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File: 1634955212467.jpg (22.73 KB, 564x603, mmmmgrayons.jpg)

No. 947262

Anything goes here.

No theme, no venting, no discussion about anything, you come here to be an absolute retard and shitpost. Post whatever you want. Bark if you want to. However, global rules still apply, don't infight, don't post nsfw shit, don't be racist, etc

>How is this thread different from the dumbass shit thread?

The dumbass thread is for coherent dumbass thoughts, while this one is for yelling, shitting, and pissing into the void

Previous mental impairments: >>>/ot/905996

No. 947274

File: 1634955995886.jpg (68.64 KB, 1014x774, Tumblr_l_171299330915954.jpg)


No. 947275

File: 1634956026947.jpeg (100.66 KB, 620x795, 77EAC299-D97B-41FD-BA6F-63FF5A…)

No. 947276

File: 1634956080140.gif (4.52 MB, 420x420, B88BED6E-383A-4039-AAED-3162E8…)

skeletons exist irl now

No. 947277

File: 1634956111290.gif (473.67 KB, 220x148, 2FB20EE0-A525-4B10-A071-CD320D…)

british POV

No. 947278

damn you beat me to it. i had a good thread pic too

No. 947280

File: 1634956269692.gif (1.06 MB, 248x172, sunglasses.gif)

we truly do live in a society

No. 947281

File: 1634956613793.jpg (18.24 KB, 244x300, 27cf447e03aab12ca741cb90d20e70…)

Skeletons have been posting on lolcow this whole time

No. 947303

how has the Bri'ish population not plummeted when this is what the womenfolk must gaze upon when getting cummed inside?

No. 947311

File: 1634959022349.gif (336.74 KB, 240x135, EquatorialPreciousEland-max-1m…)

sexy i mean it

No. 947322

isn't it too early OP

No. 947324

File: 1634959993505.jpg (131.98 KB, 1024x768, 3579905705_b7cd045632_b.jpg)

do you guys like my snake?

No. 947335

yes but does the snake like me?

No. 947391

pussy peen pussy peen
pussy peen pussy peen
pussy peen pussy peen
pussy peen pussy peen
pussy peen pussy peen
pussy peen pussy peen
pussy peen pussy peen
pussy peen pussy peen
pussy peen pussy peen

No. 947393

I hate this pic. Perfect for this thread

No. 947394

File: 1634967984821.png (560.15 KB, 720x809, 112.png)

No. 947395

File: 1634968067466.jpg (51.89 KB, 800x793, image0.jpg)

what the FUCK

No. 947419

I want seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx help

No. 947450

Snot and bogeys lol

No. 947451


No. 947456

File: 1634977970869.jpg (44.71 KB, 512x512, gonzo.jpg)

To meet the Zanzibarbarians

No. 947546

File: 1634989823572.png (9.51 KB, 721x167, 1630631264636.png)

I'm trying to make a list of all the autism magnet. We already have Nietzsche and Sonic, I would like to nominate Undertale and My little Pony.
Please nonnies help me out, what else can we add ?

No. 947549

Mechanical engineering and civ.

No. 947558

No. 947567

DnD, cars, trains, soccer, naruto, Pokémon cards, Yugioh, Magic the gathering, the Komaeda games, Genshin Impact, Kibbe body types, makeup, ballet.

No. 947568

>the Komaeda games
Kek and I agree. Why ballet though?

No. 947570

I had a friend into ballet who was autistic as fuck about it, when I started looking into it to know what was the whole autism about, I noticed how some ballerinas were cows with the whole “suffering for my art uwu” captions and pictures of feet, lots of pictures of feet.
That and the spergs about ballet shoes, then again, it was probably just her being overwhelmingly autistic about it because she got into ballet “too late”, which is also another autistic trait of ballet with the whole “if you don’t start ballet in the womb, don’t even try”.

No. 947615

File: 1634998382280.jpeg (25.62 KB, 200x183, 37ED5E53-477D-466B-BB4C-7B762E…)

We just do bare ketamine innit x

No. 947627

the 3DPD crowd

No. 947630

I thought that was Eugenia for a second

No. 947635

File: 1635000108111.jpeg (76.31 KB, 1140x641, 71BCFC7B-A7E8-4C8F-85EC-7190A4…)

Stop calling Eugenia fat, you dolt.

No. 947678

I thought you were replying to

No. 947729

Fucking kek

No. 948095

I'm anime and I watch autism

No. 948098

No. 948426

File: 1635080995064.jpeg (196.86 KB, 750x497, 07174690-2F22-4F9C-B6E5-303B1C…)

I’m gonna eat your nigel and his whole family too

No. 948451

Strangely enough, power rangers. All the autistic men I’ve met like that and Minecraft/Five Nights at Freddy’s. Is it because of the constant stream of content from these properties? Or is it just the will of God???

What is needed to make an autism magnet?

No. 948463

Has anyone mentioned Kingdom Hearts? Because Kingdom Hearts absolutely is one

No. 948466

Just go on tumblr and look what show is trending

Steven Universe, that dream guy or whatever it is, amphibia

Also programming and cs for men

No. 948514

cringe. god bless

No. 948680

File: 1635108299391.jpg (379.76 KB, 1080x1775, Screenshot_20211024-150359.jpg)

I DONT WANNA go to work tomorrow

No. 948698

>Paula levied her diabetes diagnosis to shill medication and got cancelled for her racism lawsuit
>Salt in the corners eliminates negative energy woo-woo style like burning sage
>During the Pasta Making Challenge, that guy was told to hold the pasta on his body
>"Never" get lo mein because it's unhealthy and cheaper to make at home (dumber than the salt one)
Hope it goes by super fast

No. 948702

You are the hero of this day and age

No. 948717

File: 1635112405653.jpg (38.73 KB, 500x664, are-you-wizard.jpg)

No. 948740

Hello all I would like to announce that men are BANNED.
No more mentioning of m*n, no more pictures of them, no nothing.
Forget they ever existed.
That is all.
If you don't follow the rule, you will be kill

No. 948747

File: 1635115564257.jpg (60.49 KB, 640x480, bt.jpg)

I have nihilistic thoughts sometimes, but in a comfy way.
If nothing matters, you are free. You got a lot to be smiling for, so what the fuck is you wilding for??/;
If you breathing you achieving!!

No. 948758

When it comes to nihilistic thoughts I think about this lyric a lot: "And the force of inertia is now a vital factor". There is really no reason to live because everything will come to an end some day, the only reason we keep on living is because of inertia; we keep on living because we're alive and there is no force to push us to kill ourselves so we don't do it. I don't think I explained my feeling well with words but I hope you get the feeling too

No. 948765

Nah I get what you mean. Existing for existence's sake, until you just don't anymore. And it can happen any second, out of your control
I guess I like it because it takes off the weight of a lot of things

No. 948915

Except the Are you a Wizard guy, he's one of the good ones.

No. 949031

I have the fastest cankles in the West.

No. 949034

God damn I love my family so much. They make life worth living.

No. 949044

The banner with momokun (i think?) chugging milk is so gross, she moves in such a weird way it looks like she's retching

No. 949047

I hate mine so much. They make me want to kill myself.

No. 949077

File: 1635151136028.jpeg (89.57 KB, 877x1000, 436B0BAA-4D9F-43E4-B8D8-B129EA…)

most excellent snake. A+ would snake again

No. 949084

wow that's so mature..

love your snake

No. 949108

awww that's sweet anon

No. 949112

Omg that snake is giving me a thumbs up I didn't know that was possible I love it

No. 949121

Wow I didn't notice that. It's genius. We are in the presence of an artistic masterpiece.

No. 949347

File: 1635183673917.png (263.79 KB, 306x448, BKgAv6sCAAAks-b.png)

No. 949365

>being muhturr in a shitpost thread
pussy peen

No. 949389

File: 1635186480267.jpg (73.11 KB, 1080x274, Screenshot_20191125-154305__01…)

Yes I practice witchcraft

No. 949393

Penis Snatching Wizards is actually my new band, our first album Handshake Ransom comes out this winter.

No. 949420

File: 1635189068254.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.35 MB, 3024x4032, 1585549925241.jpg)


No. 949426


No. 949433




No. 949434

Not clicking this shit

No. 949463

File: 1635192960079.jpeg (316.76 KB, 1154x598, 96EA08A6-F62D-4F8E-9CCE-390DE2…)

No. 949464

File: 1635192999579.jpeg (66.68 KB, 748x421, 331143A5-8A50-451F-96BA-280144…)

>tfw some anon probably joined like a loser.

No. 949473

It's full of males

No. 949476

File: 1635194561852.jpeg (30.87 KB, 485x349, 9AA2873F-2766-4261-B1CF-3B3A5B…)

>tfw some anon probably joined and stayed anyways.

No. 949488

File: 1635195688135.jpg (126.29 KB, 720x882, 6f44758213c485d7d4b219d6ba58ff…)

MMM. I'm really feeling myself today. rattles ass

No. 949491

File: 1635195846582.jpg (207.65 KB, 1000x1333, amy-wilkins-2.jpg)

heeey there, good lookin'. tips skull

No. 949500

File: 1635196344783.jpeg (34.7 KB, 480x601, 7C6593E8-EF84-4871-80D6-291B45…)

I want my man busty with nipples that poke out from steel bara tiddies, I want him to have a beautiful androgynous face, i want him to have thick, long hair with a sexy silly slightly boyish voice, I want that dick to be one of great beautiful silken texture, and rock hard, a man who has never seen or desired to see pornography. A tall, (6’4”) broad shouldered teddy bear that looks intimidating and protects me. I also ask that he doesn’t age past 26 cause you know that where men gradually start going downhill. I want him to cook yummy meals for me, I want the head game to be crazy I want the nuts to be plump, all the time because he’s not jerking off to porn, he just waits for me to drain it. Loyally, and whenever I do suck him off, he moans loud. He is nice to other women but he is only attracted to me, physically. He rails me like a goddamn gorilla, powerful and deep strokes and foreplay he eats me out so much that it just doesn’t even hurt, basically it should technically hurt but I’m so widened from arousal that it doesn’t. He’s vanilla and normie and just likes to cook and garden or some shit. He works too and it’s a high paying job and he lets me be a neet at home all day, my only job is taking care of cats. I love him so much, he always takes me on trips and he is a good replacement for a father figure.
Don’t think I’m asking for a lot.

No. 949503

File: 1635196706811.jpg (180.86 KB, 827x813, Tumblr_l_192367710387293.jpg)

Ugh… well said. This is exactly what I want too. Hopeless romantic.

No. 949510

jojoba oil

JoJoBA oil

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure oil

wake up sheeple

No. 949511

That's the exact same thing I think of when I see jojoba oil???? Are we connected????

No. 949513

File: 1635197578854.jpg (43.37 KB, 719x538, Tumblr_l_283832043912715.jpg)

I would.

No. 949518

But if you crush it it's gonna splash everywhere

No. 949530


No. 949531

yeah I would. but I wouldnt look it in the face

No. 949546

File: 1635199878921.jpeg (17.59 KB, 612x408, 497u6421.jpeg)

No. 949614

File: 1635207982424.png (114.77 KB, 554x810, Untitled.png)

rose quartz pussy egg

No. 949618

I love these movie recap channels with the weird ass thumbnails and titles.

No. 949625

must cop

No. 949627

File: 1635210374805.png (Spoiler Image,141.81 KB, 192x336, 6fee4f56-35f7-11ec-9cd4-b9beed…)

rose quartz pussy egg. Repost because didn't spoiler

No. 949675

50 dollars Or 4 interest-free installments of $12.50 on urban outfitters

No. 949676

i'm a bwad, bwad awtist nonnie ooo yeah spank me with your wacom

No. 949914

File: 1635238536693.png (123.29 KB, 271x373, rodrigo esta molesto.png)

Me feet be hot
when me takes em outta the blankey
me feet be cold
sometimes life is such

No. 950135

I just shit so much it's unbelievable. I was carrying around at least an extra 6 pounds of shit. My god what a fucking struggle.

No. 950151

Me feet are sweaty as fuck.

No. 950155

Keep one foot in and one foot out, it's perfection.

No. 950169

day 2 of having rose quartz under my clitoral hood

No. 950343

File: 1635275002853.jpg (70.6 KB, 1080x1108, Tumblr_l_111571869026031.jpg)

Did everyone do their tasks

No. 950390

i felt this

No. 950563

File: 1635287204314.png (Spoiler Image,396.1 KB, 675x675, porn_addiction_can_be_helped.p…)

OC for anyone who argues with coomers

No. 950802

File: 1635305888637.gif (2.68 MB, 498x286, cow-wrestling.gif)


No. 950875

Someone is posting gore, be careful

No. 950953

File: 1635321033759.jpg (12.03 KB, 217x300, Yuri Knorozov.jpg)

Can't shit.
Guess I'll die

No. 950960

Anon where did you get this GIF? Its perfect

No. 951039

That's from Kung Pow Enter the Fist I can't believe you've never seen it

No. 951091

lmao I'm listening to tomb mold and my brain wants to read it as 'tomb moid' instead

No. 951131

me too!!!!!!!! I mean I'm not listening right now but I also read it wrong

No. 951167

gang gang

No. 951208

>Tomb moid
>Tomb moider
>Moider = murder in a Boston accent

Moids commit >90% of all moiders confirmed

No. 951370

File: 1635361243539.png (144.13 KB, 256x256, A6DB6EE6-ADF9-4BF4-925A-D9A02F…)

My aesthetic is:

No. 951410

File: 1635363260722.png (998.85 KB, 756x700, Screen Shot 2021-08-24 at 9.54…)

arf arf arf im a clown dog bark bark

No. 951424

I hate those dogs I mean I don't hate them but I hate how their hair is cut. My friend calls them bomb heads

No. 951431

File: 1635364611848.png (563.53 KB, 757x1414, HGSS_Lt._Surge.png)

do I want to fuck him or be him

No. 951432

let them be 70s disco clowns nonna

No. 951434

I thought this was neuroblender too

No. 951501

well I'm uncultured swine obviously

reminds me of how I always read tyranny as tranny

No. 951509

Tranny vibes

No. 951533

File: 1635369519138.png (481.64 KB, 924x1280, Lets_Go_Pikachu_Eevee_Lt_Surge…)

only want moids who've groped me at public transport to feel my wrath

No. 951659

File: 1635378202533.png (701.48 KB, 824x1058, 954F1762-1119-411B-B669-88AC9B…)

want my man busty with nipples that poke out from steel bara tiddies, I want him to have a beautiful androgynous face, i want him to have thick, long hair with a sexy silly slightly boyish voice, I want that dick to be one of great beautiful silken texture, and rock hard, a man who has never seen or desired to see pornography. A tall, (5’9”) broad shouldered teddy bear that looks intimidating and protects me. I also ask that he doesn’t age past 26 cause you know that where men gradually start going downhill. I want him to cook yummy meals for me, I want the head game to be crazy I want the nuts to be plump, all the time because he’s not jerking off to porn, he just waits for me to drain it. Loyally, and whenever I do suck him off, he moans loud. He is nice to other women but he is only attracted to me, physically. He rails me like a goddamn gorilla, powerful and deep strokes and foreplay he eats me out so much that it just doesn’t even hurt, basically it should technically hurt but I’m so widened from arousal that it doesn’t. He’s vanilla and normie and just likes to cook and garden or some shit. He works too and it’s a high paying job and he lets me be a neet at home all day, my only job is taking care of cats. I love him so much, he always takes me on trips and he is a good replacement for a father figure.
Don’t think I’m asking for a lot.

No. 951665

so true and based (except for the smelly twink in your picrel)

No. 951672

File: 1635379498625.jpg (Spoiler Image,31.02 KB, 474x346, griffisu!!!!!.jpg)

I wanna fuck it

No. 951692

Haven't checked in in quite a few days, is there an Eastern Europe or Balkans hate thread?

No. 951699

File: 1635381578822.jpeg (81.72 KB, 509x339, 511C8CB5-C4F8-4360-B41B-E083D5…)

On the internet, nobody knows that you’re a teddy bear shitposting.

No. 951701

Not yet.

No. 951717

me too. If I was in the berserk universe he wouldn't have raped casca. I would provide him with A grade wagyu pussy fresh and juicy, organic, grass feed. I'd him make eat my pussy everynight, and my pussy juice alone would saciate his every need

No. 951764

File: 1635390280982.jpg (89.89 KB, 1080x346, Screenshot_20211027-220206__01…)

Daddy belly

No. 951765

File: 1635390333077.png (84.48 KB, 265x265, tumblr_9f0aa35aad222658ded51e9…)

Nah fuck Griffith. Serpico is where it's at

No. 951766

there should be.

No. 951768

It would just be everyone from the Balkans whinging and shitting on themselves

No. 951769

File: 1635390607851.jpg (353.3 KB, 1669x885, 1622477893312 (2).jpg)

I will fuck griffith thank you very much, specifically emaciated griffith so he can't get away!

No. 951772

and so there must be one

No. 951773

Hold him down and I'll tie the shaft till he gets a good hardon going

No. 951776

serpico is fucking adorable

No. 951789

This is it. THE post that ruined a whole generation of fujos, and fangirls in general.

AU - Their world is just like ours…except…in their world there are two types of men. One is the alpha male, the other is the bitch male. Alpha males are like any ordinary guy with the exception of their cocks, they work just like dog cocks (the knot, tons of cum etc) The bitch male, is just an ordinary guy without the special cock.

I'd like to see Alpha male Jared, and Bitch male Jensen. Jensen is a snotty prude (think Lady from lady and the tramp) he may be a bitch male but he's not just going to let anybody take a go at his sweet little ass…until he meets Jared…then prudey little Jensen turns cock slut for Jared. Bonus points for J2 being OTP, Jensen was a virgin before Jared, and now that they met each other, it's for life.

Completely up to you if mating happens just anywhere like in the middle of the sidewalk, in a park etc or on a more private level.

No. 951790

And this one.

There are three types of men, alpha males, beta males, and omega males. Alpha males are like any ordinary guy with the exception of their cocks, they work just like canines (the knot, tons of cum, strong breeders, etc) The beta male, is an ordinary guy without the special cock. Omega males are capable of child bearing and often called bitch males.(reddit spacing )

No. 951791

File: 1635393057074.jpg (41.47 KB, 534x900, Tumblr_l_283961809328863.jpg)

Faggot worshipping fujos, this was a good "fucking emaciated Griffith" thread before you showed up talking about dog cock

No. 951806

you misread, i posted this to shame it. because it's disgusting and cringe.

No. 951809

File: 1635394372641.jpeg (104.81 KB, 500x500, 13E969A6-7A08-45D9-ADBA-1CBE90…)

shit he was kind of hot in his pre-rape arc

No. 951820

i want to unread the alpha male segment what the fuck??

No. 951861

Heyy bitches i forgot what i was gonna post
N e way
She aTE IT, mike

No. 951865

the neuralblender thread scares me

No. 951868

I ate those extremely hot instant noodles and my period started less than an hour later tell me what the fuck happened

No. 951870

>tell me what the fuck happened
You ate those extremely hot instant noodles and your period started less than an hour later

No. 951877

looks like null

No. 951882

Please inject this video into my veins
Please inject this video into my veins
Please inject this video into my veins
Please inject this video into my veins
Please inject this video into my veins
Please inject this video into my veins

No. 951885

File: 1635402055198.png (809.07 KB, 1076x880, imagen_2021-10-28_012058.png)

No. 951886

File: 1635402090185.png (703.22 KB, 1080x1108, imagen_2021-10-28_012114.png)

No. 951887

File: 1635402216925.png (546.95 KB, 1080x1103, imagen_2021-10-28_012148.png)

No. 951888

File: 1635402276885.jpg (24.46 KB, 384x480, 000Z1h328U.jpg)

No. 951889

File: 1635402334869.png (454.02 KB, 1080x1103, imagen_2021-10-28_012356.png)

No. 951896

damn it that pic is better than mine

No. 951962

File: 1635407167330.png (297.48 KB, 750x304, imagen_2021-10-28_024615.png)

No. 952083

File: 1635416578424.png (733.14 KB, 1110x971, imagen_2021-10-28_052304.png)

No. 952089

this is so creepy wtf

No. 952146

That's the fucking point though?

No. 952172

Have you seen flapjack??

No. 952178

Images of ugly men should be spoilered if not outright banned.

No. 952214

he's a meerkat animorph. not a man

No. 952216

All your husbandos would need to be spoilered or outright banned then.

No. 952219

I agree.

No. 952253

My husbandos are 2d and not ugly

No. 952258

He was always hot, pre-rape, rape, post-rape, fentocore, white falcon etc just something about him being covered in those bandages and wearing those burlap sack pants that hardly fit idk

No. 952710

[spoiler]sneeds snuck and fnuck

No. 952718

File: 1635457466551.png (86.2 KB, 790x712, sneedatsuki.png)

try again

No. 952732

File: 1635458584281.jpg (58.72 KB, 514x770, ac8350f4d5ad804270d14c77a87424…)

I've never read beserk, looks cute!

No. 952733

This is adorable.

No. 952738

File: 1635458948522.jpg (121.65 KB, 736x1076, b1ae6b0d741299518f0a420bb2709b…)


No. 952740

Source? This is too cute!

