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No. 855799

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Go ahead and trauma dump

No. 855806


No. 855808

I wish I was born into some filthy rich family. I hate this life.

No. 855813


No. 855814

it’s nearly impossible to have a “good” life if you aren’t born into money. all of this employment crap and economic advice it’s all a fucking waste of time.

No. 855826

File: 1626483285399.jpg (91.72 KB, 575x380, french-revolution-1793-executi…)

Yes let's just follow the law and vote for a better tomorrow! Politicians are our friends, keep calling your senator! Democracy! I'm sure that will work and the laws that already exist will suddenly stop only existing for poor underprivileged people.

Anyway I'm making a change.org petition to bring back the guillotine, come sign.

No. 855828

File: 1626483361355.jpg (23.75 KB, 720x645, EZah8TpWAAAJVTi.jpg)

Fucking cringe. I just started a job, I have a few coworkers I hang out with, two of them are 2 years younger than me I'm 25, almost 26, one is 19/20 and he's higher in corporate hierarchy than me. No one knew my actual age and everyone assumed I'm like 20/21, but today we had a conversation about birthdays and one of them asked me directly what year I was born and I couldn't lie. I feel so bad about the fact I'm the oldest of the group, yet at the same time I'm the most inexperienced and naive. I never had a serious job before, I never had friends, I never drank alcohol or smoked (they smoke weed), I didn't have your typical teenage/20something person's life with parties, going out with friends and shit, I never had sex, I was a neet, I'm shy and autistic as fuck, I don't talk much, I don't have any anecdotes to tell. My behavior doesn't match my age at all. I'm scared they will treat me differently now, they will think I'm dumb etc. God I wish I hadn't gone to that car with them, but I had no one else to take me home and it was already midnight. I want to die. I don't really have anyone else to hang out with, our department is really small; there are two 30 year old guys, one of which is a junkie and the other one is my superior and I don't feel comfortable talking to him; three women in their 50s, one 30 year old woman who doesn't spend her free time with anyone but her bf, and those three people in their early 20s. I can't really fit in anywhere. I wanted to experience the youth I never had. I know it's immature to care about such things but I am immature

No. 855839

I passed the deadline for an apartment deal that I was trying to sign the lease for (reduced fees) and now I’m screwed. I hope I can negotiate somehow. I also hope moving and changing environments will put me in a different headspace.

No. 855841

File: 1626483783213.png (91.36 KB, 250x275, Sophie_Roy.png)

it annoys the shit out of me that kendall's daughter on succession does not look anything like him or rava. are we supposed to think that she's adopted or that rava cheated?

No. 855842

i have no idea whta this is referring to but she is so cute.

No. 855843

wtf chill out anon, you're literally in the same age group as them. If they liked you before they knew your age, it won't change a thing. How harshly do you judge people older than you if they aren't significantly more established/experienced? As harshly as you judge yourself? I sure hope not.

No. 855844

I’m getting rid of my garbage roommate in a month and I should have an easier time ignoring her, but for whatever reason it’s 10x worse. Maybe because freedom is so close I can taste if. Every time she screeches like a literal monkey or I hear the retard voice of her retard boyfriend who’s always fucking over here, I get angrier. I wish diarrhea on both of them.

No. 855851

Cope, normies judge the fuck out of ppl like op, happened to me many times.

No. 855853

Why did I think kendall jenner had a daughter

No. 855855

Try not to care what your colleagues think or can think about you. I think it's genuinely rare to find an actual friend at work that you would choose to spend time outside of the place. I've even had people I've worked with before tell a mutual I was weird even when I thought we had a good working friendship. Remember you're getting paid to be there and you're free time is yours to do as you please.

No. 855856

File: 1626484508741.jpg (115.41 KB, 858x883, Untitled.jpg)

kek sorry for reference they're characters on the show succession

No. 855858

so what? fuck them and their opinions

No. 855860

You're saying that if a 20 year old hasn't smoked weed it's no problem but if that person was 25, they'd be judged for it? The age difference isn't significant enough to matter and the things OP worries about specifically are trivial. Lots of people don't party or have a long work history by 25.

I'm nearly 30 and shy af, still live at home, celibate etc I know I'll be judged for it by some people but if I already get along with someone it's not an issue. I have my reasons and don't mind explaining myself if anyone questions it.

No. 855863

Even if you get to middle class the process is soul sucking and you'll be left an empty husk by the end.

No. 855901

File: 1626487413286.png (4.07 KB, 196x196, 1582068664586.png)

my boyfreind of four years wascheating on me bascailly
the entire time i dont know how to feel or what to do i odnt konw why this happened to me it just hurts som uch im sorry

No. 855903

samefagging i dont know why this shit had to happen i give everythign to him and he leaves me for someugly fucknig bitch. he always talked about how he was so insecure and was afraid i was going to leave him WHEN THIS FUCKING HAPPEN..the fucking irony of it all . it hurts man

No. 855904

i wish i liked men because then I could have a nice, mildly autistic husband who could do autist things with me like go on vacation to different countries just to ride trains, and we could get married at a transportation museum and have cute little kids together whose birthdays we make train-themed.
>yes I’ve watched 20+ hours this week of a silent Japanese man recording himself trying various forms of transportation around Japan and I think if he was a woman i would be in love with him
>tfw no autistic train loving gf

No. 855905

The shithead in the apartment below me smokes like a chimney right below my window so it reeks like cigs and filth in my apartment. It's fucking hot and we aren't allowed AC so I need to have the fans going in my windows in the evenings. With all the nicotine alternatives there is no reason to pollute the apartment complex with your stench. I wish him a pleasant emphysema

No. 855911

Not in all instances anon. Some normies are nice and understanding and they hide insecurities and introversion themselves. It's bad to approach strangers full of anxiety and fear, though. It can give birth to a self fulfilling prophecy.

No. 855912

Sorry anon. I got cheated on loads by my last bf. It fucking sucks. And not much I can say will make you feel better, but letting you know it's not your fault in anyway. He's a dickhead and if the other woman knew about you she's a twat too. You're better off without him. They'll both keep it in the back of their minds they cheated to get together. So they're fucked forever in the trust aspect of the relationship and without that you've got nothing. Take some time for yourself. Let yourself feel sad, but do not let those two fuck heads erode your confidence. You never deserve to be cheated on. What he did was fucked. Be the bigger person. Then when you next meet someone you'll be baggage free.

No. 855915

I honestly wish I could find some rich and non abusive guy that would take care of me

No. 855926

Samefag. Thinking about struggling for the next 30 years and never enjoying life on planet Earth making me want to kill myself.

No. 855930

I think I have a genuinely good relationship but lately I'm starting to feel bad about being "clingy" because he spends really long stretches of time playing video games without checking in with me, and it's got me worried that maybe things aren't as good as I thought. I used to like that we have our own hobbies but lately it feels more like living alone.
In the middle of writing this post my boyfriend actually came to talk to me, he apologised when I told him how I feel alone and said he would come hang out with me later so I guess things aren't literally terrible but it's still pathetic that I had to tell him I want his attention. Dating a gamer was a stupid idea.

Inb4 dump him etc

No. 855933

File: 1626490298905.jpg (338.3 KB, 1280x1920, EWQkZ7fU8AEkj4S.jpeg.jpg)

No. 855962

> he spends really long stretches of time playing video games without checking in with me, and it's got me worried that maybe things aren't as good as I thought.
How long are we taking? Days? Weeks? If it’s hours you’re being ridiculous.

No. 855987

File: 1626493764050.png (352.37 KB, 480x640, 137E5A6D-5DCF-477F-AB77-7AA728…)

My friend added me into a group chat with some acquaintances I’m not too close with and they’re planning a day to hang out tomorrow.. I haven’t talked in the group chat since it’s been created (a few hours) and now I get the feeling they forgot about me.. I’m also too scared to reply rn since I feel like it’s too late. I feel like I should reply, but at the same time, I guess it’s ok if they forget about me and do it without me? Idk I don’t want get in their way because they seem so close.. I don’t wanna be left out if I do go, Fuck I wish I wasn’t such an autist.

No. 855996

maybe they thought you were working late or just busy because it's friday? i wouldn't worry too much about it. if you feel uncomfortable with the dynamic of the group chat, i would just ask your friend individually what the situation is and then play it by ear with the group.

No. 856007

yea its rlly fcking sucks :(( and ty anon for the advice

No. 856011

File: 1626496163792.gif (2.15 MB, 500x500, winky.gif)

I feel like I have a better grasp of my physical appearance but my personality still sucks and idk what to do about it. I wanna date and make more friends but I'm stuck around people I don't really mesh with and I don't know where to find people more like me besides imageboards

No. 856037

still can't believe i got dumped over wanting to vent about my uncle dying of covid. should have never taken a chance on dating a fat weeb

No. 856077

File: 1626506148685.jpg (156.77 KB, 828x651, original.jpg)

I stumbled on a video the other day, on the 500 most streamed songs on Spotify and there were music videos to accompany each song, and I was appalled at how hyper-sexualised they've become. There has to be a girl shaking her ass in skimpy clothing every five seconds, it's depressing and disturbing af. I didn't even know it had gotten this bad, it's pretty much soft core porn at this point, hell maybe even more explicit. I hate that this is expected of female artists, I hate how it gives the impression to young girls that this is what you need to do to feel "empowered" and "feminist", how you get success and fame. I hate the amount of shit women have to deal with in this world.

No. 856087

File: 1626508022761.jpg (37.65 KB, 500x456, 1505419616171.jpg)

I have pondered over this too. I hate how oversexualized everything is. I want it to stop already.

No. 856144

Calling it now, five or ten more years until first female artists start releasing actual porn

No. 856145

someone i've known for a while has been having a LDR with this man for over a year. from the start, i had a hunch he was a porn sick sleazebag. his twitter account confirms this as his likes are solely women's selfies. i'm not sure if this person is aware or has tricked herself into thinking "he appreciates women so much, look at all the women he cares about!"
well, yesterday, she flew out to go meet him for the first time. i can't believe it actually happened. i'm screeching on the inside. how could this have happened? i was expecting someone else to say something, i am just an acquaintance. i couldn't have been the only one to notice this. even while she's there visiting him, he's still liking women's selfies.
i feel like if i do say something, they'd try to turn it against me with some weird libfem shit like "i'm not gonna be jealous, he likes me for me" this ain't about jealousy, it's about how he views women in general. it just sucks knowing someone's going to be hurt and they're probably in denial about it.

No. 856228

I stepped out to run some morning errands and put on a baggy t shirt and gym shorts and immediately after leaving my building a man passes by and gives me a gross smirk and says something that I couldn’t hear since I had just put my headphones in. Ugh I want to castrate all men.

No. 856233

In a similar boat as you and approaching torrential downpour anon. If it helps, these things tend not to work out but it makes me angry these men get validated in the first place. Heavy coomers especially have no sense of reality, presence, or the present and fuck up the relationship. Hopefully she'll get rid of him sooner than later.

No. 856235

File: 1626527554047.jpg (11.41 KB, 750x269, 1623735035826.jpg)

Moving to a new home has been mentally exhausting.
>told by sellers that they would not be leaving refrigerator
>go buy nice new fridge at Best Buy
>get keys to house
>turns out sellers did leave their dingy fridge
>suddenly husband and FIL harping on me to cancel the Best Buy order
>I half don't want to do it because the appliances are gross, old, and will require me cleaning
>also not sure if BB will even refund me since I took out their credit card and paid $1k out of pocket and I'd need the money back in my actual bank
>I'm made to feel guilty like a frivolous spender
>as I'm spearheading more things, I ask husband to financially contribute
>not perform the labor, just financially contribute to supplies and whatnot and esp since we still have to order more furniture
>he suddenly becomes antsy about money for no evident reason and whines when I ask
>he claims expenditures but I know damn well he hasn't spent much because I'm the one who has spent the most
>I know what he had leftover from closing costs
>ask him where the money went
>gives me a poorly explained reason, tells me he used some to pay off some debt which sounds like a half truth
>I let that shit go
>"You're going to be really mad at me. But I spent $600 on a limited edition release of a typewriter."
He better make like the next JK and write a huge moneymaker the second he gets that expensive piece of shit!! We don't even have all our furniture ordered yet and there he is spending frivolous. I bet he won't tell his dad what he purchased, but he's the first to rat on me to make me look like a silly woman for spending money on a fridge that I thought we needed. I'm not going to press this, because I intend to use this situation as leverage if I ever buy something for myself in the future. If he DARES bitch at me for anything I buy, I know I can use this instance to shut it down.
I'm too exhausted to make it a hill for me to die on, but this can be useful later.

More shit has happened than this, but this is the one that makes me feel drained the most because if the shoe were on the other foot, I'd have been demonized. Years ago when I was into j-fashion and depressed, I bought a $250 dollar dress from a release on my personal credit card. At the time, I rented with an ex. He was extremely angered by my purchase and went to vent about me to his girl friends about what I had done because I wasn't working as much at the job I hated so how dare I. I wound up reselling the dress for what I paid but not before I was made to feel like a fucking asshole for it. I'm not saying I was being financially responsible, but at least I wasn't a new homeowner needing to buy a bunch of new shit and then claiming I had no money to my wife.

No. 856240

Wtf are you talking about they already do (only fans).

No. 856243

Was more talking about pop artists, but then the post was already too old to delete

No. 856252

I have a crush on one of my colleagues. I'm already in a relationship. Kill me

No. 856253

I used to draw/Do Art but stopped around the end of high school, so nearly a decade ago. recently Instagram started showing me pages of adorable little clay trinkets and art and I was inspired to buy some polymer clay so I could try my hand at making something cute myself but I'm like the least creative person ever and afraid of making ugly art so wtf do I do now

suggestions for cute, tiny things to make, anons?

No. 856257

File: 1626529966783.jpg (182.95 KB, 1080x1125, 1618059155992.jpg)

Trying to psych myself up. If I do it and do everything perfectly, no matter which way things end up, things will be easier. Either I'll be forced to accept that I'm fated to be in the world and I'll try harder, or I'll die and never have to worry about it again. It seems scary, but it's just like falling asleep. I know that sounds too nice to be true, but when I was close to death, I was half dreaming about being a French mother driving her kids around in a sunny suburban place. It was nice, until I was revived in a hospital next to somebody screaming their head off.
What I'm hoping is that my consciousness passes through to a parallel universe again like last time I tried, but to one where I am loved and healthy with a good job that I enjoy and a great quality of life and absolutely no brain rot. Maybe one where I was never abused or anything, I was just a nice person who didn't know about any of this stuff. That would be really nice, haha

Oh, and also the thread pic is unsatisfying. Actually, the last one was ugly, too. Even if it was a Bacon.

No. 856259

can’t believe we went from forums being extremely common to internet forums and board websites being deemed as extremist websites. anything that hasn’t been bought out is a potential threat to megacorps

No. 856260

It’s my childhood best friend’s birthday and I just sent him a short nice happy birthday message, which is our first contact in years.
We were really close friends until middle/high school when we grew apart because we were in different cliques. We lived across the street from one another since birth until my family moved across town when I was like 16.
I found out 3 years ago (when i was 20) that his dad was arrested & put in prison for child sex crimes - I’ve looked into the case details as much as I could online but still don’t know exactly what happened. I feel weird messaging my old friend knowing what I know but I also feel weird avoiding someone I was close to for years just because I don’t know exactly what happened with his dad.
My friend had a really weird/aggressive relationship with his dad growing up & was always pretty defensive about his sexuality as he got older. He was always mostly friends with popular/pretty girls and ‘dated’ them in HS but everyone at school kind of joked that they were beards, so it makes me wonder if something happened with his dad. Idk if that’s a fucked up thing to think/wonder.
My mom asked if I remember anything happening with the dad when I was a kid and as far as I remember nothing happened, but I don’t have that many childhood memories honestly due to other traumas. They were the house with a pool and we were constantly over there in bathing suits and stuff and…. I don’t know, I feel uneasy. The court stuff didn’t disclose the gender of my friends dad’s victims, just that they were under 15.
It’s a situation I try not to think about too much because it’s confusing and I probably never will know what happened. But it’s been 3 years since I found out and probably 5 or 6 years since I’ve seen/talked to my childhood best friend at all. I feel guilty that I’ve been possibly shutting my childhood friend out because of this, but I also don’t know if he even gives a fuck to talk to me since he dropped me for more popular friends once we started growing up & hasn’t made any attempt to reach out in literal years. Idk. I feel stupid for wishing him a happy birthday and idk if I should.

No. 856268

This post made me feel a lot less bad about breaking things off with a guy I was seeing who was doing the same exact thing. Granted, that wasn't the only reason we broke things off but I definitely felt wary seeing him like so many other girls selfies - he has a decent size following on tumblr and every now and again I'd see selfies in my recommended posts that he'd liked, all from girls in their early 20's (he's in his early 30's) and I have a feeling he's used to using his popularity to try and talk with them too. It's a relief to see that I'm not just paranoid about that kind of stuff and that other people get that vibe from scrotes like that too. Guys who are chronically online can't be trusted imo and I'd much rather be alone and happy than be stuck with a pornsick coomer who spends their free time gawking at e-girls. I hope your friend realizes soon enough and is able to get out too!

No. 856270

My boobs are LITERALLY deflated. Not only are they stupidly oversized making the sag even worse, but my nipples are only an inch away from my belly button and it feels completely flat the top across my chest/upper rib area. I mirror my mother's breasts who has gone through 5 pregnancies. Fucking hell. I'm not asking for porn star tits or anything too much, just some even fat distribution. This shit is my biggest insecurity and I will never sleep with someone until I fix it. That said, I'm worried about the effects of heavy scarring + sensation loss a surgery would do.

No. 856272

One of my friends who just moved back to nyc area after living in Charlotte for 6 years called me an idiot and hung up the phone on me because I told him the millennial hipster/indie/music festival circuit of 2010s was dead and zoomers aren’t going to be lining up to see his revival post punk band that he wants to start at the age of 41, or any band for that matter. He just dug his feet in and started screeching that people have been going to see “live music since the dawn of time” and that covid for some reason is going to lead to an explosion of people going to see indie live bands playing in little shitty lounges, like half of those places didn’t go out of business and the tiktok/social media was never a thing… Why are people so resistant to adapting to any changes in culture, like whatever bro enjoy chasing your childhood dream from the late 90s while the rest of the world moves on

No. 856274

what an embarrassing man child. men truly have no self awareness. pls dump him as a friend

No. 856276

I started talking to a nice person on Tinder and coincidentally we were going to be going to the same club, but I was with friends and at the last minute they decided it wasn’t worth it to go so late (we had been out at another show)

And now I’m afraid he doesn’t want to meet up anymore. It’s depressing. I was really excited and I feel like I blew it. It’s hard not to be pessimistic about it… but I’m going to text him and just figure it out… ugh…

No. 856278

Stop this makes me so depressed. I can’t believe there are adults who literally don’t know things any different. They will only remember the internet as a permanent giant inescapable pop up ad.

No. 856280

I know it's easy to get stuck in your head, but just say that to him. Express that you're bummed it didn't match up that one time and that you were and still are excited to meet up. Suggest a new meet-up and do it soon. Be brave, be bold!

No. 856281

?? Literally what is there to be depressed about. Shit just fell through once. Make him work for it a little too sis.

No. 856284

File: 1626532877543.jpg (33.19 KB, 486x565, e0f.jpg)

I had a best friend growing up that I was fiercely competitive with (and she with me). Long story short this made our relationship super toxic and we would have giant fights over goddamn anything. She was sheltered growing up and I had a rough childhood, so I was already super jealous of her in general and the way we dealt with it was very different. I was very abrasive to everyone even if they're trying to help while she would constantly victimize herself to our group of friends and this caused me to be pressured by literally every one in our friend group to apologize first because I "should be the bigger person", even if she's the one at fault, and this in turn made me even MORE abrasive and hostile and eventually no one in our group cared to try and play middle man anymore.

Anyway, obviously this isn't sustainable and as soon as we hit adulthood we drifted apart, but not without one last attempt from me to try and fix things. She basically told me "no, nothing you say can fix anything anymore because you've wronged me too many times" when most of our fights come from her saying stupid shit to me like picking on my bf's appearances for no reason or subtly throwing a jab at me for not wearing make up to meet her because I rushed out of the house to meet her while she was having a mental breakdown. She does it in the worst way possible, too. ("Oh I would never be able to leave the house without make up haha") Bitch, I should've just let you have your stupid breakdown if you're going to act like this.

It drives me insane because whenever she was upset with something I did she wouldn't tell me straight, she would play victim about it to our friends and then they would come tell me "hey you've made her very upset by doing this can you go apologize to her" and I would feel like a crazy bitch trying to get people to understand my side of the story. It would be fair if it was shit like me insulting her or whatever but she gets upset over the most milquetoast shit like me kicking her out of our party in game when she said she wants to play with her bf. How are you going to join his party if I don't kick you out first? What the fuck? And then she has the gall to say I'm trying to antagonize her when I tell her I'm upset she belittles my work when I always went to her for advice for it. (I sell my art at cons, finally got 5 minutes to walk around cause sales were going well, say hi to her and comment on how I finally got the time to walk around, she misunderstands the comment and say "oh you're really free now because all your merch looks the same?" i.e no one wants to buy your art cause all of it looks the same?)

This lack of closure has made me super bitter. I've blocked her everywhere and deleted all my social media partly because of her. I wish I got some sort of justified closure so I could move on and not think about her in bitterness every few days. It's already been two years. I'm sure she doesn't think of me at all. I feel pathetic. It also doesn't help that one of our mutuals are super close to both of us and doesn't want to burn bridges, so she doesn't acknowledge how shitty I've been treated by this friend. Our clique basically broke off contact with me cause I fell out with her. I'm not looking forward to cons reopening in my area and having to see her again. I feel so pathetic being hung up on this after so long when she probably doesn't even give half a shit.

No. 856295


You’re both right.. I am definitely just doomsday in my head all the time about minor changes. I always think the worst when things happen. And I texted him and he was immediately like “no sweat I was so tired last night xyz”

Thnx for keeping me in check fair anons

No. 856297

good sign that he was understanding. i had a tinder date planned once and fell asleep behind the wheel and flipped my car like 2 days before we should meet up. i told him what happened and why i could no longer meet up and he thought i was making up some elaborate lie to get out of it and stopped talking to me. crisis averted kek.

No. 856298

Make stuff you like!! little dogs/cats, abstract shapes, little cartoon dolls. I like to make clowns.

No. 856303

If she's older maybe she she'll mature at some point

No. 856304

When the weather is good it gets so busy where I live especially if it's a Friday or the weekend so I'm going to avoid the crowds and sort out my clothes. Not to be a bitch but I miss when I could go to the beach and hardly anyone was there cause of the covid fear.

No. 856305

Bitch wtf glad you’re ok.

No. 856314

Reading this post is like looking into a time machine. I had this shit happen when I was dating my ex, but I wrote it off as "miscommunication." I also had Cool Girl Syndrome and didn't want to be the overly high-strung girlfriend who couldn't handle her boyfriend playing video games. I had lots of talks with him about it in an effort to ~communicate, but all that resulted in was very little to no changed behavior and subsequent massive hits to my own self-esteem. Six years and a painful divorce later, I had to learn that the way he acts shows what he thinks. Video games (and other things, but mostly vidya) continued to be a priority over actively dating me. You can find a man that you won't need to remind to check in on you, because he'll actually prioritize you and your relationship and will have the intrinsic motivation to do so without you saying anything. That's not to say your current bf doesn't love or prioritize you at all, but clearly not enough if shitty video games can trump you, and you can find someone who does love and prioritize you more than your gamer scrote. Heed my warning, all nonnies, who are involved with a vidya moid in any way.

No. 856316

kek ty, it was a couple years ago now

No. 856321

i wish i had more (online) friends that are not hetero and are terfs. A good chunk of my friends are normies, or have no fucking opinions about anything ever. I don't like having to hold back just to not offend anyone

No. 856331

This post triggered me so much kek I had the same dynamic with a best friend…
>She was sheltered growing up and I had a rough childhood
>I was very abrasive to everyone even if they're trying to help while she would constantly victimize herself
Same. Somehow along the way I assumed the protector role of the relationship while they got to be total pissy baby emotional vampires. Funny thing is she’d try to skinwalk me when interacting with other people.
>She basically told me "no, nothing you say can fix anything anymore because you've wronged me too many times" when most of our fights come from her saying stupid shit
Yeah I too tried to fix it multiple times but it’s impossible to maintain the bpd bullshit she demands. Bitch gets mad about me not being constantly available when she melts down over scrotes. When I did get upset and tell her her problems are self-inflicted, she held on to every “mean” thing I said and victimized herself harder.
>It drives me insane because whenever she was upset with something I did she wouldn't tell me straight, she would play victim about it to our friends
Fuck this shit too. Why do they do this?? If she vagueposting online it’s a coin toss about me or her bf doing something wrong.
>throwing a jab at me for not wearing make up
> gets upset over the most milquetoast shit like me kicking her out of our party in game when she said she wants to play with her bf
>say I'm trying to antagonize her when I tell her I'm upset she belittles my work
>This lack of closure has made me super bitter. I'm sure she doesn't think of me at all. I feel pathetic.
Okay the cunt is an actual psycho and hated your guts. Mine at least lovebombs me to death on her off time. You have everything to gain by losing her permanently.
But yeah I understand the bitterness after such a long time. Friendship breaks your heart in such a different way that not enough people write songs about… I get bouts of thinking about her and would go through the full cycle of grief in a day. I thought I was in love with her. It’s whatever. Some people were only ever meant to be in our lives to teach us harsh lessons. I hope you get surrounded by friends who are well adjusted.

No. 856338

My niece is 2 years old and I honestly can't stand her sometimes lol I know kids are hard but my brother and his wife don't put the necessary limits on her and it's annoying. For example if you say "no" she will inmediately throw all the toys in her table on the floor in revenge, sometimes she even laughs at you if you get angry. I really don't know how they do it, when I come over I'm always really hard with her and sometimes she responds but not too much since she's used to getting her way (she inmediately runs to mommy with fake tears to get coddled). She has drawn on every goddamn wall of the living room because "who cares we were going to paint anyway". Including a paiting I did that I left at their apartment (I get not noticing the first scratch but they let her keep drawing on it after that). They are just sending all the wrong messages with her, just fucking discipline her! I feel bad because I'm just not a kid person so lately I just don't want to deal with her, like I'm one of those people that takes it personally. If she throws something at me, I'm like bitch you're not getting it back, deal with it kek.

I'm never having kids with any scrote. They all default to "I work you do everything else, oh but also work because we're equals now" and my brother is no exception. He clearly wants to be the patriarch but he doesn't even make enough to pay all the bills, and my sil has to remind him of everything like a child so what's the point? All women just fall into having to baby their husbands too.

And this is super personal and I know it's normal to breasfeed up to 2 years old but I find it so gross when a kid that can already walk/talk literally grabs and undresses their mothers in front of you like she's their property. It just irks me when I see it.

No. 856345

I’m always been paranoid to post, despite being here day of this sites creation, but guess I just need it right now. Im so desperate to find reasons to not kill myself and I just feel like it’ll just backfire. Im trying to talk to old friends, do I even really even care about them though? I just feel selfish, I’ll probably just disappear in a couple weeks again to isolate myself with my own crazy thoughts.
Everything in my life is going downhill and im just sitting here watching it go. Im at the point where I’ve been trying to get help for the constant suicidal ideation I’ve now had on and off for years, all im ever told is to “keep waiting”. I’ve been through 90% of anti depressants boosters stabilizers anti psychotics. How long does everyone think this is a way to live, I’m so low now that I don’t do anything. I wake up and force hygiene. Then lay back down or sit outside for hours at a time just staring at (nothing). My empathy is almost completely gone now too, I can’t care about anything or anyone. I feel sick even exchanging positive words with family or my boyfriend.
Yes I’ve been to therapy. I’m late 20s and went off and on since I was 12. It’s done nothing but cause me more stress.

No. 856350

i dont know how often you have heard this before or if it helps at all, but do you have small things that can provide meaning to you? Do maybe remember something you have always wanted to do before this? Any movies you were ever interested in watching? Please ignore this if i'm talking bs, i just feel really bad reading your post

No. 856352

That's just millenial parenting in the West. They want to "do better" than their parents did with them and try to be the kid's friend. The kid then walks all over them and throws tantrums to get what it wants because they think yelling at it and disciplining is is uwu abusive.

None of my relatives had any issues tard wrangling their kids but that's because in my country people know you have to be a child's parent first until they're grown.

No. 856358

As I get older I'm starting to understand how important it is to have someone there for you. I feel so lonely not having someone who can bring me comfort and console me, and even worse there's no one there when I get sick and can't take care of myself and the things around me. No one looks for me and wonders how I'm doing either. Being alone gives you less burdens and make you more "free", but not having someone there when things get rough is sad and anxiety-inducing.

No. 856359

I want to go out and have fun but I have no friends or money and I'm also unemployed and starting to feel hopeless about ever finding a job

No. 856365

I used to have that, I did like drawing, video games, driving, horror films, prop making, or just doing stuff for my friends used to help a lot. All enjoyment that use to spark from that is completely gone. I’ve been a mostly housebound agoraphobic though too for almost 10 years now, i can only go outside with my bf and maybe my mother without going into a meltdown. It’s not always just panic attacks, it’s more like a shut down where my brain turns off from stress. It’s embarrassing cause all I can say is “I don’t know” over and over

No. 856385

I'm glad you messaged him and I hope he responds

No. 856390

I'm so sorry you're going through this anon. With all my heart. I feel like we're only a decade from some medical breakthrough that'll fix this and it's unfair you have to suffer so much. I'm sorry if what I'm saying doesn't make sense, I just wanted to respond to you and make you feel heard.

No. 856405

ayrt, i really am not sure what to say except that i am so sorry this is happening to you. Just please hang on, okay? I'm here if you still want to talk about anything at all

No. 856411

samefag, i shouldve probably written hang in there* instead

No. 856412

Saw an anon say they wish we could get rid of the "porny" banners cause it "gives people the wrong impression". Bitch, who cares? This shouldn't be a place you're proud of lel

No. 856414

Thank you kind anons, I’m currently trying to get ECT done with free insurance and not admitting myself to a place island it’s kind of hell. I’m gonna just keep on “waiting” as long as I can, I’m fortunate enough that I won’t have too many more stressors since I have people that are able to care for me. (Hopefully I won’t make them do it much longer, become independent)

Though separately I wanna say, another anon I wanna thank is who brought up the word Dyspraxia in some thread, probably a couple weeks back. The word made me curious so I googled it and I think its 100% is something I have. I struggled with learning disabilities throughout my life and had a lot of tests done but could never get a real diagnoses. “You have all these symptoms but it doesn’t match autism so idk what to tell you” was the end of any learning help I got, so I’ll be speaking with my doctors about that asap.

No. 856415

It's still gross though and annoying when it keeps popping up.

No. 856416

Place island= facility damn either my fingers are retarded or iphone wants to sabotage my posts.

No. 856428

chan is completely unbearable about this, here it’s just annoying. imagine being an eighteen year old website that has to rely on hub ads

No. 856429

writing and playing music is a fulfilling hobby regardless of whether or not it's financially successful. if he expects to get rich he's an idiot but you seem to be blowing up over nothing tbh.

No. 856433

Guess you can't miss what you never had, I can't wait until everyone leaves me the fuck alone.

No. 856437

It might have been me, I was thinking of scrotes and new posters who think anons here are male. Porny banners don't help their impression that this is a place to talk about how cow x makes their peepees hard etc.

No. 856444

>former friend of mine keeps describing what basically amounts to online shit-flinging and gossiping as “traumatic”
am i wrong to think what she is doing is fucking stupid? as someone who’s actually gone through sexual assault, i feel like she doesn’t have any idea what trauma actually is. the gossiping didn’t even lead to anything serious like doxxing.

No. 856453

Having PMS/PMDD right now and I feel worthless. I feel like I have no future, my dreams are worthless and I'm never gonna accomplish them. I hate fucking feeling this so much. A rational part of my brain KNOWS that this is just a part of PMS/PMDD but another part of me wonders if it's true, and if I AM worthless and objectively more stupid/less talented/other synonyms than the other people then suicide is the only rational choice to make. And I fucking hate that I have to think of reasons not to do it every fucking single month. Seriously it makes being a woman a fucking pain. It's like my brain suddenly turns against me every single fucking month. Like literally why the fuck does this happen??

No. 856463

I feel your pain anon. At least you can recognize those feelings as a biproduct of hormonal shit and reminding yourself this makes it easier as the years go by, trust me. I get suicidal feelings as well and my body dysmorphia just RAMPS up. I just stay away from mirrors and remind myself in a week I'll be fine, it helps

No. 856470

Idk how to initiate sex with my bf, last time ended with me in tears and him saying "the shitshow continues" one of his exes was a camgirl idk wtf I'm even supposed to so I'm literally contemplating suicide no exaggeration

No. 856472

why are you even with him

No. 856473

Do it because you’re pathetic(vent thread)

No. 856477

Drop him anon, he sounds like a huge asshole. You don't deserve that

No. 856479

I also used to have a lot of people around and wished to be left alone, now even my family fucking hates me, my mental and physical illnesses are going to get worse and I wish to have someone to rely on sometimes (which I actually never had since no one bothered to care about me, even if they were physically around).

No. 856483

>suicide over pleasing cock
How’s your relationship with your family? Is that why you have no selfworth?

No. 856488

Never get to this point over some person you're dating. Shitty relationships end and life goes on and only gets better without them. None of this will matter a few years from now.

