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File: 1627341944687.jpeg (37.4 KB, 357x398, 1627174649435_1.jpeg)

No. 864288

Previous: >>>/ot/855799
Blog post away nonnies

No. 864291

I don't have a fucking boyfriend like op image. I am so fucking sexy and need a man who can handle it. alas. I am online looking at op image

No. 864293

Now that is what a real man looks like

No. 864295

Ripped, oiled, and silent! I wish the strong and silent type came back.

No. 864303

The OP thread pic sucks. What about this even screams vent thread like the angry Babushka?

No. 864305

honestly i could never imagine being with a strong and silent type because it would get so fucking boring. it's not fun to just talk at people without getting a response back.

No. 864306

We need more angles.

Venting sexual urges counts too.

No. 864309

It's so ugly too. Anons are you OK? This pic makes me drier than the Sahara. Am I a lesbian?

No. 864313

File: 1627342901249.jpg (54.87 KB, 600x750, zen-cat.jpg)

I nominate this cute pic.

No. 864315

You're tacky and I hate you

No. 864317


The unnamed man looks like a hybrid neanderthal but still has a virtual shrine on this site. We can let oily Olympian live.

No. 864323

>I wish the strong and silent type came back.
You and me both.

No. 864330

You presume I'd want to talk to him. Sex, building me a house, and bringing in $ are all I want.

No. 864331

Real talk though, is there a way to hide or spoiler the image while still seeing the thread on my end?

No. 864332

File: 1627343464968.jpg (261.38 KB, 1358x1252, Untitled.jpg)

That's why I like it!

No. 864333

yeah click (hide) next to the file name

No. 864338

Perfect, thank you anon. Sorry for my retardation.

No. 864340

I'm depressed and being depressed makes you whiny and boring as fuck so I try my best not to say anything to not fucking bother people. Which makes people forget I even exist, or think that I'm doing fine since I stopped complaining so much when I'm really on the verge of suicide every day

One guy was even like "the others don't get that you're joking, but I do" so he might even have told others not to worry about me when in reality I have never ever joked about wanting to die

No. 864364

thread pic looks like someone greased him up to put in the oven. why did you choose this shit pic?

No. 864365

Can all the lesbians STFU about the OP pic
You guys are fucking annoying

No. 864366

I mean, I don't think expressing your suffering is whiny, I think it's natural and necessary, especially if you're suicidal.

No. 864369

Are that retard posting everywhere your retarded edgy opinions unsaged? Dude you stfu imma smack your ass

No. 864372

I don't want to vent to this man

No. 864374

I'm bi and I don't like it either. I mean, he's hot, but wtf does he have to do with venting? Who wants to see some ripped, oiled guy when they go to post about how much their life sucks

No. 864375

>saging on /ot/
Are you that annoying that you need to mini mod about saging on /ot/ which is literally not required every time you read something you don't like

No. 864376

If that is you, dont play dumb you aint posting only in ot you fucking autist

No. 864378

Who? Calm down schizo

No. 864379

Imma schizo your ass

No. 864380

I think this image is cursed it bring out only the bad in ppl…

No. 864382

im scared

No. 864384

I'm going to vent about having an ugly scrote as op image REEEE

No. 864387

Invite schizo-chan to fill up the thread limit I'm sure she'll have lots of fun kek.

No. 864423

Sad because my hairline is slowly receding. Definitely higher than it was 2 weeks ago. Would just cut all my hair off but can’t cuz I have a professional job and my family would think I was insane. Also sad cuz my gums are irritated again despite taking better care of my teeth like my dentist said

No. 864429

Just bite the bullet and get rogaine anon. Or you could shave it and wear wigs?
I had the same issue, pls don't brush and floss too hard, and a soft bristle brush helps. Swishing a cup of hot water with some salt helps calm my gums. Maybe try a "natural" toothpaste, those usually have less irritants. I like ones with some activated charcoal to kill germs.

No. 864431

i shaved my head and i will spit on anyone who thinks i am insane for doing such a benign thing

No. 864435

Sorry for asking but are you fat anon? I'm sick of having to deal with my hair but being fat + young + shaved head seems like it would attract the worst kind of bullshit.

No. 864438

I second the wig suggestion anon. Find a nice human hair lace front and take good care of it.

No. 864443

ah i'm not, i'm average leaning on the underweight side. regardless of your weight, if it's something you want to do i would still encourage you to do it, but i understand if you have any hangups about what type of people/attention you might attract. you could try shaving + a wig like others have suggested too

(sort of unrelated tangent) there's this one sims youtuber i watch and she's a lovely woman, she has PCOS and she's pretty overweight and her hair fell out so she had to shave it. she wore wigs for ages but then she made a "coming out" video about her PCOS and how she doesn't want to wear wigs anymore and just be free. it made me cry tbh, i hate how women feel so disgusted with themselves if they don't have hair but i'm sure it was even harder on her because it wasn't a choice, it just all fell out.

No. 864446

I’ll try a different toothpaste. As for my hair I wonder if stress is a factor because I work 12 hour shifts at a job I don’t like. It could be hormones cuz my periods are weird or even my diet constantly changing. I just don’t know. I’ve been talking extra care and waiting to see if it will grow back full but I’m not confident. The rest of my hair is growing well tho and it sucks to have the front messed up. I wish I could go back to last month

No. 864448

anon I used an anti-thinning shampoo from the company hers and it helped so much after stopping a long term round of antibiotics. might be worth a try?

No. 864449

i thought i found a fun truecrime youtuber for background noise but she mentions dumbass astrology shit about the criminals each vid. it's nails on a chalkboard.

No. 864450

'That Chapter' is the only truecrime YouTuber I watch. His videos are well researched, straight to the point, and he puts no effort whatsoever into trying to make things spooky or eerie, no deepening of his voice or weird background music (or lack of music). He sprinkles in some dry Irish humour here and there which I personally like because it relieves the tension from some gruesome cases. I recommend him.

No. 864455

Maybe, I know I lost volume in my hairline when I was constantly stressing in college. But reminder but hair follicles can grow bigger but once the root dies it doesn't grow back. Best to catch it early…

No. 864456

Agreeing with this. I used to always feel sick after using toothpaste. I now use one that doesn't contain flouride or sodium lauryl sulphate. It contains salvadora persica, which is also known as the Indian toothbrush tree. I've never had complaints from my dentist, I don't think they ever realised that I stopped using normal toothpaste.

I know who you're talking about. It's a shame she stopped doing sims videos as she was one of the few simtubers I could stand to watch for than five minutes. I'm guessing she got sick of the abuse from some parts of the community.

No. 864457

Thank you for the story, it's horrible how we constantly have to monitor and nitpick ourselves but men can lose their hair at 20 and it's totally accepted. It's all so tiring. Maybe I'll do a pixie cut and see how it is.

No. 864459

File: 1627353950392.gif (246.12 KB, 216x216, pants.gif)

my household is kinda fucked up bc my parents kind of stopped paying attention to their kids. and my younger siblings keep coming to me for reassurance that everything is going to be okay; i'm really jovial and i'm working on being lighthearted for the sake of them. it works well and it keeps my household tranquil. i'm really freaked out. i want to go to therapy but the last time i did my dad hijacked my session and told my therapist about his abuse of me in my early childhood, without my permission, in front of me, and has never said the word "abuse" to me again after that. it's been about a year since my last session. i may pay for it myself so i can be assured he will have no involvement on my progress. it will be done without him.

No. 864463

File: 1627354244350.gif (846.4 KB, 475x267, B0971D3F-D033-411B-9E3C-7E8738…)

I feel like I’ve been cheated out of a life of being a tiny little bulb of divine light with no physical form and no ties to this world just floating aimlessly somewhere gazing at the multiple skies. I feel like if I were that I could have a chance to evolve into something else that currently wasn’t me, I could’ve been perfect. There are parts of me that know there is no way I belong here and there’s nothing that can convince me otherwise. I’m not supposed to be a human this has to be my punishment.

No. 864466

I'd join you anon flesh space is over rated.

No. 864468

File: 1627355021136.gif (163.84 KB, 238x200, BF63BC70-D8C8-4330-9071-0F393A…)

lets free ourselves anon

No. 864472

Every time someone else vents in my friend group chat people are supportive and seriously trying to help, but when it's me it turns into memes and everyone starts talking about irrelevant things. It literally makes me feel like shit when I finally open up and they ignore it and joke it away
What am I doing wrong? Do they just not like me?

No. 864473

that sounds like shit. idk what it could be, it's really weird either way. i don't think you should beg for their support though, they clearly do know how to be sympathetic when it suits them

No. 864479

I get so horny sometimes, I watch porn or feel myself. I just want some sex without getting pregnant. I don't want birth control since it fuxks me up. How to do you apply a condom even. Sooo horny yea(autism)

No. 864480

The emails on these kinds of posts are always so damn weird

No. 864485

seems legit

No. 864486

I feel this. It was like when I found a private chat by accident and they were all supportive of each other but then someone screen grabs of me venting to a friend and they invalidated me. Saying I didn’t really have [disorder] , that they had it worse than me so I could t possibly have it since it didn’t match THEIR experience, etc and they would label me as “toxic” for expressing how I felt.

No. 864487

File: 1627360153694.jpeg (88.67 KB, 550x686, 6D572855-74A5-475C-8AB1-1D1C95…)

For (~five) years I've had regular dreams about this one male friend I had a crush on in high school. There's not much redeeming about him and I've no clue what he's like now, only where he is working. I hate having this looming feeling that I will see him again, that I want to. I miss him. I don't know why I yearn for this guy so much when I haven't seen him in years and it'd be bad for me. He was honestly kinda nasty (had many issues) and I don't know why I want(ed) him so much. Maybe in part it's because he showed interest in me and was pretty bold with flirting. I mainly think because we had chemistry. Anyway I will probably never see him again and that will be good for me whether I like it or not. I'm not going to do anything to see him or even look him up, ever.

No. 864488

Btw the dreams started when he left my life, but to be honest they were happening even before then. I had this sad prophetic dream that he would get in trouble and he did very soon after, maybe that's when it started.

No. 864490

sounds like you know what to do. i hope you get over him painlessly !!

No. 864491

Me. Seeing that himbo made life feel less sucky. I even forgot why I came here

No. 864492

Yes, thank you anonna. I am curious why my mind keeps dredging this up. I thought it may be because I'm subconsciously lonely and want romance, but I dreamed of this person even when I was in a relationship with someone else. So, I think it involves something unresolved inside me with this person. I guess it could be as simple as being worried about him and wanting him to be OK. Still, I don't know how to resolve that because I logically know I shouldn't see him or think of him too much. It wouldn't be so excruciating if it hadn't been 5 years.

Sorry for the rambling. I'm just venting because this is hard to hold inside even hiding from myself because I don't know what else to do with it.

No. 864500

Nothing more annoying than being around an arrogant, stupid male with verbal diarrhea. I got so annoyed at my bf's friend yesterday I had to go to another room and shut the door and take a break from him. He's so fucking dumb I felt like I was gonna crack my teeth from rage

No. 864508

I have a "friend" (scrote) who needs help with something and since I know a bit about that something and he kept whining about it I offered to help a little, and then he fucking refuses telling me that someone else (his crush who doesn't give two shits about him) will try even if she doesn't know what to do either. I get that you want to fuck her and manipulate her into having a conversation with you, but if the problem's so big that you feel the need to whine about it every day, why not just accept help from other people? He's so creepy too, he normally has a team for this project but he told me that he's happy that everyone but his crush is on vacation so he can be alone with her. Fucking creepy bastard, you're autistic and pornsick, she doesn't care.

No. 864519

My period should have come 2 days ago. I'm definitely not pregnant, I just hate feeling like there's something wrong with my body

No. 864524

What happened, nona?

No. 864526

File: 1627370415891.jpg (26.63 KB, 540x284, babuschka.jpg)

I hate the gross oily look the OP. Not sexy.
Angry babushkas ftw

No. 864532

All day every day I'm tormented by random flashes of embarrassing/cringy memories from when I was a kid and it makes me want to deepthroat a sword. I can't function like this.

No. 864533

American celebrities have been getting exponentially uglier and uglier since the late 90s, specially white people. Someone was surfing old porn videos from the 90s at a party I was at for lols and even the obscure performers in these horrible low budget vhs movies were enviably beautiful compared to ig models of today. It’s really bizarre.Why? Obesity doesn’t explain it all, it’s not just weight but facial features are getting more and more ugly, both men and i

No. 864538

Plastic surgery and other shit

No. 864541

PLEASE make this the next thread pic!!!

No. 864542

plastic surgery and nepotism

No. 864546

I have a job interview today and I have a feeling that I already had an interview at this company for this position. I'm stupid and haven't noted down the companies I interviewed at so they are starting to wash together and it's already too late (and would have been embarrassing anyway) to ask the recruiter about it. The problem is that I didn't apply for it in e-mail but through one of those job application sites and I'm on like 15 sites so it's borderline impossible to go back and check

No. 864548

Also, if this is not for the position I've already interviewed for then I have no idea what is it because I'm at the point in my job search where I'm just mindlessly sending my CV for every position that's even vaguely relevant for me

No. 864560

Why was threadpic chosen for the vent thread? Am I missing something?

No. 864565

My personal tinfoil is that nonita clicked on the wrong pic when she posted this thread but she's in too deep now to back out.

No. 864566

Idk but it does make me want to vent:
Tfw no oiled up tongan bf
So sad

No. 864568

Got guilted into coming down to stay with my parents. I've spent so far one night, went to a local friends last night to kill time. Now I've been lying in my bed for 3 hours dreading another day here and I barely spent a night. Fuck me. I just want to go home.

No. 864572

The TS3 community is retarded.
>you can't run awesome mod and the NRAAS mod suite together
Yes you can, it even says so on both websites

>you need a different mod for that

No you don't. It's literally a setting in Retuner

>you must have a hardcore gaming pc to run TS3

My decade old shitbox runs it at max settings. You need to manually edit the graphics config file and use an FPS limiter. Running the game from an SSD brings loading times down to TS2 levels.

Also the pedo/jailbait system in awesome mod is not problematic, it's hilarious.

No. 864577

the fps limiting thing needs to be posted everywhere so everyone knows, it's crazy. My game used to lag even on my pretty good laptop yeah well that was because it was running at 300 freaking fps

No. 864578

>My decade old shitbox runs it at max settings. You need to manually edit the graphics config file and use an FPS limiter. Running the game from an SSD brings loading times down to TS2 levels.
brb playing TS3 for the first time on max settings

No. 864583

When does it ever get better guys?

No. 864585

When you stop caring deeply about shit

No. 864590

I keep hearing a weird buzzing/crackling sound, like someone trying to tune a radio but it's all static. It's very faint but stays the same volume no matter what room I'm in so I'm almost certain it's schizo time and I'm about to start thinking I'm either being spoken to via Voice to Skull technology or I'm getting MK Ultra'd. I think I'm just gonna go to work and try to bury myself in things that need doing.

No. 864594

Now THIS is a Vent thread OP. Love the angry babushkas. Thread OP is trash and op should feel bad for it. That man is ugly

No. 864597

what's wrong with staying at your parents, anon?

You have to be the one to make it better and take control, anon. No one else will

No. 864598

This is cute but nothing beats the babushkas

No. 864600

the thread pic is hot af. too many lesbos on here

No. 864601

There is no expectation of privacy at my mother's which is one of the many reasons I moved out at 19. I'm currently 30 years old and at my mums house I still have to get changed with my back pressed up against a door so she won't just fucking walk in on me. She waits outside the bathroom and sometimes knocks and makes me hand her a towel (she has an ensuite) and to simply move from one room to another must first involve a conversation and discussion whether it is suitable to the rest of the household (stepfather). I also fucking hate my step dad, I met him when I was 19 and he makes me uncomfortable to the point I've never worn a tank top in front of him.

No. 864606

It is hot but it is completely irrelevant to the thread subject

No. 864615

I feel like people are increasingly forgetting me and it just really hurts. After covid and due to living at home I've been the loneliest ever in my life and it's something I'm just not used to.
One of my best friends got into a relationship and slowly but surely stopped contacting me much. Not at all anymore.
Another one moved to a bigger city due to her boyfriend getting a house there.
My best friend throughout my entire childhood is still here. I just feel like she always has other people she prefers to be with now.
Before covid I also got invited to events/parties at least but now that's not really much of a thing anymore either.
I've had mostly my mom, my boyfriend and his family the past year+ now. I'm going to try to reach out to those friends who I know still would like to see me. It's just really hard when you struggle with mental health and low self worth already. It all just fucking sucks. I hate that I've ended up here.

No. 864621

There are baby raccoons living above the house beside me, but their "backyard" is owned by the house behind them (diagonal to me) who own two little chihuahuas. Those senior citizen fuckers are hoarders, trashed their backyard and side yard and are often wandering naked. Their dogs bark from 10pm to 2am and start again around 6am when the naked neighbours begin digging through the trash and purposelessly touching the barbecue. I swear one day I'm going to throw chicken bones over the fence or set their dump ablaze. I have no idea why old people are allowed to exist once they've lost all purpose for being. These fucks own three beautiful houses and all three are fucked up. I'd post a picture but it's so obvious from any angle where I live if you happen to know the area, but holy fuck. You'd all be fucking disgusted. No part of their property actually touches our property line though, but it's still so hard to ignore. I feel so sorry for anyone near them. Their neighbours often yell at them and I go out to listen because it's so good

No. 864626

>Their neighbours often yell at them and I go out to listen
what kinda things they say anon?

No. 864629

i am procrastinating writing a job aplication because of my raging anxiety and fear of being rejected and not really knowing how to write it and making a fool of myself. only 2 months left till the deadline and i just cant get myself into doing it. it sounds so fucking retarded and stupid but i literally cannot bring myself physically to do this. everytime i think about it it reminds me how my future is on the line and how i never wanted to live so long in the first place. i already thought i would have killed myself and never make it this far. my parents are abusive by default but this situation makes everything worse and are threating to kick me out if i dont get the job. it sounds so fucking retarded typing this out oh my fucking god i want to kill myself.

No. 864632

Telling them to shut the fuck up, train their dogs or take them inside, and to clean their dump up. The people who do it are also old and have a dog, so it's a pretty awesome exchange

No. 864639

I apologise about venting about my parents since I realised I can practice guitar on my brothers Starcaster and the strings don't make me bleed like my acoustic.

No. 864651

Anon, you're making a much bigger thing out of the situation than it is. (Been there btw) First of all, even if you write it and send it to them, it's gonna take them days or even weeks to process and review it, so you have even more time to prepare for the interview.

If you get rejected, it doesn't mean they reject you as a person. You're the only person who can define your self-worth. People get rejected for all kinds of reasons, maybe they pick someone else because that other person has experience in this field already and doesn't need to be trained and it's more convenient. Maybe they pick someone else because that person has some sort of disability and the company gets tax credit for them (or however they say it in English, I'm ESL). It is possible that they already decided that they are going to recruit internally to save money and they just put up the ad because they are obliged to. It could be a million of reasons. Most of the time though they are looking for people who are personable and would fit in the office culture.

You need to shift your mindset from being a victim of your surroundings and think of yourself as someone who has choices. Because you absolutely do. You have the choice of not applying for the job and stay at home with your abusive parents or you can apply for the job (or any other position), get it, and move out from your parents' home to your own place. And if you do get a job, it's gonna be YOUR accomplishment only, not your dad's or your mom's. And if they make you feel like it is theirs, they are wrong.
Do the job application for yourself, not because your parents push you to do it.

No. 864652

I see anons always going sex dream this sex dream that and I wonder how you guys have all these sex dreams? Mine sucks because they end before the fucking even starts and they have a very specific theme that makes me think it's a fetish at this point. I always dream that I'm a guy and am kissing another guy. Usually some random celebrity but sometimes a fictional character and we are wearing form fitting suits, sometimes they're made of leather, sometimes we have masks on or some sort of makeup. Most times we are super heroes. I guess it's a way for my brain to explain why we're walking like that in public.
Last night I dream that I was Joker and was kissing Batman. I don't even like this ship but damn, I wish they would fuck.
The only time that went normal and I was a woman I told the guy to beat it cus I wasn't interested and was too old for him anyway lmao what the fuck why can't I have fun

No. 864654

I feel tired all the time, I have low blood pressure and I'm always sleepy. I tried drinking coffee one day and it made me feel better but it didn't last long and the coffee was disgusting, I couldn't bring myself to drink it every two hours which wouldn't be healthy anyway. I bought green tea but it does nothing. At least my fever went away

No. 864655

When you have low blood pressure you're supposed to eat a lot of salty food. Maybe you're already doing that though.

No. 864661

I add salt whenever I can, but I haven't tried to eat specifically salty foods, I will try that it will be easier. Thank you

No. 864675

not the bus driver trying to kick me off the bus because my app wasnt working. its the way i ignored tf out of him and stayed my ass in my seat until it was my stop. Like dude i ride the bus for 3 stops chill out. I just gave him a death glare and he kept driving lol. Not to mention i was trying to get the app to work when he said something to me. Like dude you get paid the same amount regardless of how many people pay for the bus and maybe if the bus was in the 21st century and took debit/credit cards and cash instead of fucking coins and metro cards we wouldnt have this problem. I'm just annoyed he tried to kick me off and embarrass me. I hate the way society treats people who they deem are poor. And a lady tapped me on the shoulder as if i didnt hear him like clearly im ignoring him!!

No. 864682

>maybe if the bus was in the 21st century and took debit/credit cards and cash instead of fucking coins and metro cards
in my country you can't pay with cash when you get on the bus, you haven't been able to for like 4 or 5 years now. you can either buy a bus card to top up at supermarkets or other locations or just use your phone to pay by dialling a number and putting the phones receiver next to the apparatus in the bus where you'd go to scan your card and it just charges the money onto your phone bill. it's crazy how more "advanced" countries are lacking when it comes to random stuff like this

No. 864686

>Also the pedo/jailbait system in awesome mod is not problematic, it's hilarious.
idk what this whole post is about but i don't like this sentence

No. 864687

I hate my job so fucking much. I don't have any time to unwind, and when I do, I just want to be alone. I can't be around people since the stress of work carries over. Hopefully, I can go back to school next year and move out of my shithole southern town.

No. 864690

bus drivers are fucking cunts. it seems to be a universal thing and i would like a study on it.

No. 864691

to be honest i think they do that on purpose. America does not like poor people and likes to make things unnecessarily difficult for them. Like poorer locations in nyc still don't have those scanners meanwhile when you go to the richer areas they are installed everywhere. They want an excuse to bully, harrass, and arrest poor people by making paying for public transportation as difficult as humanly possible. America is a shithole with a gucci belt on. Like why do we still not have wifi on the subway and trains in 2021. the mta is a billion dollar industry they have the money they just refuse to use their resources for the community.

No. 864692

File: 1627395764337.png (315.19 KB, 419x420, C13DE7FC-80F9-4BC4-ACC2-5A3C22…)

im in the car waiting for my bf to get out of court except i dont know that he'll get out of court bc he may go to jail for six months due to probation violations im SCARED

No. 864699

im THIS close to finding some fucking lunatic surgeon who will reduce my broad shoulders. that's it. i will find one and pay one all my money and sell my car.
Why the FUCK are they so broad

No. 864700

Why does my mom and my skeptical friends ask me things like "if I could levitate one day would levitation be accepted in science as a fact" why do you ask this, if it was a fact it would of course be accepted in science, science exists to describe and understand reality. But since you can't levitate and nobody has ever been able to levitate using only their brain power then why do you want to push it as a fact and why do you have this idea that science is an evil oppressive thing that doesn't want to accept the truth. Just because you want it to be real doesn't make it real

No. 864703

my former stepdad was a bus driver & did coke every weekend and i havent been on a bus feeling safe since finding that out

No. 864704

Awesome mod has a system that prevents teens from woohooing with adults. Adult sims performing romantic interactions on teens will be given the sex offender trait which results in them being fired from their jobs and being followed by the police.

No. 864706

Find a less trashy boyfriend.

No. 864707

I didn’t know this was a thing. Sounds like a ridiculously extreme vanity surgery TBH.

No. 864709

It's mainly a troon targeted surgery from my research. I simply wish I didn't have such shoulders. It's insane.

No. 864712

I'm a fan of Cinemassacre (the production name creating Angry Video Game Nerd, essentially just James Rolfe) and you wouldn't believe the intensity of the juvenile, petty hate grown ass scrotes have for him. It's absolutely exhausting to try and read through their temper tantrums.
>After I found out James Rolfe wasn't a gamer IRL and instead a movie nerd I got so mad I shit my pants! How dare he appropriate gamer culture for a character he plays!
>It's so cringe for James to care for his two small daughters, the worthless cuck stopped a recording because his baby was crying and he went to comfort her so that his wife could sleep!
>You mean to tell me that The AVGN movie wasn't on a level of a multibillion Hollywood blockbuster with a budget of $300k? We got SCAMMED, where's the rest of the money James??
>Rental reviews? Rex Viper? Just fat guys talking about stupid movies nobody cares about, WHERE'S MY NEW AVGN, JAMES? You need to drop a new one so I can bitch about how far downhill the series has went!
>Why did Mike leave? He was always ~based~ for being a legitimate angry autistic gamer geek, I know we bullied and harassed him and his girlfriend for years but we still want him back, James!
This is repeated all the time in the youtube comment sections. Essentially it's just autistic /tv/ posters being mad that their parasocial daddy figure has a life outside of yelling at video games and is actually a well-adjusted guy behind his character. Every time moids try to pull the "women are catty" gotcha referring to posters on Lolcow I think about how full of rage they get over nonsensical internet drama.

No. 864715

I hope you find peace with them
And I hope to one day rest my head on a woman's extra broad shoulder it sounds so nice

No. 864719


No. 864721

File: 1627398371077.gif (253.8 KB, 200x160, 200w.gif)

Men's shallowness annoys me more and more as time goes on. Happy to whinge about foreigners all day long, until it's a young, not completely busted female then they're fawning. "Most Welcome!" "You're the immigrant this country needs!" All this girl did was list a few things she saw on holiday. "I liked your roundabouts and squirrels." GREEN CARD this laydee!

No. 864722

hes not trashy hes just stupid

No. 864726

i'm sure there is some explanation here along the lines of
>of course men want to conquer foreign women. they don't want foreign men coming into their country.

No. 864730

shot in the dark but I'm really really hoping to find one of my old online friends. I reached out to her a few months back but we lost touch when I had to delete my discord. I'm pretty sure she's still lurking, she's the one who introduced me to the farms back in like 2018.

I'd add identifiable details but I forget how to use the spoiler function.

Bby if you're here, remember the cuckbani yogurt.

No. 864731

I have been trying to reach my mom on the phone for 3 hours unsuccessfully and I am becoming increasingly nervous. I also left her countless Viber messages and also called her landline phone but no answer. I really hope she didn't have an accident or anything like that. We're supposed to travel together tomorrow and we have yet to discuss the details. She sometimes leaves her phone at home when she goes somewhere so this is also a possibility

No. 864734

can you go physically to check up on her?

No. 864735

She said she'd visit her ex-husband in the hospital today. Maybe I should phone them if she's been there?

No. 864738

It's an hour long travel but that's what I'm gonna do if she doesn't pick up

No. 864746

Okay she just called me, she just left it at home

No. 864747

Is it normal to feel shit after work, i just finish and feel so tired and shit and just lie in bed wondering what the point of living is. It's effecting me on the weekend too where i just cry. Theres nothing bad in my life i just feel so shitty.

No. 864751

Nope, not normal. I had a serious burnout after feeling like that at a previous job. Have you spoken to any medical professionals??

No. 864753

I mean I felt that way after my first job, it was hard to get into the rhythm of working. I'm not sure if it's normal though

No. 864754

Jesus fucking Christ when I told her how worried I was and that I thought she had an accident or something she was like 'You know you wouldn't have access to my bank account anyway haha??'. She's so morbid. I guess it runs in the family that everyone assumes ulterior motifs everywhere but still

No. 864773

"I hate that people (girls) look at me and decide who I am without knowing me deeper and giving me a chance" he says, as he seeks out girls based off of certain features (specifically red hair and asian facial features) like a fucking serial killer and writes porn of them secretly. I know this person and he's so disgusting, I wish I could just contact the girls and expose his ass.

No. 864774

File: 1627403746458.jpeg (386.88 KB, 676x548, 25491ACB-2DC1-4C68-9CCA-7C04BA…)

ugh why is my mother being so annoying and passive aggressive now? out of the millions of times I’ve helped her with the groceries and with other stuff around the house she acts like me not seeing her texts to help her with her groceries means I’m lazy, meanwhile my useless ass brothers get to sit inside and do fucking nothing. she always has to ask me and my sister because we’re the only ones who try to help her, god I absolutely fucking hate this world and this life and men especially

No. 864775

Based, that’s honestly how a mod should be. I remember some popular scrote sims 4 mod creator got busted for making a pedophilic wicked woohoo mod that emulated sex with adult sims and minor sims. If you’re going to make a mod about realistic and disturbing subjects don’t promote the action that’s why I love the absurdity of the violence mod, you can make sure you get your sims caught by the police.

No. 864785

I swear to god if something happens to my cat just because you're too much of a complacent stubborn bitch, I will burn the whole apartment down including your shitty dog.

No. 864786

File: 1627405207312.jpg (312.7 KB, 1920x1103, sergey-kolesov-emily-badass-po…)

I'm sick (hopefully not covid again) and I spent my whole day just playing dishonored 2 on ps4… I know I can't really do much or anything else but I still feel kinda shitty about it. I'm too tired/infectious to go out, I don't feel like drawing or reading a book and I didn't talk to anyone but my parents today.
I wish I had a partner that would take care of me and bring me some soup and chill with me hah
At least the game was fun. The designs are awesome.

No. 864788

Wow I love how sharp and dynamic the lines of the concept art are. Awesome

No. 864792

File: 1627406167331.jpg (1.04 MB, 1920x2560, A1B3r-eEcmL.jpg)

The concept art of this game is really pretty. And there's a lot of in-game art (like paintings on walls) in similar style too.

No. 864807

File: 1627407927678.jpg (570.19 KB, 1076x1509, Screenshot_20210727-194523_Fir…)

We renovated the bathroom and now the shower is just a corner seperated by a glass wall. For some reason the fact that the tiles in the shower and rest of the bathroom are the same and in no way seperated disgust me, I just can't step on them, it's wet floor. The fact that I know how disgusting my brother and mother are doesn't help.

No. 864808

File: 1627407965394.jpg (24.31 KB, 275x275, 1570223513605.jpg)

I'm so, so tired of putting up with my high-maintenance friend and her neuroses. I want to go no-contact with her so badly but she's so deeply woven into my friend group that it would make things awkward for everyone else (who I dearly love), and I feel like the only way I can get out is to move away. That's in the cards for the future, but not for a while.

