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File: 1453715256112.jpg (4.05 KB, 132x160, Trump.jpg)

No. 63374

What do we think about the donald?

No. 63439

That he's going to make America even more unbearable than it already is under the pretence of "patriotism" and now the whole world is going to know and hate you for it.
I'm quite okay with that.

No. 63489

I get vicariously embarrassed for Americans whenever I see his face.
I'm so sorry you're trapped in that awful country merican anons. One day you will be free.

No. 63497

Nothing he said is particularly outrageous. He just wants America to have an immigration policy similar to Japan, China, the Gulf States etc.

He's right about tariffs, he agrees with a wealth tax, he's against foreign intervention for the sake of "demcoracy", for reapproachment with Russia etc.

No. 63520

Oh? He publicly made fun of Hillary for having to go to the bathroom, saying it's too disgusting to talk about.
You want a guy who's too immature to deal with the fact that humans piss and shit to be running a country?

No. 63521

File: 1453724561479.jpg (595.59 KB, 1440x907, martin.jpg)

Martin o'malley best candidate. Actual action plans rather than solely hot air like that bernie cuck.

Too bad because of idiocracy he'll never win.

No. 63522

I don't care what he jokes about, Hillary Clinton was Sec of State when the US actively aided and abetted the so called "Arab Spring" that created the power vacuum that is still creating chaos today.

You're everything wrong with the modern west.

"Oh, Hillary Clinton is a complete incompetent retard whose policies have led to massive regional instability and Islamist populists gaining power, but Donald Trump said something mean about her, that means he's worse."

Fucking idiot.

No. 63529

America is a sinking ship, it really doesn't matter who becomes president. Y'all gonna sink anyway

No. 63531

America still has huge leverage it could potentially use in trade negotiations because of the size of its internal market.

It just has to go back to how things were under the Monroe Doctrine. America's backyard is Latin and South America. It shouldn't involve itself in foreign affairs outside of that region.

No. 63533

I think he's ok but if he were elected as president there's no doubt that shit would hit the fan. It seems like most government figures from other countries despise or fear him.

No. 63537

Quite the opposite. Apart from wanting tariffs to attempt to rebuild some semblance of a US manufacturing base, he doesn't give two fucks about how other countries handle their shit.

No. 63539

I don't know why americunts are so excited about this yahoo and I don't care. Probably some hurrr hate white people look he's white and right wing bullshit.

No. 63553

Oh, lordy, how ironic that things turned this way, huh?

No. 63555

Your Idol is everything that's wrong with North America right now, including the retrograde political ideology and xenophobia. I hope you all burn if he ends being elected.

No. 63560

If Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton win, I will expedite my plans to move to Denmark.

Donald Trump is completely inept and ridiculous and Hillary Clinton is a lying scheming bag of cunts.

No. 63562




His economic policy is far more coherent than anything any of the other candidates have come up with:

>"Lol let's keep getting cucked by 'free trade'"

>"Lol let's spend billions sending people to college to study useless degrees."

>Move to Denmark

Please don't, they actually have some of the strictest immigration criteria in Europe, we don't need American liberal girls fucking it up.

No. 63565

>We'll build a wall!
>But how will you pay for it?
>Uhhmm we'll just force Mexico to pay or something.. Just trust me

No. 63566


I don't understand why people are so hung up on his sense of humor.

Ya, he's a crass guy. Who cares?

He can deal with the fact that she was going to the bathroom. It was just a joke.

> including the retrograde political ideology

Well if you want some newage political ideology, you can go to Canada, see how well they're faring. Just because some ideas are popular in the common culture doesn't mean they make good policies for a country to enact.

No. 63571

Where there's a will, there's a way.

By the way, no serious state on earth would accept 20,000,000 people entering their country and then say "fuck it, let's give them all citizenship anyway lel".

The latter, you know, the mainstream discourse on the issue, is far more insane than anything Trump has said. You've just been stuck in a leftist hugbox for so long you interpret that as reality. You need to travel outside of North America and Western Europe and see the world how it really is.

I assure you it isn't a place where "anti racism and LGBT" reigns supreme.

No. 63596

Trump is entertaining, but I am scared just thinking about him handling international diplomacy
This tbh

No. 63613

File: 1453750985537.jpg (25.07 KB, 332x332, trumpanime.jpg)

Everything Trump is doing is pretty much political theater, and he is not serious about anything he says. Crazy stuff comes out of his mouth whenever his polls drop, it's really quite predictable

Why is he doing that? Because he's a freaking liberal running for GOP nomination. Trump supports abortion, gun control, universal healthcare, raising capital gains taxes, and even supports gay marriage. Unlike Hillary he's a isolationist peacenik that doesn't want to start a war with Iran & mess with Russia.

Unlike the other republicans, he has no political base so he creates his own through demagoguery. I find it amusing because his GOP opponents with better conservative 'credentials' are losing to a complete outsider. The republican establishment is also pretty fucking scared because a Trump nomination will shift the GOP demographic to the left permanently, regardless if he wins (he already brought in tons of blue collar labor union folks, which traditionally goes for democrats)

No. 63619

I feel like I follow Trump like I would a cow, but he feels like the troll because everyone else has so much salt whenever he does literally anything.

No. 63629


I'm only speaking for myself here, but… if the Republicans moderated their tone on a few choice social issues and foreign policy, I'd vote for them in every election. Beyond LGBT/women's rights and not totally abolishing welfare, there's not a whole lot tying me to the dems. I imagine I'm not the only one who thinks like this. The Republicans are essentially the less bigger government party anyways.

I think the GOP is more scared of Cruz being the future of the Republican party than Trump.

No. 63631

Not American but I kinda hope Trump wins. For one, I like his immigration policies, but anyway he's just such a weird guy, all the weird shit he says, it'd be pretty funny to see what he gets up to as the POTUS

No. 63636

Trump wants to defund Planned Parenthood and he is anti-abortion, so I have no idea where you got that from. He was pro-choice, a decade ago.

source: http://www.ontheissues.org/2016/Donald_Trump_Abortion.htm

He also isn't for gun control, or healthcare. He is also and anti-vaxxer.

