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File: 1621429641464.jpg (27.2 KB, 325x325, The-mundane.jpg)

No. 810590

ITT: post uneventful and mandane as fuck events in your life

Previous thread >>738433

No. 810593

I had a big breakfast and now I'm regretting it

No. 810594

It's raining

No. 810595

My local down-the-corner mini store has a TV and yesterday they had the channel on VH1 and I got to listen to MCR's Black Parade on tv once again, and luvd it

No. 810598

I placed a bet on a gambling site for the first time ever

No. 810603

I know that the tension is killing everyone so I'm just gonna say I ended up walking for that KitKat

No. 810605


No. 810607

Good choice nonners

No. 810608

I knew you would. You started by talking about the craving, not about laziness. It was "I'm craving, but…", not "I'm lazy, but I want…". It seemed likely the first would prevail.

No. 810614

File: 1621431855106.jpeg (453.37 KB, 1242x1242, 954EAD11-BB82-4804-BB7E-61B5DD…)

I’m glad you got your chocc, nonnie.

No. 810620

File: 1621432382002.gif (74.92 KB, 180x90, tenor(1).gif)

No. 810647

I'm happy you carried over the misspelling of "mundane".

No. 810700

I’m glad this thread made it to #2, it’s grown on me.

No. 810786

I just baked a loaf of bread so I could have slices the perfect size and shape to fit my hello kitty sandwich press.

No. 810805

this is so cute

No. 810916

Living the dream, anon

No. 810919

File: 1621453010807.jpg (58.21 KB, 575x1024, 1598253482751.jpg)

I can't get back to my workout routine, because the days have been so dark and shitty and I'm always excusing myself because of my bad mood. Scream at me, nonnies, I still have like 8 kilos to lose.

No. 810958

i won't scream at you but i think you might feel better if you went!! it's supposed to help, isn't it?

No. 810964

Was on the same page. One morning I woke up a little bit earlier, did a 15 min yoga session and continued my day in a MUCH better mood, so good I worked out at the afternoon and came back on track everyday. Start again with shorter and with less impact workouts and you and I both know you'll feel so much better, even with the shitty days!

No. 810974

It is, I know that I should keep consistency in mind, I'm just so bad at it suddenly, while I was doing fine the last 6-8 months.
Thanks for the tip! I'll try to do something low impact and maybe take it a bit easier for now not focusing on results. I might be too much of a maximalist, and sabotaged by it because of my lack of progress I saw with endurance which caused me to burn out a bit.

Thank you for the words of support, nonnas!

No. 810999

File: 1621457659442.jpg (19.54 KB, 474x408, rjirmf - Copy.jpg)

Thank you, anon. Here are some sandwiches for you.

No. 811020

I accidentally deleted a project my company uses to test new features. God I feel so stupid Thankfully no one yelled at me and instead told me we have a 7 day period to fix it. The delete button is powerful.

No. 811026

I'm not a tech wiz, can't they just…restore it? Like I doubt it's a nuclear destroy button, most systems have some way to deal with this.

No. 811053

If it was really that important they should have had it backed up somewhere

No. 811059

File: 1621463066460.jpg (2.59 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20210519_172105.jpg)

I just wanna tell everybody that since last time I posted my hand I've been trying to lose weight and I know this isnt a big improvement but I'm already seeing some results and I'm happy with myself! Cant wait to achieve Stacy hands (also excuse my dry skin, too much sanitary gel)

No. 811063

I want to cheer you on but the figurines make this picture gross

No. 811064

It's all good. So I was able to restore it (kinda) since the project was only soft deleted (deleted only in the ui, but not the database) and not hard deleted (deleted in the database). Now the files themselves need a fixing because I can't open them just yet.

No. 811068

Fun fact, someone from /cgl/ actually gifted me one of those asukas in a secret santa gift

No. 811069

Anon, I think you're really cute and endearing and I would love to be your friend. Love, another chubby Mexican anon who also loves Idolmsster.

No. 811072

Imagine posting your hand on lolcow and having someone recognizing it. Why am I such a pussy?
Anyways good job nonita we're all rooting for you!

No. 811082

You are that cringy anon from scrote thread, aren't you? At least sage your shit.

No. 811086

>asking anons to sage
>on /ot/

No. 811089

File: 1621466101514.gif (1.09 MB, 620x348, BAA013FD-4622-4A4A-A045-C003CA…)

>tfw I fucked up because I ordered a shake too late
I hate wanting to have sweet shit, now I will have to listen to my annoying ass whiny -older- brother because he can’t eat shit with milk or gluten.

No. 811091

Feeling too lazy to do my workout today

No. 811097

No. 811099

I know n1curr, but I had my milkshake in like, 2 minutes and enjoyed that shit so much, my brother will have to keep seething not knowing what I got.

No. 811114

I swear I can spend three hours editing in one of those photoshop lite phone apps but I can't focus on what actually matters
I want to actually use the abominations I make for something artsy irl but I need to dig through my magazine scraps to find worthwhile pieces

No. 811128

same, i have yet to do my first jog

No. 811132

I'm so fucking bored, I'm laying in bed doing nothing but browsing on lolcow.

No. 811138

I saw fanart for that Infinity Train show but seeing what it actually looks like, I’m too used to anime being shiny and cool looking. Western animation looks so meh in comparison.

No. 811142

I jogged some hills today. Halfway through the incline I got out of breath so I would walk the rest of the hills. Hoping that in a month that won’t be the case.

No. 811154

Tomorrow I'll give up coffee wish me luck!

No. 811165

Good luck anon!
KEK okay that anecdote is actually kind of cute, fair enough.

No. 811192

I got a headache from being too hot today. The air conditioning should be fixed soon, but I don't get why I'm so sensitive to hot weather.

Same, the general anime artstyle always looks better to me too.

No. 811271

File: 1621494086603.jpg (45.4 KB, 400x352, 14f0dd02f1f59b0127deef1f370d91…)

seriously considering buying a lawn chair like picrel. it'd have to be one that i could lay down in and it would have to be waterproof cos I ain't taking it inside. I just want to sit out in the sun and read and drink sparkling water in my backyard. idk how much they typically go for though.

No. 811282

They're surprisingly comfy, I used one as a bed when I was a refugee. Got a couple in my vacation home now, they're awesome for sunbathing.

No. 811430

today is my 5th day without added sugar! proud of myself because my roommate gave me a small snack and i just said thank you, then tossed it into the bin so i wouldn't be tempted.

No. 811624

File: 1621534388052.jpg (30.75 KB, 466x906, 71wnWQMLZWL._AC_SX466_.jpg)

Hello I'm the idiot who didn't see the new thread post anyway I'm trying this oil after seeing so much hype about it in the hygiene side of youtube. I hope I won't see breakouts on my arms tomorrow wait and see

No. 811631

congrats anon!! how are you so strong? i have the worst sugar addiction and it sucks.

No. 811697

thank you!! i'm super proud of myself too, i didn't think i'd have it in me. maybe it's because i'm allowing myself to eat when i feel really hungry instead of trying to quit snacks/soda/cake/pudding/etc AND trying to eat less. i also eat a handful of fruit after lunch and dinner. the first 3 days i was constantly hungry but yesterday and today i'm feeling much better and i'm eating only half the calories i used to eat before that because i was eating so many snacks. basically went from 3k a day to 1.5k.

i hope i can keep it up, especially when i visit my family in a few weeks. unfortunately i'm prone to relapsing. at least it happened on other 'diets' like IF.

No. 811712

>just tossed it in the bin
Why not just say no thank you????

No. 811814

File: 1621548874806.jpg (28.99 KB, 500x356, bc48c8c1d0e9ccb9f4dc2deeb76353…)

Doing my nails and drinking dalgona coffee right now. I feel good today, idk why.

No. 811826

File: 1621550156555.jpg (11.48 KB, 530x530, ESSIE-enamel-luxedo-pack-shot.…)

That reminds me I want new nailpolishes fuckkkk I need money nonnas

No. 811832

I got my second dose of Pfizer yesterday and just started feeling the effects now. Blehhh feel so tired and sick. I really hope it goes away tomorrow because I have to go to work and it’s too late at this point to call in sick.

No. 811893

NTA but when you're dieting/lifestyle changing, it's a lot easier to say "Thank you!" to well-intentioned people then toss it, than to do the whole song and dance of "No thank you!" "Just take it for later then~" "Sorry I'm on a diet, I really don't need it but thank you" "You're not fat you don't need to diet, one won't kill you" etc etc. Other people don't get to decide what you do with the things they give you.

signed, an office worker whose coworkers and family do not understand that food does not equal love/friendship and "You're not fat!" isn't helpful when you're overweight and addicted to sugar lol

No. 811928

File: 1621565548514.jpg (Spoiler Image, 306.5 KB, 1000x1500, Crunchwrap-Supreme-Recipe-5.jp…)

I'm really trying to eat healthier, but I'm so tempted to go to the grocery store and make a crunchwrap. I especially want to eat a tortilla. The only thing stopping me is that it's 10:52 pm. I made such a huge mistake of watching a vid of some dude making a bunch of crunchwraps. I can only hope that these feelings will subside in the morning.

No. 811929

Samefag, actually that pic looks disgusting. …Wtf was I thinking?

No. 811999

I learned today that Sam Rockwell was one of the potential casting choices to play Tony Stark in the MCU and now I'm wondering how the fuck that would've turned out

No. 812014

Met up with my dad's side of the family for the first time since he died when I was 4. No one in his family has had cancer before the the age of 75 and I am most likely going to lose my hearing as I age.

No. 812019

im so sorry anonita! I wish I could say something to comfort you but I can't. Maybe you can get hearing aids or surgery when you're older?

No. 812023

i wanna drink all the water

No. 812048

Looks good to me. Maybe I absorbed all your crunchwrap energy. You’re welcome.

No. 812195

I have this really bad habit of having to microwave my tea at least 2 times over time because i'm too slow when it comes to drinking it. So I figured I'll see what all the hype is with Zojirushi and buy one of their thermoses.

7-ish hours ago I filled mine up and had to leave for work shortly afterwards (didn't bring it to work because there's lots of walking around and talking so I couldn't savor my liter of tea there unfortunately). I thought by the time I get home it'll be at least a bit over room temperature right? The fact that it was still hot enough that it I could still see where the steam was touching my glasses had me raise my eyebrows in surprise. It's so satisfying that I don't have to do a walk of shame to the microwave or sadly chug cold tea anymore.

No. 812224

basically what >>811893 said. it was also just a small thing, think of a handful of haribos in the color she didn't like. had it been something big or something she wouldn't have thrown away anyways, i would have just told her no.

No. 812406

Reporting about my coffeeless journey: it sucks

No. 812418

Leave some for the rest of us!

No. 812446

Tried this so many times because I feel like my anxiety doesn't need caffeine… I'm a failure at it. I never lasted long so I don't know what the turning point is where it gets easier

No. 812487

File: 1621631385533.jpeg (123.86 KB, 1242x398, FF7BFA08-64A0-4F7D-A6C1-AA5882…)

I’m stuck in pretty much standstill traffic and have to pee pray for me. Bonus, I am bleeding, so love it all

No. 812612

I wanna play league, but my mouse is a little broken and I don't feel like buying a new one. Oh well, maybe it's a blessing in disguise.

No. 812620

I realized I live my life as if I'm going to live to 800 and not to 80. I never really thought about it, but even just comparing how long I take for everyday things like eating, or taking a shower, I really seem to take twice, thrice or even more as long as everyone I know. This also applies to bigger and more general things, like getting a license, or my school life, and the like. Not sure if this maybe isn't bad in the long run, but I think I'm fine with this, if I'm being honest.

No. 812623

Thank you.

t.a slow snaily person

No. 812821

My hair has grown long and luscious and it's annoyingly getting in my face and getting pinched all the time; but putting it in a ponytail now tugs on it too much. I don't want to get a haircut because it looks good.

No. 812840

You type like a troon

No. 812843

Oh yeah? Well you have a stinky butt. Nya-nya

No. 812860

File: 1621672502728.png (65.68 KB, 270x360, 1578091662823.png)

No. 812866

Left the house thismorning and stopped by a local gas station to grab a coffee. As I stood in line I felt my already dry throat reach critical dryness. If I didn't get served quickly and get to step outside, unmask and sip my coffee.. I was about to just start choking in the store.

Of course the one man ahead of me took his sweet ass time. He'd won money on either a scratch card or lottery ticket. Cashier hands him his money and all looks hopeful for me. Dude then stands around trying to decide which scratchers to re-invest his winnings in. Fuuuck. I didn't choke but shit was tense. He also stood there and oh so carefully tucked the cards away in his wallet lol

No. 812895

took a wrong turn that brought me off the highway and had to drive through downtown Boston on the Friday night of memorial weekend, fucking end me, I had 14 minutes to spare and sat in traffic for 22 minutes before my phone died and I had to give up, still had to pull over and let it charge enough just to get directions home, drove for two hours and have nothing to show for it.

also who the fuck thought that 10 p.m. on a Friday night is a good time for bridge construction in the middle of Boston. seriously fuck Boston roads so hard

No. 812901

I'm waiting in my car for my work instructor. I'm almost done with nursing school and she needs to finalise some papers for my last exam. It's raining right now and I feel serene and cosy.

No. 812911

You must not live near me because it's not raining here.

No. 812918

I'm in bed listening to the rain outside, would feel serene if I didn't have washing out on the line

No. 812924

Lol the rain stopped now

That sucks anon. I hope it dries soon.

No. 812964

Rain drenching your clothes makes them really soft once they fully dry

No. 813165

I am honestly so inconvenienced by the act of washing rice. I just want to pour this bich in a pot and go, not getting my hands wet and shit.

No. 813182

I don't make rice that much, but whenever I do I like using a mesh strainer to wash it. You still have to use your hands, but it's easier than pouring the water in and out.

No. 813187

File: 1621711656315.jpeg (482.35 KB, 1160x1242, 5F52BFDA-6658-4928-A2E5-B99E57…)

The day there’s an invention that does this for you I will be so happy. I hate the duration of the process, I hate the fact that it needs to be done at all. I wish it was ready to cook like oats and couscous.

No. 813190

I love watching the water interact with the rice when I'm rinsing it.
My mesh strainer is from dollar tree. 1USD.

No. 813228

i've never rinsed rice in my life… you literally don't have to. it is ready to cook like oats… what do you all think happens if you don't rinse the rice…? my rice doesn't say to rinse it, i checked, so unless ypu all are getting some dirty ass sticks and stones rice i dont know why people think they have to rinse rice if you're just making plain rice.

No. 813230

File: 1621716918710.gif (236.47 KB, 220x220, disgusting-disdain.gif)

>i've never rinsed rice in my life

No. 813233

if you rinse your rice the taste and texture is a lot more enjoyable; I hadn't washed rice before this year but now that i've started doing it i'll never go back. it's so much more fluffy

No. 813235

nta but rice contains arsenic, anon. It's good to wash it

No. 813269

Lmao you need to wash most of the starch off of the rice first or it's going to be crusty and dry. You're eating crust and dry rice.

No. 813277

You should try washing it and see how it tastes, I think you'll notice an improvement

No. 813295

if i get to eat rice quicker i don't mind if i die. provided ive finished all the rice first

No. 813315

Can birds eat rice if it's cooked? I fed some to some sparrows once and they loved it. I made so many little bird frenz. it was rinsed

No. 813378

File: 1621737418047.png (21.1 KB, 835x184, ricericericericeirice.PNG)

This site (and other sites) says yes, also has a couple sections about other types of rice

No. 813420

Ok so you are all wrong, because i have never rinsed rice and my rice is great. How are you cooking your rice that you fuck it up? 1 cup rice, 1.5 cup water, bring to a boil, reduce to low simmer until done. Its fine literally 100% of the time. There is no "crust". What are you doing exactly? Do you have a hard time telling if it's done? The only way youd get a crust is if you overcook and dry it out soo… maybe dont do that.

No one in my white family nor my partner's asian family has ever rinsed packaged rice when making just normal rice. Where are you all from? If its the uk you dont have to reply, your cooking issues are not really fixable.

lmao ypu utter chunk the arsenic is IN the rice not ON it. It goes from the soil into the inside of the plant. It doesn't rinse off. Fortunately, while rice from the american south has lots of arsenic in (IN. inside.) it, rice from california does not. So buy rice from california, because rinsing your southern poison rice won't help you lmao.

No. 813421

I'm in Japan. Washing rice is standard here. There is rice that doesn't need to be washed, but it's in the absolute minority.
That said, you do indeed only get the crust if you cook it for too long, so the anon you replied to just needs to be more careful.

No. 813423

I'm a black American, and everyone in my family washes rice. The only time I don't wash rice is if I'm using it for my hair (which is obviously different from consuming it). You just wash it for the same reasons you wash any fruit or veggie. Plus, I like to get the starch off.

No. 813429

File: 1621746260371.png (160.88 KB, 657x490, C2E94B76-777B-4FEF-8BF5-5D04BC…)

>Where are you all from? If its the uk you dont have to reply, your cooking issues are not really fixable.

No. 813430

I use a rice cooker so I can't "overcook" the rice even if I tried. If I don't wash the rice then it creates a crusty film of starch on the top everytime. I live in California.

No. 813432

you are not supposed to wash enriched white rice, which it says so on the bag and that's what I usually buy so I don't rinse it. beyond that I've tried rice both rinsed and not rinsed and it doesn't seem to make much difference but maybe I'm uncultured. this is one of those things people will argue about on the internet until the end of time though and generally devolves into actual hurt feelings, anger, people start arguing about race, etc. amazing how worked up people get.

No. 813434

As a consumer of short grain nippon rice, the heresy of unwashed rice anon is too much. We have to soak rice for 20 mins after washing and this bitch is eating smegma rice.

No. 813435

Farmers sperging about rice is beautiful. If you catch me not rinsing rice it's because I'm in a depressive episode and about to binge.

No. 813440

File: 1621747527775.jpg (100.39 KB, 880x550, 83938475.jpg)

im blowdrying my hair at 8 am on a sunday after a sleepless night

No. 813450

My Somalian girlfriend and my Italian family all rinse rice. When I lived abroad in Mexico my exchange family washed the rice too.
I don’t think you’ll find a professional chef from anywhere in the world who advocates for not rinsing your rice though. It’s not just the internet— I’m willing to guess the majority countries of the largest consumers of rice socially adhere to a standard of rinsing.

No. 813456

maybe my phrasing was unclear, but I didn't mean only "people on the internet" rinse their rice, just that only people on the internet ever seem to talk about it or get so upset about it, literally never heard anyone even discuss it irl.

No. 813458

Then in that case I understand now. I’ve never seen it happen irl either, that’s because I don’t know anyone who doesn’t or wouldn’t rinse it. If I found out someone around me chose not to then I would avoid eating their cooking. It makes me question if they rinse fruits and vegetables etc.

No. 813459

I discussed rice rinsing IRL before. The discussion revealed my friend rinses it just once, while I rinse it until the water is clear. We compared our motives, tut-tutted about the inadequate practices of the other (too much, too little), and so on.

No. 813482

Long grain white rice cooked with excess water doesn’t need washing.

No. 813507

My mom grew up in Hong Kong and she was raised to rinse rice seven times for good luck. I don’t know if that’s actually an HK thing or just OCD tendencies but her rice is always spot on.

No. 813639

I need to stop grabbing take away coffees while I'm out. I have a travel mug and coffee at home. I can't justify how much I'm currently spending on it

No. 813681

My rice is stored in a giant tub that lasts us a long time, and isn't vacuum sealed or anything, so we rinse our rice. Also, the texture of rinsed rice is better imo, it's fluffier

No. 813692

I bought some spicy korean ramen noodles and I made it and it's too spicy that I had to stop eating it because I could feel my whole being about to explode. My ass is gonna hurt later. I'm pretty sure my korean friend told me this isn't even peak spicy. Why am I so fucking weak to spice.

No. 813767

I'm actually really good with spice and even those are too spicy for me. Like I can eat them at my lowest low maybe, but that's it.

No. 813793

are we the same person?
my friend gifted me some jajangmyeon (and other kinds) noodles cause you can't get em here and it took me 2 cups of yoghurt and adding egg yolk to noodles to be able to stomach the spiciness.
and for my country's standard Im actually really good with spicy food…

No. 813832

Are you talking about samyang? The super spicy ones ended up being too much for me on a first try too, but after that I'd eat the X2 spicy one easily. Tbh the pink and yellow coloured ones from the same brand are not spicy at all, I especially liked the pink one.

No. 814097

File: 1621818336787.jpg (Spoiler Image, 104.1 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

I don't really like coffee, but watching picrel's channel has been making me want to drink it more often. I'm about to go make an iced latte right now

No. 814247

anons, are we synced? i dont know which one it was honestly i cant read korean i just bought it because it was on discount and showed it to my friend before i had my diarrhea explosion, but other than that, 10/10. delicious. it took me a liter of ice cream to help with eating it

No. 814254

I don't know what it is, but for the past few weeks I've been SO aware of my own hair. It's now down to just under my waist, and last time it was this long (relatively to my body, that is) was when I was in early middle school. I thought since it's getting gradually longer, I'll not even notice it and naturally adjust, but especially the past few days have been so bad. I feel my hair clinging to my face, the weight of it when it lies on my back annoys me, even when I put it up it bothers me in one way or another, and I just want to rip everything out. I wanna live my Rapunzel dream but sensory-wise this is becoming a nightmare.

No. 814257

File: 1621837679726.jpg (668.93 KB, 2448x3264, 11b320424e7455aa514670c4eba5f3…)

Samefag, I hate whatever is inside coffee that makes it a laxative. I feel so sick right now.

No. 814357

I want to meet a woman who looks like this and has coffee making skills. That's the dream

No. 814377

She's really cute, what's the channel name?

No. 814378

I actually love that aspect of it. It helps with regulating my BMs so much.

No. 814382

File: 1621859292871.jpg (130.89 KB, 1000x1000, 71499747_2559913177585173_5527…)

It's MorganDrinksCoffee! I have a small crush on her.
Ugh, I don't know how you could like it. I felt like I was about to throw up when I started having bowel movements. I drank a lot more than I usually do, though.

No. 814441

My mom was deranged and a horrorcow, but I'm very glad that she didn't beat me while teaching me math and instead was patient every time I messed up, apparently associating math with pain is sadly normal where I live and that explains why so many people here have an almost ptsd-like reaction when you mention math and some even cried during math tests. I grew to love chemistry and physics too and now I'm pursuing a programing/ engineering career, can't fucking believe I'm gonna say this but: thanks mom.

