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File: 1595540932190.jpg (114.1 KB, 630x1200, MV5BNGViZWZmM2EtNGYzZi00ZDAyLT…)

No. 100539

Anons, what are the best/scariest horror films you have seen? Please give some recs.

>In before 'Midsommar' because it's shit

No. 100540

Midsommar is great and this thread should be in /m/

No. 100541

why is there an influx of bad threads, is it because of pull dying?

No. 100542

I'm not from PULL dumbass

No. 100543

all of this

No. 100544

Yeah i also really enjoyed it, why are people shitting on the movie?

No. 100545


yep, nta but Midsommar was pretty good. only horror to really keep me in a cold sweat throughout the whole movie

No. 100546

You probably should’ve posted this thread in /m/

No. 100548

I saw Lake Mungo recently and I liked it. Mockumentary style and quite creepy. I think it's on youtube as welll

No. 100549

shit thread, not sure how you expect people to suggest movies when you haven't even said what you like other than "not midsommar". Should have just asked in the movie thread that already exists.

No. 100552

Your thread is shit and you should feel shit for it

No. 100559

File: 1595547692927.jpg (66.13 KB, 630x1200, MV5BNzU0MzgxMjAtYjU0NC00ZWYyLT…)

Not sure what the other anons are talking about, a horror film thread sounds delightful.

I recommend The Void. It's not particularly "scary" (at least not to me because body horror doesn't freak me out) but it is a great monster film that takes homage from classic body horror and practical effect films from the 80's/90's.

No. 100560

OP here. I actually did watch that! It definitely reminded me of The Thing. I agree that it was a nice flick. Thanks!

No. 100564

File: 1595549011523.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.33 MB, 640x360, SociableNewAurochs-size_restri…)

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Practical effects really make the movie (or ruin it, like the huge quality differences with Hellraiser 1 and 2.)

Have you seen Stories To Tell In The Dark? I only watched it because I loved the books as a kid but the first/middle half were actually pretty scary, and the fact that main characters actually died was jarring and they really stayed true to the stories! (just stop before the ending, it was horrible.)

No. 100580

I have always liked monster movies, but The Descent scared me way too much because of my claustrophobia. I liked that ghoulish monster design, but the location looked pure nighmare.

No. 100590

File: 1595556439659.png (Spoiler Image, 303.29 KB, 720x378, 369EA39E-0664-4A02-A44B-501AFF…)

Anyone ever see Possum? This shit fucked with me. Very unsettling movie about childhood trauma…Its got a scary ass puppet in it.

Also, I agree this should be in /m/, maybe mods can move it later

No. 100591

File: 1595556577994.jpg (Spoiler Image, 87.82 KB, 1200x680, texas_chain_saw_massacre.jpg)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) still gives me anxiety when I watch it. (The original was good too.)

I think it's more the concept that scares me. A chainsaw as a weapon would be pretty brutal, and the guy can handle it while still having speed which is a big thing. Then on top of all of that he's wearing somebody else's face? Fuck that.

No. 100592

File: 1595557889844.jpg (79.09 KB, 630x1200, MV5BOTU5MDg3OGItZWQ1Ny00ZGVmLT…)

Hereditary was pretty good. It was disturbing and unnerving, but not jumpscare scary. The actors, their reactions and characters actions were realistic which only fueled the scariness. But I'd say you have to watch it twice to fully understand what was going on in some parts, but it was a nice experience to see all thise scenes with a new understanding.

If you don't mind watching a series, JU-ON Origins was good. There was a constant unnerving atmosphere, especially if you're familiar with the movies. Though there are some really dumb writing choices and at least one really bad special effect.

No. 100593

This short movie on YouTube is actually pretty nice.

My favourite movie with Midsommar.

No. 100595

There is a movie thread, you know

No. 100598

it's nice to discuss the horror genre as a whole, though. i always have a lot more to say critically when it comes to horror movies than any other genre.

No. 100606

The Collector is my favorite.

My heart races the entire time, I get turned on AND there's blood???

Sign me up.

No. 100611

Nothing ever scares me anymore, I hate it.

No. 100612

I cannot rewatch THAT scene from lake mungo…really tapped into a primal fear of mine, just thinking about it makes me wanna turn a light on lol.

fuck this movie too, it made me miserable for a day afterward. it's really grim which I usually find a bit overbearing in a horror film, but being able to relate to the subject matter just made it miserable for me.

No. 100619

File: 1595574799533.jpeg (150.74 KB, 648x1000, 7F1994D1-C161-483C-80BA-4B6D89…)

Suspiria (2018) is one of my favourite horror movies, absolutely fine piece of art.

