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File: 1624817699321.jpeg (475.34 KB, 750x715, 2A00FA08-7AB5-4447-A8A8-E991D0…)

No. 839728

did you really expect a clever quote? put your blogposts here

previous thread: >>>/ot/833823

No. 839747

File: 1624818472326.jpg (20.44 KB, 500x507, 1587874536292.jpg)

>tfw when coke comes up my mom goes on and on about how great it was
Stop making me want to try it I don't need another vice

No. 839752

I think one of my husband's friends is a tranny chaser, and has a weird obsession with him. He keeps telling my husband how he would make a pretty girl, how he already looks feminine(he's 6'5 with super broad shoulders, there's nothing feminine about him). I posted a photo of me practicing makeup on my husband as a joke, and he literally replied to me how he looks hot. My husband hates trannys so it's never going to happen, but it's so gross honestly. And my husband can't even end the friendship because they work together. Guess this is my life now.

No. 839754

Dude sounds like a total pest. Keep an eye on him, I wouldn't put it past a depraved scrote like that to try and make a move on your husband and/or attempt to drive a wedge between you two.

No. 839755

Not quite the same but I had a troon acquaintance that kept trying to give my boyfriend women's accessories and telling him that he had pretty eyes like a girl, it was fucking weird.

No. 839756

I hate that my boyfriend doesn't communicate what he is doing half of the time. He's very helpful so whenever I'm having a problem he will try to go and fix it but he doesn't verbalise this so to my viewpoint it's just like he is ignoring my distress and going away to do his own thing, so sometimes I will get angry that he is ignoring me in my times of need only to find out that he's actively trying to find a solution and it makes me look bad kek. We've talked about it a lot but it never changes
Narc hysteria meets benevolent autism

No. 839757

please keep that guy away from your husband

No. 839760

I want to have sex

No. 839762

gay men who watched too much rupaul’s drag race be like:

No. 839764

he's probably into some sissy hypno fetish too

No. 839769

File: 1624820505958.jpeg (95.35 KB, 750x716, F47269DF-E703-4592-98AD-8A10D7…)

I really think my friends either hate me or getting of me.They don’t interact with me much and don't ask me to be invited to things anymore.What sucks more is that these ppl are pretty much the only friends I’ve ever had and that I’m terrible at meeting/making acquaintances with people.I don’t know how to fix or deal with this problem and it’s been making me depressed for weeks.

No. 839771

He could just be avoiding explaining things he helps you with to have you keep relying on him. Not trying to antagonize him, it might be genuine autism in his case, but I've met several moids who admit that.

No. 839773

get new friends on bumble

No. 839776

I am about to turn 20 and i have no idea what to do with my life. My country keeps getting shittier and shittier and i see no scape from it.

No. 839798

File: 1624824229640.gif (459 KB, 384x288, 1xjl.gif)

I'm so fucking retarded. The other night I was cleaning the apartment. My hands were full but I still wanted to carry my phone with me. My kind has never known pockets. With the swiftness of a tard without a wrangler, I put the phone in my mouth. I started walking and the phone started to slide out. I bit down on the phone to "grab" it. A tooth tip pierced the screen protector and actually made a chip on the phone screen. I think I may have a faint dead pixel.

I can't handle this life and my stupidity in it. It hurts to live.

No. 839800

Thanks for the warning nonnie, some men do deliberately keep solutions secret to keep women dependent but I just mean that he is quietly doing straightforward stuff like googling for solutions or trying to physically mend broken things. Fortunately the only issue here is our communication.

No. 839807

>little bitch goes on and on about how he's alone, he has no friends and no one wants to listen to him or hang out with him
>he does so while I'm listening and wasting my time, but whatever
>later I ask him what he's doing
>"oh I'm out with a friend"
Holy shit what an absolute pussy. What a fucking attention whore. He gets mad if someone doesn't reply in an hour and goes on a rant about how no one wants him, not thinking that maybe people are fucking busy. Then the chode acts all happy and normal when, surprise surprise, it turns out the people were actually just busy and they are willing to hang out with him.
>Booho my crush acts cold when I'm being obsessive and creepy and now I'm alone and I want to kill myself!11 Nothing's worth it anymore!! I do everything for people without them asking me and now I want something in return!!! Oh but I will tell this to at least 5 different people that are more than willing to listen to my bullshit and try to cheer me up every time, I'm also hanging out with my friend like I do literally every week, but I'm sooo lonelyy and everyone's meannn
Fuck off you bpdfag piece of shit. Go and stay alone for real.

No. 839813

File: 1624825226339.png (54.39 KB, 184x184, dfdfdfdfd.png)

One time a girl I had never talked to before came up to me in class and told me I looked like a witch from the side. Then she walked away

No. 839829

I love you retarded anon, thanks for the laugh. For a second i though you were going to swallow the phone.

No. 839832

Saying "you are still young" to young people does not help them. Giving them guidance into what their options are and actually helping is more useful than telling them to just stop worrying because they have time. If anything it's because they are young that you should have them prepare all the pieces they need to make later life easier.

No. 839838

I just wanted to find some dresses on ebay for cheap for work, why this? If this isn't a dude with a fetish, God really fucked this woman over.

No. 839839

All I do is go to work and come home. I hate that I have no hobbies outside of consuming media, but I just don't really care about anything. Life is pointless.

No. 839845

Ew, i hope the fuck you cut him out of your life. that's so predatory.

No. 839847

Nta but idk what you were trying to prove with just greentexting what anon said with a soyjack. This is a vent thread

No. 839848

I bet you're cute, anon

No. 839852

saw one of my old guy friends from hs who I haven't seen in like 3 years last night and we bonded a lot and I want to text him and ask to hang out but I dont want to be weird or have him think i'm trying to hang out romantically or something. plus he was really drunk so idk if he even remembers anything we talked about. fuck

No. 839869

my boyfriend has been gone for two days and i miss him

No. 839877

File: 1624833228592.gif (86.96 KB, 441x359, schultz.gif)

my arm is continuously bleeding and it's ruining my clothes and my bedsheets. i've put three dressings on it, vet tape, and a thick jumper but here we are, seven hours later, still slowly bleeding through onto the furniture.
i don't know how to stop it, or how to sleep without ruining my sheets. it gets me so frustrated, how do you keep your bed clean when you've got a bleeding wound? sleep on a towel? what do people usually do after surgery?
the cuts aren't even that bad. that said, though i'm used to subcutaneous fat kind of spilling out of the cut, but today i grabbed a towel to clean up and wiped my arm down and a bunch of chunks of fat basically came out onto the towel. i've never had that happen before and truthfully it made me a bit nauseous.
i don't know why i do this to myself. i didn't even feel bad at the time, i just had the opportunity and i just generally hate myself. it's hard to picture a life without it. last time i did this i went into hypovolemic shock and honestly now i feel like if i'm not in shock, it's not that bad. i hear that shock can be lethal, but i'm kind of at the stage where i think "eh, if it kills me, it kills me"
tangentially, this is mean but every time a celebrity speaks out about mental illness (meghan markle) and says that they were very unwell because they considered suicide, i think "doesn't everybody feels like that time to time?" i don't think it's a serious mental health problem until you actually act on it. is that fucked up? i have no sympathy for people who just say they considered suicide once, just amazement that they only experienced it once in their lives.
i think it's because if you went to a+e as a regular mentally ill plebian and said "i want to kill myself" you'd basically get laughed out of the building. i remember being taken in for trauma surgery after an incident and the nurse just said sarcastically, "oh dear. has somebody had a fight with their boyfriend?"
imagine somebody saying that to megs haha it'd go nuclear

No. 839884

Did you self-harm? I'm confused, if you don't want to bleed out and die then why did you do it? Genuinely asking

No. 839886

>I hate that I have hobbies
>I don't care
Pick one. I don't think it's bad to have no hobbies if you're happy but you're not, so it sounds to me like you need to go on a hunt to find your interests. A quest, if you will

No. 839888

me personally, i don't mind bleeding out and dying, but i don't like bleeding and making a mess of everything and surviving if you know what i mean. and i will survive this, it's actually quite hard to die.

i think a lot of people do non-suicidal self-harm because many don't believe that they deserve anything better. it's an outlet for distress. some people do it for attention or to manipulate others, and that's really horrible and abusive, but that's a sign of mental illness/distress too. interestingly it's not just humans who do it, lots of animals do it too. i know it's quite common for caged birds to pluck out all of their own feathers for instance.

i hope i interpreted and answered your questions satisfactorily

No. 839891

anon - this happened to me last week due to self harm, and i ended up losing a significant amount of blood resulting in a loss of consciousness i went to a&e a couple of days after and needed stitches - it likely would've taken a while to stop. like you, i was planning on leaving it however i'm glad i didn't. i wish you the best - you'll get through whatever is causing you to do this.

No. 839899

Why not just delete this…

No. 839902

So, the less I care, the more you do? The less I push, the more you pull. Sorry about your ego, this might get a bit brutal.
I just don't need you to stay. I thought I did, but now it's just…eh. You seemed so interesting before. I really wanted to get to know you, but now you're so bland and lame. I can't bear to read our past messages, it's just too cringe. Can't believe I had a crush on you and said/did all that stuff, I must have been on crack or possessed by an actual demon. Clownery lmao.
The most interesting person in my life right now has been around for years, and they never disappoint. They're talented and amazing, and I only gravitated to you because I didn't want to burden them with my weird problems. I don't know if you can match up, and now I suspect you'll feel tedious by the time you're back, not exciting. Like…are you even worth it? Why was I tripping so hard? I'd like to think I didn't waste ALL my time, so I guess I'll leave the door open for now, but I won't hold my breath lmao. I guess a tiny part of me wants you to prove me wrong, but can you actually? I'm too forgiving, way too much of an idealist. I'll be fine either way, though. I have so many good opportunities, and my life only really improves consistently. Idk if this will hurt your feelings if you read it or somehow "feel"(?) it, but I just really needed to vent.

No. 839905

I'm kind of stuck in a weird limbo. I'm 30 and still like video games and anime. It seems I've never grown out of my high school interests and hobbies (it's not just vidya and anime thankfully). But I can't relate to most people my age, well women my age and at the same time I don't want to change in order to relate to.

No. 839909

File: 1624839033698.gif (29.95 KB, 220x292, tenor (2).gif)

>tfw I'm the poorest member of the friend group and have to carry a constant facade of content in the face of my friends purchasing half million dollar homes, Teslas, and vacations or material goods

I feel like they'll outgrow me soon once they realize there's a ceiling to my wealth and I'll never be good association.
Most everything I even got now is due to debt. Makes me wonder if my perceived social climb was all a delusion and if I ever truly got away from being trash at all.

No. 839922

Just say you started trying to consoom less because you feel like your money could be used for a better cause or something pretentious.

No. 839939

anon from the last thread, thankyou, your words made me feel good. ngl he is very attracted to me idk how tf. he reassures me whenever i feel down. i have started taking some medication, which makes me doubt myself more (more emotional) so maybe that can fuel it more. He is everything I could ever ask for. Surprisingly, he is not a scrote, considering literally almost every man our age is a raging degenerate. He is not overweight at all haha. And we work out together as well. And I don't mind at all. We actually met online, on instagram, I had a few mutuals with him. We playfully teased each other a few at first, and then started facetiming. All our views are alligning and have the same interests. We are also extremely loyal. I would say definitely do not be a downgrader. Don't give your time to just anyone. If you are picky and actually spend time with the right person, and only them, you will see you can land someone amazing. Someone who likes you for whats inside and not these guys our age who cant get enough of instagram models. There are very few guys who care abour the personality anymore. Anyone who holds looks to a higher standard than personality and views isnt worth your time, anonita. Keep in mind, when you downgrade, you are getting just literally any plain scrotey man. But if you hold your standards high, you can find someone way better.

No. 839963

about 2 months ago I started having these panic attacks every day, which have mellowed out into gastrointestinal issues that have taken over my life. I finally got the weight loss under control and can walk more than a flight of stairs without feeling like I'm gonna pass out after messing with my diet a bit, but I still worry that every little muscle twitch is an infection, or cancer, or a heart attack. it's made me a miserable person to hang out with too, I don't even want to hang out with my friends because the only thing going through my head is this obsessive checking in with my body.
I worry that maybe the doctor I saw about it was actually right about it being psychological. it came on just as I was starting to apply for jobs, reenrolled in uni and working on some freelance stories to pitch around, and the timing of it all makes me think I'm just acting like one of those teacup dogs who lick all their fur out from anxiety despite all the babying in the world.

No. 839964

bug related fuck i hate living in my parents' house. i saw a roach and trying to kill them i always freak the fuck out so i tried to get my dad to kill it but he bitched about me having "bugphobia" again. this nasty rotten motherfucker always gives me shit when i ask him to kill the bugs in this shithole of a house. yes i'm fucking paranoid and always check the walls because this place is gross you retard. these things literally carry disease but he can't just kill the fucking thing. today i just left the kitchen instead of freaking out trying to kill it because it was near the fruit on our kitchen island. yay!

No. 839966

what's worse is my mom always capes for my dad and you know what? he just fucking sucks as a person. "be nice he's getting older" no i know if i called an exterminator asshole would start bitching and saying i'm overreacting. god can't get me out of the shithole soon enough but going back to college will also be hell. when will my life get bad enough i am willing to commit suicide is the real question instead of whining and bitching everyday.

No. 839977

There are many women your age and older than you who like anime and video games.

No. 839984

You need to talk women more

No. 839986

I’ve been a guy friend’s texting buddy for a while now under the condition that he is gay. I would never be in private communication with a straight guy because I don’t trust them not to cross boundaries.

A few nights ago we went out together for the first time since the pandemic started. At the end of the night he was like “wanna makeout.”

I was really caught off guard and wasn’t sure how to take it. So I just said it wasn’t a good idea. He asked if we had a special connection, and I felt like we do!! But he thought that was a reason things should be romantic between us.

The next day he said he regretted not just kissing me. I said I didn’t want to kiss and he was putting so much pressure on me. He said that he felt like we were soulmates like a part of him was dying. He wouldn’t accept my response.

Once he kept making a big deal like this, I knew we couldn’t be friends outside a group setting. All I said was, “I already said how I feel,” and I haven’t said anything to him since.

That was 3 days ago.

He keeps texting me romantic stuff. How he wants to listen to all my favorite albums, watch all my favorite movies, etc. So I blocked him. Now he has gone back to my oldest Instagram photos and started randomly liking stuff. Including my very first post ever.

What is wrong with men???? Why do they think once THEY like you no matter how nonsensical it is that they are entitled to your affection and attention. I thought it was just straight men but apparently not…

No. 839996

God I am so sick of COVID. I live with parents who won’t shut up about how dangerous it is and this has been going on for over a year. They constantly guilt tripped me last year for daring to want to go out and hike or meet with my boyfriend at the time as if I was going to get them killed. It really fucked me up being treated like that even though I assured them constantly I wore a mask and carried hand sanitizer. Everybody I’ve talked to has told me that my parents are the most paranoid people they’ve heard of when it came to the pandemic. At this point, I’m not even going outside anymore and I couldn’t care less about some delta strain or how many people died in India or whatever. I really just want to tell them that I just don’t give a shit anymore and would rather not hear them talk about COVID anymore.

No. 840011

File: 1624852321315.jpg (5.4 KB, 236x160, 024fa51bb5835a36e7fbe07cf7b43f…)

I just made a really shitty connection about my stepdad's behavior that I honestly hadn't thought of until just now:
>will be moving into my first new house soon
>told me he has no intentions of helping me out in any way so I'd better get my own help
>he'd been my "dad" for over 20 years until he decided to cheat on my mom a few years back
>new woman, who's closer in age to me than him, who he hasn't even known for 2 years constantly receives help for her house
>hauling things to dump, helping deliver and replace appliances, re-shingling roof while he's not trying to impress her with vacations and gifts

It's pretty painful.
Scrotes really love their shiny new toys and couldn't give a shit about leaving their old families behind.
Seeing the difference in how he treats someone who he respects versus how he ever treated me and mom also makes me so sick.

No. 840019

File: 1624853582426.png (5.3 KB, 182x203, 1582072927301.png)

>ruins sleep schedule
>wakes up at 8pm n im hungry as fuck so i go to the kitchen
>walk in and see my dad passed out at the kitchen table with a bunch of beer bottles around him
>walk back out to find my mom
>mom's car is gone so i text her
>shes at the fucking casino
>silently hide back in my room hungry as fuck but too scared to wake my dad up

being a neet with a disgusting alcoholic and a sociopathic gambler wasnt the smartest idea.

No. 840021

But don't you understand, he needs his emotional support pixie dream girl, you're the one anon! How dare you have free will!

Anyways this is exactly why "romance" stuff disgusts me. It's like a script for men to follow, giving excuses to keep harassing after you said no. "You're the one and you can't change my mind" is rapey af.

No. 840022

I think those ppl who are super afraid of covid and constantly watching the news are mentally ill. It's fear porn. They feel helpless so they latch onto stuff like covid to feel in control. Just ignore them anon and live your normal life, sounds like they're just using it as an excuse for a power trip. Hope you find the courage to tell them to stfu about it.

No. 840025

Anon have you read about putting hair removal cream in shampoo I feel like that would improve your dad's shower routine.

No. 840032

File: 1624856098367.jpg (363.47 KB, 700x390, kms.jpg)

my old friend from hs that i havent talked to in months just texted me. Out of politeness i asked how her new job (first out of college) is going and shes like "it's more amazing than i could have imagined, every day is fun!!" bc she's working in the movie industry and i just got back from job training involving back breaking labor that i decided im not even gonna follow through on cuz i'm too clumsy and weak and the other career path i think i could tolerate maxes out at 40k a year and my mom just keeps reminding me about how i "can't live a decent life or retire" with a salary like that and seems completely disappointed in my choices but if i wind up stuck as a generic office worker i know im gonna an hero myself but if i dont cave for some soul sucking job i'll never be able to retire and another old hs friend of mine just invited me to her bday party and i don't want to go at all cuz idk any of her close friends and she also has a great job and a good bf and i don't know her well enough anymore to get her a good gift and on top of all this the hobby that has sustained me for the last 5 years is no longer interesting to me so i'm gonna have to back out of my blogs and all my online friendships that are based around the hobby bc i don't even wanna do it anymore so basically i don't have anything i want to do and im just refreshing the same 2 apps all day wishing adult life wasn't so intolerably disappointing

No. 840037

If it's any consolation, your friend working in the movie industry is going to burn out waaaaay faster than you.
t. family worked in same industry

No. 840039

that fucking sucks. i'm sorry your stepdad is a POS.
my dad would do similar shit without even cheating. he would treat my uncle's kids better than us. years ago, he bought a Playstation Portable and hid it somewhere in the house, I had no idea it existed until one day he left it out on top of the speakers. i saw it and asked him where this came from and he snatched it saying "it's nothing, i forgot to put this away." i was the video gamer in the house so i obviously knew what it was. weeks later, i was visiting my grandma's house, where my uncle also lived and i saw my cousins playing with the same exact PSP, they even confirmed it "uncle ___ gave it to us." i never got to play that thing, i still get upset thinking about it.
i think after that i started noticing my dad would just hide stuff in his car. like, he had tons of PS2 games and one day the car got broken into and he had a huge fit about the stuff stolen. he eventually replaced whatever games he had and then is when he started to stop hiding shit. even after that, i had to politely ask and be supervised by him any time i wanted to play the PS2. it wasn't until i was in middle school i got the ability to take it over… i've been gaming since i was literally 3, i had a SNES, N64, and Gameboy and used them in front of him frequently. his attitude around non-Nintendo products was fucking weird. he did this with a Sega Genesis, too. i was able to play it once, at the same grandma's house where my uncle lived. just the fact he chose to share these with my uncle's family instead of us…

No. 840043

Ah fuck. This reminds me of my own dad who cheated on my mom throughout their 20 years of marriage. He and his wife are now getting a divorce after only being married for a year kek. I didn’t even find out he was married from himself or my mom either. He makes up so many excuses for her meanwhile my mom did everything for him (like going to strip clubs, leaving her job and college) and he treats her like shit and has the audacity to make my mom his therapist and vent to her about this woman since she’s emotionally abusive apparently. My mom only allows it because he does pay for things still like healthcare and some part of her still loves him. It breaks my heart to see this and hear her talk about how she’s given up hope on herself for other things. My dad also bought his wife this expensive house that he built stuff for but couldn’t ever be bothered to do half of that for us. He always said he hates building shit. He’s also the type to give his ‘friends’ thousands of dollars that he would hide from my mom. He really did just throw us away like garbage and expects forgiveness and usually says that ‘he’s not perfect’ but never actually says sorry.

I also can’t forget how he also sent me an email about wanting to give me another sibling even though he’s close to his fifties and that I should be happy that he’s finally happy. Fuck him. I’m really sorry anon.

No. 840049

File: 1624859550436.png (76.1 KB, 500x382, hug.png)

Sorry you were born to that situation, nonnie.

No. 840056

I came on here for gossip and fun but everyhone here is transphobic and islamaphobic.

Go touch grass and talk to people IRL.(shit bait)

No. 840059

everybody point and laugh at the newfag who thinks she's doing something, kek

No. 840061

>everyone here is transphobic
>touch grass
the irony

No. 840063

Not sure if that's a bait or you are genuinely stupid.

No. 840065

Thank you!!

This is exactly the kind of drama I wanted!

Also, I touch grass everyday when I take my doggo for a walk.

No. 840091

Every single summer shoe (sandals, flip flops, what have you) hurts my feet. I recently bought a pair of sandals that I thought would change this, they felt really comfortable when I tried them on so I bought them, but yesterday, after walking for an hour, they gave me blisters. Fuck my deformed feet

No. 840097

I hate summer mostly because of the shoes, I'm kinda psychotic with my feet and can't stand not wearing socks or showing my toes, and I have to wear medical soles because my feet are concave, so the only shoes I feel comfortable are like combat boots, which are impossible to wear in summer.

No. 840099

Same, I had weird feet when I was born so idk if that has anything to do with it but I've never been able to wear them without pain. My heels just don't stay on the sandals and I feel off balance

No. 840100

god I miss the old /ot/ so much. not the robot era necessarily, hell even just a year ago was more fun. I understand why things are different now but still.

No. 840105

Why are things different? Sorry, but I'm a newfag.

No. 840115

I'm assuming you meant to reply to >>840100 but there's a surge in certain undesirables due to the creepshow drama. Yet ironically the site's still slower despite that compared to a few years ago.

No. 840118

File: 1624866332986.jpeg (41.78 KB, 739x415, 2DC7411E-D84B-44A9-A849-20BE04…)

If I don’t go to the rheumatologist it can’t be arthritis.

No. 840123

what do you mean by undesirable?

No. 840148

Imo it's not just csa drama, every summer there's summerfags too with their summerfaggy posts. You can tell them by how young they sound.

No. 840174

Just had the absolute shittiest weekend of my life with my old university "friend". I've tried to stick through thick and thin with this woman and I'm coming to terms with the fact that just because someone is a victim, does not mean they are necessarily a good person.

We first met in our first year when were room mates in our dorm. We were on the same course, were cordial but never really hung out with the same group for the first few months. I remember I was going out to bars because I was being asked out on dates and she would lament about how nobody ever asks her out/hits on her even though she's "literally 10/10, like I'm gorgeous" (her words, not mine- and she's a pretty girl! but it's just strange to talk about yourself like that) and I was like maybe guys are scared of you or something. We are about the same cuteness to me, I genuinely do think that- but I am heavier than her so I think she automatically reads me as uglier. One night I was about to go out for drinks with this guy and she saw me before I left and stated, unprovoked, "you look cute, your ass looks kinda flat in that skirt though." I just brushed it off as a nasty insecure comment but it did bother me and make me feel bad. Anyways, we started hanging out more and smoking weed together, we became something akin to friends. We'd study together, watch things (she has awful taste- like "unironically thinking Cruella is a great movie" level stuff), cook and just hangout.

Second year we lived in separate places but remained friends. She lived with her first year close group of friends (who always made snide remarks towards her but always made out it was totally from a place of love) and ended up slowly disliking them. She invited a guy over one night and he ended up attempting to violently have sex with her, and she didn't scream or cry for help because she didn't want to disturb her room mates and just waited for the dude to leave in the morning. She told her friend group about it but they didn't take it seriously really and just said they'd protect her next time. Well, one night they go to a club and she sees the guy who assaulted her and gets freaked out, so she asks her friends to leave and they refuse. So she takes a taxi home alone and then comes to mine to seek comfort. I feel really bad for her, she starts spending almost all her time at my house and even though it pisses me off because in all honesty, she is an awful guest. She will literally eat everything in your fridge and pantry, not pay for anything, always demands to do/watch things she wants to, etc… As well as being the most banal person ever, like I have never met someone with genuinely such little ability for critical thought in their life and quite literally everyone around me who knows this girl thinks the same thing. She goes on and on about how she thinks she's mysterious, sarcastic and witchy and it makes me cringe. My other friends literally make fun of me for being friends with her, but I feel bad and do feel a little kinship with her after hearing about her life so I continue the friendship.

Third year, she gets a boyfriend but he's just kinda weird and not interested in her. He's rich but makes her pay for everything and is a total redditor. I don't think much of it other than telling her he is a bit of a weeb asshole, but one night she invites me over late and wants to talk. I come over and we're speaking and she tells me that her boyfriend is "into loli" and she's known this whole time. My stomach drops (idek why, but I felt instantly sick) and I was like "what the fuck" and she bursts into tears and asks if I think she's a bad person. I say if you continue this, maybe and she tells me about how she knows he watches anime-loli shit, and they have sex while he watches loli stuff on his phone and they're not even NOT pretending to not be kids in these ones. It's straight up pedo shit. She breaks up with him immediately but obviously I can never see her in the same way, we both come from big families and she has a little kid sibling just like me- I cannot imagine letting a known pedo like that around your sister. She is such a spineless coward, you're not surprised- but when someone is so cloyingly nice and sort of a devoid of any original thought- it's actually kind of hard to think of their actions as malicious instead of an extension of their pure retardation.

Anyways, we graduate and she comes to visit me periodically. I can now no longer stand her company at all. I literally feel enraged after seeing her for more than two hours, so this weekend has been hell and the worst yet. She turned up to my house with literally £10 in her bank account but we made plans to go out, get lunch, and do things- so she turns up with the full intention of me paying for everything. Keep in mind I know this girl has thousands in savings, lives with her rich parents so doesn't pay any expenses, earns slightly more than me AND is getting a fat chunk of cash from the government soon because she's been overpaying her taxes. She doesn't pack the correct clothes for the weather, so she needs to borrow mine. I give her a jumper and whilst I'm taking clothes out to rearrange my closet, she grabs my most expensive work cardigan and goes "Can I wear that?". I give her the dirtiest look and say "Well, I need it for work so…" but she takes it out of my hands and is like "I'm really sorry, I'll send it back." She gets in the shower and at this point, I'm so angry. When she gets out, I throw her an old cheap cardigan and say she can't use my work one- and I can tell she's shocked but can't say shit. She bugs me to play on the switch because she won a few rounds against me on a fighting game when I was drunk. Sober, I wipe the floor with her and she demanding we continue watching the same video we were watching before which is just such sore loser behaviour. She also kept making horrible comments about people's bodies and talking about how great small boobs are and how she thinks they look much better and making sly digs about big ones (I am a big tit haver). It went nuclear when she fell asleep on my bed midday and I had to go into the kitchen to cry and compose myself. I know she's just a freak woman who perpetuates the male gaze though because we were watching a movie with Tilda Swinton in it and she goes "she has a great figure, she needs a bigger bum though" like WHAT??!??! Does she not literally realise she sounds like a disgusting youtube comment? How can you talk about female empowerment, girls supporting girls blah blah and then make such a stupid, telling comment.

Also, this is minor but she literally copies my clothes while negging me. She will go out of her way to buy the exact same shoes and dress after seeing me wear something and always comments on how she loves the way I dress- but it does piss me off when we'd have to check what the other person was wearing so we would not have to fucking match in a lecture. Not to be nasty, but I do not take style inspo from her, and it's so fucking weird the way she jacks my style (and my taste in music too- I sound so petty.) I'm not the only person who noticed it, in fact other people pointed it out to me (although I had already cottoned on to it)- in a way I'd find it flattering if she didn't make it so clear she thinks I'm kinda ugly deep down lol.

She's finally gone and I'm thinking I just need to cut this chick off. Yes, she's been through some fucked things in her life but she is just a freeloader who is fake nice to get what she wants from me. People who know me are normally shocked that we are friends because I genuinely normally make fun of someone like her, but I have had a soft spot for her because of all the shit she's been through. Clearly, she does not give a fuck about me though and is just taking me for a mug. I've never dealt with a friendship like this before.

No. 840186

I like to think my social life is more vibrant than someone who uses the word transphobia in that context kek

No. 840188

My job rehired the guy who was sexually harrassing me and who tried to get me fired because I rejected him. I mean it's my fault for never informing them of this information. I wish I wasn't such a push over, now I have to deal with him again. I did end up telling my supervisor finally as she is new and she did tell me she got very bad vibes from him and she'll keep an eye out, so I'm a bit relieved. I thought I was going to get in trouble for only revieling this information now but dang I hope I get a call back from another job soon because now I'm even more stressed.

No. 840194

Good luck! Get out of there asap. I hate men that bother women and feel entitled because no one wants to date them. You'll get a better gig

No. 840201

File: 1624877673208.jpg (16.03 KB, 430x319, 1514135481894.jpg)

I made a post about being depressed because of my job and trying to figure out a hobby to get out of the cycle and this autist male commented saying 'you need money to live. so keep working. forget your depression.' I said jobs and money arent worth your health and time on earth, but he disagreed and said money is the most important. wtf is wrong with people

No. 840206

The thread closed before I could reply to broke anon in the last thread who was worried about her cat. I'm relieved you figured out what was goin on! I've watched a cat's fur get worse due to sickness/age and it hurts, so I'm glad that's not the case with you.

No. 840217

i'm starting to understand moids and school shooters and incels more and more each day. how much of a failed woman do i have to be to be so ugly and incapable of getting a man, let alone one that might be -genuinely- attracted to me

No. 840218

There have been some real pos on this site lately. I don't know where they're coming from. Not as serious obviously, but tons of users not understanding how to sage or integrate. Definitely newbies.

No. 840226

File: 1624881120900.jpeg (29.67 KB, 160x219, EC92BDA3-A34E-4881-9768-B144AE…)

It’s kind of fucked how I used to get bullied so much as a kid for being brown, that I wanted to be blonde.
I didn’t do anything in particular back then to look less brown because my parents would tell me that I didn’t need to be blonde to be pretty, so I kind of shoved the idea to the back of my mind, but the fact that I thought about it as a kid, when I was like 8 years old, is quite shitty.
Latam in particular feels so shitty to me, I will always despise how anyone will have the balls to say
>there’s no racism uwu bwecause we’re all mixed lol ecksdee
I honestly hope all the people who bullied me back them, are having a shitty time getting treated in a condescending way by the people from the countries they might have fled to, and I also hope that they really never feel like they belong in those countries because they will always be the foreigners who came from a third world country.

No. 840228

I can relate, My ethnic group(The Hazaras) are racially Mongolian and we've been treated like Shit by Pakistani's for centuries now, I used to get called dog-eater, chinky, cheenie by these bastards
If anyone of these bastards faced any sort of racism in the west I would literally not care

No. 840235

>there’s no racism uwu bwecause we’re all mixed lol ecksdee
They wished lmao, fucking hypocrites.

No. 840241

I've always hated my saggy ass boobs but I just realized that they're not saggy but tubular and that I could get it fixed via fat transfer. They could harvest the fat from my thighs/ass which are another insecurity of mine. Two birds with one stone! Except that I could never in a million years afford it.
Part of me is relieved to know that it's an honest to god medical condition but another huge part of me is immensely upset and bitter about the fact that the option to fix them exists but is not within my reach. Fuck this gay earth.

No. 840250

im really sad

No. 840253

im scared of dying in a shooting and things are only getting worse is this paranoia?
i just wish this bum ass country didnt enable violence

No. 840264

File: 1624886937771.jpg (50.02 KB, 571x630, EudwiW7UYAIJY3Z.jpg)

Why is life such a bitch I'm only starting it.

No. 840265

File: 1624887132200.jpg (117.38 KB, 1100x825, 20210327_032223.jpg)

My friend got to the airport about 30 minutes before her flight, like usual, and is now about to miss her flight due to lines. I've warned her before that that's not enough time, so I'm already low on sympathy. Now she blowing my phone "I'm so fucking stressed. I hate flying. Why do I even try." Bitch, relax. I am not your therapist and this is not that serious. You'll get the next flight. You're not a failure and I'm getting sick of having to tell you that.
Also stop sharing memes about drinking with me. Your dependance on alcohol has long since stopped being cute and is truly distressing.
pic only slightly related

No. 840270

samefag, I told her to try asking a TSA agent if she could cut so she doesn't miss her flight. She did and then replied "I went up and asked and they told me to get back in line. Now, I've lost my spot, thanks."
What the fuck do you want from me.

