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No. 833823

Previous thread: >>>/ot/825301
Do you feel held by him? Does he feel like home to you? No? Then vent about it here! Or alternatively, watch his ungrateful ass burn to ashes

No. 833854

I don't want to be part of a murder cult or anything, but damn I could really go for a solidary screaming session right now.

No. 833868

My bf sends me photos from his joyful day out with friends while I have to do overtime at work, I'm gonna pack him into that bear suit I swear lol

No. 833895

Some one keeps trying to hack into my accounts. I'm pretty sure i know who it is. This person is dangerous and unhinged. I just want to be left alone. This is causing me so much anxiety. When will this end? Just leave me alone. Stop hurting me.

No. 833896

My brother severely physically abuses me on a daily basis since I was a toddler (5 years older than me)
I have developmental delays - is he the source? Every day he calls me retarded stupid and useless with a big punch in my jaw or back

No. 833897

Anon, where are you from? I think you’re a big cow

No. 833899

File: 1624116972487.jpeg (136.96 KB, 720x720, 70A22C10-FA79-459C-AAC5-76CDD9…)

kek anon, he's going to shoot you through your computer

No. 833902

I don't know if it's a rural-ish thing but sometimes I'll hear men on the next street chatting to each other and one will have this loud booming voice where… surely the person right next to them feels like they're being absolutely screamed at? I mean if I'm a generous street distance away and can't help but hear the whole convo from inside my home then I'd hate to hear it closer. I hate it as is.

No. 833905

i live in the suburbs and had this happen, seems like a general male thing tbh

No. 833906

same. google local women’s shelters and sexual assault resources, they can help and contact people for your privately without them knowing to obtain proof.

best of luck

No. 833908

I had a rural ex and he spoke so fucking loud. I noticed after spending a few days with him my ear wax would build up lol. Use to ask him to talk quieter all the time and he just never could?

No. 833922

File: 1624120942326.gif (1.25 MB, 450x366, 4yehhe.gif)

I could not touch my phone for months and I'd have 0 missed calls or messages. At this point my phone is just a big mp3 player with internet access.

No. 833966

File: 1624126623831.jpg (66.1 KB, 546x750, 1783c340d84af3646978072b02c7a1…)

All I want is a pet tarantula, but my husband is terrified of spiders. I'm originally from the desert and moved to the tundra and I just want something to remind me of home! I really want a pink toe tarantula, look how cute it is, it has pink little toes! I don't get how you can be scared of it! Why is my husband such a baby? I have my own office in our house that he never goes into, I would keep it there, but he still said no! And if I went behind his back he would kill it. Ugh.

No. 833969

omfg it has little red shoes on

No. 833974

You should get it. If it's in your office it shouldn't bother him. If he kills the spider, kill him. seriously though, I can't imagine being that bothered by a pet I would rarely even see. What a little bitch. If he has the courage to kill it, he can't possibly be that scared of spiders.

No. 833975

File: 1624127462980.png (2.04 MB, 1200x900, C86ED1ED-2515-446E-98A5-473FC1…)

I hope you can get your cute pinky toes tarantula someday, nonnie! I love the bird eaters, they’re cute. I would call mine puppy or Roberto.

No. 833978

I'm pretty scared of just regular spiders I find in my house, when I kill em I use a long stick but it's a whole ordeal with me freaking out and panicking every damn time. If this thing was in my house and in a container I would leave it there. Anyone that scared of spiders would'nt break into its enclosure and kill it. They'd leave it well alone of it's already safely confined.

No. 833980

Puppy is such a cute name!! Whenever I talk to my husband I always say they're fluffy like dogs! Might steal that from you!

No. 834000

I'm going to get bianca'd.

No. 834002

I probably would be a big cow if I posted more on social media. I guess someone is trying really hard to fuck with me.

No. 834013

File: 1624130847643.png (96.61 KB, 298x266, fuckc.png)

Goddamn. There's no way my ex would be able to find my new identities online (nor my art-only account which I have yet to use), but I'm still scared of him potentially finding me and interacting with me. I wanna make fun videos and use my voice, but what if he finds me… I've made sure to not leave any breadcrumb trails that could link my art-only account with my personal ones/the new handles I use, and even if I somehow did he's too retarded to catch on anyway, but fuck. Our interests aren't overlapping right now, but what if! What if, what if, what if. Argh. I shouldn't live my life in fear but here we are.

No. 834033

if he finds you block him and report him to the authorities or something, not that hard sister

No. 834037

I've been feeling lonely lately. Last year I barely felt lonely so I'm a bit surprised to feel it now. Maybe because i'm actually lonely, I'm neet without friends lol.
I will wait for it to pass, although it would be nice to talk to someone close.

No. 834041

Me too. I became a neet because of illness, I've been failing everything and I lost the only friends I had. I'm usually good with loneliness, but lately I've been craving some sort of fun and company.

No. 834042

File: 1624133959366.jpg (23.64 KB, 608x342, depositphotos_200652938-stock-…)

I HATE that football is so popular in my country, trying to get a nap in my own house but i cant because every fucking male outside is yelling at the screen watching the match of our country's ever-losing team; why cant they just shut the fuck up or go to a place where yelling is appropriate such as a bar of some sort; like every OTHER sport fan when their event is happening?

No. 834048

I'm neet because of illness too! I also like to spend my time alone, but it's been tough lately. I hope we get better and make some friends!

Are you from the same country as me?
Now I can hear guys outside screaming to the tv because of football lol

No. 834051

File: 1624134678800.jpeg (38.38 KB, 620x367, images.jpeg)

No. 834057

File: 1624135528729.png (158.17 KB, 739x461, imagen_2021-06-19_154514.png)

I hate virgos. I will never date a virgo ever again. Worst mistake of my life

No. 834059

>I hate virgos. I will never date a virgo ever again. Worst mistake of my life

No. 834061

Know nothing about dating a virgo but i think that gemini, esp a man is the worst 'deal'

No. 834063

Say it to my face mf

No. 834065

Worst day of my life was when I found out how dominant virgo is in my chart, mostly because mercury in Virgo but I also got cursed with a venus in Virgo. As someone with the authority to say so, Virgos fucking suck. Hateful cunts.

No. 834066


No. 834082

The saddest thing is virgos are insecure assholes. Like, they could had own it like Leo or Taurus, but no. They love to play the offended victim.

No. 834083

I’m not an astrologyfag, why are virgos bad? I thought they were supposed to be pretty and outgoing or something like that.

No. 834088

Basically they're critical overthinkers and very insecure. They want to be loved but they push away others because of "muh rational brain". Then they play the poor baby card. It's dumb. Between virgo and pisces I don't know who's more unbearable for me, at least pisces is creative and SOMETIMES hides their stupid victim complex.

No. 834091

>tfw ascendant Virgo with a Pisces bff who I would marry if I could
I can imagine how chaotic would be our lives.

No. 834094

I hope things become better for you too anon!

No. 834096

I can too
>virgo gets sad and offended
>pisces gets sad and cries because virgo is sad and offended
>virgo wonders why no one loves them
>pisces wonders why no one (virgo) loves them
>virgo blames themselves but is too proud to admit it
>pisces blames society
>pisces remembers something traumatizing that happened in 3rd grade
>virgo does some random household shit to forget the pain
>in the end they both lick their wounds and peace is restored until virgo fucks up and makes pisces cry again

No. 834102

Wait, do people really take the star sign thing seriously? Your sign doesn't determine a single thing about you.

No. 834104

Some of us do yeah, but just for fun
Plus coincidences are fun, some patterns do repeat in people

No. 834113

not a virgo and I kind of act like this tbh

No. 834121

maybe you have some virgo somewhere

No. 834124

No. 834132

You can do a free chart on astrotheme, even if you don't know your time of birth you can at least figure out the signs for your planets but you won't know your rising or the order your houses go in.

A lot of people don't seem to know when you read horoscopes you're suppose to read your rising sign and not your sun sign because astrologers base everything on how the planets transition through the houses.

No. 834142

File: 1624141334117.jpg (115.21 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_nwpp0dGaSZ1uk00amo1_128…)

My husband took a candid of me and I look like a fucking fridge. No hips no tits and giant shoulders with long orangutan arms, kms

No. 834161

Am a Virgo, every characterisation I've seen of a Virgo as overcritical perfectionists has been right on the money for me, although I am also autistic and lazy, so often I'm not even functioning enough to take advantage of my high standards. Don't date me

No. 834167

>virgo does some random household shit to forget the pain

This is spot-on Virgo. Was seeing one for a while and he wouldn't let me wash my hands in his bathroom sink because the water stains stressed him out too much. What a freak. The sex was bomb though

No. 834191

I hate how accurate is this because I do tend to try forgetting the pain by doing chores.

No. 834194

It really bothers me when people accuse others of self-mutilating or attempting suicide for "attention" to diminish it. If someone is going to such extreme measures for attention they are still extremely mentally ill and need help, otherwise they would just attention whore the normal way by making a TikTok account.

No. 834196

File: 1624146315608.jpg (60.28 KB, 540x720, 3c27018ac51d26484c20be40595cd3…)

I saw the cutest girl ever working at the restaurant I went to and I kept discreetly peeking at her because she was ridiculously attractive Immediately felt shame and disgust with myself for thinking so because of my retarded fear of coming off as a perverted rapey lesbian. It's times like these that I wish I wasn't gay, I'm so tired of constantly feeling ashamed of feelings straight people take for granted.

No. 834215

Anon I get this but remember, we aren't men. We don't view women the way they do. It's confusing when hetero society and media don't give us any decent representation of what it's like to feel the way we do. I promise she didn't think you were a rapey lesbian.

No. 834220

Thanks nonny, as a baby lesbian I was traumatized by straight girls freaking out at me simply existing and being visibly and audibly disgusted by my presence because naturally all gay people are insatiable rapists. So now I feel a huge amount of shame every time I think a girl is cute and I don't know how to get over it.

I don't even compliment my female friends on their looks even when it's completely platonic because I don't want to make them uncomfortable. Made me miss my dating opportunities when I was younger so now I don't really have a grasp of what's crossing boundaries and what's not so I just don't interact at all. I'm so jealous of lesbians who had all the opportunities to be contempt with themselves and experiment to grow into emotionally healthy people.

No. 834224

I heard all that 'watch out for the lesbians' stuff growing up. The same girls who said it have gone on to be abused and assaulted/harrassed by men. Tbh teen girls love saying that shit but adult women quickly learn who to actually be concerned about. It's not lesbians.

No. 834227

I still hold this beliefs about lesbians, just entering that thread in /g/ gives me very reminiscent vibes when I used to lurk incel websites, it terrifies me. I view lesbian sexuality very similar to male heterosexuality and I don’t know how to break out of that, I fear that if lesbians were men they would just be incels.

No. 834233

Nta, but it may not be the best decision to say this to an anon who is afraid of being seen as a rape-y lesbian. Read the room lmao

No. 834234

That's pretty fucking disgusting of you

No. 834241

> I fear that if lesbians were men they would
Lesbians aren't men, they won't somehow become men. You can stop fearing that lol

No. 834242

>I fear that if lesbians were men they would just be incels.

If literally any of us on lolcow were men we would be incels, what's your point?
Personality dictates predation, not sexuality. Some straight girls are hella pushy in regard to how they approach males (I've had to deal with the other side of it when shy dweebs are ??? because they're waiting for me to put the moves on them since that's what they're used to, so then we are both just ??? and awkwardness ensues)

If a girl is sexually aggressive that's just her character, it is only considered bad by males when they won't be the target of the sexual aggression, hence the negative tropes about lesbians. If that same woman was lusting after cock suddenly the behavior is fine.

No. 834243

Or maybe you're just a misogynist. Lesbians venting about the very, very small dating pool they have, misreading signs from other women etc. is not comparable to incels. You have a lot to unpack if you think lesbians are pedophiles and fantasize about raping women

No. 834244

>I fear that if lesbians were men they would just be incels.
is this bait? literally not true

No. 834247

My discipline has a job market forum and I've known of its existence for years but always avoided it. Mainly because it makes me fucking depressed as a woman how it's constantly littered with incel talking points. I can't tell if it's just been hijacked by people pretending to be in the discipline or if the majority of retarded misogynists could be coworkers, professors, and legitimate graduates.
One thing about PhDs is that they have a job market season where unis will have a page full of PhD graduates with their photo and CVs who are looking for jobs. But this forum ofc will always pick out female PhD graduates to talk about their looks and whether they're hot or not. And of course, whether they'd smash or fuck or whatever.
But on a more sinister note, what actually scares me is how our field is notoriously sexist for actual women within the field and yet "false allegations" of sexual harassment at ONE school is being amplified by users on this forum. I have female professors who after finding out I wanted to go to grad school insisted that I meet with them privately to warn me that sexual harassment by male faculty is very likely to happen to me or another female student no matter the school. Both of them said that if I went to either of their alma maters that they would let me know 'who' to avoid. Those professors as well as many other women who have come out with stories of sexual assault/harassment with the same male faculty who never are disciplined (which is a problem in universities). One of my profs was in contact with women from other PhD years because they had ALL been sexually harassed/assaulted by the same male faculty member and it took like 10+ years to even get the school to take it seriously.
The reaction on this forum is so disgusting and I hate how this is a forum for the actual discipline and not some group chat for terminally online retards and trolls. It makes me really depressed about how much of a boys club it really is even with my luck to stick with female peers and faculty.
I'm talking about EJMR (just look it up) if anyone is curious.

No. 834248

It annoys me so much when people try and act like every "career woman" is doing meaningless work for a soulless corporation. I see this sentiment a lot when Trads try to shit on women for not dropping their careers to become stay at home mothers. "Oh so you'd rather slave away so some billionaire can buy his yacht than spend time with family LOL, fucking wagecuck!!"

Hate to break it to you but not every working adult in the developed world is managing a Walmart or working at McDonalds corporate offices lol. There are jobs that are incredibly important and many people (women included, imagine that!) love and find fulfillment through their careers. Not all work is meaningless drivel done just to secure a paycheck. Medical professionals are saving lives, scientists of all fields are making incredible breakthroughs, artists are bringing beauty into the world-even farmers and other ppl who do what is considered "unskilled labor" (hate that term tho tbh, just bc it doesn't take a degree doesn't mean it doesn't take skill) feel the value of a hard day's work and are proud of how they make a living, as they should be!

It just makes my blood boil how disingenuous their arguments are when they try to convince women to revolve their entire lives around pushing babies out for their husbands. Fuck Trads.

No. 834249

gross and bug related vent went to the "nicer" TJ maxx in my town and saw a nasty huge roach on the floor there. what the fuck! i feel so grossed out. sure more stores probably have bug issues but that is plain disgusting especially when they do sell some food items.

No. 834250

I'd assume this is bait if I hadn't heard this sentiment before on several occasions from retarded homophobes. Get back to me when lesbians are congregating en masse to discuss raping and murdering straight women. Show me a lesbian version of Elliot Rodger. Show me a single forum full of lesbians advocating for the sexual enslavement of women (trans "lesbians" don't count, if that wasn't obvious).

You and every other straight woman on earth are far safer around a lesbian than you ever will be around a scrote. Even a boyfriend or husband or family member. You're an idiot.

No. 834251

Fucking based

No. 834257

File: 1624151919333.jpeg (147.08 KB, 800x1211, 0A39F798-FB0B-4740-94FF-52E30D…)

the biggest lesbian mass shooter to date anon. she was rejected by a girl named monday, haven’t you heard??

No. 834260

Aileen Wuornos was a lesbian too!! Take that, homos

No. 834265

oh god not you again

No. 834266

homosexuality is rare and unsustainable, humans have entrapped themselves into the majority of heterosexuality and they must deal with the consequences. however you view how important someone is to be alive, ultimately being a homosexual or bisexual is stressful and does occur naturally, but not everything that’s natural is efficient for the human race.

No. 834267

>homosexuality is rare and unsustainable
No shit, Sherlock. Why do retards like you always act like every single person on earth has to breed in order for the human race to "sustain" itself?

No. 834268

ok, scrote. Who invited you?

No. 834269

Oh my god is the in denial bisexual from the bi thread? Why must you force the bisexual and lesbian anond to read this retarded shit

No. 834270

>ultimately being a homosexual or bisexual is stressful
Tbh I'd be more stressed if I were attracted to scrotes

No. 834275

>If literally any of us on lolcow were men we would be incels
It's true and you should say it

No. 834276

File: 1624153898053.gif (938.28 KB, 194x146, BAA5B0AF-ABA5-4F78-87BC-3381DD…)

I don’t care if female or male homosexuals can’t reproduce, I’m just here to remind them that they’ll die alone and not be remembered while some sappy heterosexual male managed to pass his shitty bloodline. It’s so funny seeing a very small part of the world population scurrying to find romantic mates and denying everyone else’s sexuality when they can’t get some straight or bi woman who’s happy with her partner it’s a tragic comedy(obvious bait)

No. 834277

But who cares about those shitty males passing their bloodline? Only males care about that
Anon don't tell me you are one?

No. 834278

You sound trad. What's with the birthing obsession? There's more to life than being so bored and self-obsessed you need to create another human being in your image to feel complete. Get a pet.

No. 834279

>not doing anything worthwhile with your life and being a boring NPC so you let some sad male cum into you just so you have someone to remember you

No. 834280

Without infighting, I feel like you are very wrong about lesbians. I don't think lesbians are as bitter as you think they are, single or not. A lot of lesbians exclude bi women and they (obvioulsy) exclude hetero women as well. Like, lesbians as a collective have better things to care about than what some hetero people do? Like, taking care of their partners and families, for example. Plus I think they're the least to be interested in """passing a bloodline"""" and even if they wanted children, you know they can adopt, or get fertilized in vitro, or use their own eggs to make a new baby right? Like, wanting to pass a bloodline is one of the stupidiest things to get in a relationship lmao get a hold of yourself, seriously normal people aren't this concerned about that, hetero or not

No. 834281

>It’s so funny seeing a very small part of the world population scurrying to find romantic mates and denying everyone else’s sexuality when they can’t get some straight or bi woman who’s happy with her partner
Lmao homophobic straight women are a trip, where did you even get the impression that lesbians want you?
I'm pretty sure lesbians aren't the one's calling other women biphobic for only wanting to date other lesbians, that's thin-skinned bi women.

No. 834282

So you agree that people get pets to selfishly replace their dying and burning desire to have kids in their life? I don’t see how getting something that was brutally domesticated and now unable to fend for itself without the care of humans is fair for the animals. People who own pets are actually committing evil

No. 834283

The logic would only barely work if you want to believe getting into a het relationship and having kids will necessarily prevent dying alone and unremembered.

Like go tell that to all the dying boomers entering the nursing homes whose kids hate their guts.

It's bait anyway anon. Ignore the twat.

No. 834284

More Bait

No. 834285

I recently got an abortion and it’s tearing me apart. I’ve been pregnant 3 times, one 2 abortions and a miscarriage and I’m almost 30 and I’m feeling so many different things. I hate feeling this way. I hate myself.

No. 834286

File: 1624154626145.png (877 KB, 760x570, imagen_2021-06-19_210341.png)

90% of dogs aren't "brutally domesticated", quite the opposite, they were bred for a purpose. Example, fila brasileiro, literally made to kill slaves if they ran away. It would do great in the wild

No. 834287

File: 1624154668481.jpeg (76.69 KB, 1536x864, 145ABEC1-2428-49DD-A172-DA8631…)

Lol, the lesbians getting angry that straight woman look at them and think of them in disgust says otherwise. Look at this anon, do you really think people would want a lesbian that looks like a 15 year old male final fantasy character? Her haircut kek(obvious bait)

No. 834288

Yes let's let well-meaning anons vent in peace

No. 834289

I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better soon, both your body and emotions. Having so many abortions must be super hash. Hang in there please, it will hopefully get better with time

No. 834290

Magdalen Berns is very attractive to me, and I'm a bisexual woman. I think bashing Magdalen Berns is very suspicious of you.

No. 834291

It's okay nonnerz, you're just going through a lot of emotions right now and you're at an age where shit is really confusing in life. If you change your mind, you can try again. Good luck with the next one (if you become pregnant again)

No. 834292

File: 1624154819614.gif (177.15 KB, 220x184, C7C30DF8-0B47-4F08-A3B1-C4C1A1…)

>literally made to kill slaves if they ran away

No. 834293

I just want to be a mom. But I know I need to work on my mental health. Should fine some sort of counseling.

No. 834294

>well meaning
>talks about lesbians being like incels
Nah mate

No. 834295

Anon, how much do you know about your great great grandparents? Most people don't even know the first names of their ancestors once you go about a hundred years back. No one will remember you. Kids are the worst way to leave a "legacy", history always forgets the unremarkable and if your only real accomplishment was pushing out babies then congratulations, you're no different than the vast majority of humans who have ever lived. People who's only sense of purpose in life is to pass on their genes are basically animals. Just following their most basic biological instincts to pass on their unexceptional genes.

Also, /most/ people die alone, especially women. Men usually die earlier, so don't count on a husband by your side on your deathbed. And kids more often than not stick their old and infirm parents in shitty nursing homes so they can be put on sedatives for the last five years of their miserable lives. I'd say a good 90% of the elderly residents in the nursing home I used to work at had kids, and a further 90% of that 90% had kids who didn't even /visit/ them.

No. 834296

You would really benefit from becoming a lesbian then.

No. 834297

"There are no hot lesbians" is quite a take

No. 834298

I'm not the anon you think I am kek. Just think this thread has been derailed enough

No. 834299

Your favorite queer-baiting, dick sucking on the down low celebrities don’t count lol

No. 834301

So you want to fuck a corpse?

No. 834302

>denying everyone else’s sexuality
Sorry they don't take your (girl)dick bro.

No. 834304

I'm not making it up, sadly
It is one of the most aggresive and dangerious dogs in the world for that reason, only extremely skilled trainers can handle them

>The Fila Brasileiro or Brazilian Mastiff, is a large working breed of dog developed in Brazil.[1] It is known for its superb tracking ability, aggressiveness and an unforgiving, impetuous temperament. Rather than attacking its prey, the Fila traps it and waits for the hunter to arrive. Owing to these qualities, the Fila Brasileiro is used as a guard dog, as a cattle dog for livestock and as a hunting dog for tracking and controlling large game. When slavery was legal in Brazil in the 18th century, the Fila Brasileiro was used to return fugitive slaves unharmed to their masters.

The "unharmed" part is debatable, they are known to maul strangers and this is why they are prohibited to own in many countries

No. 834306

yes anon that’s sad as fuck but that also proved my earlier point, domestication is one of the most evil things humans have ever done when it comes to nature and animals

No. 834307

it sounds like you're pretty self aware in terms of being not ready for motherhood atm, you did the absolute right thing, ensuring that the children you eventually have will have a mom that's ready and able to take care of them. What you've done takes a lot of courage, strength, and honest self assessment, and I know I'm just a stranger on the internet but I'm proud of you anon.

I think some counselling would be a solid idea, even just short-term to process your feelings. Does the clinic you visited have any resources they could connect you with?

Sending you love and care in the meantime. Hope you're able to get some rest and feel things through as you need. <3

No. 834308

Who's talking about fucking corpses? Are you insane?

No. 834309

kek it really is the sperg again

No. 834311

I don't think so, if you're so concerned about "passing down the bloodline" how can you be this mad about cool dogs?
Here's another one, tosa inu, literally a sumo wrestler
Domestication is good, it's like evolution but we're making it faster
And if you think "oh no but they're ill" most dogs aren't unless you're talking about very deformed ones like pugs. Dogs and humans have such a cool rich history that I would never see it as bad to want to own one, it's literally in our nature

No. 834312

It makes me sad, even when it's just trannies baiting, when Magdalen Berns is brought up to bash. She was smart as fuck and didn't deserve to die of brain cancer. RIP

No. 834313

Yeah I'm sure cats are really suffering rn. Are psycho pet anon and psycho birther anon the same person? Or are there really two loonies in this thread who don't know how to sage?

No. 834314

I don’t think she gives a shit considering she is dead nonnie.

No. 834315

The post was about me giving a fuck, thank you.

No. 834316

Thank you anon, your words mean a lot. I have a follow up appointment this week and I’ll ask for some resources.
The second time I got pregnant, I was in a better spot but I lost the baby and that was something I never dealt with. I just want to cry and I feel so low. I know I made the right decision. It’s just a very difficult decision that I thought I wouldn’t have to make again. My bf said he wants kids but he wants to be better prepared. I hope things get better. I’m tired of waiting.

No. 834317

If you support domestication of dogs then you literally support slavery, segregation and eugenics, congrats anon!

No. 834318

I do support eugenics! Not slavery or segregation though

No. 834319

More bait

No. 834321

Lmao. Genetically we will all be forgotten you complete an utter spastic. Homo sapiens have been on the planet for hundreds of thousands of years yet every single person today can trace their ancestors back to a single person from 3500 years ago because eventually all bloodlines collapse into each other. The only way to be remember is to do something noteworthy for humanity to get into a history book. Everyone alive today is distantly related. The way gene recombination works in reproduction means that every single person is an indivdual but they can also share more similar genes with an uncle than a parent just because of how reshuffling works. It's delusional to think you're more important or made more an impact because you shat out a kid. Anyone alive today could influence the next Einstein you don't just have to be genetically related to make an impact. There's such thing as fostering and adoption. Fuck sake even in other species there isn't just a focus on reproduction. Some animals are literally born to be workers if yoy take bees and ants as an example. And there's loads loads of evidence of homosexuality throughout the animal kingdom. Get off your high horse.

No. 834324

Why are you so bitter over Magdalen Berns? She was beautiful and smart, and she said the truth about trannies. Only trannies get bitter over her

No. 834325

>Lmao. Genetically we will all be forgotten you complete an utter spastic. Homo sapiens have been on the planet for hundreds of thousands of years yet every single person today can trace their ancestors back to a single person from 3500 years ago because eventually all bloodlines collapse into each other.
This, people are so stupid and think some people reproducing means shit lol

No. 834328

Just because it’s found in nature doesn’t mean it’s still right.

No. 834329

A lot of people who were "fit to breed" and had "nice gene pools" were either poor or died of famine and plague and never reproduced. Being "fit to breed" is such a vague term to be honest. People living in small villages in the middle of the jungle are as fit to breed as a yuppie living in an appartment with three dogs. But somehow being a lesbian who decides not to have kids is the devil? Hmmm… homophobe much? Not everyone wants to have kids, not now, not 200 years ago

No. 834330

Oh so you are just a homophobe? Don't think you need to worry about lesbians going after you, you sound ugly af. Good luck with your legacy if you can find someone that even wants a family with you. Where would we be without hateful cunts like you? So happy you get to use valuable resources.

No. 834331

I rather have a pitbull that kills homophobes and is loyal to me than a scrote that can't clean his ass, true! although corgis are cuter and smarter

No. 834332

Covid isn't going away because scrotes can't even be fucked to wash their hands. Most of them have shit in their beards too, but lesbians are the true evil. Makes you think.

No. 834334

Literal incel rage and seething, thanks for proving me right babe

No. 834335

File: 1624156908383.png (578.78 KB, 900x477, imagen_2021-06-19_214147.png)

Since prehistoric times we've had people who don't reproduce and have dogs instead
it's called living in a society
Plus what the hell is a "burning desire to have kids" lmao I want money, good food, and a strong body. I don't have this "burning desire" for anyone but to make myself happy, and that's how it should be.
"b-but you are selfish!" Loving yourself is a priority and it isn't selfish. It's more selfish to bring babies to this world on the pretense of having a "burning desire" kek just say you're horny like the rest of us.

No. 834336

Nta but you're also proving their point

No. 834337

So u fuck dogs and ur gay got it

No. 834338

Scrotes are dirtier and more unpredictable than most dogs tbh

No. 834339

You deleted your shit post to make an even shitter one lmao. I'm hetero bitch and I can guarantee I've had way more sexual experience than you. Seethe more you dumb cunt. I'll be laughing here with my masters in genomics while you moralise about lesbians.

No. 834340

it's 9:44 on a saturday, don't you have something better to do than to do this type of immature trolling? You must have no friends

No. 834341

You know the same argument can be used for your muh genes take.

No. 834343

Why should you love yourself? It’s a question that has an answer that is just as hopeless as trying to answer the very reason on what our purpose is. There really is no reason why you should hold yourself in high esteem

No. 834344

File: 1624157221656.jpeg (122.69 KB, 679x580, 59536633-94EC-4CF9-A86A-98845F…)


It’s called shitposting sweatie(autism)

No. 834345

Ok doomer

No. 834346

>the lesbians getting angry that straight woman look at them and think of them in disgust says otherwise.
Lmao this has got to be the dumbest bait I've ever seen.
>why are all these brown people so mad that I say racist shit about them? Must be because they want to fuck me!

No. 834347

Infighting isn't shit posting, but definitions don't seem to be your forte.

No. 834349

Stunning and valid for that Kim, I’m proud of her! Just wish Megan Fox can finally come to that realization too

No. 834350

Because you're the most important person in your life and you will live with yourself inside your own mind forever. The least you can do is tolerate yourself and treat yourself with care, and loving yourself really is that. Learning to take care of your own needs while also making yourself happy, sometimes or most of the times or as much as you can. Why? Cause being happy feels good! If you're a nihilist just see it as the good-feel chemicals doing their job in your body and not dying from hunger, disease or homelesness. It's a good thing anon, I hope you can love yourself some day.

