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File: 1629358363074.png (1.17 MB, 1430x1232, 1628763835503.png)

No. 1303332

ISABELLA LORETTA JANKE was involved in attempting to cause Christian Weston Chandler to end his own life, to extort money from him and encouraged him into raping his mother. She was the person Chris is talking to in the tapes in which he admits to having sex with his mother.

She has already been involved, on the Texas Tech Campus, in allegedly causing the suicide of another student and appears to have a wide track record of sociopathic behavior and involvement in a variety of illegal and disturbing acts including abusing animals, vandalism and selling prescription medications.

It seems that the call may have been recorded and retained for blackmail purposes and then when shared by another Chris orbiter who leaked it out of panic, Bella went into damage control mode spinning off the saga that we have today.


Bella / Simon918 / NP2348 / redpilled single dad / Nobodysbusiness77897 / 10anon / Kelly Osborn
>Self-describes as "4chan lonely dweller who can't get along with another bitchy girls".
>Doesn't shower and has fungal infections all over her body.
>Has a charge in New York currently for illegal possession of weapons.

Louis / louize / jordanloveboat
>Her no. 1 simp, Chess Club member.
>A gross creep that approved of her actions.
>White supremacist Indonesian loli fetishist.
>Confirmed to have eaten one of the 8 hamsters Bella has killed.

Omongidale / Allen / Alice / Griffith
>Chess Club member and Bella's co-conspirator.
>Sexpest guy who is into shadman, loli and futa.
>Witnessed Bella boiling a hamster and Louis taking a bite out of it.
>Changed name to Alice in Discord to get close to Chris and eventually join the gayops.
>Conspiring with Bella to make Louis ingest estrogen unknowingly.
>Pre-med student, scared shitless of being deported out of the country.

Jadin / Zorgoth / Zoe
>Former Chess Club member.
>Suspended from university due to racism complaints.


>An autistic girl who wanted to bang Chris Chan and the subject of Bella's toxic affections.
>The true hero who saved Barb from more months of rape by not listening to Bella and leaking the audio of the confession call.
>Her parents cut off her internet and was briefly hospitalized after she got doxed because of GiBi.

>Tried to get a scoop to get internet points fast.
>Unironically fell for Bella's manipulation.
>Accidentally doxed Fiona and caused damage to her life.
>Started backpedalling after Kiwifarms called him out and bullied him for being a piece of shit.
>Got doxed himself.

Psychic Espeon / WTC / Neko / Sean
>Obsessed with Randy Stair, MtF mass shooter who also killed himself because he thought that he could reincarnate as a cartoon.
>Pushing CWC to follow the steps of Randy Stair.
>Co-conspirator with Bella.
>Was in Kiwifarms initially framing Fiona as the mastermind behind everything.

Firion / zoefiri
>MtF ex of Isabella.
>Collected the evidence for Roman's case.
>Joined Kiwifarms, confirms animal abuse rumors & psychopathy.

>FtM next door neighbor who was bullied by Bella at college.
>Filed a Title IX case to the university against Bella.


>Died in a closet due to Bella's neglect.
>Doxed Bella from beyond the grave.

>Hamster left to die in his cage wrapped with plastic.
>Found by a recycling staffer and re-homed.

>Bella offered to give this hamster away in Reddit.
>Possibly boiled alive and fed to Louis.

>Bella and Louis's fetish cat
>They feed inappropriate food to him to get him to fart and shit everywhere.
>Bella wants Goober to be chunky for Reddit gold.

>Allen shares his Discord auth token and gets all his private conversations leaked >>1296552
>Kiwifarms is down and Bella/her father are suspected to be behind it >>1296536
>Students in TTU are organizing a march >>1296705
>Bella was not rolling around Bria's piss as she wanted, but the piss of Bria's cat >>1296713
>Bella's passwords have been compiled from haveibeenpwned and used to access her emails and Facebook account >>1296756
>Bella's dating woes >>1296795
>Bella goes to 4chan to defend herself >>1296881
>Jadin alleges that Bella has CP on her computer >>1297254
>Discussion about Psychic Espeon and Angry Canadian >>1297551
>Anon finds Bella's tiktok, which was originally named after "Kelly Andes", CWC's sweetheart >>1298038
>Bella has been planning Chris' suicide since April 2020 >>1298103
>Discussion about Bella's suspicious Cashapp transactions >>1298293, >>1299081, >>1299708
>Anons discuss things found in Bella's file repository >>1298425, >>1298424, 1298722
>Bella found arguing in Christian preacher's video >>1298490
>GiBi might be more involved than he is letting others know and was possibly working with Psychic Espeon >>1298776
>Bella's Reddit posts are archived >>1299175
>Texas Tech are silencing students mentioning Bella >>1299199
>Compiled conversation when Bella tells the Chess Club about CWC's incest and recorded call >>1299337
>Possibility that Bella is blackmailing Louis >>1299348
>Compiled conversations of Bella talking about his father >>1299714
>Someone (possibly a troll) was defending Bella in YouTube with the name NP2348 >>1299859 and uploads a video of a hamster in a pot of water >>1299901
>Bunch of anons (possibly Bella) in 4chan and lolcow start questioning Spooky Bones' motives and ask for her to be doxed >>1300237, >>1300301, >>1300372
>Reddit group larps as Bella and challenges people to play Roblox with them >>1300373, >>1300907
>Bella simp appears in Hispachan >>1300576 and we discover Spanish is her first language >>1301045
>Bella's other ex is interviewed >>1300978
>Bella's email is hacked and a rare video of CWC is leaked >>1301298
>Fiona goes to Reddit and answers some questions >>1301431
>Repzilla makes a video on Bella >>1301714

- Bella has made 6+ sock accounts in KF and loves to derail the conversation away from her by shifting blame or changing subjects.
- She has bragged about being a lolcow farmer and made one thread in /g/ to spread misinformation after the incest call leaked.
- Her father is an ex-CIA and is currently in charge of various tech companies that run cyber psyop campaigns.
- Please report thirstposting, baiting, derailing and suspicious posts. Don't engage with them.

