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File: 1613239409712.jpg (222.56 KB, 900x600, bigstock-portrait-of-a-woman-w…)

No. 738433

ITT: post uneventful and mandane as fuck events in your life

No. 738434

i saw a guy with a very big forehead today, like megamind tier big forehead

No. 738435

I was feeling kind of allergic today, but then I brushed my teeth and stopped sneezing.
So I'm cool now.

No. 738437

I went to the mall today it was fun

No. 738440

i just drank a couple glasses of water

No. 738446

I slept in the wrong position a few days ago, so my neck hurts when I look too far to the left. I slept with my head turned to the right then (I always sleep on my stomach), to make it even or work against it, but now my neck hurts also when I look to the right. It's gotten better over the past few days though, so no need to worry. I have to go shower because I finally wanna lay down (I hate lying down before I took a shower, it feels dirty) but I'm too lazy to get up. My knuckles are all red and bloody again due to the cold, but I'm fine with that because we finally got snow for the first time in about six years, and I can't remember the last time it stayed for so long. I've been so sleepy for the past few week or two (or rather, even more sleepy than I've been for the past year or so, because that's apparently a thing for me now), even though I don't really do anything, so I'm wondering if I've been a hibernating animal in my past life, since I noticed it got especially strong after all the snow. Maybe it's just the cold though. In my next life I wanna be some plant, but one that does photosynthesis, so no Venus Trap or something. Or do Venus Traps do photosynthesis, too?

Is this what a diary is?

No. 738448

Having a couple of of beers, literally two so can't really post in the drunk thread about it

No. 738454

An anonymous public diary

No. 738459

My microwaved mashed potatoes was still cold in the middle but I'm too lazy to go back so I'm just accepting mediocre mashed potatoes

No. 738464

My vagina is doing it's monthly bleed

No. 738467

mine too, high five

No. 738468

Me too. I keep catching myself smelling like pussy blood today but I'm procrastinating a shower. It's sub zero outside.

No. 738476

I'm procrastinating some fairly irrelevant stuff. That's a nice thread pic, really captures the emotion.

No. 738495

I was studying but then I started reading this dumb korean comic instead and now I am caught up

No. 738498

Me four! Mine is ending, though.

No. 738499

Wearing the same pair of winter boots I've owned since 11 and I am 26. They have nothing wrong with them, which is weird, because they were from K-mart

No. 738501

Our internet connection it’s pretty bad today and my hair is greasy but I maybe wait till tomorrow

No. 738507

File: 1613243768429.jpg (68.29 KB, 800x575, 800px_COLOURBOX5219450.jpg)

Shidding n farding

No. 738508

I didn't shit yesterday but then I shit twice today to make up for it. Phew

No. 738509

a tiny bug came out of my salad today despite me washing the leaves thoroughly.

No. 738527

Laughing about posts like this >>738507

No. 738551

Can't get up, cat's on my lap.

No. 738553

free protein

No. 738555

I'm about to take a bath, and take my mobile with me.

No. 738556

Living life on the edge

No. 738561

I don't have a bathtub anymore, I'm jealous. When I move, getting an apartment with a tub is something I won't compromise on.

No. 738594

My skin is so dry it's flaking and no oil or cream works so that's fun

No. 738595

this is how all of my phones have gotten destroyed

No. 738599

i'm eating honey bunches of oats and they're pretty good.

No. 738627

that shit fucks with me so hard, hope you have a blast eating them fuckers anon

No. 738630

i love when my mum makes stewed green beans

No. 738634

Try toner without alcohol and hyalirone products nonnie

No. 738645

Got an ant crawling on my arm and now I'm paranoid about where it came from.

No. 738667

I wonder what I'll eat for dinner tonight. I had 2 boiled eggs for lunch and a graham cracker for breakfast.

No. 738686

I just made the best egg avocado sandy and i'm having it with berries and coffee in my coolest mug AND when i woke up today my hair wasn't ruined from sleeping on it so it's gonna be a good saturday

No. 738812

Sometimes on the way home I see this guy who looks like the chad meme, clothing, hair, body, and face. I'm not attracted to him, but it's remarkable.

No. 738848

Maybe you're part of the aburame clan now

No. 738866

I’m gonna go for that 3rd slice of pizza

No. 738886

Omg this is a sign that I should eat that 3rd slice in the fridge lol

No. 738887

Can't stop playing with my hair, especially the baby hairs around my edges. The curls feel so soft between my fingers

No. 738888

File: 1613278137066.jpeg (50.93 KB, 612x683, B331FCF4-035F-408E-BF92-B434B3…)

I actually fucking love cleaning and cooking. Like not even for a scroido I’m single but there’s something comfortable about just staying home and folding my laundry while cookies be baking and my phone reading fanfics to me.

No. 738901

I bought flats from the store I work at and they the same size as other shoes I’ve bought there but like, falling off my feet! And it’s the smallest size we carry in store, it just truly was not my time to start wearing adult shoes. Guess I’m wearing docs with my outfit for Valentine’s Day (which makes it infinitely more fun and casual and means I can wear a much more ridiculous coat without looking overdressed)

No. 738903

drinking water out of a storebought starbucks Frappuccino glass rn

No. 738904

Soundproofing in my apartment complex is so bad I can hear every time my neighbor coughs, sneezes and farts

No. 738908

Same here anon, drives me insane. I recommend just getting a white noise machine. I have it set to a fan/air conditioner sound all the time and it drowns out the noise so I don’t have to hear every cough and toilet flush.

