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File: 1627844128234.gif (295.04 KB, 220x220, catyawn.gif)

No. 869448

ITT: post uneventful and mundane as fuck events in your life

previous thread >>>/ot/810590

No. 869452

i had to delete and remake this thread because i forgot to update the thread number in the title

No. 869455

cute calming cat

No. 869499

Why is the u bolded?

No. 869508

Fixed the spelling mistake that existed in the previous 2 threads

No. 869509

During lockdown I got into this habit of grabbing a take away coffee and going for a walk with it. That became the highlight of my boring days and sometimes I'd grab a second one for the walk back. Now that cafes here are finally open to vaccinated people again I had been looking forward to that…I sat in a cafe for the first time in over a year lately and instead of relaxing I added up how much money I must've been spending on takeaway coffees this last while… I'm only having coffee at home from now on.

No. 869521

can't spell mundane without u hehe you're fun really anon

No. 869560

I had the same realisation a few months ago. Buy nice coffee and even a syrup if it makes home coffee seem more appealing (still so much cheaper per drink). You could also take it out for your walk if you have a flask.

There was also a point in lockdown where I was ordering takeaway food 3 times a week, not even cheap shit… I discovered the feature on my banking app which breaks down spending per category. Honestly felt like crying. Half the time I didn’t enjoy the food or ordered too much. Such a waste but I’m learning.

No. 869602

I was sent a link to a livestream of Chris Chan being arrested right after i got home from riding my bike.

No. 869603

File: 1627857911417.jpg (238.41 KB, 1257x696, 1627856901125.jpg)

No. 869606

Will You Remember Where You Were The Evening CWC Got Locked Up, NONNIE?

No. 869628

how did I miss this

No. 869641

I'm currently trying to decide between making chicken nuggets, or making a crunchwrap with doritos and chorizo. I also found vegan marshmallows today, and I'm so fucking excited! They didn't feel that soft in the bag, but I'm still so, so happy I finally found some.

No. 869649

Not sure if you're even looking for opinions but I would go for the crunchwrap with doritos and chorizo. The chicken nuggets may seem appealing but they are more samey so you might get tired of them halfway through, whereas the crunchwrap has a lot more interesting textures and flavors so you're less likely to regret going for that even when the initial hunger or craving is gone.

No. 869660

I was in bed and literally saw the thread get posted. What a fucking day

No. 869661

File: 1627863452781.jpeg (97.3 KB, 700x525, 17CC2736-BC30-4BC3-B4A5-8DD502…)

at home being a potato

No. 869684

What a cute op pic.
I just got a bong for the first time and now I just need a good place and time to try it out.
This whole covid era thing is really turning me into a bit of a pothead. Though I suppose its somewhat better than rendering myself an alcoholic which was somethong I well on the way to becoming several years back. I'd say I'm an addict but I was able to quit cigarettes fairly easily.
Other than that, I've discovered I have a taste for pungent cheeses.

No. 869687

Next week I’m turning 30, I somewhat accepted it but not the fact that I might be undateable (unless I lie about my age) and remain a virgin.

Today’s scrotes are either taken/married, gay or want younger women, fml.

No. 869694

Try going to a bar and just sitting there once a week. You'll find a bf.

No. 869695

Also become open to dating men a few years younger. Thise are the ones most likely to ask you out at bars.

No. 869696

30 isn't that old imo. My mom married my dad when she was 32 and she had never had a boyfriend/relationship before. She met him at a club meeting for botany. Just keep going out and doing things you enjoy and you might find a nice guy.

No. 869697

Why would you be undateable?
Unless you're butt ugly with a sad personality.

No. 869699

You can also like… Just lie on dating apps. I do it all the time, scrotes know fuck all about what women look like at what age, I tell them the truth on the second date and they're still happy because I "look so young". I look my age, they're just retarded.

No. 869701

Nah meeting men in real life(bars, coffee shops and groups) is a better option for a inexperienced woman. You've got to be experienced to deal with the sociopaths on tinder.

No. 869704

File: 1627869263983.jpeg (99.72 KB, 749x662, D2D4727E-86CF-48AE-B41D-81C267…)

KHV 31 year old here, went on a date with a 6 foot 6 figure dude last week and a Harvard graduate this week. Met them on Tinder so they know how old I am. Unfortunately they were both too autistic and annoying to see again.
You definitely won’t be undatable, but unfortunately you’ll be wading through a massive pile of rejects because the rare non-scrote male doesn’t stay single long. Also, be real with you, men are already balding and wrinkled by 28, so you might want to consider dating younger guys.
Anyway, I still managed to get dates in youth obsessed Southern California, I just absolutely hate all the men here.

No. 869705

You know what anon? You're right! I made the crunchwrap and it's fucking delicious. I can't completely close it cause I put way to much stuff in it, but it's still amazing.
I tried the marshmallows, and they are so good! I have been craving marshmallows so bad, and I'm glad I found gelatin free ones. Gonna make hot chocolate with them and watch a movie tomorrow. Food is so amazing. It's crazy to think that humans just started out eating shit like unseasoned meat, and now we have stuff like crunchwraps with cheesy tortilla chips.

No. 869707

File: 1627869439246.jpeg (64.87 KB, 730x547, 76EAE437-C7FB-44C6-BAB2-34573C…)

Meeting at a botany club sounds absolutely adorable anon.

No. 869716

I'm glad you're enjoying the crunchwrap anon!
I also share your sentiment about food. I love how humans made eating into this entire artform of its own, perfecting the texture and taste of so many different dishes. There's plenty of stuff wrong with humans, but we have this innate urge to gravitate towards anything beautiful, be it visually, auditory, taste or smell, and to put infinite effort into perfecting that input.

No. 869722


No. 869725

Not ugly but slightly fat (not obese) with almost no ass and am really shy. Is it too late to to start working out? I’ve tried doing squats two days ago and my thighs are still hurting due to muscle strain.

No. 869736

never too late for anything if you’re alive anon! the best time to do something was in the past, but the next best time is now. you can do it! that being said 30 is not old, and I doubt you are undatable. best of luck and happy (almost) birthday. try something you normally wouldn’t try, like rollerblading or frisbee golf, maybe you’ll meet a likeminded and unimposing enough moid through a new interest, and exercise in the process, two birds one stone!

No. 869741

>Is it too late to to start working out?
Late for what?
Bro I don't know what some of you are smoking in here, I swear you all sound like you're on your deathbed and have one year to live.

Also how quickly people here go from
>you're 24, you're still so young you're just a baby anon!
>well, 30 isn't that old I guess
Y'all need to go outside and touch some grass.

No. 869843

I noticed 2 really bright stars out my window so I used an astronomy app and found out they were Jupiter and Saturn

No. 869847

Too late to work out?? Are you that defeatist you actually think there's some sort of time limit on when you can exercise, or are you desperate for an excuse not to bother? Exercise is vital for good health and mobility in old age, far more so than when you're young.

No. 869850

Anon even my grandmother excersises. Of course she's not doing it to improve her looks (which I assume is what you meant "is it too late to start excersising to become better looking and dateable"), but excersising is going to make you look better at any age so why would it ever be too late as long as you're alive? Do it, go excersise, you'll feel better, look better and become healthier which will all pay off greatly long term.

No. 869851

>Is it too late
Yes. Order a coffin, lie down in it and wait patiently for the sweet, cold embrace of death. It may take a while though, so you might as well go to the gym or do yoga in the meantime

No. 869857

I love the new thread gif so much. Thanks, op nonna, for choosing such cute, calm (and calming) cat.

No. 869871

just spent $150 on merch from my fav band kinda hate myself but yolo

No. 869920

(bernie sanders voice) I have once again dipped my elbow into paint and unknowingly made everything on the table dirty

No. 869924

starting to realize that even once i reach my goal weight and look dateable, i'll probably stay single just because i hate people meddling with my daily life. i just really hate paying attention to the existence of other people.

No. 869932

Was walking to the store today, it was raining kinda heavy but I was wrapped up well, coffee in one hand and umbrella in the other, was nice tbh. No winds so the umbrella was doing its job.. it was heavy enough rain that very few other people were out. I was having a chill moment.

Then I passed by a scrote, he was walking along with his jacket open, no umbrella, ok whatever. But then he just had to shout at me about how "It's only water! It's only a drop of water haha!" Yes you're very manly for walking around getting rained on. Well done lol ? I can't tell if he thought that was impressively manly, if he was negging me for not wanting to get saoked or if he was just on drugs. I think it's a combo of the first and last.

No. 869965

File: 1627911048817.jpg (30.72 KB, 640x629, nvxdpugr8z511.jpg)

Your story reminded me of this old tweet kek. Scrotes are weird. He probably just wanted your attention (and maybe a laugh) for that one sweet second.

No. 870013

File: 1627917805045.png (70.79 KB, 638x395, qwop.png)

In honor of the Olympics I'm playing this game which somehow survived the death of flash player. Pour one out for the greatest and perhaps the only true Olympian

No. 870022

love when dudes fuck up and try to bring down completely random people. should’ve just thrown your coffee at him, the dumb ass was in the middle of a shower anyways.

No. 870031

I just started a new easy as shit work from home job and they legit will not give me anything to do. It's been six weeks and I sit here all day doing nothing even if I ask for something, wtf is going on? I feel vaguely guilty. Is it just residual guilt from being a customer service wagey my whole life, anons?

No. 870219

I just realized how big my tongue is

No. 870230

i also work from home and have barely anything to do. just enjoy while it lasts, don't feel bad for corporations. they're taking advantage of their workers anyways

No. 870237

I hate you for getting me into this godforsaken game again.

No. 870244

File: 1627932742913.jpeg (9.97 KB, 236x245, images - 2021-08-03T033211.492…)

My asshole cat fucking dipped his wholeass paw into my ramen NOW WE BOTH DONT GET TO EAT

No. 870258

i wanna make smth i found on tiktok. it's one egg mixed with three table spoons of peanut butter and one table spoon of sugar and put into the microwave for 1 minute. the only thing stopping me from making it: i hate how loud the microwave is.

No. 870260

I'd still eat it.

No. 870290

Anon I feel the same way but I'm not even working from home, I literally sit in my office across from my boss reading lolcow all day. I do get assignments but I stretch them out over a few days, partially to have something to do and partially because I don't want to let on to my boss that I can actually do things with a very quick turnaround time lol. Things have slowed down so now I'm mindlessly doing some stuff he's set on the backburner for me but most days I sit here and wonder what he thinks I'm doing because I know he's stressed out from work but won't really delegate much to me unless he really needs to.

No. 870294

What… is that even supposed to make?? A flourless peanut butter cake?

No. 870314

I threw away so much old food in my fridge and cabinets today, now they're both basically empty. Next step is to do the dishes and wipe the counters and I should probably mop the floor. I hope my cat will be happy when she has a clean kitchen because that's my only motivation for doing this.

No. 870320

I don't want a relationship but I go everywhere alone and I miss having someone just hold my hand as we walk down the street together. Kissing is meh to me, sex I can live without. Hand holding is the shit I miss.

No. 870340

File: 1627941208739.jpg (32.16 KB, 562x780, 1625892155843.jpg)

I'd hold your hand

No. 870634

You know you're bored when you start reading your old course textbooks for fun

No. 870637

I’ve been there lol

No. 870664

i have downloaded genshin impact a while ago because all my friends told me it's a game i would definitely like. i played it for like 30 minutes but i just keep forgetting about it. should i play it more? i'm currently having a vidya burnout but i miss playing games

No. 870670

I really enjoy the story and gameplay. Exploring the world is a lot of fun but it is a free game after all. Doing dailies and needing pulls to upgrade characters sucks in the end (for me personally) but I had so much fun before that initial slog. I only played until just before the first area update so other anons might have better takes. Also there's a genshin thread in /m/ with more info than me kek.

No. 870680

File: 1627974610955.jpg (126.23 KB, 610x915, gerenuk.jpg)

About to watch a movie.

No. 870688

Which one?

No. 870705

You get a free 6-piece wings on your birthday from Buffalo Wild Wings. However, if you try to redeem it online, they charge 32 cents for no discernible reason. This was unacceptable to me, so I ordered them over the phone and got them for free instead. I am pleased

No. 870706

Just fried chicken nuggets in sesame oil. Fusion cuisine.

No. 870710

Was it stinky? I feel like using it to fry made my apartment smell gross but idk what I'm doing.

No. 870713

Yeah, it makes everything smell like sesame oil, but I like the smell so I didn't mind. I didn't like the taste it gave the nuggets though. I'll just use vegetable oil/spray next time

No. 870721

The waffle maker I bought really sucks and I'm so disappointed. I just want delicious crispy, fluffy waffles in the comfort of my gnome.

No. 870763

REC 4: Apocalipsis

Que mierda.

No. 870780

I melt every time I scroll past this OP pic, the cat looks so cuddly and gentle and I just wanna hug it until the end of time if it will let me

No. 870855

Lightning just struck near my house three times, and it was so fucking loud. It woke me up lol

No. 871331

File: 1628023120948.jpg (61.81 KB, 933x709, Ef2Rd4TVAAAvQgn.jpg)

I think I'm gonna attempt to do knotless braids on myself. I'm scared as fuck, but I need to get my hair done. I also didn't stretch my hair out so this is gonna be fun.

No. 871342

Ate plain oatmeal to make me poop, now I feel tired.

Unrelated… Every single time I eat oatmeal it reminds me of this chubby guy I liked. (Though, he was definitely racist and a homophobic bi-chaser.) I think it may have been love. Not an, “I CAN CHANGE HIM” scenario, rather…“Oh, he smells nice and is warm, I’m fine living the rest of my life with/for him.” Too bad the only way he expressed his attraction was by randomly stealing my shit so I’d follow him around and talk to him. Got too annoying, so I gave up on him.

No. 871512

I've been desperately trying to explain to my best friend that you don't need to be in a relationship to lead a fulfilling life, but no, he remains hopelessly romantic. People who can't conceive life as singles weird me out.

No. 871532

File: 1628035026792.png (13.53 KB, 462x367, E811BE30-FE39-46F5-B363-169079…)

I need a relationship too
Hook us up

No. 871624

Desperately struggling to not eat an entire gallon of ice cream.

No. 871637


No. 871653

I did all my boyfriend's laundry, reorganized our furniture again and worked on my artwork. He bought me a big ol' ice cream. I exist in heaven

No. 871682

What kind of ice cream?

No. 871814

Drank too much coffee, can't sleep
Also I'm manifesting that my dad is ok

No. 871815

watching golden girls for the first time. i adore dorothy.

No. 871868

Anyone else give character voices to their pets? I developed ones for my dogs thanks to quarantine. My shih tzu has a typical cute baby voice and my english cocker spaniel, purely by virtue of her being english, has a goofy british accent (mostly I just make her say "WHAT'S ALL THIS THEN?")

No. 871872

File: 1628067706400.png (140.13 KB, 251x265, 987425.PNG)

I've been eating my breakfast earlier than usual and I'm super hungry by 10 now (usually the time I would eat)

No. 871874

I make retarded voices to my pets but I've never given them voices? This is a thing??

No. 871875

File: 1628069314756.png (175.68 KB, 742x796, witch.png)

Just watched The Witch.

No. 871876

I talk to them like you'd talk to a baby but it's a one way convo where they don't talk back so no

No. 871888

take your fugly lizard back where you found it plz

No. 871900

File: 1628072340576.jpg (263.14 KB, 1296x730, bphilip.jpg)

How did you like it? Was it a delicious experience?

No. 871901

can someone please explain where this Lizard girl is from ?

No. 871902

I do online surveys sometimes in exchange for vouchers or a small payment. Yesterday I took part in one about new energy drinks that are available where I live. I got paid 3 euro for taking the survey. A couple hours after taking the survey I went out and bought one of the drinks that had been featured in the survey because it tempted me that much…. sneaky bastards.

No. 871907


No. 871909

File: 1628073542715.jpg (44.64 KB, 629x480, EStGup6UEAER7s8.jpg)

Well I guess I've singled out the thing that makes me more autistic than the median lolcow user

What's your secret for getting past the screening stage nonnie? Do you lie, or have you never had a hard time getting qualified for surveys?

No. 871930

I'm only signed up to one service that covers my small country. If I get a food/drink survey I'm usually already in…if I spot that it's about something like insurance companies I leave because I'll be screened out after wasting 10 mins on tedious pre qualifying questions anyway. I've learnt that.

The downside to always taking beer surveys and energy drink surveys is I often end up craving the product afterwards and drinking my profit away lol

No. 871989

It was strawberry cheesecake and cotton candy (pls no bully)

No. 871992

I bought one of those bottles of blue fanta where you have to guess the flavor…but it tastes like carbonated nothingness?

No. 871994

No, let's keep her. She is cute.

No. 871999

I do this, anon. In fact my BFFs whole family does this with their chihuahua. She will say something to him in a baby voice and then her dad will reply in "the dogs voice" and I think it's cute and hilarious. I like to think my 17 year old cat has a voice like a wise old man.

No. 872001

People put anything in their bodies…

No. 872003

Oh ho hoo yeah they dooooo, eyyyyyyyy

No. 872094


I love occult stuff, especially when it comes to Colonial New England and I did like the movie, but I feel like some vital piece was missing. I'm probably biased since in my mind "Young Goodman Brown" is the absolute pinnacle of that genre and setting and I always compare it to whatever New England witch media I might ingest. The Witch is pretty good, and The Lighthouse was amazing, so I'm looking forward to the director's upcoming movie.

No. 872108

There is literally nothing I enjoy more than sitting quietly in a moving vehicle, undisturbed, listening to my favorite music in some great headphones. When the vehicle is going really fast is the best. I close my eyes and imagine I'm dancing or preforming and I feel totally euphoric and get a huge rush.

No. 872113

me too!! that's why i love train rides. sure, my ass and back hurt after sitting for hours, but i looove riding the intercity express for 3 hours straight whenever i visit my family.

No. 872154

Now it's flat nothingness

No. 872164

That's so cute, thanks for the solidarity anon kek. My whole family participates too

No. 872167

Never realized how much of a hoe my mom really is but it's okay since she tried really hard to raise us well. I love her and I'm happy she was that mom willing to shank a bitch if they did anything to us. Still wish she made better choices with which dudes she fucked though, I cringe sometimes when I hear about the dudes she messed with from her hoe stories.

No. 872245

My boyfriend and I never sit in separate rooms, but the other week he sat away from me on his phone for an entire evening, chatting away to someone. He wouldn't sit with me and was very quiet, so I kept asking him if maybe I did something to offend him or piss him off.
Turns out he bought me a kitten, we're getting her tomorrow, and he was gonna keep it as a surprise but couldn't. I am SO excited! I love cats, and we just moved to a big house and he got a raise so it's gonna feel so right. Best outcome ever, I can't believe I thought he was randomly upset with me or something. Kitten fever!

No. 872258

Anon this is so so cute and wholesome. Your boyfriend is wonderful. My kitty is my baby, my everything, I adore him! I hope you adore yours too!

No. 872273

I was worried about what kind of turn this post was going to take but pleasantly surprised. Enjoy your new kitten anon!!

No. 872283

Very cute! Reminds me of when my bf and I had plans but he suddenly had to work late and it seemed a little suspicious to me. He just decided to make the trip (3 hours) to pick up a kitten we were going to adopt that weekend. I was so happy and surprised when he got home.

No. 872557

Fuck you and your boyfriends, traitors

No. 872561

File: 1628123113282.gif (592.08 KB, 380x381, giphy.gif)

I'm watching the COPS style episode of the x-files and I'm having an excellent time

No. 872726

I have a small, admiring from afar crush on a coworker. He's tall and scruffy looking cute. I didnt notice him until I saw him paying attention to me when me someone else were talking at the end of the day and he smiled at me, which I've never seen him do before or since. He did talk to me one day and ask me how I was and I couldn't understand a thing he said a thing he said in his southern accent. I tried to smile at him once when he walked by but it turned out weird and he didn't smile back. Kek literally nothing is happening between us but it's nice to see his face.

No. 872774

Good episode! Especially the intro, it's one of my faves from the series.

No. 872777

File: 1628138280570.jpg (94.4 KB, 450x600, 1553085161516.jpg)

I wanna play some late-night osumania but i have a mechanical keyboard and I'm worried it'll bother my neighbors (i have thin walls)

No. 872785

File: 1628139506207.jpg (312.22 KB, 2048x2048, E8AH0kbVkAAT1Mg.jpg)


No. 872790

Just blast super loud music, then they won’t hear the keyboard. Solved.

No. 872815

I hope it went well anon! knotless braids look difficult to do, especially on yourself.

No. 872843

I have agreed to go to the pool today. I do not like going to the pool, I find bathing with many people yucky. I hope nobody pissed in it.

No. 872861

File: 1628153977455.jpeg (62.88 KB, 1024x576, 5E41EEEA-6511-4CC9-85CE-7C4715…)

I have bad news for you nonna

No. 872869

which one is it?

No. 872945

File: 1628162229433.jpg (41.33 KB, 614x501, shave.jpg)

Just watched Midsommar. The whole movie I had to see this scrote's unshaven neck.

No. 873087

Ate pretzels I don’t even like them

No. 873112

So fucking bored at work so I brought my laptop to work on my own shit (aka translating weeb fanarts and comics), since I'm alone at my place there's no risk of a coworker peeking behind my shoulder.

No. 873116

No. 873294

I saw an Aiden in the wild at the Circle K today. He/him badge, typical fat butch. She had to help me on the self checkout like 4 times because none of the items I scanned were in their system. I was so angry. I'm never using self checkout again

No. 873319

Saw a double rainbow today. Now one is still there, 3 hours later

No. 873354

Lockdown and regulations gone is really fantastic. Apart from a few people wearing the facial coverings, it's like nothing ever happened. Vaccine/herd immunity/whatever, thank fuck.

I wonder why the refrigerators are always breaking at my Tesco so often recently. It was annoying today because it was the deli fridge that was busted today.

No. 873476

It’s an episode from season 7 called x-cops! It’s shot in COPS style where the camera man follows Mulder and Scully and police around looking for a supernatural entity. It’s fun and corny.

