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File: 1606326838612.jpg (107.38 KB, 960x600, a1b009fd0e3bf7ae9b97adfaeb0fa5…)

No. 681547

Good vibes only.

Previous thread: >>64888

No. 681600

My stand mixer just got in today and I'm so excited to start baking! My first major project is macarons so I can send them out during the holidays but before that, I'll be making pumpkin pie tomorrow!!

No. 681610

File: 1606332311454.jpg (112.59 KB, 1080x720, FB_IMG_1606269473697.jpg)

I'm working on an interesting essay for school, my desk is in front of the window so I can look out onto the snow covered trees and rooftops while the heater keeps my room nice and warm, I feel very cozy

No. 681641

Good luck on the macarons and have fun baking! I want a stand mixer so bad when I move out, hopefully a cute mint green one hehe.

You're living my dream anon! I hope you get an A on your essay!

No. 681653

File: 1606336353209.jpeg (82.06 KB, 600x398, BA06E7FC-8633-4138-BB11-191A7A…)

Cute cute cute! Happy for you anon!

I’m so happy to have thanksgiving off w00t

No. 681730

File: 1606341594092.jpg (48.78 KB, 410x680, 5a3f373540a42b84a12147d67b811d…)

today I almost told my boyfriend I loved him. Yes, I chickened out but still it's a very big thing for the emotionally withdrawn me to genuinely want to say it to a person, it's a first time I felt it!

No. 681734

Anon, everything about this post is super cute. I'm really happy for you and how well your relationship is going. I'm pretty much in your same shoes when it comes to feeling emotionally withdrawn but being in a relationship where I said "I love you" to someone for the first time. It was cathartic when I finally managed to get it out. You'll say it when you're ready. Good luck to the both of you. ♥

No. 681772

File: 1606345591324.png (2.33 MB, 1242x977, 63E33268-43C8-487E-8530-F2F6DC…)

im abt to graduate and have been searching for a job for months and just got offered a sweet work from home job that’s relevant to my field. it’s full time and the pay is kinda low but it’s entry level and they say it’s boring work which is exactly what i want. i have a second interview next wednesday and i rly hope i get the job. pic unrelated.

No. 681777

That’s great anon! I truly hope it works out for you!

No. 681886

File: 1606362001618.jpeg (163.4 KB, 750x738, 76AA6804-DF10-4320-A4EE-1CD6F6…)

Not something that’s happened to me but I saw this and thought I’d share it here. I’ve become less depressed over the years and more grateful for the life I’m allowed to live, but still overlook things in picrel since it’s just common everyday things to me. I want to continue to be grateful for all the comforts I’ve been afforded in my life, it makes me happy.

No. 681891

The massive nutsacks on these cremtures enhance the lovely sandals

No. 681893

i really love my boyfriend. i hope i can tell him soon, but i am going to wait because i know he's not ready to say it. but i know when he is, it means he thinks we have a really strong bond. i just want him to know how special i think he is.

No. 682003

whoa I love her outfit

No. 682283

I fell asleep last night while SO was watching a show and woke myself up laughing. It was one of the best dreams that I've had in a while, and being able to laugh at something with SO in the dream and then wake up to laugh with him later was a nice treat to the shitty day.
I whine a lot because I'm overwhelmed, but it's important to take a step back and be happy about even things as small as this.

No. 682312

I love all the anons who draw quick sketches as references when they need something or are trying to make a point (i.e. >>>/ot/680049 )

No. 682376

File: 1606424772035.jpeg (1002.91 KB, 1920x1200, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

I went outside for a short walk with my dog and the weather is so nice. It's the perfect temperature for me (around 65F), a few clouds hanging out in the sky, the changing colors of leaves on the tree. I think I'm going to go out on a walk by myself to enjoy it (because my dog is old and doesn't like long walks lol).

Happy thanksgiving fellow burger anons! I hope you'll have a wonderful night with some nice warm food, whether it be with family, friends, or by yourself. Stay warm and well fed.

No. 682502

It was really nice here today too, same temp. Nice change from yesterday with the freezing ass morning and sudden rain.

No. 684492

File: 1606703255911.jpeg (93.77 KB, 694x1447, CBF22CDA-482B-4179-B0B2-CFE3C5…)

I bought a trench coat today, now I can finally look feminine and badass while wearing it!

I got something similar to this but in black

No. 685013

File: 1606774148187.jpeg (189.04 KB, 748x1001, 112AF643-588A-4C4C-AD7B-2EE702…)

No. 685020

my queen

No. 685044

This is so inspiring. I wonder if she first got into punk fashion during the 60s-70s. Then goth during the early 80s. She's so neat lol, I wish I could chat with a goth grandma.

No. 685355

I've finally started to write! I've always had OCs and stories in my mind as far as I can remember and writing was my favorite subject in school, but I never tried to do it for myself because I feared it would be too autistic or cringy. I started two days ago and I love doing it, when I'm at work I can't wait to go home and write again. For now I'm just writing down summaries of the characters and world building, but it feels so good to put my thoughts somewhere. I don't know if I'll try to write narrative works (I've always envisioned my stories in a more visual media like a comic), but writing is such a fun activity.

No. 685382

This is so cute anon! I always loved writing and used to write stories all the time growing up. I've tried to get back into it as an adult but it's hard because I'm so critical of myself even if no one will ever read it. I'm going to try to be more like you and just enjoy the process of writing rather than worrying about a finished product.

No. 685399

I'm glad for you anon, I bet you look classy!!

No. 685406

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't pic a blazer rather than a trench coat?

No. 685829

My dad called me out for dinner and said “it’s cold today, so have some soup” and that shit makes me want to cry. I love shit like that.

No. 686061

I'm jealous of your relationship to your dad! Mine is great but he lives so far away, it's so hard to talk or have random phone calls.

No. 686420

Aww, I hope you get to see your dad soon! Have a dinner get together or dinner if you guys safely can! I’m so grateful that I can have a healthy and loving relationship with my parents, even if they do sometimes drive me up the fucking wall about some things lol. I made salad for him today because I finally found this salad dressing that I love and I was so excited for him to try it haha.

No. 691599

I've felt so miserable for so long, ugly and stupid. I even felt too stupid to ever figure out how to drive, let alone live on my own. For years I convinced myself my abuse happened because I was that weak and pathetic that I deserved it. I went out on a limb and moved out, thanks to one friend helping me. It seemed like it was all for nothing because I was basically living on people's kindness, working retail jobs that felt like they'd be my whole life, and that was when it was good and I had a job. Every day I thought I should go back to my abuser and just give in because at least there I knew how things worked. COVID made everything worse and I felt so lost. Yesterday I got a real job in my field that pays well, with benefits, and I'm so happy I can't even watch TV or read a book because I just want to fully bathe in how happy I am. I am so happy I persevered and got a degree, that even with how horrible I felt I left my abuser behind and started my life, a real life. I am so grateful to my friends who stood by me and supported me even though I was basically a shell of a human being. When I get my first paycheck, I want to buy all the gift ideas I'd bookmark and could never think of getting them. I'm so happy I could cry.

No. 691612

Good on you, anon! I'm really glad you were able to pick yourself up and better yourself. You're really strong for essentially uprooting your life and jumping feet first into unpredictable territory. It's great that you also have a friend who was willing to have your back through all of this. Good luck in the future and at your new job! Treat yourself all the way ♥

No. 691630

I'm so happy for you anon! It's all uphill from here. I'm proud of you for never going back, and proud of you for making it this far. You deserve to roll around in happiness, you've worked hard for this moment! I hope things will continue to get better for you, and I'm glad to hear you have friends who stuck by you all this time!

No. 691645

I'm moving in with my gf in five days! We've been long distance for two years and I'm so relieved that it'll be over.

No. 691787

I had to go to the emergency today for self-harm. There weren't many people in line luckily, but the guy in front of me must've noticed I was stressed and in what he considered to be a worse state than him and actually offered to let me go first. Since they weren't busy he was still ushered in by the doctor and I wish I got to thank him. It was really kind of him. God knows it's even easier to feel disconnected from other people for most of this year so a small act of kindness like that really meant a whole lot.

No. 691794

Jfc anon how extensive is your self-harm that you're winding up in the ER because of it? Glad you're okay though.

No. 691960

I passed my math course with a B, and I hope to never graph another fucking line or factor a polynomial again. I struggled so hard for so many hours, and I feel free.

No. 692338

Anon I hope you are okay? this post made me feel sad and worried. i relapsed earlier this year and started to SH again after 3 years so can relate but I have never had to go to the hospital so I read this and felt really sad and if you see this I hope you are doing okay? You are strong and loved anon

No. 692372

File: 1607710239182.png (172.17 KB, 500x281, 1389231500695.png)

So recently I found out I'm 10lbs heavier than when I last weighed myself (years ago). But I'm actually okay with it.. I've been building muscle so I look pretty good and I haven't purged in months. Now I can donate blood for the first time!

No. 692426

Good for you, anon. Keep it up

No. 692572

I spent 6 hours today cleaning my apartment. I organized everything and got into every nook and cranny. I almost talked myself out of doing it today but I'm glad I pushed through! My apartment looks so nice!!!

No. 692586

File: 1607730771617.gif (1.41 MB, 550x327, My Big Fat Cuban Family - 8 Ru…)

happy for you anon! I need to do mine too, but keep making excuses lol.

No. 692605

File: 1607732933398.jpg (77.96 KB, 700x527, 6732d1b985bb119a9cdf2295696ebc…)

No. 692729

Late answer but honestly the most ironic thing is this self-harm wasn't my most severe but it just kept bleeding quite badly despite applying pressure and all that so I had no choice but to go get help. TMI but the last few years I've usually cut down to fat so definitely on the severe scale but I've avoided the emergency room until now.

Thank you, anon. I thought I was "ok" but understood I was fucked while out in public. Had to sit down somewhere semi-private to assess the situation and had to hide my bloody hands from everyone in my pockets on my way to the nearest bathroom. Honestly I might've smelt like blood at that point. It was horrible. The doctor was so so nice to me though. I'm doing okay considering, just very drained. It's a mental addiction for me at this point sadly, it's been almost 10 years on and off now. I feel so ashamed of all the things I haven't accomplished because I'm so scared and so tired. I'm going to try my best to fight these impulses and do positive things but it's really hard.

No. 692908

Anons who have a room like on the left: Why?! I visited my sister a while ago and her place looks like this. She's in her early 20s, how has she not learnt how to put shit away? idk maybe it's because I have cats, but even before I got them I wouldn't just leave shit on the floor.

No. 693145

File: 1607802830038.jpg (456.1 KB, 2016x3264, b0259160470279036c3085bec00688…)

I went out to get some lunch with a coworker and we came across this woman who was walking her shiba puppy, as soon as he saw us he got all excited, we stopped to pet him and he kept climbing our legs, he apparently loves people. We were so happy going back to work!

No. 693176

My room is neat so I can't really answer your question, but I like reading the room cleaning subreddit and they ALWAYS say it's because of depression. Like 90% of the posts call it a 'depression nest'.

I can't imagine letting my space get that disgusting so I guess it makes sense that there would be something wrong if you did.

No. 693191

My room never gets cluttered to that level but I am pretty messy in general. I guess the mess doesn't really bother me until it does, and then I clean it up and that turns into an instant mood-booster for a day or two because it's actually really nice being in a clean, tidy environment…then the cycle repeats.
I'm curious what other messy anons say. Because I do make and break promises to myself that I'm going to be tidier all the time. It's honestly probably laziness though…

No. 693310

I couldn’t go to my company’s Christmas gathering today but a coworker just texted me saying she packed some food for me and is making our boss drop it off for me at the office when he comes by tomorrow… She’s so sweet!! She really didn’t have to but I’m happy that she thought of me.

No. 693999

If you spend all day sleeping or never go home except to sleep, then you only have to stand it for a few waking minutes a day. One of the things they do for some hoarders is make them sit and notice the mess.

That said, I've met people who are home all day and claim to be perfectly fine who I think might have been raised in squalor or something.

No. 694400

I bought a husbando dakimakura on a whim and I'm so looking forward to receiving it!!! I told my boyfriend about regretting not having one when I was suicidal and alone. Turns out he doesn't mind me owning one at all and even wants to hug it himself kek though tbh the pillow is of a generic otome husbando that I enjoy and not my one true husbando that I relate to and who is my comfort character - I would feel uncomfortable having a pillow of him because it would be crossing a line kek. Good thing there is no such cover available because I would be tempted nonetheless
The cover is cute and rather nonsexual, I don't like overtly sexy dakis especially since I live with my bf and I have zero interest in humping it or whatever.

No. 694403

>I'm curious what other messy anons say
I'm too disgusted to clean up, basically, so I always say "I'm going to do it later". There's only one corner in my room that is consistently clean, because I spend time in that corner. And I try not to touch the other areas.
Anyway I don't have clutter on the floor or on my bed like in that pic, that's truly disgusting.

No. 694574

File: 1608056419307.jpg (80.58 KB, 736x658, ec7c136eebb4f6e6d7633136ea5378…)

After being depressed and lost for so long, I've discovered a genuine interest for a professional career and I'm so excited for my future. I hope I can do good things, I'll work for it.

That's so considerate! Happy for u nonnie

No. 694618

thats cute anon, which character is it?

No. 695180

I had a breast reduction last year. It was the best decision I have ever made for so many reasons. Yesterday I tried on a swimsuit for the first time since my surgery and I didn’t feel uncomfortable and embarrassed as my boobs weren’t exposed and on show like they were before. They fit perfectly and I felt a little emotional because I was so pleased!!!

No. 695214

What made you get the reduction?
It's something that's been on my mind since I grew breasts basically. Mine are not debilitating, but things would be easier with smaller boobs clothing wise and I'd probably not have as much back pain. My husband's a bit scared of it because it's a surgery that's not 100% needed and he's basically afraid of me dying on the operating table. inb4 "He just doesn't want you to have smaller breasts" - he's a foot/leg fetishist, he doesn't give the slightest fuck about my boobs.

No. 695294

Luciel/707 from Mystic Messenger. I also considered Zen because he is so sweet and ai love his long hair, but his personality is too generic when compared to the weirdo Luciel.
I've loved visual novels for a long time, but until now only played galge. It's nice to be pandered to for once lol.

No. 695360

Basically, I have always had a big bust in comparison to my frame, (big bust sizes run through my mum's side of the family, my nan even had one the year I was born) I was always so self-conscious and avoided wearing fitted clothing and if I did I constantly kept pulling and stretching the material. I have body dysmorphia amongst other stuff. Other reasons include pain like you describe. I had consultations and had it free on the nhs here in the UK. I would 100% recommend. Sorry for blog post

No. 695367

Nta but wondering how big your boobs were as you got it done on the NHS? Was the reason they approved it pain or body dysmorphia, or both? Was it difficult to get approved?

Sorry for all the questions.

No. 695379

Yees, otome games are so addicting lol, they make my heart flutter. ill never go back to VNs for scrotes

No. 695385

I was a G cup, now I am a C/D cup. The reasons it was approved included both of those reasons, but I think more so my body dysmorphia/depression, I have been under a mental health service since 2013. I remember meeting my surgeon for the first time for my consultation and he actually told me he thinks I need one (not as bluntly though) my first consultation was Sept 4th 2018 and my surgery was June 17th 2019. It was meant to be April but I had to push it back for other reasons. Deleted to add that you also need a healthy bmi and at a suitable weight, my cousin wanted one but she is kinda overweight and they denied her and she would have to pay for it herself which would be around £4000/£6000 I think.

No. 695442

Thanks for replying. I’m an F cup but otherwise clothes size 6-8, under community mental health, local NHS trust is shit though so don’t think I’d get approved. I’m glad that you were able to get help!

No. 695511

I may still play some scrote visual novels (if they have actual good plot, likable female characters and are not too disgusting in my view), but otomes are amazing! I wish there were more titles released. I guess I should buy the already translated titles so we get more.
It also drives me insane that scrote vns get TONS of merch, like numerous figures of the heroines and there are hardly any ones of otome husbandos… this sucks!
Which otomes are your fave, anon?

No. 695544

If you truly what the surgery, definitely at least try and get a consultation, you have nothing to lose. I first went to my GP who then referred me further. I had a wonderful experience with the NHS and I am so grateful, so I guess it depends?

No. 695733

File: 1608163438763.jpeg (58.86 KB, 737x737, 8C767C25-1495-4012-A72E-A69488…)

Bf and I spent over an hour writing / drawing christmas cards. I love him and I love my friends so much. Every card has a home baked cookie attached and I really hope they like it.

No. 695735

this is the cutest thing i've ever read anon i wish i could bake christmas cookies with you guys

No. 695739

I wanna be your friend

No. 695753

you sound so fucking cute, i love you!!!! merry christmas bitch!!!!!!!!!!

No. 695988

I wish I was you right now anon. Or at least just your friend. You sound wholesome and sweet

No. 696074

Writing some smut while enjoying some hot tea and watching the snow fall outside my window. I also found a cute lofi remix of one of my favorite songs to play in the background. It's a good morning.

No. 696101

i'm finally sober and over the worst parts of withdrawal symptoms and i'm not going back this time. i'm gonna be a healthy bitch and love myself and treat my body well.

No. 696118

same the song (and the smut) anon

No. 696145

What smut are you writing anon? I’m curious!

No. 696147

From March to now I've lost 15lb! a bit on the slow side but all done healthily, I love how my clothes fit me and I overall feel more perkier and confident!

No. 696155

File: 1608227451724.jpg (335.24 KB, 2048x1536, 20201209_161242.jpg)

Whoa anon, you're living the life and I'm happy for you! Hope that you'll get to enjoy many more mornings like this.

No. 696158

File: 1608228059874.jpg (398.39 KB, 2048x1485, 7463.jpg)

I was able to look at myself today without feeling disgusted.

No. 696176

It's a lofi remix of Corpse Husband's new song and I'm writing… an abo fic of my OCs… pls no booly I know I have trashy taste in music and smut but I can't help it

Thank you anon!! That cat looks so comfy hehe. I hope you'll get to enjoy similar peaceful mornings!!

No. 696182

Jesus, anon.

No. 696189

I'm sorry

No. 698062

I finally managed to sell my PS4! For a little bit less than I originally wanted, but still, now I have some extra cash

No. 698096

I think you should consider listening to someone else… unless you write wattpad smut for 12yos. His name ruined everything in your posts.

No. 698751

gj anon, what are you planning to do with your extra cash?

No. 698752

File: 1608547831955.jpg (163.28 KB, 960x1280, IMG_20201214_202456_545.jpg)

Deleted whatsapp from my phone, as I feel like distancing myself from those few ppl that I rarely speak with and focus more with myself. The app is useless for me, and I don't need to stress that any of fake ppl care if I'm still alive.

It's so easy to find shallow relationships around you, but they won't fill the hole.

No. 698976

I've had a Macbook Pro for years and am finally getting a gaming laptop for christmas in a few days. The Mac was great for traveling and school but the processing on mine sucks so watching movies/videos has been a struggle. I bought it with my own money in high school so it was like the shittiest option for the Pro in terms of storage (128 gb storage, 8 gb memory for nerds). Obviously I also haven't been able to play legit games in years except when I was dating my ex who let me use his gaming laptop to play the Sims 4 and also had a PS4. Ultimately I'm gonna keep the Mac for my computer to use when traveling (for casual computer stuff) but I'll use the gaming laptop for actual entertainment.
So excited anons, to say I've been suffering with boredom in quarantine is an understatement.

No. 699096

I correctly guessed that my coworker was going to give me a gift but I never expected she was going to gift me some Royce chocolate!!! She knows that I love it, but I never buy it unless I'm in Japan because it's so fucking pricey here in the states. aaaaaaa she's so sweet! I got her a gift too but I was going to give it to her tomorrow (some tea), but now I might also order some burnt cheesecake for delivery to be sent to the office (though I'm afraid she might deny the package because I want it to come as a surprise to her lol).

No. 700332

File: 1608672131992.png (510.36 KB, 497x446, 7471916062.png)

Maybe it's not super positive but it is for me - I've finally pushed myself to go to therapy, found a therapist that seems to be asking just the right questions and understands me; after a few meetings of evaluation she said it might take a long time but I should be able to work through my issues - long time sounds terrifying but I'm so happy someone is taking me seriously I feel like crying ever since coming back from the session. it's been years wasted on mental illnes holding me back in every area of life, I hope this time I will be able to finally break free.

No. 700338

File: 1608672459970.jpeg (33.35 KB, 250x236, C9A8B1F2-94B5-43FC-8A4B-25B74E…)

That's so great anon!! Therapy can be majorly helpful in my experience. Wishing you the best

No. 700351

Thank you!

No. 700368

i went back to uni last year at 27 after dropping out due to my constant panic attacks in class. i basically failed all my classes in first year. last year i got 100 on two exams, and 80-90s in all my courses! this year I've only got two grades back but they're 80s (which is an A, i'm in Canada). it feels really weird to be getting such high grades at a prestigious uni when my whole life I've been told that i could never do it.. i'm just so happy.

No. 700438

File: 1608677990351.jpeg (143.6 KB, 1280x720, 158D7A96-ADFC-4B9A-98E6-A7A97F…)

I was able to go out and pick up a mini burnt cheesecake for her (chocolate flavor, and a matcha and strawberry one for my family to have on Christmas day) and left it on her desk for her to return to hehe. I shouldve bought her a new container of the fenty lipgloss she uses since shes always out but I was worried it would be a lame gift idea to cop out and buy something she’s already using but it turns out she would’ve loved it lol oh well. She really liked the cheesecake and is excited to try the tea though! I’m excited to share this cake with my family. I feel so excited for the holidays! I

No. 700440

File: 1608678172653.jpeg (140.11 KB, 1440x1039, 678AC33A-11E2-4A49-8E95-595CBB…)

I finished my fall term with all A's! I really thought I was done for because I basically gave up toward the end and was willing to accept a B in my statistics class. I even purposely left essay questions on one of my finals blank because it was already past due anyway and I didn't care, but I guess I clutched it! Having all online classes was such a bummer. I'm taking fewer classes next term, but I'm just happy to have a break right now. Woohoo!

No. 700466

Oo I heard of this chocolate (those square things that come with a fork) and just found out there's a location in my state. Can you please explain what makes it unique? Is it worth driving out and paying for some?

No. 700479

I’m not a very big chocolate fan but I looove Royce chocolate. It’s so smooth and creamy, my coworker said it kind of reminds her of ice cream (since its meant to be eaten chilled)! It’s very expensive here in the US (like almost $20 for a teeny tiny box) so I almost never buy it because as much as I love it (its only like $8 for a box in Japan). Go for it if you want, but I don’t want to get your hopes up and your money wasted!! I love love loooove it so much, it’s the only chocolate I would ever gorge myself on lol. I did post a copycat recipe somewhere upthread or in the last positivity thread if youd like to try making it! It’s an insanely easy recipe but the chocolate taste is dependent on the baking chocolate bars you use (texture is pretty spot on though).


No. 700502

I started exercising during the past month for something to do, and I'm really enjoying it! For the first time in my life I can do proper push ups

No. 700528

File: 1608688438766.gif (403.29 KB, 500x282, 8fTS.gif)

i love this show tfw no swisgaar metalhead bf

No. 700570

I'm not into metal or gore at all but I fucking love this show. It makes me giggle endlessly

No. 700974

File: 1608744224209.png (14.47 KB, 220x220, FA0EA1A3-CEEA-4751-8992-5AC1DD…)

this morning i tried on a bunch of clothes i bought when i was about 10 pounds heavier and never wore out because they didn't fit properly. everything looks so cute on me now though! i'm ready to go into 2021 finally dressing the way i want

No. 700984

File: 1608744813820.png (199.57 KB, 732x459, 1732645.5684.png)

me too, it's hilarious. i am a metalfag so i rewatch it on occassion and the references in the beginning are great. i would totes dates toki

No. 701034

File: 1608749789535.jpg (32.68 KB, 522x346, 711_original.jpg)

I know he's bald & gross but I always had a crush on pickles smh

No. 701064

Fuck yeah anon!!! I bet you look cute as hell!!!!

No. 701209

No shame anon, from preteen up until now he made me go uwu

No. 701325


No. 701395

Patrician taste in this thread tonight.

No. 701419

Pickles is best boy, queen

No. 701692

File: 1608793854061.jpg (64.15 KB, 700x875, adorable_baby_cow.jpg)

i'm a newbie to lolcow and i've been commenting more. my first post has been put on the pasture, but my latest replies have sparked conversation and revived some threads. this might be insignificant but i have been quite isolated. it feels good to contribute.

No. 701701

I found out I now am able to receive finacial aid again so I'm able to go back to school at anytime I please. It's been a real depresser for me the past year even though I knew I would eventually get it back so now having it set in stone feels a lot better. I won't go back anytime soon because my mental health is still poo but this is definitely a step in the right direction and I am glad.

No. 701766

File: 1608801406463.jpg (65.27 KB, 431x604, puppy hug.jpg)

good for you anon :>

No. 701849

I got a gold star, woo! I didn't get that since elementary school, I feel so giddy now

No. 702078

Merry Christmas anons. Whether you celebrate or not. I wish you a happy and positive day. Be kind to yourselves!

No. 702128

File: 1608846782247.jpg (409.49 KB, 2000x1288, 031120-cute-animals-anti-coron…)

>>700368 well done! Congratulations for doing such a good job!!! You are amazing and you did it!

>>700974 that clothes for sure fit you incredible!!! You will look so pretty!

>>701701 i'm sooo happy for you! It's a big step! Don't give up now. You can do it!!! I'm with you and i believe in you!

No. 702131

File: 1608847158113.jpg (55.4 KB, 1200x776, 80b1d4c3a2d55759ed16833eaa06e2…)

Keep doing things that are good for yourself during this hard time! We can do it! Remember eat delicious food, talk with friends and stay in home. This year was so difficult for everyone but we are strong and brave and we can pass thougt it!

No. 702214

It’s the first white Christmas in ten years where I live. Hope everyone is doing well, merry Christmas anons!

No. 702242

File: 1608868157418.jpg (178.04 KB, 1440x961, 58643.jpg)

Merry Christmas anon! I'm jealous, I want snow (other than the snow overlay on lolcow.farm which I am unironically grateful for)

Hope all you farmers have a great day, eat nice food, be kind to yourselves, and stay warm and cozy.

No. 702465

Merry Christmas sweet anons!!!!!! I hope you all have a wonderful day with lots of food, wonderful company, and great presents!!!!! We’re almost done with 2020 bitches!!!!! I love all of you!!!!!!

No. 702509

File: 1608912099655.jpeg (29.68 KB, 360x360, EpOSyoMXcAg8pNl.jpeg)

Merry Christmas, anons!

No. 702523

File: 1608913583194.jpg (29.61 KB, 605x479, cute-baby-animals-1.jpg)

>>702509 thanks! all of you are incredible!!! Sending good vibes to everyone!

No. 702529

Yes, same here and I love it

No. 702871

I passed a family on a walk earlier today obviously going to a Boxing Day belated Xmas party. Parents and late teen kids had all opted to just wear Christmas Hawaiian shirts and/or a hat and some cool makeup.

Then I see this little five year old girl in full, Christmas elf attire in the middle of Aussie summer hopping along not giving a shit. It cracked me up and made me smile.

Kids are awesome. You go little elf girl

No. 702877

Just bought some new workout clothes with my Christmas money, feeling really positive that the new year will be much healthier for me! I’m feeling really hopeful !

No. 702882

My boyfriend finally said he was in love with me and that he loved me for the first time today ^_^ I’m so happy I’m so in love with him.

No. 702908

File: 1608960966530.jpg (21.82 KB, 450x338, 190b31b98c2eb2f56aca119b7b43e8…)

>>702877 don't stop being positive! I hope you have fun in your workouts! And also eat well, a lot of fruits and vegetables, they are so important for being healthy. And drink water!

>>702882 that's so sweet! you 2 are amazing together!

>>700332 amazing!!! You will break free and feel incredible! Work in your mental health is important. Keep doing it and remember that YOU CAN DO IT!

No. 702911

my SSRI killed my sex drive. i used to be horny but too hateful of men to date. one less thing to worry about

No. 702941

File: 1608971994630.jpg (186.35 KB, 1274x846, cupika.jpg)

I actually had a really good Christmas unlike the past few years! My boyfriend also bought ffxiv and I am so excited to play with him

No. 703058

I found a super old Pichu plush that I loved as a kid. I did some massive cleaning and felt super guilty throwing away all my old toys (they were all very dirty and gross), but I'm keeping the Pichu as a way to hold all my old plushies in my heart and because I've wondered for years where this old Pichu was. Also kept an old Pikachu plush I found too because they just don't make fat pikachus like they used to (don't worry they are both getting a very thorough wash before joining me on my bed). I don't care if I'm an adult, I love plush toys so much and I know when my parents pass, the ratty ones I've bothered to keep since I was a kid will be the one physical reminder of their love for me.

