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File: 1620150431230.jpg (57.63 KB, 346x482, glue.jpg)

No. 798772

Previous Thread: >>790324

No. 798779

pic is washing machine nonnie

No. 798786

I feel seen

No. 798816

The last one didn't even max out though

No. 798850

Every middle class person from the South (UK) who’s my age has literally the exact same personality. There’s so many at my uni and they are the most boring people I have ever met.

No. 798857

why are anons so ugly, it makes me cry and I can confirm this

No. 798859

I know you're not talking about me.

No. 798860

I feel like people in the UK are uniquely boring. I hate living here.

No. 798864

The door opened after the wash finished fyi, I was a bit apprehensive it was going to get glued inside the mechanism but it didn't. Can't get over how handy I am.

No. 798867

File: 1620157037382.jpg (80.53 KB, 667x1000, 29ab2fc34fbad6dcde19c6d6066fe1…)

Just accept it, boo

No. 798868

Obviously, you can confirm crying by the tears

No. 798876

File: 1620157709017.jpg (1.56 MB, 2880x3840, LfxwvB0.jpg)

Actually retarded thought but if agnes lost weight and got a little plastic surgery she’d look like kpop girl lia… really makes you think

No. 798879

Who’s Agnes?

No. 798887

It's weird how Stephen King can write women when he's on coke and drinking but not when he's sober

No. 798888

File: 1620157993726.jpeg (18.31 KB, 340x270, 275C771E-8EAE-403B-B478-08ACEE…)

>lose weight

Are you high? If she were to lose some of that baby fat that’s sustaining her whole head, she would be zipped into a black hole. If you think that’s fat then it’s fair of me to tinfoil that you’re an anachan

No. 798889

Akidearest, the girl in the middle. She's a fat anituber

No. 798904

File: 1620158663769.png (887.66 KB, 842x818, aki.png)

i hate anafags but she looks chunky to me
picrel from her most recent vid

No. 798906

KEK I’m not even an anachan but there is no way you can claim agnes still has “babyfat”. That fat is so adult it’s got a mortgage. Are you sure you aren’t high? It’s okay because I am too. I had to be in order to see the facial similarities between them in the first place.

No. 798922

File: 1620159404213.jpg (112.19 KB, 1280x720, 1395192742450.jpg)

>you right now
ilu anon

No. 798927

I used to be convinced that iisuperwomanii person was a lesbian until she actually came out and now seems like The Straightest Woman who ever lived

No. 798934

I don't think she's ever gonna lose weight though

No. 798936

File: 1620159691515.jpeg (64.57 KB, 960x540, 1616607481439.jpeg)

>That fat is so adult it’s got a mortgage

No. 798953

File: 1620160296607.jpg (184.26 KB, 936x936, tumblr_095792b210b26fe62296ec0…)

Bonnie Shapiro's kinda cute

No. 798954

Wait no Belle Shapiro is probably better
Not gonna delete this just to change it though

No. 798958

Literally looks exactly like that ltcorbis girl

No. 798972

Damn, I forgot about her. I wonder where she is now

No. 798975

Still making videos on some website called like “censored tv” or whatever about how the jews are destroying western civilisation

No. 798976

Also is an “ex gay” now and runs an anachan/traumacore ig account

No. 798979

My whole life has just been a cycle of getting bangs, hating them, then waiting for them to grow out and I thought I was finally over it and managed to go like the whole pandemic without cutting them but last night I just had this overwhelming urge to do it and was convinced like this time will be the time it finally looks cute and obviously it didn’t. I wonder how long they’re going to take to grow out now I hate them so much.

No. 798984

just get clip ins nonnie

No. 798988

Can't go to college this year, have to wait until next year. Kinda a bummer. But at least I've plenty of time to glow up, get my license and live life (hopefully).

No. 798993

I was going to cut my hair but the pandemic is the longest I've let my bangs grow out and now I feel like I've been robbed of my youth not being bangless lol. Maybe you could try rice water to make it grow, Im going to start doing it to see if it helps with hair growth.

No. 799000

>use toothpaste specifically for sensitive teeth and gum damage
>teeth and gums end up hurting 10× more
what did colgate mean by this

No. 799003

If sensodyne is available where you are try that. It’s the only sensitive toothpaste that helps me and it’s amazing.

No. 799008

I've heard some people get canker sores in their mouth after using that, is that true?

No. 799019

Not in my experience. My only criticism is that the taste is unusual but it’s not disgusting and doesn’t linger.

No. 799030

I think for me it usually takes like 3-4 months until they’re long enough you can just get some layers around your face and have them blended in with the rest of your hair

No. 799047

Not to be a bitch but in so many of those “show me a time when you were skinny but thought you were overweight” tiktoks the person clearly was actually overweight. Just slightly less overweight than they are now.

No. 799076

I tried the flaming hot cheetos the other day for the first time (i am not american) and it was disappointingly mild wtf i was truly hyped
Asian spicy snacks are the only ones I can trust

No. 799097

File: 1620169598455.jpeg (209.55 KB, 750x1117, F9237BEB-330D-4529-8D7B-08D2BB…)

ah yes, the real plight of telling others to take their meds/go outside and then flipping the script and denouncing antidepressants and antipsychotic medicine because it doesn’t “work for them”

meds for thee, but not for me, don’t you know I’m the only real deep intelligent person on this earth that needs to tell strangers to go touch grass?

No. 799099

Telling someone to take their meds isn’t meant literally

No. 799101

Have you tried takis?

No. 799102

I'm a fucking retard and I'm gonna buy a box of crayons for $15
they are special crayons, but I can't tell you why
also high heel converse from japan

No. 799103

I lived in a place (not the UK) that had a lot of british people and they were all so boring

No. 799105

I fucking love drama and sticking my nose in other peoples' business. It gives me such a rush

No. 799106

I think Rupaul is a virgin

No. 799107

Same. Was able to get them on sale because they were expired by a few days, otherwise they’re super expensive. Anyway it was a disapointing experience

No. 799110

Is this horrifying pain pleurisy or a bad muscle strain from covid coofing? kill me

No. 799111

How are they special? Do they have good flavors? Are they made for the navy? Don’t feel bad, I spent $15 on a box of 12 colored pencils because they’re a collectors item. I want to draw something really special with them.
Where do you live that they’re expensive? Do they have to be imported?
iirc he prostituted himself on camera and used to be a hooker. Unless you mean he’s a virgin because he’s never had PIV, in which case is probably true.

No. 799113

No I mean like he’s never had sexual contact with anyone ever. Even if he has spiritually he hasn’t and he’s still a virgin.

No. 799128

>How are they special?
They're a special edition from 1994, they change colors, I guess that sort of makes them collectors items now too, but at the time you could buy them at Walmart

No. 799130

Im going to kill whoever was in charge of the spotify update

No. 799135

My favorite restaurant just hiked up my favorite thing to order from them by $10. This feels illegal.

No. 799137

If people without certain appendages can tell doctors their quality of life is suffering for it I would humbly like to request a third arm and hand so I can do more things while smoking.

No. 799197

File: 1620178248088.jpg (16.03 KB, 494x386, 1591943965194.jpg)


Sorry, but this has womb envy written all over it

No. 799198

Don't click the links nonnies it's probably a male trying to harvest ips lol

No. 799200

File: 1620178387831.jpeg (16.77 KB, 300x300, eecc4163.jpeg)

…I know this is the dumbass shit thread, but that's a link to Falun Gong teachings, lmao. You can literally google it.
Just wanted to shoot the shit about religion with anons

No. 799207

I've been spooked, apologies kek

No. 799215

File: 1620179099588.jpeg (54.13 KB, 540x360, 68D58EAB-1D85-41A0-BEF4-E9AFCA…)

by the amount of people who don’t really think or have any real legitimate power in their lives it’s so easy to manipulate people nowadays. it would be so easy to install a government tyrant and people would probably be so in love with them

No. 799224

Turns out I have a solution to the problem that's been keeping me tossing and turning at night.

I just had to ask someone else about what she was going to do. Granted, it took me a while to muster up the courage to ask. I shouldn't be this nervous to ask a coworker online!

No. 799234

Vyvanse didn’t work for me I’m so disappointed

No. 799240

hello fellow god complex anon

No. 799241

Modern men are so cucked and sad lmao. I really cannot respect them or muster up any attraction to them, go chop some wood soyboy!

No. 799247

I hate married people I hate divorced people

No. 799249

I don't think we have takis here on my country. When I'm able to leave the house again maybe I can see if they have it on some import store

No. 799251

I hate people period

No. 799252

I kinda wish I didn't like niche things because then it feels like I have nobody to discuss them with. And then as a result of that I fall further and further into infatuation to compensate

No. 799256

hi anon how are u doing

No. 799258

currently me flipping through a bunch of vpns like its a magazine lol

No. 799260

File: 1620184543353.gif (1.23 MB, 400x300, 5DC75548-AE7F-451D-982A-D36F71…)

Like what? I still have remnants of hipster gatekeeping syndrome from early tumblr but it’s more like finding it super gross and annoying when coomers and other freaks find out about something I like and promptly shit up the fanbase. There’s nothing really I can do about it though, and at least it brings the author more opportunities. Plus for every 15 weirdos into the thing you like there’s bound to be 1 normal, decent person. So despite the perceived negatives on my part, I do wish there were more fans at least so I could talk about it with them.

No. 799261

File: 1620184584392.jpeg (23.45 KB, 274x257, 0187B6CF-67FF-46FC-9D79-91B72D…)

My foot just fell asleep, pray for me

No. 799262

I'm rewatching Ugly Betty for the first time since it was airing and I'm really enjoying myself but I am reminded that my aunt cried for me when she was drunk that I finally had a relatable show kek

No. 799263

File: 1620184972279.jpeg (245.83 KB, 1200x850, 1815841E-17EF-4821-93D6-1090A9…)

samefag but they also tend to come in droves, leading to all the precious merchandise being bought up! And then they resell at x10 the original price. It’s even worse when the merch economy gets fucked because that franchise just so happens to be everyone’d flavor of the month. I really hate that.

No. 799265

Jenny Nicholson’s brony video made me wish I was a part of it lmao. I’ve never been in a “fandom” as I’ve never really got into anything that had that kind of community around it and I’ve never been to a convention but I really feel like I missed out something. I want to experience it but I feel like you have to be genuinely interested in the thing for it to be enjoyable.

No. 799269

File: 1620185867969.jpeg (132.03 KB, 582x992, D3A8E75C-D6A3-4053-9F17-7D678E…)

Anons shout at me to stop binging so I can fit into my pretty clothes and pretend my life is okay

No. 799270

In hindsight it’s unreal how stupid that whole Jake Paul Shane Dawson sociopath thing was

No. 799290

File: 1620188143580.jpeg (167.02 KB, 750x600, 0B7289E4-7459-4440-A381-C0EA5E…)

>women are allowed to be bitchy

man shut your ass up seriously, you’re dying to get to your ass beat then. also stop equating aggressiveness = scrote, it’s literally just being mad sometimes

No. 799291

I realized while watching a video about tumblr sexymen that in my teen years I did not interact with them properly.
I wanted to be the sexymen and get sympathetic attention from nerd girls. Even cosplayed/considered cosplaying a few of them.

Revelatory. My youth was a lie.

As someone who was a part of it…it was not that great. At least fantasize about Homestuck or something.
Jokes aside, I feel you. I haven't been in a fandom in years and really miss it. It doesn't feel like anything has been huge and weird like MLP (or even hs) in a while, but I could also be old and out of touch kek.

