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File: 1440715258907.gif (619.35 KB, 500x280, 1413849644498.gif)

No. 123444

Has anyone here ever been doxxed/harassed online before?

No. 123445

Oh yes. and even tho

>cybebullying isnt real gtfo the computer nigga

it still really hurt

No. 123446

Some guy on WoW ages ago threatened to dox me and frequently tried to harass me in whispers. It was part creepy and part hilarious because he was the poster boy for "nicest guy you'll ever meet on the outside but twisted fucking psychopath on the inside" the way he talked.

No. 123447

omg wut happen :(

No. 123448

When I was a young teenager I messed around on 4chan and added a bunch of dudes online. This was before /soc/ was a thing.
I talked to them about sexual stuff because I was sexually repressed I guess. I also talked about my insecurities and family issues, all of my secrets. I had no friends, and I was really desperate for someone to care about me. Talking about sex is just what made them stick around. I still had the sense in me not to send nudes, but I did give my real name and photos. I was very underage. I think this caused a lot of males to obsess over me. I will admit I liked the attention from it, but I never did anything that would get myself in trouble, so I thought.

I did this for a while thinking nothing bad would happen because I didn't think anyone would post about me online.
I don't even know who did it when it happened. There were just threads about me on 4chan, and it was scary. For a few days I'm guessing the same dude/dudes were spamming me, trying to make me a "meme" like boxxy or cracky-chan. It never took off because their stories were mostly fabricated and the only photos of me were very innocent.

A lot of the things they said were lies, and they were trying hard to make me seem like the kind of person a typical neckbeard would hate. Saying stuff like "she's a fake gamer girl" and "she's a whore, because she won't send me nudes!"

I read some threads where these guys who didn't even know me were planning to come to my house and "irl troll" me, whatever that meant.

After that I stopped talking to people and went full recluse mode. I lost a lot of weight and had terrible fits of violent shaking and woke up in my sleep suddenly and terrified. I was scared people would come and find me and hurt me, I was scared they would ruin my life and reputation. I couldn't go to the police. I had no idea who this person (or people) was. Even if I did it would be just as incriminating for me since I spoke with them in a sexual way.

Years later some people try to call me and even contacted some of my family members online telling them horrible things about me. I don't know if I know these people of if they're just "anonymous leeegin" people. It's scary just how hateful and adamant they were. Pretending to be family-friends and sending nothing but disgusting nonsense words to them about me. I really don't understand what I did that deserved such backlash.
I'm just assuming that angry pedophiles who get denied underage nudes get very, very vindictive.

I have ignored every single one of them, and now that it's been so long and "4chan is not your personal army" is a thing now. It really used to be though.

No. 123449


>"she's a whore, because she won't send me nudes!"

Prime neckbeard logic. She won't put out? OBVIOUSLY A SLUTHOBAG!!!

No. 123450

That's so scary, I'm sorry you went through that.

When I have kids I am keeping them the hell off the internet for a while.

There are definitely crazy girls who would do similar things too.

No. 123451

Ahh yes, I had a WoW harasser as well. It was really pathetic - he wasn't just a lonely young >tfw no gf type, he was grown-ass man (late 30s) with a wife and kids. He was in my guild for a while, and he was a terribad player as well as an asshole. I didn't ever talk to or interact with him. He /gquit over something stupid and took his rage to Orgrimmar general chat, foaming at the mouth about how awful our guild was. I made some sarcastic but fairly benign comment (I think it was something about him not being nearly as witty as he thought he was), and I guess I bruised his fragile ego, because that one comment was enough to spawn a massive vendetta against me. He tried to fuck with me for the better part of a year after that. It was unbelievable.

The in-game shit I could deal with. One day, though, I checked my realm's forum on the official WoW forum site and saw that he'd spammed most of the whole first page with threads like "[My character's name] is a dirty slut who has cybersex with everyone" and "[My character's name] is an ugly lesbian dyke homo cunt bitch" (paraphrased, of course; it's been many years). All kinds of nonsensical sexual shit - especially stupid given that I was a painfully shy super-prude virgin. Mods didn't take that shit down for more than 24 hours.

The guy couldn't take a hint, and he kept getting temporarily banned, coming back, talking shit, getting temporarily banned again, etc. He never got more than a slap on the wrist, though. I think he eventually sold his account and then the harassment stopped. Nothing linked my WoW persona with my real life identity, so I wasn't really worried, but it was still fucking annoying while it was going on.

Never been doxxed or had anything like >>123448 happen to me, though, thankfully. I'm pretty paranoid and stay off of social networking sites, don't talk to people off anon, don't post pics or personal info, etc.

No. 123452

This is like a horror scenario to me, I'm so sorry this happened to you.

They try to justify the contradiction by saying a girl's only purpose on the internet is to show tits, it's hilarious how many hoops they jump through to morally justify their horniness.

I wonder how much harassment and stalking came from Blizzard's absolutely retarded decision to lock cross-game and cross-faction chat behind your real name for years and then suddenly come up with the brilliant idea of a username. I avoided it like the plague, I don't think that guy ever had any dox on me but he was trying so hard to threaten me. I knew the RealID crap was a bad idea when people started gossiping about each other with their real names, it felt incredibly awkward. Gossip slowly killed every guild I was in save the last one, where two of the co-GMs ran off to join a cult-like church in real life and the other one was pregnant and needed time with her family, all of them leaving at about the same time.

My WoW experience was really colored when for some reason all the single moms, young guys with anger issues, and so on decided to come to the teenage girl for therapy on a video game.

No. 123453

Jesus Christ. I've had my share of talking to anonymous creeps despite being underage, but it was never this bad.
I'm sorry you went through that, it's awful.

No. 123454

Well a few weeks ago I decided to try camming, so I did - but I didn't realise that when I "disabled" the camera and it went black, I was the only one who could not see. So I wasn't planning on showing my face, but I ended up doing so, and then I freaked out about it - apparently at least two people got video of this (they posted caps on 4chan).
I just pray that those never surface.
It's not really doxxing or harassment but I am still worried it could develop into a situation like that.

No. 123455

oh gosh that sucks. how did you know they posted caps to 4chan? did you cam with 4chan people?

No. 123456

File: 1440741975062.jpg (8.2 KB, 160x160, 11402951_397971203731000_72416…)

I was linked to the site through a thread, so they just posted them there. The cap I saw had 2:14 of footage but I don't know who else got it. This combined with various naked pictures of me (I do this on 4chan moderately frequently) and connected to my name would be very bad.
Ive decided that if it does surface/they decide to come after me, I am not succumbing to blackmail. It will be embarrassing, but it's better than whatever the alternative would be.

No. 123457

I've had two instances where dickheads harassed me, first was a sort of acquaintance (I had talked to him only very little like 4-5 times), and one day he just randomly calls me and tells me my address. I had heard from other people that he has swatted people before, so obviously I was scared shitless, and just tried to act calm but still be like 'I know you can swat me but please don't, thanks'. I was too stupid to think of him as threatening before that, but after that call ended, I never talked to him again and another good friend of mine offered to help remove my address from any registries he found.
Another time, I had casually chatted with a guy and sent him some risque snaps (mostly like lingerie), and after a few weeks I was asked out by my current bf, so I stopped sending snaps to that guy and he fucking freaked out for some reason, and I told him 'I have a boyfriend, I can't be doing that anymore', but he just responded with 'Well you used to do that, and you can't change'. It wasn't that bad, mostly him just pestering me until one day out of the blue he asked me to play ranked LoL with him, and since I am a full tier ahead of him I said no. He went off and called me a bitch, a slut, that I was terrible at LoL, and that I needed to send him more risque snaps since I used to. He then spent that entire week DDOS'ing me, I had to use a skype proxy which fucked up calls and reset my internet like multiple times a day.
I really hate entitled men smh

No. 123458

I had some experience with it, luckily nothing too terrible has come form it though (yet).

My family is legit crazy so I am constantly hiding from them. I do have a few things tied to my real name because it is hard for someone in my profession to not have an online presence, but I wish I could just post nothing, what I do post is heavily curated. I still don't know how to explain to people why I don't have a facebook, I did have one for a while, but I think it's worse to have a very inactive facebook than it is to have no facebook so I got rid of it.

A few times dudes in WoW and LoL honed in on me because girl and mildy harassed me for a bit. In the case of WoW, it was back before cross realm stuff so even blocking him I'd still run into him in random groups and raids, and a few times he'd say awkward things into group chat that people would question me about. He wasn't too bad though. In LoL the guy was creepier, we talked for a bit and he randomly asked if I was a girl and tried to force some dirty RP. I swiftly blocked him then after that I'd get random LoL friend requests from random accounts, claiming they just randomly found me (I hung out in chats where people could add each other for games, so I didn't think it was odd at first) but then they'd do the same thing he did and try to force a dirty RP. After a handful of times, he's just start calling me names and cursing me out as soon as he added me, and I just stopped accepting random requests (this was back when you had to be on someone's friend list to invite them though, so sometimes I was ignoring a legit request and it was a mild inconvenience). After a while he got ahold of the skype account that I use only to play LoL with and did a similar thing on that until I stopped accepting. It died down for a bit when I stopped hanging out in chat, and then a few times down the road playing with random internet friends I'd have a somewhat similar interaction, followed by harassing messages. At this point I am not sure whether or not it was the same guy or if it was multiple guys with the same MO, but I seem to bump into this type of stuff whenever I drop into the main chat channels and play with randoms.