No. 952750


No. 952769

Retard tard rarded rard

No. 952774

rarted rarted rarted farted

No. 953066

File: 1635475965446.gif (1.33 MB, 161x190, 5B866CC8-3CA0-4A16-8504-FD408C…)


No. 953068

fuck your yaoi shit I want to see more casca and guts

No. 953101

File: 1635477341203.jpg (101.48 KB, 736x736, cfc574b7bb46d2c603654072c6080b…)

We can compromise

No. 953107

That’s what paradise looks like, I want to be Casca.

No. 953173

my farts smell like egg mixed with gas and some vegetable soup

No. 953195

I can't believe you retards cape for this literal rapist.

No. 953222

he don't real

No. 953325

File: 1635490922101.jpg (34.11 KB, 763x622, lions 2.JPG)

love this

No. 953403

File: 1635494873557.jpg (26.5 KB, 500x375, 3afc600f596e133fee0b949980b675…)

e-daters should stop giving me unsolicited relationship advice!!

No. 953589

he’s not real you dumb husbandofag

No. 953771

that anon doesn't sound like a husbandofag. aren't the husbandofags the one who want to fuck him

No. 953967

File: 1635543373840.jpg (125.72 KB, 1140x523, kendolls.jpg)

Hello, I am selling pure-bred himbos. No porn exposure, above 6 inches, will eat you out and all have good self grooming habits. Bids start at $450.

No. 953974

i claim the hipster himbo on the far left. but if you have a goth one i'll give you my life savings

No. 953978

I want the guy with red pants and dotted t-shirt, we have the same t-shirt, which means we would get along.

No. 953982

Are they cut/uncut?
Blonde one in the middle but only if he's easily trainable, I'm never going to do cleaning or dishes ever again.

No. 953986

no cutie long hair bf, sad

No. 953987

Do any of these have a secret pussy?

No. 953990

File: 1635544315998.jpg (120.85 KB, 480x720, Tumblr_l_69254472235506.jpg)

No. 953994

Man bun in the blue shirt, but only if you have a sexual history report. I refuse to take in any sluts

No. 953995

I have a Pinterest board of hot guys and it’s almost exclusively this guy

No. 953996

Far right one, he has those sad eyes

No. 953999

File: 1635544802802.jpg (38.02 KB, 838x838, uwot.jpg)

at first i thoguht you were selling 6-inch-tall himbos and thought "huh shouldn't it be feet". i'm fucking stupid

No. 954001

I would like to at least be able to touch his hair, or to know his hair care routine.

No. 954024

The threadpic is on point

No. 954049

Thank you for the question dear customer, most of them are cut save for guy in the red shirt in the back row, one in the black tie, far right and manbun.

No. 954052

No, dear customer, none of them have a secret pussy.

No. 954055

Don't worry, none of them are manlets. AS I've made it my priority to procure only the upper crust of himbos.

No. 954088

$1000 for the tan brown-haired one wearing a Hawaiian shirt. He looks like he likes to barbecue and cries at sad movies.

No. 954099

File: 1635551215561.jpg (158.74 KB, 682x663, Tumblr_l_80692610223591__01.jp…)

Babe I'm making dinner

No. 954108

hey where do i get this. im hungry

No. 954111


No. 954128

i love black liquorice and i stil woudln't eat these

No. 954161

He is sexy and uhh you can believe whether or not Femto is really him and even if it was i mean i'm not he's just hot okay?

No. 954173

Original anon and yeah no, I'm a lesbian and also not into 2D. I was just saying since they're oh so connected to these totally deep and amazing characters that the guy is a torturing, rapist psycho would perhaps be an issue. But no, ofc not because he's meant to be ~pretty~

If you like fennel in your sausage this would not be that different I'm guessing. They're similar flavors.

No. 954395


No. 954995

File: 1635643011628.jpeg (114.04 KB, 1920x1080, AEA53364-7DDD-4C83-A738-A54A2A…)

me when i was admitted to the mental hospital in 7th grade

No. 955989

File: 1635726968566.jpg (175.77 KB, 1080x1265, Tumblr_l_124389050193224.jpg)

Is everyone prepared

No. 955998

farts in g minor

No. 956003

File: 1635727266764.jpg (125.1 KB, 1024x650, 284.jpg)

I've been crawling in the dark
looking for my asshole

No. 956062

No. I'm already constipated.

No. 956063

this thread is so painfully unfunny holy shit step up your game ladies

No. 956064

File: 1635729609684.jpeg (117.38 KB, 1300x958, 640975EC-9FCB-4183-9E59-B33EB5…)

I prefer a no nonsense November.

No. 956067

farts in g major here you go bitch

No. 956087

No. 956090

File: 1635732020960.gif (170.42 KB, 485x498, dancing-skeleton.gif)

Men aren't actually funny, oyure just really horny

and are beingingfdf l i ed to

No. 956091

File: 1635732147772.png (513.02 KB, 556x455, udon.PNG)

feed ur man the special udon and watch

No. 956093

What is this from?

No. 956105

File: 1635733893051.jpg (79.3 KB, 600x902, 4efb235bb63a3cb920c9b38264d0ac…)

>blocks your path

No. 956106

File: 1635734155430.jpg (44.65 KB, 450x449, 1537392241704.jpg)


No. 956110

That aint hadaka shitsuji is it?

No. 956111

File: 1635734513382.jpeg (255.36 KB, 1242x1553, 4C5B7B05-7CED-435D-85BA-16B7CD…)

No. 956112

It’s Jenna Marbles

No. 956116

File: 1635735378878.jpeg (47.15 KB, 519x280, 59528A8B-A287-4F30-8D27-C76FC1…)

No. 956119

Wow Queen, you're so beautiful.

No. 956369

File: 1635775149340.jpg (460.51 KB, 1080x2182, 9753797546864.jpg)

I'm tired of seeing this very handsome and very stupid scrote show up on my fyp. Stop attention whoring online and go build a fucking house so women can have shelter.

No. 956380

all the shoots of male models that are obviously meant for 50 year old gay coomers are so ugly

No. 956399

Dead coomer eyes

No. 956405

>go build a fucking house so women can have shelter
that's right, put him in his place

No. 956411

File: 1635778362433.jpg (105.91 KB, 642x524, votes_for_men.jpg)

>go build a fucking house so women can have shelter
Honestly I love using insults like this, to me the best insults against males is that one uses their own rhetoric against them

No. 956432

lmao anon I keep seeing him too. and other weird Russian accounts with bowls of bugs in front of them. he is so cute though, such a waste

No. 956453

File: 1635781620956.jpg (2.96 KB, 128x128, Tumblr_l_128115408884563.jpg)

>tfw your grandpa literally did build your grandma a house brick by brick and died without ever going on the internet

We shall never know such nice things in today's 50/50, limp wristed carpel tunnel, porn addicted, waste of testosterone, "I'm suicidal, mommy milky" world

No. 956473


You can still find scrotes that are willing to work. As long as they don't post on Reddit or 4chan they'll at least be employed and have the ability to fix a flat tire.

No. 956507

Honestly, a lot of redditors and channers are blue collar too. Plenty of men still know how to use tools and build stuff, the problem is that they're just as/more angry and depraved than the average soy engineer. The combination of an all male work environment, a surplus of money with no interests to spend it on, and a simmering inferiority complex about their lack of education makes for some of the most disgustingly unpleasant men you'll ever meet.

No. 956537

I woke up in a cold sweat, trembling, maybe I had gotten the virus
But then I went to take a shit and everything went back to normal.

No. 956596

Reminds me of that Reddit post, i don’t remember who’s perspective it was from, but basically every time the bf was depressed his gf would flash her tits. They eventually got a bell that said “ring for boobs” and she would come running from another room to flash her tits at her poor bby depressed man child whenever he felt he was “depressed”.

No. 956669

Joana Ceddia nuked her YouTube channel and I’m a little bummed out.
Her super extrovert weird energy was refreshing, but I know she had health problems and I expect she was fed up of the pressure to upload while just getting on with her life.

No. 956744

File: 1635802397682.gif (2.61 MB, 295x370, Tumblr_l_2690647324709103.gif)

Exquisite taste nonette
Wouldn't settle for anything less

No. 956761

That is absolutely pathetic, for both. How would she not lose attraction to him.

No. 956783

File: 1635805029917.gif (434.12 KB, 387x368, Tumblr_l_128929827201336.gif)

It's still spooky season.

No. 956840

>and have the ability to fix a flat tire
Reminds me of this fag I knew through Twitch who wanted to be a big superstar. I asked him if he knew how to fix a tire and he said he'd rather pay someone to take care of that. Fuck off.

No. 957129

File: 1635848485395.jpeg (39.09 KB, 512x385, DEACE3D7-F95F-48EC-B18B-DF961B…)

I kin hedonism bot from futurama

No. 957134

File: 1635849998024.png (710.81 KB, 707x765, 1604726208356.png)

Same, excellent choice.
Adding to that my spirit animal is this monkey.

No. 957137

File: 1635850469575.gif (101.54 KB, 480x266, 3E2D84AB-833C-41C9-ADF1-364E30…)

Let’s be friends, nonnie, I’m L I T E R A L L Y double King.

No. 957182

File: 1635855833489.jpeg (74.65 KB, 640x320, A44C76AC-7768-46C7-8507-60AEF4…)

I honestly think winter has immense spook potential. I've had a lot of creepy stuff happen on winter nights.

No. 957207

I love how they have to pull the little one back. That cartoon is amazing

No. 957403

File: 1635880750544.jpg (129.27 KB, 1547x1080, YEAH.jpg)


No. 957407

File: 1635880819697.jpg (39.29 KB, 540x360, frog.jpg)

I kin this frog specifically

No. 957408

I’m British and I love smoking fags. Roast me.

No. 957410

anon you are ON FIRE

No. 957414

As a Shelley Duvall fan, I love this lel.

No. 957416

File: 1635881371010.jpeg (168.61 KB, 1242x829, 0D79B8A3-76F3-4FF9-8B8D-E3162A…)

No. 957420


No. 958577

File: 1635967506500.gif (4.2 MB, 640x360, nagito-komaeda.gif)

Fingers in his ass, fingers in his ass, kanye west likes fingers in his ass

No. 958603

File: 1635968725072.jpg (28.25 KB, 520x786, Tumblr_l_76718232126878.jpg)

He likes more than just fingers

No. 958606

File: 1635968853337.png (410.07 KB, 500x707, imagen_2021-11-03_134744.png)

ilu girls

No. 958607

File: 1635968887303.jpg (88.1 KB, 866x959, tumblr_1b29a76d6d226598bd3c2fb…)

and this if you're a troon lurking

No. 958613

Aw this reminded me of my bpd ex best friend, what a little cunt

No. 958618

File: 1635969167946.gif (3 MB, 400x250, 444.gif)

you're looking a bit troony yourself

No. 958620

File: 1635969219411.gif (1.11 MB, 275x207, 1622006892039.gif)


Reply "PRAISE"

No. 958621

No. 958629

File: 1635969846618.png (263.77 KB, 500x519, imagen_2021-11-03_140415.png)

for those who know

No. 958630


No. 958634

is that from the tumblr with wickie weekdays? lol

No. 958635

Welcome to the one and only real sex game where you can customize your sex partner. You won't last 5 minutes

No. 958677

File: 1635972563364.jpeg (62.06 KB, 600x600, 1FA97FEC-DEB1-42C7-AB4A-84357C…)

Stop perpetuating unattainable beauty standards!

No. 958685

Well have you seen the size of her?? Wee cunt is smaller than that scrotes potato fingered hand

No. 958691

File: 1635973493557.jpeg (90.73 KB, 1024x683, 0B4C9EF8-18BB-4312-B156-3A586E…)

That’s literally a problem, anonancitancia.

No. 958712

Cute gif

No. 958717

File: 1635974255174.jpg (388.17 KB, 1080x1021, Screenshot_20211103-161630.jpg)

This broad-shouldered lass will make a good shield maiden when we all converge to hold a hostile takeover of Jeffry Epstein's luxury island.

No. 958788

File: 1635976267087.jpeg (302.38 KB, 1242x828, 56B0F42C-C92C-44CB-876E-5AAED1…)

haha get it? Because Loki is the son of a Giant kek

No. 958800

Manlets quiver at the sight

No. 958805

based dubs posts

No. 958869


No. 958879

File: 1635980932266.png (25.69 KB, 512x512, 3F1C00FB838441A42892042488FB89…)

No. 958937

No. 958965

This cat is pretty cute, but every time I see it, it reminds me to a gigant squirrel. On a cute way tho

No. 958978

next person who posts in this thread is a lil fuckin bitch!!!!!!!

No. 958987

File: 1635987054515.jpeg (17.71 KB, 259x194, 36A6C542-A382-449F-BC6D-EB4F0C…)

No. 959016

What a cute lil bitch

No. 959036

Stupid joke but I love that movie. It's my favorite.

No. 959099

If penises made rubbery cartoon noises when you tugged on them I would be a nympho slut

No. 959189

File: 1636013824166.jpeg (103.04 KB, 757x600, 7057105B-1ABF-4E0C-AECC-7F9B4F…)

Fucking kek

No. 959302

File: 1636034057529.jpg (162.65 KB, 500x443, Tumblr_l_579868965871.jpg)

No. 960292

File: 1636112006480.png (1.47 MB, 1079x1082, Screenshot_20211104-153324_(1)…)

I cannot explain my love for this image well enough. Choose your gift, nonnies

No. 960294

Oh shit, imma bout to spill my beans tommy

No. 960304

I think I'll try the Boat Molk

No. 960319

File: 1636115931242.gif (74.72 KB, 500x375, DA497194-7376-4513-8058-9A14E9…)

I want the rodorodas.

No. 960327

Let's see if pale frail Gail knows how to throw that dick around.

No. 960393

I miss when vocaliod was more gimmick-y..

No. 960417

Yeah, I miss the old shitposting vocaloid songs too.
Everyone wants to overdeep everyone else nowadays.

No. 960438

File: 1636129643093.jpg (34.67 KB, 540x450, tumblr_a60be28c8e8dd9be85da7aa…)


No. 960448

File: 1636130428571.jpg (59.54 KB, 312x504, b1679f3aaeffc0e2f0c0d45a19d765…)

I have a folder of old timey funny ads. I will ask the public if they want me to post a few before spamming the thread

No. 960458

please post more, i need it

No. 960470

Kek yes please

No. 960515

File: 1636134180822.jpg (12.72 KB, 247x400, 3838d5ccdef9fb3c1a6e1306cf51a4…)

No. 960517

File: 1636134288802.jpg (67.4 KB, 380x568, 0526ad09dba5c315b0111c7f6c1b85…)

No. 960522

File: 1636134390340.jpg (99.97 KB, 500x640, bd06e91e12ccf1c2f60d83bcf64119…)

No. 960524

File: 1636134506432.jpg (86.42 KB, 487x468, 6c768df2098027c69f987da0aa62ec…)

No. 960525

File: 1636134579440.jpg (181 KB, 736x1077, 95460494da8e8c7b2a336ca8413b78…)


Don't neglect your bowels

No. 960530

File: 1636134846051.jpg (96.18 KB, 500x658, c87cecafe9a11b81f9806c00afb565…)


Obesity soap for the ana chans

No. 961081

Baby shark turuturututu baby shark turuturututu baby shark turuturututu baby shark, mommy shark turuturututu mommy shark turuturututu mommy shark turuturututu mommy shark

No. 961140

No. 961233

File: 1636208174872.gif (5.9 MB, 333x250, beachstep.gif)

No. 961238

File: 1636208795981.jpeg (1.29 MB, 3464x3464, 31354808-AD7C-4B02-9181-ED29C0…)

So we have Hot girl summer and Christian Girl autumn. Does it means we could also have
>Witch girl winter
>Sprite girl spring

No. 961240

I guess we could but more importantly I want to be in the place in the winter photo. How do I go there

No. 961245

I desperately need witch girl winter.

No. 961286

uhhh I'm unironically here for witch girl winter

No. 961295

I think Icy Girl winter is the term on social media, but I like Witch Girl winter.

No. 961296

I'm just going to focus all of my creative pursuits for the next three months on witch girl winter, I'm just gonna try to make it a thing (in my tiny stuffed toy circle anyway), I need it.

No. 961313

>Christiam girl autumn
>witch girl winter
should clearly be the other way around smh

No. 961320

File: 1636216327621.jpg (48.53 KB, 817x914, 9646896478744.jpg)

I am in shambles after this episode. I can fix him.

No. 961382

File: 1636221507775.jpeg (165.07 KB, 624x793, AA523ED0-A02D-4022-A86D-249BB8…)


No. 961394

Composition is shit, color is shit lighting is shit, homegirl has a crush but needs to stop telling lies

No. 961417

File: 1636223566922.jpg (522.88 KB, 801x1070, Tumblr_l_124894056021730.jpg)

Disregard men
Acquire calico critters

No. 961418

File: 1636223673684.jpg (191.76 KB, 1000x523, art-restore-fails.jpg)

Why does it remind me of one of those failed painting restorations

No. 961422

File: 1636223817852.jpg (262.7 KB, 1600x2048, calico-critters-calico-critter…)

The first commandment has been written

No. 961424

heheheh bark bark bark bark grrrrrr ehehe bark bark :3333333333333

No. 961426

File: 1636224081812.jpg (320.48 KB, 828x813, Tumblr_l_107581190098908.jpg)

I love when they're costumed

No. 961428

File: 1636224148571.jpg (117.77 KB, 1010x1200, 0e55f5a3e4de933119ce69d2974cae…)

No. 961430

File: 1636224363568.jpeg (46.63 KB, 496x406, 4F4EEEF8-F5FC-40C3-B6A2-17BEBA…)

I got this one, for the necklace

No. 961434

No. 961435

That's so cute I just wanna punch a wall

No. 961452

Man this is so cute. I need some of these but I think theyre fucking expensive in my country. I want to build a house for them

No. 961471

File: 1636225909605.jpg (41.78 KB, 474x480, Sylvanian_Families_stocktake_M…)

Having the time or patience to build miniatures and doll houses is my dream. But I'm addicted to my screen and smoke too much weed, I'm such a loser. Pray for me.

No. 961477

File: 1636226124498.jpg (667.03 KB, 1468x1073, Tumblr_l_108920229717616__01.j…)

Pepe and Apu.jpg

No. 961479

File: 1636226251540.jpg (35.34 KB, 545x640, pepe le pew.jpg)

Pepe Le Pew.jpg

No. 961483

Disregard modern "animation"
Enjoy Looney tunes

No. 961491

File: 1636227283738.jpg (87.2 KB, 640x640, Tumblr_l_109727777125381.jpg)

No. 961496

fix his fucking face

No. 961544

File: 1636229363543.jpg (37.21 KB, 533x533, 2239_1616394353001.jpg)

We. Are. Veggables.

No. 961751

what is that supposed to be?

No. 961773

File: 1636245350054.jpg (100.42 KB, 680x1019, 8c8.jpg)


No. 961781

i'm trying to resist the urge to hoard them so this is getting to me

No. 961784

based nona

No. 961846

Mazebe iffers scrotes weren't breedinz em to be violunt kullers mayhaps dey be gud bois n gurls wiff noooo bad stuffs? Stop blaming the dogs. It's a dog.

No. 961865

No. 961871

File: 1636255915391.jpeg (995.22 KB, 3464x3464, 90401933-CBA2-4AAC-93CE-0C114C…)

Don’t reply to the dog haters’ bait, and dog haters should just go back to their containment thread, these fucking bitches are always bitching about dogs in other threads and then they will play victim in their cesspool.

No. 961886

I'm sorry, you're right anon, I won't respond next time

No. 961888

File: 1636257139293.jpeg (138.22 KB, 1155x633, 0809B8B9-5419-46C1-ABF2-6892E9…)

What do you do, little pikachu?

No. 961924

Pit hating and dog hating are two very different things

No. 961925

You’re putting more attention when no one besides you noticed it

No. 961938

File: 1636261253220.png (565.22 KB, 710x440, heart.png)

i ate so many popeyes biscuits tonight, thank you popeye for everything you have done

No. 961943

Do you dip biscuits in any sauce?

No. 961951

i like em plain, hopefully thats not disgraceful of me

No. 961952

That's a bit of an invasive question isn't it

No. 961954

I dip them in the mash potatoes or Buffalo sauce mixed

No. 961955

File: 1636262386439.jpeg (106.26 KB, 758x520, FBCCE689-E419-4A67-A598-623465…)

it’s getting cold and I LOVE it

No. 961956

No. 961965

What is that thing

No. 962100

Nta but that there be a Japanese dwarf flying squirrel.

No. 963383

File: 1636398179687.jpeg (165.92 KB, 1454x1454, 4C5F7E46-4DC5-4DA1-8740-24B125…)

When will you get your own Yoni steam kit, nonnie?

