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File: 1619260725198.jpg (38.83 KB, 478x480, b9cb27270d727e077c0382629cbff0…)

No. 790324

"Dumb dumb, dumb; dumb dumb dumb." - VELVET, Red.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/782145

No. 790327

File: 1619260949519.png (111.37 KB, 1488x837, moididiot.png)

Thecoli is a good place for documenting the pathology of men and their density. The woman he quoted wrote a decent post about female sexuality and this retard implies its "selfish". Its crazy how men with all their flaws and fucked up complexes around sexuality they still LARP like women are the ones who are fucked up about it

Need a partner that pleasures you and you cant have sex with just anyone? Nope youre wrong and ruining the species

No. 790362

I feel so ambivalent about adult coloring books. Like yeah, the end result looks pretty but I somehow can't imagine not feeling infantilised and having constant flashbacks of being in kindergarten and doing the same thing

No. 790364

File: 1619265238827.jpg (22.93 KB, 470x400, 50639c1a376a7a9751d761bb0aff19…)

I can't stop SIMPING for an old man

No. 790368

File: 1619265688286.jpeg (324.66 KB, 750x517, F10CFBF8-F2E9-4064-B757-8338C1…)

projection at its finest. women have dildos because none of you walking wallets are good at sex

No. 790370

love yourself, queen

No. 790373

Isn't that KINDA the point? Getting to do something so simple and relaxing, just like you did as a kid?

No. 790375

but he's hot…

No. 790379

but they're for relaxing and stress relief, that's the purpose of them

No. 790382

I posted this in the last thread but nonetheless, Anyone else find this video really offensive

For those who don't know Teala Dunn is a former child actor and moderately popular Youtuber and influencer, there's nothing really that special about her but apparently people started making fun of she cause apparently she acts "too white" for a black girl

like this video starts off with her talking about her ancestry test in which she found she had German ancestry and somehow acknowledging that part of yourself is somehow self hating, I mean then her not speaking in AAVE accent and having "white" people tastes is also somehow proof of her being self hating

she grew up an upper middle class kid in the suburbs, I mean do these people expect all black girls to act like "gheeeto" speak with an AAVE accent and or also be hypewoke and only identify with their very stereotypical black American interests

I swear most of these woke people can be lowkey racist against black girls and serotype us worse then Conservatives

No. 790383

Wtf I didn't know Elijah Wood voiced Spyro the dragon?

No. 790389

I think I meme'd myself into liking submissive men but I also can only imagine it with 2D guys because 3D men my age are too ugly to look at. Let me die, please.

No. 790391

Okay, but being ugly isn't exclusive to 3D submissive men.

No. 790392

Anons what do you think of Bernadette Banner (on youtube)? Is there any milk I should know of? I don't care for her whole victorian aesthetic but I think it's kinda cool she just sews and curates her own warderobe.

No. 790395

Obviously, but somehow the fucked up hairlines and ugly fat bodies bother me more when I try to imagine them trying to be submissive or needy. Like I almost feel insulted, even though I'm the one who tried to force them into that mental image.

No. 790404

I think I accidentally threw away my vibrator's charger chord
GG me

No. 790405

Same but with doms, realized Vanilla sex was better then all of the above

No. 790446

File: 1619271949198.jpg (40.97 KB, 500x298, tumblr_15050d903bef843d4ca57a9…)

Anyone always confused by how people have art that's only possible through years of hard study, but they only draw NSFW or some randomly specific thing? I know it's their choice, but it's so surreal seeing years of work into one specific thing. For NSFW it's most likely an alt account and normal art is on their main. The other one has no explanation though.
Pic related. One of the best artists I've seen In a while just draws transformers fanart. Looking at their oldest posts, 5 years ago, more transformers fan art. Autism really is a superpower I assume. Amne-chan is their name for those curious.

No. 790473

I share your confusion, but also I love accounts like these, whether or not they draw something for an IP I like. Autistic artists just living exactly the life they want. We could only ever hope to achieve a similar nirvana. I came across this really talented artist once who drew only hyperrealistic portraits of characters from the Cats musical. With colored pencils on paper. Like it was the only stuff she had on her portofolio website with her real name as the URL. I was puzzled, but also I scoured it in its entirety because she was just that good at color and rendering kek.

No. 790476

Why waste your years of practice and amazing skill on painting something you don't even like?

No. 790477

File: 1619274540391.png (81.94 KB, 195x192, D-Er8FIXsAIwZ2C.png)

Tempted to start a vlog channel without showing my face and using a speech-text for voiceovers

No. 790479

gonna be like this but as an writer and idc if someone disagrees

No. 790488

She really does though lol

No. 790497

I mean as long as it's like a personal project and you don't expect anything from it, do it. Just be careful what you share, because it COULD potentially end up in bad hands.

No. 790502

File: 1619275816864.png (173.79 KB, 377x332, Screenshot 2021-04-21 161807.p…)

Photoshops intelligent scale feature sure is something. I was transforming a reference to fit my canvas, but I didn't click "Constant scale" and I got this

No. 790551

File: 1619279409326.jpg (12.67 KB, 392x365, 4756f21f1310ec16c2ce0d5fc3670f…)

mind: I need to find a decent man/woman who is an equal to me
heart and pussy: I have daddy and mommy issues, I need a hot older man/woman to spoil me, I want the attention I never got as a child and I don't want any resposibility

No. 790552

>I need to find a decent man/woman who is an equal to me
Ugh why is it so hard to find this

No. 790553

Should single men be allowed to adopt children? I saw someone on Reddit get downvoted to hell for saying it should be stricter for single men to adopt kids because they're the demographic most likely to be a pedo. I'm inclined to agree with that but people were so offended at that statement

No. 790554

>Should single men be allowed to adopt children?
Obviously no.

No. 790555

Kek love it

No. 790556

I mean, plenty of married men have turned out to be pedos.

No. 790558

Yeah but with a woman around there's at least a chance that the man gets caught, sure, some women even defend their pedo partners, but there are also those who report them and save their kids. In a case of a single man there's nobody to supervise him.

No. 790560

True, I'm also struggling to understand why a single man would even want a kid, anyways.

No. 790577

she grew up upper middle class, in the suburbs
of course she's gonna act like someone from the suburbs

No. 790586

I'm black and I hate being black, if anyone is weird it's black people who like being black.(autism/racebait)

No. 790589

I'm camp single men shouldn't adopt children at all but that would never fly, so restrictions would be the very least. Exactly for this reason
>because they're the demographic most likely to be a pedo.
I'd also never ever ever bring my (hypothetical) kids to a daycare with a male employee. There was a scandal of a male employee at a daycare raping babies and toddlers in my country. It's SO telling when it's the gender that represents less than <1% of the workers in that field is the one that ends up raping babies. But society doesn't like to face the fact and statistics that men are much, much more likely to abuse, rape, commit acts of violence etc. Probably because it's mostly men in power and women are generally in denial about it and/or think "well, the men I know can't be like that!" because that's far more comfortable than facing the truth.

No. 790592

I second this.

Also, on a slightly different note, I hate how much emphasis is put on female pedo teachers in the media and how so many people use those examples like they're some sort of "gotcha!" than women can be pedos too, as if it's equally a problem. Like yeah, women CAN be pedos, but if you look at stats, females are far far FAR in the minority when it comes to teachers who abuse their students, yet they're disproportionately represented in the media.

No. 790598

true, ironically it's the self-hating thing to think black people just inherently all talk in AAVE and have the same interests regardless of where they're from

No. 790609

again see >>790577 she grew she grew up upper middle class, in the suburbs, she's gonna act like this on purpose
Honestly the weirdest part is that this specific videe was made by a white girl, I've talked about this before how middle class white women have this almost fetishization towards black women which is just cringy, they fetishize the strong black women stereotype not realizing that black women were forced to be in the situations and didn't have any choice in the matter
poor lower income white women have gone though the same things and are just as tough(don't respond to redtexted bait)

No. 790614

File: 1619285223039.png (111.47 KB, 492x492, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…)


No. 790616

File: 1619285313721.png (127.89 KB, 492x495, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…)


No. 790618

reminder these captchas are used to train smart cars so maybe one day a smart car is going to yeet a family straight into a road sign thinking it's another car also moving down the road and kill em all because recaptcha wouldn't let me shitpost

No. 790619

isn't there a skip button

No. 790625

People say this often about a lot of different black women, my family said it to me when I was a kid/teen because I was shy, bookish, and liked anime. It's almost like not acting like a stereotype is some sort of betrayal to people who say this. It's mostly projection, I think. People who are insecure in their sense of self/identity want to accuse more confident women of being self-hating. Like not every decision a person makes is through the lens of race, sometimes people just exist as individuals.

No. 790636

This makes no sense did everyone suddenly forget the mass raping that went on during slavery? Ofc she would have a bit of white ancestry most African Americans have on average 20% European genes. This whole thing sounds like incesurity the Broadway musical

No. 790639

File: 1619287601588.gif (685.35 KB, 500x281, 2AC870B8-E404-4E45-8E2F-94147A…)

Sweet Dee from it’s always sunny reminds me of early 2010s Jenna Marbles and the blackface videos she was cancelled for only solidify it

No. 790640

Well tbf the suburbs were exclusively created for white people who are more financially well off

No. 790641

No. 790644

File: 1619287924729.png (63.11 KB, 666x160, nkjbr.png)

Based off the name and profile pic, it actually looks like a gay white guy to me. I honestly feel like gay scrotes are even worse when it comes to being weird and fetishizing women, especially black women.
They have the entitlement of a regular straight white guy, but embody the whole "catty" stereotype often placed on women, and they somehow get it in their heads that they have the right to attack or harass women (I guess because they want to skinwalk us, rather than fuck us), claim they have an "inner black woman" and make shitty videos like that. It's so ugly.

No. 790645

Honestly she cancelled herself as a strategy during the stressful climate at the time where Shane Dawson was getting exposed left right and center. She’s not really sorry at all, she just two shit choices (wait to get cancelled or get it over with) and with the addition of her not looking as enthusiastic or passionate about her career anymore to lots of her fans, she decided to end her online presence.

No. 790651

Gender expression is limited, it’s either be a twink or a coping gymfag.

No. 790653

Good for her kek. She got money, doggies, and a fiancée..why stress yourself weekly about a judgmental and invisible audience?

No. 790655

No it is actually a woman, Though are right regarding gay men
I mean straight white woman and gay men both very much fetishize the fierce confident black woman trope, that I'm tired of it at this point
cause I just want depiction of a cute non-hyper sexualized black girl whit no worries, is that really too much to ask ?

No. 790656

File: 1619288285406.png (213.16 KB, 640x906, wv3vhjgecxu61.png)

I do wonder if the big fans of thus current anti-aging skin care fad, Hyram, Dre. Drey, the sun screen spamming, will have mental breakdowns once they realize no matter how many sun screens they put on a 30 year old will not look like a 20 year old. A lot of the people who do these complex/controlling regimes of anti-aging stuff don't look young because of the products, but because they're well young. Sunscreen helps A 30 year old look good, but it wont make them look 20.
I see a spike in age related body dsymorphia or people realizing putting sunscreen on everyday few hours and avoiding the sun 24/7.

No. 790665

agree, while she’s away from the increasing internet shitstorm she’s chillaxing in her coastal million dollar home with her rat dog and semi-cute nigel, she’s living the life as a middle aged woman

No. 790671

>I see a spike in age related body dsymorphia or people realizing putting sunscreen on everyday few hours and avoiding the sun 24/7.
This is so apparent in skincare communities, I'm interested in this kind of subject because my skin has always been problematic; I'm seeing posts from women asking how many times a day should they reapply sunscreen if they don't go out, or asking whether they should put on sunscreen before going to sleep or just wake up with sunrise around 5am and apply it then. Literally insane. I can't imagine living like this.

No. 790680

Honestly dr. drey is a hypochondriac anachan and hyram is just a random fag with a lisp and access to google. I don’t think it’s completely a fad, dermatologists advocating for sunscreen is normal. The main fad-like thing I see is how retinol is getting pushed in the US now despite being OTC practically everywhere else. These skincare practices are good in the long run but skincare being overhyped, overpackaged, and overpriced isn’t anything new.

No. 790685

The only person who loves singing at the top of their lungs more than my neighbour is his wife. Cut it out, you two

No. 790687

This to both these posts. I used to be the black fag hag in a friends group of gay men and it was a nightmare. I hope this doesn't come across as homophobic, but the gay male community is horrifically toxic. I mean, they literally embrace toxicity- rampant promiscuity, hard drug use, extreme cattiness, body shaming anyone who doesn't look like a photoshopped IG model, the list goes on. Also, you don't know the real meaning of the term "victim complex" until you see Northeastern or West Coast gay men earning six figures by 25 and admit they never experienced direct homophobia still try to act like they're among the most persecuted and underprivileged people in America. Like jfc stop talking like you're some Bible Belt kid who got kicked out and disowned at 16 then had to desperately fight your way to survive ever since.

No. 790689

If Sweet Dee were real, she would obsessively skinwalk the shit out of Jenna and hatestalk her.

No. 790696

Women tend to think because gay men aren't sexually interested in us, therefore they're all automatically nice. They're not, In fact many gay men seem to think the whole "sassy" gay persona gives them privilege to be even more verbally aggressive, like it's expected from them.

I spent a lot more time with gay men in collage when I was young. Constant "jokes" about women's boyfriends being secretly gay, nonstop stories of all the guys they blew them behind closed doors, reminders of how gross women's bodies were…. All the young women in that circle were barraged with this. And none of us wanted to be homophobic by calling it out as the jealousy and misogyny it was.

No. 790705

Laying in bed in a bra and shorts. I'm a mess and sore all over after spending the day repainting 2 rooms. A neighbor (I presume) knocked on my door but nothing could get me to rush, get dressed or run down the stairs right now.