No. 123459

This is why I do not voice chat with anyone I don't know IRL when playing games.

No. 123460

Actually with the WoW dude and the original LoL creepy guy I didn't voice chat with them. LoL guy added me after seeing me user name (it was a made up fantasy name) he thought I was either a gay boy or a girl based on the name (he mentioned this towards the end of the conversation just before the creepy RP).

But yeah, it's a good approach to take. For things like LoL voice chat is so convenient instead of typing, so I just use random account names and use those chat accounts only for LoL, luckily it's isolated enough that it doesn't spill over into my other accounts, but it's still gross.

No. 123461

This entire thread just proves what fuccbois male gamers are tbh.

No. 123462

Not all of them, but some of them just can't control their boners and get creepy. The guys I've met on 4chan can be pretty bad, too much memespeak. One threw a temper tantrum because I didn't want to play Dota 2.

No. 123463

as opposed to female gamers? gamers in general are weirdos

No. 123464

Yeah this too. Some of the girls I've met were supervindictive bitches.

No. 123465

Not only that but some actively seek attention from creeps and will spam that they're a girl tehehe at every opportunity.

No. 123466

Well attention whores are gonna attention whore, they know they'll get the attention. I never try to end up in groups where I'm the only girl, I've yet to see it be anything but a disaster.

No. 123467

I've experienced stalking/harassment for a number of years now since I was 14 years old, the worst of which was when some random dude from The Netherlands I'd been talking/playing therapist to in WoW (why is so many guys prefer speaking to underage girls online as their method of therapy?) found my real address, mailed me flowers, purchased a plane ticket from The Netherlands to my location and was planning to come find and meet me.

I was 15 going on 16, and he was 27. He began telling me that he was in love with me, I was the last thing he thought about at night and the first thing he thought about in the morning, that I was the only one who truly understood him in the world, that we were soulmates destined to be together.
Even as a retarded 15 year old this immediately began sending off warning signals so I rebuffed him and eventually began ignoring him altogether.
He exploded and this set off a chain of events of him stalking and harassing me across the internet on whichever platforms he could locate me on, 4chan, Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, World of Warcraft, Steam, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Newgrounds, YTMND, Livejournal etc., you name it, whenever I had an account.

One of the last times I heard from him was a few years ago when my then and current long-term boyfriend received a friend request on Steam and then began receiving messages from a guy in The Netherlands telling him he knew where he lived, how he was abusing me and beating me up, how he didn't deserve me and only he was good enough for me and that I just didn't realise it yet, how he would fly to the UK and murder him etc.

Turns out he'd read a frustrated venting post I'd made to /r9k/ (before /r9k/ turned into sad frogs and woman-hate general) complaining about my boyfriend after we'd had some ridiculous verbal argument.
He'd realised it was me from sparse details I'd dropped in the post and from this he somehow gleaned that my boyfriend was physically abusing me and I was trapped in a violent relationship and that he must be the one to come save me? I don't fucking know.

Another time was then I first discovered 4chan & /b/ when I was 14, thought it'd be hilarious to post nudes because… I don't even know, it was just "the thing" at the time. Some men in the thread located my address somehow and began threatening to physically print out the nudes and mail them to my home address under my mothers name and to my school.
One of them even went as far as to create a fake Facebook account in my name, added everybody on my friends list and then uploaded the nudes.

Looking back obviously I can't believe how foolish I was, but giving myself the benefit of the doubt the internet was still reasonably new in terms of accessibility and I was a child, these people were adults.
Today I really have to wonder what kind of vindictive, psychotic adult men would decide to do this to a young, adolescent girl? I've been on the internet a long time now and I've seen some shit, but even now I would never take it that far and I never get involved in drama involving people under the age of 18.

No. 123468

>why is so many guys prefer speaking to underage girls online as their method of therapy?

Most of the guys who do this are predatory and think they can lure in naive young girls with a sob story. They like framing themselves as the tragic heroes and having underage girls fawn over them, because underage girls are way cuter and less romantic than a professional therapist.

>One of them even went as far as to create a fake Facebook account in my name, added everybody on my friends list and then uploaded the nudes.

That is horrifying, I'm sorry you had to go though that.

No. 123469

Thankfully all the makeshift therapy I had to give didn't result in harassment, two of the guys I talked to were about my age and I definitely think were attracted to me, but it never went anywhere. All of that sounds terrifying though, especially the fake Facebook, I'm so sorry that happened to you. Internet mob mentality is a really scary thing, especially with the type of crowd that spends all their time making up reasons why their victims deserve it.

No. 123470


Yeah, I mean part of me sometimes goes "you were posting nudes online, what did you expect would happen? You deserved it", but then I'm like "No you were a child. You were a CHILD. YOU WERE A CHILD. NO".

>especially with the type of crowd that spends all their time making up reasons why their victims deserve it

Oh god this.
For the longest time I would have threads made about me and spammed across /b/ and later /r9k/ to the point where I'm actually astounded that I wasn't bestowed chan status, although I got dangerously close.
Looking back today the level of vitriol that was spewed in my direction, a little girl who made a bad decision, was beyond belief, and the things people would come up with in order to justify my harassment. In many of the threads a common justification was "she's a child/teenager, once her friends and family find out they'll put a stop to her bad behaviour - we're actually doing her with a favour", which is just insane.

No. 123471

Though posting nudes online was stupid, no one deserves that, even if you were an adult.

No. 123472


It was dumb but then 14 year olds aren't exactly renowned for their intelligence.

No. 123473

Have you ever thought about not blaming yourself or the world you live in, but instead blaming your parents? No seriously, parents who let their children do every stupid thing they want ON THE INTERNET are utterly irresponsible and shitty people, even if they don't realize it.

No. 123474

The 14 year old part makes the harasser's behavior particularly gross and horrific, but it was still gross and horrific on it's own, even if an adult made that same mistake. Assholes like that don't really care to make any distinctions about their victims though, if they're female and make a mistake then they 'deserve it', regardless of age or circumstances. Any actually bad things or other mistakes the female may have made are just icing on the cake to them, they really just hate women.

No. 123475

Different anon, but I avoided ever talking in voice chat until I ended up being the fucking off-tank and sometimes main tank in the top Horde-side guild on an admittedly backwater server. I type really fast, so I'd always just written everything in raid chat and listened to the others talk. Then, to coordinate shit like tank swaps, I pretty much had to talk. Opening my mouth was a big mistake. Once it was established that I wasn't actually a prepubescent boy, a lot of people freaked out over "OMG ITS A GRILL!" I was so fucking self-conscious, I could barely bring myself to say anything beyond the absolute bare minimum required for the encounter. Once the cat was out of the bag and people knew I was female, it was a lot harder to just be a player instead of being a female player. I wasn't just a tank, I was a female tank.

For the record, the ~girl gamers~ I knew who were outspoken about being female were all obnoxious as fuck. Every last one of them. The ones who didn't go out of their way to make their female-ness known to all were generally okay. The vast majority of the male gamers I played with were fine fellows. I only ever had real problems with a small few.

No. 123476


>but instead blaming your parents? No seriously, parents who let their children do every stupid thing they want ON THE INTERNET are utterly irresponsible and shitty people

How about a single mother with 5 children riddled with arthritis and oncoming osteoporosis working 2 jobs to try and hold our household together?


No. 123477


Holy shit this was my exact experience only with TF2.
Was in a competitive clan where I lead the Spy class with Sniper on side. Spent best part of half a year avoiding going on Ventrilo, making excuses such as that my mic was broken, I had a really old PC and the mic port was fucked etc.

One day I decided to suck it up and actually speak because I thought, these are my clansmen, my friends, they won't care.

Worst fucking mistake of my life. They all immediately began chimping the fuck out and directing a slew of sexual commentary in my direction and every time I logged into Vent after that they began making masturbating noises down the mics simultaneously.

Men have no control over themselves, it's pathetic.

No. 123478

File: 1440828613088.gif (2.65 MB, 350x265, 1365565588300.gif)

There's a game I (used to) like that had gone unsupported by the publisher and a few guys wrote a community lobby to keep online multiplayer alive.

Without going into too many details, I pointed out a security oversight in the client (I had committed years ago a patch to a relevant part of a library used by the client so I was just giving friendly advice). In return I got the most bullshit uninformed excuses to not change anything.