Updated List of Bella's Known Information: https://imgur.com/a/sEi7LgY
Updated Timeline: https://controlc.com/48100cce

First thread: >>>/snow/1292225
Second: >>>/snow/1294645
Third: >>>/snow/1296532

No. 1303346

File: 1629361548987.png (337.65 KB, 652x1322, 1628999011103.png)

From Bella's imgur.

No. 1303347

File: 1629361609678.jpg (24.05 KB, 652x286, c.jpg)

From Kiwifarms:
>Just further to that the ashleyhammercuriosity@protonmail.com e-mail address was unlinked from cash app on 08/09/21, no more payments were received.

No. 1303348

File: 1629362059406.png (642.96 KB, 607x987, adad.png)

Happy belated birthday, Bella!

No. 1303349

File: 1629362227679.jpg (417.43 KB, 1536x2048, nnlGPAS_1.jpg)

More from her imgur.

No. 1303350

File: 1629362456167.png (1.47 MB, 2174x1018, 1629331997734.png)

On Christmas Eve, Isabella Janke shared a video clip of her annoying a young woman, it seems to switch from playing around to being very annoyed. Unfortunately there's no sound, so there's no context. Some screenshots from said video.

No. 1303352

File: 1629362563224.png (Spoiler Image,599.79 KB, 708x873, ftb1.png)

Close-up of her feet.

No. 1303354

File: 1629362654350.png (1.97 MB, 1242x2008, YAjdmw5.png)

No. 1303362

File: 1629363766823.png (41.03 KB, 675x172, hispachan.png)

Anon from Hispachan comes back to defend Bella: https://www.hispachan.org/i/res/173597.html#174076

>Isabella did nothing wrong, it was Chris who wanted to rape the mother, whatever she does with her dogs or cats we don't know really and it's not problem of internet, leave her alone(not milk)

No. 1303375

File: 1629366015641.jpg (3.79 MB, 4608x3456, bellajasnyc.jpg)

Dropping the Jasmine (other chess club girl) image again, this is the newest photo we have of Bella.

I wrote the first character summary post and called Fiona "the true hero" for leaking the Chris audio, but after her reddit appearence she definitely seems nuts like everyone involved in this story.

No. 1303380

Don’t think this is Bella, like other anons have said, it’s likely just a simp from a Spanish-speaking country.

No. 1303385

Now this is milky. If things were going by schedule, shouldn't Athena have sent her money on the 7th? She was sending money every week.

No. 1303388

Ok, I will change that line in the next thread.

No. 1303391

"Athena" started sending payments every two days after July 20. All the payments stopped after July 30, the day that the call was leaked. In theory, she should have received another payment August 1, the day that Chris was arrested.

Tinfoil: Bella started sending herself money more often after finding out the incest to empty Chris' bank account faster.

No. 1303392


she's always seemed strange to me. it's been a while but i think the reason why i felt off about her is because of what her friend grant said on kf - it gave me the impression that she leaked the audio out of fear of being an accomplice to a very real crime, not because she was concerned for barb or wanted chris to face consequences for his actions.

i am willing to give her some benefit of the doubt for sperging out over reddit. maybe she was put on meds or was otherwise disoriented from being committed which made her act so strangely. i think her actions were beyond her usual sperginess, but i guess that's more due to me not believing anyone could be that retarded.

No. 1303400

I think it could be Bella, since she speaks Spanish >>1301045

No. 1303449

File: 1629375589198.webm (Spoiler Image,16.5 MB, 434x854, ilj-assault-girl.webm)

The girl Isabella is assaulting appears to say "holy shit" while pinned to the bed, before pushing back against Bella. Best I can make out is Bella is saying "I just want to…" something, twice. The second time, she might be saying, "I just want to, oh my god" as her victim pushes out against her.

Tinfoil. I think she's saying something like "I just want to feel your pussy", but I can't really tell.

No. 1303450

This is genuinely upsetting. It's one thing to hear that she sexually harassed women on campus, but it's another thing entirely to actually see her forcing herself on a woman and dry humping her. You can see how stressed that woman is as she struggles to break free from Bella's bulk multiple times. I have a feeling that having the audio would just be more damning. This is the first time I've seen a woman who was genuinely on par with a scrote.

No. 1303452

What I'm curious about is: why is Bella holding her phone in this scenario? The screen looks like it's just the wallpaper and nothing is going on.

At one point she drops the phone on the bed and gropes? the girl which makes her run away. And then she grabs the phone again. Meanwhile this is all being recorded by a third girl (Jasmine?) sitting on the bunk bed.

No. 1303453

File: 1629376331704.png (335.42 KB, 563x585, bellajasnycgross.png)

No. 1303456

This pic matches the disgusting fungus pic and confirms it's real.

Funnily, in her defense posts Bella never said anything abouther feet but kept mentioning her tits and being defensive about them. She uses photoshop and clothing adjustments to desperately keep up that "curvy bombshell" look, but doesn't even care to wash her hair.

No. 1303460

File: 1629377866138.png (983.86 KB, 1024x925, 1908210214.png)

there was one

No. 1303462

She's so….textured…

No. 1303463

I'm going to guess from the bad spelling that this is probably Bella. Was she trying to say viciously or does she mean she the search was thick and viscous?

No. 1303474

File: 1629379181489.jpg (103.78 KB, 814x1080, E9A7MK5Iv0w.jpg)

From Encyclopedia Dramatica

No. 1303495

afterreading all the lolcow threads on janke, I can get never feel clean again…:((no1curr)

No. 1303499

Besides helping Bella decorate the cake, Jasmine doesn't seem that involved in the Chess Club's activities, right?

No. 1303503

From what I've seen so far, she's just not a frequent discord user. She seems to be racist and share the other values of the chess club, but she's not terminally online. Bella lusted after her little step-sisters in front of her.

She's also the only one who saw a glimpse of Bella's real life because she met Bella's mom, while on discord Bella keeps saying how her mom is an alcoholic.

No. 1303504

She has to push at Bella's throat to get her off.