I'm sorry that I'm such a terrible friend because I have my own life and interests that don't revolve around you, and I'm not a trained therapist who know just what to say when you're having a mental health situation I can't relate to, and I can't read your mind and know when not to share a relevant story about my day because then I'm "changing the subject" from your latest impulse buy and "making you feel devalued". Stop vagueposting on Twitter and get professional help like an adult. Your friends are not your therapists.

No. 864811

>meanwhile my useless ass brothers get to sit inside and do fucking nothing. she always has to ask me and my sister because we’re the only ones who try to help her
This pisses me off so much. I do everything my mom asks yet when I don't want to do one thing (like vaccuming twice a week… Why??) she freaks out and calls me lazy ungrateful etc. I'm sorry, did you have me just to unload your housework on and boss someone around? Also makes up random useless chores just to make me as miserable and tired as her.
Nothing made me hate men more than being expected to do all this extra work while they get to sit on their ass playing videogames and screaming for a plate.

No. 864812

Can you put a bath mat down to create some separation?
Idk if that's yours but that bathroom is gorgeous.

No. 864816

I wish, ours is a lot smaller and has a washing machine instead of a bathrub lol

The mat is actually a really good idea, thanks!

No. 864868

My ex boyfriend suddenly stopped talking to me because of his new girlfriend and because he claims that he still is very sexually attracted to me, though I believe he said that just so he wouldn't look like he's giving into his jealous and possessive gf ideas. He's my closest and best friend and we practically grew up together. I'm shy and I don't have many friends so I really treasured him dearly, we talked everyday and we relied on each other a lot.
It hurts so much and I feel so fucking betrayed and stupid for being emotionally attached to someone that just tossed me like that

No. 864873

Maybe get a pair of bathslippers

No. 864876

>My ex boyfriend suddenly stopped talking to me because of his new girlfriend and because he claims that he still is very sexually attracted to me, though I believe he said that just so he wouldn't look like he's giving into his jealous and possessive gf ideas.

Men don't usually waste their time talking to women they don't plan on talking to or want to fuck. Yes, he threw you away like the disposable trash(that's how most men view women they can't fuck at them moment) but I have something that will make you feel better! This will not be the last time you hear from him. When they break up you'll get a random text apologizing and some son story to get back into your life.

No. 864883

I doubt his gf is a psycho and he just can't tell her that your two are actually friends because he wants to fuck you and not because you're very interesting or share the same hobbies. So be can't explain your friendship and he would rather fuck his gf than you.

No. 864901

Went through the same thing a few months ago, shit sucks but if the relationship is new maybe he'll pop up again

No. 864917

File: 1627416107914.jpg (14.03 KB, 300x250, EDvnyo6XoAAp51p.jpg)

God how to deal with a mother that's basically a compulsive liar and never listen to you when you ask for an honest conversation

No. 864941

lol the girl he cheated with on me, mentioned my OD attempt and said if i really wanted to die i should have just done it and said i didn't actually mean it and that it was for attention. Like okay you fucking piss baby, it's called and attempt for a reason. You really think i can calucate how many pills will definitely kill me or what?

And im so done telling people shit like this, especially to fucking scrotes. I just for now tell it other women who have dealt with OD's or have empathy towards anyone who OD's. Or my family who made it even possible for me to be put in therapy and a clinic to get me help. Im so fucking done.

No. 864946

I have nothing in my life and I just got fired from my job. I'm so ill honestly. I can barely open my mouth and my muscles are tight all around my jaw because of My TMJ. I have such a huge array of symptoms caused by it; facial pain, muscle tightness, limited mouth mobility, crooked smile, teeth pushing into each other, affects my posture, affects my equilibrium.

I have a wide array of skills I would like to believe. I'm well read in psychology, medicine, sociology, philosophy and intellectually curious but my psychological trauma and physical illnesses make it nearly impossible for me to keep a job and I think in order to keep a job you do not even necessarily need to be skillful or intellectually curious or creative, you just need to be good and obedient and good at completing tasks. I think that in our world deep thinking and real creativity is a curse.

For the past 10 years I have put in so much effort, yet I have recieved very little pay-off. For the past 10 years I have been waiting for this nightmare named "my life" to end. I'm counting the time literally, just starring at the imaginary hourglass waiting for the time to pass. Such a horrible life, waiting for time to pass you by so you can die.

I have always wanted to love life, but loving life is not something completely internal, it is something influenced by external factors. If you live in a war zone, if you live in poverty, if your parents are very ill or pressured by a bad environment even as a child you will start becoming conscious of the pressures of life. We are not to remain unaffected by them.

My feelings are justified, my hatred is justified, my despair is justified, my jealousy is justified. I've been looked down upon by people that have had much more than me their entire life and that have put in less effort than me to get the things they have. I am filled with empathy and sensitivity, but only for those truly in pain. I've seen pain and I know what it is and there are objective characteristics to it. I cry in my mind at the sight of the homeless people I see passing by on the street, as I do know nobody would have wanted to end up in such position. As I do know that the phenomenology of the life of such individuals is completely messed up. The little factors that have been adding up to create the totality of those individual's life have been messed up. Even if one thing in your life would have been different the entire outcome of your life would have been different. If your parents were ill, if you were poor, if you were born in a third world country the outcome of your life would have been completely different. Most people take it for granted, most people don't have an outwards perspective over their life.

I cannot have empathy for bitches born in first world countries with functioning parents that create the most insane nitpicks about their lifes. My empathy is limited for those that are in need and truly suffering. For those that have had a shit draw at life, shit luck. Many times I have been labeled as being narcissistic by narcissistic bitches themselves, if I criticize one aspect of their life or choices, if I have an objective take over their life they immediately think I must be a narcissist, but ironically only a narcissist would accuse another of narcissism over a criticism with no awareness that they might be the narcissist. I have very much awareness, I constantly question myself and see myself from an outwards perspective, I question myself too much. I have been too good with people. It's time to stop and be good with myself

No matter how bad my suffering will get I will never commit suicide. I will never harm this body. There is no point for me to harm this beautiful body that was given to me by nature just because society is shit, just because I have been abused, just because I have been given a shitty chance at life. Just because I have been blamed when it was not my fault.

My life will from now on be dedicated to art, creation and freedom. This is freedom. I say whatever I want when I want how I want it. I dont care for diplomacy. I care for the truth.

No. 864952

why does it take me so long to realize i was doing something stupid? i have no limits and unless someone tells me i'm doing something wrong i won't realize it right away. i just don't know how to think through anything. i'm dumb as fuck.

No. 864956

Anon.. you used to have sex and be partners, he claims to still be attracted to you, now you still talk daily, consider him your closest person, rely on him for emotional support and expect his gf to be okay with it?
Considering how you speak about his gf (calling her possessive and jealous), I think he did a good thing to cut you off. I don't think there's any person (that's not a total cuck) that would be okay with this.

No. 864957

And I don't care if you don't like my posts or think I'm a schizo. Get your own board and ban me there. I'm writing pseudo-intellectual ramblings about my life and about society on a gossip forum made for sociopathic nit picking of other women that ironically has fostered an uprising of radical feminist ideology and thinking women are morally superior to men, here in the same place where I've literally witnessed an ill girl die of a drug over dose while other women have made the most horrible comments of that person one day before her death and even after her death some displayed very sociopathic comments.

I don't know where to go, I don't fit in most places. I like how anonymity feels and I do like rambling. I'm not going to go to some scrote board to make these ramblings and I still am a feminist even if I have my critique over lolcow feminism and moral superiority. If women had the chance they would have been as terrible as men, but nature and biology worked differently. Our true issue is not gender, our true issue is how society is organized and how people are socialized into literally being narcissistic and self centered no matter their gender. It only gets worse because of modern revolution, individualization and narcissism is getting worse and worse and our world will literally be destroyed by a couple of narcissistic overlords, we are socialized to be way too greedy and self centered to see the entire picture and to see the future.

No. 864968

my sweet non nons, im so fucking frustrated! when i try to straighten my bangs it makes them stick straight up/out! blinded by rage rn. i just got bangs cut for the first time since i was a little kid, they look cute but my hair is NOT cooperating, flat iron makes it look hideous.

No. 864971

Something broke in my freezer and before the maintenance man could fix it I had to turn the fridge off and defrost everything (have one of those small fridges where the freezer is connected). Turned it off Sunday and let it defrost and he didn't come yesterday or today despite management saying he would so now all the shit I have left in my fridge has gone bad and I'll have to throw it out and my freezer still isn't fixed. I tried eating as much of it as I could before the defrost, so it's mostly just condiments I'll have to toss but still I hate wasting food.

No. 864973

They started like 1 month ago and he told me about her past relationships and her behavior etc so I also doubt that it'll last, but I'm disappointed and I want nothing else other than occasional fucks if he ever comes back.

>I doubt his gf is a psycho
Yeah, I don't think she is a psycho nor a bad person, I could just tell her about the things he said but I worry that somehow this could strenghten their relationship because she seems very needy lol.
If he just used me or not I guess that doesn't matter anymore…

No. 864979

anon, try turning the straightener in at the end of your bangs

No. 864986

You're clearly not over him with how you shit on his new gf kek
He's just being respectful towards her, let him go.

No. 865010


would you want your new boyfriend sniffing around his ex?

It's cool you guys didn't have a bad breakup but you need to respect his relationship. His new girlfriend, imo has every reason to not want y'all to talk. You'd still fuck each other or at least flirt.

No. 865039


Exactly this. I can't imagine staying with a man who speaks to his ex-girlfriend daily. There's boundaries when you enter a relationship and still being in an extremely invested "friendship" with a former sexual partner is a red flag. I know it hurts but he did the right thing by dropping you. It'll get easier for you in time.

No. 865051

only talk to her if it is absolutely necessary, if any at all. don’t give her attention when she acts shitty toward you.

No. 865053

File: 1627424881206.jpg (8.22 KB, 209x234, a56193dd5802b8e4e433a549886ead…)

I'm 26 and I've never been in a relationship, never had sex etc. I hate this feeling like it's time for me to settle down because later it may be too late to find a man who isn't a complete loser that couldn't find anyone in his prime. I met a guy, he's 28, he's good with money, I'm semi attracted to him despite the fact he's below me in terms of looks, but eh, despite being very smart he seems like he lacks emotional intelligence and I feel like he doesn't have enough empathy, I shared with him some painful memories about my dead mother and he didn't really say anything. I'm telling myself that we've only been on one date and maybe I should give him more time. I don't know. I'm scared that if I won't take him I'm not gonna get another chance. I met him at work, I don't have any friends so I don't know where could I find another potential partner. I feel so miserable. It's so weird because when I'm with him I want to leave after like 2 hours and I can't imagine living with a man, sharing one house with him etc. But when I'm without him I think about him most of the time, I want to hug him etc. Maybe I'm just attracted to my idealized image of him, not his actual self? It's so pathetic I can't figure this out but this is my lack of experience and autism speaking

No. 865065

>>865053 if he lacks empathy now, it won't get better. I'd run from him personally.

No. 865066

I always look ugly and everyone is too pretty, I don’t even know if losing weight will make me look okay.

No. 865072

You kicked off your first date with him by sharing painful memories of your dead mom?

No. 865086

I mean, he wanted to know stuff about me, we both talked about our parents and I mentioned my mom died of cancer and I had to take care of her for like 2 years before she died

No. 865089

>Giving birth to a fucking foid
I'm 100% confident she died of shame(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 865094

You will never have sex.

No. 865101

File: 1627428369781.jpg (56.54 KB, 640x615, 1623437605430.jpg)

I fucking hate this heat wave. after work I want to stay inside because if I sit outside I get tons of mosquito bites. Let me sleep until October I need that crisp cool autumn weather now

No. 865102

It sounds to me like you aren't very attracted to him if you don't really enjoy spending a lot of time with him off the bat. I know a lot of people say that love can grow, but at least for me personally I find that if the attraction/chemistry isn't there in the beginning then there's no point in trying to pursue it. When I was trying to date last year, I can relate to a lot of what you're saying with constantly thinking about a guy when you're not around him but not actually enjoying it much when he's there with you. I think you're right that you are attracted to the idea of him and the idea of being in a relationship and he meets enough of your standards for you to project that on, but he isn't actually someone you have 'chemistry' with if that makes sense? That's at least the conclusion I've come to when I'm in situations similar to yours! I think especially with the internal pressure you have to meet certain milestones you may be trying to convince yourself that he's the one when he isn't (again, just speaking from my experiences!).

No. 865124

>how dare men judge women’s bodies, they have no right
>lol that bitch is so fat and ugly

women will never win, we still hold value in our own attractiveness for no reason or for a scrote’s attention. pain.

No. 865134

Simple: Men aren't women, and so they should shut the fuck up.

No. 865156

I cannot fucking stand men who expect you to be their personal therapist.

No. 865169

My fav phrase is "oh that sounds like something for a therapist"

No. 865178

everyone tells me im intimidating or they dont know how i feel when i am just being chill and nice, at least imo. i dont get it. i also have no idea how else to act.

No. 865189

I relapsed bitches

No. 865191

i really really really like this guy. we were supposed to see each other this monday but i got put on lithium on friday and ive been shitting non stop… i hope i can see him next monday but i feel super insecure about myself cause he's so extroverted and im not. we talked on the phone 3 hours the other day. we get along. but idk im very nervous. all my exs have been introverts like more than me even. i hope things go well i really do

No. 865206

>useless male family member is home more lately
>home begins to smell like literal ass

why couldn't I have more sisters instead?

No. 865213

Love this, I’d use it if I didn’t kick him out of my life already.

No. 865217

Pls… Take it to /g/ so tired of relationship stuff here

No. 865222

File: 1627438011241.png (430.04 KB, 540x540, tumblr_p6mx2mkdL21vub6bio1_540…)

I can slowly feel myself slipping into another depressive episode and I hate it. It feels like there's nothing I can do about it. I've tried everything. My life has just been kicking my ass extra hard lately for no reason. Nothing has changed, but I feel 10x worse.

No. 865223

File: 1627438055078.jpg (43.27 KB, 784x612, 1579661529259.jpg)

I miss her so much. I will never forgive scrotes for harassing her, she was so cute and had such a cute and unique fashion sense. Watching her ASMRs always makes me feel comfy. Now same thing is happening to a cute Vtuber i follow that became decently famous on 4chan. I swear men are the reasons why we can't have anything good.

No. 865224

Mom has been holding a grudge with someone else in our household and is taking it out on me.

The few interactions we’ve had the last three days, she’s claiming I’m being mean and giving her a hard time. Despite being in my room keeping to myself I’m still giving her a hard time. Okay whatever.

No. 865228

anon I miss her so so much too. They also always pick the cutest and genuine girls to mentally torture instead of going after stupid thot pick me's. I hate them so fucking much

No. 865230

I'm so hyped for Fall. Summer can fuck off already

No. 865231

From where are coming all these newfags what the hell bitch

No. 865232

I looove dishonored 1 and 2. The games are so much fun and Emily's design is so gorgeous and badass. We really need more women like this in videogames

No. 865234

Ok, but what did he do?

No. 865236

Who is she anon?

No. 865260

I hate my weird ass roommate. she was doing squats in front of me, but like, a few feet away while I was watching TV. And I just turned the TV. So I just bottled up my annoyance and told her to do that in her room.
Her response? She seemed bothered and turned off all the lights and unplugged the TV?
I just turned everything on again when she went to her room. I'm thinking this was all a weird power move I have no fucking idea.

No. 865261

quick update, she didn't go to her room. She was in my room. Send help

No. 865267

That’s weird as fuck, what was she doing in your room? Continuing her squats? Either way maybe have a conversation about shared spaces and private spaces sometime this week, is she normally so weird towards you? Is she like that with everyone or just you? Your posts leave me so many questions.

No. 865270

NO! She was just sitting on the edge of my bed staring out the window in the dark. She's weird towards everyone and I'm wondering if she's autistic or something.
I will talk with her calmly and just explain personal space and boundaries

No. 865278

Anon from >>860986 back with an update.
This punk came to my house AGAIN while I was home by myself. By this time we had our doorbell cam installed so I was feeling a bit more brave. It was about 5 or 6pm. So this broheim knocks with that stupid familiar tone again. He suspiciously didn't ring the doorcam bell–fortunately it records when it detects a person regardless. I go out to answer and this idiot pretends he forgot he'd been there before, he could barely remember what company he said he represented and he did NOT look legit with his polo and some lanyard with no visible company logos. Anyway he could tell I wasn't a fucking fool and high-tailed it pretty quickly with his bullshit excuse, I told him we were already covered and that I was cooking dinner so I couldn't chat.

Husband saw me interact with this dude via the surveillance app and texted me to say good job. Well yeah? This was supposed to have been your job!
I'm reviewing the cam footage. When I exit the frame and close the door, this guy walks away but then turns back to my house looking at his phone and giving another take or two. Almost like he couldn't believe I answered the door and not my husband.
Hopefully he's gone for good.

No. 865313

File: 1627447263817.jpeg (43.31 KB, 580x387, 4EDCAB5E-3DEB-4A3E-AD69-F22B6E…)

I know no1curr, but for fuck’s sake, this guy is so fucking annoying. I swear I fucking have no idea of how my brother is friends with this retard.
>starts talking about retarded politics shit
>in a fucking trip
>when there’s other stuff to talk about
>because my brother doesn’t want to listen to rancheras
I hate it here.

No. 865324


No. 865332

muy relatable amix

No. 865334

I'm checking what is out there for a bf on dating apps lately. After some swiping through the boyffet on a new to me app, I came across a scrote I ghosted last month from a different one. Instead of blocking, I freaked and swiped left then paused my account just in case he can still come across me. Being single for longer is better than potentially being messaged again by him.

No. 865339

File: 1627452145972.jpeg (64.87 KB, 943x1200, 5F96603B-4D84-466C-A606-B7E8FA…)

my friend came into town and took photos of me and our friend group and i look so fucking fat. i’m 5’2” 130 lbs… ive lost a bit of weight since last year but im still 15-20 pounds heavier than i am normally and im really short so it shows. these pictures triggered my body image issues so bad, i was getting to a point where i was feeling better about myself but now i feel like all my progress is erased. my friends are all so hot and for the first time in my life im the fat/ugly one literally ruining the photos. i used to be the hot one lol. my fat distribution is ass, i have a huge stomach that sticks out past my tiny boobs, my face is very round and my thighs and my ass are huge. im going on a beach vacation in two weeks, fuck my life. i was looking forward to it until i saw these photos of me. im going with the same friend and i know she’s gonna take more pictures. fuck this

No. 865340

Can't you call the city on them for the trash?
We have a 311 site here to report nuisance properties. They might just get fined but it's something.

No. 865343

File: 1627452680890.png (98.51 KB, 275x258, 1606296706297.png)

FUCK the delta variant man, my country's going back into lockdown over it, I just want LIFE TO GO BACK TO NORMAL

No. 865348

Nooooooo I’m so afraid of that shit, I’m going to go insane

No. 865349

Calm the fuck down.
>wahh now I'm the ugly friend
Sounds like you considered someone else to be fulfilling that role before it landed on you, in which case…that's what you get tbh. Did you think you'd be hot forever? Kek

No. 865356

bitch can you fuck off? it's the vent thread. nobody asked for your input or estimation on how long she has to be hot. you sound like a crypto scrote

No. 865357

Yeah you sound like a sweet person who doesn't deserve to feel ugly lmao.

No. 865360

i don't feel ugly lmao, i'm not the one who made the original post. you're a cunt and you do deserve to feel so ugly you feel the need to police others on if THEY deserve to feel ugly.(infighting)

No. 865365

You're having such a narcissistic meltdown you're not even talking sense.

No. 865368

no you're just a dumbass unable to understand simple english and that's fine

No. 865370

Fuck off scrote.

No. 865371

It's either a midget, an underager, or an anachan. 130 pounds wouldn't look bad on an average adult woman at all…

No. 865373

>calling out vain stupid shit
Whatever helps you sleep at night, uggo.

No. 865376

retard patrol! This is not the "let's argue" thread.

No. 865378

it's not my fault you're a beached whale getting triggered because some random feels ugly at half your weight
go have your third dinner or better yet put your head on the curb and wait for traffic if you're such an uptight cunt policing people in vent thread

No. 865382

K uggy

No. 865383

lmao quit projecting, you have to be seriously obese and disfigured to gatekeep ugliness like this. tsk

No. 865386

Whatever you say ugliest friend in the group.

No. 865387

>i'm very retarded so now everyone itt is the same person
schizophrenic on top of being fat? yikes

No. 865390

No one buys you're a different anon nonnie.
Also please sage your spergout.(infighting)

No. 865394

you don't buy it because you're low iq, your shitty attempt at being a bitch didn't work and it was very obvious you're mad at her because you're fatter and 100% the ugly friend, now you're just grasping at straws. literally who cares if she said she feels ugly at 130lbs, i literally cannot imagine how obscenely insecure you are about your weight to need to shit on her.
>saging in /ot/
how about you tongue my anus girlie(infighting)

No. 865408

File: 1627457167301.jpg (14.14 KB, 330x413, morp.jpg)

Seems like there won't be any tonguing of the anus anytime soon.

No. 865443

File: 1627462149418.png (22.77 KB, 213x291, tumblr_lt68xrd96Z1qg5xr6.png)

Spent all morning trying to find any way to download the PC version of Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari because I want to play an otome with sexy 18+ content but to no avail, I can only find the censored psp and switch version, and I'm incredibly annoyed over it
My google-fu has really gone down the drain, and why does it have to be so hard to find dark otome games with detailed sex scenes? Women want to read raunchy af stuff too that aren't from a male perspective, I want to romance an anime boy AND get a detailed description of how he rails me with his 2D cock

No. 865449

File: 1627463347338.webm (1.46 MB, 440x330, Cooked-jaguar_4bf097_8708442.w…)

>im the fat/ugly one literally ruining the photos. i used to be the hot one lol.
Do- do people really think like this? I'm ugly, ugliest of my friend group, but are my friends really looking at our pictures together and thinking about how I'm ruining them? Is this why my best friend from uni didn't make me a bridesmaid? Damn anon you've got me hurting

No. 865454

Recently I've seen weird attacks against fujos on this site that scream scrote to me. At first I thought it was just spergy teenage anons trying to cope with their cringe fujo past but then right after starting with the overtly aggressive "fujos are disgusting misogynists, seethe aidens" bit out of nowhere it's immediately followed by another reply saying shit along the lines of "See? Radfems at it again! Don't you fellow fujos just hate radfems? As a true and honest fujo I sure do!". Scrotes and their big brain psyops are too embarrassing for words.

No. 865464

Nah I think no one thinks like that.

No. 865484

There is also someone who hates femdom and feels the need to tell the femdom thread this, and derails about by sperging about the evil homosexuals in /snow/. Can't help but to think it's the same person and it's real scrotey behaviour.

No. 865493

>spergy teenage anons trying to cope with their cringe fujo past
those copers would be well into twenties, unless you know any 8 years old fujos. what you said makes zero sense, the most flaming fujos are teenage girls who never saw a dick irl

No. 865498

Christ, there's no grand conspiracy unlike your elaborate "x celerity are gay and fucking" theories, people just find your degeneracy degusting and simply tired of Fujo spering on other boards

No. 865501

I saw that too, someone throwing a fit in the femdom thread and /ot/ about how the "femcels" on this site are so insane and misandrist fantasizing about dominating males on their own terms and not just to please men and how they're "just as bad as incels". Just hide the goddamn thread kek

No. 865505

I have a friend who’s trying to set me up with a coworker of hers. Except the guy is extremely unattractive and sounds boring. Why is she trying to set me up with him? I don’t want to be shallow but at the end of the day I’m getting older, I’m not going to waste my time with some guy I don’t even want to look at.

I wasn’t mad at first but the more I thought about it, it pisses me off. I don’t care if I sound like a narcissist, I’m relatively pretty and I don’t wanna get with an ugly ass scrote. I deserve better. I’m enough. I’m not going to be one of those people who settles for someone they don’t even find attractive.

No. 865506

There's some weird shit going on with my mouth and I'm worried I have like mouth cancer or some shit. I'm totally terrified. I'm shaking, I feel sick to my stomach, all because of how scared I'm making myself. I'm going to a clinic today, but goddamn it. Why is being alive such a fucking chore? I can't sit properly, I can't sleep properly, I can't eat properly, and now my mouth is all fucked up. Is any of this worth it? Was any of this worth being alive at all? I wish I was never born.

No. 865508

Maybe she's one of those dumb pickme types who are hoping you'll throw this poor scrote a pityfuck. Or more concerningly, the pickme actively trying to sabotage with a shitty scrote to bring you and your worth down. It's hard to say without more details tho.

No. 865509

Dude don't even bother with this shit. Tell your friend he's not your type and leave it at that.

He probably hit on her first, she thought he was gross, and she thought she'd do him a favour by trying to set him up with you. Your friend clearly thinks he's good enough for you, which makes me think your friend doesn't think very highly of you.

No. 865512

Omg the first time I watched him I was so shocked by his humour. After watching Casefile for so long (super serious Aussie man - recommended) it was just so jarring seeing this jovial Irish guy making snide comments here and there, it rubbed me the wrong way.

Now I LOVE him. Like you say he doesn't do all the spooky music and deep voiced carefully narrated. It's refreshing. Oh and also he doesn't go on for hours.

No. 865514

She thinks we’d get along well because we have the same personalities (introvert). I’m also still a virgin and haven’t had a relationship before. I’ve already told her though I’d like to be with someone more on the extroverted side as I believe opposite attracts in this area.

I feel like she’s just trying to distract herself from her own stuff but In general I think matchmakers get off on trying to set people up and I kinda am getting those vibes from her. I personally think it’s risky playing matchmaker with friends, they’re matching you up with someone they think is on par to you. So for example if you set them up with someone ugly, are you not implying that their ugly as well??

No. 865537

Have you tried Erogedownload? Despite its name it has all kind of VNs there, including otome and untranslated games.

No. 865572

So did we get posted on scrote boards again or what. Balls been so obvious past couple days.

No. 865577

Just say no, he's ugly. Clearly she is one of those uwu ~helpful~ women who want to save poor moids from sexlessness.

No. 865585

I saw something about the kibbe body archetypes on pinterest and I was doing the test and it made my body issues so much worse. My arms and legs are so fucking short and my fat goes to my face and stomach. I don't present feminine but I have a "high feminine" physique apparently

No. 865588

Fuck kibbe, shits stupid, do what you want

No. 865590

The Kibbe quiz is broken and doesn't work. Even Kibbe himself said so. Just compare yourself to pictures of different types and dress accordingly, or do whatever you like really.

No. 865596

braindead retards: foids are always so ruthless and mean bitches wahhhh

yes. this is the way it should be, the world would’ve been so much more tolerable if women had more reproductive control. incels get angry because women are starting to weed out men who display undesirable traits which is nearly every man .doesn’t matter how “crazy” they deem a woman just be abuse she thought dying her hair was a cute and fun idea, there is probably something else wrong with the male who decide to date these “crazy” women and then complain about them afterwards. it’s the epitome of pointing a finger in disgust and fapping at the same time

No. 865597

File: 1627477762606.png (1.6 MB, 1198x899, kibbe.png)

Remember that you're taking old advice from this guy.

No. 865600

The kibbe system was created by a male so that should already tell you something.

No. 865602

File: 1627477880953.jpg (118.8 KB, 500x833, the-david-kibbe-story-about.jp…)

>master of color

No. 865605

Kek he looks like he can’t even dress himself with his Little Shop of Horrors neck tie ass

No. 865608

Men are so disappointing
Even my best friend has those male shit that males do. He is nice and hes like a brother to me but he said he needs a new ass to hug to feel complete in his new appartment and it made me feel like eww.

No. 865613

He wants to hug an ass? What?

No. 865616

dont even attempt to use kibbe. Not worth it

No. 865617

It makes more sense in spanish, sorry

No. 865619

It's exactly how I expect an autist to dress

No. 865624

I want to break up with my bf so bad but our lease doesn't expire in another 4 months and I don't want to make it awkward.

He's an okay guy but I can't talk to him about anything because he's really boring. He doesn't have any interests outside of his current autistic fixations. He dresses like an old man on top of prematurely balding, having deep wrinkles and his body being full of fleshy moles because he refuses to wear sunscreen to protect his pasty German skin.
Whenever we go somewhere in public he can't shut up, on top of looking like a clown he won't stop quoting pop culture references, singing and doing voices in front of total strangers. It's so embarrassing and unattractive. I feel like a mom wrangling her retarded child at Trader Joe's, he's embarrassing me so much. If I'm even slightly critical of his fashion sense and gently tell him to stop acting stupid, he says he doesn't care what people think and this is just who he is, and then gets extremely offended and cries that I don't find him attractive, which I don't. He looks stupid on top of being below average.

I know he'll throw a huge fit and cry on the floor when I suggest the breakup so I can't even mention it now or he'll pester me until I kms. I just wish it was sooner and have to vent.

No. 865626

graphic design is my passion

No. 865628

You're making the right choice anon. If he's the type to throw a bitch fit then it's best you're able to dump him and ghost right after. Flirt online to pass the waiting time and start getting cold on him.

No. 865631

God why would you ever date a man tard (this is coming from a woman tard). Even more mentally unstable than normal men. Just bear and grin it, not worth becoming homeless. Can you stop taking him places? Or does he insist on accompanying you.

No. 865632

Truu. Women should embrace selective sociopathy and direct it at scrotes. We know men value ruthlessness and cruelty when it furthers their interests.

No. 865633

Be strong anon, four months isn't that long in the grand scheme of things.
And if it makes you feel any better, whenever I see a tard scrote like that in public I usually assume his girlfriend is like you, waiting out a lease or for semester to end or something so you can make a clean break. Unless you're humoring him, in which case I'll assume you're soulmates.
I'm curious why you got with him in the first place if he's so cringy? Does his dick vibrate or was this just a quarantine crush that got out of hand?

No. 865637

Cant you move out or like, not be in your appartment for a while? find excuses to not see him at day and come home late when he sleeps.

No. 865639

We should look at Chinese women they're ruthless even though they're more traditional. The standard is he has to have a house, car, be healthy, support her financially, her money is hers and his money is family's. Watching c-dramas is unironically empowering there's so many ruthless women in them.

No. 865642

Gross. He sounds like the kind of guy that would watch Big Bang Theory. I felt the second hand embarrassment just reading your description of him.
Maybe just tough it out until your lease is up and try to spend the least amount of time around him as you can so you don't blow your brains out.