No. 873535

Oh anon, I wish I could say I completed the braids and they look super cute, but honestly? I haven't done shit to my head. I'm gonna do a hair mask and blow it out today though

No. 873707

Saw a big ass raccoon on my driveway this morning. It was almost twice the size of my dog

No. 873787

I have a habit of biting my fingers when I'm stressed or nervous, I started getting really nauseous while I was driving today and I chomped down on my thumb to distract me, it was a little purple and it's still swollen and tingly a few hours after. Ow ow ow. If it isn't the consequences of my own actions

No. 873796

The pizza I made yesterday tasted even better reheated today.

No. 873805

i like it when i get a chip that tastes slightly burnt

No. 873810

"Chip" as in chips, or "chip" as in fries?

No. 873811

There's a difference between a chihuahua and a great dane, please be more specific.

No. 873815

nta anon but i had a raccoon on my deck the size of an aussie shepherd trying to claw its way in to my cats food bowl by the sliding door a lot of nights.

semi related i had a possum about the same size that did the same until i finally had to beat off with a broom handle. but also the goofy movie and thumbelina fostered a huge fear of them in me. an old family friend had a pet possum and i could never go over there if i knew it was in the house. it made me want to throw up constantly

No. 873817

chip as in chip. i dont like over burnt fries. sorry, just a burgeranon

No. 873820

Lol it's all good anon, I'm a burger too. Just wasn't completely sure.

No. 873859

Kek he’s a 15 pound jack russell. Either way it’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen

No. 873865

Samefag, I'm finally detangling my hair, and I hate this so much. Fuck having thick, curly hair. I don't even know where my detangling brush is, so my scalp kinda hurts and I'm popping out some of my hair. I haven't even washed the braiding hair yet. I'm really want to relax my hair but it's short right now, and I also want to keep it natural. Sigh I should just go to a stylist…

No. 873895

managing hair is not that hard and that is coming from someone who has spent 8 years struggling to see myself as a singular person.

you are singularly responsible for yourself. no matter how much you put on others for forcing you to see differently, you are responsible for yourself. so what what other people think. youre gonna spend your precious time policing what other people think or are you gonna do for yourself?

No. 873901

I've been craving root beer for 2 weeks. I should have just bought the regular one at the store instead of going to multiple ones searching for diet and giving up.

No. 873902

Uh, what? I'm not forcing anyone to do or see anything. I was just ranting about my hair. I didn't even talk about anyone but myself. I'm not even sure what you're talking tbh, anon. Little confused right now…

No. 873908

Wtf are you talking about

No. 873912

File: 1628233705369.png (522.32 KB, 596x577, happy bean.png)

About to eat some chips

No. 873923

I went to a con and the only photo I took was of the cloakroom. It really made me laugh, an exasperated woman was watching the desk with stacks of dakimakura behind her.

No. 874033

Everything is closing down for the last three weeks of August and while I'm happy that people can take vacations, every bakery in my neighborhood is closed and almost all the restaurants around my workplace are doing the same, how am I going to eat?

No. 874130

File: 1628252553498.png (395.83 KB, 640x480, ah good.png)

Pizza for lunch.

No. 874181

I'd forgotten about the existence of ForeverKailyn until last night and remembered all the funny video edits people used to make of her. Those were the days.

No. 874238

hello Avery Juan tonite I am go-een 2 keel gwacie

No. 874318

Got my first pfizer shot

No. 874325

welcome to the sisterhood

No. 874374

I'm this anon and the person who was selling us the kitten ghosted us about an hour before we were supposed to pick her up.. during the ride after we had already driven a couple hours to her place. It was a really nice drive though, and funnily enough I had a weird vision that it would happen during our drive and said it out loud, which we both kinda took as fact, so we weren't as bummed out when it was actually true. We bought teas and picked out really nice, herbal body washes for each other though so it was really nice regardless. Back to kitten hunting! We're trying to find ones that have birth defects since I'm home all day and own one already, so our house is already accustomed for them, hence the long ass drive.

No. 874379

I was going to get a puppy a couple years ago and gave up after several weird interactions that started out really well and then ended in ghosting when it was time for me to collect them. I cycled through that excitement and disappointment a few times and gave up on the thought for now. I felt like in my area there might be some scams or dodgy set ups behind it. Makes me wonder is that a common experience? Why do pet collections fall through?

No. 874386

File: 1628271132053.png (525.38 KB, 1000x325, 8899_mil1019a.png)

my cramps are really bad today and i was craving garbage foods so i bought myself a frozen pizza, my favorite flavor of those giant milka bars and a bag of chips. fast forward, i had my pizza and some of the chocolate and i'm soooo sleepy now. i feel like i've been drugged. i'm pretty sure it's the simple carbs in the pizza but holy shit carb crashes are even more insane when you stop eating simple carbs.

No. 874387

This chocolate is a drug. I love it so much.

No. 874393

I'm sipping a frosty cold blueberry smoothie right now.

No. 874398

I'm hoping it's somesort of scam, but I'm more worried that the kitten might have died. There's not much money to be made selling a disabled kitten, especially one that isn't a fancy breed or anything. The scams around here usually surround ragdoll/bengals etc. Gives me a weird feeling too though

No. 874467

I cut a small chunk off my finger with a dull knife and now I'm waiting for it to completely clot so I can wash my hands and make a sandwich. Idk If I have bandaids though

No. 874475

if I were you I'd make the sandwich with blood as a condiment, nonnie

No. 874476

I want one too nonita

No. 874940

File: 1628312903192.jpg (103.61 KB, 431x493, ita.jpg)

Laying in bed like yesterday or the day before or the month before or the year before or the decade before.

No. 874968

My cat is meowing

No. 874992

i love not shaving, lmao. it's not even for feminist reasons or anything, i'm too lazy and comfortable in the state i'm in. if you ladies saw my legs you'd think i was a scrote but that's just south asian genes, baby.

No. 875028

Same. Like I agree with feminist reasoning but truth be told I'm just lazy and hair doesn't bother me that much. I'd definitely have people think I was scrote too, my arms and hands alone make me look like a dude. I'm an Arab Jew, I never had a chance. I'm one testosterone spike away from being able to LARP as bigfoot.

No. 875077

What did she say?

No. 875338

eating sausage and then handed some to my dog and he bit my finger but it didint hurty

No. 875347


No. 875383

I quit tobacco yesterday its officially been at least over 24 hours probably like 30 hours but what is so fascinating and interesting is that I had 4 opportunities to buy tobacco today and I simply did not. I'm still vaping weed but like, I've been miserable for like 2 years smoking tobacco filled joints and I woke up today with a clear throat and a clear mind. Went for a run!!! And I can't believe I gave up vaping to smoke joints, the high is so much cleaner. I think smoking tobacco and cutting my hair is me self harming myself. I hope I can exercise any tobacco damage I've incurred these last 2 years.

No. 875387

I've been lazy about shaving for years now. During a heatwave here lately I started to shave my legs again and I realized that now I only get about 6 truly smooth hours out of a shave….

I bought some dark tights today and I wont be wearing any of my skirts again til it's cool enough to also wear tights. I cannot be arsed with shaving that often.

No. 875405

>tfw wear dresses and skirts with hairy legs and even heels
No one has ever so much as given me a weird look

No. 875414

I'm detrans and a few years after returning to normality I moved to a stupidly small town full of religious gossipy old fucks so in my case I play it safe lol. I'm sure I seem mannish enough

No. 875443

My house is suspiciously quiet right now. Hmm…

No. 875444

I drank too much coffee and feel like throwing up. Water is supposed to help but it just makes me want to throw up more. Should I just give in and throw up?

No. 875447

Throw up, it's easier. Then rehydrate.

No. 875625

Hanging out with old people can be so based sometimes. Life is good, nonnies.

No. 875716

Trying to decide if I should make spaghetti and meatballs, or breakfast food (eggs, sausage, hashbrowns etc…).

No. 875745

File: 1628394898325.png (264.81 KB, 608x553, pegasus.png)

bout to eat some GUMBO

No. 875790

What manga is this from?

No. 875798

File: 1628400676388.jpg (11.85 KB, 368x172, 10388257_804364942909640_12888…)

Pretty sure that's Oyasumi Pun Pun

No. 875823

My music was so low and I thought I ruined my hearing but I restarted my headphones and the volume went back to normal

No. 875834

that’s the worst kind of scare but the relief feels good kek

No. 875902

File: 1628423830583.png (194.41 KB, 559x283, bazuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…)

Gumbo was good, by the way.

No. 876091

File: 1628440124414.jpg (52.13 KB, 500x501, sleepy time pugs.jpg)

Going to sleep.

No. 876255

File: 1628452104032.jpg (36.06 KB, 768x409, hgqkq22rltdqnyt6fumd.jpg)

Facebook has been recommending me so much David Bowie content and I don't know why. I was just scrolling and saw like 5 different David Bowie pages/posts in the span of a few minutes. I don't listen to his music that much or search him up so I'm not sure why this is happening, but it's better than when Facebook was constantly recommending me Harry Potter and Disney stuff(???).

No. 876264

File: 1628452401210.png (161.52 KB, 640x384, In The Mood For Love 21 dresse…)

What a great idea it is to watch this movie while being infatuated with somebody you can never be with.

No. 876301

That sounds like torture. It's such a beautiful film btw

No. 876512

I'm making a really nice veggie curry with some of the stuff I picked up at the farms market today. Carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, green beans and red peppers! It smells so good.

No. 876516

That sounds so good. I wish I didn’t suck at cooking kek

No. 876523

No. 876536

File: 1628480770974.jpg (512.29 KB, 1600x777, beautiful mush.jpg)

No. 876539

File: 1628481339826.jpg (21.13 KB, 759x422, sleeping_in_the_dark_759.jpg)

I just took a shower and I'm ready for bed, goodnight nonnies!

No. 876553

That looks amazing. I made vegetarian curry using sweet potato a couple times and it was awesome. I think I used coconut cream to help make the sauce. Good stuff.

No. 876799

can we have a recipe pls

No. 876934

File: 1628518650295.jpg (342.37 KB, 2122x1412, GermanShorthairedPointerProfil…)

I just gessoed an old board and I'm gonna paint a picture of the family dog for my mum. He's a handsome boy and his name is Wolfgang (he looks almost exactly like picrel). I usually use oils, but I invested in some nice acrylics and an acrylic varnish to glaze it. I think I'll get an easy, even finish that way with vibrant and pretty colours. It's my first painting this year after falling ill in the winter. Wish me luck!

No. 876999

i’m getting some acrylic keychain charms made of my art and it’s so exciting!

No. 877066

Good morning beautiful nonita!! Did you sleep well?

No. 877095

i met up with some people i talked to on discord this past weekend and the first thing the girl said to me was "your skinny, whats wrong?" idk why but i found that funny as hell. Cuz bitch a LOT is wrong lmao.

No. 877097

Good luck, be careful with the colors, unlike oil colors acrylic paints dry to a different color than when they were wet

No. 877106

File: 1628531469774.jpg (172.82 KB, 1024x750, fruit-salad.jpg)

Good morning! I did fellow beautiful nonita. I had a fruit bowl for breakfast. How about you?

No. 877109

ntayrt but a fruit bowl sounds so good! I just had yogurt this morning, lol

No. 877116

File: 1628532120072.jpg (79.11 KB, 640x853, Chia-Yogurt-Breakfast-Bowl-3.j…)

Let's combine our breakfasts and make a yogurt with fruit bowl!

No. 877166

I tried to draw my husbando but I drew him too pretty and it looks uncanny

No. 877182

File: 1628536656033.png (18.79 KB, 820x360, 16-166834_blueberry-painting-c…)

I picked blueberries from the garden and they were pretty good

No. 877199

Wonderful painting

No. 877224

Yesterday night I dreamt of picking up a big and fat gecko from under the armpits, like you would pick up a dog or a cat. Also today I found a snake under my front door, which is pretty weird because snakes are very rare here.

No. 877230

I'm going to make a bong out of my laundry detergent bottle. It's called recycling and I have the capabilities.

No. 877261

Maybe don't do that, there are so many problems with that. I want you to be healthy and live a long life.

No. 877262

File: 1628540078489.jpeg (263.46 KB, 840x904, 929CB37D-9FC7-4F88-9051-EA5971…)

I turned 30 today

No. 877270

Happy birthday anon!!! Hugs

No. 877276

congrats anon

No. 877278

ty nonnas <3

No. 877288

So?? What magical abilities did you gain?

No. 877292

Ehehehe it worked

No. 877293

happy birthday nona! I hope you're having a great day

No. 877308

Nice anon. Show us a pic!
Happy birthday anon!

No. 877318

It's 11pm here and there's a fly buzzing so fucking noisily in my room, I hope when I'll turn off the light it'll stop flying around, else I don't know how I'll fall asleep.

No. 877331

This is just eating tide pods but with extra steps.

No. 877335

I'm working on some art that I really like right now!

No. 877340

I autoclaved it aka I cleaned it out then boiled a kettle and poured it in. Shrunk a bit but it's just made it handier lol

No. 877346

File: 1628545001876.jpg (2.34 MB, 2976x3968, IMG_20210809_223627.jpg)

No. 877375

Today I checked the messages on my phone and I'm 99% sure they re-did the voiceover for the menus. It's still the same lady but somehow she sounds sad or less energetic.

No. 877458

File: 1628556590398.png (521.66 KB, 796x661, 1612696859667.png)

Same energy as pic

No. 877485

What is that

No. 877489

a homemade handless dildo

No. 877492

I thought this was a weird looking tampon.

No. 877494

Is the dildo made out of… Paper?

No. 877506

looks like masking tape

No. 877510

File: 1628565632340.png (46.98 KB, 1164x278, 1612696830152.png)

It's masking tape.
I can't believe some of you guys don't know about this. We really do have a lot of new farmers, huh?

No. 877522

I just made peaches and cream biscuit bombs, and holy fuck they are so good (and ugly, but that's ok)

No. 877525

I ran into my favorite cousin today while running errands. She bought me bubble tea!

No. 877534

That's great nonny!

No. 877573


No. 877653

Happy birthday!

I've always wanted to be able to call someone cousin like they did back in Shakespeare's time.

No. 877684

I'm so out of shape, I was running to catch my train yesterday and I felt an intense burning sensation in my legs, I never got anything like that before, and since then my right knee hurts when I squat. I'm not even overweight, is age catching up to me kek? I really need to get a gym membership.

No. 878150

I'll be 30 tomorrow

No. 878162

happy early birthday, nona!

No. 878188

File: 1628630895192.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.95 KB, 600x500, tumbnail_59b68c2e-4ba4-430a-ab…)

I just bought a set of stair threads for my shitty wooden stairs, they're much needed but I still thought about all the fun things I could've spent that money on instead.

I'm a fuckin homeowner

No. 878193

File: 1628631052367.jpg (149.05 KB, 1200x1673, 61b3aa0c8fac8e508dcada72f7f418…)

happy birthday nona, please accept this virtual card

No. 878194

One can be both a homeowner and a Care Bear owner

No. 878201

My dog is asleep on me. He smells like shit but he's so big and kind and stupid. I love him.

No. 878210

Sorry, I'm going to talk about my dog a bit more. I had a really tough time at therapy today and felt very fragile. When I came home, he was there with his big happy dumb face and a present (it was a slipper). He followed me around the house letting me know he was happy I was home, licking my hand. When I sat down, he climbed clumsily onto wherever I rested and wanted to get so close that he was basically sat on me (he's about the size of a Weimaraner). He kept licking my face because it made me laugh and he rested his head on my shoulder. I'm really grateful for his company at a time like this.
This evening, he's crawled onto me while I was resting on the sofa and he's so deeply asleep that he's making funny little huffing noises. It's very calming and nice to have another creature acting so relaxed around you and trusting you so much. I got home from the hospital last week after a suicide attempt last week and he has been glued to me like this ever since. I only hope I haven't stressed him out too much by being poorly.

No. 878214

Aw anon! You and your dog are so cute, totally relate to that feeling of calmness that comes with having a dog, even if mines are asleep, I just feel less alone and on my own. They're such a gift to the spirit
Don't worry about stressing him out! He's grateful to you and will always love you. I hope you're doing better, sending you much love! And I def recommend the "Dogs" episode from the "Explained" series on Netflix, very cute and interesting

No. 878309

I've stopped drinking soda for the most part, but I had like half of a baja blast today. I feel dumb for drinking it, but it was delicious

No. 878311

what does baja blast taste like? I've never had it

No. 878318

I'm terrible at describing flavors so I hope someone else can describe it better for you, but it's a tropical lime flavor. It's like sprite, but not as carbonated and a little less lime-y. It's actually a pretty light flavor for a sugar filled soda, imo. I just opened another one to answer this lol

No. 878320

yeah it's basically like pineapple flavored mountain dew with a hint of blueberry imo

No. 878366

Thanks! I'm so happy!

No. 878794

NTA, but now someone please explain the taste of Mountain Dew to me.

No. 878795

I'm the original anon that asked and wow, that's an odd combination for sure.

No. 878810

My left tit grew a little. Right tit wasn't having it I guess.

No. 878814

I quit tobacco cold turkey and haven't had any cravings. I also have weed sitting in my drawer and I haven't felt the need to have any today and I've been happy and went for another run. Now I'm going to do the dishes and practice the guitar.

No. 878823

How do anons have the courage to post their actual bodies on lolcow? And why are you all hot?

No. 878827

I think it's the hot smart girls that mostly get ostracised by their peers and the hot bimbos get used by society for their own gains. So what I'm trying to say, is lolcow is full of the hot smart ladies that have been pushed out of society for breaking all sexist conventions

No. 878836

I posted before about being on a quest to get a bunch of birthday rewards and here is the result of my efforts: Panera Bread gives you a free pastry, Jersey Mikes & Firehouse Subs gives free sub, Dunkin gives a free drink for the month but Starbucks has to be redeemed on your bday, Fuddrucker's and Red Robin give a free burger, Buffalo Wild Wings give free snack size wings, and Ulta gives a free makeup remover. I redeemed all of these and none of them required ID or anything only a phone number. So if you need food and have no money hope this helps someone

No. 878859

I have decided i want to live in a more traditional way. I used to hate weddings and children. i had a lot of anger in me. i didnt believe in god. i carried tons of baggage. my abusive ex bf used to mock me for attempting suicide (legit laughter making jokes about one of the worst things ive lived) and constantly said i shouldnt take meds for my bipolar type 1 cause i was never going to be cured i was wasting money.

now ive been really interested catholicism and im reading on it. i want a nice wedding one day and have kids i can raise. changing meds to lithium has changed my life entirely and i feel so stable now. also breaking up that awful relationship was something really big. i dont want casual sex. i dont want to play games with people. i want something real with someone and build my life with them through the years. i have so much hope for the future. my dad was bipolar and he was married to my mom 30+ years before he died. their hard work made me have a privileged life many people dont have. i didnt appreciate it before but i really do now that i consider how difficult and expensive existing is. i want to be just like my dad and have an amazing life with the person i love regardless of my mental illness and to give my kids everything they want. oh dear im crying but like happy tears cause im so proud and inspired and i know ive found myself and i can find that other person i know that now.

No. 878865

Someone posted a pic of themselves recently?

No. 878866

I want to believe, nonnie. Don't toy with my tender heart

No. 878868

Nta but maybe the girl who posted her breasts in /g/?

No. 878870

I think someone posted their saggy boobs on /g/ recently, but there are anons who post their bodies to the kibbe thread a lot too.

No. 878871

I don't think that's a picture ofher

No. 878872

Oh. I thought it was because the sticker on the picture looks like it's hiding a tattoo.

No. 878874

Filename suggests otherwise

No. 878881

Nonnies I finally worked up the courage to block someone who was making me really uncomfortable. We were mutuals but not really friends, they would message me weird shit almost every day even if I didn't respond 90% of the time and spam liked everything I posted. When I would respond they would either go on about how good of a friend I was despite barely knowing each other or be passive aggressive about me not responding to them right away. Sometimes I'd leave the site for a period of time and come back to 30+ missed messages from them including some suicide baiting when I was in no position to help. I didn't know anything about this person; what their name was, age, gender, absolutely nothing and yet they would press for personal info on my end which I never gave besides what was already public on my blog. I've always been kind of a pushover and overly afraid to hurt people's feelings so it felt good to finally put my foot down and block them without feeling bad for doing so! Even if it was something that should've happened sooner! It feels so much better being able to blog again in peace.

No. 878933

If it's a girl she's probably autistic and lonely lol I had a "friend" like that in hs. It's fine to block them, though sometimes people like that just need someone to tell them that they're cringe and need to stop. But it's not your job per se.

No. 878951

I found a farmer on the Isabella Janke subreddit. If you're reading this, you really should remove your face as your profile picture. It's very reverse searcheable.

No. 878957

how do you even find a farmer on a subreddit? did they admit to farming? i think she may be just a passerby

No. 878976

Just figured out I can get high and imagine that my ex doesn't have a great body he has Kirk's body from Gilmore girls. I can't believe I forgot about the power of the mind. Anytime I think of him im going to immediately think of Kirk. I shape my reality

No. 879026

So she posted her face here? Or what

No. 879138

Got my copy of my keys today. I'll put it in the deepest depths of my bag so that if I ever forget my regular keys, I'll definitely have another set right on me.

No. 879159

I felt bad because I realized hadn’t donated to a couple local cat rescues/trap-neuter-spay-release groups since before the pandemic started because I had dropped off on my Facebook usage (where I’d follow them, but have gotten back on recently) so I sent them ~$100 in either Amazon wishlist items or direct donations.

No. 879296

I was reading an article about contactless payments during covid. The stock photo showed someone hovering their card above the card reader and… I just realized I don't hover mine, I tap it against the machine..making contact with it.

No. 879299

When I turned on my computer today it was so incredibly slow I could not do a thing except stare at the wallpaper, it worked enough to let me turn on wifi after a while so I reset it and it took five minutes to get past the very first startup screen, and then it was just black for a while and I was freaking out, but then the "installing updates" screen showed up and my updates installed and now it works normal again. Phew

No. 879305

I think I'm an actual narc

No. 879338

If you were one, you probably would not be aware of it.