I hope you get to experience fandom someday, anon. It's fun to be shameless with other dorks.

No. 799297

File: 1620188791910.jpg (53.76 KB, 900x600, Essence Festival.jpg)

I really should be getting actual work done, but instead I'm about to do my nails for the next 1-2 hours. I feel like I'm failing at everything recently.
I think I'm gonna do a colored french tip, but that shit is gonna take a while

No. 799306

wait idgi are you for or against bitchy/aggressive behavior
most fandoms suck even in the olden times. don't see the appeal beyond looking at art. once you interact with anyone it's shit.

No. 799307

File: 1620190167293.png (146.2 KB, 337x399, 5.PNG)

This actress from Monsterland is so fucking hot

No. 799319

File: 1620190755009.jpg (110.34 KB, 900x491, bowie-prince-tribute-2-teaser.…)

I love feminine males(especially the pop-stars from the 70s and 80s, I love the androgyny and their natural beautiful features) but I fucking hate femboys

Like no one but some closeted sceote wants to see some shluby guy prance around in a maid dress or some other sexualized peace of female clothing, its just cringy

No. 799327

I went shopping at the mall recently for the first time in a long time and I was shocked at the amount of crop tops there were in the shops. I was feeing insecure about even trying them on because I gained weight over the pandemic until I saw a girl working there who was chubbier than me looking so cute and confident in a crop top. I ended up buying two crop tops and they are actually super cute!

No. 799338

I’m surprised you were shocked! I feel like tops have been the only kind of tops available/on trend for going on like three years now I feel so sick of them at this point

No. 799351

I got my mom an adorable pair of shoes for Mother’s Day and I’m so so excited to give them to her. I wish I could afford something more expensive because she deserves it but I think she’ll really like them

No. 799352

File: 1620195238175.jpg (184.05 KB, 1864x1256, 1544607738569.jpg)

This is what I mean BTW, androgynous fashions looks great on men but shit is juts cringy

No. 799359

You're absolutely right queen. I mean all the stuff that goes with it (anime fixation, coomerism and politics) might subconsciously worsen it for me but I already think it's so tasteless. The older androgynous look had actual successes.

No. 799371

Anyone else find it impossible to wear skirts without also wearing stockings? I hate showing my stick insect bare legs in public and i love skirts too much, so I always wear stockings with them. I'd find wearing skirts without them extremely weird and exposing at this point

No. 799373

Just FYI, two months before starting "trap" shit, this guy got caught on stream browsing a sissy porn blog on Tumblr.

No. 799377

not surprised

No. 799380

I'll admit love actual 2D anime traps and femboys but it just never works IRL. It's not only due to the fact that the men doing it always rely on filters, angles and photoshop to hide their blatantly male features but also because they're always bisexual incels who hate women, consider themselves superior and will never let you forget that.
>Ugghh, another sjw feminist just reminds me of how annoying and dumb women are, wouldn't you rather fuck my boipussy than an icky disgusting roastie vagina? I'm based, unlike all those stupid feminists! I pass way better too, just let me pick the most curated facetune selfie from my collection to put against some ugly fat unkempt tumblrite.
Shut up, anime femboys have feminine bodies and faces and you don't. You look like a skinnyfat male basement dweller who found out how to fake having hips and a waist for greasy coomerbux online. I'd much rather look at a woman into terminal fakeboism faking being a male trap than you.

No. 799386

Same. The last time I wore a skirt bare legged was about eight years ago, and I don't think I can ever go back lmao

No. 799389

Yeah IRL male feminine beauty really doesn't work when a guys just crossdrssing, it works when matched with feminine and androgynous fashion and aesthetics

No. 799404

I saw that “I crave that mineral” meme and it’s made me feel suicidal. Time goes so fast I miss that era so much.

No. 799410

Vtubers are cringe but I think the anime avatar thing has good potential, for example for making videos explaining science topics, to get kids interested in science by using cartoon characters or just making lessons about school topics

No. 799412

What about maxi skirts?

No. 799432

I referenced that meme the other day without even meaning to anon and I've been thinking about it ever since. I can't believe that was almost 7 years ago but I really do hate the passage of time.

No. 799437

File: 1620206820896.jpeg (121.47 KB, 630x1200, F6EC9F12-637F-4AFC-B0FA-6C24B5…)

Was this TV show popular in the US and if so roughly how popular was it?

No. 799443

Yea I’d say it was pretty popular. Maybe not as big as Hannah Montana or something like that but I’d say a lot of ppl watched it and knew about it.

No. 799467

I absolutely LOVE those ig bot accounts that just repost viral videos who somehow have thousands of likes, because when they inevitably repost some dumbshit video or post, in the comments section you see user from all walks of the internet, speaking different languages, all gather to say how stupid it is. It's so beautiful. I really love it.

No. 799470

I just feel like I need to be 30. I think 20s are just not for me.

No. 799472

I feel like everyone is confident in either passionately wanting or passionately not wanting kids except me. I feel so conflicted. I feel like I would be happy either way and also lose either way.

No. 799534

Me too, nonnie, I don’t really know if I would like either way of living. Sometimes, having kids of my own sounds fun, but then I see all the difficulties of parenting plus how fucked up is everything nowadays, so I stop liking the idea for a while. Then I take care of a relative’s kid or teach them stuff and I want to be a parent again.

No. 799564

Idk im tired anon

No. 799572

File: 1620226178807.jpg (16.74 KB, 233x230, clown.JPG)

I thought it would be a good idea to clean my mails from the oldest to delete all unused accounts but it's going to be long

No. 799574

It's so difficult to delete accounts ffs. I was going through all my accounts a while ago and I ran into so many websites and things where I couldn't just click a -delete my account- button, no I had to e-mail customer services! So annoying!

Also I have like 5 different e-mail addresses that have all been used for extended periods of time and now I can't get rid of them because what if I end up needing some long forgotten account that's connected to a now deleted e-mailaddress? I hate my younger self for creating so many e-mailaddresses so much.

No. 799575

oh shit. What's her insta account name?

No. 799576

Same, nonna. I had to take care of two difficult siblings throughout my preteens and teens, and I really want a break. Everyone talks about what bliss motherhood is and how it will make me the happiest woman in the world, but if I have kids and they end up like my brother and sister I will legitimately kms. On top of that, there's no guarantee that I'll find a nice, caring man who will split the housework and childcare, it's a lot more likely that he'll either be a deadbeat from the start or play nice until the child is born and then lie and avoid his duties like my dad did.
On the other hand, I don't want to end up alone and desperate, or be with someone who doesn't want kids for 20 years and then changes his mind, dumps me and knocks up a young 20-something. I'm in my late twenties and people are pressuring me to pick a man to settle with and start popping out kids, but I still don't know what I want.

No. 799578

>I hate my younger self for creating so many e-mailaddresses so much.
same I managed to delete some website accounts and mail addresses but the clutter came back. You can always create and extra junk mail account and change your un-deletable accounts with this one, it should do the trick. also fuck linktree

No. 799580

what manga is that pic from, anon?

No. 799581

File: 1620226936297.jpeg (176.44 KB, 778x519, Light_and_Dark_Academia_Aesthe…)

You know what? This dark/light academia shit doesn't look so bad for a gnc woman. I…might…even…try…it…

Please don't disown me nonitas

No. 799585

Wear it, I personally think it’s classy. Just wish it wasn’t tied to that bullshit fad. Most people won’t know that’s a tumblr aesthetic because it’s what business casual women wear

No. 799586

samefag, except for the cutesy pleated skirts and oversized sweaters kek

No. 799587

Yiiis, give me all the crop tops for my short torso! I remember when they were super hard to find

No. 799589

File: 1620227532917.jpg (118.05 KB, 600x600, ih8u.jpg)

last time I dared to venture without stockings or safety shorts (it was during the summer so I was dying) a random scrote slapped my butt. Now I never wear knee/thigh highs at all unless I'm with my bf

No. 799595

Id rather not but I have to cuz I always have a bad case of strawberry legs

No. 799597

as long as you don't wear a fuckton of brown. seriously why does this style uses so much of one of the ugliest colors out there

No. 799599

File: 1620227847367.jpg (115.57 KB, 1251x1028, 1940s-Pants.jpg)

Honestly, for months whenever I saw those fits on pinterest I thought it was just vintage-inspired fashion but in muted/dark/earth tones.
Unbeknownst to me, I've almost been dressing in trendy teenager clothes for a hot minute when I thought I was being a grandma.

I assume that means it's timeless, so you should go ahead!

No. 799609

me too! i love that they make mid thigh skirts less revealing but they usually aren't worn around here so i look like a weirdo.

No. 799610

No skirts for me so we good. actually, the female inspo for it with the skirts makes me cringe idk
>one of the ugliest colors out there
True dat
It's my time to get a more mature and timeless look!
Thank you nonnas! let's hope I don't end up looking like a clown

No. 799653

My food feels like it's been cooling down faster lately before I'm done eating. If there are any inventor nonnies out there, please invent something that keeps plates and food hot without having to reheat it on/in an appliance.

No. 799667

It's been invented, they're called warming trays, you can find them online to buy.

No. 799694

I've been kind of dressing like that for the past 3 years, I wear long autumn colored trench coats with oversized corduroy pants and turtlenecks, its comfy but it also looks a bit more serious and it fits me because I'm tall
i recommend!

No. 799716

File: 1620239015439.png (1.03 MB, 692x1557, triplejpg.png)

No. 799719

My cat growls all the time idk what her deal is because she's not mad. She doesn't know how to meow properly so maybe it's just her communicating lol. She's purrs and growls at the same time while cuddling up to me and it's the weirdest noise!!!

No. 799725

Do you interact with other cats or animals in general before that happens? My cat always growls at my clothes (even when they lie on the floor) after I come home from cheating on her with my friend's cats.

No. 799745

I shouldn't be a nostalgiafag and move on but damn the good old times.

No. 799747

> My cat always growls at my clothes (even when they lie on the floor) after I come home from cheating on her with my friend's cats.

your cat is judging you for putting your clothes on the floor and being a hussy

No. 799777

It's so interesting how different topics/cows attracts different kinds of anons. Like some topics are full of autists, others are fully with the pettiest of bitches, etc. while there are also a few that are pretty…balanced? Honestly it's kind of a ride checking a new thread not only because of the subject but also because of different the tone can be.

No. 799784

Which ones do you consider to be balanced

No. 799800

File: 1620245247511.png (6.84 MB, 2248x2184, interior-bedroom.png)

I made a collage of a house I will never have. Do we have a thead for this? Should I create a thread for this?

No. 799802

Can relate anon! Listening to Arctic Monkeys

No. 799803

>>>/m/110436 room inspo maybe?

No. 799806

Ntayrt but imo Heather Sparkles thread, Vicky Shingles Thread, any OG cow thread that isn't an e hoe or vlogger tbh. You can tell weebs are jealous of other weebs or cosplayers and camwhores project their insecurities onto shay.