No. 738918

How do you get your phone to read fanfics to you?

No. 738921

probably a Text To Speech app

No. 738924

File: 1613283339121.jpg (57.97 KB, 640x457, tumblr_nfhzbjicIH1sovuuzo1_640…)

a redditor (ikik) wished cancer on me for saying I don't want eyes like Cher's. Forgot to mention they made an alternate account just for that purpose

No. 738926

It’s an iPhone feature under Accessibility called Speak Screen, and it’s a cringe guilty pleasure

No. 738936

I had two boxes of raisins today. I kind of want a third one, but I've already had way too much sugar for the day. I will drink water for the rest of the night instead.

No. 739100

A small cockroach got on me this morning, my husband killed it and I took a bath right afterwards

No. 739104

I'll change the linens today.

No. 739111

File: 1613311534886.jpeg (42.13 KB, 163x468, BC8ED235-D5DD-43EA-952F-435186…)

I keep hearing a bunch of people crying like someone got killed in front if them, I don’t know if I should check out, they’re outside the building I live in.

No. 739156

my boyfriends flatmate keeps starting stupid arguments about the dishwasher. hes gonna move out

No. 739169

went on a date with a guy yesterday and can't tell if I'm not into him or if I'm just completely numb

No. 739204

For lunch I had fried eggs with oregano, dried cranberries and a bit of mayonnaise. Surprisingly, it tasted good.
I am wearing my cat stockings because I haven't worn them in a long time since I just sit inside, and because I rightfully feel slightly stupid wearing them outside most times.

No. 739215

did you ever find out

No. 739226

My bloody valentine gang

No. 739230

about to have my 6th can of monster this week (pretty sure this isnt healthy but eh they taste good) while procrastinating some stuff

this sounds comfy even though im lazy as shit

No. 739234

using a chopstick to mix my gouache paint right now

No. 739271

i made myself some pizza and i'm not sure if i love it or dislike it

No. 739274

I fucked up my omelette. Basically asked for it since I did it with one egg only. It tasted good though.

No. 739276

Yeah! Looks like someone died at the clinic in front of the building where I live, it’s weird to hear such things in the middle of the day.
I hope that person had a pleasant death and not something utterly horrifying and that their families can heal from their loss.

No. 739280

I'm gonna start an herb garden again. Omfg that dog has snow boots on.

No. 739282

>Omfg that dog has snow boots on.
pics or it did not happen

No. 739290

update: i liked it

No. 739329

I had waffles with greek yogurt, sunflower seeds, and raspberries. It looked and tasted delicious. I also realized the raspberries are perfect for Valentine's day. Life is grand.

No. 739363

No. 739373

On my walk today I saw a dog that had a stick too big for his body. It was the first time I saw something like this IRL and it was too damn cute

No. 739385

lol, what context did you say it? did you use it as a insult..?

No. 739414

Got snowed in so Valentine's Day plans were cancelled but I'm making lentil carrot curry and sipping on some wine which is nice

No. 739418

lol I slept in for Vag Day, I just woke up at 6 pm.

No. 739525

i love how she dirty deleted that post

No. 739553

I will clean the fridge tomorrow.
I've been saying this for days.

No. 739577


just started mine yesterday, maybe period syncing is real even on lolcow, mbv gang

No. 739578

snow day! snow day!

No. 739607

I was looking at my crushes twitter account and she posted some photos, and I could see her google profile picture is a selfie of her in a suit with a bow tie (might be a cosplay?). Wish she would post it, tbh. Just so I could see something…..

No. 739619

I get to work in the morning for most of this week !

No. 739631

I understand this level of excitement completely

No. 739632

Baked gluten free bread! (I have celiac so it's a treat)

No. 739804

I had an oral exam and I did very badly on it even though I did perfectly on the written exam and I studied. I don't feel bad about my grade but I feel so ashamed and disappointed. I'm listening to Daughters at maximum volume

No. 740175

I got a bad grade on a take home exam. The professor said that the ideas were good but I didn't cite the text enough. Grateful for the feedback, I'll do much better on the next assignment.

No. 740258

I had a headache but then my cat placed his paw gently on my forehead. I feel better.

No. 740259

Blessed post

No. 740260

Had a whole pot of tea and an orange, i am hydrated

No. 740288

File: 1613425100959.jpg (1.95 MB, 4016x1828, IMG_20210215_183847.jpg)

The clouds are so beautiful today

No. 740297

I have to make emergency fuel calls for people and for whatever reason everyone waits till the last minute or when there’s a storm to make calls, and the fuel companies do not like me as a result lol

No. 740312

My dog in Minecraft stepped on a pressure plate and blew us up along with my 2 cats and we all died.

No. 740325

I have two slices of deli ham left in the fridge.

No. 740326

Eat moar

No. 740332

this is such a nice pic! i love evenings like that, they always make me feel so happy and at ease

No. 740373

hhhhhnnn. i wanna get up to get a donut in the kitchen to enjoy it with this last episode, but i made the mistake of taking melatonin an hour ago.