No. 879409

The house next to mine has been empty for years. Now today there's a load of people outside discussing doing the place up…saying it'll be a long job. They have the loudest voices and sound like a flock of seagulls as they keep saying 'yep yep yeah yep yeah yep' in agreement with each other. Oh fuck. I work from home too, noo lol

No. 879412

Time to get noise cancelling headphones if it doesn't hinder your work lol

No. 879455

File: 1628775524770.gif (1.46 KB, 32x32, 1621682672126.gif)

I haven't washed my hair in two days and I was surprised that the ends smell pretty nice. I've also got to wash my hair soon.

No. 879458

why is the u bold

No. 879474

Maybe OP is leaving us a secret message in the thread descriptions and the next thread will have another bolded letter in it kek

No. 879480

the previous threads had a typo so they said mandane instead of mundane

No. 879619

seconding >>876799 !

No. 879620

I hand scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen floors, cleaned kitchen and bathroom, did all dishes, started laundry, all this morning and while I was doing it… I kept thinking about how much of a good housewife I would be kek

No. 879895

I'm upset about how many iconic magazines from the 20th century aren't archived online. I thought there would be more. I guess it's too hard/expensive to collect all the issues and upload them?

No. 879916

File: 1628816300699.jpg (492.8 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210813-015824.jpg)

A reddit comment made me understand the guitar better and now I know how to do bar notes or whatever they're called.

No. 880020

I really, really want to make chewy chocolate chip cookies, but it's kind of late, and I should go to bed. Staying up a little longer might not hurt though…

No. 880024

Making food when sleepy is risky.
Last time I left the freezer door open for the entire night. Lucky I didn't leave the stove on.

No. 880066

File: 1628842174920.png (143.3 KB, 500x312, 93hfoh5.png)

>listening to an audiobook of Howl's Moving Castle
>"wow, the accent the narrator puts on for Howl is so outlandish and weird! Really makes me feel like he's from a fantastical land!"
>Narrator: Have you heard of a land called Wales? That's where Wizard Howl is from

No. 880069

I haven't checked but have you looked at archive.org? the other day I found so many old gaming mags archived on there

No. 880084

About to spend $210.19 on books.

No. 880093

Living the dream. Are they recreational books or are they for school?

No. 880096

Started to do a workout after being a lazy piece of shit for weeks and had to stop after 10 minutes lmao

No. 880103

I'm not sleepy actually! I just wanted to go to bed at a proper time today, but I guess that failed lol. I really have to stop baking at night. I have definitely fell asleep with the stove on in the past, though.
Anyway, I made two cookies and they were good, but they also kind of sucked cause my oven is broken. I'll probably make the rest in my toaster oven later..

No. 880105

File: 1628847426537.jpg (219.47 KB, 946x1253, book order updated and complet…)

Recreational. Or maybe medicinal, since they're the only things keeping me sane.

No. 880109

Omg I love your reading tastes. A while back at a used bookstore I found a book about the origins of the king Arthur legend and one about ancient Babylon. Then I got one about the history of the Anglo Saxons and one about Mesopotamian myth. I still have yet to read any of them though

No. 880114

Read 'em, nonnie! I hope you got them for cheaper than I'm getting my books!

No. 880165

I used a aliexpress for the first time and I got a yeezy hoodie lol and some tunnels for my ears and the came within 2 weeks and I love them.

No. 880215

File: 1628859125891.jpg (301.48 KB, 749x879, ss22.jpg)

I really reeeaaally wanna dye my hair but I recently cut off the part that was dyed before so all my hair is virgin again and it's so short that if I completely fuck up I could only buzz it which I would never. I know I'll regret it if I do it but the desire is so strong nonners

No. 880279

Do it, do it. I like getting my hair dyed in those blues and purples that almost look black, my hair is naturally dark so it never fucks up and when I'm in the sun it shines and the color looks rad.

No. 880287

i was this || close to swallowing a fly

No. 880299

do you have to go lighter before though? cause purple sounds real nice

No. 880322

I used to wear mainly black, grey, beige and surrounded myself in my home with the same color palette. Recently I’ve been moving towards more color and it’s really helped with my mental health. Obviously hasn’t cured anything but it has made a difference.

No. 880341

File: 1628871762388.jpg (293.23 KB, 940x1173, Cozy-and-Colorful-Pastel-Livin…)

Same. I used to try the minimalist thing too but I'm so done with it. Trends are swinging in the opposite direction now, for interiors. I don't feel like going crazy in the opposite direction and engage in cluttercore but it feels freeing to give up minimalism (ironically).

No. 880392

3 hours later i almost got electrocuted

No. 880397

It's Friday the 13th… be careful nonita

No. 880399

File: 1628876768064.jpeg (140.94 KB, 500x375, 120314-Pastel-Living-Room.jpeg)

I'm thisclose to embracing a colorful grandma interior

No. 880417

File: 1628877533380.jpg (63.92 KB, 700x967, closeup-1-e1520614246244.jpg)

Oh I love that couch, I want to have a home like that too. But just a little less pink and less gingham carpet

No. 880424

I saw the boobs anon who had perfectly fine boobs

another anon posted her body in /g/ recently, I forget the thread and had a nice body imo

No. 880810

Whenever I read about the "most famous and iconic photographs" of my country, they're always pictures that I've never seen before in my life. I feel like I'm living in a different universe.

No. 880985

File: 1628937643617.jpg (781.43 KB, 1500x1500, copenhagen-natural-solid-oak-d…)

You should, embrace the style that makes you happy.
Personally I'm all about the grown-up pastel look right now.

No. 881152

I've had avpd for years. A while back my (really nice, helpful) neighbour offered to make my back wall taller to give me more privacy before the house next-door gets sold.

He knocked today, knocked for fuckin ages. He's out the back doing the work anyway but I'm pretending to not be home. Will I ever change.

No. 881164

I love this layout, but all these colors are hideous and clash so much

No. 881184

Oh god this is exactly what I'd do aswell.

No. 881256

I just chugged a bottle of water on an empty stomach, ugh

No. 881287

I couldn't keep any food down yesterday but I feel 100% today and my boyfriend said he'd order me in whatever I wanted. I can't choose lol.

No. 881306

WARNING CP IN OT, take care scrolling down.

No. 881313

>Pacific Punch blends a variety of classic flavors. You'll find hints of apple, orange, raspberry, cherry, pineapple, and passionfruit. These fruits have been perfectly blended with a bit of what you love from Monster
It's just cherry?

No. 881326

I just got the vaxx. I'm not really worried about any side effects, but my period is in about a week, and I hope it doesn't fuck with my cycle

No. 881333

I got mine 6 weeks ago, my bleed came on time but I've been extra hungry and horny for the whole last 6 weeks with some random tearful days on top. Those are usually my premenstrual symptoms. Think its settling down again but weird shit… feels like going on new BC and riding out the adjustment stage

No. 881340

Anyone else here super plain when it comes to food? I’ve never liked sauces (ketchup, mustard, sour cream, salad dressing, unnecessary sauce that isn't part of the dish) Besides that I like most foods, I just like everything plain and dry.
When I was a little kid my mom said i’d “grow up and mature” and like sauces and shit, but i still find that stuff nasty as an adult.

No. 881395

I love mayo, wets the food enough to help it go down easier but doesn't taste like much itself

I can take other sauces no problem, I like most condiments but for some reason.. day to day I still prefer the bland option

No. 881436

I'm semi bed bound after surgery and it's starting to get very lonely in my room

No. 881466

If I could have my own very specific thread on here it would be
> Things that piss me off in the comment sections underneath true crime videos

No. 881486

owners screwed up by letting those gaypg twitterfags run free. there's one who is barely anonymous and a couple of friends keep acknowledging them by name and everything. i thought the board had come from lolcow and crystalcafe but the owners are probably just twitterfags as well.

No. 881505

this is the second post I've seen that I suspect has come from Trisha paytas

No. 881549

File: 1628985131011.jpg (53.11 KB, 612x501, crackcocaine.jpg)

I'm addicted to malty cereals. I had a huge bowl just now. I don't even like malt that much and I don't know how I get hooked on things that are just meh.

Same here. I prefer to taste the food and not the condiments. My only extravagance is a squeeze of a bit of lemon on salads. Dressings, I will never entertain.

No. 881555

what was the other post? I can believe it. (love you Trish, Ethan's a douche)

No. 881559

Kek what makes you say that? maybe I should watch her videos

No. 881650

About to make cookies and cake so I can pretend to be shocked when my bad skin gets worse

No. 881652

File: 1629004740150.jpeg (48.6 KB, 1170x1174, 67B2287B-D8B0-453F-9711-FACE04…)

i cant sleep

No. 881658

same, nona
i'm writing to keep myself occupied because damn it gets boring being awake

No. 881663

hit your head against the wall

No. 881694

File: 1629012656082.png (161.66 KB, 287x443, sleepychocolate.png)

I'll just give you my insomniac recipe. Maybe it'll help. I take 3 magnesium vitamins, one of these melatonin chocolates, and half an edible (Use CBD if you don't have access to THC). Knocks me out for sleep.

No. 881696

Careful with that crap. Your body will eventually rely on it and stop producing it’s own.

No. 881708

Happy birthday to both of you!

No. 881778

I rarely eat ice cream but I bought myself myself a pint of 'deluxe salted caramel pecan' and the top was nice as it was drizzled with caramel sauce…then the pecans were nice and covered in something sweet.. but the rest of the ice-cream was just tasteless and bland inbetween those nice pecan bites. I'm not counting calories or anything but it was barely even worth the brain freeze I gave myself.

No. 881781

The character in that pic is ugly

No. 881791

File: 1629028040635.png (165.54 KB, 674x386, weeb.png)

i really, really want to order costum printed silk with picrelated (from a webcomic) and make a kimono-style coat with it, or maybe a letter jacker (?)
i'm too old to have such shit taste

No. 881795

File: 1629028300148.jpg (62.63 KB, 355x697, Screenshot_13.jpg)

samefag, it's not like i don't like fashion and dressing up, i just think mainstream fashion is stale, boring and frankly dumb (women out there following trends for the sake of trends, even though it doesn't flatter them at all).

No. 881848

File: 1629032623238.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1170x1867, 9E55CB1B-D78C-4727-8389-60A23F…)

Turning 31 next Saturday. Decided to buy the chunky Pikachu backpack I’ve wanted since 1998. Fuck it, I don’t care if I look ridiculous!

No. 881850

Do it do it make ridicolous balloon pants like that oni person or whatever it is
I think I used to have this as a kid I wonder where it is

No. 881854

File: 1629032999495.jpg (64.25 KB, 768x1024, aIEa2Dz464XehecEBvshsq6mNVkEqy…)

I have it too!!! I bought it for the same reason, along with big plushie of fat Pikachu and the electronic Pikachu with cheeks that light up. I also got the Pokedex for next to nothing. It was nice to finally get the things that I desperately wanted.

No. 881857

I love coffee so much, why don't she punish me? Why does she have to give me the poops? I just wanna drink some hot brown bean liquid and vibe at 3am while I make bread JEEZ

No. 881860

Totally not ridiculous. I make stuffed animal bags as a side job and I'm going to wear these babies til I'm dead and then they will be buried with me.

No. 882017

File: 1629042709896.jpg (21.25 KB, 375x500, tax.jpg)

Took a vitamin pill. Felt it painfully lodged in my esophagus. Kitchen was too far away to get a glass of water so I washed it down by chugging a bottle of pink moscato from the mini fridge in my room with me. I felt trashy but also cool and adult

No. 882026

Live your life but also, OT, mini-fridges are so unnecessary and make me angry unless they're used to specifically separate medication from general food or something

No. 882045

ayrt, nah you're not wrong, they're a luxury. In my defense it was there when I moved in

No. 882061

I'll make a special allowance just for you anon because you're just making use of what was already there, but there always needs to be fun girly drinks in it

No. 882066

Your wish is my command babey

No. 882129

File: 1629049164358.jpg (500.46 KB, 1167x1600, rip.JPG)

Laughing at these depressed lesbians from larme magazine

No. 882184

I finally understood their use now that I have medication that needs to be stored between 15 and 25°C. Impossible in summer without an AC or their own fridge and I have neither. Pray for me anons.

No. 882312

Thank you anons, I feel so much better about it. I’m going to wear that pikachu bag until I’m 88 just to piss off age-shamers

No. 882314

>we are not good together

No. 882325

File: 1629064900906.jpg (205.46 KB, 1920x1080, 1492181807-delish-sticky-orang…)

Avocado is so good with literally everything. I'm eating orange chicken and rice with avocado right now. 10/10 combo.

No. 882336

I'm sick of lolcow's lesbophobia

No. 882358

How is that lesbophobia? that picture is cute
sounds delicious, will have to try it someday!

No. 882367

same here, every time i post something gay anons go SCROTE! SCROTEEEE! SCROTE!!!!! like? lesbians exist

No. 882369

nta but lesbophobia refers to hatred against lesbians specifically

No. 882372

I don't think that anon meant lesbian in a mean way. Seems like they were just trying to describe the pic

No. 882378

what makes you think op meant it in a derogatory way? I actually assumed she was a lesbian herself "headcanoning" those two as lesbians

No. 882390

the picture is lesbophobic because it implies that love between women doesn't last

No. 882405

It's interesting you read it the same way I did. I wasn't sure if I was misreading and overreacting, so I chose to ignore it.

No. 882409

Yesterday I found a lipgloss I lost like 2/3 months ago in my car. My car isn't messy and I never forget any everyday items in there so I really didn't expect it to be there. I wonder what else could be in my car.

No. 882420

as a lesbian I don't think it implies that but whatever

No. 882431

File: 1629073788433.jpg (38.87 KB, 750x348, 1580555388012.jpg)

No. 882452

I just thought they were having a bad day, every couple have bad days, that doesn't mean they don't love each other anymore
They are still on a cute date and they fought over some dumb shit like any couple

No. 882470

For most of my hobbies I become obsessed with them for a week, then chill for a while until I become absorbed in them for a week again and the cycle repeats. I wish I had a hobby that I was consistently interested in.

No. 882478

Just cleaned around 5k of emails from my inbox. I had emails that were 10+ years old.

No. 882485

It doesn't even imply that? I think they're depressed because they saw a stupid scrote and said "oh god not again"
This reeks of summerfag

No. 882499

File: 1629082241051.jpeg (22.19 KB, 626x417, F009E8BB-A550-41CD-B35F-351FF9…)


No. 882514

forcing my moid ex to send me pics of his godly hands and I'm not sending a single pic back to him, and this feels great.

No. 882523

I bought a french press and I didn't expect it to froth soy milk this well, it was so fluffy

No. 882524

He's cute. I really like his eyes.

No. 882529

File: 1629088772827.jpeg (278 KB, 579x734, 9269F48A-5C6C-4F01-9D98-416186…)

no it isn’t, go outside and eat a banana

No. 882535

brb going to try and balance a can on my cat's head like this.

No. 882584

Saw suicide squad 2 with a friend. It was kinda dumb and excessively gore-y. Didn’t like it that much. I can understand why scrotes would like it though.

No. 882605

That's interesting that it had those effects on you. I personally haven't felt that much different these past 2 days. The only side effects I've had so far is that I feel like I have been running a little warmer than usual, I was tired yesterday, and my nipples are kind of tender. I have really easy periods, so I really, really hope this doesn't fuck it up, and I still have to get my second dose.

No. 882689

My birthday is tomorrow and I want to shave my head. these two things aren't related

No. 882715

honestly it's beginning to look a lot like any movie with Margot Robbie in it is going to be male gazey plothurt scrote fuel.

No. 882724

File: 1629115942067.jpg (23.17 KB, 250x250, 1606238284545.jpg)

Do it! Happy upcoming birthday!

No. 882741

The Harley Quinn one was a movie created for women though

No. 882839

It was and scrotes hated it which by default made me like it kek

No. 882860

Wasn’t it directed by a woman too? I also heard it had better ratings than suicide squad.

No. 882875

I have to study I have exams soon but thanks to anon encouragement I've been drawing my husbando for 2, 3 hours maybe I don't remember (I'm slow at drawing) I have to get back to studying but I want to finish him. Also I realized I haven't had lunch but I'm not hungry at all

No. 883030

Fug I just instead of studying drew him stuffing his fingers into my mouth

No. 883113

My new roommate and I are a perfect match as roomies, not only do we share similar preferences in terms of how to maintain the home but we're developing a nice friendship too. Our home is looking tidy, cute and inviting. My roommate is responsible, respectful and a lot of fun to chat with. I'm really pleased about it, it's a big improvement from my last place.

No. 883213

The weather has been absolutely cursed lately
>hot and sunny mornings/afternoon
>thunderstorm and/or hail in the evening
it's been like this almost daily all summer but it's been really bad the past few days, the roads have been flooding and we lose power for a few hours in the evening. I wonder if I can blame global warming

No. 883226

Post it! Who's your husbando?

No. 883232

Finally ordered some smaller clothes, my old pants are too big and it makes me feel frumpy. Got a nice discount as well!

No. 883233

Just made cheddar bay biscuits. Life is good.

No. 883321

What a horrible night, first my roommates kept talking and their natural talking volume is yelling. Then I woke up and was compelled to get up and stare through the window for some reason I don't know why I was very tired. Then my roommate used a hairdryer for ages, then there was an earthquake and I honestly feel we will one day all die buried under a building. Then I tried to sleep again but my arms hurt so bad I can't sleep normally on my stomach, I had to turn on my back but my stomach hurts and grumbles any time I lie on my back. And I just saw a lightning flash
I'll post in /m/ when I am done, prepare yourself. I wish it was a cool sexy anime husbando but no

No. 883388

Want to put my hair in a protective style, but I just feel so fucking lazy right now

No. 883435

I bit off one of my nails, put it in between my teeth, and now I can't get it out. Trying to floss, but I think that's making it worse

No. 883465

c o n s u m e i t

No. 883471

Samefag, I got out a tiny piece, but I don't think that was the entire thing. I tried floss, a toothpick, water and a brush. Idk what to do anymore except wait for my scheduled dentist appointment and hope I don't get an (even worse) infection in my mouth from this.

No. 883570

I'm currently watching a documentary about Freddy Mercury and I'm PSMing super hard this month, I'm holding back from bawling my eyes out. Fuck, I usually don't even care about Queen but just hearing his voice is enough to move me.

No. 883571

professional nail biter here, this has happened to me many times. You can try to get it out now but even if you leave it it will eventually come out on its own in a few hours to a day. Oh and in my experience ironically the best way to get it out now is pushing around with another bit-off nail

No. 883582

Thanks anon. I'm kinda scared that it could cause an infection my dumbass googled about it and of course it gave me the worst possible outcome of what happens if you shove your nails in between your teeth, but I hope it'll just slide out. I actually used to stick my nails in my teeth all the time, but it has never gotten stuck this far up. I think it might actually be lodged on my gums
>best way to get it out now is pushing around with another bit-off nail
I tried this actually, but it didn't work. Oh well.

No. 883592

ayrt, for what it's worth I've never gotten an infection or even irritation from it. Mine also got stuck under my gums, specifically behind my upper incisors. I'm sure you'll be fine nonnie

No. 883593

No idea if that will work, but maybe drink something hot, hold it in your mouth for a bit longer to soften the leftover nail and maybe then if will be easier to remove?

No. 883608

I love women who have the same husbando as me and are super autistic about it because they produce such good fanmade content for the love of it, reliably, for years. They're the gift that just keeps on giving. I just bought a comfort audio from one of my favourites for literal pennies (wish there was a tip option on gumroad) and I'm going to listen to it on the bus to therapy. Happy.

No. 883609

I got it! I feel so dumb right now, all I had to do was look in the mirror and I got the nail out in 2 seconds with a toothpick. I actually can't believe it took me 5 5 hours to realize that, but whatever. Also, the tooth that I got the nail lodged in actually already has an abscess, so that's why I was so worried about it causing further infection

No. 883627

Wish I could be like you, I just get jealous even if the characters are from literal otome games.

No. 883647

Aw, nonnie. That's normal enough.
Don't get me wrong, I seethe with jealousy whenever I see run-of-the-mill kinnies and husbandofags, but if they produce good content of him and don't self-insert too much, it's easier to deal with. I hope you can still enjoy some kinds of fanmade content of your special one(s), anon.

No. 883816

AYRT, I think I might just do it lol
Birthday day!

No. 883831

File: 1629211183804.png (9.87 KB, 225x225, download.png)

CP on /g/

No. 883892

i haven't spoken with either of my parents in 10 days which is like… cool i don't want to call them & have the same conversation we always have, but i'm kinda down that since i've moved away they usually try to schedule a call with me once a week but now it's been almost two

No. 884094

File: 1629224684774.jpg (169.86 KB, 825x1200, Gustav-Klimt-The-Three-Ages-of…)

I dreamt I had two daughters named Magdalena and Georgia. I'm not a motherly person at all but it was honestly the most beautiful dream I ever had, it was like being in heaven. I felt a strong urge to protect and love them both. Kinda made me feel like a powerful goddess of love and serenity.

No. 884107

File: 1629225313558.jpg (110.93 KB, 800x998, mary.jpg)

I get it, motherhood is aboustetly not for everyone and not every woman feels joy or fulfilment from it but there are moments when I look at my baby and I feel like I'm above mortals, cause I made a human being and one day he's likely gonna be a big man(both me and my husband come from tall families) and I'll still be the one that made him
One of the esoteric aspects of Christianity I like is the focus that the God of this Earth was just once a helpless baby with a mother who loved him and wept when died

>The only path to Christ I can see is His Blessed Mother, Mary. Here she is, a holy woman with an innocent baby, the child who relies on her completely for his every need. This is something I can relate to, an image I can cling to as my vision of earthly manhood crumbles into dust. I’ve been pregnant and given birth to and nursed my newborn, staring at his sweet eyelashes and imagining only joy in our future. At this moment, I can think of God not as a man, but as a baby with a mother.

No. 884138

Bless you for the warning, anon. I'm sorry you had to see it. I've seen CP on here a couple times now and it's very viscerally disturbing.

That's such a sweet dream, anon. I love the names of your dream daughters, Magdalena in particular. And ily for posting that painting, a lot of Klimt's work like this give me the warm fuzzies.