Nobody ever knocks. Kinda wish I had pushed myself to get up, I mean the mystery is annoying me.

No. 790707

>Constant "jokes" about women's boyfriends being secretly gay
IME when they make those "jokes" it's thinly veiled fantasy thinking that they refuse to let go of. I had an ex-friend who got bizarrely competitive over men with me and any guy I dated, he would make passes at to the point where one of my SOs was uncomfortable being around him (not out of homophobia, but because he was extremely aggressive when coming onto him in a way that honestly crossed the line into sexual harassment).

No. 790717

File: 1619292136718.jpg (64.24 KB, 550x696, lean.jpg)

When I saw this book I legit thought it was about the drug

No. 790719

Wait it isn't?

No. 790720

Ok just read the rest of whats on the cover.
Idk drugs > the actual topic of the book

No. 790721

I asked the sushi place to give me extra scallion for my birthday (I used lots of smiley faces in the note) and they gave me two extra rolls and a matcha shortbread cookies hehe

No. 790722


No. 790723

Aww, happy birthday anon! I want cookies now lmao

No. 790732

File: 1619293309609.jpeg (74.41 KB, 640x640, 14D326BD-4721-476E-AB28-174FDE…)

mfw I always talk so damn much online and I don’t care, it’s not my fault I’m a human being and everyone else is a NPC conservative snowflake hurt feeling millenial cancel culture radical wokie enby troon lolcow alogging optics narrative youtube drama i have crippling depression dream cancer culture kek anon kek anon kek anon kek anon omg congratulations!

No. 790733

Someone repair the AI, it's acting up again

No. 790734

wtf how did you post my stream of consciousness in real time

No. 790735

I have just snorted another line and reading this post made me think I was having an OD

Are you ok Anon?
You wanna like talk about?

No. 790739

I was scrolling through the unconventional attractions thread earlier and my mum glanced at my phone and thought I was on a dating app, lmao

No. 790741

Dill is the best herb

No. 790742

i feel like my lymph node under my chin is acting up and on period and not really being a girlboss stacy femdom fujo today

No. 790745

File: 1619293954338.jpg (1.85 MB, 1600x1200, fresh-dill-in-the-natural-envi…)

you made me google dill and now I know the yellow flowers that grow everywhere on the roadsides in summer is dill

No. 790747

That was the most relatable thing I've read in a while.

Feeling the same way about my lymph nodes but then again that could be a side effect of snorting my prescription.

Get some rest, a hot water bottle, maybe order some food and scream into the void.
You'll feel like a #girlboss yaaas queen again soon. No worries.
sending you some virtual hugs

No. 790750

I have a tinfoil that the pedo anons we've had recently are a tranny/scrote psyop to prove that wOmEn Do iT tOo

No. 790751

I love the combinations

No. 790756

︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎

No. 790758

No. 790764

So true!

No. 790765

Are you me? I think it has to do with the only lewd artwork I could find of certain characters that actually shows off their bodies being of that nature. I find it really embarrassing.

No. 790767


No. 790768

Say it louder queen!

No. 790784

There's a family living on the next street over and they easily make more noise than the rest the two streets combined make. It feels like there isn't a moment of the day where I can't hear their loud voices, their dog or even their car doors all slamming one by one. They're a family of 4..I don't know how they do it.

No. 790796

You would guess that wanting to please women would go hand in hand with putting in an effort to look hot.

No. 790835

Nah, they are just pornsick and think that the ugly fat sniveling men in porn who get hot angry women to jerk them off for 5 hours straight could be them one day. Ironically the best submissive men are the ones who don't identify as such.

No. 790839

What happened to black market chia flour anon? I don't remember her updating us and that was months ago.

No. 790841

everyona has seen these videos of a cat clinging to it's owner's arm and screaming every time the owner tries to take the arm away, but watching this complication i noticed the person always rubbing the cat's other ear when it screams? especially at 2:45, the owner takes the cat's ear between their fingers? is the cat screaming because the owner is hurting it's ear?

No. 790842

Disgusting if true.

No. 790849

I stopped watching as many cute animal vids lately because too much of it seems to be people irritating their pet into giving them a reaction.

Setting off separation anxiety in a little dog and filming it all distressed, setting up fights between two pets and sitting back laughing. It's often just distress for the sake of filming it. That's not cute

No. 790850

I've only had tall boyfriends and I judge pretty hardly on height but if I'm honest with myself the dude that was on my mind the longest wasn't 6ft and had a small penis but he was beautiful and probably the most in common with me. Do I give shorter men a chance again? Maybe.

No. 790852

Hard to tell what exactly this cat is feeling, seems agitated, confused maybe, but I'm 100% sure it's not hurt in any way because it's in a perfect position to attack which it never attempts, and it doesn't run. It doesn't purr though, and doesn't lean to the touch, just accepts it, so it's an odd video for sure.

No. 790860

File: 1619302034218.jpeg (397.15 KB, 668x648, DEBA5AD5-A124-457B-B1EC-0EDB5B…)

the crackhead ramyun anon plsssssss im so done

No. 790864

File: 1619302317232.jpg (11.45 KB, 260x346, Victor_Hugo_001.jpg)

listen I wanted to post it here but realized too late I was on the threads page and now I made it to the lolcow caps

No. 790869

Lmao anon I love you

No. 790887

Please tell me wise Ramen Anon!!!

No. 790906

thank you kek

Probably because I didn't take the good noodle pack brand to begin with, also regular mayo rather than kewpie mayo. The taste was okay but nowhere luxurious like as they claimed

No. 790908

I've been reading about people dying in their house and not being found for years and I am: terrified of that happening to me when I'm old. I'm pestering my brother and his future wife/kids in any case so that someone will worry. Ideally I would not die alone but idk…

No. 790912

File: 1619305558533.png (441.64 KB, 944x1385, Screenshot_20210424-231106~2.p…)

I can't get over that this post seems like it was written by an old person ten years ago, and I'm old myself
How did my middle aged uncle find lolcow

No. 790914

Kek is this Shayna's thread?

No. 790917

Lori's, I think

No. 790918

Is this Jerma?

No. 790923

Lmfaooo, that person is probably as old as Lori is, then

No. 790925

File: 1619306855696.gif (1012 KB, 500x375, 73760.gif)

i love making my characters sexy, beautiful, powerful, and great at everything. I don't give a single fuck if it's not 'realistic', it's MY fantasy and I can do what I want with it. And in a wish fulfilment fantasy you might as well have fun and go all out. That's the whole point. Why does everyone want to be a loser? Fuck "muh realism" autists, fuck "rElAtaBle" bitches, and fuck all those "chubby/crippled/depressed/troon/etc reader" reader inserts.

No. 790932

That's the way to go nona

No. 790936

Agree! Those are my fantasies too

No. 790937

File: 1619309308303.jpg (38.65 KB, 640x568, ffbf4f1e861818a67512e55b403ed7…)

I make my characters pathetic sad losers, because my fantasy is for someone to comfort me.

No. 790942

me too it’s probably a projection of your desires though, you yourself probably want to be a perfect god-like being

No. 790950

Men who constantly demand women to be natural while praising fakeness and refusing to accept the fact that the vast majority of the women they jerk off too have to spend hours, money, photoshop and everything else on their look are the absolute cancer of society

No. 790952

>get sized at Victoria Secret
>Usually a 34D/32DD in normie store sizes or 30G if I want a correct fit
>She measures almost to my collar bone
>>"You're a 38B"
>Sounds weird but okay
>Rip the bra when trying it on and have to buy it

I don't get it? I feel kinda insulted lol. I clearly have big boobs and a small rib cage. Just something that slightly annoyed me today

No. 790954

this you?

No. 790966

TIL there was a different opening for American and Canadian DBZ. I'm Canadian and can't imagine listening to anything different than what I grew up with but the American opening is better.

No. 790971

File: 1619313151081.jpeg (318.82 KB, 604x445, ACA58591-20C4-4275-AFAE-5D24FC…)

my screen protector cracked a little bit and is sort of bugging me. the karma is setting in! god is trying to attack me from his prison

No. 790972

I know that feel, but from the latam spanish version, anything other than those openings and endings will sound like bad copies made by a fan in a garage.

No. 790977

Does anyone else get a weird sense of uneasiness when their hair sheds? I know it's normal to lose up to like 100 strands a day but it makes me upset to see my hair come out in the brush

No. 790982

File: 1619314796300.jpeg (67.13 KB, 535x389, DF6009B3-788F-4323-83A4-639688…)

>omg queen laugh off all the haters they’re just moar miserable than you

Shut the fuck up you absolute childish walking prune, I hate you because I hate you, and hating is fun, amazing, stunning, brace, beautiful, exciting.

No. 790991

File: 1619316077243.jpeg (792.79 KB, 1242x1522, 59FF6575-DBDB-4D47-BC03-D76FF9…)


No. 790993

File: 1619316360316.jpeg (970.31 KB, 1242x1807, 71AA71D4-3BA3-45CF-8271-681C43…)

Bonkers is also ableist

No. 790994

>hating is fun, amazing, stunning, brace,

No. 790996

File: 1619316817956.jpg (242.26 KB, 540x1540, 54203.jpg)

I only play Xbox like twice a year so I didn't know they started allowing people to upload custom profile pictures until today. I uploaded a stupid picture of the Kool-Aid Guy that made me laugh, it doesn't even break any rules but it made somebody at Microsoft really mad apparently

No. 791007

File: 1619321790768.png (188.29 KB, 1182x537, Screenshot 2021-04-24 233518.p…)

They really published this

No. 791009

Can they… use that Sherlock still as a cover? Like legally?

No. 791013

met a FTM at the store yesterday and i could obviously tell it was a ftm with her weird ass kermit voice and height. i was trying my best not to use she because she was nice and we laughed about shitty customers.

No. 791015

File: 1619323922059.png (1.42 MB, 992x1418, Screen Shot 2021-04-25 at 12.1…)

would you fuck me i'd fuck me

No. 791016

How do i get that confidence?

No. 791030

become irredeemably obese and browse tumblr for an extended period of time.

No. 791042

I have the shirt in thumbnail and I always sneaky wear it to exams under my lab coat

No. 791046

spoiler that shit

No. 791052

>notice black spots on mole
>google melanoma
>pictures look like my mole
>curiosity gets the best of me and start picking on it
>be able to peel the black off
>it was just dirt

No. 791053

File: 1619335108969.jpg (68.2 KB, 720x702, 1552484258787.jpg)

No. 791062

>imagines walking down the city alone looking slick as fuck while this jazzy tune is playing

No. 791063

imagine having this kind of belly and rolling down a hill

No. 791066

File: 1619338212524.gif (368.82 KB, 220x274, tenor.gif)

i have a crush on timothee chalamet. my brother's grown out his hair and now he keeps getting compared to him. this feels wrong

No. 791070

I feel this. Once time I was half asleep and felt a lump on my breast and had an entire panic attack before realizing it was a bug bite.

No. 791071

File: 1619339825592.gif (2.21 MB, 480x352, 488A3F43-B370-4B57-ABCC-20D018…)

No. 791084

I hate how /g/ is just a cluttered mess of slight variations on attractive/ugly people/crushes

No. 791120

I didn't mind these threads necessarily but there are just TOO MANY of them now, other nicer threads get buried because anons feel the need to post the same ugly men in half of them.

No. 791122

Ariel from the Disney little mermaid is extra dumbass. She could have communicated with the prince by writing, there was no rule about telling the prince anything she just physically couldn't. Bitch knows how to write, she signed a contract and the prince or someone else there knew how to read.

No. 791124

That and unspoilered images of mens asses in the femdom thread

No. 791125

You should report it for being unspoilered then. I like it too much to do it myself.

No. 791127

I meant in general, I'm not talking about a specific image. Just porny images in general aren't spoilered enough on there. I do report it when it's way too much.

No. 791132

I think I'm sick, my body temperature has been high for a month and sometimes my throat or lungs hurt and today my throat hurts again but at least I get to eat sage candy. Mmmmm delicious

No. 791137

Lori, and funniest shit ever! Bless that Anon.

No. 791188

I always feel bad for anons when they're like
>don't tell me to break up with my bf but
>don't tell me to move out of my parents house but

No. 791210

Honestly its tough to be a black girl who apparently acts "white" Like I don't even what that means, I mean white people have a Diverse array cultures in the United States, same goes for the black people
I'm just me and I like myself and I've never tried to be mean and cruel to anyone, like why do I have like misogynistic/hypersexualized rap music cause I'm black, why do I have to speak a dialect on English that I didn't grow up around, why do I have to like certain things just cause it was made by a black person
Jesus Christ let me be

sage for Vent and blogpost

No. 791259

File: 1619362758262.gif (1.59 MB, 480x197, 38613ff8-c6cf-468f-9626-10c5c5…)

I hope I'm overthinking this but I'm afraid my dogs dick might be stuck "outside" and now I have to monitor his dick if it will go back to normal. If not, I'll have to bring him to the vet which is a whole set of other issues. Fuck I hope I'm wrong

No. 791275

>Funniest shit ever
But it's not? I feel like I'm losing my mind

No. 791278

I unironically would like if there was an agreed list of words even if only so that I can avoid being cancelled
How do you refer to a group of people you aren't friends with without gendering then? How do you call something crazy without being at risk of being called ableist?
Why can't these Twitter SJWs make some solutions instead of problems

No. 791285

We have to use a password of 3 numbers and a word on our exams, I used 451 fire (in reference to fahrenheit 451). I just noticed my friend used 489 one (in reference to 1984) Great minds think alike

No. 791287

I barely know about current American cartoons because no one I know watches them but holy shit that drama thread is wild, I spent forty minutes reading it all. The rich wo/manchildren that can afford go to American art schools are like a different species compared to the working class

No. 791299

Went through some Tinder profiles now that we're slowly allowed back on the city streets in my country and it's weird that a lot of men underline or feel the need to mention that they like cooking and will cook for you. Like I get that this is some kind of virtue signaling that they're "with the times", and I'm actually a person who doesn't enjoy cooking and can live on bread and tea if I feel especially lazy that week. I don't know why it makes that guy actually less sympathetic just for including that in their profile.