No. 100620

File: 1595574855324.jpeg (99.96 KB, 675x1000, 953872FD-7728-4DED-A45A-F8026E…)

2/2 Second suggestion The VVitch.

I can’t wait to watch The Possum

No. 100621

File: 1595575223486.png (111.36 KB, 500x281, tumblr_oyn8uwwX771syptjoo7_500…)

I love Lake Mungo, but I have to admit the pacing was a little slow for me and I dozed off after a while. I woke up to THAT scene playing and I legit thought I was going to die from a fucking heart attack in my bed lmao. I really enjoyed that while the plot twist in the movie is supernatural, the conclusion of the movie is very human - the fact that life inevitably goes on after the death of a loved one, and the dead will be eventually forgotten. The atmosphere was also very unique, it is more sombre-scary than shocking scary

No. 100629

Why is it that horror as a genre isn't taken as seriously? Also why are there SO many bad horror movies as opposed to some good ones?
I really liked the first Insidious movie but the ones after that were very underwhelming for me. Made me sad.

No. 100645

Martyrs, the original French film. Good for psychological horror.

No. 100670

I know it's kind of the point but I wish it didn't feature all the gore. I have read the plot synopsis on wikipedia and love it, but can't watch it because of how graphic the movie is.

No. 100674

File: 1595599865564.jpg (116.6 KB, 1200x680, 392q830293.jpg)

My favourite horror movie of all time is Ginger Snaps. I saw it for the first time in middle school and I was a huge tomboy so the whole metaphor of periods = terrifying werewolf body horror really spoke to me. It's a bit of a cheesy b-movie though.

No. 100677

Suspiria fucked with me for days after watching part of it. I had to turn it off during the scene… you know. It was too real, and drawn out to a very uncomfortable period of time.

No. 100683

cure (1997), pulse (2001), the texas chain saw massacre (1974), tetsuo: the iron man, the wailing, videodrome, kill list, in the mouth of madness, ringu. also yeah midsommar sucks

No. 100684

File: 1595604582174.gif (1.17 MB, 450x191, LdRXROw.gif)

Ending was garbo but It Follows unsettled me to no end. Just the thought of something straight up forever following you taking on various weird forms of people or those you love is creepy as hell.

No. 100685

>Why is it that horror as a genre isn't taken as seriously?
I've been thinking about this too lately. I think for a long time horror films followed the predictable formula of 'dumb horny teenagers wander into a big dark house then get killed one-by-one by axe dude' (slasher films from the 70s started this trend and it was a thing for quite a while) and people today still associate them with silly gory predictable fun, even though the genre since has expanded and changed quite a bit

No. 100691

I think because the general public isn't as prone to being scared anymore. Now that we're connected and true horror is passed along in the news and conversation we aren't as easily scared anymore. Less people believe in organized religion so supernatural stuff isn't taken as seriously, studios for a while weren't keen on taking a financial risk on a niche genres, many many reasons. Thankfully horror fans are starting to take the reigns and create more relevant movies to people's actual fears and we're starting to get some really good stuff again.

No. 100712

damn you just posted my top 3 worst horror movies I've ever seen. literally the most messy, confused, pointless movies I've ever seen

No. 100747

File: 1595624698490.jpg (103.4 KB, 540x720, tumblr_pebsh1LgQp1rce5tlo1_540…)

suspiria 2018 was imperfect but some scenes were so great ! I especially loved the first act of the movie

No. 100763

I didnt mind the ending too much. And agree. It Follows left an impact on me for a week or so. I recommended it to a lot of horror and non horror fans. Very interesting movie. I loved the cinematography

No. 100778

horror in my opinion, has both the best and the worst movies of all time within it's genre. i personally think critics are too harsh on certain horror pieces, but i think the lack of respect given to horror is a product of the early to late 2000's where horror movies were being released left and right, whereas their quality was consistently poor. think when a stranger calls, one missed call, pulse, cabin fever, mirrors, etc. when a genre is saturated with subpar directors, recycled scripts and shitty americanized remakes, it is bound to suffer. it's unfortunate that it has a shitty reputation, but in most film circles, people understand it's an amazing genre that has both good and bad, just like any other.

No. 100791

what are the amazing horror movies that you have in mind?

No. 100797

The Conjuring is a very spooky movie.