No. 865645

/fa/ tier autism

No. 865648

Chinese women are based when it comes to hypergamy. They have to exist in extremely sexist society and yes they still have a lot of sexist beliefs but they hold men to incredibly high standards as well. Young chinese men are expected to be fit, well dressed, chivalrous, and doting. They actually try to be the Asian drama main lead for women.

No. 865649

Of course as the result of this, there are a shit ton of ricecels as well. But Chinese women get choosing power because of the sex disparity.

No. 865650

Do you have any recommendations, anon? You've peaked my interest. One or three would be fine.

No. 865652

File: 1627479485403.jpeg (62.16 KB, 750x391, 1625820899573.jpeg)

I swear he seemed like a normal, well-adjusted man at first. The autism didn't shine through until maybe 9 months into the relationship and by then we had graduated and moved in together.
We became each other's only source of socialization during lockdown since we live in the middle of nowhere, and he's really pulling out all the stops.
I wish I could go on cute dates and see my friends.
Neither of us can afford to pay two rents, finding a new place is a hassle and I don't live or work in my home state so I can't move back in with my folks either sadly. I wish.

Thanks for letting me vent nonas, I'll try not to rope in the meantime

No. 865656

How can I stop being so horny all the time?

No. 865657

If this means survival and I'm putting this lightly you must pretend to care about the relationship in order to prolong your own survival. In this instance fuck that scrote only you matter, just stick with him, put on a retarded ass smile and steal or accept any of his money until you find a way to get out of that hellhole.

No. 865665

I'm watching Story of Yanxi palace, you can find it on youtube. It helps you improve your EQ and verbal manipulation.

No. 865667

Be sleep deprived and take SSRIs. Works like a charm (sob)

No. 865669

Man mwn are so weak they collectively went batshit during lockdown.

No. 865670

you’re right that sentence makes me sound like a huge bitch. what i meant is that i used to be hot period. i guess i just revealed that i’ve been subconsciously comparing myself to my friends, i know it’s unhealthy. mostly my feelings are hurt because i’ve noticed a couple of my photographer friends stopped posting group photos with me in them ever since i gained weight, when i used to be their “muse”. i would never think this way about anyone else, i’m just extremely critical about my own self-image, so i assume that others are perceiving me that way too.

No. 865680

Go and buy groceries plus some things you don't need and ask for a receipt then hide the receipt. Then show him the total bill in your account, and he pays you it. Then go back to the store with the hidden receipt and return the things you don't need. My grandma did this to save up money to move out of her abusive moids place. She used the excuse that receipts confuse her to play the dumb woman and he believed it, but idk if he wants to see the receipt you can just make something else up liek you don't paper it's wasteful for environment.

No. 865683

I'm writing this down

No. 865698

Can confirm. Lived in Hong Kong for a while and I was in awe of the straight women I made friends with. Delightfully ruthless and incredibly pinkpilled.

Holy shit, that's genius. Your grandmother sounds amazing, I hope she had a good life after escaping that moid.

No. 865721

Think I may have permanently damaged my lungs by accidentally inhaling sealant a couple weeks ago. Plus I may have waited too long to go to emerge.
Life was really looking up, too. Oh well.

No. 865732

Japan is so retarded. The main reason is obviously because it's mostly moids who create and lead most things in the otaku industry so they don’t want to male objectification the norm like it is for women, but works aimed at men is always the most coomer-pandering shit even in non-coomer games/shows/etc but anything aimed at women will barely lewd a guy unless it's an explicit R18 game. Female consumers probably haven't complained because they're brainwashed doormats who think this is normal, it must be fucking hell to be a woman over there.

No. 865739

>you’re right that sentence makes me sound like a huge bitch
Own it.
>i guess i just revealed that i’ve been subconsciously comparing myself to my friends
Based on your infight, it sounds like you look down on anyone you consider uglier or fatter than you and now that you're the fattie in the room, you can't handle it because you think people are thinking as shitty about you as you thought of others.
There could be a few reasons why you're not in the group photos and it might have nothing to do with your weight, but you're projecting because you know you would be judging.
Have yourself a slice of humble pie. It's not even like you gained a fuckton of weight only like 15 pounds like go on a two month diet and go walk, sheesh.

No. 865747

Thank you, anon!

No. 865769

File: 1627486310824.jpg (58.98 KB, 1366x768, 79.jpg)

>tfw being sleep deprived makes me even more horny

No. 865781

that wasn’t me earlier but OK sure. whatever butters your toast anon. damn can’t a bitch vent about her negative body image issues and self-critical mechanisms in peace

No. 865782

I'm so afraid of what's happening with my gums and mouth I feel sick. Stress is not going to help this, but I am stressed af. I have to wait two more days for a dr appt and then I get to see a dentist on the 3rd. I have no insurance so I have to use my savings. I can't tell if this is happening because I'm disgusting or something I just don't know about. I am so so so scared. I don't want to deal with this. I wish I was dead. I wish I was dead. I wish I was dead.

No. 865801

You could work on your image issues instead of viewing other women as ugly and disgusting just because they're bigger. It would probably help how you feel for situations like these when you accidentally gain weight yourself, so that way you're not also automatically assuming your friends are thinking the worst about you too.
Thinking like that isn't healthy.

No. 865807

prenups are predatory and borderline illegal, if your future husband wants you to sign anything you better dump him right on the spot
imagine marrying someone you don't even trust because in your head she's gonna divorce you and take half your money when the reality is YOU want to divorce HER after she's birthed your children, raised them, and you've accumulated enough wealth to dump her for a younger woman

No. 865817

when did i say bigger women are ugly and disgusting? i literally just hate myself. but i’m working on it, slowly. i probably need to up my therapy sessions tbh

No. 865823

File: 1627489949764.png (43.64 KB, 275x227, 1525975736529.png)

I survived cancer earlier this year and I barely had any time to feel healthy because first I was fatigued afterwards and now I recently have a weird fever that's been going on for days. Yeah going to the hospital tomorrow AGAIN. GOD JUST LET ME BE HEALTHY AND ENJOY LIFE.

No. 865827

anon i hope u get better soon. I'm praying for ur good health.

No. 865839

Hey anon, I am giving you all the good mojo I can spare for you to get better. I was in the middle of a dark souls speedrun explanation and out of nowhere the narrator said "Remember. No feeling is final. There are brighter days ahead. These feelings of despair are not permanent, they do not define the rest of your life. Even if things feel overwhelming, no matter what happens, there is a tomorrow." It literally made me cry as I'm having a health scare myself and I thought maybe you'd appreciate some positive affirmation as well. Lots of love.

No. 865841

I want to like plus sized models and clothes but to me they just don't look as good 99% of the time. Like if I see something that genuinely looks good on a heavier or even "average" person and then see the same outfit on a skinnier person the skinny one always looks better.
I'm of a chonky build so even at my smallest I look wide and everything just looks worse on me than your average woman. I wish I didn't see things this way but I objectively can't see it any other way when skinny people just look more aesthetically pleasing. Literally the only time being skinny looks worse is on ana-chan brink of death looking bodies.

No. 865849

Gdi I can't afford to have very many pulling sessions anymore. I scratched up my scalp bad last night. I wish I could stop feeling so helpless against this. I went to my first group therapy about it in 2019 and while it was insightful… I automatically felt stupid and like it was as easy as staying committed and not pulling and that I could fix myself whenever I want. That's not the case and it's not easy. I could've had beautiful hair and after 15 years of pulling I have a balding rats nest. I don't know why I keep doing this.

No. 865850

I don't know if that was you too but I saw someone else also mentioning a fever. I also have a weird fever without any other symptoms of illness, I've had it for months now. I wonder if we have the same thing. When I went to the hospital there was also a man being tested who had an even higher fever also with no other symptoms.

No. 865857

All the bathrooms at the workshop have been made temporarily unisex for covid, with one person in at a time. Of all the fucking people the only straight scrote here goes to the women's bathroom, uses up all our tissue and leaves the seats up with the toilet full of unflushed piss. Fucking hell

No. 865861

Literal animal marking his territory. Get the women together and gang up on him.

No. 865865

i S2G it doesn't matter how absolutely fucking dilligently i keep track of my usernames & passwords b/c whatever fucking app/website is just gonna tell me 1 or both are wrong every single time anyway! HOW can it be wrong when after you made me change it last time i wrote it down verbatim & i haven't touched the account since? HOW can this happen with shit like my bank and the student loan website every! single! time!

No. 865868

Thank you nonnies you're so sweet. Seriously, getting kind comments from farmers is touching.
It could've been me, it's been sneaking up on me as I didn't notice (since I'm already so tired) until I starting taking my temperature.
God how strange. Have the doctors told you what it is, is it covid related?

Hope we all feel better soon nonnies. Health shit is scary.

No. 865869

File: 1627493036462.jpeg (102.88 KB, 1600x821, 0DC54B18-AB2E-4CB7-8D20-91822F…)

surreptitiously squirt some milk from a water bottle rigged like picrel onto his property

No. 865877

I still don't know what's wrong, I've had all sorts of tests made. I think it must be because of stress because my temperature was extra high before exams. So I know this is easy to say but try to relax. It might not be a health problem but a mind problem. I'm also really tired all the time.
If you find out anything please post about it, I know it's not nice but I feel sort of happy someone else is in the same situation, I feel like we have something in common

No. 865897

So fun when my mom offers me offbrand mail-order invisalign for my birthday when she is the reason I have fucked up teeth in the first place. She says the mail order is "so much cheaper" and you don't even need to go to an office. I'm like, well isn't invisilign better because you are under the care of a professional and she is like "no" and went on her spiel. She could've got me braces instead of buying a condo and a new boat and vacations but she didn't now I'm fucking ugly and have an overbite with a gap between them. Why do I have to have the lowest fucking option? Offering that feels like an insult. It's weird after the phone call I just started crying really hard and feeling suicidal. It's like I go back to being a sad teenager whenever I talk to my mom

No. 865910

Is it Byte or Smile Direct Club? I’m sorry anon.

No. 865911

I don't want to do those, Byte makes you take YOUR OWN IMPRINT OF YOUR TEETH. I don't trust myself with something like that. Fuck me for wanting a professional standard of care right? I don't deserve it I'm nothing I guess

No. 865912

I went out with friends and they took some pics of us out because that's the good normal thing to do and they've sent them to the group chat and I should be looking at them happy like they are but all I can think about immediately is how natural and happy they look and how fucking ugly I am and my weird body language that I had no idea I was even doing. I'm so frustrated that my response to this positive social interaction is to cry because of seeing myself.cherry on top is i definitely overshared this year with them and now I'm fighting the urge to isolate myself again because I'm so fucking embarrassed that I'm me. And I'm busy! I'm too busy to be having this stupid breakdown over this stupid perceived issue fuck

No. 865915

Is price the only reason why she won’t support you getting regular braces at an orthodontist office? Assuming you’re 18+ with insurance, maybe you can get a job and work something out with an office near you. Local ones are more likely to be able to offer you curated plans that suit your situation.
The Byte imprint isn’t as scary as you think. Me and my friend both did it a few weeks back and even though I fucked one(of 4) of mine up, my representative said my molds came out great and they were accepted. It’s really not that scary. I think you’d be able to do it.

No. 865916

Meh, I kind of disagree. I think prenups have their place and are necessary. I'd most likely suggest a prenup if my partner doesn't. It probably will look bad and be an uncomfortable subject, but if we intend on staying together forever, then does it really matter that we signed a prenup? Of course you could also say "then why sign a prenup at all?" but I like to prepare for the worst case scenario, and there's nothing wrong with that. I think even if you don't sign a prenup, in burgerland there are states who basically have one applied to all couples anyway, so you have a prenup in the end whether you sign one with your partner or not.

No. 865918

>even though I fucked one of mine up
Yeah, no thanks. Sounds stupid. I'd rather trust it to a professional.

No. 865920

Hmm, stress doesn't seem unlikely.
Sure, I will post about it ITT if they find out what it is!

No. 865921

I curse-he-hame-ha every anon that plays "devil's advocate", I curse you to have your loved ones do that to you every single time you have a problem, I hope they always take the other side and leave you feeling misunderstood and alone. You deserve it.

No. 865925

>literally giving your moid the upper hand to leave you when you get old for someone younger and you get nothing in return for wasted youth
Good… for you?

No. 865928

Well, I'm annoyed more than anything. But joke's on you, I can wait out your antics longer than you can harass me.

No. 865937

I got the "bad" ending in metro exodus and now I'm fucking sad even tho it's not THAT sad

No. 865940

Just found out the owner of the infamous "Stuart Duart" cat twitter account got "cancelled" for certain tweets in their private account. I am currently a very devastated duartie.

No. 865941

Didn't know there were different endings for that game

No. 865942


Are you old enough to get your own braces? If so then you should do that and not depend on mommy. You sound like a brat, it's her money to spend it how she pleases, you should be (somewhat) grateful she's even helping you with something cosmetic like that. I guess sorry she didn't do it earlier?

If you're a minor then sorry but still, tough tits. All you have to do is bite down on some silicone and mail it back to an office. If there's a issue or you fucked up then they'll probably just have you do it again. And besides, if your teeth are truly fucked you'll probably need to get braces eventually anyway. If it's minor then I agree with her, why waste the money when there's a cheaper safe fix? It's not surgery, it's teeth alignment. And again, it's probably minor teeth alignment.

No. 865943

There's 2, had no idea the game had a "moral system" too, went in fully blind

No. 865944

You sound annoying. I am allowed to be insulted by being offered a shit often as a gift. I am allowed to want better. Save your opinion for your diary.

No. 865946

my parents fucked up and didn't get me braces at a young age too but they tried to fix their mistake by getting them when i was 17
because, you know… normal parents will realise their wrongful or inconsiderate actions toward their children and try to mitigate it in some way

No. 865947

>She could've got me braces instead of buying a condo and a new boat and vacations but she didn't now I'm fucking ugly and have an overbite with a gap between them
based mom

No. 865948

Shit opinion, her mom was medically neglectful and it's a slap in the face to get her daughter scam lvl shit. Teeth alignment isn't superficial it's literally changing your bones.

No. 865950

Ntayrt but you replied like an entitled brat. You're teeth will get fixed and your mum's paying for it try and look on the bright side

No. 865951

Venlafaxine doesn't do anything good for my mental health, but it kills my appetite without ruining my ability to orgasm, so I asked for the maximum dose and carried on hurting myself. Skinny (insane) legend.

The nurse made me sign an agreement that I would take responsibility for my wellbeing as well as possible and made me agree to certain conditions, like "take care of your wounds, seek medical attention if you need it, go to A+E if you're suicidal" but if you ever actually do that, you're treated like a time waster.
Maybe it could be considered deceitful of me to resist the choice that I know is healthier (i.e. trying mirtazapine or lithium and moving off venlafaxine, a suggestion from my psychiatrist) after agreeing to take responsibility for my health. However, at the same time, I've been pursuing a Do Not Resuscitate order in case I'm found dying by misadventure or suicide, and I was told that my decision would be overruled because I'm not thought to have the capacity to make that choice.
The double standard infuriates me, how can someone who doesn't have capacity to make decisions about her death be considered capable to sign agreements about her life? So I don't feel anything about secretly breaking a contract with the CMHT. I feel nothing but hostility towards the mental health services and I don't know why.

No. 865953

LC makes me realise how many of you bitches are emotionally underdeveloped and should never have children
stick to buying boats and vacations instead of popping out kids if you plan to be this narcissistic and unironically, BPD, for the rest of your life
kids don't choose to be born, you decided to bring them here and it's on you to try and SOMEWHAT give them good things or fix any shit genetics they've been dealt with like bad teeth, back, etc

No. 865955

>You sound like a brat, it's her money to spend it how she pleases
if she didnt want to spend money on her kid then she shouldn't have had one

No. 865956

>entitled brat
Clean your smegma dick and your room

No. 865957

You would benefit from a diary, too, for all your opinions nobody cares about

No. 865958

Why would I want to risk having to split my own assets and investments that I had prior to entering into a marriage upon divorce? I want a prenup to protect what's mine if he ever fucks off with someone younger.

No. 865959

lmfao someone's triggered

No. 865960

I ate a almond butter sandwich, and then an egg sandwich last night, and now my stomach is going crazy. I would rather be constipated than go through this right now.

No. 865962


Cry me a river brat. Are you old enough to get your own braces or no? Did you NEED them for a medical condition or are your teeth just misaligned? Why are your teeth more important than her getting a condo? It's her money to spend how she wants. If you're so offended tell her to cancel everything and you'll figure something else out. But no, you'd rather bitch on lolcow because it's not bougie enough.

If it's an actual scam tell her to get a refund. If you're so triggered by her cheaping out on you. Work your ass off and pay your own way, rub it in her face. Don't sit here insulted and then go through with it anyway though, you weak fuck.

No. 865963

Girl half of this site aint gonna have any babies cus their boyfriends are 2d white haired ugly anime boys

No. 865965

>stick to buying boats and vacations instead of popping out kids

No. 865967

Nta but you need a hug you bitter fuck. Let the bitch vent.

No. 865969


Okay but if Anon is an adult then she should be the one to not have kids.

Unless her teeth are fucked to the point where it's neglect if they aren't fixed, her mom did nothing wrong. You aren't gonna die if your teeth aren't straight. Can you eat?
Are you in pain? Or are your teeth just ugly and you're mad mommy isn't forking up enough cash for you?

Again, if it's an actual medical condition that's constantly negatively impacting your life. I'll apologise and admit my first post was out of place. Your mom is evil if she'd let you suffer. But if the problem is they just look bad, you didn't die and I'm sure even if you're a minor and manage to come up with the money yourself, she'll take you to whatever orthodontist you want.

No. 865971

Who the fuck want to have children knowing there are retards like you out there eager to get your hands on them

No. 865972

what in the fuck are you talking about you twisted schizo

No. 865974

or because they hate their boyfriends

No. 865975

nta but wtf nona. why would you bring white haired anime guys into this conversation. they didn't do shit to you

No. 865976

I'm still a financial drain to my parents and they love to spoil their grandkids (I don't have kids) and to think if I never have kids all I'll have to worry about is a pension. My mother retired early and I'm jealous. I regret some stupid hobbies I pursued and the financial drain. But would life ultimately be boring idk

No. 865978

My mom has no respect for my career. Her and I were in a town the other day where there were a lot of help wanted signs on retail shops (ice cream parlors, mechanics, delis) and she was like, "Anon, what a cute area to work in! You should apply to some of these!" I make pretty good money doing what I love but because it's freelance and I don't have an employer she simply doesn't consider it work. What I do took me thousands of hours to become proficient at and is still an active challenge to do, but she treats it like it's not real work. I pretty much snapped at her and said I was insulted at her suggesting I give up my career to work at half the salary doing customer service. I have lived away from her paying my own rent and bills without her help for years now, so why doesn't she take my income seriously?

No. 865980

File: 1627498413260.jpg (31.08 KB, 600x400, hyfg.jpg)


No. 865982

i'd love a qt alt or goth bf and yet irl it seems like most guys who are into that kind of music/style are socially uncomfortable to be around and not cute at all. i guess it's mostly boomers now who are into that style and that the soundcloud rapper look or whatever is what most "alternative" guys are into, but sadly i'm not into that look or the music. well i guess it doesn't matter since i'm too much of a sperg to actually be able to talk to a guy i think is cute anyway.

No. 865985

What’s up with all the male autism posts on this board. I’m glad the mods are handling it quickly but where are they coming from.

No. 865987

I want to fucking cry trying to figure out if I can actually borrow the money to do a degree

> “you can get funding for a second degree for these courses”

Ok perfect! Wait, I didn’t actually finish my first degree and it doesn’t mention diplomas…
> “you may get full funding if you left your previous course due to illness”
I did and I have evidence of that so maybe this applies to me?
> “if you’re a student applying from another part of the U.K., you have to apply with the respective loan company”
The country I’m from or the one I will be studying in… ?
> “you need to be resident in this part of the U.K. for three years before the start of your course to be eligible”
Ok then I can’t get funding
> “to be eligible, you need to be resident in this part of the U.K. from the first day of your course, and have been a resident of the U.K. for three years… “

I’ll actually call the loan company or ask thestudentroom or something later but my head is fucked right now. If anyone happens to have been in this situation (or even just part of it) and made sense of it, I’d love to hear about it.

No. 865989

this sucks. some people just don't understand or believe anything about the world besides the tiny little fraction they've seen of it and can't comprehend that there are other ways to live.

No. 865991

Oh god, this scrote is so fucking edgy and stupid, I hate him, he keeps talking useless shit and the gets mad because we don’t accept his views.
He got mad because he started talking about accidents for some reason? And he was like
>well, if I got both of my legs amputated, i would grab a gun and kill the doctor
My brother told him that it was retarded because the doctor wouldn’t be at fault for doing his job on saving the guy’s life after an accident, what did he say?
>well, I would then murder all of my family for approving the procedure being done on me, I would invite all of my family, after getting my legs amputated, for a dinner and then I would shoot them either to kill them or to make them unable to walk again like myself
My brother told him that it was also retarded because it’s not their fault that the guy would’ve gotten his legs amputated because when you’re in an emergency you can’t think by yourself because men are delicate flowers that go apeshit the moment something mildly hurts them and someone else might need to find a quick solution.
Why are men, i didn’t even want to talk because I’m just annoyed, the guy is honestly even disgusting by how tacky he is.

No. 865994

>because men are delicate flowers that go apeshit the moment something mildly hurts them
Your spoiler is the reason anon. They're emotionally and mentally fragile and would rather cause as much suffering as possible if they know they're going to die.

No. 865995

I winced at all that edge. Holy fuck that's cringe. Is he an autist? People who inject fantasies into "I would" scenarios should be laughed out of society until they quit their bs.

No. 865996

I left my first degree in England without finishing due to illness, then got fully funded by SFE (you're funded by your home country usually) a few years later to do the degree I'm doing now in Scotland. Best thing to do is call student finance or email them so you can send supporting docs. I think you'll be okay nonnie

No. 865997

Don't worry anon, hopefully he will be turning 15 this year!

No. 865999

lolcow dot org probably, or kf

No. 866003


It's true I need a hug but Anon needs a slap in the face for that. Notice she never answered how old she is. This is a grown woman bitching about mommy not spending enough money on her precious teeth. And again, I'm sure they're just crooked, or she has a slightly bigger overbite than others.

If it was a serious medical condition that negatively impacts her way of life outside of self-esteem issues, her mom's in the wrong.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 866004

File: 1627501289469.jpg (20.59 KB, 235x275, 1614651834913.jpg)

I'm looking at 2 people and I hate how they asspat themselves for creating a femboy OC "me challenging gender roles throught my gay art tehee" sick and tired of +23yo acting like tumbltards

No. 866006

I found that lolcow's userbase is split in NPD/BPD anons and chill nerdy/smart anons and ironically it is the NPD/BPD anons that are more likely to have children

No. 866007

Why do people say money is easy to make? It's literally the hardest thing to make no joke. If I had money I would be able to fix all my issues and live a relaxed life

No. 866011

Depends, it's easy if you're Western, educated and in the 'right' field or charismatic. If you're a 20-something woman in Pakistan or Bangladesh it'll be nightmare mode.

No. 866012

I don't know if I'm just dumb but I still can't pin point what exactly is a NBD/BPD post. Does anyone have examples? Is it just a catch all term for when anons are being nuts? Don't people just use schizo for that?

No. 866015


because technically, anyone can make money. Keeping it is the hard part. Knowing how to make money work for you is the trick.

No. 866018

Stuff like telling grown women to boss up and buy their own braces instead of depending on mommy gives you BPD, Don't you know?

Yes, it's a catch all for when a Anon doesn't like your post.


No. 866019

Bitch we are in a vent thread, it's not on you to lecture other anons and tell everyone how great and mature you are. No one gives a fuck. You couldn't be more of a pathetic loser, still going on about this girl who came here to share her feelings. You suck, no one agrees with you, so stop doubling down and go eat a fucking candy bar.

No. 866021

yea I guess I'm on hard mode for being Eastern European and mentally ill

No. 866022

mum's been puking all day and idk why…she didn't eat anything bad recently. wouldn't mind some advice

No. 866023

Probably coming from privileged, well-off people, most likely male. What the other anon said.

No. 866024

Anon I know exactly how you feel. I feel the exact same way whenever I see pictures of myself from social events and I also get ashamed of oversharing every time I hang out with someone I'm close to. I also fall into that trap of overanalyzing social situations to the point it makes me miserable and I never want to go out again even if I had fun in the moment. I know it's easier said than done, but just remember you had fun then and that's all that matters. Don't beat yourself up too much over how you feel you looked or acted. If you and your friends had a good time then everything else is secondary. That's what I try to tell myself at least.

No. 866025

These posts do, they just said it nicer

she's a brat. All she has to do is either bite down on a silicone mold or tell her mom she doesn't want it and that she'll handle her teeth situation herself.

No. 866026

realistically speaking being critical, nitpicky and sadistic/sociopathic are NPD/BPD traits and this board is quite literally built around gossip and witnessing mentally ill people destroy themselves and taking pleasure in that, a very NPD/BPD trait, therefore lolcow has naturally attracted women that suffer from those personality disorders. On the other hand, it also does foster asocial/autistic/socially awkward women interested in anime, Japan and niche culture. I think the website's userbase is pretty much divided in these two categories.

No. 866029

Maybe it's food poisoning or some kind of virus/bug?

No. 866034

It's not boys, it's boy, and he is everyones boyfriend.

No. 866054

I don't know. Many of us ignore cows and weeb shit and stay in ot/g/m discussing all manner of stuff. I'm here because lolcow is one of the few female-only spaces left (that isn't a hugbox)

No. 866056

Maybe give her some ice cubes to suck on? Rehydration is important but it might also be difficult for her to keep liquids down if she's puking a lot. After she goes more than 90 minutes without puking I think it's safe to assume that she can begin to eat and drink (though very slowly and in small amounts!). Bland food and room temp water. My family always cooks congee after any of us throws up since it's easy on the stomach, though I've read things like bananas and apple sauce is good too (my parents are against this though lol).

No. 866070

My job has a male and female single room bathrooms and the men always try to use the women's because they dont want to wait 0.2 seconds for the men to get out. i hate them. women wait patiently, but men want to jiggle the door handle. slash his tires, anon

No. 866072

Thanks nonnie I’m just being stressy because it’s complicated, I’ll chill and try to work it out with student finance. I hope your studies are going well.

No. 866073

Ah, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks anon!

Makes sure she gets her liquids in. Vomitting can dehydrate her. Oatmeal is easy on the stomach. She hasn't hit her head has she?
I hope she recovers quickly!

No. 866076

Aint my boyfriend. I'm currently dating Batman

No. 866091

Probably not the right thread but idk where else to post it, too ~panicked~ right now. It’s probably nothing but holy shit.

I have an iud (idk how to spell it but the hormonal one that starts with an m, it’s 3 years old) and have had little to no period the entire time but today and a few days ago and probably other days I’ve felt this weird bubbling in my lower abdomen, just below my navel, slightly off to the left. I can also visibly see a twitch. It’s been happening right now for at least 10 min on and off. Freaks me the fuck out because the last time my bf and I had sex was in 7 months ago and it was unprotected because iud and long term relationship. I’ve gained 10lbs this year, but I’ve also been eating like shit so that is a valid explanation. It could also be indigestion or something I guess, it’s 3pm and all I’ve had today is coffee and I’m def dehydrated. But i ordered one of those cheap Amazon pregnancy tests anyway, I’ve seen so many videos about unknown pregnancy it scares the fuck out of me. I’m shaking typing this because there’s that tiny chance, I never want to have kids especially not right now holy fuck

No. 866099

God, I hate men so much it's unreal. I hate them and I hate women who support them. Why was I born into this shitty world as a woman, you can never leave this second class role unless I transition into an ayden and that would mean becoming something that I hate. Fuck this shitty existence so much and fuck this stupid ridiculous society.

No. 866103

>you can never leave this second class role unless I transition into an ayden
you can never leave this second class role, even as an ayden. most of them aren't passing and biology doesn't care how you identify. you would turn yourself into a schizo woman

No. 866105

I hate my family so much I try so hard to just be in the family and they try their hardest to exclude me unless I have something they want. They wanna bitch that I’m the bad example when bitch you literally are driving in a 75 mph highway scrolling through your trashy insta as your unbuckled 2 y/o is in the back. I don’t even know why I try

No. 866106

File: 1627508224888.png (256.07 KB, 464x553, 1526064360868.png)

I hattteeee when males are pissing outside where everyone can see them and their dicks. Fuck youu I don't need to see that. I'd shoot those on sight if I could

No. 866110

and I'm dating his beatiful older bird son.

No. 866112

File: 1627508584754.jpg (169.44 KB, 1242x1246, b5c96eba100d71d2e5fe0b853c2b55…)

wtf anon that happened to me when I was out with my mom last week!!!
It's happened to us twice already, I fucking hate scrotes. My mom went off about how disgusting men are and how much she hates them kek
Home dude literally outside walmart just fucking pissing. Ugh I hope someone told him something.

No. 866118

Isnt that indecent exposure/flashing? should be legal to rip it off if you see it displayed in public.

No. 866119

It's been happening almost every day to me lately! Legit today I saw at least three guys pissing while I was travelling through the city. Yesterday I saw a guy pissing too. What's happening to the world, don't remember it being this common before.

No. 866121

File: 1627509128035.jpg (23.85 KB, 616x980, frog.jpg)

I am getting hours cut from my current job despite begging my boss to give me a min of 30 per week.. I'm so anxious and upset and exhausted. All I want is an adorable mini trash can for my room so i can smile a little bit as i toss away my used receipts or something. fuck

No. 866126

It is illegal. If you do that near or at a playground, you can be labeled a sex offender. Problem is, there are no cops around when this shit happens, and /or if there are, they probably give their fellow moid a pass.

No. 866131

I was just completely taken aback. I don't know what makes them act this way when we've had a whole two years to brush up on our hygiene skills and manners. I'll channel all of you anons' violence for tomorrow

No. 866133

Quarantine means scrotes watch porn most of the day and lose ability to function in society.

No. 866153

How much is the bin anon?

No. 866155

Bad news anon, even other trannies shit on FTMs and they're the bottom scrapings of the barrel of society. The best thing to do is to just accept that women are the superior sex and men are fully aware of this, which is why they're fighting tooth and nail to oppress us.

No. 866161

File: 1627511622058.png (260.39 KB, 640x340, C25369A3-656B-4B01-8A71-D97BC7…)

My body dysmorphia is ruining my life. I can’t enjoy my family holiday because I feel so deformed, around me are all these beautiful long legged hourglass european women and I feel so masculine and disgusting. I cry about my body all the time, obsessive thoughts and I can’t think about anything else. I know logically I’m more than a body but it is so hard to get over this going outside is getting harder snd harder I can’t even look in the mirror fully anymore. Fuck I wish I was beautiful.

