never cooked kimchi, does it smell? It's so late and I would feel bad to make now the time to try making kimchi fried rice if it's going to leave a smell. It's pretty mild cabbage kimchi if that makes a difference.

No. 967912

nta but she means husbando content as in hot anime boy/fictional boy content, they are her husbandos and she consumes illicit content about them thus horny all day.
To answer your question, men are not like husbandos so it probably won't help. But performing is more a male task so unless you're a lost male you should be ok.

No. 967918

ayrt, this bit is a clue
>Here's the other thing: he follows a TON of his fans, to the tune of 850K followers.

Even though that's a lot of people, if you're posting at 3am probably not a lot of other people are so he could still have seen it. Plus he seems to have an interest in his fans to follow that many, and post the thank you video right after seeing your birthday DM. Musicians often have crushes on fans so I think it's more likely than not that he's seen your Tweets as your only follower kek.

I had a guy who stalked my Twitter and had notifs on for me and I'd have the same thing with the instantly rising activity and detail expands stuff, and activity only during certain times of day. So that is rather suggestive too. You posting infrequently and never talking to him just makes you more mysterious to him, even though it seems silly.

I'd try writing a few replies to his posts sometimes and seeing if he interacts with them.

No. 967921

By expending your vocabulary.

No. 967942

>if you're posting at 3am probably not a lot of other people are so he could still have seen it.

Oh, well I forgot to mention this but I'm also 3 hours ahead of him with timezones, so would that change anything? Also since I noticed all this I've been making sure to post at least something every 1.5-3 hours when I can, and as of checking before writing this reply the last 4 posts I made since my last post have gone back to having the #s shoot up quickly again. This musician is notorious for his insomnia as well, so a 3-4 hour gap in the interaction spikes could mean he was asleep then and it was an incredible coincidence, but… That's a goddamn lot of time specific "coincidences".

As for messaging him, idk about that, I really have no clue what use I could be to him as an average person. Gotta say though, it's kind of exciting?

No. 967971

Is it normal to not feel satisfied from masturbating? I'm constantly sexually pent-up, but when I masturbate it doesn't even feel like an actual outlet because in the end it just makes me more horny. Even though I'm constantly trying to distract myself, I find myself irritated and annoyed a lot because of it. I have a bf, but we're LDR at the moment and he's low-libido. What the fuck do I do?

No. 968011

Is 1000 mgs of vitamin C too much to take on a daily basis?

No. 968013

File: 1636899273079.jpg (618.91 KB, 3464x2249, g8otumsf7w961.jpg)

Why are more often then not extreme weebs very right wing, while extreme koreaboos tend to very left wing

No. 968033

Kpop is generally a girls hobby and weebshit is generally a moids hobby

No. 968038

I mean I disagree with you on that, I always felt weebshit was 60/40, In cons and even online spaces I saw just as much as women as I did males

No. 968047

Yeah I don't get this either, I'm so horny that I feel wired but when I masturbate it doesn't feel like much, and orgasm is so muted I might as well have not had one. Maybe it's time to buy vibrator? Or is it some chemicals in the food/water messing with our hormones.

No. 968058

File: 1636904707187.jpg (32.57 KB, 500x370, jap nazi girls.jpg)

japan are honorary aryans

No. 968089

You anons kinda sound depressed. Figure out what gets you hot and utilize that without a male in the equation. Really the only way to learn how to enjoy pleasing yourself is to just "feel it out" and try shit. It's just you and yourself, so you should be having fun with it! And if you go at it like it's a chore, it'll never really satisfy you. You have to make it a (sorry if this sounds hella cringe) sacred, personal experience for yourself where your focus is to relax and enjoy the sensations and your fantasy, not just to orgasm. Female sexuality is largely mental, which is what separates us from braindead coomers who can cum from any half assed pseo-erotic stimulus.

No. 968095

I mean, it feels good and so does my orgasm, it can be fun, but there's no intimacy or connection from masturbating alone in a dark room. People will tell you to "just masturbate!" when you're horny, but to me that has the same effect as someone telling me to hug myself when I'm lonely.

No. 968109

Well then, for that I would gently suggest a deep inner convo with yourself about what your real end goal is in that case. Do you just want to get off and "get it over with"? if so, that's the start of the problem itself. If what you want is that feeling of intimate closeness, unfortunately masturbation doesn't usually supply that. The ability to give yourself a satisfying orgasm ultimately comes from your sense of self worth and stability, that's the huge "self" part of "self-love'.

Now from here, all I can suggest to you two based on MY personal experience with having this issue in the past is that (and I'm NOT trying to imply anything about you two anons, I'm speaking from me here) is to go a little easier on yourselves, don't stress out about it and just know you have all the time you want/need to get it right. In the meantime, though it might sound generic and stupid, try to work on building some non-sexual relationships with people that give you that sense of closeness. It's tricky and it takes time and trial & error, but it's very doable.

No. 968145

>I always felt weebshit was 60/40
It definitely used to be, but with animu becoming borderline mainstream I'm not sure it still is (nta)

No. 968198

Are hot baths bad for you?

No. 968200

File: 1636918523836.jpeg (157.58 KB, 640x640, 016D7B98-B24D-4FC4-BE26-E04FAA…)

Do you guys think that there should be a menstruation thread that’s separated from the vagina general?

No. 968205

they're not best for your skin but I don't think they're bad-bad

No. 968214

I have all of those books kek. And no, I don't think it's necessary. Why would you like a separate thread?

No. 968219

No, there's too much crossover between periods and anything else that involves vaginas

No. 968222

Why do senior citizens fall asleep so early

No. 968226

You need shorter sleep cycles when you're old, but more of it. Lots of naps like a baby.
They might go to bed at 8pm but they might then wake up at 4am.

No. 968277

Are men really most attracted to women who seem unattainable or distant?

No. 968290

How acceptable is it to casually use the word autistic (like in the pejorative sense) among current college-aged people? I keep seeing people say that autistic is just the zoomer replacement for retarded, but it's kind of hard to picture people using it like that in real life. When I was in college, people mostly avoided saying retard but would use it if they were venting or being edgy among friends (as opposed to words like faggot, which would definitely get you glares) - is it about that level of acceptability?

No. 968292

anytime I am in a relationship men show way more interest. On top of that plenty of women I know got ghosted by men as soon as they started showing interest back

No. 968299

I found iffy about it too. Probably because I had bad experiences some autistics myself, and when I see people casually making jokes like "hehe how autistic of me to make this silly mistake". Which I assume it's some sort of zoomer's in-circle jokes, I don't find it's funny or cute to use it as an expression.

No. 968305

Probably not, but no one likes desperation either. Many men like the path of least resistance. Men will happily form committed relationships where I live. So not sure I agree with the universality of >>968292

No. 968313

Are you the same anon from the MTF thread that claims to live in some fairyland where nobody rapes women and everyone is in commited relationships

No. 968320

>plenty of women I know got ghosted by men as soon as they started showing interest back
As soon as I got into relationships with men they started treating me worse (sometimes over the course of years). Got out of the relationships, they treated me better again. Kek. Men are incapable of valuing that which they believe they've already "won"

No. 968323

No lol.

No. 968342

Only the type of men you wouldn't want in your life, anyway.

No. 968411

What the hell is a JSON file, and how do I open it in a way that is easy nd makes sense?? I downloaded my google chat history, but it came in this file type that I don't know how to work with. Please help? I upload the file into an online JSON converter, but it spits out a bunch of code-looking stuff intead of my chat history.

No. 968431

I don't think lolcow is where you will find your answer for this, but you could try the coding thread? Those anons might know where you can look for help

No. 968449

Oh! I'm not very tech-savvy so I didn't evwn know about that! I'll check the catalog.

No. 968451

Does anyone else here take birthcontrol? What are the issues with it, I mean I will admit I have never fully understand the issues associated, I have been taking for some years now mainly because I have problems with my period/PMDD.

No. 968458

JSON is a data object text file formatted in a specific way that makes it both human-readable and machine-readable. You should be able to open it raw in Notepad on a PC.