No. 100803

File: 1595664888883.jpg (660.84 KB, 1188x1810, fats.jpg)

so i watched this movie cause of your recommendation and i didn't like it. the acting was stiff and reminded me of oblivion npc dialogue lines. the visuals were really pretentious and cringy solely because they looked like a first year film student's handiwork. i was rolling my eyes every time the stupid balloons and smoke kept popping up, and the guy's little nursery rhyme he made up was read aloud. the last 5 minutes of the movie were the only glimpse of decent narrative quality. I guess because it literally feeds the entire plot directly through dialogue instead of monotonously building up a semblance of a story with edgy motifs and the MC's autistic movements. It could've worked better as a short film though. I was very disappointed with the quality of the puppet too kek

Ironically i found a way better movie thanks to the Possum's wiki page.
Magic(1978) was on the see also tab so i decided to track it down and it was worth it. Superior terrifying puppet movie but the romance plot is horrendously misogynistic/creepy and i suppose it was an unintended horror aspect that made it extra eerie.

I love horror in general and think it's a genre that the only one that can be the most reflective of the human experience.

No. 100805

Suspiria did not turn out to be what I expected but I truly loved the art direction, the color palette and the general look of the movie

No. 100813

File: 1595671289471.jpg (22.1 KB, 230x345, 38360-noroi-the-curse-0-230-0-…)

If anyone likes mockumentary style J-horror, I wholeheartedly recommend Noroi: The Curse. I think it's on Youtube as well

No. 104821

File: 1597716366092.jpeg (721.07 KB, 750x725, F79463F5-BC2F-4686-B310-D461BD…)

Idk about Actually Scary but here are some I watched recently and enjoyed a lot, some to my surprise even

>I See You

A boy in town went missing, weird shit started happening to a cop’s family.
Three childhood besties’ psychotic and psychedelic reunion.
A little girl is forbidden to go outside by schizo dad.
>What Keeps You Alive
Lesbians can’t catch a break. Romantic getaway gone sexual (gone wrong).
>The Witch: Subversion
Esper girl just wants to live normally.
Florida, giant crocs, Effie from Skins.

No. 104826

Thanks! I'm definitely checking this one out.

No. 104829

recommendation seconded
some of the scariest shit i've ver seen

No. 104832

The Fourth Kind fucked. me. UP. I HATE alien movies cause , to me, aliens>>>>ghosts in the scary ladder. Ghosts can scare you yeah but aliens can kidnap your ass and straight out torture you (and I think they really do exist ). Dark Skies was super scary too, and can't forget Signs. That scene where Mel Gibson looks up and out of the window and sees the little grey dude looking at him… That scene took 5 years out of my lifespan.

No. 104968

>aliens>>>>ghosts in the scary ladder
I wish there were more good horror movies about alien abductions. Some of the high strangeness the alleged abductees experienced would serve as a perfect inspiration for some top tier unsettling visuals.

No. 107180

Came here just to say FUCK Hereditary.

The first 20 minutes of this film legitimately traumatized me. That scene with the daughter…you probably know what I mean if you've seen it. I've never had such a visceral reaction to a horror film before, and I've watched quite a few that are known to be very disturbing/violent and got through them without much trouble. My bf and I actually had to turn it off because I was having a borderline panic attack, crying, hyperventilating, etc. The rest of it wasn't so bad.

I honestly don't know what it was about that one scene that fucked with me so bad, but I still get an unsettling feeling in my gut thinking about it to this day.

No. 107183

Same anon, same. I saw it in a movie theater and I legit thought about just up and leaving because it was making me feel so many negative emotions. Like no movie has ever made me feel so destroyed as Hereditary. I find horror/gorey movies fun but there was no fun to be had in that scene.
The rest of the movie kinda sucked in my opinion though.

No. 107184

Yeah I mean, I'll give it credit for being one of the first horror movies to genuinely terrify me, but it did such a good job that the whole experience was actually excruciating and I was just waiting for it to be over after that scene. It's like, I like spicy foods, but after a certain level, it's too much to enjoy the experience anymore and you're just left in a state of abject agony and misery. I don't think I'll ever watch anything directed by Ari Aster again. The feeling of hopelessness/helplessness Hereditary evoked within me was kind of similar to how I felt watching Nymphomaniac and Antichrist by Lars von Trier, neither of which are bad movies, per se, but the feelings these directors purposefully stir up within you are so awful it's like a form of sadism. I genuinely don't get what the point of it all is. Who would intentionally watch a film just to feel 10x worse about everything when it's over?

No. 107186

File: 1599510690807.jpeg (1.36 MB, 2025x3000, 9E994130-8860-4F18-A0DD-80951A…)

I thought this movie was great! The whole premise to me was scary. Hopefully there’s no sequel to this.. I really liked how it ended.