My fiancée and I will be starting IVF for a baby after our honeymoon next year and I think I know what you mean about feeling above mortals because even now, with my fiancée just taking vitamins and stuff preparing her body and us planning out all the little details about this it feels so… powerful. I can't find the right words for it but it just blows me away. We're browsing sperm bank catalogues quite literally playing God to create another life. Hell, I'm not even the one who'll be doing the hard work carrying and birthing the baby and even I can feel it, it's like electricity in the air. I also love the painting you posted too! For all they get wrong at least Catholics acknowledge the divine power women have to give life.

No. 884148

File: 1629227950897.gif (1.01 MB, 800x537, 002c13d09cfa7ce6158bcea50bca5d…)

Klimt was inspired by Scottish artist Margaret MacDonald, you might like her too, assuming you don't know who she is already ofc lol.

No. 884167

File: 1629229032933.jpeg (865.22 KB, 3000x3000, 84b382f7-0a40-4ef6-b1b3-0327d3…)

Kinda upset cause I want nuggets, but the only ones I have are picrel and they fucking suck

No. 884177

I actually didn't know that! Thank you, anon. I just googled her and I'm loving what I'm seeing so far.

No. 884181

File: 1629230030064.jpg (202.32 KB, 1200x751, 31236708-Never-been_Mary-Quote…)

never heard of her but her artwork looks beautiful
I'm not religious at all but I find it disrespectful and insulting when both men and certain radfems disregard religious women of the past, this quote is also emphasizes the aspects of Catholicism I like

No. 884227

Ikr, I read that in earlier iterations of catholicism (like gnosticism and quakers) Mary played a huge role, emotionally supported everyone, rallied and did speeches, administrative stuff, etc. I think lots of ppl forget that texts were censored and rewritten to fit the current ruling agendas.

No. 884265

I have a scab (? Idk it's dark and tiny) on the palm of my hand that almost looks like perfect circle

No. 884269

this is beautiful! you should post her in the female artist thread on /m/

No. 884286

I just got home after being in a car accident. My spine was all fucked up anyway so I don't know if I'm hurt by the crash specifically but gee whiz, I'm really sore and tired.
I feel really strange and spaced out. What a shit day.

No. 884292

I'm so sorry to hear that! Please get yourself checked out if you can nonny, you might be injured. x

No. 884299

File: 1629238321655.jpeg (453.37 KB, 1242x1242, queen.jpeg)

Get well soon! Sending good vibrations your way!

No. 884300

I am incredibly exhausted and I just had a really peaceful nap. I was under a soft blanket, room was dark, fan was blowing, and I slept at the end of the bed.

It was so good nonnies.

No. 884306

I found an imageboard relating to my newest obsession and I was excited because I could just move there because every time I make a post on lolcow I feel like people are going to be annoyed with me for posting about the same thing all the time. But the imageboard has been dead for a year. Ugh.. I found some real nice pics over there though

No. 884326

I just learned that I'm a really fucked up sleepwalker I guess.

I always knew that if you spoke to me while I was asleep I turn into one of the meanest people you could ever meet (allegedly), but I thought it was reserved to talking.

A couple of nights ago my mom said that I was trying to fight her, and that I was speaking in tongues while doing so. I did remember waking up angry as hell, but I assumed it was because of something I dreamt.

Last night, according to my email account, I tried to ask for help with something… But it was labelled as spam and didn't get sent.

So that's neat I guess. Fucked up that I have to tell people from now on to never speak to me if I seem tired because for all I know I'll tell you to go fuck yourself and your ma and then be none the wiser when I wake up tho.

No. 884337

Share with us your newest obsession (please say it's not danganronpa)

No. 884344

Bad news, anon

No. 884346

File: 1629241682913.jpg (31.47 KB, 512x410, unnamed (1).jpg)

i'm glad your nap was good

No. 884348

there is a danganronpa imageboard?!

No. 884352

File: 1629241962161.jpg (96.48 KB, 750x706, tumblr_5c7b6e241ac3c5cb8f54cd3…)

I hope you will recover soon nonnie!

No. 884382

please share with us the danganronpa imageboard

No. 884579

I was just about to go make food and my power went out because of the weather. Why did it have to go out at night anyway? Fuck America.

No. 884581

girl share the imageboard

No. 884584

The weather is fucking insane. Two days ago it was 35 celsius degrees and I got sunburnt just from walking for 5 minutes in the radioactive heat, yesterday it was 20 celsius and raining and I literally had to put a coat on

No. 884596

Yesterday I tried out one of those teas that supposed to ease pre-menstrual symptoms and it literally knocked me out. I never slept so well in my life lmao

No. 884601

What's it called?

No. 884625


No. 884628


No. 884653

kek no

I don't think you'd know because it's a local (Hungarian) blend but looked at the package and it has these herbs in it:
Alchemillae herba (Lady’s mantle)
Millefolii herba (Yarrow)
Melissae folium (lemon balm)
Matricariae flos (chamomille)
Urticae folium (Nettle Leaf)

No. 884663

Kek sorry anons she trolled you, it was not a danganronpa imageboard, I don't think there is one, danganronpa fans are 99% on tiktok and scared of imageboards. No offence komaeda chan
Sounds good

No. 884669

Please Ive been up for 30 hours

No. 884672

File: 1629281696684.png (487.13 KB, 663x597, eat gun.png)

It's over nonnie. You can rest in peace.

No. 884756

File: 1629288204690.jpg (78.72 KB, 828x489, 67606418cdd5319dd97eb5c2_8cf76…)

I love the cat gif from at the top of the thread, I smile every time I see it

No. 884761

same, i like to use it on discord sometimes

No. 884802

File: 1629291495365.jpg (53.16 KB, 720x400, gingerbreadmen_xmas_460x260.jp…)

Bought myself not one, but two gingerbread men. I nearly cried in public today so I think 2 was necessary to really take the edge off.

No. 884819

File: 1629292404176.jpg (119.75 KB, 736x1102, 95575e357ab1051c7261f3fab7a22c…)

Bumping to hide the CP

No. 884851

Thanks, but it would be helpful if you didn't post something that looks like it could be a kid kek. It's difficult enough to predict where it might be on the screen with all the images posted, your pic made my heart jump kek.

No. 884883

Sorry! I was just posting my most recent downloaded pics without much thought. Next time I promise I'll be more careful

No. 884956

File: 1629302186106.jpg (15.59 KB, 370x272, original.jpg)

Marathoning YT channels that do those hokey "social experiments" that show how kind people can be in public and I'm crying in this club, nonas

No. 884967

Cute!! I hope they were as yummy and smiley as your pic.

No. 884970

They had chocolate hats and boots so even better than pic.

No. 884976

I love those kinds of videos. I want to believe that there is good in the world.

No. 885081

File: 1629308149610.jpeg (116.86 KB, 900x600, B7BA33ED-17BD-4637-A647-42AF18…)

Thinking about past (and kinda present) crushes and it feels like someone is squeezing my heart helppp

No. 885929

I noticed I'm way better at sudoku if I'm tired. I suspect it's because after +24h I play purely on instinct (sudoku instinct) and don't have the brain capacity to overthink everything, which is my downfall in pretty much everything number related.

No. 885998

I started collecting something as a hobby. I can definitely afford it and don't go overboard by hoarding and it makes me happy, but also everytime I make a purchase I feel somewhat guilty about it like I'm wasting too much money. I don't know if I should stop.

No. 886146

I gave up the battle against my leg hair lately. I can shave in the morning and have hair poking through before I'm home again in the evening. I know all the usual tips but it's like fighting a losing battle. I'm fed up doing anything like that and having to repeat it endlessly. I have tattoos so I can't get laser and tbh if I had the time and money to go to somewhere and get a procedure done… I'd rather get more tatts with my moeny than get hair removal.

Part of me is wondering if I added more ink to my lower legs which are already pretty covered.. the hair would blend in with the tatts anyway? Am I a genuis or an idiot. I can't tell.

No. 886344

I'm considering buying a Levi Ackerman vibrator

No. 886550

is this real???

No. 886558

what, one with his face on it? pls explain

No. 886676

File: 1629430540304.png (902.16 KB, 824x748, levibe.PNG)

Yes, here it is. I don't really like the photo of him that they chose, but whatever Idk how these things work, but since it's Etsy I think you could probably ask the seller for a custom vibe with a different photo. Anyway, I've decided that I'm not gonna get it, even though I really want to.


No. 886679

File: 1629430736852.png (737.29 KB, 785x692, levibe 2.PNG)

Samefag, this dumb photo made me laugh harder than it should have.

No. 886692

No. 886752

This is a cute post, cute sudoku nonna has killer sudoku instincts, a good gag manga idea I would read.

No. 886810

I'm getting my hair and brows done next week and I'm a bit excited.

No. 886833

Stupidly I put butter in the microwave on "defrost" and the wrapping started burning in half a second

No. 886874

I'm making cheese fries and I'm so excited for some reason. They're gonna be so yummy. Also, I went to go get a little queso to put on them and found a small spot of mold in it. I'm super grossed out cause I ate some of it in a quesadilla last night, but whatever

No. 886878

Today it's below 30°C and already I'm cold all over and my fingertips are starting to turn red

No. 886892

Do you mean F and not C? Because 30C is hot n spicy.

No. 886896

I hate when I'm trying to cook 2 things in the oven and one of them says it takes 30 mins, then the other says it only takes 15 mins. I put them each in at what should be the appropriate time and then when the timer goes off the quicker-cooked item is still pale as fuck while the other is done.

I could've just saved myself the hassle and whacked it all in at the same time.

No. 886906

Nah I mean 30°C, outside it's 27°C but I'm sitting inside and I'm so cold like it's winter

No. 886919

I hung my shorts up to dry overnight and they are still wet this morning.

No. 886922

Winter??? Where the heck do you live???

No. 886924

My dog peed on the car tire last night and now in the morning I see the urine splash still there.

Same energy as >>886919

No. 886927

I just live in this house that is below ground on one side and in the shadow and my room faces the north; but I'm probably sick

No. 886940

I was wearing shoes all day yesterday while in a stressful situation, I got the stress sweats so when I got home I took the flap/tongue? of the shoes and pulled it out to air them out better overnight.. put them on today to grab my mail. Still gross and sweaty.

We're on a roll with these stories

No. 886990

Plucked a really long nipple hair

No. 887058

me too, let's trade

No. 887110

There's a cat on my lap sleeping

No. 887121

Stop bragging, and post a photo anon!

No. 887139

File: 1629474942850.png (24.74 KB, 1000x1500, 9-1.png)

It's friday and I got some chips and salsa dip. Hope you're all doing okay!

No. 887173

I just had my second covid jab and feel rather crap. Going to have some choc later.

No. 887200

Isn't the 2nd jab usually worse? How did you feel first time?

No. 887211

The first time I only got a sore arm, this time I feel like I have a cold, and a headache.

No. 887217

I hope my period comes in the next couple of days, cos if it doesn't then I guess my mental health is just taking a swift nosedive

Please be hormones, please be hormones

No. 887227

Kek is this not me. Sometimes I’ll feel like crying and think “must be my period” then check my app and it’s over a week away then I’m like “FUCK IT’S REAL”

No. 887231

Fucking hell I got trapped in the most boring conversation earlier. And I don't think the person even realised how fucking boring they were jesus

No. 887267

don't worry, it's very normal to feel like shit around one week before your period. Sometimes it's 10 days before, sometimes 5 days before, sometimes you are lucky and get away with feeling good before.
You know the reason and that helps a lot. I will try and start changing my diet around the time I get my period, some sites claim that it should help with the mood swings.

No. 887703

My throat is a lil dry and scratchy today, like that feeling when you're coming off of a cold. Super annoying.

No. 888140

I deleted a bunch of crap I didn't need from my desktop and my laptop is much faster now

No. 888169

Holy shit it's never been this fast. I should have done this way earlier

No. 888198

I went overboard with eyeliner today, so now I have even more of a bitchface than usual, but I'm too lazy to wipe it and start over.

It's been years but I'm still shit at putting eyeliner. I need to buy those stamps or whatever, but it'll feel like admitting I'm a retard with no hand-to-eye coordination.

No. 888228

File: 1629567177276.jpeg (48.63 KB, 800x425, 2FCBF44E-1E1D-427B-8EEE-37995D…)

What the FUCK did Yeonmi Park did to her face? She used to be so cute.

No. 888250

she kinda looks like jessi lol. they both share bad plastic surgery

No. 888264

Bought a big ole share sized bag of crispy M&Ms with the plan of having half today and half tomorrow. You know the rest..

No. 888483

When I was on my break at work today I sat next to this guy because the place was super crowded (usually I sit on my own because I don't want people seeing me browse lc on my break kek). I talked to him a bit earlier when I was working at the cash register and he was waiting for his order, so when he asked if we could chat I said it was fine since he seemed pretty nice and normal then (he talked to the other girl at register too so I got the feeling he was just a friendly person). Then before I got back to work he asked for my number because it turns out we go to the same school and he's been texting me throughout the day. He seems nice and we share some interests (vidya + anime), but I can't help but be super paranoid. I'm just waiting for something to happen that'll make this guy out himself as a creep. I've never had a positive experience when a guy asks for my number so it feels like this is too good to be true.

No. 888504

Just shaved my vagina

No. 888533

The itch begins.

No. 888535

someone needs to liberate korean women from plastic surgery

No. 888544

Currently watching OITNB and shaking my ass to the theme song

No. 888572

The winter jacket I ordered looks huge on me but in a chic way

No. 888593

File: 1629593511481.png (136.92 KB, 518x301, ....png)

Nine days later and they still haven't even accepted my payment let alone started shipping.

No. 888654

File: 1629597289207.jpg (73.66 KB, 570x760, 48ce8dc1711a8b675d224617d65add…)

Has anyone here tried natural sponges for bathing? I decided to buy some on a whim because I was tired of the plastic loofahs you can find everywhere, and they're amazing. They lightly exfoliate while being super soft and at least the ones I'm using seem to be lasting me a really long time. Picrel I love them.

No. 888657

Just get natural loofahs

No. 888660

I'm not looking to buy any anon. Anyway I like these better. Natural loofahs are kinda rough.

No. 888676

Going to my uncle's funeral tomorrow. His nickname was Skunk.

No. 888691

Rest in Peace, Skunk.

No. 888713

Idk why but these are really unpleasant to look at for me

No. 888716

I was actually thinking the same! They look weird and awful, they give me the jeeves

No. 888722

I am SO fucking glad winter is almost over. rn it's sunny, 28 degrees celsius, I can kinda smell flowers and I can already feel my mood skyrocketing.

No. 888725

Love you southern hemisphere-chan

No. 888744

Love you for acknowledging our existence anon, I almost expected replies like
>it's not winter tho

No. 888832

My cat goes into the bedroom of my flatmate who sleeps there with a guy to scream as loud as she can. She's my girl. It's the little things in life.

No. 888841

it's not winter tho

No. 888854

Full moon tonight

No. 888868

it's always winter in my heart

No. 888930

>28 degrees
>winter not yet over
We haven't reached 28 degrees most of peak summer here. Climate differences are wild.

No. 888959

Got listless and sad while surfing on my laptop. Got up and walked around the house. Found my mom answering a crossword, so I sat down and answered it with her. It was nice

No. 889171

Samefag, I got my period today! One day before what my tracker predicted. I feel normal so far, I actually didn't get any cramping before it started, and I still haven't had any. I started bleeding while I was asleep in a bathrobe and I ended up getting some on my mattress, but I'm super happy cause I cleaned it and now it's literally invisible.

No. 889173

honestly the more you worry about it the more likely it is to mess up your cycle. stress can affect it more than you would expect.

No. 889222

I hate that apple cider vinegar actually tastes like apples. I'm trying to eat apple slices right now, and I can taste the vinegar

No. 889225

They must be rotten

No. 889232

Well shit It was a little soft, but it didn't have any brown spots or anything.

No. 889285

I know, often I'm eating an apple and it seems okay, but I bite into one part of it and it smells moldy and I have to spit it out god I hate that

No. 889345

File: 1629658037904.jpg (75.45 KB, 670x360, UL_Slider.jpg)

I have an EXTREME desire to play Sims 3 University right now

No. 889440

File: 1629667576427.gif (2.15 MB, 480x272, giphy.gif)

The talk of Skyrim's anniversary has got me fiending for yet another playthrough…

No. 889463

oh god anon don't give me more of a reason to play

No. 889496

I started a new job as a chef a while ago and today my manager sent me screenshots of all the positive trip advisor/google reviews from my shifts (I do the brunch menu pretty much alone) and it made me really happy.

No. 889645

That's sweet of them

No. 889700

My brother was struggling to open a jar (because he was a bit drunk and sugar had crystallized around the edges), I told him to stop being such a troon and explained the whole reddit trannies struggling to open jars, to which he answered "what the fuck I fucking hate them". Slowly peaking him day by day, I'm getting there.

No. 889701

>explained the whole reddit trannies struggling to open jars

how have I never heard of this

No. 889836

nta it's for the uwu euphoria. It's ridiculous. I am stupidly weak and even I can open jars half of the time, there is no way they're unable to.

No. 889840

File: 1629721795014.jpeg (71.55 KB, 540x540, 1b367dcf-148a-4309-bc51-4ab36b…)

I just got finished eating this. It has lil gritty bits of coffee bean running through it. Unexpected at first but I liked it. Label says it's > roasted coffee shavings (1 %).

Read the reviews for it afterwards to see if others minded the texture and there's a bunch of people freaking out about how they had to pick the bits out of their mouth with each mouthful or pour it down the sink as they worried about it being totally undigestible?… how the company needs to stop making the product, it's a disgrace, it's dangerous.. and so on. It's just coffee.. in your coffee icecream. You might not like the texture but it won't kill you lol

No. 889848

File: 1629722584550.jpg (26.91 KB, 600x600, 3894752_Alnatura-Selection-Bio…)

kek, people can be so stupid, did they never tried or heard of chocolate-covered coffee beans? They would probably freak out eating those, even though they are tasty and if you liked that ice cream with the roasted coffee bits, you should try them, too

No. 889860

I've had them once. They were an expensive impulse buy when I was paying for my coffee in a cafe. Never spotted them again, anywhere. I guess the country I'm in is pretty weird about stuff like that but damn I savoured these the one time I got to try em.

No. 890104

File: 1629743174497.jpg (268.56 KB, 1668x2560, 81ZhE sM3ZL.jpg)

Placed a reservation on this at the local library but now not sure if that was smart as I have super important schoolwork to do. Then again it is a small book, I should be able to read it in a day.

No. 890110

I read about this when I was trying to pick a "free" book with my Audible tokens. you reminded me of it and I think I'll look into doing the same! that or trying to find a libgen copy. it sounded so interesting.

No. 890117

I'm reading it right now! very nice choice!

No. 890119

Ahh you just reminded me that I always wanted to read this book

No. 890126

I had the name of this book in my head the other day, I guess fate is telling me I too need to loan it
we should have a book club meeting about it later if lolcow still exists

No. 890133

Combini woman op, it appears we really do need a book club! To be honest I chose this book because the one I actually wanted (Earthlings by the same author) was not available at my library. I'm still looking forward to it though, the whole aimless autist in menial labour theme is far too relatable.

No. 890158

File: 1629747297994.jpg (82.6 KB, 720x1170, E9ZvkLtXoAca4Om.jpg)

So help me God, I will drag as many people down with me as I can if I go back to playing Skyrim. I will kidnap you all and tie you to chairs so I can tell you all about my OCs and the minutiae of their lives.

No. 890164

Hey you, you’re finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right? Walked right into that imperial ambush, same as us, and that thief over there.

No. 890167

File: 1629748225272.png (217.43 KB, 462x425, 52b.png)

Watch your tongue! You’re speaking to Ulfric Stormcloak, the true High

No. 890168

File: 1629748252891.png (1.33 MB, 1251x769, pov you are listening to anons…)

Shit, I would like that

No. 890171

Didn't this nutcase also carve a swastika into his skin or something?
fucking zoomers

No. 890173

File: 1629748515023.jpg (386.18 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_ojqlqalyiw1rhz81io1_128…)

I have wares, if you have coin.

No. 890179

KEK, I love the file name and image. That scene actually came into mind after I posted that. I have a confession though… I'm a fake Skyrim fan, I never completed the assassin storyline because I didn't want to be a meanie and kill people. I keep wanting to make an assassin OC but idk where to start.

Idk I just like the meme, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if that's true. Future school shooter looking motherfucker.

I have 943369563498 iron daggers to sell.

No. 890182

Wow that's a lot, I like my ladies over encumbered ~eyebrow wiggle~

No. 890183

I didn't do the assassin story either! I feel bad too. Instead I killed them all kek

No. 890198

KEK, ily anon. I also like a lil loot in the boot too, wink wink.

Oh yeah I killed them all too and felt nothing kek. It was actually super fun raiding the place but apparently there's some fun missions in the storyline for them. I only got about halfway through the mage college storyline too 'cause magic is fake and gay and I hate using it.

No. 890210

I would actually be super down for a Skyrim/Elder Scrolls thread in /m/ if anyone else digs that idea

No. 890249

I'd be down so I could sperg out about OCs and hear about other anons playthrough and share memes and stuff. Idk how many TES spergs there are here but if there's enough I'd love a containment thread.

No. 890252

Of course, me too, I don't think I would have anything to post but I would love to read what you say

No. 890270

Just emailed a personal trainer at a nearby gym to try and get my life in order. Hopefully, it helps and I can do it.

No. 890350

Yes please!

No. 890610

I always feel a big strong urge to drink a cup of water after showering, especially if it's a hot shower. I don't know why. Glub glub

No. 890615

Because you're dehydrated after a hot shower

No. 890620

How so? I usually drink around 3L daily. I remember a especially hot day that I drank 6L of water. But to be fair, aside of coffee and the occasional tea, water is all I drink. I don't like soda and I treat juice as a dessert (it makes me thirstier)

No. 890755

File: 1629793788061.png (818.82 KB, 721x528, beyonce2.png)

Istg the sheer number of times past me has said "fuck you future me" when it comes to work that needs to be done… I could strangle that bitch

No. 890766

I'm thinking there's no plausible point of discriminating against men to where I feel threatened to have a conversation with any of you who don't feel this knee jerk reaction to short me out based on things I might say or my typing style.