No. 740387

I just poured my sea monkey eggs in the water

No. 740389

Keep us posted

No. 740608

nose itchy
itchy itchy nose

No. 740775

My first goal of the day is to try and focus and remember and figure out what my goals will be.
If I don’t finish this post it’s not going to be a good day.
Need to finish that comic in sketch form.
Need to make those drawings for that thing tomorrow.
Will I have extra time? Work on that painting.
Spend time with loved one
Make tuna noodle helper for dinner

No. 740815

I have to finish some uni stuff that's one week overdue but I'm really lazy atm

No. 741289

I have an eye doctor appointment in two days and, I hate going to the doctor, but I lost my fucking glasses so if I wanna drive then I have to go.

I have a cardiologist appointment next month which is a little more nerve wracking

No. 741292

I spent all day patching holes in walls & it was fun but now I'm filthy

No. 741293

My flatmate gets $280 a week in NEETbux. He gives me $140 for rent, spends $60 on cigarettes and $40 on weed. I've seen him live off $40 a week in food for a year and a half now and it still boggles me how he can just have a bag of doritos and a bowl of rice a day and be fine. I'm expecting to see signs of malnutrition, but I don't, and I know he's not eating anywhere else.

$40 a week NZ is probably about $25 a week US once you account for the exchange rate.

No. 741329

I just shaved my pits for the first time since I'm 14, and honestly? Really not feeling it. It feels weird and it wasn't even satisfying watching the hair all go as it was that one time I removed some hair around my ankles with my eyebrow razor when I was bored to death and my legs were conveniently there. It was just annoying and I regretted my decision to the point of thinking about just keeping the other one. I'll continue raising everything as it was before, 0/10 stars, wouldn't recommend, dreading the regrowth period.

No. 741332

I needed this honest review, thank you anon! Good luck on your regrowth

No. 741336

Anon, don’t you feel uncomfortable and sweaty with hair under your arms? I am sorry but I feel so uncomfortable but I respect your choice

No. 741338

i feel full

No. 741339

No. 741345

Nta but uwu body hair gwoss

No. 741349

Because my brother went out to have dinner with his gf, I decided to make some hotdogs for my dinner.
So I prepared one like usual, with ketchup, mayo, mustard and some potatoes. The other had goat cheese, Hawaiian barbecue and pieces casava bread.
The second one was absolutely delicious and I’m going to make mine like this next time I have hotdogs for lunch or dinner.

No. 741350

it is kinda owo(owo)

No. 741437

Despite covid and quarantine, I've been lose quite a lot of weight and now I'm down to 37kg (about 82 lbs I think). (I'm short af so even if it's surely underweight, it's not by that much).
My mother and some friends are starting to get worried, I legit dunno why I'm losing weight, haven't eaten or done anything differently than usual… I don't really wanna go to a doctor though…

No. 741459

cramping for no damn reason

No. 741461

sounds reasonable, and i'm not trying to tell you what to do, but you should consider also working out and building muscle.

No. 741479

"Winter" ended 2 weeks ago in my country, I put winter in air quotes cause winter where I'm from means that Its breezy and people wear jackets for 2-3 months and then its hot as usual

No. 741498

My vyvanse prescription is starting to work for me, I managed to write almost a thousand words today without feeling overwhelmed. It's nice

No. 741502

unusual or rapid weight loss is a sign of something wrong, anon. not mundane if you're not eating or working out differently but losing so much weight.

No. 741503

I'm eating peanut butter-filled pretzels. Shit's fucking fire.

No. 741505

Thoughts on chocolate covered pretzels?

No. 741508

The temperature has been hovering at a high of 0 F since last Thursday and I had to go to work on Friday, where with windchill it was something like -25 F. The building doesn't have any heat. The back has a pellet stove, the office area has a spare heater on the floor next to the chair with another heater in the entryway place, and my spot, at the front, has the smallest shittiest 'heater' that rotates and puffs out warm air occasionally.

I got so fucking cold I could barely move, I was embarrassed to wear my winter coat inside or say anything so I just sat there in what the little clock said was around 10-15 F for the entire day. I couldn't really focus on anything so I just ignored the phone and read Macbeth on the computer.

I mentioned to my sister being glad I didn't have work on the following day because it was too cold, and stupidly mentioned the building has no heat, and now she's told a few more people and is fairly outraged. I'm really embarrassed and annoyed I didn't foresee other people would think it was weird to work in a building with no heat, shouldn't have said anything. I'm sure I also could have just said I was too fucking cold to do anything and then they would have had me go home, I'm just such a compulsive non-complainer and used to shit circumstances that it didn't occur to me that it was perhaps outlandish suffering. I'm also from Miami so I thought I was just being a wimp, my boss was literally born in the Arctic Circle and was lmaoing about how it was nothing compared to walking 15 kilometers through the forests of Siberia to go to communism school or whatever the fuck.

My family already thinks I'm massively underpaid and should just get a better job, now they must imagine me freezing my damn ass off all winter as well. I definitely won't mention to them that the ceiling is also like caving in and the attic is filled with buckets capturing the water that drains in. I should definitely get a better job but at my current job I don't have to wear a mask or pretend to care about corona and I also get to dick around and read fanfiction whenever there's downtime, and boss has pretty good stock tips. In my mind, it's a positive tradeoff to get large spans of 'work' time being left alone to read… I also got this job after being a NEET for eight years so I really don't like having to talk to people still, which is an interesting position to be in considering I'm a receptionist.

