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No. 892755

What ails you my nonnie?
Previous sins: >>>/ot/874172

No. 892828

File: 1630012781706.jpeg (78.02 KB, 826x1024, F8541616-1C7E-43D4-90EA-920FD2…)

my boyfriends buddy is my type exactly. cute and charming and we have the same taste in bad netflix movies. he lives far enough away where i don’t see him often but seeing him last week has me feeling new again!! i’ve been with my bf for 5 years now and i lowkey miss being new and exciting to a boy :/
i really appreciated the attention(don't use emojis)

No. 892840

File: 1630013097670.jpeg (72.66 KB, 1100x1100, f9afc406-f544-402c-830f-639483…)

I love cleaning my ears with these fuckers. I know it's terrible for me but it feels so nice.

No. 892853

bumping this thread, watch out

No. 893045

File: 1630020009108.jpg (94.26 KB, 715x715, ER1wt6OUUAAmOcR[1].jpg)

>Young and healthy
>Avoided wearing a mask wherever possible
>Haven't bothered reading about COVID
>Haven't bothered reading about the side effects of vaccines
>Haven't got tested and don't plan to
>Didn't isolate when somebody I live with was sick with COVID
The "not my problem" lifestyle feels good. I wish I would have adopted this mindset sooner.

No. 893047

No. 893049

I've hurt my own ear drum enough times with just q tips but damn I want one lol

No. 893061

Ironically all the stress from keeping up to date lowers the immune system.

No. 893068

I’m having fantasies about cheating on my boyfriend with our mutual friend who I work with sometimes. I don’t know how to deal with this but I also can’t stop thinking about it.

No. 893072

What makes you want to cheat? Maybe just discuss your problems with your boyfriend if he's unsatisfying you in some way cause cheating will just make the situation worse if you really love him.

No. 893074

I never go too deep with qtips but I’m weirdly good at gauging roughly how deep I am after years of cleaning my ears. Rather than cleaning it’s more like giving myself a massage or like giving a pet scritches, but for my ear kek. They have ones with cameras on Amazon too it you want to play it safe!!

No. 893090

I started taking life more seriously after watching this dumbass wojak video. You know you fucked up in life when you're like a female character in some incels wojak meme. Embarrassing.

No. 893093

Just cheat on him if you're not gonna be with his ass 5ever, who cares we all die and the world is dying too anon

No. 893115

I was on the verge of being like that, but being a normie is 100% more fulfilling than whatever the fuck I was doing the past years. Good luck anon!

No. 893160

I saw my bf cry for the first time and it made me, like, immeasurably turned on and I feel pretty bad about it only because it feels like scrote behavior to get all hot and bothered over weakness or whatever. If the roles were reversed and he said the same thing about me I'd dump him in a heartbeat because that's psychopathy baby. He's fine now, he just burnt his hand, but he's not super emotional or vulnerable ever because he's, well, a man, so I'll probably never have to worry about getting the vapors ever again. But there's my guilt. Please absolve me.

No. 893202

I’ve been sleeping on the same pillow for several years, disgusting i know, but it’s finally gotten too uncomfortable to sleep on. I bought a new pillow for $3 and it’s a million times better.

No. 893249

I'm scared a friend has decided to ghost me, we've planned to go to the museum this Sunday and I asked her if the schedule I gave her was okay (since I need to buy the tickets online), she's usually quick to answer but she's left me on read. I hope I'm just being paranoid, I still have a book to give her and she (hopefully) has no reason to wanna dump me.

No. 893263

As a paranoid bitch I will tell you this:maybe she is actually busy or something happened, not something big but something that made her maybe open the message but interrupt her replying, then she just forgot. Maybe she's having a lil friday breakdown.

No. 893268

Don't worry about the possibilities. It could be anything. One time I left people on read for six days and it was all because I dropped my phone in the toilet, got it out, turned it off and stuck it in rice.

If you want to give her a nudge, just message and say "oh, forgot to say, I've got a book to give you too."

No. 893275

I've fought this fro so long but I'm starting to unironically like tranny music

No. 893277

Sonic soundtrack?

No. 893282

How dare you insult SEGA's composers like that?

No. 893291

Speaking of liking lolcow music, I unironically like a couple of Jeffree Star's songs. Get Away With Murder and Best. Night. Ever are catchy music.

No. 893297

I hope it's just that. I may sound a bit hypocritical since I tend to be slow to answer but I'm so quick to imagine the worst case scenarios when it goes the other way. She hasn't blocked me on anything, I'm probably imagining things.

Worst thing is that I've already done that, I replied to her messages on Monday, and I gave her the nudge on Thursday ("I finally found your book, btw you still have to tell me if you're okay with the museum"), this is wrecking my nerves.

No. 893311

Is it electronic music? Spotify even put a troon on the cover of their “women in electronic” playlist

No. 893313

My greatest shame is that I still like Lapfox

No. 893314

Vocaloid stuff? Tell me what degenerate music you're listening to so I can recommend you something better lmao.

No. 893317

>tranny music
Not the old ones that vocaloid newfags barely knew of, please don’t insult vocaloid.

No. 893322

Kek. I know, I'm a fan of the old stuff.

No. 893325

i don't really have friends or a boyfriend at the moment but i'm really not interested in making friends honestly. it wouldn't be genuine because at the end of the day i would just use them as a means to find a boyfriend and if they didn't know anyone or weren't helpful i'd ghost them. i think i need to find a boyfriend first, and then start looking for friends afterwards, as they would be two separate things that way.

No. 893327

i like trisha paytas' daddy issues kms

No. 893335

NTA, but I like Lauren Bousfield stuff (Nero's Day At Disneyland) and Girls Rituals/Black Dresses/whatever the name is now. I thought the former was just some guy making cool/crazy/cartoony electronic music until I Googled and found the name, and thought the latter was just a woman with a deep voice until I found out it was two people and what they looked like. Was sad to find out the truth in both cases.
I want off the troon music ride, please recc things anon

No. 893342

I unironically like half of Gabbie Hanna’s music.
God I loveDaddy Issues, Freaky is unironically good.
Lol wtf is this I put it in 1.75x speed and I still couldn’t get through two minutes of this. Who watches this?

No. 893345

i had a dream where i was being dommed and it was extremely erotic, which disturbed me a little bc i always think of myself as dominant and i dislike acting submissive at all during sex irl. made me think i guess

No. 893392

She's answered me girls, I feel so relieved!

No. 893417

SEGAS? more like FAGS!

No. 893419


No. 893423

Freaky is a class song I blast it all the time in my car. I also love Cinderella.

No. 893426

Freaky will get stuck in my head a lot, same with Merry Trishmas

No. 893429

File: 1630080351715.gif (300.92 KB, 220x265, 1623106458775.gif)

You bitches went too far.

No. 893471

you can’t shoot me i can run faster than that blue cockroach-like retard. he just walks out naked with his tail and genitalia out and red disgusting chunky sneakers, who the fuck does that?

No. 893473

File: 1630084621096.jpg (35.05 KB, 750x741, E9bRJh_X0AYMc4Q.jpg)

Started chatting with a dude and I already have a giant crush on him. I watched him play VTM:B while in voice chat and my heart was thumping the whole time. Does anyone have tips on how to figure out if a guy likes you back? I find it personally hard to tell when a guy likes you but he's pretty quick on responding to me, pays attention to what I say, and almost always writes a pretty thoughtful response. Can't tell if he's just really good at being a friend or what.

I'm not trying to get my hopes up because he lives in a different country. But I just really needed to float my feelings out there.

No. 893478

you sound 16

No. 893484

I'm 23 but guys are usually just huge sex pests right off the bat so I assume that's how most show 'affection'. Maybe mentally I'm 14 or something but I just needed to type this out into the void.

No. 893505

>i can run faster than that blue cockroach-like retard
Prove it bitch.

No. 893507

That's a masquerade violation.

No. 893550

I like Neros day at disneyland too. I'm sure you've heard probably heard Venetian Snares and Doormouse but if not, they're good non-tranny alternatives to that kind of music.

No. 893631

I go upstairs on all four limbs. I am 21 still doing this

No. 893632

But do you go downstairs too?

No. 893648

hey at least i dont go out naked with only red sneakers on. imagine all the dirt and dust in his genitalia, anon was right, he has smegma. prolly got stung by a bee or an ant once or twice, disgusting

No. 893679

I've tried but it doesnt work

No. 893686

I went back on wellbutrin and I’m fucking miserable but won’t tell my psych because I’m stoked to lose like 15 pounds in a month

No. 893691

Ngl I really like Sopor Aeternus

No. 893732

I think the little heart tattoo I got as a child has finally completely faded. My mom let some guy who was tattooing her at our house do it. Then when we was sober the next day she begged to me keep it a secret. It was small, you could barely tell it was a heart. I haven't thought about it a few years so it was a little surprising to see it gone.

No. 893783

Your post made me nostalgic and sad. It's like a little self contained story.

No. 893785

File: 1630127629631.jpg (372.73 KB, 2160x1450, 1630119513183.jpg)

I want to talk about higurashi with someone on here SO bad. But everyone on lolcow thinks higurashi is shit. I don't want to have to go to a moid chan to talk about it, it sucks. Anyways I'm conflicted about sotsu.

No. 893787

File: 1630128014592.jpg (347 KB, 1448x2048, 27aqmkmyh9171.jpg)

Anon I love Higurashi!! But I'm not sure if I'd be the best to talk with though, because I'm still playing through chapter 7. I think there's a
Higurashi thread on /m/ or on here. I watched a few clips of Sotsu on youtube and the style annoyed me for some reason kek. I know the old anime renditions were kind of shit but I preferred the style.

No. 893789

File: 1630128125323.png (804.54 KB, 1200x400, original.png)

I relate more to socially awkward men then I do to other women, Its not that I like them its just that I understand their loneliness and alienation
an entire adolescence of bullying and social exclusion can do that to you
I'm not a NEET, I live a normal life but I'm still distant from other people, I just can't truly connect to 99% of other human beings
even when I'm with other people. I just zone out, with the rest of the group starts talking without me and I don't know what I to say and when I do say something I know people find it odd or strange and they change the conversation again

No. 893794

there's already a thread on it on /m/. anyway I abandoned that new shit after seeing loli fanservice in the official art, but I guess that's expected with that shitty monogatari style.

No. 893799

I was bullied a lot as a kid and it made me somewhat misogynistic. Not internalized misogyny, mind you. Any misogyny I have is completely externalized.
The way that girls bully fellow girls is so incredibly insidious and evil. If a man has a problem with you, he'll say it to your face. Whereas women will pretend to be your friend and then stab you in the back when you least expect it. If anything, this website just made me more suspicious of other women.

No. 893800

I blame all of my flaws on my parents.

No. 893802

I understand you. I think you need better friends that are more like you tbh. They don't have to be male or female, just people who really get you.

No. 893803

>Any misogyny I have is completely externalized.
Like what, anon?

No. 893805

I don't think its misogyny and I have no delusions about men being "better", but I know I'm more likely to be bullied and teased by women rather then men and vice versa a man is more likely to be bullied and shamed by other men

No. 893808

Every time I meet a "nice" woman I feel like she probably:
>A. pities me and is being nice to me in the same way that you would be nice to a retarded child
>B. Is overcompensating for something
>C.Wants to get closer to me so she can manipulate me and use me for her own personal gain

No. 893811

What if I want to be nice to you?

No. 893822

I've only ever bullied men so maybe we can be friends.

No. 893835

nta but how ? its not that men lack the capacity to bully and tease but simply due to gender restricted social spaces you are more likely to be bullied by members of the same sex rather then opposite sex

No. 893841

nah. I've been bullied through middle school and high school and the bullies were almost always exclusively male. They stole my shit, made fun of my personality and everything I said until I was basically mute, spread rumors about me and made fun of my frizzy hair and chest. My female classmates just ignored me or laughed with the bullies - maybe because they were afraid that they would also get bullied if they associated with me. Men are awful.

No. 893842

File: 1630134574841.jpeg (101.11 KB, 500x500, DCCED075-25E0-48CD-AF0A-8714D8…)

No one has ever been romantically attracted to me and I’m pretty sure a good chunk of that problem is because I’m a black woman and hairy fml

No. 893843

That's almost interesting, cause when I was growing up girls and boys(with rare exceptions) would rarely interact with each other, girls had their spaces and boys had theirs

No. 893844

>I’m a black woman and hairy fml
I thought black women didn't grow body hair

No. 893845

Nta, but what are you even talking about?

No. 893846

I was bullied by both genders in elementary and middle school but the males would go out of their way to insult me unprovoked far, far more often than girls did. I was a quiet kid so I would just be minding my own business most of the time until some faggot came along like
>I don't want to be your friend because you're ugly. I'm only friends with pretty girls.
K bitch. Who even asked you?

No. 893847

probably another white eurofag anon they think they know what black women have kek, just ignore them

No. 893848

If it makes you feel any better the average white women is harrier then most black and asian men

No. 893849

I was bullied by some scrote in primary school and he would come up to me multiple times a day to tell me all the people who didn’t like me
>Rebecca doesn’t like you
>Charlotte doesn’t like you
>Timothy doesn’t like you
>Mr Peterson doesn’t like you
>Mr Rogers doesn’t like you
>Stacy doesn’t like you
>joe doesn’t like you
He would really go out of his way to ask people if they liked me or not and he was such a nuisance of a bully people would be forced to say what he wanted to hear. He also mercilessly bullied me in lessons yet my teachers would always make me sit next to him despite my mother actually requesting I be moved out of his class.
Karma came back around last years of secondary school cos he was being bullied for being a fat virgin.

No. 893851

I'm white and hairy and never get hit on, let's b frens.

No. 893852

true. Men would do it just to be cruel and for the fun of having a victim they can torment in any way possible because teachers never give a shit about it or join in.

No. 893854

whoa they did it to you too? Teachers are truly the worst bullies. Mine also always forced me to sit next to the boys that bullied me for the sake of having a "quiet class".

No. 893896

Makes me think of all the moids who cope and say girls are worse bullies then boys. Load of shit tbh.

No. 893909

When I was 14-16, I used to make okcupid accounts with my own photos, but in cities I didn't actually live in. I'd put my age as 18 and naturally get lots of messages from scrotes. My confession: I would pretend like I was stranded or needed gas money or needed help, and they would PayPal me money lmfao
I would have to have my friends in other states take pictures with my okcupid name on it next to a license plate in the state because some of them wouldn't believe me LUL
It was a pretty easy method of making money for my teenage self, didn't even have to degrade myself by showing my body but merely pretend to be strapped for cash and get money. It's funny looking back but I kind of feel bad just because someone else who was really struggling could've used it besides me who just wanted weed or cigarette money as a retarded depressed teenager who wanted to kms.
Eh, what's done is done I guess

No. 893912

Don't feel bad, those scrotes weren't doing it out of goodness of heart

No. 893915

I used to the something similar but with Photos of my Uncle, thing is I'm not American rather Pakistani and cause my Uncle is very ambiguous looking I would LARP as various ethnicities and talk to Random American women(surprisingly enough a lot of American black though who were interested)

No. 893917

samefag I would also go on /pol/ and use my Uncles pic as a way to Troll /pol/tards to guess what race he was, I now realize that this was fucking stupid and I exposed photos of him on the internet just to mildly frustrate some retards online

No. 893924

this is the funniest thing I have read today

No. 893931

File: 1630146692920.jpg (42.47 KB, 800x450, 11.jpg)

I don't want to post anymore of my Uncle's pic online but this is what he somewhat looks like, except a lot older and has green eyes

No. 893977

I would fuck your uncle

No. 893979

uncle fucker

No. 893993

He's a good guy but he's racist against certain Pakistani ethnic group, mostly Pashtuns despite looking like a Pashtun

No. 893994

This is my confession, I'm not who I am when I'm not high on sativa. I'm embarrassed by my unmedicated actions too. I should always be medicated

No. 893995

The only reason why I know what grimes looks like is this damn site lol

No. 894000

I get so overwhelmed by my love for things. Like, I'll be listening to an album I really love, and I will become so overwhelmed by the emotions I feel about it that I will start sobbing. The album doesn't even have to be emotional, it can just be super peppy cute shit like KKB and I'll feel so energized I just can't help but burst into tears. It happens mostly with music, especially when I'm showing someone a song I love, which is embarrassing as fuck. I feel unhinged or something. Like yes, you love this cartoon, that's awesome, so can we watch it and not turn into a puddle???

No. 894008

Had an all-nighter yesterday at this bar and met someone I really clicked with. I didn't drink any booze. We talked through the whole night about various things, and for some reason I told her I was a lesbian. Which I'm not, at all. There was no good reason for me to tell her that, it was one of those lies you don't know why you told. She bought it, but I feel like such a scumbag - we talked a lot about 'our' attraction to women (she's bi) and whatnot. She doesn't have any friends here either since she's only been in this city for ~10 days, but I quite like her. I feel like an asshole. Should I tell her I lied about something we bonded over a fair amount, or just ghost her?

No. 894011

I honestly don't know, that's a hard question. If you tell her then you'll look like a jerk, but if you don't you miss out on a cool friendship. Maybe just don't bring it up again, or if it comes up maybe discuss being unsure of your sexuality or something. I mean I don't really think anyone "bonds" over their sexuality, it's just a thing you talk about? Like I've never bonded with another woman over the fact that we are both attracted to women, it's just some random talk. Just talk to her about other cool shit.

No. 894022

There's a fuckton of people I would have never heard of like Emrata, Lizzo or even fucking Billie Eilish if I didn't use this website, I don't listen to news medias, mainstream music or watch movies, I have zero idea of what's going on lol (not American though).

No. 894025

I've been always mean to and hated my younger sister since she was little because she's ugly.

No. 894029

Damn that's pure savagery

No. 894030

I honestly think grimes is only getting so much attention here because she's an alt girl had a baby with a multibillionaire, and the envy people feel toward that is making them crazy. I'm not a fan of her or the hideous elon musk, but the thinly-veiled "god I wish that were me" is palpable kek

No. 894033

Nayrt but I find her hilarious because she keeps whiteknighting Musk and trying to act like a "how do you do fellow kids" woman that is too scared to age. I bet her fanbase is full of troons.

No. 894034

teens are allowed to have paypals?

No. 894037

I kinda like a lot of her music

No. 894039

Your face is a masquerade violation.

No. 894041

Yeah, no, no one is thinking that. Maybe you're projecting or something, because no one wants to have a baby boy with a fleshy bag of jam. I don't care how much money her has.

No. 894044

File: 1630164287688.jpg (170.38 KB, 800x547, baby.jpg)

I aboustetly wish I could control how my child will end up like, I don't want him to mama's boy and be reliant on me, rather he becomes my Ideal type of man who would do good
I have an exact picture of him in my head and an idealized idea of how'll he act, I already plan on enrolling him in various sports group, as well the books I plan on buying for him
I want him to be great cause I feel I'm owed that after the time I spent carrying him and society in general needs better men

No. 894046

Same but with youtubers too

No. 894047

I bet you'll be an amazing mom anon. Instill those values, girl! I personally am terrified of having a boy. I honestly don't think I even want to have a baby despite how rewarding and beautiful I'm sure it is. But the world is fucked, and thinking about the state of the world makes me want to an hero. Having a baby right now feels unfair to the kid. I guess that's how it's always felt, though, the world hasn't ever not been fucked. I also just don't trust myself to be the mom I want to be, because I have a lot of traumatic shit I still deal with every day that makes it hard to even feed myself properly. I am exhausted emotionally.

No. 894048

That's exactly what I mean though. It's not projecting to say that most people are jealous of the lifestyle that access to unlimited amounts of capital brings, and the need for certain anons to insist that no one on earth could possibly envy that (when, to be clear, a lot of women have a baby with a fat and disgusting man and aren't even getting paid for it) feels like a cope.

No. 894049

If I ever have a girl I'd be less hard on her, though I would intrude on certain aspects of her online life
If I have another male child then I'm gonna instill the same values as the older one's, I'm going teach them that they have responsibility to be good men

No. 894051

Of course people want a bunch of money, but that doesn't have anything to do with Grimes or her human sized link of sausages. That logic would be applied to any celebrity/wealthy person.

No. 894052

I don't think anyone would want to have an unmarried child with a fat, bald manchild with a known history of leaving his women without child support.

No. 894056

That's stupid, you're just making an enemy for no reason. You don't have to be pretty to shit in your bully sibling's chocolate ice cream.

No. 894090

It makes me extremely uncomfortable when I see sexual content made by women aimed towards other women, because there's almost always male on female rape, non-con, themes of degradation/humiliation, etc. I thought other women being into this stuff was them putting on an act to satisfy their boyfriends, but these people are choosing to consume and create this content of their own will. Even most of the popular audio content consists of this. When scrotes say that most women want to be dominated and controlled by men, it scares me that it might actually be the truth.

No. 894104

this is one of the many reasons why I can't get into most reader insert stories, otome games, and shoujo (with few exceptions).

No. 894132

>most women want to be dominated and controlled by men
Because since we were born we were taught that love is based on imbalance of power, and that we should hate ourselves but worship men. All that results in girls who want to be dominated and think that's what they want naturally.

No. 894134

No. 894144

What kind of content do you mean? I want to avoid it

No. 894148

File: 1630176725373.gif (901.93 KB, 498x374, 1551202738447.gif)

>meet guy at uni, he's an annoying, pretentious little shit
>we have all our classes together until we get our bachelor's degree but don't really talk to each other because he's being an asshole to most people, especially my friends (none of us in my friend group are white, it'll be relevant later)
>turned out he dated someone we knew from uni for not very long, he most likely pumped and dumped her, and he used to send pics of him half naked to other, less close friends who would shit talk him with us behind his back
>since then we graduated we went on different paths so I had no direct news from him
>at some point he posts about his company/project (?) on facebook with a link to his company's twitter account
>it's all about his project, nothing personal
>he deletes his accounts and create another one a few years later, which I knew because of his perpetually online bff who followed me on twitter for some unknown reason because he didn't even recognize me
>the guy starts making his twitter more personal because his project flopped so he changed plan idk
>retweets basic SJW shit that makes him look like a hypocrite
>whines about his dysmorphia because no mater how much he works out he always feels like a skinny manlet, which is most likely why he spammed half naked selfies to the girls without their consent
>his rants about dysmorphia and going to a therapist feel even more hypocritical because of the things he said to my friends and how he was lowkey shit talking me for being a skinny womanlet due to physical health issues at that
>he starts posting selfies of himself wearing less and less clothes
>he actually looks kinda hot now
>mfw pic related

I'm disgusted with myself. What is wrong with me. Is this my punishment for looking for dirt on twitter?

No. 894149

Back in the day you were able to get one fairly easily.
Yeah you're right, no point in feeling bad about it kek
Thanks anon

No. 894153

Like >>894104 mentioned, otome and shoujo and drama CDs. Along with erotica and gone wild audio. Nsfw games mentioned on /m/ as well.
I guess that makes sense, especially when a lot of women turn that self-hate inwards instead of directed towards other people. It's almost like a lot of women use sex and even fantasies as a form of mental self-harm.

No. 894160

File: 1630178820812.jpeg (266.08 KB, 828x842, 1619712869693.jpeg)

I think these people are just degenerates who happen to be women, just have normal sex perverts
I don't need my tits electrocuted to satisfy myself, but I will say the logic they use to defend their fetishes is infuriating
I have seen certain women try to argue that its "feminist" to be into this kink-shit
They declare that anyone criticizing them is a boring vanilla prude man or some dumb conservative "white" woman

I have actually heard a version of this exact phrase from my dumbass libfem sister, her rational is that woman should be allowed whatever they want to themselves and that preventing/shaming them from doing those certain things, no matter how fucked up or irrational enforces the patriarchy

No. 894207

I know Til Lindemann from Rammstein is a piece of shit. He seems to be the only man within music I have ever expected it from and therefore I'm neither shocked nor surprised or moved by it. Does it mean I don't sympathise with any women he's mistreated? Of course not. I'm just not surprised. Does that make sense?

I used to have the most perverted crush on him in my early 20s, I ride that one out okay.

No. 894234

File: 1630186099348.jpg (85.28 KB, 640x1136, catmechanic.jpg)

I get vaguely uncomfortable when anons say 'how can she be so fat and still not have any ass or tits?' because I know that is probably what I would look if I was fat. I also find it uncomfortable when anons shame women for having a hank-hill ass because I don't have a round ass

No. 894237

They're just angry at them for some reason, they don't go thinking that about random strangers or friends. (I hope so. but if they do they have a problem)

No. 894364

File: 1630205023653.jpeg (12.7 KB, 275x275, the_boyf.jpeg)

i miss him

No. 894451

I agree. I can't read reader-insert smut or erotica any more, because there's always the prevailing theme of the female protag/insert "begging" or humiliating themselves in some way. It's like weird bdsm themes somehow infiltrated inside every one's idea of sex, it's so damn sad.
What nsfw games specfically are you talking about? It also boggled my mind to hear anons discussing Huniepop on the /ngg/ thread, literally the most scrote-tier game you can get.

No. 894475

Degrees of Lewdity is one of the ones talked a lot about in /m/.

No. 894479

He haunts me.

No. 894577

Just learned Julius Caeser was Roman, my entire life I thought he was Greek

No. 894772

My boyfriend fucked the ever living shit out of me last night but I think my floormates next door heard the bed moving so now I have to live with that the rest of the semester. Idc tho, I won't have to see these people again after this year kek

No. 894778

Don't worry about it, just don't speak to them. I didn't speak to anyone else living in my dorm in the entire year I was there (except one time when a girl told me I looked fabulous thank you random girl.) Nobody will probably recognize you so don't worry

No. 894782

It's just a lil stressful since I actually like the person living next door, he's really nice. I've also been very social with the other people on the floor so they definitely know who I am lol. But not caring for once in my life feels a lot better so im just not going to bring it up and continue as if it never happened

No. 894809

Yeah if you don't say anything it will be better, maybe they weren't in their rooms at the time or didn't notice or didn't think about it.

No. 894835

i’m 9 months pregnant and absolutely regretting this whole thing. i don’t want to be in absolute agony for hours on end, i don’t want my vagina to tear open, i don’t want my boobs to be swollen with milk constantly. my due date is september 5 and i keep crying at night bc i’m terrified. i don’t wanna do this anymore and i know that makes me a terrible person.

No. 894986


Sweet nonita, you're not a terrible person! The way babies come into this world is horrific and it's only natural that you feel this fear about it all. It's sadly too late to change anything now but please try to remember that what you're feeling is okay to feel. Try to find a good therapist to talk to if you still feel bad after the birth as you could fall into a depression if not treated well. I'm tokophobic (phobia of pregnancy) and I can't imagine what you're going through, but my heart aches for you and I hope your baby will be healthy and fill you with love and happiness like you deserve. You are so brave for going through this and I hope you have good people and good doctors and good women around you to help you through the birth and after. I'm thinking of you nonita. Lots of love to you!

No. 895000

>i know that makes me a terrible person.
Girl how? If you heard someone else was scared of a notoriously painful experience would you tell them they're a terrible person? I feel for you truly but don't be absurd.

No. 895021

Ten years ago I fucked my then best friend's ex as revenge because my bestie always blamed her mental health for why we could never spend time or even talk on the phone, but somehow mysteriously she was fine everytime any other friend wanted to hang out. We had a friend break-up over the phone after sayibg some real nasty things and I haven't talked to her since. My life has changed completely in these years, I went to therapy, I got a job, I got my shit together, stopped blaming everyone else for everything and stopped cutting. I dated a string of girls who all resemble my ex best friend until I realized why I can't let go of her and still think of her so much to this day. I hate that I can't let go of her, I feel like a total creep for it, but I still think of her so often, wondering how she's doing, hoping she's okay, missing her and hating my then-untreated bpd ass. I know I'm a complete clown. I wonder if she ever thinks of me, and if she ever feels any sort of positive emotion for me. I don't think she does, though. I wonder if she ever knew how I actually felt about her. We used to kiss, briefly, and at night like this it drives me crazy sometimes. I'm fucked up.