No. 890783

I made the ultimate fusion food. Lecsó with jalapeno pepper and smoked tofu. Delicious

No. 890784

Also put some curry powder in it

No. 890793

File: 1629800093925.jpeg (66.29 KB, 1080x1183, BA7CEC38-CA1E-4A48-88A9-32B19F…)

>be me at work (online), new and responsible for 2 projects with 2 separate teams
>meeting with team 2 at 4:30, meeting with team 1 starts when at 5:00. no problem, the 4:30 is only 30 minutes
>2 hours later
>the whole time i don’t really have an opening to tell them i have to go to the other meeting
>can’t really say or contribute much anyway because i’m new and don’t know wtf is going on, the other people in the meeting are very senior to me
>finally “wait, does anonita need to be here”
>”anonita you can go”
>stammer “oh ok, cool, thanks”
>missed my other meeting and exited with the most spergy possible you-too-thanks tier thing i could’ve said


No. 890808

Guess I left my door open just a crack while hanging my washing out. Came in to find a big fly was in the house. I open the door wide so it can find its way back out…. an hour later it has been going everywhere but near the door.

No. 890822

I finally, finally got a tiny little hair out of my eye that’s been bothering me on and off for like a year, god I feel reborn

No. 890857

No. 890877

You're employed, you're doing great

No. 890924

File: 1629817923315.png (837.63 KB, 934x572, bathroom-rug.png)

I just deep cleaned my bathroom so I could put in my new bath mat. It looks so cute!! I want to get a new shower curtain too but I haven't looked at those yet. Also, a thunderstorm is rolling in. It's a great day to clean!!

No. 890979

File: 1629821261266.jpg (195.38 KB, 750x936, ec921c9a-7894-479b-b3a8-ba2e51…)

That's a lovely mat anon, good luck cleaning!

No. 890999

Been through some high-level stressful shit lately in both work and personal life (but thankfully the issues have been resolved/ing) so that my period came a full week early. I was like huh! I've read that can happen but I always thought articles only mentioned it to like, cover all the bases or something. For some reason it makes me feel kind of magical? Like in movies when a goddess gets so angry that the weather turns stormy kek.

No. 891005

Mine get delayed by stress. I'm thinking stress induced early ones must be way rarer

No. 891148

File: 1629836193747.jpeg (19.02 KB, 679x452, images.jpeg)

Just tried goat milk today. It wasn't bad at all. It was slightly creamier but less sweet than cow's milk. Now I'm thinking about raising my own goats for an endless supply of my own milk.

No. 891159

My friend tells me how she used to have a goat and drink goat milk. And she said the goat was smart, when she called her name the goat would bleat. But her mom sold the goat when she went to college. But she says they sold her to somebody who would keep her, not eat her. I wish I had a goat I love them, I love their eyes and their lovely head

No. 891162

Goats are very cute. One time I went to a petting zoo and a goat ate the flower details off my dress. I was very sad but looking back I can't blame the cutie goat who just wanted to monch on some flowers. I want to give this goat a smooch on its little forehead dimple.

No. 891169

I wonder how abortion chan is doing. Did she come back and update us?

No. 891195

Today I will go to the gym for the first time in my life and I'm nervous

No. 891206

Uggghh I want to pet the shit out of that goat

No. 891268

File: 1629844888361.jpg (11.81 KB, 165x305, images.jpg)

Ever tried sheep milk? Even better than goat milk and sheep are also very cute.
Damn, now I'm back with my dream of a very little farm with all those cute little animals.

No. 891273

No, unfortunately sheep milk isn't available in my state. Even goat milk is more expensive than cow milk. I don't think anyone raises dairy sheep anywhere in the region.
How does it compare to other milks? Is it creamier or sweeter?

No. 891283

Compared to goat and cow milk it's creamier, I would say. It's less sweet than cow milk and less salty than goat milk. Just overall "rounder" in taste. If you ever get the chance, try it.

No. 891285

Uuuuhg I hate selling online, just pay already. The whole sales convo took 4 days now because the buyer keeps procrastinating wherever they can.

No. 891289

thank u nonna the smooch helped

No. 891474

Fell asleep too early now it's in the middle of the night and I'm wide awake. Oop.

No. 891482

It’s the first week of school and there’s a lot of genderspecials and danger hairs in my classes, also a few neckbeards here and there.

College, man…

No. 891511

I'm going to make my own chai tea concentrate tomorrow. Lately I've been wanting an iced dirty chai just without a lot of sugar. I'm excited.

No. 891516

Give them a chance. Just because they are wrong/stupid in some ways doesn't mean they're wrong in every way. Ofc I don't advocate for friendships with these kinds of people, and definitely not romantic relationships!! I just hope you won't discount people so easily. There's something to learn from everyone.

No. 891531

I've been saving a lot of nail decorations to buy these past few days, and it's actually making me kinda excited. I haven't been wearing fake nails recently, but I can't wait to get back into doing them, I have a ton of ideas for sets.

No. 891594

Samefag, I'm not playing University, but I made a cute couple in Isla Paradiso. One is a scuba diver, I hope I can have her discover all the islands and eventually become a mermaid. The other is an investigator, I don't really know what she's gonna do, but she has the Private Eye LTW. I love starting new households that I'll forget about in a week.

No. 891649

File: 1629888820769.gif (850.23 KB, 800x600, poopitypoo.gif)

Anonitas, I just took a great shit!
It was so satisfying, I'm super happy my go-to-poop regiment is working.
It all came out in a single piece that was just slighly drie at the bottom but soft enough it didn't hurt or anything.
Water and fiber is really everything.

No. 891650

God damnit this is disgusting info no one wanted to know.

No. 891654

Sounds like something a constipated hater would say

No. 891655

check out the bathroom talk thread in /g/ we need more shitters like you there

No. 891656

omg nice, i just shat too and it went out so easy and no pain

No. 891661

What the hell are you nonnies eating? I have hard shits like once a year.

No. 891666

My poo was too of pristine quality this morning, hope this means we, the poo Chads, are gonna have a great day!

No. 891733

i just ordered a ticket to go and watch the new candyman on sunday. i never went to the cinema alone but i want to be the type of person who can just do that. i don't really have anyone to go with and i don't see why i should deny myself of going there just because i'm alone. pre-corona i started to go to cafes and museums alone and i think it's time to take it further. i really love to be able to do stuff like that by myself, it just makes life so much more pleasant when i'm able to do whatever i want and not worry about whether i have company or not

No. 891744

Good on you anon, just don't make the same mistakes as me, I'm braindead or something and bought tickets RIGHT next to a couple in an empty theatre the first time I went to watch a movie alone. Very awkward. They looked at me like I was retarded and to be fair it really was a retard move.

No. 891749

I made a logo for my roommate's friend so in return I didn't want money, I asked for a shelf for our kitchen (he is a carpenter) so today we got a new shelf and also two small chairs that he wanted to throw out but our chairs are huge and our table is tiny so we need smaller chairs. What a nice day. I even got a wooden board that Iput over two nightstands to make a "table" and it looks really nice. I feel like we gained more out of this deal than him but I will try not to feel bad
I hope you have fun

No. 891758

I got 11 hours of sleep lastnight.

No. 891768

kek, anon. so far i'm the only one who has a seat for that day.
thank you anon!

No. 891780

Yeah you got more out of it but not at his expense considering he was going to throw them out anyway. i'd say enjoy.

No. 891828

Nah I don’t hate them, I just find it interesting that there’s a lot of ‘em near me as I hadn’t really experienced them in the past.

I’m sure they’re nice people whom are just wanting to belong while aspiring to be somebody in life, I just don’t agree with their idpol bs.

No. 891913

File: 1629914614049.jpeg (103.49 KB, 598x486, 8EBC5A5A-66D5-42E9-B6CB-45A10B…)

My friend told me that I should read this comic and these two characters look a lot like us, it’s kind of cute, funny and awkward to see them in a relationship.
posted this in the wrong thread like an idiot

No. 891923

Is it socially unaccepted to go to the movies alone? I do almost everything by myself, I don't get it.

No. 891925

I don't get it either but people do mind about that shit apparently, at least as a kid. Took me until adulthood to realize that they are the weirdos.

No. 892027

Nonnie, is your friend maybe hitting on you a little? Hehe

No. 892067

does anyone have diarrhea moments where they'll be slightly constipated, sit on the toilet to try to get it out, but when it does come out it's pretty soft? it's a very small amount, however. is this caused from too much alcohol or what? my shits have been so weird lately…

No. 892112

File: 1629936397351.jpeg (159.96 KB, 1242x1236, 7B056DA1-6D24-4462-B1BC-F5C4E8…)

Maybe because she did send me this on Instagram, I honestly would like something like this.

No. 892117

whats the comic?

No. 892118

I got Scientology spam mail in my letter box (just a few days after watching that South Park episode, too). Apparently we have a test center in my city.

No. 892125

Heartstopper, It’s kind of cringy at times but kind of cute as well, I like that the art style is simple.

No. 892226

File: 1629947350298.gif (400 KB, 512x512, A2350C0C-046F-4BC7-BC70-200DE7…)

I hate Scrabble. My mother pestered me for a game until I gave in. I won by a 200-point margin lmao

No. 892309

I'm sick (not with c19) and am really looking forward to the food coming to my house tomorrow. I got a couple boxes of cheap stovetop pasta and goldfish (and medicine) because everything else right now is making me hurl. 8AM please come sooner.

No. 892373

File: 1629969471357.jpg (60 KB, 1109x1109, c0ab763660bc4417ec30a4f91d36a0…)

There's this one twitch streamer I watch because she reacts to a show I like, but she makes it a point to talk about how women can do bad things in every stream and it's actually kind of annoying. I don't mind when people point out when women are being shitty people, but it seems like whenever she points out a man's bad actions she has to balance it with "Well he was probably doing this because of her" or "They're both equally as bad". I genuinely like her, but sometimes it can be off-putting.

No. 892379

Classic pickme cope.

No. 892383

is it brittany venti?

No. 892386

Samefag, but I was watching a vod where she shamed a dude for being a pedo, but then excused him a tiny bit by saying that the woman was probably lying about her age because they met on social media. They were 37 and 21 with a 4 year old child, and were married at one point btw.
No. I don't want to reveal her name because she's a small streamer and I would feel bad if she somehow found this.

No. 892391

today I enjoyed this video very much

No. 892397

File: 1629973024432.jpg (27.13 KB, 540x540, ShotType1_540x540.jpg)

I love these ginger shots so much. I wish they had them in bigger size

No. 892414

Tell me your favorite color

No. 892423

Yellow, purple and light pink are a few of my favourites. How about you anon?

No. 892426

File: 1629975821387.png (19.78 KB, 1504x960, puce-1.png)

Those are some top tier color picks, mine are yellow, bright blue and I had to look up the name of this color and it's apparently "puce" and it's making me not like it so much anymore kek. I like "dusty pink" more.

No. 892439

File: 1629977323533.png (4.38 KB, 704x700, y.png)

Another yellowfag here, also partial to steel blue.

No. 892441

Nice, very industrial, I feel like I should be taking caution and wearing my PPE

No. 892444

File: 1629977864884.jpeg (81.73 KB, 640x480, 5A038380-2725-4589-8025-91F730…)

Deep blue

No. 892446

File: 1629978037233.jpg (58.6 KB, 570x570, il_570xN.2885180291_7htx.jpg)

Fuck yeah that's what I'm talking about. I have a jacket that is this color and it's one of my prized possessions.

No. 892448

I own too many things in navy, because I HAVE to be enveloped by the cold dark ocean at all times

No. 892456

That's poetic as fuck

No. 892460

All jeweltones, particularly dark green, but also all shades of blue and purple.

Isn't that cobalt blue?

No. 892464

File: 1629979620256.jpeg (114.9 KB, 685x585, Cobalt_Blue.jpeg)

This is cobalt

No. 892468


No. 892555

Yesterday I had a headache and a few hours into having it my scalp starting tingling. Looked it up and certain headaches do that? A day later the headache is long gone and the tingling is as strong as ever

No. 892563

File: 1629991303772.jpg (6.92 KB, 500x500, rosco_102306434825_e_colour_64…)

This is such a stupidly hard question for me because I pretty much have a new favorite color of the week (except for orange, really don't like orange for some reason). Right now I think my favorite color is yellow. I'm also weak for any pastel color.

No. 892570

I just started getting that a couple months ago, I think it's migraine or TMJ related. It's in the same spot every time on my head and so is my shoulder/ear pain that radiates. Gets worse if I drink or overdose on caffeine. I worry it's a tumor but whatever

No. 892619

i want to cry, it looks like someone has ground up cookie monster

No. 892688

Anon I'm in stitches

No. 892733

File: 1630003398908.jpg (50.96 KB, 500x667, 1448bf9ec9b0b5e66f13e5796ad40a…)

>except for orange, really don't like orange for some reason
And I took this personally, orange is my favorite color

No. 892750

I made three sisters soup and it is very excellent. 10/10, me.

No. 892788

My house is realy dirty but I don't have the energy to deep clean

No. 892806

Today I passed the biggest blood clot that I've seen in my 20 years of menstruating

No. 892808

based orange liker

No. 892814

Getting my second vaccine shot tomorrow and just got my period today after it had been late for 3 weeks. Fully convinced my body hates me and did this on purpose.

No. 892832

File: 1630012911469.jpg (70.58 KB, 900x1260, Thai-Red-Curry-Chicken-1.jpg)

gonna reheat some red curry i made for dinner tonight (do not scroll down)

No. 892872

bumping, watch out

No. 892888

Love curry, hate the color orange.

No. 892892

File: 1630013928753.jpg (33.13 KB, 564x564, 4db5ddb57574cc494ee3ccf7d1f431…)

Bumping because of the CP, scroll carefully

No. 892976

Rearranged my living room earlier. I just know that when I go downstairs in the morning I'll have like 3 seconds of total confusion

No. 892998

I know tiktok recipes are usually bullshit but i wanted to make garlic bread with my lasagna and after the dumbass recipe i used i wanna cry because there isn't any left and everything else tastes lame in comparison

No. 893046

File: 1630020279733.jpg (303.88 KB, 688x688, 17420540561073846196.jpg)

I just realized after buying them that the frames of the glasses that I bought are super trendy right now. I've been seeing them everywhere lol
Not that I am mad about it or anything (especially considering that I mostly use them at home), I guess they are popular because they are generally flattering

No. 893055

I once bought glasses with a clear frame like that pic. Stupidest idea ever. Can't see shit without them, could never find them when I put them down.

No. 893059

Wow I just ordered a pair like this a week ago, basic bitch style here I come. (They do look cute as fuck though)

No. 893065

File: 1630022578223.jpg (80.9 KB, 564x847, a3b50e40f1d308d6f2a0eab085d055…)

Lmao I'm sorry anon, that does sound unfortunate. In my case I only use them for long distance reading, like for watching movies with subtitles or reading a sign or such.

Yes, they are super cute! Way better than the round glasses that were also trendy a while a go but only work with a very specific type of face.

No. 893120

I don't know why, but our cat has gotten so much more talkative over the past few weeks. Normally she'd only ever mew if she really begged for something, and even then, it'd be just two or three quiet mews and murrs. Nowadays though, she chats you up when you just walk past her and will not shut up even when you close the door to pee (she'll just sit infront of the door and keep talking), and she's talking a lot to herself during nights (and is incredibly loud) too. It started around the time someone got her a catnip package, so maybe this changed her behaviour.

No. 893124

That cat high as shit, anon

No. 893163

File: 1630038923516.jpg (351.73 KB, 2560x1920, zsquad.jpg)

Today was a really good day! I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen. Finished watching a cute series called Z-squad I found randomly one day; it's a south korean-canadian 3d magical girl cartoon from 2008 and while it's very stereotypical, I really liked the girls they were really cute. Picrel is them, they're kinda ugly I know, but I like them! I'm gonna eat some noodles now! I'm just so happy today

No. 893172

Just ate some pepperoni for the first time in maybe 5 years. It was oily, herby, and chewy. 10/10.

No. 893182

For a few days I've not checked any news website or watched/listened to any news broadcast and I feel great, I think I'm going to continue not caring about the news from now on.

No. 893191

File: 1630044343275.jpg (1.06 MB, 4000x2360, 977377.jpg)

I hate when I stop playing LoL for a couple of months, and then when I come back there are 500 million new champions. Who the fuck are these people.
Also, two of my mains got new skins, and Winter Wonder Soraka is in my shop aaahhh

No. 893222

The shirt that I'm wearing smells like my dad for some reason, which is weird because I never see him

No. 893235

File: 1630051957101.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 991.78 KB, 4032x3024, 18F95AE0-53FE-446A-8BF7-7DC31B…)

This worm in my parents’ house died in the shape of a perfect “a”. Spoilered because dead bug obvs

No. 893240

I have to say, it doesn't look like a worm at all

No. 893241

Poop worm

No. 893242

Eh, might be a millipede. I'm no expert

No. 893247

>spoiler because dead bug
Go to therapy

No. 893252

I didn't spoiler it because it was triggering anon, it's just kinda gross and I was sure some people didn't want to see that while casually scrolling

No. 893332

did a yoga workout video that was titled “for detox and digestion” just because the video length was what fit my morning, but immediately farted after finishing. maybe it really did do something for my digestion? kek

No. 893334

Thank you for the spoiler anon.

No. 893511

File: 1630086879926.jpg (413.92 KB, 2048x1789, tumblr_ec7758dd2e05c0b5078f082…)

An artist I follow (re?)opened her shop and I want to buyyy it's super cute of course as you guessed, no money

No. 893670

My friend got a book about a chinese fortune telling method or something. So she didn't understand the process explained in the book and asked me to explain it to her, so I read it and explained it. Then she read her fortune and it said "you will have an opportunity to increase your understanding, a sage will help you and you need to maintain your relationship with this sage because they will lead you to greater understanding". I don't believe in fortune telling but I thought it was so funny how the fortune reflected our predicament. Of course the best fortunes are written so they can be applied to anything, but still I think it's cool

No. 894055

File: 1630165703963.jpg (121.53 KB, 396x285, 93jdjk3h4kh.jpg)

Just had a video call with my family and my mom wouldn't stop going on about how photogenic/telegenic I am. Thank you mama

No. 894242

Wasting money on crappy restaurant or takeout food is a different level of pain

No. 894248

I was looking for the band portal on bandcamp so I wrote it in the search bar. And I had to press the see more results because it wasn't in the top 5 results, some album called mortal came up in the results before portal. And one called still slipping by joy orbison? Where is the portal? And even then only three portal albums showed up in all 6 pages of search results, ugh next time I'll try to remember the album names

No. 894348

My period is 4 days late and I'm kind of freaking out even though I know there's zero chance of me being pregnant. I think I've been in denial about how much stress I've been in over the past month. I'm used to my period only being late by a day at most this is so weird to me.

No. 894484

I've had kimchi dumplings in my freezer for like 3 months that I wasn't eating because everytime I made them they would suck, but I just realized I was making them wrong this entire time. I was doing the panfry and steam thing, but I was only adding like a tablespoon of water during the steaming part when you're actually supposed to use a good bit of water. I was also frying all of the sides instead of just frying the bottom. I just made some, and I still don't really like the filling but the skin is so good!

No. 894486

anon, if it makes you feel any better mine last month was 10 days late for no reason and it ended up coming and being normal. went to go get checked out and they basically said i was fine and it was probably due to stress. take a bath and light some incense and your calmness will summon it.

No. 894488

I had forgotten that Juka, a JRock artist that may or may not still be active, follows me on Instagram until I saw he was one of the people that viewed my recent story

No. 894510

I didn’t get laid tonight

No. 894523

File: 1630219158232.png (302.9 KB, 540x386, 135ECDD9-F9A0-42F5-AC32-A4ED7A…)

I’ve scrolled past the “help me find” thread so many times and considered asking about this chocolatier themed game my sisters and I used to play in around 2011-12. It inspired me to try and find it myself and after a couple dead ends I actually found it, pic related! Unrelated, this weekend for me has been particularly mundane, especially considering it’s my late partner’s birthday and usually I have some sort of sad-sack pity party about it. Instead, this year I decided to use a glass that I kept from the apartment we lived in together, pour myself a gin & tonic with extra lime (one of the few drinks we agreed on liking to the same degree, which is a lot), and I am having a relaxing evening reminiscing in a stable way. I hope all other anons are having an unexpectedly great weekend as well!

No. 894546

I kind of wish I had basketball net in my backyard

No. 894547

Or hoop? Idk

No. 894550

i have a nerf basketball goal in my office

No. 894561

pretty cool

No. 894567

highly recommend

No. 894569

I just heard a faint baby cry, but it's there's no baby here, it's 4am, and no one in my house is awake. My mind must be playing tricks on me

No. 894607

i have a toothache

No. 894619

Sorry anon, that was just me.

No. 894626

This is a pretty good time of the year. It's not warm but it's also not cold. It's just cool and everything's still green. We get nice rainy days. Late summer/early fall is a good time of the year weather-wise. I like the calmness.

No. 894796

I got a muscle cramp in my hand today. I never got it in my hand before, it's usually my calves

No. 894813

File: 1630257726809.png (48.86 KB, 734x277, fd5f3.PNG)

Sad emoji

No. 894902

File: 1630265339449.jpg (154.27 KB, 584x1200, DKhJNJEWAAA3jkr.jpg)

my classes start in 2 months and i'm gonna pretend to be as normie and unaware of TRA bullshit as possible. i'm just going to be my best lesbian self and if anyone insinuates that twaw or asks if i would date transbians i'll just give them a confused look and move on. they will think that i'm just an uneducated stoopid pussy fetishizing lesbian and not a spiteful manhating terf.

