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No. 773785

Confess your woes, sins, regrets or pleasures, and let your soul ascend.

Last thread: >>>/ot/756064

No. 773788

File: 1617220679670.jpeg (52.18 KB, 400x537, 601206C5-9B2B-4CBB-9BB5-6F3121…)

I repeatedly rip off my scabs and let the blood drip because it’s psychological relief, baby

I’m a beast

No. 773825

I’m deeply sorry for indirectly inciting the femdom sperging in the last thread. From the bottom of my heart, my bad.

No. 773836

Literally no one cares, why do people always say shit like this. You're on an anonymous image board, we never would've known and we're not going to hug you and pat your head. Move on.

No. 773839

samefag, inb4 some ass kissing anon says "it's okay nonnie, we forgive you"

No. 773840

ILY nonny

No. 773851

It's ok nonnie, we forgive you.

No. 773853

This girl is gorgeous

No. 773857

I honestly thought you were talking about the threadpic

No. 773859

File: 1617228861418.gif (34.03 KB, 480x480, E1B7A6A9-A7ED-4AF1-9F50-A883A9…)

You’re ruining the suspension of disbelief you absolute nonce. Tug out your coochie flaps make wings out of it and then fuck off if it bothers you

Believe in the positive vibes, anon! Once you believe you can fool yourself out of the bitterness.

No. 773864

It's not ok and I don't forgive you. Sending negative vibes.

No. 773873

Dw nonnie, it was funny.

No. 773905

File: 1617233669259.png (337.37 KB, 499x500, _.png)

My ex keeps appearing in almost all my dreams. I have reoccurring dreams about us meeting again and in the dreams she apologizes for everything and I finally get some sort of closure. And every time I wake up again, realizing it was just a dream and I'm bitter for the rest of the day.

No. 774050

Tumblr personified.

Sidenote, it does feel good to see your own blood. Not sure why.

No. 774068

I think my younger brother masturbates when he thinks I am asleep. We have share rooms with separate beds for most of our lives, but I feel traumatized everytime I think he is doing what I think he's doing. What the fuck man, it's disgusting. Kill me.

No. 774073

Allison Harvard

No. 774085

NOBODY wants your retarded OC as/on merch, no matter what game or show it's from. And I'm tired of artists complaning about it.

No. 774104

What's as/on?

No. 774105

as or on

No. 774106

File: 1617268002586.jpeg (43.76 KB, 559x434, FAC5851D-E6F6-45EE-88D1-39C214…)


No. 774107

Oh I see lmao. I thought it was some kind of game or something and got confused. Sorry for the brainfart

No. 774115

I love the thread pic, that nun is so fucking hot, jesus.

No. 774153

I was just about to say that.

No. 774180

My motivation for trying to get a decent career is sheer pettiness. I want my former friend that spent almost half my life manipulating me into dropping my hobbies, possibly permanently fucked up my self-esteem and more or less is the reason to why I developed paranoia to know that I now have a career despite her attempts at making me codependent on her. I want her to seethe in her narc rage that I get better paid than her when she hears about it. I want her to know that I am standing on my own two legs.

My career is built on anger and imaginary revenge.

No. 774183

why do you share a room with him

No. 774325

how is it possible to be guilty about something that happened over 7 years ago anons?

>be me

>13 years old
>travelled to the seaside with my family for a week
>my friend from school and her family were also there at the same time
>i was a member of the local swim team at the time and had won a few competitions
>had 2 hour long training sessions 3x a week plus a few 1 hour sessions on weekends as well as land training
>my friend and her mom were always bragging about what a great swimmer my friend was
>she said it was the thing about herself she was the most proud about
>caravan site had a swimming pool
>friend challenged me to a race
>she was convinced she was a better swimmer than me
>kept on bragging about how she was going to win
>she was severely overweight and went swimming for half an hour once a week
>i beat her every single time
>even agreed to let her have a head start but i still beat her by over 10 seconds
>she was literally holding back tears by the end
>had a breakdown crying about how im probably cheating somehow
>friendship was never the same
>quit swimming about a year later for unrelated reasons

No. 774337

Well, she really set herself up for that one. She was the one to challenge you, it'd be much to expect that you treat her like a toddler and intentionally hold back.

No. 774367

File: 1617305920581.jpg (8.04 KB, 201x251, descargar.jpg)

>how is it possible to be guilty about something that happened over 7 years ago anons?
Your mind is rumminating on it, so in your head events feel recent. I do that crap too, I randomly think of cringe shit I did on the past and I feel bad
The key is to not pay attention to those feels, and dissipate the thought. Just say "that's in the past, I've changed, I forgive myself" and try to move on. Easier said than done I know but yeah

One technique that helped me at some point was hopponopono. It sounds like new aged shit and it quite honestly is, but hey it might help you.

No. 774368

File: 1617305956652.png (347.14 KB, 640x960, Im-sorry.png)

sharing this one too

No. 774386

i'm skinnyfat and pretty hairy for a woman so i'm definitely not comfortable with the idea of sex (i want to be as hot as i can be for that) but i do enjoy my body. like squeezing my stomach roll when i sit down (because it kind of pudges up). idk it's fun

No. 774389

No. 774390

If someone who actually hurt me fucking thanked me for the opportunity to learn from it, I’d deck that motherfucker. How annoying.

No. 774400

File: 1617309025916.gif (4.11 MB, 340x255, 409DA861-99F2-4556-948A-8E7C74…)

If I were ever to choose to be murdered, I would want to be sliced in half. To subdue the quick pain you could probably pop a pill, but like I’m so curious it would make my body look like an artistic performance piece, blood everywhere. I wish human blood physics were like anime so it could ducking spurt like a popped pimple or something idk just a thought, it would be the greatest moment of my life a moment where I can finally be beautiful and know it in the most gruesome way possible

No. 774401

ngl but the reason why women want to be hot during sex is because of the influence of pornography and expectations of one-sided pleasure

No. 774402

that whole thing sounds like corporate nonapology bullshit

No. 774403

Same, I gained 2 dress sizes and 15kg over the last 2 years and I'm slowly losing it. I'm going to miss this soft body, it's very comfy and feels luxurious. If I had a gf with my belly I would be obsessed.
If all my clothes fitted amazingly I'd probably stay at this bf%

No. 774406

When I was a teen I used to pick up dead birds and cut them open to save the bones and put the organs in jars. Idk what was wrong with me, I had friends and a social life.

No. 774411

Tbf you'd probably pass out because of the pain then die while unconscious, so technically its not an awful/painful way to die

No. 774426

This wasn't even your fault. You have nothing to feel guilty about, anon.

No. 774434

Sometimes I feel like I should be the queen of the world because people are fucking retarded and greedy and politicians and society in general are corrupted as fuck and can't get shit done. Vote for me I will get rid of suffering and degeneracy, stomp the costs of uni to the ground and will set up hard labor camps for criminal scrotes so we don't have to pay taxes for criminals.

No. 774440

I will also need a bunch of ministers who will help me with their smart brains in their respective fields so pls send me your cv. I need strong and capable people to build and manage a great military force, people who will help me reform the whole educational system and the economy and and health ministers who will help me to get covid under control and someone for the public image ofc

No. 774441

Posts like these fish for validation so badly lmao.

Oh yeah, you're totally to blame somehow because your fat friend who got hyped up by her mommy accused you of cheating at fucking swimming. You know the answer here, and you couldn't have felt even too bad about it at the time cause even a shitty friend probably would have thrown a round just to let the underdog have one.(infighting)

No. 774459

I really want to do this but I'm too scared

No. 774460

I want to as well. Any road kill for that matter. But too scared to get disease or something.

No. 774478

File: 1617319531586.gif (1.18 MB, 450x335, 5662BF7C-956B-4655-8D29-607C28…)

The lady who went on that Bath and Body Works candle rant on youtube a few years ago makes vlogs on her channel and I weirdly enjoy watching them.

No. 774495

Just use gloves and don’t put anything in your mouth

No. 774504

No. 774560

I recently hooked up in the back seat of my own car with a police parked within eyesight, on the way home we both passed multiple people pulled over and we were laughing and making jokes while we both drove back home, on the phone with each other.

No. 774561

I have a bad habit of fetishizing mens race. For the longest time I fetishized asian men and then I got bored of them, now I've moved on to Arab men which is probably even worse.

No. 774580

what is there to fetishise about arab men i’m genuinely curious, not hating. just don’t understand why anyone would want to fuck our scrotes.

No. 774585

The ones who are attractive look very pretty/masculine at the same time like Aladdin or some shit. They also seem to bald less than white men and have a head full of hair over the age of 25.

No. 774589

File: 1617335464289.gif (44.65 KB, 262x200, i478m86543w211.gif)

I save every instance of an anon leaving their icon/pfp in a screencap. Once I have enough I'll put them in a big collage.

No. 774591

ngl i had to read that like 5 times too

No. 774592

Excited to see the end result. Keep us updated

No. 774607

you are so retarded anon ily

No. 774699

>not balding

You clearly haven't seen a lot of them irl(racebait)

No. 774984

I hate porn and don’t watch it, but a lot of my sexuality was informed by it from a very young age, so now I have a mixture of retarded brainrot fetishes, and either hypersexual tendencies or an abnormally low libido. It’s also depressing to me that any guy I might get with definitely watches it, so I’ll have to not get mad at him for being a coomer, but basically teach him, and go over all the shit that turned me against it to get him to even try to stop. I’ll have to play nurse and teacher to a scrote with an addiction for the rest of my life, or risk getting murdered in my country and have my family ostracise me if I ever come out as bi and try to get into a long term relationship with another woman. I guess there’s always the option of choosing to be alone.
I resent that there’s a whole generation that has basically been groomed into normalising this shit, but the worst part is the fact that we’re always going to be fucking gaslit about it with stupid arguments like “Well what if all those women actually consented??” or “It prevents rape”. Fact of the matter, no 12 year old should know what a fucking bukkake is, no woman should have to do any of that shit just for a paycheck, and there are a lot of disgusting old pieces of shit who are getting money from warping people’s sexualities. I would almost prefer to be completely technologically incompetent and be among others who are the same than live in this hell.

No. 774987

It’s honestly so funny when anons do that it isn’t out of their retardation it just exposes how boomer they are, they’re too lazy to crop their screencaps and it’s kind of adorable lol

No. 775004

File: 1617397558465.jpg (32.15 KB, 714x425, 4tmvsy.jpg)

I'm straight, but I had a dream that I was visiting some sort of military academy, and it was full of beautiful women with big muscular arms and I wanted to marry them. I wish I was actually bisexual because masculine women are fucking hot. Maybe I am, idk.

No. 775010

I've actually been to an Arab country and lived there for a while. Both men and women were gorgeous. The men are completely different from what I'm used to and they are HOT! I understand what you are talking about

No. 775021

File: 1617399707300.jpeg (188.57 KB, 1250x1484, DssObNiUUAApgwn.jpeg)

I cried over Lily's episode of Zombie Land Saga. I hope my sins can be forgiven, fellow terven.

No. 775029

My boyfriend let me use his phone after he went to bed to do some stuff that mine isn't capable of and I couldn't help myself and ended up snooping. I feel so bad because it's not even like I was worried about anything. I wanted to see his instagram explore page though kek. My friends have told me horror stories but all I found was hockey and vegetarian cooking posts.

No. 775031

Even if there was weird shit honestly I don't think it'd be entirely his doing, my instagram explore page is fucking disgusting and idek why, I only follow artists on ig

No. 775065

File: 1617407000973.jpeg (23.2 KB, 500x250, 66346EAA-9E24-404B-AE32-CC80BB…)

I haven’t eaten a single chicken wing in my 25 years of life because of the fear of being single that i got from my family. They used to tell me that if I ate chicken wings, I wouldn’t find a boyfriend for some reason, lovesick child me thought it was horrifying and never touched a single wing. Now I don’t eat them because they just somehow seem repulsive even though they’re not a bad thing.

No. 775070


No. 775071

This was kind of a dumb response anon. They said they've had to share rooms all their life. Not everyone gets their own bedroom in life.

No. 775076

That's pretty dark and understandable anon. I was thinking about porn last night and how regardless if these women consented some of the extreme hard-core genres really is just abuse happening right before our eyes.

No. 775086

realest shit I've ever read here

No. 775097

File: 1617410905789.gif (3.04 MB, 640x357, justgosomewhereelse.gif)

Lick dis pussy anon or enjoy the show

No. 775098

This reminds me of the time I knew what BDSM was,I was literally 11 years old and unfortunately at that age (or 10) I began watching porn mostly animated porn and went to rule 34 frequently.I wished my parents didn't allow me to use the internet at such a young age.imagine the degenerate crap teenagers are seeing online,just imagine the fetishes they're probably developing.repulsive.

No. 775100

RIP Mallory

No. 775103

there is no reason other than neglect that results in kids having access to porn online. every sane parent today uses white listed firewalls and add things that are needed when needed.just about every mobile device has a way to whitelist apps as well, so no VPN or sketchy apps

No. 775108

to be fair to some of the parents, we didn't have that in 2007
I'm nta though

No. 775109

Based take
The fact that CP can just be uploaded to porn sites and the victims have to fight tooth and nail just to get it taken down disturbs the shit out of me. Fuck porn sites and the retards that defend it.

No. 775115

I'm listening to relaxing noises to help sleep and an airplane noise came along and I freaked out because there was a period of time when war in a neighbor country was all raged and they almost attacked my country so airplane noises are associated with war in my brain and I have never told anyone and I'm currently having a panic attack

No. 775123

Wow. I hope you're doing okay, that's heavy. I also have a similar association about helicopters.

No. 775127

Thanks nonny I am managing.

No. 775129

File: 1617414451528.jpg (120.22 KB, 849x529, f04eb905b56684dbacba37993e71c6…)

I like kuudere characters. They're not my most favorite archetype but I think the hate for them on imageboards is overblown. Maybe they're liked on other types of sites but on imageboards in particular they get shit on non-stop more than other anime girls for being "autistic" "boring" etc. but I think some of them can be interesting in a mysterious kind of way and I relate to quiet characters in general. Even the ones specifically made for waifufags get attacked by waifufags somehow. There's this weird mentality that aggressive is always good even when it's done in an annoying, unlikeable manner so even if an anime girl is written like a 3D scrote or a deranged psycho they're quicker to defend that than kuuderes because "reserved (hell even being nice from what I've heard)=boring" apparently.

No. 775151

Same kids should not be free to visit any website, I remember drawing furry characters because I saw some online when I was really young in a completely innocent way but later I found porn of it and got creeped out and stopped completely. I'm so lucky I didn't get into that shit kek

No. 775155

samefag but also I used to self-insert as Yin a lot so I could imagine spending time with/fucking Hei and I got extremely sad for like a whole month or so after seeing the events in the OVA and the season that shan't be named, even besides the other issues in that season because I wanted Yin and Hei to be together so bad and thought they could've had a cute relationship.

No. 775159

File: 1617418031279.png (697.13 KB, 1280x853, 3411A57C-FBBF-43FC-9BF7-DA7F83…)

I got embarrassingly invested in the monster anon’s experimentation with a scrote on discord but she confessed she fell in love with him a few threads back and I stopped supporting her. I don’t understand how you can fall for a scrote, let alone your own subject of an imageboard sideshow social experiment. I feel like I’m remorseless when it comes to males. At some point they’re are game to me. They’re real people and everything but on some practically primal level I can’t consider them my equal under any circumstances. Maybe I dehumanize them to cope with how they fuck the world up and the real life threats they impose? But I can’t get myself to give a shit. I’ll obviously never act on this (how would I? men act like the worst thing in the world is when a woman tells them “no”) but deep down inside I hope another anon is willing to have time to waste so she can do the same thing and share her results.

No. 775170

Anon, what was the experiment? Was it in the confession threads or another thread?

No. 775172

it's normal to not feel empathy for males
women who "fall in love" with males just have a fetish
it was a bunch of posts over many threads, i think one of the lolcow caps thread had some of them compiled into one image

No. 775178

Precisely!sadly,you can unfortunately see repugnant fetish or porn crap when searching a cartoon character (mainly a popular one)even with safe search on
This was around 2010 or 2011 so such technology wasn't really advanced or common back then.

No. 775179

i missed that update, got the thread link?

No. 775186

I'm also interested in this

No. 775191

sometimes I feel like I’m avatarfagging and anons notice so they always ignore me

No. 775199

who is that in the pic

No. 775201

File: 1617425080622.jpg (75.12 KB, 500x500, fbea8a8920183ef5a2345d869f0285…)

I am kinda going through a witchy phase again
And although I wouldn't be caught dead telling anyone else IRL about it; as a solitary self care thing, the practices are actually really nice.

No. 775226

File: 1617429669165.jpg (100.53 KB, 640x400, 10235707513_ec36a0d06d_z-640x4…)

I really want it to be fall…

No. 775254

Retard is really fun to say. Of course I would never drop it in casual conversations, only me and my close friends call each other it from time to time. I also like saying fag

No. 775255

ntayrt but johan from monster

No. 775261

I get so annoyed by my autistic friends and I wish I didn’t let it get to me. They’re autistic, they can’t control themselves! But I still leave every interaction I have with one in severe annoyance.

They have to mention half the time online they’re autistic blah blah blah. Once is enough, or when a topic grants the need to say it but Christ.

Their social abilities annoy the fuck out of me and I get upset at myself for being unable to be a bigger person and not let it get to me.. they’re rude and seem so elitist. Or maybe those are just my friends and not all with that condition act that way.

Wonder if anyone else feels the same. I wish I was nicer.

No. 775262

If the children are old enough to understand what sex is, as in, they were 11 years old instead of 5 years old, then no one but themselves is responsible for any degenerate fetishes that they get as a result of willingly watching porn, they could easily close the tab if they wanted to, if they don't, why would you blame their parents for that?

No. 775263

Nta but What?
Porn is addicting and kids are curious. Also most do not have the willpower to do that because they’re still kids and don’t understand the consequences of watching that shit. Your parents are supposed to keep an eye on what you anyway so you don’t end up in a pedo chat room or watch someone get beheaded.

No. 775270

you don't have to put up with people just because they have ~a condition~.
there are autistic people who aren't insufferable. admitting that you aren't patient enough is a form of maturity, imo. rather than subjecting yourself to this situation and eventually blowing up at them, distancing yourself would be better.
when i was a kid i wished i was patient enough to spend time with my mentally disabled neighbor, but why should i force myself to tard-wrangle when it obviously hadn't worked and i'd sometimes end up so frustrated i'd be dry or quiet?