No. 963385

I stared at this image in shock for over a minute

No. 963388

No. 963393

File: 1636398942789.jpg (34.94 KB, 449x335, fuckyeh.jpg)

I godda get da fuck oudda here

No. 963394

No. 963397

File: 1636399298591.gif (1.28 MB, 152x152, 1592423461398.gif.df48bc0da81c…)

girl there's a better life for me and you

No. 963398

File: 1636399325600.jpeg (41.07 KB, 450x450, D0A3052D-991A-4718-9FA0-BB9F12…)

If that’s not your jam, you can get some happy hoo-ha vitamins.

No. 963399

That can't be healthy for the poor ol' yoni. It's supposed to be moist, not smoked.

No. 963409

How about I just wash my vag with gentle soap and she can handle the rest herself?

No. 963417

File: 1636400995749.jpg (167.17 KB, 1200x800, original.0.jpg)

I watched hundreds of episodes of this show to make a friend happy and it's amazing how I can both despise and love it at the same time. It's so stupid. I was basically being forced to watch it, so I guess that's where the negativity comes it. I would never ever watch a single episode ever again in fucking life. But goddamn. This anime is fucking crazy. Soccer is life, soccer is everything. They play soccer against dinosaurs, they play soccer against aliens, they play soccer against genetically altered mutant children. The main bad guy is planning on taking control of the world…with soccer. Some of the scenes in this show are honestly so hilarious I will keep them in my meme-ory forever, but I fucking HATE THIS SHOW AGH.

No. 963423

unironically sounds good and fun, what's it called

No. 963428

Inazuma Eleven, I recommend the subbed because the voice acting is great and the theme song is absolutely gold. The main character is what pure goodness looks like.

No. 963445

File: 1636402990705.jpg (20.46 KB, 480x360, jibaku kun.jpg)

For some reason this reminds me of jibaku kun. I guess it's because they both have ugly characters running around with balls. I wish I could remember what the fuck jibaku kun is about though. Probably makes less sense than inazuma eleven

No. 963476

Probably, inazuma doesn't make sense but it's still based around a basic concept that's easy to understand, soccer kek

No. 963522

it's embarrassing how obsessed i used to be with this show. even ten years later after i first watched it, i'm still so fond of it. sakka is life, nonnita. also i still don't get why gouenji was supposedly such a legend, i always hated him kek

No. 963595

Yeah fuck gouenji and his potato tornado, my boi with forever be Kidou. Real men wear capes. Stop getting me reinvested I said I hated it. Oh man I'm remembering my MLP crossover fanart. Oh no.

No. 963600

File: 1636413469133.png (79.09 KB, 482x600, medium (1).png)

I'm going to post these sakka ponies just for you nona, here is kazemaru

No. 963601

File: 1636413494055.png (63.55 KB, 353x600, medium.png)

Here is Tsunami kek

No. 963606

kidou was the shit! i was also incredibly into fudou and, obviously, kdfd. i also remember joking to my friend how everyone is arguing if either aki or fuyuka will end up being endou's wife and how funny it would be if it was natsumi - and then it really was natsumi. god, i'm getting so nostalgic over here.

these are so on brand so very early 2010s internet, i love them!! i miss the internet/fandom culture from back then ngl.

No. 963632

Based taste in favs and ship anon. I made those in high school and my friend has a whole page of her own on her old deviantart account, they're so cute and goofy. The school had a free vector program on the computers for design class and we'd basically spend every free moment making ponies. Thanks for going down memory lane with me kekk

No. 963778

File: 1636427678223.jpg (139.24 KB, 500x500, 32278580-500-500.jpg)

this is so cute, i wish i had been younger when i was into the show (i was like 19/20 back then…) so thanks for bringing it up! i always love it when i see i11 mentioned on here. really says a lot about how crazy everyone was about it back then even though it was so stupid.

No. 964057

File: 1636464294500.png (558.47 KB, 856x515, ilq50nc6pzx71.png)

Choose your cool boy

No. 964075

All it's missing to make a cooler boy are cars

No. 964077

File: 1636466004367.jpeg (64.4 KB, 828x782, 1617103604492.jpeg)

Holy crap Lois I'm a fursona

No. 964108

File: 1636469278550.jpeg (66.28 KB, 800x800, 84C92EAD-2FEE-42E8-B3B4-D767EC…)

I have way too much ass hair, I can’t wait to get it removed forever, I hate how it feels like to wipe whenever I have to shit, I just don’t want to pull my ass hairs anymore.

No. 964128

File: 1636470851295.jpg (78.81 KB, 800x800, sticker-mario-wario.jpg)

This is me. Literally me. No other character can come close to relating to me like this. There is no way you can convince me this is not me. This character could not possibly be anymore me. It's me, and nobody can convince me otherwise. If anyone approached me on the topic of this not possibly being me, then I immediately shut them down with overwhelming evidence that this character is me. This character is me, it is indisputable. Why anyone would try to argue that this character is not me is beyond me. If you held two pictures of me and this character side by side, you'd see no difference. I can safely look at this character every day and say "Yup, that's me". I can practically see this character every time I look at myself in the mirror. I go outside and people stop me to comment how similar I look and act to this character. I chuckle softly as I'm assured everyday this character is me in every way. I can smile each time I get out of bed every morning knowing that I've found my identity with this character and I know my place in this world. It's really quite funny how similar this character is to me, it's almost like we're identical twins. When I first saw this character, I had an existential crisis. What if this character was the real me and I was the fictional being. What if this character actual became aware of my existence? Did this character have the ability to become self aware itself?

No. 964133

Amazing art. I wanted to remove mine as well but then how will I take a stealthy fart?

No. 964389

File: 1636491532079.jpeg (196.98 KB, 843x1200, 8F8A0FEC-AE24-48A8-B27A-13ADBE…)

stop alogging we know you’re about as fat and trashy as her

No. 964414

? that post and the replies don't look like alogging to me

No. 964462

Almost all of the replies are bone rattlers reeing though

No. 964510

not to blogpost but here's my entire life story

No. 964515

You're so stunning and brave for sharing, anon.

No. 964526

You sound unhinged

No. 964527

I was one of the replies but I agree

No. 964595

not to armchair but i am schizophrenic and pixielocks will die of lung cancer in 2045

No. 964614

No. 964615

it's just monotonous at this point all this sperging over some mediocre teen artist because she's fatter than hollywood skinny

the lana is fat sperging was nowhere near this bad and that was only a couple months ago

No. 964882

Nah she's right. Billie attracts the worst kind of posters.

No. 965357

i have a farting problem

No. 965363

Are you lactose intolerant?

No. 965423

File: 1636611715727.png (1.04 MB, 1414x740, brighstoneus simmondsi.png)

A newly discovered dinosaur to annoy Borzoi anon.

No. 965479

How could a dinosaur annoy anyone? Dinosaurs are the coolest

No. 965536

every time i scroll past this i think it's a dildo

No. 965551


No. 965890

File: 1636663075151.jpg (74.2 KB, 544x922, Screenshot_20211111-143541.jpg)

Urban outfitters

No. 965902

so weird aint it

No. 965919

if you perform lobotomies on mice you are a sociopath unless you're a scientist then it's OK normalize performing mice lobotomies(emoji)

No. 965944

File: 1636666288106.gif (42.45 KB, 480x480, 9A19E111-84D4-4233-8FCD-7F9B3E…)


No. 965946

i got updated about the other two but
for real?? holyshit. Got caps?

No. 965948

File: 1636666628586.jpg (329.71 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20211111-163659_Twi…)

No. 965949

File: 1636666709355.jpg (365.39 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20211111-163707_Twi…)

No. 965952

omg felony with $50,000 bail, am i amused

No. 965953

class f felony? was it kiddie related?

No. 965955

He was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

No. 965960

File: 1636667076590.gif (713.33 KB, 480x368, F7638642-1302-416F-B04C-62B011…)

Hell yej.

No. 965985

File: 1636669268634.jpg (21.18 KB, 591x443, Tumblr_l_340308716201015.jpg)

Eat celebratory CUBE CROISSANT

No. 965987

He must have pissed off the judge

No. 965994

File: 1636669852133.gif (1.5 MB, 400x400, C8517513-5650-4EF6-971C-ADD112…)

blessed day

No. 966080

Love how you can look super retarded if you try to eat it by biting into the edges, until I realized it’s to slice it like bread. I kept imagining scenarios of how to eat this monstrosity by tackling the edges.

No. 966083

File: 1636673754802.gif (5.33 MB, 380x293, 46A29FDF-2C49-40E8-8F7B-571308…)

O hell yea hell yea o yea yea yea

No. 966206

bLAh bLaH bLAH blah, whATEVER…i DO what I WANT!!!!

No. 966220

File: 1636683510541.gif (1.37 MB, 222x146, 971750cc3a7bf153d71da0f5c25a58…)

AAAAAAAAYYYY Winter has come for these worthless scrotes!

No. 966222

File: 1636683530186.gif (1.13 MB, 500x500, 1631251091011.gif)

No. 966226

trans phobic

No. 966229

File: 1636684122197.jpg (25.83 KB, 340x350, ab2038a643154f2626f73e40a3551f…)

No. 966230

late as fuck but these will be the new gregs once we are finally rid of that sex pest. we must begin to hide our kids hide our wives and hide our husbands

No. 966256

File: 1636687447704.jpg (139.09 KB, 1200x537, 1636674740666.jpg)

No. 966259

God I hope that stupid blue, pink, and white flag fucking burns to the ground and someone pisses on it

No. 966266

Are you serious? You can’t just suggest someone peeing on such an ugly rag, that’s their fetish, same with shitting, I think it would be more insulting for their mentally ill asses to recite a biology book about male and female anatomy as it burns.

No. 966297

For them to eat the flag

No. 966298

i mean force

No. 966304

File: 1636690870458.webm (1.48 MB, 545x574, 1628457292923.webm)

No. 966305

mmMmMmmm yaasss bby write a fan fic,

No. 966326

Reading about impulsive makeup shoppers is so strange I can’t help but doubt their accounts of things sometimes.

>I had a weak moment

It takes me like 10 min to make sure everything is in order and officially check out when online shopping. That’s a long moment

No. 966336

File: 1636694638680.gif (394.58 KB, 224x224, 1618424040463.gif)

Hope he still gets pedo treatment desu.

No. 966363

No. 966424

File: 1636712052812.gif (857.08 KB, 220x124, C42B6CC0-6531-4323-9F7B-FDE37C…)

Fuck Shadman. Dafne Keen’s lawyers sent him a C&D after he posted X23 loli porn. For that alone I hope he rots.
Most likely scenario is that between the tweaking/withdrawals and general brain rot of being a porn addict he’s going to make himself known as a degenerate and things will hopefully play out a lot like picrel.

No. 967521

File: 1636834646449.png (24.77 KB, 520x432, 56g03g3uy9w21.png)

bless u.

No. 967637

File: 1636844919063.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1348, Screenshot_20211113-190407_(1)…)

No. 967674

Definitely 8. It's the only one with arms long enough to reach its dick.

No. 967832

File: 1636870018450.png (149.92 KB, 878x208, Screen Shot 2021-11-14 at 12.0…)

>425 replies
no one posts here because thread pic ugly

No. 967837

which thread has the most replies? bet it has an ugly pic too

No. 967839

Joe manna has ugly posts

No. 967846

File: 1636871012020.jpg (Spoiler Image,245.64 KB, 720x754, IMG_20211114_142115.jpg)

u have to go thru their strongest guardian first open for a bad time owo

No. 967850

File: 1636871316564.jpg (44.26 KB, 735x920, 8b498faee23e2f0722872e0fa5491b…)

I've been on lolcow for 6 years now and I'm 100% sure that threads with ugly pics go by slower. Which sucks because if the pic is ugly I want it gone quicker. That's why I always try to create threads when I can and use cute pics

No. 967857

idk some of the faster threads have ugly thread pics

No. 967859

Oh sure, some will be popular regardless, but some still move slower if the pic is ugly.

No. 967952

I appreciate cute pics, but also hate the whining about OP pictures

No. 967972

ew is that yungblud or however the fuck it's spelled? he's not even a tranny, guaranteed he only does it for teenage they/he pussy

No. 967973

No. 969432

File: 1637043570120.png (866.35 KB, 1242x850, imagen_2021-11-16_001952.png)

No. 969438

KEK this

No. 969444

File: 1637044902283.png (618.82 KB, 845x1055, imagen_2021-11-16_004207.png)

No. 969445

File: 1637044986510.png (369.48 KB, 560x420, imagen_2021-11-16_004325.png)

borzoi snnuggling a golden doggie

No. 969446

why does no one want to BARK in here anymore?

No. 969448

hyperonline girls and women who want to be gay/bi men leaving the uwuwuuw softboy shit behind and branching out to gore blogging when they realized its seen as cringey and clockable is proof these ppl would stop this shit altogether if they were bullied out of it and its all about clout and face

No. 969450

File: 1637045355076.png (338.85 KB, 1080x1441, imagen_2021-11-16_004932.png)


No. 969455

men will go “facts over feelings!” and then just believe their feelings are facts

No. 969458

File: 1637046194449.png (596.13 KB, 1025x1044, imagen_2021-11-16_010332.png)

No. 969469

File: 1637047165713.png (501.02 KB, 640x480, imagen_2021-11-16_011947.png)


No. 969471

File: 1637047244635.png (1.06 MB, 800x800, imagen_2021-11-16_012103.png)

Who wants to come to my house

No. 969474

File: 1637047346668.png (584.73 KB, 828x820, imagen_2021-11-16_012253.png)

No. 969483

Men will mock women for being too emotional because "they cry easily" and then plan a rapemurder if they get rejected once in their lives.

No. 969486

Hey I can bring soup

No. 969488

File: 1637049199049.png (128.58 KB, 319x319, imagen_2021-11-16_015334.png)

I hope next retard thread has a cute pic of a cat instead

No. 969489

File: 1637049258370.gif (554.2 KB, 220x220, 52FAF9FA-4EC3-4C1E-8C78-73403C…)

Nonita thank you for posting this, my friends and I have stupid among us inside jokes we’re all getting matching amongus fidget pop keychains, one of my friends gifted the other among us crocs, she also made a small amongus in clay, but it had a very large and defined ass. The list goes on. We’re way past the target audience and have never played the game but the unrestrained retardation is so fun and I’m very excited to show them this. I’m making haste to your house right now

No. 969491

This is so cute and wholesome omg. I hope your amongus friends live happy amongus lives!!

No. 969495

File: 1637049834099.png (390.02 KB, 590x600, imagen_2021-11-16_020410.png)

I hope next retard thread has funny pic like this

No. 969496

File: 1637049877152.png (555 KB, 750x759, imagen_2021-11-16_020451.png)

Me everytime I go to lolcow.farm/ot/

No. 969497

it needs to be a retarded cat to truly capture the feel of the thread

No. 969498

File: 1637049904593.png (922.92 KB, 800x750, imagen_2021-11-16_020523.png)

Me on the dumbass shit thread

No. 969499

File: 1637050055609.png (90.17 KB, 750x188, imagen_2021-11-16_020800.png)

Me every single day

No. 969502

File: 1637050290718.png (441.29 KB, 750x399, imagen_2021-11-16_021157.png)

Me sometimes

No. 969503

File: 1637050351866.png (409.06 KB, 735x728, imagen_2021-11-16_021214.png)

Me always

No. 969505

File: 1637050749678.png (956.64 KB, 1170x923, imagen_2021-11-16_021911.png)

This is how some people on the vent and tinfoil thread sound sometimes

No. 969519

File: 1637052387493.png (201.79 KB, 432x414, imagen_2021-11-16_024653.png)

No. 969522

File: 1637052515600.png (174.62 KB, 427x398, imagen_2021-11-16_024714.png)

No. 969535

File: 1637053532830.png (529.41 KB, 827x1018, imagen_2021-11-16_030547.png)

This but with every man

No. 969537

File: 1637053613882.png (299.23 KB, 680x544, imagen_2021-11-16_030722.png)

No. 969554

File: 1637055157955.png (797.92 KB, 960x948, imagen_2021-11-16_033303.png)

No. 969557

no….it can't…

No. 969564

Aea beb cec ded eee fef geg heh iei jej kek lel mem nen oeo pep qeq rer ses tet ueu vev wew zez yey

No. 969571

No. 969573

File: 1637056169521.png (792.13 KB, 828x1185, imagen_2021-11-16_034955.png)

No. 969586

File: 1637057784337.png (896.78 KB, 930x922, imagen_2021-11-16_041510.png)


No. 969589

did the peepys ever get married?

No. 969592

Is that the animal known as pipi

No. 969594

File: 1637058388554.png (2.61 MB, 2564x1052, caca shit.png)

so you agree? isolated ppl who spend most of their day online are more likely to “identify” as “nonbinary”?

No. 969598

File: 1637058649855.png (1.19 MB, 720x960, imagen_2021-11-16_043112.png)


No. 969600

File: 1637058795912.png (796.39 KB, 750x1067, imagen_2021-11-16_043338.png)

wtf bjork

No. 969602

File: 1637058922744.png (247.41 KB, 400x370, imagen_2021-11-16_043552.png)

No. 969615

File: 1637060478808.jpg (92.08 KB, 640x578, 9t1gbwkmiep51.jpg)

Thanks for correcting me

No. 969657

She even presents "nonbinary" as this smiley and creepy monster, weirdly self aware
>discord logo
Of course

No. 969701

you rly gotta stop making all your filenames 'caca' 'shit' 'poop'. it's easy to track your posts all over the boards

No. 969974

File: 1637096901331.jpg (86.02 KB, 1024x817, Tumblr_l_655910870604529.jpg)

No. 970033

File: 1637101682587.jpeg (207.94 KB, 750x628, BB58C1F8-E15A-4C67-94AD-E0E8B2…)

I’m on “that” side of Twitter again…

No. 970038

No. 970052


No. 970056

gonna post random numbers and see which posts i get!!!!!

No. 970063

File: 1637106163293.png (14.71 KB, 654x122, fbra.png)

No. 970065


No. 970091

File: 1637109600289.jpeg (80.92 KB, 946x2048, 9CF36E65-50F9-47E1-9399-657EC0…)

No. 970094

File: 1637109964682.jpg (729.78 KB, 720x720, Tumblr_l_655163606360543.jpg)

No. 970095

Just tell the fallen boob ‘i believe in you’

No. 970097

I literally saw this on tumblr last night and was gonna post it here but you beat me to it lol

No. 970120

File: 1637113287461.jpg (196.47 KB, 1280x960, moon-1609131_1280.jpg)


No. 970123

put your crazy away the full moon isn't for three more days

No. 970128

No. 970130

Fuck you, we like the moon

No. 970137

This is my favorite shitpost kek

No. 970139

need my puh sey munched and crunched

No. 970163

If your pusseh has crunch to it, you need to get your ass in a hot bath and go soak.

No. 970198

File: 1637122966400.jpg (27.02 KB, 717x393, EXopq96WsAEHFS0.jpg)

choose your fighter

No. 970202

finally somebody gets it

No. 970206

gertrude because shes cute with her gun

No. 970218

susan, she would beat your ass

No. 970228

Karen has nothing on Haileigh scoffing and whispering to her friend about you

No. 970241

Haieligh is def the type of character who would summon minions

No. 970249

gertrude is based

No. 970278

I wish Vampires were real so one could suck out my period with a straw

No. 970411

File: 1637155706407.jpg (40.94 KB, 625x651, 8c9e15a3020d4eee1b20c911ecc5de…)

Gertrude would win against everyone, karen would lose to gertrude. Becky would lose against everyone, she's a doormat
Imagine their christmas dinner
Both becky and haileigh would complain in the vent thread but haileigh would be banned for infighting
Meanwhile gertrude rests in her fancy chair, happy that the family is all there for holiday. She will later sell the awful gifts susan and karen bought her

No. 970414

I think I'm done with my breakfast….

No. 970800

File: 1637183141026.jpeg (78.31 KB, 750x920, AD9F00A1-0A62-470C-B324-594FAD…)

I’m a registered flex offender with a license to chill

No. 970818

I'm a survivor, we're a dying breed

No. 970825

File: 1637184255644.jpeg (197.88 KB, 585x978, 2B2B9BD2-8998-4469-A89E-E247F0…)

But do you have a gay husband?

No. 970833

I do hate piv.. sign me up please

No. 970844

Laying on my back with Twilight sprawled out across my chest and stomach, the weight of her body pressing against mine, telling her how much I loved her between kisses. Before I even realized what was happening my male parts were sliding back and forth between her inner thighs and tummy. And as I held her close, between the heat and friction of our bodies entwined together, it really felt like being inside her.

No. 970854

File: 1637185891100.jpg (40.68 KB, 735x663, 051f00f1762813d3754a8c2e94eb6a…)

no bodypillow of my husbando….

No. 970855

> Laying on my back with Twilight sprawled out across my chest and stomach, the weight of her body pressing against mine, telling her how much I loved her between kisses.
I thought this was about someone resting after reading twilight and kissing their girlfriend. I will keep it that way.

No. 970874

what sparks can her husband have for her? shes just projecting kek

No. 970910

I felt this so I got my artist friend to draw me one

No. 970914

is it my sex trauma showing or is it normal to want to vomit when reading this?

No. 970916

File: 1637189679199.jpg (647.72 KB, 691x676, Tumblr_l_655070724094901.jpg)

The sparks of finding a naive woman willing to play mommymaid and spawn-birther to an openly gay male.