No. 703060

meant to also reply to this but that pic is so fucking cute but I hope you have lots of fun playing with your bf!!! glad you had a good christmas!

No. 703086

Just found out my septoplasty is covered by my insurance. I CANNOT WAIT TO HAVE A STRAIGHT NOSE!

No. 703416

File: 1609074233695.jpeg (39.2 KB, 800x450, 30032401-E2B4-4966-B62C-4F7406…)

I need to pinch myself these days, it's like I'm dreaming. I finally am defeating my biggest demons thanks to therapy and a few others' support. Every day for years I would wake up anxious, hopeless, guilty, ashamed without needing a reason in the moment. I still have those feelings as the default, but I think they're fading. Because I stop and realize "why am I upset? The thing that used to bother me is improving," and I have partly my own hard work to thank. I can't believe it but it's real!!
Ugh sorry it's vague and maybe braggy, but I am basking in how nice it feels. I never felt normal, I had constant suffering and finally I can be normal… Ahhh I'm so happy and Christmas wasn't sensational but it felt great anyhow. the year of terror is ending, I don't need next year to be better but I have faith I can make it!! I hope the best for all of you and thank you for making me laugh and think on this site

No. 703509

The main guy who works at my local small cornershop is just so nice. He's given my mother free flowers sometimes because he noticed she loves buying them. On christmas he gave me free chocolate and today he gave me a free beer. We have small conversations about the weather or politics as well sometimes, it's been extra nice in this odd year where I hardly see anyone. I'm not the only customer he does extra nice things like this for but it means a lot. Shout out to him, I hope he's doing well in his private life because he surely works hard and goes out of his way to be kind to people.

No. 703546

File: 1609094384929.jpg (14.38 KB, 500x352, 355vta9c2ko21.jpg)

>>702941 i'm happy to hear that! I hope you have fun and a good time.

>>703416 yasss!!! That's amazing! You are so strong! I really think next year will be awesome for you!

>>703509 this is just so cute. Polite and friendly people are the best.

No. 704187

File: 1609172205253.jpeg (118.65 KB, 901x1600, 4459B3CA-5709-446F-BB6D-313D35…)

My favorite group is releasing a new album in January!!! I hope 2021 will be better for us all but at the very least I’ll have this album to listen for the whole year. I’m so fucking excited!!

No. 704220

Ooo what band??? That sounds amazing anon!

No. 704379

Epik High! I promise I'm not a kpop stan, they are the only kpop group I listen to lol

No. 704657

In a little over a year I managed to escape NEETdom and save up 10 k.

No. 704663

Oh wow, I haven't heard them in almost a decade! NTAYRT but thanks for saying something, I needed a sweet nostalgia bomb today.

No. 704674

File: 1609236485077.jpeg (20.99 KB, 480x307, AC1A54F1-559E-478D-8336-0C38BF…)

Whats your secret anon?

No. 704689

I pretty much had 0 money as a NEET, so now that I have a job it's really easy to save it up, I'm happy only getting myself nice art supplies from time to time. As for the job, last year I forced myself to send a ton of resume until someone called me back.

No. 704717

i wish all black alt and weeb girls a ver nice day!

No. 704719

I hope you’ll enjoy the new stuff they’ve put out in the time you’ve been gone! I don’t think the We’ve Done Something Wonderful wasn’t that memorable of an album (still good though) but I still listen to Shoebox on occasion to this day. The Sleepless In __ EP still slaps hard, especially Eternal Sunshine!!! Enjoy anon!!

No. 704929

Thank you! I just bought 2 CRT TVs. One to program with raspberry pi, the other to convert into an object-head cosplay!

No. 705154

File: 1609307573361.jpg (18.28 KB, 300x250, luvbear.jpg)

Not to be that person, I did shrooms for the first time last night and I feel like I'm still coming down off of them. But it was a really amazing experience and really helped me to break down a lot of emotional/mental walls I'd put up over the years. I feel like I finally can just speak my mind to people and say the things I always thought about them but for some reason wouldn't just tell them. Like all this time I just expected people to just read my mind and know how much I love them, care about them, how great they are & how important they are to me.

I just had this incredible outpouring of love and apprecation for all the people in my life and felt so happy that I could finally put it out there. I messaged so many people, pouring out my heart to them and rambling about how much I love them and how I feel about them. A lot of it was insane rambling, but I think they still got a lot of what I meant.

It helped me let go of so much fear & egotism, it feels like a rebirth. I'm still so tired, but I'm feeling so positive and happy.

2021 is going to be a good year.

No. 705196

File: 1609315590904.jpg (190.15 KB, 512x512, 1599739837820.jpg)

so glad u had that experience anon! shrooms can do such lovely things when ur feeling down/dealing with depression. planning on picking some up myself in January and doing some soul-searching/get the new year started right.

fungal fun for all anons! you ladies deserve it

No. 705205

I'm actually really happy right now, I have a job (even though it's part time) that I actually like, I'm planning on going to therapy once the clinics open, I'm eating better and gaining muscle giving me a hot body, and I'm no longer forcing myself to make and keep friends which was a huge stressor for me.
2021 looks like it might be an okay year for me ladies!

(Also I'm saging since I bumped the confession thread and deleted it once I remembered this thread exists and I feel guilty for doing so)

No. 705228

Argentina legalized abortion. I just wanted to post this here because I'm glad to see that women's rights are still progressing and not regressing like in other places.

No. 705462

I feel so cheated anon, I tried shrooms lime 4x and all I ever felt was high like I had just smoked a blunt. I made sure to buy from different people to make sure I was getting different stuff, but idk what I did wrong. I want a trip like the one you describe so badly, but if eating 5g doesn't do it then maybe my body is just broken or everyone in my area sells shit tier shrooms.

No. 706712

Stopped being a lazy asshole and got my dad to drive me out to the city today so I could sell a bunch of old manga and some other books off at a secondhand book shop. Made myself $20, which is a lot more than I thought they were going to give me. Feels good man, extra $20 to start off 2021.

No. 706714

This is definitely a positive post!! Good for Argentina's women

No. 706715

Love it! Was it book off by any chance? I sold some manga and dvds to book off years ago and made $40. I couldnt believe it

No. 706720

I got my trump bux today. I bought some comfy knee socks off of Amazon. I am pleased.

No. 706724

Yes it was! I can't tell if it was a weird fever dream or not, but I think about 10 years ago I brought a bunch of stuff in and they were only gonna give me like 80 cents for it. That, on top of other people telling me that book off wasn't going to give me much for my stuff, made me think I wasn't gonna get a lot for it lol but I'm in the middle of cleaning out my room and was just going to trash the books (because my local library is not accepting donation for the foreseeable future) so I figured any money was better than no money. $20 is a sweet deal to be paid to clean out my stuff! I'm lucky my dad agreed to drive me because lugging it all the way out there on the subway wouldn't have been fun lol

No. 706921

My mom got me this faux succulent kit for Christmas with like clay to diy little pots. tonight I made the pots, it actually felt nice to do. Now I'm just waiting for them to dry so I can paint them.

No. 707002

My hair loss has stopped after cutting down my drinking significantly and adjusting my eating habits. I was eating vegan and drinking every day while trying to lose weight and it fucked me up for months, close to a year. Bad skin, hair loss, weight loss but it looked gross lol.. I feel embarrassed saying this in the positivity thread especially because it was all my own damn fault but it was amazing to realize I didn't have to clean out my shower drain every 2 days anymore and had a couple people close to me say how much better it looked.

No. 707039

today after work im gonna zoom around on my new roller skates! I'm so excited cus it's been too cold, dark, and icy the last few days but I'm gonna go to the park next to my house full of cool lights and listen to some funky tunes. I'm trying to quit weed and alcohol and needed something fun to focus on and break up the monotony of the day.

No. 707293

This is so cute anon! Sort of related, but I've always wanted to do ceramics. Maybe once covid is over I'll stop being a procrastinator and sign up for a class for fun.

I'm proud of you for cutting down on drinking and adjusting your eating habits. Your issues might have been "your own fault" but now you are taking things into your hands and doing good by yourself, so don't feel ashamed!

Have fun anon!! I hope you'll be able to quit weed and alcohol!

No. 708047

My cat had been laying on my feet/legs for a long time and I was kind of wanting a cigarette so I slowly sat up, which usually gets her to move instantly. But this time she just kept laying on my legs and I just sat there petting her cute lil self a bit and just laid back down - not having the heart to disturb her. When laying down we looked at each other for a bit and she had her eyes relaxed, blinking slowly a bit now and then, purring despite not being petted by me anymore. It's just as if she was sending me so much extra love in that moment. It made me cry some happy tears. I don't know if any other cat owners relate but sometimes I've just had these moments with her and it's even more special in these sucky quarantine times. I love her so much.

No. 708057

I know what you mean, my cat is sometimes just randomly extra affectionate and I just wonder what's going on in that cute little head of his. It makes me feel so loved and warm gah

No. 708262

Dear anons,

I am unfathomably proud to announce that after a shit year where I've drank to much and did nothing for myself, I started running again last week and it apparently going great.
Also, I've laid off the booze.

A happy Anon

No. 708322

Yes I love those extra lovey moments! Yesterday one of my cats was sitting in my lap and she kept pressing her head against my face to get kisses from me and I just kept kissing her and kissing her until her fur was all wet lmao it was so cute. She kept purring and making biscuits the whole time. I love cats.

No. 709156

I spent several hours window shopping online and resisted the urge to spend hundreds on clothes. Really proud of myself actually!

No. 709231

Congrats, anon, proud of you!

No. 709866

I've gone two days without checking my ex-friends social medias!

No. 709878

File: 1610039930692.jpeg (125.25 KB, 960x563, misosoup.jpeg)

I made a miso soup and I will continue doing it because it's easy to make and it can last for a few days in a bigger pot. I really love it.

No. 709883

File: 1610040540994.jpeg (56.76 KB, 640x640, 3DC76F15-43A5-4C43-9975-A8B71D…)

Hope you are all having a nice day today!

Step outside for a minute and breathe in. Despite everything, you’ve made this far. You are incredible! A survivor! You have been through a lot, and it shows through your strength. By just being here, you are courageous. You deserve the world in your fingertips, and happiness in your golden heart! My dear farmers, no matter where you are in the world, you are loved.

No. 709884

My sister just gave birth to a happy, healthy, beautiful baby girl, and my mom and dad are with her and her husband for the first month! I'm going out to visit for a bit next week too, and I'm so excited. She's the first baby on our side of the family. The world may be ugly, but it's also so beautiful because she's in it now.

No. 710941

After years of emotional repression caused by low-self-esteem/depression, I finally reached a breaking point, and the mask I had constructed over the years fell apart, as I sat sobbing on my bed. I told my brother about it through a sea of tears, and he was very supportive. He gave me some very good advice on the importance of self-love and the dissection of bad thoughts. That was a little over a month ago, and although there's still work to be done, I feel so much better. Today, a friend even told me that I seem like a different, better person.

Though I've been crying at least a couple of times a week and know I will continue to tear up at weird triggers for some time, I'm still amazed at how much my thought process has changed. No more petty jealousy of my best friend, no more fear of everyone laughing behind my back. It feels so great.

No. 710968

That!s great! How did you achieve this?

No. 711020

File: 1610205279132.gif (606.81 KB, 669x451, b7cc32cd-6267-4764-8590-21e2b0…)

Going to tour a 1 bedroom apartment today! It's pet friendly and within my budget, also closer to my work. I have never lived alone, always with family or roommates. I could not have imagined living alone a few years ago. It'll give me a lot more freedom to have things how I want to. Also, I won't be totally alone since I have my dog to keep me company. Hopefully I will be settled somewhere new in the next month or so.

No. 711026

I'm pretty sure I'm finally free from my acne. It feels so good.

No. 711027

that sounds genuinely lovely, anon. i hope you get the apartment! i lived alone for a little bit last year and it is very freeing. i bet it’ll be super cozy with you and your dog!

No. 711055

So happy for you anon! It's a big deal.

No. 711083

Doesn't sound brag-worthy, but I'm employed! I signed a contract today, filled all the tax information by myself. I'm just proud that I finally did it and am taking steps to move on in life. It's a big deal to me.

No. 711229

I'm proud of you too, anon!

No. 711890

When I was 19 I got blackout drunk (first and only time in my life) to the point where I have several hours missing from memory and I was incapable of walking or holding consciousness for minutes at a time. This was in a public place outside with guys (just guys) I had met from uni. I think I might've been roofied but I'm not sure, either that or the vodka was expired. Two of the guys spent the night trying to sober me up, and when that didn't work they literally carried me home because no taxi would accept me on account of how drunk I was. They remembered where I lived, took me to my doorstep and made sure my parents saw me go inside.

It occurs to me how very, very wrong things could've gone. They could've left me somewhere unconscious, or raped me, or done a number of other things. We weren't close friends or anything, yet they helped me and didn't do anything wrong. My (expensive) phone was missing but I could've just dropped it somewhere during the haze. I'm very grateful that they got me home and I'm even more grateful that they didn't take advantage of me as I can imagine some men would.

No. 711957

I once passed out at a house party where I was the only girl left and like, 7 males. They drew allllll over me with markers: dicks everywhere, “slut” written in several places, moustache drawn, “I love cock” on my forehead. Took fucking ages to clean it all off. I hardly knew any of them either kek. I was covered head to fuckin toe and they put pics online.

No. 714183

Whenever I see posts like this, it fills me with such joy. I’ve been adamantly childfree my whole life and still am, but as I grow older I’ve started having a soft spot for people/relatives who are so enamored with their kids. I don’t have any siblings and I’m not close with my extended family, but I hope my close friends have kids so I can feel this joy. I want to be that aunt who always comes around with gifts or the one they can always count on for babysitting when emergencies happen or their regular babysitter bails on them.

No. 714616

This is just a superficial, consumerist post compared to the other ones, but I bought a pair of new boots and they are shiny and new and fresh they make me so happy

No. 714817

An anon suggested intermittent fasting to me the other week and I've only been doing it for a little over a week but I think it's done really good for me. The last time I "dieted" a few years ago, I was in the midst of depression, caught up with a stupid fuckboy and was doing everything for all the wrong reasons. I'm a lot kinder to myself this time around, and it's great.

My hunger in the morning isn't anything too bothersome and I usually drink tea or water to help satiate it. I used to get bad hunger nausea in the afternoons but now I don't. I've also been calorie counting and even bought a bathroom scale (two things that were awful for me last time and helped fueled my borderline ED tendencies), and I've been doing good on them! They're helpful tools that help me track my process in a concrete way. I've gotten used to small portions and my cravings have gone down. Last time I did this, I was thinking about food 24/7, thinking about when my next meal or snack was and was so hyperaware of every little pang of hunger. Now? I eat my regular meal, and if I want some chips, I'll let myself indulge just a little bit, then I can go back to doing whatever it is I was doing without thinking about food until I'm actually hungry again. I don't even feel the need to boredom eat anymore, even with a bag of snacks right in front of me on my desk. I've lost an inch off my waist, and it might be water weight, but an inch is an inch. I don't know what my highest quarantine weight was, but I'm currently a pound heavier than when quarantine started. While I'm not sure how much progress I've made, I think I've made some headway. I hope I can get down a little more.

I'm a lot more comfortable in my body this time around, and I don't mind not having the body of an athlete. I want my body to be strong enough that I can indulge in my favorite hobbies and not have to depend on men to do some heavy lifting, but still being soft and cute is nice too.

No. 715112

File: 1610761683147.png (1.06 MB, 668x1000, strawberry.PNG)

I just bought this dress!!!
They had one left in my size in their outlet section on their site and I've been wanting it for about a year now but I thought they discontinued it!!

No. 715115

Cute! Where's it from?

No. 715118

Princess Highway!
It's an Australian brand

No. 715215

I think it looks much better than the one that was plastered everywhere in social medias a few months ago, good choice!

No. 715297

I know this isn't impressive or noteworthy, but I finished my fourth week of running three times a week. I could've probably run further/harder than I actually did but it's an achievement for me because I have never been able to keep an excersise routine going for more than a week and I struggle with anxiety from being seen/recognized while excersising a lot.

No. 715684

keep going anon, you can do it

No. 716740

File: 1610958118620.jpg (46.45 KB, 448x600, beach.jpg)

hi anons, it's my birthday today! happy to be spending the day off with my cats.

i hope u all have a very good day and enjoy this image that i found!

No. 716749

Happy birthday anon!

No. 716752

Happy birthday anon!!

No. 716809

File: 1610966853895.jpeg (87.74 KB, 592x543, FD4101CE-BC5C-44A4-82FF-B5D54E…)

Happy Birthday!

No. 716812

File: 1610966958801.jpg (216.06 KB, 1280x853, ESUHTfQU8AAI5KO.jpg)

happy birthday ! Hope you will gave a great time

No. 716815

Happy birthday!!! and thank you for the image lol I loved it!

No. 716820

File: 1610967547463.jpg (65.89 KB, 1080x1080, 20201111_045449.jpg)

Happy Birthday, nonnie! I hope you have a good one!

No. 716836

File: 1610968913633.png (120.84 KB, 297x220, booboo.PNG)

Hey I looked in the mirror and I realized that I'm actually not that ugly

No. 716844

No. 717220

It’s chilly today and my cousin brought home pho and then I took a very long, hot shower. Now I’m going to lay in bed under a bunch of blankets and watch videos until I fall asleep for the night.

No. 717558

It's always a nice feeling when that happens. Hope it lasts for a long time anon!

No. 717626

File: 1611069251527.jpg (178.49 KB, 960x639, dog-2318787_960_720.jpg)

I'm so in love with being alive and in love with myself. I don't care if it's cringey or lame, I'm so fucking happy being able to watch the glow of the sunrise on the building across the street from my window. I feel so blessed to eat hot food and have a warm home to return to every night. I think there's so much joy to be found in my existence. I love my softness, I love my strength.

I feel like I can't say this that often because it comes off as bragging, like "hey! I'm not depressed anymore! I think my life is great!" but in reality I know my life is pretty mediocre (college degree yet still have low wage basic bitch office job, not that smart, painfully average looks) but I still enjoy it so much because… I just do. I worked hard to get out of retail and find a job that lets me have time with friends and family, I worked hard through my demons to sit around with my head empty so I can stare out my window and feel peace. I hope many others might be able to enjoy the same things I do, because I know how it feels to be on the other end of the spectrum where everyday feels like I'm trudging through a field where the mud is up to my neck and I'm two seconds away from offing myself because I'm so fucking tired of being awake and alive. I used to dwell on moments of peace and always think "this is temporary and I'm scared of when it'll end" but now all I think is… so fucking what!!! If this shit is temporary I'm gonna enjoy it 110% until it's over. I don't care if the future has shit in store for me, it's not the future yet so I'm gonna relish in all the love and peace in my life right now.

Life is good and I'm happy.

No. 717628

Hell yeah anon, me too. It's so nice to hear about other people coming out of the tunnel and appreciating simple things in life. The world can be so awesome and there's nothing like being able to appreciate it after years of numbness and misery.

No. 717631

I feel miserable because I'm stuck in a dead end retail job rn and you gave me so much hope anon! I wish you the best.

No. 717691

I'm so happy for you anon. It's an amazing mentality to have. We all have lows and we're not perfect, being grateful for the little things can change your mindset greatly.

No. 717711

My brother and I have been looking for an apartment to buy and we have found a great one, we are going to make a purchase application tomorrow, wish me luck girls, I really want it.

No. 717720

fingers crossed!

No. 717725

Yes!! I love it! It feels so cheesy to say things like "just appreciate the small things in life" but I think they're the parts that are so nice and fun! Little things about the world and people that get overlooked deserve attention and love too. I know I'm very fortunate to be surrounded by many good people and have supportive and loving parents, so I want to enjoy living my life as a love letter to my parents for giving me life!

Good luck anon! It might be a long and hard journey until you find a better job, but I hope you'll get there one day! I was job hunting for a little over half a year before I was finally able to get something. It was just a temp job, but I think that one job will open up many others. I'm at another office now, and despite some office politics, the people I work with are lovely. If I can do it, I think you can too anon! Don't give up, I'm cheering you on! You deserve to live a good, happy life!

Thank you anon! I changed the way I've approached a lot of things in my life and the peace and happiness came naturally after. It's hard to not feel jealous of people I know who are achieving truly great things, but I don't think there's any shame in having small goals like just living a lowkey life. Maybe it sounds really bad, but I don't think we're all meant for greatness. There's a lot of emphasis on being the next CEO of a multi billion dollar business or creating a cure for cancer or really big shit, but I'm okay just coming home and watching some TV with my parents. I'm tired of being told I have to do big things with my life, especially if it means crawling over others or being crawled over. I'll do my part to be socially and environmentally conscious, to do right by myself and my neighbors, to make my little corner of the world shine a little bit brighter.

Good luck anon!! I hope you'll get it!

No. 717898

File: 1611094896114.jpeg (134.93 KB, 640x640, 8467329653496457.jpeg)

You're awesome anon, I'm really happy you've been able to get into this mindset. As a fellow formerly depressed person (who still relapses occasionally), it's been freeing to recognize that just enjoying a cup of tea, seeing a cute cat on a walk, reading a good book and all that are "enough." The little things are what make up the vast majority of our lives and it's a shame not to appreciate them. I don't have to be deliriously happy all the time, just content. No use beating yourself up over the fact you're not retiring at 25, jet-setting around the world and making millions. Even those types can be unhappy when they aren't at peace with themselves and lack the ability to be in the moment. Life really is what you make it and I don't want to look back seeing I wasted all my time lamenting the things I didn't have rather than enjoying the things I did.

No. 717901

Hey good luck! My brother and I are also looking for our first house purchase. It's going to be a big move but it's nice to see that we're not the only siblings that decide to live together.

No. 717955

Yes, exactly!! I hope despite your relapses that you’re living your best life out there! I used to think I needed to be over the top happy to be truly “happy”. But I think this is what true happiness is (or at least, very close to it)- the peace, the quiet, the subtle joy that come in all sorts of shapes and sounds and moments. Shitty moments don’t feel all that bad either, of course things won’t ever be 100% smooth sailing, and it just makes returning back to peace all the more better.

No. 718076

Kamala Harris isn't my favorite person in the world, but I will say that I feel emotional thinking about all the women who fought throughout American history to make this possible.

It's a precedent for something that wasn't possible before.

So much work still needs to be done, but still, I'm pretty happy right now.

No. 718099

I love my new job. It pays minimum wage but it’s really easy and laid back. The responsibilities I have are pretty minimal and the expectations are low. I also got a new volunteering position for a cool organization and I’ll be working to publicize the hiking trails in town. My 2021 has been going awesome so far.

No. 718160

File: 1611124784224.jpg (95.46 KB, 1200x800, 496254_72g929742_97264862682n5…)

singing again feels so good. i was too scared to do it because of annoying flatmates. but i found a way to do it without causing much noise.
>blankets under the door frame
>head into corner of the room
>put blanket over head
and tadaa i can sing
it feels so freeing

No. 718212

You are so cute!

No. 718257

No. 718413

Thank you, we actually got it, I'm so happy and relieved! Now comes all the paperwork part which makes me a bit anxious.
Moving in with my brother for a while is probably the best decision for us, we get along great and we have similar lifestyles, we don't make a lot of money and real estate is hell in my city, especially for young singles. We don't plan on living together forever of course, but I think we're off to a good start. Good luck to you and your brother too!

No. 718614

File: 1611181122151.jpg (9.8 KB, 284x155, 263673382.jpg)

I hope one day when I'm old I get to live with my sister. For some reason I think it's really cute to see two old siblings living together.

No. 718889

Oh man, me too. We're going to inherit our grandma's house on the beach one day and I have a dream of living there together as little old ladies. Idk if I could tolerate living with her now though cause she's messy lmao and she's getting married so her husband will need to be dead or divorced for us to move in together.

No. 719001


No. 719005

File: 1611222597069.jpeg (284.65 KB, 700x960, 58D963A4-70F3-4362-84FB-C09D1B…)

I am working on self-esteem and making progress in general. I feel smart learning to code and finding it easy so far. I took a pic of myself from an unflattering angle but it still kinda cute I guess, and another that's normal and I think is nice. Also reminded by the other anon who I'm happy for, I'm singing a little sometimes. Sadly not skilled or confident to sing for real, but I sing in a not-caring-if-it's-bad-or-weird quiet voice, making up songs and stuff. My hope is to sing in the shower and when I'm alone. I always worry someone overhears. If I sing near them then they know I'm being silly and not wondering "what's that sound" you know

No. 719033

File: 1611226956790.jpeg (220.52 KB, 1200x675, 37FE70ED-38C9-441A-A52F-8A9EA9…)

I love moving the furniture in my room around. It makes me feel like a new woman.

No. 719049

I ordered something I really wanted a lot from overseas and was told by the seller it was going to take two months to get here. Well I opened my door today and found my package here after only two weeks

No. 719343

After a hellish 2020, I can't believe 2021 is already shaping to be my year. Last year was awful, I failed all of my uni classes and had writer's block for a super

>New job

I had so much COVID anxiety over my last job (working at a preschool) and they fired me because of that. I work at a middle school now. Not only is it a lot safer here because they actually take safety seriously, it's way easier and looks better on my resume. It's also nicer to be able to see multiple adults every day besides my critical boss and one annoying coworker that I didn't get along with at all. I'm so lucky to have my job.
>Annoying/dangerous roommate moved out
I can't believe one person moving out would make such a huge difference. My old roommate was not only annoying, but also dangerous because he insisted on going to the bar about every single day. That made me want to avoid common spaces and made hanging out with the rest of the roommates awkward because they loved him. I'm getting along way better with my new roommates. They also seem to think I'm cool which is awesome.
>Social differences
I know it's weird, but I honestly love being in middle school every day and getting to know the teachers and other staff. I'm having way more casual conversations, and it's soooo good for my mental health. I also have more free time to volunteer, so I got to meet someone cool at a nice organization in town. It seems like we're going to be working on a long-term project for the organization for the next couple of months. (I know it sounds weird, but I have to volunteer as part of my job contract)

Because of my school job I also got vaccinated yesterday. I just feel so good about everything which is amazing when I was borderline suicidal last March. Because I didn't get a ton of social interaction last year, I ended up spending wayyy too much time inside of my head. It's kind of embarrassing in retrospect.

No. 719365

No. 719427

File: 1611261743822.jpeg (27.47 KB, 360x359, DA1204D9-8E48-4656-98B4-F4043D…)

Today I realized that I have really good best friends who love me and stand by me through thick and thin, no matter how awful I am. I make good friends and I really do love them so much. But I’ve always been afraid deep down inside that I was going to end up not being good enough for them and somehow getting my heart broken, because I came from an unstable home and friendships couldn’t last long. But it was me who would create ideas about them so that I wouldn’t miss them when they were gone. And again it was me who pushed them away to save myself. All this time they did see a genuine friend in me and treated me with love and loyalty. They won’t turn their backs on me, either. I haven’t had best friends (plural) since high school, and now I want to reconnect with those girls too. I miss them and I understand now they probably never judged me as harshly as I viewed myself, too.. I was lucky to have them in my life, and I know now I wasn’t a disposable hindrance in theirs.

No. 719436

I love you

No. 719586

One of my best friends surprised me with a commissioned picture of my dog for Christmas! I love love loooove to get portraits of my dog done. I feel like such a jackass because I didn’t get her anything in return and I feel like anything now feels like it might come out looking like an obligation return gift. I wanted to get her something from our favorite stationary store but I feel like that can be so tricky so I figured maybe just a giftcard to their store, but I’m also worried it’ll make it look like a sloppy cop out… This drawing is so fucking cute… I’m so grateful for it. My dog is old too so I always want more portraits and pictures of her to print out and frame to hang around my room.

No. 719744

i am going to pass this test and i know it

No. 719756

Anon, this post made me cry. You have an unbelievably beautiful mindset. Gratitude is everything. Thank you so much for sharing and I’m so glad you’re happy!

No. 719782

Fist day of being an aunt! I feel so important, guys. It's a girl, I haven't even seen her yet but omg I love her so much

No. 719935

Thank you anon!!! I hope you're happy too, it makes me glad that hear people enjoy my cheesy post!!! It was a long journey to get here and will probably be a very long journey to maintain for the rest of my life, but I hope I'll be able to do it!

No. 720213

File: 1611351449359.jpg (132.68 KB, 886x720, tbird.jpg)

No. 720551

It was my bf's birthday today and everything I planned for him worked out! We are both home together most of the time these days but I managed to time everything as perfect as I could that everything was a surprise.

No. 720632

>>704689 my muse, my hero

No. 720782

I took the test for 911 dispatch today and I think I did well! Even if I don't get the job, I'm proud of myself.

No. 720786

Well done, that sounds cool

No. 720793

that quote was strangely wholesome and uplifting.
rest in peace you skinny legend.