No. 107187

Oh man I was traumatized by one of these movies I don’t remember which one is which.. but it’s the part where all of the sudden he was surrounded by the aliens and it was just so unexpected that it traumatized me for days!

No. 107188

I usually like things where the horror comes from people, not monsters (even if monsters do appear). Some of my favourites from the top of my head:

>It Follows

>The Boy
>Train to Busan
>The Room (2019)

Might add to it later as I think of more things.

No. 107215

>It Follows
This film did absolutely nothing for me and I'm still not sure why. My friends were all raving about it, saying it was so good and so genuinely scary. I didn't find it scary at all. In fact I remember being pretty bored by it, kek

No. 107216


Same, went to the cinema to watch it because of the hype… So boring and every character was just unlikeable and bland

No. 107233

honestly it is at least a 7/10 for me for that cool pink clam compact thing

No. 107255

Aren't zombies monsters?

No. 107259

6 years ago when I was barely adult it really shook me, the "demon" always following you and never stopping and slowly catching up was driving me crazy with anxiety. It was either very well tailored under my actual fear or I was just young and more easily scared, because I rewatched it like a year ago and it wasn't scary at all. Still a decent horror movie.

No. 107260

File: 1599558552424.jpg (280.77 KB, 600x800, martyrs.jpg)

Have any of you watched Martyrs (2008)? I heard opinions that it really affects people and they're shaken for days. Saw it being called immoral and evil and people advising others to not watch it; not because it's bad but how hard to stomach it is. Can anyone confirm or share their opinion? I'm kinda scared to see it, but maybe that's some "normies histeria" and it's not actually that shocking?

No. 107261

File: 1599559576414.jpg (57.79 KB, 455x674, images.jpeg-3.jpg)

I love this movie so much, but I rarely see it talked about. Haven't watched the sequel though, is it good? I liked the characters and the whole claustrophobia-ness of the underground cave was intense.

No. 107262

no it's pretty gruesome. gore, violence, uncomfortable themes. it's french new wave horror so it's plenty fucked up. wouldn't say it's traumatizing but you'll probably think about it for a few days. if you're not into "harder" horror movies like that though i'd not recommend it

No. 107304

I watched this twice and there were slight differences in the English subtitle translation between versions. The second viewing, I'm guessing it's the one most available on streaming, has a different final line that changes the film for the worse imo.

It's a small thing but pretty annoying.

No. 107309

It was stupid boring nonsensical edgy bs which made it completely ridiculous/not scary. Depends what kind of film you like. It's got gore. I think Saw is more vicious though (still ridiculous).

No. 107314


The sequel is OK I would say. They got an unnecessary story twist in the middle which didn't really do it for me, but the atmosphere is great like in the first one. Would recommend it, but don't expect to much

No. 107321

That one is "Fire in the Sky"! Def a GOAT in the alien movie genre.

Dark Skies is another good one.

At least once every other month I have a dream of moving to a haunted house, getting haunted to hell and back, then moving away and thinking wow its finally over just to realize that "it" followed me to my new home. Maybe ive watched too many horror ghost movies lol.

"As above so below" is a good one too. The V/H/S one too.

No. 107328

This was the worst horror movie I've ever seen and I don't understand the hype around this. Such a waste of time.

No. 107336

Agreed. Maybe it was scary when I was 14 and first got into Asian horror.

No. 107337

File: 1599582549874.jpg (943.88 KB, 1500x2222, MV5BNDgxY2M1MjctNzU0Yy00NjkxLT…)

1BR (2019)
Don't watch trailer

No. 107347

I've never found asian horror scary or interesting and have never understood the hype the genre gets. It's all cringy shit to me.

No. 107363

ooh what was the line difference.

No. 107394

I think it takes a certain type of people. Asian people tend to be spiritual, growing up you just hear a lot of casual talks about spirits, your family regularly make ritualistic offerings to big gods small gods and ancestors and shit. So ghost/paranormal stories tend to feel like a common close to home thing, not something extraordinary. Asian horror themes deal a lot with broken bonds, broken dreams, repressed grief and resentment and missed opportunities. Troubles that permeate our societies that we don’t talk about, the true horrors really.

No. 107398

I'm not the >>107347 anon and you're definitely right with the type of scare japanese horror is going for being very specific because of cultural differences, but something that was tough to me to get past is a very theatrical way of acting in japanese movies, just feels like too much to be believeable and spoils the immersion. I've only seen the classics like Ring, Grunge and Dark Water and didn't explore more. Maybe theres a title you could recommend that would change my mind? Overall the spiritual themes are up my alley, it was never an issue of a subject matter in my case.