No. 814677

File: 1621879170648.png (169.58 KB, 755x460, YFtSepoN6aQBCLZgpqTbMhPw1-2gp2…)

i started talking to this guy i met on tinder. He is from another country but moved to america 6 years ago. We hit it off pretty fast we literally texted each other all day this past weekend. I think because he is foreign he is much more forward than american guys im used to talking to. He kept saying that he hopes he can become my boyfriend one day. Its actually really cute.

Anyway the topic of sex came up because im a dirty perv and he said straight up that he doesnt masturbate at all. And if he ever feels an urge he just works out or takes a cold shower. I laughed and said we are opposite because i need to get off lol. I dont think he found it funny because he kept trying to convince me to go exercise or shower if i get the urge. I never thought i'd see the day where i'm the cumbrain in the relationship lmao. He told me he makes basically a 6 figure income and i was like umm DUDE why are you talking to me!? im literally a broke bitch who flips my bean to BL. Then he told me he'd help me with my career if im interested in learning about his. I dont know if this guy is an angel or a master manipulator but im shook!
I'm honestly scared because i started talking to guys on tinder because the guy im currently seeing just doesnt seem to want to be in a relationship and i decided to move on. But I honestly didn't think I'd ACTUALLY start to move on so quickly. My biggest fear is I'll form a bond with this new guy and right when I do the current dude will ask me out. I know its highly unlikely but stranger things have happened!

The only issue though is on top of not wanting to mention sex ever because it makes him uncomfortable lmao, he said he can't see me until July because that is when he is off on "holiday" (so cute) and he will finally have free time. Something is telling me to give him the benefit of the doubt and actually wait but i am so terrified because I never talked to 2 guys at once. Because dudes are fucking ugly yo. But this is the first time where Im talking to 2 equally attractive men. Its just one has his life together and seems to want a relationship and the other is kind of on my level of not knowing wtf they doing with their life. I didnt think my summer would turn into a fucking corny seasonal shoujo LMAO.

No. 814704

Does she have any siblings? Or has ever talked about surgery? Is she short? Because I’m 89% sure I went to school with her. I saw her channel before maybe a year or two ago while browsing youtube and her name and face were familiar, but I brushed it off. This is so fucking weird if it’s true kek.

No. 814716

If the first guy has been regularly seeing and talking to you but has been whiffy about commitment it means he's keeping his options open and just doesn't care that much about you. He's already shown he's not worth your time regardless of whether he suddenly decides to get his shit together or not. As for the other one, July isn't that far away. It's probably fine to meet him, but it takes a long period of knowing someone in person to really get a sense for them. In-person relationships transitioning to LDRs for a while can be fine, but one starting out long distance is usually stressful, unfulfilling and uncertain since you don't really know how they act in the day to day. Also, him saying all this stuff about wanting to be your boyfriend, help you with your job and control your masturbating habits is weird. When it seems too good to be true, it usually is and can be love bombing. At least he can't do anything to you from a distance. Do not uproot your life, move for this guy and put your well being into his hands, that's all I can say.

No. 814736

thank you for the advice. It was my fault because i kept bringing up the topic of masturbating and he wanted to change the subject so he was trying to give me advice to stop lol. The new guy doesnt live far from me but hes trying to focus on work but when we do meet i will bring some discreet weapon. Im definitely gonna talk to more guys just in case. But the current guy im pretty sure im going to let him go soon it just sucks that i couldve moved on faster but i wasted my own time because i was afraid of venturing out. Thank you again i will keep everything you said in mind and i will be extra cautious with this new guy. I've watched enough true crime to know what to look out for….I HOPE LMAO

No. 814738

File: 1621883560025.jpg (51.73 KB, 800x419, Burberry-Prorsum-zipper-jacket…)

I went to the doctor and she didn't know what's wrong with me. Then I went to the second hand shop and bought a navy shirt just like the one I have now except it's not see through and a pretty skirt with buttons and many flowers. Pic unrelated

No. 814801

File: 1621886687953.png (194.07 KB, 502x632, fe2976fd0444daeb45fc7791d6f750…)

You ever try to make some food, and it takes so long to cook that you don't even want it by time it's done? Feeling that today.

No. 814828

Normally I hate tomatoes, they make me gag and I pick them out of my food. But my boyfriend's mom gave us some tomatoes from her garden and they're so sweet and juicy, I've been eating them with toast for breakfast and even alone as a snack. I need to grow me some tomatoes.

No. 814850

tomatoes are great, and there are so many different kinds! You have to ask your bf's mom what kind she has in her garden so you can have the same or similar

No. 814926

File: 1621896298347.png (261.89 KB, 295x588, morgan.PNG)

>Does she have any siblings? Or has ever talked about surgery?
>Is she short?
I think so, picrel

No. 814947

Tomatoes that are allowed to ripen on the vine (bonus if heirlooms) are worlds better than grocery store shit. A protip: if you're cooking with heat and the recipe calls for tomatoes, use good-quality canned because they're allowed to ripen on the vine and as such don't taste like mealy crap.
Cauliflower is another vegetable that tastes scores better when you grow it or get it from a local source. It's like night and day.

No. 815023

I love going back to the office at work 2 days a week but i hate being approach by homeless people on the way to work. Mainly because I sometimes feel bad and give them some loose change in my pocket, I don't even like carrying cash around. Ever since getting a job and being able to save during lockdown I've been too generous about my money.

No. 815024

stupid retarded boots, I hate that meme

No. 815029

oh no i found her channel..oh no i have a crush..

No. 815057

Geez anon, they're just shoes lmao

No. 815061

ata thanks but she doesn’t look short enough, and doesn’t have a visible scar on her chest (even if it would have been from a decade ago.) I don’t think it’s her. The resemblance is uncanny though.

No. 816069

Don't eat Chick Fil A macaroni and sweet tea + lemonade together. I feel sick.

No. 816222

File: 1622013171284.gif (333.22 KB, 500x334, e4c3ec832eaa2f2191492bef7a8c3d…)

My team at work had a zoom conference with two architects and their names were Tom and Jerry. I had to mute my mic and hide my camera because I was giggling too much

No. 816347

I fell asleep with the kitchen light on, I woke up and was like oh shit I have to turn that off right now, but my right quad was asleep because I guess I was sleeping in a weird position, so I stood up and took one step forward and my knee collapsed under me and I fell on the floor and now my ankle and wrist hurt

No. 816371

When you about to sneeze with food in your mouth and you have to quickly decide between getting food up your nose or food all over the place

No. 816392

I'm making a small bag designed after a part of this game I'm playing, and when I'm done I'm gonna tag the developers in it until they see it. It's too good not to! I'm sure their mostly-male fanbase doesn't often craft them sewing and knitting patterns, but certainly a lot of 3D printed keychains. I hope they enjoy to see it as much as I enjoyed designing it

No. 816432

Any aspie nonny who can give advice on sensory overload due to allergies? I’m out of antihistamines

No. 816438

Oh man, I fucking feel you on that. Usually I put a damp cold washcloth over my entire face and lie on the couch, or take a cold shower and get my face wet. Sometimes it doesnt work and you just have to wait it out though. For whatever reason sometimes my allergies are worse inside so going out might help too?

No. 816439

Samefagging to add that going out probably isn't gonna help the sensory overload part but maybe sitting in your quiet yard or on a patio could help

No. 816443

I get very allergic from dust and some dogs (beagles) and it used to stay that was for days, but i realized that wesring a mask actually makes it go away way faster, i think because it keeps out most irritants so your histamine systems can calm down on their own.

Damn a cold damp cloth sounds amazing, i wish i knew about that when i lived at home. I feel like it would probably provide a really effective mask effect too so…fuck. i could have eased years of sneezing suffering.

No. 816454

oooh, sounds great! I wish I could see it nonna

No. 816687

I went to the hospital, everything was ok with me, my mom works there, her friends all said my paintings are super amazing and my hair is cool and that I look like a kid. I hope people can think I look like an adult one day… That's why I'm addicted to buying pantyhose, it makes me feel like an adult
Awesome, I'm sure they'll notice you. I'm doing the same but with a tshirt design and a band I like. I'm sure the singer will share my work because he shares any fanart no matter how shitty it is but I'll feel honored anyway (and SO DISAPPOINTED if he doesn't share it)
What sort of bag are you making?

No. 816780

File: 1622060440257.gif (1.51 MB, 298x298, piGMDmW.gif)

When you muted your Zoom lecture then get put in a breakout room with no idea what to do

I don't rinse my rice and I don't rinse quinoa and lentils either. I also don't press tofu. I don't really care and never had a problem.

No. 816864

I enjoy not wearing masks anymore

No. 816907

me too, it was such a nice feeling going into Walmart maskless for the first time. I have never been so happy in a Walmart

No. 816912

What kind of throws me off is that we hired a few people at my workplace during the pandemic and now I’m finally seeing what their entire faces look like

No. 816922

It's very jarring.. I couldn't recognize a few people until I focused on their eyes.

But I am so so ready for less maskne and the ability to drink water at work more.

No. 816923

I finally oiled my door hinges and the bathroom hinges and they're so silent wow

Now I can sneak off to work without waking the entire damn house

No. 817105

File: 1622091625291.jpg (139.44 KB, 1200x675, 1.jpg)

I edited my face in an app, and god I'm glad I never seriously considered getting a nose job.

No. 817112

I haven't used an app but I have thought about what if a nose job made my face look weird and unbalanced. that's not the main reason I won't ever do it but it helps to think about lol

No. 817432

Moved into my home 3 years ago and the ceiling in the living room always had these yellow stains from where the last person living here obviously smoked in that room alot. No idea why it took me this long but I repainted it today… holy shit is ceiling painting a messy job

No. 817510

File: 1622140220933.jpeg (212.28 KB, 1080x1080, A194952A-72F6-4E72-AFD8-4C1493…)

Eating candy today and it feels like halloween with the rain outside and low temps

No. 817523

Guess I overpaid my phone bill at some point kek I just took a look at my bill and it's -$75.60.

No. 817564

damn that eevee candy is so cute

No. 817613

sounds like a dream…

No. 817751

I've been trying to reply to a youtube comment since yesterday and each time I reply to it my reply doesn't fucking appear, I just want to reply to them… and they didnt delete the comment or anything my comment just doesn't want to show up it's been killing me

No. 817753

If you're on mobile check it on a different format, I get that problem sometimes and end up posting double

No. 817776

Going to my boyfriend's house tomorrow, yay. I love the drive, it's an hour and half and I get to listen to whatever music I want, imagine whatever I want, and drink hot tea or coffee. I used to smoke during my drives as well, but I quit.

I cried over feeling like he's not loyal to me and like he doesn't care about my feelings earlier today (no evidence, just feelings), BPD is a helluva drug. I'm glad I am able to ride out the waves of feelings now instead of acting immediately on them. I still feel hurt, but the waves has already crashed down, so to speak.

No. 817785

You could be using a word that's triggering YouTube's filter

No. 817790

File: 1622165128677.jpg (50.7 KB, 861x793, IMG_20180904_232811.jpg)

The edges of my brownies got burnt but the center was still undercooked. What the fuck.
No I didn't have the oven on too high. I set it to 350f like the box said.

No. 817805

I tried those BTS sauces from Mcdonalds, and they were pretty good
Also, I saw a picture of a shark fetus and now I cannot eat

No. 817807

About to be sober for a week from alcohol/weed/nicotine, no longer taking shit from my boyfriend and standing up for myself— if he’s being neglectful of our relationship or overly negative and not supportive, I’m calling him out on it. Whats he gonna do, leave me? Fine! watched a seminar with my mom the other day that she got invited to through work by a women who’s written for goop about “playing big” and why women need to stand up for themselves and not listen to our intrinsic self doubt and decided to email someone with a job opening my professor forwarded to me specifically and asked him if a bachelors degree was required or if I could apply now while I’m still in college and made myself seem like a very enthusiastic and a standout candidate, worst thing that happens is he says no and I ask if there’s any internship opportunities instead or if he could refer me to any other publications. Nothing very exciting but I’m very proud of myself lately.

No. 817817

power went out for a bit. lit some candles. the power is back on now and I already blew out the candles.

No. 817818

do you have to buy the order to get them, or can you ask for them individually? I've heard various things

it's not like the meal is that more expensive than the normal nuggets so if so it's not a big deal, just wondering

No. 817820

My next door neighbour has been playing boomer tier music super loudly (I can hear it through our connecting hall) for 3 hours and I don't think they're gonna stop soon. It's 11pm here.

No. 817824

I don't know, actually. Someone else bought the meal, but they didn't want the sauces so I had them. I'm sure you can ask for them individually since you can do that with all the other sauces (although it may be different since these are only available for a limited time).

No. 817843

Maybe I'll get the meal itself to be safe then. I eat too much junkfood so I'm always interested when new shit pops up on the menu

No. 817853

I went to my laptop to post it, even used another account to try to reply, and also censored potential words, I think life just doesn't want me to reply. The reply just doesnt fucking appear and it's killing me

No. 817867

Yt censorship is the worst. I’d keep my epic pwning completely hate speech free and they’d still delete it because it triggers the phrase “you’re stupid” or some dumb shit. No wonder the yt comment section is just shitty copy paste jokes.

No. 817871

Anon I think that might be it. I was insulting her in spanish, I guess I will proceed to censor the words "pendeja" and "chingados" and "puta"

No. 818099

I am a burgerchan and I wake up at 1am for my extremely early shifts. I feel a stupid camaraderie with the UK farmers who post during these hours. Fanx luvs

No. 818102

What qualifies as boomer-tier?

No. 818131

I'm going to order pizza tonight. Maybe a medium with spinach, fresh tomato, garlic, and extra Kalamata olives.

No. 818151

I talked to my sister last night. It's been years since we've had a good convo. I hope our relationship gets better. I forget what she looks like because I don't see her often even though we live in the same house

No. 818162

i went to a crystal shop yesterday with my friend and i got my first batch of crystals. Im really excited because they are pretty! And i got a bracelet too.

No. 818177

Maybe you're using an outdated browser. There was a time I couldn't do anything (reply, post, add to playlist, like etc) because I'm still running on an unsupported version, and other people who ran the same version had the same issues. It was resolved with the next YouTube update then.

No. 818178

i hope ur relationship gets better too, i cook and then eat with my sister and that's been bringing us together

No. 818188

nice pizza, nonatella

my mundane happening is that I'm suddenly noticing it is 11:11 make a wish hehehe

No. 818219

File: 1622220574060.gif (883.5 KB, 480x238, giphy-downsized.gif)

I live in a country where COVID still isn't under control yet; fortunately I have a date for my vaccination already, and the first thing I plan to do after my second dose is go thrifting. I'm just looking forward to being outside with no particular objective

No. 818225

Nice. Get me something cool, wouldcha?

No. 818236

I imagined a machine gun firing doughnuts into a huge cartoon cat's mouth for some reason and I can't stop laughing

No. 818261

Oh fuck yeah. I can't wait to go to a real shop and browse. I will buy makeup and actually see the real colours before buying. Yes.

No. 818331

File: 1622231310860.gif (2.55 MB, 800x800, tumblr_827082ee2ba2b747e66cb66…)

I selected the text in word by holding shift and pressing the arrows, then I made it bold with ctrl+i, I'm such a hacker boss babe

No. 818332

damn I meant italic not bold

No. 818336

My fat ass walked over an hour today! So proud of myself even though I went to the store to get some soda and snacks, kek. (I could have halved the walking time by going to the closer store, so…)

No. 818341

It's 10 PM and I'm hungry, so now it's easier to just go to sleep and wake up and fill my cheeks with pastries in the morning.

No. 818656

I just scratched my hand hard enough to bleed, and I have no idea how it happened. Wtf. I don't even know if I have bandaids.

No. 818690

You are a baddass and my hero anon.

No. 818717

You probably blew like 5 times or more the calories you burned walking an hour on those sodas and snacks

No. 818724

Exercise rarely counts for many calories in its own anyway so anon doesn't need it to justify eating. Exercise is good for fitness and mood.

No. 818730

I walked for mood, not weight loss. I indulge rarely nowadays (last time was like at the start of the month) and am trying to get into the habit of exercise for better mental health, so it's all good! Weight loss comes later, now it's about the habit for more important stuff (to me, at this moment).

No. 818826

My sister is an offline normie. I said "see you in court, sweaty" aloud to her, she asked what it meant, and after I explained the meme to her she was in genuine absolute stitches. Oh to be that unburdened and innocent

No. 818837

Normies are great. My friend is the same way and sometimes I let some meme or internet thing slip when I talk to her and I have to awkwardly explain it. She usually thinks it's hilarious but I always feel like she doesn't really get it still.

No. 818858

> Normies are great.
lol no.

No. 819015

Having dry skin is so annoying ahhh at least ingrowns are satisfying to pluck out

No. 819446

Bin collection in my area is every two weeks and I have to wheel my bins down to the far end of my street for it. Last week was collection week but I was lazy and figured I could get away with not putting it out. Then I did some diy projects the next day and the bin was suddenly full… fuck

Another week to go and it's full, my kitchen bin is also full. They don't allow you to overfill your bins here so when it's emptied next week I'll be half filling it again as soon as I take it back in..I am bad at this.

No. 819637

I saw a guy with long hair, that's my favorite type of guy, I tried to look back at him when I went away but I saw him turn around so I panicked and turned away in case he saw me and thought I was looking at him, and I couldn't get a good look at him ugh. Then I came to my place and talked to my roommate about some spiritual things, we fundamentally disagree, but I like talking to her because I like her company

No. 819721

File: 1622427128246.jpg (47.46 KB, 564x705, 4b4d46120afa27f4a257a7b5d10825…)

I've had tea in the fridge for about an hour, but it hasn't frozen at all.

No. 819722

If it's in the fridge, why would it freeze? Isn't that what a freezer is for? What kind of tea btw?

No. 819724

I meant freezer lol. It's a Celestial Seasonings tea that I can't remember the name of

No. 819729

Oooo I like that brand. In addition to their cute box designs, I really love their lemon lavender flavor. I hope you enjoy your tea!

No. 819741

I do this with attractive long haired guys all the time. They're so rare they deserve a double take.

No. 819752

Don't be shy to have a guy see you're looking at him. 99% of women look away so you'd for sure be noticed

No. 819761

File: 1622432861715.gif (685.8 KB, 500x288, 3c28c575882ff0ac5c0c16806cca1c…)

Took a short walk today and spent some time just looking at the ground & observing all the little plants and bugs. Its kinda sad I used to recognize more flora and would look for frogs/lizards under rocks and stuff but I haven't been seeing the same amount natural life as I did when I was a kid. It was nice to appreciate the small things in nature for a bit though

No. 819863

After downloading an imageblocker addon (because of the raids) and only unblocking images when I specifically want to look at something, this site becomes much less addictive. It's true for the internet in general. Spontanous social media and shopping site visits become boring and pointless.
So I actually recommend this if you have a problem with surfing too much!

No. 819876

It's been something I've wanted to be able to do for years and now my white girl ass can twerk.

No. 819908

I'll try, but I don't know if I'll succeed
That sounds so nice

No. 820027

Going to the doctors office without your mother feels illegal

No. 820173

My mom’s looking for a new car and every time we see one we like we point it out to each other and they’re always fucking Jeeps. Every single time. Why do they look so good

No. 820400

I watched one too many videos of recorded 911 dispatch calls and now my head hurts from crying

so glad baby rainn is safe tho

No. 820425

I bought myself a dalgona coffee and the whole time I was walking home I was really looking forward to drinking it and finishing up a Netflix documentary. As soon as I got home, my dumb ass knocked it off of the counter and it exploded all over the floor. I am beyond disappointed with myself.

No. 820446

My hand soap legitimately smells like a can of sprite and I don’t know how to feel about it

No. 820449

This might seem retarded but I genuinely thought people had to visit the dentist or doctors once a year (you don't have to but it's recommended) My mom always made our appointments for us and I didn't question having to go until I talked to people who didn't go anymore. She still does help me with making appointments bc we share the same dentist and insurance

I really want a jeep too anon but they kinda expensive

No. 820456

I cooked asparagus with prosciutto wrapped around it and it was so fucking gross i couldn't even eat a single bite. Now I don't have anything to eat for dinner kek

No. 820466

I finally bought a crunchwrap today to satiate my craving, and it was so ass. It was just flat and not good at all. Why did I ever like this? I should've just made it at home. Now I feel fat and bloated too. Anyway, black bean chalupa supremacy.

No. 820474

Bought a bunch of new fancy masks from different places to go with my summer wardrobe. Opened the packages and half of them don't fit properly, and the half that fits can't be breathed through. Do they not test these? I never have a problem with single-use pharmacy bought masks. But I don't want to wear those, too much trash, bad for the environment…

No. 820489

I ordered a salad on UberEats and only two pieces of grilled chicken came. Turns out I misread on the app and accidentally chose the wrong menu item. My $12…

No. 820580

Spent the last couple days trying to hype myself up to get a bunch of stuff done today. I tend to put stuff off alot because I get anxiety around traveling. My plan was to get an 8am train and just get shit done. Then I had like 3 drinks yesterday and forgot how much alcohol disrupts my sleep.

I slept for an hour, woke at 1am and stayed awake til nearly 6. Then woke right around the train was pulling out.

No. 820582

*around the time the train was pulling out

God I'm tired

No. 820593

Could you just do it tomorrow? I'm sure the build-up hype is still there, don't lose the momentum!

No. 820598

This might not be the right thread because it’s a question but it seems mundane to me.

How can I eat better/more variety? I won’t go into the boring backstory but I had a limited diet as a kid. I’m older now and eat most foods. I wouldn’t class myself a picky eater. I can cook and bake too, and weirdly get lots of compliments on it whether it’s savoury or sweet. I feel pretty uninspired when it comes to food though and more and more I find myself not eating cos I just can’t think of anything interesting and tasty to make. I sometimes look online or flick through cookbooks in the book shop but feel overwhelmed cos obviously there’s millions of recipes and ideas out there. Anons how do you keep your diets varied and interesting and where or how do you find new things to try and cook?

No. 820610

Yeah at least now that I have the train times looked into and I've been on google maps planning shit out.. I'm half way to doing it. Might get a chance later in the week.

No. 820617

I have the same issue with deciding what to cook, but mostly because I’m used to having people cooking for me, so now that I have to cook I just get overwhelmed because I never know what to do.
Sometimes I try to limit myself like “okay, I can only have eggs twice a week” so I can think of something nice to cook, sometimes it helps, sometimes it makes cooking even more difficult.
I also need help.