No. 1303510

File: 1629383973851.png (112.85 KB, 1142x454, 1629381648583.png)

This is an interesting comment. In the discord chatlogs when Bella and Jasmine go to New York Louis says something like "aren't those your people, Bella" and she's like "yeah I feel more natural and not like in lubbock where everyone thinks I'm loud and annoying"

No. 1303524

File: 1629384845692.jpeg (207.62 KB, 2300x1470, 1628720944736.jpeg)

But according to this article https://archive.ph/yBZJ3, Bella Janke was in Norwalk High School in 2017, not York Prep HS. Norwalk HS is located in Connecticut.

No. 1303527

File: 1629385112915.png (Spoiler Image,683.71 KB, 915x465, isabella.png)

what a beast of a woman, good lord
some of those profile shots are things of nightmares

idk if it's cause it's zoomed in a little towards the end or if the other girl just seems smaller but bella looks like a massive ogre in comparison, she probably smells like a swamp even lmfao

im actually surprised she hasn't gotten into more physical altercations over her behavior. Like setting aside how fucked up she is, she just seems like a massive annoying faggot

No. 1303531

File: 1629385447096.png (538.39 KB, 760x534, Prezi.png)

Picrel is a slide from Bella's 2015 Prezi presentation: https://prezi.com/5p8hplh5heic/bella-janke/. The wall paint, whiteboard and lights look kinda similar to the photo in the article >>1303524. They were possibly taken in two different classrooms from the same building. She might have attended Norwalk High School from 2015 to 2017.

No. 1303538

File: 1629385997525.jpg (Spoiler Image,344.86 KB, 1080x1845, IMG_20210819_171139.jpg)

Can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm starting to think the fungus pics aren't her.

Warning: NSFL don't click

No. 1303544

Does anybody know when exactly were these photos taken?

No. 1303546

God, I can't believe you're making me write about some Texan autist's feet. In the pic you can see that the nail on the big toe is completely different and the length of the toes doesn't fit from the 3rd on.

Doesn't change that she's a gross skank, but false info feeds her ego.

No. 1303547

Sorry, I eventually clicked on it. It wasn't that bad.

No. 1303552

Samefag, but I am wondering if the first photo was when she still had her toenails and the next two were taken after they fell off and she glued them back on. On the first photo, there is no blood around the toenails. So that may explain the different nails on the big toe. You are right that the ring toe (fourth from the big toe) from the last photo doesn't match with the first photo. But if you compare that it on the first and second photos, they seem to be the same length.

No. 1303553

File: 1629387854526.jpeg (216.43 KB, 1213x2078, 4CAD3B33-E296-43E6-BBF2-F878E2…)

Mark L >>1295974 has returned.

No. 1303557

You remind me, Mark L. says that Bella has a 4.0 GPA in his old post, but TTU students that were contacted by KF said she's still taking some sophomore classes and is behind. Not to mention she couldn't derivate e to the power of x in her homework or something like that.

No. 1303564

Bella is Christian? Wasn't she fighting with a Christian preacher in her university? This is the best part:

>Truth is she is pretty, has a great body and has probably rejected several of you. Didn't we get over the calling girls that we liked ugly and insulting their parents in grade school? If you or spooky dum dum had a girlfriend or healthy relationship you wouldn't be wasting time bullying girls.

No. 1303565

can you post hte video those comments are under?

No. 1303567

The video is less than 1 min, so I am not sure why Mark L and Jim Berg would bother to comment there.

No. 1303602


jim berg created his account today so he's just a throwaway account. mark l on the other hand is using a 5 year old account https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh3xF_VX0rFeiWeDlD3k0Lw so there might be more to him but i think they're both trolls making fun of the weens who take the bait.

No. 1303618

This video >>1303567 is the first result when you search for "Athena Pettit" and the second for "Michael Anthony Janke" in YouTube. Is there a way to look for all the name changes that a YT channel has had?

No. 1303644

Tinfoil, but the argument the account uses sound more like a distant but well meaning mother to me. Athena recently wrote a thesis on religious symbols in LotR.
>this is just an attack by misogynist creeps
>bella is a good christian girl with 4.0 GPA
>poster says Bella has a great body but doesn't paint it in a sexual aspect

No. 1303683

Not trying to be edgy but I don't want to fly on a plane her bio mom is piloting after her cope and denial gives way.

No. 1303684

nah I've seen her actual typing style and she types like a retard and her grammar is all over the place. this could be a friend of hers maybe though idk

No. 1303695

File: 1629398297297.jpg (116.75 KB, 1080x760, 20210819_131156.jpg)

i'm posting this here instead of the chris chan thread, because isabella loretta janke deserves all of the scrutiny.

i'm pretty sure this account is the (or at least a major) scriptwriter for the huge 'jcs - criminal psychology' true crime channel. aside from it being one of only two channels linked (the guy i'm posting, and sometimes also the narrator) he makes many videos on cases with many of the same points before jcs ultimately makes similar videos on the same cases that get massive amounts of views.

what i'm trying to say is, i've been looking forward to the wine/dog-mom true crime channels potentially researching/making videos on portabella, but i'm also potentially seeing a 'step 1' in a true and honest jcs exposé.

i pray for an analysis of the chris chan call, including talking about how much better he is at banging his mom than 'robertchu' while isabella loretta janke maniacally encourages a turbo-autist to continue incest.

No. 1303711

File: 1629399040132.png (174.16 KB, 464x638, skyangel.png)

I tried to find out more about Bella's mom and stumbled upon this: https://wwwmyskyangel.blogspot.com/2006/11/find-my-sky-angel-athena-janke.html. Some guy met Athena and made this ridiculous blog with only one post asking if more people know anything about her. Some choice quotes:
>I saw the most beautiful female pilot in the history of aviation walk by -I just stared.
>She was, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen was the pilot of my airplane.
>I watched and heard her talking to the flight attendents -not only was she drop-dead beautiful, but extemely nice and had a super personality.
>You could see all the men peeking over the seats to get a look at her.
>Now, I don't usually get too crazy about beautiful women, but this one was smart, classy, and just had a air about her.
>I asked if she landed the jet, she said "I did" with a naturally sexy smile. I was hooked.

No. 1303739

Bella changes up her typing style. She is capable of typing like a non-retard although not in the habit of doing it online. People shouldn't assume that just because her typing doesn't resemble the logs it's not her. OTOH people are a bit too quick to think that everyone is Bella.