No. 799825

File: 1620247430816.jpeg (297.36 KB, 750x743, 3EF9DF4B-849C-41F7-8019-2779EC…)

I’m working the next 13 days in a row for 16 days worked in a row total I’m going to an hero

No. 799830

I have a nostalgia playlist specifically reserved for nostalgic music, it's kinda sad five years ago is considered nostalgic now

No. 799858

kek so basically the threads where the median age is over 24

No. 799862

i blame america

No. 799889

File: 1620253477156.jpg (17.6 KB, 458x333, bad-taxidermy-3.jpg)

I was bored so i started googling taxidermy fails and i can't stop laughing like a retard what the fuck help me

No. 799890

File: 1620253673404.jpg (30.2 KB, 540x404, cow-bad-taxidermy-20.jpg)

how do you even do this

No. 799907

Been thinking of using my free time and NEETbucks to try and buy a shit ton of Pokemon cards to resell online tbh

No. 799909

he looks like he tells prophecies and delivers messages i dont knwon if that makes sense though

No. 799921

is that lc's new mascot

No. 799959

that's clearly zac efron

No. 799961

why are people on letterboxd so goddamn annoying. especially the "popular" ones

No. 799964

i would pay to punch brat pitt. she’s the fucking worst

No. 799969

I feel this with rym users. Anywhere people get to write lenghty opinion pieces are bound to get peppered with self-indulgent incoherence and narcissism

No. 799978


Also rip to zac's handsome face

No. 799996

I'm trying to put 0.3 lead in a pencil and this shit is fucking killing me

No. 800008

Clicked on a suspicious Facebook link. Now I’m paranoid that my account is gonna get hacked.

No. 800015

File: 1620271199513.jpg (40.12 KB, 1300x793, 127332864-short-yellow-pencil-…)

anon have i got the product for you

No. 800033

Reading the Twitter thread is like reading another language to me, I seriously have no idea what the people in the caps are trying to say most of the time.

No. 800038

Wood pencil gang for life wooo

No. 800047

File: 1620277986430.jpg (46.98 KB, 429x525, 0ada818b-e384-4a8c-955e-d8f459…)

Oh my god I'm so happy that I could cry, the girl who likes me said I'm her Nagisa and she asked me to have matching icons aaaaaaa I'm so happy (she sent this pic)

No. 800051

File: 1620278484583.jpeg (84.33 KB, 564x394, EFE35185-2FA9-49D1-8954-CB5DA7…)

What the fuck who is nagisa
Match with me instead

No. 800052

D-Does that mean… you like me too anon??? If you're asking me to match icons… is this love??

No. 800059

Cute. Saved. Is that Nagisa?

No. 800060

File: 1620280061118.gif (450.56 KB, 480x329, 579209D2-050A-4480-8ECB-0D2696…)

s-silly baka… you’re her nagisa but you were MY HARUHI(fujioka)…
I’m happy for you and I hope you two have a joyous time! That’s really cute of her to say.

No. 800071

File: 1620281633730.png (129.37 KB, 500x375, tumblr_p3zp73IusE1wslfc7o2_r1_…)

So J.K Rowling's cormoran strike series is just about Rowling's self insert paired with her Idealized OC Husbando
Honestly based

No. 800103

I was gonna answer somebodys question but the reaction image they used is so fucking repulsive i just closed the thread. Stop using gross pics pls

No. 800104

which? is it in the crypto thread?

No. 800117

which one?

No. 800141

File: 1620292348360.gif (236.74 KB, 500x375, tumblr_m5sfn8tEzG1rn95k2o1_500…)

My healing wound is itching so bad AAAAA make it STOP

Some salty anon months ago was sperging about her and screamed at us "This is your queen?" And I can confidently say yes… yes it is

No. 800149

I had a friend who was slightly taller then most women(like 5'7) and her older brother was like almost 6 feet but her young brother(I think he was 18 back then) was 6'6(a real life Jotaro)

Must have been freaking having your younger brother be that fucking huge at that young of an age

No. 800157

File: 1620295965618.png (397.28 KB, 540x538, 25465771_10155323067663175_121…)

>drink full glass of water every meal and then some
>cry a little bit, not even a proper sob, just silent tears
>intense dehydration headache

(falls to knees and shouts toward sky) What more does my body WANT

No. 800159

If Stephen King can do this in almost every single story he's penned to date, so can JK Rowling. Fuck them scrotes.

No. 800192

I'm 5'2 with a younger brother that height. We're only 15 months apart and he's been taller than me since before he was 1.

No. 800193

Is it wierd having that huge of a younger brother while also being pretty short

No. 800229

Lesbian fashion tends to be different than the conventional fashion and it's delicious. Keep doing what you do queens! Keep on making me thirsty by just existing!

No. 800233

>Already a millionaire
>Making more bank writing self insert fanfiction
>Trannies hate her
unbothered queen living the dream

No. 800237

I don't know anything different tbh lol. I'm the oldest but all my siblings are taller than me by 6 inches at least.

No. 800244

Wait is the series really about her self insert with her OC Husbando ? Thats kinda wierd

No. 800258

File: 1620309899332.jpg (123.77 KB, 1200x1200, 1620296940859.jpg)

So as Hannah John-Kamen got cast as Red Sonja in the upcoming red Sonja film and as a black woman I'm not looking forward to this
Cause 1)I'm not fond of race bending white characters and wish instead they promoted actual black literary characterd and 2) its another film that promotes the whole "strong Independent masculine black woman trope" again

No. 800261


She’s mixed as fuck but I agree

No. 800262

?? Nayrt but how it can be weird when such thing is common in fiction, people would always write manic Pixie dream girls with self insert MCs.

No. 800264

As a black woman who cares? She is nearly white passing anyway, plus no one except autistic 14-year-old weebs gives a fuck about the “canonical” race of fictional spandex-wearing superheroes.

No. 800265

File: 1620310214922.jpeg (94.34 KB, 700x700, 43BE2461-9455-4103-8033-83DD87…)

Every time I hate myself for something I remember at least I’m not retarded enough to buy the pussy shoes for hundreds of pounds

No. 800266

Imagine the sweat and toe jam that would accumulate in those things barf

No. 800269

Come on, you know portrayals like this are more harmful for us
Name one film in the past decade that has a normal haply black female character thst is just living her life and isn't fetishized or stereotyped

No. 800284

It clearly want more water

No. 800293

Goals tbh, I wish I was rich and powerful enough to make a bank selling self-indulgent fiction and pissing off unhinged trannies by stating facts.

What? Are you telling me that this person isn't white? Amerimutts and their one drop rules I swear

No. 800333

Been a shroom sitter last weekend and god, what a ride. This weekend is my turn to get em.

No. 800339

i think you mean "fucking awesome"

No. 800341

go to cerebricowu threddo, this thread is for stupid people only

No. 800342

After my shitty ex bf left me everything has been looking up!!! I'm making new friends, working out, doing art… I have a girlie that likes and supports me (insert heart emoji) and I'm so happy… omg… I now see how shitty of a LVM he was, he never did anything for me!!!!! And she is so sweet… women are the best honestly

No. 800343

put some salt in the water

No. 800350

>one drop rule
I'm pretty sure she's half black

No. 800355

I'm watching an MRE vid by that guy Steve and he has an old food ration kit (I mean as usual) I wasnt paying attention and just heard him excitedly say
> mmm smells good, 17 years old!
Oh no lol

No. 800358

Damn i tought we girls were autistic as fuck but after glancing kiwifarms I realize we are the creme de la creme

No. 800361

I feel like Dark Academia is just what replaced the Hogwarts/Harry Potter aesthetic after JKR got cancelled.

No. 800372

uhm… why is christian content (rightfully) made fun of on the internet but muslim things aren't? This is a cry for help over getting recommended ramadan things despite never liking posts about it in the first place.

No. 800376

Islam for whatever reason has been made part of Identity politics in the western world and Criticizing aspects of Islam is deemed racist, as an ex-Muslim I can say without exaggeration that Islam is 1000 times worse then any modern sect of Christianity

No. 800378

as much as I agree both are worth being made fun of, I'd compare ramadan to christmas or easter, no one makes fun of it and it's shoved down your throat every year, so I guess now ramadan too.

No. 800389

nearly 2000 years of imperial reeducation and the depletion of almost every precolonial religion, more recently loads of Catholic child rape cases gone public, evangelical indoctrination is extremely abusive to women in particular, and several mainstream cults – including white nationalism, have a basis in Christianity. Islam has similar issues, but Westerners are raised culturally Christian and naturally learn to reject it through adulthood.

Arab ex-Muslims also hate Islam, but American Islamophobia is commonly reserved for meatbrained timecube-esque hyperconservative conspiracy theorists who truly believe all arabs = ISIS and they represent the biggest threats to the USA, just waiting to commit the next 9/11. they experienced random public attacks recently up until they switched targets after covid.

No. 800396

Kek good point
That's fine but I live in a country with a really high majority of catholics so it's just weird I'm getting this instead of christian stuff? I also keep getting makeup shit I blocked before though so I guess insta is just ignoring me

No. 800398

Literally all your points can be applied towards Islam, Islam absolutely destroyed the native culture of all people it came across, where are the Hindus, Buddhist's, Zoroastrians, Bons in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran
Where the the Arins and Indegenious Breber and Cushite faiths in North Africa
And while Islam doesn't push white supremacy it 100% pushes Arab cultiral supremacy in the faith, to be a good Muslim according to Islam you have to basically LARP as an Arab, the primordial language of Heaven its self is stated to Arabic and 13 Muslim countries where the punishment for insulting the pedophile prophet is death

As a closeted ex-Muslim in Pakistan im not scared of white supremacists, I'm scared of people I know killing me over leaving islam

Christianity Is not even comparable to any sect of Islam

No. 800399

Robots have 1 agenda they want to play with my placenta

No. 800407

I was thinking how lucky I was to get only a relatively small bedbug infestation and few bites. Then recently after I took a shower I had a glimpse of my back in the mirror and I literally have a constellation map of bedbugbites there

No. 800412

That's all true because you're an ex-Muslim woman in Pakistan, and I can say Christianity is the worst as an atheist woman in the US raised in an evangelist cult. different religions are the worst depending on where you live.

No. 800419

Why is every thread on crystal.cafe about men, it's so pathetic.

No. 800423

Anon the state will literally have me killed for leaving Islam, there is a literal death penalty for apostaty in Pakistan and 12 other Muslim countries and even if you live in a western country there's a good chance one of your own family members will hunt you down and kill you
its not an equal comparasion, Islam is always gonna be worse then Christianity, I'm sure you've suffered and I wanna understand that but your post is making me mad, I would literally take your life If I had the chance

I will literally will kill myself if I can't find asylum in some western country

No. 800431

Idk American cult members still have american human rights anon, thats leagues above places with legalized rape and murder.
Trannycels and tradhoes.

No. 800433

Noticed there's alot of bed bug posts on here lately and I'm pretty sure it's different anons too.. are bed bugs on the rise?

Where I am I've never heard of anyone having them

No. 800435

If it can reassure you Berbers are the vast majority of the population in Maghreb and the culture is relatively well preserved. They just call themselves Arabs for some reasons, mostly because the majority speaks a specific Arabic dialect and because of Islam. Even the ones in France like me know perfectly well they're not ethnic Arabs and some like the Kabyles will insult you if you call them Arabs.

No. 800452

File: 1620324690962.jpg (107.37 KB, 650x650, 5keGDwG8JA.jpg)

Someone once jokingly i think suggested changing the minimum age requirement to post here to be 21 years old and I think about it a lot. Of course it doesn't have to be that drastic but I fucking hate minors posting in this site and it's always super obvious as well, but unlike scrotes, they can't be banned unless they are too spergy or just outright state their age

I blame the great minor flood on the art and (mostly) the kpop threads, those were a mistake

No. 800453

What is this monkey business

No. 800457

They’re trying to pwn the whiteys by posting different species of monkey and have been going on for hours even though nobody cares.