No. 856502

All the handsome men I saw today had partners. Saw the most gorgeous man and then his gorgeous partner. Ugh. All the hot men are taken. Guess I'll go kms

No. 856516


Ik this is lolcow & ppl will assume its the scrote that's the problem (which is the case 99% of the time so love u guys for that)
But I have severe social anxiety, bdd etc that makes me act retarded about sex even tho I love him, am VERY attracted to him & he's genuinely One Of The Good Ones. So yes I have bad relationship with my family etc etc not sure what the purpose of this post even is

No. 856518

> ended with me in tears and him saying "the shitshow continues" one of his exes was a camgirl

No. 856519

No. 856526

He said "the shitshow continues" after you started crying. Doesn't sound like "one of the good ones" tbh.

No. 856530

I act retarded (aka mentally ill) all the time though, anyone would reach the point of exasperation / insensitivity after 3 years of my bs

No. 856531

in that case you both sound fucking obnoxious

No. 856536

I kinda hate my oldest male cousin. He always gets shilled as this perfect, smart guy by my parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents that we should measure up to. He can do no wrong. When my second oldest cousin decided to get a sociology degree she was mocked by grandparents and my oldest cousin who said that she would never ever get a job with that and that she is wasting her money. It made me very angry and I cannot blame her for cutting off contact with a lot of the family. I cannot remember my older cousin ever sending me a birthday message or trying to bond with me in any way which is sad, because I do get along just fine with all of my other cousins. I also now have to choose a degree I want to pursue and I am terrified of the reaction an mockery of my family since it is not a stem degree.

No. 856538

You’re the same as me, even the same timeframe in my recent relationship
I say this with firsthand knowledge that you are fucking stupid for acting like this. People will like you more if you’re nicer, you realize that? That goes for relationships long and short term.
Anyway, dump him and learn to love yourself, retard. Camgirl ex kekkkk

No. 856539

You both are idiots.

No. 856548

so my ldr (Midwest to southern US) ended in mid 2020 over really petty shit that was ultimately my fault but all this time later I think of her almost every day. anyway, TikTok showed me an awesome group of pro choice volunteers that help escort women to and from their cars at abortion clinics. they looked to be from around where she lives so I thought "oh jeez I wonder if _____ knows about them, she'd love to do this" and just put that in the back of my head as I enjoyed their videos. I ended up today following the main woman in charge of it all on Instagram after seeing a video where she mentions her ig handle and telling people to find her there. I followed her and as soon as I open this woman's stories, there's my ex. my heart sank (??) and I immediately backed out and unfollowed her. I was shocked and not to be dramatic still feel shaky. I so badly want to reach out to my ex and congratulate her on doing such cool volunteer work (and tell her about this crazy ass coincidence) but I'm scared she'll think I'm harassing her or being annoying or generally just stalking her which isn't the case. wish I never followed her so I didn't have to see that because I will be thinking about this forever now.

No. 856552

the fuck do you mean by "nice" here?

No. 856556

samefag but I just want to say too that it was more than a relationship that we had. she was my best friend and we called one another our soulmate. I don't know what I should do, if anything, anons. the level of Missing Everything About Her is real high today and I feel lost.

No. 856564

I didn't blame him in my reply cause I got bpd vibes tbh. But regardless of who the blame lies with you're just not good for each other if you feel this way
>I'm literally contemplating suicide no exaggeration

I had a guy I was desperately in love with break up with me years ago and I couldn't understand it. Our love was intense so I was honestly blindsided by it. He had more sense than me though. When we argued about relatively small things I had moments where my entire world was crashing down. In retrospect it was nutty. It took me about a decade to fully appreciate that yes it is your cue to leave if one of you tends to become suicidal over disagreements or lil bumps in the relationship. That's not healthy love.

I've never seen a partner in the same state of distress I used to be in but if I ever played a part in driving a man to want to die.. I sure would end the relationship, as an act of kindness. Overall it is kinder. Someone in that state needs to be single and getting their head in check without all the emotional ups and downs of an intsense relationship.

No. 856566

File: 1626558372447.jpg (45.31 KB, 550x310, Euy5MtLWgAI75qo.jpg)

Went out with a guy I found attractive on our first date. When we met up in a place requiring respirator, he was wearing a few times used mask under his nose and it somehow made me lose attraction. It's both a pet peeve of mine and he looked horrible like that, his whole nose sticking out made me realize his nose is pretty ugly. And then he started about how his astrologist adviced him to buy a goldfish and it died because it absorbed negative energy of his new flat and how he's moving for a fifth time this year because of negative energy he senses…
Jesus Christ, please, give me a normal guy. I don't want these astrology antivaxxers anymore. He's the second guy to spout shit like this. Please, at least one mentally (somewhat) stable person.

No. 856572

Sick of making 15 an hour working a difficult and emotionally taxing job in the mental health field while my sister sells fruit for a living and makes 20 an hour. I'm in my mid 20s and haven't ever made more than minimum wage and I'm so over being broke all the damn time!

No. 856621

I read your post earlier today and didn't have time to write a proper reply, but you have been on my mind today. One of my closest friends tried to kill herself a couple of years before I met her, and I've struggled for about a decade now with that "nothing I love excites me" feeling. My heart breaks for you, but I'm positive there are better days waiting for you.

No. 856656

Anyone else get these out of place brackets where they isolate themselves completely and don't want to talk to anyone? Like I physicailly get annoyed if anyone talks to me or asks how I am, or my parents call me. I feel bad because I don't want to do that to people but I can't help it, like i need to disappear for several weeks until I'm less angry and sad.

Maybe I have massive hormonal issues kek I'm not sure since I don't have regular periods so I don't keep track of it

No. 856661

Alcohol should be illegal for men

No. 856662

SAME. I moved to a new city last year. I don't know anyone IRL thanks to fucking covid. I feel like I moved to a place that looks pretty but is populated by NPCs.

No. 856676

I was just about to settle in to bed and the downstairs neighbours have started fighting. Lovely.

No. 856722

File: 1626574371913.jpg (67.09 KB, 800x649, pepe-the-frog-holding-a-cigare…)

is it just me or is hanging out with a group of men insufferable? whenever i'm outnumbered by them they're constantly trying to one-up each other with insults and it feels so tryhard and uncomfortable. is that how they always are??

No. 856724

did you meet him on an app? i've always had either bad or completely boring dates from guys online

No. 856725

Nah I've heard that male friend groups do this a lot when women around.

No. 856726

File: 1626574681288.jpg (21.06 KB, 480x360, 1a8TtgOj3b8TD7f-HklXt2Q3z1-tSu…)

reminds me of that south park episode where the boys start noticing a girl has boobs and instantly all start fighting each other

it's so awkward

No. 856729

men banter CONSTANTLY. You can hear this in voice chat in video games.

No. 856734

yes. Men are insufferable.

No. 856745

Ugggh male banter is the absolute worst in game chat. I always mute their dumb asses

No. 856748

I love manipulating this. pick an obvious favorite of the group but change it constantly, play them off each other and they will verbally eviscerate each other

No. 856752

you can also do this but choose a least favorite and let them go to town

No. 856768

yeah idk i come into discord vcs sometimes and i just want to chill, and all of a sudden it's guys shouting KILL YOURSELF FUCK YOU SUCK MY DICK at each other

No. 856769

I'm a pretty worthless person but I guess that's ok. I'll try to live the best I can.

No. 856799

jfc stop messaging me dude i dated at 14 over 10 years ago! im married now, i live across the country, and ive never once responded so take the hint! literally,,,, i don't know you anymore & you don't know me. and if he has no one closer to him in his life to turn to or whatever it is he wants that's fuckin SAD bro and has nothing 2 do w/ me. BLOCKED

No. 856806

My area is so shitty now. I can't walk to the store in the evenings to grab a drink without getting catcalled by drunk men hanging out in groups of 10+, I hate it. I've even heard them yell at some 14 year old looking girls. I'm surprised they've been able get away with this, usually the cops nip this kind of thing in the bud but they've been at it nearly every night.

No. 856817

Nonnie that sounds scary, please take care. Isn't there another route to the store?

No. 856818

Met with a friend I haven’t seen since the pandemic and when she met me at the cafe the first thing I saw was her pronoun pin on the front of her shirt…………..

No. 856819

Thank you for the reply with your experiences anon, it really helped! I hope to one day stop thinking about it so frequently, but I guess it will take a while since it was a good 8 years or so of my life after all. I hope you are surrounded by great, loving friends as well.

No. 856832

you can fix her

No. 856836

I hate genderspecials but the pronoun girls are always so hot lol. pinkpill her

No. 856846

I finally got an invite code to ovarit and when I tried searching ovarit on google to actually visit the site, it didn't come up in the results no matter what keywords I used. Duck duck go found it right away. I knew that google censors searches but this was my first time witnessing it and I'm furious. Of course radfem discussion is censored and silenced. Of course. Women can't have a space to talk about women's issues. Jesus fucking christ. It's fucking 2021 and women are treated like subhuman trash. Equal rights my ass. I'm so angry.

No. 856870

It's the first result on Google both when I'm logged into or out of my Google account. You're angry over nothing.

No. 856871

Yeah, it came right up when I googled it too. Never searched for it before.

No. 856975

God why the fuck are "aroace" people so annoying? I have a bunch of friends who identify as either both or one of them and they always insert themselves into random ass conversations. Yes yes we get it you're special cause you don't need romantic partners to feel good, can they stop bringing that shit up every time someone mentions romance. I consider myself pretty sex-aversed and i don't fall in love easily or anything but i just can't imagine being an aromantic or asexual, thinking that's just what you are instead of what you feel at the present?
It always makes me sad seeing my younger mutuals questioning their "aromantic"ness or having a crisis with their sexuality because they feel attraction to someone for the first time in a while. This whole aroace bullshit is so fucking weird. I'm thoroughly convinced it's just NLOG to the extreme.

No. 856976

Why is it classed as controversial for a white woman to play an Asian character (Scarlet Johansson got a lot of stick for Ghost in the Shell IIRC). Yet a black woman playing Ariel the Little Mermaid, a white character, and a black woman playing Anne Boleyn (who was a REAL white person, and not a character) was praised by woke Twitter? (Not racebait, genuinely curious). Would a white woman playing a black character be acceptable? Like a white woman playing Tiana from Princess and the Frog?) Again not racebait, not every topic regarding race is bait)

No. 856977

because of attenshun and race discourse. I doubt that that many people would see the movie if Anne Boleyn was white Anne Boleyn. But with black Anne Boleyn and black Ariel you basically get free marketing and discourse on twitter.
This isn't that much about representation or else they would have made an original fictional movie or used non eurocentric fairy tale or history to represent people accordingly.

No. 856982

>I consider myself pretty sex-aversed and i don't fall in love easily or anything but i just can't imagine being an aromantic or asexual, thinking that's just what you are instead of what you feel at the present?
This is how I feel as well. Even if I thought I was ace I wouldn't identify as it because they're so fucking annoying, and making labels up or changing their meaning every day. I've had ace/aro people try to convince me of so much bs like that demi people are also asexual (how??) or that asexual people can want sex actually because wanting to have sex with someone is different from sexual attraction (??????). And if you ask them to actually explain any of these things they obviously can't because they make no sense, they just tell you to educate yourself or that you're a bad person for iNvALiDaTiNg people
>Would a white woman playing a black character be acceptable?
Obviously not anon. I'm a eurofag and don't have strong opinions on race politics either way but the reasoning behind everything you've mentioned is obvious, i know you're not actually this dense

No. 856984

Of course I know it wouldn’t be accepted anon, woke Twitter and media in general would go into a frenzy. It was more of a rhetorical question to make a point that it is one rule for one and one for another

No. 856991

File: 1626613084641.jpg (63.74 KB, 828x800, EvgPmB-UcAE5LRC.jpg)

im fucking sick of men - why cant you just be friends with them without them projecting their fucking manic pixie dream girl fantasies on you? im lonely as shit and i thought i finally made a good friend now hes fucking simping and being annoying - im not trying to be a bitch but this guys not my type at all

No. 856992

fuck off with tiresome twitter bullshit. here's some free advice if you ever want to have a conversation and you find yourself typing "twitter would lose their shit" "twitter would ExPlODE" "twitter would be all over it" just stop. don't start arguments with strangers over the hypothetical response of internet strangers on twitter to a hypothetical situation and how it would hypothetically enrage you. go outside. touch grass. get off the internet. turn off your phone. it doesn't matter what the answer is. go look up at the sky truly.

No. 856994

Yes asexuality doesn't exist for humans. I know it's a meme that everyone thinks about sex constantly but it's literally not the case. People with dead bedrooms aren't asexual they're sexually frustrated lol. People that aren't sexually active aren't asexual they just aren't sexually active.

If I turn down sex from an undesirable it's not because I'm asexual it's because I have standards.

Sex is a choice not a lifestyle.

No. 857011

>People with dead bedrooms aren't asexual they're sexually frustrated lol. People that aren't sexually active aren't asexual they just aren't sexually active.
>If I turn down sex from an undesirable it's not because I'm asexual it's because I have standards.
>Sex is a choice not a lifestyle.
What if you don't have the choice because you don't respond sexually to anything, don't want to have sex, don't get turned on etc. though? I do not identify as asexual, but sadly this has been my experience for the past few years. IDK why it's so hard for some of you to accept that you can completely lose your sexuality.

No. 857014

Maybe it's dumb and uninformed but I always thought that maybe if homosexuality can exist, which doesn't seem to make sense from a nature/evolution standpoint considering two of the same gender can't reproduce (without modern help), then I think so can asexuality. Maybe it's even nature's solution to the overpopulation of the earth. That's not to say that every twitter use with ace in it's bio actually doesn't experience sexual attraction or desire but I do think it's rare but real personally.

No. 857015

I went through a dry patch of about 4 years and had a boyfriend during it. I can understand feeling like that but I don't think a lack of sexuality would be a constant thing. Unless it's a trauma response or something I don't know. I haven't had sex in about a year and have no desire to pursue anyone for it at this time, although I still masturbate and feel horny.

No. 857016

Homosexuality there's still arousal and the sex organs respond to stimulis. Asexuality is an actual thing in which a body can reproduce with itself. It's a function of nature. A human claiming to be asexual is just simply incorrect. I really doubt any man or woman that claims to be asexual can not claim to feeling aroused and getting wet/hard over someone.

No. 857017

NTA but that's called having a low or nonexistent sex drive. And not being able to enjoy sex or sexual functions to the point where it affects negatively on your day-to-day life is as much of a problem as hypersexuality or nymphomania is.

I get that it's not as black and white as ace is completely bullshit or it's a totally valid kweer identity, but the point still stands, i think at most it's a modifier for existing sexualities.

No. 857020

I know that I will get harassed again for this,but I have remembered so many instances where I have been beaten/harassed/bullied by uglier girls for my looks and I've seen some pretty autistic girls being bullied too definitely because of jealousy and because they were psychologically vulnerable, yet had something desirable (beauty).

The worst instance for me was when I got chased down the street by a very fat girl at night in a shady neighborhood and she started picking on me, telling me I'm ugly and that I walk weirdly and when I looked back at her I saw that she was a landwhale, literal morbidly obese with an ogre face. I said "you're fat" and after I said that she ran really fast and pulled me by the hair and hit me but I was lucky I had a glass coke bottle in my hand and hit her with it until she let me go and I ran. This is not the only instance, but the worst. Sometimes the stacies in my school would pick on stuff about my appearance, although they were much uglier than me. Now, I don't think I'm an extraordinary beauty. I'm a 7/10 or 8/10 if I put in effort. I also think farmers have completely fucked views over beauty standards. Farmers call Belle Delphine ugly when in the real world she objectively is a 8/10. The internet fucks your perception of beauty and what is average and what is above average and what is extremely beautiful. Everything on the internet is modified to seem perfect. Go outside and take a look, most people are kinda ugly. I also think beauty is a feeling as well, I just feel constantly deformed although I am not. It's like the way I carry my body and the way it feels, the way I percieve my body from the inside makes me feel like I am deformed and I constantly forget how my face looks like and I think I am uglier than I actually am

No. 857022

this is hilarious anon

No. 857031

I know, I couldn't even take myself seriously when I wrote it. But I still stand my ground over beauty being a form of opression in certain cases. You can be targeted by hateful attacks or jealousy and if you are poor or mentally ill it is even easier to be harassed or taken advantage of over being beautiful.

For example men that seek sexual services in third world country rarely go for ugly girls and they specifically target the beautiful ones because they think they are entitled to beauty

No. 857032

Anon are you okay? Why must you seethe so hard? It is just because they seem to gather on Twitter more than anywhere else.

No. 857034

Just found my hamster dead in the cage and burried him. I dont know why he died I gave him a 65in cage with shitloads of bedding that is approved, the best food, filtered water, toys, chews, large wheel and he seemed fine until death. Today was supposed to be a good day but now I just feel empty. I probably can't even post about this because most people laugh that a "stupid rat" dropped dead. Even if someone kept fish or tarantulas I wouldn't laugh at the pet which they loved and cared for dropped dead. Part of me just wanted to get this off my chest since it will probably hit me later that I'm sad.

No. 857035

nooo I also had hamsters and rats and they are beautiful and sweet, but they are very sensitive. You never know if they have internal issues. They don't live very long. RIP anon. I hope you will get a new one in a week or two. Preferably a pair.

No. 857038

Anon I am very sorry for your loss. Anyone that replies negatively or makes fun of your post has obviously never felt the love and bond of a pet (as it doesn’t matter if said pet is big or small!) I can tell your little hamster had a happy life with you as you cared for it! My mum had a hamster when she was young, she wasn’t even an animal person, but she adored her, she was called twinkle and she was devastated when she died! Sorry for derailing but just wanted to let you know that you can be sad over your loss. RIP anon’s hamster. Hugs hugs hugs x

No. 857039

File: 1626616606821.png (13.53 KB, 462x367, 1621716392570.png)

Don't judge your own grief by what others might think of it. It sounds like you really loved him and gave him the best life he could have had, I'm happy you had each other and that you were there for each other until the very end. I'm so sorry, it's never easy.

No. 857051

Yeah. I really don't know where to meet new guys other than app tbh. My friends found their bfs there but the experiences (around 4 or 5 dates) I had are terrible.
The guys were catfishes, flaky or believed in extraterrestrial conspiracies. And all of them were dumb as fuck, really unintelligent.

No. 857066

jesus christ, read a biology book. you just typed some dumb shit. nature doesn't have a "solution", evolution is blind to the future. and from a nature standpoint, being asexual is when a specie is able to reproduce with only one parent.

this is exactly my vent, some of you drop words like 'nature' and 'evolution' without even basic ideas of evolutionary theory. another jordan peterson in the making.

No. 857070

Fuck the people that make you feel like shit about this, anon. You seemed to have given the little furball a good life, sometimes death just happens. May they be burrowing in the big cloud in the sky. <3

No. 857072

It is so hot in the uk, we aren’t built for the heat like other countries. I hate the heat, I have already threw up today and keep getting headaches and I haven’t left the house in 2 days

No. 857081

Solidarity, just survived an extremely humid 30+ heatwave in Sweden. Our houses are built to trap heat, air condition is rare.

No. 857094

File: 1626621939602.jpg (76.48 KB, 742x699, tdnxekgzh9h21.jpg)

I'm devastated. I invited my coworker for a coffee, we were supposed to go this saturday. Then I changed my plans and I asked him if we can go on sunday instead. He didn't seem to have a problem with that. He said he will come to my town since I have problems with transportation, he seemed shy but rather interested. We didn't see each other at work on friday. Yesterday I sent him a message asking him if he's still going out with me today but he didn't answer me. Nothing. Previously I had three different people telling me he behaves like a junkie and he probably takes something heavier than just weed. He mentioned he can't sleep at night, he often seemed shaky and nervous, last week he didn't come to work and said it's because his bike broke down, and everyone knew it's bullshit. But I didn't want to judge him, especially that the rumors that he's taking amphetamine were spreaded by a guy who openly hates him. Now I keep wondering, if he ignored me because he simply lost interest, or was he annoyed because of the fact I changed our plans, or maybe he drugged himself on saturday night and wasn't even in a state allowing him to answer me. I don't know. I feel terrible either way. I never asked out a guy before, I didn't have any experience with men in general, and I was anticipating our meeting so much. And he just treated me like this. I wonder what he's going to tell me tomorrow. If he even says anything.

No. 857100

File: 1626622559605.jpg (22.63 KB, 600x315, eyecleanse.jpg)

I just read a weird fucked up manga and I couldn't stop reading it, it was like witnessing a car crash, you just can't look away. I think I just traumatized myself and I feel like barfing. Jesus Christ.

No. 857106

It might be that his days off are his getting wasted days, maybe he planned to keep it sober for a bit on saturday to keep your date but then once that fell through he couldn't hang on and binged whatever his usual vice is and is either still high or resting after the high .

If he is a junkie you'll be avoiding a world of longer term pain by having this fall through tbh. Still.. sorry that you're stuck without a clear answer.

No. 857109

File: 1626622954306.jpeg (277.48 KB, 1242x1232, AE4401F3-72C5-4B81-97E9-F08FEE…)

If I have to take SSRIs forever to function in society, I'd rather just kill myself honestly

No. 857122

dodged bullet, nonnie.

That's how I felt when I read Suck it by Kago Shintaro. I still think about it and feel sick sometimes. Curious anons reading this, look up a synopsis or something, don't read it.

No. 857147

>he attended a social gathering yesterday and hasn't responded since yesterday afternoon despite having read your messages from yesterday night and this morning
>he probably got drunk and met a girl whom he slept with and now he is distant
Why does my brain do this… I know why, but still… I want to say it is irrational, but it is actually so common, likely and logical that I don't know how to refute it

No. 857156


This was me with Fire Punch. Worst thing I ever read.

No. 857172

i have a high waist-hip ratio as a skinny/average woman. a waist-hip ratio of 0.85 is classified as OBESE for women and mine is 0.84… yet i weigh no more than 55kg and i'm 5'7. i seriously don't know what this means and if it just confirms my thoughts of my body being unattractive

No. 857173

>suicidal over scrotes
yeah you probably should

No. 857177

Me and Ichi the Killer. What a weird fucked up story, weeabooness had really rotted my brain for me to actually get through it

No. 857189

Wtf really? When I google it it doesn't come up at all. I tried different devices and looked through several pages of results. Idk what's up with that but thanks for letting me know so I don't have to be angry over nothing lmao.

No. 857193

File: 1626628446916.png (140.24 KB, 850x1135, Female-stimulus-figures-repres…)

It means nothing. I read that that study touting a WHR of 0.7 as perfect/ideal didn't actually account for the appearance of reduced bodyweight. Newer studies adjusted for size and shape suggest that actually shape doesn't matter so much, but men find a BMI of 19 to be the most attractive in a woman.

None of it matters anyway, though. Why should we base our relationship with our own bodies on a study like this? It's basically a few scrotes who got together to rate terrible drawings of women (picrel) on their fuckability, on a scale of 1-10. I've never seen "scientific" scrutiny of men's bodies like this, much less men worrying about what an irrelevant shitty study said once.

It's laughable, nonnie. You're probably beautiful, but whether you are or not, that has no bearing on your worth as a person. It's not said enough, and especially hard to remember on a site like this.

No. 857203

File: 1626629459276.jpeg (112.48 KB, 826x1186, 47785A73-3730-4710-AE12-B626C5…)

this really put things into perspective. thank you. sometimes i just have a hard time dealing with having an undefined waist, it is basically the epitome of womanly attractiveness and the WHR plays into it a lot so i overreacted.

No. 857205

Just threw up again. I can never get in control of my eating, I’m addicted and it seems going back to bulimia is my only option.

No. 857207

I spend so much money and effort on sustaining an attractive appearance, living healthily and generally being a nice person, but it is too much effort for a man who doesn't shower daily, consumes sugar and alcohol regularly, does not exercise nor sleep sufficient and whose dick I allow near me to at least take an STD test so I do not have to be concerned about having everything I saved myself for ruined by some scrote. I am spending so much money just to visit him for a week because anything is better than living where I am right now and I am finally legally allowed to make these decisions. But I don't have a job because covid keeps screwing me over and my living situation is making actual growth and recovery difficult. I have sperged about this in the past, but I seriously can't live here anymore. I can't let my life continue to be ruined like this. And I understand that being pretty and well groomed and all of those other things increases my chances of being taken in by someone and to be taken care of. I am just so tired of this. I have very little money and everything seems to keep going wrong when I am just trying my best to survive and heal and become a healthier person with a healthy lifestyle. I am so sick of living like this. I personally also believe being natural with natural hair is best, but I am too brainwashed by pornsickness, insecurity and a need to survive that I spend €100s a month on waxing and so much time on my hair and all of these things. And I like to look pretty because I hate myself deeply. And this scrote has the audacity to say "I'll see what I can do". I am paying to come see him, I offer to help with household and whatnot, I let him kiss and touch me. He's a good guy, but this just is the cherry on top for everything I have been dealing with lately. This stuff just never seems to end. I'm so miserable. Recovery is so difficult in an environment like this. One day I will be better, but right now… Just why did he have to do this. Why why why why. Am I not good enough? HE DOESN'T EVEN SHOWER DAILY. I shower every day, I do my hair nicely without ruining it, I wear make-up, but it is a natural look with only two things used, I dress elegantly but sufficiently provoking, but not fast fashion and I know how to sew, and I eat healthily and work out, and I am always careful of others. And I like these things, I think they are important and I like to look nice and this all fits my lifestyle and general aesthetic. But to then have some scrote with so much more money than I, who does not shower every day and does not exercise, who eats poorly, to respond to me this way.. Who do people think they are? I can't even cancel the trip, I won't get a refund. I am just so disgusted and frustrated with everything. How quickly things change and how hellish things can remain. From birth I have been in this hellhole and I am sick of it. I was just a child, why didn't people care, why didn't they see, why didn't they notice. Why wasn't I deserving of love? Why was I deserving of hatred, neglect, violence, blame, shame, manipulation, poverty? I don't take any of these questions seriously and know the answers. I read a lot about this topic and am very passionate about growing, healing, recovering and ultimately building a healthy life for myself despite my past. But I still have these emotional and irrational moments. I am not fully healed and I am still stuck in the household that keeps me down and enables these patterns I am trying to transform. Just, gee whiz…

No. 857209

File: 1626629803225.jpg (118.05 KB, 600x600, ih8u.jpg)

What is it about foreign but simple names that make people go full retard?

My surname is one syllable and very similar to Koi but people almost always mispronounce it similarly to Ko. Well where does the I go?! Phonetically read it, goddammit

No. 857234

>Curious anons reading this, look up a synopsis or something, don't read it.
Scrotes who draw shit like this need to be skinned alive and then have their "fantasies" done to them, see how much you coom to it when it's about you.

No. 857237

At least you don't have a name that has 50 billion different spellings and every single time, the person writing it gets it wrong

No. 857257

I wish my dead sister was alive instead of my little brothers.

No. 857273

Couldn't find a synopsis, so I just read it. It's very fucked up. Just when I thought it was over and couldn't get any worse, it pressed on. I guess it's a good metaphor for male sexuality and how coomerism progresses, though.
Also, sorry, but it's a special kind of funny to have read some anons complaining about how fucked up Killing Stalking and other edgelord BL/fujo shit is because it has stalking and that the author must hate herself because women are killed in it, then to have read this shit right after. Like…this is what scrotes make. We'll never be able to "hate ourselves" even 1% as much as men hate us.

No. 857281

Was it that one about the sex slave maid who cant die?

No. 857282

What was it? Was it the manga version of that anime that was banned in Japan?

No. 857289

Madelyn? Caitlyn? Catherine? Tiana?

No. 857293

you could always kill your brothers

No. 857295

They aren't worth talking to much less killing

No. 857327

File: 1626635428717.jpeg (232.72 KB, 750x852, A6F51217-53DE-4DCE-AF5E-9EA151…)

thank god I’m naturally a celibate

No. 857332

this is why you never have sex with a man that still uses snapchat

No. 857333

Is cum and orgasm not a synonym for women? Still baffled when people talk about female ejacualte.

No. 857334

the male brain is an enigma

No. 857335

what is the anime?

No. 857341

If she moans/gets wet at all she must be ‘cumming’. Orgasms are big dramatic ordeals that make women scream and writhe, cuz pornhub said so.

No. 857348

Shoujo Tsubaki. It's not gory though if that's what you're looking for, it's just depressing

No. 857356

Tell us the title anon we're curious

No. 857384

oh I know that one, didn't know it was banned tho. i don't think it still is?

No. 857393

why did it get banned then?

No. 857403

something must be wrong if it was banned in japan..

No. 857404

File: 1626640510331.png (58.71 KB, 671x565, Midori-1992-Trivia-IMDb.png)

samefag but judging by this, and the descriptions of some of the scenes on the Wikipedia page, and the screencaps of the scenes, I can see why..

No. 857413

I don't get it tbh, there's quite a few hentai depicting sexual abuse against underage characters and they're not banned

No. 857420

exactly, how does this cross the line in japan? they have plenty of similarly perverted content that isnt banned

No. 857428

Men are collectively retarded and low IQ. Water is wet.

No. 857441

ntayrt but I've heard of this anime before via vid rel at 14:27. I thought I'd mention it if anyone wants a little bit more info on this anime

No. 857442

I think it was because of gore, or disturbing imagery or something

No. 857450

Probably the puppy stomping and letting all of the pedophiles abusing and raping the girl and crossdressing boy look like poor victims to another pedo wizard, as well as all the body horror gore.

No. 857453

I keep making Grammar/spelling mistakes suddenly and it's really pissing me off because I can't tell if it's my dyslexia somehow getting worse? or my brain is frying with stress and heat

I've been writing an email since this morning and I keep fucking it up it also needs to be sent in like two days so my brain need to sort it out sooner rather than later

No. 857460

I had to go home quite late (around 23) and on my way to bus, some foreign man started shouting at me and when I ignored him, he run to me and slapped my ass. I feel so shitty and powerless. It's not a big deal but it made me feel fucking horrible. I jst gave him a middle finger and shouted some insult at him but he already ran away and I had to catch a bus. So basically the scrote just did what he wanted, no repercussions. I wish I had a pepper spray, I have to get something. But I'm scared he'd hurt me. Not sure what I could even do.
And once I got on the bus, there was a guy beating up his gf because she told him she cheated on him or some trashy shit and absolutely no one but me intervened. The guy calmed down totally when I asked her if she needed me to call someone and told him I get he's angry but he can't get physical. It was so weird. I bet he still beat her up once they got home.
Next time I'm calling uber, this is such a shitty experience.

No. 857512

File: 1626648470056.jpg (13.76 KB, 750x789, 1607893401429.jpg)

I have a lot of hair, my hair is fine but there's so much of it! I have worn it in a bun, braids or down all throughout the heatwave, but I am so self conscious of my hairline. I have a high forehead but I am sick, it fucks with my hormones so last year I lost a huge amount of hair and my hairline is even more fucked. I feel like it makes me look like a tranny, I feel like people are staring because my hair is dark and my scalp is stark white, my mom says it's not even noticeable but she's my goddamn mom. Not my biggest issue but I'm so anxious over it, I never wear it up because of traction but this heat is killing me and aaaaaaaaaAa fuck

No. 857537

The santa story was pretty funny if it wasn't for the coomer shit shoehorned in and the end. But yeah, the rest was absolutely disgusting and honestly should be evidence to have the author institutionalized and kept away from any woman. Jfc

No. 857544

I went incognito to read Suck It. Japanese are a whole next level of fucking weird.

No. 857552

It's not your fault, anon. Men like that have done this shit before, and ofc there is no law officers around to even attempt to stop him. There's nothing you could have done when it happens so fast. But ugh… i'm just so angry that happened to you. Men are just always garbage, esp that dude on the bus. Women need to take over the world already

No. 857581

I haven't had sex or had any type of intimacy in almost a year and I hate how much of a toll it's taking on me, I just want to be physically close to someone even more than have sex honestly. I hugged a guy three weeks ago and am still thinking about it. God I feel like an incel

No. 857616

stopped taking my antidepressants and now I have the gnarliest flatulence of my life

No. 857655

File: 1626669522866.jpg (19.12 KB, 450x398, 9fhqlsl.jpg)

Internet validation is one hell of a drug. I'm getting second hand embarrassment from watching a woman I went to high school with try to act like a teenager. I'm not sure if she's mentally regressing or not coping well with getting older. Her tiktoks are a mixture of desperation and "how do you do fellow kids." I haven't talked to her in years due to the friend group drifting apart. She genuinely makes me sad because I thought she was doing better. I think she desperately needs to unplug from the internet. I can see her deciding to do an OF as a way to be "empowered". I really hope I'm wrong.

No. 857659

I feel like shit, I'm super sick physically and mentally I cannot stand it anymore I swear to god

No. 857673

File: 1626673200915.jpg (73.55 KB, 637x900, erotic-paintings-femme-damnee.…)

I wish I could comprehend sexuality in a normal way, instead of being a sex-repulsed retard. Libfems had me thinking I was asexual until I cut ties and realized women turn me on, I'm just too braindead to actually fuck them. Radfems aren't much help either, because the scrutiny level to be considered a lesbian is so fucking high in the context of a society that trains girls from birth to obsess over men and being interested in them. Never kissed or had sex with a man, never even hugged or held hands with one, and I've admitted to myself I've never been physically attracted to any guy I've "dated" (even while "with" them), but I've "dated" more men than women. Exclusively LDR online, and I've never actually been on an actual date with one. But, fuck it! That's enough to be "bi", right? Back before I knew myself, I went on multiple outings that could be considered dates with other women (all of whom were or turned out to be lesbians), but I was too retarded to think of them as such. I've held hands, cuddled, and touched boobs with other women. I miss exactly 0 of the men who have left my life, even the kindest of them, but I feel a soul crushing weight when I think of even the worst of the women I've left behind.
What really fucks me up are my fantasies. They're mostly M/F, but I'm not the woman, or the man, and I don't actually visualize the man. It's just a woman being penetrated by a man(?) that isn't there. If I force myself to imagine myself in the fantasies, it's exclusively F/F. If I try to imagine myself having sex with a man, or clearly visualize a man's full body, I have a panic attack. I think this heteronormative and porn-addled society ruined me. I wish I could snap my fingers and just turn off my germaphobia and autistic confusion. Even if other people didn't accept me, at least I would know what I actually am. I'm tired of being a confused freak.
It also doesn't help that the only times some men occasionally stop harassing me is if I tell them I'm a lesbian, and some trannies only sometimes leave me alone if I say I'm asexual. Maybe I should just give up on ever having a relationship, I'm not a cohesive enough person to work it out.