No. 895026

she probably has little to no respect for you still years later. my "best friend" did something similar to me and i could never forgive her for choosing scrote drama over our friendship.

No. 895039


I'm sure you're right. It just feels so pointless walking aroubd with all this sadness and longing about her. At the end of it we weren't really friends even, had barely spoken for over a year. Any attempt at interaction was shooed away. I was so dense that I couldn't take a hint and then her ex wanted to spend time with me all of a sudden. And my brain went "you can't be arsed to return a text, well, would you even be arsed if I got with your ex?" Because that was the mature, respectful and not-petty response to a dead friendship, obviously. Turns out she didn't care until months later when she called me to confront me and I had a full-on meltdown about why she never cared about me yada yada yada. It was awful of me, all of it, but in hindsight I can see that even without my emotional instability and my shitty behaviour, our friendship was long dead and I was beating a dead horse. No matter how even if I could take back what I did we still wouldn't be friends because we just… weren't. Not anymore. So while I can be upset with myself for acting like that, I still don't get why I miss her so much. She had checked out a long time ago, and my cruel behaviour is the cherry on top of something that should have ended there. I don't know if I'm making sense. It's my biggest regret and I guess some things are meant to haunt you if they're bad enough. I loved her, and I think she would hit me (rightly so) if she ever knew that.

Also, I'm sorry about what your friend did to you, and I hope she's realized by now that she lost someone valuable over petty drama. It cuts deep, and I'm sure I'm a hypocrite for saying that, but I'm still sorry for what you went through.

No. 895045

You can always get an epidural and c section anon. Are you going to have someone there with you?

No. 895046

nta but that's like a million times more dangerous for multiple reasons

No. 895051

It doesn't make you a terrible person at all, of course it's very scary and risky experience. But after the birth the hormones will most likely take care of you and give you energy to power through it. I wish you and the baby the best nonnie!

No. 895058

Anon it's okay, this feeling is way more common than you think. I'm so sorry you're going through this, I can't imagine how you must feel right now. Do you have any people you could reach out about this and talk to? Preferably someone who understands what you're going through, like a female friend/relative who is a mom.

No. 895142

I haven't masturbated in 3 years because the last time I did, I almost orgasmed for the first time and my hips bucking by themselves scared me into stopping completely. If I could sew my nethers shut without it making it difficult to pee I would.

No. 895160

You don’t get to choose to get a c section, the doctor decides that based on the needs of the baby. Plus the recovery for a c section is way harsher.

No. 895201

I feel like I've only ever been in love once. this was about 5 years ago. I was dating someone else at the time. the person I loved, he and I were best friends, and he confessed his feelings for me but I did not return them, because I thought I had a future with my then-boyfriend. I was trying to do the right thing, because I truthfully thought that my feelings were just friendship.

boyfriend and I broke up, just weren't compatible. exfriend had understandably long moved on. I look back now and realize I did love my friend, but felt guilty for my feelings and brushed it off, pretending I didn't feel anything for him. It was a situation I kind of couldn't win. I've always regretted how I handled it. I think I was too harsh, but I felt it best so his heart could heal, as dumb as that fucking sounds. he was pretty devastated..

he got married this year.

I'm glad he's happy. but of course, I will probably always wonder what could've been. I haven't felt anything as close with anyone else. that "spark". part of me feels like I truly don't deserve to have that feeling again. I had a devastating break up in 2019, then the pandemic happened. I work a lot so I don't have to think about any of this shit to be honest. i started buying stuff with the money i was making and even now I'm becoming so numb to my feelings. I think I'm truly fucked up and I feel like it's all my fault.

No. 895218

I give off the impression that I get on best with male friends because I'm a pickmeisha or "one of the guys" but the truth is I
A) get so anxious about coming off as too little or too much to women that I end up being very one-dimensional around them in some "crowdpleaser" caricature instead of my genuine self and
B) I have attachment avoidance because I've been so distraught at my good female friends moving or distancing from me due to having children, big careers, etc. Yeah w/e I know that's how adult life works but I hate it.

I'm my genuine self around men because I value their opinions way less than women's and am barely affected when they drop in and out of my life.

No. 895245

i could never live this life

No. 895250

why did it scare you? I got scared when I had my first orgasm too (I was 12, didn't know how what was happening and felt guilty because I was watching porn) but afterwards I realized it was fine and kept doing it

No. 895287

I'm crushing on a guy, I've spoken to him a handful of times but I made no bold moves as we're both living close by in a small town where it could feel uncomfortably small if rejected. I was on tinder last night just to see who is in my area. First time ever using it. Tbh I used a fake pic but someone who resembles me pretty fucking closely, again because I feel weird putting myself out there since moving to this kind of area. I'm from a big city and I moved here to help my anxiety. Small town life in itself gives me a new type of anxiety because I feel watched by overly nosy neighbours. I miss the anonymous feeling of city life, neighbours barely knowing you, not bumping into the same handful of people all the time. To add to things I'm bisexual but I'm aware I give off big gay vibes which adds to the awkwardness.

Anyway I came across a profile with my crushes initials, his age, his location very close by, and then just a pic of a lake.. I don't doubt that it's him but why so secretive? I might sound like a massive hypocrite given my own tester profile but he's from here originally and he's really outgoing. I messaged him and got a reply in minutes so he's active on that empty profile. I don't know if he knew it was me because like I said the fake pic I chose is pretty close to what I look like. I deleted my tester profile already but now I'm wondering why his profile was so secretive. I know why I needed my buffer of accurate details but a pic that 'may or may not be her' but I still feel like I stumbled across some red flag with this guy.

No. 895301

It will all be alright anon, I promise you, what you felt for your exfriend you can and will feel again for someone else. It's so easy to sit back and think on all you could have done differently, but you're doing that as a person who has grown from your experiences (and perceived mistakes). Everyone has regrets in life and honestly, in the grand scheme, yours is one that hasn't permanently altered you or your life. You genuinely never know what the next day might bring, you never know who you'll meet, but certainly you will one day meet another guy you're interested in and when you do, you'll be able to identify your feelings sooner.

No. 895454

I know your post is two days old but this happens to me too. I've never told anyone because I feel so embarrassed about it, and sometimes it's incapacitating for me! Like I'm considering going to Disney for Halloween and just doing basic research and reading articles about what to expect has tears running down my face, so I can't even be practical about planning a vacation. I also feel like something must be very wrong with me, like this is what 1890's doctors mean about women being ~ hysterical ~ But you know, I wonder if it's some kind of reaction to emotionally regulating in other ways- If you're consistently holding back your true feelings and being polite, all of that stress has to come out somewhere. I really have no idea. I just wish it would stop, I need to search for hotels in a state I've never been to without dissolving into tears.

No. 895506

File: 1630336065778.png (473.49 KB, 948x533, 52ccefe5e7c249c171d1cebd68a99d…)

I can confidently say that I haven't bought any anime merch in over a year, but I just spent over $100 on merch of one of my favorite guilty pleasure shows from a seller I follow who's been cleaning out her collection/got some new limited edition collab+movie goods. I'm flip flopping between feeling bad because it's a dumb amount of money to spend on dumb shit, but then telling myself that I haven't spent a cent on anime merch in over a year so who cares if I splurge every once in a while? The worst bit is that it isn't even that much merch, but since it's limited and hard to get, it was pricey.

No. 895529

I think you're the red flag in this situation.

No. 895557

Seeing men cry is so funny to me. It literally makes my day

No. 895566

I'm about to graduate university with zero work experience or internships ever, thinking of roping honestly.

No. 895574

Scrotes feel the exact same way and get off on it so may as well reciprocate

No. 895599

Hey anon, I believe in you, don't give up! My field is very much a "who knows who" field, and I'm 5 years post grad and only in a position on the fringes of my field, but I've somehow made it here with no internship experience, only a summer job at a retail place during uni, and didn't even befriend those in my major except for one dude who just so happened to take this random Japanese class with me. Things are definitely made easier when you have the experience to back it up, but it's not the end all be all. You might just have to take a longer road than others, but that's okay! If there's a will, there's a way, I believe.

No. 895674

Thanks anon, your post made me feel better. After I calmed down I decided to use my last semester to get a retail job and maybe volunteer so I can get references and then get one of those youth/recent graduate internships.

No. 895690

Good luck anon, I believe in you! I think retail is a good place to start, even if it can be pretty soul sucking. I built good work ethic, learned to handle irate people and just converse with strangers, and made a lot of good friends. Depending on where you go, it might be a place to move up and learn leadership skills (I worked at a place where they encouraged this). Even if you don't plan on staying long term, if you get the chance of being put in a leadership position, it'll probably look good on you resume/be good experience! I wish you the best of luck after graduation! Don't be too hard on yourself if you feel things aren't falling into place as quickly as others. Post-grad can be a really tumultuous time for a lot of people, myself included. I hope you'll meet people who will be good guides to you and will help you grow!

No. 895767

i didn't like the feeling of losing control of my body.

No. 895822

I hate hugs, cuddles, kisses and pretty much most kinds of physical interactions.

No. 895832

With a cat too?
Sure Jan

No. 895835

What if it's with a little kitty?

No. 895836


No. 895838

Hahaha yes, love we immediately had the same reaction

No. 895873

Same but excluding small animals.

No. 896168

I was very very cringe in my college days. I was shy and very ugly/gross in highschool. I was an emotionally unstable girl in secondary school and I was bullied even by my own family.

I am happy to be a normie adult now.

No. 896169

I had a brief period of fakeboi-ness in college and back then I thought that listening to kpop boybands would make me into a guy.
Antipsychotics are one hell of a drug and I blame them for this shit lol

No. 896178

I hate that the vast majority of my life has been decided for me based on the fact that I was born with a cunt

No. 896274

Once in school I decided to just zero in on this one girl and I can't even remember why. I had went through a lot of vicious bullying and was actually taking a two hour bus ride to my current school to avoid that treatment at my previous school, so I don't know why I decided to bully this one girl. I can never figure it out. It didn't last very long. I would childishly pick on her, but I took it too far once and while me and this other girl were giving her a hard time in the bathroom, my stupid ass decides to kick the stall door. I guess I was trying to scare her, I thought it would just be a startling bang from her end, but the door fucking flew open and hit her while she was trying to take down her pants. I immediately felt like an evil bitch, I just humiliated her. All I could do was apologize to her over and over again and I kept my distance from her after that and when I did interact I was overly nice because I just felt so fucking bad. That poor girl. What was wrong with me.

No. 896352

I know, that's why I posted it in the confession thread lol

No. 896360

File: 1630418942341.jpg (61.19 KB, 640x640, 51135398_2461064497240543_6261…)

There's this guy going to the same ratty basement gym as me and he stinks to high heaven. His smell makes me gag uncontrollably in his presence and the air around him is thick and after he leaves his smell lingers as a putrid air mass remnant at the back of my throat. He smells like literal ass dick shit piss, he smells so bad I had to gather up my courage and ask him why he smells so fucking bad and if there's something he can do about it. He looks unkempt to the point it's frightening. This man has a type of uncanny quality to him that makes it hard to determine whether I should equip myself with pepper spray or air freshener or maybe both. His eyes have a weird look to them too, he looks like he's disassociating 247 and when I confronted him about the stank he looked like he had forgotten how to speak human. His clothes are falling apart and his hair is a mess. He smells less these days but it's still pretty bad, I think he avoids coming at the same time as me too, but fails because I'm that inconsistent. He looks scared when I greet him normally or ask if he's done with equipment. I'm getting intrusive thoughts about domming and sexually bullying him whenever I remember him or see him. What the fuck. What the fuck.

No. 896376

hey anon, thanks so much for this. it really brightened my week. hope all is well with you, and thank you again for the kind and encouraging words.

No. 896457

I still sometimes think about that one hot scene in the Skyfall movie between Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem even tho it has been nearly a decade that this movie came out. I think it was my first ship ever.

No. 896479

Celebricows has made me legit hate olivia rodrigo and billie eilish. I think they're being pushed by the industry even though they suck ass.

On the contrary, I dont hate grimes. I think she's just a funny cow, but not infuriating.

No. 896480

I own a man's hoodie that's multiple sizes too big for me. I spray it with men's body spray before I put it on, so I can pretend I'm wearing my boyfriend's hoodie. I'm completely single and never had a boyfriend

No. 896481

just found out my least favorite man faced local date rapist tried to start an onlyfans and got no subscribers. looking puffy in your amazon stripper clothes isn’t a real job bitch!!

No. 896493

I’ve been in a relationship for 13 years, but I’ve had feelings for someone else for about 5-6 years. We met at a place I worked, in a state I used to live in. As soon as we met I had an instant attraction to them, and I think they did to me too. We worked in different departments and had little time together. But I always caught them looking at me, and they would go out of their way to tell me good morning every morning we worked together. When I quit that job, I added them on Facebook, and it just kinda went from there. That being said, we’ve barely talked about anything meaningful. I know we have basic interests but it was just like shallow get to know you talk, sending nudes, snapchats, etc. That went on for about a year I want to say. My SO and I at one point invited them for a 3some but they politely declined, but we still continued talking after that. I think at one point I got too intense, asking to know their intentions, and I was confused and thought I wanted to leave my SO for them. This was our first round of not talking to one another, and it lasted for about about 1 1/2 years. Then there was an incident in 2018, I finally broke and messaged them about some facial hair they had grown. And we caught up a bit, eventually picking up where we left off- feeling wise. Later that year I was home for the holidays, without my SO due to work. We talked behind my SO’s back to plan a meet up. I can’t be dishonest so I caved and told my SO, for some reason they assumed it was purely physical and was okay with the scenario as long as they got video, photos, etc. (I have a weird relationship dynamic, okay?)
Fast forward, and we are finally together, alone. For the first time, after this weird 3 year dance we had done around each other. I was on cloud fucking nine but also so nervous. I wanted to be intimate with them and show them how I felt, but not in a way that my SO could pick up on. And I fucked it up. I got drunk in front of them and embarrassed myself, and don’t remember what was said, just remember myself being hella cringe. Maybe as a response to being so nervous? This person is my dream, and I’m so shy/clam up around them. My heart pounds and my entire body buzzes. I love my SO but I’ve never even felt like that with them! Not even in the beginning. Anyways, I remember being a hot mess, them basically stopping while I was on top, and driving me home. When I sobered up and inquired about it all I got “I just don’t think we should talk for a while”. And it’s been 3 years now.
When they tried to cut contact with me in the beginning, I kept reaching out like a fucking retard. Pouring my heart out and revealing everything I ever thought or felt about them. Mind you, they had always given me nothing, kept me in the dark, and been very reserved. All I actually did know was that they thought I was attractive. Had we met and I been single, I don’t even think I would have been relationship material to them. It’s pathetic. I have no reason to be this attached to someone who I really should have gotten over at this point. The feeling won’t go away and my heart aches so bad and I feel like such a fucking faggot!!! Like a creepy scote who can’t get over someone!!!
After 6 years of basically bullshit, I still day dream of what our life would be like together, and raising children. I fucking hate myself. I should be happy with my SO, they are so good to me. We want the same things in life and work well together. But this goddamn other person is always in the back of my mind. Even after not talking for 3 years. I don’t lurk on them too often but I know they have a partner now. They have coincidentally been together for about 3 years now I think. Which is even worse because that means they were together when I was pouring my heart out into the void, getting no response. They were reading them, probably with their new partner, and laughing at me. GODDAMN nonnies I’m a stupid pussy ass retarded bitch.

No. 896541

break up and date the other one

No. 896549

>I should be happy with my SO
I see people say this alot when they have wandering eyes or feelings ofr someone else while dating someone seriously. There is no 'I should be' feelings just are what they are and something seems lacking in your relationship. I get that alot of people (myself included) find it hard to walk away when things aren't terrible and on paper they seem to function.. if you're posting on here you're likely way too young to be dating without a spark though. I'm not even saying you should hop from one person to another but maybe be single for a while and then get back out there and find a real spark with someone once you've had a while to clear your head.

No. 896550

don't cheat, just break up

No. 896552

I'm gonna start doing this, we can be pathetic together anon

No. 896762

I don't mean this to be rude but I've definitely been in your position when I was younger and absolutely needed someone to sit me down and tell me this - you're being fucking nuts. I've been in their position as well and there is nothing flattering or appealing about being put on a pedestal by someone who doesn't actually even know you properly. You don't have feelings for a living human being. You have feelings for a made up person that you're projecting onto.

>I always caught them looking at me

>they would go out of their way to tell me good morning every morning we worked together
This is normal human behaviour. You end up looking at the people who are always looking at you. You say good morning to your colleagues. This isn't a special connection, it's not love, it's not even enough for a friendship. If this is all it takes to get you in your feelings, you have self-esteem issues. People who aren't treated well or who don't love themselves will cling to the tiniest bit of kindness.

>we've barely talked about anything meaningful

>shallow get to know you talk, sending nudes, snapchats, etc
>they tried to cut contact with me in the beginning
I'm really sorry but you were literally just a bit of fun and nothing else.

>They were reading them, probably with their new partner, and laughing at me

I don't know if this will make you feel better or worse, but I doubt they were. I doubt you affect their lives like they affect yours.

No. 897031

I’m 28 I don’t know if that is young?
Thank you, that hurt, but I know it is probably the truth.

No. 897191

I'm so emotionally unstable that I can cry on cue, too bad I'm too fugly to be an actress

No. 897214

>was okay with the scenario as long as they got video, photos, etc. (I have a weird relationship dynamic, okay?)
Fuck, this happened to me, anon (never again). Feels good to not be alone.
Anyway, I think you can forget this other guy with time. The other anon was right, it's a made up person you're imagining, and since he "got his" (sexually) he's probably kind of a dick and doesn't want anything else from you. You need to stop romanticizing him, I know it's harder than it sounds.

No. 897219

Maybe you can be a voice actor instead.

No. 897256

I need to break up with my gf because we're just not compatible in any way shape or form but I love her friends and don't want to lose them. We have some fun things planned together so I'm just going to hold out until then and break up later, is that a dick move? It's almost ridiculous how much better I vibe with her friends, whenever we hang as a group it's her who feels like the odd one out, not me.

No. 897406

are any of them cute? you can "cheat" with one of them but actually just move on and naturally since you latched onto the group she will be left to go away. simple and foolproof nonnerz

No. 897557

I like being flat chested.

No. 898107

same! it’s great

No. 898144

i have gone off my meds several times for weeks before so i could coom but the withdrawal effects were awful so i always had to go back on. i hate this

No. 898223

I fucked my best friends stepbrother that she hates last night in his truck when he dropped me off. I feel like a whore I literally never do this kind of thing. She’s going to be so pissed but ngl the dick was insane

No. 898246

I have $1000 of credit card debt bc I started a new job and I’m waiting to get paid (it’s a monthly check) but I also just got covid so now I’m not getting paid for 2 weeks and I will probably not get caught up on this debt anytime soon. And I haven’t told my partner bc I thought I could just secretly pay it off

No. 898271

it's been decades and i'm still pissed over my classmates from elementary school making fun of me for acting like a normal child. because how dare a 12 year old play with dolls and not go out on dates and wear non-skimpy clothing, must be something wrong with her huh?. and that other time they acted outraged over me not wearing a bra when i literally had no breasts, like what's their fucking deal jesus. yeah yeah i'm being a retarded babu about this, that's why i'm here.

No. 898435

I love that idea but alas, the one I would love to date is already dating a scrote.

No. 898685

That sounds hot. Good for you.

No. 898689

Same anon. I was in elementary school and got bullied for wearing powerpuff girl shoes. Pretty sure I was in like 3rd-4th grade.

No. 898693

Both my relationships in hindsight seemed to come about because the guy had a kink and I was willing to fulfill it. I'm pretty sure they just clung to the first woman willing to regularly satisfy that. In my naive mind I thought these guys fell head over heels for me because it seemed that way at the time. We met, became inseperable really quickly and they were all for moving in together quickly too. Talking about the future etc. Both relationships also followed the pattern of me being replaced overnight about 4 ish years into dating. What a neat lil pattern that I hope to break out of.

I'm tempted to ask my next potential partner what his kinks are..just so I can say I won't do them. See if that makes or breaks things. I wasted a decade of my life, my entire twenties on men with kinks who replaced me in a heartbeat.

No. 898761

100% do that. I married the most vanilla man in existance and the sex is 1000x better than it was with my "kinky" exs. Men with kinks are too burnt out from porn to have a healthy view of women.

No. 898828

i experienced this too and it was only when i was older that i was like wait… it’s completely normal for a 13 year old child to watch cartoons! that was a decade ago that i was made fun of for it too so i can only imagine it’s gotten even worse for kids now. it’s depressing really

No. 898844

What the fuck I wish that was me

No. 898881

guess i'm the only one who doesn't see the appeal lol

No. 898969

I go commando at home. I started when we first locked down, and now I just don’t like wearing underwear at home if I can help it. I usually wear loose cotton shorts and that’s it, which works out because my parents hated me just wearing an oversized tee and my underwear and calling it a day at home. Sometimes when I go to run a short errand, if I know it won’t take long then I still won’t bother putting on underwear before heading out. yes there is discharge on the inside of my shorts but it’s less than I thought there would be. Always thought I had a lot of discharge growing up but apparently not that much. I will begrudgingly put on underwear when my period comes of course, but if it’s very light spotting then I won’t

No. 898973

When I was in middle school I wanted things to be more exciting, for something crazy or supernatural to happen like in a TV show. My solution to this was to make little notes to meet at a certain spot on the playground and secretly put them in some of my classmates backpacks (and myself).
So we could be chosen ones like Power Rangers or some shit, I don't know.
My plan worked but also backfired because they all knew it was me and for some reason decided that it meant I had a crush on this one kid (I didn't in the slightest)
Any time I remember this incident I die inside and feel embarrassed all over again.

No. 898983

Every second of my life I feel like I’m being watched, I cry every time I look in the mirror because I’m so disgusted and sad, I feel like I’m going crazy. I dislike how I interact with others and hate myself for how I am all the time because I can never express what I am inside accurately to people around me. I am obsessed with a man I met on /soc/ who ghosted me and am seriously considering getting a bbl as a way to win him back. I feel so deeply uncomfortable around my dad, I never know what to say to him and I stay out all night so I don’t have to see him. I’m terrified of starting university because I feel so ugly and crowds and cities make me feel ill. I want to be held and I’m tired and nothing entertains me or makes me feel joy anymore. I wish I had a real friend.

No. 899000

File: 1630629546177.jpeg (6.34 KB, 275x183, download.jpeg)

I just ate a whole brick of tofu raw. I have done this many times before.

No. 899005

I know this won't help, but I feel you 100%, anon. A couple of days ago I had to give an interview for my job. I already knew I didn't express myself well, but when I read the transcript… holy shit, now wonder nobody ever gets what I'm trying to say. It was either pure gibberish or the opposite of what I meant to say.

No. 899006

Me too but with mustard

No. 899016

nta but this caught me off guard and I thought you mean you would just drink a whole bottle of mustard in one sitting

No. 899018

i got some pets a few months ago and i hate them so much. i petsit a lot and love it and really wanted an animal. I did almost a year of planning deciding what type of pet to get, getting supplies, making a vet fund, talking to people who have this type of animal. but its different when they are in my house. they are SO dependent, make a lot of noise and smell even when i clean every day, and they are not supposed to be kept alone but they have constant drama with each other. i would never hurt them, i give them good food and treats, and set a timer each day where i have to play with them. but every time they make noise or come near me i want to scream my head off. i don't ever want to be in the room their cage is in. i feel like such a horrible person, because i can tell they are sweet and interested in people and who the fuck hates animals this much?? but i just want them out thinking about trying to keep their their entire lifespan makes me feel desperate. im scared to surrender them anywhere but a few specific no kill shelters that are always full and i feel guilty taking spots from an animal that's actually in danger

No. 899028

is it a ferret

No. 899038

Doesn’t have to be a shelter, put a listing online and rehome it to someone else. That way you can vet them personally so you won’t have to feel bad.

No. 899055

I was in a similar situation with a pair of sugar gliders that had babies and they ate all but one of them. It was disturbing and honestly hard to love them after that. I put up a Craigslist ad and a super nice family came and picked them up for their 10 year old - with the condition that the male got neutered. It ended up being a happy thing because the kid was so stoked and I knew he would love them. So yeah list them and just spend some time texting the person first to make sure you vibe.

No. 899073

Sounds like ferrets, oof. Forgive yourself. You did all of the planning and research one could do but no amount of preparation compares to living with a pet day in and day out. Life is too short to live with a stress that someone else could be getting joy from. See if you could get them on PetFinder or a similar site if youre not in the states or craigslist like >>899055
suggested. I had to give up my hamsters when I was younger on craisgslist (also because they ate their babies, lol) and it was a similarly positive experience. I screened via text for a few days and gained trust with a really sweet family and the amount of relief was immense when I finally handed them over.

For coping in the meantime, there are hundreds of people just like you on r/puppyblues. When you have bit off more than you can chew with a new pet it can literally feel like post partum depression- people experience loss of appetite, depression, nausea, and a hatred towards their new pet. It's normal, you're not a horrible person. You're allowed to rehome!

No. 899078

it's ok to rehome them, nona. it'll be better for them and for you. it doesn't make you a bad pet owner, if anything it's the responsible thing to do

No. 899093

Nta but fuck I felt this hard. I was suddenly given a chinchilla my family accidentally made because they didnt know the parents were still intact. I've bought the best cage, sewed the floor slips, bought the best wheel, food, hay, even a custom silent wheel. It's like nothing makes this animal happy though. The wheel I saved up for is basically unused. I feel like such a shitty owner despite the time and money sunk so far in. For a while I even had bad dreams I think. There's no way I want to keep him for the giant life span he has. I'm sorry but as fluffy as they are these animals are a god damn shitting machine that will kick it all out the cage. If they dont like you they're an absolute pain to catch too.

No. 899107

File: 1630643052089.jpg (17.95 KB, 474x320, sleeping.jpg)


You guys are so sweet and your stories, yikes…. if they started to eat each other I would probably just abandon the whole house and sleep outside lol. idk why people act like small animals are easier, my new conclusion is that anything that lives in a cage is a lifestyle pet that only makes sense if you're obsessed.

I do really need to rehome them, but unfortunately they aren't an exotic or even a hamster. They're rats and rehoming rats is complicated because people who keep them as pets are so outnumbered by people who use them as reptile food. You have to background check like a crazy stalker AND charge a fee that's more than what they cost in stores. I did try CL but wasn't confident about any of the responses. Right now my best option is one of the shelters who agreed to let me "foster" them and they will list them for me and pick someone. I have to take some really cute pictures, and then wait for them to find someone. Ugh, never again.

No. 899162

File: 1630657599906.gif (66.75 KB, 384x480, giphy_s.gif)

I am 100% sure the internet fucked up any chance I had of being normal or happy. like don't get me wrong I was mental illness ridden before that, but the internet sealed my fate. I'm a very impressionable person and the internet crushed me. not to mention I have a tendency to be drawn towards negativity anyway. I got a myspace as a young teenager and went in chatrooms and shit, and a few guys tried to get naked pics from me. one time in a sailor moon chatroom someone sent me gore for no reason. also those chatrooms were RIDDLED with obvious predators that even 13 year old me could clock. later on I discovered various forums and other places on the internet where people say really shocking things and seem to seriously lack empathy (yes I understand the irony of saying this on lolcow). then I discovered porn and what most men jerk off to, how common incest, "teen", choking and other really disturbing certain types of porn are. now I just feel consumed by it all and when I try to live a normal life all I can think of is all the fucked up-ness out there. I've come to have a really hard time trusting people or thinking they have good intentions, especially men and when I do give them a chance they always let me down.