No. 63643

That Anon was told a big fat lie.

No. 63660

The ideological purists backs Cruz because he is seen as more 'pure' when it comes to conservative values (see latest issue of National Review w/ 22 shills), but the elected GOP congressmen who rub shoulders with him everyday all hate his guts. That's pretty telling of Cruz's personality

Donald Trump is an opportunist, no doubt about it. But I'd sooner vote for him than Hillary. Here's to hoping that Bernie can defeat the Democratic establishment

No. 63662

I love Donald.

No. 63664

I demand to see the receipt from his wig. I don't think it was manufactured in America.

No. 63666

>tfw no leftist party that isn't bogged down by SJW bullshit and doesn't push self hatred

No. 63668

He's fun to troll your liberal friends with. They don't buy it since I'm a liberal homo, but it's still fun singing his praises. Instant bait and not many of them are familiar with trolling so I'll get my 50 year old co-workers giving me the stink eye at work after an epic Trump post.

No. 63669


Yeah. IMO, the GOP doesn't know what they want the future to look like. I think the Republicans know that nationally, the Democrats are likely to win the presidency. They don't want to turn off the base. Rubio isn't a strong enough candidate. They don't want to back Trump or Cruz. They've got solid control of Congress but that's just a byproduct of them having a fantastic state and local machine. So the path forward isn't clear, giving Trump room to run.

Sad to say, but I think the Republicans have a better internal debate going on than the Dems. I don't think Bernie is gonna win. The Dems really needed a 2008 primary. They have a 2000 primary instead. I wish Hildawg hadn't run. I think once the generals start, so many skeletons are gonna come out of the closet you'd think it was Thriller.

No. 63681

I don't get why people go on about his hair, I don't think it looks that weird. Maybe it's because I'm so used to seeing it after all these years.

No. 63685

You've become immune to the straw hat he calls a hairstyle

No. 63686

Only immature 13 year old tumblrtards trash him for his hair because they've got no actual contribution to the discussion. Anyone in the real world who's genuinely into politics doesn't give a shit about how he looks.

No. 63693

Actually I'm Aussie and just don't give a fuck what happens to your train wreck of a country.

Enjoy your anti-vaxxer future emperor anon.

No. 63699

File: 1453773100316.png (338.51 KB, 1107x823, trumpfags BTFO .png)

No. 63783

Only person I'd vote for in this big shit show is Rand Paul. But like his father, he isn't ever going to win, sadly. So i'll just sit back and watch the world burn.

No. 63837

So tolerant
So progressive

No. 63839

i'm voting for bernie, even though he probably won't win

unfortunately it looks like trump has a legit shot at the nomination

No. 63845


if she's already wearing a hijab, why is she wearing a short sleeve shirt? (with no long shirt underneath) by religion, she should have both her hair covered up and her body down to her ankles and wrists. but she doesn't, she just covers up the hair, like what's the point? i don't really give a shit, but it seems like some kinda cognitive dissonance, like christians having anal sex to preserve their purity or something lol

No. 63846

Ok, I wasn't talking about you but that's great for you I guess. And what makes you think I'm in the US?

No. 63847

I've seen girls wearing a hijab and yoga pants at the same time

No. 63850

Can you explain the value in sending millions of people and spending billions to study useless degrees?

No. 63858

I'm the anon you were replying to, fucknuts.

No. 63876

File: 1453806657365.png (2.37 MB, 1432x1188, Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 5.06…)

>Not having a pissing funnel so you can effectively compete with men by writing your name in the snow

But its true, I am. God bless the chins, where else could my masturbation habbits influence politics and become national news?

>she just covers up the hair
But she didnt, have you ever seen how hairy arab grills arms get?

Who else trumphat here

No. 63877

Meant for this to be to you.

>But its true, I am. God bless the chins, where else could my masturbation habbits influence politics and become national news?

No. 63885

He makes me laugh. I'd never vote for him, obviously, but he makes me laugh and I like that to be honest.

No. 63931

File: 1453821562847.png (118.28 KB, 540x378, tumblr_nzek8sJL4q1uw1531o1_540…)

Trump won't win and Bernie won't win.

I hope there's a political snafu and the lizard people reveal themselves as our true overlords.

No. 63940


Reading that made my day. It's like this guy secretly browses /pol/.

No. 64029

I'm considering voting for him just to make people like this butthurt

No. 64090

You're a moron. I STILL wasn't talking about you. Jfc, please learn to read.

No. 64152

Holy shit you're genuinely retarded.

No. 64341

/pol/ is… surprisingly influential outside of 4chan

I see /pol/ content and memes in places I wouldn't expect.

No. 64342

>muh Planned Parenthood

christ, you'd think this was the only place in the country that provided women's health services with the stink kicked up over it

No. 64350

Fox News made a big deal about that Planned Parenthood scandal a few months ago. (Selling aborted fetuses to research institutions for profit? That was really dumb on the part of PP) There is no way any serious GOP contender can stand up and defend Planned Parenthood

Keep in mind your average democratic supporter thinks PP is synonymous with feminism with the women's health services they provide to low income people. In the other hand, your Fox News viewer pretty much thinks killing babies is the only thing Planned Parenthood does.

>Conservative leaning chink

>Support abortion since it's our only weapon against dysgenics

No. 64358

All I can say is that if Trump of elected, it will send a shockwave deep beneath the Pacific ocean and awaken Cthulhu from his dreaming in R'lyeh. I for one would welcome our new overlords.

No. 64360

I think you're too used to right-wingers going out of their way to be spineless and polite. He argues like a leftist, which is why he's so provocative and offensive to you.

No. 64361

I'm just amused that the state of America allows for him to stand a very real chance of winning. Then again, in the UK we had Nigel Garage as our own meme candidate.

I don't think he's said anything really awful and I'm enjoying the anger he incites in SJWs. Make America great again!

No. 64362

>Conservative leaning chink
>Support abortion since it's our only weapon against dysgenics

Sure, dysgeniecs. But now nobody but the worst of society bothers having any, let alone more than two kids at all. That's why the entire developed world is aging.