No. 791300

the onision hater to terf pipeline

No. 791301

File: 1619368156070.png (226.31 KB, 500x381, tumblr_inline_o63bnc4uWt1t9661…)

this reminds me when I was in middle school and my old dog would always give himself a boner and I thought he was dying because it looked like his intestines were coming out through his weiner. I was glad he was ok but I'm never getting a male dog again

No. 791306

hey that's what happened to me kek

No. 791310

It happened so naturally

No. 791314

I love cryptocurrency!!!!!

No. 791316

File: 1619369098455.jpg (80.11 KB, 640x629, EWdUB5DUEAE-49P.jpg)

Love to flex my birthday

No. 791321

I logged into an account that locked me out and wanted me to answer security questions because it's been a while. One of the questions was "what is your favorite activity" and I was like shit idk so I typed "Dying". Turns out it was correct, what the fuck.

No. 791323

File: 1619369795031.jpeg (327.18 KB, 482x958, A931779F-306A-4D86-B4FD-CC53A2…)


No. 791329

File: 1619370561968.jpg (43.2 KB, 750x510, 76n94na3jcl61.jpg)

Based or cringe?

No. 791332

Happy buurrrzzzdaay

No. 791333

she always plays the annoying characters in ahs

No. 791341

it looks like polish war on "terfs" has officially begun and I'm loving it. Until now no one talked about differences between liberal and radical feminism here and every feminist group was including trannies, if someone talked about terfs it was always in the context of the "evil, weird american branch of feminists", never something that exists in our country, but now there's a growing anti-trans ideology movement and a general resentment towards liberal feminism. Maybe it's because our government basically made abortion illegal and women are sick of hearing about "pregnant people" instead of "pregnant women". Of course, it's still a very small group, but it makes liberals lose their shit. Even if it's just women making memes on the internet, people from "leftist" magazines write articles about them, the big bad "terf menace". This is fucking great. I can finally troll people in my language lmao

No. 791344

my bf is so easy to please. I don't shave anything for a while?
>wow anon your hair is so soft
I shave?
>wow anon your skin is so soft
I leave it until it grows out again?
>haha i love how prickly it feels anon

it's nice to feel hairy and cute after dating men who asked me to shave every day

No. 791346

>our government basically made abortion illegal
>I can finally troll people in my language lmao
Good to hear you have your priorities straight anon.

No. 791347

That's really cute

No. 791349

You have to be retarded to fuck men in a country where abortion is legal only in a case of rape or incest. I honestly don't even feel sorry for these women. The only thing we can do is to stop fucking men. We were on the streets to protest and it didn't change shit.

No. 791352

…and thus Poland became Dildoland.

No. 791353

File: 1619372303483.jpg (226.91 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I don't know where else to post this, I don't know if this is counts as blogposting or cultural cirque posting

Its about the competing Identities of the Idealized Jatt Male and Female and Idealized Pakistan Idealized

The Idealized Jatt(regardless of gender) Speaks at least one of the languages of Northern Punjab, they are to be fair skinned, God fearing but still honoring their rural Maulvi who almost serves as a tribal priest, but also have relations with their non-Muslim fellow Jats and put their tribe above all else
The Male Ideal however has to have a fixed look, he has to have a mustache, he has to own one a rifle and put honor above all else
The Female Ideal is supposed to be curvy, always fully clothed but not wearing a Niqab or even Hijab and never submitting to outsider males accept men of her own kin

The Idealized Pakistani however is different, They have to speak Urdu and consider local languages to be inferior, to them Islam is their only Identity and so they consider people who are the exact same race as them as being too different, they despise local Identity and pray for a world where there part of the Arab Ummah

Both have their own problems and their more identities then I posted, wonder which one will win in the end

No. 791354

>I honestly don't even feel sorry for these women.
I am starting to see why people dont like you guys very much.

No. 791355

By being a terf she's supporting abortion so how does it matter if she's happy she can troll libfems. Your nitpick had nothing to do with her point

No. 791358

oh no, the reddit spacing fag is back and evading bans lol

No. 791359

Do you believe in free will, like at all

No. 791373

No, I actually do not base my politics on abstract philosophical concepts. Now fuck off rightie.

No. 791374

Anyone eat any "weird" snacks? I absolutely love plain rippled chips crunched up in cottage cheese with some tobasco

No. 791380

Discharge anon does

No. 791383

Not recently but when I was a kid I would eat tissue

No. 791385

I like to lick soap sometimes

No. 791387

Lmao. Idk, it jusy feels like people like you don't believe in free will and women having any agency and holding any responsibility for their decisions, because every time I say I don't feel sorry for women who make retarded choices you behave like that means I hate all women

No. 791395

NTA but most women make those choices and a lot of them end up in abusive situations which should merit sympathy. Also every culture tells women that those choices are expected and minimizes the risk, it's not like they're going to encounter a radfem and instantly wake up. Not easy to reject what the world believes and punishes you if you don't. Plus, I'll admit I'm not a radfem and if you have male family who you love (I know some people don't) it's insane to throw them away them so easily. Most women don't believe all men are trash and are willing to work with them on flaws like with any person. I know that's where radfems disagree but most normies won't categorize any group as trash let alone the other half of the population who make up their fathers, sons, family, friends, trusted leaders etc.

No. 791399

File: 1619375259729.jpeg (296.86 KB, 750x732, F6814CB1-BC46-46A9-A423-6F73DD…)

Holy shit I came across bpd/sociopathic IG accounts and the cope is immense kek.

No. 791402

>>791395 samefag sorry I kinda assumed your beliefs based off others on lc who said similar. Apologies if I'm wrong.

No. 791404

I wish they would just have some shame for their actions

No. 791408

Anon that is nearly impossible for them, these people realistically should be locked away from society because they are quite literally mistakes spit out by nature itself.

No. 791412

Nta but as long as they are following laws then they should be let alone. However if someone admits to being a sociopath (especially proudly) I am not going to associate unless I have to. Dude in a groupchat I'm in had a link to his reddit (lol) where he is in a sociopath subreddit so I know who to avoid. If you're a sociopath you shouldn't lean into it like that as a defining trait, since lacking empathy can only lead to worse if you think it makes you speshul. I'd rather those people hone their epic logic and aloofness into a career that doesn't require a lot of empathy but still helps society.

No. 791415

File: 1619376261949.png (99.7 KB, 898x587, cope.png)

I found the instagram "grind" community and I saw a psot that said "Poor people eat at chipotle and rich people eat authentic mexicon food", yes Mexican was misspelled, and I laughed at it for 5 minutes

If you want cringe check out reddits /r/sociopath. You know your subs in a bad place when your "Cringe memories" thread devolves into being an autism and dropping out of HS.
Ironically the ASPD sub is a lot more chill and is full of people who know they have a disorder and try to work around it

No. 791425

Nooooo chef John is doing a livestream and he acknowledged a comment I made by name but I was signed in as my bf's account so he said my bf's name instead!

No. 791428

Don't be sad anon, I think a lot of women wear cup sizes too big cause they're so invested in being a c or d cup. I was happy to find out I measured myself wrong and am a B instead of a C. I stg my breasts look better even out of a bra, my nipples are definitely more perky than when I was wearing a looser c cup.

No. 791434

File: 1619377414400.jpg (181.82 KB, 958x1024, EzsQoOYXEAAFNeU.jpg)

If a woman looked at me like this, I would disintegrate

No. 791436

My rat had dirt in his foreskin and I had to take him to the vet because his thing was stuck out and it was drying out. I had to get vagina cream for him in case it happened again and it did lol. The joys of owning a male pet.

No. 791447

Sorry to samefag but the vet didn't get all the stuff out because it came out the next time he extended it out or whatever. I used YouTube to look up a video about fur rings on chinchillas as it was the same issue. Basically if you can cream for vagina wetness I can't remember the brand I got, but you had to pull his member (lol) out and get rid of any debris preventing him retracting. It might be easier with a dog because they're bigger, I had to get my rat in a towel it was a nightmare but manageable and might save you money at the vet.

No. 791457

this meme about women fucking dogs always makes me laugh. back then I thought it's just about white women but now incels claim that generally women who can't get chads prefer to fuck dogs rather than beta males and they call it the "dogpill". I wonder how does the fact that the majority of acts of bestiality are committed by men fit into their narrative

No. 791466

I had a guy on a dating app ask me about k9, I was innocent at the time and asked what that was. He wanted me to come over and get fucked by his dog while he watched

Can you believe I turned that down

No. 791467

It was KY jelly just remembered! Water based lube basically.

No. 791479

These guys are so disconnected from reality but it's not like they hide that they don't go outside

No. 791491

Insecure privileged people freaking each other out for no reason but to signal their virtue. You know they have real skeletons in their closet that are how they actually feel.

No. 791499

There is something so sinister and dark sided about sssniperwolf, beyond the things that have already come out

No. 791509

Sorry for asking to be spoonfed, but what happened? To lazy to google because 70% of the videos on it will just be some dumb scrote who focuses way to much on her being a thot and not the drama

No. 791514

It’s been years since I read about her but from what I remember she got arrested for armed robbery or something, maybe fakes her gameplay (idrc about this), and lied about being married or something. There was also a bunch of posts of her being racist/calling people ugly. She lied about having some old channel. But I’ve felt this way before I even knew any of these things there’s just something extremely off about her to me.

No. 791528

I got my first ban today (don't worry, it expired already I'm not ban evading) and it was over teasing another anon playfully and I can't help but laugh at the fact that she got so upset over it she reported my post lmao. I'm sorry for bullying you nonnie, love you.

No. 791529

I agree, she just seems very off

No. 791535

it's a psyop to discourage women from buying large dog breeds for protection

No. 791538

I'm gonna go hug my big doggy who is a girl thank you very much

No. 791554

We should all unite to show these mysoginistic politicians where's their place, not play the "hohoho I trolled a libfem today" but you do you

No. 791555

File: 1619381732916.png (101.92 KB, 327x177, heh.png)


No. 791566

Anons, I have decided how I wanna get married.

All my friends are gonna walk down the aisle dressed like me just like this, and while they're doing the hand waving thing my groom gotta figure out which one is me but if he chooses wrong I'm gonna suplex him and if he chooses none of them (which is correct because I'm gonna wait right behind the doors just like John Cena) I'm gonna run up and suplex the priest.

No. 791581

This has to be about the most whitest thing I've ever seen, I can't stop laughing I think I love you

No. 791595

>You know your subs in a bad place when your "Cringe memories" thread devolves into being an autism and dropping out of HS.
Idgi, is that not cringe?

No. 791598

>the most whitest thing I've ever seen
Speaking of which I'm on a mission to find a video that may even trump this. I wish I remembered more details, but I'll describe what I can:

A video, of a large group of white boys indoors, they seem to be college guys from a frat. It's possible it was at a political event, it could have been something with Trump, Biden, or Pete Buttigieg (sorry can't recall). It was a video I saw a few years ago around the time all these candidates were discussed. Anyway these white guys are dressed in suits with khakis, probably US Southerners, and they were dancing synchronously, smiling and clapping. I think they were also singing a cappella? It was fucking horrifying, a visceral experience, and it was going around twitter but I can't remember enough details to find it. Anyone else remember?

No. 791604

I think I know what video you’re talking about and that is true psychological horror. Lynch could never

No. 791611

I'm going to need an invite I'll wear a bag over my head to stay anon.

No. 791612

You have to invite me to your wedding. You just have to.

No. 791621

You both are more than welcome, but you also have to dress up as me and stand along the aisle. I don't have a lot of friends and I want to make this as big and stupid as possible, I'll even provide a realistic wig for paper bag anon

No. 791622

I don't know what video you're talking about either, but jesus I hope someone finds this lmao

No. 791627

Dealing with my mother is this like this sketch. I never knew how to put this in words, but she just acts in this over serous and dramatic way to simple events

No. 791632

File: 1619385180425.webm (3.23 MB, 640x360, 640x360_MP4_294447843188845448…)

I don't remember the video you're talking about but that reminded me of this scary ass video that was going around years ago

No. 791666

Fat acceptance Tiktok is really something, huh. Fell down the youtube rabbithole and ended up on one of those compiliation channels.

No. 791687

Omg I was going to ask if I could instead be part of the fanfare. I'm there nonny.