No. 800459

An anon in /meta/ got mad because someone said "cave monkey"

No. 800460

I mean it might not be that good of a filter. Sometimes I read some posts in the relationship threads and think this must be a high school relationship, and then it turns out nonnie is 26…

No. 800463

I always hope that when I reply to posts sarcastically/with jokes people can tell, but usually it ends up with infighting and I feel so bad

No. 800470

I think it means a mischevious or iffy deal, I first heard it on Apeshit by The Carters, I'm ESL so I'm not sure

No. 800493

Ntayrt but yeah I agree with you, Islam is so much worse, in our current state of the world.

Those of us brought up in oppressive Christianity need to thank our lucky stars that nobody reads and strictly interprets their own Bible anymore or else they'd bring back stoning insubordinate children, wife beating, and slavery as the standard. Bad enough those whackos god hates fags and abortions, but at least they're not authorized to go out killing others for it a la the witch hunts and inquisition.

No. 800502

File: 1620326823901.jpg (45.11 KB, 500x620, GDBee.jpg)

It's been 16 hours, but oh my god I finally got a piece in that I can actually use! I don't know why why the fuck I bought this size of pen but I'm so fucking happy. I'm gonna draw girls with fluffy hair

No. 800508



No. 800515

File: 1620327515454.png (29.63 KB, 824x624, 1554190793776.png)

y'know nonnies always lament about the cringy behavior during their teen years but I'm a grown ass adult and STILL act cringe, idk why. I still lack the most basic human skills and almost sperged out at the dentist once out of fear, no wonder people think I'm unironically retarded. being a kid would've been better because at least I can get away with that, it's seen as pathetic as an adult.

No. 800516

File: 1620327542001.jpg (42.57 KB, 720x592, FB_IMG_1620327497872.jpg)

This has to be the worst one of these so far

No. 800517

Don't tell me you tried putting the lead in from the side that touches the paper? But how else would putting the lead in give you trouble?

No. 800522

No vodka and lolcow options?

No. 800523

Hmm…this post is giving off 3C6I%+ vibes.

No. 800526

I am! I think I opened the pen to put the lead in, but it didn't work. Can't remember why though, so I will try it again.

No. 800542

I think the point that keeps Islam from progressing is the fact that Muhammad unlike Jesus or Buddha, ruled his own state with absolute power and authority
For Muslims this was the greatest period in all of human history, there's a saying in Pakistan which translates "oh how I wish I could live with the prophet in Madina" and in the period when Muhammad ruled mecca and madima slavery was unambiguously legal, women legally could be beaten by their husbands and women had to be veiled when going outside

No. 800543

File: 1620328634292.gif (2.7 MB, 320x320, E8C9039A-762D-417C-8D1E-9DC409…)

No. 800545

File: 1620328790913.png (37.64 KB, 1128x249, freud.PNG)

Bless the anon who wrote this post, it opened my eyes to this certain peculiar male behavioral pattern and made me immediately realize how many times I've witnessed it. Explains really well why so many obnoxious, woke male feminists have a rocky track record of abusing women.

No. 800548

How the FUCK am I supposed to flirt in full PPE? With the hair net, mask, labcoat buttoned to my neck and goggles, like I can't play coy for shit.

No. 800549

Show ankle

No. 800553

I mean if Anon wants to score some Amish dick that would definitely work

No. 800555

File: 1620329518415.jpg (146.57 KB, 1300x863, 45693619-business-woman-hand-m…)

No can do, I need to wear work socks then layer my scrubs over it. It's a real clean area. The only bare skin is my hands, guess I could do pic related kek

No. 800557

You could connect to some primal roots and just do a mating call and/or dance!

No. 800561

File: 1620330224397.jpg (30.03 KB, 501x626, cute-nurse-pink-hazmat-suit-wi…)

do this

No. 800566

Use your words, use double entendres, wink, do the ol 'look at him until he notices you then look away' tactic. As far as looking sexy goes… Either you'll have to add him on social media so he can see better pics of you and/or invite him out somewhere else

No. 800576

File: 1620331451165.gif (1.78 MB, 498x280, D4D2AAB8-91EA-4EC2-B24A-ABA2B6…)

i’m a 27 year old woman who just fucking loves getting home from work, making a hot cup of tea and binge watching minecraft let’s plays if this is autism so help me god

No. 800580

aww hehe. indulge in your pleasures nonna

No. 800590

I'm somehow new to finding kingcobrajfs so I've been binging a bunch of his vids lately. Late lastnight I had one playing in the background and he started going into detail on how to pleasure a woman.. I haven't had sex in so long that my body reacted to just hearing the description of it.

Then I looked at the screen and calmed down again.

No. 800591


No. 800593

File: 1620332981617.jpg (99.81 KB, 761x792, Screenshot_22.jpg)

I think there's like one or two bedbug-anons here other than me…I complain the most often though lol. And yes, they are definitely going for world domination

No. 800605

Alright anons, what do you think the chances of this happening are

I know a guy whose very different from his younger brother, however both are married to black women, is that weird or not

For starters the guy I know is a fairly liberal white guy whose just the right amount of woke but can be annoying at times and his wife is a little more annoyingly woke but their both good people, his younger brother Is a born again Christian and specifically a Jevohahs witness and him and his wife(who is also religious) have at least 3 kids

I mean what are the odds of very different brother marrying specifically black women with similar views as them

No. 800615

File: 1620334343438.png (2.34 MB, 1242x2208, 7FF3EE78-659C-4C76-BFD3-E7AD4A…)

I know what munchausen means, but went to google it as a refresher reading through the chompurrs thread. Kekked hard

No. 800624

No. 800647

Hello fellow bedbug anon…

I thought my family was so close to being free because our building finally got us another pest company, but now it seems like the other pest company has ghosted us. No one's had any bites as of late which is nice, but summer is coming so we'll see. My infestation used to be so bad that you could casually find bedbugs out in the open in the middle of the day, not sure where they've gone now. I just want my fucking clothes out of storage.

No. 800662

lock the thread, this is the best post you'll see today.

No. 800665

get really fat so your thicc jello butt crack sticks out of your pants

No. 800673

File: 1620338554295.jpg (47.39 KB, 540x380, tumblr_7cfcb1d560ed093d19590dc…)

whoever made this owes me fifty bucks for making me look at it

No. 800689

File: 1620340032878.png (1.49 MB, 1444x1042, homiesaur.png)


No. 800690

I really hate this new red scare-esque, Pagliacore, art school, “irony”, snarky contrarian personality that every white girl seems to have now. Hopefully it is a short lived trend

No. 800691

c.c isn't terfy like lc?

No. 800694

It is. Idk what people are talking about every time I’ve been on there that’s the only opinion you ever see. Someone even made a thread recently bc they weren’t sure if you were allowed to post if you weren’t a terf.

No. 800697

drop an example anon. who?

No. 800704

Is this genuinely not something you’ve seen? I think it’s mostly on tiktok and twitter.

No. 800712

File: 1620341235973.jpg (11.02 KB, 300x168, fdg.jpg)

They just HAD to shit on my favorite pokemons didn't they?

No. 800725

File: 1620342607293.jpg (46.82 KB, 680x566, hzvyibi2vlw51.jpg)

Just assembled a desk with a cabinet and a drawer all by myself, with power tools included. Feeling like an absolute Stacy, Beckies DNI
the drawer is a bit wonky but it doesn't matter

No. 800729

As they say on the interwebz
That's some queen shit right here!

Fuck yeah!

No. 800734

not sure if I've experienced exactly what you're describing but I hate all twitter full-time politics posters, so I think I may know. didn't realize it was a trend that spread more. it is really insufferable the way they talk

No. 800738

Thank you, nonnie <3 It was tiring as fuck but I felt very accomplished, now I understand why dads love their powertools so much kek

No. 800740

I totally thought Dua Lipa was transgender since I've known about her but I just googled it and apparently she isn't?!?

No. 800741

im not retarded enough to use either sites lol

No. 800743

Kek she has a banging body but that manface is something else

No. 800746

You’re on lolcow. Just check the redscare thread in /snow/ lol

No. 800754

Does anyone know why xiaxue deleted her blog? Is the Singapore blogging scene still active? I haven't heard about any of them in ages.

No. 800758

Big thankies to anons who thirstposted peter steele, I've been listening to Type O negative for days now

No. 800770

File: 1620346562794.gif (1.19 MB, 326x640, 1369417430.gif)

what a sucky response anon, all i asked was a name for this specific observation.

No. 800771

disliking trannies in itself doesn't make someone a terf

No. 800773

ok? where did i say it did?

No. 800776

the other post asked if c.c. is terfy and yours said "it is." it isn't, it's filled with obvious male posters and tradthots

No. 800778

File: 1620347140748.jpg (41.32 KB, 1125x781, E0vk1MZWEAUoKfL.jpg)

Please stop responding to yourself. Stop the violence.

No. 800780

ok well I obviously disagree about about it "being full of male posters and tradthots". Imo it's as/more full of terfs than here.

No. 800785

c.c. is terfy and imo lolcow has just as many maleposters, anons only think otherwise because they take male bait like retards instead of ignoring it like miners do

No. 800789

cc is just males pretending to be women and a handful of disgusting unhinged pickmes

No. 800790

you people say everyone who isn't a terf is a male pretending to be a woman so i'm not suprised you think that. anyway idc i have no horse in this race i find the terfs insufferable on both, but i personally feel like if anything there's less here. and i don't think theres any shortage of disgusting unhinged people on lc.

No. 800794

Ignoring them makes cc look like a shithole. I'm glad it gets memed on 4chan as le female chan more than we do, I appreciate their sacrifice.
I think the users on TERF threads overlap with lc users but they don't use the rest of the site for obvious reasons.

No. 800797

yeah I'm sure all the shota porn posters (posting straight shota for males to self-insert in mind you) are definitely women lmao

No. 800804

i'm not a weeb so i don't really know much about this but i wouldn't doubt that they are? do you think that there are no women pedos or something? i feel like from being unfortunately made aware of the 'map' community back in the day on tumblr the idea that these people are only men really does not hold up.

No. 800805

she looks like aaron rodgers' head on annie lennox's body

No. 800807

File: 1620350065783.jpg (50.44 KB, 680x592, EzIPZcqXEAQDsa8.jpg)

Jesus take the wele

No. 800810

File: 1620350229857.jpg (27.25 KB, 800x450, 198effef514da352d600074d8a1312…)

Sometimes I wish there were a thread to leave small offerings to the mods in the form of images, depending on whether you're happy or mad at them. No further interaction, except maybe a couple words, at most.
Pic unrealated, I just really like cogimyun.

No. 800814

File: 1620351014704.png (134.47 KB, 416x525, target.PNG)

kek why did I think of that one tiktok about the transphobic dog. imagine buying your dog this uncomfortable tutu with that flag only for it to be a terf who barks at men

No. 800819

it's not that they never exist just that the majority of people posting that particular kind, with some self-insert boy fucking a boulder-titted woman, were male from what I've seen. female pedos usually post the other kind or even sfw images.

No. 800821

>tfw animals can be misandrist transphobes but not homophobic
Dogs can still be made to be racist, though, so it's not all good.