No. 775271

Lmao what? I don't think I even need to explain everything that is wrong with this post. Just pure dumbassness.

No. 775310

I'm autistic and even I can't handle 99% of autistic men and some other autistic women, we're just not for everyone and that's not necessarily your fault. It's possible they could fix the behavior that's bugging you if you ask them to, that's basically how I learned to be less annoying, but if you can't interact with them without getting annoyed then it sounds more like self flagellation than friendship. You're not a bad person for accepting that you don't have to sacrifice yourself for them.

No. 775357

It's so fun to guilt trip someone who is so progressive "what you're saying is very western-centric" and watching them panic when they realize they aren't as exclusive as they think they are. It's only entertaining when they get their worldview from social media if they're educated then you get a meaningful response

No. 775358


No. 775362

I haven’t had friends in a long time and I really felt like shit yesterday because someone I used to be friends with came into my workplace, we were face-to-face and I brought up their account so I knew it was them, and we just made no conversation whatsoever. No “hey how are you doing” or “have a nice Easter” from someone who used to go to my family’s parties, and literal strangers talk like that to be polite. I don’t know if they have stuff going on and maybe they don’t realize how introverted I became but it sucks that all my friendships faded away and I’m like some ghost they occasionally run into

No. 775367

Shit I know how that feels, I met people whom I ghosted or I was ghosted by and it's the most uncomfortable situation ever

No. 775567

i've never had a childhood crush. not on classmates, not teachers, not celebrities, not singers, nothing. plus every man shilled as "cute" looked and still looks hideous but so do normal guys. i thought i was a 2Dfag but i dislike most fictional characters too, the only ones i tolerate get 5 minutes of screentime. i actually made a list of anime characters i want to kill because they're that annoying or reminded me too much of people i knew irl.

No. 775607

ever thought you might be a lesbian or bi

No. 775612

Karma is catching up to me for making fun of Shayna's obsession with fupa.

There is this 5'6 chubby guy I met online who is like a younger improved version of fupapa, he's a pothead college drop-out and has a past of drug addiction, he used to be worse and he's bettering himself he's so sweet, he's still a moid and talks about his daddy dom chocking kinks sometimes, I caught myself crushing on him because something about him is adorable and I think I kind of understand shay now. I feel bad.

No. 775613

Oh no anon!

No. 775616

please share to me the list of characters you would kill

No. 775623

is this really a thing? i'm a lesbian and i never had childhood crushes. i just thought i was a weirdo kek

No. 775632

ew, love yourself

No. 775635

Vasquez was my big female crush. Her and Ripley together made me realize hard core i was a lesbian. Maybe you're bi?

No. 775642

-racemixing is fucking hot to me considering what i look like, only certain races tho like mexican
-i've masturbated to shayna's porn
-the smell of my own pussy turns me on
-i used to lick my panties after i'd worn them when i was younger
-i once masturbated whilst in bed with a sibling when i was younger
-when i first started masturbating i used to think about being fucked by a lion bc it was hot to me, i didn't know that bestiality was a thing its not even that hot to me anymore
-i find the idea of mail order brides and shit rly hot, like being bought and shit bc ur young and pretty to be some old dudes fucktoy breeder

yes i know i'm going to hell, xo

No. 775647

File: 1617481809110.jpeg (47.44 KB, 411x271, 36CD37BC-47F2-4A3F-A90D-1DB577…)

No. 775651

unlearn your internalised misogyny m8

No. 775653

this is what mento ilnes looks like

No. 775655

File: 1617482260422.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 11.14 KB, 300x222, 1612063573974.jpeg)

No. 775657


No. 775662

I'm on my period but I want to be eaten out so bad

No. 775663

Find someone that likes to take a dip in the red sea then.

No. 775667

I used to think women that hated men were cringe (e.g. all of those "fuck men!! XD" posts on twitter that are so popular, the general man hate in my circles on the internet) but the more i interact with men the more i understand. why are so many men so fucking annoying and disrespectful and patronizing. fucking shitty moids

No. 775668

File: 1617484508180.jpeg (227.43 KB, 1241x1229, CA16B82C-1ABF-4F9D-AB73-AA175E…)

> ur young and pretty to be some old dudes fucktoy breeder

If that doesn’t scream dusty saggy balls and dick cheese idk what does

No. 775670

tranny spotted

No. 775672

This post smells like KFC and expired Doritos with a hint of ball sweat.

No. 775679

I’ve been breaking vegan cause I have like no fucking snacks in my apartment other than the non-vegan stuff I got in a carepackage from my church. Last night I ate a kitkat, sunchips, and a pudding cup, today I had a granola bar, and tonight I’m going to eat another pudding cup. I feel so weak but my work schedule has been so hellish lately that I need to snack to fuel myself and I haven’t had time to grocery shop in 2 weeks.

No. 775684

File: 1617485458691.jpeg (8.47 KB, 225x225, images (13).jpeg)

Shortly before graduating high school I admitted to my 50 year old teacher I had a crush on him and I asked him out. At first he was like "we will talk about it after graduation" but thank god he was a decent man because in the end he refused. I even cried in front on him. It's been 5 years and I still cringe when I think about it

No. 775688

Lmao anon ily yoi made my night

No. 775693

No. 775699

What kind of country are you from where this is considered ok, kek???? the guy would have had his teaching license revoked in any 1st world country for dating a student

No. 775724

I wanted to hang out with him after graduation, not when I was still a student lol. We met only once outside of school, I remember we spent like 2 hours at the park talking about music and shit, and it was even before I said I had some feelings for him. No one knew about it. I was an autist who desperately wanted a friend, I wasn't able to connect to boys and girls my age, I didn't have any adult I could talk to either, he was the only one, and I was starving for some connection with another person. We could talk about everything, life, literature, politics, movies etc. I could sperg out about my hobbies. I'm still a virgin and I'm sure that back then I wouldn't be able to have sex with anyone because I was grossed out by human biology even more than now, I just wanted to hang out with him. He was struggling with his feelings for me though, so I didn't push anything and I stopped talking to him after graduation

No. 775834

File: 1617496537083.jpeg (23.32 KB, 400x400, E22EECD3-8BA6-440E-A6FC-DC1CFD…)

Nah that’s not cringe, that’s an experience to cherish. You had the balls big enough to actually ask him, and he is a good man for declining. You learned, grew some thicker skin (hopefully), and it’s a great story.
>tfw that was his final lesson to you

No. 775839

I'm an unironic sex segregationist. I want the next wave of mainstream feminism to acknowledge that equality of the sexes is a naive and unrealistic goal that males will never let us have because of our vulnerable biology. Womankind will never know peace so long as they coexist with males. Segregation is a more achievable goal since I'm sure lots of men would agree. It's for the good of both sexes

No. 775842

File: 1617497523077.png (88.03 KB, 400x400, 16174965370832.png)

yo …

No. 775843

It's not considered okay in most countries but you'd be surprised how many teachers still try to get away with romantic sexual relationships with their students. In particular, they target isolated students with weak support groups, which they can tell easily based on parent interactions and seeing them among their peers in school. It's a pedo's playground.
All they gotta do is convince the students that if they really love them, that they'll keep things a secret or else they could get in big trouble. They just keep quiet about it until after graduation and then the pedo teachers mysteriously cut them off when they're adults and done with them. The poor students become convinced it was the natural progression of a failed relationship. Then they wind up blaming themselves and feel they can't go to anyone about it cause "they should have known better," coupled with the fact that they still care about the scumbag teachers and don't want to get them in trouble.
The pedo in question does have to have a fair deal of manipulative charisma to get away with this though, the idiots get caught first but the sly ones can fly under the radar of this shit for years.

No. 775844

>lots of men would agree

Men will never let women go without a fight.

No. 775847

heterosexual women won’t allow that and even radfems themselves won’t allow it because they love to put up a front that they’re really for the security and independence of women. anon I wish men could be purged honestly but it’s nearly impossible, the way civilization has evolved has made it nearly impossible for women to deranged their lives from male influence but made it possible for men to rape, pillage, and isolate themselves. I swear I think sexual dimorphism was an honest mistake

No. 775850

This is wild and silly of me and I anticipate bullying, but I am happy that I (mostly) spent my teen years in places like 4chan and SomethingAwful because if I hadn't, I could very well be some he/they retard right now.

Don't get me wrong though: I am still trying to outgrow and abandon the overly cynical, ironic, pretentious asshole mindset those places tend to instill but I think it was for the best that I went through that instead of…y'know, what tumblr/twitter teens go and went through.

No. 775851

I literally think I’m psychic because I imagined this exact post appearing in this thread while I was taking a fat shit earlier today.
Anyway, you sound like a pedophile, applying adult responsibility (especially for adult content) to children. Tell me, why don’t a single one of those porn sites have a more hardline policy to keep kids out? All that’s necessary to clamp down on the problem by a large margin is a fucking ID check, or some other age verification method. Even a small one-time fee for access or a short, on-camera discussion with some attendant would do the trick (yes, I know coomers reading this who love to watch ands search for borderline illegal shit would be very angry at such a concept: Kill yourselves). You really think these companies are so naive to believe “Ohhh don’t click this if you’re below 18” will keep out literally any child who can use a computer? Why is it still this way when it’s basically a meme now that children bypass 18+ warnings? Why do SFW sites for streaming children’s cartoons have links to hentai games and ads like “Make sure no one is around when you open this”? Don’t try the “It’s your own browsing history” excuse, because even now that I don’t visit any porn sites, don’t search porn terms, am using an entirely different device from my childhood and only stream things through Incognito (when on my browser) and those watch apps like all those rabb.it clones, I see them.
If you can’t come up with the answer yourself: It’s not just easy. It’s not just that they don’t care (though even that is a huge problem). It’s a deliberate, manipulative method to create addicts and lifelong consumers for their putrid content. It’s a form of grooming, by all means. Don’t play dumb or post stupid BS like this again just to defend porn companies.
And answer me again why the children’s toy brand Bratz was promoting sex work on their official IG, in 2021, where they knew kids would see. All a coincidence, it’s the kid’s fault for not looking away, nooo you can’t just call out these disgusting corporations monetising human trafficking and child exploitation while giving the populace collective brainrot noooo, etc. Retarded.
>inb4 “you are schizo”
Don’t care, fuck porn and fuck anyone who downplays how fucked up it is.

No. 775859

>spent teen years on SA
damn, you spent your allowance on that shit?

No. 775860

i agree with you completely and thank you for typing it all out

No. 775863

>applying adult responsibility (especially for adult content) to children
Some children are fucked up though
Littlee boys rape other children, little girls don't. Ask yourself why.
>muh porn makes them do it
Little girls watch porn too, yet they don't rape other children.

No. 775872

Youtube has a thing in certain countries (where i live, the netherlands) rn where if a video is age restricted you can literally only watch it by verifying your credit card or doing an id check, how does youtube, a more sfw site than porn sites, have an age check but they don't?? because they know the majority of their audience is kids being groomed and robbed of their innocence and they don't give a fuck

No. 775877

Nta, but probably because they’re not taught boundaries like how girls are taught? I’ve never seen a family telling their boys that they should behave and keep their hands to themselves, it’s always downplayed and that’s how they experiment with fucked up shit, because they don’t know that it’s a bad thing.
What I honestly think is that children shouldn’t use the internet until they’ve earned the trust of their parents, so like around their late teen years and with a really strict schedule and monitoring.
>but what about when they have to do homework
You do it with them, like normal parents do, duh.
And if their friends are disgusting, you teach your kids about how disgusting they are and how they should avoid being like their friends.

No. 775891

>men rape because no one told them it's bad

No. 775893

nta but I thought most parents were too tired/busy to help with homework

No. 775906

where else was i supposed to read danganronpa

No. 775910

File: 1617504794084.jpg (46 KB, 960x830, 1541136644861.jpg)

I was groomed by a lolicon hentai internet creep from ages 9 to 11
I started watching hardcore tentacle hentai and worse when I was nine
I had already been molested from kindergarten to first grade, so I was already too familiar with that kind of thing, it wasn't very hard to convince me that was just grown-up shit and I was mature and cool
I had really horrible I guess it would be called a porn addiction until I was 24
Now I'm completely sex-repulsed and can't even handle seeing nudity in movies
I'm fucked up and sad and I wish I could escape all of my memories

No. 775922

A man twice my age manipulated me into thinking that wearing me down until I agreed to comply to his gross sexual fantasies was ok. I can't stand sex scenes unless they're literally porn because the idea of sex and love existing at the same time makes me feel this explosion of illness and anger over what he did

No. 775928

Reading danganronpa on SA in like 2013 and being in the fandom around that time was such a fucking experience, no wonder my brain is all fucked

No. 775944

File: 1617512039331.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1094x1375, 2D9BB112-7750-4386-B89F-486CD4…)

I fantasize about having a lover who’s an androgynous android—with androgynous secondary-sex characteristics(whatever that is) and just, LEGO, no genitalia. And we telepathically give ourselves pleasure without touching; just sitting by each other. I hate sexuality, I hate sex.
I hate being scared and confused by intimacy. I wish I knew for sure if I was lesbian straight or bisexual. Fuck the internet. Fuck biology.

No. 775962

I'm severely mentally ill, I take all the medicine, but I still love dressing eccentrically. Not a lot of things make me happy, but particularly flashy clothes do. I wish I wasn't like this, but at the same time, I desperately want to be happy. I know it's wrong to draw attention to yourself like that, but it makes me happy when I look at myself and see myself looking exciting and pretty, at least to me. I don't mind when people ask questions or take pictures or laugh, and I get that that's normal to be curious when someone looks like this. I just want to be happy and I never am unless I can see myself looking like this, and knowing that that's what I look like. I'm not right and I feel guilty for it, and I know it's broadcasting to the world "hi everyone, I'm mentally ill and a social deviant," but what else can I do? If this is all that makes me feel better, I don't want to stop
just to be clear, it's not like skimpy clothes or lingerie or anything like that

No. 775977

Struggling a lot with being a lesbian lately since it's Easter weekend and I've always been a very spiritual type of person. A fast and pray a ton for Good Sunday, also patterns + earth appreciation + bunch of other weird shit sort to be more specific. I came out only recently after a life of denial and while I understand that everyone is forgiven and saved and ALSO have something of a weird, mixed view of theology where it's like ~this shit doesn't matter because Energy and God and Jesus are metaphors~ I can't help but feel somewhat cursed. On some level I still expect I'll end up staying in the closet and being with a man, having a kid or two, because that's simply the easiest life trajectory for me to visualize- it's what I expected. I don't hate myself, I don't have a low self esteem, and I accept that being imperfect is a fine and totally natural part of human life, trials are lessons, etc ect- it would nonetheless be unbearably more convenient if I wasn't like this. It doesn't help that I find a lot of other female-attracted people annoying- I know, most of them aren't, but the ones I've encountered create such friction with my nature. Like every single "wlw sapphic" i've met has been an obnoxious "ooo step on meee hee hee useless lesbian" sometimes POLY ass handmaiden bitch and I'm tired. I'm a Christian. How are they all bigger pickmes than a Christian?
Shit sucks. I have meditated a lot about it and yet I'm coming here, complaining about it on the night before Easter because it feels as though there's no way out without a shit ton of cognitive dissonance, even, once again, with my ridiculously specific allegorical views on the subject. Fitting for a confession thread, I suppose.

No. 775985

Example of how you dress?

No. 775994

File: 1617520079283.jpg (1.38 MB, 5111x5112, swe4o6ysmo361.jpg)

I am going to get hate for it, but sweet lolita fashion, and idol/magical girl costumes but just the dress, not the accessories or shoes that come with, I accessorize the dresses the same way I do with lolita
I don't have any paraphilias and it's not a sex thing, not that it is for most lolitas, but it is something you feel like you have to say in some contexts
also sometimes just shit I make up, like pic related, which isn't me but I wish it was

No. 776006

You too can wear a creased aliexpress dress and stand in front of a window anon.

No. 776007

>it's wrong to draw attention to yourself
>I'm not right and I feel guilty for it
Sis wtf are you going on about? You act like you're committing a crime and need to repent for your sins, there's nothing wrong with dressing weird providing you can cope with people judging you. Enjoy your harmless hobby and chill.

No. 776033

We're somewhat similar in that I'm a lesbian that's still finding it hard to detach from my old Christian habits of praying/talking to God, not saying his name in vain, discerning meaning and morals in Biblical stories, etc. I find too much comfort in the idea that there's some cosmic being out there that loves me unconditionally to ever declare myself an atheist tbh. And I also share your irritation with other ~wooloowoo around me, lol. Tbh they all come off to me as attention seekers. Not that I'm even ashamed of my sexuality, I just don't think it's anyone's business but my own/my dating pool.

Anyway, I hope you're able to find peace somehow, without having to resort to going back in the closet and marrying a man. You deserve better than that.

No. 776040

I 100% judge people who don't steam or iron their clothing, especially if their intent was to look nice. They look like nobody loves them.

No. 776055

That shit's aliexpress? Link?

No. 776063

I just mean that the dress itself looks cool
Thank you. I don't know, I don't really have any friends or use social media, so the only time I see people talk is on here and I see so many people say they think lolitas are creeps or at the least attentionwhores, and I can't imagine anyone would think better of someone wearing literal costumes too. I really don't mind when people say anything, but it does make me think I'm wrong or disturbing them and that makes me guilty
I use an iron but no one loves me anyway lol

No. 776064

I love and appreciate you for using an iron. It never goes unnoticed.

No. 776067

File: 1617530471013.jpeg (100.44 KB, 625x833, 13717264696.jpeg)

Thank you

No. 776090

i meow when i'm bored

No. 776095

I talk to myself a lot. Sometimes, when everyone else is asleep, I go into the living room and have very animated whisper conversations with myself for an hour or so, sometimes walking in circles until my feet get sore.

When no one's in the house, I talk to myself loudly as if there were someone else in the room, and I pretend like I'm one of my favorite musicians and am on Anthony Fantano's podcast. I tell Anthony about my made up life up to this point with extending details and discuss my musings with him, as well as pinpoint where some of those fake moments may have inspired tracks on my fake records. I have not had a friend since highschool.

