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File: 1590963712094.jpg (777.44 KB, 1079x1491, Screenshot_20200530-041942_Fir…)

No. 562245

A thread for everything news related to the current riots. Please don't discuss politics. Please don't fight. This thread can be utilized to post any footage that isn't covered by mainstream media outlets, including Twitter. Fact checking can also be done here, go for it ladies.
>not just limited to burgerland protests

No. 562247


No. 562250

File: 1590963847108.png (178.39 KB, 268x262, ....PNG)

>Please don't discuss politics.
Anon, I…

No. 562253

I mean if we're all here I think we're on the same page. Do we really want to waste our times arguing with people who don't give a fuck?

No. 562268

File: 1590966009610.png (26.37 KB, 500x90, b2e5ecd5f56b312aebde9a71268a0b…)

anonymous leaked the accounts info of the Minneapolis police department

No. 562269

File: 1590966033312.png (10.12 KB, 500x27, d705341360eb220d8ff8cc19ac8337…)

No. 562270

File: 1590966057069.png (10.24 KB, 500x31, d8755b36b315991bf4f7700d5ec376…)

No. 562271

File: 1590966084112.png (10.79 KB, 500x39, f580012b758b89c22cfa047d126ab4…)

No. 562272

File: 1590966107505.png (12.08 KB, 500x35, 1682dcabb16cf778c7f15d85c55265…)

No. 562273


No. 562274

this is getting better and better. i love 2020

No. 562280

samefag but i wonder how the anonymous feel about their fancams

No. 562281

fancams? i'm more curious about the NUDES

No. 562282

Our mayor released a statement that there were 11 rioters arrested in my city and all of them were from out of state.

No. 562284

Counter-protestor coming in hot with a machete gets beaten to a pulp.

Boomer comes in yelling "All lives mater" and shoots bows and arrows into a crowd, later saying on national tv that 2 black men attacked him

No. 562285

I just want to say that I hate the white edgelords/anarchist/ whatever the fuck they are destroying property. Fuck those guys.

No. 562287

Also forgot to mention that the second clip getting beatup for flashing his MAGA hat and taunting protestors and the boomer had a knife/machete as well

No. 562288

Fucking amazing

No. 562289

File: 1590967434032.png (228.67 KB, 598x614, based.png)

anonymous is being cancelled kek

No. 562290

Gotta love Twitter and their priorities lol

No. 562291

File: 1590967621197.jpg (78.72 KB, 586x533, yikes.jpg)

just why

No. 562292

kek classic twitter

No. 562293

These are totally normal and sane opinions. I fucking hate Twitter.

No. 562298

>trans rights are important
they're not even a TERF lmao. and this is the proof that libs think trans people > everybody else. even when an innocent black man is killed, trans issues are considered more important.

No. 562306

terfs leave

No. 562310

[ignore the bait above me]

Keep posting vids like that, I love em

No. 562336

>Please don't discuss politics
>makes a political thread
How fucking retarded is OP

No. 562344

No. 562350

Wait why are these being leaked? What's the purpose?

No. 562351

The tweets or the passwords?

No. 562354

more live updates

No. 562357

If you're talking about the alleged twansphobia tweets, then I have no idea and I don't even know how they came up with the idea to search trans/terf/whatever on that anonymous account like? I don't get it.

If it's the videos/documents that anonymous published, then I think they decided to drop the bomb now while the entire protest etc. is happening so people pay more attention to it and know how "corrupt our government really is".

No. 562361

they're right outside my apartment there are cops in riot gear throwing tear gas and helicopters flying overhead snipers on roofs and the protestors are not being violent AT ALL and cops are kicking them pushing them I can see it all from my apartment. it's honestly terrifying not because of the protestors but because of the cops. they have armored trucks too

No. 562364

Are you documenting it?

No. 562368

why does anyone believe this is legit anonymous, like someone else mentioned this is old epstien shit

No. 562370

yes i'm videoing everything I can

No. 562372

I think anonymous is a term that can be used by any hacktivist, it's not an actual organization but I might be wrong.


No. 562373

Thank you anon keep trying to document and stay fucking safe.

Fuck cops dude I’m sick to my stomach, I can’t even begin to describe how sick I feel inside. America is not free. The police are brutalizing anyone and everyone they are trying to scare and beat us into submission

No. 562375

You are correct. They also have multiple twitters for this exact reason. They are completely decentralized

No. 562378

That's what I mean, they're acting like anonymous is back when that implies they're a centralized organization. Meanwhile actual groups are not going to be throwing themselves out in the open.

No. 562379

They have MULTIPLE twitters. Literally like tons of twitters that all have thousands and some even have millions. That is not even the most followed anonymous account. They can easily deny this account as being legitimate

No. 562384

You can thank the rioters for the great treatment you are getting from cops.

No. 562385

As if cops need to be provoked to behave like complete animals. Also, sage your shitty hot takes redditard.

No. 562387

You can thank the cops for beating the shit out of peaceful protesters that caused angry reactions in crowds which in turn turned into riots. Cops have started the violence against people peacefully protesting in all large cities INCITING the violence to occur. Every city where the cops took off military gear and walked with their people did not experience riots.

You can thank the cops for the riots.

No. 562388

Did I do something to offend you?

No. 562390

Which cities aren't having riots?

No. 562391


I'm talking about the accounts and passwords, why are they being leaked? Did these ppl do anything in particular?

No. 562393

I told you to get better bait and you still manage to disappoint me. Typical redditfag >>562339

No. 562396

???? I'm not sure what this is referring to.

No. 562399

Flint, Michigan
Tacoma, Washington

No. 562401

I'm four, two, three steps ahead of you.

No. 562403

You're slow.

No. 562409

No. 562412

File: 1590974102116.webm (2.43 MB, 360x640, Gang Members shooting at loote…)

Looks like everyone is losing patience with the looting

No. 562413

last month pro-coronavirus people were protesting here with literal rocket launchers and the police did not give a fuck. they closed off all of downtown and let them walk wherever they wanted to. think it's a coincidence they were 95% white?

Protestors have not been violent at ALL tonight as I have witnessed and recorded and cops keep throwing tear gas canisters at them, kicking and pushing them. The news is saying the protestors have turned this into violence and they have NOT. The proud boys and cops are only ones inciting violence and proud boys are vandalizing gay/black/jewish owned businesses. They won't even close off the roads for them and cars are almost running them over

I am sending all of my footage to local news orgs

No. 562416

I live in one of the cities, the people coming in are agitators literally bussed in, along with white supremacists and antifa trying to duke it out. The local media isn't helping unfortunately.

All day protests have been normal.

No. 562417

Please post online too, don't trust the news orgs at all. They will probably cut your footage to manipulate if they even use it.

No. 562418

Yes The people from here are protesting peacefully and the proud boys are coming in from out of town and inciting violence. It's done intentionally to discredit the legitimate protestors

Im making a new twitter account without my name and then posting I dont want the cops to come after me

No. 562425

Out of town proud boys beating shop owners. Disgusting

No. 562428

I’m going to the protests regularly now and I’m going to see if I can get involved with the makeshift medics.

Also, apparently cops in California are ignoring the rioters and instead focusing on peaceful protesters. Can any Cali anons confirm?

No. 562430

Lol and you have anons saying that this doesn't happen

No. 562432

Are you kidding me? How the fuck could you tell those were proud boys? If anything they looked black to me.

What the fuck is with all the people saying that most or even all of the looters are white supremacists?

No. 562434

Are you blind

No. 562436

The absolute state of the left.

No. 562437

File: 1590975776698.jpg (59.49 KB, 1080x720, EZY8jhxWsAMJOKz.jpg)

this is in raleigh NC note the tattoo that says PROUD BOY and white power hand sign. If that does not convince you that proud boys are there. Cody Gall is here tonight as well stirring up shit

There is also a video of white kids bashing in a window in downtown raleigh.

No. 562440

I don't know if that's true at all. I heard that a firestation was burned down today, we barricaded my work too since it's a Hotspot. No protesting but people were drinking and sparking up the street. Cops told us to close early. No fires or major damage here but it's OC.
I forgot to state the firestation that was burned was in LA.

No. 562442

Obviously there's extremes coming from all sides but those people definitely aren't proud boys, one guy literally has his pants fall down and you can clearly see he's black.

No. 562443

Godspeed anon

No. 562444

>this account isn't actually anonymous

what a moron. anyone can be anonymous, that's the fucking point of it. and i am a person who has actually taken part in some "official" anonymous activism years ago.

No. 562445

No. 562446

File: 1590976267553.webm (2.65 MB, 640x360, 1590973739710.webm)

This shit needs Curb Your Enthusiasm music when it pans over the cops.

No. 562447

No. 562448

At least one of these is black and there is no proof those are proud boys or even legitimate protestors.

No. 562449

They are clearly white people using blackface to make the protestors look bad.

No. 562450

Why are you defending these people?

No. 562451

It's fucking amazing watching the narrative change in real time. In 48 hours I've seen:
>Don't call it a riot, that has a bad connotation
>It is a riot and that's a good thing, people are justifiably angry and the riots are justified
>Actually the rioters aren't starting the violence, cops are starting it
>Actually the rioters aren't violent at all, it's out of state white supremacists causing all the violence

No. 562452

Slightly OT but I find it funny that Proud Boys is a white supremacist group, considering that their name comes from a scraped song from the production of Disney’s Aladdin….which is a film that exclusively has Arabs and takes place in the Middle East. Lol

No. 562455

There have literally been out of town white supremacists being seen & arrested for doing this shit you dolt. All of the "narratives" you posted are true anyway. Here protests have been peaceful until cops start being violent

No. 562456

I'm not defending them retard, I'm asking you to prove these are proud boys or protestors.

No. 562458

Nobody is defending anyone, the proud boys are pieces of shit but so are these people in the video. We can't ignore some defenseless lady getting beat down by some psychopath kids and then claim that they're proud boys with no basis.

No. 562461

File: 1590976880950.jpg (550.26 KB, 1080x1495, Screenshot_20200531-185906_Ins…)

Accurate, there's people on Twitter tinfoiling about cars being set up for them to burn as bait, while they have excused any damages as rightful anger. So which is it? I don't see anyone actually fact checking things either and people are spreading so many rumors 24/7. I hate twitter.

I'm going to see if I can go to a protest tomorrow but the lack of leadership just makes me feel like nothing is going to change. Cops are just going to escalate and don't give a fuck about running people over.

No. 562464

God the modern left is such a joke.

No. 562466

There's no obvious evidence the rioters are proud boys. please show me

Maybe there are Proud Boys in NC but the video >>562425 is of people in Rochester


No. 562467

based anonymous-sama
trannies love comparing themselves to black people but "terf" on twitter is more important than actual hate crimes in the streets

No. 562470

I've been going to the protest regularly and they are all sorts of chaos, we had thousands of protestors and half weren't even linked to the original organizers. Those people started marching before the organizers had their people speak because they are not equipped to speak to so many people.

However, the police have been tear gassing and shooting rubber bullets at peaceful protestors for no reason in my city. That I am 100% sure about. I don't know if it's because some other group (antifa, white supremacists, opportunistic losers, etc, idk) is doing something else where, but the group I march with keeps our people in check as much as we can.

No. 562473

Jesus, that was literally a terrorist attack about to happen. What that guy drunk? There was another video showing that he was about to run them over, that video is biased

No. 562474

They look mostly black to me, though theres a couple of white dudes standing around too.

No. 562475

This thread was a mistake, the truck driver tried to plow into the protesters. There's video of it everywhere.

No. 562476


Nice try with the fake news scum

No. 562478

Thank you, I was confused for a sec

No. 562480

File: 1590977641377.jpg (117.08 KB, 960x720, EZUK0X0UcAAcNpG.jpg)

Yeah I'm sure the proud boys are ONLY in north carolina. They're all over, just not all of them have a literal tattoo declaring themselves as such.

Theyre in portland, im sure other places too i'm not going to research it for you

No. 562482


I'm laughing at the dramatic music in the background but what is that truck even carrying?

No. 562484

some type of flmmable toxic liquid.

The road was closed for a few hours to allow the peaceful protestors to be there.

…Then police came and maced the people that went after the truck driver after he stopped.

No. 562485

>I can't prove it so I'm not going to prove it
Dude, nobody is denying there could be proudboys but you keep failing to prove the footage of the shop owner getting beatup are proud boys. Just because they exist in whatever fucking state doesn't mean you've proved it in the video. Secondly it says it took place in Batton Rouge,what is the criteria you're using to establish people as with supremacists anyway?

No. 562490

Not sure how to embed but this is another video of "Proud Boys" assaulting someone


No. 562491

It was already posted but now that I checked, the video got deleted…

No. 562495

I never claimed that it was proud boys in the original video posted. You're replying to the wrong person you fucking idiot.

No. 562499

Live news helicopter coverage in Louisville


make sure to mute the sound so your ears don't explode

will post more live coverage in other cities shortly

No. 562500


Here are white supremacists breaking a Muslim's man cellphone store(racebait)

No. 562504

Live news coverage in Chicago


No. 562506

This is the man who ran at people with an actual sword? Who is this fucking anon.

No. 562507

No. 562509

No. 562513


Black man stopping a white man from vandalizing a store

No. 562516

Yea, the YT video had better quality but the guy was obviously trying to get a lick in and shank someone

No. 562520

this is bait, I know what you are doing, fuck off

No. 562522

I see what you did there anon, kek.

No. 562524

This thread is being overrun by fuck knows who. Just shut it down at this point, there's no saving it.

No. 562525

nvm i got it. y'all can't behave even without discussing politics

No. 562527

Then leave. Some anons are actually reporting things and posting footage.

No. 562528

Cops here just tossed tear gas into a crowd of people sitting on the ground doing nothing on the news they say they were throwing glass bottles at them and I saw with my own eyes that did NOT happen they are sitting with their hands in the air

No. 562529

do you need to racebait as well?

No. 562530

Yeah, very unbiased and true investigative journalism anon.

No. 562531

No. We need somewhere we can try to get the rumors straight. Sure there’s some dumb fucks in here but we are better at weeding them out.

No. 562532

Literally people just posting video…

No. 562534

Oh wait, I get it. The video shows things you don't want to see so it's got to go.

No. 562535

I haven't racebaited at all idiot, I'm saying you can leave and just easily ignore it, unless you enjoy taking the bait.

No. 562536

And people are saying on twitter that the national guard is on the way here with authorization to fire live rounds, but I have no idea if it's true. I'm still recording everything

No. 562539

The cops also accidentally abandoned a van full of rifles and it almost got overtaken by protestors

No. 562540

Thank you anon. Thank you. Keep using this thread, keep posting the videos anywhere you can. The best we can do right now is document. I hope for your safety

No. 562543

report and move on guys

No. 562544

I am safe in my apartment my balcony overlooks everything

No. 562545

Lost my head, will do anon.

No. 562546

How do cops "accidentally" abandon a van full of rifles??

This shit is fucking sus and they might be banking on agitators taking it so they have cause to go ham on EVERYONE

No. 562548

ABC coverage in Minneapolis

No. 562549

Where's all those videos you took?

No. 562550

File: 1590980109569.png (166.26 KB, 1202x836, Screen Shot 2020-05-31 at 10.5…)

Because they have poor training and are fucking idiots who could never get any other job that requires their brain to function at above 5%

No. 562551

Still recording on my phone I don't want to stop in case I miss something and going to upload everything when everything winds down

No. 562552

>the ok hand signal is a white power sign
>all scuba divers are white nationalists

No. 562554

keep doing what you are doing anon, just don't lose the footage!

No. 562555

File: 1590980409756.jpg (42.99 KB, 500x667, 96cc7c53e6858f4db5e499a4f85800…)

A lot of those protests from what I’ve seen aside from the violence kinda looked like people were more happy to be out of the house rather than to truly fight for a cause.

I saw people promoting music at the protest hanging out until someone was actually shot.

No. 562559

No. 562561

You can’t be fucking serious lmao. Please tell me this is bait and you’re not actually this dumb.

No. 562562

Was at the protest yesterday, it's crazy what these cops are doing, they let the whites get away with looting/smashing windows, I didn't see one poc doing any of that shit only crazed whites.

No. 562567

Just say black, we know these cops don't treat Asians and Indians the same way

No. 562570

Everyone, please, report and sage all racebait and derailing and don't respond. Don't let this thread get locked we got some anons coming in later to give us live local fottage milk

No. 562573

The riots were clearly instigated by a group of people and exacerbated by everyone else, people who go to riots are displaying how stupid they are

I also believe riots were a way to make more covid cases as well as people dying in forms of population control

There's clearly a group behind everything whether it be liberals, Republicans, the media, etc and God knows what their motives are

No. 562575

Methinks anon was joking

No. 562576

File: 1590981348114.png (1.5 MB, 1136x1346, lmfao.png)

Why do all the people saying this shit look like that

No. 562577

They don't treat them the same way as blacks but they still get attacked by officers.

Remember that this is not only about race, it's about the corrupt system in place that is not only trying to put people against each other but also to protect the interest of big coglomerates and politicans.

Race is a glarring problem but people need to realize that when you protest you are protesting for your well being as well as minorities. White Americans die at the hands of the police all the time. Why do they not speak of the injustice? The difference is that many of them think that "it won't happen to me" or "that person whas a redneck/white trash" or some of them tolerate it becuase they believe they can cope because "at least blacks/minorites" have it worse.

Wake up America

No. 562579

Protesting only matters if it gets laws passed.

No. 562580

File: 1590981785164.jpg (287.23 KB, 1600x1069, large_55287-1498924184.jpg)

Correct, and history shows that it worked before. Maybe we need to try it again and keep going. People have nothing to lose.

No. 562581


Also hasan's tream is good content material atm with live coverage on twitter if you all are bored.


No. 562585

Yeah but people need to stop defending looting and rioting under the guise of protesting, and it's not just blacks or whites, anyone is capable of looting. Excusing this behavior is only going to add fuel to the fire, and this is something bigger than just George Floyd's murder.
I'm going to go to a protest with a friend tomorrow. I'll bring my recorder but I don't want to upload on twitter or normie sites.

No. 562586

I haven't seen people defend looting ITT. Also, will you upload your footage here?

No. 562590

There's a protest tomorrow at 7 pm on my city and I would like to go and show you guys but I live 20 minutes away from the city. I will most definitely get fined the 399 dollars for just being in my car.

No. 562593

Samefag, but I'll be going to the 12 pm protests and help give out food/water. I'll definitely post pictures then.

No. 562596

godspeed, nonny

No. 562597

Shots fired here and a man was shot in the back while his hands were up with a rubber bullet and then tackled into a cloud of tear gas

No. 562598

Which one of you fucks thinks calling someone ugly is racebaiting and reported me lmfao

No. 562599

did you really get banned for that post? kek

No. 562601

File: 1590983188514.jpg (32.03 KB, 512x512, 52iYuBb2.jpg)

yes fucking lol

No. 562603

All of you going to protests deserve Corona.

No. 562604

>Gets posted in the “Men you’re ashamed to say you would fuck” thread a few months later

No. 562605

Fucking lmao

No. 562606

just checked his twitter and the tweet is taken out of context
he's making fun of ppl whining about lootings
don't desecrate the poor dude's name

No. 562608

Maybe I'll even die from corona. Bless

No. 562609

Im not allowed to call a dude out for being ugly as fuck?(ban evading)

No. 562610

nah, learn how to read. i'm saying that you took his tweet the wrong way(ban evading)

No. 562614

of course i get banned when i'm making a good point smh. i'll go back to being an asshole(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 562617

Why do you keep posting his mug and shitting up the thread? Take your ban and fuck off.

No. 562621

File: 1590984409341.jpg (205.34 KB, 1900x746, EZXB_DpUMAY7AT1.jpg large.jpg)

No. 562622

File: 1590984409874.png (947.18 KB, 1012x1016, 3.png)

They tried to silence him because he spoke the truth.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 562624

You sure you don't have a little something for him, too?

No. 562627

Based white dude.

No. 562628

Good to know the twitterfags are invading this thread with misinfo. Based anon.

No. 562629

File: 1590984923988.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 447.87 KB, 1242x888, 58CCC73E-216C-468E-8114-B6CBA9…)

No. 562631

Stay safe anon!

No. 562633

File: 1590985158556.jpg (49.11 KB, 540x960, 102323749_725442471541619_7372…)

i was watching livestreams of the peaceful protests and it's crazy how eager police are being to pepper spray peaceful protesters. not rioter, looters, or agitators. peaceful protesters. some states are going into martial law in their big cities

No. 562635

File: 1590985260507.jpeg (81.15 KB, 900x850, EZJToKaUcAEpBWh.jpeg)

What's insidious to me is that these same people (or their supporters) will go to 4chan, Twitter, FB, etc and screech "These THUGS are destroying their own communities! What about the small businesses?!".
They know what they're doing, and I can only hope they get swift punishment.
Also, it's probably already been posted, but it's been shown that at least one cop was starting fires and looting to frame protestors.


No. 562636

File: 1590985283095.png (393.03 KB, 517x345, z0mc.png)

>misinterprets a tweet
>gets called out on it
>keeps digging herself in deeper by spamming

No. 562637

I’ll be waiting anon, kek

No. 562639

We've been over this, there's no proof those are oldboys, watch the footage yourself.
Also first dude might be uncover but how do we really know it isn't just some anti-fa or some other hired person? That photo comparing the random arsonist to the cop on the left isn't proof enough. Looks like the literal average white dude. I hate twitter so much lmao
I agree with everything else tho

No. 562641

File: 1590985514156.jpg (14.44 KB, 155x116, Pic.jpg)

dude looks retarded

No. 562643

His ex-wife exposed him, and the eyes, browbone and what little you can see of the facial structure are pretty damningly similar. Not all or even most white men look like that, IMO.
I'll wait for the counterevidence for him being antifa or some other hired person before putting that theory on the same level.

No. 562645

Panties anon here, I’m not that other Anon.

No. 562647

Yeah I saw a post saying his ex wife exposed him and random text messages that didn't indicate shit. Where is the proof? You really believing random stuff on twitter anon? Yeah the eyes are similar but a bunch of white people look very similar.

No. 562648

Where is your proof? Can you identify the man in the video for us, or offer an alibi for the cop?
Do you have anything to indicate this is faked at all, or just "what ifs" and "It was on Twitter, don't believe it"? Can you at least show proof that the text messages were faked? Anything at all?

No. 562650

Did you see the original twitter post? The caps looked really suspicious. You can't even see his hairline or nose, you can't give a positive ID on someone based on their eyes alone. The burden of proof is on the OP, it isn't up to me to prove it isn't not faked lol
Can you even prove that his ex wife did actually out him, with proof?

No. 562653

So, no proof, just that you personally can't tell and don't think they look alike? You're actually less credible than the Twitter post at this point. At least it shows the two faces side by side for comparison (and yeah, they're similar), and gives reason to believe using text messages (which you still haven't given any criteria for being falsified, though text messages and DMs are the easiest thing to expose as fake these days).
It wouldn't even be the first time police officers have false-flagged, framed people or acted as provokers, but I digress.
I'm not telling you anything and didn't reply to you, I'm simply sharing what I've read/seen, so the burden is on you as someone who wants to call it out. Do so with ample backiing, or just let it be until we have the full story.

No. 562655

The proud boys don't incite violence, if they're ever violent it's in retaliation to antifa.

No. 562656

That's because they aren't a white supremacist group. They have chapters across the world made up of people of all races.

No. 562658

Peak comedy is repeating the same joke over and over again.

No. 562659

So a random twitter saying "this is this dudes wife" with no context is proof? You're definitely not credible if you believe you can ID a person off eyes alone, which arguably don't match. The cop has hollow eye sockets and a bigger eye shape than the right.

No. 562661

>The Proud Boys is a far-right neo-fascist[9][10][11] organization that admits only men as members and promotes political violence.[2][12][13][14]
>The group sees men—especially white men—and Western culture as under siege; their views have elements of white genocide conspiracy theory.[21][22][23] While the group claims it does not support white supremacist views, its members often participate in racist rallies, events, and organizations.[24] >The organization glorifies violence, and members engage in violence at events it attends; the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has called it an "alt-right fight club".