No. 866164

I’ll buy you that bin if you want anon

No. 866177

i relate to everything you wrote, especially the feeling masculine part
what went wrong in this timeline that i was born with the most masculine body possible for a biological woman? broad shoulders, small boobs, wide waist, narrow hips, hank hill ass
this is literally suffering
there is literally no escaping this hell because "you are more than your body" is not fully true, your body is apart if you and people WILL think the obvious about it
idc how troonish this sounds i just wish i didn't have a body that could be perceived

No. 866178

Every day seeing what is going on in the UK is making me sick to my stomach. We are literally losing our power to speak out. We are killing our industries, we have produce shortages. I want to leave this shithole, ever since Brexit every problem is more apparent and I genuinely feel despair

No. 866187

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 months and not even once in that period of time has he complimented me on my physical looks. He has not even once told me that I look good or pretty or beautiful at any occasion. It sound really embarassing typing that out but I just want to feel pretty once in my life. My parents were abusive , humiliated me, always put me down, called me names and fatshamed me even though I was BMI 19 and made me develop an ED. I am and will never me enough for anybody despite my best efforts. No matter how much I starve or exercise or how much makeup and effort I put into looking good nobody will ever acknowlegde that. I asked him today if he found me pretty to which he replied with ''Yeah, of course you are!!'' and started trying to list features and things he likes about me and began with my hair only to have an awkward fucking 10 second pause trying to list more features of me that he likes while I was laying in his fucking arms. After the 10 fucking second break he awkwardly continued with the moles on my body and one other thing that I don't remember but I think I have never in my life felt so defeated, disappointed and embarassed upon hearing something like that.

When I later on asked my boyfriend on facetime if he finds me pretty he replied with the typical answer being ''Yeah, of course you are!!'' but upon asking why he never says it out outloud he confused me because he ''couldnt explain it''. For him complimenting someone sounds ungenuine, makes him uncomfortable, doesnt feel right to say and sounds weird in ''in his head'', in addition to that he is confused about when and how to say it because ''its just for the moment'' (???).
Why and how does it even make you uncomfortable and makes you feel weird to compliment me (especially on a special occasion like a date) when you keep asking me to suck your dick or do other things with you? He basically confirmed with his statement that he finds me ugly as fuck. I constantly compliment him in regards of his looks and personality, saying how handsome, pretty, adorable, caring and loving he is while he can't even do the same for me? I truly think that he is lying to me and just thinks that I am ugly but doesnt want to admit it because everytime we kiss he constantly closes his eyes, doesnt bother to question why its uncomfortable for me to let him see me without makeup and my glasses , doesnt really try to say something against me having plastic surgery and everytime I bring up an insecurity he just says that its unnecessary and this part of me looks ''normal''. We have a great relationship but this whole lookwise thing makes me feel so fucking unwanted and ugly it actually makes me want to kill myself so bad. Am I really that fucking hideous and ugly? Can I feel pretty and enough for once?

No. 866193

Dump him, you're only hurting yourself by being with someone who isn't enthusiastically smitten with you. I remember having a bf like that and trying to get affectionate words from him was like blood from a stone, and looking back it was like why the fuck did I bother? Did I think I could argue him into finding me attractive? Did I think he would suddenly appreciate me if I stuck around?

It doesn't mean you're hideous or ugly, everyone has different tastes and men are pornsick so their judgement is skewed. And maybe he genuinely does like the way you look but isn't good with compliments. Either way, you're hurting and you're only gonna hurt worse if you don't dump him. He won't change.

No. 866202

Sounds like you're his placeholder until someone he does find attractive comes along. Dump.
How great could this relationship honestly be? You can converse with a friend, vent your secrets on lolcow, and blow a guy's dick with his eyes shut from Tinder.
If this guy isn't offering you intimacy and support then there's no point.

No. 866203

File: 1627515741013.jpeg (108.51 KB, 499x562, B0A5A806-41A9-4445-A938-E7A9DD…)

Either he’s not that attracted to you or he’s emotionally immature. Either way, kick him to the curb.

No. 866208

I think he honestly thinks that makes him cool or something, it’s honestly so cringy, I’m not a normie because, come on, I’m here.
But at least there’s a moment in which the cringe has to be kept locked somewhere until it dissipates like smoke.
If he wasn’t 27 years old, I would just laugh it off and probably tell him that he’s being cringe, but no, he just embraces it and thinks he’s funny and cool.
He’s honestly a cow, I wish he posted his ramblings on the internet because it would be just hilarious, good thing is that I got a decent memory and can’t help but remember the stuff he keeps talking about from when he peaked in high school as if that was a great thing.

No. 866216

File: 1627516758780.gif (1.04 MB, 480x313, giphy.gif)

i've become relatively wealthy in the past few years and i don't know why it's a rich people thing to flex with fancy cars, clothing and bags. most people don't know i have this much, i used to be trailer park-tier poor but i live the same as i used to because i miss the comfy home of my mother when i was a kid even though we had no space.
i don't get why people get big mansions with a gorillion rooms, they seem so cold and empty compared to my cosy little place. back in the day i used to clean people's homes and some of them had ridiculously big mcmansions that were clearly just a flex. i don't have anything to prove to anyone and i don't understand why it's even a thing. i just have money in savings, investments and land. i'm not a millionaire or anything, but i'm doing well.

i'd spend it all just to keep my parents and myself alive and happy forever.

No. 866220

Based, I feel the same as you. I just want a comfy house, delicious nutritious food, health, and to be happy. I dislike when people get luxury shit just to flex.
How did you become well off?

No. 866232

Oh anon the people working on the SFE lines are complete fucking retards who don't know a single thing about their own services. I'm dealing with something similar right now and I'm still waiting on a response on my application for now. Have you sent off the application yet? That would be more productive than waiting for one of these retards to give you another wishy washy answer.

AFAIK from my enquiring, since you studied previously but left the degree incomplete, what you're left entitled to is (previous course length years + 1) - (how many years studied), so for example I did a 4-year sandwich Biochem course for 2 years, so in the end, for my new degree, I'm entitled to (4+1)- (2) = 3 years of tuition funding. You said that you have evidence of your illness, so I'm almost certain that you could even get full funding if you provide that evidence and apply for the disability grant (which I didn't) which will take care of the money side of things, but that's all done during the application process. The only part I can't help with the "residing in UK" part since it sounds like you live in Scotland/Wales/Ireland(?), so I have no experience there anon, sorry.

No. 866234

I get it when they're truly super rich but for the more average, upper middle class type of rich, the only thing I'm truly jealous of is their time. I'm not rich but my family is pretty well off and I've been fortunate enough to save well, invest etc, and all I want to use the money for is early retirement. If that means a smaller house and a second hand car, I'm fine with that.

No. 866242

i've gone from wanting a successful career to just wanting to marry a rich guy and never work another day in my life. god working fucking sucks. I just want a husband rich enough to fund my dream semi-fake interior designer career where I have like one client a year. and pls anons don't lecture me on how bad this is and scream about "what will you do when he leaves you for a younger woman!!" it's just a fantasy ok

No. 866245

Same, recently. I'm fucking sick of working like this for the rest of my life. We're really raised to live like robots

No. 866248

funny because I fantasize about being rich without having to work and just being able to travel and do whatever tf I want like by winning the lottery or magically inheriting by a relative I didn't know I had or something. a man is never in the picture even though I'm straight kek.

No. 866251

I keep having nightmares of Margaret Palermo. I've had nightmares involving her for the past 3 nights, I really do not want to go to sleep again and dream of Margo hurting me.

Last night I dreamt that she was my neighbour. Absolutely terrifying dream. I was just in my apartment and I hear someone knock on the door, I look through the peephole and I can't believe my eyes, it is Margret. I'm mortified and I don't answer the door and she starts knocking in the door so loudly and keeps yelling "I know you're there anon". I finally answer and when I open the door she tries to burst in my house, so I have to fight her. I need to buy weed ASAP to stop having nightmares of Margo.

No. 866253

i'm sorry anon. this sounds like my ex boyfriend although he was pretty unenthusiastic all around, not just refusing to ever compliment my physical appearance. don't know if i'm deluded or he's deluded but i know i'm not UGLY ugly, maybe he just wanted a 10/10 because he was secretly obsessed with amouranth lmao. it's hard to tell what exactly was wrong, the more i tried to elicit responses from him the more he didn't give a shit.

No. 866255

File: 1627520616802.jpeg (380.2 KB, 1107x1280, 58CB540F-1874-4A88-8544-3979E7…)

My rich-person dream in life is to have a small quaint cottage that’s really well built. Maybe not quite as tiny is picrel but same idea.

No. 866257

Unfortunately I have the same dream only a man is in the picture because while it’s still a long shot, it’s not as much of one. Only in my fantasies he’s either gay and rich and looking for a beard and we lead mostly separate lives as best friends except that I’m on his dime kek

No. 866264

Maybe stop visiting the thread and lolcow for a while

No. 866295

kinda sounds like the time I dreamt Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa Oklahoma could see me through the two way mirror of his holding cell and he was HUGE. like, giant sized. and his eye took up the entire section of glass and he started to materialize outside of his enclosure. sorry you had to deal iwht recurrent bullshit dreams of that woman though kek

No. 866296

Yeah I recently was reminiscing on all the vacations I used to go on when I was in grade school and realized that even though I get over a month of paid vacation a year, I can never fucking take it because I always have so much work to do. And even if I could, I would be so exhausted from work that I would be miserably tired on vacation probably. Fuck I just want to take three weeks and go to Italy. It doesn't help that I just had to fill out my annual performance review and I realized how much work I do and am severely underpaid, I'm so disillusioned with work fuck. And people keep telling me oh, you'll get enough experience that you can get a better job that pays more! So, great, I can keep working for 60 hours a week and make a bit more money each year meanwhile my health (both mental and physical) withers away and my personal life becomes even more nonexistent. Just so I can become a "girlboss." Sorry for this neverending rant anons kek

No. 866321

I bought a new phone yesterday and even though I already knew the rhythm game I used to play was shut down I’m sad that I can’t reload it. It’s like a chapter of my life just ended.

No. 866323

What life paths brought you to this? What kinds of investments and how did you get your land?

No. 866335

I really wanna go back to school but I’m blocked from enrollment due to a low standardized test score. Fml kms

No. 866349

>working for 60 hours a week and make a bit more money each year meanwhile my health (both mental and physical) withers away and my personal life becomes even more nonexistent. Just so I can become a "girlboss." Sorry for this neverending rant anons kek
The money isn't even worth it especially if you have to do another whole job of placating scrotes at work and trying not to get fucked over in your career by shitty ppl. Literally just want to buy an RV, some land for self sustanance, and fuck off from society. Fuck working fuck marriage. Both suck balls. Looking at 1950s workplaces those men were getting paid just to sit around. When women joined the workforce they were amazed at how many breaks men took and how slow they were. Honestly do believe that women were allowed financial freedom, because we work harder for less pay.

No. 866382

after getting diagnosed with depression when i was 13 and being treated for it for almost a decade, i had an epiphany. holy shit, i wasn’t actually depressed? at least, not the chemical imbalance kind.

now that i’m an adult i can see it for what it is: i was literally just bombarded with shitty, trauma inducing situations and reacted to it with warranted sadness and anxiety. my problem was i never took these traumas at face value and undermined how much they fucked me. but after chewing on them by myself and quitting my meds about a year ago, i’m completely fine.

my family has a history of pretty extreme mental illness so i really thought i was just “that way” and that it would never change. idk i’m not a doctor, can you grow out of depression? i really think nothing was actually wrong with me in the first place, and that my environment just made my sadness fester. i’ll be careful and keep an eye on it but my perspective has really changed. inb4 i sound like i’m in denial

No. 866383

File: 1627535104609.png (128.05 KB, 395x266, Hbyygxr7om73sf.png)

Woke up randomly at 3am today only for my brain to be like "hey your dad's dead and you'll never be able to talk to him again". Great. Thank you brain.

I know grief is a long process but this random thought popup shit annoys me

No. 866384

It’s the worst, I lost someone really close to me a while back and keep waking up in the middle of the night (sometimes after dreaming about them) and just yeah

No. 866389

kind of a mood. my fiance makes about 2.5x the amount i do, and i make a very good wage. but my work is soul sucking and every week that goes by makes me want to quit and just leech off of him. it’s like the option is right there dangling above me, but i turn a blind eye and keep wageslaving lmao.

partially because i would hate asking for permission to buy something i want. i’m stubborn and i want nice things, both for myself and as gifts for others. i mean if you find someone rich rich he’ll probably just give you a card and you can do whatever, but that’s a pipe dream (for me, who is committed and happy aside from work).

i will not quit until i have enough piled up in savings and 401k to support myself and maybe my parents in their old age, which for me will be around my 40s. but fuck my job and fuck that i sell >1/3 of my day 5 days a week to live comfortably.

No. 866396

I found out that the moid i've been talking to has been hooking up with his ex. I can't be mad, we never had a conversation about being exclusive or anything but we've been talking for a while and it seemed like we were getting semi-serious. he didn't even really give me a chance to react, he mentioned it very off-the-cuff while venting to me about an argument they had. i'm trying not to overreact, but it doesn't feel good

No. 866406

I don’t understand why people continue to speak to their exes if they can avoid it. Like you broke up for a reason, move on.

No. 866407

So many scrotes try to make a harem out of their ex gfs and the current one, it's shit.

No. 866412

The reason is not always something bad like cheating, fighting etc

No. 866419

Let him go, anon. He belongs to the streets.

No. 866430

This fucking guy I'm seeing can't text for shit. I've put our conversation in the archive because it pisses me off to look at it. It's all only questions from my side, he's so disengaged and often if things don't require a reply he won't.

However, he's constantly available to meet up and will drop what he's doing to come see me, and not to hook up (we haven't yet), is happy to take me out for meals, buy me whatever I might even insinuate I want, offered me his other bike to keep because I said I don't have one and will ask me all the questions that would imply he's interested in me as a person.

But then when I decided I wouldn't text first it took TWO DAYS for him to ask me how I am. As a frequent texter the difference in attitudes is killing me and I may end it because I'm not about to ask someone to change their behaviour after only 2 months of dating.

No. 866431

Obviously but I guess I just can’t be friends with a man after I’ve sucked and ducked, you know.

No. 866432

Start calling him instead. I have a friend like this, he is shit at texting but if I call him, he will engage. Some people just don’t know how to read and write.

No. 866436

in a nutshell, pure luck and legal loopholes. i'd say more but i'm scared of being easily identifiable.

No. 866438

I can't tell if my most frequented threads on this site are becoming overrun by braindead anons and newfags or if its just more obvious now the more disenchanted I get with this site. The shayne thread thread absolutely unreadable these days. Just like shayna can't help but post every thought and action on her twitter these anons are fucking falling over each other to argue about stupid shit like whether her dog is cute or not.

No. 866439

Summerfags + covid + twitterfags

Yea, it's gotten pretty bad in the last few months

No. 866441

File: 1627544871513.jpg (23.7 KB, 512x512, EJIb2HTUYAA9kiY.jpg)

Even after a decade of diligently wearing my retainers, my bottom teeth are getting crowded and there's a chance I have to get braces again before it gets worse. I also look comically young for my age. I hate them so much holy shit

No. 866442

i need braces so bad rn consider your curse a gift to some

No. 866448

Ok, you genuinely did give me some perspective. Sorry to hear that, anon

No. 866453

but how could your teeth get crowded if you wore your retainers? How did they not prevent that?

No. 866455


I'm kinda wondering too… I've notice my bottom tooth is sort of turning inwards and I wear my retainer diligently as well. Its only been like 6 years since I got my braces off.

No. 866457

Everything smells I'm so sensitive to smells today and I want to puke

No. 866458

File: 1627547190328.jpg (47.62 KB, 720x1280, wp5862801.jpg)

I feel like I'm actually starting to properly feel depression but I'm honestly not sure. No matter how much I try to get out there and meet people I feel like I'm the odd one out and most of the time I feel ignored. even when I'm with my friends I feel like that or they're sexualising me.

I'm feeling like there's something missing in my life. Maybe it could be having a partner but I don't know if that would make a difference to this feeling. When I did have a bf I was able to have someone to talk to and meet up with without feeling like I'm being sexualised or left out. I felt less insecure about how I look but since being single for nearly 2 years and I feel like I'm not good enough…

If it wasn't for work today I would curl up and cry in bed or try to sleep away this feeling.

No. 866459

Supposedly if our retainers warp through the years they can't stop our teeth from going back to their old positions. That or our wisdom teeth are pushing them but I've read that's not as common as people think.

No. 866460

I dont believe men who say they're abused sorry

Maybe like 1/10 of them will be telling the truth but the majority of them consider shit like "she said no to sex (because I treat her like a bangmaid)!!!!"

No. 866464

Um…so I just realized that I'm about to do an interview at a company that I've already interviewed at and where I had to do a 3 hour long test that I supposedly failed because my solutions were 'unprecise'. I wonder if noone else has applied for the job and that's why they are interviewing me again or they just genuinely made a mistake

No. 866480

File: 1627549615182.jpeg (331.28 KB, 828x1041, 80C4E2BF-E701-4788-82DA-0BADFE…)

I managed to be blessed by the rng gods and get this without having to buy devil points, and I can’t fucking use it in the dance off. My game freezes whenever I try to use it on any level and mix of other cards, so now I’m pissed I can’t see the little animation they have to go with it during battles. I wanna see Mammon basking in summer vibes reeeeee

No. 866492

File: 1627550777899.webm (4.51 MB, 1600x720, 20210729_021756_1.webm)

Don't worry queen I got you.

No. 866493

File: 1627551020877.png (488.45 KB, 640x448, 4749CA01-B486-44E7-A316-4DD807…)

Bless you based fellow sheep girl. May the rng gods shower you in all the ultra rare plus cards of your favs

No. 866494

File: 1627551173160.gif (1.92 MB, 422x207, i-dont-know-what-i-expected-gi…)

>bought clothing online
>doesn't fit well

At least it was dirt cheap but seriously,I didn't even notice the texture on one of the pants in the pictures. The size is also off despite them having a size chart in cm. First time I bought something like this and tbh the last, might be even better that way so I don't get addicted lol

No. 866496

Thank you, ladies. I slept a little and feel better I guess. Mostly I just felt like a bitch for being upset to begin with. Thanks for reminding me that I’m not. ♥

No. 866502

File: 1627551919955.png (550.7 KB, 801x794, earrings.PNG)

I've been running a self-sustaining business the last few years and these dumb ass bitches keep asking me why their business isn't as successful
Maybe stop reselling shitty aliexpress earrings, it's embarrassing and get a real fucking job

No. 866510

File: 1627552446231.jpg (469.87 KB, 3464x3464, girlboss.jpg)

kek reminds me of picrel.

No. 866524

Salted beef is foul filthy bleak trash not fit for human consumption but we eat the shit at least once a month and I’m gagging all day over the smell of it. Why did it last beyond the great wars? The only people who like it are old af men who grew up on these shitty magenta poverty briskets

No. 866541

I'm going to be a pissy little cunt about this because I have so many accounts in my "community" on Insta that sell this shit and have mad amounts of followers. Meanwhile I'm pouring my everything into making detailed as fuck art dolls and I have a very small audience. Part of it is luck, part of it is the fact that their product is effortless so they can post more often and then the algorithm treats them well. I feel bitter for complaining, but I just work so fucking hard.

And while I'm here in the vent thread, I've done a few art trades with my dolls and every one that I've done has been completely unsatisfactory. I chose to trade with these people because I thought they were skilled and creative. I put a lot of work, stress and originality into the shit I made for them. I made sure each one was perfect and unique to their personality. I made sure there wasn't anything out of place. Then these bitches send me dolls with broken faces, dolls with tin foil and hot glue sticking out of them, dolls with their limbs sewn on backwards. God I could just punch a baby in the face it makes me so mad. It made me cry like a loser every time because I spent time to make this and money to shit it and you send me this?? They don't respect me OR their craft. It's pathetic. They can all go fuck themselves and I'm tired of interacting with these woke tards anyway.

No. 866543

Samefag but the new fad is shrinky dink jewelry. Crudely drawn pieces of cheap plastic for 20+ dollars. Fuck.

No. 866550

Holy fuck I'm glad there are memes calling this out kek. Watched one "packing orders for small business" tiktok out of curiosity and the over-the-top packaging is absurd.

No. 866552

I'm so sorry about the trades, that's just awful!
I own three art dolls and they were bloody expensive (understandable for the amount of craft, time and supplies consumed), so I can imagine this can factor into you having a smaller audience (absolutely not implying you should lower your prices)… I'm sure they love your work though, as I cherish the dolls that I own. I'm forever rooting for those artists!!! They are amazing.

No. 866555

Noooo don't, don't rope me back in

No. 866556

I’ve been thinking about buying little trinkets like these, making a mould, make a master key and then getting it cast in metal. Is that bad

No. 866563

Thank you anon, so sweet! What's nice about the audience I do have is that even though it's small, they're really dedicated and supportive. A few of them encouraged me to actually raise my prices because they told me the work I was doing was worth more than I was charging. One girl even collects my dolls and she's so great it melts my heart.

No. 866573

Yes, the market is flooded with these little shits and you can't go on Etsy without running into a billion different sellers peddling the same thing.

No. 866574

Wtf what's this game it looks amazing

No. 866581

File: 1627557724520.png (1.16 MB, 820x1106, 22AB4667-43B7-45DB-9727-7E1E03…)

Obey Me!, a mobile otome

No. 866582

I'm getting so paranoid over the vaccine shit. Like, I'm going to need to get it, no other choice at all, due to circumstances. But I kind of don't want to get it just yet…

No. 866595

File: 1627558687400.jpeg (357.04 KB, 1707x2560, Estrid-razors.-Lazy-shaver-rev…)

I really hate when I see thumbnails on videos or picrel with women pretending to shave their faces. you'll look for videos on youtube about face shaving and the thumbnail will be clickbait of a woman with shaving foam and a traditonal razor in her hand only to find the video is about those little dermablading things. it fucking annoys me as a very hairy bitch with a hormone imbalance who has to shave her face daily. I've been baited into clicking so many vids thinking 'oh hey! it's a fellow hairy bitch!' only to find she really isn't! ladies, please stop this hairy cultural appropriation.

No. 866599

Yes girl, me and my thick Italian hair feel you

No. 866602

File: 1627559320481.jpg (195.02 KB, 650x971, 8b15dc2da8c93fab5e9aac4d9d7adf…)

How do I make myself study without taking hour long breaks to do shit all on my phone or pc, wasting my time and feeling bad. Like, I just cannot be away from my phone to study for some really important exams, it's not like I'm doing anything meaningful on my phone. I don't even have any social media, I just dick around on forums and youtube. What do I do? I need my phone for flashcards too so I can't just give it to someone for an alloted time or chuck it away. And when I do chuck my phone away, I still can't concentrate. Judt staring like a drooling retard at my notes. What do I do, anon? I really, really need to fucking study. Like, consider it life.or death shit. I'm gonna cry, how do I make myself just fucking study.

No. 866605

Me too anon, I need some help in this department.

No. 866606

File: 1627559430675.png (72.08 KB, 210x317, tumblr_inline_pahnrfGcYB1tqmwk…)

I have enough of people's logic
>house dirty
>being told to clean the dishes
>house still dirty
>it's somehow my fault now

No. 866613

I feel you, someone save us. I really need to study but I'm still here. God, it's self-sabotage.

No. 866630

There are browser extensions that will time the length youve had a tab open, and ones that will force quit different websites after a certain amount of time. Those might be somewhat helpful. For me, I started doing 30-40mins of studying to 15-20 mins of browsing.

No. 866634

File: 1627560783334.jpg (53.08 KB, 640x350, d7l2rvmzsmd71.jpg)

Took sick hours today even though I'm not sick. I'm going to relax and have a day at my own pace. Idgaf.

No. 866640

Set a timer for just 20 minutes and force yourself to study with 100% effort, then have a 10 minute break. Rinse and repeat. If you can, extend your study period to 30 minutes
Are you interested in what you're studying btw? Is it a difficult subject?

No. 866642

Get Pfizer or Moderna, those can be trusted

No. 866655

I just cleaned up my area where I study to hopefully motivate me a bit, though that can be considered procrastinating, which it probably was. I'm gonna do the 20 minute thing and hide my phone under a sofa. I'm not interested in what I'm studying at all, I have to just get through it. It's not difficult per se, it's more like a lot of material I need to cover.

No. 866656

Braces OP here again, we have the same problem of a bottom tooth rotating inwards, so I thought you'd want to know that my dentist got back to me and said I have impacted molars, which is what's causing the crowding and rotation. I have to get them removed then get braces, or else suffer fucked up teeth + cavities later in life. Hopefully it's not as serious for you, though you might wanna get checked anyway - it's way cheaper to fix a minor tooth problem than a major one, naturally

No. 866660

Social media is incredibly over saturated and hard to break into unless you’re drawing porn or you’re already in art school and putting your creations out their. There is no point in even continuing to try if you’re wasting your resources and sense of normalcy.

No. 866678

What the fuck is that sound Mammon's making?

No. 866699

File: 1627564020111.png (884.97 KB, 860x1093, 42-429200_ay-tone-meme-hd-png-…)

Ay, Tone. How come dey all say it's gonna get better when it don't? I'd eat a shotgun barrel if it weren't for da phallic imagery.

No. 866700

What's your ideal savings goal? I never know how much I could live off for early retirement tbh

No. 866707

File: 1627564900678.jpg (982.68 KB, 2400x1080, 92727166161616.jpg)

Kek picrel. You'll hear the voice line sometimes if you have him on your homescreen.

No. 866710

I don't care about money anymore I just want to live my life and speak the truth, I know my life will be ruined for speaking the truth and that I will live in poverty for the rest of my life due to it, but I am tired of pandering nonnies, I am tired of pandering to those that have climbed the social ladder, to those born in first world countries that talk about how sex work is powerful and motivational and liberating when women from my country are abused and trafficked into sex work due to poverty, I'm tired of first worlders and their fake imagined opression points, I'm tired of how they fetishize the sick regime that destroyed the life of my mother and grandparents that is communism. I will speak the truth and beware in our society, speaking the truth is the most dangerous thing one could do. If you speak the truth against those that have climbed the social hierarchy or that are privileged they will wipe your existence off the planet. I know Youtube will literally ban me and mute me for speaking against sex trafficking, fetishization of an authoritarian regime, which is quite ironic because racists, homophobes and mysoginists are allowed and monetized on their platform only because they pander to an already existing niche (the right wingers) and they make money off of it. I don't care about money anymore or being well off or having financial security I might end up being homeless and dying from suicide in a building without electricity like my mother but I will speak the truth

No. 866713

It's you again. Take your meds nona.

No. 866714

Had a job interview today and I honestly feel really shit even though it went well. I always feel like a kid trying to play adult or something and makes me feel unqualified.

I think it's mostly because HR people/recruiters always assume intention behind every career choice and everything you've ever done and you have to justify it when the truth is there was none. I got my degree because I was stupid and didn't know that it is not marketable. I worked at that specific workplace because my mom did yoga with one of the people working there and that's how I got accepted. I was fired from my second workplace after 3 months because the manager was an unstable narcissist with anger problems. But obviously I can't say these things so I have to pretend like I'm this human who 'wanted new challenges' and who has a 'passion for X'. Blergh

No. 866717

I've also stopped doing things to please others when nobody has done a thing to please me. Have you ever thought how many things you do to please others, things that otherwise you would not even do in the first place? I am not shaving my legs anymore or my armpits because I don't truly desire those things, I do them to satisfy and not offend others. I don't take my medication because I've been taking it to conceal my true self and I've been taking it to satisfy others and not offend them. Medication makes me apathic, it makes me unable to feel, cry, feel joy, it stops my deep thoughts, it stops me from speaking the truth and it makes me more similar to others. I don't want to do things to satisfy others anymore

No. 866720

going on here is terrible for your mind, there is no peace only infighting and nitpicking some celebrity woman who happened to wear something that was ugly while som scrote who said homophobic things is never focused on in these threads. women are even more cruel to other women, I hate this fucking world

No. 866721

No. 866725

yea nonny it's an imageboard afterall and it's the internet and society. Society do be toxic like that and women are no saviour angels. Women opress other women, women groom and sexually traffick other women, use other women for their own interest, bully other women, make other women kill themselves and the list go on. You will never find that pure social group, community where people actual care for one another and speak the truth, we are conditioned to egoism and to narcissism

No. 866726

please get help, you aren't seeing straight and not even in the retarded 'big gay uwu' way

No. 866727

Somehow out of everything on the thread, that one anon calling the dog retarded is exceptionally bleak because they're obviously doing it for the attention they get from all the dogfag anons. I know women can be mega trolls too, but the behavior reeks of scrote.

No. 866732

why are you telling her she's not seeing straight? she is obviously seeing very straight. This imageboard is literally built on the premise of bullying, nitpicking and sadistically watching mentally ill women destroy their lives. If you partake in that don't guilt trip anon for speaking the truth just because it hurts your ego to accept you have sociopathic traits yourself. I wish there were more threads on male online personalities that do shitty things, because believe me there are a lot and they do more shitty and harmful stuff than women do, but instead I have to see a mentally ill girl from a third world country suffering from mental illness destroy herself, I have to see a mentally ill girl that grew up with addict parents destroy herself, I have to see a girl that was abused and taken advantage of by a narc mother her entire life destroy herself. I mean I understand why this place is hurting her when it fosters so much hatred and sociopathy towards women, I think anon should either leave or browse the threads that don't involve sadistically criticizing and watching the fall of abused and mentally ill women

No. 866733

Waaaah, go then. Always bitching and never actually contributing to topics you feel are sooo important. I’m sure said celeb is very hurt that bitches on lolcow think her fit is wack.

No. 866735

Goddamn I hate kumbaya feminism. Women are never going to agree with each other 100% of the time and you need to get over it. Expecting us to always get along is dehumanizing. There are bigger problems with internalized misogyny than just
>uwu nonnie called me a retard because I was acting like a retard, women are so toxic and cruel to each other!!!1!

No. 866737

>tfw brother saw my otome game running and asked what game is this/who these boys are
>had a smile on his face like he already knew the answer
Fuck fuck fuck why did I leave it on the counter GAHHH I'M EMBARRASSED

No. 866738

maybe she was talking about micro e-celebs like Luna Slater, Lucinda or the other mentally ill girls being discussed on here too

No. 866740

We usually go to KF for male cows. Male cows are incredibly unhinged and actually a menace to society. Most women don’t actually want to actively keep up with their filth. Most male cows aren’t even on farmers radar because their own pockets of internet doesn’t include them.