No. 899170

File: 1630658659832.png (478.45 KB, 640x853, 1602181757946.png)

same for me, don't get me wrong the the Internet is a wonderful tool but its been a net negative for so many people's mental health and social lives, there needs to be restriction of access specifically for kids and people with mental illnesses, though I've been trying to cut my internet time with Physical activities and martial arts and its proven successful, I used to spend my entire day online but now I spend just half that time and I wanna reduce it ever further, when I'm finished with online autism and organizing my thousands of PDSs, songs and Movies, I'll leave once and for all

No. 899202

I have a real shit grasp on time due to trauma but I just realized its been 5 years since I've been poked, and ultimately sexually active. Feelsbadman.

No. 899275

When I was younger I was travelling home with my dad at the biggest airport in the world (important to story). We were getting on an elevator in the parking lot to get to our car and saw a woman sitting in the corner of the elevator. she was looking extremely rough. she was overly apologetic about being there and that she was taking up space (there was more than enough space) and seemed really out of it, had to be on drugs. she made up a weird excuse about accidentally falling asleep in the elevator or something, but i think that was something she kept telling everyone using that elevator to throw of suspicion? idk it was a weird thing to say and we weren't sure what to think of that. it was obvious she had been there a while. A long while after, my dad and i were talking about how strange that interaction was, then it hit us that she could have been a victim of human trafficking, which makes sense because that airport is the biggest hub for sex trafficking in the US, maybe the world. i still feel guilty about not doing anything about it but there's nothing i can do now. maybe there's another explanation? please let there be one. you can't get to the parking lot without going through the airport.

No. 899286

File: 1630678772910.png (276.7 KB, 500x335, wtf.png)

Don't ask me because I don't know, but I used to clean under my fingernails with my teeth sometimes and eat the dirt when I was a young kid. I vaguely recall the taste being salty, slightly metallic, and dirty but I liked it. It's baffling to me now as I can't fathom doing it again. Sick child.

No. 899296

I think my mom doesn't know that I'm still a virgin at 28 despite being vocal about being solitary and not fond of physical touch. She has this weird distorted view of me being a Stacy that men can't stop falling head over heels over when in reality I must have genuinely attracted like two or three nerdy guys lol.

No. 899304

Same, but then again don't want to allow scrotes access to me either

No. 899316

She might be lying just to make you feel better (maybe she thinks that's what you secretly want to be-a stacy with lots of men, so she says outloud that she thinks you are one just to please you)

Japanese do this but they add soy sauce and sometimes green onions/bonito flakes

No. 899325

A lil dirt is good for you, you prbly have a great gut microbiome now

No. 899327

My mom is like that too. Whenever I interact with a male who's around my age she thinks he is totally in love with me. I think our mothers just love us very much so they think everyone else is smitten with us as soon as they lay their eyes on us too.

No. 899332

as someone who more “naturally” befriends men because of male dominated hobbies, become friends with their girlfriends, they usually introduce you to their own female friends as well

No. 899333

No because I don't even feel bad about being a virgin and I give zero fucks about men.
Yes, it's probably that, I know she wants the best for me but unfortunately she tends to think her best should be my best too, like she can't stop saying I look great with makeup and should wear more despite me hating it for various reasons. I don't think I should complain about my mom loving me lol.

No. 899348

have you considered you're gay

No. 899356

I'm only ever on here when my mental health takes a nosedive, which is probably around once every two weeks.

No. 899398

admitting this is cringe but I really wish I could punch some of you in the face, you just need a good punch in your face to stop being so annoying

No. 899505

Ok scrote

No. 899531

i sometimes buy adoptables and i love them.

No. 899541

That's okay you are supporting some artist. But what do you do with them when you buy them?

No. 899551

draw them, commission art of them, basically treat them like my own characters, except i don’t plan on writing stories with them. they’re basically just fun little paper dolls i like to sink money into

No. 899695

I wish I could have studied veterinary medicine instead of the subject I am currently doing but it is nearly impossible to get into that major in my country since you need perfect grades. I hate my country for crushing my dreams. It is impossible for me to study in another country since I am too poor for that and also too afraid of moving and I don’t want to leave my family and friends behind.

No. 899705

How is your country responsible for your low grades? Take some personal responsibility.

No. 899736

NTA but it can be prohibitively difficult to get into certain schools/disciplines in certain countries. Idk about veterinary science, but in very competitive countries like China or Korea, getting to study what you want can mean having a near-perfect academic record.

No. 899741

I think you are very harsh and unfair just for the sake of it.

No. 899756

that honestly sucks, I hope you can at least get a job you don't hate with this major

No. 899757

>muh pull up your bootstraps and mobilize yourself up to success

this is dumb, just stop talking please.

No. 899768

some countries have very difficult systems in place for vet studies, mine has a competitive examination system with a very small number of spots, you need two years' preparatory studies and for a long time people who coudln't get in had to start undergrad again from scratch.
But yeah sure muh bootstraps.

No. 899819

Yeah. NTA, but I know several people who would be excellent doctors, but didn't have the grades. I also know a bunch of complete morons who study medicine because their parents knew how to navigate our school system.

I wouldn't mind if there was a standardized test to get into specific subjects, but instead the only thing that counts is every fucking grade you get as a junior and senior in high school. Had trouble at home when you were 16? Well, too bad, you're fucked forever and there's no way for you to ever prove you've changed and are smart enough to become a doctor. This is the same country that thinks it should take 7 years to become a lawyer and 10 is the right age to decide whether a child is white or blue collar material.

No. 899827

My mentality isn't evil, just practical. Focus on the one thing you can definitely change and have full control over - yourself. That'll get you somewhere. Whining about injustices, of which the world is full, will get you nowhere.

No. 899874

It’s impractical and your mindset comes from a privileged place. Scream and moan that me using that word is being a “twitterfag” but it’s true. Most things are out of someone’s control and no matter how much you try to individualize solutions it’s always going to be impacted by environmental limitations and the nature of chance. Anon probably lives in a different country where their society and values are completely different, she could live in a hierarchical society where hard work and submission to authority is the only way to survive and if you don’t align with those values you could have a really hard time living in said country. Open your eyes baby, I know it’s going to surprise you but the entire world is not Europe or the US.
>whining about injustices gets you know where go out and fulfill your dreams go girlboss blah blah blah
This isn’t a shounen anime, some people really are just victims to a system because most people don’t have the power or resources to achieve their dreams, your mindset is a fantasy. Anon probably thinks I’m being an idiot but what if she really is a brilliant person but the only way to succeed in her career is by academic marks?

No. 899891

Same, minus the country part, my shit grades were mainly for thinking and writing too slow to finish my potentially good answers properly. But if it helps you cope, the burnout rate for students and suicide rates among veterinarians are quite high and the pay really isn't up to par with the amount of time you study.

No. 899911

your mentality os shitty and self-centered. someone who grew up economically disadvantaged, attended shitty schools and had no family or financial support won't have the samechances as someone who gets bankrolled through school.
To say nothing of people in third world countries. Muh bootstraps are going to do jack shit if your country goes bankrupt and you're considered undesirable as an immigrant.

No. 899914

You know nothing about my life.
And still you're using it to dodge personal responsibility. Personal responsibility doesn't magically disappear in the presence of injustices.

No. 899921

Of course personal responsibility factors in, but acting like it's the only factor and issues of class and wealth and environment don't matter is daft.

No. 899926

Thank you so much for all of your kind words, anons. There are lots of other people in different countries as well (who probably even have it way worse), who feel this way and that are disappointed that they cannot fulfill their dreams because of an unfair system, lots of academic pressure that will leave you drained and class differences. I feel better knowing that there are nice people out there that know and understand that life isn't a shounen power fantasy just like anon >>899874 beautifully said. You guys deserve everything good. I am doing okay and I can be thankful that I have the opportunity to study something but sometimes I think about the stuff I would want to do if I didn't have to worry about anything at all and ever had the chance to do a job that my heart would choose if I asked for it's opinion. Thank you for listening.

No. 899934

I didnt act that way at all, I called anon out on blaming her country for not having good enough grades. Come on.
And to be honest, I'm all for strict entry criteria for doctors and vets. And I prefer them to err on the strict side.

No. 899953

you don't even know what coubntry anon is in or how their educational system works, get off your high horse

No. 899963

OT but you reminded me of that vaginal discharge eating, dad-is-an-evil-scientist, girl that was on here maybe a year ago. I loved her.

No. 899979

>>strict criteria

Define strict criteria. Why are you assuming that you agree with the criteria here when you didn't even ask what country anon is talking about? I'm >>899819 and I didn't "whine about injustices", I pointed out that it's a systemic problem when incompetent people get into important professions (be it doctor, veterinarian or lawyers) because of anachronistic ill-fitting criteria, nepotism and a broken education system.

I'm fine, I like my job, I'm not whining and neither was the original anon. I want practical solutions. For instance, 5 years of excellent work in a similar profession (veterinarian assistant for example), should qualify for a veterinary medicine major.

Based. There's a fine balance between individualizing and criticizing systemic hurdles. Of course you should always try your best to avoid defeatism, but it's also healthier to be aware of the systemic hoops you have to jump through than to interpret everything as an individual failure.

No. 899987

i think i'm just staying with my girlfriend bc she has huge mommy milkers

No. 899990

A girl just got fired from my job for stealing, she'd get stuff comped off of her checks after her tables already paid in cash then pocket the comped cash as if they were her tips. We make a lot of money at my restaurant but I knew there was no way she was making $300-$500 a day because she was such a shitty server and employee lol. Now I'm hoping our managers fire her ugly, overly aggressive boyfriend too and then my shitty job will be so much more bearable.

No. 899993

I don't get people like this who steal from their workplace. What's their plan? It would make sense if they disappeared into the night after a while, but they seem to always hang around until they get caught.

No. 900002

File: 1630721460496.jpeg (190.64 KB, 585x1007, 6D8444BF-6810-44F1-BF7D-6427FF…)

I wanted to genuinely answer a question of some nonnie but I’m sure it will only make the thread blow with different anons going apeshit because they do stuff differently. Sorry nonnie, you will have to figure this out by trial and error.

No. 900003

Years ago I worked at a cafe where this guy got hired and right away just started pocketing over $500 a week by just not putting transactions into the register when customers gave him money. The owner realized after 2 weeks just because it was eating into his normal revenue that significantly, so he looked at security footage and it was super obvious. The owner was like "I just don't get it, if he had stuck to even like $100 a week I might never have noticed". So why are they so blatant? The answer is that people who are stealing in obvious & irresponsible ways like this are usually doing it for drugs, so they're just off the shits and will continue doing it & getting bolder until caught, because they are literally not planning any further into the future than "need money for coke tonight". Many such cases; sad.

No. 900019

If you know how to help them, go for it. If they haven't gotten an answer up to now odds are no one else does the "stuff" they're talking about so I think you're safe.

No. 900032

I live at home and I nearly hate almost all of my “family” members, and I’m slowly getting more convinced to run off to some random scrote’s place in a different state who could probably knock me out and sever me into tiny little pieces but I don’t care, I had enough of my “family” who feel like nothing but detestable strangers to me now

No. 900033

Okay Jordan Peterson

No. 900037

I don’t like to look at old people when I don’t like their laugh and smile. It makes me want to not be around them. But I know it’s not their fault and growing old can be lonely, so I ignore it.

No. 900045

File: 1630734157300.jpeg (22.46 KB, 554x408, 720E7B3D-3183-4A2F-961A-6FC2E1…)

>damn it

No. 900093

I feel genuinely sad that I'll never be a singer or musician. it's been a longtime dream of mine to be the lead singer in a symphonic metal type band. I thought I was over this dream for a while until epica came out with their new album and were releasing studio vlogs and man.. I want to do that so bad. I want to be part of the writing/producing process, I want to go on tour and perform on stage. I would kill for that. I'm not attractive enough because let's be honest that's the biggest requirement. also that genre of music is kind of oversaturated already. I know there are bad things about it too like it's stressful and you're constantly in the spot light and I might not even like it anyway but I can't help but dream.

No. 900099

if you are not attractive enough you could try doing the KISS thing with face paint but different.

No. 900119

i can tell i need my meds adjusted when im on this site multiple times a day

No. 900127

i hooked up with a guy in a popular band and he ghosted me, i'm reticent to tell my friends (also fans) that he fucks fans - he doesn't seem like the type and i kind of wish i hadn't pursued it. every time their music comes on when i'm out somewhere i cringe

No. 900135

You’re not obligated to tell anyone anything nona especially if you think these friends are going to get judgy or offended at you despite him being the piece of shit. Personally I’d like to know so I could stop supporting him but stay safe and I’m sorry he ended up being garbo

No. 900141

I don't think my mother was meant to be a mom. I think she forced herself. She won't shut up about me eventually having kids. Too bad I don't want kids. The emotional abuse she inflicted (inflicts) on me was bad. I know I won't make a good mother. I can barely keep myself from unraveling.

No. 900162

File: 1630756491194.jpg (310.55 KB, 2000x1333, distracted_boyfriend_meme.jpg)

your boyfriend should not have girl friends

hear me out
>if she is not open to being friends with you she is a pickme
>if she used to be into him, she will sabotage your relationship
>if he is more into the friendship than she is, your boyfriend is a simp
>if he used to hit on her but she friendzoned him, he might still have feelings for her

you should not be a raging pickmeisha separating them. simply watch if he will prioritize you and if she truly is an honest friend and not more.

No. 900166

>t. a fundamentalist religious nine y/o

No. 900170

What if his only female friends are his cousins(his uncles daughters) who he grew up with

No. 900171

if he lives in the American south I have bad news for you, nonny

No. 900174

From the midwest though

No. 900175

let me add that if his friends are truly platonic or in his family it's okay. knowing moids though that gotta be a rare case.

No. 900177

lol idk, im not i to men but the guys i know who have female friends are usually the least shitty, bc it means they can see women as ppl and not just potential gfs. granted there aren't a lot of these tho.

No. 900184

probably safe then but you can't be too sure. the midwest is quickly becoming a cesspit of incest and other ills brought about by a low iq populous

No. 900185

This is mostly true, all guys I've dated who had female friends or 'loved the women in his life and if I'm not okay with that we can't be together' ended up either
>having unrequited feelings for a female friend because they got friendzoned or someone got to her before he could make a move
>having her as a booty call or backup gf in case we fight, if they used to be together
>she wanted to get in his pants and was openly flirty with him despite having a boyfriend and him being in a relationship

In the first case, they always vehemently denied having any feelings for her but it was dead obvious from the way they acted all chivalrous and cute with her but not with me, their actual gf. In the second case, it was hard to tell until I started snooping on his phone.

My current bf has a sister who trained him since childhood to do her bidding and no female friends, I'm kinda loving it.

No. 900197

most guys i knew who were friends with many women did it because other guys were too mean to them. i also observed their girl friends were all attractive.
have you seen a dude be best friends with an unattractive woman?
2 moids i knew would date overweight shy girls with bad style but their friends were always skinny and popular.

9/10 times the guy will befriend beautiful women who give him status as a good guy and potential to meet more women if not date one of them.

i don't deny there are a few who can be genuine friends to women but from my experience their girl friends are potential gfs, fwbs, unattainable love interests, or status symbols.

last time i tried befriending my then bf's girl friend she was really awkward about it. i found out they used to hook up before we started dating. when we became long distance they went to a ton of parties together despite him not being into that… lol

another ex used to talk of this friend of his from school. she kept coming up but we never met. he told me they were only friends from classes and mostly talked about lectures. i found her profile in his search history some insane amount. i must live in a retarded harem show.

No. 900211

File: 1630763721110.png (145.06 KB, 479x359, 92613AB5-EB44-4296-A7E1-D026CA…)

i was e-friends with a woman a few years older than for me for 6 years (i was a child for about 4 of those years) and i found out she was making fun of me the entire time, and had interfered with my personal life by messaging my partner.

when i sent her an email telling her how heartbroken i felt after this betrayal. she threatened to call ‘the authorities’ (she lived in a different continent!)

she claimed to be attending medical school, it would be really sad if someone like that actually found their way into medicine.

No. 900214

sucks anon
>she claimed to be attending medical school
of course, all the worst bullies I know ended up in Medical, mostly Nursing

No. 900215

My mom is a nurse. That profession is full of fake people.

No. 900221

pinkpantheresss used to be (up until recently) pretty faceless. only 1/4 face pics. also… corpse sorry had to

No. 900223

It makes me sad, but a lot of nurses i've met have a massive god complex. Same with doctors

No. 900230

right, like what profession are you gonna go into if you want people to think you're a hero? my mother's an abuser and got a degree to be a therapist. they always want to look like the saviour.

No. 900232

My wife's ex-friend is a social worker and has the worst savior complex. She literally came over to visit and judged the entire time. it was horrible. and for real, all they do is want to look better and smarter than they actually are. Makes me think there's zero training for these kind of jobs

No. 900233

every girl bully from high school is now a nurse. whenever i'm at the doctor i can't help but think "god you probably suck"

No. 900237

nta but my sister is a manipulative psycho, she's about to graduate with a degree in Psychology next year

No. 900240

>medical school
Wat? It's not required to go to med school for nursing.
The reason why so many dumb bitches get into nursing is because all that's required to become a nurse is to complete a nursing program. Yet the belief that nursing requires as intense study as a physician, in combination with the hero culture surrounding nurses, gives really shit nurses a superiority complex.

There are people in my hometown who never left and had shit grades throughout high school who are in programs to become nurses. And they'll probably get streamlined through them regardless of how they perform because the country is in desperate need of hospital staff right now.

No. 900241

Sluts too IME.

No. 900253

This is scrote activity, hon. That video was made by a prostate-owner and reeks of smegma.

No. 900260

another psychopath going into medicine

No. 900262

All of the bullies I know became dental assistants who all tried to bag the dentists they worked for kek

A psychologist that worked in the same school as me was a total pick me and behaved like a college student when she was well into her 40s kek. She also slept with one of the other teachers who was married.

No. 900265

Psychologyfags are the worst

No. 900266

Well I mean she is from the Gulf, its a region which function on literal slavery and Bahrain in particular treats its Shia minority like the British threated the Irish

No. 900267

File: 1630766451568.jpeg (96.75 KB, 720x720, 59954B91-76AB-465D-8F45-750BC0…)


She was from Bahrain and told me she was studying as a Doctor. She was rich and her parents paid for her apartment & Dior bags, so i’m surprised she couldn’t find better entertainment than bothering me.

The friendship felt very real, she invited me to visit Bahrain and was often very flattering (I should’ve seen the red flag) and I even forgave her after she ‘pranked’ me by teaming up with a mutual IRL (who I wasn’t attracted to and was in another relationship at the time) to pretend he had a crush on me.

It’s funny you mention the saviour complex because she told my partner that she ‘tried to help me’ with my ‘mental problems’ but this was a lie as we never broached the subject of mental health.

I considered calling up the only medical school in her city and falsifying s confession that she tortured a small animal or something so that she’d be discharged, not out of revenge but if she wasn’t lying about studying as doctor, to spare any atrocities at her hand. She struck me as average intelligence so I’d be surprised if she was doing an MD.

People with no empathy are not cut out for that sort of work, and I told her as much when I sent my final communication to her.

Ethel, why did you do this? I know I was cringe when I was 14-18 but I thought we were friends

No. 900270

She always told me she was progressive and feminist so I don’t think her heritage influenced her cruelty, it’s probably just mento ilnes luv x

No. 900271

Well I mean she is from the Gulf, its a region which can functions on literal slavery and Bahrain in particular treats its Shia minority like the British threated the Irish


No. 900274

did she identify as a Muslim or not

No. 900275

in my uni there are a lot of psychology students who are good at studying or have rich parents but are otherwise completely retarded and total cows. A lot of the 1st semester students claim to study psychology bc they "want to understand themselves better". why do they allow retards like that to become therapists and medical professionals there should be other criteria apart from the good grades and being rich.

No. 900280

Yes she was a hijabi

No. 900282

My sister is exactly like, she's a literal moron in most aspects of life but is convinced she was the smartest person in our household

No. 900284

His friend used to want to date him and he hardcore friendzoned her. She is unattractive and he enjoys her company mostly because of memories and the person she used to be. Tbh we mostly talk shit about her life decisions, but I've never met her because she lives like over 200 miles away and he hasn't seen her for years. I don't think she likes me and she thinks I look like an ex of his who I've seen in pictures and I look nothing like her. My boyfriend is handsome and when he was younger he had female friends, ugly, average, semi-attractive, etc, and it's just he doesn't really have any friends now. I guess my point is there are exceptions. My boyfriend actually makes me guilty because he made me realize how much I sexualize women. He sees them as people way faster than me. It is embarrassing.

No. 900286

I don’t understand the obsession with appearing intelligent, it’s a very male, embarrassing trait

No. 900287

well you shouldn't trust Arab worshippers

No. 900296

true, people who want to impress others with how intelligent they are should be put down it is so embarrassing to watch them cream themselves over their fat egos when they use more than two difficult words they once read on the internet while the other people are cringing behind their backs kek

No. 900299

nta but on the flipside, there's this obsession with being a bimbo. it's funny but getting tired

No. 900303

intelligent people are more likely to be assholes, men are assholes. humans always value the wrong things at the wrong time and they pay for it in the long run, they’re really trying to genetically engineer slaves- I mean “geniuses”

No. 900305

therapists and psychiatrists are bunch of phonies, they’re only there to be paid their ridiculous 90-100k+ salary (and trust me it is true that most of them make this much because it’s always the out-of-touch crusty bastards who get into this profession). I wish millennials would stop telling everyone to go to a therapist like it’s the cure to cancer, it’s an actual scam and only helps normal people. there are certain professions where horrible people are more likely to be in and that’s psychologists, doctors, nurses, and obviously piggy scrotum cops

No. 900317

File: 1630769662271.png (31.72 KB, 300x338, useful_geometry_formulas.png)

I love xkcd comics, I'm ashamed to say it because if I imagined a random person who loves those comics I'd imagine a pretentious loser who likes to pretend they're smart

No. 900326

>stop telling everyone to go to a therapist like it’s the cure to cancer, it’s an actual scam
therapy is literally talking and the therapist reinforcing your feelings and plans for solution. this is something a friend, a group chat or an anonymous board could do, for free. normies really are scared to show any weakness in front of their so called friends.
i went once expecting to be presented with good insights and knowledge i did not already have on what could help me. the therapist recited something i could find in a buzzfeed selfcare post, so i asked for medication instead.

No. 900329

File: 1630770179952.jpg (92.04 KB, 736x1077, 94fe507c51dbb3cc360d751b84e98b…)

No. 900338

>normies are afraid of showing their emotions

better yet, they’ll call it “trauma dumping” for saying that your mom died or something LOL friends can’t have personal conversations anymore

No. 900340

nonny what would you rather do, go to a paid sociopath or hang out with friends who you could relate to, be honest, the therapist will always be an apathetic hypocritically mentally ill stranger with a ulterior motive to pump up women as much lexapro and zoloft as possible.

No. 900342

I'm a confirmed dummy and this got a laugh out of me, so no worries anon. I will never let go of my all-consuming hatred toward trigonometry.

No. 900355

The problem is, some people burden others too much, even when they know their friends have their own personal problems and they might be adding to them.
I've told people to go to therapy before because hearing some shit is just too painful, and I can't help them. What the fuck else is there to do?

No. 900367

i have had imaginary bf's most of my life but now that i have a real bf for the first time… i kinda miss my imaginary bf. i know it's emotional cheating to think of somebody else when you're already dating, but i do sometimes think of him. the more i try to surpress it the more i think about my imaginary bf - although i definitely stop the thoughts once i imagine kissing. idk if im a bad person but sometimes i just wanna let go and think of making out with him (or tbh a random celeb crush). my bf wont know i thought about it but still, it feels so wrong. especially considering how oyal he is to me. aka no porn, no fantasizing about other women (as far as im aware, he swears by it), always extremely willing to spend time w me etc…

No. 900388

Anon you have to break up with one of them.

No. 900409

>someone else
I don't see how this is emotional cheating when an imaginary boyfriend isn't real, it's not a person. Maybe you just need time to adjust to something you've never had before. Fantasizing is comfy and humans are habitual creatures.

No. 900448

The only way I can hook up with someone is by drinking a lot of alcohol otherwise I get panic attacks and my anxiety goes through the roof

No. 900465

Here's an idea anon, maybe don't have hook ups and stick to a dildo, if you cant have sex without first dissociating.

No. 900466

Anon, why do you feel like you need to hook up? It seems like not a nice experience when sober, and i don't think you enjoy it while drunk too. don't you think not hooking up would be a better choice overall? if it's about horniness, i get it. still there should be a better way to satify it.
im the person you replied to. problem is, its been a year. i didnt fantasize in the first 5-6 months or so, it came back in the last 6 months.
in my head i think i would choose him but why would i feel the need for an imaginary bf still if i felt content with him? but i should be content/fulfilled with him because he literally is mydream guyand did no wrong. not even once yelled at me, many romantic surprises, extremely loyal and understanding etc. if i prefer an imaginary bf over him, im pretty sure that i cant date a real person, ever.
i just feel like an incel obsessed with his 2d waifu wtf is wrong w me that i prefer imaginary men.

No. 900481

How about don't hook up with randoms you retard

No. 900496

That's not anxiety that's your brain telling you you're about to do some dumb shit. Treat yourself in 2022, get yourself a sex toy collection.

No. 900508

Sorry, I can't really follow if you mean your real or imaginary bf, but whoever you pick, I'm sure you'll be able to be friends afterwards.

No. 900514

I wish I was one of those people who find everyone else with their physical flaw (weight, nose shape, etc) attractive but just happen to hate it on themselves. I feel like such a bad person because whenever I see someone who resembles me / with something I'm insecure about I think about their appearance a million times harder than I would someone else. I even rate them out of 10 in my head as myself and how I think they'd be rated by a normie, even though I usually object to that kind of thing. None of it is expressed out loud, of course, but is there any way to stop this?

No. 900582

>people who find everyone else with their physical flaw (weight, nose shape, etc) attractive but just happen to hate it on themselves
I don't believe them tbh, I think they just feel guilty about thinking negatively about others looks and want to convince themselves they don't. And they simply have higher standards for themselves out of vanity and greed, like "it's fine for other people to be average or ugly, but I deserve to be hot".

Anyway the problem is that you think being attractive is more important than it is. Not everyone is attractive, that's just a fact. Some people are ugly or have ugly features, but that's fine and it's not the cruelest insult you could think about them.

No. 900649

What you describe probably applies to most cases, but I also think it depends on gender and overall type. I have a prominent nose. I love men with prominent noses. I also think women with overall "severe" features (big eyes, big lips, sharp cheekbones) can pull of a prominent nose. Me with my otherwise tiny slav face? Not so much.

No. 900781

I wish I didn’t have to type or talk anymore and I could just use telepathy to talk to others with my mind

No. 900816

Whenever I have problems with something I ordered from a kind of sketchy website and they’re being difficult about returning it or replacing it or whatever I pretend to be an Instagram model and threaten to do a post exposing them. I’ve done this with like 5 different websites and it has worked every time.

No. 900820

Definitely not. I literally fetishize acne on other people (I don't know why) but hate acne on myself. And my boyfriend fetishizes my fat but has awful anxiety if he thinks he's gaining weight.

No. 900824

>Anyway the problem is that you think being attractive is more important than it is
This is it. Not everyone is hot and being hot isn't the end all be all of human existence. I'm certainly not hot. But I've seen some people, men and women, ugly and pretty, straight up see you as lesser because you're not attractive.
I've been friends (not anymore of course) with girls who straight up respected me less because I'm ugly. In their heads it just translates to a lack of social capital. Some of them get so offended by my confidence or success in life/relationships, because I'm not pretty so how dare I act like I am? How dare I dress cute? I should be wearing a sack and crying into my tub of ice cream while worshipping girls prettier than me.
The fact is those people have no other assets to offer the world but their looks, which is a diminishing value as it is and a really stupid thing to base their worth around, and they value others accordingly.

