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File: 1613239409712.jpg (222.56 KB, 900x600, bigstock-portrait-of-a-woman-w…)

No. 738433

ITT: post uneventful and mandane as fuck events in your life

No. 738434

i saw a guy with a very big forehead today, like megamind tier big forehead

No. 738435

I was feeling kind of allergic today, but then I brushed my teeth and stopped sneezing.
So I'm cool now.

No. 738437

I went to the mall today it was fun

No. 738440

i just drank a couple glasses of water

No. 738446

I slept in the wrong position a few days ago, so my neck hurts when I look too far to the left. I slept with my head turned to the right then (I always sleep on my stomach), to make it even or work against it, but now my neck hurts also when I look to the right. It's gotten better over the past few days though, so no need to worry. I have to go shower because I finally wanna lay down (I hate lying down before I took a shower, it feels dirty) but I'm too lazy to get up. My knuckles are all red and bloody again due to the cold, but I'm fine with that because we finally got snow for the first time in about six years, and I can't remember the last time it stayed for so long. I've been so sleepy for the past few week or two (or rather, even more sleepy than I've been for the past year or so, because that's apparently a thing for me now), even though I don't really do anything, so I'm wondering if I've been a hibernating animal in my past life, since I noticed it got especially strong after all the snow. Maybe it's just the cold though. In my next life I wanna be some plant, but one that does photosynthesis, so no Venus Trap or something. Or do Venus Traps do photosynthesis, too?

Is this what a diary is?

No. 738448

Having a couple of of beers, literally two so can't really post in the drunk thread about it

No. 738454

An anonymous public diary

No. 738459

My microwaved mashed potatoes was still cold in the middle but I'm too lazy to go back so I'm just accepting mediocre mashed potatoes

No. 738464

My vagina is doing it's monthly bleed

No. 738467

mine too, high five

No. 738468

Me too. I keep catching myself smelling like pussy blood today but I'm procrastinating a shower. It's sub zero outside.

No. 738476

I'm procrastinating some fairly irrelevant stuff. That's a nice thread pic, really captures the emotion.

No. 738495

I was studying but then I started reading this dumb korean comic instead and now I am caught up

No. 738498

Me four! Mine is ending, though.

No. 738499

Wearing the same pair of winter boots I've owned since 11 and I am 26. They have nothing wrong with them, which is weird, because they were from K-mart

No. 738501

Our internet connection it’s pretty bad today and my hair is greasy but I maybe wait till tomorrow

No. 738507

File: 1613243768429.jpg (68.29 KB, 800x575, 800px_COLOURBOX5219450.jpg)

Shidding n farding

No. 738508

I didn't shit yesterday but then I shit twice today to make up for it. Phew

No. 738509

a tiny bug came out of my salad today despite me washing the leaves thoroughly.

No. 738527

Laughing about posts like this >>738507

No. 738551

Can't get up, cat's on my lap.

No. 738553

free protein

No. 738555

I'm about to take a bath, and take my mobile with me.

No. 738556

Living life on the edge

No. 738561

I don't have a bathtub anymore, I'm jealous. When I move, getting an apartment with a tub is something I won't compromise on.

No. 738594

My skin is so dry it's flaking and no oil or cream works so that's fun

No. 738595

this is how all of my phones have gotten destroyed

No. 738599

i'm eating honey bunches of oats and they're pretty good.

No. 738627

that shit fucks with me so hard, hope you have a blast eating them fuckers anon

No. 738630

i love when my mum makes stewed green beans

No. 738634

Try toner without alcohol and hyalirone products nonnie

No. 738645

Got an ant crawling on my arm and now I'm paranoid about where it came from.

No. 738667

I wonder what I'll eat for dinner tonight. I had 2 boiled eggs for lunch and a graham cracker for breakfast.

No. 738686

I just made the best egg avocado sandy and i'm having it with berries and coffee in my coolest mug AND when i woke up today my hair wasn't ruined from sleeping on it so it's gonna be a good saturday

No. 738812

Sometimes on the way home I see this guy who looks like the chad meme, clothing, hair, body, and face. I'm not attracted to him, but it's remarkable.

No. 738848

Maybe you're part of the aburame clan now

No. 738866

I’m gonna go for that 3rd slice of pizza

No. 738886

Omg this is a sign that I should eat that 3rd slice in the fridge lol

No. 738887

Can't stop playing with my hair, especially the baby hairs around my edges. The curls feel so soft between my fingers

No. 738888

File: 1613278137066.jpeg (50.93 KB, 612x683, B331FCF4-035F-408E-BF92-B434B3…)

I actually fucking love cleaning and cooking. Like not even for a scroido I’m single but there’s something comfortable about just staying home and folding my laundry while cookies be baking and my phone reading fanfics to me.

No. 738901

I bought flats from the store I work at and they the same size as other shoes I’ve bought there but like, falling off my feet! And it’s the smallest size we carry in store, it just truly was not my time to start wearing adult shoes. Guess I’m wearing docs with my outfit for Valentine’s Day (which makes it infinitely more fun and casual and means I can wear a much more ridiculous coat without looking overdressed)

No. 738903

drinking water out of a storebought starbucks Frappuccino glass rn

No. 738904

Soundproofing in my apartment complex is so bad I can hear every time my neighbor coughs, sneezes and farts

No. 738908

Same here anon, drives me insane. I recommend just getting a white noise machine. I have it set to a fan/air conditioner sound all the time and it drowns out the noise so I don’t have to hear every cough and toilet flush.

No. 738918

How do you get your phone to read fanfics to you?

No. 738921

probably a Text To Speech app

No. 738924

File: 1613283339121.jpg (57.97 KB, 640x457, tumblr_nfhzbjicIH1sovuuzo1_640…)

a redditor (ikik) wished cancer on me for saying I don't want eyes like Cher's. Forgot to mention they made an alternate account just for that purpose

No. 738926

It’s an iPhone feature under Accessibility called Speak Screen, and it’s a cringe guilty pleasure

No. 738936

I had two boxes of raisins today. I kind of want a third one, but I've already had way too much sugar for the day. I will drink water for the rest of the night instead.

No. 739100

A small cockroach got on me this morning, my husband killed it and I took a bath right afterwards

No. 739104

I'll change the linens today.

No. 739111

File: 1613311534886.jpeg (42.13 KB, 163x468, BC8ED235-D5DD-43EA-952F-435186…)

I keep hearing a bunch of people crying like someone got killed in front if them, I don’t know if I should check out, they’re outside the building I live in.

No. 739156

my boyfriends flatmate keeps starting stupid arguments about the dishwasher. hes gonna move out

No. 739169

went on a date with a guy yesterday and can't tell if I'm not into him or if I'm just completely numb

No. 739204

For lunch I had fried eggs with oregano, dried cranberries and a bit of mayonnaise. Surprisingly, it tasted good.
I am wearing my cat stockings because I haven't worn them in a long time since I just sit inside, and because I rightfully feel slightly stupid wearing them outside most times.

No. 739215

did you ever find out

No. 739226

My bloody valentine gang

No. 739230

about to have my 6th can of monster this week (pretty sure this isnt healthy but eh they taste good) while procrastinating some stuff

this sounds comfy even though im lazy as shit

No. 739234

using a chopstick to mix my gouache paint right now

No. 739271

i made myself some pizza and i'm not sure if i love it or dislike it

No. 739274

I fucked up my omelette. Basically asked for it since I did it with one egg only. It tasted good though.

No. 739276

Yeah! Looks like someone died at the clinic in front of the building where I live, it’s weird to hear such things in the middle of the day.
I hope that person had a pleasant death and not something utterly horrifying and that their families can heal from their loss.

No. 739280

I'm gonna start an herb garden again. Omfg that dog has snow boots on.

No. 739282

>Omfg that dog has snow boots on.
pics or it did not happen

No. 739290

update: i liked it

No. 739329

I had waffles with greek yogurt, sunflower seeds, and raspberries. It looked and tasted delicious. I also realized the raspberries are perfect for Valentine's day. Life is grand.

No. 739363

No. 739373

On my walk today I saw a dog that had a stick too big for his body. It was the first time I saw something like this IRL and it was too damn cute

No. 739385

lol, what context did you say it? did you use it as a insult..?

No. 739414

Got snowed in so Valentine's Day plans were cancelled but I'm making lentil carrot curry and sipping on some wine which is nice

No. 739418

lol I slept in for Vag Day, I just woke up at 6 pm.

No. 739525

i love how she dirty deleted that post

No. 739553

I will clean the fridge tomorrow.
I've been saying this for days.

No. 739577


just started mine yesterday, maybe period syncing is real even on lolcow, mbv gang

No. 739578

snow day! snow day!

No. 739607

I was looking at my crushes twitter account and she posted some photos, and I could see her google profile picture is a selfie of her in a suit with a bow tie (might be a cosplay?). Wish she would post it, tbh. Just so I could see something…..

No. 739619

I get to work in the morning for most of this week !

No. 739631

I understand this level of excitement completely

No. 739632

Baked gluten free bread! (I have celiac so it's a treat)

No. 739804

I had an oral exam and I did very badly on it even though I did perfectly on the written exam and I studied. I don't feel bad about my grade but I feel so ashamed and disappointed. I'm listening to Daughters at maximum volume

No. 740175

I got a bad grade on a take home exam. The professor said that the ideas were good but I didn't cite the text enough. Grateful for the feedback, I'll do much better on the next assignment.

No. 740258

I had a headache but then my cat placed his paw gently on my forehead. I feel better.

No. 740259

Blessed post

No. 740260

Had a whole pot of tea and an orange, i am hydrated

No. 740288

File: 1613425100959.jpg (1.95 MB, 4016x1828, IMG_20210215_183847.jpg)

The clouds are so beautiful today

No. 740297

I have to make emergency fuel calls for people and for whatever reason everyone waits till the last minute or when there’s a storm to make calls, and the fuel companies do not like me as a result lol

No. 740312

My dog in Minecraft stepped on a pressure plate and blew us up along with my 2 cats and we all died.

No. 740325

I have two slices of deli ham left in the fridge.

No. 740326

Eat moar

No. 740332

this is such a nice pic! i love evenings like that, they always make me feel so happy and at ease

No. 740373

hhhhhnnn. i wanna get up to get a donut in the kitchen to enjoy it with this last episode, but i made the mistake of taking melatonin an hour ago.

No. 740387

I just poured my sea monkey eggs in the water

No. 740389

Keep us posted

No. 740608

nose itchy
itchy itchy nose

No. 740775

My first goal of the day is to try and focus and remember and figure out what my goals will be.
If I don’t finish this post it’s not going to be a good day.
Need to finish that comic in sketch form.
Need to make those drawings for that thing tomorrow.
Will I have extra time? Work on that painting.
Spend time with loved one
Make tuna noodle helper for dinner

No. 740815

I have to finish some uni stuff that's one week overdue but I'm really lazy atm

No. 741289

I have an eye doctor appointment in two days and, I hate going to the doctor, but I lost my fucking glasses so if I wanna drive then I have to go.

I have a cardiologist appointment next month which is a little more nerve wracking

No. 741292

I spent all day patching holes in walls & it was fun but now I'm filthy

No. 741293

My flatmate gets $280 a week in NEETbux. He gives me $140 for rent, spends $60 on cigarettes and $40 on weed. I've seen him live off $40 a week in food for a year and a half now and it still boggles me how he can just have a bag of doritos and a bowl of rice a day and be fine. I'm expecting to see signs of malnutrition, but I don't, and I know he's not eating anywhere else.

$40 a week NZ is probably about $25 a week US once you account for the exchange rate.

No. 741329

I just shaved my pits for the first time since I'm 14, and honestly? Really not feeling it. It feels weird and it wasn't even satisfying watching the hair all go as it was that one time I removed some hair around my ankles with my eyebrow razor when I was bored to death and my legs were conveniently there. It was just annoying and I regretted my decision to the point of thinking about just keeping the other one. I'll continue raising everything as it was before, 0/10 stars, wouldn't recommend, dreading the regrowth period.

No. 741332

I needed this honest review, thank you anon! Good luck on your regrowth

No. 741336

Anon, don’t you feel uncomfortable and sweaty with hair under your arms? I am sorry but I feel so uncomfortable but I respect your choice

No. 741338

i feel full

No. 741339

No. 741345

Nta but uwu body hair gwoss

No. 741349

Because my brother went out to have dinner with his gf, I decided to make some hotdogs for my dinner.
So I prepared one like usual, with ketchup, mayo, mustard and some potatoes. The other had goat cheese, Hawaiian barbecue and pieces casava bread.
The second one was absolutely delicious and I’m going to make mine like this next time I have hotdogs for lunch or dinner.

No. 741350

it is kinda owo(owo)

No. 741437

Despite covid and quarantine, I've been lose quite a lot of weight and now I'm down to 37kg (about 82 lbs I think). (I'm short af so even if it's surely underweight, it's not by that much).
My mother and some friends are starting to get worried, I legit dunno why I'm losing weight, haven't eaten or done anything differently than usual… I don't really wanna go to a doctor though…

No. 741459

cramping for no damn reason

No. 741461

sounds reasonable, and i'm not trying to tell you what to do, but you should consider also working out and building muscle.

No. 741479

"Winter" ended 2 weeks ago in my country, I put winter in air quotes cause winter where I'm from means that Its breezy and people wear jackets for 2-3 months and then its hot as usual

No. 741498

My vyvanse prescription is starting to work for me, I managed to write almost a thousand words today without feeling overwhelmed. It's nice

No. 741502

unusual or rapid weight loss is a sign of something wrong, anon. not mundane if you're not eating or working out differently but losing so much weight.

No. 741503

I'm eating peanut butter-filled pretzels. Shit's fucking fire.

No. 741505

Thoughts on chocolate covered pretzels?

No. 741508

The temperature has been hovering at a high of 0 F since last Thursday and I had to go to work on Friday, where with windchill it was something like -25 F. The building doesn't have any heat. The back has a pellet stove, the office area has a spare heater on the floor next to the chair with another heater in the entryway place, and my spot, at the front, has the smallest shittiest 'heater' that rotates and puffs out warm air occasionally.

I got so fucking cold I could barely move, I was embarrassed to wear my winter coat inside or say anything so I just sat there in what the little clock said was around 10-15 F for the entire day. I couldn't really focus on anything so I just ignored the phone and read Macbeth on the computer.

I mentioned to my sister being glad I didn't have work on the following day because it was too cold, and stupidly mentioned the building has no heat, and now she's told a few more people and is fairly outraged. I'm really embarrassed and annoyed I didn't foresee other people would think it was weird to work in a building with no heat, shouldn't have said anything. I'm sure I also could have just said I was too fucking cold to do anything and then they would have had me go home, I'm just such a compulsive non-complainer and used to shit circumstances that it didn't occur to me that it was perhaps outlandish suffering. I'm also from Miami so I thought I was just being a wimp, my boss was literally born in the Arctic Circle and was lmaoing about how it was nothing compared to walking 15 kilometers through the forests of Siberia to go to communism school or whatever the fuck.

My family already thinks I'm massively underpaid and should just get a better job, now they must imagine me freezing my damn ass off all winter as well. I definitely won't mention to them that the ceiling is also like caving in and the attic is filled with buckets capturing the water that drains in. I should definitely get a better job but at my current job I don't have to wear a mask or pretend to care about corona and I also get to dick around and read fanfiction whenever there's downtime, and boss has pretty good stock tips. In my mind, it's a positive tradeoff to get large spans of 'work' time being left alone to read… I also got this job after being a NEET for eight years so I really don't like having to talk to people still, which is an interesting position to be in considering I'm a receptionist.

Just so embarrassing and stupid. Should have known better than to mention literally anything about my life.

No. 741513

File: 1613543219566.jpg (6.99 KB, 626x128, xXwSkl9h.jpg)

im jealous of you anon
t. -21 degrees celcius outside

No. 741521

Its not that great as it seems and we have tens of thousands of death from heat stroke, however there are also regions where its probably colder then what you're experiencing

No. 741523

>I was embarrassed to wear my winter coat inside
Girl, what? I wear my puffy winter coat in the office in the middle of Australian summers if the air con is a bit chilly, why tf would you get embarrassed of something so completely un-embarrassing let alone to the point of choosing severe discomfort over it? Do you think they'd prefer you to suffer and refuse to answer phones instead of just wearing a coat inside?

You should complain too, ideally, though I can understand why that would be more intimidating.

No. 741629

i managed to wake up at normal human hours for 3 straight days now

No. 741641

A bit ot but when I was in highschool my science teacher was convinced I had an ED or something because I wore my coat in class. The truth was we as a class were put in the oldest building with high ass ceilings and I would refuse to freeze.
Anon, wear the coat!

No. 741729

i just got an IUD and it's day 9 of low level just enough to drive you insane but not enough to bitch about cramps. at least i won't be reproducing

No. 741733

finally got a bookshelf and put all of my books on it. hehehe

No. 741739

I baked buns with white chocolate chunks in it there is only one left heh

No. 741788

File: 1613576829895.jpg (39.5 KB, 682x1023, depositphotos_117682494-stock-…)

The recipe. Hand it over.

No. 741832

I love this thread it's so cute

No. 741834

Still no sea monkeys, I think because I've put mine in a larger container and my house is a little chilly it's slowing down the process. I'm gonna bring them to a warmer room!

No. 741845

God I really want sea monkeys now but im always hopping from one place to the next and don't wanna hurt them

No. 741896

I accidentally broke my french press while I was cleaning it today. It was a pretty cheap one, so not much of a loss. I guess I'll look into buying a new coffee maker. My brother told me that pour overs are pretty good, but I've never tried one before. Do any farmers have recommendations for a good coffee maker? (doesn't have to be a french press or pour over- just not something too big as I have limited space)

don't know if this should have gone in the advice thread, but i thought this was too mundane of a question compared to the stuff that's asked over there

No. 741912

bialetti moka pots are nice

No. 741929

for pour over, i love chemex. they're pretty, easy to clean, good coffee.

No. 741946

I want my hair to reach the same length as thread pic by the end of the year. Sounds easy but I cut it on impulse every few weeks.

No. 741948

Okay, well keep me updated anon I’m invested now!

No. 741954

moka pots are great! Very ~aesthetic~ and they make really good coffee. It's usually a bit stronger than French press/pour overs, but you just need to add a bit of boiling water if you don't like strong coffee.
Plus they make it easy to dispose of the grinds once used.

No. 741980

File: 1613593763320.png (119.68 KB, 260x275, 1607762739645.png)

I have a headache

No. 742008

I tried this new vegan protein bar and it's fucking divine, honestly the best protein bar I've ever tasted.

No. 742009

File: 1613596010014.jpeg (112.52 KB, 750x709, 33A6909B-49BA-4293-92EC-4C8B77…)

I’ve found out how to straighten my hair on my own and I love it, I should go to the hairstylist soon though, I need to dye my hair but I don’t know what to pick, I’m between getting some pink highlights or just dyeing the dyed hair black to let my hair rest for this year, then i could dye it with pink highlights next year when I’m back home again.
Then again, I could ask my hairstylist if she can do pic related and get that done in pink.

No. 742013

Picrel is so cute, I’m a big fan of the stark dark and white/blond. Are you thinking hot or pale pink, anon?

No. 742021

I wish I could get pale pink, but I tend to be told that it fades quickly on dark hair, so I might end up getting hot pink

No. 742029

Which one? I can never find vegan ones I like. Not vegan but prefer to avoid animal products when it's… easy for me I guess? Most vegan ones are so gritty and bleh.

No. 742031

There is a lot of beauty to the mundanity to life

No. 742035

>fades quickly on dark hair
What, I mean yes pastels and especially any level of red tones slip out quickly but the dark here confuses me

No. 742036

File: 1613597401110.jpeg (75.21 KB, 1080x1080, DB018D45-4BA2-4094-B5B2-A28540…)

My mom sent me a text asking about an emoji and I didn’t understand her at first because she thought it was spelled as “imogi”

No. 742065

Thought of my old crush recently, he was a handsome boy and really kind to me

No. 742099

No. 742661

I went one day without coffee and it made me feel like I had the flu.

No. 742665

A limo just pulled out of my road with neighbors in it and I'm confused. There's a fairly strict lockdown still on here so I don't where you could even go in it

No. 742680

I sat next to a boy and he had nice arms and he said he read a really interesting book which I had on my computer but didn't read it so now I read it and it really is so interesting but I have to study but I want to know what happens next in the book

No. 742946

I saw a recent pic of a guy that I dated when I was 19. I was shocked to see how much he's aged within a short span of time. I got a kick out of it because he used to be handsome but he treated me terribly. Now the outside reflects what's on the inside.

No. 742967

I feel you anon, drinking coffee doesn't make me feel anything in particular, but NOT drinking it? Oh boy

No. 742975

I also seen my ex's Instagram by coincidence, for someone who used to call me a fat fuck at a normal weight he's pretty porky

No. 743047

my best guess is an orgy KEK

No. 743061

The aloe socks I got actually work. I feel very cozy, I turned on my heater, got all of my work done, journaled for an hour, and hung out with my bunny. My boyfriend is playing video games and is taking me grocery shopping soon. I am generally content. Maybe I'll read a book now.

No. 743075

I've resurrected the garden and hopefully in a few months they'll be lots of colours and flowers

No. 743108

that sounds comfy as fuck anon. though what exactly are aloe socks? please give your bunny a lil pat on behalf of this lonely anon

No. 743153

It has been snowing for a week straight

No. 743193

NTA, but aloe socks are just socks infused with aloe that are supposedly more moisturizing than regular socks. They do feel really soft and comfy at first, but I feel like the aloe effects wears off after you wash them a few times.

No. 743346

About a half hour ago I was humming and hawing over whether I should leave the house to post a letter, it was drizzling out, I don't drive and apart from the letter I've no other reason to go out today so I stayed put

It is currently raining harder than I've ever heard, I feel like the paint is going to get powerwashed off my house. Pretty glad I stayed put

No. 743357

I’m visiting my grandma today, I wish I could give back the few orchids I have of hers, but today I will also run some errands, I guess I will gradually deliver them to her home over these weeks.

