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File: 1619763715184.png (9.64 KB, 916x916, aavegotchi-1.png)

No. 795180

Last crypto thread hasn't been bumped in 2 years, so here's a new one.

What shit coins are you invested in?

Ever gotten caught in a rugpull?

Thoughts on NFT's?


No. 795183

But what if I want to give financial advice, what then. Seriously, what's the disclaimer for?

No. 795203

it's kind of a meme for crypto or financial communities. if someone loses money based on another person's recommendations they are not "legally responsible" for the loss of money.

No. 795214

Pump and dump scams are also a thing

No. 795231

doge is for sure pump n dump. fuck Elon for shilling it.

No. 795236

tfw too dumb to invest

No. 795531

Fr what is everyone investing in? Playing it safe with BTC? Any love for ETH? I've seen a lot of people (artists, unsurprisingly) pushing others to invest in NFTs lately but anyone actually make a profit flipping them?

No. 795828

I used to hold ETH but took it out because it was also my last resort for savings, but it was also a bad time to pull out. It's only getting better so I'd invest.

No. 795857

i'm mostly in ADA and VET but i like to put small amounts of money into a bunch of cheap alt coins here and there. NFTs are a shit fad that only benefit wealthy celebrities that will be irrelevant in less than 2 years, yes I'm aware they existed long before celebrities started making them I just think they are stupid and cringe.

No. 795964

Any anons dipping their toes into penny stocks? I believe DOGE is one of the more popular ones, majority of penny stocks are unavailable on major stock trading apps. I haven't dipped my toes yet, i just want to find a good app that does allow them though. I live in burgerland if that's any help. Also Musk is going on SNL next weekend, gonna keep my eye on Bitcoin and DOGE.

No. 796237

>What shit coins are you invested in?
Personally, I don't ever invest. But I don't have a Paypal account and restrict my credit card use for local stores only. So crypto is really the only option for me. It's extremely out of place to ask to pay or for payments in the mainstream crypto. So the shitcoin I use is Ğ1.

> if someone loses money based on another person's recommendations they are not "legally responsible" for the loss of money.

This still happened though.
(SEC Charges John McAfee With Fraudulently Touting ICOs)

>Thoughts on NFT's?

NFTs sound pointless to me. If you wanted a JPEG, you don't need a blockchain for it.

No. 796345

DOGE is legit the most stupid crypto to invest in and i seriously believe anyone who screeches shit “DOGE to the moon” is genuinely retarded. have fun when you realize it’s an infinite coin with nearly 130 fucking BILLION already in circulation (compared to BTC 21 million max supply and 18.69 million in circulation)
the only people in it right now are retards and normies that don’t understand anything crypto except people made a fuckton on bitcoin and genuinely believe DOGE can make them millions, which it won’t

No. 796375

What was the last thing you bought directly with cryptocurrency?

No. 796613


doge is probably the best short-term normie coin to invest in atm. i didnt put any money in it because i didnt think elon would continue to shill it. i still wouldnt put any money into it, but if youre a normie who bought due to FOMO you probably will make a cute profit.

almost all alts tanked after he shilled it last month so I put more money into audio when it dipped. its almost $3 now so i am very happy about that. almost doubled what i put in right now.

what are you guys planning to do with your crypto? diamond hands forever or are you planning to sell soon? for me im probably going to sell 90% late this year. good luck to you all!

No. 796915

I picked one that's legitimately trying to develop an economy. I using about 50-80% of my tips to commission translators and artists, or trade video games.

Personally, I can't relate to most of cryptocurrency discussion when it revolves entirely around investments. I don't ever see any point in buying in. Most cryptocurrency developers are cryptographers and (web) developers, but they aren't economists; and the value of a unit either relies on proving how much power it can waste or like >>796345 how much of an advantage an earlier adopter can get over a later adopter.

No. 798715

i just started getting into crypto after being interested for a while. honestly i haven't spent a lot and i'm still unsure exactly how much i should be putting into this/how much ppl put into it normally. problem is i'm extremely cheap so i haven't spent more than $250 total yet.

rn i invested in:

honestly i have 0 expectations, if i get some gains that'd be cool, but i'm just dabbling for now.

No. 798796

I make something, post it online with a donation address. I'd never put real money into crypto.

No. 798812

I've known some people to put a few hundred in to crypto and make profit after years. I mean it's money for nothing but I'm shite at saving so tying money into crypto scares me, especially when I hear stories of people losing their logins for their wallets. I have no idea what currency to invest though if i was flush with cash.