No. 562662

please tell me youre joking lol

No. 562665

Still waiting for some actual counterevidence, anon. Without it, your claims are less credible than the OP's.
Hell, if it's a lie, at least we have the OP's name and face to ream him. He'll be remembered as a fake news peddler, and has something to lose. I can't really say the same for you, but I'll still wait for proof, if you have any. Otherwise, this is just your own speculation, and I don't know why you seem to want to convince me of it.

No. 562666

No. 562667

>He'll be remembered as a fake news peddler, and has something to lose.
This happens on twitter everyday and nobody cares enough to correct it.

No. 562668

File: 1590987784547.jpg (1.55 MB, 1080x1440, Manbaby.jpg)

Ntayrt, I don't want to dox myself by posting pictures, but I attended a women's march here in NC and a known proud boy leader brought anti-women signs and tried provoking people into fighting by joining the ranks. Most people ignored the bait, however some white looking dude came up to them and tried to tussle and swipe their signs. He scurried away after protest organizers tried to get him, the proud boy leader and his mate carried on amongst the crowd.

Looking back, was this a false flag attempt? Was the guy starting a random fight with the proud boys, after everyone successfully ignored them, actually a proud boy too but just posing as a marcher? Did they expect a snowball effect from one person initiating confrontation?
No one knew the guy and he left without a trace. Come to think, the altercation didn't get all too violent as one might expect. Regardless, I wouldn't put it above that hate group to pay someone to stir shit. They don't care about the dishonesty, they just believe whatever it takes to put the blacks and the females back in their place is for the greater good.

Not involved with any of the previous conversation btw. I was just passing through and reading about proud boys again made me want to state what I personally witnessed. I would not be surprised if they are heavily involved in the violence.

No. 562669

There's enough attention on this issue that if it's fake, we'll know soon, and the original poster will either apologize or delete his shit.

No. 562670

I don't think that's the OP, looks like a repost.

No. 562672

Maybe it's possible. I know BLM probably organize behind the scenes and do as much shady shit as people on the other side. I don't know what's real anymore, but I know everyone that's died is definitely real.

No. 562673

>Looking back, was this a false flag attempt? Was the guy starting a random fight with the proud boys, after everyone successfully ignored them, actually a proud boy too but just posing as a marcher? Did they expect a snowball effect from one person initiating confrontation?
Most likely. That's their whole tactic. Make something happen so they can "retaliate". Despite their focus on being "strong" males fighting the good fight for "western values", playing victim is their favorite thing to do. They also love violence, so I can definitely believe they're inserting themselves in what's going on right now wherever they can.

No. 562674


>I don't know what's real anymore, but I know everyone that's died is definitely real.

Anon there's something about what you wrote that hits so hard but it's so true. We can't bring them back from the grave.

No. 562677

File: 1590988688434.png (256.1 KB, 400x400, 6yu.png)

No. 562679

Should we really be tinfoiling ITT?

No. 562681

File: 1590988956785.jpg (122.59 KB, 720x448, 1590984321461.jpg)

Allegedly, he wrote "Fallout Equestria". No words.

No. 562682

File: 1590989200410.jpg (101.04 KB, 640x772, 0zg2lgbpiq151.jpg)

are memes allowed

No. 562688

File: 1590990420391.jpeg (476.75 KB, 988x1259, 56ED9F65-73A3-466B-A519-153C33…)

May he and Anon rest in peace.

No. 562692

Well, this thread went to shit rather quickly with the spam and the racebait

No. 562695

Is this true? I've seen these tweets but no media outlets confirming this story.

No. 562696

>mfw most of the bullshit is done by men, not only the looting/violence but the self righteousness and stupid political decisions
>and the news constantly talks about black MEN instead of oh, I dunno, black people?? deserving racial justice…

Can women just rule already? I'm tired.

No. 562697

Saw a post of someone trying to make it about male violence on twitter and they got called a TERF, lmao.

No. 562699

Only in America would someone be cancelled for telling people not to loot and riot. And even this guy was actually comparing it to m-muh stealing of the land from the natives. Your country can burn to the ground for all I care. Self-flagellating woke white Americans are even worse than the patriotic rednecks.

No. 562705

But seriously…why can't we all just get along?

No. 562706

File: 1590993764612.jpeg (336.62 KB, 1536x2048, EZTczXxXsAQXaur.jpeg)

The police officer who pepper sprayed a 6 year old girl, and refused to give his badge number, has been identified. He works for the Seattle Police Department.
Can't wait to hear from contrarians that the child was "threatening" him and she should've "stopped resisting arrest".
Before anyone starts insisting it's fake, never happened and that cops are innocent, here's the video, edited to hide the girl and her father's faces: https://twitter.com/vonkayvon/status/1266981757263310850

No. 562710

I agree, I live in this country and it's so cringe.

But what's up with protests in Toronto, London, and Berlin? I saw they were looting shops in Toronto and fighting with police in London.

BLM is a issue we Americans have to answer for but why are foreign countries cargo culting us?

No. 562711

Im from a town that is basically Mexico 2.0 and there’s people posting about wanting to cause riots? Everyone here is either hispanic or some mix of south american so to see a bunch of cholos post on fb about how they’re gonna be looting the already depleted downtown area here is just fucking stupid. It also sucks knowing that most hispanics here hate black people and are using this as an excuse to stir shit up in this bumfuck town.

No. 562712

OP is honestly dumb lol

>police man in Seattle works for the Seattle police department
Good info, anon lol
Anyways, I heard this family was just walking home from protesting when this happened, that's horrible.

One thing I noticed is a lot of people are trying to be divisive about the whole situation, at first they're chanting along with "no justice, no peace" but now they're backpedaling and trying to stress the fact someone who's been detained or attacked by law enforcement was peacefully protesting. Law enforcement seriously doesn't care, if you're against them, that's all the ammo they need. I, personally, am all for the protests, rioting, and looting. Government property should be priority, but by all means go for businesses, many of them are insured and they are covered.
Also I'm not understanding why people are trying to point out how a lot of people out there protesting are white. This is still America, the percentage of white people in America is larger than other races. I don't care if your only bad interaction with law enforcement was them stopping a dinky little house party you attended. If that alone makes you feel like they have too much power, fight for what you think is right. It's us versus them and there's way more of us.

No. 562713

File: 1590995109492.png (Spoiler Image, 1.71 MB, 898x1406, 7892s.png)

Spoilered for blood. Just…The amount of violence the police are using on children, women, elderly people and civilians in general has me questioning who are really the "thugs" here. Everyone is talking about small businesses being affected, but conveniently pretending they don't see this happening.
Here's an officer violently shoving down another young woman for not getting off the street fast enough: https://twitter.com/JasonLemon/status/1266529475757510656
Here's footage from her phone, corroborating that she didn't attack him: https://twitter.com/IAM_doxday/status/1266624464051044354
Here's her, talking about the incident. She ended up in hospital: https://twitter.com/zayer_dounya/status/1266560300137889792
There's so many videos and testimonies of this kind of shit. "Protect and serve" who?

No. 562715

Canada and UK also have a prominent black population, so maybe they have police brutality issues there? (Probably not as bad the U.S but still). I’m not from any of those counties so I wouldn’t know.

No. 562718

Did they really loot the Lincoln zoo? Why would anyone think that's a good idea.

No. 562719

canada definitely doesn't.

No. 562722

Cop grabs protestor's mask from his face to spray him

Guy getting dragged away and arrested while walking to his car after stating "no justice, no peace". Another cop shortly afterwards tells the person recording "you're next".

American police have no legal obligation to protect a citizen, their only job is to protect and serve the law, by whatever means they believe upholds it. Power hungry cops are having a blast right now and we allowed to be angry about this

No. 562724

in London yes, anywhere else not really.

No. 562725

Canada has its own cases, they're just not publicized as much. I read about Dafonte Miller and Regis Korchinski-Paquet recently. This has an overview of their stories, and links to news articles:

No. 562726

My city just had a peaceful protest where we marched for two hours without any intervention from police. There were a few instances of people trying to vandalize the police station but the organizers kept shutting that down because they didn't want to give the cops a reason. Of course once the peaceful protestors disperse about 20 teenagers show up and start vandalizing.

No one will hear about it though because no one gives a shit about my state.

No. 562727

Honestly I'm happy to hear it, I'm glad to see that some states literally have police marching with them. It gives a lot of people hope.

No. 562731

Honestly it was really surprising as I went in expecting the worst. Just a few years ago my city's PD made national headlines for a brutality incident and that's super hard to do for this state. The march wasn't tiny either, a few thousand showed up.

No. 562732

I notice a lot of clips are of white people being shoved over by police, white people blinded in one eye or gassed. I wonder if people have fallen for the implied "immunity" of whiteness and think they won't get hurt. I've also seen people suggest white people should use themselves as human shields. Clearly it's cops vs citizens and they don't care what you look like, it's just a war game irl for the cops and they're having the time of their lives.

No. 562734

UK does not have a prominent poc population, outside of London it's mostly white people as far as the eye can see.

No. 562735

The girl being shoved in that clip is biracial, though. I don't deny that this is basically a free-for-all for power-tripping cops, but police biases toward some races over others still remain in a lot of cases.
The main thing that solidified that for me is when a black CNN reporter got arrested on camera, while they left his white colleague alone. Both were polite, compliant and asked where they were supposed to go, but only one was handcuffed and told he was under arrest.

No. 562736

Wtf are you talking about anon?

No. 562739

Thanks for the info. Will check it out

No. 562743

Rioters are literally burning buildings down, robbing small businesses and shooting at people. They deserve all the police brutality coming their way at this point. Don't care what race they are, these goddamn savages can be curb stomped for endangering multiple innocent lives for their personal kicks, especially with a fucking pandemic going around right now.

No. 562744

What? The North West has a massive British Asian population.

No. 562747

I've seen videos of:
>old white man bowled over (and then they went over to pick him up again)
>White female photographer permanently blinded by police fire
>white male press thrown to the ground by police and gassed
>that photo of a crying white girl who got shot
>another white guy with blood pouring out of his eye who apparently was blinded by being shot

They definitely have a racial bias (kinda the whole point of the protest) but I think white people do strut off to protests genuinely believing they are special and will be spared. How about the video of police just mowing down protestors, don't think they bothered to check the races first. Or the video of them paintbombing people standing in their own porch, that was from a distance and the person you see for a second in the clip was light skinned or white iirc.

To be clear, I'm not trying to make a veiled point about muh no police brutality against poc, that's clearly the case, more that white people are dumbasses who believe their economic privilege also applies when attending a cop shoot-em-up.

t. white person

No. 562748

The police are the actual rioters and thugs. They're shooting, tear-gassing and attacking peaceful protestors and people who are just walking down the street, or even just standing on their own fucking porches. Not even children are exempt from their violence, but you want to talk about the poor buildings? Nope, sorry. They aren't even savages, they're less than animals for this.

No. 562751

>This is what Twitter does to your brain
The "protesters" could be sacrificing goats and babies to the sun god and people would still go "i-it's the police!!!! acab!!!!!"

No. 562754

Twitter? You mean countless examples of police attacking innocent people? Of six year olds being pepper-sprayed, cops ripping people's masks off to attack them, bystanders getting shot?
But yeah, sure, it's those damn "rioters" and "looters" that are the problem. Boys in blue can do no wrong. I just want to ask, who right now is being protected? Who is being served? Because I don't think anyone can say right now that the cops are making them feel safe.

No. 562756

NTA but I could say the same to you in reverse. There is countless video evidence of police instigating fights and attacking peaceful protesters, old people, children even(not rioters).

No. 562759

No. 562761

Can you at least describe what's going on in those links, or post screencaps? This is an imageboard. The first two are about buildings, so I guess on good word, you think buildings are more important than human lives.
The third one isn't a protestor, but the far-right brony who ran in on people with a sword, inciting violence.
Yeah, sorry, police officers attacking innocent, peaceful people just because kind of beats this on the scale of animalistic behavior.

No. 562764

Oh no, the poor cars, businesses, and office buildings! Think about the buildings! Also the shooting video, you literally can't see who has a gun. Are they shooting at the cops or protestors?

No. 562767

File: 1591002726357.png (250.78 KB, 680x383, EZaGpNpUcAAFUvF.png)

I know there are protests worldwide responding to this, but I wanted to ask what are the international/non-American anon's thoughts on what is currently going down in the U.S. ?

Picture is the White House, home of the United States president, today. It is being reporting that Trump has been taken to an underground bunker.

No. 562772


Britbong here. I think it's fair to say that if it was Obama in office he wouldn't be able to do much about the rioting in general right now but they wouldn't be literally trying to burn the Whitehouse down.

Trump is probably dying to act like Duterte but he can't. Like everyone always says, twitter isn't real life.

No. 562773

It's shameful to be honest. Your elected officials are worthless and do nothing more than instigate outrage on Twitter. Cities are on fire and politicans are being intentionally derisive and playing party politics instead of trying to unite the country. This is way too much damage and injury for one cop. Why protect him?

No. 562774

>Protests worldwide
Literally where? Nobody outside of America or maybe the UK gives a shit about this. The only protests I've seen in Europe this spring have been small nutjob groups protesting against 5G towers or something and they weren't rioting and looting. Everyone else is too busy worrying over 'rona messing up our economy even worse than it already was.

As an eastern eurofag outside of the Anglosphere I couldn't care less and this is the feeling a lot of people around me share, I just browse the thread to marvel at the stupidity. You constantly get riots like this and expect everyone around the world to have candlelight vigils for the poor dindus and antifa plants like we didn't have our own shit to take care of. Maybe during the ferguson protests we had some sympathy but when it happens literally all the time it gets old real fast, especially with self-centered Americans pressuring every other continent to ~share the message~ despite never giving a second thought to atrocities happening all over the world. These are just thieves ruining their own country because someone with an already existing criminal record was paying with a forged bill and got a heart attack while being manhandled by the police. Sorry Texan cops can't arrest people without killing them but it's none of our business, maybe if everyone wasn't carrying pocketfuls or guns on them they wouldn't be on the edge or filled with murderous intent.

No. 562776

>Literally where? Nobody outside of America or maybe the UK gives a shit about this.

A quick google search shows you that there are huge protests in response to what's happening in the US. There was a huge protest in Denmark, several in Germany and one smaller one in Japan. Many other countries have online protests because of the virus but this is very much an issue that concerns the whole world.

No. 562778


Ausfag here. Everyone I know is sharing #BLM posts on Instagram and if you don't you're a stinky racist. Like we have our own problems to deal with; our police force isn't the best but they're not a military gang either, and it's kind of insulting to try and raise awareness for the racism that Indigenous Australians face and then to get drowned out by fuckwits yelling about something that doesn't even affect us.

I agree with >>562774, none of you gave a shit about the bad things happening to the rest of us, but the U.S is so self-centred and self-important that it expects the whole world to stop and look.

But I gotta admit, it's been a long time coming. Your country is a joke, your leadership, your constitution, the American state of mind, all of it. It's all a joke and I think it needs a fresh start.

No. 562779

A lot of Brits outside of Twitter think the solidarity protests in London/other major cities are dumb. We have a racism problem, sure but it's nothing like the issue America has. I think that goes for a lot of countries that have held protests. It's a sad situation but it doesn't concern us in such a dramatic way.

Additionally, I think the protests should really be about police brutality in general.

No. 562780

The Japanese protest wasn't for the US lmao, it was because a Japanese police manhandled a Kurdish person. And a protest in Denmark and Germany counts as a worldwide trend, good god Americans are delirious about their status as the world capital.

No. 562781

okay my bad but the danish, german and online protests still count since it's no longer solely protests in the US. Also I'm not from burgerland so you can stop your I hate america sperging.

No. 562783

These online protests don't really mean anything beyond supporting what American's are doing or making yourself look like a better person though.

My friends have also shared a lot of BLM stuff but the reality is, we aren't in America and all of this makes no difference to what is happening.

No. 562784

Christ anon you really had to bring them into the conversation. Obviously our country is shit but all you're going to get is 20 international anons parroting the same shit.

I really wish Americans didn't try to push our politics onto other countries because the resulting shit is all the same hot takes, whether that be the racebait anons or woke twitterfags. Let us burn in peace for fucks sake.

No. 562785

People in my country(Pakistan) are making fun of the guy and calling him a sissy, others don't know and don't care

No. 562786

Lmao anon, at this rate, you're going to get your wish. To be honest though, I'm morbidly fascinated by the US. Nothing ever happens here so our local media is drowned out by wild American shit. It's like watching reality TV. Guess that's what happens when you elect a former reality TV star as president.

No. 562787

go dilate twitterfag

No. 562789

Just clarifying that he got asphyxiated for 9 minutes while already being hand-cuffed and laid down on the floor. He didn't "just have a heart attack". But overall, I'm agreeing with your post. Eurofag here.

No. 562790

We're literally a South Park episode with Donald Trump huddling up in his bunker. I don't see this ending anytime soon like some other anons are talking about.

Someone's gotta take one for the team and just hit that nuke button.

No. 562791

The protests in Japan are very similar though, against the law enforcement.

There's definitely something broken in the system.

No. 562792

File: 1591005382266.png (1.9 MB, 2532x1440, Screenshot_20200601-035238~2.p…)


Side note, but Infowar and BLM sides are arguing over which one of them torched this homeless man's belongings.

I'm 90% sure the mattress was an attempt to put out the fire (or am I a retard) at the same time the homeless man is yelling at the camera man, blaming him.

Any thoughts?

No. 562793

>I don't see this ending anytime soon

I don't think they will last long purely because no one is making demands and no one seems to know what they're protesting for beyond being angry. I have not seen any actual demands from protesters other than I suppose stopping police brutality and disagreeing with what happened (which is right) so… what do they actually expect Trump or anyone in power to do?

No. 562795

NTA but the BLM folks have said repeatedly that they want the other three cops to be arrested and for the main dude to be charged with 1st degree murder instead of 3rd.

No. 562796

Stupid weeb.

Nuke the USA

No. 562799

With police response to the peaceful protesters, the different groups alt left and right groups duking it out, and actual awareness of Donald Trump's (and many others) allegations there's no way this is going to just suddenly disappear.

Donald Trump is the only Republican guaranteed to get votes. If it doesn't get worse over the summer it's going to be hell during the fall, especially when Trump gets elected again.

This is so much bigger than George Floyd at this point. Tinfoil but I don't know what else to think.

No. 562814

National guard was called in here. Peaceful protesters have been sprayed with tear gas every single protest day thus far. Snipers on the roof even before the national guard came. There was some incident of a man unrelated to the protests going around and stabbing people, and multiple protestors took him down when they saw what he was doing. Video footage was shot showing the man stabbing others, before the protestors get him, but the context of the stabbing was removed and the video was spread with only the protestors kicking the man by local Karen's as propaganda against the protestors, claiming the stabby guy was a "poor businessman". I can't with this shit.

No. 562818

Americans taken the north from north Korea
I hope they're trolling but I've seen many say "don't run your mouth and you won't be hit" or whatever
I struggle to understand why people jump to justify police slapping people around like the public are their babies.
If someone can explain please do.

No. 562819

1st degree murder is planned in advance so that's a dumb request

No. 562820

My opinion is against the rules.

No. 562824

Yeah, premeditation didn't happen.
2nd degree means the intention to murder. As much as I hate the police and think they are wrong here, I don't thing that's the case either.
Manslaughter, (called 3rd degree murder in MN), is unintentional murder and that is true all day.

No. 562833

What is happening in DC?

No. 562837

Samefag but just twitter being very dramatic as usual it seems.

No. 562838

>I don't thing that's the case either.
I'm not sure about that. He really forced his knee in there, even though Floyd wasn't resisting.

No. 562840

I'd say after about 4 minutes of you digging your knee into someone's neck you've decided whether or not you're going to kill them. 9 minutes is more than just an accident.

No. 562844

I wish Breonna Taylor would get more attention but I understand her family doesn’t want people to riot over her death. I find hers to be horrifying, she was literally murdered in her own home by policeman who broke in during the middle of the night, without uniforms on. Her boyfriend had a gun permit and shot back at them thinking they were home invaders and they arrested him.

No. 562846

File: 1591013935506.jpeg (188.06 KB, 653x580, 438528EB-37CD-448A-BE22-31EED5…)

Dallas Police created an application that allows video submissions to narc on protestors. App was downloaded by kpop stan Twitter and they flooded it with fancams. App is now down.

ngl this amused me. kpop stans sometimes do good.


No. 562852

omg this is hilarious

No. 562855

you know what they can have /kpg/ back

No. 562856

File: 1591016014478.png (78.09 KB, 652x920, Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 8.52…)

As a Non-American, I love this. This is why I love America. You crazy motherfuckers truely believe in freedom and stand up for what you believe in. My country would never riot like this. We just take everything the police and government do to us. The police could round up 100 children and shoot them each in the head and no one would do anything. I'm not even exaggerating.

I hope you guys keep LOOTING EVERYTHING like Louis and nike. Take everything back. But please stop nearly beating other humans to death. That's really not good.

Also, kek at NIKE virtue signalling to black lives matter with this advert and they get looted and trashed. Thats what you get for shameless capitalism.

No. 562858

Right but that's your opinion. The law probably states something very specific that doesn't apply in the situation. It's shitty but that's the reality.

I'm also assuming this will be going to court so they can raise the charge if they find it appropriate?

No. 562862

The same thing happened to Aiyana Jones. 7 year old girl, shot in her own home, asleep on her couch. Posed no threat to anyone. No one rioted over her. It's depressing.
One of the things that baffled me about the early protests is that they focused on the cases where there was even room to debate whether it was the victim's fault. There are many cases like Aiyana's, or Sandra Bland, the man who went out in public in cosplay with a plastic sword, and was shot multiple times in the back by police officers, or the man who was told to put his gun away by police, did so and then was shot for "grabbing his gun", but instead, all the attention went to cases like Mike Brown's.
The entire point of the protest was basically derailed because people tried to argue that it was Brown's fault for resisting arrest, pulled up his criminal record, etc. It was a shitshow, and made room for the "dindu nuffin" meme.
I'm glad they didn't make the same mistake in 2020, as George Floyd was definitely not fighting with the police or resisting arrest, but the fact that people seem to pick and choose who is the last straw (and that men's lives seem to be valued more than women and children's) is baffling to me.

No. 562863

Doesn't Nike basically function off slave labor in other countries? Their shit should get burned down.

No. 562868

I think George Floyd was the last straw because people are jobless, angry, broke and fed up with everything. People are also realising the media is completely fake. There is no respect for any news stations out there on the front line. This generation does not believe in traditional media anymore. It's only going to get worse when NO new corona cases are reported from all these riots. People are really going to be pissed when they realise it was a fucking hoax, played up by the media. Something a lot of us have known since the start.

No. 562870

>It's only going to get worse when NO new corona cases are reported from all these riots. People are really going to be pissed when they realise it was a fucking hoax, played up by the media. Something a lot of us have known since the start.

Oh god anon, you really think anyone can take proper tests during these riots, the number of corona cases in this region probably shot up 50% cause of these morons

No. 562871

As a non-american we would never riot like that because we're fucking humans and not animals. Like 99% of the "protesters" are there just to rob establishments to feed their hedonism and break shit and people are cheering them on because they're retards and think behavior like this will fucking change anything instead of actually doing something. It's not the fucking 1700s anymore, you can't line up the royals for the guillotine and suddenly be free of oppression. Absolute cringe

No. 562874

What's the deal with capitalism being mentioned so much when it comes to these protests?

No. 562875

Christ shut up, As if you idiots don't riot over fucking sports every year.

What the fuck are you talking about 99% of protestors when you're not even an American retard? Aren't you guys soooo tired of our politics? Stay out of shit you don't even understand.

No. 562877

if you're going to make boards that affect ppl globally, ppl around the world are gonna talk, from an outside perspective, about how genuinely retarded you guys are. that's how it is

No. 562879

ok bootlicker/boomer.

idk but when I saw videos of people looting and destroying one of the most expensive malls in America, it made me extremely happy.

No. 562880

Nta, but as another int anon, the most retarded one here is you proto-fasci anon.

No. 562881

>idk but when I saw videos of people looting and destroying one of the most expensive malls in America, it made me extremely happy.