As it turned out the guy was using the community to fuel his ego trip, and with a friend we went over the code and made fun of the horrifically bad style and rookie mistakes, and submitted pull requests to fix it (which were rejected obviously).

Then he added a binary .NET DRM to the client to "ban smurfs", and subsequently got mad when I decompiled it and showed the community what it was doing (in that case poking all over the computer and phoning home).

A couple days later his server craps out and the SQL DB sends errors all over the place. He proceeds to gather all the information he had about me, threatens to dox me and tell the community to witch-hunt me for DDoS / hacking the server. Of course it was merely the hard drive being dead, and the backup drive not doing shit since he had misconfigured RAID 1.

At any rate I was scared since we lived in the same country so I revved up the lawyers on his ass for adding a binary DRM to software that made use of GPL libraries (resulted in the repo getting C&D takedowns until he removed all fishy binary parts and complied with GPL), and considered my legal options in case he did dox/harass me, which fortunately never happened.

This is fairly tame compared to a few things I've read in this thread but I don't like being fucked with. Sorry if I sound vindictive.

This is sickening. Fortunately I haven't been creeped out by people in Eve so far (only game I ever really bothered with voice).

No. 123479

Yes, really. Whatever went through her had that she thought she could handle 5 children? Was she somehow forced to care for 5 children? Or was it her very own, careless wish to set into the world and care for as many children as she possibly can, with no regard for how their life might be impacted by this? That is fucked up

No. 123480

What game was it?
>inb4 CoC

No. 123481

Supreme Commander

No. 123482

Based tbh

No. 123483


No, she and my father decided to have 5 children together and then he suddenly decided he didn't actually want to be a father and fucked off with another woman but not before breaking into her sewing business where she made and sold bespoke children's garments and dismantled half of the sewing machines because "he's entitled to half of what is hers".

You're a disgusting person and I hope you stand on an upright plug socket today.

No. 123484

That's horrible. This is why I never go on voice. Never ever unless I'm with people I know in RL.

No. 123485

so then your parents were shitty people and because of your father being a huge piece of shit your mother couldn't properly care for you and teach you about natural dangers of the world, causing you to do asinine shit like spamming(in your words) an "ironically" misogynist hive - /b/ - with pics of yourself and then expecting nothing would happen. Based on what you're saying, I'm very convinced your parents are in large part to blame for what happened to you. Either you take responsibility for what you did at 14 years, or you claim your parents(your father, mostly) were shitty parents and should've teached you more. Assuming you "split" the blame between 3 groups (you, your parents/father, anonymous teenagers on the internet), your parents and/or you definitely wouldn't be blameless

No. 123486

>I was so fucking self-conscious, I could barely bring myself to say anything beyond the absolute bare minimum required for the encounter.
I know that feeling all too well. Before we started raiding I was talkative in chat, I liked to joke around, I kept conversations going. I was one of the top officers (and the only female one) in the guild and eventually I got made raid lead when we started. We all get into Vent, me for the first time, and I started off with a casual "Alright, hey everybody-" and got interrupted by somebody going "Ahh.." like he was rolling his eyes and it pretty much set the tone for voice chat from then on. Say what we're going to do as monotone as possible, do not talk unless necessary, do not be friendly because it will get the guys excited.

That doesn't surprise me, I remember lots of little boys playing TF2 even back in the early days. I played tons of Halo 2 and 3 and TF2 was pretty comparable to both of them in terms of little kid population.

No. 123487

Not her but it's obvious that you're trying to shift the blame from the 4chan users to her parents. YES, her mother could have installed some parental filter, YES her mother could have paid more attention to her daughter but this does not excuse the behavior exhibited by the 4channers. Not at all.

No. 123488

It's not these "4channers" I was wondering about, it was more the fact that she "[gave herself] the benefit of the doubt" that going on the internet and posting nudes on /b/ at the time was not something completely unreasonable (IMO implied in that post) which I just can't relate to.

No. 123489

Online harrassment bc grill is really upsetting me

I want to be able to communicate with my team, ask questions, etc but the second I say anything usually it goes like this

>omg girll!

> are you girl are you girl are you girl
>show me tits haha stupid girl
>hey…Why arent you talking? talk!
>talk or we kick you!
>multiple kick votes in every game

feels bad

No. 123490

how do you NOT show your face while camming? im interested in this

No. 123491

Because you've never done anything idiotic or foolish in your younger years have you.
Not her but honestly you sound like an enormous snob, I'd love to see what kind of skeletons you have in your own closet. You seem particularly focused on the actions of her parents; what, did daddy diddle you in the garden shed growing up or something?

No. 123492


>so then your parents

How does my father being an asshole make my mother, who sacrificed an enormous amount to care for us, mean that she was a shitty parent?

I'm questing whether your own parents paid any attention to you at all for you have to turned out to be such an enormous bitch with a stick up her arse about other people's childhoods. People who are comfortable in their lives and themselves don't go to such great lengths to strike out at strangers Anon.
At this point I don't see any difference between you and the 4channers, both making up baseless assumptions to justify unnecessary cruelty and harassment.

No. 123493


>YES, her mother could have installed some parental filter

Tbh did you guys parents even know what a parental filter was in 2006?

No. 123494

You angle the camera below your face…?

No. 123495

question for those who answered ITT:

why do you even come to lolcow? I get that you can lurk threads and not participate in making fun of these people but it's still more or less the same things to them as you guys went through.

maybe being harassed for being a girl playing games or stupidly sharing nudes at 14 isn't the same as being a dumbshit scammer/liar/whatever and getting laughed at over multiple threads.

bar the girl gamers I don't really have much sympathy for you people beyond how horrible the outcome of your choices were. 14 is young, but that doesn't mean you're completely incapable of making choices. and you guys made the choice to post nudes or play therapy to emotionally damaged adult males or engage in sex chats with them or post personal info about yourself. I guess I don't really get that after having those things happen to you, why are you on a site that actively does the same to others.

No. 123496

Not a woman but, I don't use facebook and apparently a few co-workers posted a picture of me in their facebook page just to make fun of me. Wasn't very pleasant.

No. 123497


That's awful Anon.
Did you consider going to HR about that? I mean it's a blatant example of misconduct and harassment.

No. 123498

Nah, I'm used to it. I don't have any friends aside from one online, anyway.. plus in my shitty country they probably won't do shit and side with them, saying "It's just a joke ;) don't take it so hard".

No. 123499


This site doesn't actively target adolescents though. That's a pretty huge difference.

No. 123500

I don't disagree with you there, but I'm just curious how you can go through something like that then be fine with a site that does that to others, even adults. Adults can have feelings too like >>123496 and things like

>threatening to physically print out the nudes and mail them to my home address under my mothers name and to my school.
>One of them even went as far as to create a fake Facebook account in my name, added everybody on my friends list and then uploaded the nudes.
something similar has happened with OC I think, with people sending her MFC nudes to her mom on FB with basically
>once her friends and family find out they'll put a stop to her bad behaviour - we're actually doing her with a favour", which is just insane.
similar justification (alongside: I just think she's a cunt and this will be funny)

>spammed most of the whole first page with threads like "[My character's name] is a dirty slut who has cybersex with everyone" and "[My character's name] is an ugly lesbian dyke homo cunt bitch"
is basically the last half decade or more of PTs life (though change cybersex or ugly dyke to hamplanet lard or delusional weeaboo)

>spamming me, trying to make me a "meme" like boxxy or cracky-chan.
kind of sounds like the Berry threads (idk I don't go to those) afaik she doesn't do much except photoshop and lie about dumb things?

I mean, yes, they're adults and have a larger responsibility for what they post online. Young teenagers behave irrationally and seek attention which lead to poor decisions, but a lot of the people posted here are definitely not in a good frame of mind or situation (like Ashley) so they will in turn behave irrationally and seek attention.

Anyway, TL;DR I'm not trying to take a moral highground just curious for those who have been doxed/harassed, why do you come to lolcow?

No. 123501


Schadenfreude basically.
I'm not even going to try and pretend it's for any other reason.

No. 123502

also I realize for some people they can shake it off and live their life but for people like

>After that I stopped talking to people and went full recluse mode. I lost a lot of weight and had terrible fits of violent shaking and woke up in my sleep suddenly and terrified. I was scared people would come and find me and hurt me, I was scared they would ruin my life and reputation. I couldn't go to the police. I had no idea who this person (or people) was.
who had obviously such a terrible experience because of it.

No. 123503

I only come for /b/ and /g/. I don't browse, care or understand the point of /pt/, gossiping always seemed pointless and juvenile to me and I actually get offended irl by gossip ("so I heard from someone that X is actually lesbian and that's why she hasn't had a bf all this time" I just feel like saying "just fucking mind your own business").