No. 800825

>were male from what I've seen
where have you "seen" this? and if you believe everyone you "see" posting it in a male oriented space/from a male account is a man but automatically assume anyone posting it in a female oriented space is a just man larping as a woman is this not just you making some unfalsifiable claim from some preconception you already have? idk i haven't seen these posts on ccand don't know anything about shota so can't really comment, but from my experience of seeing the posts that provoke a 'hi scrote' and being called a scrote so many times here for the stupidest things i don't really think the gc/pp/terf whatever spergs have any special insight in 'identifying' men, they seem significantly worse at it than most. Ultimately it's an anonymous imageboard and you don't know.

No. 800827

File: 1620352432212.jpg (115.32 KB, 720x602, 1578991641915.jpg)

I have seven satin sheet sets so I can change the sheets every day
I also have seven pairs of cotton sleep gloves and socks and seven satin hair caps
I am going to maximize the lifespan of this mattress and keep my skin hydrated at the same time
I have autism

No. 800828

I love milk tea and never usually add anything but tonight I added oreo, mochi, and brown sugar boba I'm out of control

No. 800829

File: 1620352858977.jpg (69.59 KB, 500x407, 1585454454396.jpg)

I'm manifesting myself some gd MONEY REEEEEEEEEE

I want a better job so I can buy all the dumb shit I want

No. 800833

I'm not sure but if a gay person abused a dog, it's known that abused dogs often fear people with similar appearance/mannerisms so idk maybe dogs could be homophobic. The difference with being transphobes is that supposedly there's no 2 sexes but dogs know the difference. Nobody would deny that there are different races and sexualities, and a dog's trauma response or training to those categories doesn't challenge any of their existence like it does with gender identities

No. 800835

samefag kek this is only assuming that the dog could be homophobic to gay people who "act gay" or look it if it matches their past abuser. I don't think dogs have innate gaydar

No. 800844

>>800833 boobee
>>800835 boobes

No. 800863

Where do u buy your sheets anon?
>seven pairs of cotton sleep gloves and socks and seven satin hair caps
I laugh now but I'm sure you'll mog me into oblivion in 40 years

No. 800867

we'll have to kill you for causing global warming what are your last words

No. 800879

i like you anon. be my howard hughes gf

No. 800883

I'm realizing a lot of what I want in life isn't stuff I wanted because I wanted it but stuff I wanted because I couldn't have it. I wanted to date this guy because I thought I didn't have a chance. Now we're dating and I don't want him anymore. I wanted all of these designer bags because I thought I would never be able to afford them. Now I can easily afford them, and suddenly they're ugly. It's like this with so many things in my life and now I'm wondering what it is I actually do like.

No. 800884

I sometimes still think of that anon who had the pack rat roommate whose room she had to sneak into to take a picture of because she said the roommate rarely left her room. I wish I could remember which /ot/ thread it was posted in.

No. 800885

File: 1620358231492.jpeg (7.5 KB, 200x187, 3E3231DE-B990-4195-983F-EA4A6B…)

This year I will be breaking the cycle of crying on my birthday. I’ve got 1.5 hours left until it’s over so nothing fucked up better happen before midnight.

No. 800886

Just have a happy cry that you made it at 12 am the next day. You can do it, anon! ♥

No. 800904

No. 800911

I could kiss ya, anon! Thank you so much for looking. I bookmarked it for when I need motivation to clean my room but feel too lazy in the future kek.

No. 800929

Five Guys > Burger King > McDonald's > Chik'Fil'a > Arby's > Sonic >>>>> Wendy's

No. 800930

Fool. Your actions will have consequences. Blegh.

No. 800935

Do what you must, I have already won

No. 800936

You eat and like Arbys? What the fuck…

No. 800938

File: 1620366274396.gif (7.15 MB, 426x240, 1842.gif)

switch BK and wendy's right now, then put arby's last

No. 800940

canadian A&W > everything else

No. 800942

Not when you're eating Five Guy's you haven't. Also, placing McDonald's with their food poisoning ass food above holy grail Arby's and Wendy's is diabolical!

No. 800944

File: 1620366719295.jpg (21.94 KB, 480x270, giphy-facebook_s.jpg)

>holy grail Arby's
This is the worst thing I've ever read

No. 800945

File: 1620366766018.jpeg (60.53 KB, 853x480, 4DE7C8F7-8A1A-4DEC-89BC-A7B557…)

>wendy’s below arby’s
for all that is holy fucking take it back you fucking cycle path

No. 800946

I like that my husband is the one who cleans the toilet but I absolutely hate that he never just the cleans the toilet, its always the whole bathroom and he uses really fucking strong Clorox and other bathroom cleaners, that make the bathroom unusable for like 2-3 Hours
And I tell him that he doesn't have to do the whole damm bathroom and then he says that "it would be pointless to just clean the toilet" and its like so fucking annoying,

he does this once a week

No. 800948

fr? prepare for the wave of women to tell you youre lucky you have a man who will do that.

No. 800949

File: 1620367274766.jpeg (63.72 KB, 639x632, FCA2F281-77A9-481A-B21E-B733FE…)

>holy grail Arby’s
Delete this nonatella

chic-a-fila>wendy’s=BK> (getting desperately hungry) five guys > (absolutely no other options) mcdonalds>sonic > (eating with intent to kill myself) random sewage > (completely given up my humanity) ass > (arrives in hell) the bodies of the damned > (reincarnated as a blind, deaf, man without a tongue at the bottom caste of an indian slum) some dirt > arby’s

No. 800951

Until someone else can bring jamocha shakes to the table, I will not be hearing any criticisms at this time. Thank you for your consideration.

No. 800952

I swear this isn't meant to be a Nigel brag or anything, its just something does and I used to appreciate it but Its just an inconvenience now, cause after cleaning the bathroom he always goes for a shower In the only other bathroom in the house, and as I stated I can't use the other bathroom cause of the chemical smell

No. 800953

File: 1620367709147.png (414.77 KB, 493x463, ma-keepit-real-with-u-chief-12…)

>Chick-fil-A #1
>Arby's last
Ha. I see that you've picked the wrong dialogue option one too many times and now you're on the bad ending branch of life. Do not worry. You can always restart the chapter. I'll be standing at the pearly gates with a gyro and mozzarella sticks when you're ready.

No. 800954

>No Popeye's
>No Dairy Queen
>Arby's is mentioned at all
mad world

No. 800956

File: 1620368282653.gif (154.42 KB, 160x120, 9D8944A0-76B0-4D4F-BEE3-0F9961…)

You can’t just lie like this. A single chic-a-fila nugget is better than an arby’s impending food poisoning in a 3 week past date slab of roast beef on reheated prison rye. I love gyros and I love mozzarella sticks, but I love myself too much to go to a fucking arby’s to get either. I think you just lucked out not having a shitty arby’s somehow.

Also, this is deja vu. I swear to fucking god another farmer had this exact conversation at some point. Because her city apparently had the only good arby’s on the entire fucking planet and she was excited they had gyros added to the menu…

No. 800962

I had Chick-fil-A nuggets one time before a flight and they made me want to preemptively jump off the plane. So mediocre. You know which fast food place actually gave me food poisoning though? McDonald's. Twice. Both from the nuggets and from two different locations.
also if the previous Arby's conversation happened within the last year, it very well could have been me.

No. 800972

I thought this was going to be a food poisoning on a plane story. Can you imagine that.

No. 801014

Every time I see a father with his daughter I want to cry. I miss my dad.

No. 801030

that's true
In this degenerate server I was in the actual few girls that were into shota were not interested in mommy stuff, while the guys that were both into loli/shota/trap shit loved the mommy or two big titted oneesans shit. Most guys hated what the girls were into kek

No. 801034

File: 1620379212600.jpg (45.49 KB, 460x345, brd.jpg)

I like imagining my therapist will be my friend once I'm done with therapy. I know it's delusional because 1) that's probably not appropriate and 2) she probably doesn't even like me and I know very well she's only listening because I'm paying her, but still… I've never felt so understood by a similarly aged woman before and my loneliness is acting up I guess.

No. 801038

Why is my first thought seeing a pretty boy "he is gay"? Who planted this idea in my mind. I'm sure some are but not to that extent

No. 801050

Either fujos or insecure fugly scrotes, honestly I do wish there were more media depictions of pretty young Boys with average women, without any gay shit or kink or fetishization of the woman

No. 801056

I'm on my period it still hurt took medication

No. 801058

The only kind of shota men like is the big titty mom type straight shotacon shit they can self insert to because they're mommyfag incels who want women to pamper and take care of them. Never seen them enjoy the gay teenage shota stuff women enjoy because it isn't about women pleasing their dicks.

No. 801069

The whole "too pretty to be straight" stereotype is an actual thing people say (or at least used to). I also remember when people used to insult straight men that actually liked to take care of themselves "metrosexual". Headlines like "David Beckham is metro" because he likes skincare or whatever.

No. 801071

oh I remember this, insane there had to be a specific word invented for men who do something as basic as taking care of themselves.

No. 801072

At least metrosexul still identified those men as straight, now there's so many gay headcanons vaguely non-masculine attractive guys

No. 801074

File: 1620384544281.gif (483.96 KB, 275x183, 1596547371132.gif)

I' watching RE: village walkthrough and imo the game is so bad. No real horror, just jumpscares and retatded characters dying left and right for no real reason. It's like a real bad drama, I love it.

No. 801076

really? what did you think of RE7 tho?
i need to watch my fav streamer's village stream, i'm super curious

No. 801079

File: 1620385118402.jpg (17.17 KB, 584x328, D8OqbPwVsAULYwy.jpg)

At least once a week I stop and think to myself about how a product deliberately named "Squatty Potty" was successfully marketed

No. 801081

I'm turning 30 in 3 days. I feel like I should do something about it?

I mean I'm celebrating it and taking time off work, but I get the feeling that it should be more significant than it feels, you know?

Maybe a haircut will do the trick.

No. 801085

I didn't watch it to be honest, I understand RE:V is connected to RE:7 tho. I watched it because everyone was raving about it so I wanted to see what it's about.

Also some of the character models seem to be taken from Devil May Cry? Mia looks a lot like Eva/Trish and the dude with the hammer seems to have the same hair as Dante?

No. 801090

Anons, please give me strength not to buy stupid shit at the DM store today. I have to go buy some stuff but I ALWAYS end up buying some little random shit. Like nailpolish, lipstick, face masks etc. I don't have that problem with any other store, just that one

No. 801092

I'm in exactly the same situation, were we separated at birth? It's an underwhelming time to turn 30 but happy birthday to us both!

No. 801093

When I turned 30 I remember treating myself more than anyone else did, which might sound sad but it seemed fitting in a way. Taking the lead on making your own day feel special.

No. 801102

Fingers crossed, I know how it is. Just go straight for what you need and dont slow down to even look at anything else.

No. 801110

It's a tough time for sure. I turned 30 last summer but created kind of the opposite experience. I think since I was fortunate enough to work from home etc I had so much more social energy (spoons so to speak) so for the first time, I decorated my apartment, ordered catering, ordered cupcakes, rented out the local archery range, mailed printed invitations with an online gift registry, and threw a party with my 7 immediate family members and fiance. No regrets, it was amazing. Everyone just innately understood how special this was to me and made the day great. We ended the night watching my favorite funny youtube videos drunk and cried laughing. Probably won't have another party like that til I turn 50 tbh, I've never actually liked parties.

Do whatever makes you happy and comfortable anons, you're living through a shit time right now and deserve something good.