No. 562883

While I don't agree with corona hoax because I have family friends who have died from it and family members who have gotten severly sick I genuinely don't think people give a fuck anymore if they die.

People are poor, millions of people out of jobs, our government gave billions of dollars in bailouts to corporations while the general population gets a one time payment of 1200, and our the state of our police and public relations is shit regardless of race, and sure unemployment exists if you can even get approved or your payments on time.

The fact that we didn't see this coming sooner is hilarious. This was the straw on the camel's back.

No. 562887

A black grandma was shot in the face by police in San Diego. Not gonna post pic because its gore. Watched the whole clip and she wasn't doing anything but standing there. She wasn't even close to them. It was sad watching everyone swarming around her, not knowing what to do and just basically shouting at her. I hope she's alive. Yet another probable murder these cunts are gonna get away with.

No. 562889

Do you just throw around buzz words for everyone who doesn't agree with you guys nonny? I don't like seeing my community fucked and burned to the ground either but I go to these protests and the majority of these people are not these hedonistic animal people. Obviously there are some protestors who are pieces of shit but as far as I'm concerned that's not the majority.

No. 562891

Shit anon, I'm sorry I meant to reply to >>562871 not you.
My bad.

No. 562894

It's alright anon, sorry for being an ass

No. 562898

She's okay, her niece said that
she is in the hospital and is stable. It's a brutal video but rest easy in knowing she's alright.

No. 562900

I feel bad for the people stuck working their jobs in the areas with riots. I post in a forum for the wageslave company I work for and there were a few posts made by employees in the cities that were scared and didn’t know what to do with the rioters coming to loot. A lot of businesses are closing early but the buildings are still getting broken into or set on fire.

No. 562902

I don't get this futile, misdirected anger is the smashing mom and pop, minority owned shops as if they are real, tangible symbols of the state or capitalism or racist policing. it's mostly sad when done by people who live in the neighborhood, and a "knock that crap off" when done by someone not from that community/area. people can get swept up in things and get less directed in their anger and wanting to express it so strongly, though. it can also be misdirected anger: they can't do it to the cops or the courts or prisons, so they do it to neighborhood shops.

No. 562906

>if you're going to make boards that affect ppl globally, ppl around the world are gonna talk
Tbh this. Also, I thought political stuff is forbidden on lc and now there's a thread about the things happening in solely one country?

When I saw news about this man's death/murder I was horrified. There wasn't that much reported about this in my country, so I also translated a bit for my family and they all couldn't comprehend how something like this could happen in the supposed "land of the free" in 2020.
At the beginning I supported their decision to protest, because all their efforts in the past were fruitless but when I saw a video of an Apple store getting looted and people running outside with several iphones in their arms… "Is the life of a man less important than huge corporations?!" No, but innocent people work there? Plus news about people getting beat up by protesters and "all white people are complicit in racism" shit makes it really hard for me to still feel for them. I'm usually extremely annoyed at kpop stans on twitter but them and other people not supporting blm because they aren't american are right: supposedly nobody is allowed to talk about anything else and if you don't voice your support 24/7 and donate you're "just as guilty"… You do realize that the world doesn't revolve around the US? There are extremely awful things happening every single day, party also because of the US's fault, but now everybody's life should basically stop because of shit concerning you?
There are some people in my country who also claim that we have exactly the same problems but that's just plain wrong. There's hardly a country with the history of slavery and white on black discrimination as the US, police brutality also isn't really a thing in all other 1st world countries and we don't have your fucked up gun laws either.
Protests are neccessary but your actions are way too head over heels (and violent), especially now while 100k+ Americans already died due corona. I know that most protesters seem to be pro communism, but you need tome kind of leader figure to organize all that and to get some sort of control and credibility. Those conspiracy theories about protesters being secretly undercover cops or right wingers need to stop as well. The vast majority of the protesters are either black or uber-woke fat female and lanky male whites, you have to acknowlege that there's some bad apples amongst you too.
The situation in your country will never change when your presidents continue to get elected based on who has the billions to finance election campaigns, leaders being so wealthy is a thing unique to monarchies, dictatorship or strangely also the US. Just as unique as writing "not all" being seen as bad instead of diplomatic. Of course american police officers are gonna act differently than e.g. in Europe, afterall every single person the confront could be secretly carrying a gun and poses a threat. I like the police, I often have to take trains at night and if there's officers patrolling the train station I stand close to them to feel safer, just imagine that Americans.
When I was a child I always dreamt of one day traveling to the USA but now no more, it really seems to be a massive shithole.

No. 562909

File: 1591020906301.jpg (23.17 KB, 400x400, 967858689977.jpg)

No. 562911

I have no idea why this part of the thread is making me giggle like a schoolgirl, it's just so silly compared to the dark reality that is the rest of the thread content

No. 562919

thank you anon

No. 562920

Same. I laughed seeing that face pop up again.
Please don't let it become the next Braco, though.

No. 562923

I honestly could not give less of a shit about people looting Gucci, Apple, Louis Vuitton, Dolls Kill, etc. They're not beating up the employees (they're usually already closed and have laid off masses of employees) and it's not like they get paid enough to care.

No. 562924

All I know is that Trump is just stirring the pot with his inane tweets and someone needs to take his phone from him. The problems that are happening in your country are deeply-rooted and only reform from the ground up will fix them. I don't think it's possible, sadly. Segregation is still within living memory for some people. I also think it's insane that a country that has this many problems allows its citizens to be armed with lethal weapons.

He didn't deserve to die over a discrepancy regarding money. It's bad that he was a former criminal, but he served his time and seemed to be trying to better himself. He didn't deserve to die in that way over something like that, and if you think he did - your lack of empathy is horrifying.

No. 562930

americans are the most brainwashed and stupidest people. i pity you.

No. 562933

this. they will excuse photographers getting their eyes blown up, reporters harrassed and policemen moving down old people and small women, it's fucking pathetic what spineless cowards they are, eating shit straight from some violent idiot's asshole because he's a cop.

No. 562934

I had sympathy for your issues until corona broke and I saw tons of posts from americans mocking Italy, doing shitty pasta jokes and calling Corona "the italian flu" just to get back at anti-China racists, all while our people were dying in the hundreds and losing jobs. America can burn

No. 562935

Anyone find the bots on Twitter kind of interesting? I just think it's interesting that most people get their news from Twitter and how easy it is to spread that mass hysteria on both sides.

No. 562954

File: 1591025186379.gif (2.92 MB, 291x300, 1586947118197.gif)

people didn't care back in 2012 when twitter changed their TOS because nobody apparently understood the implications of "okay, bots, I'm sorry I meant automated services, are okay to use now"
and now they cry about Russia while in the same breath defend the right of private corporations to do what they want with their platforms

No. 562955

>Live in Finland
>mfw woke Antifa hippies are organizing a shitty fucking solidarity protest for muh BLM
>mfw cops here have killed maybe 6 people over the past 30 years or so, all victims were armed and dangerous and it was the last resort
>mfw cops here are always respectful and barely use violence, they can't even kick a door in unless it's an actual confirmed emergency threatening someone's life and there's nobody to let them in
>mfw gatherings of over 50 people (tbh I seriously doubt more than 20 are going to show up though, kek) are still banned due to the Corona situation and the protest is supposed to be arranged in the red zone where most infections still occur
These bastards munching American ass deserve to be covid'd. Just enjoy this unbelievably peaceful and safe country that we built from ashes you retards, no need to clean up after Americans every time they fuck up.

>b-but football hooligans
>Europe only consists of UK
Americunt thought process in the action over here

No. 562960

There are more Europeans in this thread than actual Americans kek

No. 562966

You can't be serious anon? This is going to be catastrophically bad for the people involved in the riots.

No. 562967


Actual Americans are laying low or rioting / protesting

No. 562969

My boyfriend's family is incredibly racist and his brother is shouting about how George Floyd deserved to die. Gotta love redneck America.

No. 562970

aghh yes 300 million people are rioting or "laying low" get off twitter most people, particularly yt, will never give a shit about this in real life.

No. 562973

he deserved to die but not in the way he did, he deserved to die for almost killing that pregnant woman

No. 562974

Actual Americans are laying low or rioting / protesting

Repost tagged the wrong anon

No. 562975

It’s been made into a race issue / police brutality so anything bad about him won’t be news

No. 562977

Wish people would stop bringing the same shitty arguments, conspiracy theories and misinformation from Twitter over here. You're anon, you don't need to impress anyone. If you want to get reblogs and a chance to plug your OnlyFans account, go back to Twitter.

No. 562980

Lmfao it's like you want the bad news to exist.

No. 562981

File: 1591027468810.jpg (222.06 KB, 1080x1389, 63ff10cce58f70f7129c946dcb8a99…)

not a conspiracy theory, its a fact that this happened

No. 562983

What’s YouTube have to do with this? I don’t have Twitter but this has spread to FB and IG too. The “If you’re not for us you’re against us” (if you’re silent you’re complicit) and it’s tiring everytime something happens like this.

It’s always black against white too, which furthers the divide between Americans; not to mention there’s more crime between other groups that hardly gets covered.

No. 562985

He was such a gentle giant who didn’t do a thing! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8366533/George-Floyd-moved-Minneapolis-start-new-life-released-prison-Texas.html

Cops in the USA are saints, really. I can’t wait for antifa euros to get shipped off to detroit and get raped by gentle giants like george floyd.

Enough with it.

No. 562986

No. 562988

>black woman
Now, watch all the racists who don't actually care about black women pretend they do now to serve their agenda, lmao.
There's already one in this thread talking about Detroit.

No. 562989

No I want proof because the media is inherently biased when someone is killed (not that anyone deserves it, they need to be persecuted by law and court) and >>562981 anon provided evidence

No. 562990

Maybe because my fellow cancerous european or european citizens are literally ear raping me about it. I could get physically harassed by rainbow haired fat hairy feminists with a penis if I said a thing about how retarded this all is.

No. 562991

More like you were in disbelief lol.

No. 562992

Not a racist but okay. I don't think he deserved to die like these other anons. He made an effort to turn his life around. I was hoping people who read the article could see that.

I've had family that have felonies on their records. Floyd didn't deserve to die.

No. 562993

He dindu….gross.

No. 562995

Oh wait you are the fag who posted the link unironically? Ahahaha

No. 562996

>My country would never riot like this. We just take everything the police and government do to us. The police could round up 100 children and shoot them each in the head and no one would do anything. I'm not even exaggerating.

This implies your country has such a dangerous government people can't do absolutely nothing against it without losing their lives in terrible ways, if you're not exaggerating with the "shooting 100 children in the head" bit then the people on your country truly are helpless, all countries cope differently with this kind of situation, your country seems too oppressed to do anything about it, just because they're scared/disturbed because of all the shit that possibly happens on their country, doesn't mean they truly don't believe in freedom, they're victims of a government that might kill them and leave a child without their parents, it's called a dictatorship.

No. 562997

If you're the anon who linked to the NY Post article, I didn't mean you. I meant the tard who posted the Daily Mail article along with comments about wanting people to be raped.

No. 562998

I am puking. Anon is probably from brazil btw. Not a country for humans afaik. Not that America is.

No. 562999

According to those articles it was over 13 years ago he committed the crime, served his time and was trying to turn his life around.

He was arrested for trying to forge a $20 and then he died. I don’t know if he was under drug or alcohol influence but the whole story reads like he was improving himself until this occurred.

No. 563000


No. 563001

You hear people around the planet supporting the protests… but not a peep when Hong Kong is currently protesting against the actual tyrannical government in China.. wonder why.

No. 563002

>he tried to turn his life around
>he uses fake money

No. 563003

Make another funny post and i’ll laugh at you again

No. 563004

You know why anon, COVID happened and covered up China’s rebellion and now it’s even further from the public’s mind. We need to still support them, I agree.

No. 563005

Exactly, but I guess redemption doesn't exist.
>Floyd had made changes to his lifestyle and a recent video has emerged of him pleading with younger generations to make good choices and to stop gun violence.

>He had been there himself years ago, first being arrested in his 20s for theft and then a later arrest for armed robbery before he turned his life around.

That same "ahaha" anon who's posting edgy BS will be crying on camera and insisting they've changed if their dumb ass ever gets doxxed and their school/workplace called for being racist, lmao.

No. 563008

So he’s a 300 cm giant, a literal thug and people are upset the police made an accidental mistake and some of you leftists are making it a race thing when in fact accidents in law enforcements happen every single day.
Don’t give a shit about them because I like to mind my own business, but we all know americans are obnoxious snowflakes who want all the attention.

No. 563009

I just reported what I read. The article says his friends/co-workers didn’t believe he would do such a thing

However even if he did commit a crime he shouldn’t have been killed like this; and it wasn’t due to racism but someone being drunk on authority

No. 563010

>literal thug
No, that's still the police, who attack bystanders, 6 year old girls and arrest journalists for existing.
How many times have you "accidentally" kneeled on someone's neck for 9 minutes while they yelled that they couldn't breathe? Genuinely curious.

No. 563011

>wants me to get doxxxxed because I’m pointing out facts
Why are you even calling me racist, is that all your retarded leftist americunt brain can come up? Want to sue me, you dumb american?

No. 563012


Anon that’s so last century, doxing is what happens to anyone who steps out of line

No. 563013

Who said I want anything? My post reads "if", but great job exhibiting your /pol/-derived paranoia.
Reading must not be your strong point, which is probably also how you ended up linking to an article that contradicts your "rapist thug" narrative.
I'm also not American, but you sure do sound like one with these crazy theories and diarrhea mouth.

No. 563014

I haven’t done so indeed because I’m not a cop who has to tame down criminals every single day. It’s a risky dangerous job and they don’t even get respected for it, I hate cops kinda. I like to stay away from trouble.
I should be doxxed for what exactly? Get some help freak.

No. 563015

A "mistake" is accidentally elbowing someone in a scuffle, not choking them to death while looking straight at them.

No. 563016

Not saying you should be doxed, I’m saying that’s what happens today; people are dox happy, not sue happy.

No. 563017

Anon you're not even responding to the right people lol.

No. 563018

File: 1591028737580.jpg (48.1 KB, 750x430, EZUkPjAXYAQ_nEQ.jpg)

The amount of people in this thread saying they support the looting is sickening. I live in a major us city and it is fucking terrifying right now. It is not cool or fun to be living through this. The looters are not doing this for any sort of political reason. They are opportunists and they are burning down residential buildings and looting small businesses. They are trashing communities. If you think destroying the livelyhood of regular people will somehow help your cause, why don't you burn down your own house in "protest."
>inb4 brainwashed boomer
The police are fucking trash but so are these looters. Looting and torching communities is not going to help this cause.

No. 563020

>h-he tried turning his life around! That's why he was trying to pay with a counterfeit bill and then resisted police violently to the point they had to put him to the ground! he was a good boy!
people should at least protest for the innocent black people who got shot for nothing, he had around 9 charges upon him, jailed five times and a 10-year long streak of criminal activity. Also he didn't die of asphyxia, literally the official autopsy stated the following:
>"The criminal complaint against Chauvin stated that the autopsy "revealed no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation," that he "had underlying health conditions including coronary artery disease and hypertensive heart disease", and that "[t]he combined effects of Mr. Floyd being restrained by the police, his underlying health conditions and any potential intoxicants in his system likely contributed to his death.""

No. 563021

Lock the thread.

No. 563022

>it wasn't the cop's intention to kill, so it was not a crime :)

No. 563023

No one's even posting actual news. It's all infighting, racebait and accusations.

You guys think you're better than twitterfags but here we are lol

No. 563024

>resisted police violently
>"[t]he combined effects of Mr. Floyd being restrained by the police, his underlying health conditions and any potential intoxicants in his system likely contributed to his death.""
How does this prove the cop didn't kill him? It literally states that the restraint played a direct role in his death first thing.
Floyd was screaming he couldn't breathe, and the officer put his knee on his neck for not 1, not 5, but 9 full minutes. You can't pretend he didn't know what he was doing.

No. 563025

There is no proof, there's video evidence of him not resisting.

No. 563027

He had precious conditions and apparently drugs or alcohol that his lack of oxygen to his brain caused his death.

His rap sheet was apparently still ongoing, according to you, but you think any of these facts and information is going to change someone’s mind?

If you speak against the narrative you’ll be torn apart online or your own circle will turn against you. The current narrative was that it was racially driven and he didn’t deserve to die

No. 563028


No. 563029

>"The criminal complaint against Chauvin stated that the autopsy "revealed no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation," that he "had underlying health conditions including coronary artery disease and hypertensive heart disease", and that "[t]he combined effects of Mr. Floyd being restrained by the police, his underlying health conditions and any potential intoxicants in his system likely contributed to his death.""
did the cops knew about this when the man was saying i can't breathe?

No. 563030

File: 1591029248641.gif (1.55 MB, 480x270, giphy[1].gif)

why are there so many whites at these protests? anyone else find that suspicious, shouldnt black people be mobilizing right now instead of white liberals?

nyc has majority white protesters, seattle looks majority white too, they also started burning things pretty quickly compared to other protests. is it all just white guilt or something else? has it been coopted by antifa cause thats what its starting to feel like.

No. 563031

> He plead guilty to entering a woman’s home, pointing a gun at her stomach and searching the home for drugs and money, according to court recorded
I can read fine, my hate for Americans and their woe is me whoring is normal.
> but great job exhibiting your /pol/-derived paranoia.
And why do you even make up hypothetical scenarios? I am not /pol/ LOL. See that’s why I kept laughing.
I mean it’s a shit thread anyways
>>563021 I agree with this anon but admin said we should hide all threads we don’t like so

No. 563032

The bootlickers in this thread deserve to get raped(a-log)

No. 563034

>looters are trash but so is the police

Some of those cops are protecting you during the riots you know that right

No. 563035

Are all major cities in the US affected by the protesting, or just some? It's hard to navigate the news online when it's gotten so widely talked about. Is it moving from state to state or happening all at once? It's hard to imagine

No. 563036

White antifas like to use black people as cannon fodder for their cause tbh.
Dox me/sue me idc.

No. 563038

Major cities are being affected but smaller cities haven’t seen any looting yet.

They’re activating their white guilt

No. 563039

Yes I do and I appreciate it. However, police brutality is what started this whole thing. I support the peaceful protesters and their cause. I think the police need reform.

No. 563040

We've seen a bit of looting/rioting in our major city but not at the same level as Washington and Minneapolis.

The community does a pretty good job cleaning everything up and helping each other out after the fact.

No. 563045

my leg is sleepy

No. 563046

I said this from the start (that I don’t support the violent protestors but the peaceful ones) but I got callled out for being a racist irl. Holy shit. They need to quit for a week, and make an organized protest if they want the police to reform.

No. 563047

I agree with that, having friends and family in the police force and I can’t stand with ACAB crowd or those who incite racism

No. 563049

>H-Hypothetical scenarios! I am not /pol/!
Sure. Go call murderous police officers "saints" and declare your support for rape elsewhere. No one is buying your false concern.

No. 563052

Maybe if I forge it you’ll buy it ahahaha.
Anyways, I still think American cops are much better than cops in say the third world. And why do you care if a bunch of rainbow haired freaks with dicks get raped? They probably want to if I have to judge their twitter timeline.

No. 563053

The people have spoken.

No. 563054

File: 1591030036751.webm (7.09 MB, 500x1080, vndlsm.webm)

This was posted in another thread, don't really know what to make of it.

No. 563055


Unpopular opinion but I actually feel a bit of compassion for the police. For every rogue cop who goes batshit on some poor fuck in the ghetto, there's another who probably genuinely wants to do some help in this cruel ass world but has their hands tied because of bureaucracy and general police culture.

They're out there sacrificing their lives for us while we're all sitting in the house shitposting on the internet, calling them names and yet they're being berated by these wannabe musty edgelords who think they're making such a "political statement" by sacking major cities and stealing from innocent shop owners. Also the National Guard who you could tell wanted to smack the shit out of the mouthy idiots who were spitting their corona juices in their faces outside the LA City Hall yesterday. No one gets paid enough to deal with that much abuse.

Like…why are y'all trying to burn down literal history in DC? It just doesn't make sense. It's embarrassing. Plus, now a lot of our enemies are having their moment getting their rocks off to the anarchy - that's what I am really concerned about because while we're setting trash cans on fire and jumping MAGA fags, someone could be plotting some real shit against us behind our backs and we wouldn't even know it.

No. 563056

God protestors need to stop playing the blame game and actually grab these idiots and stop them. Hold them accountable because either way it's still going to reflect back on them.

No. 563057

File: 1591030163476.jpg (119.27 KB, 877x1200, 279804a-emp.jpg)

No. 563059

>rogue cop who goes batshit on some poor fuck in the ghetto
Poor saint*

No. 563060

>nuke button
Ha, so perfect. Nuke your own citizens, just the perfect way to accelerate. And people blamed Obama for this, LOL

No. 563061

>actually grab these idiots and stop them
And then get arrested for assault? The police are not on the side of the people who are telling the vandals to stop, kek.

No. 563062

I can’t play this on mobile, what is it?

No. 563063

licks mmmm

No. 563064

Enjoy, and begone.

No. 563065

based kpop stans holy shit

No. 563066

black woman telling white girls to stop defacing buildings with spray paint because it will be blamed on black people

No. 563067

I don’t know what to make of that either anon

No. 563068

Thanks to you I actually checked /pol/.
Apparently he has porn too.

No. 563069

No. 563070

I agree with most of this. I shouldn't have said "police are trash," I'm just really on edge because of the stress of everything right now. I should say "police brutality is trash." I think police needs reform and there needs to be an investment in better training and de-escalation tactics. Also, bad and brutal cops need to be held accountable. But all this violence and looting is not going to make things better.

No. 563071

>defending rape

No. 563072

It wasn’t serious. And I don’t care about men.

No. 563074

I was going to add that to my initial reply since you’re also under a lot of stress right now in addition to Covid, stay safe anon

No. 563077

The entire world is under stress.

Those protests wouldn't explode so quickly if it wasn't for 10 weeks of mass lockdowns preceding it

No. 563078

So will the USA finally be 404’d?

No. 563079


No. 563080

File: 1591031546921.jpg (24.48 KB, 400x266, Braco.jpg)

No. 563082

Sorry anon, to those anons, if you fuck up (whether it'd your fault or not) and you're black, it's game over. That's why they look for anything. You can be a literal saint like that Black guy that got shot in his apartment who literally went to Church on Sundays and sang jesus songs with no record and a sellar career and they will still blame you in death. They did it to Emmentt Till, they did it to MLK and they will keep doing it until this country changes. In order for Nazi Germany to change fot Jewish people yo be free, it had to fall. For America? I'm not going to say anything. I'm just watching. But this is why Marriane Williamson was right, but people blew her off as a lunatic. Go ahead and shit on me but she made an interesting point about it.

No. 563086

Political murders usually happens to the best of best and it’s in no way comparable to random thugs the cops mishandled in arresting. Please do not ever ever ever compare MLK to a deadbeat dad pornstar.

No. 563087

Their white kids with skateboards that have gotten harassed by police before. Think white skateboard dudes that get pushed off their boards kek. Same with white punks, they want to let their anger for police out without care for the actual BLM movement

No. 563090

Samefag, she predicted that if you don't fix it from the deep, deep core, it will NEVER get better and it will get worse until something must give. You can't fix the surface and pretend the evil is gone if the people from that them are still around and perpetuate it to youger generations, thus the evilness never goes away. You always hear of families in the south and around the country 'schocked' of the caracature race memorabilia and wizard outfits they find in their parents/ grandparents basement/attic. That is external, but what about the silent implict biases we tell our friends? Verbal and nonverbal? To our Children? Loved ones? And if we tolerate it when we see it, then we are giving the green light for that cancer to go ahead and grow in every nook and cranny that exists, then when if flares up like it does now, we look dumbfounded and keep asking why is this happening? Why are people "over reacting"? There are external and internal factors to all of this.

No. 563093

Because not only black people see this is wrong. Everyone gets fucked by the police. Keep up, sorry it isn't going the way you want to say "it's a black riot".

No. 563094

File: 1591032540753.jpg (66.71 KB, 600x340, Police brutality.JPG)

What does police brutality look like in other countries, folks?