No. 834351

>Reeeeee be more humble females!! Stop thinking about your happiness and breed for me!

No. 834352

Always funny when newfags get completely dunked on for their shit takes and they think this site is like 4chan and they can shit post and 404 the thread. This thread will contain your retardation forever. This is your legacy homophobe! Rejoice!

No. 834353

It's so funny because you can tell they're newfags by not saging their shit and posting shit pictures like >>834344
It's so obvious this is a stupid scrote that wants to fuck lesbians lmao

No. 834354

File: 1624157566919.jpeg (96.08 KB, 683x583, C9621A79-5C07-47E3-AAE6-C903A0…)

> muh homophobia
> muh legacy

No. 834355

Loving yourself isn’t any fun though, and it’s a complete waste of time. Only people who like to “love” themselves are fatties, lolcows, and alcoholics, and look where that got them. Hating yourself everyday gets this world somewhere, even if it means war and famine(bait)

No. 834356

Aww imagine being this insecure. Couldn't be me.

No. 834357

>friend is telling group chat about our hangout a few weeks ago
>gets to the part about the food we ate
>she ate four special rolls of sushi which were giant plus a soup
>I don't know how she didn't throw up
>she played it off like we both ate the same amount of food even though I had 8 pieces of nigiri
>later on I ordered pizza because she said she was hungry
>it was a thin crust and I had two slices
>she ate the rest of the pizza
She's really afraid of looking fat or something I guess.

No. 834358

It's even funnier because they get a ban and we just move on with our conversations.
Obviously some spergy scrote wrote this trying to be "funny" but just comes out as deranged and very stupid

No. 834359

>Only people who like to “love” themselves are fatties, lolcows, and alcoholics
Doing shit that's bad for your health like being obese or an alcoholic is literally the opposite of loving yourself wtf are you talking about idiot.

No. 834361

Go back to your containment thread.

No. 834362

Stop lying to yourself lc is exactly like 4chan but with women on it and less boards.

No. 834363

File: 1624157789106.jpeg (184 KB, 1280x878, 045A908E-8E9D-4E61-92F6-AFFC47…)

Please do not confuse me with other posters in the future thx

No. 834364

>being this much of an edgelord
You must be +18 to post on this website

No. 834366

I'd say lurk moar but you probably don't know what that means cause you're a retard.

No. 834367

Only a newfag would say that lmao

No. 834368

So >>834276 is just projection, huh. If you're not a disgusting troon or man, I'm sincerely sorry for you.

No. 834369

File: 1624157863438.jpeg (45.7 KB, 275x275, 60828B04-E099-4D88-8CBD-68E498…)

i’m adam driver sexual hunny~

No. 834370

shittiest bait I've seen all night lol(responding to "shitty bait" )

No. 834371

Nah don't blame it on us, you can't blend in, and you don't fit in.

No. 834372

The mods don’t care about you or the userbase, they throw you all under the bus if it can save their asses when they hurry to find your off-topic posts but are conveniently away when gore and illegal content is being spammed by undesirables. Keep calling people newfags and telling them to lurk when it’s pretty obvious that this website is heavily similar to 4chan, it’s literally an imageboard like wake the fuck up

No. 834373

Thx hon I’m desperate for gf

No. 834374

This shoe doesn't fit no matter how often you want to tell yourself that scrote

No. 834375

Using our memes doesn't mean we can't tell you're some kind of degenerate scrote using lolcow lmao
>shitty opinion
>doesn't sage
ok /meta/ reject(responding to bait)

No. 834376

File: 1624158117310.jpg (151.92 KB, 741x1046, 828271818.jpg)

>being attracted to this
Disgusting. Now it all makes sense.

No. 834377

Wtf have the mods got to do with anything? Shit. I was under the impression they all tucked me in to bed at night and kiss my forehead. What do you mean they don't care about me?? Say it ain't so! I need an authority figure to praise me constantly and call me a good little breeder I go cry now

No. 834378

You know that's not a driverfag, right? Just a scrote wanting to troll.

Also he looks very hot in that pic.

No. 834379

File: 1624158243293.jpeg (38.92 KB, 497x483, 592B57CB-4422-4C46-AF59-3B705C…)

I’m not trolling I’m really really desperate

No. 834380

>I need an authority figure to praise me constantly and call me a good little breeder I go cry now
kek mods are lolcow's daddies now

No. 834381

File: 1624158264577.jpg (43.77 KB, 748x449, IMG_20200924_124715.jpg)

>Also he looks very hot in that pic.

No. 834382

File: 1624158274543.gif (5.46 MB, 320x498, 2633CB31-CFB6-49E7-A0C1-902774…)


No. 834383

Yes we can tell you are an attentionwhore.

No. 834385

File: 1624158438435.jpeg (101.35 KB, 750x723, 8B3967A0-D483-49CA-92CF-A3A96A…)

My last post for the ladies here
Hopefully one day I will ascend and get a gf like u nonnies

Until then still failed scrote

No. 834386

File: 1624158441209.jpg (7.66 KB, 258x196, images (1).jpg)

>wishing someone would notice your vents and be validating but everyone's too busy replying to baitposter who smelleth of the scrotum

No. 834387

File: 1624158463301.jpeg (253.45 KB, 683x1024, C3E31591-4292-43B3-A1A0-379D8E…)

me knowing the mods are finally going to have to wake the fuck up, eat their shitty euro breakie with the beans and toast and delete my posts

No. 834388

This entire thread is just
>smart women trying to debunk shit men say
>stupid homophobe scrote yelling and trolling and asking for attention to "win" an argument
Just like real life. Scrotes never change.

No. 834390

You're retardation will stay up faggot. You're not special.

No. 834391

Go off queen

No. 834393

just get tinder you idiot

No. 834394

How does it feel knowing that no matter how much I try to convince you that I’m not a scrote, you’ll still call me one? Women aren’t a monolith, I’m not going to act like the retards who keep blogposting about their abortions like no one cares

No. 834395

Methinks this scrote isn't photogenic enough for tinder.

No. 834397

I want to don’t get me wrong. I want to ascend and get gf. Instead I just fail at life.

Ok that’s my final post

Remember women you are BETTER THAN US(nobody cares faggot)

No. 834398

Me unironically

No. 834399

>retards that talk about abortions
No woman here would talk about a serious biological and psychological issue like that in that way.

No. 834400

You could always do a solid for the planet and kys and let the resources go to a man that women want to make babies with.

No. 834401

>ok this is my final post
>ok this is my final post
>ok this is my final post
conceited and self centered

No. 834402

The only way you'll make babies is raping someone. Kys

No. 834403

Guess I’m the first woman in here who’s not going to lie to you then. Don’t fall for the fake positivity on this website, everyone is an asshole despite pretending that this is a positive place for women to be on and this thread goes against the website’s rules anyways so fuck it, go wild(samefagging male)

No. 834404

Women know how to sage and integrate faggot.

No. 834405

I just want a world where we have female dictators killing men when they rape and murder us and giving us a better quality of life than males

No. 834406

>Remember women you are BETTER THAN US
We know. That pathetic Y chromosome already made it too obvious.

No. 834407

>muh rurus
Are you the /meta/ tranny who desperately wants dictatorship in the mtf thread?

No. 834408

>fAkE pOsSitIvIty
Ok nlog

No. 834409

I want men to get shot on sight, I think if we arm every single woman in this world and take guns from men and kill them whenever they rape or kill us, the world would be a better place

No. 834410

>this thread goes against the website’s rules anyways
Blogposting is only against the rules on the gossip boards, genius.

No. 834412

>this thread goes against the website’s rules anyways so fuck it, go wild
tell me how I know you are a newfag

No. 834413

No. 834414

I rarely go in that thread, tiring seeing the same thing being repeated, it’s a thread about a topic that can be discussed in one post. Everyone in there comes to same conclusion

No. 834416

File: 1624159429103.jpg (154.91 KB, 980x766, IMG_20210620_042325.jpg)

That trannies are a fake science and a plague!

No. 834417

Hard Agreed

No. 834418

Then please explain why the celebricows thread is in /ot/ then? People get banned for blogposting in there despite it being in a non-gossip board. Tell me how that makes sense? Tell me how that works? Also repeatedly sperging about newfags like 4chan users do isn’t helping either

No. 834420

>Tell me how that makes sense? Tell me how that works?
lurk more

No. 834422

>not knowing why celebricows is in /ot/
tell me how I know you are a newfag

No. 834423

Sage your shit newfag your retardation doesn't necesitate a bump.

No. 834424

Bitch this is the vent thread #79, are you going to start complaining about anons using /ot/ incorrectly now? Kek what a fucking retard

No. 834426

You shat up half of this thread with your retarded bait and infighting, you lost any say on that topic.

No. 834427

and obviously male

No. 834428

Are jannies asleep? How does this shit persist for two hours and going strong?

No. 834430

They don't care about gore being posted, do you think they care about some retards posting stupid shit and bait? They gave up a long time ago

No. 834431

It's hard to moderate a gore raid when the cunts come to scout out when moderation activity is low. Ultimate baller and alpha moves to troll lolcow, definitely what a hot guy would do that's totally not an incel.

No. 834432

Man, I really do hate males.

No. 834434

File: 1624160154717.jpeg (45.5 KB, 400x570, C4C10470-3318-4DBF-BA6A-807EFA…)

worms for brains I’m too busy laughing(male)

No. 834435

Let it ease your mind that men have shitter life expectancies than us. Are more vulnerable to disease due to their shitty y chromosomes. And are also under threat by other males of being killed too. No wonder so many of the insecure cunts Troon out and think women have life on easy mode. They're complete an utter failures and their mothers should have drowned them when they showed their first signs of being inferior.

No. 834436

No. 834438

And this all started because some poor anon felt ashamed for being gay. Scrotes are a plague

No. 834445

Very disappointed in all of the potato brained tards that responded to the bait posted. Ffs

No. 834447

Men see gay women being vulnerable and they jump on them like vultures.

No. 834456

My bf ENJOYS arguing and gets upset when I stonewall. I know it's not healthy but I hate arguing and he wont stop when I ask him to and its always over dumb shit and gets angry when I agree with him to stop him from continuing the argument. It causes me such bad anxiety and panic attacks.

No. 834459

Did I write this? Luckily we don't argue often but I wish he would let me calm down once I get to a point where I need to stonewall but nope he keeps going and makes everything worse. Fuck, like let's come back to this in 30min and talk normally. It's out in the open how I feel though and he said he'd work on it.

No. 834460

Bipolar really kicking me in the ass God why I'm so mentally ill?, only reason I'm not going apeshit yet is because I don't want to trigger my ibs. I just want to scream and rage.

No. 834478

My landlord has never given me weird vibes but why the fuck is he knocking on my door this late? Especially when he ran into my bf and I earlier and my bf mentioned he was going out of town for the weekend. I didn't answer the door because why would I? Text me or slide a piece of paper under my door like you usually do, dude.

No. 834480

Been off my meds for almost a month due to personal life problems and i couldn't really take a bus to get prescribed my medicine from my psychologist, no car, dad had surgery so he couldnt take me there, my whole family in general was busy.
Anyway i feel like i have withdrawal problems now, and i also have a really hard time to fall asleep or wake up in general. I've been up until almost 7AM and i still feel like i can't sleep. At this point i think i won't reach my goals at all and i just feel like im getting worse.

No. 834481

that is creepy as hell, definitely don't open the door.

No. 834484

I'm filled with a lot of rage right now. I'm sad and angry. My knee is fucked and I'm going on a trip in less than a month. My relationship is going down hill. I hate my fucking stupid roommates and want them gone. My desk area is a whole mess as well as my little corner in the living room… I'm disappointed in myself.

I just really want to cry but I'm too angry to even force that.

No. 834486

what a creep, jesus, don't respond

No. 834490

>my bf mentioned he was going out of town for the weekend
Your bf is kind of a dumbass. Thirding don't answer the door, if it's important enough he can leave a letter.

No. 834493

They have a friendly relationship and he saw it as simple small talk but yeah I even brought that up to him but only said "for the future" not thinking this guy might be weird.

No. 834494

File: 1624165747957.jpg (79.88 KB, 1280x960, squid.jpg)

I'm having one of those nights where I know I'm going to stay up stupid late so I just wanna fall asleep on the couch watching tv but he's being whiny and begging me to come back to bed.
Until we get a king mattress that basically means laying like a sardine either in dark silence or on the lowest volume setting on the tv or phone until I finally get drowsy. He says I don't disturb him but I know I do and he's gotta wake up early, at least when he ducks out for work I can occupy the bed by myself and starfish out how I'd like to.

No. 834503

>they have a friendly relationship
Can your bf ask him why the fuck he was knocking on the door then?

No. 834514

File: 1624168004956.jpg (7.65 KB, 275x275, 1614138720754.jpg)

I'm fucking seething I hate astrology and yet every time you bitches call me out word for word.

No. 834519

Every time I slip back into my life as a semi-normie, lc calls me back in like a toxic ex-friend. It's a similar phenomenon to rubbernecking when you witness a disaster.

No. 834522

Said he wanted to remind us to give him new checks soon. After 10pm? Fuck off.

No. 834523

File: 1624168773141.jpg (34.04 KB, 418x512, unnamed.jpg)

That kitsune udon and tempura in Mariah's thread on /pt/ makes me really fucking hungry argghhh! I wish anons wouldn't post her food like that's milk, the bitch eats deliciously and I want it.

No. 834528

File: 1624169741937.jpg (38.87 KB, 750x348, 1580555388012.jpg)

I was screen recording heather explore's ig story about her flat tyre and cliff bar when I got so overwhelmed by how fucking little she actually has had to go through, yet she acts like a constant victim. Ma'am, some people are genuinely ill and have war in their countries and you made 3 stories about dropping some disgusting protein bar on the floor?

No. 834529

Doja Cat > Megan thee Stallion

No. 834533


No. 834534

No. 834535

I hate bitches who complain about how abusive their S.O's are but end up defending them like little obeident dogs when push comes to shove. I know someone who gets abused by her husband (he literally forced himself back into her life after ghosting her for years, insults her about her body, intellect, ect on a daily basis) and the only reason he gets to stay is because he gives her gifts and keeps food on the table. This bitch is too lazy to find a fucking job and is okay leeching off of welfare money. And you know what this useless shit stain did while her "husband" was gone for some years? Instead of finding a JOB and saving money to support her young son, this fucking cunt went out to get drunk and party with friends all day. She even got a little pathetic boyfriend who's daughter wound up sexually abusing her son (under the direction of that pedo ass boyfriend). Bitch is fucking reckless.

I tried to be nice to this cunt and maybe see that she had changed for the better but nope, all I see her for the manipulative immoral sleazebag she is. You can be the most respectful person in the world and listen to all of their emotionally consuming rants about their life but if you dare say you dont like their favorite color red they accuse you of hating them and being "disrespectful". I got into it with her "husband" because as usual, this faggot was being a controlling domineering prick with me and I lashed out, and of course she took his side and lied that she never argues with him despite her literally screaming her brains out at him 24 7. She says she "needs" him for his money (which ok sure, you could have your money if you didnt fucking spend your money on the legal defense of your misogynistic oldest son beating the brains out of his girlfriend or wasting your dad's inheritance on a shitty mini cooper that you paid for all at once like a tard and is now obsolete by 7 years). Fucking useless!!! Bitch, you a fucking undiagnosed BPD im sure and a fucking useless, evil, manipulative, hypocrite who always makes yourself the victim and changes your feelings about people depending on the situation. I never met someone as useless and vile as you and I pray one day that your youngest son can finally heal from the psychological abuse you caused him all these years. You can honestly go to hell and die in there you freak

No. 834542

I'm having a hard time since I found a deceased kitten (about 6 weeks old). I called a shelter before this kitten passed away and they said it was "low priority". Yesterday I discovered this poor little kitten long gone with some blood near it. The mother cat was around so I was told to not do anything and leave the two kittens. The mother is now presumed dead as there was a black cat deceased down the road (ran over) but there was one survivor. The shelter did take in the surviving kitten afterwards which frustrates me that it took the deaths to do something. I just can't stop thinking about the kittens and feeling guilty. I shouldn't have listened and took them in anyway. I can't stop crying. I can't sleep. I can't stop thinking about the kitten that wouldn't leave the body of it's littermate. I hope she is adopted fast and has a happy life.

No. 834545

So does he not have a phone? Email? What the fuck. I hope he dies ngl. How does ur bf feel? I’d be furious if I where him.

No. 834548

I hate food. Not in an ana-chan sense, but I genuinely don't like eating. I have no body image issues, just the act of eating is such a chore to me.

No. 834549

I'm going to be alone with my gf for the first time in weeks and of course my period started today, 5 fucking days early. I'm so pissed off.

No. 834562

A good pirate isn't afraid of the red sea, anon. Also there is a possibility that she is on her period too, if you are in sync that leaves more days where you don't have to worry about any periods

No. 834571

I went through this phase too where the act of chewing and swallowing seemed like such a waste of time and would have loved to photosynthesize or something kek

No. 834593

>mfw I come back hours later to my original post >>834196 and see that some spastic homophobe-chan has been going on about how (s)he totally agrees that lesbians are pedo rapist incels and that my fears of coming off as a creep are valid
why can't we ever catch a fucking break I know it's bait but it's still true that there are plenty of straight people who think like this and it's depressing

No. 834598

i hate not being able whether my bf is a closet gay/bi or not

No. 834602

Why do you think he might be gay or bisexual?

No. 834624

don't worry, anon - if anything the fact that it's obvious what a ludicrous twat that person is shows that it's not a normal view. your fears are valid because they're your feelings, but please try not to base your feelings on internet morons who are afraid of their own sexuality etc. no one normal thinks of you like that.

fwiw as a bi woman i love getting attention from lesbians

No. 834625

I’ve never had an argument with a friend yet. Not because I’m just such a good person or friend or anything but I’ve always just had such a small amount of friends and known them a long time idk it just hasn’t come up. It’s also not that I avoid conflict bc I think that makes things worse and I would rather just get it out of the way and not harbour resentment or be passive aggressive. If anything I’m quite confrontational and have had arguments/conflicts with people at work, my family, other situations etc and handled it fine. But because I’ve never been in this situation with a friend I’m kind of anxious for when it inevitably happens, I feel like I won’t know what to do. I genuinely can’t imagine actually arguing with a friend and then being friends again. It seems so awkward. Idk why it seems so different from an argument in all other contexts but it just does, probably because I have no experience.

No. 834634

It's annoying and sad when friends get a lover and suddenly they disappear. My friend recently got a boyfriend and she barely talks to me now, if she hangs out she travels all the way to him but she has no time to hang out half an hour with me in months. She also just fucking ghosts me and has nothing to say anymore. But I know that if things go south she'll be magically reappearing when she wants to vent and shittalk other people. I know it's normal and I'm being selfish, but is it so hard to maintain platonic relationships when you enter a romantic one?

No. 834636

I gave my 2 week's notice at my current job before getting official confirmation from a new job I'm applying to, and now I feel like it was a stupid decision. I'm freaking out at the possibility I might be rejected and end up jobless.

No. 834637

I hate how people who weigh more than me still manage to have slimmer, normal looking faces, even cheekbones sometimes. I've been borderline underweight my entire life and my face is still wide and huge, I look overweight and chubby from the neck up. I don't even purge or anything like that, I eat normally just like any other person, drink tons of water, never did alcohol or drugs, there's literally no reason for my face to look like this when almost every other body part is thin, my body makes no logical sense, other people are able to have an actual chin and cheeks but I can't.

No. 834640

I have a fat face and slim body, my moms side all have it too though. Do you see it in your family?

No. 834651

Are you literally me? We've been cursed. There isn't much to do but accept it

No. 834660

Idk, haven't paid that close attention

No. 834664

It might not seem it now, but a naturally chubby face is a blessing in disguise. When you're older, I'm talking 40 onward, you'll look far more youthful because your face won't become gaunt or be prone to wrinkles, which happens with people in the lower weight range. Love your chubby cheeks girls, they'll pay off later.

No. 834665

Don't chubby faces get saggy jowls sooner?

No. 834668

That happens when someone has excess face fat from being overweight, and then looses weight, like baggy skin on the body from weight loss. Someone who's slim but has a chubby face (hopefully) won't be losing any weight.

No. 834673

I'm lighting a candle for all of us out here with fat faces and skinny bodies

My mom looks youthful but has wrinkles and jowls on top of chubby cheeks. My future is weird looking

No. 834711

Pickmes are worse than the men they defend, because they're traitors

It's so scary how all men at least have some sort of camaraderie while women, pickmes in particular, have zero loyalty to their own sex and will throw each other under the bus for some male attention

No. 834715

I hate men and women and mostly myself

No. 834726

I still think it's a lil convenient for men.. how we often blame the woman more or compare her wrongdoings to a mans and somehow find her worse. We're being fooled into judging women so hard that we let the acts of men slide somewhat. That's not the answer. It's like when your bf has an affair and you blame the other woman who he could've manipulated into it or lied to. All too convenient when we judge it like that.

No. 834734

Men kill and torture each other lmao, camaraderie my ass. I just wish a large amount of women weren't so easily brainwashed into being pickmes. Yeah, male influence is shit but pickmes should also to reflect upon what they're doing and why. I honestly prefer to shit on males and give women the benefit of the doubt, but some women I want to grab them by the shoulders and shake some sense into them.

No. 834735

I don't think that's the cause. Pickmes are insufferable even without a man actually having done anything to provoke them to wax lyrical about how unfair everyone is to men.

No. 834742

I concur. fuck virgos and fuck 'em hard. unlubed. conceited, hypocritical cunts.

No. 834744

>virgo does some random household shit to forget the pain.

holy shit, so true! that made me laugh, based!

No. 834750

Pickmes are unsufferable. Men are rapists, woman beaters, child abandoners, pedos etc

No. 834757

Try not hating men like everyone else in the world

No. 834758

No. 834759

Are you lost?

No. 834762

found the pickme

No. 834766

Semi-agreed, but I still get the reasoning behind a pickme's actions since it's a learned cope in a patriarchal world while the misogyny of men themselves is simply their innate male sociopathy. Pickmes are just women who haven't been pinkpilled yet because accepting the world as misogynistic as it truly is is too painful. Men on the other hand have no excuse.

No. 834768

go back

No. 834773

The only time I'd meet people who would put 'i am a poor baby victim' card were always Capricorns, which is the only thing that makes me believe in astrology a little bit.

It sucks how I can't "bond" with any of them. Everytime a person would be abusive or full of themselves and treat me like dirt for their own gain would always be a Capricorn. But then they become hysterical when you tell them that they are wrong or just refuse to do something or babysit them.

No. 834774

I agree so much. It deeply saddens me when a woman would defend a man everytime you would bring up experiences with sexual assault and such. But at the same time it makes me a bit happy for them because that makes me think that these pickmes lived a sheltered life and never experienced anything.

No. 834797

File: 1624208062927.jpg (32.44 KB, 613x345, no_regrets.jpg)

I don't believe in astrology, but no lies there.

No. 834811

I really dont understand men. I've encountered men who tell me straight up they want nothing from me beyond sex and will never even text me unless it's to hook up and usually I respond with "ok sure we can fuck if you pay this bill, buy me this meal etc" then they get offended. Like I'm ok with being used for sex if I get something because I have no morals but they expect to be able to use me for free. I dont get it, if all they see me as is a warm hole to cum in why not just make it beneficial for both of us. They can get their quick and easy sex and I'll get a bill paid because I'm poor.

No. 834819

Oh, capricorns don't even try to hide how fucked up they are lmao

No. 834820

>Like I'm ok with being used for sex if I get something because I have no morals but they expect to be able to use me for free.
Cause they're entitled and believe in """"""""equality""""""""" (aka only being """equalt""" when it benefits them, and they think their dick is a gift to you when there are more than enough dicks in the world)

No. 834828

I struggled with being a nerdy outcast. I forgot myself and went full normie. Even going on dates and shit. But it's so exhausting and I hate it. I tell the guys I used to cosplay and their answer is: uuuh cosplay is kinda hot. Disgusting. I felt bad for ghosting one because he said we gonna tell the other if it doesn't fit or something bothers us uwu. But fuck you, I don't owe you anything you soulless pig. I'm telling them they are too pushy, I don't want to be in contact 24/7. And they only get more interesting. I tell them I like video games or weird movies and then they already want to marry me. I'm stressed out, stress stress stress and then I come back to this unholy website and I feel home again. Please don't let me go yet, I'm not ready for this ugly real world

No. 834829

Sometimes I forget being a radfem or radfem leaning isn't really popular out there and that hypersexualization or trooning out is very popular and it feels very ugly and sad.

No. 834831

Can you leave home anytime soon ? What country are you in Anon?

No. 834852

File: 1624212578707.png (273.71 KB, 700x696, imagen_2021-06-20_130429.png)

What I hate the most about virgos is how condencsending they are. They literally want to prove they're the smartest in the room and get frustrated when proved wrong. They want to be right so bad that go their way to literally prove their retardation and some of them think the loudest they are the better. They treat you as lesser or like a stupid cunt if you don't listen to them and are very stubborn even when presented with facts. Seriously, they're so unbeareable. I hate them, and the sweeter you are to them because "aaww they're kinda cool but sad" the more they treat you like an idiot. They deserve the loneliness they create for themselves.

No. 834870

I've met people who acted the same way while having diff zodiacs, because all they did were fed into thinking they are hot shit as a kid or are social media addict. Twitter is full of people that you mentioned tbh, its supposed to be some girlboss shit

No. 834872

File: 1624213950250.jpg (59.26 KB, 640x474, ind2ls6wvxw61.jpg)

My husband eats like shit and it drives me crazy. He's not fat because he's male and can afford the calories, but just because he can get away with the weight doesn't mean this shitty food isn't doing anything to him.

I'm a great cook and I've been told so. I can make literally anything fresh and delicious. But often when I ask him what he's feeling for dinner, he replies that he wants fast food or a fried ready meal he can throw into the air fryer from the freezer.
I've never met someone before him who loves McDonald's as an adult as much as he does. Every time he wants the god damn clown. The food is so bland and not even that tasty! How do people want to eat there more than once a month, forget about multiple times a week? Yucky…

No. 834875

Stop cooking for him, he sounds like a fucking slob. And a toddler.

No. 834878

oof anon… its one thing wanting to eat mcd/bk when you feel like it every once in awhile, but eating it everytime you go out is a bit weird…
id honestly suggest maybe making homemade burgers as a test for him to realise that homemade stuff is actually ten times better…

Its a bit silly but i used to be addicted to this microwavable lasagna until me and my partner cooked our own together, realising that nothing would top it, along w many other dishes. Sorry for you anon.

No. 834882

Shoot I don't bother cooking for him when he says he wants that crap. I just worry about my meal, but still. I'm worried about his dumb ass too.

Yeah I think that's probably the most reasonable halfway I'm gonna get.

God homemade lasagna is so much better, welcome to the light side!

No. 834889

I don't think he's gonna come to the "light side", anon, if he's already that addicted to McDonald's. Seriously. It's just gonna be a wasted effort. Does he say anything if you bring up your observations about him eating Mickey D's all the time?

No. 834898

You learn so much about a person from their eating habits.
>but just because he can get away with the weight doesn't mean this shitty food isn't doing anything to him
Lacks common sense and doesn't give a shit about his body. Will let himself go completely and complain when this eventually kills all your attraction towards him because nobody wants a manbaby slob for a husband. Probably hates himself.
>But often when I ask him what he's feeling for dinner, he replies that he wants fast food or a fried ready meal he can throw into the air fryer from the freezer.
No sentimentalism about sharing food or preparing food together. Will not appreciate you making food for him, nor will he ever bother to cook for you either. Probably thinks cooking is a woman's job too, men don't have to know how to cook.
>forget about multiple times a week
Too retarded, a modern wonder how he even manages to breathe. If he's addicted to garbage like McDonald's, he's probably addicted to porn and other vices too. Yuck.

No. 834913

Yeah my boyfriend is like that too. He also gets into this habit of ordering extra fast food for "later". I think it's so fatminded ofhim but he won't listen to me when I gently suggest just getting a meal..

No. 834946

a lot of anons here say they don't want children, how much they hate children, fuck that!11 yet choose to date and mom the fuck out of the worst sctotes

No. 834952

So true!

No. 834957

The justification there is probably that one can shed the manchild, not so easy with the child child

No. 834964

Some lady was standing on my heels at the store in line, and when I asked her to back up she wouldn't, she just smirked at me and didn't respond. I think she thought I was saying it because of covid (she had no mask on) but it's because she was literally less than a foot away and really disgusting and fat so I wanted her to get away. I didn't have a cart as a buffer so it was really uncomfortable. I hope the fat hog chokes on her McDonald's tonight

No. 834965

Can't dump a kid nona

No. 834968

Tell em Queen
Some farmers play themselves

No. 834970

Hit dogs will holler…

No. 834978

To me, it was all Taurus. Taurus in my experience have always have been the poor pissy pants babies.

No. 834988

Every childfree poster is a het woman huh.