No. 64395

I love Trump, can't wait.

No. 64401


No. 64429

Black women on welfare make the vast majority of women who receive abortions.

I don't know about you, but less unwanted babies growing up in ghettos seems like a win to me. Outlawing abortion will make the population of poor and uneducated explode

No. 64431

They provide cancer screenings, STD tests, and birth control to a lot of people. Since most states still teach abstinence only education, it is very necessary.

But this thread is full of conservative trolls.

No. 64501

Labour is full of effete cucks and SNP don't deserve to call themselves nationalists

the Tories are as cucked as Labour is these days. "oh, let's take a hard stand on immigration and only import 200k violent third world mongrels instead of 2 million."

Labour has fucked themselves with Corbyn. they literally restricted membership before the vote because they were afraid of Conservatives registering and voting for him to fuck over Labour. turns out they didn't even need to.

No. 64553

Blah blah blah spot of tea pip pip Cheerio GTFO out of our thread, you crumpet. This thread's for talking about 'MURICA.

No. 64575

File: 1453958140574.jpg (639.87 KB, 734x950, 1453942988538.jpg)

Glory oh Glory our savory is coming.

No. 64588

Abortion is never gonna be outlawed.
Whether a candidate is pro-choice or pro-life is pretty irrelevant. I think it's gross how some women will literally vote for someone based on if they approve of scrambling babies or not.
>inb4 bundle of cells not a bb baaaw

No. 64761

Not to start a debate over this, but…

I do support abortion in most cases, but where can you draw the line? Aborting a fetus/baby 5 minutes before its expected delivery time would be considered bad by many people (excluding issues of it having a horrible defect or having a high risk of killing the mother), since it's essentially no longer a fetus. I suppose some people may genuinely think killing infants is also alright, in which case it wouldn't be a contradictory opinion to hold, but I believe most people in the West find infant killing unethical.

But in the first month, it's not even close to a baby, and so seems far more reasonable to abort.

What about the middle stage? How do you know when its brain starts to develop? When does it develop some degree of consciousness and awareness and sensation of pain or pleasure?

Most people seem to agree that before the third trimester it probably can't be considered conscious, which may turn out to be true in most cases, but it's interesting to think about. How can one objectively judge when it becomes an actual "human"?

No. 64793

That's a stupid strawman. No one is trying to get an abortion days before their due date. At that point it wouldn't even be an abortion, the fetus would have to be killed in-utero then either given birth vaginally or by c-section. At that point its a medically assisted still birth.

No. 64807

>No one is trying to get an abortion days before their due date.
I'm well aware of that. To reiterate again, I genuinely have no issue with abortion in most cases, and think it's acceptable. I was not trying to use that as an example to attack abortion, but rather just to present a thought experiment: first day is considered obviously ethical by most (secular) people, last day is considered obviously unethical by most secular or religious people. The point is that "humanity" and awareness is a continuous variable and a sliding scale.

Obviously, almost no one aborts at such a late stage. But as you keep adding days and weeks, when does it turn into a baby instead of a fetus? Could there be some cases where a fetus is aborted just a day after it develops enough neurons and enough connections that it becomes conscious? I think it's an area that needs more research, since we genuinely don't know the answer. Maybe they're not conscious until the last 4 weeks. Maybe it's right at the cusp of the third trimester for most fetuses. Maybe it's earlier for some, though that's probably unlikely. I'm in the "into the third trimester is probably risky" camp, but again, it's not objectively known at this point. There's some research into ability to automatically respond to stimuli and to pain, but that's different.

It's somewhat complicated by the fact that a fetus is heavily sedated and effectively asleep until it's actually born. If a brain has the potential to be conscious, but is comatose, is it really conscious? If no, then it could actually be considered ethical to kill a fetus even a day before it's born, just as it is to kill a comatose but otherwise functioning human if there's no expectation they'll recover from the coma. If there is a chance they could recover, one could say "well, since the future potential to enter a conscious state exists, we can't kill them", though by the same argument one could say even a zygote has the future potential to enter a conscious state.

It gets even more complicated if you use self-awareness as a qualifier rather than mere awareness. By that logic, just as one could consider it justifiable to kill an aware, but not self-aware, animal like a pig or cow, the same person could argue it's no better or worse to kill a newborn infant. In fact, even killing a 6 month old infant could potentially be argued for by that rationale.

I'm not saying I believe any of those things. I just find it interesting to consider what criteria we use to judge whether it's acceptable to kill a lifeform, human or otherwise.

No. 64847

Consciousness is arbitrary and hard to pin down. Even if a fetus has some form of consciousness, it has no experiences, speech, language, or comprehension of what is going on around it. In other words, the lights are on, but nobody is home.

To me, a fetus is all but a parasite until it is viable outside of the womb at reasonable amount. Very few premature babies survive before 22 weeks, so I think up to 20 weeks is a reasonable cut off date for normal, average abortions.

Late term abortions can be received at medical necessity.

No. 64890

Did anyone watch the debates/trump event last night?

No. 64929

No. 66503

I'm a democrat and a liberal. O'Malley was my governor, and I would NEVER vote him. He's a slimeball.

He'd be more able to compromise and implement something realistic, but he's the definition of a sleazy politicking shill, just like Hillary. Even if some of Bernie's plans are not realistic, his intentions and his personality are genuine, and that's why I'm voting for him.

No. 66525


No. 67623

Just curious, what kinds of slimeball things has he done? I've seen the same comment from other Marylanders but I want more details.

No. 67645

No. 68436

Trump got New Hampshire tonight!
So did Bernie.
And O'Malley got a couple votes, even though he isn't running anymore, lol.