No. 720833

Bought my dogs new tags and toys. They make me happy so I gotta return the favour.

No. 720907

So cute! The snoot and paw balm I bought for my pup came in today, I'm excited to try them out on her. She probably won't be very happy, but I've been noticing her nose has been pretty dry and cracking recently and I'm sure it can't be comfortable. She might hate me but I want her little nose and paws to be nice and moisturized.

No. 720942

Over the years, everytime I wanted to workout regularly, I was obsessed with losing weight and didn't have an actual healthy motive behind it so I didn't have discipline either and couldn't exercise for more than 10 mins.
Nowadays I started working out just to lose some energy, feel tired, sweat and sleep better at night. Of course I still want to lose some weight that's bothering me but I'm not obsessed about it at all. Mostly I want to be stronger and healthier, I want to be more capable with my body. And I'm loving it, I can keep up. I'm happy anons, I've struggled a lot with enjoying exercise

No. 720952

That's awesome anon, even if you don't lose a lb you'll benefit a tonne from exercise.

My motivation to exercise regularly came from reading up on health outcomes for elderly people. It's by far the most important factor in maintaining mobility and health as you age, and even just going for a daily walk is a huge help. I want to have an awesome, active retirement so that motivation REALLY clicked with me and now I go for a walk every day I don't do my normal exercise. I'm also trying to lose weight but I know that motivation which comes from something deeper than my appearance will keep me exercising regularly even if I don't lose weight. It helps to know it doesn't have to be extremely intense work outs, as long as you keep moving that's the important thing.

No. 721159

My best friend and I finally got to exchange presents and she rebought me an animal crossing tumbler that she also bought me for my birthday in a different print (because I lost the other one…) and also some other cute stuff but ALSO a gold eyeshadow from Pat McGrath!! I’ve always wanted eyeshadow from Pat McGrath but it’s pricey and even if it’s just a single shade, my best friend knows I loooooove gold glittery eyeshadow and this shade is literally perfect and I love it so fucking much. It’s amazing and sooo pigmented. I don’t wear eyeshadow now because lol pandemic but I definitely want to just add a little touch of gold to my eyelids with this… She enjoyed a lot of the things I got her, especially this candle I found in a random knick knack store I wandered into one day, I’m so happy!

No. 721172

Samefag, I got approved and I'm moving in next month! Yay

No. 721446

File: 1611507812804.gif (1.66 MB, 550x359, 09e082b7e5333d2b7c502d07651fa0…)

With all us kids moving out, my parents are downsizing and moving to a smaller, cozier house. Meanwhile, I'm moving into a little place of my own. My mom and I both LOVE home reno and interior design and love showing each other our design ideas for our new homes. Floor tiling, paint colors, furniture, you name it. We even bingewatch HGTV together and daydream. I feel so happy and bubbly being able to bond with her this way, combined with the excitement of having a new place all to myself!

Cheers to my fellow new home/new home seeking anons!

No. 721459

This is very cute. I'm happy for you anon. My mom taught me how to drive by looking at home listings for sale. We would drive to them together. Even now that I'm grown she and I still love to watch HGTV and go look in home stores. She's my best friend.

No. 721464

What a sweet story, thank you for sharing it with me! And HGTV is the best, heh

No. 721499

I realized that I'm not a bad person just because I'm socially awkward.

Sounds simple but it hit me like a train.

No. 721531

I met my best friend through a lolcow friend finder thread, my heart has never been warmer

No. 721539

that's sweet anon, i wish it was still up honestly, sucks that it got drama-filled

No. 721577

I hope I can be like you anons one day soon! I feel like I always have a rocky relationship with exercise, it always devolves into me being concerned with losing weight and looking good and toning my body, even when I try to pick up a sport as a way to exercise without viewing it strictly as exercise. I'm glad you guys found a mindset that works for you! I think it'll take me a while to stop focusing so much on my body image/weight, but I'm hopeful for the day that exercise just becomes something I do for my own long term benefit (like flossing)!

No. 723882

Aww that's sweet anon, glad you and your mom can share that together.

I made a pinterest board for my upcoming move. I usually would just take old furniture or the cheapest furniture because that's all I could do. Now I am trying to find out my personal style and I don't have to compromise for what my roommates want, since it's just me.

No. 724071

I needed a document for something at work and emailed the two women supervisors for guidance, and they both immediately jumped on it, helped me out, and made me feel better about making a (minor, fixable) mistake.
I love women so much I'm so happy that my company sees the hard work they've put in and promoted them, they're both lovely and so deserving of it.
The interaction was purely business and very professional, but after working in a scrote-infested industry, I can communicate openly and in an understanding way with my supervisors.

No. 724590

I have a new hobby anons!! I am getting into embroidery! I bought my first set thingie from Amazon and I am quite wobbly, but I have been enjoying it so far! My nan is wonderful at these kind of things like knitting and cross stitching, she wants to teach me some certain stitch techniques and stuff, but can’t right now because of lockdown. Does anyone else have any hobbies like this or enjoy embroidery?

No. 724682

AYRT, my move made me discover the beauty of Pinterest too, LMAO. Love that for us. I'm going a little wild with tile choices admittedly kek but I've got experience in painting walls/doors so I'm looking forward to that! Good luck with your move!

No. 725270

File: 1611931637651.jpg (78.59 KB, 750x750, 1606930742938.jpg)

After months of severe nerve pain that even morphine couldn't touch, my doctor has referred me on to the chronic pain clinic! I'm probably going to be given a nerve root block which could potentially wipe the pain out for up to three months. I've been crying with relief all morning because I don't remember what it was like to walk and be independent. I might be able to walk soon, nonnies!!!

No. 725929

File: 1611989498396.jpg (368.79 KB, 563x525, e7J0XdL.jpg)

I was looking for content of a rare pair ship that I like but has very little fan-content, just to find out that some girl wrote a couple of one-shots, which were written on my first language, on Wattpad.

I don't know if you'll ever see my post, but keep doing god's work author-chan. ♥

No. 725938

you should reach out to that fanfic writer and show your appreciation!

No. 727331

That's so fucking cool anon, so happy for you ! Please update when you can !

No. 728155

There’s a bad snowstorm in my city but I got to go home from work early. It’s not too bad in my neighborhood, and my mom and I went out to the market to buy some fruit. We threw snowballs at each other and she plopped down in the snow and laughed. We had fun banter and it’s not super cold out (despite the snow). I order rechargable hand warmers for myself and my dad (mom didn’t want one). The snow is gonna be crappy to deal with but I like it because it’s pretty and makes the world feel so peaceful. I’m extra grateful to be able to come home to a warm home. Happy snow day(s) to my fellow northeastern US anons!

No. 728157

So happy for you queen! Can't wait to see you update us

No. 734734

I’ve been doing at least 30 mins of resistance band workouts like 5/6 days a week for the past 2 months and some cardio (whenever there’s not snow on the ground which hasn’t been often) and I’m seeing results!!! I’ve always been really skinny so working out has made me eat more from being active but now I’m seeing food as fuel for these gains and not a necessary evil. Can’t wait for gyms to open back up so I can get into weight training, I’ve always been a cardio only bitch so idk it all seems so attainable! Chase your fitness dreams, anons!

No. 736746

I usually bring food from home for lunch but didn't get to today, so I decide to try ordering food from the 'Food For All' app I downloaded a while back. It's usually restaurants listing leftovers they have that you can buy for a cheaper price, and some restaurants around my work had pick up options midday so I decided to order from a nearby poke place. I ordered a $6 bowl that's regularly worth $12. When I got there, the lady said "there's a lot of poke left, so do you want a larger bowl?" and of course I said yes! She let me pick two choices of fish instead of just one, and gave me sooooo much food! The city I work in is really expensive, so to get so much food for $6 was a steal! The worker preparing my food was super nice too! I'm super happy and my tummy is happy too!

No. 736748

I want to start weight training too, I hope I can be like you anon! I found a 30 minute power yoga workout and want to start doing that in the morning since it's low impact and won't have to make a lot of noise in my apartment so early in the morning (but I still feel like it's pushing my body!). I really want to work out so I can stop feeling so guilty about food and eating lol

No. 737773

File: 1613165399960.jpeg (48.4 KB, 450x450, 563c0077-15ee-4357-9476-0320fd…)

I've been wanting this chair since I saw it on instagram the other week, but it's always out of stock. The other day I saw that it was in stock, but only for pick up at a location that was sort of far from me so I couldn't go pick it up. I had in-stock alerts set up, and it worked once but when it notified me, it was for pick up at that same location sort of far from me… Since then I've been periodically checking the product page and when I happened to refresh just a few minutes ago, it was in stock (didn't even get an in-stock notification email)!! I zipped to buy it and got one of the two left in stock for delivery, and I'm super duper happy and excited for this chair to come in!!!! What amazing luck!! I've been weirdly obsessed with hammock and relaxing in one my whole life, but since I live in an apartment, they aren't really feasible. A lot of other hammock chairs tend to be very expensive too, this one is only $40. Maybe that cost reflects it's craftsmanship, but it has high reviews and at least if it sucks I'll return it and know I don't like it than always wishing for it.

No. 737809

My mom also looked for a hanging one everywhere, now it is on the balcony and she sits in it and my two cats and one neighbor's cat come to all sit in her lap. I hope your chair brings you happiness too

No. 737835

File: 1613169977119.png (1.74 MB, 1256x1304, 1565760496368.png)

It was my mom's birthday today, I cleaned up a little before she came home from her office space, woke up the cats to be there by the door to greet her and I had ordered her fave desserts and her fave weird beers! I had no chances to get her what I wanted to get but she loved the art prints I got her and I'm gonna pay to get them professionally framed locally. Had a nice, cozy night, watched a movie and I wrote her a little stupid poem which she enjoyed, it's nice her bday falls so close to valentines though, you can find so nice cards and flower bouquets!

No. 737837

Your mom is living my dream life! I’m so happy I’m short and like contorting my body into weird curled up positions because I’m ready to cozy up in this hammock chair hehe

Happy birthday to your mom!!! You sound like the sweetest daughter, so happy that she enjoyed your gifts!

No. 737868

She is such a good mom, she deserves the best! Gonna bake a cake tomorrow for valentines, she has a proper 3 day celebration haha

No. 738143

Out of all the cute things you've done the wake up the cats part is the most adorable to me!

No. 738374

absolutely agree. the plans for celebration were cute but the cats made it a surprise party.

No. 739136

File: 1613315835015.jpeg (94.33 KB, 1961x569, image0 (4).jpeg)

I went out for a little Galentines date with one of my best friends last night! We went to a place that had an outdoor set up, with heated private cabins. We ordered a lot of food (one of the servers commented on it when we left lol) but I had a good time and have zero regrets ordering a bunch of food. Everything was so good, and the only thing we didn't finish was desert because it was way too rich for us. I've never done anything for Valentines because I usually don't have a partner, but I'm happy I got to celebrate with a good friend this year!

Rather than being sad and eating my feelings away that I don't have a partner, I'm just happy to have a cute little date with good food and good company. I'm happy for all the love I have in my life, from friends and family. I always think of this post I saw from an anon two years ago, and I never thought I'd ever be in a position where I am just filled with such love and happiness that I have so much to share with them. I'm in no rush to share it with just anyway, and wait patiently for the day I'll meet a wonderful person that I can share it with, and can spend future Valentines days with. I'll always be working on my life and myself, and I hope that my future partner will be a good person to the person I am trying my best to become. Hope all of you farmers have a happy Valentines day!

No. 739820

Reading this made my day anon. I'm so glad you took time to enjoy a moment with a good friend and actually enjoy your food. Great way to celebrate.

No. 740191

My boyfriend just came up to me telling me that my computer makes noises like shooting etc it’s because I have an online game running and he was worried I’m getting attacked. So cute lmao (I’m having an ingame shop open so it was other players doing stuff)

No. 740199

My boss bought the offices a cute Valentines day chocolate set. It has a cool big heart that comes with a hammer so you can smash it open and there's candy inside, and hot cocoa bombs too. My coworker at the office I'm in is vegan, so she just wants to break the heart open for fun and she's letting me have all the hot cocoa bombs. I'm gonna take them home, get my lactose intolerant ass some oat milk, and make some hot cocoa to enjoy.

No. 740256

File: 1613423448683.jpeg (80.93 KB, 693x622, CF960A44-1FC2-4841-AB3E-2180D9…)

It tickles me to think that there’s a massive subset of fanfiction revolving around just comforting and caring for people. Girls are just so caring. I love girls.

No. 740298

this is so cute, i definitely agree

No. 740361

I got my first grown-up music contract today completely unexpectedly! Sometimes I feel big impostor syndrome, so it's nice when people actually "invest" something in me so I have to accept that people who compliment me might not just be doing it for personal gain.

No. 740647

Congratulations! What instrument do you play

No. 741291

I am really into my new hobby of embroidery! For mothers day I have bought a compact mirror and plan to embroider a flower and super glue it to the cover, I will practice much more first though!!

No. 741321

Proud of you, anon!
Embroidery is awesome and so useful for personalization/gifts. It's also really relaxing and easy to do while watching shows or something.

No. 741904


No. 741924


I also feel like I can pay off my 9k private loan off by the end of this year so feels good, man. Thank you government for freezing my federal loans.

No. 742300

FUCK YEAH ANON!!!! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!!! I paid off my student loans just before the worst of the pandemic hit and I’m so fucking grateful that I did and don’t have that shit looming over me. Being debt free is great.

No. 747059

My chair finally arrived after delivery delays due to weather and I’m so happy I could cry. I’m small so I can curl up in it and I’m so fucking comfortable and happy. The delay in delivery worked out in the end because it got delivered just before my off days from work so now I can stay in this hammock for the next two days. Life is great anons, this was a great impulse purchase. My mom wants one now too so now I’ll probably still be stalking the product page to get another one delivered (or hopefully my dad might enjoy it so much that he’ll make the drive for me to pick it up from our closest walmart 40 min away).

No. 747149

File: 1614127334397.gif (637.11 KB, 500x281, hksfjukhs.gif)

I just sloughed off my cc debt. Two years of drowning in interest, gone.

No. 747219

I’m proud of you anon! Being debt free is great! I hope you’ll continue to be debt free for the rest of your life and now be able to put more money away for your future/indulgences!

No. 747415

Thank you!! I actually still have student loans but they're low enough in interest to let me breath. I'm so grateful that this pandemic (stimulus checks, new higher paying job, unemployment money) has gotten me to this point.

No. 749134

File: 1614292406896.jpg (49.89 KB, 567x567, banana.jpg)

I just took a 1kg shit (weighed myself before and after) god i feel so clean and pure now after a nice warm shower! my butthole has been destroyed though

No. 749136

what did you eat to cause such a shit

No. 749140

File: 1614293169699.jpg (478.9 KB, 1280x1920, birth.jpg)

I'm really unsure because i ate how i usually do! i have a small poop every day, it must have been accumulating over time because i randomly gained 1kg for no reason a week or so ago, turns out it was just that huge shit that was amassing inside me!

No. 749179

Nothing beats a good shit. On a slightly related note, once I peed out a pound of liquid and I just thought it was so funny. I happened to weigh myself before and then really had to pee, then out of curiosity weighed myself after and I was down a pound hahaha.

No. 749180

Are you seriously avatarfagging with Tom Cruise

No. 749200

Eww a scientologylet

No. 749437

Had my first therapy appointment since elementary school (I'm almost 30). It was nice to talk to someone completely un-connected from my life so it feels genuine, and she started the session by just diving into a mundane topic and building from there. It was the best hour of my life so far. I'm so grateful I can do this now!

No. 749446

What does this have to do with Tom Cruise? Did your shit look like him

No. 749450

it's almost three months since i stopped using headphones and earbuds, it's been on my new years resolutions for so long and i'm finally doing it.

No. 749474

scroteposting not allowed, tom

No. 749903

No! i just love him
don’t be mean, he’s a qt

No. 750067

File: 1614380816600.jpeg (135.21 KB, 1200x1129, tomboysupremacy.jpeg)

I've recently starting seeing a cute girl.
We hit it off and have another date this weekend. Big plus is she's tomboyish but TERFY too so I don't have walk on eggshells with what I say, or worry about her being genderspecial. Proud gay girl who is hot and butch feels like such a rarity, especially when we clicked so heavily personality wise. Wish me luck anons that things continue going well!

No. 750076

Girrl you hit the jackpot. Good luck anon! Wish it will work out for you

No. 750082


No. 750127

i'm really curious about this anon, what are the health benefits of doing so?

No. 750214

File: 1614399880893.jpg (21.81 KB, 380x462, 20210220_231016.jpg)

i closed on my first place today! despite only living away from family during college (i'm almost 25), i somehow ended up buying a condo because rent around here is way too expensive; it was a stressful process first time around and i'm still a bit nervous about things from here since everything is so unfamiliar, but despite the fact that its somewhat tiny (~700sqft) and needs some work done, i finally have a place of my own and even came out in great shape financial wise. adulting is scary but i'm gonna try to stay positive!

No. 750250

ntayrt but i assume less potential for eardrum damage

No. 750459

File: 1614436887102.jpg (128.01 KB, 500x731, 4c00f63d2d99cbb0e53a9430987a37…)

>when the pain killers finally set in

No. 750555

Hell yeah anon, good for you! I'm so insanely jealous. I love butch girls so much but almost every single would be butch girl is a fakeboi and I'm tired of it lol. I hope you'll stay together for many years to come!!

The idea of buying a home seems so foreign and impossible to me, but I'm so happy for you anon! I hope to own a place one day. I live in a co-op that my parents bought, so it's not technically owning it, but they plan to leave it for me to inherit and it will be the closest thing I will ever have to owning property here in NYC. I get excited thinking of the day that I'll be able to renovate it. I hope you'll get lots of great furniture deals to make your home super nice and cozy!

No. 751465

Good for you, anon! Congratulations!

No. 751818

I'm so fucking happy today.

I'm looking at the blue sky, a beautiful sunny day, feeling the warmth of the sun, the gentle wind, thinking of people I love, making plans with my sister, and just randomly realise I'm no longer depressed. I'm just happy.

Just normal freaking happyyyyyyy. That's all!

No. 751838

I was craving mochi. So I went out to buy some and they taste even better than I remembered!!

No. 751876

Anon, this makes me so happy to read. Being at peace and enjoying the simple wonders of the world is an absolutely beautiful thing and it makes me so happy that you can experience it! It used to feel impossible when you're in the depths of depression, to just be happy with existing and the things around you. It feels so silly and dumb to find peace in things like warming yourself up in the sun, stepping out and being greeted by beautiful weather and a clear blue sky (or cloudy weather if that's your cup of tea), but when you get there, it's amazing. Truly no thoughts, head empty. No intrusive thoughts to ruin my day, just staring out at the world and feeling overwhelming peace and joy at our existence in this world.

I hope you'll be able to experience many, many more of these moments anon! I used to not appreciate them and think "this will be short lived" but that's just a part of life! Other moments of peace will come, and the unsavory parts of life will make those moments of peace all the more welcomed.

No. 752005

I finally figured out how to make the perfect smoothie at home. It feels like the world is my oyster, and it's so silly but I don't even care.

No. 752006

Grats, anon!! Mind sharing? I could use some smoothie tips.

No. 752018

Hand over the goddamn recipe, sweaty

No. 752020

Vanilla yogurt kicks certain fruits up a notch (haven't tried it with Greek yogurt) and I use stevia instead of sugar

No. 752182

File: 1614640283978.jpeg (113.07 KB, 640x640, D7F8AB89-CB42-4960-84AE-8FC138…)

usually have this thread hidden, but i feel so good today for some reason, my spirits are up and i went to my job and actually felt keen on greeting customers, and sounded naturally peppy. for the first time in awhile, i have a day of contentedness

No. 752265

Thank you, kind anon. You described this feeling so perfectly, better than I could. Happiness really is a transient thing, and I used to freak out about happiness going in an instant too.
Right back at you, too! May you have plenty of happy days ahead!

No. 752372

File: 1614664261121.png (1.45 MB, 980x860, e7de0e92c30f402761b9364e27b9f5…)

deleted reddit off my phone 4 hours ago. let's see how long i can keep it up this time.

No. 752399

It's women's history month!

No. 752436

i never really thought of the health benefits but there was a fact i know, that im not sure if its credible or not, but using earbuds and headphones for long duration could potentially damage hearing.

my main reason is that i tend to be more aloof when using headphones, like less outgoing and that i am also less productive with my tasks since i get really invested to listening music or videos. the only time im not wearing one is when im asleep so i spent using it for really long hours which is gross now that i realized.

No. 752446

File: 1614680636486.jpg (62.87 KB, 530x534, 54325654321.jpg)

I started shaving my pcos beard with a straight razor and now I feel like a hot butch cowboy every morning. It makes me a lot less depressed about having a pcos beard in the first place. Also tbh a lot easier than normal razors once you get the hang of.

No. 752487

True especially the over the ear kind of headphones.
I wear mine a lot too and started cleaning it up every 3 days with cotton pads and alcohol because imagine the dirt and bacteria that accumulates there…

No. 752495

Damn anon that's kinda hot

No. 752497

I love that

No. 752501

I love that you feel better about yourself and it sounds cool as hell anon

No. 752510

I had horrible problems with sleep because of stress but finally tried sleeping meds for the first time. I know it's not supposed for long-term use so I'll just use them for a week or so while getting rid of the stressful circumstances. But man, it helps so much! I used to lay awake in bed for hours, all sweaty, my thoughts racing and I couldn't stop them, replaying hurtful stuff that happened to me, being absolutely depressed and sleep deprived the next day. Now I just take one, wait 5 minutes and sleep! Wake up in the morning without any problems feeling rested. What a lifesaver. Absolute magic.

No. 752548

Holy fuuuuck!!! The sunshine and the birds singing and its still cold as shit but it feels warm because everything's not all frozen over and spring is coming and bunnies and my soul has new life!!
I can't fucking wait to go out in the woods and see the little sprouts and pick mustard greens and be a cottage core bitch like hell yes!!

No. 752549

now that you mention it anon, i remember that you can accumulate like thousands (or more) of bacteria for wearing headphone for 6-8 hours, idk if this is true but take my word with a grain of salt.

No. 752585

I found an expensive coat at a local thrift store for a bargain and I’m going to resell it to pay for an art class.

No. 752774

I finally found a torrent of the recently "lost" BotW episode, I can now watch it as much as I want without fearing another copyright strike!

No. 752776

Breath of the Wild episode????

No. 752791

I second >>752776, do you mean BotW? Can we have a link to the torrent or any info about this shit?

No. 752807

Lol no, it's Red Letter Media's Best of the Worst, sorry to let you down girls.

No. 753692

I have a credit limit of 1,000 and months ago, requested to have that increased. It was rejected.

Today I tried again and they just increased it to 4,000!

No. 754133

I got paid a week earlier than usual!! Ordering sushi tonight

No. 756370

File: 1615146105334.jpg (33.38 KB, 356x356, Tumblr_l_1803648058440.jpg)

I view you all as my sisters and I love you girls so much! This is the only place I feel completely comfortable and I am so happy I found this place back when I was a wee male-identified teen years ago. This site has made me be proud of being a woman

No. 756397

This makes me really happy, you go nonny!

No. 756502

I just have to said I'm greatful for anons in /ot/ and /g/ in relationship-related threads. Had some relationship trouble recently and anons just lifted me up and supported me so much. I didn't tell anything to my irl friends because I hate being trashy talking about relationship fights and this site being anonymous makes it even better. People aren't just on your side because they're expected to but actually give neutral advice and support (usually) where it's needed.
Many hugs to you, it's such a small thing but helped me a lot.

No. 756526

I just saw a lesbian couple on my Tik Tok fyp doing a look book of matching/coordinated outfits. It was so lovely.

No. 756530

Their username. Hand it over.

No. 756560

helenanneee ♥

No. 756562

File: 1615159079863.png (3.06 MB, 750x1334, 07813935-F950-495D-8217-F16EE5…)

Same anon but this is my favorite look they did!

No. 756564

Cute! Thank you anon!

No. 756571

File: 1615159697818.jpg (78.49 KB, 1125x1086, 1611342846251.jpg)

I stopped talking to someone who always made me feel less and never cared about me. I'm so proud of myself but I'm afraid I won't last long and talk to them again. Encourage me pleeeease

No. 756573

Don't do it anon! It may be tempting to go back now, but just keep in mind if you go back that will just start the cycle over again. In the long run you will feel so much better that you cut that person off

No. 756580

I cut someone similar off over a year ago and feel great. The amount of emotional turmoil you will save is worth more than any fleeting entertainment they provide. Figure out a strategy for when you’re feeling lonely / vulnerable to stop you from crawling back. You can do it!

No. 756592

God I wish that were me

No. 756594

I love this baking channel so much and I don't even bake. It's just so peaceful and the desserts are gorgeous. I've never been into ASMR but listening to and halfway watching this while drawing is really nice. I'm blissed out over here.

No. 756606

Delete this before they get you anon

No. 756608


No. 756609

Most of the time I'm absent-minded and distracted because of ADHD, but my boyfriend treats me so well. He's always telling me how cool, amazing, and intelligent I am despite me feeling like I'm fumbling over myself and always showing him my flaws. It's like he only sees the best in me, and it's helping me see more of that too. He's the most wonderful man I've ever met, I can tell he genuinely respects me and he's always going out of his way to make me happy. Just being around him makes me feel really warm. He's so sweet and chipper.

My previous exes were nice guys on the outside, but only when it was convenient and easy for them. They also never gave me genuine compliments, but would call me generic stuff like "cute" or "beautiful." I know this part sounds like humblebragging, but it feels like a world of difference when my boyfriend compliments something I did well or what he likes about me besides my appearance. And when he does compliment my appearance it's never generic shit like "u look gud bb", he notices the effort I put into my outfits and hair.

It may not sound like much just from this post, but I feel really lucky to have found him.

No. 756611

We can't use emojis here?

No. 756613

…anon how new are you

No. 756615

Nah. It's one of the rules to promote anonymity. There's a mechanic where you can do hearts if you do # < 3 with no spaces though.

No. 756617

Very new. This is my first time here

No. 756619

Thank you, I'll be careful next time

No. 756620

lmao welcome then. Read the rules lolcow.farm/rules
If you wanna use a heart just do alt + 3. You can't use emojis, but that heart is allowed
Reposted, sorry lol

No. 756627

I just had my family over for a low key lunch/early dinner party and it went really well. Everyone had nice things to say about the food and the 5 hours they were here flew by like it was nothing.
I am inspired to channel my inner domestic goddess and host more dinner parties and get-togethers. Even though my place is "quaint", I can't let that be an excuse to never have people over.
Here's to hosting another event before the beginning of the summer!

No. 756792

File: 1615187548493.jpeg (1.9 MB, 3088x2316, F629CF6B-0145-47CC-93C8-15E432…)

I’m so happy with my platinum hair! Hopefully the is the last time I’ll dye it though, would only need to do touch ups in the next three months and counter my hair dye addiction with purple conditioner.

No. 756891

Watching cartoons with my kid is really just one of my favorite things In the world, sometimes I wish those moments would never end

No. 756894

File: 1615205929312.jpg (249.35 KB, 750x1000, heart cows.jpg)

Happy International Women's day, nonnies! Ily

No. 756899

Aww, that is so cute anon! Today I was watching Moomins and hoped that if I ever have a child, I can watch the show with them.

No. 756904

I watched Moomins with my boy already, honestly we don't just watch anything
A lot of studio ghibli films, some Disney and even some Anime series from the 80's

No. 756927

Is this yours, nonny? If so, looks great!

No. 756935

I believe in you anon, do not talk to them again! It hurts in the beginning, it really does! But after some time as passed (how much, I can't tell you) you will realize that it's such a weight off your shoulders that they are no longer in your life and how much better you are without them. You will find people who love and cherish you, they are out there! That person does not deserve space in your life and does not deserve you. I love you anon, you can do it!

No. 756938

I'm so happy that you found someone like him anon. We all deserve people like this in our lives!

Were you the anon who posted in another thread about how you cooked all the food and were super nervous whether your family would like it or not? If you were, I'm so happy things worked out for you! If not, I'm still happy that they enjoyed the food!

I'm so jealous of you anon! Platinum hair has always been a dream of mine but I don't know if I can ever achieve it and still have hair on my head kek. I'll live vicariously through you!

No. 756969

File: 1615218775986.jpeg (45.55 KB, 580x580, 9A53F98A-9397-4928-B944-017B92…)

I got pet guinea pigs about three months ago and whenever I look at them I just get a really warm fuzzy feeling that i’m taking care of two cute creatures from the moment they were basically born (well I got them when they were three weeks old) and I get to watch them grow and develop their little ‘personalities’ as well as the fact i’m their primary caretaker so they get to know me more. I’ll go to work and then I think about coming home, playing with them and giving them their fresh veggies and it helps me get through the day. it’s been a long time since i’ve had a pet and i’m enjoying it a lot. my boyfriend loves to help out and play with them too so it makes me feel even happier that I have a partner who likes small animals and cares for them. life is going really nicely for me so far and i’ve been a lot happier lately which is something I never expected to happen and I feel like I owe it to my piggies for giving me a reason to keep going when other things in life don’t feel as certain.