No. 840275

Where are you from? In my country surgery is free for tubular breasts because it's the result of abnormal development, therefore classed as a medical issue. Are you sure you wouldn't be able to get financial assistance once diagnosed? Although not ideal, you could crowdfund. I'd donate.

No. 840278

Moms entitlement to their daughters body is so fucking disgusting. No I don't feel comfortable letting you see me undressed just because "you've seen I all before". This morning she came in and ripped off my blanket saying it's too hot to sleep with a blanket, while I only had underwear and a shirt on. I'm not your property just because you pushed me out. Fuck off.

No. 840282

God my mom did the same to me, took me a long time to really even understand why am I so angry about it. The worst was when she was taking me clothing shopping and would constantly peek in while I try the clothes on, even though I begged her to wait until I tell her I'm ready; and then I couldn't shake off the guilt for not being ok with her looking or getting angry at her because "she was so kind to pay for it". Only later in adulthood I've realized how wrong all of that was. Sorry you're going through similar thing anon.

No. 840301

Wtf, "I'm buying you clothes so I get to look at you naked" sounds like a pimp/John, I'm so sorry anon. Why are they obsessed though? Envious of a body that she used to have? A weird power trip? Some creepy mom fascination with seeing how your child grew?

No. 840302

In my country you get financial assistance only if it's really, really bad and I don't think mine qualify. They're bad but I've seen way worse, the tubular shape isn't super obvious unless I bend forward, that's when it becomes 100% obvious. It's still worth a shot though, I'll see if I can get a diagnosis.

>I'd donate

Thank you, I love you anon. I'd feel bad e-begging for something so superficial though.

No. 840304

File: 1624890746943.jpeg (4.6 KB, 223x226, images (5).jpeg)

Some parents will act like it's literally not their responsibility to cloth and house their own kids, like they're doing us a favor. Bitch, you had me! Clothes, a roof and food are literally the bare minimum, it's not some grand gesture and meaningful gift. Having a child is inherently selfish in a world like this, and if you're choosing to have a kid I would imagine that means you want to give them the best possible life experience. But instead you get parents like mine literally dragging my down the hall by my hair and telling me I'm spoiled with my hand me downs from my sister who's 10 years older than me and my Walmart shoes. Jesus christ.

No. 840306

I’m heading to the doctor in an hour and a half and my anxiety is through the roof. My hair is falling out, I missed 3 periods and I’m definitely not pregnant, so it’s either PCOS or early menopause.

Lend me your energy, Anons, and hope it isn’t cervical cancer. I just want someone to hold my hand.

No. 840308

It's going to be okay anon! We're here for you. Make sure to update us so we know everything is fine

No. 840313

Never 4get that my president said Brazilians come from the jungle. Latam is truly a magical place, everyone hates eachother despite being the same shit.

No. 840314

I rubbed this one girl the wrong way in this group I'm in and she hates my guts, now. She tried to get rid of me for a bullshit reason but I got back in. Then we recently got in a disagreement that was over a misunderstanding. Such bad luck. The universe wants us as enemies

No. 840315

I'm sending you all the good mojo I have!!

No. 840321

I hate how there's a downplay of the Miami condo collapse in American media just because there's a political campaign to improve our infrastructure. Yeah it's really embarrassing for those officials and leaders but tbh an example needs to be made here or all those people died for nothing.
150 people are dead. There is zero hope for survivors and the "rescue" is a joke. They're only reporting 9 people dead so far despite the reality because those are the only intact bodies they were able to immediately pull and identify. Everyone else will only be identified in bits and pieces from their pulverized bodies after forensic testing, similar to the "pancake" tower collapse of 9/11. Whatever bodies weren't immediately smashed apart have no doubt degraded from natural decomposition and the internal rubble fire.

This is so terrifying and awful. My only hope is that this issue won't just go away because it didn't happen to a poor people's domicile. This happened to a luxury condo high rise involving the kind of wealth that can afford $600k beach condos.

No. 840322

The person I'm closest to is a contrarian little fuck and talking to them sometimes is the most difficult thing in the world. I could say the most innocuous thing, fuck I could say something completely objectively true, and they would find some way to say "Well actually" or "But, what about this".
And then suddenly I'm left to defend this thing that I didn't expect to debate about? Apparently they're just "looking at the conversation from all angles". The topic could literally be "kicking dogs is bad" and they would be like "Yes, but what if that person was told by big pet stores and vets that kicking dogs is sometimes okay? Even if it's wrong, they don't know any better!"
And it's like…. WHAT?? What are you even trying to say?? Why?? Fuck. Fuck.

No. 840328

I'm surprised at how little I've seen about it on my own feeds. I just read a story this morning about a baseball player who's family lived in the condo and something about reading his experience and how if their family was just 15 feet to the left they would've been dead made it really sink in how fucking terrifying the whole ordeal is.

No. 840329

i think most of the anons in here are making up their stories and that’s probably why most of them are hilarious

No. 840334

Sounds like your friends a scrote. These types like to rile people up just for the fun of it. Ignore.

No. 840338

nothing here sounds funny or unbelievable though?

No. 840345

Reality is stranger than fiction.

No. 840347

And then they get offended when the grown up kid doesn't want anything to do with them. I've seen lots of cases of daughters being treated like this yet they still take care of the parents when they get old and sick. Like no! Stop. Let those fuckers have their karma, dying in their own bed covered in feces.

No. 840350

Greentext an example, nerd

No. 840352

Out of curiosity, anon, would they try to debate something about FGM or animal/child rape? If so, I would like you to know that I want him dead, and willing to pay a reasonable price for you to do so

No. 840358

Omg nonnie, you have no idea. They are pro loli and pro Trump. Want to be surprised? It's a girl. I don't even know where she went wrong. We have been bffs for 13 years, and when that shit isn't brought up she's totally fucking normal. I'll never understand how someone who is into lolis and dragon dildos hates furries. She's so fucking strange. But I love her, it's one of those things you don't choose.

No. 840359

I used to be pro loli shit when I was a pickme teen who trusted that lolicons weren't totally pedos, and I was in denial

No. 840360

Fr, they feel entitled to my time and respect. Fuckers didn't even call me on my birthday, my brother had to remind them and my sister. My sister had a bitch fit about it and who the fuck knows why, she's literally the declared favorite.

No. 840361

Being a child is a good excuse, teens are pretty dumb, you learn about how messy the world is. She and I are nearly 30.

No. 840362

oh anon….

No. 840363

What a stupid wagecuck scrote. For hobbies i would recommend maybe playing comfy videogames like stardew valley?

No. 840374

File: 1624893776817.png (479.37 KB, 680x805, f5b.png)

This is my mother to a T including the peeking in dressing rooms part. She also insisted on bathing me until I was in my late teens because I "didn't know how to do it right" according to her.
>Decides to birth me in the middle of a literal war
>Have to go through another war as a very young child, parents decide to divorce at the same time just because
>Wore hand-me-downs my whole life, never got any toys growing up, never travelled as a child if it wasn't with my dad and his new family where I was mostly ignored, lived in a one-room flat with my mum and grandma, literally did not have knickers without a hole in the crotch
>But mum paid for school trips that weren't free and after school sports so that means I actually had everything and am really spoiled!
Why the fuck was I born then? I could've gone all this time not existing! Stop acting like a martyr when it was your dumb ass who chose to have me for selfish reasons in the first place! I don't give a shit if you "really wanted me", that's not my problem!

No. 840378

Anon I feel your pain about the one room apartment!! I lived with both of my parents in a one bedroom for 4 fucking years and I slept on a deflated fucking air mattress, what the fuck is my life?

No. 840422

File: 1624898005929.png (199.99 KB, 630x630, imagen_2021-06-28_113328.png)

I dislike kpop and anything pop culture ish that comes out from Korea, because it is so fucking plastic and fake. Kinda same with Japanese stuff, only that there's still some variety there even though yeah most of it is fucked and panders to the lowest common denominator. I know there's a beautiful and super interesting culture to both Japan and Korean but most koreaboos and weeaboos only ever care about shit. And my biggest pet peeve is when they actually want to move into those countries but can't fucking take a clue. I wish that my enjoyment of japanese stuff was less "oh she likes anime and manga" and more "oh she enjoys the culture" to the eyes of these people. And tbh it's so fucking hard to find people talking about korean culture without it having to do with some idol group or aegyo shit that I don't care about. I wanna know about the cool shit, not the lame shit!!!!!!!!!

No. 840427

The new glasses I ordered came in today and they're awful! I went with a style & width that usually works for me but the ones that showed up are this thick gross plastic that make me feel like a fuckin geek & obscure my eyebrows entirely. The company I ordered from ships out of china tho so what do you bet I can't return them. I'm just gonna continue wearing my old ones which have fuckin crack running thru them tf

No. 840429

I hate Kpop and it 100% has to do with the idiots who like it. I haven't even heard the music. I am the type if person to never judge anything without trying it, but simply due to the utter retardation I have witness from stans I can safely say I hate it. Nothing good could EVER have something as awful as those people associated with it

No. 840434

Most of kpop songs are just very hyper edm pop music or whatever. Literally music for the lowest common denominator

No. 840449

>because it is so fucking plastic and fake
You mean like most of the world? Hating on shit because of annoying fans is less retarded than this take.
>Kinda same with Japanese stuff, only that there's still some variety
They’re both the same when it comes to this anon. They are countries made up of millions of people. For every weeb or koreaboo mainstream fave there’s probably some Korean or japanese creative that makes good shit and just isn’t as popular among foreignfags. This is a reoccurring opinion I see and it’s weird as fuck. You sound like you don’t actually pay attention to what [insert country] normies and culturefags are doing. Or maybe the people you do know of are just not interesting enough for you?

No. 840451

>Stop acting like a martyr when it was your dumb ass who chose to have me for selfish reasons in the first place! I don't give a shit if you "really wanted me", that's not my problem!

The "I wanted a baby so bad" mentality is so wild to me that it just seems like unchecked mental illness. Why do you think she wanted you? Unconditional love/a purpose in life/societal programming/someone to lord over/ultra cope she didn't actually want you but is stuck with you?

No. 840467

I'm not here to infight bitch, just to vent KEK nice try.

No. 840474

I wish I had teeth as strong as yours.

No. 840477

offended koreaboo much?

No. 840482

She had a shit upbringing that she wanted to "fix" by giving me what she never had, she lived vicariously through me until I got old enough to rebel. She's also the type of person who never had goals, interests or a personality past have family, marry man so she wanted a purpose in life/a pet project. I would often ask her what her hobbies are as a child (usually to suss out potential birthday presents), it always went like this:
>Mummy what are your hobbies?
>Taking care of you!
>No I mean, what do you do in your free time?
>What free time, kid? You think I get any free time?!
>No, I mean, what do you do for fun?
>Stop asking me stupid questions and go outside, I want to nap.

No. 840483

I'm happy my mom is alive and well but sometimes I just can't stand her. I need to get my life together asap.

No. 840486

My mom is dead while my distant af dad is alive and well. I spend way too much time wishing I could somehow magically get my mom back by switching his life out in exchange for hers back. Grief gives you some weird thoughts.

No. 840499

Is it weird if your close friend eventually has a crush on your crush? It's been a while and I haven't made a move, and I can understand why she likes him. He's genuinely a solid guy. It hurts me a lot obviously but I don't know if she's crossing a "line" or not since you can't control feelings and I didn't make a move. Am I a cuck if I don't make it a problem?

No. 840500

you kinda sound like the pullfags from kenna's thread (rip). muh true japanese culture etc

No. 840502

i have been both the girls in your situation and it's definitely not her fault for crushing on him if you haven't made a move BUT she also didn't know… if you've been straight up openly obsessing over this guy and she developed a crush then yeah it's wrong imo

No. 840503

It’s not even infighting, relax. Venting about x country’s apparent pop culture when you’ve never been there and can’t speak the language makes you no different than the average insight impoverished weeb. For being “fake and plastic” no less, anon was venting about the same overzealous countryfangirl that she is.
It’s merely weird to see weebs pretend to critique you when at the same time they want to be you. There’s nothing disillusioned about it.

No. 840507

That's sad anon. How many moms wouldn't have kids if they just went to fucking therapy. Did she use you as her emotional support too?
I get having to be grateful to moms for bothering to raise us, but I don't have any respect for most of them. Hope she's still not trying to attach herself to you.

No. 840531

??? Who the fuck wants to be an obsessed koreaboo lol

No. 840535

I get you, my dad is dead too. I wouldn't switch them though.
my mom is exactly this

No. 840539

Scrotes are extra fucking faggy in the KF thread (not surprising) and it pisses me off because they're leaking into other threads. God, why can't women have ONE site to ourselves?

No. 840545

… she already is the weeby koreaboo. Hence sperging about Korean’s and japanese muh true culture?

No. 840547

File: 1624905152455.jpg (114.23 KB, 1124x1104, D9g9BhGXkAAHSzc.jpg)

Don't worry nonny, I live in a different country now. We actually have a great relationship now that we live so far apart! I'd never want to move back in with her though, she made my mental issues as a teenager a lot worse with the helicopter parenting, and would absolutely latch onto me if I were to come back.
She's never used me as her emotional support, on the contrary - she's a chronic hider and I grew up extremely sheltered because of this, I just didn't know what was going on most of the time. I had a major illness in my early teens and she just refused to tell me what was really wrong, kept insisting it was just a "stomach flu" until I had to go in for surgery. I had fainted and vomited for days straight because it was my infected, near-ruptured appendix. I hated being treated like a retard.

I don't know, I love my mum but at the same time she's a very frustrating person to handle. I'll probably be bitter about her forever.

No. 840553

My spouse's brothers ex girlfriend was like this. Severely tied to her abusive parents. They were planning to have children and have an independent life and everything, but suddenly her parents started begging her to take care of them, and she did, because "family comes first." I was rooting for them to come through, but they broke up before she eventually realized she didn't need to cater to their every call. Now she's with another guy and they have a family.

No. 840588

One of my roommates is a 30-year-old man who washes dishes by scrubbing them with a wire brush and water. No soap. They are visibly still dirty when he puts them in to dry. I wash all of them a second time. Believe me when I say that we (me and other roommate) have tried to teach him basic chores before and that I do this bullshit because there is literally no other option if I don't want to constantly grab dirty dishes. Jesus christ I want to live alone so badly

No. 840665

I'm 30 and I've been single forever. Not at any point have I desired a relationship or even sex. It's just not on the list of things I legitimately thought I was just broken beyond repairing but then it turns out I was just a lesbian all along. And now I feel I've missed the train on figuring out the shit I should've done in my 20's and I feel miserable. Oh well.

No. 840736

This person keeps mentioning their husbando everytime i talk about mine. God i want them to shut up so much, nobody gives a fuck about your Mary Stu, get away from me.

No. 840775

File: 1624920247888.jpg (25.33 KB, 400x600, depositphotos_53617669-stock-p…)

I won't finish my studies until I'm 31. It makes me feel like my life won't officially start until my 30s and I'm starting to get fine lines and shit. I think women in their 30s are hot as hell but I keep thinking I'll be the only one who'll look like a raisin or totally worn out.

Sorry for ''the wall'' sperg I just feel pressured to be successful and super young at the same time. I'm guaranteed to make a lot of money and live a very comfortable life yet this dumb shit occupies my mind. I realize how retarded it is now while writing this post.

No. 840799


Comparison is the thief of joy. No one takes the same path, so try not to focus on where other people are at during what age. I know it's easier said than done, but that shit doesn't serve you and will drive you mad.

I also graduated later and am just starting a career in my 30's so I can relate, but it is what it is. Get that degree and go make your money, nonnie!

No. 840808

Eat well sleep ok and get a microcurrent facial from time to time. You'll be fine. If you'll have money after graduation you can just fix any haggardness with botox.

No. 840816

File: 1624923302578.jpg (52.81 KB, 670x390, Maneskin-Karol-Makurat-2-670x3…)

People in my country cant shut up about Maneskin and especially them kissing on stage again while performing here, like it was some Brave Performance and important event but honestly, given they're not gay, and from what we know they do this all the time, how is that different than TATU queerbaiting? Only thing slightly better is that it's their own free will not some pedo producer's idea; still it's pandering and generating publicity only, and nothing else. The music is cool but people go too crazy about them and add too much meaning to their performance.

No. 840821

sounds like it's no different than tatu and most people just don't remember tatu

most people r dum, you have my permission to think they r dum

No. 840832

I was in a similar boat to you, anon, but just know that this experience is super common for lesbians and it's like we have to go through puberty all over again the "right" way. Don't compare yourself to others, especially straight ppl, who had advantages that you did not. You never miss the train

No. 840845

are you me? i turn 30 next year and never experienced stuff like first kiss, first relationship, any kind of sexual experience. only had internet girlfriends twice, but that doesn't count. i still don't desire it as much, like i want a relationship and all that but i'm not constantly thinking about wanting to have sex or anything. it's even more depressing when people say when you are past a certain age and still single, it's weird/a red flag because something must be wrong with you.

No. 840859

I'm considering leaving my husband, who I have been with for 7 years. There's too much resentment and baggage, no matter how much I try to convince myself that I'm past all of the horrible shit we've done to each other and his cold demeanor toward me. He cheated on me with my best friend and I forgave him, but he holds everything bad I've ever done against me even though it's not half as bad. The thing that made me realize I can't do this anymore is that I've recently realized I'm in love with one of my good friends and I honestly feel so much stronger about him than I ever did for my husband. Even if this is just a flash in the pan and my feelings for him subside, it still happened and showcased how malcontent I am in this marriage.

No. 840863

>I'm considering leaving my husb-
Yes, absolutely, go for it

No. 840873

I literally feel like such a creep, i constantly stalk my bullies social media accounts, im not sure why, maybe jealousy that they didn't had to experience the pain i did, or just that im paranoid they will find my socials and all the things they did to me will start all over again. I fucking hate myself, i don't want to look like a creep, it makes my insides burn seeing them being happy and having healthy relationships while im here struggling. It amazes me and makes me jealous that some people never experienced bullying and live a happy life.

I feel selfish and ungrateful, i know i should be happy they have changed? but at the same time, it still opens up a shitty memory for me that still haunts me and makes me feel like absolute garbage.

No. 840875

Block them all anon and move on. You let the bullies mess up your life even now and theres no need. The urge to look still will be there in the beginning but with time you'll eventually forget about them.

No. 840880

You feel angry, discontent, and that will never change unless your husband is willing… and since he holds everything against you, I doubt he will. Trust a woman who tried the staying wagon.

No. 840900

i honestly kind of hate my bf by this point. i dated an ADHD man before, swore i'd never do it again. now my new bf is showing the classic ADHD manchild behaviors after i got attached to him. he can't hold down a job, he can't trim his pubes when reminded a million times, he can't even remember to get some fucking meds. but now he's my only irl friend, because i have autism, and it's impossible to meet friends in this shitty town. i'm so angry at myself and him.

No. 840913

Take all your things and leave for another city anon

No. 840916

It'll only get worse from here. Drop him off at his mother's and gtfo.

No. 840917

he's just comfortable and now he knows he can do shit without consequences. Leave him

No. 840920

I don't know what's wrong with me.
I really, deeply, hate men (justifiably), and I don't want to have sex with them. I have been sexless for years now, but I still have sexual thoughts and want intimacy. I think about it all the time. I just don't want to be with men irl.

I'm not a lesbian either, at all. I have tried being with women, fantasizing about women, and it's just not for me.

So wtf???? It feels like torture and I'm not sure how to fix it.

No. 840924

Maybe stop being so autistic then?

No. 840928

My mother fucking disappoints me. She's such a hypocrite. She needs to shut up. I also think she's sexist but doesn't realize it. Fuck everything.

No. 840931

File: 1624931202425.jpeg (37.56 KB, 600x662, 1624298188169.jpeg)

>sister had a panic attack at work, scared everyone.
>contacted her psychiatrist and psychiatrist set her an emergency appointment
>next day my sister tells me shes got her period and feels like an idiot

i had sort of forgotten until

>im talking to my friend about my depression and how my bipolar meds arent helping so psychiatrist is just fucking around cause no changes

>i have been depressed and had suicidal thoughts for longer than i want to admit
>today im on my limit and send my best friend a bunch of texts crying telling her i should be dead
>check my Clue app
>period tomorrow

why did god curse us like this. what the fuck. why would he do such thing

No. 840935

I hate myself and my decisions and voices and everything, I, myself take an active role in ruining things, I wish I didn't, I wish I could stop,

No. 840944

Get a sex toy. For intimacy get massages and be more touchy with female friends/family. Society is so strange about touching, every intimate thing is seen as sexual and it's probably on purpose, to redirect our natural desire for human connection into serving dick.

You can try to deprogram the "prince charming will come" female socialization, but that takes time. No watching or reading romantic/porn media. Read trust your perceptions.

If you really are obsessed with sex then get on a libido killing supplement.

I was like this a few years ago but the desire faded away as I got more self esteem de female socialized and had to deal with mens bullshit irl and online. Not saying you can change your sexuality, but you can definitely stomp out your heterosexuality into nothing/just being focused on self pleasure. Just remember you've been groomed since you were popped out to center dick and don't be too hard on yourself, it takes a while.

No. 840945

Seriously. I wish those feelings would be normalized or just accepted as real. I feel like even women don't believe other women when sharing our experiences. Can you imagine men if they went through this shit? They'd get PMS mood swings and literally kill people or commit suicide.

Yesterday I was sobbing because I'd made up imaginary scenarios where my family died. I thought ''why am I doing this?'' and realized my period is in 2 days. Been feeling hopeless with suicidal thoughts these past few days just because my period is coming up. It's so hard though, because even if you keep track and know it's coming, it still feels so fucking real and impossible to control.

No. 840960

I just checked my period app and samefag, no wonder. Estrogen and progesterone plunge right before period and that effects seratonin levels a lot. Pretty sure there's more to it that scrote drs don't want to figure out because oh too complicated durr. Medieval midwives probably had the answers, before their stuff was burned.

After sewercidal thoughts every month, it's hard to keep going. I hate this. Honestly considering taking lots of weed (it's legal here) to just konk out the days before my period.

No. 840969

I hate that my friends always ask me to call off work, as if it won't have any consequences for me lol. Like they know my job pays less than there's and that I still have bills to pay and that calling off randomly will have me struggling financially. Not only that I can risk losing my job for just randomly calling off, especially if I someday need to call off for a legitimate reason but I used up all my days for stupid shit. Of course they're never the ones who can call of their jobs because apparently there's are more important than mine. Now my friend is being pissy with me and keeps demanding that I call off and acting like I'm being shitty because I won't. Like I'm sorry I got called into work when we had plans??? You act like I asked for it and you act like we can never reschedule ever again, like jeez.

No. 841030

How old are your friends? Do they pay rent, bills, buy groceries?
I'm sorry your job sucks anon, I do hope you can eventually find something better after you build up some experience. I also hope your friends can hold some sympathy. If they really want to have a day or so with you, they should plan things out at least a month in advance so you can hold a set day off.

No. 841032

File: 1624944996701.gif (1.34 MB, 500x263, a9d96bd0684ae5028e03d116efc0ba…)

I want to start dating but god do I not want to have to go through all the shit people and there's pretty much no other way to meet others.

Bet I'll uninstall the app within 2 weeks and not meet up with anyone because women don't answer or just want friends or because the dudes don't want to text for more than a few days so they can hide their red flags. Glad I'm happy being single so tjere's no pressure or anything.

No. 841035

Scrote posters are painfully unfunny. All they do is act like retards and spam their unsaged shit takes while making moid death/rape threats. They fail at being funny, they fail at being threatening, they succeed at being male but that means they fail at being human.

No. 841047

I swear to god it wasn't until recently I recognized my stronger waves of anxiety line up with PMS. I fucking hate it. I'm glad I got it under control. Now I feel obligated to tell any woman suffering with anxiety to get a period tracker with a mood logging function, if they haven't already, even if they do have PCOS.

No. 841088

Same but I’m also an ADHD bitch who can’t work properly or remember to clean up half the time so I can’t complain.

No. 841089

Thank you guys for posting these, I always feel so alone with struggling super hard with PMS causing suicidal thoughts (or even self harm sometimes) the 2-3 days right before my period, and it's nice to know others deal with it aswell. Sometimes online I see women posting that PMS is a myth and every woman who claims they have it is lying for asspats. I hate how even if I know my period is starting it doesn't make the feelings go away. It's exhausting going through this monthly… at least my bf, family, and friends are all understanding every month when I go off the walls insane for a day or two but fuck I wish there was a cure for this

No. 841093

I feel you nona, I have PMS symptoms for over a week sometimes and it’s so disheartening thinking about how out of control anxious and and depressed you can be for a fourth of a month every month. My boyfriend is very understanding but I can tell it gets to him how upset I get consistently like that and I so badly wish I didn’t have to feel this way just because of hormone cycles. The fact that women have to deal with being emotionally mandated by their cycle for almost their whole lives is fucked up. I just want to live my life steadily without fucking up my forward momentum every time my period is coming.

No. 841104

Based. Scroteposters spamming gore and "WOMEN ARE DUMB BIRTHING MACHINE SLUTS" like it was the most epic raid ever and really telling us dumb bitches off. It doesn't differ from the background noise of our everyday lives you retarded moids, we're not as weak minded as you are.

No. 841123

I legit cannot tell if I still have bedbugs or not. In the beginning I had dreadful reactions to their bites (painful, super itchy, swollen hives) but as time passed, my body stopped reacting severely and I only got punctures on my skin, nothing more. I have a handful of tiny spots on my legs and I can't decide if they are bites or just razor burns

No. 841157

I just started a course of antibiotics so now it's a race to see if I can finish the course before a wave of thrush finishes off my will to live because antibiotics are poison
If /ot/ becomes full of endless depression posts about vaginal irritation I'm sorry hopefully it's only vaginal ffs

No. 841167

Between thrush and then the high chance of getting the runs… I remember when I used to get UTIs on repeat I'd be miserable. That shit sucks anon.

No. 841169

I NEED TO GET OUT! I NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE AND THIS LIFE!!!! I NEED TO GET OUT ASAP!!! CHANGE MY NUMBER, MY NAME. I can't live here anymore and I can't live like this anymore I can't live here anymore. I'm finally a legal adult, I need to get out. I need money. I need financial independence. I need to get out. I need to be safe and healthy. I can't take this I need out out out out out PLEASE HET ME OUT OF HERE

No. 841172

What's going on anon? Why do you need to leave so badly?

No. 841174

My household is extremely unhealthy for me. The abuse fortunately isn't physical any longer, but the negative consequences of the past have left me with CPTSD and the current forms of abuse are psychological and verbal. I have no independence, no support, no safety, and never have. Now that I'm a legal adult, there is even less safety and security and more stress and pressure. My health and safety have been compromised for almost the majority of my life and it keeps deteriorating despite my best efforts to improve. I can't afford to stay in this environment any longer. I can't have things worsening the way they are constantly. I can't take it anymore. I have dreamed of moving out for the majority of my childhood. I am now legally allowed to, but any effort at independence I show is being fought against by my environment. I need to get out so badly. I need to have my own life. I need to heal and I need to grow. I need to be a healthy human.

No. 841175

File: 1624964608243.jpeg (58.62 KB, 750x642, B3E6E917-4E7E-499D-BE1E-15FC5E…)

ah yes, another day to post, be ignored, lurk in saved threads where people are fighting, incels are allowed to post, and everyone is talking but not actually really saying anything. this is truly a great fucking experience, yes! how can you people accept this existence

No. 841178

Narc parents, anon? Either way, get a burner phone if you need. Find a friend who can house you as you start your job search. The job market is thirsty right now to hire people at $15hr. Plenty of great junker cars you can find for under $1.5k. having roommates will be beneficial for your finances at first until you can get something steady. i wish you all the best.

No. 841191

Last week i was sexually assaulted in the elevator in my apartment complex by an old alcoholic fatass. My bf called the police and took me immediately to the station to file a report cause we werent even sure he lives there, the police found him almost immediately but ofc theres nothing they can do. Turns out he lives 3 floors above us and Im starting to believe it was a huge mistake going to the police, the morning after they took him to the station (they cant really do anything cause it was an "ad hoc" action with no ill intent while he was under the influence, wtf) the guy told my bf in graphic detail how he's gonna kill him and ive been a nervous wreck all week, i cant sleep, im afraid to leave the apartment, i cry at work after the day ends cause i dont wanna go home, i started having nightmares where the fucker grabs my ankles while im going up the stairs and i swear i feel the extreme pain from the dream in my actual body after i wake up, and i think im spiraling back into a depressive episode, fml, i know in a way i brought this entire situation upon myself but why cant the world just… not be filled with aggressive horny disgusting scrotes left and right

No. 841193

File: 1624965720565.jpg (415.85 KB, 1080x1694, IMG_20210629_085631.jpg)

Do you guys sometimes think what kiwi farms doing is cruel?
Reading this maked me extremly depressed tbh…imagine losing your friend to some stupid maggot incel basement dwellewers

No. 841194

I don’t really care if people commit suicide, hot take think it was the best option for his friend because realistically there was probably no way for him to get them to stop. Sometimes the most irrational solutions seem the simplest.

No. 841195

No, he should've stopped being a tranny babyfur if he didn't want to get ridiculed. I felt bad for Jessi Slaughter but I don't feel bad for him.

No. 841196

It's one of those situations where it's hard to weigh up whether going to the police will do anything, don't blame yourself for doing the very thing men always scream at us to do
> Well why didn't you go straight to the police about it then, huh!?
You're damned if you do and damned if you don't (called a liar if you don't involve police quickly) It's just a shit position to be in and you would be anxious either way after an assault. I'm sorry anon.

I had a neighbor threaten to break in and rape me and the police had a 20 second talk with him and left again.

No. 841197

Near was a degenerate babyfur tranny who was constantly involved in drama and it's not even confirmed that he actually killed himself. If you can't handle the heat, get out of the oven.

No. 841201

I dont know..i just feel sad for him.

No. 841203

Autistic animal/baby lusting perverts are always the quickest to claim they and all their friends are close to killing themselves over a thread. Even when they're only known by a fake name and a cartoon avi. Always the animal fuckers

No. 841208

Maybe they're just manipulating me for feeling bad for them.

No. 841212

Degenerates will kill themselves with or without a bit of shit stirring from unknown tards. They aren’t killing themselves over the comments they’re killing themselves over the shame of their lifestyle.

How is a tranny who can’t cum unless there’s cartoon animals involved killing themselves anything other than expected?

No. 841213

The only thing I feel bad about is that he ultimately wasted his talent, any tech company would've hired his savant ass in under a microsecond but instead he chose to spend his time sperging over underage cartoon animals and how valid being a degenerate autogynephile is. Male autists shouldn't be allowed to enter the internet unsupervised, they'll always end up ruining their own lives.

No. 841214

I don't know. I don't know.
I just feel bad when someone loses their friend or commit suicide, even if its transgender or furry

No. 841216

I agree with you. Degenerates have feelings too and the loss of a friend by suicide is brutal. It's just a sad mess because it was entirely avoidable.

No. 841217


I just thinking starting drama for degenerate fetish is too much

No. 841219

You’ll burn out on empathy for dregs soon enough anon, dw. No point feeling sorry for someone who chose to be publicly creepy.

No. 841221

I don't get why a tranny 41%ing themselves is news.

No. 841225

With the amount of "normal" YouTubers who end up being perverts and rapists, let alone openly mentally ill deviants, I don't think it's any loss to push these people to leave the public sphere. They're unironic cancers and choose to be subhuman. The world would be better off without these disgusting pigs

No. 841226

No, i get that this site, kf and 4chan and honestly any other imageboard is designed to bully and make fun of people but this really sad.

This could've been anyone, this could've been you even if you're not a tranny. People continuously doxxing and harassing others is very shitty and cruel. are we really going to celebrate this just because it was a tranny?

No. 841229

The only time I feel hope for males like typical kf posters is when they're calling out the fucked up thought process of some of these perverts and the excuses they make for their perversions. I'm sure the average kf user has a tamer version of pornsickness going on but at least they take issue with pedos and shit like petsadists or whatever they call themselves. That's a low bar but still it's something that stops them being the lowest of the low. It's like when pedos get beat up in prison. Boo fucking hoo. Let the less perverted men take out the trash for us.

No. 841232

No. 841233

>are we really going to celebrate this just because it was a tranny?
No, it's also because he's a creepy pervert.