No. 123504

i was

short story

> put thread something like " ask a Hikkikomori anything"

> they start to asking me question and also asked me for photos
> i put my photos and before this happens, i posted a lastfm thread with my account
> in my lastfm account i have linked other social webpages i have
> they littleraly knew who i was and everything
> months later i put some nude photos because i was stupid enough
> more months later i tried to kill myself because of reasons
> more more more months later i wanted to kill myself again but i haven't the courage so i decided to pots more nude photos because i was stupid enough to think that that would make me hate myself even more
> they wanted more photos and at the final i didn't want to kill myself and i make a little joke on them , somethink like for example " ok, these are my tits and put some birds in a photo , etc
> they mad
> they told me that if i didnt give them the photos my photos they would send to my parents and other relatives
> panic attack
> scared af
> mom and dad came to home and i told them what happened crying

it happen a year ago, or less, i still feel scared as hell seeing some of my friends who know what happen
i scared to go out sometimes
i've learned the lesson in the worst way but i think that was make people grow

they still harrasing me with that day, sometimes i take that in a joke way

i accept that in that time i was a deppresed af and i needed some attention maybe, but i've never imagined that everything were going to end like that

sorry if my english sucks, it's not my native language btw

No. 123505

you were asking for it, dumb bitch.
what kind of stupid underage kids do this shit?("Posts should generally be serious and not overly inflammatory.")

No. 123506

All of you deserve it.
seriously, too fucking stupid to use fake names? age is not an excuse.
you were just fucking stupid tweens lmao it's hilarious.
even some 12 years old can post nudes without being doxxed nor harassed.

No. 123507

even if you give them the nudes, you still called a slut, but guys post dickphotos on imageboards or send messages to you with dickpics and they don't have way to be ashamed from that
that's ridiculous!

No. 123508


Nice samefag.

No. 123509

I usually browse /g/ and some /b/ because /g/ is so slow.

I looked at /pt/ in the past (when I first found this site) out of curiosity, but it isn't something I care for and I would be happy if there was a new site for just /g/ stuff, I would never come back here.

No. 123510

I think it's equal parts stupidity and 4chan users being creeps.

No. 123511

Where do you live? You could've gone to the police I think

No. 123512

its because no one wants to see dick pics so no one cares. but everyone wants to see some tit so its a commodity

No. 123513

Neckie gettin' BTFO, based

No. 123514

>no empathy on the internet xD

Really, there is nothing funny there. People thinking highly of themselves and creating drama is funny, people being harrassed/stalked/doxxed isnt funny.

No. 123515

my parents told me that, but the guys of this imageboard are from other countries, and also they're anonymous so its seem difficult to do something about it
also, police here are shit,they just dont care even the girls who are harrased irl are ignored or they tell them " it's nothing to care about"
they just only care if you're a famous or have some money, i'm not like poor or anything, but they just simply don't care

No. 123516

Angle the camera. You can see where you are on screen so if your face ends up starting to show you can move your position.
The issue was when I "disabled" my cam I couldn't see and I put my head back down to start typing at my computer without realising I was still on cam.

This is so sad.

For anyone who wants to do this: remember, those guys are NOT going to be your friends. All they know about you is what you look like naked, and that is all they care about. When they pester you for kik/skype/whatever, ignore them. They like those things because it is more personal than porn, but you don't want to be too personal or they will find you. I suggest making a list of things you will share - for me, this went something like:
>country I live in
>I play league of legends (but never add people to any external sites as they WILL share this information)
>favourite color, animal, food, etc.
My list has more specifics than this. You can make shit up, it's easier that way because the likelihood they can stalk you decreases. Even the tiniest bit of information can ruin your life.

I've been stalking people I met online since a young age. Not in a malicious way, it's just fun to know who I am talking to and to make sure I'm not talking to creepers. But knowing how easily it could be for someone with less honourable intentions to find the same information is scary as hell. Considering the fact that as a child I could do this, I shudder to think what someone with actual malicious intentions would be able to do.
When I was 13, I found out the name/breed of someones horse and which country she lived in - with that tiny bit of information I managed to find her full name and home address. Someone more recently (within the past week) sent me a link to an account on some random website where he had written a list of something, this account was linked to another account and through this I found years old posts in online forums. A few had pictures of his face, and it was all too easy to find his Facebook using relevant information and comparing his face. I know where he lives, his phone number, everything. There are more examples, but those menial bits of information can lead to a treasure trove of online history.
You may think "oh, this time I will tell them my name", and then "oh, this time I will just add this one guy on league because he seems very nice" - and then he shares your username to the thread and people already know your name from a previous time, they connect the two. Bam. If you post naked pictures/cam frequently, the likelihood that people will remember you increases. I know at least a few people have folders of pictures of me that they masturbate to frequently, and they remind me of this every thread, so don't think that each time a thread sages all of your information is gone. There IS an archive of 4chans /b/ board, nothing you post online will ever disappear forever.

You should remove your name from as many accounts as possible. Set your facebook to private. Use sites like pipl to try and dox yourself. Clean up your online history. Remove links between accounts and usernames. Be overly safe, because even then, it might not be enough.

No. 123517

I'm not sure what you're trying to say. I do have a hard time being empathetic to some of these stories but that's because I cannot imagine going through these things. I have a feeling to really enjoy /pt/ (for those who do) you are lacking in empathy somewhere or can choose to not empathize with these people. I'm fully sympathetic to the outcomes of their choices though, there is no mistake about that. But what happens when people thinking highly of themselves and creating drama causes them to be harassed/stalked/doxed? The entire tumblr shoplifting saga is a bunch of dumb girls (some of them underage!) and doxing them. Possibly even threatening or blackmailing them with their dox so they give up information on their friends so they can get doxed too. Objectively, that's horrible, no matter how you try to justify it with "but they're doing something illegal! they're dumb to post this shit publicly online so they deserve this!" I can admit that I have problems empathizing with people, especially internet people I have/will never meet or talk to. And I find it funny all the same. I have also never been doxed or harassed, even though I've done some of the same stuff at 15/16 (nudes to sweet talking pervs online, playing therapy to 30 year olds), and if I had been I might be more empathetic to the lolcows posted here.

I don't understand why some people try to take a moral high ground when they actively post on sites like this.

No. 123518

A big thing I think is important is to always use different usernames for things. And make them very different. One reason a lot of lolcows get a lot of dirt dug up is they use the same handle for everything. pixyteri is always pixyteri or some close variation of. kiki kannibal cannot let go of her kiki kannibal name.

No. 123519

this. There sure are a lot of massive hypocrites here

No. 123520


Thank you for writing this, this has been a huge wake up call for me.

If you don't mind could I ask your opinion on "efame", many people think that it's an easy cash in but is it worth doing a couple of controversial things and possibly the whole world knowing for a few bucks?

Also why are seemingly guys more driven on the whole stalking/creepyshit?
I just don't get it, I don't mean to sound ignorant, just uneducated :/

No. 123521

I actually got hacked by a girl (so far it seems to be tales of creepy guys doxxing/stalking girls, in my case it was a same sex maliciousness). Long story short, I had dated a guy a couple of years prior to the hacking who had an admirer at the time. She hated me because I was with the guy she wanted, and although she eventually got him, she spent the next two years building me up as some sort of hate figure with a massive ego and superiority complex (so so far from the truth). I had met/spoken to her all of once, and I didn't have any contact with either of them or their friends after the relationship had ended. Cut to the year of the hacking and I'd clean forgotten about her, him and the whole thing. I tried to log into FB one day and couldn't get in, so I looked at my profile from a side account and saw she'd changed my profile pic (to one I actually liked!) and made a few statuses that actually sounded like stuff I'd have written; she was so shit at trying to make me look bad she didn't even see that I wrote that kind of stuff all the time and even my friends thought it was me. She'd also hacked three email accounts of mine, so I couldn't get into my FB at all, or my emails. Anyway, I got FB to delete the account for good after they looked and saw it was clearly hacked, and a friend sent a bait email to my email address to get her IP (in the days when gmail still forwarded IPs in the full message header). From that, and what she wrote in the reply, and a lot of head scratching we finally figured out who it was. She said she wanted to take down my massive ego by fucking with the online presence I held so dear. Deluded bitch had not even the vaguest clue what I was like so in all it was pretty funny in the end, no harm done apart from her looking like a desperate, sad person who I juts felt really sorry for. I mean, she's wasted two years of her life thinking about me and I'm not sure I've even spent that long thinking about myself. At the time though, before I knew it was a silly kid, it was quite a stressful/scary thing to have happen. But at least I can laugh about it now

No. 123522

I don't do it for money. I enjoy getting other people off, and it boosts my self esteem.
It's more than "a few bucks" though, people can earn hundreds of dollars a day doing it. I probably could, I've been talking to someone who has offered me a large sum for some video (i don't know what it is though). It's worth it for some. If you are, say, an efamous lolita or someone in a high powered job, then this would be very damaging if it was revealed. Sexuality is a natural thing, but it is private, and doing things online is more or less public because you can be pretty sure that people will share the shit you say or do if you get a following of any kind.