No. 757010

My husband bought Ice Cream and Donuts just for me

No. 757012

i'm so happy for you anon! i think i've found the same thing with my boyfriend and i can't believe how lucky i am. it feels really good to be supported and loved. i just need to make sure my foggy ass brain doesn't let me forget that i need to reciprocate just as much!

i really hope everything goes well for you two! i'm rooting for you ♥

No. 757022

I'm so happy when I write my signature on my painting, I made up my own signature so I can write it easily and so it looks legible yet cool and I love writing it, when I do I remember the day I got fed up with writing my name in cursive with a brush and filled out a paper with various ideas until I found it. I mean it's no norman rockwell tier signature but it's mine

No. 757025

Happy international women's day to you too!!!! Love you too ♥

Living the dream anon. Maybe I'll go get myself ice cream and donuts after work today lol.

No. 757043

I really like this thread. Happy international women's day to you all.

No. 757064

File: 1615228719019.png (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 870x756, 1585805756536.png)

I love us! Happy International Womans Day my lovelies

No. 757068

Really weird double tit pair on that creature

No. 757072

I’m going to throw myself in exposure therapy, I’m going to throw myself into losing these 100 lbs, I am going to throw myself into school, I’m going to take care of myself and actually learn that I can be okay. Fuck OCD, fuck childhood trauma, and fuck low self esteem. I can do this.

No. 757083

I was very upset and crying for hours last night and then when I got over it I was thinking "wow other people's pets come to comfort them but my asshole dog never does it for me" and she didn't wander into my room once while I was crying. But this morning she woke up early (she's usually still sleeping when I leave for work and wakes up around the afternoon or when my parents wake up) and was very cute cuddling with me and even ate her breakfast as soon as I put it down. Maybe it was just because she was hungry, but I like to think that she was checking up on me. She brings me so much joy even if she's a tiny little asshole.

No. 757090

File: 1615230853409.gif (2.06 MB, 480x270, 6C186F4F-2194-436A-BC9E-7EF316…)

<3 Happy Int. Women’s Day! I love and appreciate all you anons! Even the grumbling ones who like to infight <3 haha.

No. 757118

File: 1615232784200.jpeg (344.42 KB, 1242x1110, AE7FF779-4BB4-4C69-BAC8-4656AD…)

She’s living the dream that male torso looks hot

No. 757121

Yaaaaas girrrrrl. You definitely can. That's the mindset we need
. You go beautiful love you anon

No. 757124

File: 1615233203849.jpeg (46.22 KB, 622x503, FD0E0443-09C6-46D3-BBB1-CA8738…)

Happy international women’s day to you, queen, and everyone else here today ♥

No. 757125

I bought a diy embroidery mirror kit and made it for my mum for Mother’s Day! I am new to embroidery and have done a few patterns I have bought but I have been enjoying it and I am quite proud of it and I hope she likes it!!!!

No. 757134

She will. You're so sweet anon

No. 757202

I love this post. Give your guinea pigs some extra lettuce or whatever they eat for me

No. 757540

In general I consider myself very unremarkable looking, not hideous, just not someone you'd pass on the street and pay a second thought to. Then during a Zoom art workshop we were paired off and told to draw each other as an exercise. Later when we showed everyone our works, my partner showed her drawing of me and said she paid special attention to my lips because she found them so beautiful. I was genuinely surprised because I didn't like my lips all that much lol! Made me happy for the rest of the day.

No. 757554

I took my gf's virginity last night and it was so, so, so nice. It was my first time with a woman so I was really nervous beforehand, I wanted to make sure she'd have nothing but good memories about it. I ate her out for what seemed like an hour and I almost made her cum but when she was getting close she started squirming and twitching and moaning I lost my rhythm completely because jesus fucking christ how can you stay calm in that situation? But we had a good laugh about it and next time I'll hopefully do better. She's so cute. I'm so happy. After so many shitty relationships with scrotes I finally have the gf of my dreams.

No. 757641

I have a new addition to my plant family!! I bought a basil plant today

No. 757656

File: 1615310216798.jpg (272.26 KB, 1024x680, 1401422790724.jpg)

This will be me in a few weeks, so excited! Pizza everyday, ladies

No. 757665

Mmmm you gota try my stupid poor man's pizza, I put some cheese between toast bread and put it in the waffle maker to toast, and then I put ketchup and basil inside. Sure it doesn't compare to pizza but as I have no oven it's pretty good

No. 757679

shit i have a wafflemaker. Totally trying this next time im drunk/high, thanks for the suggestion ilu anon

No. 757689

omg this sounds so good

No. 757703

I’ve been planning my dream road trip for months now and it’s finally happening next week!! I’m really excited to experience my first journey out into the mountains (as an independent adult at least) and to go hiking with my fiancé! It’s his first time seeing real mountains and camping- I hope he has as much fun as I do! This is a trip I always dreamed of taking as a kid and teen, so it’s really fulfilling to finally be able to go. I’ve been stuck in a tiny Midwest town for way too long! Let’s goooo spring break!

No. 757721

You're living my dream anon! I hope I can be in your shoes one day, I want to go camping and hiking so bad! None of my friends really want to go with me so maybe a solo trip kek

No. 758119

File: 1615347947512.gif (2.1 MB, 402x484, E12F0A9B-76E9-4081-9538-1C29C1…)

I feel really glad anons, not much of a reason. I love everyone right now. Ok so I'm a little affected by medication but still. Anyway, I have this energy beneath my skin so I am listening to music, walking around my room a little, and dancing even though it's silly. I don't really know how to dance hmmmm

No. 758121

Have fun nonny!
Love you

No. 758124

Thanks I love you too please have a great day/night/life!

No. 758139

Nice, I'm happy for you!

No. 758158

Thanks sweet anon! Okay I will stop clogging the thread now hahaha

No. 758176

Keep on vibin' anon!! I love you!!!

No. 758232

A weeb girl mutual on Twitter just retweeted straight out terf material regarding the French feminist protests and I couldn't be prouder, I'm so happy to see people like us exist in the wild.

No. 758243

I'm a huge tomboy (flat chest, inverted triangle body and people even misteked me for a man when I used to have short hair despite being cis) but for once I actually feel feminine. Idk what finally clicked in my brain but it's a nice not to feel inferior when I'm with other women.

No. 758270

I wish I could follow more French weebs on twitter who arent TRAs or fakebois. I won't ask you for a link if that's too personal though.

No. 758346

This reminds me there was a weeby girl I ran into who was mutuals with a TRA friend of mine, and she was liking Magdalen Berns tweets and making subtle TERFy statuses about Chelsea Manning when they were more popular on social media. I wish I followed her, I was too shy to get caught, but I want to now.

No. 758485

I toasted some whole wheat bread and put some butter on it and I'm so happy because I've been wanting to eat buttered toast for like two weeks now. It's so delicious, I love simple foods so much.

No. 758493

You are not inferior and as feminine as someone can be since you are a woman. You can dress however you want and I'm sure you look awesome and beautiful in your personal tomboy style. You have no reason to feel inferior.

No. 758679

Today I undressed to take a shower and caught a glance of myself. You know when you look in a certain direction where you don't expect to see a mirror, and you think your reflection is someone else for a split second? That happened to me, and my first thought literally was "Damn, her titties look good". Mind you, ever since mine grew in at age 11, they were always saggy, and I was extremely self-conscious about them and hated them ever since. They were probably a big reason I had my trans phase, too. But today I thought they looked sexy as hell, and in retrospect really berated myself for thinking otherwise. They seemed not even 'sexy' at that moment, but clasically beautiful, like of a Greek marble statue of a woman.
Love your boobs, anons!!

No. 759311

I'm so happy you are happy about yourself. I felt similar today. I put on such a cute outfit, I wish I could show you all. I have this tunic/dress that looks like something a witch would wear, but a cute young witch not an old evil one.
Also I learned that if you cut stockings into socks that they will not slide down if you wear another pair of stockings under them. I cut up a pair because they had holes and were short and now I have socks

No. 759687

File: 1615535615053.jpg (2.78 MB, 4032x3024, 20210310_164602.jpg)

Feeling much better after a breakup! Had one last interaction with him and really found out it would be a constant stress for me to be with him. I don't have to regret a thing. I feel much lighter, while still a bit lonely, I feel like I'm turning a new page in my life. And while it might be childish, I love how it's spring right now. It really feels like new beginnings are all around me and I love it. Days are getting longer and brighter, it's warm enough for long walks outside and flowers are starting to bloom.

No. 759837

Loving this for you anon! I hope one day you will find a partner that will have love for you that is never ending and boundless, but for now I hope that you'll have that love for yourself. The spring weather is so beautiful and lovely, like to think of the warmth that's coming as the universe giving me a nice warm hug as I venture out after staying in for so long because of the winter.

No. 759840

I'm happy my parents (as well as the entire rest of my family) are weebs, too. If you excuse me, I'll be watching the new Inuyasha series with my mother now.

No. 759847

This is so cute but good luck anon. I love Inuyasha and was really excited for the new series but it's uhh… something to say the least lol.

No. 759854

I went to go visit my mom’s grave last week, and someone had randomly put a beautiful fresh bouquet of flowers on her headstone! I can’t stop thinking about it. It makes me so happy that someone else out there is thinking of her too, and I wonder who it could’ve been…

No. 759855

this is so sweet

No. 760268

Saw that my mom was out at work today so I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some food to cook for dinner. I started cleaning as soon as I came home, got dinner started (easy oven roasted recipe) after vacuuming, left food to cook while mopping, and got dinner out kind of late but still felt super accomplished at the end! I asked my cousin to buy strawberries when he was coming home because I only saw them as I was leaving and didn’t want to go back so I got to eat yummy strawberries for dessert. I also did a night time yoga stretch for lower back pain since my lower back had been starting to bother me. I wanted to do a take home test that a company I applied to sent me but didn’t have the time, but tomorrow I don’t have to cook or clean so I’ll do it then! Tonight was a super productive night and I’m well worn out, I’m going to snuggle up in bed and enjoy my sleep tonight. Good night anons, love you ♥

No. 760269

So happy for you anon! You worked hard, have a good night!

No. 761790

My bfs new doggy jumped into the bed to sleep next to me

No. 761842

I bought a yellow coat today. I used to be very scared of colors and I would only dress in black and grey, but today I finally bought a yellow coat and I know it's stupid but I feel so damn powerful! Like I'm leaving the scared, traumatized me behind.

No. 761848

I've been psyching myself out about making more friends for ages and thinking I'm worthless and unlovable. Was also concerned I wouldn't really connect with anyone. I've been talking with several women on Bumble BFF and met with 3 of them this month. All turned out well, we had fun times and we're still talking now. Who knows if they'll last, but it makes me really happy to know other women like me and that I can still make friends if I put the effort in.

No. 762313

I love friendships where you know each other for a while but you don't actually become friends until a certain event happens that brings you closer together.
There was a girl who was on my sports team in college and we never really spoke, but after college we were at the same party, started talking, and really hit it off from there. Now she's one of my best friends.

No. 763735

File: 1616016336289.png (273.94 KB, 630x428, kaufam bar.PNG)

I'm so hyped, my bf got picrel a few weeks ago and even though I'm not strong enough to do a real chin up, just hanging from it and doing stuff like pointing my toes and bringing my knees to my chest has already resulted in my legs and butt looking more trim, my abs firming up, and for the first time in my life I have some muscle definition in my back. My horrible posture has also improved dramatically, like I don't feel the scoliosis constantly pressing my spine into a curve anymore. This thing just speaks to my ADHD monke brain in a way that regular exercise doesn't. I'm sort of addicted to it.

No. 763772

File: 1616020950315.png (426.71 KB, 1011x921, heart.png)

if ur reading this, u r cute!

No. 763774

I looked at my bank account and I have a very comfortable amount of money in there. Even outside of the money I've set aside from emergencies, I have a comfortable amount in my checkings. I'm gonna start investing some of it soon! I don't want to be a finance bro or want to try to become super rich off of it, I just want to give my future self a small helping hand.

You are too!! ♥

No. 763776

Omg this is awesome, I want one too! I hope your scoliosis improves even more, Anon, and that one day you can do a real chin up. Cheers!

No. 763777

How did you know! You too, b

No. 763782

u2 qt ♥

No. 763783

You are too I love you

No. 763805

I took a risk 2 years ago changing my field of work and its finally paying off. I actually feel like a successful, established adult.

No. 764237

I got my first vaccine shot today! It was at a convention center in my city that I usually only go to for anime cons, so it felt very weird going in there and not seeing big anime tiddy banners being hung from the ceiling haha. The weather is chilly and cloudy, which is how it normally feels when I come here for a con… Getting through was super quick, which was great because I know my mom had to wait 1+ hours to get her shot here. While I was sitting in the observation area, they had volunteers playing music and they played a cover of Viva La Vida which is, for whatever reason, one of my favorite songs and reminds me of Code Geass because of this one amv I watched over 10 years ago. Just weird vibes but I’m happy I got my first vaccine dose! A lot of people around me are rightfully wary, but I figure that if the vaccine doesn’t take me out, then covid will. I took a detour before going home to pick up some specialty flavored pancakes from a restaurant thats doing different flavors every few days for the month of March and I’m soooo excited to get home and eat them!

No. 764384

File: 1616101262946.jpg (9.09 KB, 348x145, images.jpg)

Thank you anon for making Helpful Caps thread! >>764364 Such a great idea, ILY.

No. 764421

Thank you so much! You made my day ♥ I hope we can all gather the vast farmer knowledge for the common good! I'm digging through my phone looking for old caps. I have too many saved, though some of them may be interesting only to me

No. 764562

I have been on a weight loss jOuRnEy and have been weighing myself almost daily but haven’t been as eager to measure my waist, but just now I measured and have lost 10 cm in four months! I wanna get the measurement tomorrow morning on an empty stomach, maybe not as close to my period like today but this gave me confidence to keep this up. Still have a long way to go with my actually fat ass but yeeees

No. 765433

Had an absolutely lovely day today, and bought a friend some things. Feeling really happy!

No. 765445

everything about this sounds so nice anon, I'm a little wary about the vaccines but your day sounds really cozy and I hope you're doing good still.

No. 765456

I love you anons very much. If you all were my friends, I'd lend you a room or money if you needed it. If you were sad, I'd try to comfort you the best I can. I'd try to give you advice, and I'd punch any scrotes that mistreated you. You all are so nice

No. 765516

Proud of you anon! Changing eating and exercise habits is not easy at all, but you're out here winning. 10 cm in four months is incredible. I hope that you get the results you're aiming for. You're inspiring me to take better care of myself, too.

No. 765607

I gave my resignation letter yesterday at work, I'm finally leaving retail for my first big girl job!

No. 765624

yes!!!! im happy for you anon, i hope all goes well

No. 765629

File: 1616258338607.gif (1000.37 KB, 500x270, 1393280974818.gif)

Hugs and kisses, bitch, I love you too
Yeeees get that cheddar

No. 765630

Thank you anon!! The pancakes were super yummy and thankfully I didn't have many side effects from the vaccine besides some arm soreness and a headache here and there!

Hell yeah anon!!! Leaving retail was the best thing I did for my mental health. I hope you'll do well at your new job!!

No. 765637

File: 1616259297509.gif (400.67 KB, 400x300, 1578305774458.gif)

I got a notification at work and I think the irs just sent me a check with the additional refund for the unemployment tax. Money just keeps falling into my lap right now!! The unemployment last year giving me twice my last salary, the stimulus checks, my new job paying a dollar more, and now this. The pandemic really sucks but it gave me the chance to pull out of working grind hell.

My job recently sent an email reminding me of the 70hrs (10 days of PTO) I still have left and since I got promoted I'll have 160 (23 days!!) in July to spend on my first real vacation ever.

No. 765645

so glad things are going so well for you! that all sounds great.. trying to invest some of that luck myself!!

this thread's given me lots of motivation to finally start applying for jobs again since covid, love y'all <3

No. 765655

Time to treat yourself anon!!!!!

I wish you the best of luck on your job hunt! I'm about to start up again and it's sucky and draining but remember that rejections are not a reflection on you! I'm sure you're a hard worker, I hope you'll find an employer who will be able to see that in you!

No. 765661

I didn't really have anything I wanted to buy with my burgerbucks and I'm on a 'no buying clothes' self ban but I think I'm gonna go out fabric shopping on my next day off and buy myself some linen and make myself a new dress for the spring. Mood has so many good free patterns and I've been itching to sew again!

No. 766107

I love my friends! They mean the world to me, and spending time with them helps so much with my self-esteem. It’s crazy to think I’d find myself in loving, genuine friendships after all the shit I’ve had to overcome, but here I am! One of my friends is meeting me after work tomorrow and I’m really excited!

Also, I don’t know how nonnies on here feel about religion but like, God? Pretty cool. That’s all I’m gonna say to avoid any arguments lmao.

No. 767066

File: 1616416031247.jpg (28.06 KB, 264x400, 9781529014495.jpg)

Got bitten by the reading bug again; just ordered 3 books I've been wanting to read since forever and I can't wait to get them!

Yes girl!!! I love sewing too and linen is my favorite. Have fun and good luck on your next project!

No. 767074

I absolutely love Ted Chiang! If you like clever and emotional mature sci-fi you're gonna have a blast. I cannot recommend all of his books enough, I love them so so much

No. 767086

Omg yes anon! I actually first read his "Stories of Your Life and Others" and was floored, which is why I've been wanting to read "Exhalation" ever since. Thanks for the vote of confidence, I'm more excited now!

No. 767440

File: 1616451800761.jpg (57.35 KB, 510x386, ff6569a7c9289d6bfff9d7598dc5b3…)

I made a profile on Spacehey (new myspace clone) and it's fun to look at people's profiles. There's lots of identical scene kids though. But there are some interesting people too. I found a blog post by a girl whining about being reprimanded for not following the dress code and I felt so happy, like it's not just a copy of myspace, it's the real new myspace, the place for teens to whine and paste photos. I hope I can find likeminded people

No. 767632

File: 1616472646442.jpeg (348.22 KB, 1433x1391, 24F2575B-EAD5-40FB-B946-3DE7CA…)

I hope you all have a nice week nonnies, remember good things are coming. I have a good feeling for all of us. My day was not perfect but it was good enough and I'm grateful to the ones who made it better. Life moves on and you can really be surprised when it gets easier

No. 767636

oh my god im actually obsessed with spacehey. no one i know wants to make one even though i keep going on about it smh

No. 767657

Thanks for making me aware of Spacehey omg, I had no idea about it. This is fantastic lol!

No. 767665

I wanna make a profile for fun but I dont have any friends

No. 767683

i got cool pants and they look great on me. 10/10

No. 767774

My friends are all normies, they wouldn't be interested! At least I can be autistic in peace without them
Just add random people whose profiles you like, that's what I'm doing. It is really fun
I wish we could add each other but I don't wanna say who I am kek

What kind of pants? I am happy for you. I watched the linked video yesterday again and I want a pair of pants like those

No. 768029

File: 1616532407416.jpg (361.87 KB, 1120x747, a9p4cowfbjihbfpos8j8.jpg)

I was able to visit a farm last weekend, it was so wholesome and nice, I got to pet some shy cows, harvest fruit and play with an affectionate barn cat and farm dog.

It was a nice change of pace

No. 768909

I was able to find some lovely linen on sale for $10/yd!! I bought two yards of a looovely gold and another two yards of black because why not lol. So excited to make myself new dresses for the spring!

No. 769000

I think I'm curing my bulimia. My throat no longer hurts 24/7, I look way more rested and I no longer have a shameful drawer full of junk to binge and purge. I opened my fridge and it looks so nice full of colorful vegetables and healthy food. I'm sitting here eating a chicken salad and I can take my sweet time instead of rushing to purge it. Feeling like a cool mature adult who has her shit together.

No. 769494

I can solve hard sudoku puzzles now. Feels smug.

No. 769500

good job anon i am so proud of you and wish you the best on your recovery. fuck eds

No. 769527

Awesome I envy your skillz

No. 772108

I'm about to do the bravest thing I wanted to do it for 1 year exactly but I never had the courage. I need some encouragement and positive talking to do it tho. I will appreciate it

No. 772119

What is it? You can't just tell us about wanting to do something brave and not saying what it is!

No. 772122

You can do it nonnie! Seems like you're ready for it and will do good

No. 772166

You can do it anon I am rooting for you!

No. 772215

File: 1617052082584.jpg (47.66 KB, 640x360, CBD-anxiety.jpg)

I feel like CBD oil is saving my life right now. I've been struggling with meds for so long but literally nothing has worked as good as CBD does. I haven't felt this calm and ready to tackle my issues in over two years.
I feel like things are finally about to get better for me.

No. 772712

today i’m starting to work at my lifelong dream again after letting go of it when i hit my 20s. i’m so excited! even if this never goes anywhere as a career, i feel like i’m going back to being a real human, and it’s wonderful. love you all!

No. 772720

That sounds fantastic, anon, proud of you!!

No. 772943

I did yoga today and now my butt is firm and round lol I can't stop touching it

No. 773079

After being a long time lc lurker, I finally started posting and having a community of women made me realize how important it is. Plus lc helped me peak kek. I'm so glad I found lc, I mostly post on /ot /m and /g. So its nice to have a place to ask questions and have people answer them without scrotes inserting their opinion. Thanks jannies for always clearing the cp. And thanks to all the farmers who answer questions, give advice, and shitpost.

No. 773202

Finally move into my first apartment tomorrow I'm very nervous and excited! I had small set back because some scrote hit my car. Still pissed about it but I also just got a nice deal on some bedding I've been lusting after for a couple weeks.

No. 773207

Congrats anon! Having my own apartment is one of my goals. Must be super exciting to get to decorate it and everything!

No. 773216

I bought an electric toothbrush and it's coming tomorrow, I'm super excited. I also saved $20 because I found out the kid's version is the exact same thing except it has a decal on it. Paying less money for the same toothbrush but it looks slightly cuter? Sounds like a good deal to me.

No. 773229

I got about 12 inches of hair cut off and I’ve never felt so pretty in my life. I thought I would end up being regretful but I’m more confident than I’ve been in years. I wish I’d done this sooner

No. 773235

Happy for you anon, how short did you go? I got my hair cut shoulder length and felt the exact same way.

No. 773241

Nice! I love when there's a discount. I've been browsing electric toothbrushes and waterpicks and looking for the best bang for my $.

No. 773251

Thanks! I went just a little above my shoulders. My hair was way too long

No. 773272

The electric toothbrush market is so overwhelming, I spent days reading reviews. I'll admit that I almost went with one of the newest high end Sonicare toothbrushes because I thought it charging in the glass cup through inductive charging looked cool as hell, but I would accidentally knock that shit off the counter so fast lol. I'm really happy with the brush I settled on, just a simple two modes with a pressure sensor and internal timer. The kids version also comes with one more extra brush head compared to the adult one I think. My family has a waterpick but it makes my mouth so uncomfortable with how ticklish it is so I'll just stick with regular floss.

No. 773569

some anons on here have been really kind to me when they could've just ignored my posts and i think it's so lovely. there's a few posts where i've vented or shared insecurities or worries i've had, and another anon will step in and tell me that she's been through the same thing or she knows somebody else who went through the same thing and everything turned out okay so i shouldn't worry. it's pretty goofy but i really appreciate it, and it feels a bit like getting advice and a nice hug from an older sister or cousin i never had. i hope nonnies who do stuff like this on here have good days, they deserve it ♥

No. 773911

I dyed my hair darker to a nice blood red and it's finally mid-back length (I fried it so bad with bleach and heat in high school, It fell out and I quite literally almost went bald and have been recovering ever since kek) I can't wait to grow it out even longer, I love having long hair

No. 774012

File: 1617248878372.gif (878.58 KB, 300x167, 1391643937039.gif)

I feel the same way, nonny

No. 774120

File: 1617270328689.png (687.35 KB, 640x791, 5935E6B1-F2FF-4D3D-A81F-841862…)

I just need to gush, this week has been excellent and I’m both proud of myself and grateful for the time and place in my life I’m living through right now. Today I responded to a dilemma I’ve been avoiding facing in a way that showed my growth and maturity, and this week when fate (if you believe in such a concept) was tempting me to be cruel to myself or compromise my morals to please both people I want to, I held my ground and politely navigated my way through the interaction without myself or anyone getting their feelings hurt or misunderstood. The metaphorical icing on my really great week-cake is that my gf and I talked about gender for the first time in a long time and found we have more in common than we thought in the sense that we both were afraid to bring it up to the other and relieved to find we had so much common ground, plus I love hearing her talk her voice is so soothing and she’s so intelligent so it was a really good interaction. Earlier today before talking to her I was lurking terf-tok on another really smart woman’s profile and just watched tra’s have meltdowns for tdov, she’s so clever it makes me feel dumb in the best way, like in a way where I learn something. I’m excited to feel like I can talk to people with more ease than previously, and learn from more women. Pls no bully or ban for talking about dumb gendercrit stuff I just feel like the last few days things have been getting better for the first time in years and I’ve been gentler and more open with myself, thank you to anyone who reads this.

No. 775152

File: 1617416560933.jpg (1.05 MB, 2000x2000, vHLf9po.jpg)

Hello anons, a few things had happened that had made me reflect on a lot of aspects of my life. I finally decided to just be more open about my feelings and try to change for the better.

I'm finally going to be honest to my crush on Discord. No more stalking, no more secrets, nothing. Just an actual conversation face to face for once. I don't know if he is going to accept my feelings, but I don't mind anymore. I just want both of us to be happy, and if that means that we should find a different person for each other, I understand.

Anyways, wish me luck anons. Whatever the result is now, at least he and I made each other happy for a while.

No. 775153

Good luck anon

No. 775156

Johan discord stalker anon? kek good luck

No. 775157

File: 1617417411378.jpg (58.28 KB, 360x524, a8c864edcb8d7522e52c4c60b849de…)

I like when my dad wakes up at dawn, prays and then upload a "good morning" whatsapp statue every day. And then I find a cute "good morning " text from my mom and aunt. May God bless them all .

No. 775404

Everything at my work place got cancelled today and the phones are dead on the weekend so I'm just chilling out at work today. Maybe it kind of sucks to have to come to work, but I've locked the front door and am gonna curl up in my chair and watch youtube videos on my work computer's huge screen (I only have a 14" laptop at home). My coworker ordered lunch yesterday and they fucked up the order so they refunded her but let her keep the food and she shared the huge order with me so now I have a free lunch for today kek.

No. 775409

Live it, love it.

No. 775570

i love that you love this quiet environment. enjoy it, anon! you deserve it.

my job is regularly like this on weekends. i work overnights and my busy work only takes at most 2 hours to complete, so i have 6 hours of free time throughout my shift. on weekdays i get 4-5 hours of free time, it's still a great environment. i sometimes sneak in an hour or two of sleep lol. my supervisor is laxed about it since he's been in my position for a few years. majority of the time i just play video games or read books. at one point i was doing comissions for my friends, so i was basically getting paid on top of getting paid, but i got tired of hauling in my laptop and drawing tablet. my laptop has turned to shit, so that's out of the question for now.

No. 776237

Thanks anon! When I started here, I purposely asked to have two consecutive weekdays off in exchange for working weekends. Having weekends off was the holy grail when I worked retail, but when you work an office job, working weekends is the new holy grail. So slow, it feels like I'm barely at work lol. I feel like I only work 3 days instead of a full 5. I feel like I should be more productive but I usually end up catching up on threads here haha

No. 776623

I've been suffering from migraines since I was 11 and for the first time in my life I've actually had a doctor take them seriously and not act like I'm having minor headaches. And surprisingly it's my psychiatrist. So not only is my depression clearing, it looks like my migraines may become less frequent as well. I feel very optimistic and very happy that I'm being taken seriously.

No. 776711

Writing smut makes me so happy lol. I usually have a story running in my head all the time but never wrote any of it out. I still get kudos on an original work I posted a while back, but I cringe when I read it lol. I don't want to take it down though, because I know how it feels to have a fic you like taken down without word. I posted it anonymously so it doesn't really matter whether I keep up a piece of cringey writing or not heh. I never expected people to like it but people have commented such nice things about wanting more of my characters and enjoying their dynamic, and even asking if I would post off anon so they could follow me… I can't believe it! I think I have a long ways to go with my writing, but writing dumb love stories was always a favorite pastime of mine when I was growing up and it feels so validating to know others enjoy the dumb shit brewing in my head.

No. 777472

group hug

No. 777519

In November I'm going to become an Auntie. I'm hype cause I can hang out and give presents to the kid and not be its main caregiver.

No. 777528

No fucking way. Me too! I just found out this weekend. Slutty slutty siblings.