A single object is surrounded by curly brackets, and then it’s “property”:”value”, separated by commas and line breaks. So if you have a black cat named Luna, it would look like:
“name”: “Luna”,
“species”: “cat”,
“color”: “black”

You can try converting it to CSV and opening it in Excel. That might make it easier to parse.

No. 968473

Did you also just watch Sailor Moon on TV, nona?

No. 968489

what can i eat for breakfast that will give me energy at work? i don’t really have time to cook anything in the morning.

i usually just eat fruit & drink coffee but then i’m hungry af until i get a break, which can be several hours

No. 968493

Thanks for replying! I'm sorry to be dumb again, but how can I convert the file?

No. 968513

toast and then bring it on the road? toast with fruit. or overnight oatmeal?

No. 968524

I've had this stupid alt-right meme song stuck in my head for weeks now, I need to know what song this is parodying so maybe I could replace it

No. 968540

Holy shit, my stupid upbringing comes in handy for once. It's "The Waiting" by Tom Petty. Don't come around here no more.

No. 968543

thank you

No. 968550

There are JSON to CSV converters online! https://data.page/json/csv should work.

Yes lol

No. 968554

Is it creepy to read reader-inserts involving celebrities? I have conflicted feelings, on one hand it feels wrong since it's an actual real person with their own life and everything, on the other hand I'm horny af

No. 968556

Why is Jim Carrey's face so wrinkly, barring the obvious answer of "old age"?

No. 968660

i feel you anon, i’ve turned to fanfiction again. creepy? maybe a little. wrong or hurting anyone? nope

No. 968706

If the recommended daily amount of B12 for an adult is 2.4 mcg, then why is it sold in such high doses? Whenever I take my 1,000 mcg sublingual, I break out horribly. However, if I go longer than a month without taking it, I start feeling dizzy/off-balance 24/7. I can’t seem to find any super small doses being sold.

No. 968707

I mean weird and immoral, just stick with fictional characters
that's the same logic lolicons use

No. 968708

Nta but it isn’t the same though, at worst, the whole ass adult famous person could think it’s weird, but at least nobody is sexualizing children like people who read manga about little girls fucking.
Unless anon is stalking the artist and trying to go to their home at night to take a picture with him/her, there’s nothing immoral about reading fanfiction with real famous people.

No. 968710

Its still immoral and something you shouldn't do, imagine if a pedo used the logic that they were reading erotica featuring children and this was his defense

No. 968711

All those crazy faces took it's toll

No. 968713

That a whole ass child will find it weird? That’s literally idiotic as a defense, what should be said to a faggot reading erotica about children is that you’re calling the police.
You could say the same about anything and a pedo could and has used it as a defense for their behavior. Oh, you like going to Disney? Well, pedos love going to Disney too, that makes going there amoral, because a pedo will say that he’s just having fun while stalking children, therefore, going to a park as an adult is overall wrong, how dare you have fun as an adult?
I don’t get why is it that anything a woman does, is always compared to pedophiles, it’s honestly annoying.

No. 968715

Anon, stop taking the bait

No. 968740

How often do you stain your clothes when you're on your period? Kinda want to kms because it won't stop happening and I have a huge stain that's not too visible I think and it's so unpredictable I'm worried I'll humiliate myself in public again.

No. 968742

All of the time, I don’t even care anymore, at least it’s blood and not shit.

No. 968743

I wouldn't care if I wans't currently at the office. I have to work this afternoon and right after that I have to go to the doctor's. I hope she won't notice anything.

No. 968744

i stain my underwear allllll the time, stain my pants once in a while but i usually wear dark colors so it isn’t really noticeable. it annoys me when i stain my bedspread from sitting on top of it, i try to clean that immediately when it happens. i really don’t care about staining my sheets/mattress though.

No. 968751

Is there a word for people who prefer buying things for a hobby more than actually doing the hobby? I notice it happens with a lot of hobbies like art, guitar, reading, etc. The only word I can think of is consooming.

No. 968753

maybe “collecting” but consooming seems more accurate

No. 968754

Jfc, eat protein/fats as well not only carbs. It takes like 5 minutes to cook eggs, and if you really have no time, boil them in advance.

No. 968755

What is it like to be a new mum?

Currently 3 months pregnant and already a sofa goblin due to morning sickness. It’s freaking me out if I can’t handle this how will I handle a baby with 0 sleep…

No. 968759

File: 1636980632162.jpg (79.59 KB, 880x587, oooooooooo.jpg)

August. Who needs that shit? July but again. Wow. Fuck off.

No. 968761

Is Bumble BFF worth anything?

No. 968795

being performative?? that's how I view people who buy lots of things related to a specific thing in order to show off their interests instead of actually doing it

No. 968800

Does anybody else have a really annoying attachment style? I basically behave like a puppy: clingy, inexhaustibly energetic, overly loyal. I will literally follow the specific person around (not in a creepy way, but just if we are somewhere I will stay close to them and go where they go, and they will not be a stranger but a friend etc) and become inconsolably sad when we have to leave. I always have whenever I am with such a person whom I cling onto that I spend so much time with them until they physically can't stay awake anymore. They like it because they like me, but it is very extreme I think. I'm not proud of it and actually really hate it. I have cptsd which causes me to struggle with attachment. So I'm working on it. but I wonder if I'm the only one here

No. 968803

Got a spam email from a coworker who's email was hacked. I came in early today and saw it before office admin's sent out a mass email to ignore it. I clicked the link and it prompted me to enter in my password but I was suspicious because of the weird URL, the time my worker sent it (waay too early), and the fact that she didn't tell me to expect anything in my email. Am I fucked from just clicking the link?

No. 968806

File: 1636986644531.jpeg (63.76 KB, 750x900, BD1D6A82-51A0-419A-90E6-1E1E36…)

What’s everyone’s favorite animal?I like moose

No. 968807

I'm the same way with people I'm romantically interested in, but I can behave like a normal person around friends and sometimes even prefer to just be alone because I like my own space and company. But when I'm with someone I'm interested in, all of that goes out the window and I'm head over heels, want to constantly talk to them, want to constantly see them, want to hold their hand if they'll let me. It's fucking awful because I know I always put myself in a position to be taken advantage of because of how stupidly loyal and devoted I get.

No. 968809

I got back on dating apps for like two days and I was really disgusted by the pictures of shirtless men that I saw. Many of them were super fit but others were untoned or still packing the Freshman 15. Body hair made it even more gross if they were untoned. And just for reference I had no reaction to the abs of men who were in shape with “perfect” bodies—just a reaction of disgust to those who didn’t.
I haven’t been on dating apps in a while so idk how recent this change is. Prior to this, I dated a guy for years who was kind of skinny with little body fat. His body would probably fall under those I’d be disgusted by.
I’m wondering if this sounds like it could be caused by a lower libido from adderall or if it sounds like I’m genuinely just losing attraction to most men?

No. 968814

Ferrets, though I would never own them

No. 968815

File: 1636987812858.jpg (265.77 KB, 1080x1080, 244664020_4415826258510506_532…)

wrong thread, this isnt a stupid question… its a very important one

also mine is probably pigs! i have always wanted a baby pig, theyre so cute.

No. 968816

Its offensive when certain feminists compare to pigs, pigs are cute, resourceful, intelligent and just lovely overall

No. 968819

File: 1636988158285.jpg (629.26 KB, 2048x1365, bebik.jpg)

Bears all the way

No. 968822

File: 1636988392951.jpeg (98.33 KB, 1254x836, C18C953F-333C-4350-BD87-243D67…)

Axolotls, they’re cute as fuck, my raison d’être is getting a great apartment where I can have a room dedicated to them and where they can live happily in a cozy aquarium crafted specifically for them. It will be soundproof so there aren’t any sounds to bother them, dark, just the right temperature, they will have everything they need, and I will be the only one who will be able to enter such place.

No. 968823

File: 1636988508023.jpg (158.91 KB, 736x1139, 580cd9bbb76ee46897bb6b99b86b5a…)


No. 968824

Thank you for helping so much, yu have no idea how important this chat history is to me!!

But the problem is, the takeout file saved as zip, I unzipped it online but the JSON file has the internet explorer logo and every JSON to CSV thing online I plug it into spits out gibberish, or saves another JSON file I can't open. I can open all the pics from the chat, but not the chats themselves.