>Also why are seemingly guys more driven on the whole stalking/creepyshit?

The guys who jerk off to girls online are wanting more than just porn, it's more personal (this is what they have told me themselves). I'm guessing that most of them have not had much experience with women. When a woman is being nice to them, they latch onto her because she makes them feel special. I've had one guy bug me and bug me to add him on league because he just wanted a "friend" to play with. They think that if you pay them attention then this must have some ~deep meaning~ that you secretly want to marry them (slightly exaggerated, but you get it).

True, true.
The guy above who wanted to play league with me, I stalked him off of that thread to try and creep him out. It was funny.
You just have to be very careful, and try to stalk yourself to see what information is available. I've removed most of my old accounts on things and gone back to delete comments and stuff before.

No. 123523

>Also why are seemingly guys more driven on the whole stalking/creepyshit?
As others have said getting nudes for guys is like porn but personal, they can request whatever they want sometimes. But depending on the person and internet circles it becomes a competition. From my middle teens up until I turned ~20 I've been talking to people online on and off from various sources, but mostly 4chan. What made me stop cold turkey was a series of long running threads on 4chan /int/ where people made interpals accounts and talked to people on that site. It started off fine, reading about people meeting others from around the world, the occasional odd but hilarious broken english flirty messages from middle aged Turkish men, etc. Then it became about finding a qt foreign gf, which girls were the best to talk to, which girls responded, which girls succumbed to the cringey pickup lines these /int/ guys crafted. They even made a script that made their profile visit hundreds of girls at once (you can see who visited you so naturally some girls will click on them) then it became about who could get the most and best nudes from these girls. Tips to make girls fall in love with them so they can get nudes easily. Tricking some guys who were legitimately interested in a girl to share identifying information and swooping in and talking to that girl too. It was disgusting and after that I became super wary about anyone I talk to online non-anonymously.

Super long winded story to get to this point: so some guys get irrationally angry when a girl stop sharing nudes. That means this girl is no longer under their control. Whether they were for his own personal benefit or that now it means he's "losing" in his creepy internet nudes competition.

No. 123524

The thing is that is often clueless, naive kids (like the anon who posted nudes on /b/ at 14) who got caught into the harrassment and doxxing emotionnal rollercoaster. I don't think you can say a kid of that age could be totally held responsible of her actions.
The worst problem for teenagers is that unlike children, they think they are mature and know better than adults.

Tbh i've never been harrassed either, but i guess luck has a big role in this

This hackette is definitely a lolcow

>I enjoy getting other people off, and it boosts my self esteem.
Just a question, is that your full-time job? I always have a problem with girls who turn themselves into sex objects by choice, i'd like to hear more about it

I never sent nudes pictures if guys didn't do the same. Like, fair trade. I won't send nudes to someone i'm not sexually attracted to, it makes no sense for me.

No. 123525

>I always have a problem with girls who turn themselves into sex objects by choice, i'd like to hear more about it

As I said, I don't get paid for it. I can understand why you wouldn't like me for it, but hey, I like it, and that is what matters.
People seem to think that those of us who do this have issues, but I don't. I just like to do it, I'm kind of an exhibitionist. Even when they insult my body (and this happens a lot) I still enjoy it.
I like the idea that something so personal is exposed, it allows me to really consider myself and I view my body as a spectator. It's a lot like how those tumblr people will share nude photographs for "body positivity". Except mine are overtly sexual. But there isn't anything wrong with sexuality, so I don't care.

If you have any specific questions about why I do it, I would be OK with answering them.

No. 123526

I've always been extremely careful of my online presence and always use a nickname, often different ones and severe all links to my main one. I don't give out my name or too many identifying details and often use proxies to hide my footsteps. I also pose as a man to avoid thirsty neckbeards.

However, it hasn't helped me to avoid harassment completely. I had a crazy ass stalker who took me as their target for no other reason than me being friends with people they had a (pointless) grudge with. They found out my phone number (from where, I have no clue whatsoever since I've never given it out) and gave me creepy phonecalls, impersonated me on the internet, left me delusional and aggressive comments in every social media, even accounts that I hadn't used in years. They made awful rumours about me and spread them everywhere they could. I contacted the police about this but they didn't do shit, obviously. They ended up being institutionalized though and hopefully they're never getting out due to being completely insane, delusional and even violent. Thank god they never found out where I live. Left me even more wary of what I share online about myself.

No. 123527

File: 1441231846963.jpg (282.15 KB, 729x1022, 0fdd08722e83b69f365df7d39ec601…)

Ugh, I had some weirdos following me too, because I used to post art on DA and that's a honeypot for weirdos. I had to quit the website because I got sick and tired of all the inappropriate comments etc. Thankfully mine were stupid and easily dispatched with. They contacted me on facebook, which they found through creeper means, I feigned a friendship and then pretended to 'quit facebook' but in fact blocked them, then asked a friend to keep an eye on them.

You got unlucky in that your stalker had two braincells to rub together.

No. 123528

Whoever you're talking about sounds like one of my ex-stalkers. I don't want to go into too much detail because I'm still paranoid about them finding me. I haven't heard any activity from their side for a while at least so I am hoping they died.

No. 123529

File: 1441314598171.jpg (86.18 KB, 738x960, Get the fuck out.jpg)

The only people I blame for this are her parents! Who the fuck would let his daughter visit the internet without even checking if she is visiting fucked up websites?

No. 123530


Some of us have parents or only one parent that are constantly out of the house from morning until night because they're busy trying to put food on the table.

No. 123531

And some people have parents who don't give a shit if they get raped.

If you can't take care of your child, you shouldn't fucking make a child.
You can't feed a family with a 1.5k job, so they should think twice before entering parenthood.

No. 123532


This is such flawed logic.
Some people start off financially secure in a family, but circumstances can and do change.

You sound like a rich, privileged cunt tbh. How's that silver spoon and entitlement.

No. 123533

kids can't help if they have shitty parents

No. 123534

Not to be rude but I seriously don't understand these kids who posted nudes/camwhored on /b/ and were surprised at the negative attention they received. I started going to /b/ when I was around 15 and even then I knew that posting details about yourself or even worse, your face or body, is a suicide. I'm not trying to justify the things you've experienced or defend the stalkers and doxxers, but what the hell made you think that was a good idea?

I had a friend who did exactly this, they were fascinated by the attention they were receiving and nearing -chan status. I told them that they shouldn't do this and stop while they still can, but they didn't listen to me. It didn't take long for the doxxers to find out their real name, place of living and other details about their personal life and started harassing the fuck out of them, so they freaked out and tried to remove every last bit of their online presence. This was years ago and even now people still post their pictures and ask what happened to them. Keeping details vague to protect what's left of their privacy.

The lesson of the story is that the attention might feel nice and flattering at first, but it'll last for a very short time since there will always be creeps who get obsessed with you or just doxx people out of boredom. If you get harassed on the internet, nobody will be able to help you unless you're Anita Sarkeesian. And nudes? Post them once, they're on the internet forever. Stay safe online, kids.

No. 123535

> Say what we're going to do as monotone as possible, do not talk unless necessary, do not be friendly because it will get the guys excited.

I've noticed that I'm automatically an aggressive asshole to guys just because I don't want them trying to hit on me or think I'm being friendly because I like them. I have so many girl friends who get neckbeards harassing them just because they were generally nice to them.

No. 123536

Same. I'm not even aggressive, I just kinda ignore them and act like I'm slightly deaf. When the guy is someone I HAVE TO interact with but being a total leg humper, I pretend to hear 50% of what they say, the more obnoxious they get, the more I ignore.

It's awkward, puts them off and makes them leave me alone because I'm obviously a 'stuck up bitch' for not wanting to give them my number/facebook/have a shot

No. 123537

I used to post n00ds on b too back in the day, I'm so glad I stopped before I got 'popular'.

I can't imagine how horrible it must be to have your whole family see your noods.

Kinda like what we did to quirky kek

No. 123538

Yeah it's dumb, but you're talking about fucking 13-16 year olds. Young teenagers aren't known for making rational decisions. There's a reason why they aren't allowed to vote, take out loans, etc. If I ever have kids I'll spy on their internet use so hard.

No. 123539

Anyone here ever been harassed and stalked by former "friends"?

No. 123540

Yes. And I now have no friends. I don't even know how to make friends.

No. 123541

was your response

No. 123542

Welcome to my world pal.
>tfw been vendetta posted on 4chan/8chan for the past 2 years

No. 123543

Feel you pal. I was vendetta posted on tumblr and 4chan for a couple of years, but died down thankfully, still makes me feel icky though.