No. 798820

wym you make something?

No. 798833

Tbh i figure it's better than just having it sit around doing nothing. i have a lot of money saved from youtube ad revenue/patreon & i literally don't know what to do with it

No. 798862

File: 1620156715095.jpg (40.98 KB, 730x577, Eror854XIAUJBzK.jpg)

Seeling my NFT's and seeing ETH hit almost 3k. What a joy.

I'm thinking of investing in the pancakeswap thing.

No. 798873

advice on how/where to sell nfts? someone told me only rich ppl can make a profit off them

No. 798877

I'm over at the writing thread sometimes. The backpage of the pdf has a donation address.

No. 798893

File: 1620158296315.jpg (174.53 KB, 683x797, 1490560626217.jpg)

That is a huge lie in my opinion.

Well, first of all, I'm an artist. I started on NFTs last year and since then build a pretty good community around me and I have been able to know a lot of good people in the industry.

The thing is, is not a quick get rich scheme, although it may look like this to people from the outside.

My advice, if you are an artist, is to read and learn about what NFTs are and do, and be true to yourself and your art. Make connections and friendships and have fun.

If you are a creator/designer or investor, look for good projects with people who understand what they are doing. Cyptopunks for example is a HUGE project full of people that gets what they are doing.

Stay away from quick cash grabs (like famous people: just trust famous people if they are willing to invest in the space long term). People who are in the long-term game are already doing great money. But you just gotta be smart, like in all crypto-related things.

No. 798899

sorry for the typos i'm sleep-deprived nonnies

No. 798903

I was looking for an artist to commission and was going to pay with crypto. I have no idea why everyone has to turn everything into an investment game.

No. 798905

Yeah sure you can do that, too.
Is sad to see everyone just thinking about NFTs as an investment or scheme.

It is a great tech and has so much potential. Not only for art but for for every type of creation.

No. 798909

Do you not see any issues with the environmental effect of NFTs?

No. 798910

problem is nft art is so taboo in "mainstream" art networks like twitter atm, some bullshit about the environmental impact was shilled to death and ppl believed it. how do you find those nft art communities?

i also see so much potential in nfts, the backlash surrounding it now seems ridiculous to me.

No. 798914

AFAIK that's because most entry into cryptocurrency involves speculation and wild fluctuations. It's true however that most cryptocurrencies listed have little attempt to build an economy.

>problem is nft art is so taboo in "mainstream" art networks like twitter atm, some bullshit about the environmental impact was shilled to death and ppl believed it. how do you find those nft art communities?

For example:

It really depends on how much electricity one transaction uses. Bitcoin obviously isn't suitable.

No. 798915

Oh anon people don't give a shit about the environment anymore and no one likes to talk about how much more resource heavy it is making crypto currency.

No. 798916

No. 798917

No. They are mostly lies anyway.

I'm a nihilist, so I don't give a shit about our planet, or other people for the matter. We are already doomed.

Even if the impact were real, is not even comparable to the hellscape that big corporations turned our environment to be. Is not even comparable.

Crypto gives people freedom from banks, crypto art gives artists freedom from the traditional art market.

Win-win for me.

No. 798921

If don't find it ethical to use ETH, you can use other platforms that operate on proof of stake, like Tezos.

No. 798924

It's not lies, but if you're such a nihilist why the fuck do you care about amassing any type of resource to benefit you in society. Just die. Life's futile.

No. 798926

>If don't find it ethical to use ETH, you can use other platforms that operate on proof of stake, like Tezos.
Proof of stake effectively means you make mining easier for people who already have a lot of money.

No. 798931

I don't give a crap about mainstream art. It's mostly shit anyway. My art was never welcomed in these types of environments. And galleries take, at best, 50% of the commission. Is one of the many things wrong with it.

And twitter is where the crypto art community is mostly at. You just have to search for the right artists to follow and start building your timeline.

If you are already an established artist and don't want to deal with twitter kids pestering you, just create another handle for yourself and be anonymous.

No. 798935

I like to live, I like to paint, is fun.
Why would I want to die? Life is beautiful if you do the right things and stay away from shitty people. I'm just making the best of our cyberpunk shitty society for myself.

No. 798938

So you're not a nihilist, you're just an over priveleged self centred douchebag.

No. 798941

About how to find these communities: research about the platforms that were there since 2017-2019, it's full of artists and people who know what they are doing. Platforms like SuperRare and Async.

Start following them and just go discover the new world girl!