No. 791688

File: 1619389192222.jpg (62.81 KB, 1200x670, My Post.jpg)

Fat acceptance is somewhat interesting to me because of the multiple diverging movements in it and it's kind of a shame they're all shoved under the tumblrite label.
To sperg a bit, FA is not new and it's spike in popularity can be seen as the boiling point for a movement that's simmered for decades. It's predated tumblr for years as the first FA movement was founded the 70's by a man trying to help his fat wife,NAAFA. The movement would later get help from feminists, resulting in the manifesto "fat!so?". FA is also diverse with opinions ranging from obesity does not exist to diet culture does not help obesity and the mocking of obesity as a disease does not help weight loss.
FA also has a complicated relation with fat fetishism. The NAAFA has officially rejected, in the 2000's not sure now, any links with feederism because the movement was known for force feeding woman into obesity which they considered unconsecousl. Some feminists scholars back this up saying FF relationships are just another way to sexulize woman's bodies, going from "I only like her cause she's skinny" to "I only like her cause she's fat", and these relationships are prone to abusive tendencies because the male holds all the power because the female knows he's her only chance to have sex.
Besides scholarly rejection the FA and FF movement has strong connections. This is to the point were conservative leaning porn sick men and the ultra liberal FF producers scuffle a lot. FF also has spike din popularity
If you want to know why I know so much about this I was researching the relationship between woman and obesity and FA was mentioned somewhat. I just wanted to talk about this here cause I wouldn't be able to else where. Again the movements kind of interesting and I hate how all critique of it is just a disgust reaction of "fat=unhealthy". It isn't wrong, but it'd be nice if they went more in-depth. To be fair though most of the popular FA icons are cow's and all media rep. is often "look at this weird subculture". The only info worth reading on them is academic journals.
In the end this movement wont really achieve their goals, but they'll shift the overton window far enough to make lesser FA ideas mainstream

No. 791691

The fuck is this shit

No. 791710

Tarot thread on /g/ is bumped if anyone needs a read

No. 791711

I used to be somewhat behind the concept of FA, but the fact that the big icons/spokespeople in the FA community are so radical to the point that they flip their shit the moment someone even says the word "healthy" (cough Tess Holiday cough) or screeches fatphobia the moment they don't get their way has made me back off anyone that even utters any support towards FA because that's where my mind immediately goes so reading more in depth posts that aren't written by someone insane is interesting, especially with what you wrote about FF and FA overlapping.

No. 791712

Your post is like I understand it but I'm too dumb to get it all

No. 791720

File: 1619390821549.png (488.25 KB, 821x565, it makes sense.png)

Am I right or am I right?

No. 791723

context, anyone remember this?

No. 791729

File: 1619391099076.png (576.91 KB, 747x927, 1605902734112.png)

Fuck I lost my ID and my debit card because my phone wallet got loose. Tbh I don't use my debit card much so it wasn't a huge loss (I froze it immediately) but replacing my ID is a whole $30. I could've bought takeout with that damnit

No. 791737

Imagine harassing Olivia Wilde over that crusty ass looking dude. Couldn't be me

No. 791743

Is she being harrassed? I guess that's the residual 1D crazies.
I thought their relationship was only for show anyway

No. 791750

Is it bad to eat them just because? I always buy some throat candies even when I'm perfectly healthy just because I like the taste lmao. Maybe that's the reason why I haven't been sick in years?

No. 791751

File: 1619391996724.jpeg (72.27 KB, 500x375, 4247B057-21E4-4DD5-83DA-00C758…)

all of the posts all of the people who don’t response who are you really even talking to anymore??????????????????????????? i feel so disconnected from my body in a good way, knowing that death is always an option

No. 791758

Fuck that's hilarious and terrifying on a deeper level at the same time

No. 791762

Yeah it probably is anyway (aren't half of hollywood's?) but they spammed her insta comments.
I was a NLOG in middle school towards 1D but thank god for that at least I was never obsessed over two british guys

No. 791780

Like the gates of hell opening before you. I would expect to be raised up by the disembodied hands of the girl-pyramid beast and ritualistically torn asunder

No. 791797

trying to stop myself from buying a stupidly expensive, gorgeous dress. It isn’t really practical for everyday use, but then my minds starts spiralling down the whole thing of ‘life is so fucking short, wear the pretty ribboned dress out, nobody fucking cares’-
Like the other day when I was out, I saw a group of girls dressed in kinda Lolita/grunge alternative fashion and the only thought I had was how cool they looked. I mean it would be easier to wear more out-there looks if you were in a group.
I’m just sick of going out and only seeing people my age is in athleisure wear or in jeans and a coloured hoodie. It’s soo fucking boring. I already feel like a fucking weirdo most of the time so why don’t I just embrace it. Wish I had a group of girl friends I could share this feeling and dress fun with…

No. 791799

Nonas I'm going to watch mean girls for the first time in my life (I'm 25) wish me luck!!! then I'll watch jawbreaker, confessions of a teenage drama queen, and then the parent trap maybe

No. 791802

modern day incarnation of the bacchantes

No. 791815

If you start wearing alternative fashion you can join a community or befriend them through Instagram, of course some people that wear quirky clothes can be annoying but it's the same as any hobby. The more you put yourself out there the more you will attract like-minded people
I hope you find friends that you can dress like how you want to return!

No. 791823

Can you post an image of the dress, if you have one?

No. 791828

It's a fun movie, I think I first watched it around that age as well. Hope you enjoy it!

No. 791829

Go for it anon! Worst case scenario you'll sell it if you dont feel comfortable wearing but at least you'll never regret not giving it a try in the future. Would love to see the dress you want to buy if you dont mind sharing too

No. 791832

File: 1619397643174.gif (3.6 MB, 531x354, 044.gif)

No. 791835

File: 1619397898039.gif (831.74 KB, 220x202, tenor.gif)

No. 791836

I find it weird there’s not many first hand accounts of dashcon. I would expect there to be some 40 minute “I was at dashcon” YouTube video or like a buzzfeed article or something but it’s mostly just a few reddit and tumblr posts. Also in hindsight I really wish I had gone.

No. 791840

My bf is such a simp for Sharla in Japan (we usually watch her content together) and I mentioned the possibility of her dating Chris and he really said "but she could get any man in the world!" Yeah ok lol. (I do think she's cute tho)

His crush on her is so funny to me and I don't mean for any of this to sound bitter

No. 791841

People documented less at the time, and it's been a while now, maybe that's why there are not that many 1st hand accounts to find now? I wish I was there too, it would probably be a miserable experience, but what a memory. Imagine getting to spend time in that infamous ball pit… btw I recommend Sarah Z. Dashcon video if you haven't seen it yet.

No. 791846

File: 1619399101641.jpeg (12.42 KB, 300x250, 1571242941943.jpeg)

The in memoriam part of the oscars is getting closer and I am already wanting to cry my ass off thinking about chadwick boseman and jessica walter

No. 791847

You are about to have so many amazing firsts anon! Have fun babe

No. 791849

I'm watching too anon, let's cry together

No. 791851

i think sharla is cute but chris is also cute

No. 791852

I think we had an oscars thread at some point but yes anon, I already am tearing the hell up

No. 791853

File: 1619399815180.jpg (306.58 KB, 2048x1477, Ez28y8QVoAUR9vf.jpg)

Damn, I'm glad I haven't tuned in then. Idk if I could handle thinking about the both of them.
On a happier note, Margot looks so good.

No. 791856

I love her bangs and dress! It's gonna be a tough one this year for sure

No. 791859

I already cried with chloé zhao's speech goddamnit

No. 791865

anyone else #preppingforretards?
I'm stocking up on skin care, canned goods, and blankets, wbu?

No. 791869

why are you

No. 791870

in case the power goes out for a month again, winters are rough here

No. 791880

Maybe it's just lolcow making me nitpicky as hell but most men are just… grotesque looking. Especially the older ones look so deformed. Anyway I'm dumb because I think my boyfriend is cute and attractive but one day he's gonna be balding and maybe fat but I will still love him…

No. 791881

File: 1619404488243.png (179.5 KB, 640x360, 399822A6-3380-42A4-B363-3CA8FB…)

I don’t think I’ll ever find a man who’s truly worth my time and it makes me sad.

Completely horrifying of a thought anon thank you for blasting my third eye open like a beer bottle to my cerebellum.

No. 791883

you will, don't worry anon, you will

No. 791884

Sigghhh, I miss going out and just, shop. Shop for earrings, makeup, nail polish, clothes… like when I was in high school. Now it's all fucking worse, thanks covid for ruining everyone's life

No. 791887

Where the FUCK is the in memoriam part? This shit is almost over

No. 791891

Yikes, no jessica?

No. 791895

No Jessica! And the namecards went by way too fast, especially considering they wasted 10 whole minutes on that retarded "guess the song" filler segment.

No. 791896


No. 791901

Where the fuck was she, there were people who passed later than she did. The names were also very quick flashes and i still cried like a baby ngl

No. 791904

File: 1619407123428.jpg (32.38 KB, 680x450, dd0.jpg)

Anthony Hopkins just won Best Actor over Chadwick Boseman, who's logging on twitter because I'm not

No. 791908

My tl is doing a backflip rn. I try to limit the number of people I follow who engage in awards season, but I have a lifelong mutual who livetweets every single one, so I'm forced to see her talk about it right now. My favorite thing she said just now was along the lines of "anyone who thinks Hopkins should have won is a geezer and should go live in an old folks home with him"

No. 791911

As an uggo I still always ended up with really attractive friends growing up and my female family members would always warn me they were using me (kek am I that ugly they wouldn't even want me as a friend?) but my "hot girl" friends have always been my biggest supporters and defenders.

No. 791913

I am the only movie sperg i know or follow but oh boy, what the fuck was that

No. 791915

this award show felt very sleepy, like a cheap public access show but i guess it can't be helped with rona

No. 791918

File: 1619408883779.png (133.74 KB, 825x464, 177821357_505786470455067_7019…)

It's pretty wild and I don't wanna dwell on it (the surprise win or how people might be reacting rn) so have a wholesome Octopus Teacher joke

No. 791922

Would you go to a friends birthday party where you don’t know anyone (not even as an acquaintance or mutual friend) other than the girl whose birthday it is?

No. 791926

I would if/because I value the friendship, but I probably wouldn't have fun kek

No. 791928

See, I'm so out of the loop that I had to look up what this joke meant. Now that I'm informed, I'm also upset that they didn't let the octopus accept the award!

No. 791931

File: 1619410896218.jpeg (484.9 KB, 750x769, A7B081BA-25AC-440D-BB19-EDD5D0…)


No. 791934

McDonald's orange juice is more powerful than any vaccine.

No. 791935

Most of the motherfuckers in the UK thread are ugly as shit. British people suck so much holy shit.

>inb4 "triggered burgerfag" nope, not even a burger

No. 791943

Anybody else who was on anti-sjw tumblr around 2012 remember this bitch? https://web.archive.org/web/20141209004332/http://heroinfriday.tumblr.com/page/3

She was a huge nlog pickme, anti-feminist, originally ran the blog with her boyfriend who was shockingly far more moderate than her. She did the usual facts and logic spiel but was completely retarded and spent most of her time having all caps screaming matches with tumblrinas.

I remember she had a pet snake that went missing while she was posting on tumblr, and she had a big meltdown in all caps about how tumblr sjws LITERALLY killed her snake, kek.

She was so milky, makes me wish lolcow was around back then. I was thinking about her because she was anti feminist "egalitarian", anti trans iirc, but also a huge muslimfag (she was white but she had a boss who was muslim). I wonder how she'd reconcile her views when trying to suck the cock of today's more fickle conservative moids. I weep for what could have been.

No. 791967

I went to take a peek and my god you're right lmao. Those mfs are full-on CLAPPED

No. 791978

>Using brit slang
You're not flying under the radar, ugly.

No. 791984

Where are you all from?

No. 791986

If I get pregnant will I have to quit ssris (zoloft)?

No. 791988

I don't know if you "have to" per se, but you should.

No. 791993

I know it’s british slang and that’s exactly why I used it.

No. 792003

It depends entirely on your personal situation and doctor but not necessarily. There’s limited research for ethical reasons but afaik the risks to the baby are usually small. Those risks need to be weighed up against the risks to you and the fetus if your depression or whatever was left untreated. In some cases being unmedicated would be okay, in others would pose a higher risk than the meds. Even if you manage to function without meds and don’t self harm, there’s no way of stopping whatever’s going on internally from passing through the umbilical cord. Excessive cortisol (stress hormone) in pregnancy has unsurprisingly been found to make babies highly stressed and can cause growth and developmental delays. Hindering them at such a crucial stage in brain development could have life long effects. If this was a risk, a good doctor would likely advise you to continue with the medication. In the past (and still now to some extent) taking meds for mental health reasons was seen as more optional than taking them for physical health reasons. A doctor would be unlikely to stop your physical health meds if doing so would have a considerable negative impact on your body. Mental health should be no different.

If you’re not being hypothetical and plan to get pregnant, please be open with your doctor so they can give you the best care. Make sure you advocate for yourself too because sexism.

No. 792013

Why is it that everytime I swear to cut out chocolate I go on a fucking binge

No. 792033

I'm sick of this narrative. I'm proud to say I might be one of the people keeping my local Burger King and Arby's in business!

No. 792036

indescribably exquisite post

No. 792042

bk's chicken fries and arby's curly fries are both delicious to my junkfood loving ass

No. 792043

I want to buy one of those tight fitting fitness pants for running but I'm afraid of getting front wedgies. I usually get them whenever I wear something tight fitting

No. 792062

Maybe you feel pressured? I always start wanting to do things the instant I forbid myself from doing them kek

No. 792063

I love my cat so damn much. The only good thing that came out of this pandemic is that I've been able to spend more time with her.

No. 792065

Please cuddle your cat for me!

No. 792072

Is this the shit boomers listen to?

No. 792095

You get me ♥. Also, I miss BK apple fries.

No. 792100

File: 1619439449035.png (580.79 KB, 957x657, Screenshot 2021-04-26 081625.p…)

YT's auto subs are getting smarter

No. 792140

File: 1619443805421.jpg (24.68 KB, 360x360, hqdefault.jpg)


No. 792155

File: 1619445973639.png (1.14 MB, 1280x720, 224f4de0235c60ad706ebcb0f1c3c7…)

it's almost my bd and all i want is the kpop general thread back.

No. 792163

I suddenly feel excited about fiction/media again?? I've had about 6 months where I've been unable to focus on anything but work and stress. Watching or reading anything felt impossible. Starting off high brow and checking out the new anime season.