Just so embarrassing and stupid. Should have known better than to mention literally anything about my life.

No. 741513

File: 1613543219566.jpg (6.99 KB, 626x128, xXwSkl9h.jpg)

im jealous of you anon
t. -21 degrees celcius outside

No. 741521

Its not that great as it seems and we have tens of thousands of death from heat stroke, however there are also regions where its probably colder then what you're experiencing

No. 741523

>I was embarrassed to wear my winter coat inside
Girl, what? I wear my puffy winter coat in the office in the middle of Australian summers if the air con is a bit chilly, why tf would you get embarrassed of something so completely un-embarrassing let alone to the point of choosing severe discomfort over it? Do you think they'd prefer you to suffer and refuse to answer phones instead of just wearing a coat inside?

You should complain too, ideally, though I can understand why that would be more intimidating.

No. 741629

i managed to wake up at normal human hours for 3 straight days now

No. 741641

A bit ot but when I was in highschool my science teacher was convinced I had an ED or something because I wore my coat in class. The truth was we as a class were put in the oldest building with high ass ceilings and I would refuse to freeze.
Anon, wear the coat!

No. 741729

i just got an IUD and it's day 9 of low level just enough to drive you insane but not enough to bitch about cramps. at least i won't be reproducing

No. 741733

finally got a bookshelf and put all of my books on it. hehehe

No. 741739

I baked buns with white chocolate chunks in it there is only one left heh

No. 741788

File: 1613576829895.jpg (39.5 KB, 682x1023, depositphotos_117682494-stock-…)

The recipe. Hand it over.

No. 741832

I love this thread it's so cute

No. 741834

Still no sea monkeys, I think because I've put mine in a larger container and my house is a little chilly it's slowing down the process. I'm gonna bring them to a warmer room!

No. 741845

God I really want sea monkeys now but im always hopping from one place to the next and don't wanna hurt them

No. 741896

I accidentally broke my french press while I was cleaning it today. It was a pretty cheap one, so not much of a loss. I guess I'll look into buying a new coffee maker. My brother told me that pour overs are pretty good, but I've never tried one before. Do any farmers have recommendations for a good coffee maker? (doesn't have to be a french press or pour over- just not something too big as I have limited space)

don't know if this should have gone in the advice thread, but i thought this was too mundane of a question compared to the stuff that's asked over there

No. 741912

bialetti moka pots are nice

No. 741929

for pour over, i love chemex. they're pretty, easy to clean, good coffee.

No. 741946

I want my hair to reach the same length as thread pic by the end of the year. Sounds easy but I cut it on impulse every few weeks.

No. 741948

Okay, well keep me updated anon I’m invested now!

No. 741954

moka pots are great! Very ~aesthetic~ and they make really good coffee. It's usually a bit stronger than French press/pour overs, but you just need to add a bit of boiling water if you don't like strong coffee.
Plus they make it easy to dispose of the grinds once used.

No. 741980

File: 1613593763320.png (119.68 KB, 260x275, 1607762739645.png)

I have a headache

No. 742008

I tried this new vegan protein bar and it's fucking divine, honestly the best protein bar I've ever tasted.

No. 742009

File: 1613596010014.jpeg (112.52 KB, 750x709, 33A6909B-49BA-4293-92EC-4C8B77…)

I’ve found out how to straighten my hair on my own and I love it, I should go to the hairstylist soon though, I need to dye my hair but I don’t know what to pick, I’m between getting some pink highlights or just dyeing the dyed hair black to let my hair rest for this year, then i could dye it with pink highlights next year when I’m back home again.
Then again, I could ask my hairstylist if she can do pic related and get that done in pink.

No. 742013

Picrel is so cute, I’m a big fan of the stark dark and white/blond. Are you thinking hot or pale pink, anon?

No. 742021

I wish I could get pale pink, but I tend to be told that it fades quickly on dark hair, so I might end up getting hot pink

No. 742029

Which one? I can never find vegan ones I like. Not vegan but prefer to avoid animal products when it's… easy for me I guess? Most vegan ones are so gritty and bleh.

No. 742031

There is a lot of beauty to the mundanity to life

No. 742035

>fades quickly on dark hair
What, I mean yes pastels and especially any level of red tones slip out quickly but the dark here confuses me

No. 742036

File: 1613597401110.jpeg (75.21 KB, 1080x1080, DB018D45-4BA2-4094-B5B2-A28540…)

My mom sent me a text asking about an emoji and I didn’t understand her at first because she thought it was spelled as “imogi”

No. 742065

Thought of my old crush recently, he was a handsome boy and really kind to me

No. 742099

No. 742661

I went one day without coffee and it made me feel like I had the flu.

No. 742665

A limo just pulled out of my road with neighbors in it and I'm confused. There's a fairly strict lockdown still on here so I don't where you could even go in it

No. 742680

I sat next to a boy and he had nice arms and he said he read a really interesting book which I had on my computer but didn't read it so now I read it and it really is so interesting but I have to study but I want to know what happens next in the book

No. 742946

I saw a recent pic of a guy that I dated when I was 19. I was shocked to see how much he's aged within a short span of time. I got a kick out of it because he used to be handsome but he treated me terribly. Now the outside reflects what's on the inside.