No. 563095

If I limit your oxygen either your lungs, heart or brain gives in. I know you don't understand physiology because the only science you care about is race and skull size but keep up.

No. 563098

10/10 tbh

Fuck you for defending a man who assaulted a pregnant black woman though.

No. 563099

No. 563102

Answer: very different from America the spoilt first country who whines about a police brutality that’s on par with the other first world countries.

So why aren’t corporations and instagram thots caring about the favela kids that get shot by the police simply for existing?

No. 563103

Where do you guys keep getting this info?

No. 563104

He already paid his dues in prison for that retard. Unlike the cop who is roaming around with a history of killing 3 other people and most likely will still get away for it.

You couldn't even refute my point and just say "fuck you" kek. Too easy with these chuds. Fuck off with your fake concern. You idiots shit on black people, now you pretend to care for a pregnant black woman? When you all would've called her sheboon and welfare queen if you knew she existed? Fuck off with your troll concern faggot.

No. 563107

Lol much more important things happen outside of the USA all the time and nobody cares.

No. 563109

the daily mail, which tells you it's shit

they are workimg overtime to find SOME reason to validiate his death. When the black guy in his aparment died police and they found goddamn narcotics and polic gear in his room. When asked, they pretend they never said a thing. Really? When Breonna taylor and her boyfriend got shot at cops said the guy had a warrant, when he didn't. This shit is so played out.

No. 563110

This is funny because it’s obvious you’re a white faggot, maybe even a male. I can’t believe it how you used manipulation on me as if I didn’t get shocked what he did to the fucking PREGNANT woman. Hope your skateboard is used to crush your legs.

And nah, I never liked that cop that killed him, nice implication you dumbass retard. He won’t even make it alive. You’re so dumb.

No. 563112

Also samefag but I’m a different anon from the one you replied to.
A black feminist told me this actually, no lies. i really don’t waste my time reading this american stuff.

No. 563113

Yep kek, farmhands are laughing right now.

>everyone who disagrees with me is a white male

top fucking kek I didn't think of all the shit I said I get accused of being a white male.

Do white males post this?

You have nothing. Give up.

No. 563114


No. 563115

I am sure that even if you’re a part of the staff that they don’t give a shit about you nor me. You weren’t much better with the implications either. They both got their lives ruined and I’m happy.

No. 563116

>hi scrote
see ya later

No. 563117

File: 1591034356750.webm (3.95 MB, 480x480, cargo cult.webm)

Euro-cows, can you please explain this behavior to a befuddled Ameri-cow?

I'm genuinely curious why this thing is even spreading outside our broken country.

No. 563118

Ciao ciao. I need to take a break from this website anyways. I will also just filter this whole shit happening.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 563119

ahahah get fucked eurofags

t. non-american

as we all should. take care of ur mental health love(time to calm down)

No. 563120

Chamomile tea anon, chamomile tea.

No. 563121

it's a online protest you fucking moron, and lot of people have actually died in jail under weird conditions unless you think that being drunk means you deserve to die in the drunk tank

No. 563124

File: 1591034692833.jpeg (24.56 KB, 474x450, sad.jpeg)

Jfc. I hope they won't start protests in the whole Europe.

No. 563126

ban the braco faggot as well if youre going to fuck me over(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 563129

don't pretend to be me asshole lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 563135


FAIL: Rioters Caught On Camera Attempting To Vandalize A Business In Grand Rapids, Michigan

No. 563140

> lot of people have actually died in jail under weird conditions unless
Lmao this literally does not happen except VERY rarely with strung out druggies who had already OD'd or choked on their own vomit and it's not an online protest, it's a literal fucking IRL march with a set location at Unioninkatu you dumbass. go back to twitter now

No. 563141


last night protest in Washington D.C.

contrast helicopter view between huntington beach two weeks ago protesting the beaches closing vs today at the black lives matter protest in the day.

Senator advocating “no quarter,” “whatever it takes,” and active duty military deployments against protestors.

Also I've notice military and veterans hate cops, I always wonder why..

No. 563142

Lmao french people on twitter complain about americentrism but say racism towards black people doesn't exist in the USA in the same breath.

No. 563144

>linking a video of an american jail cell to a discussion as a proof when the topic was the finnish police
amerifags are unbelievably retarded I'm laughing my ass off

No. 563147

File: 1591038124228.jpg (438.54 KB, 1028x1019, Screenshot_20200601-120125_Ins…)

Why do people post things like this and then act like they're justified when people start looting and burning. I've barely started to see people condemn it and discourage it but a few days ago all the woke retards were saying it's their right and now it's "it's a trap!". Lol

No. 563150

So whatever happened to that Anon who was going to post all the first hand video showing cops attacking peaceful people for no reason?

No. 563151

Americans are shooting themselves in the foot. Maybe the country will finally burn to the ground and China will take over.

No. 563152

Who has the video where there's a little girl being pepper sprayed by a cop?

No. 563159

If a civil war happened, the Mexican drug cartels would be the most likely foreign entity to take over in the US.

No. 563164

File: 1591040227293.png (592.83 KB, 692x907, tumblr_a932bc77be8b9306bdcd944…)

No. 563166

No. 563167

Where is this? I couldn't find anything in the news about it.

No. 563169

Deep state gotter

No. 563171

Fuck off w your misinformation

No. 563173

Nothing graphic is shown in the video but the man shot did die. So tread carefully if you're hypersensitive to that.

There's two separate stories, one where Jake Gardner instigated the situation and shot/killed James and the other where Jake only shot in self defense. As of now Jake is not being charged with James Scurlocks death.

No. 563177

Deleted because I accidentally posted the same YouTube video. Sadly, another man shot and killed during protests. David McAtee was known to give free meals to law enforcement


No. 563183

File: 1591042439652.jpg (593.85 KB, 1080x1904, Screenshot_20200601-211111.jpg)

America was a mistake.

That being said, people protesting back in Europe are idiots. Especially during the pandemic. Here in Ireland I couldn't go to my grandmother's funeral last month but wokes can protest all they want gathering in huge groups.
The police here doesn't even carry guns.

No. 563184

i think i know the pink pants chick

No. 563185

Sorry about your grandma, anon.

No. 563188

I’m sorry for your loss.

No. 563192

I wish people weren’t pressuring celebrities/influencers to say something about this so it’d be easier to tell who’s genuine and who’s just positing because they don’t want to lose their followers. It would be way easier for me to cut them off.

No. 563194

What's up with all the Spanish bots on twitter by the way? Sort by latest on the protest and general Trump tags. Who's trying to radicalize the hispanic community?

No. 563196

File: 1591043470895.png (16.01 KB, 468x182, 123.png)

No. 563199

For real though. I've never really liked Halsey but I can tell she's genuinely passionate about whats going on and I respect her for it. We already all know that the Kardashian/Jenners don't care about anything but themselves so why pressure them to speak out. Everything they say is disingenuous in the first place so why even bother? Let the people who actually care talk about these things.

No. 563206

I'm tired of everyone's social media activism. Everyone I know is patting themselves on the back for reposting an oil painting of George Floyd and saying stuff like "If you're silent you're part of the problem!"

I barely use social media, so I'm probably considered "racist" for not reposting George Floyd in a flower crown or tagging 10 friends. I do volunteer for meaningful causes in real life but who cares about that?

(sorry for blogposting, I think some people may relate tho)

No. 563207

because america cares more about corporations and profit (capital) than human lives. they dump trillions into bailing out wall street but they won't suspend rent. they have been so careless about covid because the majority of people dying are old, sick or poor – e.g. people who do not pay taxes or are on welfare/social security/medicare, so they are literally expendable to the system. america has always happily exploited and killed people at home and overseas (sweat shops, cobalt mines, etc) just to make a profit

No. 563209

You and 500 other people anon.

No. 563210

Are you saying other countries don't benefit from sweatshops or mines?

No. 563212


I actually haven't seen many people expressing this sentiment, do you just mean within this thread, or have there been major news outlets/influencers/whoever calling out people for social media activism? I'd love to see someone major calling it out.

No. 563215


Black business owner in Louisville killed by police.

Where are all the fake concern faggots that cried about 'what about black owned / minority business owners?'

No. 563217

News coverage of the incident

No. 563222

File: 1591045309464.jpg (368.73 KB, 1080x1312, IMG_20200601_225519.jpg)

Already happening. In Austria and Switzerland too.
Seeing that 99% of the protesters in those pictures and videos are white made me chuckle, they're the same type of people who constantly protest for refugees too, they just love showing how woke and non-racist they are lol
But at least it's all peaceful, the police is mainly there to make sure that everybody wears masks.

No. 563224

File: 1591045388711.jpg (114.78 KB, 729x886, 923792749.JPG)


Doesn't matter what you do, own a business, go to school, exist, give police free food. You are a target

No. 563228

Also there are statements that throughout all of this that police have been ordered to trun off their body cameras, so shit is really going deep.

No. 563230

big brain amerifags bringing up the holocaust in the replies lmao

No. 563231

File: 1591045837029.jpg (96.16 KB, 701x882, 923792749.JPG)

No. 563238

The country has been shut down for weeks to save the fucking boomers, who largely aren't afraid anyway. What the fuck else do you want.

No. 563241

Yeah so annoying, they always do, it's their only gotcha.
Going by that same logic, muricans shouldn't even be allowed to be around black people for what they did to them for literal centuries, yet instead they think they have the right to constantly judge all other countries.
And those protests are actually also about the problems in Germany, not just about the situation in the US.

No. 563246

I have a theory that Americans are really stuck on WWII because it’s the last time in history that they were cool.

No. 563258

And who killed him?

No. 563265

Louisville, Kentucky officers. He was a owner of a BBQ restaurant that served free meal to cops.

All officers involved had their body cams off.

No. 563276

chicagonon here

is this the asshole that was down in hyde park just chilling in his militech cosplay? fuck him for getting off on this

watching black people loot their own economically depressed neighborhoods that will never recover/lose the mom and pop shops is beyond depressing but also kinda lulzy

No. 563277

fuck, sorry I forgot to sage

watching the snapchat map for chicago also shows people selling and showing off their hauls, so much alcohol and weaves and nikes

No. 563278

not OP anon but yes! This happened in hyde park. I almost went there today and figured it wasn't safe going downtown today

No. 563285

I heard it was protesters. Thanks.

No. 563291

Thank you, the govenor mentioned there was no body cameras and he sounded pissed. Can't post because at work but it was on the radio, and there was probably a stream of it somewhere. Maybe someone elsr can find it and post it.

No. 563295

I heard the protest was rlly peaceful and only a few buildings saw property damage from looting as well

meanwhile the south/west sides and related burbs are imploding

No. 563298

No. 563301

>All officers involved had their body cams off.
Is this legal? How is this allowed? Why turn them off if you don't have anything to hide?

Speaking of which, the body cam footage from the officers who killed George Floyd hasn't been released either.

No. 563307


It completely depends on the department. In the case for Louisville, it is in violation. The police chief has been fired over the body cam failures.

The two officers involved are on administrative leave and the two national guardsman have been pulled by the governor. Officers cannot be fired during investigations.

I should amend my previous statement.
In all honesty there is no clear story here. Police/National guard say they were fired upon and so occurred an exchange of fire. When Kentuckians sought clarification through body cams, it wasn't there. The only thing is security footage which does not give enough information about his death.

No. 563315

>thought crimes

No. 563328

bridge in and out of louisville to indiana is rumored to be closed

No. 563331

Govenor also stated they will both be independently investigated by the kentucky state police.

Also curfew is 9pm and people are fighting at my job to let us leave and go home. I feel really bad for those living closer downtown. Even in the surrounding area businesses have closed down up to Bardstown and Jeffersontown because of riak of rioters saying they will hit those shops. This is all heresay atm so we will see. But I need to go home because I don't want police stoping me and ask for papers or drag me out of my car.

No. 563346

File: 1591058297767.jpg (23.15 KB, 400x400, 1GlQPiC.jpg)

No. 563351

lmao. are you canadian?

No. 563353

God I wanna feel that gap on my clit

No. 563355

They make up less than 4% of the population.

No. 563357

we know, bitch, we know

what the fuck are you talking about? if i catch another one of you being vague i'm getting up

No. 563361

News just broke that Trump is in hiding in a bunker…wtf is happening

No. 563362

Earlier anon said there is a "prominent black population" in the UK and Canada. There is not. (Repost for typo)

No. 563364

the region i used to work at was mostly a black community and there was a kid who got shot by the cops over a misunderstanding

No. 563365

That fucking sucks.

Anecdote from your local area does not statistical data make, however. Canada's primary victimized demographic is first nations, not black people.

No. 563368

i was saying that for the people who think police brutality doesn't exist in canada when it's a problem in most countries

No. 563369

File: 1591059299598.jpg (57.52 KB, 738x506, when-you-check-your-phone-at-n…)

No. 563370

It's a number so staggeringly low compared to the US, though. Actually look at the stats and you'll see. It still needs to be addressed and corrected but having a BLM riot in Toronto of all places is insane.

No. 563374

everyone itt please blur your protestor pics and videos, there are crazy repercussions for being identified in both protests and riots!

No. 563375

In Seattle WA police left 2 loaded rifles in the back of cops cars, rioters looted the cars and shot rifles off into the police vehicles. This was caught on tape and witnessed by a news crew from Q13 Fox

The YouTube video is the Q13 crew’s security guard disarming the rioter like a badass

No. 563377

the protests in Toronto are for Regis Korchinski-Paquet, who died last wednesday

No. 563378

File: 1591059667722.png (84.88 KB, 548x820, 1590945975956.png)

No. 563380

File: 1591059711767.jpg (63.84 KB, 645x387, images.jpg)

No. 563382

Do you have any info that is new on that case? Looks like one that will never lead anywhere bc there's no evidence. Floyd is a legit case bc shit was on camera and undeniable. With Regis there is just nothing there afaik. Open to seeing some new info that I missed out on while obsessing over the American BLM stuff though!

No. 563386

if you are gonna make claims like that, use better sources, anon. a twitter screenshot? really? imagine posting a twitter screenshot with vague numbers and 0 legitimate sources and think you actually are making a point or doing something at all. kek.

No. 563388

File: 1591059999035.jpg (Spoiler Image, 191.22 KB, 946x2048, EZdp4paWAAU22OO.jpg)

chicago is having a race war between the latin neighborhood protecting their turf and the looting black people, a latino was just shot dead in a drive by from a car of black men

spoilered image of the body

meanwhile the protests are carrying on, getting very big on the northside (thousands strong) and peaceful

No. 563390

nah sorry, i wasn't even aware of that fact until i googled it

No. 563392

do you guys think this is gonna be la riots 2.0? tinfoil but i feel like the race war thing is unlikely to happen and is pushed by the authorities to take attention away from the real problem.

the situation is sickening and worrisome. the fact that people who just want to protest against racism are losing their eye sight and getting seriously injured is horrifying.

No. 563393

Look it up yourself. The guy has written about it multiple times and cites the Washington Post. WaPo has the actual numbers but they adjust for population.

No. 563396

I don't think so, maybe a class warfare, there's so many white allies now that are praising the looting/destruction and fear that saying otherwise is racist

this pic I shared is just one neighborhood (latino) pitted against a neighborhood right next to it that is majority black

people who were already racist are just going to be more racist and then feel justified, and there's a lot less racist people now then there were then

No. 563399

A bunch of "wokes" are racist themselves.

No. 563403

They havent been just junkies and even if some have been when they are in police custody the police has to look after them if they cant take care of themselves you fucking retard the jail has cameras so that the police should monitor that people who cant take care of themselves are safe but keep eating that shit straight from policemen’s assholes you holier than thou retard you wanna act like american police are the only ones who make mistakes but even here police dont take care of the people in custody and have made illegal home searchers etc but ”muh Finland is the perfect country amurricans are so stupid!!!”

Hirtä itsesi vitun idiootti oikeesti vittu tapa ittes

No. 563406

Honestly not gonna be surprised when there is more racism caused by the looters and violent protesters.

But ya know men just gonna keep getting to be violent pos.

No. 563424

local police station had small protest outside it a few hours ago with some chudfag counterprotestors in camo gear with rifles. they had a few swat guys on the side. protest was fairly peaceful from what I saw of it. the way the cunts on the neighborhood nextdoor we're talking about the protest they were acting like it was gonna develop into some kind of hellish uprising, but it was legit a handful of ppl holding signs. protests in the larger cities also seemed peaceful a few hours ago, who knows what's happening now. missed out on going to protest myself in the uni town nearby but my friends went. haven't heard anything from them in a few hours and I'm hoping they're okay, heard cops are cell jamming. was told by them that there were multiple state police officers and heavily armed local cops present prior to the protest. idk why people make such a big deal about it. other than one or two nights of looting in downtown and a few edgy kids posting false flag threats claiming they wanna shoot whitey to start shit, there's not much happening here comp to somewhere like minneapolis, chicago, philly, which are going to hell. local karens are sperging hard tho

No. 563426

Seems like some people are rally fucking bored and are trying to meme a civil war into happening. It's not a fucking video game ffs!

No. 563428

File: 1591065474175.jpeg (212.03 KB, 750x992, 825F008D-CF66-4D30-88B7-96D8F7…)

Genuine question (seriously don't mean to offend): Why do people tell white people to take a part in this protest and movement, use their privilege for the riots, etc. and then get mad at them for doing the same thing they do aka vandalizing buildings and spraying a bunch of stuff on them? I thought they were meant to use their ~privilege~ in this movement, so why is it now an issue if they're vandalizing a bunch of buildings like the rest? I saw the video of two girls spraying BLM on a building for no reason and it did annoy me, but I thought that they're at least contributing something to the movement that's happening right now. Pic attached is a girl who killed a bunch of cops and people are actually saying they don't claim her, but I thought the point of this movement was basically "fuck cops" and that no one should feel any mercy for them, because they've killed a lot of innocent people and all that jazz.

(Got the pic from here: https://twitter.com/bernardkerik/status/1266816621101944832?s=21)

No. 563432

The problem is, when looting and vandalism happens it's always going to disproportionally affect black people bc the whites will just temporarily get arrested at the most. For black people, the risk is obviously much worse.

If you are a white person at a protest like this, your only job is to stay out of escalating stuff and put yourself between peaceful black people and the police. The police are far more hesitant to hurt white people. And if you don't wanna do that, just stay home and donate money.

No. 563433

I think they mean they want white protestors to use their voice since they will probably be listened to, and to stand between non-white protestors and the police, because the idea is that police are less likely to use excessive force or violence against white people. I saw a video earlier of a white protestor purposely standing/kneeling in front of a black protestor so the police wouldn’t touch him, and they didn’t, with many of the replies being “this is how you do it!” Any vandalism or criminal activity is automatically pinned on blacks, regardless of whether or not blacks actually participated or started it, because it fits the media and administration’s agenda.

No. 563434

there are (generally) three groups at play: rioters/looters who don't believe in anything and are just here for the chaos, twitter commies who see this as a starting point for their revolution and enjoy fanning the flames, and BLM protesters who primarily want justice/reform. One of my coworkers who falls into the second camp is fucking exhilarated by all this and I know he doesn't give a fuck about black people or following their guidelines for protest, he's just excited that more people than ever are starting to voice their hatred for cops.

No. 563439

That makes a lot of sense. Thank you for replying.

Your coworker sounds absolutely retarded and like he watched too many Hong Kong protest videos from Reddit and got the idea that it's all fun and entertaining.

No. 563441

yeah he's a bit of a creep ngl. We have a work group chat and he's always posting walls of text about "muh revolution" in it, it's fucking cringe, everyone else just posts cat pics lmao. every white well-off twitter commie I know is like this.

No. 563471

No. 563473

Sorry if mentioned before, but in Europe antifa and neonazis often use protests, and even big football games, to rendezvous and beat the shit out of each other. Is this not simply what's happening here, without more insidious players in the background?

No. 563488

It really is tbh, Americans are just not accustomed to seeing it for some reason.

No. 563494

europe sounds like a complete shithole if riots like these are normal routine things there

No. 563497

well usually the police don't shoot people here tho

No. 563521

Blacks/Antifa will have to "protest" way harder if they ever hope to achieve Change™.

No. 563523

I hope this bitch gets jail time. Throwing a fucking molotov at a cop car is not okay in any sense.

I've never heard of this happening, is this a British/German thing? Over here they usually set things (buildings, cars, etc) on fire and cause property damage and act alone, not under the guise of a protest. Sometimes they join leftist protests to pick fights with the police forces and cry about muh police brutality on social media after being taken to the slammer but mostly they just fuck shit up by themselves. IMO they should be classified as a terrorist organization, I'm amazed they aren't.

No. 563530

File: 1591086395680.webm (6.08 MB, 720x1280, BLM new zealand.webm)

I'm from the 3rd largest city in California and New Zealand just put us to shame. It's like they're more enthusiastic about this movement than we are

Based on what I see, BLM & Antifa have mutually opposing goals. BLM wants to see police reform/overhauls and are trying to spread the message peacefully. Antifa wants their revolution so that involves spray paint and broken glass.

Looters have the purest motives here - they just want new kicks and a free big screen tv.

No. 563533

>all those fucking people
>in the middle of corona
i am cringing so hard right now

No. 563540

I thought things will calm down soon, but I guess not






No. 563547

There's only one active case of Corona in the entire country. they have their shit together

No. 563548

File: 1591089481048.jpg (55.66 KB, 500x551, c09542bed0a045ebe54aece3de860b…)


Well tbf anon we have gone 11 days with no new cases of corona, were hilariously doing better than obscure zero population rocks like Iceland.

Still, this is incredibly cringe. I get Americans and maybe even some stupid Europeans obsession with going outside because its summer there now and the agoraphobia has set in, they all likely want an excuse to get outside but its winter now in the southern hemisphere and now magically because the rest of the western world is vacationing and eager to go outside Aus and NZ fags are pretending they want to vacation in winter.

The euroanons complaining about protests should be greatful we all live in decent countries that aren't the U.S. As embaressing the protests have been outside the states they're at least peaceful.

I don't know who the fuck this protest is directed towards, Ardern has done an excellent job with everything thrown at her this year especially and Labour will hopefully win the 2020 election again.

No. 563559

File: 1591090989745.webm (9.81 MB, 592x1280, 11txnq.webm)

Ameri-cows, please stay safe. Things are going downhill fast


No. 563562

File: 1591091725544.webm (1.38 MB, 716x1280, Las Vegas gunfire.webm)


So this guy walked up to a police officer and shot him in the head, then got gunned down. Apparently both are dead

No. 563564

glad the whitey pig got shot tbh(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 563566

Just saw a video from a guy locked in an open roof, concrete pen with 60 other arrested protesters. They've just been left there with no food or water.

Welp. I'll see you all in the FEMA camps.

No. 563567


No. 563570

No. 563571

kys you bootlicking pos(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 563584

People really need to think about where their money is going. These donations to bail out protestors is just going straight back to the government. I don't know alternative can be done but this is fucked up what little we can really do. People being excited about giving their IRS refund to donating to the Freedom Fund and then going "fuck the government!"… It's like a snack in the face. You're funding the police, these politicians, all of it.

No. 563585

Shut up, you dumb bitch. oh no, what ever will apple do? i'm sure the employees were traumatized by the $200B+ company they work for getting looted! how awful! what people that got beat up by the protesters? the guy who ran at them with the sword or the one with the crossbow?
>Those conspiracy theories about protesters being secretly undercover cops or right wingers need to stop as well.
Yeah, it's not like this is a well documented phenomenon. What's cointelpro? What's an agent provocateur? Never heard of them! Some dumb cunt on the internet thinks we should knock it off and stop asking questions about suspicious shit, so let's stop talking about it.
You're so confident in your stupidity. This whole comment is you not knowing what you're talking about but presuming to preach to others about our issues and how this movement should be organized.

No. 563587

if that's the case, people should donate to George Floyd's memorial fund, or one of the BLM chapters instead.

No. 563589

They really love showing how woke they are when they can't even pretend to treat other whites with respect.