No. 792167

stfu kpop anon

No. 792173

I hate when I say that shipping wars are retarded and I get "pro shipper" grown women with pronouns and a shota blog agreeing with me thinking I'm on their side, no you're still a weird pervert coomer who should stay away from me and possibly kys, it's just dumb to be militant about fandom stuff in general

No. 792182

File: 1619448217941.png (1 MB, 945x795, lelush.PNG)

No. 792184

i liked reading those not gonna lie

No. 792186

go to choachan

No. 792188

File: 1619448625640.jpg (349.96 KB, 1020x748, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-vTCT…)

Tag Yourself
I'm bad girl who works at night

No. 792189

>"Don't love me, you'll get no results," he said on one episode. But viewers took to his dour persona and kept him in the running for nearly three months.
kek, i'm sorry but it is funny

No. 792191

I'm bad girl who pouts kek
But why does having breasts make a girl bad?

No. 792193

I'm a bad girl who does not do housework

No. 792196

>tfw my rotis always come out angular af

No. 792198

I guess they meant showing/not properly covering boobs

No. 792199


I’m a bad bad girl who makes square roti.

No. 792201

>falls in love in a park
Why is this bad?

No. 792202

Forgive me lord for I am a bad girl who accidently makes triangle rotis.

No. 792208

I'm a bad girl who wears wrong clothes, talks in English, does not do housework, eats too much, EATS TOO LESS, walks outside with the hair open… fuck, so many things apply. Incredible! This is so inspirational, I love it.

No. 792212

you basically get sexualised to hell and back just for having breasts tbh

No. 792213

speaking to men outside of your family?

No. 792217

Nice sunny day today…got the windows open…retch retch cough retch mucus sounds. My neighbour smokes and serenades the rest of the street with this daily

No. 792235

File: 1619451711180.png (170.84 KB, 847x487, Screenshot 2021-04-26 113335.p…)

This is such a sonic tier autism thing to do, but I've been reading the word girl wiki. It's so surreal to read because of the knowledge a full grown adult thought "Yep I'm gonna work on the word girl wiki and add all character, locations, and episode summaries". It is surprisingly in-depth. Even weirder random segments are obviously written by children fanboying.

Finally the show has an active fanbase on tumblr. Not just kids, but late teenager fandom. I also hate the fact I see what they're seeing. The show makes me chuckle and it has multiple ships I wanna draw. I watched it as a kid and have clear memories of liking the British robot fuck

No. 792236

Why does the art vary so much? At least be a consistent bad girl…

No. 792237

File: 1619451895864.png (8.2 KB, 806x118, Screenshot 2021-04-26 114408.p…)

Samefag, but there is also a lot of debate over her ethnicity. Is she black, Hispanic or alien? who knows

No. 792239

The artist had to spend more time doing housework

No. 792246

File: 1619452203798.jpeg (255.57 KB, 1920x1080, 8919D467-5B63-4C5A-901C-481080…)

I think it’s implied she’s Americanized lexiconian/latina. Either way, the show had some hot catboys.

No. 792249

They just accidentally advocated for trad-wife cottagecore lesbians. No worry of men or modern temptations.

No. 792253

>goes to goa
Where can I find a bad girl like that

No. 792254

>trad wife cottagecore lesbians
Ugh I wish that were me

No. 792275

silly anon, good girls don't even think of drawing

No. 792288

Oh my god I remember watching this as nostalgia and the show really reminds me of fucking spongebob with the obnoxious humor that millenials cherish as being oscars-tier god sent. There is just something about wordgirl that is so appealing but the weird fandom surrounding it just like the faggotry revolving around Sam and Max makes me super ashamed.

No. 792326

it's just twitter fags spamming over photoshopped pictures, it's not even critical

No. 792330

>has breast
thx good i'm allowed to have boobs were i live

No. 792334

It only made them love him more

No. 792335

I think about that ‘sadge’ post in the caps thread about 20 times a day and it makes me laugh every time.

No. 792347

File: 1619458049828.jpeg (86.35 KB, 500x742, terfqueen.jpeg)

Tryin' to catch me right and terfy
Tryin' to catch me right and terfy
Tryin' to catch me right and terfy
Tryin' to catch me right and terfy

No. 792354

File: 1619458423389.jpeg (3.51 MB, 2690x3119, 0BF47106-1C8A-46D6-9CCB-63D433…)

most obscure digital drawing tool: the memo function on a Professor Layton DS game

No. 792358

That yours?its cute!

No. 792359

>a bad girl has breasts
Flat chested anons rise up!

No. 792367

Always glad to find other members of the itty bitty titty club

No. 792379

Black lady sketch show is getting a season 2! yay!

No. 792382

I've never watched this before. Is it good?

No. 792390

A bit more popular, but the DS flipnote community is surprisingly big and high quality. It's kind of sad it died off even though it's explainable. Most of the artists seemed to use it of necessity, to poor or tech shit, and once their positions improved they don't use it anymore. Also the fanbase died.
Drawing software in a game is often interesting because it's so half assed the users have to work around it. Both your and my example are softwares with no built in layer function and an extremely ineffective eraser.

No. 792401

File: 1619460460088.png (653.01 KB, 540x804, yeahbuddy.png)

It's 2 pm but I feel like this all day

No. 792405

this picture is really cute. Cozy bugs

No. 792417

I spent more on painkillers that work than on tampons..

No. 792429

File: 1619461652817.jpg (48.56 KB, 480x480, mv5bmja1mdhiotatzdk5my00nmrmlw…)

I love watching movies with a primary female cast, specially if it's outside of highschool movies. Steel Magnolias is one of my favorites, I'm watching it and wishing I had more sweet irl female friends, I promise I'm sweet too. I love female solidarity. I guess I feel some of that when I'm here on lolcow, but living in a very misogynistic country it's hard to actually find good female frienships irl, because ugh, internalized misogyny and tearing each other down for nothing. Either way, I'm watching the movie and wishing for a better world for all women out there.

No. 792442

Got this stupid stuck up and rude bitch on the phone at work and my mood is currently between "Calm down, it's not personal, you don't know what's going on in her life and it was just really unfortunate that you had to be her punching bag, just move on and take it as an excuse to treat yourself to a nice snack after work" and "I'm gonna take her info (name, phone, address) and post it to craigslist to make her life a hell". At the very least looking up how to make convincing fake ads calms me down from actually doing it, and I'm also kind of a pussy and too scared of the potential consequences.

No. 792444

do you have any recomendations for these kind of movies anon?

No. 792447

I asked Sonic Totem is he superior and better at divination than tarot anons in /g/ and he said "for all of eternity". Then I accidentally deleted the post, so I'm letting you know now who to direct your important questions to.

No. 792448

No. 792450

too bad, cause I'm giving free reads on /g/ today

No. 792467

isn't wordgirl meant to be educational tho. it's nothing like spongebob

No. 792489

File: 1619465131734.jpeg (17.77 KB, 510x337, original-grid-image-28066-1445…)

I just realized. Even when I'm having stupid arguments here, I'm very, very glad that it's with other women and not with scrotes.

No. 792495

You never know.

No. 792505

File: 1619466612356.jpg (38.02 KB, 264x377, Sunny2011filmposter.jpg)

NTA but I recommend 'Sunny'! It's a 2011 Korean movie. I happened to see part of it on TV one day but looked up the full movie after and it's one of my favorite films.

No. 792535

Flipnote switch would be godlly, with abilities to upload directly to twitter or youtube, awe!
Fipnote hatena is still being kept alive with a dsi DNS exploit.
https://www.sudomemo.net/ runs it’s own servers

No. 792590

I've realized that if my anime crush was real, I wouldn't be able to pull him.
So far I have: cut and dyed my hair, started running every two days and working out in general, changed up my style and started studying Japanese…

I'm starting to suspect I might be autistic.

No. 792599

File: 1619476196252.png (28.63 KB, 792x157, Screenshot 2021-04-26 182157.p…)

I can't believe how many female fans of Steve from American dad exist. A fucking cartoon nerd with a decent singing voice has more woman lined up for him than 70% of guys

No. 792600

do you ever want to post something but hesitate because it's so retarded that you'd feel guilty subjecting another anons to it?

No. 792601

considering men dont sing "because thats gay" or groom themselves because "gay" or "lazy" is anyone surprised

No. 792604

tbh that episode where he stops masturbating for some time and gains confidence and a deeper voice really had me feeling some kind of way

No. 792607

im in the lc server using an alt and I just found a reuglar poster there in a server I'm not very active in with my other account, spotting lc users in the wild is surreal.

No. 792610

Call them out just to fuck with them

No. 792613

>I'm starting to suspect I might be autistic.
Oh anon I have some bad news…kek
Jokes aside, it's making you move more and take care of yourself like you weren't before!
Keep working, anon, I believe in you!

No. 792631

Kinda emberassing but I wanted to share this so I'm super prone to Audio visual hallucinations when I haven't slept in 36+ hours. (No personality disorders )
Usually it's just songs or I can think about my favourite musician and listen to him talk? Idk if that makes sense but It's mostly quite funny anf I mean I an aware of what's going on.

Well I really thought my neighbour was watching stupid car and yoghurt drink comercials for 25 minutes until I realised… I'm literally getting ads in my thoughts. I haven't even seen a regular commercial in years?

Anyway if you want to rent a place for your weird commercials there is apparently some for sale

Take that Capitalism

No. 792636

Not to put any worry on your tired mind anon, and I hope this is not it, but audiovisual hallucinations can be linked to epilepsy and are a part of a partial seizure or the beginning sign of a grand mal one. Seizures are VERY commonly triggered by a lack of sleep. Do not play with this. Get a rest.

No. 792651

Smokey Glow and her bf set off a visceral hate in me. I don't even know why kek. I'll watch their podcast sometimes when I feel bitchy just so I have something to be irritated at.

No. 792701

not sleeping for extended periods can induce AV hallucinations, it can be a fun little distraction sometimes. but it's better to just get a solid chonk of sleep every day

No. 792704

depends on which area of the world you live but does anyone feel weirdly energetic when the moon is full rn

No. 792720

I was walking in the dawn and this dude passed me on his bike and I thought he was a really big bat.

No. 792730

I once walked past a small dog on my way home before I got my glasses (had around -3.25 on both eyes at that point) and thought it was a chicken.

No. 792750

I wish there was a way to filter out the tumblr and twitter users from picrew creators

No. 792761

File: 1619490446014.jpg (176.1 KB, 2048x1024, 8d0c83166e348ff70b705c7481dc2f…)

Bleached my hair 5 times within the span of 3 weeks, its so soft and I still have my curl pattern. Fear me for I am god

No. 792785

have never been compared to a celebrity til my ex boyfriend told me he only found me hot because i resemble sid vicious. huh

No. 792801

>enjoy shittalking with anons here
>Firm proponent of infighting
>Take a trip to 4chan because brain worms
>Dogpiled for something that upsets the men
>Seething and struggling to let it go
I asked for this by going to moidchan but I don't remember being this easily worked up. Maybe it's because usually I see farmers like a sisterhood that fight but still have fun together, but lolcow has made me soft.

No. 792817

lolcow hasn't made you soft. It's just that we understand what true grit and actual infighting is supposed to be. We're witty, creative, quick with our responses and give damn good ones. When we get personal, it makes sense. Men are senseless violence, theyll call you a nigger and consider that a "win". The frustration lies in you expecting anything more and expecting a good back and forth with them when really they're like babies that fist spaghetti onto their heads and call you poopy.

It's not worth going to 4chan because you have to actually stoop to their low level (literal chimp level) to engage. And that's why the scrotes that come here are always unfunny, uncreative, make the same retard jokes. Call you "whore" and then think they just shut all of women down.

No. 792822

Maybe, but I'm pretty sure half the guys there get genuinely triggered as well. They are super easy to troll into a rage.

No. 792825

i wish lolcow could shutdown for 1 day per week so i could do the things i actually enjoy doing
i'm the reverse of this tbh. i take farmers posts more personally than quadchinners. it's like finding out your bff actually hates you.

No. 792834

kek a lolcow sabbath

No. 792849

damn, i wish i knew how to make gifs. this would make a perfect react gif

No. 792850

after learning TIMs are becoming ever more obsessive to fulfill their fetish by larping and joking about the specifically female experiences of female detransitioners and identifying as she/they following the trend of women doing so, I really wonder if any TIFs would pretend to br as trans women in a similar manner. Imagine some straight chick pretending to be MtF for fetishistic reasons.

No. 792851

I've seen quite a few actual women LARPing as troons, not for fetish reasons, but for tumblr sjw clout

No. 792853

Since Ryan Kopf opened up his shitty “nerd bar” in my hometown I’ve seen his lolcow thread linked on Facebook multiple times. I don’t know how I feel about this.

No. 792854

use ezgif

No. 792872

File: 1619507159558.png (123.32 KB, 1304x379, 1.PNG)

The content of the post is completely irrelevant, I'm just using it as an example, but it's annoying seeing posts like picrel where an anon who obviously doesn't know how to greentext tries to greentext. The point is to sum up what you're trying to say in a short and concise manner, not to write an essay with two entire sentences per line and complete capitalization and punctuation… If you're going to write that way, just write a normal post

Especially annoying when it's in the OP, because it's supposed to serve as a summary of the previous thread but is so long you might as well just read the entire previous thread

No. 792879

not going to lie, when i had a porn addiction at 17 i genuinely considered buying a packer made for ftms so i could be an 'irl futa' in day to day life & im sure if i had continued down that path i'd be giving kikomi a run for her money

No. 792888

I'm looking at a subreddit dedicated to botched surgeries and wondering why human beings do this to themselves

No. 792891

File: 1619512115765.gif (154.01 KB, 320x240, flag3.gif)

Have fun today!

No. 792911

I miss the days when if someone was acting like an asshole or even had quite a habit of regularly fucking people around..they were just a dickhead. Not narcissistic or sociopathic. Just a regular asshole.