No. 801112

I was half-asleep and put in the batteries wrong for a mouse. Steam started coming out and I was scared it was going to blow up. I'm retarded.

No. 801113

Same problem, except with Five Below. And it's just cheap cute shit too lol. Let's not waste our money, you're good on cosmetics etc right now!

No. 801117

File: 1620390908386.jpg (278.2 KB, 1300x783, 20210320_072733.jpg)

this stock photo is hot

No. 801125

I love how the castle looks like and the ladies, but it doesn't really fit RE imo.
Ethan is lame, idk why they kept him when there's a lot of RE characters people want in new games…

No. 801131

yeah, looks like a nice sunny day

No. 801142

god why cant men look like this anymore

No. 801147

samefag feel better now

No. 801155

I kinda hate the thread pic lol

No. 801173

I was reading about a second wave radfem Robin Morgan, and it seemed like she was a based manhating lesbian radfem but the real picture was disappointing, she promoted political lesbianism but was in a relationship with a man and the guy she was married to was a character all together
He was a misdranist gay/bi man, he wrote a "interesting" manifesto called The Effeminist Manifesto

In it he urged effeminate gay men to reject the masculinism in gay culture(alright for the most part)

it was against gender transition, kinks, crossdressing and Also very anti-camp and anti-gay culture and calling for gay men to stop having sex and be celibate

Weird asf

No. 801174

I seriously love thread pic.

No. 801179

File: 1620398051342.jpg (45.8 KB, 320x473, IMG_1681.JPG)

No. 801181

there’s a post in the sjw artist containment thread on /snow/ that reads as pure jealousy to me- they said that an ftm artist just published a kid’s book about an obese little girl. but i looked up the artist and they didn’t even publish the book- it was published by some obese influencer. the artist just did the illustrations, and they’ve illustrated for multiple other kids books about positivity/diversity etc… way to twist info and deliberately make the artist look bad

No. 801182

Idk anon it's not that deep,are you trying to wk a troon and call anon them kek

No. 801183

every person who makes ”step sis/bro” jokes is a pornsick coomer

No. 801184

troon is mtf not ftm. personally i only hate mtfs, i dont think ftms are men but i will be polite. and if i wanted to wk i wouldn’t be posting in the dumbass shit thread? anyways the fact that theyre trans doesnt even have anything to do with the book, its a book by some obese influencer and the artist didnt publish it, which is why i dont know why she posted it in the thread

No. 801191

very random thought as i usually don't care about being a parent or having children, but if I ever do have kids - I'd love to be the mom that is cool with sleepovers
I didn't have many as a kid at my home because my dad was annoying but the few times I did I felt so cool for having my friend sleep over, my mom would make us pizza or something and we'd play the ps1 and have fun
these are such precious memories to me that I'd love my child to have them too

No. 801193

Same! I’d definitely like to be the house of comfort for my kids’ friends, if I ever even have any. Don’t particularly plan to, but it’s a cute thought. ♥

No. 801194

Link to the book?

I don't know why people have to be so cruel to fat kids, particularly fat little girls. They're pretty much a product of neglectful parents or serious trauma or abuse, it's not like a kid purposefully wishes to be a target for ostracization and bullying. They have their entire adult lives to turn their weight around, they don't need to spend their childhood feeling like shit all the time.

No. 801196

it’s beautifully me by nabela noor (influencer in question). i absolutely agree with you, but based on the summary and the pages i saw she didn’t do a great job with the way she framed the story imo. the illustrations are lovely though and i don’t find the artist milky

No. 801197

Sup lolcow,what fun antics will we have today?

No. 801199

My sleep schedule has been fucked but its 4.30pm and I'm fighting sleep. If I can just make it through dinner I think I have fixed my life.

No. 801206

I just saw like 6 women taking selfies of each other in a field which basically means, that the warm season has officially begun lol

No. 801211

i support lizard men takeover now. lizards practice parental care which means they will be better fathers.

No. 801253

I don’t care about scrolling through my texts, Instagram, DMs, even tumblr or anything when my bf is next to me and happens to glance over or watch, but if I’m browsing lolcow I keep my phone close and close out immediately when he starts to come by. He notices and asks what I’m doing and I never have a good explanation kek I wonder what he could possibly think it is, if he even cares, considering I’m an open book about everything else

No. 801261

It would definitely make me at least curious, just tell him it's a gossip board, I'm pretty sure he won't care. I've shown my bf LC briefly because I know from far away it may look like 4chan and I really hate the idea someone could think I'm using 4chan.

No. 801262

not every single ugly celebrity moid needs a containment thread just because of at most 2 spergs

No. 801270

I really enjoy talking about lolcow with my bf. He knows I don't have any friend-drama (thank goodness) and get my kicks from reading the silly antics of cows, and even asks me about what specific cows are up to. I know he's not really invested, but I really appreciate that he takes an interest just to get me talking. Actually he caught me reading in the car the other day and asked me what was new, and that was when I realized he was a little tired from driving so much that day and needed some conversation to keep him alert. (He was the one driving, to clarify. I don't have a license yet.) I searched up his favorite twitch streamer and read all the comments aloud to him, so we got home quick and safe laughing the whole time. I would never tell anyone else about the site though lol.

No. 801271

I've had to explain it to a friend before and, like anon above, I described it as a gossip site that's just a guilty pleasure. That was enough to satisfy her

No. 801272

I think gossip board/forum would work! It’s not embarrassing, just very private for me. I doubt he’d be interested, I just know it looks like the chans as well and don’t feel like explaining the difference.
Aw, this is cute. I’ve only told one of my friends about it, and she doesn’t lurk or anything, but I send her funny posts and now she knows where they’re from and can ask for/look at context if necessary.

No. 801278

File: 1620410410361.png (346.02 KB, 1366x696, Screenshot 2021-05-07 19.35.46…)

Just found out about pic related. I guess it's a new app since ATM it has barely over 1000 downloads on GooglePlay. Wonder if it will be a good alternative to bitching on lolcow.
>As a Tumblr user, you get free access to download Trill Project on the App Store and Google Play Store. On Trill, you can discover an anonymous and safe community to join virtual support groups around topics of your choice and make new friends.
More info here: https://trill-project.webflow.io/tumblr-x-trill
Not sure how it's different from vent or other apps that I've never used.

No. 801286

File: 1620411391312.jpg (192.28 KB, 1284x980, 1618274007395.jpg)

>We are passionate and energized to use technology for good
ahahahahahaha this fucking buzz sentence hahahahahahah

No. 801289

File: 1620411565660.jpg (45.17 KB, 646x646, 9.jpg)

Stop this shit now. Males shouldn't know about this site. Idc if they "don't post" the thought of them even looking here is extremely disgusting. I'm gonna start manifesting every nigel's death if nonnies keep this up

No. 801299

File: 1620412244092.gif (2.04 MB, 480x270, 0BBDFE89-E8D5-4BA8-B991-1F17A5…)

> I'm gonna start manifesting every nigel's death if nonnies keep this up

No. 801302

This! Why the fuck do you guys keep telling your boyfriends about this site

No. 801315

any scrote who uses kiwifarms or 4chan probably knows about this site already, sorry anon

No. 801319

File: 1620413286932.jpg (236.05 KB, 1600x1600, 5.jpg)

Anyone taking vitamins/supplement? What's your kind, and do you take them all year around?

No. 801328

This is not some taboo, these guys are not even looking at this site from what anons are saying, hiding what you do online would be weird, no?

No. 801332

i think anons were joking/being hyperbolic

No. 801333

>hiding what you do online would be weird, no?

No. 801334

doublepost but I'm not

No. 801335

File: 1620413917851.jpg (87.07 KB, 1200x1200, Box-of-Centrum-Women-multivita…)

These. Yeah, I take them all year round, one a day.
They were extremely essential when I had a drinking problem, now I don't really need them but still take them because why not.

No. 801338

File: 1620414021218.jpeg (46.56 KB, 564x423, C3CC374E-791D-48A6-89CB-C8119A…)

Fair enough, and I support you

No. 801368

File: 1620416268098.png (83.7 KB, 481x340, DUH HURR.png)

this guy is so ugly and retarded looking, why is he always posted in the conventional threads

No. 801375

>this guy

No. 801383

File: 1620417264412.jpg (5.03 KB, 250x202, 5.jpg)

I know I've sworn to not go back to twitter but I think kinda found a handle that fits me for art account and I wanna use it now.

No. 801395

Is it fartist69?

No. 801396

Use Instagram instead, and twitter just as a backup/archive

No. 801399

File: 1620418148778.jpeg (74.75 KB, 851x637, C9593335-C077-4B53-9100-15A507…)

saw a fat kid and his mom on the subway, eating a sandwich at goddamn 3:30pm. masks are mandatory and frankly he was taking his sweet ass time.
does your ogre of a child NEED that sandwich in the train in the middle of the afternoon? does he need to eat more than he already does?

No. 801431

I don't understand caring this much

No. 801439

File: 1620420823979.png (6.31 KB, 660x45, dumbass.PNG)

Haha yeah that's pretty dumb right?

No. 801443

I'm fighting a compulsion to husbando shitpost like an autistic 14 year old

No. 801445

File: 1620421384725.jpeg (23.84 KB, 376x366, 090FFAAB-DCA3-4266-9512-E44A47…)

You said ogre of a child and now all I can see is a Shrek baby devouring a sandwich on the train

No. 801446

I'm going to make a successful vidya game with no men in it and no fanservice and no one can stop me not even tranny twitter

No. 801448

CP on /g/

No. 801450

and /meta/

No. 801454

>CP on /g/
Thanks anon for the heads up, hope you aren't too scarred from what you have seen

No. 801456

Yeah, better stay away from the front page, some angery scrote is posting that image everywhere seemingly

No. 801466

why the fuck is that scrote even trying to add """""compelling"""" arguments to literal CP? how will that change anyone's mind about anything? what a gigantic waste of time

No. 801467

i had a dream last night that i came on here to complain about a dream where i was pissed off that a cute guy i'd dreamed up turned out to be a trans woman

No. 801478

I had a dream last night where I was a big fluffy dog that was able to 'seek out' aka possess a human with my soul while still also being able to control my dog self. I had one of those bird tipper toys with me named Holly who also seemed sentient and I was trying to teach her how to 'seek out' too so that we could get jobs and rent an apartment together. She couldn't figure out how to do it though.

No. 801479

He's not, he's just spamming with posts made by farmers, like he's copying threads ops even

No. 801482

Waiting for the jannies to do their necessary purging, it’s not safe for life at all. So tired of seeing it, why can’t men ever leave us the hell alone and die?

No. 801502

I feel like most fruit is bullshit. Apples, bananas and oranges - fine, and yes tomatoes are technically fruit but they have culinary applications; so too, lemons and limes - nobody just peels a lime and eats it, you squeeze out the juice so that doesn't count as fruit per se. In niche circumstances pomegranate also has culinary applications eg in middle eastern cuisine But when it comes to berries, passion fruit, kiwi fruit, mango etc I don't see the point in them.

No. 801503

>I don't see the point in them
Because they taste good? It's just food lol why does it need to have a point other than tasting good and/or nourishing your body. Why do you think a fruit isn't really a fruit if you can cook with it?

No. 801505

Are you autistic? What a bizarre thing to say.

No. 801506

>apples are fine
>mangos are pointless
get da fuck oudda here

No. 801508

>t. has never had good mango before

No. 801509

I get asmr from that interview with Yolanda Saldivar and it doesn't even bother me tbh. I used to listen to Margo's asmr vids all the time until she deleted them. I don't know what it is about evil women having really relaxing voices.