No. 743468

I made a mouse pointer, I don't know why I never tried before. And I changed my computer theme to high contrast navy, cyan and purple. It looks so kool

No. 743480

Oooh, how do you make one anon?

No. 743483

You can use an image editing program like gimp and make a 32x32 pixel image (you can use another size too probably, this is the standard size) and draw your cursor and export it as .ico, but that will work if you want the point that clicks to be on the upper left corner of the image, which is good for arrows but I tried to make a crosshair so it didn't work. So you can also use this site https://www.cursor.cc/ where you can change the position of the clicking point. You can draw your cursor right there in the page, but you can also import the image you made in some other program which I think is easier.

No. 743485

Thank you so much!

No. 743486

No problem and good luck and have fun!

No. 743512

I like pot noodles so I bought like a rice version of one lately and I followed the instructions even allowing it more time to 'cook' before digging in… the rice is half soft and half crunchy. Not good.

No. 743553

I've got a headache and I want some chips but fried things aren't a good idea right now.

No. 743564

AYRT The bunny is still getting endless pats and love!

No. 743595

every day after i hang out with friends my throat is absolutely destroyed because we talk so much and i laugh at everything. in pain rn but it came from a place of love so i guess it's alright.

No. 743780

aww this is really cute

No. 743953

i just cackled while on my bed and that triggered my period to start. rip white sheets.

No. 744042

I can’t stop farting

No. 744043

If I where you I wouldn’t be able to hold back. I’d send him a long spergy inbox about what a fat fuck he has become and then probably regret it.

No. 744046

An older lady tipped me exactly a dollar today. Never have I felt so powerless beneath the boomer.

No. 744084

I'd have you all know I'm in the process of cleaning my fridge right now. It takes about a week for tomorrow to come.

No. 744085

Tomorrow isn't real anyway. Time is a manmade construct. When is tomorrow? You decide bby

No. 744263

ate pancakes and now my stomach is a little upset

No. 744266

How much is the standard for a tip? I’m retarded and a cheapskate tbh, but I also want to give decent tips, so I either end up tipping too much or barely enough. Is it all about the 10% of an order?

No. 744280

Guy I'm seeing asked for music recs, he usually listens to pc music, hyperpop, rap, etc. and I listen to mostly rock based music (punk, jam bands, "indie", etc.) and rap. I sent him one newish power-pop album and an indie twee classic, expecting him to maybe like one of them and maybe not like the other one but he hit back saying "Idk if I can fuck with this artsy fartsy music". You're the straight man sending me sophie and ag cook tracks!! How is that not artsy fartsy music!

No. 744300

I like to use a tip calculator app and then round up

No. 744301

that depends on where you live, and what you're tipping for. I think tipping for delivery is considered to be less than tipping for someone waiting on you.

in my state, it's expected that people tip at least 18%, but the cost of living is pretty high here. in other states it's 15% I think. in european countries I think it's expected that you tip less.

you can usually google "how much to tip in x country/state"

No. 744325

File: 1613845717125.jpeg (323.22 KB, 1076x1148, 8DA80EBB-8EEA-473B-9170-FFB062…)

I’m afraid my room / house will smell like the cat box so I’m constantly burning woodsy scented candles in the bathroom

So far so good. Ily Charlie

No. 744346

Made brown rice and a fried egg with a runny yolk. Topped it with some lao gan ma, green onions and sesame seeds. Sooooo tasty

No. 744368

Look at this cat genuinely enjoying it's life. I'm jealous of this cat.

No. 744402

My cat is named Charlie

No. 744404

My cat loves to curl up in flowerpots, and normal cooking pots/bowls back when he was little. I love that something so weird is consistent with them.

No. 744417

File: 1613856610975.jpg (143.58 KB, 1287x1800, 623892883ced5372687ffb2f610302…)

Lolcow is a fun addition to the boards I browse during study breaks.

No. 744438

Smells like balls

No. 744441

Thought the same, there's one over in /g/, too

No. 744442

dirty scrotes fuck off [in the rhythm of nazi punks fuck off]

No. 744447

I just saw it and said the same there, wow

No. 744453

scrote alert

No. 744465

File: 1613861052290.png (7.96 KB, 275x161, FFEF3DA7-A705-4B04-A380-BAAB00…)

An anon replied to me in another thread and I felt happy.

No. 744468

I love you

No. 744469

File: 1613861237429.jpeg (243.35 KB, 700x1121, 8DB9BC30-30C3-4735-824E-F9D64D…)

I put on one of my grandma’s old sleeping dresses and my boots, i felt like a cottagecore main character of a really lame novel for some reason, now I want to write something like a romantic-like novel in which the main character decides on living with her best friend in a cottage duh to avoid the shitty men that surround them, it will suck, but it will be fun to write.

No. 744506

Do it and drop the wattpad link!

No. 744514

File: 1613864741928.jpeg (27.32 KB, 330x550, 84BAC3DC-2039-4FE7-93C3-0C1B4F…)

I went home 2 months ago and I’m finally unpacking and I lost my favorite hair brush. I’ve been looking for it for an hour and a half and I can’t find it.

No. 744518

Charlie is a very precious cat name. I love mine so much, especially when he falls asleep on my stomach at night or eats plastic plants or steals cheese off my plate or lets me rock him like a baby even though he hates it.

Life’s good

No. 744584


+1! Hit me with that feel good shit.

No. 744625

I made some thin braids for my hair, it was tiring to do since my hair is so thick, but that's it.

No. 744643

It’s the middle of the night and cats be yowling like it’s a choir performance. Are they fucking or what?

No. 744654

Give them a standing ovation right this instant.

No. 744655

Yes, they're fucking. It's February, start of their breeding season.

No. 744682

I have heartburn and I hate it

No. 744818

I am studying but I can't stop thinking about Tosin Abasi

No. 744824

Left one of my pokemon in a nearby gym today as my team was already in it, It was only afterwards that I noticed the 4 other pokemon in the gym were all shiny and the one I left isn't…feel bad for ruining the theme

No. 744828

The manga I’m reading is scaring me because the art is unsettling.

No. 744831

Title please!

No. 744874

My cat has claimed every single flower pot on the balcony. Some are for morning naps, some are for afternoon naps and some are for pooping in. The only plants we have left are in hanging pots…

No. 745071

My cousin just ran up to me and said "ah ha, you ugly". He's like three years old, but I'm gonna sock this guy. He must be able to fight with all that mouth

No. 745109

Just tell him his parents are going to die someday.

No. 745136

You can print off fake adoption papers online and hide them somewhere in his room for a fun and fresh discovery when he gets a little older

No. 745154

Omg I get so fucking angry when kids insult me. that’s how I know I can’t have them. I want to cry to my mother about it.

No. 745249

Wanna cut my hair so badly but I'm scared of looking like a fakeboi

No. 745250

Don’t worry, anon, just remember all of the cringy shit he does, once they’re weakened by the lack of simping family members and the rush of hormones that comes with puberty, you can strike right in front of his friends.

No. 745294

Who cares, get the hair cut. It doesn't matter what scrotes think.

No. 745377

I had my first real (non-decaf) coffee in 8 months this morning and I actually feel alive. Unfortunately it’s back to decaf for at least another 6 weeks.

No. 745385

File: 1613958050715.jpg (97.59 KB, 640x405, 52675.jpg)

I've been downing spasfons like they're damn pinkass skittles but I'm still cramping like crazy. So bad the pain goes all the way to my upper thighs.
Fuck this shit.

No. 745389

Upper thigh pain for me is even worse than my uterus. I feel for you anon

No. 745456

you evil genius..playing the long game…I'm gonna go write this down.

No. 745715

I just get pain in my back that makes my scoliosis pain seem tame by comparison…how does the pain reach thighs tho? I believe you, just wondering how it spreads like that

No. 745733

sage is the number 1 recommended word on my mobile keyboard. not sure if i'm ashamed

No. 745746

The muscles near the uterus contract, so maybe it's the way those muscle are connected to other muscles?

No. 745764


No. 745787

i got my first vaccine today and it didn't hurt at all? honestly it was just nice to be out of the house and talking to people that aren't my boyfriend or local store keepers. god life is so dull right now

No. 745797

You've never had a vaccine before anon? Not even when you were a baby?

No. 745801

I was supposed to receive a package today and checked the tracking and it's said that they tried to deliver but the recipient wasn't home. I was here bitch, nobody rang my bell. I want my package

No. 745813

Some mail delivery people can be so lazy. I'm sorry your carrier is barely half-assing.
At my old apartment they would do the same, sometimes do a light, single knock and not even wait 2 seconds and report no one was home. They didn't even have to do much walking around the neighborhood either, our mailboxes were centralized.
At my new apartment, they keep delivering to a house with the same numbers, but totally different street names. I noticed what was happening and made a paragraph long delivery instruction to ensure it was going to the right house and they still keep delivering to the wrong house.

No. 745834

It happened to me last time I ordered something. It was small enough to fit in my mail box but the guy didnt even bother. I stayed home the whole day just in case and he never rang or knocked on the door. Instead he saw my neighbor somehow and gave her the pacakge for some reason, and she waited the next day to give it to me. I odered a pair of headphones and because I thought I never received them I bought another pair right before the neighbor gave me my package so fuck all of them.

No. 745841

Nta but i think she meant the rona jab, nonnie

No. 745842

>he saw my neighbor somehow and gave her the pacakge for some reason, and she waited the next day to give it to me
Diff anon but this happens to me. My neighbor is the nosy type and apart from gossiping she has nothing to do all day..still takes forever to hand a parcel over. The risk of that puts me off ordering anything too personal… I swear I had more privacy when I lived with my parents

No. 745927

Update: they're two weeks overdue now

No. 745937

oh no anon…

No. 746095

I seen posted on another thread that men don't wash their ass, I tried to google search more about this but all I got was porn, gross.

No. 746101

File: 1614031029144.png (124.26 KB, 743x920, why.PNG)

What did you search for anon? "men washing ass" ?

No. 746119

File: 1614032347042.jpg (295.09 KB, 1080x1897, 20210223_001816.jpg)

Nta but even that yields results that are not porn, tsk tsk to that nonnie

No. 746120

I searched "Men unwashed ass" on yahoo I'm pretty sure, it was done on my phone while I was out and about.

No. 746125

Idky this took me out, it's ok anon

No. 746126

Using the Yahoo search engine….I fucking can't

No. 746681

I've been getting up at 4:45am every morning to make my bf's lunch and I'm really enjoying it. It's so quiet and relaxing. I'm also going to bed wayyyyy earlier and feel better in general.

No. 746698

I'm under the impression that children of nurses are always fucked up and tend to be violent and problem kids because all people that I met who were children of nurses were like that.
I tried googling if that's a thing other people notice but nothing at all comes up.
Am I just imagining things, anyone ever noticed nurses tend to have crazy offspring?

No. 746760

Every overweight woman I know with a son has an incredibly hyperactive or aggressive one, no matter whose house they are visiting and whether the kid should be past that stage… I've always seen that link where they climb everything in sight, know no boundaries when touching other peoples belongings and need the same stimulation and attention a toddler would need but for years beyond that age.

I think crazy kids just leave such an impression that it makes you want to explain their behaviour somehow

No. 746779

I feel called out lmao even though I've never been a problem child nor was my brother

No. 746780

Nurses work a lot of hours and usually just leave their kids alone to fend for themselves(daughter of a nurse).

No. 746783

>aunt is RN
>male cousin numerously in trouble for fighting, stealing, car accidents in his youth
>now in his 30s
>is now anti-vax, won't do it for his kid who he had out of wedlock
>pro-Trump, pro-gun, once shat on me because I told him I was a volunteer at a clinic that performs abortions, has a holier than thou complex, etc.
>his kid is stunted and has aggression issues

If I could pinpoint it, I'd say it's just because my cousin grew up with privilege and enabling. Nurses tend to make decent livings and work longer hours. So their kids have a comfy life with less supervision, and if they do get in trouble the nurse parents are often too tired or in denial to care. They probably want to believe they're more in-tune with their kids because they think they medically know better than other parents, when that isn't necessarily the case.

No. 746792

I have a very nice relationship with every member of my family, and I treat maintaining it like how an autist treats playing The Sims.

No. 746802

Honestly that's really nice and I hope they reciprocate for you too.

No. 746820

My exes mother was a nurse and one of the daughters is becoming one. They are a mental family with a lot of issues. My ex use to always get upset about a time his mum wouldn't take him to hospital for a gash in his back and just sewed it up herself. The more pressing thing I thought was when the mother didn't pursue the father for molesting the daughter but instead quit work and took all equity in a divorce.

No. 746875

File: 1614108415716.jpg (29.06 KB, 488x359, 1477334595352.jpg)

My customs letter got sent to the wrong address, so I had to go to my rich neighbors to get it. She lives in a mansion with massive gardens, and I think she thought I was weird as I knocked on her backdoor instead of the front (the gardener let me in). People with strong posh British accents are scary

No. 746886

I bought an ikea bedframe 2 months ago, wrecked my hands trying to make sure I got every screw tightened in it. Now it's been squeaking a bit so I took the mattress off, got the little ikea tool out again and went around every screw again. They all needed a good bit of turning. I am confusion.

Do I need to keep doing this? Is it just that initial tighening that helps…I remember the screws being pretty fucking awkward the first time so maybe the frame settling for a few weeks helped.

No. 746921

That dog looks like it’s ready to bite some fuckers.

No. 746938

I think tightening them really hard actually hurts it more than helps, the impression I got was to tighten the screws until they're fully in and no more.

But yes, Ikea is cheap so you would probably have to tighten the screws every few months.

No. 747091

Fuck my diet I’m gettin boba

No. 747508

Had cheese before bed lastnnight and I was going to share all my cheese dreams in the dream thread but I waited too long. Can't remember half of them now

No. 747524

that bed sounds like it's been seeing some action

No. 748795

There is this guy at my work.
He used to lowkey harass me. He is like… obese, perhaps morbidly obese.
I JUST heard he's in the hospital. Apparently, water on his lungs. Someone came to gossip about this in the office next to mine, so I overheard. I chuckled.

No. 748827

File: 1614276944290.jpeg (211.77 KB, 720x877, FC7FACFA-6227-4C39-8649-809AFF…)

my sex dream was so pleasant and hot while I was having it but now that I’ve woken up it’s like …wtf?? Why did I dream that?? Gross!
Nothing truly disturbing. Just embarrassing.

No. 748894

My tea tastes like shit

No. 748913

I'm ready for this vyvanse to hit

No. 748958

Is vyvanse better than adderal? Cus all this shit is giving me now is anxiety.

No. 748969

I do notice vyvanse is more mellow and makes me less wired than addy. Although now I cycle through concerta, vyvanse and dexedrine every 6-8 mos or so because of tolerance they all eventually give me anxiety with no benefits.

No. 748971

just got up from a 4 hour nap.

No. 749059

i just got my fav strain of kratom in the mail. gonna drink the sludge and watch lucky star, it shall be a good day

No. 749072

What strain do you like anon?

No. 749091

wtf is kratom

No. 749110

Wtf is google. It’s some feel good plant.

No. 749126

I googled and saw but I wanna know more cause what if I wanna try it and you know how it feels

No. 749132

Nta, but apparently it's similar to opiates

No. 749168

yellow maeng da! its the most euphoric for me
sperg incoming (ethnobotanical tea bartending is my job) but in short:
kratom is a tea full of alkaloids that affect opioid receptors in ur brain. its not an opioid, and it works on a different channel of receptors than real opioids.
essentially in small doses its very stimulating, mood boosting, etc.
once you get into higher doses which i would never recommend, it becomes sedating and pain relieving.
bcus of how good it makes you feel, and the fact that tolerance builds pretty quickly, it does have a habit forming potential.
if you keep the doses low and take tolerance breaks every 2 weeks, you generally won't have any issues

No. 749170

>ethnobotanical tea bartending is my job
Idk wtf that is, but it sounds cool anon!

No. 749187

I used make up for like the third time in ten years today. My application was surprisingly decent, but I can’t decide how I feel about it. Flipping between thinking I look cute to disappointment that I’m not suddenly beautiful.

No. 749196

Which vendor do you use? I’ve tried some type of maeng da before but it didn’t do much for me. Maybe it was bunk or something. I usual like white vein blends because I’m adhdfag.

No. 749216

until today i've always been saying rock paper scissors shoe

No. 749219

What did you think shoe beats/is beat by?

No. 749222

if you have any kava bars in your area, i'd suggest you check them out! they're fun places to socialize or study and learn more about ethnobotanicals
anon i feel you. i wear makeup everyday but its the quick, just enough to not look dead kind, and sometimes on my days off i like to spend more time and effort into creating a look but after its all done its kinda like… huh. thats it? i'm not a supermodel? wack
super natural botanicals lab tests their products and is AKA approved, plus they have quick customer support so you could email or call to ask about the best amount and ways to make it

No. 749223

My American lit teacher used to tell my class about how he regularly got upvoted a lot on Reddit but always made it a point to mention that we would never be able to find him. I wonder why.

No. 749230

i simply did not think of the concept of shooting

No. 749248

Probably because he either lied to you (unlikely, because who brags about reddit popularity) or he lied to reddit (more likely, who's gonna find out?)

No. 749253

He’s posting in NSFW subs
Thanks for the recc qt

No. 749254

Maybe he posts stolen memes

No. 749449

Anyone ever get the felling that most of the anons on /g/ are scrotes ?

No. 749453

Nah, but there are posts here and there. Idk how your post fits in this thread tho.

No. 749499

My boyfriend has this running gag where whenever I ask him to pick something to watch on Netflix, he always defaults to Taxi Driver because he knows how much that movie confused me and pissed me off when we first watched it together.

No. 749506

I actually laughed at this, your boyfriend is cool and I love Taxi Driver

No. 749547

I had this idea for a post, spent like 10 minutes finding the specific image I wanted for the picrel, upon finding it, didn't really feel like making the post anymore, deleted everything.

No. 749704

So I met this old lady on a bus yesterday, I was standing with my son(3 years old) and she stopped to pinch his cheeks, as people often do

She talked about how handsome he is and said and that he'll grow up to be a handsome man, felt oddly prideful after that

No. 749724

I hate that acidic stomach feeling

No. 749958

but did your son consent to the pinching?
sorry to sound like a tumblr tard, but in my country children were expected to accept slobbering kisses from aunties and uncomfortable hugs from uncles with wandering hands so I find it so important to teach kids that they can have boundaries

No. 749975

Well she didn't actually pinch his cheeks, I was just using an expression

No. 749978

I'm sure your kid is lovely but that is not an expression, my dear anon.

No. 749981

Ate the last fire noodle packet I had after holding onto it in case of an emergency craving, had it with some tofu and a fried egg. Don't feel bad about it!

No. 749982

You should've acted all offended and been like "that's actually my daughter!"

No. 750008

gosh that sounds good

No. 750018

It was so delicious, added some garlic powder too, I may be bloated now but it was so worth it

No. 750126

File: 1614389613236.jpeg (36.73 KB, 447x386, 57F6059D-FB23-4E8F-B4E6-334AC6…)


I’d never thought of putting noodle packet seasoning on tofu… I will have to try this, especially since I like to eat the raw ramen brick as a snack and also I just got an air fryer.

No. 750175

I meant like, just noodles with ramen, pls think of the sodium levels anon

No. 750319

I usually just use soup base or kimchi with ramen and throw out the flavor packet.

No. 750337

I forgot to do my neopets dailies yesterday and I'm upset

No. 750362

Gonna work out today I promise

No. 750365

File: 1614424428260.jpeg (205.36 KB, 1124x1124, 96DD63E0-CCD9-4846-A393-6C1C26…)

my apartment is so messy right now, gonna tidy and clean and then maybe do some laundry.
might dig out my oil paints and do some painting later I’ll see how I feel

No. 750366

be the version i promised to become

No. 750389

cleaning my house and making stupid videos

No. 750543

what kind of videos?

No. 750546

Debating getting a pizza slice before work or driving further to get soup or salad

No. 750549

get the pizza

No. 750554

Pizza it is, thanks nonny

No. 750579

Hungover and eating a veggie dog. I got the PT corndog banner while posting this.

No. 750629

File: 1614453544453.jpeg (96.43 KB, 900x1271, A9F4F9CC-4475-4ABB-9347-33BCBC…)

sea monkey anon where are u girl

No. 750640

File: 1614454738458.jpg (52.86 KB, 700x700, cottage-eau-de-toilette-farand…)

I bought the perfume pictured but it was underwhelming, I did smelled it before tho. it's drugstore price after all, but the cap literally doesn't close
(I still want to get the Vanilla one the scent stays strong)

No. 750669

I ordered a new chair for my work station, it arrived today before schedule and it's really cute and comfortable. It's a little MCM style accent chair with velvet upholstery and the right amount of lumbar support. Having a working space that's pleasing to the eye really elevates my mood.

No. 751316

Nothing better than discovering comforts of new office chair!

No. 751775

I am in pain. My stomach really doesn't agree with the wursts I put in it yesterday.

No. 751798

File: 1614592185929.gif (1.49 MB, 400x228, E2A681BF-D6B9-4949-895B-07C1B2…)

Took a fat shit in the toilet and scurried upstairs.

No. 752292

It's been incredibly foggy for the past few days, I'm just waiting for some 2016s killer clown to knock on my window.

No. 752312

Those clowns was weird, I was convinced I was going to meet one.

No. 752324

I miss that shit so bad
I used to go stand in the woods in full lolita coord and a clown mask, it was so peaceful

No. 752326

Ordered a mini version of a lipstick I've been wanting to get for the past 5 years at least

No. 752389

File: 1614668402488.jpg (46.59 KB, 399x400, 1613451145486.jpg)

Missed an appointment with my therapist and she rescheduled me 2 weeks in the future. I get she probably has to work me into her schedule, but it feels like a long time. Like, what if I missed the appt because shit was going bad? I guess that's up to her to determine. It doesn't help that she's one of the best therapists I've ever had and I still can't be fucked to set an alarm so we can talk.