No. 563595

I was a little worried that in my country people would also start burning trashcans and looting shit in ~*support for all those poor burgerland citizens*~ but that didn't happen. However, i'm from Ukraine and we usually don't give a fuck about other's countries business because we already have to deal with so much shit from our establishment and recover from previous riots.
And I know that it's borderline psychotic, but seeing all-powerful USA on fire makes me kind of happy. For once I'm grateful for living in Ukraine kek

No. 563596

RIP Italia.
This happened in my city and it's unclear whether she was shot by a protester or someone who was part of a group of agitators/looters taking advantage of the protests Sunday night.
Here's a timeline of the major events that took place Sunday night if anyone cares.

No. 563601

> because we already have to deal with so much shit from our establishment and recover from previous riots.
This is off-topic (but related), but what reliable sources would you recommend for someone wanting to get information about the state of your country after the recent protest/civil war? This was so confusing from my westerner point of view, and never really trusted the coverage by our local media

No. 563602

Austria one is too real. They were chanting outside so, so loud. I really hope these idiots won't spread the virus even further with their woke protest, because we're already at 16k positive corona cases and I doubt we need any more of that. I also wonder if they realize that the US wouldn't even give a single fuck about them if they were the ones who were suffering instead, kek. We've also had innocent black men die by the hands of disgusting Viennese police, but none of the Austrians were protesting or anything until the incident with George Floyd happened and now everyone's the wokest of wokes and apparently they've always been an ally and all that. Embarrassing.

No. 563610

What's the deal with Black Out Tuesday? Seems really pointless

No. 563633

Just to get it more exposure I guess.. it sucks that I can’t browse any music on apple.. they should leave music alone especially people who are paying or paid for the services.

No. 563658

I heard they have a set playlist of songs you can only listen to, is that right? I think it's funny, a couple of the artists featured haven't really said anything about the current events, like Kendrick Lamar. I'm usually not one to be salty about someone's social media posts but he's done gone bonkers for many other events.

No. 563673

Not really a playlist on apple tho. If you go on browse, there’s a pop up message about what happening and you should use your life yada yada yada.. and then you’re forced to listen. Your saved playlist and search option are still available tho. I checked Spotify and playlist for that are on top.

No. 563674

I love u.

Honestly almost seems like a sabotage thing. The black square spam is making it so live-feeds of protests are buried on social media. It's bad and people need to stop because protestors need access to social media updates to stay safe and informed.

No. 563686

lmfao are you one of those crybabies over your retarded blackout? Social media is the worst place to be sharing anything, but I can't expect a bunch of brilliant narcs to realize that their selfies and regurgitated posts don't need the hashtag.

No. 563692

I swear there are multiple people going through spamming comments on randos photos using the BLM tag telling them to use the OTHER tag they have to help people find info. No actual person in danger is gonna turn to Instagram, they're gonna Google that shit or if they're smart they already have sources bookmarked. But, that's today's activism, telling people they're activisming wrong.

No. 563693

idek what you pegged me as, but you're stupid as shit.

Social media, especially Twitter, has been extremely helpful in carrying info to protestors. Throwing up black squares is nothing but derailment and virtue signaling bs. People need to see "color of the day" info, police movements, news, bridge closures etc. and the most accessible platform to do so through is Twitter rn. Black squares from thots and brands and gimmick accounts are irrelevant in this time.

No. 563698

Jesus, so many of you need to take several steps back, calm the fuck down… If you're so affected by this, then don't waste your energy by screeching at anonymous posters on the internet, go outside and protest instead.

Nta but look it up yourself: police violence is in fact a non-issue in most of Europe. The only countries who might reach over 10 killings by the police per year are France and Germany, the US has only 4 times as many inhabitants as the latter yet the amount of people killed is usually close to 1000. In Finland it's often zero and in Iceland only a single person has been shot since 1944!
The laws are so much stricter, many don't even carry guns and if they were to actually fire a shot (which happens very seldomly) then they immediately need to give away their gun for an investigation - even if they didn't hurt or kill a person. How could anybody compare this to the US? Protesters in Europe are treated way too nicely for all the dumb shit they spew and for how many unarmed police officers they harm because muh capitalism or some other immature shit. Everybody living in (non-eastern) Europe should be glad and grateful, they fail to realize how nice and cosy their lifes are in comparison to the rest of the world.

No. 563705

>protestors need access to social media updates to stay safe and informed.
You're stupid as shit if you think organizing or relying on social media is an accurate way to get information. I'm also pretty sure any organizers are keeping communication private. Cry more about your stupid blackout, it's woke retards shitting it up anyways lol

No. 563711

File: 1591108173252.jpg (45.68 KB, 664x767, 9ab.jpg)

So, this is a genuine question. I'm not trying to exaggerate the situation. How likely is it that this will turn into a race war of some sort? Esp after the president's announcement yesterday and the way white "protestors" have been walking around with guns and being let go

No. 563714

Nayrt but also a chicago anon, my tinfoil is the opposite–I feel like the cops are aggravating for a race war so they have an excuse to clear out minorities while lumping it in with the protest shit. Look at how the normal, usually unreported gang shit going on keeps getting painted by local media as "not sure if it's protest related uwu just sayin"

I also keep seeing videos of Kings waltzing right in front of police and Mexicans on social media eating it up with their dumbass "we're the good minority nooo don't shoot us, shoot them!" as if the cops are gonna walk up and ask their heritage before shooting…embarrassing.

t. mexican

No. 563720

File: 1591108700254.jpg (155.44 KB, 1080x1199, Screenshot_20200602-073818__01…)

Cops kill Hispanic Americans at high rates too

No. 563723

Fellow Chicagoan and Mexican Americanon lol, I really do hope it suddenly turns into a realization of us against the government. But I do notice a bunch of Latinos around here kissing up on the police mainly because they have their small businesses in Aurora and Chicago they don't want destroyed. If this keeps on for at least a week, soon it's gonna be the cops breaking down their windows, just wait.

No. 563724

That's unrelated to what I said but yeah, obviously. I'm saying Mexicans are so deluded that these cops aren't as bad as our cops in Mexico that they'll throw other minorities under the bus for a false sense of security, when the cops clearly don't see them as human either. It's just going to spark more territory/gang violence.

No. 563726

File: 1591109520651.jpeg (104.59 KB, 675x546, 02BAE1BB-6DBE-4574-A377-EF865E…)

No. 563727

Not sure if this has been posted yet, but as if it wasn't already obvious shit is gotten way out of hand on all sides.

No. 563730

File: 1591109774245.png (40.37 KB, 1502x1127, 27B65569-049F-4CBA-9937-B5DB58…)

No. 563731

Doublepost but wow, what are the odds lmao.
>soon it's gonna be the cops breaking down their windows
Exactly!? Like, what, do they think the cops are gonna be like "man you guys are alright, we owe you one"?? It'd be amazing if all the Chicago minorities woke up and started protecting each other from the real threats

And? If you paid attention in middle school history, your precious black on black violence is also a product of racial inequality. Try again

No. 563732

File: 1591110037773.jpg (448.97 KB, 1080x1756, Screenshot_20200603-004137__01…)

I found a comment on Reddit that describes the contents of a list of videos pertaining to the riots. They're all horrible, as expected. I'd embed them but a lot are from r/publicfreakout. So here's a picture of the comment and the links:

"A lot of violence going on in these riots is disgusting. and majority of reddit try to hide it."

* [Rioters beat white wife and husband hard for trying to stop protesters breaking their store](https://old.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/gttrlb/husband_and_wife_beaten_with_2x4s_while_defending/)
Here's [another angle](https://old.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/gu9smb/security_cam_view_of_husband_and_wife_attempting/)

* [Rioters burn a home with children inside then blocks firefighters](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEncQKV8k_0)

* [Rioters beating down white journalists for fun](https://old.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/guef0x/birmingham_reporters_get_attacked_on_air_while/)

* [Rioters throwing bricks assaulting a fire truck with firefighters inside](https://old.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/gus1tv/truck_51_during_the_riot_in_buckhead_atlanta/)

* [Rioters burns homeless mans possessions for fun laughing at him](https://tuckbot.tv/#/watch/gujarl)

* [NSFW - Rioters kill employee of pawn shop](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhG0v9pDycM)

* [Rioters attack and shoot fireworks at people eating in a restaurant](https://tuckbot.tv/#/watch/gulp9d)

* [NSFW - Guy has machete to protect stores, gets thrown rocks at, attacks, gets beaten and maybe killed](https://mobile.twitter.com/ElijahSchaffer/status/1266925493384736769)

* [Black man who invested life savings into bar crying](https://old.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/gsrjm7/black_business_owner_who_invested_life_savings/)

* [Black man angry at rioters burning his business down](https://old.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/gu7heh/guy_freaks_out_on_people_who_burned_his_business/)

* [Asian business owner with destroyed store laughed at](https://old.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/gt64yj/aftermath_of_riot_in_mn_local_business_owner/)

* [Rioters shoot 4 police officers](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAkY2tDQeGY)

* [Rioters kill 1 police officer](https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-05-30/federal-officer-killed-by-gunfire-outside-u-s-courthouse-in-oakland)

* [Rioters run over police officer with a car](https://old.reddit.com/r/ProtectAndServe/comments/gv1pkb/nypd_officer_was_ran_over_by_a_vehicle_a_few/)

* [Rioters run over police officer with a car again](https://twitter.com/hoodsite2/status/1267658652456026113?s=20)

#Pastebin for sharing the list


No. 563737

Its totally not rioters and antifa anon, its all nazi kkk’s with scooby doo level disguises trying to make them look bad because reasons!!!

No. 563738

Hey anon, ntayrt butI'm from Canada and what I see is that while the protests stemmed from standing up with solidarity for the death of George Floyd and Regis Korchinski-Paquet, I think it's become bigger than that. The protests seem to call for change in the police system and antiracism for Indigenous and black people, two groups who are treated like shit by government and society.

That being said, the case of Regis still being investigated. People think that her family is pointing fingers at the police to profit off it, as they have created GoFundMes, but have redacted one of their statements.

No. 563740

Thank god you're being sarcastic anon. I've heard enough from apologists who're denying their race could ever contribute to the destruction or outright condoning it because ~colonialism~

No. 563741

The whole "all live can't matter before black lives matter" replies I've been seeing on Twitter give me a really bad taste tbh.

No. 563742

>race war

I keep wondering why people keep saying this? Do you all want a race war? It's not going to fucking happen, most people (who are actually protesting) are using their energy on the police. Literally Minneapolis has a 2.2% black population, and people keep thinking it's mostly blacks looting when every teenager/loser doing bad shit is of various colors, I'm sick of retards saying 'race war111!!!'

No. 563744

Yes, but they think because they aren't black they have nothing to worry about. Same with Asians and other minorities, the same with whites, this has been mentioned before, when people realize it's the government and police and not just "BLM terrorists" then people get on board. It's just brain-dead boomers and people crying about "muh libtards and Hiliary", white-supremacists, Antifa retards and punks completely ruining the focus. This happened with Occupy Wallstreet. I'm really worried it's happening again.

No. 563746

Exactly, We don't even show out for our own communities because we're that ashamed to acknowledge that racism does impact our communities.

Mexican kids/women and other south Americans get sexually abused and separated from their families in detention centers, kids put into the foster care system to be adopted, the fact that eloteros and paleteros are harassed by the police and a whole bunch of other stuff. How many wide spread protests did we see for them from other Latinos and Mexican Americans? We didn't even show solidarity for the people who marched in Mexico for femicide.

Then we get mad that black people don't march for our issues lol. It's a joke

(Had mad typos so reposted.)

No. 563747

This is one of the aspects about this that piss me off. In London black teenagers are stabbed to death every week and no one cares. Imagine being a black mother and seeing your children joining drugs gangs knowing that it will get them killed. Yet a black man dies on the other side of the world and all the middle class SJWs take to the streets for that. It's sick.

>black on black violence is also a product of racial inequality
I don't disagree but destroying the communities people live in is not the answer. Think about how much government money is now going to be spent on rebuilding damaged infrastructure, that money would have been better spent giving black people the tools they need to lift themselves out of poverty.

No. 563748

Yeah that coupled with the angry mobs holding people randsom until they engage in armchair activism. This is a fucking mess and I hate people

Because both sides are instigating violence even against innocents. Apparently supremacists are also involved so that's the natural inclination people are getting. No one wants a race war, now that would be retarded. And honestly I've been watching constant live streams and various news broadcasts, and yes there's people of all races looting. Proportionately these's a whole lot of black people too which being ignored or outright justified all over social media. Regardless of the government potentially igniting the looting we've all gotta be accountable

No. 563749

fuck anyone saying "Buinesses and buildings can be replaced" I know a lot of people who are losing everything in this shit.
BLM matters, but my family and friends BLM's as well, and they are getting their shit burned and looted when they didn't do ANYTHING.

I know someone who got his store looted and he said he knew most the people doing it, he didn't have a weapon or anything to defend his store so he just sat there watching.

Fuck people who are looting, fuck anyone whose promoting looting and burning random shit.

No. 563750

Both sides are horrible but it makes my blood boil seeing celebrities making hot takes or blaming this or that group, I seen who is doing this. I even know people who are looting and burning.
These people don't care about george. They are black, white and all colors, JUST trying to get free things and watch things burn.

Fuck them.

No. 563754

I don't think people are promoting looting, at least not the ones who care about this as a movement. I think people want everyone to to understand /why/ looting is happening as a response to wealth disparity and systematic oppression, but I haven't seen well-informed people actually encouraging it, just edgy teens and bored people who want an easy steal. It's a distracting byproduct that needs to be contained, but I've literally seen cops ignore looting in favor of going to beat up peaceful protestors, so..

No. 563755

Totally agree anon the links here >>563732 have a few instances of what you're saying. They don't give a fuck, the people doing this see it from the "destruction of property doesn't equate to murder" when it quite literally is at this point. Fires cause harm and even death, something they're conveniently forgetting. This video was a report of rioters setting a building with a child on fire and then preventing emergency services from reaching said child >>563727

No. 563757

Wish I could post in unpopular opinions but anyone looting is objectively wrong. Stealing shit while pretending to care about a dead stranger is nothing but thinly veiled, self-serving horseshit. Them saying 'HURR BUT ITZ INSHURRED!' when they don't even know that for a fact is nothing but a cop out to continue their selfish toddler behavior.

No. 563758

Nayrt but what are you and >>563732 trying to prove with this? What's the point in sharing videos of violence and repeatedly explaining that guns and fire…kill people? Yes, it's happening, we know. And?

No. 563759

Someone French who was involved in the many protests there explained the role of police/control agents like this in riots or mass protests very well on Reddit a few days ago.

When things go south and people are being disturbed your main priority is to ensure that no one else joins these protests and makes those crowds bigger, and you do that by showing the people at home that it's dangerous and they have a 0 tolerance policy towards you if you turn up.

Obviously it's hard to say how well this works and it's obviously not helping anyone when the whole issue rests on police brutality but it explains what happens.

No. 563761

I think the store owners should be allowed to shoot anyone who tries to loot and destroy their business.

No. 563763

File: 1591114043316.jpeg (71.98 KB, 480x640, 24FC298E-103F-4D68-B358-FC3CED…)


No. 563764

idk what about this makes it funny but it's funny

No. 563767

That’s completely wrong and inhumane as fuck people are dying already enough as it is!!!
Hey she knew what was up when she said “I hate America” five years ago. Before I mess up, that’s her right? Funny how she doesn’t need bodyguards to do this (as if they’re not all around her).

No. 563769

She tans herself till she almost looks black but it's whatever as long as she says stuff

No. 563770

The combination of the oversized clothes and the background people being taller than her makes her look midget size.

No. 563772

Tanning is normal anon and it doesn’t imply you’re larping as another race, especially when you’re vocal about being a proud Grande Italian (who are crazy about it). It’s just funny because there are actually celebrities participating in this autism and it just looks out of place. Chill.

No. 563774

File: 1591115521861.jpg (120.6 KB, 758x784, aifakgi904u9uo4.JPG)

100% she knew her body would keep the guy from being beaten into a pulp, lol, imagine the force they would've used if she wasn't there.

No. 563775

She doesn't just tan, she's also changed her style of speaking from cutesy to hoodrat and constantly capitalizes on being racially ambiguous because it's in vogue. She constantly benefits from her unironic privledge and takes opportunities away from black female artists more talented than herself.
And that donut shop, Wolfe Donuts is a brown owned business. The nerve of some entitled white girl waltzing in and licking donuts she didn't pay for lmao

No. 563776

File: 1591115802974.jpg (34.07 KB, 709x322, aifakgi904u9uo4.JPG)


Click the thread for more. What the actual fuck is going on, too many bad actors on all fucking sides.

No. 563777

sighs at you very deeply

No. 563780

I knew this from the start because history repeats itself but good post anon. What do you search to find the gemstone posts on twitter?

No. 563781

File: 1591116027977.jpg (70.89 KB, 745x836, aifakgi904u9uo4.JPG)

Here you go



tbh, I don't know I just found this post >>563774 and kept scrolling down for more.

No. 563782

I bet this person believes the DC protestors were mass murdered like everyone else on Twitter lol. Not saying that it's not possible but I don't believe it's that widespread the police are actively destroying their own shit.

No. 563783

This guy talks about the riots in NYC

No. 563784

uwu these protests are innocent but having a common item around forces ppl to break windows and loot

No. 563785

File: 1591116168413.jpg (80.31 KB, 735x655, 098042898.JPG)

No. 563786

Of the bricks are staged, why do people fall for it? Seriously, it makes no sense, if its 100% the police of anfifa can they explain why so many people pick up the bricks and fall for the trap?

People have been doing this all week, I think there's truth to everything, I think a little bit of everyone is doing fucked shit, but to say it's one group or another, when there's videos proof of certain situations, it blowing my mind.

No. 563789

File: 1591116238823.jpg (98 KB, 722x847, 098042898.JPG)

No. 563792

File: 1591116320019.jpg (63.16 KB, 727x805, 098042898.JPG)

No. 563793

its a trap the same way dateline is a trap. don't do illegal shit and people won't be mad at you

No. 563794

Should have clarified, but he and his girlfriend talk about how there were pallets of bricks that aren't common around the Soho area.

He has a pretty level headed view of the protesters and rioters as well so definitely not playing the blame game.

No. 563795

File: 1591116510459.jpg (26.01 KB, 725x309, aifakgi904u9uo4.JPG)

Trump roleplaying as Regan and Nixon with le southern strategy and law and order.


No. 563797

File: 1591116710831.jpg (73.55 KB, 722x839, 098042898.JPG)


Apparently these are locals being teargassed.

No. 563799

File: 1591116792563.jpeg (130.25 KB, 768x576, 5ed551f90ab6c.jpeg)

Nigerians in Victoria Island, Lagos protesting for BLM.
They're kind of being laughed at by other Nigerians for this, though.

No. 563800

I always hated twitter but because of this I believe about 20% of what i see, so many people spreading half-truths, maybe the truth and flat out lies.
I'd never thought i could hate twitter more.

No. 563801

File: 1591116831612.jpg (144.03 KB, 702x924, 5ed5533b6f2c7.jpg)

No. 563803

File: 1591116935339.jpg (131.41 KB, 720x948, 5ed55321ce4f2.jpg)

No. 563812

if ya didn't hate cops before and don't at least question them after seeing the countless videos of the way they treat PEACEFUL protesters in broad daylight when no looting or vandalism is happening, you're keeping your eyes closed.


No. 563813

File: 1591117286586.jpg (27.8 KB, 718x314, aifakgi904u9uo4.JPG)

>laughed at by other Nigerians
Good, they're fucking hypocritical considering they like to pretend the government and the rest of the country didn't genocide 3 million Igbos a few decades ago with the help of Britian. And the army still patrols their areas in the south while literal boko haram fucks shit up everywhere else

true you have a point, I just feel bad for the local protestors that are getting ignored and the rioters look on with glee to cause shit.

Finally people recognize this social media # shit is meaningless if you don't go out there and do something, sick of retards using protests as "look at me" slackavist shit.

No. 563815

cops always escalate, they always do. This is in the morning / afternoon obviously before curfew where these are most likely locals as well. I don't see broken glass or anything and many of them are following the laws like using the crosswalk when told to.

No. 563817

Agreed on Nigeria, it's surreal seeing all these unrelated countries specifically jump on a cause for the USA.
I was hoping that it'd make everyone protest the bullshit their own police forces and governments have pulled (I know for a fact there are worse cases in Nigeria alone), but I guess attention on social media is more important.

No. 563820

File: 1591117736632.jpg (60.74 KB, 1078x719, aifakgi904u9uo4.JPG)


Imagine being shot at on your own property and bootlickers are like "you didn't follow curfew" when you're at your fucking house.

No. 563824

File: 1591118292088.png (513.51 KB, 586x746, 0zmai7rVV.png)

The USA is truly the world's biggest lolcow.

No. 563825

Americans think they have shit cops lmao

No. 563826

File: 1591118428680.jpg (277.28 KB, 1456x1941, HHKzs38r__01.jpg)

I'm going to answer that question with a quote from the thread description:
>This thread can be utilized to post any footage that isn't covered by mainstream media outlets

>I don't think people are promoting looting
Here's my brief stint amongst the youth of social media: https://imgur.com/a/YLVNZR3
ACAB seems to be the hot phase right now

No. 563829

A fedex truck struck and killed a protestor


No. 563831

Why are they looting houses now?

No. 563834

Proof? As far as I'm aware there's been no looting of homes.

No. 563835

I wish they'd peacefully lootriot near me bc I need some new kitchen appliances.

No. 563837

Looting is bad but why do people care more about the looting than the cops who murdered people and got away with it? The other cops who were implicit in the murder haven't been arrested along with a plethora of cops involved in the most recent happenings.

>Looting bad, murder good

No. 563839

People can care about both, and it's kind of hard when you are being harmed and people are being harmed for something they did NOT cause.

No. 563841


"I think I see a way out of this"

No. 563842

It'd be one thing if it was just certain buildings being looted and burned, but when it's your workplace, a building you own or even live in it's a different story.
Especially since 70% of the people doing those things don't care about George or the police they just want to take advantage.

Some don't even live there, are just ruining your neighborhood and leaving. The people who care are protesting and seeing how the police can still be shit to the peaceful, the ones who don't are looting and burning random things.

No. 563843

File: 1591119269240.jpg (86.51 KB, 684x741, aifakgi904u9uo4.JPG)

simple, because they know or expect to know that they will never be a target. Am i condoning looting? No, but that's all they focus on and the fake concern for black own business while staying silent when shit like this >>563224 >>563215
or this happens https://twitter.com/bubbaprog/status/1267641851215036416

No. 563844

I know, we'll rape and pillage our own city that'll end racism in the police force!

I could list so many other issues that need to be addressed before burning the city becomes a viable option but I'm tried and cbf. Even then shit's only going downhill from here

No. 563846

How do you know those people don't care about these things? I care about looted buinesses AND people being treated unfairly, killed or jailed.

This is dumb, so everyone who cares about black businesses being destroyed can't also care about this?

No. 563850

I'm following the thread on KF and although it's very biased, there's a lot of interesting footage there

No. 563852

>Do you all want a race war?
I think it'd be funny.

No. 563854

It's more
>Police murder bad, riot murder justified
I'm concerned with the multiple dead and injured thankyou, including George and those who predate him. It's not just looting and burning, although implying people concerned with the act perpetuated on innocents aren't supportive is so manipulative and disgusting.
>Staying silent
God you're one of those who screams racism at people who don't want to take part in armchair activism.

No. 563855

Also wanted to add that there's graphic videos over there of innocent civilians being killed by protesters.

I feel like a lot of people will turn out to be racist after these events. Especially other minorities, like Asians, Mexicans and Arabs, who already hold contempt towards black people. You have to remember that the average person doesn't give a shit about twitter and the wokeness culture.

No. 563856

My point is that people are trying to delegitimize the movement and silence protesters by focusing solely on the looting and rioting, usually instigated by outsiders and cops, while being radio silent about the atrocities continuing to be committed by cops. The media only has so much focus and attention span. The actual deaths go unreported on in the media and are not discussed because people would rather watch and talk about some dude stealing a TV from Target. Property damage should not be taking priority over human life nor should it have more screen-time. You can definitely care about both issues but my post is directly in response to the people on social media who care more about buildings than people.