No. 792913

nonnies quit deleting your posts I want to respond but now I forgot what you said

No. 792925

I accidently cut myself with one of those knives' that has a jagged edge and holy shit, I thought I'd never stop bleeding. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would though, even though it's a deep cut

No. 792930

i just noticed the RV's quotes, thank you anon
and i won't shut up, we want a lolcow' kpop thread, choachan is pure shit, just twitter in pink

No. 792938

>lolcow is like having a tight-knitted sisterhood

lmao that must justify me getting ignored 90% of the time then

No. 792941

I think my bf is trying to turn me appearence-wise into his ex. I cut my hair very short last summer because I bleached the living hell out of it and dyed it a more natural color. Now I asked him to cut my bangs a bit and mf gave me a whole kpop genderspeshul haircut. I saw pics of his ex and we look a bit alike but now we have the exact same haircut and color.
The only thing I'm annoyed at tbh is him chopping it so short it doesn't hide my square face anymore.

No. 792944

Lmfao I just got a DM from a guy I haven't spoken to in 5 years only for him to say
>You were always pretty weird and not my type but I really wanted to fuck you

Fucking men oh my god

No. 792945

no one cares about your boyfriend. the obvious answer is to dump him, but you rather waste your existence trying to make the dumbest rationalizations to stay with these things. you’re probably just as bad as your boyfriend because you’re probably very stupid

No. 792948

File: 1619523205146.jpg (132.93 KB, 634x1019, 5d67d379c2fd59e4d8bc19ed230496…)

I like Dumb Himbos but I also like shy, nervous Skinny guys

No. 792950

samefag but I also wanna say one of my biggest fetish would be a cute skinny guy whose well hung but he's very shy or ashamed of the size of his junk,
I'm not even much of a size queen I just like of a big dick skinny bf

No. 792952

Honestly if I was you I'd make sure to change my hair now as differently to his ex's hair as possible, out of pure spite. Ultimately though it's not impossible that he just has a type, and it's not to make you look specifically like her.
Why are you so mean, just don't answer if you don't care.

No. 792954

File: 1619523868367.jpeg (82.51 KB, 400x400, C6061CED-581E-4A0D-B71F-6C347A…)

hey gurls men are disgustang

No. 792955

idk why but this post has serious scrote vibe

No. 792957

Huh did I fucking ask? Lemme get my little rant off my chest jeez.
Yeah he definitely has a type and I can see some similar facial features in his ex and me but I'm not letting him cut my hair again kek. The only thing I have to do it to let it grow.

No. 792959

I’m the samefag but no it doesn’t? I just really like the art, it reminds me of flipnote hatena. Plus I hate using the word girlies

No. 792960

no no the art is cool but the rest sounded kinda "hello fellow girls, men bad am I rite"

No. 792962

> I'd make sure to change my hair now as differently to his ex's hair as possible, out of pure spite
That's some bpd advice right there

No. 792963

lmao I am actually bpd and I hate it that you could've guessed it so easily

No. 792965

Vindictiveness after being wronged is not always indicative of a personality disorder, anon.

No. 792966

Oh. I guess I'll just bite my tongue then. My original point still stands though.

No. 792968

every time i gotta travel somewhere i’m always shocked at the sheer amount of hot people at the airports and train stations, i mean where are they coming from?? no hot people in sight outside of them, just uggos like me. literally what is happeninh

No. 792970

Rich people travel more. Maybe the only reason theyre hot is because they have money for expensive clothes, hair styling, and plastic surgery

No. 792974

I know right, looking at the hot people in the airports always makes me daydream about a movie-like romance.

No. 792975

what if your mum was on lolcow

No. 792976

Farmer or cow? I could see my mom as both tbh

No. 792977


No. 792978

sisters can be unkind, doesn't mean they don't love each other <3

No. 792983

File: 1619527584945.gif (663.15 KB, 320x240, 6FF57E9C-63D5-4F7A-AC4A-1F8550…)

I regularly get compared to mick jagger, but never female celebs.

No. 792985

My mum would be neither. She’s a Stacy. She’d probably go on gurugossiper and shit on the Pinterest cows (if there is any idk)

No. 792991

File: 1619528497228.jpg (234.11 KB, 1080x1045, Screenshot_20210427-145802_Fir…)

Saw this today, thought it looked cool, wanted to share.

No. 792992

This is like one of those biblical angels, but cooler and a uterus

No. 792994

File: 1619529033537.png (2.77 MB, 1726x2048, Screenshot_20210427-080940.png)

i would literally kill myself for chris pine, if he asked

No. 792995

File: 1619529129127.jpg (40.01 KB, 779x460, King-of-Comedy-Sandra-Bernhard…)

Do you resemble Sandra Bernhard at all?

No. 792997

Ugh I can easily imagine my mom as a spergy PULLtard

No. 793000

He looks like a big mouth character

No. 793003

File: 1619529944829.jpg (136.4 KB, 502x640, PicsArt_04-27-02.43.19.jpg)

Made emrata's nose too small

No. 793007

Eating my daily boiled egg and almost burnt toast with the respect it deserves

No. 793023

the fact that I might never be able to make love to this song fills me with deep sadness

No. 793029

File: 1619532316827.jpg (1.69 MB, 3225x2929, fabulous-french-bread-1b0755.j…)

Bread is so good I can eat it alone

No. 793031

I just saw someone write "Silence, scrote" to a dumb scrote on FB and felt proud of our language spreading.

No. 793045

File: 1619533919799.jpg (55.62 KB, 480x716, mcdheor-ec008-1551975269.jpg)

he does not. take it back.

No. 793047

if i was a moderator, i would ban and redtext every post that had
>its the x for me

No. 793054

Do you ever hope something doesn't become popular because you know the reaction/use of said thing will result in a terrible use of it.
For example many orthodox churches use the Julian calendar which shifts many religious holidays a few days off. The most notable is new years which is celebrated on what Americans consider 9/11.
It's a neat little fun fact I can totally see being abused by some bored "fuck America" twitter user or "dank meme" redditor. I can just imagine every 9/11 some edgy fuck posts "Happy 9/11" and when accused of being an edge lord they say "It's orthodox new year!1!"

No. 793061

Idk about that but I'd prefer the year to focus on the seasons, like Aries season or the first day of spring is the new year. I hate starting the year in January it's depressing af.

No. 793064

File: 1619535613185.jpg (44.15 KB, 680x492, EccRe2vUEAA2KbE.jpg)

Love yourself anon

No. 793068

Theres so many posts lately about anons finding their bfs secret porn habit. Got me thinking, imagine being a relationship therapist right now.. half your working day must be spent talking about porn and scrotes secret fap habits. What a job.

No. 793074

File: 1619536398085.jpg (87.82 KB, 514x640, 1396233079435.jpg)

Gimmie all the bread, anon

No. 793081

Reached the point where my main cow is now so detestable to me that I can't even enjoy hate watching her anymore. Cannot stand the sound or sight of her. Quickly replaced her with someone else that I hadn't followed before. All is right again

No. 793085

if bitter autists like you are the only ones who havent come to terms with the nuking of kpop threads, thats just more reason for never ressurecting it

No. 793088

>choachan is pure shit, just twitter in pink
That's literally what the k-pop threads were and why they were banned, anon

No. 793089

No. 793093

where's that anon that said she was going to make a weeb IB? sick of seeing 3d goblins

No. 793098

i can not understand this. how.

No. 793100

Nta but he looks like he has a really dry cough.

No. 793101

different anon but cube head and beard

No. 793102

>How can you hate Subway when you're the one making the sandwich combo?
WRONG! Subway's ingredients are not up to par with the other sub chains out there. If I wanted my vegetables to have the texture of wet paper towel, I would simply do a poor job of making a sandwich at home. No amount of tasty flavoring on their surfboard-like bread can save them. Their cookies are scrumptious though.

No. 793103

Naw he ugly

No. 793108

lmao okay, jesus christ

No. 793109

File: 1619540480415.jpg (1.24 MB, 3464x3464, UglyManIsUgly.jpg)

No. 793110

my poor husbando is getting roasted

No. 793112

I do it with love, anon. You can like who you like

No. 793119

i'm not even mad, it's so good. thank you

No. 793124

every time a real life scrote is called a 'husbando' i'm disgusted on behalf of everyone's true husbando

No. 793139

I'm tired of seeing weebshit post more 3d men please

No. 793142

Xoxo we love banter

No. 793146

stay mad, i love my 3dpd

No. 793147

Subways are dying so might as well close all locations and rise from the ashes as fresh cookie stores

No. 793151

my friend once told me that my type is slenderman kek

No. 793158

File: 1619542477476.jpg (26.51 KB, 685x640, 9rz.jpg)

No. 793161

I had a taste of this when a while back my mom complained to me that she’d gotten into an argument on a gardening forum. If my mom was on lc she’d be a powertripping jannie who banned anyone who disagreed with her kek

No. 793176

No. 793182

my dad would probably go on /pol and get into psychotic political arguments with other robots tbh

No. 793190

She would be that anon:
>constantly nitpicking women's looks
>ripping beautiful girls apart for non reasons
>calling everyone fat
while simultaneous:
>caping for scrotes and thirsting over the fugliest males celebs in THAT thread
Basically she would be banned pretty fast.
At least she would hate trannies so there's that.

No. 793196

File: 1619545450209.png (153.61 KB, 680x424, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

She would be a schizo poster. She's super into spiritual healing and debates everyone irl about it. She's also ESL so everything she says sounds wonky
>NONNIE DO YOU NOT KNOWLEDGE? Birth control is conspiracy medicine. Woman should not have un needed SEX. go KETO and set example for man! ASCEND ASCEND!

No. 793197

She would be the puritan christfag posting bible verses in meta and moralfagging. In fact everytime one of you ladies starts lecturing about muh trad values I picture my mother.

>gardening forum
What was she even arguing about?

No. 793198

Men and women who obsess or even worry for a second about the ass and tit size of their children or grandchildren are all pedophiles who need to be shot no exception

the obsession with how big ass and tits are created an extremely toxic culture where people will stop at no end to "prove" the superiority of big boobs and ass even if that means obesity, surgery, illness, abuse, cheating, incest and pedophilia

No. 793200

lmao I low-key love your mom. Ascend, Queen

No. 793204

I would like to subscribe to your mom’s newsletter.

No. 793206

This, also men with ass fetishes all seem asf to me

No. 793207

Tbh, my mom wouldn’t like the idea of using lolcow because she’s a fancy normie who hates fighting.
Maybe she would try to understand how it works but she would give up and go back to her hobbies, Facebook posting and Instagram fun.

No. 793208

I would honestly love that, they would be called

No. 793210

I sometimes feel like I'm Demisexual or something, like I don't where I am
I don't like porn, or any depictions of sex 3d and 2d, hetro and Gay and I don't understand how anyone can watch that shit

I like having sex with my boyfriend and really no one else, but its inconstant, cause there are days when I want him sexually more then anything and other days where I just wanna cuddle with him all day but no real sex

No. 793211

Disliking porn is not a sexuality, anon. You are obviously just straight.

No. 793212

File: 1619547057778.jpg (88.59 KB, 500x880, 1400376047411.jpg)

Cookie store in my city had lines out the door the other day when it opened a bigger store with milkshakes and custom cookies. I think Cookieway™ could do something similar, not even joking lolol

No. 793219

based response

No. 793220

Its not just the porn thing, its my really insouciant libido

No. 793221

File: 1619548137438.jpg (65.13 KB, 563x552, f18c7c269803bfbfa48b8d6b2c8fa9…)

Post the first pic on your pinterest homepage

No. 793226

sounds normal to me, what kind of person is horny 24/7?

No. 793227

You are a spicy straight who desperately wants to apply a kweer label to themselves to seem unique. Neither of those things justify having a sexuality other than het because you clearly enjoy having sex with a man.

No. 793229

File: 1619548696643.jpg (144.32 KB, 736x947, 8ea6d6028800a401b66ddfa3a6fcb3…)

I have a board full of these tumblr posts hehe

No. 793230

>and other days where I just wanna cuddle with him all day but no real sex
What is a normal libido
Uhh, you might not like porn but being "on" constantly is a very porn-sick thought. Very agree with the other anons, you're just normal. It's okay to not be special.

No. 793231

File: 1619548776734.jpeg (95.45 KB, 749x756, 02BB5674-CAE4-4976-97A8-015624…)

Nanamin hehe

No. 793237

File: 1619549195160.jpg (286.01 KB, 736x1157, d4705932a0bd010308e78839dea7f4…)

No. 793238

File: 1619549575749.jpg (178.75 KB, 1080x1080, heart.jpg)

My homepage has a bunch of nail content right now

No. 793241

File: 1619549884547.jpeg (89.2 KB, 500x667, 54D1420C-E95C-4B66-AF32-B5EE54…)

No. 793245

File: 1619550132963.jpg (36.48 KB, 736x736, ad30caa00f2922061210ae45d6eb0e…)

It almost was Kylo Ren, crisis averted

No. 793247

File: 1619550250815.jpg (23.79 KB, 591x556, 1875939263ccd534bbef8159cb3e6c…)

I logged in for the first time in years, don't ask because I'm juts as confused

No. 793249

I just saw a really handsome singer on tv uwuwuwuwuwwu

No. 793251

File: 1619550435758.jpg (27.23 KB, 512x512, 1600968218100.jpg)

Finally watching SK8 and wow the gay flaminco dude made it better

No. 793252

*flamenco samefag can't write

No. 793253

File: 1619550486603.jpeg (69.22 KB, 546x693, E77BAAA5-A162-4D2B-BBEC-FEBBF8…)

I love foxes, they’re cute.

No. 793267

>Imagine some straight chick pretending to be MtF for fetishistic reasons.
unironically this is how i masturbate sometimes, by packing and pretending to be a boy for a little while, not interested in pushing my kink online like male trannies do though

No. 793275

What are you talking about?