No. 968846

File: 1636990609111.jpg (90.05 KB, 736x490, 94757f9b29daca61f5bd633f868240…)

I'm an elefan.

No. 968966

File: 1637000078339.png (701.51 KB, 1080x1080, 0cf78339-6fce-45af-bd72-8c3d88…)

What do you guys use to keep yourselves safe on the computer?
I used to just have ublock on chrome but there must be more things to do to keeping yourselves safe, I tried an ip proxy and that just slowed things significantly down when I was browsing the internet and when I look for similar anwsers it there wasn't a lot that I could use as it was either out of date or more for Americans which I didn't really understand why I couldn't use it as a European since its just a region difference. keeping me safe. When downloading i lle gal ly

No. 968979

A paid vpn is the easiest way

No. 968984

I love spending time making mixtures. How can I find a job making all the mixtures I desire?

No. 968993

Could someone find out that their email address is being searched for? A person at work suddenly removed their alternative email address (that I Googled more than once) from their work-related social site and I feel paranoid. Is there a way for them to know?

No. 968995

These are things that I never worry about

No. 969003

How do I stop getting obsessed with people?

No. 969020

File: 1637002372764.jpg (36.94 KB, 640x412, wholesome-soft-meme-heart-meme…)

just bumping threads to hide the cp

No. 969029

No. 969032

anyone who shows me kindness

No. 969068

Not allowing cookies, VPN, a Firefox browser thats been de-bullshitted

No. 969072

Is it even possible/worthwhile? They can even track people from the deepweb nowadays and protonmail had to hand over their info to some government recently.

No. 969077

I'm the opposite of this attachment. I'm in a spectrum of avoidant/dismissive attachment type, and as result I tend to attract hyperfixated anxious attachment people.
This is one of the reasons I avoid dating since I can't provide enough emotional labor to my partner, I enjoy physical contacts and reassurances, and I do want to be with someone I can fully trust. I just feel really shitty if my partner ended up developing an anxious attachment towards me just because I holed myself up playing mmo for 4 weeks straight or something.
Maybe try to pan out your activities whereas it doesn't have to be involved with socialization 24/7. Join a random debate club, DnD, get invested in some 2D husbando or something, give your brain some tasks to get distracted with.

No. 969082

It's for keeping yourself safe from random scrote hackers not the gov.

No. 969083

lmao and I'm literally the mixture of both of you guys (anxious-avoidant), I get nervous when people want to get close to me but also when they leave me

No. 969113

Is it true america was settled by Nazis?

No. 969117

I rue the day when I have to move or throw out my mattress with all the bloodstains on it, ig I can just put it in a bag

No. 969118

Basically every time. Hydrogen peroxide is godsent.

No. 969133

You want a paid vpn and it will be slow, that’s the trade off.
Not for protection, but setting up network wide dns ad blocking is worth it for avoiding ads, especially if you go on shadier sites. Look into setting up a ‘pihole’.

No. 969137

I made a couple friends through bumble bff after moving cities, worked out great for me.

No. 969147

If you are awkward and not a stacy then you will have a bad time

No. 969194

Is ADHD actually an uncommon neurological disorder? Because, reading through the symptoms and experiences of people diagnosed, idk how to put it, but it seems normal to me. Like, that’s how every day is for me and I’ve never been diagnosed with anything. No teachers ever brought it up to my parents.

No. 969196

>I have friends
Well la dee da. Must be nice lol

No. 969200

i think social media gives people fake adhd, as in that they can't focus on reading longer texts or doing things without instant gratification. i have adhd, with the actual chemical imbalance in my brain, and i can, for example, read books just fine, while my terminally online friends can't focus on books at all, but they don't have any motivational issues or hyperactivity.

No. 969218

considering almost 1 in 10 kids has it I wouldn't say it's uncommon at all. the rates are lower in adults because these with "lighter" adhd can learn to successfully manage it to some extent without medications and therefore never get diagnosed.

No. 969224

File: 1637015766925.png (60.01 KB, 214x206, josei shock.PNG)

do i sound like a tranny?
i posted my voice in a thread on 4ch hoping to get (you)'s and while i DID get them, i got called a tranny. please help

No. 969225

no anon you sound like a woman, you have a nice voice

No. 969226

here's the vocaro i posted: https://voca.ro/1h4ghFCSzRVj

No. 969230

File: 1637016420762.gif (1.69 MB, 360x202, voice-strains.gif)

No. 969240

I'm just curious, anons what country are you from and what packaged sweet would you recommend from there? if not packaged, your favorite baked sweet?

No. 969245

File: 1637018474227.jpg (138.94 KB, 528x1023, choc01863.jpg)

Burger here and I absolutely love these

No. 969250

File: 1637018860687.jpeg (313.89 KB, 1200x1200, 974559E4-5458-4815-8A98-8D311E…)

Venezuela and this is the only valid chocolate that has ever existed.

No. 969251

File: 1637019021345.jpg (315.19 KB, 2000x2000, nimm2-lachgummi-376g.jpg)

germany and i like these more than anything haribo.

No. 969261

File: 1637020007597.jpeg (39.05 KB, 347x574, f884e6ac-1a44-4c25-b1aa-4c5a82…)

I am from Croatia, my favorite candy is bronhi, I love it when it melts in my mouth and sticks to my teeth and I love the flavor

No. 969263

File: 1637020215364.png (65.55 KB, 400x400, freia-melkesjokolade-sjokolade…)

I feel sorry for all non-norwegians and your shitty chocolate

No. 969267

Does anyone know what source claimed that Ted Kaczynski was afraid of buildings? I know this is the most random, irrelevant question but I listened to LPOTL's episode about him months ago and they mentioned how he was afraid of buildings which was something that I never heard anywhere and I can't find out where they got this information. Like did they just pull this out of their ass? It's such a random fact that I felt needed more context and they never followed up on it so I was searching for answers and found none. Don't know why I think lolcow sisters might have the answers but…

No. 969274

File: 1637021030271.jpg (343.05 KB, 3379x1774, image.jpg)

Mother fucking timtams!!

No. 969276

File: 1637021361789.jpg (1.41 MB, 2480x960, Moon-Pie-Single.jpg)

I'm from the US and probably the most quintessential American sweet that I like is Moon Pies. I have one every couple years and it's gross but delicious at the same time.

No. 969278

File: 1637021493734.jpg (76.28 KB, 437x679, decadentcookies.jpg)

Canada, and definitely these things for packaged. Though if you are getting fresh baked goods you can't go wrong with butter tarts. A lot of people like nanaimo bars but personally I find those too sickly sweet.

No. 969285

Why do Americans find it offensive when people wait somewhere for their ride? Everytime I'm out and about and waiting on a Lyft so many people come up to me and start questioning or giving me dirty looks. Like is everyone in America expected to always have a car? It's even worse in suburban areas where public transportation is non existent

No. 969289

File: 1637022204854.jpeg (10.83 KB, 316x160, images.jpeg)

Burgerland and i like these sugar free cookies since they're not too sweet. Everything prepackaged here is too sweet imo

No. 969290

Where are you at anon? That's never happened to me before, I do get a lot of shitty scrotes slowing down asking me if I "want a ride" though.

No. 969292

that sounds so shit, pretty much everyone from where im from just commutes via bus. Annoying when international students come here and make fun of you for using"poor people transport".

No. 969294

File: 1637023207908.jpg (33.86 KB, 679x438, shortbread.jpg)

UK and for me it's got to be shortbread. It's not too sweet and has a delicious buttery flavour. It's nice on it's own or it can be used to make different types of biscuits with nuts and chocolate.

No. 969322

That’s weird as fuck. Where the hell are you waiting at someone would say something?

No. 969328

To the Nonnys that use disposable capes what are the best flavours? tried a few geekbars but they just tasty funky or were too sickly sweet. Tryna quit smoking cigs but still have a heafty nicotine dependency and not ready to go full cold turkey yet.