No. 841234

Pretty sure normal well adjusted people don’t make suicide threats and weird extortion attempts just because someone on the internet said some mean words.

These people are already mentally fucked and would shuffle off the mortal coil over anything. Snark websites existing isn’t the problem here lol.
The problem is unchecked mental illness being applauded as heroic individuality being a terrible excuse for a coping mechanism once you’re offline. Being a tranny and a furry is just incidental to being fucked up psychologically and terminally online.

For example, I’m not gonna go off myself because some dude did. We aren’t celebrating a troon committing die, we just aren’t weeping over the alleged death of some creepy dude.

No. 841237

No, lmfao. Where is this influx of moralfaggotry coming from for a literal troon? Sure he made BSNES, however ZSNES has been around the entire time. Do you know who was also a programmer? Terry Davis. Any mentally ill degenerate could do the same with enough time in their hands. If there wasn't a thread about him on KF, it would be elsewhere, and he would've done the same attempt of extortion and suicide bait on another site admin.

No. 841238

Back when I used to browse /cow/ during gamergate, I was reading the Nick Nyberg thread when the father of Nyberg's niece posted in the thread to ask questions about what had been happening. Anons in the thread posted the leaked chatlogs that showed Nyberg talking about wanting to fuck his niece and how he got hard seeing her in her swim suit. The incel losers of /cow/ helped in stopping the abuse of a child. If it weren't for /cow/ that might not have ever have happened.

Lolcow sites do serve a purpose in that they are often the only places prepared to discuss what someone is really up to and spread awareness of sick fucks online.

No. 841247

Thanks for caring anon I hope your cultures are all in harmonious order

No. 841256

Dude had a dead 13 page thread where at most he was called a faggot and waste of talent. You can't censor the internet to please you, if you are that mentally ill take a break from the internet. People like Amberlynn Reid and Foodie Beauty not only have long, active threads but also youtube channels dedicated to laugh at everything they do. The landwhales have more balls than him.

No. 841258

God Bless Terry Davis

No. 841264

Fingers crossed your coochie makes it.

Shit when amberlynn is braver and has more endurance than you it’s descended well past tragedy. Dude was doomed by his own lack of emotional fortitude.

No. 841266

The first thing that got me ostracized from my libfem friends was my disdain for men who came forward about being "sexually assaulted" by women. Years later, I stand by it. I put that up there with moids who try to draw a 1-to-1 comparison between FGM and male circumcision.
It does hurt to lose friends about it, but I'm also disappointed in them too. Why can't I be less of a bitch.

No. 841269

This. Him being a tranny is just coincidental, people aren't sympathetic because he kept getting into drama himself and was an open pervert.

No. 841271

File: 1624970174638.jpg (84.46 KB, 511x810, heart.jpg)

i don't have much to say but want to respond anyway so your post doesn't get ignored since i too suffer from ignored posts

No. 841276

Homie maybe you just need a friend or some shit? Do you have any friends? Do you want to be friends?

No. 841284

I realize we're daisy chainning these posts by now but I hope it helps others realize they're not alone in this. It doesn't matter how elated or content I am, the days before my period I sink into a pit of complete darkness. I was having a great time at a friend's party at Saturday but over the course of a few hours my perception of everything became so intensely distorted and negative, I left early because I couldn't take it. Now I've spent the days since in solitude trying to fight these horrible thoughts and feelings and waiting for the damn thing to start, all so I can do it again in a few weeks.

No. 841291

Reading the kiwifarms thread made me realise how different they are compared to us. The thread is full of scrotes and they're so aggressive its disgusting. If feel bad for admin and mods who have to clean all the shit posted in that thread.

No. 841292

File: 1624972776653.jpg (36.94 KB, 565x850, disgust.jpg)

How's being an endless fountain of compassion coming along? Come back when you've gotten basic boundaries and de-female socialized some, this is fucking pathetic. Bet you're the type of ppl to forgive their abuser bc 'he went through hard times forgive and forget'.

No. 841293

Samefagging but >>841226 i lost any sympathy for that guy when i saw that he was suicide baiting and he also is a creep. Obviously null should have ignored that troons emails and not posted them he really is an idiot for that. That guy could have just ignored his thread on kiwifarms and delete all of his social media, eventually people will lose interest at him.

No. 841303

>post on the internet about being a diaper furry tranny
>"haha get a load of this guy he is a diaper furry tranny"
If you're getting cyberbullied, just turn off your computer, homie. Nobody knows who he is irl, he wasn't doxed. He can just change his online handle and move on. It's not that serious and he's a disgusting babyfur tranny who jerks his dick to baby-animals in diapers and faked his suicide to escape backlash before. I don't feel bad and neither should anyone else. It's entire self-inflicted.

No. 841307

Is there even confirmation that he actually killed himself? Why should any of us trust what his so-called friends have to say?

I feel a bit of pity but social presence on the internet isn't a necessity to life. These types know they can have a small, closed circle of friends in the same hobby as they wish but they don't want just that. At the core, they want admiration and acceptance from strangers which they're not entitled to. Since he was a perv, he definitely wanted his fetishes to be seen and go on with impunity. At best he was (is?) a narcissist who can't handle criticisms and when bribery didn't work to get his way, spited people with suicide.

Null is still a faggot though.

No. 841308

I'm tinfoiling, the anon(s) who keep bumping this thread about Kiwifarms specifically to gather sympathy for the troon, is Byuu himself. If not, another autist who wants their own redemption arc bc they used to partake in chan culture.

No. 841309

File: 1624974868333.png (183.1 KB, 510x706, byuu.png)

There is no confirmation. Only "trust me bro" from his "friend".

No. 841315

After reflection, you're right. Gomen.

No. 841324

I am surprised by how these people can be so intelligent yet so retarded at the same time.

No. 841325

It's called autism.

No. 841326

This is such bullshit lmao. I'm half-inclined to believe even the furbaby troons don't believe this story but are going along with it to make a point about boolying.

No. 841332

Nayrt but you seem like a good person anon. I understand why you’d feel sorry for him but just remember that an internet scrote like him would never feel sorry for you if you were in that position. I mean, just fucking look at the way men reacted when Bianca Devins was killed.

No. 841337

About a year ago I started commuting everywhere by bike to improve my health and all it got me was an intense anger issue. I’m careful to follow even the most retarded of traffic rules to show Not All Cyclists Are Like That and I planned my daily route to avoid both roads and sidewalks even though it means I have to make a significant detour but what is even the point of bike lane eurofag privilege when motorists use my lane as a free parking space all the time anyway and disgusting moids jump in front of my bike for attention or endanger me in some other way every fucking day. Not only am I not allowed to flatten them, even insulting them can be a criminal offense around here and dash cams aren’t really allowed either. Hardly a day goes by without me shouting ‘wanker’ at some wanker and then I hate myself for it and for letting them get to me so much. Embarrassingly I stuck gum onto this idiot’s car hood this morning because I have basically no self control left and because she almost killed me for no fucking reason and she of course followed me and reee’d at me from her car window asking why I’m doing this while she has her ~child~ with her and how she’s on her way to vacation and had to configure her navigation system for a moment. As if that were a good excuse for suddenly drifting off onto the bike lane with your huge fugly car. How entitled can you get. Why not drift your car into a pathetic pedestrian scote and kill the both of you, giving your ugly ~child~ a second chance at a life with parents who know how not to ram their expensive death machines into strangers.

No. 841345

Goddamn it you can't even talk shit about Null in a thread that exists to talk shit about Null because it's overrun with his braindead sycophants reeeeeee

No. 841347

I hear and see you nonny
I live in a city where people are constantly riding bikes on the pavement which is so unnecessarily stressful for pedestrians but I can't even be fully mad at them because the bike lanes are death traps. Car drivers will plough their big cars straight into the bike lane and then rant about how it was a cyclists fault
I dream of a utopia where the public transport is so good that cars fuck off out of central areas. Even right now I can hear some asshole deliberately revving his obnoxiously custom loud engine

No. 841350

File: 1624978730367.jpeg (38.85 KB, 750x1000, 32EC92C3-229E-4155-899B-E0A92B…)

Agree tbh. A lot of men who sexually assault women will do an uno reverse and claim to be a victim, narcissists are scary.

Relate to not budging on my opinions even if it makes people go pic or start to ostracise me. I'm either autistic a bitch or both >:3c

No. 841352

It's not a thread about Null. It's a thread about Kiwifarms and we are talking about the current situation on Kiwifarms. Sorry that not everyone agrees with you that Null is the sole person responsible for the situation.

No. 841353

You're right and u should keep on queen.

No. 841357

>disdain for men who came forward about being "sexually assaulted" by women.
Why would you disdain them?
>moids who try to draw a 1-to-1 comparison between FGM and male circumcision
Male circumcision is male genital mutilation, both MGM and FGM are evil and should be illegal, why would you disdain someone comparing MGM and FGM when both of these mutilations mutilate genitals?

No. 841360

I don't think he's 100% responsible, I even said it that way. I just really really enjoy shitting on Null. It's my idea of fun. I should be able to do so without being called a tranny.

No. 841361

> A lot of men who sexually assault women will do an uno reverse and claim to be a victim, narcissists are scary.
That anon's post referred to male victims of sexual assault, not male sexual assaulters.

No. 841366

I had a high functioning autist male friend when I was younger (and not sick of male tists yet) He had his foreskin cut when he was 11 because he needed it done or had irritation or some shit. For some reason he thought it was ok to talk to me about his penis all the time because he resented his foreskin situation. I was even randomly shown it one day and expected to sympathise. I had been abused as a kid and I was not in any head space to look at dicks at the time but poor him and his penis and his incessant need to talk about it. I was a virgin with a csa background having a dick thrust in front of me. For what? To acknowledge his pAiN and suffering.

Years later I dated a guy who told me about his abusive ex who screamed at him and hit him. He seemed pretty fucking capable of sticking up for himself so I believed she might've hit him but I didn't view it with the same sympathy I'd give a woman. Turned out he was the screaming/raging/beating partner and I never gave him any good reason to escalate when he did those things. He went nuts on his own. Did his previous gf hit him back once or twice…maybe? I think that he was twisting half truths like that to paint a picture. I curled up in a ball when he hit me. Will he somehow tell his next gf I abused him by curling up and not engaging? I can see him telling a different version.

I've been pretty fucking naive with men. Some things I really had to experience for myself in order to learn to be picky with my empathy.

No. 841367

NTA but don't be a fucking retard. Circumcision is literally nothing like FGM, physically or ideologically.

No. 841368

i dont even ride my bike anymore because of this shit, i got doored once myself (i would be dead or very injured if there was a car behind me) and then a grad student got killed on my bike route. I used to use my bike to carry groceries back, but now i use a very large granny cart, and if some shithead tries to run a redlight or stop sign when im waiting to cross, i just push the cart out in the street like i didnt notice them and they stop short honking mad every time lmao. Its crazy though, especially as soon as its hot out, i think it fries idiot driver brains. Im about to get a wiffle bat and start banging on hoods if they get too close. may get arrested we'll see

No. 841370

File: 1624980087686.jpg (33.2 KB, 497x464, easy-banana-hotdog-cutter-peel…)

They should cut even more skin off, until it's just a nub n no balls.

No. 841371

The only way MGM can be a real thing is if scrotes get their entire shaft cut off and are forced to reproduce by extracting sperm from the sack because scrotes are sin machine who should never feel sexual pleasure or they immediately become corrupt.
Which is based.

No. 841372

Hope you don't get a bf anytime soon anon… these types can sniff out past abused women like sharks to blood.

No. 841374

Both FGM and MGM are the violations of the bodily autonomy of people, who are often children. FGM and MGM are also fatal to thousands of their victims.

No. 841376

Nobody is stopping you from posting.

No. 841377

I'm in my 30s now, I've dated plenty. I've also attended plenty of therapy and taken long breaks from dating when I needed to.

No. 841378

They have tons of sperm that just gets worse after early 20s. You can chop the balls at 18 when sperm quality is best, and store them in the sperm bank. Balls are just accessories at this point, with 25+ year sperm swimming in circles or just literally losing the will to swim.

No. 841379

Awww little scrote can't handle getting a bit of skin snipped? Give me the fucking data sheet where it says circumcision has the same mortality rate as FGM. Piercing baby's ears should also be illegal following that logic. Circumcision outside of jewish dogma is based on medical myths and porn-addled aesthetics. FGM is ALWAYS sex-based violence. I will never feel sorry for scrotes who blame their erectile dysfunction on a missing piece of skin and not their porn habit. Seethe.

No. 841380

You both are pathetic midandrists. I shouldn't have expected basic human empathy from you. More than 100 newborn boys die annually due to MGM in the United States, MGM and FGM are both evil, and often fatal, thinking otherwise is delusion influenced by rabid, unthinking hatred.

No. 841383

File: 1624980803216.png (32.34 KB, 625x626, 1617063104277.png)

Yes, the fuck.

No. 841385

I saw my ex online going to an event he wouldn't be interested alone. It's a gallery exhibition and I'm pretty sure he's going on a date… It makes me feel so heartbroken, I'm in so much pain over this. I always think I'm over him and shit like this makes me realize I'm only in denial. I'm still hoping he'd reach out and say how much he misses me and how he realised he can't live without me…
I feel like I'm never gonna find another person I can just vibe with. I'm such a dumb bitch.

No. 841388

>thinking misandry is bad
where do you think you are?

No. 841389

Is this what happens when people insist that all pain is valid and you shouldn't rank suffering?

No. 841390

>out of millions
Pathetic number. More parents should reroll for superior sex.

No. 841392

Next time I get with a cut guy I'm calling him mutilated to his face, seeing as that's what they want it to be called lol

Oh wow I didn't realise you were mutilated! It's been a while since I got with a mutilated one, hehe!

No. 841393

KEK ewww your parents sure fucking mangled your shit

No. 841395

>trust me he killed himself to a fucking alcest song for maximum aesthetic points

No. 841398

I doubt you have any basic knowledge about the male reproductive system, otherwise you would be aware of just how harmful MGM is, and that the foreskin isn't just a "bit of skin".
>FGM is ALWAYS sex-based violence
And so is MGM, both FGM and MGM are mutilations, they are always violent, and children are targeted with them based on their sex.
>Piercing baby's ears should also be illegal
I agree, parents who pierce their babies ears are terrible people, who value their own vain cosmetics above the bodily autonomy of their children.
> I will never feel sorry for scrotes who blame their erectile dysfunction on a missing piece of skin
There are studies about this, MGM can cause erectile dysfunction and a host of many other issues.

No. 841402

Yep lets act repulsed and like half their dick is missing and it's just not the same. Give them the acknowledement they crave.

Hacked dicks, never forget.

No. 841404

K thanks anon. Cut guys are sad and floppy. Will avoid.

No. 841406

Not all women are as filled with irrational hatred as you are, stop projecting your views onto others

No. 841407

I've spent so much time living in that 'he'll realize he wants me back' delusion. I'll sometimes see stories where a couple breaks up only to find each other again a decade later and get back together… I need to stay away from reading anything like that. 9 times out of 10 it's not viable. I feel you.

No. 841409

>There are studies about this, MGM can cause erectile dysfunction and a host of many other issues.
>otherwise you would be aware of just how harmful MGM is, and that the foreskin isn't just a "bit of skin".
I mean, some men are getting their dick tips cut because of them being unable to wash themselves properly, it’s a bit of skin and they still have sex and coom, so I don’t see what’s the big deal.
Is your ex mangled or something?

No. 841411

File: 1624981996402.jpg (29.91 KB, 400x360, 1646484654.jpg)

Noone gives a fuck about your limp broken 2-incher. Don't make me retraumatize you with another circumcision.

No. 841419

Ok so obviously male circumcision is a weird tradition that doesnt serve much purpose and does have a very very small chance of complications. But you keep equating it with fgm which is brutal and truly horrifying, and has a huge chance of terrible complications. Theyre both bad but fgm is so much worse its not even close. Not to mention that fgm is done in societiez where women are oppressed, while male circumcision is and has been done in societies where men are in control. The harm and oppression of fgm is orders of magnitude worse, and if thats not obvious to you then you are being willfully ignorant.

I had a friend in HS whose mom left Egypt for the united states with nothing to her name, marrying a random 50yr old american scrote at 30, literaly just so she could protect her daughter from the fgm her family practiced. Would you tell her to her face that men have it just as bad?

No. 841423

My clit isn't that big, and it works just fine.
>Theyre both bad but fgm is so much worse its not even close
I agree that FGM is worse than MGM, they should both be banned.

No. 841426

Nice backpedaling stupid bitch

No. 841435

I don't know why it's so hard to acknowledge that mutilating a newborn baby's genitals is both sick and evil regardless of sex. Most cultures that practise FGM also practise circumcision. It's done using the same methods, someone with no medical training, no anesthetic and a razor blade. Not every man lives in America.

No. 841436

File: 1624983009423.gif (2.37 MB, 384x256, tenor.gif)

Stop giving him attention trying to argue, his goo is going to drown the thread with how much you're stroking his dyk.

No. 841437

Personally i'm glad circumcision exists, uncircumcised dicks are even more repulsive looking than circumcised ones

No. 841438

it would kill you to sage? retard
Lmao anon

No. 841439

>Most cultures that practise FGM also practise circumcision
Now you just pulled that out of your ass. Take a swig of bleach faggot. I can smell the cocks on your breaths they the screen.

No. 841440

I have the theme song from two and a half men stuck in my head since this all started

Men men men men menly menly, menly men. men, however the hell it goes kek

No. 841444

Once again the solution is isolation from me :(

No. 841445

Yes? I mean that a lot of men who claim to have been assaulted are in fact abusers themselves.

No. 841446

How annoying, I can’t stop pooping because of my period, I wouldn’t mind if I was in my house, but I’m at my cousin’s house on a trip and i feel like this period has hurt me more than others.

No. 841448

Backpedaling from what? Just because thing A is worse than thing B, doesn't mean that they can' be compared. Many of the reasons why FGM is wrong can also be applied to MGM.

No. 841449

I'm not her. You're arguing with two posters.
>you disagree with me, therefore you are a man
Cope. As a woman I have higher emotional intelligence and an increased capacity for empathy. You obviously don't, so maybe it's me that's infighting with a scrote.

No. 841451

Nta, they are right, FGM occurs in third world shitholes in africa and the middle east, and MGM also occurs in those countries

No. 841452

sameanon and holy shit I'm sorry to have brought up circumcision. I'm so sorry everyone.

No. 841453

Establish your dominance by leaving the shit nonnie, they'll cower from the sheer capacity of your bowls.
Though if you get period shits, I rec activated charcoal pills to compact your poo into something more manageable.

No. 841454

My vent is about vents. Ventilation vents. I had some installed lately but they need to be only partially installed for the moment. I'm having other work done and then they'll be fully fixed in place with an outer part that looks like a spout.

I'm now days into listening to one of them make a mysterious banging sound. I can't access the garden that it overlooks to see what is banging on the other end of it and even if I could I don't know if me touching anything is advised. It's high up too. I'm in for at least another week of hearing this banging with every passing breeze.

No. 841455

File: 1624983877164.png (1.35 MB, 1024x1009, nagisa_hazuki_render_by_aaliez…)

This heat is killing me… God… Please bless me with a shota to cheer me on. I love having fruit trees but picking them in this heat is torture.

No. 841457

I'm never buying a house you have to deal with this kind of shit. Hope it works out anon.

No. 841458

You realize everyone can scroll up and see your sperg about how cut dicks are just as bad as fgm right? Specifically you replied to an anon lamenting first world liberals comparing the two. You even said that they both kill the same number of babies. You got shit on because those takes were fucking stupid to begin with. Now you’re saying it’s not the same. Now you’re pretending to be talking about 4th world shitholes and saying that misogyny and misandry somehow exist at the same time in those places. Don’t assume people lack short term memory because you’ve been made to look like a dumb ass.

No. 841459

I pooped three times thismorning and my bleeding hasn't even started yet.

No. 841461

I'm having a whole series of work done, I'm an anxious single woman surrounded by workmen and I hate it. I like owning a house but fuuuck me the adulting that's attached to maintaining it

And thanks

No. 841462

>aS a wOMaN
>muh innATE feMLe eMPathy
>but only for cocks of course

No. 841463


No. 841465

Fruit trees sound nice. My area becomes overrun by these mutant big crows in the summer tho, they'd prob destroy anything like that or feed off of it and grow into even bigger beasts

No. 841471

>You even said that they both kill the same number of babies
No I didn't. Please quote where I said that.
>your sperg about how cut dicks are just as bad as fgm
I said they are both bad and should be illegal, which is true. In my original post I never said that one kind of mutilation is worse than another, and then later on I agreed with that other anon that FGM is worse than MGM. Nothing I've done here is contradictory. Here's an analogy: Murder is worse than torture, both are still bad and should be illegal.
>misogyny and misandry somehow exist at the same time in those places
I never specifically referred to misogyny or misandry in third world shitholes, you seem to think I referred to misandry when I mentioned that MGM exists in those shitholes. Violence against boys can be perpetrated by men, misandry specifically wouldn't apply in that case.
Unmutilated men can clean their penises just as well as mutilated men, men in Europe are just hygienic as those in America

No. 841473

File: 1624984888043.png (41.5 KB, 512x512, please.png)


No. 841479

I almost always use the catalog, saging is irrelevant to me

No. 841483

Wish there was a female only fixer/trades company, like how much money you could make.

You can wear a ring, put some male clothes/items around the house, and get some framed pics with a fake husband. These things can scare away opportunitistic scrotes. Living alone is so peaceful but yeah gotta take precautions.

No. 841484

>this autistic weirdo continuing to not understand why their whataboutism argument isn't appreciated
OP called it.

No. 841487

Rip go to the guild to hire an adventurer and get rid of the beasts. If you really want fruits then strawberries are easy to guard, with red painted rocks so they peck them and think it's all just rocks.

No. 841489

I wish I could just go a week without having to see, talk, or interact with a man.

I'm exhausted.

No. 841490

File: 1624985943150.jpg (76.8 KB, 721x721, e7ee53e0901db407f11ca3175d4830…)

yesterday at work a genuine qt whom I was interested in myself asked for my number and said he would message me today as he wanted to take me out for a date but in the meantime my phone sperged and I lost all of my text messages and calls within the timespan of when I gave him my number and a few hours ago. WHY

No. 841496

>why would you disdain someone comparing MGM and FGM
>>FGM is ALWAYS sex-based violence (misogyny)
>And so is MGM (…) children are targeted with them based on their sex.
Are boys getting whole organs removed because they need to be sexless and chaste or not?
>MGM are /also/ fatal to thousands
>MGM and FGM are both evil, and /often/ fatal
>Only 100 in the US
Talking about the US specifically here but jumps around to some village in Africa.
You also say they’re both both both both this and that over and over when one is clearly more evasive, dangerous and crippling than the other. That’s like saying assault and murder should be treated the same because they both cause bodily harm since you love bad equivalency. Now you’re pretending to say that your original argument is that both should be banned (which no one disagrees) and not that women should feel bad for them in the same way even though you admitted that one is worse. There.

No. 841497

I read on reddit some time that this actually exists in SK. The guys on /r/Korea were all butthurt and didn't see the need for it, of course kek.

No. 841509

I'm not the most feminine so tbh there's hair gel and male scents/deoderant all laying around already, I don't know if they piece together that they're mine or not. I actually find myself butching it up a bit when talking to them too, some weird defense mode that kicks in. Like, see you don't want me lol

No. 841514

Don't they also have female only apartment buildings? Sounds like a dream. Kek they can stay butthurt.

No. 841517

>Are boys getting whole organs removed because they need to be sexless and chaste or not?
Yes, in the case of boys who are mutilated. The foreskin isn't just a bit of skin, it's an organ with many varied tissues and glands.
>Talking about the US specifically here but jumps around to some village in Africa.
I mentioned the US specifically because the fatality statistic of MGM was available. MGM still occurs in third world countries, many of which are the same countries where FGM occurs, and both these kinds of mutilations cause thousands of deaths.
>one is clearly more evasive, dangerous and crippling than the other
I agreed that FGM is worse.
>That’s like saying assault and murder should be treated the same because they both cause bodily harm since you love bad equivalency.
>Now you’re pretending to say that your original argument is that both should be banned (which no one disagrees) and not that women should feel bad for them in the same way even though you admitted that one is worse
Would you disdain someone for comparing murder to assault, especially if the motivations for both can be the same, and they both share some of the reasons why both are evil? I'm guessing you wouldn't, but the OP would in the case of FGM and MGM, THAT is the point which I questioned them on. I never said that FGM and MGM are exactly the same, I said they're both bad, and comparing them to each other, especially when they share some of the reasons why they both should be banned(them causing death, suffering, disability being one of them, violation of bodily autonomy being another) should NOT be something that is met with disdain

No. 841521

Makes sense, it does get annoying when they see any fashion/style women put effort into as pandering to men. Say what you want about TikTok but I like those girls who make their style so extreme that it scares off scrotes AND looks stylish.

No. 841523

Calling it MGM is an insult to FGM sufferers and scrotes don't deserve rights anyway. Seethe

No. 841525

I have a friend with trauma issues and for years she's had this thing where (pre uber) she tried to only ever get female driven taxis. If she talked about this in front of men she was always told off for fearing male drivers. Female drivers were hard to find but she stuck to her comfort limits regardless.

On the flipside of that my mom once befriended a female taxi driver who would regularly bring her to hospital appts. Any time she told people about her men would instantly be like "a female taxi driver??? That's too dangerous for a woman to do!" So driving around strange men is super dangerous but being driven around by strange men isn't. Ok. Then a male taxi driver in our city picked up an already tipsy woman and drugged and raped her. Dropped her off thinking she's blame her own alcohol consumption for blacking out… she was actually awake but just unable to move the entire time he raped her. He drugged her with something that does that. She remembered the whole ordeal

No. 841582

Examples? I don't use tiktok so I'm not sure what you mean but you made me curious what that looks like

No. 841584

What the fuck did I walk into.

No. 841585

my vegan friend is turning into the really annoying kind of vegan that every vegan claims that they are not. every argument somehow boils down to 'person x just mad because she wants to eat meat and i don't want to eat DEAD ANIMALS!!!!' or something like that. we went out for lunch a while ago and were sitting outside. some bug was pestering me so i mindlessly swatted at it and eventually managed to hit it. she didn't say anything but a few hours later she messaged me that she doesn't like me killing animals and she doesn't want to see dead animals when she takes time out of her day to meet with me. i was confused and asked what dead animal she was talking about (she constantly whines about muh dead animals wahhh)

it was the bug. me killing a bug that has been pestering me for 30 minutes and that made conversation almost impossible hurt her vegan fee fees.

No. 841594

Of course I'm still posting. I was just letting out stream in the designated thread.

No. 841596

Turn back anon there's a sperging scrote on the loose

No. 841602

I'm still pissed Bojack Horseman never won an Emmy

I don't care for awards and maybe I'm biased because it's still one of my if not my favourite show

No. 841605

some fucking tranny on reddit told me if I don't want to see penis in the women's changing room it's my problem and I should use the family room. He was also a regular poster on actuallesbians. I'm mad

No. 841606

File: 1624992215486.png (363.66 KB, 820x720, Screenshot_20210629-143948_1.p…)

Alt fashions like this goblincore one. There's also extreme goth ones but I don't really watch that stuff.

No. 841610

File: 1624992371074.jpg (8.74 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 841613

>use the family room
Bold suggestion coming from the same category of persons who ought to be utilizing just that. Trannies and genderspecials are the minority.
What an asshole.

No. 841614

Kinda cool but these only really work if you plan to stay inside and be in front of a camera filter all day.

No. 841616

it's cool to scare out scrotes but this looks ridiculous anon

No. 841617

hopefully he messages you again

No. 841619

Tell her straight that she's acting insane and like in a cult. Or harry her about how tons of bugs are killed during the harvesting of veg and fruit. This online cult type communities only get so far irl because no one calls them out on their retardation.

No. 841623

So what, if it works it works. As if ppl haven't been using war paint to make themselves look like skeletons since forever.

No. 841624

I was the type to fight back and you bet he'd tell me how I'm abusive monster. I fought back when he immobilised me by basically choke holding me, I'd try to hit him to get away and run because I was panicking so hard. I just wanted to leave but he'd cling to my feet with his whole weight, again leaving me with no choice but to fight my way out. When I curled in a ball and covered my ears while he screamed at me, he'd suddenly start touching me sexually or try to hug me. When I pushed him and tell him to stay away, he'd scream that I'm abusing him again.
Of course before that he told me how his previous gf was abusive.
I'll probably never be able to believe a man saying he was abused after this.

No. 841653

Why do misandrists want to cut men's dick off? Why can't we just keep them as living dildos but amputate the limbs off

No. 841656

Well that post escalated quickly…

No. 841659

This is why it's best to stay off plebbit, nonna. These freaks have taken over the main social medias, imo it's better all real women migrate so they're left alone in a sea of chicks called Alice and Lilly with suspicious hairlines. Unfortunately their handmaidens will never leave them though.

No. 841673

NTA but men's foreskins aren't removed because of them being dirty/sexual and men aren't circumcised to keep them pure and chaste. Unlike removing the clitoris, a common form of FGM which is done for above misogynistic reasons.

No. 841674

File: 1624996090641.gif (430.29 KB, 300x300, C3ED0E28-BC80-474A-BF97-FFC0C9…)

Nonnie, you’re a genius.

No. 841675

It would be better to keep the body whole so they can do menial labor, could use shock collars or something tho

No. 841677

so then trannies will begin using the women's bathroom, and that means it will become the new men's bathroom. Then all the women who went to the family bathroom means the family bathroom is now the women's bathroom and the trannies will want that too. Rinse and repeat

No. 841678

I think it's dumb

No. 841680

Because even then they would find a way to rape people

No. 841682

Every time I go on tiktok and I end up browsing the sounds, there is always attractive people who use he sounds, it’s just flooded with very nice looking people. I genuinely think that app is a government-ran psyop, they already have fake livestreams postering as other people and it’s so bizarre

No. 841684

No. 841685

You're kinda late to the party anon…

No. 841686

I smell dickcheese. Men would love that, they don't do any work, get fed and clothed, and just get sex.

No. 841687

Imagine having to feed and clean them, though. An entire society of scrotes getting to lay around all day and have free sex? Isn't that their dream?

No. 841691

The ideal society would be one where scrotes work hard, act demure and actually clean themselves.

No. 841692

Kek tbh that is true I am sadly addicted to the app but goddamn people love complaining about the pretty privilege on there but when there’s finally an average looking person who makes a tiktok it’s cringe

No. 841693

We could have eunuchs taking care of the dildos, they would get physically and chemically castrated after they’ve reached their puberty in a puberty hut.

No. 841697

Men are a waste of resources no matter what you do with them. Fuck off, scrote with a fetish.

No. 841701

It's not worth it anon, not even any informative stuff, just pretty people and controlled oppostion.

No. 841704

No. 841706

I want money

No. 841708

Don't try to apply logic into my wet dream.
Though >>841675 has a better idea, kek.
Sadly we can't all be blessed lesbians, some of us can only get off to the meat dildos that come attached to disgusting scrotes.

No. 841709

>they already have fake livestreams postering as other people

No. 841710

Not my thing but they're doing their thing for themselves and that's ultra cool

No. 841711

Bigotry from liberals is so much more fucking frustrating than bigotry from right leaning types. I can't stand the condescension and sly digs that I must struggle with life because of my race and sexuality. My white co-workers wax lyrical about how strong I am for being in an interracial lesbian relationship like it's some bold political statement I'm making. I'm just living my fucking life! Unlike them I don't seek out minorities so I can brag about being open minded. I hate having my love life politicised by people I don't even call friends, it feels like a gross invasion of privacy. I've genuinely had politer exchanges with people calling me a sand nigger. They get straight to the point and I know where I stand with them. I don't keep thinking about it hours or even days later trying to decipher if they're bigoted or "progressive" like I do with people like my co-workers.

No. 841713

File: 1624998433931.jpg (74.52 KB, 736x736, 4c3bbc5fe7152e6ac4696f71d18c5d…)

Nonnies please I'm crying, I know that this is really small stuff but I went to the hairdresser finally feeling brave enough to ask for a more tomboyish haircut because I want women to notice me. I asked for something like picrel and she gave me an ugly A-line bob. I asked her if she was sure she could recreate it, and that I'd just have a blunt bob if it was easier - she was dead sure she could make it look good so I trusted her and now I have a serious wedge/sharp graduation and I'm so upset. I'd already had a shit day and was feeling ugly and now I look worse. They did me so dirty.
To be fair, it isn't just my hair that repels women, it's my awful personality and fujo tendencies, but I need every advantage I can get. Does anybody know how to make a graduated bob look less middle-aged and more lesbian? It's bleached white-blonde if that makes a difference.