No. 857674

i get your frustration nonny but i also think you're getting too wrapped up in the pressure of fitting all of your desires (both irl and fantasy) into one perfect package when in reality it just doesn't matter. yes, society focuses heavily on these black and white labels so the pressure is there, but your sex life is yours. maybe some of the confusion and pressure of trying to figure out all of these nebulous things is what is making sex irl intimidating for you. shift your focus to desire and pleasure and cut out the noise and i think you might have an easier time.

No. 857677

You're probably right. I'm just cripplingly scared of hurting myself and other people. Also, being autistic doesn't help with th "exposing yourself to new and messy experiences" thing.

No. 857687

I have to wake up in an hour to go to work. Didn't sleep at all. A bit of yesterday and all day today I've felt like I'm in some type of manic state but didn't realize it until now. I spent over two hundred dollars on plants and things for my home, felt hyper energized like never before, extremely focused,going with the flow instead of worrying. Drank several beers in the couple hours before bed but didn't feel drunk at all, started crying about the high likelyhood that I will die early from hereditary diseases like others in my family, turned into nonstop thinking about work and eventually got out of bed to lay on couch to apply to jobs. I've been working myself to death for months for this shitty company. Barley any sleep for weeks, no time to do anything but work and do house chores or get groceries. Body is killing me from the physical work. Mentally I don't care at all. Maybe I'll quit tomorrow. Easier than dealing with the punishment and emotional/mental stress management will put on me because I keep missing days and breaking rules. I can sell all my useless shit, get an easier job, live frugally, and actually have time to take a walk in the woods and appreciate being alive.

No. 857699

A Youtuber I used to follow has turned completely googoo gaga down the "natural" lifestyle rabbit hole. She complains about her severe acne that's causing her major anxiety, she's changed her diet completely and tried literally every "natural" skincare product there is but she dumbfounded as to why she can't treat her acne's "root cause".

Yet she recognizes that the only times in her life when she had a clear skin was when she had a hormonal contraceptive or when she was pregnant. But she won't go back to the pill ("Obviously!") because she thinks hormones are unnatural and don't treat the "root cause o"f her clearly HORMONAL acne that keeps worsening because she stresses out about it. Proven treatments like Accutane are also out of question. Now her new big idea is to go see a naturopath or a magnetist. Fucking idiot.

I bet she tolerates hormonal contraceptives just fine otherwise she would have definitely made a video about it trying to scare women away from the pill with her experience.

No. 857705

Patches of my hair I pulled out are growing back but I'm struggling to not pull them out again. It feels more difficult than not drinking. Idk how this spiraled so fast. Never had a problem but it felt like overnight I was ripping out my hair and it's so embarrassing. I feel gross and probably leave a trail of me everywhere I go without even realizing.

No. 857713

Yesterday I finally found a bedbug shell under my mattress, so I'm not insane. My mother helped me fill the cracks in the window sill and other places with glue. Today when I woke up I still got bites. I want to burn down the apartment

No. 857719

File: 1626683379499.jpeg (214.4 KB, 1668x1337, 2ECC8CC4-F474-4B3D-82CE-906914…)

i just quit the retail job I’ve been at for the past year, and been having fun at bc I really liked my coworkers, but of course of its absolutely shitty managers, specifically one scrote tonight, had to ruin it for me.

After we closed, 2 managers (1 male and 1 female) held a meeting and were like today we had clothes stolen (keep in mind this is like a MAJOR retailer). They began to call out specific girls who’s sections were robbed, because they were going to go get their returns/clothes people decided they didn’t want at the register and put them back onto the sales floor, and made those girls cry for doing their jobs. Back when our dressing rooms reopened in May, there always had to be 2 people in there: one to help out customers and one to sort and bring clothes back out onto the floor to avoid situations like this. But of course instead they want to put 9000 responsibilities on us and save as much money as possible so they cut that role. If they didn’t cut that role, what happened today could’ve been prevented. Or if they had more people on the floor, loss prevention would be easier. I spoke up and said that I obviously don’t know the logistics of it all and they have to work with payroll but situations like this only highlight the pressures we deal with when roles keep getting cut and we’re severely understaffed at times. All the girls agreed with me.

Instead my scrote manager wanted to go off for the next 15 minutes and derail the conversation. He told me if I felt pressured maybe I needed more training when I was literally one of their best employees and consistently perform well. Okay whatever, I know I don’t need training and he’s just trying to make me look like the bad guy. After the meeting I spoke in the back with the female manager just to reiterate that what I said wasn’t whatever the male manager was going off about and that I meant no ill will, just I needed to say what a lot of us were feeling. We start to understand each other’s POVs better until the male manager walks in and tells me “nonnie go back to the floor and do your job.” I’m like??? you see me talking to the other manager not some random associate here. And he was like “okay so your gossiping? I’m going to have to write you up for that”. I told him to not even start whatever he was on about but instead he decided to spend the next 30 minutes bitching at me. At the end of it I was like see you guys really try to push the family agenda here (this week is literally employee appreciation week lmao) but then when we say something you shut us down and turn the whole situation into something it’s not. So instead of replying to my point of course, he just said “nonnie, go back on the floor and do your job.” So I said okay, maybe it’s not my job anymore, I quit. And IMMEDIATELY both of them backtracked.

The female manager was like wait no, please think about it, you’re a great worker, and I would hate to see you go. And the male manager was like wait that wasn’t my intention. Okay, so this is how you treat a GREAT worker then? I just said if I’m feeling disrespected and not heard right now- and I wasn’t in the past when in March I had to file a sexual harassment report- that’s a WHOLE story in itself and I had to take a month off work because of the mental damage lmao- what am I supposed to think about? I can do so well all the time, but the second I bring up a legitimate problem, all of that goes out the window. What am I supposed to do? go home and reflect on how disrespectfully he’s talking to me and treating me? And then decide I don’t want to quit and respect him after this? No. of course he used that as an opportunity to spout shit for the next 20 minutes again, so I just told the female manager to hand me the resignation document.
She was upset to see me go, and even cried a little bit, I feel bad for how it played out with her, especially because even SHE remarked that the conversation was going better before the male manager inserted himself into it for no reason. As I was signing the paper I made it clear I liked the people at my job and didn’t necessarily want to do this but I needed to respect myself and stand up for myself in this situation and would not be demeaned the way the scrote was trying to. the second my resignation was official he let out a sarcastic “awww” and then proceeded to follow me and try to stop me from saying bye to my ex coworkers. From that point on I just didn’t engage or acknowledge him and said bye anyways while he followed me around and then when I was walking out the door he sarcastically told me to have a good night and get home safe. lmfao. I wanted to curse his 30 year old bitch ass out so bad but just held it in. And the fact I’m not the only person who’s quit cause of him is a reflection in itself. I wasn’t planning on staying much longer (was planning on leaving September-early November) but it’s just unfortunate that’s the way it went and I didn’t get to properly say bye to my coworkers who I honestly liked, but I don’t regret standing up for myself. I’m so tired of fucking men, especially men in higher positions who think they can talk to women however they want and we’re just supposed to take it.

No. 857721

Is this the one where the guy takes polaroids of dead women's heads and takes notes about how it feels to put his dick in them, like a little journal?
I think I read it a while ago, but I'm not sure.

No. 857722

Hormonal contraceptives are horrible for your body, if you want clear skin for the price of your thrombosis chances skyrocketing, possible mood swings, depression, urinary tract inflammation and so on, go for it.
They're only useful if you are actually ill and need them (cysts and so on).

No. 857723

Nta but what else are you supposed to do to get rid of hormonal acne?

No. 857732

You’ll need to fumigate, use a crazy powerful vacuum on every surface and in every nook and cranny, them fumigate again. Maybe they will be gone then.
They will proliferate in the space between a baseboard and the carpet or the seams of a mattress. Wash every piece of fabric in the room and put it through a couple of hot cycles in a dryer. Fumigate shoes, ornaments, handbags, and books in baggies, and vacuum afterwards again.
People have full blown nervous breakdowns over those evil bugs. Hope you can kill em all.

No. 857736

>Hope you can kill em all
Thank you.
I feel like we've done everything. The clothes and the curtains were washed on 60C and are stored in another room. The bed's headboard was take apart and inspected, nothing. Bedframe has nothing. We wrapped the mattress with cellophane so if they are inside of it, they will suffocate. Books were put in the freezer for weeks. Every other item has also been inspected and also taken to another room. The only place we couldn't reach was behind the radiator. There's a deep crack there in the wall and it's like one step away from my bed. I literally can't imagine them hiding anywhere else. But even if they were there, everything around the radiator was treated with chemicals, they should have been in contact with them. I literally can't wrap my head around it. I'm currently thinking of a way I could pour diatomaceous earth in the crack but it's almost impossible to reach it

No. 857739

Just give up on life

No. 857741

Love to see a man continuously rewarded money because of his shitty past and parents even though he made my life worse than his ever was. I don't even care about getting money, I'm not entitled to it but his actual children are and they'll never see any of it. People really choose what they want to believe, eh? A man with 5 kids all struggling with mental health and addiction? Couldn't be his fault because he is too handsome and successful.

No. 857742

Aw that sucks. I was the one that thought there are no bedbugs anymore, in all honestly I thought you were tripping and it was just mosquitoes. Be sure to leave a bad review for the exterminator, let others know he sucks at his job. Good luck with pest removal!

No. 857743

this is how i feel because i can't take birth control

No. 857750

File: 1626690595477.jpg (58.39 KB, 1024x786, 20210531_124301.jpg)

Blond boys are so cute. I hope I can get another boyfriend soon and I hope he is blond.

No. 857764

Apparently my old best friend from HS has a kid that is almost 3. I feel guilty for how it went back then, I basically stopped talking to her abruptly for no reason. I could never think about her without feeling like a bad person. I'm glad she's doing ok
>preferably a pair
It isn't worth it to keep more than one unless you want to risk them fighting, hamsters are best kept solitary for their safety. They aren't the same as rats

No. 857770

As always with medecine it's a risk-benefit balance. But no, hormonal contraceptives aren't awful at all if you tolerate them which a majority of women do with minimal side effects. The pill isn't a candy but it's not dangerous at all, stop fearmongering.

No. 857771

File: 1626693290017.jpeg (47.01 KB, 827x837, CBE4C51E-750E-4B0E-993F-4E17F6…)

my roommate chose to not get vaccinated, continued partying and hooking up with strangers and now got covid and is forced to quarantine for two weeks. i’m thankfully fully vaccinated but now cannot go home for two weeks without ending up in quarantine myself.

despite this my roommate is also planning to travel abroad in a couple of weeks which means he will again have to quarantine for two weeks after he returns and i will, once again, be unable to stay in my own home. he doesn’t see anything wrong with this and has the nerve to be upset with me because i refused to run all of his errands while he’s locked up in our flat. fucking helll

No. 857772

Yes, that's the one.

No. 857778

Crazy to think that today would've been the 10 year anniversary of me and my ex starting our relationship. We'd probably have a kid by now and a half finished apartment, lots of debt and who knows what.

I'm so fucking glad we broke up and that the fucker showed his true colors after so I feel no guilt or empathy for him anymore.

No. 857783

I'm done, I'm done caring about anything in the world. Every political side is retarded as shit and it won't matter because the human race is meaningless. The universe will soon regardless of whether or not we witness it. if I get killed it probably would've happened anyway so I'm sick of fighting for anything. Done. and I'll kill myself if it gets to hard to keep surviving because non of this is worth it.

No. 857792

Quitter mindset. Just stop giving a fuck about the world as a whole and think about how you can live a life that makes you happy. If the world is gonna go to shit either way you might as well enjoy yourself.

No. 857795

Tiktok and YouTube censorship has fried people's minds. I keep seeing "r-worded" instead or "raped" and shit like "@bu53d" on sites that you can just write the real fucking word on.

No. 857797

I have so many possessions and realising how fucking retarded some of the shit I hoard is. Not like anyone fucking cares more than a few seconds if I ever show or mention anything from my past. And I'm somehow suppose to matter when I'm dead about a legacy? Bitch I'm alive now and I could die and remain undiscovered for days or weeks. And honest to god, I am more embarrassed about people ruffling through my possessions after I'm gone without me playing the role of curator and explaining contextual significance. I'm the type to destroy a diary if I've wrote too many cringe entries.

In a bizarre way I think about the concept of yolo often. Life sucks. So many expectations and goalposts expected of everyone to live a full life. And for what reason when everything has a price to pay and honest to god why does everything cost so fucking much money?? And why is there so much red tape for everything? And why do I have to prove my worth and jump through hopes to land an interesting job or even a menial job? Why do people spend their days serving others and working for barely any pay off yet there's a minority of millionaires and billionaires on this planet that get to treat it like a playground and decide what the rest of us are allowed to do. Why do governments keep secrets from citizens? Why aren't we allowed to know what other landmarks/relics other countries have? Why is intelligence and data so coveted? Why the fuck all the secrets and oppression? Aren't we all intelligent to figure out we need shelter food and water to live. Why can't we as a collective society all just fucking vibe and chill and make having fun the meaning of life. Like fuck if we were all happy and content being the Labour force when we get the direct benefit wouldn't be such a fucking slog. Why all the anger in the world?? I'm fed up too

No. 857800

Im at a fertility clinic and this woman comes into the waiting room being asked about her pick up ride. She seriously corrects the poor nurse about the person's name and they/them pronouns. Minutes later, a tall man wearing a black dress with blue hair rolls in. Wow, I hate the state of our society in the west

No. 857803

I hate this stupid shitty timeline where all that counts is making money or not spending it. Every beautiful historical building is getting bulldozed and replaced with hideous but fast and cheap concrete monoliths, modern art is a fucking joke, crap clothe quality is the default, Ikea is considered tasteful, book covers look like they were vomited on by a free image bank, cars look more and more like edgy transformers and god I hate it here. Take me to the dimension where beauty became humanity's ultimate goal instead of amassing pieces of fucking printed paper.

No. 857806

Your fault for living in California.

No. 857813

Nope, I'll just flat out refuse to believe this lol

No. 857814

late reply, but he's letting you cover the expenses of coming to visit him while you are unemployed (you said he's not hurting for money), he's an unwashed slob who eats like shit and is putting his unwashed penis inside of you. you say he is a "good guy" but he sounds like a gross low tier choice of partner. you are almost certainly out of his league, but you are dealing with unresolved trauma and he can tell from the dynamic of your relationship (i understand it may be a hookup, but still) that he doesn't have to lift a finger or treat you with respect.
i'm not going to blame you for this, but it seems that whatever you are struggling with from your childhood and upbringing makes you kind of a people-pleaser and leads to overcompensating. you are over performing for the sake of a man who is letting you eat into your savings so that he can put his unwashed, dirty, stinky penis inside of you. of course he doesn't care enough to get an STD test. he doesn't respect you. i understand that this sounds unkind, i am not even one of those "dump him" anons who goes off about people's bfs or fuckbuddies on here, but like… you are kind of pulling a gimpgirl here and i feel the need to be straight with you, because that is unkind to yourself, what you are doing for this man.
you are paying (while unemployed) all of this money so that you can be the bangmaid of a man who doesn't wash himself. there's no way to change that dynamic once the tone has been set. he knows he doesn't have to wash his penis or get an STD panel because he does not care about you or respect you. he may pretend he does if you confront him or pull away or try to end things, but that's "resource management". he won't want to lose you, but that doesn't mean he appreciates you. a man who actually cares about you and respects you will never act the way this man is behaving.
i don't say this to give you a hard time, but because you shouldn't let childhood trauma and desperation to escape your living situation cloud your judgement
that's how people end up in deeply abusive live-in bangmaid relationships with no fallback place or recourse to escape.

No. 857827

The biggest pill of all, congrats anon. Once you realize how much none of this shit matters, you become a huge threat to everyone.

No. 857830

I finally decided to not buy products that contain palm oil and pretty much all the good/delicious/affordable brands use palm oil. I'll now have to change what pizza I'll buy(which is probably good, I spend way too much time eating pizza on weekends instead of cooking anyway) I buy. What margarine I use. Probably will have to change soap brands too.
God fucking damn it why is that shit everywhere. It's like boycotting nestle all over again.

No. 857833

as far as natural shit rosewater worked wonders for my cystic acne (but I used retinol first)

No. 857855

on twitter if people do that they might not want bots or randos finding their tweets.

No. 857878

After almost 25 years of existing I've finally learnt that I have a fridge body.

I think I might kill myself

No. 857879

Nta but blood clots are pretty dangerous. And there was this one brand, I think called yaz or something, that caused deaths in multiple women to the point where it had to get recalled.

No. 857884

my period was threatening to come for the past week and i swore it was going to come this weekend because i felt all the symptoms. but ever ytime i went into the bathroom nothing. But of COURSE this stupid bitch decides to come on a Monday as soon as i make it to work. Luckily i brought my cup with me. But i had to run to CVS to get ibuprofen otherwise i'd literally have to be pronounced dead. Now i'm all sluggish and tired and bloated and gross feeling. Like why couldnt she come during the weekend so i could stay my ass in bed. Now i have to talk to people while feeling like death. My pussy really betrayed me.

No. 857895

Nah, don't. There's a lot of beautiful people built like you.

No. 857897

If you eat a lot of pizza it might be worth investing in a bread maker that has a setting for pizza dough.

No. 857905

Whenever I saw any woman cartoon or online with a cinched waist I thought it was unrealistic/photoshop, it never actually occurred to me that's how most women other than me are built… lmao

No. 857916

I wish I could afford a house because I'm sick and tired of constantly losing sleep due to people not knowing how to behave in apartment complexes.

The girl above me constanty stomps like a wild boar and the dude next to me can’t stop slamming his door and banging shit against the wall (or whatever he actually does) every 5 seconds. It's always those people who were raised in their parents' house where no noise disturbance isn't a concept to them and then these peasants come to the city and behave like the animals they were raised. Go back to your farms pls.

No. 857923

It's not supposed to make sense, it's all just meant to discourage & demoralize you with the absurdly & stupidity of it all. Ignore all media and ppl still in the system and return to monke.

No. 857951

I love the absolute crap out of my partner but their diagnosed with BPD and some days that hyper awareness that at some point their going to flip and devalue themselves and in the process me just stresses me the fuck out.

No. 857964


Homeownership can make that worse because both you and the shitty neighbours own your places so you're stuck or it ends in a murder-suicide.

No. 857973

My neighbors are like this. They act like they are the only ones in the neighborhood and are constantly hollering at each other. I wish I could curse them

No. 858008

oh wow look at you brave strong skinny hot lesbian girl kissing another skinny hot lesbian girl in front of an eeeeevil homophobic sign and posting it on leddit. neck yourself

No. 858019

Every person I’ve had a romantic and sexual attraction to in the past 5 years has ended up being someone who’s already taken and I’m tired

No. 858030

God you just jogged a vietnam flashback. In my old apartment there were these college dudes living above our(my friend and mine's) apartment.
Every single night, well after 12am, they kept making ungodly noises. Screaming and laughing, playing instruments, the guy whose bedroom was above mine rolled his desk chair around etc.
The one time my friends and I had a boardgame night at our place those fuckers had the audacity to come complain about us being too loud. It was 10pm, saturday night. Those guys fucked around with ukuleles and desk chairs 3am on weekdays and somehow talking and laughing on weekends way before normal bed time was too much.
I should've frozen my pee and shoved those pee cubes down their mail slot.

No. 858036

i just don't understand how cheating and affairs are a thing, let alone stuff like illegitimate children (which was far too common in ye olde days before contraception). are some people really this animalistic and unable to control themselves? coming from a family which has never had this sort of thing (not even cheating) which i can trace back at least 4 generations… i just don't understand how it occurs, and coming from the perspective that i do, why i should be forced to exist in a world where people do cheat and by proxy i need to exist in fear of this happening to me.

No. 858078

Sex is a very impprtant part of life… You know your family best but don't be surprised to one day learn that some stuff was happening and people just aren't talking about it. Especially in ye older days when people had less freedom but no less desire and yearning for love.

No. 858080

I hate my asshole brain and body. I want to stop this recent binge drinking cycle but what do I do after my cup of coffee? Make a fuckin heavy handed Moscow Mule. I don't want to do this. I wanted to go on a walk with a friend this evening. I've said no the past 3 days because I end up drinking before then. I'm such an asshole, always blowing people off. I want to control this but I have no control. It's pathetic. And try I still drink.

No. 858082

do you live buy yourself? you gotta just try to keep it out of the house if so, anon. if not i'll pray for you.

No. 858083

are you joking

No. 858085

my family has always had love so i don't know why you would assume there would be any lack of it that would justify cheating… also
>implying people cheat because lack of love
people cheat because they're shitty people

No. 858089

Thanks nonnie. That completely touched my lizard brain, was not expecting this. I live alone but my partner buys me the booze daily because in a fit of wanting to stop, I cut up my ID so I couldn't buy. I just need to break up w him, get my shit together for the both of us, and move on. Addiction is awful and I don't want to be awful. Thanks for the sympathy. Reading the Luna threads really makes me want to kick my ass out of addiction because this learned helplessness is infuriating. I hope u have a good day today ty.

No. 858096

A nice woman complimented me and even repeated herself a few times and I just stared at her stupidly because I didn't comprehend it fast enough. I'm mad at myself. I'm a slowpoke and dumb

No. 858107

Both of my parents cheated on each other and had illegitimate children with other people. I believe they had good intentions when they married and they've never stopped loving each other. They're back together and are having a second attempted at their marriage which is making both of them happy. What caused them both to cheat was probably a combination of intergenerational dysfunction and mental illness.

No. 858113

File: 1626720735173.png (823.92 KB, 614x612, 2021-07-19 14_51_53-Window.png)

i wish you the best and i hope you are able to get away from your enabler so you can become happier with yourself ♥

No. 858116

Glad you can see your situation so clearly anon, and see that your partner is enabling you. Best of luck!

No. 858154

I want to join a pro euthanasia forum for therapeutic and cathartic reasons, but I'm too retarded to know where to look.

No. 858167

anon what in the actual fuck did i just read?

No. 858171

with a NEEDLE??

No. 858175

I have no words.

No. 858187

I hate seeing that I share a website with people like this.

No. 858188

Dump it all down the toilet, never buy any again.

No. 858190

I wrote a speech about depression for class and I'm pretty sure it's garbage but I need a grade

No. 858193

I wish I knew what this said

No. 858194

No. 858197

Oh, I was expecting something much more heinous but that's just sad.

No. 858198

it's pretty heinous. you must have a strong stomach kek.

No. 858203

I fucking hate my parents so much. They keep fighting about some dumb shit. Why can't they just divorce??

No. 858210

i want to change my name to distance myself from what happened to me but i also think that's the most ridiculous cringe bs that screams identity crisis. tbh i'd rather cut ties with everyone beforehand just to save fuckin' face and start anew rather than be that person who changed their name. i know none of this is logical so i just kinda stew in it like a loser ugh.

No. 858214

end it with that line and teacher may give you a pity 'A' if you're really unsure about the quality of your speech. gl anon i'm sure your speech will be fine tho, you got this!

No. 858230

Starting new in another town + new look + new name and cutting contact with everyone is great anon, go for it.

No. 858231

File: 1626726684724.jpg (35.42 KB, 563x358, c807580876551a359aaa878c7175de…)

well i'm officially back to my pre-quarantine weight. i'm so angry but i can't be because i did it to myself

No. 858257

There's this lady who keeps coming into my work (gotta powerlevel and say that I'm a cashier) and everytime she starts telling me about her NEET son who needs a girlfriend. He's 23, I'm close to his age but I told her that I'm 16 just so she'd lay off. But no, everytime she comes in she starts up again talking about how he needs someone to get him out of the house. I get that having a loser for a kid is probably hell, but it's seriously creeping me out and although I've never met this guy I fucking hate him

No. 858279

That sounds so creepy and annoying. Why do mothers let their sons get this bad? This is exactly why men end up with the mentality they are entitled to women and their bodies.

No. 858311

File: 1626732594956.jpg (85.27 KB, 708x708, cf4bbdf6ab529f1d86d4f03bd66570…)

I know no one cares but I have to vent. He came up to me today and said his friend invited him over on saturday and they started drinking and then he lost his phone so he couldn't respond to my message. He said the thing about losing his phone to three other people. He also mentioned we can meet another time but he said it so quietly I almost didn't hear it, I probably had a pissed off face despite saying it's ok. I don't know if he felt guilty, I don't know if he cares at all, he basically didn't speak to me for the rest of the day. He's so open and chatty towards everyone BUT me. I don't understand it. I feel like fucking trash. My female coworker said I'm above him in terms of looks and I should find myself someone better looking than him, I didn't think he ignored me like this because he finds me unattractive or something. But now I'm starting to feel like I'm fucking ugly and stupid if someone like him doesn't want me. I feel like I will always be alone

No. 858320

I don't get moms like this. Like, didn't YOU raise him like that yourself, lmao

No. 858321

I'm pissed off at my natal chart. It says I should be constantly having affairs and partners, but I'm not! My first boyfriend molested me, but I still remember his smell. It was the nicest out of all the men I've ever dated. Kind of pissed I never got to see his dick but he got to see my vagina.

Next boyfriend turned into a fiancee, but didn't last.

Next boyfriend turned into an addict, didn't last. Had maybe 3 'flings' in the middle of all those relationships and they were all very unsatisfactory.

When the fuck am I going to get my freak on. I gave myself a too short and bad haircut so I don't even want to date at this time because some man will probably want to take my hair down and I can't let that happen for the next 3 months probably.

I need laid.

No. 858325

he's so pathetic lol

sounds like you dodged a bullet

No. 858327

I hate being so stuck, still after all this damn time. If this pandemic won’t go away soon I think I just finally might have to lmao

No. 858330

No. 858332

what part makes u wtf

No. 858334

the natal chart, the wanting to see the molester dick, the thinking a haircut matters

No. 858338

I feel like I’ll never find the right guy to settle down with. I know no one is perfect, but I want someone well rounded in their life. It’s always either someone with a charismatic personality but unmotivated in having a career, or there’s someone who’s hardworking with a bit of direction but boring or difficult to even converse with. Luckily, I’m not desperate enough to just settle.

No. 858340

hmm. I have a mental block about planning for the future, so I coped for a while by getting into astrology. My natal chart waxed lyrical about these supposedly passionate love affairs, but I've had a very dry unsatisfactory year in that department.

The molester was a douche, yes! but he never suffered for his acts. Literally no later than 10 minutes after it happened he was boasting to his mates (we were at a party) that I let him finger me and I got labelled a slut for the rest of my highschool experience. I didn't even realise I was molested until I left school. He was my first kiss which I treated like losing my virginity. Like I wasn't just going to kiss any boy! He was a very deliberate choice. We dated for 5 months which seemed like an eternity at our age and he was getting pushy about going further than kissing. I thought everything was relatively normal and with how everything in my life went, I would still be interested to see what that dick can do. Which maybe makes me awful lol.

and the haircut matters because I look like my mother.

No. 858341

have you considered therapy?

No. 858342

i have a sad story about a therapist that involves the boyfriend whom was an addict.

No. 858343

I talked a bit loudly with a friend about my TERF views at a restaurant when I was a bit drunk, and now I worry the people at the other table that were looking at me funny were recording my drunken stupid ass. I hope not I live in a country where TRA rhetoric isn't super common but still, I am a fucking idiot. Never opening my big fat mouth like that in a public space.

No. 858356

File: 1626735144088.jpg (10.52 KB, 341x343, 1592263644478.jpg)


No. 858359

She wants to pawn her useless scrote onto an unsuspecting women, boymoms are not to be trusted.

No. 858363

well i am definitely back to having zero (real life) friends
honestly fuck my previous group of friends, how immature do you have to be to just cut off friendship and not want to rekindle it because you haven't spoken to each other for a long time? friends are allowed to fade in and out of each other's lives, it's part of being an adult
but now i don't know anyone else in my area and i'm starved to hang out with women i have stuff in common with
fucking hell

No. 858365

Did it work though??

No. 858383

my mum got rona and forced me to isolate for 10 days and call off work while letting my sister go to wales. i feel so stupid and i would never have called off work if i’d have known she was letting my sister go on vacation

she shut me down when i tried to open a dialogue about this outrageous double standard. i’ve lost £100s of wages

one rule for me and one rule for my siblings, it’s always been this way

No. 858387

I þhought it did but I used it for a little brightening as I don't really have blemishes and I realize thinking I looked like shit a few days in a row, I am stupid

No. 858388

No one owes you friendship though?

No. 858390

Reading an ask men thread on reddit about whether or not they moisturize, 90% of the replies are
>No, why would I?
reeeee no wonder men look so fucking old. But god I can't even imagine living a life where I don't feel obligated to maximize my appearance in every way. Men don't even see basic ass fucking moisturizer as a normal thing to do and here I am having tried a pharmacy worth of skincare products just in case they make a difference to my skin several decades from now. The healthy skin is worth it but fuck, we're the ones who will have to suffer by looking at their aging faces.

No. 858391

Anon, please dump a bucket of your choice of liquid out the window next time he's under there

But as quickly as possible before he looks up, ok? Alternatively, cook up some cheap pasta or rice and add decaf instant coffee powder- It will turn the rice or pasta (the goal is a cheap, soft lumpy food) brown- mash it up thoroughly, put it in a jar and smash the jar on the sidewalk in front of your window before his usual smoke time. If anyone's around, act really worried like it was an accident and run inside like you're looking for help cleaning it up. It will look like diarrhea (plus glass, yay!) without smelling horrible. He'll be forced to stand somewhere else unless he wants to stand in questionable brown mush and glass. Hopefully no animals will be attracted to the coffee smell and all the glass, but if they are you won't like accidentally caffeinate a colony of raccoons or anything. Fuck that guy, gross smells in my home from other people are my pet peeve.

No. 858394

lmao shut up twitterfag

No. 858395

good for them tbh, I wish there weren't a massive industry pressuring women into being ashamed of something as natural and universal as aging. That being said I still moisturize and wear sunscreen every day because I'm weak

No. 858403

i didn't imply that anyone did? what are you so mad for

No. 858405

Kind of know how you feel, except that I've moved to a new area and my friends have moved on from me since I'm not there. Tried making friends with people my own age with shared interests locally but it's like I'm too weird for normies but too vanilla for non-normies. Sorry I'm not a pot-smoking sex worker like you potential new friend, or an 80hr per week investment manager like you other potential new friend. Sorry you're going through something similar anon.

No. 858408

Where the hell did the twitterfag come from and I'm not angry, it just that some people just drift apart and don't wanna rekindle a friendship and that's completely ok? Chill, anons.

No. 858410

Any eligible bachelors in your family I can date? I've never cheated. Am a product of a broken family due to a womanizing father and have been cheated on. I'm tired and just want loyalty.

No. 858415

i'm sorry you're going through this. actually i'm in a "new area" too but i've been here for years at this point and it's so extremely hard to meet people you click with in a place where you know nobody, there's nobody to connect you to somebody to connect you to somebody, no starting point.
oh i know it's ok, i don't think we have to be friends or anything, i am just more annoyed that last time i tried to hang out with one of them she acted very unabashed and basically implied that it's all my fault we're not friends anymore because it's not allowed to dip out of peoples lives. i just find it extremely cliquish

No. 858416

>it's like I'm too weird for normies but too vanilla for non-normies
god I feel you so hard
my interests are too boring and outdated for non-normies, but normies think they're too weird and autistic

No. 858418

Sorry to be snippy anon, but I think I can see both sides a bit. I think it works with most people that you just fade in and out sometimes, and you can still mesh well. With some people, they like to be in constant contact and seem to see anything else as flaky and uncaring? Kinda shitty of them ngl, hope you find new friends.

No. 858420

no wonder you can’t find friends kek

No. 858423

>untreated mental illness, which lots of people find too taboo to talk to someone about or try to self-medicate
>lots of people (especially men) are selfish and egotistical and only do what suits them, especially in the olden days when they had all the power in a marriage because the wife couldn't fight back
>many people get married and have kids because it's what you're supposed to do, not out of love
>many people get married out of fear of ending up alone, try to secure the first guy they see because they want a baby with someone, want someone to do their chores and take care of them, in order to not be seen as a loser
>many women get married to get out of their shitty home or for a visa to get out of a shitty country
marriage or a relationship doesn't always imply love, a whole lot of people just want the low-effort regular sex, bangmaid or walking ATM
lots of men will string some girl along and make her think she's the one until someone they actually like comes along, because girls are useful and will pay half of your rent, cook for you and give you sex

the older you get the more you keep seeing it happen, even amongst your own friends, and the more jaded you become

No. 858434

For months I have been begging my boyfriend to get a hamster for us and telling everyone in my life I wanted one. My birthday is in 3 days and today my sister came home with a hamster… for herself that her boyfriend bought for her. Am I wrong for feeling upset and like this was a dig at me? Especially when my birthday is so close and it’s the one thing that I have wanted for so long…. It’s annoying to feel like everything I like, want, do, or say is about to be copied by my sister bc she has no personality of her own.