No. 900833

I used to know a guy who would voice violent fantasies to me about beating and torturing people just for being ugly.
It's ironic because he looked really objectively sickly with crooked facial features and thinning greasy hair. I would have never really scrutinized him so much till he acted that way.

No. 900877

File: 1630827510009.jpg (45.35 KB, 700x700, ackchyually.jpg)

my urge to correct people is so bad. I just saw a 6 year old comment on youtube saying something wrong and I have the strong urge to correct it, even though I knew I should just let it go

No. 900892

I'd do it. I always find it funny when I see/write new responses on +10 year old YouTube comments (a lot of the time I even get a response from OP back, sometimes not even hours later).

No. 900923

I’m scared I’m going to develop actual schizophrenia in my late twenties. Don’t really have any early signs of it but there is just something that keeps it in the back of my mind. I know paranoia is part of it but I wouldn’t say I’m paranoid in general now. Developing it is the only paranoia I have.

No. 900997

just don't pathologize everything. my only advice.

No. 901005

I don’t which is another reason why I’m so confused I have this weird feeling about it. I feel generally normal.

No. 901011

I'm not happy that I'm short, but I'm relieved that I'm short and female. If I were a short scrote I definitely would have become an incel aspiring shooter.

No. 901112

Same. I'm a bit shorter and skinnier than average because of an hormonal disorder, if I were a guy I most likely would have been a manlet with a literal micro dick despite my medical treatment working very well.

No. 901150

File: 1630859613264.jpg (27.23 KB, 570x441, EjFl5CtX0AEO-Wa.jpg)

I was >>789414 in a previous thread, to further see karma working, said crazy skinwalker bitch has since finally lost even the most patient friends she had in her group and they have finally stood up to her so she's now pathetically remade, pretending to be an uwu small person on Twitter and sucks up to every 18 year old despite being a grown ass woman

always results in angry meltdowns that her stuff doesn't get nearly as much attention as the people she is copying and I am ninety percent sure that her repeated seething over me cost her some uwu points with multiple people too. This same girl who thinks she can use people and pretend to be sweet but is actually a miserable dickhead who spends her life being borderline sociopathic

I confess I further feel great watching her struggle to maintain these facades and fail to skinwalk, copy, or convincingly pretend to be anyone else after being so used to tricking others

It's interesting seeing someone who spent years abusing and skinwalking you and spreading rumors about you to try and replace your friendships reap what they sow to the point they're in their mid twenties fishing for attention online from nobody they have a genuine friendship with and also kind of sad but I'm still laughing

No. 901174

File: 1630862217496.png (305.13 KB, 498x336, spongebob-coffee.png)

I got a new home phone with a new phone number no-one knows. I called the guy I have a crush on just to hear him answer. It made me feel immensely satisfied, but now I'm starting to feel guilty for being a stalker.

No. 901184

I usually have a bit of an andro/almost butch style to me but now that I'm crushing on a guy and likely to bump into him… I find myself dressing in the girly shit I had at the back of my wardobe. He passed me in his car today and I was wearing something cute so all I could think was "god I hope he spotted me" lol

Anon I think I might turn into you down the line.. I'm looking at my future here

No. 901185

it started as a joke but i think i have developed a serious mommy kink

No. 901229

me but with feet

No. 901232

even though I used to spend time on male-dominated sites I don't know how to talk to males irl.

No. 901235

Kek. Of course. Males that populate those sites never go out IRL.

No. 901239

i still love my dad even though he's done horrible things. it's like i only see him the way i did as a child. i'd never defend him for what he did and i'm not in denial about it. am i only able to be like this because i haven't seen him for a long time? it's always awkward when i try to talk to him, yet it feels like i still love him.

No. 901245

I keep sending these thirsty ass texts and I wish I would stop but also being too shy to say shit is really boring so…fuck it, let me embarrass myself.

No. 901246

File: 1630867625240.jpg (92.63 KB, 828x1035, Tumblr_l_621488490556774.jpg)

same except it never really was a joke and I've always had BPD-esque mommy issues. as a radical feminist I am genuinely ashamed lul

No. 901258

I definitely enjoy dressing andro and skipping shaving, but whenever I’m interested in a guy I start to groom myself more and make myself appear more feminine. I would fucking love to meet a guy who was completely into the androgynous look on women, but small town vibes, gotta conform just a little bit.

No. 901275

I think I might have been genderspecial if I was a teen today.
I dressed in a very gender-neutral way and would feel somewhat empowered for a few seconds whenever someone would mistake me for a man (and then afterwards feel insulted because I AM a woman, but I enjoyed the feeling like I made a fool out of someone), not because I didn't identify with my gender but because I felt I couldn't fully identify with the gender ROLE as a woman and what I felt was expected from me as one. It was a struggle when I was later on trying to embrace my feminine side because even though I didn't feel like it was 100% me I also didn't want to reject that part of me.
So whenever I see young girls identifying as trans and genderneutral I wonder if they are just experiencing the same kind of pressure from the patriarchy regarding their perceived gender role rather than actually identifying as the other gender.

No. 901290

I'm a tad short on money atm, sometimes I think about creating a (bad) art account pretending to be a uwu so special trans person who doesn't post selfies because I'm so uwu shy and sell my badly drawn doodles for money.
Only reason I never tried that tbh is that I'm too lazy to keep a social media account, I hate it.

No. 901336

My husband came inside a bag of roasted peanuts and then I ate them in front him.

No. 901344

File: 1630873841420.png (1.14 MB, 972x942, 8765.png)

welp that's enough lc for today

No. 901346

I am by a lot of definitions a TERF but I’m into male forced feminization and crossdressing strictly as a sex thing. When I see creepy sissy freaks pretending it is anything other than that for them I get majorly annoyed…probably because more than a lot of women I absolutely know it is nothing but a sex thing and men wanting to be horny 24/7. Nasty. Do it at home behind closed doors and be ashamed.

No. 901493

I wish I was a rich streamer for my entire life, all I would have to do is try to entertain my retarded ass fanbase, react to videos, and eat on stream like a complete unprofessional that seems like the life just imagine how comfy they are. This is the life they don’t want you to have

No. 901495

You need conversion therapy

No. 901530

girl love urself

No. 901540

File: 1630887452237.jpg (186.88 KB, 702x1024, IMG_20151220_192333.jpg)

No. 901552

the worst part about this is roasted peanuts arent even a remotely "sexy" food
sounds fucked up

No. 901555

Gross, how did that even taste?

No. 901578

I threw out my bong because i think it's excessive. I've been reducing the sheer amount of cannabis I smoke. I quit tobacco and noticed it significantly reduced how much I smoke. I'm now done to a pipe I hate and a vaporizer. The vaporizer only downside is it needs charged. Its also a few years old so might stop working as I've noticed it doesn't hold charge as long. So I'm going to keep my shitty pipe as a standby. I don't want to even be considered a weed smoker anymore. I just want to do it stealthily and medicinally.

No. 901582

Being cooped up in my room so much (WFH, plus covid still not under control in my country) has turned me into the kind of person who really enjoys talking out loud to herself. Mostly I like laughing at something then saying aloud "That's good." It's a nice, comfy life

No. 901592

I bought an obscure Kabbalist book but I don't know anything about Kabbalah or Hebrew and so it's completely incomprehensible. I don't regret it, but I clearly didn't realize how out of my league it was before I bought it.

No. 901626

this whole time I’ve been scrolling in /ot/ and I thought this dumb cow said “my husband came inside the house with roasted peanuts and I ate them” and then another anon said to “love to yourself” and I was so confused for a moment she was just eating some random ass nuts until I finally read that over again

No. 901656

I've had trichotillomania since I was 4. I hate how my parents still comment on it.

No. 901705

File: 1630910713506.gif (771.28 KB, 240x228, giphy.gif)

No. 901792

I will never purposely choose a male doctor. Ever. Always female. I do not care about how much education they’ve had; they can not and will not ever understand certain things that relate only to women. A gay male doctor questioning if I had “fictitious disorder” when I had endometriosis sent me over the edge.

No. 901793

My trich started at 11. My mom spotted that all my eyelashes were suddenly gone and she cried and told me I looked like a freak. Soon afterwards in school a kid leaned in and loudly pointed out my lack of lashes for everyone to then gawk at… again freak was the word they labelled me. Tbh my mom was usually nice, it was a blip in an otherwise good relatonship (she's passed now) It's been twenty years since this started and the one place I never stopped pulling was my lashes. I have no shame about it nowadays. I'll tell anyone about it without feeling like it's all that strange. I don't wear make up. I don't hide it. I can't remember what I look like with lashes.

Sorry you're still dealing with comments on it. It's such a tricky thing to try and stop. I mean ffs nobody wants to literally rip their hair out. Comments don't help.

No. 901795

these are the little things that make me not give a flying fuck about homophobia

No. 901811

Are you american? American doctors are shit, most doctors nowadays are useless.
One of my cousins got their cancer acting up because his doctor told him that my cousin didn’t need the medicine if he didn’t have any sort of symptoms, he even told my cousin that he still had a prostate when he got it removed.
And another doctor wanted a friend of our family to go to some sort of surgery and when he came back home, a doctor from our country told him that it wasn’t necessary, gave him some pill and now he’s fine.
I honestly just think that medicine isn’t s career that a bunch of people are taking seriously nowadays, like they’re trying to go full Dr.House by playing guessing games until they somehow get the right diagnosis.

No. 901816

I binge eat but I have a big superiority complex towards anyone else who binge eats, especially if they're overweight from it (which i have been in the past). I don't want to participate in any bulimia or bed support groups because deep down I feel like I'm better that them even though I have the exact same or worse behaviors and lack of self control. What mental illness is this. This is very embarrassing to admit and I'd say no bully but I deserve it tbh

No. 901818

I bet he's laughing about that with his friends, I'd kill myself personally

No. 901821

Big insecurity. You are in denial mode to protect your ego

No. 901826

I used to be like that back when I was mildly fat and perturbed.

I'm not trying to say you're secretly fat or anything, it's just that your post reminded me of my past self. If I could go back in time I'd forgive my insecure self over and over again, and tell them they can and should do better. Ain't gonna bully you. You just need to start seeing your mess for what it is; which is that, you're essentially unforgiving of mistakes made by none other than yourself, but you're fatigued by the cycle of shame and regret, so you're just sort of externalizing it in your mind by judging others who are like you. 0% shade and I hope you get better at life in general.

No. 901848

I'm 23 and I wanna fuck my 17 year old male coworker. It would be technically legal where I am but I feel like a predatory scrote even thinking about it.

No. 901850

fuck someone your own age, anon, that's pathetic.

No. 901851

"literal 17-year- and 347 day-old CHILD !!!" american people are pathetic and that's not where i'm coming from but i doubt you have anything in common with him in terms of maturity, that's a really bad idea and will lead nowhere.

No. 901857

you are predatory

No. 901859

gross tbh

No. 901869

I can't get too worked up about that. Are you going to act on it? Do you creep on him like a scrote would?

No. 901870

I don't think it's necessarily predatory but 17 year old boys are retarded, love yourself. If it's illegal where you are then don't obviously

No. 901872

I don't think there is anything wrong to notice that an older teenager is attractive but they're indeed retarded and not ready for relationships with adults.

No. 901874

Ty for shaming me nonas, it's what I needed. Ik it's gross. It's the most shameful dumb crush I've ever had and need to get over.

I'm def not going to act on it because obviously he lacks the maturity to understand an adult relationship and it could psychologically fuck him up. Plus it would be pathetic of me.

No. 901886

Sorry, but it's not predatory with the genders reversed. 17 year old men are retarded but so are ones your own age, except the younger one is hotter, more in shape, and likely hasn't broken his dick from porn usage yet.

No. 901906

It was more of joke than anything sexy. He bought me a bag of nuts but had picked up plain roast peanuts instead of salted roast peanuts. When I told him this he went out of the room and "salted" them for me. I don't think he intended for me to eat them afterwards.

The texture combination of hard and crunchy with wet and slimey was worse than the taste to be honest.

No. 901921

No. 901957

I was gonna suggest that he seems abusive but there's obviously something wrong with both of you so I think you deserve each other.

No. 901961

anon is mad weird but how is busting into a packet of nuts abusive? you sound like a redditor

No. 901978

Nta but there's really no right way to react to a post of "I ate cummy peanuts"

No. 901979

It's weird and fucked up. It's like asking your partner to pick you up a brown t-shirt from the store, and when they bring you back a white t-shirt and you point out their mistake they take a shit and smear it all over the shirt. "Here's your brown t-shirt."
If you don't see what's wrong this this behavior then I don't know what else to tell you.

No. 901985

Bitch I thought you meant he bought a bag of roasted peanuts and came home with the bag he bought, I wish I didn't read your post a second time.

No. 901995

I'm glad I've always had female doctors, the only time it bit me in the ass was when one of them got replaced by another female doctor for summer, I was sick, passed out and threw up the entire week because of some stomach virus epidemy and she never checked my medical history despite me having some rare issues and tries to convince me I was "just" pregnant even though I'm a virgin to this day. I used to be hospitalized very often as a kid but had no shame back then, the only time I let male nurses get anywhere near me was when I was older, didn't need to remove clothes, if my mother was there and if the nurse was just doing some tests to just show results to an actual doc.

No. 901999

it is predatory. he is too immature for any kind of worthwhile adult relationship yet.

No. 902011

What about nuclear holocaust?

No. 902025

Animal crossing makes me want to buy clothes that I don’t know if they would suit me. Like bucket hats or long skirts, I want to be cute like my avatar.

No. 902114

>muh predatory
You guys have to think about WHY this would be predatory reversed. It's only predatory if you want him because he's easy to manipulate and control. If he's just hot as fuck then it's a normal reaction.

No. 902115

Come on, long skirts suit everyone

No. 902119

so… did you eat them by accident? Does he do shit like this often?

No. 902208

I am too afraid to shower at the gym and can only shower at home. I know that I must look normal in theory and that the other women probably dgaf but I am still too afraid to remove my clothes & that the other people will judge and say mean things about my body.

No. 902253

why are you worried about the other women and not about the fungus growing in a public shower

No. 902274

This is the real shit. I immediately thought the same.

No. 902377

I thought I was too old and too previously burnt to experience this again but here I am crushing on a guy. It's only been a few weeks but I fall asleep thinking about him every night. I won't make a move because I'm a coward. He hasn't made a move so I can only guess that he's uninterested. Part of me wonders if he's secretly into me and also struggling but then that sounds a lil too much like wishful thinking? Then again.. there were some hints when we spoke.

ffs I preferred it when my plan was the eternal single life. I can't concentrate on anything. I either have sexual thoughts about him or I daydream about bumping into him and him declaring his feelings for me. I'm 15 again.

No. 902398

THIS 10000000%. And let's not forget you can get warts in your feet.

Also, nobody is going to judge you.

No. 902421

High school can be so tough.
But when you go to a gym with grown ass adult women, nobody gives a fuck, actually, if you’re not a complete retard who keeps some nice gym flip flops to take a shower with, you might even get some gym buddies to talk about stuff.

No. 902440

to add to what other anons have said, I've used gym lockers and saunas for years and have only ever talked about one person with anyone else, and that was a woman who was using the public blowdryer to dry her pubes. Anything short of that and no one's gonna notice.

No. 902510

how did he react to you eating them?

No. 902548

Sometimes I wanna vent here but sometimes you all think it's as simple and easy as dumping a person. Relationships, like life, are more complex than that. If someone has a bad habit, the solution isn't always to dump them.

No. 902569

This. I’m 20 and I plan to keep my men 18-24 til I am like 28 I may raise it accordingly

No. 902574

I hate when I see the blanket "just dump them" statement from multiple anons, it's really fucking insensitive. If it were that easy a person wouldn't be coming here to vent about it, they would have just handled it already. At least read what the person said and if you don't have a thoughtful or valuable response then just move along. Who are you helping by throwing out a "dump em"? The answer is yourself. Because you're implying that's what you would do and that the one venting is part of the problem. It's insensitive, fuckers.

No. 902586

File: 1631001627523.png (238.4 KB, 447x299, it's okay shinji-kun.png)

I have a HUGE complex about my facial shape. I got this kind of rectangle shape with low cheekbones and I can't find it attractive even when I see models or celebs with similar facial shapes.
I feel like I can never been cute or pretty with this face, no one will ever look at me twice. No one will ever look at me and think "wow, she's cute".

No. 902587

Try a different hairstyle. Seriously

No. 902591

Not our fault you make shitty choices and end up with shitty men. Grow a backbone.

No. 902592

Damn near 95% of shit in a thread like this or a vent thread is somewhat the person's vault. This is still a dumbass reply. If you don't have thought out advice simply don't reply.

No. 902595

I have tried different hairstyles and colors, while some of them have made me feel better about myself than others I still feel like shit about my facial shape. A different hairstyle or makeup just slightly hides the fact that it's an ugly shape that is far from my own ideal, and will remind me again the moment I put my hair up or remove the makeup.

No. 902692

I don’t comment or reply to anything she posts but I usually go into Reddit and downvote anything Luna Slater posts. It’s stupid but she annoys me and it’s my own way to do it without cowtipping.

No. 902701

Past few days of conversations with my "closest" circle of friends and suddenly, I got the thought, "Ok, time to move on and find a new friend group." I felt weirdly peaceful and enthusiastic about it, and then afterwards guilty, like wtf am I, a sociopath? But I am so weirdly tired of them, of their same recurring problems and flaws.

No. 902745

File: 1631024742671.jpg (16.59 KB, 640x640, 57314232_349218235714739_38687…)

My protip is to have your partner's age be at least 80% of your own. It's an attempt at making sure that the amount of life experience both have in years is about the same girth. In turn, it's somewhere around 120% max for if the partner is older than you. These percentages are the ones that seem the most reasonable to myself, don't know how others would reason though because this is among the rare times I ever tried to discuss this idea I have.

No. 902761

This. It's tiring to hear this all the time and discourages women from seeking another woman's opinion. It stops being humorous after multiple women just spam "throw the whole man away" as a first solution to anything. Do these people really just respond to absolutely everything in their life by leaving? Do they really think relationships are about power moves where leaving means you win and if you don't you're a loser who brought it upon herself? Pathetic and infantile.
Grow a heart. Stop being a butthole with decorative limbs.

No. 902767

Tbh I think women generally give men too many chances. You can often read some real depressing shit in the relationship thread, as to what farmers are putting up with from their bfs.

No. 902773

Based. I'm 24 currently talking to a 21 year old.

No. 902790

My moms dead so I tend to not concentrate on any of the bad things about her (as you do, dead people become saints in your mind after a while) but she had this weird thing going on where she absolutely loved gay male hosts on tv shows and loved gay male singers… but was weirdly homophobic about irl gays who weren't talented singers or hosting a show.

Like the whole thing in the 90s where gays and pedos were seen as one and the same… she kinda bought into that. She thought the sex lives they have are likely sick and wrong and perverted. I hate remembering those less than positive things about her but that was just so weird. I know attitudes were shifting at the time but still, wtf was that.

No. 902793

Nah, most men don't have the same level of empathy as woman, which is why you dump them instead of thinking that ~communicating~ will help or that you can change them. They either have it or they don't. In fact the reason why most women in relationships suffer is because they are too lenient with their nigel, thinking he is capable of the same level of understanding/empathy that she is. The sad truth is there are very few men who are worth staying with and working things out with.

No. 902798

>most men don’t have empathy like women!!!!
>literally talking over two separate women in the middle of a discussion about how useless your type of ‘all men are bad ackshually you’re just too stupid to realise it’ #girlbossery is

No. 902804

90% of anon's boyfriends have much more than a "bad habit"… what's the solution if an anon is dating a cheating pedo whose about to troon out and smear shit on the walls?

No. 902809

When I first started posting on here I was in a shitty age gap relationship where over time the power dynamic really went in his favor and I was putting up with some absolute bullshit. I never posted about him on here becasue tbh I knew very well I should've run a mile much earlier. I didn't want to hear the truth because moving is stressful and starting over is scary as fuck. That trapped me for a long time. Wasted the last few years of my twenties.

I get that it's hard to hear and even harder to act on that advice but I do think most saying 'girl dump him' are spot on and it's not thrown out as lightly as some make out.

No. 902814

Nta but there's no such thing as 'talking over' someone when posting on a board kek

No. 902818

Overall I get where you're coming from but I disagree with this in particular
>you're implying (…) the one venting is part of the problem
Because they are. Conflict always has two sides, not in the sense that both are equally to blame, but that you always have control over your own actions. In the case of an abusive relationship, the onus really is on the victim to get out of there. Obviously she doesn't deserve to be mistreated, and the scrote beating on her is 100% at fault for his violence. That doesn't change the fact that she's the one who must make up her mind to leave.

In any case if your mans is frustrating you so much that you need to anonymously vent on the farms, maybe you ought to reconsider the entire relationship.

No. 902908

File: 1631031807314.gif (815.92 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mmxafpAaZu1sqam4ao1_500…)

I get embarrassed when I remember mods can trace back all my shitty posts to the same person.
Reminds me when a girl was banned and pretended someone else using the same IP had written the posts she was banned for kek. What are the odds of that happening

No. 902920

depends on how much of a cow you are to be worth having your post history revealed.

No. 902923

i did a lot of cowish things on here like post face and tits a couple of months ago. i don’t regret it, i just needed attention because i have no friends, real or online, i don’t have any social media presence either. also it was nice to have lesbian anons drool over me lol

No. 902924

>What are the odds of that happening
It's possible if you're using a well-known vpn like the one on opera. Opera's vpn is basically unusable on here cause every IP is banned lol.

No. 902929

File: 1631032452949.jpg (186.1 KB, 700x700, 1758374-0719-px.jpg)

At times when I've been horny, single and without any toys.. I bought myself these 2 or 3 packs of 'giant bubble wands' and I fucked them. Like buying a pack of cheap disposable one-use dildos. I stopped because I got an actual toy but I hope there isn't anything in the plastic that could be harmful. I feel like some jelly or rubber toys are likely worse for your health anyway.

No. 902932

Do you mean that anon that posted pictures of herself, and then pretended an ex bf posted them? That entire thing was weird, but she was pretty

No. 902943

God why didn't you just get a normal silicone dildo?

No. 902950

I did
>I stopped because I got an actual toy
This was during early covid when mail to my country was super slow so.. desperate times, desperate measures.

No. 902953

I see. Still, not as desperate as homemade dildo-chan.

No. 902967

Yes yes, we get it. I hope you get picked.

No. 903020

>talking over ppl
>in text format
sorry you feel bullied and silenced, scrote defender
maybe consider you're in the wrong place to cape for men

No. 903028

If you're confused, please go to 4chan in literally any thread where they're talking about how women aren't good for anything aside from being living cum dumpsters. Look closely to see if a single anon responds like you have to stand up for women. See how empathetic you find them.
>b-but 4chan isn't representative of the average man!
You can repeat this experiment with any real world group of men once they're on the subject of women when you've sufficiently integrated as one of the boys. Shouldn't be hard since you cape for them so hard. Have never once heard a man speak up for women when other men were ranting about them. Young, old, channer, normie. Except of course from "male feminists" who defend us the loudest to pull the exact same abusive shit.

No. 903098

When someone tells me that they suffered unspecified abuse as child, my kneejerk reaction these days is to assume that they're lying. I grew up around a lot of people who told everyone that they were being abused when they'd really just been sent to bed without dinner or got yelled at for coming home late, which has eroded my sense of trust. The people I've known who were actually abused (like I'd witnessed it with my own eyes in some cases) always talked about what happened to them in a very frank, unsentimental way, and tended to relate specific events instead of waxing philosophical about their trauma in general. This only solidified in my mind the idea that anyone who's overly dramatic or overly vague when talking about their abuse is making it up.

I broadly accept the idea that different people might react to their abusive pasts in different ways, so I try to treat everyone like they're telling the truth. I can't stop that little voice in my head that tells me they're lying though. Social media has definitely made it all worse, because the culture that's formed around childhood trauma is genuinely insane. Like seeing all of these twitter users who make sanrio child abuse crafts and glibly invoke their traumatic childhood as a shield every time they get in trouble makes me feel like I'm going crazy - they can't possibly be telling the truth, can they?

No. 903101

Do you need me to fucking describe it to you or something? Do you want to know all the details? Do I have to send you a written letter signed by my parents? Fuck off.

No. 903114

>This only solidified in my mind the idea that anyone who's (…) overly vague when talking about their abuse is making it up.
I'm vague because I know that to people like you my (non-parental) abuse may not be enough, even though I'm barely able to function as an adult person because of it. Every day I feel guilty that it wasn't 'bad enough'.

No. 903116

Why do you need me to believe you? Like what's the point of getting validation from anonymous people online if you know that what you're saying is true?

No. 903120

Why do you feel the need to not only invalidate my experience but then shame me for being understandably upset by it? What the fuck do you want from me, exactly? Am I just not supposed to talk about it? I'm not trying to gain anything from talking about the hard parts of my life, I'm looking to connect and relate to other people and to bring some kind of control into my situation. I'm not trying to impress you or manipulate you because I'm talking about abuse I've experienced "vaguely". Again, fuck off.

No. 903125

Sometimes a person being too frank or too forthcoming with an abuse story (when I barely know them) seems equally odd to me. But then the way we're talking about trauma and other mental health shit is all changing. Irl I hold back on telling people my depressing backstory. I downplay my diagnosed illnesses and I don't talk about dark family shit that happened long ago. I've noticed people younger than me are generally much more forthcoming with those topics. There's been a hell of a shift in just a few years.

I think somewhere in the middle is a healthy balance. And of course the best person to tell about your trauma is a pro if you can make that happen. Everyday people arent well equipped when it comes to saying the right thing in response to an admission of say serious abuse.

No. 903148

You are not entitled to hear about anyone's personal issues. People will share with you the amount they feel comfortable disclosing. I don't trust people who overshare about their trauma, especially if we are not super close. They're always either bpd chans or generally unstable.

No. 903300

Anytime I see a mom with a teenage daughter I assume that the mom is wildly enviously her daughter and my brain simply CANNOT process a oure form of mother daughter love

probably because my mom treated me like I was her competition when I was growing up.
>she made fun of a selfie of me to one of her boyfriends
>let my stepdad call me a whore
>I wasn’t allowed to wear shorts inside my own house
>wasn’t allowed to wear a bathing suit
>my sisters and I literally heard her arguing with our gross stepdad for watching teen porn and she accused him of being attracted to us
>anytime we would call our stepdad creepy, she would yell at us.
Also upon reflection I think our stepdad literally got off on making teenage girls cry. He would berate us and say the meanest shit that or he was just a miserable piece of shit who wanted us to feel bad. Also I don’t trust stepdads of teenage girls.

No. 903304

I have an abusive childhood (I was raped by my stepfather from 8 to 10 years old almost everyday, and when I finally told it to my mother, she and the only other auntie who I also told it to both blamed me), and even though I do not mind speaking about it online when I'm anon, I am very much vague when talking about it irl, pretty much only saying "I had a crappy childhood" but nothing else. Actually for me, the reason I am so vague about it irl is exactly because of how bad it was, not the opposite.
I do get where you're coming from tho, as I knew a lot of people who had an okay childhood but whine about having tHe wOrSt because of some small things, but to be honest, at least for me, these are the people who are more prone to thinking they suffered the most and everyone else is exaggerating it.
I had a friend who would always whine about her aBuSiVe childhood just because her mother was poor and couldn't give her everything she wanted, a few people mocked her on school because… well, she went to school dressed as knock-off Death Note's Misa, her father wasn't present in her childhood but still gives her money every month despite her being in her mid-twenties… And she is the one who always say my childhood was perfect and I can't complain just because I do not yell at her face that I was raped for years lol

No. 903311

I don't get this thing where we're expected to spill our deepest and darkest feelings/experiences. It's weirdly masochistic, no one is entitled to know that, especially since there's tons of psychos who like to control ppl like me using that knowledge.