No. 866742

>But obviously I can't say these things so I have to pretend like I'm this human who 'wanted new challenges' and who has a 'passion for X'. Blergh
I hate this so fucking much. I know what you mean anon

No. 866743

I've seen things that go way beyond calling a mentally ill woman that has been abused "retarded" on here, also I am not the original anon. I've seen women root for the death of other women, be happy when they hurt themselves and the list goes on, that absolutely does go beyond calling someone "retarded", but keep on coping and continue in your sociopathic ways nonna

No. 866745

i'm not gonna read all that shit but if you think that a few anons nitpicking looks is as bad as what scrotes do to women (revenge porn, harrassment, sending fucking mothers gore of their murdered daughters, the list goes on and on), you are insane as well.
>women are even more cruel to other women, I hate this fucking world
forgot to quote, but that was the part of her post I was replying to. Also what the fuck are you doing here if lolcow is so horrifying and you are seeing the truth?

No. 866747

yea ok good I'd rather see anons root for the death and self harm of mentally ill girls or be jealous over them for being in Nippon. Like this place is from /cgl/ literally and years ago when I started browsing it was filled of BPD/NPD chans foaming at the mouth on the sight of other women that went to Japan or on the sight of women owning more weeabo shit than they do. Idk I don't wanna go to Kiwifarms and have to be around all those scrotes to discuss horrible male online celebrities

No. 866748

OK? How is this an issue? How are you making this an overall "woman" problem instead of just… getting mad at bitchy people?

No. 866753

you sound like fakeboi, especially with how much you stan Tuna and moralfag while still hanging around on lolcow. Anyway go paypal Tuna your wagebucks if you care so much and think she dindu nothing wrong

No. 866758

>that one anon calling the dog retarded
I'm not gonna go read a clusterfuck about dog opinions, but seriously? You're offended because someone called a dog retarded? Who's gonna read that, the dog? Will the dog be offended? The owner of that very specific dog will read "retarded" and feel bad?
Who are you offended for in this scenario? Is it just because you don't like to hear someone say a dog is stupid? Get over it.

But sure, surely this opinion about a dog makes us as bad as scrotes. Makes this imageboard as bad as others where child rape, torture porn, and scat are posted.
But sure, throw a tantrum about using "retarded" to describe a dog on the same website where actual humans have worse shit said about them and sometimes actually read it.

This is a fucking joke! Take a break from this place if it so suits you, but stop being dramatic.

No. 866760

you retarded bitch I am not talking about nitpicking looks I'm talking about women posting in the threads of mentally ill women obviously rooting for their fall, death, self harm. I've literally witnessed a girl die of an overdose and a day before anons where wishing death upon her and when she died everyone was like "yeah whatever another scum lost from earth" that's literally sociopathy. If men rape, kill and so on that is not in any form an excuse for women's sociopathic behaviour or the harm of women. You cannot excuse atrocities with other atrocities, now go masturbate to your fujo porn and cry yourself to sleep because you are not a nipponese girl when you are a white ugly gremlin and starve yourself a bit more. Excuse me for having moral standards and criticizing sociopathy. Why am I still here? Because I found the good stuff like very based opinions, smart posts, anonimity, but that does not mean I should not criticize the wrong things like sociopathy, bullying of mentally ill women and rooting for their death. I did a bit of what you accused me of by wishing harm on you but you are a complete retard and you don't deserve to have the things that you do have and you dont have the right to look down on others like that.


oh yesss I am a fakeboi for having empathy for another human being, I will cut off my tits now or whatever. I'm also a scrote or a troon for having a different opinion than yours, right?(infighting)

No. 866762

Every time someone brings up muh /cgl/ or staminarose these days it’s 100% a tourist fresh off the ED page kek

No. 866764

Look at all these lies kek Which cow are you you stupid cunt?(infighting)

No. 866766

>Why am I still here? Because I found the good stuff like very based opinions, smart posts, anonimity.

Most importantly, because you know that for as much as you bitch about this place it's the best female-friendly imageboard to use.
Why are you still here? Because 4chan and the like are dogshit and even worse in toxicity and you know it.
Instead of expecting this website to cater to you, just ignore and quit feeding energy into the things you dislike. The so-called bitches who you accuse of ruining things are the same ones contributing to the parts you do like. Also I'd refrain from using the word "retarded" as it's come to light some posters have big sensitive feelings about the use of that word.

No. 866767

So just go to /ot/, /g/ and /m/ if you hate gossip. Yeah, celebricows is the worst thread on here, so just stay out of it.
I find lolcow actually more nice to women and welcoming than most other social Internet places like YouTube, reddit or Instagram. I feel like lolcow being a female space ruined Internet for me because I don't have to deal with a lot of sexist shit on here. Complaining about women nitpicking women, did you not see scrotes scrutinising every inch of female body and really maliciously hating on women on reddit or YouTube? Fucking kiwifarms? I love how people like you have this selective vision of only seeing bad shit when women do it and then always scream about how women are aktshually much worse and meaner than men.

No. 866768

Two problems can exist at the same time. Sometimes, we should just stop squirming around the problem and notice that infighting is a waste of time and prideful. You can kill your ownn group on the inside as well, making it incapable of noticing other enemies. That's how the scrotes slip through the cracks, we're so busy posting memes in Shayna's thread instead of contributing. This shit sucks, this is the vent thread I can say whatever the fuck I want.

No. 866769

You're annoying as hell with your fake empathy go away

No. 866776

I think it's the same anon lately who's been raging in the vent threads when anons aren't agreeable with her. She gets so fucking nasty with the namecalling despite demanding everyone else be super empath towards her posts.

No. 866777

Roast you? Well fucking done mate

No. 866778

How dare you open a savings account and make a move towards financial independence. UGH

No. 866780

it's psychological manipulation

No. 866782

You're such a hypocrite kek
Anon wasn't even insulting you.

>you retarded bitch

>go masturbate to your fujo porn and cry yourself to sleep because you are not a nipponese girl
>you are a white ugly gremlin
>starve yourself a bit more
>you are a complete retard and you don't deserve to have the things that you do have
>Excuse me for having moral standards and criticizing sociopathy
>I'm a fakeboi for having empathy for another human being

No. 866783

my calculations are extremely rough but by 45 i'm shooting for >2.1 mil simply in money i set aside, and by that time (on my same salary) i would also have >2 mil in 401k. for me that combined is about the base level where i'd feel ok with just fucking off from work, assuming i pay off whatever debts i inevitably accrue with my regular ol' checking account (read: non-savings) $ over time.

if i factor in that i'll probably be switching jobs semi-regularly to take a pay bump and a new title (fucking tech man), i'll probably have slightly less than a mil more in both accounts.

but that amount of money is actually pretty excessive and i think just shooting for around 3 mil will leave room for most people in case something goes wrong. of course take into account your location (my area is extremely low cost of living for the USA), if you have a partner you can either rely on or need to support, if you'll buy a house, etc etc etc. best of luck anon, sorry idk how helpful that was because it's very specific

No. 866858

No no anon, whenever that poster says the dog is retarded, they get exaaactly the type of sperg-out that you just wrote, except from a multitude of other anons. That's what's bleak, is that the anon is doing it for attention to elicit a response.

Imagine a thread with walls of text exactly like yours 15 times in a row over basically nothing. It's embarrassing for all involved.

No. 866862

I don't understand how scrotes can be so bold and so stupid at the same time?
My friend's ex keeps telling dumb lies about every damn thing.
She asked him how he met his new girlfriend and he deadass said
>I was on facebook and I dropped my phone and as I was picking it up it accidentally added her as a friend
This is a lie a ten year old tells, not a grown adult. This is a man who cheated on his wife while they were in an open relationship so you know he just gets off on lying. You'd think he'd be better at it by now.

No. 866871

>I was on facebook and I dropped my phone and as I was picking it up it accidentally added her as a friend
I'm fucking dying

No. 866897

>a thread with walls of text exactly like yours
I don't think you know what a wall of text is, that's what's embarrassing nonnie.

No. 866918

Just found out my ex bf’s new gf is a mail order bride from the Philippines. Sensed that he had a fetish for Asian women which I was not. That’s why I found Asian women on his phone.

No. 866931

I hope she uses him for the money and citizenship and then divorces him, no offence (unless you dislike him then much offense.)

No. 866932

Hopefully he'll wind up with a ting tong.

No. 866933

I still can not believe the BBC aired this and then lecture ordinary people about being woke all while being a organisation full pedos.

No. 866934


Wouldn’t doubt it. His whole family is a lolcow. His brother had sex with many troons and leeches on his baby mama. His dad I assumed also get a mail order bride. Ex said she was “the evil German stepmom”, but watched German stepmother porn, LOL.

No. 866935

Yeah they've always been full of shit. Sorry for the repost btw, I originally wrote the opposite of what I intended!

No. 866936

>You cannot excuse atrocities with other atrocities, now go masturbate to your fujo porn and cry yourself to sleep because you are not a nipponese girl when you are a white ugly gremlin and starve yourself a bit more. Excuse me for having moral standards and criticizing sociopathy.

I know the spergout is over but I can't stop laughing at this total lack of self awareness and hypocrisy.

No. 866938

File: 1627583247564.png (443.19 KB, 1080x1937, walloftxt.png)

Tear down this wall!

No. 866940

Lol anon. Are their antics on social media? I'd love a thread kek. Anyone who wants to order a wife like you would a frickin television set is certifiably insane, so well done for dodging that bullet!

No. 866944

Sadly not. This is just the stuff he’s told me about his family before I met them. Really is a circus show. Oh and wait! He used to be a drug dealer in San Diego and fucked prostitutes in Tijuana. Never knew this because he has a good job now and all that jazz. Just crazy how lolcow his life is/was.

No. 866948

I feel like I'm getting ripped off by my auto repair place. Apparently I need my coolant hoses replaced with their fittings replace also and it will cost me $1098. Now, it is hard to get to, and my front bumper is wired shut so I get that adds complications. But I feel like I'm paying so fucking much. However, I did look up the parts online and for hoses WITH fittings for my model, they're like $200-300. $145 for the cheap second-hand ones. Am I being fucked over?

No. 866950

Also, my coolant was leaking fucking everywhere, hence why I need them replaced. I could get only one replaced for $855. I figured I should do both, though.

No. 866962

this might be a little long, i’m sorry i’m advance! anyways, i’m living with my bf and his family. his sister recently got a girlfriend and she’s been staying here every day since they first got together. tbh, i was excited about having another woman in the house at first. my excitement faded quickly. since she’s been here, she’s broken the bathroom door off its hinges (someone broke the doorknob and threw it away so i guess she was trying to close the door and the hinges just gave up), has clogged the shower drain multiple times with her hair (she doesn’t clean it out, which is why i’m bitching), clogs the toilet multiple times a week (she doesn’t plunge it), eats all of the food in the fridge and doesn’t restock it, cooks then leaves dirty dishes everywhere, snores so fucking loud i can hear it from the next room, doesn’t dry herself off in the shower and covers the entire bathroom floor in water, etc. i could go on, i really could. my bf’s family is already pretty messy as is, she’s done nothing but add onto the pre-existing filth in this house. it’s so annoying. i can’t imagine being an adult and completely wrecking another person’s house and not even making the slightest bit of effort to undo some of your damage. she has her own apartment and a job, yet she’s staying here and destroying the house and eating all the food. she contributes nothing. my boyfriend’s family gave me such a hard time when i moved in here (even though i was and still am extremely unproblematic, i keep to myself and clean up after myself) but she can literally break things and no one even bats an eyelash. i really hate her and i want her to leave. i’m tired of cleaning up after this woman.

No. 866964

Auto repair shops are fucking scammers ALL OF THEM. I know someone who went to get a recalled part replaced and they fucked up her brakes so she now has to use 3x more gas to drive.

No. 866965

*in. bully me for my typo and i’ll cry.

No. 866969

I mean, yeah

No. 866975

Why are you and your bf not in your own place?

No. 866996

Addiction is so frustrating. I don't know if I'll make it out. I really want to. I had so much potential before I lost myself in drinking. I've seen what dying from alcoholism looks like up close and I don't want this - but my body does apparently. I feel so helpless against it. I hate this.

No. 867005

I really coped myself into thinking that I didn't want anyone around and that I hated having friends but I'm actually miserable and I miss one person in particular. My actions have consequences though and I accept it but it doesn't stop me from being any less depressed over everything. I also cried last night because I just want to eat pizza again and not worry about anything but I still can't and being alone makes getting out of this even harder. It feels like the damage I caused is not fixable. I'll be alone forever, dying, and wishing I could eat stupid shit but never doing so.

No. 867035

I wanna just do something outdoorsy for once in my life. I just wanna camp or fish, ideally for a week. I wish my parents were the outdoorsy type so I could have had experience, or have had a friend like this. I wish I could be in an old wooden canoe with the sun shining on me. I don’t even want a fish but I wanna fish. I wanna see wildlife. I love people watching but I want to animal watch now. I wanna lay on the cool ground and just pick up a twig. Also I hate college so much I am not thriving. I have had this intense disconnect in my life because I can’t believe I’m doing this. I genuinely cannot. I feel very upset by it but I don’t even feel that fully, and even thinking about it is hard like my brain doesn’t let me think about it because it knows I will snap. I am empty (from other things too) but I’d rather be empty out in the wilderness.

No. 867088

if you are the Komaeda anon, please remember that he loves you

No. 867094

To add onto that, junk food, drugs, alcohol, hookups, and porn.

No. 867101

No. 867105

but your (? assuming you are Komaeda anon here) love for him is real, and so is the hope that he gives you.
I'm very sorry for the situation you are in and I wish I could say something that would help, but I don't think it's possible… So I'll just say that I hope that you find happiness

No. 867119

i dont want to sound superficial but, ladies, i have been lifting for 2-3yrs (austistically read a lot about all the science and nutrition) and have had great gains. my bf has also been lifting for the same time but he just meme lift for 30min, isn't consistent,has no routine (doesnt even count reps) and will not take my advice (doesnt like my sperging infodump), he is finally in a normal BMI (and not underweight) but is mostly beer belly.
a good shit and few days of his usual (under)eating and he is back to being borderline anakun (and then depression about skellymode leading to more undereating or speed eat fats to bloatmaxx)
am salty bc i just want him to take it a more serious, both for his own health and because im a horny cunt
but this shall stay with me since i cannot tell him without hurting the relationship

No. 867135

File: 1627598729886.jpg (20.49 KB, 398x399, 1429952650719.jpg)

There's nothing worse than two shy people going on a date. I had my first date with a guy who's pretty shy, we spent a few hours together and it was a mess; long periods of silence with sudden remarks about random shit from me or him. I feel so boring. I wish I knew how to talk to people, especially when I'm attracted to them. The funniest thing is he invited me for another date. I have no idea why. I want to go but I don't want to experience this cringe feeling again. At one point he literally said "say something" and I was just staring at him like an autist. I feel like I already said every interesting thing I had to say on our first date and I don't know what to talk about. I just want to hug him tbh

No. 867141

Why don't you try a double bungee jump or something? Or a round of laser tag. Or a DDR showdown. Anything that makes idiots of both of you.

No. 867142

Do you have a good resource for info on lifting? Also are your gains mostly arms/abs?
Good for you anon, you inspire me. Hope your bf gets swole too.

No. 867147

Well all those activities require being around strangers and I have a strong anxiety, I hate being around people unless I have to or if it's a quiet place, like a museum or something. I'm afraid I'm too antisocial for him or any normie, kind guy for that matter

No. 867148

I moved to a town for a year-long contract, and I'm upset by how in the entire year I've been here I've managed to make no friends. It seems like no one here is going to miss me when I leave town besides my boyfriend. I guess it's not that big of a deal in the long term but I'm so depressed right now when I should be packing and wrapping things up.

I don't know what I've done to deserve this. I don't mind working hard for a good social life but it's just so frustrating reaching out to people and having my efforts be rejected at every turn. I wish someone could tell me if it's my ADHD, having a bad personality, being not fun, etc.

This is my first real job out of undergrad, so idk if this is just a function of people working full time. It seems like as an adult you either have to bffs or else people are not going to bother having you in their circle. In undergrad I felt pretty good about my social life because you could be friends with people without being so close to them.

This isn't the life I pictured I would have. I don't want to be a woman who justs hangs out with her boyfriend all the time. I love being social, hosting gatherings, and getting to know people. I really hope the rest of my life isn't like this.

All I can say is that I'm more grateful than ever for having a good relationship with my family.

No. 867149

This fucker at work won't stop trying to get me to watch Big Mouth. I have said I'm not interested but he keeps sending me memes and trying to explain why it's so funny. I told him I think it looks ugly and I'm not interested in the plot at all and yet be keeps going. Every couple days he's talking about it again

No. 867151

Honestly, sometimes it helps to just say that you're super nervous and laugh it off. When you spend more time with someone and get more comfortable you'll naturally talk a lot more. You don't have to rush it. Besides, the man should be worried about entertaining you, it's kinda pushy and insensitive he told you to "say something" when it's fucking obvious that you felt pressured.

No. 867155

Report him for sexual harassment, he's trying to get you to watch a show with a little girl's talking vagina

No. 867159

File: 1627600869551.jpeg (87.04 KB, 1300x956, 0C064A93-17C8-411D-9685-6EC502…)

No. 867161

my arms grow fast/easy, so i mostly ignore them for back/shoulders and focus on lower body. i got baby abs (two pack, to sometimes 4) since i do not like doing abs enough for a full 8 pack.
a good beginner source is SoHeeFit, her IG has a lot of good tips, and also a good way to find other legit sources (and GirlsWhoPowerLift too, for inspo and other personal trainers)
science-wise, youtube can be a legit source. Greg Douccette old vids are simple practical advice,and Jeff Nippard has good science focus technical spergs
for actual routine,Strong Curves or Glute Lab by Bret Contreras is what i do (second book has more technical info and methods, both solid AF, mixes bodybuilding and powerlifting).
its a really fun and empowering hobby. i can pick up men more than double my weight, and can squat my skelly bf's weight.

No. 867174

fujkkin kek

No. 867182

My boyfriends extended family was over and he caught me basically freaking out because of the fact that there were like 6 people I am not used to in the livingroom. We were on a trip with his family and I was already tired of socializing and there were people over ughh he said it was weird cause they're nice. I do not care I hate being around people so much so that I started crying after pacing around out of anxiety. Anyways they're finally gone but I looked like a damn fool in front of him.

No. 867191

What car? A lot of makes have service manuals freely available online, you can buy parts from rockauto (new/remanufactured) or car-part.com (used) for cheap, and the money you spend on a basic toolset and a set of ramps is less than an hour of labor at a shop. Something like a coolant hose shouldn't be too bad to do yourself if you have a bucket to catch all the coolant in

No. 867194

fuck period headaches

No. 867195

I am getting so overwhelmed with purchasing glasses online, I just got my first prescription for glasses and every glasses wearer I know (Which is like 9/10 friends) tells me to buy em online, but they're like only 50$ from the quote I got from my optometrist.
Every time I go to a website, there are so many things, and bad reviews honestly scare me for things like these.

No. 867198

I’m so frustrated and pissed off I keep crying. I really didn’t want to get the vaccine but i did because i have to travel and im poor, cant afford the quarantine and tests and all the bullshit. but im so pissed because i got the shot, literally had a seizure afterwards, im still getting the second one AND when i travel i STILL have to wear a fucking mask! i have to wear a mask for over 16 fucking hours! even though im vaccinated. im pissed because it’s gonna destroy my skin, i already struggle with acne. so i got the fucking vaccine even though i didnt want to, all for fucking nothing. i dont even care anymore i sincerely hope the panoramic kills everyone i want to fucking die

No. 867202

No. 867203

i'm kind of worried that this guy's (let's call him joe) friends are only tolerating me because said guy has a crush on me.

it's like, i want to hang out with them (and joe!), but i'm also pretty interested in someone else (tom). however, i also don't want to lose these people because hanging out with them is fun…

and to make matters more complicated – i can't really just outright say who i'm dating (tom) because someone in joe's friendgroup has dated him before.

what a nightmare

No. 867204

fuck you bitch

No. 867210

>The panoramic

No. 867220

File: 1627609854175.jpeg (18.18 KB, 194x192, 1623689979995.jpeg)

The shit that goes on on /cgl/ makes me thankful that the mods here are actually active. With that said even the damn lolita thread here gets so messy

No. 867222

yeah, the panama, that’s what i said

No. 867224

File: 1627610490469.jpg (214.68 KB, 1069x1049, 8bc.jpg)

I was not aware that "shoplifting girls" was a porn category.

No. 867239

the panoramic got me kekking upon high

No. 867248

File: 1627614302732.jpeg (53.44 KB, 583x509, 597CC1D4-4826-4E75-A1D8-CBAA38…)

I’m tired of caring about responsible critical media consumption. I don’t want to think about the intrinsic moral character of stupid TV shows. I want to put on some dumb entertainment and just enjoy it for once. Being a very online “leftist” in college made me really bitter about pop culture and while I’m still bitter about it, I think it would be nice to put on an episode of “Ghost Whisperer” or whatever without wondering if the show really played into non-feminist ideas or whatever. I just want to enjoy things again. I want to retire from being a smart critically-minded anti-consumerist and become a regular woman who listens to true crime podcasts and reads mediocre books and listens to NPR. How do I make my brain smooth like that

No. 867254

Update to >>856260, he was active for several days after I sent the message & he never opened it, then promptly deleted me. Pretending it doesn’t hurt a little, but it hurts a lot. We were literal best friends from ages 3-12 at least. I feel like trash.

No. 867255

I was unfortunately very aware. One of my fav genres, probably due to my trauma related to a police officer who groomed me when I was underage. Not something to be proud of, but it’s a thing.

No. 867258

Recently "re-connected" with a guy who used to use me as his therapist. I'm gonna fuck him up mentally. He started going to the gym, maybe he's more normal now is what I thought but someone told me he's a hentai/porn addict and I regret talking to him now, but I can't ghost him because we live in the same neighborhood so might as well try and break down his already low self-esteem.

No. 867260

I wish I could explain better but focus on following the plot. and it's okay to notice things you'd criticize, but recognize you can still enjoy a mediocre or shit movie you know? you can do both. treat it like you're along for the ride.

No. 867263

nonnas… i got a really heartfelt apology from someone who bullied me and made my life miserable in school. he kind of stalked me and made my life a living hell for a little less than a year. but he was finally able to get a hold of me after about 6 years and the apology was very genuine (it helps that he is in a serious relationship, so i want to believe his words were honest and not an attempt to get into my pants like most scrote apologies)

but i feel so bitter that him and his partner are so much more well off than me. i feel like i failed somehow, because we received the same education but i’m working a job that makes me want to kill myself (i keep having intrusive thoughts about it) while him and his gf each make >200k at my same age… what is this awful feeling? we’re only 22, how did I fall behind them?

i accepted his apology but i guess my bitterness stems from feeling like he got the world, while i was stunted because of what he did to me and couldn’t perform as well. it’s been bothering me all day and in this moment i genuinely want to commit an hero. i feel like such a failure in comparison, but maybe it’s just the negative feelings from the past in combination with bitterness that people who do bad things do well. it hurts a lot. everyone is so proud of me for working at a prestigious place but i make pebbles in comparison and my contract is so shit.

No. 867267

what’s stopping you from going camping nonna?

No. 867269

I'm so sorry anon, at least it's all relative… I honestly feel horrible because I'm the same age and way behind both of you (no job or achievements). I guess from any perspective, it could always be better. It's understandable to have complicated and distressing feelings about something like that. Tbh you probably need a lot more time to process it. And I think you're totally justified to feel that way because he did affect your situation, but you can never know all of his anyway or where it's going. Please give yourself time for you to feel better about these developments because it is a lot to deal with. You are totally justified anon to feel upset but please do not kys, the intrusive thoughts are your mind's current way of trying to deal with these crazy emotions but I believe it will improve if you give them time to settle.

No. 867282

i feel so sad, why don’t i get as much attention as the anons who literally draw ms paint tier shit. is it because actually have taste or something? i don’t get it

No. 867285

My bf is a programmer and has been pouring every minute of free time into a personal project. It's cute and I love how into it he is but I don't know shit about programming or math, so whenever he tries to explain what he's so excited about I don't get it. But I want to be able to talk to him about his biggest passion!! I'm going to try to learn the basics of C# and game dev stuff so I can be excited with him.

No. 867287

File: 1627620758776.jpeg (418.76 KB, 828x828, E37DB242-B26F-45C7-A51B-A9299D…)

Ugh… I was so close to this person through my formative years. I hate feeling this way.

No. 867288

File: 1627620807113.jpeg (79.95 KB, 680x626, e78.jpeg)

do you really care about anon internet attention? thats actually p sad if true. free yourself from those trappings, do what you want just purely because you want to, not because you want accolades.

No. 867289

File: 1627620911834.jpg (10.31 KB, 312x296, dfa.jpg)

thank you nonna. my feelings are also exacerbated because he asked to meet casually (him and his gf, me and my bf) and while i initially considered it to extend an olive branch and rebuild bridges… i just have a history of letting people in too easily and forgiving too quickly, plus his gf might feel weird about it (rightfully so) and i'm just literally going insane. he even offered to help me with new job opportunities because he has connects. i wonder is it for me, or is it for his own conscience?

i don't want wearing my heart on my sleeve to somehow royally fuck things up. i'm so confused and overwhelmed

i bet he would be happy to teach you nonna. otherwise i'd recommend trying a course on udemy or something similar, having a lesson structure will help

No. 867298

wait, are you trying to insert yourself in their drama just because you knew them at one point? you admit yourself that its been like 8 years since you had connection with them. id block you too considering you said what you did in that screenshot you were stupid enough to post. almost two week and despite being really close years ago you were ghosted and you respond with what you did.

you sound like bargain bin bpd chick from high school that people will use for years to come as an example for whom to avoid.(infighing)

No. 867304

My best friend wants to have sex with me and even when I say "no", "its a bad idea" she will respond with "Why? My bf doesn't have a problem with it, you & I have had sex before and its been good so why don't you want to have sex with me? I really feel like ever since I got a bf there's been this space between us and I don't want to say its him but you act like it is."

I don't get why she won't just drop it. I don't want to have sex with her, I dont think its good for our friendship (things got messy in past) and I don't think it'll be anything good to her relationship. She says she wants to have sex with a woman bc she's never been with a guy before and he ruins her self confidence and she never had this problem with women. Like having sex with a woman will help her get her groove back. I even told her "then have sex with a woman, hookup off tinder its not hard" but she goes on & on about how she can't bc she has to have a connection with someone before sex. I'm very frustrated about this. I feel like its gotten to the point where I don't wanna hang out and drink with her alone anymore and that sucks. She's my best friend but she is acting like some fuck boy.

No. 867308

didn't you say that he dropped you a long time ago for more popular friends? if that's the case then why would he randomly want to talk to you now? no offense but there's nothing you can do at this point except move on and stop worrying about him.

No. 867310

Ew. You should threaten her..

No. 867329

File: 1627626452324.gif (1.25 MB, 450x366, 4yehhe.gif)

I keep fucking up at work and my boss is already pissed as it is and I fucked up a few days ago already. I'm just sad and tired at this point.

No. 867335

File: 1627627338889.jpg (817.06 KB, 2048x1819, you got this.jpg)

We all mess up sometimes. Don't give up, nonna.

No. 867346

Thank you anon. That's true but this is going to be my second fuckup in a week and it could get me fired if she's pissed enough so I'm a bit worried even if it's a shit job.

No. 867353

File: 1627629632844.jpeg (40.12 KB, 567x542, 0409A9A4-FBBF-4C22-AEFC-558613…)

>see questionable video on social media involving a child
>only a handful of people questioning it
>all replies calling them pedos because “why would you think that?!?”

I get people are naive and want to ignore that horrific things can happen to children, but why call clearly innocent people pedos for questioning a suspect video? I don’t want to get too much into the video but it definitely was jarring to see when scrolling and felt off and the people questioning it were all regular women. Their comments weren’t even bad, more along the lines of “hey this might not be okay”. I don’t get it anons.

(Reported the video btw)

No. 867361

Man I'm by no means a tranny or planning to become one but sometimes I get so jealous of people who get a successful mastectomy with good results, would love to have a completely flat chest with no breasts at all since mine look like a pair of sad, tiny moobs to begin with.

No. 867364

thank you for reporting it nona

back when I used to consume porn via tumblr (yes I was a degenerate) I came across one that had literal cp tumblr didn't have a report button then, I closed the window and looked up how to report it (it said you had to email the link to support@tumblr.com or something) I went back to report it and I couldn't find it. I have always felt terrible for not reporting it

No. 867370

You did try though! It is not your fault tumblr didn’t have a direct post report system implemented then. If you couldn’t find it again, it most likely got taken down. You did what you could given the circumstances.

No. 867377

This reminded me. Spoiler for gross pedo site shit
I once googled this pedo photo name out of curiosity (context: it just had the name, I didn't know what it was but it was a famous photographer. It was a naked boy from waist down, I think he was on a couch??? It was so weird, but since it was b&w, it was """art""") and it redirected me to this very weird site that was just file names and numbers without anything else. One one the files was named something like "tied boy" or whatever. I was so shocked and disgusted I closed it almost as a reflex. But when the fog left my brain I felt so so bad for not reporting that shit to the FBI or whatever. Just thinking of it rn is making me so upset. I don't remember the name of the pedo photo or photographer (even though he was pretty famous) so I can't even look for it again to report it.

No. 867387

Thank you anon! That's really helpful.

No. 867393

Fucking female fat distribution and muscle vs fat gain and loss. I've been working out and getting stronger, and I haven't changed my diet (I wasn't putting on weight), and yet my body doesn't look any shapelier. I can tell I've progressed, by limit on workouts has more than doubled! And I haven't really gained weight, so I'm replacing fat with muscle, right? So why are my ass, thighs, and stomach not even the slightest bit more toned?! I'm doing exercises specifically for shaping those areas!
And god help me, no one is of any help. I won't ask anachans or anything, I don't want to be thin, I'd like to be fit, healthy, and curvy! But when I ask normies, it's "lol idk", and when I ask athletes, they take me asking how to lose gut/thigh mass as a request on how to lose weight, total! Yes, I know cardio is how you get skinny, but that's not what I want! Fuck!

No. 867394

It's really all about body fat, and women HAVE to have a certain amount to stay healthy. We all distribute it differently; I have fat arms and legs while having zero boobs, it's just a fact of my body. Getting toned is great for both health, aesthetics and posture, and a certain amount of muscle will make you look skinnier than if you had that weight in pure fat. But there's no way to look mega "toned" without weight loss. Muscles will def make you more shapely and firmer though.

No. 867395

Eat more in general and eat more peotein to build muscle.