No. 793287

File: 1619553153095.jpg (177.28 KB, 1200x1202, 1200px-Supermoon_Nov-14-2016-m…)

I really don't like moon. There's something unsettling about it, especially full moon, I get anxious every time I look at it. I love looking at the night sky when it's stars only but the moon is a no-no. Reading conspiracy theories about the moon only makes it worse.

No. 793294

they're what as fuck?

No. 793295

File: 1619553378044.jpg (28.13 KB, 318x240, moon.jpg)

But it's made of cheese anon

No. 793296

>conspiracy theories about the moon

No. 793297

kikomi irl

No. 793303

That's so sad to hear, I am sorry!
I am the exact opposite, I love looking at the moon (and the sky in general) and when it's full I could moongaze for hours. Makes me feel relaxed.

No. 793312

how do you feel about local58?

No. 793315

Jesus christ woketard kids are so annoying, lady's just trying to do her Job and could get forget over this dumb shit

No. 793317

No. 793318

I love it. But the moon related videos gave me legit anxiety lol

No. 793323

File: 1619555288806.png (756.34 KB, 600x629, 693a8141af2b5d88ca24d249b00488…)

Literally noone:
the moon according to OP:

No. 793324

It’s called ban children from going to any events.

No. 793326

I’m pretty convinced that someone is trapped inside of the moon. If someone blew up the moon, the Earth will fall into perpetual nights and the prisoner will be released. The moon is holding us back and making our cruel existence even more long than it already should be, free the Moon.

No. 793330

File: 1619555853707.png (219.4 KB, 500x630, Moon_people.png)

Maybe read Houseki no Kuni

No. 793331

File: 1619555955087.jpg (249.9 KB, 919x1756, IMG_20210427_223902.jpg)

No. 793332

I don't like being outside at night when the moon is full. Maybe because my dad pretended he was a werewolf and scared the shit out of me as a kid. But the moon makes me anxious too anon, though I do find it very beautiful

No. 793336

Does anyone else have certain lines from songs go off in their head like reaction images?
For me, the line “Can you fucking imagine?” from 2:07 in this song pops into my mind when I imagine a really cringeworthy or ridiculous scenario. So it’s like
>”Finding out your husband of 5 years has been living a double life as a transgender babyfur on F-List, commissioning $2k worth of drawings of his fursona after he said money was too tight to buy you anniversary gifts or go on vacations, and forming relationships with other diaperfags and furries on Reddit? [Penelope Scott voice] CAN YOU FUCKING IMAGINE???? [guitar noise]”
Sometimes, I also imagine actual reaction images to go along with it.

No. 793344

>come across a cool song on yt
>OH SHIT it’s a bop
>google it
>first result is tiktok
>well it wasn’t even that good anyway
why do i let good things get ruined for me so easily

No. 793353

File: 1619557564111.png (13.06 KB, 564x243, TK.PNG)

The same people who learned songs from just dance 100% are the same people who hate when tiktok finds a song

No. 793354

Today a scrote I'm talking to claimed to like me and I said "it seems like you just want sex. How am I supposed to know you like me if you dont buy me gifts or take me on thoughtful dates?"

Hes not talking to me now. Single forever.

No. 793357

Queen shit. I hope you someday find a scrote who will show his appreciation for you by showering you with gifts without you asking and express how much he likes you.

No. 793359

speaking of, just dance should be considered a torture technique

No. 793360

That's weak. All those songs existed before TikTok, lmao.

No. 793368

I hate people who find out about david bowie from jojo's bizarre adventure. I myself tend to discover music from more patrician media, like shrek 2

No. 793376

Based and pinkpilled. Never settle for mediocrity sis

No. 793385

it's retarded to let a song be ruined by tiktok but also pronoun people need to keep their greasy hands off mother mother

No. 793405

Please yes leave mother mother alone

No. 793427

This music talk reminds me of an old /mu/ post. Something along the lines "You need a normie filter in-bedded in your taste" or maybe "Your music taste isn't so weird it repels normies?".
Was most likely hipster posturing, but it does lend an interesting perspective. A lot of "this band was small, but now it's big" complaints come from people who weren't even listening to small bands to begin with. People vastly under-underestimate how obscure bands can be. Most people think 1m views is a lot for an artist, but in actually averaging 100k views is pretty good for a musician. To go to an extreme point it's debatable a truly obscure musician maxes 15k views or only posts on bandcamp/soundcloud, skipping YT and spotify.
Most of these bands people hate becoming popular are just basic pop songs that are better than average or have 1 quirk that makes them different. Don't be shocked when they suddenly attract normies

No. 793486

I'm not on FB but every year my aunt sends me a screenshot of the nice message she posts about me on my birthday. I always get nosy and tell her to tell me who liked it kek

No. 793494

I love you nonnas, I honestly don't know what I would do if I didn't have this place, I would be lonely as shit.

No. 793497

I was browsing through the Kohls tshirt catalog, and the amount of le cOfFeE~, ~le sTaRwARs bby YODA xDDd, [insert other shitty popculture tv shows] amd basic bitch posotivity shirts makes me want to create an alternatove shirt brand that promotes negativity and makes fun of these shitty, poorly made designs and themes. I'm sure it's probably been done though and driven through the ground, and the tshirt market is probably already oversaturatrd and comoetitive as fuck

No. 793502

i feel this but then again i found mother mother through tumblr when tumblr was land of the pronoun people

No. 793508

I found mother mother through Homestuck tumblr in 2013 kek.

No. 793510

>anons complaining Mother Mother is ruined for them by Tik Tok
>mfw I found out about Mother Mother from some online groomer/pedo years before it blew up
Lol talk about ruined

No. 793518

I feel actually hipster (kek can't remember the last time I used this) that the first time I heard Mother Mother was a folk festival in 2008

No. 793526

anon mother mother literaly has a song about a man who loves wearing women's lingerie while fucking them, of course the pronoun people are going to be all over the band.

No. 793530

File: 1619570608863.jpeg (55.41 KB, 460x738, E1A860EA-AD66-484C-AA4B-D972AE…)

I don’t know how to explain it very well but I feel like sometimes I only have one leg. It’s not a saddening feeling, I’m happy right now. But I also feel like I don’t have two legs.
What is that? Should I be scared?

No. 793533

fuck that shitty band

No. 793535

i feel that way too. i've always wanted to amputate my right leg, it doesn't belong
mother mother is a band, i've seen someone describe it as the canadian nickelback but oh well i like it anyway

No. 793537

It's really weird how I interpreted Verbatim as a song about not caring about gender roles/stereotypes and pretentious labels
Does the woke crowd know about that song? I'd be pretty curious what their interpretation if it would be, considering the fact that Hayloft is they/them's anthem

No. 793540

File: 1619571280684.png (359.91 KB, 591x447, crocs.png)

These kiroi tori crocs live rent free in my head and every day I regret I didn't buy them from this girl who was selling them via instagram a few months ago. I have been memed into thinking crocs are so ugly that they're cute and I want a yellow pair SO FUCKING BAD. I did buy croc brand flip flops because I desperately needed flip flops and couldn't find any at any stores at the end of summer so I was forced to buy from the croc store but they are insanely comfortable. I want normal crocs so I can piss off my friends because I know they hate them, but also because I genuinely think pairing them with dresses makes an outfit so dorky in a cute way.

No. 793541

Nickleback is canadian though

No. 793542

>pairing them with dresses makes an outfit so dorky in a cute way
I think crocs are cute too (although I don't own a pair), but please, whatever you do, do not pair them with a dress

No. 793543

I love wearing my crocs with pajamas or leggings, it’s so cozy and it makes me feel extremely cute. I wouldn’t really go out with them like, to hangout with friends but they’re really nice for running errands.

No. 793546

This is just going to fuel my spite!!!!

I just looked up the price of crocs and holy shit I never realized they cost this much lmao. I didn't want to buy the kiroi tori ones because I thought the cost with shipping would be too expensive but they were so much cheaper (but I guess maybe I risked them not being as comfy as the og lol).

No. 793550

File: 1619571906264.jpeg (56.55 KB, 400x400, 510B5C3B-2112-403D-A825-D5D2F1…)

I hope there’s a sale soon or something! Crocs are really nice and honestly cute, you should also get a few pins.
>tfw I will never have pic related.

No. 793554

I love you and lolcow too!

No. 793573

i for one think they would be very cute with dresses. i just recently bought a pair of crocs myself and i already want to wear them everywhere. i don't care how dumb they look, i think they're cute!

No. 793576

File: 1619573410880.jpg (35.5 KB, 500x333, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

This is when I lost all faith in the yt music community

No. 793581


No. 793582

Is this that Needledrop guy with hair??? He creeps me out and I don't know why

No. 793592

ugh he's some ugly bastard

No. 793593

I love you all, at the end of the day, I find myself posting on lolcow again. I love you all. I have so much love to share.

No. 793599

Thank you for supporting my dreams. Live your best croc wearing life anon!!!

No. 793614


No. 793615

whats wrong with just dance

No. 793617

Based and shrekpilled.

No. 793625

I have everything to lose and nothing to gain

No. 793626

File: 1619578657249.jpg (23.41 KB, 399x388, 1502721838211.jpg)

the state of /g/ right now

No. 793630

As if it wasn't always de/g/en shit kek

No. 793637

just fucking go to the kpop board and start whatever spergy discussion you want coward

No. 793648

You always have to double the corn tortilla

No. 793651

I wish men would understand they need to stroke with their hips during sex and not stuff Jack hammering with their whole body

No. 793654

File: 1619581539445.jpeg (166.42 KB, 1280x720, 60BAC87D-CC0C-415F-A89C-B3FC95…)

Ccc is dead 98% of the time, I don’t understand what’s actually stopping farmers from using that board and saying whatever the fuck they want. If all 5 of the complainers went there, they could drown out the 3 twitfags with their own autism ezpz.
Anon I hope you finally gain some moxie like me so you can go to choachan and say wendy should fall again and leave the industry. Why are you scared? The mods there don’t care, hell the janny positions are open atm. Say that and apply to be one.

No. 793676

yeah they're fucking retarded

No. 793677

I don’t hate bugs or anything, but I keep noticing a fuckton of spiders and other creepy crawlies in my apartment. Every time I go to the bathroom at night there’s a spider chillin on the wall. One of them came down from a web above my bed (horror shit). I’ve always been fine with spiders because I know they eat the bad bugs, but wtf why do I have so many? Am I the spider queen now? It’s starting to freak me out.

No. 793680

white corn or yellow corn, though, what is the superior corn tortilla

No. 793693

white for tacos, yellow for tostadas. i like tacos more so white!

No. 793699

File: 1619588516922.png (849.35 KB, 579x835, 5188B687-A403-4C90-9B8F-514BA8…)

A spider around your house definitely laid eggs at some point. I guess you can feel free to kill them if it bothers you, they aren’t going away any time soon otherwise unless you adopt a bird or a monkey or a lizard.

No. 793721

Riley Reid (a famous porn star) is getting married and scrotes everywhere are getting triggered out of their minds.

Why do men see the women they jerk off to as being less than human and not deserving of happiness (despite the fact these women spend their whole careers pleasing men)?

No. 793722

Big agree, 3D is so disgusting I legitimately can't understand anons who find it attractive

No. 793723

I hope she doesn't have kids though, I mean she's allowed to be happy and married but if she has kids their in for a lifetime bullying and embarrassment

No. 793726

I saw scrotes freaking out when she was just dating him. They love to bang on about how porn stars or ex porn stars should just die alone because 'who wants to date that' but then at the same time you see comments on PH where scrotes watch a 5 min clip and declare the woman as their dream wife. Don't know which is freakier. They're way too invested either way.

No. 793739

Aww I love the moon. I think it's fascinating and beautiful, and it's comforting to look at it shining in the sky at night . I also love reading about all the stories and myths humans have made for it throughout history

No. 793755

scrotes do this with regular female celebrities who get boyfriends too and i don't understand it

No. 793756

explain, please

No. 793757

File: 1619601272205.jpg (41.01 KB, 775x637, 07d.jpg)

I'm trying to cry myself to sleep but the heaving of my humongous perky breasts, and the clap of my fat juicy asscheeks as i sob, is keeping me awake

No. 793762


No. 793765

Men are retarded and creepy "but the logical gender" right
Because they get mad at high status women getting with high status men (on their level or higher), they want the trophy pussy to be constantly available for swathes of low quality men. They do this with fictional female characters too

No. 793775

>"He's a cuck! No real man would marry a whore whose gangbang is on the internet!"
>5 minutes later
>jerking off to Riley Reid Gets Destroyed By 5 BBCs
It's almost as if men are degenerate hypocrites who ignore the fact that these women are only able to build a career doing these things because men will watch and pay them for it.

No. 793781

I think they hate to see women winning. She’s made a lot of money from men by doing something fun (in their view, of course the porn industry is different to their imagination). Her penance is supposed to be that this career makes her unemployable and unlovable. That hasn’t happened and they’re mad that she’s got it so good

The particularly weird men are probably angry that she’s “left them for another man” lol

No. 793796

men jerk off with one hand and point with the other

No. 793802

Work is so fucking slow and I already got up to date with all the cows I follow reeee
I'm limited to the computer screen because if my boss sees me doing something else like picking up a book he'll find some pointless task I will have to redo tomorrow anyway because I need more info. Recommend me fun internet places nonnies.

No. 793841

It goes against their stacy revenage fantasy that one day the slutty popular girl who ignored them will be old and alone in the end

No. 793854

don't have advice but I'm in the same boat and ended up just buying stuff/doing online shopping and window shopping. Could you maybe download a online book and read it at your screen?

No. 793881

I hate reading books or even lenghty articles on the computer screen, I don't have any issues with tablets or ebooks but of fucking course I can't do that.
Might as well play solitaire or something.