No. 841714

How does the A-line bob look like? show us nonna

No. 841715

Agreed, that's the only style of make-up I'd believe someone saying they're doing it for themselves because it's fun, and not for social pressure or approval.

No. 841720

File: 1624998762554.jpg (47.24 KB, 600x600, 35120416-wedge-haircut.jpg)

It's literally like this, generic horrible wedge cut. I'd post an actual picture of it if I wasn't sure I'd get roasted lmao
(dropped pic sorry)

No. 841723

ugh thats horrible. Hate when hairdressers do this.

No. 841728

there’s legit fake livestreams on tiktok lol

No. 841730

Your dumbass hairdresser got confused by the styling in the reference pic. I'm so sorry for your loss anon. You might be able to have another hairdresser turn it into a passable pixie.

No. 841732

I'm kinda feeling low but idk if this is stupid or not. I really really love a band and they're gonna be playing in my state, i got 2 tickets and planned to ask my boyfriend. I casually brought up that the band was going to come to our state and that i bought tickets. He just kinda brushed it off and talked about something else. I always talk about how much I love this band and I wanted to share this experience with him but idk now. It kinda hurt me. What do you girlies think

No. 841739

File: 1624999355677.jpg (3.77 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

Maybe try a messy look? Picrel is Magdalen Berns (RIP queen) who pulled off the messy look really well, if she combed her hair out neat if would've probably looked similar to that kinda bob you posted. You could also try trimming it yourself to add layers if you're brave enough. Maybe next time try a barber shop? Ring or email first to see if they're ok with female clients but I know a lot of tomboys and butches who go to barbers or male stylists as female hairdressers seldom get what they're going for.

No. 841749

File: 1624999984932.jpg (31.03 KB, 494x480, 1605699763143.jpg)

>tfw I was listening to Closer by NIN in the locker room at work and my crush came in at the I want to fuck you like an animal part
I hope he didn't hear that. I'm too autistic to even talk to him. My sexual frustration is getting worse with each day. I'm scared I'm gonna sperg out and just ask him out randomly, just to get this off my chest

No. 841750

Go to a barber and save yourself. Most hairdressers can only do basic pre 2008 shit. For the hairstyle you want it seems like she uses some kind of mousse to make it stay like that, so think whether you want to style your hair everyday. Or pick another haircut that doesn't require styling.

No. 841751

Just pounce on him like the animal you are anon if he can't handle it he's not worthy.

No. 841754

Or how about stop fueling the “muh beautiful inspiring 30+ year old women” hype and finally go to young hairdressers who know how to do modern hairstyles

No. 841758

I feel like it's their default when a client wants something short and a bit different. All their older clients probably love it so they never bother to refresh their styles. That's fine but it's just annoying that I literally asked if she could do it and gave her an out, and she still merked me.

Thank you for your advice anon. I've had a pixie before and I can't keep on top of the mullet, but I might try exaggerating my curl or pinning bits back or something? Or a half up thing? I don't know

Dearest Mags ♥ RIP. I never considered that hers might be slightly graduated, maybe with some styling mine could be redeemable? Hopefully??
I think you're right about barbers. I actually chose my hairdresser because she's qualified in barbering as well as hairdressing, but it seems she just wasn't used to women wanting more butch looks (it's not even butch!)
She kept saying "this is a great cut because it's still feminine but it's tomboyish in that it's basically no maintenance" and she was trying hard but she just couldn't comprehend that tomboyish was the aesthetic I wanted, not just low-maintenance. Sorry for ranting, I know it's just hair at the end of the day, it's just not part of my dream Hot Futch Summer. More like Hot Flush Summer.

Yeah, I don't mind mousse and I've got textured hair which makes this kind of style a bit easier. I'll check out the barbers next time, thank you. I think I was nervous to approach the local barbers because everyone including my brothers comes out with the same haircut regardless of what they asked for lmao oh well

Thanks for commiserating w/me nonnies ♥

No. 841762

I'm getting all my accounts hacked again :/. Someone's obsessed with me and idk how I feel about that. Wonder who it could be.(emoticon use)

No. 841763

I'm sick of my roommate doing 0 cleaning at this point. I'm aware he even waits for me to do the dishes so all he has to do is put the clean ones away or even waits for most of those to be used again so he only had to unload half the washer. I refuse to let a fly invasion happen so that's why I keep doing the dishes. When we split I hope he finally understands all the work I did since the next room mate will definitely be too fucking lazy. I love my family member but also fuck her for not giving me the money I was owed last week. Why the fuck are we doing it later when it could have been last week? There's shit I have to get done that I'm sick of waiting for while summer is already half way in. This is my only time off school and work before I go back to being stressed. I need to see my obgyn and dentist before this shit ends because god damnit after 3 months of periods every 2 weeks I'm losing my mind. Fuck the tranny who became a mod in the one small art community I liked too. Finally I found a place that was focused on realism without any politics but now I can't join a call without that grating voice immediately jumping in to talk about his boyfriend. Him and the drunk mom who regrets her kid really ruin the atmosphere while others are just trying to paint or sketch people.

No. 841765

File: 1625000799616.jpg (75.16 KB, 392x383, 20210629_230429.jpg)

Posted this story in a hair thread already but I realized this thread is a better place for it:

I'll always be bitter about my fucking dad never letting me have long hair as a kid. He would take me to MEN'S hairdresser and tell them to give me this awful bob/bowlcut hybrid that made people mistake me for a boy (he made my mom dress me in plain unisex clothes as well). I can only describe it as picrel, but not as straight. I had such pretty wavy hair back then, but never got to enjoy it before finally being able to assert some independence at 12, because by then puberty has already turned my hair into frizzy 3A mess.
This is only a drop in a sea of shitty things my dad has done, but I just happened to find some of my childhood photos recently and got triggered as all fuck on my kid self's behalf.

No. 841767

File: 1625000841590.jpg (1022.92 KB, 2560x1440, 20210626_141234.jpg)

Every starbucks in my city just has only the womens bathroom open with this sign pasted over it lmao…lock the door indeed

No. 841771

All the female hairdressers I've went to did me dirty with an outdated hairstyle, or made my style more "feminine" than i wanted. But go off I guess.

No. 841775

>When we split I hope he finally understands all the work I did

why are you waiting anon? Just wash your own dishes and keep them in your room.

No. 841776

File: 1625001160828.jpg (23.53 KB, 686x410, Kd13Vls.jpg)

yet another female friend became a they/them, i can't do this anymore, i'm so sick of this shit.

No. 841779

Anon my parents did the same thing! Looking back I think it was to keep pedos and sexualization away. But still it was so fucking ugly and definetly made classmates stay away.

No. 841780

It's spreading like a disease with my friends too. Two of them this year alone, with another one of the verge of it, too. I hate this timeline.

No. 841781

Are they single toilet bathrooms? If not that's hilarious.

No. 841782

I do more work than that around here because I fucking can't take messes after being in a hoarding house for years. I mean when this lease is up in a few months I'm out and he's living with some guy who's a huge lazy pot head that owns 2 dogs. Not being around his depressed-angry self will also be a load off my back.

No. 841784

Just ask him.

No. 841785

Bless you anon, I was beginning to think I was the only woman in the thread who liked circumcised dicks more than uncircumcised. Uncut ones look terrifying

No. 841787

Sorry but that's pathetic, you're not his mummy. Tell him to his face and relocate all his messes to his bedroom. Shits like that only learn the hard way.
I remember a youtuber who's son didn't clean up after she made his friends a bday feast, so she gathered everything and dumped it on him while he was asleep. He never missed cleaning up after that.

No. 841790

Americans can't really date a guy that is uncut unless you wanna go foreign. I feel like everybody here just pretends it's preferable because of a fox and the grapes type deal

No. 841792

Sadly, I have a sneaking suspicion in the back of my mind that he tried to make me look as plain as possible to keep his own pedo tendencies in check. He'd always get unreasonably angry when my mom let me look even a little girly and did a lot of other things that seem strange in hindsight. I try not to think about it too much.

No. 841804

Do you guys ever do low-key cosplays of cows? Sometimes after I’ve bleached my hair blond and wear a pink crop top or whatever, I joke to myself “I look like Luna but hot lol”. Once I wore a fluffy black wig and a fake septum and I was like “Damn I’m looking very Deerhoof”
It’s really fun to do looks inspired by different cows idk

No. 841807

only for cwc

No. 841809

idk how to break this to you but I think doing this kind of makes you a cow yourself, no offense gal.

No. 841811

You have to be 18 to post here

No. 841812

I just think it’s ok to have a little autistic fun anon

No. 841817

I had a dream about that once. I drew a version of CWC that looked like me, and made it into an OC to shitpost with on places like Twitter, like that one Ausfag woman who draws bunnies

No. 841841

Pathetic to clean the communal spaces? He cleans his own space just not the shared areas enough. I am not arguing over my own god damn vent and I'm not sure what stick is up your ass to immediately call someone pathetic in an anon vent thread.

No. 841842

God only scrotes are this obsessed with foreskin.

No. 841846

Just admit you're wrong and that mutilation always looks horrible.

No. 841848

It's true. The foreskin creates a unique slide sensation when thrusting.

No. 841849

My high school best friend became a demisexual they/them too.

No. 841850

I doubt the anon who you replied to has even seen unmutilated and mutilated penises in real life, otherwise they wouldn't believe that the scarification, skin bridges, and dry glans of the latter looks better than the natural male body part which the former has; I doubt they know that that MGM changes the dynamics of sex either, and that heterosexual women in general find sex with unmutilated men more satisfying than with mutilated men.

No. 841851

NTA but I agree with them to a certain extent. Guys who are uncut clearly are more sensitive during sexual encounters IME. That being said, guys who are cut have no problem enjoying sex and hardcore anti-cut activists are insufferable, especially when they try to compare it to FGM which is on such a higher level (maybe if society ever starts severing the entire head off a penis, we can draw that comparison). Plus, circumcision is medically proven to dramatically reduce HIV infection risk, so it's not like there's no benefit to it, despite the denial of activists against it who refuse to acknowledge scienctific data they dislike.(enough foreskin derailing)

No. 841855

>Plus, circumcision is medically proven to dramatically reduce HIV infection risk,
That isn't true, the study you're referring was done with a a flawed methodology in africa, further studies in the United States have found that MGM has no affect on the transmission rates of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, including HIV.
>That being said, guys who are cut have no problem enjoying sex
The enjoyment mutilated men get from sex is reduced by a lot, the frenulum of the foreskin and the glans are the most sensitive part of the penis, MGM completely cuts off the former and the glans becomes insensitive due to keratinization of the skin there.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 841857

File: 1625005869134.jpg (40.96 KB, 750x432, cmm992dv8js21.jpg)

who gives a shit about men's enjoyment lmao

No. 841862

Dealing with terminally online people is so exhausting. They don't even have to openly vent their twitter brain rot, the fact that this themlet that was born and grew up here in Europe and according to his own words never stepped a foot out of this country but still speaks more English than our native language in casual conversations with people (of which some can't even speak English) who all grew up here, too, is enough of a tell. If he DOES start sperging about some cultural norms or laws that are a thing in the US but not even here though, then my god does he talk; it's as if he gets paid for each word he says. I hope I never have to talk to him one on one again.

No. 841863

honestly this is the last place to talk about shit like that, thinking anyone is gonna sympathetic. glad it's over!

No. 841868

Legit, didnt unisex and single stall rooms exist since forever? Stupid ass fake woke bullshit. I hate starbucks

No. 841871

Are you the new anorectal violence chan? I can't wait for you to go away

No. 841874

Now we have
>a n o r e c t a l v i o l e n c e-kun
>Save the Foreskins org

No. 841877

Only men can do something so vile. It makes me sick to my stomach.

People like this are the worst. i used to follow a vegan IG person and they made their friend cup a cockroach and bring it outside., bitch wtf.. kill that thing!!

No. 841883

Tell me about it! I find myself telling my gen z coworkers that are 'amazed' by my lesbian marriage that you can be gay and just be gay, and not make it an entire personality trait. What a freakin solid idea. it's so annoying

No. 841892

I was having a good day at work today (I work at a plant nursery so I really enjoy my job.) but some stupid guy ruined it and I had to go home early cuz I was having a bad anxiety attack. During my lunch break this coworker who I had never talked to asked me to dinner. I swear I had never talked to him before and he doesn't even work in the same area as me. He didn't even know my name (I could tell cuz he was literally reading it off my name tag) and I didn't even know his. It caught me so off guard and made me feel so fucking awkward. I didn't even know what to say…I was like "uhhh..I'm good". Also the fact that I have aspergers made it way worse. He just stood there muttering about having dinner and hanging out for like 30 seconds until he finally left. My heart was beating so fast and I felt light headed like I was gonna faint. I couldn't stop crying cuz I felt so uncomfortable and I had to leave work 3 hours early. To make it worseI feel like I made a fool out of myself in front of my boss too because I had to tell him I was leaving early cuz of anxiety problems and he saw me crying . Im ok now after I took a xanax but now I can't stop thinking about why the fuck he thought it was a good idea to ask a girl out that he had never met before. like what the fuck. why would he think that he has a chance with me. Not to mention that I think men are disgusting as fuck and I never want to be in a relationship with one. Also to make it worse I found out that this had been coordinated by another coworker. Why the FUCK would she think that this is a good idea? I have zero irl friends so having some random fugly dude ask me out made me so so so uncomfortable. I wish guys would just leave me alone.

No. 841899

Are you genuinely retarded? Of course I've seen "unmutilated" penises and they are disgusting and look like a turtle shrinking its head back in to its shell. Sorry you or your moid isn't circumcised but you can go cry about it. Oh and fucking sage.

No. 841904

Anons talking about all this gendershit ending in like 10 years are making me suicidal, God this shitty trend has almost a decade of existence i can't stand 10 years more I'm going crazy

No. 841907

My coworker has been they/themming when referring to their daughter in conversation, it’s depressing.

No. 841912

Ok all of the gender thing stuff aside it's actually kinda wholesome that the mother actually seems to care about their daughters feelings and tries to validate them even if they're not around.

No. 841913

I hate a lot of the “bri’ish food” memes I keep seeing everywhere because a lot of the meals shown like beans on toast and crisp sandwiches is shit I used to eat when I was poor as fuck growing up or friends of mine who’s parents were living paycheque to paycheque only had stuff like that because they could barely afford food, it’s literally meals that the working class and people on the poverty line eat and seeing so many zoomers on tiktok mock that in videos or even bully people in the comments of pictures or videos where people are unironically eating meals like that is really starting to annoy me

I get it’s not that deep and most people don’t realise this but seeing people shit on meals that are known in the uk as “povo food” is kinda disheartening especially with zoomers bullying other zoomers who obviously are in shit financial situations

No. 841919

It’s their only kid so I know she goes out of her way to spoil her, we’re almost the same age and she doesn’t drive or work because she goes to a good uni

It makes me kind of envious because my family never helped me with my education and I’ve had shitty “essential worker” jobs since I was a teenager

No. 841928

The fucking girl who bullied me in middle school and highschool is somehow in the same obscure game website as me. They still have the same uwu kawaii japansese aesthetic even though their Chinese. I would make a new account to verify its her because my current account is the same username I went by when we were "friends". But the stupid website doesn't let people have two accounts.I wish I had someone to help me verify by asking her but I anyone would make a dressup game account just to help me with the person who treated me like shit

No. 841934

You have to be an adult to post here

No. 841937

I am an adult lol. The website im talking about is meant for adults

No. 841939

Then why does it matter?
Enjoy your games, let her enjoy her shit.

Deep down everyone like cute dress up games even your old nemesis

No. 841943

Go read the rules, weebchan

No. 841945

What game even is it

No. 841948

Found out today that my male coworker makes a lot more than I do. He's been working there for a year less than I have and is far less experienced. My employer has been overall shitty to women in the past (one former employee was treated horribly after having a baby) but I didn't know it was THIS bad until today. I'd quit but in my field I think I'm just going to get the same treatment elsewhere. Fuck my life I guess because I'll never have a penis.

No. 841953

In the hospital recovering from surgery could my nurse maybe come fucking help me I've called like twice and I'm just browsing lolcow while I wait for my fucking pain meds holy shit can I just have my meds my insides hurt

No. 841954

File: 1625016577063.png (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 960x1319, imagen_2021-06-29_202854.png)

This is going to sound very bad but whenever I see people with teeth like these I feel like punching them in the face so every bad teeth falls down and then I'll pull the ones left

No. 841962

File: 1625017702848.jpeg (172.23 KB, 749x950, FDE82CAD-35CF-4365-BCEA-E886D1…)

one of the biggest realizations is that, yes, sometimes women really need to be fucking shitted on.

>”women supporting women”

>a woman wouldn’t say that you must be a moid
>you’re a pickme

look at the gender of most of the subjects in here who get clowned on (rightfully so) and then tell me I’m wrong. but not for misogynistic reasons obviously, it’s really not constructive like 4chan where they call women roasties, post unsolicited photos of women they don’t know, and objectify while saying nothing of value. it’s just such a hard to explain reason why, there is just something that makes me rage and a need to hate them when I see certain women and idk if it saddens me because I’m a woman myself and I really don’t like hanging around men either(scrote)

No. 841971

Read the rules weeb

No. 841972

Too long didn't read didn't care plus you sound like a psychopatic misogynistic scrote, but I agree with the picture you posted lmao I feel like I have gone through so many eras of myself that I'm just looking foward the next one now

No. 841974

Go back to school and learn capitalization and proper sentence structure.

No. 841978

It's the coolest day/end of the heatwave here but it feels like the hottest. I step away from the fan for a second and I can feel sweat everywhere. My elderly cat is so uncooperative and keeps leaving the only genuinely cool room in the house only to pant and overheat so I've been babysitting her all day and wiping her down with ice packs, my other cat is using the cooling mat I bought and seems pretty happy. I'm staying up late until the temperature drops, I need to air out this place bad.

No. 841979

>look at the gender of most of the subjects in here who get clowned on
I'm tired of seeing this posted as some sort of "gotcha". This is a female board. We're going to comment on things that interest us and a lot of cows happen to share those interests, whether it's aesthetics, hobbies, or even ((sex work)). The most horrific cows, that have caused actual real world harm, are male. Most get catalogued on KF because it's a primarily male board. But even here, the Onision thread was once one of the most popular threads, if not the most popular. This may be bait but I've seen this sentiment posted in earnest elsewhere and it's pretty shortsighted.

No. 841980

I wanted to vent about something but I forgot. I've been forgetting way too much recently. It feels weird

No. 841982

Even if Millenial parents piss me off for how apathetic they are, I think Zoomers will become relentless with their children. Over controlling, censoring, and putting labels over them. It's gonna be bad. RIP future generations

No. 841984

This is oddly specific, and I know I'm gonna be called a retard, but here goes. There's a group of zoomers-to-millenials or so in my tiny fandom, and they're so fucking annoying. They literally sperg over the smallest of things and go absolutely fucking psycho. In March, they called out a user for lighting up in Shinigami Eyes, then they tried getting the fandom to collectively block said person… which absolutely nobody did. Then, said group called out somebody for whitewashing, which okay, whatever. The girl apologized THREE times, and they were STILL dragging it on and dogging on the poor chick. Then the Shinigami Eyes girl returns and they go absolutely fucking nuts. They vague-posted calling the person a manipulator and saying, 'Don't talk to them in DMs, they'll manipulate you.' and shit up the fandom tag with politics. If you don't think this character is black and accidentally fuck up their skintone, YOU'RE the worst and deserve punishment…. despite the fact the character isn't black, shows no signs of being black, and looks like an ashy Indian. This is a small fandom. Iykyk. Y'ALL ARE 22-26+. You ACT LIKE children. Agender, 26, they/them? Are you retarded? People literally plea for their forgiveness, and they act like cunts. Like the woman fucking groveled, took their word salad abuse, and STILL tried to apologize. Fuck if I apologize to them. I have actual pride. But what's the point of calling somebody out, lurking their page to check transgressions, unblocking them to yell some more, and not even trying to forgive them? I hate seeing old fandom people get bitched at like this because I KNOW it'll drive them away. God, I wish the fandom existed elsewhere but this platform, but it fucking doesn't.

No. 841985

I use reddit (I know) to participate in a few small communities that I enjoy. But every day without fail some entitled retard has to come and a-log about something only tangentially related to anything anyone is discussing, about something that they want to happen that needs to happen RIGHT NOW and the fact that they haven't gotten their way yet is such a travesty, and they reply to everyone's posts and comments about how much the thing sucks and is terrible. And every time I click on one of these user's profile of course it's a fucking mtf and their entire post history is just a-log and coom, a-log and coom. I'm sick of these assholes killing the vibes in otherwise helpful and enjoyable communities and no one will call them out on being shitheads else they unleash the reddit police. I fucking hate it so much. I thought about moving to discord communities but I heard it's even worse there. I just want to chat about my hobbies and things I'm learning and not have to block someone every time I go on there.

No. 841986

Get out of the fandom, the annoyance is not worth it. I hope one day all these woketards stop being fools

No. 841987

no I do what I want, I type how I like bitch

No. 841990

Kek stay mad anon

No. 841991

>onision USED to be the most popular subject here

Thanks for proving my point, that women literally can’t go without 5 seconds of talking shit about another woman’s vagina not looking as prim and proper as hers. Whatever that sex worker did is probably way more tolerable than some creepy bipolar male e-celeb that groomed young women for years, but guess who’s thread is always never fucking saged and is always filled with non-contribution posts that are almost never redtexted? Shayna’s. This site gives me a lot to think about when it comes to my own beliefs, because it’s so contradictory. The mods don’t give a fuck, the users don’t give a fuck, because everyone says it’s not serious business but act like some low-level OF creator who posts herself naked is big news. I’m. so. fucking done

No. 841997

You know you are free to just leave then?

No. 842006

See if there are any Discords that cater to your hobbies. Reddit is stench.

No. 842009


>Thanks for proving my point, that women literally can’t go without 5 seconds of talking shit about another woman’s vagina not looking as prim and proper as hers.

I proved nothing of the sort. You're under no obligation to keep reading and posting here.

No. 842020

That’s so many words for ‘too insecure bout my flaps to make my own OF and it’s ur fault’

No. 842029

File: 1625027893229.jpg (11.87 KB, 275x275, 1622989520425.jpg)

just remembered finding pics of the girls my bf is into on his phone. even though they were from when he was single I still feel like shit because they were all like 50 lbs lighter than I am

No. 842069

I use discord only casually but ime it's been mostly all right within smaller adult populated servers with rules against NSFW/18+ content.

No. 842070

They’re all just pictures he found good looking, you though..he’s with you, so found you good looking and also interesting and nice enough to be around.
Those girls were a nice idea for ten minutes, you’re a nice enough idea to make a relationship with. Give yourself some credit anon, you aren’t bad because of some pounds, especially compared to posed photos. You’re a whole entire valuable woman with virtues far beyond being pleasant to look at. Even if you were a big ugly fatty you’d still be worth receiving and giving love.

No. 842085

don't be gross like that.

No. 842087

Sorry, ‘
that’s a lot of words to say I’m insecure about my enormous labia to make an only fans and it’s ur fault’

How’s that anon?

No. 842114

Sometimes I feel depressed that my boyfriend never cums inside of me. We’ve been together for a year and I’ve been on the pill. He’s only done it twice

No. 842117

Can he only finish when using his own hand? Cause that's classic pornsickness

No. 842122

My friend is a bit of a hypochondriac disguised as a health nut. His new obsession is palm oil and he won't shut up about it. I've been given so many lectures about what products contain palm oil, been linked all sorts of studies and informed how much more likely I am do die at the age of 60 due to disease caused by palm oil consumption. I say good, as long as it means I don't have to endure any more of his passive aggressive comments about how he's gonna outlive us all because he reads labels and we don't.

No. 842133

isn't palm oil what they were deforesting france for to make nutella? I thought it was supposed to be good for you because it's 'natural'

No. 842137

File: 1625044606719.jpeg (80.13 KB, 744x834, B16232E4-9DEF-45DD-9BCF-228EAA…)

i am empty. was stuck in the hospital all week and today i am home again but don't understand anything. i'd like to engage with someone in a gay and vulnerable way (not necessarily …. cry cry sorrow but. sincerity and mindfulness sound so appealing. i would listen to someone describe perfect cheese or socks. a pencil! as long as they truly Brought it. i tried engaging the lolcow.farm discord and was b….anned because i would not SHUT up and sent a picture of bread clips (see attached). not crazy

No. 842147

Omg this sounds so annoying. I had a similar housemate who wouldn't shut up about sugar and was on a constant mission to find a sweetener that tasted exactly like it. She also never forgot to remind me that sugar is like cocaine and how easy it is to get addicted to it (this was usually whenever I felt like eating chocolate). It was legit one of the reasons why I moved to another place

No. 842163

Glad you got away from her, anon, that sounds exhausting!

Mine was on a sweetener-hunt as well until they discovered that sweeteners might cause cancer. They were on a firm vendetta against Pepsi Max before palm oil became a problem. I have no idea where they were in 2012 when just about everyone else realized palm oil was bad, though.

No. 842176

I wish there was a SINGLE day that I didn't think of fucking traumatic shit that happened in my teenage years but I'M ALWAYS FUCKING THINKING

No. 842184

File: 1625052224897.png (113.54 KB, 640x382, imagen_2021-06-30_062356.png)

Shit picture, this one is the RIGHT way to classify them

No. 842187

Jfc if people wanna avoid sugar at all cost, you can simply just… Not eat it or substitute it. I developed a sugar sensitivity and I've even learned what to avoid & I know tons of sweeteners would still affect me in a similar fashion. You can simply survive without sweets without being all conspiracy about it, kek. Glad you got out.

No. 842194

Why hasn't the UKor most of Europe just fucking legalised weed. I'm tired! When I have none I'm not as animated or can't fake being enthused for others as easily lol. Like everyone likes me better when I'm high. Even when they don't know I'm high. But when I'm off it people are like "what's wrong anon are you OK are you well you seem down" I'm just sober bitch! Reality fucking blows

No. 842207

It's stupid. Look up David Nutt.

No. 842209

There was a drive-by shooting like 15 ft from my window last night and I'm still reeling from it. The car next to mine got turned to swiss cheese.

No. 842212

That’s horrific anon, glad you weren’t hit holy shit

No. 842213

Jesus Christ, I'm glad you're alright anon

No. 842217

ayrt, i just checked and i have like 25 online friends. at least 10 of them are they/thems, one of them is a TIF who had all the surgeries, two of them go by he/him but look like normal women irl (one always wears lolita in public). there are like four normal women who also don't put their pronouns into their bio, two of them are definitely crypto terfs. the rest are women who put their pronouns in their bio and support trans stuff. there's two guys, one is a female friend's bf, the other is a gay man.

it's so depressing.

No. 842221

That's so frustrating, I'm sorry. If not gendering people/things were possible in my language a few of my friends would definitely be they thems

No. 842242

That's so scary!! I'm glad you're okay

No. 842260

Forgive my ignorance but what are these graphics depicting? They look like the tabs that hold the knot together on plastic bread bags.

No. 842263

I hate that I'm so undisciplined and can't make myself get shit done. Like I plan something, think constantly about the fact that I should do it but then I don't because it feels like a BIG thing. And after I do it I'm relieved and realize that it wasn't such a big thing after all, but then the cycle continues. Rinse and fucking repeat

No. 842264

that's exactly what they are

No. 842266

And I mean this goes for even things I genuinely WANT to do. I think it's my imagination's fault, I hype everything up in my mind into a BIG TASK and then I feel powerless when it comes to actually sitting down and getting it done

No. 842268

File: 1625060826760.jpg (111.53 KB, 1841x468, Screenshot_3.jpg)

Anon it was there in the original post lol they are bread clips

No. 842278

No. 842291

>Underlining a screenshot instead of just quoting the post
That's some high dedication to explaining things to others

No. 842303

kek I just thought if anon didn't bother to read the whole thing I'll just highlight the relevant part for her

No. 842311

My dog passed a month and a half ago after being very very sick for a month. It was devastating, I took her to so many specialists, I even got a loan to try and save her life. Sadly it wasn't enough. After watching her die a pretty horrible death I started having panic attacks every day, I still feel like I can't breathe sometimes. My mom actually moved into my place for a bit because I was so fucked up.
And of course the cherry on top is my stupid, useless, pathetic boyfriend. While I was watching my dog waste away in a matter of weeks he was whining about me not having enough time for him. And now she's gone he asks if I'm still upset about "that". When my mom was here he'd whine that we couldn't have alone time and of course he hates my mom even though she's done more for him than his own family has in his entire life.
To think I actually broke up with the guy and he convinced me he was different.

No. 842357

I’m so mad about this breakup. I don’t even want him back it’s just the utter disrespect and shit treatment that i’ve just realised now and I can’t go rant at him because I’ll look stupid and crazy and I don’t want to lower myself anymore but I’m just raging that I let this stupid faggot have so much sway over me I wish I said some real scathing shit to him when I had the chance now I’m just absolutely raging waiting for him to text me so I can rip him a new one and make him feel like the beta soy faggot retard idiot numale loser that he is.

No. 842360

i'm so sorry nona, men are absolute sociopaths. i'm glad your mom was there to support you. i know everyone says that, but it will get better after a while and you learn to live with the loss you experienced. my cat that i had for most of my childhood/teenage years died like nine years ago and to this day i still get sad sometimes because i miss him so much and to me he was the perfect cat and no cat can compare. i'm sure your dog loved you very much and appreciated everything you did for her until the end and hated leaving you too. your boyfriend is an ungrateful bitchass loser and doesn't deserve neither you, nor your mom and her kindness. i hope you'll feel better soon. and that your boyfriend gets his dick permanently stuck in his pants zipper.

No. 842372

I appreciate it, I didn't read past the first sentence.

No. 842373

File: 1625072278368.jpg (165.15 KB, 879x1200, 35c0a71b7246719d2b7f4a766137ca…)

I keep going to therapy and talking to this woman for 50 minutes and absolutely nothing gets done. I sit there and I cry, she gives me a couple of lukewarm, generic compliments ("you have so much to live for, you're a pretty young woman, you're clever and witty") which I'm sure she breaks out to every creature she encounters, like a pickup artist. And then I leave, feeling worse.
Then I go to group and listen to men shout and share their violent urges. One video calls from prison. I am the only woman there, and the only one under forty. I have learnt nothing. Everything taught is basic shit - problem identification and finding solutions, finding vocabulary to name your emotions. Stupid. And it doesn't matter anyway, because twenty minutes in it always gets derailed by one of these deranged men chimping out over something. I barely speak, but if I do I just get spoken over.
I've been in therapy for eight months; my programme lasts two years. I feel no better. The medication isn't helping either. I know on Monday that the psychiatrist will suggest going on mirtazapine (again) and I'll say no thank you, I'm on two sedative medications already and I'm finding it very hard to maintain a healthy weight as it is. And they will act as though there are no other medication options and like I am being ridiculously obtuse, despite the fact I'm living in anorexia remission.
I haven't even been officially diagnosed with anything. I keep asking my psychologist if I'm ill or if my views and morals are just unconventional. She can't answer. I hate NHS mental healthcare. I really hate it. Everything moves at a snail's pace. Nobody listens to you. You live in stasis. Everyone in the real world loses patience with you. It feels like sewer slide is the only thing I have waiting for me in my future.
How do you live happily in the world? Is it possible? What makes life precious and worth living? I don't understand it but I want to.

No. 842375

File: 1625072446511.jpeg (40.52 KB, 634x423, images - 2021-07-01T005957.769…)

Recently had a talk with my mom about me getting pregnant sometime in the future. She also opened up about how it would be fine if i got pregnant during my teenage years because she said "it would be like i have a new baby"

Fucked me up for some reason

Chimp photo not related i just like looking at it

No. 842377

Go to therapists who are around your age, most therapists are only therapists for money.

No. 842382

She's close in age to me, plus it's NHS. Can't switch out people very easily here, there are only three or four members of staff in the programme and I already switched workers once.
The reason for switching was that when I was disclosing sexual abuse in my childhood and teens, she came out with "if you're so afraid of men, how are you going to have a family?"
(I never said I wanted a family, and I'm a lesbian)
Felt really inappropriate and unsafe after that. Sorry for going off on a tangent.

No. 842387

I'm so sorry nonny, good on you for breaking up with him.
My ex decided to monologue about his own dogs death when he was in the room when I received the news, and got moody when I wasn't fine by the next day.

Two years later I'm on my own again and I have a framed picture of my old dog taking prize position on the shelf. I only remember the good times when I look at it. I'm sure your dog loved you a lot and I know you did the best you could.