No. 834990

>a lot of

No. 834993

Can't fucking stand a moid in my friends group pegging me as asexual because I'm disgusted at his descriptions of his hookups + I'm not a simp for men. This guy says he understands women.

No. 834999

>a lot of
you know this isn't twitter where you get offended by choice and start a fight like an autist, right?

No. 835007

Nta but who's fighting

No. 835012

I wish there was a NEET community for females only
I fucking hate scrotes

No. 835017

same, maybe we could we have a neet thread here

No. 835020

Every neet community I saw has been incel shit. I think there's a neet thread on ot but it's not used very much.

No. 835023

Does the covid vaccine really increase risk of false positives for breast cancer?
I have a dent in my left breast. I haven't been vaccinated yet despite being in a hot spot and I really need to see a gp I hope they won't ignore me because I haven't been vaccinated. I worry it's cancer. I'm only 25. But my mom had cancer young. Im scared

No. 835027

I'd like this but I'd prefer something private plus I doubt it'd be used much

It's really annoying I feel like a lot of women are NEET as well and struggle especially with health issues who can't work but scrote NEETs are annoying incels who hate women

No. 835038

my wet clothes are stuck in a locked washer until tomorrow morning and i bonked the top of my head into a cabinet door three hours ago and now i'm trying really hard not to sleep because i might have a concussion and i'm alone so i'm waiting for a doctor to come for a visit
i just wanted to wash my clothes, play some playstation and sleep early so i could be well rested for work tomorrow since i'm new there and i already had a sick day last week so i refuse to not go tomorrow even if i have a concussion
what an evening haha

No. 835040

My retarded shit neighbours are singing and it's fucking midnight, I have to get up in 4 hours to go to work. Everyone keeps defending these cunts because they are oh so mentally ill and oh so young. Get fucked, they're shit people and do this every year, they deserve all the shit that happens to them because they bring themselves into these situations because again, they're shit people. I fucking hate them, I want to a-log

No. 835049

He just punched my head and shoulder
My mother said I deserved it and that everyone is against me
True that college wants me out but I have an exam today in a few hours. God.
I can get out but not now on this sunday night. I was studying in mc donalds til 10 pm.

No. 835054

You’re that french weirdo?

No. 835057

Can you give me more details?

No. 835071

Please stop me before I enter a fb pit of lions. Just saw a girl asking in a group "is a relationship of a 16 y/o girl and a 21 y/o guy pedophilia?". Guess what, 99% of actual women rushed to write that age is just a number, a 21 years old guy is just a kid as well, that the girl can be as mature as him or even more… oh and that a 16 y/ o girl also may be looking for sex in a relationship! One woman bragged how she "willingly" entered a sexless relationship with an 18 year old scrote at 14 (below age of consent). She mentioned how the poor men have to be soo careful, cause they can get caught in a moment and then have their life ruined by it… When 2 women mentioned that they were abused as teens by their older partners, they got flooded by comments saying how adults also can be manipulated, abused etc. Of course all those idiots are like "i was 16 when I met my 27 years old bf and we are a happy married couple uwu!!!". It's supposedly a feminist group (though libfem), and those idiots don't know anything about basic psychology and cape for scrotes as hard as possible. Grooming doesn't exist in their world. I want to kil myself or kick their ass. Please end me.

No. 835072

>sister tells me her bf wants to identify as “queer”
>tells me he’s not attracted to dick and only people with vaginas
This fucker is straighter than a ruler and wants to identify as “queer” KEK what a joke. He even tried to kiss a dude and hated it. I don’t know why he’s out here trying to claim something he isn’t. He likes to cross dress and drag queens so I’m praying he doesn’t troon out on top of this non sense

No. 835076

>tells me he’s not attracted to dick and only people with vaginas
dunno sounds kinda transphobic of him

No. 835078

File: 1624236605807.jpg (79.69 KB, 640x640, 1617349636819.jpg)

I don't want to have sex, I'm not attracted to anyone, stop telling me something is wrong with me, why am I not allowed to just feel how I feel
I just don't experience sexual attraction, I don't I'm sorry, it's not legally required of me, leave me alone

No. 835081

Barf. Men don't even have to bother to groom us these days, the pickmes prime us for them.

No. 835085

I haven't had any weed in like 5 days. Bitch I am suffering.

No. 835091

Zero proof and weasel words.

No. 835093

every single person who posts in the celebrity thread is a fucking loser. Mostly the same handful of obsessive autists that have been posting there forever. Just read through it for the first time in months, and shit is so boring and cringe

No. 835095

File: 1624238554173.jpeg (43.42 KB, 574x430, 1573641983930.jpeg)

I am fucking sick and tired of having to watch my grown ass, 32 year old sister constantly going out to "wine nights" and bday parties during a fucking pandemic, no one is even trying to social distance. Her baby was just in the hospital with pneumonia, yet she sees nothing wrong with dragging her along to cafes and to see people who are not wearing masks, unvaxxed and just fucking childish. Why the fuck do I have an actually serious illness that requires me to live with our mom for the time being, yet she has the fucking guts to haul her barely well baby to my mom's apartment (I don't live there, she kinda travels back and forth) with 0 quarantine period nor care towards me? When she heard about my diagnosis, she just said how young people rarely die from that. This stupid ass bitch, your baby has had to be tested for covid 4 times, you think that shit is normal? I am so fucking tired, I was gonna go to the hospital tomorrow but now the fucking baby was dumped to my mom's and I need someone here for aftercare, I wanna cry. How the fuck did she turn out this way.

No. 835096

Bonus points in me actually trying to explain her how I cannot be alone and I refuse to chill with the baby because I am fucking unwell and she has not been mindful, I get called selfish. I feel like I am losing my mind.

No. 835097

hope that celeb shags u anon lol

No. 835098

I only like about 10 males in any capacity and one of them turned out to be an age gap scrote, my whole day is ruined. Stupid I know

No. 835102

I feel like I'm losing my mind. I keep wondering how long I can hold it together and stay alive. I feel I'm fated to lose my mind and end it. Maybe I can keep running. I think I've sown the seeds of my own destruction and I'm just watching it come to fruition. I feel fractured like hell.

No. 835110

File: 1624240790215.jpeg (111.66 KB, 500x699, 309CF4E2-D518-47FC-89BE-A6A664…)

Someone I know and love dearly came to me last night confessing they were terminally ill and has less than a year. Hate death, don’t know how to handle it except for laying in bed and crying.

No. 835113

crazy concept anon but if you dont like a thread: dont open it!

No. 835121

ntayrt but thanks i hope he does too

No. 835123

File: 1624242022510.jpeg (224.19 KB, 1242x1503, FFC1C796-471D-42E1-AE69-C79BBE…)

I cut both of my thumbs while packing everything in the house and doing the dishes. My feet hurt and I want to murder my brother, he’s always twiwed, bwusy and stwessed uwu so he’s never capable of doing anything in the house, i hate him so much that I want to slap him with a metallic foldable chair.

No. 835126

Agree but that can be said about a lot of threads. The celebrity thread has a very special kind of autism

No. 835127

It often reads like the comments on a celebrity gossip newspaper/magazine website, yes

No. 835132

I admire the effort made for the pic kek

No. 835133

I’m so upset bc today I brought it up to my bf that I went through the girls that he follows on Instagram and saw that a couple of them had onlyfans linked in their bios and posted suggestive pics. He said “oh I’m not subscribed to their onlyfans, they’re just thots from high school. What do you want me to do about it?” I was like unfollow them and he said no. I’m kinda feeling fucking heart broken over it. Like you really want to follow these random ass thots that don’t even follow u back that bad. I guess the way I feel doesn’t even matter. I just pretended to laugh it off, but I feel it’s slowly eating at me.

No. 835134

File: 1624245774509.jpg (29.06 KB, 640x355, 63063-1532336916.jpg)

No. 835135

Anon he's not gonna unfollow them because he knows you'll stay even if he doesn't. Doesn't that offend you? Your bf sounds pathetic tbh, a lot of guys ik wouldn't follow a girl they know irl who doesn't follow them back. He has to be cooming to them.
Personally I'd consider breaking up but ik some anon in here is gonna say "ahsduhduah this anon you're just a bitter femcel who is overreacting!" Ik this is just one event but "slowly eating at you" is usually a symptom of a much greater problem. I've had similar issues with men before and I wish I would have cut it off then instead of giving them chances and letting myself be disrespected over and over. You deserve to be happy anon.

No. 835136

do yourself two favors: dump this scrotum so he can not subscribe to their OF full-time, then deactivate IG and delete the app because it makes people act irrationally

No. 835139

Help, I'm beyond stupid.
I was flirting with a guy, things were going oh so well. And then my dumb ass got worried for no reason and in the middle of gettin hot and bothered said something along the lines of "But I want to be your friend. If you don't want me being flirty I understand. Want you to feel comfy."
I made it weird, no date for me. Kill me

On the plus side he said I'm cute and cool. But I still feel I fucked up beyond repair. URGH! Curse my fear of intimacy.
He's taking me to meet his friends tomorrow so I don't think completely ruined my chances right?

No. 835144

Oh yeah, you were trying to respect someone's boundaries, you truly ruined everything.

No. 835146

… hua. Now I feel stupid for going in a panic over nothin. I feel better. Thanks anon!

No. 835167

Dump him. He values his instagram wank material more than you and that's never going to change.

No. 835169

Learning someone you considered your friend actually hated you is a weird feeling. She could be off sometimes but I always assumed it was because she's a huge autist but nope she wanted me to fail and admitted she was happiest when she knew I was isolating myself from everyone due to anxiety. Idk what prompted her to come out of the woodwork and say these things to me. We kind of drifted apart naturally with covid stuff and I've rarely even thought about her if I'm being honest but I still thought good things of her. I wonder if she's also behind texting my boyfriend at 3am multiple times with shitty attempts to make me insecure.

No. 835173

File: 1624253541229.jpg (23.67 KB, 642x580, fae.jpg)

I'd been on the hormonal implant since 2013 and never had a period since. I'm married now and had it removed. Holy shit periods suck so fucking much. I forgot how awful and messy this shit is. Fuck. I actually have to go work and pretend to be happy meanwhile I'm in this fucking pain? FUCK.

No. 835174

>they're just thots from high school
Ugh, why are they so attached to their high school classmates? School's done with, stay out of the past. They don't care about you so why even give them attention? Tell your boyfriend he needs to grow up, stay present, and unfollow and block them.

No. 835176

i would like to ride some dick.

No. 835177

It's painfully obvious he doesn't care about me. So why do I still care? Why? What's wrong with me?
I'm aware this is going to pass and to be fair this hasn't happened to me in forever but for fuck's sake. It feels so frustrating.

No. 835178

A man looking at another women sexually is like a woman talking to another man who's there for her emotionally. He might be inherently/biologically/instinctually drawn to sexy women, men fucking love that excuse, but in a monogamous relationship, it is signaling they're looking for another mate. Even attractive women are insecure with their bf gazing at other women's tits. It's not because they feel like their tits are ugly, women are aware men are visual creatures, and don't want them to have the urge to fuck other people. If he doesn't respect that, get dressed up and go to a bar or a club with some friends and see how "insecure" he gets.

No. 835181

That deerhoof obsessed psycho in her thread needs to be put down holy shit

I havent seen this movie but I hate how these cult people mimic what the main woman does. Pisses me off

No. 835185

I got my second vaccine shot 10 minutes ago RIP my arm

No. 835188

I need to find full-time work or decide on a course to go back to university to study for but I have absolutely no ambitions, interests or talent in a specific area. I wish there was something to just guide me into picking the right path for myself. I'm tired of worrying and overthinking about this.

No. 835190

Men arent visual creatures. If they're so visual why do they and their own homes look like shit? They're only visual when they're trying to cheat or have porn addictions.

No. 835191

I'm too old for this anorexia bullshit, yet here I am. My only hope is that I actually die from it this time. No one can stop me and not even because I want to be a skelly queen but because I want death and I also have no insurance, no family support, and I'm poor so its not like I could afford any help even if I wanted it. If only I had the guts to take the quick way out but I'm too scared of hell but I guess for some reason starving myself to death won't lead me to hell in my head.

No. 835192

Idk where you live but if you don't care what you do and just want to make a living maybe look into a trade? it's usually faster than going to college

No. 835193

The more you know about something, the easier it is to get interested/motivated in it. You're not going to be interested in abstract concepts, you need to know something to start loving it.
I recommend you watch free courses on various topics to familiarize yourself with them, it will make it easier to decide.

No. 835194

Nta but I hadn't thought about this before and you're so right.

No. 835195

You would think if men were so visual they wouldnt be able to stand how hideous their own bodies are. Most of them dont even notice the shit stuck in their ass crack.

No. 835199

Same fag and even the women they're do visual about they dont notice details about them other than their tits and ass

No. 835201

Something happened yesterday that shook me quite a bit and I don't know how to proceed from here and what to expect. For context, myself and my fiancé have been renting a garden cottage in the backyard of our landlord and his partner/soon to be wife for the past 1.5 years. Lets call the landlord K and partner M, both around 50. We've had virtually zero problems with them and have become pretty good friends, we have drinks with them sometimes, BBQs, etc. K is a nice guy, but his only "job" is renting out the cottage and he's a bit of a drunkard. Drinks every day, but takes it too far sometimes and gets absolutely smashed from as early as 6am. We've not encountered problems with it personally apart from him being a bit pushy to pour you an extra drink etc if we are visiting. They seem to have a good relationship and I've never heard them fighting and M is very accommodating of his BS, although she has expressed resentment to me over his drinking in private.

Yesterday K asks me about something around 3pm, clearly smashed already. Him and M end up going out at 6pm (likely for dinner at our local bar) and come back around 9pm. Both are really drunk at this point. My fiance and I heard M screaming their dog's name after we got home and I assumed the dog pissed on the carpet or something. But then we hear an array of "fuck yous" exchanged between M and K, more screaming and my fiancé overheard M saying she was going to call us. She shortly starts screaming my name and "help" so we rushed over to see what was going on (I assumed something was seriously wrong with the dog and she needed help getting to a vet or something). M was fucking hysterical and asked us to move the cars. We all have one car each in our driveway, so we often have to switch them around to get out. K's car is closest to the gate so M asks me to move it, then move our cars. It takes forever to get to that point between verbal abuse between the two, M throwing K's wallet at him and more uncomfortable shit. M gets in the car with nothing but the dogs, sobbing and asking me to find her a spare set of keys in the house while K argues with my fiancé about him not being allowed to move his car. Chaos ensues but ultimately K allows us to move his car and ours and let M go. Eventually M speeds away with the dogs after fighting with K about stealing them in the middle of the street. At this point all our neighbours are watching (its a quiet neighbourhood) and are on the verge of calling the police.

We received an awkward apology from K at that point and I've received a message from M telling me she's safe at a friend's place and apologizing for involving us in their "drama". We still have no idea what sparked everything, but my fiancé says he thinks he heard a "stop hitting me" but definitely a "stop touching me" before she started screaming for our help. I feel guilty that we just let her drive off - she was very drunk and it was after curfew. But our only other option was not moving the cars and leaving her stuck with a potential abuser or calling the police - there was no rationalizing with either of them. She's normally very level headed so I don't know what could've happened to get her so hysterical. On the other hand we've never seen her so drunk either. Now we have another month left on our lease and its awkward as fuck. I don't know when she'll be coming back but I know she has to fetch her things and I'll most likely be home when that happens as my lectures have moved online due to a third wave of covid in our country.

No. 835203

I need to stress that this is extremely out of character for them and we would've never anticipated something like this happening. I am so worried about her coming back and shit going down again, and I'm also so worried about her. I've been in kind of similar situations in my teens with an abusive ex and leaving is so difficult - if that is along the lines of what happened here. Fiancé is at work (he can't take time off as its his last week before he starts a new job) and I'm home alone with K on the property. We don't have anywhere else to go, we have a few pets and our closest friends and family are 800km away from us. Its such a shitty situation I never thought I'd have to deal with seeing as living here has been amazing thus far.

No. 835204

K needs to go to Alcoholics Anonymous

This is the only advice I can give. Sorry for being useless

No. 835205

They're just old hs classmates it's not that big of a d-
>they don't follow him back
LOL dump that motherfucker, he's cooming to their photos

No. 835208

>grimes after opening the thread and reading slander about herself and her man for the 90000th time

No. 835211

I'm just so tired of being a female without a place to express the extreme dangers of letting men who decided yesterday that they are totally women should be let into all female only spaces without question. It's literally regressing women's rights. I can't wait for normies to catch up on this, I miss the based super straight kids, come back.

No. 835221

Dump his ass.

No. 835262

File: 1624274029472.png (122.91 KB, 230x316, ac.PNG)

Coworker tricked me into saying something that could cause me problem at work and I'm really worried now.
Basically he sent me something to "give feedback on" and in the way he said it I understood that he made it; so I've talked like I'd talk to him normally, solid feedback but pretty critical because it wasn't good. Then he informed me it was made by a person that I have very strained professional relationship with and would never use the same words if giving feedback to him knowing it may strain our relationship even more; and now I worry said coworker may go behind my back and tell that other person what I've said. What do you think I should do, hope he will not backstab me like this and keep silent; or go to the guy I have problem with and maybe try to do some damage control in advance?

No. 835268

Why not just immediately respond to him that you thought it was just casual feedback for his own personal reference but that if he is sharing this feedback with that person you would like to change your language so that it doesn't negatively impact anyone's self esteem. Imo that's a perfectly appropriate thing to say at work and if he ignores that request he looks sus as fuck.

No. 835272

I said something like that but like you've said, he can still end up being a backstabber. Hopefully not…

No. 835293

File: 1624280632772.jpeg (298.97 KB, 750x992, 461988B9-F6A8-49E2-BD48-3D791E…)

i wish my family would just die or disappear i can’t stand them

No. 835309

I sacrifice so much for my friends, they rarely ever sacrifice anything for me. I just wanted my boyfriend to tag along in our vacation plan, which I organized myself and made all the plans but they are saying it's a crowd and the house cannot handle that. I'm picking my friends over my family who has a much better vacation plan for the sake of being with them and they can't even let one more person tag along. Should I just bail all together because this is annoying…

No. 835312

I would say still go on the trip but in the future stop being such a doormat and use friends for fun only. No use losing friends over a scrote because when he leaves you wont have anyone to do stuff with

No. 835316

Lmao bail on your stupid friends and go with your family instead. You're already compromising by not going on the better vacation with your family, if they can't compromise for you then you should 100% with the better option which is the vacation with your family

No. 835322

My mother was angry by herself today, I tried to cheer her up by being nice and listening and now she's been insulting me for half an hour. Why do I even try? She makes me want to die. This is not how it's supposed to be.

No. 835325

File: 1624285731533.jpg (77.57 KB, 355x369, 30 - YBcH09N.jpg)

Sometimes I text my moid coworker on the weekend evenings because I actually want to befriend the guy but he's such an awkward sperg… To be fair, I did mention that I had been drinking and hell, maybe his dad beat the shit out of him while he's drunk or something. I'm not sure but he always gets awkward. I just want to talk about the interests we share but the fucker gets weird and then we don't talk the next day. And by weird, I mean… he seems annoyed. But then he messages me on the week days like nothing happened or like he wasn't being a massive weirdo. But when we text, he's just so annoye FFS man I literally don't have any friends besides my boyfriend, you're the only guy at work that even knows what anime is.

I don't care if he has a crush on me, he HIGHLY LIKELY doesn't, because he's a fucking weeb and I'm the exact opposite of the demographic he probs likes. (we all know what weebs like…….. image that, but the opposite – that's me). He's NOT local so we could likely never meet and he knows I have a boyfriend. He has never ever expressed interest in me or even shows "the signs" so I personally feel like he may be more annoyed. Truly I'm not sure what to do. If we don't talk for a while, he messages me randomly. I don't think he wants to be friends, not sure. What do you all think?

I can think of reasons he'd not want to be my friend. He recommends anime and music but I never have the time, so if he asks "Hey did you listen to XYZ? Hey, did you watch XYZ?" I always say no… He probs feels I don't value his suggestions, I guess.

No. 835326

The problem with me is once I start to question why I'm doing something then I just dont do it. Today i asked myself why i decide to go into work to a job i hate just to spend 98% of my money on bills and if i do buy anything extra I'd be left with nothing. So I just didnt go to work and went for a walk on a sunny day instead.

No. 835329

He might be an autist. They arent good with keeping up with friends and pop up here and there.

No. 835339

Why are men??? Genuinely? You do so much for them and they remain permachildren, solipsistic and without a shred of empathy. I don’t know why they think life is a movie and they can pick and choose who they need for each scene and chuck them back on the shelf when they can no longer sap energy out of them. Fuck.

No. 835340

Because living that is simply more enjoyable. We should start taking notes from scrotes on being more self absorbed.

No. 835361

If women were more self-absorbed, the population would go down, I'm sure. I really wish it happened.

No. 835377

Can the lolcow caps thread stop being just a fucking summary of the dumbass/retarded shit thread? It's supposed to be note-worthy keks from around the site, not a play-by-play of a lolSoRandom thread right fucking next to it.

No. 835389

As soon as a scrote bores me or isnt there when I want him there 99% of the time I drop him. Most women would be so much better if they were like this.

No. 835393

They treat you so much better once you start treating them like garbage, they fall over themselves trying to please you.
I used to wonder why my friend had a caring, loving boyfriend even though she treated him like a useless idiot, meanwhile I danced to my ex's tune trying to please him and he seemed to just get meaner and meaner. I've seen the light now, I'm never going back.

No. 835395

>Can the lolcow caps thread stop being just a fucking summary of the dumbass/retarded shit thread?
those are literally the only funny threads on the site tho

No. 835398

IMO the best caps posted in there are from anons who are not trying to be funny

No. 835401

not all of them are trying to though. some of us really are that dumb.

No. 835402

Thinking back, I realise that the start of my friendship falling apart with my best friend really was jealousy. I know it sounds self absorbed as fuck, but I remember how after some random drunk lady we were helping home talked about how pretty I was (not even saying my ex friend was ugly, just that I was pretty) and ever since then she'd sneak in tiny nitpicks about my appearance to bring my confidence down which then graduated to openly mocking me about them. Talk about depressing and pathetic.

No. 835408

i've been feeling like shit for a week or two and i can't put into words why

next week i'm moving in again with my boyfriend in a new place after a year of LDR so i really hope i find the will & joy to live again

No. 835418

i’m just so sick of the same things happening all the time and people hurting me like there’s a rota i’m tired i wish i had a friend instead it is get battered by god every morning until i cry every time i do the dishes or do anything really and does anyone else understand what i’m talking about because if it’s only me i don’t know what i’m going to do

No. 835420

maybe if my employer wants to virtue signal that they “give back to the community”, our CEO should use some of her $11 million annual salary to pay some political lobbyists to actually improve social services for local special needs families instead of guilting her underpaid, overworked corporate employees into baking & buying shitty bake sale goods for our annual fundraiser

No. 835425

I only draw women. I know I should practice drawing men but they are so uninteresting to draw omg.
The next drawing will be male, but oh my God no, I don't want to. Their bodies and faces are so boring to draw.
I like 3D guys but I don't like to draw them.

No. 835430

I'm such a dumb bitch. I wrote on my CV
>competent knowledge in ms excel & advanced knowledge in ms office
Not realising that office means all the softwares under Microsoft when I only meant MS Word. Fuck, and I have an interview soon

No. 835433

Same, nonny. I hate drawing men. Women are just so much more aesthetic.

No. 835435

File: 1624298188169.jpg (37.56 KB, 600x662, 1484013907320.jpg)

Just recently, at nearly 30 years old I've finally come to terms with and accepted I grew up in an emotionally/mentally abusive & neglectful home and that It's a major reason for my insane, self-destructive behavior over the years. That It's why I had trouble holding down a job, why I can't sleep at night, why my emotions are so volatile, why I have chronic anxiety in every aspect of my life, why I ruin all of my relationships and can't let people in. For so long I was in denial of it, for so long I kept telling myself "It wasn't that bad, my family loved me. He only slapped me on the my arms/hands, not on my face and only a few times. It's fine that I remember most of my childhood was spent being alone or yelled at, I'm sure a lot of people grew up that way. I'm just being pathetic. I'm just acting crazy.". But they did love me, I really truly think they did. They were just fucked up too. I'm still having a hard time accepting it, but I can't keep lying to myself when the truth is right in front of me. I would never stand and watch as a parent full on screams into their child's face for not acting 'properly' or doing something 'wrong'. Then to only scream more at them more for beginning to cry, calling them stupid & overreacting for crying after being terrorized by their parent. That's not normal, that's not healthy, that's not acceptable and it happened more times than I can count. That's just one example of the environment I grew up in. But It's still so fucking hard to accept that it was wrong, that it was abuse, even though I would never let that happen to another

I'm only now recognizing how many 'quirks' of mine and stupid shit I do are trauma responses. It's so fucking scary.

No. 835447

Some days ago there was a (for me unexpected) storm that I was caught in wearing my summer clothes. I was nearby a place from one of my dad's old friends and decided to take shelter there because I was soaking wet in a white croptop and the rain was horrible. Today I came in again to return the coat he had lent me. He said (in front of a friend who was there) that he found it funny and likened it to a wet t-shirt contest, continuing by saying that's why he took off his shirt so quickly to give me so I could cover my… And then he couldn't finish the sentence. I didn't know what a wet t-shirt contest was, so I was confused and asked "contest?". He joked with it further and emphasised how funny the situation was. I didn't really like that nor understand, as the situation was truly horrible, so I simply said it wasn't just my shirt that was wet, but also my pants and even shoes, which felt terrible and cold and was difficult to clean. I then went to the toilet and Googled what a wet t-shirt contest was. I was absolutely appalled that he would make such a comment, especially when it was about a situation that I felt terrible and alone in. For context, I'm 18 and he knew me since I was a little girl and he is 50 something and his friend was too. I feel really disgusted that I would be sexualised like that and constantly. He kept repeating himself one way or another and not taking my feelings seriously when I said it wasn't a nice experience. I feel immature for making a big deal out of this, but I just don't like being sexualised like this, especially not by adult male family and especially not when the situation was already really saddening and terrible.

No. 835453

I have an oral exam tomorrow and even though I prepared a lot, I feel like my brain's just gonna go foggy and I'm gonna fail. I have 3 tries in total so it's not as bad but man I wish I was done with it already. It's been 3 weeks of nonstop studying while it's such a nice weather outside. I'm just tired as fuck. I also stopped my adhd meds this semester so it has been extra hard on me and I'm scared I won't be able to concentrate tomorrow. After that I'll have a week long holiday and then month of unpaid labor for 'experience'. Fuck this country, fuck this school for taking advantage of students. Fuck me and fuck my life.

No. 835462

You're not being immature, he was being disgusting and cruel. He had no empathy for you in an uncomfortable situation and then went and made you feel further embarrassed. It's even weirder he said that in front of a friend of his, it's like he didn't feel shame or wanted him to join in maybe. Honestly I would avoid him completely from now, as anyone who speaks that way about you, especially someone who knew you as a child, is a creep who doesn't respect you. I'm so sorry you went through that, being caught in the rain is horrible enough as is.

No. 835466

File: 1624301318396.jpg (80.62 KB, 1024x1002, CBX_q2ZWoAAf8dT.jpg)

I was prescribed an oral steroid for my eczema and now I feel like beating the shit out of people every single day. Everything is fucking irritating me. I looked up what I was prescribed and there's fucking boomer memes about it so at least thats something to have a laugh at

No. 835474

that feeling when you use the internet as a distraction from what you're dissatisfied with in your real life but then you sort out your real life enough so that you realize the internet's influence on things in your real life is partly what's causing your dissatisfaction, and that you can't really escape the internet or your dissatisfaction without escaping them both by completely revamping your life again but that's not very possible without having one of the things you need to ditch. man that feel sucks

No. 835479

Uh no, that just means they're emotionally stunted and have self-esteem issues. Even if you're putting on the act of being the cold, heartless bitch, you're still the one performing. A mature and kind man will step up even harder if you treat him well.

No. 835489

Most men love women who are hard to get which is why so many of them still have exes and "the one who got away" issues. Not all men are like this but most are so you should keep this in mind when dating them.

No. 835496

Again, that's just another reason why you should be yourself, see how they respond, and react accordingly. There's no reason to put on an act and perform for a mentally retarded scrote. They are either kind and generous and put in effort from the beginning because they care about you and eventually fall in love with you, otherwise dump their ass. None of this bad bitch act, thinking you're manipulating them but really they have you wrapped around their finger. In the end YOU'RE performing for THEM and that's not how it should be.

No. 835497

sickened tired of dumb bitches online who ceaselessly complain about the low caliber men they date (related phenomenon is those who clearly hate their boyfriends/husbands and TALK about it online ) like, you do know that you CHOOSE who you date right? sometimes i feel like a freak for having a boyfriend who i don’t just tolerate— that i love… what a fucking concept ! it’s bizarre ! i hate scrotes as much as the next girl but i refuse to believe it’s a matter of all men sucking and not these women having grotesquely bad taste. and possibly a crippling inability to stick up for themselves ? maybe it’s because i grew up ugly i don’t have patience for stupid shitty men, better alone than in bad company right?