No. 107403

Mademoiselle's shaken "It was foolish to doubt" becomes a generic "Keep doubting" subtitle in the current translation before she does what she does.

No. 107405

The best part of this movie was going into it completely without any prior knowledge of it the bleak reality of it felt so refreshing after so much stupidity in things in a similar aesthetic style like Stranger Things and It, of course a little boy is weaker than an adult man. I thought the sudden change in tone was haunting.

No. 107408

Most asian horror is psychological horror. Maybe you prefer formulated stabby gore shit that is western?

No. 107409

I thought the sequel was good. One of the few that tie in the movie together, but the first film is superior imo. One of the scariest movies i've seen. Loved it

No. 107411

I have to say this one haunted me for a few weeks. It wasn't perfect, the reasoning behind everything was kind of lame but I found it a lot scarier than Hereditary for example, and not just because of the gore.

No. 107443

Pulse and Audition perhaps? I agree that Japanese horror can be over theatrical but I've always been good with it because when they wanna go dark and bad, they do it.

No. 107444

No, I'm a big fan of psychological horror. I just don't care for how it's done in asian horror.

No. 107452

I had to check the original voices in french of that last scene she says doubt, Etienne. While the line of your first viewing sounds cooler, this line is more close to the meaning.

No. 107455

I wondered because the subs in the newer version made almost every line more compact in general.

No. 107477

Man I have been dying for a good horror movie and scraping the depths of the internet searching for something that will work for me. Been coming up empty handed. The Possum sounds and looks intriguing, so I'll check that out.

Recently I watched The Platform (Spanish). It was fine. There were some okay visuals, but I wasn't scared and just felt a bit bored throughout. I wasn't bothered by the super blatant themes and message, honestly I think that can work well sometimes, it's just that the framing got dull quickly outside of that.

I've liked The Descent (fun), Hereditary (mainly the first half, 2nd section was generic monster movie imo), Midsommar (didn't feel very horrific, but entertaining), The Thing (again, not scary but fun), Annihilation (bear scene was unique, decent body horror, cool and thoughtful story) and The Babadook (the most spooky to me, because I felt it merged the real horrors of depression with the fake creature quite well).

Have heard good things about The VVitch but while I think I'll enjoy it as a psychological thriller, I'm almost certain it won't stick with me. Oh, and I do need to watch Jacob's Ladder. I think video games have actually been the most effective horror media for me, and I love the really surreal, dark and uncomfortable vibe of the Silent Hill games (JL was an inspiration for the series).

Sorry for the blog posting, mostly just ranting in case any of my thoughts/suggestions are helpful to other horror fans (or people who want to get into horror but are having issues like me). If anyone has ideas I'm happy to hear them. I seem to be most into horror that's not just generic monster thrills, but really tries to touch on uncomfortable human issues. The equally unsuccessful flipside (for me) are movies wholly concerned with real world discomfort and neglect the fantastical elements horror can effectively tap into.

No. 107483

Anyone watched the Corpse of Anna Fritz?
I think I enjoyed it, like there were a lot of things I worried about going into it but it was ultimately pretty good.

I was worried that the rapist dude was gonna be off free because he was regretted what he did, but I'm glad he got what was coming.
I also liked that it wasn't supernatural because it would have been pretty eh to have the nice guy ghost save her instead of her doing it herself.

It's on Shudder but TW Rape

No. 107537

Here are a few of my favourites I have seen this year -

Maniac (2012) - it's a bit goofy and weird, and I feel like the ending was a bit meh, but I had fun watching it. Give the original a watch too!

Terrifier - If you like slashers, clowns or b-movies, you will probably enjoy this one. It feels very campy but there are some scenes in it that made my eyes water, which I haven't experienced with a horror movie in years. Probably my favourite of the movies I've seen this year!

Overlord - Another boring Nazi zombie movie, except I didn't find it boring in the least. It felt like if Wolfenstein had been made into a film. Jam packed full of action. cheesy lines and loads of zombies!

From Beyond - A classic campy horror from the 80s starring Jeffrey Coombs (Re-Animator, which is also worth a watch). It's quite sci-fi heavy with a good dose of body horror. Really good fun to watch and full of pretty cool practical make up effects if you're into that sort of thing.

Bone Tomahawk - A western horror, which sounds dumb, but trust me, it's so worth the watch. Very atmospheric and the pay off is worth it. Probably one of the only movies to 'scare' me and leave me thinking about it for a little while afterwards.