No. 867396

I was never really into true crime, except for cases like elisa lam that are shrouded in mystery. and even then I feel bad for getting entertainment out of someone else's murder/disappearance. I've pretty much stopped consuming all true crime content because I just find it upsetting, and because I don't like that people profit so easily on other people being murdered, and because listening to stories about people being murdered/kidnapped/abused for entertainment just seems kind of fucked up.

but one of the worst things about true crime is that there's a lot of people who will have sympathy for the criminals. and I'm not even talking about hybristophiles. I used to watch interviews with jeffrey dahmer and other serial killers, and the comments were always flooded with "omg, he's just like that because he was abused:( he just had mental health issues:( he just needed therapy:(" one time I even saw someone try to blame ted bundy's killings on his ex girlfriend for dumping him. it just pisses me off so goddamned much.

No. 867398

samefagging, but

>replying to a 5 year old post

… i saw something similar happen in the bad art thread a while back, why does this keep happening? I don't even know how to reply to a post in one thread from another thread, how do you do that on accident? or was it on purpose?

No. 867399

>I haven't changed my diet
Well there's your problem. How do you expect output to change with no change in input?
This. You really need to pay attention to your macros if you're serious about getting in shape.

No. 867400

Usually they just accidentally delete a number from the post number they are replying to. Look at anons reply and then look at the post number of what they replied to

No. 867401

Idk if this applies to you or not, but I'm thankful for when people without mental illnesses or abusive upbringings go on the defensive towards responses like that. There's nothing quite like living through your brain and or family trying to harm or even kill you, moving past that, then seeing people who never lived through things like that both fetishizing the pain (self-id people on tumblr and twitter) and blaming the most heinous crimes to have ever happened on that suffering. It's like being told you are a sociopathic, sadistic murderer, or that you "should" be. So, if you're mentally well and never experienced abuse, thank you. And, if not, I'm sorry, you're right to be upset, and you're not alone.

No. 867408

I resent anybody who douses themselves in the LUSH bodysprays with the trigger.
For one, they smell weird. Anybody who wears them smells "off". If people compliment you on how your LUSH stuff smells, it's just so that they can find out what exactly it is that's giving them such a headache and stinking out the room.
Second, those particular "body sprays" are so incomprehensibly strong, the sillage and longevity is like a nuclear bomb. They're stupidly intense, like one spray is worth four of your average EDP spritzes. Total overkill.
These two factors combined make wearing those sprays in public spaces an antisocial act. The other day I got on the bus and was hit full in the face by this fetid cloud of a strange, syrupy scent. It wasn't the nice kind of sweet; it smelt the way that rotting things can smell sweet. I get travel sick anyway and it took everything I have not to empty my guts all over the floor. I know it was Let the Good Times Roll because I've smelt it before. It doesn't smell like popcorn, despite what the fanciful blurbs and fangirlish reviews say. It smells like sugary bin juice and liquorice. Also WHY does everyone within 20 metres of you need to smell you, you fucking narc?
Even one that's tolerable as a soap (Honey I Washed the Kids) is absolutely nauseating as a trigger spray. The citrus in it really rakes at your nose and the sweetness again is slightly foul. A woman at work wears it, and keeps saying smugly that people can smell her everywhere she goes, even long after she leaves a room. Is she too dense to understand that it's thought to be inconsiderate to wear very intense, niche perfumes in professional settings? Besides which, I once walked behind a tramp in Paris and the stench of piss rolled off of him, it was possible to smell him from metres away even in the open air, which just goes to show that sillage isn't always a good thing.
Even Dirty, which is supposed to be one of their better, fresher scents, can be stomach-turning due to the sheer strength of the spray.
I genuinely believe these scents should be nuked for public betterment. The only perfumes LUSH has done that are worth a damn are the Turmeric Latte EDP as a passable dupe for Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille and the Vanillary solid perfume tin.

If you want a sweet and relatively convincing gourmand, get the Al Rehab Choco Musk oil roller. It's gorgeous, smells less artificial, is more affordable, and the sillage and longevity is good without turning you into a walking biohazard. You musty LUSHies are welcome.

No. 867413

I don't know anything about perfumes and scents, but today you taught me that tobacco scented perfumes exist. As someone who is allergic to tobacco and knows no one aside from amokers who is anything but repulsed by tobacco's scent, this makes me wish for smoker extinction, and an even worse fate for anyone who isn't a tobacco addict who curses the senses with this blight.

No. 867415

This is what everyone thought of that one co-worker doused in pear-scented body spray.
She came to visit after changing jobs once, one woman said what we all thought "I knew it was you long before you came in as I was hit with the characteristic pear smell". I think the idiot took the jab as a compliment.

No. 867420

kek this is lowkey an excellent review. I went to a Lush store once because I read good reviews about their perfumes and sniffed a few but literally all of them had a weird chemical-y aftersmell which is funny for a store franchise that tries to sell themselves as 'natural'

No. 867423

I think my retarded as might not be AS mentally ill as I thought, my low blood pressure could be getting worse.

No. 867425

File: 1627637736470.jpg (219.52 KB, 1100x1200, giV.jpg)

I hate how we are conditioned to accept that our boyfriends/husbands will keep watching porn, hentai, oogling other women, have intimate ''friendships'' with other women while males would never accept the same behaviour from us. If sexual deviance is an innate part of male nature, they should just die already because all women on earth would be better off

No. 867426

The perfume note of tobacco is not the same as the smell of cigarettes, if that's what you're thinking.
It refers to the moist, shredded pipe tobacco before it's lit.

No. 867429

File: 1627637877319.jpg (188.45 KB, 1618x675, Screenshot_1.jpg)

I found perfumes with even weirder notes on Etsy like picrel. I mean who wouldn't want to smell like rotten foliage and dank earth…

No. 867430

My finance has no female friends aside from women who are in relationships with his male friends. Also we make our own little porn movies and pics and that's what he looks at. He even gives all the little videos cute and funny titles and we have a lot of fun making them. He keeps them on a cute little memory stick we keep in a very secret place.

No. 867434

i feel like most pornsick men have absolutely no problem with their gfs/wives watching porn too? they would encourage it even

No. 867444

not only are men pornsick as fuck but they have a vile hatred for women who star in porn, probably because they are actually disgusted by their own sexuality. not only are we supposed to accept these behaviors from men, they will also blame women/feminism for why men today watch so much porn, or say men only watch it because women agree to be in it. like it's one thing for men to just be terrible but then they always try and point the finger back at us.

No. 867453

I blame LUSH, Demeter/Library of Fragrance, and shitty YA fiction/AO3 for this phenomenon. You know exactly the kind of writing I mean.

"Mary Sue-chan," breathed Nagito "your scent… It's intoxicating…" He took another huff of your mousey brown hair and shudders wracked through his body. "You smell like the charged air right before a thunderstorm, the earth on a freshly-turned ​grave, the aridity of the forest right before the fire…!" A familiar gasping, cracking laugh began to punctuate his speech and for a moment he was breathless, swaying on the spot, dizzy and intoxicated.
"Nagito-kun… I don't know how you see me, but I'm just a boring average girl! I have no defining features, positive or otherwise, which would attract the attention of anybody! Let alone all the Tumblr sexymen in this fictional universe… Why would you even be interested in me? I'm clumsy and talentless and those are literally the only traits that give me any depth or character whatsoever-"
Nagito gently pressed his quivering, chapped lips to your own to quiet you, and whispered against your skin. "No, Mary Sue-chan… You may be awkward, unpopular, talentless trash with self-esteem issues, but in this fanfiction, I appear to be totally cool with that. Also you are very kawaii and sugoi." Another shiver ran through his frail, damp body. "Oh, Mary Sue-chan! You smell like danger… You smell just like me…"

(If you saw me trying to fix the formatting issues, no you didn't.)

No. 867468

I got an item in a game I didn't want so I tried selling it on the Steam market. I told my dad I'm selling an item in a game for real money. Huge mistake, now he's telling me I'm a fool, it's not real money, you can't cash it out, it's just a scam so all the money remains to the people who host the site, they're just baiting me into earning them money. Whatever. Whatever. I got 0.61 euro I don't care

No. 867469

That sounds risky anon, there's nothing stopping him from transferring files off that stick when you're not around.

No. 867470

If believing this stops him from being braindead with money on the internet like a normal old person, you should consider yourself blessed. He is a clown, though.

No. 867471

kek this was an enjoyable read

No. 867473

Why did this hurt me

No. 867475

Nah, that isn't even /kind/ of a worry. I have complete trust in him to never do that, he isn't some smelly moid. I'm not being naive either, we have a really close relationship and spend almost all of our free time together, we communicate extensively and know each other better than anyone else. It's been six years and we've hardly even had a bump in the road, we're getting married next year. He has 100% of my trust I know for a fact that he would never ever do anything with those videos or pictures. I've never even given that a possibility a thought.

No. 867478

Samefag, but he's so careful about it that if we plan to take some cute pics together he turns off his WiFi and data just to be certain it won't accidentally transfer to Google photos or something.

No. 867485

incoming revenge porn moid lol
willingly taking nudes or doing fucking porn with your bf is braindead low IQ shit

No. 867488

I'm sorry that you're so insecure in your relationships, but this isn't going to happen. There isn't even a slight chance of it. Thanks for trying to make me feel bad, though, it sure is helpful of you to try and implant feelings of doubt and distrust in the man I'm marrying in a year. It's really sad that you live in a world where you can't trust literally anyone with a penis.

No. 867491

how old are you? you sound extremely naive, lacking the foresight that having nudes/porn of yourself, especially in this age, is a terrible idea.

No. 867492

> It's really sad that you live in a world where you can't trust literally anyone with a penis.
Just don't come crying once your shitty amateur vids of your fat cunt are all over the internet.

No. 867493

File: 1627645129195.png (323.83 KB, 400x497, black girl with chainsaw.png)

>decide to go to lolcow
>see , what I assume to be, cp immediately on the front page
did we have another raid again?

No. 867494

I don't need to tell you how old I am and I'm not being naive. You don't know me or my fiance. Why would I take anything you say to heart?
I won't, because it won't happen. Enjoy your sad, lonely, paranoid lives, losers.

No. 867496

your bf was pornsick when he met you and you do porn with him in order to stop him from watching others. he was never cured, he just found another means. normal dudes can jack off without staring at some form of porn.
you're stupid for accommodating something so ridiculous like this when it has such a high chance of biting you directly in the ass, and i doubt he respects you very much to even ask you something like this in the first place (if you offered yourself you're even stupider than i thought).

No. 867497

No, just that one moid.
Cute girl in pic is cute.

No. 867501

>I'm not being naive
>I've never even given that a possibility a thought
Pick one.

No. 867504

>Also we make our own little porn movies and pics and that's what he looks at.
If you really think that's all he watches, and that that's enough for him, you don't get why men like porn.
I think you know this on some level, though. If this was the "solution", it just sounds like your main concern with porn was feelings of inadequacy, and this is how you were pacified.

No. 867505

Nudes aren't as risky but straight up filming or having pics of you having sex could ruin your (but not his) career… I wouldn't want anyone to have this kind of power over me, not even someone I trust (and you're naive if you think even a perfect relationship can't get bitter).
And considering you take those pics on phone, it's probably saved up on cloud or some online backup that you might not even know about. Someone might get access into this.
(Repost) to add that even if you turn off your data/wifi while taking pics, it just syncs up after you connect lol. If he's making a show out of turning off WiFi it's quite sketchy bc everyone knows it syncs up after reconnecting.

No. 867512

don't know you or your partner, but you really sound naive as fuck. may peace be with you


No. 867538

Definitely wasn’t trying to insert myself into anything - I have no desire to talk about what happened/is happening with his dad/family, I just brought it up as context for why I’ve been hesitant to reach out, which makes me feel guilty bc it’s not my ex-friend’s fault his dad is a nonce.
I wanted to send a nice message and possibly catch up because he’s been popping up on my “people you may know” for months with a few mutual friends and it feels weird just ignoring his existence completely knowing that we literally walked to school together & went over to one another’s houses every day for 10+ years and now we just don’t talk at all. I don’t know.I didn’t have ill intentions but now I just feel stupid for reaching out at all and even more stupid for messaging him again. I dunno. I’m giving up and just trying to pretend this didn’t happen because I feel rly fucking stupid now.
> you sound like bargain bin bpd chick from high school that people will use for years to come as an example for whom to avoid.
thanks anon, I’ll internalize that one

No. 867550

File: 1627651797567.jpeg (292.9 KB, 927x1321, C8384BBD-EA27-4FBA-A401-E10E11…)

My bf and I were talking about billionaires and how Bezos could solve so many world problems if he wanted, and he pointed out that it’s what his wife is doing; donating billions everywhere, and still has exorbitant amounts of money so far. I said JK Rowling lost billionaire status due to philanthropy as well, and he said, “but isn’t she a TERF?” I lost my mind. Literally responded with “that word doesn’t mean anything.” We had a good discussion about it, but Jesus Christ, how horrible is it that the good work she does and believes in is disregarded bc deranged Twitter users called her a TERF, and no one actually looks at the generally reasonable things she has to say. Much less the disgusting, misogynistic things that Twitter AGPs send to her and validate bc “TERFs” are somehow subhuman. Retards everywhere.

No. 867553

sounds like he watches tranny porn, nonnie

No. 867563

I sincerely doubt it, but if I ever find it to be true I’ll update you guys lol

No. 867574

Would you dump a bf for watching tranny porn, nonnies? no girl should be her closeted bf's beard kek they are also jeopardizing their girlfriends' health if they have ''encounters'' behind their back with other men.
sage cuz not a vent

No. 867575

JK did so much now she gets written off by normies as a transphobe and that shit pisses me off. I usually say no.. discussing biology and the differences between men and women isn't transphobic.

No. 867579

File: 1627653693877.gif (1.74 MB, 446x251, FD2AF4DD-04B6-40AB-BDF8-48D2CD…)

>he isn't some smelly moid
>he only watches the porn he has me make with him
>which definitely isn’t going to wind up online or shown to anyone else ever because we’re getting ~married~ in a year
>”Enjoy your sad, lonely, paranoid lives, losers”

Sometimes I wonder how many psychological studies are being done on lc at any given time because it’s a goldmine for silent observations kek

No. 867582

File: 1627654125738.jpeg (52.4 KB, 800x701, 7E3D9FFC-57D0-4261-ACE0-E5CF7B…)

Am i just retarded or why the hell have i not seen any lolcow implosion on the new cwc news?

No. 867583

what happened anon?

No. 867585

Am >>867563 and yes I would

No. 867587

No. 867591

File: 1627654629671.jpg (24.25 KB, 512x512, 5dda81df581a04c9455fe5ac5f2c55…)

oh my god nonnie

No. 867594

Ayrt and exactly! I’ve been cautious about who I “defend” Rowling to, but at this point, I’m not going to hide it if it comes up. It’s ridiculous.

No. 867596

Wow. Now the insanity makes more sense if true.

No. 867597

Because most of us don't give a fuck about that mentally ill moid. You can post about him in the tranny thread if you really want, but we don't want him here in /ot/ lol

No. 867599

Why do I always have to concede when my boyfriend's family is involved? I can't stay here yet he won't go. Both children have an obligation to stay and take care of the parents. All day cooking and cleaning as if they're hired maids keeping an expensive property in check. Maybe it's me failing to understand. My own family was never close, and now sparse. I truly can't see the obligation that drives him when he pleads for me to understand that they're aging and he won't have them forever. I don't see any having. I see maintenance. The more I scuttle around I can see their patience is wearing thin. I clean up after myself and never use their things but I haven't joined the maid parade. I even only come into the main body of the house at night or when no one's home to avoid being an intrusion.

I'm unbelievably tired in this short span of time. I don't want to prove myself to them. A family I supposed to be close knit and once it is nothing can get through and be good enough to join it. I refuse to compete. My schooling keeps me occupied, my freelance work has me in some amazing places. He loves me. I don't lead him astray. Why do they look at me that way? Why do they refuse to talk to me when I say good morning? I know it's because an long term guest can be annoying. But they tell him they're fine with it, invite me out to restaurants. I can't go because of how paranoid I've gotten. I think I'm making things worse.

No. 867617

holy shit anon holy fucking shit

No. 867618

They thought their son would bring a free maid for them

No. 867619

I've been getting more and more callbacks to interviews when applying for jobs and I KNOW I'm supposed to be happy about it because I'm broke but at the same time I can't stop thinking about how much free time I'm gonna lose if I start working again

No. 867624

okay anon who just replied to you coming back–the chris-chan thread is locked, that's why no one has made any mention. believe me, i tried.

No. 867625

Also dreading the whole corporate bullshit and having to pretend I love to work

No. 867628

a few vent threads ago i complained about my boyfriend who was about to go into the military, and my complaints elicited a reaction from anons, telling me I should break up with him.
You were all right. I should have listened. I honestly thought my life would have some romance, someone who loved me and would treat me with dignity and respect and do what partners are supposed to do (help them achieve their dreams, make them happy, etc).
It's really hard to not fall into a hole of scrote hate x 100 because I unfortunately am attracted to scrotes, and going down that path would bar myself from ever finding love again, but I feel traumatized and mortified that he'd break off with me so soon before we were meant to be married and I was going to move to be with him and made all the necessary preparations to do so.
Every day since the ending of our relationship has felt like a nightmare I can't wake up from, and I know one day that feeling will end, but I just wish I could go back and stop all of this before it got this far.

No. 867630


No. 867634

I had to intervene and tell my friend that taking shrooms for the first time with a guy she’s been dating/known for 2 weeks is a bad idea. She essentially said she’d “think about it” (read: gonna do it anyway). I don’t have a problem with doing shrooms but I do have a problem with her thinking that taking drugs for the first time with some random is totally fine. This kind of behaviour is totally out of left field for her (average alcohol drinker and smokes weed very rarely) so I’m just worried if this is gonna extend to other things in her relationship with him.

I just want to repeatedly slam my head against a wall. Wish I could just stop caring about her because she causes me too much stress but I love her too much for that.

No. 867640

Sending you hugs anon <3

No. 867642

having pickme friends is such a bummer

No. 867647

>Enjoy your sad, lonely, paranoid lives, losers.

Oh my god, how old are you? Are you sure they don't qualify as child porn?

No. 867655

Hit after hit. What the fuck?

No. 867658

As someone who use to be in the military, anyone thinking of getting with a guy who chooses this life needs to reread this anons post. Military men are by far the worst of the worst, that world is nothing but hyper misogyny that will kill any and all true respect and love for women. Girls want to pretend they have a Nigel and he's different than other military guys, but when they’re at work talking amongst themselves they are vile and disgusting. I’m so sorry this happened anon, I’m glad you got out of it sooner than later. You didn’t deserve this.

No. 867662

File: 1627658466654.png (114.99 KB, 636x440, 043130C7-7B09-4DA3-8B0E-3D5B14…)

No. 867663

You have to let her make her own mistakes anon, that's the easiest way for her to learn. You can only control your actions and can't control hers, so just know that her life is still hers and you've already tried to do your best to help. Not trying to shit on you for caring, it's just that I've been in your position in the past and it gets really fucking tiring being the caretaker in a friendship, it causes imbalance in your relationship. If it's genuinely starting to stress you out you might need to slowly pull yourself away and realize you can't force her to make the "right" decisions even if you think you know better, and this is for your and your mental health, not her.

No. 867664

Is there a way to watch the video without logging in? I don't wanna sell my data

No. 867665

I feel horrible for you, anon. Having a pickme friend is heartbreaking.

Instead of slamming your head against a wall, you should slam hers or his instead.

I would recommend throwing articles at her and stuff, but these types of people usually just eyeroll and say that things will be fine.

No. 867667

theres a less edited version in comments

No. 867670

>i don't want to sell my first name, last name, and date of birth
trust me, any random person generator can come up with it. why do schizos think their basic information is so valuable

No. 867671

Found it thank you

No. 867672

I-is this a video of smashing his own mother??? I'm scared lmao

No. 867675

Isn't that rape…?

No. 867677

im so tired of not being happy I seriously hate my life and I just wish I had the guts to end it but there's no way of being able to do it 100% with out ending in a phic ward and I just can't deal with that… I'm tired of having to wake up everyday and find aimless shit to pass time until I can go to sleep and it all starts again… when with this fucking end…

No. 867679

find a hobby?

No. 867681

Couldn't listen to the whole thing, I felt really sick halfway through kek

No. 867694

its disgusting because his mother has dementia, so she is unironically in worse state than Chris is right now. Did he rape her if that's true? jesus

No. 867696


I really appreciate the support, thanks. The changes I’ve noticed in her after her starting to date for the first time has been a huge point of stress for me for reasons I can’t even understand myself. It’s not the first pickme behaviour I’ve seen from her and probably won’t be the last unfortunately. Just want her to be okay.


You’re totally right and even before talking to her I had to tell myself not to get mad if she doesn’t change her mind. Just had to get it off my chest to absolve any guilt that would arise had I said nothing. But she’s on her own now because this kind of stress over someone’s well being, who’s more preoccupied with whether a guy likes her or not, is not healthy for me.

No. 867697

I can't watch due to stupid euro limits, anyone have a link explaining?

No. 867698

at the end of the day, she's an adult and has to learn what's right or wrong herself.


No. 867704

File: 1627660603405.png (2.08 MB, 1874x734, 00098.png)

The text messages from Chris definitely make it sound like he did (from the KF thread).

No. 867712

File: 1627660975574.gif (948.07 KB, 245x219, tumblr_inline_nnsjv8aolB1qis9e…)

No. 867713

So glad to be here for this historical moment

No. 867716

I’m gonna vom

No. 867717

That's fucking horrible. Scrotes are so fucked up, revolting.
And screw all those people whining how people are too mean to Chris because he's mentally ill. Mentally ill scrotes are even worse, they deserve no sympathy. Raping his own mother, what a monster.

No. 867722

>thinking there isn't an ALARMING number of things the wrong person can do with your DOB and full name

You're fucking retarded, aren't you?

No. 867725

Samefagging but this is the kind of mtf scrote that goes to women's prison.

No. 867730

spotted the zoomer.

No. 867736

So he's trying to cure her dementia by sexually stimulating her? What in the actual fuck?

No. 867739

I feel so horrible for laughing at this

No. 867747

I despise how my mother acts. Talks/acts without giving a thought. She's quick to anger (bad temper) and stupidly stubborn. Can't argue with her cause she's always right. Stg she's needs off the internet and therapy. Got in an argument about Arrow De Wilde. She's never seen Arrow. I told her Arrow's height and told me "are you really sure she's not trans?" She pisses me off so much. I swear any hint of masculine features on a woman and that means they must be trans. She watches those garbage videos on youtube/rumble/telegram. I just can't with her anymore.

No. 867781

honestly scared to have children someday at this point if they decided to spite everything and become a genderspecial or troon

No. 867790

I really miss Alex Jones

No. 867791

I just smoked a joint and read this and I'm feeling very sick and might truly vomit as well.

No. 867792

This has to be some sick fantasy he's writing down, it can't be real. Not even Chris-chan could be raping his elderly mother with a memory disorder. He's rambled about fucking his imaginary friends like it really happened before so I'm really doubtful of this being a real thing that happened.

No. 867795

Ngl me too. He was a type of containment for the spergs on his level.

No. 867799

I always thought he was entertaining, but no fun allowed anymore because some autists had to take him seriously.

No. 867825

File: 1627668779100.jpeg (11.86 KB, 275x275, 1627273757492.jpeg)

I know getting a therapist is my responsibility but it's really hard having to leave messages just for them to never call back.

No. 867830

God thinking of the future makes me anxious in so many ways and for so many different reasons on so many different level, I wish I could fucking disappear.

No. 867836

Climate change will be a banger to deal with as society in-fights itself into the ground. I wonder if globalization will collapse before society does, or alongside it.

Same, anon. Wishing you well.

No. 867843

I hate getting a haircut. I hate how even when I go to the Walmart of haircutting places that do walkins I still get some desperate woman trying to make me take her business card and establish a relationship and make small talk with me. Hey lady why do you think I am getting my hair cut here? I don't want a stylist and I don't want your fucking advice. I am here because I can't fucking see, the bangs are in my eyes. I don't CARE what you think about the shampoo I use, or if I blow dry or not, or anything. I actually find it rude of you to comment on that. Also, they are never sensitive to my trichotillomania. I pull out the hairs under my hair above my neck and someone my bangs and every dipshit stylist has a comment to make about it. Hey bitch, cut the fucking hair, did I ASK? "Ooooh what happened?" and I go "Nothing." and look at them blank faced

No. 867846

File: 1627670609384.jpeg (128.76 KB, 1024x676, C44B1163-4D0A-466E-8AE9-B13F48…)

i want to a-log chris chan and im tired of twitter “lgbt” woketards commenting on peoples tweets responding to the situation with a
like chris chan was ever actually a woman ever. why on earth would you want a degenerate associated with you? shut the fuck up

No. 867853

lol someone posted a screenshot in the lc discord of some twittertard saying "don't look at the chris chan stuff it's got a lot of heckin misgendering. she's going to hell!"
as if they themselves aren't going to hell for being a troon but ok

No. 867856

Can't women have short hair anymore?

No. 867875

>God Chris just keeps getting worse, she's actually sexually abusing her disoriented 80something mother suffering of dementia, what a crazy fucker she should be in jail
>He's a man, anon
Gender ideology brainrot is the strongest drug I've ever seen.

No. 867881

The news coverage when it's reported that a "woman" raped "her" elderly mother and then a picture of him in a MLP t-shirt appears on screen will peak a lot of people.

No. 867909

Emotional dysregulation on my period is so fucking awful I scare myself. I throw/destroy things which is embarrassing to admit because it just feels childish and stupid like I should have a handle on it by now. I get extremely cunty towards people so much so that I make an effort to isolate myself. I can't even go to the grocery store or I'm afraid I'll have a meltdown
>inb4 talk to your doctor
those cunts don't have any suggestion other than exercise, eat healthy, sleep, and if the above fail, just fuck your body up by taking birth control, which will make you gain 50 lbs and oh you'll still have spotting and emotional dysfunction

No. 867913

that chris chan stuff has made me feel so ill. it just keeps getting worse too. I also watched one of those internet lore deep dive videos on yt earlier about a different topic and it was way more emotionally exhausting than I thought it would be so now I just feel sick and gross. anyway keeping all other nonitas affected by Christian in my thoughts

No. 867914

I want to feel more disgusted, what was the lore video about?

No. 867916

Chris Chan literally turned into a 'woman', because he admittedly wants to date lesbians.

He literally said that he will go back to being a man once he finds a girlfriend,later starting a family.

Woketards are idiots

No. 867918

it was about this youtube channel that seemed to just be a regular edgy alternate reality game sort of thing. they'd post a ton of weird, scrambly videos with weird imagery and stuff that caught the attention of a few boards on 4chan. the 4chan users found out that this weird organisation had a discord server (the only truly lolworthy part of this tbh), and joined it. the people in the discord server were adamant that this wasn't just some ARG, but was actually totally real.
later on, a few months after they were 'found' by 4chan, three videos were uploaded in a short span - all three videos included grown men screaming and shouting at children that were obviously under massive amounts of stress, begging for the man shouting at them to 'stop'. very long story short - while nobody knows where two of these videos came from, it was discovered that one of the videos (which was 2 mins long) was actually a slightly distorted, cropped clip from a CP video found on a CP site on the darkweb. the original video is over 30 mins long and is obviously absolutely horrific. the channel then deleted fucking everything and disappeared, and it's likely that they simply found the clip on 4chan and reuploaded it to their channel just to be edgy and didn't know where it was from, but nobody is sure.
the video didn't warn for any of this before I started watching it and (not to sound like I'm straight from twt) the topics are super upsetting for me, so I've been feeling generally ill since I watched that. it's not a fun time for me rn!

No. 867919

File: 1627676005143.jpg (220.2 KB, 1080x1639, IMG_20210730_211142.jpg)

Men talking about their big dicks at urinals and how they enjoy checking out other men. It's unlocked a new insecurity. My ex was closeted and cheated on me with a man. He would always go for steams and talk about the cool men he got talking to. I hate him. Men are so primitive.

No. 867921

File: 1627676219794.png (233.5 KB, 500x281, 17E57380-D512-4564-B4E9-6C01D1…)

My day has legitimately and unironically been ruined. Kill all men.

No. 867924

They're 1 step above MLMers. Don't even learn good cutting technique so your hair curls weird/falls out, or they cut it a bit then style it to hell so it looks way difference after 1 wash. And their products are always too expensive.

No. 867925

My mom found a low paying call center job and she's been really happy and excited about it. She's been telling me to apply for a similar job posting since I've been struggling to find a job in my field. I know she means well but honestly, it depressed me more than I thought it would. I don't mean to neet any longer and I will find whatever I can get but I don't feel like living on any longer if working a low paying job is something to look forward to.

No. 867927

They might as well just laugh in our face, because the healthcare system doesn't have any solutions others than pills to mask the symptoms, until it becomes chronic and then oh well you have to get everything cut out, gib us your uterus and ovaries! And take estrogen pills for the rest of your shorter life until you get dementia from that missing uterus!

No. 867928

Unironically off all male autists

No. 867937

I’m sick of being the emotional support retard of my family, I always have to make sure everyone is getting along, even when it’s my family members with their friends or colleagues. I always have to solve all of the emotional issues they have with anyone, even as a kid I remember being the middleman or something like that, sometimes I’ve had to blame myself for doing stuff I’ve never done just so they get along.
It’s really tiresome and I just can’t stop doing this because I feel like my family will implode and collapse even if we’re not a big family.

No. 867938

Chris is probably gonna go to a prison for women…god. I'm not even against trans people but Chris is just very obviously a mentally ill,deeply troubled man that shouldn't be around women ever again.

No. 867949

I'm so depressed that I have AFib (atrial fillibration). I ruined my body by my anorexia and drug abuse and it's already fucking me in the ass even though I've been trying to change for years now. I'm only 24.

No. 867950

I have so much regret. I only started doing stuff like drugs/drinking/anorexia at the age of 18, too. In 6 years I've already fucked myself, even though I've changed parts of my life since Jan 2020. I'm so sad.

No. 867951

I just got scolded by scrotes by indirectly calling chris-chan a he by linking a photo that did. Why do I need to call old mom rapist a she AAAAAAAAA

No. 867973

You can just stop, you know, let them fall apart, you're not getting paid to be a carer. I've seen tons ppl like this who got an autoimmune disease from the stress and became forever enslaved by family.

No. 867984

Knowing what CWC became in stark contrast with that video of him as a child winning a Sonic game was genuinely heartbreaking to me.

He’s a sick fuck but my god, he was just a child once. Then puberty happened, and because he’s male he turned into a monster.