No. 742967

I feel you anon, drinking coffee doesn't make me feel anything in particular, but NOT drinking it? Oh boy

No. 742975

I also seen my ex's Instagram by coincidence, for someone who used to call me a fat fuck at a normal weight he's pretty porky

No. 743047

my best guess is an orgy KEK

No. 743061

The aloe socks I got actually work. I feel very cozy, I turned on my heater, got all of my work done, journaled for an hour, and hung out with my bunny. My boyfriend is playing video games and is taking me grocery shopping soon. I am generally content. Maybe I'll read a book now.

No. 743075

I've resurrected the garden and hopefully in a few months they'll be lots of colours and flowers

No. 743108

that sounds comfy as fuck anon. though what exactly are aloe socks? please give your bunny a lil pat on behalf of this lonely anon

No. 743153

It has been snowing for a week straight

No. 743193

NTA, but aloe socks are just socks infused with aloe that are supposedly more moisturizing than regular socks. They do feel really soft and comfy at first, but I feel like the aloe effects wears off after you wash them a few times.

No. 743346

About a half hour ago I was humming and hawing over whether I should leave the house to post a letter, it was drizzling out, I don't drive and apart from the letter I've no other reason to go out today so I stayed put

It is currently raining harder than I've ever heard, I feel like the paint is going to get powerwashed off my house. Pretty glad I stayed put

No. 743357

I’m visiting my grandma today, I wish I could give back the few orchids I have of hers, but today I will also run some errands, I guess I will gradually deliver them to her home over these weeks.

No. 743468

I made a mouse pointer, I don't know why I never tried before. And I changed my computer theme to high contrast navy, cyan and purple. It looks so kool

No. 743480

Oooh, how do you make one anon?

No. 743483

You can use an image editing program like gimp and make a 32x32 pixel image (you can use another size too probably, this is the standard size) and draw your cursor and export it as .ico, but that will work if you want the point that clicks to be on the upper left corner of the image, which is good for arrows but I tried to make a crosshair so it didn't work. So you can also use this site https://www.cursor.cc/ where you can change the position of the clicking point. You can draw your cursor right there in the page, but you can also import the image you made in some other program which I think is easier.

No. 743485

Thank you so much!

No. 743486

No problem and good luck and have fun!

No. 743512

I like pot noodles so I bought like a rice version of one lately and I followed the instructions even allowing it more time to 'cook' before digging in… the rice is half soft and half crunchy. Not good.

No. 743553

I've got a headache and I want some chips but fried things aren't a good idea right now.

No. 743564

AYRT The bunny is still getting endless pats and love!

No. 743595

every day after i hang out with friends my throat is absolutely destroyed because we talk so much and i laugh at everything. in pain rn but it came from a place of love so i guess it's alright.

No. 743780

aww this is really cute

No. 743953

i just cackled while on my bed and that triggered my period to start. rip white sheets.

No. 744042

I can’t stop farting

No. 744043

If I where you I wouldn’t be able to hold back. I’d send him a long spergy inbox about what a fat fuck he has become and then probably regret it.

No. 744046

An older lady tipped me exactly a dollar today. Never have I felt so powerless beneath the boomer.

No. 744084

I'd have you all know I'm in the process of cleaning my fridge right now. It takes about a week for tomorrow to come.

No. 744085

Tomorrow isn't real anyway. Time is a manmade construct. When is tomorrow? You decide bby

No. 744263

ate pancakes and now my stomach is a little upset

No. 744266

How much is the standard for a tip? I’m retarded and a cheapskate tbh, but I also want to give decent tips, so I either end up tipping too much or barely enough. Is it all about the 10% of an order?

No. 744280

Guy I'm seeing asked for music recs, he usually listens to pc music, hyperpop, rap, etc. and I listen to mostly rock based music (punk, jam bands, "indie", etc.) and rap. I sent him one newish power-pop album and an indie twee classic, expecting him to maybe like one of them and maybe not like the other one but he hit back saying "Idk if I can fuck with this artsy fartsy music". You're the straight man sending me sophie and ag cook tracks!! How is that not artsy fartsy music!

No. 744300

I like to use a tip calculator app and then round up

No. 744301

that depends on where you live, and what you're tipping for. I think tipping for delivery is considered to be less than tipping for someone waiting on you.

in my state, it's expected that people tip at least 18%, but the cost of living is pretty high here. in other states it's 15% I think. in european countries I think it's expected that you tip less.

you can usually google "how much to tip in x country/state"

No. 744325

File: 1613845717125.jpeg (323.22 KB, 1076x1148, 8DA80EBB-8EEA-473B-9170-FFB062…)

I’m afraid my room / house will smell like the cat box so I’m constantly burning woodsy scented candles in the bathroom

So far so good. Ily Charlie

No. 744346

Made brown rice and a fried egg with a runny yolk. Topped it with some lao gan ma, green onions and sesame seeds. Sooooo tasty

No. 744368

Look at this cat genuinely enjoying it's life. I'm jealous of this cat.

No. 744402

My cat is named Charlie

No. 744404

My cat loves to curl up in flowerpots, and normal cooking pots/bowls back when he was little. I love that something so weird is consistent with them.

No. 744417

File: 1613856610975.jpg (143.58 KB, 1287x1800, 623892883ced5372687ffb2f610302…)

Lolcow is a fun addition to the boards I browse during study breaks.