No. 752625

I think im finally going to have insurance this year. I havent had it since my mom was alive and i hate my dad to ever ask him for shit. But like ive been working full time at my job for almost 3 yrs but the cost of insurance was too much for me. But like im getting older and would love to go to the gynecologist like a normal woman my age.

No. 752626

File: 1614706532668.jpg (153.57 KB, 750x750, bloo.jpg)

I've been painting this morning while listening to f4f rp audios and later today I plan to study Korean and cursive writing. I was learning both ASL and Korean at some point, but I'm so shitty at committing myself to things I want to learn so I basically stopped. This will be my first time studying in a year (ugh, that feels disgusting to write out), and I have to start all over again. I'll start ASL again at some point, but I really want to dedicate myself to Korean right now. Cursive is something I've been wanting to learn for a very long time since I never did when I was taught in school. I have some pages in my old sketchbook where I tried writing some words in cursive. I'm never gonna learn more than 2 languages if I keep going at this rate

I also need to repot one of my echeverias today, and do a quiz
I feel like this ended up being more a vent post

No. 752632

My bf has night terrors, like acting out dreams. They scare me sometimes but I don't want to embarrass him for something he can't control so I don't say anything.

No. 752643

are you Lor

No. 752736

no, I have to put on a mask to look like that

No. 752912

File: 1614727798248.jpg (70.1 KB, 446x400, 1540872143302.jpg)

shots fired

No. 752913

My cat stretched so adorably, I wanna touch her little cute paws (they're pink and black). I won't though, since she hates me. It's so tempting though.

No. 752933

File: 1614730451361.jpeg (168.21 KB, 1024x1024, 10FD8D23-40C6-4849-B301-84CA26…)

I got my soy peptide noodles today, completely forgot I had ordered them and it took me like 10 minutes to remember what I bought because I get so many packages. I love these things, they're the best ramen ever and great for cold nights.

No. 753015

Aw! I feel sad for people who have cats that hate them. I hope she comes around somehow

No. 753056

Idk why but noodles never make me feel full. Eating noodles is like drinking water, I'm putting something in my stomach but it's doing nothing for the hunger.

No. 753309

I just wish I could finally have a pet. We’re looking into dogs but I’d love to have a hamster or bunny too. I have so much love to give for a pet it’s crazy i assume this is how babyfever feels like

No. 753344

File: 1614790884308.png (758.93 KB, 2880x1800, 48xqSYi.png)

I fixed the doorknob that wouldn't open and close (I don't know what was wrong with it, I banged on it with a hammer and it started working) and my roommate is singing bob the builder in my honor. I pasted some patterned contact paper on our clock because the aged beigeness of every item in the room was making me angry. I listened to some lectures and the teacher talked about some old made up news that germans made soap from dead bodies even though the lecture was about statistical physics. And I am trying to paint now but this lady asked me to write in some words on my painting, but the canvas is so coarse and my tiny brush can't hold a lot of paint and my handwriting is of abysmal quality and the words are in albanian.
I love noodles too, the cheaper the better

No. 753345

I ate so many of these in college I almost got an ulcer in my tummy, burned so fucking badly.

No. 753424

spent half an hour tearing up my room because i lost my adhd meds. turns out they were on my fucking nighstand THE WHOLE TIME. i even looked at the med bottles on my nightstand and i swore they were different medications but i guess i was wrong. i'm just a joke to god i swear.

No. 753444

If anyone cares I managed to write the words and my painting looks really lovely if I may say so
I know how that is, you have my condolences for your lost time

No. 753516

i keep telling myself i'm gonna start eating better and cut the junk but i'm failing miserably, but recently i've started doing some light exercise and today i was motivated to go to the gym.

also i'm on a movie binge lately, trying to tick off my ever-growing backlog of stuff.

No. 753555

I saw some guy with a "huge" dong getting shared around on twitter, but his dick is so ps'd it's painful to see people falling for it

No. 753571

the fact that someone could stare long enough at their own genitals to photoshop them is pathetic in the first place kek

No. 753585

File: 1614817048844.jpeg (6.07 KB, 248x237, 79533600.jpeg)

I don't wear makeup because I'm retarded and never learned how to do it right, but I like fake eyelashes on a clear band with clear glue and I wear those
I know other people hate it, but I like it
I have not small, but narrow, heavily hooded eyes and I feel like it makes me look less sleepy and more cool, like I'm just relaxed or something
I just like it

No. 753600

Aging is so gradual but when you notice oh my god.

No. 753762

Are you talking about the Japanese cosplayer with the monster energy can?

No. 753765

His dong is real because he is also a porn actor, I saw vids

No. 753767

Ayrt, no not him.

No. 753773

I want some strawberry mochi ice cream, I may get some once I'm off work

No. 753774

I just realized a painting on the wall of this mental health clinic waiting room is placed perfectly. Not too much to the left, right, down or up. Just right in the middle.

I wonder if they did that because otherwise some patients would have meltdowns?

No. 753789

They did it because they probably hired an interior designer who would never put anything in the off place regardless of mentally ill people present or not.

No. 753889

I'm about to get into my car to travel to go help my grandma empty out her garage for the next snowfall. My agoraphobia is so bad I barely leave the house anymore, even for safe places like family houses. I'm actually excited though, so why can't I just get up and go? Why am I procrastinating?

No. 753927

Do it anon, it will be good for you, its a safe space you have nothing to fear

No. 753974

There’s cupcakes in the breakroom but I don’t wanna get up from my desk.

No. 753979

Cupcakes are for closers.

No. 754173

File: 1614890406102.jpeg (1.22 MB, 3213x1800, B7963337-91FE-4B18-B36B-1470D7…)

Pretty upset thinking about how I'll never get to experience the anticipation and joy of attending a Scholastic Book Fair.

No. 754174

trade off with one of those kids lurking around the liquor store; you buy them booze, they get you into the book fair

No. 754175

SA; I meant to say "again" at the end, my bad!

No. 754176

I hope everything went ok anon!

No. 754177

I can't even do that yet until next year.. life keeps throwing my curveballs that I can't hit!

No. 754513

One of my earliest memories is about one of these. Had 15 cents and thought I was rich and brought a bunch of books up only to be told I could only afford a bookmark.
Taught me a real lesson about the value of money and I can almost still remember how embarrassed I felt even though it's been 25 years…

No. 754514

My hysterectomy went so well for me and I'm glad. I'm excited to be back to normal for springtime

No. 754517

i still get the same feeling at a regular bookstore

No. 754518

Today I put too much aburaage in my miso soup and felt bad for throwing out a piece. I also dropped a box on my finger and it hurt a lot but only for 20 minutes. I need to find a better sunscreen because my current one makes my face feel greasy,

No. 754522

Normally I can't sleep without meds but tonight I feel really cozy and relaxed. I just got out of the shower and I'm heading straight to bed to ride this wave. Night bitches!

No. 754574

I accidentally fingered the mouldy overflow sink hole when washing my hands again.

No. 754577

If it didn't blush, it means it was asleep and didn't notice. You're good.

No. 754611

No. 754637

No. 755024

i’m gonna make some banana bread and i know that shit is gonna slap. very excited!

No. 755169

I remembered to buy glue sticks after not remembering for 3 store trips. Time to glue some shit bitches

No. 755179

I just broke my hairbrush throwing it at the ground because my boyfriend called me stupid for putting his bread in the freezer before it expired.

I'm stupid for breaking my only hairbrush, NOT for prolonging the life of our food. I told him to enjoy his night of being single.

No. 755184

Person I can’t stand is having their whole life fall apart. I feel bad about not feeling bad. I think I will try the new McDonald’s chicken sandwich today.

No. 755191

It does suck when you look forward to eating a thing and then can’t eat that thing. I’m not excusing your bf, nobody wants your hairbrush back more than me except you.

No. 755205

I take comfort and joy watching my ex be sad on the internet! Enjoy that sandwich

No. 755206

The blueberries in my oatmeal were extra delicious this morning.

No. 755257

File: 1614999106616.jpg (63.12 KB, 800x533, vista-de-una-situación-blanca-…)

Earlier I read the ingredients on these beans I usually eat and disappointingly,I found out that the beans contain chicken broth even though i made a promise I'll chicken again,I felt like crap honestly,but now I feel better knowing that there are chicken free beans.

No. 755372

Well I made an appointment with a psychiatrist. I hope it goes well and I can get on medication that actually helps and they listen because I'm paying for this out of pocket and I don't have that great of income to have them not listening.

No. 755385

File: 1615009850794.jpeg (2.98 MB, 4032x3024, DA88D516-AB8F-411A-A3AF-0087D5…)

I’m not sure why, but looking at this makeup purse makes me feel extremely happy.
I wish I could find more stuff with fruity prints.

No. 755393

I want this print on a shirt and/or pants.

No. 755401

fruit prints and fruit themes are the best. Better than florals.

No. 755406

I enlarged the pic and my brain released chemicals and I smiled

No. 755417

aww, reminds me of my childhood for some reason. that's cute anon

No. 755498

The owner of the cornerstone knows me better than I know myself. She learned all my preferences, she knows what I want even when I don't. Her job shouldn't be just to procure and sell me stuff, she should be in charge of making difficult decisions for me. I'd pay her.

No. 755596

I want to recreate a game's town in Sims in a playable way, but I'm not sure if I should do each house of the game as a seperate lot and place them as close to the original as possible, or just seperate the game's map in several pieces and build it on a bunch of 64x64 lots placed next to each other. I'm leaning toward the second choice.

No. 755678

I love minimarts too anon.

No. 755839

File: 1615065575575.jpeg (309.77 KB, 1146x2048, CCA164A4-4908-4CAD-8884-F2EB4A…)

I'd go with the latter as well. It'll be more organised and you won't run out of space as quickly.

As for me, today's a nice day. I'm procrastinating on homework because it's boring, even though it's easy. Instead I've been reading a relationship self help book. Insightful stuff. I think I'll sort through my garbage in Animal Crossing now.

No. 756174

Got tickets to go to one of the first showings tomorrow of the last Evangelion movie and I'm so fucking happy , I've waited so many years for this shit!

No. 756175

Ohhhhh so lucky! Let us know how it was!

No. 756181

thanks i will! My japanese is not THAT good but I hope its enough to understand…although I know even if I knew Japanese perfectly I still wouldn't understand everything lol

No. 756814

It was AMAZING. Great ending, I really thought Anno was going to fuck it up but my boi came through and tied it so perfectly at the end. Movie ended and everybody was silent and left in silence, like a funeral lol. The CGI was one of the best I've seen and it would surprise me if this doesn't get an oscar . 10/10 will watch it again

No. 758888

File: 1615432481315.jpeg (164.6 KB, 960x1300, 6B7E4017-DB85-45B1-846F-5ED7BE…)

I’m glad the tank for the water of the building got cleaned up. The water tastes almost like drinkable water, not like dirt. Hopefully my skin will stop breaking out, I feel so crusty, maybe I’ve been getting so sick so often because the water was basically carrying shit particles around.

No. 759785

File: 1615555077603.png (66.19 KB, 659x609, so_good.png)

I took the vacuum and vacuumed all the dust out of my sandpaper, you should have seen it go

No. 759799

the fuck

No. 759810

All of my dishes are actually put away. It’s my least favorite chore, moreso than even hand washing dishes. Idk why though.

No. 759834

Damn, I actually finished all my school assigments on time and now I don't have to do them in the weekend. I also have a monster (I don't feel like drinking it though) and a shit ton of snacks. And I also have lolcow threads to catch up with. So everything is good

No. 760589

My cat listened to me when I said no to her, I am proud. She is a good girl

No. 760807

My appetite makes no sense. It switches off and switches back on in a way where it's just not predictable. I'm not overweight, not underweight, not eating disordered, just confused by what makes it vary so much. If I could predict my hungry days I could plan my food shopping out better.

No. 760812

My appetite is all out of whack depending on where I am in my cycle. Definitely have days where I eat nothing and then have days that make up for it without my weight being affected much.

No. 760868

File: 1615678238632.jpeg (154.72 KB, 706x707, EE85DD22-A9A1-4FD0-862F-3F0135…)

laughable edit on my feed today

No. 760899

Watching Nathan for you for the first time, it's only clips on youtube but it fits exactly my mood right now.

No. 760923

nathan's deadpan humor is my favorite. i would do so many unspeakable thing to that man

No. 760925

He is quite cute, not gonna lie! I wanna have an awkward sandwich date with him

No. 761072

He's so wholesome.

No. 761073

I think it's funny that women were always portrayed as becoming infertile in all the dystopian themed media when in reality it's men. Both for environmental reasons and there porn addictions.

No. 761108


i often wonder whose crush on nathan is bigger: mine or my bfs

No. 761147

I ate too many dried cherries, and now my stomach is having its revenge on me. I did this knowing this would happen. I will do it again tomorrow. I fucking love dried cherries.

No. 761162

I washed my pillow a few days ago. I don't have a dryer so put it against a radiator and turned it every now and then. It felt dry. Then I noticed last night that I could smell something mildew like..

Threw the pillow out and used a rolled up blanket as a pillow. With covid restrictions I don't know of any stores within the 5km limit where I could buy a pillow today. Guess I'm ordering online and using the rolled up blanket for a few more nights. Feel kinda dumb for thinking it'd dry properly that way.

No. 761164

I rarely see my bf without facial hair but I remember him looking fine without it. Today he shaved it for the first time in a while and he looks so different, so unhealthy. He has a chubby face but now it just looks kind of droopy and chubby at the same time? I just can't find him attractive like that lol. Can't wait til the stubble comes back.

No. 761166

Sounds like he just got older.

No. 761173

You sure it's because of the radiator? We do this sometimes in winter when we can't put our clothes out and I never noticed a smell

No. 761174

I felt this with an ex. He'd shave once every few months and I'd see his actual face and realise I'm barely attracted to him without the beard.

Dude had at one time teased me for an unflattering pic where I had a double chin going on (we'd only started dating so I was a lil sensitive to the comment lol) turns out he was walking around with a hidden double chin the whole time.

No. 761176

I dry my clothes on the radiator all the time, it's just that the middle of the pillow must've stayed damp as it's thicker than clothing. The outside felt completely dry to me so I went by that.

No. 761185

i hope you got out of your way to point this out to this hypocritical motherfucker.

No. 761233

I was dating a dude with a long beard once, for what it's worth he didn't tease me for anything, but I remember he showing me some old photo without any facial hair and he had a weak chin, so annoying men can hide this shit so easily while women would have to get a surgery / fillers yes, I have a weak chin too and I hate it, so unfair men can just cover it up so easily

No. 761741

File: 1615788693615.jpg (194.13 KB, 1486x836, download.jpg)

I used to be a total skeptic about the Ryder Caroll Bullet Journal system. I'd think "why do I see a cult-like formation around something middle school girls have done in their planners for years???" Then I watched the intro video on their website and thought "Oh shit this is solidly good advice I wouldn't have thought of." I'm still salty the founder managed to use it to sell overpriced notebooks and a $5 app though.

No. 761835

just checked it out and this is too much for my adhd and my ocd, hard pass

No. 762007

I called out of work yesterday to do homework all day and got all my midterm essays done, then the guy I’m seeing & I got sushi cause he needed to apologize to me for something lol and watched a movie of my choice (the Florida project) and smoked weed and watched an anime of my choice (FLCL). Just popped an addy for my first day of spring break so I can try and do all my homework today before work clean and go to the mall tomorrow before work, and then see a friend I haven’t seen in a while on Wednesday!!!! If only it was warm out this would be a perfect start to the week but it’s still pretty good!!

No. 762164

I found a dead snail in my cauliflower today.

No. 762169

It died doing what it loved, hope it's death was painless.

No. 762173

Mukbang till the death, what a queen

No. 762316

snail mukbang of all the things to make me smile today

No. 762815

I went to the bathroom and my shit was like very wide and bulky, it was kind of hard to push it out.
I wonder how colon my colon extends so wide, I wish I had slimmer shits instead and now my buthole kind of hurts

No. 767870

I was watching a video about pee therapy and briefly thought "If pee isn't in the balls, and cum isn't in the balls, then what is in the balls?" and immediately cringed. I feel like the biggest dumbass on this planet.

No. 767900

I've seen vids on piss therapy where they claim your first piss of the day is the super healing one… don't know how people do it.

No. 767906

hmmm but there must be something about first piss in the morning since it's the one recommended to be put on pregnancy tests, it's the purest or something?

No. 767914

That's just cause the first pee has the highest amount of hcg during pregnancy. It's just when the hormone is most concentrated or something.

No. 767955

I used to track my ovulation and I think ovulation tests are the same. It's just that waiting overnight allows a higher concentration of hormones to collect in your urine. Something like that. Or levels peak in the morning.

It's just strong piss, extra pissy piss

No. 767964

No. 767965

Spotify has some good recs this week, that's rare

No. 767980

I haven’t shit in a week what’s up with that

No. 767983

My roommate loves Linkin Park. I play it for her sometimes on my computer but when I try to play her music I like she says it's scary because of the screaming. But I ask her, this guy screams too, how come you're not afraid of him? And she says it's because his screaming is really frustrated. I don't really get it
Try dried figs

No. 767999

Just push really hard

No. 768007

She's trying to give anons hemorrhoids!

No. 768009

Drink lots of water, eat two bananas, a tangerine and walk for a while. It might help you.

No. 768018

File: 1616531249144.jpg (58.38 KB, 1106x1106, pooptastic.jpg)

imma make you poop

No. 768025

Your roommate is cool. I think she is just used to Chester and that's why his screams aren't scary for her. It's kinda hard being scared of him knowing his history. Hell, even if you listen to the lyrics, it's clear that he is writing them from a POV of an abuse victim driven into a corned rather than some macho brute. It's why I've always loved Linkin Park (beyond their specific sound, Chester's voice etc) while I cannot stand supposedly similar and "superior" shit like Deftones.

No. 768038

I hate when people insist some music is superior and you shouldn't waste your time listening to the other "less superior" versions. I never pay much attention to lyrics, I'll try to read them next time. I like them too now since she plays their music often

No. 768051

No, because those are 2 tangerines, a banana and an apple, apples always make people unable to shit, just like having too much tea.

No. 768061

I think it's a nectarine

No. 768067

It makes me happy to hear you enjoy Linkin Park ♥ Their music always meant a lot to even though I was given a lot of shit for it. Assuming you've mostly listened to the classics aka Hybrid Theory and Meteora, I highly recommend you give A Thousand Suns a shot! It's their masterpiece according to me and a solid part of the fanbase. It's more electronic than the first two records and kinda different. Takes you on a real journey. You need to reserve an hour or something to listen to it from start to finish since it has some interludes etc. It does have a lot of standout tracks though (ie When They Come For Me, Robot Boy, Iridescent, Burning in the Skies, Blackout, The Catalyst, The Messenger… fuck, almost the entire record is a highlight IMHO). Oh and The Hunting Party is amazing as well, especially if you would miss the 'harder' side of their music.
>I never pay much attention to lyrics, I'll try to read them next time.
NGL, they can be pretty simple but they carry a lot of emotions and exude vulnerability. I'm kinda sure that Easier to Run was written about Chester's childhood sexual abuse trauma, or going through PTSD more specifically. It's horrible how it used to be trendy to shit on LP for being 'whiny' (even though the lyrics clearly were written about some dark shit) and then half of the Earth was surprised when Chester commited suicide.
Sorry for the massive spergout, I will always love LP and it makes me happy to talk about them when I have the rare chance honestly I don't think they have a single bad record, though One More Light will probably always be controversial

No. 768073

I tried to twist the cap off my SmartWater Tranquility bottle but the cap and the little plastic strip that's supposed to stay on the bottle weren't perforated so I had to wrestle the cap off. I will not be able to put the cap back on very easily.

No. 768076

Thank you, I will listen to it tomorrow! I'm so glad I brought it up because you seem really happy to be able to talk about something you love.

No. 768078

it's either a nectarine or a plum imo

No. 768082

Love you nonny, you are so kind! Sending good vibes your way

No. 768236

I have finished the beverage. I tried putting the cap back on, and with a small amount of force I was able to get it back on. It look much less effort than expected. To remove the cap again took a bit more effort. Repeated trials of cap removal and return were conducted. Final conclusion is that I'll recycle it

No. 768256

My fiancé has gained a lot of weight since the beginning of our relationship. I really don’t mind it, but it bothers him. I’ve been trying to go out of my way to make him feel wanted lately. I don’t want him to feel down on himself and he’s always done the same for me when I get into moods. I only wish he’d take better care of himself because I don’t want anything bad to happen to him. He’s never been super athletic or anything like that, it’s not his thing, but when he used to work out he seemed happier.

No. 768345

I was watching a video where a nail artist lady said her most difficult client was a lady who told her "Well, I broke my arm, but I still want my nails to look nice" and I can't stop internally giggling about it. Imagine you break your arm and you're just like "Damn…so when's my next nail appointment?"

No. 768347

I came to work 30min earlier than I should have because today is the only day I start at 7:30am instead of 7:0am this week and forgot. I'm stupid and tired.

No. 768377

File: 1616573231344.jpg (Spoiler Image, 462.32 KB, 1674x1080, 187424.jpg)

I haven't cut my toenails in several months. I think I might do it today

No. 768385

Relatable. I will literally spend hours doing my nails, but I fucking hate doing my own feet. I won't even put polish on them

No. 768392

I do the same thing kek. Often only notice when my shoes start to hurt because I basically have claws.

No. 768395

They grow so much slower than nails on hands, it's easy to forget they grow at all.

No. 768523

I like bbq pringles but they give me a sickly feeling that none of the other flavors do

No. 768573

I don't want to do anything today.

No. 768582

Too much chip for my dip.

No. 768585

File: 1616598772842.jpeg (123.95 KB, 640x933, F649BE8D-38E1-401B-A886-88BC94…)

I really want to finish this annoying homework so I can play more of my chinese husbando game until there’s a new assignment.
My husband probably misses me already because his drunk ass needs to be moved around.
I also kind of want to get some milka choc, but I can’t find the flavor I like, so I might end up ordering a boba tea or anything sweet, maybe some cookies if they’re on sale.