No. 123544

File: 1441436075715.jpg (599.24 KB, 1840x1088, 1437657360524.jpg)

I wonder if one of my former 'friends' posts on here. I think I see her in some of the posts, and I get super paranoid. She's awful tbh and I don't want her here in my ~safe space~.

I just want to know if she browses here or not. Like, it bugs the hell out of me. Then again, she's a tumblr/SJW/pansexual/"i'm not like other girls" type, so idk if she would lurk here.

I just hope she isn't here.

No. 123545

>dat pic
I never got how this was supposed to be an insult to girls with unnaturally colored hair.
The coloring is to ward off predators, even if the organism itself is actually harmless.
By this logic, the women with blue/purple/bright red hair is actually warding off shitty guys (ie predators) with their hair colors. What's the bad thing about this? Am I misreading something?

No. 123546

Well by that logic…..
I don't know about the other girls, but the very last one with the red hair was cursing out a dude who didn't have the same opinion as her for a thing called rape culture or whatever.
Guess why her face looks like that.
The dude was just talking and seemed decent by comparison, and she And her groupies shouted over him. (I don't known what the dude's argument was, but since they were yelling at him they seemed worse by far.)
So I guess these are sjws who have bark, but no bite. They(sjws in particular, not everyone who has unnaturally colored hair) want to be noticed. If they follow the same pattern of course.

But it could be a trademark, because Something about them blades out Tumblr and promotes me to stay the hell away.

No. 123547

Actually, when I watched the first few minutes of that video, they were yelling over her even though half of the points she was reading off were things they would agree with. Like she'd mention toxic masculinity was why people didn't take it seriously when men are raped, but the guy continued shouting "WHAT ABOUT MEN WHO GET RAPED??" or something. It was fucking stupid. I understand why she was getting angry.
I didn't continue because it was getting grating. She might've made an ass of herself in the rest of the video, though.
>But it could be a trademark, because Something about them blades out Tumblr and promotes me to stay the hell away
If we're going by the ideas presented in the picture, maybe that's exactly what they want, to repel a certain type of person they wouldn't want to be around? Idk though

No. 123548

Well as I think I mentioned(not sure if I did, my phone is too slow to constantly check) both sides were telling but the man was softer So it made it seem as if she was yelling. Hence the worse by comparison.

But you may be right, idk I watched that video like a year ago.
If I'm thinking of the right video, only notable parts we're the middle-end when the Asian dude popped up and started yelling/scream at the dude, and the man was having himself a ball.
Video was a mess period.

>the hair color warning blooblah

Well whatever it is, it's working. Probably because I'm pretty anti sjw that's the people they want to keep away.

No. 123549

I'm that friend.
Just kidding.
However buck the fuck up kid, this is hardly a "safe space." What was said friend like?

No. 123550

File: 1441970163588.png (440.82 KB, 483x693, Revy003.png)

This is why female wizards should stay off the internet. They clearly can't handle it.
~ /cow/boys

No. 123551

File: 1442036767797.jpg (70.16 KB, 640x480, a76fec1ddc0cc2cd4f9fae27f58e99…)

I used to have a bit of an obsession with a girl from /r9k/. Never did anything, but I did keep tabs on them over the course of the past 4 or so years. Tracked them through multiple states, schools, etc all from my computer. I've since lost the trail though. Last thing I have is their voter registration records(they're democrat btw) but the trail goes cold there. Every account(barring a few news articles about them) has been closed, deleted, or is inactive. I'm talking reddit accounts, blogs, gamer stats(I don't play vidya but you people take that shit too srsly) etc.

From what I was able to gather she did have a small following on 4chan through her camwhoring and gamer escapades but it seems that something off-putting happened and so she chose to leave the internet. Either that or she just started fresh again and I can't find her since I have nothing to link to them anymore.

>They found out my phone number (from where, I have no clue whatsoever since I've never given it out)
A lot of records are public and so long as your number is tied to your name you'll probably be found. There are tons of services out there that compile all sorts of info on you. They'll gather every last thing about you too especially user accounts on websites that have your name. One thing that was interesting to me is how it really is how often usernames are re-used and can link two completely different accounts.

Like, I found a list of their steam username changes and found multiple accounts through that. It's how I found their reddit account. Although once I had the reddit account it was basically open season for me since people seem to think reddit is "private" when it's anything but.

>There are more examples, but those menial bits of information can lead to a treasure trove of online history.
also this. Every little detail, every scrap of info can help corroborate that different online ID's and accounts are the same person.

Like years before when I first started the girl I was looking for had stated what the first letter of her name was. That sort of inconspicuous detail can give it all away.

I just found out about this place about 30 mins ago. It feels strangely perverted, as if I'm reading someone's diary. hypocritical i know but whatevs.

No. 123552

now i wanna know where you cam

No. 123553

this sounds a lot like nyanners

on a side note, is she considered a lolcow in general here or do people think she's cool?

No. 123554

>When I have kids I am keeping them the hell off the internet for a while.

This is something that always worries me about the future, it seems impossible to keep kids away from the internet NOW and I can't imagine how bad it'll be in a few years.

No. 123555

that term is so annoying like "fam" and "bae"

No. 123556

>Most of the guys who do this are predatory
In my opinion it's just pure desperation in most cases manifests itself in fucked up behaviour and the minority are the ones who are actually predators

No. 123557

By a frenemy. Narcissistic slut and drama queen that got rubbed the wrong way. Emotional harassment and I'm pretty sure she stalked my profile and who knows what else. Fortunately I have no dirt, unlike her. Though most of her drama has been lost to the wind because everytime she fucks up in her life or does not get the attention she needs she deletes all her internet personas and past info.
Perfect lolcow tbh, pity she's a chickenshit normie and not a weeb or into alternative fashion or she'd have a lot more exposure, instead of her failed attempts at being popular.

Annoyed and stalked between servers by some online game guys too just for being nice, they get all invasive ffs. The thirst is real.

No. 123558

I used to be a camgirl who advertised on tumblr briefly. The problem was, I hold very abnormal views on the sex industry (I think it's toxic) especially pornography. I kept most of these to myself.

One time, I got into an altercation with a girl on tumblr who accused me of being "whorephobic" because I said I don't like ageplay/ddlg porn. I don't care what people do in their own bedrooms, but I just really feel uncomfortable with people PROFITING directly from my abuse (I was abused from age 11-ish for a lot of years). I noticed this girl, on her blog, had a bunch of roleplay porn about fucking underaged boys or girls, and so I was like "k, i realize why you even give a shit you dirty pedo".

She ended up stalking me for 6 months. When I came out as a camgirl, she got really mad and started sending me hatemail - even though I'd blocked her. I called her out on it and she went into full rage mode and made like 12 tumblr posts about me, and made "lists" about "me" and why I was bad.

She even got her friend to dox me (idk how to be honest) and they called my parents and told them I was a camgirl. Then they deleted all the posts about it and I was too busy having a mental breakdown dealing with my mom to screencap them. I ended up putting myself in the hospital from a mental breakdown and it was not pretty. My parents don't talk to me anymore and I have no source of income because I'm too scared if I cam that they'll find me. They still talk about me on a weekly basis to this day. It's honestly so fucking disturbing. All of this because I called some crazy bitch a pedo lmao.

No. 123559

Holy crap, I'm so fucking sorry all that happened to you. Tumblr cunts are crazy.
>Then they deleted all the posts about it and I was too busy having a mental breakdown dealing with my mom to screencap them
If you're still interested in capping the posts, if these people had an ample amount of followers/mutuals, those followers might've reblogged them at some point. I used to find reblogs of deleted posts or at least places to look by searching the "#[insert username of whoever I want to cyberstalk here]" and looking through whoever posted in them and/or got a response. Failing that, Google cache and archive.is sometimes work.
Couple that with the hate mail that one girl sent and what they say in the posts they continue to make about you, and you might still have something on them.
Do you mind posting the crazy girl's URL? She sounds familiar (ie like Riley) but I may be wrong.

No. 123560

i dont know if anyone reblogged them, i know the girl that posted them did not have many followers (she was like the sidekick of the girl that ran the whole brigade). i think they both didnt. i had about 60k though, which is why i started advertisting on my blog. no one else had a problem with me advertising on my blog except my direct competition, funny enough lmao

i dont remember the name but it sounded like riley or ri-something. she had short problem hair, pale skin and was kind of chubby. no it wasn't ryden. i can't remember tbh she's wholey irrelevent and was desperate trying to befriend the other girls who harassed me

No. 123561

you sound like an obnoxious cunt yourself. >but I just really feel uncomfortable with people PROFITING directly from my abuse
and how does people being into ageplay make them profit from your abuse? You retarded fucking bitch, please kill yourself

No. 123562

Not her, but people who produce ageplay/ddlg shit are literally profiting off a (romanticized) version of abuse. Someone liking it is their own business entirely.
Fetishes are fetishes, but that doesn't mean they should be socially acceptable, supported or defended in any way other than "Just keep it to yourself and mutually interested parties, and don't harm anyone or be fucking gross". Just because something makes your privates tingle doesn't mean it's morally sound in any way, especially if it's based off something that actually destroys people.