No. 858443

I wouldn't think too much of it
People have a tendency to copy the ones they like or people who they look up to, or it could also be that in your quest to convince others you've inadvertently convinced her to get one too
obviously I don't have the full picture here so I could be entirely wrong and your relationship with your sister is disastrous, but I'd say to maybe not assume malice, you might play a larger part in her life than you realize.

No. 858445

Some man just sent me vile and angry shit, shit only men would stoop so low to say to a woman. First I wanted to come here to say shit about hating men but you know what? I love women. Women can be shitty, yes but at least we all have a common "enemy" and that is misogyny, we have this little place and I can't tell how many times some anon has comforted me, helped me or just annoyed me just enough so I can snap out of my depressive funk. I love you bitches and I hope the best for all of us, but fuck this scrote.

No. 858449

Out of curiosity, what descriptors would you use rather than "normie" and "vanilla?" For example if you were expressing the same sentiment to a colleague in person, how would you describe the situation?

No. 858451

Just buy a hamster yourself if you’re that upset about it.

No. 858467

u sound based

No. 858475

Maybe you're right about your sister but why did you not just buy your own hamster. Maybe she heard you going on about them and thought it sounded like fun, it's not like she's stopping you from getting your own.

No. 858479

every time I walk into the room my sister does a stupid over the top motion to hide her self harm scars on her leg. She genuinely thinks in all these years of her wearing shorts and dresses I've never noticed them (I think it's because she's the type to never notice anything on other people, so she assumes everyone else is like her. In hs I lost 30 lbs in 3 months, going from kinda chubby to underweight, and she genuinely did not notice at all). All she accomplishes by shifting her legs or pulling down her skirt every time I come in is reminding me they're there

No. 858489

Have you ever told her that you can see them?

No. 858491

Fuck that scrote, love ya b

No. 858494

Came here to say this too. I can't wait to work until I die and never own anything

No. 858515

I want a nice chilly Laban or kefir to drink but no market stocks a decent one. All I want is some drinking yogurt, bubbly or not right now and I’d have to leave the state to get one that’s not sugar flavoured shit.

No. 858516

I know I need to try to talk to a therapist again.
I hesitate because of the way a therapist treated me at my lowest years ago. To this day I think about how I paid for someone to treat me how she did. I find the task of having to research and make multiple calls looking for therapy to be absolutely exhausting in itself. I'm already a person who feels DEEP shame even though it's not rational. Around here it's especially hard because I'd want a secular therapist in a region where the majority of people are spiritual and believe all you need is Jeebus.
It's like, look, I'm just trying to believe in myself and need the emotional tools from someone who believes in me for once. What I wouldn't give for an encouraging word.

No. 858527

Seeing feminine women use ‘they’ pronouns irl is such a huge trigger (as in panic attack inducing mental crisis) for me and now that i have irl friends who are turning like this (and knowing it’s just gonna get worse) I just know I’m gonna end up killing myself soon and I don’t want my friends to feel bad about my death so I’ll make sure to leave a note saying I’m a bigot or whatever that way they won’t have to mourn me and they’ll be happy instead.

At this point having such a stupid and common trigger means I’m just not suited to inhabit earth kek. I know it’s dumb. Feel free to encourage me.

No. 858536

I get that theybies are annoying but how do you get panic attacks and suicidal thoughts from them?

No. 858570

>At this point having such a stupid and common trigger means I’m just not suited to inhabit earth kek. I know it’s dumb. Feel free to encourage me.
Don't be obnoxious, do your own dirty work. And don't forget suicide attempts fail pretty often. Ditch your friends or woke crowds if it helps you stick around. Without knowing why it triggers you, clearly other women adopting this is due to them also adopting distorted view of what it means to be a women (female) because of internet bullshit and agps redefining the term women to fit their fetish, making other women uncomfortable with this new version. It's pretty much a new religion, terrible and absurd. If you have gender dysphoria or simar that is rough but try to learn from and get support from other masc women and not focus on dumb enbies.
>I’ll make sure to leave a note saying I’m a bigot or whatever that way they won’t have to mourn me and they’ll be happy instead.
If you don't end up terfing out sooner they'll probably think you're trans and had internalized transphobia or some shit.

No. 858593

i’m taking an intro criminology class in my final year of my law degree as an elective and there is a male first year law student in the class too. he constantly tries to have witty banter with the professor and at multiple points contradicts what the professor says and almost tries to prove the professor wrong to the point of looking up statistics and legislation in class. it’s common that after almost every slide we go through or break in the professor’s speech he will raise his hand and have something to say. he also tries to act as an authority on the law and give the class irrelevant legal information. it’s incredibly annoying and i can tell the professor is trying to tamp down his frustration. i’ve never knowingly dealt with an autistic person before but i’m wondering if this guy has autism? if the professor was a female i could maybe explain his conduct as typical scrote behavior but the professor is male. i’m just at a loss as to how one person can have such a severe lack of self awareness and not follow basic university lecture etiquette.

also he tried to compare male circumcision to female genital mutilation which is just gross.

No. 858594

Even if I have my 8 hour sleep at night I wake up feeling super tired and always wake up with a sore neck

No. 858606

I want to open the windows but the air quality is so bad right now (my city was near the top of worst air quality out of all cities) from the forest fire smoke blowing all the way from the west to the east…

No. 858619

I hate that anons keep bringing up the English VAs in the Genshin Impact thread like they were the de facto voices. Nobody outside of the US uses the engdub you fucks, especially when all of the voice actors are legitimate amateurs and Paimon's VA is a massive cow who should have her own thread tbh

No. 858622

I'm a NEET and there's a side of me that wants to desperately change, and go out and meet people but whenever I sign up to meetups or dates or shit like that I always quit last minute because I get too nervous. I KNOW I just have to push through the anxiety and can't change without getting out of my comfort zone but it's like I have a home cinema in my head that keeps playing all the the things that could go wrong. I was supposed to have a meetup tonight and I'm already thinking of cancelling it

No. 858627

I fucking hate my psoriasis, it absolutely destroyed my self-esteem
It flares up every time I feel stressed and flare outs itself stresses me out which just turns into this cycle that feeds into itself
and now it's starting to appear on my scalp and it's just fucking me up
besides the pain, the shame I feel when I go outside, fearing that someone might've caught a glimpse of my scalp despite my efforts to hide it, can't even work up the courage to get a haircut anymore

No. 858663

Jesus christ I fucking hate the genshin impact fandom so much. I didn't mind the game at first and i like the designs but i'm now conditioned to associate any genshin content with stupid 15 year olds arguing about milquetoast anime boys. I'm so tired of seeing the same kaeya skin color or mihoyo appropriating other cultures or proship/antis argument. Nobody outside the fandom gives a fuck, nobody wants to see your retarded discourse groundhog day every time they open a public timeline on social media. Seeing genshin arguments on my timeline makes me want to commit homicide and i've already muted so many keywords relating to it. Just fucking tag your genshin content, please tag every content relating to genshin so the rest of the userbase can choose not to even get a whiff of your stupid fucking fandom.

No. 858666

Stop following 15-year olds. Problem fixed. My feed is full of Genshin Impact and I never see ship discourse or retarded takes about Kaeya being a true black kang or Hilichurls being a racist depiction of island natives or anything.

No. 858679

No we have a weird relationship where we never talk about anything real, she doesn't know I know she self harmed at all (it was in middle school, I even asked her about her scars at that time and she just said she didn't know where they were from thinking that was believable, again because it would have been believable to he ). After I move out and don't have to see her every day I'll probably tell her I know

No. 858698

File: 1626778218937.png (988.93 KB, 719x1000, b01d8e6cf233b3354d7532305edf50…)

This is spoiled, stupid vent that I don't have a right to make in the first place. I've been unemployed for a while and completely broke but I have a family member who supports me financially. The thing is, she only gives me money for the things she approves of, like my French lessons. So I have stuff to eat, a place to sleep in but I can't go out (she disapproves of me drinking alcohol) and only buys me clothes that she personally likes. I'm not getting any callbacks from the places I sent my applications to so I better get used to this and now I'm thinking of donating my blood plasma so I can get some money I can spend on things I want. I know I have no right to complain tho, I'm fed, I'm alive, I'm healthy, etc

No. 858704

Sorry in advance, not used to posting here. I just recently found out I failed my bar exam again, and I am overwhelmed: I passed through college fine, but I just feel like I'm not good enough anymore to keep going. I've already tried three times and I think it's about time to accept I'm just not good, and that I've thrown 7 years of my life to the drain. I still live with my parents and I hate it, my mother is similarly devastated and my father got angry the other day after my mother told him that he wasn't doing his part of the chores (again) and now is having one of his passive agresive benders, so I am not even allowed to be angry or sad because of my test. I don't know what do to, I have dedicated my life to studying, I feel like my entire life has been denied to me, I feel like just ending it all even though I don't want to, but I feel I don't deserve to continue like this: either I keep fruitlessly trying something and dissapointing everyone or I give up on my career and find something else somehow, even though I have nothing of value anymore. I feel so fucking worthless and envious of people who have suceeded.

No. 858728

I made a rash decision and got myself Persona 5: Ultimate Edition because it was on discount instead of waiting for Persona 5 Royal discount. God I hate myself.

No. 858736

Sorry if this irrelevant and you're a budding career gal but if you applied at like, retail shops and stuff like that go in during their slow times, tell them you put in an application and were wondering if the manager got a chance to look it over yet. it sounds like boomer advice but really places get apps from dozens of randoms who aren't that interested and it narrows it down if you gaf to come into the business and follow up. the manager might come out and talk to you on the spot so dress half decent. disregard if professional.

your vent is understandable, it's frustrating to not have any say in your life even when everything is taken care of.

No. 858754

I'm so excited to finally move out and live by myself for the first time in my life. I've always lived with my parents, roommates or currently my boyfriend (who's about to become my ex).

I'm just starting to realize how much of my stress is going to vanish once I live alone.

My boyfriend can sometimes get grumpy over really minor things, then use that as a way of releasing pent up anger over other stuff that bothers him. Recently he wanted to go for a jog, but came back inside because it started raining, and I was immediately aware of the tone in his voice being more angry than normal. While he wasn't angry at me, I felt a huge lump grow in my chest and started to worry about what he might potentially snap at me for. Like if I say or do something wrong, he'll direct his anger at me and dig up all the stuff about me that's been bothering him since the last time he snapped.

I only truly relax when he leaves our apartment and I know he's going to be gone for a few hours. As soon as I hear his keys in the door, my chest grows a little tighter.

Living alone means I don't have to deal with someone else's feelings or bad mood in my own home. It also means I don't have to worry about someone else having to deal with me either. I don't have to fear my boyfriend's silent resentment because I didn't put a dish back in the dishwasher the way he prefers, or wondering if he slammed a door behind himself because he's angry at something at work or if he's mad at me for eating chocolate(one of the things he snapped at me for was for eating a lot of food one weekend due to period cravings, he acted huffy and grumpy with me for the whole following week before he told me that was the reason).

I'm not perfect, but I certainly don't deserve to live like this. It's going to be nice to have a place to breathe and be myself, rather than living with someone where it feels like I'm walking on eggshells half the time not to ruin the peace.

No. 858757

Can really relate to this. I lived with a guy who would quietly seethe about things that weren't even related to me but the vibe in our apartment would sometimes be intensely uncomfortable all weekend because of it. Hellish. Similarly I'd get down sometimes and I'd ask him for a cuddle to help.. he'd lose his shit because he didn't want to comfort me and thought I should maybe quietly seethe instead? I dunno lol

Living alone 3 years now and I'm tempted to never give this up again. Even in better relationships I still cherished having the place to myself for a few hours. I don't know how couples deal with retirement.

No. 858761

I'm so sorry you've lived like that, but it's nice to know when someone can relate. I know so well of the vibe you're speaking of. It's gnarly. Ironically my boyfriend doesn't let me quietly seethe. If I'm upset over something, he will pester me about what's wrong and either be hurt and upset if he's the reason for it, or just inform me that I'm overthinking stuff and expect me to be in a better mood instantly.

Thank you for your reply, anon. Here's to 3 more years of splendid alone time.

No. 858771

Jesus Christ, some repair men came to repair the boiler and my mother is telling them my whole life story including her complaints that I don't have a boyfriend and she'll probably won't have grandchildren and saying gigantic cliches like 'it's so difficult for young people to date nowadays' and 'young people nowadays concentrate on their careers'. I'm so fucking mad. Like it's literally none of their business

No. 858783

I feel you, it's so infuriating, the repair men is probably feeling as awkward as you are feeling too
I'll never understand why parents feel the need to just share their kid's life story to random strangers

I remember one time I when I was hanging out with my friend in her living room, and her mother came by to chat with me and suddenly without warning she started telling me these things about my friend's brother that I had no interest in hearing both because I don't know him well and because the subjects felt incredibly personal, and it was just so extremely awkward, fortunately my friend stopped her before it could continue any further.

No. 858785

My mum is retired and I don't know how she'll cope when her husband retires next. She loves when he fucks off to work and complains when he comes back lol

No. 858786

Just on the subject of weird parents oversharing stuff can I vent about the one time my ex's mother showed me her mastectomy scars?? Like literally, came out of surgery a week before I got to see her, and when I got to the house she was like "Hi anon! They took everything, wanna see?" and just o p e n e d her robe. I don't exactly mind oversharing from other people because I want them to be comfortable with me (and I don't take it as an opportunity to overshare my own life in return) but damn lady, I would never ask to see something that personal!!

No. 858789

What made me the angriest is that she complained to them that I'm 'not the type who goes to clubs or discos so she doubts that I'm gonna meet anyone in the foreseeable future' whereas she KNOWS that I'd go ANYWHERE if I wasn't broke and unemployed. Like literally ANYWHERE.
Whoa, that's a little bit much…
They seemed to be old gossipy fucks who are dead inside

No. 858791

I was about to say that technically she could just walk around topless if she really wanted to .. Only a week post surgery is a lot to see though. My mom had it done but only on one side. Her wound was a shitshow and it got badly infected a week later.

No. 858795

And when I asked her to not vent our family life story to complete strangers, she got upset, turned around and left, slamming the door. Real mature

No. 858797

sorry you had to go through that, it honestly feels so violating when parents just share secrets like that, had to talk to my mom multiple times about how she makes me feel when she exposes me like that in front of strangers, and she just blows me off every time
It's only when I basically cut her out of my social circle and stopped sharing my life with her did she really realize how serious I was about this

No. 858799

My mom makes me fucking cringe

No. 858809

Parents who do that have narcissistic tendencies and feel like their kid's lives are theirs, so they can share it as they wish. They have no respect for boundaries because they don't see them. Other than that they just either like to bitch about you in public to humiliate you, or there's nothing interesting going on in their own lives so they have to "use" and gossip about your experiences instead. My mother has always been like that and remains like that to this day. The good thing to do is to not share anything with them, remember that they WILL air everything you say to them out of trust.

No. 858811

>cut her out of my social circle and stopped sharing my life
Wow, I literally did the same thing and only recently got back in touch with her. Sometimes I feel like if I was her mother and it was my job to teach her emotional intelligence or some shit

No. 858824

ugh I was listening to some yank scrote talk about the wispa incident and he said to stop voting for socialists if they don't want this stuff to happen in the US
I'm not even a socialist but that's so stupid, that shit literally only happens in the most capitalist countries in the world and nothing remotely like it would fly in any socialist country past or present, but somehow it's socialism's fault??? First world trannies and other degenerates larp as far leftists sure but the actual system that enables them materially is nowhere near socialist. Why are rightoids this retarded

No. 858835

really wish my brother gave his gf the pill that terminates pregnancy. it's expensive, illegal and could hurt the girl but it's better than the situation we're in. he had bought it for his previous girlfriends when they found out they were pregnant. yes, he has a history, he's a proud idiot who never uses condoms and believes in the power of pulling out.

he also choose his girlfriends that are innocent and naive towards sex as well.

i even keep on wishing and praying that she'd miscarried, that the baby inside is dead, that the girl would said that she was cheating on him and is only using him. anything to stop this shit we're in and now I'm suffering from his actions. I hate him so much.

my dad has slips this a couple of times, as a joke, that he'd give me little to no shit from his will as an inheritance and i'm scared of it. How come I'm part of my brother's mistakes!?

No. 858845

>believes in the power of pulling out
how if he's so bad at it?

No. 858847

File: 1626794132797.jpg (90.75 KB, 678x760, 1622646973694.jpg)

Because my pictures weren't conform I couldn't renew my id cart and passport and since I was broke at that moment I didn't retake them the same day/week. Now I'm postponing it and I don't wanna do anything

No. 858854

he's arrogant and doesn't like to be called out from his mistakes, no matter how it affects everyone. so he'll just blindly believes that he's the shit that could do no wrong.

No. 858856

Fuck summer. I've spent all day laying on the stone floor in the kitchen with a pedestal fan on because it's too hot to do anything else.

No. 858859

I know your pain, anon. Currently living with an idiot that should just get an abortion, but instead is putting all of us in the house through this bullshit. Her baby daddy is a useless piece of shit and she is too. Already has one child that her mom raises instead of her and she’s been on and off meth for a while. She’s only 9 weeks and could easily get the pill, but her piece of shit baby daddy wants a “family” and it would “devastate” him and she “wasn’t raised that way.” Yeah, but you weren’t raised to do drugs and abandon your currently living child either.

No. 858863

File: 1626794932116.gif (2.64 MB, 264x240, 1547473895369.gif)

I took a few days off from work because of a minor surgery and wanted to give myself recovery time, but my job legit called me in last night just after i got out of OR. (like an hour later, so i was still medicated and in pain.)

Why do jobs do this? I'm tempted to take another day off and not come back

No. 858871

File: 1626795858258.jpeg (122.2 KB, 1125x1118, C2019689-C61A-40FB-A4F2-3CDCB3…)

I had a dream last night that was so fucking disturbing. I haven’t been getting adequate sleep lately because of procrastinating in school work, so I had a dream where I had a wound on my leg and for some reason it also functioned as an anus. Feces was spewing out of the wound and I had to clean up the leg wound with alcohol, it was like a demonic nightmare or something. I woke up and I can feel a sensation of the leg that was affected in my dream even though it’s purely all in my head from being disturbed and disgusted. Why would this fucking happen? Kek

No. 858873

oh, god, how come these people would rather put shit in their body but is afraid to be injected with vaccines or take medicine. my brother smokes cigarettes, almost to a pack a day, vapes and drinks like there's no tomorrow. if there's no meat main dish at home, he'd buy fast food and could finish several bags of chips in a single afternoon. but refuse to take the covid19 vaccine or the vitamin c supplements my mom gives him.

i won't be surprise if my brother dumps his baby to my mom or his gf and just never matures. and with his history, i won't be surprise if this baby he has with his gf won't be the last, at all. i pity his gf but she's a dumb bitch who was fine with living in my mom's place even though she and my brother have only became a couple in the later months of 2020. she's nice, i give her that, but with how much of a pig he is at home and bosses her around, she should've break things off immediately.

No. 858892

I hate when my mother points out that I have a fat face. It was fat even when I was emanciated. It's fat now that I'm underweight. I hate it, it makes me want to cut the fat off of my cheeks. It's so bad when I smile, I look like a filthy blob. If the fat goes away from the rest of my body, why doesn't it go away on my face??? It doesn't make any fucking sense.

No. 858893

File: 1626797457383.jpg (138.5 KB, 555x414, Theodore_Kaczynski.jpg)

I'm on the end of my ropes in a sense and I am stuck and sort of angry at everything and everyone.

I know someone form lolcow might recognize me and try attacking me again, but so that be it. I am absolutely tired from all that I had to endure and have to go through and from all the hypocrisy in the world. Everyone loves putting themselves under political labels like some anon in the unpopular opinion thread said. I think it is fine to have a theoretical political leaning if your environment does not allow you to involve yourself in charitable actions for that which you advocate for, but I have met so many people including RAD FEMS that put themselves under this label and are from first world countries with a lot of time on their hands and even money and they spend their time circle jerking in a community of people with the same opinions to masturbate their ego meanwhile, shitting on troons and so what not when they could use their time, money and privilege to actually help women!

The same with anti capitalist leftists. Some of them literally make millions by saying they are anti capitalist and live in LUXURY, not comfort. For them it is just a way of virtue signaling, of belonging to a group and making money, but it is very sick and manipulative to make money while you pretend to help others and care for them.

I am only 21 and I genuinely feel close, very close to suicide. I was involved in sex work, I am mentally ill and cannot do well in academia, although that's what I lean towards. I love writing and studying abstract ideas and theory. But it feels like absolutely all human communities are made up by narcissists and like truth does not matter. Even in Academia you have to satisfy a bunch of people and ultimately the truth is not important it's just power structures over power structures.

I don't know anons, I won't turn back to sex work although it feels like I could in a sense. If I'm not going back to academia and if I won't work and everything presuposes a huge amount of effort and sacrificing my true self why not go with the option that makes me the most money? Plus, since I had done it and there are pictures of me on the internet I feel as if advancing in any of the positions I would like to advance in is useless because people will find those pictures anyway and disown me. Why shouldn't I just work until 30 and buy an apartment? And then fuck off from everything and continue my writing?

Writing, art and philosophy are the only things that will ever truly interest me, but doing those in an academical institution feels very restrictive. I am already afraid someone will plagiarize my ideas, it happened to one of my profs in college and nobody recognized he was plagiarized by one of the most representative figures in his field. If you don't have autorithy you don't have anything. It's power struggle and power dynamics. Just watch the hypocritical leftist destroy our world by playing hand in hand with capitalism. Absolutely nobody actually fights against capitalism and corporatism anymore, they are all hand in hand.

No. 858894

Do you have to use the same picture every time?

No. 858895

anon, I've never used this picture before. It was another tedfag

No. 858896

tell her she gave you the fat face and ask why her genes aren’t better

No. 858897

are you medicated? i would consider it.

No. 858898

yes, I've been medicated for the past 6 years and currently I am taking medication, it only makes me a bit more numb and indifferent to all that is happening. That's about it.

No. 858900

Kek anon

No. 858909

Kathryn Harlow larp?

No. 858913

what's the thought process behind thinking just because you're in academia you will be plagiarized? shades of delusions of grandeur.

No. 858926

I didn't realize we had an air quality alert and I spent a lot of time outside and now I feel like shit

No. 858931

File: 1626800450944.png (244.28 KB, 638x462, tenor.png)

this is probably my period making me hella emotional so excuse me if i sound contradictory and all over the place, but i'm so tired of everyone no matter where i go talking about dating/relationships with men. I even find myself bringing it up when i run out of things to talk about and then i immediately regret it. Maybe im just bitter because i'm reaching my late 20s and never had a relationship that wasn't a situationship so that could be it. BUT men are so fucking boring to talk about. THey all fucking suck. I've talked to really hot women, really average women, below average women etc and whenever the discussion of men in regards to relationships is brought up they all experience the same fuckery just different doses. It doesnt matter how hot or rich or not hot or not rich you are 9/10 you are going to end up with a piece of shit scrote at some point. I fucking hate that society fed us this myth that there is a prince charming out there for everyone you just have to go out and find it. But like that is not true for everyone and that is oh fucking kay. I think the reason why i've been so desperate to try and get a man is because I feel left out not really having any relationship experience aside from sporadic dates and lackluster sex. But the thing is I keep coming back for more because im terrified of being alone. WHich is so stupid like who cares if you are alone?? being alone is 10x better than being with someone. You have so much ffreedom to do whatever you want plus its cheaper!.
I need to be honest with myself and realize that the reason I'm desperate to find a man is because ever since i was a kid its been shoved down my throat that romance is like a birthright and anyone that doesnt have it is deformed in some way either physically, mentally, or both. I didnt realize how much of a number its done on not only me but everyone around me. There is so much more to life than fucking men! I know this but i constantly have to remind myslef because whenever my period is approaching I get super emotional and I start craving romance only to be met with disappointment. LIke I literally had the worst sex of my life after not fucking for months last week yet i was STILL excited when he texted me the following day. Like? How do i extract my heart from my body because this shit is stupid as fuck. Not to mention whenever my favorite youtuber gets in a relationship their creativity is almost always inevitably stifled. Like men drain women of any type of individuality. I want to cry. >inb4 im a lesbian so i cant relate. GOOD FOR YOU!!!! But seriously I think I might be bi but im too scared to talk to a girl because girls actually have personalities and hobbies and i'd just feel like they could do better lol.

No. 858932

i used the green text wrong because im stupid and i have so many spelling errors let me just go ahead and play in traffic

No. 858948

File: 1626802049118.jpg (51.62 KB, 540x568, 68914df784_dec5662c_540.jpg)

I just want everything in this country to collapse or something. I recently left a job that I genuinely enjoyed because the new boss forced me out. The last straw was when she asked me "what it would take for me to finally quit". After four years of dealing with her shit and having HR do nothing about the harassment, I had a breakdown and put in my two weeks. Now I'm job searching and have only had one interview so far. I used to live in a low-cost of living area but over the past few years average rent has gone up to $2,000+/month. My boyfriend makes minimum wage and we both live with my parents. They love having us stay with them but as a 25 year old I feel so pathetic. We live in a 2 bed house and it's so small, my boyfriend and I have no privacy. I wish moving was an option but it really feels like there's no where left to go if you're poor. This shit is so depressing, I hate all the Californians and rich fucks moving over here. At this point I only see a future still stuck at my parents or living in a van.

No. 858961

But she doesn't have a fat face… my face is probably a weird combination of my father's genes and a fucked up overbite or something. I still don't understand why it stays fat if my whole body is thin.

No. 858981

well she's the one that decided to procreate with a fat faced man so that's on her, not you. if it's buccal fat or a double-chin you'll never get rid of it without surgery, it's not uncommon.

No. 858990

Fellow California anon. I feel your pain. Godspeed nonnie. You can make it through this.

No. 859007

i broke up with my boyfriend of a year and 4 months last night. it was going nowhere, he lives in canada and i live in florida. i had been trying to get him to get his passport and visit me for a year and it just wasnt happening and he wasnt fulfilling my emotional needs, so i broke up with him. so why does it feel like i carved my own heart out of my chest and ran over it with a steamroller? it was very amicable, we thanked each other for everything weve given to each other and were going to try to stay friends (we have lots of mutual friends as well and dont want to destroy a whole discord server lol) but it just hurts so much. i havent been able to stop crying for more than like 10 waking minutes since i pulled the trigger. i mean ive been mulling this decision over for months and i know i had to do it but im grieving so hard that it all still feels like a mistake. i dont know man

No. 859028

change is uncomfortable, but that discomfort signals growth. once you establish your own routines that don't have him involved your head will be a lot clearer. it sounds like you definitely made the right decision for yourself.

No. 859036

File: 1626808368846.jpg (832.57 KB, 1620x2160, tumblr_e79709cfcf2c05ad45ba197…)

Chased off an old friend over being unable to communicate properly and make conversation, along with having mental problems and snapping at her and making her feel terrible. I don't want to make any excuses for my behavior, it was wrong of me to react so badly.

If you're reading this Homura (you related a lot to her, so using her name in place of yours), I'm sorry for being a crazy asshole and making you feel horrible. You're already going through a lot and I just added to it. I didn't talk for a few days because I was ashamed to face you & sad, not because I was angry. You did nothing to deserve how I treated you. I understand if you don't want to talk anymore, but I really wanted to apologize to you and hope you're doing OK. I hope we can still be friends. Hopefully you know who you are & hopefully you see this. Sorry for being cringe and posting an apology on lolcow of all places, but I wasn't sure where else to contact you except our main place.

No. 859042

I want to drop everything and move to la or at least southern california so bad because I love the vibes and everything there. The only thing standing in my way is the fact that I'm not attractive and also pretty fat so not only would I be the ugliest person BY FAR in that area but also idk if I could even make friends there since socal people love to curate their friend groups in a way that gives them the most clout. So basically skinny girls only. My life would be 100% better if i wasn't so hideous

No. 859045

i've heard making friends in socal is damn near impossible as a transplant unless you're already wealthy/established

No. 859049

lolcow is officially the only avenue i have left to freely talk shit about reality tv personalities. for everything i hate reddit for, i was still active in a few female-dominated reality tv subreddits because i felt like they weren't "as bad" as the rest of the site, but that's officially not the case. you can't say a fucking word of criticism about anyone without women in their mid-30s coming out of the woodwork blogposting about why you should be nice and understanding about them because "they're people too". like first of all, nobody is talking about you. so much fucking projection, it's exhausting. i just want to snark on overpaid z-listers.

No. 859051

Ugh this is the last time I accept someone elses Amazon package ever again. Today was my only day off and it's already almost 10pm here and my neighbor still didn't come to pick it up and I have to work tomorrow.

Nonnies, can I just leave it in front of their door (I live in an apartment complex) or will I be held responsible if it gets stolen? I have to work until the weekend and I don't want to have to wait around for them to pick it up then or run after them every evening ffs.

No. 859058

Its like nobody understands what gossip is anymore. Sometimes i wish it was still the mid 2000s because you could literally say anything back then

No. 859066

i have a bad tooth ache thats radiating down my chin and my dental appointment is in a month. at least it'll be in time for my birthday so i can eat a whole cake

No. 859068

People are so annoying about what they police when you gossip. Like shut up about morals, I'm gossiping I'm already being a bitch according to everyone so fuck up.

No. 859088

Some random neighbor I don't know did this to me a few weeks ago, I didn't even know who they were, but apparently they slipped it in my mailbox later. Really stressed me out. Please don't accept packages for people you don't know just let them take it back to the post office

No. 859089

File: 1626812986827.gif (2.9 MB, 480x270, giphy-downsized-large.gif)

>no anal
>never strain while pooping

No. 859096

Yeah I just took it because I felt bad for the carrier because it was so hot today and he looked like he was about to pass out right in front of my door.

Why the fuck don't people just redirect the package to the post office or choose a different delivery day if they know they won't be home?!

No. 859101

My ex bf who groomed me and was always pestering me to get sex when I was 14 is now dating an asexual. Mh.

No. 859107

Hours yes but on a work day the window to spend time with loved ones is only realistically a few hours
Thanks for your words, you did well to get out of that relationship. Fortunately I'm not married or financially locked in so I can still choose to escape too if it weighs out against the rest of the positives in our relationship

No. 859119

I had something delivered that required a signature (vape) so they just had a random adult sign for it a block away? I couldn't control it. You should just take it to the post office and play dumb

No. 859129

There's LSA, if you don't mind hiding your non blackness.

No. 859134

HOW do people manage to turn up their TV so loud that the entire neighbourhood is able to hear it?And WHY?

No. 859141

I feel like shit. After weeks of planning to meet up with my friends they just met without me and posted pics together, totally being unapologetic about it…I’m trying to not let these things get to me so much anymore but I can’t help feeling sad about it. I always question my entire self whenever stuff like this happens.

No. 859152

I hear you, sis. I'm making just under $14 and i am EXHAUSTED. Why cant you join up selling fruit with your sister?

No. 859169

That usually means he masturbates using her body whilst she disassociates or they have an open relationship
I'm sorry that happened to you anon, I'm glad you're away from him now

No. 859197

Like, I'm so annoyed. Forgot that I had to cancel with origin my annual subscription. Got the email in June and have tried every few days to cancel the membership but the fucking website is shite and won't let me log in, yet from my emails I can access my account details but when I click the stupid hyperlink that says cancel it breaks. Says log in is unavailable. Literally has said that all of June and the times in July I've checked. Completely forgot about it until I checked my bank statement and there's 20 quid gone. I budgeted my finances to the fucking penny this month and I'm so pissed off that that 20 quid is out of my account now. There's still two weeks of this month left and that 20 quid has taken a massive chunk out of my food budget for the remaining two weeks. Fuck you EA. I haven't played the fucking sims since May.

No. 859199

I had issues with that years ago. I dont even know how. It's not a flex to ruin your sound and neighbor's patience with a giant surround sound system in a small apartment

No. 859200

I got a big soundbar at Christmas to annoy the cunts downstairs. I live above a air bnb and sometimes it's just fucking nightmarish living above the parties. I find blasting punk music makes them fuck up then I turn it down and if they act up I'll turn it up. Other than that I'm a considerate neighbour lol

No. 859203

No. 859206

I don't even want to pirate it lol my laptop is shit. I unistalled the sims and origin back in May. Forgot about my ongoing saga of trying to cancel it this past two weeks and checked my bank account to see EA took money. I'm waiting on a customer service person getting back to me but my account details already say my membership has rolled over until 2022 but I don't fucking want it lol

No. 859209

Contact your bank block EA from taking money out of your account. If you use online banking or a phone banking app you should be able to use that to stop any company taking out reoccurring subscription fees.

No. 859238

File: 1626826993658.jpg (33.61 KB, 440x586, 54250bad714956323127faa23bb245…)

Recently, re-discovered a channel I would watch back in 2017 and just found out one of the hosts fucking trooned out. I know it's an "atheist" channel and I should've seen it coming but jesus christ.

No. 859243

thank you nona, im feeling a lot better since i took a nap and had a good dinner today. on to bigger and better things

No. 859244

File: 1626827563875.jpeg (110.96 KB, 1015x1024, D5E39ECB-883D-4CFC-B77E-4CD5C0…)

I feel so dumb for being so naive. Like I have no grasp on how romance or relationships are supposed to work, and I think I will never understand. The other day I got zooted and clung onto a mutual friend of my best friends. I just trusted him since it was his weed and he smoked an obscene amount and functioned. I felt like we had this special bond, but a primal and platonic one, and not romantic. I was asking him to protect me (I was so gone), warm my hands, and I liked his energy so I was just around him. I felt like a cavewoman attached to a caveman that brought back some meat and pelts you know. Nothing more though. Later my friends asked me why I was flirting, and he was asking them if I was single. God I was so confused. Like yes I like him, but no I don’t want to sleep him him. Why is that (his, my friends understand me) the expectation. Now I don’t know how to act around him. Every interaction with a dude i have is a farce and I’m actually fine with it at this point. I just know it will never change, I’m just accepting my retardation. I’m just really, really, really embarrassed that I’m so naive time and time again.