No. 768658

I love to text from my MacBook, it's so much quicker and it feels more satisfying to type on a keyboard with all my fingers instead of with just my thumbs on my phone. Plus all my texts feel a lot more important and proper when I'm using a real keyboard to type them.

No. 768724

Sorry anon but that's not your husband, that's mine

No. 768910

I find anime guys hot but anime girls unmemorable and boring. But in real life i find guys ugly as sin and girls super attractive and pretty. I'm not sure what to do with this information.

No. 769065

i need to get up and turn the lights off so i can maximize my cozy but i'm too cozy to get up. my life is so hard.

No. 769197

Ate like crap yesterday and I almost feel like I have a hangover today. Well that's new

No. 769204

That's because all anime girls are made the same(uninteresting pedophile material)meanwhile male characters are actually the ones with personality. In real life most men are unattractive, fat, video game and porn addicts but girls are actually attractive with many thoughts and interests. It's not hard to get.

No. 769208

File: 1616675882641.png (22.71 KB, 486x285, cringe.png)

Thanks I listened to it today and I really liked When They Come For Me, Blackout and Wretches and Kings.

No. 769217

File: 1616677295392.jpeg (189.24 KB, 750x1035, CA53E595-E0D1-4692-8AD0-DE5654…)

Square up, anon, I won’t let you have him.

No. 769251

OMFG I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Love that youtube comment, so sweet. I forgot that you mentioned liking music with screams, so The Hunting Party has more of that (in general, there also is a softer track or two there)

No. 769265

My baby hairs are out of control. There's one growing in the middle of my forehead

No. 769315

to the BSD fan in /m/, i love you

No. 769334

I was able to cum without my panties for the first time in years today, feels nice man

No. 769563

File: 1616710735160.jpeg (400.23 KB, 1400x1050, 4EE8F4C8-B14A-42DA-996A-EC6295…)

I went to the grocery store today, it’s quite tiresome to buy stuff for 3 houses in a limited time, like, it was my aunt an i running around while picking everything we all need before the military closes down the streets or something, I don’t even know what is it that they do, I haven’t gone out in a while.
It would be nice if the scrotes of my family helped.

No. 769565

It comforts me that I'm not the only one with this habit lol. congrats anon

No. 769571

Water takes so long to boil. I want tea.

No. 769608

I have a time where my sister and I slept in the same room but on two separate beds and in the middle of the night my sister started having menstrual cramps or something so she was moaning in pain and I being a horny teen tried to wank off to it but I never cummed so I decided to just wank to some porn and sleep(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 769622

get an electric kettle you troglodyte

No. 769625

NTA but it still takes so long with one

No. 769627

I'm the person from the white people can't handle spicy food meme. I bought a pot noodle type thing, it was one chili out of 5 which is mild and I couldn't finish it it was too hot for me. tasted good apart from setting my mouth alight

No. 769633

If it makes you feel better, I'm black and can't handle spice either. The Taco Bell mild sauce is just below my tolerance. I feel a tiny bit ashamed of it since I'm southern and I feel like I should be able to eat hot shit with no issue lol. One day I wanna try to build up my tolerance like in vid rel

No. 769644

Don’t worry, anon, I’m from latam and I can’t handle spicy food either, and I “should” because my mom loooves spicy food, but i can’t handle anything even if it’s mildly spicy.

No. 769672

Close the kettle lid while you boil the water, takes two minutes tops

No. 769800

Eating burrito

No. 769803

with one hand ofc

No. 769810

Nice, eating burger here

No. 769818

i'm mexican american and can't handle spice, and i thought jalapenos in everything was our thing. a little bit of cayenne pepper is good in my recipes, but an extra shake of it is so noticeable.

you know, sometimes stuff labeled mild is not mild at all, and some batches of mild just end up being ruined. happened to me recently, i would always buy this same prepackaged mild guacamole from walmart. the last time i got it, it made me extremely nauseous. it was a specific nausea, too, and at first i didn't know what made me feel that way. after having some more over the few days i realized what was making me nauseous; the guac. after that i realized that the specific nausea it gave me was similar to when i tried wasabi. i threw the rest away. i don't think im gonna buy guac anymore, just straight avocado from now on.

No. 769819

I saw an opossum eating nachos on the side of the road in the rain last night when I was walking the dog.

No. 769834

It's just a stupid racist meme anon. I'm Hungarian and I love spicy food, it's part of our national cuisine, we're white. I've tried everything from Korean dishes to Mexican dishes while abroad and it's nothing.

You aren't even supposed to eat spicy things all the time, you'll ruin your stomach that way. People who brag about eating food that literally hurts them confuse me.

No. 769853

god i wish that were me

No. 769956

File: 1616746371998.jpg (64.79 KB, 1122x764, Cowboy cat.jpg)

I want food, but I think I've already consumed as many calories as I said I was going to (I didn't count, but I'm estimating). Sad. Mozzarella sticks sound so fucking good right now
Also, I think I have a bean or something stuck in the pipe that food isn't supposed to go down, but I can't get it out, agh. Gonna try to sneeze. Pray for me

No. 769962

same, its easier and quicker too

No. 769963

File: 1616748040457.gif (205.1 KB, 220x124, 22AE3038-9266-4E7B-911B-C40005…)

I’ve missed multiple friend’s birthdays in the past 3 months and my only way to contribute to them is to digitally draw something for them because of covid, but I barely have the energy to do that. I don’t even like my art to begin with. I just do it because I like drawing for them and it’s free.

No. 769964

I'm out here eating cucumber trying to fill the void

No. 769965

Damn, that's a good idea actually, salted cucumber smacks. Idk if I have any in my fridge though. Maybe I'll make a small salad

No. 769968

I love this gif and how many times I've seen it on here lately.

No. 769971

Every year I meet at least one person who is closer to my ideal dream partner than the last. Every year the person I meet just isn't completely perfect, which nobody has to be. But every year the person I encounter meets more of my dream boyfriend's traits than the last. Every time they also end up treating me extremely horribly, although this fluctuates in severity and I am becoming more capable of preventing and withstanding it. To me, that just further proves they weren't right and better experiences lie ahead. Anyway, it makes me wonder how many years I should still wait until the absolute perfect person reveals himself to me. Because the way it is happening, I swear they just keep coming closer and closer to my ideal… And the more I propel my life in the direction I want it to go, the higher my chances are to skip a few cycles in this pattern, I think. Whatever the case is, it's interesting to tinfoil and I really am curious about the future.

No. 769974

I was ogling myself in the mirror for a while and yep it's just as I suspected… I'm kinda hot

No. 769984

I really can't wait for Tuesday. Bf has the rare day off during the week so we're going to take advantage of some hiking trails that are usually packed on the weekend.

No. 769991

Had some pasta and it was very good. Also saw that the Driverfag thread has 800+ posts. Very impressive.

No. 769995

Most men are incapable of actual love especially these days. It's most likely the universe is trying to show you this.

No. 770009

The migraine is back, at least I'm off work now.

No. 770047

I got some of my face wash in my mouth accidentally. The taste was closer to good than it was to bad.

No. 770179

I've been watching videos by this lawyer woman who reacts to videos of sovereign citizens, and I fucking love her. Something about watching a woman who is clearly passionate and knowledgeable about what she does proving dumb scrotes wrong is so satisfying

No. 770195

You can’t say that and not post sauce anon

No. 770200

Here's one. She has more interesting videos, but this is the one I'm watching right now. I don't even completely understand the legal stuff, but I love it

No. 770202

The bathroom door doesn't latch properly, everytime I go to the bathroom, my dog pushes the door all the way open, makes eye contact with me for two seconds, then just leaves

No. 770205

They're making sure you didn't get teleported! Animals and object permanence don't mix sometimes.

No. 770206

Damn, makes me wonder what she thinks about elevators

No. 770290

lol it's the wrestler ryback/ryborg I think

No. 770312

My period started today and I had all the really strong aches I usually have when it happens including my usual PMS but my period has been strangely light? I'm always a heavy bleeder but now I can keep a pad on for 8 hours straight and it barely gets filled/soaked to half of its capacity. I'm not complaining, it's just odd.

No. 770335

Have you tried cups? I always forget to buy them until my period actually comes but by then it’s so uncomfortable I don’t want to deal with the troubleshooting.

No. 770347

I'm solving homework so I googled html color names to pick some for my graph and they have some really cute names like mintcream, peachpuff, papayawhip, oldlace, mistyrose, lemonchiffon, honeydew. I picked out plum, peachpuff, turquoise and darkseagreen for my graph so far.

No. 770575

Just peeled my kiwi and ate it that way. I think I'll always be doing this from now on.

No. 770576

I'm sorry, you mean you usually eat it with the skin? The fuzz?

No. 770577

Nta, but I eat it with skin. I like it better but, the hair can make your mouth itchy

No. 770583

Ayrt, no, I cut them in two halves and eat it with a spoon, with the skin being some kind of plate au naturel.

No. 770611

I made that transition recently too, it's definitely better chopped up than with a spoon.

I also switched from green kiwis to golden kiwis, they're sooo much sweeter and sf delicious.

No. 770651

Yes, they're a life changer.

Also, my period actually started in full swing today so I woke up with bloody sheets since I wasn't counting on the heavy flow. fml

No. 770885

getting my hair cut at a salon for the first time in ages. i am terrified, i really really hope they dont mess up my bangs.

No. 770891

I bought a new pillow because mine was really hard and I bought cushions for chairs too because we have only some stupid cushions which are so thin that they are more like rags and it's cold sitting on them. Now the new cushions are thick and they have little flowers on them and they were on sale too. And I saw my old friend's mom going to the store and she said my friend will be going to the college that's in the same street as I live in!! I'm going to invite her over every week kek

No. 771043

well, did they?

No. 771253

This is me today. "It's ok to indulge from time to time" I thought. Well I thought wrong.

No. 771281

I love pyjamas. I love the evening time when I have showered, done my skincare and got into my pyjamas to wind down and relax, watching YouTube videos or playing animal crossing

No. 771285

sounds so comfy, god i wish that were me

i have shit to do today due to actually leaving the house tomorrow and my pollen allergy is acting up.

No. 771722

File: 1616978770088.jpg (183.09 KB, 556x556, IMG_20201110_001847_683.jpg)

Never gave the pomodoro technique a shot until recently, it's actually really helpful

No. 771725

what is the pic even symbolizing?

No. 771732

No. 771743

KEK can this be in the dumb bitch memes thread?

No. 771760

Thanks anon. I guess my brain is busted cause every time I read Socrates, my brain rearranged the words to say Scrotes.

No. 772026

I’m going through €5 eye drops way too fucking fast. These bitches are scam!!!

No. 772282

File: 1617056697586.png (117.1 KB, 692x583, Screenshot (5).png)

I read Carrey Chan took a true zodiacs test, so it inspired me to take one too. Carrey Chan inspiring us to be the best version of ourselves.


No. 772302

File: 1617058040151.jpg (107.73 KB, 720x790, IMG_20210329_194652.jpg)

Mine is my own kek
Which is fine, I love being an Aquarius

No. 772319

Its spring break and Ive been lying in bed all day

No. 772322

I am destroying my body with sugar and carbs

No. 772329

File: 1617061309064.jpeg (14.16 KB, 275x201, 1584840380821.jpeg)

girl same but also alcohol

No. 772333

File: 1617061498537.jpeg (218.85 KB, 828x818, E3989DCE-9039-446D-B133-042CA8…)

just retook
>scorpio this high
watch out, world!

No. 772429

File: 1617068516653.jpg (48.02 KB, 575x431, EwO6sEGWYAQ27r4.jpg)

I'm eating pizza. Who wants some?

No. 772456

File: 1617070554593.jpeg (48.97 KB, 1026x755, BF94A0AB-8B71-47A2-8ECE-D1E76A…)

Id love some

No. 772464

File: 1617071039313.jpeg (58 KB, 640x640, 9C0CFF3A-C293-4418-81C9-4FB8BF…)

I’m gonna be fucking 25 in a few months. Jesus christ

No. 772518

File: 1617078455776.jpg (185.43 KB, 1080x709, PicsArt_03-29-09.26.49.jpg)

Maybe I exaggerated my answers to certain questions. What does this even mean about me given I'm so high in multiple signs.

My actual sign is a Taurus, for what it's worth. It's never felt accurate.

No. 772525

I only took it cause carreychan did, I don't really know what the results mean tho kek. I mostly wanted to see if it could guess my zodiac sign, it didn't.

No. 772581

Haha the wall! You’re going to hit the wall!
Get a fucking grip retard

No. 772583

there's no wall unless you speed

No. 772585

I got my own… fuck

No. 772592

If you look young for your age you shouldn't be hitting the wall at too high a speed

No. 772593

File: 1617093185678.png (139.78 KB, 895x771, truezodiac.png)

I got the least on leo despite being sun moon rising leo. Equal amounts on taurus and pisces. Is that good or bad or what?

No. 772614

File: 1617098715823.jpeg (219.78 KB, 750x790, 4A7AAB7B-CF7D-40AD-B0F4-4CD0CB…)

They guessed mine!

No. 772621

File: 1617100005547.jpeg (350.88 KB, 1242x1009, 6192350D-9039-4815-84FE-564195…)

I am actually a Virgo! This was fun! Hugs to fellow Virgo-anons!

No. 772623

File: 1617101441018.png (222.96 KB, 900x767, results.png)

No. 772631

File: 1617104004828.png (73.26 KB, 760x550, true-zodiac-sign.png)


No. 772634

the wall is real xoxo

No. 772699

File: 1617111883365.jpeg (169.2 KB, 1242x1005, 23DE3F9E-44F1-42EA-A57D-4BD9F1…)

thank god as I literally have the pisces symbol tatted on my finger pls no bully

No. 772723

File: 1617114835569.png (186.12 KB, 1038x718, real zodiac.PNG)

I am a libra and was sure I was going to get it but makes sense I guess

No. 772768

I drink too many sugary coffee drinks

No. 772835

Was in a store today when I noticed a fairly attractive guy did a double take looking at me on the way in. Then he ended up being served right before me and stopped to look back at me on the way out.

Now I don't stand out as being attractive but I know I don't look awful either. Fairly boring style. I am confusion.

No. 772877

Virgos are one of the most overrated signs ever. Same goes for Pisces and Aquarians.

No. 773071

File: 1617145424012.png (109.29 KB, 701x546, 6536353765875678.png)

Sag that always figured I came across like a Scorpio. Apparently I'm not wrong but not right either. Virgo seems more accurate with first impressions. Never related to Sagittarius' outgoing, life of the party image so being quiet at first seems more appropriate.

No. 773755

I went to the second hand clothes shop and there were so many old suit jackets… I really wanted to buy them all but I picked out a brown tartan pattern one. There was also a blue-green tartan one and a few striped and a hideous green swirly one ugh I wish I bought them all but who needs so many jackets. I paid just over a dollar for it

No. 774164

File: 1617281235129.jpg (71.16 KB, 700x553, MjdADgJlvOSz_3374_700.jpg)

I went for a walk today and I was shocked, I haven't been outside for a while and in my mind, it was still like winter but it was sweltering hot in actuality and now I'm horribly sweaty

No. 774188

I adopted my cat 4 years ago today! He's the best!

No. 774199

Looking at old photos of my husband is flooring. He was literally so unattractive and early on in our relationship I do remember being physically put off by him, but his intelligence drew me in. I just don’t remember him ever being that disgusting looking. He’s definitely gotten better looking with age but every time I see those old pictures I feel so grossed out

No. 774274

Good for you both the glow up happened! Most of people stop taking care of themselves once they're in relationship so it's great your husband is the opposite.

No. 774494

Just made homemade ramen (aside from the noodles), and this shit fucks. I'm the furthest thing from a chef but give me a step-by-step recipe and I have a 50/50 chance of acing it.

No. 774538

mcdonald's got my order so, so wrong… i'm not mad, just disappointed and still hungry

No. 774655

That sucks, anon. What were you supposed to get? I'm about to order too actually.

No. 774656

File: 1617345730137.jpg (48.28 KB, 640x624, tumblr_47688d54f4af0d211a76629…)

I rolled my ankle yet again. Might finally suck it up and go see the physio when covids blown over to hopefully make it stop happening.

No. 774668

i’m chilling out at a swampy beach texting a cute guy i like. slept through online class here

No. 776175

Wanted to go to Five Below today but it's easter so it's closed.

No. 776176

Most people don't know this, but Jesus actually rose again from the cave aka back room of a Five Below after three days.

No. 776457

About to od on cranberry pills and juice

No. 776533

My new hamster isn't as cute as the old one and we aren't really bonding. Stupid rodent

No. 776658

you are still all he has, so be good to him or find him a new loving owner

No. 777043

I really didn't think many people knew about lolcow, but I just saw someone tell a twitter user to go to the unconventional attractions thread to see anons talk about wanting to dom Ben Shapiro. I genuinely cannot understand wanting to tell people about this site lmao

No. 777045

File: 1617683029101.jpg (13.34 KB, 294x480, 4_bf83fb78-92d9-4896-9d82-adc7…)

Had a Zoom conference at work today where we were introduced to an Australian guy from another company we're working with. He was wearing a bubble vest like picrel over nothing else, just his skin. I was so thrown off that I stared at it whenever he spoke

No. 777058

That was god

No. 777060

My landlord just let know that he's decreasing rent by $100 this year??? I think I have the lowest rent in the city outside of actual low-income housing.

No. 777121

Just realized how oddly relaxed I feel in female dominated spaces (ex: lc) feel lighter.

No. 777127

me too. I like when I can be comfortably a regular woman with retarded hobbies and share my takes and not have to censor myself for the sake of others i.e. males.

No. 777580

I’m drinking passionfruit gatorade and it’s Good

No. 777582

File: 1617752539948.jpeg (41.85 KB, 600x600, EBF99E5A-2D85-4B0B-A3E3-7D4185…)

I should go to the dentist, this tooth got shittily treated by a terrible dentist and now it hurts, I think I got a cavity again.

No. 777629

File: 1617758968595.jpg (33.34 KB, 395x500, Daily Paintworks - Original Fi…)

I've been hating my body recently, but goddamn I look thick as fuck today. I also hit myself in my eye and squirted orange juice in it in the same day. Think I might go blind.

No. 777631

File: 1617759475888.jpeg (208.11 KB, 750x783, 8FD10E46-57B0-4AA2-BA9D-E811FB…)

I’m actually a leo lmao

No. 777660

I'm hongry

No. 777816

File: 1617776961305.jpeg (82.22 KB, 750x744, 6DFC73D3-AD11-478A-97A5-F894E4…)

I hate how I left a week's schoolwork for myself to one day. It's genuinely not that bad but it's stressful until it's done. And I stay up so late for no reason. It's the night before.
You ever get that feeling when night comes like "noooo I don't want it to be night time yet I'm not ready to sleep" and defiantly stay up?

No. 777822

It's almost 3 AM but I'm gonna make some mashed potatoes. Fuck it.

No. 777836

what I've been doing with hot pockets

No. 778288

We're just a couple of queens making real good decisions.

No. 778591

Yesterday I did so much! Went to a zoom meeting for a college group I'm in, got coffee, got my nails done, went to like 5 different stores to find a bathing suit, bought a bathing suit for this weekend and a dress for my friends wedding in a few weeks, had class, then another zoom event, and then made a really good dinner and started packing for going to the shore this weekend. I was so proud of my busy day and I didn't text my bf yesterday so I want to tell someone about it!!

No. 778614

I made pasta with cooked eggs and mayonnaise and mustard it was good
Well done I am proud of you

No. 778619

I like the sound of that, I'm going to make it, but I'm thinking of adding something green. Pickles chopped in tiny squares? Fresh parsley leaves? Hmmmmmm

No. 778624

Hmmm I think parsley wouldn't go well with it. I think pickles would be good but I would put fresh cucumber (but I don't like pickles very much) or peppers

No. 778724

I had some Salmiakki imported once and now every so often when I think about black licorice I just want Salmiakki. No other black licorice will do. My mouth waters for Salmiakki right now. I'm out on a journey today to go find some.

No. 779071

yearning for a h&c sandwhich

No. 779075

I'm almost done unpacking after my disney trip. I bought three different minnie ear headbands. They're really cute.

No. 779076

My boyfriend has to work out of town for a couple days next week and I'm already fantasizing about the snacks and booze I'm going to get

No. 779113

File: 1617946014945.png (81.8 KB, 530x404, B8F0630B-B5D5-4DE1-A8C2-A71671…)

Watching huckleberry finn and sharing a whole ass kfc meal with my cat all snuggled up on the couch

No. 779125

File: 1617948214781.png (346.14 KB, 1414x1008, Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 01.5…)

This was fun. I can see why I got the results that I did, especially virgo. I feel like I'm always a huge bitch who sees nothing but details to critically analyze.

>leo sun

>libra ascending
>capricorn moon
>mercury virgo
>libra venus
>cancer mars
>scorpio jupiter
>pisces saturn
>capricorn uranus & neptune
>scorpio pluto

No. 779164

Some of my bras are so fucking old they have holes in them

No. 779221

File: 1617960831775.jpeg (33.95 KB, 480x600, D79A2960-D30C-41A7-94E9-508DA9…)

For me it’s me panties. They’re literally falling apart! I’m too cheap to buy new ones even though i look like a hobo fuck h&m for their cheap shit

On another note: i lost my love for sushi. I used to get a bento box at least once a week but it’s not appealing to me anymore. What bothers me is that it’s just 8-10 bites? I mean i already know I will have finished these pieces in 8 bites. If I have a plate of sth or a sandwich I don’t know when it’s gonna be over. This sounds so autistic but idk how to express it properly.

No. 779252

My tummy hurts ow

No. 779263

File: 1617966758137.png (72.6 KB, 760x550, true-zodiac-sign.png)

i have 6 capricorn placements and 0 cancer in my birth chart lol

No. 779268

File: 1617967907448.jpg (29.27 KB, 452x543, zu29904538_alt_1_tm1439225864.…)

I've been wearing these cheap ass boots since the 8th grade and they were my favorite shoes. By senior year I had taken them to be repaired twice and there was no fabric on the inside. And now today, two years later, one of the soles completely collapsed. Rest in peace.