No. 895246

I made cookies with olive oil don't judge me, I had no butter or neutral oil and they taste so much like olive oil, ugh. I've made olive oil cake before and it didn't even taste like oil

No. 895267

File: 1630303846391.jpg (433.63 KB, 1707x2560, IMG_0804-scaled.jpg)

Samefag, I just made mashed potatoes with cream cheese and it's so fucking amazing. Why didn't I do this earlier fuck

No. 895269

File: 1630304757236.jpeg (67.98 KB, 600x696, 10D9946B-46FF-46C6-AFEE-E24A62…)

I’m trying to practice coding with a shortcut for iOS and I’ve never done it before. I’m learning as I go, and it’s very frustrating. From what I have observed, the application lacks the option to be specific enough to change file types. I don’t want to use a third-party resource for scripting, thus I am giving up.

No. 895280

Wanted to smoke cigarettes, threw them away instead. Living my best life.

No. 895885

I changed my phone and laptop to dark mode and my eyes are thanking me

No. 895896

I feel really sad and tired. I think I'm gonna watch A Cure for Wellness and B.A.P.S tonight. Maybe Suspiria too if I have the time for it.

No. 895908

Now wait until you turn on the blue light filter

No. 896138

I had a really good time hanging out with my sister tonight. I really wish she didn't live across the country.

No. 896148

Also my sister and I facetimed with our two other sisters and I felt so insecure because they're all so beautiful compared to me. I have a different dad than them so I don't feel that bad about looking different but it was the first time in a long time I actually thought about my looks.

No. 896219

I've just bought a rice cooker for the first time, any meal recommendations?

I'm planning to make more curries and this morning I'm having egg-fried rice.

No. 896280

File: 1630410648886.jpeg (159.54 KB, 900x1260, 6B05F8B0-BE57-4DFC-9D9C-7C2C5F…)

Chicken rice! I did it with my parents when we got out first rice cooker, it makes the rice taste deliciously.
You have to make the chicken first, just a basic stew on a pan.
Before the chicken ready, like 5 minutes before is ready, put all the rice ingredients in the rice cooker and let it work.
Then you have to put the chicken with the rice and leave it there until the rice is completely finished.
And then you will have a delicious chicken rice and everything nice.
It kind of sorta looks like this, but the chicken in the picture is baked, you can also bake it but the taste of the stew is what makes the white rice extra tasty.

No. 896281

File: 1630410684082.jpg (103.44 KB, 736x559, 106554790_765097157590740_6871…)

I have this photo hanging on my wall

No. 896287

File: 1630410795310.jpeg (127.8 KB, 640x649, angry cat.jpeg)

my stomache hurts

No. 896289

i like it!

No. 896294

File: 1630411554098.jpeg (47.12 KB, 480x640, EED7B7F6-C918-4F97-841E-5B285A…)

Chose to follow a different yoga workout video that I’ve never done before this morning and it was the first time I did the birds of paradise and I’m very surprised with myself that I was able to do it (though I can’t extend my leg yet). I’m covered in sweat but feeling good.

No. 896302

wow that looks like it stretches your chest out real well

No. 896325

My bastard of a dog stole an unripe avocado from the table.

No. 896335

File: 1630416095709.png (1.14 MB, 1000x1000, 8636edc7b08be7f65b33bb30d63e59…)

I'm making a three ingredient cake, and ahh the batter is so good. It's whipped so the texture is like a melted marshmallow, or dalgona coffee. I can't eat too much of it though cause it has raw eggs.

No. 896349

It's my birthday in a month and I hope my parents ask me if I want anything. I want perfume.

No. 896361

I'm improving on the guitar after making an effort the last month to actually play it. I know most of the basic chords. I can do chord changes now and I'm back to using my acoustic after practicing on an electrical one for a couple of weeks. I enjoy making up my own little tunes and calling them themes. Everyone who has saw me practicing guitar now has their very own unique theme.

No. 896368

Good for you, anon. I’m also making an effort to practice guitar more often. I’ve learned a couple chords and have been practicing some songs that use them. The hardest part for me is strumming consistently.

No. 896380

Strumming is hard, or maybe it's rhythm lol. I still haven't learnt a song yet but I'm practicing changing the chords shown on tabs and then some day I'll figure out strumming patterns. Going from an electric back to acoustic had my strumming messed up. Practice makes perfect! Idk it's really fun learning an instrument because you can feel and hear improvements its rewarding lol

No. 896405

File: 1630421538348.jpeg (181.88 KB, 866x1300, 767355CB-5249-457C-A566-DC6476…)

My dog tried to eat a dog that’s bigger than him, the big dog was afraid of him. I wonder why medium sizes think they’re big when they’re just medium.
Pic related looks a lot like my dog, I don’t like posting pictures of him on the internet because my grandma thinks that people can give them bad vibes and make them get sick.

No. 896415

a farmer would never dare give your dog bad vibes, especially as he defends himself with such vigor

No. 896443

nta, but idk wasnt there was a big anti dog sentiment a few months ago, especially towards pitbulls

No. 896451

Dogs with beards are the best dogs, and extra points when it's a bearded girl dog

No. 896465

This is the first time in all the years I've browsed this site I've not used an incognito tab. hi

No. 896706

Samefag, Quick question, would it be possible for someone to get salmonella or some shit from eggs within only a couple hours? I took a nap and I feel sick right now. I had the shits and everything. I also ate a little raw cookie dough last night

No. 896713

I'm buying myself a calzone right now. Medium size, 34cm of diameter, 8€. Hope my fellow indoeuropean chefs have quick hands.

No. 896732

Blocked Ed sheeran on tiktok. Miss me with that shit

No. 896752

>sees a pic of my husbando
No real guy could ever compare.

No. 896756

same, ahh it feels nice not to worry about what men think

No. 896929

I hope you get the perfume you want and have a great b-day anon.

No. 896986

bought a new swimming pool for my pet ducks

No. 897244

Gonna try to wax my own ass today! Pray for me

No. 897260

That’s adorable! How many ducks?

No. 897316

Going thru a bunch of old papers in grandparents' home and there's one from 1701! The contents aren't that interesting but it's pretty cool to hold something pertaining to my family that's from the days of Louis XIV.

No. 897323

File: 1630502209028.jpg (94.71 KB, 1200x639, EyQD9UxWQAQosSJ.jpg)

i peaked my friend

No. 897334

No. 897336

Based Hilda

No. 897338


No. 897341

File: 1630503913588.jpeg (167.48 KB, 750x882, C056E799-E076-4EFC-8A2C-BB002E…)

Great job, nonnie.

No. 897343

Mind telling how? I think my friend is close but not quite there yet.

No. 897348

thank you, sisters!

i told her about how damaging identifying as an nb they/them was for me and that it's basically denying that women have rich personalities and interests and that woman isn't a feeling, just like having red hair or freckles isn't a feeling but a mere biological fact. also some talk about how men financially profit off of makeup and plastic surgery and that not using makeup does not mean that you are not a woman but that femininity is artificial and how all those micro identities mean nothing irl and only exist on discord and twitter. plus some facts about how transwomen want uterus donations because they think if a woman doesn't "use" her uterus, she doesn't "deserve" to have it. she fully agreed with me, although she was a bit overwhelmed. when i checked her twitter later, she had removed her they/them pronouns from her bio.

No. 897477

I choked on an oatmeal flake while eating and I'm not sure if I caughed it out. Gonna update in a week or so if I get pneumonia from it

No. 897539

It's a good day when your bangs grow out long enough to tuck them behind your ears again

No. 898077

File: 1630528378245.png (1.06 MB, 655x800, AB17C1B7-92A8-4F29-B875-6EA527…)

I-It’s my birthday. You’re welcomed to my party. I-if you want. -blushes-

No. 898079

File: 1630528475652.jpeg (58.82 KB, 535x800, 65EA0EFB-A131-4DDA-8253-CAEB75…)

I’m glad I’m ready for the occasion, nonnie!

No. 898082

File: 1630528593900.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 147.25 KB, 1242x1476, FCE44DED-F89F-47AA-B5E3-E5A16C…)


No. 898086

Why your dress is lovely! Come on in.
Thank you nonny. Have fun! There will be cake.

No. 898092

File: 1630529620626.jpg (75.92 KB, 390x640, paun (1).jpg)

Happy biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay (he has a natural dress)

No. 898099

File: 1630530355341.jpg (84.08 KB, 497x750, u5h6ftfu5kh6gk56g.jpg)


No. 898100

File: 1630530362542.jpeg (377.8 KB, 1800x2022, 098149B6-5DA3-423B-B11C-7F7802…)

happy birthday! let’s party

No. 898137

File: 1630532708253.jpg (97.2 KB, 960x960, rainbow cutie.jpg)

hell yeah queen lets get this shit started

No. 898156

File: 1630533484571.jpg (76.27 KB, 960x686, Happy Flying 300dpi.jpg)

Happy Birthday nonita! xx

No. 898228

File: 1630539916526.png (403.75 KB, 434x583, 590278430725026.png)

I have this single white eyebrow hair that keeps growing back in the same spot and has been for the last 2 years or so. It is the only white hair I've seen anywhere on my body. I know most people would freak out about it but honestly I'm super excited that this hair is really white, not grey not silver not cloudy. It makes think when I get older I'll have this head of perfectly shocking white hair and will naturally transform into a badass snow witch. Bring it on

No. 898255

That Paruru gif in the Things We Hate Thread unlocked some memories about AKB for me. Until I saw it, I kinda forgot how absolutely obsessed I used to be with them and particularly the entire OG Team K when I was in my early teens. I used to learn the choreographies (I think I could still do Aitakatta, Iiwake Maybe and Skirt, Hirari if I sat down for an hour or two and rehearsed), be it either from mirrored rips of official DVDs or just especially shitty MV/stage mixes like I had to do for Dakishimeraretara, Kuroi Tenshi or Romance, Irane and uploaded dance covers on YouTube and NND (all down by now). I also used their songs as Japanese translation practices, which was sursprisingly helpful since the song texts are pretty simple most of the time. I also just remembered now that, pretty much no matter what key I pressed on my keyboard, the auto-suggest directly led me to something AKB related. I held a presentation on them in school ffs. I think my interest in them began to wane around the time the Golden Age members started to graduate, since I don't deal well with change and I couldn't really get into the gens after them. I think I'm gonna re-watch some old AKBingo episodes tonight.

No. 898307

File: 1630549747555.gif (317.96 KB, 498x450, cosy-rain.gif)

Sitting at home in front of my computer, Bob Ross on tv, it's raining outside (and a bit cold, finally!) and having this season's first pumpkin spice latte from starbucks. I haven't felt this cozy in forever. Life is GOOD.

No. 898308

File: 1630549778849.jpeg (2.44 MB, 4032x3024, C1022578-696A-4916-8F18-C515B0…)

I bought a spiked collar today, I’m probably too old for this shit but I wanted to make up for my childhood of not owning spikes and other edgy things due to poverty and parents not letting me express myself in the past.

Also the Japanese brand caters to the weeb inside me.

No. 898314

Fuck yeah I wanna get some goth stuff too due to being broke as a teen, let's go anon

No. 898315

I bought a new car today, it wasn't the exact one I wanted but new car stocks are so low I figured I might as well go ahead and get one rather than wait til next year (when the guy told me they'd have the exact one in stock). Best part was they bought my old car back from me for more than I paid for it two years ago. My new car has a giant sun roof and it was so fun driving all around in it today. I haven't had a lot to look forward to or get excited about lately, I feel like a kid figuring out all the new features in it.

No. 898317

No. 898321


No. 898327

File: 1630551106547.jpg (45.84 KB, 629x590, E66ax0aUcAEaxIx.jpg)

ngl i've only recently unleashed my inner goth after years of thiking it would be ridic, and it feels great.
you're never too old, live your best weeb life nona.

No. 898343

File: 1630551882277.jpg (112.78 KB, 499x789, why are you.jpg)


No. 898385


Aw, that was so sweet to read anon. I'm happy for you!

No. 898390

I am deep cleaning my room and good grief the amount of dust is ridiculous.
On the upside, it gives me an excuse to have some whisky and energy drinks (not mixed).

No. 898533

I ate some sugar wax and now I feel sick. I thought of making myself throw up, but that's way too scary. Speaking of throwing up, I wish we had an ED-twitter cows thread but I feel like it would attract whiteknight twitterfags.

No. 898535

Samefag, I ate the wax on an empty stomach and I'm pretty sure that's making it worse because blood sugar or something. I'm gonna go make an egg sandwich.

No. 898549

I was watching a random documentary and there was a nerdy looking kid at some point and I couldn't help but think "he looks like he might troon out". I feel bad for thinking this, I spend too much time here and on KF lol.

No. 898631

The only irl interaction I've had with a tran in the last few years (afaik) was one at a train station asking me what platform the train was due on. That's it. It's weird how much I just don't experience them irl but online there's so much trans talk

No. 898638

They're mostly in stem or are terminally online neets.

No. 898640

The pro ana scumbags thread is really boring so if you know of any milk you should share it there

No. 898655

I've met one, years ago. I worked in a tiny women's vintage clothing shop and he came in, popped a stiffy and kept running his hands over the rails, excitedly. He impulsively grabbed hundreds and hundreds of pounds worth of clothes all different sizes and styles and dumped them on me. Thank god he didn't want to try anything on. I didn't want to speak to him, but as he was spending so much money, I needed to make sure he knew purchases were nonreturnable. He was so worked up he was unable to reply. I have never been so fucking grossed out. There wasn't a proper till, just a box and book, and I had to make a detailed account of every item, so it took forever to do, while he just stood there right next to me. Honestly, it felt like I was being sexual assaulted or something. I cried when he left.

No. 898656

I installed tinder a few days ago and one of the very few guys who were cute was a non binary dude posing in female clothes, lost in a sea of dude bros that make me feel I have facial blindness, I didn't swipe right lol but god tinder is shit.

No. 898659

I had a similar experience lately. Lots of identical looking guys with bar pics taken during drinking sessions… and then some gay seeming gender bender guys who I hate to admit looked really cute but surely wouldn't be worth the hassle and having your clothes stolen. The weirdos and eccentric types were the hot ones.. every last hot person had some glaring red flag in their bio. Like fuck lol

No. 898662

I've only met one too, a FtM who works at the local post office

No. 898671

I've never had an on-again off-again relationships before, I've only ever dated til we were fully done and then broken up in a very final way. It's weird trying to imagine how you'd ever feel secure again in an on and off relationship. Maybe that's just me? No idea why I'm even thinking about this.

No. 898706

Finally, first orchestra rehearsal this term! I've looked forward to this all summer.

No. 898712

No way! Have fun, anon!

No. 898733

I dreamed of a friend today, he is gay, I think that moid thread yesterday where everyone posted gay porn influenced my dreams

No. 898795

I saw an ftm in the Manga section of a Barnes and nobles once. Felt kinda bad for her because she had wide hips but very patchy facial hair. Had a voltron shirt on too

No. 898873

Drove by a yard worker/construction guy that looked like he could've come out of a music video. Gorgeous face, super tall, ripped, tats and piercings, wearing a muscle t that showed off his arms and shoulders really nicely. Was tempted to find any excuse to go talk to him. I'm trying not to be thirsty for anyone but fuck he had to be the hottest man I've seen in years

No. 898929

Why do I smell like chocolate icecream

No. 898936

File: 1630622380090.gif (1.58 MB, 400x300, cate.gif)

Come here

No. 898938

An ftm works at mine too and she also has wide hips and patchy facial hair. I’ve seen her work there for almost 3 years from before the pills started so it’s like I’ve been witnessing her transition. The only mtf I’ve met was a guy working at a goodwill I visited once, but I did see another one at a target.

No. 898972

Some soul food sounds so good right now, especially cabbage.

No. 898982

i love the sound of laundry and doing laundry

No. 899002

File: 1630629700188.jpeg (20.59 KB, 225x225, 800D35AA-E7A2-478B-B982-75DCE6…)

I want to draw something nice for an art challenge before my best friend murders me. It has been such a long time since I drew anything.

No. 899092

the smell of fresh laudry is also super nice

No. 899117

>It's weird trying to imagine how you'd ever feel secure again in an on and off relationship
I don't think most people in those circumstances really do anon, they just endure it regardless. Usually those relationships end up "off" for good even if it takes years. People are often just too scared to fully let go because they're uncomfortable being alone, feel like no one else will ever love them/they can't do better, or refuse to accept how they're deluding themselves.

No. 899206

Clocking into work in 20. I really ought to take a shit soon.

No. 899365

Got another one today in my other hand. Is my body breaking down or something?

No. 899407

An ant bit my finger last night while I was sugar-waxing myself, and I'm kinda mad about it. I don't even know where the little fucker came from. How are you going to come into my home and bite me for no reason? Also, ant bites are a lot more painful than I remember, I almost had a heart attack when I felt it.

No. 899414

There's no gas, so I made spaghetti in the microwave

No. 899543

When I set my fridge temp to chill drinks to my liking, the salad freezes. If I set it so that the salad doesn't freeze, drinks are not cold enough. The freezer just freezes the drinks at any temperature.
Why is it impossible for me to enjoy both cider and salad? Why God? Why LG?

No. 899546

Maybe move the salad closer to wherever the lightbulb in your fridge is? Usually those spots are warmer.

No. 899550

How did it come out

No. 899595

Today on the bus I saw a woman wearing a hijab and a DBZ t-shirt, the contrast was jarring.

No. 899698

File: 1630705592562.jpg (18.17 KB, 480x360, 20708293_115914289068488_73184…)

I drew my husbando staring right at the viewer and now I can't detach my eyes from his loving gaze
Like normal

No. 900080

File: 1630738265937.gif (348.75 KB, 399x300, EE06D1BC-DAE1-4E5A-9AE9-0DE456…)

I'm not in the "feeling guilty" phase yet of staying up late, which used to be the whole thing, but right now it feels exciting like I'm on a sleepover with myself

No. 900094

I was watching a gta rp stream and the streamer man was like I want to rap this new Corpse song. So I said his music is pathetic please no, and a few of his chat yelled at me. I said e girls demon girls cat girls songs sound like a sad lonely honey man who can't talk to girls, sorry chat if you like that and the streamer changed his music. Proud of my subtle corpse hate without getting the stans on my ass

No. 900107

Good work

No. 900116

He's still doing music? I thought he'd be a case of being relevant for 15 minutes and then immediately fading into obscurity.

No. 900482

McDonalds is way too expensive now even with coupons, they are destroying their brand

No. 900486

what country do you live in anon? I'm in the US and they've been throwing app coupons for free stuff at me left and right

No. 900552

The air in my room is so fucking dry, but idk where the plug for my humidifier is. Im seriously considering just boiling a pot of water and letting it sit in here

No. 900657

I hate handwriting long words. I'm taking notes from a book and it's spoiling enjoyment.


I hate long words in German. Non German speaker, but read about the Third Reich (anti nazi btw).


I see the word and just say lalala in my head.

No. 900709

once again my scavenging ways turned out good, i have the habit of like checking random bags and cigarette packs i see on the street or somewhere if they look like there's something and i have found full cigarette packs and full unopened beer cans and small insignificant stuff like that i can take before and today i kicked around some bag that had some shirt in it and it spilled open and there was someone's wallet in it and i found the owner on facebook and sent her a message that i found her stuff

No. 900732

Went outside to hang out with 2 friends for the first time. Like, I hadn't gone outside for a long time, a whole year ever since quarantine. It was fun, although I got tired really fast, we mostly just hung out at her house and talked.

No. 900751

File: 1630818032681.jpeg (51.12 KB, 612x612, 7AB755D1-002D-495D-8475-BECE81…)

My cat stares at me while I sleep. Not from a distance, sometimes I’ll open my eyes at night and his face is about two inches from mine. At least once a week he wakes me up by getting that close to my face and then sneezing on me.

No. 900756

Lmao. My cat does the same, sometimes he also slaps me in the face or bites my nose. I wonder what's up with that.

No. 900802

I really like lidl

No. 900819

I just bought a $25 french press, I waste money almost every day on an iced latte, so I'm going to try and make iced coffee with this and save money. I tried to do it with instant coffee but it was god awful.

No. 900821

my cat does this when i'm awake and laying on the couch. he'll just jump on my chest and stare me down with a smug look on his face. he's not allowed in my room because there's no doubt he'll try to piss in the clothes or some box sitting around, but if he was able, he'd definitely be doing the same.

No. 900825

I got my second vaxx dose 12 hours ago, and surprisingly I haven't had any side effects yet. My arm is even less sore than when I got the first dose

No. 900826

Bro, once my cat did that and stuck his claws in my gums and they got stuck. Traumatic memories.

No. 900828

I used to love it but now all the ones next to me are dirty and full of gross immigrants (not saying all immigrants are gross, but these particular ones are).

No. 900831

aldi>lidl because aldi has a calmer atmosphere

No. 900837

I haven't been to aldi in a while only been there like, twice. I want to go back soon because I'm looking for breadcheese, but I think both are cool! I'm American so I just like lidl cause the selection of food is a little different from other grocery stores. I never bring enough bags though.

No. 900841

Dude, I never get to go to Aldi anymore because for some reason their atmosphere gives my step mom anxiety so we always go to Lidl.

No. 900845

i was like you, it's an acquired taste

No. 900847

I'm not an anxious sort of person but Aldi makes me uncomfortable too. It's almost like shopping in a foreign country compared to my normal supermarkets. The products and store layout are different and unfamiliar, I'm not quite used to the flow of shopping there so I feel weird and in the way and I just wanna leave.

No. 900848

now i'm wondering, do you guys still have local (as in, american) stuff there as well? aldi/lidl aren't like german stores just ported to the us, right?

No. 900852

Yeah, they both have American brands.

No. 900920

Aldi sucks for fresh food compared to lidl. My local aldi has one isle for fresh fruit and veg, dairy and meat. My local lidl has 3 isles worth of fresh food with a wide selection.

No. 900931

File: 1630833097928.jpeg (18.94 KB, 210x303, lwcat.jpeg)

My 8 month old cat wont eat any of his dry cat food but will eat his liquid cat treats. I'm super concerned since he's been having less of an apetite for the past 3 or 4 days. I'm gonna observe him some more and probably order cat grass for him if he has an upset tummy or a stuck hairball. If not it's straight to the vet he goes

No. 900933

lidl has "food weeks" like asian food week, they sell certain products just for a window of time and their permanent selection is more basic products. i always get the sweet gherkin jar when it's US week.