My best friends dad came out as gay, after decades of leading a woman on to believe she was with a man who loved her, at least a little. Of course there were signs (especially later), but what can she do when he's already packed her with kids and she's in old age now. It's one of the most disrespectful and disgusting things you could do, occupy a woman's life like that and she will die without ever having a real husband or ally. Of course I'm the only one who sees any fault, everyone else just congratulates the faggot for coming out. He's having the time of his life.

No. 970989

File: 1637201177372.webm (2.32 MB, 1280x720, 1624457937878.webm)

No. 971045

File: 1637209272571.jpg (35.3 KB, 318x445, 51XZ7S7AYTL._SY445_.jpg)


No. 971050

Save up and commission one, anon! There's no body pillow of my husbando either but I draw so I'm hoping to get good enough to make one myself

No. 971051

Sexy ass

No. 971054

File: 1637210574887.jpg (136.83 KB, 1152x648, hello-kitty.jpg)

I'm partial to this one but all kitty games are good games. Let's race anon!!

No. 971055

File: 1637210613665.jpeg (362.12 KB, 684x916, DE86E123-7CA3-461D-B55A-EBCCAC…)

the feminine urge to throw a soft pretzel at a san francisco 49ers fan

No. 971060

I really hate this "THE FEMENINE URGE" "THE MASCULINE URGE" zoomer meme, sounds troonish.

No. 971063

it was supposed to be an ironic post. also at least learn to spell feminine kek.

No. 971065

Me too, but then again I hate almost everything that comes out of zoomers' mouths

No. 971066

I'm ESL and your post is unfunny, imagine finding this gender shit funny

No. 971067

Doens't sound like it
Go back to twitter(it's the retarded shitpost thread, relax)

No. 971084

hi ESL granny chan, are you still roaming around calling anons retarted and incent

No. 971089

I don't even know who the fuck that is, I just recently got out of ban jail for saying "kpop guys are ugly". True story. Sorry I'm not up with the current lolcow lore

No. 971248

File: 1637240592189.jpg (64.62 KB, 500x503, tumblr_a07f2f97a9bea38bc77675d…)

No. 971250

File: 1637240683912.jpg (49.13 KB, 500x517, tumblr_65857e20010fc8d728c058b…)

No. 971252

File: 1637240719217.jpg (231.72 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_d48b5207ea54615ed4f29fc…)

Someone please come up with a good lolcow meme for this pic

No. 971308

Twilight and I spent a good hour or so just laying in bed cuddling together before something else I never thought I’d be able to share with the unicorn of my dreams happened… we made love.

I had long enjoyed clopping to pictures of my partner, or sometimes snuggling with her while I clopped, but I never imagined that I could actually make love to her. After all, I wasn’t about to go making any holes under my plushie’s tail and being a fairly typical male I wasn’t really aware of any way to make love that didn’t involve penetration.

No. 971333


No. 971343

She is right though, you guys truly are retarted and incent, there is no hope

No. 971472

File: 1637261253033.png (2 MB, 1035x921, kek.png)

What's so funny about a particle accelerator

No. 971704

File: 1637271199376.jpg (298.09 KB, 1440x1745, e8872ff16d3ba69951d5a6868f1606…)

I want my man busty with nipples that poke out from steel bara tiddies, I want him to have a beautiful androgynous face, i want him to have thick, long hair with a sexy silly slightly boyish voice, I want that dick to be one of great beautiful silken texture, and rock hard, a man who has never seen or desired to see pornography. A tall, (6’4”, 6'8" with the horns) broad shouldered teddy bear that looks intimidating and protects me. He also doesn't age past 26 because he's a fallen angel from another dimension. I want him to cook yummy meals for me, I want the head game to be crazy I want the nuts to be plump, all the time because he’s not jerking off to porn, he just waits for me to drain it. Loyally, and whenever I do suck him off, he moans loud. He is nice to other women but is afraid of witches because they torture him. He rails me like a goddamn gorilla, powerful and deep strokes and foreplay he eats me out so much that it just doesn’t even hurt, basically it should technically hurt but I’m so widened from arousal that it doesn’t. He’s vanilla and normie and just likes to gamble and steal or some shit. He models to pay off his crippling debt and I send him and his 6 demon brothers to work for me because I am their human master. I love him so much, he always takes me on trips and he is a good replacement for the Heavenly Father.
Don’t think I’m asking for a lot.

No. 971708

I need them to put me in a particle accelerator and put it on high for 90 seconds. I'll livestream it

No. 971709

No. 971716

I'll be honest with you it doesn't seem like a fun time. Nothing interesting would happen you'd just suffocate. I don't want you to suffocate

No. 971719

File: 1637271903882.jpeg (280.09 KB, 1125x918, 88658282-71B9-4048-96B9-507B76…)

nonna im not sure if you've already been there but a lot of korean webtoon, video games and just their arts often have a lot of busty men with cute face. You may like it there. picrel is just a cookie run fan art from a korean fan artist

No. 971731

that's what happens to your body HERE, yeah but I'll go in after the other anon is finished

No. 971733

Saved god i wish that was me

No. 971734

Who is the artist. Answer quickly before I snap my vibrator in half.

No. 971737

nta but a lot of korean bara art I've seen gives them weird anatomy imo. even actual woman-tits in some cases

No. 971759

I think the artist is @ivutyozo on twitter.

No. 971763

Oh no I've never seen blow jobs before and now I've been exposed to what bjs look like. However will I cope. I'm just a poor thirty something who doesn't deserve to be put through this. This is worse than cp.

Anyway I'm going over to g to talk about my dreams of blowing my crush, ngl I give some good head.

No. 971777

Thank you anon! ♥

No. 971779

File: 1637273672359.png (19.75 KB, 317x927, 1667320875.png)

those gifs just gave me another reason to avoid males tbh

No. 971801

hells kitchen sound effect

No. 971881

File: 1637281836039.jpg (152.21 KB, 857x1200, ce21ba3e185cc3de17ffb01a99dbb3…)

Bump for raid

No. 971906

Nobody follows me on my Twitter and it gives me such intense pleasure. I say random shit and I feel happy. It's like I'm emoting to world and no one hears me and I can focus on the act of emoting without worrying about reactions. It's good practice.

No. 971925

but what happens when someone starts following you?

No. 971936

NTA but I do this too. I just hit block on obvious follow bots. There's this extension called Twitter block chain I have ready in hands, just in case my shitpost tweets go viral.

No. 971952

File: 1637286482691.png (2.48 MB, 1125x1110, CED402E1-A763-4EB1-AA21-80FC6C…)

No. 971953

File: 1637286554393.jpeg (106.09 KB, 1080x991, A38B09BD-E824-4737-A534-A2E767…)

No. 971955

File: 1637286609042.png (936.85 KB, 750x718, FB99980F-7EEF-4B26-BB0E-17B7C2…)

No. 971962

File: 1637286890605.png (193.34 KB, 622x351, 6843688543.png)


No. 971967

Love her. Queen shit

No. 971974

File: 1637287779598.jpeg (118.91 KB, 828x823, 60DA94AB-874D-4948-A3DB-4BD50E…)

No. 971975

Amy's baking company

No. 971977

File: 1637287814055.jpeg (78.23 KB, 520x436, E50BBA68-59D4-45B1-9C9E-31C1BF…)

No. 971978

wen you get diabetes from drinking the WAP

No. 971980

Hospital socks?

No. 971998

I fucking love these socks!

No. 972004

i want to pee all over the walls and couch

No. 972024

throw em in the trash

No. 972029

I'll help you, nonita. We can create together. While high, iffu want

No. 972046

File: 1637297179561.png (271.45 KB, 500x500, D020691F-26F7-4468-8042-3D9ED0…)

Tea? Spilled. Wig? Snatched.

No. 972053

File: 1637298873524.jpg (42.97 KB, 480x360, EoF_9QOVQAA2Ndx.jpg)

No. 972078

File: 1637304046048.jpg (198.5 KB, 1080x851, Screenshot_20190626-232952__01…)

Imma download it

No. 972090

Let us know if the ads are a lie or not.

No. 972126

i like that he knows his place

No. 972128

The ads are lies, sorry nonnies

No. 972131

Lily from lily's garden reminds me of miss pauling and they are both badass bitches

No. 972686

File: 1637349546378.jpg (102.59 KB, 640x635, 1582564580427.jpg)

No. 972726

File: 1637351225281.png (403.53 KB, 600x601, westvseast.png)

Those ads are hilarious, why not actually make a game like this?

No. 972730

Good taste, western-medicine-kun caught my eye too

No. 972733

File: 1637351740712.jpeg (56.39 KB, 945x884, received_504356677534351.jpeg)

I want to contribute to the retarded ads

No. 972737


With a bit of quality comedy writing, a visual novel like this would be extremely entertaining. I'm thinking something along the lines of Princess Maker games with their variety of endings, but with less boring levelling and more interaction.

No. 972749

File: 1637352642623.jpg (199.5 KB, 1080x1015, Screenshot_20211119-141000.jpg)

No. 972758

Oh oh Western-medicine-kun, be my husbando

No. 972972

File: 1637367422667.jpg (124.42 KB, 1071x798, 111161111611.jpg)

Oh so you're a feminist? Name every woman
Abagael Abagail Abbe Abbey Abbi Abbie Abby Abigael Abigail Abigale Abra Acacia Ada Adah Adaline Adara Addie Addis Adel Adela Adelaide Adele Adelice Adelina Adelind Adeline Adella Adelle Adena Adey Adi Adiana Adina Adora Adore Adoree Adorne Adrea Adria Adriaens Adrian Adriana Adriane Adrianna Adrianne Adrien Adriena Adrienne Aeriel Aeriela Aeriell Ag Agace Agata Agatha Agathe Aggi Aggie Aggy Agna Agnella Agnes Agnese Agnesse Agneta Agnola Agretha Aida Aidan Aigneis Aila Aile Ailee Aileen Ailene Ailey Aili Ailina Ailyn Aime Aimee Aimil Aina Aindrea Ainslee Ainsley Ainslie Ajay Alaine Alameda Alana Alanah Alane Alanna Alayne Alberta Albertina Albertine Albina Alecia Aleda Aleece Aleecia Aleen Alejandra Alejandrina Alena Alene Alessandra Aleta Alethea Alex Alexa Alexandra Alexandrina Alexi Alexia Alexina Alexine Alexis Alfie Alfreda Ali Alia Alica Alice Alicea Alicia Alida Alidia Alina Aline Alis Alisa Alisha Alison Alissa Alisun Alix Aliza Alla Alleen Allegra Allene Alli Allianora Allie Allina Allis Allison Allissa Allsun Ally Allyce Allyn Allys Allyson Alma Almeda Almeria Almeta Almira Almire Aloise Aloisia Aloysia Alpa Alta Althea Alvera Alvina Alvinia Alvira Alyce Alyda Alys Alysa Alyse Alysia Alyson Alyss Alyssa Amabel Amabelle Amalea Amalee Amaleta Amalia Amalie Amalita Amalle Amanda Amandi Amandie Amandy Amara Amargo Amata Amber Amberly Ambrosia Ambur Ame Amelia Amelie Amelina Ameline Amelita Ami Amie Amity Ammamaria Amy Ana Anabel Anabella Anabelle Anais Analiese Analise Anallese Anallise Anastasia Anastasie Anastassia Anatola Andee Andi Andie Andra Andrea Andreana Andree Andrei Andria Andriana Andriette Andromache Andromeda Andy Anestassia Anet Anett Anetta Anette Ange Angel Angela Angele Angelia Angelica Angelika Angelina Angeline Angelique Angelita Angelle Angie Angil Angy Ania Anica Anissa Anita Anitra Anja Anjanette Anjela Ann Ann-Mari Ann-Marie Anna Anna-Diana Anna-Diane Anna-Maria Annabal Annabel Annabela Annabell Annabella Annabelle Annadiana Annadiane Annalee Annalena Annaliese Annalisa Annalise Annalyse Annamari Annamaria Annamarie Anne Anne-Corinne Anne-Mar Anne-Marie Annecorinne Anneliese Annelise Annemarie Annetta Annette Anni Annice Annie Annissa Annmaria Annmarie Annnora Annora Anny Anselma Ansley Anstice Anthe Anthea Anthia Antoinette Antonella Antonetta Antonia Antonie Antonietta Antonina Anya Aphrodite Appolonia April Aprilette Ara Arabel Arabela Arabele Arabella Arabelle Arda Ardath Ardeen Ardelia Ardelis Ardella Ardelle Arden Ardene Ardenia Ardine Ardis Ardith Ardra Ardyce Ardys Ardyth Aretha Ariadne Ariana Arianne Aridatha Ariel Ariela Ariella Arielle Arlana Arlee Arleen Arlen Arlena Arlene Arleta Arlette Arleyne Arlie Arliene Arlina Arlinda Arline Arly Arlyn Arlyne Aryn Ashely Ashlee Ashleigh Ashlen Ashley Ashli Ashlie Ashly Asia Astra Astrid Astrix Atalanta Athena Athene Atlanta Atlante Auberta Aubine Aubree Aubrette Aubrey Aubrie Aubry Audi Audie Audra Audre Audrey Audrie Audry Audrye Audy Augusta Auguste Augustina Augustine Aura Aurea Aurel Aurelea Aurelia Aurelie Auria Aurie Aurilia Aurlie Auroora Aurora Aurore Austin Austina Austine Ava Aveline Averil Averyl Avie Avis Aviva Avivah Avril Avrit Ayn Bab Babara Babette Babita Babs Bambi Bambie Bamby Barb Barbabra Barbara Barbara-Anne Barbaraanne Barbe Barbee Barbette Barbey Barbi Barbie Barbra Barby Bari Barrie Barry Basia Bathsheba Batsheva Bea Beatrice Beatrisa Beatrix Beatriz Beau Bebe Becca Becka Becki Beckie Becky Bee Beilul Beitris Bekki Bel Belia Belicia Belinda Belita Bell Bella Bellamy Bellanca Belle Bellina Belva Belvia Bendite Benedetta Benedicta Benedikta Benetta Benita Benni Bennie Benny Benoite Berenice Beret Berget Berna Bernadene Bernadette Bernadina Bernadine Bernardina Bernardine Bernelle Bernete Bernetta Bernette Berni Bernice Bernie Bernita Berny Berri Berrie Berry Bert Berta Berte Bertha Berthe Berti Bertie Bertina Bertine Berty Beryl Beryle Bess Bessie Bessy Beth Bethanne Bethany Bethena Bethina Betsey Betsy Betta Bette Bette-Ann Betteann Betteanne Betti Bettie Bettina Bettine Betty Bettye Beulah Bev Beverie Beverlee Beverlie Beverly Bevvy Bianca Bianka Biddy Bidget Bill Billi Billie Billy Binni Binnie Binny Bird Birdie Birgit Birgitta Blair Blaire Blake Blakelee Blakeley Blanca Blanch Blancha Blanche Blinni Blinnie Blinny Bliss Blisse Blithe Blondell Blondelle Blondie Blondy Blythe Bo Bobbette Bobbi Bobbie Bobby Bobette Bobina Bobine Bobinette Bonita Bonnee Bonni Bonnie Bonny Brana Brandais Brande Brandea Brandi Brandice Brandie Brandise Brandy Brea Breanne Brear Bree Breena Bren Brena Brenda Brenn Brenna Brett Bria Briana Brianna Brianne Bride Bridget Bridgett Bridgette Bridie Brier Brietta Brigid Brigida Brigit Brigitta Brigitte Brina Briney Briny Brit Brita Britaney Britani Briteny Britney Britni Britt Britta Brittan Brittany Britte Brittney Brook Brooke Brooks Brunella Brunhilda Brunhilde Bryana Bryn Bryna Brynn Brynna Brynne Buffy Bunni Bunnie Bunny Burta Cabrina Cacilia Cacilie Caitlin Caitrin Cal Calida Calla Calley Calli Callida Callie Cally Calypso Cam Camala Camel Camella Camellia Cameo Cami Camila Camile Camilla Camille Cammi Cammie Cammy Canada Candace Candi Candice Candida Candide Candie Candis Candra Candy Cappella Caprice Cara Caralie Caren Carena Caresa Caressa Caresse Carey Cari Caria Carie Caril Carilyn Carin Carina Carine Cariotta Carissa Carita Caritta Carla Carlee Carleen Carlen Carlena Carlene Carley Carli Carlie Carlin Carlina Carline Carlisle Carlita Carlota Carlotta Carly Carlye Carlyn Carlynn Carlynne Carma Carmel Carmela Carmelia Carmelina Carmelita Carmella Carmelle Carmen Carmina Carmine Carmita Carmon Caro Carol Carol-Jean Carola Carolan Carolann Carole Carolee Caroleen Carolie Carolin Carolina Caroline Caroljean Carolyn Carolyne Carolynn Caron Carree Carri Carrie Carrissa Carrol Carroll Carry Cary Caryl Caryn Casandra Casey Casi Casia Casie Cass Cassandra Cassandre Cassandry Cassaundra Cassey Cassi Cassie Cassondra Cassy Cat Catarina Cate Caterina Catha Catharina Catharine Cathe Cathee Catherin Catherina Catherine Cathi Cathie Cathleen Cathlene Cathrin Cathrine Cathryn Cathy Cathyleen Cati Catie Catina Catlaina Catlee Catlin Catrina Catriona Caty Cayla Cecelia Cecil Cecile Ceciley Cecilia Cecilla Cecily Ceil Cele Celene Celesta Celeste Celestia Celestina Celestine Celestyn Celestyna Celia Celie Celina Celinda Celine Celinka Celisse Celle Cesya Chad Chanda Chandal Chandra Channa Chantal Chantalle Charil Charin Charis Charissa Charisse Charita Charity Charla Charlean Charleen Charlena Charlene Charline Charlot Charlott Charlotta Charlotte Charmain Charmaine Charmane Charmian Charmine Charmion Charo Charyl Chastity Chelsae Chelsea Chelsey Chelsie Chelsy Cher Chere Cherey Cheri Cherianne Cherice Cherida Cherie Cherilyn Cherilynn Cherin Cherise Cherish Cherlyn Cherri Cherrita Cherry Chery Cherye Cheryl Cheslie Chiarra Chickie Chicky Chiquita Chloe Chloette Chloris Chris Chriss Chrissa Chrissie Chrissy Christa Christabel Christabella Christabelle Christal Christalle Christan Christean Christel Christen Christi Christian Christiana Christiane Christie Christin Christina Christine Christy Christyna Chrysa Chrysler Chrystal Chryste Chrystel Ciara Cicely Cicily Ciel Cilka Cinda Cindee Cindelyn Cinderella Cindi Cindie Cindra Cindy Cinnamon Cissie Cissy Clair Claire Clara Clarabelle Clare Claresta Clareta Claretta Clarette Clarey Clari Claribel Clarice Clarie Clarinda Clarine Clarisa Clarissa Clarisse Clarita Clary Claude Claudelle Claudetta Claudette Claudia Claudie Claudina Claudine Clea Clem Clemence Clementia Clementina Clementine Clemmie Clemmy Cleo Cleopatra Clerissa Cleva Clio Clo Cloe Cloris Clotilda Clovis Codee Codi Codie Cody Coleen Colene Coletta Colette Colleen Collete Collette Collie Colline Colly Con Concettina Conchita Concordia Conney Conni Connie Conny Consolata Constance Constancia Constancy Constanta Constantia Constantina Constantine Consuela Consuelo Cookie Cora Corabel Corabella Corabelle Coral Coralie Coraline Coralyn Cordelia Cordelie Cordey Cordie Cordula Cordy Coreen Corella Corena Corenda Corene Coretta Corette Corey Cori Corie Corilla Corina Corine Corinna Corinne Coriss Corissa Corliss Corly Cornela Cornelia Cornelle Cornie Corny Correna Correy Corri Corrianne Corrie Corrina Corrine Corrinne Corry Cortney Cory Cosetta Cosette Courtenay Courtney Cresa Cris Crissie Crissy Crista Cristabel Cristal Cristen Cristi Cristie Cristin Cristina Cristine Cristionna Cristy Crysta Crystal Crystie Cyb Cybal Cybel Cybelle Cybil Cybill Cyndi Cyndy Cynthea Cynthia Cynthie Cynthy Dacey Dacia Dacie Dacy Dael Daffi Daffie Daffy Dafna Dagmar Dahlia Daile Daisey Daisi Daisie Daisy Dale Dalenna Dalia Dalila Dallas