No. 835501

Idk, my ex seemed like a wonderful guy when i met him and when we first started dating. Then he turned out to be a coomer and a pedophile. Its not like i just went "welp, this guy has a huge porn collection and loves underage girls, i think I'll date him!" They have a way of tricking you into thinking they're good.

Also, most scrotes are terrible, most of the good ones are taken.

No. 835506

Being mean to men is not performing. I genuinely want to bully them.

No. 835507

People always blame women for choosing shitty men and act like the men dont act like prince charming at first

No. 835515

Despite being too aware of the risks with putting personal information on social media, I still feel jealous of people who post everything online to get validation and attention. Maybe it's because I'm jealous of their ignorance and how blissful it must be to post about your dirty laundry, esp mental illnesses, with no regard for how it will affect you professionally. I lurk social media platforms and sometimes I feel completely alienated from my generation (gen Z). I take pictures of myself but don't post them anywhere which is weird according to other people.
I feel like if I curated a social media profile I could at least get some temporary comfort in the meantime. I imagine sometimes what it would be like if I had a presence online and part of me thinks I might be missing out in meeting people with similar interests/beliefs as my own. I also question if I'm even helping myself here because I stopped with online accs to limit creepy men from ever stalking me again but that ignores how they could easily find my address from public records. Idk maybe it just comes down to me wanting to be ignorant of the state of the world from a non-partisan standpoint.

No. 835516

I approve

No. 835519

guess some people are just better at spotting liars?

No. 835526

I posted a few days ago about seriously considering quitting therapy >>833952. Well, I just did. What I haven't considered was my therapist asking me to come to one more meeting so we can summarize our work together (so I could find out what she thinks and say what I think). I have managed to decline (I have decided it's not worth to continue for me ATM), but suddenly feel sad about it a few hours later. I guess maybe I'm curious what the therapist would say, or I'm craving validation. I wish I didn't have to penny pinch, cause I could just go… but I'm worried I would just waste more money.

No. 835528

I was in a similar situation (guy started out great then abused me for years) but to be fair it doesn't sound like this is what anon is venting about. She's talking about women who actively complain about their partners and talk about how terrible they are but don't actually do anything to either get help or leave them. That sort of behavior really is pointless, it's just looking for sympathy without taking any steps to address the real issues.

No. 835531

Yeah, I think this is a pretty nuanced issue. Like, my ex was almost as garbage of a boyfriend as you can get and the red flags were there, but he always had an excuse, valid seeming explanation, or would successfully gaslight me. It's been almost 8 years since I left him, but I still have a hard time forgiving myself for being such an idiot back then and not pulling the plug soon enough to save myself the horror show I went through because of him.

I thank god evrry day that I at least had the brains to never have a kid with him, though. One of my friends had an even worse boyfriend who she chose to procreate with and I will never understand what possessed her to be that fucking stupid.

No. 835533

I do too, but even then, the man has to be worth bullying. Some insecure scrote who would let any assertive woman walk all over him yet treat loving girls like shit? Not worth my attention and he might as well be dead. A kind, sweet guy who treats me like a queen before I bully him or assert any dominance over him, and also happens to enjoy being bullied by me because he likes me as a person? That's how it should be. I don't want disgusting scrotes clamoring at my feet because I ignored them and they hate themselves.

No. 835534

I'm bummed out that I'm probably gonna have to spend my bday with my family tomorrow… my dad comes home once a month due to work and he decided to come home on my bday. I have no problem with my dad, it's just that on the day of his arrival the whole day revolves around cleaning the house and unloading and unpacking his stuff from the truck.
Sorry for being all me me me, but I would rather much spend my birthday with my boyfriend who would definitely make me feel special and make sure my birthday revolves around me.
Instead I'm gonna be doing housework on my birthday and eating takeout for dinner with my family. Not very epic.

No. 835535

But I'm assuming you weren't posting on social media about these events with your ex?

No. 835537

anon, I can relate to you 100%. I often wish I could build some sort of online presence (even if it's just like group of 10-20 people circlejerking a common interest) but I am way too paranoid about being doxxed and I'm not sure how much of myself I want to put out there.
I censor myself to the point of complete silence, but without saying anything I cannot connect with others.

It's something I think about quite often, especially when I see controversial topics online and I have my own opinions but I end up keeping it to myself.

No. 835539

Anon please tell your dad, any man who is a decent friend wouldn't think about going near his friend's child. Especially one who he watched grow up.

No. 835556

I really fucking hate men so much. You did nothing wrong. Why cant men just not be fucking weird with people. I would not go near him again.
You are not immature. You are not overreacting. You are using your women's instincts to tell you DANGER DANGER because this man might be a predator.

No. 835560

File: 1624311429060.gif (748.44 KB, 220x183, nope.gif)

My good friend of 10 years married a white cop who votes Republican and is now influencing her with his shitty racist rhetorik . I'm just so disappointed in her, and don't think we can be friends anymore.

No. 835571

this is unsolicited advice so I hope I don’t sound mean but try not to alienate your friend for her retarded political views. If you abandon someone for their politics, you probably weren’t really friends in the first place. you’ll also need to be there for your friend when her cop husband beats the shit out of her

No. 835586

I really fucking can't stand the fact thay saying "don't have kids if you're poor" is somehow problematic.


People pointing out your child will suffer as a direct result of being raised in poverty are not being ~classist~ they're just stating a fucking fact. Why is it that you can point out certain financial choices are irresponsible for poor people, but the second you bring up kids, you're crossing a line? Is spawning your genetic trophy really that fucking important that taking their quality of life into consideration is unacceptable to you?

Chrust, and people say those who abstain from having kids are selfish…

No. 835591

Nta but this is the kind of bs that annoys me to no end, disagreement in politics like this is a totally ok reason to ditch someone. I would help them out if and when the pig gets violent though.

No. 835595

Also nta, but
>influencing her with his shitty racist rhetorik
makes it sound like OP's friend is now saying racist shit, which is a good reason to drop someone imo. Not that you need a good reason though, no one is obligated to hang on to friends they no longer want.

No. 835608

People can have various political opinions throughout their life though. I wouldn't write someone off because of their politics, however if they're an absolute cunt to people with opposing views then I'd cut them off because that's tiring when they make their identity about politics. Especially if it's someone in their early to mid 20s. Give them time to gain some actual life experience.

No. 835614

>try not to alienate your friend for her retarded political views
Yeah but racism, anon?
The buck has gotta stop somewhere. Hanging out with racists is a bad association, and I'm assuming by the context here that anon's friend isn't white. It's not to her advantage to adopt those views by the very white people who'd sooner throw her under a bus, but hopefully she'd stay on their good graces as the token 'one of the good ones' minority among them.

No. 835623

why do scrotes hate women so much but at the same time spend several hours a day talking about it
women's spaces often still welcome men with open arms for some reason
a girl in a guy spot and he'll have a fucking heart attack

No. 835624

Not having kids should be the default, and you only have them when you REALLY want them and are in a good position to do so.

No. 835627

I feel it's unfair to folks solely for the fact that poor people have already gotten away with having kids, and having those kids mostly funded by social welfare. To me it's more like a guilt trip for people with an actual conscience, who would delay having kids because of their status but would be more likely to work on it harder and be better to their kids for the fact.
Religious kooks and selfish narcs who are poor already don't give a fuck about their child's welfare and so that saying would fall deaf on ears who should've heeded it most.

Just my two cents…

No. 835630

I dont know why I attract the same fucking moids in my life over and over again for both relationships and even just friends. It's like clones of each other repeating over and over again; covert narcs with the same passive aggressive behavior manifesting in blatant ignoring and ghosting me until they need something (or the girl they wanted to date finally dumped their narc ass). On top of that I feel like my hands are tied in terms of setting boundaries and conditions because as a NEET I'm constently being reminded subtly that these people are doing me a favour making time for me when they could be doing important adult things, and that since I don't do shit with life supposedly I should just be on call 24/7 whenever.

What really kills is none of these fuckers are (besides having a job and money) any fucking better then me from an emotional/social point of view as human beings. One is semi-autist that just "discovered" imageboard/chan culture at the age of 40 via wallstreetbets and is obsessed with jailbait DDLG meme (despite zero real life evidence any woman under 28 wants to fuck with him). Another is literal the textbook covert narc, loner who soends 90% of his time alone, all his relationships are transactional, LARPS being a trendy socialist poors despite his family owning the largest commercial printing business in Australia. Is shocked that after years of ignoring me, showing his blatant contempt for me because I'm a "rich kid" when my dad literally got lucky and started making money when I was in my twenties, I didn't go to private school that took students on a 2-week vacation to fucking papua new guniea. Third is 48 year old man-child that gets drunk in bars and starts shouting random chapoid and lefttard anti-capitalist talking points at waitresses trying to take last call, thinks I'm the one who is "embarrassing" to be around because last time we went out together I was angry and in bad mood because of my fucking FRAUD DISPUTE with my bank. I think the one I have the most angrer toward is my ex though. I wasted six years of my life trying to build some kind of relationship with him, crying and feeling rejected (really the best years of my life in terms of my physical beauty tbh) and he doesn't have time in 2 fucking weeks to pick up the phone and give me advice about my fraud dispute or even fucking acknowledge me with a text reply back. Apparently for this almost 50 y/o man that plays pokemon go and looks like a cross between blackopscels and jared kushner, there are better fish in sea and since we don't date anymore he is not even required to acknowledge I exist, after telling me constantly he would always be there for me. Honestly I feel like sometimes I just exist in a world of retarded animals that see people in transactional means only; I can't wait for this current generation of 35-45 year old men to hit 50+ and come to dawning realization that they are gonna die alone, with almost no friends that they made any kind of meaningful relationships with, just a fucking dog and their stock portfolio.

No. 835633

How old are you? Y you dating such old scrotes

No. 835634

File: 1624321119256.jpg (119.75 KB, 795x720, c9435a49_079e549f_1280.jpg)

I'm still angry that the made up tumblr genders and sexualities somehow managed to survive and got worse. People took them so seriously that companies are now jumping on the band wagon. fucking clown world

No. 835635

File: 1624321404612.jpg (20.95 KB, 720x720, thefear.jpg)

I really need to hide the news stories threads because they make me so angry. I'm so sick of women meeting terrible fates because of some retarded scrote.

No. 835636


Im in the same boat right now with a friend of 11 years that believes in Qanon and all this shit and even when we both agree to avoid politics in comversation it's seeping through anyway. He started have these automatic reactionary/alt-right reactions to ideas and situations that before he could have a balanced and rational discussion about, now everything is left vs right cultural wars issue and I wonder sometimes how much leeway I can give before I get exhausted about hearing him rant about "feminazis" or talking about how the internet ruined everything (he has that weird 90s nostalgia for the absolutely most asinine things, like digging through boxes of used records at indie music shop). I try to tell myself he's going thru a really difficult time in life and is a very unhappy person and he was a good friend to me for almost a decade but idk how much I can take. He is literally the textbook version of a cringey weirdo that thinks the most asinine shit is CIA glow-ops but believes melting glaciers is liberal fake news.

No. 835637

I am not meaning to gender sperg or whatever but the fact that only women can pass on mitochondrial DNA blows transsexualism out of the water as being real. No matter how many hormones you take, you're never going to fool biology. You can't deny genetics. I wish it wasn't so controversial to just say it's a literal mental illness and it's acceptable to transition for mental health reasons because you shouldn't be theoretically hurting anyone or impeding on others, but the whole trans rhetoric literally impedes on women's rights and that's when I get pissed.

No. 835640

Just because you're a NEET doesn't mean you can't be treated like a human and have standards. And besides, what women bring to the table in a relationship is worth more than any amount of money. Men literally go crazy without having that female presence in their life because they can't get that genuine understanding, kindness, compassion from their male friends/family. Just remember that every time a retarded scrote tries to get you to settle.

No. 835642

>as a NEET
This is why anon.
You need your own income.
There's only a certain type of man who wants a woman who doesn't have an income for herself and it's almost never for good intentions.
You said it yourself that the men start treating you some type of way precisely because they know you're in a vulnerable position where you're more inclined to tolerate it.

No. 835643

File: 1624322208355.jpg (29.6 KB, 540x303, awWm0e3Q_700w_0.jpg)

Ikr? it pisses me off, all this gendershit is so unsustainable, ridiculous, meaningless and stupid it surprises me that it didn't die on Tumblr like the fade it was, people are pathetic as fuck. Next generations are going to clown us for this (at best, at worst they're going to hate us).

No. 835644

Tell your dad about it so maybe he will beat the living shit out of his EX friend. You did nothing wrong, feelings are hard to control, he MADE you feel like that. Disgusted and uncomfortable, you did nothing wrong, nothing. He knew you since childhood? Jesus.

No. 835646

Just because you attract a certain type of moids doesn't mean you have to date them lmfao. When the homeless guy sitting in the alley behind the liquor store asks if I want to be his girlfriend I don't take him up on the offer. Raise your standards.

No. 835652

I am in the early 30s and waited until i had a good career and relationship to even think of kids. We're trying this year since we felt trying during the pandemic was really irresponsible. But so many people i used to work with are 20 or 21 with a kid already and barely can afford to raise them without another job or another spouse to support and help out. it's cringe that a lot of young people are obsessed with being the 'cool young parent' and not financially or mentally ready to have kids.

This is exactly why women need to STOP accommodating and pandering to men. They would never do the same for us.

No. 835653

I went into Bloomingdales today for a perfume and there were ugly ass rainbow flags everywhere, but i mean, the UGLY ones, not the regular cute ones. The ones with the black./brown and tranny colors. I hate everything tumblr and twitter has influenced in our modern day society…

No. 835654

I hate how my mother sees me as just another woman she can talk shit about, be sassy with, call a bitch (fondly or not), or just treat me like shit because I have always been emotionally and physically mature since I was a child. She cannot comprehend that I'm her daughter and not her female ex-friend who did a pity thing to her that she can't move on from, so she shit talks. I don't know if this makes sense to any of you, but I'm sure to a few it does. That you were treated as an adult when you were a child just because you were more mature than other children. I remember when I woke up one night in my bedroom, I was like 9, and I heard my mom from the living room saying I was trash and a pig or something, I went to her and legit begged her to just love me. She shooed me away like an animal.

No. 835666

wish I wasn't so lazy. I try so hard and want to do things but I'm so tired and lazy. it feels like I keep trying but it always comes back to me being in bed. why is it so exhausting to do what I want, to do anything? all I do in life is try so hard and get nothing. maybe it is just from my period this time. I hope.

No. 835679

File: 1624326799996.jpg (145.6 KB, 1280x720, pupperino.jpg)

Anon, I'm sorry… I feel you. Sending hugs from a similar boat.

At first, I heard about "high sensitive people" and I was like, "oh wow that's me!" then years later, I realized it was all the trauma making me a sensitive, nervous wreck. Welp…

No. 835690

File: 1624327894215.jpeg (100.72 KB, 500x602, B40BEB7D-6D9A-4648-8A47-B51194…)

Well anons I’m doing it, I’ve decided to quit abusing adderall, see my pcp, cancel my prescription, and tell my pcp I need cardio examination so I can determine how much I fucked up my circulatory system. I’m scared and I don’t know where to turn so I’m dumping it all in this vent thread. So sick of relying on these stupid meds to control my moods and I’m getting too old for this bullshit and sick of having a health scare every other week.

No. 835707

File: 1624331415416.jpeg (249.03 KB, 1242x1316, 0777980D-C6C3-43F6-8FC7-BAD6ED…)

I don’t get my brain. I could be having lots of fun: at a party with my friends, traveling, eating nice food at a great restaurant, learning something new, working out…
And I would still think about hanging myself or suffering a quick death like the plane or car crashing and me being the only person dying, or catching some illness or getting murdered right there.
I have a great life, of course, like everyone else, I argue with people, I have low moments and such.
But ever since I’m like 10, I’ve been thinking about suddenly dying and not existing anymore, I do think about the consequences of death, but it’s like when a movie is over and everything goes black, then my mind goes blank for a few seconds and then I start thinking about something else or someone tells me something and such.
I don’t know how to stop this anymore, before I could start just thinking about something else and that was it, then I started imagining my husbando of the week helping me stop feeling like dying.
But now that doesn’t work anymore, I’ve even learnt how to tie a noose and I’ve practiced feeling the pressure on my neck.
I could be listening to a nice song, receiving good news or doing something I like and I would end up thinking about dying.
Maybe it’s because of the pandemic and my recently dead family members?

No. 835715

Incapable of treating all male attention as anything but inherently malicious at this point. Why the fuck can't I maintain any confidence in myself when sober

No. 835716

I think you can do that and also be confident, but it takes a while to get there you know?

No. 835723

I know what you're talking about, my mom isn't like that but I have seen that kind of person in the wild and it's so bizarre. It's like they think their own daughters are their competition in female-ness. They see every woman, or even girl child as just a competition they have to prove they are better than them by putting them down. Exhausting people

No. 835736

i found a rare item from my hobby for pretty cheap on mercari (about $50) and purchased it right away. just got the cancellation email for it. i messaged the seller asking why it got cancelled. she said she listed it by mistake and actually meant to list it for auction on ebay. how the fuck does she expect me to believe that. how do you accidentally list something on an entirely different platform. i tried asking her to sell it to me for $100 and she blocked me. i’m so fucking mad. everything i buy gets cancelled because people beg sellers to cancel the order so they can buy it.

No. 835759

File: 1624340703504.jpeg (53.19 KB, 622x478, 5455BA92-08B8-4C3D-B6B0-7DAC78…)

Hypersensitive emotionally stunted old farmers unite

No. 835788

So annoyed at some friends calling me old while we're only 3 years appart. Just because I'm not into zoomer humor and don't watch tiktok that I'm a granny, geez.

No. 835789

Yes I would like to apply.
You can speak to my friends and family for a good reference.

No. 835790

>late 20s

No. 835792

I’m on my friend loss speed round because of my gender critical views let’s gooooooo

No. 835793

How do you know how old she is?

No. 835794

I think there's a specific thread for that topic

No. 835797

>Just recently, at nearly 30 years old

No. 835801

Sameee, didn't think it'd come so far in my circle, but at this point it's brought up at least once every time we see each other.

No. 835802

>It's fine that I remember most of my childhood was spent being alone or yelled at, I'm sure a lot of people grew up that way. I'm just being pathetic.
Your post is 1 to 1 my experience but this one especially hit hard. Almost all of my childhood memories are about being alone or yelled at. Certain words unironically trigger a trauma response and make me go back into being a 10-year old being screeched at and slapped across the head, then being yelled at some more after "overreacting" and crying. All of this over some mundane shit that did not warrant such a dramatic response, even looking back. Like you anon, I thought all of this was normal way into my mid to late 20's because my friends grew up in equally broken homes and I had no real perspective on how things should be. Needless to say I'm emotionally underdeveloped and unable to hold a relationship due to crippling self esteem issues.

The weird thing is that I have a good relationship with my parents now in my 30's and I love them more than anything, but it's still painful to think back to how they treated me as a child and I'm probably never getting an answer since they pretend it never happened. It's like I crossed timelines and got a set of new parents because they're nothing like the abusive ones I grew up with.

No. 835803

Feels good. Get them all out and start again with an untainted batch. Libfem friends were boring as shit anyway, all Pop culture references and nothing underneath.

No. 835811

Oh lol I missed that, sorry I'm a dumbass

No. 835813

File: 1624346854706.jpg (70.44 KB, 749x1133, 2c30b5559f6b7dfbb9c6511260a069…)

Why did I let my friend do my homework for me? I was under a lot of pressure and he insisted that he could handle it. Turns out he wasted time doing completely irrelevant parts and none of the important bits, even though it was very straightforward, with several example documents, and the teacher had written a plan for us. Now I have to do it anyway

No. 835817

Exact experience, either alone or yelled at. Were your parents poor/working alot? Mine used the excuse of 'we work alot and are very stressed so we may have blown up over things when you were younger'. I'm petty though and will never open up emotionally to them after they treated me like that.

No. 835821

I'm the opposite, I draw mostly men, maybe your drawing style is an important factor, when I draw women sometimes people will object they are too manly (like shut the fuck up why should every woman drawing look like a doll with no shadows on her face) or sometimes I feel anxious about drawing a woman because I draw mostly naked featureless figures so if it's a naked woman people will mostly assume it's something sexual, I hate that

No. 835825

Was filling out new hire paperwork and got so intensely frustrated with having to fill out my full name, social security number, address, etc etc like 6+ times that I literally threw up. I got mad, then extremely nauseous and barfed. Is this pure autism? What the fuck.

No. 835828

why did i just see some moid on 4chin say "anonita"? why can't i escape this stupid fucking word? i haven't posted on lolcow in at least a week. it's haunting me just leave me alone.

No. 835830

There was a moid on here who used it too. Nobody suspected a thing until he got redtexted for his post history, but since then I will not trust a poster who says that. It's annoying af to begin with.

No. 835839

>There was a moid on here who used it too. Nobody suspected a thing until he got redtexted for his post history
Which thread did this happen in?

No. 835850

im a neet and im broke and miserable
i have a fucking dent in my nipple and a lump I need to get checked out
There's nowhere that I belong anywhere in this world

No. 835854

Damn I just used anonita and similar because it looks funny. Didn't know it was a moid thing.

No. 835863

some people don't know the true value of something and if they list it and gets snapped up right away, they're pissed because now they know they undervalued it so they want to try again. sucks.

No. 835869

I'm so sick of retard kids glorifying lavender marriages. "aww it's gay men and lesbians uniting to fight prejudice!" they didn't fight shit! It was a miserable existence for all involved. My great grandmother was a lesbian and my great grandfather was gay, they married to avoid getting fucking killed or going to prison as they were living in Iran at the time. They didn't want kids but conceived my grandmother with a literal turkey baster to avoid suspicion. It wasn't enough though, they still had urges. My great grandfather had a relationship with a man at his work but another co-worker caught them and tried to blackmail them both. My great grandfather commit suicide because of this. My poor great grandmother was distraught, she was blamed for his suicide because of course the pain of the man is the woman's fault. She became an alcoholic to cope with it. Even after fleeing Iran her life was never what it should have been. She had "female acquaintances" but could never get too close to them, she never found love with a woman out of fear. She didn't even get to talk about this stuff much, she only ever told her brother and my mother. My mother made the decision to tell me after I came out, the family always tell me I'm practically the reincarnation of my great grandmother because I resemble her a lot, have very similar mannerisms and even share the same interests as her. To this day no one else in the family knows because they're asshole homophobes. They can't handle me being a dyke, they'd freak the fuck out if they knew about my great grandparents. It's such a depressing reality but that doesn't stop libtards writing borderline fanfic about lavender marriages.

No. 835876

File: 1624358707840.jpg (8.14 KB, 255x253, images (10).jpg)

Okay now tell me why a socially stunted retarded introvert like me is pretending like I'm interested in commercial/sales in an interview. I really set my fucking self up.

No. 835878

Because you need money to pay rent and eat

No. 835880

People in the hamster keeping community are so dramatic and annoying. Some twinkle lights on the cage aren't going to "stress" and bother a hamster, dumbfuck. It's a hamster. How are you ever going to play with it and handle it, then, in pitch darkness? Do you keep it's cage in the closet so no lights are on at nighttime ever? It's unrealistic and way over the top. Also, some stupid bitch actually tried to tell my my ikea detolf isn't a good enclosure because it doesn't have enough floor space. Meanwhile everybody irl thinks I'm fucking crazy for having that much room for a hamster.

No. 835895

This is why I dont post with the rodent communities.
I didnt even know this existed until now but that's sad I am sorry for your great grandmother. I'm not sure how your living situation is but I hope you're able to have a gf then marry if it's what you want anon.

No. 835904

Felt this anon. I wish someone would slap me and I would magically be as hardworking everyone else

No. 835907

This reminded me of AB's instagram story where she describes the hamsters she raised as a kid who ate each other and she ends it with "you ever watched Hamtaro?"

No. 835920

What’s surprising is that it’s mostly guy friends I’m in the process of losing. So maybe it actually is a decent thing.

No. 835933

I wanna off myself, I found an old report card from school where the teacher said I totally lacked self confidence and needed to work on that, and here I am 5 years later, still with zero confidence. I have made zero progress in that regard, people keep telling me I have to be more confident, but how the fuck am I supposed to do that?

No. 835955

File: 1624365219804.png (83.37 KB, 250x261, Danganronpa_V3_Gundham_Tanaka_…)

>people in the hamster community are so dramatic

No. 835956

Try cocaine first!

No. 835958

Take more risks and go out of your comfort zone more often

No. 835965

I know how you feel. I was still building confidence throughout my late teens and early twenties when everyone else was moving on to bigger things in life because confidence came naturally to them. But you can do it too if you allow yourself to use that extra time to build confidence and put yourself out of your comfort zone. That's the only real way to make progress unfortunately.

No. 835973

>build confidence
nta but what does that actually mean? no one ever really explains what you have to do

No. 835983

Nayrt but it means pushing yourself to do something out of your comfort zone, realising that you don't die as a result of it and so becoming used to it and then pushing yourself a little further again next time. As you gain life experiences you learn that you can cope with things, if you never force yourself to do stuff then you stay incapable but also nobody is telling you to put yourself in actual dangerous situations.
Force yourself to go to events, to help others, to talk to people.

No. 835994

yeah i know, but it’s annoying to see someone who clearly thrifted this item be so greedy. i’ve definitely underpriced stuff i could’ve sold higher, but i’ve never cancelled anyone’s order. i don’t see why she wouldn’t be happy getting double the amount she listed it for. it’d be a win-win for both of us.

No. 836000

How did I go from being my mother's pride and hope working towards a great degree, having friends and an outgoing personality into becoming an absolute useless fucking loser.

I remember my first day of university she woke up me up with a kiss on my cheek. She's never done that before. I had never seen her so proud. And now she tries to reassure me that her old expectations don't matter but it fucking kills me knowing I let her down. That she had to adjust her expectations. She's suffered so much in her life and could still patch herself back up to move forward, meanwhile I couldn't graduate when she did most of the hard work getting herself and that abusive piece of shit into a country with better education + life quality? I don't have excuses, the responsibility is on me. How did I spiral so fucking hard? I want to slap and beat the shit out of myself a few years ago, I want to force her to make university friends, keep in touch with old friends, be more decisive about important decisions that will HELP you. Just SOMETHING. Your hesitation is what caused you to stagnate. You thought things would magically piece together and work out for you but they fucking didn't. I would just kill my pathetic self already if it didn't mean it would be the final nail in my mother's coffin.

She tells me it's fine that things didn't turn out how they were supposed to but I feel so ashamed and disgusted with myself. I feel like I've been continuously slowly disappointing her since I first hit puberty and at first I never cared because I thought nothing mattered. The reason for our rocky relationship wasn't her fault like I initially thought, it was mine for not being the proper filial daughter she deserves.

Now she's planning to move back home in the next few years for retirement and I have achieved absolutely nothing noteworthy. Nothing to make her life torment worth it. I wish she gave birth to a different eldest daughter who could give her what she deserves. And throw in older sons at that too because those useless cunts are partly why I'm so fucked up.

No. 836006

>at work
>training a new hire sales consultant that gets paid triple me probably
>submits form with wrong date format that I definitely went over during training
>"Hello, can you please change the date format? You have 06/21/2021 and it should be DD-MMM-YYYY."
>resubmits 21/06/2021
>"Hello, the correct date format should read ie. 21Jun2021, can you correct and resend?"
>resubmits 21/June/2021
Holy shit why are you so fucking stupid AND WHY ARE YOU PAID MORE THAN ME TO BE THIS WAY?!?!

No. 836009

Why can't you take her word for it that it's okay you didn't complete college?

It's a fucking piece of paper. For example, my narc mother couldn't give two shits less about mine these days even though at the time she held an advanced degree over me like it was life and death. Now my student debts are my own burden to bear and our relationship is nonexistent despite meeting most of her silly expectations.

You have a great mom. I'm sure what would make her happy is knowing that you are happy. Figure that out, cause it sounds like the college ship might have sailed for now and you need a different path.

No. 836012

Oh nonnie, I’m so sorry. That sounds like a lot of pressure you’re under. I wish I could offer some solid tried and true advice that would rectify the situation, it’d help me a lot too, but I haven’t got any answers. Only reassurances that you can keep trying. Plenty of people have felt similarly and come out on the other side. I hope for all of us who feel we strayed too far from our path and completely ruined our futures that we eventually heal and push through and come out on the other side happy and at peace.

No. 836024

File: 1624372639615.png (158.44 KB, 1384x722, Screenshot 2021-06-22 at 15.29…)

I hate the double standards on this site. I've had legit, perfectly civil conversations that mentioned ethnic groups by name (interethnic dating being one topic) and was banned for 'racebaiting'. How the fuck my posts were considered racebaiting, I'll never know. So anyway, I started using a VPN. I just logged into one, and it looks like this lolcow user used the same VPN. She was banned not for racebait, but for being off-topic. At least she was banned tho, 99% of the time disgusting comments fly as long as the target is anglos. Fuck this site.

No. 836025

>Fuck this site.
then leave. see you in a few months

No. 836026

All white people are okay and deserving of respect until they're anglo

No. 836028

haha that anon is funny as hell! don’t beat yourself up over the bans anon a lot of stuff flies under the radar on this site. treat this place as a shitpost dumpster ground there is really no way to determine if a poster is male or female or even real, embrace the chaos

No. 836029

…Isn't this just admitting to ban evasion though?