No. 867989

Fucking clown world

No. 867991

Wait…..he raped his mom?

No. 867993

I can't look at the Sanic totem the same way, I feel like his judgement has been tainted from all he's witnessed. He's gone from chaotic neutral to chaotic evil

No. 867995

File: 1627680872630.png (628.91 KB, 750x494, disgusting.png)

I have no words for what chris chan did. I feel so disgusted, I want to throw up.

No. 867997

I was about to post this kek
He is demonic

No. 868004

What in the everloving FUCK

No. 868005

File: 1627681674588.jpeg (57.3 KB, 588x630, 154B4E3C-4C6D-4316-BF0D-0DE7CF…)

No. 868019

File: 1627682287099.jpg (341.17 KB, 2026x2048, 1625586136762.jpg)

I can't believe he's not only a tranny but also a motherfucker now. How did he go from making Sonic-Pokemon-Crossover comics to this.
God protect any woman who has to raise an autist son.

No. 868029

File: 1627682750632.png (79.82 KB, 1594x258, chrischan.png)

>God protect any woman who has to raise an autist son.
My thoughts when I read… this.
Just… imagine having dementia and being fucked by your autistic son.
I'm aborting all male fetuses if I ever get pregnant.

No. 868034

As someone with ASD and other mental illness genes in my family who's already leaning toward antinatalism, this was the final blow for me

No. 868038

This is fucking kafkaesque and the worst part is that this was probably the only way it could've gone. People were calling it years ago and it became reality. Once you re-read those text messages and realize that Barbara was telling him to stop it's even more horrifying. Barbs kept contributing to his extreme Oedipus complex by never weaning him off from her teat, sheltering him from the world, literally accompanying him as his prom date and getting jealous when he had female friends. It was building up to this for all those years and I legitimately hope that the authorities will become involved once and for all and put Chris in a home.

Another main takeaway from this saga is the neverending narcissism of trannies and TRAs in general. You have a man with a fucking wiki detailing his perversions and externalized insanity raping his incapacitated, almost 90-year old mother and the one thing you're concerned is people using the "correct pronouns". It shows how devoid of empathy and self awareness they really are.

No. 868040

>Another main takeaway from this saga is the neverending narcissism of trannies and TRAs in general. You have a man with a fucking wiki detailing his perversions and externalized insanity raping his incapacitated, almost 90-year old mother and the one thing you're concerned is people using the "correct pronouns". It shows how devoid of empathy and self awareness they really are.

I hope this peaks a lot of people. I don't want to live in this world anymore if they don't.

No. 868042

hey nonna's can someone post screencaps of neoliberals from Twitter being bothered by the fact that they are not using the correct pronouns instead of being bothered by the very obvious REAL ISSUE?

No. 868043

Someone already did, anon. Just look in the twitter thread

No. 868049

>authorities will become involved once and for all and put Chris in a home
Nah let's hope he turns to prostitution. Put him in a home…? Free food and board for being a monster?

No. 868051

Sometimes I wonder how different the world would be if more daughters did family anniahlation just like sons do.

No. 868072

File: 1627686200868.jpeg (116.83 KB, 1242x848, DEF5EBF5-3EE3-4BEF-94BF-FCBFE1…)

I’m so tired anons. Is there any hope for the future?

No. 868074

>break last night and self harm for the first time in years without thinking about how stupid it is or the repercussions
>immediate regret, long sleeve shirt time
>bf caught a glimpse of my stupid mistake and is now pissed at me

and now i’m getting the silent treatment. and i understand and i kind of deserve it, but what am i supposed to do? i just feel worse now. a family member died, i started a new job and it’s a nightmare, my sisters house burned down, i have a court date to testify against someone who raped me, my parents are fighting, all in the past week and it was so much at once that I just broke temporarily

and now i’m here alone just wanting to kms more because i’m a dumb bitch and a waste of space. i keep thinking about drowning myself or something but i’m too much of a pussy. but i keep all of these feelings to myself because if i were to express everything i’m feeling all at once it would just make him, and everyone else, upset.

No. 868079

It's not true, anon, don't worry.

No. 868082

Sorry if this is a dumb question but why do the screenshots look like that?

No. 868083

The reason most men dont get sex easily is because they're too worried about doing the most to show women they have sex with no dignity or respect because they dont wanna be a "simp". Most women have 0 standards and would be happy about a man taking them to a Chinese buffet and watching a movie with them but even that's too much for a lot of scrotes to do with hook ups or "fwb". They do stuff like fucking a woman then getting up to leave immediately afterward then texting her 3 months later and wondering why she wont fuck them. It's amazing how their own stupidity gets in the way of them getting the one thing they care about everytime.

No. 868084

Don't know for a fact but my guess is that they're photographs taken of a phone screen, not screenshots.

No. 868085

Well you can start by removing the dead weight (your bf). What kind of man sees his gf in so much pain and doesn't even try to help her? Scum.

No. 868088

You aren't a dumb bitch and you aren't a waste of space. I would have broken over all that stuff, too, and I'm always considering self harming for bullshit reasons, like not sleeping enough or living in a shithole. There is so much stuff in your life that is wrong at the moment and you are allowed to feel bad and react to that feeling. Yes, self harm is not the right answer, but sometimes we don't know any other way out of it.

Maybe talk to your bf about it? Tell him how you feel at the moment and that it was a reaction that you didn't want it to happen but it happend and you learned from it. Next time you might talk to him and he might be helping you?

Hope you are getting through this and remember that one relapse in years means nothing, people smoke for years, quit for years and then relapse one time to quit for years or forever again, that's the same with self harm. You can do it and I hope your bf is at your side, supporting you, not acting like a bitch.

No. 868093

Is this honestly surprising though? He's an autistic scrote. it was only a matter of time

No. 868095

File: 1627688416300.png (1.1 MB, 921x900, 86F88F34-E602-4ACD-87ED-C4213D…)

What the everliving fuck. It’s so much worse than I ever expected. I have no words.

No. 868096


He's mad at you and giving you the silent treatment instead of consoling you and trying to figure out what's wrong?

Males are fucking useless.

No. 868101

I'm confused. Who is be talking about and why is this bad?

No. 868102

Chris-Chan is a horrorcow who admitted to raping their dementia ridden, 80+ year old mother today.

No. 868103

File: 1627689077771.jpeg (34.15 KB, 385x432, 089A8ACD-D43B-4C75-BE06-C63B92…)

elfin didn’t lie, she was right. there was absolutely nothing light-hearted about this beast who would have been rightfully smothered and never born through family planning and eugenics, he’s an absolute shame to his family. if this turns out to be a full case, that woman is going to be shipped off to some god awful elderly home where she’ll experience more abuse and neglect from nurses who used to be your high school drama queens turned sociopaths. none of this could have never been prevented, only very few autists who are actually autistic lead arguably normal lives through controlled support systems. no one should have autism because this is what autism really is, no regard for what’s right or wrong, no regard for boundaries and no regard for empathy at all. feeling bad does not equal empathy or compassion, guilt can be entirely selfish and one-dimensional

No. 868104

Man where the fuck have you been these past 15 years?

No. 868105

new copypasta

No. 868106

My family's fridge died, and now we have to throw everything away because it's too warm. I went to order a new one today, but it won't be here for another week. We have a tiny cube one to hold a little, but since lur cat has to eat only meat, it takes up a lot of space, so not much else can go in it. Not looking forward to takeaway or prepackaged meals for a week.

No. 868107

>My family's fridge died
I'm so so sorry for your loss, anon. I know how hard it is losing a loved one.

No. 868108

File: 1627689778301.jpg (551.2 KB, 1080x1624, their.jpg)

No. 868109

>not looking forward to takeaway
Seriously? I'd love an excuse to eat out more often, it's not healthy or cost effective but restaurants have better food than my fridge

No. 868113

is what I said a a bad thing anon because it’s true

No. 868114

This is why lumping trannys in with women is an issue. Now we get the blame for this degeneracy.

No. 868117

what board is this

No. 868129

You can put food in a zip lock bag and put it in cold water to keep it fresh. Just change the water when it gets too warm.

No. 868139

I feel so disgusted by the CWC news I think I’m going to add more restrictions to my browsers and quit the internet for a while

No. 868147

Anon……..you don’t have to keep vegetables in the fridge

No. 868148

Unironically same, I feel like this has made me reflect on my internet usage over the years.

No. 868150

Agreed and based

No. 868160

What sends me is the troons defending his pronouns

No. 868164

File: 1627695606530.png (90.3 KB, 254x275, imagen_2021-07-30_203954.png)

Please lets have a discussion about this. I just can't believe she's being serious here.

No. 868168


Or parents can monitor their kids access to the internet better and block all porn sites.

There is no such thing as hold friendly porn and I'm just going to assume she's a pedo for even thinking about this.

No. 868169


No. 868170

Who the fuck is this creepy ass bitch with a blue checkmark? Twitter is legit a cesspool for pedos and degenerates. what the fuck

No. 868174

I'm cringing into my anus. I was talking about the Chris-chan situation and my friend chimed in to make everyone use the correct pronouns. He's a literal fucking rapist, I don't give a fuck about his """"identity,"""" he can rot in hell

No. 868175

Stop hanging with that friend

No. 868176

It's called late night television and r rates movies. We don't need to make dedicated child porn. Wtf

No. 868182

File: 1627699296901.jpeg (124.16 KB, 735x616, 1323634D-29FF-4344-8C26-F08210…)

Me right now but in the usa as I wait for a delicious dinner. I don’t deserve anything.

No. 868185

IDK why the lolcow discord permits trannies and similarly annoying moids in one of the channels? I don't have access to the rest of the server but they're definitely in one them. What a headache

No. 868188

File: 1627700602882.png (1.38 MB, 1434x1434, EFBC8002-D8EB-4840-ABA1-A08E63…)

I know it’s been posted already but…

No. 868189

Finally went on a walk with my friend after putting it off and he's been trying to meet up for walks every night since (but I suck and I'm usually drunk by the evenings so I've refused every time since then). I hope it's just harmless company and only because we live nearby each other again for the first time in a while and he just needs a friend after his ltr break up, but it's still sending red flags. He asked me out to see a show for his birthday but 2 of his other buddies are going too so it doesn't exactly feel like he's asking for a date. I'm not usually someone people make moves on but we do have a history from like 10 years ago so that's in the back of my mind. Not trying to over think this but it's frustrating that "we're just friends" feels like a naive understanding at this point in my life, and like I have to be on guard for any ulterior motives. I wish I wasn't so burned out by scrotes. Life was so much more enjoyable when I believed that my male friends valued out platonic love.

No. 868190

Tell your friend they're a piece of shit for sympathizing with a rapist, then cut ties with them. Do it publicly.

No. 868192

KEK whyyy why whyyy are you guys so funny sometimes

No. 868194

that one tranny or whatever he is in there spamming all the time is insufferable all his opinions are shit and some women are enabling it. kinda cringe.

No. 868197

Yes. She raped her mother with her external male sex organ. She used her penis, an organ that exists solely to eliminate waste and deposit sperm, and penetrated her frail, 80+ year old physically and mentally incapacitated mother’s vaginal canal for the purpose of sexual gratification. She, a physical, social and cultural male woman, is a sexually violent, dangerous individual.

Have I respected her pronouns correctly?

No. 868200

most of the people in that discord hate this website yet they still use a discord that’s relate to this website

No. 868208

File: 1627702918474.jpeg (398.74 KB, 750x905, 70CB8E16-5596-48B9-A118-33A2C0…)

samefag but do you expect an autist who types lolcow like this to give an absolute shit about this site? they’re all owned, choked, and gagged by daddy kiwifarms it’s so pathetic.

No. 868213

Anon, this was an April fools joke

No. 868216

grandmas funeral is tomorrow she was a mother to me i feel hollow and insane

No. 868217

who the fuck is this retarded male? I swear to god XY = mental impairment

No. 868219

look at the date

No. 868220

Omg I didn’t look at the date, kek, an honest mistake, but my point still stands. I’ve only been in there for like a few days awhile ago and the people there are just very strange, love to overshare and think it’s high school instead of dumb fun. They started making it way more difficult to join the discord a few months ago because of something petty, but a lot of the people pretend to be your little internet buddy but do the passive aggressive Regina George larp especially if you’re younger than them, they get angry at you even if you’re old enough to be on there. Sorry for venting it was just really annoying

No. 868224

Sorry for your loss, keep your head up nonny

No. 868234

After months of dealing with my idiot dad and our co-op board, my dad finally fucking decided that we would hire and pay for our own exterminator. FINALLY! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! But oh, guy what’s this? The exterminator needs a sample COI from us/the building so they can issue back the insurance. Ok cool, we’ll just get the board to send it out!! …. Except they won’t. A month later and the office admin who hasn’t been responding to our email suddenly says the board is hiring back the old exterminators (who were shit and who (rightfully) complained that we weren’t prepared enough (thanks to my dad being a shithead hoarder). I replied saying no thanks, just send out the sample COI to the exterminator I want to hire and that I will be paying out of pocket for and that’s all I need.

Like, what the fuck is the problem? I think it’s most likely so they can sack us with a bill in the end one way or another, but their exterminators suck anyway so no thanks! My dad thinks they don’t have the sample COI or any insurance for the building (and wants me to find out) and is now back on his stupid tangent talk about suing the building even though that’s literally the worst idea ever and his stupid little pea brain is back to thinking we’re in some movie and he’s the underdog who’s going to win in the end. I don’t even know what specific insurance I’m even supposed to be looking for?! We are so fucking close to getting an exterminator in and things are getting mucked up again and I’m SO FED UP WITH THIS! I will pay for my own exterminator just send the fucking coi so I can stop talking with the stupid ass board!!! I’m so fucking sick and tired of my dad’s fucking peanut brain and the board as a whole!!

No. 868235

I would like a chris-chan support group yesterday thanks.

No. 868236

I know men like this exist, what I always find confusing is why their pick-mes come here and expect sympathy from us.

No. 868237

My boyfriend got sexually harassed at work but he doesn't feel comfortable telling his manager about what happened. He said he's going to try to stay away from that guy and tell his manager if it happens again but I wish he'd just tell his manager now. It makes me upset but I don't want to stress him out even more by keep telling him to report it to his manager.

No. 868248

yeah… idk why men are so broken brained. it’s like this with basically every scrote, too. i guess it’s just macho emotional retardation from a lifetime of being out of touch with their feelings.

completely off topic but i only ever had 1 ex who was understanding of my mental health and self harm issue—but it turned out he was still living with his ex and was kind of a burnout. literally if it’s not one massive red flag, it’s another. being a straight woman is tragic comedy.

i took a nap after posting and when i woke up he told me to go make him dinner. he’s literally NEVER “ordered” me to do anything before, so why now of all times when i’m obviously feeling bad? we always just do things for each other out of thoughtfulness or ask nicely. so why now????

fun quotes:
>”so are you going to wear long sleeves all summer, or what?”
>”scars are trashy”
>”your job isn’t that bad. people would kill to have your job.”
>”you’re supposed to take care of yourself for the people you love”

i’m not even sad anymore i’m just silently raging

thank you for your kind comment and for sharing with me nonna, i wish you the best and that we can both completely recover from self harm. reading this really brought me back to earth. i really felt like i was insane but you’re right, things are immensely stressful and i just reacted to it the way i knew how

trying not to beat myself up over it. i’m just going to keep to myself and do my own stuff because bf is being ridiculous. i think he’s taking my self harm as a personal sleight (slight? idk English) the way men tend to do. like by seeing that i hurt myself, he is scared and angry that i was actually not okay all along, implying to him that he is failing as a man. i feel like men frame things that way a lot.

No. 868249

My bf gets constantly harassed by a trans(mtf) prostitute whenever he goes to our local 7-11 alone, once "she" even tried to climb into his car. Fuck living in a poorfag area.

No. 868258

Dumb that zero empathy piece of shit.
Your bf is probably a repeat customer of said tranny prostitute

No. 868271

File: 1627712947026.png (39.43 KB, 220x220, TatsuyaEPSad.png)

The amount of moids on KF victim blaming chris chan's mom, humiliating her further, making horrible comments about her makes me want to an hero. Absolutely no empathy for any woman they don't want to stick their dick into no matter how victimized she was

No. 868272

yeah, barbara wasn't a good person but even with that, it's not like she's even there, she isn't even in her mind. no one deserves that.

No. 868273

File: 1627713568905.jpg (31.25 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (5).jpg)

KF also defended chris' ''free speech'' rights when he made nude drawings of the girl in the picture against her consent and distributed them online. Honestly although he's retarded i think there are more victims

No. 868274

what a cursed picture. I am actually surprised that christian hasn't diddled a kid yet.

No. 868287

I haven't felt like such shit in awhile and I don't know what to do with myself now instead of think about how nice being nonexistent would be

No. 868291

I wish I could get away with not wearing a bra. I swear the simple act of being comfortable makes people act like I am doing something to THEM. I hate being short and top heavy. Everything looks bad and is uncomfortable to wear, especially if you don't want to show cleavage. T-shirts feel like they're strangling me.

No. 868299

I moved in with a friend of many years and oh boy I'm witnessing the darkest sides of humanity. She never showers. She workouts and she doesn't shower. I smelled the clothes in the laundry bin to know if they are clean or dirty and I almost threw up because of the smell. She lived 1 year in this apartment before I moved in and everyday I'm cleaning her year old dirt which is everywhere. I cleaned the refrigerator and threw year old things away, it was so fucking dirty and disgusting. When she sees me cleaning her reaction is that thats not my job and she would've done it. And then proceed to sit on her ass and smokes cigarettes. No thank you, nothing. When she cooks she tells me to not eat a lot so she doesn't have to starve. And then doesn't eat it all and throws it away, which makes her angry as well. She tells me I'm the lethargic type because one day I had no energy to clean the kitchen after I worked all day. When I didn't had to work I cleaned everyday, made coffee she could drink after work etc, now she doesn't have to work and she lift no finger to make it comfortable here. So I work all day, get home and clean her mess and all I get is a 'i would've done that as well'. When home all she does is chatting with guys, disgusting guys btw lol, the worst part is most of the time via voice memo. So I hear the bs she tells them. 'i love to do everything with love and mindfulness.' Stuff like that. Sometimes she is so angry she bursts. She 'cleans' the kitchen then in the most loud way possible. Idk why. Idk why someone can be so insane. All while she knows that I hate loud noises over everything. She asks me all the time if Im angry or so because she gets weird vibes and she feels really bad because of that. I used to tell her when I'm upset but she would get so angry and aggressive that I see no use in that anymore. Oh and funny enough she thinks she is very very empathetic. That this is basically her super power. Also I hear her talking about me all the time because she is somehow too stupid to know that I can hear it all from my room. And she always made herself be the hero that helps me so much. Lol pls kill me already

No. 868304

I feel your pain as I have the same body type. If you haven’t already try out the A Bra That Fits calculator, I actually laughed at the suggested size but when I bought one it was so comfortable, much better than any other measuring system I’ve used. Wearing the right bra size should help a lot. Men’s fit t shirts fit better too if that’s an option.

No. 868307

I don't know what to do about this situation, I hate that I can't really do anything but watch as my friend is undoubtedly going to get really hurt.

>Friend broke up with her long-term boyfriend last year

>Boyfriend had he stopped pulling his weight in the relationship because of his depression and she has had enough of him refusing to get help no matter what she tried.
>A couple of months later she starts dating someone she met through an online game she's been playing for a couple of years
>Everyone kinda rolls their eyes since despite her only having been in healthy long-term relationships she's never single for more than a couple of months
>Learns that guy lives in America
>We live in Scandinavia
>Tries to carefully ask her if she is sure he isn't a fetishist since I know American men has a habit fetishising women specifically from our country and have experienced it myself a few times while playing online
>"Haha Anon, that's so funny! Our long-time guild friends has had the same concerns since he's previously dated women from our country! I'm sure it's just a coincidence"
>Immediately see red flags but decide to not push the issue further
>I decide to let her live in her rose-tinted fantasy with him, seeing it more like a phase she'll get over
>She starts selling stuff so she can afford visiting him once the pandemic calms down because she doesn't have a job
>Uhm, friendorino, shouldn't HE be the one to visit YOU?
>"He's too busy with his job so it's going to be hard for him to have enough time"
>Homeboy can take a vacation though, right?
>"He also helps his uncle a lot with renovating his restaurant since it has to be closed temporarily due to the pandemic"
>…uhuh. Decides to not push it further again.
>I stop asking questions for a while, maybe the dude isn't as sketchy as she accidentally makes him out to be. I'll support her happiness, even if I don't believe in the relationship
>She starts talking about possibly moving over there in the future since he conveniently can't despite having a job that is applicable all over the world.
>She keeps making excuses
>Now she's been dating this guy for almost a year and I decided to ask again
>So WHY again isn't he the one coming over here instead of letting a lone, small single woman go across the world to HIM?
>"His uncle still needs a lot of help with renovating the restaurant"
>Still? It's been a year
>"Yeah there has been a lot of issues"
>Is he at least paying for half your ticket?
>"Nono, he's gonna be paying for my food and accommodations though"
>But you're his girlfriend and you're gonna stay at HIS place as his guest, of course he's gonna be paying for accommodations.
>"Exactly uwu" obviously somehow taking my critical statement as me agreeing with her.
>Realize now that there is no way to reach her and make her understand how insane all this is and have now given up

I can only see this ending in two ways: 1. He gets cold feet when she gets a chance to book tickets, since he has conveniently never met any of his online girlfriends. 2. He'll break up with her once she's back from visiting him. And what makes it even more frustrating is that I KNOW she knows better and I know she would have asked me the same questions if the roles had been reversed.

No. 868314

She sounds like she's hurt from the long term breakup so is investing in a safe, fake online relationship where she can't get hurt. She should save her money since I guarantee the american scrote will disappoint her in real life should she turn up as his free dial-a-scand. He is likely to come across far better online, most guys who prefer digital communication are very boring and weird in person.

No. 868318

you should go for it, comfort of not having a breast prison is worth bad stares you can get from people also most people don't really care

No. 868322

My cat has to go to the vets today and I'm terrified of losing her. I've had her for nearly 8 years (adopted her when she was 7-ish) and she's been with me through so much. I'm praying it's just her teeth and nothing else. It's so scary because of her age, I know she's realistically not got long left. I hate this, I'm in tears already.

No. 868327

Why the fuck am I spending my time reading about incestuous elderly rape, it makes me feel horrible beyond words. I never even followed Chris chan. I hate the Internet and whatever it is in my brain that's interested in this. These aren't the lolz I've signed up for.

No. 868331

File: 1627723404920.gif (2.81 MB, 371x253, 7d60a9d333ccb840f03035818e1b0f…)

i'm rooting for you and your baby, anon, i hope it's nothing serious

No. 868334

I can't stop checking the little green light on messenger if my ex is online, when he was last online and so on. I feel like I understand Gatsby now.

No. 868336

File: 1627724351078.jpg (100.68 KB, 810x540, daisyanswerme.jpg)

unrelated but gatsby lowkey deserved it

No. 868337

I cannot understand or tolerate women who can live In prolonged filth like a scrote

No. 868342

Thank you, anon. ♥

No. 868344

File: 1627725236573.jpeg (44.39 KB, 500x561, 0CC51499-87E0-46A1-9E94-E9BAE1…)

I have too much pride and absolutely no tolerance for mediocre ugly moids so I can’t ever just get into a relationship with some loser just to be in one. But I’m still terribly lonely. Being surrounded by happy couples with really nice dudes just makes things so much worse, at least being around awful couples would make me feel better because I’m not dealing with that.
Instead I just feel like “They were younger/ more likable / more attractive / better at socializing than you are, that’s why they found someone nice and you shouldn’t expect to.”
Feeling sorry for myself gave me insomnia, haven’t slept more than an hour and I’m about to get up and make shrimp tom yum at 3 am.

No. 868353

Yea, that's rough shit.
Depends on what your situation is but what helped me is to remind myself why he's an ex, convince myself he doesn't care so why should I and go do something else when the urge hits.

No. 868354

i hate this retarded mood i get in where i want to delete all my accounts just because i think someone knows my email from someplace else checked what i used it for and stalked me or something. ive been making new accounts often for a few years now but i used the same email for a lot of dumb shit and i hate that. even when i listen to music on spotify i think someone can somehow see what im listening to or when i save shit on pinterest. i hate how its all conncented.idk. i dont understand how people can live knowing they have their full name linked to everything. i even changed my phone number for this stupid paranoia, i think i just want to go through life as unnoticed as i can be

No. 868380

File: 1627730538739.jpg (4.12 KB, 225x225, pepe_red.jpg)

I want to have home alone moments again! I want to cook nice things for myself and not share.

No. 868390

File: 1627731808794.jpeg (60.82 KB, 512x512, 5A1B4731-782A-43FA-A923-D19638…)

How do I stop being so sensitive and getting upset after any kind of confrontation. I always do my best to avoid it, like between family members. I just had words with my sister, even though we are really close but I know it’s normal. I am sooooo sensitive and get tearful after. Why am I so lame? Am I an autist? Why do I care and fret so much?

No. 868401

I get annoyed when other women talk about how they get DMs and attention from guys easily. When I think about it I have made the first move with every guy since being a teenager. It was established they liked me but I had to close the gap or whatever. I mean I do get attention if it's facilitated by another person, like meeting friends of friends at parties etc, but the only guys that have ever slipped into my dms where my brothers friends when they're drunk.

No. 868418

what makes you think the dudes dm'ing these women are any "better" than the ones dm'ing you? they're just random ding dongs not romantic princes. unless the woman has thousands of friends/followers and adds everyone they probably don't get as many as they make it out to sound like.

No. 868423

Who cares. Most men are just going to treat you like crap anyway
>It was established they liked me but I had to close the gap or whatever.
Then they didn't actually like you. I used to think it was romantic and cute for the woman to ask out the guy and initiate things but quickly learned that if a guy doesn't go out of his way to be with you, he doesn't actually give a shit.

No. 868427

Dont worry we are getting the same kind of attention as you.

No. 868429

I understand, I don't want dickpics from random scrotes and I know men will go for anything so it's not a compliment but sometimes I feel left out of conversations about that stuff because I don't have any stories to contribute and I want to know why
I'm at least average in attractiveness but I make a conscious effort to not pander to men in my social media posts, my body or face isn't often the focus of my photos and I don't act like a nlog. Girls tend to call fashionable but maybe I give off an asexual vibe kek

No. 868430

>if a guy doesn't go out of his way to be with you, he doesn't actually give a shit
That's like your opinion man
Don't give her a complex just because of your own personal experiences, they're not universal

No. 868434

It's not an opinion. It's the truth. But sure, encourage her to chase down some retard who can't be bothered to talk to her or ask her out, that always works in favor for the woman.

No. 868435

She's right though…

No. 868437

File: 1627738101224.jpg (293.77 KB, 1727x2048, nooo.jpg)

i got up early specifically to get chicken mini's from chickfila with their little mini hashbrowns and i look in the bag and they forgot the hashbrowns smh also i'm annoyed because my period is a week late even though i haven't had sex

No. 868443

>>866717 take your meds anon

No. 868449

My period is late too and it's been making me so frustrated

No. 868450

Going on my first date with a guy. I'm a very anxious person and I'm so nervous I want to throw up

No. 868454

praying to the menstruation goddesses for us right now

No. 868457

>if a guy doesn't go out of his way to be with you, he doesn't actually give a shit
Well I asked out my coworker and he admitted he also wanted to ask me out but he thought he would scare me off since I'm very shy and quiet at work and I also appear to be much younger than I actually am. He didn't know how to approach me. Later he was the first to intiniate physical contact and he also invited me for our next date. Would you still say he's not really interested?

No. 868464

File: 1627739816459.png (1.61 MB, 2048x1961, chrome_screenshot_162327002385…)

Omg same for me, anons… it's been 40 days since my last one and I'm also not sexually active. I'm usually so regular!

No. 868466

Tbf this is why I'm feeling lonely. I put myself out on tinder and got interest but I wasn't interested in the men to kiss them. One asked and I turned him down, but tinder removes that whole "are they interested?". So I've decided to not make the first move. To not initiate. So I'm just feeling left out lol. On one hand I'm enjoying the self focus, I'm getting better at guitar, on the other hand, it's nice to have affection.

No. 868470

Maybe you give off intimidating/don't mess with me vibes. It really has nothing to do whether or not you're attractive, but whether or not you'd be easy enough to take advantage of.
>excuse, excuse, excuse
There are gentle, kind ways to get to know someone and ask them out instead of just fucking giving up.
>Would you still say he's not really interested?
Of course he's "interested" now, because most men are opportunistic and you handed yourself to him on a platter. Hopefully he is going above and beyond for you to prove that he actually deserves you instead of being a lukewarm loser, because he is incredibly lucky that you'd ask him out.
Tinder is retarded anyway, don't look there for an actual boyfriend. At least sign up for a proper dating site or something.

No. 868472

KF is filled with people that are more unhinged than Reddit and 4chan users. Just look at their non-cow discussion threads, like the one for women's fashion and you realize the kind of posters that are really there

No. 868488

Deleted my posts cause I didn't want to samefag up the thread lol. Yeah Tinder just reeks of desperation. I'm not putting myself out there on dating sites. I don't like the vibe of it. I'm just annoyed I'm not getting asked out off of sites.

No. 868495

lol my only social media (instagram) is private and it has zero pictures
if i got dm's from random people in my situation it would count as a superpower
consider how many followers you have, how public your account is, your pictures, etc

No. 868496

For some reason KF thinks being edgy is peak humor or something. It’s annoying

No. 868497

>There are gentle, kind ways to get to know someone and ask them out instead of just fucking giving up
Don't forget that males are autistic by nature.

No. 868505

File: 1627743269452.jpg (510.77 KB, 1399x2000, dave_mckean_dream_of_madness_h…)

I always scroll by and forget that the half naked dude is the vent thread. Anyway.

My mother keeps making comments about my life choices and it's pissing me off so fucking much. Like about my lack of social network and friends or that I should 'go and study something…like, anything'. She's a boomer and she's got this simplistic, starry eyed way of thinking that education equals superiority and if someone's at a university studying something, anything from basket weaving to culinary arts (and she literally told me to get a degree in Gender Studies because she heard that it must be interesting) then they are superior to others and doing something right with their lives. I was stupid once and got a bachelor's degree in humanities but getting another useless one according to my mother 'will show my potential employers how hardworking I am'. Sure. And she literally is surprised when I tell her that an acquaintance of mine works at a call center even though she's got a master's degree. Is anyone else's boomer parents are this idealistic??