No. 68493

File: 1455093083403.gif (1.55 MB, 350x240, can-t-stump-the-trump.gif)

>mfw New Hampshire

No. 68494

File: 1455094957128.png (8.13 KB, 417x123, not_so_democratic.png)

Sorry Bernie supporters.
Looks like Hillary is still going to get nominated

No. 68508

File: 1455103800575.png (1 MB, 1571x1584, 1449860631411.png)

top kek

so much for "historic victory," you slimy reptilian kike

No. 68627

File: 1455129269820.png (660.53 KB, 703x1321, 1455125146839_0.png)

No. 68658

I don't like trump either but that guy is being a piece of shit. he's all talk too cuz he wouldnt do jack shit. ofc he's a member of BLM

No. 68661

>wearing hijab
Opinion disregarded.

No. 68663

I agree with Trump's stance on immigration. He needs to clean up the mess that Obama made afterall.

No. 68675

Somebody put down this neanderthal. No wonder everyone laughs at this movement.

No. 68678

so. Did he photoshop this sticker to this random girl's comp just so he could try and sound like a hard cunt?

No. 68728

No. 68734

Him afterwards

No. 68735

The Black Lives Matter movement, ladies and gentlemen. Where if you so much as dare to have a dissenting opinion you get threatened and then "shoved in the neck."

No. 68737

Sorry about the annoying commentary, but the guy's twitter account was taken down and this is the closest to a mirror I could find

No. 68738

Black people using violence to get their point across? I'm -shocked-

No. 68739

Glad she threw her latte at him. What a piece of shit. It's really pathetic how black people want to be treated like human beings but hardly act like it.

No. 68740

Haha, of course he's backpedaling like mad trying to defend himself that he just didn't threaten an innocent student with violence because he disagreed with her political views. She was literally minding her own business. I'm glad she stood up to that ape.

No. 68743

It's actually legitimately hard to signal right wing views in colleges or pretty much any public or semi public place. There's a moral order that's enforced.

No. 68745

:'( usin yo wurds iz 2 hard when u grow up in da hood

No. 68746

As a uni student I agree that 100%
I'm not exactly fascist hitler, but if you go against the grain there in any way you're going to have a bad time

I thought all the SJW garbage was just /pol/ memes but it's really even worse than I thought it would be.

I took psych as a gen ed and we had to all stand up and give our pronouns along with our name

No. 68753

>I took psych as a gen ed and we had to all stand up and give our pronouns along with our name

jfc, no!! What year did this happen? I'm so afraid of tumblr leaked into real life. This is fucked up.

No. 68763

Last semester

I wish I took a picture. It had a big list like He/his, them/their, she/her, zi/zer/ xi/en, etc. There was a good dozen of them

Everyone in my class was a shitlord and chose nonmeme pronouns. If I was more outgoing I would have liked to be called ze

No. 68970

why not A10/Warthog/Brrrrrrt?

No. 70002

I really wonder how far you can push these sorts of people. I would not be surprised if I actually could have gotten away with that

No. 70477

File: 1455497755030.jpg (173.92 KB, 640x320, 3r6vnq.jpg)

No. 70719

I hate every presidential candidate now. The president is the face of this country and I don't want Trump's crazy ass or Hilary Whipping and Nae Nae-ing to represent the US. And tumblr treats Bernie as a little cinnamon roll puppy. Can we not coddle a 70-something year old man, please?

No. 70725

2008: mccain is old he'll die in office u dumb republicans

fuuuuuck that

No. 72100


No. 72663

No. 72789

>making unsolicited phone calls to strangers
>not expecting to get your shit pushed in at least once in a while

very low energy. sad.

No. 72791

I didn't register to vote in time for the primary in my State – apparently, you need to have registered 30 days prior… A fact which was conveniently publicised 29 days prior.

Alas. But I am definitely voting him for president if he gets the nomination.

No. 72833

That girl's an idiot but the edgy, memeing channers in the comments are just as cringeworthy.

No. 72835

This is so delicious. No one is as glorious as Trump as reaping the salt from these hypersensitive children. It's like Trump riles up people just by existing.

No. 72893

>>Uhhmm we'll just force Mexico to pay or something.. Just trust me
Taxing remitances and import/exports. Its pretty fucking simple, something like 75% of Mexico's exports go to the US, and there are plenty of wetbacks sending monies to their families.

>He also isn't for gun control

He is one of the few people who managed to get a concealed carry permit in NYC of all places

>identity politic's rights
SJW plz go

pick one

The proper pronouns for the A10 is GUNS! GUNS! GUNS! and BRRRRRRT. Warthog is just part of its name shitlord.

I got 3 seconds in and between her voice and the way she is talking I had to stop.

No. 72896

You'd be surprised how many people are going to vote for him when the election happens. It'll be a landslide and he'll win California and New York too which tends to vote liberal.

No. 72980

File: 1456274037993.png (45.4 KB, 640x266, niggers.png)

No. 73306

46% of all Latinos in Nevada yesterday.
I'm not sure how the GOP can stop him anymore.


No. 73307

>I'm not sure how the GOP can stop him anymore.
He'll have a heart attack to the back of his head.

No. 73308

I'm not american but I love trump. He's a good man with a lot of energy. I hope he gets to make america great again. Even if he doesn't get elected, he still has touched many hearts and minds.

He's the president of my heart.

No. 73309

It's just banter, all candidates say weird stuff. What about jeb and his turtles? What about hillary claiming trump is used in isis recruitment videos? They're only human.

No. 73316

he is also the president of my own heart
u have great taste

No. 74698

i prefer ben carson other than his homophobic stuff
but trump is pretty damn funny

No. 74699

i had a dream where i murdered trump and it was just like the fight at the end of lost highway with dick laurant

No. 74700

I don't see how anyone could support Carson unless they're also an evangelical, honestly.

No. 74701

Holy shit, sage for OT but I loved that fucking movie

No. 74710

I like that image very much. And have you seen The Dead Zone, anon? It's very relevant to Trump.

No. 74763

File: 1456768488540.jpg (1.4 MB, 3264x2448, make_anime_real.jpg)

No. 74777

File: 1456769361510.jpg (68.1 KB, 633x758, 1454192306466.jpg)

>tfw hillary will win

No. 74839

Do you know where this picture was taken? Dude in the red coat looks familiar to me.