No. 969329

*vapes, sorry

No. 969338

Automotive industry (gas and oil) has North America by the balls. Always has. Entire towns have been more or less decimated to accommodate highways and byways. Everything has been built around cars the moment someone realized they could make a buck off it. Nothing here was made to be functional or beneficial for human beings. It’s a giant resource mine, not a utilitarian utopia.

No. 969362

No. 969363

File: 1637034998829.jpg (442.23 KB, 640x585, Tumblr_l_654664486795473.jpg)

No. 969368

I've lived in two different suburbs, once in the south and other in the west. Southern suburb was more rural though

Usually at grocery stores, arcades, theatres, etc. Once at the bar

No. 969370

As a burger I'm very jealous seeing cities and towns in some of Asia or European nations that let their citizens easily walk down the street to a market or only have to use motorbikes in small bursts if it's further. I'm so tired of shitty loud engines waking me up and not being able to take a train somewhere when I'm running on 4-6 hours of sleep. The idea of bragging about your car seems like such a dumbass scrote thing. Then again I've heard statistically men like driving while women just want to get to the destination.

No. 969390

File: 1637038994743.jpg (305.28 KB, 429x692, 1637034027644[1].jpg)

Where did these pictures of monkeys and lions came from? I have seen them many times on posts making fun of NFTs, but I though that they came from a picrew and the joke is that furries are often rich and thereford pay for stuff like NFTs or closed species, but apparently they are actual NFTs that people have payed for? Can someone explain it to me?

No. 969391

Okay I think I'm so desperate that I start daydreaming about any guy in my vicinity that is showing continued interest. My grad school program only has ugly guys too so it's really bad and I need to stop.

I tried making a dating app profile but it doesn't even give me a boost of confidence as an attractive women because the men on there are so disgusting or boring. The hot ones are probably just looking to fuck any woman they can as well. HOW DO I STOP BEING SO EAGER TO THIRST OVER SOMEONE GAH

No. 969392

Lmfao I love this picture as well as the math one. Is that a meme template?

No. 969393

File: 1637039626280.jpg (154.45 KB, 1024x768, IMG_0791-1024x768.jpg)

okay guys so I've got this 4ft paper tube, pic rel. any ideas on how to repurpose and reuse this thing? it's thick too so I can't cut it easily

It's a roller for a large fabric banner from my workplace and I saved it for jokes ("I can hit people with it") but now it's been in my house for a week kek. I'd rather not send it to a landfill if possible

No. 969398

giant flute or sword

No. 969401

Actually maybe you can turn it into a decoration? Since it’s hard to cut you can maybe take some clay or paper mache etc. and make it look like bamboo, and paint it as such. In my house there’s these bamboo poles for decoration, but it’s several and not just one. So it could look awkward.

No. 969402

I think leave it as it is and eventually use it to cover some cable or duckt

No. 969403

I actually love it, send it to me so I can hit people with it

No. 969406

nfts are useless and meaningless so people who want to make money from nfts need to convince people to buy ownership of an image. some people have said "you can use my art as your avatar if you buy it as an nft" but it rarely works very well. a group of guys took this a step further and made a collection of ape avatars and said that anyone who bought one and used it as their avatar would also have access to a discord. the group was called "bored ape yacht club" because it is a club for crypto investors and apes are a reference to a crypto investing term ("aping in"). they very well might have made a picrew because they just swap out details the way you do in picrews. everyone else doing this is trying to copy the first group's success. the big lion group is called lazy lions iirc.
people with these avatars are always talking up how investing in nfts will make you a millionaire because the goal of buying nfts isn't just to own nfts: it's to convince some other guy that nfts are such a good investment that he should buy your nfts for more than you paid. you might get additional free nfts for joining a club, so it also works as a pyramid scheme that relies on recruiting new investors.

No. 969408

maybe I can make it into an abnormally straight palm tree
that's a really good idea, thank you
pls take, I'm in Philly

No. 969418

File: 1637041743691.jpeg (218.97 KB, 768x667, 3F2F5C13-ADB3-4AF0-AB2E-9040C1…)

I like crocodiles and alligators

No. 969437

I can't tell if my friend hates me or not, she always puts me down as a 'joke' and it feels annoying but it might just not be my humor.
Today we were talking to some guy about our job (we work at the same place) and she was sarcastically bragging about being the employee of the month while also adding "unlike [anon] over here!!!" to reinforce that I didn't get this award. I didn't care about this award at all and didn't even know it existed until she brought it up multiple times to say that she got it and not me. This is like the third/fourth time she's talked about it in that jokingly condescending way like "haha I'm so cool, get on my level" but it annoys me that she would jokingly imply to other people right in front of me that I'm worse at my job than her. Idk if I'm right to feel this way.

No. 969451

Is there a way to change your IP address if it's static?

No. 969460

Letting them eat each other until they mass peak.
I loved those seals, I wish I could buy them

No. 969461

File: 1637046452156.png (1.74 MB, 1200x1527, imagen_2021-11-16_010733.png)

how are we going to teach the gen z kids that fiction includes bad people and bad things and makes you uncomfortable on purpose sometimes bc maybe the author is trying to tell you something?

No. 969462

why get rid of the seals? where did they come from?

No. 969466

Nta, but here nonner: https://sosuperawesome.com/post/667407321141493760/seal-figurines-little-blue-seal-on-etsy
They are so cute, I love them.(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 969467

The borzoi is more lolcowy idk I'm high

No. 969552

Why do liberal people only ever do the "sexuality isn't innate" bullshit onto gay people? Why not go bug straight people? Tell a straight man that his sexuality isn't innate and one day he'll probably wanna suck dick. He'll punch you.

No. 969597

File: 1637058617092.png (402.55 KB, 417x661, imagen_2021-11-16_043031.png)

why the FUCK is this being treated as normal?

No. 969609

I had to sign for some mail but I was just coming home from a walk with my dog, but while I was signing my dog jumped up and grazed him with it's paw and I couldn't stop it in time. Couldn't tell if the guy was pissed or just startled. Good thing he didn't actually get dirty, but I still feel bad. What if the guy fucking hates dogs. What if he's muslim and can't touch dogs. What are the chances of him coming back and poisoning my dog for this?

No. 969610

"Him" is the mail man, sorry.

No. 969619

Did he say something, did you apologize? If he's a mailman he's probably used to crap like that

No. 969637

When you sprained your wrist and got those tape-on bandages on it, can you write with that hand or should you let it rest and rather use your other hand?

No. 969639

I apologized and he didn't say anything, he was just telling me what and where to sign, gave me the mail and then left. I know he was maybe pissed/surprised because he stopped a few seconds to check if his pants were dirty.

No. 969716

I feel like men are bad at hiding it when they're pissed at something, if he was annoyed in any major way he likely would've at minumum made a passive aggressive comment. You're probably ok. I wonder how many weird dog encounters mailmen must have in their lifetimes anyway.

My neigbours dog that I've walked past a thousand times before randomly got a lil aggressive with me lately. I was walking past in the exact same way I have those other thousand times. I had to give him space by crossing the road to aboid it excalating. Another neighbour saw it and commented that it was odd, then he added that only the mailman gets that treatment everyday.. I'm in work at that time so I'd no idea. This is a dog that's left out in the front garden all day and night with an open gate and no attempts to keep him restrained or restricted to one area. I'd no idea he got aggressive with anyone before. My view of the dog has changed. I'm more aware of him now when I pass. Some people are real casual about that stuff. Most postmen must be used to way worse dog encounters than a jump.

No. 969730

I guess they are used to annoying stuff, so I really hope that didn't bother him too much. I'm bummed but I'll definitely be more careful next time… it wasn't even an aggressive jump but still, I don't really want to be that kind of dog person.

No. 970009

I just watched a video of a highspeed police chase where the man hijacked multiple cars on the road. One of them he pretended it was an accident so that’s probably how he got the lady to open her door, but some other drivers he just blocked with car he was in, ran up to the driver’s side and pulled the doors open. Did these people just drive with their doors not locked? How the hell did he manage to get the doors for these other cars open?

No. 970017

You’re stupid, asking for such things in here, if you want tips for killing yourself, go somewhere else.