No. 972975

Daloris Damara Damaris Damita Dana Danell Danella Danelle Danette Dani Dania Danica Danice Daniel Daniela Daniele Daniella Danielle Danika Danila Danit Danita Danna Danni Dannie Danny Dannye Danya Danyelle Danyette Daphene Daphna Daphne Dara Darb Darbie Darby Darcee Darcey Darci Darcie Darcy Darda Dareen Darell Darelle Dari Daria Darice Darla Darleen Darlene Darline Darryl Darsey Darsie Darya Daryl Daryn Dasha Dasi Dasie Dasya Datha Daune Daveen Daveta Davida Davina Davine Davita Dawn Dawna Dayle Dayna Dea Deana Deane Deanna Deanne Deb Debbi Debbie Debbra Debby Debee Debera Debi Debor Debora Deborah Debra Dede Dedie Dedra Dee Dee Dee Deeann Deeanne Deedee Deena Deerdre Dehlia Deidre Deina Deirdre Del Dela Delaney Delcina Delcine Delia Delila Delilah Delinda Dell Della Delly Delora Delores Deloria Deloris Delphina Delphine Delphinia Demeter Demetra Demetria Demetris Dena Deni Denice Denise Denna Denni Dennie Denny Deny Denys Denyse Deonne Desaree Desdemona Desirae Desiree Desiri Deva Devan Devi Devin Devina Devinne Devon Devondra Devonna Devonne Devora Dew Di Diahann Diamond Dian Diana Diandra Diane Diane-Marie Dianemarie Diann Dianna Dianne Diannne Didi Dido Diena Dierdre Dina Dinah Dinnie Dinny Dion Dione Dionis Dionne Dita Dix Dixie Dode Dodi Dodie Dody Doe Doll Dolley Dolli Dollie Dolly Dolora Dolores Dolorita Doloritas Dominica Dominique Dona Donella Donelle Donetta Donia Donica Donielle Donna Donnajean Donnamarie Donni Donnie Donny Dora Doralia Doralin Doralyn Doralynn Doralynne Dorcas Dore Doreen Dorelia Dorella Dorelle Dorena Dorene Doretta Dorette Dorey Dori Doria Dorian Dorice Dorie Dorine Doris Dorisa Dorise Dorit Dorita Doro Dorolice Dorolisa Dorotea Doroteya Dorothea Dorothee Dorothy Dorree Dorri Dorrie Dorris Dorry Dorthea Dorthy Dory Dosi Dot Doti Dotti Dottie Dotty Dove Drea Drew Dulce Dulcea Dulci Dulcia Dulciana Dulcie Dulcine Dulcinea Dulcy Dulsea Dusty Dyan Dyana Dyane Dyann Dyanna Dyanne Dyna Dynah E'Lane Eada Eadie Eadith Ealasaid Eartha Easter Eba Ebba Ebonee Ebony Eda Eddi Eddie Eddy Ede Edee Edeline Eden Edi Edie Edin Edita Edith Editha Edithe Ediva Edna Edwina Edy Edyth Edythe Effie Eileen Eilis Eimile Eirena Ekaterina Elaina Elaine Elana Elane Elayne Elberta Elbertina Elbertine Eleanor Eleanora Eleanore Electra Elena Elene Eleni Elenore Eleonora Eleonore Elfie Elfreda Elfrida Elfrieda Elga Elianora Elianore Elicia Elie Elinor Elinore Elisa Elisabet Elisabeth Elisabetta Elise Elisha Elissa Elita Eliza Elizabet Elizabeth Elka Elke Ella Elladine Elle Ellen Ellene Ellette Elli Ellie Ellissa Elly Ellyn Ellynn Elmira Elna Elnora Elnore Eloisa Eloise Elonore Elora Elsa Elsbeth Else Elsey Elsi Elsie Elsinore Elspeth Elsy Elva Elvera Elvina Elvira Elwina Elwira Elyn Elyse Elysee Elysha Elysia Elyssa Em Ema Emalee Emalia Emanuela Emelda Emelia Emelina Emeline Emelita Emelyne Emera Emilee Emili Emilia Emilie Emiline Emily Emlyn Emlynn Emlynne Emma Emmalee Emmaline Emmalyn Emmalynn Emmalynne Emmeline Emmey Emmi Emmie Emmy Emmye Emogene Emyle Emylee Endora Engracia Enid Enrica Enrichetta Enrika Enriqueta Enya Eolanda Eolande Eran Erda Erena Erica Ericha Ericka Erika Erin Erina Erinn Erinna Erma Ermengarde Ermentrude Ermina Erminia Erminie Erna Ernaline Ernesta Ernestine Ertha Eryn Esma Esmaria Esme Esmeralda Esmerelda Essa Essie Essy Esta Estel Estele Estell Estella Estelle Ester Esther Estrella Estrellita Ethel Ethelda Ethelin Ethelind Etheline Ethelyn Ethyl Etta Etti Ettie Etty Eudora Eugenia Eugenie Eugine Eula Eulalie Eunice Euphemia Eustacia Eva Evaleen Evangelia Evangelin Evangelina Evangeline Evania Evanne Eve Eveleen Evelina Eveline Evelyn Evette Evey Evie Evita Evonne Evvie Evvy Evy Eyde Eydie Fabrianne Fabrice Fae Faina Faith Fallon Fan Fanchette Fanchon Fancie Fancy Fanechka Fania Fanni Fannie Fanny Fanya Fara Farah Farand Farica Farra Farrah Farrand Fatima Faun Faunie Faustina Faustine Fawn Fawna Fawne Fawnia Fay Faydra Faye Fayette Fayina Fayre Fayth Faythe Federica Fedora Felecia Felicdad Felice Felicia Felicity Felicle Felipa Felisha Felita Feliza Fenelia Feodora Ferdinanda Ferdinande Fern Fernanda Fernande Fernandina Ferne Fey Fiann Fianna Fidela Fidelia Fidelity Fifi Fifine Filia Filide Filippa Fina Fiona Fionna Fionnula Fiorenze Fleur Fleurette Flo Flor Flora Florance Flore Florella Florence Florencia Florentia Florenza Florette Flori Floria Florice Florida Florie Florina Florinda Floris Florri Florrie Florry Flory Flossi Flossie Flossy Flower Fortuna Fortune Fran France Francene Frances Francesca Francesmary Francine Francis Francisca Franciska Francoise Francyne Frank Frankie Franky Franni Frannie Franny Frayda Fred Freda Freddi Freddie Freddy Fredelia Frederica Fredericka Fredi Fredia Fredra Fredrika Freida Frieda Friederike Fulvia Gabbey Gabbi Gabbie Gabey Gabi Gabie Gabriel Gabriela Gabriell Gabriella Gabrielle Gabriellia Gabrila Gaby Gae Gael Gail Gale Gale Galina Garland Garnet Garnette Gates Gavra Gavrielle Gay Gayla Gayle Gayleen Gaylene Gaynor Gelya Gen Gena Gene Geneva Genevieve Genevra Genia Genna Genni Gennie Gennifer Genny Genovera Genvieve George Georgeanna Georgeanne Georgena Georgeta Georgetta Georgette Georgia Georgiamay Georgiana Georgianna Georgianne Georgie Georgina Georgine Gera Geralda Geraldina Geraldine Gerda Gerhardine Geri Gerianna Gerianne Gerladina Germain Germaine Germana Gerri Gerrie Gerrilee Gerry Gert Gerta Gerti Gertie Gertrud Gertruda Gertrude Gertrudis Gerty Giacinta Giana Gianina Gianna Gigi Gilberta Gilberte Gilbertina Gilbertine Gilda Gill Gillan Gilli Gillian Gillie Gilligan Gilly Gina Ginelle Ginevra Ginger Ginni Ginnie Ginnifer Ginny Giorgia Giovanna Gipsy Giralda Gisela Gisele Gisella Giselle Gizela Glad Gladi Gladis Gladys Gleda Glen Glenda Glenine Glenn Glenna Glennie Glennis Glori Gloria Gloriana Gloriane Glorianna Glory Glyn Glynda Glynis Glynnis Godiva Golda Goldarina Goldi Goldia Goldie Goldina Goldy Grace Gracia Gracie Grata Gratia Gratiana Gray Grayce Grazia Gredel Greer Greta Gretal Gretchen Grete Gretel Grethel Gretna Gretta Grier Griselda Grissel Guendolen Guenevere Guenna Guglielma Gui Guillema Guillemette Guinevere Guinna Gunilla Gunvor Gus Gusella Gussi Gussie Gussy Gusta Gusti Gustie Gusty Gwen Gwendolen Gwendolin Gwendolyn Gweneth Gwenette Gwenn Gwenneth Gwenni Gwennie Gwenny Gwenora Gwenore Gwyn Gwyneth Gwynne Gypsy Hadria Hailee Haily Haleigh Halette Haley Hali Halie Halimeda Halley Halli Hallie Hally Hana Hanna Hannah Hanni Hannibal Hannie Hannis Hanny Happy Harlene Harley Harli Harlie Harmonia Harmonie Harmony Harri Harrie Harriet Harriett Harrietta Harriette Harriot Harriott Hatti Hattie Hatty Havivah Hayley Hazel Heath Heather Heda Hedda Heddi Heddie Hedi Hedvig Hedwig Hedy Heida Heide Heidi Heidie Helaina Helaine Helen Helen-Elizabeth Helena Helene Helga Helge Helise Hellene Helli Heloise Helsa Helyn Hendrika Henka Henrie Henrieta Henrietta Henriette Henryetta Hephzibah Hermia Hermina Hermine Herminia Hermione Herta Hertha Hester Hesther Hestia Hetti Hettie Hetty Hilarie Hilary Hilda Hildagard Hildagarde Hilde Hildegaard Hildegarde Hildy Hillary Hilliary Hinda Holley Holli Hollie Holly Holly-Anne Hollyanne Honey Honor Honoria Hope Horatia Hortense Hortensia Hulda Hyacinth Hyacintha Hyacinthe Hyacinthia Hyacinthie Hynda Ianthe Ibbie Ibby Ida Idalia Idalina Idaline Idell Idelle Idette Ike Ikey Ilana Ileana Ileane Ilene Ilise Ilka Illa Ilona Ilsa Ilse Ilysa Ilyse Ilyssa Imelda Imogen Imogene Imojean Ina Inci Indira Ines Inesita Inessa Inez Inga Ingaberg Ingaborg Inge Ingeberg Ingeborg Inger Ingrid Ingunna Inna Ioana Iolande Iolanthe Iona Iormina Ira Irena Irene Irina Iris Irita Irma Isa Isabeau Isabel Isabelita Isabella Isabelle Isador Isadora Isadore Isahella Iseabal Isidora Isis Isobel Issi Issie Issy Ivett Ivette Ivie Ivonne Ivory Ivy Izabel Izzi Jacenta Jacinda Jacinta Jacintha Jacinthe Jackelyn Jacki Jackie Jacklin Jacklyn Jackquelin Jackqueline Jacky Jaclin Jaclyn Jacquelin Jacqueline Jacquelyn Jacquelynn Jacquenetta Jacquenette Jacquetta Jacquette Jacqui Jacquie Jacynth Jada Jade Jaime Jaimie Jaine Jaleh Jami Jamie Jamima Jammie Jan Jana Janaya Janaye Jandy Jane Janean Janeczka Janeen Janel Janela Janella Janelle Janene Janenna Janessa Janet Janeta Janetta Janette Janeva Janey Jania Janice Janie Janifer Janina Janine Janis Janith Janka Janna Jannel Jannelle Janot Jany Jaquelin Jaquelyn Jaquenetta Jaquenette Jaquith Jasmin Jasmina Jasmine Jayme Jaymee Jayne Jaynell Jazmin Jean Jeana Jeane Jeanelle Jeanette Jeanie Jeanine Jeanna Jeanne Jeannette Jeannie Jeannine Jehanna Jelene Jemie Jemima Jemimah Jemmie Jemmy Jen Jena Jenda Jenelle Jenette Jeni Jenica Jeniece Jenifer Jeniffer Jenilee Jenine Jenn Jenna Jennee Jennette Jenni Jennica Jennie Jennifer Jennilee Jennine Jenny Jeraldine Jeralee Jere Jeri Jermaine Jerrie Jerrilee Jerrilyn Jerrine Jerry Jerrylee Jess Jessa Jessalin Jessalyn Jessamine Jessamyn Jesse Jesselyn Jessi Jessica Jessie Jessika Jessy Jewel Jewell Jewelle Jill Jillana Jillane Jillayne Jilleen Jillene Jilli Jillian Jillie Jilly Jinny Jo Jo Ann Jo-Ann Jo-Anne JoAnn JoAnne Joan Joana Joane Joanie Joann Joanna Joanne Joannes Jobey Jobi Jobie Jobina Joby Jobye Jobyna Jocelin Joceline Jocelyn Jocelyne Jodee Jodi Jodie Jody Joela Joelie Joell Joella Joelle Joellen Joelly Joellyn Joelynn Joete Joey Johanna Johannah Johnette Johnna Joice Jojo Jolee Joleen Jolene Joletta Joli Jolie Joline Joly Jolyn Jolynn Jonell Joni Jonie Jonis Jordain Jordan Jordana Jordanna Jorey Jori Jorie Jorrie Jorry Joscelin Josee Josefa Josefina Joselyn Josepha Josephina Josephine Josey Josi Josie Joslyn Josselyn Josy Jourdan Joy Joya Joyan Joyann Joyce Joycelin Joye Joyous Juana Juanita Jude Judi Judie Judith Juditha Judy Judye Julee Juli Julia Juliana Juliane Juliann Julianna Julianne Julie Julienne Juliet Julieta Julietta Juliette Julina Juline Julissa Julita June Junette Junia Junie Junina Justin Justina Justine Jyoti Kacey Kacie Kacy Kai Kaia Kaila Kaile Kailey Kaitlin Kaitlyn Kaitlynn Kaja Kakalina Kala Kaleena Kali Kalie Kalila Kalina Kalinda Kalindi Kalli Kally Kameko Kamila Kamilah Kamillah Kandace Kandy Kania Kanya Kara Kara-Lynn Karalee Karalynn Kare Karee Karel Karen Karena Kari Karia Karie Karil Karilynn Karin Karina Karine Kariotta Karisa Karissa Karita Karla Karlee Karleen Karlen Karlene Karlie Karlotta Karlotte Karly Karlyn Karmen Karna Karol Karola Karole Karolina Karoline Karoly Karon Karrah Karrie Karry Kary Karyl Karylin Karyn Kasey Kass Kassandra Kassey Kassi Kassia Kassie Kaster Kat Kata Katalin Kate Katee Katerina Katerine Katey Kath Katha Katharina Katharine Katharyn Kathe Katheleen Katherina Katherine Katheryn Kathi Kathie Kathleen Kathlene Kathlin Kathrine Kathryn Kathryne Kathy Kathye Kati Katie Katina Katine Katinka Katleen Katlin Katrina Katrine Katrinka Katti Kattie Katuscha Katusha Katy Katya Kay Kaycee Kaye Kayla Kayle Kaylee Kayley Kaylil Kaylyn Kee Keeley Keelia Keely Kelcey Kelci Kelcie Kelcy Kelila Kellen Kelley Kelli Kellia Kellie Kellina Kellsie Kelly Kellyann Kelsey Kelsi Kelsy Kendra Kendre Kenna Keren Keri Keriann Kerianne Kerri Kerrie Kerrill Kerrin Kerry Kerstin Kesley Keslie Kessia Kessiah Ketti Kettie Ketty Kevina Kevyn Ki Kia Kiah Kial Kiele Kiersten Kikelia Kiley Kim Kimberlee Kimberley Kimberli Kimberly Kimberlyn Kimbra Kimmi Kimmie Kimmy Kinna Kip Kipp Kippie Kippy Kira Kirbee Kirbie Kirby Kiri Kirsten Kirsteni Kirsti Kirstie Kirstin Kirstyn Kissee Kissiah Kissie Kit Kitti Kittie Kitty Kizzee Kizzie Klara Klarika Klarrisa Konstance Konstanze Koo Kora Koral Koralle Kordula Kore Korella Koren Koressa Kori Korie Korney Korrie Korry Kourtney Kris Krissie Krissy Krista Kristal Kristan Kriste Kristel Kristen Kristi Kristien Kristin Kristina Kristine Kristy Kristyn Krysta Krystal Krystalle Krystle Krystyna Kyla Kyle Kylen Kylie Kylila Kylynn Kym Kynthia Kyrstin La Lacee Lacey Lacie Lacy Ladonna Laetitia Laila Laina Lainey Lamb Lana Lane Lanette Laney Lani Lanie Lanita Lanna Lanni Lanny Lara Laraine Lari Larina Larine Larisa Larissa Lark Laryssa Latashia Latia Latisha Latrena Latrina Laura Lauraine Laural Lauralee Laure Lauree Laureen Laurel Laurella Lauren Laurena Laurene Lauretta Laurette Lauri Laurianne Laurice Laurie Lauryn Lavena Laverna Laverne Lavina Lavinia Lavinie Layla Layne Layney Lea Leah Leandra Leann Leanna Leanne Leanor Leanora Lebbie Leda Lee LeeAnn Leeann Leeanne Leela Leelah Leena Leesa Leese Legra Leia Leiah Leigh Leigha Leila Leilah Leisha Lela Lelah Leland Lelia Lena Lenee Lenette Lenka Lenna Lenora Lenore Leodora Leoine Leola Leoline Leona Leonanie Leone Leonelle Leonie Leonora Leonore Leontine Leontyne Leora Leorah Leshia Lesley Lesli Leslie Lesly Lesya Leta Lethia Leticia Letisha Letitia Letta Letti Lettie Letty Leyla Lezlie Lia Lian Liana Liane Lianna Lianne Lib Libbey Libbi Libbie Libby Licha Lida Lidia Lil Lila Lilah Lilas Lilia Lilian Liliane Lilias Lilith Lilla Lilli Lillian Lillis Lilllie Lilly Lily Lilyan Lin Lina Lind Linda Lindi Lindie Lindsay Lindsey Lindsy Lindy Linea Linell Linet Linette Linn Linnea Linnell Linnet Linnie Linzy Liora Liorah Lira Lisa Lisabeth Li