No. 798943

File: 1620159882737.jpeg (37.8 KB, 800x800, image.jpeg)

Chill out nonnie, I'm just giving some genuine advice from my perspective. You don't have to agree with me.

No. 798944

>just create another handle for yourself and be anonymous
yeah that's what I was considering, so annoying to have to do this though. i don't know why art twitter normies are so against nfts. i feel like the situation will be very different in just 5-10 years from now.

literally what is wrong with trying to make money off of your art? people won't hesitate to beg for money, but selling your art for crypto is where ppl draw the line?

No. 798946

Did you ever go to the art salt thread? These people are just a bunch of hypocrites feeding off another demise. Is just so sad. I was really happy to find artists that don't care about it and only care about doing art and collabing with each other in the crypto community, it's great.

No. 798947

I honestly don't care you just came off as very edgy with the whole I'm nihilistic when you aren't.

Cryptocurrency is very resource heavy to create and not a green industry at all. That was my point.

No. 798948

>people won't hesitate to beg for money, but selling your art for crypto is where ppl draw the line?
>>798903 here
NTA. I understand where people are coming from on NFTs. I'm small time and I just want to commission. But take for example this guy.
He accepted cryptocurrency for his work for a whole before the whole NFT bullshit.
For exactly what purpose, do artists jump on the NFT craze? If it's not investment, is it some sophisticated DRM scheme?

No. 798949

>literally what is wrong with trying to make money off of your art?
I don't think making money from art is what the anon had a problem with, but the fact that her method of doing so has a massive environmental footprint.

No. 798950

You say that because you are not staking your coins. Stake them too and make money. Stop being stupid.

Do you prefer "investing" in "stocks"?

Money is not even real. It was stoped being real so many years ago. Instead of being based and making profits off rich people here you are crying.

No. 798951

yeah but this entire thread is literally about cryptocurrency, environmentally speaking, nft is like lighting a candle in a forest fire which has already been burning for a long time.

No. 798952

Which exchange do you use?
I'm using Bitstamp which have a good service but they only support a small number of coins.

No. 798955

Because NFT's are a great tech.

An NFT done right will make your artwork last forever on the blockchain. It's a token that proves that you are the artist that did that. It's the best anti-fraud mechanism the art world has ever seen.

The new craze is just hype, but this will last. Just go and do some research about it and stop being this "get rich ponzi scheme" shit that you saw on twitter.

No. 798957

This. I don't get it. This is a crypto thread, why is everybody crying about it?

Let's make money nonnies.

No. 798962

Aren't there already cases where people uploaded other people's art to sell as an NFT?

No. 798963

The environmental impact of cryptocurrency still belongs in the discussion lmfao.

No. 798964

That is not the same thing. Plagiarism and copies will always exist. What I'm saying is: If you are an artist, if you are doing an NFT with your original art, it is the BEST way to prove that you did it. It's literally signed by your unique wallet on the blockchain.
It is the collector/investor's responsibility to not be dumb enough to buy fake art. Same thing as in the real world.

No. 798965

>You say that because you are not staking your coins. Stake them too and make money. Stop being stupid.
I'm saying that because that is literally how proof of stake works lmfao. Not to mention if the coin is inflationary, you'd need a balance where the amount staked per block is over the rate of inflation.

No. 798966

You didn't exactly contradict yourself, but it kind of shows the system isn't that much of an upgrade over what we have now with art sites.

No. 798969

File: 1620161153902.jpeg (48.87 KB, 612x547, 1591139123269.jpeg)

I kinda agree. In my opinion, this hype cycle was really detrimental to huge innovations on the art side. But this will fade, and the people building this new way will thrive, and artists will benefit from it. The tech has a long way to go. And we are still in the initial stages of what this can do.

Some problems, unfortunately, are tied to human nature, and then we would delve into a long and pointless philosophical conversation.

No. 798974

on an art site, someone will just look at your art and at worst claim credit. On a block chain, someone could still do all that but also sell your art but then its all "your collectors and investors shouldn't be dumb enough to fall for that"?

No. 799096

just wanted to say i made a good chunk of change off of selling my nfts and i’m a nobody on social media. also im not rich

No. 799136

what platform do you use to sell? everything im finding has absurd fees to just list an nft

No. 799640

update, guess i lucked out on $etc, that shit soared like crazy this morning, honestly i can see how this crypto stuff is so addictive, despite getting in at $60, i've already doubled that.