No. 903325

Yeah. I wasn't sexually abused but I had a very emotionally abusive mom who threatened me and abused my dad emotionally as well. I know "emotional abuse" sounds like bullshit but she was very sadistic. I have jaw dropped therapists and my friends really sympathized with me after I started talking about it at age 20. My childhood sucked but I honestly feel like I experience worse sorrow now but everyone else thinks my childhood was the worst thing ever when in fact it's less important for me to talk about/complain about because as an adult I have more authority over my own life. I think it's really common as well for abusive parents to tell you how good and easy your childhood was compared to others and it really sticks with you.

No. 903334

in a way I get what you're saying, ironically those that haven't gone through much abuse or real abuse just exaggerate the things they've been through, I think those people have narcissistic tendencies and are manipulative and have a victim mind set. They make it very hard for actual abuse survivors to speak out and they also create a bad stereotype for those that were actually abused. I used to be very open about everything that has happened to me but unfortunately people can be very harsh and not understanding and it will also attract the fake mentally ill types that have a lot of resources and haven't even gone through actual abuse. In my experience, those people are horrible, they legitimately have narc/sociopathic tendencies and they will pretend connecting with you over abuse when their abuse is mostly not even real and if you dare suggest them that they should take a hold of themselves they will hurt you. These sorts of people also tend to make others side with them. I wish people wouldn't lie about shit or try to manipulate others or give justifications to themselves for not taking a hold of their shitty lives and being lazy.

No. 903369

Anon did he put his penis in you or was it weird sexual touching? What did you think was happening when you were younger (unless you already knew about sex)? How did you get him to eventually stop? What is your r/s with you mom like now?

Sorry for the weird specific questions, I've never spoken about this IRL and right now I have the novelty of being anonymous. Feel free to completely ignore me.

No. 903411

You guys definitely make a good point about it being weird if someone is too open about their trauma, and I can see how it could come off as oversharing. The people I know who have been very honest with me about their abuse are friends, so it obviously doesn't make sense to expect that level of candidness from strangers.

When it comes to people I haven't met before, what I think of when I say forthright/frank is less a willingness to pour out their soul or describe their past in gory detail, and more a firm, consistent, non-nonsense way of talking about their abuse. In an interview I read with a police interrogator, he talked about how someone who's lying often tries to avoid directly answering questions - instead of saying "no, I didn't kill so-and-so", they might say "what reason would I have for killing them?" Whether that's true or not, the difference between the two answers is basically what I'm getting at ("my parents were abusive" vs "you don't know my past!").

Overall, I guess I just have trouble understanding the concept of validation being inherently valuable. Some anons talked about wanting to connect with other abuse survivors without having to go into detail about their trauma, which is fully understandable. Outside of that context though, what does validation from strangers on the internet mean when they don't even know what you're talking about?

No. 903441

Ayrt, there's also another thing. I simply do not want to tell anyone. My therapist doesn't know, my parents don't know, my friends don't know, my online friends only have a vague idea I was abused. I can't say it. I do not want to say it. I'm still ashamed and embarassed and scared almost a decade later. If anyone thinks I'm lying because I don't want to be specific that's their problem.

Idk about validation but a kind word is always nice, whether the person knows the full details or none at all.

No. 903494

File: 1631054866411.png (124.14 KB, 512x512, image.png)

post them again
if you want a vibrator go to dollar tree and get this face massager

No. 903512

File: 1631055710481.jpg (13.71 KB, 206x500, 42817854_0215_2eff3408-78ef-46…)

Anon oh my fucking god I did the same thing when I lived with parents and couldnt hide dildos. I ended up preferring these though. We are going to die of pussy cancer one day

No. 903524

I get an involuntary twinge every time I hear george memeulous laugh. I've never had a sound do that before. WHy, why why?

No. 903530

>post them again
nta but that seems like a bad idea since there have been confirmed lurking males lately

No. 903536

File: 1631057478563.jpg (101.16 KB, 500x660, pqxr9.jpg)

I remember I went into a discount store before (the type that sells a lil bit of everything) and I browsed the kitchen tools looking for something with a nice shaped handle on it. I've probably never spent so long on choosing a purchase before. It was just to hold me over til my toy order arrived in the post but I was frustrated at seeing all the skinny handles they put on everything lol

No. 903581

File: 1631059560744.jpg (55.86 KB, 750x404, HTB1epT9RFXXXXcGXpXXq6xXFXXXc.…)

This but with mini shampoo hotel bottles. Pray we don't get pussy cancer or something.

No. 903588

I’m not trying to get pregnant, but every month I delude myself into thinking I am because I lowkey want a baby so bad. Logically, I know right now wouldn’t be the best time in terms of my life situation, so realistically I hope I’m not…. but at this rate I’m probably gonna manifest a baby into my uterus if the law of attraction is real lol

Sorry, this is so dumb lol

No. 903597

File: 1631060214023.jpeg (52.1 KB, 600x382, E26AF6AD-65BF-4640-8F91-D2CEB0…)


These were tough times.

No. 903614

I haven’t been eating properly lately and that must have been such a benefit because it’s fixing my appetite and I lost 20-30 pounds I’m so happy, right from 180s-190s to 160s I hope I go into my 130s

No. 903638

I'm >>903304 and I agree with >>903411. I do not want to tell anyone irl about this, I don't want the stigma of being a CSA survivor neither the pity, and also it's pretty much my personal business and I legit don't think anyone has anything to do with it. Plus it's long past now.

It was PIV and sometimes oral (on me, I fortunately never had to put that disgusting thing inside my mouth). I didn't think much of it at the time, I knew it was a bad thing of course but I didn't know how bad it was pretty much. I thought just staying quiet about it would turn out ok somehow? If that makes sense. My mother had a really difficult life, so I kinda didn't want to make it worse by telling her, which actually… Made things worse for everyone. That's why it lasted for so long, so even though I know I'm not at fault I still feel guilty for letting it happen for so long.
He stopped when I told my mother about it, and never even tried anything of that kind again. I don't really know what kind of talk she had with him, but it worked. They are still together to this day and he never faced any consequence besides losing his little fucktoy at the time. The auntie I mentioned that I also told it to always blamed me because "your poor mother" and still dislikes me. She really like that guy too. I hated them all for quite a long time, but nowadays we're fine, I have a pretty ok relationship with my mother and even with her husband. I do find it kinda difficult to see and respect her really as my mother tho, even tho I do like her a lot. The way I talk to her and all is more akin to somewhat close friends than mother-daughter.

No. 903647

Samefag just to add that I tagged the wrong post, it was meant to be: I'm >>903304 and I agree with >>903441

No. 903669

i absolutely hate dogs

No. 903684

They smell gross get up in your space and are loud.

No. 903688

Luckily for you, there’s a full fledged dog hate thread, if you will sperg about it, go there.

No. 903692

File: 1631068044528.jpg (167.68 KB, 1500x1075, 1547413265778.jpg)

i despise furries with every fiber of my being but i saw this wolf lady and i am… in love……..

No. 903694

File: 1631068572770.jpg (15.18 KB, 500x334, received_551713468307787.jpeg.…)

I hate furries desperately and yet the idea of a boyfriend who can transform into an animal is nice. I don't want to fuck someone as an animal but just Fruits Basket tier shit. Granted fucking someone with supernatural traits like horns, wings, peculiar eyes, ect is hot though.

No. 903697

If its any comfort, werewolves aren't bestiality. I know shes a furry but lets just pretend shes a werewolf.

No. 903699

Why not imagine them as kemonomimi so you get the best of both worlds

No. 903700

I was molested by my sister's boyfriend (now ex, obviously) when I was 13. Before that, he had fondled my breasts when I was around 11 and tried to play it off as tickling. I knew something was off but I was young and stupid and didn't want to say anything. All I would do was ask him to stop but he wouldn't. It didn't happen often, only times when he came over to the house and my parents weren't home. My sister would be in her own room and I would be in my parent's room, and he'd lock the door.

I feel bad calling myself a victim because I genuinely don't feel anything when I think about it now, even though I know what he did was wrong. I feel like I "wanted" it because I never spoke up until he touched me somewhere that made me too uncomfortable. When I told my parents what happened, he got in a lot of shit and we had a restraining order filed. Everyone pitied me and it made me feel awful because I felt like it was misdirected. I didn't even feel like a victim, I felt like it just happened…

I don't know. I just feel bad calling myself a victim of sexual abuse when other people have gone through so much worse and suffer from possible PTSD over it. I never took it to court because I was scared to speak up and recount everything that happened. It makes me feel even worse because people assume I had pressed charges and the fucker is in jail now, but he's not. I feel like I failed myself and his future potential victims.

Is it normal to not feel like I was traumatized? I'm even kind of glad because all I wanted was to forget everything and pretend it never happened.

No. 903701

I'd like to start a cult.

No. 903717

It's be pretty easy to start one rn, you just have to be charasmatic

No. 903744

a male would never feel bad about this if the ages were reversed

No. 903771

File: 1631080369012.jpeg (76.75 KB, 1000x560, 8E6E4BA6-7503-406A-AC54-EBCCC4…)

I like the born sexy yesterday trope. I want a hot naive dude who is not as socialized as the average male, therefore not as terrible. I don’t think the male version of the trope is bad because most men would straight up take advantage of a girl homunculus robot or whatever. I would want to earn the affection of a hot Brendan Fraser as a caveman or Johnny Depp as a robot and have them fall in love with me and grow old with a devoted and adorable qt .

No. 903775

File: 1631081127726.jpeg (23.98 KB, 440x247, 7373E6A6-0906-43D8-8124-045D35…)

Agreed. I would want to go slow to not take advantage but in my fantasy I imagine a man like that being smart and capable enough to know what he wants. It wouldn't be attractive if he didn't understand and want me too obviously. I just want a dude who isn't a rude pornsick ass and has a special connection to me so we both only want each other.

No. 903837

true, but they should feel bad. we're better nona.

No. 903859

bump browse catalog carefully because scrote posted gore

No. 903863

I just pissed the bed. I want to kms.

No. 903867

Post a pic for your bros(scrote)

No. 903868

File: 1631091891458.jpg (105.85 KB, 1400x1400, 5fcb5d66f7f4077ad9f392e8b8fb61…)

You guys get it.

No. 903931

Been really anxious and sad about the state of the world lately, so I've regressed to the comfort media of my teens i.e. BBC Sherlock. Somehow it's more embarrassing to admit that on this website than something like Twilight or Kpop or even Supernatural but whatever. I feel juvenile, but coddled and unchallenged

No. 903946

Connor Detroit is so based

No. 903961

i’ve been re using the same disposable face mask for like a week and have also been sharing it with my dad
disgusting, i know, i’ll buy a pack of disposable ones when i get the chance. i have reusable ones but they need washed

No. 903984

sometimes i miss being anorexic even though it was objectively miserable and i was not very good at it. i still eat a lot of the same things nowadays (just more of it obviously) and it checks me out for a moment. like "this bowl of corn, which right now is a side dish, is all i used to eat for a day." it makes me wonder if i could still do it, even though starving for looks becomes more and more fruitless the older you get. hopefully i'll never relapse but i do miss it sometimes. especially when i can feel my thighs touching lol.

No. 904046

File: 1631109393021.png (249.5 KB, 600x442, Hidinginmyroom.png)

I think he's actually kinda cute? Not in a 'I want to fuck him' or even 'I want to befriend him' kind of way, but in a 'if I was standing next to him in line or something and looked at him' sort of way. It's a shame he's fucking a fucking coocoo brain because I think if he was a normie he could probably glide through life pretty easy and have a decent, normal relationship with women. To some extent I think that it's a shame his cute face got wasted on him lol

No. 904062

He so just ruins shit for himself. Sabotages things with every cute woman who actually wants him back. I had to stop watching after the rapey sounding situation with the (portuguese?) girl. He's genuinely a danger to the types of vulnerable women he so easily draws in.

No. 904063

I've never watched his content because even the titles give me so much secondhand embarrassment and make me cringe kek. Reading summaries about his fuck ups is as much as I'll do.

No. 904071

I think the general opinion is that he looks pretty cute but is rotten inside and everyone would be better off if he was as ugly outside

No. 904072

I basically confessed the same thing about a year ago lmao you're not alone nona

No. 904073

I remember a live he did where he tore into the woman he had just essentially sexualled traumatised. She took to reddit to defend her side and he gave out details about how she smelled down there or something petty. She had cried throughout painful dry sex with him and he just didn't notice the whole time. She felt she couldn't say no… his reaction to hearing that said it all. I believe he knew tbh. His audience were beyond gross in supporting it and he said some things I don't think can ever be overlooked. Then he ripped the stream down quick to avoid a ban. Then the next girl he saw took to reddit with her ordeal. Maybe even the wife at one point. Those were wild times.

No. 904080

File: 1631111100530.gif (1.99 MB, 540x300, GxxM330.gif)

How do you cure your attraction to ''celebrities'' who have done more than repulsive things? It started when I was a teen and I thought I'd grow out of it with relationships and all that stuff but it didnt happen.

No. 904083

Do you mean you crush on them because of what they've done or that they're attractive and just happen to be awful too?

No. 904085

former, nonnie… i know it's absolutely awful and i try to suppress my fantasies but it's still self hatred inducing

No. 904096

Dont worry nonnie im 21 and i get giddy anxious and my heart beats fast when a guy i like or just a charismatic dude is near me. I know it feels weird especially since the girls around you are all sexually mature :/ but im mentally stuck at that age too

No. 904105

Sometimes I wonder how popular narcissists get away with so much shit, and then these posts like
>help, I'm attracted to someone who dgaf about my existence and has done terrible things
Explains everything. Just why.

No. 904106

File: 1631113236360.jpeg (34.69 KB, 750x509, E-OJV0tXsAEm3aZ (1).jpeg)

im a gay top..except for

No. 904124

Bella was a lesbian for Alice but we all know she was giving Edward the peg

No. 904126

File: 1631114601204.jpg (98.44 KB, 1400x933, CTM_S6_Ep6_25.jpg)

I'm sorry, anon

No. 904151

I don't want heroin chic or even y2k to come back in trends because I naturally have almost every body feature that's popular now (fat ass, thick eyebrows, big lips) and was shamed for in my teens. Let me have this before I turn into a hag please.

No. 904176

Aren’t these shits usually two pieces of plastic melted together so they have the sharp ass seam that will scrape out your vagina and you die like that carrot lady.

No. 904180

you can try self administered exposure therapy. find the ugliest and most unflattering pictures you can. dwell in the worst aspects of their work, find and watch clips of those. your attraction must turn to repulsion. think of everything you hate about the celebrity, and let it become the central core of your thoughts and fantasies about them

this did not work for me! but it may work for you!

No. 904182

It’s already back but don’t worry everyone wearing it still looks like shit just like it did 15 yes ago, not even being skinny can hide that

No. 904185

the school shooter look is in

No. 904189

It's just starting to come back where I live, and it's looking pretty tragic so far. The styles really don't work well with everyone being 10-15 lbs heavier than people were in 2005, so hopefully it's going to be a short fad

No. 904190

File: 1631118554022.jpg (48.83 KB, 493x493, Tumblr_l_30422879239069.jpg)

I just spent like 15 mins looking at gifs of lesbian porn/nsfw stuff on fucking reddit of all places. I feel so guilty and gross; haven't watched porn (like a video of it) in almost 2 years and I am a really vocal anti-porn feminist. due to meds I've lost all libido but looking at that stuff briefly brought it back, and on top of the guilt, I feel lonely and unloved, lol.

No. 904218

It’s okay, nonnie, at least you’ve done your best to not look at it, relapses can happen at any time, and as long as you know that porn is shit, you don’t really have to feel bad, I mean, it’s not like you’re buying it nor hiring a poor woman to do awful things.
You’re doing your best and that’s what matters.

No. 904226

File: 1631121846871.jpg (44.96 KB, 480x480, ee1824462054091651a64e3767e0d6…)

the scrote that i am talking to asked me if i'd ever consider fingering his butt. I thought he was joking at first so i laughed in his face and told him no and what made him ask me that. He told me he was reading up on it. To be honest its my fault because when he asked to do that to me i kept showing him funny pegging content and said that i'd do it if i got to do it to him. Well i guess now the time is here. I know this is such a sore subject on here and i have always been adamantly against it due to how porn sick and gross men are swiftly becoming. But Im so conflicted because my immediate reaction was eww gross no but i've been thinking about it a lot since he brought it up and it keeps turning me on. He is a very vocal lover. Every time we have sex and I go down on him he always moans so softly and its super sweet sounding. I cant explain it but it unlocks this feral energy in me and it makes me want to illicit more sounds from him. I hate myself because I feel like my feminism card will be revoked and i'll never be able to forgive myself. But on the other hand i've always wanted to make him my bitch and i guess now would be the chance? Id for sure use gloves though.. He is a very clean dude he always shaves and showers even if we arent having sex. The petty side of me also says that if he ever hurts me i could hold it over his head lmao jk. I know you guys are going to rip me a new asshole and call me a waste of space and i get it i am. I mean guys have a gspot back there anyway if the dude turns out to be gay then whatever i think i am too anyway LMAO.

No. 904229

i lurk wizchan a lot. certain threads are just comforting and relatable to read (namely the wageslave general)

No. 904231

just do it, i mean you're not hurting anyone. there's consent and interest so power to you

No. 904232

>He told me he was reading up on it
Seeing shit in porn is called reading now

No. 904237

lmao i forgot to add on reddit vomits
thank you! ill just try it once because clearly my body is not against it if i can't stop thinking about it. I hate it here lol.

No. 904244

File: 1631123198481.jpg (37.75 KB, 600x393, dfghj.jpg)

Sometimes I walk past my crushes house even though a slightly different route would make more sense to get where I'm going to. Slippery slope here lol

No. 904272

Go for it, anon. Make him your lil bitch.

No. 904278

to read up on something means to do it to gain knowledge about it, not stumble upon it randomly in a novel. he could be reading up on wikipedia about the joys of prostrate stimulation

No. 904289

It was a joke..

No. 904313

File: 1631127661818.jpg (36.6 KB, 424x424, yICwTgY.jpg)

Every time a bad romance movie comes out, and people begin to say that the movie will be improved if the girl dropped her boyfriend and became a lesbian, I instantly assume that those people have a cuck fetish. They are all mini-Dobsons on my eyes.

No. 904332

i think i may have autism

No. 904333

People were equally heavy back then but we've been bombarded with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan pics and think all girls were the same. I was 14 in 2005 and trust me, it was love handles fest.

No. 904335

File: 1631129161212.jpg (156.63 KB, 1200x1190, ENzYpPcXUAAko7o.jpg)

Engrained in my memory

No. 904344

Call me cringe (because i probably deserve it), but I kind of miss having guy friends. They really do hit different, especially if you get to know them well enough and you just stay silent doing your own thing in each others' presence for an hour. I like having deep philosophical conversations but sometimes i just need to stoop down to moid level and go stupid go crazy. Besides, it's perfect if they're good-looking but completely too retarded to have as a partner.

No. 904347

You might be, but at least you weren't rude when I explained. There's an autist who tends to go around missing jokes and any time it's pointed out to them.. they go nuts saying it's a shitty joke anyway. You're still a nicer tist than them and I appreciate it.

No. 904352

File: 1631129616621.jpeg (33.1 KB, 330x323, 1630013241751.jpeg)

I mean, you can have who ever you want as a pal, but you can go stupid go crazy or do absolutely nothing with a girl, too.

No. 904357

Yeah, you're right, maybe I just have trouble articulating what it is that makes male friendships different

No. 904358

Why is the cat's table further away than its monitor that's not very healthy

No. 904360

moids aren’t capable of being true friends with women (unless they’re gay). They’re too sex obsessed by nature, so the only ones who will hang out with you are ones who think you’re hot, and they’ll eventually make their move when they think you like them enough. It sucks to have a long time friendship with a guy, only for him to confess to you out of left field and then abandon you when he gets turned down. But if you don’t mind that pattern… then go for it I guess?

No. 904361

I'm inclined to agree with you, moids are super gross and disappointing but male friends are really fun just as long as you don't talk politics or any serious topic

No. 904370

You're so right, baby gonna get a sore arm
I haven't had a genuine friendship that didn't get creepy with a guy since literal childhood, so I couldn't say. I just tend to think girls are cooler and smarter than most guys, and nicer too. I've never had a catty friend who said and did shit behind my back, but I've had male 'friends' who said weird shit about me to other guys, lied to me about random things, put me down in back handed ways to try and lower my self esteem, and be contrarian to every thing I say even when I know I'm correct and can prove it.

No. 904371

I guess the bulk of m-f freindships are like that, but I know plenty of women who have had male friends that really do consider them just one of the guys (which, yeah, ends up radicalizing them because they say some horrible misogynist shit in front of them they daren't say in front of women they think are hot). If you have a mindset of 'men are fundamentally misogynistic and will let you down, so dont get your hopes up', you'll be fine.

No. 904372


I agree to an extent. I like having male pals sometimes because I can talk to them about politics, dumb memes and such because my female friends are too PC, but just as this >>904360 anon said, they'll make a move on you as soon as they can and sadly it's one of the main reasons why such friendships usually don't last very long for me.

No. 904373

Why can't we just watch Jackie Chan Adventures and eat Sun Chips? I don't want to sit on your lap, I don't want to 'snuggle', I just want to sit here and watch this great cartoon jesus fucking shit

No. 904388

same, anon!! i had a male “friend” who would screenshot our convos, my pictures, social media posts, and send them to his scrote group chat to make fun of me. male friends have insulted my body, hair, style, face, everything about me. male “friends”have told me to shut up when i was in the middle of talking. also had a guy friend go around telling all our coworkers that he was going to fuck me??? like saying “im going to fuck her by the end of the year” uhhhh?? we were literally work acquaintances and he went around saying that shit. im traumatized by being bullied by males, could never be friends with one again.
girl friends will just say shit to my face and i appreciate that.

No. 904396

Now this is the thing i don't understand: i have tons of male friends, and no one pulled anything on me at all, are you guys hot or what?

No. 904397

Even gays, even effeminate ones with no scrote friends, have weird competitive complex with you. The pick-meism is off the charts, yet have the audacity to compartmentalize themselves as above the icky men. Wow relatable. It’s like they try to mirror women but the only point of reference is teen movies and pop music.

No. 904402

I mean yeah. But also, maybe you don’t notice because a lot of them do things they think is romantic hinting but it’s just basic decency to others. Or you’re taken or they’re taken (with someone else), or you’re not as close as you thought.

No. 904405

File: 1631131419724.jpg (7.72 KB, 178x284, screech.jpg)

I never thought so until a guy from high school texted me after graduation and said he always thought I was "sex on legs" but I was a loser so he didn't want to ask me out. I don't know where he got the confidence to say this, when he looked like picrel

No. 904406

Who were you friends with?? A frat house full of date-rapists?

No. 904408

Damn are you sure those scrotes were even your "friends" to begin with?

No. 904409

I’m really grateful for lolcow in some ways. My mom was really horrible to me my whole life, since I didn’t have a female role model I was pretty lost and let men treat me like shit, I treated myself like shit, never expressed my femininity the way I wanted.
Finding lolcow and reading words from wise women helped me build my self esteem and expand my views, made me feel better about being a woman.
Growing up my mom tried to instill a hate for women in me. She said women singers are screetchy and horrible and never let me listen to them. She always insulted any and every woman. She constantly put me down and tried to make me believe I’m ugly and worthless.
Thank you ladies for being a good influence on me, and helping me be a better person.

No. 904410

have you said this in other threads or is there just an epidemic of scrotes using the weird “sex on legs” comment? i swear i’ve seen it several times now and it seems like a niche “compliment” kek.

No. 904412

no they were my bullies. but i was young and didn’t realize it. i was a lonely kid and just wanted friends

No. 904416

all of mine eventually made a move on me. one of them that i was friends with since middle school literally confessed his love to me in our early 20s. the others either outright tried sexting me or trying to hook up. i used to hoe around though and did mess around with a couple of them though lmao whoops. i don’t speak to any of them 5 years later though.

No. 904417

I think I have mentioned it here, exactly for that reason, it's very uh unique

No. 904419

I'm glad this mongolian basketweaving forum has been helpful to you nonnie

No. 904422

I'm surprised your other two responses are so bewildered because this was incredibly common for me too. Men can't be around or friends with women without turning into to catty bitches who gossip or massive creeps. This one guy in our friend group took creepshots of some of us and stood with his ear pressed against the door to listen to another girl we know pee and bragged about it. It's especially fun how some men you befriend feel the need to publically rank you if they know more than one woman.

No. 904424

File: 1631131890508.jpg (85.16 KB, 720x614, tumblr_f03acb3d2fa2dded1200854…)

Aw jeez, sending you lots of love nona

No. 904431

i’m >>904416 but honestly besides the hitting on me and trying to hook up, my guy friends were a lot more respectful than this weird creepshot stuff you guys are talking about. i would never even associate with these kinds of men and i’m not sure why you all were even in their circles to begin with. they sound like legit rapists.

No. 904441

Same but for the depression threads, their circumstances are similar to mine and I haven't found any woman circles that experience the same things. Well maybe r/trufemcels but it got shut down.

No. 904442

File: 1631132459987.jpeg (11.49 KB, 224x224, 1C3EFBB1-254C-448F-B27A-E07D00…)

I wanted to get something like this for my dog just so my grandma would diss it. I loved the way she talked shit about others, it was amazing.

No. 904444

You act as if there is no nuance in the way people behave and like this shit doesn't happen gradually. People are more complex than that, even when they're shitty people.

No. 904449

I think you just haven't found a go stupid go crazy/silently doing stuff together group of women. I've found girls who smoke weed and fujos are what you're looking for.

No. 904465

i was just in circles with the same men for 5-10 years and never had it escalate to that level, so it’s bizarre to me and definitely not “everyday scrote” behavior as far as what my experiences have been. i’ve had total strangers act like that but not ones i had established friendships with. idk maybe i was just lucky?

No. 904470

File: 1631133229683.jpeg (101.53 KB, 1034x750, E3FE0B4E-3853-49AC-8EDA-03393E…)

I had an ex whose friends were my core group for the years during our relationship. They were friends since elementary school, they were da homies. When we would party and drank at least two of them occasionally had weird interactions with me like hugging for too long or slapping my thigh, touching my neck, picking me up and shit and I chalked it up to us being inebriated.
As soon as we broke up they immediately hit me up to hang out alone. Tbf I was pretty sad about it and didn’t have other friends so I accepted one of their invites and we did end up having sex during one of those times (yes cringe bpd behavior). Then this motherfucker casually said “I always knew we would end up fucking”, bruh. I never regretted having sex with someone so quickly after the act. What the fuck was the implication of that??? And like he had an over two year gf before/during the time I dated my ex, which was part of the reason my dumbass felt comfortable. Thank god she left him before my break up cause basically he admitted he wanted to fuck while still with her and those “flirty” actions were on purpose. I ghosted all of them and moved after that.
Bro code is bullshit and men don’t respect their boys boundaries let alone yours.

No. 904472

Apparently! I'm very glad for you

No. 904473

Same, I hung out with very relaxed guys, and i was a very lonely, shy person so it would have been very easy to abuse me, they didn't anyway…for some reason.

No. 904474

I’m happy for you anons. I won’t be trying again if it’s up to luck unfortunately…

No. 904479

I don't even try to befriend males these days, I may have been lucky but I've heard enough disastrous anecdotes.

No. 904505

File: 1631134425613.png (382.94 KB, 640x375, C2921D7A-B328-44A5-9BA3-AB6E94…)

Aw nonny I feel the same way. Every time I see a poster be like “lolcow ruined my life” it’s surreal and unrelatable

No. 904513

My early to mid twenties was weirdly full of both male friends and male housemates hitting on me and getting way too intense when turned down. I didn't know how to deal with it at the time either so yay for me not being assertive enough when shit got kinda scary. Looks wise those were my good years yeah but I still don't think I was special enough to warrant all that. Guys just can't stop thinking about how you've got titties under your shirt I guess. It's caveman like. Look.. a woman who is often in my vicinity, I must try her someday.