No. 776105

File: 1617538506396.jpeg (53.17 KB, 640x645, 1570297064752.jpeg)

Saw some local blogger on the news or something and thought they looked so familiar, even the name was familiar. Thought it must be my preschool classmates with a kinda unique name, tell a friend and said I was going to google them and all that, but I am pretty certain.
My friend linked me a news thing, turns out it's a tranny who just picked my classmate's name, I feel like an imbecile

No. 776106

Honestly, I do this too, and have seen so many people describe similar habits, at this point I'm convinced everyone does it and it's just something nobody talks about.

No. 776110

File: 1617538932686.jpeg (18.21 KB, 250x179, CECEE8EE-E58C-4C0A-8979-1C5F55…)

I’ve raised donations for money I didn’t even need. I technically didn’t lie about what happened. Just said “hey guys, donating would really help me!!!”

Didn’t say I couldn’t afford it…

No. 776115

I'm so close to trooning out. I keep lurking at r/ftm and I feel an incredible amount of envy. I will never feel comfortable in my body. I love how women look but I can't stand mine. It doesn't feel right. It never did.

No. 776117

I really love my nephew but I can't stand the noise anymore. I want the house to be quiet but I also feel sad for him for not playing with him but I'm so annoyed.

No. 776121

Wtf anon-chan, your self esteem is not a reason for you to end up becoming a weirdo with a huge clitoris. What's up with you?

There are many self-acceptance books out there on internet. It is difficult, sure, but it's better rather than destroying your life for nothing. In the end of you hate yourself a lot even such things as losing weight won't help, because you will keep finding something to nitpick on. Maybe get a good distraction such as a new hobby?

No. 776123

What are you envious of? Most people aren't happy with their body. And almost no woman actually wants to be involved in this forced race of being compared to other women or ideals.

No. 776124

do what would make you happy anon, idk. don't have any issue with trans ppl myself and don't understand this website's hateboner for them.

No. 776125

>I will never feel comfortable in my body.
What does this even mean and why is the only solution mutilating your body to make it look like that of the opposite gender?

No. 776130

I've started to drink an awful lot of hard seltzer with a tiny squeeze of agave nectar when I'm alone. It's delicious

No. 776132

even if you do it, no one is every going to see you as a real man or treat you like one (because you aren't one). you will just end up even more miserable.
i'm not saying that to be mean, i just hope you get actual help for your self-hatred and don't mutilate yourself.

No. 776133

>>776115 you'll feel even worst, just go to therapy, a lot of girls feel like that

No. 776134

Anon, have you seen the health problems that come with taking T? It's serious, not all trans people like to talk about the negative side of things so look it up yourself.
If you really want to do this try doing it without any drugs first, try a haircut, a butch fashion style, see if baggy clothes make you more comfortable idk but please for the love of god don't cut off your tits on a whim.
If it's possible go to therapy before doing any life altering decision.
And stop visiting trans sites to see if it's something you really want or something you've been exposed to so much you think you want it.

No. 776140

im so worried ive effectually killed my dog by not taking care of him. he saw the vet at the end of 2019 & no one said he needed anything or that there were any problems. now when i took him to the vet in january he apparently has advanced dental disease & a heart murmur! so the teeth could be literally the source of an infection affecting his heart, but his heart might not be strong enough for the dental surgery needed. i feel so horrible about it & i just want my little son to be ok

No. 776141

Your problem is a mental one, not a physical one so I don't think altering your physical body is the solution here. I'd strongly suggest theraphy first, if you can afford to troon out you can also afford theraphy. And if you can't afford to troon out (as in going on hormones and getting surgery) then pretending to be a man while in an un-altered female body is also not going to make you happy.

No. 776171

This is kind of petty but if I find out that someone likes firecrakers, especially using them, it's a dealbraker.

I have a dog that's terridied of them and loud noises low key also trigger me.

No. 776240

And why do you think you will be comfortable in the post-trooning body?

No. 776250

I think that's more than fair, does anyone over 16 even play with those? If they do, they're manchildren anyway

No. 776301

if anyone should dress like they're mentally ill and not feel bad about it, I would think it would be mentally ill people
I think the old adage about it only mattering if it makes you happy counts here
I highly suspect everyone who isn't asking for insulin or chemo money does that

No. 776380

Most of the time I like my bf's boyish and soft features especially as he gets older but omg today all I want is some man with a big honker and some acne scars who looks angry all the time

No. 776383

I had never heard Lori Lewd's voice until the recent webms posted in her thread and um….her voice shouldn't be that attractive wtf why can't she just dress normal for her age

No. 776393

even tho I strongly dislike that one actor that mustn't be named, I'm slightly envious of the anons here who like him simply because it looks like they're having a good time and they have the most active thread on that board. I wish I could sperg forever about the people I like with others but one: they're not popular in the first place so a thread on them would die within minutes (unless I samefag the whole way through cause i have many things to say), and secondly they're fictional.(driversperging)

No. 776417

I feel so ashamed of myself I've been on a diet for a few months now (had ED in the past) and I just binged chew/spit for the first time in years. I just feel like I can't do anything without it becoming a problem/addiction I feel like I'm just a broken useless whore. I was addicted to pain pills/sleeping pills and kratom for years managed to get clean then bam I start binging, starving and purging again.

No. 776419

i told someone about lc and now i feel paranoid that they'll judge me for going on here.

No. 776423

I'm getting gastric sleeve done due to a multitude of issues other than being fat and I can't wait even though it's gonna be a bitch.

No. 776431

Good luck anon. I've known people who had it done and have had good success. What made you pick the sleeve versus the bypass or lap band? I'm just curious.

No. 776443

Kek I feel the same way. I'm neutral on him but what they're doing looks so fun and liberating that I stupidly feel a little bit endeared to anyone I come across on social media who openly likes him.

No. 776479

That actually warmed my actorfag heart
You're probably super sweet cause you seem like the kind of person that see a lot of the positive in things

In case you and >>776393 ever watch a movie with him that you wanna talk about, it will be more than welcomed there, doesn't need to get to stan level

No. 776547

I'm too idealistic for my own good.

No. 776598

They don't do band here and the bypass is more dangerous, actually I haven't told my doctors I am choosing sleeve yet. It just is easier.

No. 776613

Those kinetic sand stim videos make me ridiculously horny and I have no idea why. Specifically ones without human hands involved. (Slime and paint mixing too but less so.)

No. 776614

Idk why but that's really fucking funny to me, thank you for the laff

No. 776625

god i wish that were me

No. 776646

File: 1617638851542.png (233.07 KB, 807x430, meatmyself.png)

For the longest time, I always wanted to be violated and sexually groomed by an older man. I guess it started around when I was 9? I was really into anime and as I got deeper into the culture, I found out about hentai. I started to get an addiction to it and watched it almost everyday. Then, I found out about lolicon. I always projected myself onto the lolis and wished I was them. I even stripped for this random old dude I found on a chat website on cam around that time.
As the years went on and I got into my teens, I still really wanted to get molested by an older man. I frequented chat sites (Like Kids Chat and Teen Chat) looking for pedophiles to talk dirty to me. I never did meet up with any of them in real life, though.
This want still follows me to this day. I'm an adult now, and still a virgin. I now use this AI roleplaying thing to play out all the fantasies I had in my head since I was a kid.
I don't think my thoughts are okay at all, but I've never been able to shake them off.
I have no idea what the fuck is wrong with me.

No. 776652

>I have no idea what the fuck is wrong with me.
>anime, hentai, lolicon, almost everyday since 9yo

There's why. Don't worry, you're not the only one.

No. 776659

He wouldn't loves you but only want sex from you, he will throw away like trash once he doesn't have any use for you or get bored with you. It's nice as a fantasy but IRL it's the worse that could happening to you. Find somebody that loves you for who you are and maybe, maybe if you ask them to rp it you will find your peace.

No. 776660

>he will throw away like trash once he doesn't have any use for you or get bored with you.
100% this

No. 776665

>It's nice as a fantasy
>A pedophile sexually assaulting a kid is nice
Are we reading the same post, anon?

No. 776669

You're just the female equivalent of a coomer, the worst part is that it's way more harmful to you because you feel the need to martyr yourself to a disgusting old scrote, instead of focusing on your own pleasure and comfort like boys are taught to do. Imo you were pretty much brainwashed into it, therefore it will take some self-awareness and effort to break free from it. You deserve to feel valued and loved during sex, anon.

No. 776670

>It's nice as a fantasy
…it is? Also, idk if a guy who's willing to roleplay something like that is the type of guy that anyone should be dating. That would be a huge redflag.

No. 776680

nta but i think she meant "you may get gratification from it as a fantasy" or "you may find it nice to think about", since she goes on to say how terrible it actually turns out

No. 776686

As a Fantasy. Pedophiles IRL should get the snip. Don't lay words into my mouth.
As a victim of sexual abuse it help to cope with the trauma and it's 100% a power fantasy.
Most victims want love and seek it in sexual degeneration, because they got groomed into love = sex. I don't expect people to understand me but im just stating how I experienced it.
I only can repeat what I stated before, don't do it or with somebody with who you trust and have a long term relationship, the risk of getting exploited is too high.

Ofc you shouldn't this shit with a guy you barely know nor parade it around. I meant a partner you know for years and who you trust. Do you always tell your fucked up fantasies every guy you meet?

No. 776698

>Ofc you shouldn't this shit with a guy you barely know nor parade it around
That's not what I meant. Imo it doesn't really matter how long you've been together, it would be a redflag either way. Agree to disagree I guess.

No. 776699

I’m kind of similar, except I’m pretty sure I was abused before I even knew how to use a computer, and instead of an older man, I want a guy who’s not too far from my age, just a bit older, like a young teacher or an older brother.
I tried to kill it, and it only sort of worked. Now I just think of the kind of scrotes who like it and how many of them probably have fixations on actual young actresses like Shadman, and I start to feel ill. I just see it as something made by predators.
The problem is that my brain basically did a 180 using that logic, and now I’m into the exact opposite content, sh*ta. I feel less bad about liking that because 99% of the creators and fans are males self-inserting while fantasising about permanently thirsty, big tiddy women who are bigger than them. Also, in the cases where it’s not pure femdom, I suppose it makes rape scenarios seem less scary. It’s all super unrealistic, male-invented and tends to centre the male as the subject instead of the female, so I guess it just doesn’t seem as problematic.
I don’t really think about any of this much since I have a very low sex drive anyway, but your post reminded me of it. I think the only thing that could really help to ‘cure’ this sort of thing is to find an IRL lover and learn to enjoy normal, loving sex. That’s what I plan to do.

No. 776702

anon you the one who keeps posting your shota picrew creations?

No. 776706

No, I’ve never used Picrew. Feels kind of better to know I’m not the only one like this, though.

No. 776721

You're right, anon. It totally is a fantasy that, if carried out in real life, would most likely traumatize me more than I am right now.
If I get a loving partner one day, I'll probably dabble into some daddy kink with him. If I start to trust him enough, Maybe I'll tell him about my fantasies and go from there. That'll help me feel satisfied, I hope.
I just want to do anything to make me feel normal and not like a disgusting, wannabe groomer victim.
Best option would probably be talking it out with a therapist, so I'll start there.

No. 776727

i want to engage ina kinda similar kink (not related to groomers/predators though) but IDK how to start, it feels difficult to get my boyfriend to be a convincing roleplayer. Same for myself

No. 776733

I acted like a fucking scrote today, I have been in a lot of constant pain the last few months and today I just snapped. Threw a bottled drink at a wall, screamed at my mom and now I just feel nothing. I just want this shit to end, I usually would feel guilty after doing or saying less but now I just wanna die because the pain isn’t going anywhere. I feel ashamed as a whole but at the same time I don’t feel shit, it fucking sucks.

No. 776734

if you tell men about these fantasies and get them to act them out sexually what kind of message does that send to them? please just get therapy instead. i sympathize with the problem, i have it too. i would never indulge it though. what benefit would that ever bring?

No. 776741

There is no evil message, I don't want to roleplay pedo or abusive shit but it's still particular fantasy. Also I'm in therapy and it's not a magical fix for all my insane issues. I'm starting to doubt it will help me with sex problems at all since I'm not making huge progress

No. 776746

File: 1617648957795.gif (980.83 KB, 456x250, 4F8B465F-29E9-4ED5-9B4F-D3222D…)

I did a retarded movement like gif related irl, a few weeks ago, I did it unconsciously, I only noticed what i did a few minutes after. I haven’t even watched anime since 2018

No. 776754

If you want to do it, do it. This website is anti-kink/power play with the man being the one with power in the bedroom so you're going to hear a lot of "get therapy" if you are into being in a sub-type role.
Just know that roleplaying in the bedroom should not be a form of therapy. You can experiment with your fantasy, but don't rely on it as an escape or outlet for something else going on in your life because that's where is can get dangerous. Start slow and establish limits, and make sure you stay true to yourself and follow those limits.
Also respect your boyfriend and what he is comfortable doing. If he's not comfortable with that fantasy, drop it. If he is into or the idea of it, do not forget to establish those limits and make sure he follows them, or else never give him the opportunity again - make that clear and stand your ground.

No. 776762

Nta, but it is really important to consider why a man would feel comfortable rping as a predator molesting/grooming a young girl. Fantasy or not, that is kind of…concerning. I mean, Travis Alexander was one of those dudes and look what happened lol. I just hope that whatever you do, you don't end up with a weirdo.

No. 776771

I read a reddit post about a dude saying he tried to do a rape roleplay cause his wife asked him to but stopped early cause he just felt wrong doing something like that and that is really sweet and gave me hope for nontrash men in the world. I'm on the side where I have fantasies, but I know they're fantasies and don't actually want them to happen. I completely separate them and I assumed most people did too, but I guess not seeing anons wanting to act out their fantasies here.

No. 776772

I guess my confession is kind of related to the topic. I started watching porn when I was 9 and over the years it shaped my sexually in ways that I fucking hate ever since I've become anti-porn for feminist reasons and self-aware of it. I remember when I was younger I actively avoided degrading hardcore porn and sought out more softer, sensual stuff, but over the years as I went on the free mainstream porn websites it changed my sexual tastes. Now the damage has been done and it's so fucking hard to deprogram myself. I've heard some successful stories from other people, but it takes a lot of time and I'm not a self-disciplined person. I have an addictive personality in general and relapse on the porn use frequently. I feel like shit every time I judge coomers and then remember that I don't even have my own stuff sorted out.

I don't want to give up but I also don't know if I have it in me to ever stop completely. I fucking hate sex-posi liberals for lying to me about how porn is a healthy outlet for sexuality and obscuring how terrible the porn industry is, and I fucking hate kinkfags for normalizing their degeneracy to the point that so many young girls are basically getting groomed by porn into desiring their own degradation like I was. It's basically a form of self-harm that society actively encourages because muh shitty orgasm.

No. 776773

>I'm on the side where I have fantasies, but I know they're fantasies and don't actually want them to happen.
Same. I have pretty tame (for lc lol) fantasies but I wouldn't act them out just cause I know I wouldn't like it irl, even if I don't think it's actually bad. I don't even judge people for most kinks/fantasies, but child sexual abuse and ddlg shit is just where the line is for me.

No. 776774

Sorry if this is autistic, but can someone explain the idea of fantasies? I always assumed people wanted to act out their fantasies, but obviously can't because they would either have to face the consequences of acting it out, or because it's physically impossible/can't find the right person/work out the logistics of the fantasy itself.

It always confuses me when people say "it's just a fantasy dont judge me!!" because you're still placing yourself in that situation mentally even if you aren't doing it. Like fantasizing yourself being abused is just simply fucked up and I still consider it a form of mental self-harm even if you aren't acting on it, especially when women do it

No. 776781

I have no identity so I try to create one with fashion, the media I consume and hobbies. But since it's not my identity nothing every sticks and I feel like I just cycle through endless costumes. I just want to be able to enjoy something.

No. 776786

A fantasy is just a fantastical thought. Like for instance I fantasise about being the leader of the free world but I'm also introverted and would most likely hate that amount of responsibility.

No. 776789

Me personally, fantasies are like reading a book. When I read a book I get immersed in that world and the characters, but once I'm done reading, that's it. It's over. I've rarely fantasized about being abused, but it's not a mental self-harm cause I can fully control everything that's going on in my head. If I don't like it, I just change the story/character. I like to daydream a lot and insert myself in stories I've read so to me it's the same as that. Not sure about the people who actually want to act out their fantasies tho, cause I don't want to.
Exactly, its not reality so the things that would have consequences/side effects I can just plot device it away. I fantasize about running away and living in the woods while sustaining myself from my garden, but that would take actual work which I would hate cause I'm lazy.

No. 776790

I get very paranoid thoughts during bad times of depression. Like always thinking people are watching every move I make. I know it's irrational and when I start thinking like that I know something is up with me. I'm too paranoid to even vent about something bothering me. It always gets triggered by trust issues. It usually happens when I feel like confessing something. I can't get close to anyone either cause I have all these walls. Sounds so cliche and stupid but I'm mental and I've tried medication and I've had therapy and I didn't trust them/it lol.

No. 776796

i relate to every word you wrote, anon. i hope we can both overcome it, fuck the porn industry and fuck coomer males and libfems for defending it

No. 776800

I'm so obviously insecure and desperate for any sort of validation that I'm offended that no evil man has tried to take advantage of how easily I'd fall into an abusive relationship.
I feel I'm so inherently unlovable that I'm not even worth abusing.

I know this is an awful outlook that minimises abuse but it's like an intrusive thought at this point

No. 776825

I’m becoming obsessed with this guy from Reddit I ERP with. We talk about our daily life alot, and we’ve sent each other (clothed) photos and videos. He’s actually pretty attractive (skinny but muscular, long dark hair, sharp teeth), and every once in a while, I send him little comics, dress up game characters or autistic SFW short stories I’ve made of him. It’s almost like I made an OC with his appearance and personality. I think he’s weirded out by me, but he definitely doesn’t hate the attention and thinks I’m attractive. I sorta want to send him nudes, but I know it’s not a good idea.
Based on his fantasies, he’s a complete degenerate and probably a psycho, but something about his personality keeps drawing me in. He just seems so innocent and soft in a way usual coomers aren’t. It’s really hard to explain. He’s almost like a shy girl. Not in a fake way like internet trannies, either. I’d tinfoil that he was an FtM if I hadn’t accidentally seen his nudes before. I don’t want to date him per se, but I can’t get him out of my head. It’s weird, help. I feel like a yandere anime character.