No. 799678

it’s best to list on weekends when the gas fees are low

No. 799838

File: 1620248964788.jpg (343.65 KB, 1911x1813, jyushi.jpg)

I invested in 140 bakery tokens when it was at like £1.20 as an experiment to see where it'd go. It recently had a mini spike(hovers around £5 now) so I'm kind of happy that my first try out seems to be doing well.
The hardest part is deciding if you should hold or sell. Also it's a bit painful knowing that BNB soared right after I bought BAKE with it.
I also invested £200 in BTC at the start of this year because I wanted to try out Celsius and while ik it's not much, I enjoy seeing the weekly reward emails.

No. 800027

how is it? i've been hearing about it a lot lately

No. 800043

File: 1620277732835.jpeg (44.28 KB, 513x513, E0FF63CA-AE1C-4D1E-A0C8-F867A0…)

I know nothing about crypto but someone bought me 40$ worth of doge (trying to convince me to get all hyped, but I hate Elon musk)
This shit is going to be worthless once the Muskrat tweet crap blows over right? Should I take my little $120 profit and just dump it?

No. 800065

i'd say wait until his appearance on snl this weekend, then decided if u wanna dump

No. 800196

I put some money into doge back in February and it has blown up. But I can’t stop hyperfixating on the regret that I didn’t buy a hell of a lot more. If I had put my savings in, I’d be able to buy a whole house by now.
Obviously that’s not how this works and it would have been stupid of me to put my whole savings on doge back then, not knowing it would blow up like it has. But I still can’t get my dumb brain to stop beating me up for not doing it.

No. 800220

File: 1620306071825.png (134.84 KB, 632x680, giwtwm.png)

>But I still can’t get my dumb brain to stop beating me up for not doing it
This is the hardest part for me about crypto/investing. What helps me is telling myself that there will be other opportunities.

I'm still a baby at this, but so far I haven't encountered any issues with it and I don't really know what's to look out for. The trustworthines of it is what made me decide on it, but the bonuses aren't too bad either. It doesn't have a lot of choices though, so if you want to gamble and play around with smaller coins I wouldn't recommend it

No. 800241

It's not too late to invest in AMP nonny. Thats the next thing that's going to blow up. I say this because both ETH and DOGE are apart of (or built on) Flexa/AMP. Look at their growth. Right now it's only 6¢. Soon it will be a loooot more. Don't sleep on it.

No. 800242

Errrr, do your research though

No. 800271

Damn it’s not available on the app I use. I’ll have to sign up for one that has it. Any recommendations?

No. 800288

>I say this because both ETH and DOGE are apart of (or built on) Flexa/AMP.
That sounds completely wrong. Where did you get this information from?

No. 800304

Does anyone here put their coins in a pool?
I'm thinking BTC/ETH to make some money

No. 800329

File: 1620315905516.jpg (390.92 KB, 1060x1522, SmartSelect_20210506-113327_Ch…)

I'll be honest nonny, I wrote this when I woke up and yeah it's a bit incorrect. Flexa allows you to spend money at retailers using bitcoin, Ethereum (and hopefully soon dogecoin).

>Flexa utilizes "Amp to secure transactions and build networks that accrue value both securely and transparently."

In other words, investing and staking in the backbone of Flexa, is a good idea.


Gemini. I tried literally all the other ones that allow debit transactions and they suck IMO.

No. 800338

>Gemini. I tried literally all the other ones that allow debit transactions and they suck IMO.

Have you successful withdrawn funds from them?
I googled them and got this:
Looks worrying.

No. 800365

File: 1620318046528.jpg (1.95 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20210506_12194898…)

All of them have bad reviews. The only one that doesn't is Kraken, which has only 3 reviews: a 5-star and two 1-star reviews.

No. 800373

Samefag, but there are a few others I trust but haven't actually been able to get verified on, and that's binance. They seriously haven't accepted any of my authentication verifications. So I can't speak on it but I have heard great things.

No. 800386

You don't need a vpn, you can use Binance.us unless you mean that Binance.us sucks more than Binace, which it probably does.

I personally wouldn't use Binance with a VPN, because the US is very serious about KYC. I've heard people getting their funds locked up because of that.


No. 800387

No. 800408

i bought $100 eth on coinbase, do you think it's worth transferring over to celsius instead?