No. 970018

The only advice I have is to make sure you really exhausted all possible options for it to get better

I'm honestly in the same boat and no matter what I do, take calculated risks, invest time and effort etc, shit just doean't get better. But since I'm at absolute rock bottom I'm just doing whatever I can to try to make it better. Best case scenario it works, "worst" case - nothing changes.

And yea, dying will suck, especially by hanging. So, like, don't.

No. 970020

I'm currently commuting 20+ hours a week by public transportation between my parental home and my university. It's too much time, this can't go on like this for much longer. Going by car cuts the commute time by over a half but it's honestly out my budget because of the rising petrol prices. I've been looking for housing but everything's too expensive or I've got to fight over it with many other people (housing crisis). Are there options I haven't considered?

No. 970021

the vast majority of people drive with doors unlocked.

No. 970024

You drive with your doors locked? I only know of locking the doors when young kids are in the backseats.

No. 970030

I tried to overdose on whetever was in my house, did that twice, once when I was 12 and again at like 25. Puked for hours the first time, fainted the next day, looked noticeably green in the face the following day, nothing beyond that. No hospital, I didn't tell anyone. I took a load of my moms meds that time. She was a diabetic with high blood pressure and cancer so god knows what I actually took but it was quite a mixed cocktail. By the time she figured out hundreds of pills were missing I'd recovered from the ideal.

The one at 25 included alot of paracetemol and psych meds. Went to hospital, got put on drips, puked alot, more drips, was told the drips were to protect my liver and that paracetemol gives you a very slow and very painful death if you don't get that drip in time. I was in hospital for two weeks and had blood taken every morning to check for something. Not a death anyone would want apparently but I was ok.

Don't overdose if you're just taking any old thing you have around the house.

No. 970031

unless you two had this tradition to sarcastically roast each other then you shouldn't feel that shitty when she does that. whether it was intentionally or not, you can always tell her you're not in the mood for that, friendship should come with mutual respect.

No. 970032

My dad drilled it in me since I was young to keep the doors locked, maybe because I’m a woman and he’s worried something will happen? After watching that vid I think I’ll keep my doors locked kek

No. 970035

Do replies like >>969466 with links but without pictures automatically get red texted or is it just jannies not reading posts before they drop a ban? I’ve seen it happen a lot recently.

No. 970037

nta but wouldn't most cars make that beeping alert noise the whole time it's unlocked while someone's driving? or at least the cars i've been in have. and there's been a few occasions of people stealing things from my parents cars (this was when it was parked in front of our home) but idk if that's common or if our neighbors were just shitheads

No. 970039

>The only advice I have is to make sure you really exhausted all possible options for it to get better
Actually yes, I think I did everything I could, which is why I think I feel so at ease with this decision.
>Best case scenario it works, "worst" case - nothing changes.
In my case, even if something worked and/or my overall quality of life improved, I would fall back to this low level after a while.
>And yea, dying will suck, especially by hanging. So, like, don't.
Well, like any method of suicide, right? Dying is painful, but I don't mind. Even if these are minutes of extreme pain, I can endure it. It's nothing compared to the pain of living honestly.

Whoa anon, you've been through a lot. As I realized, the death rate from tablet overdose is not that high.
Thank you for your response, I hope that at least for you, life will change for the better.

No. 970040

It’s very hard to overdose to death on most OTC medications, and when you do it’s an extremely drawn-out and painful way to go. Can be easier/less painful with some prescription meds but it’s still highly dependent on the specific medication. I’m a very meticulous person so I can’t imagine just downing a bunch of crap from the cupboard without researching whether it’ll work beforehand. But considering how common pill suicide attempts are I guess that’s not the norm.

No. 970046

Not to start fight or criticize any anon here but I'd really appreciate it when suicide discussion can be put behind spoilers, especially when this is a dumb question thread and not a vent thread.
sorry ive been in a suicidal mode these days and just browse lc until the intrusive thoughts eventually blow over

No. 970055

Talking about suicide methods was supposed to be ban worthy, so idk how is it still up, even if they’re trying to convince anon to not commit suicide, there’s still the discussion of suicide methods.

No. 970066

But this "suicide culture" and memes are one of the most integrated part of the imageboards. There are always conversations about suicide because most of the people who visit ib are depressed people.
Honestly, if you can't take discussion about suicide, then maybe imageboards aren't for you. There's even more triggering content here. Let's not turn imageboards into a hugbox.

No. 970074

nta but it's hardly a hugbox when people spoiler content. It's still there, you're just given a heads up.

No. 970090

but what is the criteria for that? trigger warnings got out of control because people keep wanting them for more and more things that don't trigger the general public.

No. 970096

calm down, asking for bare minimum effort of putting things behind spoiler isn't the equivalent of hugbox safespace bs. This isn't a thread for that and some anon just want to look for stupid advice in this thread.

No. 970107

I mean, I don’t care if anons want to ask about suicide stories, but asking for suicide methods for the sake of killing herself in the future is just not only stupid, but also not allowed in here, if not ilegal.

No. 970129

File: 1637114309892.png (1.33 MB, 1280x960, imagen_2021-11-16_195821.png)

trigger trigger trigger trigger trigger trigger trigger trigger trigger trigger trigger trigger trigger trigger trigger trigger

No. 970131

But it shouldn't be, the current generation is so fucking cringe and self condensending about suicide, it is almost pushed in a frivolous way.
Plus, a gossip website having posts that push for suicide is not a good look.

No. 970140

File: 1637114987970.jpg (96.92 KB, 1080x865, Tumblr_l_202403932132786.jpg)

This image is illegal in China

No. 970152

File: 1637115761567.jpg (67.47 KB, 640x496, dDCB8Xd.jpg)

Does anyone know why people keep making posts in /ot/ where they just copy and paste viral tumblr posts into random threads? I just saw picrel in the dumb shit thread but it's nowhere near the first time

No. 970153

Some retard admitted on the confessions’ thread to be copy and pasting random tumblr posts.

No. 970154

Bet it's that anon who admitted to reposting a bunch of radfem confessions in random threads.

Doesn't seem to be trolling exactly, probably wants discussions to move faster because she needs the social interaction. Bit sad tbh.

No. 970158

They're too dim witted to contribute anything substantial on their own, so they copy Tumblr posts. May as well copy-paste some dailymail comments while they're at it.

No. 970179

This Love Don’t Judge channel feels like propaganda funded by…dark forces. Who produces it. Where are they getting their money.

No. 970189

File: 1637121427204.png (987.65 KB, 2048x1152, imagen_2021-11-16_215501.png)

Love these dumb tinfoils when in reality I just do it because I think those post are neat and I think some girls in here could appreciate them. It's not that deep and I could care less about backlash, I love sharing stuff with smart women on here. Most posters didn't even noticed until I confessed. I have done this multiple times.
>no fun allowed.jpg

No. 970204

ot but i used to have a friend who stole all her jokes from tumblr and i called her out on it one day (not even in a rude way just casual) and she got so offended that i picked up on it kek a lot of ppl did that when tumblr was popular it was so annoying

No. 970215

How hard is it to sleep on a plane? I have my first overnight flight in a few months and I'm worried I'll be too nervous to sleep. It"s not the same thing but I did fall asleep in a car with music blasting so I'm hoping I'll be okay.

No. 970219

Bitch if we wanted to read shitty ass tumblr posts we would actually go on tumblr.

No. 970223

Then post screenshots retard, nobody wants to interact with 'neat' posts if they're incorrectly assuming the poster wrote them.

No. 970224

I used to do this all the time at my waitress job anon, I was too autistic to go round and say goodbye to everyone. In fact, I irish goodbye so often people just expect it of me now. I wouldn't worry so much.

No. 970226

How come painkillers rarely work for my periods? I still try to take them anyway but it's starting to give me chest pain and never ending tinnitus. The last time I tried telling my doctor about this (although this was years ago under my parents insurance, I don't have any insurance now and can't see a different doctor) she told me to keep taking them and for some reason thought mental illness was causing the pain even though I've never been diagnosed with anything, then wrote down a number and address for some psychiatrist place. Tbh I'm just kind of afraid I might overdose someday with the amount I take. There's not much else that works, I also tried natural methods too.