No. 820642

I will later go to Target to purchase household necessities. I was made to wait until today due to the bank holiday. I'm looking forward to new cellulose sponges and epsom salt scrub.

No. 820722

Took me this long to watch Killing Eve but it is very good.

No. 821098

Lots of the food in our fridge went off because the thermostat got turned down, I tried to cook some fish because it seemed borderline but now my house smells like off fish and the smell is constantly reminding me that I shouldn't have even tried to cook it. This isn't the end of the world but it's a bummer.

No. 821118

This might be too expensive for you depending on your financial situation but my husband and I ordered a meal box thingy, where you get recipes and the ingredients. Stopped ordering after we got enough tasty recipes and now we just make them!

No. 821158

File: 1622604139457.jpeg (89.64 KB, 1280x720, B4A4CE71-609A-4620-9289-143F99…)

I’m indulging in my self pity and desire to return to childhood by binging some comfy early 2000s shit. Teen dramas are so edgy now, damn. Like I know this one shit the bed in season 3 but still. So comfy.

No. 821161

>you will never be a teenager experiencing the hype of a new episode and discussing it with your friends the next day at school ever again

It hurts

No. 821164

File: 1622604970384.jpeg (91.94 KB, 500x452, A47D7627-05A0-4FAF-BE49-293E8C…)

The first few chords of the theme song start playing in my head everytime I see a picture of this show. Only when the 90s trend passes and we all start sugarcoating the 2000s will these icons be truly appreciated.

No. 821168

Icons as in the cast of the OC, not planet phantom. Fuck my brain I’m going to bed now

No. 821190

you're gonna make me want to rewatch gossip girl now goddammit

No. 821202

I fucking hate shopping for Sims CC, but it must be done.

No. 821208

Watching cruella rn and I'm actually really enjoying it

No. 821211

I heard besides the spoiler that it's pretty good. Emma Stone is never boring to watch and not to sound like a scrote but think she's hot and the trailers make it look like she's having fun in the role. I want to pirate it and watch it free but I also lowkey want to go to a theater and drag a friend with me, I haven't seen a movie in a real theater since last February and I'm fucking yearning

No. 821216

going to stave off sugar for the next 3 days until my day off, was going to try doing coffee too but I think that would be too much for me, wish me luck

No. 821229

File: 1622614012048.jpg (27.65 KB, 640x480, smallville.jpg)

Never really got into the oc but smallville was my thing, used to watch it with my parents when I was a kid.

Watched a few episodes last week with my mom and we both laughed at the shitty special effects. Still I miss the early 2000s so much, somebody saaaaave meeeee

No. 821238

I wish it wasn't 30 degrees out. I want to sleep! Can't use the air conditioner because it's shorting out the power as soon as I turn it on.

No. 821240

File: 1622616831070.jpg (23.83 KB, 305x445, 51x7EEe-nbL._SY445_.jpg)

I swear synchronicity is a thing on Lolcow. I've been doing the same thing lol but I mostly watched shit with fantasy elements
I loved Smallville as well!!

No. 821243

Good luck anon, you can do it!!

No. 821266

thank you!

No. 821268

Speaking of early 2000s shows, can anyone tell me where to watch 90210 (the remake not the original)? Its not on netflix or hulu

No. 821284

I recently found this site, it's seriously the best, you can literally find every TV show and movie here

No. 821294

File: 1622624531498.jpg (83.93 KB, 1000x1000, hello cat.jpg)

I went to the doctor yesterday and filled out my own paperwork. I haven't been to the doctor in forever and the last time I've been to one I was 17 or 18.. and my dad did it for me. I didn't realize that'd be the last time. It kind of makes me emotional. Gay.

The sweet chili one is my favorite. Surprised it actually had some spice as some stuff that is advertised as spicy is never really spicy to me. So that was good.

No. 822055

I need to buy a new trash can and I would like a new swimsuit but neither are available in designs that catch my eye

No. 822075

File: 1622734827566.jpg (107.09 KB, 750x928, 81f6b22326b4ca86b6a9d6fea7694a…)

I've been trying to improve my eating habits/lose weight, and I just saw that I dropped 3 lbs. I know it's just water weight or whatever, but it makes me super happy to see that I'm losing.
I also made a very cute cow print incense holder today.

No. 822112

File: 1622737062853.jpeg (15.67 KB, 466x646, 523C7E2D-F5D1-4BD8-82FB-60C893…)

Update: I bought a trash can.

No. 822127

my mom taught me to wash my vagina with soap as a child which would result in a painful burning from getting soap in there but she never taught me to wash behind my ears or how to properly scrub my feet. Like I literally figured this stuff out myself recently. The skin between my toes was raw and smelled horrible, and I had thick layers of dead skin all over the tips of my toes. Yesterday I said fuck it and bought some irish spring, a pumice stone and a nail brush and scrubbed the fuck out of my feet and now they're clean for the first time in god knows how long. Am I retarded? Probably.

No. 822133

No. 822136

I'm not being rude but surely even without being taught step by step…washing yourself is easy to figure out?

This brought back flashbacks to a poster who talked about her bf leaving skidmarks on their bed because he wasn't taught how to wash his ass as a little kid. He was in his twenties and his ass was often caked in shit. She couldn't go down on him because she'd smell it while down there. And she said it was his moms fault.

No. 822140

Even if I shave perfectly and there are no hairs, when I pee, the stream of pee never goes down in a straight direction, it goes all over the place. This is especially dangerous when I'm in a public toilet and don't actually sit on it

No. 822146

I mean I did wash my feet before with soap, but I just used my hands and couldn't figure out why it looked like I had trench foot.
At least I understood from a young age that you need to wash your ass, kek

No. 822159

it's like that for me when i am shaved and when i have a bush there is only one perfect stream

No. 822164

Got a 24hr ban from crystal cafe so I'm socializing on /g/ tonight. Funny thing is that I only just got unbanned from lolcow today for the same thing I got banned for in crystal cafe - unintentionally interacting with guys

No. 822165

It's so weird to me because you'd think that the hairs are what drive the peestream away

No. 822206

This actually makes perfect sense, hair directs water, your eyebrows do the same

No. 822212


I always thought it was the vulva flappy flaps.

No. 823102

Cooking dinner alone at 10 pm…feels lonely but I've been experimenting with making sauces lately and it's actually pretty fun. I'm making a honey garlic sauce to go with chicken.

No. 823153

Sounds yummy anon! In your lonely state know another lonely person envies you and your food

No. 823261

My allergies are acting up agaaaaaaaaaaiiiiin

No. 823411

I started studying and put on some music and then I remembered Igorrr's chicken's song and watched it and watched all the other videos on the channel and then I turned on ratm's covers album and wanted to make a thread to post music covers but decided against it. Now I'm here and I really should have been studying so I will go. Rest in peace patrick the piano chicken

No. 823413

Currently sanding the color off of a table with my feet and watching true crime shit on yt

No. 823433

You must have pretty riugh skin, nonny. Sorry.

No. 823443

I am so salty that I can't buy his chicken t-shirt anymore. Is there any chance it will get restocked?

No. 823445

There is always a chance

No. 823589

omg shayna clifford i love your work

No. 823616

Queen shit.

No. 823650

Got a cat yesterday. Chill dude.

No. 823710

File: 1622949946608.jpeg (1.68 MB, 3264x2448, A5A56F63-E504-404B-B588-1C7B37…)

Was supposed to move out of my house a month ago but life did not allow it. Today I can finally afford a van to get all my stuff to the new place. Been working nightshift and living absolutely bare bones, sleeping on an inflatable mattress. But I am really going to miss the sunrises from the patio :(

No. 823711

I wish you both a blessed life

No. 823713

File: 1622950477557.jpg (38.57 KB, 680x383, 297.jpg)

My next door neighbours sound like teenagers (probably are teenagers) and they smoke weed everyday and are too loud for my tastes.
I know I'm picrel but god I wish they would be more quiet and stop coughing so much

No. 823720

i found some local gummy candies that were made without gelatin and they're so good!

No. 823722

ooh what kind of gummies were they?

No. 823821

I saw a baby fox and his mum today while walking the dog. Highlight of the week.

No. 823871

File: 1622975330128.jpg (2.2 MB, 1920x2560, o9gn06y.jpg)

i've been busy adding washi tape edges to my new ringbook binder/diary since last night. idk why decorating shit feels so therapeutic lol. picrel, i've had these tapes for years and barely ever used them.

No. 823914

A coworker was talking about how much she loves being stereotypically feminine and how she does it for herself first, and I was biting my tongue not to answer with radfem arguments, I'm not even a radfem.

No. 823934

I love this idea so much! May do this with my weekly planner because I have so much washi tape that I only use for gifts once in a while!

No. 823965

When I want a biscuit I only want one at a time but they sell them in big packs. This is incompatible with my sweet tooth. I should get a time locked biscuit tin

No. 823976

i coooked rice properly and now i can't stop thinking of all the endless possibilities. pineapple juice rice? tea rice? rice balls? rice on balls? im literally shaking

that's hot, thinking of putting that stuff on my door like kawaii panda police tape <3

No. 823981

I have a whole drawer of stickers and crafting stuff I don't want to "waste" I should just use it like you. Maybe start a scrapbook

No. 823988

I get you. I just want to shake some women out of their societal brainwashing, but I know it doesn't work that way. I just quietly weep and hope they learn to actually live for themselves one day.

No. 824044

File: 1622992665058.jpg (100.69 KB, 634x811, 33c333820b01ea3ed7d305186533b2…)

I feel very energetic and happy today. I'm gonna do some cleaning and paint. I'm close to ending my fast, and I'm super hype for whatever I'm gonna eat

No. 824045

What if there was a fat shaming biscuit tin so you only pick one? And on the front of the tin there was a picture of a skinny woman like Ariana doing a judgemental/disappointed face and when you opened the tin there was a voice message that said "really? another one? wow." in a mean voice? I think that could work.

No. 824047

Popped an addy and still managed to pass out, what a waste

No. 824053

Nayrt but would that really work on anyone? Especially a farmer since we're apparently always jumping for a fight
I would just bitch out the tin, the biscuits would be delicious spoils of war

No. 824061

File: 1622994299276.jpeg (17.54 KB, 300x225, 539A09D0-0EC3-45B0-A16D-21EF17…)

= First Updoot =

You have received (1) one Updoot!

(click here to open messaghe)

No. 824064

File: 1622994560022.jpeg (63.04 KB, 779x980, 691565A9-C9AF-4EC9-9390-EE67AE…)

I wonder what Joan Crawford Teacher Abuse anon is doing right now…

No. 824080

The Joan what now?

No. 824118


Sorry, the WHO?

No. 824187

File: 1623001806379.jpg (62.44 KB, 500x720, tumblr_018928a7d9a70829ed6eae6…)

I gradually became the annoying killjoy radfem bitch who questions people saying shit like this because it got too painful to bite my tongue all the time. The borderline pickme version of me 10 years ago would've hated my spergy ass opening a can of worms on men saying sex work should be supported or women claiming they love to be feminine due to some innate biological desire instead of societal expectations forced upon them.

No. 824195

I don't really mind if they're never brought back, but the lc gc threads helped make me the well-formed bitch I am today, and I'm grateful

The simpler solution is a box with a built in bear trap that loads after the weight of 1 biscuit is removed, and stays loaded for the rest of the day. Keep your fingers or keep your biscuits.

No. 824200

I guess it wouldn't work on a farmer, but if she wanted a biscuit she could level up her bitching skills before coming back to lolcow

Yesss, either full range of movement, or one biscuit, it's nerf or nothing

No. 824204

nothing wrong with wanting to look attractive imo but "I do it for myself" is such cope and all these feminine women know it deep down

No. 824210

I like that my boyfriend expects me to be physically strong. Maybe there's a better way to word that but other guys I've been with were always so quick to take over tasks or do something for me if it involved physical strength. My boyfriend now assumes I can handle a task 50/50 with him unless I tell him otherwise.

No. 824214

Sounds like the type of man who would treat you like shit and ignore your pain if you were pregnant or something

No. 824219

Kek. Nah, he's happy to take over anything even if I just wanna be a lazy bitch.

No. 824307

My boyfriend's the same way, but he does those things for me, as well as domestic stuff, because he hates letting me do any sort of work when he can do it himself. Honestly I don't let any other man help me because I know they are doing it for to feel manly/guilt trip you into humoring them rather than genuinely wanting to make things easier for me. Scrotes will not be getting any sort of ego boost from me.

No. 824312

>My boyfriend now assumes I can handle a task 50/50 with him unless I tell him otherwise.
I think that's ideal, to be honest? You're not assumed to be unable to do shit just because you're a woman but if you actually can't do it/need help, you can get the help you need.

No. 824462

Kek I'm new to the job (not even a month yet), I didn't want to be the obnoxious killjoy while still on my trial period, plus the coworker is 12 years older than me, I would have probably sounded like a disrespectful brat. I just got visibly slightly annoyed when she said women look better with makeup on, I just answered I didn't care about looking pretty.
(also I agree with a lot of radfem rhetoric but I don't consider myself one for various reasons, one of them being I have too much class privilege)

No. 824479

These are so cute, anon.

No. 824575

That's based anon. I'd love to meet someone like you at work.

No. 824735

FINALLY I found the post >>604005

No. 824759

File: 1623081323863.gif (106.34 KB, 220x164, tenor.gif)

I'm currently watching some fandom drama go down. I don't care about the actual "debate", but it's live entertainment. I think it's over now though

No. 824761

which fandom

No. 824770

i turned off my phone 5 days ago and i don't even miss it, its weird

No. 824786

what's it like to be a legend?

No. 824792

File: 1623084305217.jpeg (180.28 KB, 1242x1242, 3BC42119-C0F8-496F-B177-3DBAD5…)

I love you, anonita, I’m glad you can do it.

No. 824803

File: 1623085409276.jpg (41.23 KB, 800x800, -527694190-1154111001.jpg)

>(also I agree with a lot of radfem rhetoric but I don't consider myself one for various reasons, one of them being I have too much class privilege)
Can someone explain this to me?
I'm from working class but it wouldn't bother me if some rich person was a radfem. It's about the women right??

No. 824805

so? you're still online.

No. 824813

Did nonna say anything about not being online tho?

No. 824815

She got a well deserved break, nonnie, anonita is stronger than most of us.

No. 824817

This is not very Stacy of you

No. 824861

so sweet anons ty, it gets much easier after the first day
yeah i know, but it will be much harder to cut everything off, so its just a first step i guess

No. 824914

File: 1623095214895.jpeg (15.96 KB, 275x178, BF3289F5-7D7D-49F2-ADDF-C07C37…)

I bumped into an old classmate and he was so excited to see me. He even remembered my name! I wish we would have exchanged contact info, goddammit.

No. 824916

I bit the inside of my cheek while eating my galia. I still have some of my galia, and strawberries left, but both sting in my cheek bite. I'm still gonna eat it, but I won't relish in it as much as I did before the accident.

No. 824953

For like a year I've had no interest in watching any shows or movies. I mainly get entertainment from internet, books, and youtube. I'd like to watch some great movies but I just feel like I can't commit to it.

No. 824968

File: 1623100278368.jpg (244.12 KB, 1078x1500, 81pp-zDu3tL._AC_SL1500_-1.jpg)

This shit is SO good

No. 824975

same anon same

No. 824979

Slivered almonds in cereal are so good that's the only honey bunches flavor I get

No. 824990

I was like this for a long, long time with lots of media. Turns out I was just watching the wrong movies/tv./etc and was never allowed to have my own opinions about things. (ex. "what do you mean it was a funny movie? it was so action packed and badass!")

No. 825209

File: 1623129536321.gif (349.02 KB, 500x500, 407AEE92-33FE-46A4-A550-2FE825…)

scrolling through this thread and thinking about how comfy it is. i’m super tired though, my blinks are starting to burn. I should probably go to sleep.

No. 825336

File: 1623153181691.png (410.61 KB, 433x600, 0028400070940_CL_ITEMMASTER_de…)

I tried Lays French onion dip after years of not having it, and holy fuck it's so good. I missed it so much. but I accidentally left it out for 6 hours after opening it last night, and now I don't think I can eat it. Fuck my life

No. 825441

i made chorizo and eggs and i have an unopened bottle of garlic aioli sauce i wanted to put on top of it. i didn't realize until after i finished my plate i forgot to add the aioli.

No. 825461

Samefag, you know what…I think I'm gonna eat the dip. I put it in the fridge afterwards, and 6 hours can't be too bad. I didn't even double dip. Let's pray I don't get botulism or some shit

No. 825469

I'd still eat it. It's worth a shot anyway. Report back when you do.

No. 825472

High risk, high reward. Enjoy your dip anon, hope it doesn't fuck you up!

No. 825476

File: 1623167686406.png (527.3 KB, 1028x773, 68314b0d8f56c7c369cbe089dfd37c…)

slept all day yesterday and woke up at 9pm, had some shots around 5-6am this morning so I could go to sleep quickly so I could attempt to wake up by noon today. it is nearly noon and I've yet to sleep and I have an alcohol headache.

No. 825484

Nevermind, I pussied out and threw it away. I hate wasting food, but it's like $3 so whatever. there's another french dip in my pantry, but it's not Lays so I'm not eating it

No. 825536

Haven't had fish in years but am really craving some good fish and chips today and texted my boyfriend that we should go down to the quay next nice weekend and get some. He surprised me by taking the rest of today off work to go get fish for lunch! (not that he probably needed much of an excuse kek) But this really is so nice. We haven't gone on a proper date in forever and because it's a random ass Tuesday it's going to be dead and free from the weekend crowds.

No. 825811

File: 1623199007504.jpeg (263.8 KB, 827x846, Misato Katina.jpeg)

I had chorizo and eggs this morning, too! With papas.

No. 826208

Oh dipanon!

No. 826774

It's weird that I probably wouldn't have noticed my current boyfriend and we probably wouldn't be dating right now if it wasn't for my shitty ex. I can't believe how long I held onto my ex considering how bad things were and especially now that I have my boyfriend. Not that it matters now, it's like everything fell perfectly into place in the end.

No. 826871

I'm weirdly entertained by the fact that if you complain about your own mental health issues on here you'll generally be told people around you need to get on board and be more understanding of the struggle..but if you post about someone like your bf or your mom struggling with the same (not raging or bpd but just depression/anxiety) you're told they need to suck it up and not inconvenience you with their shit. Every time

I kind of get why redditors do that thing where they post the same stories but with swapped roles.

No. 826922

Spotted two male troons in the subway yesterday, at least they were not the garish kind but I was still thrown off by seeing them in the wild. It reminded me that they can manipulate pics and videos as much as they want, they are never able to pass irl, they really have some kind of weird aura that clocks them immediately, male and female alike.

No. 826923

Hmm people are understanding for the mental struggles but I haven't seen anons advocating for dumping the issues on the 2nd person; just to be more loving and caring for oneself. Similarly when the 2nd person is the one bothered with issues advices are always like "they should get therapy, they should work on themselves" and not be an inconvenience to the farmer ranting. At least from what I've seen.

No. 826924

Since modern human conception we've been biologically programmed to clock the other sex. I find it weird that in the current era we know the most we've ever known about genetics and humanity, and now we have a unique situation where thought trumps biology and you can think and inject your way to a biological condition. It's a perverted eugenics concept.

No. 826933

File: 1623322826458.png (260.45 KB, 500x500, 5093ac9fee576a849122e0edf7627b…)

I have a bedbug bite induced rash all over my body I think it's on my vagina as well? I want to kms, and I cannot take it. I rarely even see the bedbugs now, but I'm buying some diatomaceous earth asap. I'm praying I won't have any marks left from scratching myself

No. 826945

Not all the time, I can definitely think of a few posts where anons told an OP that they were unfair to their bf/friend/family

No. 827126

File: 1623344044824.jpeg (38.37 KB, 355x355, C74CF028-2764-4BF2-9999-C049E3…)

I finally changed my face mask after a few weeks using it, nothing better than the scent of a new face mask.

No. 827159

About to move into my first house, so I've been dropping the rope when it comes to doing chores and tasks.
Under normal circumstances I'd be finicky about the place becoming a sty, but work has been busy and I've been too mentally burdened to come home and do more work.

Fiance laundered the clothes but left them crumpled in the basket for days now.
Will I take charge to tackle it with him or do it myself? Nope. If he doesn't care, why should I? If he doesn't say we need to hang them, then why should I play mom and tally ho? Let's dig our wrinkly clothes out of the basket weeeeee!

The fitted sheet came off my corner of the bed the other night (he tosses and turns on his side and steals blankets so it is his fault to begin with) so I left it undone.
He asks me if I'm going to remake my side. I deadpan looked at him and said 'No, maybe you should make it.' LOL. Of course he didn't. And so neither did I. Training him so that if something bothers him, he fixes it instead of complaining to me expecting me to do it.

He's pretty good about dishes and trash, but there's always room to improve as they say.

No. 827176

Get Cimexa instead anon! It needs to be replaced/reapplied a lot less than DE.

No. 827192

It's so surreal this has become our norm. Who gives a shit about fresh sheets, it's all about the fresh face mask

No. 827217

I know right, the moment I sighed with relief because of the change I had a moment of realization, like what the fuck, now i get happy after changing my face mask like an absolute weirdo.

No. 827242

File: 1623353717897.jpg (97.36 KB, 659x609, 19208372037534.jpg)

No. 827385

I was looking at an old thread and saw some anon say grape leavess taste like "ladylike pickles". I want to try grape leaves now, but I have no idea where to get them. I have grapes in my fridge, but I believe those are leafless.

No. 827401

File: 1623364269962.jpg (34.34 KB, 350x350, 48039284032.jpg)

Kek. They should be available in most grocery stores anon, you'll usually find them with canned goods or condiments. They come in bottles like picrel. I personally don't think they're very good on their own though, they're kind of bitter and tart. You usually see them stuffed with something in Mediterranean cooking like dolmathes, which are tasty

No. 827452

File: 1623368141732.jpg (111.81 KB, 1079x871, Screenshot_20210610-174429_Chr…)

I'm gonna eat this

No. 827456

And then deliver that package to the top tank?

No. 827458

No. 827487

Keep forgetting I have a period. Then I don’t feel like moving one day and remember

No. 827493

The right side of my right yiddy hurts and idk why. Breast pain is the worst.

No. 827556

I had taco bell today too.
2 chalupas, taco, doritos locos taco and cinna twists. big girl meal.

No. 827595

I am incapable of recording my period. I’ve tried period apps and writing it down, but within a couple weeks I forget I’m even tracking it and forget everything.
All I know is that when I’m bleeding I’m bleeding, and maybe some breast soreness and intense emotions the week prior.