No. 777584

File: 1617752859052.jpg (60.5 KB, 383x604, 1615254099599.jpg)

I feel so beautiful and sexy tonight I will definitely take some beautiful pictures tomorrow as I'm feeling my best. It's been awhile since I felt this way.

No. 777609

I love writing smut too. I'm thinking of writing out an entire detailed fantasy of mine, removing the sex scenes, and publishing it as an edgy story about a woman and her cannibal "lover"

No. 777902

My exact same dream lol, especially now that my sister just got married. Congrats anon, I'm sure you'll be a great auntie!

No. 778339

Went from paying $120 a month for health insurance to $10. Not the best plan, but I'm relatively healthy and don't need visits that often to begin with. I'm just happy to be insured again. The drop in price for my premium is a small victory, but one I'll happily accept.

No. 778740

I spent all day yesterday bleaching my hair out of stress and it actually turned out great. I used a box dye medium ash blonde to tone it and I love it. I didn't expect to like it, I feel confident for the first time in a long time. My family also gave me some compliments which is rare. I think my favorite part is that I didn't lose any length and my ends aren't crispy.

No. 778800

Bold of you to do it, I'd probably be too worried it will turn out badly! Glad it worked out for you perfectly, having a successful makeover, even if small, is such a confidence boost

No. 778810

I made blueberry jam from this super easy recipe and now I will probably never ever buy jam again. I think for my best friends birthday I want to try making her citrus jams because we both love citrus fruit. I used to buy lemon jam when I loved abroad but it’s really hard to find here in the states for some reason, so I’d love to make her some!

No. 778982

just helped sell a 10mil painting and am very happy about it

No. 778988

Lost 15kg this year!

No. 779003

File: 1617931005907.jpg (497.23 KB, 1078x809, SmartSelect_20210408-211412_Ga…)

I cried a little. I haven't worked out in a year, gained a ton of weight and this was a struggle but I pushed myself to do 30 minutes even though my body was begging for me to stop.

No. 779006

bless you, anon. keep it up. we've all had a year.

No. 779315

File: 1617974539954.jpg (11.27 KB, 275x275, 1570392586727.jpg)

I think other women are so pretty. I love women so much. The eyes, the lips, the hair, the voices. The way women dress, the way they move. I love how women talk, I love the warm feeling they give me when I become friends with them and get to know them and listen to them. Even the ones I don't get along with are such a strong and interesting individuals. I don't know if I actually am into women romantically or just appreciate them a lot for existing but I can't help but be drawn to them. Women are just so nice.

No. 779411

Keep it up anon!!! I believe in you!

No. 779592

File: 1617995544029.jpg (79.01 KB, 564x708, c62dee6ffa6d890550cbf2b5e33bd7…)

Thank you to all the farmers who convinced me to cut my hair really short, it looks great! I'm finally embracing the comfy butch inside of me.

bitch, same

No. 779604

I remember you! I bet you look so cute with the new do!
Same, women are my absolute fave

No. 779607

I have come here as the the dumbass shit thread is negative with infighting, I want some positivity, my cat is curled up next to me snoring softly.

No. 779611

File: 1617996761174.jpg (79.58 KB, 750x750, 1617884600805.jpg)

thank you anon!

please, post pic of your cat

No. 779613

My professors this quarter are all really cool, kind, fiercely intelligent ladies and it makes me so happy to see strong women like them in higher education where not so long ago we wouldn't have even been permitted to learn at uni. I really respect them and have found they tend to support their students more openly and eagerly than the male profs I've had. Not that the men have been mean, just a bit more into hearing their own voices over encouraging their students to find theirs.

No. 779614

File: 1617996971639.jpeg (3 MB, 4032x3024, DA571EC7-0EF6-401D-B61D-9C8456…)

Here you go nonnie!

No. 779615

I got layers and now I can't do braids or buns anymore. whoops
holy shit i think i'm in love. i guess my ideal male is a female

No. 779643

So cute! What a great cat!

No. 779690

aaw what a cutie!!

No. 779692

Thank you! His name is Bear!

No. 780201

File: 1618061959969.jpg (27.46 KB, 564x282, 4cdbb40a9862748257f74b57adabb7…)

I'm a year foundation-free.

No. 780555

File: 1618095446522.jpg (41.05 KB, 500x422, 53d41da42788ddafea4f96e0d50e84…)

There's a spot in my yard (outside my bedroom window) where the violets always bloom white, and it's magical.

No. 781058

I'm enjoying cooking these days, it really helps me with spending time instead of mindless scrolling for hours. It also satisfying when I hear the feedback. Also it keeps me busy from thinking of stuff that upset me

No. 781061


No. 781092

My aunt has violets like these and also pure white ones and normal purple ones I love them

No. 781145

I'm experimenting with different cookie recipes and it's really enjoyable. So far I've made chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, and plain sugar cookies.

No. 781151

Looked at my bare butt in the mirror (was checking on some dry skin) and wow I have such a cute ass.

No. 782700

I love stroking the top of my cats paw, it is so soft and relaxes me, it makes us both sleepy. I love him. >>779614 This is him kek

No. 782713

He looks stupid. I love him.

No. 782760

I love all of you Bear posting, anon!

No. 782764

File: 1618320486952.jpeg (4.12 MB, 5152x3864, 6A81D6E3-D128-4939-9A5B-1B4A2E…)

This is for you anon!

No. 782787

File: 1618323306220.jpg (17.03 KB, 564x515, mewheniseebear.jpg)

thank you nonnie!

No. 784282

I baked some dorayakis today, they are pretty good and not that bad looking either. They are super easy to make also!

No. 784287

Imagine you get invited to a coworker place and see this cat, would you reveal you recognize her from LC?

No. 784290

Idk it's hard to distinguish cats from each other, especially from just a few photos

No. 784922

Yesterday was grooming day for my dog. I bought new hair shears just for her because we've never taken her to the groomers before and I think it might stress her out too much to start now (she's very old). I only wanted to trim her butt for sanitary reasons and I think I did a decent job! Her butt looks so funny and cute now when she walks, and I trimmed some fur on her front legs that tends to drag on the ground and get dirty very easily too. She didn't fuss too much when I trimmed her nails and also got a bath. Now she is a clean puppy, ready for all the snuggles.

No. 785137

File: 1618615932095.jpg (31.38 KB, 466x384, 8b492ac3593887cf087a5b0e34b9a2…)

I felt very lonely yesterday because it was my day off and no one else was home, so I decided to check out the arcade. I was coming home from the dollar store, so I said fuck it, let's do another stop. That was a really fun hour. It didn't cost much either, I bought a points card for $20, and I only went through barely half of the credits, so $10 an hour is not bad at all. I'm gonna go back with my boyfriend soon.

No. 785144

Hell yeah! I used to frequent arcades/game centers a lot when I studied abroad in Japan and they were so much fun. I did sink a lot of money and arguably developed a borderline addiction to them because of depression, but I have a lot of fond memories of having fun by myself. My friends would sometimes see me glance at an arcade and suggest we go in because they knew I liked them too, and playing games with friends and then doing photobooths was always the best! I miss arcades so much, there's almost none in my city.

No. 785476

File: 1618670752198.jpg (31.46 KB, 800x800, yummy-hand-drawn-illustration-…)

I went to the market and bought all the yummy stuff I'm craving. I can't wait till I break my fast and enjoy them. Life is good.

No. 785544

Yes, I would ask for her pawtograph

No. 785605

my grandma paid off my mother's £8,110 ($12k) debt to me, so now she doesnt have to work 14 hour days to try and pay me back.

i just got a job for £20.60 an hour teaching swimming at a private school.

>inb4 i fail my PGCE and bf leaves me for ugloid ex gf which will defintiely never happen cuz im a big girl n i got this!!!


No. 785874

partner and i said "i love you" for the first time months ago but every time it still makes me so happy! today they said "i love you" and kissed my forehead before they left n im still smiling

No. 785876

No. 786975

I drew today and that's a big deal for me since I stopped drawing and painting when I started taking my writing seriously. (I thought I couldn't do both which is dumb but I'm starting again now so now judging myself!!)

I just now have felt like I've got room in my life and enough love for visual arts again and I kinda want to try and draw a comic at some point. I'm just so excited about all the possibilities, the world is my oyster!

No. 786977

i’m thinking of doing a pgce after i get my degree, would you recommend it anon?

No. 786980

Congrats, anon!!
I hope you get to draw that comic! I also feel similarly, I thought I didn’t have time to draw anymore but that’s not true. I can do it if I really wanted to. So ready to make more progress in my art!

No. 786982

I had to get checked at the hospital today (everything is alright) and every single person I came in contact with was a woman. From the entrance security check for covid, to the nurses who did the ecg and drew blood to the two doctors who asked me stuff and explained everything to me. Amazing. I love women. You ladies are amazing and unknowingly brighten some sister's day just by existing!

No. 787026

When my girlfriend was younger she had this stuffed toy that her grandmother made her, and at some point it was lost when she moved as a kid, and she was drawing pictures of it when we were drinking the other day and telling me about how she used to sleep with it all the time, make up stories about it to play and stuff.
Well, I just commissioned someone online to make it based off some of the pictures. Obviously it won't be the same, but I'm still excited for when it's ready and I can give it to her!

No. 787036

Where can I find a thoughtful girlfriend like you?

No. 787074

Anon this is so unbelievably sweet! I really hope she enjoys it!

No. 787080

never realized that i was pretty lucky on this but now im thankful i dont get PMS. i get bloated at most. my ex gf would get really bad PMS in every sense of it and suffered so much. and then she would get cramps so bad and at times needed pills because of how bad the pain was. my best friend also gets PMS so bad she cries about everything non stop. a close friend just kinda dies during her PMS because of the pain and fatigue.

my mom, my sister and i dont really get PMS symptoms. feels good. thanks god

No. 787108

When I first hit puberty I had terribly heavy periods with the worst cramps. On the worst days I'd be overwhelmed with nausea and overheating. Then as I grew older the worst of the cramps and nausea subsided, until my dumb scrote obgyn gave me the patch for birth control (fuck him but that's a different post). My cramps came back and it sucked. I got a new obgyn who agreed to let me have the IUD (which is what I've always wanted) and now not only am I cramp and nausea free, I basically only get my period once a year if anything kek. It's fucking awesome.

No. 787124

You're a sweetiepie <3 as someone who had mean parents who threw away most of my toys, I'm sure that means a lot to her.

No. 787389

File: 1618901931858.jpg (45.97 KB, 640x336, 5PasAIvl.jpg)

i'm so glad i have a sushi place in walking distance, i love it so much! i really dislike the texture of sashimi but i've been trying out grilled salmon nigiri recently and that's a game-changer. so dang good.

No. 787552

File: 1618928528796.gif (127.96 KB, 220x160, cdy.gif)

Sewed again for the first time in ages (the pandemic made me very listless and demotivated) and it was so fun. Everything came back naturally. I made a little tie-up bag for my lightpad to start off with something simple but I can't wait to start on clothes again. Is there anything more satisfying than topstitching?! Huh?!!?

Good for you, anon! I wish I had a sushi place within walking distance. Enjoy your nigiri!

No. 787595

File: 1618934091055.jpg (14.22 KB, 300x250, 1581963375994.jpg)

I've been setting up notion pages all day long and figuring out my path in life and preparing for it at the tender age of 22 now. This is the first time ever I'm setting up goals for myself and working towards them for myself and not for my parents or relatives. Feels very liberating and like I got power over my actions. I can do this !!!

No. 787615

Hell yeah anon! I bought fabric and have been meaning to sew it, but patterning and cutting my fabric is always the biggest roadblock lol.

No. 787637

Kek if I couldn't relate any harder… best of luck to both of us on our next projects!

No. 787642

samefag; if I could* relate any harder… I messed up the expression kek

No. 787773

File: 1618951223404.jpeg (312.67 KB, 1125x803, 7E782194-E98D-4366-B07F-D5AEE4…)

My butterfly hatched today!

No. 787774

Is this a Monarch Butterfly anon? I recognise it from playing Animal Crossing lmao

No. 787775


No. 787778

Happy birthday gorgeous!

No. 787798

File: 1618954853218.jpg (1.38 MB, 1242x1353, 545867854645809.jpg)

I finally ditched my formerly abusive ex for good. He didn't do anything wrong of late, I just felt exhausted interacting with him and dealing with the anxiety of wondering if/when he'd eventually revert back to being cruel and manipulative even as a "friend." In the past I would've spent hours crying over losing him and our interaction ending, but now I genuinely just feel relieved and free. I'm looking forward to focusing on myself and my happiness without relying on him for a sense of worth.

No. 787800

File: 1618955217978.jpeg (100.33 KB, 567x563, 1531674707966.jpeg)

I felt pretty shitty and exhausted after bad things kept happening to me last few weeks but I still did all the very difficult things I needed to do! I still pushed through and managed, maybe not with best possible outcomes but it was good enough. I also managed to keep up with everyday yoga to make my mental state better. I didn't give up.
My goal now is to just power through next week and love myself. It's all gonna be okay in the end, bad things will pass.

No. 788135

I'm very exhausted, tired and sleep deprived but my story for a comic project got accepted in the publisher I wanted and I'm happy
Now I have to pull more all nighters but I'll pull them for my story since I love it so much and if it gets printed I'll be so happy!

No. 788139

I am in a similar situation and I hope I will feel better.
I smiled for the first time this week today :)

No. 788151

After almost a full year of chemo and radiation and surgeries, we got the call yesterday that my fiancé is officially in remission from brain cancer. I’m so happy I could scream

No. 788152

Congrats! Give him a hug from me

No. 788165

Got to pet a puppy golden retriever today!

No. 788169

Anon that's HUGE, the best is yet to come! Congratulations!

You are truly blessed!

No. 788411

I just got tickets to see the Demon Slayer movie and I'm so excited! I never do anything besides work and I'm gonna fly like a bat outta hell as soon as I get off on Friday. I honestly am not even a huge fan of that series but I get to go see my friend too!

No. 788680

File: 1619081148289.gif (1020.46 KB, 500x280, 9F420ADD-2490-41E1-B4D1-6F1853…)

I just texted my best friend for the first time in a month Not negative, but I think I was overwhelmed and (seasonally)depressed? I genuinely don’t know what makes me feel the need to be distant every once in a while. I think mental exhaustion from lockdown had a part in it.
I missed her so much.
She’s smart and funny and kind and deserves the best things in life

No. 788699

File: 1619086830975.jpeg (58.9 KB, 225x350, D68A4D75-BFAB-4E8A-9460-DC404B…)

today’s Aoba Seragaki’s birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy birthday Aoba!!!!!!!

No. 788709

File: 1619088652084.png (959.4 KB, 590x843, shrek.PNG)

I can't believe Aoba shares birthday with Shrek the movie

No. 788711

File: 1619088864953.jpeg (43.83 KB, 225x350, 2C4AC97D-3685-4492-9153-EB951A…)

Happy Birthday!!!!!

No. 788759


No. 788938

Aw, that’s sweet nonny. I’m sure she was glad to hear from you and I’m glad you’re feeling better.

No. 788984

File: 1619113045574.gif (1.62 MB, 640x360, 1395983617427.gif)

Just got my PTO approved for May, the first time I've ever requested without guilt or regret. I still have seven days PTO left until June! My bf also cut back to part-time since he makes enough money, and I can tell that he's much less stressed. Work is starting to differentiate from life and it makes me so happy

No. 788995

Happy birthday Aoba!!! Doesn't he have a twin, isn't it also his birthday?

No. 789030

Congrats anon! I recently got approved for some time off too after being denied during my birthday last year (busy time for us). It would've been the first trip I took solely for myself ever, really. Even though it got pushed back I'm excited to finally enjoy a nice vacation after getting out of a traumatic relationship, making a big change in my career trajectory, and moving to a new place. It's worth celebrating and I feel fortunate I have the means to do it. Hope you enjoy your break and more time with your boyfriend.

No. 789100

Thank you and congrats to you too!! You're me from four years ago– was moving, got out of a terrible relationship, moving careers… it was so stressful. I went on a solo trip to see Lady Gaga and it's one of my most treasured memories! Treat yo self, anon~

No. 789509

I work down the block from a library that has huge windows, and a few days ago, the guard was sitting to face out the window and waved to me. I nervously waved back but then I started wondering if I should take a different route because I feel weird waving to strangers. I got over my fear but then noticed he was gone for a few days, but now he's back! We waved to each other again this morning. It makes me happy now to see him lol

No. 789524

oh man sometimes when I’m high I’ll wave / nod to people that I see often on my way to work/home but don’t talk to, i hope I don’t freak them out lol

No. 789701

File: 1619198462214.jpg (74.93 KB, 649x657, EvsmUwOVEAE1cKb.jpg)

As my 20s are slowly coming to a close, I realized I am 100% comfortable living as the slight eccentric I've always been. I didn't allow myself to enjoy or do a lot of things because I was worried other people would think it was too weird or cringey. But now I don't care anymore, I am going to start that doll collection, buy all the plushies, crystals & cringe anime merchandise, start wearing lolita, grow my hair as long as it will go.

I'm actually looking forward to the freedom of being in my 30s and being considered "past my prime" by scrotes & society at large. Feels like a sort of freedom to be considered irrelevant, I'll be free to do whatever I want.

No. 789707

Based anon. I didn't feel truly free until I hit my 30's and realized I can be as cringe as I want because the only people who will care are insecure zoomers who are terrified of aging. Gonna wear all the altfash I want and be a weeb forever.

No. 789713

I haven't been out in such a long time because of Covid and I got very depressed because of this just was in an awful state for a while. Yesterday I found some cash I saved up from past younger birthdays and decided to go out on my own and get some cute clothes, plushies, and boba tea. I had a great time just being out again and buying some cute things, it really cleared up my head. I think I might start taking daily walks because getting out of my room for once is really helping me. I feel a lot happier already, I wanna reset and I'm looking forward to doing so. I feel great.

No. 789723

File: 1619199703790.jpg (64.29 KB, 244x334, CookingMamaHomePage.jpg)

I made pudding cookies in the waffle iron. delicious

No. 789737

That sounds amazing! Enjoy them Anon~ you deserve it!

No. 789760

YES, DO IT. EMBRACE BEING A WEIRDO. Only naïve, boring, anxious people care about that kind of approval– and there's still no guarantee everyone will like them regardless. Indulge in your hobbies, wear what makes you smile when you look in the mirror, learn and grow without restraint. I promise you'll be happier.

I hate when women propagate the "past my prime" bullshit against themselves, particularly on here. What makes you valuable is not an arbitrary rating from some strange chucklefuck who lives on the internet. Imagine how much more fulfilling it will be to cultivate relationships with people who share your interests and don't see your "flaws" as ammunition to reject you.

No. 789772

Thanks; I wanted to post a recipe but I sort of made it up, but I think everyone should try pudding cookies

No. 789785

yes be yourself feed us sad insecure people and give us more people to judge and project our insecurities onto

No. 789797

I don't want to stray from the thread topic too much but how would one go about this? I'm an insecure fuck and I'd love to stop giving a shit about what people think but I have no clue how. I consciously know that it's stupid to be so insecure but it's hard to just ignore it. I guess I'm just lonely and afraid I'll isolate myself from others even more if I stop trying to be palatable.

No. 789807

I relate to this because I'm also a weirdo… the problem is, I don't show it to anyone. I feel uncomfortable talking about my real passions even though they're harmless. IDK how to change that, I'm in therapy, but I have so many issues it's crazy.
BTW, also looking forward to wearing lolita once I lose weight and can afford it.

No. 789932

Joke's on you fam, you're still gonna get hit on by scrotes since we don't miraculously transform into shriveled hagbeasts on our 30th birthdays like society suggests. Hope you enjoy the confidence and mental stability though.

No. 789934

It's one of those simple solutions that's harder to put into practice. You have to ask yourself if wearing a mask and contorting yourself into someone you aren't is worth it to maintain relationships with people who would abandon the real you. If someone would stop interacting with you because you have some arcane interest then were they ever really your friend in the first place? No, so it's no great loss. But in being your real self you'll attract other people who like the same things or may have been too shy to express they have the same interests as well, and your friendships will be stronger for it.

No. 789978

i had a really good day and received some happy news im still buzzing at midnight

No. 790104

File: 1619229774310.png (174.45 KB, 296x439, 32D0E967-58ED-4C83-B504-6CD49B…)

The animus got it all wrong: Fuck senpai, I want sensei’s attention. I have been repeatedly praised by some of the professors I really respect in my classes and it makes me feel very pleased with myself.

No. 790107

>"what do you mean?"
>"what do you mean, anon?"
>"what do you mean, nonnie?"
>feels good

love my nonnies

No. 790115

File: 1619231689160.jpg (1.57 MB, 1937x2018, 20210423_184112.jpg)

I've been taking up birdwatching as I go for walks, it's really fun and relaxing. I have this cool app called BirdNET that identifies bird calls with a recording. I've identified tons of bird calls now, it's fun to hear all the sounds and know what birds they come from! picrel it's a downy woodpecker I saw today

No. 790120

Ooh it's so cute, look at it's stripy little body! That's really cool anon, thanks for sharing that app. I like watching birds too but I've never been able to identify them save for floundering around trying to describe their appearances on Google. Maybe I'm just a Disney princess wannabe but have you ever tried talking to them? I've found that sometimes birds will look at you and chirp in response to vocal interaction, and some have gotten way closer to me than I expected they'd find comfortable after hanging out a bit.

No. 790135

I couldn't fall asleep (It's mow 5am) and I used the time to catch up on longer videos while cleaning the kitchen! My bf wanted to do this well this morning but he's got important exams coming up so hey, if I can't sleep anyway, why not use the time to be productive? I even cleaned the fridge! Feeling like a fucking domestic godess AND productive!

No. 790143

No. 790193

Using you as my inspiration today!!!

No. 790198

NTA but the other day I tried repeating a crow(?)'s call back to it very poorly lol. It felt like we had a conversation because it went back and forth for a while. I wasn't sure though so I stopped to see what happened. After that it was quiet and wouldn't answer me anymore lol

No. 790248

I’m so glad I didn’t kill myself when I was younger. I came so close so many times. Things aren’t perfect but I’ve accepted it and for the most part I’m very happy and I’m so thankful for every good moment

No. 790261

I've actually managed to reach one of my goals for this year!! I'm so happy. My goal was to clear out my stuff and make at least $1600 from secondhand sales

No. 790394

I usually say hi to the birds if they're close to me. I'm not good at whistling so I never tried that. Some birds like robins and sparrows let you get pretty close without flying away though, probably because they're more used to humans being around

No. 790631

Whoa nice work anon, and congrats on all the cash. Did you mostly sell online or did you do yard sales and that sort of thing too?

No. 790746

What did you sell and how? A few months ago I came back to my country and since I lived in a small room and shared the house with a few roommates I decided I could get rid of a lot of things I didn't use anymore and didn't take with me overseas. I managed to get a few hundreds euros by selling a lot of books, video games and some clothes, 1600$ seems like a huge amount of money.

No. 790802

File: 1619296691207.jpg (233.45 KB, 1600x2397, 71QKQ9mwV7L.jpg)

pls no bully bc I constantly shill this book, but I think this might be worth reading for you. The book did a lot for me in terms of changing my inward thinking to be more healthy, and I think it did a lot for me in terms of my insecurity as I sought to figure out my values and myself.

No. 791091

File: 1619345015221.jpg (4.37 MB, 3024x4032, 2021-04-25-115139543.jpg)

I'm like at the verge of tears.
The past few days/ weeks everything in general has been stressfull af. I gotta hand in my criminal law thesis tomorrow and I still have to write on that. I broke my rib laughing 4 weeks ago. I had so much unnecessary trouble with my insurance company because they thought I wasn't in my parents plan anymore and wanted to charge me 12000€ (luckily they did realise that was a mistake)
My boyfriend is gone on a motorcycle trip today and I thought you know what. Fuck cooking. I'm broke af but I really want some pizza, I probably have enough change laying on my desk for the Dominos Lunch Menu. I did. So I order myself this bad boi right here. Cash ready for when the order arrives and then boom:

I have no clue who they are. Why they've decided I deserve some free Pizza. But this makes me so goddamn happy. It's like life was like: Look there is still a lot you gotta do; but I've been a little hard on you have some free Pizza.

The total order was like 11€ so it's not like it was a lot of money. But fuck this is just so damn nice.
I hope whoever paid for it has the greatest day ahead of them.

I didn't know a free pizza would make me almost cry but I'm also super stressed and on my period, with a broken rib so yeah.

Here is the beauty. So yeah I will enjoy some free pizza and I hope life gives you some free pizza too! (That's actually a great metaphor)

No. 791093

How did you break a rib…laughing I’m scared. Also sorry anon

No. 791095

I also didn't know it was possible but I already had what was assumed to be a tiny fracture in my right rib (from coughing too hard. I can't make this shit up) but nothing too serious. Just don't overdo it with physical activity blabla. Friend came over like 3 weeks later. We're sitting around he tells me a shitty pun. I fucking lose it. I'm laughing so hard. I don't even remember the pun, all I know is there was a fuckton of pain suddenly and I could barely move. Went to the hospital and they explained I broke my rib because I was putting too much pressure on it while laughing. This is so sad it's funny and I could break another rib laughing about it. Pain level is pretty ok at this point I just have to be a bit more careful atm when it comes to movement

No. 791097

Wow no one should suffer because of laughing fit. Hopefully you get a speedy recovery

No. 791114

I see this book recommended so much it feels like a meme at this point but at the same time every time I feel myself getting closer to buying it. If it's bad shame on you anon

No. 791131

Thank you so much~

No. 791135

I swear I read this book 13 years ago, exact same title but the original cover was black. I just looked it up and it says it was published in 2016, all covers seem to be orange too.. What in the bearstein bears is happening.

No. 791167

File: 1619352568652.png (21.51 KB, 543x395, beautiful.png)

I love making graphs so much, I love changing the color and when I get to make a 3d graph it's like christmas

No. 791169

File: 1619352835221.png (24.69 KB, 620x381, wow.png)

Here's one I just made doesn't it look like a pretty waterfall

No. 791178

Yay! A fellow graph anon! I get sad when people give graph jobs to other people at work but then triumphant when their graphs suck.

No. 791180

All of these are amazing actually.

No. 791208

Hehe I know that feeling >>791180 I didn't make the first ones tbh I got them from google, but they are so beautiful, like those long sour candy stripes lol

No. 791225

File: 1619359613022.jpg (2.59 MB, 1994x3002, Ribbon.jpg)

They remind me of rainbow ribbon cables. They're so pretty and it's so satisfying when you peel a single wire from it for some reason

No. 791226

I hope you might be able to take away at least one thing from it anon! I read it when I was in a pretty bad place in life so maybe that's why it's helped me out so much kek. When I reread it, I realized I've been incorporating a lot of his advice into my life without even realizing I took it from this book lol

No. 792122

File: 1619441694666.gif (2.52 MB, 480x271, giphy (3).gif)

I know it's silly, but I am tearing up because I started bonding with partner's little brother…
We are only having chit chats about videogames (some jrpgs included) and share nice pixiv art, but it's already something…

I have not seen my little brothers and family in two years now, so I am really happy that I can feel at least a tiny bit important in such small moments.

I am very happy cause his sister hates me, but I do not care about it for a long time now cause it's her mind and her choices.

No. 792157

Today I introduced my cat to cat youtube and he's gone absolutely retarded for it. He sat and watched a bird video for like 30 minutes straight and it was precious and he kept trying to bat the screen with his little paws and I love him.

No. 792710

I started doing morning stretches, which turned into morning yoga, when I returned back to work after lockdown. It was to help my incredibly stiff body (insane amounts of time playing ACNL during lockdown lol) but also help me wake up since getting out of bed early again was rough. Now it's just a part of my routine, and I hate it when I can't do even just a short 10 minute routine. I don't do workouts or anything, but I'll browse around for a 15-20 minute video that I think looks easy enough and I think it's such a great way to start my morning. I love to look out my window and see the glow of the morning sun on the buildings across the street. Something about it fills me with such joy and peace and I'm grateful to be able to see it every morning and I feel like it feeds my soul, as cheesy as it sounds.

I've been getting out of bed just a little bit earlier, minute by minute, as the days and weeks go by, just so I can spend more time doing yoga. My goal is to actually be up and out of bed at 6am (I usually wake up and go back to sleep lol) and do a reeeeeeeally long practice, maybe even some work outs. For now, it's just 15 to 20 minutes of some nice slow stretches.

I'm becoming the person I want to become. I hope one day I'll be able to regularly set aside time for journaling, reading, and night time stretches too! But I'll take it one step at a time.

No. 792752

yeee yoga is the shit proud of you anonita!