No. 776831

(Samefag) I forgot to mention I once wrote a song with lyrics just about him, and sent him a recording of me singing it while playing guitar. He liked it a lot.

No. 776832

This is the Lucy anon saga but gender bent.

No. 776833

This is really cute even though from the sounds of it reddit guy is not making cute fanfiction about you in return, which is criminal.

No. 776836

Or maybe you are too precious to abuse, anon.

No. 776837

Don't fall in love with a coomer. He's just gonna cheat on you by continuing to ERP with women on the internet. Coomers are not worth it and you're probably one of many he does that stuff with.

No. 776839

I know that you know your mindset is illogical, but any potential abusers probably haven’t targeted you because they can’t envision you as a victim. If you’re going to base your worth on that (don’t), I’d argue that it means they know you’re too good for them. You may not have been targeted yet but your mindset is dangerous - already allowing fucked up people to define how lovable you are. Genuinely hope you’re able to overcome this outlook before you end up in a bad situation.

No. 776843

>sharp teeth
I will never understand rpfags

No. 776846

Kek, that saga actually filled me with secondhand embarrassment for the guy, because I kind of get it. At least I only did this after interacting multiple times with my person, though.

That’s true, he doesn’t do nearly as much for me. I think at this point, I might just projecting the character I made up onto him. He could even be lying about some parts of his life, and I wouldn’t even know.

Yeah, you’re right, anon. I’m just going to get hurt if I get caught up in my feelings. I think I’ll start keeping more of the weird stuff to myself and be a bit more normal with him. Hopefully he doesn’t notice and start asking if he did something wrong lmfao, then I’d start feeling bad.
At least my fictional husbando will never betray me.

No. 776870

File: 1617663721313.jpg (31.78 KB, 500x401, 500_F_226274685_9WxVZn0xSO4LaN…)

I had my first job at a restaurant when I was 15-17. It was a family business (I wasn't part of the family) so you can imagine how toxic it was, kek. There was a chef there who was always really nice to me so I liked him. He was into anime, he told me I should call him "senpai" and he'd call me "name-kun"… just now I'm realizing how creepy and weird that was. I laughed it off when he told me that, thank God I didn't do it and feed into his weirdo scrote fantasy

No. 776878

File: 1617664888435.jpg (72.09 KB, 1080x722, hooters.jpg)

I may just be paranoid but I am genuinely afraid my sister's bf is going to troon out.
He really likes cosplaying female characters and being in drag. I understand it's entirely possible he just likes the attention of dressing in drag and is comfortable being male. But it's always in the back of my mind…

No. 776883

Just reading that made me physically cringe. You poor thing

No. 776885

I feel your pain anon. I'll probably get flack for this, but I actually like men wearing non gender-conforming clothes (dresses, skirts, heck even the maid outfits). I think the contrast is cute when they're still physically masculine. It's such a shame that it's impossible to enjoy it without knowing 90% or more who do it aren't just dressing that way to be creative and nontraditional but also want to be sissified/debased/engage in some other sort of sexist fetish. Scrotes really do ruin everything. Hope your sister's boyfriend is one of the few who can take part while still being comfortable with the fact he's a man.

No. 776892

Me too anon! I'll always support GNC dudes who like wearing feminine things and are comfortable with their sex.
I get worried tho since Tranny rhetoric is strong, especially on social media. I really don't want to go full TERF on my sister if he does. I love her a lot.

No. 776915

I've always thought muscly guys in thongs/garters/heels was hot af and now it's been ruined by the current state of the internet, just let a straight girl enjoy a dick that's barely covered by something pink

No. 776945

File: 1617672013395.jpg (15.32 KB, 193x278, 56479990.jpg)

I can't stop reading the Korean manga sadistic beauty, I'm usually not that into femdom but something about this just works so well and plays into my ladyboner for dressing embarrassed flustered hot guys in panties and watching them try to cover up. Idk I'm fucking weird but it's like a different kind of fantasy I get from time to time and this read really helps get that out when a new chapter comes out. I would never tell anyone I'm into this ever irl or social media. I hope my tablet is burned when I die.

No. 776947

Serial-killer-ERP anon here and I need you to know that even I think this is pretty sad. You deserve someone who will love your autism, anonita.

(still not murdered btw)

No. 776960

I was ashamed to have read the webtoon household affairs, although the femdom shit just grossed me out there and still does (although the fetish in general grossed me out). I was mostly there for the drama and gory shit. the ending was absolute garbage tho

No. 776998

Wearing a mask and something that fits me like a garbage bag makes me soooo happy

No. 777000

File: 1617676650377.jpg (43.34 KB, 988x777, 51u9vBhbZrL._AC_SL1028_.jpg)

Idk if you're talking about masks like pic, but I also love them because of how warm they keep my face. I don't think I'll stop wearing them, even when restrictions are lifted

No. 777002

I have just watched the most disturbing movie ever! I don't understand it like wtf is this who thinks of something like this and why so many people agreed to participate in the making of it

No. 777004

Well, what was it?

No. 777005

File: 1617677672305.jpg (181.71 KB, 960x1200, Matcha_Tea_in_Veneziano_Cups_2…)

I am married, have a good job, own a house, and am doing well for myself given I came from trash. I hate myself and my life though and I constantly think about killing myself. I keep sabataging my job and my gradschool progress for who knows what reason. I have been sitting on my bathroom floor pretending to shower for an hour so I can just cry to myself. I'm on Paxil for my ptsd but I don't think it's helping my chest always hurts and living feels unbearable.

One of the only things in life that brings me joy is matcha. I love everything about it, the color, the smell, the taste, the texture.. it's perfect and I'm going to get up now and take a shower + make myself some matcha and pretend this past hour didn't happen. I'll lie to my husband and tell him I was picking out ingrown hairs or something.

Posting this here instead of vent because I've never told anyone this before.

No. 777006

File: 1617678137828.jpeg (55.32 KB, 680x450, A6A09DF8-FD1E-478B-8C7A-415524…)

I read this before and I get it. I would never tell people I read S Flower, which is like the shittier cousin of Sadistic Beauty story wise. I also would never, ever tell a soul irl or on social media (attached to my identity) that I read yaoi, or how much of it I’ve read. I tried to make a separate social media account for it and it’s fun to talk to others about these things but I don’t think I could live if I had to explain to anyone who knows me what this shit is and why I read it. I hope my tablet explodes when I die too. All of my devices actually. I didn’t want to sell my out of commission ipad from school (this is another confession, I got an ipad from school years ago and used it for bullshit and would tell them I forgot it at home when they asked for inspections initially but really it was because I was fucking stupid and didn’t think to use dropbox or onedrive to save my cringe yaoi shit and would save it directly on the ipad. They never asked for them back so naturally I and many others did not give them back and that was how I solved that problem.) because I didn’t have a chance to wipe it before it broke and I fear that the traces of shitty webtoons and manga will still be there if anyone looks for it. There’s good, normal manga and webtoons on it too, but I don’t think that matters and it’s not nearly as humiliating as gay cartoon porn.

At one point my password was “ifyoutouchmyipadyouwilldie” or some shit because I was mad at my grandmother because she made me be around my cousin who I was fighting with. I was so deranged I even used it as an imaginary death note at one point because I was too retarded to reasonably explain how I feel and deal with consequences. If I could go back in time I would run myself over.

picrel Also I’m like 1000% sure either the illustrator for Sadistic Beauty was responsible for Cherry Boy, That Girl or I’m stupid and this is a common enough art style for webtoons that just so happens to have the same instructions for drawing people, clothes, scenery, and movement even though I’ve never seen this style outside of a handful of webtoons and none match up as perfectly besides these two. But it even has a similar cross-dressing element and a prominent strong female main character and loser whiny guy chasing after her too. I swear they were created by the same person. There’s too, too many similarities.

No. 777008

I'm gonna be wearing my masks until the end of time. Not gonna catch me letting strangers breathe all over me ever again. You should try out the airism masks from uniqlo. Those things feel like heaven embracing your face. I originally ordered a medium but slightly but uncomfortably tight around my ears, but a large is so comfortable. Its legit so fucking soft.

No. 777014

Have you tried other medications? Maybe Paxil just isn't the one for you. I swear by Lexapro, that shit really changed my life for the better. It got rid of my anxiety-induced stomach pains immediately. Went from 10mg to 15mg, then up to the 20mg I've been sitting on for about three-ish years now. Hydroxyzine works wonders when your mind and heart start racing. Can't be anxious if you're asleep! Do you see a therapist at all? That may help as well, should it be possible to get one. I know they can be costly…

If switching SSRIs doesn't work, your body may just not like them. There are also SNRIs (Venlafaxine), and tricyclic antidepressants (Amitriptyline). There are an absolute ton of medications for depression/anxiety/PTSD, and you might have to experiment until you find what fits best.

Matcha is truly wonderful, I love it too.

No. 777038

One time, out of spite, I started and finished an entire game in one sitting because this bitch who had NEVER expressed interest in it before started to copy me. It felt like she wanted to beat it before me, so I sat the fuck down and played from 5PM to 5AM.

Fuck you bitch.

No. 777039

samefag it was Life is Strange

No. 777046

Not gonna make it.

No. 777089

While I appreciate being hotter and healthier I miss how little I thought about my body growing up. I grew up in a very controlling environment so even my food was controlled. I was insanely skinny until I moved out on my own and gained 80lbs in two years. Even as I was gaining weight I didn't think about my bod. One day I decided I felt uncomfortable and decided to lose some weight and I was obsessed after losing the first 5lbs. I'm a normal weight now but I don't think I will ever be able to enjoy food and be ok with my body ever again.

No. 777090

This is amusing, please tell me more about that bitch

No. 777093

>I don't think I will ever be able to enjoy food and be ok with my body ever again.
Ugh same. Ever since I first tried dieting a decade ago I've been stuck in a binge/restrict cycle and I know I am going to obsess over food forever. It's really depressing to know I'm going to spend the rest of my life either binging or dieting and being bigger than I'm comfortable with, I wish I could eat in moderation and just be normal about food rather than think about it 24/7.

No. 777097

No. 777111

Hope you enjoyed it at least anon! Even though I didn't like it that much myself kek

No. 777126

Based double trips

No. 777169

I HATE MEN HATE THEM HATE THEM FUCK MOIDS FUCKING WORTHLESS WALLETS FUCK… is what I was gonna say but the guy texted back. ;)

No. 777177


No. 777185

The only way to break the cycle is to stop restricting. If you keep restricting you will keep binging and if you keep binging you will keep restricting.

I got out of this by just forcing myself to eat 3 normal meals a day that neither my restrictive nor my binge side liked. But once you actually start fueling your body regularly your urge to binge on crap starts to go away. It's your brain sending out the wrong signals cause you are depriving your body.

It goes against your instinct and I still sometimes want to binge or restrict and it's not always perfect but so much better. Never gonna be normal about food, but it is what it is.

No. 777371

I lurk the Genshin Impact thread on /m/ just to catch up with the drama, I give zero fucks about the game itself, but the fanbase is hysterical, bunch of terminally online kinnies playing babby's first gacha.

No. 777385

you can't just say that and not say the title of the movie!!!!!! what was it anon?

No. 777389

Is it that one where they shot live kangaroos dead?

No. 777395

>At least I only did this after interacting multiple times with my person, though
At least. Anon its not that much better.

No. 777397

Never thought that game would cause so much chaos.

No. 777439

For the longest time, I thought that Omori would be the game that would cause the biggest storm once it came out. I'm actually surprised by the amount of drama and RaymondIsMyComfortCharacter-ing that is coming for a gatcha game.

No. 777450

My annoying coworker and I were splitting a PO Box. (This is before I found out how annoying she is) She decided not to renew with me. Turns out she has a package that's arrived and she wants to borrow the key. I'm going to claim I can't find the key the entire time.

Maybe you should stop trying to leech off of my PO Box and being annoying before you pull this shit.

No. 777465

File: 1617738503802.png (666.33 KB, 597x526, 48793208468392654235.png)

You petty but I like it

No. 777494

I think I may have been inadvertently responsible for killing my childhood cat. she was 14 years old and liked to go outside and after being out in the cold for too long one winter she developed something I can only assume was pneumonia. my older sister was the primary caretaker of the cat and she told me not to tell our mom she was sick because we were very poor and couldn't afford to take her to the vet. so I didn't. I never told anybody she was sick until not long after she died in kind of a gruesome way while my sister wasn't home. I was the one who watched her die and had to tell my mom she was dead and I cried the most I think I ever had in my life. my mom was shocked and had assumed she died from old age but was taken back by the way she died. I felt completely responsible for her death because if I would've told my mom I know she would've taken her to the vet and although she still probably would've died maybe it would've been less painful. the only people who know to this day are me and my sister and it bothers me so much that I still cry thinking about it.

No. 777501

So she's still trying to send mail to a PO box she no longer pays for?
Pretty low, that isn't right and I'd tell her as much.

No. 777508

I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and think that someone sent her something at the end of March and she didn't realize it. But you're right, maybe she should have thought about that issue ahead of time before deciding not to renew and give the key back? Now I'm really going to procrastinate getting her package back to her kek.

No. 777521

When I was 14 I went to our city's anime/comic con and since it was reaching 10pm there were adult panels that started showing. Security kicked me and my friend out to the city street instead of us sitting inside because we were waiting for a parent to pick us up and scared of curfew.

Another time I went to free scuba diving lessons again as a teen. The guy who took pictures of everyone swimming took a lot of me. When the lesson was over he gave me a card with his name and number. This guy was like 30+ hitting on a oblivious high schooler. I waited months hoping to see my photos on their facebook and never did. I dont doubt that creepy fucker took off with the sd card or downloaded my swin suit photos. His card was given away or thrown in the trash since I didn't plan to actually pay for lessons. At the time I thought it was just his business card but I'm pretty sure it had ~ text me ~ on one side.

No. 777591

Damn, this hit hard. You were just a little kid, and you didn't know what to do. I understand feeling "stuck" that way, especially with other family members kind of guilting you, please don't blame yourself. I'm sure your cat's already forgiven you.

No. 777644

Not to sound like a troon, but I kind of wish I had female friends to share NSFW things we all find hot with, in a sort of platonic way.
I don’t even really want to do sexual things with anyone. I just want to be like “How about this, good content right”/“Fuck yeah”. Maybe like the kink threads on /g/, but more general and casual.
I know it’s approaching coomer mentality to want to befriend people based on shared fetishes, but fuck it’d be fun.

No. 777686

I love using wheelbarrows

No. 777687

No. 777689

I said what I said

No. 777690

I understand anon. They are hella fun. Its also fun to ride in one.

No. 777691

But…what does it mean

No. 777692

File: 1617764656882.jpeg (14.45 KB, 456x456, 1006401.jpeg)

One of these bad boys

No. 777693

Ugh anon, its too sexy, gotta spoiler that shit.

No. 777694

A woman of class & adventure

No. 777696

Oh, I see. I thought wheelbarrow was some kind of euphemism. Have fun on your farmer equipment, queen!

No. 777698

Thank you fellow Stacy!

No. 777711

I like seeing other people shipping the characters I like to ship. Went to cc and someone posted C.C x Lelouch art. It will always be superior to Kallen x Lalouch.

No. 777825

I thought I had a friend like this but then I found out she was feeding info back to her husband and I was so so mortified.

No. 777838

shaved after a month of not shaving. I swear I shed an entire shih tzus worth of hair. damn I wish my body hair didn't grow as fast or faster than my damn head hair, it's nasty

No. 777843

I recently had the same thought. I used to have loads of online friends who I could talk about that kind of stuff with but we all drifted away. Lately, I have found myself wanting to get back into roleplaying and stuff as well. I feel like I have gone back in time. But yes, coomerish or not, I do miss having other females input on sexy things in a platonic way.

No. 777852

File: 1617784239413.jpg (15.59 KB, 370x272, original.jpg)

Out of nostalgia I visited the tumblr of someone I followed back in like 2015. Their last posts were vague messages about how they didn't use tumblr anymore and how they were happy and making money in their new career. I went from curious to totally obsessed in like an hour while combing their blog for clues I could use to find their new social media presence (I got a first name, city, hints at what that new career was, some selfies). I used those to find their new instagram and saw that they really were thriving, popular, and clearly happy. Now I'm momentarily emotionally invested in and extremely proud of a low-tier celeb who doesn't know I exist

No. 777875

Absolutely hate the state of the internet. It’s actually ruined. Wow holy fuck. Yet I can’t stop using it because

No. 778006

File: 1617803301760.jpeg (7.5 KB, 200x187, DA03CD65-8090-4E1F-9042-9A78F0…)

Here to post in my moment of weakness that I still wish I could cut my tits off

No. 778213

File: 1617826457073.jpeg (47.32 KB, 416x436, 3474C9ED-8826-42E9-BD3C-8106B2…)

when i was 4 i had an imaginary “holiday cabin” where i went to hang out with my favourite characters who all lived there. i had a layout of the rooms in my head and everything. whenever i was going to invite a new character i’d think of an elaborate story of how i met and befriended them and throw them a welcoming party. it was basically a harem because all my husbandos lived there.

my first guest was the danonino dinosaur.

No. 778218

Anon why

No. 778230

ily anon. I had a huge crush on woody from toy story when I was the same age and would pretend he was my boyfriend, like picture him human sized and next to me in the car or laying in bed with me.

No. 778233

This is so cute, I wish that cabin was real

No. 778243

Same, I got over my troon phase like 5 years ago but I still want to be flat. Grateful to at least have naturally barely-there chest going on but i sort of wish my body just committed all the way and gave me absolutely nothing.

No. 778245

File: 1617829998273.jpeg (87.76 KB, 750x1072, F87592B2-9C13-46C2-9B94-750EF0…)

I’ve been thinking of making a suicide tips website or social media account

People should have the right to end their lives successfully

No. 778249

I secretly want all cows to succeed. I wish shayna and ariana would take our advice and do a little better

No. 778250

sure if you want to get doxxed because you will. or at least banned

No. 778252

Interesting, I remember there being a wiki full of suicide tips but I forgot the name and it's probably deleted now. Research the legality, unfortunately you can get in a lot of trouble helping people kick the bucket. Even if the person is very sure that he/she wants to die, you'll have to possibly deal with their families, friends, canceling and shaming, and legal threats. I know it's fucked up but I support your idea, life is getting worse and worse why not help people who want a way out?