No. 563858

>Property damage should not be taking priority over human life nor should it have more screen-time.
Of course they don't want to show people being killed on television, and almost everyone is already against murder, so what would be the point?

No. 563861

File: 1591120350925.jpeg (469.7 KB, 1125x924, BCA96709-0208-4EB5-AF98-15AD64…)

Found on my friends post, this coming from a privileged white hoe.

>inb4 scrote

I went to high school with these people

No. 563862

File: 1591120379286.png (946.68 KB, 1012x1016, 8oGftQQ.png)

kek the fucking kuromi rabbit
anyway what were farmhands thinking allowing this thread

No. 563863

>Good, they're fucking hypocritical considering they like to pretend the government and the rest of the country didn't genocide 3 million Igbos a few decades ago with the help of Britian.
This. People are so far up with the slave narrative that they keep forgetting that even today in Africa African tribes sell other African tribe members as slaves to each other and commit genocide against them all the fucking time. It was black slave traders who sold them to the whitey (and arabs, who bought way more of them) to begin with.

What fucks me up about this whole "protesting" (read: looting and rioting) is that they're playing straight into the racists' bags with this sort of behavior. Trump is going to be re-elected based on this event alone, all he has to do is to reference to what happened in May-June 2020 and people will vote for him if he promises more security and authority to the police.
>B-but grassroots peaceful protesting never worked!!!
Yeah well rioting doesn't either. Real change doesn't happen overnight, it takes decades of persistent work to rework the power structures and cultural attitudes, including abolishing the idealization of extreme macho masculinity and thug life within the black community.

No. 563864

Anyways, I don't give a shit about cops or black people, I just want to be able to buy shit online and not have shit be delayed because the USA is throwing a bitch fit rn

No. 563867

Funny because a lot of the propety damage can destory innocent human lives and has KILLED some innocent humans.
Funny because what you are saying is what EVERYONE is saying, people saying what you are saying are NOT being silenced, in fact, the people worrying about the lasting effects of all this are being silenced a lot more.

Whose saying these building are more important then human lives by pointing out ti's pointless to destory your own neighborhood and innocent people's shit?

And yes, the police Do NOT start all the riots or looting, like I said, as someone who is black and has seen this shit first hand, I've seen and heard a lot.

No one cares about where we'll be after this, people screaming online don't have to deal with cleaning this up. WE DO.

No. 563868

same literally no1curr i just wish they'd all stop whining, america has always been a shithole but at least they used to be quiet about it

No. 563869


No. 563870

Yep there's literally video links posted in the thread. The younger generations are just as retarded as they think their parents are and will live to regret this shit. The ends doesn't justify the means

It's sad but the retards of America played right into the government's hands and have damaged the whole movement for respectful protestors. Some are shills some are autists who think anarchy is justified. I'd say it's education levels but universities egged the whole victim class culture which validates this behaviour in many people's minds

No. 563872

Because they are racist bootlickers

No. 563874

My nintendo switch is more important than some junkie faggot who broke into a woman's house and bashed her head

No. 563876

Yes because all the black people (including myself) speaking out about looting are racist bootlickers.

No. 563879

nobody cares how black you are

No. 563880

So many Sanrio hoes trying to be the ~uwu perfect ally~
>anyway what were farmhands thinking allowing this thread
I'm genuinely surprised too anon, I'm sure it won't last

No. 563883

No. 563885

This just in - George Floyd's brother is a racist bootlicker! \s

No. 563886

Dpn't samefag,black-chan

No. 563887

>t. white ally

No. 563888

Speak for yourself. When this is over antifa and the white woke college students will get to go back to daddy's credit card in the white suburbs. It's African Americans who will be dealing with this for decades.

No. 563890

I'm a different anon, report me if you are worried about samefagging or shut the fuck up and die, cockroach.

No. 563891

I've come to really hate these annoying agitating cunts the most.
They're pretty much always suburban upper class trust fund white kids looking for an excuse to rebel against mommy and daddy, and it's ALWAYS super transparent.

No. 563894

>people saying what you are saying are NOT being silenced, in fact, the people worrying about the lasting effects of all this are being silenced a lot more.

This. I dare these people to try using logic like we are now in public or on social media. Immediate cancel, immediate racist label. People are getting hate bombed by these psychos for being silent for fucks sake. Who would want to contribute to this when there's every possibility you'll get publically destroyed for not being woke enough? Or called performative and racist? You literally can't win with these people, they're out for blood.

No. 563899

Doesn't America have the 2nd amendment for this? If somebody is on your property or threatening you, then you have the right to defend yourself, also by shooting?

No. 563903

Not to mention corona. Looting needs to be condemned because it enables greed and helps paint a narrative to the world that distracts from what's important. These are people's neighborhoods, entire blocks were on fire during Rodney King. I can't believe people think it's all going to be fixed with a bandaid like it was in 2015.

No. 563912

I just wanna say that this is the funniest thread I’ve ever been on. I never cried laughed so much. Honestly I used to be pro looting but that was when it was shitty target or other huge corporations but people are stupid and are now fucking up small businesses that’s not right at all. I don’t understand why they don’t just arrest the other 3 Officers and the president just says he condemns police brutality. That would seriously put a stop for this. Instead he is fanning the flames and being an instigator. Also it’s crazy that we have curfews being implemented NOW but not when Idk a PANDEMIC( that’s still going on) where thousands of people are dying daily didn’t warrant one? I’m just tired of being stressed out by this. I want to protest too to show solidarity to Breonna Taylor and other black women who have been murdered by police but are consistently overshadowed by male victims. But I’m scared of going blind smh. I just want this to end and for change to actually happen

No. 563920

File: 1591123487585.jpg (262.4 KB, 1456x1941, SUnwebdr.jpg)

Okay I was right >>563894
I posted some pro anarchists prior in the thread. One of them is already coping shit from the woke public for not supporting the cause hard enough from another fucking country?

No. 563923

Kek, none of this affects my country whatsoever so I hope you guys have fun with what's left of your shitty, shitty USA

No. 563930

Unless you're Asian and living in an Asian country, chances are this will affect your country in some way.
Just look at what's going on in France right now.

No. 563934

I hope it gets worse than 9/11

No. 563937

Nope, not a chink, just in a country where nobody cares and people generally aren't retarded. USA isn't the world and your already shitty country falling to pieces doesn't mean mine will

No. 563944

+So Americans can shut the fuck up about it

No. 563970

Don't cut yourself on all that edge

No. 563971

Dummy we haven’t “shut up” about that. I hope it gets worse too Sm just so the conversation doesn’t end. Stay in ur country. We dgaf about yours. We not rioting over your corrupt government/police force.

No. 563972

Sf eh I see now you meant cuz we haven’t shut up about 911. My point still stands I’m sure your country hasn’t gotten over the genocide or “immigrants” or whatever the fuck you have a problem with. Mind yours.

No. 563973

File: 1591126696058.jpg (39.92 KB, 747x737, euk7ku0e76b41.jpg)

No. 563974

I say this completely unironically, America, its government and a hell of a lot of their people are one big lolcow themselves

No. 563977

>Mind yours.
said the burgerfag, shitting up every existing social media with their shitty politics, harassing non-americans because they don't involve themselves in it too


No. 563979

No. 563980

Damn you really showed me!

No. 563983

I don’t have any social media fuck you. There are sensible and stupid motherfuckers everywhere. Let me guess dumb eurofag slut?

No. 563984

Yeah I can get behind that

No. 563985

You’re involving yourself in it with these comments and probably got a protest in ur country. Stupid

No. 563986

>dumb eurofag slut
Lol burgerfags are mad. What are you going to do, burn the local Mcdonalds?

No. 563988

god bless all the americans getting triggered ITT kek

No. 563989

They really think that anyone who dares to criticize their shithole country must be european lmao

No. 563990

I love how that’s all you can retort with.
> fat americansss uhhh McDonald’s
Stfu and stop involving yourself with it. The biggest minority in America is people who give a fuck what any other country says fuck you

No. 563992

Shouldn't you be defacing the Lincoln Memorial monument right now?

No. 563996

we wuz kangs n shiet

and looting luxury stores to get herself some gucci bags to show them cops

No. 563998

Nope. That’s almost as dumb as you.

No. 564000

Oh no, you called me dumb! How will I ever recover?

No. 564001

did you just call the whole BLM movement dumb, you absolute shitlord?

No. 564002

Does anyone know much (or have any links) about the wife that quickly filed for divorce from Chauvin? Coverage where I am has been minimal

Having seen enough wives stick with their husbands in similar situations or 'wait it out' only divorcing after the husband is already sentenced.. I wonder how much her speed in filing says about him? It's just (sadly) rare to see a quick decision like that. Curious if any domestic incidents have been found in his history.

No. 564004

Of course the whole BLM movement starts with the death of a black criminal. The joke writes itself kekekeke

No. 564006

kek, E-EVERYONE THAT TELLS ME TO SHUT UP IS A EUROFAG! who's gonna tell them that literally no country, eurofag or not, tolerates them

No. 564007

I’m white try again.

I love how all the non Americans know so much about the country. All you get is your scrubbed media. Witness our country firsthand for a length of time, as any “poc,” for lack of a better, term then come talk about it.

Lol yea you got me

No. 564008

File: 1591128861559.jpg (4.89 KB, 160x159, 1441306121421.jpg)

>witness our country firsthand for a length of time
I'd rather shit in my hands and clap

No. 564011

If the object of this egotistical fight was the get the thread banned, you're all succeeding. At least pretend to be discussing the riots holy shit.

No. 564012

File: 1591129032542.gif (2.63 MB, 640x640, tenor (5).gif)

>complaining about infighting while your entire country itself is infighting

No. 564013

File: 1591129054171.png (127.77 KB, 440x371, Ozkm8ks.PNG)

>I’m white try again.
Did you do your part, fellow white woman?

No. 564014

>You're triggered kek

girls you're both right

No. 564015

the kpoppies are invading this thread it seems

i giggled

No. 564016

This thread was funny and informative until the racebaiters came along. Why do you guys ruin everything shit!! The same racist jokes nothing new or innovative I’m tired!! Get some new material. It’s always “dindu nuff in, we waz kings, blacks are criminals etc” ITS BORING I’m so sad because this thread honestly had some good points on both sides in the beginning. Now it’s just Europeans crying and racists being bored and edgy lol.

No. 564017

File: 1591129480546.png (30.82 KB, 275x206, 1583875324212.png)

>Tfw not your country, nice try though

No. 564018

Lmao pasty white antifa bitches getting shot and blinded is the most hilarious thing I've seen for a while. Thank you America, thank you for entertaining the rest of the world for so long with not only your movies and TV shows, but with your politics as well.

No. 564020

do you realize that some of us are, GASP!!, not amerifags/eurofags?

is it your first time greentexting

No. 564021

>A-anyone who disagrees with me is BAITING

No. 564022

That solves everything. Ofc I did. I’m the all the cops in the country and all corrupt politicians, and racists. The knees that are kneeling care. The people that need to be held accountable aren’t on their knees.

Besides I have the vid. Positive the 30th haven’t been out my house since.

No. 564023

You're used to be kneeling, right?

No. 564026

File: 1591129848813.png (22.29 KB, 128x126, 1580662466614.png)

>nice try though

No. 564028

You sound like a scrote. And are dumb as one to not understand sarcasm.

No. 564029

I'm sick of all of this. We need leaders. What we have is an obese spray taned elderly dementa patient screaming "I AM THE LAW" while hiding in a bunker like a bitch.

No. 564030

>Unless you're Asian
No, just look how hard they go off on their usually so beloved kpop idols. Dudes and dudettes have minimal education, the only english they know is "Fans we love you!", many have never even set foot on american soil, yet twitterfags expect them to write woke statements and "open their purses" (B-but they have internet! Google translate is free!).

No. 564032

>you sound like a scrote
who's ready for redtext?

No. 564037

NO. The second we have a leader they are delegitamized (Deray), ran off (Marcus Garvey) or killed (Nat Turner, MLK and Malcom X).

You can't fight off an ideology and a belief if enough of your population is sick and tired though.

No. 564042

File: 1591130571042.jpeg (90.46 KB, 800x450, B32A8BE8-50E5-42B3-B930-C6DD11…)

>It’s another Eurofags and Burgers have a shit flinging contest thread

I’m thinking about going to a protest in my dinky suburban town on Friday. Any advice? It’s gonna be during the day

No. 564043

Kek, I forgot to press enter. Please sue me anon before I get destroyed by all these sick burns.

This is true, they want chaos amongst the black community and for the most part it works.

No. 564045

This shit is making me sad like 2020 was supposed to be OUR year not the devils!! We were all supposed to be millionaires and bad bitches not sad bitches. I’m triggered!!

No. 564046

File: 1591130741262.png (25.14 KB, 256x256, WHVnUDVPMnGU4yAm2ZkG_Xf7-uRR8c…)

>The only people that use this site are either eurofags or burgerfags

No. 564047

I ment running the country. Because right now, we've got shit. Literally. We have an Orange Shitgibbon with delusions of grandeur.

No. 564048

wear googles /protective eye gear, maks, be aware of your soundings and keep yourself safe because even if you protest safely, some cop might do slick shit like throw teargass at you round and you all up.

No. 564049

Wear sunglasses wear a mask don’t wear anything discernible bring plenty of water and snacks and thank you for showing support!

No. 564059

Why do people still go to protests knowing they might end up either blind or dead? Mental illness

No. 564060

Just believe in the plan anon, bunker boy is ready for a 72D chess move, just you wait!

Screaming "law and order" like he's Regan kek, and he gave Obama shit for Fergueson protests/riots and Trayvon Martin. Come on! Do something! He will just yap shit to the media and twitter while governors and mayors hold the bag. You bet your ass behind the scenes all the repubs are pissed at him doing nothing. Mitch McConnel is literally MIA right now too, his constituents in Kentucky hate him because he keeps ignoring them and taking away their redneck medicaid and black lung disease healthcare. They hated him and the previous govenor so much that they voted in a democrat govenor.

No. 564063

B-BECAUSE THEY NEED TO HELP! literally doing nothing but adding to the chaos. name one good thing that will come from going to that riot

No. 564066

Why the fuck would you go?

No. 564069

Holy shit. Americans really are the epitome of pathetic. And you have the gal to talk shit about us in Europe. This is genuinely the most disgusting thing I have seen in a long time. It is such a revolting image.

No. 564070


because some things are bigger than yourself, these demonstrations being one of them. there are people willing to risk their safety for this cause, because it's an issue bigger than just individual pain. y'all call it chaos but the only chaos i see is when aggressive cops agitate protesters and go out of their way to harm PEACEFUL ONES, even ones running away from the chaos in the back of the head.

calling this shit a "riot" without acknowledging the police that are escalating peaceful protests to that point is tone deaf.

No. 564073

Yeah, for all his posturing it sure took him a long time to disperse the crowds in Washington. That is not a strong leader, that is a hesitant one. And he leaves the rest of the country at the mercy of their retarded governors.

No. 564074

>people raiding shops, destroying black-owned properties, literally by every definition "disturbing the peace"

No. 564075

Pretending that the "Only chaos" you see is the police is tone death as well. This issue is deep, people trying to blame it all on one side or the other, especially when ALL Sides have proof of bad behavior is bullshit.

No. 564076

both sides suck but the police sucks more

No. 564077

It seems counterproductive to me to have protests that inevitability turn violent, planting further fear/annoyance/hatred in cops and leading to more forceful tactics from police dealing with minorities. That being said I also don't know what the ideal way of dealing with this is. I think the current reaction sadly creates a vicious cycle.

No. 564078

>The people that keep you safe suck more than violent criminals.
Sure Jan.

No. 564079

People keep yelling at people for only seeing one side of the issues while only seeing one side of the issue themselves.
Agreed, but i'd be a liar if i didn't say what i've seen with my own eyes, which is people from my community stealing, looting and burning.
I refuse to pretend it's not happening, The cops suck, rioters suck, peaceful protests get fucked over by the police and bad actors.

The police are the cause of this, but there's MANY people to blame for the way they are acting and people who do not give a shit about George.

No. 564084

DAE think this will someday soon fizzle out like the pandemic hopefully…serious question

No. 564088

Yeah no. The problem is that 2 VERY different issues were combined and are presented as being the same. The police being trigger happy, violent retards is absolutely an issue and needs to be adressed, no matter the race of who they shoot. The race profiling that the black community has issue with is absolutely not the same problem and in fact not a problem at all. We do age and sex profiling because we know young men are the most likely to be criminals. We also know that black young men are even more likely to be criminals. Acting like racial profiling is somehow a negative is simply denying reality because you don't like it and it is insane that it has become normalized in public discourse.

The pandemic hasn't fizzled out anon. And these riots will only make it worse, much much worse.

No. 564090

I think some of the robbers and looters (the ones less interested in Floyd or justice) are probably drawn to the excitement of it after months of having no social life because of the pandemic. I think in a weird way some are using this as something to dive into after months of boredom. Not all obviously, but there's always piggybackers

It's not the first riot, won't be the last. Not the first new virus to pop up and concern us, again won't be the last. Every few years some sort of bird or animal flu hits us. These things repeat.

No. 564092

No. This has been a long time coming, since the Mike Brown riots at least. It's still building up to the conflict.

No. 564093

Yes. They already arrested and charged the cop, and there is no goal or list of demands beside GIB MUNNY

No. 564097

No. 564098

In 2017 (my country) cops in one of the federated states went on a strike and all turned into chaos, with looting, robbery and 200 ppl ended up being killed. Can't believe the same thing is happening in America rn, I thought it was exclusive to shitholes live where I live.

No. 564099

>Not a shithole
pick one

No. 564100

this has been inevitable for years.

No. 564101


No. 564113

im northern european and everyone is posting "im white and i will never understand but i STAND with you" and blackouttuesday and shit like that and i just find the whole thing a tad embarassing because america is a shithole, and we have our own problems to deal with right now instead of USAs fucking racewar so why are we virtue signaling for them lmao.

No. 564116

Thanks! I usually wear sunglasses whenever I go out because its sunny now and also wind gets in my eyes easily.
I'm hoping not much is gonna happen because its a small town but then again, the high end mall 20 mins away from me got raided so I'll try to be prepared no matter what. Thanks for the advice!

No. 564131

Tfw it'll not be guillotine time

No. 564138

Had any protest in the last 20 years amounted to much of anything? I can't think of any. TPTB won't let it get much further.

No. 564147


Maybe if all educated people didn’t leave in 90s in massive brain drain your economies wouldn’t be such garbage, just a thought

No. 564150

That's weird, I have it on good authority from 20 year old Twitter users that cops actually cause crime

No. 564154

File: 1591142978638.png (346.83 KB, 756x503, baby.PNG)

No. 564159

can you add nails/lashes/lips to this guy's photo like the dumb bitch memes?

No. 564161

I know for a fact that America would be the next country that would need the intervention of several other countries in another world war before it actually recognized that there was a race problem against its non-white citizens

The police have been rounding up runaway slaves since their inception, what makes anyone think they’re the perfect example of law and order now?

lolcow would be nice if it wasn’t just /r9k/ 2.0. half of the time

No. 564162

some of us are looking for /r9k/ 2.0. literally /r9k/ but just for women would be the dream. not a newfag in sight

No. 564163

This dude cracks me the fuck up, god bless whoever found this weirdo and decided to obess over them KEK

No. 564164

>/r9k/ 2.0
I once witnessed a discord tranny refer to LC as /r9k/ for TERFs. It's not the first time I've heard LC described that way either.

No. 564166

maybe not for terfs but just more of an anything-goes vibe especially on /ot/ and newfaggotry heavily cracked down upon, i swear to god sometimes i think /pt/ should be another site entirely

No. 564171

File: 1591144743001.jpg (852 KB, 1446x1792, 1591122230822.jpg)

Come home, white woman.

No. 564175

File: 1591144974551.jpg (9.06 KB, 211x375, rif-1591125806055.jpg)

Mayor DeBlasio's daughter was arrested.

No. 564178

File: 1591145027116.jpg (16.28 KB, 275x275, 1591142012645.jpg)

No. 564180

Here’s some Twitter threads about safety tips:


If you’re taking pictures and plan to post them anywhere, this guy on Twitter created this tool to anonymize photos: https://everestpipkin.github.io/image-scrubber/

Here’s his tweet: https://twitter.com/everestpipkin/status/1266936398055170048?s=21

No. 564182

this is standard russian propaganda. and even if it is true, they lie so much it is impossible to tell when something is fact.

No. 564183

I meant to put this link:
https://twitter.com/nxbrxth/status/1266239760248393735?s=21 instead of the first. Sorry for the duplicate links.

No. 564186

Russia is unironically a nicer country than America though?

Name a US city as nice as Moscow:

>Affordable in the suburbs

>Excellent transport, and it is being upgraded and new overground lines put in all the time
>Clean as fuck
>Cheap food
>New developments/new things happening all the time
>Tons of history

No. 564188

File: 1591145614352.jpg (1.02 MB, 1536x1376, 1590926092154.jpg)

We've got a facecrime.

No. 564189

File: 1591145666193.jpg (131.87 KB, 621x919, 1591042702229.jpg)

More Twitter lunatics. Can the state publicly execute Jack Dorsey, liquidate all his assets and distribute them to the people pls?

Social media is cancer.

No. 564190

File: 1591145714533.png (1.06 MB, 1080x2324, uxAHNff.png)

>When a multi-billion dollar corporation demands you repeat a mantra


No. 564192

File: 1591145787518.jpg (307.15 KB, 1080x1810, Screenshot_20200601_144205.jpg)

I found this ethnomasochist funny.

No. 564195

File: 1591145901667.jpg (164.55 KB, 480x654, 1591063294665.jpg)

And there have been tons of these loons demanding white people form human shields for them.

No. 564197

Eh. Better that than going "Fuck niggers" but I digress.
OT but American Ashkenazi Jews who insist they aren't white will never not make me lol.
America sucks but let's not pretend Russia isn't a glorified dictatorship

No. 564198

Not to be that girl but white people get harmed/killed more then anyone, then it's black, why are people acting like the police WONT fuck a white person up when stats show they will?

(and I know there's more whites than black so of course they'd kill/harm them more)

No. 564199

when I say anyone* i mean by the police. I could be wrong, I'm all for everyone of every color protesting with us to fight, but it does not seem the police gives a fuck about anyone if they are corrupt and badly trained.

No. 564203

from r/GenderCritical

>So, in the last couple of days I’ve watched countless videos of the protets that were sparked by George Floyd’s murder as probably many of you did. It didn’t surprise me at all to learn that in many cases white people were the instigators of the vandalism/property damage/confrontations with the police, often against the direct wishes of the black organizers of the protests. What’s surprised me though was to see so many very young white women happily throwing bricks/kicking out the windows/arguing with black ppl who were trying to stop them. And it’s made me think about young white female entitlement, how it’s fuelled by both privilege and oppression and how it manifests not only in the context of black ppl’s struggle against white supremacy but also in the context of liberal as well as radical feminism.

>It’s not a fucking secret that most of the female cheerleeders of liberal feminism/transgenderism/queer theory are a combo of three things: white, young, economically privileged. Yes, there are some WoC amongst them but they’re rarely (if ever) poor WoC. And most of the older women are professionals whose carreers depend on them toeing the party line. What makes these young privileged women so vulnerable to being fooled into supporting male supremacist interests? I think it’s the mind-fucking combination of simultanously being told they’re on top of the world while also being constantly dehuminized by the males around them. Both men in their lives as well as the larger society with its’ messages about female sexuality being all about objectifying/dehumanizing/degrading yourself. What they do then is what any child faced with her first real-world adveristy would do: they identify the messenger as the oppressor. They’re unable to reconcile their sense of entitlement with the hurt they feel for being treated as less than human by men. But admitting they’re not the all-powerful architects of their lives they've always imagined themeselves to be would be too ego shattering. So what they do instead is to construct the evil outgroup that’s responsbile for creating the hurt-feels. Radical feminists with our analysis of the patriarchy but also sometimes racial minorities who are unwilling to participate in their LARPing as revolutionaries game. And it’s the same ego driven principle – they simply can’t comprehend why black ppl/poc could ever be wary of instigating violent riots bc these violent riots are minimally dangerous to them and maximally beneficial to their self-image. They see these black ppl as cowardly conservative traitors the same way they see radfems as cowardly conservative traitors.