No. 842389

it'll fix itself slowly, trauma from years ago won't fix itself in a year or 2, so have patience with yourself, fuck everyone else.
i been in the same slump as you for 4 years, nothing will help until you take grasp with it yourself, pick your brain and just let your thoughts sit, think for yourself and it'll fizzle out and you'll understand your trauma and a way to fix it
the medication they put ppl on for depression fucks people up, therapy is a scam as well
i dont think you understand me now it just sounds like gibberish but when you get there it will make sense
you will get there

No. 842391

Fuck nonnie, that's rough. Maybe you could find another therapist, but if you are in NHS you probably can't afford it.

>I haven't even been officially diagnosed with anything.

Then what got you sent to therapy? (suicide attempt i guess?) Do you know any institutions near you that offer therapy or some kind of psychological support? Maybe for LGBT youth?

No. 842427

i feel like hollywood for the most part has never pushed unrealistic body types, even now. i'm 5'7 and average weight, i don't have big boobs and i have a pretty flat ass and i have always related more to actresses that i see in movies when it comes to seeing a familiar body type rather than the stuff i see on the internet and what men say they want, which seems to be the complete opposite of me, with small waist, big ass, etc. just open up twitch or reddit or go anywhere that's male dominated, i'm gonna see bodies that look NOTHING like mine compared to the women that are in movies and shows and the entire world knows. idk i'm just not feeling good with todays climate and how open it's become to shit on body types like mine when it's actually supposed to be the average body type, but apparently not, because it seems to turns out that i'm actually a fridge and the average women really is more of an hourglass

No. 842480

just wait til we find out that many women feel this way about how Grimes looked in those pics after the dojacat video. a slithering subset of our society previously ignored are now about to be catered to

No. 842523

i want to kill myself so fucking badly i can't stand it anymore

No. 842530

Radiotherapy is crazy, it's literally playing chicken with my brain tumour to see who dies first. All the doctors and nurses act like it's normal, and I mean, it is. But it's fucking nuts. Although I will say that not being able to eat and becoming a little dehydrated is making my abs look fantastic right now. I feel a bit guilty making such a vain observation but y'know what? If being a little vain gets me through this then so be it. I'm going to lose my muscle mass soon anyway so I'm going to gaze lovingly at my reflection like a himbo while I still got a good build. I don't know where I'm going with this rant, basically: radiotherapy = bad, muscles = good.

No. 842536

Lol anon, I'm sitting here caring for my dad who just got through a cyberknife session and you made me laugh for what must be the first time in hours. So not only are you justified in being vain, you helped a rando. Enjoying your shredded abs in a boon to the world, I hope you win your game of chicken

No. 842537

>get ultrasound done five days ago
>was hoping to hear something back from my doctor monday
>no phone calls at all
>call the imaging center and doctor's office yesterday
>imaging center said the doctor's office should have received the fax the same day
>doctor's office denies getting a copy of the ultrasound
>ask imaging center to send another copy this morning and they said the doctor's office should receive it in approximately five minutes
>now waiting on the phone forever to ask doctor's office if they got the ultrasound info
i just want my pain to get treated ffs ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

No. 842539

Just offered building maintenance worker a cold drink because it’s stupid hot out. Just a soda from the fridge. Dude declined but had a weirdly bemused look on his face… did I just get misinterpreted as coming onto this guy by trying to be nice!? Is this going to be a story he tells idiot friends about a lonely wife at home looking for sex. Why is society like this that I’m worrying about it? Now I’m second guessing all my polite/nice interactions with guys and wondering if this shit is coming off as flirty on their end when on my end it’s completely neutral.

No. 842540

File: 1625087415444.jpg (88.09 KB, 540x540, 1622741388266.jpg)

God fucking damn. I've been counting my calories and meal prepping for weeks now (in addition to training for a 5k) and have been seeing great results, but I haven't gone out to eat or gotten takeout the entire time for both money and health reasons. Since I accidentally slept in today I had 1k+ calories left for dinner, and decided to order some tacos from chipotle cause why not. I ordered online, went and picked them up, then when I got home they were SO FUCKING UNDERFILLED. Every time I've gone in the past they made them giant to the point of the filling spilling out, but these are so small and shitty and awful and I spent $7 on them. Ugh. Now I have to make a salad to accompany these damn things when all I wanted to do was sit my fatass on the couch and watch jdramas for once

No. 842545

File: 1625087995634.jpg (40.36 KB, 527x396, 1605583902730.jpg)

Damn, a guy I know from university who posts stupid shit on twitter is talking about how he suffers from dysmorphism because he always sees himself as a skinny manlet and how he wants to talk about dysmorphism in his next novel or visual novel because it's so personal to him. Even though he works out constantly and was sending pictures of him that were borderline nudes to random classmates back when we were still in uni without their permission, was judging everyone over the pettiest shit ever, made fun of some of my friends for looking too fat or too skinny or too old or too young. And he was seriously treating me and another friend like we were immature as fuck just because we look younger than we are because of different very rare health issues we were born with, until he actually bothered listening to us. And he'd audibly make fun of anyone stuttering during presentations and interrupt them, the more anxious they were the better for him. Someone once told him to shut the fuck up or get the fuck out of the room because of this but it didn't stop him with other people.

Imagine whining on twitter about your "dysmorphism" not long after shit talking women for their looks, which were altered by congenital physical health issues they cannot help despite medical treatments. Worst part is that him being a manlet never stopped women his age from finding him attractive and clearly he took advantage of it so he needs to stop being a little bitch.

No. 842554

since coming off birth control i am horny as fuck as soon as my period is over right up until it starts again. everything sets me off. my bf knows this and earlier this evening he touched me in a very suggestive way and i told him how it made me feel and he said that he would get me later on (we were both doing something we needed to do). i showered and got into bed, and he's gone straight to sleep. so now i am lying in bed horny as fuck and frustrated. i'm going to have the biggest wank sesh tomorrow while he's out.

No. 842556

I can’t stop self sabotaging

No. 842560

just had the unfortunate experience of witnessing CP being posted on here for the first time. my stomach is literally churning. I've been spending less time on here as it was and now I think it's definitely time for a long ass break. au revoir girlies I hope they don't post again

No. 842562

my hands and feet went numb and I did feel my stomach flip. fucking fag. I hope he kicks the chair soon.

No. 842565

honestly though how many raids have there been in the past two weeks? this place has gone to shit

No. 842574

I've already been having a bad day and oh my god this faggot spamming cp is going to make me vomit

No. 842579

I deleted the original post because I felt like it was too private, but thank you for the kind words, it really means a lot because I’ve been struggling with feeling alone about it.

No. 842586


No. 842588

its gotta be one of the various pissed off trannies, right?

No. 842589

Screen cap everything that guy posts because there's some real call out potential if you care about it enough

No. 842590

What are you talking about?

No. 842598

It’s just a fucking moid that needs to kill itself, I mean, trannies are just moids in dresses anyways.

No. 842600

When ever I see cp on this site it's always the same image, so it probably is one person and it probably is a pedo tranny. It was pedo trannies (IIRC it was (Laurelai Bailey) that spammed 8ch trying to get it taken down and they've tried to do it to boards on the webring. It's a tactic they use to try and shut down sites that aren't infected with rabid TRAs.

No. 842605

I did something really similar last week where I offered a security worker at my job some snacks and left them for him to pick up on his next sweep. I just wanted to be nice because he has a tiring job but I now realize he probably saw it a different way
At least when I'm an old lady I can be a sweet granny to people without out being weird

No. 842624

the terminally online transgendered community is in a tizz lately cause some faggot "killed himself" (hes almost certainly fine) and blamed kiwifarms, so some other faggots have employed botnets to ddos the site.
iirc they implied theyd be coming after other le transphobic gossip sites too, which we fall under. though as >>842600 said, that image is always the one posted when cp is spammed here, so it may have nothing to do with the afforementioned spergfest. almost certainly still a tranny posting it though. what can i say, its my female intuition

No. 842632

Girl I have so much dirt on him and one of his best friend we also met in uni I'm not sure I could archive everything. I'll definitely take screenshots of this specific thread where he monologues about how bad he feels for not being tall enough, but he removed almost anything that proves his rl identity not long ago from his account. It used to be his business account but he made it a personal account like last month or so.

As for his friend I won't go into details because that'd be way too long, but let's just say that for someone who's living online he doesn't have much common sense and uses his real name and selfies everywhere. I could take some screenshots of his posts, send them to his managers on linkedin, and ruin his current job for him if he doesn't get fired. I won't because it's too much effort and it could backfire, and some specific posts are old so I won't be able to find them easily again. None of them know I found their accounts, and on my previous twitter account the second guy followed me and tried to befriend me after shit talking my friends for no reason, not realizing who I was at all.

No. 842663

File: 1625094326913.jpg (27.79 KB, 569x479, EcYkej8XYAAmHT-.jpg)

>let's demonstrate how we think criticism of trans is violence against trans by circulating images of violence against children to teach these boolies a lesson!

No. 842673

File: 1625095674063.jpeg (190.47 KB, 540x530, 8B986D83-FA03-41ED-81E0-110DC3…)

There really is nothing to do in this world. Everything is a waste of time. Being a human being means that you constantly have to be entertained and invited with external stimuli, to continuing living even though your mind tells you that you shouldn’t. It scares me so much it feels like a fucking horror movie, I’m so exhaustedI don’t want to live anymore but my body does whatever it wants, it gets up, it manages to eat, but my mind tells me no. You have fun, and then the fun is gone. You feel joy, but in a few seconds or moments it dissappears. No one has ever felt happiness for a long time so how would they know that experiencing it for eternity is harmful for someone? I’m tired of living it’s so exhausting

No. 842674

My oldest friends piss me off the most.

No. 842679

I'm in love with a 40 year old man who's just left a messy divorce and is almost certainly using me to feel momentarily better but i don't know how to get over this. He's a regular customer at my workplace and i feel stronger for him everytime i meet him.

No. 842680

I honestly hate sleeping the most. it wastes my time.

No. 842689

i’m honestly just really depressed. i don’t want to see or be seen by anybody. i shower daily but it’s hard to muster up the strength to. i get upset when i catch a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror. any kind of sound i hear in the house (people laughing, footsteps, etc) irritates the fuck out of me to the point where i have a physical reaction bc i just want to be in silence. idk. sometimes i cry a lot, other times i can’t cry at all. like today is a “cry a lot” day. none of this made any sense but im depressed and absolutely hating fucking life right now. idk what to do.

No. 842690

I remember reading about this method of taking little naps for weeks until your body can automatically go into rem sleep and you only have to sleep for a few hours a day.

No. 842696

I have an awkward bone structure and losing weight just makes me gag at my cheeks and forehead, it's all weirdly shaped.

No. 842701

File: 1625097827592.png (4.53 MB, 828x1792, FF77451B-9ADC-4ECA-AF41-EE2B39…)

this makes me genuinely suicidal.

No. 842710

I hate the word valid so much. Things either are true or aren't. If you have to ask others whether something about yourself is valid or not it's definitely fake and gay and retarded

No. 842716

Wtf I saw this yesterday too and cringed lel these people are actually serious

No. 842735

I feel the same nona.
I did everything to fix my self image, and to make the bad thoughts go away.
It's like nothing really changed. Even therapy sucks. i'm a cynical bitch, and I can't beat my brain into submission enough to convince myself into thinking that I'm not an ugly bullet shaped insane fatty, despite losing 80 lbs and actually having a somewhat stable relationship despite the mental illness.
I want to say it gets better but I don't know if it does, so here's solidarity in that it fucking sucks.

No. 842744

actual clownery, god this world is overdue for another flood

No. 842748

bug is a helpful name, it's like how poisonous frogs signal with bright colors. sure some parents are dumbasses and give their kids bad names but if someone has a bad name like that can assume they're stupid.

No. 842752

I hate these idiots and wish they'd stay in their parent's basement forever

No. 842758

I'm a mess.
Got sectioned in December after a coma, ended up crippled after getting tackled by a guard, got sexually assaulted by another inpatient, then was discharged in January. Since then I've just been a NEET, living with my mum and doing physio, engaging with therapy, etc. It's been really hard to adjust to; I used to be a lecturer before I went nuts, and now I'm not allowed to even handle my own medication.
It feels pathetic, anons. I'm pathetic. My mum hugged me tonight and called me "little nonnie" and I about lost it. This is a shameful life, and I'm a burden and an embarrassment to my family. My mum is 51, I'm 28. She should be enjoying life without having to care for her psycho adult children. My sister is a serious alcoholic and she's started having seizures from it, so she needs looking after at home too.
I don't know why all three of us turned out to be such embarrassing adults. Maybe we're a genetic cul-de-sac, the end of a long line of insane layabouts on my dad's side of the family (he actually managed to kill himself).
Do you think these things ever turn around? My confidence is fucked. I wish I was like all my other accomplished and hardworking peers, but I feel like I'm getting left behind with every day I stay sick. My few years of beauty and youth are being unlived. I had to get rid of all my social media because it stings so fucking bad. All I do all day is try to distract myself with video games and cut myself. I don't eat, sleep, or wash properly either. It's disgusting. I am repulsive and embarrassing when I used to be respectable and useful. My mum used to be proud of me and now she pities me. Fuck this gay earth.

No. 842769

My fave anon, sad to see you still doing bad. Recovery from shit like that is tough, you know it's tough and yet you're still here. Is there any way to get help, even just online for your cutting? Maybe doing something less invasive instead? I know how draining it is to try to recover with alcholics near, also about the whole "my mom shouldn't be doing this for me", but your mom loves you, anon. It's hard for her too, sure but she does it because she loves you and I wish you would too, you're being very strong even if you don't know it.

No. 842807

File: 1625105974720.gif (21.37 KB, 112x112, 1619120965436.gif)

>mfw reading posts from a friend talking about how much they love piss and scat
I don't know if it's a joke and I don't want to find out.

No. 842808

You remember me? Anon… ♥ I still low-key kin him, I've been writing fanfiction about his recovery after the neo-world program. So excited for the new game!
Thank you so much for your reply. I'm getting therapy, it's not helping very much yet. I'm on a lot of medicine that's supposed to help, too. Nothing much is changing, but I'm doing my best to stick with it.
I'm sorry that you also know what it's like to feel this way, and how complicated recovery becomes around alcoholism. You deserve better than this. I really appreciate what you said about my mum, thank you. Being loved is painful sometimes, especially when it feels undeserved. I think it would be better if she hated me, because at least then she wouldn't be suffering too. I feel like you understand what I'm saying.
Anyway, goodnight anon. Thanks again.

No. 842813

How are you ever supposed to be in a healthy relationship knowing there are women out there infinitely more attractive than yourself lmao
Genuinely don't see myself ever being happy with a man because of this

No. 842820

I'm not crying because of the beauty of two anons recognising each other in this chaos and supporting each other, you (you) are

That's pretty shallow imo, do you think people in healthy relationships are only with each other for their looks? Maybe you need to get to know yourself better so that you can see yourself as more than an object of desire

No. 842833

Always silently rooting for ya, anon! You’re done a lot of healing and recovering already and I promise your mom is still proud of you, why wouldn’t she? Alcoholism is a hell of its own but I got out of that space and I hope your sister will too, but if you keep with the therapy and be a little more gentle with your brave ass, it’s gonna be so much better. Good night anon!

No. 842834

File: 1625108431886.png (5.63 KB, 60x44, 1624659515288.png)

I've been doing so well with my PTSD therapy, I'm below clinical threshold now and most of my thoughts are managed minus this one thing that annoys the fuck out of me. I'm in a committed relationship and my boyfriend has supported me through the whole therapy process. He understands my trauma and has done lots of work on himself as well. When I'm with him I always have a great time and I feel fuzzy and happy after, but think about our future together alone I get these little nagging thoughts. "He hates you" "He wants to kill you" "You'll never meet him irl". They totally ruin my mood and make me feel anxious. The not meeting irl thing is possible of course, but the other two are just plain stupid. There is literally no reason why he would hate me or kill me. No matter how much I try to disprove the thoughts and throw facts at it, they just come into my head involuntarily. It makes me feel insane because when I was being abused I never felt like the abuser hated me because he showered me in love all the time, but now that I'm in an actual healthy relationship my brain is punishing me. I'm frustrated

No. 842838

Family member just died, but we still don't know how long they've been dead until we talk to the coroner. It sucks because they had a lot of animals…idk I'm just really bummed rn

No. 842848

Anon, when someone becomes a mom, this kind of stuff is what they sign up for. Like the other anon said, she loves you. I'm not a mom but I'm a dramatically older sister and I can't stress enough that the stuff I worried about putting on my mom that my sister worries about putting on me….it never even crosses my mind as the person in the carer position.

Also, here's a fact from my life I want to pass on: My grandma was a fucking babe in those "years of beauty and youth." Calorie counted so she was super thin, great clothes, etc. But she was crystal clear w/ me and my sisters that her happiest years, by far, were the last 20, when she was a fat grandma with 2 teeth. Our priorities change in ways we can't imagine as we age, especially as women. I mean, I'm your age, I can't say this with experience, but she lived the shit out of those years as a hot, accomplished, impressive wife and mother and died 100% certain that being old, somewhat publicly disgraced (grandpa got swindled out of their life savings and every retirement plan got fucked), and no longer hot was the superior way to be. Your life is so much bigger than what you can see now, nonny. Nothing is fucked. Life is too weird for anything to be fucked forever. All those things you feel you aren't doing….they all pale in comparison to what you ARE doing, which is living each day at a time, which is enough, given the pile of shit that's been put on you recently. Someday, you will do one more thing, even if it's tiny. And then another. And you'll get where you're going, even if you can't see it now. Case in point–said grandma was heinously depressed for much of that time she was hot. She wasn't by the time I knew her. Someday, you won't be either.

No. 842871

Oh my gosh. I just had a friend argue with me for an hour saying that my body issues and anorexia is caused by me using fucking anime avatars on discord. I want to shoot myself. I already hate people acting like they know the cause of my problems and not listening to me when I tell them the real reason but the fact that they believe it's something so dumb is even mroe infuriating.

No. 842873

Absolutely. Shit like this screams of a lack of self-respect to me. Call yourself a bug, don’t be surprised when people start treating you like one. I almost hope they actually got it legally changed so that even government knows they really are a nonbinary insect.

No. 842883

Thinkin about doing sudoku once I finish my stupid thesis. Don’t really want to do it before cuz that’ll make me feel like even more of a failure, and I feel like it’s the least I can do for all the people and institutions who gave me their time and effort and money for me to do this research. I guess also a part of me hopes that maybe someday my data will be used to help people who need it, and that’s a lot less likely to happen if I don’t finish the project. But past that I don’t have a reason worth sticking around for. I’m thinking I can use this as leverage to give me the drive to get the thesis done.

No. 842885

I was borderline for a few years when I was younger and I feel like I'm slipping back into it again. What the fuck. Or am I just going through some manic episode I don't fucking know

No. 842891

It sounds like you've forgotten how to love yourself.

No. 842892

I worry that my boyfriend wishes he was with another girl instead of me. Someone that was actually beautiful. I wish I could know his real feelings and if he does love me like he says he does or if I’m just a placeholder. I wish I could spend the rest of my life with him, get married, and have babies.

No. 842896

A few months back I had surgery on my inner wrist and the scar that’s left seriously looks like I attempted suicide. I’m always really worried what people think when they see it and then I feel shitty for being embarrassed because I feel bad for people who have to actually carry scars from that.

No. 842897

Does the borderline ever really go away? Even with therapy? I feel like even at my high points it's going to come creeping back for me. Like an ugly and expectant cycle

No. 842918

Yeah it's a curable illness. That being said though it can come back. Guess it's time to give myself to God (I'm not even being ironic lmao I don't think there's any other healthy way of coping)

No. 842922

I can't believe this disgusting scrote call me all the names in the book because i never saw him as my partner? what the actual fuck? u have a baby on the way how in earth im supposed to be with u? what do u mean with "i gave my all when i should have give it to my son" why is that my fault dumbass? u cant even help me when im crying my eyes out fuck u and burn in hell.
fuck men but this one is my fault i let it happen and i want death.

No. 842926

File: 1625122017988.jpeg (19.35 KB, 225x225, B267DF6A-F408-448C-B63E-8007E0…)

I am in agony right now, my hands are especially on fire and I can't stretch them because they're physically deformed and kinda resemble halfway-fists. Can't attempt surgery because I don't heal well. I used to be able to type forever because I can't hold a pencil for very long and now I can't type as much anymore before having to pretend my hands just aren't there. Holy fuck I seriously wish they could amputate my pinkies at LEAST, it feels like the rest of my fingers would be able to let up a bit once they were gone. It's almost 3am and I'm wide awake. It feels like I slammed them in a car door a few days ago and I have no idea wtf to do. Holding cups is becoming harder and the fucking WORST THING that I'd never even tell my boyfriend or doctor is that wiping after I use the washroom is not only painful to my hands, but so frustrating I could cry. I'm just very annoyed and I'm probably gonna have to give up art one day. inb4 "just do art/wipe with your feet" my feet are also deformed and I can't independently move my toes anymore. They're stiff as a board. For fucks sake I'm gonna sneak out of bed and have a good cry.

No. 842930

>tfw see a tiny thumbnail and can already tell the person is a tranny
>enlarge pic and it is indeed a tranny
I’m getting a little too good at this…
It’s bizarre but they all really do look a certain way. Especially if they have really stupid obvious usernames.

No. 842956

I'm confused, what are you so upset about? Some dumb scrot is in his feelings about you so it's obvious why he's mad but it doesn't sound like you care about him, so why would him having a go at you make you all self loathing and suicidal?

No. 842957

> Two of my favourite and only streamers are stopping during the exact same month - july
> Both because they were harrassed, doxxed and gotten death letters in ther own houses by men

idk anymore anons, i used to watch these wonderful, inspiring women just for them to be targeted by men for the most retarded reasons possible.

No. 842967

Everything has been failing

No. 842986

I'm very disappointed that any of you are replying to that attentionfagging scrote. Let his little cry for help thread die.

No. 842990

pretty sure anons are just hoping he links a suicide livestream

No. 842997

A fine goal, but I'd rather no one replied at all

No. 842999

He's trying to manipulate random femanons since his girlfriend broke up with him or whatever, I feel sorry for her for having to put up with his nonsense

No. 843002

anon what manga is this picture from?

No. 843006

I'm PMSing super hard, there's a heat wave, and I finished tapering off my antidepressants all in the same week. I was up all night sick because of some pizza I ate, and now I have diatrhea too. And I just spilled coffee on my favorite and freshly cleaned pair of jeans. God. Fucking. Damnit.

No. 843007

Reverse image search

No. 843013

forgot hte title but its a scrote fantasy about dating/marrying 3 women at the same time. not worth it

No. 843015

nayrt BUT this manga is beautiful, but it's one of the horribly worst mangas i've ever read. don't bother reading it, it's some soap opera shit with a harem, abusive cuck mc and stupid plot.

No. 843037

Well I'm glad my vanity made you laugh at what must be a horrible time. Thank you, nonny. I hope your dad has a good recovery and you feel better too. ♥

No. 843042

File: 1625136701367.jpeg (793.29 KB, 828x1442, F668705C-3803-49EF-9E69-A3CEE6…)

can someone please tell me what queer actually means in this context? loki is canonically bisexual and “genderfluid” (which is fine, i guess? he is a shapeshifter after all, although i don’t really understand the need for the genderfluid label) but people keep referring to him and the series as a whole as queer. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? these people can take anything and ruin it, kek.

No. 843043

It's so funny to me when people overanalyze these marvel productions, this is pure entertainment, it's never ever that deep.

No. 843045

it means weird and unusual again.

No. 843047

so not related to this but I hate this Idea that seems to be presented lately that the pre-Christian Norse were so cool Homosexuality and were totes progressive,
if folks actually read the Icelandic sagas, they'd note that Norsemen would frequently use insults to denigrate someone as being a homosexual, The closest I've read about homosexual acceptance is where one fighter will threaten to sexually dominate the other. So, really, it's more like modern prison rape, but they were so Anti-gay that even the one of the top was considered a shameful pervert, and then the actual Norse Mythology, just cause Loki was a shapeshifter who gave birth to certain monsters didn't mean the Norse had a concept of gender fluidity or anything, It was just an explanation of where the monsters in the world came from
also as someone who studies comparative religion people don't seem to understand that religions aren't Invented out of know where, it constantly evolves, reinterpreted, certain Gods get forgotten, other gods get mixed together, sometimes a foreign God gets added in the Pantheon(Aphrodite and Adonis) for e.g

No. 843052

Why do You type Like this, it's Annoying

No. 843054

My sex drive makes me a selfish person. I thought I was past it. I used to criticise my ex really heavily when I was younger and link his lack of desire compared to mine to his masculinity and say he wasn't up to it and really just make him feel shit. I thought I was past it and that was just shit I did as a kid. The other night my current bf who really is the closest match I've ever had couldn't get it up for for round 2 and I started really degrading him. I noticed straight away and apologised and he is really sympathetic to the fact that I have suffered a lot of abuse of my own but when it comes to sex and how much I demand it that is really my fault. It's not a problem to do with other men, I literally am so fixated on my boyfriend that I just want him to be horny for me all the time and I feel intense rejection when he is not…

No. 843066

maybe a German anon

No. 843068

I don't want anything to do with my dad anymore. He never did anything wrong, he just didn't give a fuck about any of his kids. Ice cold person. And he's moving to another country without us kek

He reached out after radio silence for a while, and I'm like 99% sure it's so he can pretend he's a good dad who is on speaking terms with his adult children

No. 843070

It's because the narrative is that christianity is lame and for oppressive evil white men, so paganism is much cooler and progressive uwu (please ignore all the weird violent shit) (but do focus on how bad the old testament is)

No. 843075

Why is it so hard for scrotes to get tested for an STI or STD… Jesus Christ… I don't care if you practise personal hygiene or not. Not only have I seen the contrary be the case, I also don't know the state of your previous sexual partners, particularly since you've been active during your teenage years already… So annoying and such a turn off. Makes me want to block them completely as this shouldn't be such a problem.

No. 843080

Because god forbid another male might see or touch their junk. They're literally terrified of it, even in the medical sense

No. 843081

I hate the “new” official pride flag, it’s so goddamn ugly

No. 843083

File: 1625142053395.jpg (88.79 KB, 1024x899, 1620883535573.jpg)

You need a covid passport/proof that you're vaccined to join Pride this year. I'm fully vaccined but what the fuck? Why? Bars are packed, festivals are opening up again but for a short march you need the passport?

I'm mad because this is supposed to be my first pride and now it might be cancelled or there will be like, 10 people there lol. The only somewhat good part is that there won't be any minors/kids but it still sucks.

Same, just keep using the old one

No. 843086

Men who don't care about stds don't deserve casual sex, let alone sex at all. Stop entertaining the sewage

No. 843090

I feel like I'll never find a job. The things I have experience at I truly hate because of its monotonity but I can't do anything else because I've never done anything else

No. 843095

I mean… you'll always have zero experience at things youve never tried and everyone doing these things at the moment had zero experience in them at certain point. Why cant you just learn?

No. 843099

With covid closing up the bars for nearly a year I had forgotten what it's like to walk down my small towns main street and pass by no less than 12 to 15 puke puddles on a short walk to the store. Had been ages since I'd seen it.

Bang in the middle of the path today, every few steps. Maximum spreadage. I mean most of us know what it's like to overdrink and puke hard but can you not step aside and get it all out of your system in a corner and not detroy the entire main street by just walking and puking the whole length of the street? I don't know how fresh it was but I could smell it and it was clearly alcohol puke by the appearance of it. There's a funeral happening today and that same street will be lined with people mourning and seeing the coffin pass by from a covid safe distance… there's no spot on that street that's not foul right now.

No. 843113

My friend killed himself last year, i know mourning is a long process but I can't talk to anyone without them saying self centered shit about their own pain i can't afford therapy and I'm really sad

No. 843162

The few times in my life I've really stood up for myself and set boundaries ends with that person trying to ruin my life

No. 843166

File: 1625154420701.png (221.23 KB, 640x585, c949c6b65bf1c7b5d7eccbc58a4312…)

>Have to start going back to the office.
>Office is male dominated, I'm the only woman.
>Literally all of them keep glancing at my tits if I am talking to them.
>Not even wearing anything low cut.
>Constantly trying to hide my chest by crossing arms. Or even backing away a bit when talking.

I fucking hate scrotes. A year of work with not having to deal with this bullshit just to be back in this dumpster fire. I forgot how uncomfortable I always was.

No. 843174

File: 1625155169002.jpg (27.64 KB, 567x420, Emi3LEIXYAEz0kv.jpg)

i'm susceptible to cold sores and have been since childhood (most of my immediate family is) and it makes me want to fucking die i woke up this morning with 3 cold sores starting up and now it feels like a 4th is coming on even though i took my medicine. its really painful but i probably wouldn't even care if my lips didn't swell SO fucking much when i get them… like i swear my top lip is so swollen right now i look like momokun with an allergic reaction. also why the fuck do people have to point out and make fun of how gross cold sores are or that they're herpes and shit like a) i have zero control over this its not like i got it sucking infected dick or something some people are just born having to deal with it and b) IT'S ALREADY FUCKING EMBARRASSING!!!!!! and incredibly painful and makes me feel disgusting why the fuck do people feel the need to pile on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you don't get them just be fucking thankful because you are not special or less gross you literally just got LUCKY!!!

No. 843177

I'm really sorry anon, hope they go away fast

I only had them once all over my lips and it's fucking hell, I can't believe we don't have some kind of medication or something that stops it

No. 843187

That's disgusting anon, I'm sorry you have to deal with that. Men really do poison their surroundings by being fucking weird to women.

No. 843200

cold sores are fucking horrible, I started getting them in my mid twenties and I nearly lost my mind over it at first. You probably know this but supplementing daily with lysine supposedly helps to prevent breakouts, also licorice extract and coconut oil are genuinely effective at reducing them. You have my sympathies.

No. 843205

I cant seem to fake being sick to take a day off. I'm external so won't be paid for it, but also feel immense guilt.

I decided I'd take the Friday off, and now it's Thursday evening I'm strongly reconsidering. I work no doubt the hardest, and am fully taken for granted amongst my peers.

They've all had roughly 5 days off each the last 2 weeks, some from holidays and others "sickness" aka probably peacing out because the workload is too much. It's been like this cycle where there are too few people, the workload is crazy for all of us, so they take days off to recuperate and the workload is even higher, and I've been present through each of these days so surely I owe myself ONE day off but I keep thinking that instead, I'll suffer through the day and use the money to treat myself. But idk the fact I feel so pressured by myself to go in makes me feel like I don't have control over my life.

No. 843211

Inknow the feeling, anon. When i first had them as a small child, I had them all over the inside my mouth and throat and had to be hospitalized. People think it's just some hehe sex thing when it's actually painful, I always get a fever and the swelling ugh. I've found that instant icing and lip plasters are the best for me, my lips are already big and i tend to get mine on my lower lip so it kinda flips so much you can't tell straight away if it's shit filler or herp lol

No. 843218

Every day I'm bored out of my mind, with chores and work piled up, no social prospects. I know weed is not gonna help but being zonked out is the only way I can tolerate doing things anymore. It's either gonna be that or sleeping most of the day and I can't do that right now. I'm so tired of it all!! I just want a gf and no more freelance kmskmskmsks

No. 843233

>self-identified race
>racist and wrong
>self-identified gender
>not sexist and a-okay

I don't understand this aspect of libwoke beliefs.

No. 843249

You're going to get the most abuse when you try to become a stronger person anon, they want to keep their convenient slave. Best advice is to just move and get a new job if you can. The reputation of being a boundariless person will follow you and people will keep thinking they can get away with treating you like shit.

No. 843250

tfw when you see your 9th grade English teacher comment on a classmate's post about looking out for kids from bullies knowing that she was unnecessarily mean to you when you were struggling with mental illness and had to drop out the next year due to anxiety about going to school.

The thing is she was a good teacher and looking at her social media seems like a cool person that a lot of my fellow classmates really like but for some reason I didn't get to see that side of her. I'm genuinely not sure what I did to inspire her ire. It was years ago so I know I shouldn't care at this point but it sucks feeling like you were the one person that someone otherwise kind and well liked just…hated.

No. 843257

I just caught my boyfriend reading an ecchi manga about an underage schoolgirl who gets groomed by a 26 year-old. I'm beyond disgusted. I'm so disappointed. I've built my life with this person and he's a disgusting, low-life coomer degenerate. The fact so many men see nothing wrong with anime/manga that is blatant pedo-pandering is gross, especially with people like my boyfriend who claim to be all about uplifting women, then do shit like this behind the scenes. I'm biding my time to leave this shit, anons. Fuck.