No. 778253

File: 1617830323331.jpeg (51.02 KB, 750x586, 15849341-5CE2-4E10-AB98-DBC8E3…)

i own over 20 furbys from the 90s, currently browsing shelves to display the new ones i have coming in the mail. why am i so retarded when it comes to spending money

No. 778257

Couldn't that potentially get you in trouble with lawenforcement? I mean you don't want anyone claiming you assisted someone in suicide. At least be very careful when you do it.

No. 778258

>>778252 is it lostallhope?

No. 778259

One already exists, actually- there's a whole forum and it's just a little ways down the google results.
Ironically, I think the people who could actually go through with a successful attempt all generally manage to find either that place or another method aggregate because they have the motivation to plan and execute the requisite actions.
People who don't have the motivation to dig for an answer typically have the brand of executive dysfunction that wouldn't have allowed for them following through in the first place; I get the impression they'd just ideate suicide and not induce it whether they were given resources or not. Little dark, but it really is an interesting dichotomy.

No. 778260

there is already a pretty active forum for that that has way too much heat on it all the time especially when an member who went and successfully killed herself brought news attention to it.

No. 778263

Yes! I believe so. They definitely changed the site compared to how it was years ago, but they still have legit info on there.

No. 778270

What? Oh my god anons give me the sauce. But I’m the samefag and I was thinking of the legality but it isn’t an attention whore thing it’s like, why aren’t people allowed to kill themselves without severe bodily harm or failure? If they truly want to kill themselves, then they need to do it safely and even through medical supervision, but most societies especially in Western societies weaponize things like suicide and drugs as means for state and “moral” control.

No. 778280

Same, anon. What color Furbies do you have? Do you have the infamous Kid Cuisine one?

No. 778285

its an easy search. the general crowd sourced info is relatively 'safe' and effective but costly and even offered a subforum for pacts but doubtful you would have the means to support something that could be so risky.

warning are given to be careful who to meet up with because people could lure you for murder (lul) or sexual assault or robbery or whatever. the effects of a failed attempt could be horrendous, what if a member buys drugs or service from a supplier that fail to work? what if these means are used in murder? you as the owner could be culpable. just as you said, self chosen death or assisted suicide is frowned upon. so imagine you run a collective of a means for death.

No. 778291

It's not natural to want to end your life, survival is our most primal instinct. If someone wants to die there's something very wrong with them and they need and deserve help and treatment. Someone doesn't want to "truly kill him/herself" when there's severe mental health issues involved. There are extreme cases where assisted suicide is justifiable (terminally ill people and unbearable chronic pain come to mind) but it's not as easy "well if they want dead we should just let them".

No. 778347

File: 1617839539230.jpg (62.19 KB, 564x704, 2389794289374.jpg)

I'm going to buy a puppy from a breeder one day. I used to be strictly pro-rescue and adoption but the more I've though about it, I want to know all of the dogs past history and train them properly from the beginning instead of retraining a likely very traumatized ill-behaved adult aged shelter dog. I grew up with super sweet rescue dogs but there was so much odd behavior and mysterious histories that came with them and stayed their whole lives. I also just want a puppy so badly; a dog who's whole life I can spend with them. Of course I'd do my research and choose a reputable breeder that prioritizes health and temperament over aesthetics. I feel guilty about it though. Adoption is objectively the more ethical choice.

No. 778360

I hope you'll find the puppy of your dreams anon! I don't think there's anything wrong with getting a dog from a respected, reputable breeder. I think there are lots of people who equate it to puppy mills, but there's a lot of information out there now and that just isn't the case! Some people are not cut out for adopting a dog that may have a lot of trauma or issues, and some people may want a pet in their life but the adoption process can be so insanely difficult for some people. I have a friend who got his cat from some random lady off craigslist but the cat passed away, and now he's trying to adopt but shelters make it (for good reason) so insanely difficult. He has to relive the trauma of losing his first cat (they asked what happened), they want his paystubs, copies of his apartment lease, references from a whole bunch of people. Yes, wanting these animals to go to a good home is great! But sometimes it feels very off putting and jumping through the hoops time and time again feels so tiring.

My dog did not come from a reputable place. We got her when I was very young and the internet wasn't what it is today, so I didn't even know puppy mills were a thing. My poor dad had been trying to adopt a dog for the longest time for me, but shelters turned him away or let another family adopt the dog before us. I remember driving two hours somewhere with him to go to a shelter to meet a dog and going home with no dog. He got fed up and found a pet shop and we got my current dog. She doesn't have any insane health issues that aren't uncommon for her breed so I assumed maybe she came from a reputable breeder, but I found her records in our apartment and she definitely came from a backyard breeder lol. It sucks, but I know better now and what's done is done. Sorry for the breeder sperg. I have no problems with whichever reputable place people choose to get their pets from, but I don't like it when people equate responsible breeders to backyard breeders, or shame people who choose to get a dog from a breeder.

No. 778391

>they want his paystubs, copies of his apartment lease, references from a whole bunch of people.
I learned this myself last year. I wanted to adopt a dog from a rescue group when lockdown started but this shit was so egregious. They wanted to send a person to my apartment to inspect it (again, during lockdown), like wtf. I get you don’t want to give your dogs to irresponsible morons, but I couldn’t believe how invasive the whole thing was. I really don’t want to buy a dog since my family has always adopted, but they sure don’t make it easy or appealing.

No. 778429

I remember reading a post somewhere about how this person wanted to adopt a dog, went through the whole application process and home checks and everything, but didn't get the dog. Fine, whatever, but then they saw the same shelter still posting about the dog needing a home. It seemed more like the shelter was too obsessed with finding the absolute perfect home and willing to keep that poor dog in the shelter for way longer than necessary. I'm sure not all shelters are like this and it's just a part of the process, but it sucks that there are people who can definitely provide for these animals not getting to give them a home because of one misstep here or there.

No. 778440

I actually had a friend who had this exact same thing happen. She said they denied her because her apartment was too small and the dog wouldn’t be able to move around, but it’s not like she lives in a closet. It’s a pretty decent size and she lives near a park. It would be great if we all lived on 40 acre farms where our dogs could frolic and play, but I don’t see how an apartment is worse than living at a shelter.

No. 778453

File: 1617860366183.jpg (37.83 KB, 540x572, 861ca60c3a2813c8e3250b9af138ad…)

You made me feel a lot better about my possible future decision, thanks anon! Youre right about the massive difference between backyard breeders/puppy mills and responsible breeders.

I had kind of forgotten about the shelter process. Way back when my parents were trying to get our first dog we were rejected multiple times on the basis of my age. I was 8 or 9 at the time. I had a really middle class childhood: decently sized two story house, big front and back yard, and parents who were both in the position to work from home. What else did they want? I even recall at one particular shelter they wouldn't let you pick a dog but instead would match you with one after an interview. I get it to an extent but man, do you really have to wait for the perfect, moderately active, 30-something childless trust fund couple to arrive in order to send your dog to a loving home? I dunno.

No. 778456

I adopted a dog from a pet store, he's still going strong at 17 years old.
I didn't know better back then (I was a kid) but even now I wouldn't be opposed to it! Those dogs still deserve love and they're less expensive than going to a breeder, or a shelter that has pages long of requirements to adopt.
I say go with your gut and the pup you fall in love with no matter where they're from.

No. 778523

I took photos of myself and got off to them. Now I feel like a female AGP.

No. 778525

>Those dogs still deserve love
As long as people keep thinking like this a new dog will take the place of the sold dog and the cycle continuous.

No. 778527

You still have the logic of a child

No. 778528

File: 1617874264904.jpeg (33.11 KB, 480x480, 90941E4E-8B7F-4CAB-AE76-99479B…)

Whoever that anon or anons are who post yaoi on moid boards to piss them off, you guys are my heroes.

No. 778536

Less expensive how? The puppies I see at pet stores have a huge markup compared to buying directly from a breeder, are you sure you didn’t mistake a “take me home” box in front of Walmart for a pet store?

No. 778570

Assuming those dogs come from a puppy mill (not an usafag, but the low price points to it)…
I know it sucks for the puppy, especially since he's an innocent victim in all of this, but by buying him you support people who breed his mother to death in a dark cellar and throw her away like trash once she's not needed if she somehow survives. There is also a high chance of the puppy having tons of genetic illnesses since puppy mills have no problem breedong a mother with a child or her brother etc.

No. 778580

Um kek but I’m a usafag and I will never understand puppy-mill stuff. My own mom wants a dog but she doesn’t want a “mutt” (speaks volumes about some of her personality traits, I know) but whenever we would go to those stores the dogs would run into about a month’s rent which was around 1,500$-2300$ or even more. If they’re referring to breeders as puppy mills it definitely isn’t true that because they’re bred from someone doesn’t mean the price to buy one from a store will be cheaper, farthest from the truth but that is the only experience I had so idk.

No. 778594

my bf is a youtuber, he's not very popular but he still gets fangirls sending him their tits in DMs and shit like that, whenever I see another scandal of a big youtuber being exposed for fucking his fans despite being in a relationship I wonder if that shit will happen to me one day, especially because he was kinda an incel before he met me

do you think that men can resist this temptation or nah?

No. 778597

if you're not exaggerating and he was actually an incel then I'm gonna say no

No. 778601

Not sure if I understand you correctly but I imagine that the price hike goes like this
buying directly from a puppy mill -> buying from a pet store (if they get puppies from a mill) -> buying from a reputable, registered breeder
Speaking as an eurofag, I bought a purebreed dog from a breeder (I considered adopting from a breed-specific organization, however decided I'm not ready to take care of a dog with lifelong conditions that requires almost 24/7 care). I had to join a waitlist (waited like 9 months) and paid about $1000. To compare, puppies from a mill are being sold constantly (wonder why). No need for a waitlist, you just reply to an advert on a craigslist equivalent. The puppy costs around $500, often even less. The price of getting a cheap animal is supporting abuse as well as a huge risk of your dog suddenly fucking dying or developing serious health issues.
In my country there were several puppy mill rescue operation and the quality of life of the dogs there was appalling. Real nightmare shit.

No. 778621

I’m the anon who posted a bit earlier with a dog that came from a backyard breeder/pet shop and I can’t agree with this sentiment. Would I go back and make the choice to get my dog again? Absolutely. Would I ever get from a pet shop who gets their supply from backyard breeders/puppy mills in the future? Absolutely not. Those dogs still deserve love but if I ever get a puppy mill dog it’ll be from a shelter who rescued one. There’s supply and demand and puppy mills will never stop bringing genetically fucked up dogs into this world as long as people demand it. Responsible, ethical breeders are expensive for a reason.

No. 778627

File: 1617888907682.jpg (40.22 KB, 639x424, C7S0ouqVAAANACj.jpg)

No. 778637

He is really funny and cute and smart and good in bed too. I just want to be the Marzia to his Pewdiepie and not the Heidi to his ProJared.

No. 778647

>he was kinda an incel before he met me
why.. why even date that in the first place

No. 778654

That makes total sense now! Never understood why they were that expensive.

No. 778655

Didn't Pewdiepie met Marzia through fan DMs?
Anyway, you never know, if you're confident enough to not have the knowledge that women are very interested in your boyfriend ruin your day, maybe it will be fine. People like Mortem3r and Egoraptor seem to have a very good relationship and he's a pretty popular content creator so it's not necessarily impossible.

No. 778665

Anon, he's an incel. As all incels, he sees you as a hole and will ditch you for the first e-girl looking fan willing to fuck him, especially of she's hotter than you. Why the fuck would you date an incel? They're all the same.

No. 778669

File: 1617894524746.jpg (70.73 KB, 640x640, TlWIb5b.jpg)

I didn't know when I first messaged him, I really just wanted him to make a video about a topic I was interested in and we started talking and kinda hit it off

idk, I guess cause I am kind of a femcel and I don't know many normies who can laugh at funny internet memes with me and he tells me about all the girls who message him, none of them have been hotter than me so far tho, they are all pretty fat, but I am worried what will happen if one of them is really hot

thank you for the only positive reply so far, I really hope it will be fine cause I really like him

No. 778672

Imo it's weird that he likes to tell/show you about the women who hit on him, but whatever.

No. 778674

>I don't know many normies who can laugh at funny internet memes with me
You have to be 18 or older to post here.

No. 778701

>none of them have been hotter than me so far tho, they are all pretty fat

Cool, so he's not cheating on you because hot girls don't want him. Cross your fingers that doesn't change!

No. 778703

Go back to crystal.cafe please

No. 778725

If he has a separate twitter/IG for his youtube fanbase it shouldn't be a problem for him to let you look through his DMs when you want to, since it should just be fans and people wanting to collaborate. I'm not really one of those people that thinks your phone should be unlocked for your partner to look through at all times but your boyfriend should understand this is a different situation and looking through his youtube related DMs should be equivalent to looking through someone's LinkedIn DMs. It's simply inevitable that one day a very attractive woman will start flirting or sending nudes; you can't just count on that never happening. I do think men can resist this temptation, but how incel are we talking? Was he an autistic redditor before or an /r9k/ women-are-holes type?

It would be weird if he didn't. If my boyfriend got sent a nude by some girl I'd expect him to tell me about it. Keeping that sort of thing a secret is fishy.

No. 778729

It would only be weird if he tells her in a boasting kind of way; "look at all these girls dming me! Are you jealous yet?" If it's for full transparancy then it's a good thing.

No. 778769

I love talking shit about my exes online

No. 778770

>none of them have been hotter than me so far tho, they are all pretty fat
Lmao as if fat and ugly ever stopped a cheating scrote. If anything he's trying to disarm your suspicion while he graciously accepts these "uggo" advances. Why waste your time with this ticking bomb? Must be desperate for validation.

No. 778812

Honestly I don't know why people are being so hard on you. It sounds like he's being transparent and as long as that communication continues it's a healthy relationship. There are plenty of male celebrities that have crazy, horny, rabid fans that can keep it in their pants and remain faithful to their wives. It sounds like your bf hasn't shown any interest in these women thus far and so there is really no indication he would cheat. You can of course never truly know but that's what trust is about.

No. 778863

This 100%. My boyfriend ex friend was a serial cheater and constantly cheated on his funny, smart, medical school girlfriend who was the most beautiful woman I've ever seen with

No. 778865

there is a reason why streamer and youtubers are known for cheating. i hope anon learns to love herself

No. 778869

I wanted to buy a breast enlargement cream when I was a teen only because I wanted a bigger chest,I even wanted those infamous f cup cookies.

No. 778871

My ex pocket dialed me when I was outside of the bar he was in. I thought I heard him chatting some woman up I heard him compliment her breasts (he said something drunk and incoherent but I heard "you've got great breasts" charming..) and stormed back in lol. Low and behold he was chatting up an absolute hambeast who I noticed earlier in the evening. They both saw me and she split and my ex immediately started to love bomb me. Found out he was constantly cheating on me on nights out. It's best not to compare yourself to the other woman it's literally more to do with the lack of respect he has for you rather than who gets his dick hard.

No. 778875

>rather than who gets his dick hard
Men will fuck anyone who let them. Even a three legged hunchback fatty can get laid because it's a """fun experience""" to tell the guys about

No. 778876

Secure men who are successful or hot don't need to prove themselves and are perfectly happy with their girlfriends, ugly lowlife men will cheat on amazing gfs with bottom of the barrel women just so they can run around and brag about how it's actually them cheating/their body count/how much pussy they get/etc

No. 778878

File: 1617914786475.jpeg (62.27 KB, 580x435, hh.jpeg)

I met a farmer in the old /g/ friend finder and we actually ending up hitting it off pretty well in Discord. I ended up sperging a bunch about irrelevant shit and now I feel too cringe to message her back, plus I kind of had a crush on her but she had a BF. Anyway…hope she's doing well.

No. 778882

oh my god, english isn't my native language and i love the word retard and retarded… they just sound so funny to me and i guess since i'm esl they just don't sound that offensive to me. i mean i don't go around saying those words but i do sometimes say them when i am alone and laugh by myself and then i feel guilty lmao

No. 778883

True. My ex was a literal alcoholic. He would get so drunk if I was the only woman at a hang out he'd mistake me for one of the guys and I'd hear their awful hook up stories. I found out one guy was cheating on his pregnant fiancé and my ex was just a retard and would reminisce about past hook ups in front of me then sober up and be absolutely flabbergasted how I knew his shady past. He would rat on himself a lot. I was so dumb to stick around to hear it and then become a sad act in his queer life.

No. 778914

I miss pre-20…..12? 13? weeb culture. Can't say this anywhere else because then I'd be gatekeeping, but I hate how watching anime is a normie thing now kek. I think in my country it happened with the release of SAO and SnK.

No. 778917

That's a really cute hammy

No. 778951

am burger and say retarded cunt nigger faggot and the like and i havent been cancelled out of existence. to quote based jkr

>Always use the proper name for things. Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself

No. 778953

>am burger and say retarded cunt nigger faggot

You're so brave for posting this.

No. 778956

I’m also ESL and I use the word faggot a lot, like newfag, namefag, scrotefag, It’s nice.

No. 778989

I know that I should clean my room
Or do this or that
Stop drinking soda this week
Make room in my house by removing the mess

But at this point I’m just not doing it as an act of rebellion.
The least I could do is actually do something fun and not piss away my time doing nothing even fun.
Guess I’m just hurting me and the people around me by being a dumb rebellious bitch.

No. 779005

I'm not saying I would make that choice again now but if I fell in love with a dog from a less than reputable place, I couldn't promise not to adopt them. However I don't go to pet stores that sell animals thankfully.

No. 779009

What song is this?

No. 779026

Idk about you but I immediately thought of Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendencies
>All I wanted was a Pepsi

No. 779155

I don't care about the pandemic. I'm still traveling as much as possible given restrictions, going for drinks with friends, going to the gym, the works. I wear my mask and keep my distance from others and that's about it. I'm not going to put my life on indefinite hold just to "protect" fatties and old farts.

No. 779210

I dreamed that I did a sexual lord of the rings roleplay with my boyfriend. I was super aroused when I woke up.

No. 779211

I'm so tired of trying in life and getting nowhere. Skincare, working out, school, friends, etc. I was sewerslidal when I was younger but atleast my efforts paid off when I did try. I'm tired of trying.

No. 779220

I orgasmed in my dream and it felt so real and intense that I woke up and I'm writing this before I forget it lol

No. 779222

did you two share a dream kek ?