No. 972976

Lisandra Lisbeth Lise Lisetta Lisette Lisha Lishe Lissa Lissi Lissie Lissy Lita Liuka Livia Liz Liza Lizabeth Lizbeth Lizette Lizzie Lizzy Loella Lois Loise Lola Lolande Loleta Lolita Lolly Lona Lonee Loni Lonna Lonni Lonnie Lora Lorain Loraine Loralee Loralie Loralyn Loree Loreen Lorelei Lorelle Loren Lorena Lorene Lorenza Loretta Lorettalorna Lorette Lori Loria Lorianna Lorianne Lorie Lorilee Lorilyn Lorinda Lorine Lorita Lorna Lorne Lorraine Lorrayne Lorri Lorrie Lorrin Lorry Lory Lotta Lotte Lotti Lottie Lotty Lou Louella Louisa Louise Louisette Love Luana Luanna Luce Luci Lucia Luciana Lucie Lucienne Lucila Lucilia Lucille Lucina Lucinda Lucine Lucita Lucky Lucretia Lucy Luella Luelle Luisa Luise Lula Lulita Lulu Luna Lura Lurette Lurleen Lurlene Lurline Lusa Lust Lyda Lydia Lydie Lyn Lynda Lynde Lyndel Lyndell Lyndsay Lyndsey Lyndsie Lyndy Lynea Lynelle Lynett Lynette Lynn Lynna Lynne Lynnea Lynnell Lynnelle Lynnet Lynnett Lynnette Lynsey Lysandra Lyssa Mab Mabel Mabelle Mable Mada Madalena Madalyn Maddalena Maddi Maddie Maddy Madel Madelaine Madeleine Madelena Madelene Madelin Madelina Madeline Madella Madelle Madelon Madelyn Madge Madlen Madlin Madona Madonna Mady Mae Maegan Mag Magda Magdaia Magdalen Magdalena Magdalene Maggee Maggi Maggie Maggy Magna Mahala Mahalia Maia Maible Maiga Mair Maire Mairead Maisey Maisie Mala Malanie Malcah Malena Malia Malina Malinda Malinde Malissa Malissia Malka Malkah Mallissa Mallorie Mallory Malorie Malory Malva Malvina Malynda Mame Mamie Manda Mandi Mandie Mandy Manon Manya Mara Marabel Marcela Marcelia Marcella Marcelle Marcellina Marcelline Marchelle Marci Marcia Marcie Marcile Marcille Marcy Mareah Maren Marena Maressa Marga Margalit Margalo Margaret Margareta Margarete Margaretha Margarethe Margaretta Margarette Margarita Margaux Marge Margeaux Margery Marget Margette Margi Margie Margit Marglerite Margo Margot Margret Marguerite Margurite Margy Mari Maria Mariam Marian Mariana Mariann Marianna Marianne Maribel Maribelle Maribeth Marice Maridel Marie Marie-Ann Marie-Jeanne Marieann Mariejeanne Mariel Mariele Marielle Mariellen Marietta Mariette Marigold Marijo Marika Marilee Marilin Marillin Marilyn Marin Marina Marinna Marion Mariquilla Maris Marisa Mariska Marissa Marit Marita Maritsa Mariya Marj Marja Marje Marji Marjie Marjorie Marjory Marjy Marketa Marla Marlane Marleah Marlee Marleen Marlena Marlene Marley Marlie Marline Marlo Marlyn Marna Marne Marney Marni Marnia Marnie Marquita Marrilee Marris Marrissa Marry Marsha Marsiella Marta Martelle Martguerita Martha Marthe Marthena Marti Martica Martie Martina Martita Marty Martynne Mary Marya Maryangelyn Maryann Maryanna Maryanne Marybelle Marybeth Maryellen Maryjane Maryjo Maryl Marylee Marylin Marylinda Marylou Marylynne Maryrose Marys Marysa Masha Matelda Mathilda Mathilde Matilda Matilde Matti Mattie Matty Maud Maude Maudie Maura Maure Maureen Maureene Maurene Maurine Maurise Maurita Mavis Mavra Max Maxi Maxie Maxine Maxy May Maya Maybelle Mayda Maye Mead Meade Meagan Meaghan Meara Mechelle Meg Megan Megen Meggan Meggi Meggie Meggy Meghan Meghann Mehetabel Mei Meira Mel Mela Melamie Melania Melanie Melantha Melany Melba Melesa Melessa Melicent Melina Melinda Melinde Melisa Melisande Melisandra Melisenda Melisent Melissa Melisse Melita Melitta Mella Melli Mellicent Mellie Mellisa Mellisent Mellissa Melloney Melly Melodee Melodie Melody Melonie Melony Melosa Melva Mercedes Merci Mercie Mercy Meredith Meredithe Meridel Meridith Meriel Merilee Merilyn Meris Merissa Merl Merla Merle Merlina Merline Merna Merola Merralee Merridie Merrie Merrielle Merrile Merrilee Merrili Merrill Merrily Merry Mersey Meryl Meta Mia Micaela Michaela Michaelina Michaeline Michaella Michal Michel Michele Michelina Micheline Michell Michelle Micki Mickie Micky Midge Mignon Mignonne Miguela Miguelita Mildred Mildrid Milena Milicent Milissent Milka Milli Millicent Millie Millisent Milly Milzie Mimi Min Mina Minda Mindy Minerva Minetta Minette Minna Minni Minnie Minny Minta Miquela Mira Mirabel Mirabella Mirabelle Miran Miranda Mireielle Mireille Mirella Mirelle Miriam Mirilla Mirna Misha Missie Missy Misti Misty Mitra Mitzi Mmarianne Modesta Modestia Modestine Modesty Moina Moira Moll Mollee Molli Mollie Molly Mommy Mona Monah Monica Monika Monique Mora Moreen Morena Morgan Morgana Morganica Morganne Morgen Moria Morissa Morlee Morna Moselle Moya Moyna Moyra Mozelle Muffin Mufi Mufinella Muire Mureil Murial Muriel Murielle Myna Myra Myrah Myranda Myriam Myrilla Myrle Myrlene Myrna Myrta Myrtia Myrtice Myrtie Myrtle Nada Nadean Nadeen Nadia Nadine Nadiya Nady Nadya Nalani Nan Nana Nananne Nance Nancee Nancey Nanci Nancie Nancy Nanete Nanette Nani Nanice Nanine Nannette Nanni Nannie Nanny Nanon Naoma Naomi Nara Nari Nariko Nat Nata Natala Natalee Natalia Natalie Natalina Nataline Natalya Natasha Natassia Nathalia Nathalie Natka Natty Neala Neda Nedda Nedi Neely Neila Neile Neilla Neille Nela Nelia Nelie Nell Nelle Nelli Nellie Nelly Nena Nerissa Nerita Nert Nerta Nerte Nerti Nertie Nerty Nessa Nessi Nessie Nessy Nesta Netta Netti Nettie Nettle Netty Nevsa Neysa Nichol Nichole Nicholle Nicki Nickie Nicky Nicol Nicola Nicole Nicolea Nicolette Nicoli Nicolina Nicoline Nicolle Nidia Nike Niki Nikki Nikkie Nikoletta Nikolia Nil Nina Ninetta Ninette Ninnetta Ninnette Ninon Nisa Nissa Nisse Nissie Nissy Nita Nitin Nixie Noami Noel Noelani Noell Noella Noelle Noellyn Noelyn Noemi Nola Nolana Nolie Nollie Nomi Nona Nonah Noni Nonie Nonna Nonnah Nora Norah Norean Noreen Norene Norina Norine Norma Norri Norrie Norry Nova Novelia Nydia Nyssa Octavia Odele Odelia Odelinda Odella Odelle Odessa Odetta Odette Odilia Odille Ofelia Ofella Ofilia Ola Olenka Olga Olia Olimpia Olive Olivette Olivia Olivie Oliy Ollie Olly Olva Olwen Olympe Olympia Olympie Ondrea Oneida Onida Onlea Oona Opal Opalina Opaline Ophelia Ophelie Oprah Ora Oralee Oralia Oralie Oralla Oralle Orel Orelee Orelia Orelie Orella Orelle Oreste Oriana Orly Orsa Orsola Ortensia Otha Othelia Othella Othilia Othilie Ottilie Pacifica Page Paige Paloma Pam Pamela Pamelina Pamella Pammi Pammie Pammy Pandora Pansie Pansy Paola Paolina Parwane Pat Patience Patrica Patrice Patricia Patrizia Patsy Patti Pattie Patty Paula Paula-Grace Paule Pauletta Paulette Pauli Paulie Paulina Pauline Paulita Pauly Pavia Pavla Pearl Pearla Pearle Pearline Peg Pegeen Peggi Peggie Peggy Pen Penelopa Penelope Penni Pennie Penny Pepi Pepita Peri Peria Perl Perla Perle Perri Perrine Perry Persis Pet Peta Petra Petrina Petronella Petronia Petronilla Petronille Petunia Phaedra Phaidra Phebe Phedra Phelia Phil Philipa Philippa Philippe Philippine Philis Phillida Phillie Phillis Philly Philomena Phoebe Phylis Phyllida Phyllis Phyllys Phylys Pia Pier Pierette Pierrette Pietra Piper Pippa Pippy Polly Pollyanna Pooh Poppy Portia Pris Prisca Priscella Priscilla Prissie Pru Prudence Prudi Prudy Prue Prunella Queada Queenie Quentin Querida Quinn Quinta Quintana Quintilla Quintina Rachael Rachel Rachele Rachelle Rae Raf Rafa Rafaela Rafaelia Rafaelita Ragnhild Rahal Rahel Raina Raine Rakel Ralina Ramona Ramonda Rana Randa Randee Randene Randi Randie Randy Ranee Rani Rania Ranice Ranique Ranna Raphaela Raquel Raquela Rasia Rasla Raven Ray Raychel Raye Rayna Raynell Rayshell Rea Reba Rebbecca Rebe Rebeca Rebecca Rebecka Rebeka Rebekah Rebekkah Ree Reeba Reena Reeta Reeva Regan Reggi Reggie Regina Regine Reiko Reina Reine Remy Rena Renae Renata Renate Rene Renee Renel Renell Renelle Renie Rennie Reta Retha Revkah Rey Reyna Rhea Rheba Rheta Rhetta Rhiamon Rhianna Rhianon Rhoda Rhodia Rhodie Rhody Rhona Rhonda Riane Riannon Rianon Rica Ricca Rici Ricki Rickie Ricky Riki Rikki Rina Risa Rissa Rita Riva Rivalee Rivi Rivkah Rivy Roana Roanna Roanne Robbi Robbie Robbin Robby Robbyn Robena Robenia Roberta Robin Robina Robinet Robinett Robinetta Robinette Robinia Roby Robyn Roch Rochell Rochella Rochelle Rochette Roda Rodi Rodie Rodina Romola Romona Romonda Romy Rona Ronalda Ronda Ronica Ronna Ronni Ronnica Ronnie Ronny Roobbie Rora Rori Rorie Rory Ros Rosa Rosabel Rosabella Rosabelle Rosaleen Rosalia Rosalie Rosalind Rosalinda Rosalinde Rosaline Rosalyn Rosalynd Rosamond Rosamund Rosana Rosanna Rosanne Rosario Rose Roseann Roseanna Roseanne Roselia Roselin Roseline Rosella Roselle Roselyn Rosemaria Rosemarie Rosemary Rosemonde Rosene Rosetta Rosette Roshelle Rosie Rosina Rosita Roslyn Rosmunda Rosy Row Rowe Rowena Roxana Roxane Roxanna Roxanne Roxi Roxie Roxine Roxy Roz Rozalie Rozalin Rozamond Rozanna Rozanne Roze Rozele Rozella Rozelle Rozina Rubetta Rubi Rubia Rubie Rubina Ruby Ruella Ruperta Ruth Ruthann Ruthanne Ruthe Ruthi Ruthie Ruthy Ryann Rycca Saba Sabina Sabine Sabra Sabrina Sacha Sada Sadella Sadie Sal Sallee Salli Sallie Sally Sallyann Sallyanne Salome Sam Samantha Samara Samaria Sammy Samuela Samuella Sande Sandi Sandie Sandra Sandy Sandye Sapphira Sapphire Sara Sara-Ann Saraann Sarah Sarajane Saree Sarena Sarene Sarette Sari Sarina Sarine Sarita Sascha Sasha Sashenka Saudra Saundra Savina Sayre Scarlet Scarlett Scotty Sean Seana Secunda Seka Sela Selena Selene Selestina Selia Selie Selina Selinda Seline Sella Selle Selma Sena Sephira Serena Serene Shaina Shaine Shalna Shalne Shamit Shana Shanda Shandee Shandie Shandra Shandy Shane Shani Shanie Shanna Shannah Shannen Shannon Shanon Shanta Shantee Shara Sharai Shari Sharia Sharie Sharity Sharl Sharla Sharleen Sharlene Sharline Sharna Sharon Sharona Sharra Sharron Sharyl Shaun Shauna Shawn Shawna Shawnee Shay Shayla Shaylah Shaylyn Shaylynn Shayna Shayne Shea Sheba Sheela Sheelagh Sheelah Sheena Sheeree Sheila Sheila-Kathryn Sheilah Sheilakathryn Shel Shela Shelagh Shelba Shelbi Shelby Shelia Shell Shelley Shelli Shellie Shelly Shena Sher Sheree Sheri Sherie Sheril Sherill Sherilyn Sherline Sherri Sherrie Sherry Sherye Sheryl Shilpa Shina Shir Shira Shirah Shirl Shirlee Shirleen Shirlene Shirley Shirline Shoshana Shoshanna Shoshie Siana Sianna Sib Sibbie Sibby Sibeal Sibel Sibella Sibelle Sibilla Sibley Sibyl Sibylla Sibylle Sidoney Sidonia Sidonnie Sigrid Sile Sileas Silva Silvana Silvia Silvie Simona Simone Simonette Simonne Sindee Sinead Siobhan Sioux Siouxie Sisely Sisile Sissie Sissy Sofia Sofie Solange Sondra Sonia Sonja Sonni Sonnie Sonnnie Sonny Sonya Sophey Sophi Sophia Sophie Sophronia Sorcha Sosanna Stace Stacee Stacey Staci Stacia Stacie Stacy Stafani Star Starla Starlene Starlin Starr Stefa Stefania Stefanie Steffane Steffi Steffie Stella Stepha Stephana Stephani Stephanie Stephannie Stephenie Stephi Stephie Stephine Stesha Stevana Stevena Stoddard Storey Storm Stormi Stormie Stormy Sue Sue-elle Suellen Sukey Suki Sula Sunny Sunshine Susan Susana Susanetta Susann Susanna Susannah Susanne Susette Susi Susie Sussi Susy Suzan Suzann Suzanna Suzanne Suzetta Suzette Suzi Suzie Suzy Suzzy Sybil Sybila Sybilla Sybille Sybyl Sydel Sydelle Sydney Sylvia Sylvie Tabatha Tabbatha Tabbi Tabbie Tabbitha Tabby Tabina Tabitha Taffy Talia Tallia Tallie Tally Talya Talyah Tamar Tamara Tamarah Tamarra Tamera Tami Tamiko Tamma Tammara Tammi Tammie Tammy Tamra Tana Tandi Tandie Tandy Tani Tania Tansy Tanya Tara Tarah Tarra Tarrah Taryn Tasha Tasia Tate Tatiana Tatiania Tatum Tawnya Tawsha Teane Ted Tedda Teddi Teddie Teddy Tedi Tedra Teena Tella Teodora Tera Teresa TeresaAnne Terese Teresina Teresita Teressa Teri Teriann Terina Terra Terri Terri-Jo Terrianne Terrie Terry Terrye Tersina Teryl Terza Tess Tessa Tessi Tessie Tessy Thalia Thea Theada Theadora Theda Thekla Thelma Theo Theodora Theodosia Theresa Theresa-Marie Therese Theresina Theresita Theressa Therine Thia Thomasa Thomasin Thomasina Thomasine Tia Tiana Tiena Tierney Tiertza Tiff Tiffani Tiffanie Tiffany Tiffi Tiffie Tiffy Tilda Tildi Tildie Tildy Tillie Tilly Tim Timi Timmi Timmie Timmy Timothea Tina Tine Tiphani Tiphanie Tiphany Tish Tisha Tobe Tobey Tobi Tobie Toby Tobye Toinette Toma Tomasina Tomasine Tomi Tomiko Tommi Tommie Tommy Toni Tonia Tonie Tony Tonya Tootsie Torey Tori Torie Torrie Tory Tova Tove Trace Tracee Tracey Traci Tracie Tracy Trenna Tresa Trescha Tressa Tricia Trina Trish Trisha Trista Trix Trixi Trixie Trixy Truda Trude Trudey Trudi Trudie Trudy Trula Tuesday Twila Twyla Tybi Tybie Tyne Ula Ulla Ulrica Ulrika Ulrike Umeko Una Ursa Ursala Ursola Ursula Ursulina Ursuline Uta Val Valaree Valaria Vale Valeda Valencia Valene Valenka Valentia Valentina Valentine Valera Valeria Valerie Valery Valerye Valida Valina Valli Vallie Vally Valma Valry Van Vanda Vanessa Vania Vanna Vanni Vannie Vanny Vanya Veda Velma Velvet Vena Venita Ventura Venus Vera Veradis Vere Verena Verene Veriee Verile Verina Verine Verla Verna Vernice Veronica Veronika Veronike Veronique Vi Vicki Vickie Vicky Victoria Vida Viki Vikki Vikkie Vikky Vilhelmina Vilma Vin Vina Vinita Vinni Vinnie Vinny Viola Violante Viole Violet Violetta Violette Virgie Virgina Virginia Virginie Vita Vitia Vitoria Vittoria Viv Viva Vivi Vivia Vivian Viviana Vivianna Vivianne Vivie Vivien Viviene Vivienne Viviyan Vivyan Vivyanne Vonni Vonnie Vonny Wallie Wallis Wally Waly Wanda Wandie Wandis Waneta Wenda Wendeline Wendi Wendie Wendy Wenona Wenonah Whitney Wileen Wilhelmina Wilhelmine Wilie Willa Willabella Willamina Willetta Willette Willi Willie Willow Willy Willyt Wilma Wilmette Wilona Wilone Wilow Windy Wini Winifred Winna Winnah Winne Winni Winnie Winnifred Winny Winona Winonah Wren Wrennie Wylma Wynn Wynne Wynnie Wynny Xaviera Xena Xenia Xylia Xylina Yalonda Yehudit Yelena Yetta Yettie Yetty Yevette Yoko Yolanda Yolande Yolane Yolanthe Yonina Yoshi Yoshiko Yovonnda Yvette Yvonne Zabrina Zahara Zandra Zaneta Zara Zarah Zaria Zarla Zea Zelda Zelma Zena Zenia Zia Zilvia Zita Zitella Zoe Zola Zonda Zondra Zonnya Zora Zorah Zorana Zorina Zorine Zsa Zsa Zsazsa Zulema Zuzana Mikako Kaari Gita Geeta

No. 972979

Combo breaker

No. 972981

>my uncommon name is in there
fuck yeah, I'm so used never seeing it anywhere. Appreciate you nona

No. 972982

File: 1637367806804.png (874.41 KB, 1071x1280, 11134333334343.png)

No. 972986

>my name isn't here
fake feminist

No. 972988

it means you are not female clearly

No. 972992

you forgot Anonymous

No. 972993

She is probably called Haileigh

No. 972995

Fuck yeah, my name is there.

No. 973004

No. 973045

Fuck me, I never get included in anything. I'll never have my name on a mug or a necklace or a bottle of soda

No. 973050

Feminist but only including gringo names? I have news for you

No. 973051

>she can’t read
This is why solanas would be disappointed in you.

No. 973053

File: 1637374792496.jpg (10.13 KB, 320x180, 282716738482772.jpg)

Hey I'm in this one.

No. 973054

I'm here too, thanks for the shoutout

No. 973061

kill yourself Lauren

No. 973062

>she thinks I read each name
Anyways just saw Blanca and Paulita, you're in fact a feminist OP congrats

No. 973075

to the tune of vidrel

"Oh Nonnie Nonnie My Beloved"

I wake up still unemployed and
pour myself a cup of fresh milk
Log on to my favourite website
And scroll through till the end of daylight

You say that I'm
Simply wasting my life
Oh, all my days are gone
Wasted on lolcow.farm

Oh nonnie
nonnie my beloved
Oh nonnie
nonnie my beloved
Oh nonnie
Why are my 2D boyfriends all
Ignoring me?

This bitch is so obese
Post her on lolcow so that she
Can be laughed at by online people
Don't sit here and try to tell me that I'm evil

I'm based and pinkpilled
You're probably a tranny
who found us on 4chan
and doesn't like kikomi
Oh I saw some kids stealing on tumblr
So I doxed them and I called their moms

Oh nonnie
Nonnie my beloved
Oh nonnie
Nonnie my beloved
Oh nonnie
Why are my 2D boyfriends all
Ignoring me

Oh nonnie
Nonnie my beloved
Oh nonnie
Nonnie my beloved
Oh nonnie
Why are my 2D boyfriends all
Ignoring me

No. 973081

File: 1637376324677.jpeg (81.29 KB, 433x625, 0F1808F9-4AAD-4416-96EE-70F6B9…)

I was about to post drunk again but I hit the wrong button and everyone was spared ( whatever thread I was in)

I vs,e her to talk about it.

No. 973083

File: 1637376747174.jpeg (22.34 KB, 196x223, BBEE6E2A-4FBC-46E6-931B-9444B0…)

Now here we fucking go. I take everything back.

No. 973089

My names name on there,I thought it was uncommon lmao

No. 973091

my name isnt here kek i am pleasantly surprised

No. 973097

File: 1637377843355.gif (33.63 KB, 500x397, 5uv77n.gif)

Bless you nonnie

No. 973104

Found Mayli

No. 973108

can we be friends

No. 973152


No. 973178

this made my night. we deserve a song of our own.

No. 973197

This is everything I ever wanted in life, thank you nona

No. 973244

File: 1637388394747.jpeg (110.97 KB, 960x934, received_343214624244580.jpeg)

You are now CORN MAN

No. 973263

File: 1637389822213.jpeg (105.15 KB, 793x765, 3B3E311D-EB33-4F4F-828B-228BD3…)

happy 19th ladies, only a few hours left

No. 973268

it's already the 20th in the good part of the country/world

No. 973271

let me have this one nonnie I found this late

No. 973285

File: 1637393060594.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1284x2220, E1BF70B6-830C-44B3-9E20-95568A…)

someone check for a zipper on the back of this dog. this is a human in a dog suit. i’m scared.

No. 973355

File: 1637400069267.jpeg (23.54 KB, 259x259, 2CEC9D33-3691-4A9D-BB15-4585B7…)

Mfer looks like Otis from barnyard

No. 973397

I love it! How did you find the song you linked?

No. 973398

kek seeing this image was like being gifted with mirth after seeing retarded moids celebrate muh men's day and acting like battered souls who never get recognition for having a penis.

No. 973400

I refuse to believe this isn't shooped or edited, wtaf I'm scared

No. 973403

kek I'm glad you like it nonnies
soundcloud I'm pretty sure

No. 973405

All these Joleen Jolene Joellyn Joelynn Jolynn and no Jolyne, feels badman

No. 973432

I made that dancing nonny gif for you and it's not that special but I did it just for you and you didn't even noootiiiiceeeeuuhhhh

No. 973437

omg I'm sorry I'm a retard and didn't notice it was a gif while hovering over the replies. Ty sm I love it nonna ♥

No. 973440

Yaaaay kek

No. 973591

Ntay were talking to but I noticed your masterpiece edit and I loved it and saved the gif asap on my pc and mobile too.

No. 973616

File: 1637427659422.png (121.92 KB, 782x702, notgay.png)


No. 973896

Now, the End of the Age, the End of the civilization, is the worst time for presences of that renegade level (those who were students of that Level and went renegade). When you read in historical data that there was also a Hell (and there is a Hell) and the Hell is where those evil forces are - you can imagine that part of that Hell is planet Earth. When those "evil" individuals (those followers of Lucifer, of Satan) chose to go awry, they were then booted out of the Kingdom Level Above Human. They were confined to not only planet Earth, but any other planet with this type of gravity or environment that could serve as a natural environment for a human level. They need a human civilization. They use bodies from human civilizations. They make hybrid bodies because they have to continue to live.