No. 74840

File: 1456779246945.jpg (130.08 KB, 782x782, FjjglgW.jpg)


No. 75479

File: 1456874560809.png (790.25 KB, 1172x909, 1456859021671.png)

This cracked me up today
After this George is trying to play the victim and posted that image as an example of Trump's fans being psycopaths

No. 75486

LOL! George Loprez is a fucking joke. It's only 'free speech'when a minority does it. Please. he can fuck off back to mexico

No. 75492

This is generally how I feel about Spike Lee, minus the Mexico part obviously

No. 75500

Why? He was born in the U.S.

No. 75530

Is this thread leftist-free? Because I was here when it was created and it was cancer. Can I finally admire the God Emperor and laugh about ¡Jeb!?

No. 75531

File: 1456880755451.jpg (54.15 KB, 579x382, 1456084944072.jpg)

Leave Yeb alone ;__;

No. 75554

File: 1456882812959.jpg (825.6 KB, 2048x1154, minority3.jpg)

I think this statement should be corrected.
It's only free speech when a minority does it AND he/she supports 'our' (leftist) side.


If some minority goes against leftist dogma, they're automatically an Uncle Tom and they should be ignored and silenced

No. 75574

File: 1456888907369.gif (3.94 MB, 640x360, 1453844099259.gif)

i really fucking hate hilary
>she was in the gun trade with isis so she could let them destroy libya
>she lied on her twitter about illegal immagrants shooting at her
>she threatened the women who slept with bill so they would keep quiet
>every organization she has been in had immediately lost millions suspiciously right whenever she gets to be in charge
>she always takes a vacation right after the money gets "lost"
>she made rape jokes on her twitter multiple times
>was trying to make relationships with areas in Afghanistan and one of which was a child rapist apparently
god, atleast trump is fucking honest and not pretending to be a lib yet he is the one that gets all the shit

No. 75575


No. 75627

Hilary lies about EVERYTHING. How does she have supporters? It makes no SENSE. I hate any and all Hilary supporters. She's awful. She would kill American in under 4 years if possible

No. 75637


No. 75887

I have can't believe people are voting for that corrupt piece of shit Hillary

Is it really just because she's fucking woman?

No. 75895

George Lopez likes to go on about how American "pilgrims" fucked North America up a lot, doesn't he?

Where do these "Hispanics" get off thinking they're descendants of the fucking Aztecs? Do they even realize how brutal Mesoamerican societies were?

No. 75916

File: 1456956728808.gif (6.16 MB, 400x400, 9fa39fd3fcafa59bb0b38411cfcac7…)

Is anyone else getting sick of people comparing Trump to Hitler? This shit is all over my Facebook feed

They actually think Trump is going to kill all non-whites and nuke the world or something

Like, Jesus Christ people are so melodramatic

No. 75918

If they're weebs, ask them how they can love Japan when its policies are far more right-wing than anything Trump is proposing, especially in regards to immigration.

No. 75920

File: 1456957414508.jpg (26.02 KB, 368x475, QBWPYV.jpg)


Basically this.

No. 75938

Sorry for OT but I lost my shit over that pic. Ty anon.

No. 75950

Ya the butthurt is pretty overdone and hilarious

No. 75954

Honestly, they're just trying to "prove" that the Republican Party is going under.

I would argue, just to piss everyone off, that everything-for-free Sanders getting so popular among certain demographics is "proof" that the Democratic Party is going under, but I do try to be intellectually honest.

No. 75959

im not even from the usa but i want trump to win to see if all those sjw who said they would kill themselves actually do it

No. 75961

I never understood that argument. It's like people don't ever read history books. Last time I checked, Trump didn't do mass genocide. And Hitler wasn't the only dictator in history.

No. 75962

It's called sjws who have never read a history book in their lives.

No. 75963

I think it is and it scares me! I'm a woman and I would never vote for Hilary. It seems a lot of younger people are on her side… she's appealing to the sjws just for having a vagina. It's horrific. It's the same people who voted for Obama because he was 'black.'

No. 75964

I dread to see what that warmongering bitch fucks up when she gets in power

No. 75972

File: 1456967798128.jpg (33.29 KB, 750x753, 60Kr40F.jpg)

No. 75981

I'm not even a Trump supporter but I want to see him win just to piss off leftists in general.

Remember in 2008 when all the progressives claimed they'd move to Canada if McCain won? Sorry Canada, nothing personal, but I actually do want to see them try to immigrate en masse over there for the "free healthcare" and alleged socialist paradise. Northern border crisis if you will.

No. 75983

I mean…his mother was white as snow, his dad was an educated Kenyan, and they wanted to make him the poster child for successful black inner city Americans?

Ben Carson fits the role much better, but race traitor Uncle Tom, blah blah blah.

No. 75986

>I'm not even a Trump supporter but I want to see him win just to piss off leftists in general.

I'm actually trying to figure out what I would do if he wins the nomination and is in the running. I voted for the first time in 2012, then again two years ago for the midterms. I'm registered as an independent but typically vote along Democrat/Green, and my state is usually blue. I don't know if I would vote for him because lol, or if I would just do third party stuff because every vote for them counts and affects whether or not they even show up on the ballot.

No. 75988

Pretty much this
The leftist butthurt he causes everyday is just too good

No. 76015

I'll vote for him over Hilary, that's for sure

No. 76054


>I'd rather elect a lunatic who wants to build fences, hates the poor (because c'mon, I don't believe he doesn't for one second), has nothing but populistic slogans in his campaign, changes his political opinions and plans every two days and probably has no diplomatic qualities just to piss off some of these awful leftards! He is so cool and special because he says controversial things!!!

Is this really how America thinks?! I can kinda see the appeal in him, and it's not like you have much choice, but it's better to choose the least worst option rather than the worst because "lel, le butthurt leftards! So edgy desu!!"-mentality.

No. 76057

>Is this really how America thinks?
Yes. I asked my mom why she was voting for Obama in '12. I said she could have been naive enough to believe what he said the first time around, but since then hes proven to be a faggier version of Bush the second. She replied that she was voting out of spite. This attitude is common and has been this way since i've been alive at least ('83). They vote for the perceived lesser of two evils, but at the end of the day are still voting for evil, and are perfectly fine with it.