No. 970227

What would the odds of finding my ldr boyfriend in the unmoderated Omegle video section of it the FIRST time I go on it be? Idk if I’m crazy or it was someone whose body looked like his. For pajamas he wears a white shirt and regular underwear which is what the guy had on but that’s very basic but idk…. then later he’s in a different position and I could see bottom of face, mouth and chin area, and it looked kind of like his. Maybe if I had seen the nose it would have been more identifying. Mind you I didn’t show my own face, and didn’t go to look for him. But I can’t believe it’s him idk. What is the likelihood it was really him? The room walls were also the same color but i didn’t take a screenshot to analyze bc it happened so fast. Tried finding him again but couldn’t anymore. The guys I saw might have been two different persons too

No. 970233

I honestly think it's to do with a growing interest in media that seeks to critique capitalism. Since the pandemic has exposed the ways in which working class people are constantly being exploited, normies are seeking less media about glorifying wealth and more media that they feel they can relate to.

No. 970237

nvm, color of room wasn't the same, whew

No. 970238

I just found out mine (fearful-avoidant/disorganised) and it makes so much sense. It's quite the annoying attachment style, as I'll literally become the opposite of whatever my partner is. If they're avoidant, I'll latch on and become obsessive, but if they're like that I'll avoid, avoid, avoid. I'm seeing a therapist atm who's helping me work through it, and I highly suggest you do too.

No. 970239

I was recently diagnosed with endometriosis and my period pain has always been awful. If I didn't take painkillers before a certain point it was honestly no use. I have started taking them on a schedule as soon as my period starts but I wish I didn't have to.

No. 970245

File: 1637130498075.png (7.76 KB, 280x155, ztvfcsd.PNG)

Is picrel true???

No. 970247

Of course. Italian seasoning isn't made out of Italians. Likewise pumpkin spice isn't made out of powdered pumpkins.

No. 970248


No. 970250

I always assumed it was a fake flavour that tastes like pumpkin pie, not necessarily with actual pumpkin in it. Like fake banana or grape flavour in lollies etc. But I've only had one PSL in my life and I've never had pumpkin pie, pumpkin as a dessert is a concept I don't even try to fathom.

No. 970260

File: 1637132681037.png (352.72 KB, 2048x785, chrome_screenshot_163713258531…)

Let's play a game: man or woman?

No. 970265


No. 970273

Can steam cleaners be used on wooden floors?

No. 970276

WHAT like a carpet cleaner? anon.

No. 970285

Yes but you need to use the floor attachment with the cloth so you don't scratch the wood.

No. 970289

File: 1637137544980.jpg (19.44 KB, 428x368, tiredpepe.jpg)

Steam the wood…?

No. 970296

I cut off the legs off of some tights so I can have shorts to wear under skirts, what should I do with the leftover fabric from the legs?
Definitely a woman, if a man cared enough to defend women watching porn he would instead say he finds it actually totally hot xd

No. 970311

OT but for some reason the "As long as we have sex, porn isn't a problem" pisses me off so much whenever I read it. Like no, go fuck yourself like you already do, I'm not gonna reward your semi-cheating on top of that.

No. 970317

honestly it’s really easy IMO, unless the plane is super crowded. i took an overnight flight recently, and there weren’t many people on it so i got to lay down across 3 seats to sleep, other people were doing this as well. i wasn’t even laying in my seat lmao. the flight attendants didn’t mind. it was a nice experience tbh

No. 970342

File: 1637146518040.png (22.19 KB, 300x250, gLKF1b3oKZ.png)

Do you think it's possible to have doubts in long term relationship and recover, or is it a sign of inevitable end?

No. 970346

People have doubts all the time, if you're in a long term relationship for 40 years there are going to be times where you both need to communicate and work through things together
If you met a guy three months ago and already doubt that you are compatible then that's different, it's a red flag

No. 970353

Depends on so many factors tbh, like how serious and ongoing are the doubts? What are they based on?

No. 970363

Do I look at the country I lived in all my life or my parents country who immigrated here a few years before I was born when looking at life expectancies by country and I wanna know what's expected for me?

No. 970434

Country you grew up in. Life expectancy for a country will be mostly based on the average lifestyle of someone living in said country afaik

No. 970445

That's fucked up because in Mexico where I live, pumpkin seeds are used as a "spice" or to help the flavor of some recepies

No. 970531

Will sonic be forever a bannable offense?

No. 970541


No. 970571

A possibly very stupid question but if a man has a great interest in plants, gardening and flowers (orchids in particular) does that point to him being gay?

No. 970573

and also cooking

No. 970577

No. Wtf. Try flipping the question to women. Is a woman with those hobbies gay?

No. 970578

why do some people consider sex the most important thing in a relationship? like, if sex is off the table, they'd end an otherwise good relationship. i don't get it?

No. 970579

File: 1637168048555.jpg (190.04 KB, 634x951, 881e966ef10ee4e7f19b93afba1628…)

No, why do you think so? Gardening isn't a women's hobby, have you never seen a gardening show on tv?

No. 970582

Personally, I feel connected to my partner when we have sex, in a certain way I can’t get otherwise. If I can’t connect like that, why would I date them? If there’s no sexual chemistry, a huge chunk of attraction is missing for me. It’s also why I’m monogamous. If you’re going to be connecting with multiple people, what’s the point. I want that sexual connection to only you to make the relationship stronger.

No. 970585

many gardeners are straight men, also cooks

No. 970587

If anything, it probably means that he’s at least quite considerate, patient and/or good at cooking because lots of people love growing plants that they can use for cooking.

No. 970600

Okay thank y'all kek. It indeed was a stupid question

No. 970601

I had an ex lay out very early on that sex was suuper important. I was afraid when we got past the honeymoon point and had that usual slight slowing down of things.. we were still having sex like 3 times a week when he went ballistic and gave me an ultimatum. I kinda forced myself because we were otherwise good and planning a future but my god was it never good enough for him. He wanted sex multiple times a day..forever. Horrible experience in the end. The connection of sex is a beautiful thing when all the conditions are right but this wasn't about connection. It was the furthest thing from connecting and I don't think he knows it really fucked me up. He told me at one point that he had stayed in a very toxic relationship before just because they fucked like rabbits so he was willing to put up with nearly anything. I think some people are just addicted to sex itself and the connection part isn't even there. For others it's more about real intimacy.

I honestly think I could date a man who had his dick cut off and I'd manage if I still had some form of non sexual intimacy. Touch is important and sex is great but it's not the be all and end all to me. I have hands. I have toys. I'm never going to be exactly deprived. Being cuddle deprived would kill me though. I'd be much quicker to leave over the loss of those smaller acts of affection.

No. 970614

Is a payment of 50 or 70 a month too little for a newbie translator?

No. 970617

File: 1637172088411.jpeg (77.82 KB, 640x634, 035964BB-E8BE-4CEC-BA49-B1819F…)

how can i rescue an exotic animal? is there a list or something that i can sign up? i’ve always wondered how people end up with super cool animals like this.


No. 970619

They usually have experience, a degree or something similar that allows them to do this, doubt it's random people taking in wild animals. Or they have a fuckton of money

Idk if you're being serious or not, but you could always call or email a rescue and ask what the requirements are?

No. 970624

Is there another way to recharge a phone that has a broken cord? I can't get a new one right now

No. 970627

Aw man the same thing happened to me yesterday but fortunately my roommate has the same cord and she just bought a new phone; if you can, ask someone to borrow one, or if you have superglue you can put the cord back together and then put glue on it

No. 970645

Does maca do shit for hormonal imbalance?

My doc and gyno keep ignoring me because "it's not that bad" and I should "just wear makeup" to hide the acne I get but I don't fucking want to do that. I have a skincare routine that works fine but I can't do shit about hormones, am already on bc

No. 970648

if you’re on BC you should do accurate, i wish i did it while i was taking BC but i don’t want to go back on the pill

No. 970650

*accutane ugh sorry

No. 970657

Ask around, someone will be willing to lend you one

No. 970660

I'm broke af and out of food in between paychecks (been struggling bc of shit hours for a month), so my BFF sent me $25 on Cashapp so I could go get something to eat, but fucking cashapp is holding the $25 and it wont2say why or when it will release the funds?? I'm so fucking hungry, Cashapp has NEVER done this before and I've been a user since 2018. I sent them an email buy it says it will take 24 hous for a reply, and I called the customer support # for Cashapp from Google and all it did was tell me to use the app support link and hang up on me. My app was up to date, none of my cards are expired or need to be updated, there's no reason to not release the money to me. My friend has no other way to instantly send me cash, so this really fucks me. Why the hell is this happening??? It's seriously the ONE TIME I need the money NOW, and that's supposed to be the whole point of the app-instant money transfers- so what the hell? All I can do rn is fucking cry and drink my nasty tap water. What the fuck, Cashapp???