No. 859247

I was thinking of doing that but it's 1.30am UK time so going to try in the morning. EA fucking customer service won't get back to me and they don't have a direct email you have to do everything through their channels. They can get fucked.

No. 859248

Just be yourself. Who cares if you were flirting with him while you were high? It doesn't mean you have to all the time or you're a thing now. If you like him just take it at your pace.

No. 859265

File: 1626828779697.png (837.36 KB, 1406x1756, 49E380FD-1C22-4BA3-BAFE-7B35B6…)

I’m really scared I’m somewhat autistic. I tell myself I’m too self aware and empathetic but I’m also really “off” (never had sex / no sex drive, major hyperfixation issues, and I just say some really retarded shit)

No. 859285

Know your pain… drink lots of water everyday, even if you have to force it…

No. 859309

File: 1626834376037.png (359.19 KB, 400x400, download (3).png)

I feel really and truly trapped in my life. It feels like some heavyhanded victorian novel. I'm rotting away in this too-big house where I have to cook and clean for two stupid rich boys who can barely do a thing for themselves. My bf barely looks at me anymore, I do all the chores and buy furniture on my meager salary for this stupid million-dollar house I never asked for. All I wanted was to move into a 1 bedroom I could afford and get health insurance but I'm trapped in this place where I can't even walk to the grocery store.

Every day I find myself growing more and more resentful of this new family I'm indebted to who I buy expensive clothes for just for them to mock.

I love my cat but I wish I never adopted him so I could cut my losses and move back home. I seriously might just kill myself to get out of this life.

No. 859313

File: 1626835072688.jpg (35.29 KB, 460x536, a7Wzd4A_460s.jpg)

i didn't want to do my tasks so i just masturbated thrice in one day… i think ive become a chronic masturbator god help me

but at the same time i think im justified, my orgasms are too good, i didnt need male contact or porn. idk gals, i still feel fucking horrible and theres this sort of "good" kind of tired after an orgasm that makes you just wanna take a nap.. and then you wake up from said nap and then you just wanna do it all over again.. shit. i cant be the only one who masturbates as a form of distraction/escape

No. 859324

not alone

No. 859328

I masturbate when i am anxious as shit and it helps me calm down.

No. 859351

same, it’s literally kept me from having anxiety attacks before when i was spiraling

No. 859362

File: 1626840184215.png (5.01 MB, 2048x2048, imagen_2021-07-20_230217.png)

My god I'm so fucking scared this just looks like my abusive brother and I can hear him screaming to my mom in the kitchen so this picture is just fucking me up

No. 859363

i thought this was paymoneywubby

No. 859369

I guess he is but the resemblance is uncanny

No. 859372

it’s not but lmao

No. 859375

File: 1626841255781.jpg (84.76 KB, 597x960, bc67100c382025af69eb9d0dc0bf88…)

No. 859377

this just gave me cancer

No. 859378

I kinda want to ghost my bf even though we've been together for a year and a half.

I had some serious health news that may mean I have just 10 more years to live (it will likely be more because the prognosis has gotten better in the last couple years). So I have been having intense health anxiety.

We were sitting outside, and I said something to him about smelling toast. He replied, "That means you're having a stroke." I got really worried. Then he said, "I smell it too." He just laughed and got angry when I reacted badly because it was "just a joke."

I tried to bring it up later. First he just kept laughing at it. Then he got mad. He said, "You're always looking for things to worry about with your health, now you found something and it's all you can think about." Which is really unfair because I've been dealing with all these weird random illnesses for 6 months now, all I've tried to do is find out what is wrong.

I gave him the benefit of the doubt thinking maybe he's still processing this. It's all pretty new.

One of the more challenging things I've had to start doing is eating vegan and gluten-free. He's continues to offer me all this food I can't eat. Like he'll eat a carton of ice cream in front of me- which whatever that doesn't bother me- then he'll offer me a bite. Then another bite. Then he would shame me and say, "I was just trying to be nice. You weren't supposed to eat it."

Today he said he was going to make us eat fast food. I said, "I can't eat there." Then he said, "You can eat a salad and sugar-free drink." Which… no, I don't want a fast food salad and a soft drink.

When I told him to stop, he said, "Is this going to be how it is for the next 10 years!? I can't make any jokes? Because that's not changing. That's who I am."

And as I'm writing this, I'm only just realizing that I think 10 years part was in reference to the life expectancy thing ;—-; What the fuck.

I can't do this. I don't even want to talk to him about breaking up because break ups are stressful, and I'm trying really hard to just relax so my symptoms get under control.

I just want to stop talking to him entirely.

No. 859379

I stayed at a foster home with an old woman for a while in my younger teens and she was so fucking obsessed with my period. She would make me tell her exactly when I started it and how many pads I used. She also wouldn't let me use tampons which I had been using for a year already. I was a shy and private kid and hadn't even been open with my mom about my period so of course I didn't want to tell her. She ended up doing shit like going through the bathroom trash AND SMELLING ME in case I was lying about being on it. My brother was on the floor playing his gameboy and I stepped over him (while on my period) to get to the couch and she lost her shit. Telling me it is unclean to step over someone on my period. Anyway I threw a used pad at her once

No. 859384


Also to add to this, he did the non-apology thing where he said, "I'm sorry you are upset at my jokes."

No. 859387

He straight up does not love you. Dump him, he may or may not be a bad person but he's being extremely cruel to you. Extremely.

No. 859388

I’m gonna go for custody of my sisters children if she doesn’t have her shit sorted by Christmas. She won’t go to therapy, thinks medication is selective and optional, befriends exclusively crackheads, drug dealers, and BPD basket cases who usually steal her shit, and is currently defending the guy who raped her. She’s a eager of a bpd case herself and thinks that minimal insight is the same thing as being better.
She has daughters and I can’t let them live with her, hearing and seeing her do that. It’s gonna end the family, we’re only in contact with each other to help this sister out anyway, and taking her kids away from her will make her either cut me off or kill herself but I’m willing to risk her whole damn life if her kids get out safe.

I know I’d get custody, I’m kin, have a relationship with them, can quit smoking pot right now, and have a steady marriage and home. I’m scared taking them will fuck the kids up..it’s traumatic and there’s no getting around it. I’m gonna have to traumatise them to protect them and that’s fucked.

She’s letting the guy who raped her while she was on a bunch of sleeping meds into her home where her 12 year old and six year old daughters live. I could wring her stupid neck for being such a dumb bitch

No. 859390

bug related i hate living in this shithole with roaches, i need a medicine from the kitchen but i saw one on the ceiling and am absolutely not going to fucking get it while there's the damn thing out. i hate living here and that no one cares about the bugs and if i called an exterminator my dad would whine like a little shithead.

No. 859392

why are foster carers always the most batshit of people

No. 859394

You're doing the right thing anon. I hope she gets her shit sorted out still, wishing you and the kids the best

No. 859395

I hope she can do it but she’s not getting more chances. It’s hurting her kids to give her them so fuck her. I refuse to let them see this shit and become the same sort of gypsy crap all the other generations have been.

No. 859396

Anon a good partner would support you through this and your worries. Being diagnosed with a medical condition is very life-changing and serious, and even if you two are the types to joke around, he's taking it too far by literally offering you foods you can't eat and acting like a dick about the more serious parts of it (regarding the 10 years comment: what kind of guy would say something like that? that is just beyond insensitive, the fuck). Break ups are hard but what's even harder in the long run is having to be yoked with a partner who belittles your concerns. I'm sorry you have to go through this

No. 859397

you have serious health issues and the only thing he cares about is his stupid jokes. He won't step over his ego and jokes to even apologize to his sick gf. I don't think he deserves you.

No. 859398

I saw rape porn here it's in this thread jesus christ my day is ruined. Why are scrotoids like this? Don't open the spoiler image in the thread anons please it will ruin your day

No. 859400

What a prick! He should be worried about the ten year expectancy, not making jokes about brain bleeds and shit.
Does he have the audacity to come to you when he gets sick?

You have enough to deal with, without having to wrangle a no-value dickhead into behaving like a human for two minutes.

Ghost him, enjoy the freedom from a thorn in your side, and soak up better company from people who treat you right.

No. 859401

I'm so sorry you had to see that anon. I didn't click on it but as soon as I saw the file name (I think it was "bitch getting hit" or something) I knew not to click on it.

No. 859403

Don't waste your time with this insensitive prick. The 10 year comment is absurd, who the hell says that to their girlfriend

No. 859404

Bless you for the warning. Want some eye bleach?

No. 859407

Yeah that shit fucking sucks, I reported it to mods but idk how longer it will stay.

anyone wanting to avoid it, this is the post

No. 859413

Only got halfway through before concluding dump the asshole

You're trying to improve your health and your lifespan and he offers you food which goes against your plan? And jokes about huge health conditions like strokes?
He doesn't deserve your company.

No. 859415


Also a year and a half isn't that long, honestly anyone who isn't invested in helping you be healthy and live as long as possible (honestly offering food that will hinder that is so malicious to me) shouldn't be around you. He sounds like a smug asshole too since he thinks you're going to literally spend the rest of your life with him when he treats you like that? Throw him in the trash.

No. 859417

Money really fucks people up, eh? Bf's brother-in-law found out my bf's grandparents gifted me money. Nothing crazy and it was for a specific reason, I'm very grateful. But this guy makes it all about him and how he's never had a handout in his life and I need to get my shit together (which is true kek.) But this dude makes $170k a year, why the fuck should he care that his brother-in-law's gf was gifted a couple hundred bucks to get her out of a jam. He doesn't even know what it's for to begin with. My boyfriend finally yelled at him to get off my back.

No. 859420

I'm really sick honestly and I justify cannot trust the psychiatrists in my country anymore because I've gotten so many different diagnosis over the years. Currently my diagnosis is Bipolar with major depressive disorder. I'm super ill and I live in an environment with no financial support and very bad public health care because I live in a third world country. I think I should get used to the fact I'm sort of disabled from all the abuse I had to endure growing up. I have to resort to sex work on the internet to make very little money. I dont have a victims mentality, but this is my life. I don't want to be like this, I swear. I failed college, I failed everything and I'm stuck in the same shitty town where I was abused in my father's house. I think I will rot here and I'm also very physically ill, I don't think I will live past 30. I have a chronic heart disorder, miss half of my lung, chronic pain from Elhers Danlos. I'm so angry at all the people that pretend to be involved with politics and pretend to care for others. Nobody helped me or my mom. The pricilege and capital differences are so mind-blowing in the world and if you are suffering literally nobody helps you. I think I will start getting naked, I've been doing sex work without getting naked until now, but getting naked will help me make more money. I need more money, I want to travel before I die. I want to see many places and have many experiences.

No. 859421

I think I'm starting to develop a mental deficit, I forget words and everything is mixed up in my head and I cannot even socialize with people anymore because I find everything they say petty and I cannot empathize with them unless they have a very serious issue. I can empathize with people that are poor, abused, mentally ill, but beyond that I can't

No. 859465

It's called narcissism

No. 859486


Probably depression or some physical shit like long covid.

No. 859488

I'm exactly the same and it's mostly depression and pandemic-caused physical isolation from people.

No. 859493

I tried trooning out for a while, before realizing how retarded that is and that I didn't want to be a "man" in the first place; I just hate having a female body. Anything that reminds me that I'm female makes me incredibly uncomfortable-breasts, periods, even with sex I feel incredibly numb during it, like it's not even real. I'm still saving up to get my tits cut off and a hysterectomy despite fully accepting that I'm a woman. I wish I knew why my brain's so retarded, and that there was a place I could talk to people going through similar stuff without "UWU ur a heckin valid space boy" bullshit

No. 859497

I really feel for you. Is there any reason to chopping tits off opposed to just wearing a binder if they make you that uncomfortable? Or is it that you want to be shirtless and perceived as male but still identify as female? I hope you can find a good (female) therapist to talk about the difficulties of being a woman without them suggesting you become a man to ‘fix’ everything

No. 859498

If you were my friend and you told me this shit I’d slash his tires, burn his clothes, cut all his electronic wires, just reading this is making me seethe. Find a place to stay and ignore him, if it’s your place already, pack his essentials and change the locks.

No. 859500

I can't do the cryptot*rf life anymore I'm at my fucking limit. So many she/theys are cute but not worth the anguish. I'm making a radblr I'm going to find an actual feminist community and I'm going to get myself a based gf who I can actually be myself around.

No. 859501

Yeah I think trooning out is ridiculous but if there was a magic spell I could use to get rid of my tits i.e. no invasive and risky surgery I would do it in a heartbeat. Whenever I get catcalled I get anxious for weeks and wish that I was fully androgynous or passing for a male simply because I don't want to be treated like a piece of meat. But it's not just a "me" problem, it's a way deeper society-wide issue with misogyny. I realize that I wouldn't feel this way about my body if it wasn't sexualized by men since early puberty.

No. 859506

Nta but wearing a binder can lead to some insane sagging and changes in your breast tissue, if you bind for any decent length of time and then don't cut them off you're likely to be even unhappier with your chest.

No. 859510

I like my body, but just the constant fear of being sexualized by men makes me so uncomfortable. I try channeing this feelings into men hate instead of myself, but that doesn't help that much.

No. 859512

I went roller skating last night for the first time in months as my confidence has really been shit recently. I asked my friends to go with me they agreed. One said to me that the other said I can’t skate then my other friend said no that was her and it went back and forth. They were laughing. If it was a joke it wasn’t a very nice one and I found it really mean. Super disappointed that’s all

No. 859514

Your friends are asses, nonnie

No. 859519

AYRT, I've been binding since I was a teen but even just seeing them when I'm naked is distressing. Like other anon said my tissue is fucked anyways so they really need to go. I don't want to be percieved as male either, I got the fun experience of actual ~gender dysphoria~ when I was in my fakeboi phase and started actually passing as a man kek
yeah, men suck don't they? After spending a lot of time in tranny spaces I think the epidemic of feminine fakebois is at least partially due to just wanting to be able to wear pink and not get harassed by scrotes for it. It's really sad.

No. 859524

Get therapy instead of crushing your tits and ribs, goddamn.
How does someone reach the conclusion “I am extremely upset over healthy body part—body part is wrong and my perception is right—damaging the healthy body part will fix this
Do y’all not stop for one second and think maybe the problem was your head not the normal body?

No. 859543

Nta but my whole trans phase started because a fucking therapist led me down that path. I was sick of feeling uncomfortable around men and by voicing that in therapy I was led in one direction. I then had a gender therapist confirm a diagnosis of 'gender identity disorder' despite all my doubts and he tried to fasttrack me to hormone treatment I didn't want. Be careful about therapy when you have these issues. I've had more professionals push me in the direction of transitioning than not. And that was 10 odd years ago so imagine it now.

No. 859547

Anon i feel you so much. Thankfully TRA shit isn't popular or acceptable in my third world country so the only people who suggested i was nonbinary or genderfluid or whatever was other terminally online kids. Hope you can work through it and actually embrace being a woman, it feels so much better and comfortable.
It always scares me when some close friends of mine on the internet says a similar thing (uncomfortable with their femaleness or w/e) and everyone just starts suggesting they're trans. It's so harmful.

No. 859551

Jesus Christ the psychologists are in the trans scam as well?
You needed real therapy not to be told your breasts were the problem. Is there any such thing as non affirming therapy anymore?

No. 859554

Psychoanalysis (in my country) generally isn't too fond of trans discourse but it's full of other types of wacky shit. You'd need to avoid analysts that believe they're the second coming of Freud and it's expensive (because psychotherapies are very long).

No. 859559

Psychologists and medical doctors in the US are basically pill shills. Before trannyisms, it was depression and attention deficit disorders to sell drugs for.

No. 859560

If you have a history of CSA or if you're on the spectrum and just don't feel like you fit in… I've heard enough detrans women talk about how they sought help for those issues and they instead fell down the trans rabbit hole when a pro suggested gender dysphoria was the root of all their problems and transitioning was the cure.

No. 859588

I want my lip pierced so bad but I can’t because of my job. Even if I leave my job having it would make it harder to find a “normal” job so idk what to do but I WANT IT

No. 859608

File: 1626875960695.gif (1.05 MB, 500x400, f6a4fc97b95f9225557f4b139c6875…)

My loose skin is really getting me down. I lost a lot of weight recently and while my skin could be much much worse, I see other people in the pool and how their muscle and fat fills out their skin nicely and feel my confidence shrivel like the rest of me.
The other thing is my body shape, I have no bum, no boobs, no nice shapely parts. My body is almost androgynous, and while I'm attracted to that look on other women, it makes me look ghoulish.
My body now looks a bit like the new horrorcow in /snow/, but my belly is worse and my boobs are a little better. My hips and thighs are a little slimmer, but I have loose skin on my thighs too.

I'm happy I was able to lose that weight and am really invested in keeping it off. I hear your skin recovers a bit after a year or two, but nothing major. I'm going to the gym and doing aqua fit and yoga because I'm recovering from an injury, and I'm hoping that my body will build up enough to look nice and not scrawny.
I started microneedling with vit c because an anon here recommended it; I can't tell whether it's helped or not.

It's not like I'm keen on showing any skin, my go-to outfit is a turtleneck and trousers. But it would have been nice to feel young and carefree in my dad shorts when I went on the beach last month.

I just wish I'd taken better care of myself over the years, and had been taught that I was worth taking care of. I spend a lot of time thinking about who I could have been if I'd had a nice upbringing and no mental health problems. Oh nonnies.

No. 859611

I got the second vaccine shot yesterday. I didn't have any side effects other than soreness in the arm they injected after the first one so I didn't think too much about it. Today I woke up with a terrible headache, I can't tell if it's because of the shot or because I overslept for two hours but it won't go away. I feel sick and weak and just want to lay down but I have online classes today and need to study for a test on friday, this sucks so bad

No. 859612

I empathise with you anon but for the love of god, don’t get a hysterectomy. Completely understand that periods are shit but the risks of a hysterectomy are not worth it. As well as the general risks of surgery you could end up with long term issues such as early menopause - although it will happen at some point anyway, currently it’s not taken seriously because women aren’t taken seriously. It’s just seen as something you have to get on with, but even if your doctor is sympathetic you still wouldn’t get the quality of care that will hopefully exist in (presumably) a couple decades, when you will naturally go through the menopause.

Also you risk incontinence and prolapse. Your uterus isn’t just a useless organ if you don’t plan to use it; it’s part of the structure of your insides and helps hold everything in place. Imagine removing a couple of books from the middle of a huge stack - you wouldn’t expect them to stay in place and you risk doing the same damage to your body.

If you want a permanent form of birth control, go ahead and get your tubes tied. Trust me, your body will feel undeniably female if you end up at the gynaecologist because your organs are falling out your vag or having pelvic floor physiotherapy because you can’t stop pissing yourself.

No. 859620

Ghost him and if he harasses you just block/continue to ghost. He’s retarded and not worth the explanation. 1 1/2 or not, he sucks and isn’t worth your time.

No. 859625

Ngl I tried doing this and radblr is nice and it was nice to vent, but it all ends up being the same posts/people all the time. The community is very small and based, but it got old fast. I’ve just started being openly terf-y with my friends and they mostly end up agreeing with me.

No. 859628

Adding to this, hysterectomy has been linked to early onset Alzheimer's, heart disease and cancer, even if you keep the ovaries. Every organ in the body affects every other to some extent, and the body is so wildly complicated that we don't know the full consequences of removing organs, which is why it's not something to be taken lightly at all. If you're healthy, please keep your parts. Bodily mutilation is never the answer to mental difficulties.

No. 859634

>finds a cool female artist that draws nice lesbian art
>starts pandering to trannies especially males
Every goddamn time, like fucking clockwork, I don't even know why I still bother with western artists on Twitter.

No. 859665

Let me know if you find any good ones anon.

No. 859667

File: 1626880334208.jpeg (45.36 KB, 474x711, 3DF4CA89-4B6B-4DAC-A132-189952…)

My body is fucked up and I walk really slowly because of it. Yesterday I went with my boyfriend to the grocery store because I needed to pick out a birthday card, and as soon as we stepped outside it started pouring. My boyfriend ran ahead of me and yelled at me to "hurry up" and I'm still a mixture of embarrassed and annoyed by it. We've been together for almost a decade, how can you forget that my body is retarded? Like shit, as if looking at me isn't a reminder. I look like fuckin Zorak

No. 859674

File: 1626881221757.jpg (53.13 KB, 474x482, Screenshot_6.jpg)

I promised myself I would get over my social anxiety and my avoidant tendencies so I signed up for meetups but I keep noping out of them last minute because I'm so fucking nervous. For example yesterday. I got prepared, I dressed up, left my apartment and then after a few steps I turned around because I felt like I couldn't do it, I went home, mixed antidepressants with a cider to numb myself and watched stupid Youtube videos on my bed. I also did 100 squats as a way to punish myself. Another time I walked right up to the cafe where the meetup was, put my hand on the doorhandle, then said nope, TURNED AROUND and went home to do something that doesn't require braincells. That time I also skipped dinner to punish myself.
And it's. Every. Fucking. Time. And I KNOW it's ridiculous but I feel so fucking powerless and helpless. All I have to do is just to ignore my anxiety and just GO. ACT. STOP THINKING. BE THERE. ON TIME. And I CAN'T FUCKING DO IT

No. 859676

I’m so fucking tired from this year. Not even 2020, but this year has been the worst in a while. My grandmother died. One of my childhood best friends committed suicide. I’m working two jobs, me second job being extremely shitty and exhausting. My brain is breaking, my memory is getting worse and worse for some reason, not sure if it’s a lack of sleep or general mental exhaustion, but it’s genuinely starting to concern me like I have Alzheimer’s or something kek. Idk anons I want to die

No. 859711

I'm sorry nonnie, that sucks. I feel like covid only helped solidify those few tendencies I had and now it's such a fucking pain to break it. I want to hang out with my friends but I don't want to and am scared of interactive with people, AND FOR WHAT? It's genuinely fucking annoying how much of a battle this has become. Like talking to people and checking up on them is such a simple fucking task and I cant do it anymore. Anytime my phone rings I get anxious to hell and back and I haven't called my dad in so long, I can only bring myself to text him here and there

No. 859721

My brain feels like fucking soup. Sometimes I can't make sense of my own thoughts and I just lay there and hope it will pass asap. It's like having a mini stroke or some shit because I'm genuinely nonfunctional and locked in to these weird soupy thoughts and get really confused. For a minute there I thought maybe I've got fucked blood pressure or sugar levels because my head starts feeling like a balloon or some shit.

No. 859811

Give yourself credit anon; you were able to get dressed, and at least walk the distance to these meet-ups. I understand the fear of meeting new people and putting yourself out there. For the longest time I would just sit in my car in the grocery store parking lot because I was terrified of being in any public setting. You are making progress no matter how you feel, and one day you will hopefully think back to your post and feel proud of how far you've come. Sorry to be cheesy, but this sounds like something I would've posted years ago when everything felt hopeless, but it really does get better as long as you put the work in!

No. 859862

my best friend is really starting to get on my last nerve. first off, she constantly complains about her job/boss. she rants about it to me multiple times a day and it's so exhausting. it's fine to rant about work every once in a while but i'm so sick of hearing about how her boss is such an asshole 24/7, especially when she won't even begin to look for other jobs. I have even offered to help her with her resume and cover letter and she won't let me.

I also feel like she is starting to skinwalk me. I know that sounds incredibly vain and paranoid but she is incorporating more and more of my personality, interests, and style into her life. in the past six months, she has been buying a ton of clothes that are very similar to mine and in some cases the exact items that I own. her playlists on spotify have changed from the genres she used to listen to to almost exclusively what I play around her. she's been buying furniture similar to what I have in my apartment. she even buys the same skincare products and makeup that I use. I don't even know what to do but i'm so over it.

No. 859876

Pretty sure I have long covid. Fuck this shit so much. It feels like I'm getting early alzheimers, and I can't go up the stairs without being out of breathe.

No. 859881

That's true anon, I've parsed that from lurking. I want to find lesbian or bi women I mesh with and meet up irl though, not just to sperg online to. My irl friends aren't queersick they are normie straights/gay males who I can be myself around but I have no lesbian or bi friends who wouldn't drop me if I was my t*rf self around. That app Her sucks for this too. I want a romantic partner I can be myself around.

No. 859887

I wish I didn't need a prescription for UTI shit

No. 859895

D mannose

No. 859896

Scrotes constantly talk about how getting into IT is easy if you're a woman because of diversity hires but that couldn't be futher away from the truth and I'm saying this as someone who has a relevant degree and lots of sideprojects. It isn't impossible mind you but exhausting. You're hired at a much faster rate if you're a man and it makes me want to transition as an Ayden. You're also taken seriously a lot more.

No. 859913

File: 1626898214300.jpg (188.39 KB, 1280x708, 0eo1_1280.jpg)

Every time I see that reddit image where the cis lesbian/women subreddits are banned, but all the porn ones aren't make my damn blood boil. I can't believe this same websites has the audacity to claim that men are oppressed.

No. 859944

post it so I can join you in your anger please

No. 859956

They forget the reason for the existence of diversity hires.

I feel your pain, I don’t work in IT but in a different (surprisingly) scrotey industry. Working towards a career change though, can’t wait to be out of here.

No. 859972

I wanna be angry too! Post that shit

No. 859974

I feel so lonely and tired of the same things happening everyday forever I want someone to pull me out of it now

No. 859984

File: 1626902537561.jpg (40.83 KB, 1024x573, four-rooms.jpg)

An anon recommended the movie Four Rooms because they were thirsting after Tim Roth, I was really enjoying it until I got to the scene with the two kids and I was like 'huh these kids are really spending all this time taking about their smelly feet and showing foot closeups to the camera' and then I remembered one of the directors was QUENTIN TARANTINO! I HATE SCROTES OH MY GOD. LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE!!!! Picrel is the scene.

Anon was right though Tim Roth is f9 in this

No. 859994

Samefag THE BOY JUST STARTED SUCKING ON HIS OWN BIG TOE FOR NO REASON. Who is joining my black op death squad to eliminate Tarantino. That man needs to be fucking humbled

No. 860008

Check out the Reddit hate thread right here on our very own /ot/

No. 860009

Four Rooms ia called that because it's split into four vignettes by four different directors. Tarantino only did the final part about the coin toss or whatever. I think the one with the family was Robert Rodriguez.
I do agree to execute Tarantino, though.

No. 860015

There's a photo of Quentin Tarantino with a child's foot in his mouth, with the leg measured to prove it couldn't have been an adult.
I don't really get how any parent can put their kids in Hollywood.

No. 860049

social media is a cancer. I unironically believe we will look back on these times as a dark age. Except we're probably not, because as time goes on I increasingly feel like the world will end. and I dont even know what I mean by that. Maybe that it will just cease? I somehow wish it would. I cannot move a millimetre, cannot do a thing, 'purchase' a thing without it being this weird metaphysical onion of awfulness, trinkets and gizmos made by crying children's hands in India and what the fuck not, wrapped in chipping sweating achy plastic, rotting the earth, rotting us. I hate it here. Kids pushed out of vaginas, the pain of childbirth, of billions of women losing their ability to self-actualise because their motherhood negates everything else. because their shitty husband gets to do all his "self-actualisation", in his razer gamer chair when the baby is asleep, self-actualising himself to flitting images of addicted women from unnatural angles, angles all the angles, hired because she looks like she's got the 'barely legal' 'teen' pussy. Because her disposition resembles his sleeping child more than his overworked, underfucked, woman. His woman, his kids, his his his. Meanwhile the new generation sleeps a restless sleep. Good night bitch, can't wait for you to grow up and consume for yourself

No. 860061

>I unironically believe we will look back on these times as a dark age
We absolutely will, even if it's just for the fact historians will probably have the same amount of valid sources to work with since everything happens on the internet and all the big websites are more eager to delete and censor as much shit as possible with 0 effort to save anything and even thewayback machine is very shacky with deleting shit if requested. Everything happening now will be an absolute headache to gasp and research in 100 years and incredibly easy to manipulate it with revision, if we - like you said - even make it that far.

No. 860063

I was expecting a sperg about body image but this was surprisingly poetic
>Kids pushed out of vaginas, the pain of childbirth, of billions of women losing their ability to self-actualise because their motherhood negates everything else. because their shitty husband gets to do all his "self-actualisation", in his razer gamer chair when the baby is asleep, self-actualising himself to flitting images of addicted women from unnatural angles, angles all the angles, hired because she looks like she's got the 'barely legal' 'teen' pussy. Because her disposition resembles his sleeping child more than his overworked, underfucked, woman. His woman, his kids, his his his.
Real shit, my worst nightmare

No. 860067

can't imagine a relationship being anything else other than sex and spending time doing some sort of activity together like watching a movie or discussing some topic. i see men WANTING to take their girlfriends out and show them off, from doing activities outside to events to anything and i realise no guy i've been with has ever wanted to do that with me. i think at this point it has to do with me being too ugly to show off, so it just doesn't occur in mens minds, and this is why i have formed this sort of low expectation when it comes to relationships (or maybe it's not a low expectation and i'm getting too much shit from movies/tv shows?)
either way i just don't know how to feel about this and i don't want anything to do with men in the foreseeable future

No. 860070

>(or maybe it's not a low expectation and i'm getting too much shit from movies/tv shows?)
ding ding ding. popular media has just rotted our brains.
>sex and spending time doing some sort of activity together like watching a movie or discussing some topic
basically is a relationship imo

No. 860082

The world isn't going to end. We're just going to see the end of the west as we currently know it.

No. 860087

very tired of my own existence. NEET. Useless BSc. In a relationship w someone I met at 18 (he was 30, yeah, I dont want to call it abuse but its been a dodgy relationship), desperately need out of it but I cant, became disabled hence the NEET status, seeking autism diagnosis bc I think thats whats been wrong with me my entire life and theres no support cos all online autistic shit is "uwu" rather than the crippling shit, my OCD is getting bad, every day is boring shit and Im too ill to do anything worthwhile. I need a total life turn over but Im so afraid of change and resourceless. Mental health services arent helping at all. Dont have friends cos Im a socially awkward retard. Basically alive for my cat at this point. Im never gonna amount to anything or fix my life.

No. 860105

Gosh my feet are ugly, I can't sell these bitches

No. 860109

i’m lowkey bitter that claw clips are in style now because i’ve always worn them. i keep seeing comments like “i wouldn’t have been caught dead in one a few months ago and now i love them!” and i’m like… damn is that what you all really thought of me?

No. 860112

Claw clips have always been nice and if you wear them it's probably because you suit the style? I wore a weird floral headband once and a random man pointed it out and mocked it. I'm sure if it looked out of place some random asshole would let you know lol

No. 860115

False, climate change is going fuck us all up.

No. 860149

i'm in one of those slumps again where i feel so empty. whenever i start to feel this way i just tell myself to bear with it until it goes away and i can always kill myself 20 or so years down the line if my life isn't any better. i just don't really feel like i have anything to live for and that there isn't anyone i really care about. my life is objectively fine so i don't know why i feel this way. anyway i know i just have to sit through it for another week or two and then i'll feel normal again, but it just sucks whenever i feel like this.

No. 860159

I wanna make streams/youtube vids but i am scared of cancel culture. I am ESL and socially awkward so i will probably end up saying something accidentally and getting hashtag #cancelled. I am thinking of unironically stating that i hate troons and commies beforehand but that would attract polfags, ugh…

No. 860163

Claw clips are amazing. I have long hair and make a ponytail, then use the claw clip on top of the rubber band underneath the hair to make a quick but cute style. They're just so versatile.

No. 860164

get a real job

No. 860167

Why the fuck do my neighbors kids scream and violently push furniture around at 10 pm every single night? I can hear them all the way in my house. Why the fuck aren't their parents doing their job and telling them to go the fuck to sleep? I need to move ASAP

No. 860181

i miss my alcoholic depression phase from quarantine. now that i'm a (relatively) functioning member of society, i feel trapped but in a different way. at least when i was drunk i was having fun before the Sadness(tm) came back, but now i'm always flat

No. 860189

Anon do we live in the same apartment building. It’s fucking crazy how much noise kids can make so late

No. 860194

Porn and dumbshits like Shayna have me paranoid that some coomer or OF thot has flashed or touched themselves in the public space I’m in. It happens randomly and I get super disgusted and feel the need to wash my hands immediately. Doesn’t help that some sexpest homeless scrote DID get caught touching himself in front of our store like last week. Fuck my life.

No. 860203

i'm suddenly reminded of that one webm of a woman humping a stuffed bear in a store and then placing it back on the shelf

No. 860204

I feel you, anon. My surname isn't one syllable but three, and relatively simple to pronounce(literally all the sounds in it exist in the English language), but nearly every single person who pronounces it for the first time butchers the fuck out of it. The spelling isn't complicated either, but my fellow Americans can't handle non-Anglo surnames. It's sad because I have a pretty unique and (imo) pretty-sounding last name, but ends up sounding ugly most of the time because people can't be assed to make an effort to pronounce it correctly.