No. 827662

Btw is there a point in tracking periods unless you have an illness? Mine are regular and I can easily pinpoint when they are going to happen next, I think tracking them would be redundant.

No. 827748

I had a good night of sleep and I feel like I could go on a run cannot wait until I get to work and it ruins my entire day!
I also made another batch of sugar wax and I thought I had perfected it this time but because it's so hot and humid, it's now too soft. I put it in the fridge, idk if that'll help.

No. 827775

Not really unless you go to your doctor and they ask you when your last one or two was.

No. 827788

Was buying groceries today and using the self service till. Woman using the one next to me was going nuts every time the till told her to get assistance. It was early morning so I wonder what had her so wound up already. At first her muttering and cursing was annoying but in fairness you must be pretty stressed out to be carrying on like that. Hope her day improved afterwards.

No. 827830

I stopped recording mine because it started to weirdly give me health anxiety. The app would tell me I'm due and then 3 or 4 days later I'd be panicking because it hadn't come yet…I'm not even sexually active

I'm happier only having my own very rough estimate of when it's due

No. 827869

File: 1623419276712.jpg (431.07 KB, 2148x1285, c86860ffc8069cc7ffff86d8ffffe4…)

I measured my body temperature because I was hoping it would be normal but it's even higher. It's 37.6°C. I thought maybe this temperature is now my normal body temperature because it's been high for a very long time but then sometimes when I go home it will be normal, 36.8°again.
Anyway look at this cool site I found about excavations of tombs at the city of Ur, it's really interesting, it shows drawings of the layout of the tombs and the things found within.

No. 827884

Hair drying
Job hunting
Google sheet making
Need to charge my computer I barely use anymore

No. 827888

this necklace is so beautiful

No. 827905

I was drinking with my parents last night and got my mum into marina and just today I realised she released the new album Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land and I'm having the best hangover.

No. 827953

File: 1623428856957.jpg (10.16 KB, 360x273, ob_spout.jpg)

This is cool as hell

No. 828031

Ate so much chips I can literally feel my veins clogging as I type this. They actually hurt

No. 828039

File: 1623435086958.jpg (43.95 KB, 533x800, 800px_COLOURBOX9384241.jpg)

No. 828052

Man this site is giving me some strong late 90s internet nostalgia. Feels like it could've been hosted on Geocities or Angelfire. It's cool though, and I like the artifacts. Wish there was more of an active interest in history on lc.

No. 828204

I learned that one guy that I went to elementary school has schizophrenia. I don't remember him being 'off' at all, he just had some learning difficulties

No. 828223

I think most are normal right up until their first episode, and the first typically happens in late teens to mid twenties. It's there but dormant before that.

I know someone who had a very stressful event trigger theirs. Scary to think that stressing someone out can have such consequences for them. They were heavily medicated and never worked again.

No. 828247

Symptoms only show up when you're a late teenager at the earliest iirc. My cousin started having symptoms when he was in his late 20s or early 30s when he tried to kill his then wife and himself so it depends.

No. 828251

getting drunk and listening to the new marina album

No. 828302


How did you like it anon? I think there's some great songs on there, in addition to a few that will probably be skips for me. My opinion is definitely more positive than negative though. The title track might be one of my all time
favorite marina songs, but I'll have to wait for the recency bias to fade before saying for sure.(you dont need to linebreak after every reply)

No. 828362

loved it, ill listen again but the title track was my fave as well, the slow songs i liked less. i wish it was longer tho

No. 828364

been listening to it all day today. i'm surprised that i like it so much tbh.

No. 828688

I feel like absolute shit today. I woke up with diarrhea, which was probably due to me eating a bunch of shit after being on a diet. I was also so hungry I was on the verge of vomiting, which doesn't make sense because I woke up at 2 am last night and ate grapes with water. Wtf is going on.

No. 828692

Your body is probably just confused. Also too many grapes actually can cause nausea and diarrhea due to the high fructose

No. 828694

I’ve been talking to this guy I matched with on tinder for a few weeks now but we haven’t met yet due to his busy schedule and also because I’m not over my fwb sadly. Anyway today he told me he is free next month and I’m excited to see him. It’s going to be strange because I never strictly talked to someone through text for so long without meeting them in person. I am so scared to be catfished but what if I’m the catfish lol. Anyway the topic of masturbating came up (because I’m a perv) and he told me that he never masturbates. I asked if he was lying and he said no if he ever feels an urge he just takes a cold shower or exercises. He even told me I should resist the urge to myself which hell no lol. He ended up wanting to change the topic and said that he doesn’t like talking about sex at all because it makes him uncomfortable. Ever since then I found it so incredibly hot. Especially since most scrotes are porn sick. I can’t believe I’m the fucking degenerate lol

No. 828701

I hate to tell you this bestie but yall will never meet

No. 828703

Lmao you are probably right but what makes you say that? Luckily I’m still talking to other guys he’s just the most interesting so far

No. 828704

File: 1623504085637.jpg (95.74 KB, 735x901, eb17ac9803d404d2db388b5bc7425a…)

Yeah, I think so too. I also drank a whole bottle of pomegranate juice which apparently causes constipation, but whatever. I'm just gonna take this as a sign to stop stuffing myself with oily/high carb foods I'm still making pasta today though hehehe
I took a shower and got some food, so I feel a lot better now.

No. 828709

I just ate a salad that was so good it's made me sad I finished it.

No. 828710

Because when guys on dating apps claim to be busy or make no plans of meeting they're usually just pen pals or people in relationships who are on thinking about leaving

No. 828717

I had a delicious bagel with eggs and mushrooms for breakfast, I feel great, I want to workout so I can wash my hair.

No. 828997

Oh thank fuck. I managed to remember my SI number and saved myself so much time and hassle. I don't know how I did it, it was legit like I just pulled it from my ass.

No. 829002

Today was a really good day. I'm rewatching Sakura CardCaptor and damn the nostalgia hits so hard, also Sakura is so loveable. I used to have a crush on her when I was a kid, now I just want to hug her constantly. I'd be exactly like Tomoyo taking pics of her and stuff.

No. 829163

The blades on my razor are dull, so now I'm really bumpy, which I dislike in and of itself (cut myself too, for the first time in an eternity), but going with my hand over it feels funny this time around, so I'm not too mad.

No. 829293

I followed a little bread recipe this afternoon, it didn't come out exactly like the picture lol but it tasted really good, and that's what matters in the end, so I'm quite satisfied with the results.

No. 829296

I was sad I missed an event where this bubble tea truck was gonna be yesterday but it turns out it's going to be somewhere else today so I'm going to get some

No. 829300

I downloaded a loyalty app for a coffee chain lately and it had a free coffee voucher on it. I traveled to another town and planned to get my free coffee while there.. place was closed. Next day I went to another town and that chain had a broken coffee machine. Then yesterday I went again and finally got my free latte. I was determined to use the damn thing before it ran out.

Hope you enjoy your bubble tea

No. 829302

I'd cry if I missed an opportunity for great bubble tea. Glad you're getting your chance anon.

There's a place a half hour drive away from me that does lavender earl grey tea with boba and it's so damn worth it.

No. 829311

i live in walking distance to 14 bubble tea places.

No. 829333

How is it like to live in paradise?

No. 829387

My left eye has been twitching for the past 15 hours. It's getting old.

No. 829390

>tfw your small Midwestern town's coffee shop tries to offer bubble tea and its 12 dollars, wrong consistency and wrong sized tapioca balls.

No. 829434

File: 1623608394067.jpg (89.18 KB, 1000x1475, vegan-orange-chicken-6.jpg)

I made orange chicken (soy curls) and lo mein today, and holy fuck it's so good. I'm usually pretty bad at cooking, but it's been super fun for me recently. Yesterday I made fried lemon pepper soy curls. I wish I had cabbage for the lo mein, and more sesame oil flavor, but I was scared of putting too much. Never going back to a Chinese restaurant though.

No. 829440

Where do you buy soy curls? Also post recipe if possible

No. 829444

I bought them off of Amazon. I use the Butler brand. I believe they also sell them at health food store.
Tbh the "recipe" isn't really a recipe at all. I just dip the soy curls in a beaten egg, and then into a mixture of flour, panko, salt, pepper, and smoked paprika. You don't have to use the egg, I just think it helps the panko stick better. Then I fried them and used Panda Express orange sauce.

No. 829487

File: 1623612909220.jpg (350.42 KB, 1500x1500, 916cuNRPAEL._SL1500_.jpg)

These are yummy

No. 829523

they look very delicious, nonnie

No. 829525

Finally getting my first shot tomorrow, I feel like I'm one of the last persons around me to do it, I started a new job a new month ago and everybody was already vaccinated despite the vaccines being hard to get back then.

No. 829559

I bought sandals for myself and fuchsia colored shoes for my mom. They were both on sale for half the price. My mom liked the fuchsia shoes so I was persuading her to buy them and she said "but they're not absolutely necessary", seriously mom, so I bought them for her

No. 829564

My tofu suckssss it's extra firm and I've had it in the press forever but it's so waterlogged and crumbly. I tried to slice it and it basically disintegrated. Maybe I'll just make a scramble.

No. 829565

uhm so last yr i remember replying to a redditor saying smthg like "my future husband will only have a flipphone :colored nail polish being applied to finger nails:" i was joking and others started joking in similar fashion saying theirs would only have a pager, or a messenger pigeon, or would communicate with smoke, etc etc. I don't remember the context much anymore.
And i hadn't thought back to this until recently since meeting a guy that only has a flip phone lol……… i wouldnt think much about it if we didnt get along, he wasnt so great and didn't like me back but we do, he is, and he does. just felt like sharing

No. 829570

congrats anon, sounds like you've got a drug dealer for a boyfriend, stay safe and have a great 14th birthday

No. 829587

I felt the same way, and I just got the first shot today. So far my arm feels slightly heavy. I hope you have no/few side effects!

No. 829597

thank you anon! but he's a catholic teacher lol he's not dealing drugs….tbh i need to ask why he only has a flip phone, he's only 24

No. 829598

Does he also use Linux as the OS on his computer?

No. 829600

>tfw no religious outdated bf

No. 829607

File: 1623627137329.jpg (91.56 KB, 800x480, virtual-villages-58d2055f5f9b5…)

Feeling sad because the only Virtual Villagers games available on my phone are Origins 1 & 2. Why can I download all the Virtual families games, but only two of the Villagers games are available? Anyway, my village is doing pretty well. I already almost have enough tech points for farming 2. The graphics are top tier as well.

No. 829611

Holy shit anon I was obsessed with this game as a child and I forgot what it was called!

No. 829635

Nta but so was I. The music makes me melt into a mess of nostalgia.

No. 829637

File: 1623630888931.gif (896.88 KB, 320x200, ezgif-4-61703e65c61d.gif)

No. 829665

My Sims game crashed just as I was about to start a wedding

No. 829815

I did it gals I solved a problem in my homework

No. 829820

I hope too, but when I got the flu shot in last November I had side effects for three days, I'm kinda nervous about the covid vaccine tbh. A coworker advised me take some paracetamol one hour before the shot, I'll do it and then we'll see.

No. 829992

Currently rubbing two freshly boiled eggs over spots where I am itching from eczema

No. 830012

hydrate really well before too anon

No. 830016

Still twitching.

No. 830020

eat shitload of magnesium, dark chocolate for example

No. 830096

Ayrt and here I am two hours later, nothing yet, I barely feel the place where I got shot. We'll see tomorrow of course.

No. 830138

I just started it but, I'm doing the egg diet, and to be honest? This feels pretty easy so far. Eating light feels nice and the "no sugar" rule isn't that bad because I can just use zero calorie/zero sugar sweeteners. Plus oatmeal, eggs and apples are some of my favorite foods. I hope I don't jinx it though lol

No. 830242

I want to plan out my week but I have a new friend who loosely hinted at us maybe doing something without giving me a day. I also have work plans where there's confusion over whether it's happening tomorrow or on Wednesday. I just hate going to bed with no clear idea of the day to come

No. 830369

The bubble tea cup split in half and splatted everywhere in the car but I got home, filled a cup with ice, came back to the car poured it in the new cup and cleaned up my car then changed clothes. I felt like the universe wanted to keep me from it but I persisted and still ended up enjoying some

No. 830410

just went to the shooting range. i have weak hands that are not good at maneuvering guns

No. 830418

My eyes burn from using foil gel, and my nose is also running from the fumes. I'm pretty sure it's cause I spilled it on my bed, because this never happens

No. 830419

Which ancient god did you piss off anon? Hopefully the curse is lifted now that you finally got your bubble tea
If you tell the store the cup burst, they might offer you a free one another time

No. 830422

I love old English spelling, like "chuse", "controul", "domestick". We should go back.

No. 830476

kek me too anon. the beft if when they use f inftead of s.

No. 830729

Even with my hormonal issues taking vitamin D has improved my hairline so much

No. 830751

Also the original definitions of gender made way more sense, men were "were-man" and women were "wur-man", Girls were "knave-girls" and boys were "boi-girls"
The Norman invasion and rule ruined the Language

No. 830764

Has it really? I'll pick some up today

No. 830822

brb buying vitamin D

No. 830844

File: 1623766680283.jpg (18.86 KB, 400x400, g7qP7HzG_400x400.jpg)

I hate spicy food, but I've been loving sriracha mayo and hot sauce so much recently. I just ate some scrambled eggs with hot sauce and Follow Your Heart cheese and it was fucking delicious. I feel like my tastebuds have discovered a whole new world

No. 830857

I want some gummis so bad but they are fucking up my teeth. My dentist called me out last time I went

No. 830884

Welcome to the tasty world of spicy foods! Siracha mayo sauce is a good gateway drug. You won‘t regret it if you don‘t overdo it!

No. 831043

I literally just pissed, but I still need to pee, wtf

No. 831045

sounds like an uti

No. 831048

At worked we received a real ass Nigerian prince spam email, I can't believe they are still a thing and that it's always from frickin Nigeria, at this point they should have realized they are a meme and at least change the country.

No. 831068

That's the thing though, they target people who are not aware it's a meme, keeping it as obvious as possible let's them filter out the last smart ones and if anyone still falls for it there's hardly any chance they'll realize they're being scammed later on

No. 831070

Some have switched their tactic to say they live in the UK. My ex fell for one of those. One day he was in an extremely good mood so I knew something stupid had happened, since the last time he was so giddy he had gotten roped into an MLM. Then he asked me how much 30 million British pounds was in USD. I shit you not, this Korean motherfucker with a very alive and large family in Korea got one of those emails in broken English saying he was the single remaining relative of one Mister William Scott James Peter Williams in the UK, and they found his personal email written down somewhere despite him never having heard of this person before and lucky him, my ex would be inheriting his entire fortune! That dumbass believed it. They said they would only give it to him if he sent them 7k. He borrowed the money from his parents under false pretenses and wired it to them. Then they said he had to wire them 11k more because of some mix-up at the bank, but not to worry because he'll be rich so what's 11k anyway? So of course this idiot took out a loan. I laughed my ass off when he told me and he started crying, which should have made me feel bad but since he always boasted about being a big strong unfeeling manly man it made the situation even more hilarious. Anyway that was the day I learned I hadn't been settling for a somewhat good-looking braindead scrote, but an actual boomer-brained retard who could never be trusted with any amount of money.

No. 831089

How on earth did he think it possible to have a dead, white British relative? I'm dying with laughter. Tim Berners-Lee's mother Mary, a renowned mathematician who created the world's first computer fell for a really fucking stupid telephone scam. I thought that was shockingly dumb for someone highly intelligent and tech savvy, but your ex's story is ridiculous kek.

No. 831090

*commercial computer.

No. 831331

I have a K.K. Slider song stuck in my head. I don't know what it's called, and I can't google the lyrics, either.

No. 831340

No. 831341

Waiting for the Seroquel to hit while I lay in bed with rollers on my head.

No. 831352

Go to vocaroo and record you humming it, I can figure it out. I'm an avid AC fan

No. 831360

I found it myself already, it was K.K. Condor, but thanks for the offer.

No. 831407

I started using Notion to take notes and shit and I'm surprised at how much I love it and how much you can customize. Was expecting it to be some kind of scam since so many "studygrams" use it but it's pretty great.

No. 831409

I haven't been outside for 3 days

No. 831413


are you in quarantine?

No. 831414

no, I just don't have friends to go out and do stuff with. now that I'm thinking about it, it actually must have been more than 3 days. they are blending together after a while

No. 831418


the way this is so relatable i can't. i cant even remember what day of the week it is

No. 831424

same anon lol i could go full days without even stepping out the front door

No. 831430


i don't know about you but i think im just depressed.

No. 831436

Got an early morning walk in this morning, just before it got too hot. Now I'm enjoying an iced coffee in my favorite cafe. The only way my morning can change for the worse now is when I return home and I see my flatmate still hasn't taken initiative to empty the bathroom bin that's almost overflowing with her used sanitary products. Idk anons, how can grown women be so blind to their disgusting habits? She's 33 but I will talk to her like a child if I have to ask her to take out her bloody trash already, fucking hell. This coffee is banging tho.

No. 831459

I feel really bad my blood pressure is low

No. 831473

I know how you feel nonnie. The all-female sharehouse/dorm i used to live in before the pandemic was so fucking filthy. What's so hard about emptying trashcans and not leave garbage and dirty dishes pile up, it literally smelled like shit lol

No. 831474

I'm feeling better I ate watermelon with salt. I hope you all sprinkle salt on your watermelons before you eat them. It tastes way better

No. 831555

never done this before, will give it a go next time

No. 832193


No. 832199

Brute force it anon!!

No. 832206

Give it here, I gotchu

No. 832207

I have 13 more pounds to lose

No. 832216

Thank u so mjuch I have sauce now

No. 832221

Next time bang the side of the lid on your kitchen counter
T. Pathetic spaghetti arms

No. 832250

The Recovering NEET thread might be some helpb

No. 832311

I have a 7 minute commute to work and I'm thankful for it every single morning

No. 832358

I should really get in the habit of making my bed properly every morning. It always feels nicer to lie on smooth unrumpled sheets

No. 832382

I’m assuming you’re going to use the whole jar? Buy in a cheapo small knife or a pair of kitchen scissors. Ram them into the top of the lid hard and puncture a hole. The vaccuum seal releases the air and it comes off easily.

No. 832400

>Your province is now accelerating second doses for all people living in this province

Ok that's not true, only for people living in hotspot zones and those who got their vaccined on or beforr May 9th

No. 832406

Either lids in your country are thinner than in mine, or this just sounds really dangerous

No. 832407

You don't have to do that you have to just put a knife or fork edge under the edge of the jar lid and push it away so air comes in

No. 832435

based stronk stabby anon. this is what I do with jars of honey and it always works

No. 832455

Do you want ants, anon?

No. 832588

No. 832616

yesss do it. i've made my bed every single morning for over a decade. it makes the whole room look neater and is wonderful to flop down on after work. truly the enlightened way to live.

No. 832652

I'm moving at the end of the month and I'll have seven minutes of commuting as well. I'll have some walking to do though (or taking the bus if I'm too lazy) but the fact that I won't spend that much time in a train feels so good.

No. 832664

i had errands to run before work and i was gonna just go straight to work once the errands were done bc one was right by my job but i majorly overestimated how much time it would take and i didn't plan to have like an hour of free time left

came home and ate some mac and cheese before work, just runnin' out the clock now. life is alright today

No. 832984

I just woke up, went back to sleep for like 40 minutes and woke up again because of a really disturbing dream caused by watching P Valley. I always, always have terrible dreams and idk why. I wish I could figure put how to make them good. Anyway, Im too scared to go back to bed now

No. 832994

i just remembered a game i played on the leapster console things called "Pet Pals," and it literally made me feel so weird to think about those times.

No. 833002

Nonna, do you eat carbs/overeat before going to sleep? I always get really disturbing dreams if I eat a lot for dinner.

No. 833020

Nah, the last time I ate before sleeping was around 7 pm and it was oatmeal. I've been eating a lot less than I usually do as well, so I don't really get why this is happening. but before, I would always eat around the time that I sleep Anyway, I'm gonna try to go back to sleep.

No. 833187

My laptop is so slow and old so I uninstalled the sims and other things and it's still slow and it's the most infuriating thing applying to jobs with it but I can't afford new technology without a job and I don't want to use my mother's computer because she stands behind me and just talks the most shit and my uncle has riddled her computer with viruses and all this other shit. I just want a job.

No. 833261

Try ccleaner

No. 833585

Im trying to figure out something light to eat (other than a salad), but I have no fucking idea what to make right now

No. 833587

I saw a 10/10 scrote today. I swear it's been years since I saw one irl.

No. 833595

They are scrotes blocked until fall!

No. 833622

cheese and crackers, Grommit!!!

No. 833951

File: 1624124678511.jpg (56.42 KB, 570x583, 704c5a4391ff6270ee7ed26d1b0544…)

I just shaved and lotioned up after taking a shower, and I feel so soft. Like a premium marshmallow. I wish I had cocoa butter tho

No. 834138

We were eating with some friends at a restaurant and there was an Asian group behind us. Friends kept referring to them as Chinese but their language didn't sound like Mandarin or Cantonese, so I turned and asked them. They were Vietnamese

No. 834170

peak mundane post, love it

No. 834240

File: 1624150145927.jpg (93.92 KB, 567x1094, caf706864dd62daa125ba9052d9649…)

I did a medium nude french tip on a mauve nail and idk if I like it. I think I might do white and gold accents

No. 834274

No. 834326

Babysitting my baby niece and holy shit can she scoot around fast on her butt

No. 834396

I didn't get to swimming after hanging at a friend's house today because me and husband fucked and then fell asleep until it got dark. The difference is he was able to go back to bed and now it's late but I'm wide awake.

No. 834419

File: 1624159490692.gif (3.79 MB, 500x645, 9bcb3b8304b8c070dc265e37941f47…)

Im sad that I can't give the moon a kiss. She's so beautiful

No. 834433

The cold breeze in the morning is so nice (before it gets insufferably hot).

No. 834496

i honestly recommend using hair conditioner for your legs as shaving cream, its literally life changing.

No. 834547

I missed the sales of a long awaited doujinshi because it happened while I was sleeping. The author has said he is going to restock it but I'm still super nervous I'm not going to get it.