No. 836030

ok fair enough.
I was banned on a different IP that expired a long time ago. I use VPNs on all sites now, just a change. I am aware this will probably cop a ban anyway. But who cares?

No. 836035

File: 1624374623177.png (Spoiler Image, 959.7 KB, 1080x1350, C41F8C40-57BF-4976-8860-AB8932…)

god you just can't get over the fact that some people like to fish huh

No. 836040

lol dance anglo puppet

No. 836058

I hate that the less clothes I wear the more fat I look and vice versa

No. 836073

lately I've hated that more clothes make me look fatter. god just doesn't want me to hide my bod

No. 836074

Literally all I have to do is go to the doctor and get officially diagnosed for my mental illnesses and I can get my funding for university but I'm terrified of how my family will act, I'll be marked as a freakshow and attention seeker or I'll be told to go pray to God.

No. 836076

So just don't tell them..

No. 836077

get the cash and ditch their asses

No. 836080

They're going to wonder how I got money for the course

No. 836084

No. 836089

Wow, I wish I could do that. Are you an amerifag? Will you get money specifically to go to Uni or just a menthol illness tugboat that you can use in whatever way? Good luck and fuck fam, get money

No. 836098

My mom in a nutshell. I’m like 99% sure at least since she was always vehemently against getting a psychological evaluation which was my dad’s leverage on her. I wish I could find an actual community online for support kek. If anyone has any please link me, I swear every narcissistic parent support group or forum is full of people who demonize their mothers for the most asinine shit. My mom actually used to use our child support money on her nails and tanning. I worry about what will happen to her as she ages because I theorize she won’t be able to handle waning sexual interest.
But just to be clear despite having a mother like this, I know of no one whose mother fits the same bill but I do know dozens of people who have deadbeat fathers that are essentially as bad as my mom. I hate when MRA types take rare instances like my mom who is an actual narcissist or a sociopath and conflate it to “awalt” or whatever. Idk maybe other anons relate?

No. 836103

On a similar note I hate how every time you complain there’s always some anon on here who is hostile towards anons that have negative experiences with the mods. Clearly some of you haven’t been banned because the janny read your post wrong and flagged it as “blogposting” or “bait” mistakenly. Let me give examples, once I got banned because some stoner janny flagged my post as “bait” and banned me for 1 day after I posted my actual opinion about stoners and weed. I have strong and sometimes unpopular opinions but they’re never bait. IIRC I posted the weed opinion in the actual unpopular opinions thread. Then another time I got banned for blogposting when I wasn’t even doing that, the janny misread my post and banned me for 3 days with a petty message but when I went to meta to write about it I was swarmed with shitlicker farmers accusing me of bringing about the ban. I’ve seen this happen to other anons in meta, wtf is wrong with the anons who just camp out there to heckle people that get banned? If you have so much time and allegiance to lc then apply to be a janny ffs. And because some janny will check my post history I’m on mobile just for the record, not ban evading either.
My advice is to be conscious of which threads you use because some are very tightly moderated. Just don’t talk about race—imo a lot of that rule has to do with summoning polfags who are actual racists and are already on here lurking and posting (conspiracy thread is probably full of them tbh). Just for reference on other sites ofc using vpns is pointless if you don’t clear your trackers/cookies.

No. 836104

This. I hate that having kids is the default and you have to "justify" your reasons for not having them, which people almost always have retarded rebuttals to anyway.

No. 836121

Those are a lot of words just to say you can't handle a time out from shitposting
It can be annoying when you get the ban notice as you're in the middle of writing a big post but those kind of bans are so short and easily appealed

No. 836130

I hate impulsive and impatient people that cope by calling themselves "doers" or type A

No. 836140

I have gotten banned for shit that's not even against the rules just because the mod was annoyed by my post. But last I checked, lewds of a 17yo in a thread on /w/ that I reported ages ago were still up. The double standards here are astounding.

No. 836145

The lower part of a wall in my appartement is wet which led to yellow stains, I'm scared it might start to mold soon, if it hasn't already. I just noticed when getting home but I thought that that part of the corridor smelled a little weird some days ago already. I'll have to call the landlord about it tomorrow but I don't want to, it's all such a fucking pain and I'm scared that I'll have to pay for repairs. Why does it have to be like this? This is actually making me cry, I've had a terrible day and this is making it so much worse. I don't want to deal with this

No. 836154

If you spray it with bleach there will be no mold. Sorry about the moisture, maybe a pipe in the wall is broken, I don't know why else the lower part of a wall would be wet, in any case you do not own the building, if the landlord is a remotely reasonable person they will take care of it. Call them soon or it will be worse

No. 836172

I’m almost 31, do I win

No. 836178

I don't have any bleach around sadly. I read that you could seal it with hairspray but I'd rather not risk fucking it up worse. It's right next to a radiator and on the other side of the wall is a bathroom sink, so maybe that has something to do with it… You're right though, I'll call tomorrow noon, it's probably too late today

No. 836183

Will the exterminator come? Will my stupid co-op's board not slap us with a giant fine for some stupid ass reason they pulled out of their ass? Oh my god I'm brimming with excitement because the office lady for this exterminator is actually contacting my board's co-op so I don't have to play middle man for them. They may actually come soon and I'm so fucking happy and excited for this shit to just be over with, but now there's always a constant looming feeling of doom because I'm so scared of the co-op board fining us for "hiring an unauthorized contractor" or some shit, but they're not responsive to my dad trying to get written approval to cover ourselves.

I don't care how much this exterminator is going to cost us, but I'm deathly afraid of dealing with a fine. I don't know what standing the board would have but because we live in a co-op we're basically fucked either way because HAHA CO-OP RULES, YOU KNOW? My dad is thinking that if the board submits the insurance information to the exterminator (which I told them to ask for), the office/co-op is basically saying "yes we accept you coming in here to do your shit" but I'm just… so paranoid. I'm so tired. I want to cry. I want this to be over with. I'm okay with paying for the exterminator no matter what the cost would be (and have gone with a reasonably priced guy who is willing to work with my hoarder family) but who knows what the co-op would fine us? $100? $1000? $100000? I don't have a copy of the lease agreement or any of that shit so everything is fucking vague and not helpful. The light is at the end of the tunnel but the tunnel is also made up of broken glass and knives.

No. 836216

File: 1624393403817.jpg (39.69 KB, 563x671, 5997891f502e23d6d78ca2eb749c7b…)

my sister and i share a bathroom with a separated shower and bathtub. she only likes to take baths and never takes showers. i only take showers and never take baths, it's a good system we have.

but she recently bought a pair of rats that she lets them play in the shower because they keep escaping from the playpen she got for them. they shit and piss everywhere and she rarely cleans it up. i'm gonna catch a fucking disease <3

No. 836231

Well there’s only one logical solution here nonny
start pissing and shitting in her bath

No. 836234

I can’t imagine bathing in a rat pee tub. What’s her problem??

No. 836236

ew why did i refreshed the front page and saw the cp i feel so gross

No. 836240

File: 1624395930336.jpeg (73.46 KB, 621x382, 5CBD70E8-2523-481C-AA46-DA40BE…)

Look at the bushbaby

No. 836241

File: 1624395990887.jpg (26.28 KB, 480x270, hqdefault.jpg)

ty anon thats pretty cute

No. 836243

File: 1624396092150.jpeg (218.84 KB, 976x976, 0715C447-D660-4AD4-A182-F2D00C…)

holy shit ive never known what these are called im crying they’re so cute

No. 836245

File: 1624396097860.jpeg (317.96 KB, 2048x1365, 8AC4391D-8868-459D-AA02-12ECB5…)

I always feeeel like
Somebody’s waaatching meeeee
(And I have no privacy)

No. 836246

File: 1624396143881.jpg (175.61 KB, 1067x1700, bushbaby-in-hand.jpg)

No. 836250

that horse thingy right? fucking weridos

No. 836252

she's a fucking lolcow, if she ever posted on social media then she would 100% have a thread in /snow/, it's kind of sad but then again she's 30 and should know better

it's also worth mentioning that she won't let them in her tub because she thinks it's gross but has no problem leaving them in my area

i was thinking kill the vermin but that also works

No. 836253

no no i think if was something else, but i dont wanna know about that. someone tell me if its gone

No. 836254

yeah, it's gone.

No. 836260

Update. He doesn't have a gf and I was Happy as fuck when I found out about it. But the bad thing is that it turned out he's a junkie and I don't know how to cope with this lmao. I'd like to find out why he's like this etc. but my friend told me I should forget about him. I don't know what to do

No. 836277

I got so much shit done today that I've been putting off but I still feel restless and anxious, like I can't relax.

No. 836280

File: 1624399256478.png (326.5 KB, 735x692, 10098837748839398.png)

I managed to get a really good job with amazing benefits and I start next week, but I'm suddenly paralyzed with this weird anxiety over it. It's my first full-time job and I only get Sundays off. The idea of going from nothing to all my time revolving around a job for the rest of my life is making me insane. I should be excited and not bitch about it, but I can't stop this feeling. I hope it goes away after I've worked for a bit.

No. 836281

My last ex cheated on me and I've been meaning to save up and get tested. The only free clinic I could go to would still cost me alot in train fare and a day of waiting around..with no guarantee of being seen after all that. I know someone who wasted a full day and travel expenses on it, just to be sent home unseen at 6pm. Their ticket was never called. They'd have to start from scratch if they returned another day. It's essentially impossible to travel that far and be there early enough for your ticket number to be reached. Women in my part of the country basically have no free testing given that set up.

So 3 years have passed and I'm still thinking 'oh yeah I should eventually do testing' I wanted to order home test kits that you mail off but it quickly adds up if you're testing for a few. I want peace of mind so only testing for one or two of the more common silent infections is maybe affordable but hardly worth it if I still have nagging worries about the rest. I had precancerous cells on my cervix years ago, I want to be responsible about my intimate health but can't justify the spend with how tight things are. I don't know the full extent of his cheating. Its been pissing me off that I didn't even take the risk. My ex took that risk on my behalf. I resent the whole situation.

For pride month a local service was offering free self test kits for hiv. They're intended for gay males or male identified people.. I requested one because they don't ask for proof of you being a tran or anything. Well it arrived, results took 15 mins and I don't have hiv at least. Yay for 'self identifying as male' and getting free shit that a woman here would need to pay for. There's another similar service where I might be able to home test for all the rest too. I just need to wait because gay guys sure snap up their freebie tests quick. Why can't women access this kind of shit in such a free/handy/discreet way?? We have to either pay a fortune or travel across the country and camp out all night to be seen. I don't want gay services cut but it's always male services that are free and incredibly discreet.. can't women silently become infertile from waiting years to get tested? I know straight men have used these gay services for years, lied about their sex life just to access the freebies. I don't feel all that bad if this new self identifying rule means I can now do it too.

No. 836282

File: 1624399268899.png (534.33 KB, 701x666, imagen_2021-06-22_170100.png)

my e-date says he looks like this and what can I say, he kinda really does down to the hunchback
I think I have shit taste

No. 836287

Junkies arent worth it. Is he an ex-junkie or is he still using? Because even ex junkies still kinda have fried brains kek

No. 836288

He's a junkie because he's addicted to drugs, i can almost guarantee that there's no tragic backstory.
Also this makes it 100% more likely he's bullshitting about being a self taught master hacker who doesn't need to work any more but chooses to have a warehouse job.
I'm not trying to be nasty when I say this, I know you're a virgin but if you're this naive about lame dudes you're going to fall for some downright dangerous shit. It's well worth learning to take a deep breath, step back, and not get caught up in the crushy feelings, because that's how you give away your ability to be objective about dudes who are awful. r/femaledatingstrategy has a wiki on building self esteem and how to vet shitty men. Good luck

No. 836289

I can't love people. When someone disagrees with me on something important or dismiss things that I see valuable to me they're my enemy. There's no room for discussion, because once you hurt me you can't go back in time and undo it nor can you repair the damage. I just don't want to see you ever again. And I don't understand how people can move on and still get along for years, unless they only fought because of a misunderstanding. But if we clash in such a way that you being in my life hurts me, I'll cut you off from my life. Which is the right thing to do. All those other people who stay and endure it are cowards.

No. 836291

you're a fucking creep

No. 836297

Just say you have a personality disorder and go

No. 836299

Haha BPD machine go brrrrrrrrr.
Srsly tho that’s hallmark behaviour for bpdchans. DBT and CBT, start em yesterday.

No. 836301

i just want to be normal i can't date and i wish i could say it's fine but it's really not. everytime i'm asked about my personal life by a new person it just cements how abnormal i am and it makes me want to die. i can't even properly discuss my situation with friends because not ever having sex and not desiring it is so abnormal they don't truly get it and just try to get me to admit to non-existent trauma or try more sex toys.
i crave everything that comes with a relationship but this is the one thing i can't do and it's central to this dumb bullshit for 99.9% of the population fml

No. 836304

And THIS is exactly what I mean! Kek thank you for proving my point, anon (or janny?).

No. 836308

That anon is not even being hostile, they're saying they share a similar experience and that bans are short lived usually. This is kind of embarrassing for you

No. 836312

Going against the grain here but I don’t see a massive problem with this if you’re actually cutting these people off. The problem I had with bpdchan friends is they would never actually leave, just cut me off then come back and fuck around again, rinse and repeat. Losing friendships of ones that did leave hurt too but was by far the better approach.

Accepting that people are complex are imperfect is part of life but if you’re unwilling to do that then it’s at least positive that you’re removing yourself from those situations.

No. 836319

I think my boyfriend may have still been dating his ex during the first six months of our relationship. At first I didn’t have any reason to suspect it since they had been long distance before we were dating and I was always going over to his apartment to hang out with him at the time. We’ve been dating for a year and a half now and two months ago I was trying to stalk his ex out of curiosity and found a Reddit account with the same username as her instagram and found that another user had called her by his ex’s name. That and other details he had told me about their relationship that lined up with the details given by the account, it really seems like it is his ex. I’m 95% sure at this point. About a year ago he told me he was going to help his family out by letting his cousin stay with him while she was returning from another state with higher cases so his aunt and uncle wouldn’t have to quarantine at home too. He said they didn’t have a lot of money and they really needed to keep working and I didn’t think anything of it at the time. But according to the account, they had broken up on the last day of the quarantine and the account said it was day two of the breakup and when looking at the date it was posted, it lined up with the last day of his and his cousin’s quarantine. I looked back at our texts that day and remembered how he wanted to text me all day and he apologized for being clingy and then told me later he was sad around that time but never told me why. So… I think they really were still going out. Some things still don’t make sense like I met his family a month before the quarantine, I could’ve met them a lot earlier than that but I was still too shy, and he had told them we were dating a week after we got together. I was also texting him all the time while he was in quarantine and about half of that was sexts, legit I don’t know how he could’ve gotten away with that when the account said the breakup came out of no where and never seemed to think there was anything wrong. I’ve also always known since the beginning of us going out, that he was unhappy in their relationship and when we were first having sexual, he wasn’t sure if he could maintain an erection. He ended up having no problems with me and he said he might’ve struggled with it before due to falling out of love with his ex.

Anyways, when I found that account I confronted him and he denied everything and said while the details seemed really similar to him, he had permanently broken up with her before we got together. We were talking on the phone and he seemed genuinely upset that I was having doubts in him and not trusting him. It actually made me feel like shit and I instantly believed him at the time because I really thought if I provided him with the account screenshots, he would tell the truth immediately. But while I was able to believe him at first, I’m having doubts again because there’s no way all of that was just a coincidence. Which sucks ass. He was my first ever boyfriend. My first kiss, my first everything and we get along so well and never had any major problems. I’m very happy with him and I thought he was very happy with me too. We were best friends before dating. I just hate life right now because I’m going back and forth between believing him and doubting him and I feel like even if I bring this up to him again, I’m not gonna get the reassurance I need. I’m also scared in the chance it really all was just a coincidence, I might fuck up the only relationship I’ve ever had. It’s hard I almost don’t want to break up with him in the case it is true because he’s made me so happy and he’s the only person I can call a friend at the moment, but at the same time I don’t want to be with someone who’s cheated on me. I can’t be with someone I can’t trust. I keep putting off having another conversation with him because I know it’s going to end with a lot of stress no matter what but it’s still killing me in the inside. I just feel like the world’s hugest dumbass right now. Sorry if shit post.

No. 836332

Trust the signs nonna. I saw signs that my ex was cheating on me. He had some weird mood swings but couldn't give me a reason for his mood changing so suddenly at times. I found women's hair ties around his place that weren't mine and lots of non-explicit but friendly messages from women. He claimed they were all from family members. He would stay up til 6AM on the computer but say he was just reading, and he seemed to have a weird work schedule and always get home at different times yet he never had anything to say about what happened during the work day and couldn't give me any details if I pressed. I could just feel it in my gut based on his energy when I asked him certain questions but he gaslit the fuck out of me and made me feel like a horrible girlfriend for ever questioning him. Turns out he was cheating on me during the entire relationship with multiple women. Motherfucker didn't even have a job! Trust the signs.

No. 836342

I’m sorry you’re going through this but I agree that’s too many coincidences. Looks like he’s lied and cheated and is now gaslighting you, what a piece of shit. You may feel like he’s your only friend at the moment but having no friends is better than one like that. From experience, I felt less lonely after leaving my boyfriend and only friend because I felt so alone while with him. You deserve better.

No. 836353

>I know it's going to end with a lot of stress no matter what but it's still killing me in the inside
It sounds like you need to tell him that. This is the kind of challenging moment in a relationship where people show their true colours. The problem isn't going to solve itself, if he doesn't have the emotional maturity to try to solve it with you then that says a lot about how he'll deal with future hardships. If it's a serious relationship that you're after with this guy then you need to know that you can rely on each other when you come up on hard times. Your behaviours in this situation will either strengthen your relationship or wear it down and create more pain in the process. It's going to be a stressful conversation but imo it doesn't have to be combative. If it becomes combative, like if he gaslights you or calls you names, then you need to get yourself out of there. Like the other anons have said, trust your gut. Don't lose touch with your emotional intelligence or fall into the pattern of feeling disempowered. You can't control the past or how your bf reacts to the problem, but you can control your own behaviour and lay down your boundaries.

No. 836357

I mean, it is old to still be using chan sites.

No. 836358

My kid’s father has been reading self help books recommended by his therapist. and while I’m glad that he is taking the steps to better himself, he now turns everything I say into some obnoxious arm chair bullshit. I texted him how I felt about something today and his response started with “wow! That’s a big emotional response. You must care a lot!” Like im a fucking 5 year old.


No. 836366

Holy fuck I feel like a shitty person for thinking less of my bf for still wanting to take care of me after I act out/fuck up. I hate this shit brain. Accept people wanting to help you you goddamn retard.

No. 836373

Chan sites are older than most zoomers, people don't just stop doing things once they hit some arbitrary age.

No. 836379

File: 1624411805480.jpg (154.44 KB, 752x577, 1211.jpg)

I spent the majority of my life fighting through a fog of childhood trauma & mental illness. Now at 27, after a lot of work and experimental therapies, I feel like I've come alive again. One major thing is I've re-discovered my own creativity & love of drawing. I'm trying to catch up on all the lost time, and I really feel like my calling in life was to be an artist. But now it feels like it'll never happen, since I'm starting from 0 and other people my age pursuing a career in the arts have likely been studying their entire lives. Or at least started in their teens, not their late 20s. Not to mention how much competition there is in the field period. I'm still learning for my own enjoyment, but I'm not going to lie and say that It's not painful. It's painful even just to consider where I could have been by now and the things I could have done, had mental illness not robbed me of most of my current life.

I have no idea what direction to take my life, I'm giving myself one last summer vacation before I hunker down and try to seriously consider where to go from here in terms of schooling & a career path. It's scary, It's scary to only now in your late 20s to only now feel in full control of your mind and life. But I know my only choice is to keep putting my life back together, to keep moving forward.

No. 836389

I hung out with girl that I spent years trying to form a friendship with and on the last day she split on me and was so so mean I left crying and now shes subtweeting me non stop really mean things and i'm so sad i just wanted a friend

No. 836394

Lily is that you?
I believe we both can become artists, no matter what age we are. I believe in you. Please don't give up.

No. 836397

I believe in you anon! There’s a thread somewhere on here of successful people who got started doing whatever’s made them successful later in life, and it gives me hope. Is it a major cope? Perhaps. But it makes me feel good to know that I can do whatever I want at whatever age.

No. 836408

Me too anon, I’ve never felt any romantic or sexual attraction to anyone but I’d like to spend the rest of my life with someone and the idea of being alone forever bums me out. Nobody’s gonna love a woman who can’t love them back. But my best friend knows my situation and we’ve seriously thrown around the idea of doing a tri-parenting situation when she someday gets married, which would be cool. You’d just have to get the hubbo on board with it.

No. 836418

File: 1624417418183.jpg (18.78 KB, 275x244, 1604987800398.jpg)

hold me bros, after coming to terms with other things i was in denial of all this time, i'm starting to think i really was sexually abused as a child. that i was just so young i don't really remember it. it would have been at the time i just started even having recorded memories. i just remember toddling down to where he was and him giving me an ice cream from the chest, because he'd showed me he had them before ….. it makes my heart race to remember even that much, and even that is so, so fuzzy. but then i start to wonder if i'm just creating false memories, but then part of me wonders if that's just me being in denial.

No. 836421

> hold me bros

No. 836422

My eating-disordered hubby had another double-fast-food dinner day, and finished it off with one of my expensive meal replacement bars. He just doesn't care, onwards and upwards to 300lbs I guess! If he wasn't so kind to me and surprisingly hard working, I'd be pissed.

No. 836424

unsolicited advice…go to college or community college for something with a guaranteed paycheck and do art on the side. it's not to say you aren't or couldn't be a good artist, but the art world is all about networking and social bullshit. get your money and you'll always have the money and leisure to continue doing art and taking any courses you want.

No. 836429

Boyfriend of almost 3 years still isnt over his ex and its really starting to eat me up inside. No matter how much ive cried and hes said sorry and that he'll stop he never did. I am the main circus act of this evening I am booboo the fool.

No. 836431

I've been able to make my relationship look quite good, but internally I'm wrecked over it. I pretty much only care about being validated through sex and I want to feel desired by my boyfriend. It's not like he doesn't do anything, but it's never enough for me in terms of me feeling desired. Like, I am starting to give up on that idea and I pretty much rely on validation from compliments by other people and strangers at the moment, I base my worth on it and by how fuckable I feel I am to them. I wish I could appreciate my relationship for what it is - we do things together, we play video games together, we create art together, we talk for long hours, but it's not stimulating to me. The only thing I like doing is sex, really, but since I've accepted I'll never feel desired or wanted from my boyfriend I just like it because I can use a warm body to cum. I love my boyfriend and I feel shitty for being like this, but I don't know how to stop. I read a lot of books and create art and work out and all that, but it's not fulfilling at all. I just want validation that I'm attractive. I feel hideous and it sucks that's how I feel worth anything, I wish I found value in my other attributes. But I don't.

No. 836437

Anon, please tell someone about your situation so that you can be safe. I know it is probably scary as fuck to think of leaving home but please please take care of yourself and let others know so that they can help you. You can even call the police, it doesn't matter if it's not going on right when you call.

No. 836448

He will cheat on you with her if he gets the chance. Speaking from experience. You’ll break up, he’ll go back to his ex and they’ll break up again, and he will come crawling back saying how sorry he is. Don’t fall for it. Honestly, just throw the whole scrote away and find yourself someone who isn’t stuck on some past bullshit. You’ll never be happy.

No. 836477

So i have an aversion to people leaving their saliva in my skin due to molestation from when i was a minor. Now its pretty easy to avoid it, but my father was socialized in like a "poor/farmer" way (idk how to put it) and as such he is super annoying when he greets me. Always gives these sneak "smooches" whenever i have my shoulders exposed or my legs are at reach (meaning im relaxing in the couch with legs over a table). Its pretty fucking obvious that it drives me mad, but bc of the way he was raised he just doesn't want to understand me, he thinks he's being funny. Whenever that happens i have to clean the zone like a maniac because as i said its a traumatic memory of mine and the unwanted sensation remains for several minutes if I don't "do something to make it go away". But im still pretty prideful and i don't really want to bring that up as I know that I'll feel exposed/humiliated once again.
I've told him that it makes me mad and he should stop, and he was worse before so he definitely got that. But he still does this. I know its not evil malice, more of a "childish behavior", but i fucking hate it.
Anyways I just wanted to get it off my chest. I've never really talked about this, ever. Sorry if it seems too weird and out of nowhere

No. 836483

It wouldn’t matter even if you hadn’t been assaulted anon, your dad is being an ass and not respecting your physical boundaries. The next time you’re together I would repeat that you don’t want him doing it and that you’ll leave if he does. Then follow through if he’s that retarded. Don’t meet him in person again until he apologizes for the behavior. He’s being immature and obnoxious. If you’re still living with him then treat him like a leper and maintain a 20 ft distance at all times until it gets through his thick head that you dislike the contact.

No. 836484

File: 1624427382782.jpg (185.56 KB, 980x1253, fea28ff13d64150ddceca59b6788cb…)

I've always been chubby, my family used to make fun of me for it and comment on my weight a lot… Now I lost a bunch of weight, buy they still comment on my weight, except now they call me "scrawny" and "gaunt" instead.
Can't fucking win with this shit!

No. 836505

A scrote who treated me like shit fell in love with a bitch who dumped him once he got vulnerable with her. Now he's back, and although I pretend to be sympathetic to hear more, I'm cackling with glee. Just desserts, asshole.

No. 836510

>it's another episode of "anon wakes up suddenly wanting to blow her brains out for literally no reason and cry for 20 minutes when everything's going well" episode.
please help why am i like this. it's always after sleeping too

No. 836516

your family is toxic and it sucks, the problem was never you or your weight

No. 836528

I've had "disordered" eating habits bordering on an ED before and I keep leaning more and more into it lately. I feel like I'm gonna lose myself in it soon enough

No. 836577

Once again I feel like I'm being an idiot and wasting my time because everyone trets me like I do.

I started learning front end on my own and every time someone asked me about it they act like I'm a turbo retard and can't learn shitx all because I'm not officially enrolled in a school. Someone please be proude of me, I just want to give myself a normal life instead of killing myself because it will get too hard if I don't accomplish this.

No. 836597

congrats on the weight loss anon and fuck those malignant bitches
i'm proud of you !!

No. 836604

same it leads me to make tea at 3 am so that i can stay up and then i can sleep during the day so the sun is out and im less scared and i feel happy enough or whatever to sleep

No. 836614

I just found and killed a little dark moth and I'm freaking out. I hope it was just some random one that flew in when I had my window open yesterday… My family had food moths once and it was so fucking disgusting, I couldn't step into the kitchen without seeing like five of them sitting around. I barely have dry foods though, everything is clean and I'm unable to find more so I really hope this was a one-time thing. Fuck I hate insects so much, why can't they just stay outside

No. 836619

File: 1624446695346.png (1.71 MB, 1280x854, 1621965517776.png)

My bf and I were making sims of eachother in ts3 yesterday. Really made me feel some type of way when he took a look at me and dragged that nasolabial crease slider way up.

No. 836631

It's so great you're learning something useful, that's awesome! The internet is such an incredible resource for learning anything but people just use it for Facebook and dog videos, the people you're talking to probably can't extend their mind past their owm dumb internet use.
I wish you the best!

No. 836638

Is it normal that I am not interested in dating? My friends always tell me about their relationships and I saw them break up, experience heart break and what kind of assholes their boyfriends are since we were in high school. I never wanted that and I still don't want that - I am now 24 years old. I have the feeling that everyone is nagging me about it - my mother constantly says that she wants a grandchild when I am older and that she is going to set me up with one of the sons of her friends (ew) and my other friends tell me to download a dating app even tho only cheap perverts go there or set me up to a blind date with probably a guy they don't want to date. It is not like I've never tried to go on dates but there was either no spark, I was grossed out or the guy was a stingy prick or bored me to death by only talking about himself. The only crushes I've ever had were fictional or movie actors but real life men are either childish dumbasses, arrogant or repulsive to me and I feel grossed out by the thought of having something shoved inside my vagina. Should I just accept myself? I mean I am not doing badly, I have friends, my family is alive and I have a job that at least covers my living expenses. Am I ungrateful? Is there something wrong with me?

No. 836641

>is there something wrong with me?
No, volcelism is enlightened.

No. 836644

hsivnf a severe panic attack going to kill myself friend sent me money to help and before it went through I got hit with a ton of non sufficient funds fees which negates anything sent and now I'm back in the negative and I can't even buy food and now anhrhijg that hits I'll get charged more ife is trulg just suffering I should just end it I think I'm going to I'm so sick of this I'm so sick if it I'm so sick of if nboidy even cares it's all suffeifing suffering suffering sufferinv

No. 836648

I fell down the Trans kid rabbit hole thanks to KF and it made me realize that i was so, so lucky to have been born years before all this mess. I have been on and off of psychiatric treatment since i was a child, and considering i was always more masculine, and at some point i even wanted to be a boy, i am 100% inclined to belive that if i had the bad luck to have one of those crazy psychologists i could have been diagnosed with the Troonism. And considering my mom, while kind hearted, is super naive i bet she would have put me in hormones. Anyway, i am happy nowadays i feel comfortable just being a tomboy, why would i want to be an ugly ass man with receding hairline anyway kek.