It has to do with the whole 'dont waste your vote' propaganda statist shills parrot any chance they get. What they're too retarded to realize is that the politicians they elect in to office abstain from votes all the time, because both choices are bullshit.

>build fences

its a wall. we already have fences, they're easy to cut holes in.

>hates the poor (because c'mon, I don't believe he doesn't for one second)

you have zero sources.

>it's better to choose the least worst option rather than the worst

why would anyone vote for the worst option?

>So edgy

I'm sorry but you just have to go back to the other side of the wall.

No. 76058

A question I've never heard one of you answer (I'm also not American incidentally): Why is Trump a "lunatic" for proposing an immigration and naturalisation policy that is still more permissive than those of: Japan, China, Taiwan, The Gulf States, South Korea, India and Russia?

No. 76059

Didn't he want to build a wall around Mexico and make Mexico pay for it? How the fuck is this even supposed to work?

>you have zero sources.

Oh please tell me you have sources that Donald Trump would do anything for poor working class aside from his "no tax for under $25000" promise.
I might not have sources but he is rich, has a rich background and I don't believe for a second he knows or cares much about for anyone not being rich or privileged (thx tumblr for ruining that word 5ever, sorry).

>I'm sorry but you just have to go back to the other side of the wall.

>If we build a wall and try to prevent immigration, everything will work out fine!! Al the evil will have to stay out!!!
Please tell me, when has this ever helped, ever? Isn't there still fucktons of illegal immigration all over the world? And look how Europe is flooded with illegal immigration, hell even Turkey and Turkey doesn't want any of them. And we already try our best to get them back to their homecountries and prevent them from coming but still, it's not helping.

Maybe I'm too Eurofag for all of this but please, tell me why the hell anyone would really want to vote for Trump, aside from "all the other politicians are totes shit!" and some vague reasons like "he's telling the mean truth". I am legit interested in the appeal of this guy for you

No. 76060

>Please tell me, when has this ever helped, ever? Isn't there still fucktons of illegal immigration all over the world? And look how Europe is flooded with illegal immigration, hell even Turkey and Turkey doesn't want any of them. And we already try our best to get them back to their homecountries and prevent them from coming but still, it's not helping.

They come here because their passage incentivized by liberal policies towards asylum and settlement. Look at the spike in inflows after Merkel said they would accept anyone in 2015.

It's the same reason "refugees" from SEA don't even bother applying in NEA states anymore. They just bypass them completely and go to America instead.

I don't think you realise just how permissive the West as a whole is comparative to the rest of the world as far as immigration and naturalisation goes. Take it from someone with a law degree.

No. 76061

>Oh please tell me you have sources that Donald Trump would do anything for poor working class
sorry pal. you made the claim, the onus is on you.

No. 76062

File: 1456999806113.png (133.55 KB, 1677x1016, Speaking English At Work.png)

>Didn't he want to build a wall around Mexico and make Mexico pay for it? How the fuck is this even supposed to work?
Taxes? Something like 75% of their exports go to the US. And tons of spics here send remittances back to Mexico.

>Oh please tell me you have sources that Donald Trump would do anything for poor working class aside from his "no tax for under $25000" promise.

You made the argument he hates poor people. Now instead of providing sources as requested, you're putting words in my mouth and are trying to construct a strawman.

>I might not have sources

So you hate Trump because your TV/kikebook/whatever told you to?

> privileged

And this is why we need two walls. So people like you can't escape to canada, and the right wing death squads can take care of them.

>Please tell me, when has this ever helped, ever?

Worked pretty well for the Jews.

>And look how Europe is flooded with illegal immigration, hell even Turkey and Turkey doesn't want any of them

And they dont have walls.

>And we already try our best to get them back to their homecountries and prevent them from coming but still, it's not helping.

Which is why you need death squads. That'll not only prevent them from coming, but it'll encourage most of them to go back from whence they came.

> tell me why the hell anyone would really want to vote for Trump

I'm an anarchist and dont vote, but i'd love it if he took care of the H1B visa problem. I used to work at BlueCross BlueShield and got pic related in my email one day.

No. 76065

File: 1457000616855.jpg (359.49 KB, 900x862, trumpanime3.jpg)

>it's better to choose the least worst option rather than the worst
Hence the vote for Trump. He's least worst option out of all of them

Tell me which candidate do you really think is better than Trump?
And don't say Hillary. She'll make George W. Bush look like Gandhi when it comes to starting more wars.

Pretty edgy

No. 76066

wut? the rwds meme? are you new to pol? or do you only go to 4pol?

No. 76067

Last time I checked, this is lolcow
I don't know your pol memes

No. 76068

>I don't know your pol memes
>But i'm posting Trump anime memes from /pol/
And your choice of raifu was shit as well. Why would have a fixed stock? Why would you willingly put a fagpul moe handguard on? Who the fuck builds an AR with a fixed carry handle upper?

No. 76070

I got that off KC
And perhaps the whole universe doesn't revolve around your pol

No. 76073

The anime trump memes are definitely 100% /pol/ see >>63699. There are routinely threads with people getting others to shoop them on to their waifus. Do you really think some tea partyfag is shooping trump hats on to obscure(?) anime (Upotte!) waifus?

No. 76080

>Oh please tell me you have sources that Donald Trump would do anything for poor working class aside from his "no tax for under $25000" promise.
>I might not have sources but he is rich, has a rich background and I don't believe for a second he knows or cares much about for anyone not being rich or privileged (thx tumblr for ruining that word 5ever, sorry).

That makes no sense. You claim that he hates the poor, but then when asked for a source, you turn it around to say "well since I don't have a source for my claim and you don't believe my claim, it must mean you think he loves poor people."

You're being sjw-level retarded.

No. 76083

File: 1457004348559.png (178.45 KB, 720x563, sealioning.png)

>You claim that he hates the poor, but then when asked for a source, you turn it around to say "well since I don't have a source for my claim and you don't believe my claim, it must mean you think he loves poor people."