Also I'm working as hard as I can on my lack of friendships (signing up to Meetups…well, I haven't actually gone to one yet, but the effort counts for something right, and I also hung out with an ex-coworker of mine despite my social anxiety) and she just…disregards it. Like if I'm not having a house party with 65 people every weekend than I'm dead lonely right??
Ah fuck all

No. 868509

Also when I asked her how I would finance myself (I'm unemployed and that's why she told me to study something to 'do something useful') she said that she would give me allowance, my job would be 'just to study'. Which I guess would be sweet if her idea of me wasn't a dependent child who gets paid by her parents. Like I cannot wrap my head around her thinking. At all

No. 868522

oh, I feel you. Have a boomer mother myself and she pushed me into studying, even though I wanted to do something else, now I'm old, didn't finish my degree and I'm unemployed. Still she goes on and on about how she wasn't allowed to study and if I would have finished I would have the perfect life now and more money than I could count and when I tell her that others who finished their degree are working in shitty jobs with less money than she had from a half time job I'm lying, because no one who ever went to university is poor or has a shitty job.
I wish she would grow up, but that will never happen.
If she could, she would make me move back home and find a husband, friends and job for me.

No. 868523


Awh Anon, she just wants the best for you but doesn't understand times aren't the same as when she was your age.

Don't worry too hard about the friends. You should focus on finding out what you really like to do, and do it. It can be anything, art, programming, advanced underwater basket weaving, whatever.

She just wants to see you happy and successful but doesn't know how to get you there. Maybe start small with a part time job somewhere? You'll get out of the house and interacting with the same group of people everyday might lead to a friendship or two. Don't waste more money on a degree you won't use though.

No. 868548

>no one who ever went to university is poor or has a shitty job
That's interesting, my experience is almost the opposite. I know people with bachelors in humanities who work as receptionists or in call centers in jobs that they could have gotten without degrees anyway but cannot move forward in their career. I also heard of a person who travelled the world as a simple construction worker, working on constructions all over the globe. Also heard of a degreeless person who created a company and was the CEO and then out of a sense of duty or something he got his degree while he was working

No. 868575

how can i 'stan' girlgroups if i can't stand to watch their fanservice with other members. i feel so uncomfortable watching them touch each other because i know its forced. getting molested by a woman feels disgusting. i hate being reminded of it

No. 868578

nta but just want to thank you nonnies for having this conversation. I'm studying myself for an associates which I'm not even sure will be useful or if its what I even want. haven't had a job and yeah it feels like crap. so it's nice to see people discussing how it can still work out in different ways for everyone. I hope it works out for op

No. 868579

My fiance has an old friend who is forever alone and has sex with hookers on occasion. He did partake in this when he was rather young only once and they had a threesome with a hooker during a coke fueled night. My fiance gets mad when I mention it makes me uncomfortable when he hangs out with this friend for that reason becausw I don't want them to get into stupid shit and do impulsive shit. My fiance has cleaned up his act and I should really give him more credit like I know I can trust him I'm just an insecure nonnie. But am I wrong tho for feeling uncomfortable? Idk I hate feeling like this. He's being so sweaty today and I'm just a quiet but pushing my feelings down because I don't want to fight.

No. 868580

it was me being sarcastic, sorry for that. What you describe is exactly what I've seen so far, but many boomer parents just don't want to see it that way. For them it's just "you get a good education, you work hard and you will have an amazing life", that it doesn't work like this nowadays isn't real for many of them.

No. 868583

My bf is super affected by the cwc situation to the point where he can't even sleep because he's so disturbed and he already threw up a bunch of times too and I hate to say it but it's getting on my nerves. He's been in a legit depressive episode since the news broke. Like yes it's horrific but getting this worked up over fucking chris chan is too much for me

No. 868584

Oh, I'm dumb haha. I reread it and it was obvious sarcasm. I agree

No. 868586

fucking KEK

No. 868587

I kinda get it though. I have a similar type of feeling in the pit of my stomach. Chris was a harmless retard and then he raped his 80 yr old mother. It's fucking sickening. For some ppl Chris was their first lolcow and its nostalgic.

I mean tell him to stop being such a nonnie and take a shower

No. 868590

I feel really disgusted too I mean I'm gonna go forget about it now because there's no other choice but jesus

No. 868592

I'm sorry nonny. Same thing happened to me and I was thinking about this literally a few minutes ago myself because I had to stop looking through an archive of vogue shots full of forced lesbianism. These are heterosexual women made to be nude, straddle, tongue kiss and lick each other's body parts for fashion houses and perfume brands. WTF. They try their best to hide it but it's obvious they're disgusted and often upset. Rampant sexualization is bad enough, that's just straight up abusive.

No. 868599

NTA, even less reason to make up excuses for them

No. 868600

He payed to use a body for masturbation, like hell you should give him credit for that, even if it was "when he was rather young [and] only once". Have some self-respect nona, I beg you.

No. 868602

Tell me more so I leave him

No. 868618

I was unlucky enough to refresh at the wrong time and saw CP, I want to die

No. 868621

are you talking about the shota drawing in one of the threads or the actual cp posted yesterday or something? (Not implying shota drawing is any better) Because that shit yesterday gave me nightmares and now I'm paranoid whenever I come on here and feel like I have to check the meta thread to see if anybody's posted a warning first, I feel you anon.

No. 868624

It was a explicit real life picture of what appeared to be a toddler, I reported it but don't want to check if it's still there or not
I don't care about drawings but seeing firsthand people abuse children like that just makes me sick. Men are truly evil

No. 868627

When is it normally posted? Timezone? I'm fortunate to keep missing it, I wonder if I'm asleep.

No. 868628

Oh shit, again? Glad I saw your warning this time, I'm going off until it's gone, sorry you had to see that anon, I agree it's sickening and I hope you feel better soon.

No. 868631

During the great tumblr cheese pizza scandal I stumbled upon a blog full of it by complete accident. The feeling you get actually seeing this stuff (and not just hearing about it in spooky scary true crime yt videos) is beyond description. I couldn't sleep for about a week after

No. 868633

Thanks anon, I hope no one else has to see that

No. 868634

NTA, I'm CET, I think I only ever saw it posted in the morning around 7am

No. 868636

Thanks. Does anyone know if it's posted pretty much anywhere, main boards, within threads? Is there a pattern?

No. 868637

Your boyfriend needs to spend way less time online if he's that emotionally attached to fucking Chris-chan of all people.

No. 868640

Maybe I should clarify. He's not emotionally attached to Chris chan. He feels bad for his mother

No. 868643

nta but I view prostiution as really close to rape if not just being rape outright, because those women wouldn't be having sex with those men if they weren't getting money because they are desperately in need to get by. or they were traumatized in the past so this behavior is all they know. or worst of all you don't know if they were forced into it all by a pimp or trafficker. they have to be coerced that they will get money to live their life to have sex with these guys. I can't imagine any of it is enjoyable it would be an outright horrific life to have sex with people you don't want naturally.

No. 868644

so yeah in summary I could never respect any man who had sex with a prostitute

No. 868670

Yup theyre delusional. Mine get so pissy that I'm not going out with a boyfriend or planning to save up and buy house and get married. Like the world looks like it's going to end in the next generation you spoiled old fucks, but i guess it doesn't effect you because you got yours huh.

No. 868680

File: 1627757160843.jpg (8.56 KB, 192x155, 54646.jpg)

My mom seriously thinks I'm being "mean and controlling" for asking her to please stop yelling slurs at the television for a few minutes because I'm on the phone with my employer. I'm in my own bedroom with the door shut and she's still loud enough to be heard.

No. 868686

No. 868688

NTA but while I usually think men should make the first move, it's fair to be hesitant since you're his coworker. There ARE people who run to HR over every little slight in the workplace, plus getting unwanted attention from a coworker can be genuinely unpleasant and make work awkward. My bf used to be my coworker, and he made the first move but it took a very long time because I have a "work mode" and he found me very serious and intimidating. I almost asked him out many times but chose to wait and I'm glad I did but my relationship with him wouldn't have been any better or worse if I'd made the first move.

No. 868695

Ew drop him before you're stuck to him legally anon. If he doesn't feel disgusted by his past and is still hanging around the guy that not only reminds him of it, but still takes part in it today then he hasn't actually changed. He'll stay clean and hooker-free for now but down the line when you guys are deep into the marriage, he'll go back to his old habits on a night out with his old bud. Then he'll keep it going for a while until he gets too lazy to hide it properly and god knows how much of your life you'd have wasted with him by that point. Unless they completely remove themselves from that type of life/influence then they almost never truly change. Why would you marry someone who doesn't feel disgusted at the thought of fucking a hooker?
>But am I wrong tho for feeling uncomfortable?
Come on, anon. Imagine your response if someone else asked this given the context. Don't be stupid.

No. 868719

I'm confused is this because he previously admired Chris Chan? Probably unlikely, but it's possible your boyfriend has a history of sexual abuse that he hasn't spoken about before. Might be why he's so upset.

No. 868743

Either way having a full on mental breakdown over some internet dweeb fucking his mom isn't normal. Get his ass to a real therapist.

No. 868744


The thing is tho he doesn't really hang around this guy anymore. This happened when they were literally teenagers and he was abusing drugs heavily because of home life stuff( mom was addicted to meth and a whore etc etc)

He has a career and hasn't touched the stuff in ages also he is ashamed about what he did. He says he did it at the time because he thought he had to as some passage into manhood but is adamant that he knows better now that his brain has matured. This friend of his is always pestering him to hang out and get drunk and he always turns him down but they do hang out like once a year because they are childhood friends. I should really give him the benefit of a doubt because he is a genuine and good guy but he cannot let go of this loser friend because childhood bond bullshit and he has an abandonment complex. I just feel so out of sorts about it

No. 868745

He would kill himself if he read about the Shanda Sharer case

No. 868761

Sounds complex, anon. I guess it's all down to how good control your fiancé has and how much you trust him because it sounds like that friend isn't going anywhere.

Not that you're wrong for worrying about it, but it'll probably only put a strain on the relationship if you keep openly stating it since he will feel like you don't trust him. As long as it's clear that you dislike that friend and you don't want him around, the rest is down to your man and how he handles being around the guy. Keep an eye on his behaviour anytime after they go out

No. 868764

Women shouldnt date broke men but on the other hand those "tehe date older rich men" girls are stupid as well because depending on a man for money is one of the worst things you can do. Hes going to eventually start to hate you and see you as a leech or hes going to feel entitled to do whatever he wants to you. Help from a man is a nice extra but at the end of the day you should be able to do everything yourself without a man.

No. 868765

i think i need to stop coming here. i don't find pleasure in constantly whining about something, or nitpicking shit excessively like a bpd chan. it's just pointless, and being anonymous only fuels it more. if i'm gonna do that i'd rather go to 4chan where it isn't full of men/trannies pretending to be women because they wanna fit in and interact with women, at least they're upfront about being moids (yes it's extremely obvious how many crypto-moids there are here).

No. 868766

Your bpd is kicking in

No. 868767

NTA but calling everyone you see BPD is the most BPD thing you can do.

No. 868768

ok nonny

No. 868770

>calling everyone you see BPD

No. 868773

I have BPD so I would know when a bitch is getting offended over nothing, simply the mere mention of someone describing undesirable BPD characteristics. Seethe cope dilate idc

No. 868777

Oh, so you were projecting

No. 868778

Made my 10k in a few weeks by drawing anime fan art. Anti weebs stay mad

No. 868779

>shit stirring in the vent thread
speak for yourself

No. 868780

No. 868789

How is this a vent? You should put it in like, idk, a channel centered around wins

No. 868790

Shame that 10k can't buy you real friends to share your happiness with instead of flexing in a fucking vent thread.

No. 868795

Holy shit I should start drawing anime, I've been painting an oil painting for 3 days for 50 dollars

No. 868800

File: 1627764725742.png (85.69 KB, 275x206, 1598905518294.png)

I complain so much to my friend about stupid shit in my life I feel so sorry yet I continue

No. 868801

File: 1627765034403.jpeg (157.66 KB, 512x512, download.jpeg)

I love this site, and there are very intelligent ladies here, but sometimes I worry that some of you are genuinely mentally unwell. It can't be healthy to fixate on a stranger's apolitical, bigotry-free content or hobbies, to the point of shitting up a thread and causing off-topic discourse, just because you don't like it or have preconceptions about it. I'm not asking anyone to like anything they don't already like, just maybe consider putting the phone down? Take a breather. Get some fresh air. Call a loved one. Maybe make some tea or hot chocolate for yourself. Not everyone is trying to hurt you, or other people, for that matter.
Sorry, mods, if this is too pointed. This GAN cat is for you.

No. 868802

My best friend is becoming polarised, I think. We're all vaccinated and for it, but he couldn't see the viewpoint of people who didn't want to get vaccinated, just kept reiterating that they're selfish and want people to die. I said I had a friend who's a caring person but are worried about the long term effects so won't get it, and he straight up said "they're not a caring person then". Like straight up said more or less, if they conflict with my beliefs they can't be a good person.

Like he used to be the level headed neutral party in our friend group. Not that the others are better. They'll focus on and discuss whatever hot topics are in the media, parroting whatever the majority opinion is, then let it fade away as soon as the new headline is in. It's a bit sickening because there are a lot of things that should be discussed, but they just do not care if it's not the "cool" thing to talk about. And if I say anything or give solid proof that goes against the standard narrative I'm straight up ignored in the chat, just completely dismissed. I'm definitely squarely in the left/liberal side of things, it's not like i'm the edgy right winger of the group, I just want to have some fucking nuance.

No. 868809

I can’t talk. I can’t speak. I have 100s, 1000s, trillions of words in my head that I will never be able to say. I don’t know what to do. I get overwhelmed by them and it makes things worse, harder. I give them too much thought by accident or too little out of being self conscious, in the end I don’t do what I need. I feel like I’m trapped. I’m scared. I did this to myself and I don’t know how to get out of it.

No. 868810

>It can't be healthy to fixate on a stranger's apolitical, bigotry-free content or hobbies, to the point of shitting up a thread and causing off-topic discourse, just because you don't like it or have preconceptions about it
Who is this about? Thanks, concerned cat.

No. 868813

I'll say it was spurred by a recent thread derail, but I wouldn't have said it if this had been the first, or even the second time. This has happened multiple times, with multiple different topics, on multiple different threads. I don't think it's one person, but I do think there's some consistency when a certain topic triggers it. Stay safe, dears.

No. 868814

Based. They really do stay mad judging by the replies

No. 868816

you know how many autists there are here, it should be no surprise

No. 868819

ily anon

No. 868820

I know we're all tired of everyone talking about chris chan but oh my lord do people minimizing his crime and making a big deal of his pronouns instead make me upset

No. 868823

like how and where and all that, tell me your secrets, please, I need all the money

No. 868830

File: 1627767159752.png (115.5 KB, 391x410, 1602972760528.png)

I feel like the only redeeming quality I have is being somewhat pretty, and even then maybe a 7/10 at most in the face. My body is pretty unattractive. (Womanlet, skinnyfat) Plus I'm in my late 20s, so It's all down hill from here. I'm incredibly untalented and any skills I attempt to pick up, I'm absolutely terrible at. No education, only wagecuck work experience. Pushed everyone away and spending more and more time in solitary, somehow don't feel 'right' being around people. Feels like my mental state is slowly going in decline, even though life is relatively okay otherwise. Feeling somewhat empty and hollow.

No. 868831

I just want to watch a movie and read fanfiction and eat stupid shit without worrying about others and how they must feel. I don’t want to think about other people and I don’t want to care until I actually, actively want to. I wish the rest of the world was like a Sims game where you could pause everyone else and vegetate for a couple days before you have to go back in and participate in the game.

No. 868837

I do the same thing except I just cry a lot, I don't know how to fix it.

No. 868845

I met a guy who's 27 and had only one girlfriend in his life, he's been alone for 3 years and he claims he didn't even have sex during that time. Seems like he hasn't been ruined by porn either. I have no idea how to deal with him. I'm inexperienced with men but I hate them and he doesn't remind me of any of the men I heard about from other women on the internet or from my family etc., at least not in the sexual and romantic realm. Maybe he pours all his energy into work since it's a physical job, mostly, and he takes it very seriously. I'm so confused

No. 868847

Hes going to have sex with you and then use his job as an excuse to be "busy" all the time.

No. 868848

Observe him, for science.

No. 868849

I’m fucking sick of listening to my scrote friend be negative about this country. He moved away already and likes where he is now but still, he never stops. It’s okay at times when we’re discussing politics or something - I agree this place isn’t as great as people think, there are many issues. I’m glad he can see these issues as someone who was in a more fortunate situation than many.

It’s just never ending sperging though! I’ve tried to avoid it by not introducing certain topics but he will latch onto the most vaguely-related shit and drone on about how much he hates the country and how awful it is. There’s no way to stop it. I have tried not engaging but he just does that scrote thing where he keeps talking like he’s delivering a lecture, no response needed. I’ve tried reasoning with him but he just doubles down. Recently it got to the point where I started saying “yeah I get it, you hate this country, can we talk about something else?” and he laughed at me and started talking about how he didn’t know I loved it there so much. Annoying as hell because that’s not the fucking issue. I’d get bored of hearing someone complain about even the things I hate most if it was constant.

Oh, and the fact he gets offended if I question when he says “I don’t identify as [nationality he was born as, his whole heritage]”. Living here with no real exposure to other cultures for 26 years had no impact on you, for sure. Still waiting for him to start learning the language of his dream country like he’s been intending to for literally 10 years kek.

No. 868862

There are some guys like that, not many, but you can find some. Give it a try, sooner or later you will see if he lied or you are lucky and found yourself one of the few good ones

No. 868865

Tell him to shut up about anything country related or you just won't talk to him for some time. Instead of complaining he should just go and learn that language, no country wants a foreigner without any knowledge of the local language…

No. 868869

If he's telling the truth then he wont be in a rush to fuck you. Get to know him (if you're interested in him of course) and build a bond at a decent pace, he'll crack if it's all BS.

No. 868872

I used to be chubby but I lost a ton of weight this year and I'm now on the thinner side of average. Today my bf told me that I'm much more attractive when I'm thin, and that he's really impressed by how hard I'm working to lose weight. I should take it as a compliment but it feels fucking weird for some reason. It makes me wonder why he's even with me if I was such an ugly fat lump when we met.

No. 868877

That was a neg. He essentially told you that you were unattractive before you lost weight, it's gross. Consider dumping him.

No. 868878

File: 1627772266281.jpg (58.08 KB, 800x533, 986859596757559.jpg)

I hate people who turn up to the cinema late. I have friends who turn up to the cinema itself 15 minutes after the official start time because they trust that at that point there's still 15 minutes of adverts + trailers to go. Often they time it ok, but inevitably the queues take forever because everyone in front wants stale nachos and dirty-water dogs, and to spice things up, the cinema decided to play fewer adverts. Who knows how The Favourite and 1914 start? Not me. Because my friends were late. Friends I no longer go see movies with.

This evening I saw The Suicide Squad and a couple came in after the movie started, couldn't find their seats, and had to use their phone torches. When they found their seats (right in front of mine) they took forever to sit the fuck down, and didn't even try to appear apologetic it was during the big fight scene at the start so a lot going on Why do people think their time is so valuable that getting there on time and just sitting, getting comfy for a bit isn't worth it to not spoil the cinematic experience for everyone else. Also, if you're already late, why not spend an extra minute to look at the seating chart before you go in so you can sit down as quickly as possible.

No. 868879

I can't stop drinking. I love being drunk for the sake of the feeling. There's nothing better than being intoxicated watching a movie or just dicking around online. I just wish weed was legal in my country so I could have the same feeling without the liquid and calories inside of me

No. 868887

How is this a big deal? If he did something to his body that you found more attractive you'd say the same thing?

No. 868905

NTA but you can't see why it would be hurtful to find out retroactively that someone was less than impressed with your body at some point? I don't think her bf is at fault or that he had bad intentions, logically people lose weight to look better and affirming that is the obvious compliment to make. But that doesn't change the way you feel knowing that maybe he wasn't that attracted to you before or might have judged your body negatively. And if you gain weight again you'll know for sure it will lower his attraction to you.

Some people are thick skinned about stuff like that, but personally I'd spiral into thoughts of him being grossed out by my body or not enjoying sex before or whatever. I'd be upset and insulted and honestly I doubt I'd want to be with him, even if I didn't blame him for it.

No. 868909

I miss my ex. I miss being wanted. I was so stupid for thinking he cared about me at all.

No. 868912

Same nonna, same, except weed doesn't work for me. It's not legal here, but I tried it twice, wasn't fun. Will have to quit drinking though, I gained so much weight the past year and I hate it.

No. 868916

a degenerate older man who blackmailed me and abused me as a teenager has had a string of arrests over the last 10 years since he did those things, including soliciting a minor for sex, and I would really like to read the details on the cases but he is in the US and I'm not, I have super limited access to whatever tidbits I find on Google and I can't parse legalese at all (whatever the hell US marshal hold, first degree felony etc means, I have no idea) and it pisses me off

No. 868918

I'm op and you put into words that "weird" feeling I got but couldn't describe, thanks. I genuinely don't think he meant it as negging or anything harmful. I'll probably talk to him about it later and clear the air a bit.

I wouldn't have worded it that way personally, but I'm also a bit sensitive about my weight because it's something I've struggled with for most of my life. If he used those same words to compliment my hairstyle or something, I wouldn't have given it a second thought. I can't fault him for not knowing he hit a sore spot though.

No. 868933

It means they had a warrant for his arrest and got him, and first degree felonies are the worst type meaning he will be jailed for a long while

No. 868951

File: 1627780308201.jpg (457.02 KB, 1300x838, 1619172.jpg)

I need a new flat like right now. Living in this shithole the past few years has made me so angry, depressed and tired. Everyone around me is fucking loud 24/7 and everyone is smoking and I can’t even open the windows to get some fresh air, because it smells like an old dirty pub.

Looking for a new flat is hell, I’m unemployed at the moment, most flats are too expensive or in another shitty huge housing complex in this city, they don’t want me as a tenant and they just don’t answer, not even a “Sry, we are arseholes and we don’t care because you are poor”. How I hate being ignored, I don’t want a long answer, just a “No, you don’t fit” would be enough.
It doesn’t even matter that the state would cover the whole rent, that I don’t have debts and always payed my rent on time all the years before, there are just enough rich people around for me not having any possibilities and I’m female in my thirties, oh no, I could get pregnant and then there would be a child, what a bullshit.

It’s so tiring, even in my dreams I’m looking for a new flat and sometimes I just want to give up and cry for a week or two. I need to get out of here soon, this living situation is dragging me down and not helping my mental or physical health. I need more room to work on things and some silence to be able to learn. And I can’t even leave this city as I will be starting school soon, if I could I would have left to start somewhere new a long time ago…

I just want to live somewhere safe, cosy and nice, with a garden, fresh air and silence.

No. 868954

Don't have much to say except I'm in the exact same situation. Stay strong sister

No. 868955

I'm feeling suicidal rn. I'm doing terrible at college just completely burn out, in a major I'm starting to regret but I'm almost graduating so I don't wanna give up. I could find a job but it would be a shitty job with no perspective of ever improving. Actually even my major gives no perspective tome. Everyone is better at studiyng, has more contacts, more certificates, more everything. My best isnt good enough and I'm not even sure I can improve bc my brain is broken and I'm getting dumber and less productive by the day. Honestly Idk what the point is anymore. I wish I would die soon.

No. 868962


Your mentality is the main thing holding you back Anon. We have the same comparing ourselves to other issue. Don't think about who's doing better or worse, just think about you.

Your best is good enough! Because it's your best. And guess what? Everyday it will get better. I'm sure you don't believe me but remember please. Your best is good enough because it's your best.

Even if you fail a class or a test or have to drop out, you did your fuckin best and a lot of people can't honestly say that

No. 868965


He was with you because he loved you for more than your looks. Now you improved yourself and he's overjoyed.

Like another Anon said if the shoe was on the other foot you'd probably say similar things. It's a great thing when a person takes steps to better their health. He's just a stupid male who didn't phrase it right probably lol.

No. 868968

Depression can add so much difficulty to already trying circumstances. I ask that you take into account that your struggles are magnified by your mental state. A combination of therapy/medication would be indispensable to you I think.

No. 868979

Thank you, you too. Hope you will find something nice rather sooner than later.

No. 868984

File: 1627784573999.jpg (93.92 KB, 750x1334, PSYCHO.jpg)

women who try to look like 12 year old boys are psychopaths

No. 868987

How is she doing that? Because she has short hair?

No. 868990

>being a normal looking girl who hasn't performed femininity to its greatest extent is psychopathy
Are you retarded?

No. 868992

lmao i put this in the wrong thread and my vent in the wrong thread, my bad nonny

i actually shilled for several of my friends but seethe harder ig

sorry anons i can’t be much help because it was a complete stroke of luck. i’m an average artist but i drew something for free for a small industry guy and he want crazy for it and i landed a contract gig with more to come. anybody who says you have to be an incredible artist to get an industry job (at least in the west) is exaggerating, it’s survivorship bias that makes it seem like every pro artist is a savant and connections really help land you the job. and finish your pieces even if they don’t come out amazing. they don’t have to be incredible but decent enough complete pieces are what got me hired, not sketches

will stop derailing now

No. 868998

I'm having a moment right now where it feels like I'll never accomplish anything and it's pointless to continue living. I get this often because of BPD. How do you get over this? I'm mad, sad, depressed, and feel like I want to go home (I'm home right now).
This happens often.

Stupid things trigger it more than serious things. Serious things I manage to put the baggage aside to deal with them. Trivial things like "I think this group doesn't like me" or "I cut my vegetables the wrong way" trigger the shit out of it.

No. 868999

I'm sorry to hear it, sugarplum. C'mere, daddy'll make things better.

No. 869003

File: 1627786876022.jpg (13.42 KB, 236x221, 11202cada5eaf1037af849b194c1e0…)

No. 869007

Left the bar I was at w my "friends" and no one even noticed I left, classic! I hate my life

No. 869025

Where do men get their stupid autistic beliefs from and why don't they proper research the bullshit they hear to verify that it's true before they argue? Oh right, it's because unlike women their shit is taken at face value and they're never challenged. Well that ain't happening with this bitch right here.

We bought a beverage cooler to put in our garage, specifically because my husband is a bottle beverage hoarder and I don't need precious fridgespace taken up with clutter. It's a fine compromise instead of just telling him to fuck off with his bottles and pitching them myself. He had these dusty bottles of wine, and after I told him I was going to put them in the beverage fridge, he threw a fit and told me it would be bad for the wine. HUH?! Storing wine at room temp actually ruins the wine, heat ruins wine!!!
Wine cellars are dank and cool for a fucking reason. The beverage cooler is an appropriate temp and not too cool because it's precisely for this.
I texted him an article to justify my decision and to not give me further grief about it because I researched the subject. Plus I'm not having these dusty ass bottles scattered in my already cramped kitchen and pantry. I don't know how long he's had these things but I bet the wine inside them is already ruined from his stupid belief about lukewarm wine. Does anyone even like warm wine? Gross.

No. 869028

That's gross. I would call him autistic and remind him he is not European

No. 869030

Wine always goes in the fridge I thought this was common knowledge

No. 869031

Were they white or red wines? Red wines you can keep out until they're ready to be served. You store them in the fridge after the bottle's been opened.

No. 869085

File: 1627801800509.png (162.82 KB, 798x509, kaiba plant.png)

weird semi raised red/brown spot on the inside? of my labia majora feels raw and every time i look it up vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia/vulvar cancer comes up. i've had it for a long time and thought it was just a mole or something since it seems to have not changed much and i'm prone to a shitton of moles. hoping to god it isn't anything serious, i'm only 20!!! i feel so gross talking about it, but i think i need to make an appointment with my derm.

No. 869122

My dog and I got attacked by an off leash boxer an hour ago and I'm still trying to calm down. Both dogs are fine and the fight wasn't too serious but the fact that it would've taken a second for one of them to decide to kill the other is scary as shit. I'm low key proud how my dog handeled it, he defended himself and didn't attack back. But fuck, keep your dog on a leash no matter how well trained it is.

No. 869126

Dogs, just like people and just like most animals, don't fight to the death. They fight until one comes out on top / the other cedes. There's no need to be worried about their life.

No. 869128

i dont know where else to write this. where else to go. i just really feel totally lost since this happened on friday and idk what to do…
so on friday, my brother (32) which basically took me in once he was able to leave the foster home, adopted me legally and paid for everything. without him, i wouldnt be able to go to medschool an next year i can start applying for internship and afterwards hopefully for residencies.
anyways, my brother came to me and told me he's trans and he will transition after i get the residency i'm aiming for and i literally started crying and he hugge me and he was like why whats wrong etc. and i was like oh i just feel so bad you had to postpone because of me blabla, but literally i just feel horrible that he has had these brainworms and he's trying to satisfy his brainworms instead of getting rid of them. we had like trans-stuff briefly during my studies and i didnt buy the BS back then and im not gonna buy into it now. but i dont know what to do. the right thing would be to tell my brother what i truely feel like, for his sake. but then again i'm also afraid of him thinking im being transphobic and cutting me off. i literally have no one else besides him. i dont really have friends besides ppl i sometimes study an afternoon/evening with. i dont date, i focused on my studies, i'm keen on finishing summa cum laude and now this shit is in my brain and i just feel like i'm dying every second. he's such a handsome guy, he's gonna destroy his looks for his brainworms. will make himself sterile for his brainworms. did anyone else deal with such a situation? i dont want to lose my brother. he's the only person to have kept me from fucking offing myself since our parents abandoned us

No. 869131

I mean I get that he's your brother and you're going to love him no matter what. I guess just try to make him come to terms with himself and feel good about himself, maybe he would be okay being a feminine man? I know trans people irl that are more aware than you would realize, especially trans men because as women they recognize their real status in society. Best luck to you anon.

No. 869134

True, a lot of dogs die/get injured from fights because usually one is off leash and can move freely while the other is too cornered and can't properly react or run away because of the leash. In free spaces (like dog parks) fights die down within seconds. Except for pitbulls. Those fuckers will maul you until you're dead and will hold onto your corpse.

No. 869175

File: 1627813670434.png (1.32 MB, 1920x1080, 1607026076098.png)

a weird and creepy scrote stole my phone more or less as soon as i entered a bar last night as part of some scheme to hit on me. wish i'd just come out and told him to give me back my fuckin phone instead of pretending to look for it

No. 869181

That's horrible. But to be honest, sacrificing the only relationship in your life over trans disagreements is not worth it. He sounds like a decent guy so any deranged troon hijinks are unlikely. You should probably still keep an eye on him and call him out when he's acting weird but yea like the other anon said a lot of irl mtfs are benign and harmless. Especially if they have a life outside of being online. It's largely the extremely logged on mtfs that are the problem