No. 792883

File: 1619509735196.gif (1.79 MB, 540x290, 195198.gif)

I've started "losing interest" in the internet. Typically I'm online until right before bed around 1AM. But lately I get bored by 9PM, shut my laptop off and start reading a book. It's such a nice way to wind down before going to sleep, and probably better for my eyes in the long run kek. I don't even lie in bed scrolling through my phone anymore. I hope I keep these habits up!

No. 792907

Wish it was me…

No. 792961

I made such an amazing cheesecake yesterday. It turned out delicious

No. 792964

this actually sounds awesome anon, please keep it up! i wanna get back into the habit of reading too

No. 793059

I believe in both of you, anons! I suggest actively looking for books you want to read. I built my latest to-read list just from browsing my local bookstore's online shop and borrowing a couple from my sister. And find a nice comfy nook in your home to designate as your reading spot, not your computer desk or your bed. Don't turn reading into your "homework", turn it into something you actively look forward to! Have a nice drink to go along with it, even. Enjoy!

Hell yeah, cheesecake is my fav. What kind of cheesecake was it, anon?

No. 793106

I got this really nice lady on the phone at work, like super duper nice. She was super insistent on letting my boss know how great I am, and when she called back to clarify something she said "You know, my husband and I were talking in the kitchen and were saying "why can't everyone be like anon?"" She was just so sweet, it really made my day. I was afraid I'd have to deal with this one super crabby lady this morning because I had to deal with her on the phone yesterday, but even that lady was nice in the morning at least lol.

No. 793107

Also she insisted on trying to let my bosses know how much she appreciated my help and I told her if she really wanted to she could leave us a review (my bosses push it but I don't really care) and she wrote "She was affirming, kind, and laughed at my corny jokes. So anon if you read this, please know you helped so much and you likely are helpful to others."

;-; I don't do crazy work, I was just helping her with some stuff my job offers but damn. This makes me so happy, what a sweet lady.

No. 793127

This is so sweet! It feels great to be appreciated for the work you do, wish more people were like this lady.

No. 793191

File: 1619544227983.jpg (132.76 KB, 1000x948, la-huppe-fasciee-photo-jean-fr…)

Anon, I tried your app today, and I'm so happy! I heard the call of my favorite bird, I had no idea what sound they made, I couldn't get a pic unfortuately but this is what they look like. Thank you so much, this was a fun day!

No. 793199

File: 1619545715048.jpg (Spoiler Image, 398.8 KB, 1079x884, Screenshot_20210427-194656_Fir…)

I love my nipple piercings and I'm so glad I got them done, sometimes I pull my shirt up randomly so I can look at them lol

No. 793216

I thought I was gonna fail but I got an 86.6% on my math final

No. 793255


No. 793574


omg that's so hot! i love girls with nipple piercings, have fun.

No. 794271

Life has felt so shitty recently and I just feel disconnected as hell, but my work colleagues gave me a really nice review this evening and I'm seriously crying with relief and gratitude. I don't know, I just expected them to hate me and was prepared for them to say my work is terrible even though I've been there for years. I guess it's just my depression getting the best of me. Sometimes it's hard to remember there are good people in the world. I'm trying to be okay, I'm really trying, and I'm thankful they are kind to me for whatever reason.

No. 794272

That sounds beautiful. I wish you the best nonna.

No. 794280

File: 1619657449361.jpeg (59.9 KB, 568x568, 6AE489FA-3B66-4038-AE71-EF40EB…)

I’m the baby carrot anon in the vent thread

I got drunk and ate a normal meal with my mom (huge bowl of Korean food) and fried calamari, had two candy bars

And decided that I wasn’t going to treat myself like shit tonight or punish myself for indulging

Like who HASNT gained weight during this past year

I’m not even overweight like damn why am I shooting myself in the foot. I had so much fun with my mom just talking and getting things off my chest and I’m going to make a blueberry and lemon cake for Mother’s Day for her at her place… ahhh

And I’m watching a good movie about beauty YouTube drama and vibing with my cat

Okay, I’ve polluted this thread with too much sub negativity, here’s to not being a bitch to yourself for ONE night.

No. 794286

It's a step in the right direction! I hope you'll have many more nights where you can be kind to yourself, you deserve it!

I also felt terrible about gaining weight because of the pandemic and lockdown even though I didn't gain too much noticeable weight (pants definitely didn't fit though lol), but I've learned to view it as "as least I was fortunate to be in a situation where we could afford snacks and food to cook every night" instead of being down in the dumps for snacking a little too much.

No. 794289

File: 1619659585626.jpg (120.09 KB, 1297x700, Teddy-Onesie.jpg)

I love people who repair old plushies

No. 794657

I'm getting much better at translating, I'm so happy! It's my main hobby and I translate mangas and doujinshis just for myself, and I see how faster I read and how much more vocabulary I remember (which has always been my biggest weakness when learning japanese). Hopefully one day I'll be good enough to read books without needing to check a dictionary every two words.

No. 794684

File: 1619717434641.png (1.29 MB, 960x720, 27FB4869-6DD4-4458-9351-53C427…)

I finally lost most of that heart disease causing belly weight, yahoooo

No. 794696

gonna get a lot of hate from this.
i second this, and this is why i'm dating an older man. it's not for everyone, but dating someone your own age isn't for everyone, either.

No. 794709

There’s a unique appeal to confident, attractive older men, I get it. The appeal is getting ruined by too many naive 21 year olds dating a manchild with ED and a receding hairline unfortunately

No. 794737

that's cute, anon

No. 795035

I've got two job interviews lined up next week. I do not know whether I'll land the positions, but I rather than thinking these opportunities came to be because of good karma from past actions, I think it's the universe giving me something positive and good and telling me to continue being positive and good. I'm very excited and I'm going to try my best for both of these interviews! Please send me good thoughts nonnies!

No. 795043

File: 1619744434477.png (391.23 KB, 500x476, 9D23237E-9293-45B9-A5FB-CDF0DC…)

I started playing on an aging pet site again to live out my teenage dreams despite being older, and I was worried I’d be the odd one out… but I found a whole discord full of older women to hang out with that play too! Moms, even grandmothers!
So much of my adult life online has lived in caustic moid communities, I didn’t realize how much I missed interacting with women. It’s been a really nice change during an otherwise very physically and mentally difficult time.

No. 795069

File: 1619746609001.jpeg (19.21 KB, 500x373, EwQjLEeVIAIsW-D.jpeg)

I spent the last bucks I had with sushi. It was so delicious, I'm completely broke now but I have no regrets. I always order from the same place and they never disappoint. If I could choose my last meal before I die, this would be the one. I'm grateful I'm able to order food I like occasionally.

No. 795075

I was actually thinking of female professors when I posted that (and I'm straight), but I do have an enduring crush on a former male prof who's a good decade older than me. He's married with kids, plus he's genuinely a good guy so neither of us would touch on anything beyond friendship, but it's definitely attractive when an older man actually has his shit together rather than just playing at being an adult.

This is really sweet anon! I'm in my late 20s and still visit virtual pet sites now and then. I think it's so cute and wholesome places like that are where even older women tend to congregate. I'm also in some Discord servers entirely composed of women and I agree that it's a relief to be surrounded by people you know can relate to you and aren't going to bust out gross or sexist commentary out of the blue. At this stage in my life I could really see myself getting behind separatism if it was more feasible, but engaging in women-only spaces as much as possible is still a good balm for the soul.

No. 795077

Which one? I want to play too lol

No. 795078

I wish separatism was real (without antinatalism of course)

No. 795101

Good balm for the soul is a perfect way to put it, that’s exactly what it feels like.


No. 795525

File: 1619803839149.jpg (39.69 KB, 474x558, e4702fdb30ea125c78d546c8ea4366…)

After a few days of no response my landlord messages me and says it's no problem if I want to get a small dog! I feel like I've spent every free hour of my day reading about dogs and listening to every drop of dog/puppy content on youtube and I'm seriously ready for a puppy. I'm so excited to actually start the process!

No. 795536

Congrats anon, that's so exciting! Are you planning to get a cute pom like your picrel? I adore them, they have such sweet personalities and are surprisingly not yappy like most other small dogs. Wishing the best to you and your new buddy when you get them.

No. 795550

File: 1619805808846.jpg (73.13 KB, 563x614, 062ab022d34ff73faaf52592162acc…)

Oops I meant to say every free hour for the last year* not just today, lol

Thank you anon! And yes I'm mostly looking at pomeranians. I didn't know much about them for a long time but reading about them they seriously have such sweet and silly personalities. I love how they usually really love their owners and act all suspicious towards strangers. And they're just pure comedy with the faces they make.

No. 795575

File: 1619807464335.jpg (602.83 KB, 3504x1971, proudpup.jpg)

I nearly got a pom two years back but I don't have family in the area so I'm aware that I don't have any fallback in case I ever got sick and needed a dog sitter. Made the hard (but best) decision to wait for circumstances to change

They're gorgeous though! Love the ginger ones but they're all cute. Look at that body language

No. 795694

Poms are wonderful and a great choice, but remember that they require a stern upbringing and a good amount of discipline. They might become very aggressive if not socialized and properly trained since puppyhood and easily take a mile when you offer an inch as they tend to develop big egos. Other than that they're lively, friendly and very beautiful dogs. Good luck with getting your puppy!

No. 795754

File: 1619830313215.png (3.47 MB, 1220x1589, granola.png)

I've been eating a bowl of granola with oatmilk, chia seeds and berries (usually strawberries) almost everyday and it makes me feel so so healthy and like my life is put together

No. 795756

Congrats!!! Happy for you nonna! I love eating chia, it makes me feel like I'm so healthy and full lol.

No. 795758

File: 1619830852695.jpg (36.26 KB, 477x542, 1618087008909.jpg)

I am SO incredibly happy right now!!!! My childhood friend who always had a crush on me is coming to see me in July, she's so cute she's an afro latina, omg I just want to kiss her, I'm so so happy and I just aaaa I wish we could use emojis here because I feel so much joy!!!

No. 795875

My younger brother who’s a stereotypical frat boy saw a rainbow blanket at the store and bought it for me because I recently came out as a lesbian. I know it’s silly but it meant so much to me and it was such a sweet gesture I could’ve cried

No. 795961

I finally have an appointment at the hairdresser. They're specialized in wavy, curly
and kinky hair so maybe I'll finally have a flattering haircut and good advice. Pray for my hair just in case though.

No. 795977

That's sweet anon. My brother moved country and I miss him a lot. I like hearing when anons have nice brothers lol.

No. 797037

I'm so happy, for no reason really, it must be because I went for a walk. The forest was so beautiful and I passed by some chapel or something, with really old gravestones, they were so cool.
And now that I've come back I looked in the mirror and I feel like my face is so pretty, I'm happy I stopped putting all my hair in my face to hide it, then I looked over to the mural I'm painting, it looks so wonderful, the contrast from the shiny gold paint and the dull normal paint is so nice, and I'm not even halfway done. I even cleaned the bathroom and didn't waste my day on lolcow. I'm so happy and I hope you are happy too. If not I hope you can take a walk somewhere you like.

No. 797081

Anon this sounds so lovely!!! I love going for walks. Now that it's getting warmer I hope I can take morning walks by the water again. I love those days where things just feel so right, like the sun shining down on our day and the flowers around us blooming, it's wonderful!

Tomorrow I'm interviewing at a company I used to work at. I had to leave because I worked a contract position but I made friends with people there and one contacted me to let me know a position opened up. I don't know if I'll get it and don't want to feel too full of myself, but I like to think that things are aligning in just the right way and that's why this opportunity presented itself. Even if I don't get it, I'm happy that my friend there immediately thought of me and was recommending me to the person who is the interim HR director now. She believes so much in me, so many of mentors in my life believe in me, so I will believe in myself too. I will prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.

No. 797087

I think itll turn out great anon, I went to a place like that for the first time a few months ago and they made my hair look really good! It was so moisturized and defined lol

No. 797220

Came home and pet my dog. She was being extra cute today. I love her so much.

No. 797749

There’s a pond next to my apartment and geese are always there and they all have a bunch of little babies and they’re so fucking cute

No. 797761

it feels surreal when someone tells me I'm their favourite artist, the number of artists that tell me that I inspired them to pick up art is honestly humbling to me, I do art as a hobby and I have something completely different as my career but moments like this remind me why I enjoy making art.

No. 797770

That's amazing anon, I hope to be on that level one day. I barely show my art to anyone but family and friends, but they have always complimented and encouraged me to take it into a career.

No. 797798

Love this for you anon! I've been following this one artist since I was in middle school, and she isn't super popular, but I love her art so much. I picked up journaling because of her too, which is probably one of the healthiest things I've ever done for myself lol. I don't make as much art as I used to when I was younger, but I've been falling back in love with it as an adult. I hope I'll come across your art one day anon!

No. 797844

I hope you get the job. Please tell us what happened when you have more information!

No. 797945

I GOT A RAISE!! My managers told me to keep it on the DL since other departments might not have gotten one so I’m telling you lovely bitches

>god I’m going to buy so much takeout

>uhh I mean, I’m going to put so much into my emergency savings kek

No. 798134

I threw my biden bucks into dogecoin and I've made almost $2,000. I can't fucking believe it!!

No. 798210

File: 1620092750252.jpg (105.69 KB, 981x898, 881b92bc26a4e58dfdf83b15f85e67…)

I love my gecko sm. She really works with my schedule bc I usually have work/school & am out of the house all day, but when I come home in the evening she's awake and active. I've had small nocturnal pets before like hamsters but they were a bit more maintenance and sadly have a much shorter lifespan. I think she doesn't mind not being let out as often as mammals do because she spends most of the day under her heat hide anyway. She also just chills with me when I'm studying or on the computer, I don't have to worry about her wondering off too far. She's the perfect pet for me right now!

No. 798213

I love leopard geckos too anon! they're so small but they really do have their own personalities. I have to keep an eye on mine when I take her out though, she'll jump off almost anything.

No. 798330

File: 1620103934173.gif (31.77 KB, 220x164, tenor.gif)

Nothing relaxes me more than a hot shower. Whatever science behind it, it always feels like it washes my soul too.

No. 798696

I will be utterly destroyed if I'm jumping the gun here, but I think the interview went really well. I knew the HR girl already and she only asked really basic HR questions (what salary are you looking for, when can you start, etc), but the other interviewer is someone I don't know and he came in after I left the company so I was sooo nervous. He said he asked around the office about me and everyone said good things about me, and he seems like a nice guy. He was impressed with my schooling even though I'm actually dumb as bricks lol.

My friend who recommended me for the position went to go talk to him today and she texted me "I believe it's all up to you now!" in terms of working out salary… so I guess… maybe I did get it?!?! He had a good impression of me and said I was energetic lol. I do have another interview tomorrow with a different place that I know has much higher salary, but I think I'm willing to forgo the better salary for a work environment that I know and am comfortable with. Maybe I sound like a pompous asshole for saying money isn't the biggest motivator for me, but it kind of isn't. I left a well paying, high stress job for low wage basic bitch office work and was so much happier with the chill environment.

But things aren't set in stone yet, so I'm still going to try my best on my interview tomorrow too so I'll have a backup at least!

No. 799636

File: 1620232418458.jpeg (232.84 KB, 750x1025, 7844823D-84CC-489E-AD38-80A18A…)

While I was grumbling through a tedious task at my job, I paused, took a step back, and realized that I’m living my dream. I have the career I’ve always wanted, that I said I wanted in high school, then college, then later when I took a detour with my first job that wasn’t in that field but to just get my feet wet. I have my dream career and I get to grumble through its tedious parts. I’m grateful.

No. 799641

Awesome, I'm really happy for you!
And for you too

No. 799651

This is amazing anon! What do you do for work?

No. 799854

File: 1620250983970.jpg (666.64 KB, 2481x1188, Louis_Wain_The_bachelor_party.…)

I just wanted everybody to see this painting, thank you and have a good day/night

No. 799948

File: 1620260848053.jpg (163.12 KB, 1050x1345, 8acfedfb6bc045920427dac27dd188…)

I love this dude's paintings but reading about his life makes me sad, he had untreated mental illness and got scammed left and right, and while his drawings were very popular he almost never earned anything from them because he sold the rights for dirt cheap.

No. 800014

I had to ruin the surprise a little bit but I bought one of my best friends a birthday present that is 1000% her and I'm so, so, SO excited to see her wear it. She's gonna be so cute in it.

No. 800040

This is his saddest painting to me because it's speculated to have been done while he was institutionalized.

No. 800045

File: 1620277836520.jpg (569.83 KB, 1024x1020, tumblr_35e0feb743135e273d3b5f5…)

oh shit sorry for posting bad vibes in the positivity thread

No. 800484

Don't worry, you just wanted to share a cute painting and I had to be a smartass killjoy.

No. 800731

My local froyo shop opened again today for the summer! It was so tasty. I tried a few new flavors. Gotta say, the white chocolate covered strawberry one was my favorite.

No. 800890

File: 1620359719863.jpg (85.28 KB, 600x793, saucy.jpg)

kek I'm not that anon, I just happened to know that about the painting you posted and decided to bring the mood down even more. RIP LW

No. 801026

I started wearing heels again for the first time in 4 years because my now ex boyfriend hated them because they made me taller than him. I didn’t realize how much I missed wearing them

No. 801032

This is one of the best feelings ever, so happy for you anon!

No. 801054

File: 1620381828230.png (294.17 KB, 347x300, 47302874302750234574.png)

A little light at the end of the tunnel - while the first place he was committed to was bad, people found out where he was sent and major figures like H. G. Wells and the prime minister actively pushed to have him moved to a better facility. The next hospital was pretty nice and had a garden with cats, so he was able to spend the last years of his life surrounded by the critters he loved and in relative peace.

No. 802996

I love my best friends from high school so much. We basically have nothing in common besides the fact that we went to same high school, but we are best friends and have been for a decade now. I kinda didn't care for them in high school because I would hang out with cosplay friends I made outside of school, but lo and behold I'm not hanging out with those weirdos anymore. Then in college I became friends with the cosplayers on my campus but, again, I'm not friends with them anymore. Maybe picking cosplayers/people consumed by the internet and internet culture for friends was my first problem, but through all the years my high school friends have stuck by me. Who knew that the normies would've made better friends?? I don't mean it in a bad way, but they're normal, well adjusted people who didn't spend a huge portion of their time consumed with tumblr and fandom culture (and by extension, the mental illness hype train). We only talk like once or twice a year in the group chat, but we pick up conversations like nothing and the time spent apart just means we get to talk and talk and talk about all the things that have happened since we last talked/hung out. We've seen each other glow up, and I feel like these people genuinely root for my success and happiness and I do the same for them. I think rather than being bonded together by similar interests, our friendship is so strong because our personalities just mesh so well.

My high school was extremely small, so everyone knew everyone. I feel like any time I get to talk to any one of my other high school friends that I talk to maybe once every few years, it's the same feeling of being happy for each other and rooting each other on. It's so great, and I feel so fortunate to know these people. It sucks that it's taken me so long and so many lost friends to realize what an absolute treasure these people are, but better late than never to realize it right? I hope everyone finds friends like these. I hope when I grow old, we will still be able to catch up every once in a while.

No. 803140

File: 1620626211448.jpeg (731.58 KB, 2048x2048, D187DEC3-63F6-475C-B995-0414C9…)

I posted in one of the vent threads a while back being nervous about adopting a cat and return with an update- while we’ve had our ups and major downs (first time pet parent, cats have been a learning curve) we’re coming up on week three and he’s truly already brought so much joy into my life. i love him to pieces even if he gets zoomies while i’m in meetings at work and can be a bit stubborn at times, but I’m learning that’s just how cats are despite my various worries. i’m so happy I took the leap.

No. 803149

File: 1620626530999.jpg (35.17 KB, 736x733, 34577140a10b013430f3cac8ce90a1…)

This is amazing, nonnie! I am very happy for you! Cats are wonderful creatures and each one have their own personalities, but they're delightful.
If you don't already, i recommend watching Jackson Galaxy's videos, he's a cat behavior specialist and very helpful, especially for first timers

No. 803150

File: 1620626615719.jpeg (81.29 KB, 640x640, 5FE4B2FA-0419-426C-A046-187081…)

Yay! I'm so glad you and your new friend are bonding. Kittens certainly can be stinkers, and sometimes it might not even go away as they age because cats can be just downright spiteful, but that's also part of what makes them so lovable. I wish you and your kitty a bright future together!

No. 803162

File: 1620627798863.jpeg (442.4 KB, 914x846, 5ECA8A49-93A2-452C-8324-2C76F3…)

thank you omg!! And yes, I’ve been watching a ton of Jackson Galaxy in the last few weeks, he’s been a lifesaver especially for nighttime and litter related stuff among other things. my little guy (I say as he’s 3) had a rough first few nights and while I’m still sleeping with some earplugs because he has a LOUD meow let alone at 4am, we’re doing so much better than before now that we have somewhat of a schedule going on. I’m just so thankful he was friendly right out of the gates with me especially as a newbie, I know it’s inevitable that there’s gonna be some bumps ahead (mostly with myself rather than him, ironically) but hopefully things will keep going up from here- he’s definitely a cat thats always either 0 or 100 but he really does have the sweetest personality at the end of the day.

No. 803889

I was looking on the feedbacks that I had received from sellers that I bought from and was so shocked to see that one of the sellers had thanked me in my native language instead of English. I don't really know how to describe this but seeing that made me so happy that my cheeks hurts

No. 804555

File: 1620784876665.jpeg (352.14 KB, 750x1098, D644E02F-8205-494D-B672-DF9DB6…)

I’ve been thinking about this tweet a lot recently and I really love it. Even the people who left my life because of a fight or a break up- there are still bits of me that are me because of them. And the people who I love and love me, there are parts of me that shine through them and parts of them that shine through me! I love it.

No. 804581

File: 1620787650720.jpg (54.53 KB, 749x609, iloveyouqueens.jpg)

this is pretty beautiful to think about anon! even if it's worded a bit cheesy for my taste lol. it's not easy to think of it all that way, but helpful with reconciling the good times with the bad. even the bad experiences have shaped us to be hopefully wiser.

No. 805445

i was very closely bonded with my childhood cat who i had for many years when he passed of old age a few years ago. ive spent most of the time since then dealing with the loss and intense grief, but recently finally felt ready to adopt a new cat.

after lots of searching for the right fit at tons of shelters, a few months ago i adopted a senior cat with special needs. he has behavioral and physical health issues and in the beginning was very difficult and aggressive because he suffered a lot before he got to me, but the past few months of caring for him and bonding with him have brought me so much joy.

i struggle a lot with severe depression but spoiling him and giving him the best life i can brings me the most happiness i've felt in a long time. when he curls up next to me at night sometimes it makes me cry. i feed him the most high quality food, make sure he gets the best nutrition and hydration, i medicate him so he is comfortable, and he has so many toys i can barely walk around my house without tripping over them. within a few weeks his fur was filling out and he gained a nice amount of chubby housecat weight and he looks so healthy. i hope he knows how much i love him. it makes me so happy to watch him stare out the window and chirp at the birds. i dont mind when he's loud or difficult because it honestly reminds me of my childhood cat who was annoying and high maintenance. he has the cutest meows and he is so funny and unique and has so much personality. he makes me feel like i have a reason to stick around. im really thankful for that.

No. 805499

I'm happy I got to hold my arm around my brother while he fell asleep against me. He is the light in my life ngl. Also glad I accomplished some things today and kept a level head. Time to get some sleep!
This is so wholesome I'm happy for you! What sweeties (both of you).

No. 806197

Stumbled across a photo of my ex online and he’s gotten exponentially fatter and balder and appears to be dating a well known local BPD trainwreck. It’s made my day to be honest.

No. 807139

Yesterday I experienced full binocular / 3D vision for the first time in my life and it made me stupid happy. Walked around like a sped looking at everything. All you 20/20 vision nonnas don't know how good you have it, appreciate your vision today

No. 807751

I started lifting about a month ago and I'm starting to feel the tiniest bit of muscle now when I flex and I'm so excited. I've never been able to stick with exercise/weightloss long enough to get results so now that something's happening it's giving me so much motivation. I've lost ~20 pounds too since January. It's not much but I'm really happy.

No. 807786

anon this literally made me tear up irl, idk if i'm just emotional but this is one of the most heartfelt things i've read in a long time and i can feel the love in your words even on an anonymous forum. i don't know how old we're talking specifically not that it matters, but just thank you for taking him in and giving him such a special life in his golden years where he can be spoiled silly like he deserves. i'm so happy that you found each other and hope you can cherish these memories together! give him a kiss for me and lots of cuddles.

No. 808047

I'm back to confirm that YES!! I got the job!! I start on June 1st! Kind of sucks that my last day at my job is May 28th so I won't get that sweet holiday pay from memorial day but oh well lol.

I'm really excited to go back to my old company. They gave me the minimum pay rate I was looking for, which isn't a lot, but there's apparently bi-annual bonuses, and I know they have decent benefits. I'm excited to see my old coworkers again and just be chill all the time. I know this department has it's own little room off to the side in the main office, so I get to be secluded and not many people can just walk up behind me and see what I'm doing besides my supervisor hehe. I'll also have my own desk!! The room also has big windows that get a lot of sunlight, I'm excited to do my job while basking in the warmth of the sun. The company is on the top floor of the building, so the view is just some of the other high rise buildings in my city, but it feels a little like I'm living in a movie that takes place in my city hehe.

To all the job hunting anons, here's some of my luck!! Take it! Take it and get that job you want! I'm rooting for all of you, I hope everything works out for you!

No. 808504

File: 1621206988973.jpg (23.73 KB, 400x400, 159660014130895220289644102085…)

>tfw I now make enough money to have a real vacation for the first time in my life

Going to Ocean City, MD in July for four nights!! Hotel booked, it's a king bed with an ocean view. Me and my bf are going to spend some romantic, drug/alcohol-fueled quiet time together, meet up with a couple of friends, oh god I'm so excited I can't

No. 808507

Hell yeah I’m from MD and have a soft spot for OC!!!! Have fun & take some shots at seacrets for me!!!

No. 808509

Omg samefag but I want to add if you do the haunted house last time I was on there there last month there were REAL ACTORS that scared the shit out of me… I love that ride but they’ve never had real actors on it before. Literally my favorite part of the boardwalk tho

No. 808587

Do you mean the coaster that was also a haunted house?! If so I tried that on the first time I went (it was a short day trip thing) and it was amazing!! I didn't know they could put real actors in there! Tbh the best part of the ride was how literally unsafe and rickety the ride felt lol, would ride again 10/10

Also hell yeah, people always say how seacrets is awesome, maybe we'll give it a shot!

No. 808649

Yes the ride on the boardwalk! Speaking of it being rickety, one time a boyfriend and I got stuck cause we were combined too light to make it down the hill where you hit all the headstones that slow u down. Had to wait for another coffin to come and hit us to knock us loose lol scariest part of the ride!! But have fun, my friends and I are thinking about doing a day trip in a week or two and I can’t wait, I went to Delaware last month but it was a little cold for the beach itself but I can’t wait for proper summer!!!

No. 809107

File: 1621269245311.jpg (85.84 KB, 988x550, 20210504_071445.jpg)

The curry that I accidentally left on the stove (medium heat) whilst I went to fix my punctured bike …turned out AMAZING! Despite the bottom being a bit burnt. TIME TO DUMP IT ON RICE AND SCARF IT ALL DOWN with some beni shouga on the side. I wish all nonnies a pleasant dinner as well.

No. 809114

Yees anon, I hope you have so much fun with your friends!!

Blessed curry, that sounds so good

No. 809120

I'm concerned by the fact that this picture has a 3d cursor in the center. Is someone trying to modelize this ?

No. 809127

Hell yeah anon!! I made these spicy garlic noodles the other day and halfway through the recipe I was taste testing it and it seemed really mediocre… but I added in like the two last ingredients and that shit turned out fucking bomb. Love that for us.

No. 809149

>spicy garlic noodles
Please elaborate!

No. 809163

https://biancazapatka.com/en/asian-chili-garlic-noodles/ This is the recipe I used! I did also make the sweet and sour sauce that she links and I think it adds to the dish. Adding the coconut milk at the end really brought everything together!

No. 809173

Seems delicious, I'll try making it soon too, thank you!

No. 809235

I hope it turns out well anon!! Oh, I forgot to add but I added sambal oelek too! Just a big ol glob of it in place of chili flakes/siracha, and didn't add in any sweetener (because the sweet and sour sauce already calls for 4tbsp of sugar).

No. 809596

File: 1621306667784.gif (815.68 KB, 280x210, EthicalTartIcelandichorse-max-…)

Made some digital art for a commercial last month. Got paid and moved on. Today the director emailed saying they're expanding it to print/billboards so they're going to pay me an additional usage fee. My earnings doubled and I didn't have to do shit. I love money so much

The fucking dream, anon! Enjoy your vacation!

No. 809598

Omg how did you get this job?