No. 744438

Smells like balls

No. 744441

Thought the same, there's one over in /g/, too

No. 744442

dirty scrotes fuck off [in the rhythm of nazi punks fuck off]

No. 744447

I just saw it and said the same there, wow

No. 744453

scrote alert

No. 744465

File: 1613861052290.png (7.96 KB, 275x161, FFEF3DA7-A705-4B04-A380-BAAB00…)

An anon replied to me in another thread and I felt happy.

No. 744468

I love you

No. 744469

File: 1613861237429.jpeg (243.35 KB, 700x1121, 8DB9BC30-30C3-4735-824E-F9D64D…)

I put on one of my grandma’s old sleeping dresses and my boots, i felt like a cottagecore main character of a really lame novel for some reason, now I want to write something like a romantic-like novel in which the main character decides on living with her best friend in a cottage duh to avoid the shitty men that surround them, it will suck, but it will be fun to write.

No. 744506

Do it and drop the wattpad link!

No. 744514

File: 1613864741928.jpeg (27.32 KB, 330x550, 84BAC3DC-2039-4FE7-93C3-0C1B4F…)

I went home 2 months ago and I’m finally unpacking and I lost my favorite hair brush. I’ve been looking for it for an hour and a half and I can’t find it.

No. 744518

Charlie is a very precious cat name. I love mine so much, especially when he falls asleep on my stomach at night or eats plastic plants or steals cheese off my plate or lets me rock him like a baby even though he hates it.

Life’s good

No. 744584


+1! Hit me with that feel good shit.

No. 744625

I made some thin braids for my hair, it was tiring to do since my hair is so thick, but that's it.

No. 744643

It’s the middle of the night and cats be yowling like it’s a choir performance. Are they fucking or what?

No. 744654

Give them a standing ovation right this instant.

No. 744655

Yes, they're fucking. It's February, start of their breeding season.

No. 744682

I have heartburn and I hate it

No. 744818

I am studying but I can't stop thinking about Tosin Abasi

No. 744824

Left one of my pokemon in a nearby gym today as my team was already in it, It was only afterwards that I noticed the 4 other pokemon in the gym were all shiny and the one I left isn't…feel bad for ruining the theme

No. 744828

The manga I’m reading is scaring me because the art is unsettling.

No. 744831

Title please!

No. 744874

My cat has claimed every single flower pot on the balcony. Some are for morning naps, some are for afternoon naps and some are for pooping in. The only plants we have left are in hanging pots…

No. 745071

My cousin just ran up to me and said "ah ha, you ugly". He's like three years old, but I'm gonna sock this guy. He must be able to fight with all that mouth

No. 745109

Just tell him his parents are going to die someday.

No. 745136

You can print off fake adoption papers online and hide them somewhere in his room for a fun and fresh discovery when he gets a little older

No. 745154

Omg I get so fucking angry when kids insult me. that’s how I know I can’t have them. I want to cry to my mother about it.

No. 745249

Wanna cut my hair so badly but I'm scared of looking like a fakeboi

No. 745250

Don’t worry, anon, just remember all of the cringy shit he does, once they’re weakened by the lack of simping family members and the rush of hormones that comes with puberty, you can strike right in front of his friends.

No. 745294

Who cares, get the hair cut. It doesn't matter what scrotes think.

No. 745377

I had my first real (non-decaf) coffee in 8 months this morning and I actually feel alive. Unfortunately it’s back to decaf for at least another 6 weeks.

No. 745385

File: 1613958050715.jpg (97.59 KB, 640x405, 52675.jpg)

I've been downing spasfons like they're damn pinkass skittles but I'm still cramping like crazy. So bad the pain goes all the way to my upper thighs.
Fuck this shit.

No. 745389

Upper thigh pain for me is even worse than my uterus. I feel for you anon

No. 745456

you evil genius..playing the long game…I'm gonna go write this down.

No. 745715

I just get pain in my back that makes my scoliosis pain seem tame by comparison…how does the pain reach thighs tho? I believe you, just wondering how it spreads like that

No. 745733

sage is the number 1 recommended word on my mobile keyboard. not sure if i'm ashamed

No. 745746

The muscles near the uterus contract, so maybe it's the way those muscle are connected to other muscles?

No. 745764


No. 745787

i got my first vaccine today and it didn't hurt at all? honestly it was just nice to be out of the house and talking to people that aren't my boyfriend or local store keepers. god life is so dull right now

No. 745797

You've never had a vaccine before anon? Not even when you were a baby?

No. 745801

I was supposed to receive a package today and checked the tracking and it's said that they tried to deliver but the recipient wasn't home. I was here bitch, nobody rang my bell. I want my package

No. 745813

Some mail delivery people can be so lazy. I'm sorry your carrier is barely half-assing.
At my old apartment they would do the same, sometimes do a light, single knock and not even wait 2 seconds and report no one was home. They didn't even have to do much walking around the neighborhood either, our mailboxes were centralized.
At my new apartment, they keep delivering to a house with the same numbers, but totally different street names. I noticed what was happening and made a paragraph long delivery instruction to ensure it was going to the right house and they still keep delivering to the wrong house.

No. 745834

It happened to me last time I ordered something. It was small enough to fit in my mail box but the guy didnt even bother. I stayed home the whole day just in case and he never rang or knocked on the door. Instead he saw my neighbor somehow and gave her the pacakge for some reason, and she waited the next day to give it to me. I odered a pair of headphones and because I thought I never received them I bought another pair right before the neighbor gave me my package so fuck all of them.