No. 123563

because the caption i read literally sounded like what happened between me and the family member that abused me. and the bitch was schlicking to that and letting other people schlick to it for money.

sorry but if you don't like me calling you out on being a pedophile (which you are, if you fantasize about children getting raped) then go fuck yourself, kindly.

i never SAID anything was wrong with ageplay. i even did it myself sometimes to cope. but selling it to gross pedophiles and being proud of it like it's some sort of edgy thing is disgusting.

don't like my opinion? cry harder, i don't give a shit.

No. 123564

I'm confused anon, ageplay (as I know it), is consensual and usually both parties are of age but one doesn't look like it.

Child porn is illegal and features a child. An actual child.

So how is ageplay profiting off of your abuse, wouldn't it be child porn? Plus its not directly if they aren't your videos or photos jfc. Then you say that you did ageplay to cope and have no problem with it, but obviously you have a problem if people profit from it? So only you and other abused victims can do it, but no one else even if its legal and their source of i come?

On another note, I'd rather send sick pedophiles ageplay than having them rub off to a real kid.

No. 123565

Oh my god, you must actually be retarded or intentionally obscuring the point.

Ageplay is when an adult roleplays as a younger girl/boy, under the age of 12-13, in a sexual context.

I don't have a problem with it when it is done privately behind closed doors as a coping mechanism for victims, and people shame it publicly.

I don't like when people make it public, act like it is something good/nice, make money off of it because it's turned into an entire industry. I had to suffer for years and it really makes me feel absolutely disgusted that this shit is being celebrated. I never said "stop doing" - I just said "I don't like it, and making videos where you talk about raping underaged boys makes you a pedophile btw"

When victims do it, it's a coping mechanism. When non-victims do it, it's celebrating pedophilia. I'm not sure how difficult this is to get. I'm really not sure why "I think people who talk about raping underaged boys are bad and gross pedophiles" is such a radical notion tbh. Y'all have shit you need to sort out if you think that's anywhere near worth doxxing someone, stalking them for half a year and calling their mother.

No. 123566

>I'm really not sure why "I think people who talk about raping underaged boys are bad and gross pedophiles" is such a radical notion tbh. Y'all have shit you need to sort out if you think that's anywhere near worth doxxing someone, stalking them for half a year and calling their mother.

That's not the point. The point is that you feel entitled to demand these people not have fun because you're a cancerous bitch who can't ignore things.
>I demand that these things be publicly shamed because they hurt my feelings!
Unless your father recorded abusing you and that these videos are online and people are selling them as child porn, no one is profiting directly off your abuse. You're a delusional, worthless fucking cunt. I think you're better off in SJW company, please fuck off

No. 123567

I haven't heard anything from my ex-stalker for years and while I am very happy for this I also hope this means they finally kicked the bucket.

No. 123568

Where did I say people shouldn't publicly do these things?

I simply said I have the right to call them gross pedos if they do, without having my life practically threatened and having my parents (completely unrelated people to the matter) harrassed. It seems as though your feelings are immensely hurt and I suggest you get therapy if someone calling you a pedo sends you into an emotional fit lmao

No. 123569

Yup, those are the worst because they usually have a lot of sensitive information that could be used against you because you trusted them at some point.

No. 123570

Well, looks like we've found the pedophile.

No. 123571

SJWs tend to promote ageplay and other immoral kinks under the guise of "sex-positivity". Nice false flag you've got there, but you're obviously a SJW trying to cover for yourself.

No. 123572

Like exactly. It's why I'm glad I deleted my Tumblr and I'm never going back. Only SJWs would get mad at someone calling out pedophilia.

I mean as long as people aren't fucking kids, I don't care what they do in private (like calling their bf daddy). But the second they make their diaper baby-rape fetishes public they open themselves up to criticism. If they cry when people call them pedos, tough shit maybe they should've kept it to themselves.

No. 123573

File: 1445990973075.jpg (24.85 KB, 298x268, howishenotdeadyet.jpg)

lol, you got dogs in this fight, anon?
Sure it's not AS bad, but imaginary pedophilia is not cute and quirky; it's reprehensible and I'm glad that it's publicly shamed.

No. 123574

Ageplayers are literal (wo)manchildren when it comes to defending their fetish tbh.
There's nothing about ageplay that should be socially accepted or appreciated for any reason whatsoever.

No. 123575


>Unless your father recorded abusing you and that these videos are online and people are selling them as child porn, no one is profiting directly off your abuse.

Different anon but it's funny you mention that because I had a friend who was actually in that exact situation (I can prove it, if you want). We actually discussed ageplay once and she agreed that it was disgusting and just people getting off to the idea of pedophilia. It's fucking gross and it trivializes actual child rape and pedophilia.

Anyways, nothing exists in a vacuum and if people don't want to be criticized then they shouldn't openly share it.

No. 123576

Yep. If your entire argument it is "well it's not as bad as ACTUAL child porn and molestation" then you should STFU. Just stop jacking off to your simulated pedophilia shit, it's not like it's a fucking sexual orientation, these fetishes usually develop because people spend too much time looking at internet porn and need increasingly taboo stuff to get off

No. 123577

Well, I guess loli is better than actual ageplayers because it isn't based within reality, but there is a point when it gets too real, like 3D CGI shit. From there it's a far more slippery slope.
I just really don't think its a healthy fixation.

No. 123578

I get what you're saying (also a diff anon), but the OP anon said that people were directly benefitting off of her rape, which isn't the case.

No. 123579

i'm a retard who meant indirectly. i minced my words and i'm stupid and have an IQ of like double digits. i meant that it made me mad that people were profitting off of an ideology/fetish that ruined my life

No. 123580

File: 1479798587553.jpg (193.15 KB, 876x1280, 1474538163664.jpg)

>tfw I got chased in Roblox with people bumping their characters into me sexually

No. 123581

My pictures have been posted every day on 4chan for over three years now. Discussed in text posts, casual references, sometimes entire threads.

Any more detail than that could potentially identify me.

No. 123582

Go away spoonie

No. 123583

Am a pretty popular (top 20 mfc) camgirl, and have gotten doxxed multiple times - it really makes me feel unsafe in my home. It's been kept semi-contained, but it worries me.

No. 123584

When I was 14 I used to go to random chatrooms & talk to strangers bc I was lonely. This guy who told me he was 15 from cali and i became friends. I gave him my phone Num. so we could text. Everything is normal for around 5 months, until one day he proposed to Cam. I was okay with this and so it was going to be the first time we see each other. So I turn on my cam first and he tells me he's shy too show his face ( his camera is covered with duck tape ). His voice was very deep which worried me because he was supposed to be 15. So for the next few weeks we Cam, me being naive as fuck, was the only one showing their face. I begged him ( lmao ) to show his face and so I saw the most ugly man on earth. I was terrified because he looked well into his 35's. I immediately close my laptop and I cried for like hours. I stopped talking to him & deleted most of my accounts he knew of. About 7 months of ignoring him later, I receive a letter in my mailbox from some fucktown in Germany. It was a letter fROM him with a screenshot ( printed out as a picture ) of my face from our Cam convo. The letter was very short saying how he misses me and that he bought me in game currency ( he apparently found my school email ) as forgiveness. I couldn't tell my parents about this. A month later I received another letter from him. It was a letter saying how hes sorry and that he can't stop drinking because of me and that i meant the world to him. At this point I'm scared beyond belief because he knows where I live and it just felt like he could rape me idfk. Two years pass and I haven't heard of him, I was by then legal age. I get a letter a week later of my 18 bday from him. This time the letter was about how he wants my virginity because he waited this long ??? And how I was the best thing to happen to him yet the worst mistake. Reassures me that he's not a creep & how he wants to visit me now cos I'm legal. / keep in mind I have not replied to him in the course of 3 years. / Another year passes and the last letter I received comes in the mail. It comes with a picture of him, looking busted and old, the letter reads that he will never forget me and knows what I have accounts on bc apparently he know the emails I use. He says he won't send anymore letters because I only bring pain nowadays to him. Still offers free sex if im interested because " legal guRLZ start to become naughty baby girl ". Haven't heard of him since,I deeply regret trusting someone over the internet.

No. 123585

okay, what kind of meme are you? Come on, give us a hint

No. 123586

When I was 15 someone posted a picture of me + some information on 4chan, apparently pretending to be me. Thread got deleted because underage banned, but I got a bunch of weirdos AIMing me for a while. Didn't escalate beyond that thankfully.

No. 123587

At least those things just end up fading away. I had a similar experience except my abusive ex boyfriend decided to do a big post about me and make some online petition for me to come back to him. The responses were ridiculous. Embarrassing but none of those people have my email or anything.