No. 779226

god i wish that were me
this pandemic has made me hopeless and suicidal, i haven't left my house at all in a year now

No. 779238

Lmao which characters were you, or was it just generalized elf x dwarf or something?

No. 779241

Can't do any of that shit since everything's closed here, you're lucky.

No. 779477

i don't mind sex work/see it as the evil to end all evils. yeah it's shitty and exploitative but so many jobs are kek

No. 779481

Nothing is closed where you live? Honestly I'm getting sick of barely being able to do what I want. I was always for a total lockdown at the very start, thinking that if everyone complied and were careful in general then there would be way less infections but I won't stop hearing about people getting sick from visiting their 20 family members all over the countries, their tinder date or from not wearing their masks properly, regardless of how at risk they are. Fuck them, I don't want to get sick again for several months because of these assholes again so I'm very careful and preventing myself from having a social life outside of the internet but I don't feel any pity anymore for the ones who die because of their own stupidity, especially the old farts with medical issues. It's a conflicting feeling.

No. 779488

Honestly as long as you're wearing your mask and distancing, based enough. Hopefully you got/will get a vaccine when it's available to you as well. I got mine, and I think I'm about where you're at, though I don't go out often just bc I don't normally.

No. 779501

>as much as possible given restrictions
> I wear my mask and keep my distance
If you're staying within the restrictions set for your country then what are you even confessing for? Who cares kek

No. 779536

I tried really hard to make a tulpa when I was 11 and I got really into the community online for a few years. I'm not gonna say that's the reason why my brain is fucked now but I'm sure it certainly didn't help.

No. 779593

When Bianca Devins was killed, I stared at the image of her with her throat slit for hours and cried. Not because I felt bad for her (though of course I did), but because I felt heart broken that even in death she was prettier than me. I think I'm a bad person.

No. 779598

I heard about her not that long ago through a video by GamerFromMars or someone? And fell down a rabbit hole reading all the messages and dm's and saw the photos too, I feel bad as yeah it made me uncomfortable but I think I am too desensitised to seeing gore and stuff due to my morbid curiosity, so I think I am a bad person too.

No. 779600

Sex right? Also tulpas aren’t real you should be fine

No. 779601

I had never heard of tulpas but I had a character in my head all throughout my teens and semi-believed I had this companion spirit living in me. Then as an adult I got a very late autism diagnosis and figured that explained my lil imaginary friend. The first time I heard anyone talk about tulpas it was an autistic youtuber and it just seemed like the same maladaptive daydreaming to me, likely born out of not connecting with real people. Except hers had a sexual aspect. Mine was brotherly lol.

No. 779621

I peed in the shower

No. 779624

I always pee before I get in the shower but the warm water makes me pee a little more every time.

No. 779626

depressed.net/suicide/suicidefaq/index.html(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 779660

I didn’t even know these kinda sites were legal

No. 779663

I don't think they are, or at least their legality is debatable.

No. 779685

Dunno about other countries but this is definitely 100% legal in the US. Maybe you could get in trouble for harassing someone specific by sending them that link or info but nothing legally stops you from just publishing it online.

No. 779689

I'm pretty sure these exist already, I remember finding a chart a while back that rated the painfulness of the different suicide methods based on the physical impact they have

No. 779701

File: 1618002846977.jpg (48.59 KB, 720x758, tumblr_9410573d5f47155bb389dc6…)

Those type of site are exactly why the state should propose a solution for euthanasia. If we had more legal structure, we could maybe save some of those people who are just going through a dark time and allow the more desperate case to kill themself peacefully and in full security.

No. 779809

File: 1618009201447.png (303.99 KB, 533x679, EyXEgELWQAAZQwd.png)

I have forum RP as a hobby (you can think of it as collaborative story-telling, or D&D without the table) and I just try to avoid writing romantic scenes with male role-players if I can.

It makes me feel silly, but moids annoy me. I won't say I blanket hate them (because there are and have been some decent to good men in my life) but overall the majority of my issues have been with….men. Idk

No. 779924

i attract people because i am good looking and inshape and can flirt but then they realize i am an unlikeable, unromantic person who takes forever to respond to text and doesnt know how to be tender and loving and they are repulsed

No. 779948

File: 1618031798788.jpg (51.15 KB, 564x423, dcsdssdsc.jpg)

I think I've ruined my life in spite of having a solid upbringing and I don't know how to fix myself.

Not a druggie, alcoholic, or anything, but so damn neurotic. I don't think I'm capable of intimacy, and it kills me because I want it so much? But then I'm afraid of actual intimacy? Rip to sanity.

A lot of it stems from body image insecurity, probably. I want a QT boyfriend or girlfriend, but whenever a real possibility approaches, I immediately sabotage myself into thinking that they'd probably find me gross and my personality unappealing. That comes from being rejected a lot by people, I think.

But I don't get why I react this strongly to romantic partners? I have not had too many bad experiences, as my dating experience is limited, and I wasn't abused in childhood (or now, even), so I don't get why I am so avoidant to something that I want.

Any kernels of advice appreciated. Even if it's just GIT GUD SWEATY.

No. 779950

You are neurotic now, but I don't think this has to last forever. You can always change for the better!

What is it that bothers you about your self image? Have you thought that maybe other people like those certain things and don't ascribe to mainstream depictions of beauty? Those standars are lame either way. And well, maybe you spend too much time comparing yourself to other people? I think, if you go outside, you'll see more than 10 average to very not attractive couples dating and being happy. And they're having a blast!

I think you need to talk to a counselor about these issues. Go to some form of therapy. Your mental health and self image can be improved a lot, trust me. It's not the outside, it's the inside and the self sabotage. You don't have to suffer forever.

No. 779992

Maybe not advice, but encouragement: don't give up on yourself or reject yourself anon, everything is temporary especially insecurity. You may find a feature deplorable today, but redeemable or even adorable another day. Remember to pull yourself back from your emotions enough to unpack when and why you're feeling what you're feeling. It takes a long time and a lot of conscious effort to open yourself up to being intimate or even vulnerable with others, but you can do it, by even thinking about it and being open to changing your mindset about yourself you are doing it! Go nonita go!

No. 780026

I would never kill my self but I wouldn't mind dying, like accidentally or if I could I just stop existing somehow, that would be great.

No. 780036

I had a (coherent) sex dream for the first time and it was lesbian. This tells us a lot about our society

No. 780037

I had an ex who had a son from a previous relationship. He only had the son 4 days of the month and he basically admitted to me (twice while drunk) that he regretted having his son. Said that he met the basic requirements of a 'weekend dad' but often thought about how much more time and money he'd have to himself if he never had him. He wasn't a fan of other peoples kids either and said his own was just about tolerable in small doses. He was pretty full on in being anti-kid but I don't want kids so it didn't bother me. A while into dating I was struggling with BC and came off of it because of the affect on my mental health, he booked a vasectomy with no hesitation.

Then when we broke up I found out he'd had an affair with a mother of 4 young kids and he was going to immediately move in with her and those 4 young kids and become a blended family??… Now I'm not usually the kind of person to spend years wondering how exes are doing but we've lost all contact and I have to admit I still think about it often. It was just such a sudden switch from everything he said in our 4 years together. Add on to that he wasn't a fan of bigger women and would sometimes be gross in how vocal he was about that.. she was within a weight range he'd usually point out to me and honestly just demean (it was one of his grossest habits that drove me mad) How do people change their tune that much? That's why it plays on my mind still. I'll be forever confused by it all especially as he wasn't young enough to be figuring out who he is still, he seemed very set in his ways. There were other factors like her being a single mom on benefits… again he was very vocal about thinking people without large incomes or great success have no business procreating 3 or 4 times. Altogether she ticked about a dozen boxes on the types of women he regularly mocked. If she could only hear the shite he regularly spewed about..all these boxes she weirdly enough ticked.

Imagine your partner spends 4 years describing the types of people he dislikes the most… and then right at the end of your relationship you find out there's been an overlapping affair in the last 6 months and he's about to dip and leave you for the exact woman he's spent years telling you is scummy or 'lesser than' in his eyes. It's a mindfuck.

No. 780038

It’s like those men who say marriage aren’t for them but then get married within months with the next gf.
It’s weird, I get why you keep thinking about it, I would too

No. 780041

I'm scared of intimacy but it's because of sex, it just looks unnatural, alien and grotesque to me. I have no idea where it's from, I didn't grow up in a religious household nor was I abused, it's probably just plain old autism. This is why I'm 28 and still a virgin, but since I don't particularly crave intimacy, I don't really care.
You shouldn't consider yourself a failure because you don't have a romantic life, maybe you should first focus on other aspects of your life (like friends, hobbies or work) and seek improvement through them, making you into a better and more confident person in the end, and thus be ready for relationships.

No. 780044

Maybe he used mockery and insults as a cope for his secret attraction to fat girls. Hate and love aren't opposites, sounds like they were living rent free in his head.

Either way being a shitty deadbeat dad is a big red flag that he's a bad person and partner to begin with, maybe he just took whatever opportunity presented itself regardless of the consequences or what he actually wants out of life.

No. 780115

Anon did not deserve to be banned. Fuck you jannies

No. 780128

I have the same issue anon, but with time I came to crave a bit of intimacy, yet at the same time I would be disgusted by it because it would involve me being close to another person. And I find that fucking disgusting, no matter what I cannot see myself with someone I may be attracted to. I was called disgusting many times in my life and I guess it all stems from me never being close to anyone + being actually ugly and disgusting. Some people are just meant to be this way I guess.

No. 780212

The website the anon posted is affected by British law anyways. Britfags ruin the fun

No. 780234

Whenever a guy protests too much about a kind of woman he supposedly hates or doesn't find attractive, that's when you know who to look out for. He'd never bring those women up if they weren't on his mind. Men lie because they're cowards and opportunists.
Cowards because they can't just admit who they really like. Opportunists because they keep lying to those they don't like while they wait for their chance to be with someone whom they do.

No. 780302

File: 1618068084073.gif (2.58 MB, 268x165, B1309E5D-EE6F-48A4-9DE9-062CBB…)

One of my recurring daydream is literally me going to summer camp and meeting my twin flame soul sister a la The Parent Trap
I’m 20 sighhh

No. 780308

i hope that you’re my twin

No. 780376

Me too bby

No. 780721

File: 1618111833460.jpg (151.59 KB, 602x602, main-qimg-ec074ab96568369f0394…)

the sensation of nails like picrel make me want to barf. i always cut my nails as short as possible. i cut all the white away. i can physically feel the white when it grows back in even a half a milimeter.

idc what other people do with their nails (though i find those really long ones people sometimes have on one finger repulsive) but on me i just cannot stand the feeling of nail length. i'll even deal with cutting too close and experiencing some pain from clipping my nail too short over letting a long nail stay

No. 780726

File: 1618112450502.gif (895.76 KB, 240x240, dog.gif)

Same! I tried to grow them out a few times, but it was unbearable. It feels like the nail equivalent of a dog walking in shoes to me, it restricts me so much lmao.

No. 780734

yeah i wanted to paint them and have nice nails but i just cannot stand the feeling. you have to completely adjust how you do things. and the sensation of nails on fabric is goddamn disgusting to me

No. 780854

Sometimes I like to take the art of artists I like for the most part and edit them slightly so I could like them even more. Like, maybe one draws everything else in a way I like, but the eyes might be too close together for my liking so I'll move them further apart. I save the "fixed" versions with the original in a folder to look at sometimes and compare them. Sometimes I take hentai pics where the guy has no face and draw a face on him

No. 780857

don't just sit there post the side by sides

No. 780862

I feel you anon, but at least you're actually trimming them. I used to bite my nails obsessively as a kid but when I got braces I couldn't bite em anymore so I resorted to like… picking them? Using my teeth to make an indent in the white part and then peeling it off from the side. It sounds horrible and it is and I always have hangnails

No. 780889

File: 1618132311836.png (Spoiler Image, 3.72 MB, 1282x3000, hhehehe.png)

It's embarrassing but here's a couple

No. 780903

top kek

No. 780907

I don't care about my appearance, and while I don't look like a slob, I put zero effort into making
myself attractive, I have no idea what to do with my hair or my face.

No. 780920

i thought i was over it but i just spent my morning coming to the sound of a fellow fujo doing an impression of my husbando and pretending to eat my pussy enthusiastically
this is a cry for help at this point

No. 780922

File: 1618136365149.jpeg (116.63 KB, 743x743, CD41FEEF-D001-4661-A96B-D04332…)

I am falling in love with my nose after years of internalized hatred and visiting a plastic surgeon I see that this is the nose of my ancestors. My nose is formed like this because my ancestors had to moisten their breath through their noses in the hot ass desert of like the Middle East or Macedonia or some shit. My nose is beautiful and striking. Yes I would look a lot softer with a button or slopy nose but I was always meant to have a strong looking face. And it’s not bad at all I’ve never had a problem getting peen or puss so why did I ever hate it so much?

No. 780923

I'm happy for you and your nose, but there's no desert in Macedonia.

No. 780926

I secretly think my friend is unattractive and I feel really bad about it

No. 780927

I can tell you're a new worlder just from this

No. 780943

fuck these other bitches who ‘know’ shit about ‘basic geography’. good for your desert dwelling macedonian ancestors, and good for you!

No. 780952

This geography nose discourse gave me the life points I needed to get out of bed and go make breakfast
Or at least I hope that's the case after I write this

No. 781029

i love shitting on americans too but this might be a case of autocorrect not minding its business

No. 781071

I keep having sex dreams about my stepdad where he pimps me out
I hate it so much

No. 781083

I love Trisha Paytas, I watch all of her videos, especially since frenemies started

No. 781097

File: 1618157469072.jpg (66.7 KB, 640x456, 4abaafdb8c6b88f86f8b5658331c56…)

i used to think i was a lesbian until i played the devil may cry games about three years ago…

No. 781106

I mean…they aren't real men, anon

No. 781107

so are exclusive waifu/husbandofags asexual then? just wondering

No. 781111

I'm not sure but defining your sexuality based on fictional characters seems kind of flawed. How would that work, would you fuck someone cosplaying as the brothers?

No. 781115

Not sure… I'll have to say I've had pretty… vivid fantasies involving certain fictional (animated) men. Even those that I know I would be definitely running away from if they were real. Not to mention some of them are rendered realistically enough and even modeled after real people in more recent games, even though their real life face models do virtually nothing for me.

No. 781116

>would you fuck someone cosplaying as the brothers
asking the real questions here.

No. 781122

File: 1618159120255.jpg (107.93 KB, 614x900, 1531569452245.jpg)

I don't want to start a husbando war but
Dante > Vergil

No. 781124

they're both hotties, anon

No. 781133

I kinda want sex but I don't want to kiss a guy, to talk to him, or to have to face him during the act. Also don't want to put any part of him in my mouth or near my face. Mid-covid I could probably pass all that off as having safety concerns but that's just how I am in general.

No. 781138

I missing my brother recently, he's not dead or anything, he's living in another country and he seems to have plans on living their, he was a really positive impact on my life and maybe my first real friend

I wanna talk to him but I don't wanna come off annoy him to much

No. 781140

masturbation doesnt do it for you? or if youre needing human contact, a woman isnt it? or if youre trusting of a guy enough tell him what you dont want.

No. 781142

i have read so much dmc smut it should be illegal

No. 781166

I'm part of a discord that I half hatefollow, a good chunk of the userbase are whiny snowflakes who claim to be older than me; parents, married, etc, but they all act like a bunch of easily triggered pussies, which makes me wonder how they can do anything by themselves, let alone have children or husbands.

No. 781183

Whenever there are scenes in movies, shows, comics or whatever other media I might be consuming at the moment, where there are a group of people/friends standing up for someone I always get really bitter for a really long time. One of the reasons being that no one was there for me even when I reached out for help when I was in an abusive relationship nor when I had attempted suicide. I had to struggle on my own and get out on my own. So seeing those fantasy scenes really irks me and pisses me off.

No. 781203

in the past i spent 4 years not talking to my brother a lot and it was surprisingly easy to reconnect and fall into a groove! it's not so difficult when it comes to family (unless there's obvious issues, but i don't think that's the case with you)
don't worry about annoying him anon! i'm sure he would love to hear from you more often too

No. 781214

they were probably secretly banned

No. 781217

narcs gather to find others crowdsourcing their pain and multiple wrong doings that are totally not their fault?

No. 781228

i wasnt lol

No. 781236

thanks anon. we still do talk, we talked for about like an hour 2 weeks ago, I still do have this childish and really selfish wish that if he directly part of my life

No. 781251

File: 1618170173011.jpg (45.7 KB, 600x450, c0324c644df884d971486668f3035f…)

I fucking hate the movie friends with benefits with mila kunis and justin timberlake with a burning passion because it glamorized the whole fwb and cool girl pick me thing. Fuck this shit.

No. 781252

that was all movies in the 90s and 00s we are all sorry

No. 781254

i knew i hated this stupid movie as a tween for a reason. then again I really hated sex for some reason

No. 781259

This movie was with Timberlake? I never really watched it (just had it running in the background when it was on TV) but all this time I thought she did it with her husband lmao

No. 781272

Fuckin exactly. People idealizing the 2000's are always cringe. I hope to god they are all just zoomers who barely had formed brain cells during that time. Media was constant with the MPDG NLOG shit from indie to mainstream.

No. 781275

I sometimes like copy and paste replies from the non-english threads into google translate to read what they're talking about even though it doesn't make sense translated sometimes

No. 781279

kinda related but I watched this movie when I was younger in the hotel lobby area with bad wifi when I was on holiday as I got sunburnt badly and had to stay inside for the day, that's what this movie reminds me of

No. 781284

You need help

No. 781286

I mean didn't it end with them starting to date officially, so pretty much defeating the message that fwbs are sustainable? But I do hate how the "cool girlness" is portrayed

No. 781301

I have the worlds ugliest pussy.

No. 781306

No pussies are ugly nonny

No. 781316

I can't stop watching these trashy tik tok cringe compilations. It's a fucking train wreck circus on that app and I can't look away.

No. 781370

My nephew is my son now

No. 781373

No. 781410

i keep having sex dreams about my ex. we broke up two years ago and we only dated for a year and for the last half of it i dont even think i was that in love with him. last night this last sex dream was super intense. we had very passionate sex where we both cried, he held me, told me he loved me and how he we were going to get married and i told him how he was my soulmate. i woke up feeling so odd. these dreams always bring up such weird feelings for me. like i never even felt nearly that intensely for him in real life, why is my subconscious doing this. whats even worse is that im dating someone now and i feel so guilty like im having an emotional affair even though its just dreams and the feeling of wanting my ex back goes away after like ten minutes of waking up.