No. 745841

Nta but i think she meant the rona jab, nonnie

No. 745842

>he saw my neighbor somehow and gave her the pacakge for some reason, and she waited the next day to give it to me
Diff anon but this happens to me. My neighbor is the nosy type and apart from gossiping she has nothing to do all day..still takes forever to hand a parcel over. The risk of that puts me off ordering anything too personal… I swear I had more privacy when I lived with my parents

No. 745927

Update: they're two weeks overdue now

No. 745937

oh no anon…

No. 746095

I seen posted on another thread that men don't wash their ass, I tried to google search more about this but all I got was porn, gross.

No. 746101

File: 1614031029144.png (124.26 KB, 743x920, why.PNG)

What did you search for anon? "men washing ass" ?

No. 746119

File: 1614032347042.jpg (295.09 KB, 1080x1897, 20210223_001816.jpg)

Nta but even that yields results that are not porn, tsk tsk to that nonnie

No. 746120

I searched "Men unwashed ass" on yahoo I'm pretty sure, it was done on my phone while I was out and about.

No. 746125

Idky this took me out, it's ok anon

No. 746126

Using the Yahoo search engine….I fucking can't

No. 746681

I've been getting up at 4:45am every morning to make my bf's lunch and I'm really enjoying it. It's so quiet and relaxing. I'm also going to bed wayyyyy earlier and feel better in general.

No. 746698

I'm under the impression that children of nurses are always fucked up and tend to be violent and problem kids because all people that I met who were children of nurses were like that.
I tried googling if that's a thing other people notice but nothing at all comes up.
Am I just imagining things, anyone ever noticed nurses tend to have crazy offspring?

No. 746760

Every overweight woman I know with a son has an incredibly hyperactive or aggressive one, no matter whose house they are visiting and whether the kid should be past that stage… I've always seen that link where they climb everything in sight, know no boundaries when touching other peoples belongings and need the same stimulation and attention a toddler would need but for years beyond that age.

I think crazy kids just leave such an impression that it makes you want to explain their behaviour somehow

No. 746779

I feel called out lmao even though I've never been a problem child nor was my brother

No. 746780

Nurses work a lot of hours and usually just leave their kids alone to fend for themselves(daughter of a nurse).

No. 746783

>aunt is RN
>male cousin numerously in trouble for fighting, stealing, car accidents in his youth
>now in his 30s
>is now anti-vax, won't do it for his kid who he had out of wedlock
>pro-Trump, pro-gun, once shat on me because I told him I was a volunteer at a clinic that performs abortions, has a holier than thou complex, etc.
>his kid is stunted and has aggression issues

If I could pinpoint it, I'd say it's just because my cousin grew up with privilege and enabling. Nurses tend to make decent livings and work longer hours. So their kids have a comfy life with less supervision, and if they do get in trouble the nurse parents are often too tired or in denial to care. They probably want to believe they're more in-tune with their kids because they think they medically know better than other parents, when that isn't necessarily the case.

No. 746792

I have a very nice relationship with every member of my family, and I treat maintaining it like how an autist treats playing The Sims.

No. 746802

Honestly that's really nice and I hope they reciprocate for you too.

No. 746820

My exes mother was a nurse and one of the daughters is becoming one. They are a mental family with a lot of issues. My ex use to always get upset about a time his mum wouldn't take him to hospital for a gash in his back and just sewed it up herself. The more pressing thing I thought was when the mother didn't pursue the father for molesting the daughter but instead quit work and took all equity in a divorce.

No. 746875

File: 1614108415716.jpg (29.06 KB, 488x359, 1477334595352.jpg)

My customs letter got sent to the wrong address, so I had to go to my rich neighbors to get it. She lives in a mansion with massive gardens, and I think she thought I was weird as I knocked on her backdoor instead of the front (the gardener let me in). People with strong posh British accents are scary

No. 746886

I bought an ikea bedframe 2 months ago, wrecked my hands trying to make sure I got every screw tightened in it. Now it's been squeaking a bit so I took the mattress off, got the little ikea tool out again and went around every screw again. They all needed a good bit of turning. I am confusion.

Do I need to keep doing this? Is it just that initial tighening that helps…I remember the screws being pretty fucking awkward the first time so maybe the frame settling for a few weeks helped.

No. 746921

That dog looks like it’s ready to bite some fuckers.

No. 746938

I think tightening them really hard actually hurts it more than helps, the impression I got was to tighten the screws until they're fully in and no more.

But yes, Ikea is cheap so you would probably have to tighten the screws every few months.

No. 747091

Fuck my diet I’m gettin boba

No. 747508

Had cheese before bed lastnnight and I was going to share all my cheese dreams in the dream thread but I waited too long. Can't remember half of them now

No. 747524

that bed sounds like it's been seeing some action

No. 748795

There is this guy at my work.
He used to lowkey harass me. He is like… obese, perhaps morbidly obese.
I JUST heard he's in the hospital. Apparently, water on his lungs. Someone came to gossip about this in the office next to mine, so I overheard. I chuckled.