No. 779286

I have back problems and finally got around to buying a new mattress. Spent the last few years sleeping on the old one that came with my house and some of the springs could clearly be felt in my ribs as I layed on one side in particular (yay scoliosis)

With covid rules they couldn't take the old mattress away and also couldnt bring the new one in any further than the front doorway. I live alone, no family on the same side of my country, no nearby friends, neighbours would prob help me but I'd hate asking. The absolute struggle of getting this thing up the tight fit of my semi twisted townhouse staircase! Don't know how I did it. My back is in bits right now though..ironically.

No. 779303

Bitch are you my lost twin or something?
Forgot to take screenshot and I'm not doing that longass test again but I got Virgo&Taurus. I have no Virgo on my chart and only one Taurus placement.

No. 779311

I'm sorry about that RIP boots.

No. 779313

I have this thing where I hate new shoes. I hate the process of 'breaking them in' and I almost feel self conscious that I might be walking funny whenever I put on new shoes. Old shoes are the comfort zone. Always a shame to have to bin old faves.

No. 779320

Clothes I ordered pretty much disappointed me. Skirts especially. I can return them but it's such a pain to choose and make up coords. I planned such a cool outfits in my head with these. Goodbye imaginary cute spring fits.
And I feel like I look older and have deeper wrinkles ever since I had covid a week ago. Thinking of getting nasolabials filled.

No. 779412

My mom also recovered from covid and she looked so dead afterwards because she lost lots of weight and it’s very tiring. Give your body lots of nutrients nonny i hope you’ll feel better every week!

No. 779650

fed ex delivered someone else's package to me but I didn't realize it until I already opened it. it was a box of cheap ladies undies

No. 779659

Where did you buy from/what’s your style? I got an ad on youtube for this no name brand and went window shopping on their site and managed a cart for 60ish tops, dresses, and bottoms. I want to restart my wardrobe from scratch but their return policy sounds like shit and I don’t even know if the clothes would work out (could be ugly in person, don’t fit me or my style properly, possibly poor quality materials.) But they’re really cute spring and fall clothes…

No. 779664

File: 1618000875894.jpg (572.69 KB, 1125x1717, OfBN585.jpg)

samefag it’s shopcider and I guess it’s a tiktok shopper type of shop. It’s all shit like picrel that you could find similar to thrift for über cheap and possibly same or better quality materials wise. Idealistically I wouldn’t have to hem anything that didn’t fit right but I’m lazy and would rather buy quick available shit I like visually and then tailor it to better suit me. They also have a lookalike shirt dress that a cow from the egirl thread in /snow/ wore and I think that’s funny.

No. 779708

Prolly to a sex worker but the good news is you're too good for him cuz he's gross

No. 779821

Oh man, their stuff is really cute and not insanely priced. I wish it wasn't mostly polyester mixes as I'm trying to avoid it to be "green" in addition to the fact it just tends to irritate my skin. Their return policy doesn't seem too terrible though? They even give free return shipping on the first request for every order. For a smaller company that seems decent.

No. 779849

cool thanks

No. 779856

I have to do my daily stretchings but the floor is cold and my bed is warm.

No. 780236

File: 1618064291837.gif (190.91 KB, 220x165, tenor.gif)

Damn this apple I'm eating is really good

No. 780249

File: 1618065095885.jpg (39.79 KB, 400x581, appleblossom.jpg)

poast variety

No. 780269

File: 1618066046917.jpg (63.24 KB, 1000x1000, Thai-Red-Curry-with-Chicken-sq…)

My bf is colorblind and ate my red curry leftovers instead of his green curry. I didn't say anything because luckily they taste pretty similar in the thai place we ordered from and are both delicious.

No. 780286

This is a cute post lol

No. 780310



No. 780311

Almost 30 and buying tickets to see an anime movie in theaters, my 15 year old self would be so happy

No. 780320

is that movie Evangelion?

No. 780331

No. 780342

Kimetsu, I’d probably see Eva if I had watched the other Rebuilds but I’ve only seen the OG series

No. 780370

File: 1618074390612.png (Spoiler Image, 186.58 KB, 498x620, Goldie_Delicious_ID_S4E09.png)

Golden Delicious

No. 780374

File: 1618074790250.jpeg (112.29 KB, 600x600, D25A7E58-2D4F-4C1A-B297-F3F90A…)

Omg thank you for reminding me to get tix

No. 780380

File: 1618075653081.jpeg (114.62 KB, 749x586, 0AE8C0D3-58E1-46C2-BAB6-75376F…)

Currently going through those episodes where your mind goes numb and it’s basically empty, cherish this temporary moment of gaining independence from worldly elements

No. 780603

hoooooly shit nonny this instantly triggered a memory of mine. Begging my cousin if I could use her school laptop to make these dolls even though it was "blocked" site on her laptop, they found a way to play. Ugh, I would literally beg to play these games.

If anyone is curious, I found one of the last standing versions of this site, and it barely works.


No. 780794

File: 1618121227545.jpg (30.04 KB, 525x350, biscuit-sandwich.jpg)

I've been so, so stressed recently (which is mostly my fault) but god I'm about to make some breakfast sandwhiches and I know these motherfuckers are gonna be amazing

No. 780828

I just spent like 5 minutes trying to find NGE tickets in my city lol I’m dumb. I dropped KnY near the end because of people I knew who liked it being annoying but train arc was excellent. Would you recommend going to theaters just for that part? I never saw it in the anime since I never started watching it.

No. 780888

File: 1618132064904.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.52 KB, 640x627, Leopard geckos in hats ! - cu…)

I just busted my ass so hard. No one saw, but I'm so embarrassed. I didn't even want to get up. I need to stop running around my house like a toddler on coke

No. 780893

Be careful anon, my mom is like that and she hit her head and almost broke her spine from falling recently. My grandma actually did break her spine from falling from a chair when she was frantically cleaning (but recovered fortunately). It's no joke.

No. 780898

Nta but the TV series has great production value anon. I really think it did the source justice and some! Everyone who saw the movie loved it. Idk I just really like watching shounen anime movies in theater cuz getting hyped with other weebs is fun kek I'm ready to ugly cry.

No. 780911

Omg that pic is so cute. He looks like a Chernobyl chicken wing.

No. 780930

My uterus hurts and I will have horrible pms symptoms yet no period will come. Such are the mysteries of my body these days. At least I have not had to buy tampons in a while I guess…

No. 780960

this does not seem mundane to me, anon if you are able please seek medical help

No. 781007

Since entering my 30s my cycle length has stretched out so I'm bleeding less often (and lighter) but still feeling all the pms symptoms. A box of tampons lasts me several months now but I don't like it. It's like my womb wants to shed but it's struggling to kick start the process?

Changes in cycle are unsettling.

No. 781018

I don't know what to do with my Sunday so I'm just doing nothing
I have so many chores to do, but maybe I should do something fun and weekend-y? Actually work on a project? Instead I'm doing nothing

No. 781019

File: 1618148277156.jpg (127.19 KB, 720x720, tumblr_9dd6a6d9e512a0119e8dfee…)

Kept trying to tick the "I am not a robot" box but my browser repeatedly wouldn't let me. Am I a robot?

No. 781028

File: 1618149692596.jpg (94.05 KB, 680x1132, 660.jpg)

aren't we all

No. 781038

Bruh google capchas have me question my whole existence. What are “bus” and “traffic light” anymore, I clearly can’t tell.

No. 781045

File: 1618151128098.gif (2.11 MB, 440x248, robodance-2496.gif)

Let's party my fellow robots

No. 781100

Okay so I was watching Babe and I was waiting for that damn spider to come out because it's already halfway of the damn movie only to find out that I'm watching the wrong talking pig movie. Fuck the talking animal genre

No. 781130

Didn't you delight in the chorus of mice singing Blue Moon though

No. 781246

File: 1618169874833.jpg (76.5 KB, 683x1024, Baked-Chicken-Wings-3.jpg)

Just tried making hot wings in my air fryer for the first time and holy shit…so good!! No oil needed and minimal cleanup. I'm never buying overpriced wings from Dominoes ever again, lmao.

No. 781273

File: 1618172333230.png (511.4 KB, 527x532, anon and her air fryer.PNG)

happy for you anon!

No. 781303

Mundane blast from the past: I loved their version of blue moon so much when I was a kid, I would song it all the time in a helium voice, and didn't find out it was a real song until about 15 years later

No. 781425

File: 1618190469523.png (328.48 KB, 960x648, 2w6z66.png)

but I am too lazy to make it

No. 781534

File: 1618210702290.jpeg (25.77 KB, 400x400, patti labelle sweet potato pie…)

Found this for like $4 at walmart the other day.

No. 781536

I thought this was the album covers thread from the main page kek

No. 781550

Oh yeah, of course I know about Patti's pies, (who doesn't know Patti Labelle?) but I personally don't like them that much. I made 2 pies last year for Thanksgiving for the first time, and I really just want to make one again.

No. 781582

File: 1618217192849.png (112.2 KB, 275x240, 1531544713768.png)

Outside is cloudy,and grey, it's making me into a zombie. It's not even dramatic cloudy or moody aesthetic weather, it's just boring white sky. I want to live somewhere tropical so bad. I was born to live by the sea, eating fruit and cruising crystal clear sea in my luxury ship and doing lame yoga poses on the beach, not to sit on my ass listening to endless uni classes in shitty weather every day.

No. 781746

I'm drinking a soylent for the first time, and gahdamn this soy milk shit is way thicker than I expected

No. 781781

Every now and then I'll see someone post a bitchy response and then quickly delete it again, mostly because they misread the original post and went nuts over nothing. Always weirdly entertaining when you manage to spot it in time

No. 781813

It's a speed run of self aware character development

No. 781834

I've never been someone with a busy schedule or lots of plans but whenever I do have plans or just an appointment.. I'm always ready early, waiting around, can't just chill and do other things in the meantime or show up last minute. I've wasted alot of time over the years just by being ready early and anxiously waiting around.

No. 781862

Someone complimented my skin for the first time in my LIFE. I've finally figured out a decent routine to deal with my oily skin and huge pores and even though there's still some texture it looks clear and hydrated. It was my boyfriend's grandpa of all people lol he said I looked glowing.

No. 782698

I ate seitan for the first time today. It was okay

No. 782870

Got my blood drawn. I’m gonna fucking pass out. I feel so fucking ill. Why do they take so much???

No. 782901

File: 1618338212581.png (10.34 KB, 220x220, tumblr_ec0e28b2aa1c82b6f6149ca…)

My whole life I've made really small poops. Like maybe the size and girth of a bundle of crayons. In the last month, though, my poops have become huge, like… I didn't realize how big normal poop is but theyre normal sized now. Fat logs of poopy. It's amazing though, because they come out so easy and don't hurt, it takes me like 40 seconds to poop. I feel like I'm actually vacating my bowels. I got a blender and started making smoothies so I think it's all of the fruit I'm having in the morning. I love my new poop so much. I never understood why people said it feels nice to have a bowel movement because it used to just be kind of uncomfortable and unsatisfying but now I see the light. Eat fiber, girls.

No. 782946

File: 1618341637841.jpeg (168.63 KB, 1200x1202, 7AB0530E-D553-4F1C-9773-7356A0…)

I bought some Sugarfina Bubbly Bears at Nordstrom Rack this weekend, and I am really kind of disappointed in the fact that these little shits have very little to no champagne flavor at all. I know they're supposed to be "non alcoholic", but I really like champagne and they're supposed to be infused with Dom Perignon, which is one of my favorite richfag drinks. They taste like regular gummy bears you can get at Walmart for like, a couple of bucks. Should have ordered some champagne truffles instead.

No. 783001

this company makes better gummies. if you ever get the chance, the green apple frogs are pretty good

was also surprised by the lack of champagne flavor in the champagne bears. I enjoyed them enough, though not for the price

No. 783278

I haven't bought clothes that weren't second hand in almost 3 years. Probs splurge a little on my bday for a couple new pieces!

No. 783282

Cant sleep want cuddles

No. 783285

me as well! hope you find clothes you like! have you decided what store or site you are going to purchase from?

No. 783286

do you have a plushie or pet? i understand completely, it helps me to have an extra pillow behind my back when i sleep so i feel a little less alone..
rest well anon kun

No. 783287

also happy early birthday anon-chan!

No. 783304

i wish i had some friends to play with because i've been waiting an hour and a half to get into this extreme trial

No. 783308

I keep getting muted from this server I'm on for no reason I can discern but I don't want to leave because it's fun seeing how zoomers talk

No. 783389

File: 1618394040258.jpg (64.29 KB, 1200x1200, EWABwu5WAAYkPpy.jpg)

I found out what snails look like when they are infected by parasites a couples days ago, and I literally cannot stop thinking about it. It's so disturbing, it makes my skin crawl so bad. It makes me want to fucking kill myself. Idk what I would do If my snail baby ever gets infected by one.

No. 783396

I wanna google now

No. 783401

File: 1618396210165.png (94.65 KB, 500x500, Rasp-Blue.png)

Yesterday I needed change for the bus, found this and my good. Its so fucking good, would recomend in a fancy cup with loads of ice.

No. 783405

How do they talk?
You probably got muted for being old

No. 783407

i googled it and now i understand why humans created body horror media. hope your snail baby stays healthy. should be fine inside, right?
but damn anon you ok?

No. 783409

I'm jelly, I'm such an energy drink junkie and we don't have that here.

Yesterday evening I needed an energy drink so bad, but everything is closed here after 9 because of the pandemic, so I bought a contraband energy drink through the back door of the local corner store. The owner was on the street in front of the seemingly closed store, looking out for the police and ushering customers to the back. I exchanged money for goods with the cashier hastily through a narrowly opened door and "hid" the can in my pocket. It was a monster energy drink, very obvious in my pocket. It all reminded me of the 90's in my country when we were buying contraband everything and the entire market was the black market. This is the economy I'm used to. Nice to know I can always count on local entrepreneurs, and them on me.

No. 783414

I can't tell if you're just bullshitting or not but it's hilarious. What country do you even live in?
The only place open late where I am is a single newsagents so if we forget to get groceries we have to dine on haribo and pot noodle that night instead

No. 783417

I'm in Serbia. I don't know what sounds like bullshit, it happened yesterday just like I told it?
We are not under lockdown and haven't been at all this year, last time they tried to introduce it people revolted so they decided to just have everything closed in the evening so people have less reason to go out. But small businesses are not going to listen to the government, that's not a way to financially survive here. You gotta hustle.

No. 783418

It just sounds so surreal, like an old-fashioned story with energy drinks thrown in, I hope that curfew ends for you soon

No. 783590

File: 1618424652280.jpg (31.74 KB, 500x500, retro-bird-shelf-edging-1.jpg)

I made a logo for my friend's neighbor, she said I should tell him how much I want to be paid or if I want him to fix something for us in the house because he's a builder, so I decided he should build us a shelf for tea and other ingredients on the wall. I can't wait for our new shelf. Yay I'm gonna make decorations like these for it

No. 783599

No, I'm not ok! I cried for like an hour today and I'm still thinking about those damn parasites

No. 783721

File: 1618440195919.jpg (39.88 KB, 593x517, 1617717037478.jpg)

>told my friend i might be getting step-siblings
>he immediately starts making "what are you doing step-bro" jokes
I don't feel sad anymore, but now I'm gonna feel even more awkward when Ill be forced to meet them.

No. 783727

so cute!

No. 783730

this is why i limit my scrote friends, your friend is a weirdo.
how do you feel about getting step siblings yourself?
i am sure they can relate as well.

No. 783737

I had a dream where I didn't just get fat, I became some sort of disgusting hybrid of myself and Shayna. Time to stop eating shitty food.

No. 783738

Mostly sad and a little angry. They probably feel the same since the only reason we will become a family is that one of my and their parents cheated. I just hope we will be able to keep it civil.

No. 783925

Male friends are so pointless…
Once I sent my male (ex) friend a photo of my stitched up finger that I accidentally sliced when he asked to see how bad it was. He then sent me 'wow am I weird or is that kind of really hot' 'idk why but that is so sexy'. This one also used me as his personal therapist, never listened to my problems and threatened suicide many times.
Recently I was arguing about something and a male friend chimes in with 'you're so cute when you get this passionate', making me feel so belittled.
Other friend raged at me when I wanted to start a project go to schools to educate little girls on their sexual health and consent, that it's absolutely horrendous not to include males in it, that women being embarrassed in front of men is a myth, how it's fault of people like me that men don't understand female health issues.
The remaining male friends I can think of tried to romance me and I just ghosted them afterwards. Or they still try to flirt with me even though they have girlfriends.

I honestly never had a normal male friend, are there any? I'd be okay with trying to find one but like is it even worth it when majority I had was like this?

No. 783963

I sanded a part of my very dark wood chair and it's such a pretty light color underneath so I am adding to my neverending list of projects to sand the entire chair

No. 784057

Today, little triangle breads were on sale, so I bought 4. I planned to have them for lunch with my boyfriend today and tomorrow, but my boyfriend ate 2 today. He will have to scavenge for his own lunch tomorrow then.

No. 784070

I’ve just finished ghosting the last of my male friends kek. I’ve known a lot of them for many many years, and I just realised how shitty they always treated me and other women.
Honestly even though it’s kind of unrelated, finding out about pornhub really pilled me against my male friends. They used to always joke about it and talk about how much they loved it etc. I just look at them and think “what horrendous things have you wanked over?”
No point bonding with males unless they’re relatives, colleagues or sexual/romantic partners.

No. 784300

I tried to make gradient nails like someone posted in g and it worked! But I used old pantyhose because I don't have a sponge

No. 784889

File: 1618593947186.jpg (185.83 KB, 750x1000, hart.jpg)

Idk what it is, but I've been feeling myself so much the past couple of months. I bought some new underwear and I spent way longer than I should have just admiring my thighs, hips and ass in the mirror. Even though I still have things I wanna work on, I don't know why I spent so long being insecure about myself when there are so many good things about my body. I hope you all are having a confident bitch day today as well

No. 784947

I found a picture frame in the garbage today. It's ugly and old but I'll fix it up and paint it, picture frames are expensive
I'm glad you're feeling great, I'm feeling great too. I've been feeling like my face is really pretty lately.

No. 785156

I don't want to watch the last episode of season 5 of Grey's Anatomy. I know George will die, Izzy will leave soon after, Lexi and Mark gonna die and Christina gonna leave too.

I couldn't watch every episode back then since I had homework and stuff so watching every episode and knowing what will happen kinda sucks. George was my favorite, why did he have to die? Couldn't he just go to the Army and return back after a few seasons? I feel stupid for feeling sad.

No. 785195

File: 1618625192862.gif (158.2 KB, 220x244, tenor (3).gif)

visited my home country last month, and this guy that was like 14 when he (pretty sure) tried to sexually assault 10 year old me married and had a baby with a girl (of age) that looks exactly like how i did back then

No. 785204

It does have some decent storylines and characters down the line but it'll never compare to my boy O'Malley RIP

No. 785230

I am a worm compared to you Goddess.

No. 785396

File: 1618661569109.jpeg (139.19 KB, 1080x1102, 6FF9DF8F-AA54-40C9-8412-B1F9DB…)

I bought a longboard

No. 785400

I finally trusted myself enough to buy a small orchid plant today. It looks beautiful.

Is there a plants thread on lc?

No. 785422

There's at least one somewhere buried in the catalog, but instead of necroing it you may aswell make a new one. I'd be interested in discussing plants and gardening too.

No. 785425

File: 1618663628180.jpg (51.54 KB, 640x640, 27f1275c76c044b9b00bee41f83345…)

Pic is you, queen.
We have one in /m/ but it doesn't have that many plant tips. Just pictures of plants. I recommend watching a lot of youtube videos and searching on reddit for help with your plants. If you bought your orchid from a store then it might have came with one of those little cardboard things with care guides on them, but I wouldn't follow the advice on those.

No. 785429

there's a thread, not super active but it exists

No. 785460

I just noticed a 7 inch long red scratch on the inside of my elbow. Have no idea how or when it happened

No. 785470


No. 785586

File: 1618684167011.jpg (44.66 KB, 564x564, a.jpg)

I haven't had braids in my hair in a long time and I want them so bad, but I really don't want to have to sit for hours to get them.

No. 785750

thanks for your reply, I'm gonna watch it tomorrow

No. 785763

I put a bunch of apples in a plastic ziploc bag like 3 weeks ago and forgot about it. I hope they're still good cause I want one now

No. 785768

Don't leave us hanging. Are they still good?

No. 785783

Yeah. These motherfuckers bang. I'm about to go for a secong right now

No. 785789

File: 1618699055710.jpg (35.48 KB, 570x570, 1614119787799.jpg)

No. 786021

File: 1618731298214.gif (1.16 MB, 332x332, tumblr_pib910LHZU1vnhma6_400.g…)

Just rearranged my room. Got that perfect bookshelf and gallery wall behind me for conference calls. I am an untouchable bitch

No. 786045

Woke up, hotboxed the bed under the covers, grabbed apple juice and corn flakes with milk, texting on the smartphone, can't meet the few friends remaining because quarantine, getting ready for lunch

No. 786046

What's for lunch?

No. 786072

what books do you have on there anon ?

No. 786124

I just started thinking about the concept of people stealing baby names. it's weird

No. 786127


No. 786165

File: 1618754109159.jpeg (2.16 MB, 4028x2303, 262F5E9D-B887-456D-AD89-2175AF…)

Here’s a peek! Mostly art books from sales and secondhand stores over the years. Highlights include loish’s art book a friend gave me as a gift, and “Stylish Knits for Dogs”, which I have yet to knit a pattern from

Thanks babe!!

No. 786255

lmao anon "Stylish Knits (for dogs)" sent me. also Escher, that's some good taste.
thank you for the picture !!

No. 786342

I started doing myofascial rolling and an hour of full body stretching everyday, it's only been a week since I started but it's already made a noticeable difference in my posture and mobility. I wasn't expecting that because I have a lot of muscle tension, been much less active during the pandemic and never was very bendy to begin with. So far it's improved the quality of my workout routine and even my anxiety. My goal is to finally be able to do the splits.