No. 801510

i have nasty daddy issues

No. 801521

Fucking adore the bottom middle

No. 801525

I'll never fucking understand why people spam random pride emotes in chat when it has nothing to do with the stream, I swear Jerma has like 3 people who only post transpride emotes randomly.

No. 801527

I just got drama delivered straight to my phone via text, someone thinks I'm targeting their social media to expose their cheating boyfriend and I have literally nothing to do with it but I hate this bitch so much that I said it was me because she already hates me and it fills me with joy that she's pissed someone else off enough to comment on her posts and they can do more if they remain anon. I do this for my tribe I do this for my tribe

No. 801546

this whole "use they/them" bullcrap being applied to someone as annoying and as despicable as trisha paytas makes no sense to me, she doesn't even deserve a modicum of respect

one of the rare moments when a dipshit like gabbie hanna was right

No. 801550

finally someone who is using the dumbass shit thread to its maximum capacity because this is literally so useless and posted by a dumbass, congrats!

No. 801561

if murderers and pedo's can have their pronouns respected (and fought for), why can't an annoying idiot like Trisha? If she says she's a they/them people should respect it as dumb as all that shit is.

No. 801562

and by "people" I mean people who care about pronouns, they'd be a hypocrite if they weren't respectful towards her just because she's a shit person.

No. 801563

kek at the pedos in meta saying they'd rather see child porn than other anons trying to hide it. It's probably the mods annoyed that they had to delete spam instead of getting off of their asses and deleting the cp which was up for 2 hours or so, longer than any time it's been up before.

No. 801566

you know that for a long time people didn't respect her "gender identity", right? a lot of hypocritical wokies still don't
i don't get what she's done that is so bad either

No. 801570

It's weird that anons keep saying shit like that. There was an anon complaining about people reporting cp in one of the previous complaints threads as well. It's just so fucking weird and I want to believe they are pedo scrotes, but there could definitely be farmers here who actually think like that.

No. 801571

No one with a functioning brain thinks Trisha is being serious about her pronouns, especially Trisha.

No. 801572

also Trisha is hardly "despicable," like what has she actually done? Be a mentally ill retard and embarrass herself constantly?

No. 801576

File: 1620439062125.png (79.27 KB, 258x240, myasstastesofcubes-copy.png)

No. 801581

I'm so bummed that r/vindicta has been private for a couple of months now. I really liked a lot of the makeup advice posted there, plus I had a bunch of personal cows I liked to follow on it.

No. 801622

File: 1620449767782.jpg (49.86 KB, 757x420, ethrhf.JPG)

what the fuck twitter

No. 801625

I can get on board with this, let scrotes know they ain't gettin no waifu unless they maintain a decent level of personal grooming

No. 801644

I'd say animated dads are evolving past the "dumb bumbling dad with hot wife" trope and becoming more idealized in a sense, haven't seen Raya and the last Dragon yet (but like who has lol) but Inside out, Moana and even the Aladdin remake had good dad characters, even when they indirectly opposed their daughters their concern's always felt understandable

No. 801645

A similar thing is happening with In the world of gaming, a lot of Game developers who started their careers in their 20's are now married and have kids, their fathers themselves and while previously they inserted their straight male fantasy of being a badass and getting lots of women they know write storis of being idealized fathers, which is far more engaging and interesting then the former

No. 801655

share the caps if you have some. i got an autistic vibe from them but never bothered to really read through, i'll do it if it ever opens again though

No. 801666

File: 1620462550967.png (2.42 MB, 2048x2026, Screenshot_20210508-032846.png)

i'd have sex with cole hersch, but i wouldn't be happy about it

No. 801667

a vast improvement over the ugly guy paired with hot wife trope

No. 801683

File: 1620467780932.jpg (371.4 KB, 788x1152, got soap.jpg)

is it gone now? can I go to /g/?

No. 801686

File: 1620468498354.jpg (23.81 KB, 205x280, kitch.jpg)

Normally, whenever p*rn blogs follow me on Tumblr, I just block them, but this time I went through their archive and reported some of the porn accounts they reblogged, and I hope they all get taken down

No. 801687

It's been gone for a long while.

No. 801706

I don’t really find babies that cute but Indian babies are almost always very cute to me. Maybe because a lot of them already have hair?

No. 801707

I think this is a pretty cute baby, idk I think it’s more about how a baby behaves than how they look that makes them cute

No. 801710

I've always expressed adoration for indian babies. Those beautiful dark eyes and yea they usually have hair which really helps lol

No. 801714

i’m watching the rugby with my dad idk it feels like a bunch of men wanted an excuse to wrestle and hug other men without it being ~gay~ so they invented rugby and other such contact sports

No. 801716

lolcow ruined me, i can't function normally on other websites anymore

No. 801719

I remember watching a bit of UFC championships my father was following, and you could take frames from their grappling and ask people on the street to decide wether they're fighting or making love.

No. 801720

File: 1620475278348.jpeg (75.67 KB, 680x545, C77DB180-F3EC-4A8A-8B71-3F0EA9…)


No. 801722

Is it just me or is Vanessa Vokey playing up the ~based tradgirl~ thing now in her videos?

No. 801725

sadge in all feels

No. 801727

she is an idiot and not a radfem, just a grifter who loves being a /pol/ waifu

No. 801728

I think she's just moderately left wing and can see the bullshit behind troonery and the sex Industry
Like I don't think she's right wing in anyway but she's probably been called a radfem so many times that she may have started believing it

No. 801732

she told me "better dead than red" and called blm a terrorist organization

No. 801736

I know about the BLM thing but haven't seen the better then red thing

No. 801738

File: 1620476513019.jpg (160.23 KB, 928x611, Screenshot_20210508-082157_Gal…)

No. 801741

Wow I just assumed she was a boring moderate liberal, this is much worse

No. 801746

one of my coworkers is so hot its almost physically painful to he around him. i know he doesn't even consider me in that kind of way though, he's a typical straight guy whereas i am awkward and look like a butch lesbian

No. 801748

She’s definitely a right-winger. She was seen talking shit about Black Lives Matter and claimed that black people were more likely to commit crimes. She was fired from her job probably because of her incessant harassment towards a few trans women youtubers that no one cares about like Mathilda Hogberg. My assumption is that she definitely doesn’t make a lot of money from her shitty knitting crafts, so she probably comes from a wealthy family that can support her while she continues to destroy her dignity and future online. Her videos have been attracting very confused right-wingers which probably gave her the bright idea to pander to them even more. She reminds me of a very pathetic and low-ranking Candice Owens if she were to be white.

No. 801750

doublepost. aj, if youre reading this, pls fuck me

No. 801754

I wonder if blowfly girl is still alive.

No. 801758

Anon most people think I'm a butch lesbian but I've dated a lot of guys who could be considered Chads, hell I'm married to a Chad guyv

No. 801760

He can't read here, all text is encrypted so it can only be deciphered by female eyes.

No. 801764

thank you, that gives me some hope. the majority of guys i've attracted have been bisexual soyboys who just want me to peg them lol

No. 801765

NTA but sometimes I get caught up thinking that all men are going to want me to perform femininity for them if I were to enter a relationship. This gives me hope.

No. 801766

File: 1620478991418.jpg (48.18 KB, 640x651, 21t2hy1zmnt51.jpg)

No. 801768

kek the Candace comparison is spot on, iirc before I got blocked I saw she made a post (or long comment) recommending and praising Owens. she is a full retard.

No. 801769

I want to go camping with reviewbrah. He'd probably wear non suit related clothes for the trip. I want to listen to his shortwave radio at night and stare at the stars. I want to know his deepest thoughts. I have gone insane.

No. 801770

Never met one of these guys IRL, but have gotten weird messages online, "oh your such a goddess" "step on my balls pls" I think most of these message were due to the fact that I'm tall, GNC and moderately buff(not in prefect shape but I workout my upper body semi regularly)

But Im also proudly Vannila asf and attracted to mostly Naturally buff guys

No. 801771

File: 1620479615202.png (474.42 KB, 720x523, Screenshot_20210506-151505.png)

This Is Kelly Turnbull, a buff gnc woman who works in the animation industry, draws both bara and straight smut and married to a professional wrestler
This should be an inspiration for you anon

No. 801774

i started using rice water about a month ago and i love how full and healthy my hair has gotten. i haven't noticed any growth but it's only been a month.

No. 801779

based. i had resigned myself to a life of a lonely cat-lady, but maybe there is hope for me after all..

No. 801784

>This Is Kelly Turnbull, a buff gnc woman who works in the animation industry
It's not the one with the beard, right?
>draws both bara and straight smut and married to a professional wrestler
oh I am so relieved, really couldn't tell how much she was GNC

No. 801788

the fuck is this. why are you so mad

No. 801791

"gnc" is such a pointless term literally all means is short hair. Someone could wear completely stereotypically feminine clothing, makeup etc but if they have short hair will be referred to (and often refer to themselves) as gnc and on the other hand someone could never wear makeup, never wear stereotypically feminine clothes but if they have long hair (especially if they're conventionally attractive) will not be considered gnc. It's also always just like exclusively focused on people's appearance (or moreso just their hair) as opposed to being gnc in literally any other aspect of life.

No. 801795

Who were you listening to the whole time, twitter? Jesus

No. 801797

No literally anyone, that's how everyone on this website and irl uses it too

No. 801798

File: 1620484617440.jpeg (128.76 KB, 828x710, 3FF76DB3-4F90-4B52-9A47-CDB09E…)

Maybe the lurkers are the real cows on this hellsite

No. 801801

Now that you mention it, it is a thing. Pixie cuts and buzzcuts are GNC, but I haven't hear anyone saying they're GNC for not wearing feminine clothing and makeup, if they have long hair. I wouldn't call myself that either for that. I guess having colored shorter hear IS more striking visually, so it'd get more mean comments.

No. 801804

File: 1620485020169.jpg (142.29 KB, 1200x930, 1525837252753.jpg)

If a woman like this can get a Chad bf/husband then so can you

No. 801805

I'm not just talking about mean comments though, like all the women who refer to themselves as gnc/pat themselves on the back for being gnc literally just have short hair. I don't think we needed to make a special social category for women with buzzcuts to identify with. I just feel like 'gnc' says anything meaningful at all with the way it's used.

No. 801806

*don't feel like

No. 801807

>chad doesn't want me because I'm not feminine
>chad doesn't want me because I can't bench enough either

No. 801811

can a nonny explain to me how this woman is not gnc i'm retarded. unless there's other pics of her in feminine clothing or something

No. 801815

I'm not talking about the anons in this thread or this woman >>801804 just a general observation. and there are definitely women who pat themselves on the back or think they're doing something radical for being gnc (having a short haircut)

No. 801816

I feel like how “striking” things like not wearing makeup, having short hair etc are are and the amount of negative comments they provoke is largely determined by how attractive you are and maybe your race (I think black women get particular grief for short hair). “Gnc” specifically does seem to very overwhelmingly be used to exclusively mean just a white woman with short hair though.

No. 801817

NTA but I don't think it's a thing in real life, it's mostly a phenomenon is spaces with lots of young teens online, like parts of twitter and tiktok. It's like people that started calling being fat radical and queer because they really want to get closer to the lgbtq but truly are just "boring" straight men/women.