No. 836650

Now my fucking roommate is complaining about my door opening loud which I can't fucking help yet he screams all the fucking time and I don't say shit be blames it on his mental illness god shut the fuck up

No. 836681

yeah she was wrong to do that, wasn't defending her just explaining in case you weren't familiar

No. 836683

I want to go to college or get some certs but I'm legit too stupid and broke

No. 836689

i’m so unwell because my fucking dumb parents got me sick because they wouldn’t stop coming into my room and coughing and touching me and getting into my space even tho i was trying to stay away from them and i’m in so much pain. i haven’t been able to sleep properly or nap for three days now and it feels like hell. my throat is so fucking sore and i’ve felt nauseous for two days now. i puked in the shower this morning and it hurt so bad because all i’d ingested in the past 12 hours was cold and flu medication, water, and ibuprofen. i know i’m getting better but i still can’t think straight and i cant put up with another day of this bro i’m sick of it at least let me have a fucking phat ass nice ass nap to make up for this hellish shit AHHHH

No. 836694

lol the thread pic here is mad lolcow vibes. Let’s all do that right now.

Some guy is going through my fb liking my selfies because he’s trying to court me. He likes this pic of me and my old best friend who stopped talking to me when some stuff happened, it wasn’t even like I did something bad to her but I owned up and tried to apologize for months and she just ghosted me. Then I thought she wanted to make up but I guess she didn’t because we just weren’t close after that anymore. Anyway she tagged the picture of me that this guy liked and then I see that she’s still Facebook friends with my other old best friend and I’m just sad. I miss these people. I know life moves on and friendships end but I tried everything to salvage and take my portion of blame and stay in touch and it’s just not happening. I get so annoyed when I remember how I lost my best friends in a couple years of each other. Tf can I do.

No. 836701

File: 1624456664415.jpg (221.79 KB, 1400x1400, cuck.jpg)


I was going to treat myself because I've been having a super rough week since everything keeps getting dropped in my lap and thing keep going wrong EVERY FUCKING DAY spilt bleach on laundry, close family member gets diagnosed with cancer plus My doctors are fucking me around with my birth controll AND THEN I see McDickheads got rid of one of the only things I eat from them IM FUCKING RAGING

And now my ED is perking up with the "you don't deserve to eat unless it's the one thing you planned" FUCKING CHRIST I hate this,the one thing I was looking forward to this week

No. 836703

God I fucking hate how interviewers can start late and its technically no issue. Shits making me anxious waiting for this fucker to call me

No. 836706

Keep skipping therapy bc it's not helping but I'm not allowed to quit. Losing weight slowly and yet i still have to buy weights because my dad insist I be a certain weight despite being in my 20s and living independently, but I'm too much of a pussy to say anything and I'll come over knowing that they're gonna weigh me. I've been purging my food lately to cope with shit and wasting all my money that way so I'm always broke ☹ lmfao. Its also harder bc there's so many men in the house being aggressive and one of them tried to pressure me into sex and wouldn't leave my room until I practically begged him to(☹)

No. 836709

My boyfriend's friend is trying to raise a 3 week old kitten by himself and we are going over there a few times this week to feed it while he's at work. For some reason, too, he's taking care of his parents cat with such bad conjunctivitis its eyes are sealed shut. He is keeping the cats in separate rooms but what the fuck? He says the cat isn't contagious because his parents other cat doesn't have it? But kittens have such fragile immune systems I am worried it's going to get sick because of this other cat. He won't take either cat to the vet. I don't get why he's even taking care of his parent's sick cat. Where is their other cat then? What the fuck is this situation? I can't afford to take the cats to the vet myself or I would. I looked it up apparently you can buy this stuff called Terramycin to clear up conjunctivitis in cats so I sent him a big message about it and told my bf's friend to at least buy that from tractor supply to help the cat if he doesn't want his kitten to catch it. I don't know what else to do. I am seeing the cats again today my boyfriend is allergic to cats that's why I'm helping. I tried to ask for advice on a few animal forums and everyone was getting really shitty with me when they aren't even my fucking cats. I hate this

No. 836717

File: 1624458527274.jpg (33.08 KB, 556x360, 360_F_69177707_lzzANZTUJ6NTXIE…)

Scheduled myself for orthodontics just to end up getting a rude doctor…

When I came here I thought it would be an orthodontist, just to find out that he is not one, but a normal dentist. (I scheduled myself while explaining everything about my situation and what I need…)

In the end I get:
> Turned out that he is the same nationality as me, which turned him into a different person. Started being playfully rude.
> Kept trying to convince me to go travel to homecity because he doesn't believe in COVID, while the current situation is so bad there that they had to turn malls into hospitals.
> I had to even bs sayingy parents work in the "red corridor"(that's what we call a COVID hospital that is full of horribly rough cases), he kept insisting
> Asked why I moved out, I explained
> Asked was a guy who came with me my partner, I said yes
> Asked why I chose him, a person with a different nation
> I went ??? And just said "he is a good person" (why tf would I need to answer to such question in a first place)
> He snarkily said that "not all people are good, a lot of them are manipulators"

I am so pissed, I never had to encounter such weird doctor before?!

He recommended me an orthodontist with amazing ratings, but he said a lot of things about him, that he is a terrifying man who would be mad over anything, when I'd see that all 45 reviews are 5 star, saying that this orthodontist is like a psychologist at the same time…

No. 836721

>lol the thread pic here is mad lolcow vibes

No. 836729


I'd report this if you can, he's straight up creeping on you with the asking if you have a partner

No. 836734

Even commenting why I chose this nation and saying snarky shit about my partner without knowing him… It pissed me off so much.

This place opened only a week ago in our medical center but I can easily imagine how bad it's gonna get.

No. 836744

I'm so fucking sick of the BPDfag whiteknights in the Trisha Paytas thread.

This is part of why BPDs are do toxic- it's always someone else's fault, but never theirs because ~muh mental illness~ as if their mental illness isn't just a cluster of extremely toxic personality traits that are so extreme they warrant a psychological label.

No. 836750

Jesus christ, I think the reason I've been losing so much weight is because of my fucking medication. My doc increased the dosage and I think it lines up with when I started dropping. It only came to mind yesterday when I've been trying to figure it out for weeks; I'm such a dumbass. Almost all the other side effects are things that I deal with on a daily basis, so I didn't even consider that it could be a negative reaction. Significant weight loss is apparently super common in this med too so I'm kind of baffled at my doc going ahead with it when she knows I have a hard enough time gaining and maintaining weight. Not an ana-chan I swear kek. Just a retard about eating

No. 836763

File: 1624463862058.jpg (46.19 KB, 535x815, f7o8od9p2og31.jpg)

No. 836764

>as if their mental illness isn't just a cluster of extremely toxic personality traits that are so extreme they warrant a psychological label
This is exactly why I hate hearing anyone online talk about having BPD, they go on and on about how it's incurable and blah, blah, blah it's the most painful mental illness, but the reality is, guess what, it is just a bunch of symptoms, symptoms that you can absolutely control. I have BPD myself and it's an absolute lie you're telling yourself that you can't control your symptoms. Maybe people with BPD are always going to be more sensitive than most people (and I don't mean in an "empathy" way), but that doesn't mean you can't control your actions and thoughts that arise from your fee-fees.

No. 836766

fucking breakup

No. 836773

Nayrt but thank you. I think all the new BPDfags are from tiktok, because i keep seeing tiktokers go self-diagnose themselves with BPD.

I am very proud of you anon for controlling yourself and having a great mindset about it. I got a bpd-chan family memember who does nothing but shows out of her basement once every three months just to throw hysterical fits for attention instead of acting like a normal human n realising that people are not going to babysit your ass.

No. 836836

A girl at work no showed the other day and we’re starting to get worried because she doesn’t seem like the type to do that, she lives by herself and her phone goes to voicemail. I hope she’s okay.

No. 836843

File: 1624471118722.jpeg (43.88 KB, 480x508, 8E854CFC-1F5D-457B-B05F-983313…)

I was thinking about my dogs mortality and now I’m sobbing uncontrollably. Fuck.

No. 836852

For years and years when I lifted my head from what I'm doing to see what my dog was up to and he was asleep, I'd keep my gaze lingering on him until I'm sure his chest is going up an down, checking he's breathing. Then one day when i lifted my head, the chest didn't move.

No. 836872

then you should look at your boyfriend and drag that penis size slider all the way down

No. 836900

Anon I hate this so much. I'm so scared of the day I'll have to deal with this. Once I couldn't see her body move so I went to gently shake her awake but she didn't wake up and I almost lost my mind. She used to jolt awake if the floorboards even creaked a little as you approached her, but she's just a deep sleeper now. Still terrified and still do not look forward to the day I wake up or come home and she's no longer there. Actually, I don't know what's worse, coming home to my dog that passed away while I was out, or holding her in my arms at the vet as she's put down.

Now I'm just fucking sad.

No. 836918

I don't the hate the United States or the American people, but the US ruined any chance me and a hundered million other Muslim women ever had, Islamism was dying and had a reduced influence in society and we had nationalist secular leaders but cause the US was so terrified of "communism" they funded, worked with and helped spread Islamist and ideology and its not going to end in this life time
Take my country for example, the CIA helped remove our elected secular socialist prime minister and put in place a Islamist Military dictatorship, during this period we had new laws that would sentence people to death for leaving Islam, the blasphemy law which gave death for insulting i.e criticizing Muhammad or lslam and many others and even though he's died in a plane crash and has been dead for for 30 years now those laws are still place and you can't remove them, a politician once said we should remove the blasphemy law and he was assassinited by his own bodyguard, the people celebrated the killer the built 3 shrine's in his name
I mean there's no hope for us in the Muslim world, I mean maybe an all powerful dictator who reduces Islamist power is maybe the only hope, cause Its not going away naturally

No. 836927

The worst thing? The dog is just the first. Everyone you love will die. I used to be horribly afraid of death. I still equally am, I just now wish to die before my loved ones.
I cannot give you consolation. There is none. The only way to fight death is to celebrate life.

No. 836929

I don't hate the American people but I absolutely do hate the United States. Nothing wrong with that.

No. 836939

Jesus, i didnt know any of that. Im so sorry

No. 836944

I appreciate it but its not gonna do much, as I said the only hope is a secular dictatorship for decades, that's the only plausible scenario where these laws get revoked

No. 836945

I've been thinking about my dog's mortality since I first got her as a puppy. It sucks and I can't stop thinking about it, because I know that she could die at any moment and that that is a fact.

No. 836948

>not even overweight or have a crappy diet
>suddenly getting gallbladder attacks

No. 836995

That sucks nonnie. I worry about getting them! Kek my mom got them from weight/shit diet, my sister from losing weight too quickly, and my other sister like you didn't have any prior issues.

No. 837004


I'm an American and I hate the US government and it's proxies, absolutely no shame in that. I'm sorry this happened to your country Anon

No. 837014

I think about my dog's mortality every few days and it's been like this since he's been tiny as well. I love him so much and nothing will change that. The only way I can console myself is by getting another dog earlier so that I am not alone when the thing happens
I would like to read more about that. Where should I start? I'm only asking if some anon is able to point me in the right direction without doing my research. Thank you in advance.

No. 837019

File: 1624484767439.jpeg (16.59 KB, 275x129, EC8249C8-148B-4564-BBDC-7363C1…)

I’d hug you anons

No. 837021

I am so fucking sick and tired of seeing female ran lingerie companies post men on their social media. Even more sick and tired of seeing only women get attacked in the comments for saying “hey this makes me uncomfortable” while men get to voice their opinions about it with no repercussions. Women actually buy the lingerie for everyday use… men are only following the accounts for jerk off fodder.

Seeing a penis in women’s panties is violating when all I want to do is shop for pretty things for myself. If I was looking to see that I would go somewhere specific. Another daily reminder that it’s a man’s world and women can not have a single space to themselves.

No. 837022

Email them and tell them this. They will care if they lose costumers.

No. 837025

just learned the main vocalist of maneskin is 3 years younger than me what the fuck

No. 837027

I did email one and got back an extremely pandering “ALL bodies can wear our lingerie” reply. It’s so tiring being a woman. Hardly anyone listens to us, including other women.

No. 837030

Which company? Name and shame!

No. 837032

TF is "violating" about seeing a
normal body part wrapped in a normal piece of clothing? Don't go full twitterfag gc anons puheeelase

No. 837035

Playful Promises and Bluebella were the first somewhat big brands to post men. Thistle and Spire are the ones who replied with the pandering. Dita Von Teese Lingerie was the one that set me over today because only women are being attacked in the comments.

No. 837037

File: 1624485893405.jpg (22.35 KB, 563x557, 14aed9f0225bb7fd179fad0ea61029…)

It's funny my fiance is the most beautiful person i've ever met and the sweetest one too, but ever since he's been playing LoL the whole pandemic he became more and more aggressive and mad. He would lose one game he would be mad, and let it out on me. Whenever i ask if i should offer him some help and comfort, he refuses to and gets even more pissed at me. I tell him to have some space, he also gets mad over that and says he doesn't need it. I don't want to break up or anything, but i really want him to understand that his game isn't anything of importance and that it isn't justified for lashing out on me when i wasn't doing anything. I always tell him to relax and play a more relaxing game but he also refuses to do that. What the fuck am i even supposed to do?? im really out of ideas, and ending the relationship seems petty to me, considering it's just the game that is the problem and his temper. It's like im arguing with a toddler. Mind you he's one year younger than me and he's also almost in his 20s.

Even i get mad at games, but i never lash out on others. Nonnies, if you ever had such a similar problem, what did you do? or say? i really need some advice on this, because it's really messing with my mental health lately and i feel exhausted.

No. 837040

Seeing a dick in lingerie meant for women when you are scrolling or browsing shit for yourself is kinda violating though, just a wannabe woke dick pic.

No. 837041

Nothing violating about that but I wasn’t talking about just a random body part in random cloth. Don’t be obtuse.

No. 837042

I would tell him what I told my hs time friend who acted the same way: you're being fucking ridiculous, it's a game and you're letting some pixels on a screen to get you all worked up? Pathetic and actually deranged, hope you get help because I am not touching this shit anymore.

No. 837044

>normal body part wrapped in a normal piece of clothing
There is nothing neutral about a man stuffing his penis down some women's lingerie, it's a common moid fetish.

No. 837045

He doesn't want to get help, so that's a big mistake on his part. It doesn't matter if he was sweet before, what matters is the fact that he's making you uncomfortable and using you as an emotional punching bag. That isn't okay. Even if in the future he goes "back to normal", what if a pandemic happens again and this is how he decides to act again? The key here is that it's his choice to not be able to control his emotions from playing videogames. What about other kinds of hardships? How would he react?
I think he always was like this deep inside but never let it out until recently when he became more comfortable with acting angry and mad towards you. I would break up with him, specially because he's hurting you a lot.

No. 837046

I hate that as a woman I have such strict preferences for men physically and everything else repulses me. As a woman you cant really be choosy, you pretty much have to pick the best of the men who go after you and most of the time they arent what you're attracted to. Meanwhile guys can shoot their shot with enough women who are "their type" until eventually one says yes, women cant do that.

No. 837048

I didnt object to the vent, I objected to the term "violated". I could equally now say to you don't be obtuse. It's disgustingly manipulative and does more bad than good by shaming body parts and gendering clothing. You want skirt not to equal female? You gotta let men wear them.

No. 837050

>he's one year younger than me
>he's almost in his 20's
>getting mad over a game
Ok so… is he like, 17? 18? He's too young and stupid, don't compromise with an asshole like that if you have so many years ahead of you.

No. 837055

I actually do want skirts to equal female. I want female only spaces and traditionally female things to stay female only. We get absolutely nothing else. The fact that you jumped to the conclusion that I’m non-binary or something is your projection.

No. 837056


oh no no no, hes 19, but yeah. I'm thinking of telling him the hard way, how i feel. Like the other anon said, i became his personal punshin bag, which isn't okay at all. I think i'll talk to him tomorrow since that's usually when hes calm whenever we have arguements. But thanks anyway!

No. 837057

You don’t get to choose what does and does not feel violating to other people. This reeks of scrote.

No. 837058

switch to women

No. 837059

Hum why are you trying to get married in your early 20s?

No. 837060

I agree with this, even though I'm not a tradthot. I just think men in women clothing that is made with women's curves and bodies in mind is something I find disgusting
If men want to wear skirts and dresses designed for their bodies, fine. But let women wear what is intended to be for us only, I'm gatekeeping it

No. 837061

>I actually do want skirts to equal female
Ew. Sorry I mistook you for a gc.

No. 837062

This reeks of twitterfag. Yaaas queen everything you feel is valid!!1one

No. 837064

>shaming body parts
Oh no farmers you're shaming the poor dicks by not wanting to randomly see them, how awful.

No. 837065

I mean, if you truly think he's the one for you, I hope you can solve things out. But he sounds very bad and I would be afraid to be with him if he has arguments with you just because he got butthurt over a game. Trust me, I had a guy tell me that he never loved me just because he wanted more time for 4chan, videogames and anime. He is very sweet and cute most of the time but if I don't respect his alone time he gets overwhelmed and hurts me in the process. Idk what I'm trying to say here but yeah, be careful okay? I still think you deserve better and are very young

No. 837066

I'm not attracted to women

No. 837068

The hell are you doing getting engaged now? You guys are going to get sick of each other and you'll probably be stuck with his spawn while he chases your current age range in 5 years. Happens to every young married couple.

No. 837069

Nta but how is saying "you don't chose what feels violating for someone" a twitterfag shit? It's common sense, and being mindful of others.

No. 837070

It’s clearly a scrote posting so of course he has no consideration of others or common sense

No. 837071

I'd say you're the one that sounds like a twitterfag
>don't say violated!!!
>it's manipulative to not want to see a dick in public!!!!!
dicks are gross mate no matter what. I like dicks and even I don't want to see them in public, let alone in women's clothing because that's disgusting

No. 837073

I felt this. I hate that we have to include shit like
>be hygienic
>control your anger
>have some semblance of emotional intelligence
in what you're looking for when that shit should be default. You don't see scrotes complaining about their ex who never washed their ass

No. 837074

this. In some years when he's 23-25 he'll be chasing girls that are 18-21. Don't settle for an asshole

No. 837075

>woman doesn’t want to see dick

No. 837077

Pms hit me like a freight train today, but it also hit my friends at the same time and they’re all being needy fucking bitches at the moment

> Why do I feel so sad???

hm maybe it’s same thing that happened last month and the month before and so on!

Typically I don’t like to mention I’m in a good mood because they’re like “oh cool then you have room on your plate to handle my latest whiny drama”. Like a low level George Constanta angry face to keep people from absolutely dumping on me. Anyway they are laying it on today and I want to tell them all to fuck off and deal with their biology alone like I have to

No. 837081

Agreed, I hate sissies, trannies, and anyone who wears female clothing if they were born male. And I don't care if clothing is gendered, as long as hyperfeminization and hypersexualization are not a mandatory set rule that society pushes onto us as women and we can escape those things, I don't mind if certain garments remain gendered. Not that there can't be skirts for men like the irish have, but that I just really hate sissies and trannies

No. 837082

kilts are Scottish, but otherwise you're completely correct

No. 837083

Just found out the piece of shit who raped me and another girl is getting mildly popular in a certain scene where he'll now have access to people who are likely unconscious due to drugs/alcohol y'know his EXACT targets

Not sure if it's worth making an anon Twitter account with all of the evidance in screenshots (It's solid evidence that the police also have on file)but i'm not sure if it's a good idea mental health wise

I just can't deal with the thought of him doing this to someone else

No. 837091

If you feel it’s going to wreck havoc on your mental health, don’t do it. If your drive to expose him and protect others is higher though, do it. Remember you can always just post the evidence and bounce.

No. 837093

Absolutely do it, imagine all the people he would rape otherwise

No. 837096


He's the type to Dox though so i'm concerned he'd dox me and the other victim and I don't want her to be reminded or have to deal with it

I've just emailed my case Detetive about it to see if the case is still going forward (my country sucks for SA cases) so I'm going to see if I can go the legal route

thank you anons for responding means alot

No. 837097

Be careful nonna, I'll have you in my prayers

No. 837101

Give us a guess at who it might be.

No. 837102

As that anon >>837014 mentioned, I would also like to read more about it

No. 837104

My fucking tonsil is swollen, fuckkkkkk

No. 837105


No one big or even well known luckly, If I give too much info it might cause me issues (he knows of this site) but London music scene name has something to do with UFO's

No. 837107

I have an unhinged online stalker who is salty because I rejected his marriage proposal (yes, really) and has gone from sending me hundreds of groveling emails begging me for forgiveness to slandering me openly to potential employers on social media.
He comments on my social media several times every day, making new accounts as soon as I block.

He just won't stop. The police won't do shit because he's from another country.

This has been going on for two years and my nerves are in fucking shreds from this.

No. 837117

Sometimes I'm just damn happy that lolcow hates lolicons, pedos, troonies and other kinds of disguting people/scrotes. I was groomed from a young age and I grew watching lolicon as a teen because someone told me it was okay because it was "porn for my age" (wtffff???) as in because the characters were young that means I should self insert. I'm happy this is not the case anymore and I've quitted all kinds of porn forever.

No. 837118

File: 1624494563579.gif (1001.6 KB, 350x250, war.jpg.gif)

I often forget that my country is actually considered to have an ongoing war. It's not that I don't see it everyday, I certainly do when I watch the news. But since I see it everyday I just got used to it and now I see it as the the norm. People dying, corpses, gun fights, feminicide, kidnappings, human slavery and traffic. So I guess when people use pic related it does apply to me.

No. 837127

Same. Men do not belong in dresses and skirts. I dont care how 'sexist' that sounds.

No. 837132

Good for you anon!

No. 837134

File: 1624496055560.jpg (48.18 KB, 600x450, 1442211071360.jpg)

I went to bloomingdales to get a perfume as a gift to myself because i had a miserable work week and the counter lady was so god damn rude. She ignored me the entire time and was speaking (very friendly) to another women she obviously knew. i got so discouraged that i left without buying anything. fuck you, bitch

No. 837142

If I am as I assassinated by Z.A Bhutto(a manifesto written by the PM when he was imprisoned before being hanged) and my feudal lord(a book written by his daughter) are great books that's explain that explain the situation in Pakistan

No. 837144

The tradfems on this website are so fucking pathetic good lord.

No. 837149

Funnily/sadly enough men will also partner up with women they aren't really attracted to so long as they get sex. Their only real requirement is "vagina."

No. 837150

Ugh. You remind me of me at that age, sadly. Don't marry so young, divorce is a slow, painful and expensive process even if you both want it. If he's really the right person for you then you can manage to wait until you're mid-20s or later. You're not done mentally developing yet and you're both going to change a ton in the coming years. Plus he's already throwing up red flags. You probably won't listen but whatever, no one really spoke up to tell me how fucked up marrying young was so I hope you'll at least ponder it.

No. 837162

stop dating business men and rich kids, you need to get a hold of your life and provide for yourself… How old are you? Where are you finding these men?

No. 837163

Not a tradfem. Just a woman sick of men having to take over every single thing including things they originally confined us to.

No. 837165

I don't want to hear about the 'Karen's' and the 'normies' all day Mum. It isn't that I don't agree with you; I'd simply like not to think about it all the time.

I'm far from innocent in terms of negativity, but I'm not the one blaring profanity-riddled Bitchute videos in the middle of the dining room.

No. 837169

why are men so self centered? even the nicest ones are shit at reciprocal conversations. They just blab about their own stuff, and even if you drop hints about wanting to talk about a certain thing they just jump to their own shit related to that subject. I have a friend living in a country that he hates and he only knows how to compare my stuff to how shit it is for him over there or for people in general. Like dude just move. Also will they ever learn to return a question?? At least they could go "oh and how about you?" when I ask them anything!

I feel men will never reach the same level of empathy that we have for them. I always remember things they've told me, ask them about it, how they are doing, etc. And they are oblivious as fuck, I keep feeling like I get back so little compared to what I put in with them, I've just defaulted to telling them straight on that they are complete narcs

No. 837170

So you acknowledge that traditional femininity is confining to women, but you'd rather keep that oppressive construct intact to own the troons? Some of you really need to get a hobby other than reading the MTF thread, it's geting sad at this point lmao.

No. 837174

the way this is worded is stupid but when men are out here with their sissy fetishes and are coomers yes there will be bias against them wearing skirts in public and it's their own fault.

No. 837176

File: 1624502525118.jpeg (18.18 KB, 194x192, 1623689979995.jpeg)

Recently, I was talking to a family member who mentioned she was attending a friend's wedding with her bf. She went on to say she really wanted to wear this big poofy white dress to it. We were trying to convince her not to since that would be pretty disrespectful for the bride, but she plays dumb and refuses to see why it would be a bad thing.
This isn't the first time she's done something like this either. Am I wrong for being concerned over this behavior? I'm pretty sure this girl just really wants attention or something.

No. 837177

she's stupid and needs to be mocked for being this stupid

No. 837178

Everything in society is tailored to them. They get endless media showing op fantasies (ugly nerd saves world and gets hot chick). They get coddled and excused for everything growing up. People let men do anything because they're afraid men will chimp out. When was the last time you heard someone tell a man to shut up already? They're stuck in childhood, idk how women can stand their bfs, it would feel like pedophilia tbh.

No. 837180

Idk about sissies and troons, at the end of the day, male legs look fucking ugly, and no one wants to see that. Unless he's a golden Adonis he shouldn't be wearing a skirt. If they want to do femininity they'll be held to the same strict standards that women are held to.

No. 837183

Going to need you to re-read because that's not what I said. Sad that you're championing for scrotes so hard on a women's site.

No. 837185

that's why I just tell them straight on that they are only talking about themselves when they do kek last guy I went out with got super uncomfortable and apologetic when I told him that he only talked about himself the whole first date. He later told me he remembered a lot of stuff that I said that day and I was so close to telling him "yeah dude because after you answered MY question I told you my own reply even if you didn't ask". Honestly I didn't do it because I just wanted to fuck and end the night lol they really are stuck in their own bubble

No. 837187

Pointing out that you're a retard for being so anti-troon that you revert back to supporting traditional gender roles is not "championing for scrotes." Stay mad.

No. 837188

Nowhere have I said anything about troons. You're projecting real hard here.

No. 837189

The conversation is literally about troons and men wearing skirts and dresses, don't be willfully obtuse you intellectually dishonest faggot.

No. 837190

It's literally not. My post was about brands advertising gay/straight men in lingerie.

I smell a scrote

No. 837192

You need to calm the fuck down. Do you realize what site and thread you’re on?

No. 837193

You know I could just scroll back up and read the post that I originally responded to which said
>I actually do want skirts to equal female. I want female only spaces and traditionally female things to stay female only.
So why the fuck are you lying lmao?

No. 837194

Scroll up a little more to see why I replied with that. Calm down before you give yourself an aneurysm freaking out this hard over skirts and scrotes.

No. 837196

How tf are you going to freak out on nonnie for wanting female only spaces and things ? Get a grip lol

No. 837197

I get what this anon is saying. Being mad when men wear dresses is enforcing gender roles. Do you guys hate masculine or gender non conforming women too? I don't want this place to reek of homophobia like crystal Cafe lol

No. 837198

Masculine / gender non-conforming women =/= men. You're really going to try to compare the two? Being upset with men invading a women's space for sexual gratification is not enforcing gender roles. Anon is allowed to be upset in a VENT thread for having dick shoved in her face on a lingerie page.

No. 837199

File: 1624505697704.jpeg (29.35 KB, 275x169, 84557AEF-6BBA-4617-B25C-BC5994…)

one of my best friends has turned into an absolute internet cow to the point they’re a dairy farm. i don’t consider them a friend anymore. the clout has caused them brain damage

No. 837202

One, I'm not comparing women to men, I'm critiquing gender nonsense that troons and yourself subscribe to. How exactly is it an invasion of women's spaces if a man decides to wear a dress or a skirt? If it isn't a bathroom, a shelter, or women's sports then what's the problem here? You admitted yourself that you want to enforce the traditional standard of femininity imposed on women because it makes you comfortable. You're not the only anon who is full of cognitive dissonance. It's a common trend for GC women to pretend to be radfems. Tradthots like Ben Shapiro hate troons because they see them as faggots, not because they're men exercising their privledge.

No. 837203

Look out!!!!! It’s the opinion police!!!!!

No. 837204

Cool story. This is a public forum and I can comment on whatever part of your post that I want. Saying that you want clothing to be gendered is some tradfem shit and I can point that out. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

No. 837205

Faggots are not allowed to post on this board, sorry.

No. 837206

Uh do you not realize I’m not the original poster who said the thing about wanting clothes to be gendered? I was just pointing out what her original point was kek

No. 837207

Then why are you here?

No. 837208

Scrote alert(Hi scrote)

No. 837209

Okay lol and? It’s okay for you to post what you want and no one else? Butches be real mad up in here tonight.