I don't befriend men as much now. I'm sad thinking of how my most vulnerable early adult years were spent trying to carefully navigate horny scrotes whose feelings I dare not hurt. Semi scared of them and still worrying about their feelings as if it was even that deep to them.

No. 904516

Maybe the guys around you weren't desperate enough. Remember, scrotes would fuck anything, pulse or not, so you're always better off if they don't try to hit on you.

No. 904518

File: 1631134802077.jpeg (172.17 KB, 640x920, 04BA6C74-657A-4849-9C2E-AAD055…)

as someone who also has a horrible pickme loser narcissistic mom who abused me and a family who's shitty in other ways I was grateful for lc, especially during the pandemic. a lot has happened and while I'm not here as frequently and logged off for awhile, I am grateful I had an anonymous place to vent about things I could not tell to people in my life without judgment.

sometimes it can be really catty and bitchy and ruinous to my self esteem to be on here too much but its nice to see people's uncensored thoughts about their lives. as well as freedom from all the overly politically correct corners of the internet where people sperg out if you say retard or faggot once

No. 904527

Awww nona, me too. I was really misandrist in my youth, but in my 20s I kind of eased up and tried to be more tolerant. Coming to lolcow woke me up to how horrible men are and peaked me for all the tranny shit too.

No. 904530


I’m happy lc shares some of my views because everyone seems to be a goody goody these days and it pisses me off

No. 904532


Trannies need to be jetted off into the nearest black hole. Sick of their asses.

No. 904533

NTA but I really wish I could find a group of women like that. Normies are just so damn boring

No. 904540

This is one of a few reasons I find it hard to make friends irl, the average person is really boring.

No. 904541

How do find out if said girls who smoke weed are based or they are the caricature of a sjw libfem? Beside over the top performative femininity and retard pronouns?

No. 904545

The way they dress, for sure. You can spot an sjw by the way they dress and accessorize. At least I feel like I can.

No. 904547

nta but the only actual cool girls i’ve met are at like kind of degen places kek (maybe i’m just a degen that likes other degen) dive bars, garage band shows, etc. sjw shit is definitely harder to wade through these days but as long as they have a brain it usually isn’t a deal-breaker. i’ve gradually pink-pilled most of my sjw girl friends.

No. 904548

Plenty of them are only goody goody for show though.

I'm really happy with my female friend circle but it's obvious that they often tiptoe around subjects and opinions while sometimes letting it slip that they agree with some of my stances or are ignorant and hypocritical when it comes to things they usually criticize others for.

No. 904551

I find desperate boys on 4chn, gain their trust, then make them do things

No. 904554

As you should.

No. 904561

I'd pay a thousand bucks to never see the word queer ever again.

No. 904562

Well on one hand I like getting back at pornsick scrotes, but on the other hand I feel guilty about it. Its like Im getting revenge, but its not the boys that bullied me back in the day.

No. 904569

There's no need to feel guilty anon. They choose to be like this and they certainly wouldn't have as much empathy for you as you have for them. Pornsick scrotes ruin lives of women all around the globe and I'm sure nothing you do could ever possibly be as bad.

No. 904573

I have a speech impediment and I can tell that people treat me differently because of it especially my dad and I use to self harm a lot over it and recently started doing it again and I wish I could just kms

No. 904576

I know that they wouldn't have any empathy for me. It just feels bad, like I'm dropping down to their level. Even though its not as bad as what scrotes do its still a pretty bad thing for me to do

No. 904578

What’s wrong with it?

No. 904589

what do you make them do?

No. 904593

I'm not one of those posters but tbh it's understandable with the constant nitpicking and screeching at innocent anons posts (this is why I no longer use the vent thread, especially that time when everyone was jumping on an anon who got raped..)

No. 904597

Sometimes when I'm taking a long walk I'll pretend I'm on my phone and talk out my problems with myself or even just say them out loud. I really look forward to doing this.

No. 904599

what? when did it happen? must have missed it

No. 904601


I cant pronounce the letter r very well I’m from east coast us but I’m constantly being asked what country I’m from and people try to guess and it’s horrible I’ve been asked if I’m deaf before

No. 904603

i deleted my lurking accounts but it hasn’t stopped me, it just slows me down

No. 904610

my starved dumbass was literally so exhausted from walking home from the grocery store to get some items to make food for me and my mom and I kept falling down in complete exhaustion in the sidewalk while cars drive by and I was so embarrassed, I thought I was either going to faint or die like a drama queen. somehow I made it home

No. 904615

File: 1631140324290.jpg (89.33 KB, 720x833, what.jpg)

Picking apart posts is bad enough but then anons misreading shit is the worst lately.

No. 904616

This was several months ago, I forgot the exact thread number. But even in the current thread there's weird hostile responses towards normal sounding vents (not all of them, a couple of OPs were questionable themselves but still.) It's been happening during this year but there used to be a rule against it.

No. 904620

I dont want to say

No. 904621

Please tell us anon

No. 904622

Is it possible to pretend you lost your voice, and just write to communicate?

No. 904624

same. what’s wrong with us?

No. 904627

I don't know what post that was but jesus christ.

I've basically stopped using the vent thread too recently for that reason. also people will just shit up the vent thread with posts that are in no way shape or form a vent like when someone posted a news article about how their country had passed some bill to home seniors and complained "they're spending money keeping vegetables who shit themselves all day alive" or something and anons mostly replied with support.

yet if you actually go to the vent thread to vent about work/relationships etc you will get attacked.

No. 904632

if you're doing something like making them give you money be very careful because it can all blow up in your face, they might start posting you to their shitty boards and doxx you. Don't mess with incels. If you make them do humiliating shit like dress in maid outfits or you make them sexually humiliate themselves then based.

No. 904636

haha, wetawd

No. 904641

Samefag I can probably dig it up somewhere, I remember there were posts in one of the old complaint threads on /meta/ that pointed it out too.

No. 904642

I try to talk them into getting circumcised. It started because I saw a thread talking about how it removes most of their feeling down there. It turns me on thinking that they would do something so major for me.

No. 904649

based make them get naked and sit doggy style and then post the nudes with their real names attached on the internet and on 4chan. moids deserve it

No. 904651

you made it sound like you had already succeeded in getting them to do shit, not that you fantasize about it

No. 904652

Ive gotten one to do it. Only tried on four boys so far.

No. 904653


based. let them do it, if they're stupid enough to get circumcised over some person online it's deserved. no need to feel guilty

No. 904654

did they send you proof???

No. 904667

File: 1631142643800.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.45 MB, 4032x3024, 2B5B8A59-708E-4841-B4C0-BD12C8…)

lucky for you i had an awful night here you go anon cheeky bobbiie

No. 904675

I thought you were going to say something lame, but holy based

No. 904691

wait, are you vanessa? you have a delightful breast btw

No. 904696

Same anon as >>904616 >>904641 it's in vent thread 79
towards the end of the thread

No. 904702

File: 1631145102106.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.92 MB, 3088x2316, 6CBCFC15-4731-43AE-86EA-931BEF…)

not vanessa i went by another v name on here and did something weird a couple of months ago. also thanks anon, just scared my ex away, he blocked me on every platform and number so i needed the compliment lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 904704

You’re pretty, nonnie but you don’t really need to show your body to receive compliments. I hope you get to feel better, your ex is retarded and you deserve better.

No. 904705

>posting your body pics on imageboard full of mentaly ill women and lurking disgusting scrotes
just why

No. 904707

> mentally ill women
you just answered your own question

No. 904708

aren't you a little concerned with scrotes seeing this tho..? just a few days ago a post from the "things you hate" thread got screencapped and posted on /tv/ minutes after the post was made, and an "as a man" post in another thread, the raid from last week, etc.

No. 904709

it’s not really about compliments it’s about being acknowledged i guess. i’m disgustingly lonely so this kind of stuff is the only interaction i get and i don’t really care if it’s positive or negative i just want someone to notice that i exist

No. 904710

You need to work on your self-esteem and not post naked pictures of yourself for validation from anonymous strangers on the internet.

No. 904712

But there are so many other ways to attention whore on an imageboard that doesn't involve flashing your tits to lurking moids. Maybe you can try avatarfagging like the komaedacuck, a lot of anons like her for some reason.

No. 904713

my god anon, you don't need to show your body to be acknowledged. Although I know how painful it is to be lonely.
Well anon, I notice that you exist and please don't post your beautiful body on the internet. Just don't do it.

No. 904714

I see, but it’s still kind of worrisome to post naked pictures of yourself, like, I’m not trying to be rude or anything, I’m just saying that someone you know could recognize you or something and it would be pretty bad.
Mostly because scrotes lurk and you know how they always collect any pictures with women showing any skin for them to fap to and send to others.
So I think it would be better if you truly managed to workout your self-steem so you don’t do any more risky stuff like posting pictures of yourself on anonymous forums.

No. 904715

I only ever heard that impediment from actors on tv but I thought it sounds interesting and it makes me more focused on what is being said. Maybe since I’m ESL, not sure if that’s an unwanted reaction. I don’t think it’s something to kys over tho anon. What kind of alienation do you experience? I can imagine one might get infantilized. Fuck it say you’re deaf and demand money donations.

No. 904716

This. If you’re gonna attentionwhore, at least attempt to be creative instead of just posting a pair of nameless tits that all of us are gonna assume is revenge porn. If that’s too hard then you’re not hard up for attention nor mentally ill enough for my liking, in which case fuck off poser.

No. 904717

get an onlyfans if you need to be validated over being naked you can get some money too

No. 904718

I live in texas and ever since the new abortion bill passed I've been too paranoid to have sex. I use protection but all it takes is one faulty condom to ruin my life since I can't afford to go out of state… my period is extremely irregular and I go months at a time without one fairly often so I definitely wouldn't know soon enough if i got pregnant

No. 904719

thanks anons it was nice of you to say that stuff i’ll stop posting. i am thinking of going to a psychiatrist again once i’m back in the west for uni. hopefully it works or god knows what i’ll do

No. 904720

Make him tie his tubes

No. 904723

Did you get banned from /tv/ already? Anyway, appreciate the photo. Great body!

No. 904724

nobody cares you stupid thot

No. 904731

You have very nice tits anon, but please don't do it to yourself. Don't think showing off your body will bring you any nice acknowledgement here anyways, unless you want to become a faceless fap material for lurking scrotes or being judged by the (this time, very reasonable) anons here. And there's quite a lot other better ways to be recognized, complimented or acknowledged that don't involve exposing yourself in an anon board.

No. 904735

Lol come on dude.

No. 904737

I'm in a country where we didn't have abortion til I was nearing 30. I avoided piv for long stretches of time and even had a whole 4 year long relationship without that type of sex ever happening.

I went 3 or 4 years between each sex session, basically. Every one of my friends had a pill baby, nuvaring baby etc

No. 904741

I'm so jealous of your tits. What the fuck. Why was I given my saggy sacks of shit

No. 904744

I think enough of us are familiar with what bpd is. It's likely just that. She's in good company here anyway lol

No. 904753

The pics are spoilered so how would you have seen them

No. 904755


anon i'm dead

No. 904759

don't worry anon, it looks like she was hiding a big gut

No. 904765

For what's it worth anon, there's a historian who presents BBC history documentaries (Lucy Worsley) with a similar speech impediment - she pronounces r sounds as w's. It's a quirk that I've always found really cute, and it doesn't prevent her from sounding well spoken and intelligent.

No. 904767

Or a big dong

No. 904772

My ex has this and I always thought it was really cute

No. 904773

trannies would be way less angry if they could grow boobs that nice lol

No. 904780


The individual incidents always feel dumb but they happen over and over again like one time I ordered a turkey sandwich at a sandwich place and they said I don’t know what that is. Is it a vegetable? We don’t have that here. And I just froze. People can be so rude when they don’t understand you. I’m always reminded that I sound different and I just can’t pronounce so many words. I just hate when people try to guess where my accent is from

No. 904786

Looking forward to seeing you post again in a few months about how you did a lot of "cowish things" here and then you post your tits again when another anon asks. Pathetic behavior.

No. 904852

damn I thought being a faceapp anon was stupid but at least I don't post tits

No. 904940

File: 1631177046840.jpg (22.14 KB, 480x396, 15420900_551034385095521_21488…)

>weird interactions with me like hugging for too long or slapping my thigh, touching my neck, picking me up and shit
Hindsight 20/20 but that should've been your or anyone's cue to get the hell out. I'm frustrated at the fact that girls are taught to be tolerant of men messing around and being disrespectful idiots, though. If we were conditioned to accept that it's ok to be rude and unforgiving even, even some of the mentally weakest of us would ruthlessly weed out shitty male friends instead of staying around.

I've gathered an ok circle of male friends and one of the biggest greenflags is that they never try to touch me and they actually pipe down and listen when I tell them they're wrong about something. I can also comfortably tell them when they're fucking up xyz and they actually respect and apply my advice instead of just using me as a therapist. Hell, they even thank me and explicitly tell me I was right. But these are totally not my first male friends, I have awful experiences of my own as well and I'd rather just actively remember none right now.

No. 904947

>if we were allowed to be rude and unforgiving
ntayrt, but i had a similar experience to her with a known creep around school when i was about 16/17. he got ‘tipsy’ at a party full of people and, when i walked past him with a bag full of rubbish after cleaning up, he said something condescending and suggestive to me and put his hand right on my lower back, far too low for comfort. the next day after being upset about it all night, i called him out for it at school - and his friends (including the women who took pity on him) told me i was blowing it out of proportion/gaslighting him/etc. my friends stayed silent. this went on to the point where they started legitimately accusing me of lying about being sexual assaulted by him (which never happened, obviously, i just told him he was a fucking creep), and that they’d report me to the head of the school for it. tldr: nothing happened, i was the one ‘punished’, and he got away with all the pity and continued to be invited to parties even though nobody liked him. the ‘unforgiving’ route really doesn’t work unless you have the tightest knit support group, and even then, you have to make sure they won’t just stay quiet for the sake of their own reputations (which is what happened to me, even from my female friends)

No. 905015

While I still love video games and weeb shit I don't want to have anything to do with fan communities anymore, I've dumped all my loser nerd "friends" and I don't think I'll go to another con anymore, the last one I went to was filled with cringy kweers and greasy geeks. I prefer having normie/vaguely alt friends and enjoying things on my own.

No. 905023

I don't usually get involved with petty social media drama but today I did and it kind of felt good and now I get to laugh at all the replies.

Some chick that's been gaining random traction from insta reels stacks filters and the results are usually hilarious. Someone else commented something like "she's out here filtering a filter" and of course she had to jump in with the usual "no! i ~naturally~ look like this!". I couldn't help myself and replied to op agreeing. Dumb insta hoe just had to reply to me with "whatever makes you feel better" so I said back "just like how those filters make you feel better".

The replies defending her are free entertainment for me now kek Some are even turning against each other. Whole conversation is dumb and useless but it's comical how serious people are taking it.

No. 905025

there’s one instawhore who uses a filter on her legs/body, can’t remember her username. but i had to block her because she kept popping up on my explore page and literally made me feel sick.
she uses some kind of editing to make her legs like 6ft long, denies editing and says “im just really tall and unique uwu!”
every one of her posts/videos is her contorting her body and doing weird body checks. she doesn’t even look human just straight up horrifying and disgusting. idk how people fall for that shit

No. 905029

You're so right about cons but I still go even though I end up spending hundreds of dollars and not enjoying any of the panels. At least the dealer's room is decent if you go to a large con

No. 905030

File: 1631187363336.jpg (19.45 KB, 500x500, 9r1wu.jpg)

I dropped the fandom stuff at about 19 years old, last con that I visited was years ago and I only browsed for stuff I could impulse buy. Ultimately the better choice. Your interests don't have to be the core of your whole identity.
Sometimes I forget that the games and series I like actually have fandoms, but when I remember or God forbid look it up, I wish I didn't. A relatively new franchise that I like will soon have its fandom boom into an intolerable shitfest. I can sense it in the air. I can taste it in the water. The little fandom it already has is filled with dumbasses who unironically argue about which of the characters are pansexual or trans. Some of them were ready to cancel the author because their fujoshit brains thought a villain character had raped another character and all this because of a couple lines that vaguely mentioned how scary the dude was.

Wholeheartedly recommend to befriend people irl who couldn't be caught being that fucking idiotic online. Normies are based, and the 'normie' looking people I've befriended have been the ones that express genuine happiness when I do well in life WHILE sharing or trying out random new things together.

No. 905038

I hate my mother. Every time I look at her I feel revulsion, she has done me wrong but not enough for me to react like this, I don’t really know why I feel this way. She’s completely pathetic and stupid, her behaviour and existing and thinking is so banal and depressingly stupid and limited I can’t stand to even look at her it’s like she proves physiognomy is real. Whenever I feel like I see part of her in the way that I look I change it immediately, in fact I’ve started saving up for surgery so I don’t have to see her in my own face and body. I know she’s my mother and I should feel bad about it but it’s beyond me it’s just revulsion on a spiritual level.

No. 905040

i can relate. everything about my mom disgusts me, the way she smells, her voice, her face.
i genuinely think the world will be a better place without her. i loved my grandma more than i will ever love my mom

No. 905042

Some anon got mad that I vented about my ma and called her a whore and slut numerous times (she is) and it just reminded me that there are so many of my peers that have children younger than when my mum was slitting about and majority of their kids they post in fb about them having learning difficult or autism and it's like, maybe if you gave your kids a fraction of the attention you give to being a whore they wouldn't be so weird. Especially the women that bullied me for being weird growing up when I was going through it. You think your kid stands a better chance than me? Check yourself whores. You fucking up the situation.

No. 905055

I'm one of the posters in this thread from before but the sociopathic bitch I mentioned here before is now so friendless and salty for online validation and angry that people have seen through her cow habits that she's back to sending herself anons sucking up to herself and not realizing everyone knows it's her

I confess that I cackled a bit


No. 905072

I was just about to make a post among those lines. What irritates me even more is that she tries really hard to be more like me, shopping from places that I shop despite never shopping from there until I tell her, picking up habits I do, mimicking my behaviour and catch phrases and then gloating how similar we are when that's not true.
I have every reason to hate her, she's done me so much wrong she'd never admit. I'm glad I'm moving out soon so I can burn that bridge. God I hate her.

No. 905141

I have this bad mental habit of imagining my body getting violently destroyed every time I mess up or do something embarrassing. I think it's something I started doing after looking at too much gore online at a young age, so it's a habit that's become pretty engrained after many years. Someone will let me know I made a mistake at work, and I'll immediately imagine my head getting pulped under a semi truck tire.

It's retarded and defeatist, obviously not productive but rather just some angsty idiotic way to up the ante on wallowing in my own sadness. I've been trying to stop for a few years, but it's hard to counter something that's such an automatic kneejerk reaction. Idk how to fix this, but I'm now very adamant about kids not spending too much time online lol

No. 905144

Oh wow did I write this? My mother spent her whole life making me into her perfect doll or pet to play with and act all bffs with and controlling me, so now I resent her. I hate when she assumes that my tastes are the same as hers or imitates me (when I was a child she would insist on buying me clothes that she liked so I could wear them because she didn't look good in them, and now if I find something pretty to wear she'll want the same while screeching that "omg we have the same tastes we're so alike!!!") while having literally 0 empathy and emotional support for me as a person. She's like a needy child who wants everything good while refusing to face all the bad things and giving back. And because she's always been an oversharer with no boundaries I absolutely hate how she looks and just her body in general. Does't help that she's also kinda dirty and takes care of herself like a toddler would. I feel the same as you anon.

No. 905297

I had a tutor who was like the most charismatic old guy when he was leading our english group. There were times when some of the other students didn't show up, but one time I was the only person who showed up. He said he had to change the channel settings on his satellite (he spoke like 10 different languages), and porn channels kept showing up. I was incredibly uncomfortable but I was like 13 and didn't know what the hell to do, since I was stuck there until my dad picked me up an hour later. I never talked about this to my parents or any of the adults that were part of our study group. I don't remember if he ever tried to touch me or what we talked about. I don't think I was raped or even molested physically. I was still part of that group until I got my language certificate.
Sometimes this memory resurfaces when I hear about creepy older men and now because of someone mentioning repressed childhood memories in the Unpopular opinions thread. This guy was a very sweet grandpa type, and I'm not even sure anyone would've even believed me back then (apart from my parents, but I'll never tell them about this incident now as an adult). But that thread made me think if I had any type of mental damage that adds to my sex negativity, but I'm not even sure what it is I don't remember. Most likely just a very awkward conversation with a perverted old man.

No. 905403

Yeah I was on some pick me shit for sure since they’re my ex’s close friends I wanted them to like me and not be the dramatic party pooper gf. They were all fucking losers in hindsight, they rarely/never brought their girlfriends when they had one to hang out even though I try to invite them (we were usually the hosts). So I was constantly surrounded by drunk/high scrotes, I thought it was normal, just people having fun…

No. 905410

This is so fucking true. You will never not be perceived as the cunt who Karen’d her way into ruining everyone’s good time. No one will think you’re based and brave and back you up unless you’re already popular AND he’s the outsider. All you’ve done is social suicide. Men and pick-me’s ruined partying for me at 21. Now I’ll just be a boring shut in.

No. 905411

You’re better off not partying. Most pickmes get raped. It’s sad but it’s their fault tbh(bait)

No. 905436

No matter how pickme or even shitty a woman is, no one's at fault for getting raped anon. Sure, they should've known better and all, but that's just victim blaming. The fault is exclusively on the rapists.

No. 905447

I just remembered that there was a rumor at my school that if you stand at a certain place at a certain time you would get crushed by a meteorite or some shit and everyone avoided that place like the plague

No. 905452

I windowshop adoptable cats in shelters online because I miss having a cat, but I can't have on right now.

No. 905454

This may be the coolest rumor I’ve ever heard

No. 905473

Stfu balls, don’t interact with my posts

No. 905477

I don’t feel bad for pickmes who get raped. I’m not saying it’s their fault but they need to be taught a lesson for being so shitty.

No. 905479

ignore this scrote bait, ladies

No. 905492

Yesterday I went over to my boyfriends place and after we ate dinner I went out of the apartment to the hallway and farted really loud and now I am afraid that the neighbors heard it

No. 905509

i did hear it and was proud

No. 905539

Thank you, anon.

No. 905590

I know why the friend finder thread was closed. Most people don't know the whole story or get things mixed up but I was in the middle of it. In summary: Bpd-chans strike again.

No. 905604

I want the whole story.

No. 905617

No. 906047

I don't get the whole "Lord of the Rings are scrote movies" argument I've read here several times, where I'm from everybody loves those movies, and if they don't it's because they don't like fantasy in the first place, men or women.

No. 906049

I've never seen that on here, just the other day there were a few posts saying the exact opposite and complaining about how men gatekeep LOTR despite all the female fans.

No. 906059

I feel like geek men ruin lotr

No. 906063

Uh, porn shouldn't exist but because some old scrote watches it doesn't mean he's a pedo wtf.
Maybe I miss understood how the channel thing works, isn't it like "pornhub" Showing up in the search bar when looking up p-words?

No. 906077

i don’t feel jealous often, but i am eternally jealous of people who have good eyesight.
my eyesight is so ass

No. 906079

No, he was hovering over porn channels with video previews one after another, basically showing me porn while pretenfing he was just browsing channels to add through satellite. It was nothing like a browser opening on pornhub, and even then you'd apologize and close it down, not keep going in the presence of a minor.

No. 906112

Unironically, stop wearing glasses and your eyes will retrain themselves slowly.

No. 906124

absolutely fucking not how that works lmfaoooo

No. 906128

File: 1631279471667.jpeg (65.14 KB, 749x751, 48C2A40E-9688-45B3-815B-AB6F51…)

A keep a plastic yet serrated edged knife under my mattress for self harming purposes. It’s not sharp enough to cut deep but it gives me the same euphoria of cutting. When it gets too much a few slashes to my thighs and stomach does the job to ground me so I can focus on the burning sensation of pain instead of focusing on how much I don’t want to be alive because of how lonely and unwanted I am.

No. 906133

I have this thought every single fucking day.

No. 906139

I just went for a jog and left my glasses at home and as someone with social anxiety, I am so thankful I can't tell where people are looking and don't even know if I ever made eye contact with anyone. These are the only times I'm glad everything beyond my nose is a blurry mess.

No. 906144

I also have social anxiety and bad eyesight. I never wear my glasses at the gym so peoples faces will be a blur and the fear that everyone is laughing at me or talking badly about me isnt as intense

No. 906157

I don't understand why people like you don't work out. Do 10 push ups and your brain will release the same chemicals and your body will hurt. Working out until your muscles hurt is very similar to self harming in a way.

No. 906201

Wow “people like me” sorry if my first self loathing thought isn’t “I hate myself let’s exercise” like okay. Do you wanna tell me it’s all in my head to?

No. 906206

Nta, but why do people like you think working out is just going to magically cure mental illness. I'm not saying it doesn't help, but wtf.

No. 906207

File: 1631285493044.jpg (153.38 KB, 1200x800, shutterstock_11482531.0.jpg)

I've loved steak since I was young, and I used to beg my mom to take me all the time to get some. One of the first times we went together, I ordered a steak and the waitress asked me how I wanted it done. I was like, 10 or something, and also a bundle of nerves of not wanting to fumble in front of my mom or this lady and being made fun of so I asked what my options were. I didn't even know there were options, my parents usually ordered for me so the steak just came out whatever way it was! The waitress told me how I could have it done, and I told her "well done" because I thought well done meant it would just… be made well. Well. Done. Needless to say, I was very disappointed when it came out. I think my parents used to order it medium for me, so I was sad when it was dry and cooked all the way through.

Anyway, I figured shit out soon after that and whenever I think of well done steaks I think of that moment.

No. 906210

I never said it would "magically cure mental illness" I'm not one of those incels that thinks working out will solve everything, but doing very hard physical exercise will replace the desire to self harm since it makes your body hurt and it also helps release anger. If you don't seek good coping mechanisms you will never get better. Sorry, yes continue stabbing yourself or whatever. I didn't even imply your suffering is not real, everything I said was to replace bad coping mechanisms with good coping mechanisms. Excuse me for "invalidating" your mentull illnesss by daring to suggest a good coping mechanism continue slashing your skin, that will surely help.

No. 906217

what kind of knife is that?

No. 906218

I really don't understand why they jumped on you, it's obvious you were coming from a good place and wanting the best for them.

No. 906220

Don't listen to them anon, you gave solid advice. everywhere you go on the internet there's always a tumblr-tier "MUH MENTAL ILLNESS"

No. 906223

> I told her "well done" because I thought well done meant it would just… be made well
this is so cute anon. i had a similar experience where i tried to order something & the waitress informed me it would be hot so i responded "it's okay i'll blow on it"

No. 906245

I found a keychain my ex-best friend had been desperately looking for and bought it on impulse since it was cheap. It makes me feel good to have it even though I don't even like the series that much.

No. 906257

Once a long time ago, someone here nailed me as a gurugossip refugee and I still think about it and wonder what it gave me away

No. 906260

Isn't GG still up? Why would they have refugees

No. 906280

Because it runs like absolute dogshit and mainly runs on discord now which sounds like a nightmare

No. 906301

What series?

No. 906312

Nope, both my parent and a friend of mine have fixed their vision this way, one preventing it from worsening. There's kind of a reason why you need to buy stronger glasses as time goes on. They're not a solution.

No. 906345

nta, then how did they get bad eyesight in the first place if not wearing glasses is supposed to heal it

No. 906349

ummm eyesight is degenerative, anon. it’s why a lot of older people can go their whole lives without glasses but need readers in their old age.

No. 906359

does this mean i’ll be blind someday if i already started out with bad vision?