No. 76084

Again I repeat
>sjw-level retarded

No. 77395


>Christian Radio Host Says Trump Taunted Mitt Romney with Oral Sex


You know what he meant- of course, he meant Romney to suck his dick!
Trump emasculates Rubio all the time to imply that Rubio is gay.
Don’t play dumb, folks….

“excuse me, you dropped to your knees?”
“Yes,” Russell Brand answered.
Several seconds later, the lascivious Trump continued:
“Must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees.”

Trump Gets AIDS In Sacha Baron Cohen's Latest Film And Sony Is Freaking Out TRASHING TRUMP

No. 77401

Is this real? Jesus Christ, Americans are weird.

No. 77665


>Trump Rally In Chicago

Alright fags, Trump is having a rally in Chicago next Friday the 11th. If you want to go you better get your tickets NOW. It is at the UIC Pavilion which seats either 7,000 or 9,500 depending on who you ask. There is going to be a large protest by BLM, the liberals and all the other fags here in Chicago. There are currently 6,500+ protestors who said they would go, 11,000+ interested and 29,000+ invited. The protest was only announced yesterday so i'm sure they'll get up to over 10,000 going by Friday. The protestors are all claiming tickets, so if you want a ticket you need to register NOW. Who knows how many protestors will actually show up but considering Chicago's demographics - both racial and political i'm sure it will be a shit show with lots of them being escorted out, and there is a good chance people will be turned away due to over capacity. If you're looking to hang out with other /pol/acks at the rally then send a email to adolf@hitlerdidnothingwrong.com for coordinating where we will meet up before.

Doors open at 3PM, rally begins at 6PM. It would probably be a good idea to show up there before 3PM considering the number of potential protestors.

>Where to register for free tickets


>Where to watch the protestor counter grow


No. 77781

No. 78373

>He just wants America to have an immigration policy similar to Japan, China, the Gulf States etc.
Which is hilariously hopeless from a country that's 60% white (with a good portion of those people being hispanic). It works in China and Japan because of their native dominance.

No. 78376

>Which is hilariously hopeless from a country that's 60% white
Easily fixed - right wing death squads

No. 78377

>Which is hilariously hopeless from a country that's 60% white (with a good portion of those people being hispanic). It works in China and Japan because of their native dominance.

Two points here, America used to be around 90% white.

Second point is that our elites are doing the same thing to Europe too, where our countries have been 99.9% white for virtually all of history. So it's hardly a matter of American nativism not really making sense. It's just an all out assault on white demographics in general.

No. 79868

File: 1457720553246.png (108.23 KB, 613x1014, 1457714768842.png)

Chicago being classy as always

No. 79911

I'm not even a Trump supporter, but the Hitler comparisons are just fucking stupid

No. 79927

I know someone who genuinely believes Trump is the next Hitler and they're so embarrassing to be around, I feel kinda bad for them.

No. 80019

Almost 19 minutes of pure cringe.
Go to 10:55 for when it starts to get really good

No. 80021

No. 80023

File: 1457758634461.jpg (321.01 KB, 903x682, 1457754391502.jpg)

Not to discredit the rest of the video, but the YOURE A WHITE FUCKING MALE killed me

Also award for most punchable face goes to…

No. 80027

What is even going on with the thought processes of people who have public confrontations? Just what could possibility convince them it was a good idea? I can't help but get second had embarrassment for every single one of them.

No. 80028

I really dont get it either. Probably because I'm a shy and quiet person, but even if that wasn't the case I can't imagine actually getting in these sorts of situations

No. 80029

It was actually around 99% Native American at one point, can you believe that?

No. 80084

And Taiwan was 99% Austronesian at one point too, can you believe that?

And Guangdong was 99% Vietnamese at one point as well.

And North Africa wasn't always 99% Arabic-speaking populations as well!

It's almost like you have selective outrage or something…

No. 80103

File: 1457787395209.jpg (22.43 KB, 526x294, 1433729036445.jpg)

Well done reinforcing her point, jackass.

No. 80183

File: 1457810560971.png (107.54 KB, 758x706, 1457806694290.png)

No. 80199

Speak strong, young man.

No. 80228

What point was that? She never made a point.

That places have been conquered and colonized by all races?

No. 80236

File: 1457824451777.jpg (26.85 KB, 300x392, 1439425521562.jpg)

Her point was you picked an arbitrary point in time that was convenient for your own argument. Are you the guy from the white people problems thread?

No. 80350

Speak strong, young man.

No. 80356

>the present

Ok then

No. 80362

>America used to be around 90% white.
Yep. Bait confirmed

No. 80412

No. 90092

File: 1462326239976.jpg (299.29 KB, 960x768, hill_2016.jpg)

Cruz just threw in the towel. Meanwhile Sanders continues to erode into Hillary's lead.

I would love to see what Hillary thinks of her current situation

No. 90095

File: 1462328927658.png (12.82 KB, 549x241, wqq.png)

she's still up around 300 pledged delegates you fucking idiot, commie cuck sanders only netted around 5 delegates today

democratic race is almost over

No. 90101

I'm not even from the United States, but I've been a Trump fan (can't say supporter, I'm not a citizen of the USA) for a long time, and HOLY FUCKING SHITBALLS, I'M HAPPY! The fact that the most relevant nation in the fucking world has the chance of having an isolationist, nationalist president makes me so fucking joyful I can't even begin to express it. This is so great, and I'm so jealous of americans for having the luck of being born in your country with a man such as him. If I had emojis here, I'd go full Aly.
I do disagree with him on some things, but I can deal with that.
Greetings from a spic country that isn't so cucked (yet)

No. 90112


>the fact that the most relevant nation in the fucking world

Kek this is what Americans actually believe. Your boom is over guys and your economy is being repeatedly propped up by external nations and the spoils of repeated wars. Now it's China's turn to take the reigns.

No. 90113

>I'm not even from the United States

What is reading comprehension?