>Now to the most personally painful part of the analysis: young white women discovering radical feminism after being immeresed in transgenderism/queer theory for years are often unable to shed their sense of entitlement too. I don’t have it in me to judgde these women too harshly, I could’ve easily ended up as one of them if my circumstances where slightly different. But I’m tired of tiptoeing around their hurt feelings, of pretending their mummy issues are unique, tired of them bringing up their ‘not like the other girls’ egocentrism as some kind of proof they deserve special treatment. Radical feminism requires compassion for all women, including women who are more privileged than you. But radical feminism is not a support group for white middle class girls who have just recently realised white men won’t have their back the way they've always believed they would.

No. 564205

What a time line we live in…

No. 564209

What I wanna know is where the social justice liberals were when America under Obama turned Libya, the most prosperous state in Africa, into a wartorn hellhole with slave markets. These people pick and choose their issues according to whatever is front page on the NYT. That's it.

>America sucks but let's not pretend Russia isn't a glorified dictatorship
Better a glorified dictatorship with stability than a weak, feeble liberal democracy that can't stop its cities being burned to ashes.

But I digress. Russia isn't a dictatorship. It's more authoritarian than Western European states, but it has elections and it has an anti-government media (Nezavisimaya Gazeta and the like).

Yeah, there's this tendency of WoC to try and do the guilt trip thing on WW to be honest. Emotional terrorism.

No. 564210

i'm not reading all that

No. 564211


Warning: This is pretty brutal. It shows the police killing of Daniel Shaver some years back. This is even worse than the killing of George Floyd but it never gained mainstream media attention at all. Wonder why….

No. 564212

>compassion for all women, including women who are more privileged than you
And who has compassion for the less privileged ones? The privileged ones? I fucking doubt it.

No. 564213

>race problem against its non-white citizens

Can you clarify, what do you mean by "race problem"? Can you give an example of other comparably diverse countries that don't have "race problems"?

Secondly, when you say non-white citizens, do you mean Asians and Hispanics? Because they're proportionally less likely to be killed by cops than White Americans are.

No. 564217

If you're not American why are you even attending a protest? lmao. useless lemming.

No. 564218

go eat a rotten potato russkie chan

No. 564220

File: 1591147245807.jpg (242.11 KB, 1200x1200, napoleon-i-9420291-2-402.jpg)

>What we have is an obese spray taned elderly dementa patient screaming "I AM THE LAW" while hiding in a bunker like a bitch.

That's democracy for you. It can't produce leaders like pic related.

No. 564224

Not Russian, just a bit of a Russophile since visiting. Legitimately nice country, especially around the Golden Ring. Felt far safer there as a woman than I ever have in Paris, London or LA to be honest.

No. 564226

fellow Russophile as well anon, even though I love Russian culture and russian people, I can admit that Russia has its own fair share of problems

No. 564227

why would you admit that kek

No. 564228

Trump edgelords who worship and agree with everything trump says and does are an absolute headache

No. 564229

They got their hope and change with Obummer. He did absolutely fucking nothing other than get entangled in even more overseas conflicts than the dotard has.

When are you people going to see that the problem is the system of liberal democracy itself. Maybe Biden will fix it all though lmao.

No. 564230

because it's an anonymous board and russia is great? what, is fucking Maryland or wherever you're from better? Vermont? fucking Utah? Delaware? enlighten us

No. 564231

These stories break my heart. Being shot in your own home should be the last straw. I wish that Breonna got more media coverage as well, but i think in general we are all so fed up with this. All of this. Her story terrifies me as someone who lives with their spouse. I cant imagine how scared she was.

No. 564232

Admit what? Russia's a nice country. I genuinely believed in the "Eastern Europe is a dump" memes before I went there, but Russia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia etc were nice places.

Not sure what you want me to say?

No. 564234

i'm a 15 year old from south carolina but i'm going to move to South Korea and become an idol uwu

No. 564235

are you faggots actually arguing that a country is nice based on being a tourist?

No. 564236

I'm not one to tinfoil with the right wing loonies, but I was gathering some information and found that Tonja Honsey, Executive Director of the Minnesota Freedom Fund has direct links to George Soros.

No. 564237

>Felt far safer there as a woman than I ever have in Paris, London or LA to be honest.

100% agreed. You can walk around Gorky Park at 1:00am and feel completely safe. I friggin love Moscow. Probably my favorite city together with Vienna.

lol, I know you're joking but it wouldn't surprise me if we have PULLtards ITT rn who feel that way.

No. 564240

So why are New York and LA shitholes even when you're visiting as a tourist, or even just transiting through them? Even the airports there are fucking dumps.

No. 564241

I am American you retard. I just wanted other Americans and Eurofags to stop shitting up the thread with their pissing contest.

No. 564243


Why do white american women seem to have this weird predilection towards debasing themselves and hating their own race? Is it is some kinda weird fetish? It's creepy af.

No. 564244

File: 1591148568230.jpg (166.04 KB, 1200x902, a130050c-0001-0004-0000-000000…)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monday_demonstrations_in_East_Germany Happpened 30 years ago but completely peaceful and very successful. They were patient, stayed calm and organized (and of course also had luck). Those protesters dressing in all black, covering up their faces, bringing stuff (weapons) other than banners immediately makes them seem suspicious or like a threat, before they started their looting and violence. The protests were doomed right from the start, they themselves destroyed any respect and chances they had.

No. 564245

No. 564246

Makes no sense to me, this isn't "white women". It's white american women who have the self hatred meme. It doesn't exist anywhere else in the western world.

No. 564247

>Disclaimer: I’m not talking about all young white women here but I couldn’t have fit all the characteristics in the title. I’m not talking about white American girls who grow up in trailer parks or white British girls from council estates or white Ukrainian girls who end up on German aspargus farms if they’re lucky and in German brothels if they’re not. I’m talking about a specific type of white young woman, financially comfortable if not always rich, a college/uni student (financed by her parents) or freshly out of it, always childless/childfree (choose your preferred term).

No. 564249

>specific type of white woman

It's always American. America is like a person with a terminal disease who tries to inflict their AIDS on others.

No. 564252

Its not American white women, its upper/middle class, college/uni educate women in their 20's with who have no kids

No. 564253

It's literally always American women

No. 564254

I have no idea why, I don't want white people to treat me like a magical negro who can do no wrong, I want to be treated like a fucking person, which most do.
All this crazy shit is retarded to me. I feel white people who do this come off racist rather then not.
I've never came across a white person like that, but then again, the white people around me aren't danger haired weirdos.

No. 564255

Go to Italy, Serbia, Spain, France, Finland, Poland etc and find me women who think like that in significant numbers. They don't exist outside of a few freaks. Willing to admit there may be a few Brits who think that way too. But anglos are mentally ill in general.

No. 564256

This doesn't make sense: on the one hand they're saying
>the mind-fucking combination of simultanously being told they’re on top of the world while also being constantly dehuminized by the males around them.
basically painting them as victims, but at the same time they also claim that white girls are so entitled and continue to list all the things they're tired of about them. If you write it like that you're kind of saying that it's not their own fault, so what do you suggest as a solution?
Btw the description white, middle class, uni educated, in her 20s and childless would also fit the majority of farmers.

No. 564272

Giant cope.

No. 564276

That's like telling a former spoiled kid it's not their fault they're entitled because they were spoiled like… they are adults

No. 564284

I read it the opposite way, they're contradicting themselves, they say white women are told they're at the top of the food chain while actually getting abused. But instead of sympathizing with them they instead call them entitled. If they perceive white girls as technically being victims, why the annoyance or anger at them? And what should be done to stop that process?

No. 564289

It's honestly just jealousy. They hate that white women are perceived as being beautiful. Lipstickalley is full of threads where black women think white women are "jealous" of them for snagging some 4/10 white dude for example.

No. 564299

This specif complaint isn't against all "white" women, and its especially not against the one's who live in trailer parks, but rather spoiled, liberal educated, middle class white women

No. 564300

Ok I didn't read the whole post and thought it was about something else. My point still stands though, they have privileges specific to women but they are highly conditional, and what makes it dehumanizing is that some of them don't realize that it's conditional, they grew up thinking the privilege is simply there

No. 564316

I would say its more of a Western Anglosphere thing. I've seen Canadian, English, and Australian women who act similar.

No. 564319

This person gets it. Anglosphere just OD'ed on classical liberalism to the point they've actually achieved the whole "completely free individual, free of all prior tradition, custom, group identity, religious identity, civic identity" thing.

Only problem is this didn't lead to a Shakespeare on every corner. It led to a race of people who hate themselves, feel alienated/atomized and take SSRIs/opiates to cope.

No. 564320

The whole West is stuck on WW2. It's literally the foundation myth of the modern world we live in. Nazis aren't people (I don't mean to suggest they are good in any way), but they have become more of a overarching conceptualization of evil.

No. 564331

Seeing some dumbasses agree that only the police should have guns is the most retarded statement I've seen. You're just furthering giving them more power, there's no way any time soon they're going to disarm the police. Start applying for a gun license, ladies.

No. 564336

File: 1591157358417.jpeg (24.56 KB, 663x399, EZUe2rNWsAIh0e5.jpeg)

We really love romanticizing the idea that we defeated the big baddie fascist yet can't recognize when it's happening to us in real time. Trump even spoke at the 75th anniversary event for D-Day last year and no one seemed to take issue with this. It's just a cosplay for Americans because they can take credit for what their grandparents endured while ignoring the genocides of modern America. We have to live out our patriotism through the past because all of our current wars have been for-profit endeavors.

I can't believe anons in this thread are still trying with the fence-sitter "b-both sides are bad!!" cope when there is so much video evidence to violence of different PD's across the country. Yeah looting is bad but living in a police state where your first amendment rights are being violated and no one in power actually gives a shit because they got theirs is a bit worse.

No. 564344

>when it's happening to us in real time.
Huh? The U.S. is a liberal democracy, hence why Trump and his assortment of incompetent Governors can't even restore basic order. Fascist states use live rounds on looters and rioters.

>police state

Your country is violent in and of itself. Full stop. Your crime rates are enormous by Eastern European and East Asian standards, even when you remove gun crimes from the equation. You have hundreds of thousands of rapes a year. You have tens of thousands of murders, nearly half of which are unsolved. Your cities are steeped in trash. Every major transport hub/train station stinks of piss. There are entire homeless cities in CA. There isn't a single city in America above a population of 1,000,000 where a woman feels safe walking the streets after dark.

The cops are indeed shit, but they're merely a reflection of your deep, intractable and for some time now unsolvable dysfunctions. And to be honest if I was a cop in a city like Baltimore or New York, if I wasn't a jaded sociopath when I joined, I sure would be 20 years later.

No. 564345

File: 1591158020454.jpg (554.19 KB, 1600x814, 1591142765198.jpg)

Pic related is probably my favorite thing to have come out of this.
Just shows that America really is just a shithole of a country and only Americans are just now realizing this.

No. 564347

women petting dogs?

No. 564349

File: 1591158757083.jpg (190.8 KB, 1024x640, mibc.jpg)

Do white american women really…?

Let's post pictures of civilized countries instead.

No. 564352

They're just wearing masks and petting dogs anon

No. 564357

They're kneeling.
It was some Hispanic (or I think he might have been black and Hispanic mixed) guy going around on stream in NYC telling "white" "Jewish" and "mixed" (based on what they told him) people to kneel to show solidarity with (and I quote) George Foreman and/or Floyd Mayweather.
Most of the ones who did it were women.
He even got a few of them to say shit like "black power" and "we wuz kangz" (not even joking).
It was absolutely fucking hilarious, American women must have some kind of fucking mental disease or something to act like this.

No. 564358

What's with all this pro Russian push in this thread

No. 564359

You missed the video that has been going around - the stills are from it. Some random guy went around asking these women to get down on their knees and apologize for being white, and they all did it.

I feel like if we shame white americans for their self hatred enough they will stop being white whites and maybe grow a spine? But perhaps I am being too nice.

No. 564362

>mental disease
Ethnomasochism is the name.

No. 564363

Russia is a great country. Beautiful women, cheap cigarettes. What's not to love?

No. 564365

>beautiful women
Get out moid. Russia is great but it doesn't need more sex tourists from overseas. There are already too many of those.

No. 564368

File: 1591159653269.webm (2.58 MB, 640x360, white privilege.webm)

I'm sorry but I have to laugh at the absurdity

No. 564371

Do white American liberals realize European whites are laughing at their patheticness?

No. 564374

>Get out moid
When will gay women be allowed to exist on this site in peace?

No. 564385

File: 1591160542620.png (781.74 KB, 1024x687, DXRpB6rU0AAuxFW.png)

Happening in real time as in we are in a transition. Yes the U.S. brands itself as a liberal democracy but we are seeing a shift that, while definitely not started by Trump, has only been amplified. Of course we are not in full fascist mode yet but the signs are there.

Americans are having their worldview broken right now. We've had the hubris to look at other countries going through this and label them as shitholes when in reality American comforts have been an illusion. The Police are not on our side and do not actually care about the rights of individuals despite having the opposite being drilled into our heads since birth. Americans think we're free because we have so many fast food chains to choose from while ignoring the Patriot Act.

This country is broken, always has been and always will be. We are violent because that's the American way. You're right, Police Brutality is a reflection of a much bigger cultural problem that is rooted in how Americans function. We've gone from 'Keeping my barber shop closed is an infringement of my rights' to 'If you're not home by the 1 PM curfew then you deserve to get shot' in under a week.

This has big Wonderbread fetish guy energy to me.

No. 564386

I don't know, but most actual Russians I've known said they hate the place and its shitty government.
It's a complete joke if you want gay rights, too, but that's true of many countries.

No. 564388

Lmfao I'm done with y'all white liberals in America

It's annoying to see people focus on looting when this isn't what its about. I see so many politicians saying a few words but I don't see the democRATS doing anything. I see people praising police solidarity which is whatever because I'm not seeing charges being improved. 3rd degree murder isn't enough, nothing is enough until this gets addressed. All it would have taken to prevent most of this is to charge that cop with 2nd degree murder with the other cops are accomplices. But no, egotistical men can't even do that.

No. 564389

I don't live in the US, but on the news here they're really hammering the idea that all the riots are to avenge the death of George Floyd, but I don't think that's the case, and many people are using it as an excuse to go crazy and set things on fire. And I'm wondering if somehow that was planned, to get people not on the cause of BLM to infiltrate the protests - idk, something about the whole thing seems a little off

No. 564391

Of cause she does. There's grains of truth in every movement, that's how they get the average person to join anything shill controlled

No. 564393

No, you're overthinking it.
This is how every protest is in shithole countries.
They all eventually devolve into rioting and looting and retards being retards because most third world shitholes are just full of people who are kind of stupid and do stupid shit.
What you're just now discovering is, surprise surprise, compared to most of the rest of the civilized world, America IS a third world shithole.
Enjoy it.

No. 564394

America is truely a third world shithole

No. 564397

This reads like the rant thread on pull. Whoever wrote this a special kind of spud

No. 564398

>Happening in real time as in we are in a transition.
You are delusional. Fascism is not "things I don't like". Fascism is not "authoritarian government" (which the U.S. isn't, it's just a violent hellscape shithole, there's a difference). Fascism is a political system with a specific definition.

>We've had the hubris to look at other countries going through this and label them as shitholes when in reality American comforts have been an illusion

I'm not American and I've always thought your mutt nation was a shithole. What now?

>Americans think we're free because we have so many fast food chains to choose from while ignoring the Patriot Act.

Yeah I'm sure Tyrones stealing Nike Airs really care about legal mechanisms for electronic surveillance.

>This country is broken, always has been and always will be.

Cool. You get it. But don't pass the buck. Modern America is a reflection of what liberal democracies were, are and will become. It has nothing to do with fascism.

No. 564400

>but most actual Russians I've known said they hate the place and its shitty government.
Most actual Russians don't even speak English, so you're speaking to a self-selecting sample at best.

>It's a complete joke if you want gay rights, too, but that's true of many countries.

You can be gay, it's just not considered normal. Deal with it.

No. 564401

>Fascism (/ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism[1][2] characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, as well as strong regimentation of society and of the economy[3] which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.

No. 564402

Okay, Russophile anon.

No. 564404

>as well as strong regimentation of society and of the economy
Yes, because this definitely applies to America. A place where corporate interests have captured all organs of government long ago.

"Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state"
- Mussolini

^ That is Fascism. Fascism is not Google, Facebook and Twitter being collectively more powerful and influential than the State.

No. 564405

I love Russia, the language and have worked with a lot of people my age in an international exchange thing and at least the ones that do that sort of thing are odd but in a good way and seem to be able to laugh at themselves. You're right about gay people though and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Even the t.at.u girls with their famous All The Things She Said / Ya Soshla S Uma said that if one of their sons came out as gay, they wouldn't be happy. It's just not accepted, just like tattoos aren't accepted in some places.

No. 564407

I'm not American, and I stated nothing about it.
All I did was give the definition of fascism, which is, in fact, authoritarian.

No. 564410

It is sort of accepted, passively. It's just not considered to be normal. Which, by definition, it kind of isn't. Anyway, burgers need to fuck off with this obsession of spreading LGBT overseas. The actions of the American government and its various Sorosbux funded NGOs in this regard just end up making average Russians, Chinese, Arabs etc dislike gay people more.

My experience is the same btw. Russia's weird in that you can run into someone who would look like an "SJW" with pink hair in Petersburg or wherever but if you talk about gay pride parades they'll tell you they think they're weird and gross.

>All I did was give the definition of fascism, which is, in fact, authoritarian.
It actually describes various aspects of what make up a Fascist government. One of which is regimentation/subordinate of corporate power.

If your only criteria for what constitutes fascism is "slightly authoritarian according to US liberals in 2020" then, honestly, every single Government on earth from Ancient Athens and Rome to Lord Palmerston's Liberal Government in 19th century Britain were "fascist". Is that really a definition you want to stand by?

No. 564411

>"I work for Black Lives Matter"
Seeing that video I have never been more glad that I'm not a white American woman.
Imagine being such a brainless fucking moron that you hear that and think "yea, sounds legit, I'd better do what this man says."
Fucking embarrassing.

No. 564412

kek, not disagrering with the statement but they seem to be doing very well in the "cow me" and "meet the famers" thread. From what I've seen not a single hetero in sight

No. 564414

Yeah ayrt, poor choice of words, haven't been reading the meet the farmers because i don't care but I still get hi scroted which is kind of annoying but maybe i'm just getting baited. Seems strange to risk a hi scrote ban over me calling women beautiful though

No. 564415

They are literally out there because the news told them it's important. Of course they're going to be stupid.

No. 564416

>It actually describes various aspects of what make up a Fascist government. One of which is regimentation/subordinate of corporate power.
This doesn't change or contradict the authoritarian part in any significant way.
>If your only criteria for what constitutes fascism is "slightly authoritarian according to US liberals
I'm sorry if you feel somewhat bristled by definitions of terms, but I don't see why you're arguing shit that was never said.
I can't imagine being so defensive/sensitive about something that literally has Mussolini and Hitler representing it on the Wikipedia page. It's already not taken seriously by sane people, give it up, kek.

No. 564419

Tbh I hope anon is just an autist obsessed with definitions and not a fascist

No. 564420

But that applies to literally everyone, only the white American ones are going around kissing some random dude's boots because he told them he "works for Black Lives Matter."
Like Jesus Christ you'd have to be either insane or retarded or absolutely brimming with self-hatred to do something like that in PUBLIC.

No. 564423

>I'm sorry if you feel somewhat bristled by definitions of terms, but I don't see why you're arguing shit that was never said.
So every single government on Earth from Imperial China and Ancient Athens to 19th century British Liberals and Medieval Italian City States were also "fascist"?

Because they had significantly more authoritarian laws on the books than western countries do today, and generally speaking, far less embedded civil liberties too.

No. 564425

File: 1591163084312.jpg (93.13 KB, 500x389, devin-the-dude-blunt.jpg)

anybody else in this thread smoke weed?

No. 564426

>So every single government
My post doesn't read anything even similar to that.
I don't know what's wrong with you, it almost feels like I'm talking to a bot that automatically reacts with strawmans about fascism if a post has the word "fascist" in it.

No. 564428

It's really satisfying when PoC go to Eastern Europe and are "shocked" by the fact nobody treads on eggshells around them or kisses their ass for being black/brown tbh. Some of the mental breakdowns you see of these highly strung black women who decided to move to Poland or Bulgaria for some reason online are absolutely top quality humor.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 564429

> I want to protest too to show solidarity to Breonna Taylor and other black women who have been murdered by police but are consistently overshadowed by male victims.
Black feminist Kimberle Crenshaw has talked about this before, but afaik no one else really brings it up because it's an issue of sexism on top of racism (or libfem term, intersectionality). Addressing black 'issues' has always surrounded black men. Even in recent years with BLM, all of the mainstream movements have been associated with black men despite the murders of black women like Sandra Bland and Breonna Taylor (and those two also didn't hold a gun to a pregnant woman's stomach!).

No. 564432

was this really a necessary redtext? seems like farmhands have finally woken up lmao

No. 564434

File: 1591163486847.jpg (37.92 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Glad I'm not the only one


No. 666285

Use this thread for 2020 burger politics including the election.

No. 666322

Just got 4 cases of toilet paper, 4 cases of water and a full tank of gas. Honestly a bit worried. I should've bought that shotgun when I had the chance.

Wishing the best for the southern states right now. It'll be riots either way.

No. 666346

What are you going to do with the butt paper anon

No. 666350

File: 1604460275162.png (427.5 KB, 533x572, image0.png)


anon gonna wipe their ass

No. 666360

Keep it just in case. I don't wanna leave the house for a while.

No. 666386

My conservative parents are convinced that "The Liberals" are going to attack them, but they have no sense of priorities so the only things they've stocked up on are ammo and saltines.
They live in a suburban city that's a distance away from the next major city. This town has mostly 2 lane streets, only 3 freeway exits leading into town, and nearly nonexistent public transportation. There's really no reason for protestors to go there since they can't even escape when cops show up.
I can't convince them that protestors wouldn't give a fuck about their town though. My mom's too worried people will steal her LV bags and my dad just wants to shoot people.

No. 666421

File: 1604471638505.png (251.57 KB, 1027x324, stonks go up.png)

Your parents got totally brainwashed by conservative media. Not that liberal media are saints either. Everyone is pushing sensationalism lest the "other side" wins and brings the end of the world.

I still think the dead economy exacerbated by continued lockdowns will bring more hardship in the coming years, irregardless who wins. I'd tell them to stock up on canned food and bury silver in the backyard. God knows how long this house of cards we call the global financial system can remain standing

No. 666449

Rich and upper middle class leftists are already protesting out in the streets. They're already attempting to shame the working class and poor via academic essays because a lot of them don't align with them politically.

No. 666472

Of course they aren't, because they know they'll actually get hurt if they try to fight the cops. It's not as easy as beating up one unarmed old guy with 20 other people.

If people want to mob up, they should just do it and call it what it is. I hate dishonest words like "nonviolence" - imagine if the British actually shot Gandhi. Those mobs wouldn't have stayed nonviolent. What they are doing is much more similar to the game of chicken, where you speed a car towards other people and just hope they get out of the way so nobody gets hurt and you can say it was nonviolent.

No. 666478

Yes it's the rich middle class liberals out there protesting kek great insight anon

No. 666482

There's something creepy about the whole idea of being "White American". It's like they only exist to be a scapegoat and have no self-determination or identity other than what school they went to or what 9-5 they work.

Immigrants in America, Irish, Italians, Chinese, Latin Americans, anybody that has an actual identity, will get angry if you insult their country or people, if you push around a person from their community, and nobody will bat an eye if they say they want to live in a neighborhood with people from their own country and speak their own language. You know, normal people. And then there's White Americans. Imagine being an immigrant from an actual culture, having kids in the US, and them becoming these "americanized" abominations. I think I'd rather have my child become disabled than americanized.