No. 800864

sell a portion right before SNL i would say then see how it goes from there to make a decision. I think it'll probably go higher after SNL but the problem with doge is it's dependent on what Musk or some other billionaire does. doge could very well hit $1

i don't know many people who ever foresaw doge blowing up because like i said earlier it's mostly due to Musk's trolling. i honestly would have called you an idiot if you put all of your savings into it, especially if you weren't doing well financially.

you need to keep in mind that the people who have become extremely rich from crypto are only a small percentage of the people who took a massive risk. you very rarely hear about people losing money in crypto unless they forgot the password to their hardrive. im trying to find an article where some guy borrowed a lot of money and invested into eth, and a bunch of other shitcoins at their very peak but it's hard because it's being overshadowed by the harddrive articles.

you need to be the right kind of crazy to put everything into a coin early enough. i know a NEET from the UK who has 2 million pounds worth of chainlink because he was crazy enough to invest everything early. this guy also believes the earth is flat, he's anti-vaxx, eats raw meat, etc.

seriously you should be happy that you've made a profit, even if it's a small one. things could have gone a lot worse, and it normally does for normies.

No. 803311

You’re very right, anon.

No. 804020

Please give me advice on NFTs, I'm an artist and I have potential to do cool ass 3D work. Otherwise, how the fuck do I find work as a 3D illustrator?

No. 804252

What is the highest people here have earn selling nfts?

No. 804376

File: 1620764397481.png (526.82 KB, 838x630, 1491780078780.png)

ETH hitting 4k here we go nonnies

No. 804705

File: 1620807429347.jpeg (75.23 KB, 1600x900, shiba-inu-3.jpeg)

Nonnies, have you invested in SHIB? It's down a little now, but it was climbing pretty well yesterday. It's still super early on, I think it's the best shitcoin to buy into rn. Hoping to see it hit 1 cent soon.

No. 804757

File: 1620818652997.jpg (112.15 KB, 1284x2778, haha.jpg)

i put $20 into it as a joke the other day. it is a pure shit coin. i personally think it's HIGHLY unlikely for it to hit 1 cent but you can make some return off of it.

feel free to put money in it but only put the money you're not afraid to lose. the allure with these shitcoins is normies look at bitcoin and think "i'm not buying 0.0008 btc (~45 USD) i'll buy 1.5million SHIB instead!!"

there's been a decent amount of shilling on social media and news sites but if you sell before all the whales do you can make a good return.

No. 804774

Has anyone else tried farming Chia? I collected a few HDDs I wasn't using and I've already have one XCH.

No. 804919

I'm a complete noob, where can I learn more about cryptocurrency and what apps can I use to invest?

No. 805328

fucking elon has too much power over this shit wtf everything's dumping because of his tweet

unironically a good time to get in rn

No. 805384

binance, kraken or coinbase are good.

i personally prefer binance but they dont have great customer support (ive heard) and they arent as beginner friendly.

kraken is simpler to use and ive heard their customer support is awesome

i dont have anything to say about coinbase tbh

but yeah great time to get in right now, a lot of coins are crashing. my only advice is be very wary of investing in shit coins like SHIB or doge.

and DONT use robin hood

No. 805432

I still can't believe I made 3K off of fucking dogecoin. Thank god I sold before SNL aired. Might hop back in if it hits 35/36 again.

No. 805461

I "use" coinbase. It gives you 35 dollars of crypto for free from various cryptocurrency. I heard the customer service isn't good and it's not a safe place to store loads of money in. It's better for buying and transferring. Why it's not safe. It you get locked out somehow you pretty much won't get an answer from the team and you might forever lose that money.
It's good for the free crypto tho

No. 805715

I wish Musk would get banned from Twitter.

No. 805941

We have to kill Elon this fucker ruined my portfolio reeeeee

No. 805951

i support but wouldn't that further tank shit

No. 806192

Nta but do i need to use my real name on coinbase?

No. 806226

Sounds like you want to do something illegal

No. 806253

No I just have never done anything crypto related and just downloaded the app

No. 806320

Yes plus you need to prove your identity if you want to get the free crypto.

No. 807646

Are there any good sites to talk/discuss about crypto?

No. 807756

File: 1621139075105.png (58.82 KB, 752x423, bnsc.PNG)

what do you guys use for wallets and trading?

I’m new to all of this. I’m inclined to use MetaMask but I see a lot of posts and videos suggesting it’s not safe. Idk I’m retarded. I’ll use binance for trading I guess?

No. 808931

Ledger and metamask. Never had a problem with metamask, but I keep the good chunk of money in my ledger.

No. 809284

Is Ledger really safe? I just checked their website and Firefox just informed me of their data leak.

No. 809855

Scott Sire promoted crypto at the end of his most recent vlog and I swear it's just mlm for men, talking about how if you get in fast you get more of the money pie. It's completely pyramid selling using new coins. Mental.