No. 906364

not necessarily but it can definitely get worse

No. 906398

I have been wearing glasses since I was 7 since I am short-sighted. I am 23 now and my vision stayed the same.

No. 906402

i want that fucking knife and i will find it

No. 906405

There was an existing problem, and glasses provided a "shortcut" that allowed said problem to worsen instead of making their eyes work harder to correct.

Most functions of the body are degenerative with age, but if you're young and you go out of your way not to resolve something, of course it'll get worse faster

No. 906407

File: 1631302792105.jpg (19.39 KB, 600x600, 1863873.jpg)

Anon, it literally says what kind of knife it is in the op. "Plastic serrated knife" just sounds like of those knives you might get at a fast food restaurant.

No. 906408

Ah, thank you. I assumed it may be a serrated plastic knife for cutting bread, vegetables etc. There are many types. I am wiser now

No. 906413

Same, my vision is so ass lasik won't even save me. I'm almost -10 in both eyes.

No. 906425

But past a certain point you can't fix it. When you find out your vision is becoming weak you can do exercises to keep them strong, but once your eyes get used to glasses you can't go back and need glasses forever (right?).

No. 906426

i want to befriend the shadow the hedgehog husbandofag in /m/

No. 906468

There's still a chance that your eyes can recover (or at least not worsen further) if you abandon the glasses, you're just making them work harder when they didn't before.
I think most people don't do it either because they don't realize it's possible, or they get headaches during the process and it makes life a bit harder.

No. 906485

File: 1631307954499.jpg (66.69 KB, 564x717, ed5faaff30de9b7076d622424a59be…)

This reminds me, I always thought if there was a small possibility of anons having crushes on other anons here (like in niche threads were not many anons go) and it warmed my heart when someone said they had a crush on komaedanon.
I want more lolcow love stories!

No. 906544

I haven’t worn my glasses for about 3 years now (it’s fine because I don’t leave my house and do everything on my phone) and my vision hasn’t gotten any better, only steadily worse since I was 8. So explain that, bitch

No. 906555

Sadly, there being a chance doesn't mean it happens for every single person. I know more than one person whose vision stopped deteriorating when they ditched glasses, sorry to hear that wasn't the case for you nonny

No. 906596

wearing contacts helped my vision, it didnt get better but it stayed the same when i was wearing contacts regularly if anyone wants to go that route, ive heard its because with glasses your peripheral vision is still blurry but contacts cover everything, idk how scientific that is though

No. 906599

My vision still deteriorated with contacts but at significantly slower rate. Not sure if aging is a factor tho.

No. 906613

File: 1631316781258.jpeg (179.66 KB, 1920x1080, A0F7DC7D-BA35-4D85-A0AE-18C021…)

I know people died and it was a disaster but I actually had a lot of fun when texas froze with no power in February. My housemates and I basically LARP’d living in post apocalyptic world. It might have been morbid and in bad taste because we were able bodied and had food and warmth but idk we felt like kids and felt more in moment than we have in years.

No. 906642

small group isolation brings the child/monke out of people

No. 906653

Thats so cool!

No. 906681


No. 906684

Same here anon!! I had the absolute time of my life during the snowstorm. I actually got really lucky and my house didn't go without power for more than a couple of hours but I was fully prepared with books and candles and blankets in case of an outage. I know I'm terrible for asking for this but I hope we get more snow.

No. 906713

Same! We lost power for a few days and water for about a week, which sucked. But we got to use the fireplace that normally never gets used because texas. Read and played board games by candlelight, went for a walk and it was pitch black and snowing. Pretty fun in comparison to the hurricane disasters we normally get where I am.

No. 906715

I’ve never had steak or beef in my entire life. Does it taste disgusting

No. 906718

It’s not as good as pork or chicken but it does the trick. Now that I think about it, it’s actually kind of bad.

No. 906721

i like it and there are a lot of ways you can prepare it, but i could see it being an acquired taste too. it’s also absolutely terrible if it’s cooked/seasoned poorly.

No. 906722

chicken>beef>pork. imo.

No. 906723


so is a burger more delicious than plain beef dishes or steaks?

No. 906724

for me personally, a perfectly cooked prime filet mignon or ny strip with a veggie on the side is infinitely better than the best burger i’ve ever had. i also cook a lot and go to lots of restaurants so that might be a bit of a snob opinion idk.

No. 906725

Yes. All other beef aside from burgers are unappealing imo. Fish and chicken are tasty.

No. 906726

nah like other anon said a nice steak has such a rich flavor, and it practically melts in your mouth. Overall I feel beef has way more flavor than chicken or pork

No. 906734

seriously 90% of these girls have never had a good steak. I converted one who claimed to hate steak just because I'm that good

No. 906739

Where does one find good steak?

No. 906743

File: 1631336795011.jpg (833.74 KB, 2731x2731, 32693_sfs-pepper-crusted-filet…)

you might have to make it yourself. sear a tenderloin medallion on a cast iron skillet for two minutes after rolling it in salt and pepper. put it in the oven for 6 mins at 400 degrees. let it rest for 5 mins after it comes out. there you go

No. 906747

Thank you!

No. 906751

also nta but use lots and lots of butter

No. 906753

I don’t think I’m over my fear of needles.

Yeah I give yearly bloodwork at the psych clinic, got covid shots, was once given IV for anxiety and had recently donated blood but none of those things quelled my fear and distaste for needles. I honestly thought I was over it when I went through with the appointments but now I see that doesn’t mean shit when you’re internally panicking as if death was at your door.

No. 906754

you're welcome!!
and thank you I forgot this crucial bit of info

No. 906759

it’s okay, anon. i’m squeamish about needles myself and apparently that carries over to incisions as well because i had a small mole removed last week and passed out in the chair for a moment after she touched the scalpel to my skin.

No. 906856

One of the reasons why I don't want to date is that I don't want to stop masturbating to my husbando.

No. 906876

Why would dating stop that?

No. 906879

>start dating
>find ideal specimen with body type similar to husbando
>print out husbandos face
>attach paper to boyfriends face
now you can even date your husbando

No. 906882

File: 1631354319941.jpeg (25.26 KB, 445x500, received_1004658883013241.jpeg)

nta but I'd feel disloyal. I am excessively dedicated to anyone I set my heart on.

No. 906885

Ayrt and I always see anons here saying "dump him if he jerks off to hentai" and I feel bad because I do it too and I dont think I'd be ready to throw the best orgasms of my life for disappointing sex and risks of STDs and pregnancy.

Yeah but he still wouldn't be my husbando lol, also his body type is unusual and I think it'd disgust me on a real guy.

No. 906887

Why not masturbate to the boyfriend instead then?

No. 906895

There's absolutely nothing arousing about real guys.

No. 906906

>best orgasms of your life
>from hentai
This kind of coomerism is even more sad in women when porn treats women like shit.

No. 906914

i never used the friend finder thread because i found it kind of overwhelming but i really wish it was still around

No. 906923

there's one on cc that's sorta active. be careful tho i've had moids contact me from there

No. 906931

I don’t know who would ever want to make friends here, that seems really embarrassing and it’s always exclusionary to other anons. I rather be lonely than risk giving out my personal info just to have an awkward discord conversation and they ghost me after 30 minutes because I overwhelm them with actual interest.

No. 906935

don’t worry anon, nobody here wants to make friends with you anyway considering you appear to have the personality of a wet paper bag

No. 906939

If being a wet paper bag means not suffering from a range of debilitating mental illnesses then I'm happy to be one. Imagine wanting to be friends with the likes of that psycho bitch who wants to kill 'first world whores' as she calls them, can't be me. I'm here to laugh at you, not be your friend.

No. 906957

I watch bodiposi cringe compilations and deathfat content every day to reinforce my disordered eating behaviour and fear of eating too much food. I also scroll through red scare dasha's food twitter a lot. I feel disgusting

No. 906958

you should probably dump your boyfriend if you're so unaroused by him because that's not really fair, I'd hate to date someone who claimed that there was nothing arousing about my body kek

No. 907020

There's a preacher in my bongland city , he's an arsehole but I want to have horrible, disgusting animalistic sex with him.

No. 907021

A lot of the anons here inherently think they are better than other women, and that’s not a healthy way to establish a female friendship but idk who’s going to tell them that.

No. 907025

I don't know why you find wanting to make friends embarassing. Seems like you have a negativity bias (like most people I suppose). The craziest/meanest anons may stand out but there are also a lot of sweet, smart and interesting women here.

No. 907026

That’s extremely false, they’re all mean because they’re autistic kek

No. 907037

>I don't want to be friends with psychopaths
>I'm a pyschopath

No. 907039

I don’t think I’m a psychopath for making an analogy anon, that’s not how that works. People online are selfish, never have good intentions and the conversations are often boring because their brains are fried from constant scrolling. I rather shove something up my ass than befriend a rotten fujo tbh

No. 907065

File: 1631369943275.png (177.77 KB, 534x404, 438290734067450.png)

Nevermind, I guess you're just trolling.

No. 907076

Eh, your mileage may vary. I've met awful bpd-chans on here but I've also met some really amazing ladies who I clicked instantly with. Over a year later and we still talk every day and we even send each other mail. Zero regrets, thank you lolcow for giving me friends.

No. 907086

I never used the thread finder because I'm double the age of most anons. There are very few that didn't exclude my age group when stating who they're looking to talk to, and even those that didn't, I'd feel like a creep contacting.

No. 907095

>thread finder
I mean friend finder thread oops

No. 907166

I'm still not over being bullied in highschool and I'm 30. I'm still so mad about it. Like people got together to conspire against me and I want to smash their fucking skulls in. It hasn't eased my suffering at all that my bullies are all fat and ugly. In fact it enrages me further that I did not bully them back tenfold.

No. 907185

>we send each other emails
aww I love the boomer anons on here, so cute

No. 907186

kek is this a joke or can you not read

No. 907187

are you okay? you sound legitimately insane. get therapy

No. 907190

I'm fine. I come here to read about lolcows. Worry about yourself first, babe.

No. 907206

grammy anon make me some country fried steak pls

No. 907213

okay schizo

No. 907220

People who say other people need therapy don't understand that only you can work through your own problems. Therapists can give you temporary coping mechanisms and excuses for your own behavior. But eventually these stop working, and you have to go back to your therapist to pick up another coping mechanism to last you another two weeks, or two months, or two years. You can live your whole life this way if you want, and coping mechanisms are inmportant for day to day life. Everyone has them to some extent about their insecurities. But I wouldn't want to live my whole life like that. Go in the woods and analyze your own self by yourself. Have you ever?

If you feel like a therapist knows you better than you know yourself, I hope you get to know yourself one day. I know this is radical doctrine so I won't be replying

No. 907254

based post
I am the beast I worship

No. 907272

imo it wasn't as bad as you think.Back when the Friend finder thing was around I talked to a couple people from here and most were chill.
One of them was very nice and we got along great(She was a gull too so that helped). The fujo discord was also surprisingly tame from what I saw and there wasn't any weird sperging. T thread did have it's fair share of autsim like underage trannies and scrotes trying to befriend people and some weird infighting drama. I don't think the thread would thrive today though with all the CP and stuff happening. Anons are better off on CC or even /cgl/ if you're a lolita/cosplay weeb.

No. 907291

Not a grandma but I can make a mean country fried steak but I always make too much so I'll beam some to you through the internet

No. 907301

I want to stop hanging out with my friends. They haven't done anything wrong and they're not bad people, I just realized I get kinda bored hanging out with them and I'd have a better time at home alone. We're not super close so I don't think they'd be devastated or anything, but I still feel like a dick about it. It's probably better to have no friends than to have friends who can be a chore to hang out with, but fuck knows. I feel like I have to act completely different when I'm around them and I don't even know why.

No. 907312

The discussion above reminded me, and guess this is also a confession too, I rarely have anons on this site act nice or sweet towards me. Most of my posts either get ignored or if I'm talking about personal issues, receive rude responses (even outside the vent thread). Even though it's been weeks and months since these incidents happened, I'm still not over it.

No. 907322

I'm sorry that happened to you anon, I hope you can receive kinder replies in the future. It's always awful when you get a nasty reply, especially to a vent.

No. 907344

I'm at this point in life where I'm equally pissed off by not having a graduation ceremony because of covid and by probably dying of covid after suffering from it for 3 months and weighting 35kg at some point because of the constant diarrhea, which ruined the amazing job opportunity I had and I'll never have again. I'm sorry for having a fucked up sense of priority but I was looking forward to the ceremony so much.

No. 907350

File: 1631386439080.jpg (96.48 KB, 640x480, mpv-shot0008.jpg)

I've always felt that porn isn't the sole thing to blame for so-called "porn sickness": it's a lack of proper sex education for the youth, and a lack of mental willpower.

I, personally, am into a lot of depraved anime shit – but of course none of this affects my day to day because I'm not 1.) retarded or 2.) impressionable enough to allow it to affect me off extremely cloistered away places on the internet.

I don't know. Trying to blame external media for one's internal fuck ups just seems lazy to me. Get a better mind.

Yes, I'm partially making this post because I recently saw a thread on /r9k/ where a guy was crying about porn ruining his mind. Just stop being so easily influenced, man.

No. 907354

I think maybe this website isn’t for you then, anon. Not saying that I agree with being unnecessarily mean, but when you post here you should more or less expect to get weird or frustrating replies since people have no filter and act ballsy when they’re anonymous. If you’re the type to take things so personally that you can’t stop thinking about mean replies (not judging, everyone’s a bit different), it’s probably better for you to stay away from the site or at least not vent about serious things that really upset you.

No. 907356

>get ignored
I mean did you specifically ask for advice/replies? Some posts and threads just don't lend themselves to replying, especially if the subject isn't particularly interesting. Like I don't expect replies to things I post in dumbass shit and vent threads etc

No. 907386

true, I remember when the coomer subreddit was around scrotes would cry all day about how it was totally the jews' fault that they were now addicted to bestiality inflation hentai, it was pathetic. I'm not sure what makes them like this, it must be a combination of these men's coombrainnes with autism and also the fact that they only ever consoom media where women are unrealistic and sexualized like vidya and anime and porn, which said autism makes them think is real life

No. 907400

>I, personally, am into a lot of depraved anime shit
>saw a thread on /r9k/

No. 907410

Pickme or a moid not sure which is worse.

No. 907491

Ikr some men legit believe their penis can penetrate the cervix bc that's what hentai showed them. They have no idea how actual women's bodies works. I like jap coomer shit too but I know basic biology and can separate fantasy and reality. It's pathetic how they do everything but take responsibility for themselves and exert some self control and self awareness.

No. 907500

Then the real reason you don't need to date is because you don't even like anyone. I don't get why there's any sort of inner debate if you don't like men.

No. 907501

Having seen hentai in my younger years I can't imagine why any woman would enjoy otaku coomer shit. The women are treated like infantile cattle and everything is centered around the guy's pleasure. Not to mention the especially degenerate genres where girls are turned into "human toilets". Find some self respect, for fucks sake. And no, being a fujo isn't any better.

No. 907545

I feel bad for talking shit on here and I fear everyone irl knows my real opinions on some delicate subjects.

No. 907557

Honest question, how depraved are we talking about? Because there’s honestly a point in which you have to get up and think
>what the fuck
Like, tentacles and even futanari aren’t as horrifying as it seems, but if you need to look at anime characters getting beaten up or little kids getting tortured, something is wrong, it’s pornsick.
And while overexposure does make people go full retard, I get you, porn won’t fuck up a person’s brain if they just rationalize like for a second and figure out that yeah, looking at anime porn of characters fucking their parents is fucking weird and that they should be ashamed of what they’re looking at

No. 907619

File: 1631395096207.png (697.96 KB, 510x692, chewchew.PNG)

I like those rape-y NTR doujins where the girl is convinced to leave her man for another. Don't condone infidelity in any way (of course) but the extreme/wild/silly nature of it is appealing. I don't "need" to look at it either. I just find it hot sometimes.

Since this is the confession thread, though, here's a confession: I don't think anyone should feel "ashamed" for reading like, weird hentai. I could understand needing some level of self-shame if we were referring to videos of actual women getting fucked by dogs or those 'barely 18 xD' things [I've personally not seen either of these – I'm going off of hearsay], but they're just…cartoons. It's fiction.

So long as you keep it away from IRL, and don't turn it into a facet of your personality, what's the issue? Outside of being seen as "weird" of course but, let's be real: if you're in a position where your porn is ever going to be up for public conversation, then you've already fucked up.

No. 907626

File: 1631395258617.jpg (114.34 KB, 800x1217, tumblr_66f1c776db0426042ecae93…)

Tentacles, futa, femdom, etc are weird but pretty neutral idk what you mean it's all degrading. Not all women are pure uwu angels and what if I just want to watch hentai and self insert getting fucked dumb by 10 tentacles?
>Find some self respect, for fucks sake. And no, being a fujo isn't any better.
Scrote tier logic. I have more self respect by giving myself orgasms with dildo and hentai and not putting up with some useless male irl. I'm not fujo but fujos are based, seethe more, scrotes and handmaidens just bitter women found a sexual interest that men can't twist/invade.

No. 907631

You do realize getting pleasure from fucked up shit (even if it's 2D) is gonna impact your libido badly?

No. 907637

>saying femdom is weird
>cucked handmaidens are "based"
You probably won't like the reality that your brain is as porn fried as a reddit scrotes.

No. 907641

>tentacles and even futanari aren’t as horrifying as it seems
Get out

No. 907659

hentai drawings > real porn
Hentai might be fucked up but it's not real. No one is hurt in the production of hentai because it's drawings. Porn filmed with actual actors is far more harmful because real women are being exploited in it's production.

No. 907664

No bc I can masturbate without it and not look at it for a long while. You do realize ppl can have weird fetishes without it taking over their lives… Right?

No. 907666

Replying to these simultaneously because I feel my answer suits both, but: another thing for me, is that I've never self-inserted into my porn. >>907626
reminded me of that.

I don't get any sort of emotional gratification from it (or whatever gratification one gets from self-inserting), so maybe that's why I've been able to live a "normal" life while occasionally getting off to weird shit.

No. 907698

You're not really missing anything unless you would enjoy shopping for and wearing different bras.

No. 907732

I don't know what fujo is

No. 907748

Woman who ships men together and hates seeing other women in her fiction. Usually evolves into a ftm Ayyden.

No. 907752

Thank god you don't

No. 907773

how old are you
We have a whole thread in /m/ with an explanation for this, go check it out.

No. 907780

Can you easily get off while thinking about vanilla sex or are you still dependent on degenerate porn fantasies to coom? Because you might as well still be watching hentai if it's the latter.

No. 907783

after being with my ex bf for almost 2 years i started to fall for his best friend, eventually we all ended up living together which i knew would be bad from the start. as i spent more time with best friend i started to fall for him even more, despite him being a virgin and neet. ex bf was my first so i always had bad self esteem with him and he was very controlling. best friend is complete opposite and a gentleman, unlike ex. when ex and i finally end things, best friend and i end up both confessing to each other. but they are still roommates. have secretly been sleeping with best friend and we talk every day and have said 'i love you'. my life is hell and im miserable having to be apart from the guy i want to be with. also lie to my first love despite his own faults. also ex literally has said to me "you can date anyone but 'best friend'". best friend is also 6 ft, uncut, and girthy (i used to be terrified by foreskin but i've realized i love it so much more im sorry) and now im not sure if i'll ever enjoy sex with anyone else again. i wish this was a larp.

No. 907792

Yes I can still coom to vanilla, idk why you're so disbelieving that a woman can like degen shit and not have it take over her life.

No. 907817

I wish I could meet a girl on lolcow. I’m quite isolated irl so I never meet homo women never mind homo women I can get along with but sometimes you lolcow girls can be so funny and nice I wish one of you would hold me and watch dumb movies with me. I wish I had another social reject freak girl to kiss rn i am too lonely!!

No. 907826

Jesus is fucking hot, I'd totally dom him

No. 907831

this reminds me of a few months ago when i posted in some thread saying jesus being put on the cross gave sub energy and some anon started seething at me over how offensive it was kek

No. 907839

Jesus is og husbando.

No. 907843

Kek, so it's more than one person.

No. 907860

File: 1631401203761.gif (288.48 KB, 400x563, jesus-christ-sacred-heart-anim…)

I mean just look at him, plus unconditional love and he sacrificed himself for you. Jesus was og 2D husbando.

No. 907868

Jesus was totally the original 2D husbando before anime existed. A kind, attentive, virgin bf who literally gave his life for you and is always portrayed as half naked with beautiful long hair on a cross? Yeah I’d have become a nun so I was technically “married to the lord” and got to pray to his fine ass all day over being shackled to some scrote and worked as a sex slave/house servant

No. 907876

I went out with a guy who looked almost exactly like Jesus. Nice dude. Pretty good kisser.
He had some sort of job in a metal music record label and i dress too normal so it didn’t work out.
He drove a pt cruiser so, no big loss.

No. 907877

Kek I’m glad we’re on the same wavelength here

No. 907879

Jesus is so hot I had a crush on him since I read the bible for the first time

No. 907903

Fucking based. I love your way of thinking anonette kek.

No. 907904

2D? Didn't he exist for real?

No. 907911

you just ruined the vibe, fuck you

No. 907919

Jesus looking men are either literal cult leaders, or wholesome good men. No in-between.

No. 907926

Am I the only one incapable of viewing him that way maybe it's from being raised catholic but this whole thing gives me bad feefees

No. 907942

I don't find him attractive either but that's only because I hate facial hair.

No. 907943

I mean even I was hesitant to post this (as OP) because I thought I was insane for thinking JC was kinda cute my whole life, and I wasn't raised with a religion.

No. 907950

some girlies on here can't go five seconds without being like ANYONE ELSE HATE REAL MEN? ANYONE ELSE FORGET ABOUT MISOGYNY FOR FIVE SECONDS? no bitch we did not! let us thirst about jesus christ our lord and saviour (amen) in PEACE for a moment

No. 907975

I’m catholic as well, and while I do think he’s beautiful I can’t think of him as some sort of husbando, that’s like wanting to fuck your dad or something. That’s just how I see it as someone kinda sorta relatively religious to some extent.

No. 907981

exactly this feeling yes. Interesting. it also does feel a little blasphemous even though I am not very religious anymore. leftover feelings I guess

No. 907982

Go to literally the whole internet if you don't want manhate. This is the one place where it's allowed.

No. 907985

blasphemy is what makes it hotter tho

No. 907992

File: 1631404330826.jpg (24.54 KB, 300x344, 300px-Michaelina_Woutier_-_Hl.…)

i'm going to fuck jesus stepdaddy instead, joseph deserves some good pussy, especially since mary cucked him and had a baby with god

No. 907995

Imagine being the woman God wants to get pregnant though. She got that Divine Pussy.

No. 907996

File: 1631404426558.png (454.71 KB, 700x774, jesus.png)

Hottest Jesus? I love this automaton. He blinks and moves his mouth. It's a shit vid, sorry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvmGSkF3SUU

No. 908001

does god even have a dick though? he doesn't have a physical form. he just said "hey" and she was pregnant, i bet he didn't make her cum. low value male

No. 908004

he looks like a bearded drag queen in this

No. 908005

god isn’t a man

No. 908006

Omg ariana i love your music

No. 908007

God in my cells, that's my celly
Made in the image of God, that's a selfie

God most definitely has a wonderful dick.

No. 908008

File: 1631404746071.jpeg (18.28 KB, 480x458, F22F0611-BA3E-4AC1-8EB4-375C97…)

to each their own now I have to repent for reading this

No. 908015

Next boyfriend I have I'm going full on with my foot fetish and making him take sexy photos of my feet for the sole intent of posting them here to prove I have an ankle. And that's all I'm going to divulge. For now…

No. 908016

Yes anon is right. God is a woman and should be referred to as mother Goddess. The universe is feminine, the earth is feminine and humans are all female up to 9 weeks in our mother's womb. Everything starts as female. And this is why men hate us and try to oppress and control us. We have power they don't have and they don't want us to realise it.

No. 908018

Only when you're fucking a priest

No. 908032

When I was in first grade I found out that I am probably a punished god because I am stuck in this body but I am the one that is concious and aware of everything and the other ones aren't and that is why I've been depressed all my life. I have never told anyone this before because they would probably send me to an asylum or smth because they've been watching.

No. 908039

These kind of undercover scrotes infest a lot of threads here as well, blaming arbitrary sources for breaking their dicks when it was their own male entitlement and lack of self discipline that made them indulge in coomerism. You see them unironically sperging about nipponese jew goblins infecting them with hentai anime propaganda and how it's their fault their brains are fried and not the result of their own lazy hedonism. Scrots never taking responsibility challenge.

No. 908066

When I was in first grade I thought I was a werewolf and my friends were my pack. I growled when something annoyed me and convinced my friends to see random objects, like flying volleyballs, as sheep and our other classmates as prey.

Grew out of it in like 3 days though.

No. 908071

Nta but I used to think I could control the wind, was a ghost who could float for like .5 seconds when I jumped (had dreams about actually floating that I sometimes forgot weren't reality), was going to find out I was a mermaid, and that everyone but me were robots who could possibly read my thoughts

No. 908096

File: 1631408436160.jpeg (186.51 KB, 800x1017, 0B3796D4-6704-43E4-A33D-578F1E…)

Not any of those anons, but i used to believe that there was a really hot Angel protecting me from getting depressed.
He was my original husbando, then I mixed him with Link and he got even hotter, he would kind of look like pic related.
Religion saved me from killing myself as a kid but not in the way they wanted it to save me, I was extremely obsessed with angels and I still cringe about it.

No. 908107

I am twenty fucking years old taking a precalculus course(all the people I know took it in high school) and it's the most difficult thing in the world to me and it makes me feel like an idiot.

No. 908127

there's no way to get more familiar with math other than a lot of rote practice, at least for me. It's definitely what I've always had to study the most for by far.

Maybe this is a cope, bit I suspect more people than you might think get sent to those Mathnasium type things by their parents, where they do exactly that - a lot of rote practice. And then when you're in HS math classes with them, it seems like there's always this group of people who are total math whizzes. Some of them are probably naturally gifted or whatever but I know for a fact that a few people entered my HS math classes basically already knowing the material so they just aced every test no problem. Good for them, but it does make people who didn't go to Mathnasiums feel like they must be retarded for not getting it as quickly as the tutored kids apparently do.

No. 908142

File: 1631412075749.jpeg (89.41 KB, 788x720, FDE03375-9305-4412-BB28-E67BF5…)

I wish I was a man-eating monster from a 3edgy5me anime irl like picrel

No. 908165

I keep having dreams about my brothers best friend. He's not at all boyfriend material and he's no ambition whatsoever. He's like 5 years older than me or something and he's just not it, but he's so fucking funny. He's not conventionally attractive at all but my heart always goes for fucking odd balls. I just know he'd have me laughing all the time. His dick and body situation could be fucking awful though. He hasn't dated anyone in years I bet he'd be so happy if we hooked up and so would I… I've never secretly hooked up with anyone, but I yearn

No. 908186

File: 1631416022803.jpeg (60.58 KB, 300x471, 676E6E2B-BDD6-4BFE-8307-DCD1A7…)

No. 908251

It's insane how the current woke framework of the world falls apart so easily with the slightest critical thought. This is a confession because it's likely a cancellable opinion, which is bizarre to me because these people are genuinely the ignorant, unwoke ones.