No. 843267

thank you nonnies! it seems like my medicine (valacyclovir) is kicking in by now and the swelling is way down and hurts less. sometimes when i take that med soon enough the cold sores just go away and don't fully manifest so i'm crossing my fingers. i appreciate your encouragement and kind words!!!

No. 843272

This exact thing happened to me except I was a sophomore. One time in front of the entire class she scolded me for having no power on my phone so I couldn’t play this faggot kahoot she set up. Then she haaad to let me use her phone so everyone knew how considerate she was. Ughh makes me feel like killing myself all over again thinking about it

No. 843284

Why is it even decent and intelligent men are so fucking succeptable to coomer shit. A close male family member said he was trans a year ago, and now it's gotten to the point where every conversation he has to bring up transness. I'm distancing myself but it's such a betrayel since he was the person I was closest to. Now all he wants is to talk about soft skin weak muscles and fashion. I honestly think he got into it out of boredom and no purpose in life. This was the last straw to make me into an unironical man hater.

No. 843311

I am really sorry. That is my worst nightmare. Sending you lots of love anon.

No. 843376

>I've built my life with this person
I've been scared to leave guys before because 'I've invested too much time to just let go now' but in the end I've never regretted leaving. A change of plans or a fresh start is better than dating a shithead. Wishing you luck anon.

No. 843432

Look up the sunk cost fallacy in relationships, it's not too late to leave him if you ever truly feel like you want to.

No. 843477

I hate always dealing with this one nurse at my physician office. She has to ask questions because of the condition I'm seen for and she gets pissed when I don't answer with a yes/no to a fucking nuanced question.
>do you drink carbonated beverages?
>sometimes, not freq–
Jfc you retarded bitch I'm trying to say I maybe have a flavored seltzer water a couple times a week it doesn't mean I'm guzzling carbonation on the daily. If only you'd just write the fucking notes instead of hunting for your easy answers. And I wouldn't care if she wasn't so fucking rude about it and acting like I'm relaying a novel when I'm just trying to detail my habits.

No. 843525

File: 1625168213114.jpg (425.92 KB, 1042x1082, Screenshot_2019_Firefox.jpg)

My countries sub is having a "debate" about the lgbt again and of course it's all "right wing" men crying about "propaganda". I know what they mean but none of them seem smart enough to put it into words and are just screeching around.

I'm so fucking tired. Shit like this is one of the reasons why I stopped dating men. Wouldn't want to be in a relationship with one and then find out he's homophobic or misogynist.

No. 843535

Please just cover my fucking medical supplies, please just return my phone calls, I am so fucking tired and I am so fucking scared

No. 843558

Being on a vacation in Tunisia made me hate scrotes so much. In hotel it's okay-ish, men bother women but are still kind of respectful. But outside, it's a totally different world. Catcalls, whistling, shouting, death stares even from women. Just for wearing a normal dress (non revealing). Really afraid to even go through a street. When on a trip, our guide would extensively tell us how non-virgin women deserve punishment, how skinny woman are wrong to exist because they aren't good for giving birth and shit like that. I would legit off myself if I was born in a muslim country. And this is still quite a free country compared to other muslim countries… I hope all scrotes die, how can they live with themselves while oppressing half the fucking population.

No. 843589

I feel so heart broken. Right person, wrong time.

No. 843604

I live in Sweden and we're probably gonna be like this in max 30 years

No. 843605

I'm 26 and barely finishing a bachelor. I have no real job experience. How fucked am I?

No. 843619

Why did you vacation to a muslin country. Gross.

No. 843624

Can you get the option to work from home at least 3 days a week? i hate men so much. they literally dont know how to treat women like human beings.

No. 843630

i find myself being more disgusted by men everyday to a point i wish i could live in a all female society or something

No. 843643

You aren't alone, nonnie. I graduated last May right into the pandemic at 25 with a useless degree and now I'm 26 and unemployed. I previously was a barista and a snack bar attendant. Living the NEET life right now and dreading when student loans go out of forbearance.

No. 843646

Why is the Twitter reporting system so bad? I am seeing illegal activity on there and there is no category to report that. I fucking hate Twitter.

No. 843651

One thing that i hate about people from ghettos and shitty neighbourhoods filled with crime is how proud they are of being criminals. A rap artist from my shithole country said that all his friends had stolen cars and it was their way of life and he was proud of it.
Motherfucker, you are robbing people barely richer than you. They never rob rich people, they always rob people in the closest neighbourhoods, working class people living from month to month. It's mostly poor people that try to make a living legally that get targeted by robberies.
How can you be proud of such scummy thing and brag about it to the country? And then you bitch why everyone hates your shithole town, while you drag everyone in the vicinity down. Fucking rats, calling for a revolution when they are part of the fucking problem.
Fuck, i fucking hate big cities, just the scum of the earth with nowhere to escape.

No. 843657

It was cheap and I'm broke lol
Plus they make so much off tourism, maybe eventually it might help the situation here just a bit? But that's probably naive thinking.

No. 843661

where is this?

No. 843672

Twitter is like a godless barren land, there’s nothing to be done.

No. 843673

I grew up in a part of my city where a lot of people lived on state hand outs and in free housing. I think we have decent benefit rates here too compared to other countries. Still a lot of people topped up their income by robbing, scamming, selling on stolen goods.

It was treated with the same respect as working your way up in a job and if you had a family…respected even more?? They're taking free money off the government to raise their (planned) kids then they're robbing from the houses in nearby towns to pay for extra luxuries for themselves. They're robbing people twice over. Couldn't just take their free money and free house and be grateful be that.

No. 843680

I reported cheese pizza on there using the proper form you're supposed to fill out on the website, they never got back to me about any action taken about the account. I then went back and reported one photo of theirs for nudity and it got removed a few days later. Shitty site

No. 843686


No. 843687

File: 1625176330571.jpg (1.4 MB, 1266x1920, 1121211.jpg)

I've been indulging in retail therapy (within my means), slowly buying myself a whole new wardrobe, building up my book collection, redecorating my room, etc. I've been improving my grooming, refining my skincare routine, losing weight, taking better care of my hair and looking better for it. Learning new skills, making sure to still have enough money left to put into savings at the end of the month. Connecting with new & old friends, making plans for the immediate & distant future. But I can't help like these are all a bandaid for the anxieties gnawing at the back of my brain, the feeling that time is running out. Running out for what? I don't know. I just feel like something is coming to an end, as though my own death is on the horizon. I continually feel like I need to be doing more, but I don't know what, I don't know what will soothe this anxiety. Is it a fear that I'm living my life 'incorrectly'? Missing out on some grand thing I 'should' be doing in my 20s? Who am I trying to impress by about worrying this? I'm not sure, but it sure does fucking suck.

No. 843693

Miss my ex. We split up 3 weeks ago after nearly decade together. I had to tell my therapist today that I didn't want to die, just wish i'd never been born. Im an autist who can't handle change and my life has just fucking imploded.

No. 843705

Why is that? I had hope for the Nordic countries in case the United Cuckdom is truly beyond saving but Sweden sounds like it’s going through some shit.

No. 843706

Retail therapy and spending money don't solve the innate displeasure people have with their life. Consoomers keep consooming because consooming doesn't work in the long run, but it's easier than actually figuring out what you want.
I keep telling people this but they all insist on spending on Japanese funko pops because 'the world is doomed anyway, might as well enjoy myself'. And then they're poor and the enjoyment stops an hour after they've received their plastic trinket/garment/cosmetic in the mail. Congrats, you wasted your money and you're still miserable. Great job.

>the feeling that time is running out. Running out for what? I don't know. I just feel like something is coming to an end, as though my own death is on the horizon

You know subconsciously that you are wasting your time because you're doing what you are supposed to be doing, you're doing things that sound good in your mind and on paper without actually caring about them much. You're learning new skills because that's what you're supposed to do during a pandemic so as to not waste time. Right?
So what do you really want?
What will make you happy?
What are you worried about, and how can you fix it?
If it's a big problem you alone cannot fix, how can you help others to fix it?

Have you tried volunteering? Like, really tried?
Are you studying something/have a career that will make you good money, and do you feel like you matter in the grand scheme of things?
If you're just a pencil pusher working to make ends meet and your job is not fulfilling, or what you do doesn't seem to matter to anyone, I'm not saying to quit right now but try to pursue a career that will make a difference because it can make you feel empty. There's no point making a lot of money if it leaves you feeling like shit.
Reflect on it nonny, you feel bad because there's something wrong with what you're doing. I can't help you but I hope I've made you think about it at least.

No. 843713

File: 1625178463607.png (737.63 KB, 641x488, art.PNG)

Few years ago I've drawn a thing that became popular-ish, and along came a few extremely mean comments about my art skills or lack of thereof that I can't remove from my head even today. I'm never publishing my work (this thing was posted by somebody else with my consent but we didnt expect anyone to take any bigger interest), so I'm not really ready for - and never experienced before - any public scrutiny like this. Every time I struggle with art I remember what these people said and I fear that this is the truth because they were anonymous and didn't know me so they didnt have to lie to protect my feelings like my friends maybe would. I feel like it completely ruined any hopes I may be someday capable to go freelance. Fucking sucks my brain refuses to forget.

No. 843716


No. 843717

sometimes it sucks being an arab girl because i know people see me and group me in with disgusting evil scrotes thinking i’m just as shitty as them.

No. 843720

I am loved, I am cherished, there are people who love my content and love who I am. There are people who regularly check on me, who tell me everyday they love my work. How is it, then, that I still feel as a complete failure? I feel like I won’t get anywhere any time. I feel like my life has no value and whatever I do is too little and where I want to be is way out of reach. Having people supporting me just feels worse, I regret trying to get out there with my art, with my work. I feel like a bitch incapable of appreciating other people’s support. I don’t deserve them-

No. 843733

File: 1625179867169.jpg (33.35 KB, 400x237, 14750716.jpg)

A doctor told me that my recurring anemia might be caused by celiac disease. I have to wait more than ten days before the blood test is done and it's stressing me the fuck out. I'm terrified of having it, I love bread and there are barely any gluten free products in the shithole I live in

No. 843734

Arab women I've met are just as shitty tbh, they see women here as stupid western whores.

No. 843737

This is such an underrated post

No. 843742

Anon this may be tone-death because I don’t know your situation throughly but you can make your own breads and doughs without using gluten flour, but it’s very expensive.

No. 843751

I just want…female friends…who are not autistic ""trad"" thots or woke sex workers…just normal women to have a meaningful relationship with. Scrotes truly are incapable of understanding certain things (unless you give them sex of course…and even then)

No. 843753

Me too nona…me too…

No. 843767

File: 1625181616549.jpg (16.73 KB, 236x354, 95b87f52ee9b9689ae27593aad34b2…)

I only got 2 guy friends and they're giving me more headaches than all my girl friends combined. The first one just says rude and thoughtless things all the time and then stops answering when I call it out, just to later pretend it never happened. I look past that usually because he has a lot of good qualities and we're friends since we've been kids but it's so grating right now.
The other guy I've also known for 10+ years but we only meet up and talk occasionally - and I thought we're both cool with that.
I broke my foot really bad a few weeks ago and while I appreciate that he wants to help me out and come over and go grocery shopping for me, my flat looks a whole mess because it's hard for me to stand for a long time and I need a long time to do basic tasks.
I can't just clean the whole apartment in a day and because of my upbringing I am super uncomfortable to have people over when my place isn't spotless.
Also, while I was in the hospital for 4 days and had a really bad time mentally (it was very possible that I had to get surgery for the fractures) and because of the pain, he sent me some dumb meme and was 'disappointed' because I didn't comment on it.
When i told him that I was really just not well and hadn't been on my phone, just trying to sleep the day away as much as possible, he still didn't see my point.
Now he just ignores me and didn't answer my last texts.

I'd rather order groceries for as long as my recovery will take than put up with this dumb ass drama. I hate men as is but this makes me realize that even the exceptions may not be worth the hassle kek

No. 843770

Forget trads and woked, I just want a female friend who won't just run off with her new bf after using me for companionship. Or only want to talk about men/changing herself.

No. 843786

I'm aware of that, but the biggest issue is that gluten free products only recently got into the local markets where I live. The selection is very limited and expensive. The local cuisine is also wheat heavy so I'm not looking forward to having to completely alter my diet. Aaaah please let it be just menstruation and not weird silent celiac

No. 843791

As I'm getting older I'm more annoyed about how everything online talking about parents is about abuse when I want to find out more about having a good relationship with my parents and improving it. My parents and I definitely have clashed, especially since they're immigrants and we really have different values. However, they've been really financially generous well into my 20s due to some health and other issues, yet some randos are going to claim they are financially coercing me or something.

No. 843808

Women are so fucked…we're moving backwards…and people will only realize it when it's too late. Men changing the mainstream feminist movement to benefit them and delude other women into thinking it's what they want is fucking insane. I can't believe this is really happening.

No. 843811

Some women are really out here not having to work a job ever just because their nose is small, their lips are big and their tits and hips are extra fleshy. God I wish that were me. What a life.

No. 843812

Haven't been looking after myself well, felt like crap, tried to gussy myself up by bleaching my roots. Despite doing my hair nicely every other fucking time, this time I achieved that special, shitty look of white blonde roots and lavender lengths and ends.
Also I dyed my eyebrows while my hair was developing, but a glob of dye dropped in my eye while I was applying it. Even an hour after all the eyebaths, I feel like I got punched in the face.

There's something about dyeing my hair that makes me hypersensitive to failure, anyway. I think it's because my stepfather used to scream and shout at me whenever I did it, and I remember sitting there quietly after I'd been told I was disgusting, lazy, selfish, spoilt, etc. and just feeling very small and stupid and ugly. That's why I do it at midnight out of habit as an adult, because it still just feels safer. But I'm right back to feeling very small and stupid and ugly right now with my kitchen table dyejob, even though I'm all alone and nobody's shouting.
This is stupid. I know it's just hair. I know! Maybe I'll feel better after a sleep.

No. 843837

I hate that my main hobby is reading dumb shit on the interne

No. 843840

No mummy I don't care if you want the house vaccumed every week, or windows cleaned every day. Stop try to guilt trip me into it by saying your fellow older cleanfreak in the house could get hurt cleaning so I should do it. This is literal ocd mental illness. Get your power trip somewhere else you fucking cunt.

No. 843841

Finally figured out why it rubs me the wrong way whenever a newfag gets absolutely railed on in a thread- The posters that screech and infight feel a sense of superiority having read the past 80 threads for a cow. I just don't think that's necessarily something to be proud of.

No. 843843

This just in, wanting standards on your board is now superiority complex.

No. 843844

Its not dumb shit if you enjoy it!

No. 843846

You too could become an influencer and get flown to exotic countries! (To be paid by arabs to let them shit on your face, no joke)

No. 843847

File: 1625188653269.jpeg (88.9 KB, 1200x1193, 9DE7E878-9E28-4F42-A38E-C7F385…)

Well, what can you do.

No. 843848

Having those traits means nothing when you're an autist

No. 843850

They deserve it for not lurking.

No. 843851

i will forever be suspicions of influencers posting Dubai pics kek
you are jealous of our autism

No. 843853

Hope you feel better nona, remember that hair always grows back out in the end

No. 843855

had a dream that i finished my degenerate het fanfic and jerma found it and impregnated me for real whyyy cant anything be real

No. 843856

I love you thank you I kiss u goodnight

No. 843857


you can use antidandruff shampoo to wash toner out of your hair faster, it wont compleatly remove it but it should help just make sure to properly condition your hair after

No. 843867

The less time my boyfriend spends with me the less I care about him. He's on a 2 week trip with his family in my state (who he sees regularly anyway) when he could have visited me instead. He didn't even bother to call, but sends low-effort messages every once in a while. I don't care either and I'm not chasing you down to have a normal conversation, it only makes me want to pretend you don't exist until you're begging for my attention. I know this is petty, but I dislike any situation where I feel as if I'm not a priority. I really couldn't imagine having a partner who had to be away for weeks or months because of their career choice.

No. 843869

He doesn’t want kids so you’re extra out of luck anon.

Us degenerate jerma fangirls need to start a discord or something so we can sperg in private

No. 843892

got chub rub for the first time in my life today. idk if its covid weight or because i wore pants with a low crotch (probs the low crotch because my thighs have always touched and have never done this before). i have applied lotion but my INNER THIGHS HURT!!!!

No. 843905

Well if she ever meets him and has a ONS theres always a chance one of his swimmers works… how old is he anyway. Saw anons saying he doesn't look his age but how old is he anyway

No. 843913

He’s 35. Older but not ancient; also a man child but that’s why I like him.

A Jerma illegitimate kids scandal would break my heart

No. 843914

nta but he's 35. I know better than to assume things of streamers/youtubers but he seems nice and genuine

No. 843916

nta but fuck I didn't know he was THAT old. Gross.

No. 843917

make a thread like the driverfags, sperg in public so the rest of us can observe

No. 843921

My second day cashiering with severe social anxiety. Fucked up and embarrassed myself really bad and now I'm having an anxiety attack and can't thinking about it. I wish I was normal.

No. 843923

I used to look down on Driverfags but now that I’m obsessed with Jerma I think it’s a bit hypocritical.

No. 843928

Finally coming to terms with the fact that I don't have 10+ great friends, I have maybe 2 at best and the rest wouldn't really care much if I vanished. Maybe they don't even care that much about each other, I don't know which is more preferable to believe. The bad news is that having a lot of great friends has been my only way to cope with life for over a decade and boy do the bad feelings grow exponentially. Really feeling the appeal of shifting to full-time alcoholism and just reducing the conscious parts of my day as much as possible

No. 843930

Import third world-> Become third world

No. 843933

holy fuck why does being honest with someone make them jump down my fucking throat. the text i just got made me laugh at the absurdity of their anger over me saying "you hurt my feelings that one one time" goddamn i need to choose them better.

No. 843935

anyone else ever feel like they don't have friends just people they hang out with sometimes

No. 843936

No. 843947

>He doesn’t want kids
Did he say why? I thought Jerma would want kids.

No. 843948

I'd let arabs shit on my face for the amounts of money those IG models get paid. Bitch I'd get on a plane right the fuck now. Shit on my face and piss in my goddamn mouth I do not want to work anymore!!!

No. 843951

Please have some self-respect.

No. 843952

It gets better nonnie. I started off with literally shaky hands and fucked up several times. I liked to remind myself of all the cringey stuff customers did. When you're a cashier and interact with so many people in a day you realize people fuck up and do cringe shit all day long.

No. 843955

I don’t think he’s really gone into why but he’s just mentioned multiple times that he doesn’t want kids. Most I can infer is that he doesn’t think he can handle it because ADHD. He talks about it in that one stream where he did personality quizzes.

Not to be a freak with a weird encyclopedic knowledge on Jerma I just relate cause’ I don’t want kids for the same reasons kek

No. 843960

You ever be so ugly people get mad that you're enjoying yourself?

No. 843965

File: 1625201617225.jpeg (46.44 KB, 488x488, 62678273-0718-46C1-BA2F-FB31CF…)

Now that I’m growing older I have such a resentment with staying at home especially with two completely useless and unreliable brothers. I have a dying need to just drop everything and run away without a trace, I don’t care if I become homeless I just know I won’t be happy at the new place here because my mother always never gives them the hard foot. I wish I had my own space, I wish men weren’t so filthy, stupid, and unbearable to be around. I wish I could be hired somewhere decent even though I don’t have experience. I feel trapped

No. 843966

I wouldn't even let my fav's poop touch my face

you gotta have some self respect…

No. 843968

any wannabe irl husbandofags can use this thread since the 2dfags don't want us in theirs now


No. 843971

anon they sound like really shitty friends. just order delivery, you shouldn't be stressing over bullshit like this while recovering.

No. 844007

Been in therapy on and off since I was 13 (30 now) and nothing helped with my severe emotional issues nor my self-harm and suicidal ideations, until I finally started behaviour therapy at the start of this year. In just a few months I’ve gotten a lot more in control of my emotions and have regulated my thinking into a more healthy kind. All the work I had to put in with the support with my therapist really helped out and I’m so happy to see myself grow like this! I still got ways to go, and I’m excited to see where this will lead me.
Though knowing that this works makes me really frustrated with people that just throws in the towel when it comes to therapy instead of actually trying and expecting everything to come from the therapist/psychologist.

No. 844022

I'm looking for a job. My dream job would be UX but at the moment I apply to positions that are relevant to the experience I have (translation and copywriting). My mother keeps giving me unsolicited advice regarding my job search and keeps sending me job postings that are not only irrelevant to my plans but also do not suit me at all. She wants me to work at prestigious places like the UN or an embassy as a personal assistant (I don't even have experience at being a personal assistant. I'm also a hardcore introvert…) because PRESTIGE (and also, one of her friends daughter works at the UN and I guess there's an element of rivalry there. She wants a daughter she can brag about to her friends). I get where she's coming from but it's just so annoying and sort of sad that she refuses to see me as the person I am

No. 844024

Your post gave me hope, anon. I recently quit my second attempt at therapy because it felt like I was just lining my therapist's pocket and had zero results. If I may ask, when did you notice that your current therapy is working for you?

No. 844028

It didn’t really hit me until just a month ago how much progress I’ve made. I’m addicted to self-harming but I managed to handle a couple of hard situations without freaking out or immediately feeling the intense need to cut.
It takes a lot of practice with a lot of homework and patience for yourself, it’s scary in the beginning but 100% worth it! I hope you’ll find the therapy you need and deserve anon, look into various kinds of behaviour therapies and see if any hospitals or anything offers those

No. 844029

there's this woman I know has 4 severely autistic kids, and shes super woke and transing her autistic daughter.

anyway, at what point do you realise your genetics are fucked and you should stop having kids?

No. 844037

I’m sorry anons but I have nowhere to say this and no one to tell. I feel like I’m about to explode I just have no life at all and everyday is just the same shit over and over again with absolutely no difference and the days meld into each other and I can’t take it anymore. I was managing fine but I don’t know what I’m gonna do now everything feels so bleak.

I sit in a couch everyday and it’s this old couch that has this big imprint from where I sit. My parents are so in my life and my whole life I’ve only been in the living room because they needed to always have their eyes on me and I don’t know how to act anymore. Nothing feels real I don’t even know what living is. Everyday is the same because we are just sedating ourselves so no problems are ever addressed and it driving me insane. I do nothing for myself i barely even have a concept of myself. I just feel so robbed of everything. I’m so sad I’ve never had a relationship because of so many reasons, but I keep convincing myself I will have a husband but I know it will never happen. I feel so terrible that I always have to be embarrassed.

My brother is past 30, I’ve stopped counting, and he still lives at home like me (I am 19). He’s recently been clearing out his music collection and keeps talking to me about his music and how he’s rediscovered metal and I can’t fucking take it. I’m so embarrassed of my music and I never talk about it and if I have to hear about 80s metal albums one more time I’m gonna lose it. I want to be happy about it but I for some reason can’t. It’s been a month of this.

Reading this over I see how stupid it sounds, and it’s not as bad as I make it out to seem, but it is killing me. What drives me insane is that my brother is aware of these problems but tells me he’s felt the same way and just laments that things have to be this way and that’s it. I just want things to be normal. I have to be perceptive to all these insane house/family politics that I will never understand. What’s freighting for me is that this just feels like this will go on forever because it just is my life and don’t know any other form of living. I’m so grateful for so many things but I wish I could have been normal. A lot is on me but I can’t stop thinking about the people that have failed me. Fucking farce life.

No. 844039

reminds me of the couple who were told each pregnancy had something like a 1 in 4 chance of being intersex because they both carry severe mutations. The doctors explained how bad the intersex condition could be and what sort of life these kids might have to live and and I remember the mother recalling, "there was a kind of concern, but also a kind of elation and interest in it because it's so fascinating". Doctors said it might be best to abort and try again if it happens and the mother was offended "I am quite happy to have an intersex child". Guess what? Two kids, both severe intersex conditions. I was so angry. I know aborting, trying to conceive again and having to wait to see if the foetus is normal is unbelievably traumatic, but the parents should burden themselves with that if THEY want kids, not give the kids a lifetime of fucking suffering. So selfish.

No. 844040

>I’m so embarrassed of my music and I never talk about it
this part really hit me because I'm like this too. I don't think my music is bad, quite the opposite. It's still extremely hard for me to talk about it to anyone or put it on if anyone else is at home

No. 844048

Why is everyone discouraging me from going to pride? Like I'm legit sad, wtf. If I was going to a concert no one would say anything. Stop making me feel sad

No. 844049

So sick of being autistic, I try to make small talk with coworkers but everytime I do I come across as childishly curious at best and downright inquisitive at worst. I'm just going to shut my mouth and only talk when being asked a question, but I'm probably going to look like an antisocial weirdo now, there's no end to the suffering.

No. 844050

I was so excited for EA Play and to get finally some more DA4 news, I even took off the day after. Now they revealed they won't be showing something and I so crushed. I feel pathetic to have such a bad hyperfocus on shitty games.

No. 844051

Still nothing? Damn, I hope they are actually working on it and that it won't be rushed at the end

No. 844074

so a few years ago, probably about 4 or 5, I randomly started having this bad taste in my mouth (literally) when I would wake up. I even told a doctor at one point, and she didn't know what was causing it or what to do about it. it has been literal years, and just very recently it got much worse. it used to just be there in the morning, but now it's literally all the time. I JUST brushed my teeth not 20 minutes ago and I have this nasty taste in my mouth. I don't know how to describe it. it's not a vomit taste. I want to say a metallic taste maybe? but that doesn't feel accurate either. I thought it got worse recently because I switched toothpaste, but then I went back to my old toothpaste and even replaced my tooth brush that wasn't even due to be replaced yet, and I still have it. I brushed my teeth and tongue REALLY thoroughly last night, and I woke up in the middle of the night and the taste was more potent and nasty than ever, almost as if the brushing made it worse. I don't even know what would cause this. at first I thought it was my water maybe, but I live with 3 other people who don't have this problem. I seriously don't know what to do at this point. I'm a really bad hypochondriac and it's making me really paranoid

No. 844078

Maybe some undiagnosed stomach issues, like a bacteria?

No. 844079

It might be reflux and the taste could be stomach acid? Do you sometimes get a tightening feeling in your throat?

No. 844091

File: 1625222983722.jpg (8.16 KB, 225x225, blyat.jpg)

> normies will always pay 30$ for shitty Adventure Time styled art or caricatured chibi parodies rather than my great anatomical art skills all because every face that doesnt look like CalArts is anime to them

I guess i need to fuck everything and draw Disney samefaced women just so i could get money.

No. 844095

kek this reminded me…There was a girl whom I envied in high school for her drawing skills. Recently I googled her name and found out that she draws furry porn for a living and I looked up her Patreon and she earns more money than managers do in this country

No. 844097

I already had two treatments but I still have bedbug bites. If I call the exterminators again, they're gonna think that I'm insane because they never found any bugs (me neither)

No. 844105

The bites/marks have to be from something else then. Another kinda bug, allergic reaction etc

No. 844107

i have to eat a ton of food today in front of others fuck this shit i hate food let me eating disorder in peace

No. 844108

I don't usually feel a tightening feeling in my throat, and I don't usually have acid reflux either so I don't think it's that, but maybe

this might be it, a few years ago when I googled the symptoms I found out that h pylori could cause a bad taste in the mouth, but when my doctor didn't seem that concerned about it I guess I just dropped it

No. 844112

God, I wish this was the case but I'm 100% sure I brought them with me from my previous apartment where I actually found several and the exterminator confirmed that the are indeed bedbugs. I'm thinking maybe throwing away my mattress would help, but it's brand new and I'm not even sure that's where they are. I checked everywhere in my room and there's no sign of them

No. 844119

I still can't find a job in this tiny country because our unemployement rate reached it's peak. Everyday i keep thinking that I should fuck it and draw furry porn, but i am sure the market is big enough by now.

No. 844137

I'm close to that too (have been unemployed for several months now), and actually brushing up on my drawing skills at the moment lmao. I mean when we live in a society where camwhores earn more than hardworking people with several university degrees, you gotta do what you can
>i am sure the market is big enough by now
You never know until you try. Surely there are still unexplored, monetizable niches out there

No. 844140

At least driver doesn't support troons (as far as I know)

No. 844155

Maybe forced sterilization isn't so bad. These kinds of mentally ill ppl will make their kid suffer just so they can get unconditional love and attention.

No. 844185

I have to go to the gulf coast for my cancer treatments and the stupid price gougers completely fucked everything up. Even if I stay for 3 days and book several weeks in advance every hotel,even ghetto ones are 1k dollars within the next 7 hours. Fuck I hate people

No. 844187

File: 1625234756470.jpg (107.09 KB, 1080x648, fine_blue_cheese.jpg)

I stayed awake all night reading 15 year old milk and now I'm too tired to do anything

No. 844202

What milk? Wanna read too

No. 844212

I started out reading about the latest Sim Secret/The Mare's Nest/Sim Nostalgia drama then ended up down a rabbit hole of Sims 2 community drama from the mid-2000s on PMBD and LJ.

I'm sure the online Sims community is still a piñata full of cows just waiting to be smashed. The TS2 days were wild and it's only gotten worse since with simtubers, pedo EA game changers and twitter.

No. 844292

sage bc this has no substance im just writing this out to feel better
im angry im so fucking angry i have no reason to be angry everything is making me angry i do not give a fuck i hope everyone kills themselves im so angry i hate everyone why is everyone so fucking stupid i feel like everyone is just put on this earth to be a fucking inconvenience to me i hope they all get aids and die i hate these retarded bitches i want them all to burn with the most intense pain ive they have ever felt im gonna rip their fucking intestines' out with my bare hands im gonna destroy the world i hate mother fuckers im gonna commit arson and
ok i feel better now bye retards

No. 844312

File: 1625250763382.png (289.86 KB, 640x529, 7ec.png)

I don't care if it makes me a bitch/supercunt/controlfreak I do NOT want my husband trying to move in his hideous, ratty, and boring stupid furniture into our new home. Idgaf even if we had to go without until we saved for something nice, I'd rather not deal with the hassle and logistics of moving something in when I know we ain't keeping the shit and then having to deal with more hassle and logistics when time comes to move it out.
Fuck me dead fam! Men are stubborn. Why do they think some musty cheap cubby from their bachelor days is like treasure worth preserving? Give that shit to some college kid who dgaf about the aesthetics of their flop den jeeeeesus.

No. 844322

I really want my ex back. I have like absolutely no desire to date anyone else. I don’t care if it takes an entire year and back handed pettiness.

No. 844330

Why is he your ex? Did either of you do something or did it just fizzle out?

No. 844367

My "friend" group has been ghosting me for months and I don't know nor understand why.
It makes me so sad and angry at the same time because they won't admit to it so talking to them its pointless. Only one of them sometimes talks to me in private about silly stuff but I haven't seen her either and when I bring the subject up she denies everything.
I don't know how to handle it anymore and I feel so lonely. My bday is next week and I'm already dreading going through that day feeling like this.

No. 844376

File: 1625257447237.gif (704.66 KB, 345x197, tumblr_e6831bedd76262d23181614…)

I feel like fucking shit. Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm supposed to go to an event, alone. But I haven't slept in 2 days, now being the third because the dog is freaking out because the neighbours kid is screaming bloody murder.
I haven't eaten in these two days either because idk I'm lazy, don't want to buy food and because everyone ate my stuff anyway.

Honestly I don't think I'll go anywhere tomorrow since I feel so shitty. Wish I wasn't such a fucking loser and people that like me would exist but no, my retarded self just has to push everyone away. Whine whine, cry cry, more self pity. I hate my fucking birthday just kill me already.

No. 844379

How the fuck are you so coherent afer not eating and sleeping for two days?
Happy birthday you brilliant freak

No. 844382

I'm running on anger at this point kek
Thank you anon

No. 844386

It's your birthday, you don't have to go the event if you don't want to, but I hope you have fun if you do!
Please eat when you get home, eating goes hand in hand with keeping a regular sleep pattern and will make it easier. Maybe you can get efood and earplugs whilst you're out, too

No. 844403

Late reply but how familiar are you with constructive criticism? Ime if you get used to constructive criticism you should be able to separate it out from straight vitriol and then be able to either use those comments to grow as an artist or shake them off
I know it sounds contradictory, but I think you should start sharing your art with friends or a small group online that will give you feedback. Don't let this stop you from following your passion

No. 844466

i wanted to get a part time job and thought working at a movie theater would be cool because most of them let you watch all the movies for free and the work is pretty easy. but i completely forgot that you have to work weekends, holidays and at nights too. i guess i'd be fine with weekends and holidays, but working at night and then driving home in the middle of the night is just too dangerous. men don't have to worry about shit like that and it sucks.