No. 786435

Some jerk left the sprinklers on the sidewalk going but it's hot out and walking through it was quite nice

No. 786442

Pasta and cheese
Toast for dinner

No. 786450

Today I noticed my stomach is growing. Time for a diet!
Going to try intermittent fasting + light dinners starting tomorrow.

No. 786451

Just had yogurt with banana and granola. Such a simple snack but it's so good.

No. 786488

Fasting has worked well for me and I've lost 8 lbs. I usually do it Monday and Friday until I get off work in the afternoon and these 2 busy days makes the time pass easily. I do drink a bottled protein drink though. I know that may not be part of the rules but protein drinks or some milk really make it easier and still works for me.

No. 786518

Great job anon!!! Proud of you

No. 786526

my first high school crush who I used to get so nervous around (to the point of shaking like a leaf if I saw him in the hall) just posted a video online of him and his gf singing together and it was so cringey that it made me glad nothing ever happened with him. also my ex got a new haircut and looks so terrible that I no longer feel any attraction towards him at all. something about no longer feeling attracted to people makes me feel very powerful

No. 786532

File: 1618783740829.jpeg (70.39 KB, 650x714, 19831A9C-D927-4D68-B0AB-51A5D4…)

I am lay in bed, watching YouTube videos with a blanket and hot water bottle. I have so much to worry about in life but at this very moment, I am snuggly like a little old lady and wish I could feel comfort like this forever

No. 786540

May there always be a bed and a blanket for you, my friend.

No. 786854

I'm about to eat instant ramen (I under-boiled the eggs, but whatever), then I'm gonna masturbate to a singer and take a nap. Someone wake me up if that one anon finally posts what she found on her boyfriend's computer

No. 786857

I am so tired. I am not in a relationship, have exams soon and volunteer and I feel kinda empty and lonely and can't concentrate on anything. I think I need a day off but I'm kinda worried I'm gonna feel it even more.
I have an evening date to feel more social but I'm not really feeling it today.

I need more of this energy >>786532

No. 786864

File: 1618834527292.jpeg (52.83 KB, 750x999, D94BB3ED-BF92-44F7-BCD2-6A0B31…)

I want to buy a hot water bottle because I saw you can have them kept in cute knit sweaters… and my period is coming soon. I wish I had one of those and a heated blanket earlier in life. For most of the time I’d been using a washcloth heated with hot water. And when they cool down, they become cold! Terrible feeling.

No. 786868

File: 1618835092493.gif (46.07 KB, 300x100, 1616384005111.gif)

I finally saw a new banner! Picrel, it's so cute

No. 786887

File: 1618837157785.jpeg (61.36 KB, 1280x720, 4D1CDCB5-1FB6-4319-B452-C62A20…)

Having this for breakfast with a latte makes me really happy.

No. 786894

File: 1618837821490.png (218.48 KB, 540x384, f1294fb2b2b6c3f57db85cc53ec836…)

Just applied to a shit job I know I'm not gonna get. But whatever at least i did something to attempt to end my NEEThood. Maybe if I'm lucky they'll contact me

No. 786911

cross my fingers

No. 787023

I passed my exam, I saw the cute guy at college who I haven't seen in a year, anons liked my post on lolcow it was a good day
I want

No. 787583

File: 1618933367379.jpg (105.17 KB, 745x745, Hairstyles & Beauty.jpg)

I fucking covered the yeast I'm making while it was proofing and now it won't rise. It was my last packet of yeast, so if this doesn't work I'm gonna be pissed

No. 787585

File: 1618933595269.png (927.07 KB, 892x575, computing.png)

Sorry to hear about that but why is your image titled "Hairstyles & Beauty"

No. 787587

I downloaded it off of Pinterest lol. I don't like to change file names unless it's super long

No. 787591

Understandable, I hope your baking goes well

No. 787592

File: 1618933925226.gif (1.7 MB, 500x281, 295fee43f41433ca0600404f041b78…)

I put an order at Yesstyle it's been like 2 years since I wanted to order again can't wait 4 month for my package

No. 787599

The Ashley isaacs banner never ceases to unnerve me after all these years

No. 787652

I want to go for a walk, but my legs still hurt from yesterdays. Why am I such a failure of a human if I can't even do what humans are supposed to do best everyday reeeeeeeee.

No. 787677

It's a societal failure not your person failure, considering our modern day lives mostly consist out of sitting.

No. 787694

File: 1618943050866.jpg (67.22 KB, 670x503, The best new restaurants to tr…)

Samefag, I made Korean hotdogs, and these motherfuckers still came out the same even thought the dough didn't rise at all? I don't understand it, but I'm eating yummy hotdogs and cheese so nothing matters

No. 787695

Oh no, I'm not really serious about it (else I would've went to the vent thread lol), I just overdid it yesterday and am just bored out of mind. Still, thanks for the consolation! lol

No. 787756

File: 1618948902305.jpeg (168.35 KB, 1200x1200, 54641B14-B290-4198-A3F6-ACC42E…)

What recipe did you use? Every time I’ve tried making these the shits stayed doughy and wouldn’t form a nice layer at all. It could be partially my fault because I prefer baking or shallow frying than deep frying, but the recipes should still work when they’re specified for that process. More and more I’m tempted to use fucking egg roll wrappers.

No. 787780

I didn't use a recipe honestly. I think the first few times I made it I used vidrel, but now I just throw some water, yeast, salt and sugar in a bowl and add flour until it's a sticky dough. I also had the issue of the inside being undercooked, but I started using a small pot instead of a pan, and making sure there is enough oil to cover the hotdog, and it's working a lot better. Also, make sure you're not putting on too much dough. I feel like using a thin layer of dough that's just enough to cover the hotdog works the best

No. 787986

i've gotten so used to lolcow that i end up expecting other websites to adhere to the no scrotes/twitfags/sjws out thing. was browsing ccc and just got disappointed by how malepandering all the posters were. really made me appreciate how rare something like lolcow is. also thanks jannies for your contribution kek.

No. 787990

Same. Whenever I go on reddit or something and read some dick joke or casual sexualization of any part a woman shows of herself in a pic I'm always ported back to reality lmao.

No. 788001

as in choachan.cafe? How so?

No. 788003

I watched a movie tonight and enjoyed it.

No. 788024

The only threads that move are kpop crit and bg threads

No. 788026

I wanna make myself some food, but it's 2:17 am, and Im paranoid as fuck from watching some scary channels a couple days ago. I will simply have to eat pretzel nuggets and starve in the comfort of my bed. This is a reminder to why I shouldn't watch scary shit

No. 788027

I will hold your hand while you make some grub, nonny.

No. 788059

Same. Sometimes I wanna look at memes on reddit but it's always about how women are weird, sexy, how they have no gf or how no one cares about men's mental health. It's not even jokes, just whining.
Where do you guys find funny shit to look at?

No. 788194

File: 1619011022776.png (226.36 KB, 320x480, tumblr_059d05f523761830d24b503…)

Do you ever rudely tell off an anon, then they respond reasonably, and suddenly you feel like a meanie poopie head, but it'd be a bit much if you responded to say sorry for losing your temper. Anyway that's me on here at least once a week. If an anon has ever snapped at you and then you calmly explained yourself and you didn't get a response, pls assume it was me and accept this apology

No. 788213

I always apologise. Who cares if you look weird when it might be nice for that anon to read, we're anonymous anyway so your ego should be able to handle it.

No. 788290

Did a summer foot treatment because my feet are disgusting and covered in dead skin and callouses. It feels so fucking weird. Feels like a thick layer of dead skin has detached itself from the bottom of my foot, but it's still holding on by the edges. It feels alien and absolutely disgusting.

also I'm turning 26 in a month and a half and I feel like a failure. The only thing I have going for me is that I still look 18. But when the wrinkles start setting in, I'm just going to look like a weird "15 but 40 at the same time" meme

No. 788291

The double standards is so blatant. When a female kpopper does some shit or a scandal happens theyre down her throat and ripping her apart, but the second a male does, oh no uwu, my baby boi didn't know what he was doing despite being a grown ass man. Also it doesn't help that some users are from gaypg. oh well, I only try going there to get juicy gossip, but they don't have any so i'll probably stop.

No. 788292

Pissed off because my photographer put the two most unflattering pictures on his portfolio, claimed it was because I was fat despite the fact I've seen all the pics he took and be chose the worse ones. Even the other modeling agencies straight up say I look nothing like my photos and look better irl

No. 788296

Thank you, I've been meaning to google what these were called and now I'm gonna pick up the ingredients. "Summer foot peel" brought it right up! Thank you again

No. 788308

tbh it's not that bad having the 15 and 40 thing going on. The ambiguity makes me seem more relatable to a wider breadth of folk

No. 788338

Yeah the level of simping over male idols on there is too much. There’s never any interesting convos happening either

No. 788470

I'm not religious and haven't been for a while, but I wish I went to church with my grandma more when I was younger. I just want more memories of getting dressed up with a shit ton of vaseline on my face and dancing/singing in church for like 5 hours. I know I can still go, but it wouldn't be the same.

No. 788519

Vaseline on your face? Why though

No. 788531

nta but people put vaseline in place of lotion on their babies and children’s faces in place of moisturizer. It helps keeps their skin hydrated and soft for a long time, and usually kids are running around and rubbing their faces with their shirts or whatever to blow their noses and shit, vaseline will stay on and also help heal the raw skin vs regular water based lotion. It also goes on clear unlike thick cream lotions that leave a white cast.

No. 788533

So I would be shiny and moisturized. It's just common for parents to put vaseline on young kids faces in my community.

No. 788690

Today I woke up 1 minute before my alarm went off

No. 788694

Just so it's clear vaseline is not a moisturizer, it's just provides protective layer as it doesn't absorb into the skin. Good idea for windy days/winter so the skin doesn't get affected; but if there are any pre-existing issues with dryness it doesn't help.

No. 788695

I am painting a famous movie character, guess who, hint: he is italian

No. 788697

Anon is right, vaseline is an occlusive

No. 788705

Cat from shrek

No. 788716

No. I wish I was though

No. 788718

One of the italian vampires from Twilight

No. 788722

puss in boots is latino, not italian kek

No. 788724

No, I didn't know they had italian vampires too
It's from the kind of movie men love and think is super deep but it's just violence

No. 788797

File: 1619098287300.png (27.53 KB, 499x322, 1450257386632.png)

Parents are so funny. I was clicking through Netflix to help my mom choose a movie; we watched the trailer for Yellow Rose and I asked if she was interested, and she said, "No. I don't like girls with bangs." This fact alone turned her off to watching the movie.

No. 788817


No. 788834

kek my mom is kinda like that too. she doesn't want to watch stuff with ugly actors in it even though she doesn't even look at the screen because she always plays around on her phone. one time i put on a movie i liked and she told me to turn it off because the female protag was ugly.

No. 788879

My mom refuses to watch any German movies lol
She is just convinced they are all horrible and actors are gonna be ugly and I bet she'd even go to some other room not to see it on screen.

No. 788916

I just said fuck it and bought a kilo of good salmon. We having a sushi party!!!

No. 788929

File: 1619108622460.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 1920x2560, IMG_20210422_181929.jpg)

Congratulations!! You are correct

No. 788948

Looks like he's lost some weight.

No. 788970

He's on a low carb diet

No. 789062

>Look at what they did to mah boi

No. 789141

Very cool

No. 789258

I've known a neighborhood cat for about 8 years now and seeing him always makes my day. He's a polydactyly tabby! I have no idea where he lives or what his name is though.

No. 789281

I've been struggling with my hair for years but started diluting my shampoo and yesterday I tried the chepeast hair serum ever and now it's so pretty I want to cry of happiness
Woah it looks really good!

No. 789287

File: 1619144122311.jpg (16.85 KB, 250x250, kermit1.jpg)

gnite anons im goin to sleep early big day in the mornin

No. 789289

I've been trying to cut out soda (and doing a pretty good job at it), but I feel like such a failure whenever I do drink it. I'm craving a cherry coke super bad right now and I know I will probably cave in. I never even finish the whole can/bottle, I just take two sips and then start feeling sick so I throw it out

No. 789294

Good luck!!

No. 789668

I've been thinking a lot about cutting out soda again. It's hard to stop though, so I'm cheering you on nonita! Remember how much it makes us bloated and how bad it's for our health!

I think next week I'll stop (I have a bottle of decaf Pepsi Max in my fridge, have to drink that first, kek).

No. 789697

Aw yiss I just sold a pair of $400 shoes on ebay after they've been sitting for like 3 months

No. 789773

File: 1619202397449.jpg (67.34 KB, 700x671, Meet Sphynx Cats – The Most Ad…)

I got a new showerhead today! I was without one for a while because I broke my last showerhead, so I'm excited to have one again.

No. 789831

I bought fabric markers and drew a band logo on my shirt, I'm pretty impressed it looks really good
Awesome! What an adorable cat I'm gonna show it to my friends

No. 789966

I'd like to cut down my phone use but when I tried it, it didn't really make me happier. I just had more time to ruminate on stupid shit and didn't feel like being more productive. Phone and time wasting it is.

No. 790049

I changed my plastic water bottle out for a glass one. Feeling classy, fresh, hydrated in bed.

No. 790512

I did my stretches, now I can go back to doing harm to my spine via sitting in retarded positions in front of the computer

No. 790522

I've tried a glass waterbottle before, broke it within a day, bought another one, broke it again and back to plastic bottle it was.

No. 790547

I ate so much cake I feel full. It's probably been a decade since the last time I did that. I'm gonna do it again later too

No. 790559

Try to fill your new time with therapy

No. 790572

Why not one with a silicone sleeve or does it kinda ruin the purpose

No. 790587

Try a glass bottle of sauce or something. I use a glass bottle which originally had some disgusting beet or something juice in it, I've dropped it many times and it still exists, the glass is thick

No. 790612

File: 1619284913755.jpg (73.66 KB, 679x572, 71Touhzh83L._AC_SX679_.jpg)

I ate Chocopies for the first time. It was fine, not as sweet as I thought it would be

No. 790624

I feel like the butter I usually buy dropped in quality and I'm quite sad about it.

No. 790637

Knitting a scarf right now. I'm really glad I learned how to knit, it's fun, relaxing and my mum always gets really excited when I make something new for her.

No. 790649

I never know what to watch to pass the time and I hate it. I was watching a horror movie while I'm doing my nails, but now it's ended, and I'm still doing my nails, and I have no idea what to watch next. Maybe I'll just watch Beyonce's coachella performance or something

No. 790677

Finished writing another paragraph for my thesis, nice.

No. 790683

listening to have you seen her lately? by pulp on repeat this past week has single-handedly saved me from texting my ex. ty jarvis

No. 790686

File: 1619289362839.jpeg (87.45 KB, 600x570, 4307A9AD-DFAD-4FAF-B4C9-46D34E…)

The marshmallow part isn’t as fluffy as I thought it would be and the cookie is so crumbly. I think you’re right that they should be sweeter.

No. 790814

I'm doing my homework using a graphic tablet and listening to the new portal song, it's terrifying. My roommates and I got a bunch of clothes from the landlady and some of it has been washed so we've all been trying it on, it was fun
That's so cool you're so cool anon

No. 791067

I got something that was in a thin 2-metre box and the cat is absolutely enjoying it. You go, Queen

No. 791069


No. 791357

File: 1619372593485.jpg (40.88 KB, 500x500, aaa.jpg)

An entire two weeks later, and I am finally making a sweet potato pie. I got a little lazy with getting all the strings out, but It'll probably be ok lmao. I have so much free time today. I haven't painted in a very long time, so maybe I'll do that and watch horror movies

I hope you all are having a relaxing day with some yummy desserts as well!

No. 791812

File: 1619396398252.jpeg (708.61 KB, 1242x1480, 132E2C2B-5810-4F53-8A20-45E047…)

I’m in desperate need of new crockery. Decided I want ones with strawberries but can only find these ones I like,. They are melamine and I just can’t get away from the fact it would feel childish to use them to eat from and that it’s only acceptable for picnics. But the reason I need new crockery is my Boyfriend is a clumsy oaf and keeps breaking them. I know it makes sense so why I can’t I get over my reservations. I can’t find any other design I like as much.

Even more annoying is they have pottery bowls in this pattern.. why not a complete set

No. 791831

Tell him to stop breaking shit, is he gonna pay for the stuff you pick out?

No. 791839

File: 1619398618886.png (537.2 KB, 720x722, 20210425_205631.png)

This is my special thrifted strawberry plate. It's probably made of lead or something but it's cute as fuck. I'm guessing you don't want strawberry dishes bad enough to buy discontinued, second hand ceramics, but the brand is ming pao. Good luck with your dish journey and clumsy boyfriend, anon.

No. 791842

File: 1619398793185.jpg (66.78 KB, 1000x806, bbda19b42107b91e72f9a9bcf5448b…)

Here's the full set, which visits me in my dreams.

No. 791844

NTA but so cute, makes me nostalgic but I can't pinpoint what for, I must have seen something similar as a kid.

No. 791855

File: 1619400360608.png (735.5 KB, 720x852, 20210425_212343.png)

Yeah, as far as strawberry prints go, those are are peak aesthetic to me. They also made these adorable drinking glasses, which sadly aren't available anywhere outside of my personal cottagecore fantasies.

No. 791867

File: 1619402887926.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1620x1518, 02180CC4-BB3A-4018-A03B-FA7543…)

I absolutely don’t mind second hand. even looking on eBay and Etsy I only really found these but shipping to the U.K. makes it not worthwhile. I really would have thought this would be a more common design

No. 791924

File: 1619409929529.jpg (71.16 KB, 794x596, foinechinerinnit.jpg)

Wow, that plate is fucking gorgeous. I'm also surprised at how few non-crappy options there are, considering how trendy strawberry print is. I guess plain floral and citrus prints are more popular for dinnerware? Of course there's no shame in just going with the melamine if you actually like the print. Definitely filter your ebay results to only show listings that ship from the UK, though. I did find this cute bone china set on both etsy and ebay, if you want to be the opposite of practical. Let us know how it goes anyways, I'm weirdly invested in your pursuit of strawberry crockery now.

No. 791980

I love my airfryer and thank you nonnies for making me aware of all these cute dishes

No. 791983

Try secondhand/thriftstores, this is so typical grandma glassware

No. 791990

yeah, I was high and looking at my phone when I made that post. Now that I see it enlarged, I may have overstated it's appeal just a little bit, kek. Still, the print itself is nice. >>791867 and >>791924 are actually beautiful though.

No. 792014

Bought grapes today for the first time in my life. I usually hate them and the seeds, but these tasted okay.

No. 792019

Buy seedless ones and put them in the freezer, then snack on them as a frozen snack. ITS A DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE, SO GOOD

No. 792021

practiced singing that one part from that one opera too many times in a row and hurt my voice, how am I supposed to talk to myself now

No. 792023

these are so cute and my mom's birthday is coming up and now I want to get her a cute bowl for her cereal

No. 792082

The brand is lovely quality, the mugs especially.

No. 792158

When I made frozen pizza last night I was surprised at how must the crust had risen. It had risen so much and the pizza was so perfectly round. The crust was rounded. Its form was one resembling that of a low hill on the horizon of some quiet countryside. Yes, I was surprised by that crust and how it had risen. just how it had risen.

No. 792241

I woke up this morning and I was wearing my glasses. I must have put them on in my sleep? because I don't remember doing that at all. Anyways I took off my glasses and rolled over and went back to sleep kek

No. 792255

File: 1619452529938.jpeg (113.58 KB, 1213x750, 999D6DA5-BA3C-4FD5-8108-9A394F…)

Told my crush he made me cry. His words of wisdom, “over me? shit, that sucks…”

No. 792256

scrotes ain't shit sis, they don't know how to manage their emotions let alone deal with yours. I learnt that the hard way, we gotta become big girls ourselves and just be strong.

No. 792260

File: 1619452797647.jpg (253.33 KB, 1600x1128, descargar.jpg)

Oh so they're like Mamuts? dissapointing, I thought they would be softer and yummier. here have the mexican discount version of chocopie

No. 792268

I wish girls gave me the same feeling that being around prostate-owners does. It’s like being in a stuffy room with closed windows, but all these stupid guys just smash the glass for me. Comp-het is a bitch.

No. 792297

File: 1619455008814.jpg (586.45 KB, 2400x1350, h_a1_6115_1_red-winged-blackbi…)

These red winged black birds visit my balcony a lot, I really like them. My other favourites are the cardinals that always travel with their mate, they're very cute.

No. 792302

So pretty! What are they called?

No. 792305

red winged black bird

No. 792307

Oh lmfao I thought you meant that as a description of what they looked like. They're so cool! Have never seen or heard of them before.

No. 792314

This fancy fuck puts all my local crows to shame.

Every Spring I have crows nesting in my chimney and every year one or two of them ends up inside my home at some point. I then have to open all the doors to let them out and try not to panic them. I need to get someone out to close up the top of the chimney. Woke up to a bird only a week ago

No. 792321

Holy shit lol. I love crows, but that sounds horrifying. There's a robin that likes to nest on the front porch light, she just does her thing and keeps to herself. I love her

No. 792325

My cat catches all the (stupid) birds that fly into my apartment. Bats also. He never hurt any of them, he just pins them down.

No. 792340

File: 1619457624759.jpg (43.13 KB, 593x374, reel it in.jpg)

Your cat sounds like a treasure, I really want one. Until then I'm just going to continue birdwatching from my balcony

No. 792436

wow, that picture is unhinged. I know it's tongue in cheek, but still

No. 792456

I had a mad craving for mochi so I went to a local asian grocery store but they only had ones filled with durian…I ended up buying and eating it but it had such a bad aftertaste

No. 792496

ntayrt but kek

No. 792552

I know, I get a kick out of it because it sounds absolutely deranged, I think it summarizes some people's true feelings about emotional support animals to some extent though

No. 792620

I tried to kill a very big spider a couple days ago but it jumped off the TV and I was unable to locate it. I just found it and was able to kill it. It was very big

No. 793280

I was about to make mozzarella sticks but then I remembered I don't have any oil. I'm genuinely annoyed right now. My airfryer is broken so I can't even use that

No. 793300

I know nothing about making mozzarella sticks but can't you use butter maybe?