No. 1303765

File: 1629401063842.jpg (25.79 KB, 764x220, Capture.JPG)

Milk time. I wonder if the march at TTU will happen this week.

No. 1303817

that's some thick tinfoil. JCS is some psychologist or whatever, this guy isn't.

No. 1303859

Yeah Athena is apparently quite religious. She is part of an evangelical church which kiwis found. No clue about how this may have played out in ILJ's upbringing though. Was she made to go to church when young and rebelled? Might explain some of the sperging at the preacher. Just speculation though.

No. 1303864

File: 1629405455118.jpg (183.93 KB, 1080x1476, 20210819_153441.jpg)

okay nonny, kek - he's still linked in the description of the most recent video, and jcs used to include clips from the tcl channel at the end of videos.

No. 1303896

jcs was/is just trying to help out tcl get more subs because it's a good channel in the true crime yt.
The only solid crime anyone can use for a video about mushroom girl is the weapons charge so far.

No. 1303914

File: 1629407885424.jpg (242.78 KB, 1080x1535, 20210819_160327.jpg)

a lil' low-to-no context shout out for over 2 years just 'because it's a good channel in the true crime yt'? the jcs account has mentioned it's a team of people.

they both mainly analyze body language in interrogation footage, and audio in phone calls. jcs is just a narrator over edited interrogation footage, kek - it's why so many 'jcs imitations' videos have flooded yt.

but obv a case is too far away to have enough footage for a jcs video, yet.

No. 1303927

File: 1629408922202.jpg (189.95 KB, 1384x946, no.jpg)

Bella in reality vs her own photoshop

No. 1303930

She looks like she smells like tuna

No. 1303998

lmao even on the left she's stuffing her bra. You're a plain dumpy girl bella, own it.
it's kinda funny to me that "Zoe" is reporting bella for all this shit while talking to kiwifarms directly. So it's not ok for bella to dump you and call you a broken man, but it's ok when the tards from kiwifarms do it? Zoe is such a typical scorned moid. I don't care in this instance but he's only doing this shit to get back on her for pointing out he's male.

No. 1304013

Given the fact that she’s a self-confessed rapist, this video is extremely disturbing. There’s no “playing” going on here, the other girl looks upset the whole time. I’d say the TTU authorities should see it but we all know they won’t do shit.

No. 1304029

Yeah the way she flinches when bella gets near her near the end was so sad. I really hope people share this everywhere already.

No. 1304106

i think that's just poorly adjusted autist behavior. almost everyone in this fucked up story is autistic and participating out of self-interest. the only person who doesn't qualify imho is roman. i don't know if she's autistic (probably because trans) but she was actually targeted in a concerning way and seemed to be concerned about the wellbeing of others too.

No. 1304127

I was referring to her mom Athena

No. 1304230

Where have you seen her typing style?

No. 1304246

Just noticed her nails look nasty in this pic too lol

No. 1304276

File: 1629436490476.png (68.91 KB, 246x318, 1628456434402.png)

That's not even how her boobs look in reality.

No. 1304286

Any more leaks over the last week? Timeline looks dead as fuck(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1304318

her kf thread on her Instagram bio

No. 1304322

File: 1629442016473.png (67.49 KB, 1186x543, 1628531948375.png)

No. 1304405

File: 1629450863519.png (488.54 KB, 608x892, 1.png)

From Bella's Zoosk (online dating site):

Gender: Female
Interested In: Women
Height: 5'7"
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
Body Type: Average
Religion: Atheist
Smoking: Smokes socially

Hello! I’m not picky, just looking for someone to have fun with! I like video games, reading, computers and I’m open to other suggestions! Let’s go get coffee sometime!

Perfect Match
Friendly, silly, good sense of humor

Ideal Date
Getting coffee and chatting for a bit

SpongeBob SquarePants
Video Games

No. 1304407

File: 1629450896018.png (521.78 KB, 668x892, 3.png)

No. 1304409

File: 1629451119392.png (652.76 KB, 668x893, 4.png)

No. 1304410

File: 1629451289967.jpg (42 KB, 760x679, insta 2.jpg)

These were leaked from Bella's thetenthanonymous ProtonMail

No. 1304412

File: 1629451449194.jpg (64.93 KB, 827x723, kf.jpg)

Proof that she was a sock in Kiwifarms

No. 1304413

File: 1629451601290.jpg (42.14 KB, 918x661, ac2.jpg)

Bella cheating on her Physics class

No. 1304414

File: 1629451883083.jpg (64.95 KB, 835x712, w2.jpg)

Bella sending an e-mail with malware + instructions on how to use it on someone else

No. 1304416

>ethnicity: middle eastern
What even? Is this part of her larping?

No. 1304421

uh oh! also lol how is her protonmail hacked?! worst spy kid ever.

No. 1304422

File: 1629452740046.jpg (46.34 KB, 853x519, o1.jpg)

A e-mail (that bounced) requesting to host an onion site for "prorams" and trojans for Bella's colleagues.

No. 1304429

Partial List of the Contents in Bella's File Repository:

- Screenshots of Discord conversations
- Screenshots of Kiwifarms posts
- Screenshots of Bella and Louis' PC desktops
- Photos of Goober and a pitbull
- Photos of Louis and his family on vacations
- Photos of Bella's mail
- Meme of Bella and Louis getting investigated by the Title IX office
- Bella's animated videos
- Literal photos of feces
- Photos of Goober's penis
- Memes of Chris Chan having sex with Barbara
- CP, loli, antidog and antivax memes
- Lots of loli, shota, inflation, fluff abuse, anime girls peeing and general drawn porn
- 3 photos of a man fucking, fingering and eating out a pig
- 2 FtM top surgery before/after
- 1 Sex change surgery in progress
- 2 porn pussy close-ups
- 1 neck-down full frontal nudity photo
- 1 porn of 4 girls with their legs behind their head
- 1 video of woman in cosplay giving head whilst explosively shitting

No. 1304467

not trying to help her but seriously why wouldn't you just escape to mexico at this point?