Don't forget, they had learned what "spirit" was. They had learned to separate their mind - their spirit - from a human body, and knew that their identity was not lost if they lost a body. They learned to move out of that body without losing their consciousness, and even invade and take over another body that was "prepared" for them. They could sustain the life of it. For the most part, they are taking advantage of the human "plants" - the creatures of this civilization - using them for their own means. Those aliens - I call them aliens because one way you could speak of them is as "space aliens," evil space aliens - but they aren't really "space aliens" because they can only circulate in a very limited part of space. They are confined to environments (such as this Earth civilization) where there are mammalian human- equivalent or human civilizations existing. So they are not really "broad" space aliens. But the common term is "space alien." And I don't mind calling them space aliens.

No. 973903

I want this as a banner (someone made one with the regular version, but that would be even better)

No. 974048

File: 1637454957192.gif (184.85 KB, 269x350, 6b23e07efa9433937a28b9790d3cbf…)

my love for my husbando is the only thing stopping me from leading an ascetic life

No. 974051

you need ascorbic aid

No. 974053

File: 1637455142465.jpg (Spoiler Image,205.13 KB, 1080x1657, Screenshot_20211120-183643.jpg)

Found this ugly old scrote and my first thought was this is perfect for the ladies in /g/ to thirst over.

No. 974059

File: 1637455290297.jpeg (104.23 KB, 700x437, 3E7321A2-B0E7-4493-ABB9-33AF01…)

I once told my friends in uni that I kind of wanted to be a nun and they laughed. I was serious though, better than having to deal with real scrotes.

No. 974061

he looks like Jim Carrey, Mick Jagger, and Gordon Ramsay combined with the body of edarem

No. 974076

Don't give them any ideas.

No. 974080

His boob job didn't turn out so good.

No. 974142

this man probably thinks he's a lady magnet smh. Unbelievable how beautiful women always think they're ugly but shrek looking dudes think they're world renowned playboys

No. 974145

nah even those men don't deserve to be compared to that… thing

No. 974150

>this man probably thinks he's a lady magnet

yes: https://www.tiktok.com/@randysmith4753/video/7032422585111530757

No. 974547

File: 1637519083561.jpeg (328.05 KB, 750x708, 1613961753810.jpeg)

Me getting ready for the townhall (if someone wears my same outfit she better be ready to catch this hands)

No. 974549

File: 1637519393347.jpg (119.04 KB, 960x958, 129583859_224275999102999_4658…)

Yeah I bet you cant bitchez

No. 974959


No. 975093

File: 1637582255919.png (322.56 KB, 828x1403, 0562_-_R0C0k9m.png)


No. 975094

Amazingly chillatious. Righteous cozocity. Totally radical relaxnationism.

No. 975102

i forgot to edit the pictures on the fireplace, I was too zoomed in noooooo

No. 975108

Just a few souvenirs from the homes of victims anon

No. 975109

ty my 234IQ saviour queen

No. 975129

cozy christian girl autumn

No. 975135

tbf killing scrotes is what Jesus would have wanted

No. 975137

>turn the other cheek
>judge not lest ye be judged
>kill all scrotes

The Lord's words

No. 975138

jesus terf queen

No. 975139

File: 1637585261980.jpg (41.71 KB, 500x667, Piece-of-the-Week-Star-Trek-Pi…)

W E E D,
The final frontier
These are the puffs of the Starship Enterprise
Its five gram mission
To smoke strange new strains
To seek out new buds
And new dealers
To boldly go smoke no one has smoked before

No. 975140

(warp charges)
taaaa, ta na naaaaa, na na naaaaaaaa,

No. 975160

This one is for you, Jilly Bean!
Just as a warning to you Jill, things did not go well for Jimmy. His girl left him, his family kicked him out, and now he's a drunk bum living on the beach ranting and raving about rape and violence!

No. 975162

You can't hide. I saw you posted quadrophenia.

No. 975163

I had to repost cause it wasn't the version of Four Faces I prefer

No. 975171

No. 975275

I could watch this 1000 times and still laugh

No. 975308


No. 975342

I'm gonna CRY I love skurleton it's the guy doing the voice in that video and he had more similar videos so I went to his twitter account to show you but it's all GONE, he did such a perfect team fortress soldier impression I wish I'd saved it god why did this happen. There are only a few videos left over on youtube

No. 975362

I ALMOST posted this video instead and then someone posted that image in another thread, coincidence? I think not. We are cosmically connected

No. 975629

File: 1637619187846.jpg (Spoiler Image,136.17 KB, 1080x668, Screenshot_20211122-161203.jpg)

bige poo

No. 976320

File: 1637689404388.jpg (62.91 KB, 604x362, Tumblr_l_261197150447807.jpg)

Hello I have arrived with your requested delivery of Russian bfs

No. 976321

No. 976323

File: 1637689522728.jpeg (172.7 KB, 1080x1634, butts.jpeg)

Which lively conversation shall I take part in today??

No. 976343

nooo this reminds me of when i had the most retarded embarassing crush on youtuber nfkrz in high school kek
why not both - isn't it curious how the FDA has not published any information on the squirt content of vaccines? wake up sheeple

No. 976348

File: 1637690228620.jpg (44.95 KB, 750x375, indpakmuslims.jpg)

I know this is a shitpost thread but you have no Idea how envious your post makes me, what I'd give to live in a country where even just 1/10th males looked like but they don't, instead picrel is my reality
everyday I have to look at their pudgy bodies, man boobs and horrible patchy pube beards

No. 976358

Are you from Britain?

No. 976361

Your joke made me giggle

No. 976364

Literally most russian guys (eastern euro men in general) have a pudgy soft face, mix that and their misogynistic culture and government. Pass.

No. 976365

Why does this picture keep getting posted
>isn't it curious how the FDA has not published any information on the squirt content of vaccines? wake up sheeple

No. 976368

Why do russian males always look like that

No. 976373

this and their hairstyles are ugly
it's Pakistan-chan, she always makes these same posts unprompted lol

No. 976375

File: 1637690781266.jpg (213.26 KB, 1280x797, Tumblr_l_354287105264640.jpg)

>POV: your alcoholic Russian bf takes you on a tour of his oblast

No. 976378

Leave paki-chan alone I'd kms if I was there too

No. 976387

POV: parts of your body found in different countries

No. 976392

Because the Soviets killed off all the good-looking, bourgeois men. Literally every guy in Russia looks like a peasant because he's descended from one.

No. 976409

File: 1637691598581.jpg (273.25 KB, 1024x768, Tumblr_l_354929444280957.jpg)

>tfw your malnourished Russian peasant bf got knocked out defending your honor because the schoolyard kids called you names

No. 976410

"Land of the Pure" Pakistan
my only exposure to European men has been my time in Germany, all I could say that 9/10 men weren't skinny fat like the state in my country and I'm pretty sure the most misogynistic man in Russia would be considered a liberal progresiisve here
you've never lived in a third world country have you ?

No. 976411

i hope you get to emigrate one day paki-chan

No. 976416

anon its a literally 15yo

No. 976418

Bitch I'm from Brazil

No. 976419

nta but he looks more mature then 99% of men in my shithole, so its easy to mistake him

No. 976423

oh, no thank you, i have yellow fever

No. 976424

Well I had some plans to fleeing to Brazil at some point, there was a Catholic NGO sponsoring my refuge but I got scared of the potential human trafficking factors

No. 976433

Human trafficking? Some paki in brazil? Kek
I think it's easier if you're venezuelan

No. 976435

i will take the second one if no one wants him

same though….

No. 976737

Why does every white fat closeted southern gay man look like this. AND THEY ALWAYS HAVE TINY GIRLFRIENDS

No. 976808

I love you paki-chan

No. 976931

File: 1637732207119.jpg (48.89 KB, 400x600, a4336e9412ad23caa0033584b489cb…)

>Looks like that
>From the South
>Has tiny girlfriend

No. 976933

In the south "tiny" girlfriends are 4'11 and 150 lbs

No. 976937

Americans claim to be free, yet still use the Imperial system. Sad!

No. 976942

he's not southern and he's not fat you faghag

No. 976951

File: 1637734040813.jpg (39.28 KB, 630x1200, 7a18a6a51b519591f8135a7a8ee713…)

Who said he was fat?
He is literally from Alabama, you tard. Can't even get your Otis-ass husbando's facts straight like he's clearly not based on this nonnie's based scientific research >>976737

No. 976978

File: 1637737657614.jpg (76.67 KB, 700x700, 7f6d31a2a3564df9d78a67128c1725…)

Hey babe

No. 976993

Gonna have nightmares. Thanks.

No. 977061

File: 1637756311437.jpeg (70.36 KB, 896x896, CB582BF2-4493-43A1-9D55-A88DF4…)

Send help
I keep laughing at this picture and I think I’m too grown to keep laughing at the words “pissing” and “shitting”. I need new words to laugh at please give me funny words

And no, pisshitting doesn’t count

No. 977063

ahahahahaha oh nonner what drove you into this

it's perfect

No. 977081

File: 1637761242829.png (2.53 MB, 1280x1778, tumblr_fac872163e80beb53b82127…)


No. 977082

File: 1637761459544.gif (12.76 MB, 300x375, Azealia_Banks_dancing_with_mac…)

No. 977086

sick dance moves

No. 977091


No. 977099

File: 1637764190468.jpg (136 KB, 762x738, BS.jpg)


No. 977103

I can see them relating to each other, their both washed up child stars who were probably abused behind the scenes

No. 977114

File: 1637766477087.png (205.79 KB, 600x600, imagen_2021-11-24_090750.png)

This new pokemon is called Kleavor and it's the evolution of scyther

No. 977120


No. 977122

File: 1637767140019.jpg (29.79 KB, 211x475, Obsolete_Bender.jpg)

No. 977290

I'm so glad that someone shared the video during townhall, I watch it everyday

kek at the narrative genius of this post, I truly hope that you will be able to escape and get a cute bf one of this day anon

No. 977298

oh fuck I thought it was supposed to be some reference to genesect?

No. 977305

why would anyone want to fuck this

No. 977306

File: 1637788995955.gif (4.03 MB, 360x202, 5vc56r.gif)

No. 977309

Jamming and bopping.

No. 977311

No. 977336

File: 1637792027246.jpg (24.43 KB, 750x454, Tumblr_l_402515124535461.jpg)

Men look best kneeling

No. 977342

File: 1637792312518.jpeg (60.68 KB, 748x421, 8937F240-BC02-43D6-A4B0-B847CB…)


No. 977355

Blathers is always right. Bugs and men are equal levels disgusting.

No. 977357

Males are disgustingly dirty and septic. Women refuse to look at the huge uptick in likelihood of dating a man and catching many diseases, especially coronavirus.

They were never meant to be kept inside let alone sitting on your pillows, licking your mouth, and shitting on your living room floor. It's an uphill battle getting women to begrudgingly admit their life would be way easier without men. I always pity those who have been maimed or killed, even though infection, but when they're dating I only hope that they've gotten an opportunity to see through the programming. There is a multi billion dollar industry hoping you'll keep buying meat processing waste to feed your tard on 4 legs.

No. 977362

I did nonnie! Glad you appreciated, I love that video so much.

No. 977375

Mens semen literally holds onto parasites and diseases to shoot you up with kek. Their immune system doesn't cover their balls.

No. 977387

File: 1637795378117.jpg (143.14 KB, 1004x1024, 1637789265246.jpg)

Does your country have people like pic related?

No. 977407

>Winter 2021
>After months of intense mental work, i finally was able to successfully forget the absolute cringeshow that was "Jopping"
>Opens lolcow
>See this post
This is not funny, you literally ruined my day and probably my Christmas, please apologize

No. 977414


No. 977425

File: 1637799467265.jpg (22.57 KB, 426x642, IMG_20211124_204229_058.jpg)

fuck you, this song is a guilty pleasure of mine

No. 977426

No. 977429

what language is this

No. 977430

File: 1637800038808.gif (71.87 KB, 166x220, Tumblr_l_250737389645651.gif)

I'm giving out FREE curses and hexes. Feel free to reply with the image of the one you wish to curse with bowel troubles, impotence, and generalized uselessness.

No. 977432


Here you go


No. 977434

File: 1637800279258.jpeg (189.54 KB, 1170x755, 396DDBF6-D8BD-4D95-8383-E2529E…)

We jopping

No. 977639

Not a K-pop fag but I remembered the song recently and laughed so bad. It's so funny, especially when I think of anons angry disbelief when it came out

No. 977692

File: 1637826353954.jpeg (69.97 KB, 750x585, F0505301-3DE9-4F29-80D5-977A11…)

No. 977696

File: 1637826769530.jpg (79.66 KB, 1024x764, c0a.jpg)

No. 977719

I have no idea what it means in reply to my comment, sorry

No. 977723

File: 1637832509852.jpg (16 KB, 331x352, Scud.jpg)

That dog's eyes remind me of Scud from Toy Story

No. 977761

File: 1637841625622.jpeg (90.98 KB, 1328x491, 847C680A-CCD4-4B2A-8650-9502AE…)


No. 977844

Sorry nonnie I had meant to reply to the post above mine

No. 977885

File: 1637860343061.jpg (71.73 KB, 720x954, E4GoYqCWQAYbYbW.jpg)

goals tbh

No. 977891

File: 1637861239808.jpg (105.85 KB, 1080x810, Screenshot_20211125-112525__01…)

Cow vs scrote

No. 977894

No. 977907

go off queen. end him

No. 977946

Saw a video on one of those edgy video sites where some old geezer hits a ram and it just slowly and methodically butts him again and again presumably into hospital/death.

No. 977947

Every Dorothy I've known has been based. Rock on bitch

No. 977972

File: 1637869551358.png (87.82 KB, 360x450, DuckFullBody.png)

And then he waddled away, waddle waddle waddle,
and then he waddled away, waddle waddle waddle,
and then he waddled away, waddle waddle waddle,
till the very next day pa pa pa pa pa para

No. 978033

File: 1637873884514.webm (120.63 KB, 150x164, 1618494144457.webm)

Yo sé que tienes un nuevo amor
Sin embargo, te deseo lo mejor
Si en mí encontraste felicidad
Tal vez, alguien más te la dará

Como la flor con tanto amor
Me diste tú, se marchitó
Me marcho hoy, yo sé perder
Pero, ah-ah-ay, ¡cómo me duele!
Ah-ah-ay, ¡cómo me duele!

No. 978042

File: 1637874493400.png (8.13 MB, 2880x4320, imagen_2021-11-25_150728.png)

coomers ruined tinkerbell

No. 978048

It's based on art of the one deviantart dude who was drawing the sexy/twisted fairytale art in 00's, right? Controversial, but I think she is looking good. I would forgive the coomer look if there was sexy Peter Pan to go with her (an aged one, of course) or even Hook

No. 978054

This, its based off of J.Scott Campbell's stuff. I actually used to like his Alice in Wonderland series back in the day. Also seconding a sexy ADULT Peter.

No. 978062

Oh yeah, that's who I thought about! I knew him from dA, though. Maybe the bar is on the floor, but I don't mind that kind of sexy women art (no balloon tits, loli shit, abuse, pleasant to look. at). I just wish that artists would sexualise men at the same time. IE I'm willing to forgive Metal Gear Solid some of the fanservice because it has sexy scrote scenes and big Snake booty. Also based how Raiden was created after a woman sent Kojima an email askíng for a bishonen protagonist and not an ugly old men. I wonder if he was aware of the maximum trolling potential of western fanboys (the switch and bait was a punch on it's own, but switching Snake with a frail bishie was out of this world lol).

No. 978263


No. 978391

File: 1637932806378.gif (986.31 KB, 295x221, manic.gif)


No. 978402

I asked him for the ashtray and he opened his mouth. I should have done it TBH I'm turned on rn

No. 978404

What in the fuckkkkk

No. 978405

Who, anon?

No. 978406

File: 1637935150220.jpeg (78.84 KB, 680x680, 3BFA9F50-5DDD-4386-AFBE-3C7FEE…)

I hate you for making me waste some seconds of my life.

No. 978407

Just why

No. 978409

File: 1637935260525.jpg (34.3 KB, 405x565, IMG-20211126-WA0012.jpg)


What is wrong with coomers??? Literally no braincells

No. 978410

File: 1637935319547.jpg (25.37 KB, 456x357, IMG-20211126-WA0011.jpg)

No. 978412

File: 1637935456621.jpg (32.25 KB, 367x556, IMG-20211126-WA0013.jpg)

No. 978413

No. 978415

My special scrote

No. 978416

File: 1637936082675.jpg (57.34 KB, 620x670, 1564206915296.jpg)

I can't stop LAUGHING

No. 978422

Why is she so malleable?

No. 978456

…Got a link?

No. 978470

File: 1637942969692.jpg (46.73 KB, 750x694, FB_IMG_1551631970863.jpg)

Dropping my favorite Star Trek maymays

No. 978471

File: 1637943013110.jpg (236.12 KB, 1372x2048, FB_IMG_1551196820370.jpg)

No. 978472

File: 1637943164639.jpg (85.82 KB, 829x960, 71758689_10156947631808878_359…)

No. 978474

Good one it just needs a flame border and maybe a gun

No. 978475

File: 1637943264676.jpg (167.41 KB, 1384x1590, FB_IMG_1551195224582.jpg)

This and the leola root stew one are tied for my favs

No. 978478

File: 1637943458275.jpg (12.17 KB, 480x360, FB_IMG_1551625223936.jpg)

I'll just throw this up here for funsies

No. 978920



No. 978959

File: 1637998015009.jpg (41.57 KB, 328x480, Tumblr_l_104658817593303.jpg)

its that time of year again

No. 978968

File: 1637999893842.jpg (413.68 KB, 1090x784, nemotology newsletter.jpg)

Why do they fear my contributions? Why do they censor me and refuse me publication? God knows your sins, you cowards.

No. 978971

I'm not gonna read all that. Tell me if it's about nematodes. … Actually I just looked those up. Didnt know they were just worms. Thought it was a fictional thingy like some sort of goblin. Same thing happened with newts, i found out they're real and just some stupid lizard. Kek at these nerds studying worms. If i was gonna devote my whole life to an animal it would be something cool, like the very powerful gorilla.

No. 978976

what is this, I'm scared

No. 979193

File: 1638031282174.jpeg (173.25 KB, 750x604, 95EFAD0B-F719-4924-A6BF-0904FC…)

When ur in year 9 and the stacies from your secondary school find you hallucinating wildly in the toilets, clawing at imaginary bugs on your face, high on a prescription that someone from your pastoral group stole from their grandma (and you don’t even know what it is) so they decide to look after u and walk you to your next period, and do your makeup to hide the self inflicted scratches, but they also take pics with you so they can laugh about it later.

No. 979200

god she's such a ghoul
why do i still have a crush on her gdi

No. 979414

She’s a cute ghoul

No. 979415

this is really accurate nonnie, her makeup looks like the work of ambien

No. 979522


No. 979546

File: 1638056258454.gif (19.73 KB, 434x32, 1611879500553.gif)

its been like 6 months since we've seen his posts; i wonder what he's up to

No. 979548

probably cooming

No. 979556

I was on some kinky hookup site years ago and there was a profile where the guy wanted to ruin/destroy his own asshole and lose the ability to ever hold in his shit. He wanted to be gaping permanently from the damage done to him and the pics he had stolen from others to show what he wanted to achieve himself were.. disturbing.

What a wide spectrum men are on.

No. 979564

File: 1638057589459.jpg (Spoiler Image,176.67 KB, 2050x683, Screenshot_20211128_005848.jpg)

Thanks for reminding me of one of the worst posts in the fetish threads

No. 979572

Posting on crystal cafe. Fucker will never get the hint that it's not about the subject it's about the spamming.

No. 979613

File: 1638064187353.jpg (28.22 KB, 416x207, Tumblr_l_782351375934609.jpg)


No. 979660

Anal ruins everything. I hate assholes and asshole enthusiasts.

No. 979671

Wow, I guess Shayna does use lolcow

No. 979711

File: 1638069299864.jpeg (85.31 KB, 960x1280, FagBook1.jpeg)

Nonnies I found this book on a second-hand store today.

No. 979712

File: 1638069344196.jpeg (51.53 KB, 960x1280, FagBook2.jpeg)

>sam the faggot

No. 979713

File: 1638069384464.jpeg (103.76 KB, 960x1280, FagBook3.jpeg)


No. 979714

File: 1638069425988.jpeg (129.92 KB, 960x1280, FagBook4.jpeg)

>pretty much everything on this page

No. 979715

File: 1638069467793.jpeg (125.74 KB, 960x1280, FagBook5.jpeg)

>faggots cannot get pregnant

No. 979716

File: 1638069502491.jpeg (69.14 KB, 960x1280, FagBook6.jpeg)


No. 979718


this reminds me of vid related

No. 979722

File: 1638070065207.jpeg (232.81 KB, 750x421, B98226EE-92A1-420F-B690-21F412…)

No. 979727

eww, moid shit

No. 979728

I can tell how ugly the person who wrote this book is by the suckle on the cock line, that amount of desperation is off the charts. Man wrote a whole book trying to persuade men, the very easy to sexually persuade gender, to have sex with him. Uggo confirmed.

No. 979739

I’m imagining a little nonna reading this in horror, kek

No. 979760

>Mmmm grayons
Y'know what? Yeah.

No. 979884

oh lord this book really keeps on giving uh?