No. 793304

I probably will end up doing that, but I only have salted butter so I am worried about how salty they will end up

No. 793370

Congrats anon! I hate spiders so I'm glad you were able to find it and kill it kek

No. 793465

I would have ate that bitch whole.

No. 793482

Damn I want to be a fierce spider eater but I’m too much of a queasy bitch. I actually admire my cat a lot for hunting and eating spiders kek

No. 793532

File: 1619570623685.jpg (122.35 KB, 1034x1200, Eccc3LDXQAEBsES.jpg)

Literally just binging on pasta drown in kewpie mayo and samyang chicken sauce

No. 793688

Anyone else find that they could be fully alone in a room, sneeze, and still say "Excuse me" out loud to no one? Love that about me

No. 793701

I say "bless me" kek

No. 793717

I talk aloud to myself when I'm alone sometimes in general, I swear it'd look psychotic to anyone else who caught me doing it, but I can't stop doing it

No. 793733

Lol same, I have full on conversations with myself, like pretending to be two different people sometimes. I just ramble on about the most dumbest shit and make up stories. Once my brother asked me why I was talking for so long in my room and I had to lie and say i was on the phone

No. 793754

i darned my socks!
they've had holes in them for months, but i refuse to toss them out cause i only wear them at home over another pair

No. 793960

I was a Mayo fiend before but fuck me if kewpie isn’t a game changer. I haven’t touched normal Mayo in months and I was putting that shit on everything.

However kewpie is expensive enough I’m more restrained in my use

No. 793962

For every spider you see there’s probably hundreds more. Enjoy that thought

No. 793970

Whatever they are gonna learn the rules of my territory. You meet my eye you're gonna die

No. 793971

Diff anon but I live in an old house and I feel like there's so many hiding spots that must have spiders in them.

The odd time that I get up to pee during the night…I'll always run into one. If I were to get up every night I'm sure there'd be many more. Best to just stay in bed and let them have their nighttime hours to roam. If I can't see em I can't freak out.

No. 794549

Same. I have more or less conditioned myself to accept they will always be houseguests and that they don’t deserve to die just because I find them creepy. We can coexist fine I find.

No. 794553

I dreamt I ran a marathon and woke up sweaty, exhausted and thirsty as fuck. This night's sleep was wasted.

No. 794609

Why not just cover it with a glass, slip a sheet of paper under it and put it outside.. Killing it is so pointless.

No. 794645

Nta but if you're genuinely terrified of spiders then faffing about with the old catch and release method isn't an option.

No. 794947

I finally worked on something graphic design related for the first time in a while! I'm proud of myself even if it's something small and silly for an aunt. I've been feeling with so much anxiety recently. Now maybe I can start bulding a proper portfolio and look out for jobs. I feel accomplished even if it was a small thing. Nonnas never doubt your power.

Now I want some choco icecream but I'm on a diet soooo, I'll have to wait for that lol

No. 794950

I once bought Kewpie Mayo and my mom literally said that it tastes like an offbrand mexican mayo we have bought before lol. It's the vinegar that is made with, not the brand itself, that gives it the flavor

No. 795036

I told myself I would only eat a little bit of these dried mangos, but I think I will eat the whole bag. Fuck it. I love this stuff.

No. 795071

I'm going to try avocado toast for the first time tomrrow. I'm really excited. I hope I haven't been duped.

No. 795261

File: 1619777536423.jpg (230.88 KB, 500x501, fafefdbecade79bf0029a6bec0e819…)

I love complimenting my dog (not picrel) with stereotypical little girl things like "what a pretty girl!" and "is that a princess???" Makes me feel like a southern mom kek. And mostly it's hilarious because she has the absolute saddest face on earth (droopy face, watery eyes, etc).

Nice job anon, keep it up! Keep being good and reliable to your clients and they'll recommend you to their many friends without you having to lift a finger for self-marketing. Good luck out there!

No. 795265

After a whole winter complaining about the cold I am now preparing for summer to complain about the heat.

No. 795274

Haha me too it's the first not cold day where I live and I am already thinking it's hot

No. 795288

Is your dog a purebreed or a cute mutt?

No. 795289

I have rosacea that mainly flares up from temperature. I swear there isn't a point in the year where either the cold or the heat isn't setting it off. There's no happy medium. Give me something to whinge about all year round

No. 795295

This is so relatable. rofl

Fall is best season

No. 795315

Pure cocker spaniel! We didn't actively seek one, actually, my dad just casually mentioned to my aunt that we were /considering/ getting a new dog and she gifted her to us as a surprise.

No. 795329

Wait do you know what the mexican mayo brand is?

No. 795365

Was grabbing a few things from the store today and while shopping I kept having this (weirdly overdressed) woman block the aisles with her trolley. Then I ended up at the same cashier as her and sure enough there were problems with her cards and she had some long back and forth where the bill was maybe part cash and part cards and she was making phone calls. Loong delay and she didn't even do that usual thing where you say sorry to everyone behind you and act embarrassed while they all say "oh no you're fine" even though they're not fine lol

I feel like I've been there many times. You notice someone is kind of stand out fancily dressed for just grocery shopping and then there's a whole ordeal around them trying to pay for their Lidl shopping. Strange

No. 795371

Kek for some reason this gave me a very vivid flashback to the time a young mom with her kid in a stroller had a standoff at my boba shop because she got her drink but it "didn't look like the picture." Strange behavior and weirdly overdressed, quite like your description. My theory is that they've been their parents' sheltered princess all their lives and that motherhood (or even just independent adulthood) is their first taste of 1) running everyday errands and 2) not everyone around them immediately catering to their every whim. I don't hate people like that necessarily but it's just a surreal experience every time.

No. 795409

It was delicious.

No. 795463

Not sure but it was an offbrand from the store Soriana, like my mom said it said Soriana on the label

No. 795475

>gyms are closed in my area
>tried to go to the outdoor gym that was recently built in the park instead
>entire outdoor gym was overrun with screaming children climbing all over the equipment
>there was not one free machine
>there was a fucking playground, which was open, not even 20 steps away, which was completely empty
>decided to just go home instead

what a waste of the 20 minutes it took to walk there and back lmao

No. 795490

Did you stand around and try to make it obvious you were waiting? That's the passive shit I tend to try, rarely works lol

No. 795510

>>It's the vinegar that is made with, not the brand itself, that gives it the flavor

Literally what.

No. 795594

What do you mean what?

No. 795607

Nta but what don't you get? Vinegar.

No. 795616

I want to go to a local bookstore but I decided not to go in today because I want to be there when its busy. I don’t want to be the only customer and not buy anything, it’s too awkward

No. 795993

I love looking up literally any Brit on Wikipedia because for some reason all of their Personal Life sections list what obscure football team they're a supporter of. "So and so has been a supporter of West Bromwich Albion since 2012" with a timestamp and everything.

No. 796096

Just seems a bit stating the obvious. I don’t like it because of the brand I like it for whatsoever components the brand uses to make that flavour. To me it just tastes richer from having more yoolks.

No. 796137

File: 1619887994759.jpg (367.42 KB, 2700x2025, 426967.jpg)

Week-old post, but I dropped one of these bad boys down hardwood stairs and am still using it.

No. 796140

I never knew what to call those things so I'm fucking 20 and still calling them sibby cups

No. 796168

This is my first time hearing of sleeves for waterbottles. The brand I got my glass bottles from definitely didn't sell them, but it would've ruined the aesthetic anyway ngl. If those sleeves really work to protect a glass bottle I'd be down to try one again, water tastes so much better from glass than plastic.

No. 796187

I just discovered lemon pepper goes great with fries.

No. 796197

Wait until you try creole seasoning dry ass fries will never taste the same

No. 796274

Brainstorming ideas for AIdungeon. I wish there was some site for prompts cause I suck at writing

No. 796276

I swear none of the things I write for my literature homework make any sense. And I still don't know what I want to do as a grownup

No. 796282

A house is burning down the street next to me, I can hear the sirens and smell the smoke.

No. 796303

File: 1619905059140.jpg (72.51 KB, 600x450, 250839_19164_L.jpg)

Silicon might as well be black magic with how well it protects glass. There are quite a few cheap brands with good sleeves online if you can't find them in-store. I don't know how well some of the more skimpy sleeve designs protect, but I'm confident the full-coverage designs.

No. 796333

>Day 1 of ab exercises
I now know why people people get those super dangerous ab implants

No. 796336

I don't know. I throw mine in the dishwasher and haven't had any problems with the sleeve. The problem with mine is keeping the mouthpiece clean.

No. 796353

I deleted the post because I felt kinda embarrassed admitting it but the silicone sleeve would get gunk on the bottom of the inside. I tried to slide it off the bottle to clean it, but it's too much work to take to off and put it back on. I just ended up trashing it

No. 796391

File: 1619917691046.jpg (626.05 KB, 1278x1600, Concrete Prose_0004.jpg)

>So you like soundwave jazz?
>No, I haven't heard of this genre, but I have heard of bigband jazz
>It's a transformer ship?
God do I need to pick up on internet lingo

No. 796400

File: 1619919501913.jpg (25.98 KB, 589x1500, 517ssEwcTQL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

since we're talking about glass water bottles with silicone sleeves, i got this cup last week and it's a game changer for me. it makes it so much easier for me to drink a ton of water. why is it so much more satisfying to drink water through a straw???
it also looks cute on my bedside table

No. 796412

File: 1619922162730.jpeg (45.23 KB, 700x368, D620CAF8-5894-43C1-94BB-48B9FE…)

>straws are more satisfying
Eh, I beg to differ anon. I’m more of a glugger myself.

No. 796422

I think I finally realize why you're not supposed to put cool colors on warm skintones. I have purple nails right now, and my hands look damn near blue or maybe I'm just ashy?

No. 796433

I’m okay with drinking smoothie or milkshake with a straw but if I’m drinking water or tea it tastes bad like I feel like the straw makes the drink dirty because my saliva surely backwashes down the straw…is this autism?

No. 796436

No. 796475

I went to a yoga and group therapy session today and I feel miles better!!! plus I'm reading a DBT woorkbook and things couldn't be better!

No. 796484

File: 1619934291814.png (417.5 KB, 480x480, clown.png)

I just broke my fast to eat a pretty crappy burrito. Oh well.

No. 796502

The red text ban banner always makes me laugh, I lose it at the orange (no) every time

No. 796518

I need to go to a family Easter lunch and while I'm looking forward to the company, I'm not looking forward to eating boiled eggs at noon. It's too early.

No. 796582

File: 1619942154262.jpeg (73.09 KB, 454x454, FA53B83D-AA12-496F-9E2D-5ACEAA…)

What the fuck? Wasn’t easter a month ago?! Are the egg yolks going to be jammy? That’s the best way to eat them in my opinion. And then you dip some toast in them.

No. 796588

It's Orthodox Easter, we follow the old Julian calendar. Unfortunately, the yolks will be cooked until green since the eggs are boiled twice (second time to color them).
That's why I'm whining, hard boiled eggs are heavy on the stomach. Wish I could just have a salad.

No. 796603

Are you an ana chan or something, how is a 70 calorie egg heavy or hard to eat at lunchtime? Eggs are literally breakfast food. And anyway, are you not an adult who can choose what to eat?

No. 796607

I never eat before 2pm, it's too early for me. Neither does anyone in my family, we're just doing an early lunch to convenience grandpa who eats early then naps at 2pm because he's over 90.
I myself am over 40 and I don't usually animal products at all, but Easter egg tapping is a yearly family tradition and custom I want to respect, it does add happiness to my life. I just wish it was a bit later, my stomach isn't ready.

No. 796616

You sound so whiny wtf.

No. 796620

File: 1619948625336.jpeg (48.11 KB, 567x392, E925CD7B-527F-48A5-BC74-DA3853…)

Do you have no minor grievances in your life, anon? She didn't say having to eat early was the end of the world. She simply stated that it's something outside of her routine and that sucks for her. She even repeatedly mentioned that she's happy with getting to see her family. I almost feel like you're just as, if not more bent out of shape than she is. Not to mention, she already owned up to whining.

No. 796621

I'm complaining about mundane shit in the mundane shit thread, nothing wtf about that

No. 796646

File: 1619953121142.jpg (43.95 KB, 800x780, a98196b6b44a8a93de735b13f5237e…)

I cut my hair to collarbone length yesterday, it used to reach the small of my back. Other than the fact my head weighs 2000x lighter I kinda hate it but oh well, lol.

No. 796689

>Unfortunately, the yolks will be cooked until green
That's enough to make me gag. People who overcook boiled eggs and make other people eat them are a special kind of evil.

No. 796723

I only boiled them once tho? They still turned out green-ish because I left them there for waaay too long but that was my fault
Where are you from anon

No. 796761

File: 1619964557543.jpg (172.52 KB, 758x546, 20210503_000838.jpg)

It makes me so happy to see someone else say this. My ex's family would green-ring a tonne of eggs and the whole place would reek of it, and they'd wonder why I had no appetite for their weird bland gross food drenched in egg aroma.

It's so easy to boil a decent egg, what the fuck is wrong with people.

No. 796809

I don't know why youtube has plagued me with UMZU commercials. I don't know what hellish link I clicked that made youtube think I need some buff chad to tell me I have 20 pounds of shit in me and these magic pills will help me. Also fuck the UMZU redwood commercials. The whole line screams scam (Hates supplements)

No. 796834

That's how my family would make them. They'd boil them for 20 minutes. I always thought I hated eggs and was grossed out by how much people liked them.

No. 796839

My family did this and I spent way too many years of my life not realizing that boiled eggs could actually be good or edible. Are there people out there who actually like to eat eggs that've been boiled so long the yolk turns chalky? Or is it just incompetence?

No. 796954

I'm from Serbia.
Anyway, the eggs went down well since I washed them down with generous amounts of mad good wine.

No. 796972

File: 1619979893145.jpg (261.55 KB, 3024x4032, turtles.jpg)

I took a walk today and saw some turtles in a lake. Snapped a pic because they were cute. Upon closer inspection it looks like the pairs of turtles are posing in the exact same way! Is it just me? Anyway, walk was good even though I felt a little self conscious that I seemed to be the only person walking by themselves kek.

No. 796982

damn nona got blue water, i'm jealous

No. 796992

they are posed the same way! that's so cute, anon

No. 796998

what a cute little family!

No. 797207

never never talk talk to to me me or or my my son son ever ever again again

No. 797250

I just had a snickers for the first time in 5+ years, and fuck it was so good

No. 797364

I've been trying to figure out why I always have a tiny bit of resistance/difficulty when swallowing, and I just realized it's because I don't chew enough. Ffs. What a dumbasss. Also explains why I eat so fast

No. 797526

File: 1620034287572.png (Spoiler Image, 470.91 KB, 830x742, i love it.png)

I can feel all my problems about school and money and my Mom and being a NEET and my roommate realizing he's schizophrenic and my other roommate moving out and not making any new friends in six years and not speaking to my Aunt with Parkinson's in two years and my grandmother is in the nursing home that she's going to die in and the land I own isn't selling and I don't even know how to get a job let alone sell over a hundred acres and everything bad in my life starting to bubble and ferment and I can feel pressure in my bones and muscles that didn't exist before and I can almost see myself exploding into a billion pieces and I'm trying not to think about it and I'm okay.

No. 797532


No. 797547

Everything will be fine

No. 797551

anon you might have opened my eyes. this would also explain why i've always prefered small or grainy food.

No. 797689

I wanna fall asleep now so I can wake up and have my air fried chicken nuggets and a side of strawberries already.

No. 797692

>currently in bed for a nap
>Have strawberries and quorn nugs in the fridge for later
>Will be using airfryer
This site really scares me sometimes. Hope you have a nice snack though nonny

No. 797786

File: 1620060803697.jpg (34.41 KB, 750x1000, 1615665480128.jpg)

Some kid I was watching hit me and I told him it hurt and the little fucker said "I'm aware of the affects my actions cause". Little douche

No. 797791

File: 1620061052868.jpeg (32.73 KB, 888x1110, 81CFA353-9D5A-4163-B00B-EBB699…)

Beat him

No. 797841

Honestly some kids just need the shit beat outta them.

No. 797845

starting with you when you were little

No. 797854

Kek. That kid is already shaping up to be a right little asshole. Hide his snacks.

No. 797890

Y'all aren't any better than animal abusers and wife beaters, hurting beings that cannot defend themselves, absolutely gross.

No. 798165

miserable fucking literalist

No. 798169

I want to fight. There's not even anything in particular that is making me mad, but for some reason I'm super hype and want to beat someone up. I'm gonna go nap this shit off

No. 798174

Meet me in the fucking parking lot

No. 798193

let's kiss

No. 798196

File: 1620091525116.jpg (21.4 KB, 464x261, EMXihYIW4AAFlTa.jpg)

No. 798197

you don't want this heat

No. 798214

Fight my horrible ex please

No. 798232

File: 1620095750774.gif (Spoiler Image, 444.17 KB, 180x180, tenor.gif)

Let's fucking go anons! I will stomp you both out
Sure thing. In fact, I'll fight you, and your bitch ass ex!

No. 798358

I love these boomer gifs on lolcow recently

No. 798747

I'm going to my grandma's funeral tomorrow, and I'll have to meet all the family on my dad's side after like 7 years. I really don't care to talk to them about my life or ask about theirs, and I already dread seeing my younger cousins, they're strangers to me. Our family was always very nuclear. I haven't even spoken to my grandma in these 7 years, but I still feel like have to at least pay respects at her funeral, I don't know why though.

No. 798754

File: 1620149429823.jpeg (51.82 KB, 554x554, B77DC8F1-A17F-4F76-9BCC-4A512E…)

Need to lose weight. Really badly. I look terrible. I lost a bunch of weight a few years ago through CICO and i know CICO is the realistic way to go. i used to be chubby and after CICO i was in a healthy BMI and stayed that way around four years. it was crazy, i had not been heathy BMI since i was a child in elementary school (by like 8 or 9 i was already overweight). i gained a huge amount of weight for many reasons last year but i know at the end of the day it's my responsibility to stay healthy and no one else's. anyways, following good CICO feels ten times harder than when i was younger cause i'm way too used to huge portions now and i guess i'm just older. it's hard to stay focused on it for me. but well. gotta start somewhere i guess.

what gives. again, i got used to CICO years ago and didnt stopped till last year and it's hard getting back on it. any tips to stay motivated or at least remember to watch what i'm doing? i'm not lazy but i forget shit all the time.

No. 798762

I read that pic as "there is no me"

No. 798768

I made fettuccine alfredo with mushrooms. Then, I had some tea. I'll make biria tacos later. I feel accomplished!

No. 798773

biria tacos look so good. i'm willing to break vegetarianism when i get the chance to try authentic ones kek

No. 798802

File: 1620152202215.jpeg (64.69 KB, 650x650, 4F07D4B4-8591-497B-B729-CC2F06…)

I’m not sure about how to get the motivation to go back to a healthy lifestyle, but I get you, I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life, and before the pandemic I had a healthy lifestyle, I even lost a bunch of weight and was starting to like my body.
But because of a bunch of shit that has been happening in my life, I gained a bunch of weight, I got extremely lethargic, and I’m still trying to find a way to break this awful routine.
I guess what could be useful to go back to a healthy lifestyle would be telling yourself to do it, I always try to tell myself that it will feel better if I workout or eat more veggies, and when I do such things, I do feel much better, even if I relapse, because it does take me a lot of time to go back to a healthy lifestyle.
You could try telling yourself something like
>if I don’t workout now, washing my hair won’t be the same.
>when I have a salad i have a better night of sleep.
It’s what I usually do so I get a bit more motivated.
Bonus inspirobot quote.

No. 798817

File: 1620153381072.jpeg (88.88 KB, 564x564, E2BF7967-7A17-4964-A93B-2474AC…)

Stupid asos listed the dress I wanted as out of stock, oh well I made my order. Go back to it and it’s back in stock, had to pay an extra delivery fee on the uglyass dress reeeeeeee pic unrelated it’s just cute

No. 798819

There are a million calorie and fitness tracking apps, so if you have a smartphone you can't forget if you log your things. It eorked fine for me, I stopped tracking now after like 5 months to "take a break", but I can feel I'm already slipping, but I'm fine just maintaining weight for now.

No. 798844

Just try not to have garbage food at home. No pasta, no chips. Replace bread with small wraps or just eat out of a bowl. If you need a snack, reach for fruit or veg. My favorite low-cal snacks are strawberries. As for portions, I'd try to eat out of a pint container for a while.

To make it interesting, you can temporarily go vegetarian or vegan or keto. You'll end up not eating so much because you won't know what the fuck to eat

No. 798854

When I'm parched, I'm a glugger, but for a small swaller, I perfer the straw.

No. 799647

File: 1620233405263.png (119.07 KB, 479x598, 15658836725d557d18d12d7.png)

I accidentally bought unripe avocados, and I have no idea what to fucking do. I don't know when I will be able to enjoy those delicious, grass-like vegetables. I will no longer be able to have a light breakfast of avocados and eggs.
Also, I put horseradish sauce on my sandwich, and now it's damn near ruined.

No. 799661

File: 1620234668611.jpg (26.54 KB, 300x466, Boh_winks.jpg)

my friend just had her first son!! im so excited and happy for her, nonnies!

theres a small mundane thing i like… ive always noticed how other women will talk about a baby that is like 0 seconds old and go "yeah he has his mommys eyes no doubt about it". i dont know why i think its cute. personally, i dont have younger siblings and i have no relationship with my cousins/aunts so ive never taken care of a baby or anything like that so i dont get it. but i showed my mom a pic of the baby literally just born, and shes like "oh he looks like his father!". i go "yeah youre right" but i dont see shit haha i just nod cause i think its sweet she can see him in a literal baby. again, im cursed or something cause i never see it, i pretend i do cause i think its cute though! my friend started posting pics of the baby on facebook and other women were doing the same "BABY HAS…. HER MOMMYS… EYEBROWS!!!!" stuff. i love how passionate women can get talking about babies.

maybe ill see it one day when i have my own baby i hope. i hope and i hope, my nonnies. for now, picrel, all i see lol

No. 799663

Just put them outside the fridge and wait until they're ready, unripe avocados do not taste good

No. 799664

Tbh, all babies kinda look the same, but sometimes you can see subtle features from their parents. I usually have to look pretty hard to see them though lol. Maybe when people talk about eyes they mean eye color?