No. 1304498

wish i was there so i could beat this bitch's ass for that poor girl who was too afraid to. where the fuck was this? on campus? is she expelled yet?

No. 1304499

dude if she has actual, legit child porn on her computer then she can be reported to the FBI and go to prison

No. 1304511

I think they meant CP memes whatever the fuck that is.

No. 1305019

The proportion between the big toe and the next toe is very similar. She just washed herself.(sage)

No. 1305140

File: 1629511131358.png (478.79 KB, 484x856, ew.png)

So the other girl in the cake pic has been ID'd. her name is Jasmine. KF has a thread on her but for some reason they're giving her a break because her Dad died in war or some shit? The OP is pathetic and full of claims she's had a "hard life" kek. That apparently excuses her at least being aware of the animal abuse. She's very close with bella and there are logs of bella teaching her 12-year-old sister to hate jews and call allen a faggot. She seems like a clone of bella, which is probably the only thing more pathetic than being bella herself. She looks dirty as fuck.

No. 1305142

Jesus Christ

No. 1305158

I came from the home page wtf is that

No. 1305164

Someone’s mad LMFAO

No. 1305173

Gore posting eh? Wasn't there something about Bella flooding an old discord with gore posts and CP in an effort to get it nuked. Didn't work then and it won't work now lol

No. 1305178

Hmm so this girl is latina. Maybe she was the one posting in hispachan defending bella ( or whatever that place is called)

No. 1305181

It was only the FTM and Bella thread, which points heavily to it being her (also cp was posted in /g/)

No. 1305205

Posting gore on sites that shit talk them is like a lolcow right of passage. Not particularly something only she would do.

No. 1305217

Wasn't Bella posting on /g/ when the call leaked?

No. 1305221

File: 1629521661238.jpg (81.69 KB, 500x744, capdcdsfd.jpg)

No. 1305224

File: 1629522101947.png (23.74 KB, 626x256, 1628790867796.png)

Not a meme, but it was also in the File Repository.

No. 1305236

The gore and cp were posted literally 15 mins or so after this post >>1305140 bella stay mad your tubby ugly friend got doxed

No. 1305237

lol what a pathetic cunt. btw spamming pictures of the animals you've tortured on this thread won't have any effect on your already tarnished reputation, bella. time to give up!

No. 1305250

File: 1629527318119.jpg (592.84 KB, 1080x2133, IMG_20210821_082406.jpg)

Kiwifags are being fucking embarassing, but some info was posted about the last member of the cake clique. It's pretty much nothing though.

No. 1305257

CP was posted too?

No. 1305263

Did you guys read this weird rant about Bella's innocence posted few days ago? >>>/snow/1300694

No. 1305268

I feel like at this point either

1. This story spawned too many trolls, why would anyone bother to write all that up unless they're insane?
2. Bella is completely unhinged and crazy posting everywhere, but she doesn't seem capable of anything that isn't pure denial so I don't think it's her.

No. 1305291

it really is. This and the Jasmine dox are full-on autistic.

No. 1305304

I found the Jasmine stuff interesting because the sister chat. Your supposed friends, who are adults, are lusting after your 12 year old sister and you're perfectly okay with it. Considering Jasmine is seemingly the most normal person in the group, that says a lot about how fucked up these people are.

No. 1305305

They're her half-sisters. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't care about them as much.

No. 1305307

Still her sister. Still a 12 year old.

No. 1305309

I'm not defending her, just saying it seems like she has a fucked up family dynamic. Her dad died, mom seems criminal and she's living with her grandma. Again, not an excuse but an explanation.

No. 1305314

File: 1629538344156.png (103.36 KB, 645x1030, Based Naruto Sisters 3.png)

I had to go to KF and read the Discord logs… Yikes.

No. 1305316

File: 1629538564243.png (53.51 KB, 766x488, Based Naruto Sisters 2.png)

No. 1305317

I don't care how fucked up your family dynamic is, bella is a pedo. We know it from the logs from the same server Jasmine was in. Yet Jasmine let Bella around her sister, and let her teach her racial slurs. That video of Bella humping that girl is legit scary. Would you let this woman around even a random 12 year old you had no relation to? I don't give a single shit about kids and I would still never let that happen. Her family being mostly dead should make her value what little she has, not pimp them out to her gross pedo friend so she gets cool points.

No. 1305318

File: 1629538786493.png (19.2 KB, 413x258, Based Naruto Sisters 4.png)

No. 1305321

File: 1629539035635.png (36.57 KB, 629x298, meaning.png)

>Candy AND cunny?
These people are so well versed on pedophile lingo.

No. 1305323

That lingo is used on /co/ too…

No. 1305325

Never heard of that word before.

No. 1305326

I've said it on the last thread, but that lingo is used on 4chan and A LOT on /vg/. Bella browses 2d hentai games general, which was confirmed by searching one of her filenames on a 4chan archive site. The pedo meme anon posted and that tweet are also from 4chan.

No. 1305328

File: 1629539553962.png (80.39 KB, 831x766, Jasmine Chris Server 2.png)

Bella knows someone that works in lolcow? Does she mean lolcow.org or lolcow.farm?

No. 1305329

She's full of shit. In the chatlogs she says she's going to become a mod on kiwifarms, told Zorgoth that she's an admin of 4chan threads and that she's a hacker on lolcow farm when she didn't know how to make a post.

No. 1305333

Maybe she was talking about Psychic Espeon and was just hyping him up.

No. 1305341

Follow-up on this email:

>The e-mail was undeliverable so never got there. Although that might not be Bella's fault as such it just makes me think 'incompetent', along with everything else she does online. Reason being I've just took a closer look at this and the only reference I can find for warden@riseup.net is from 8 years ago by u/Project_Evil on r/onions, who hasn't been active for 8 years. Bella decided to e-mail them in January 2021.

>Note that this hidden wiki (the Evil Wiki) admin says on Reddit they allow linking to CP and cataloguing CP as long as the CP itself is not hosted on their servers. That's an open invitation for Reddit weens, so naturally Bella was trying to get in touch under the guise of setting up an .onion site for hosting 'programs and trojans' (plausible deniability).
>Speculation: with the suspicions and rumours surrounding Bella and CP I think she tried to contact this wiki admin (via e-mail because she's incompetent) because they effectively say "my .onion wiki has CP, some other don't". It's possible she found those posts from 8 years ago because she searched for those kinds of terms, I don't see why they would come up if searching for hosting instead.