No. 834552

File: 1624174351820.png (3.14 KB, 534x534, E1OpzipXEAcw0TY.png)

i jinxed it, this sweet wholesome religious guy's type is, edgy girls, it was over before it started kek

No. 834600

A good ballpoint pen is the fucking best. I spent the last week with a shitty pen that was hard to use, i had to press it against the paper for ink to come out.
Today i switched it for another, and the difference is abysmal. It's so smooth, and without blooting, ahhh, it's almost pleasurable to write with it!

No. 834824

My vagina smells like my period is about to start

No. 834825

Lmao I just started mine this morning, just in time to ruin my weekend and be there for my work week. Yey.

No. 834826

Thanks for the tip anon! Will try next time I shave

No. 834837

I'm watching sex and the city clips on youtube. Last time I watched it I was a teen virgin and couldn't relate to half of what they were talking about

No. 834838

It's like the show I've always avoided watching because I already knew as a teen I'd be a perma virgin and I'd never be able to relate to the characters kek.

No. 835189

I saw piña colada hummus today

No. 835261

File: 1624273982830.png (11.52 KB, 109x82, j2awqmX.png)

i got my mom's birthday present for only 20 bucks because of prime day

No. 835382


No. 835399

I found an old pic of me when I was 15 and I looked like an age progression of a kid who mysteriously disappeared lol. It was from the school ID card, ofc I wouldn't look like a model, but it still threw me off.

No. 835464

File: 1624301154464.jpg (278.56 KB, 1920x1080, samsunggalaxya52_5g_TOP.jpg)

I have to buy a new phone.
Which colour should I get? I was thinking about just getting a black one but the only cute cases I've found are transparent and wouldn't look nice on black.

No. 835467

The purple and blue ones are gorgeous

No. 835468

I think my brain is broken. I can't have flawless skin or an Instagram girl face and it's killing me, I find every picture of me horrendous, but somehow people compliment me all the time, randomly, in public, by strangers etc. and I know it's irrational but it feels like they're all in on a joke to gas me up when I'm painfully average to ugly.

No. 835473

Get white, so with the transparent cases you can put stickers or whatever you want inside. The blue and purple are really pretty too but don't match a lot of clothes, probably.

No. 835480

I pulled an onion and chopped it up even though it was only the size of a golf ball. Tasted like onion

No. 835487

the white one is cute, i will always find white electronics cute looking

No. 835490

That particular shade of purple is super pretty

No. 835509

> but don't match a lot of clothes, probably.
people are concerned about this……….?

No. 835523

Personally I like the purple, it's unique and cute

No. 835524

Anon Instagram girls don't have Instagram girl face. It's all editing and filters. Yes some are genuinely pretty but even so they don't look like flawless dolls. If you must spend time on social media then follow some of those debunking/anti-editing accounts that show you how people really look to reset your "normal." If people are complimenting you in public then I assure you that you're attractive. They're not the liars, the internet is.

No. 835529

I would only choose white or silver in phones. Yeah, the lilac and blue are pretty, but me personally I would go off of it and be stuck with an expensive phone I hate. Get a white one and get cute coloured cases, at least you take change those

No. 835617

had a good day. pretty happy rn. yeah

No. 835620

accidentally ate too much tortilla chip because i skipped lunch …. now my enormous (i mean like muscly he eats like a hog for the gainz) boyfriend keeps bringing up dinner which i’m not hungry for…. i mean i will order some takeout w him because he wants hawaiian and that place is tasty af but i better develop some hunger and fast i hate wasting food…..

No. 835625

Can't you just keep it as leftovers? When I want to order food alone there's always like a minimum amount so I get stuff I can keep in the fridge for a day or two that can be reheated and still taste nice.

No. 835664

>muscly he eats like a hog for the gainz) boyfriend
Himbo bf… living the dream sis

No. 835695

I forgot how good it is to listen to music while cleaning. I just listened to these songs while washing dishes, and it was actually so fun
>Bills Bills Bills
>The Show (Lenka)
>Valentine (Jessie Ware)
>Lose My Breath
>Bug A Boo
>Doo Wop
Trying to figure out my playlist for the next round of dishes right now. I think I might do gospel music.

No. 835740

Wooe up to all 3 cats sleeping in my room and tbh I'm honored since it's summer and they're rather with me than outside rn.

No. 835879

File: 1624359429574.gif (584.47 KB, 112x112, a9f20a37-e3ae-45ad-98a6-bcb0ff…)

Tomorrow is my last day working with kids, I'm throwing a party and you all are invited!

No. 836065

File: 1624379431874.jpg (42.14 KB, 538x360, 360_F_178561165_VSohr7Y1kpepXT…)

Gonna clean the kitchen then make cake pops. Wish me luck

No. 836092

>want takeout
>no takeout money

C'est la vie

No. 836093

I'm studying but the pdf is total crap I've skipped three quarters of it because it's just photos of measuring equipment and specification tables pulled from their documentation. And random formulas. Skip skip skippity skipping over it

No. 836097

I hate the whole modeling and fashion industry. They pretend as if only super skinny models or fucking landwhales exist.
Body positivity my ass. Start making and advertising clothes for actually normal people please.

No. 836112

File: 1624385284599.jpeg (86.09 KB, 800x576, A941E54C-A427-4678-9C60-ABFDC9…)

My close companion needs me but I don’t want to be needed right now. Most days I prefer to choose to not have friends to hang out with. I don’t want to make an effort. So I’ve been baking bread, challah is really easy to make and customize. I should buy whole wheat flour for baking chocolate rye.

No. 836196

File: 1624391637617.jpg (18.12 KB, 304x323, CRVrWSI.jpg)

i changed my diet so i'm taking pics every few weeks to monitor my progress. i noticed that my stomach is kinda weird, since i have a dip where my belly button is. basically i have an upper belly fat roll and a lower belly fat roll, but they're separated by a thinner area where my belly button is. as in, the thinner area spans the entire circumference of my belly. i looked up what this could mean and every website says that's a post pregnancy belly? but i never had a kid? huh. i'm just so confused by this weird indent and how pointy my upper belly fat roll seems in one place.

No. 836197

Bitch have you been wearing pants that are too low and too tight? That's what we fatties call a b-belly, though some people say it has to do with the size of your ribcage

No. 836211

i only wear pants that are super stretchy so i don't think they're too tight… my mom has this type of belly too but it makes sense for her since she had me, obviously. good to know that this isn't too weird i guess. hopefully it'll go away if i keep on losing weight??

No. 836214

I just popped a pimple next to my nostril/nose bridge and one on my nose like a dumbass. Now I'm going to get even more dark spots and can't you get a brain infection from popping t-zone pimples? Idiot.

No. 836225

Google b belly, it's actually genetic and some people have it at any weight.

No. 836237

I dont buy it, tight pants aren’t gonna change where your body deposits fat. Nonnie’s just gotta slim down and it’ll become less noticeable.

No. 836307

I bought a single dollar’s worth of bitcoin.

No. 836317

I have a dark brown mole looking thing on my hand, I think it's a scab, but I just tried to pick it off and it's being so stubborn, ugh.

No. 836328

File: 1624405488476.jpeg (814.11 KB, 1125x957, 9FF788CE-818D-4BC2-9CC1-A7FBBB…)

I have to poop but I don't want to

No. 836331

File: 1624405871291.jpeg (231.06 KB, 750x1062, 5C5D0069-176A-49AE-B57D-A166C9…)

Suffering constipation is never better than pooping. Take a shit moron!

No. 836362

File: 1624408887181.jpeg (59.81 KB, 398x336, F021240C-D2F5-4546-8115-A2ADBA…)

Thanks I pooped. now everybody loves me

No. 836428

I noticed that most times I try to watch a South Korean movie, I have a hard time understanding what the plot of the movie even is. I think it's due to bad subtitles/translations or perhaps cultural differences. Maybe I'm just retarded but it only happens to me with movies from South Korea.

No. 836436

I liked u better when u were full of shit tbh

No. 836488

trust me I can bring that back

No. 836524

File: 1624435125853.jpg (56.42 KB, 512x284, unnamed.jpg)

helped my granny make stuffed tomatoes

No. 836525

Yummy. Great summer food, particularly when combined with yoghurt or sour cream. Nutritious but easy on the stomach.

No. 836529

I love the 20min naps I take at work

No. 836540

You sound like anons grandma

No. 836542

I'm OP and I actually don't like stuffed tomatoes much, just wanted to help

No. 836544

Well that's nice of you nevertheless.
There are very few nutritious things I can eat when it gets very very hot, and stuffed tomatoes are one of them. Also, stuffed zucchini. I can't survive on ice-cream.

No. 836751

My boyfriend tucked me in really well when he left for work because he noticed it was chilly in the house, and I think that's so cute. He also planned a picnic for after work and I'm excited! I really just want to sit in the sun with him and watch the birds and clouds.

No. 836765

>it was chilly in the house
O, the envy i feel for you now sitting naked under the air-conditioner and still sweating like a pig

No. 836791

File: 1624465872214.jpg (66.87 KB, 720x720, 37e82fb335c79e5cb4b396daf196f8…)

I had a dream today that someone posted in the vent thread about how they chew on their girlfriend's pet ferret when they're upset. They went into detail about how it feels and everyone got mad at them. Strangely enough, it felt pretty realistic.

No. 836853

one of the back boards in my cheap ass couch broke so now if I sit in the right spot I just get shanked in my spine by jagged wood

No. 836883

I made a signature for my work email, where I got to list the phone number for not only my office phone but also the number for the cell phone my job gave me. It makes me feel like a big girl kek.

No. 836980

today i realized that i can make egg toast in sandwich maker. life is great

No. 836992

File: 1624482515099.jpeg (79.71 KB, 510x680, A2857957-CECB-4F76-A083-BC1697…)

I made my first omelet

No. 837288

I accidentally used my finger to apply eyeshadow and I realized it's much better than with a brush, less sloppy and generally better looking, I'll do it like that all the time from now on.

No. 837296

thats delicious anon

No. 837297

I think brushes are too shilled but don't work as well for some of us

No. 837368

Saw a pic of Ad@m Dr1v3r at work, thought of you nonnies.

No. 837397

I sleep on my stomach and my cat sleeps on my back with his head on my shoulder. I can tell he's gained a little bit of weight kek.

No. 837406

I love using my finger to dab shimmer eye shadow on to the middle of my lid, I think it's very pretty.

No. 837446

I'm glad I'm not the only one.. I felt guilty using my fingers since people said it was unsanitary but nothing beats it!

No. 837451

How is it unsanitary if you wash your hands beforehand? Idk how you guys clean brushes since I don't use makeup, but the finger seems like the more hygienic option. Those bristles seem more difficult to keep clean than hands.

No. 837487

Anon I know this is old but please love yourself. If you’re in the states Rice contains arsenic because of the soil. You need to wash it to remove like 60% of the nasty stuff

No. 837522

I heard somebody talk about him as her celebrity crush today, too, and wondered if she was a crypto farmer.

No. 837550

File: 1624548022416.jpeg (47.21 KB, 299x354, A3D7F9E1-EC35-4B65-B002-14DC85…)

consider that arsenic makes you pale and beautiful, dear nonnie

t. Miss Carolinas 1903

No. 837592

Heavens no, you don't drink arsenic. You put it in your makeup and face cream.
Side effects might include your skin falling off

No. 837719

Finally getting off my ass and learning how to drive. Also will be applying to a proper job. It's time I put on my big girl pants and take some responsibility for myself.

No. 837720

You can't have skin problems if you don't have skin!

No. 837736

yes queen work it!

No. 837817

File: 1624578940864.jpg (2.14 MB, 4032x1816, 20210624_164111.jpg)

I bought these corny bookmarks at the dollar store and the mismatched tassels were bugging me so I fixed them.

No. 837819

File: 1624578998780.jpg (1.88 MB, 2552x3024, 20210624_165037.jpg)

No. 837822

Tomorrow i work 4-close and im going to my boyfriend's house after. He's gonna have dinner ready for me, steak n salad. The salad is one of my favorite things ever. It's just iceberg lettuce, really lovely tomatoes, blue cheese, thinly sliced red onion and ranch dressing. After dinner we usually smoke together and watch king of the hill or read to each other. I'm so excited.

No. 837926

You did well.

No. 838124

I wonder if masks from the pharmacy will ever go back to 5c per piece after everything is over, or if they, too, will forever stay at about 50c-$1 per piece because the price went up so much. i just wanna buy a good graphic card for cheap again

No. 838136

The crypto boom has destroyed any chance of us ever getting affordable graphics cards again anon
>Tfw need a new one very soon

No. 838137

Am i having a stroke, wtf do masks and graphic cards have to do with each other?

No. 838146

I'm going to try and get as many birthday rewards as possible. I foresee a breakfast, 4 drinks, 2 subs, snack size wings, a burger, and pastry. Nobody better refuse me

No. 838147

good luck anon

No. 838149

Report back with your haul, good luck and hbd!

No. 838153

Just cleaned my phone to give to a friend and my gosh the amount of grime that collects in the crevices, speakers, etc is narsty. It was so satisfying seeing it come off though.

Reading this fills me with so much joy. Godspeed anon

No. 838177

happy birthday and godspeed, nona

No. 838205

very proud of myself today— woke up at 6, went to upper manhattan and back (like a 45 minute/1hr ride)just to get a hat which completes my outfit for this party tonight. i also for the party i went and got the first oysters of the day from my fish man (plus a bonus oyster for breakfast bc he taught me to shuck as well), and on top of all that i looked very put together ! had the harebrained idea to wear a cute outfit so i could wear the hat back home instead of holding it like an idiot and it worked out. felt very mpdg stacy walking around in a big hat holding a bag of fresh oysters

No. 838218

The new fan I got works so well and I got it so cheap! I'm even a little chilly~

No. 838227

biden just said latinx. latine bro just say latine please

No. 838238

I wish I could remove my scalp like a wig when I'm trying to do my hair, and then put it back on. Life would be so much easier. Anyway, I'm gonna go do a blow out.

No. 838248

How is this any better?

No. 838250

Please never use any of those. I hate wokeism messing up with the natural evolution of languages.

No. 838278

I think a fly/gnat went up my nose. I just blew little pieces of it out. What happens now

No. 838300

File: 1624647746202.jpg (201.04 KB, 1000x1500, d26970331cbff345dc5e50d749ca8a…)

No. 838306

Finally got my drivers license at 25. Better late then never.

No. 838327

Vroom vroom bitch, proud of you

No. 838331

KEK. Massively underrated comment

No. 838373

I'm in the middle of a move and I'm frustrated because I can't practice my main hobby (translating) for lack of time. I'm especially anxious because most of the shit I translate is from Pixiv and Twitter and I'll have to scroll back so far to reach where I stopped last time.

No. 838521

I'm eating a juicy ass mango, and drinking sone fresh ass water right now. You bitches wish you could be me.

No. 838537

Noooo way, I have cherries.

No. 838560

oh hell yeah same, mango anon wishes she had cherries like us

No. 838561

Nice! Would you either of you like some honeydew melon?

No. 838566

Not gonna lie, some cherries do sound good right now.
Oh hell yeah! Honeydew is the best melon hands down.

No. 838593

File: 1624674885875.jpg (62.05 KB, 720x900, k.jpg)

I was wearing polygel nails, but they came off and of course like a fucking dumbass I bit my nails. I feel so sad because I had good growth on my left thumb, but whatever. All of my nails are super weak and thin anyway, so maybe it's good to start over cope. Going to do a new set on myself tonight.

No. 838617

I have all of my plants on my desk, and the smell of the wet soil is bothering my nose.

No. 838671

Since I quit drinking alcohol I’ve been buying kombucha as my fancy drink of choice to treat myself instead. Fizzy bacteria tea is so tasty.

No. 838672

Based, keep it up.

No. 838681

I’ve been watching full play throughs of Five nights at Freddys and preparing some soy sauce marinated eggs. Having a good ol time

No. 838693

I work in a place that I use my hands all day, typing opening boxing counting out pills for prescriptions. With gel polish i would break a nail almost every two weeks so my nail tech told me to try dips. I've been doing dip polish for about a year now and I'm able to maintain the length over 50% of my bare broke nails. Its pretty neat to be able to have stilleto and almond nails without using any tips. I maybe break one every month or two now. However if I were to stop getting dip powder they are literally paper thing from all the distress they cause, and you need a good tech to apply it right and I always pick obscure colors with less usage since you can't expect dipping to be very sterile. Seems pretty simple to do though dip if you haven't tried it yet

No. 838695

It smells like cat pics I can't even get that shit within two inches of my face. Good for you though

No. 838699

I can't ever bring myself to wear both earbuds in public. I feel too unaware of my surroundings and it makes me anxious. Even when I'm at home, I keep one out just in case.
My huge studio headphones for gaming on the other hand, somehow this fear doesn't apply lol

No. 838845

I had this pair of really soft sweatpants, but I hate wearing full length sweats and they were too long and awkward for me, so I just cut them off into sweatshorts and now I'm wearing the comfiest thing I have ever put on my arse

No. 839147

It's the middle of the night, I tried painting an abstract painting, I couldn't resist adding a human head anyway but I'm pleased with it and it was fun. Then I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed I can see my ribs above my breast. Euuughh it reminds me of my father who looks like a skeletor from old age and smoking and drinking and poor nutrition but I am supposed to be a healthy young woman so how did this happen to me.

No. 839197

I swinged too much today and now have blisters on my hands. They hurt.

No. 839199

Samefag to add that I meant swinging on a swing and not that nasty sex thing.

No. 839204

File: 1624755194875.jpeg (46.33 KB, 750x999, 7D27FF57-6D3D-4221-AC4C-1ACC0F…)

I finally figured out what was causing a horrible rash/eczema on my fingers which was the metal in my phone ring holder.

No. 839205

The 14 year old foster cat I took in has started wanting to lay on my lap after being aloof for the first month. Feels good.

No. 839212

wish I was with you today, nonnie. love to swing high as possible on a swing

No. 839277

I like when I look at a woman's babyhairs and they look all swirly, like waves in the ocean. It always reminds me of The Great Wave for some reason.
Also, my mouth is super irritated from eating kiwis with skin.

No. 839280

love that for you nonnie. best feeling in the world!

No. 839311

I had a similar reaction with a button on my jeans. I used nail topcoat on the metal and it seems to have helped me not break out.

No. 839323

It's so nice to open my window in the evening and hear dogs on their daily walks. Oddly comforting.

No. 839326

I like watching the little ones move their legs so fast to keep up

No. 839360

Two anons on shay's thread posted about how they read lolcow like it's the morning paper and it made me feel oddly happy because i do the same thing too

No. 839364

Love it when people are walking them and the dogs can't stop lifting their heads to looks at their master, it looks like they are admiring them.

No. 839479

I read the news today, I usually never do. Welp, that was a mistake. 0/10 will not do it again. Now let me crawl back under my rock.

No. 839494

Thismoring I grabbed a take away coffee, found a bench in the shade and then got caught up on here and on a couple of kf threads I follow.

I could see old people popping into a nearby store to grab the sunday newspapers. I guess we're weirdly doing the same ritual.

No. 839584

I live right next to a church and the bells ring every fifteen minutes, and for a few days one specific bell hasn't rung, I guess the electrical system moving them is faulty or something. I've been living there for ten years and hearing the bells malfunctioning for the first time is so eerie, and since I'm moving out next week, it's strangely prophetic at the same time.

No. 839595

I've lived near churches where the bells ring maybe 2/3 times a day. More on sundays or certain occasions. Tbh I resented the fact that this loud noise was aloud to happen day in day out and be heard for miles. Why should non catholics in the area have to listen to it? And I'd say the majority there weren't believers.

Every 15 mins sounds mind numbing

No. 839597

Honestly you get used to it and you stop hearing them after some time, it's not like they are super loud, and they are inactive between 8pm and 8am. They are basically marking the time like in the Middle Ages, since I live in a country with a catholic history it's part of the local culture imo, and I say this as a non believer.

No. 839626

>why should non-drivers have to listen to car noises
idk anon that's just part of living in a city/village centre. I'm a non-believer and live in a village with like 3 churches ringing their bells once a hour and it's just part of the noises that come with living here. Having to listen to people's whining and screaming little kids is far more annoying.

No. 839641

I'm prob sensitive to it given I grew up next to a parish where children were abused at the same time I was a child attending there. I remember being made to go to church but then my mom would be whispering to other parents about what had happened and I heard bits and pieces of it. I fought with my mom about it because I'd heard enough to scare me. Then I hit an age where I fully understood I'd sat on the lap of a pedo on my communion day and we had photos of that in my communion album. It sent a shiver through me when I was told all the details of his offences.

After that I wanted nothing to do with the whole church thing and finally fought hard enough to not be forced. But we lived so close to the place that the bell ringing was loud as hell at home.

No. 839643

I can't find either of my metal sharpeners, and I want to cry. I just want to get out of this art funk, damn it.

No. 839822

Just ate a mango, feeling euphoric and effervescent

No. 839827

Maybe it will happen in the future kek

No. 840457

File: 1624899915200.jpg (35.86 KB, 480x542, e07.jpg)

Got a call from Starbucks offering me a part-time job. I should be happy, but I'm just anxious. I'm going to have to quit once classes start in September, but I panicked and told them I could probably keep working if I reduced my hours. I know that is the stupidest thing ever to be anxious about, but that's just how my idiot brain works I guess and now I can't concentrate on anything kek.

No. 840465

Haven’t painted my nails in years, just painted them now for a wedding and holy fuck if there’s one thing I didn’t miss about it it’s the smell. Can’t even hold my phone up to my face without feeling lightheaded. Shame because I just remembered how fun it is to have color on

No. 840473

You can dye your nails with henna to avoid chemical smell, works just as well. If you want them to be shiny you'll probably have to use a top coat though.

No. 840488

Literally have never heard of that! Thanks for the new rabbithole, anon

No. 840496

I own a crossbody bag where the strap on it says the word LOVE over and over in all caps. I wear it every day but I remember when I first bought it I looked at the strap and thought it reminded me of something gay. I already get mistaken as gay so felt weird about that at first but quickly got over it. It's my fave bag and lately it's showing signs of wear so I'm sad to think about replacing it.

Just now someone posted about the whole 'love is love' motto and I realised that's what I was thinking of initially. It took me years to piece together that's what it probably looks like to some people on passing. I'm going to miss my gay lovelovelovelovelove bag

No. 840501

Yuck, looks like a smokers nail.

No. 840515

God, the range of emotions lolcow puts me though…
>henna nails? omg yay I wanna try
>…well shit.

No. 840518

Chai (with no diary milk and no black tea) with matcha is one hell of a combination

No. 840521

No. 840527

Aaaaand yay again. Phew what a rollercoaster.