No. 666506

They didn't shoot Gandhi, but they did shoot heaps of the unarmed people doing nonviolent sit-ins under his influence.

It really doesn't take any provocation, so may as well just be ready to fight.

No. 666508

>Immigrants in America, Irish
>nobody will bat an eye if they say they want to live in a neighborhood with people from their own country and speak their own language

No. 666514

Well maybe not them because they're one of the older groups and they've been there so long they don't speak Gaelic or consider themselves immigrants at all.

What I mean is, letting that happen to you and your community is a horrible thing. Just read this thread and look.

No. 666521

>may as well be ready to fight
That's what they're there to do, that's why it's so pathetic to play the victim. It's a "what are you gonna do, shoot me?" attitude.

Who do you even need to "fight" in America? The decent people who work for a living who's livelihoods the police won't let you burn down? They love throwing stones and death threats at people who are driving to work alone or with just their family when it's 50 of their buddies and one unarmed person, but when the police shows up and tells them to be actually peaceful and not break anything or attack anyone, they act like it's brutality. I just don't understand how that behavior draws sympathy for someone and it would be really cool if someone could explain it thoroughly.

No. 666744

I agree. White Americans should kill themselves

No. 666751

God, shut the fuck up

No. 666772

I'm a white american and I have identity and pride in my roots. My family has lived in texas for 150+ years. We own land, have had farms, served in every world war and started businesses. My dad is an architect and has helped design schools, community centers and a hospital for our town. We have been active in our local church for literally a century, and we value family more than anything. Culturally we eat southern food, have accents, play guitar, and we have roots in this land. We love to go to the lake on the weekend and spend time with our friends. We have literally shaped my community for the better and if that isn't "culture" to you, I don't know what is. Maybe you are the one with no culture, anon…but all of the worlds problems would be solved if all white Americans just killed themselves right? sage for sperging

No. 666776

Don't waste your breath on bait that generalizes large countries with huge populations, anon.

No. 666777

stop taking bait lol nobody cares about your family

No. 666778

False, all Americans should kill themselves, it's not just the white ones that are inoperably retarded.

t. nonwhite American

No. 666787

Funny thing is, gringos come to my country thinking they're "one of us" and then they have cultural shock when they realize they're not.
Sorry, if you're a gringo born and raised with Latino "roots", but don't speak the language, don't have legal nationality and think taco bell is Latino food, please know that actual latinos consider you 100% a gringo. Sorry but you know nothing about our country and culture.
Same thing if you're a black gringo, but you're not "African", you don't speak the language, don't eat the food, don't have the legal nationality, etc, then you're 100% a gringo.
If you were born and raised in the United States that's what has shaped your life and your culture. It's so clear for the rest of the world, because gringos are very particularly gringo, no matter their color. It seems like gringos are the only ones that don't actually notice that they're gringos, although it's so noticeable for everyone else.

No. 666792

US Americans are so stupidly eager to claim they're anything but Murican. "I'm German! I'm Irish! I'm Eyyytayyylaayuuhn!!" No, you're not, shut the fuck up. The expired yogurt in the back of my fridge has more original culture than you lol

Americans who are the descendents of Italian and Irish immigrants are the worst and cringiest of all. Plastic Paddies and Gabbagool Gangsters the lot of them, with zero understanding of their "old country" and its culture. Just because you made lasagna with sauce from a jar doesn't mean you're Embracing Your Rich Heritage lmao

No. 666812

>US Americans
All American are US Americans, no?

No. 666821

File: 1604518758694.jpg (47.93 KB, 587x543, michi.JPG)

>“As votes in Michigan continue to be counted, the presidential race in the state remains extremely tight as we always knew it would be,” Stepien wrote.

>“President Trump’s campaign has not been provided with meaningful access to numerous counting locations to observe the opening of ballots and the counting process, as guaranteed by Michigan law,” he continued.

The ride never ends I guess …

No. 666822

I think its for the reason thats being discussed, where muh individualism and liberty led to Americans lacking any meaningful identity. Being "American" is hard to take pride in because the ones who do that are gun-toting fundamentalist magas. And you know, there's our country's actions. Everybody else is scrounging for something, and distant ethnic roots are pretty much what's left. There's religion but again that isn't everybody. I'm a white American who tries not to fall into this trap, but I can see the appeal. I had relatives who came in from Germany that I knew and loved when they were alive, so I do feel a fondness for the bits of that culture they retained. But I am American, not German.

No. 666824

Nta but no, I am american and not from the US because America is a continent, not a country. In many languages there are demonyms for people of the United States, but not in english, so it's fair to call them "US americans"

No. 666827

Unitedstatian kek.

No. 666830

Kek I genuinely wish we could use that at least, guess that for now everyone is stuck with "gringo" or "yankee"

No. 666834

When candidates realize they're losing, their only remaining options that have the tiniest shred of hope in succeeding are
>pressure supporters to steal and displace mail-in ballots
and when that doesn't work
>claim voter fraud is occurring when all ballots have correctly been counted and processed
and when that doesn't work
>attempt to file lawsuits against remaining states when 95% of ballots are counted and the result doesn't favor them.
The missing ~300,000 or so ballots for the remaining swing states have yet to be found and processed, too, and the outcome doesn't look good for Trump.

With Biden at 248 electoral college votes and Trump at 214, all Biden has to do is get the 16 from Michigan (which has been slated towards him for the later half of the election) and the 6 from Nevada (which has been slated towards him for the entire race) to secure his place as the winner of the election. Trump would have to get at least 66 electoral college votes - when the only remaining states are Michigan (16), Nevada (6), Georgia (16), North Carolina (15), Pennsylvania (20), and Alaska (3), he has to win over at least four states (the first four), which is already unlikely, along with either Pennsylvania or Alaska.

TL;DR: Except by a miracle, or a counting error coming to light, Biden has it in the bag.

No. 666844

Honestly, I'm more upset about being unable to take the Senate. How did Graham win AGAIN.

No. 666918

Murican(even Columbian) sounds better imo.

No. 666997

I’ll admit I’ve been looking at the political discussions on twitter and kf. It’s funny to see all the trump posters acting so confident at the start and then go into their denial and coping phases over the course of today.

No. 667015

I'm really happy that it looks like Biden is going to win but god it is so upsetting that so many people voted for such a vile person like Trump.

No. 667022

File: 1604539816537.jpg (123.43 KB, 800x1263, ICE CREAM JOE.jpg)



(I knew the second mail in voting and mass early voting was allowed, Biden would be in because Republicans can't disenfranchies poor and and minority voters by having mid day poll closures and malfunctioning poll machines in majority minority districts where there is only 1 polling center.)


No. 667025

It's genuinely disheartening. Apparently four years of pure shit and lies can't sway half the population.

No. 667026

Just give it to us, establishment; Biden won

No. 667028




No. 667039

Man i would love to talk about a brutal protest in Nigeria, linked a video on it if anyone is interested.

It's so sad to see that they were all just peaceful protesters, just fighting for what was right and then most of them getting assaulted or either killed. Even younger people got killed i think i read a 13 year old got killed im not so sure.

It's total insanity, even the military mass killed a whole group of people, who weren't even doing anything.

It really upsets me to see how peaceful protesters get treated like wild dogs when most of them just wanna fight for good causes. The government and the people who blindly follow it are snakes to society, i just wish this could stop, not the protests but the government treating their citizens like crap.

anyway, good night anons!

No. 667041

File: 1604542316641.jpeg (27.83 KB, 306x306, CD8B8D6A-ADBB-42E8-BAE8-535700…)

If you guys are annoyed now, just wait for the next four years of pure autism, butthurt, and delusion. We are going to be inundated with more bitching and whining about voter fraud, omg they found ONE fucking ballot with a weird ass signature so we better RECOUNT all these million of votes.

Then we are going to have Hillary Emails 2.0 with the mystery computer of doom that just so happened to be found in somebody’s basement, accusations of Russians and Chinese doing shit under the table, Kamala Harris isn’t a citizen because she’s half Indian!!!! Find her birth certificate now! And Trump will continue harassing Obama on Twitter while Melania prepares to take his money once he finally croaks, probably due to blood poisoning from wearing all that goddamn sanguine foundation.

Buckle up bitches because that boomer salt is real.

No. 667066

My body is ready….

No. 667070

Nigeria shouldn't even be a country. Southerners need to split off from the north once and for all, and there should be an age limit to political power. There can be no unity or progress in a country run by old evil scrotes, talk less of old evil Muslim scrotes who think it makes sense to place death sentences on literal children and young adults for "blasphemy".
I feel so bad for the protestors who believe/d in a successful Nigeria, and even died for it. It's just not possible.

No. 667108

File: 1604554767437.jpg (42 KB, 640x480, 1601094940457.jpg)

Are you kidding me anon? That sounds fucking hilarirous! I hate them both, and am ready for either side to chimp the fuck out regardless who wins.

No. 667120

File: 1604558850791.png (56.54 KB, 378x404, gayy.png)

A lot of boomers are so filled with rage and anger all the time. I get that middle aged and elderly people grew up in a completely different time and suffered a lot, but do they have to spew absolute vitriol at anyone else seeking a better life?
Blogpost but I've heard a ton of stories about boomers being brutally beat by their parents, including my mom who has mentioned several times being beaten with a chair by her mother, and she "forgave her". Boomers are so fucking complacent so much so that they've also been brainwashed to violently put others down too. They just casually talk about being brutally beat by their caretakers, and act like everyone else has to nod and move on to
>there should be an age limit to political power. There can be no unity or progress in a country run by old evil scrotes,
>talk less of old evil Muslim scrotes
>place death sentences on literal children and young adults for "blasphemy".

No. 667157

You're right anon, boomers are fucked. They will tell you some story about their father or nuns at school beating the daylights out of them as children but then are like "but I built character from it!"

No. 667188

Thankfully not American but I'm honestly quite surprised people voted biden at all, trump is vile but at least he doesn't sexually assault little girls in broad TV, I assumed most people would vote third party. Not my country anyway so you do you but honestly, can't believe you can get burgers to vote for a literal senile pedophile just by saying "vOtE fOr mE oThErWiSe yOuRe A rAicIsT uwu".
Not that trump is much better anyway, honestly the US is a joke rn and I'm all in for the train wreck. How are you guys celebrating that you will now be ruled by a white pedophile scrote as if it was any better than being ruled by an orange racist scrote is beyond me.(/pol/baiter)

No. 667232

We have to pick the lesser of the two evils. Might as well pick the one that isn't going to try and overthrow the government or incite mass violence (pWoUd bOys sTaNd bY) if not elected. Anyways, who cares, it's the end of the fucking world.

If you aren't American or haven't voted, stfu.

No. 667236

>Civil war 2.0
>Stronger covid form because of minks in Denmark
>Everyone will fucking die
Screenshot that

No. 667245

The pedo might provide better healthcare from what I heard.

No. 667281

If it wasn't for corona he'd probably be leading by a large margin

Kek typical burger behavior. You deserve what's happening rn

No. 667311

"typical burger behavior"
I guess voting because we have no other option is burger behavior. You deserve to live in whatever third world country you live in. Die mad.

No. 667333

No one really is celebrating, a lot of people are just sick of the constant drama, the division/polarization, the media going off on crazy tangents, family turning against each other or going koo koo because of QAnon and shit, etc.

The US has always had its problems but it feels like we have literally been chucked back into the 1800’s. If the things that are happening here were going on in other countries, we would be talking about it and appalled, but I think so many people are just caught off guard by the vitriol and violence it is like a quasi surreal experience for most of us. And a lot of us are wondering how and why we got to this place. Did Obama really upset that many people that they were willing to risk it just to get back this good ol’ boy hegemony? Shit is depressing.

No. 667364

So many non-Americans are acting like American politics are the trigger to the world ending, meanwhile in America everything is business as usual with the exception of some republican outbursts at polling buildings.

No. 667391

I'm scared of the mink covid more than anything else.

No. 667481

>Plastic Paddies and Gabbagool Gangsters the lot of them, with zero understanding of their "old country"
Culture isn't the most important reason to hold on to it even. It's almost like the social culture in America is one where you just have more human rights if you refuse to give up your immigrant identity.

Be proud of your ethnicity and identify as American, fuck you, we'll ruin your life and get you fired. But identify as an immigrant and you'll have your Immigrant-American associations and interest groups lobbying for more rights for you.

That's what's so funny and so fucked up. The person's actual ethnicity doesn't need to change, their cultural practices don't need to change - all they have to do is say "nah, I'm an immigrant" and they suddenly have more rights. It's like magic.

No. 667488

> the media going off on crazy tangents, family turning against each other
> We have to pick the lesser of the two evils

tbh that sounds like my 3rd world country's everyday life for as long as i can remember. reading everything that is happening over there rn makes me think that murica is just another 3rd world country but wealthy.
hang in there burgeranons, hope everything gets better

No. 667498

That tweet that said “America is a 3rd world country with a Gucci belt” became a meme because it’s true. America has food deserts, shit healthcare, shit public transportation, no industry in large chunks of the country, garbage literacy rate, and all of our taxes go to lining the pockets of politicians. Regardless of the outcome of the election, none of this will change. America needs to a hard reset.

No. 667509

How do immigrants have more rights? Those association groups exist precisely because they're more vulnerable.

No. 667512

I mean you're basically describing India with guns and school shootings instead of rape
Actually Indian cops will just beat you with a stick but you'll still be alive at least

No. 667520

>taxes go to lining the pockets of politicians
thank god someone agrees.
i don't understand the people who believe taxes are actually helping people who are struggling. most of the "help" is just going to construction that just leaves the struggling to struggle even more and eventually have to find a new place to live.
raising taxes is not gonna do shit.
if you really want to help the struggling, advocate for lower taxes and use that money not taken out by govt and give it directly to those communities you want to help. real help requires doing actions, not freely giving some of your paycheck to the govt in hopes they'll "work on it".

also, i'm mad we're not getting our second round of trumpbux anytime soon.
nancy pelosi literally claimed she helps the homeless and feeds them, but rejects a second stimulus offer with trillions of dollars because the offer was from a republican… money has no red or blue affiliation, it is green.

No. 667528

I had no hope for that second round of stimulus checks from the moment it got put off the first time. It was mentioned just so that everyone would be really excited about clinging on for dear life a few moments longer, and they're just using it as leverage against us and giving us a big show with the never ending slap fighting to make it look like someone is trying to do their job and help the people.
We're peons to these people, and they'll do whatever it takes to string us along as long as possible and make excuses when the time comes for action.

No. 667532

I don't agree. Some of the happiest, wealthiest countries are those with the highest tax rates.

>advocate for lower taxes and use that money not taken out by govt and give it directly to those communities you want to help

that's never going to happen on a large scale.

No. 667544

What do you mean more vulnerable? Of course they are if they just got off the boat, but after 10 years, 50 years, a couple generations, if they spend all that time working hard and end up with a family business, a house, some savings etc. and move into a suburb, what should they do then?

Should they:
A) Hold on to those association groups, and their "outsider" identity and do everything they can to further their own group's position in society for generations, never feeling guilty no matter how successful they become
B) Become "Americans" and start socio-economically self-harming and supporting things like other people cutting them in line when it comes to good schools or employment because "those people have less than me"

Essentially America is a victim competition now. Nobody cares if your family worked for 100 years or 300 years, if you have a big house and some kid who's parents were junkies doesn't have that IMMEDIATELY without even working a single day in their life, it means you are evil and should give them a break. Option "B" shouldn't even exist, I don't know when people in the US first came up with that mindset but it's the worst thing about your country and it's social influence worldwide.

No. 667548

>mfw I live in a country trumpfags would call "socialist" because of higher taxes
>mfw I don't have to worry about getting sick because health care doesn't cost shit and the state covers most medical bills, even advanced cancer treatment costs almost nothing
>mfw I didn't pay a cent for my university degree because it's covered by the state
>mfw schools have free lunches for everyone so children from unfortunate families don't have to go hungry
>mfw poor people get their living costs partially covered so they don't have to live out on the streets and resort to crimes which keeps the crime rate extremely low
But yeah keep living the "taxes are stealing!!!!" lie.

No. 667550

Those countries are the size of a single US state, "America" spans across the entire continent of North America and there's huge differences between the states, their productiveness and the people that inhabit them. Applying a "one size fits all" solution is as ridiculous as Brazil and Argentina pooling their government funds to have the exact same healthcare plan in both countries.

Scandinavian healthcare could probably work if it was only in Bernie's home state of Vermont, or in Maine, but all of the US? No way.

No. 667556

It's not like the current system is working

No. 667559

So am I, but you do realize there's other countries in Europe and us and our neighbors are countries of about 5 million people? If we shared our welfare and healthcare budget with Romania, how much do you think each one person would get to cover their health if you had 5 million Nordics paying 30% tax, but 20 million Romanians paying also 30% tax of whatever they make - and you have to use that money to give 25 million people healthcare.

We would all slump to the same poverty levels as they are. Our 5 million combined with their 20 mill would only mean a 1/5th increase in wealthy payers, but almost a 500% worse situation for us. That's why all 50 states in the US could not do it together and actually have a system anywhere good as ours, not achance.

No. 667561

What Nordic countries essentially are is what would happen in the US if wealthy neighborhoods, counties and larger areas became independent and left all the poor areas out of their government budget. We are the wealthy neighborhood of Europe.

Our healthcare works because it does not fund poorer countries. Public healthcare in poor European countries is a joke.

No. 667563

>Scandinavian healthcare could probably work if it was only in Bernie's home state of Vermont, or in Maine, but all of the US? No way.
NTA, but why specifically that region?

No. 667569

Google says that general area has the top 10 states in terms of quality of living in the US. Those states are also some of the least populated in the US, meaning that a very small number of people is creating and funding that quality of living.

That makes them similar to Scandinavia, small population, high quality of life. Nordic socialism that American leftists always idolize can fund their own areas, but it does not and could never fund all of Europe.

No. 667576

Congrats, you live in a rich Scandinavian country where all 6 of you know where the others in your country live so corruption rates are low.

I'm from Eastern Europe, our tax rates are high compared to our neighbors because we're non-EU. Those taxes go into the pockets of our politicians because there's lots of corruption where I live, those same politicians don't use the money to improve public services but finance their political party's activities and buy their wives designer purses instead.
We also have free healthcare which is better than nothing, but it's shit because medical staff are paid peanuts so all the good doctors end up going to Germany to work and we're left with the shitty ones. If you want a doctor that doesn't tell you he doesn't care about your breast cancer and that you should just deal with it, you have to go to a private clinic anyway and pay a lot more money.

Our public transport is very good in terms of connections, but all the buses are from the 70s and keep breaking down, so when another one goes out of order they never replace it and you have 2 Volkswagen buses from 1979 carrying 10 buses' worth of commuters. Very little of our taxes is used to improve this.

Our monthly salary is the lowest in Europe (~300€), import taxes are high so food here costs more than in Germany, electronics are cheaper in rich EU countries despite their salaries being 10 times ours, and more and more of our companies are being sold off to oil Arabs and Russians so whatever money that brings ends up flowing out of the country anyway. We're used for cheap labor force and underpaid with few employee rights. How do you think higher tax rates would work here? People are struggling as it is.

You're comparing apples and oranges and using working class Americans' current predicament to brag about how much better you are than them. The reason they don't want higher taxes is that it likely wouldn't go into improving their local public services and making their lives better.

No. 667595

I wonder how many Americans know about Hungarians (who ARE part of the EU) having to pay hálapénz if they want to receive even halfway decent healthcare. Most of the time we're fed an incomplete story of world events, so everything can be seen through a grass is greener over there viewpoint. It's quite sad.

No. 667599

i pray for the US to breakup into two, very hopeful for four. the population is getting too high in general to handle federally.

No. 667611

Would it be possible to make the states more like almost-independent countries or autonomous regions without disbanding the US military, the shared strongest military in the world is probably the biggest reason nobody can just go independent.

No. 667631

Oh I totally forgot about that. It happens here too, my mom had to bring my surgeon two bottles of wine and a roast suckling pig when I was in the hospital so he would do anything at all. He asked for money in euros but not many of us have that so they started accepting things like food and expensive wine.

No. 667643

Global warming affects you too anon, even though you're not from the US.

No. 667653

Should have given him wine tabs rebottled in an expensive wine bottle, but then again he probably would have left a surgical instrument inside you if he found out first.

No. 667684

It's just kind of hard to take them seriously as a "terrorist organization" if they don't even kill people like any old street gang you can find in every city, let alone real terrorists.

Why am I supposed to feel like these guys are the next domestic 9/11 because of whatever beliefs they have in their little meetings? There's already violence and plenty of people have died in the riots and I'm supposed to be scared of the proud boys holding up some lame signs or showing up to chant? What?

No. 667705

Your problem isn't the high tax rates, it's the corruption. The point is that Americans love to claim that funding public services with taxes is "stealing from hard working people to fund poorfags".

No. 667711

This. A lot of 'muricans think all of their taxes go to their warped version of welfare, which includes welfare recipients eating lobsters and steaks every night while taxpayers break their backs to pay for their lavish lifestyle. Ironically, a large chunk of money does go to funding this kind of lifestyle but for politicians, not Joe who lives a trailer park in the middle of nowhere.

No. 667928

for a guy who loves to win, of course he's a sore loser

No. 668078

No. 668764

No. 668789

America is corrupt too, Einstein. Do you really think if taxes in the US were higher, they would go into improving public services in Nebraska and Oklahoma, or support systems for blue collar workers in rural towns and urban ghettos? I highly doubt it.
Even if my country were to somehow get rid of all the corruption, people would still be poor because all of our infrastructure has been built by and for communism and simply isn't meant to thrive under liberal capitalism (not that it was thriving before) since nobody bothered amending the constitution or many of the old laws and institutions, it was just a power grab from the get go. Corruption is a symptom of a much bigger issue that is societal and educational inequality.

Anyway, my point is that paying higher taxes with these wages is stupid because we can't afford to, people will be stretched too thin and will riot against it and you'll be back at square one.
You can't apply Scandinavian solutions to the US or Brazil or anywhere else fundamentally different from their countries of origin because the entire societal and economic structure is different, not to mention the culture.

No. 668817






No. 668818

I would gay marry Eastern Euro anon just to get them out of their hellish political climate, but I'm already married am straight and also live in a hellish political climate.
I don't honestly think things will change much with this whole election. I think there will be a lot more slapfighting, and possibly some pretty rough riots incoming. People love to show their asses when they're right, and they equally love showing their asses when they feel wronged.
This is not something that I feel like dealing with, but I can't exactly up and run off to another country nor do I think that's an appropriate response unless things get extremely violent (and they could be perfectly fine).
Whatever the situation ends up being, I'll hope for the best for all of us. Except maybe the fartanon
jokes, you should have the best too
Saging for dumb blog

No. 668821

File: 1604773652891.jpeg (111.9 KB, 1087x1080, big-laughing-face-598c4dfead6e…)

No fucking way. I cant believe Biden won, all that Rep coping is killing me.

No. 668823


No. 668827

File: 1604774101868.png (287.37 KB, 515x546, 1602304835537.png)

I normally avoid browsing /pol/ but right now it's hilarious.
They're having a meltdown and everyone from every board is flooding in and talking shit about /pol/tards.

No. 668831

Ayy. I can't believe that not even the other anons want them. How sad.

No. 668833


Hey at least they got that wall they were promised

No. 668838

It's not that hard to believe. Pretty much everyone except /pol/tards hate /pol/tards. They post their stupid shit on every board and suck Trump's dick 24/7. They deserve the smackdown that they're getting right now.

No. 668877

i love how the counter protester dressed up for this lol

No. 668885

File: 1604777611632.png (610.56 KB, 784x1100, 1604777424206.png)

>mfw I used to find /pol/ more bearable when most poltards were all about nazi LARP
Now it's all about MAGA bs and /standingby/ shitposts from ameritard NEETs. They'll cope with Biden winning by buying more guns and pretending they'll start a second civil war, but we all know they'll just do the usual bs aka shitposting in their containment board and posting their LARPing weapons.
Fucking hell, would rather lurk /fit/ and /fa/ rn

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