No. 844527

Thanks for taking your time to respond even so late! It's messed up but I have an art related job (but anything that comes out of it is a result of collaboration, not just my own) and went through art school so I'm okay with critique in general; if someone just said eh thats ugly / bad, I'm sure I'd be able to take it too but somehow these extremely over the top vicious things some people said really get my impostor syndrome going I think. I draw outside work too but given it's just mine it feels more vunerable and even though of course I want to have it seen, just that one thing happening to me really scared me off ever breaking out my shell here. I hope I can find some nice community someday, it's a good idea; maybe with a little bit of anonimity for starters it will be easier.

No. 844541

I swear I think I’m shadowbanned on this site or certain words/phrases get shadowbanned

No. 844542

Bullshit anon

No. 844547

It would’ve been funnier had you not responded.

No. 844560

File: 1625273224232.jpeg (165.01 KB, 700x527, B36F1556-E72D-41A8-B312-F9699C…)

Sometimes looking at world affairs makes me so depressed and hopeless I start to think it’s better humankind gets put out its misery all at once. When I was a teen I believed in change and the will of the people. But I’m shown a thousand times over that it’s futile for most of the world. I can only cover my eyes and ears and choose to be ignorant to others suffering to preserve my own sanity.

No. 844561

She still has seven minutes to delete it

No. 844565

wow there's this empty post here… what's up with that?

No. 844566

don’t worry by 2025 the collective insanity of the world will all be contained in /ot/

No. 844578

Sometimes I'm paranoid that I am too but then I remember I just have nothing interesting or relatable to say that makes someone want to participate in a dialogue with me. Much like reality.

No. 844579

I don't bother to make connections with anyone at uni and now I have to do a huge group project with a couple of scrotes. FML I wish I had girl friends.

No. 844581

I’m sorry those people tore you to shreds but it’s good to keep in mind that there’s a reason whatever you made got popular in the first place. You can’t please everyone but you also probably made a lot more people happy with your drawing than the few who got pissed at it. I would also so that if you’re a regular poster here then you probably have a skewed view of how people interact with art and popular things online in general. Most people really aren’t this nitpicky or care enough to white about dumb stuff posted online all day. I’m sure you’ll be able to get freelance work as long as you keep working towards it

No. 844645

I regret telling someone important to me how they hurt me. They won't stop flinging shit in my direction. I am anticipating them dumping 15 years of dirt they have on me. I still feel better for saying what I said though.

No. 844647

File: 1625283505827.png (26.7 KB, 128x128, 1607758275793.png)

I hate people who think it's racist to not find men of color attractive. I don't even like white men with dark eyes and hair, and it just so happens that men of color (usually) have those features. That's just my preference. I wouldn't want a ginger either. Some people seem te be so offended that I don't want to give my phone number to my spanish coworker. First of all, I hate intrusive men like him; he didn't even start a normal conversation, he immediately asked where I live, like an actual address (wtf), and then he said to give him my phone number, and after I said "no" he continued with nagging me every time he saw me. He even asked three different people for my number, including my sueprior. Second of all, he was pretty short and I just didn't find him attractive. I had like four different people trying to guiltrip me for not giving him at least a chance. Fuck those politically correct retards. I know I would've been criticized for the mere fact of ignoring a male as a woman, but the fact that he didn't look white makes it even worse I think, I work at a very multicultural company and everyone is super sensitive about that stuff. I guess the only thing that's not frowned upon is nagging a woman. I came from a country where men usually don't behave like this guy, and the women wouldn't tolerate such behavior either. This dude didn't come to work today and people say it's because of me lmao fuck them l. I hope he never comes back, you never know what a man is capable of when you reject him

No. 844651

sometimes I wish I could block the banners, I hate seeing onions face in so many of them. no point in doing that on mobile though. lot of the old ones are shit or irrelevant imo

No. 844654

I'm guessing you must have told them that you don't find moc attractive and tbh you don't owe anyone a real explanation of why you won't go out with some creepy moid. Should have just said that you don't like him that way and left it at that.

No. 844655

Your spanish coworker is annoying for not accepting no as an answer, and trying to get your phone number from other people, and your coworkers reactions are so irritating, I don't think I could have resisted the urge to tell them to mind their own business if I were you, or go out with him themselves if they're so invested in his dating life. Do you live and work in an anglo country?

No. 844666

You're not obligated to find anyone attractive if you don't and your coworker sounds creepy. It makes no sense to accuse someone of being racist for not finding nonwhite guys attractive, some people do and some people don't. I had a friend call me racist for not finding plastic underage looking Korean twinks attractive, which is funny because she knows I've liked more mature looking nonwhite dudes before? Not everyone shares the same preferences and people need to get over themselves

No. 844672

It's ok anon I feel the same. After growing up in a place with only people who look like me I think it's normal. You know those videos of remote African villages seeing a white person for the first time? They think they're a ghost and freak out. It's like that but reverse, black men look scary like some weird demon, and Arab & asian men just look "off". (Not race-baiting)

No. 844693

people have been lighting up fireworks since fucking mid june and i don't see it stopping until 2 weeks after the 4th of july. what is it with these retards and the constant illegal fireworks? i hate being american

No. 844703

trying to stop being bulimic and the hunger and cravings are so intense. i eat until i'm full and even have some snacks but it's not the same. bulimia has spoiled me and i'm used to eating like an obese fuck. le sigh

No. 844711

A long water fast did wonders for me when I quit b/p cold turkey. It’s psychological torture at times but it’s a fair price to pay. It feels like sex to be satisfied by skinny bitch portions.

No. 844726

I have a turned-up "pixie" nose (my gran calls it a ski-slope nose which I think is a cute name, she has the same kind)
I've always felt a bit insecure about it because when I was little whenever another kid did an impression of me, they'd push their nose up like a pig and snort.
As an adult I've come to terms with it, accepted that is an unconventional feature but it isn't necessarily ugly. I'm trying to accept my dents du bonheur too, but that's less successful.
It's one of those things that fucks you up when it suddenly becomes popular. I feel really upset when I see twitch thots getting surgery to give themselves turned up noses, because they look so much better with their fake ones than I ever did with my real one. I sometimes wonder if people will laugh at me now assuming I have a botched "trendy" nosejob. In the future, will my natural nose be "passé"? It's not something I ever considered before.
Mariah Mallad getting a turned up nose inspired a wave of pig comparisons, and while I know that's about Mariah, it's hard not to take it personally. But I get equally triggered by the boob thread too lmao so this is probably a personal hypersensitivity problem more than anything

No. 844728

>It feels like sex to be satisfied by skinny bitch portions.
but so does b/p

No. 844732

I have an exam today and I feel so unprepared. During the last one I struggled to form an answer to the main question and missed a lot of details, I hope I can at least stay calm this time. Fuck handwritten exams, I lose track way too easily like this

No. 844758

I have to spend the weekend at my mother's place because her friend's daughter is coming and she's bringing her kid as well and I guess I need to entertain them. My mother bought an inflatable pool just for this kid alone, so I'll have to help her set it up. I'm probably also gonna have to listen to her passive aggressive comments about the sad fact that she doesn't have a grandkid yet

No. 844760

Good luck with your exam, anon!

No. 844761

File: 1625304600827.png (295.1 KB, 589x540, gulfofmexico.PNG)

This is so depressing and makes me feel so helpless, I just hope I won't have to experience the worst of it in my lifetime but seeing climate changing so rapidly latest years, IDK if I'll be so lucky.
videos for anyone interested

No. 844773

Fuck your co-workers anon. I've had this treatment too. I didn't explain my preference, they inferred and that was enough for the passive aggressive bullying to begin. For me, I can tell when other races of men are attractive, but fail to be attracted to them. My biggest issue with non-white men is skin, I don't even really like tan white men, but it's not too off-putting because the undertone is a sort of orange or pink colour, whereas even very fair non-white men have a brown/greyish undertone to the skin which I hate. I hate black hair and round facial features too. The only times I've been remotely physically attracted to non-white men is when they're mixed-race with substantial European ancestry, but we've never been a match mentally anyway. That's the elephant in the room IMO. There really is a huge difference in the AVERAGE personality of various ethnic groups and when you already don't like what most of a group looks like and you don't live near them either, why the fuck would you go hunt for a unicorn? Lol, only women get this shit.

No. 844775

I'm sure animals absolutely fucking hate and fear us and it makes me depressed.

No. 844791

How long did you fast?

No. 844793

I've been pissed off more this week because of my neighbor. The guy really gets on my nerves. My parents love him and think he's great. He's annoying and his takes piss me off. He's also a fucking hypocrite. Fucking just kill me.

No. 844796

Global warming isn't real. The earth is going to get much colder in the next few years. The temperature has already fallen low enough to impact crop harvests. The worst case scenario we are facing is another ice age. The polar ice caps are melting but that is because we left a solar maximum in the mid-2000s. The polar ice caps melting has not warmed the earth, it's dispersed cold water into the oceans which lowers the temperature closer to the equator. We are also experiencing a period of increased volcanic activity. If there was a major eruption, the amount of volcanic matter spewed into the atmosphere would block the already weakening rays from the sun. All this as we are heading into a solar minimum. You might want to start buying extra food because the shortages are going to start becoming noticeable around Christmas this year.

The lie of global warming is to distract people from the real environmental issue which is contamination. Petrochemicals, plastics, pesticides and radiation are the biggest threats to the earth. There are already vast amounts of the planet that are permanently left damaged due to human activity. We ourselves are suffering from the health impacts of living in such polluted environments. No one talks about it because it would require costly remediation and massive corporations would need to stop profiting from the destruction of the natural world. The lie of global warming allows them to keep operating while claiming they're woke for buying carbon credits.

If you want to go down a rabbit hole that will really make you want to kill yourself I would recommend the Iconoclast Leuren Moret interview, Silent Spring and DDT, Love Canal and the US Superfund and the Mayak disaster.

No. 844797

I'll defend people saying that they aren't attracted to certain features but sing the word hate for all these features makes you look pretty awful

No. 844799

Thank you! The subject was something we had barely talked about in lectures but it went surprisingly okay. The time was way too short for what was asked and I definitely missed something important but at least it's over now

No. 844804

>sing the word hate for all these features makes you look pretty awful
No it doesn't. There's nothing wrong with hating ugly features, this isn't the same as hating the Unfortunate person who has those ugly features

No. 844807

Hate is a very emotive word, it's completely different from saying that you aren't attracted to it. Most people would be offended to hear someone say they hate their face or features. Are you ESL?

No. 844813

Agree with you. I had a scrote argue with me that not finding people attractive because of skin colour is not racist. Like objectively people of different ethnicities can share similar characteristics regardless of skin colour. Just seems like a very weird way to say you are prejudiced against race.

No. 844816

>it's completely different from saying that you aren't attracted to it.
Not necessarily, you can also hate something you aren't attracted to.
>Most people would be offended to hear someone say they hate their face or features
That may be so, but it would be irrational for an ugly person to blame other people for simply holding it as a personal feeling with regards to their ugly features, even when they haven't expressed that feeling to them. I'm an ugly person myself, I completely understand if people hate my ugly features, I hate my ugly features as well, perhaps even more than them since I'm forced to live with those ugly features.

We're on an anonymous imageboard, the people reading the earlier poster's feelings with regard to ugly features are probably not going to read their post, or at least know the real life identity of that poster, them saying they hate the features they find ugly is not an awful thing to do.
>I had a scrote argue with me that not finding people attractive because of skin colour is not racist
The word 'racist' is an often misused word, at the very least, there is nothing wrong with finding people of a certain race unattractive because of their racial features, and it being unattracted to a certain race isn't being prejudiced against them.

No. 844817

Disagree with you.

No. 844820

Would you prefer it if she said "repulsive" instead? Repulsion and attraction is how human sexuality works. What is repulsive and what is attractive is connate because it's an expression of our DNA. Sexual attraction = compatible DNA. Sexual repulsion = incompatible DNA.

I find some people sexually attractive, I can appreciate someone's appearance without being sexually attracted to them, I can be indifferent to someone's appearance because I do not find them sexually attractive, I can hate certain features because I find them to be repulsive. None of this means that I hate or love someone as a person purely for the appearance and I would not refuse to be friends with them if we shared the same interests.

No. 844821

You're DNA argument is bullshit fyi. If anything having sex with different ethnicities would have more genetically diverse children. You have a sexual preference sure, but it's idiotic to think all the different ethnicities have identifying features that would a make them without fail be sexually unappealing to you. A very limited lens of appreciating beauty.

No. 844825

>If anything having sex with different ethnicities would have more genetically diverse children
Genetic diversity by itself is not always a good thing, especially when superior genes(more intelligent, healthier, more attractive) are mixed with inferior genes, that is a case of dysgenics.
>it's idiotic to think all the different ethnicities have identifying features that would a make them without fail be sexually unappealing to you
That's not idiotic at all, different races clearly look different, and those differences in physical appearance can impact sexual preference.

No. 844828

But that's not what I said because that isn't how it works. People are not automatically attracted to people of their own race and people are not automatically repulsed by people of another race. A person's DNA is part of what influences their choice of sexual partner because humans reproduce sexually and compatible DNA creates stronger offspring. It's not something anyone has any control over.

Policing who someone can and can't fuck because it's racist is honestly some of the most retarded woke bullshit I have ever seen. What's next? Forcing women to fuck trannies because not doing so would be transphobic?

No. 844829

I'm really angry and annoyed. I went on a deepdive about a pedo ring in my country and how it involves a cover up with royals/security forces and collusion and it depresses the living fuck out of me. I know members of gangs and known pimps. I have a relative involved in policing that told me how the police to this day still use brothels as blackmail on agents/suspects. Like it's allowed. I had an ex that got involved at a petty (to my knowledge, could be more) level and got exposed to things I would rather remain ignorant, but now that I know, I also know it's allowed.

Like, war and everything is all bullshit. It's all intelligence wars and for what. What the fuck are the masses not allowed to know? Why the fuck are countries enemies and honestly why is there such an objection to peaceful progressive coexisting? Am I going to live and die knowing nothing of actual importance. All the bullshit outrage people have and yet there's millions trapped and trafficked and preyed on and the people that lead us will fight to the death to keep it operating. It's fucking mental.

No. 844831

I know this feeling, anon. There's nothing I can say that would help, but know that you're not alone. So many small groups of humans are making the world such a shitty place.

No. 844833

Lbr it has already been mentioned, the focus is on perceived 'racial' features. A prejudice based on race is racist. Sorry if that offends you. The word repulsion has been used to describe "racial" features itt which is extreme and weird for someone denying they do not have a prejudice.

Huh guess all those royals and cultures that practice inbreeding have weird DNA, it seems to be stuck on fucking cousins.

Even in Iceland there's an app for people to see how closely related they are because they're a small population. Surely their DNA would be able to sniff out partners?

How you're socialised greatly impacts what you find attractive. It's not rocket science.

No. 844834

Which country is this?

No. 844840

> A prejudice based on race is racist. Sorry if that offends you. The word repulsion has been used to describe "racial" features itt which is extreme and weird for someone denying they do not have a prejudice.
You misunderstand the meaning of the word prejudice. Finding someone ugly is not prejudice, finding someone ugly because of their racial features is not prejudice. Prejudice is making a prejudgement on someone's personality based on their appearance, and this is not the same as judging someone to be physically attractive or ugly.

No. 844841

NI. The Kincora scandal. I feel really ignorant that I only found out today Lyra Mckee the journalist that was shot in Derry wrote a book about the MP Robert Bradford that was murdered by the IRA and the Kincora scandal. It was published after she was killed I believe.

No. 844842

>The word repulsion has been used to describe "racial" features itt which is extreme and weird for someone denying they do not have a prejudice.
No one is prejudiced for not wanting to fuck someone. Not wanting to have sex with someone is not discrimination. It's a personal choice that should not be infringed. Women having sex with men they do not want to have sex with is rape.

>How you're socialised greatly impacts what you find attractive

I don't disagree but again people do not choose how they are socialised.

No. 844844

It's a preconceived bias often not routed in reality i.e. Not all people of the one ethnicity look the same.

No. 844846

No, but they have common features that people can find unattractive, and thus find every individual of that race unattractive even if not all the people of that race look exactly the same.

No. 844847

And as I thusly wusly said that's a very limited lens for appreciating beauty. God bless

No. 844848

No one is claiming that people of a certain race are identical, but if they all share a racial trait which someone from a different race findS unattractive, they will all be unattractive to that person. Calling this a "bias" doesn't work, since that person can still be nice to the people of that race which they find unattractive.

No. 844850

Still a prejudice based on race. Soz about it

No. 844854

>prejudice based on race.
It isn't a prejudice at all, no prejudgements are made on the personality of that race.

No. 844855

Think you're the one that doesn't understand prejudice.

No. 844858

How is it prejudice when sexual attraction is innate? Are gay people prejudiced against people of the opposite sex?

No. 844859

This has to be bait…

No. 844860

Don't ask that on Twitter or you'll get quote tweeted by a thousand homophobic TRAs calling you a genital fetishist

No. 844861

>struggling because the only way i can get income is by drawing art
>a scrote friend to whom i havent talked in 3 years (and he still fetishises my nationality through this day) messaged me, saying how are things, i mentioned that i am trying to find more people that are interested in ordering art commission from me because i get sleepless nights, its that bad
>xd do u want to collab w me n my shitty photoshop skills sometime for free xoxo

No. 844863

If there are two groups of identical demographics apart from race and you write off the entirety of group 2 for specifically being a different race that is a prejudice. That out of the entire group all individuals are repulsive to you.

I don't know what homosexuality has to do with you discriminating based on race and not sex.

Im not saying you are a bigot I don't know you, but you have a sexual preference that discriminates against people with 'racial' features deemed 'repulsive'.

No. 844867

There was a period of time when I was in middle school where I was afraid that my mother would put poison in the food she made me. As an adult I realize that that may have not been normal, and that I've always felt a lingering fear when interacting with my mother. Are all people scared of their parents?

No. 844869

>you write off the entirety of group 2 for specifically being a different race that is a prejudice. That out of the entire group all individuals are repulsive to you.
Nta, I think the main source of our disagreement is is that you fail to realise that some races can be inherently on average more attractive than other races. Aesthetic preferences are based on physical appearance, racial differences are mainly based on physical appearance, so it only makes sense that aesthetic preferences will influence which races someone finds attractive or unattractive.

No. 844876

>I don't know what homosexuality has to do with you discriminating based on race and not sex.
Because the principle is the same. Gay men not wanting to having sex with women is not misogyny. Lesbians not wanting to have sex with men is not misandry. Someone not wanting to have sex with someone of another race is not racist.

Denying someone the ability to their human rights such as a home, a job, to live and not be hated for their race is racism. Sex is not a human right, refusing to have sex with someone based on race is not racism.

The very concept of sexual preferences being wrong is beyond horrific because it strips people of their sexual autonomy and has the potential to lead to corrective rape.

No. 844879

NTA, but I don't think your idea of what makes a pretty face/body is the same as a full-blown sexual orientation (eg being gay or attracted to both sexes). Otherwise, we'd have classifications like tansexual, palesexual, bignosesexual, thickeyebrowsexual, blondsexual, gingersexual, monolidsexual, etc.
Personal taste isn't really that ingrained or hardline. I thought I wasn't into Native American guys until I met a really attractive one IRL. The opposite is true for tattoos. I thought they looked cool and attractive in pictures online, but most people with tattoos look gross to me in real life. Also, I think an anon brought up African children being terrified of white people and thinking they were ghosts at first sight. It's important to note that they didn't stay scared once they actually got used to them. Things like exposure can change how you view other people, and the world around you.
This whole argument is just really weird, though. Date whoever you want, just don't be an asshole. That simple.

No. 844890

File: 1625320530577.jpg (3.86 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)


No. 844895

Despite "warming" in the name, global warming can lead to another ice age, anon. That doesn't make it any less real. Remove your tinfoil now.

No. 844897

I hate them so much !!

No. 844898

That’s why it’s called climate change, for retards like you.

No. 844901

It's the caps for me

No. 844907

No that feels shit every time anon.
8 days and then 10 days about two months after cuz I didn’t want to get comfortable and fuck up.

No. 844909

I wish they'd fucking speak like a normal human being. Literal braindead hive mind.

No. 844911

Time to move to Africa I guess.

No. 844913

Environmental contamination/pollution and anthropocene climate change are both real, anon. The same corporations contributing the most to climate change are also contributing the most to environmental contamination/pollution, so if raising awareness about climate change (which scientists have been trying to raise awareness about for decades at this point) is a "distraction", it's not working very well. The effects of both often come hand in hand.

No. 844916

>The lie of global warming is to distract people from the real environmental issue which is contamination
Isn't pollution/contamination what's causing climate change? Literally everytime I see anything about climate change, contamination is brought up

No. 844921

>Things like exposure can change how you view other people, and the world around you.
Nta but i've been exposed to men of my own race my entire life and still don't find them attractive. It had the opposite effect if anything

No. 844924

I honestly don't think that's weird either tbh (sort of kills the DNA argument some anons were making though, lol). Familiarity can breed contempt.

No. 844936

The kid has been here for a few hours and my mother is either hysterical over anything he does or she talks to him as if she had a lobotomy: 'OMG LOOK HE'S EATING THE APRICOT!!' 'AM I NOT THE BEST FOR GIVING YOU A MUFFIN??'. I often wondered if there's something wrong with me because kids don't trigger this reaction from me. I don't hate them but they don't make me go 'OMGGG SOO CUTE' and I honestly find it annoying when people react that way. Probably because I don't understand it

No. 844942

My neighbor used to return my hellos and make small talk and now she wont make eye contact. I was just out front planting flowers and when she left to take her dogs out I said hi (she was like 3 feet away from me) and she looked away. This isn't the first time recently either. I think my neighbor on my left that I had a fight with spread gossip about me, cuz I always see those two talking. I got in a fight with the neighbor on my left because I told her to stop touching my flowerbed and it made her pissed, and ever since she won't talk to me. I live between two old bats that hate me now and it isn't even my fault. Sorry I like to garden my shit myself? Not

No. 844943

Some dead inside older ppl use kids to make themselves feel alive. This may sound weird but I've observed those types of adults around kids, and it's like they're feeding off the kids energy or something. Freaky.

No. 844950

>feeding off the kids energy
Holy shit, I was thinking the same. It's like they get drunk on the attention that they're getting from the kid or something

No. 844983

Anons…they are just lonely and miss the simpler times.

No. 845002

basically the reason I fear and am extremely skeptical of fujos is because I had a terrible time dealing with two fujos who had become overt pedophiles and one was a groomer, and after that, I don't think I can ever view the genre with anything but contempt again. by then I already disliked yaoi but my perception was forever twisted by having to deal with those disgusting retards. it made me realize that there's a lot of gross coomers in anime communities who are female as well, it's not just male degens. people also kept trying to excuse the fujo predators until they actually went out on a limb to hurt people and got called out, disappeared, still felt like there was no real consequence for them.

really just part of why I eventually abandoned the majority of anime as a whole was the revolting behavior of everyone in anime circles. I was harassed by so many people. I don't think there's anything wrong with not being interested anymore, but I feel like I wasted years of my life and people have put me down for not being into anime or not wanting to watch it anymore. I will still read manga, that's about it, I have no desire to watch shows that weren't ones I saw before I stopped.

not to sound like a retard but a lot of what I once enjoyed feels tainted and brings back terrible memories of the things people did, isn't that a valid reason? I just feel like an idiot for sometimes feeling sick to my stomach when I see certain anime pics, and I feel sick to my stomach especially when I see fujoshit, because it reminds me of what I dealt with

No. 845003

I like kids but every time I babysit I feel like it's the opposite. Taking care of a child is so goddamn tiring they're like little emotional vampires.

No. 845004

I just want my bf to leave for work so I can cook something to eat for myself and have some peace. He's been so boring and annoying all morning and I'm sick of being stuck in this bedroom watching his lame ass show about some loser and the mental hangup about his ugly penis. This puts me in such an irritated mood.
Just leave for work dude, it's me time today. No, you don't need to spend every second attached to my damn hip.
Forty more minutes to freedom.

No. 845006

Looking after my nephew when he was a toddler inspired a lot of joy and brought back a lot of my own memories about childhood and the advent of growing up and learning in a rose tinted kind of way, but eventually the headache begins to form and I look forward to when my turn of looking after him is done.

No. 845007

I like hyper morning people, and I'm tired of assholes who hate on them. Sure, somebody who invades other's space sort of sucks, but they're much better than debbie downers. I'm sorry you can't function in the AM, without coffee or energy drinks, and without hating your miserable existence. Maybe take care of yourself, eat properly, and do fucking mental care, and maybe you wouldn't be such a miserable murmuring fuck. I'm not expecting everyone to be chipper, but stop carrying your shitass attitude to work.

No. 845010

Fujo here. I don't really roll in any circles; I just share my interest and fandoms with my irl bestfriend, and we have fun like that. But unfortunately, being online opens room for a lot more degeneracy. (Look at the fujo thread. They have 'gangrape-chan'.) It's a valid reason to avoid the fandoms all together, but you didn't waste your life, and you're not an idiot. Go take a breathe and a walk.

No. 845013

It's more a problem in online communities, but it'll happen IRL in clubs and such. Too much degeneracy. Back then I really wanted to fit in i guess, so for awhile was perfectly complicit or arguably unaware the kind of shit that went on in anime communities until I started being affected by it personally. When I left and realized in hindsight how much grooming, abuse, harassment and doxing, went on under everyone's nose, it was cutting.

Obviously you're not all like that, but it did sour me to it and now I really cannot dissociate what happened from the media whenever I see it.

No. 845014

I'm in D&D campaign and I absolutely love it except for this one player who keeps breaking the immersion by referencing scenes and NPCs to real life things, either people we know or some pop culture things. It's okay once in a while but I really want to RP in character without having to think about some asshole from real life. It's so frustrating but I don't have the guts to talk about with her.

No. 845016

Similar experience, the continuous shipping of a character with a man who literally tortured and raped him was my final straw and the fact that I continuously saw them defending it and never backing down for ever a second, kinda made me realize they were just the same as male coomers
I know some maybe good but I think most Fujos are degenerates and I'm glad the woke mob calls them out on their shit

No. 845017

Maybe they already do those things. Bitch.

No. 845023

Yeah abusive ships and stereotypes were so common. It always felt like there were almost no fluffy or wholesome stories that didn't ride on stereotypes in the genre and didn't revolve around sex. I feel like part of my adolescent brain was affected by my fujo phase. It contributed to my unhealthy view on power dynamics in relationships.

I can't stand the black and white top or bottom discourse that people keep pushing and that to me is so reminiscent of my experience with fujo communities. It's gross to me that it's leaking out into the mainstream. Not everything about sex has to be in black and white and not everything about power dynamics has to do with kinkshit, either.

Western media does gay love stories better, at least with focusing more on romanticism and less on eroticizing, but it's still not perfect. It seems paradoxical to fetishize gay men in the first place, I don't get why women do it. If they're truly gay they'll never love a woman, why objectify them so much? What is attractive about gayness to fujos?

No. 845029

>I don't get why women do it. If they're truly gay they'll never love a woman, why objectify them so much? What is attractive about gayness to fujos?
The same reason men like lesbian porn. Adding extra of the thing you already find attractive looks hotter, and some women don't want their own bodies to be involved in it.

No. 845033

cause it's a feitsh
At some point they start shipping literally disgusting monsters together or ugly old men cause their male and that's all that matters
I just wish they would admit it, you have a fetish and continuously reading BL stories everyday can lead to porn sickness and further degeneracy as a result of escalation of fetishes

No. 845035

>Female and male sexuality are exactly the same!
I tire of this delusion concocted by woman-dislikers, handmaidens desperate for their approval and trannies. It's as big a lie as claiming male and female crime rates are the same.
If the two were the same, we'd have an entire porn industry catered specifically to women where men were abused en masse.
We can discuss the problems of fem coomers without likening them to male coomers.

No. 845036

But I don't do any of those things, I just want to look at cute guys. I look at non-gay art too occasionally if I like how it looks. Maybe it's different for other fujos though.

No. 845038

All I'm saying is that reading thousand's of BL stories and reading rape doujins can and will fuck up your mind, just like watching too much porn can fuck up scrotes mind

No. 845039

thinking about how some part of me wants something bad to happen because im going to have my apartment to myself for a few weeks and it would be the ammunition and privacy i need to finally do myself in. It's irrational and I don't really want to but it's a constant reoccurring thought.

No. 845040

File: 1625337131497.jpeg (33.66 KB, 366x342, C47EC9E8-33FC-4D84-B9AD-8DEA45…)

I’m by no means a shy person, but recently I’ve been experiencing anxiety and feeling uncomfortable in social situations like parties/gatherings. Like I just don’t want to be there. It might be an effect of covid but like, I just don’t have the urge to socialize like I normally did with people, small talk is fucking nauseating, I’m literally not interested in what people have to say. Maybe this isn’t a big deal, but I’m worried I’m turning into some reclusive mongoloid that can’t be around people.

No. 845047

As long as you're not consuming an amount that's unhealthy, it's not all porn, and the content doesn't influence you to become pornsick.

No. 845049

Ugh, I'm at my family's house because I need to get schoolwork done and my aunt put on Taylor Swift's boring ass Folklore album on and then left the living room. I don't want to listen to this shit.

No. 845054

File: 1625338303585.gif (1.83 MB, 500x281, D_df149eeead8c2a4c4cebbfc20c8d…)

And yet women aren't out in hordes raping men, coercing men into butt sex, pressuring men into looking like anime, molesting children, grooming teenagers…. interesting

No. 845057

it still stands that consuming too much of anything can fuck you up. and I've seen fujos go down the pipeline of normie fujoshit and then end up being into literal shotacon, so it's very possible for them to become degenerates or abusers, even if less capacity than men

No. 845060

File: 1625339186784.gif (4.17 MB, 377x289, no more.gif)

>both cholesterol and blood sugar are high af on most recent blood labs
>still my dumbass wants to make some fucking tempura with the fresh seafood and veggies I bought instead of the healthy shit I planned

Oh my god. I can't save me from myself.

No. 845062

This is what I mean, any sort of criticism of fujo behavior you always bring up scrotes and their vile behavior and act like you don't need to explain any furhter
and as anon
consuming massive amounts fucks you up, it might not fuck you up as much as scrotes but it does lead to brain rot, how is that hard to understand

No. 845063

You will never convince me that female shotacon, or lolicon for that matter, is fundamentally the same as male shota/lolicon. Actual female sex offenders are always normalfags. Only moid brains are mushy enough to let cartoons meme them into crimes. The worst of autistic females just self-harm aka troon out. They're 100000% more likely to get in relationship with an older closet pedo man than a shota lmao

No. 845064

and of course your using a draq queen reaction image, cause of you would

No. 845065

do you have single defense that doesn't involve scrotes, cause that's literally all you faghags do
you always bring up scrotes as an excuse of your degeneracy

No. 845066

>B-but anon I'm not like the other coomers!

No. 845068

>muh reaction image
No one is disagreeing that porn consumption can lead to porn sickness, don't move goal post desu. You brought scrotes up first by making wahmen ebil same! argument.

No. 845071

Oh my fucking God, I never said that they were equal in actions, I was just comparing that fujos can get the same porn brain just like scrotes, that's all I was saying
and yeah it was funny you using drag queen reaction image, it's something so many faghags do

No. 845072

Female coomerism is complex compared to men's. If you aren't willing to serve criticism with a side of nuance then just go back to anti-shipper twitter.

No. 845076

I didn't have any fitting le wojaks or le peypeys images

No. 845078

it's a pipeline. a lot of people who start off with drawn degeneracy involving children will escalate and start to go look at real cheese pizza. it's happened time and again. in that case it is a pipeline. Not everyone goes down that pipeline but the most extreme people who consoom excess amounts of porn, and increasingly degenerate porn, will go down that pipeline. Depends on how maladjusted they are socially and mentally.

No. 845081

There needs to be a ban on japanese porn topics, no one can handle it without a derail.

No. 845083

Muh "nuance" is always just a way for you guys to avoid criticism for your coomerism by defaulting to
>b-but my degeneracy is not actually a problem because I'm not as bad as those moids!

No. 845085

I'm not a fujo myself, but wasn't the whole point of OP's vent that there is a ton of grooming and irl pedos in that community?
>When I left and realized in hindsight how much grooming, abuse, harassment and doxing, went on under everyone's nose
>I had a terrible time dealing with two fujos who had become overt pedophiles and one was a groomer

No. 845090

Yes. I am OP and that was my point. I didn't see as many female groomers but they did exist, and the ones I dealt with personally were terrible people. I grew up with a narcissistic abuser mom and seeing people defend the abusive women in that community (who would also go after and threaten other women for telling them to stop being degenerates) based on their gender and the presumption that they were less harmful rubs me the wrong way.