No. 840536

Holy shit where has this been all my life? I love having black nails but I hate the constant upkeep of nail polish.

No. 840538

Henna is magical… dye hair, nails, temp tattoos, dye eyebrows so don't have to fill them in, etc. Just make sure you get a nice brand that doesn't have metals in the powder.

No. 840550

Ive heard that black henna is dangerous. Is that bullshit? Im only familiar with the more common orange/red but Ive seen people say that real henna is never black.

No. 840555

File: 1624905549098.jpg (13.67 KB, 400x400, 4b39f8ba937e8b390d1d3c7cb4e753…)

Is it safe for the whole hand nona?

No. 840556

File: 1624905642952.jpg (40.92 KB, 500x500, hh.jpg)

"Black henna" is indigo and henna mixed together, indigo is a dark blue whereas henna is red, making them cancel each other out. Brown henna is a similar mixture in different amounts. What you heard is probably that black henna hair dye is likely to contain heavy metals that act as colour-intensifying mordants. Body art henna doesn't, so you can use it safely (also on your hair). Just get bags of general purpose body art henna instead of boxes of "henna for hair" like pic related.

No. 840558

That would look kind of cool ngl

No. 840567

File: 1624906077777.png (471.59 KB, 800x386, tumblr_o3sypxanbf1ug3d79o1_128…)

God remember that trend of every tumblrina drawing her oc with black gradient hands or neck? Now you can be the oc

No. 840571

I still think it's a cool artistic look…

No. 840594

Live your aesthetic dreams nonnie, ignore the haters

No. 840621

are those sims 4 sims?

No. 840623

No. 840780

Why am I so fucking thirsty today
Literally, not as in horny lol I drank like 12+ glasses of water already and I didn't even eat anything yet

No. 840782

I saw a payphone today

No. 840783

the way scott pilgrim treats its female characters and bisexuality is truly hashtag pwoblematic but at the same time the ‘i’m a little bifurious’ line pushes it into iconic territory. such a stupid good movie. love you envy adams

No. 841106

The bifurious line almost makes up for my awful ex who was obssessed with that movie and saw me as his Ramona Flowers. That song about how it ruined a generation of women always made me scratch my head.

No. 841354

I bought a carton of soup today. Last time I bought it (I went through a whole phase of having them alot) I swore you could just open the lid on it and then microwave it within the carton still. I double checked before sticking it on today and now it says you have to put it in a microwavable container with a loose cover placed on top.

I threw it in a mug that I wasn't even sure was microwave safe and just prayed it was. Did they change it or is my memory failing me. Did I heat it wrong before and possibly ingest plastic? Who knows

No. 841364

I also found out about Scott Pilgrim because my then-boyfriend collected the books and I borrowed them.
>it ruined a generation of women
yep, always blaming women instead of the guys expecting any non-traditional chick to be their manic pixie dream girl

No. 841396

That song is straight compost and so is the rest of Niggative Xps discography

No. 841434

I like my body type, but god, I feel like nothing looks good on me. I can't even tell if I just cannot dress, or if it's just insecurity.

No. 841600

Cartons like that sometimes have a foil lining, weird of them to move onto them now when usually all packaging changes are towards more eco friendly versions

No. 842013

Waxing my bf's balls tonight. It took some coaxing though.This is not a joke.

No. 842031

Update: it went poorly. He wouldn't let me manually trim with scissors so he spent time using his trimmer. I was only able to do one strip on his ballsack. Then I tried the pube hair and he still whined. I told him "But I got my pussy waxed for you when we first met?" but I then felt bad for him, he's not big on pain. Oh well.

No. 842043

Why doesn't he do it himself?

No. 842082

>he's not big on pain
you probably aren't either

No. 842105

I feel miserable because I want something cold, sweet, and refreshing, but I only have butter-pecan ice cream in my fridge. Guess I'll just drink cold tea or something.

No. 842106

Is ice cream not cold and sweet? Maybe not refreshing but it's delicious at least

No. 842107

I've had 2 exes try to sucker me into doing their genital grooming for them and I never did. I mean I figured out how to remove my own body hair when I was barely a teen and nobody else ever did it for me.

No. 842109

Need fruity flavour not a milky one?
Sucks ass when that happens. Highly reccommend keeping a handful of green grapes always in the freezer. Crispy icy fresh goodness.

No. 842110

I would eat the ice cream if it was a different flavor. I just don't care for butter pecan right now. I'll remember the frozen grapes thing! That actually reminded me that I might have some frozen fruit

No. 842120

My friend did something that bothered me and, instead of taking it to the vent thread, I told her how I felt. She understood and now she won't do it again. Progress.

No. 842148

I feel like bad things are coming when a scrote starts doing things to his body hair. It's never to look good, it's always because he wants you to eat his ass, suck his balls or he's about to troon out

No. 842160

Mildly annoyed by youtubers who start out chill and interesting, then turn into memelord wannabe comedians once they get an ounce of attention.

Vidrel, his channel used to be no-face engineering projects, now his schtick is he "pranks" his genuinely special needs looking wife in cringy skits. Just unsibscribed because I'm tired of skipping through the "comedy".

Chubby Emu is guilty of this too, not so much in videos but his community tab is embarrassing for a grown man, let alone a doctor.

No. 842161

Made me think of all the relationship posts where anons bfs are seriously hurting them with their behaviour but they don't want to bring it up cause… it might hurt the bf to hear he's been hurting you the entire time you've been together.

Well done for confronting it. And I'm glad she's someone who takes that stuff well.

No. 842193

have an interview today, if i get the job the starting salary is a good 35k more than my highest expectation for a starting job out of college so wish me luck nonnas let’s get this bag etc etc

No. 842205

I'm weirdly entertained whenever I see someone online get triggered and reply with several different variations of "you're retarded" Like calling someone dumb, retarded and talking about their brain being fucked all across a couple of sentances. They all mean the same thing. How many times/ways do you have to say it?

No. 842275

It’s so hot today. I wore a cropped tank to prepare for the weather because I have to be outside quite a bit today unfortunately. I walked to the subway station and noticed my underboob sweat seeped through my tank top lmao. I’m too hot to even care.

No. 842277

your other criticisms not withstanding lol she does look funny. kinda like Mira. she's still too cute for him tho

No. 842306

File: 1625066644036.jpg (520.24 KB, 1000x668, 2637483883.jpg)

I found a bunch of tadpoles on the side of the road in pond that was drying out. Normally I'm not keen on removing wildlife but the pond keeps shrinking every day and I'm afraid cars are going to drive through the divet in the road where they are. I scooped a few up in a cup and set a tank up for them but I'm going to see if I can gather any more if the pond gets smaller. It sucks not all of them will make it but I'd feel a little better if even a few made it to morph.

No. 842310

You dumb retard idiot your brain is so fucked(calm down)

No. 842332

I ordered 6 bagels and received 10. I am very happy.

No. 842335

you are literally killing the bagel shop

No. 842338

I just realized I never mentioned that I was the one that asked him if I could wax them.
He only agreed to let me wax because I begged him because it's fun to torture him, otherwise he has no reason to remove the hair.
??? weird ass backhanded insult but anyways. I wax my own pits, pussy and face whenever I need to. It's not difficult and it's not even that painful.

No. 842343

>weird ass backhanded insult but anyways.
Nayrt but I think she meant no one likes pain so your boyfriend can suck it up. It wasn't a dig at you.

No. 842350

why was this person banned? She's clearly making a joke based on the post she replied to.

No. 842353

You don't need to wax anything nona, that shit's barbaric.

No. 842362

Ohhh okay. oops
My armpits get the worse funk ever and are probably the hairiest part of my body (actually, I really truly think so) so it's less about being feminine more about not smelling like a walking curry shop. Shaving, I always get ingrowns and i hate the stubble, same applies to depilatories.

No. 842406

File: 1625074195672.jpg (322.96 KB, 720x1200, c4fd679f46fc24581519e4428d9bc6…)

I'm going to draw some girls with fluffy hair today. I'm dreading it because I haven't drawn in two-ish months, but I hope making myself do it will pull me out of this artblock.

No. 842411

Cute! have fun, good luck anon!

No. 842525

Because they’re dumb stupid retard idiots and their brains are clearly fucked.
this is mainly to see if my b& appeal was accepted lol

No. 842541

While cleaning up I found an old pendant I thought I had lost some 15 years ago in a move… to break it as soon as I grabbed it. It was an cross made in amber, but given how easily it broke, I wonder if it wasn't just resin.

No. 842671

I didn't wear a bra for the whole day and it was so uncomfortable. I respect the braless life but I cannot lead it.

No. 842682

Free titties slap, are you on the bigger side anon?

No. 842693

They aren't that big but they've got a mind of their own. But yes I suspect the size doesn't help

No. 842718

I’m convinced that the “bras are so uncomfortable” crowd has just spent their entire lives picking out bras that aren’t really their size.

No. 842721

Samefag, bras should be as comfortable as panties while providing support to your jugs, and if that’s not the case you’re doing it wrong.

No. 842829

Or alternatively some people just find them uncomfortable? I've got fibrocystic breasts so anything that holds me tightly under my breasts causes pain most of the month. I'm lucky because mine are on the small side of average but I really feel for big girls who can't wear bras
I wish it was more normal to not wear bras at all, it's so stupid having to find underwear just in case anyone men sees a vague outline and realises that I have nipples

No. 842852

I'm mad because I just spent 30-40 minutes trying to get horny, and when I actually orgasmed it wasn't good at all. I knew it wasn't going to be great, but I'm still mad. Just reminded me that masturbating is a waste of time.

No. 842865

File: 1625112893160.jpeg (206.03 KB, 720x917, 8C96977B-8132-4BD0-8BEB-4127A1…)

Another night, another moment in which I just want to cuddle my bff. I miss her and I don’t even know when am I going to see her because my dumb ass can’t drive and I’m on a trip at another country.

No. 843008

A cute girl ​was telling me why she takes so many vitamins and I'm crushin a bit.
"… and I take the vitamin D and K for my hair and the fish oil is for my eyes. I-I don't put the fish oil in my eyes, I mean, it's why I take it."

No. 843010

sounds depressing as hell… will not be surprised if this girl got spoonfed by instagram or tiktoks

No. 843011

I can save her

No. 843024

Please do!!

No. 843031

Stood up out of bed thismorning, took one step, opened my bedroom window and then felt blood gush out of me as it had pooled inside me while I was sleeping. It's kind of handy how I never ruin my sheets and more often just have to wipe up a floor puddle. Can't complain.

No. 843176

Same haha, I wear pads at night and they're barely bloodied by the time I wake if I waddle fast enough to the toilet and spill the accumulated blood in the bowl.

No. 843644

I'm now at a point of my language acquisition where I'm not sure if I really don't have an accent anymore (I started to learn the language early, and the pronunciation is very close to my native ones) or if I just got so used to hearing myself speak that I can't hear it anymore.

No. 843650

I normally get very little acne but I have like 5 pimples on my nose right now wtf? It's weird because if I get more than one at the same time it's usually on my forehead.

No. 843658

Maybe it’s the facemask? I never had any issues with acne, and since I started using facemasks all of the time I started getting some horribly cystic acne under my chin.

No. 843671

I left the house twice in the last two weeks (I'm under exams not a neet lmao though it's probably my future) but mostly they didn't cause me problems in the winter when I wore them everyday. Maybe it's the classic stress+shitty food, although the targeted zone is odd?

No. 843834

I picked up an instrument I haven't played since I was like 10. Surprise, I'm terrible at it

No. 843943

I really want to thank the anons talking about the potential link between hysterectomies and early onset dementia in the MTF thread. I've been pushing my mom to take better care of herself since both her parents had alzheimers & she seems very forgetful at 55 but shes never taken me seriously about it until i told her today about what those posts were discussing. Thank you nonnies!

No. 844065

Bored af at work, so I'm mostly lurking here and on KF while watching documentaries on YouTube. I hope I'll get something to do this afternoon.

No. 844122

I braided my roommate's hair the other day, she loved it and I'm glad because she looked so cute. I braided it again for her today and it was really hard, I have to practice more. My other roommate asked me to braid her hair too but I'm not sure I'm skilled enough yet because her hair is a meter long. She is the final boss of hair braiding

No. 844171

I learned that LiveJournal is owned by a Russian company. I'm not sure why but it surprised me

No. 844203

I made myself do yoga first thing this morning and feel much better for it, got to try to keep doing this

No. 844875

I always forget Delaware exists

No. 844903

I got out of bed at 1 pm and ate a huge lollipop

No. 844906

Just poured alcohol all over my hand

No. 844910

Did you cut yourself

No. 844914

Yeah, two days ago on a can of pineapples.

No. 844918

Get better soon

No. 844965

reopened the /ot/ tab and one of the posts in the Finnish thread was at the top but I didn't know which thread it was so I assumed it was a secret message written backwards. it kind of checked out at first but then I got confused. I scrolled up to notice my error

No. 845156

All my life I thought I was incredibly hairy for a woman because my legs and arms look about the same as the ones of the men of my family, but I went to the beach for the first time a few days ago, and I realized it's actually the men in my family who are just incredibly unhairy.

No. 845370

I'm eating nuggets, mac and cheese, and chocolate milk like a fucking 5 year old

No. 845928

I feel like I have magic when it comes to thrifting, whatever random item I get the urge to buy almost always shows up the next time I go to the thrift store.

No. 845967

I should have studied all day and instead I've studied for maybe 1/4 of the day and the rest I've been moping around and watching stupid sfm youtube poop but it's the only thing that makes me happy

No. 845977

No public fireworks this year, but at least I got to watch part of the air show from my house. Saw some jets doing tandem loopdy loops.

No. 845979

I did some really cute encapsulated jelly ombre nails on myself, and I'm so happy right now! The shape sucks, but I love looking at my hands and seeing cute nails. Today has been so nice. I'm just chilling out and eating yummy food.

No. 846248

I want to learn an irrelevant dying language at some point in my life.

Also, when I posted this, I saw that my IP was stuck with an old ban. How many users does lolcow have anyway?

No. 846252

File: 1625473160878.jpg (61.81 KB, 933x709, Ef2Rd4TVAAAvQgn.jpg)

I have a yeast infection. I'm so mad because just got over a UTI like 2 months ago. I'm just a huge idiot with a bread vagina.

No. 846270

>sfm youtube poop
this means you're based and are going to make it

No. 846280

I remember going through a repetitive cycle of getting UTIs, taking antibiotics for them and then getting yeast from the meds. I'd spend money on various otc treatments for the yeast and then.. the UTI would return and it'd happen all over again.

The only fix I've found is not having sex. Honestly feels well worth it after living in vag irritation hell for that long.

No. 846281

D mannose changed my life anon, please try it.

No. 846295

I'm with you in yeast, friend

No. 846306

Thank you… today I will block youtube and lolcow and study for real. Then once exams are over I'm gonna watch videos all day, god I love that ecksdee lulsorandum humor

No. 846339

File: 1625486408696.jpeg (41.25 KB, 1024x1024, EC61DE15-AEE1-49D8-80C0-16D1D3…)

Yesterday I ate an apple, it was quite brown already so I cut the bad parts, I think the seeds germinated inside? it tasted like badly filtered water. I’m not dead yet, so that’s good.

No. 846349

That was just a sprouted apple, nonnie, sprouted shit’s supposed to be a superfood so consider yourself blessed

No. 846390

Got my COVID vaccine later than the rest of my family (they're all health workers) and it's been quite exciting recognizing all the side effects, informing them, and having a mini celebration. I feel like I'm collecting achievements in a video game. My arm is sore as fuck!!!

No. 846395

>slaps your arm

No. 846396

File: 1625495531419.gif (989.81 KB, 398x303, 58DE604B-598C-4EAF-BDA2-A8AAAA…)

Don’t start a slap battle that you can’t win, anonancia.

No. 846398

Cringe as fuck girl

No. 846403

File: 1625496501544.gif (987.19 KB, 450x340, tumblr_mynrfafD3x1rqfhi2o1_500…)

No. 846462

Just did a bunch of laundry to hang outside since it's so beautiful, my boyfriend is gonna be happy when he gets home and feels how cold the house is.

No. 846609

Ordered a few things from amazon over the weekend. A sex toy and then some boring household things. The toy was due to arrive today and everything else tomorrow. I chose to delay the dildo package so I could go out and get some stuff done today and then get all my parcels in one go tomorrow.

Well around lunchtime I had all my errands done and I was back home kinda regretting the parcel delay tbh.. My postman then knocks and says he has a parcel that's marked for delivery tomorrow but he thought he'd check whether I'm home… One minute I was thinking I regretted it and the next minute he's standing there with it. Thank you.. universe?

No. 846647

Now that covid has relaxed in my country I can finally visit my FWB kek

No. 846648

File: 1625519052574.png (133.33 KB, 275x265, 1609795005074.png)

You're browsing /ot waiting for something interesting to happen but it won't

No. 846651


No. 846702

No. 846735

I also recently bought a sex toy. It should arrive soon and I'm excited to get it!

No. 846740

File: 1625530421250.png (116.61 KB, 281x478, crackle.PNG)

imma about to get this nail polish

No. 846741

File: 1625530456603.png (249.72 KB, 371x298, 22.PNG)

and i'm going to attempt to recreate this with it

No. 846748

File: 1625531229644.png (901.49 KB, 1307x735, 500800-youtube.png)

It's so hot it feels like my brain is being fried…

No. 846749

Looks supercool, good luck anon

No. 846774

kek I remember when these were cool a decade ago, makes me nostalgic

No. 846780

I'm stuck in the past

No. 846792

I'm bored watching YT on my couch… with my doggies. I've been watching a lot about the Summer Wells case.

No. 846793

Have fun, and show your results.

No. 846823

I think one of my neighbors is popping fireworks, wtf. It's July 5th, turn that shit off.

No. 846840

I ate too much and now I have heartburn and can't sleep

No. 846881

My apartment finally feels completely cool for the first time since the heatwave. I have pants on and I don't have to sit in front of a fan!

No. 846884

At least where I live today was the actual work holiday since the 4th was on a Sunday. Lots of fireworks all weekend including tonight.

No. 846909

File: 1625552328423.png (1.52 MB, 2000x1000, imagen_2021-07-06_011826.png)

I can't wait for botw2 to come out, the long haired link that flies in the sky looks SO HOT ugh

No. 847177

I'm always a weird mixture of excited and nervous whenever I order one. When I lived in a big city I just didn't care but now that I know my mailman pretty well and it's not a big city…I picture my parcels somehow arriving with the contents visible. Like I worry myself by imagining all the ways that my new toy could be revlealed to my neighbours. I even worry about binning the packaging and have to double wrap the bag lol

No. 847184

File: 1625574129367.jpeg (94.36 KB, 750x734, 48BA3511-60CE-4AF9-9B74-D0845E…)

I accidentally made a cappuccino instead of a latte this morning. What a pleasant surprise.

No. 847185

They're not the same link?

No. 847193

My mundane antiself!
Today I got a cappuccino from an expensive bakery people always recommend to me but they either fucked it up or accidentally gave me someone's order because it was a latte, I hate overly milky drinks so I couldn't even finish it

No. 847198

Maybe, we won't know until it comes out

No. 847711

I'm blow-drying my pussy right now. Scared of getting an air embolism through my vagina tbh

No. 847722

girl why

No. 847727

Because I just took a shower and air drying sucks.

No. 847737

megadosing on nutrients by drinking an entire blender's worth of smoothie to use up the greens, berries, tropical fruit, herbs, a handful of vegetables in my refrigerator before they go bad.
my bimonthly swamp sludge routine is probably the woman living alone equivalent to a nice mom making "everything but the kitchen sink" soup for her family. i like when it turns out nice and everything tastes good together, whether harmoniously or in an interesting way.
the first time i did it was my platonic ideal of a smoothie, it reminded me of the way the beach boys sound. this time is quite nice and refreshing, just what my body needed.
hope you are all having a nice time

No. 847747

Are your pussy hairs really that long?

No. 847749

>blow drying my pussy
anon… I think this belongs in the dumbass shit thread. Just kidding, I hope your pussy is now significantly dry

No. 847754

Trim that shit. It's time

No. 847821

anon should braid them

No. 847850

Lmao yes I do have a bush. I'll trim or shave it soon. Until then I'll keep giving my vagina blowouts. It's actually kind of nice.

No. 847888

File: 1625647688244.jpg (31.08 KB, 471x460, rage.jpg)

If there is a god IBS is it's shittiest joke. Some people get insomnia, some people get white hairs, but me? I get liquid shits RIGHT when teachers open the door for exams. fml, this is painfull AND humiliating.

No. 847890

I need a massage but I unfortunately don't have anybody to massage me.

No. 847924

C'mere, anon

No. 847926

Maybe get a massage at a spa?

My mundane shit is that I have a dentist appointment soon and I'm as scared as I was as a kid so I'm going with my mommy.

No. 847936

God I wish.
No time for that, I just moved and my apartment is a warzone. I live with my brother and he is shit at massaging, I asked him once and I felt like I was a dough of bread being kneaded, awful.

No. 847940

I installed a java update today and it made my computer SO slow and no text would show up on menus anywhere so I uninstalled it and now it's normal again.

No. 847978

I was at a loud taqueria where the items didn't have descriptions. I ordered the "California" burrito cause I thought it would be vegetarian and have avocado or something. Nah, steak strips and a fried egg. How is that California? Still tasty though.

No. 848041

File: 1625666668949.jpg (103.7 KB, 1440x1440, 126423783_441954490527567_9026…)

I'm eating this candy (actually I ate just one bite I don't want to eat it all at once it would be sad) it's the best candy ever

No. 848531

Update: No cavities, yay! I was told my teeth hurt from grinding. I wasn't even aware how stiff my jaw is most of the time until now.

No. 849016

I was queuing to get into a food place and a really pretty girl with a huge smile walked out, she was dressed all summery and had a bouncy shag cut and just looked like she had an Instagram filter over her irl. I automatically turned and watched her leave I guess out of boredom but I realised the woman behind me did the same. Was she also surprised and kind of jealous of that breath of fresh air type of beauty, admiring the style like I was or also kind of gay too? Maybe she just looked because I was looking? I've been thinking about it all day
I like sharing visually appealing moments with strangers

No. 849127

I just ate a tostada with soyrizo, eggs, and cheese and it was amazing. I'm just sad that I didn't have any avocado or onions to put on it.

No. 849128

Geez anon, you made me hungry.

No. 849150

Went to the store and bought pads and chocolate. I felt like a stereotype.

No. 849288

I just poured Ramune on my freshly washed sheets because my dumbass was tilting the bottle over to see the marble roll into the little indentations.