No. 748827

File: 1614276944290.jpeg (211.77 KB, 720x877, FC7FACFA-6227-4C39-8649-809AFF…)

my sex dream was so pleasant and hot while I was having it but now that I’ve woken up it’s like …wtf?? Why did I dream that?? Gross!
Nothing truly disturbing. Just embarrassing.

No. 748894

My tea tastes like shit

No. 748913

I'm ready for this vyvanse to hit

No. 748958

Is vyvanse better than adderal? Cus all this shit is giving me now is anxiety.

No. 748969

I do notice vyvanse is more mellow and makes me less wired than addy. Although now I cycle through concerta, vyvanse and dexedrine every 6-8 mos or so because of tolerance they all eventually give me anxiety with no benefits.

No. 748971

just got up from a 4 hour nap.

No. 749059

i just got my fav strain of kratom in the mail. gonna drink the sludge and watch lucky star, it shall be a good day

No. 749072

What strain do you like anon?

No. 749091

wtf is kratom

No. 749110

Wtf is google. It’s some feel good plant.

No. 749126

I googled and saw but I wanna know more cause what if I wanna try it and you know how it feels

No. 749132

Nta, but apparently it's similar to opiates

No. 749168

yellow maeng da! its the most euphoric for me
sperg incoming (ethnobotanical tea bartending is my job) but in short:
kratom is a tea full of alkaloids that affect opioid receptors in ur brain. its not an opioid, and it works on a different channel of receptors than real opioids.
essentially in small doses its very stimulating, mood boosting, etc.
once you get into higher doses which i would never recommend, it becomes sedating and pain relieving.
bcus of how good it makes you feel, and the fact that tolerance builds pretty quickly, it does have a habit forming potential.
if you keep the doses low and take tolerance breaks every 2 weeks, you generally won't have any issues

No. 749170

>ethnobotanical tea bartending is my job
Idk wtf that is, but it sounds cool anon!

No. 749187

I used make up for like the third time in ten years today. My application was surprisingly decent, but I can’t decide how I feel about it. Flipping between thinking I look cute to disappointment that I’m not suddenly beautiful.

No. 749196

Which vendor do you use? I’ve tried some type of maeng da before but it didn’t do much for me. Maybe it was bunk or something. I usual like white vein blends because I’m adhdfag.

No. 749216

until today i've always been saying rock paper scissors shoe

No. 749219

What did you think shoe beats/is beat by?

No. 749222

if you have any kava bars in your area, i'd suggest you check them out! they're fun places to socialize or study and learn more about ethnobotanicals
anon i feel you. i wear makeup everyday but its the quick, just enough to not look dead kind, and sometimes on my days off i like to spend more time and effort into creating a look but after its all done its kinda like… huh. thats it? i'm not a supermodel? wack
super natural botanicals lab tests their products and is AKA approved, plus they have quick customer support so you could email or call to ask about the best amount and ways to make it

No. 749223

My American lit teacher used to tell my class about how he regularly got upvoted a lot on Reddit but always made it a point to mention that we would never be able to find him. I wonder why.

No. 749230

i simply did not think of the concept of shooting

No. 749248

Probably because he either lied to you (unlikely, because who brags about reddit popularity) or he lied to reddit (more likely, who's gonna find out?)

No. 749253

He’s posting in NSFW subs
Thanks for the recc qt

No. 749254

Maybe he posts stolen memes

No. 749449

Anyone ever get the felling that most of the anons on /g/ are scrotes ?

No. 749453

Nah, but there are posts here and there. Idk how your post fits in this thread tho.

No. 749499

My boyfriend has this running gag where whenever I ask him to pick something to watch on Netflix, he always defaults to Taxi Driver because he knows how much that movie confused me and pissed me off when we first watched it together.

No. 749506

I actually laughed at this, your boyfriend is cool and I love Taxi Driver

No. 749547

I had this idea for a post, spent like 10 minutes finding the specific image I wanted for the picrel, upon finding it, didn't really feel like making the post anymore, deleted everything.

No. 749704

So I met this old lady on a bus yesterday, I was standing with my son(3 years old) and she stopped to pinch his cheeks, as people often do

She talked about how handsome he is and said and that he'll grow up to be a handsome man, felt oddly prideful after that

No. 749724

I hate that acidic stomach feeling

No. 749958

but did your son consent to the pinching?
sorry to sound like a tumblr tard, but in my country children were expected to accept slobbering kisses from aunties and uncomfortable hugs from uncles with wandering hands so I find it so important to teach kids that they can have boundaries

No. 749975

Well she didn't actually pinch his cheeks, I was just using an expression

No. 749978

I'm sure your kid is lovely but that is not an expression, my dear anon.

No. 749981

Ate the last fire noodle packet I had after holding onto it in case of an emergency craving, had it with some tofu and a fried egg. Don't feel bad about it!

No. 749982

You should've acted all offended and been like "that's actually my daughter!"

No. 750008

gosh that sounds good

No. 750018

It was so delicious, added some garlic powder too, I may be bloated now but it was so worth it

No. 750126

File: 1614389613236.jpeg (36.73 KB, 447x386, 57F6059D-FB23-4E8F-B4E6-334AC6…)


I’d never thought of putting noodle packet seasoning on tofu… I will have to try this, especially since I like to eat the raw ramen brick as a snack and also I just got an air fryer.

No. 750175

I meant like, just noodles with ramen, pls think of the sodium levels anon

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