No. 781413

I’m developing maternal feelings towards him

No. 781423

thats nice anonita

No. 781523

i live in a third world country, in a shit area with no tourism. i know i will never go to Europe or meet someone from Europe in my entire life. "Dream big" but also don't live in delusion considering the shitty ass place you live and your niche skills… Anyways. Scrotes i dont know add me on facebook all the time and i delete them because fuck scrotes. Sometimes i do have a lot of friends in common and i delete them anyways cause fuck scrotes. I only add people and not the other way around because fuck scrotes… But today, a Brit scrote added me. i cant excuse myself, i cant. i thought he was cute cause he has European features and i dont see them very often, let alone so many of them in one person. i knew what was up but added him anyway, cause i just im sorry i thought he was very cute and yes my standars are very low considering people here even me are ugly as shit. he sent me a voice message and i was so excited i forwarded it to friends. his accent was so thick i didnt even understand a lot of what he said at first and just heard mumbling. he obviously asked for nudes after like an hour. i thought. is this worth it? to leave my dignity behind for a scrote cause he has pretty eyes and speaks in an accent? i fought it at first. but i couldnt help myself. so i sent nudes to a complete stranger i had known for less than two hours ONLY cause he was European and for no other reason. hes barely average good looking, yet i showed him nudes just cause he's brit…

No. 781692

File: 1618229787385.jpeg (992.17 KB, 1367x760, 9C353B6E-5B71-4CA4-9D6D-201AD8…)

I feel maternal feelings towards Apu. Not Pepe. Just Apu. I think he's cute and I want to protect this sad little retard frog.

No. 781701

File: 1618230764304.jpg (66.07 KB, 818x864, EolDWStXcAU7aH6.jpg)

I do too anon! Pepe is ugly as sin and I care not for him, but I something about Apu makes me want to protect him.

No. 781703

I am thinking every day about suicide. I think the apathy and bad thoughts started when I was twelve.
I am now 23. Sometimes when I go outside I just think: "What if I lay down on the street maybe someone will run me over and I don't have to do all of this dumb shit anymore" or "What if I just jump out of the window". It just happens casually like that.

No. 781710

File: 1618231621780.jpg (77.78 KB, 1080x764, EcBsu0CXgAIU0FX.jpg)

can someone please make an Apu thread? I just want to scroll through images of what goes on in his life

No. 781791


Same. The thought of not wanting to live anymore has been there for many years, never went away.

No. 781946

File: 1618245281371.png (123.68 KB, 498x286, 1612279485653.png)

I'm okay with this. I have some cute pics saved. I only hate on them because male posters use them.

No. 781947

File: 1618245645957.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.26 MB, 432x498, tenor.gif)

No. 781989

File: 1618248150949.gif (1.08 MB, 220x224, tenor.gif)

what the fuck anon, thats so messed up

No. 782031

I got aroused watching The Human Centipede

No. 782058

I wish magic was real

No. 782067

If anyone remembers me as the anon who turned a guy with sex anxiety into a footfag, curing his erectional ills, he just sent me a screenshot of a pic of my feet on the beach as his background on his phone. Lmao.

No. 782071

monetise this anon

No. 782086

File: 1618253285714.jpg (78.45 KB, 650x478, ahhhhhh.jpg)

I wont respond to a redditors questions on the basis of their post history. I know this is some "Looked though your post history and Y I K E S" shit, but I cannot in god faith help a guy out who's most active subreddit is /r/femboyfitness or /r/incelswithouthate.
They do it to themselves too. They never post what they want me to critique, but instead say "Go find it in my post history". Never do they mention doing that requires going through 7 furry subreddits

No. 782089

File: 1618253344697.gif (424.2 KB, 498x498, tenor (1).gif)


No. 782093

Give them terrible advice

No. 782098

No thank u I’m a swerf!! (Just kidding, I can see why selling feet pics would be the easiest/lowest risk of all sex work but I can’t imagine a random guy just jerking it to my feet like it’s just sad! irl I love it though when a guy touches my feet during sex though cause I like mine being found attractive when a lot of people have a physical aversion/repulsiveness to feet even outside of a sexual context. When a guy puts my foot in his mouth during sex like I’m not /just/ a pair of feet to him cause I’m also like, his gf, the way that sending foot pics to a random would be)

No. 782122

I've never really cared about height. I don't mind dating men my own height(5"9) but I'm gonna start dating taller men. I want to be able to wear high heels without having to deal with their insecurities. I went out with a guy last year who was 6"4(and slightly overweight) and it was a completely different experience. He made me feel small and feminine and I liked it. I'M DONE WITH MANLETS and I'm gonna be picky af from now on. Men don't care about women so I'm gonna stop caring about them.
>confession because I'm ashamed of being a stereotype

No. 782179

what's basically my sleep paralysis demon takes the form of something I find disgustingly sexy irl and I hate how it's been incorporated into my literal fucking nightmares

those mesmerizing, bleary, dead looking eyes strand themselves in my brain

No. 782187

I have more regrets in life than things I don't regret.

No. 782234

I got a tattoo over my self harm scars not because I'm ashamed of them but because people now treat me like a recovered psycho, a poor tortured soul instead of an actively crazy bitch.

No. 782281

I have one scar on my body from a mole removal years ago. I feel like my artist went out of her way to have my tatts stop next to that lil white bit of scar tissue and not be on top of it. So I just assumed scar tissue must not tattoo well. Do they actually take to scars ok?

No. 782282

am curious as well, because I wouldn't mind getting a small tattoo over a larger self harm scar, but it's only about a year and a half healed.

No. 782288

Sometimes I get salty as fuck when my friend is suddently an expert on something I exposed them to. Like bitch I MADE YOU. It's rude as fuck and sounds narc so I'll never tell them directly but I'm thinking it. Hack.

No. 782289

I have this habit of laying in bed in the evening, deciding I want to get myself off, doing clit stuff till I finish and then being so lazy afterwards that hours will pass by with me just laying there browsing the internet.. Mildly aware that I need to go dry myself off eventually.

When I do penetrative stuff I jump up straight afterwards and go clean up myself and the toy so I do have some standards

No. 782291

Ayrt, it depends on a lot of factors. Like is the scar raised or dented, how deep, how old etc. It also depends on the artist. Some just aren't experienced at it. I got traditional so it's all thick black and it stuck well.
Mine were completely healed, around 5-4 years old. The advice on this varies a lot, my artist said 3 years minimum but I know some work on even year old scars.

No. 782293

Thank you! freshest ones are a few months so it likely wouldn't work. The main i want to cover is going to be two years old mid-year, but it was a fairly deep cut that required multiple stitches, that's why I'm not sure I'd want to risk it.

No. 782305

File: 1618268953399.jpeg (52.48 KB, 350x522, 72B9D808-681A-4448-B90E-062627…)

Tbh there’s nothing comfier than lazily flicking the bean and fantasizing until you doze off, don’t even bother finishing half the time tbh. I hate to say it but I understand why scrotes fall asleep with their hand in their boxers

No. 782307

Lmaoo I do the same all the time. Comfiest sleeps

No. 782333

i'm buzzed off white wine and alone for the first time in like a year and all my repressed lesbian tendencies are uncontrollably bubbling to the surface. i have a nice bf but i just want to suck on some boobies so badly it physically hurts. i wanna make out with girls forever and i cant and i want to die

No. 782367

I wish I could wrap my tiny brain around how the hell dnd works so I can be a DM. I love the idea of making worlds and stories but I don't understand all of the nuances and the rules

No. 782369

Just cheat lol make sure your new lover knows what’s up tho
The best way to learn is to play anon

No. 782371

There are easier systems than DnD, and also you can simplify the rules for your campaign if you wish to! It's easy to get once you participate in a few rpg sessions as a player.

No. 782380

File: 1618274440317.jpeg (150.96 KB, 1080x1080, F391A273-1F7A-4915-9F3D-237C62…)

I really want to play DnD just so I can own a pretty dice set without being told that I’m a filthy casual or something like that. I would definitely have matching dice sets with my bff.

No. 782391

I hate unicorns very much.
I don't understand why it considered so magical???? It's very ugly and creepy like who thinks of a flying horse with a horn. And what makes me even more bothered is the association of it with femininity. Ewwwwwww

No. 782392

what if i hurt my bfs feels really bad though like hes the only guy i've dated thats not addicted to anything or exclusively thinks with his dick. the sex is horrible but we were both(TMI trigger idfk sorry) messed with as kids so i don't mind idk i want to kiss a girl so bad but the idea of guilt coming from cheating stops me and i don't wanna breakup bcus if im like "IM GAY" and then later on i date a man he may rightfully hate me. i hate men (except for him) but sometimes if they have big dicks its worth it? sorry im reatarded i hope this makes sense probably not though. what if he or one of his friends finds my tinder while im looking for a girl to kiss. what then

No. 782395

File: 1618275702032.jpg (376.17 KB, 1000x925, IMG_20210312_174458.jpg)

I actually made a similar post these days, with picrel
I'd love to have the first and second sets!
But you don't need to play DnD, you could obviously play other tabletop RPGs (I don't like high fantasy so I prefer stuff like Call of Cthulhu), use for games that require one or two 6 sided dice and even some "choose your adventure" type of game/fanfic that use die to randomize your fate (someone posted something like that on that man thread on the media board if you want to check out what I am talking about)

No. 782397

holy shit you are so fuciking pathetic kill yourseld what the fuck is wrong with you retard

No. 782399


No. 782400

>that man thread
kek, so it's what we call it now? s

No. 782402

nta but jesus anon, calm down, let the girl appreciate the aesthetics of freaking dices, who cares?
Go release your frustration on the infighting thread or something.

No. 782403

I suspect they're trying to get permabanned in a suicide by cop sort of way. That, or they're just off the goop rn.

No. 782406

These are adorable, dnd is fun but its hard to find groups without weird moids who try to rp sex and graphic killing 24/7

No. 782408

Awesome! I will check it out, I think my bff will love it as well because we’ve been trying to get into those things for a while.

No. 782410

I try to lay low

>Go release your frustration on the infighting thread or something.
That thread is unfortunately gone. She lived fast and died young, and won't be forgotten

No. 782411

Then shut the fuck up or go to Twitter.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 782417

I like the sound my puss puss makes when it's slightly open and I jiggle with it. It's like a click click sound. It's hilarious.

No. 782418

You can say it’s a catfish. But definitely don’t do it if the guilt is gonna unravel you anon. I can’t relate how you deal with trauma but if you feel like your bf is the only one who can provide you with deep understanding of trauma and you’re genuinely okay with bad sex and repressing indefinitely then i guess it’s not worth it to cheat. I hope you can find a way to heal and be fulfilled.

No. 782419

>that man thread
What's the man thread? Is it that one guy?

No. 782424

I know nonnie, I was just kidding. It's funny how we have to avoid saying those two blessed words to not get banned. The literal photoshop from a week back was hilarious!

No. 782437


What photoshop? Please post it on the shitpost thread

Report back when you do! There's actually so many varieties of tapletop RPGs, is just that DnD and other high fantasy ones are the most popular.
Cyberpunk ones were a bit on the rise again since it came back, and there are also a few zombie ones that are fun
The only downside is that playing with only 2 players is kinda boring imo because there's only one playable character and the one that gets to be GM is basically a God/NPC.
Anyway, good luck nonnie!

No. 782438

If you do feel like you might actually end up having sex with or kissing someone else, then it's best to just leave him before that happens anon. Don't cheat on him. I hope some day you are able to find a woman (or man?) who can completely satisfy you and can also understand the pain you have been through
>i don't wanna breakup bcus if im like "IM GAY" and then later on i date a man he may rightfully hate me
If you breakup, you wouldn't owe anything to him as his ex. It wouldn't be any of his business who you date after him, regardless of what reason you give for a breakup.

No. 782480

File: 1618281595684.png (630.61 KB, 588x661, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…)

I love my boyfriend so fucking much, I love him so fucking violently, I feel aggression when I look at him
When I squeeze his arms and put my hands on his face, I want to bite him so badly it's all I can do to stop myself
I shake when I'm around him, and not form anxiety or nervousness or anything like that, it's like the energy inside my body is too much to be contained, I want to attack him, I just fucking love him so much, I want to bite him
Sometimes he's said that I look at him in a way that's almost scary, but he smiles when he says it
I just fucking love him so fucking much, I've spent 11 years with him and I have never stopped wanting to maul him, I can still feel all the blood rush to my head when I see him walk in the door, I just fucking love him so much
I'm kind of scared that some day I may kill him because I just can't stand it, and in some way that I know doesn't make logical sense, but means something much further down in my monkey-brain, I just fucking want to have him with me forever in different deeper way
He's everything I want out of the world

No. 782490

I'm having an anxiety attack, I'm angry, I want to punch some things.

Fuck everyone.

No. 782492

you wanna vore him?

No. 782495

No, I just want to bite him and bite him, like when I dog gets a hold of something and won't let go

No. 782552

Aw that's pretty kawaii yanderefag. Kill him if he doesn't love you the way you deserve queen.

No. 782570

Have you ever had a one night stand on your best friends wedding with her fuckbuddy outside of a bar? Just me? No?

Yeah definitely my biggest whore moment. Also the last person I’ve slept with. Fucking end me bro.

No. 782588

99% of the time I admire a woman for how she carries herself and how I see her interact with the world it turns out she's a lesbian. It actually helped me stop caring about male validation and my late 20s/early 30s have been much more enjoyable.

No. 782600

That's not allowed? Sometimes I finish then like go to work or meet with friends without washing after. I don't get very wet at all though. I used to believe from reading Cosmo that post-orgasmic women were the most beautiful, so I used to come before going out, but I stayed ugly throughout. Then I started thinking maybe the pheromones hang around after. Anyway yikes didn't know I was supposed to wash after thanks for (indirectly) letting me know

No. 782616

File: 1618298273554.png (18.43 KB, 603x450, file10.png)

When I feel sad, alone, depressed, unloved, and lead on, I watch or read yaoi. I never read or watch shojo manga cause it sucks. Anyone does this too? I feel like I lack love in my life.

No. 782626

Whenever I'm on a lesbian relationship I end up feeling like I am the man. Like I have to act like the guy. I feel like everyone is too fragile or too masculine. I want a girl that treats me like I'm a girl, I'm not even a butch. I just actively seek girls but being active = being the guy in their minds. I'm so tired. I want a good girlfriend. I don't want a male (I'm also attracted to those unfortunately) and I don't want to be the male. I want a girlfriend.

No. 782643

I haven't read that much yaoi, but I agree that romance shojo mostly sucks. I don't really get whose fantasy fulfillment it is. I ususally just end up rewatching some old favorite whenever I feel down for the nostalgia hit.

No. 782645

I found lc through an ex years ago. I had been watching a youtuber who was this mix of a munchie and abdl-er and when he saw me hate watching her vids he mentioned LC.

Annoyingly the girl actually ended up deleting her whole youtube channel because my ex then contacted her and only told me afterwards. He apparently mocked her and said her bf secretly hated supporting an illness faking child (I didn't see the message but some stuff like that) but he got the bfs name wrong in the message and incidentally the name he used happened to be the name of an ex of hers. She tweeted the next day about 'people from her past harassing her again' I guess there was an unknown back story of her running away from certain people in her past so she reacted strongly to it. It was pure coincidence that the tard had messed up and quoted that name out of all the wrong names he could've used. She deleted most traces of herself in the following weeks. My first cow and he had jumped in and ruined it.

Our relationship eventually went to shit, he drank alot, raged alot and the cherry on top was when he cheated. I moved away and started using ot and g more cause I'd no friends in my new city and I had plenty to vent about lol. I have moments where I'm paranoid that he might come on here still. Every now and then I feel like I'm reading my own life story get posted by someone else. I do think it's just paranoia though. Enough time has passed that it'd be weird for him to care enough to play games like that. Still wish I'd found here on my own.

No. 782689

Looksmaxing movement might have been started by incels, but as long as it forces scrotes to take care of themselves I will support it.

No. 782695

I grew up hating men who take care of their own appearance and in turn want very well presented women… then I realized that many men out there who look like shit often preach the same high standards (except it's a one way street where only the woman makes an effort) and now I feel stupid for hating on those vain men so much. They're not the worst. At least there's some give and take there.

People need to just date within their own league.

No. 782721

I fucked up big time and it stressed me out so much I forgot my own SSN for like 2 minutes

No. 782726

you're supposed to have that memorized?

No. 782729

yea, where I'm from it's birthday + 4 digits

No. 782766

I always come here to post my sinful dreams but at least they're usually sinful and hot or funny, this one was just uncomfortable.
I had a dream that I was in 4th grade of elementary and that I had sex with my boyfriend at his current age, and also he was a junkie
living on the top of my building, what the fuck.

I'm so disgusted by my brain right now.

No. 782769

The subconscious is weird, don’t worry, nonnie, I hope you can forget everything about that shitty dream.

No. 782773

I don't have mine memorized and i always look so retarded every time i go to the doctor or pick up prescription meds

No. 782779

True, usually I just have a laugh and move on but this one made me so disturbed kek
At least in the same dream I went into a thrift shop and found a cute utena graphic shirt, I guess

No. 782782

I read shoujo when its spicy and over the top lol

No. 782804

File: 1618326451162.jpg (141.34 KB, 866x1390, blonde-woman-sitting-alone-on-…)

I used to only have to masturbate like 2 times a month, but in the last few months, I've been crushing on this fictional character whose personality and appearance I've fallen in love with, and for the first time in my stupid life I'm insatiably horny.

I feel like I've been cursed by some sort of nympho sex demon. At first it was fun but now I'm really suffering. All day, every day, no matter what I'm doing, I'm horny about this dude. I have to stop studying to msturbate. I stay up way too late because I can't stop msturbating!!! And the worst part is, after I finish I'm only satiated for like half an hour & then I'm right back into cat-in-heat mode. Nothing helps and I feel like a fool, complete with that stupid hat with the jingly bells.

I'm committed to staying celibate for political reasons but holy fucking shit I think this is my animal brain telling me to go out and fuck. Until now I was convinced I could deal with it by myself but these fucking mating instincts are strong as hell. Life is suffering.