No. 900995

can you afford to feed him wet food regularly? he may not like kibble after you introduced the highly superior wet treats. you could always try buying a can of wet food and mixing a little into the dry, refrigerate the leftovers, etc

No. 901002

I've been playing Bimboland, and it's actually kinda fun

No. 901003

Ah, I tried giving him wet food a while ago he didn't seem too interested in it. Although, a while ago during breakfast he ate some of his kibbles but not a lot. But I'll try this tomorrow morning. Thanks nona

No. 901004

what is that?

No. 901006

Nta but cats should have wet food everyday, otherwise they are definitely not going to get the nutrients they need from dry food
Unless you mean hes not eating dry food but still eats his wet food?

No. 901007

File: 1630843555564.jpg (36.64 KB, 333x500, 51fi1NWuC5L.jpg)

It's a game where you make a bimbo character and do shit in order to earn money to dress her up. There's also politics in the game for some reason, there's a whole Bimbo government. I actually got interested in it because I saw another farmer mention it here. There's some drama around the creator of the game, as well.

No. 901008

Nah He likes his dry food but only eats a little, like a few bites. But when presented with his treats (it's a ciao cat treat gogurt) he will enthusiastically eat it. And for the wet food, he doesn't hate nor like it. He just ignores it. I'm just starting to think he's being a bit picky at the moment.

No. 901009

Lmao, is that game with the super-high-heels? I'm gonna check it anon, ty!

No. 901012

found out my cat's been licking the butter on the counter at night and realized that is why she's getting so fat

No. 901013

Do you forget the butter open on the counter or does the sneaky little bastard opens the lid? Cute little fatty

No. 901018

well there's been a strong onion smell in my fridge since the pickling incident, so I've had butter out on the counter for a month or two to avoid odor contamination while the smell dies down. the thing is I haven't been cooking at home a lot lately so I noticed the butter this morning being greatly diminished. according to my estimates she's eaten about a tablespoon and a half since she's had access to this butter

No. 901029

what did you pickle? I tried to pickle for the first time some cucumbers i grew but i think i messed up.

No. 901036

Sometimes when I'm dizzy when I get up too quickly I see stars, I saw them just now but it lasted too long this time, I looked at the clock and it took half a minute for them all to go away

No. 901047

Low blood pressure.

No. 901067

I hope you try again and succeed! it was just a quick pickle, red onion in lime juice. I thought the cover was secure but it was not. onion odor ahoy. they were tasty though

No. 901279

Let me know if you try it and like it, anon! It's definitely not everyone's cup of tea, but it's fun to me and the community seems to be pretty kind. The game owner is a little bit of a cow too so that's always nice lol

No. 901325

My cat’s a butter licker too!! If we ever leave the butter tub open on the counter for a few minutes she is up there licking immediately. That’s the only time we catch her on the counters though, so I don’t know how she figures out there’s butter open up there.

No. 901327

She can probably smell it.

No. 901438

File: 1630879115502.jpg (130.94 KB, 870x960, tumblr_p6ktvigVBZ1w47np7o1_128…)

every time i feel anxious i go on a walk and if it's at night i just walk down and back up the stairs (i live on the 7th floor). i'm a landwhale so i'm sweaty and winded by the time i'm done, but it really helps. i guess this is one way for me to finally develop some good habits… i guess anxiety can be useful too, huh.

No. 901751

File: 1630919635707.gif (286.86 KB, 250x292, emoji-smiley.gif)

I finally found the plug for my diffuser. It's not as good as a humidifier, I don't have a humidifier, not sure why I said that in the OP but my nostrils can finally stop suffering.

No. 901762

The other day I got into an argument with my partner. It was really bad. No screaming, nothing like it, just a conversation about me not being a proper partner. I was never good with cleaning the house, and I must admit I am filthy and irresponsible with lots of things, and he’s a clean guy, working his ass off. God knows how I needed that moral slap, I now feel as if I were born again.
Sometimes all we need is a person who loves us and wants to see us being proper adults without humiliating us or screaming at us. I want to become the best version of myself and be a reliable and dependent woman, for him yes, but most of all, for myself. I want to be able to see my face in the mirror and smile thinking how proud of myself I am.

I don’t have any idea what I did to deserve such an awesome man in my life and I don’t want to lose him.

No. 901772

I was so scared to fail all my classes but I just tried solving previous exam questions and they are soooooooooo frickin easy. I haven't even prepared myself for the exam yet and already I know the answers. It feels almost wrong how easy it is. I hope I get similar questions on the exam

No. 901784

File: 1630924140162.gif (2.55 MB, 800x800, tumblr_827082ee2ba2b747e66cb66…)

I just solved another one I am on a roll I am a frickin genius

No. 901789

I also started using bimboland after an anon mentioned it. What if we're on each other's fave lists and don't even know it

No. 901809

File: 1630929732409.jpeg (30.25 KB, 800x539, 0765DF53-D687-4C35-856A-636210…)

I somehow lost some weight, like 6 kilos, so now I’m back to my pre-pandemic highest weight which is 99 kilos.

No. 901815

I've only been playing for a couple days so I don't have anyone on my favs, but it would be funny if we did lmao

No. 901827


This thread made me also start playing Bimboland, thanks nonitas

No. 901847

I've been putting barley grass into my smoothie for the last month and I finally lost 2 kilos.

No. 901849

congrats anon, i'm happy for you, keep going !!

No. 901873

the spotify made-for-you playlists can be really hit or miss, but sometimes you get a really good one and it's super nice

No. 902170

thanks nonnie you reminded me to get bananas for my Immunity smoothies

No. 902233

File: 1630961444099.png (290.16 KB, 339x373, kerm740389274032.png)

I tried to make some sushi but I messed up the rice so it wasn't very sticky. Was still hungry though so I just ate fresh yellowtail with crumbly rice. It was pretty good and the image of me scooping up loose rice with raw fish just kind of plopped onto it reduced some of my sorrow and made me laugh at my own incompetency. Now that i think about it I guess I could've added a few things and made it into poke instead. I'm not always very bright.

No. 902297

I used to never chill my drinks, but now I have a new fridge with a super cold freezer and I cannot drink anything that isn't cold. I can chill a drink in my freezer in like 10 minutes

No. 902608

I cut my roommate's hair yesterday so she doesn't have to pay tons of money at a hair salon, I did it in a minute and I cut it very straight and she was very happy. Then she cut her bangs a little and it looks very cute she looks like a barbie doll.
Sounds delicious no matter the shape

No. 902847

I stopped shaving my pits a few weeks ago and my pits feel way less sweaty now. i used to sweat from my pits sooooooo much but now i don’t feel the nasty swamp pits as much anymore. i only have a tiny bit of hair but it made a big difference.
this is the first time in my life that i have pit hair, so it’s exciting to me kek

No. 902861

I've had pixie cuts and various self done lesbo cuts for years now, it was trial and error at times but I prefer it over paying a professional. I've always wondered why women with longer and especially just straight cut hair don't cut their own or ask family. Am I underestimating the difficulty of straight across cuts?

No. 902885

I have no idea, it's seriously too easy, just cut straight across

No. 902993

I've had a tattoo on my chest for about 12 years now but it rarely sees the light of day because of how I genrally tend to dress. I like it just as much now as I did the day I got it but it's almost like a secret seeing as I never show much skin. Few people know I have it. I don't see people react to it because it's not on show anyway.

Today was hot, I wore something different and within minutes of leaving the house I had a woman of maybe 60 loudly exclaim to her husband "oh my! imagine having that thing on your chest!" I turned around and the husband had 3 or 4 tatts on his forearms. It sounded so rude and tbh pretty mocking but then I guess not if he's tattooed aswell? I just looked at them waiting for acknowledgment that I clearly heard them and I was ready to be nice and explain what it is if they wanted to know. I looked right at them and they just pretended I wasn't there while still discussing my chest in front of me. I think I've had catcalls leave me feeling less objectified. It sat weird with me afterwards. Back to tees tomorrow lol

No. 903005

I'm watching HRH collection for the first time, and holy fuck I didn't expect her to be this unhinged. Just 40 mins of crazy. I love it.

No. 903008

tattoos are ugly get that shit removed

No. 903011

That's so rude, what the hell. It's irritating how tattoos on women are seen differently

No. 903026

File: 1631037773727.jpg (21.32 KB, 499x521, 82814129.jpg)

My chest, stomach and legs are heavily done and I'm getting more. Dating someone with even more than me and it's about the most attractive thing to me. I like em alot.

I saw his tatts and for a sec I wondered if I'd just misheard her tone but I don't know. Them pretending to not see me staring back at them said enough I guess lol

No. 903034

if you don't mind me asking, what is your chest tattoo / other tattoos of? i really want to get one but i'm nervous i'll regret it later on lol

No. 903040

tattoos are ugly on men or women. they get faded after a few years and they really don’t improve your appearance at all. tattoos are a waste of money, they make you look like a crackhead.

No. 903048

That's so weird that they kept talking about you even though you were looking right at them? I'm sorry about that anon. I'm sure your tattoos are cool.

No. 903086

Are they? The majority of women have them. Surprisingly, Italian women are the most tattooed. 1 in 2 have at least one. Strange how they haven't been badly stereotyped by dumb foreign moids. Maybe they get something discreet like a small ankle tattoo.

No. 903113

No one cares, you autist.

No. 903178

okay hepatitis having methhead bitch.

No. 903214

I don't even have any tattoos. Calm down and go outside.

No. 903225

no one cares, you autist.

No. 903306

Lel. Stay mad.

No. 903331

Lel. Stay mad.

No. 903452

Lel. Stay mad.

No. 903621

I forgot that I had $1,000 put aside in a journal I haven't touched since May. I've been a little stressed about money so I feel so much relief right now! I knew putting it in my journal was a better idea than putting it in my bank account since I barely touch it kek.

No. 903864

Lying in bed responding to multiple threads because once again scrotes gonna scrote

No. 903877

Lying in bed watching u do this
bless ur n urs

No. 904108

I'm eating an avocado bagel and chorizo eggs right now. I haven't been feeling well lately, but at least my breakfast is good.

No. 904113

File: 1631113752135.jpg (22.81 KB, 431x415, 79567078375bf3138a4ad0aea5a783…)

I had a double-yolk in one of my fried eggs today. Bully for me, because I wind up eating the yolks anyway and don't really bother much with the fried whites.

No. 904138

File: 1631115670733.jpg (708.04 KB, 2400x1260, PRI_127722681.jpg)

Pineapple jaffa cakes are better than the original ones

No. 904187

I'm considering getting one of those Hello Fresh subscriptions bc I can't ever decide what to cook and I don't have a car and I'm trying to get preg and cannot just eat nothing/salty crap like I normally do hmmm

No. 904193

Jaffa cakes look so yummy, I'd love to try them but I'm nowhere near the UK

No. 904230

Alot of stores here make their own cheap copies of em and half the time the cheap ones are nicer too.

No. 904345

This is literally one of my favorite pictures on the internet, I send it to people on their birthday like it's a part of my religion

No. 904460

had some nice avocado toast today but it was on sourdough and the crust was suuuper hard to cut through. it could've also had some more salt and pepper and maybe even chilli flakes, but it was lemony and good so it's still okay. avocado toast is nice

No. 904483

File: 1631133805764.jpeg (37.02 KB, 741x414, images (3).jpeg)

My dentist said I have overdeveloped jaw muscles from grinding my teeth in my sleep, I just think it's funny that moids do tongue posture exercises and buy jaw training gadgets to get these chiseled alpha results I'm getting in my literal sleep

No. 904490

I always get confused by such graphs because I have traits of both lol

No. 904492

that pic is about zuckerberg right

No. 904495

What an absolute Chad

No. 904510

File: 1631134651382.jpeg (12.15 KB, 225x225, 31E2F265-DCD6-44C8-AE00-13933C…)

Marry me, miss chadette.

No. 904544

OK but only if you join in on my nightly jaw physio routine so I don't develop TMJ. If I do it alone I'll feel silly

No. 904591

thank you so much for this

No. 904631

What the fuck is going on with me lately, I vomited for no reason at 1am last week, and right now I just avoided vomiting again, I felt something was off so I sat up instead of lie down and when I felt the worst symptoms coming I immediately stood up. Seriously what is going on, I have no idea what might be causing this, please tell me I don't have some kind of weird stomach bacteria.

No. 904633

please do everything you can to prevent it. i’m going through a flare-up right now and it’s awful.

No. 904742

I put my lipgloss on a germination pad and now it's super warm.

No. 904752

Interesting, I suffer of TMJ pain because I grind my teeth and have a jaw deformation, I find that gua sha also helped a lot

No. 904809

File: 1631157394763.jpg (245.26 KB, 457x572, mintypolish.jpg)

I love the new nailpolish I got nonnies! Picrel it's such a nice color, and I love the brand.

No. 904811

File: 1631157852869.jpeg (569.87 KB, 1080x1080, 99A8F30C-C368-45A8-ABD4-927312…)

I really like it! It reminds me of the kind of stuff in the late 90s that my child self used to gravitate toward. Picrel is what I've been planning to buy soon, coincidentally to capture that same late 90s essence I feel in your polish

No. 904814

File: 1631158515504.jpeg (439.51 KB, 750x975, ED7157EB-646D-4727-B4E2-99405C…)

i’ve been using a lot of this brand. it’s on amazon and it’s honestly life-changing if you like glitter polish (which i pretty much exclusively wear these days).

No. 904816

Aw, thank you. I also like 90s vibes and I really like the color of that one, purple is my favorite color. I love painting my nails so much, I have to take them off before I go to work though.

oooh, ILNP brand makes pretty holos. I should try out their brand sometime, I keep forgetting. Thanks nonna!

No. 904988

File: 1631183304126.jpg (153.63 KB, 2000x2000, 1246552_1.jpg)

That's a pretty colour. I still have a fondness for the metallic ones, even though I now gravitate more towards unnoticeable and neutral shades. Had this quirk of lowkey trying to find a metallic one to match my eye colour as closely as possible.
Anyway I found a nail polish a couple weeks ago and just a few days ago it arrived in the mail. Non metallic but I love it. I might order another darker one though, to see if it's even better. I really love the chocolate thing, I'm a sucker for scents and especially the scent of chocolate. Obviously it doesn't smell like chocolate in the bottle, but after I applied it and let it dry, there was an chocolatey afterscent. Over the night the scent hasn't even left fully.

No. 905037

There's this pickme I still follow on Tumblr and I have no idea why, she keeps reblogging shit about uwu poor males, has shit taste in anime and has dumb political opinions. I'm pretty I could get the stuff I still follow her for from other blogs, but habits die hard I guess.

No. 905179

File: 1631199391275.jpg (43.65 KB, 500x620, hee hee..... hoo hooooooo.jpg)

This is stupid as fuck but: I bought a very cute lunchbox the other day and I'm just sitting here giggling thinking about all the homemade healthy meals I'm going to prepare at home and bring to school with me once my uni classes start again. I'm way too excited

No. 905401

I'm about to make an impossible whopper and cheese sauce to dip it in. I feel like it's my duty as an American to do fat bitch shit like this.
Also, I got some really cute new pants today! I can't wait to wear them.

No. 905407

Speaking of nail polish I mixed some mauve nail polish into an old gold nail polish I didn't like and now it's a brown pink gold grey idk indescribable incredible color I love it this is my favorite nail polish color. I like black and green and whatnot but these kind of hues look the best on my nails

No. 905519

File: 1631215444498.jpeg (254.31 KB, 1242x1073, 68D789A6-FD39-4C94-AA3D-BBA1F2…)

I hate sitting on tables so much, I don’t know why, but my back hurts a lot. I also like having my dog next to me as I do my uni homework.

No. 905538

File: 1631216166305.jpeg (53.89 KB, 326x322, 372A1832-1559-4785-B3A3-AC5007…)

I want ice cream!!! but not enough want to buy any!! so I'll have to eat warm sweet things instead !!!

No. 905543

If you put them in the fridge for a while, they'll be cold sweet things. Maybe that'll make it marginally better.

No. 905571

three more things to do before I can go to sleep and hopefully catch 6 hours of sleep before I have to wake up again sigh

No. 906008

I sprayed disinfectant all over my room, including my raw mattress and a chair, and now I can't fucking breathe. My throat feels so bad. I was hoping the smell would be gone by time I got done showering, but this shit is potent. I should just use wipes next time cause I overdo it with the spray.

No. 906014

Visited /sci/, saw so much coping about cooming that it hurt my eyes.

No. 906016

my mum toasted 3 slices of bread before realising it was my expensive special wheat free bread so I had to eat all three slices as to not waste them. maybe I need to write my name on the bag so no one else gets confused

No. 906017

what does it look like anon, do you have pics?

No. 906018

get all your windows and doors open if you haven't already

No. 906028

It's night so I'm definitely not opening my windows, but I will keep my door open! I have my lil diffuser going and it's kinda helping.

No. 906048

A few months ago while I was making some order in my bookshelves I found a Marquis de Sade novel that I'm pretty sure I never bought and I have no memories of someone gifting it to me. It creeped me out because it's the book where the protagonist has the same first name as me, so i thought it was a tasteless joke from my parents, but they never addressed it, and if they did it they probably forgot.

No. 906098

File: 1631275876569.jpg (23.43 KB, 680x512, 65080017.jpg)

My father put some garlic into the soil of his plants to keep the insects at bay, but now the garlic has started to sprout, too.

No. 906197

I think I cried in my sleep while having a dream about my mother. I don't really know how to feel about it.

No. 906199

I bought monster train on switch after thinking about it for a week. Excited to play it but I should finish some work before I start.

No. 906226

you're about to be vampire free and garlicy for a long time, nonny

No. 906252

I love this post. Did the same thing last week. They grow so fast with zero effort! Great for depression. After shaming myself for wasted food, the extreme garlic sprouting has given me new hope.

When life gets old, give it earth, water and light - watch it grow.
Just like us.

No. 906275

Next time just sprinkle cinnamon on the soil, lol.

No. 906361

Can confirm cinnamon is the answer

No. 906486

I just made korean hotdogs, and god they are so good. They're so fucking crunchy, the only issue is that the sugar gets all over my mouth.
Also, I'm drinking coffee again after almost exclusively drinking water for a while, and I'm really starting to realize how good water is. There's literally nothing better than water, everything else sucks in comparison but I'm still gonna drink the coffee

No. 906518

File: 1631309972120.jpeg (38.36 KB, 964x703, 0026CBC6-705D-4DA5-AC38-FE7A73…)

I really want some coffee and a cinnamon roll, but I’m on my period and it would probably kill me.

No. 906530

Found out I can't drink milk anymore. I stopped drinking milk about 2 weeks ago. My acne is clearing up. Kek. Probably go back to drinking either coconut milk or oat milk.

No. 906830

I regret buying a metal detector because I realized there's almost no places where you're allowed to use it. Youtube videos had me thinking I could go to all sorts of cool sites but you need special permission. At least I bought one of the cheapest models and it'll be cool to take the beach sometimes. Moral of the story is research hobbies properly before you spend a lot of money on them.

No. 906848

File: 1631349220710.jpg (46.37 KB, 259x283, d1.jpg)

My best friend's new boyfriend is one of the ugliest and creepiest mfers I've ever seen. He's tall, has long limbs, super pale, has lots of dark body hair and a lot of moles. He also subtly makes creepy comments about my body when my best friend is not around. He kinda looks like picrel, just a lot more pale. Ew.Ew.Ew.

No. 906852

put your phone or recorder whenever you're alone with him, at least you'll get a proof if she doesn't believe you.

No. 906860

My coworkers were talking about astrology and saying shit like "I personally don't vibe with Sagittariuses but I love Geminis" and I felt like I was in another dimension, how do you remember which traits are specific to which sign, how do you know the signs of everybody around you and most of all, how can you just assume the best and the worst of somebody just based on their sign? I find this horribly discriminatory.

No. 906868

I don't judge people like that but it's usually something you get into as a kid. It's exciting and fun to learn but some people get older and start taking it way to seriously. No sign is supposed to be inherently bad anyway but I still say astrology is fun and easy to remember if you're used to it.

No. 906878

I love rubbing coconut oil on my legs after shaving them. It feels v nice and smells lovely. Would recommend.

No. 906966

I'm a gemini, tell them I love them too

No. 906991

I'm a Sagittarius, tell them I'm based and they suck.

No. 907005

One of my favorite vegan brands changed the recipe for their hotdogs, and this is the first time I've felt compelled to email a company and tell them that their product sucks. The hotdogs used to be so good, but now they're super soft, they can barely hold their shape

No. 907006

Based. Sagittarius' are perfect and I'm so tired of all the hate we get.

No. 907010

It’s weird and funny when things don’t go like how the stars told them it would go.
I have a friend and she told me that she doesn’t get along with Libras… but I’m a Libra and the day she met me we were already hugging and basically cuddling, now she says that she just doesn’t know how but she doesn’t get along with Libras but she likes me.
I feel like the protagonist of a shitty anime and I love it.

No. 907019

Who hates on a Sag? Every Sag I've met has been a lovely mix of fun loving and grounded. I feel like 99% of "ugh I hate this sign" people just had one shitty relationship with that sign and think avoiding the sign will mean they never get hurt again.
That being said every Aquarius is an obnoxious alt narcissist and that's just a fact, yeah my dad was Aquarius but that's completely irrelevant

No. 907027

>That being said every Aquarius is an obnoxious alt narcissist and that's just a fact, yeah my dad was Aquarius but that's completely irrelevant

Wish that was me because I need to stop being such a doormat and as an Aquarius I couldn't give less of a fuck about aliens (ik you didn't mention that but supposedly Aquarians are so obsessed with that shit) but astrology is so wishy washy anyway, since a lot of readers claim that your ascendant, moon and sun signs are "more accurate" so I just think everything's a load of bull.

No. 907032

Nta but everything I read about being a sag is basically "you're a party monster hippie whore" which is a bunch of goddamn lies. The only thing that's ever rung true for me is enjoying travel and having a bit of a philosophical mindset.

No. 907062

My ex was a Sag, he raped me.

No. 907066

I'm so sorry to hear that nonna. Hope you can heal from it.