No. 809616

The production house put out an open call for freelancers with experience in digital art and photo manipulation, both of which I do. I sent in my cv and portfolio and got the project. I should add, my art was hardly the star of the show, nothing glamorous. It was a mostly live-action filmed ad with little animated drawings scattered through it.

Follow the social media of production houses, design agencies, etc! They outsource often because they always have several projects going on.

No. 809631

Ooooh! so it was on insta or something of the sorts? I thought it would be on a job website kinda

No. 809637

File: 1621313743059.jpeg (72.13 KB, 720x467, 1EE6E232-164C-4768-913C-F993BD…)

My work friend and I, who have a sibling-esque relationship, bickered a bit at the start of my shift, and my day was already bad enough and that made it worse. He ended up coming back right before close to grab drinks, but he helped pull in furniture from outside first. We got to this horrible, severely damaged table that we all hate but still used for some reason, and we just decided to toss it out without checking in with our boss. We walked it to the dumpster together and both apologized—a lot of our (and others) anger is misdirected at each other when it’s meant for our retarded boss/shop owner lol. Anyways, it was just a nice way to end the night. I didn’t want to go to bed stewing over work for nothing. Picrel represents us.

No. 809655

I love this gif so much, ScarJo looks so cute here

No. 809675

Yep! The ones that employ savvy young people at least. Good luck out there!

I think she's cute in it too! Heh

No. 810305

thank you nonnies ;_; <3(emote)

No. 810313

File: 1621394299808.jpeg (76.89 KB, 540x596, 68B0CF3D-42F3-4A6B-8269-1CD85D…)

I love women, there are so many sweet and wonderful, cute and thoughtful and deep thinking ones of you out there! Even though I'm sad for what we go through, I'm also happy and blessed to be one because of our strengths and good qualities. Sorry this isn't coming out clear. I just admire how hard working we are, how beautiful inside and out, when we are at our best that is. I was thinking about fanfiction and how much love and talent goes into it, I love how it's a female-dominated world because there is so much passion, creativity and intelligence in some of it. I just find it really cute to think about the person who wrote it and how much care she put in. Then the super kind and thoughtful comments on it, sometimes they write long analyses of what they read, all for free born out of enjoyment, it's wonderful and adorable and makes me smile. Sorry if it's weird to feel this way or express it like this. There are just so many very lovable women I hope I can make friends soon I will value them with my whole heart

No. 810317

Good luck u seem very kind

No. 810320

thank you! I am just isolated

No. 811209

File: 1621484493383.gif (604.99 KB, 500x285, tumblr_mhylmaoYoR1rl7t4ro1_500…)

My hobby group is the best. Healthy mix of zillennials to recommend fresh and trendy designs/resources, and boomers so the woke/gender discourse is kept to an absolute minimum. I know it's annoying for most depressed people when others tell them to just take up a hobby but when I post something in the fb group and my notifs fire up with comments from people just as enthusiastic as me about said thing, it makes me feel full of light and joy for living.

No. 811224

And? What’s the hobby!?

No. 811250

That's so awesome, I'm jealous. Hobbies and creating things with your hands are a tried and true method for depression

No. 811255

Pretty broad, actually! The group is primarily for fiber-based crafts like knitting, crocheting, sewing, weaving, embroidery, but some people have shared their woodworking, leathercraft, and candlemaking since you can imagine crafters like to have a thumb in everything kek.

Thank you anon! I hope you find something you enjoy doing and that lifts your spirits, even in the simplest way

No. 811559

My grandma is so adorable, we live in Australia so she calls the, I guess what you would call the pure-blooded 100% Australians, "kangaroos" and "koalas". It's such a silly little thing and I love her so much for it ;.;

No. 811713

File: 1621539896690.jpeg (70.39 KB, 933x723, 1570230192992.jpeg)

I had a nice date today! First proper date since I broke up and got my heart broken. I was pretty insecure about myself but once I met with him I socialized really well, had fun talking, joking and I being myself. That's such a big deal for me, I used to be really afraid and awkward socially. It's a big deal I didn't chicken out and cancel it. Even though I'm not really sure about the guy himself it was a great experience and well spent afternoon. Cider and cappuccino, watching sunset from a castle restaurant and a nice walk around the walls. I guess I was just bullshitting myself that I'll never find anyone else.

No. 811835

File: 1621552051833.png (363.18 KB, 581x376, 89493672493264032423.png)

According to the scales I'm heavier than I've ever been (within a healthy range but on the high end) and frankly I think I look great. I've been doing some strength training + dance at home and just eating intuitively. It's been a relief not stressing over carb counting or whether I fit into all my old clothes. Even though I can grab fat on my gut I still look fit and have a decent level of muscle definition. Makes me happy that I'm strong enough for it to show even when I'm not at a low BMI. I've never been an anachan or wanted to be super tiny, but I guess I still subconsciously felt pressure to maintain a certain size and look. Letting that anxiety go and just feeling happy with where I've landed is nice.

No. 811873

strength training is amazing for you nona and im happy more women are doing it. feeling strong (and not less cold) is one of my favorite aspects of strength training, i can't wait to get back to it lol

No. 812319

kek banned for an emote in an ot positivity thread… ok mods

No. 812877

File: 1621676635408.gif (1.7 MB, 320x294, 16766A3B-499D-44F2-8461-176C1F…)

i finally made a good character design for a project i'm making. i’ve been working on it on and off for a whole year now and was nowhere close to being happy with his design until now so it’s a big deal to me. it used to be so generic and uninspired and now it tells you everything you need to know about him at a glance, the concept might be extremely silly but i think it works. i love him.

No. 812917

Proud of you, it's so incredibly satisfying to be able to come up with something that just clearly works!

No. 813119

Following chinese radfems on twitter is great. I only understand what they say through google translate but these women are fucking savage. I love their energy.

No. 813128

Any examples of their savagery?

No. 813133

please share with us nonner, I need this

No. 813134

post it, I wanna see

No. 813148

I just took a hot shower, cleaned my bathroom. It's the little things

No. 813180

I've been managing to take my dog on walks almost daily, shower and groom myself regularly and get excercise for the past months. I got sick with covid and even if I felt very bad I still didn't have a breakdown or crying fits. It's not much but I'm usually so depressed and useless that I can't do anything, so this is an emprovement.

No. 813248

I did a armchair for one of my dolls yesterday, and I showed it to my brother not expecting much, but he literally said it was perfect and "better than any chair he actually sat in real life as well" even though it's a bit wonky. He usually doesn't compliment my stuff (especially doll stuff) like that so I was very surprised and it made my night.

No. 813263

That's a sweet compliment from your brother, I'm glad he was supportive and gave you due praise! I admire anyone who can put together artsy things like this with all the care and precision it takes. Nice work nonny and I bet your doll looks great in it.

No. 813264

I know how that can be, sometimes just being better than you were before (even if that's not "perfect") is still a big step. Great job maintaining a routine and taking care of yourself and your dog. Consistency can be really difficult. Relieved you recovered from COVID too!

No. 813836

File: 1621798013331.gif (1.96 MB, 500x368, tumblr_inline_p3je1gO.gif)

I downloaded a friend-finder app (kinda works like tinder) that's girls only. Made an account but abandoned it since August because of my social anxiety. However this month I downloaded the app again and spoke to like seven girls on there. Ended up meeting one of the girls today for brunch and I had so much fun nonnies!! I'm honestly overjoyed that it actually went well? I feel like I might have imagined that my social anxiety was worse than it is during this pandemic. I'm so damn happy I feel like I can do anything now!

No. 813847

Congrats anon! I used Bumble BFF to find a few female friends and I know how you feel, it was very encouraging that these women I admired felt the same way towards me and didn't see as some weird reclusive hobgoblin kek. I think we all deal with those anxieties but friendships with other women are 100x more fulfilling and meaningful than anything with a man, so very worth it.

No. 813873

File: 1621800512662.jpg (1.25 MB, 1600x900, przewalskis-horse-two.jpg)

I told my mom about my stupid new crazy cosplay idea and I thought she'd tell me I was crazy or I shouldn't think about that right now but she started talking about what materials and stuff I should use! And I told her how I planned it and she said my ideas are great. I'm so happy my mom is supportive of me, I know most parents would be disinterested or disdainful of such hobbies but she says I'm amazing and didn't mind too much when I took up half the kitchen table for a few months. Thanks mom
That's so cool, you're so cool and your character is so cool

No. 813981


I wanna use one of these apps so badly, but I'm happy for you anon! I feel weird about using one because I don't really have any social medias, kinda bad at explaining my interest, and I don't take selfies so I don't have any pics of myself. I'm assuming people don't really care if they're just trying make friends but it makes me nervous to make profiles for things and have to keep them up.

No. 814624

File: 1621877274266.jpg (62.73 KB, 600x600, 1621794640739.jpg)

This is such a great photo. Through all these years I still smile everytime I see it. I feel the exact same joy as my child self did the first time I saw it, ''haha funny monkey man with pigtails''. It's just as funny everytime. It will never get old and I love that. My favorite photo on the Internet.

No. 815578

My city went into lockdown two days before I was supposed to see an artist in my city. The concert was eventually cancelled and they just sent out emails with unique codes for a presale before the general presale. I was a little impatient and figured I had better chances of getting a floor seat for friday's show instead of saturday, and I got let into the room to buy tickets for friday sooner. Well, I ended up getting floor seats for friday and then was let into saturday's room to buy tickets and there were still floor seats available! But the code could only be used once so I couldn't get floor seats for saturday ugh…

But who am I kidding?!?! I got floor seats for a major artist at one of the largest venues in my city!!! I was like "oh this sucks, I'll have to bring my bag from work" but then I just remembered that I can just… request the entire day off lol. Anyway, I'm so fucking happy I get to see this person and that I somehow scored FLOOR SEATS!!!!

No. 815581

aaaaaaaand my coworker just dropped off burgers for me as a goodbye lunch!!!!!! today is a sweet day nonnies

No. 815696

File: 1621970336001.jpg (31.91 KB, 550x545, 1597114635483.jpg)

Hosted my first ever house party with my bf, and it was a success! I have social anxiety so this was big for me. I guess the key was tons of pizza and beer haha

No. 815698

Yayyy such a good feeling

No. 815718

File: 1621971508853.png (391.52 KB, 396x509, 348273028503485034.png)

I ended up incidentally running into my ex and I didn't break down sobbing or rush into his arms or attempt to soothe him over whatever new shit he'd gotten himself into. Didn't even get mad about everything he put me through. Just spoke briefly, wished him good luck and walked away without looking back. I may be a lonely bitch sometimes but at least I've finally broken the cycle of abuse. I deserve better.

No. 815723

That’s amazing, anon!

No. 815733

Thank you nonny. I felt like I'd moved past him despite occasionally missing the good times, but it was nice getting that confirmation of him standing right in front of me and having the strength to walk away.

No. 816012

My eyebrow has grown back!

No. 816076

queen shit. thats something to definitely be proud of. this nonnie is proud of you

No. 816087

yay no more nakey

No. 816228

I had a primarily interview today for a possibly nice desk job. It pays just slightly above minimum wage but I currently work retail in a very understaffed store. Eg sub 50 employees for a place that normally needs 100+. He said this first interview was mostly a feeler one to see if they think I be a good fit w/o looking at my experience. I think it went well. Hopefully I'll get a call back tomorrow about getting a second interview. Which that one more about what experience I have and what I can bring to the table. It's marketing firm and the position a receptionist. Please send good vibes and positivity my way please. I need to leave my retail job bad.

No. 816242

This photo scared me as a child and still does, it's nice to see my parallel universe self having a good time though!

No. 816247

I lost my 16-year-old pup in March and it absolutely devastated me. With Covid meaning everyone buying puppies and dogs, prices have been sky high even for mutts.

Well… We found a puppy for a good price and she's coming home to us this weekend! She's a whippet/greyhound/Saluki mix and she's BEAUTIFUL. I'm so happy to be opening my heart to another dog again, I plan on giving her a long, happy life like my old girl.

No. 816250

Why didn't you adopt a dog from a shelter?

No. 816287

Because anon did what was best for her life situation and there's nothing wrong with that - unless she bought from a puppy mill (kinda weirded out that people are selling breed mixes. Is that a thing?). Adopting from a shelter is great, but not everybody is capable of doing that, for many reasons. I imagine that with her dog gone recently, she wants to have as much time as possible with her new companion. You can't get puppies at the shelter, right?

No. 816302

You can absolutely get puppies at a shelter.

No. 816309

Found the vegan freak with attention deficites kek

No. 816312

I'm not vegan, but you sure do sound mad that you got called out for wanting an animal for an accessory instead of a pet.

No. 816313

NTA but some people just want a specific breed dog, nothing wrong with it, nothing you can do about it. Would it be better if they adopted from the shelter? Yes. Can you bully them into doing so, especially after they've already made their decision to buy a dog? No.

No. 816315

I can sure as hell try.

No. 816326

go back to peta no1curr

No. 816342

Anon isn't responsible for the dogs that are in a shelter, I hate this mentality that you have the moral obligation get a pet from a shelter when you're looking for one.

Enjoy your puppy!

No. 816344

I’m wishing you all the best of luck anon!!!! I left retail and for a receptionist position and it was awesome! Shitty people still exist but nothing prepares you better for it than working retail. You got this! You’ve got all the customer experience you need!

No. 816349

File: 1622031622063.jpg (72.44 KB, 894x894, lucky_cat_by_pixeljeff_ddp72h5…)

Good luck!! I'm manifesting good vibes for you!!

No. 816350

Sometimes people want to know the genetic history of the dogs they are getting, which reputable breeders can provide. Sometimes shelters make the adopting process very difficult (yes, this is a thing that happens) and it’s easier to just get a dog from a breeder than being turned down constantly by a every shelter in a 100 mile radius because they didn’t like what was written in your lease agreement or whatever other reason. Puppies can also be difficult to get from shelters because they are very much in demand compared to senior dogs/dogs with health issues.

inb4 i adopted by dog from a shelter just fine!
My parents and I visited several shelters, including some we drove hours out for, only to be denied or skipped over. My friend had to submit a ridiculous amount of documentation, including his lease agreement and many other private documents, only to be turned down by multiple shelters for over a year.

Please realize there are many reasons to choose a breeder over a shelter, not just the two I listed. Even if someone wants to get a dog as an accessory, if the dog is well fed, loved, and taken care of properly, who cares? Anon is ready to open up her heart and home to a new pup, and I’m sure she will provide a good home for that dog.

Very excited for you and your new pup! I wish you the warmest cuddles and all the sweet puppy kisses in the world!

No. 816395

There's tons of reasons, real and superficial, why people don't want to adopt shelter animals.
Animals are property at the end of the day and nobody owes it to animals to adopt them just because someone else's poor choices landed them there.
If the real issues were addressed, then the need for shelters wouldn't even exist and this conversation wouldn't be happening.

No. 816415

With all the recent talk about seasoning types, I checked mine again and I was sure I'm a summer type but turns out I'm actually a winter type! My life is a lie. But the positive thing is that I didn't age like shit I just wore bad colours for me and now I look fresh af. Can recommend getting into that.

No. 816435

The highlight of buying dogs: by doing that, you make sure that the puppy will not be mistreated and/or eventually dumped by people who only got it because their 5 year old saw 'a funny doggie just like that' in a cartoon, and ended up being shocked that the puppy doesn't stay young forever, requires training, can be annoying, has breed-related (or not) health issues etc. I realize that this is not as saintly and admirable as adopting a dog elder, but it still does some good.

No. 816441

>nobody owes it to animals to adopt them just because someone else's poor choices landed them there.
>If the real issues were addressed, then the need for shelters wouldn't even exist and this conversation wouldn't be happening.
Very true. People buying from reputable breeders are NOT the real problem and they don't deserve to be treated as such.

No. 816462

I love when I find out that my favourite songs are actually covers by accidentally stumbling upon the original.

This has been around forever and I still laugh when I see this used as profile pictures.

No. 816628

File: 1622053847882.jpg (179.02 KB, 1024x1004, a3ba8c350c0sw08k8ok04okc0-sour…)

I'm trying to get out of my binge addiction and i really wanted nutella but i bought potted flowers instead and i love them very much

No. 816647

File: 1622054791255.jpg (113.9 KB, 500x398, happyyy.jpg)

After a dental examination the other day, I was recommended braces to help 'pull' out a partially erupted far back tooth on my bottom jaw. I'd had one my far back teeth removed as a child, so there is room for it to fully erupt, it just needs help to be anchored out. (The missing tooth is also why they didn't suggest removing the partially erupted one) I'm actually really happy about this, I'd wanted braces since I was a teen but my family was too poorfag to get me any. Never looked into them as an adult because I didn't want to pay thousands purely for vanity, my teeth only being mildly crooked. But after being told I should get them for my dental health, I keep looking in the mirror and thinking how much it'd improve my overall appearance to have straight teeth. I'm so excited! I won't have to be embarrassed to smile for photos anymore!!

No. 816649

pretty! congrats anon, keep it up

No. 816676

I never looked at this problem like this… I mean, I never asked myself who is to blame for overcrowded shelters. What would you pinpoint as THE problem(s)? Personally I think of low education when it comes to pet ownership, low access to sterilization/castration (but also see previous point) and puppy mills.

No. 816751

NTA but the idiotic 'save them all' mantra is largely responsible for overcrowded shelters. You also see certain breeds overrepresented in shelter populations because the people who favor those breeds are the most negligent when it comes to sterilizing their dogs. But this is a conversation for a different thread.

No. 816766

cute af. you can do it, anon!

No. 816867

File: 1622065538497.jpeg (16.43 KB, 236x313, 40t7jyx7vlg41.jpeg)

No. 816988

I launched my first ever Kickstarter! While I don't believe it will get funded. I'm proud I got this far and overcome my anxiety about even trying to do it. Small steps in trying to do the things I love

No. 817022

I hope you're successful nonny!

No. 817024

File: 1622081005772.jpg (45.96 KB, 678x446, Truffles-hero-final-compressor…)

I'm going back to school to get a degree. After thinking about it for years, I finally made the decision and today my study materials for the first 3 months arrived.

My mom is so happy for me and hypes me up ever since I made the decision and my best friend supports me and even sent me a parcel full of snacks and cute stationary.

I was so happy and excited all day that I can't sleep now because my stomach hurts. I haven't been this happy in a long time and it motivates me even more!

No. 818453

Puppy anon here, I didn't realise my post would gain such a response but I do have answers for you all.

We wanted to adopt a rescue dog, there were a few factors that got in the way though. The shelter itself is nearly adopted out (which is amazing!) and the dogs that are still looking for homes sadly all don't get along with young children - I have a young daughter and I can't risk her safety.

The puppy is coming from a chap who has kept dogs out of love for many years, he has insisted that we call him for any help or advice once we get her home and to this day he keeps in contact with people who have had puppies from other dogs in his home. I detest puppy mills, they are abhorrent.

In the future when my daughter is older, I would love to home a rescue dog or several. I don't plan on having any more children and I have a lot of years left so plenty of time to welcome all sorts of pups into my life.

Thank you to everyone for the love! And honestly, I appreciate the concerns too.

No. 818460

File: 1622249214124.jpeg (2.3 MB, 3072x3072, 30E85E78-5435-4A8D-9CFB-1C4318…)

I ordered two Peepys today, one for me and one for my husband. I can't wait til they get here. First I'm going to prank my husband hard as hell by hiding them around the house, and then I'll unapologetically take a ton of pictures of peepys in fun places around my city. It's fun to be cringe.

No. 818488

Peepy is so cute, I've been considering buying one as well kek. The peepy theme song is stuck in my head a lot, I find myself singing it sometimes weirdly enough. Have fun taking pictures though!

No. 818506

I'm jealous of you, I like the peanut song

No. 818517

….I didn't know peepy had a theme song!!! You made my night so much better anons, thank you

No. 818532

i found my lost shirt!! some months ago i lost one of my vintage animal print shirts, and i thought i had accidentally thrown it away while cleaning since i couldn't find it anywhere. but today i took out this summer jacket i haven't used in months because it's been too cold, and when i put it on something fell from the sleeve and it was the shirt?? i have no idea how it ended up in there but i'm so happy, i honestly have been so pissed off about the shirt for months and now i have it back!

No. 818554

File: 1622263535358.gif (5.34 MB, 640x472, tenor.gif)

its my birthday today!

No. 818560

i hope you enjoy ur bday u looser

No. 818562

There's a certain kind of warm vulnerability to unending friendships spanning across decades. Growing up and influencing each other, branching out in college yet never losing touch, then coming back together afterwards even stronger. Nothing needs to be affirmed or hidden anymore, it's just unconsciously understood nothing can tear you apart at this point. My life has been so interwoven with some of the most wonderful women on the planet for so long I cannot begin to think about where I'd be otherwise.

Happy birthday nonny!

No. 818601

Yoooo happy birthday!
Where's the cake?

No. 818766

Nothing's more relaxing than getting the semester done and feeling free. I love getting bored and doing nothing instead of being bored and having to panic because of work. I've cleaned around the house and I just feel so relaxed and happy.

No. 818785

Last night was chilly so I got to sleep under my fuzzy blanket, which I love to do and appreciate even more as summer approaches and these nights become far and few between (without the help of an ac). It was raining too and I could hear the rain outside my window and it was so peaceful.

No. 818900

I made an off remark about wanting to buy some fancy licorice that our store carries and my coworker went and bought them for me. I am so happy!

No. 818953

I'm getting married in exactly a week and I am nervous but excited!

No. 818995

I made my own donuts from scratch and they came out perfect. I wish I could share them with yall nonas

No. 818996

Omg I'd love some donuts, how'd you make them?

No. 819010

Congratulations nona!!!

No. 819064

I used this recipe, its no dairy but I'm sure it would be even better with real butter. mmm

No. 819981

File: 1622461970470.jpeg (132.06 KB, 933x708, 1586518579351.jpeg)

I've finally come to the realization that in order to become happy with my body I have to quit drinking so much. There's no other way. My face and weight are never going to look how I want them to unless I stop being such an alkie. It's definitely not going to be easy but I know I'll look like Shayna in a few years if I go on like this.
Sorry if it's not positive enough for the thread but I feel like I've found the resolve to actually do something about it instead of just thinking it. Feeling pretty optimistic about it, I'm going to do my best!

No. 820099

I got $5 credit from my favorite froyo place for for my birthday and I'm so excited.

I'm proud of you anon, and I'm rooting for you!

No. 820389

File: 1622503678074.jpg (309.29 KB, 1200x859, a2385401846_10.jpg)

I love it when music is "name your price" on bandcamp I can get prime black metal for absolutely freeeee

No. 821180

File: 1622607168525.jpg (25.64 KB, 640x412, EJLfKp2U8AEcg3M.jpg)

My friend's Kickstarter got boosted by a big name in her niche community and it got 25,000 USD in just 24 hours omg! That BLASTS past her goal AND all her stretch goals! We're in a complete daze lmao!

No. 821181

So cool!

No. 821183

Awesome! Love the pic btw

No. 821185

File: 1622608160467.gif (210.33 KB, 500x305, F437BB6B-12EB-44AC-B06A-1AB9C6…)

I’m not letting my PTSD trap me into a woe is me, victim mindset anymore. I’m actively going out and doing things to make my life better instead. So far I have been doing exercise every day and journaling and even a small change like this has a great impact on my mood.

No. 821193

Your gonna make it anon

No. 821198

my cryptos have been doing well and i have a significant amount of extra money for the first time in a long time. debating over buying 2 outfits from a sustainable brand but it adds up to ~$800. should i pull the trigger, anons?

No. 821224

I just got an interview set-up with a Insurance company as part of an inbound call center. It's remote and pays more than I was looking for. I really hope this goes well for me!

No. 821296

File: 1622624639760.jpg (44.68 KB, 565x407, 1613297613858.jpg)

I'm on holidays for two weeks, I'm staying at home the whole time to save time and money and because of covid, so I'm going to spend all this time playing vidya and hang out with friends. I just beat a long JRPG. It's also going to be my birthday soon. For once in the past 10 years I'll finally be able to relax during my birthday.

No. 821298


No. 821306

I can't imagine spending more than $100 on just 2 outfits, but you do you. You might be basking in the glory of having extra money right now, but remember that by making poor consumption choices you could quickly go back to having the same amount of money you did before. Spend the money wisely. For $800, you could probably get 5-6 whole outfits from a general clothing department store and 15 whole outfits from a thrift store or resale store.

No. 821310

>sustainable brand
Are they greige sacks? Then no.

No. 821313

Go for it; there's nothing wrong about spending more on clothes occasionally if you have the financial means. One purchase is not "poor consumption choices" that will drive you to poverty; and why have 15 whole outfits from a thrift store you will never wear as opposed to one you'll love?

No. 821322

>why have 15 whole outfits from a thrift store you will never wear as opposed to one you'll love?
What makes you think someone will like something they bought more just because it was more expensive? How big brands get away with charging customers more than necessary is specifically by convincing them that their items are somehow better, or that they'll like them more, just because they cost more. Obviously, that isn't how it really works, and items can be expensive while also being of low quality or of the same quality as inexpensive items. If someone chooses to buy 15 outfits at a thrift store, only to get home and decide they don't like what they bought, that's their personal issue. If they didn't like the clothing, surely they wouldn't have bought it? You can say that one purchase won't drive you into poverty, but the fact that it's one purchase doesn't change that you're spending nearly $800 on something that might not be worth that much.

No. 821428

>why have 15 whole outfits from a thrift store you will never wear
So if someone doesn't spend 800 dollars on two outfits that must mean the only alternative is buying outfits they hate at the thriftstore? And that you can't get outfits you love at the thriftstore? I'm all for investing in high quality and sustainable clothes but this is such odd reasoning. I don't get how you jumped from expensive clothes to hating 15 outfits from the thriftstore lmao.

No. 821441

Hey don't be so upset by my response (and don't twist my words please), she said there's something she really wants to have from an expensive store and anon responds that she should rather go to thrift store and buy 15 outfits for the money she wants to spend on something she already likes a lot, just because that's cheaper; I think it's a ridiculous advice. I exaggerated saying "15 outfits she wont wear" but while I totally believe you can find great stuff at thrift stores it's pretty hard unless you're 1. lucky 2. crafty 3. willing to spend a loooot of time looking. So it's a choice between one outfit she's guaranteed to like vs hunting for perhaps more but no guarantee she'll find anything she likes half as much as what she's already picked.

No. 821619

My manager decided he wanted to rearrange the office so now we no longer sit side by side, but on opposite corners facing each other, so we can't see each other's screen. Now I can wander around a bit on the internet without him seeing, but also I feel like this little corner of the room is basically mine and I'm so happy! My desk is against the window so I can use the window still to place stuff, but also I just love this office's big windows and I'm happy I get all this natural light right next to me.

No. 821639

Aw that's so cute! Sounds like a idyllic, cosy situation. And you sound so sweet too by the way!

No. 821654

He probably wanted to browse around the internet too kek
Enjoy your cute window, anon

No. 822023

Thank you anons! After working so long with no window in sight I'm so excited…! I work right in the middle of the city too so it's just buildings all around me but I feel like a character in a movie making her way in the city lmao

No. 822594

File: 1622801392952.png (262.28 KB, 405x254, 2348972340327425.png)

I love summer. I feel like SAD is something of a meme and yet whenever I'm released from the cold grey misery of fall/winter I start to feel alive again, so who knows. I adore sunshine and hot weather, there's nothing more enlivening than feeling the deep, full-body warmth of sun soaking in your skin then getting brushed by a cool breeze or sprinkler water or brief summer shower. I love how everything is in full bloom and the air smells like five different types of flowers. I love how the light lasts late into the night and the air feels like a soft blanket and the purple-orange sunsets that paint everything in dreamy hues. I love going to the beach, coconut-scented sunscreen, the feel of my feet sinking into sand, fresh watermelon juice dripping down my chin, melty ice cream cones, and how my skin feels supremely soft after soaking in saltwater. I love watching fireworks and crackling campfires and smelling the black powder and wood smoke. I love seeing light glittering on the water, the little motes of pollen or tiny bugs drifting in the air that look like fairies, and the mysterious light of fireflies. I'm not in a location that has them right now, but I love listening to cicadas and dozing off like a lazy cat midday to the sound of their chittering drone. Everything is lush and sensual and otherworldly and I always feel nostalgic even as I'm living it. It's incredibly romantic, but like nature itself is loving you. I wish I could stop time and just exist in an eternal summer and do nothing but absorb the world. I really need to move to a tropical island. But then, something about how fleeting it is makes it all the more beautiful.

No. 822596

I'm gonna get a haircut for the first time since the quarantine started. I'm very excited to have healthy hair again.

No. 822704

Thank you for putting all that hope and beauty into one paragraph. If you wrote I'm sure it would be a beautiful and memorable read, and I hope that you enjoy all the beauty and richness of nature that is to come <3

No. 822804

This is really cute anon, I loved reading it. I feel the same way about winter. I hope you make the best of the summer!

No. 822813

i should've known better than to ask the poors. so much for positivity! i bought it anyway kek.