No. 801818

It's cool. I thought it was weird that you framed it that way until I remembered that there were so many traditionally feminine looking girls posting their selfies under some mascgirlmonday hashtag and I reconsidered my statement lol.

No. 801827

I'm not 'mad', I was really weirded out because my eyes focused on the wrestler and I was confused

No. 801843

my cat's definitely a scrote

No. 801848

I'm tired of Twitter recommending these articles on the sidebar. They need to just bring back the trending topics and leave it at that.

No. 801849

same anon. an update: he walked up behind me and started rubbing my shoulders. we work a physical job and i've seen him do it to all the other dudes, but god damn i melted. aj pls..

No. 801863

No offense, but no way she's straight, that's a bulldyke if I've seen one

No. 801872

I had an emotional morning being hungover watching return of the King. I've never saw it in HD before, when I tell you that I cried a 100 times

No. 801890

when people complain about being ugly i find it hard to feel bad because i feel like (except in some extreme cases of like genuine disfigurement) pretty much anyone could at least be like a 6/7 if they really were that bothered over it

No. 801891

I’m propagating some succulent cuttings for the first time and I’m nervous. All you cool ladies who manifest shit pls send vibes to help them get big and strong.

No. 801901

Some people just have a asymmetry that's not favoring their looks even without being disfigured. I just think that most people that talk about being ugly are probably close to average and are bummed they're not "naturally beautiful". I've read a post today that had a phrase like "being in marginalized demographics - including not being conventionally attractive" and I laughed out loud. Not being beautiful is not a marginalized class of its own.

No. 801905

i'm not letting the bee pee dees ruin sanrio for me

No. 801914

ugly people are the most oppressed class

No. 801920

>Not being beautiful is not a marginalized class of its own.
You should reconsider.
Ugly people honestly have it the worst. They are discriminated against in every aspect of life, and yet there is no remedy to this discrimination. It is just society telling them they are worth less. And not because of some artificial concept like race, a prejudice that can be countered, but because of much deeper primitive instincts that will never go away.
I feel very sorry for them.

No. 801929

>perma banned on cc
>banned on /tv/
>suspended on facebook
they hated her because she told the truth

No. 801930

I saw a vide about cow gathering toward music that was hella cute

No. 801931

Are you going for the 4/4?

No. 801944

In what way are ugly people discriminated against that results in any actual material oppression? Last I checked ugly people can still be successful artists, politicians, world leaders, business moguls, etc. Mean words are not oppression, 90% of their problems would be solved if they just stopped giving a fuck about what other people think.

No. 801946

If you look at it that way then nobody is really oppressed, since women and minorities can all do those things. The question is whether they get to.

No. 801953

Yet you can counter that with actual examples of ways in which women are minorities are discriminated against that leads to material oppression. I'm waiting to hear actual examples of how ugly people are discriminated against in similar ways. In fact, I would even argue that ugly people are over-represented in politics. Just google image search politicians and world leaders.

No. 801956

Does anybody know what happened to Erin Painter? Her thread is dead right now so I don’t want to necro it. Now hear me out. Normally when she leaves the internet she makes posts saying goodbye and shit like that but she didn’t make a post like that this time and it’s so out of character, instead all of her accounts are seemingly abandoned, no activity within almost two months. Idk I just have a bad gut feeling this time. Does anybody stay in contact with her that can confirm that she’s okay?

No. 801957

I bet it's well deserved. You can't get banned on cc unless you're a raging retard of a man.

No. 801959

File: 1620504411284.jpg (Spoiler Image, 550.44 KB, 2880x2880, 20210508_220620.jpg)

Found this through the Shayna thread. What could possibly lead to a person doing this?

No. 801960

seems claustrophobic as hell. Anyone who gets turned on by this shit should euthanized.

No. 801964

I’m getting a panic attack just looking at it

No. 801965

I love you all nonas, I really do, thank you for being here with us today

No. 801967

I'm not sure what I'm looking at it and I'm scared to find out

No. 801969

>angry retard of a man
That's funny because I got banned for calling out blatant lesbophobia/handmaidenism and accsing mods of being trannies (which is most definitely what they are). Straight/bi women constantly calling lesbians predatory and gay people degenerate, dick worshipping, supporting tradwaifu lifestyle etc. It's all normal there.

No. 801970

File: 1620506523705.jpeg (57.15 KB, 788x547, Practical_magic.jpeg)

They both looked so hot during this movie ffs.
Campy movies these days don't hit the same way, I miss them.

No. 801972

File: 1620506908850.jpg (36.26 KB, 477x542, 1618087008909.jpg)

I've been doing therapy, and law of attraction affirmations, and I feel so much more at peace with myself, like my energy feels cleaner, and I love myself and feel happier, and think more positive, and I now look out for myself first than anyone else. I love you all and I hope you all can also heal, I'm in the process of healing.

No. 801973

File: 1620507009276.gif (180.62 KB, 220x124, Cute sisters.gif)

Samefag I used to ship them so hard as a kid which is weird because they were supposed to be sisters and I didn't know what being gay was oh well

No. 801980

>Last I checked ugly people can still be successful artists, politicians, world leaders, business moguls, etc.
If they're male, sure.

No. 801982

literally the only fields where ugly people generally won't be successful are in the entertainment industry. The higher ups of pretty much any industry are generally all unattractive men and women.

No. 801986

I would kill to have the house from this film.

No. 801996

Oh my goodness anon that is so adorable…it makes me happy, thanks for sharing

No. 802027

YouTube comments suck anyway, but why the fuck are they 90% something twerking comments. I can’t wait for it to pass.

No. 802029

File: 1620513762829.jpg (97.09 KB, 576x768, 043uqaif50j31.jpg)

im craving edible paper

No. 802030

File: 1620513783454.gif (86.15 KB, 640x326, 1618428735922.gif)

I'm tired of tight pants! It makes me feel so uncomfortable all the damn time. I'm going to burn all of them and only wear loose pants for now on!

No. 802031

I've been wearing sweatpants since I was old enough to pick my own clothes tbh

No. 802032

how can you crave them, they taste like nothing

No. 802036

File: 1620515072848.jpeg (75.95 KB, 720x720, 9614E68B-DC6A-428D-9E5F-CC8956…)

This croissant is bussin

No. 802039

What the actual fuck.. please don’t tell me that’s an amputee

No. 802043

Nta but you can see their hands are folded inside the costume

No. 802046

wearing loose pants makes me want to hang myself but I support you on your pursuit of comfort anon

No. 802049

don't say euthanize, being a dog gets them off

No. 802050

File: 1620517214078.png (511.52 KB, 900x768, real-kira.png)

I felt possessed to make Lolcow-tan fanart on this fine Saturday kek

No. 802061

It's beautiful anon

No. 802062

File: 1620518561161.jpg (48.19 KB, 570x627, lxwheciad6541.jpg)

>google boobies
>get pictures of shrek porn, boob stress balls, a fat naked man and pic related
Thanks.. I guess..

No. 802065

File: 1620518676378.png (123.16 KB, 471x342, wtf.png)

sister what the fuck

No. 802066

it is what it is

No. 802074

AK-47 rifles look sick as hell but the use of actual guns gets two thumbs down from me.

No. 802076

File: 1620519734675.jpeg (17.72 KB, 580x580, F66C0B90-9DFB-4CD2-AECC-FF5708…)

Sometimes I want one of these, and the boob as well, they’re funny, I just wish the boob had a face as well.

No. 802079

Oh she’s hot. Post this in meta thread anon!

No. 802092

Would never imagine myself listening to selena gomez

No. 802096

File: 1620520968854.gif (387.52 KB, 2462x94, cooltext383564821832959.gif)

No. 802097

So true!

No. 802098

Based she kills namefags
Lol i went though a squishy dick phase

No. 802100

squishy penis showed up as an ad in one of my completely unrelated non nsfw searches once, I laughed my ass off

No. 802101

I wanna get my teeth capped with chrome so when I get in a fight I can just tear live chunks of flesh out of the attacker
I wanna rip someone's ears and fingers off next time I get in a fight like travis the chimp

No. 802102

I re watched the show my husbando is from and it gave me a painful realization of why I liked him. It had to do with some things just hitting too close to home and now I'm a little depressed.

No. 802108

Any guesses where the rocket is gonna land

No. 802110

No. 802111

No. 802115

I feel like I've already left enough of an autistic paper trail about him in other threads so I'd rather not say

No. 802116

nta I think she means the one going to the moon, with the bad guy on it. At least >>802111 that’s what the bat told me.

No. 802118

File: 1620523073078.png (235.83 KB, 1280x1000, _118408416_chinese_rocket_fall…)

An uncontrollable Chinese rocket is about to crash somewhere unknown on Earth in a couple of hours

No. 802120

I saw one guy on a tik tok say he hopes God lands it on him.

No. 802121

What does that mean? Just control it. Anyway, I hope it crashes somewhere cool, but doesn't kill anyone

No. 802127

What's its eta

No. 802130

Uuuhhmmm what the actual fuck?
I hope it lands on top of me

No. 802134

Wouldn’t they just snipe it out the air if it’s actually projected toward populated area?

No. 802137

oh god I picked the worst fucking time to get drunk on. I hate this

No. 802138

I’m sort of friends with a girl who is just so, SO fucking cute. I’m so jealous of how cute she is. She used to be into lolita and it suited her so well, now she just kind of does regular street jfashion but looks so amazing. She was kind of well known in my city’s cosplay community (there was a cgl thread on my city’s cosplay comm and people mentioned her a lot) but I only got to tall to her when a mutual friend introduced us. We never became good friends but she was SO sweet to me and always told me how cute I was, and when I came back after disappearing from facebook for a while, she immediately noticed and asked where I went and was concerned. She is such a sweetheart but our interactions are a little awkward since we aren’t very close at all, so I just admire how cute she is from afar. She’s older than me but has such a pretty youthful look, I really wish I was as cute as her. I used to think she was a huge bitch because of the cgl posts about her, but right off the bat after meeting her she was so nice and had such good energy that even though I’m jealous of her looks, I can’t even hate her. She has a cute loli look to her, but doesn’t play it up or dress like an underaged child so I appreciate that too lol, she’s just blessed to look really good for her age.

No. 802143

This. If there’s a real concern, it’ll get blown up, burn in pieces in the atmosphere then plop into the ocean.

No. 802150

on my fat ass

No. 802166

with any luck, it'll donnie darko me

No. 802172

Summer 2021 = hot girl summer
I lost a bunch of weight and dug out all of my crop tops from college. Can't wait to dress like a 19 year old with the confidence of a woman in her late 20's. Fellas better be ready to eat it up, because they can look, but they can't touch.

No. 802194

god when was the last time cow threads have actually been interesting. almost every thread is literally just
and nothing else

No. 802211

File: 1620537659591.jpg (27.08 KB, 350x255, 13322187_276035026075909_46029…)

Fellow Chinese nonnies, do you also feel that cum smells like congee? Or it just me? I've only ever experienced "bleach-scented" once and it was a shock, otherwise to me cum apparently smells like Chinese rice porridge

I've told this to my white bf and now he refuses to try congee kek

No. 802214

I am not Chinese, but yes it does

No. 802218

>now he refuses to try congee
Fragile masculinity

No. 802221

I don’t really think it does but it looks like congee now that you point it out

No. 802222

File: 1620541224673.jpg (1.08 MB, 1200x726, Delinquent gang.jpg)

I see one cute delinquent and my brain goes horny

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