No. 809880

Joe Biden wants to ban crypto apparently

No. 809953

Do you guys think the recent ETH dip is looking serious? I want to invest but I keep putting it off more and more to see if I can get a lower price. Should I just bite the bullet, re: all the predictions that ETH is only going up in the long term?

No. 810245

Why wouldn't you invest in ETH? To put it into perspective, BTC was 4,000 in July 2019 (or 2020 can't remember which).

No. 810635

Alright thank you for the encouragement anon chan! I will invest my next serving of neetbux. But do you really think ETH will grow in a similar way? Why? I'm sorry if that's asking to be spoonfed, I'm kind of retarded and have difficulty understanding crypto (though I get the basics and more than most normies)

No. 811127

How low do y'all think ETH will go before it bounces back?

No. 811269

File: 1621493651654.jpg (137.56 KB, 1234x1280, insider.jpg)


I think we hit the lowest low in the current bull run. Some people got some really good deals too, I was an hour or so late from the real bottom but everything is at a discount still.

Coins like BTC and ETH will only increase in value. ETH can have applications built on top of it, and ETH 2.0 will only make ETH more efficient and reduce the gas prices (which are ridiculously high currently.) There are a lot of coins that are trying to be ETH but better, and if you're really serious about crypto I recommend looking into those ones and seeing if you'd like to invest in them.

To any new traders reading this, don't sell unless you desperately need the money or your mental health is suffering. Even if we're in a bear market, what you've invested will be worth more in the future most of the time if it's something that has a real purpose. This is why you should only invest what you're able to lose, or invest if crypto is something you really believe in.

No. 813478

File: 1621751648651.jpg (30.8 KB, 381x365, gotchi.jpg)

aavegotchi is the coolest nft project i've seen by far, gonna be a habbo hotel-esque social game in the future. currently you can dress up your gotchi to increase stats and pet them to increase your score (which earns you money in the long run) i sound like a shill but it is the only thing that got me into crypto. luv my gotchi

No. 813492

Is it going to devolve into gambling scams targeted at underage users like Habbo hotel too?

No. 814145

If you're talking about real goods/services, a VPN subscription.
Do you not see any issues with the environmental effect of Netflix or Christmas lights?

No. 814259

i cant take this anymore … how much more is my wallet gonna bleed

No. 814314

Aave? Is this some finnish thing

No. 814332

African American Vernacular English

No. 814336

Lol no, just googled it and that is definitely a ghost. Aave = ghost

No. 814347

No it's African American Vernacular English

No. 814368

File: 1621857408544.jpg (190.22 KB, 1080x1050, 20210524_145622.jpg)

No. 814402

aave stands for African American Vernacular English

No. 814407

I am so fucking pleased with myself. I sold my eth last week for a small profit before it dipped below my average cost, I honestly just freaked out and didn't know how far it would drop so I sold. Well, I tore myself apart for a few days watching the numbers go up and down, so I set a limit order to buy more at a lower cost than what I originally had, not really expecting to be able to get back in at such a low price. My order went through yesterday, now my average cost is lower than what it was originally and I have more eth! Sorry if this post sounds retarded I just woke up and got excited when I checked

No. 814469

I hope no one of you sold the dip. HOLD. This is going to get ugly before it gets better.

No. 814470

lol of course not. I only wish I had fiat to buy more.

No. 814471

it does, but there's also a coin

No. 814472

Me too! I wish I had the cash to actually buy a lot of the dip! Still working on getting my portfolio a good net worth, but yah. The smart ones always, always win in this. Fear is the mind-killer.

No. 814971

No. 815876

I keep getting ads for the Visa crypto card. What's the opinion on them. It seems interesting at least the benefits do. Wondering if you load crypto on it and if you purchase overseas product will it convert to their currency vs converting to yours, then to the foreign

No. 816251

I'm pissed off Coinbase charges fucking high fees when buying crypto. I rather like to invest small amounts from time to time, as I don't want to invest money I cannot afford to lose, but for every 20€ I have to pay 1,99€ in fees. Also, I'm on a waitlist for the free coins like forever. Any recommendations on other platforms?

No. 881632

Bumping threading because of ETH's fork. I'm feeling semi confident. I am trying to fuck out of this job.

I really hate how in Canada so many cryptos trading markets need KYC.

No. 883818

File: 1629210425155.png (83.9 KB, 700x450, MytFVAZN_400x400.png)

No. 883846

Are you a paid shill?

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