No. 799665

Everything about this post is adorable. You're so cute nonnie

No. 799670

File: 1620235260628.jpeg (192.29 KB, 932x1500, 19FAB002-0565-4055-B444-8245DE…)

I just learned they still sell dino egg oatmeal -the kind where the eggs hatch into tiny dinosaurs. I’m gonna go to the store today and buy them.

No. 799672

this is so cute :) congrats to your friend and i bet you will see it when you have your own sweet little babies! i love motherhood and how women get around babies too, its so sweet.

No. 799675

What are the dinos made of?

No. 799677


No idea, but you can eat them.

No. 799686

i'm SO close to finishing my dissertation that i gotta hand in tomorrow. i'm only 2000 words away from being done with it entirely, but i feel like i'm kind of running out of things to say. i hope i can finish it before it hits like 3am since i don't wanna do an all nighter, but i still have a good few hours before it even hits night time here so i'm feeling carefully optimistic. i want to finish it so badddddddddddd i can't wait for it to be over!!!!!

No. 799688

That's so cool I wish I could try it!! I put raisins, cinammon, linseed and chocolate in my oatmeal today, it's good but nothing compared to dinosaurs. Oh you can even brag you're tough after having it, "Pft, I'm so strong, I eat dinosaurs for breakfast!"

No. 799698

Never have I been more jealous of Americans and their products

No. 799703

File: 1620237529194.png (206.1 KB, 367x416, Capture.PNG)

u guys ever had these?

No. 799707

Americans should be systematically cleansed from this planet

No. 799708

Sending off your dissertation feels amazing once you finish, you got this anon! You'll be buzzing later lol

No. 799714

File: 1620238902854.jpeg (56.19 KB, 406x406, 427109D1-B652-4055-B0F4-8F7AC5…)

But they have lots of interesting cereals, it’s good.

No. 799721

I’m so jealous. I’ve been stuck in masters thesis hell for more than a year. Great job to you!! Can’t imagine how it feels.

No. 799773

I have a PB&J sandwich every day between 8:00PM and 8:15PM and it's starting to become my zen like meditation time. I sit there silently and think of all that's wrong in the world and in my own life and then I go back to doing absolutely fuck all about any of it. It's the best part of my day by far.

No. 799783

Going out to eat for the first time since the pandemic!

No. 799786

Have fun, nonny! What kinda place are you going to?

No. 799790

A fancier pizza place! Gonna get drunk on their roof patio!

No. 799797

File: 1620245030891.jpg (123.33 KB, 962x642, 1584117459882.jpg)

Finally found small enough porcelain bowls and a basic black button up tee for the summer! Got them at a discount as well

No. 799815

Although it seems like just basic shit, this is the most exciting stuff tho

No. 799822

I'm not great at keeping up with the news but I only read today that in 2022/2023 we might need another shot to cover covid variants. I won't even be getting my first shot for another few months but I'm here worrying about 3 (4?) seperate appts that'll span the next couple years. Why does my brain freak out in advance like this?

oh I have to do something next year…better start thinking about it all day every day now

No. 799904

I just realized I've been taking my antibiotics wrong for a couple days FUCK

No. 799936

i bought a retardedly expensive pair of shoes that don't fit and i absolutely must return them but it's such a pain in the ass and i'm worried they won't take them back now. i also keep putting them back on hoping they magically fit now. i don't deserve to live.

No. 799937

Made my goddamn week, the bowls better not be broken once they get to me

No. 799962

File: 1620262970230.jpeg (49.66 KB, 1024x468, 13DF0DE5-2F91-46FD-B9F7-A8BEA9…)

thank you nonnies!!! it’s doooone and i feel the weight lifting off my shoulders oh my god. i won’t be able to settle until the deadline has technically passed because that’s always the case with me but it feels SO GOOD TO BE FREE!!

No. 799994

Are they too big? How loose are they? Do you think you can get away with putting insoles in them? I usually do that with shoes that are a little too loose and then they'll fit a bit better.

No. 800018

I am American and have never seen these cereals in my life.
Not that it matters, they all taste the same

No. 800191

If my period appears to be over but I still use a product just in case…it'll usually be a total waste of products. If I don't use a product…one last lil bit of blood will appear 30 hours post last bleed.. It's almost like it plays hide and seek.

No. 800200

Just stuff toilet paper in your underwear

No. 800223

buy black underwear and freebleed

No. 800294

Invest in periods underwear. Gradually replace all undies with periods underwear (yes they even have thong versions).???? Profit.

No. 800323

do period underwear make you feel that cold wet feeling you get when you wear a pad too long? Or are they super absorbent?

No. 800332

Samefag, I ordered a cup lately so if its safe to leave them in for a bit at the end then I'll do that. Tired of pulling out painfully dry tampons or wearing pads for nothing.

No. 800366


nta but no they do a good job of staying dry and keeping the blood away. i hate pads and can’t use them, mostly use a cup, but have been surprisingly pleased with thinx for days when i don’t want to bother with the cup

No. 800368

I came across a €500 note irl today, I thought they weren't legal tender anymore for some reason

No. 800370

they’re just slightly too small. they cost $1500 and i was all gassed about how this would be my last pair of boots id need

No. 800382

Whoa they better be amazing for that price; exchange for bigger size asap and forget about all that.

No. 800544

A glass slipped out of my hand and smashed while I was doing the dishes. My first thought was “okay, one less thing to worry about”. I’m not sure if that’s a healthy reaction or if I’m depressed.

No. 800558

I believe they still are. I think what happened is that the central banks stopped printing them cause they were being used to smuggle money across borders.

No. 800716

File: 1620341560652.jpg (Spoiler Image, 91.01 KB, 750x989, •Neuf mois ferme_.jpg)

I was watching a kind of pinterest mom-y cleaning organization video, and now I'm having baby fever. Why does everything trigger that part of my brain that's like "I want a baby, now!" please excuse those nasty man legs in pic

No. 800717

I was about to be like “no anon that’s normal” and then I remembered I have serious depression so maybe it’s not.

No. 800727

is it still baby fever if I get extremely happy and amused when babies are around and coo over them, but not necessarily thinking "I want one now"?

No. 800733

I don't think so! Even when I'm not going through baby fever I still enjoy being around babies. They're just such sweet, silly blobs

No. 800752

Sometimes I get babyfever so badly I want to cry. I think it’s because I was supposed to have a baby but couldn’t, but at times I truly want to hold my own and can’t. I’m antinatalist now too. Watching pregnancy and terrible toddlers makes my baby fever go away though.

No. 800783

File: 1620347607262.gif (2.26 MB, 300x200, 200.gif)

I like how doritos are a lil onion-y

No. 800784

packaged noodled soups can go so far. cheers ladies, i hope everyone is having a nice evening.

No. 800788

File: 1620348174433.jpg (10.56 KB, 300x225, babbies.jpg)

>such sweet, silly blobs
ily anon this is the perfect and cutest description of those guys.

No. 800811

i wish baby pictures were spoilered here, ik im being a huge snowflake but they freaky

No. 800839

you can click "hide" next to "file" to make the ugly images disappear

No. 800858

File: 1620355306870.png (1.07 MB, 640x747, sweet baby cow.png)

I'm so sorry about that anon! Usually when I want to get rid of my baby fever I look at pics of diaper blowouts, but tbh I think I'm just gonna ride this one out

No. 800862

File: 1620355428102.jpg (89.5 KB, 500x500, artworks-ILQSDIIlHzdkE0xo-7zR2…)

For whatever reason, babies absolutely repulse me. I like kids just fine– I've worked in childcare and I enjoy watching kids learn and explore. They're funny little people and they seem to be full of surprises.
The superficially cute things about babies don't outweigh all the poop, drool, spit-up, and screaming. Waking up every hour to feed the it and/or pump breast milk sounds like torture. The idea of constantly handling bags of urine and feces makes me gag. Baby food looks and smells like jars of puke. And honestly? I don't find them that cute, they just look like little toothless Buddhas. Don't even get me started about how awful pregnancy and labor are.
Obviously children do gross things as well, but it's not nearly as frequent, and at least they respond to positive reinforcement and have the capacity to control their behavior to some degree. Children have personalities, they're not just little screaming bags of poop and vomit.

No. 800868

I like babies having less of a personality, idk how to explain but it's interesting and funny to see what they do. Plus with my personality I appreciate it being a one-sided (non-)conversation, vs kids who ask too many questions and can be rude for no reason. Babies' absolute lack of motor skills is hilarious and adorable but I understand being grossed out by the rest. To me it's no big deal really just a fact of life. I guess for some people the expectation to deal with their messes from their vulnerability is a big no, but some of us are somehow not like that. I wonder what makes some of us feel one way or the other because I never "decided" to be fond of babies, I just am. They're all wide-eyed bald and squishy, it's so amusing.

No. 800876

I'm not sure why either, anon. I understand that babies can't help being babies and that we were all babies at one point, but for some reason I struggle to overcome my discomfort with them. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I've been mostly exposed to the negative behavior of babies because of all the retail and food service jobs I've worked.
It's weird because I'm not averse to dealing with gross messes created by my pets.

No. 800878

I don't get it either tbh. Sometimes I think I'm broken because I think humans literally have the ugliest babies of any species. Even baby monkeys are kind of cute imo but human babies are fugly as hell.

That being said, I do find it cute and sweet when other people find joy in being around and caring for babies but I'd 100% rather put my whole heart into taking care of animals.

No. 801062

Walked to lidl today for some groceries. They're further away and I hate that they don't have self service but I'm broke so the offers in their loyalty app tempted me. I had a freebie item to claim too.

Got there, I shopped around the offers. Queued up for ages because the people ahead of me didn't have the app downloaded and couldn't remember their phone number either but they were determined to not miss out on any offers. I'm finally served and despite scanning the QR and it clearly dinging..the offers didn't go through anyway and I wasn't about to hold up more people. I hate going out of my way to try and get a bargain, walking longer, queueing longer, planning longer and still not saving money anyway, like fuck

No. 801088

Write into the complaints about it, attach a photo of your receipt and a screen cap of the offer itself, if you live a freeby it's worth it

No. 801188

File: 1620400236791.png (279.82 KB, 553x557, lunar.PNG)

Bought some really neat stamps for my shop yesterday, very excited for them to arrive.

I know what you mean anon, they're also very soft. I find children in general very fascinating. If there's anything on this earth I hate dealing with tho, it's teens and stunted adults.

No. 801617

File: 1620447069996.jpg (712.74 KB, 1365x2048, dd1e81c9541d0e78278e24db5c95aa…)

I'm so hungry, but I don't feel like cooking or washing dishes so I'm just eating feta crumbles. I also have gorgonzola cheese, but I'm too pussy to snack on those

No. 801679

I hate being medicated but at least my pills are cute. A pink/white one in the morning, a blue one for lunchtime and another blue one before going to sleep

No. 801689

First thought after reading that is it must suck to be colorblind. I too find a lot of enjoyment in pretty colours of everyday things.

No. 801868

File: 1620493863750.gif (2.73 MB, 498x211, 34379AF5-0DC6-4470-A33A-D6CC89…)

It’s Sunday tomorrow but I set an alarm anyway because I’m making mac and cheese for breakfast and I’m looking forward to it too much

No. 801981

Picked up some flowers for mother's day for the first time since I was a kid, got a new little tea candle mug thing to put them in.

No. 801993

Being excited for breakfast is the best feeling, I hate mornings so much it makes a nice change lol

No. 802004

File: 1620511051384.jpg (1.08 MB, 1200x1800, gluten-free-vegan-berry-cheese…)

I'm making a no bake cheesecake for my mother, and I'm praying it sets. I've only ever made baked cheesecakes before. and I just realized I forgot to buy blueberries. Fuck.

No. 802020

I tried to solve an assignment I tried the entire day but I don't know I really am too stupid for this I'm so anggggrrrrrrryyyyy I wasted my whole day just to not move an inch and I konw the solution is probably simple but I don't know it. whatever

No. 802058

i’ve always wondered what i would look like without eyebrows because i’ve seen a lot of girls shave them off, so i just shaved mine completely off. i think i look cool.

No. 802144

I bet you look wicked!

No. 802156

i pulled out all of my right eyelashes today out of boredom

No. 802159

That’s trichotillomania, nonnie.

No. 802415


No. 802597

File: 1620576307063.gif (2.49 MB, 450x459, FarGroundedDorking-size_restri…)

Me checking lc this morning

No. 802599

I know how you feel anon

No. 802723

Ugh just paid a small fortune to have a professional end of tenancy clean and I never realised I would be so embarrassed by the place being very run down. Basically been dealing with an absent landlord, and that seemed a blessing for the first year but then whenever we tried to report repairs we would be ignored. I never really had the spare cash during covid times to do all repairs, nor do I think they should necessarily fall on me. Talked it out with the cleaning lady who was very nice but I guess I’ve just been a bit blind to the condition of the place. Wish I’d done it myself now though. Also never realised the place smelt of dog.. just another blow because I feel I keep a clean house. Still a fresh start coming up and I’m really going to double on hygiene especially as this place has carpets..

But I am definitely shitting myself over being charged for additional repair work even though I have accepted not getting my deposit back (got permission to pull up carpets but landlord didn’t say the garage wasn’t watertight) I accept that at least. I’m too exhausted to fight anything it’s been a hell of a time trying to find a place to rent in the middle of a pandemic when the prick refuses a landlord reverence

No. 802756

Don't these scrotes have mommies to call/visit today or something?

No. 802791

I bought a pack of assorted nougat yesterday, but I don't know why

No. 802800

How many uses for assorted nougat are there?

No. 802808

I mean I know I bought it to eat it, but idk why. I just don't want it.

No. 802854

well shit girl gimme some

No. 802875

You know they hate mommy, nonnie.

No. 802966

I saw a beautiful woman on my Pinterest page, but the shit refreshed before I could save it. Fuck Pinterest! I'm going hunting for that pic now

No. 802990

I hate when it does that. I accidentally scroll up a little and then it refreshes the entire page, and the photo I was admiring is gone. Ughhh

No. 803001

File: 1620608729066.jpg (145.18 KB, 1280x1609, cat.jpg)

I want to go get food, but the food I wanted is from Lidl and it just closed. The other closest store is Walmart, and I don't think they even have what I want ahh.

No. 803027

File: 1620612818590.jpg (27.45 KB, 340x340, 1620573273605.jpg)

I buy trinkets from Amazon to keep my spirits up during quarantine but I've run out of ideas on what to buy

No. 803077

Mother's Day sucks

No. 803250

Buy plants

No. 803294

I've decided to make cold brew coffee in my (somehow forgotten) french press today.
Sucks it takes up to 12hrs though, I wanted to enjoy some ice cold coffee on the last day of my vacation because it's finally nice outside.

No. 803386

File: 1620654219992.png (151.16 KB, 299x362, borga.PNG)

Spend money on a triple cheese burger

No. 803691

I accidentally put curry powder on my oatmeal this morning because I was tired and just picked up a spice bottle and the cinnamon and curry were next to each other on the stove and it wasn't even bad. I wouldn't do it on purpose but oatmeal + a little sprinkle of curry powder +mangoes and strawberries was very edible.

No. 803695

I have some reflux and i dont' have anti-reflux atm so i'm driking water, i hope that helps at least. Also does burping worsens reflux?

No. 803700

it can i think! makes it burn more imo. maybe it pushes the acid further up? idk

No. 803729

Try putting a little baking soda in water and drinking it. It helps with the acidity

No. 803875

Currently trying to dye my face mask with acrylic ink cause I bleached it and don't feel like getting fabric dye. I saw people doing this with wigs, so maybe it'll stain well enough to not immediately get washed out. The only downside is, it's getting on the white side of my mask and staining my nails that I just did two days ago

No. 803882

I ate potato in two forms today. Maybe even more with how they sneak ingredients into foods nowadays

No. 803971

File: 1620700453434.jpg (15.93 KB, 546x543, 89382151bbf1c2f53657ac46254536…)

I took a nap while my headphones were charging, but they fell off the cord and only charged to 40% FUCK

No. 803974

There's nothing wrong with potatoes it's just that they're usually fried

No. 804183

I'm turning 31 tomorrow and I'm still an absolutely kissless handholdless virgin and it doesn't bother me at all. It's weird because it seems like something most people experience in their lifetime while that will never be a part of my experience.

No. 804277

You could do it for the experience, but sex really is the most overrated act in the universe. I only lost my virginity to get it out of the way with and it was awful. I do sex and 99% of the time, I feel like it's a waste of time. It looks ridiculous as well. Masturbation is where it's at.

No. 804283

File: 1620755054746.jpg (38.54 KB, 440x361, hb.JPG)

Also, try to have a good day tomorrow whatever you chose to do.

No. 804334

File: 1620760210710.jpg (73.59 KB, 680x842, Southern-candied-yams-18.jpg)

I wanted to make chewies, but I just realized I have no idea where the fuck my glass measuring cup is. Now I'm debating if I should attempt to eyeball this recipe that I've never made before, or accept defeat and make candied yams or something

No. 804338

What are chewies?

No. 804342

File: 1620760798124.jpg (65.75 KB, 800x533, Southern-Toasted-Pecan-Chewies…)

A Southern American bar cookie dessert.

No. 804343

Is this the same thing as a Blondie?

No. 804344

It might be, but idk. I've never had a blondie.

No. 804350

I’ve never heard of chewies or blondies before in my life, you learn something new

No. 804379

File: 1620764593833.jpeg (76.67 KB, 800x800, 0709FBBB-E2A4-43BB-891E-A74327…)

I was at the garden store when I saw they have stevia plants for sale this year. I tasted one and ended up buying a plant. It tastes like getting punched in the mouth with sweetness, but not sugary? It’s a trip.

No. 804380

Finally my sleep hygiene is returning to normal, figuring out what organic or non-organic makeup products I'd like to buy in the future. Haven't had my period is like a month or something. Hopefully my fixed sleep schedule returns that.

No. 804396

>my sleep hygiene is returning to normal
How did you do it, anon? Please share your knowledge with a fellow insomniac

No. 804414

Subtract two hours from your wake up time, stick to that for a few weeks minimum, 2-3. Fall asleep as you would usually but you must wake up 2 hours earlier. Then subtract two more hours, repeat steps until you wake up to your normal/desired time. It's good to make the body adjust to this slowly rather than give it a shock.

If you can adjust what's bothering you at night do that. Make sure to turn off ceiling light or bright lamps a few hours earlier to your fall asleep time, use a nightlight instead, use a dimmer or filter, anything to make the screen color less harsh on, your device(s). As soon as you wake up open the blinds or turn on a big light, turn off the dimmer. Get some coffee to help you through the day. Workout, eat well. Lose weight. It helps a lot. And take up a hobby, get your energy out.

I didn't keep exactly track how long I have been working on it, somewhere along 2 months. I had emotional stuff happening at night and day that shat on my progress of sleep.

No. 804416

I just sneezed so violently I felt like I tore something. But I'm fine.

No. 804464

Everytime I feel some kind of pain on my face/head, I get paranoid that it's my mouth infection spreading. I cannot wait to get this demon out of me

No. 804473

File: 1620773289974.gif (2.59 MB, 480x360, 7A95E25C-D9F2-407E-9E16-E92B79…)

I worked out and washed my hair properly today, I’m feeling fresh.

No. 804491

File: 1620774700016.png (222.67 KB, 294x306, pizza.PNG)

These are so good

No. 804528

File: 1620779823546.jpg (7.86 KB, 233x216, tumblr_inline_p7fzcztKH51syjrl…)

I made a cup of tea that was extraordinarily good

No. 804584

File: 1620788098657.jpeg (185.39 KB, 749x899, F8A626B9-FCDD-48E8-A53A-FEAF36…)

Had two good poops today, let's carry that energy into tomorrow

No. 804718

I woke up and did 50 pushups and 50 crunches and some leg exercises and I already want to go back to bed

No. 804741

You can do push-ups? I can only do the "girl" ones, and I'm still failing to do a single "normal" one with proper form.

No. 804748

File: 1620816531070.jpeg (34.51 KB, 559x397, 0AE3245C-8646-4D35-B053-1D3E13…)

I washed my sheets and bedding yesterday, and getting into/waking up in a clean bed is so nice

No. 804805

I can do only 5 normal ones so I do an easy version with my hands on the radiator, I hope I can get better that way so I can do more normal ones.
I tried doing normal ones every day but I could still only do 5 even after a while. Well actually I could do more but improperly so it doesn't count. I jus wanna be stronk

No. 804844

I just followed a breathing exercise by Wim Hof for the first time and ngl I feel so energized, chill and happy

No. 804864

Don't get into any kook shit, basically any kind of breathing esercose makes you feel good. Wim Hof is just another grifter repackaging tradtional hindu & buddhist practices for western audiences and calling them his own ideas. "His" breathing technique is literally just taken unchanged from Pranayama, a hindu breath control meditation practice. As far as the ice bath goes, considering hindus/buddhists meditate under waterfalls, i dont think its that original either. Like, anything he's "teaching" is cliffs notes while pranayama is the real thing with a real history and literature. To be clear, im not making any statements about the health benefits of either, and ypu of course have to take all meditation stuff with a grain of salt, and focus on the real physical and brain effects without getting lost in the "spirituality and wellness" weeds.

But it's really great to see the kook health scam-fads of the 90s getting another lease on life through the interent, because every "health" blogger will write about every made-up "wellness" practice like it's real with zero fact checking. And their fluffy happy promotional blogspam just shits up google searches on the subject forever. In like 5 years we're going to come back around to those magnetic balanace bracelets aren't we. And then next up in the cycle will be homeopathy probably. Wonderful.