No. 970670

I can't because you need a perscription for it which my doctor won't give me

No. 970672

if u have a smartphone and someone around u has a smartphone u can ask them if they can turn on battery share and u can charge ur battery by putting your phone on top of theirs

No. 970680

File: 1637176657991.png (3.04 MB, 2298x834, tfgkl.png)

Does this look like the same person??

No. 970686

if there's a 5 Guys near you, they have free peanuts

No. 970689

yes, right down to the freckles

No. 970699

Thanks nona! Couldn't tell if the freckles were really there on the left pic or if my eyes were playing tricks on me.

No. 970701

is there any way i can get into my old spotify account?? i’m locked out of the email that’s attached to the account. not sure how to recover my old email, it’s been locked for years now. i’m trying to guess my spotify password but nothing is right. i just want my old playlists

No. 970733

do humidifiers really work for blocked noses? i'm fine during the day but at night my nose gets blocked like crazy, not just when lying down but also just by sitting at my desk. i'm suspecting it's because of dry heater air. i also read of someone saying that they had to stop moisturizing their hands every hour after getting a humidifier and i also noticed that my hands are super dry and itchy lately, which again leads me to suspect that the air in my room is too dry… i don't have any way to measure it and i don't wanna buy another dumb gadget for that. i just wanna be able to breathe in peace and without getting addicted to nasal spray again.
tl;dr: humidifier yes or no?

No. 970737

I think it’s a great idea, the place where I used to live was dry as fuck, and keeping an humidifier around helped me a lot.

No. 970744

File: 1637180581045.png (62.87 KB, 162x178, 2021-11-17 12_22_28-Window.png)

plz get the cp off the front page

No. 970763

Yes! See if you could get one with a medicine cup. The one I grew up with has one and it just sort of steams the medicine (specifically made for humidifiers) into the air with the rest of the vapor. Not sure if it was a placebo effect but as a kid that shit was a life saver (too bad that humidifier kicked the dust after 20+ years). Also, instead of nasal spray, I'd recommend one of these nasal decongestants. I use picrel, but Vaporub makes one too. I find that they work better than nasal sprays, and I also just hate liquid being squirted up my nose and these you just have to breathe in. Same possibility for becoming addicted to them though. weird fact, once I was trying to see which one people liked better because the ingredients listed are actually different and I stumbled upon a subreddit for them… did not expect people actually buying this shit and turning into weird juice shit to get high. Absolutely wild, I just want clear nasal passages wtf

No. 970772

What's the best way to get to know new people (platonically)?

No. 970774

Ask them questions and hang out

No. 970806

File: 1637183384878.jpeg (30.15 KB, 718x554, quesadilla.jpeg)

is the cp gone?

No. 970808

It's been gone since >>970744 posted, nothing on any of the boards. I'm a little confused honestly

No. 970820

Nonnies I need help
What did the novelist Dave Eggers call words in descriptive writing that are compelling to the reader, but simple?

No. 970822

it was in venus thread in /w/ and images were popping up on the front page for 10-15 minutes

No. 970835

Did corpse drop in popularity after he got doxxed here or nah? Don't really follow him but I'm curious

No. 970871

File: 1637186678003.png (553.88 KB, 651x971, f44713121c842e88b258aa6dcfac64…)

How often do you give your opinion? Like, if a friend sends you a video of a comedian you don't like, what do you say? I feel like I am always saying "oh I'm not really a fan of this guy" and shutting people down and it feels kind of rude, but I also refuse to lie and say I like stuff I don't.

No. 970875

Why do we remove cuticles? My mom always told me it's not good to remove them, but mine were also never dry so I don't see the need to do it.

No. 970878

He was actually steadily dropping off before the face reveal. It's a shame the face reveal didn't happen sooner because it definitely would've been a bigger deal. Scratch that actually, the Twitter stan invasion would've been too much

No. 970881

How would you react if a lesbian revealed (in a neutral and non-judgemental way) that she'd never slept with or dated a man?

No. 970886

>ah, I see.

No. 970889

No. 970890


No. 970895

I hold back on scrutiny because theyre basic bitches and I don't wanna get into it with them and the bachelorette or whatever I find uninteresting. I don't say its crap, I just don't engage it

No. 970896

With absolutely no surprise considering she's a lesbian. You don't need to try something if you already know you dislike it.

No. 970911

I ordered something on eBay three weeks ago that hasn’t arrived, and the seller didn’t give me a tracking number. Is the USPS really slow right now or should I just go through with getting a refund?

No. 970915

Unless it was something that can go in a flat envelope, you should have gotten a tracking number. Contact the seller first and then if they don't cooperate, open a case.

No. 970919

How can I actually talk to a live person on Amazon? This is the second time they've fucked up this one order and I have a feeling it's going to happen again so I want to actually talk to someone but it looks like they removed the live chat option and phone number.

No. 970934

anon I am so sorry you're going through this. I myself have been having suicidal thoughts recently. is there honestly no hope at all for you? is there no one you can talk to? a helpline even? please at very least give yourself some extra time, things may get even just a little bit better. make a promise to yourself you'll wait and see if things improve.

No. 970937


No. 970945

Does anyone know anything about phones? My phone has been shutting down or freezing from time to time and it's a bit slow when opening apps, especially messages. I don't mind it being slow but I am afraid it will die soon so I'm looking for a new one. I found a very cheap model online - Cubot Note 7, and I am not looking for a fast or fancy phone, I don't want to use it much, I would use my brick phone but I need facebook messenger and my bank app. But the phone has 2 gb ram, and my friend tells me that's too little for modern phones, but the phone I have now has 1 gb and it works well, I can even play games on a ds enulator. But she says the ram is going to degrade over time as it did with this phone and it will get slow too, and with more ram it will last longer probably. What do you think, should I get more ram? I am really a cheapskate and I don't care about performance, but I would like to have a phone that lasts more than 5 years, to reduce waste. If it is even possible to have a phone that lasts over 5 years nowadays

No. 970951

Daily porn is alot but I still think it's prob a pornsick woman.

In my past relationships I assumed that when we were apart for extended times there might've been some porn to get through the trips. I didn't ask, I never had a discussion banning it. It never came up and I was fine leaving the topic alone as long as nothing came up to bother me.

No. 970972

I've recommend this one here before, but the Motorola Moto G Fast is relatively affordable and has great specs for the price. There's other variants too in the same line.

>I don't care about performance

You may think that but performance is what impacts whether it freezes and stutters, apps crash and whatnot. You don't have to want cutting edge but it sucks having the bottom of the pile in this particular regard.

No. 970994

why am i so avoidant? i even procrastinate to avoid doing things i know i'll have fun doing

No. 971042

File: 1637208888018.jpg (176.99 KB, 750x745, FEVqZjgXEAY_bQo.jpg)

Maybe it's my inexperience but what do people mean when they say that some people should remain friends instead of pursuing a relationship with eachother because it wouldn't be worth losing the friendship or something along those lines? How would that happen if you're compatible etc?

No. 971044

Relationships really change a lot of dynamics. When friends, you keep a modicum of yourself to yourself. In a relationship, you're expecting to share more of yourself than what you're willing to share with a friend. Now, if you have already shared those bad things and all of your bad habits with your friends, you might have an easier relationship.

That's the best way I can really explain it right now.

No. 971194

File: 1637232831267.jpg (65.21 KB, 1147x851, 5e1c7c02a85b33669a186d37c1512e…)

What is the name of the indie horror game genre where you're sent to websites and other things like unlisted youtube videos to gather clues? Sometimes you have to meddle with the game's files, I know the term "metafiction" but I swear there was some more specific term for it

No. 971197

ARG. Alternate Reality Game.