No. 907088

people that are deeply into astrology have deluded themselves into thinking they’re perceptive enough to compartmentalize someone’s entire personality based on their irrelevant birthday. i worry for their mental health.

No. 907099

Sleep is so magical. The fact that both our body and our psyche heals during it while our mimd is on some weird trip is so cool. I can go to sleep with headaches, back pains, nausea or flues and immediately feel much better after some sleep.

No. 907105

I tried to do this last night but I have covid and so I woke up every 20 minutes uncomfortable.

No. 907108

Based and true. I hate how commonplace this bullshit bas become. It doesn't have any more grounding in reality than sorting Hogwarts houses lmao

No. 907109

Sleeping is the best shit when you have period cramps. Always helps me at least.

No. 907132

How do you sleep through cramps? It always wakes me up, even with painkillers.

No. 907170

File: 1631375602359.jpg (37.95 KB, 1000x667, bed.jpg)

I'm sorry, that sucks anon. Idk for me it's crucial to take painkillers as soon as I notice that shit's moving down there, even if there's no blood yet. I then try to get comfortable in bed an lie in a position where I feel like it alleviates the cramps a bit (picrel but obv it can vary for others) and then I usually watch something to distract myself until I fall asleep. I'd say my cramps mostly last for the first 5 hours until they're completely gone, even with painkillers. After that I can usually get up and walk again. I don't have cramps anymore after I fall asleep within that timeframe, probably because I just end up sleeping through it.

No. 907810

File: 1631399352193.jpg (56.12 KB, 600x900, Tteokbokki-Korean-spicy-rice-c…)

tried Duk-Bok-Ki. It's like weird boba noodles and the fish cakes in it had the texture of wet tortilla chips. Still good

No. 907814

I'm procrastinating so hard right now that I'm filing a random piece of plastic I found into a fingernail. I'm actually practicing shaping too lol

No. 907818

File: 1631399535448.gif (3.6 MB, 500x216, 677cd1278dd274b2e43b16be30cae9…)

Aside from the last sentence

No. 907823

That's some good advice anon, especially
>it's crucial to take painkillers as soon as I notice that shit's moving down there, even if there's no blood yet
I don't know why, but if I'm taking painkillers when I'm having painful cramps it's already too late.

No. 907825

I love tteokbokki, but that sauce has the perfect viscosity for getting all over your shirt. I always think I've finally broken the curse only to find a tiny red spot under a button or something.

No. 907853

File: 1631401002924.jpg (216.16 KB, 2048x2048, jjajangtteokbokki4-scaled.jpg)

Tteokbokki is definitely my favorite korean dish. Have you had jjajang, curry and carbonara ones? It's fucking amazing as well. Now I'm craving it again.

No. 907897

I'm making cinnamon rolls with a cream cheese icing. I haven't had cinnamon rolls in years. Can't wait to have the smell in my kitchen.

No. 907914

File: 1631402558144.jpg (29.84 KB, 503x470, abffa08ddb4805621fc1e140ac176b…)

I got fucking plastic dust in my eyes argghhh. Am I gonna go blind?

No. 908011

>"see ya, gonna do homework"
>wind up here instead

No. 908131

Sketching Kylo Ren while listening to Them Bones, I feel so babby's first edgy

No. 908175

there is a lot to astrology and it isn't just 'wow i'm a gemini and i hate aries so much' or whatever. it's a pretty good tool to get a handle on someone's personality and honestly pretty acurate, but you have to take the entire birthchart into account, not just a single sign.

for predicting the future i put as much stock into it as tarot reading, it's just for fun. i honestly find the people who shit on it a lot more obnoxious

No. 908183

File: 1631415708335.jpg (119.71 KB, 1200x630, e1d699fd6f5aca8e9d4628411405de…)

I went apple picking today, nonnas!! It was so much fun, I picked 15 pounds of appley deliciousness. I'm gonna make so much apple butter and pie and sauce

No. 908187

That sounds so fun and cute, I'd love to do that or something like mushroom foraging

No. 908205

mushroom foraging is actually so fun. i would go hunting for morels with my dad as a kid in the spring.

No. 908219

File: 1631418212608.jpg (164.03 KB, 960x764, Mother Mushroom.jpg)

I love the concept of this sort of stuff. I feel silly on account I grew up in the forest and could probably have foraged way more than I did. Especially because there were mushrooms everywhere. However, for some reason grapes grew wild on my family's property and when the weather started getting weird in the South when I was younger we had a random cold front complete with snow so my dad and I rushed out to pick all the grapes. We ended up filling the entire crisper shelf in the fridge with grapes and making wine.

No. 908228

File: 1631419495586.jpg (36.3 KB, 524x393, Azealia-Banks.jpg)

I just listened to Azealia Banks for the first time today, I didn't have high expectations because I only ever hear about her when she says something that pisses people off, but I actually liked it, quite a bit even, much more than most popular american artists

No. 908235

was it giving arianee?

No. 908253

File: 1631423865336.png (433.38 KB, 960x540, ezgif.com-resize54-960x540.png)

Was she singing about berries and cream

No. 908262

Anon, who's the artist of this picture? I Googled 'mother mushrom' but all I got was some Asian blogger

No. 908263

Unfortunately I do not remember. It was posted by a Soviet page. It reminds me of Sylvia Plath's poem Mushrooms.
You could try to look up the writing at the bottom of the picture.

No. 908267

It's by Edward Okun. Always reverse image search!

No. 908268

edward okun

No. 908270

Above anons already answered you but also the piece is called 'Wo Die Buchen Dämmern' or Where the Beeches Dawn in English.

No. 908271

I kind of wonder about young pop stars who show a lot of skin.
Like, your parents are still alive and (probably) still present in your life. Your dad watching you pop pussy and talk about how much you love dick doesn't make you uncomfortable?

No. 908274

ahh thank you thank you!!
yeah I saw something was written on the bottom the picture in German aber ich couldn't read it

No. 908369

File: 1631436475921.jpg (26.04 KB, 315x298, cat.jpg)

Had a dream where I was cuddling with a cat and she was booping my nose and now I want one, even though I'm usually more of a dog person.

No. 908472

I just popped a mole on my face

No. 908476

is that even healthy?

No. 908482

you can't pop a mole. either it wasn't a mole or it had a zit inside it, which happened to me once.

No. 908524

I'm sure it's ok. I was actually squeezing it a couple of days ago (not because it looked like anything was gonna come out, but because I try to pop everything on my face) and it didn't do anything. It felt a little more raised than usual, so I just squeezed it again earlier and some gunk came out.
Ok, obviously it was a pimple but it is still a mole, so I popped my mole.

No. 908919

i made a new instagram account and it’s so much more relaxing and chill than my other account, i just post want i want and enjoy and don’t worry about engagement

No. 908923

That sounds nice, wish I could follow anon

No. 909210

File: 1631483622347.png (Spoiler Image, 86.64 KB, 167x210, khleo kardashian.PNG)

I just went on Shein and Khloe Kardashian's face kinda scared me. I don't remember her nose being this bad

No. 909225

her entire face is fucked up like that, she did something with boxycharm a couple months ago and people were shocked and horrified seeing her 7472nd new face

No. 909228

There was an IG story of hers recently and her face looked lopsided or she was holding it lopsided because her nose is lopsided. Something was wonky. And it's sad because I genuinely believe she beautiful natural. She's just taller than her sisters.

No. 909233

I'm sick and I can't sleep so I'm imagining visiting my husbando's parents. We are all having a nice time in my head. Then I looked up above me and a spider was descending from the ceiling onto me (how rude). Then I took its string and put it on the floor and it ran into my wardrobe. I will try to sleep

No. 909267

File: 1631486664950.jpg (69.89 KB, 632x474, ugh.jpg)

I have so many chores tomorrow which mostly consist of talking to people in customer service and there's nothing I hate more than that. Had issues with signing up for uni courses today and I need to sort out stuff with my bank too. I have terrible social anxiety and listening to myself talk makes my skin crawl and I wish I could just fast forward time until everything is over.

No. 909288

I used to hate calling the bank too but my credit card information has gotten stolen a bunch of times I just kind of got used to it. Just pretend like you're in a video game talking to NPCs it will make it easier.

No. 909309

>tfw on hold to the bank right now
I'd love to talk to someone in customer service instead of listening to the fucking hold music for an hour like I know I will, it's so annoying

No. 909320

this is why I go to the bank in person when I can, but I realize that's not always an option

No. 909365

Same, funnily enough I'm not as nervous when I talk to people face to face but my anxiety skyrockets when it's on the phone. Unfortunately covid is fucking shit up here again, so they usually rather have you call or email them instead. Sometimes it can take a couple of days for them to respond via email and I'd rather have my issues sorted out sooner, so I guess I'll have to call them because this shit is eating at me and I won't be able to sleep until it's solved.

No. 909387

i hope the anon that posted about possibly having a cancer diagnosis after going to the doctor for back pain is doing okay today

No. 909720

I'm so bad with dates and ages so I went through my social media to find out the ages (and approx bdays) of my cats. They are 6 and 11.

No. 909772

someone in the western animation cows mentioned being an incoming student at my school (i'm an incoming student as well). we start classes tomorrow and i've just been walking around campus wondering who it is. gl with this quarter scad anon <3

No. 909954

>scad anon
short for scat chad anon

No. 910050

I was trying to watch Love, Death & Robots for the first time last night, but I fell asleep. I barely remember anything, but it seemed really cool, they were having a robot fight or something. I like anthology shows.

No. 910103

File: 1631544203607.jpg (68.67 KB, 853x853, 20200914144317.jpg)

pictured: a scat chad

No. 911444

I'm watching a video of some lady saying instant ramen is from the illuminati because it sounds like the name of an Egyptian god

No. 911497

File: 1631634069874.jpeg (240.17 KB, 750x743, 36D9CE89-46CF-4230-8E69-1522DC…)

I have to text this guy so I can fix my application, i want to get a job, nonnies, why is my dumbass brain telling me that I’m nervous when I’m just talking to a nobody manager?

No. 911561

I've never watched a Jessica Chastain movie besides The Help (not on purpose) and I thought her squeaky voice there was just part of her act. I watched an interview of her today and I was surprised to find out her voice really is just that high pitched and squeaky. Doesn't look like it's coming out of her at all?

I believe in you anon! You only lose out if you don't do it.

No. 911564

does anyone else ever click on one thread in the catalog and it takes you to a different thread? I just tried to click on the news stories that fuck with you thread, instead it went to the witchcraft thread and I was so confused about why anons were arguing about crystals and cinnamon

No. 911581

I told my friend I can't go out because I have yoga and I told my yoga teacher I can't come because I have to work late. I'm gonna take off my bra and eat noodles and watch Nile Red make a bismuth knife for the eighteenth time.

No. 911608

Posted in another thread that an electrician was running hours late getting here today.. well the working day has offically passed with no sign of him and I'm left wondering when I'll get a call about arranging it for another day. Am I meant to just let him in another day and pretend he didn't waste an entire day of my time already?

No. 911658

I've spent the past one and a half hours looking for some stupid old infight here but I still haven't found it and I think I'll just give up.

No. 911691

File: 1631642574265.png (224.44 KB, 800x462, Screen-Shot-2019-03-01-at-2.46…)

Samefag, I'm watching Episode 1 (again) and…wtf is going on? The blonde lady was about to kiss the edgy lady, but they literally just met. They exchanged like 2 words and almost made out
What was it about?

No. 911694

I want details

No. 911719

It was nothing interesting, really. I think it was some advice or horny thread over at /g/, where one nonnie was confused about what to do with bodily fluids during the act. One interpreted that as having to get up and wipe your hands and then come back, and another anon called her weird because it's your own body, why should you be grossed out, to which another anon replied that she doesn't want that stuff in her hair or face, and it slowly descended into a shitshow. Main reason why I wanted to find it is because I remember it escalating quite a bit and I'm confused how this small question could rile so many anons up.

No. 911726

A random guy lost his shit when I ignored him today, there was too much noise around me to understand what he originally wanted, but since he got so fucking angry when I passed by him it's probably a good thing I didn't stop walking.

No. 911755

They're becoming more and more testicular as the pandemic goes on

No. 911881

The garage/corner store at the end of my road has a promotion on at the moment where you get lil collectible freebies with your fuel purchase. That and you get stamps to collect to get limited edition plushies at a reduced rate… I don't drive but I'm friendly with this one guy who works there and when I buy a coffee he pretends like I just bought a tank of petrol and gives me the stamp. Feels good.

No. 911983

I love my long hair but every time I see a pretty girl with her hair above her shoulders it makes me want to go short again. Too bad I know I would regret it within days when the euphoria dies.

No. 912527

File: 1631689440771.png (194.62 KB, 504x362, me watching the telly.png)

I started to read a commentary on the Sefer Yetzirah and now I understand what hypercubes are and how to easily calculate the number of vertices of any given dimension. Now I understand why the introduction said this was hidden knowledge and should only been studied with a partner, because I am going to be insufferable and talk about hypercubes all the time now.

No. 912725

My two "looking for a movie" modes are 1) Interesting, well-reviewed auteur pieces for my pretentious ass and 2) Cute fun feel-good comedies that I know my mom will enjoy because I like when she enjoys movies

No. 912740

ignoring men is awesome. it's honestly the easiest way to piss them off. rather than even telling them off, which gives them SOME kind of attention, you tell them that they aren't even worth a glance from you. men can't stand a "stuck up bitch"

No. 912750

I appreciate my body's ability to keep my legs clamped together while asleep on my period when my normal sleeping position is on my stomach with my legs splayed

No. 912754

File: 1631713099365.gif (502.6 KB, 245x192, Tumblr_l_621376213902962.gif)

please elaborate

No. 912759

Nonnies, I'm sad.

I bought 2 glass cups from Fred Meyer. One had a skull on it and the other (which I liked more) had a witch on it. Well my dad knocked over the witch one and broke it. I went back to Fred Meyer and they didn't have it so I went to another location and they also didn't have it. I even looked on their website and it wasn't there either.

I'm just salty. It was so cute.

No. 912773

I’m sorry nona, but I’m excited to see someone here who shops at Fred Meyer kek

No. 912806

Right? I don't know what type of life men lead to make being ignored (or laughed at) an earth shattering event.

No. 912850

File: 1631720359118.gif (1.24 MB, 480x360, pacing-gif.gif)

Life on easy mode, as the incels like to say. Everyone knows men are emotionally unstable and will chimp out at the slightest thing. So out of survival we're forced to coddle them like literal fucking retards.

No. 912859

please link the video, i need this

No. 912873

Here you go, I found it from some youtube comedian. She has more food related videos like this but I don't think she realizes ramen is a Japanese word. I really love conspiracy nuts, their videos and theories are entertaining.

Speaking of conspiracy theorists, I wonder why so many of the ones that are into celebrities know so much about "dark magic"? So many of them claim to be God-fearing Christians that can't even listen to modern music without getting bad vibes, but they always know so much about witchcraft and whatever else they think celebrities are doing. Not even trying to be snarky, I can't imagine why a Christian would want to be so deep into dark stuff if they really believe in that.

No. 912913

i love starting a new job and basically getting to reinvent yourself with your new coworkers. no expectations of how you will be perceived.

No. 912991

File: 1631731002916.jpg (2.56 MB, 3120x4160, p.jpg)

My sweet southern mom bought this as a joke

No. 913003

What's funny about squash

No. 913148

I made a mini pizza, but I think I let the dough rise/rest for too long (it's been about 7 hours) cause it tastes a little weird. I can't tell if it's actually the dough though

No. 913152

Penis, maybe? It being too large?

No. 913156

Samefag, but I just remembered that I also had the dough sitting in one of those tupperware containers with the lid on, so I think I just fucked up when I was letting the yeast rise

No. 913182

thats a nice sized squash how much did it cost?

No. 913370

PMS hasn't been nice to me this month, I've got facial acne on places a mask can't cover, I feel like shit and I want to lash out at everybody.

No. 913427

File: 1631757121372.jpeg (48.99 KB, 500x278, 2E028B31-75AA-457A-A429-4DDCB7…)

men should not be able to post on social media strictly based on the fact that i’ll find a guy attractive and then see his twitter or some stupid memes he posted on instagram and my libido instantly shrivels up

No. 913509

Getting sniped on ebay auctions is a unique sort of pain. I didn't want the item that bad but it still hurts.

No. 913524

I am your competitor, I love sniping on eBay.

No. 913532

nta but when do you snipe? if im going to snipe i wait for the last 2 minutes since there's no way in hell someone will log back in from mobile or pc in time.

No. 913537

that's Darwinism's way of sparing the world of more insufferable louts

No. 913541

gixen.com :/

No. 913595

File: 1631776840110.gif (250.06 KB, 266x243, 1556511176839.gif)

cp(i think) dont scroll down

No. 913616

Low sodium V8 is horrible! But I can just add salt.

No. 913619

>Buys low sodium product
>Adds salt
You CANNOT do this to me, nonny, I'll think about this every time I go shopping.

No. 913628

File: 1631783998731.png (341.2 KB, 539x621, this fat fuck is getting trick…)

With the increase of every dimension, the number of vertices double. So, you can determine the number of vertices of an any-dimensional hypercube by multiplying 2 to the power of n where n is the number of dimensions. For example, a 3-dimensional cube has 8 vertices. A 4-dimensional hypercube has 16 vertices. A 5-dimensional hypercube has 32 vertices - the same number of the paths of wisdom to ascend and descend the Ten Sefirot of Nothingness. The Sefer Yetzirah only goes up to five dimensions, but logically a 16-dimensional hypercube, for example, would have vertices equal to 2 to the power of 16.

Using the metaphor of a knife that is 2-dimensional but cuts 3-dimensional space, we can interpret the Midrash Tehilim's claim that God's sword has 16 points to mean that God's sword is a 4-dimensional hypercube that cuts 5-dimensional hyperspace. That is to say, space-time-spirit.

No. 913661

I bought a gel nails starter kit. I'm excited to try doing itanails at some point, seems like fun!

No. 913754

File: 1631803820164.png (183.23 KB, 400x400, 48169326-F603-43AE-9227-DED9C0…)

thinking that if the man i am in a relationship decides to troon out, i can simply just say "sry i'm straight" then free myself from getting doxxed and attacked by twitter mob

No. 913798

hell yeah nonnie I just got into doing my own gel nails too. it's so much fun! I'm waiting on some nail brushes so I can do some intricate designs. ,enjoy

No. 913829

I'm thinking about getting a cup, but the thought of having to clean it in between every use when I would have to pour it out just sounds so tedious.

No. 913833

Once every few years I get it into my head that I want to use a cup again. Then I can't find my old cup so I buy a new one… try to insert it, hate it, rage quit. Repeat in another 2 to 3 years time.

No. 913902

File: 1631813769363.jpg (378.83 KB, 963x1280, original.jpg)

Said fuck it and bought the 64oz Coldest water bottles. I've been very hydrated.

No. 913931

I just shaved my face (really just my tiny moustache and half of my cheeks) with a regular body razor and I'm starting to have a little regret.

No. 913953

Just get a little wax kit from the drug store. Or go to a salon face wax is so cheap I spend like maybe $7 for my stache lmao

No. 913958

Yeah nonnie, I'm hyped! I've been watching this youtuber all day and planning colors I'm going to get first, can't wait til it arrives.

No. 914103

File: 1631822286959.jpg (58.77 KB, 600x800, Michelle_s_Banana_Chips_e78c2c…)

Eating these plantain chips a friend gave me. I normally don't like plantain chips but these have a sweet coating on them and it makes them so dangerously addictive. Holy fuck they're so good.

No. 914208

I just bought false eyelashes, and I like how they look, but God they are hard to put on. They also make it uncomfortable to wear glasses (which is already a little hard for me since I naturally have long lashes.)

No. 914232

I think I have a cavity but I hate going to the dentist, more so knowing it’s going to be expensive as hell since two of my wisdom teeth are growing too.
Ah, sometimes I wish I had dentures.

No. 914238


I got one 2 months ago and it's been super fun giving myself shayna-esque extensions. I like the tapping sounds my nails make when I text. Almost justifies looking at my lil abominations.

No. 914370

File: 1631845292194.jpg (128.55 KB, 1500x1500, Sutton-15-P-C-SUT15-BL_aa827dd…)

I got a ficus ruby today, just spent the last 2 hours cleaning it's leaves while listening to some new tapes on my ghetto blaster. It was nice

No. 914454

I just somehow logged into someone else's social media account while I was trying to reset the password on my own, and I feel so bad. I hope they don't think someone is hacking them or something.

No. 914476

My apartment manager sent this in an email: "It was also brought to our attention that multiple dogs have been having conversations throughout the day together…"

No. 914641

What did they say in regards to that? Are the dogs still allowed to converse?

No. 914672

How did you manage to do this?

No. 914722

It was in regards to people working from home, the sentence just made me laugh 'cause it sounded like the dogs were some underground resistance group with their own coded language.

No. 914749

File: 1631893830701.png (61.58 KB, 500x419, jesusok.png)

Vanity Fair's paywall notification is weirdly threatening

No. 914752


They're going to make you swim with the fishes unless you pay up nonnie

No. 914778

i made some pumpkin spice to put on my coffees and brbrbr it’s so good anons. I’m glad summer is finally over.

No. 914779

I'm sad it's over even though I love fall too!! I should try to think more like you

No. 914785

I hate summer the most so it’s easy for me to think this way kek I always get excited over the comfy weather and cozy foods I can start cooking again

No. 914818

File: 1631898463310.jpg (19.4 KB, 900x601, red-bonnet-cat.jpg)

I got a new head scarf and bonnet and I feel so different. Cute and comfy, but different.

No. 914819

I just got a nice workout in, I'm feeling very relaxed

No. 914820

i’m so glad too! where i am the air is growing so much crisper and i feel so so happy. i love it! enjoy your nice pumpkin spice nonnie

No. 914829

that is the cutest thing I've ever seen

No. 915035

Trying to decide if I should buy stuff that I actually need, or if I should buy nail shit

No. 915133

Ew, don't be a Tuna. Buy necessary things

No. 915158

Lol that's a good comparison. You're right anon, I'll buy necessities (even though that's boring as fuck).