No. 849326

File: 1625796776484.jpeg (80.68 KB, 857x1285, 2F7A4D93-B348-4016-AC0B-D4744C…)

I did the dishes after sweeping and mopping. Then I made some overnight oats with Maca root powder. I'll make some raw chocolate sauce to add to it in the morning.

No. 849329

can you give us the recipe anon pretty please uwu??(uwu)

No. 849363

I wanted to buy some nail stuff from aliexpress, but I feel like that's such a bad idea. What if I buy gel polish and that shit melts my skin off

No. 849373

File: 1625800423158.jpeg (40.92 KB, 642x644, 7C0C4A2C-D3F6-48CB-9076-AFF901…)

I think I will go to sleep now, I’m also thinking of doubling my dose of metformin because I’ve been randomly bleeding as if I got my period. I’ve been eating like shit.

No. 849379

File: 1625801411901.gif (199.83 KB, 498x470, tenor.gif)

good night!

No. 849388

I’ve never bought polish from AliExpress but I can vouch that the nail foils + bling are great for the price

No. 849400

anon you might get 11 different kind of cancers

No. 849403

Yeah I'm not worried about the decorations (there's a bunch of cool shit on there and Shein actually). I'm only really worried about polish, polygels, acrylics etc…
Holy fuck

No. 849550

I was in the supermarket waiting besides the cheese isle tapping and singing along to supermarket music (it was Britney's Hit Me Baby One More Time), and the workers turned to me delighted. They love my mood they said, do I know that all day people come and yell at them, "please come back again every day" they said.
Damn, why you all so strung out. These people don't deserve to soak up all your bad vibes.

No. 849609

Cheers I'm also on my period, gonna watch angsty movies and be unnecessarily aggressive

No. 849650

I love women customers who quietly vibe to our corporate playlists. It always brightens my day, keep bein you.

No. 849754

My roommate brought home an entire cake from work. They wanted to throw it out! She works at a gym so nobody there wants to eat sweets. Thanks you dumb meatheads, I'll be having chocolate cake all day and the next day too

No. 849900

I shaved my hair off 2-ish years ago and I want to see the actual length of it, but I really, really do not want to do/get a blowout. Why does hair have to be so high maintenance, difficult and time consuming

No. 849903

Fuck yeah anon! Eat a slice for me too!! This reminds me of a friend I had who worked at a bakery and brought us two whole cakes. The bakery sold really nice and kinda expensive cakes, but they didn't want to sell any old cakes and would always throw them out at the end of each day or something. The cakes were delicious and she gave me a big slice to enjoy hehe. I love cake!

No. 849904

we need mandatory saging lessons

No. 849911

I would love some chocolate cake. Imagine being so up yourself you wouldn't eat cake at a gym. Weirdos. I'll eat cake and not exercise for days and it won't suddenly make me fat. God I hate gymfags

No. 849927

I read that as mandatory saging lesbians.

No. 849931

That's so sad, I understand that they don't want to sell old cake but they could at least sell them at a bargain, imagine all the food in the world that is thrown away because the expiration date has passed, all that could be given away but stores are obliged by law to throw the food away. I'll make sure to think of you when I eat my cake kek
My roommate says they even threw another jaffa cake out before this. Ugh I understand they're on a strict diet but as you said some cake once in a while will not make a change.

No. 849955

To make you feel a bit better maybe, there are a lot of grocery stores that do just that. I've worked at a major one where all the almost-expired or lightly damaged foods were picked up by local food banks who would then sell it all dirt cheap.

No. 849960

You reminded me that as the designated poor family in my town growing up that we got a big donation from the bakery every week for the things that were going to get thrown out. Sooooo many sweets.

No. 850059

I'm eating Halo Top icecream with a fiber one brownie, almonds, and pb2. I really shouldn't even be eating this right now, but whatever

No. 850213

I read that as Hot Topic ice cream

No. 850215

I ate my strawberries too fast, not appreciating each one enough, and now I feel like I wasted them.

No. 850237

sufjan lyrics?

No. 850277

I am sick of my flat accent pillows on my couch so I finally went and bought inserts. Had no idea what I was doing. I bought the inserts a little bigger to have a fluffier pillow. I struggled getting the inserts in and they're decent for now. (I don't want feather pillows because I'll feel guilty.) The back cushions on the couch have also flattened some from where I always sit, but they have a hidden zipper, so I used the old flattened insert stuffing to fluff up the couch back cushions instead of throwing it away. I sliced open the insert and used pieces to overstuff the flattened areas of the couch. It worked like magic. I feel accomplished.

No. 850292

those brownies are based and fiberpilled I need to restock

No. 850342

I put Dove's gradual tanning lotion on my legs last night and this morning it stinks. It smells so so bad. I'm aggravated. I get that it's the chemical that actually does the fake tanning, and that fake tan stinks too, but everyone told me this one was decent.
I don't know how others stand it. My sister and mum put it on after a wash, but doesn't the smell make them feel dirty and disgusting near-instantly? Or am I oversensitive?

No. 850394

Huh, I have used that one in the past. I think it's all-right smell wise, it's quite strong but not unpleasant. It made my skin orange orange though, terrible colour.

No. 850522

I'm online shopping for clothes, and God, I hate that everything is a crop top. I'm fucking 137 lbs, I cant wear shit like that

No. 850526

I weigh less than you and I don't wear that shit either. Last winter I accidently ordered a crop turtleneck instead of a normal one. It doesn't even make sense for a turtleneck to be cropped like wtf I want to be warm. But even in the summer I would just feel too exposed

No. 850569

I know that feel nonnie, it’s also extremely unprofessional, I don’t want to go teach kids while showing off my belly button, I want to look like a cozy lady with flowery blouses, not a rockstar or an instathot.
I also hate how all denim pants or shorts are ripped, if I wanted damaged shit I would go to goodwill or a dumpster.

No. 850677

I resisted the urge to eat oatmeal cookies and tea twice

No. 850679

Why though that sounds good

No. 850726

I hate that smell too, anon. I recently paid for an overpriced Mystic spray tan and added in a fragrance and I was shocked I didn't smell that typical DHA chemical burnt yeasty shit smell. I do lay in the tanning beds, I know it's bad, I'm trying to wean off of them but it's addicting. I just hate fucking paying almost $50 for a GOOD spray tan, and even then I took off some of the add-ons I could pay more for.

No. 850740

File: 1625953419209.png (54.81 KB, 498x280, happykostornaia.png)

I was a euro short at the shop and the nice cashier man let me have the food anyway! Now I'm in a great mood. Hope you're all having a good day/night nonnas!!

No. 850747

Reminds me of when I got on a bus that was so busy that the busdriver let me on without paying the fare

No. 850752

My nails are super weak from using polygel and nail biting, but I'm still so tempted to just put a thin layer of clear polygel over them. They grow out so well when I have false nails on, but the length won't even matter if they're weak as shit. I feel like such a dumbass

No. 850836

Kimchi fried rice is my new favorite food

No. 850839

Do you have a good recipe? I've been wanting to try making it

No. 850849

Nta, but here
I love putting bacon on mine and doing it with multi grain rice as well (like ogokbap)

No. 850868

What >>850849 said, also thid dude's recipe is more elaborated but I want to try it

No. 850874

In a weird way I feel like I can’t enjoy summer that much because I know every day past June 21st is getting shorter which bums me out. June 21st is the peak of the year for me.

No. 850916

I wish I still enjoyed weebshit / anime and manga. I haven’t fully enjoyed a show since 2016. Must be getting old, the autistic
surface level storytelling isn’t palatable anymore

No. 850918

Check out Odd Taxi

No. 850938

File: 1625973935925.jpg (7.68 KB, 235x252, 84c4b79f5e749a640453830044edb7…)

I want to make BK stacker sauce/Thousand Island dressing, but I have no relish or pickles

No. 850939

You watch western media or any live action stuff anon? Maybe cartoons that aren't from japan? If you don't you might enjoy trying to wean off weebshit entirely if you don't enjoy it. Too much made for coomers and creeps anyway. Then if you decide to go back and rewatch an old show or watch a new one later down the line that actually has a good premise without fully delving into it again you may enjoy it? Overexposure to weebshit made me start to loathe and hate it, it's fine to indulge in other media, not sure if you are or not though

No. 850943

nonnie you can't make a trip down to dollar tree?

No. 850948

It's night here anon, I don't feel like going anywhere. The closest dollar store to me is closed anyway.

No. 850973

you want some of mine

No. 851036

I'm going to attempt to make gluten free soft pretzels with a new recipe I found. Wish me luck.

No. 851068

I'm the other way round, I dread every 21st December for the exact opposite reason. Sorry for you nona, but my time is finally coming.

No. 851351

Was feeling fancy and bought some Starbucks cold brew at the store, but it tasted like shit. I could have wasted that $5 on literally any other iced coffee brand, while being twice the size.

No. 851498

My cat is getting older and starting to have a harder time with dry food, so I decided to make her homemade food (pureed rice, carrot, chicken, beef and some chicken innards) and she is such a picky eater I was afraid she would reject it. Worse yet cause I accidentally made a lot lol
But she loved it! Made me so so happy (and relieved)

No. 851501

My birthday's on Friday and I'm gonna be all alone for it. But hopefully I can go draw in nature and treat myself.

No. 851506

The post about starbucks above reminded me. I was on a trip lately and stopped by a local starbucks a few times across the few days. The same gay guy (with blonde and purple hair) served me each time and I thought he was rude. He was nicer to the women in front of me every single time so I thought it was odd. I made sure to be extra nice one time to test if he gave that energy back.. nope.

I have friends who are on grindr so it randomly occured to me to check if he was on local grindr. Sure enough he was and he had this really stuck up sounding profile. Yeah hpretty e was young but overweight and looked older tbh. Skinny guys are usually the catches on there. Anyway that's about it. I obvs didn't contact him. I enjoyed the rest of my trip and forgot about it til now. Just a weirdly stuck up young fat purple haired gay starbucks barista.

No. 851507

File: 1626035514516.jpg (56.56 KB, 720x960, b2a7af8147ec024b6aeb4fe80fa35c…)

Happy early Birthday anon! I hope you enjoy yourself. Try not to focus on being lonely, it's your day so just do whatever makes you happy

No. 851523

> Yeah hpretty e was young
I just want to say sorry to the anon that really hates typos.

No. 851525

I was in a dollar store/pound shop style store the other day and they sell lube and bullet vibes in there. The bullet is a bargain at 1.50 (in euros) I remember wondering whether the self service till would have an age alarm on it if you brought it there to try and buy it discreetly. I imagine teens want to do that.

Anyway I carried on and found the item I came in for. I used the self service till and an alarm went off. I was buying scissors so a staff member had to check that I looked over 25. If I didn't I would need to provide ID for the lil pair of craft scissorsI was getting… Well I think I know what would happen if teens or anyone else tried to discreetly grab a cheap vibe.

No. 851536

File: 1626039859831.jpg (51.2 KB, 720x480, downunder_066.jpg)

Th-thank you anon. I'm gonna make myself a cake from scratch!

No. 851542

The pastas won Euro Cup

No. 851544

I am distraught
- shepard's pie

No. 851547

Me too fellow Shepard's pie. And I don’t even like the game

No. 851574

it's coming to Rome babyyy sorry anglos 2021 is the year of the pastas

No. 851580

My blanket smells of warm brown sugar and I can’t figure out why. It’s clean but the detergent doesn’t have that scent, and I didn’t get food or perfume or anything on it. Anyway I love it.

No. 851645

File: 1626051533306.jpg (28.91 KB, 325x325, FR_MiniCornDogLG1.jpg)

Corn dogs smell so fucking good. I had picrel 2 days ago and literally cannot get the smell out of my head

No. 851659

Congratsolini! Just guard it from the gypsies

No. 851666

I'm craving Hi-C but I fucking hate Hi-C. I also did not put enough honey on my sandwich, but it's whatever.

No. 851667

Nta but,
>honey on my sandwich
What kind of sandwich are you eating?

No. 851673

I accidently replied in my op. Mobileposting. It's like a tuna melt!

No. 851697

love these!!! they did the breading really well

No. 851712

File: 1626059340749.png (5.3 KB, 182x203, 1582072927301.png)

should i buy a cheap floor table and use a weighted blanket for warmth or should i save up for a kotatsu?

No. 851716

Idk much about kotatsus, but it sounds like an ok plan. Maybe you could DIY one with a heating element like vidrel.

No. 851720

I'm >>850215 and happy to report that this time around, I valued each berry like the treasure that it is.

No. 851749

My phone is about to die and I'm not going to charge it tonight. Maybe I'll paint.

No. 851756

File: 1626065553408.jpeg (500.89 KB, 800x471, F6C5635A-8631-450B-923B-277634…)

Felt cute and goth af today, update psychedelic pfp late at night

No. 851771

File: 1626067284211.png (20.12 KB, 600x500, mGhSpLA.png)

i'm so friggen tired but i need to feed my cats in about fifteen. then the long nap can take me

No. 851814

The breading is great! The frankfurter sausage instead of a hotdog felt a little weird, but they're still good. Fieldroast has to be one of the top 5 vegan brands just for the sausages alone tbh.

No. 851822

I used to regularly post my weird dreams in the dream thread but for the last few weeks I can't remember having any dreams. Not one. I don't know why it goes through phases like that

No. 851824

smokin any weed?

No. 851839

No weed, meds or alcohol. Nothing like that.

No. 851945

Show me the science that mother weed impedes my dreams, because I am basically 30% weed and my dreams are crisp like a cracker

No. 852137

I just remembered that I cooked rice last night specifically so I can make fried rice today, and now I'm super excited

No. 852146

Saw the prettiest girl ever at the grocery store today.

No. 852151

Omg you should have said hi! I don't bite

No. 852227

Samefag, I just cooked the fried rice and it sucks. I think the rice is slightly too mushy and I can't tell if it's overcooked or just too wet. Idk why, but I always fail at making fried rice if I could put a sad face here I would

No. 852237

That's so sad anon, I hope it works out next time

No. 852326

File: 1626126496795.jpeg (12.58 KB, 480x360, 1597154777704.jpeg)

Finally found the perfect eyeshadow to mimic the best eyelook: slightly smudged mascara, the nature's own smokey grungy eye.

No. 852352

i keep thinking about the anon a while back that said you see beautiful women irl all the time but you see an actual attractive man like once a week maybe

No. 852353

I'm sure it's not your fault. You probably don't have a gas burner and those huge woks you see at restaurants to give that wok hei.

No. 852432

File: 1626134819371.jpeg (228.83 KB, 450x450, pic_fried_ebi.jpeg)

I'm surprised it came out mushy considering it was day old (which is the best time to use fried rice.) Did you leave it warming in the rice cooker or put it in the fridge? It's best to leave it in the fridge, you're going to want to use cold rice so it doesn't get soggy and clumpy in the pan. If youre ever using fresh cooked rice, just spread it out on a wide pan and stick it in the fridge for a bit.

I'm no chef but I make lazy cheap fried rice a lot. I use pic rel as a cheat.

No. 852442

I used cold rice, I didn't cook it in my ricecooker so I couldn't leave it in there. I guess I just overcooked it yesterday, but I tasted it and the texture was fine. Maybe me and homemade fried rice just aren't meant to be.
I also used fried rice seasoning, but I put in way too much of it lol

No. 852446

File: 1626135508234.jpeg (105.82 KB, 900x1260, 55A3E2D3-0307-4E9D-A8ED-4C9A4A…)

You rice anons are making me want to make nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice).

No. 852448

What is a good fried rice recipe? I love it so much, but it never ends up as delicious as when I order it

No. 852503

I just remembered this song existed in one of those small moments of mental clarity so I'm happy. It's such an underrated song, it has very little views for a song uploaded 11 years ago. Maybe someone else here will like it

No. 852528

Yumm I love making that, indonesian food is so underrated

No. 852636

Yo I just bought some mie goreng, fuck yeaaaaahhh

No. 852673

I always enjoy saying "limp-wristed" instead of "half-hearted". I think it's much more evocative (and funny).

No. 852747

I never understood what limp-wristed means. Is this when your dad's overbearing friend shakes your hand and then laughs about your weak squeeze?

No. 852806

I think of it like someone's about to fall and you reach out to grab them, but you don't actually want to go through the effort of catching them. So you just limply put your arm out and then watch them fall

No. 854152

Im currently melting the rim of a ramune bottle, and the burning plastic actually smells kinda good

No. 854157

but why

No. 854158

Idk anon. I guess it's like how gasoline smells good

No. 854164

i always thought it was a dogwhistle people used to call dudes gay as an insult

No. 854167

I mean why are you burning it lol

No. 854168

To get the marble out

No. 854205

I went to a walk in clinic last year because I didn't know what to do about how bad my depression was doing and the doctor that saw me told me he was only filling in that day but gave me his card for his clinic. He said technically I was out of his area but his team would help me out. They did. I had to go out of my way to get there but they set me up to get therapy, medication, healthcare, and even advocated for me in a couple situations. I ran into the doctor today and even though I only saw him a few times after our initial meeting I was shocked he remembered me and remembered reaching out the way he did. It was a bit of a turning point in my life so it was nice to be able to say thank you.

No. 854237

Please add this to the positivity thread anon, it doesn't belong in mundane shit

No. 854269

for some reason I thought I did! I blame both have kittens in thread pics

No. 854737

Got my vaccine today and the girl right before me fainted in the middle of hers. Not just fainted but even stayed semi passed out for a while from what I could hear.

I'm by no means scared of needles (it's the one phobia I don't have) but I spent an entire hour not being able to help but overhear the commotion on the other side of the door and by the time I was finally in there my ocd brain almost had me convinced I'd faint too. I was so chill when I first walked in lol

No. 854758

File: 1626360210036.jpg (127.19 KB, 720x720, tumblr_9dd6a6d9e512a0119e8dfee…)

I often think back to the time my friend asked me to be her model for a day at makeup school and I said sure. While there, as she worked on me her teacher came up and began to instruct her. At one point he said "your model has small eyelids, so make sure to etc etc." Now whenever I look at my eyes in the mirror it's all I can think about. Not that my self esteem was impacted or I thought he was being rude or anything, it's just that I'm astonished that such a descriptor has been applied to eyelids.

No. 854797

When doing makeup, the concept of lid space is important and can really affect application. It doesn't mean anything other than a difference in application if you have small, large, or hooded eyelids. I guarantee he didn't mean it as any sort of value statement. It's means about as much as saying "you have wide-set eyes" or "you have blue undertones". People naturally want to ascribe positives or negatives to neutral, observation statements.

No. 854800

File: 1626364751039.jpeg (201.79 KB, 674x674, AjywiMm.jpeg)

Wow, a July 16th birthday twin! I also love drawing in nature. I hope your cake comes out wonderfully and just remember you're not alone because I have you in my thoughts, birthday twin anon.

No. 854802

it might have just been because of the needle. i passed out for a minute or so when i got my blood drawn a couple weeks back and it was super embarrassing but for some reason i’ve always been oddly squeamish about needles.

No. 854803

my bff’s birthday is tomorrow too
cancer queens

No. 854810

Oh yeah I'm aware he wasn't trying to insult me, I just realized then and there I'd never thought eyelids could have adjectives, and now I know mine to be small kek

No. 854819

My birthday is today and my lactose intolerant ass is going to enjoy some yummy pizza so I can shit and fart all day

No. 854838

I know so many people born on July 16th, we need you.

No. 854841

happy birthday

No. 854845

I bought a deodorant that smells like pears. It is nice

No. 854874

thank you anonita

No. 854945

My bluetooth headphones keep saying "power on" even though it's already on, and it's annoying the shit out of me. I'm pretty sure they are on their last limb. One side is barely working and I spilled water over it last night. If these break, these will be the 5th pair of headphones that I've broken.

No. 854949

File: 1626379314684.jpg (96.34 KB, 600x900, 570840ed9048986d386b6d5b93215e…)

I'm sorry I didn't put much effort into my birthday wish, I want to put something more but I don't know you and we are on an imageboard. So I will show you some beautiful images I saved so I could paint them.

No. 854952

File: 1626379352848.jpg (459.32 KB, 1944x1296, 71139748_2651899328163827_4939…)

No. 854953

File: 1626379426370.png (1002.95 KB, 1600x420, header_003.png)

I already painted this one it was a good choice

No. 854954

File: 1626379470957.jpg (1.83 MB, 2880x1920, Winter-is-Coming-2880x1920.jpg)

Well I hope you liked my photos have a nice day!

No. 855126

Thought I was the only person who did that, kek. Beautiful images, anon!

No. 855280

File: 1626420138770.jpg (64.78 KB, 976x549, p081m8w3 (1).jpg)

>have haircut appointment coming up
>do usual googling of "haircuts for (me)-shaped face"
>repeatedly think "this only looks good because of the model"
>start envisioning own face as bloated, wide and heavy
>literally feel like I look like picrel
>finally look in bathroom mirror and
>oh I actually don't look so bad? seeing myself in motion helps a lot
>leave bathroom
>with mirror out of view, picrel version of self returns to my mind

No. 855285

Hey, at least you know in reality you're decent looking and caveman anon is only in your mind. I'm the total opposite, I always imagine myself to be better looking when I think about getting my hair done. Then I look in a mirror and realize no cut or colour would magically make me attractive and anything other than plain brown would, in fact, emphasize my ugliness.

No. 855299

sounds like bdd hang in there friend. fwiw I go through the same process before haircuts and have body dysmorphia. I made up my own logic to decide I'm growing out my hair (I'm tall, will distract from perceived pinhead) and tell myself that's the end of it. maybe if you can do similar, aka come up with the most logical on paper look, then put it all from your mind best you can. it's such a spiral though and sucks.

No. 855301

In the last couple years my diet went downhill when it comes to just getting fruit and veg in me. A few days ago I bought apples, oranges and tomatoes and while I haven't even been going over the 5 a day mark… I've had loose poops maybe 4 times a day every day since then.

I don't think I can stick this out.

No. 855532

I'm trying to cook a burger in 10 minutes. Wish me luck.

No. 855535

They're mostly sacks of sugar anyway, don't overdo it. Greens are more important to incorporate into your diet and you listed none so work on that instead.

No. 855538

good luck, nonnie. try making a "smash burger" which is just a thinner burger. nothing worse than a thick meat puck when you wanted a nice patty.

No. 855542

Thank you anon! It took me 12 minutes, but I did it. They're vegan burgers so they actually didn't take that long

No. 855758

I’m re-reading Jane Eyre currently. Do you any of you anons like that book?