No. 108093

I am back, and I have watched Possum. Overall I enjoyed it. Attractive cinematography. Excellent and subtle acting from the leads. Very creepy and unsettling creature design.

My main complaint is that the latter half of the movie got a touch repetitive. I wasn't bored, but after thinking on it, I wish they had utilized that time to further explore the main character's psyche and/or past and done more with the creature, rather than just tying back into material they'd already covered. The main character is very intriguing but we only get hints of what he's faced. I don't need it all spelled out for me, but I would've loved to see more of how he internally built himself up to face his fears. The last 30 minutes or so are very intense and well done, but I wish they'd created more tension before that point.

I'd rate it ~7/10. Still good and worth watching. I do think it has similarities in tone to The Babadook, but overall it's slower, more intimate and not as concerned with featuring its creature (which is fine in some respects, a shame in others).

No. 108112

Maniac is a great rec, but it's super gorey, so be warned anyone who isn't into that. That scene with the woman and car made me paranoid as fuck about getting my ankles slashed

No. 108113

The Audition is one of my favorite Japanese horrors. A+ taste anon

No. 108114

Ah, i see. Perhaps you havent found the right one. Have you seen Jacob's ladder though? Definitely a great western horror. I absolutely love psychological horror too.

No. 108242

File: 1600320999678.jpeg (28.14 KB, 259x383, 986F137B-3B67-4720-A94F-DC1681…)

I saw Autopsy of Jane Doe after smoking a joint and it was extremely unnerving, I went in blind. The climax was good but the best part was in the autopsy. The atmosphere was so on point. Holy shit, I felt like passing out from clenching my butthole. Also I can’t stop thinking about how there are people who would be turned on by this.

No. 108243

File: 1600321842274.png (108.98 KB, 220x326, AD9A79F3-A284-48EA-A06D-964680…)

Swallow (2019) I love everything about this movie

No. 108266

looks really interesting, going to give this a watch this weekend

No. 108267

I love this thread, so many great recommendations. Thank you ladies. Thought I'd drop some asian horror movie recommendations since I used to watch a ton.

One missed call by Takashi Miike. My favourite director. So good in a campy, fun sort of way. The american remake sucks ass.

Marebito. Not that scary but atmospheric and creepy. Really cute female lead.

All six of the J-horror theater films: Reincarnation, Premonition, Infection, Retribution, The Sylvian experiments and Kaidan. Reincarnation and Infection are my favorites. The films are unrelated to each other so you can watch them in any order.

Confessions. Not really horror, I guess? But extremely dark and depressing anyway. Deals with really heavy topics and has a really oppressive atmosphere and plenty of shocking scenes. One of my all time favorites, highly recommended!

No. 108276

File: 1600348040695.gif (494.2 KB, 500x209, popo.gif)

Let Me in
not particularly scary, just beautiful, imo. It takes place in the eighties but its not all corny like Stranger Things.
I love the atmosphere and romance.

No. 108277

I'm going to watch this tonight! Very excited

No. 108283

Unfortunately, I have heard male opinion on this film so yes they are turned on, but I was just really impressed how despite being a gorgeous woman she didn't feel sexualised, she felt like a corpse

No. 108507

I really liked this movie as well but I prefer the Swedish one.

No. 108515

This one sucks compared to the Swedish one. If anons decide to watch, watch that one.

No. 108545

it’s more creepy and unsettling than scary but i remember the wicker man (1973) being pretty good

No. 108555

I was really wary of this movie because i kept mixing it up with the plot of other autopsy movie named the corpse of anna fritz or something, because the summary and trailer for that one were simply disgusting. Autopsy of jane doe ended up being cool though.

No. 108556

I've watched both and I think Anna Fritz must be like a movie with the same ideas but done completely different, Shudder originals do that a lot.

Anna Fritz is alright the ending is much better than I thought it was gonna be but Jane Doe is miles ahead.

No. 108876

File: 1600942670767.jpg (52.58 KB, 1000x563, Murder-Death-Koreatown-2020-Re…)

i ended up watching murder death koreatown (2020) after trying/failing to watch a few other supposedly scary movies beforehand and i'm so happy that THIS is the one i stuck with.

i'm not sure what it was about it that was so genuinely unsettling, but i ended up having to turn on the lights just to get through a good chunk of it and immediately rushed to switch to a comfort movie afterward just to try and get rid of the sense of legit dread i felt at the end. doing either of those things is super rare for me bc ( not to sound super fucking edgy ) most horror movies nowadays don't scare me anymore let alone make me feel something so weirdly visceral like this did.

tl;dr very good, very spooky. 10/10 def recommend giving it a try if you've got amazon prime!