No. 782809

mentioned itt earlier that my sleep paralysis demon was weirdly based off something I found ugly-hot. last night I dreamt I fucked him. and I oop. I hate dreams

No. 782873

I've been with my boyfriend for a long time and I never let him eat me out because I'm too self-conscious. He still always asks so last night I let him and he was so hard after. The hottest thing though was the fact he came like 2 seconds after I touched his dick because he enjoyed going down on me so much. Idk where to put this but I feel bad for depriving the poor man.

No. 782879

Feel bad for depriving yourself and enjoy

No. 782887

Just dropped $200 on a goddamn anime figure. Im a NEET so that's 2 months worth of passive income for me.
I deserve to be shot kek

No. 782895

I'm wfh and can't stop getting off during the workday and I honestly hate it, I'm so fucking dopamine deprived
>I'm committed to staying celibate for political reasons
I don't even want to know hahaha
There you fuckin go. Learn to cum for him, and you'll drive him nuts. Real ego boost for him :)
Break up or don't. What do you want, a relationship or always stimulating sex? Both require work. If you think cheating will hurt him, wait until you realize what it'll do to you. If he's extraordinarily good, you can talk to him about your feelings rather than act on them.

No. 782915

i id as lesbian but i feel like i'm actually bisexual. i mean i just think i get off to bl/yaoi too much to totally say i'm "gay"

No. 782921

My ex use to neg me about pussy eating (she squirted in my mouth and it was probably piss! Most vaginas are ugly and gross and covered in bumps are too hairy with beef curtains, etc). I would never let him eat me out because if he's that picky towards other women's pussies what is he gonna say about me?

Apparently he was missing out because I tasted my own cooch off my boyfriends mouth and it tastes AMAZING. Like white chocolate covered honey lollipops. On top of that my cooch is attractive to porn standards anyway so fuck him lol

No. 782927

Second part is giving me scrote vibes ngl

No. 782931


No. 782935

Sure anon, your pussy totally tastes like white chocolate lollipops and you were totally able to taste it off of your boyfriend's mouth. Oh and you have the porn pussy of course.

No. 782950

>white chocolate covered honey lollipops
this post reads like a shitty fanfic kek

No. 782955

Women apparently can't like the taste or look of their own vaginas now

No. 782965

They can, but c'mon now.
Yes, my pussy taste like cherry cola too

No. 782972

How old are you? Did you not realize vaginas can vary in taste? sure having sweet tasting vaginas can seem unreal or even weird but that doesn't mean it's impossible

No. 782982

>honey lollipops
Please go to the doctor asap anon, a sweet tasting vag might be an early sign of diabetes

No. 782988

File: 1618344443078.gif (Spoiler Image, 26.26 KB, 320x180, E9A1325D-554A-403A-A2EA-5B7D37…)

I’m usually the most lame vanilla girl ever but this scene was really hot.

No. 783013

Lol you got me there I already have a laundry list of health issues but all of them are taken care of pretty well. Probably has something to do with it because I do have diabetes

No. 783043

I secretly judge everyone who drinks.

No. 783051

Me too and I'm the biggest drinker I know kek

No. 783070

anon did you even read the link you posted
>a third armpit
>watery sauerkraut
>milk and coins
>a sweat-covered barbell
>white chocolate covered honey lollipops
bitch one of these things is not like the others

No. 783099

I kinda feel ya there nonners. I don't usually masturbate often but this past month I've been insatiably horny for a manga character to the point where i spent nearly all my free time looking up smut fics for him on tumblr and fantasizing about him to the point where I was zoning out kek. I think it had something to do with the birth control meds I was put on for that month because once I stopped taking them I started coming back to my senses. Wishing you the best.

No. 783112

fuck yes, someone other than me wants to say this

No. 783121

Not being influenced by other people because of lockdown and isolation is making me realise what kind of person I want to be

No. 783122

I'm finally spending less time on this site after constant use for almost a year. I sincerely miss you bitches but my mental health is already improving. Maybe one day I will not be totally dysfunctional.

No. 783124

thank you for the response anon I feel heartened to know I am not alone in this suffering. I really feel you about zoning out lmfao, that's my biggest problem. Also i have never seen people write smut fics on tumblr and I've been on there for 8 years kek, so it must be a pretty popular character/series

No. 783127

milk and coins might be the best description I've come across lol

No. 783128

I masturbate to urban dictionary definitions as a substitute for porn

No. 783137

I was exchanging last year and I met this girl who was supposed to exchange in my country and she kept contacting me and I was ready always to help her. I found now by chance that she's in my country but never said so. And I'm just here thinking why lol

No. 783143

As a military brat I moved a lot when I was young, every two or three years, and I'll never forgive my dad for that, it was probably the biggest factor into turning me into a solitary weirdo. I have zero childhood friend and no place I can call my hometown, and I'm sure my tendency to ghost friends every three years when I get bored of them is a direct consequence of that.
Also I'll never forgive my parents for making me skip a grade, the school apparently put a lot of pressure to make me do it, but they should have insisted. Worst thing is that I skipped my grade during the middle of the school year, couldn't they have just waited for the year to end to do that? Way to fuck me for years to come, bravo.

Out of curiosity, who is it?

No. 783145

No. 783178

File: 1618360018433.png (Spoiler Image, 512.08 KB, 630x900, tksm.png)

i'm accepting no criticism at this time

No. 783180

A few months before the pandemic I went out to a club to celebrate my best friend's birthday. I rarely, almost never, go out, because I have low self-esteem, but ofc I had my mind on being there for her and having a good time.
Then at one point I'm just walking inside, in the middle of all the people, trying to get to my a friend and I stumbled into a guy, we look back at each other and I see him patting his friend's back to get his attention (doesn't break eye contact) and starts pointing at my face. He was making fun of me, laughing with his friend and talking directly to me (as if I wanted to listen to that) comparing my face with an specific object. It was so surreal, I just acted like I didn't listen and continued my night.
The club had a problem with the lights and everyone came together to a bar that was close. I'm there with my friends but for one second I'm walking alone and stumbled across this scrote again, he "recognizes" me and starts making fun of me again. One of my friends catches up with me in that exact moment and heard him, she defended me and we just walked away.
We never talked about it, the rest of the group doesn't know, it's like some sort of secret between us and mine. Seriously what makes people (men) that they can freely talk about other people's appearance. I mean I do know..

No. 783195

File: 1618362491964.jpg (20.09 KB, 643x517, 1540760550044.jpg)

>total fucking loser
>type 1 diabetes, kidneys going bad, feet going numb, projectile vomitting multiple times daily possibly from diabetic neuropathy (haven't gotten an endoscopy yet), thyroid getting nodules, ovaries getting cysts, all from the fucking diabetes
>ptsd, bipolar, depression, anxiety all from the diabetes
>dropped out of high school to get a job to help my family
>and this is my reward
>get fired because I'm only trained to work in kitchens and you can't work with food puking all the time
>give the fuck up
>apply for disability
>try for year and a half to get a therapist that takes state insurance
>no one does
>disability takes literal years to get if they even take you
>attempt suicide
>fucking purse strap fucking breaks
>go to doctor next day for normal pre-scheduled diabetes shit
>wore turtle neck to hide mark
>doctor wants to see my neck to feel my thyroid
>shit fuck
>doc sees mark, knows why it's there
>says she's calling 911 and I can either go voluntarily where they can only keep me for up to a week, or involuntarily and they can keep me over a month
>go voluntarily
>they take my insulin pump
>will only give me two fucking shots of insulin daily
>be begging for insulin for days
>go into DKA (dying)
>still begging for insulin, telling all of the nurses what to do if they find me seizing or in a coma
>keep getting told to just go back to bed
>get phone time
>call my doctor who sent me here tell her they're refusing me insulin
>doctor says this isn't an uncommon way for type ones to die in hospitals
>she calls and demands they send me to the ER and get me on IV fluids, obviously including insulin, and give me a ketone test
>in order to not admit that it happened on their watch, instead they just discharge me early
>sit outside with no shoes and clothes from the lost and found because all of my belongings were lost waiting for my mom to pick me up
>go home
>still the same piece of shit in the same situation as before but now with the knowledge I may be murdered by hospital staff one day
>give all the way up
>ask various elderly family members if I can just stay with them and do their dishes and laundry
>actually all of them say yes
>buy some game consoles I wanted since high school
>buy a large rolling luggage to carry my life in
>for once in my life, actually start feeling kind of okay
>start showering more often
>start actually brushing my teeth
>stop wanting to kill myself so much
I am a loser piece of shit wandering vagrant mooching off the family I love most, but I am finally living easier.
Is it okay? I don't know. I'm finally as close to happy as I've ever been
All I ever wanted was to be with my family, I have lost so much time with them, and then to find out out, everyone wanted to see me all along and they don't even want anything from me at all, as if I'm not even a burden to be there.
My life has been such an utter burden to everyone involved, my parents were destroyed by the debt my illness caused, and I have always felt the pain I caused them.
To get away from all of this, to leave all of the evil in the medical ties behind, at least for most of the month, it's such a relief.
To just be somewhere quiet and watch wheel of fortune with people who love me, and I'm such a bad person, but I feel so much better now.
I feel guilty for feeling better, I don't deserve it, but I don't want to go back and I don't think I will.

No. 783228

File: 1618366820494.jpeg (272.04 KB, 1080x1072, 4349043A-CE1C-4A49-BEAE-2AC337…)

I can only say that you deserve to have good things in your life, anon, you’ve been doing your best and that’s what counts after all.

No. 783235

i've never told anybody, but when i was 10 or 11 my much older brother and his then girlfriend (now ex wife) told me one day to never date a black dude when i grow up. ironically my brother is now married to a black jamaican immigrant, but i guess race doesn't matter when her salary is x5 more than yours i guess? they are both extreme trump loving republicans too it's so fucking weird lol.
also my openly racist republican dad has had an affair with 2 different women in the carribbean and i have at least 2 younger half black siblings i have never met or even know anything about other than they just exist and that he sends them money a few times a year. only my mom is suppose to know that, but i found out from accidentally overhearing things (and then later snooping to confirm whether it's true).

republicans are truly fucking insane.

No. 783255

Nta but you didn't either apparently because several other ones said sweet stuff as well as one describing literal honey, why are y'all so hurt that sweet tasting vaginas exist?

No. 783318

I don't understand the whole anorectal violence thing. I keep seeing it referenced and I don't know what it's about. I feel like I'm missing out on something

No. 783319

File: 1618382199202.gif (19.73 KB, 434x32, anal avengers assemble.gif)

A scrote was posting a bunch of threads about the dangers of anal sex for a month or two. Most of his threads were deleted by mods, but you can probably still find some in the catalog if you ctrl + f "violence". Also, look in the funny caps thread for more Anorectal Violence stuff

No. 783326

It’s Anorectal violence
Anorectal violence
Anorectal violence
I can feel the trauma trauma
The girthy insertion in my anus
I can hear the fallacies fallacies
The CIA shill that, anorectalviolence

No. 783340

when I was younger, I was super horny and would read erotic fan fictions on deviantart. I was super clueless about what stuff was, and when I read the word “pussy”, my brain just assumed it was a slang term for boob. For a good amount of time, I thought one of my boobs would open up to accept a dick when the time came.

No. 783354

kek same, id been away from lc for a few months and i was confused to say the least.

No. 783360

I'm not wearing any underwear.

No. 783394

File: 1618394730606.gif (997.58 KB, 500x375, tallulah-bankhead.gif)

I've never turned off adblock on youtube, even when watching the channels I like

No. 783411

You are truly an agent of chaos

No. 783415

I havent wore underwear in almost 5 years, join the commando club anon

No. 783428

Same, if the fuckers wanna make a living out of it they better rely on something else.

No. 783442

Realizing my mask kink may be because I fucking hate men and looking at their faces disgusts me. But a mask and a suit is A+

No. 783451

there's a transwoman who is friends with a friend of mine so sometimes I see him as part of a group. He's alright actually, not overly sexual or uncomfortable, but very obviously a 6ft+ bulky balding man. Whenever I'm in that group, I like to compliment the other girls on small things like their hair or outfit, and I can see his disappointment, especially when he has obviously made a (bad) effort. It's petty as fuck but I enjoy that I can get away with it because what can he say about it? Nuffin

No. 783454

Looking at "selfshipper" blogs on tumblr where people ship themselves with characters I like makes me really jealous and angry and i feel like an autist

No. 783455

make your own

No. 783458


No. 783460

I'm forced to see ads on my mobile because I'm too lazy to look for an adblocked youtube player app, but after that I reload the video so I cuck all their other ad placements. Like holy shit, some people put 4-5 ads on a 17 minute video, even television is kinder than that.

No. 783492

When I'm changing the weights on my dumbells I like to spin the collars off as fast as I can and pretend I'm a pit stop crew changing tires

No. 783515

Absolutely based. Give him the full “female” experience of being ugly and excluded.

No. 783518

Kek same. They can beg their simps on patreon for money.

No. 783547

For some reason I feel bitter about having a boring life even though I know it's not. I've travelled, done drugs, sold drugs, did random hookups, etc.

I think part of the reason I feel like my life is boring is because I haven't had a stable friend group since high school that would hype up all the random shit that everyone would do. Like I've done random shit but no one cares.

idk how to stop feeling this way because I just feel so dismissive about other people's problems because I feel like they have had so much more interesting and fulfilled lives than I do.

No. 783566

Are you me anon? Anything that covers the face just does it for me.

No. 783592

Lol me too, everyone says it's because "ooh the mystery I want to know what he looks like underneath" but I do not, why ruin it, I wish they would never ever take the mask off because whatever is underneath will be worse

No. 783627

lol agreed

No. 783632

it really fucks with me when women who have really nice natural boobs troon out and get top surgery. bad genetics gave me pretty unattractive breasts with asymmetry and i also dont like my nipples because they're puffy but im just kind of stuck with it. it triggers me to see boobs i wish i was born with being lopped off because of a trend.

i prefer smaller boobs because of my frame and how i like to dress so i typically wear bras that make my chest look flatter… i wont lie, i often have the urge to pretend i'm genderfluid or whatever to crowdfund a breast reduction/fix my boobs kek

No. 783633

I think partly the reason that those women troon out is precisely because everyone makes them feel as if their entire value is their boobs. I know I get that a lot and I hate it. I wear a chest binder but I do wish I could just cut them off.

No. 783639

Women with nice small boobs are often stripped of their femininity and if they're abused by someone in their life their boobs are often the first thing people look for when they want to abuse women about their looks, so a lot of them either give up and chop them off to shut everyone up or they get XXL breast implants

No. 783650

AI generated post?

No. 783678

My boyfriend has a good friend who I always thought was gay for him. My boyfriend didn't want to believe me. His friend just came out and confessed his love and I get to be smug about it.

I love being right. Sucks for his friend and especially his girlfriend tho.

No. 783693

Lately I get depressed because I have a really fancy unique full name which I will never do justice. First name is kinda bland but altogether my name would fit perfectly on a wikipedia page with a signature included. It's jarring in everyday life kind of so definitely better suited for a monarch or a billionaire offspring with her own wikipedia page. Kinda makes me sad knowing that it's just wasting away.

No. 783694

It's a scrote? I thought anorectal violence anon was a woman

No. 783708

100% proven scrote. There were texts and screenshots posted elsewhere, idk where though.

No. 783713

File: 1618438944433.png (101.11 KB, 356x417, based tranny janny.png)

No, he got busted by some other scrote who saw him posting on 4chan for months or possibly years before, specifically on the /gif/ board in threads for anal sex
Was pretty disappointing, but gave us a couple of funny redtexts

No. 783756

He admitted he was a scrote

No. 783773

I keep having these fantasies about one guy that I have never met or seen before in my life! My brain made him up, he's not real. I do every thing with him I day dream about him all day 24/7.I fight with him, eat, sleep, laugh, cry, cuddle, talk and do every other possible action with him. He's just perfect. I really hope one day I find out that he's real and we get to be together. Is he lying in his bed wondering the same thing about me? Does he think I don't exist? Does he exist?

No. 783780

Anon stop thinking of a moid like this, it's pointless, they all suck and there's no hope for them in this lifetime

No. 783782

That being said, if this fantasy keeps you away from actual moids then that's good considering how much of a risk male partners are to a womans safety

No. 783792

File: 1618449699003.jpg (125.72 KB, 1200x831, s-l1600.jpg)

I consume way too much sugar because I love flavored milk
And I try to excuse it by taking a ton of vitamins

No. 783858

File: 1618460955933.gif (221.55 KB, 250x250, go1_250.gif)

Once I drew over some tranny fanart of one of my husbandos. Gave him the healthy girthy juicy penis he deserves to have. The og artist ended up finding out and sperged about it for days.
I have 0 regrets because she was a piece of shit and constantly harassed other artists.

No. 783866

that's awesome
good job

No. 783870

Absolutely based

No. 783892

I'm so obsessed with Magic: the Gathering. When I lived in Shanghai years ago for the summer, I couldn't figure out how to make friends so I would ride the subway an hour to go to the MtG store. (I mean I did party somewhat then but I spent more time on Magic) Later I worked at a board game store for a year under the table being paid in Magic cards. (Besides the owners there weren't any employees so I assumed me being female contributed to that)

Now, I am in a new town asking randos to play Magic with me and just dreaming about making a cube all day. I don't really have any good friends here so I don't feel like there are opportunities for me to drink and party like a normal person.

idk I'm not really good at Magic but I found it fun and rarely had a big deal with sexism when playing. No guy has ever tested my knowledge of Magic - in fact I've been way more likely to do the reverse. Now here's all the people who are going to call me a pickme.

No. 783938

I miss my days of playing magic nonstop after uni classes were done. Every deck I ran was a monogreen hydra monstrosity that made more than one person mald so bad they forfeited the game. I also had a disgusting Eldrazi deck that I ended up selling for a pretty penny. Have you looked if your area has an FNM or casual tournament set up? You could check on the actual WOTC site, they have an events finder:

No. 783946

File: 1618480527917.jpg (41.31 KB, 1000x630, unnamed (11).jpg)

I just read a fucked up but well written fanfic that got me disgusted at first but then turned me on in a primal way, like against my will, and now I can't stop self-inserting as a girl who fucked her outlaw uncle who turned out to be her actual father and she turned out to be a rape baby. I never thought about fucking my father or my uncle, I'm just very attracted to the character she wrote the fanfic about. Anyway, please god, heal my soul

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