Just because you see them less often doesn't mean they don't exist, especially in spaces where NEETs and socially maladapted people are common.

No. 845094

File: 1625342091960.jpg (60.4 KB, 750x746, f2371cc7ff99d7c1b8448cdf012e0e…)

I'm so sick of trying to push my husband to see a doctor. He's been complaining about scrote pain but won't sit down with me and make an appointment. I tried telling him today "Hey, you shouldn't be doing physical labor even like gardening with the pain you have. You should be resting or helping me find you care. Can you do that instead?" I know it might sound pushy, for context I've been politely asking and reminding him in subtle ways that aren't confrontational for about a month now. In response to what I said today he just left me on read while continuing to dig and do shit that I could tell was hurting him. Eventually I said "Fine. Do what you will. You make it nearly impossible for me to want to help you when you just ignore me and get defensive. Even worse you just push this off day by day then worry about cancer." Left on read again.

What the fuck. He has insurance, a good copay and a big deductible. We have transportation. There's many docs and specialists around here. I don't understand. I really don't. It's maddening. When I merely mentioned my back and side pain he rushed me to care and demanded I be on top of my health. He cares so much for me but will neglect himself. Fuckin dingus scrote. I love him but he's retarded.

No. 845095

That's an entire vent, tbh. This site gets retarded and frothing at anything vaguely fujo or Japanese porn related.

No. 845097

I have to go to a birthday dinner for my wife's friend and i'm so exhausted from work. I just wanna drink, look cute, tell her happy birthday and be left alone.

No. 845101

Most men are still at the "out of sight out of mind" mental stage. Tell him "we're going to get icecream" and drive him to the hospital kek. If he can nut in you then he's big enough to get his balls touched by a stranger for 5 minutes.

No. 845102

Is Japanese porn just your way of saying BL or did we seriously have some elaborate discussion (and from the looks of it with some pro-people at that…) on porn from Japan specifically and I just missed it?

No. 845104

Welcome to dating men. Good luck.

No. 845111


No. 845116

>dingus scrote
you have your reason. being a MAN and suffering is more important than their health. this is why men die earlier than women and women are superior. masculinity so fragile going to the doctor will take his man card away.

No. 845122

I just remembered that when I was 15 and we had summer holidays I got dressed, put on makeup and went to a restaurant to eat a big ass sundae by myself, took a picture of it and then go back home (and then later having diarrhea bc of lactose kek). I never had friends because I got bullied at school but that never stopped me from going out and doing stuff alone. Fuck other people.

No. 845124

Drop the rope and let him take care of himself. I presume you have a dead bedroom because of the scrote pain? I'd let him know that the lack of intimacy and seeing him in pain is affecting your relationship and leave it at that. Act distant. Men never listen to a nag, but they will chase.

No. 845139

based. i enjoy being alone and just doing my thing, but i have yet to work up the courage to go watch a movie or eat at a restaurant all by myself.

No. 845150

I'm so alone, tired, dumb, fat with no motivation. I am not able to restart life so why just not end it all

No. 845152

File: 1625348422952.jpg (151.01 KB, 1788x322, this.jpg)

I wish I could have gotten dating advice from my mom that was framed like picrel, basically talking about the male condition and what the 'game' to them is and how to play along. I would have been so much better off and quite frankly–if she'd been less judgmental towards women and less catering to men–so would she.

No. 845155

we're all going to die from climate change aren't we. None of this will matter in 15 years when amazon is selling air for 50$ a minute.

And we're just to watch it happen while elon and grimes try to rocket off to mars but will probably die from elon's fat ass eating all the food on board before they land

No. 845164

I feel the same. I see so many posts (especially today after a lot people expressed feeling hopeless seeing the gulf of mexico on fire) "WELL with that attitude we will, we just have to take the things in our own hands and rebel agains big corpos!" but big corpos causing all this aren't some, idk, small corrupted governments that can be taken down with a public uprising. With so much money at stake they'll never stop and kill everyone in their way. I am going to continue my miserable recycling and possibly ecofriendly consumption just so I can't say I've given up completely, but I genuinely don't believe it matters, and that the things can be stopped. Just like you've said, 20 years from now instead enjoying middle of our lives we will be dying either because of new ice age or scorching heat and lack of clean water.

No. 845166

We definitely have the tech and science to reverse most of climate change. But big corps won't allow it. They want people dependant and suffering. The only comfort I have is that by 2050 everyone will be infertile and the system will finally collapse because there's no more kids.

No. 845169

Surprisingly we still manage to have good sex without him hurting, we usually do positions where I'm top anyways. It just gets him at work because he sits at a desk most the day and drives when he isn't in the office. If it did impede on his nut, we definitely would have had it fixed cause you're dead on, kek.

No. 845175

File: 1625350591283.png (27.17 KB, 207x243, calico.png)

I mean, there's all sorts of things that could happen that could kill us all off instantly. Not just climate change. I'm not giving up on our planet just yet though. Going full doomer is just too exhausting and lame.

No. 845178

>but big corpos causing all this aren't some, idk, small corrupted governments that can be taken down with a public uprising
Neither was the French Crown for its time, until they were. Successful attempts have been made in South America to dethrone Coca Cola that was selling citizens in corrupt countries their own drinking water. It's not impossible.

However, I can keep talking about this until I'm blue in the face and some people will refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. The issue is that most globally rich normies don't care because it's not affecting them directly yet, and they're unwilling to give up their creature comforts, thus filling the pockets of bigcorps.
They will deflect and point fingers at others and absolutely refuse to budge, argue "why should I when that guy won't", say life is short and they're gonna keep consuming instead of changing their habits and kill themselves later anyway, or they'll retweet a few things and feel like they've done their part. It's simply easier for people today, both civilians and politicians, to be complacent because rocking the boat risks them losing money and public support.

I've heard it all before.
>It's India and China who pollute the most and cause the most waste, not the West
This is so insidious and false that I have no words. Not only does a quick Google search reveal that the countries with the biggest amount of generated waste per capita excluding recycled materials and bio waste are all filthy rich (Monaco, Gulf states, US and Canada, Australia, UK, Caribbean tax havens), it just makes fucking sense that countries where capitalism runs rampant and where waste management infrastructure is poor to non-existent will generate the most waste. Hell, it's not even a secret that Western countries ship their trash out to China and other Asian countries to process.
>Why should I stop doing X, it's not going to make a difference
Because in order to make a difference you don't only recycle, or only eat local, or only refuse to buy Nestlé products, or only ride a bike to work. You also need to push as much as possible for your government to make legislative changes and participate in citizen initiatives. One person can make a world of difference but retweeting something, buying a shampoo bar and carrying on with your day is not enough, which is where most people fail.

Most people are simply too complacent and unwilling to give up their dream of living abroad and travelling, owning the latest and greatest or god forbid being slightly inconvenienced by washing reusable diapers to do anything that matters. Big corps just take advantage of that and push it even further with psychologically manipulative marketing that makes you want things you don't need. But there is positive change if people are willing to give it a push, it just isn't going to come from big corps and big corp-funded governments.

No. 845180

Stay mad and miserable, faggot.

No. 845184

I have been recovering from surgery, didn't eat any actual real food for almost a month, and today was the first day I managed to have soft foods. Tell me why the fuck was everyone very supportive of me, but this one "friend" had to go on a huge sperg about how this triggers her ED, bitch you think I wanna live like this either? Fucking block me then, don't try to force everyone to trigger warning a fucking bowl of mashed potatoes. "Your weight loss triggers me" I can't post a fucking photo of my face in my own story? I am not even fucking ana, I am actually overweight and the weight loss has been good for me but also painful, wtf are you talking about

No. 845186

I think it’s easy for a lot of people to feel helpless and not bother trying to change things, so this was actually motivating to read. I’m glad that there are other people out there who feel strongly about this.

No. 845188

One of my ex-friends came out as a TIM and his new name is mine. I have probably one of the weirdest/ugliest names in my country, so 99% sure he got it from me. I want to rip off my skin whenever people call him by my name. It literally feels like he stole it from me, as retarded as that sounds.

No. 845189

That’s fucking weird. I’m sorry, anon.

No. 845193

I'm glad I could help, anon. Sadly until we get angry and start causing a scene things often just won't get done, this goes for everything. It's why Karens exist, because it works.

Also, whenever you're stuck, just think about this: "What would the world be like if everyone thought like me?"
If you're stuck in the doomer mindset and think everything is pointless, what would happen if everyone thought the same? Nothing, probably. Sudoku fuel helps nobody and changes nothing, if you die you die anyway, might as well stick around to see how it ends and try to fight for a better tomorrow.

No. 845194

I'm mentally ill and I have recently failed college, although it was a very easy programme, but I took it very seriously and then got very demotivated when I saw that so many people were not even taking the programme seriously, but passing very easily because they would just memorize stuff and then regurgitate it.

I'm very traumatized and quite mentally ill in the sense of depression/anxiety and lacking the ability to focus. I also have lost my mother to suicide which broke me mentally and my dad is an asshole and I hate him and I need to immigrate out of my third world country and get a job, although I feel almost unable to due to my mental health.

I've been feeling like I am maybe supraevaluating my intelligence and I began thinking that maybe I'm bellow average in intelligence, so I took an IQ test with a psychiatrist and I got 128. Which is above average. I don't know, I don't think that intelligence is that important in this world, I think that in fact it.makes my life worse. It makes me overthink and want to write which will not help me financially. Everything in this world is limited by finances and stupid or unempathetic people make loads of money.

No. 845196

I want to create Youtube content where I show my face, but I am afraid I will get harassed, misinterpreted or killed. I always have extremely bad luck when it comes to how other people percieve me. I always end up being hated or misinterpreted.

I would like to talk about my abuse, my mental health, politics, read ETC. Not even necessarily for money, but because sometimes I have ideas for skits and as I was growing up I always wished I could share my ideas and experience with the world. I want to do a series where I show my progress in learning Japanese.

No. 845198

I think you should be careful with sharing personal things like abuse and mental health story, these can be easily misunderstood and twisted in a way that may be harmful to you. Otherwise, it's not THAT awful I believe, as long as you don't cater to a particularly hateful audience (like chans), you should be fine. I know a lot of local female youtubers that have relatively popular, small channels that stay very positive and pretty much harassment free, so it's possible to do.

No. 845202

You sound pretty mad yourself, fuckface.

No. 845203


Thanks anon. I think I will try to stay away from hateful things. Criticism or going over politics might make me build a hateful audience. I don't want people to hate me.

No. 845204

That sounds really hard, anon. Maybe moving abroad would be the fresh start you need?

No. 845207

Trauma severely impacts our ability to process info and remember things, please don't blame yourself.

No. 845208

Stop obsessing over your intelligence. It doesn't matter how intelligent you are, nobody cares but yourself. You're mentally unwell and need to seek help.
Just walk away from the keyboard, start journaling and stop making yourself such an easy target. People pick on you because you make yourself easy to pick on, because you're not getting the help you need.

No. 845210

File: 1625354735829.jpg (99.51 KB, 1280x960, Dumbo-In-Water.jpg)

Went to see what Shayna's monster vag looked like and… It was fine, damn if people think that's ugly when what's in my pants, chuthulu? I know I shouldn't care and this is a gossip site after all. Still feels shitty at the end of the day when I gotta wash my elephant pussy lips.

No. 845212

I want to move abroad soon. I have just applied for my driver's license. I want to get one here, as I think it is easier. I think having a driver's license will be very good and in other countries it is much more expensive than it is here. I think that in around 6 months at best I'm good to leave.

I don't want to do YouTube for money or as my career. I would like to do it as a way to connect with the world and express myself, but I am reluctant as I am afraid of bad things and I have had bad things happen to me on the internet. People stalking me skinwalking me. But that being said, I still want to make a series about me learning Japanese. I don't think that sort of content would attract a negative audience. But if I do attract dislikes or hatred I will delete my videos and close my channel.

Thanks anons! Wish me luck for moving abroad successfully and being able to keep a job.


I have been going to therapy for 5 years, from which 2 were consecutive years of therapy. I did also change therapists a lot, so I did try quite a handful of them. I think certain traumas are not to be healed and our environment also affects us a lot. I am starting to go to therapy again because I have a little bit of money, but it always feels like someone is just telling me fake positive bullshit that does not apply to my life. I also read CBT and DBT.

Changing your environment is also incredibly hard if you do not have support and are struggling.

No. 845216

I am worried for you because hers is, I mean-

No. 845217

I used to like anime and keep saying I want to watch it again, but I started to feel disgusted about how they make teenage characters (so basically 90% of all characters) do sexual/lewd stuff like show panties or boobs or whatever and most adult anime fans are into fucking ecchi or hentai even though the characters are portraying teenage humans and I just can't stop feeling upset about this. I'm in an anime fans server of my country and basically everyone there thinks that stuff is normal and has the nsfw role and shit and I just can't believe adults think this is normal. I kinda miss anime but now I got this mental hurdle and I feel I'm just gonna avoid watching it until I'm 70 and lose all interest

No. 845218

anon, you are not an online prostitute and it is your genitals. If someone loves you they will have to accept your ugly pussy. You don't have to worry so much about something you keep hidden anyway

No. 845221

anon, there are shows that are still nice and wholesome and where characters are not overly sexualized like Yuru Camp. I am watching it right now. It is top comfy

No. 845224

There's plenty of anime without weird sexualization. I grew out of anime too but that's just because I no longer find the tropes and pacing sufficiently entertaining compared to western TV. That shit can really drag.

No. 845231

Like 80% is sexualized crap, sorry anon. I don't tell ppl I watch anime because of that. If you're looking for good anime though mushishi is great, calming and good story.

No. 845232

i made a fake noose out of ceran wrap and fashioned it around my neck earlier and kept mockingly choking myself, I'm not okay but when am I ever

No. 845237

i'm sick of instagram culture and contemporary beauty ideals, everyone are so obsessed with perfection and seeing flaws in themselves that aren't fucking there. and i feel sorry for those people because it used to really get to me too and i hated myself for not looking like a typical instagram thot ala kylie jenner but at the same time i'm just so damn tired of hearing about it. i had a friend over recently and she kept talking about stuff she wanted done, like get botox for wrinkles that aren't there (she's fucking 26), a nose job when her nose is small, fillers to fix "asymmetry" that no one else but her notices. it's like trying to make your eyebrows completely identical, it's not going to harmonise with your face and it will only get worse the harder you try. i worked to snap out of that mindset and feel happy with how i look and in retrospect i was so stupid to think i needed anything done, because i don't think any surgeries or fillers would do anything good for me. my mind was poisoned and now i'm happy to finally live in peace with my looks, i stopped using instagram and caring about taking good selfies and comparing myself to others and instead i just put on a pretty, comfortable dress and that's all i need to feel good. so now i just don't need to listen to that kind of negative thoughts that i worked to erase from my own head. i feel slightly shitty for thinking this because i know it's not funny to feel so insecure but i also think it's shitty to voice your insecurities in a way that might affect someone with less thick skin. like if you're always talking about needing a nosejob when your nose is small, you're just saying that people with bigger noses than yours needs surgery too and you're just generally pushing negativity on your friends when you should probably talk to a therapist instead of being such an energy vampire

No. 845241

samefag, but now i kinda want a thread about energy vampires, i'd love to hear other anons experiences and exchange advice about how to deal with one

No. 845252

embarrassed for white canadians who virtue signal about the word Indian like it's the n-word despite the existence of the literal country of INDIA.

No. 845253

good for you anon! i go to cafés alone sometimes but i wouldn't have had the courage to do that at 15. i was always introverted, shy and socially awkward, and for the longest time i couldn't accept that and tried to force myself to be a social person. now i feel content that it's just how i am and it's so liberating to be able to do what i want without caring if i have friends around me. i don't even know why it's so scary to do something like that, it's not like i ever judged other people being alone at restaurants. sometimes i'll just imagine that i'm a character in an indie movie, like amelie. cringe, but it helps me feel more comfortable

No. 845255

not canadian, but that's not just a canadian thing. they mean when it's used about natives, right? i don't think it's as bad as the n-word, but it is a bit ignorant when they aren't actually from india. negro just means black too, doesn't make it ok to call people

No. 845256

For non sexualized interesting anime stories I recommend:
Haibane Renmei
Kino no tabi
Land of the Lustrous
And some kids shows enjoyable for anyone, like digimon, doremi, card captor sakura

No. 845257

I can make one! But what the OP would entail? please tell me

No. 845262

Being normal is so fucking hard. Why it so fucking easy for other people

No. 845263


Yeah no shit it is derogatory to refer to someone who is first nations as an "Indian". My point is that the word itself isn't inherently derogatory. No one should feel scandalized to read it or speak it aloud in other contexts.

No. 845269

i misunderstood you then, sorry anon, i agree

No. 845270

The sperging about her vagina is ridiculous and pathetic, but this is a gossip site after all. As if everyone here had "perfect" porn pussies. Anyways, vaginas have way more important functions than being "aesthetically pleasing" or whatever. Men's opinion don't matter either, but real men appreciate all pussies

No. 845276

My dipshit narc dad would use my dead sister in order to guilt trip me and then wonders why I won’t talk to him anymore. I’m doing what he was too chickenshit to do to his own parents and trimming the fat. My grandmother was a vile human being but she still managed to keep a few suckers around. My dad is so pathetic he couldn’t hold onto the only two people who were forced to tolerate him. I don’t have a family but at least I’m free.

No. 845280

File: 1625359402512.jpg (24.78 KB, 400x400, 9Ik4IlCD_400x400.jpg)

I was an autistic neet for the majority of my life and now, after working with people for the first time, I'm starting to think that maybe there's certain truth to the "not all men". Sure, I don't know how they behave in private, but at least at work, men can be divided into two groups. Those who respect the fact that you don't want to talk, and those who don't. The first group initially tried to interact with me more, but when they noticed I'm not very responsive, they left me alone, while still being respectful and nice whenever I ask about something or I need some help etc. The second group contains of men who cannot understand that a woman is not interested in a conversation with them and they keep pushing you, or at least stare at you creepily. Again, I have no idea how the men who respect my boundaries at work are in private, and I'm not going to call them "good men", but in terms of work alone, I can definitely see how someone can believe that not all men are the same. I'm genuinely surprised that not all men are assholes at work

No. 845283

You really thought basic feminist analysis of men as a class meant literally every single one of them would openly harass women at work…? That's pretty obviously not the case. But keep in mind 'all men' benefit from the fear, people pleasing and submission women exhibit to mitigate the possibility/severity of harassment, and you never know how they treat other women under other circumstances. I thought the men at my job were perfectly polite and normal until I found out a bunch of them were harassing my (prettier, more outgoing and friendly) coworker.

No. 845288

Anon, I've only been outside between the ages of 1 and 14, and later only when I had to buy me some chicken tendies or to see a doctor or a movie at the cinema. I completely agree with you on everything. I just wanted to write about my initial feelingd and how deceptive they are

No. 845303

I'm lucky my bf is good at navigating me being so ocd/anxious. I hate being like this. He has the patience of a saint and I don't deserve him. He kindly reminded me what I'm going through and that it sucks but I hate that he has to help me out at all. When I get my shit together I'm going to propose to him.

No. 845308

>I'm lucky
>I don't deserve him
>I hate that he has to help me
Anon I'm glad that you feel supported but that's what a partner who loves you is meant to do. I'm sure your bf is great but please don't be so hard on yourself because this is how people end up with abusers

No. 845311

Appreciate you looking out. We've been together a long time, it's just this past bit that's been so difficult for me. I just know he's balancing a lot and I can't even give him a break.

No. 845317

File: 1625365255533.png (17.49 KB, 200x198, NPC_wojak_meme.png)

I don't know anons, I'm very sad and disappointed and I think I will be boyfriend-less for the rest of my life.

>insert sad emoji I cannot insert because of board culture

I cannot stand how politicised everything has become and how everyone lacks nuance in their beliefs. I have talked with so many left winger men and they all believe trans women need to be included in feminism, that they are real women and they refuse to see my argument of how women have never had anything for themselves in history. They also think porn can be feminist, although I explain to them how women were depicted as sexual objects since ancient times and that in the end even if women mimic pleasure in pornography they are depicted as sexual objects which is completely against feminism.

If I talk to right wingers, they are openly misogynistic, whiny, think men have it bad in modern society, think capitalism is good and that jews are ruling the world from behind.

I'm tired honestly. Right wingers think I'm a leftist and left wingers think I am a right winger only because my political opinions are so very nuanced.

I was talking to a guy on Okcupid that was a 10/10 to me. Tall, young, with a good job, with education, cute, smart. Then he asked me about politics and I told him I consider myself left wing and then he began spewing bullshit about trans women and quote on quote "feminist porn" and I argued with him 3 hours and he would not stop about feminist porn or trans women being women.

Jesus Christ, they are all the same, the same. Politics are ruining the world and turning people into brainless ideologized NPCs.

I'd rather live in my womancave alone for the rest of my life than having to play in the political opinions of some scrote and quitting my own. Ultimately, they all want you to give up on your opinions in favor of theirs.

No. 845323

My parents are great people with interesting life stories. I'm 23 and will probably only graduate at 27. Next to what they already were at my age, I've done nothing. I'm such a loser.

No. 845328

Despite you feeling guilty, him helping you with those problems from the beginning is how you know he actually loves you, and is not staying with you just because you're convenient or easy. A strong relationship involves you both being able to communicate and tackle problems together. Unfortunately many people don't find out much later that they can't work through issues together worth a damn, and they just stayed together because it was easy at the time. Isn't it freeing to know that isn't the case with your relationship?

No. 845331

I have so much anger in me for letting people walk all over me my whole life just because I was so scared of hurting someone's feelings and being seen as rude or as a bad person. I'm so fucking angry at myself for never establishing boundaries and I'm so fucking angry at people for crossing boundaries that they know they should have never crossed and would have not crossed with no one else. I'm especially fucking mad at my ex for calling me a bad person and inconsiderate all the time because I'd be at work and couldn't respond to him within five minutes or because I wanted to play a game with a friend. When I'd stop everything I was doing and then tend to him for six hours while he went on and on about how shitty I was and how upset he was. When he never did the same for me, if I cried even for a second he would go silent and ignore me the whole day and say I was too much. I hate him so fucking much and I feel so disgusted at myself for staying with him and trying for such a loser for so long, I'm so gross and stupid. I want him to burn.

Now I have a "friend" constantly trying to guilt trip me into spending time with him for longer than I want to and he will go into a deep depression, anger, and or anxiety if I decide not to. You know what, fuck him. I don't owe anyone my fucking time. If I want to only spend an hour with someone and then go home and play a video game all day then I'm allowed to. No one is entitled to my time. Not only that, no one is entitled to me being their emotional support. I'm no longer being anyone's free therapist. I'm going to be selfish from now on, that doesn't make me shitty or bad. Everyone else is allowed to have boundaries so I think I should allowed to be able to as well. Fuck every abusive person in my life for trying to make me think otherwise.

No. 845333

4chan now has literal tranny jannies controlling places besides /lgbt/. There's one on /x/ that deletes posts and bans people for saying "tranny" or "dilate".
I just think it's funny because general misogyny, rape threats and extreme racism are still allowed there and go undeleted. These men really do protect their own kind.

No. 845334

Praying you get a himbo bf, anon. The best filter would probably be "want someone who doesn't spend time online".

No. 845336

That's awesome, use that anger, it protects you from shitty people and situations. De doormatting yourself is hard but it's very worth it. Glad you stopped playing soothing mommy to grown ppl.

No. 845337

I'm feeling good about myself today. I look good even though I'm far from being conventionally attractive. I just realized I'm not the chupacabra people made me believe I was.
Suddenly I'm feeling all my long lost interests coming back. I want to dance and write, draw a bit maybe. I wonder if that's what not being depressed feels like and am worried tomorrow I'll feel like shit again
Never felt like this before, what is going on

No. 845338

There are annoying coke heads staying in the flat below me and they are being very obnoxious and loud and they're now directly my bedroom it's 4am I don't want to hear their woeful attempt at being funny and interesting

No. 845339

I hate how women are portrayed in sex in media. Like you know when someone 'hits the spot' and all of a sudden she starts moaning "NO NO NO NOT THERE~"? Shouldn't you be enjoying yourself?

No. 845341

Anon, I really needed to read something like this right now. I've been trying and failing for the past hour to put down my thoughts about my own boundaries being disrespected by a friend who's been trying to use me as her own therapist and then attacks me when I can't relate to her and don't know how to help her. Thank you, and I wish you nothing but happiness and comfort.

No. 845343

File: 1625369108293.png (217.1 KB, 500x443, 3D0DB25B-2209-4D74-B59D-596B95…)

I wasn’t going to sperg about this but my ex has basically stopped using all social media except for the one platform we still talk on. He got a new girlfriend and was radio silent on her for months but recently has been posting all this lovey dovey shit, and always making sure to tag her in the story too. He never refers to her as his ‘girlfriend’ to me though, just his ‘roommate’. Fucking weird but fine. I’m going on a road trip soon and one of the stops is in his city, he recommended me a restaurant that he thought I’d like and I said I’d put it on the list. A few hours later he’s posting about dinner with his girlfriend and they went to the place he mentioned. I get kinda annoyed but brush it off because it was probably on his mind, but now I see he’s messaged me after I’ve seen the story telling me about this food!

I feel like he’s rubbing this new relationship in my face about how happy he is now but I feel like he’s not. It feels like he’s trying to convince himself every time he posts. I know I need to block him and move on but I’m still attached.

No. 845351

I actually hate this woke bullshit occurring on tiktok. Asian fishing is one thing but telling people they can’t participate in a fashion from Japan because you’re not .. from there is so stupid, I cannot fathom how these people manage to walk and breathe at the same time.

No. 845364

I'm not going to let myself feel shitty over calling out your behavior. You crossed the line and I made excuses for you! I told myself it was because your circumstances at the time were shit and it made sense for you to act out but you never stopped and I realized you're not a good person. I fuck up all the time but I hold myself accountable. Someone holds you accountable and you try to ruin their life. Keep messaging my family, they don't care. They've heard me talk about how much you hurt me, they know I have a drinking problem, they know I had an abortion. They love me because I am honest and there for them, they're not going to abandon me no matter how much you think I don't deserve them. No amount of weird anonymous messages to people who know me will make you less wrong. Is it that hard for you to accept your hurt me? That was the only thing I communicated to you. I told I still cared about you but wanted distance myself for a while and you couldn't handle that? Glad I'm not married to you, fuck.

No. 845369

Rip the bandaid off. Block him. You won't regret it.

No. 845374

Anon, keep in mind a majority of these people trying to make the rules are social rejects. Read the comments of the videos and see what type of person agrees with the creator. Literal dumbasses.

I've noticed something similar, as a lot of minors are trying to be the authority of a conversation and dictate what is and what isn't socially acceptable. Like, they are purposely putting themselves in spaces with adults. I remember being a 16 year old, even a 19 year old, I didn't want to be around adults older than 24 and telling them what to do and think. Not even in a sense of trying to say to "respect your elders" but why even take this effort? And a lot of them, when they get criticized, they pull the "I'm a minor, you can't say such and such!" No one asked you to say anything to us, we're just responding probably not being aware of your young age in the first place. I wish social media wasn't so big. Like, Twitter and Tiktok are too all ages and topics friendly. I miss when MySpace was a thing, because interacting between other users wasn't extremely open and public, you had to take many steps. Even Youtube today has restrictions in comments sections, because what kind of video you're watching is going to have a certain demographic. Forums are sectioned off by topic… etc. Like, I feel this "outdated" format of social media is better for both the adults and minors, and probably will halt a lot of random topics that seem mundane from even starting and trending.

No. 845379


You put to words what I couldn’t. I never tried to go out of my way to be in adult spaces growing up, so seeing all these “well I’m 1/4th Japanese and this offends me” teens is so beyond me. They have no real world experience but feel like they can dictate and cancel people because they have no idea how actual Japanese people feel. I don’t, it’s embarrassing.

No. 845387

File: 1625379182221.png (292.97 KB, 828x758, imagen_2021-07-04_011153.png)

I'm so angry
This bitch who has 0 problems infantilizes the fuck out of BPD
""""icky bpd opinions"""""
bpd is ruinning people's lives, retard

No. 845389

"tickle tok" gave me cancer

No. 845397

Damn stop watching weeb shit then

No. 845400

>borderline babes
Jillian… honey…

No. 845402

Sometimes I just want some people to drop dead but like in a peaceful way because I hate wishing harm on people but still, there's some people who should not be alive today
(like rapists, abusers, and other type of scum)

No. 845415

I honestly think I'm too stupid to keep friends and too damaged to care. I've made few friends but the friendships were always short and usually, if not ended by ghosting, I end up being replaced. I'm aware that friendships don't work the same in your 20s as they used to in school but fuck me everyone is complaining about being lonely and then not putting in any effort when being reached out to. I'm so fucking tired of this shit and being so isolated. And I don't want to hear this shit about how I "haven't met everyone that will care about me yet" and similar shit because it's been years and no matter how far or long I'm out of that comfort zone, nothing ever comes out of it. I'm so so so fucking tired.

No. 845416

I kind of hate hanging out with my mom because she sucks at driving, every time someone rages at us I feel embarrassed by association

No. 845424

Thanks for the suggestions I'll look them up. Honestly I also wish I could find other adults who like anime but dislike this ecchi/hentai side of anime but I haven't met any.. I feel so old and out of place

No. 845465

Kids anime is honestly my favorite. I'll keep enjoying Digimon and Yokai Watch because they're wholesome chungus and the writing is genuinely good.
It honestly does suck how much ecchi shit sneaks into shojo shows as well. I don't remember if Super GALS was like that, but that was another show I loved that exceeded my expectations.

No. 845480

My brother "came out" to me about his porn addiction and how it's effecting his marriage. He tried to compare it to when I spent two years in recovery for anorexia and I raged. I have no sympathy for your pathetic coomer "addiction" and I'm disgusted to even know about it. On top of that, while I was struggling with recovery from my shit, you went behind my back and told our parents to stop "babying" me. Fuck you fuck you fuck you.

No. 845485

God fucking damn it I just wanted to go out today because I haven't been out in weeks I hate depending on other people to drive me places. "I'll take you tomorrow" for fuck's sake I wanted to go today for a reason. I'm pmsing and I need a fucking distraction. This is unbearable

No. 845490

Found about gooner porn through twitter and what i saw was:
- women and men being proud a father chose to masturbate to porn instead of going to his daughters graduation
- people thinking fathers raping their daughters is hot
- women and men being glad violent porn is fine and that they hope more violent porn involving women will be available.
- men fapping to their mother
I just want to kill myself. This shit is fucking disgusting. The internet was a fucking mistake.

No. 845511

every single tumblr feminist was right!!!!

No. 845527

What a fucking idiot. People die from anorexia but I never heard of anyone dying from jerking off to porn

No. 845558

hope it's not a-logging to wish that he loses dick function as the result of some wacky masturbation attempt.

No. 845560

File: 1625407406911.gif (608.26 KB, 500x282, 77464e3093800dbd78401ff619b057…)

I wanted to try to mend things between me and a friend after he fucked up real bad and instead he ghosted me. I'm livid but at the same time it's like, okay, whatever.

I wish I could send him a message of all the fhings he fucked up including my mental health but I'm an adult so no. I wish life was fair and he suffers for it, I really really do. He doesn't deserve to get away just like that but there is no justice, karma and similar shit in the world. Fucking dick, I hope the bad lick keeps following you because you fucking deserve it.

No. 845566

File: 1625407807006.jpg (75.21 KB, 827x982, 1614467225600.jpg)

These tinnitus spikes are gonna make me cry tbh.

And my current situation of not being able to sleep and being in a loud ass workplace with machinery is just kind of chipping away at me mentally, because I know it's making things worse, but I've got to earn money, you know? And for some reason wearing earplugs just makes me more aware of the tinnitus.

Also something that pisses me off is that when I go online looking for exercises to alleviate the sound, I get these clickbait thumbnails of how there's a cure for tinnitus around the corner. Like the whole concept of dealing with tinnitus is to accept that it's now a part of who you are, and to learn to live with it. And it takes just that small flicker of hope that I could cure it to fully set me back to hating it, being super aware of it etc etc. I wish there was some kind of trigger warning for that kind of stuff.

No. 845591

Fuck him anon! I hope you will heal.
Also good damon gif

No. 845592

I try so hard for others but they never understood me. It's hard for me to have friends because of my mental illness but I try and get hatred or nothing in return. I can't trust anyone.

No. 845594

Pretty sure my laptop’s keyboard is broken in the most annoying way ever. I even reset the pc completely and it stills shits up everything by typing the wrong letters or just triggering an onslaught of random letter keysmash. I can’t even use a password on the computer since I never know when that lit