No. 90159

File: 1462378316806.png (199.52 KB, 960x730, least intelligent.png)

No. 90175


No. 90176

I can't be angry with you, the fact that Trump has the nomination is enough to have me happy for at least a week. I know I didn't made myself clear because this isn't my native language, but fuck it.

Anon, did you read all of it? Besides, China might be the biggest economic power, but the fact that American culture has the vast majority of influence around the world, and that most people consume products such as movies or television that come from that nation makes them incredibly popular, and gives people the illusion that such nation is the biggest superpower in the world. USA might be on a deficient state right now -economically speaking-, but normal people don't care about that. They control the media, they control the thoughts.

No. 90182

China will never have the same human rights or standard of living as the US tho. Most people in China live like monkeys

No. 90187

with the black people and rednecks in the usa you can say the same about americans.

No. 90206

Blacks and rednecks- anyone- have the human rights and acess to means to improve themselves in the United States. They can improve their standard of living. Its unfortunate however that many may choose not to. I'm not sure of what happens in China to make it seem that the people there live like "monkeys."

No. 90222

Okay get back to me when the good people of China don't gotta wear face masks daily to protect themselves from the massive smog.

No. 90223

How likely is it that Trump is going to win?

No. 90229

Very unlikely. He dominated the primaries because the GOP is utterly collapsing. The general election is a lot more serious (as far as debates go) and not his style. Even if Trump gets all the white male vote I believe that demographic is outdated anyway. Minorities make up the majority of the swing states and people will vote in high numbers to have a non offensive president like Trump. Yeah Hillary Clinton is shady and has a lot of dirt Trump can use against her but I don't think she will lose

No. 90231

File: 1462438306055.png (69.95 KB, 1065x2001, lying piece of shit.png)

How do you justify planning to vote for this lying piece of shit?

No. 90232

I can't wait to see how he survives a crowd and questions like this tbqh

No. 90238

You're assuming non-whites won't vote for him, which I think is incorrect

No. 90240

Nah obviously there are some minorities who would vote for him. Lots of non-Mexicans or middle east minorities. There's not a lot of those compared to black/mexicans. But his bread and butter is the white male demographic.

No. 90242

No. 90244

File: 1462448516589.jpg (125.74 KB, 826x654, sKdKXBp.jpg)

No. 90245

>We’ve previously rated a statement that the United States has the highest corporate tax rate Mostly True, because the statutory corporate tax rate ranks as the world's highest. We should note, however, that deductions and exclusions usually lower the effective rate, placing the United States lower than other countries’ comparable levels.

>But Trump did not specifically say the corporate rate at the debate, so we wanted to know how high U.S. taxes stacked up to the rest of the world.

Are you trying to show me that you're retarded?

No. 90248

I am researching about the Donald Trump and I read this wikipedia page https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahdi

During my research I concluded that the Mahdi IS in the body of "Donald Trump ". Do you agree with my conclusion that he is the mahdi?

>In Islamic eschatology, the Mahdi (Arabic: مهدي‎, ISO 233: mahdī "guided one") is the prophesied redeemer of Islam who will rule for five, seven, nine, or nineteen years (according to differing interpretations)[1][2] before the Day of Judgment (yawm al-qiyamah / literally, the Day of Resurrection)[3] and will rid the world of evil.


No. 90249

are you telling me when they said 'mostly true' they were lying and actually meant 'false'? or that when you make a statement less specific and more open ended than one rated as subjectively true, that makes it objectively false?

>somehow you can't trust trump but you can trust this thing:

yes politifact is a paragon of virtue and you should base your opinion on it's reports

No. 90250

by that logic you could say that trumps statement is true even though it actually is false, since if you compare ours to the fuckhueg taxes of Denmark or some other country, Denmark's is "actually lower" because of the quality of benefits that are returned to citizens

No. 90265

Please, stop samefagging. You do know there's a difference between corporate tax and all tax, right?

>are you telling me when they said 'mostly true' they were lying and actually meant 'false'?

>by that logic you could say that trumps statement is true even though it actually is false
Just what the fuck are you on about?

No. 90266


>because of the quality of benefits that are returned to citizens

That's pretty much where all taxes are theoretically going to. By your definition tax might as well not exist since there won't be any differences. I'm not sure if you've thought this through lmao

No. 90304

File: 1462481700180.jpg (136.12 KB, 594x454, 76539954.jpg)

No. 90305

Mahdi is looking good. I love him…he is so perfect. He even respects islam by not having more than 4 women in the pic.

No. 90306

File: 1462482059052.jpg (62.17 KB, 485x515, 856672.jpg)

No. 90364

No. 90629



More woke black people

No. 90631

No. 90632

No. 90633

No. 90635

File: 1462587029135.gif (2.84 MB, 341x270, ohSmL76.gif)

I love Trump, I really do. Let me tell you, he's a great guy, he really is. And he's right. We need to build a wall, and we can't let these people continue to cross our borders without knowing how they are. And who's going to pay for the wall?

No. 97401

File: 1465817416239.png (1.64 MB, 2640x2688, 1458332433649.png)


No. 97411

Fuck this orange idiot, he's more disgusting than garfield

No. 97439

I fully support Trump's views on illegal immigrants. I can't believe people will argue against me to support these assholes who are draining our economy. They are illegal– not regular immigrants. Why are people defending them so hard?

No. 97450

Yeah, I can understand disagreeing with him on some other areas. I know people on the radical right who are 100% behind state gun-control for example, but what is happening to western nations shouldn't even be considered a matter of political partisanship. It's not a right or left issue to say that allowing tens of millions of undocumented people into your country and then just saying "fuck it, let them have citizenship" is a fucking stupid idea.

No non-western state on earth would accept this. It's not a matter of political affiliation, it's a matter of common sense.

No. 653073

And how long are we expected to live like this if this vaccine never comes? What is the criteria for a return to normality? Is the plan to make the vaccine mandatory?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 653076

stop bumping the old threads

No. 653107

Wtf kinda obsession made you bump a 4 year old thread

No. 653117

And you turned around and bumped it too, you fucking gutless retard.

No. 653591

I do want to know if there are Trump fans here

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