No. 108989

What was spooky about this movie for you? Tbh it just felt like I was watching something made by a schizophrenic person, rather something by someone with real suspicions. Also, I thought it was weird how the creator of this used that homeless guy for this project. I thought everything was gonna come together at the end but idk. Nothing about this movie really made sense to me. Maybe i'm just slow lol

No. 109021

I enjoyed that movie, I saw the ending coming from a mile away though. Watch the remake with Nick Cage if you want to laugh your ass off.

No. 109029


No. 109098

File: 1601142590992.jpg (30.69 KB, 1000x563, host-horror-review-shudder.jpg)

Have you guys watched Host (2020) yet? It's that movie mostly known for having been shot and directed remotely during lockdown. I went into it with fairly low expectations but it was honestly a pretty fun ride. Just impressive how they pulled certain sfx off

No. 109100

Interesting. Is it anything like Unfriended (2014) ? I liked that one.

No. 109101

It’s shown in a conference call format like Unfriended, but the plots are very different!

No. 109104

File: 1601146344817.jpg (48.31 KB, 512x278, unnamed.jpg)

Hated Midsommar and Hereditary. Here's my fav list:

>Zombie movies

REC 1 & 2

Train to Busan

28 days later & 28 weeks Later

>Spooky monsters

The Descent 1

The Babadook

>Found footage

The Blair Witch Project (yes, I know it's a controversial one but honestly, it is cult as it sets up the whole horror genre and it's the only decent one imo)

>Psychological horror

Saw 1

The Human Centipede 1

Don't Breath (my fav horror movie)

>Psychological, but borderline thriller edition

Confessions (a great ass japanese movie that no one knows about)

Silence of the Lambs (fav thriller)



Shutter (2004)


No. 109106

double posting just to shit on Martyrs, watched it in french and na it was just edgy at best imo and not even a Serbian Film type of edgy/shocking value it was just edgy and weirdly arrogant idk

No. 109116

Reddit tier basic bitch taste

No. 109134

Ok I can look past your dislike to Ari Aster movies but explain this:
>The Blair Witch Project (yes, I know it's a controversial one but honestly, it is cult as it sets up the whole horror genre and it's the only decent one imo)

How tf liking Blair Witch Project is controversial, I thought it's a beloved cult classic?

No. 109144

heard so many people shit on it, saying it's trash because "boring"

No. 109475

Which Mama? there are several horror films with this name

No. 109476


>Psychological horror

>Saw 1

>The Human Centipede 1

How are these physiological? they are straight up torture porn or body horror

No. 109477

Anyone watch Goedam? I didn't think it was super scary but it was really short so I say worth a watch. Esp episodes 4, 5 and 6. They're all on average like 10 mins and the credits take up a third.

That sounds like facebook horror group tier opinion, needs jumpscares every 5 seconds to be scared.

No. 109478

Agree. Blair witch is a great film, especially for its time. It was something new and interesting

No. 109485

File: 1601424830610.jpg (67 KB, 630x1200, the orphanage.jpg)

Spanish supernatural horror film The Orphanage (2007) gave me the willies and I'm not usually spooked by ghosts

No. 109488

File: 1601426083170.jpg (30.27 KB, 428x320, the-human-centipede-avi_002683…)

>Psychological horror
>Saw 1
>The Human Centipede 1

>How are these physiological? they are straight up torture porn or body horror

Saw totally is a psychological horror though, maybe even thriller more so. Only in the later installments it turned into torture porn, since people clearly cared more about the traps than the psychological aspect of it. Too bad because it makes people forget how good Saw 1 was.
Human Centipede 1 is a body horror but also a total parody imho, idk why some people were so serious about it, it was ridiculous to the point of being funny. But, given audience reaction similarly to Saw, later movies just focused on body horror / being disgusting, no attempts at being funny anymore.

No. 109494

I really do often forget how good Saw 1 was because my brain is tainted by the latter movies. Unfortunately unenjoyable torture porn sticks in my brain more.

The director also made the Conjuring, which is in my backlog at the moment. Do anons recommend it? How scary is it?

No. 109497

EXCELLENT film. It was actually the movie that "converted" me and made me realize just how good horror can be.

No. 109523

Conjuring is great, easily one of the best horrors made in the latest 10 years, especially given the cliche subject, definitely go for it!