No. 856129

I just stabbed the fuck out of my cuticles

No. 856201

I found out one of my personal cows is antivaxx because she is scared of needles, so fucking pathetic.

No. 856212

Yes. I love the long sentences and writing.

No. 856218

File: 1626524942274.jpg (607.42 KB, 1080x3089, IMG_20210717_132741.jpg)

No. 856219

good for her

No. 856264

I would be pissed if someone I knew wrote a memoir and wrote about me in it.

No. 856515

I've spoken to a couple of people who on the surface were passing themselves off as antivaxx but then it turns out they're just scared of needles and hoping that if everyone else takes the vax they can skip the stress of it. The contents of the vaccine don't worry them. It's the needle itself.

Posted this the other day but I got mine lately and I got to semi witness someone in front of me just pass out cold during it.

No. 856574

Absolutely blows my mind that some people are so scared of a pinprick of pain and a speck of blood. We really are so different from our ancestors, aren't we? Cripes.
Not to powerlevel but I've had to clean up disgusting amounts of blood in the past, I've literally picked up congealed blood clots the size of dinner plates with tissue before. Same with pain, nerve pain is something to be feared, but an injection? I literally can't comprehend these peoples life experiences if that's really a problem for them.

That said, I can't cope so well with shit. I was cleaning my sister's room and found a shoebox with a wet shit in it, no joke I threw up there and then. So maybe everyone has their thing.

No. 856588

your life experiences sound more exceptional than the ones of someone who's not used to needles anon

No. 856592

I used to overshare weird stuff all the time hoping someone would write a fucked up inaccurate biography about me if I died

No. 856625

I'm listening to Passionfruit right now, and I think this beat is what it sounds like to have an orgasm. Like, if I could describe what a good orgasm feel likes with a song, this would be it. I don't know what it is. please excuse Drake's ugly face in the thumbnail

No. 856648

Yooo good shit. Drake sucks but this song is sublime.

No. 856690

> I was cleaning my sister's room and found a shoebox with a wet shit in it
I need to know the story here.

No. 856707

I hate living in a town right next to a large metropolis because their public library system is huge and has almost every book I ever want but my public library just has your basic normie books.

No. 856715

They might be part of a local consortium and can borrow books between each other if you ask your librarian! Those books can be yours too, anon!!

No. 856720

Despite being a fatty, my waist to hip ratio is 0.7, cool

No. 856730

She's a mega alcoholic and a biological hazard, that's basically it. Sorry it's not funnier, nonnie.

You would not believe the smell at her place right now. It's been around 29°C in the UK, it's extremely humid, and we don't generally have air con/fans etc. over here. On every surface, she has piss jugs of various vintages and concentrations (depending not only on her hydration level but also on the time it's had to slowly evaporate in the heat). Your feet literally cannot touch the floor if you try to walk into the room, you end up balancing on bottles and clothes. It becomes an obstacle course. You must be very wary of putting your hands anywhere for balance, not only for fear of disturbing the piss jugs, but also to avoid smashing any of the many, many insects. The insects were originally bought as food for her bearded dragon who allegedly lives somewhere deep within the miasma, in undoubtedly horrible conditions (we have asked the RSPCA for advice but this is very low down on their list of priorities) but she often neglects to open the boxes the poor feeder creatures are shipped in. Due to entropy occuring at an alarming and abnormal rate within The Room, lids tend to come off and boxes get holes in them quite quickly. Crickets, cockroaches, locusts, and some kind of fat little worm are common sights in the hole, but "don't worry! They're too sickly to live more than a few days". Nonetheless, the critters in that place must have a better chance than most to make it, as she very kindly leaves uneaten Chinese and Indian takeaway lying around until it dessicates.
Under no circumstances should you touch the bed. If you sit on it, you will get wet. There are months worth of piss, sweat, and bile in that mattress.
You should not pick up any bags, boxes, or hats as those are all choice chamberpot options for Madame. There's also a fairly good chance, depending on the phase of the moon, that you will see several soiled sanitary towels before they get covered in more clothes and trash.
We have cleaned out my sister's place many, many times. It lasts less than a week. The addiction counselor told us that we were enabling her by cushioning her from the impact of her decisions, and we made a choice to stop doing things like that.
It hasn't changed a thing. I love her but fucking hell, it is ripe.

No. 856750

File: 1626577064892.jpeg (196.92 KB, 887x642, 1622140213546.jpeg)

Wow I hated reading that and I feel bad you and your family had and have to experience this

No. 856759

This is disgusting and heartbreaking. I hope your sister and your family can find peace nonna

No. 856947

I live in a country where up until lately I had never seen Cheetos sold in a store here. Now that a local supermarket is selling a few varieties of them.. I 've been making up for lost time. I need an intervention.

No. 857076

Thats crazy. Pics of the room?

No. 857083

i used a random letters and numbers fake email for my pinterest account but my dumbass kept logging in from both my phone and my computer and i have a vpn so it thought i was getting hacked and locked my account. i have to verify and change my password by email. i checked the email i made up and its a real one. i hope the person doesn't check that anymore lol

No. 857086

Shit anon I'm sorry, hope your sister can recover.

Why is it so common for mentally ill people to pee in bottles btw?

No. 857585

I've had some nail polish laying on a seed germination pad for a couple of hours, and now they're super warm and liquidy.

No. 857666

The parkavenuepinup thread was such a milky read, now I'm sad she started mass blocking that early on.

No. 857682

I hit my leg on a hook in the store and it's blue today man it hurts

No. 857774

She’ll be back. They always come back kek

No. 857784

I will never tire of wearing my vroom vroom charli xcx hat and driving fast in my car.

No. 857787

I think I did well enough on my exam today! There will be another one at the end of this week and I hope I can force myself to study until then, Genshin will have to wait. I'm looking forward to relaxing a little and finally cooking something again, I've been surviving on dry cereal and snacks so far because I can't manage time well when preparing for exams.

No. 857805

found $6 in my car from when I bought candy last week

No. 857807

My alcohol tolerance is too high

No. 857811

No worries it will change when you're older

No. 857832

I'm broke so I'm going to have to cut my own hair. I've watched a 2 min YT DIY vid on this and now I'm confident that I can do it. Wish me luck lol.

No. 857862

tell us how it went!!

No. 857919

My family bought and cut up watermelon. There's now a container in the fridge with watermelon in it labelled "FOR (dog's name) ONLY"

No. 857944

My mom put bleach on my hair she really rubbed it into my head aaaAAAAAAAAAAA it burns AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA just five more minutes aaa I hope my head doesn't burn off
Cool my friend's dog and grandma are both on a strict diet and they both only eat yoghurt and cheese
God my head hurts

No. 857955

wonder if their dog would like ricotta

No. 858182

I'm sure he would he is some real gourmand dog. My friend tells me how she would put his medicine inside a hotdog and he would eat the hotdog slowly and carefully all around the medicine.
Update I touched the top of my head and it was like 70 degrees celsius so I washed all the bleach off right away and now I look like 50% prompto from final fantasy and 50% klemens from hatari job well done I'd say

No. 858305

File: 1626731937590.jpeg (22.55 KB, 450x450, curlingbrush.jpeg)

Sorry for the late reply but it went surprisingly well! I really love the result. Thanks for asking anon. The haircut itself was pretty simple, just a basic shoulder length haircut and you wouldn't be able to tell it was DIY. I don't know why I thought it was impossible to do on my own but if I can do it, anyone can.

What I plan to do is investing in a nice curling brush since I'm already saving money. My friend lended me one and it makes a huge difference.

No. 858322

Just got a box of my stuff back from my ex he mailed me and he left out the massage oil and remote control sex toy (first I bought, second we split) but he included all our pics and a dress I told him to throw in the garbage. Petty.

No. 858452

I finally cut the vines that were overhanging the fence into my neighbor's property really badly. It's two species of very aggressive vines that our home's previous owner planted. Nobody complained but I feel like such a dick for leaving it for so long. Next year I'll cut the vines asap.

No. 858623

My boiler is gonna get fixed today, so hopefully I'm gonna finally have hot water

No. 858817

got my first vax! arm hurty but i’m glad it’s out of the way. dunno when i’ll be getting my second but having just one is enough for now since i had covid about a month and a bit ago and i can’t be bothered to go through it again.

No. 859098

I have hot water yay

No. 859312

I think there is blood in my underwear and I'm scared to look. I really don't want to deal with this right now

No. 859321

I'm currently watching someone who writes rape and incest fanfiction tell another writer that gp fanfiction harms real life troons. What's up with these people

No. 859326

File: 1626836430732.jpg (14.27 KB, 275x243, i love you.jpg)

My dad made spaghetti, whenever he makes spaghetti it's a good day!
Also nabbed some watermelon juice my mom sent.

No. 859358

Aww that's so sweet. Coincidentally my mom is making me spaghetti with cheese sauce tomorrow. Can't wait.

No. 859376

Jesus christ how can you love someone that lives like that. Too kind, too kind.

No. 859381

I'm making pasta e fagioli for dinner tomorrow, it's my favorite

No. 859385

I find the name of that dish humorous and I hope it turns out satisfactory

No. 859533

Bought a drink today that I'd never tried before. It's in a yellow bottle and just says 'sour twist' on it so I've been close to buying it before. Has to be tangy lemon..right?

It's sour apple. Doesn't say that anywhere on the packaging but at least I don't hate sour apple I guess. Can imagine alot of people have been way more disappointed.

No. 859969

I would've assumed apple tbh. or maybe sour cherry.

No. 859973

nice!! Super underrated dish imo
t. italian carb lover

No. 859975

I would've thought it was apple like anon above. What color was it?

No. 859977

Took a tolerance break today and yesterday. Noticed how much more social I am not on weed and sent out a million job applications. Anyway. Can't wait to get some weed tomorrow

No. 859978

File: 1626902089368.jpg (58.59 KB, 635x461, ClRerMOWYAAvBRH.jpg)

yeeaaahhhh, i remember my first cheeto

No. 859980

Anon literally said yellow bottle lol

No. 859987

File: 1626902754949.jpg (11.21 KB, 450x450, sour.jpg)

Yellow bottle that hid the color of the liquid inside, which was then like a nuclear green.

Tasted like a liquid form of pic. I think I have cancer now.

No. 859997

File: 1626903427589.jpg (42.35 KB, 400x530, 23975d7023f75016853fe72512aac4…)

Missed the golden hour once again today for my toy photoshoot. And by like, 10 minutes.
Let's try it again tomorrow, hopefully it won't be too overcast.

No. 860003

Was wondering why I'm so irritable today and can't stop thinking about shit that annoys me, until I realized that my period just started. Jesus fucking christ.

No. 860016

whoops sorry everyone

No. 860024

File: 1626905583988.png (27.75 KB, 400x400, BPM20Sour20Twist20.png)

This'n? I would've assumed lemon too. Sour apple flavour sucks, that's disappointing.

No. 860029

That's the one. I kept spotting it and meaning to try it. Had lemon in mind the whole time because of colour association

No. 860034

how the fuck is this apple flavor? they even made the background design look like sliced lemons?

No. 860042

I feel validated

No. 860044

The fucked up lemon drink that's apple reminds me of how smoothies taste of banana predominantly even when it doesn't say it's a banana smoothie. I hate banana drinks.

Anyway, I really, really want to start jogging for exercise, but I don't know what to do because I look like a spastic when I run. I just don't know why. People think I'm doing a comedy thing, but I really don't know how to move my legs so my run looks normal. I want to try it out, so I'll do it in the dark, but then I might get attacked in the park.

No. 860054

Lol practice your gait at home. Start walking about and moving your arms. When you run you're just syncing it up faster. I use to go full retard when I was a teen and my legs would go out wide from my knee sort of and I'd swing my arms like laterally like I was trying to keep my balance or something. Watch Dennis in Always Sunny, there's a clip of him running with perfect form. Become it.

No. 860056

No. 860066

File: 1626910501587.gif (1.06 MB, 175x269, I got this.gif)


I. WANT. IT!!!

Yeah…YEAH!!! I can do this! My problem is, I think, I keep my legs stiff, or something where I don't bend my knee?? My arms are all comedy as well, like PeeWee Herman or something. Invaluable advice there, thank you. Classes started pissing me off and running free really appeals. I will run free. With perfect form.

F me that's weird. I was watching American Spy Fox's Kurt n Kristen video earlier. Am I being hack?

No. 860068

Ignore that last statement. My browser's being a cock.

No. 860103

that reminds me, I wonder how banana smoothies would taste with the extinct bananas. god, they'd be like candy

No. 860195

I'm straightening my hair right now, and I love the little bit of panic I get when the heat is on my scalp for a little too long. It's like a tiny shock. Very fun.

No. 860198

File: 1626922303038.jpg (1.06 MB, 2400x2400, 5e6bc121046aad790a0456be_00734…)

The outside of these taste amazing but I wish the inside wasn't so dry.

No. 860211

Gros Michel bananas aren't extinct, they were just severely depleted so growers switched to the different variety. You can still buy Gros Michels and taste them.

No. 860214

File: 1626923684274.jpeg (109.89 KB, 750x499, BFD917C6-AACF-4E49-9191-0ECA91…)

There’s still all sorts of amazing banana varieties in the tropics, they just don’t ship well so you don’t see them being sold a long way from where they were grown.

The best banana I ever ate was called tongka langit - it was big and pink and incredible tasting. And yeah the banana smoothies in the tropics are amazing. All the fruit smoothies are actually.

No. 860217

Thank you banana-chan

No. 860219

File: 1626923885439.jpg (792.02 KB, 1851x1462, apple-man.jpg)

That's so cute and neat. Reminds me of the heirloom apple guy in the U.S.

No. 860282

File: 1626930714658.jpeg (95.26 KB, 800x800, F20DF478-F034-4AB0-BED2-AFB393…)

you two have inspired me something great.. thank you, I'll definitely think of you when I finally consume the best bananas I've ever had

No. 860361

I think I just witnessed two of my lesbian acquaintances de-trooning in real time due to quarantine. Person A used to dress butch and had "any pronouns" in her bio. Now that line is gone and she posted a selfie with long hair and a dress. Person B also used to call herself enby and had a boy's name set on all socials; now it's back to her birth name.

No. 860382

nature is healing

No. 860679

I made hypericum oil from some plants I gathered in the countryside and it turned a really deep and intense red. I'm really happy.

No. 860688

Thank you for showing me this adorable old appleman

No. 860830

Currently putting Elmers glue on my hands. Can't wait to peel this shit.

No. 860834

File: 1626985980474.png (188.76 KB, 387x255, Window.png)

i used to do this with the inside lid of my pencil cases in elementary school and then i would crush up crayons and mix it up while it was still wet to add decoration kek

No. 860835

Pencil cases should only be used to store gel pens and those little mini staplers!

No. 860839

Me too except I’d color the plastic with marker then swirl the glue around for color

No. 860840

i wasn't a destructive child but i took it all out on those cases lmao i specifically remember coloring with crayon really hard on them and then etching things into the crayon layers as well

No. 860860

Just pirated the new Sims pack and now I’m gonna built a cute little farmhouse hehe.

No. 860909

Stood by the watermelons for way too long picking up and putting them down and then slapped a whole bunch of them until I finally decided on one.

No. 860911

my job is doing something for 8 hours and then being told at the end of the day that i did it WRONG

im a consultant

No. 860912

thank you for reminding me

No. 860922

Was it a good one?

No. 860979

I’m letting it chill in the fridge before cutting it tomorrow but I’ll come back with updates hopefully! I sure hope it’s sweet or I’ll just be sad.

No. 861007

File: 1627007100842.jpeg (472.26 KB, 1200x879, cereal.jpeg)

Cereal is way too expensive, every time I consider buying a box I'm flabbergasted at the prices

No. 861008

Try target(if you’re a burger). I refuse to buy cereal anywhere else because of this. Target is the most affordable place that I’ve found and I live in overpriced Bay Area California.

No. 861017

I am always amazed by the variety you burgers have
Here we have regular Cheerios, corn flakes, frosted flakes, chocolate flakes, chocolate balls, fruit loops and like two other different ones, if much. I yearn for cereal with marshmallows and one with cinnamon.

No. 861018

File: 1627008715668.jpeg (378.79 KB, 553x762, 1E95EA06-EA21-44A2-BB63-E94CF5…)

how about cinnamon AND marshmallows? also minecraft cuz why the fuck not

No. 861025

Ayrt and yeah, I'd totally try that out

No. 861028

I live in the Midwest and Aldi has good sales on cereal sometimes

No. 861040

Nothing teaches you patience better than a cystic pimple that won't come to a definite head nor one that responds to hardcore topicals. Om. Attempring to gather inner peace…. om.

No. 861047

i always hold an ice cube to it when i get them because for as infrequently as i do get zits, they make sure to make up for it with pain

No. 861053

Got a nice mercerised cotton dress in the Uniqlo sale for 9.90. Wore it today and it feels such good quality and looks so pretty and smart. Also I easily fit into a Uniqlo S now, when I used to wear an XXL.

No. 861088

how did you lose so much weight? Goals

No. 861180

So many young people trooned out due to social isolations during the lockdowns, it's good to see at least the reverse happened to others.

No. 861181

I wish unisex clothing was more available, everytime I buy a band shirt it's male (and amerifat) sizing and even with the smallest size I look like a kid wearing his dad's cloths as a joke.

No. 861223

How do you get more unisex than a shapeless band tshirt?

No. 861224

I wish I could text my ma that I love her, but it's too early and I don't want to risk waking her up. Calling her and talking for an hour each day is something I look forward to, and sometimes it'll be 3pm and I'm irked that I already called her because I'd love to talk to her. She's just such an interesting woman, I could listen to her talk for days. (And often do when we have like week-long slumber parties)
When she dies, my landscape will be empty. It will feel like losing my child.

No. 861227

As in unisex sizing, it's smaller than men's but bigger than women's, it's perfect for me.

No. 861228

Nonnies… I don't want to study anymore. This semester was exhausting, I'm just a few days away from my winter break (that's it if I pass both of my finals). I just want to have free time and rest

No. 861229

you read my mind exactly, just moved out from home for uni and i miss my mum so much - i think shes the only person i could love and admire as i do - man i want a hug

No. 861253

File: 1627048115724.png (23.7 KB, 752x360, champion.PNG)

Saw this google doodle game and started playing it.

No. 861258

I was just about to post this. Hopefully I can still play this game even when this google doodle is removed

No. 861281

i've been playing it for like 30 mins, it's so cute

No. 861292

The climbing games are actually really hard wtf!! Also I didn't realize you could fast travel lol. I walked to all of the locations save for one before I talked to an NPC who told me I could fast travel

No. 861946

File: 1627133550341.gif (1.32 MB, 360x202, 4a6192f034e8265c102e7386197959…)

My nipples are so goddamn sensitive around my period, and not in the fun way. Sometimes just stretching my arms back so my shirt presses against them makes them hurt like fuck istg. Why couldn't I just have the standard cramps like everyone else

No. 861955

You're not alone, anon!! Some periods, my nipples are so sensitive, i dont wear a bra. It's painful and i try to limit any real movement on my upper body if possible. It doesnt happen every period, but when it does, i just wanna scream.
i love that gif so much. rofl

No. 861957

My mom used to get us the variety pack cereal, but no one ever ate the apple jacks.
Also, seconding target. They're the cheapest and have the best deals with cereal.

No. 861973

Glad to know someone understands kek!

No. 862208

File: 1627152303526.png (933.82 KB, 2160x2160, Canned-peaches-for-babies.png)

I never realized how fluorescent orange canned peaches are. They look like mangos. Also, they smell bad.

No. 862213

how dare you. I love canned peaches

No. 862219

They smell amazing the fuck you on

No. 862227

Canned peaches do not, in any way, shape, or form, smell good. They taste good though.

No. 862228

I dyed my hair. It is more colorful in some spots that were bleached stronger and less colorful in others. Also a little part of my hair got fried. I regret it a little but life goes on. I will go to a hairdresser if I want colorful hair next time

No. 862232

The heck, my parents used to eat that a lot and what I remember the most was how they smell good but the taste was disappointing

No. 862234

I feel like I'm getting less pimples since I stopped moisturizing.

No. 862248

I'm currently making some Italian buttercream for a cake. Excited to decorate the cake because it's a 3d cake. Fingers crossed it comes out like I picture it.

No. 862296

Anon I feel that so much on the band tee thing. And I wear a lot of mens clothing because I hate the designs and fabric of women's clothes. But I'm a very scrawny person so it's really hard to find clothes that don't look retarded. And when I do find clothes that fit, they're always super weird around the shoulders/butt/hips/chest. I wish there were more unisex/masculine styles that accommodates for the shape of the female body without being sexy about it kek.

No. 862325

I'm holding an egg in my hand, and its fucking sweating.

No. 862326

the anon that was talking about having a pimple under the skin that won't come to a head jinxed me

No. 862332

I hate this so much too, I'm sick of drowning in massive band tees and I'm sick of how whenever I mention this people just say "You can cut the sleeves off and crop it!!!11!". Having a selection of butchered rags is not the same as having clothes that fit.

No. 862335

the eg?

No. 862352

No. 862368

It feels like there's a blister on my right pointer-toe, but when I inspect it (her), there's nothing.

No. 862524

being a hypochondriac with tmj issues is a full time job

No. 862532

For some reason sores on my feet take a long time to heal, I scratched a small bug bite on my toe that turned into a gash and hasn't gone away yet

No. 862641

I had a dream last night and bingus was in it. I had a cat that had kittens and they were all different breeds of kitten that came out and one of them looked like bingus. It was awesome

No. 862642

Sores that are slow to heal, especially on the feet can be diabetes or high blood sugar related. If you're young and in a healthy weight range tho you're prob fine

No. 862645

I ordered a phone two weeks ago and the phone store still doesn’t have it in yet

No. 862691

Cool did it work?

No. 862848

File: 1627231974644.jpg (155.97 KB, 939x498, 11234.jpg)

cleaned out my purse for the first time in months

-25 receipts
-5 stamps
-4 ketchup packets
-3 crumpled up napkins
-3 business cards
-3 mint wrappers
-1 bobby pin
-1 earring
-78 cents in change

No. 862852

>but when I inspect it (her), there's nothing.

U cute nonna

No. 862861

and a partridge in a pear tree

No. 863611

File: 1627285260532.jpg (49.32 KB, 712x289, mice.jpg)

Caught two mice in the kitchen.
Released them in the orchard.

No. 863633

they're so cute

No. 863637

I'm trying to cook black beans, but I think I'm gonna fall asleep

No. 863665

little angels

No. 863686