No. 971203

File: 1637236330190.png (13.53 KB, 462x367, 1634056754642.png)

Yess, ty nonny

No. 971212

File: 1637237312210.jpg (93.78 KB, 593x480, 1637236164058.jpg)

Can someone explain this to me, like some of the thing I get but others are just confusing and normal that it doesn't make any sense, is this a zoomer thing ?

No. 971215

What does this picture mean? feels like I'm having a stroke

No. 971216

that's what I'm trying to figure out myself, I mean these are tips on how to get over a guy but they just don't make sense to me

No. 971217

unless you've got training this is a seriously bad idea, anon

No. 971218

This is a trend on tiktok where you picture a man doing things that are unattractive or mildly awkward or humiliating as a way to get over him faster. It’s called the ick

No. 971220

What does confetti throwing has to do with it though? we already know moids are ugly

No. 971222

"Adding a long list of baby names to his notes" ah yes how very cringe dump him asap!! Red flag!!

No. 971225

I understand that but most of these things are so benign, like
>googling the cast of a TV show or film
doesn't everybody do that

No. 971227

I know some of it is probably ironic, but I love how stuff like baby names, wedding ideas, gift cards and looking up the cast of TV shows are listed, but nothing like "choking you", "slapping you", "getting aroused by the thought of inflicting pain onto anyone" kek

No. 971229

Most of those ideas are idiotic, if the guy is cute, he won’t look disgusting throwing confetti around or choosing a name for a baby. The second, fifth and ninth makes sense, but the others are dumb. If you ever want to get over a guy, just imagine him talking about you or any woman/girl with his friends, when you’re not around, that’s when they’re the most disgusting.

No. 971230

They're retarded, so they'd probably just get aroused by that instead.

No. 971232

Yeah, had the same thought when I hit new reply.

No. 971285

One on the right reminded me.. I saw some clip on youtube a while back where a man was being the 'flower girl' at his friends wedding. He was being all campy and just making the guests laugh. He wasn't wearing a dress or anything, just throwing some confetti around. Scrotes in the comment section were losing their minds. The world is about to end because a man acted campy. They were all convinced the marriage was doomed to fail too, that they somehow deserved it.

All it takes to ruin a mans image is him throwing some confetti around. The controversy of such an act lol

No. 971484

Have we ever gotten tradwife anons on lolcow? All that time at home I’d be surprised if no one stumbled upon lc

No. 971492

Sometimes they'll pop up on the MTF thread or any time they sense an anon doesn't want to involve men in their lives

No. 971493

mad how you're a roastie

No. 971495

Thank you anon, I can't find the phone you mentioned in local stores, but I decided which phone I will buy, it's more expensive but still cheap and by the specifications it seems it has a good battery and memory. You're right, it makes no sense to buy the worst phone, it will just lead to frustration.

No. 971496

MTF thread is oddly specific, why that one?

No. 971502

Trannies are misogynists and so are tradwives

No. 971605

How tf do you know if the eye contact you are making is too much? Like in a work place setting. This isn't about crushes. I got trapped in a convo with a colleague I don't really know who I think is high up and they kept looking away from me like darting away like almost shielding and averting their eyes like I was an affront to their senses and I want to make a good impression

No. 971618

Not asking in a bitchy way but are you autistic and overcompersating with lots of eye contact? Sometimes that's a thing.

No. 971623

That's what I'm asking, what's normal

No. 971626

File: 1637268233281.webm (2.87 MB, 416x800, 1623540436582.webm)

This is for Amerifags:
How often is birth control used to treat irregular periods/ menstrual problems/ acne within kids/teens?

No. 971630

You know how sometimes when you're thinking about what to say next or trying to remember something your eyes will just naturally wander a bit.. like it helps you to think. Don't suppress that too much.

No. 971631

i would say pretty often, i started birth control at 15 and so did a couple of my friends

No. 971682

how severe are the wrinkles in your neck? i’m in my early 20s but i feel like my neck lines are so fucking deep and bad, i’m thinking about starting to use retinol on them or something. i have these deep ass lines in my neck already wtf

No. 971688

Can I put maca powder in tea without it "losing it's benefits"? Lol

No. 971690

Really often a lot of my friends (that were already menstruating) in middle school (around ages 11-14) were taking birth control to reduce cramps and hormonal acne. And I started taking it around 14 (a year after i started)

No. 971693

Very often, only reason I'm on it is because it's a godsend for acne. I know the risks but it's made that much of a difference that I don't mind.

No. 971697

I'm thirties and I've never noticed any, I did inherit a slightly fat neck from one side of my family and while I thought it was a curse I guess I've finally found the silver lining

No. 971711

Yep I believe it’s called Tech Neck. It’s from looking down at a phone/tablet/other device for long hours. I’m in my 30s and have them too, I use retinol and just try not to pay any attention to it.

No. 971720

>tfw the only burgerfag who never took it no matter how much i begged because parents were strongly against it to the point of causing a huge argument
>even the doctor wouldn't allow it but didn't even try to elaborate her reasoning
i'm jealous of you bitches

No. 971728

I have none but I'm assuming that's because I either keep my screens at eye level or bend over with my back to see my phone on the floor. I've also been applying excess skincare to my neck since my teens.

No. 971810

File: 1637275428247.jpeg (117.45 KB, 639x452, 7C668736-B22D-4C41-A6FA-50A5F7…)

Can people on ig know who’s seen their stories?

No. 971812

i think so, but there are tons of websites you can use to view them anonymously

No. 971827

yes they can see who views their story, unless it's an old story they've saved to their highlight reel. instagram only lets you see who viewed your story within 24hrs of posting

No. 971855

Who drew this?

No. 971892


No. 971961

Excuse the autism but there's this acquaintance who I know does drugs (he talks about it sometimes), is it weird to ask him if he knows any dealers? (inb4 "don't do drugs nonna!!" I'm already a junkie lol but I use shitty research chemicals and I want something good again, don't have any other druggie friends either)

No. 971981

You will just do whatever you want.

No. 972005

give it a shot nonna, dont sound desperate or anything but add something convincing like "I've been lacking in focus lately, a boost would be nice".
Though I've tried this before with my friend's fiance after learning that he's dealing drugs, got shot down immediately. (mostly because my friend already got this weird paranoia/jealousy when another female get in contact with him)

No. 972139

Is it weird to be the one asking to your friends you want to go out for your own birthday?

No. 972151

Can someone please go to http://tf2chan.net/ and tell me if you can solve the captcha because I can't and I wonder if the problem is me or the site. Just don't open the site when you're in company because there's a small chance of raining cocks

No. 972306

File: 1637331213118.jpg (11.57 KB, 459x612, gettyimages-1172802518-612x612…)

Why is it that when hearing the word 'monochrome' people usually think of black and white even though it's supposed to mean one single color (or several shades of the same color)?

No. 972389

because those people have never taken an art class kek

No. 972412

Does hemophilia affect periods too? Or just injuries?

No. 972458

File: 1637337261980.jpg (101.27 KB, 1080x355, Screenshot_20211118-161423_Fir…)

Who is she and why does she look like that

No. 972464

Joe mama. She has a condition.

No. 972472

No, really I want to know too, this bitch is annoying

No. 972492

that’s toxic tears from the alt cows thread

No. 972537

what happened to me? when i was younger i was so outgoing and social, but now i go out of my way to avoid talking to people. i only have a couple friends and i don’t talk to them often. when i was a teenager i would add anyone and everyone on social media and post pretty often, but now i never post anything and i’m very hesitant to add anyone at all on social media, and i block people the second they annoy me

No. 972539

Sounds like you got fucked with too many times

No. 972646

Great thanks!

No. 972657

How tf do I write a love letter?

No. 972659

Should I get a peppermint mocha latte even though it's almost half of my daily calorie allowance? I didn't eat breakfast or lunch.

No. 972661

Yes treat yo self especially if you haven’t even eaten yet nona

No. 972662

no it's not worth it

No. 972664

That sounds awesome but I think your body would prefer some real food