No. 109714

File: 1601619763272.jpeg (129.28 KB, 320x484, 6C0985C9-971E-4B71-A9F4-A4E0F4…)

I’m thinking of ending things (2020)
Psychological thriller. This movie got me uncomfortable and stressed out the entire time. It feels like you’re shrooming and you can feel you’re about to have a bad trip…

No. 109728

Would it really fall under horror? I did enjoy it though, even as someone who's usually put off by Charlie Kaufman. Superb cast.

No. 109794

File: 1601684386247.jpeg (53.36 KB, 768x574, B36596F9-B2FE-44D2-A295-481E7A…)

This movie was pretty good; it was somehow a slog but still enjoyable.

However, at a lot of points the main actress had a grease paint textured foundation that had oxidized SO badly. It distracted me so much. All I could think of was the peanut butter baby meme through the whole movie.

No. 109797

Losing my mind is one of the top scary things for me so yeah kek

No. 109809

File: 1601695955347.jpg (182.62 KB, 626x684, img_4759.jpg)

Cam's ending is a confusing but it has some nice visuals and some parts genuinely unsettled me. It's one of the few decent cyber horror films out there.

No. 109810

This movie is almost never talked about. Great choice!

Saw 1 was easily the best of the bunch and I really wish they stopped after the first movie. Some people liked the second Saw, but it was incredibly weak compared to the first, and it got worse from there.

No. 109811

Too slow, too pretentious and overall boring af but it made me cry. Maybe because I hate seeing sad older people.

No. 109812

I thought it might be dull but for a film with endless scenes of two people chatting in a car, I didn't think it was.

No. 109816

the movie was enjoyable but I hated how it glossed over how the coomers literally wanted the protagonist to kill herself and were egging her on it because sex work is so empowering uwu.

No. 109820

Oh god same, we're different in that I generally appreciated it but god that ending upset me.

No. 110250

I thought it was weird that she continued camming after all the shit that happened Despite being made by a former sex worker nothing about this except her money makes sex work look empowering, didn't even need a creepy AI to do it. Im not sure of the directors intentions.

No. 110266

>That drive and ambition to get back to work was a key component for Mazzei and Goldhaber, who looked to movies like Black Swan, Whiplash, and even Rocky as inspiration — As Goldhaber said, films about “a passionate artist who will stop at nothing to do their craft.” And just like the artists in those films, who return to their passions despite all the costs and suffering for their art, Alice goes back in the end. Mazzei explained, “That’s exactly what Alice does. She goes through this hellish experience and at the end, of course she’s going to go back and do what she loves, because that’s what she loves, there’s no other option for her.”

This is the creator's explanation.

No. 110307

Thank you for this. I get why she did what she did now but it's kinda sad, like she feels there's no other option so she must potentially face danger again, bless.

No. 110308

> She goes through this hellish experience and at the end, of course she’s going to go back and do what she loves, because that’s what she loves, there’s no other option for her.”
Libfems are so fucking retarded

No. 110341

File: 1602103361120.jpg (37.95 KB, 350x500, 51P8JNVZFVL.jpg)

I like the korean movie Dumplings

> Cannibalism

> Social critique (ej the insane beauty standards of koreans and the fact that cheating males are tolerantes)
>More gorey and disturbing than scary
>Nothing paranormal happens

More movies like this?

No. 110350

File: 1602105680911.jpg (143.71 KB, 563x800, three extremes.jpg)

Nothing similar comes to mind but I second your recommend of this. If there's one thing, I think the short film version from the anthology Three Extremes is slightly better than the full film version. Also it's from Hong Kong, not Korea.

The other two films in Three Extremes were nowhere near as good as Dumplings imo.

No. 112811

File: 1603484866165.png (322.92 KB, 499x258, Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 4.10…)

I absolutely have been obsessed with all things HP Lovecraft, despite everything mainly being "inspired".

>Color out of space

>The thing
>Cabin in the woods
>The Mist
>Event Horizon
>The void
>The endless

However, movies I can't stand are one with A-hole kids in them or stupidity. I can't stand Babadook's screeching child and Wish upon's stupid lead for example.

No. 112814

File: 1603485972814.jpg (84.02 KB, 900x580, body_gaumont-film-company_cour…)

I'm going to add Possession (1981) by Andrzej Żuławski. Beautiful and troubling supernatural horror that falls within the "women in love with monsters" genre. An absolutely mesmerizing performance by Isabelle Adjani.

No. 112817

note to anons that may care about this sort of thing: if you don't like watching movies by abusive scrotes dating women one third their age and mindfucking/abusing their actresses, you may skip this one.

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