No. 860207

My black cloth mask is bleached as fuck, and I'm kind of upset that I have to wear my ugly one with crappy material and a "filter" until the new one arrives

No. 860209

I wish he'd stop asking what I want from the store!!! Some days I finally get the strength to not drink but then it all crumbles and it's so much harder to say no!! I wish I was stronger why is this so gd hard

No. 860228

Fuck I get this. My bf doesn't know how bad my issues are so when I'm stressed he'll often ask if I want to get a drink. We should both beore honest

No. 860229

File: 1626925634769.jpeg (22.89 KB, 294x214, D2453514-E3AF-4DAA-91A0-0E3429…)

Do other anons ever view things on the internet that they know will disturb them? I went on the FBI website and looked at different sections, and I check new uploads to see if i recognize a person…

But I always end up getting disturbed and now I’m sitting around trying to switch tasks. They added audio files to the ECAP section and I want to set things on fire..

I know the solution is to just not do that… but I always get this occasional nagging thought like “maybe I’ll recognize this person and be able to help”


No. 860233

Its called having Morbid curiosity anon.

No. 860235

Friendly reminder than they can get you fired from your job if you say something dumb in the internet nowadays

No. 860238

So tell him to stop asking, it’s not that hard to communicate.

No. 860246

I have anon lol. We're both alcoholics. Let me vent about my dumbass issues geez lol. Nothing worse than someone who nitpicks a vent.

No. 860248

lol ok lol

No. 860259

Worry about getting an audience first and then about potentionally getting cancelled. You won't get cancelled with an audience of 28 views per video.

No. 860261

I used to until I was like 15 or 16, but by now I see this as a question of respect especially towards the victims but also towards myself, so any kind of curiosity is killed off, or rather doesn't even start to bud.

No. 860272

she was trying to sympathize with you

No. 860278

Fuck I meant to quote >>860238 but forgot I had started responding to
>>860228 first. Don't drink and post nonnies lol rip forgive me

No. 860281

sometimes late at night I don't want to go to bed and instead stay up and read random things online. Mostly light novels that have updated and fanfiction. this is much to the detriment of my mood during the work day tomorrow.
source I'm doing it right now in another tab and it's 1 AM.

No. 860289

Like the other anon said, work on building your audience first before worrying about this. Try to avoid talking about anything political or sexual. Just focus on whatever content you're doing and talk about topics (strategy if you're playing a game, favorite character, etc.) related to it or just make light, everyday "conversation" from stuff you encounter in your life (like you're trying to get close to someone but want to appear interesting/entertaining). You don't have to censor yourself, but if you avoid talking about the more sensitive subjects you'll avoid the people who want to talk about them. Most people won't think you're being "fake" or putting a front or anything, people usually respect if there's some stuff you wanna avoid touching on.

No. 860296

going to go with the people saying just to do it. You can't get cancelled if you don't have an audience.
Also getting cancelled is a myth and only affects you if you let it. The people who get cancelled usually make the serious flaw of going along with the cancelling. If you tell them to stuff it, they can't really do much to you.

No. 860297

every time i see my ex boyfriend in my friend group's weekly video calls i remember how cute and hot he is. i know long term we wouldn't work or match well but when we were together it was very nice and i trusted him a lot.

No. 860320

I legit don’t care that I’m getting railed on for not getting a covid vacc yet. All of the people mad at me for it all had the privilege work from home and do fuck all half the time while I still had to be in-person due to working in a lab. I am just so apathetic at this point that I do not care. Get me infected. Let me have a chance to fucking game during work hours or run through the Netflix library. Like Jesus fucking Christ they’re so spoiled. I want them to get fired.

No. 860334

File: 1626935398219.jpeg (183.86 KB, 546x597, A6FC8BD0-FCDE-435F-A94F-A40059…)

I'm going through the same thing, anon. Maybe you’re her, but that’s probably just wishful thinking. I had a close friend, we both loved madoka magica a ton and talked all the time. We had a shitty fight a little while ago where she said she didn't want to be friends anymore, I'm sure we could have worked it out but I reacted badly and blocked her. It's not the first friend breakup we've had and I'm sure she hates my guts now, she seemed pretty done with our friendship the last time we spoke. I miss her every day, but I don’t know if she thinks of me or if we’ll talk again. i hope you can find your friend again someday, maybe if you sent her a message somewhere, she'd answer.

No. 860339

Based anon. Don't ever let others peer pressure you.

No. 860342

File: 1626937030467.jpg (45.25 KB, 800x493, requiem-for-a-dream-movie.jpg)

I feel like I'm never gonna find a job. I've been unemployed and broke since the beginning of the year and I feel so fucking hopeless. I have a shitty BA in humanities but so far I managed to find translator and administrative positions but now I'm not even getting callbacks plus I'm at an age where women start having kids so I assume that's part of why they are not employing me. I'm completely dependent on my mother who has narcissistic tendencies and only supports me financially and emotionally if I do what she says and when she feels like it. It's humiliating. Also I have PMS

No. 860346

Keep appying anon for whatever you can, sending you some hugs, hope things turn for the better soon

No. 860353

You're kind, thank you

No. 860356

They can't, most managers won't give a shit, especially not if you work at McDonald's or somewhere shitty

No. 860364

File: 1626940956219.png (201.87 KB, 463x652, gag me with a spoon until i di…)

Got into an argument with an internet friend today. I feel a little bad. I clearly hurt their feelings. I didn't want to talk about the subject, but they pushed me and I gave my real impression, no beating around the bush. It wasn't even about them specifically, just about a category of people that they self-identify with.

No. 860370

File: 1626941959359.jpeg (672.45 KB, 2048x2041, 45F06B39-7515-4C98-87C3-705443…)

I never know how I feel anymore. Most days I feel so on edge, anxious, and ready to end my shit. Sometimes I get a little sliver of hope that ends up making me more depressed once my mood gets back down again. This year has been lonesome for everyone and I know I'm not special but I wish I just had anyone at this point. I don't really trust anyone due to my trauma even when I try my hardest and I genuinely don't have a clue of what to do.

No. 860389

I hate that doctors are so shitty to mothers. I'm shadowing a doctor at a children trauma ambulance and we can have 10 nice and kind mothers and it takes just 1 entitled mean mom for doctors to say 'it's usually the mothers who are problematic'. It's not only this doctor, yesterday at the morning meeting, everyone was making a joke out of children's moms.
It's always almost exclusively moms who come with their children, of course there's gonna be all kinds of people. But we also had really entitled dads here. Some were fine but some were a pain. I don't get how doctors somehow forget that the men they dealt with raised their voice at them, argued and so on. And how can they claim that women are the problem when vast majority is nice and listens to them.
What kind of sexist selective memory is this? And it's both female and male doctors saying this shit. One female doctor was even bragging how she isn't on moms' side even if they expect it (because she's a woman).
Our society is just so shitty to mothers.

No. 860391

I1m curious, what exactly were they making fun of the mothers for?

No. 860396

Samefag but working in hospitals made me realize that doctors are gonna treat you as a hysterical bitch, no matter how 'equally' doctors claim they treat their patients. Worse if you're young and look good, they'll treat you like you're pretending. There's an absolutely clear bias towards males in health care. Female doctors aren't any better, most of them are pickmes or they straight up hate women for some reason.
I basically already wrote that. The punch line is that they're women, so they're hysterical, stupid, vain, and they pity their husbands and so on. They won't say it outright but in jokes.

No. 860399

>they straight up hate women for some reason
That's my experience too, especially with female gynecologists. Every single one I went to was a stuck up bitch

No. 860411

File: 1626947365219.png (123.75 KB, 600x365, nekopara.png)

Women criticize animu scrote media because it's sexist and pedophilic etc.
Scrotes "criticize" media for girls because…it's for girls…
Scrotes can't handle women having media aimed at us.
Look at this violent comment posted as a review of an otome game, because it's for girls oh noooo.

No. 860421

This was beautifully written and I agree with you. It's hideous and hopeless.

No. 860441

File: 1626951271220.jpeg (137.53 KB, 1020x1527, 1139D02D-C429-45C1-AC6B-B196FC…)

The stories I heard about this are insane. One family friend was described as a “hysterical mother” in her kids medical notes because she was concerned about his asthma after it put him in the ICU (pre-COVID). A few weeks ago my sister took her toddler to hospital because she had a fever over 41°C that wasn’t coming down with meds and was having seizures (all observed by doctors). She was lectured about “panicking because the kid had a 38°C temperature”. I don’t like tossing around the word gaslighting but there’s no other way to describe it.

Even in women-specific care there seems to be a bias against women. A friend (who had no medical background) pointed out an issue in her pregnancy notes. She was told it was not an issue despite the pre-printed information saying it absolutely was. Eventually she was admitted to the maternity ward for “mental health reasons”, examined and told that actually her pregnancy was high risk because of the exact thing she was worried about. It’s fucking grim when someone who failed high school biology picks up on something multiple consultants and midwives didn’t.

If you haven’t already read pic rel I really recommend it (to anyone). It’s extremely hard to stomach but important and covers med stuff as well as other forms of unnoticed sexism. I also recently picked up ‘Unwell Women’ by Elinor Cleghorn which is about the history and science of women’s health, haven’t had a chance to read it yet but it’s apparently very good.

Sorry for the super long post but I’m passionate about this. Remember you can make a difference, anon! Don’t underestimate the impact you alone can have.

No. 860443

This reminds me, I want to get my fallopian tubes tied but they wont do the surgery on anyone younger than 30 where I live in case "I want to have kids and regret it".
I was also denied a breast reduction because I'm 25. And they didnt want to sell me a plan b at a pharmacy once.

No. 860445

>I was also denied a breast reduction because I'm 25.
wtf? What's the reasoning behind that?

No. 860449

because what if I get a boyfriend I guess

No. 860451

at least you are legally allowed to buy plan b and have your tubes tied in your country

No. 860452

its not an olympic game nonny

No. 860455

sure it's not but you reminded me how fucked I am to the point I wish I had your "bad" experiences

No. 860460

I appreciate what you’re saying but if no doctor is willing to offer the service to you despite the legality, you’re left in the same position as if it wasn’t legal.

No. 860464

Nta but no it’s not, go to another doctor

No. 860472

The medical guidance in my country is that women under 30 and childless women should not be considered for the procedure for ethical reasons. No doctor is willing to get involved for fear of losing their license. There are many news stories of women fighting for this and failing. Of course everything changes when you meet that criteria, but until then there is no difference on a personal level.

No. 860474

Saw in the news today that a girl I went to school with got raped by her father for years. She's not even the only girl I know who had that happen to her. She's the second woman that I've personally known to be repeatedly raped by her own father.

I was molested myself by an uncle so I just read the news article and half cried over my own shit and half wept at the levels of depravity that go way beyond what I've lived with all these years. I'm going to drink and cry today. I texted my dad that the girl in the news is someone I knew.. he doesn't know about my abuse so I'm honestly looking to guage what he says to me even mentioning someone elses abuse.

No. 860477

File: 1626955535908.jpg (50.07 KB, 599x563, 1474168497404.jpg)


No. 860497

File: 1626957636702.jpg (50.14 KB, 563x542, fff23b6c4698a7808d9ef72f22bfe3…)

My sibling's school counselor will drive me crazy with her bullshit. My sibling had back pain, and stayed home instead. Counselor called, and said it's maybe 'stress' yeah sure whatever fuck off. Then today, he had an allergic reaction to something and his eye got puffy and red, stayed home. Counselor called said he's lying, for some odd reason???? then i got the news this bitch is trying to take away his holiday and make him work/have his internship which she has no place to decide, YOURE A DAMN COUNSELOR YOU FUCKING CUNT. I'm really mad about this, she can't mind her own damn business. I'm really this close to call her and ask her what her thought process is, or who she thinks she is. What's even crazier is, i've gone to the same school and she was my counselor. She gave me a sheet of paper to fill in what i eat in a day, and gave me a food pyramid because im more on the skinnier side, and i was actually perfectly healthy and i didn't ask for this, while i had a classmate with diabetes who i thought needed it more than me. And she KNEW i had problems before with classmates picking on me because of my weight, the fucking audacity.

I really want to blow up, this shit isn't right.

No. 860498

I’m so fucking sorry anon. These men and all like them deserve slow torture.

No. 860501

When I looked into having my tubes tied I learned that women in my country need to be over 35 and have 3/4 kids already in order to access it… the age restriction I can semi understand (tho they should lower it imo) but a large part of why women want their tubes tied is because they don't have a single cell in their body that wants kids full stop. It's pretty shit that we can't just consent to a childless life, sign something saying we're taking on all respnsibility for our decision.. Then again some fuck out there would change their mind and try to sue for millions.

I've seen cases where trans people do the whole 'informed consent' thing to access treatment and now they're suing because they can't totally undo the damage. That's after they signed a consent form. My country is just sexist in general but fear of being sued is likely a large part of it too.

No. 860507

I've had an eating disorder since i was 8 and only a few people know about it. I feel like im rotting inside this body and the only way to escape it is to feel empty. I really do sound like a faggot when saying all of this, but even so i'm never able to escape it.

Every bitch of a feminist who "likes psychology" tell me i look normal or "Oh goodness! Too skinny! You need healthy diet 1!!1", just go fuck yourselves.

No. 860509

File: 1626959991018.jpeg (602.68 KB, 1242x755, E8802033-378B-4626-97A1-CD5986…)

My bunny has an ever so slight head/ear tilt and I made a vet appointment for him, but it’s a drop off. I wish I could be with him and actually talk to the vet, but that’s not how things are right now I guess. Fuck covid I’m so upset for my bun. Picrel, when he was a baby before I got him.

No. 860516

sorry to bring up an old topic but idgi either. suehiro has an absolutely beautiful art style, and i feel like his art is him working through his own trauma. i might be wrong, but it feels less like he's making some shitty edgy fap-fodder and more like a very troubled person trying to express himself and vent. shoujo tsubaki is not sexy, it's extremely depressing… i don't know. perhaps the fact that it's such an unsettling piece of work and not the "typical" bullshit of underage children being raped by tentacles which japan is fine with, it felt confronting.

No. 860517

I'm so sorry anon. This covid vet shit sucks so bad. The vet had to tell me over the phone that it was time to decide to put my cat down. They at least let me in to be with her during the injection.
Sorry to dump that, I sincerely hope your buns is okay, she looks adorable.

No. 860519

I think I hate my body. It has such a bad shape. I'm skinny but there's this disgusting fat on my hips and I don't want to have boobs. I appear so short and stocky too. Can't I just be lean with very little breasts and long thin legs? My mother looks like that and I can barely look at her. Good thing clothes can cover it up I guess, but I hate it when it's hot and I have to wear shorts and tank tops so everyone can see everything.

No. 860528

I’m so sorry to you, that’s absolutely horrible. I’d put a sad face if it wasn’t bannable kek but seriously, I can’t even imagine. I’m glad you were with her, it’s too much not to be, and I know she appreciated it and you too. Big hugs, and thank you!

No. 860540

I just started the birth control pill today and I'm so scared about the side effects that I could have. I wish could afford better methods than this. I really hope this doesn't terribly mess with my body.

No. 860547

Back again, my dad (retired and always telling he's bored at home) never replied. Thing is I've long suspected that he knows something happened to me. I have pretty textbook outward signs of it going back a long way and him ignoring the text is exactly what I expected him to do.

No. 860566

I usually lurk but I have nowhere I feel comfortable venting this to but my ex bf raped me a year ago after I got an abortion. We didn't think we could afford a kid. I wanted to keep it. I was alot of pain n told to hold off on sex for two weeks. 2 days after the abortion he held me down n raped me. I said get off and tried to push him off but he put his full body weight on me and was crushing me to the point I couldn't talk or breathe well. The rape led to an infection I had to take meds for. He was seemingly perfect till then. My family lived on the other side of the country so I was stuck with the psychopath till I had money saved up to leave. The abuse got worse and he started hitting me randomly when we were alone (but would act like prince charming towards me in front of others). He was the first bf I opened up to about my child sexual abuse and I now see why u should keep shit like that from men. He probably thought I'm already primed for his bullshit. I eventually was able to leave. He had been cheating with men and women. He had a couple little gfs on the side who he tried to make me befriend. It has now been 6 months since I left and he randomly makes accounts to message me and make me feel horrible about myself. I generally prefer women and he makes me realize I'm good off of men for the rest of my life. I'm too damaged for a woman though and his random messages make me suicidal. He has a new gf and still won't stop bothering me. He messaged this morning saying I didn't care I killed his baby ( he made me abort it). Idk what to do I want to fucking die I'm so tired .

No. 860567

The vast majority of women have very little side effects bit this one doesn't work for you there are more than a hundred type of birth control pills. You'll very likely find one that suits you, don't worry!

No. 860569

I will go insane. Two jobs and university is killing and I'm falling behind so much. I'm supposed to apply for grad school like now, and I haven't looked at my options yet. There's so much to do and I have no time I just want to cry.

No. 860571

Block him everywhere, don’t open the messages he/any random person sends you in case it’s him. Try to get a restraining order or report him to the cops for stalking even, maybe? You’re not too damaged, you can get through this with time. He is not worth taking your life away. Hell is real and he will rot and burn there forever. I’m so sorry, anon.

No. 860581

File: 1626967581023.jpeg (16.69 KB, 540x183, E888CE00-91FD-4F70-A5E1-AFB96D…)

if I do not have sex right now I will die.
I'm so disgusted with myself because I usually don't fantasise about real people, especially people I know but I thinking about getting topped by my female coworker that I have a crush on.

No. 860591

I was raised to hate cops lol so I'm kinda scared to do this cus it feels against everything I been taught. (Not all of my family are criminals but most have had bad experiences- an uncle was molested by one for talking back and my GMA was almost raped by one when she came to America). My brothers seen how fucked up my arm was one of the times he hit me and wanted to jump him but my pussy ass ex threatened to call the cops on us and snitch on my family members for unrelated shit. But I did really think about a restraining order this morning. Part of me just wants to say fuck it and send my family his address and let them know he also raped me so he can go missing. Thank u tho anon I need to just stop reading these fucking messages they drive me insane. I can't believe I thought he was different from other men at first. I really defended this man when his tweaked out dad strangled him (I hit him in the head w a lamp he's fine tho no brain damage). I should've let his dad crush his fucking wind pipe. I did so much for that man. I cooked for him, I used to share my money with him(till he raped me), I took care of his younger sisters, I even cut off female friends I used to mess with even female friends I didn't do anything w that he was insecure about anyways. He denies raping me (he admitted to it twice but now says I raped him bc I pegged him even tho he wanted me to peg him.. then he admitted it is a lie but his new girl can be a witness which I'm not sure how that would even work like they're gonna lie to the cops and say I raped him while she watched??) Never have I talked to the police But I honestly am considering a restraining order cus I don't want my dad or cousin to go back to jail (it would not be their first offence). Or my brothers to give up their freedom over that punk ass faggot. Hopefully I find a therapist that gives a fuck and won't push me to transition or talk about themselves the whole time cus I do want a girlfriend one day. I want to become a better stronger person. I am most hurt about giving up my baby though. I felt attached to it and I die inside Everytime I am reminded the father of my would be child fucking raped me after watching me cry for the life I could feel dying inside of me. I hope heaven is real and they're like in heaven or something in some angel baby daycare or someshit. I can't stop crying fuck. Sorry for writing awhole bible I needed to get it off my chest

No. 860593

Block and get restraining order. Maybe therapy if you can. I hope he dies soon and painfully. You’re not “too damaged” for women, in fact, I think you should surround yourself with supportive women during time of healing.

No. 860612

I'm not sure how this works but maybe screenshot any violent messeges, any confession of the rape. Screenshot his new accounts he keeps making after you told him to not bother you. It sounds like a shitshow though.

No. 860616

I can’t even imagine your pain. I am so sorry, anon. I understand your complete distrust of the cops as well, I don’t like or necessarily trust them either, but sometimes, there’s not much else you can do—they’d get involved anyways if your family beats his ass or kills him, ya know? So might as well try to avoid that proactively and get that restraining order. I’ve never had to get one, and I’ve heard mixed things about difficulty, but overall, it sounds like you have plenty of evidence/reason to keep him away. It’s not your fault for not seeing it immediately, abusers are just fucking like that.
I’m so, so sorry for you and your baby. Again, I cannot imagine, but I want to hug you and hold you through it. I said hell is real, and with that, so is heaven or some space for them to be. I can’t say it’s better this way, but an undeniable bright side is that you are not attached to this man for life via an innocent child, and that baby will never have to experience him. That’s the greatest comfort I can offer you.
I appreciate you sharing your struggles and how difficult it must have been to type out, much less live through. I wish you all the best anon. Try to find support groups for abortion and/or domestic violence, etc. They exist and will hopefully have resources for you. All the best from here on out, you have suffered enough.

No. 860619

Sometimes I get so sad I’m physically in pain lol. And then I don’t eat and then my body starts getting sick cuz I’m not eating but the thought of eating makes me sick.

I’m sad because my ex from a long term relations ship (Nearly five years) moved on from me only after 4 months with someone who is much younger than us. A 7 year age gap. Like oh cool.

Fucking yeah. Cool. Super. Nevermind you dumped me at my lowest when I was suicidal about lack on money and unemployment yeah sure DUMP ME ABD GET A SHINY NEW MODEL WITH LESS DAMAGE


lol fuck. Lol. I’m so fucking tired of no one staying with me lmfao. I’m always the girl that gets rejected or replaced or lied to. Lol no one is ever afraid of losing ME. no ones EVER afraid I might leave. Like OKAY MESSAGE RECEIVED , UNIVERSE.

I’ll go kill myself since you made it clear that no one is EVER going to stay and love me for who I am flaws and all Jesus Christ. I hope I get in a car accident on the way to work today.

No. 860621

File: 1626970991151.jpg (17.66 KB, 500x500, s-l500.jpg)

I'm making that bread so I can have money for college but damn I'm fatigued as fuck. Can't do much once I get home; i just shower, try to cook something or get something to eat, then most likely pass out. It's monotinous and as fuck and I wanna do fun stuff but don't gave the time or energy. Just gonna kms, smoke weed, then fall asleep with my Jinbesan

No. 860627

hey anon. i can’t offer too much advice right now but i promise someone is out there caring about you. seeing a doctor might be worth it as well. i hope you make it to work safe as even if you feel like there’s nobody else, i’m definitely here and i’ll check back on this thread to see if you’re okay

No. 860631

I have a friend who is literally a leech, smokes my weed, eats my food, drinks my drinks. I even buy her dinner all the time and she doesn’t pay half, etc. She’s a NEET and very awkward and mentally ill, but has these moments of real insight and lucidity about a lot of things, then goes right back to acting an annoying ditz. It tells me that she’s aware and could do more but chooses not to, which I kind of get, but I’m tired of enabling her and spending my hard earned (from 2 jobs!) money on her for literally nothing, not even real emotional support. She texts me to hang out like every day, sometimes asking specifically if we can smoke like she’s entitled to my shit. I’m sick of it. I’ve been saying no and trying to back away, but now I get irritated that she even dares asks at this point. I don’t know how to tell someone that I don’t want to be their friend or whatever, especially since we were/she still thinks we’re close.

No. 860632


Can I use my friends and family who seen my fucked up arm as evidence ? I used to have screenshots of him admitting to raping me and saying he was gonna lie on me to the police but the phone it was all saved on broke and my dumbass didn't saved it to like an icloud or whatever. But multiple people seen my fucked up arm. I think my brother might even still have the picture I sent him of it. (He socked me and I couldn't move it which sucked cus I worked at a recycling center lol)
I'm gonna screenshot and use the messages from this morning too though. I blocked him but the messages are still there
Also thank u all so much it means alot I wish I could give u all hugs
I'm looking into what evidence I need rn
Im tired of my family being in the system

No. 860635

My appetite has gone down a lot within the past couple of days, and I don't get why. I have been trying to be more mindful of how many calories I eat, but I was still eating a healthy amount so I'm not sure why this is happening. I know I should just eat more, but I don't want to. I almost feel like I'm hungry and not hungry at the same time.

No. 860636

Thank u anon
I haven't told anybody I know about the rape or abortion. I've been feeling insane since it happened.
Ur kind words mean alot. I need to get better and find a therapist asap. All this anger and hurt ain't helping me

No. 860643

i just went on my twitter account for the first time in weeks and within the first minute of scrolling i saw some shitty woketard pronouns gender uwu tweet. i have most tra language muted so i filter out a lot already, but my god, it's worse than i remember it because now i'm no longer desensitized due to constant exposure. i hate it here.

No. 860648

Ur right about the baby. I get sick thinking about what he would've been like to my child. Everything happens for a reason. They're with God now so At least I don't have to worry about their father harming them. Also the world is so fucked rn I don't need to bring a child into it

No. 860650

I feel u anon it's damn near impossible avoiding all the gender special bullshit on social media

No. 860654

This bitch keeps requesting me to enter my private account, girl fuck off ffs there's a reason i kicked you out in first place, if you can't take a hint and go away I'm deadass going to ban your ass

No. 860675

I love my dog, he's such a character but I wish I didn't have to remind him to stop drinking water. He'll just drink an entire bowl if I don't say "hey buddy stop" and then go and throw it all up because he drank so fast. He's such a derp.

No. 860689

I have seen some people putting their pronouns next to their names on my unis zoom meetings. How long till that degeneracy becomes mandatory?

No. 860690

It's becoming mandatory already.

No. 860695

yep my grad school made us put our pronouns in our email signatures smh. i've seen talk in hr professional circles (my industry) about it being implemented in multiple corporations as well. the sad reality.

No. 860697

But are we talking standard pronouns (he/she), Inclusive Combo Pack (he/she/they) or a fill-in-the-blanks xyx/chair/it/elfself type shit?

No. 860724

nta but i've thankfully only seen the standard pronouns so far

No. 860728

Straightening hair.

Impulse thought to burn myself with flat iron.

Does so.

Sadly I am smart about my hair care and the heats on low but now I’m unsatisfied lol.

No. 860734

What happened to the recent girl you knew? She alive? Why was it in the news?

No. 860739

Rape should be automatic castration

No. 860743

You got this anon. I hope the grinding is worth it when you officially sign up to college

No. 860757

File: 1626981952131.png (5.37 MB, 2048x1362, Screenshot 2021-07-22 at 20.20…)

Trying to look at nice historical pics and come across this shit. A 1955 Korean orphanage full of dumped kids fathered by GIs. I FUCKING HATE MEN.

No. 860759

as opposed to the mothers that also dumped them there
l m a o

No. 860762


Not to be that person but consider that they probably weren’t able to raise them on their own.

No. 860765

>omg foreign white man soldier!
>he will sweep me up and give me rich life
>better let him impregnate me
>wait he's going back to his home (logically)
>fuck this kid i'm not dealing with it now

No. 860769

If you still have the phone there are ways to recover the data from it. GET A FUCKING RESTRAINING ORDER. STOP WASTING TIME.

No. 860771

You're not slick, scrote

No. 860774

Scrote, they were probably prostitutes. And half of GIs who took part were married with kids, so risking the health of their wives and leaving destruction in their wake. They ain't shit. Being a mixed race kid in Korea, especially half-black (1/3 of the pic, if you bothered to look properly) would be tough today, let alone the 50s.

No. 860776

You're a retard for not only engaging with a scrote, but also not sage-ing.

No. 860778

You're even more retarded for thinking you need to sage in /ot/ lmao

No. 860781

File: 1626983688180.jpg (20.39 KB, 480x360, SCROTE.jpg)

You're a faggot (logically)

No. 860789

File: 1626984098515.png (498.25 KB, 1114x768, dfe8a06c295907d018cc3e17aa95a9…)

nta but he's sort of my guilty pleasure. I hate his stories but love his compositions and his attention to detail so much. I wish he dropped the gore stuff though

No. 860790

I'm fucking breaking out! I had a big whitehead pop up throughout the day and then closed comedones on my jawline. have healing acne that is red from previous days and woke up with new acne on my neck! I hate it so fucking much, I think it might be suncream that's fucking things up but recently I've been mix and matching suncreams and Idk which one is the culprit. I also hate when people say to me 'they're just a few spots', not they're not! and that is so dismissive, they may just be a few spots to them and I know they mean well but it's not their face and they don't have the self esteem issues I do. pray with me anons for clear skin in my very near future

No. 860791

You're wrong, retard*.

No. 860792

By all means explain how

No. 860797

It's sad, especially since the US and Korean governments encouraged women to go service American GIs for profits and US protection without fully protecting the women. It's fucking disgusting.
Off-topic, but eyelid surgery really took off in Korea around the 1950s due to a white American surgeon attempting to "deorientalize" the Korean face, which was considered untrustworthy and unattractive. A lot of Korean women at that time underwent the surgery to appeal to the American GIs for marriage. It's sickening.

No. 860798

Only after you kiss me

No. 860801

Someone should really just take one for the team and nuke America

No. 860812

File: 1626985023818.jpg (1.78 MB, 1660x2355, sm2.jpg)

Same. His work is graphic and often off-putting to be sure, but anyone who equates his skill level and vision to the coomer shit we normally see is dumb as hell.

No. 860822

This is such a dumb vent lol, but my mum and step dad are fucking annoying. We are having a heatwave and I live on the coast where it's relatively cooler than other places. I live on the top floor of an apartment building and it's nice and airy. They're both retired and want company often but the room I have to stay in is stuffy af even on cold nights. They're goading me to come down and stay. My step dad just sent me this guilt tripping message to see her. Last time I was down they were both drunk and had a stupid argument and involved me. And it's too warm for me to care, why would anyone want to remove themselves from the beautiful coast to go be stuck in suburbia with fuck all to do but drink.

No. 860825

Zoomer servers are terrible. It's like everybody is in a contest to seem "too cool to care" and type as little as possible. Everybody is so sarcastic. God forbid you act like a normal person they are probably terrified to fuck up their aesthetics

No. 860846

God damnit

Why are you on tinder if you don’t make it clear whether you want friends or to date
And then give me your number and even meet up with me but then tell me you’re “sick of love”? I never said I love you I just said I was attracted to you

Like can you just be clear with me
I have been exceptionally clear about my feelings
I actually liked u now I don’t because you’re giving me the run around. Just say that you’re not interested any more god damn. I was due for disappointment I just wish it wasn’t this…

No. 860854

>And it's too warm for me to care
I feel this. Mersault did too.

No. 860894

I'm pissed off an ad for the mental illness side of pride really lumped in "educated black lesbians" as if butch black women have anything to do with troonery and the educated part felt so fucking condescending. They're just two regular women who love each other fuck off.

No. 860942

oh nonnies why aren’t I just dead god damn it

No. 860972

File: 1626999942226.jpg (11.91 KB, 258x196, 1363417146782.jpg)

God I fucking love when cgl jannies nuke entire post histories.

No. 860986

File: 1627003301379.jpg (19.59 KB, 469x501, the actual hell.jpg)

My husband is a retarded boob.

We're new to the neighborhood. We don't have our doorbell cam and security system hooked up yet, but the neighborhood has felt genuinely friendly and nice. Despite this, husband had been paranoid and insisted to sleep by the bed with a baseball bat, draw curtains like we're in a cave, and lock all doors at alllllll times even when we're home. It's really irritating but I'd feel better once we get our system too.

Well tonight we were upstairs relaxing in the bedroom. I hear a knock that made it seem like the person knocking was extremely familiar. I thought it might be my dad so I sent down husband to let him in. It was obviously someone else but I thought by the friendly tones that it might be one of our neighbors introducing themselves. Some had sent us cards already and whatnot. I didn't go downstairs cause fuck being social kek.
But it was awful late, like almost 8pm. Husband disappears for 30 minutes talking to this literal who. He finally finishes and marches back up the stairs to tell me who tf that was. He complained "holy fuck" and I thought with that he was going to tell me a story about chatty neighbors who won't shut up or something.
No. Worse.
He tells me how he shot the shit with a supposed security installation salesman. I asked husband why he didn't just say "No thank you we have one already" pretended to be busy?! Now some dude knows a lot of specific information about us!
What a fucking moron!!!!!!!!!!! This could have been a burglar or a scammer at best! No salesman would waste 30 minutes trying to be a fucking friend if their goal was to get sales. A good one who values their time anyway.
Husboob volunteered information to a literal stranger just because he had a lanyard and had a logo on his van OOOoOoo!! Now I'm fucking paranoid af. Is giving strangers details about is Husboob's idea of safety? What fucking good is a locked door if a thief knows we have no security and that we're gone during the weekdays? We tried to call the company this stranger looked to be from but of course the call center workers can't do jack shit, although they did tell us they received three similar calls this evening (not a good sign). Why are men idiots?! An ex of mine used to fall for the same retarded shit; whenever we'd go to a major city he genuinely believed solicitors were approaching him because they were wanting a genuine conversation.

No. 860988

my bf thinks i’m stupid and i don’t think. i can stay with him unless i can change his opinion

No. 860993

>Why are men idiots
Why did you marry this guy?

No. 860994

Male family did the same thing but with his car, some shady guy walked up to us on the driveway and started asking "nice car is it yours? How old is it?" Etc. And he just answered like he was talking to his buddy. Men truly exist in a state of blissful ignorance. They're just waiting for someone to start a convo so they can hear themselves talk.

No. 860996

My bf is a high school teacher and one of his colleagues just got caught with kiddie porn. I’m so livid, I hate pedophiles and will never fucking understand. We were talking about it, and he said, “yeah, I don’t even understand teen porn. Someone put it on once as a joke, and I had to have them turn it off because they look too much like my students.” and the way my heart dropped…..how many teachers jerk off to teen porn and think nothing of it? Or fucking fantasize their students in that place and don’t consider themselves predators or disgusting? Good god I hate men. I think my bf is a decent one, but I can’t help but give him the side eye every time I hear about men being awful because they always are until they aren’t, gah.