I was wondering how come there is talk about islamophobia and antisemitism but never something wrt christianity. I guess it's the american centricness of it all, but it's absurd. In the world today there are christians (and other religions too) still being persecuted and killed, and historically there were a lot too including by nazis and communists yet it's treated with negative delicacy as opposed to the other groups. I feel like this whole woke thing started from academics who resented their own christian parents, I mean I know christian religion has done its fair share of damage to other groups, but the same is true even more so currently in islamic countries by muslims and even in israel. At least in america you won't be killed for being gay or of X religion versus the middle east or parts of africa. I can't feel any respect for sjws even when they bring up the downsides of christianity because there is blood being spilled right now, and it's not just christians but afaik it's not them who do it. This whole woke worldview is an americanized joke. The annoying thing is I went to the wikipedia article about this and it recommends at top of the page a "Christian persecution complex" article, can you fucking imagine someone using those words about Muslims or Jews? I'm not even christian or religious but this is such a big joke. Everything we're supposed to believe is a joke it's not just this but it's one example that got me thinking and honestly boils my blood because people are dying. In the west we're not even supposed to criticize something like islam but meanwhile their countries experience persecution much worse than anything ours have to offer, of multiple groups including gay people so it's not just so called horrible christians. Our western worldview still retains its criticized savior complex and it's still completely misguided. Ending my rant now, I just hate wokeness and that's my confession really

No. 908349

I just remembered that I was a super big Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler fan in the early 2010s when I was in middle school. My younger sibling had to adress me as "master", I wore an eyepatch to school (got bullied for it) and I thought that Sebastian was the hottest shit ever. I also bullied a Grell kinnie.

No. 908359

>bullied a Grell kinnie

No. 908401

when i was a teenager, i got in trouble with the police a couple times, nothing serious but i did get taken to juvenile hall. now, getting in trouble is one of my biggest anxieties. i keep having dreams about doing serious crimes and running and hiding from the police. i wake up drenched in sweat. i seriously hope i never do anything bad or get in trouble again. i just wanna be a good person but im terrified i’ll do something bad accidentally and get thrown in jail

No. 908406

>a guy who looked almost exactly like Jesus
>He had some sort of job in a metal music record label
Why am I not surprised at all?

No. 908408

kek holy shit anon I wish I had your teenage years because this sounds like a blast

No. 908420

I want my (shiny, well taken care of) long hair bf smh

No. 908445

it’s been easier for me to quit smoking weed and cigarettes than to quit drinking soda.
the only thing i miss about living in the US is soda everywhere, all the time, for cheap.
here soda is expensive and comes in small containers. i still buy it though but someday i’ll stop.
diet soda is just so satisfying, i swear it quenches my thirst like nothing else

No. 908566

Congrats on quitting the weed and cigarettes

No. 908573

Thank you anon!

No. 908621

we'll find one someday anon

No. 908622

i dont give a fuck about 9/11, i get that it was horrible but im sick of hearing everyone bitch and moan about it every year for the past 20 years. IMO 9/11 isn’t even the most horrific thing that’s happened in the US, its just a way to revamp hate for brown people every year.

No. 908628

I can only coom to thoughts/pics of my husbando and literally nothing else, no other characters, people, etcetera. not even porn pics of him necessarily because most if it is shit except for a few specific images, I'm extremely picky with that. Somehow the sfw and borderline erotic art is usually better. As for reader-insert smut I gave up on that because of garbage-tier fetishes taking up the majority of stories and every reader being a
>uwu ~soft~ crybaby
>deaf!mute!trans!disabled! reader

No. 908629

Word. Americans just aren't used to mass tragedies/horrific shit happening in their own country.

No. 908631

*most of it

No. 908659

I'm bi but have been with my boyfriend for a very long time and sometimes I think about how I never got to get to be in a relationship or have sex with a woman. I'm not about to breakup or cheat just to satisfy those urges though.

No. 908796

when I was a minor and also neurodivergent I was so infatuated with this IG model that for a few months I regularly would talk to her NBA player ex/baby daddy on IG/Snapchat solely in the hopes that somehow that would lead to me getting introduced with her and then somehow making her fall in love with me

No. 908846

Almost every year throughout elementary and secondary school, teachers made us watch a documentary about 9/11. I'm not even from the US so I never got why they did that.

No. 908916

i wear a bathing suit and shorts in the sauna because i don’t want my family seeing me nekkid

No. 908925

I'm not from a sauna-culture but isn't it normal to not want your family to see you naked?

No. 908926

>a way to revamp hate for brown people every year
Because the taliban aren't raping women or forcing 12 year olds into sexual slavery or anything else that might deserve criticism right? It's just about Americans bitter that a few of them got splattered on the sidewalk.

No. 908933

>It's just about Americans bitter that a few of them got splattered on the sidewalk.
Nta but yeah

No. 908971

> It's just about Americans bitter that a few of them got splattered on the sidewalk.
That's extremely disrespectful way to talk about the people who died and their families. 9/11 was an impactful event that changed how people looked at the world at the time, no wonder Americans remember it yearly. Am not American or from the US myself.

No. 908975

nta but you'd be surprised, a lot of sauna/public bath cultures all but demand nudity. I know most saunas in Finland and baths in Japan require you to be naked, although most of the public ones are gender segregated. If you go with your family though, your mom, siblings, grandparents, etc are very much going to see your naked body kek

No. 908985

Why didn't the tragic event of America bombing literally any country it's bombed so far "change how people looked at the world"? The US bombed my country not one year before 9/11 happened, we don't get annual memorials and most people don't know it happened and don't care. Way more people died and it wasn't just 2 buildings but our whole country. I celebrated my birthday in a fucking basement thinking I was going to die at five years of age. Months of constant fear. You know what I'm told every time I bring it up? That I deserved it because some people in my country happen to be criminals.
Most people in the US watched it happen on television, I only wish to have had a screen between my eyes and what I saw at the time. I'll be respectful when I'm respected in return.

No. 908987

ew, I'm so glad I'm not from a culture that requires me to see my disgusting gross fat father naked (or his pornsick eyes my naked body). I wouldn't trust a single man to not look at his daughter without sexual intent. Not that I'd like to see my mom or sister naked.

No. 908991

Care to specify what country/incident this is about specifically?

>I'll be respectful when I'm respected in return.

People died in horrific ways, it's not their or their families' faults other people treat you with disrespect. What a childish outlook on things.

No. 908995

File: 1631476077509.jpeg (140.5 KB, 1000x750, FD04E84E-DD8F-4D67-B0C4-87A3F2…)

when I was in a mental hospital when I was younger a guy said I looked like a piranha, therefore I am certified to chop dicks off

No. 909001

Not before you answer my question. Why is America bombing other countries okay, but two buildings exploding on US soil is a global tragedy?

No. 909005

>muh immaturity

shut up

No. 909011


Obviously it's not "okay" for the people actually affected by these types of tragedies. The twin towers were a significant part of New York and American culture. It was targeted for that reason. That's (part) of why it's such an occasion. Also, the fact that they used planes also full of innocent people to destroy the towers makes it even worse. Hopefully you grow up and gain empathy

No. 909014

I don't have empathy for people who literally tried to kill me and traumatized me for life, you seem to be lacking some yourself to not understand that.

No. 909015

So which country was it

No. 909016


meh, 9/11 is the reason I have a phobia of flying on planes. I still unfortunately have to do it but I hate it Everytime and I feel like I'm gonna die on most flights. Probably a few more people in the planet that can relate. Glad it didn't effect you in any way though.

No. 909017


The people on the plane and in the twin towers are not the same people who "tried to kill you". I'm sure you'd get mad if someone grouped all of your people in the same bracket as an excuse to meme about tragedies.

Hopefully you grow up and out of your hatred soon.

No. 909018

nta but who said it was a global tragedy? 9/11 memorials are by americans and for americans. nobody really cares what other countries feel about it obviously. i think it did change the landscape of how people feel about flying and getting on planes around the world though, which is significant while not necessary /that bad/.

No. 909029

>Why is America bombing other countries okay
It's not and you know it. Shit like 9/11 was supposed to only happen in war-ridden countries, not in America. It burst people's bubble about safety and peace in the US and probably the rest of the West. I bet you're in some unstable country where attacks like that were already sort of expected and that's why you refuse to say where you're from.

No. 909032

>Shit like 9/11 was supposed to only happen in war-ridden countries, not in America
Countries plagued by wars America curiously contributed too.

No. 909034

just say you think innocent people deserved to die in order to justify decisions their governments made regarding bombing other countries and go

No. 909037

Nta but you’re being very obviously wilfully obtuse

No. 909039

Your comments just prove my point. You don't even know which country I'm talking about and don't care, and you think it's okay if kids from unstable countries die because somehow they're not innocent but old ass people who worked at the WTC are. Just admit you're a racist piece of shit who thinks they're better than all the brown people you killed.

No. 909042

How do anons not care several have asked where you're from and you're being odd about it

No. 909043


You do realize that those old ass people at WTC had kids they left behind, since you're bringing the children into your argument. And once more, kids died that day too. No one is better than anybody. It's tragic that people have to grow up in war torn countries, and it's tragic when people who live in "peaceful" countries experience tragedies like 9/11.

What's hard to understand about that? Are we only allowed to feel bad for one side and other side can go fuck itself? War fucks over the common people wherever you go. The rich fucks who call the shots sit cozy at home laughing about it. Hate those guys.

No. 909046

i’m not even the anon you were originally responding to. regardless of country or color it’s silly to assume the average citizen has any autonomy over the decisions of their government/military.

No. 909049

>How dare people commemorate a tragedy!!!!
You guys sound insane lol

No. 909060


This is lolcow so of course we're insane. Some posters are just sociopathic though.

No. 909061

How are people supposed to know what country this is about when the only thing you've said is "The US bombed my whole country one year before 9/11". Are we supposed to memorize every single event that kills people around the world by date? And if the media didn't blow it up to be a memorable event that's not the fault of the people who supposedly don't care according to you.

No. 909071

>you think it's okay if kids from unstable countries die because somehow they're not innocent
Literally no one said that.
The average American citizen is allowed to feel sad and remember a tragedy that happened on their soil to their citizens. By all means be bitter about America bombing your country but don't take it out on people who didn't deserve what happened to them on 9/11, they had no hand in what happened to you and your country. If you can't grasp that basic concept and level of understanding I don't know why I'm even bothering.

No. 909078

I'm actually regretting that I didn't have a fullblown weeb fakeboi phase. I could've been a cringey he/him IRL anime boy popular with girls, doing all the cringey IRL bishounen shit and dressing up in cringey weebcore and having a cute weeb girlfriend living my best life making all the trutrans aidens seethe, then grow up and ditch that shit later, "detransing" and look back on me being a dumb teenager living it up while I could since now I'm too old to be excused. The whole tranny shit didn't become popular before I was past my teens so I completely missed out on that. No surgeries or ridiculous actual psychotic bodymod bullshit like that though, just the dumbass larp.

No. 909079

It’s a reaction to how untouchable sacred of a subject it has become. The martyrdom is so tiring when the US govt has taken no responsibility for any of the actions it made before during and after said tragedy.

No. 909089

You can still larp without being an actual braindead retard participating in anti-women crusade. Crossdressers still exist, see Chinese cosplayers/tomboy culture for example.

No. 909222

Sometimes people can get a bit wild about the reverence. I admitted that I didn't know where I was and what I was doing during 9/11 and people were shocked even though I was a child and not even an American one. I'm not going to lie and say it personally affected me or changed my life because it didn't and honestly I think it's a bit ME ME ME when people make a big tragedy about how it affected them. The people it really affected are dead or mourning loved ones. Yet it's little Martyr Martin who was in Florida at the time and couldn't find ground zero on a map that cries about it constantly.

No. 909231

I always try not to stare at other women I find beautiful or even like in class because somehow I assume they'll know I'm lesbian and I never want to be seen as creepy. I honestly also always look at their faces when talking to them because I've heard enough times from large breasted family and friends that looking there is gross. It feels somewhat cursed to be a woman who wants to appreciate another womans appearance, her body, herself yet have to always be a sort of sisterhood that shouldn't look at them that way.

No. 909234

if it makes you feel any better i’m straight and have to avert my eyes sometimes too because i don’t want to be disrespectful but have an appreciation for other women with nice features as well

No. 909239

im afraid to look at women for too long because i dont want them thinking im a hater, im looking because you’re beautiful not because im weird/hating/jealous.
also when i see dykes in public i try not to look because i dont want them thinking im a homophobe or something. i just wanna observe. women are so gorgeous

No. 909241

sometimes i’m temped to put a random date and initials in my bio to LARP like i’m in a relationship
this is probably why i’m single

No. 909280

File: 1631487265059.jpg (104.14 KB, 400x400, rg.jpg)

>im afraid to look at women for too long because i dont want them thinking im a hater, im looking because you’re beautiful not because im weird/hating/jealous.

I can relate but I'm also guilty of thinking that women who look at me in public are staring because there's something wrong with me. A girl who was sitting next to me in a uni class once randomly complimented my eyelashes when the class was over, even though we didn't even talk to each other.

I was teased about my looks as a kid and given fake compliments, so it always reminds me of that one scene in Mean Girls where Regina Georoge compliments a girl's skirt, just to turn around and say that it's the ugliest she's ever seen.

No. 909611

You know what, thank you for this response. I feel like(and always felt like) a brain dead retard in math class and never really considered that a lot of these people had a ton of extra help/pressure on them. I gotta devote more time to just doing problems until I get it.

No. 909707

File: 1631502102816.jpg (56.04 KB, 720x720, 2a4dab2e49d386a2bf004338c2d356…)

i firmly believe that relationships should be like some anime/disney romance, i refuse to accept anything less and also refuse to lose my virginity until i deeply connect with someone for at least a year or longer, unironically becoming soulmates. i think it would be nice if these things were treated as special by people other than bible thumpers, i hate the jaded careless attitude. i don't care if it's unrealistic or makes me a femcel or whatever, if no one can meet my standards then I'd rather die alone. romance and sex should be magical, meaningful, cute and everlasting and with one person forever and ever. i hate the real world.

No. 909745

I feel the same anon, if I don't get that I'm fine with just having my friends and a nice, stable life by myself.

No. 909746


prepare yourself for a life of being alone because reality isn't a movie, anon. usually people who expect this sort of thing are unhinged.

No. 909751

nta but you're right it's nice to dream though

No. 909752

reality is having sex with a disgusting human, thanks for reminding me anon!

No. 909753

> reality isn't a movie
True! For example, being single doesn't mean being a miserable loser with no meaning or joy in their life the way it's always shown in tv and movies. Therefore anon is making a perfectly valid choice if she'd rather be alone than in a relationship that doesn't meet her standards.

No. 909755


Exactly. No one said she wasn't.

No. 909799

Good. Don't lower your standards or make big compromises like I did thinking your partner will try to better themselves. They may express as much but 99% of the time they're just taking advantage of you while they can. Someone either meets you on your level from the beginning or not at all. I do know there are some (rare) relationships like this though. Whether or not I get one myself, it's nice to know some people genuinely prioritize and care about one another.

No. 909878

Discovered recently that I only like receiving head when I am standing over them or they are on the floor. Took me until 30, what a fucking awakening. I turned it down for yearssss

No. 909888

I'm happy for you anon!!
I turn down head most of the time too because guys are so awful at it, it makes me feel humiliated and pissed off. I can't even be nice to a dude after he licks my pussy like a dog drinking water

No. 909962

Anon, you should've made them learn it instead of turning it down. Grab their heads and tell them exactly how the fuck you want it.

No. 910194

im saying mommy around my girlfriend until it becomes normal and i can call her that

No. 910218

I pity your girlfriend.

No. 910222

Sometimes I hate gay moids more than straight moids

No. 910224

sorry mommy

No. 910231

Same. I wouldn't deny them the right to marriage or anything but I find them insufferable.

No. 910252

No. 910254

yeah that's kind of the whole point

No. 910267

I don't want too learn to drive, I don't want to live a special life. I want a child, I want a job, I want cute clothes, I want to feel good about myself for ONCE. I want to be a better person.
I'd like a relationship with a scrote, I'm bisexual but I (sadly) prefer Scrotes. But if I can't by the time i'm 30, I'm just going to go to a sperm bank and have a few babies.
I don't want much out of life, I just want to be semi happy, healthy and the same for my family. I'd like love but…I don't think I'll get it from a scrote.

No. 910270

If you want a kid you're probably gonna have to learn how to drive eventually

No. 910387

aw nona i was the same exact way! my bf (now fiance) waited 3 months after we started dating to even kiss and 6 months to both lose our virginities to eachother. if i could get my dream relationship then so can you!!

No. 910428

I cannot stop fantasizing about this one coworker. We had a meeting where he wore his headset and spoke right into the mic and I could hear his every breath and swallows and it turned me on so much lmao. He also has a really sexy voice (reminded me of this vid kek). I literally could not concentrate on another meeting because I was having fantasies about him confessing love to me and us starting a relationship in secret because we'd both get fired if the managers knew. In reality, there's literally zero chance for that, as he lives in another country and we cannot ever discuss personal things during our meetings.
I feel so fucking ashamed. I am a grown ass woman having teenager-level fantasies

No. 910448

usually you’d only be fired if you’re dating someone senior or junior to your role, not a direct-level colleague

No. 910453

There's a mentoring system at this company and he's my mentor

No. 910457

ahh yeah that'll do it. my condolences.

No. 910458

Ask if you can speak to him after one of your meetings, anon!

No. 910476

I’m really happy that LC is shutting down, feels like growth. I wish the same would happen to KF as well.

No. 910477

When I think of my childhood, it's like 90% of my parents job was chauffering me around to extra curricular activities, school events and friends houses. Those memories are a major reason I don't want kids, I hate driving places I don't know and I'm sure it's 100x more stressful with a child in the back seat.

No. 910721

My attention span is getting so bad that when I play video games I want to have a YouTube video playing in the background

No. 910776

I agree about this for /ot/. I don't have social media so I'll miss seeing how my favorite cows are doing and enjoying the milk.
I've pledged to myself to never get into another chan/message board either. So when this is gone, I'll have to start watching TV kek.

No. 910794

Fucking same kek, I'm constantly alternating between the two like when something is loading I'll continue playing my video

No. 910798

I actually really, really regret never saving the track lists all of Soren's playlists on Playmoss.
She disgusted me, but she had good taste in music. I found a few bands and singers I never knew about before through some of those playlists years ago. Now the site (Playmoss) is down, RIP.

No. 910852

File: 1631580935639.jpeg (30.13 KB, 275x207, 84ECC9D4-4AF1-41E3-B57A-672F68…)

I’ve been hooking up with this guy who isn’t that physically attractive (he’s got a weird cuteness to his face but other than that…yea) and the sex has been great. It’s very odd constantly going between wanting to be dicked down by him and wishing he didn’t have a dad bod. I’m legitimately afraid for my friends and family to find out what he looks like. I feel bad for thinking this way but I can’t help it. I’m not interested in stopping because I struggle socially and I don’t feel like going into another dry spell, so I’m just swallowing my shame for now for the sake of having my body worshipped.

No. 910900

Damn wish this was me. Drop hints for him to work out or something lol or incorporate your body as a weight during sex.

No. 910928

>start watching TV
don’t bother anon, there’s nothing worthy to watch, just get hooked on drugs or make shitty drawings or something

No. 911079

i was retarded online and someone i thought was interesting understandably blocked me. i don't do shame well ugh.

No. 911082

I made a mistake today, actually I've been making these mistakes for a long time… My focus has been all wrong when I try to improve myself. The most important thing I need is humility which has many meanings and steps involved to develop. I have been too judgmental of others, even people who "deserve" it or so I justified it with, or I told myself it was helping my morals somehow when really it was all the opposite. I've been putting others down in my head to feel better about myself but it's all wrong. Starting now I'm going to try not to do it anymore. Obviously this means not looking in the cow threads here but it's a problem everywhere in life. I'm ashamed of how awful I've been as a person and deep down I knew something was bothering me about myself, this is it. Being judgmental and shallow while thinking I was above that. I'm not above anything I'm only human like everyone who is not below or above me either. Sometimes I feel like I'm better, or in reverse that I'm beneath other people, but the healthy mindset is seeing we are all humans. I'm gonna force myself to think about this every day, read about it and practice it because this has gotten really ugly and I'm not happy with how I have been at all

No. 911111

I'm still jobless

No. 911119

No. 911128

lucky digits tho, i hope you and >>911119 are able to find jobs you enjoy soon

No. 911133

I found a job this year after being jobless for 7 months, if I can do it, you can too nonnies!!! Good luck!!

No. 911165

I'm about to quit my job after working 50 hrs a week all pandemic

I miss NEET life and I am not ashamed

No. 911248

If you judge someone for not having a degree, I will judge you and assume you're one of those people who paid their way through college and are actually dumb af/lack common sense.

No. 911288


No. 911318

>just having my friends and a nice, stable life by myself.
Same! It’s so freeing to achieve this peace by the time I was 22. I’m untouchable by scrotes blackmailing me into fucking them.
Wahhh lower your standards or you’ll be single in your 30’s. Bitch I’m not scared to be single for the rest of my life. It has passively made me so much more confident and authentic which in turns attracted good friends and relationships into my life. Feels good.
Nah. Even women who don’t actively think life = fairy tales do all sorts of shit to make relationships as ideal and movie-like as possible to men, grand romantic gestures and embodying his desires. All pearls before swines. About time we gatekeep the manic pixie dream girlfriend experience until men start imitating romance novels and female fantasies for us.

No. 911319

based and you are rightt

No. 911324

what did you do nonnie

No. 911347

>gatekeep the manic pixie dream girlfriend experience until men start imitating romance novels and female fantasies

>I’m untouchable by scrotes blackmailing me into fucking them.

Godspeed nonnie. I'm one of the people who didn't make it unscathed. I'm now married to the man I always wanted to find, but got initially duped into believing I wouldn't. I still feel like I showed these scrote motherfuckers who tried to tell me I'm worthless, though. I survived the scrote hell and am ready to tell girls it's not worth it. Men like to cry about the "cock carousel", but we need to be talking about Scrote Hell, because Scrote Hell is real and we're forced to walk through it.

No. 911349

100% based, anon. Am 30, been single for 10 years, no desire for a relationship because "just settling" isn't worth the trouble. It's perfect or nothing and I don't care if I'm staying alone for the rest of my days.

>About time we gatekeep the manic pixie dream girlfriend experience until men start imitating romance novels and female fantasies for us.
Best take I've seen in a while nonnie

No. 911396

File: 1631626347822.jpeg (60.32 KB, 573x679, 104E6AA3-BF39-429C-B878-EC211C…)

From an early age, I was autistically invested in Naruto, anf in fifth grade I obsessively drew Sasuke in maid dresses. I then presented these drawings to my other (male) friends who also liked Naruto. Sometimes they'd ask me why I was drawing him like that. I'd just say I thought it was cute. I still have no idea why I did that or what it means. I've never liked men, especially not transvestites— though I admit I was exposed to a lot of questionable yaoi in my youth. Maybe I was just emulating what I saw from others.

Honestly I just feel really sorry for my friends and wish I'd been able to take back the comics I drew where we were all Akatsuki members. Firstly I'd like to read them again for the nostalgia. I remember them being fairly funny. But more importantly, I'm certain I wrote one of my weird, obvious fetishes (unrelated to the maid thing) into more than one comic because I was being groomed at the time. It's so embarrassing. I desperately hope the guy who last had them threw them away years ago.

No. 911407

I have an autistic piss-fight over bathroom stall door now. Even before our university went fully online, we had some "trans women are women" messages in our bathroom stalls before the cleaning staff washed them off like once a week. Now I can't even go to pee without "trans rights are human rights!!!!" and "trans women belong here!!!!" messages staring at me at eye-level when I just want to take a piss. The thing is, I don't even particularly care about men pissing in these toilets, I just hate being forced to read bullshit, so I wrote some "transphobic" stuff in some of the stalls. I hope I can trigger at least one of the TRAs that keep vandalizing these doors.

No. 911414

My partner thinks I was raped because I had sex with a 38 y/o when I was 15, and while I completely acknowledge that it was statutory rape and that the woman took advantage of me, I just… idk. It's not that bad. I'm gonna get flamed for saying this but she's a nice woman. Would I do the same? No, I'd rather commit sudoku then even hold hands with a 15 y/o but I consented with this woman, multiple times! It was never an assault or against my will. I cannot say I was raped in any way shape or form, I know women who have been raped and it really left a big emotional scar on them. It's an insult to them to compare my situation to theirs or even say there's similarities. And if I'm being honest, pulling at that thread leads to other older women maybe doing things with me they shouldn't have and I am NOT ready to touch that stuff. I'll relapse in an instant if I have to talk through these things. I wish my partner would just fucking drop it. I know she's trying to help me but this is making me physically sick with nervousness and this feeling of impending doom any time I think about these things.

No. 911422

File: 1631629285057.png (422.56 KB, 1064x1160, 77031500_p2.png)

>Sasuke in maid dresses
>comics I drew where we were all Akatsuki members
Based. It always make me happy to see fellow Narutofags. As imperfect as it was and soulless as it grew to be, Naruto just hit different when you were a kid. I will always love Sasuke bitch ass. I used to put Uchiha as last name on various forums lol

No. 911423

Why should I feel shame for being pro eugenics? Why people external to me and my partner have to decide if I have an autistic child or someone with down syndrome/cognitive issues? Will they care for them if their yelling, muteness or their inability to communicate ends up being too much for me? If they can only live through my support? Hell if we could know how to spot people with empathy issues by their genetics I will also be pro abortion about those, life's already hard with out people who can't genuinely form bonds, Npd, sociopaths and psychopaths are a waste of time and resources.

No. 911424

>wrote some "transphobic" stuff in some of the stalls
Unironically based. Post some science and statistics.

No. 911439

>she's a nice woman
Pedos aren't "nice" lmao.

No. 911442

i don't wanna do shit. i don't wanna be shit.

No. 911468

I don't think opting to abort your own (or your partner's) disabled fetus is eugenics.

No. 911482

AYRT. Sasuke is my favourite too! I really liked Itachi when I was a kid, enough to also set my last name as Uchiha online kek. I guess we are sisters in that regard. Naruto was a big part of my life growing up and it will be forever important to me. Perhaps cringe but when my dad died I listened to Shippuden OP 6 on loop. Jiraiya was his favourite character.

No. 911486

>It's not that bad
>other older women maybe doing things with me they shouldn't have
>physically sick with nervousness any time I think about these things
>It's not that bad
Oh, anon….

No. 911493

I think Hunter Schafer (Euphoria tranny) generally passes as a beautiful girl, discounting photos taken with very specific lighting and angles

No. 911516

Unlike what incels lead the internet to believe, wanting abort your own deformed/autistic/etc kid isn't eugenics it's common sense.

No. 911526

Thank you, I hate how everyone online, especially on the left, started using the word "eugenics" for that. If you can't see the fundamental difference between a government systematically killing those arbitrarily deemed undesirable as part of an established design to create a "pure" race of people, and choosing to abort your own baby because it has down syndrome, you're the one who should have been aborted

No. 911538

I mean isn't it the right that wants to dictate when you can or can't get abortions? or what reasons or conditions are considered extreme enough to be ok?

No. 911548

Some time ago, a coworker of mine fell into severe depression, which crippled some projects we were working together on. She kept asking to push back her deadlines, we'd agree, and then she'd miss those deadlines and never clearly explain why. My team ofc just quietly let her go on an unofficial leave while we shouldered a little more work, but secretly I was really resentful of her. Neglecting her work also caused her to lose the favor of our really prestigious client, and for some reason I felt myself really angry at her for losing such an opportunity. I dreamt of writing her a long, kinda bitchy email about it.

Fast forward to now and I've felt cripplingly depressed for almost two weeks, and have 3 deadlines this Friday, none of which I've done much work on. I feel fucking awful for thinking so poorly of her then because I feel downright immobile. I feel like this is some kind of divine karma for being impatient with depressed people.

No. 911572

He asked me today how should he pronounce my name and it made my heart flutter so badly my god I'm such a fucking retard UGHGGHHH

No. 911585

Sometimes I like designs, characters and anime that are ripoffs more than the original that they copied.

No. 911721

Ayy bitches from the clan represent

No. 911894

i acted like a know it all and sperged at someone who was mostly venting but my big mouth (fingers) still decided to hit send.

No. 912053

I feel like the older I get the more solitary I become, I've never been a very social person in the first place, but n