No. 123588


i feel so bad for you why are old men so disgusting. there's nothing i hate more than losers preying on young naive girls who pity them too much to say no

No. 123589

This is what I'm most terrified of to be honest. I honestly have never even done anything that bad. Never posted nudes, never scammed people, but I still haven an irrational fear. Literally talked about these fears in therapy.

I used to date people who were self proclaimed hackers and doxxers and I worry if they will one day try and get revenge on me for something I may have done wrong in a relationship or something like that? Like this shit keeps me up at night. Literally. I have nightmares and cry over stuff like this.

I used to go on chatrooms and there were people that lurk these chats keeping files upon file of information to dox or hack people later and it's just fucked me up in the head. I don't trust anyone because I've seen people literally act sweet and innocent only to gather everything up on someone and try and ruin their lives because of something they've said in passing.

I won't even get a facebook account or instagram because I just can't deal with the thought of people lurking my information and all that shit. I won't even take selfies or myself and I hardly let people take photo's of me.

I cover up my laptops camera with duck tape and make sure I'm always fully clothed when on the computer. Same thing with my cell phone.

No. 123590

are you male? what caused this obsession?

No. 123591

I had my nudes posted on my Facebook. It was only for a few hours so I don't know how much harm it did, and I deleted all social media the second I got it back. It was a really long time ago and I was relatively young when it happened (late teens) but I've pretty much stayed away from all social media since then.

To this day I have no idea what provoked it.

No. 123592

Dude I have so many skeletons in my closet (including an embarrassing fakeboi/SJ phase in high school) that I have the exact same fear

No. 123593

I can guarantee you that these past partners you've gad will talk badly about you and if you somehow did share photos of yourself with them or allowed them to photograph you they'll be talking somewhere online about how fuckable you are etc. and maybe do "tribute" cum pics on your photo. You just haven't found out about these conversations yet

No. 123594

eliza??? is that you?

No. 123595

I've done a bit of camwhoring on 4chan fairly recently, got pretty well known. And I figured I wasn't being dumb about it. Surely just giving a vague idea of where im from wouldn't be dangerous? but I underestimated neckbeards. because someone managed to connect my kik I'd posted years ago with my camwhoring, and then my name and facebook started getting posted in exposed threads. Never went anywhere only recently my neighbour showed me his friend shared my nude with my fb attached in their group chat. He's had a word with him I think. and that doesnt seem to have gone anywhere, but it was a wakeup call. No point doing all this low self esteem shit when I probably have a higher than average chance of being recognised due to being from a relatively small community.. its a few thousand people who would definitely recognise me because everyone knows everyone there.. Just hate that so much is fucking archived now.

No. 123596

Yes. By a corporation, and later, my 'friends'.
To make a long story short, as a young(er) child I played a game called Animal Jam- I made a shitload of friends there and ever truly grew out of it as a result. Time passes skip to last year, I create a program to 'generate' currency extremely quickly, gave it out for free- company WildWorks starts to hunt me down and goes out of their way to harass me because it violates their TOS. I am told that they made spreadsheets and flowcharts of all my emails, social media, etc
More happened that I unfortunately can't talk about, was pretty fucking horrifying

Later a user who many of us became friends with became an emo faggot and doxxed me

Fun times, learned a lot from the experience.

No. 123597

File: 1480177517929.jpg (686.58 KB, 1500x1500, 1475464499432.jpg)

you HAVE to be either one of these girls or the black one that posts asian male/black female shit.
Must be pretty scary. Do you profit off of it at least?

I didn't rate these btw, just saved the pic.

No. 123598

whoops didn't read the "for over three years" part so you've been posted for longer than most of these girls.
damn, i'm curious

No. 123599

have you ever had anyone try and come at you in real life since youve been doxxed? does your family know?

No. 123600

I used to do a lot of live shows on an unpopular site so the population of girls was very small. I had the usual creeps but it didn't get bad until another girl who used to do shows started attacking me for no reason. We had never even interacted before either and didn't even do the same type of shows.
In any case, it all went downhill. Her fans started attacking me and I had this crazy guy attach himself to me. Like full on created numerous accounts on skype, twitter, you name it. He always had a moment of I guess fan like behavior, but when I ignored him or blocked him he went on a rampage and harrassed every person I talked to, even some musicians/artists who had followed me. I was extremely embarrassed and also scared because my email got hacked and someone started texting my little sister about a plane trip we were taking soon.
I had to quit. I loved doing it. There was nothing sexual about the streams and I met a lot of fun people. I sometimes want to do it again but when I think of the creeps on there and crazy bitches yeah…. no.

No. 123601

File: 1480283358180.png (77.09 KB, 592x651, drewburFB.png)

Never doxxed, but had a WoW guildie who latched onto me for 3 years and couldn't take a hint.

Dorf rogue who was part of my close knit guild but one of the more casual "under the radar" people. We have a FB group for the guild, and he found me through there and added me as a friend. I figured "Sure why not" since close knit guild and all.

About a week later I get this. I ignored him at first because wat, then when I finally replied I told him I wasn't interested. Not long after that he unfriended me and tried to play it off as him being sooooo sad about what he did. He left the guild (which he was in for years) and went unguilded for a while.

Eventually he joined up with our new guild after the entire raid team had a falling out with the leadership, and left that not long after and I got whispers from our GL about how he didn't feel comfortable in the guild because he thought I hated him just because I wasn't paying attention to him (I'm the type that isn't overly social with anyone).

We're going on about a year from the first FB messages, and over the next year and a half I get messages and gifts in my mailbox. I say nothing and hit the return button. At the end of MoP, he joins us for a Garrosh kill for heirlooms, and immediately afterwards I get another batch of bullshit guilt tripping about how I hate him so so much just because I don't talk to him.

WoD comes around and I'm still getting gifts, but he xfers off the server so they're not from alts, probably 6-7 total to the point where if I get a mail from something other than a known guildie, Blizz, or the AH, I'm facing dread as I approach the mailbox.

The beginning of this year I log onto characters on another server and another faction with zero connection to my Alliance guild and…. fucking find shit in my mailbox from an alt he had on that server.

Thankfully he hasn't sent me anything in a good 8 months or so but holy shit.

I have screens of some of his mails including this 4 part one from Nov '15, I could drop them if anyone wants more cringe.

No. 123602

yes. do it

No. 123604

Post em, this cringe is too good.

No. 123605

File: 1480307633288.jpg (1.05 MB, 1380x904, WoWScrnShot_053115_163323.jpg)

He's a typical American white guy. (the trucker hat kind, not the 300lb fedora neckbeard kind, at least from what I remember of his FB profile pic)

Had to shoop everything into one image especially since his huge ramble took up 4 full messages.

Put dates on them according to the screenshot's filename. I wish I had screens of all his messages from alts, but this is apparently all I gathered. I blocked his main after the Xmas one.

No. 123606

Shit, I wish someone would just randomly mail me their gold and items.

No. 123607

It wasn't much. All the items were stuff you could easily get from the Garrison salvage yard crates. I don't remember how much gold it was, but only a few k? Negligible in WoD.

Sent it all back because I didn't want to encourage him.

No. 123608

Yea. Kinda ruined my life, for the short term at least. Hoping the aftermath passes soon.

No. 123609

A very popular girl in the "Facebook Community" arranged an "intervention" for all of her internet friends to confront me for something. I still don't know what I did to upset her to this day. All I know is that we had a mutual friend, and said mutual friend ended up relaying things I said to him, to the popular facebook girl (not bad things, just random things about me) and I guess she took something I supposedly said out of context and decided that I was a "liar." This girl was also friends with my IRL ex-boyfriend, so she told him about how I was this huge liar, making him come to my house to talk to me about it. She had a skype call with a bunch of other Facebook people, saying that I needed to be confronted, and someone ratted her out to me which I was thankful for. She was so pissed that the guy ratted her out. I was devastated because I thought people were talking about me behind my back. I became very paranoid. I apologized to as many people as I could because I felt like I did something wrong. One of the things she said (or someone in her group) was that I was a nazi, because I had shown interest in some warfare and politics and discussed it with some of my friends publicly. She invited me to a skype call with her and my mutual friend to basically condescend me and tell me that she "hates liars," and thought that I was one, so her actions against me were justified. I also heard that she said she "only did it because she was drunk." I apologized and cried in the skype call like a pussy. I was just so overwhelmed, and I felt horrible, since she was so popular I felt like she could really do something awful to me. To this day I feel terrible about it. I've since left all social media and gone off the grid. I'm socially awkward so I can't make friends in real life easily, and all of my friends were on my facebook, so I miss them a lot and wish this didn't happen. Call it an overreaction, I guess I'm just sensitive to things like this through being bullied a lot and sexually abused/called a liar by my older brother.

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