No. 1305344

>reposts gross lolicon memes from 4chan
>frequents boards that often have pedoposters
>clearly suffers from hentai brainrot and actively enjoys looking at lolicon and other degenerate shit
>allow linking to CP and cataloguing CP
most likely, nothing will come out of this, but I really hope later down the line it gets revealed she really does have gbs of CP on her computer that does end up landing her in hot water.

No. 1305379

Lol, the march for trans rights at TTU was just posted by some troll/slacktivist. Bella's tranny ex went there and literally nobody cared or showed up.

No. 1305381

march for trans rights in Lubbock, Texas. Fucking kek.

No. 1305408

So TTU is now aware that students won't be upset if they just send her a strongly worded email and call it a day.

No. 1305492

It's fucked up but from their point of view they have a vested interest in the school's rep as well.

No. 1305534

Cunny has been making the rounds on 4chan with this meaning since at least 2010. Uooohhh :sob: posting has been around for years too, but mainly in the context of weeb things, perhaps due to its origin being a Japanese tweet >>1305224.

Both are very mainstream on 4chan, but whereas uooohhh is mostly used to refer to anime, cunny is mainly IRL pedo shit associated and consequently rarely posted jokingly, except by the most edgy contrarians, the kind of gross person who would have this >>1305221.

No. 1305539

>>pilot for American Airline's

>>Harvard student

I really hope Athena didn't write this

No. 1305568

The thing is that nobody cared enough, there's caps from a student discord and somebody is like
>this reached national news level (Chris Chan) it will sort itself out, what can students do?
There's nobody involved enough to organise and step up, and a lot of it has to do with zoomer mentality. The victims of Bella's behaviour should have been contacted and grouped up (Avery, Bri etc) and reached out to their friends for support.

Meanwhile kiwifags thought there would be some grand witchunt when just Bella's troon ex appeared and students don't care aside the permanently online ones.

No. 1305579

It either a simp from /r9k/ or Angry Canadian (Bella's wk on KF).

No. 1305882

I don't think it was Angry Canadian. It doesn't match his typing style.

No. 1305883

Write what? Mark L's comments or the Instagram bio?

No. 1306309

confirmed that ilj attended Norwalk highschool in Norwalk ct in 2017?

No. 1306363

the "American Arline's" I would guess. Little embarrassing to say you're a Harvard student and misspell the company you work for.

No. 1306585

she's talking about here but she is full of shit. she boasts about all kinds of things like this including becoming a KF admin.

No. 1306638

Late to the party here but holy shit. The way the girl FLINCHES as she thinks Bella is going to grab her again and then tries to put a physical barrier between the two of them. Disturbing.

No. 1306738

Bella created a Cashapp account impersonating her mom, not saying that she made this IG account too, but is still very suspicious: lots of mispellings ("godess", "Arline"), no followers and not following anybody either.

No. 1306809

It’s embarrassing anyway to say you’re a Harvard student when it’s Harvard Extension School that literally any bum with an internet connection can get into. There’s no requirements.

No. 1306831

know a guy who put oxford uni on his linkedin after he went to an expensive 'credit for attendance' corporate management 2 or 3 day lectures.

No. 1307005


im from the area and just asked a friend from class of ‘17 to confirm via yearbook, and there is in fact an isabella janke with no glasses who attended Norwalk highschool in Norwalk ct in 2017

No. 1307070

Imageboard, anon. Just post the proof.

No. 1307346


the newspaper article already confirmed, i just wanted to check personally

No. 1307357

milk tease

No. 1310017

Not to powerlevel but my school is playing with Texas Tech in a few days. Because Bella goes there and ttu won’t do shit about her behavior, I hope we kick their asses.

No. 1310263

I hope they win. Go fungal spores!

No. 1310507

Bella's newly leaked imgur accounts:

They contain 250 files, which include:
>Gore and Torture
>Animal abuse (RIP Tendies)
>Waterboarding extra videos
>Secretly recorded conversations of Mike and Mary Beth (her father and step-mother)
>CP onion links

Note: The woman in >>1303449 is Briana.

No. 1310602

File: 1630181640069.jpg (341.16 KB, 1080x1569, IMG_20210828_221146.jpg)

Tranny ex says TTU will take down Bella

No. 1310773

File: 1630194966734.jpg (17.01 KB, 600x315, 8.jpg)

No. 1311100

it's a lot funnier if they don't. She's still going to torture animals to death somewhere else anyway.

No. 1313869

saged for non milk content, but I keep thinking, how can you get such bad fungal infections from being a scrote? like I know people who have severe candida infections like in the nails, skin, but one of three factors, diabeetus, immune compromised, or cancer, like the nails are something I saw on a diabetic person.(sage)

No. 1313934

you sage by writing sage in the email field, anon.

No. 1314137

i think someone mentioned she does have the beetus buried somewhere in the 400 terabytes of non-milk.

No. 1314251

then that can be why her nails looked fucked up, although the fungi of choice for beetus is candida ring worm would love beetus patients too, dear good she must have a yeast infection 24/7 XD if her nails look like that.

No. 1317650

I guess this story is a good lesson that nothing will happen to you if you shut up and go offline.

No. 1319590

File: 1631183093462.jpg (141.6 KB, 1885x409, av.jpg)

Bella sent this email to get Avery suspended from his job.

No. 1319605

File: 1631185223353.jpg (52.68 KB, 1430x413, copied compsci projects.JPG)

Minor updates:
>A former Chess Club member, TheGambitt, comes forward. He confirms that Bella assaulted Briana and other female roommates and the animal abuse.
>GiBi's Discord was leaked. It is full of underage fans who were interacting with adults without mods. They discuss topics like personal issues, self-mutilation, abusive parents and extreme pornography. At one point, these minors were encouraged to contact Jacob Sockness and he eventually joins the server.
>The CWCiki Discord was also leaked. There is a debate whether they were protecting Bella or not, since they didn't allow people to discuss her in the server.