No. 861005

File: 1627006822180.gif (634.04 KB, 300x300, Iloveyoupantat.gif)

i like guro a lot personally but yeah, this guy is a real artist. his work makes you feel uncomfortable, and sad, but the skill is dazzling. the manga art is actually gorgeous. his printed art is really good.

discord makes me a little depressed. i sometimes find cool ppl in servers im in but there are indeed so many fucking annoying zoomers posting their shit memes and crying that they cant say slurs. some dumbass just got banned and now all his teenager friends are coming in to spam and "raid" for revenge and i just want to ask them why men are so whiny.

No. 861021

Dude from my highschool use to date all the juniors when he was a senior. He went to uni to be a teacher and got an internship back at the same highschool. He kept uploading all these photos with the students and how hot they thought he was in his suit. Men are gross

No. 861023

Plus his suit was ill fitting and his hair was greasy as fuck. He looked like a dickhead.

No. 861026

not one but TWO of my high school teachers married their students the year after they graduated. fucking gag.

No. 861029

They should have been fucking fired, that is sick.

No. 861031

A new person moved into the apartment next to me and they are out on their balcony (which is right outside my bedroom) talking (Actually more like yelling, and I can literally hear the person on the other end of the call too) on the phone until midnight every night. I knocked on her door and politely said "I don't know if you're aware or not, but your balcony is right outside my bedroom and I can hear everything you are saying on the phone. I would appreciate it if you could please be quieter after 10pm (when we have quiet hours)." She emailed the apartment management and said I was being racist because she was speaking Spanish. No, you stupid bitch, I just want to sleep and I don't want to listen to you ranting to your friend about how you got dumped. So now I'm going to make her life a living hell. And to think she could have just said ok and talked on the phone indoors. Apartment living is hell.

No. 861033

File: 1627010450332.jpeg (32.2 KB, 500x401, 1625436787442.jpeg)

Why didn't anybody want me or care about me when I was growing up?
Would I have been a normal happy young woman if I had a good upbringing and a supportive community?
Am I salvageable? Is there anything of me left worth saving?

It's hitting hard tonight, anons. I wish things had been different.

No. 861035

yep it was always very hushed but well known. i graduated several years ago, but recently there was also a sports coach arrested for inappropriately touching 15 year old girls smh. can’t even escape the bullshit at school.

No. 861039

Old guy who yelled at me the other day for taking his laundry out of the dryer stopped and apologized to me in front of the building but I kept walking. Fuck you old man, feel bad about terrifying a woman for your own mistake of leaving your fucking laundry in the building's only dryer for 90 minutes after your load was done. He even got my attention by saying "hey doll" fuck youuuuuu

No. 861042

stab him

No. 861043

They never had to learn to be careful of strangers

No. 861044

I’m sorry anon. I really hope things look up for you.

No. 861046

My sister is terrible at cleaning, and I'm tired of having to go back over everything myself after she did the barest possible minimum.

No. 861052

File: 1627012400418.jpeg (34.33 KB, 594x427, BF7922A0-5E4C-4EE6-9D2A-E3AB63…)

I am horny and want to have sex but I am not currently dating anyone and sex with randos fucking sucks

No. 861065

File: 1627013893990.png (152.85 KB, 600x534, F56A276F-F895-4115-9DB8-7BFFF2…)

I am SO fucking bored. It's 12am, I'm trying to focus on some hobby and my boyfriend has been asleep since goddamn 4pm. Part of me wants to go drive our car really fast for no reason down some country roads or go park in an area with heavy night foot traffic so I can watch them. I just feel like being this bored is causing my cells to die rapidly and I'n experiencing a steep IQ drop. Also sorry for the image, I'm on my phone and accidentally added it but now can't remove it for some reason. I've never noticed that feature so add that into my vent

No. 861066

im not trans or dysphoric or any of that bullshit but i wish i could turn into a man for sex. they have it so easy. i would love to fuck randos and not give a shit about anything.

No. 861070

Asked myself this stuff lots of times… honestly I think it was because my parents were too busy working to raise me, and I have an annoying nasally voice + fat so no one really wanted to get close to me. I don't even blame them, I don't like to hear annoying nasally voices either. It's absurd how the littlest things can ruin your life. And knowing the reason doesn't make it better, infact it makes it worse because the reason is so inconsequential and makes my life feel like a joke.

No. 861073

>I've never noticed that feature

No. 861075

No, sorry. I mean I've never noticed the fact that you can't remove a photo once one has been selected on mobile.

No. 861079

I'm tired of worrying about EVERYTHING. I look at myself in the mirror and just look so old and vacant. Who am I anymore? I need a therapist. I stay angry and scared and worried about everything. I feel cheated in life. Others seem to have it together and I'm floundering. Is this all life is? Because I can see myself taking pills and just going to sleep or blowing my head off with my pistol.

No. 861082

I may have stupid

No. 861084

If you click on "choose file" or whatever again and then come back without selecting any file, it removes the pic. At least it works for me.

No. 861096

File: 1627019198136.jpeg (75.77 KB, 1252x1252, 187FFBCC-16EC-4B3F-AA45-CDEB15…)

I’m so tired of people claiming they worship the greek gods. No you don’t!!! No one has in thousands of years!!! Please stop getting butt hurt over people doing retellings of mythology and crying about how it isn’t accurate!! Do you really want accuracy? Do you want to see Zeus rape half of the female population?? And incest all over the place? Get over yourselves.

No. 861106

I hate how boomers - or specifically my mother - keeps antagonizing technology and digitalization. In my mother's head, if something has to do something with computers and technology then it's inherently evil or worthless and therefore immediately devalued. Recently she invited me to a restaurant to a get together with her friends and couldn't understand why I couldn't come when I told her I have a job interview through Skype. 'But it's just online' she said and couldn't understand how I wouldn't be able to do an interview in the middle of a busy restaurant. Also when someone has to do something with computers in the context of a job, then it's immediately worth less then another job that can be done without computers because then the first one clearly only consists of 'sitting in front of a computer all day long'. And the baffling thing is to me is that she's proud of the fact that she's not technologically inclined. She always says with pride that she's not on any social media 'because she doesn't have time for that' but needs me to look up her yoga schedule on Facebook or download apps for her. I just can't wrap my head around it

No. 861111

people who claim to follow the celtic religion are even worse. like are you aware of how incomplete the knowledge of that religion is, even to literal scholars who have spent years and years studying it? and you read one book by scott cunningham and now you think you really understand what they believed, 2000+ years ago? fuck outta here

No. 861123

Well they talk to their gods daily, duh

No. 861124

Why the fuck does my family grow moles around their nose. I'm getting one now in my 30s and it's driving me crazy. I tried to pick it but it grows back right on schedule. My family doesn't even have a history of skin cancer (or any other cancer) either. It's in the exact same spot as my mom, uncle, brother, grandma and aunt. Other family members have developed nose moles in different spots.

No. 861132

I find it sad how we have so much power, time and money and resources for holding an Olympics every few years, but we can't also channel that into providing quality food and water and infrastructure for poor countries. I know that it's a lot more complicated then just sending it all over on a plane and it's not a guarantee it would automatically make things better, but still. I feel the same way about game shows, like you've supposedly got so much money to give to some random person for getting some quiz questions right, why don't you give it to people who need it? Idk man. The world ain't fair.

No. 861135

I went to visit 4chan for the first time in ages and the amount of misogyny there makes me wish moids were banned off the internet altogether. 10 bucks says that they're not some fringe small group of incels but normal men's unfiltered thoughts. The ability they have to turn everything, literally every single thread into a bitchfit about women is stunning, at least on Lolcow you get the manhate because men have preyed on us since puberty but what the fuck caused these faggots that chip on their shoulder? Women not dating them? Women having equal rights? Women being able to exist? Scrotes need to leave the planet.

No. 861138

My boyfriend was telling me how happy he is to babysit his nieces and nephews, and he was telling me cute stories about them. Hearing them made me happy but inside they also made me a little sad, because it made me realize my childhood was not normal and very neglectful. Parents have to watch their kids and have to feed them too when they're hungry, it's not normal for a kid to be consistently away from their parent and alone and have to seek food by their own means. I wish I could've been fed and cared for too

No. 861140

I have an interview today and I want to call it off last minute because anxiety

No. 861141

Keeping my fingers crossed it goes well!

No. 861145

I called it off. It's extra awkward because I clicked on 'yes' on the Microsoft Teams invite in the e-mail right before I called the recruiter to tell her that I can't make it

No. 861152

Witnessed some irl discourse today over whether men or women should foot the bill on dinner dates. Answers were taken anonymously and about 65% said it should always be 50/50.

I don’t agree and have my reasons but people are allowed to have their own opinions… except when it turns into straight up misogyny. As soon as it was known that over half thought that the comments about women being gold diggers, leeches, users, etc. started right up.

A man paying for a woman’s $10 Red Robin bill on a Tinder date he asked her out on doesn’t make her a gold digger.

Men suck and have systemically abused women since the dawn of time… they can buy dinner. It isn’t even about being ~tRaDiTiOnAl~. It’s the fucking absolute least they could do.

No. 861153

>makes me wish moids were banned off the internet altogether.
Understandable, you don't have to visit 4chan to feel like that.
I'd like to see an experiment where men were banned for the net for a month. I imagine youtube comment sections improving with 100%

No. 861157

They hate us so much yet all they do is think/talk about us. Just from observations over the years I’ve come to the conclusion that men like that (read: all) are actually envious of women. My biggest tinfoil is that it’s because we’re the creators of life. Sure they’re involved but we actually make life. It’s all a big cope.

No. 861159

God fucking damnit, I needed my period to wait ONE DAY more. Tonight was meant to be the night I finally fuck the hot guy I've been seeing, it's been so long since I've had sex GOD FUCKING DAMNIT.

No. 861161

Right? I was thinking the other day how Freud's penis envy theory is actually just a projection of sort. Also how ridiculous is that an old scrote thinks of a concept that centers around male genitalia but he never even once questions if the opposite is true and maybe womb envy could equally be a thing

No. 861163

I'm sorry anon, that sucks. I have the opposite problem, I have supposedly 2 days left before my period but I'm not feeling like it's gonna happen, my tits are not sore at all and they usually always are. I'm crying constantly without a reason and generally feel like shit so I guess the emotional signs are there but nothing else

No. 861165

Samefag, I've missed my period before due to stress and I had a few job interviews this month so it is possible that that's the reason

No. 861171


No. 861173

Penis envy is such bullshit, too. Never met a single woman who had said revalations as a child. I have however seen men get angry and envious of women being the ones that incubate life. Womb envy is no doubt a real thing.

No. 861183

File: 1627036029973.jpeg (124.28 KB, 749x759, C60F313F-AB79-4351-A01B-D7CD1A…)

my beloved grandma who parented me a lot in my childhood died last night and the day before that my bf of 2yrs who im deeply in love with got arrested twice and may or may not go to jail to six months and in that six months i may or may not sell my soul to go to a damn art college in a last-ditch effort not to completely waste my early 20s but i kind of don't want to and most of all im fucking exhausted i keep running around trying to keep everything balanced but no one's actually giving me any space/time to make any decisions about anything they just keep telling me it's not my fault

No. 861193

Been there done that multiple times. You will have other opportunities hope you don't feel bad

No. 861195

File: 1627037934280.jpg (76.48 KB, 640x878, 1526898159853.jpg)

No. 861200

Every single time I go to let my dogs out I make eye contact with my neighbor across the way (their backyard backs up onto my backyard). They are always just standing at their sliding glass door staring out. And when they make eye contact with me they shut the blinds. It doesn't matter if it's 4am, 11pm, I will see them. It makes me feel so fucking paranoid and uncomfortable. I stand with the back door partially closed after I let the dogs out just so I don't have to fucking look at her. Why is she always THERE? At least I have a reason to constantly be going to the backyard. She doesn't smoke or have a dog I think she is schizo. Or I'M the schizo. Because I feel freaked out and crazy when I go to let the dog out and she's just THERE at like 5am like a haunted statue

No. 861207

Are you sure she's real anon

No. 861208

she's waiting for you

No. 861212

I am exactly the woman you're describing, I have multiple windows that I stand and stare in and accidentally realize I'm bothering someone below only after doing it for twenty minutes. I do it because I have paranoia and don't often leave the house if that helps maybe explain her odd behaviour. I also do it when my back neighbours put their dogs out because I think they're cute, evil little beasts. Maybe she likes your dog

No. 861213

I was just in the dead9irl thread in snow reading milk from a few months ago and she starts making claims that her home is abusive, so some shitty, stupid anon has to throw in her two cents about "if she was really being abused, she would do blah blah". I couldn't give two fucks whether or not dead9irl is lying about being abused, it's this bitch in the thread that is pissing me off.
> if her home was really abusive, she would just run away and not worry about shelter
This really set me off. My brothers and I was physically and mentally abused by my parents our entire childhoods into adulthood. This cunt makes it seem likes its easy to just leave. I'm not supposed to care about shelter apparently because being homeless and having nothing is better than dealing with my parents but still having a bed to sleep in and clothes to wear and a place to shower and food to eat. Oh my fucking God. Like I can just shove shit into my backpack and hit the streets in the middle of the night and somehow I'm better off? And what is this delusion that one person with a minimum wage job is going to pay for an apartment by themselves? What is this stupid fucking idea that someone with trauma is supposed to just move on in with just any random bitch and expect it to work out?
> if she was actually being abused, she wouldn't have the balls to yell back at her mother like that
Are you fucking dense? My abuse led to me having major anger problems for most of my youth, and your damn right I yelled back at my shitty parents. I'm not going to curl up into a ball and just take it, I don't HAVE to take it, I was CHILD. Yelling back is the only way I have to defend myself, even if it leads to more violence toward me it isn't MY FAULT for reacting to my parents insanity. I am a human being with fucking emotions and when I'm being legitimately gaslit by two alcoholic adults I'm not going to let myself be broken down and humiliated and take their lies as fact because that would only make me fucking crazier.
Fuck you, anon/s, whoever the fuck you were. Keep your shitty fucking opinions about what people who are "really being abused" should and shouldn't do, you stupid ugly fucking disgusting morbidly obese retarded cunt.

No. 861230

I have views that are very different from those of my family and friends, and lately it really makes me feel like i’m slowly going insane, because no one i can actually touch and interact with shares my views, so i feel disconnected from the real world. I’m trying to brainwash myself into agreeing with them just to avoid the mental stress but it doesn’t seem to be working.

No. 861237

I feel like shit and I self harmed really badly

No. 861268

I was about to punch a woman years back who started to remove my clothing from the washing machine AS SOON AS the timer stopped. I was literally in the lobby 30 feet away drinking coffee and talking to the lobby guard. I looked at her like wtf are you doing? it was barely sitting in there. people are wild when it comes to laundry mats

No. 861270

How is that any less annoying than Christians or Muslims of today though? Only reasons why greek gods are looked down as a myth vs jesus mumbo is because christianity colonized a shit ton of nations and countries. They're all stupid myths ,filled with horrible sexism and rape.

No. 861278

I just want to make out with men and get handsy for a bit, but I don't have energy to care about their personality and bullshit or explain to them how I don't want to have sex with them. Please kill my libido.

No. 861291

my life just keeps getting worse as the days go on i hate this

No. 861298

I like to watch the occasional kdrama now and then, so I go to the easiest place to find a community talking about a specific topic, Reddit. But in r/kdrama, it’s like people only ever talk about and recommend the same three fucking shows on Netflix. Do these people just not know how to pirate or find an alternative place to stream? And for fuck’s sake never point out how bad a male actors plastic surgery looks or you’ll get negative 5,000 internet points.

No. 861300

File: 1627053349034.jpg (559.16 KB, 1200x1500, 790c80642a593a722c5564ffa05ac0…)

My mother just told me somethings that are making me feel so sad that I'm stupidly crying right now. She said she feels like I'm a stranger to her, because I don't tell her anything or ever talk about myself that she feels like she feels like she barely knows me, her daughter. And I mean, it's true, I've become extremely, extremely closed off past few years and I guess it's stupid but I never thought anyone noticed and knowing my momma noticed and she feels so down and sad about it, she cried telling me all this. She said she wants to know what goes through my mind, what views I have, how I see the world, my likes and dislikes. I feel so bad, but I don't know how to undo all these walls and stuff I've built arpund myself after going through things. I never want to make her feel this dejected but I did and I feel horrible. I love my mom so much, anons, I didn't know she felt like this. I don't know what I should do

No. 861303

I was the same, anon. So, I moved 15 hours away from everything I ever knew because I truly felt like a black sheep in my family and in my community at large, and you know what? I feel a lot happier after having made the move and finding a lot more like minded people in the place I moved to. There’s a big world out there if you’re ever able to make it out of your current environment. If you’re not able, I’m sorry, and at least the internet is a thing now. I can’t imagine how much lonelier it would’ve been before that existed.

No. 861304

just tell her to ask you questions more often or initiate conversations and you will answer from now on

No. 861306

Have some one-on-one girl time with her. Go on a picnic or something and have a nice talk.

No. 861312

She does try to ask things but I kind of steer them in another direction to avoid talking about myself. I just have this notion that no one seriously gives af about what I'm thinking and it's better to just not waste their time talking about what I'm feeling, and it's kind of made me feel completely uncomfortable with the idea of sharing thoughts altogether. I think I'll tell her about this so maybe she can understand it's not that I'm purposefully not letting her know me or I don't like her or something.
Maybe I'll do this with her, I think we're both gonna start crying though at the end of it, haha. Thank you. I just needed to let it out.

No. 861338

anon it sounds like you don't actually want to make an active change with your attitude. you are aware that it's all in your head, you are aware she actually wants to know you/talk to you, so it's relatively easy to answer her questions and talk to her when she initiates conversations… unless you just don't want to and continue doing what you're doing

No. 861358

Ntayrt but God I want to do this so bad. I'm just worried about jobs. I don't think I can start anew and live off manager wages, especially because I manage a small business in a particularly niche industry. So I don't know how much my "skills" carry over.

No. 861366

Why the fuck does no one in my family know how see or admit when they're in the wrong. It's like I'm the only self-aware person in this shithole family and it's only as a result of their shit treatment. Fucking wish I could be as selfish and self-absorbed in bliss as everyone else

No. 861378

I wish I was in bed rn with a SO and we were watching shows and snacking. I really miss this shit but it's not the same alone.

No. 861381

As a misandrist dating a man, it really is hard to come to terms with it. That's like a racist dating a black person.

You really just never get over how disgusting men are.

No. 861383

Ladies this is a reminder than men ain't shit.

I started flirting with and being sexual with a guy, only to find out that he has a wife, and then he tells me "I'm willing to go as far as you are." OH MY GOD WHAT? You have a WIFE!

No. 861393

I don't date but this is a worry on my mind often since the idea of a large family possibly in the future interests me but the fact that it would have to involve a moid puts me off thinking about it too much.

No. 861395

Every time someone says "I'll call you when it's ready" when I make an order it puts me on edge. You fuckers more often than not never remember. then I gotta call you myself once it's already been 3 days late. And when I'm wrong and it isn't actually ready, I get some sideways remark like "Like I already told you, I'll call you when it's ready" then you post me to some twitter thread about things asshole customers do that piss you off. Fuck

No. 861398

i never heard of the perspective of wanting to turn into a man for sex but holy shit, this.
i wish women could have sex without any repercussions. anyone who lives in a conservative/religious country totally feels this shit.

No. 861403

honestly I live in a very sexually liberal area and people are still wishy washy at who they'll socially accept for having lots of sex. You can take two women who are both sexually liberated without being weird about it and still one will be looked down upon for one reason or the other. No place is safe to go through moids like they do us it's all a bullshit gamble.

No. 861406

Diff anon but I met a guy lately and he talked about his shady past with me and talked about his road to getting his life back in order again. He kept saying he doesn't judge people because he has so much in his own past he can hardly be judgemental of others.

His past is full of drink, drugs, addiction, partying and fucking around… assaulting people. Getting arrested. Robbing people…getting jailed. Struggling more with addiction…getting jailed again. He's no saint. As we talked I told him some stuff about myself and kept other things close to my chest. I've overshared with men in the past and it's amazing how they'll later use your past against you. On the off chance I end up seeing this guy around (small town life) I didn't want him knowing my shit. Even if I know his.

His insta was recommended to me lately. He was complaining about sluttish women.. He who does not judge lol. He who fucked around plenty and even took part in sex tourism in other countries. ffs

No. 861412

how did you find out? in bed as you were gettin it on??

No. 861413

File: 1627065533922.jpg (89.91 KB, 670x804, 01_NicolaSamori-June27crowned-…)

I've done it again. I dressed up, did my makeup, walked to the place of the Meetup, then walked away, more precisely, walked for 2 hours in the city as a punishment and now I'm home and my feet are full of bleeding blisters and I'm browsing lolcow. My life is officially a joke. Someone shoot me please

No. 861415

Ha I am like you too, I went to a store I'd never gone to before and I wasn't sure where the entrance was so I continued walking and went to a walk to the town square and back and then stood for an hour in the vicinity of the store before I had the guts to walk in

No. 861431

Solidarity sisters.

No. 861447

I hate that scrotes keep coming to me with their problems. I'm not their mother/therapist/wife/gf/fwb, I wouldn't even call myself their friend. They're orbiters that I barely acknowledge and the hardest their dick ever gets without the help of porn is when I bestow upon them an ounce of my attention. They just sit in their cum and dandruff-crusted desk chairs hoping I'll have a stroke and be left with such severe mental retardation that I'll let them touch my boobs.

This is easily solved by blocking & deleting, but why does this keep happening??

No. 861451

Just change your pic and username to something neutral and make your accounts private. It's not hard to limit interaction with scrotes. Unless you get validation from it I guess.

No. 861453

Because there are a lot of moids like that out there. Just ignore.

No. 861459

Every since certain Korean or Chinese dramas got on netflix, it's all these stupid weebs ever recommend. I hate it. Branch out, you stupid mother fuckers. I really wish there was a k-drama or c-drama discord or thread that wasnt filled with autism.

No. 861461

>He who fucked around plenty and even took part in sex tourism in other countries.
what a piece of shit. Stay away from this garbage. Hope he kills himself

No. 861466

Unpopular opinion, but I think this actually makes perfect sense.
Men have an instinctive knowledge that they are destructive parasites, even if they won't openly say it. Go look up what's in semen, and how long its remnants can actually last in a woman's body. Any woman that lets lots of men have sex with her is taking in lots and lots of toxins, and that will obviously cause a shitload of personal damage. It's like drinking poison.
Additionally, any woman who opens herself up to a man as fucked up and disgusting as him, especially when he admits to being a rapist (sex tourism…) is also ingesting poison, so you dodged a big bullet by not trusting him.

No. 861493

I have this male coworker that talks a lot while I am a very timid person. His constant blabbering is fucking annoying and I am having fantasies about sewing his mouth shut or smashing his head with my desk lamp. It makes me super angry because he talks about the most pointless shit and it makes my brain rot. I wish I could just tell him to shut down his blabbering whore hole of nothingness but I am not confident enough. I fucking hate males and their constant shitty talk about the most useless and uninteresting shit. No one cares about your shitty retarded opinions, keep them to yourself and stop pestering good people with your nonsense.

No. 861498

You can't help the mentally retarded anon

No. 861508

I feel you anon. I tried being friends with a scrote before and he wouldn't stop pestering me about how lonely he was. He also whined about how a woman found it gross to suck his dick and just left kek. After two weeks I changed my number. A lot of moids are of the same, pathetic breed. They are emotional vampires.

No. 861509

Why do people feel the need to rant or ramble at work? I work in a high stress cafe and have one stupid bitch who never shuts the fuck up, the entire shift. I'm tempted to change my hours to avoid her.

No. 861514

I want to dress androgynously so bad but I'm straight up too ugly. I'm tired of dressing hyperfeminine to compensate for my ugly manly features (wide jaw, huge hands and feet despite being petite, bony shapeless body) because I don't owe feminine "prettiness" to anyone, especially not males. But when I try out more edgy or androgynous looks, I look 1000% like a trans girl so much that it makes me want to cry.
I'm not even like anti-trans or anything, I just am cis and would prefer to be seen that way. Before anyone yells at me for caring about my looks, this isn't about impressing scrotes–I just feel so out of control of my gender identity. I'm medically infertile too so that's a nice cherry on top. I hope this is all in my head.

No. 861519

We need to find a way to remove the eye floaters gene from the gene pool.

No. 861522

File: 1627074329238.jpg (199.26 KB, 1280x853, 1515809646450.jpg)


No. 861529

File: 1627075358977.png (247.74 KB, 410x408, naanu.png)

I got a huge tax return and I used it to buy a second hand computer for some gaming & streaming, but I can't stop feeling awful for spending my money on something 'wasteful'. I don't even have anything else to get, I'm just beating myself up for spending half my check on a thing for myself instead of idk saving for something.

No. 861534

I highly doubt you look like a transgirl, but let’s say you do - wouldn’t you look more like one when dressing hyperfeminine? That’s what most do to overcompensate for their masculine features.

Anyway you want to dress androgynously but also be seen as cis which is becoming less of a thing because of nb people. Maybe you’re okay with that though? As a compromise you could dress in women’s clothes which aren’t hyperfeminine. Even the girliest women I know wear casual outfits too.

No. 861540

Anon, gender identity is bullshit, just wear what you want. Why are you so concerned with how other people perceive you?Anyway since you’re an actual woman, you will never in a million years look like a troon.

No. 861541

I do this - I'd rather be seen as a nb fakeboi than a transbian… in an ideal world we'd still be in the 80s when having short hair and being a tomboy was a normal girl thing

No. 861553

File: 1627078278387.jpg (43.44 KB, 567x392, 1609389660179.jpg)

I wouldn't call it a date, but tomorrow I'm going out with my male coworker. This is literally the first time in my life I'm going out with a male. I never had any irl friends, I never dated anyone. It's a compeltely new, unknown territory for me. I have to admit I have a crush on this particular guy, but I'm not planning to romantically pursue him if he doesn't show any interest, I just really want to talk to him and know him as a person because I feel like we have similar interests etc. and I find him fascinating, usually I'm too shy to talk to him at work. He's coming to my town just to see me and it makes me excited. But I'm so scared I'm gonna fuck this up. I'm literally making a list of topics I'd like to discuss with him because I'm autistic. God damn it I want to make a good impression so much. I'm not gonna sleep tonight

No. 861554

This is going to sound stupid and austistic af but I'm feeling terrible for laughing at all those Komaeda memes after finding out he's literally terminally ill. Holy fuck sorry Komaeda, please don't lose hope.

No. 861555

My new coworker talks so much, like holy shit I cannot exaggerate that she talks absolutely nonstop. It’s making it hard to train her because she is talking c o n s t a n t l y

No. 861556

Good luck nonna

No. 861557

so sweet, good luck nonita!

No. 861559

Thanks for the responses anons, I'm glad there's other women in the same boat. I know it's stupid to worry about how I'm presenting to others, I guess gender is such a politicized thing right now (especially here in the US) that it's hard to just be yourself without seeming like you're making a statement. I kinda agree with >>861541 that I'd rather be seen as NB or tomboy than a trans girl, even though I'm neither of those. I just want to feel comfortable with myself when I look at pictures/mirrors.

No. 861563

Anon, I wish you'd spoilered this because now I'm upset remembering. Poor little dude.

No. 861566

You mean the game character?

No. 861574

Is Komaeda a common name where you live or something?

No. 861577

It sounded like you were writing about a real ill person.

No. 861578

How did you guys end up deciding to go out if you're shy? And good luck anon, hope you enjoy it.

No. 861582

The fandom I've been in for over a year sucks major ass, even the proshippers who're supposed to be open-minded are assholes. What are some good fandoms to be in rn?

No. 861583

File: 1627081479376.jpeg (122.03 KB, 433x2048, iQz6Wud.jpeg)

Really hate women who are this fucking naive.

I think that a lot of the "cool girl" women who don't mind their boyfriends having female friends, watching porn etc are just hilariously naive about how disgusting men really are.

No. 861585

i get being wary but damn girl who hurt you. seek out better friends because this exists.

No. 861586

The teenage co-worker has the husbands private number and calls him in the middle of the night and he not only picks up the phone but also immediately drives out to pick her up?Come on. They would have never done this if it was a teenage boy.

No. 861587

She and the other people who went along with this shit like it's wholesome are in such denial, lmao. I have to laugh.

No. 861588

I just want a man that loves me to smash his lips onto mine and passionately and furiously fuck me on the bare floor from behind, kissing my forehead, my cheeks, my neck, all the while pounding my pussy as hard as he can while being so into the moment he's dazed between pulling out or just cumming inside me and impregnating me because fuck it he loves me
I'm so lonely

No. 861590

How's he gonna kiss your forehead from behind?

No. 861591

emphasis on "i get being wary" BUT yes that certainly has happened to boys too. women need to be equipped with bs indicators at anyone else but scrotes give off distinct red flags if they're doing it for pussy or other greasy shit. otherwise, yes, there are people who will take on protective roles regardless of gender ya fuckin' weirdo.

No. 861594

I have some terrible news for you about all the adult men who took "protective" roles over you as a teenager.

No. 861595

grabbing her by the jaw and pulling her head back in a 45 degree angle?

No. 861596

File: 1627082373777.jpeg (23.21 KB, 229x220, 4A86958F-6341-4263-80AB-088C59…)

He'd take my face between his hand and turn my head towards his

No. 861598

ntayrt but this is such cynical bullshit. Also it's gross trying to make anon feel creeped out like this.

No. 861603

File: 1627082744707.png (Spoiler Image,17.39 KB, 772x684, fantasy.png)

Like this?

No. 861607

Long neck ass bitch

No. 861608

Those balls hang pretty low

No. 861609

Most men's balls hang low, try watching less porn. All those men had ball-lifts and ball-implants or are very young with fortunate genetics!

No. 861610

he needs a long neck and a long torso to reach her forehead

No. 861611

Or turning the head horizontally instead of vertically works too

No. 861612

I just straight up asked him if we could go for a beer or something and he agreed and said he can come to my town kek

No. 861615

>she was on the way to work
>teenage girl working at 3am
Fake news

It's small shit like this where obviously teenage girls casually scrolling their tumblr dashboard and seeing a nice post like this that adds to deluding them into thinking an "older man" is a better option than guys her own age. It's one thing for moids to force that idea via media and whatever but other women enabling it is fucked.

No. 861617

Need a fic like this

No. 861619

It says the girl called OP's husband to let him know she'd be late, so he must have been on the clock and not at home getting called on his personal cell. But I agree, they absolutely would not have behaved this way if she was male. If they're nice guys, yeah they'd be sympathetic for a teen boy and tell him it's alright to be late, but not fly to his rescue and coddle him the way they did with this girl.
What kind of job even is this? That girl's parents are insane for letting her work graveyard shifts where all of her coworkers are grown men. She must be 18 if she's allowed to work in the middle of the night, but still, major yikes.

No. 861620

I don't doubt that this happened, but it's a fiction that the husband told his wife because his teenagegirl co-worker called him drunk from the club and he went to tuck her into bed.

No. 861628

I think I'm a vulnerable narcissist.

I'm deeply insecure and feel shame for never being good enough. While I'm able to superficially handle criticism, deep down on the inside it has me furious and I often go through a stage of denial before I actually start to see the other side of what someone criticized of me. While I'd never be vindictive or petty towards someone who criticized me because I know the social consequences, deep inside I wish I could clapback in some way or point out the critic's own flaws. Maybe it's motivated by fear that if I responded to the criticism with anger, it would only invite worse criticism back on me so I just pretend like it doesn't bother me–which sometimes doesn't serve to help me because that reaction can be read as arrogance or brushing things aside. That's why some people view me as an awkward/insecure woman while others see me as some confident braggart who's got it all. My feelings are super intense in the moments, meanwhile later the feelings diminish if I don't forget altogether.

Criticism is so shit to me that I often feel like other people are masking like I do when they accept it so graciously and in good spirits. I don't attention-seek, again because I understand the social consequences of such behavior, but holy shit I crave admiration and often do things in an attempt to receive it. Not out of goodwill, but because I want people to like me which is a selfish means to an end. If I don't, I get extremely hurt and jealous of others who do seem to have the admiration of all.

Perhaps this goes back to my perfectionist mother (who I suspect has some type of Cluster B herself) who used to respond with irrational anger at my child self for common and petty child mistakes. I believe her criticism was so harsh on me and that expectations were so high, that I developed a type of insecure narcissism as a mental cope against her unfair criticisms. The problem is that I never dropped that defense mechanism, and now as an adult I can't parse well-intentioned criticism.
Boss reaming me out at the office for a mistake? My throat clamps shut, I can barely talk, and I tend to go on the defensive while I grapple to get a word in. How do people just take this shit?

No. 861636

Stop blaming women for wearing school uniforms in cosplay. Men will literally sexualize you wearing a paper bag, it doesn’t fucking matter.

No. 861637

yikes, this hits way too close to home. self-awareness is always a good first step though, and acknowledging that you can at least function relatively normally despite how you feel is a positive too

No. 861647

Don't blame women for pandering to men? Yeah I think I will continue to do so thanks

No. 861648

I hate that school uniforms are sexualised. It's totally arbitrary really, any outfit teenage girls wear regularly would be sexualised and there's nothing inherently sexual in the style itself. I really love uniforms just because of the way they are designed (comfortable and hardy enough to wear all the time but also smart and semi formal) so I'd like to incorporate elements of them into my clothes, but I really don't want to look like I'm trying to be a sexy school girl. I just like plaid and mary janes ffs.

No. 861652

>meanwhile most people who went to religious and private institutions know damn well school uniforms were never sexy and administration did its damnedest to keep all the girls frumpy and ugly

No. 861653

if shes cosplaying as a 'cute loli' then shes a pedo too

No. 861683

I've closed myself off to everyone except for my husband, my mom, and really one other friend who I know I can count on. I have no one else that I regularly talk to. I miss former friendships but then again I think I'll annoy them if I reach out, so I don't. I've got these huge walls around me and I can't seem to lower them. I don't want to reach out to someone I miss only to feel rejected. I feel like if they missed me they'd reach out. I know, that's unhealthy thinking too. Tl;dr: I miss talking with people but can't stand the thought of being rejected so I don't lower my walls.