No. 837210

yeah no, I sorta get what you mean. Idgaf what either wear—it’s just fucking clothes. But in this context, I find it funny how much they attempt to conquer every aspect of the female experience. losers

No. 837211

So pointing out the the promotion of gender roles = being a scrote now? You must be really desperate.

No. 837212

Almost every single time I go outside, either the dad or the kids from the family who are my next-door neighbors also comes outside and starts fucking around on their porch connected to mine (townhouse). Even at like 11 o'clock at night. I'm starting to get suspicious.

No. 837213

That was my point! Lol the fact that they have to have a hand in every fucking thing on earth is the problem

No. 837214

Lol when did I say that it wasn't okay for you to post what you want? Are you that sensitive to criticism?

No. 837215

>The lady doth protest too much, methinks

Imagine saying that on a vent thread on a women’s forum

No. 837216

And expecting people to believe you’re female.
The faggot doth protest too much.

No. 837217

? Do you even realize which anon you’re replying to at this point

No. 837218

File: 1624507418965.jpg (4.5 KB, 224x225, images.jpg)

I feel like such an idiot for having such a hard time doing my own hair. This shit is fucking hard. I can't even braid.

No. 837220

I was replying to who I was replying to, you braindead faggot.
I was expanding on nonners point.

No. 837222

File: 1624507698608.jpg (208.16 KB, 1080x1351, 83727282929.jpg)

It's a common figure of speech that was penned by William Shakespeare in the play Hamlet. William Shakespeare was a writer. A writer is someone who puts words together to make up a story. If your dumbass needs anything else explained to you please let me know.

No. 837225

No surprise you quote Shakespeare since he was also a faggot.

No. 837227

File: 1624508708129.jpg (41.6 KB, 567x368, IMG_20201016_131400.jpg)

Oh nonny, stay mad.

No. 837228

Faggots don’t belong in women’s spaces. Go back.(Hi scrote )

No. 837229

why don’t you just make your social media private for the time being? if it’s twitter or Instagram litetally just private your account and he can’t comment anymore. if it’s Facebook make it to where only friends can comment on ur post. As for emails and stuff idk how to help you there, but if you know he is doing this every day idk why you haven’t just gone private

No. 837245

Ow my cramps are going to be worse tomorrow. Fun.

No. 837264

File: 1624513473204.jpg (12.93 KB, 236x250, Tumblr_l_170876271774547.jpg)

I seriously want to kms. My dad walked in on me flicking the bean.

No. 837266

There is something about Bo Burham that I simply do not trust

No. 837270

he's a comedian, there's your answer

No. 837285

Asked my bf if he likes fish and he said “no but I like your fish haha”.
I asked him what he means by that and if he thinks my genitals smell like fish and he said “no I think it smells great, really” and things just got awkward.
I’m not the autistic one for finding his joke offensive right? I feel so pissed whenever he makes dumb comments like that.

No. 837286

NOOOO GOD THATS HORRIBLE I'm having second hand embarassing from this post RIP

No. 837291

My partner's sister hates me so much that she turned their teenager stepbrother against me (and later then against him too, because she can't believe that we are not wiping her NEET ass) and it hurts me.

It hurts me because I do not have any friends, anyone but my partner in this country and I miss my little brothers so much, I have not seen them in 3 years and I do not know if I will ever be able to meet them again, because I went full no contact with my mother (she tried selling me to people).

I just wish life was a bit easier.

No. 837300

I relate more then you can ever know, I have a NEET sister in law as well and I've been trying to be friendly with her years but she's openly hostile towards me
She has this delusion that I'm stealing away her family. Cause I get along with my in-Laws and I genuinely want that all of us hang out together but she stays in her room all days and never bathes

No. 837309

UGGHH I just want to kiss someone and make out as they touch my bootie and wubsy aaaa god why

No. 837314

that was a shitty joke from him, call his dick tiny as payback

No. 837317

thank you so much for responding, anon. That really helps. I don't have anyone to relate to at all. And kek, she never bathes too!! I remember when I tried befriending her at the very beginning, she admitted she hates showering… While wearing nothing but leggins and aliexpress sanrio hoodie all the time. You also described her exact way of thinking. Though, here its more about her being mad that nothing resolves around her.

She's been trying to turn her partners against me (thankfully they knew me before), but in the end gave up with it and turned a vunerable 18yo into her venting machine that listens to anything she says.

She kept claiming that her and my partner are like 'twins' just to end up becoming a petty, insufferable bitch who acts rude not only towards me, but him.

I kept trying to be friendly towards her too, just to end up always getting either nothing or some jealousy back.

Her only way of getting attention is through creating some random dramas, to a point where some of her friends who knew her for over 10 years just went 'fuck it', because she would keep nuking her discord server left and right cuz 'it was dead for a long time' when people would have at least short chats daily. Her friends are all busy with work or masters degree when she doesn't have any education (only a month of art school) or a job.

No. 837318

Lately, I've been getting a bit addicted with engaging in petty internet drama and arguing. I've grown way too invested in my online identity and feel a need to defend it for some reason. It's obviously really mentally unhealthy and I need to stop since it's putting a damper on my mood lately. Being so isolated and a NEET due to my disability during this pandemic have seriously led me to behavior I would have never thought I'd act out. I really need to stop and find better things to occupy my mind with.

No. 837322

How about getting a hobby?

No. 837324

I’ve gone private on every possible site, but several of his posts aren’t even on my social media. They’re on past/potential employers sites.

No. 837325

I should definitely try new hobby since it’s really been a while since I’ve tried to learn anything new. I usually draw but I have become burned out on it and become unmotivated about it. Maybe I’ll finally try to do some needle felting to do something more hands-on and less focused on staring at a screen like I end up doing. Thanks for the suggestion.

No. 837332

maybe writing something could help, too
i think its also nice to do some 7day (or more) art challenges, doesnt mean that you have to draw only finished artworks, even doodles help!

No. 837334

Yeah my SIL is completely reliant on her parents, she has no IRL friends and spends her days locked in her room, for company she really has my husband and her parents and no one else
Anytime we visit, she goes up to him and shows him "cool video" she found, makes him watch it and then discuss it with her, and I sympathize with her and I wanna be her friend but she hates me for seemingly no reason

No. 837336

File: 1624523921226.png (197.19 KB, 589x529, airbnb.PNG)

Just came across this article and I hate how this risk of staying at a stranger's flat/house has never even occured to me somehow; I hope it's because I was always staying in airbnb with someone else, not because i'm dumb and naive.

No. 837338

I feel this. I've been with my boyfriend for close to a decade and have made absolutely no progress with his sister. It kills me because the few times I hear her speak she is wicked funny but she never even looks at me lol

No. 837345

Baby tortoise went missing from my neighbor's yard, she posted on the street group chat if anyone sees it in their yard it's hers. I jump to Tortoise Hunt 2k21 and scour my yard, nothing. This thing is so fucking cute and palm sized, Im dying to find it so I can hold it. Neighbor's one house away so I text her offering to help search her yard again with fresh eyes because it couldn't have got far, right? TURNS OUT baby tortoise went missing TWO DAYS AGO so she says no thanks, she doesn't need help looking.
So yeah, I have blue balls for meeting a baby tortoise that's definitely become an owl's dinner by now.

No. 837369

cuz they aren't sexually attracted to their homes

No. 837371

she probably sees you as competition, even if she's not fully aware of it. given that she has no life, she probably over-analyzes every time he hasn't replied to her texts or cancelled something because her brother was with you and started hating you.

No. 837378

My boyfriend treats me so nicely but he's absolutely disgusting. The whole kitchen smells like dead mice because he leaves chicken fat out for two weeks sitting in a bowl. What the fuck? I just woke him up to scream at him "What the fuck?" and he actually said "Yeah, just ignore that." I can't describe to you how bad the whole place smells. His parents are disgusting, filthy homeowners and they actually didn't even teach him how to separate laundry or that his feet stink. They did him worse than they did themselves. It's like a curse. For as kind and thoughtful as he is, he's equal parts disturbingly gross and dirty. Holy fuck.

Aging chicken fat. Really.

No. 837401

self esteem issue anon, you might be able to work on this in therapy. i think that having this need could prevent you from being satisfied by any kind of relationship, you can't get self esteem from another person

No. 837403

I feel like both /snow/ and here have become noticably more obnoxious and embarrassing. Maybe I'm getting more pretentious, maybe I'm only noticing it more cause I'm looking for it cause of the creepshow thing, but maybe it actually is worse. So much cringe. I saw somebody straight up crytyping yesterday.

No. 837404

you can get those fees reversed by calling ur bank anon

No. 837415

File: 1624535166864.jpg (169.91 KB, 1300x867, 13321440-sad-japanese-woman-in…)

My boyfriend off-hand-y called me a freak for dressing the way I like and told me I should grow up and that he was worried about me in for not caring how society perceives me.

Serves me right for dating a normie I guess, he just doesn't get how retard clothes and self expression brings me so much joy.

No. 837419

Ewww anon were you not home for two weeks and came back to that? You need to have a serious talk and teaching session but somehow I doubt he'll be willing to change anything and it isn't your job to raise a man child so I'd say dump him and find someone who can function like a normal human being. Niceness won't make up for the fact that you're going to be stuck living with this.

No. 837420

wtf nonnie dump that scrote he doesn't understand queen shit

No. 837426

Anon here livin' life on the edge, dating a health hazard.

No. 837439

Guess we're creating the next pandemic here. Call this one the Canuck Upchuck

No. 837452

File: 1624538054609.jpg (93.21 KB, 300x800, pink-graphic-tee-black-t-shirt…)

I bet he dresses like picrel anon, moids are so lazy and unfashionable they don't understand anything about looking cool.

No. 837465

My coworker spent a good five minutes this morning absolutely berating me like a fucking child for something I wasn't even totally responsible for, and doubled down when I tried defending myself. Prior to this, she was one of the colleagues I liked most cuz I thought she was nice. I'm so glad tomorrow's my last day of work at that place.

No. 837466

File: 1624539129265.jpg (65 KB, 650x933, f8aceb26e02fbd6102eef32b7a4625…)

Im on the verge of doing so, it depends on his reaction to the fact that he actually made me cry over this.
Worse anon, he dresses like picrel and thinks it makes him look professional and presentable.

No. 837475

File: 1624539967027.png (18.41 KB, 200x189, 6768F13A-1EE6-4114-B9DA-0E3EB4…)

Absolute trash anon, he doesn’t deserve you

No. 837483

Please don't clean up the mess for him anon. Shame him in front of all of your peers at all opportunities too, he will never change unless he becomes genuinely ashamed of himself.

No. 837495

I wish I had a friend to call, this is too much. I wish I could just call a random woman rn and cry. I’m so upset idk what to do. I need someone but there’s no one to call. Last time I called my mom to talk when I was upset, she said she would never personally go to her own mother with my type of concerns. I don’t feel well enough to drive somewhere, but I need to get out of my apartment. I feel like an electric current is running through me. Idk what to do but sleep but everything is jolting

No. 837497

File: 1624541752095.gif (902.09 KB, 260x178, anger.gif)

reading the vent thread and seeing all the nonnies complain about how genuinely visceral their boyfriends are but still lowkey defending them makes me angry to my core

No. 837504

If I knew a way to be your anonymous phone operator I would do that for you anon, I hope you're okay. Vent away here if that helps?

No. 837509

>new guy gets hired at my job
>i make casual polite conversation with him
>over time we realize we have similar interests in movies/shows and books
>he's constantly recommending stuff for me to watch and letting me borrow books, personally asks for my number so we can "talk about stuff"
>i notice he acts slightly nicer to me than the other women at our job
>constantly wants my attention and other co-workers have said it seems like he's flirting
>today after work he sent me a text asking if I wanted to hang out and watch a movie this weekend because his roommates are having a "movie night"

ladies i'm freaking out…I am not attracted to this dude at all. He's very nice and I don't mind us being friends but I'm worried he's trying to hook up with me. It's possible he's just super friendly but i'm hesitant to believe a man would have purely innocent intentions lol. I don't want to have to reject him…we work together so if things become awkward I'd have to deal with seeing him five days a week. Fuck.

So far the only options I can come up with are:
1) tell the truth and gently say I'm not interested
2) lie and pretend like I'm already dating someone one
3)tell him I don't date people I work with (which isn't a lie, I think dating a coworker can be a really bad idea)

He hasn't actually made a move yet so I could be overthinking but I'm scared that if I keep entertaining him he'll take it as an invitation to pursue something more. I just wanted a nice work acquaintance, how did the boundaries get fucked up this bad.

No. 837513

>lie and pretend like I'm already dating someone one
This is the only thing that will get him to back off without acting like a little bitch that you don't like him back, pretend like you have a date this weekend with your bf or something. He definitely likes you btw

No. 837515

Going off what the other anon said, it'd be easiest to send a text back saying something like "sorry! I actually have plans with my boyfriend!" It would've been none of his business to begin with whether you had one and just kept quiet about it anyway. If he's a little bitch towards you after this weekend then fuck the dude, he wasn't worth your time anyway lol.

No. 837519

>how did the boundaries get fucked up this bad
Men never ask women for their numbers at work unless they want an "in" to escalate with you eventually, especially if he isn't on friendly terms with other women at work in that way. He took you giving your number to text (and sorry nonnie, but texting back and forth about hobbies and getting to know you is preliminary date shit) as a greenlight to ask you for more.

Agree with the others. Lie about having a boyfriend and play dumb.

No. 837521

Why is finding a job so god damn hard. I'm not looking for anything fancy either, but there's always someone better than you. I have a good education, work history and I'm okay in interviews. I know the job market is fucked right now, and something will come along but i'm just tired. HIREEEEEEEE MEEEEEEEEEE

No. 837531

I say it's safer to say you're not interested in taking things further because you're co-workers.

No. 837541

inb4 the dude resigns literally the next second.'See anon? Now there's nothing stopping us from dating!!! We are literally soulmates uwu"

No. 837543

I have something going on in my throat, can't speak and am supposed to call the doctors to figure out where I am supposed to go because covid makes it so that throat shit can't be treated just anywhere. Asked my mom to make the call, just one damn call but she refuses because it's a bother. Amazing, love this for me.

No. 837554

Or just keeps pursuing and making her uncomfortable while secretly believing she's playing hard to get and still has a chance.

No. 837556

Cause that's what guys in romcoms do and they get the girl in the end. Must work the same IRL, right? Just prove your dedication by ignoring boundaries and the women of your dreams will become yours LMFAO.
Bet the guy is sure life is finally turning around now that he has a job with a cute waifu-to-be waiting for him there.

No. 837560

I've always had a gay look and vibe to me, it's something that has increased with age too. Both my long term relationships with men started after I took the initiative first but I'm years into being single again and I think men are pretty likely to write me off as gay even if they did like me. It feels like an actual issue for the first time. Sadly enough I spent years slowly letting myself lean into the style that I prefer and now I feel trapped by the interpretation that people will naturally make of it.

A guy I met a couple weeks ago seemed so keen but neither of us chased it up afterwards. He ended our meeting saying that he would. I thought he meant it and I was excited to see he was the one maybe taking the lead. I've been reliving our conversation and I remember telling him I moved out here shortly after a break up a few years ago…I wish I had clarified that it was with a man lol. I could be misreading things but I might actually need to drop hints at my straightness if this type of thing happens again. Kicking myself for not dropping that hint when I could've. At least that way a rejection would be clear cut. I wouldn't be left wondering like this.

No. 837561

File: 1624551153650.gif (3.65 MB, 400x400, 1620234963760.gif)

dump him nonnie

What type of job are you loking for ? I hope you will find something soon!

No. 837566

What do you mean by gay look and vibe?

No. 837569

I got an unexpected knock on my door today so I reluctantly answered while in a towel and covered in bath suds. There was two workmen at the door and for the longest few seconds of my life they stared me up and down and didn't try to act like they weren't taking in the view. I had to ask what they knocked about because they just stood there staring and saying nothing. My legs got eyed more than my face as we spoke.

No. 837571

There's a place my coworkers go to that serves fried fish. That was sounding good to me so I bought fried breaded trout and ate it with a friend in the building cafeteria yesterday. The friend said she didn't mind when I told her I brought fish.
I put leftovers in the cafe fridge and didn't think anything of it when I grabbed it again today to heat briefly in the microwave.

I ate my food slightly before the average lunch break and was on the tail end of throwing the container out. Some coworkers entered the cafeteria to eat and didn't say anything. Then other people rolled past the cafeteria raising their voice like enraged bloodhounds: "ALRIGHT WHO COOKED FISH AGAIN?! IT SMELLS BAD LIKE IT DID YESTERDAY! I HATE FIIIISH." Lmao. I didn't think it smelled bad at all and the human nose adjusts in about a minute or so..? Plus usually people are pretty conscientious and it's not like people are heating smelly things every day. I never understood why people act like such babies when there are food smells in the cafeteria? If it permeated into the office cubicles I can see why that would be annoying but holy fuck it's in a cafeteria fucking deal with it. Hahaha! I pretended I didn't know whodunnit of course.

No. 837572

File: 1624552606627.jpg (287.43 KB, 700x990, 1462544510284.jpg)

i'm playing an obscure roleplaying mmo (peak hours, it gets maybe ~160 players, generous estimate) and seeing people in the attached discord try to act "high and mighty" or just generally smug and rude pisses me off.

it's like, look. your character has no purpose outside of being a cum-dump for another, more important character. everyone knows it. literally everyone knows it. you have a track record of attaching yourself to people that are actually doing things. that's okay, but you're the LAST person who should be trying to make someone else feel bad about the way they're writing their character, or their goals for said character, etc. etc. etc.

and even beyond your own sins: this game is nerdy. okay? i love it but it's nerdy to hell and back. the lore is like a mish-mash of tolkien, game of thrones, and some autistic weebs ramblings in their "world-building xD" folder on deviantart. you play this game too, you're a nerd, what is the point of trying to be an asshole

yes i posted this in the wrong thread, i'm a fucker

No. 837574

Sorry anon but this is hilarious. Who answers a door in the middle of bathing? Just pretend you aren't home. In what scenario would that have played out any better?

No. 837575

No. 837580

Don't you have a bathrobe? Don't answer the door in a towel LOL

No. 837581

Ngl anon, that sounds disgusting

No. 837582

I don't own one. Shoulders and lower legs.. a summer dress would've shown more tbh. It was a weird reaction to very lil skin really

No. 837583

I hate when people do this. Like yes, technically it’s some weird faux pas about smelly food at work, but it’s a break room/caf, not your desks like you said. They could’ve bitched about it quietly like normal people.

No. 837588

It's not about how much skin was visible. You were in a bath towel and covered in suds. Answering the door in that state is weird as hell. I guarantee those people did not expect to see a soggy woman in nothing but a towel when they knocked on your door for work or whatever. I would have avoided eye contact too.

No. 837591

Anon it's not that deep. You now care more about this than I think I did. And I was there lol

No. 837598

when i was 5 my 8 year old cousin would climb into my bed and take off my underwear. i don't even know if this counts as molestation or just kids doing fucked up shit but like even to this day i feel my fight or flight response kick in whenever a man tells me he's horny, i feel like i'm about to die but i'm not? i've been sexually active since i was 16 and i've always had to give myself a pep talk when i have sex. i hate it so much i don't feel like i have a valid reason to be this way and i don't know how to just be normal.

it's weird because as a kid i was very curious, i remember being 9 and playing this weird game with my friends called "do whatever you want to me" were we would just lay there and they'd do whatever they wanted to whoever was laying there. it was a weird game and most of the girls didn't want to be the one to lay down but i was always eager??? i don't know when exactly i grew a fear of sex with men but i have it and i hate it so much.

No. 837601

I have some kind of stomach flu and puked so hard I ended up breaking a blood vessel in my eye and now it's just this big ugly bright red splotch. Eye stuff freaks me out so much and it just makes me nauseous again every time I see it in the mirror, and when I googled it it said that it takes 2+ weeks to heal fml

No. 837605

I've had a stressful few weeks where I can feel myself teetering on the edge at this point. I'm trying to hang in there but every new day brings more stress that I suck up and deal with. I have a poor track record when it comes to coping with stress so I don't know how I'm not already breaking down.

The same week that's all happening my dad is texting me about bars reopening, having a nice afternoon in a beer garden with my bro, staying in a hotel for a few days and chilling. I'm losing my mind because my house is currently like a construction site that never makes big progress. Theres a neverending line up of new teams coming and going and not communicating dates or timelines with me. I have to still stay here in the chaos because I can't afford to book somewhere. My vacuum broke so the constant dust and dirt clean up from wall drillings is breaking my already injured back. My phone just crashed for 3 hours today and I thought it was gone for good. I can't afford a new one. I can't afford to leave my house because god knows someone will show up wanting to be let in to inspect my radiators or some or tweak some job I already thought was finished. I don't feel like I can burden my dad by so much as telling him any of this because he's talking about his chill life all the time and never asks how I am.

The last while there's been a painful role reversal. My dad is retired but healthy so he's living it up with no worries. I'm adulting and stressing out and he's either vacationing or bored. I don't want to tell him when things are tough. If my mom were still alive she'd want to know. She'd ask. She wouldn't let weeks pass without asking "and how are you" back. It feels very one sided lately. I ask about him and never get asked back. It's a pattern I tried to ignore at first.

No. 837606

I just stepped on a thumbtack, and I'm so fucking angry. This is the second time this has happened to me within like 2-3 years. I'm going to kill whichever dumbass keeps leaving tacks on the ground. I don't even know if i have any bandaids

No. 837607

GOD I feel so alone… The only friends I have are living in different cities and I'm stuck in my parents' house until I finally graduate (hopefully this fall).

I wanna meet new people but I literally have no idea how, no local clubs that I know of to join, the gym I usually go to is filled with dudebros who I have absolutely nothing in common with (the only guy who approached me there was a rightwing conspiracy nut). My town is pretty small and there is barely anything to do here apart from going out for coffee or to a bar. Tinder is also not an option because only bottom of the barrel type of men use it. I'm just stuck in this house all day going insane while watching shitty tv shows

No. 837608

File: 1624557062554.jpg (25 KB, 400x393, NIGHTMARE.jpg)

My mother is becoming a libertarian, my father has strong communist leanings, and I wish I was dead. Dinner conversations are hell on Earth.

No. 837610

You sure you're not gay, nonnie?

No. 837611

Contrarian people piss me off. I swear that deep down they know they're wrong but they just want to hit you with 'a different viewpoint' and by hit they mean bash you over the head with it repeatedly

No. 837612

i don't know? my sexuality has always been confusing for me but i do like girls.

No. 837614

Move out if you can, jesus christ that sucks ass lol

No. 837615

It's okay to be confused and not label stuff, only you know what you like.

No. 837621

>Move out
Anon those are forbidden words on here

No. 837624

It’s so annoying when guys at work or school think i don’t understand or know technology and try to explain basic things to me. I know they’re just trying to be helpful but it’s like, just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I don’t know how to do basic shit like reverse google image search lol. but then again I have female friends who are retarded with computers so… it’s just annoying when guys don’t realize I’m a digital native like them

No. 837626

File: 1624559094814.png (560.53 KB, 564x517, fbonMea.png)

Why the FUCK am I crushing so hard on someone I barely even know. We've said maybe five words to each other and I'm already imagining our life together. Why do I have to be this way. I hate boys fuck fuck fuck fuck

No. 837627

Given that my mother has bought thousands of dollars of food for me in her apocalypse prepping, that isn't really an option. They are good people, I just can't stand them all the time.

It would be easier if my mother would let me get an actual job, but I am working online to try and save up a little.

No. 837637

say you don't date coworkers. eventually he will find out from someone else at work that you are indeed single and him knowing you lied could make him throw a fit.

No. 837643

Anon have you ever had the experience as a child where you would be comfortably reading a book or playing a game, or doing some kind of quiet hobby outside of your schoolwork, and your parents would say like "Oh good, since you're not doing anything can you do this chore/help me with xyz?"

If so, I think it's your turn. Retirees generally have already done enough tedious work in their lives to warrant a break, but to not even ask you how you're doing is so incredibly rude that I think he's earned an interruption in his chill time.

No. 837649

I feel you anon. I talked to someone for an hour and haven't spotted them again in the few weeks since that chat. Keep hoping to bump into them somehow.

Oh hope… hope only brings pain.

No. 837653

stop fucking prying and asking me about my abuse. there's a reason why i'm refusing to admit to you i was sexually abused and that's because you men are fucking monsters. i know you'd either think i'm lying/exaggerating, secretly laugh at me, try to use it against me or pity me and think i must be some poor broken soul

No. 837654

Thanks anon

When my dad retired he up and moved away to a bungalow in the countryside. He spent the first couple years telling me every bit he did to bring it up to scratch again. I asked. It's def the lack of asking that gets to me. I know he's too hands off to offer practical or financial help. But ask me how I'm doing given I have a history of being attacked in my own home and I have all these men here. He has to know this is my personal nightmare.

No. 837657

I don't know your details but I've told two partners about my csa and overall I regretted it both times. If I were going to selectively open up to a couple of people it really should've been female friends.

Few men have the capacity to truly care and show that with their actions. They say they care and then they trample on you not long afterwards.. all while being in possesion of your most painful and deeply guarded secret. My own father will never know about it now. They helped me to decide on that much.

No. 837672

I took a taxi. When the ride ends, I pay and try to exit the car but the door was locked. I said ''umm, it won't open.'' I'm a chill person but being locked in a car with a random male, I start feeling uncomfortable. He looks at me with this devilish fucking grin and starts chuckling. I try to act cool and keep trying to open the door and he just watches me try for like 20 seconds while my heart starts racing. Then he goes ''oops, I forgot to turn off the child lock, I wasn't trying to kidnap you!'' and starts laughing again like he just made the funniest joke.

I think my discomfort showed and he found it entertaining. Literally just sat there and watched me like I said, for about half a minute. WHY? Haha a woman being scared of getting raped, super funny.

No. 837677

Men have no idea how it feels, for him it was a bit of fun but I'm sure he never found himself in a situation where he'd be cornered himself. I hate scrotes like that, sorry you went through this

No. 837683

It should be legal to slit his throat at that moment

No. 837690

>He looks at me with this devilish fucking grin and starts chuckling.
Imagine acting like this towards a stranger and thinking you are remotely well-adjusted, jesus christ. How is the bar so, so low for men?

No. 837697

File: 1624565684860.jpg (37.32 KB, 1500x1046, 61LNc1LWr0L._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

Are you able to get some mace or self defense keychains?
I just got one and if I were you, this would have been in his neck after 5 seconds.

No. 837704

I know you probably weren't clear in the mind to have thought it in the moment, but I would've gotten his plate number and called his company about the harassment.
Granted you live in a country that cares.

No. 837710

One thing that makes me absolutely livid about my ex-boyfriend is thinking about how when I'd tell him he actually needs to do boyfriend shit to me, like act like a boyfriend, be more affectionate, do or say things etc. he'd always insinuate that's it's just ME who wants that and like… women at large don't have those types of expectations? I don't know if he was deluded or what but I put up with some of the most minimal effort shit on his part and I think most if not all women wouldn't want the same thing, it's not a case of me wanting something from him that another woman wouldn't want, like he was insinuating. It's just so stupid what the fuck

No. 837712

Even if affection was something that most women don't want, you're his girlfriend (at the time). Asking someone who supposedly likes you to be a bit more attentive shouldn't be a chore to him kek

No. 837726

Omg, my ex did that exact same thing.

He would tell me how much he liked girls who had the opposite body type to me (and it was things i couldn't change). I told him it was tactless and rude to say to your partner how you're attracted to other people/features they dont have and he said that only "people with my mentality would agree" whatever that means. He had never had a gf before me and seriously thought it was just me who thought like that.

No. 837733

I was just thinking, I wonder if there would be a way to justify it as self-defense in that situation.

No. 837739

It's projection. Men are emotionally repressed and have little empathy, so while they do like getting compliments, it's not something they actively think about seeking from their own (male) friends so they assume women don't care about it as well. If they did even the tiniest amount of research by actually speaking to women to see what they like or actually listened to their partners as in your case, they would find out that's very much not true. But of course their word is law, everyone else, especially women attempting to share their personal outlooks, are wrong.

No. 837741

My ex was similar except he would criticise my personality and talk about how he preferred girls with different traits. Then he would be confused about why I was upset by this. If I had self esteem, I would have told him to fuck off and date someone else. Just what the fuck goes through their heads?

No. 837753

Dumb update but I think I figured out something. I have a tinder account that I made when I was bored a few weeks ago and I have it set to where I can see who swipes right on me. Something told me to check my likes and sure enough, my coworker was one of them. So he knows I'm single, or at the very least am on tinder. That's probably why he's getting more bold in asking me out. The "I have a boyfriend" lie might not work since he could just call me out for being on a dating app recently, although I could just say I'm seeing someone I met on there and/or my account is old.

I ended up texting him that I already have plans this weekend, just didn't say who with in case I do need to lie.

you're right anon, I saw the red flags but was afraid of coming across as mean. I should have drawn the line at giving him my number when I didn't want to.

Lmao that's honestly my worst fear. like if I say no because we're coworkers he might think there'd still a chance if the circumstances were different. Which means I'd be back at square one and have tell him the truth about not being romantically interested in him anyway.