No. 822814

File: 1622827059959.jpg (249.09 KB, 1140x655, 1140-blue-ridge-mtns-outdoor-g…)

I think this has been a really good week compared to how awful I've been feeling. I stayed with my boyfriend in the mountains for the long weekend and it was so fucking beautiful to the point where he started tearing up lol. We went on trails and there were a shit ton of deer that were use to human contact so you could stand relatively close to them and they wouldn't mind. They were all female and some had sweet little babies. Since I'm staying there next semester we went to go see the school and they had ducks and pretty wildflowers anywhere. After our trip we thought it'd be really nice to consider moving somewhere in the mountains and having a little farm would be really nice. I finally got to see my doctor and restarted my antidepressants, and I decided to give therapy another shot. My menstrual cup came and I'm excited about that since I always forget to buy tampons and it wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be! And now I get to see my friend tomorrow for her graduation party and have a good time. I FEEL AMAZING NONNIES I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH

No. 822817

What a beautiful description of summer, nonnie.

No. 822976

I got the job at the insurance call center!

I know it won't be easy and I understand that it's something that kills you long term but it's pay more than my current job (which by was giving me full time hours but not full time pay) and it's a Monday- Friday job. With this is better stepping stone and hopefully by the time I'm burnt out. I'll be finished with school and able to apply to those types of jobs!

No. 822977

Good luck anon!

No. 823082

I’m in such a good mood. I just wrapped up my first week at my new job and I think things are going well and I’m settling in well into my position, my boss got me chocolates because my birthday is this weekend, I cleaned my apartment and bathed my dog, and tomorrow I’m meeting up with friends to celebrate our birthday together wearing an outfit that I handsewed! I am so full of appreciation for the opportunities I’ve been given, and for the people around me. I typically don’t celebrate my birthday with people (will usually just take myself out somewhere) so this will be the first time I’m doing something with friends in over a decade. It’s their birthdays too so it’s just one big exclusive party just for us hehe. My job also gave me the newest iPhone so I’m gonna use it and take nice photos of us lol. Have a good weekend anons!

No. 823156

i got a job at a front desk at a senior center and im am so excited! its my first non customer service job. i was so stressed out and thought i wouldn't be able to work because the job requires that i provide my immunization records, and my mother didn't save them and i had no luck finding them online. i almost told them i couldn't work there but i decided last minute to call my high school and see if they had my records still there (i knew it was a long shot bc i graduated almost 7 years ago) and they still had them! i know its a mundane story but its been so stressful trying to find those records and now i can just sit back and relax

No. 823198

Wow, what luck! I'm so happy for you anon, that you got the job and that your high school still had your records!! Enjoy your new job!

No. 823513

thank you! wishing everyone in the thread luck in their job search!

No. 823687

I start full-time salaried work for the first time ever on Monday!

No. 823695


No. 824731

I look so cute today.

No. 824863

File: 1623091564198.gif (200.43 KB, 220x175, 96E18CE3-C873-4E40-88B6-17E1EA…)

I am an anon from a while ago that posted about recovering from brain surgery. Figured for any chronically ill or in pain anons out there I would tell you guys that since I had my surgery 9 months ago I’ve been able to work, start EMDR therapy for my PTSD, exercise every day and I’ve lost almost 90lbs! My depression and anxiety is significantly reduced and I no longer feel like I have nothing to live for. My health is completely in check for the first time in five years, I sleep soundly, and look forward to my days. If any of you guys are out there feeling crippled by your pain or health/mental health conditions, don’t give up on finding a solution for yourself! My entire life has been changed because I got a second opinion and advocated for myself. You got this!

No. 824867

that's amazing anon, congrats on your recovery!

No. 824871

Ty anon! It feels very surreal still to have such a dramatic change, but it’s really nice to feel hopeful again after so long.

No. 824884

I've ordered a book on chess strategies, got a chess board and I bought a game called 5d chess. My friend also got the game and I died laughing while playing it with her today. I always wanted to learn chess so its fun to have someone to learn it together with.

No. 824908

My Peepys are arriving in the mail today. So excited!

No. 824919

I'm so happy for you anon! I hope your days will continue to be filled with joy!

I want to play more chess! I learned how to play when I worked at a summer camp and was assigned to oversee the chess club lol. I was gifted a glass chess set when I was really young and I really want to use it!

No. 824933

>vent tag
Welcome to the farm. You can delete your posts btw within 30 minutes of posting them.

No. 825027

File: 1623103636360.jpg (63.51 KB, 700x350, 0-Handmade-pendant.jpg)

Hey anons I found this site with jewelry making tutorials and realized it's way more simple than I thought, check it out if you are interested, I love this kind of jewelry with stones wrapped in wire but of course it's expensive so I'm trying it myself. I'll make a fancy one and feel like an rpg protagonist

No. 825083

My skin is clear, I've gotten in shape, I've developed a wardrobe that I love, earning really good grades in school, left a dysfunctional relationship, and now I'm about to move to the city of my dreams.

No. 825185

File: 1623122846379.jpeg (578.2 KB, 750x748, 1613119895615.jpeg)

I've started being more conscious of what I put into my body (converted to veganism, drinking more water, exercising more) and for the first time in I don't know how long, I feel full and satisfied after eating a meal. My body doesn't seem to register when I've had enough food and I'm constantly ravenous. It's horrible to experience and I've given up finding the cause after having it present for years and finding no reason for its occurrance. Now that I know I can feel full on this diet, I finally know that I am on the right track and there's hope to escape that feeling. Nobody in my life is greatly supportive so I just wanted to share this here. Pic of Ping to brighten someone else's day.

No. 825192

i want to be your friend too

No. 825208

File: 1623129125189.jpeg (51.5 KB, 680x680, 5D6AEC11-0192-4C49-841A-5A75A2…)

Just had a midnight snack of toast and vegemite and it was delicious. Now I’m going to brush my teeth and snuggle my cats in bed.

No. 825212

Omg anon do it! It’s super fun. I highly recommend the weird 5d chess game on steam as well if you’re into videogames. They have a chess club here in my hometown, but first I’ll actually try to learn it properly together with my friend first.

No. 825354

I JUST APPLIED TO UNIVERSITY!!!!!!!! I'm ecstatic! I have to apply as an estranged student so it'll take longer to process but I can't believe I did it! I've been out of education for 5 years so to finally do this, and even just send the application off, is a big thing for me. Love and light to all! If I can do it, anyone can!

No. 825369

I’ve lost 60 pounds! I’ve always been fat but I’ve never felt like my weight was holding me back from anything before until I hit my highest last year at 340 pounds and I just felt horrible, decided in September of 2020 to count my calories and I’ve lost 60 pounds so far!

No. 825375

File: 1623158016887.jpg (65.56 KB, 828x818, UATHxFz.jpg)

congrats, anon!!! this is amazing!

No. 825382

>>825375 thank you so much!!

No. 825534

This is my first post on here, so I hope I'm doing this right. Figured this thread would be a perfect place to start. I'm having a great day today, I had a tasty lunch and I'm listening to some good music right now. I hope everyone is having a good day too! Remember to stay hydrated especially if it's hot where you are, and take your meds if you have them :)

No. 825538

very cute but no emojis nonnie. how long did you lurk before you posted? i was probably close to 2 years.

No. 825546

Thanks for letting me know! I have known about the site for a long time, 5 years probably, been on here only once or twice till today when I decided to post.

No. 825829

In the last few years I've been making a lot of progress with learning to really love myself and started feeling really confident & happy. It's such ana amazing change, after years and years and years of struggling with low-self esteem & self-hatred. It's great! My only wish is for other people who feel like I did to be able to heal & learn love themselves like I love myself now.

No. 825832

I love this anon, and I feel the same way! I never thought it was possible to love myself, but I've found peace with my existence. I want to spread that self love cheer, and I want other women to love themselves so they no longer feel as though they ever have to settle for less!

No. 825879

I'm really happy for you! tips for doing this?

No. 825916

File: 1623213904208.jpeg (936.39 KB, 1125x1244, 60385ECF-68D9-48EA-BBA4-16F674…)

Watching women's sports (specifically softball this time) is helping me to (I hate this term) feel empowered, admire other women's achievements/skills, and feel inspired especially seeing them all play together as teammates. Also, I think it is helping with my body image issues because plenty of them forego makeup and all have varying body types but are still athletic and living their best life. I know college sports might not measure up to professional, but I enjoy them especially. They don't go hard in changing their bodies with steroids or that sort of thing, maybe the games are considered less high stakes but I seriously admire them all the same. I just feel so happy from watching and it makes me more excited for when I can make female friends. I kinda hope I can recreationally play softball someday as well.

No. 826805

This is directed at the people in my life

Thank you for loving me
You know it is returned, I love you too, always
But thank you for loving me, I am grateful. I feel so loved this week. In the hardest of spots you have noticed and loved me and taken care of me, and have loved me when I didn’t love myself. Thank you for your love.

No. 826834

File: 1623306438468.png (273.15 KB, 369x290, 58490385049385034.png)

I half-heartedly applied for financial aid at my uni not expecting much aside from shitty loans because I thought had to be well below the poverty line to be considered. I make enough money to live comfortably, but can't save much month to month even on a pretty strict budget. I just found out that I've been offered a very generous grant that will cover like 70% of my tuition. I am utterly shocked and this is seriously life changing for me. I was thinking I'd have to live hand to mouth for the next year but I'll actually be able to put some money away for when I plan to move later on. I'm so stunned, happy and relieved! The gov't has never really done shit for me but whatever initiative led to this is awesome!

No. 829892

i'm a blubbering mess right now, i've just been thinking about my boyfriend and how glad i am to have him. we've been together for two years and i'm so in love with him, and he loves me the same even though i have so many issues and i've been such a pain to deal with at times. he's so patient and he sees the best in me and i feel so lucky and i don't know what i did to be granted something like this. he's the kindest anyone has ever been to me. throughout my life until meeting him, nobody really accepted me for myself. he says it was the same for him, and that i'm the first person who really totally accepts and understands him. i never thought i would really find love and i wasn't even sure if it was real but i have him and i still can't believe it sometimes. it still makes me sob out of joy, i love him so much

No. 829965

i was looking at my body and i really do have a nice body its nice to realize that about yourself. Yes i could stand to gain a few pounds but im super lucky that i was born with a nice shape and a high metabolism. I look really nice in body con dresses. It just sucks that whenever i wear them people have to make weird comments on my body. I just want to be able to dress cute or even sexy without people reacting in weird ways.

No. 830206

I feel like after months of not really having friends due to the pandemic I'm having way more luck with friendships

>Friend who was ghosting me for a while started chatting with me again after being busy with school next semester

>Best friend (who I haven't seen in person for almost three years) says they are coming back to the country this fall
>Excited to see my friend after I go home in August
>Meeting up with a friend today and planning on hanging out with someone else on Thursday
>Had a really good time doing shrooms with a new friend on Saturday

It might not be a big deal to a lot of people but I feel like I've been friendless for a year

No. 830210

I could have wrote this, I'm happy for you anon.

My good news is I got an interview in for my dream job during cosmetology school! I am so close to achieving my dreams.

No. 830317

File: 1623708232941.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1242x1392, 8F45B6E7-A679-4A81-A086-DAD886…)

I recently did a bunch of basic, banal stuff to declutter around my apartment. Set up some extension cords and tied off wires, reorganized my bookcase and desk, put away some craft supplies and equipment I’d been ignoring. I really do enjoy organizing things like a complete nerd (wish I could get into stuff like washing dishes and vacuuming as much) and it’s nice having an extra tidy, pretty place now!

No. 830896

File: 1623771221328.jpg (223.87 KB, 880x804, tumblr_np2a662kIn1sn75h6o1_128…)

I finished paying for my student loans yesterday. Time to save a good percentage of money!

No. 830900

Congrats anon!

No. 830959

That's amazing!! Have any tips you want to share?

No. 830999

omg this picture

No. 831025

Congrats anon! Being free from student loans is an amazing feeling! Start putting some money away into an IRA if you can!

No. 831194

Thanks, lovely anons!
I don't really have groundbreaking tips, but here's my story: I got lucky with a decent paying job after uni, so that really helped. If I had a lower paying job, this wouldn't have been possible. I did put away 50 to 60% of my net salary into the loan. Additionally, I'm pretty thrifty and the lockdown/pandemic helped a LOT, since I wasn't going out or eating out or buying as much clothes (though I never did those two that much before the pandemic). Finally, it took me about 1.5 years to do it (Dec 2019 - yesterday)

No. 833717

File: 1624091950725.jpg (12.39 KB, 236x233, e638a7d488ebe5ddbe24097be1cd25…)

my boyfriend just made me cum 5 times in a row

No. 833743

No. 833745


No. 833835

My new chickens which I got three hours ago already layed 1 egg! They are still shy and kinda irritated because of the new environment but they are really active! I'm so happy!

No. 833836

I want what she has, please.
(srsly how did he do that, my bf never made me cum even once)

No. 833845

my husband made me cum 12 times in a row multiple times from PIV sex

No. 833847

sounds exhausting tbh, hope you're ok

No. 833848

I'm so jealous anon. Wish I had backyard chickens.

No. 834029

Bitch you not gonna come in here, drop that shit, and then NOT tell us the secrets to the universe. SPILL

No. 834081

he goes down on me as foreplay for at least 20 mins every time before sex and he is incredible at oral so i came twice during that, then because i'm super turned on the sex is amazing and his dick is curved so that it hits my g-spot perfectly during missionary so i came three more times from that… i swear when he's fucking me its like one long orgasm the entire time with "peaks" it's so amazing. i am such a lucky gal.

i think its seriously all about the combo of good, patient foreplay to get you in the mood and then finding the perfect angle once you start PIV… i'm lucky that his penis suits me enough that i don't have to work too hard for it to hit my g-spot but typically tilting your hips so that the dude's dick goes in deep and angles up is the best way to hit your g-spot! i have had the best luck when i'm on top riding and grinding back and forth or missionary and shifting my hips. and when all else fails a vibe is always fun to integrate to kick things off hehe. godspeed ladies!!! get that nut!

No. 834787

File: 1624206385354.jpeg (100.99 KB, 1500x1875, CAMELLIA-PLFA-BLUE_1updated_15…)

finally got the shoes I wanted and i'm so in love, can't wait for them to get here

No. 834846

I ate lots of really nice food today and was happy to be around people in public. I've been struggling to do normal things after quarantine but I put a lot of effort into looking normal this weekend and I think it paid off, I wasn't anxious and all my interactions with people were positive and ate things I've been craving for a year.
I even got myself a treat on the way home so I'm excited to sit and enjoy it as a celebration of a successful day.

No. 835036

those look so pretty! glad you got them anon.

No. 835206

My chihuahua goes under the covers and cuddles up next to me at night. Lately my kitten has started sleeping on top of him above the covers and cuddles me! It’s the cutest, warmest, snuggliest experience ever. They’re both tiny soft babies who love each other and me. They are literally my bffs. About to fall asleep feeling very happy and secure thanks God

No. 835368

Cute as heck, anon!! Where did you get these??

So happy for you! Your summer’s off to a great start. Cheers to normalcy!

We don’t deserve these animals, they’re too pure for this world! Enjoy your snuggles, anon

No. 835881

File: 1624359690500.jpg (74.28 KB, 719x718, original.jpg)

I hope nice things come your way anon!

No. 836195

I got to see my best friend today, we hadn't seen each other since January of 2020, it was only for 30 minutes but seeing him even for such a short time made me so happy!

No. 836198

Happy for you anon! Seeing friends after so long is always very nice, but after the pandemic I'm even more grateful to see friends because the threat of losing people I cared about became so much more real. I hope you two will be able to hang out again soon!

No. 836303

Mom got a $5 bill in the mail with a survey and had me do a survey, will hopefully be getting a $20 check in the mail with my name on it kek. Even if it doesn’t come in, I didn’t mind doing the survey because I always try to do surveys because I feel bad for researchers who want data but people just ignore them and don’t do the surveys lol.

No. 836306

Just claimed another $15 in target gift cards because my mom has this weird app where she scans in her receipts for points woooo

No. 836333

I've been practicing a strength and flexibility training routine since March and I'm really happy with the results. I was getting a bit skinny fat during the pandemic and feeling self conscious about my arms, but now I have nice lean muscle definition and better posture. My routine has even alleviated all of the muscle tension I carrying in my back. I think this is the best shape I've ever been in, I feel much more confident. My goal now is to maintain my results while also increasing my caloric intake to see if I can add a bit more volume in my butt and legs. Even if it doesn't happen though I think I have a really cute figure and I just love it.

No. 836377

That's awesome! Do you have a link to that routine or something? I wanna try something similar

No. 836887

I've just been following videos by madfit on youtube, she's uploaded thousands of videos so there are a lot of options to explore and her production quality is really nice. I'll usually start with one her workouts that focus on toning the upper body, then a more rigorous lower body workout, and finish off with one of her flexibility routines. I hope this helps!

No. 836889

As much as I'm hating radiotherapy my fiancée is really blowing me away with her love. Everyday when she's at work and I'm going to the hospital she's texting me and calling me every minute she can, she sends me random thing to make me smile: cute pokemon fanart, silly memes, pictures of cats. When I'm feeling like I've had my brain put in a blender afterwards the mere sound of her voice on the phone calms me. And every day without fail, whether she's been busy with work or not, I come home to a hot bath and a home cooked meal. I vent and tell her my worries and she listens and listens and listens. And then she tells me what I need to hear, not what I want, what I need. She reminds me why we're fighting this as a team. I go to bed not fearing the next days radiotherapy. I fall asleep happy and hopeful for the future. And it's all because of her.

No. 836892

That's so sweet I'm happy for u anon

No. 836895

Holy shit, this was a beautiful read. I'm so happy for you nonnie!

No. 836898

That's so sweet I'm happy for u anon

No. 836906

Fingers crossed that your radiotherapy is successful! I hope you and your fiancee will have many great days together!

No. 836911

You're getting the support you deserve, anon

No. 836986

I took a good selfie that looks good without any filters. I'll probably find it ugly in 5 minutes and trash it, along with every other photo of me I thought was good but actually wasn't. Still! A win is a win!

No. 836998

a very cute story with a happy ending!

No. 837002

My boyfriend is a brown, tattooed Shelly Duval with a ponytail, I'm so luckkky

No. 837894

I've been texting this girl I met on Lex, which is an otherwise shitty app but she makes me glad I downloaded it. She's really funny and sweet, and she even listens to a lot of the same music as I do. Once she's a bit less busy with work, we're planning on hitting some local trails or maybe even playing music together (we're both guitarists too, apparently), and she seems just as excited as I am about it. Maybe it's stupid to feel so optimistic about someone I haven't even met, but this is honestly the first time since I was a teenager that I've had this much chemistry with another girl so I'm going to let myself be happy about it, dammit.

No. 841783

My fiancé and I got approved to be foster parents!!! I’m so blessed to have this opportunity. I didn’t even know I wanted to be a foster parent until my best friends little brother got taken into cps custody. His family wouldn’t take him because he has a disability and she knew my fiancé and I have an extra room and want kids. At first we were hesitant, but now we know that this is no coincidence! God placed him in our home for a reason, and I know we’re going to be the best place for him. It’s not going to be easy, but I know that this is what I need right now, too. I love him so much and I’m already having a hard time imagining life without him. I obviously hope his parents will get their shit together for him, (doubtful) but if not, I’m happy to be his permanent mommy. Life is good

No. 841802

shit, anon congrats! hope you all have a safe and nice home life!

No. 841860

Congrats anon, and good luck! I hope that despite the challenges, you’ll be able to provide a safe, fulfilling, and loving home for him!

No. 841893

File: 1625008962670.jpeg (4.09 MB, 3024x4032, 41525344-79AF-45EE-96F1-52ED47…)

My dog is so beautiful I cant even deal with it I love her so much even if taking her a walk is like going out with a hot friend.. means my anxiety ridden ass has to talk and smile at people who always gush over her. It’s kinda nice though, I feel like it helps me

No. 841895

She's so adorable!! Please give her many pats and pecks for me

No. 841901

You’re awesome anon, the chance to live with family who values him is gonna do wonders for his well-being. Hope everything is smooth sailing for your family

No. 841947

Life Hack, do hooping, SPIN SPIN, I can't wait to do it on x

No. 842015

File: 1625025091928.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1242x1255, 1623554212003.jpeg)

After struggling to find a very anti-social job and being afraid of customer service due to my social inabilities, I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and got hired as a cashier. So far I've just been in training and I'm still a little scared because I've never been good with my speech, I stutter a bit and sometimes words slip out wrong due to processing issues or I take a while to respond thanks to LPD, but I feel hopeful that this may help me and I'm trying to break out of my shell of being scared of people. I know that really nobody is going to mind it and I'll adapt. This is such a huge step for me towards obtaining happiness and independence, I was so anxious for years I never thought I could do this. I have a long way to go, but I'm proud of myself!

No. 842018

File: 1625025488956.jpg (7.54 KB, 234x215, download.jpeg-1.jpg)

I just remembered a really cute memory from my childhood. Me and my siblings would go to my grandparents house for a sleepover, usually our parents would pick us up after lunch the next day. Sometimes they made hot dogs for us and they had this "hot dog house" that they'd steam the hot dogs in. I remember being really excited about the hot dog house, my grandparents always made it really fun too. To my little kid mind, those hot dogs were the best thing ever. Pic related, it's the hot dog house

No. 842021

That's awesome! The first step to conquering a fear is remembering that making mistakes isn't fatal, but it can feel like such a massive chasm to cross. The fact you've taken it is a testament to your commitment to improve. I hope you're able to build the confidence you need for yourself!

No. 842092

This is so cute!!

No. 842301

Hey anon! I'm so proud of you! One of my first real jobs was as a cashier, and let me tell you, it was nerve wracking as hell! I remember hearing the shakiness in my voice and seeing my my fingers shake as I tried to figure out what buttons to press. You'll get the hang of it anon, I believe in you! Most people are kind and understanding when you mess up, and learning to deal with the shitty ones is just an unfortunate part of life. I hated working retail but I think it's a very good place to start learning basic skills and learning how to interact with many different people. Eventually you'll build up a cache in your brain of phrases to use and it'll be second nature interacting with people! I think it'll also help you build up a thicker skin too. Best of luck anon, and congratulations on the job!

This is so cute anon… the little hot dog house…!!

For my little piece of positivity today, I went into my parents room and saw that my dog was awake so I went to give her some pats. She was still so sleepy and could barely keep her eyes open as I held her head and rubbed her face and ears. She likes to rub her eye boogies on me which is kinda gross, but I like to think she's blessing me with her puppy goodness. I've had her for so long, some days I still can't believe what a cute old grandma she is. I feel so blessed to have her in my life.

No. 842983

broke up with my aggressive coomer boyfriend and i feel so free

No. 843003

File: 1625131176836.gif (56.79 KB, 220x220, tenor (20).gif)

Good job anon!!

No. 843020

Congratulations anon! Retail helped me a lot with dealing with my social anxiety, I learned how to speak without hesitation, be assertive and to carry myself confidently, and now I have a nice office job in the field I've studied in.

No. 844809

File: 1625312668771.jpg (44.48 KB, 652x640, 138421805_101724898565794_5752…)

I'm proud of myself because I repaired the broken glass on my phone all by myself. Normally with any tech problems I run to the nearest techbro for help but this time I watched a YouTube video, ordered the component and installed it. It looks so new and shiny and it cost so little to do!
I am the the captain now

No. 844812

File: 1625313167884.jpg (42.28 KB, 439x600, tummo (2).jpg)

Good job!!! Proud of u!!!

No. 844823

File: 1625314977541.gif (489.13 KB, 500x281, yumeiro.gif)

Sneakingly bought my partner a birthday gift off money that I got from commissions, and cute cookie cutters so I will finally make bear, rabbit and heart shaped cookies.

No. 844837

>Secret budgeting missions
A woman of many talents, your partner is very lucky to have you!

Thank you kind anon I'm happy to have done good by you!

No. 844864

File: 1625318371230.jpg (13.43 KB, 960x551, 159048173_266289754950965_9018…)

This fucking picture KEK

I'm finally down to my high school healthy weight! After anorexia I fell for the binge recovery thing. I got better really quickly, but I also got really fat. I went from 88lbs to 245lbs in the space of three years. I didn't try to lose it for a few years, because I didn't want to get poorly again and end up in a cycle of starving and bingeing.
Anyway, once I got my head together and started loosely calorie counting and moving more, and I've lost ~100lbs since September. I'm 5'8" and 140lbs and though that's not skinny, it feels right for me because I'm at the weight I was before all of this happened. I'm proud of myself. I'm not in a disordered headspace. ​It feels so good to have a second chance.

No. 845294

Happy for you! It feel so good to do something on your own and look at your accomplishments

No. 846096

That's a huge accomplishment anon, well done and congrats! At your height 140 lbs sounds quite slender, so long as you're healthy and happy with your looks that's great. Best of all I'm glad to hear you're in a good mental place and treating yourself well.

No. 847594

File: 1625611857345.jpg (23.49 KB, 500x500, 7d93d21ce5019d86864627f6995e1e…)

My previous phone broke last month and today my new phone arrived!
I missed having a phone, is way more comfy. Not only that, but the new phone is pretty cool and the camera is great! I am so happy!

No. 847627

I'm buying my first apartment! I'm so excited!

No. 847887

Congrats, this is huge!! I got my apartament last year and seriously, it's lifechanging.

No. 848234

i love when anons on here are kind to me and other anons. it somehow hits different knowing that an absolute stranger took the time out of their day to respond to me in a kind or encouraging manner when they didn't have to, and i appreciate it so much. less stupid infighting more being nice pls

No. 848442

I'm the same anon hehe. I always try to reply nice things to anons just because I like being replied to with nice things! I always feel bad when I write a mean post lmao. It doesn't matter whether I'm nice or rude since everyone's anonymous but that's part of why I like to be nice too!

No. 849255

File: 1625791252363.png (70.22 KB, 437x209, 94038294703284032.png)

I procrastinated on a bunch of important stuff and also got very little sleep last night but despite my utter lack of time management capability I still managed to get through the day and complete all my tasks without becoming an embarassment. I feel dead but relieved and I promise myself I won't procrastinate again (at least for the next couple weeks). It's exciting to think how high my power level would be if I actually got my shit together.

No. 849886

I went out with my boss for something work related, and he suggested we get lunch afterwards. There was a big observatory tower nearby and he asked if there was a restaurant in there (because I googled and found another place just a few blocks away) and I said yes but it was very expensive (saw it on google and didn't suggest it because $$$). He said, "well, it's part of our job and we can go for research." We had to pay for observatory tickets to go up the tower to even reach the restaurant and he said "yeah this counts as work too" and charged it all to the corporate card kek. I already really like my job so these occasional great perks are just the cherry on top.

No. 849938

File: 1625868622142.png (1.37 MB, 931x1819, fit fa.png)

i had my tits cut off

No. 849939

you should have hired a maid instead

No. 849943

shut up bitch let's see your domicile. i bet it smells like shit

No. 849944

She's hydrated leave her alone

No. 849947

Sorry if I'm missing a joke, but who in the hell is this? Wasn't this picture also posted in the Unpopular Opinions thread yesterday?

No. 849949

File: 1625869200871.webm (996.23 KB, 1920x1080, nagatororun.webm)

I'm Name:Anonymous. W-who are you?

No. 849952

go clean your room

No. 849958

Your room is a pigsty anon

No. 849985

File: 1625873918450.jpg (36.03 KB, 604x604, 1615796936970.jpg)

I can finally quit my shitty job that has been working me 65+ hours a week for a year and has done nothing about people sexually harrassing me!!!! I found another job, it pays a bit lower but I don't care at this point. I can at least have my life back and be happier.

No. 849989

Congrats nonnie! Hope this new job treats you like you deserve

No. 850007

No. 850092

So happy for you!!
i'm trying to get out too. wish me luck, nonnies

No. 850231

My brother has been dating a girl for the past 3 months and just told me about it and I'm so pleased for him. He's good looking enough and smart but he has a really bad stutter that's impacted him negatively his whole life. I don't think he's ever had a gf before this tbh. Growing up people would call him retarded because of how hard it was for him to speak clearly. She looks cute and seems really nice, I wish them well!

No. 850534

File: 1625934490061.jpeg (49.64 KB, 500x500, 18E6503E-55B9-4963-B31A-5FEDD4…)

I looked at a house with my fiancé today and it’s perfect! We gave an offer and if it goes through we could be moved in by the end of August. I’m so excited!

No. 850573

Congrats anon!! I'm looking for a house too but uhh everything is going for 20k over asking for houses that aren't even worth it rip

No. 850629

good luck anon! i believe in you

wow, i hope you get it! even i got a little bit giddy just reading your post because of the thought of having a whole house w the person i love, so i cant imagine how you’re feeling. i hope it all goes well!