No. 1319607

File: 1631185337331.png (56.77 KB, 1705x559, 1630653803932.png)

Leaked private conversation between TheGambitt and Bella (Deleted User).

No. 1320596

sad to see that this lolcow is now going unmilked(sage)

No. 1320628

File: 1631290289620.png (2.87 MB, 3328x1564, janke.png)

The FEDparents have hired someone to send a letter of negotiation to Kiwifarms.


No. 1320754

>the smallest of mistakes

No. 1320864

Honestly her parenrs took good action here (too late of course, Bella was fucked up). Their damage control silenced all of this, in an alternate universe we could have gotten tons of milk out of her.

No. 1320936

I wonder how it's like to be the person who wrote this. Do they usually deal with psychos like that or were they as baffled as everyone else?

No. 1320956

I worked in law for a while and while it was generally accepted that your clients aren't gonna be good people, many times lawyers operated on a, "don't tell so I don't have to feel completely disgusted by you and can sort of justify representing you," basis.
However, in this specific situation it looks like they likely had to laboriously comb through all the pages and then brush up on libel cases/IIED cases/whatever other tort they might have deemed relevant to see if they could find anything that could justify the lawsuit their client was hoping for.
Them coming up empty and advising their client against a lawsuit says a fucking lot. I'd say they're likely as disgusted as we are.

No. 1320977

Lol, if they're not taking legal action, why should KF remove pages about portaBella?

No. 1320985

There's a grammar mistake within the first line of writing and more of them down the road so they probably really couldn't be fucked

No. 1321074

null is fucking coward for not just telling them to go fuck themselves like he does everyone else.

No. 1321132

Because if they say "I can't help you and won't do anything" They get paid $0 but if they say "We can try writing a letter of negotiation" They get paid $1000.

No. 1321305

does null have a gf?

No. 1321355

Yeah, she's a mature older woman and her ex is now in jail, rumors are that Null is the one who got him put there to begin with. It's all very scandalous, but shhh.

No. 1321373


Nah not a coward- rather that he threw the decision to the farmers. Because it was a fairly polite request. Of course they voted to keep it and Null will certainly tell them to go fuck themselves.

No. 1321375

I thought it was just to show how many farmers vote to keep it (99%i guess) and what accounts voted for it to be cancelled, maybe watch the overlap with accounts created before the invite situation and abandoned old accounts coming back miracusly only to vote or defend Janke

No. 1321377

samefag but I admit I may be tinfoling a bit

No. 1321382

more like it was just to have a bit of fun since the vote is gonna be obvious

No. 1337225

File: 1632908831893.jpg (302.62 KB, 1080x1189, IMG_20210929_114245.jpg)

Tiny saged update:
>bella nowhere to be seen at campus
>her mom apparently hired the lawyer that contacted kiwifarms
>students are becoming more and more aware of the gossip
>milk from the source is dead, spookybones is acting like a total retard on kiwifarms and classifying anything as drama, made a callout post for a random moderator and everyone called it shit

No. 1337429

File: 1632932470275.jpg (88.13 KB, 828x1020, 20210928_172719.jpg)

Also she's reporting youtube vids of herself

No. 1340451

File: 1633281348441.png (61.86 KB, 728x357, 1633185124484(1).png)

Bella is allowed to go on the internet again! Seems like she's schizo and contacting kiwi jannies saying she's just a girl that looks exactly like Bella and lives in New York so they should take everything down.

No. 1340664

>spooky bones falling for an obvious troll
I already suspected sppoky bones was retarded, but come the fuck on.

No. 1341604

Inb4 Elaine and janke are working together to sabotage Ines deadman switch while admin tries to send messages via carrier pigeon to her Muslim lesbian lover from Guantanamo, kek

No. 1341676

File: 1633457681310.png (1.37 MB, 1066x594, 1632266977199.png)

Bella's mom appeared on fox news in relation to the Gabby Petito case

Yeah, spooky has gone full retard. She released the DMs that apparently had "more proof" that it's bella but she was just catfished like a total retard. After that, spooky is constantly justifying her actions and arguing with people on the subforum, kek. Now they want the subforum to get closed and everything merged and moved to the Chris Chan forum.

No. 1346617

File: 1634162058153.png (460.54 KB, 669x719, anitacaramella.png)

Sage for tinfoil, but I happened across a coomer account on twitter with an uncanny resemblance to Bella. She even has the same nostrils.

No. 1346960

idk anon… i dont think this looks anything like her in the slightest.

No. 1370782

Whys this bitch not in jail? I wonder how her fed parents raised her for her to turn out like such a degenerate.(necro )

No. 1381202

We missed the drama, but Bella got officially suspended from TTU for 2 years.

No. 1381766

This warms my heart, thank you for sharing, anon.

No. 1381835

Surprised she’s not being outright expelled if she was caught cheating on her class work tbh

No. 1381986

what have you got to do to get expelled? shove a hamster up the dean of student's asshole?

No. 1382059

Glowdad did his thing.

No. 1382293

Be poor and not have glowie parents. Jadin, a former Chess Club member, was expelled for showing a racist video to another student once.

No. 1382527

the sad thing is, this literally doesn't matter. She could easily just go to another university/college and continue on getting her degree regardless of the suspension in that specific school, or even continue in another country. Suspension means nothing.

She honestly should serve jail time. I'm surprised no one is going after her criminally.

No. 1398287

Fuck off. You have no milk.

No. 1398428

Chris-Chan still in jail until February 2022.

No. 1398430

So it was entirely worth it.

No. 1399350

What the fuck is going on here?? I bet it’s a bored scrote

No. 1399608

Same troll who got the Cry threads locked trying to get this one locked too is my guess

No. 1400656

Can you stop? This isn’t Neopets. Post milk or gtfo

No. 1402415

I feel really sad that despite your defective existence this is the only power you feel you have over any thing or anybody. not really, but if I cared about Y chromoids I'd definitely feel something

No. 1405578

Bump(do not do this)

No. 1405829

File: 1640979521834.jpg (100.77 KB, 1000x633, 20211231_133827.jpg)


No. 1405841

please kill yourself

No. 1405842

Autistic people don't know they're retarded, that's why they're autistic

No. 1405854

File: 1640982481877.jpeg (6.18 KB, 238x211, youarehere.jpeg)


No. 1405909

File: 1640990826440.jpg (180.34 KB, 1080x797, whydidmommyhidethediagnosis.jp…)


No. 1405954

File: 1640995316225.jpg (90.62 KB, 509x339, girl snoring.jpg)

Bella is a dead meme and milked to extinction unless she does something spectacular, lbr. What more are you gonna do or say about Bella.