No. 979976


No. 979978


No. 979979


No. 979985

File: 1638110256505.png (74.3 KB, 225x225, imagen_2021-11-28_083646.png)

No. 979986

File: 1638110296212.png (725.13 KB, 1000x1000, imagen_2021-11-28_083816.png)

No. 979988

File: 1638110400325.png (924.47 KB, 800x800, imagen_2021-11-28_083958.png)

No. 979991

File: 1638110445364.png (842.71 KB, 800x800, imagen_2021-11-28_084045.png)

No. 979993

File: 1638110469948.png (419.98 KB, 570x569, imagen_2021-11-28_084110.png)

No. 979995

File: 1638110534132.png (180.4 KB, 338x254, imagen_2021-11-28_084216.png)

No. 979998

File: 1638110645288.png (236.64 KB, 800x800, imagen_2021-11-28_084407.png)

No. 979999

File: 1638110673931.png (466 KB, 418x560, imagen_2021-11-28_084435.png)

No. 980000

File: 1638110702619.png (602.63 KB, 700x536, imagen_2021-11-28_084503.png)

No. 980001

File: 1638110732680.png (526.42 KB, 800x800, imagen_2021-11-28_084533.png)

No. 980002

File: 1638110756919.png (351.68 KB, 700x772, imagen_2021-11-28_084558.png)

No. 980003

File: 1638110800278.png (502.86 KB, 700x338, imagen_2021-11-28_084641.png)

No. 980004

File: 1638110849337.png (692.28 KB, 700x700, imagen_2021-11-28_084729.png)

No. 980006

File: 1638110903520.png (565.81 KB, 700x335, imagen_2021-11-28_084823.png)

No. 980007

File: 1638110930136.jpg (302.81 KB, 1080x1081, IMG-20211128-WA0000.jpg)

No. 980009

File: 1638111027322.png (467.56 KB, 700x700, imagen_2021-11-28_085028.png)

No. 980011

File: 1638111077865.png (492.76 KB, 700x1377, imagen_2021-11-28_085043.png)

No. 980013

File: 1638111114040.png (890.48 KB, 700x1127, imagen_2021-11-28_085153.png)

No. 980014

File: 1638111162024.png (1.06 MB, 700x933, imagen_2021-11-28_085213.png)

No. 980016

File: 1638111203567.png (609.14 KB, 700x381, imagen_2021-11-28_085254.png)

No. 980017

File: 1638111250893.png (1.04 MB, 700x1353, imagen_2021-11-28_085338.png)

No. 980018

very nice duck collection, nonna

No. 980019

File: 1638111290001.png (718.1 KB, 800x800, imagen_2021-11-28_085427.png)

No. 980021

File: 1638111389542.jpg (190.86 KB, 1079x1295, xnq7x2qobeh31.jpg)

Looks like one of my favorite pics from my cute folder

No. 980022

File: 1638111399170.png (1.01 MB, 800x800, imagen_2021-11-28_085638.png)

No. 980023

File: 1638111432908.png (922.27 KB, 1200x1200, imagen_2021-11-28_085712.png)

No. 980024

File: 1638111556916.png (281.41 KB, 496x447, imagen_2021-11-28_085918.png)

No. 980026

File: 1638111669713.png (223.38 KB, 425x425, imagen_2021-11-28_090109.png)

No. 980027

File: 1638111691421.png (321.82 KB, 500x377, imagen_2021-11-28_090132.png)

No. 980028

File: 1638111728666.png (780.5 KB, 750x605, imagen_2021-11-28_090204.png)

No. 980031

File: 1638111788783.png (710.95 KB, 750x737, imagen_2021-11-28_090305.png)

No. 980036

File: 1638111968840.gif (140.76 KB, 383x480, giphy.gif)

No. 980037

File: 1638112000092.png (2.48 MB, 1080x1352, scrunchie.png)

I'll also contribute duckage

No. 980039

File: 1638112044379.png (43.98 KB, 340x270, imagen_2021-11-28_090727.png)

No. 980041

File: 1638112057788.png (689.08 KB, 1080x1078, duckbread.png)

No. 980042

File: 1638112102987.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1066, I'd jump off a bridge for him.…)

This is the real MVP

No. 980043

File: 1638112179247.jpg (40.04 KB, 640x635, 9530e95aabe9889ca5efd87e8c2215…)

No. 980045

File: 1638112271422.gif (7.22 MB, 268x450, tumblr_3b5f8962c9cbe233ab84537…)

No. 980047

File: 1638112297971.png (1.45 MB, 1000x1000, imagen_2021-11-28_091131.png)

No. 980049

All my ducks are in a row, thanks.

No. 980050

File: 1638112353541.png (371.72 KB, 828x783, imagen_2021-11-28_091233.png)

No. 980052

File: 1638112406238.png (396.78 KB, 750x708, imagen_2021-11-28_091326.png)

No. 980053

File: 1638112495319.png (142.49 KB, 340x270, imagen_2021-11-28_091441.png)

I dont understand this comment

No. 980056

File: 1638112520583.png (194.9 KB, 340x270, imagen_2021-11-28_091522.png)

No. 980058

File: 1638112569276.png (831.32 KB, 736x815, imagen_2021-11-28_091607.png)

No. 980060

File: 1638112614773.png (368.09 KB, 694x551, imagen_2021-11-28_091655.png)

No. 980061

File: 1638112650404.png (73.26 KB, 260x245, imagen_2021-11-28_091732.png)

No. 980062

File: 1638112688540.png (133.98 KB, 329x316, imagen_2021-11-28_091811.png)

No. 980064

File: 1638112717772.png (175.24 KB, 327x327, imagen_2021-11-28_091839.png)

No. 980065

File: 1638112758866.png (302.17 KB, 500x333, imagen_2021-11-28_091919.png)

No. 980069

File: 1638112896489.png (478.46 KB, 736x736, imagen_2021-11-28_092136.png)

No. 980071

File: 1638112941196.png (530.71 KB, 1181x1181, imagen_2021-11-28_092217.png)


No. 980072

File: 1638113006396.gif (6.34 MB, 250x444, jd4gbjxu9aa61.gif)

No. 980076

File: 1638113454276.gif (1.13 MB, 480x392, gopanda.gif)

If you take a peek inside my mind this is all you will see

No. 980099

Perfection. No other thoughts needed

No. 980104

File: 1638115418992.jpeg (130.05 KB, 640x640, 58C19A54-AAF9-4903-8A10-2071DC…)

No. 980108

this is probably the only sex gif i will every save, because for some reason i feel like it’s more than just sex. i don’t know if it’s how they’re actually looking at one another or the way they can’t get close enough. he’s actually looking at her like a person and not just a sex object.

but then again, it could be all in my head. i mean, this is how i would want it to be. but that’s just me.

No. 980122

File: 1638117833822.png (554.57 KB, 622x435, smarty fella.png)

this is my favourite thread. thanks ladies

No. 980142

You sick fuck

No. 980152

bitch that's a man on a panda seesaw

No. 980162

File: 1638123577353.jpg (941.43 KB, 1000x1000, 11807414.jpg)

Bitch that's a springer, this is a seesaw

No. 980163

File: 1638123637346.jpg (7.21 MB, 3648x2736, DSC03752.jpg)

Springer. Learn your playground equipment, I swear, do you even know how to play????

No. 980164

This is literally the sexiest song that exists in the world and yes I imagine my husbando singing it for me

No. 980169

File: 1638123963465.jpg (89.05 KB, 1080x1440, Tumblr_l_448828629965971.jpg)

You have been visited by the BIRD of DIET

No. 980171

what a coincidence i haven't had an appetite in a week

No. 980178

File: 1638124745844.jpg (Spoiler Image,119.15 KB, 720x842, 0208dxbovjd71.jpg)

That's not just a man, thats fucking Chris Redfield. How dare you

No. 980182

Hhhhhhhhhhot diggity damn

No. 980196

I was shaving my pubis, and I accidentally cut myself and actually bleed for a while, and I feel like an idiot because it would be a pretty dumb way to end up in ER
I know I won't end up in ER for cutting a bit of my coochie, but just imagine the embarrasment

No. 980200


I didn't want to get this horny so early

No. 980206

There was a hair resembling a pube on the pizza I ordered last time.

Chefs, I beg of you, wear hats, but more importantly, wear pants.

No. 980209

Maybe it was beard hair. You know how these things are disgusting

No. 980211

We need a beard cap then.
How has it never been a trend in all these centuries of fashion?
The time has come.

No. 980220

Beard nets are a thing for kitchens

No. 980237

File: 1638129359061.jpeg (44.27 KB, 500x500, 14529FE7-79D4-4063-996D-46D82C…)

I can’t believe that it does exist and that even Jesus Christ is wearing one.

No. 980319

@everyone in the chat
watch this if you like evangelion and gospel

No. 980321

I want cruel angel thesis sung by nicki minaj, ariana grande, and megan thee stallion

No. 980336

I just want to be transported back to 2005 and go on thedollpalace. Feelsbadman

No. 980402

File: 1638144702172.png (366.73 KB, 945x1509, dollzmania.png)

I hope this scratches your itch, sweet nonnie

No. 980403

Samefag, here's a reddit post with a list of other doll maker sites that are currently working!

No. 980404

Thanks, anon! I know that the doll palace still works via archive.org too, although it takes a bit to load!

No. 980981

Anons let's summon Pakistan-anon somebody start talking shit about Arabs

No. 980984

File: 1638205956730.gif (52.51 KB, 220x195, powerpuffpentagram-cult.gif)

I bet they don't smell that bad, I bet they don't smell that bad

No. 980986

You have to say something mildly positive to get it to work, that was it stirs her up extra hard

No. 980999

File: 1638206863016.jpg (247.55 KB, 1280x960, Tumblr_l_515439974536498.jpg)

It's 11 pm in Pakistan and she probably has to get up early to serve the men in her household breakfast and tea

No. 981003

I don’t remember this episode of the powerpuff girls.

No. 981006

aw don't be a cunt

No. 981007

File: 1638207418114.jpg (17.39 KB, 612x445, white man.jpg)

Pic of random white men usually is enough to summon her, but you can never miss saying how your life is hard and how men are trash. She will appear soon enough as she read this because her life is certainly much worse (damn pudgy brown men)

No. 981010

No. 981012

I like Pakistan-anon as a Pakianon myself. Her regular spergouts are more… relatable.

No. 981071

Just ignore Pakistan anon she already has to survive in Pakistan ffs

No. 981368

File: 1638226993198.gif (29.69 KB, 80x80, bloon-bloondance.gif)

No. 981369

File: 1638227026799.gif (17.57 KB, 80x80, clap-cat.gif)

No. 981371

File: 1638227055437.gif (28.12 KB, 75x125, 00024tcs.gif)

No. 981372

File: 1638227120005.gif (41.66 KB, 80x80, cowpls.gif)

No. 981374

File: 1638227162547.gif (1.23 KB, 71x63, alicorn.gif)


No. 981376

File: 1638227325902.gif (2.42 KB, 124x67, 296.gif)

my house

No. 981377

File: 1638227351813.gif (1.69 KB, 41x70, 76jgh.gif)

my dog

No. 981379

File: 1638227379661.gif (8.5 KB, 80x80, tumblr_mairikBjXH1rfjowdo1_500…)

No. 981381

File: 1638227421369.gif (86.43 KB, 130x180, baker.gif)

my girlfriend

No. 981382

File: 1638227503542.gif (4.88 KB, 276x93, 210.gif)

my ride

No. 981383

File: 1638227520403.gif (74.26 KB, 80x80, vacoselvagem-miniboi.gif)

No. 981384

File: 1638227612399.gif (1.08 KB, 80x80, tumblr_mirkn9zTTU1rfjowdo1_500…)

No. 981385

File: 1638227632899.gif (1.41 KB, 90x56, junk.gif)

what I eat

No. 981387


No. 981388

File: 1638227672947.gif (8.99 KB, 75x125, bed.gif)

where i sleep

No. 981389

File: 1638227708118.gif (23.54 KB, 80x80, tumblr_mp7wj1kcJZ1sxql3bo1_500…)


No. 981390

File: 1638227755097.gif (4.51 KB, 64x42, cow-1.gif)

cows cows cows

No. 981391

File: 1638227789689.gif (2.26 KB, 32x32, cow02.gif)

Moo to my sisters

No. 981393

File: 1638227820593.gif (1.04 KB, 32x32, 623.gif)

No. 981394

File: 1638227829886.gif (9.4 KB, 80x80, xX86r9H.gif)

No. 981395

File: 1638227865274.gif (20.19 KB, 83x49, Cow2.gif)

more moos incoming

No. 981397

File: 1638227956853.gif (3.39 KB, 90x64, CowChew.gif)

No. 981398

File: 1638228058514.gif (8.15 KB, 80x80, popcat-cat-jam.gif)

No. 981399

File: 1638228104579.gif (33.4 KB, 34x24, CowGrazing.gif)

No. 981401

File: 1638228178624.gif (37.63 KB, 80x80, dfvbdfvbdf.gif)

No. 981402

I can hear it in my head and it goes "mam, mam, mam, mam, mam,"

No. 981404

File: 1638228274649.gif (12.35 KB, 80x80, watching-movies-popcorns.gif)

No. 981405

File: 1638228305540.gif (18.06 KB, 90x90, 0002e4p8.gif)

No. 981406

File: 1638228372150.gif (6.38 KB, 80x80, thank-you-thanks.gif)

No. 981407

File: 1638228444819.gif (1.15 KB, 29x50, clorox.gif)

No. 981408

File: 1638228475528.png (17.13 KB, 80x80, milk-mocha-milk-mocha-bye.png)

No. 981410

File: 1638228565868.gif (43.44 KB, 86x61, crykitty.gif)

No. 981411

File: 1638228606087.gif (12.01 KB, 80x80, milk.gif)

No. 981414

File: 1638228813930.gif (4.48 KB, 80x80, moomin.gif)

No. 981417

File: 1638229141600.gif (4.36 KB, 80x80, cloroxx.gif)

No. 981419

File: 1638229518515.gif (2.98 KB, 87x53, roasty.gif)

No. 981420

File: 1638229624835.png (32.2 KB, 80x80, caca.png)

No. 981423

File: 1638229793089.gif (37.62 KB, 80x80, cattt.gif)

No. 981427

File: 1638230118546.gif (339 B, 23x29, HappyBunnyBlue.gif)

Im a bitch blah blah blah 2003 cunt cunt slut bitch im mean

No. 981428

File: 1638230257156.gif (21.64 KB, 80x80, skip.gif)

No. 981431

I miss happy bunny

No. 981432

File: 1638230560297.gif (1.35 MB, 220x220, 4e568497-77b3-4ff1-aa65-fbe04e…)

mi mi mi mi miiiiiii…. ahem mi mI Mi MI Mi mI miiiii… coof ehck wretches mi mi miiiii

No. 981435

File: 1638230819485.gif (566 B, 82x63, HappyBunnyWhite.gif)

and then she would say something like
>Nice. I didn't miss you at all.

No. 981436

is this a child? im concerned.

No. 981439

im creeped out wtf

No. 981447

File: 1638231789732.gif (10.95 KB, 150x50, shut-up.gif)

No. 981454

File: 1638232279991.gif (15.46 KB, 150x50, z61a5703120de9.gif)

No. 981455

File: 1638232376074.gif (16.16 KB, 150x50, z61a57067201b1.gif)

No. 981456

File: 1638232469759.gif (110.42 KB, 80x80, lol-ha.gif)

No. 981457

File: 1638232527178.gif (10.51 KB, 95x73, uni.gif)

No. 981458

File: 1638232563074.gif (50.01 KB, 80x80, lol.gif)

No. 981459

File: 1638232683901.gif (1.31 KB, 51x79, 00028zch.gif)

No. 981465

File: 1638232893243.gif (1.39 KB, 100x52, brachio.gif)


No. 981467

i like the dino

No. 981468

File: 1638233032934.gif (17.69 KB, 80x80, cool-party-cat.gif)


No. 981472

File: 1638233226187.gif (1.48 KB, 71x65, 865.gif)

spinach and feta spinach and feta spinach and feta spinach and feta spinach and feta spinach and feta spinach and feta spinach and feta

No. 981473

Feels like 2005 again
Hm nya~ ecksdee dee dee dee

No. 981475

File: 1638233336710.gif (11.02 KB, 80x80, chick-stab-chick.gif)

No. 981482

File: 1638234032409.gif (173.83 KB, 150x50, be-quiet-silent.gif)

No. 981484

File: 1638234162569.gif (45.6 KB, 80x80, omg.gif)

No. 981486

File: 1638234340351.gif (177.48 KB, 99x99, ezgif-3-7e34321182c5 (1).gif)

No. 981487

File: 1638234431122.gif (23.31 KB, 98x60, ezgif-3-be1d0e6e9ef9.gif)

No. 981488

I feel this.

No. 981489

File: 1638234537987.gif (104.94 KB, 67x74, ezgif-3-d569e1c65e99.gif)

No. 981495

File: 1638234905923.gif (12.48 KB, 46x46, ezgif-3-4d45120de37d.gif)

No. 981497

File: 1638235027548.gif (11.74 KB, 150x50, hottttt.gif)

No. 981498

File: 1638235314358.png (22.73 KB, 80x80, d1415fc08402b2f1bde87a4dbfb7ab…)

No. 981499

File: 1638235428613.png (24.04 KB, 80x80, 552-5527295_pink-broken-heart-…)

No. 981503

File: 1638235560392.gif (97.72 KB, 500x160, tumblr_94ddcd2f1b9746a16397ded…)


No. 981505

File: 1638235666169.gif (564.94 KB, 600x150, 8bc5be3fae273da755fafc9869c8b1…)

No. 981506


No. 981509

File: 1638235810031.gif (25 KB, 400x130, 2179457i1rwrsj7n2.gif)

No. 981511

File: 1638235931615.gif (26.35 KB, 250x250, 194844723rotating-pink-hearts-…)

No. 981512

2005 hours? 2005 hours

No. 981513

File: 1638236379748.gif (10.59 KB, 80x80, 1638235931615.gif)

No. 981514

File: 1638236459481.gif (13.36 KB, 150x50, 1638235560392.gif)

No. 981515

File: 1638236528690.gif (16.31 KB, 150x50, 1638235810031.gif)

No. 981517

File: 1638236579835.png (27.84 KB, 80x80, 322088224275211.png)

No. 981519

hell yes

No. 981520

File: 1638236909647.jpg (14.83 KB, 80x80, 68tb3r5qsyg51.jpg)

No. 981521


No. 981522

File: 1638237007096.gif (8.22 KB, 80x80, 411b0a6bd163dabc015161915e57bc…)

No. 981523

File: 1638237187385.jpg (1.66 KB, 78x78, ezgif-3-f9ffc5904615.jpg)

No. 981525

File: 1638237432663.jpg (1.74 KB, 80x80, ezgif-3-9180796784de.jpg)

No. 981527

File: 1638237601505.png (10.07 KB, 80x80, ezgif-3-66ea234a4345.png)

No. 981529

File: 1638237733107.gif (12.54 KB, 150x44, ezgif-3-a544b359c664.gif)

No. 981531

File: 1638238295401.gif (334.47 KB, 80x80, rip-juice-cry.gif)

No. 981533

File: 1638238533639.gif (62.29 KB, 80x80, ezgif-2-875a317a3a93.gif)

the face of real pain

No. 981535

File: 1638238584533.png (24.58 KB, 80x80, errfwref.png)

No. 981536

File: 1638238692143.jpg (19.86 KB, 80x80, 14653701.jpg)

No. 981538

File: 1638238967609.jpg (17.05 KB, 80x80, moominknife.jpg)

No. 981539

File: 1638239014841.jpg (16.07 KB, 80x80, moominknife2.jpg)

No. 981540

File: 1638239193507.jpg (16.85 KB, 854x480, 5e1a0bf9-bc58-42cb-94f9-70e51f…)

im really vibin to some Smelly Frittata right now

No. 981546

File: 1638240001652.jpg (18.68 KB, 80x80, 1630f67cb33e30f1091d1e920a72dc…)

No. 981547

File: 1638240121385.jpg (15.57 KB, 80x80, b879d50f089e3f3b23eaf5a4f61435…)

No. 981550

File: 1638240240820.png (26.55 KB, 80x80, 380df0afff7c0718a12846c1aa2034…)

No. 981554

File: 1638240556924.gif (7.68 KB, 80x80, ezgif-3-4075adcc5b13.gif)

I had to go through so much bullshit to save this off some shitty site but I liked it a lot

No. 981556

File: 1638240673704.gif (9.52 KB, 230x200, tumblr_mbc5utABQF1qdlkyg540 (2…)

No. 981558

File: 1638240816873.gif (134.58 KB, 80x80, ezgif-3-2cf4a47fc293.gif)

No. 981560

File: 1638241073312.gif (28.37 KB, 80x80, bunny-laughing.gif)

No. 981562

File: 1638241144630.gif (44.7 KB, 80x80, fc1e3dea8733019e8d1d7879d3fbcb…)

No. 981564

File: 1638241192833.gif (35.81 KB, 80x80, cute-laugh.gif)

No. 981567


No. 981583