No. 861715

You couldn't tell he was mentally ill from all the memes?

No. 861719

I'm on my period right now, and I genuinely want to cry. I know I'm being dramatic, especially considering the fact that my periods are very easy, but I'm just so frustrated

No. 861728

kinda hate how bo burnham name dropped dissociation, so many people now going "omg so relatable!!" this shit ruined my life and I stopped socializing because of it and feel completely out of touch with myself and my surroundings and now fuckin Bethany thinks because she felt numb during an anxiety attack once that she's totally 'REPRESENTED' now. Bitch when I'd dissociate I got ostracized fuckin hard because it's not cool feeling like a balloon above your body, causing you to never really having anything to say or contribute. People who treated me like the most awkward bastard are now totally sympathetic to dissociation and it makes me wanna crawl out of my skin. Not his fault but gdi

No. 861732


Wear whatever you want. Anyone who says you’re being a “sexy school girl” is just projecting onto you. It’s not like you’re walking around in a onesie like Belle Delphine.

No. 861743

I've been really disappointed in my experience with people lately. There have been good ones but I can't stop thinking about the jerks because they're more plentiful. People seem to understand what they want to hear, which isn't bad in itself, but when people disrespect you off the bat for some reason and they take it there… What the fuck do you even do? For example, if I asked to schedule an appointment "before noon" why am I met with "well, it will take three hours……." when there are openings as early as 6AM, I know, I checked already. Why not just answer my question like a normal fucking person instead of coming at me with this passive aggressive assumption- one that I have to make guesses at how you've come to this response in order to respond myself. I flat out asked if there was an appointment for 11AM and the person next to the clerk was shocked, as if I was supposed to dance around this passive aggressive game out of left field. Was I supposed to alter my request? I would like an appointment before noon. What are you getting at? Why am I always more professional than people who make more than I ever will doing shit worse than I can? I hate this world. I wish y2k happened so I would be in the top fucking echelon probably because I'm just so vastly superior to these people. I swear to god. The apocalypse will claim all these motherfuckers I have had the dispealesure of talking to lately, I swear. I hope anyway. They deserve to perish for being so retarded, socially mentally and physically. they're all ugly bastards without logic and reasoning they are just CHIMPS, rote workers, beasts. That's what I tell myself and try to move the fuck on. But you know I'll just be bitching when someone acts shitty to me yet again in public.

No. 861748

This is dumb as shit, but I told my dad's friend who was disrespecting my dad's girlfriend, her 13 y/o child, and me, to shut the fuck up, and he told me afterwards that he'd kill me if my father weren't there (my father was listening to this), and then he called me a dumbass. I should have stopped there but I told him he was a no neck having fat ass, and he got so mad he stormed outside, but now I'm super paranoid that this guy might actually come back and try to kill me. I know I might be really dramatic about this sort of thing , but you never know what men are truly thinking of or are capable of, and this guy has had a history of being really violent even to way younger people (my infant sister years ago for an example).

I'm also so angry that my father said nothing to him in the moment when he was saying shit to me and his gf, and even more mad that my father afterwards made the situation out to be my fault. The worst thing I did was tell the idiot to shut up when he afterwards very seriously threatened my life and my father said nothing to him, even tried to defend him after the whole thing was over when I talked to him about the way that guy was treating me. It makes me so fucking mad that he just doesn't seem to care about my feelings or how real a threat like that is, like I wonder if my father will give a shit if that guy makes good on his threat and does come around to kill me or if it'll be my fault in the end still.

No. 861759

I hate how so many fucking movies have random sex scenes. My parents are watching a movie while I'm in the same room on the computer and it's so disturbing. Feels violating, I had to leave the room. Do people find random sex scenes normal??

No. 861762

Do balls really hang that low?????

No. 861766

I really wish there were more implied scenes that started passionately but end quickly if that makes sense? Idk I hate that everything seems like it's trying to make me horny kek

No. 861767

Your father is a spineless coward. There's no way in hell i'd let any man speak to my daughter that way.

No. 861768

It's not even horny material. It's porn for the male gaze, outside of porn sites, which is disturbing. A few women i knew liked GOT , which really disturbed me, since it had nothing but male gazey shit. I hate that sex even exists outside of porn. like, why??

No. 861775

shit sucks. i'm sorry you have to go through that often. i have dissociation as well, and i wish no one i respect to go through with what we go through. hopefully things have gotten better for you since it started becoming more prominent. i'm running on year 8 of developing dissociation due to a traumatic event and progress has been pretty incremental. it's all about changing my mindset about why it happens. it's just happy, safe time for my brain, basically.
honestly, i saw the bo burnham special and i thought it wasn't much. cool he did something recently, but i can't believe the people who are latching onto every single detail of the special, trying to make conversation about it, feeling REPRESENTED because he said dissociation once LMAO. like how the hell? the fact the bezos song is so popular, like i must have fucking missed something, it's 2008 internet tier shit. people honestly need to go outside or something.

No. 861778

I was sleeping over at a gay couple's place after a party and they woke me and and other girl up by having fucking threesome.
Scrotes, I have no words. The fuck

No. 861786

Gay men dont want to be seen as sexual deviants, but pull this shit. Sorry that happened to you, anon. Hopefully you'll drop them as friends or whatever

No. 861799

I hate my coworkers. I hate my coworkers.

I try have a positive outlook but 2 of my coworkers are just straight up cunts. Yesterday I signed in to see a long message of how if we start some documentation task we should finish it or it's a waste of time for all of us. I started that task, then had to go do more important things. The task had no time pressure, and nobody else was doing it. GTF out of my BUSINESS.

They can't just leave me alone to do my thing, too. If anything ever needs to be done, I'm directly asked to do it, where I then have to justify why I can't, or I do it. Even then, I'll often get "well this task is more important, so do it please".

I sent pictures of the team chat to my friends and they were shocked at how blatantly rude and passive aggressive the messages were, and told me "don't worry, they're the ones that look like idiots". But to who? In this small ecosystem I'm in the minority. I've tried to talk to my manager about it but he just fully shuts it down and puts the onus on me to communicate better, it's very much a "we don't want to micromanage" place used to straight up ignore problems. We all have separate managers too so it's a mess.

I'm annoyed too that i'm venting about this on a Saturay morning. They make me want to quit. The one coworker who at least doesn't pile on is leaving soon, so it'll only go downhill.

No. 861800

I have a coworker who supposedly is only there for a few months, but no one can stand her. Worst part is, my boss is chummy with her and people think she wont leave now. I was planning on leaving the job anyway, or at least cutting my hours significantly to only keep benefits, but it's very frustrating because the job was chill and suddenly all my favorite coworkers left at once when we got a new boss. I hate it. And it's already Saturday here now and i'm pissed off already about work on Monday.

No. 861807

I also wanted to add that it's really affecting my self esteem and I guess my sense of self. I got over my "doing the most to be a good team player" mindset pretty quick once I realised that it'd just be taken advantage of. I'm helpful, but not at the cost of my own workload or staying later. I tried to have an honest talk about the fact that we're coworkers, we don't delegate to each other. I've questioned their claims about this or that being a waste of time or one thing being more important than the other. It takes so much energy just to maintain my frankly lower than they should be boundaries.

And one of the coworkers spends nearly the whole day sucking ass and cultivating connections with all of the higher ups, so no matter what I'll be at a disadvantage.

Try take it easy nonny, they shouldn't be living in our heads rent free. I'm gonna do some yoga and try forget about it.

No. 861830

USPS is fucking trash. My package is probably sitting on a pallet in a distribution center. "In transit" my ass. I hope anyone who works at a USPS facility and doesn't try to do their job correctly fucking burns in hell and gets every single package they ever ordered gets lost in the mail. I needed that phone and I ordered another one shipped via UPS. Guess who's service is arriving next day? UPS!!!
Again, USPS can fucking burn in a ditch and any government run agency is absolute shit.

No. 861839

The anon going around the site to screech at anons for what they find arousing and saying they're "femcels just as bad as incels" is 100% a male and repeatedly using the gross ass scrote euphemism "flicking your bean" on top of expecting women to masturbate to everything like a man would. Fuck your loser moid ass, go back to leddit.

No. 861841

Report him. How pathetic of a man to want to police what the ladies wank to.

No. 861844

I do find some of the sadism posts pretty over the top lately but then they're in their own (on topic) threads so better to ignore them than to seriously argue over someone's fantasy.

They might just be morally superior anons who hate all things sexual. We have enough of those around too.

No. 861878

In adult men, yes. Unless their balls are really small.

No. 861893

I want to have sex too, but I want a guy that is critical of troons but yet not an edgy right winger and he makes money and is artistic and has tattoos. I don't care if he has a small cock, it just has to get hard. I had sex with guys with erection issues and it was the worst. I'd rather have sex with some guy that has a small cock that can get hard all the time.

No. 861915

I remember when alt girls used to be cool, now everyone is a self-hating they/them trannie with zero backbone, i don't even want to interact with no one anymore, what a tragedy.

No. 861924

my grandma has begun to grow this racially charged disliking toward me for a while now but it's gotten worse since I said I bought some nail stuff from aliexpress since it's from china. she's a trump hater and will go off on these religious rants about the three antichrists and how the third one is supposed to be a chinaman and that it's got to do with trump. he's the antichrist. and it's absolutely unreasonable to talk about anything at that point. i even tried to ask if she meant kim jong un but she ignored me. she previously tried negging me about my feet even though i could probably buy her soul with the money these stupid little stompers could make under the right circumstances. but i digress., this sucks to be hated for no reason by some one you love colon parenthesis

No. 861964

I've gained a little weight over the course of this month and it's not a lot but it's enough to make me want to die. My mom saw me and said I looked so ""healthy,"" which made me sad because I thought I was finally looking slim enough at the beginning of the month. I feel so out of control of my weight, I eat as little as humanly possible (no meat, no dairy, few carbs) and yet my weight yo-yos like crazy. I wish I had health insurance so I could go check if I have some rare metabolic disease or some shit

No. 861976

I think I'm probably preg, I keep going into threads and starting shit for no reason on my lunch break lately. My hormones Are all fucked up. I hope I'm pregnant and not just nuts lol.

No. 861979

File: 1627136046218.jpg (69.33 KB, 768x1024, IMG_20191019_005902.jpg)

I'm tired of all my IRL friends and only my online friendships feel interesting but I can't hang out with them

No. 861984

>is on medication
>is a tedfag

ted k made fun of people on medications and called them weak.

No. 861985

same idk how to stop

No. 861988

go outside and interact with people and keep yourself busy, don't stay in bed. Clean, study, play games. Bed and laying around are your biggest enemies, if you keep your brain busy you will forget about it

No. 861989

can we be friends please?

No. 861990

and? what? If I have a couple of things I sympathize with Ted over it does not mean I agree with everything he has done or said.

No. 861994

>be retarded college neet
>dumbfuck smoker brother comes into room
>laptop showing lolcow.farm on sightly bright screen

good thing that dumb walking potato has shit-tier vision because it would've been embarrassing

No. 861996

Pray for me anons, my narc mother told me that 'she wants to have a talk' with me. Idk what it is about and I'm panicking already

No. 861998

File: 1627138124993.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.86 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20210724_103847251.jpg)

Fuck I just fought for my life. I was shitting and on my phone, when I noticed a moth ON my pulled down underwear. It flew off when I flailed and I managed to wipe my shit in time to run for a book and squash the devil spawn. I feel unclean hope I don't get moth aids.

No. 862002

Poor friend, he was just chilling. It probably just landed on your knickers after you had been sitting there for a bit. Moths are harmless.

No. 862009

any nonnies who feel bad for the moth, just think. he was a panty sniffer. I don't have much sympathy

No. 862015

File: 1627140410607.jpeg (28.82 KB, 640x408, BAF7BA54-09A6-4C2B-8352-D2831D…)

Except pantry moths, you gotta take a blowtorch to those things.

No. 862019

Panty moths

No. 862020

File: 1627141560555.jpg (48.43 KB, 800x533, a dog.jpg)

On a side note there's nothing a moth can do that will hurt you. They don't have mouths. Their whole purpose is to fly around, find mates, lay eggs and die when they have no energy left that they accumulated as caterpillars.

Admittedly their legs can feel a bit scratchy and it can be kinda creepy if one flies close in your face, but they're harmless.

No. 862029

Most antivaxxers are also portrayed as unhinged mothers who refused to vaccinate their kids
Same with conspiracies and tinfoil theories

No. 862030

Calm down nonna, maybe she’s just gonna tell you how babies are made.

No. 862037

My boyfriend does so much for me and I wanted to let him try anal because he wanted to so bad. I douched and everything but still shitted. I didn't even fucking feel it, he says it is fine and these things happen but I want to absolutely kill myself

No. 862040

i can't believe you actually let him put it in your ass anon. live and learn i guess…

No. 862041

Well modern medicine was founded on the torturing and burning of medicine women (and women as test subjects) bc shitty college educated scrotes were jealous that they knew more than scrotes. Ofc they make the narrative of women being uneducated hysterical bitches.

No. 862042

Love yourself.

No. 862045

No guy who wants to give anal can genuinely be a good person

No. 862046

No. 862047

This for real, you have nothing to feel bad about

No. 862049

LOL cmon nonito. You’re not a guy w a prostate and it’s your body he’s fucking. You don’t owe him your unfeeling asshole. I don’t know any girls who like anal although I’m sure they’re out there, but seriously you don’t have to be one

No. 862057

>still shitted
He knew the risks.

I'm more surprised you didn't feel anything.

No. 862060

In my experience once they get to try it they realize that it's just a huge fucking meme. I also did it for my bf cause he really wanted to and I didn't even shit on his dick, but he still was really disappointed by it. He said to me "Wow… I feel like I have been lied to" afterwards lol. He said that vaginal feels so much better than anal because it's ribbed on the inside and the anus is not and he has never asked me to do it again since.

I don't blame any women who never want to brownpill their boyfriends on anal but honestly most of the ones who are into that stuff have never done it before and don't realize that it's not really better.

No. 862067

Scrotes are so fucking ungrateful. See, women will go out of their way to do something that degrading and uncomfortable and they'll STILL complain about it. That's what I'm saying though, most men just want to do that shit because they saw it in porn and want to chase the novelty of it. They don't care about pleasing you or actually emotionally connecting through sex, they just want to use their girlfriends as guinea pigs for their bucket list of porn fetishes

No. 862071

My parents house had an infestation of those one summer and it was a fucking nightmare to deal with those things. I would kill them on site but I’m still traumatized from opening a box in the pantry and finding it filled with larvae

No. 862072

They are deluded because in porn the women act like they like it and there are a bunch of "cool girls" who tell them that this is true and they really do like it. No shit I have talked to several women who told me that they just loooooove anal and can even orgasm from it. I don't really blame men that much because they are retards and easily fooled by shit like this. If they genuinely get off to hurting you then I would say fuck him, but for most men I think it's just something that you have to break their illusion and they are cured forever.

No. 862074

those women are fucking weird, who wants to take all that time to stick foreign objects up their ass in order to "clean" it? and then having to stretch it in order for a penis to fit? it's just bizarre how people choose to make their lives more difficult

No. 862075

I’m getting a little worried about my workplace because it has a money sending service for customers and lately they’re getting very aggressive. More people are using it for the first time, I’m guessing because of financial covid issues, and they always fuck up and have no clue what they’re doing and blame us for it. Adult men throwing screaming tantrums and calling us names because they don’t listen. There are so many other ways to send money I don’t understand why they even use this thing anymore (besides people who are sending money to inmates, that’s understandable).

And then when you look up the people that spread the misinformation it’s men like Robert Kennedy Jr

No. 862076

They have not-like-other-girls syndrome like Shoe0nhead and think that being able to "enjoy" anal and offering to do it makes them better than other women.

No. 862078

Men aren't that naive. Just flip the tables on them. Say that you want to peg them or make them gag on a dildo or spank them and they'll change their tune really fucking quick. They know that these things are uncomfortable and unpleasurable, they just hope that the woman they're with will endure it. Like I said, they don't give a shit about emotional intimacy or truly care about the woman they're with at all, they just want to try out every fetish on their gf like she's a sexbot or something
Any decent guy wouldn't want to do degrading things to their girlfriend and yes, anal is considered degrading even now, hence why most scrotes won't be on the receiving end

No. 862081

Nah I don't agree with this. I think a lot of guys are genuinely naive enough to think that the woman will enjoy it because that's what they are being shown in porn where they get this idea.

No. 862084

File: 1627146565648.jpg (226.55 KB, 648x474, 1348550145913.jpg)

Tfw a week ago I unfriend a former coworker who for FIVE YEARS after working together there still commented on my many FB posts with an unrelated Rick and Morty meme that I only kind of laughed at the first time, and then yesterday I receive a long, disturbing message from him graphically detailing how his fiance just died but also hey! He still thinks about that time he smacked a box out of my hands five years ago so I barely remember but he thinks about it OFTEN. Sorry about your girl, dude, maybe she rest in peace, but seek help. I'm sleeping with a knife tonight

No. 862087

I dated a guy who at the time earned so much more than me and paid for nearly everything… I eventually felt the pressure to 'pay it back' by giving him the buttsex he wanted so badly. Once he got it one time he acted like an entitled douche and no joke would threaten to break up over not getting it often enough. We had been fine without anal for 2 years before ever doing it even once! Suddenly the rules of our relationship changed. Never again. His sexual demands turned worryingly rapey and I had to get the hell out of there.

Remember, not even once, if you don't want it then nothing he does for you should convince you he 'deserves it' By treating sex acts like a currency you owe him for his kindness.. you're setting yourself up for him to view you that way and now treat you like that when he wants it again.

No. 862089

I'm turning twenty soon and looking back on my teenage years depresses me so much. I haven't been happy since I was 14, and the past 6 years have been filled with absolutely nothing. It was entirely boring and I have barely any good memories that stand out. I was mentally ill a lot of the time, had very few friends I couldn't hang out with often, I had one toxic boyfriend I didn't even love but kept around just so I could have someone to spend time with, and the only time I was enjoying myself was when I was alone and stoned out of my mind. If I died tomorrow the life that would flash in front of me would be the most boring slog ever. I'm afraid of wasting my youth and I have no idea what to do about it, I just want to feel alive for once

No. 862094

Men can discern movies and games from reality, so they should be able to do the same with porn. If they truly are stupid enough to believe that porn is real and just not acting, they should never be near any woman, just left to fap in their basement for all eternity.

No. 862095


I promise you’re not wasting your youth. I felt this way for the longest but then I realized that all the bullshit I went through growing up is what got me to a point in life where I’m truly happy in my life and hobbies. Get medicated if you need it and invest in yourself and your hobbies. Everything else will follow, Anonette, I promise. It’s never too late to do the things you want to do. The internet just seems to hard focus on your life being over the moment you aren’t a teen anymore and that’s just not reality at all.

No. 862097

I get a few of these in my house in the summer when windows are open. Tbh they seem to come in and then die on their own by the next day. Dunno what their lifespan is but I leave them to die by themeslves rather than bothering them. The number of them never increases given the high death rates lol

No. 862100

Honestly teenage years are overrated. I think the media portrays teenage life as some sort of 'peak,' but mental illness aside as a teenager you don't even have the freedom or self-awareness to do things you want to do anyway. I also look back on my teenage years a lot and regret that I didn't spend more time trying to make friends and enjoying myself instead of being incredibly self-conscious and holed up in my room all the time, but I try to be more forgiving to myself because I was young and obviously didn't know any better. I don't even think most teenagers know who they really are yet at that point. Anon, you still have your 20s and the rest of your life ahead of you to enjoy yourself. Think about the things that you really enjoy doing and spend your time enjoying them rather than focusing on what you "think" you should be doing as a young person- and if you don't know what you like to do yet that's ok! You're only 19, so you still have time to figure that out too.

No. 862103

>Say that you want to peg them or make them gag on a dildo or spank them and they'll change their tune really fucking quick.
What if they're on board with that, though?

No. 862107

Thank you anons, reading this made me feel much better. I'm trying my best to keep a positive outlook for my future

No. 862109

I was miserable and on meds/in therapy on and off from 12 to my late twenties. I never thought I'd change. Around the time that I turned 30 (and a few months after I got out of a dreadful relationship) I reached this new level of contentment that isn't perfect or blissful but that feels like I have a chemically normal brain for the first time. No idea what changed me but it happened and tbh I've never mourned my youth because I'm just glad to be improving.

Sometimes when you get better you're just so grateful that you don't dwell on it. Being miserable for years or even decades will sure make you grateful when you find relief. It makes you appreciate it.

No. 862111

Jokes on him because he thinks I was just trying to prove a point, I'll do all those things to him and then dump him.

No. 862114


Just remember, “bad times are just times that are bad”. I remember thinking a lot of stupid things were the end of the world when I was in my teens but when you look back at this point in the future, you’ll definitely be like: what the heck was I even going on about.

You got this!

No. 862121

>Men can discern movies and games from reality
Can they though?

No. 862122

What this anon said
Anon, I'll be 30 in a couple of years. My teenage years were absolute dog shit, there are fond moments I will always cherish but most of it was spent being poor, ugly, friendless, a weeaboo and mentally ill. It didn't get better until about 25, and then it was as if the world opened up to me.

The idea of 'wasting' your youth is bullshit, you will be alive for over 80 years, likely more. A lot of doomers will say your body deteriorates over time, you'll become ugly and haggard and you won't have energy to enjoy the same things, but this is only true if you are an irresponsible druggie and chronic party drinker. Also, regardless of how you look at any age you can still find happiness and purpose.
You're still finding yourself, it's normal to feel like this, but the world doesn't end when you turn 20, or 30, or any big scary number.

No. 862131

Whenever I finish talking to one of my friends, I always end up worrying that I did something wrong. She's always been struggling with mental health stuff so her venting to me about things isn't new. Last night, she was venting about being stressed out because of things at her job and then later about stuff going on with her family. I didn't really have anything substantial to say because I didn't have any advice, so I just tried to be there to listen, but in both of those situations we kind of reached lull in conversation and then she would say "yeah, we can stop talking about this now…" I feel bad because both of the things she was talking about really sucked and I could tell it was really bothering her, but I didn't really know what to say to help her feel better other than general empathetic statements, but I'm not sure if that's what she was looking for judging by how she chose to end those conversations.

No. 862144

>Well modern medicine was founded on the torturing and burning of medicine women (and women as test subjects
Uhm what?

No. 862145

Thank you so much for writing this anon. Teenage years and early twenties were hellish for me - for the same reasons you also named. I am going to be 25 in a few months and life can only get better.

No. 862163

>as a teenager you don't even have the freedom or self-awareness to do things you want to do anyway.
i'm an adult and still like this tbh. also health and energy has been getting worse despite never doing drugs/alcohol.

No. 862209

I'm done. It's over. I consider myself single.

No. 862210

Sexually I feel like women should not do things that don't gratify them in kind. There is no male equivalent to anal im a hetero relationship like there is oral. Wtf scrotes…

No. 862221

>I just seriously hate women
Oh wow, woman hating on the manhate thread. How convenient.

No. 862223

Welp the manhate thread was fun while it lasted. Now we only have the rest of the site kek
>I feel like women should not do things that don't gratify them in kind.
Completely agree since too many young women bend over backwards to please others.

No. 862230

>There is no male equivalent to anal in a hetero relationship like there is oral
Even oral isn't equivalent at all. Blowjobs are far more uncomfortable and degrading than eating pussy

No. 862236

File: 1627153908392.jpg (28.97 KB, 640x480, e5057901f266c627af0b56dcaacaa7…)

I'm about to blowout (and possibly straighten) my hair, and I'm not excited for how long this on gonna take at all. It probably won't even come out the way I want. I also might not have enough gel left for the style I want to do, but I'm too lazy to go buy more

No. 862239

Praying for you anon, this post was an amazing/awful little story also. Like…did he kill the fiance? was there ever really a fiance? Who remembers knocking a box out of someone's hands 5 years ago? What a creep…

No. 862240

Just saw a ridiculously long thread on twitter of videos and gifs sexualizing female athletes at the previous olympics and other competitions. I fucking hate scrotes so much, disgusting coomers
I remember an athlete from my country that used to post youtube videos and instagram lives of her workouts while on quarantine, many people followed them and loved them but she stopped doing it because the scrotes sexualizing her and posting degrading comments were too much. She was like 19 iirc. I want these men and all the men that don't understand how much it can fuck you up dead

No. 862241

the equivalent of eating pussy would be to put only 1/3 or 1/4 of the penis in your mouth, and also to lick it all around. but in order for you to not be considered horrendous at sex, you need to a bunch of gymnastics on the dick using both your mouth and your hands, not to mention pretty much shoving the entire thing in your mouth.

No. 862244

Thanks for your prayers, anon. I'm sure he didn't kill his fiancee (but who knows), but I think I'm gonna do a purge of simps on my facebook as soon as I get home from work lol

No. 862252

The witch trials, they burned medicine women

No. 862260

I'm so salty that all universities in my country are housed in big ugly pomo buildings that look like boxy IKEA spaceships, they're so ugly and unwelcoming. I feel like I'm sitting in a boring office. I wish I could study in New England or the UK, the old buildings they have are so beautiful.

No. 862265

My asshole father used to screw the caps on 2-liters as forcefully as possible so when you tried to open it you'd get your hand cut up from the ridges AT minimum, I'd usually just use pliers. He always got this amused look on his face when we complained. What an immature person

No. 862266

If you'd permanently want to wear it like that without spending an eternity every time, I highly recommend Japanese Hair Straightening/Yuko treatment.

No. 862283

I live in a city with a beautiful medieval centre and even Roman ruins but all the university buildings, public libraries and other community spaces have moved to ugly modern buildings like what you described, while the old buildings have been gutted and taken over by fast fashion stores and fast food restaurants. I guess McDonalds and H&M are the only ones who can afford the rent but it’s made the city centre completely soulless.

No. 862310

File: 1627159957017.jpeg (438.07 KB, 1242x650, CE338756-0086-43EC-B11A-73E1E1…)

my sister got molested so my mum lets her get away with everything even though she’s an adult.

she constantly lies to my mum to get me into trouble and to victimise herself and even when it’s an utterly trifling.

eg one time she freaked out and woke up my mum to demand use of my vacuum cleaner at 9pm and she backed her up because i guess my mum is a retard and my sister fight her own battles

sick of walking on eggshells around her just in case i step on an invisible landmine and trigger a toddler tantrum she is a freak who needs to go to therapy

i can’t even establish basic boundaries for myself like asking her not to slam cupboard doors at midnight or throw away my food without a wahhhhh mommy help me anon bullied me

i’m moving out within the next year i hope but for the time being it’s just so boring and my mum seems to genuinely enjoy being weaponised by my sister against me

No. 862312

Don't be put off nonny, should you want to study here, much of the UK is still beautiful and unspoiled.

No. 862328

File: 1627161554780.jpeg (100.28 KB, 976x1091, 1618013590164.jpeg)

>ask friends in groupchat if they want to hang out sometime
>they say they can't
>some day later I check their stories
>see they went out without me

This has happened more than once. Why does this happen?

No. 862330

God I wish but I'm poor and UK visas are so expensive now after Brexit. Plus the tuition fees there are crazy.
Maybe I can visit one day, but only as a lame tourist.

No. 862334

File: 1627162321808.jpg (37.84 KB, 625x415, 17-works-of-art-that-werent-me…)

I going out with a guy who's my crush and I can't stop thinking about his dick. He's got a really big bulge and every time I see him I find it really distracting. Besides that, I'm a virgin and the idea of having sex with a guy this big is just scary to me. I find this guy cute and I'd like to date him, but this dick is just too much. What the fuck do I do

No. 862338

can you give me his number?

No. 862339

Probably should’ve mentioned I’m not in the UK, but a different European country.

No. 862342

Hand him over, girl.
But on a serious note, you don’t have to sleep with him anytime soon and if that time comes and as long as you’re properly aroused and stimulated, it’s not going to hurt.

No. 862345

>He's got a really big bulge
Is he just in a constant state of horny or is his dick that big it's just constantly poking out of his jeans?

No. 862349

File: 1627163452149.jpg (54.12 KB, 638x504, hnnmnnngh.jpg)

Some guys just have yummy bulges naturally. "Showers" I guess.
I yearn for the male fashion that accentuates it to return.

No. 862351

God damn what the fuc

No. 862353

your friends suck and they dont want to hang out with you for whatever reason (it doesnt hae to be personally your fault). Happens. Stop being their friends unless they want to be straight with you. simple

No. 862356

File: 1627164334294.jpg (117.99 KB, 957x1300, woman-telescope-28876267.jpg)

Don't worry anon, his bulge is entirely made of ballmeat. The dickflesh is negligible and frankly scrawny. How do i know all this? Picrel

No. 862357

God I hope they don't bring back codpieces

No. 862358

I also used to think that big bulge = big dick but it's true that it's akshually ballmeat kek. Dicks are so weird

No. 862359

No no, natural bulges only.
100% organic meat

No. 862366

The third fucking person in my life in a year has cancer and it's one of my uncles who was the only person to make me feel welcome on that side of the family, I don't know if I can fucking do this Anons I think I'm fucking cursed people around me keep dropping like flies, the last social event I went to before lockdown was a funeral

I'm already clinically depressed and fucking struggling, I feel like whatever happens next might take me out

No. 862369

You got that impression from the pic I posted about 70s fashion didn't you? Stfu. No way you can't tell balls from a dick.
Regardless, a bulge is a bulge and it's sexy.

No. 862379

God I hope you're right because it looks uncanny kek

No. 862380

I know it's been a week since you posted, but damn, anonita…you seem to choose men who think that they can "dominate" you, and seem not to respect your decisions/opinion that much. I mean, in the case with the ex, it was your own money, and you ended up reselling the dress instead of enjoying it…at least it sounds like you're aware their behaviour is not ok.

No. 862382

Yesterday someone I know found out I used to work as a stylist and she went on and on about how her body shape never matches the stuff she is recommended to wear. I fucking went and told her what I've seen her wear, told why it worked, said apples often think they can't wear this or that and she slapped me with "I am an hourglass". Why the fuck does every bitch think they're an hourglass, most of us are pears. The shapes are also only there to be a general guideline, I am an hourglass but I still can't "wear everything" but holy shitting fuck am I tired

No. 862383

Apples are just fat rectangles aren't they

No. 862384

Hang in there, anon. Do you have anybody at all to talk to about your feelings? If not,then you should. If yes (you did mention you're clinically depressed), listen to their advice. If you can, try not to take what is happening personally, I know it's hard, but try to think of the bigger picture, and that it's not about you - it's probably harder for them (the folks diagnosed with cancer).

No. 862392

Why tf are my friends never on time for anything? They're so flaky. I don't fucking understand.

>Make plans for 7

>It's 7:30, no phone call, no nothing

Seriously, if you're going to be late why don't you just shoot a message saying you're going to be late?? Inb4 they cancel and I've spent an hour sitting around fully dressed browsing an imageboard because I'm afraid they'll show up unannounced. I hate waiting around for people, waste of my fucking time.

No. 862393

thanks for your response, I already tried to talk to my Friend about it and she was just completely disinterested I guess she only gives a shit about telling me all her problems not the other way around, It's also not just that this is happening now it that it's happening again the last time this sort of thing happened 5 family members died two from cancer and three from other illnesses it's like it's some fucked up cycle

No. 862394

I really wish my friends cared about me as much as I care about them. I'm willing to bend over backwards to help them out and always do nice things for them but I don't think any of my friends have ever done more than the bare minimum for me. I should probably just ditch them but then I would be alone

No. 862396

Not really, apples can be thin and they can be non rectangles. You can also be a fat rectangle. There's things called volume and mass when you're dressing someone and that kinda separates the two.

No. 862398

Samefag, for thin conparison I always use elizabeth hurley, she's a thin apple. Someone like cameron diaz is a rectangle, not the most updated comparisons but my customers usually had some idea of them lol

No. 862408

File: 1627171589831.jpeg (196.33 KB, 700x678, 1625109137156.jpeg)

It's so weird that my mom is basically a second wave feminist and yet today she kinda said that me and my siblings (mostly sisters) are lazy for not wanting kids and that if "we were raised right" we would've wanted them.
Tbh I think my sisters want kids, it's just that one is a religious zealot and is either never having them or will have a thousand and the other one probably will have it later. My half sister had 3 kids.
So I guess this is basically a "me" problem.
Sorry mom, I will never give you grandkids. And sorry again, I've been telling you this since I was 8 but you just dismissed it as me being a kid, then a teen, then a young adult.

No. 862410

nta. What's a thin apple? Could you post a more exaggerated example? I just looked at bikini pics of Hurley and I can't work out what you mean.

No. 862413

i have the same body type as her and i never know if i'm a rectangle or an apple, so that makes sense

No. 862414

It's should be sleeping hours, let me get in my feelings that my life has not went the way I've envisioned lol. As a product of a broken family all I've ever wanted was love and acceptance. I pictured myself being a loving wife and mother. Very romance and fairytale driven as a form of escapism from my abusive home life that developed into a reckless mindset. I nearly had a taste of what I deem normal. I was engaged and about to move into just under 250k house (the amount matters because now I'm unemployed with 0 savings), but stopped it because the man wasn't what I pictured. I still haven't found that man. I'm in my 30s now. I always dreamed before I'd settle and have kids I'd have years to spend just with my love to foster a strong loving foundation. Now time is not on my side no matter how optimist