No. 1405966

This is all about an autistic Cryaotic stan angry about a lack of thread updates, anon. Please be patient with him.

No. 1406026

What's the point of bumping this thread?

No. 1406032

She's hungry for attention

No. 1406040

Bumpchan is starting to grow on me tbh. I see him arguing with other nonnies in different threads and he's like lolcows little autistic pet scrote. Saying bump and boosting a thread to front page is such a silly little sperg thing to do compared to the gore/CP posting most moids do. Take pity on bumpchan he's too autistic to troll the normal way.

No. 1406042

>lolcows little autistic pet scrote

No. 1406100

you keep mentioning your ban messages, I think you should print them out and make a little scrapbook out of them.

No. 1406145

I second this. It’s a cute autistic achievement of sorts. Maybe he’ll grow out of it after too

No. 1406194

I agree, nonas. moidlet, please do this and post pictures

No. 1406246

File: 1641048149065.jpg (Spoiler Image,312.36 KB, 1080x1043, farmersobservingbumpfagsfaggot…)


No. 1406263

File: 1641050899476.jpg (138.32 KB, 1080x830, bumpfagaccomodations.jpg)


No. 1406271


█▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▀
█░█ ██▄ █░█

No. 1407511

Alright, ladies. Who was the assigned tard-wrangler for Bump-chan today? The instructions are always very clear: you take him out for two walks a day, and when he starts getting fussy, you have to give him the bottle of warm milk.(don't respond to bait)

No. 1407525

I'm sorry, he sharted all over the floor again and posted while I was cleaning, I think he does it on purpose as a distraction, but the vet says his brain is only the size of a walnut, so

No. 1408249

This CP shit seems like a dead end, everything I've seen is just lolicon and popular 4chan memes.
Has no authorities been involved in the animal abuse?

No. 1408361

>when your founding fathers accidentally enshrined lolicon in their constitution

No. 1408365


No. 1408658

Thomas Jefferson was a lolicon

No. 1412904

She had freenet links to supposed CP in one of the archives. The links were obscured on kiwi altho the archive that has the links (not actually images) is circulating too. Nobody has looked at it yet or at least admitted to doing so. She probably looked at some to be an edgelord tbh but I doubt more than that. As for the animal stuff it'd not be the easiest charge to prove and she is not even in their jurisdiction anymore, nobody cares. Her having got Gamer Justiced pretty hard is probably as good as anyone can hope for (except the 2 years suspension from school) until she does something even more sociopathic and comes to the proper attention of law enforcement.

No. 1472718

I want to rape her titties and tickle her armpits until she piss herself and begs for anal so the tickle torture will stop for a moment.
But it never will.(scrote)

No. 1472868

File: 1647619836760.jpeg (929.55 KB, 1092x1543, 99DD5A30-FA0C-447D-B1D4-90BEBE…)

go to bed momothewise

No. 1482426

File: 1648330684778.png (263.6 KB, 752x711, maxine sidero fb.png)

So Isabella has surfaced again, using the assumed name Maxine Sidero. In a spectacularly dumb move, she made social media under this name including similar bizarre SEO stuff talking about her inventing groundbreaking computers at MIT and other craziness. The new acccount is also linked with her old comparde Louis Herz among other things. Appropriately enough, Kiwis confirmed the dox with her mother's pet pig. Isabella simply cannot stop getting herself doxed by animals, kek.

No. 1482430

File: 1648330777537.png (359.65 KB, 724x470, wilbur the doxpig.png)

Wilbur the Doxpig, who helped confirm Isabella's using the Maxine Sidero identity.

No. 1482431

File: 1648330832021.jpeg (81.67 KB, 983x983, maxine_sidero.jpeg)

Isabella with contacts, some hair color, and makeup, and the new name Maxine Sidero.

Kiwi Farms thread here


No. 1482457

looking chapped and violently ill

No. 1483540

Is it a reference to the dead dog?

No. 1509448

Holy crap. Please tell me this is a farmer edit, and she did not willingly put this disgusting makeup on herself and then post a picture

No. 1511843

She edited these herself and uploaded them to this (supposed) new account. Some of the pictures of her new face (edit) are more weird than others.

No. 1629981

I lived a few doors down from bella my freshman year of college and upon meeting her my first thought was that she was a pathological liar. As she lying about her life to me her roommate looked very confused and uncomfortable. Bella slid flyers for a discord server under the doors in a few dorm buildings. I joined and only stayed for 2 months because everybody was a weird simp for her. Would like to add that Allen doesn’t seem concerned and i guess he thinks people dont know what he did because he tried contacting me after all of this was released(necro)

No. 1629989

Maxine sidero is 100% bella, i saw her on bumble a few months back and blocked her right away because i knew it was her

No. 1629990

Thanks nona, but proof?

No. 1630046

anon writes like she’s in middle school so being a Texas Tech student is believable

No. 1652565

I doubt it was her. Maybe some troll that wanted to pose as her.
Also post proof.(sage your shit)

No. 1653114

I'm honestly surprised this is in /snow/ and not /pt/. Bella's a distinctly online kind of mentally ill to a degree not found in other cows

No. 1661469

I still think that Bella was done wrong, she was stripped of her privacy, mocked and bullied for no reason.
She is just a very retarded 20-year-old.
I don't believe anything that came out from her disturbed 'friends'.
I wish she was just left alone and made better decisions at picking her friends.

No. 1661472

I have been following this shit for some weeks now. I think that everyone evolved has issues, even the 'good ones' that go and tell shit to youtubers. It's just that Bella has become the scapegoat for everything.

No. 1829390

Na she’s fucked up and gross.

No. 1970583


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