If things take a turn then I think I might do a mix of the two, say something like "I'm currently interested in someone else but even if I wasn't, we work together and our relationship should remain platonic". If he throws a fit then fuck it, he's an adult and I shouldn't have to coddle his feelings.

No. 837758

File: 1624571981662.jpg (118.93 KB, 1080x1080, 1575285596287.jpg)

Having one of those insanity days where I am so upset that I refuse to eat, but I would maybe feel better if I did but even thinking about eating is disgusting and infuriating. Am I retarded?

No. 837782

I wonder how much is them actually being obtuse or them just not… Caring. I'm starting to believe most men are (somewhat) functional narcissists/psychopaths.

No. 837786

I am taking the English Proficiency Exam tomorrow and I haven't studied one bit. Haven't even read a book written in English in years. Hopefully these last few months of extensive lolcow browsing will be enough to pass the exam!

No. 837791

I got my heart dragged by a guy who was too lazy to call me for 15 minutes once a week and insisted that compliments are only for narcissists

God, I was stupid. My thoughts were too clouded to see the guy was utterly romantically and sexuality boring. And he was broke and short. What the fuck.

No. 837794

English is my only language and I too haven't read a book written in English in years. Good luck

No. 837802

rewatching glow and betty gilpin’s body is making me suicidal. i hate bdd

No. 837806

fuck now I'm mad that it was cancelled all over again

No. 837808

Kek I like how my boyfriend and I are considered the immature ones in his family because we don't have kids. They sure love to shit on all that free time and money we have. Even his NEET sister who has never worked a day in her life is more wise and experienced because she managed to pop out a kid. And they're so weird like, "haha you look so nervous with babies!" when I'm the oldest of 7 kids, have had many nanny jobs growing up and even work with local foster homes to babysit for them because I have all my background shit taken care of.

No. 837811

Death to men with autism. I'm tired of them saying every dumb inappropriate thought that occurs to them. Then saying "sorry, it's my brain". Not an excuse and you're not sorry, otherwise you would monitor yourself like women with autism do. They are all Chris Chan, as far as I'm concerned

No. 837826

You just reminded of this autistic man I knew in college who blurted out inappropriate, sexual thoughts to any woman who he found attractive. His mom should’ve aborted him.

No. 837831

They’re all smelly, impulsive, coddled manbabies while female autists are always weirdly productive, manage to have more friends than those freaks, and are amazing people despite being slightly weird. The XY gene puts the y in why were men fucking born

No. 837836

Hard agree. They get away with everything because they just use 'its my autism' and get others to cape for them. It's like male privilege on steroids. There was one in elementary school who would chase me and pin me down with his autist strength, saying he's going to do things to me. Everyone looked the other way and the teachers were just "he doesn't know what he's doing, he probably likes you!1". I'm not a blue eyed blonde eugenicist but damn there need to be laws limiting this kind of shit pile from being raised. "Life at any cost" is such parasitic scrotey shit.

No. 837845

I get why the "vaccines cause autism" boogeyman is so terrifying to parents, if I found out my son had autism it would be very hard for me to want to raise him. I'll settle for being childless

No. 837848

ie h ope soon autism ,is identified i pregency in the smew, ay down syndroem is

No. 837852

Maybe that could've saved you from typing like that, huh?

No. 837853

You good anon?

No. 837855

I think I've got a UTI coming on, I got too complacent because I haven't had one in so long and then I committed all the sins. I hate this.

No. 837857

Normalize women giving their kids up for adoption. Motherhood is basically prison nowadays. Even if the kid is above 18, if they turn out shitty then it's always blamed on the mom. All the responsibility, none of the privileges. Fuck that shit.

No. 837863

Some anons out here really are detached from reality. Jesus Christ lmao

No. 837864


Lay off the Xanax.

No. 837874

I fucking hate having a crush i feel like a fucking faggot and there’s no chance in hell she will ever reciprocate so it’s even worse and yet I’ve had a dream about her FUCKKKKKK

No. 837877

File: 1624586898134.png (423.59 KB, 614x560, 60455828-38BC-49A8-A0DF-B5A4E7…)

i’m quite literally in shock and awe how men are even allowed to exist, to eat, to shit, and even breathe. the problem is literally right in our faces, like why the fuck do men smile and laugh? does it look like you have a soul?

No. 837886

File: 1624587771363.jpeg (45.81 KB, 749x681, B3357D7B-33A6-45C3-85E4-6D1AA8…)

it keeps coming doesn't it

No. 837889

im so fucking upset every single day i keep finding out more fucked up shit about men why are they such fucking rapists its getting so hard to make eye contact with any male i speak to because the male psyche is so fucking twisted. im so sick of finding out about child sex rings im so sick of so many girls going missing and never being seen again because of sex trafficking and murder-rape i cant trust fucking anybody because they could be a sicko who thinks with their dick and gets off to fucked up shit it's warping my own perception of the world and maybe im becoming paranoid but i cant fucking turn it off everywhere i look some horrible sex scandal is breaking and it's triggering the shit out of me. it's statistically so common. i work a delivery job and every time a middle-aged white man opens the door i'm utterly repulsed. why are they so fucking dirty!!

No. 837891

No one should have kids in the first place without both partners being educated on parenting and aware of the responsibility, attention, money, love and mental stability raising kids propely actually require and that unconditionally, with no expected payoff. I hate that "it's just time to have them", "because we can have them" are somehow socially acceptable reasons.

No. 837901

I think the generation after gen z, the ones growing up with gaming youtubers, is going to be very fucked up and I'm not living for it

No. 837902

Stop triggering yourself and wasting your time anon. You can understand that the y chromosome is a disease without letting it consume your life. Just don't interact with them or waste your time thinking about them.

No. 837935

Having recurring thoughts about something/ being obsessive is not healthy, I'm not an expert but you should get checked for OCD, i triggered myself everyday with horrifying stories about men because I was untreated, and it ruined my mental stability. Hell, i even did a rant exactly like yours a year ago.
>>837902 is right.

No. 837937

i cant just ignore 50% of the entire human population :(

No. 837938

Being in this stimulation sucks. Most of the guys in this stimulation are ugly, I have to sit in a cold unaturally lit room for 8 hours a day, I have no close family or friends, all the coins I win at work are for bills, I can only afford cheap garbage from forever 21 and shein, the food sucks, I have had a lingering cough for 2 months, I cant even enjoy walking around the city without being cat called by homeless men who stink, everyone hates each other over nonexistent issues like race and gender….literally just made up shit. I'm going to give this life review a 2/10 when I log off of life.

No. 837941

File: 1624595426977.png (358.26 KB, 640x605, 381FC719-FFD9-45A3-9C6D-58655C…)

I oddly really love the septum piercing I got and my new glasses. I’ve only owned one shitty pair of glasses previously and worn them twice because I felt so ugly in them so to not stick lenses to my dry eyeballs and not hate the look for once in my life has me genuinely giddy.

Now if only I could find flattering clothes or anything that makes me confident and not cry from seeing pictures of myself I’d be set. Too bad I’m terrible with fashion and finding stuff online since there’s not much stuff I like irl.

No. 837946

File: 1624596164431.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1125x2134, C33A55EF-7222-4BA8-A7D0-C0AF41…)

Sorry for laziness and it being a slightly different concern, but here's something an anon replied to me with when I was in a similar boat.
I think the world in general gets pretty horrible, even when it comes to women there are many who enable or help their lovers/sons doing bad things, in my view it's humanity overall that sucks even though scrotes for sure do the brunt of it. All we can do is find the good, no matter how tiny an act or group of the population, join them and try to do good ourselves. Also, genuinely some men are better than others but it's a small group and I understand if you still disagree. My point is that a bad person is a bad person and they're everywhere regardless; trust that you can still find good people and surround yourself with them. Try not to worry about the bad unless you can do something about it because it only impedes you.

No. 837947

File: 1624596201307.jpeg (105.42 KB, 1200x675, 94384C89-12A1-412B-BE2D-73A228…)

Nonnies, really cannot stop thinking about Nobara. I want a subtle tattoo of her or to be reminded of her. The thought of some gross coomer sexualising her annoys me and gets me upset. I've never felt this way about an anime character.

No. 837950

its cute you have someone you want to look up to but i wish people would stop normalizing shitty tattoos.

for such a prideful image conscious character, a tattoo id a poor way to show your love of her.

No. 837954

aight but i love that. its not dumb its super cute. id have one of robbie rotten cus i wish we could have run a train on my ass

No. 837955

File: 1624597818087.jpg (28.98 KB, 680x386, 042.jpg)

why did anon delete the post about lockets it was cute

No. 837957

File: 1624597827727.jpg (30.17 KB, 720x700, original.jpg)

Why is it so impossible to find a flattering hairstyle? My face is cute why can't my hair cute? Why it's always butt ugly even when I try really hard and take my time with it? I want to cut my hair and can't even pick a haircut because it will definitely look ugly in every shape and length. And I can't even bald because I don't have the bone structure to pull it off. Life is pain.

No. 837961

you have unreasonably high standards for yourself .its no secret that we judge ourselves harder than others ever will unless youre a celeb or sunset blvrd

do like i did, shave bald and start from zero

No. 837965

I was embarrassed but bless you
relate… we'll figure it out nonny. I don't know what length I want but I'm going to experiment with styling because I never learned how to git gud. maybe you could ask someone you know, or a hairdresser, for suggestions. or do like the other anon said cause it's freeing to let go.

No. 837967

Not sure if this belongs in vent, but I just heard Pinks “just like a pill” for the first time in years. And I’m crying fat Studio ghibli tears because a song I first heard when I was 12 is resonating so hard for me at 32.

I’m also kinda high so that might be why but like Jesus fuck it’s been forever since music made me FEEL something. Jesus tits I missed the 90s/. Early 2000’s

No. 837974

Kill yourself you unwashed male scrotal sack.

No. 837975

I know your pain, nonnie. I disagree with the other nonnies about going bald because I'm growing my hair out from a very short pixie…hate it. Looks stupid. Find a qualified stylist whose work you like, get a consultation, and have them tailor the best cut for you. If you're still in doubt, most people look good with chest length hair cut with long layers, and some face framing highlights.

No. 837977

File: 1624600879647.png (94.93 KB, 411x468, unknown.png)

>I disagree with the other nonnies about going bald

youre too serious. i was joking. i never went bald.
some of you ladies really need to loosen up

No. 837978

I had a dream a couple of nights a go where my dad tired to rape me and I can fucking shake the feeling of disgust, disappointment, and sadness. He was never abusive to me in any capacity but The dream is stuck in my head I want to vomit every time it pops up.

No. 837979

I never really thought amberlynn was a very entertaining cow and it’s weird seeing people make up stuff and tinfoil about her constantly. I know where I am but sometimes you have to think, literally get a fucking life lmao. And that goes for other cows that are fucking boring or never had milk to begin with. Like PULL with Kenna

No. 837982

our brains are so disfunct. like, not by our own doing but genetics and societal influence we by proxy experience some really fucked up shit. its not of your choosing. im not a jungian, i dont place value in dream interpretation but its scientifically proven than nightmates and stuff are associated with stressful life events.

No. 837986

File: 1624602134988.gif (1.05 MB, 446x312, mood.gif)

Everyday I'm glad I was born a woman. It makes life more difficult and scary but it's better than being male.

No. 837990

I love this gif, what is it from?

No. 837991

Honestly the world would be a better place if we had public executions for pedophiles, serial killers, and rapists. I hate pedophiles so much. I would enjoy being able to torture them for hurting children. Don’t kill them fast let them have a slow agonizing death. Make them suffer.

No. 837993

Same here, being a woman is cool, the only part I hate about being a girl is not being able to wear revealing clothes bc it will attract more scrote attention, or walking down the street and getting harassed. Women should be allowed to be naked without worrying about men touching them. Like god damn if I ever have a son I hope he isn’t a scrote, I want to raise him to be a gentleman. Oh god having a scrote son would be the biggest L ever. I also hate when trannies fetishize periods and pregnancy it makes me ill reading the mtf general thread

No. 837994

I want to drop acid once in my pathetic life because the experience seems surreal and cool, but I can barely handle smoking marijuana.

No. 837995

This is so true. The only reason we don't have them is that people in power are exactly that.

No. 837997

Ugh same, I feel you. I wanna try acid, REAL molly and maybe salvia since it is legal here. But my experience with weed was too strong that I'm not sure about the rest, I would have to be super relaxed in a loving enviorment.

No. 837998

Unfortunately most women are indeed less strong than men by biology, but I believe good laws and getting some muscle would compensate that

No. 838000

There should be something done to judges who let these fucks go and punish victims trying to defend themselves. Makes my blood boil seeing victims of abuse sent to prison for trying to save themselves because of one retarded scrote judge.

No. 838004

women can only protect themselves with firearms

No. 838005

File: 1624603570867.gif (380.57 KB, 482x271, d3351f3b7ed1539800674724eea46d…)

I disconnected from people so much I bought one of the new Jackbox party games and started playing it alone, imagining I am roleplaying as my OCs.

My close friends are busy with master's degree or we've got timezone issues, and I completely forgot over what it's like to make someone your friend on internet rather than because I've been used by so many people (I used to be a naive and kind person who would help everyone in need just to end up being thrown out).

I thought of somehow trying to ask my close friend to invite me to a gc of her friend who is known for being really nice and charismatic (my bf loved spending time with him too in the past, but his sister had some weird-ass drama with him (without telling us ofc) that he deleted both her and him) but I am not too sure on how to do that… I thought of chiming in with "hey, I am looking for new friendships. Is there any place you could recommend?" But I don't want to come off as pushy or bee too specific.

No. 838009

I now have the proper meds available to kill myself. I don't know if I will do this any time soon but the fact that the option is there, makes me feel a lot better. For now, I will just let myself wither away by other means and see if that takes me.

No. 838012

Ugh I have a fever

No. 838016

This is the truth and I don’t understand how when it’s so hard to be diagnosed as a girl and woman, you’d think the average female autist would be worse than the average male one for that reason. Yet every female autist I’ve met has been so much better at functioning than even the least autistic man. Men truly are inherently retarded.

No. 838029

why is this retard spamming in the vent thread of all places? no one is even clicking on this shit so its not the epic LOL you think it is. scrotes are so retarded

No. 838039

Oh look we are getting raided again by faggot scrotes. Remember youll still be an ugly faggot and ill still come back here cause I like the site too much

No. 838042

File: 1624607493238.jpeg (603.48 KB, 600x848, 188DD73C-620B-436E-B7ED-DC4016…)

Recently I was able to snag some of Kaneoya Sachiko’s official art prints and im very excited to frame them!! They’re so pretty in person

No. 838056

File: 1624611544196.jpg (573.73 KB, 1944x2592, art10.jpg)

I'll just post some cute art because of the scrote(s)

No. 838063

So fucking tired of my work underpaying me, tired of my colleagues dumping their tasks on me. Tired of my flatmate who is incapable of putting her fucking washing away. Tired of my friend who calls me late at night to spout inane shit I do not care about. Tired of mediocre men and their disgusting minds. Tired of constant news and information being shoved in my face 24/7. And I have, what, 50 years of this left to endure? I do not fucking think so.

No. 838066

There was a small spider on my bed and then not even a full hour later I go to the bathroom and there’s one dangling in front of me. Now I feel like any slight touch on my skin is possibly something crawling on me and have to sleep in pants and a fucking hoodie with the lights on.

No. 838068

I know exactly how you feel cuz I'm exactly the same way. Especially since everyone I know has tried it at least once and had nothing but good things to say about the experience

No. 838071

good for miss elsa

No. 838073

i used to be a cool girl pickme and i was lucky enough to realize how retarded and humiliating that is from a young age so i got my shit together. seeing women like shoe and how they eventually end up in life having gained absolutely nothing with their behavior taught me a lot tbh. no matter how hard they try for male validation, they get fucked over. your dignity is more important than any scrote. if you need to put yourself to gain his "respect", his opinion of you isn't worth giving a fuck about to begin with. i wish more and more pickmes would find the right way… i feel bad for them, it's legitimately not good for you.

No. 838074

Anons how do I stop being so fucking scared of cockroaches? I’m so fed up with my dirty ass room, but I’m overly afraid of cockroaches, I feel like dressing up head to toe would help me because they’re fucking disgusting and even seeing one makes me anxious as fuck. Today I’m going to deep clean my room but I’m afraid of dealing with them if I have to, I hate how fucking fast they are.

Even with this highly irrational fear and/or disgust, I feel confident I’ll finish cleaning my room. and I’m proud of myself for taking the steps towards this. Any help would be appreciated nonnies for my sperg.

No. 838076

Is it normal male behaviour for my dad to be upset I want to wear short swim shorts instead of normal panties-like swimsuit? I always hated showing my whole butt and was happy I found an alternative.
He legit freaked out, saying that he doesn't like swim shorts on women. The fuck. I'm an adult (mid 20s) btw.

No. 838077

>no matter how hard they try for male validation, they get fucked over

Yeah, this is also what I finally realized in my… Mid-twenties, haha. If a man likes you, he likes you. Nothing you do can make him start liking you.

Men choose what makes their peepee most happy, and what other men want, because they care the most about impressing other men.

No. 838079

Uh, no? What the fuck lol

No. 838080

Maybe a cat would help? Theyre a big responsibility though so maybe not just to help spot/catch cochroaches though lol. Something smaller could be maybe learning about them by watching an informative video, brush up on your cockroach facts so they seem less scary. Even a silly video like this could help them seem less like terrifying eldritch creatures. Personally this retarded video helped me feel a bit less freaked the fuck out over them.

No. 838083

That's creepy. Best case scenario, if you can call it that, I could see is that he's more on the traditional side and thinks a woman shouldn't dress boy-ish.

No. 838085

Uh anon, that’s not normal. Make sure to harass and your troll your dad irl by calling him an incest pig who loves to look at his daughter’s ass, thank you!

No. 838086

I think you meant "put yourself down"? Yes, I totally agree. I haven't had a cool girl phase but realizing this has also improved my relationships with men. The opinion of the type of scrote who wants you to put yourself down for him isn't worth caring. It isn't your responsibility to be ~~not like other girls~~ and teach an adult man that women are equal human beings worthy of respect, if he isn't retarded he should be able to know that on his own.

No. 838089

there's like 98% of the map ypu haven't even explored yet

No. 838093

rich privileged eurofag anons be like: b-but you haven’t traveled and coloni- I mean explored half of the world! unfair representation of life! bitch shut the fuck up and let them complain, most things are really out of their control

No. 838094

i think i'm going through depression or a depressive episode since breaking up with my boyfriend but i'm not sure and i don't know how to cope with it if that is what's happening. i can barely hold a conversation in real life with my own family, i haven't showered in almost two weeks, and i just don't want to do anything nor do i see any prospect of wanting to do anything in the future. if i'm not mind numbingly trying to actively do some little activity to take my mind off him or how much i don't want to be in this situation, i'm otherwise just thinking about him and creating scenarios in my head where everything is fine.

No. 838095

Nice!! Happy for you, anon. Where will you hang them?

No. 838096

try watching reptile feeding videos where they breed/feed roaches to the animals. had a bad infestation last year and developed a fear of them until i started viewing them as wildlife sustinence.

No. 838097

nta but I fucking love you

No. 838098

Public lynching for rapists would be so ideal. But the problem is as long as men are in power, rapists and pedos will keep getting away with it. We need women in charge.

No. 838102

So they can grow up and become damaged sociopaths? No. More like give women education and the legal and safe access to abortions.

No. 838103

File: 1624623247634.jpg (21.88 KB, 602x288, menaretrashtho.jpg)

I posted a comment on a friend's FB who was talking about being harassed by a scrote and was literally flagged for my comment. At this point, i honestly feel like lolcow is the last safe place on the entire internet for women's free speech. It's so depressing.

No. 838104

ugh crushes always get more intense for me after I start having dreams about the woman. I'm sorry nona.

No. 838106

Just eat meals at set times of the day and take walks! I bet you're totally fine and cute, anon

No. 838107

I asked my husband not to wear shoes in the bedroom and he went and did it again like 10 mins after I asked. What the fuck why is it so hard to just hear me and listen?

No. 838108

You should've stopped him before the bedroom, now he will just wear his shoes as he pleases

No. 838109

I'm going to cut off his goddamn feet nona

No. 838110

Not ignore, just think of them as mental retards, ignore when can, keep interactions brief and shallow, and if they try to get your attention don't put any effort and emotion into responding.

No. 838111

Idk why scrotes keep larping here it's so obvious. They don't have the empathy to even write from another persons view kek.

No. 838113

what game?

No. 838118

My ex boyfriend (the same one I made the original post about) did not give me compliments ever and I still don't know what that was about, like why are you with me if you think I'm hideous and agree with me that I'm hideous

No. 838120

To add onto this, castration should be a (common) punishment in law for sex offenders. Oh you don't know how to use your dick responsibly? You don't get to keep one lmao

No. 838123

He wanted to keep you weak and unconfident anon, that or he actually hated you but hated being alone with myself more

No. 838127

I'm my mother's scapegoat and she has no love for me. Most of the things I've done and who I am are to please her, and it's difficult now to accept that it was all in vain and that she will never reward me with anything other than insults.

No. 838128

Men often keep women they're disgusted by as gfs to get easy access to sex. Men will literally fuck anything, even if they don't like what they're fucking.

No. 838131

also when they respond to misandrist bait you can tell they are probably a male poster, there’s a lot of males on this site and you probably don’t even know

No. 838133

Chemical castration should be used more imo. It's avoided in the UK because it's proven to cause serious health conditions which violates the human right of fair treatment so here they only use it in rare cases or when the perp opts in to it but imo if a repeat offender or dangerous paedophile doesn't opt in for it then they obviously aren't actually remorseful for what they have done and are okay with the idea they could do it against so they should never be allowed freedom.

No. 838135

*Himself kek
Paging Dr Freud over here for that slip

No. 838141


Tell him if he ever takes a photo of you again, you'll hit him with the divorce papers.

No. 838154

same. im a teacher and i feel so bad for kids whos parents squander their benefits on fags instead of buying their kids bread. its so sad to see

No. 838156

Samefagging, managed to deep clean and run into 0 bugs… i’m proud of myself and was mostly paranoid over nothing, thanks nonas for replying

No. 838157

I'm an eurofag but neither am I rich nor privileged, nor white, literally the opposite. Sorry I was pointing out that the world is big in contrary to someone who feels like vageslave life is all there is.

No. 838159

i wanna preface this by saying i'm not trying to sound up myself here but i don't understand how people, males and females, generally like me, i don't have enemies and everyone i interact with clearly likes me as a person or just otherwise likes my company but then relationship wise/romantically i feel like every guy in that situation just… doesn't like me. i don't know if it's because they think i'm ugly, which then doesn't make sense because i'd still get treated fine by men that aren't in a relationship with me… it just seems like every guy that has ever been with me doesn't compliment me or give me compliments all the time like i see guys to to every woman they're in a relationship with and i just think why doesn't this happen to me? what the fuck man

No. 838160

good job nonny, enjoy your clean room!

No. 838162

It's common for men to treat women they're with like they dont like them unless you put yourself into a position of superiority over them. Men usually do not like themselves so they tend to think any woman who likes them has something wrong with her.

No. 838169

>unless you put yourself into a position of superiority over them
i don't really fully understand what this means nor how to do that but i have a feeling that this is something the majority of women do instinctively that just does not exist in me so hey, maybe there really is something wrong with me and they can sense it

No. 838179

>normie straight women: complain about their husband/boyfriend
>me: i don't date, i'll just be a spinster
>omg how dare you

No. 838180

i am somehow simultaneously both the normie str8 woman and the spinster

No. 838189

File: 1624635865640.png (172.58 KB, 396x300, uNCZgLn.png)

i had my grad school interview today and i kept using the wrong word (i'm ESL and the program is in english) and calling everything 'exhausting' when i actually meant to say 'demanding'.

No. 838199

Treat men like they're easily replaceable and disposable. If you dont want to play that game you have to find a man who loves/respects himself but most men hate themselves and they will hate you too for wanting them.

No. 838200


No. 838210

I cannot stop binging

No. 838223

i don't really play games like that nor do i even enjoy them, i'll just end up genuinely thinking the guy is worthless if i treat him as such… i guess i'll just look for a guy that respects himself

No. 838226

File: 1624641187161.gif (2.38 MB, 540x405, 1616612228168.gif)

I went to a restaurant with friends two weeks ago because they opened up after a very long lockdown, and soon after I arrived and one of my friends arrived after me, we were talking and I passed out because of low blood pressure. I woke up like one or two minutes later and still ate there because I might as well and it'd help me recover and be in shape to at least go back home in one piece, and staying with my friends in general is safer than leaving by myself. The waitress and the owner had to force me to sit down on a chair a few seconds before that so I wouldn't fall on the pavement, I'm sorry I scared them like that.

But even now I'm way more tired than usual and I'm guessing I haven't recover fully yet. And all of this happened right at the end of my holidays so I'm doing stupid shit at my job now because I'm tired and have a ridiculous schedule. I'm so tired I can't focus on anything and one of my friends just met me a few hours ago and told me I looked like a zombie. I thought I was gonna pass out again just from being tired not long after that.

No. 838228

Not worth it to play games. That shit is dumb af. Get a guy who respects himself or you are just wasting your time.

No. 838229

File: 1624641499088.jpeg (138.88 KB, 560x825, F7F4BCB7-3DDF-44F6-AEB2-07F3BD…)

I might be literally done with this website, I can already slowly feel the newfags with their Twitter passive aggression and mediocre integration that makes the slight very slow and kind of empty at times. You can’t even shit talk men anymore without some “y’all” retard always responding to your post. I just wish there was an alternative but there isn’t, this is like neoliberalism

No. 838234

>range murata

No. 838235

a mosquito bit me on the ass when I was going to go bar hopping this weekend and now there's a welt on my butt

I wish all mosquitos a very painful death

No. 838236

the other day, i managed to kill a mosquito that landed on me before it had a chance to bite me. felt good. i hate those little bastards.

No. 838241

you’re annoying

No. 838246

I've done that with quite a few and they still manage to bite me. They must go for me while I'm sleeping or be slipping through the cracks in my house somehow. But why my ass cheek. Why fucking ugly ass mosquito

No. 838251

I'm so tired of being motivated to self-improve and feel like I can move forward with my depression only to suddenly wake up with this heavy weight in my chest. I don't want to make others miserable just because I am but I can no longer be fake happy. I can't seek professional help. I just wish I was never born. Why didn't my mother wait one more period fucking why why why

No. 838257

condolences, anon. now anyone you get with might think you have a Shaynus boil

No. 838258

I just hope nobody thinks if I get with them that it's an std flare up I literally have never had one in my life

No. 838266

Men are the worst. You're right. But please try to calm down a little, it's hurting you. But I do agree men are fucking sickos.

No. 838268

My therapist wants to get me assessed for schizotypal personality disorder but all the psychiatrists here suck (the last one I saw didn't even bother reading my file) and I hate dealing with new people and trying to explain how I think to them.

Right now I'm having her send me some testing, and if I test high, I might go and get an actual assessment. I just wish I didn't have to deal with a bunch of strangers to do so.

No. 838271

You can! I promise.

No. 838276

yeah, if you’re in an area full of them it’s pretty much impossible to avoid them. when i was living in a tropical country for a while, i was constantly on alert for mosquitoes no matter where i was. i don’t know if it’s just me but i feel almost unreasonably offended and pissed if they manage to get me.

No. 838277

Rande murata draws lolicon you know

No. 838280

Just let it be and keep posting, I love when we all are from different backgrounds with polarizing ideas. Maybe some of those "y'all" girls actually agree with you, who knows.

No. 838291

File: 1624647156545.jpg (221.5 KB, 720x988, 20210625_113947.jpg)

Body positivity isn't real and most of the time it's just an excuse for ethots and instawhores to show off their body that they starved or got plastic injected into.

No. 838295

ur 100% correct body positivity is a scam and its just people trying to humble brag

No. 838302

Sometimes I just want to die you know? today is a good day otherwise.

No. 838303

Man maybe I do really want to die today

No. 838304

What the fuck anon, really? Damn I just really liked his art that always popped up on my Pinterest recommendations. We seriously can’t have nice things

No. 838305

File: 1624648335628.jpg (227.89 KB, 949x678, 1618537272331.jpg)

Sometimes I literally just forget I'm an artist
it's very strange

No. 838309

Same here. I guess it's because of how people conditioned us to think art isn't a real job. I often wonder how it would be to go to a normal day job at an office, but I chose the art instead. It's a weird thing. I'm dumb.

No. 838311

File: 1624648876683.png (Spoiler Image, 206.04 KB, 328x400, imagen_2021-06-25_141938.png)

I mean, he has other works that aren't lolicon and he's a very good artist otherwise. As long as you are critical and try to enjoy his normal art it will all be okay. Pic related is an example of his lolicon art.

No. 838316

NTA but I'm surprised you're surprised, this kind of art style is a dead giveaway this person draws lolicon. I can't explain it but there's just something about these cute super well rendered anime styles, they're always used to draw loli

No. 838318

If you see lewd "loli" art in this super realistic style you can almost be sure that this was traced over real CP too. These people are pedophiles.

No. 838319

i concur with your assessment
t. someone who had an ex that i found out hoarded this kind of lolicon crap

No. 838321

File: 1624649518182.jpeg