No. 793899

I use to feel bad about myself when guys would fuck zone me or act cold and indifferent towards me after sex(dry texts/ghosting) then I realized the issue isnt me, they just have low self esteem. A lot of men subconsciously know they are trash, therefore when a woman is all over them/fucking them and they are putting in minimal effort…in their head they're thinking "this bitch must have no self respect if shes willing to fuck someone like me and I'm putting in 0 effort". I know this is true because the same men who put me in the fuck zone would start to see me as a high quality girl after I got bored/indifferent with them because "oh shes treating me how I person like me is supposed to be treated!"

No. 793900

File: 1619621323143.jpg (44.41 KB, 564x546, 2eb2397fc3004e118b24e32f53de1b…)

So this came up randomly on my pinterest and….oh my….I like what I see

No. 793901

This is spot on. It's sad that a lot of women internalize this as something being wrong with them instead.

No. 793904

@ me: Never forget this

No. 793906

No. 793909

No. 793925

When I was younger and going through my fuck buddy phase I remember how guys would start to get flakey and make arranging a time to meet…a whole chore. I look back at that time and I was at my peak, fit, didn't actually know I was attractive but I see it now (now that it's past tense lol) The same guys who would be so flakey and hard to pin down for plans..would be astounded if I moved on and found someone more available. Then they'd be all over me again. It was a pattern.

So even when you don't want to date them they manage to play weird games rather than taking a good deal when it's being handed to them. If you happily said "yeah lets just fuck" they'd slowly stop fucking you too. It's bizarre.

Every time I see a guy moaning about how he can't get laid or how his dry spell is going on 3 years.. I think back to those flakey guys who chased me away from bothering with any of that anymore.

No. 793926

this just makes me wish it was 2007 again

No. 793959

This looks stupid

No. 793985

I'm always hearing stories about people breaking up and like ten years later they'll meet again and try again and end up happily ever after. I can't wrap my head around that being a real thing.

No. 794000

Well my not too cheerful interpretation would be that after 10 years of dating they realized that whatever they broke up over was miniscule compared to how fucked up a lot of potential partners are, and the number of viable options goes down with age. So it's not like they love each other so much they couldn't get anyone else, they just get tired and settle for something they know won't be that awful because they don't want to be old and unmarried.

No. 794027

spergs that love wrinkly old man cock have made a home of the unconventional attractions thread

No. 794038

I managed to not eat chocolate for two days in a row!!!

No. 794042

sounds the same as usual

No. 794049

I find Dua Lipa to be very overrated, don't get me wrong, if I woke up tomorrow looking exactly like her my ugly ass would be delighted!kek but as a celebrity I don't understand why everyone says she's so beautiful, her lack of carisma doesn't help one bit.

No. 794088

i go there and it's pretty empty during the US night time. there's also a kpc thread that's barely used and has the same rules as lc kpc so it could be easily colonized by farmers.

No. 794151

File: 1619641030935.jpeg (660.08 KB, 828x1267, AC136A10-F702-489C-BA80-20BE47…)

Jimmy Fallon has a very punchable face.

No. 794163

This is spot on, my brothers have told me about, “crazy obsessed bitches, only good for BJs.”
You can’t tell a man your feelings up front. It’s a game of flirting until they catch on, or else they get overwhelmed and don’t want you for long-term.

The real test is when you call them your boyfriend and see if they accept the title or not.


No. 794164

80% of the posts on subreddits like splendida and vindictapoc read like larping to me- i keep seeing people compare themselves to celebrities and call themselves 8/10s and then you see their face and they’re… unattractive? not ugly, but definitely not beautiful or even above average. it really feels like the posters coddling those meh looking girls and calling them so beautiful are trying to prevent them from ascending. that being said, it sucks that the lines between being ugly, average, and beautiful are just a few millimeters wide.

No. 794169

Usually because moids realize they're not going to get their dream girl stacy and they're getting too old to bar hop and younger women are starting to reject them. They end up going to the list of women they felt werent good enough to settle with, this is why you can go on a date with a scrote once 4 years ago and still get random texts from him years later.

No. 794170

Oh my fucking god this happened to me. I called him my boyfriend and he backed the fuck out. He got overwhelmed and he's friendzoning me now "cus muh anxiety". What should I do now? Ignore him so he comes back?

No. 794174

He was never intending on making you his gf. You were a place holder. Just back out and leave.

No. 794178

Even if I see good potential in him? He was very sweet and caring and would say I love you constantly. Then a week later he told me he never loved me.

No. 794180

He was using you for attention. Men tend to do that even with women they dont plan in dating. They like place holders while they wait for stacy.

No. 794181

the world's most generic moid

No. 794188

Why did he do that to me…?
I was always sweet and caring and willing to accept his faults and I kept forgiving him even when he hurt me super bad just because I saw the best on him.

No. 794190

he's a scrote. don't give him another chance to hurt you. he's shown you his true colors. believe him.

No. 794192

I'm 24 and I forgot how to fucking parallel park

No. 794193

I'm 24 and I had no idea how I even passed the parallel parking portion of the drivers test when I took it years ago

do not think I could still parallel park

No. 794195

I feel less alone now. But I think my failure is extra shameful because I was good at it when I was 17 or so, back when I was all set up to take the test, yet for some reason, I never did it. I have all this anxiety and just cried about my failures just now. I hope I can pass the test soon.

No. 794199

Because scrotes will still entertain women they dont want for an ego boost because despite what they claim most of them cannot stand being truly single. This is why they have place holder girls who will give them attention until mrs perfect comes around and then they can easily discard you with the excuse "well I never said you were my gf" becuz he never put a label on it.

No. 794200

I passed the drivers test with a marginal 70 maybe a 71/100 points, as long as you pass, the score doesn't matter

the guy who was testing me really hated how long I waited at lights and docked me a ton for that

No. 794202

Felt like treating myself and ordered bubble tea shit from my local asian market so i can make it home, boba pearls and some chinese black tea i like. It’s really the only thing I miss from precovid world and can easily recreate at home!

No. 794204

great!! tell me if it was good I also wanted to make some (I saw a video the dude used loads of sugar)

No. 794209

You're so godamn right. I'm only dating women from now on.

No. 794226

File: 1619650028455.jpg (110.92 KB, 680x680, 1619617138179.jpg)

99% of men look like this

No. 794228

A lot of scrotes hate being single but they're also always looking for better. They think if they have a gf, beyonce might ask them out and they miss their shot lol its delusion

No. 794230

kek I'm laughing so hard, you're so right nonna

Yeah I don't get it. I'm basically perfect (jk I'm pretty good though) and this stupid dude doesn't even see it. He might have bad self esteem or he's just an asshole, or both. I hope he remains single, he's 29 and never had a gf and is still a virgin, so…

No. 794232

Getting a pretty girl just makes scrotes think they can do better since they bagged u. Being pretty doesn't mean much.

No. 794233

I'm 25 and can't fucking drive (because I have no car)

No. 794234

>Getting a pretty girl just makes scrotes think they can do better
Of course. Of course they would think that. That's so sad.

No. 794248

Oh shit we're getting a new admin lmao

No. 794254

What do we know about the current/previous admins? This oughta be milky

No. 794255

I just got some brown sugar flavor pearls, tea and condensed milk (not sure if I'm actually gonna use that, I like bitter milky tea) but will do!!

No. 794257

I'm not an oldfag, so idk much to be honest. I've heard of a previous mod/admin called Regina being awful. The site was started by a man iirc. There was some drama a year or so back in /meta/, with some anon leaking discord messages from our current admin, but apparently those were fake.

No. 794264

I believe in you anon. Perhaps consider saving for a good deal on a used car or getting a loan with a dealership

No. 794266

File: 1619655206924.jpg (53.53 KB, 659x821, 7fb2040767e88b4b18c221158b3980…)

I love when anons write in broken english. I think it's legit cute and charming, and I assign them accents in my mind that seem fitting.

But I hate when I do it myself (even if it's just some random typos), I feel dumb lol

No. 794274

I feel like it's really easy for anons to claim they are/were mods but I think a few months ago an ex mod complained about admin and said that you need to deal with a lot of gore and just terrible things in general.

No. 794275

I remember the last admin being pretty based

No. 794276

The new admin position is like, a ccs javascript html kinda admin, I think it will have to do more with maintenance of the site than whatever (check the submission page)

No. 794278

Regina George??

No. 794279

can confirm

No. 794281

You know what? if that "mr perfect" scrote does not love me, I'll find a girl who actually does. End of story

No. 794284

I was around when Regina was admin and briefly joined the server (but was never active) so I can't comment. I do remember a lot of farmers on the server were pissed because Regina loved Wildchild, who was trans or a male, and was generally annoying and nonsensical. God I need to leave this site

No. 794293

File: 1619661097363.jpeg (183.35 KB, 1414x1414, A1C61C53-10DA-439F-9088-997278…)

Honey butter toast SLAPS it’s such an upgrade from sugar and butter. Even better on a baguette

No. 794312

File: 1619663332931.png (246.79 KB, 638x359, 1619115340124.png)

belt keeps the shirt tucked in but doesnt hold pants all the way up. suspenders hold the pants all the way up but dont keep the shirt tucked in. wearing both at the same time? don't make me gag.

No. 794315

Honey butter toast is so good. I love mixing the honey and butter together before I spread it on toast and then eating it with sausage for breakfast

No. 794326

File: 1619664428711.jpeg (77.24 KB, 693x693, 0E0F8029-CAB4-4F32-8FF8-6FE94D…)

get the fuck out of my way bitches

No. 794334

File: 1619664627471.jpeg (25.98 KB, 680x365, ede.jpeg)

okay damn had to style like that shit bitch consider me gone

No. 794355

Oh boy exciting or worrying? I’ll support whoever bringing back XX, through gore scat and all.

No. 794368

The only solution is going suspenders + garters to pull the shirt down, but that's pretty lame.
How does your belt not keep your pants up though? If the belt is around your lower waist or upper hips it shouldn't be able to sag down since your hips and ass are keeping it up.

No. 794374

File: 1619668675822.png (63.64 KB, 542x664, 1594438226575.png)


No. 794375

File: 1619668923396.jpeg (63.75 KB, 275x270, 1618192259352.jpeg)

so just retarded bait thanks

but whats not retarded is that all trans needs to be euthanized. like no middle ground. its as humane as it can get but get rid of the scourge.

i respect onlyfans whores and snapchat sluts more than trans but thats a bare minimum. at least those biological women have autonomy over their pussy, they are still sluts and are the base level of garbage of society but dont have to force people into respecting their bodies and get off to it because its a fetish and they love popping a boner over people being mad about them invading women sphere.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 794377

about damn time. hopefully this one's not a zombie

No. 794381

Nigga you look obviously touristy as fuck, the scrote energy just jumps out

No. 794388

what retarded word salad with nothing of value to say, just like a scrote

No. 794400

anons im kinda dumb, what does an admin do? Are there multiple?

No. 794412

If a 4chan tier incel and a Terf decided to have a daughter, You would be the result of such unholy union.

No. 794426

Sigh, I'm a terf and I had an incel 4chan boyfriend and we wanted to have a daughter. You just put salt on the wound. Nta btw

No. 794430

God fucking help me, I'm falling in love with a former Tiktok boy

No. 794434

No. 794437

File: 1619675901966.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.04 MB, 3840x2560, 1619667369383.jpg)

I'm finding it harder and harder to check Moo's threads. I'm finding myself physically wincing while looking at pics and seeing how she further fucked herself with plastic surgery and weight gain. It would be one thing to get plastic surgery and look better, but she's slowly going down a road of wasted money and still being bloated and gross. I only lurk that thread since I don't have much to say, but I just feel physically sick looking but I can't look away. It's definitely like a car crash. I think I'm more bothered by that because I used to roll with folks that really liked her cosplay but then that groping scandal happened so they stopped. But still. The physical worsening is awful.

No. 794443

File: 1619677764551.png (34.73 KB, 465x142, sdtjyfhfvgnam.png)

Please get these unstable trannies off rate your music lmao

No. 794445

People like to joke on theneedledrop but he made me discover some really great music over the years. An actual useful scrote for once.

No. 794497

Wow, she does not give a fuck, this is "fuck my shit up" style editing, she doesn't even have an armpit anymore

No. 794516

It always makes me fee weird whenever I see someone post screenshots of cows on the InstagramReality sub

No. 794563

File: 1619704304810.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.81 MB, 3840x5760, 1619667411058.jpg)

The pics just get worse. The person who photoshopped her stuff must fucking hate her or she's been giving them bad sex lately because there are far more professional ways to photoshop this and this just looks soooo bad.

No. 794565

Idk about all that but looks like they've just smoothed her ass into oblivion

No. 794567

I wish I was oblivious to all the disgusting things I know about trans mtfs. There is so much drama and stigma that comes with being a terf and I feel so crazy.

No. 794570

File: 1619705571659.png (726.62 KB, 720x717, 6B83AAD9-EDCC-488B-A88D-797EAB…)

Nonnas, nonnettes, and nonnies. I am currently experiencing a feeling of internal bliss. I feel free and at peace. Terminally being lonely, stressed about failure and anxious about me dying at any moment or people hurting me. I literally don’t give a shit and I mean it for the first time. Finally, my mind and my bodily reactions agree with this bliss. I just want to share it with someone. Embrace the dumbass within

No. 794605

True, every day I wish for blissful ignorance

No. 794624

File: 1619711872308.jpeg (550.03 KB, 750x786, 6507970C-180A-4DC7-B373-CDD6DF…)

Based. It’s so cruel that people figure this out way too late. I’m starting to figure out how the world really is and I’m slowly starting to not care either, if I die I’m going out like a GTA character with vengeance

No. 794628

Sounds epic <3

No. 794665

File: 1619715937455.gif (3.03 MB, 359x202, 1494108465737.gif)

Great, now I've watched too many documentaries of women being killed by their stalker and I guess I will never leave my apartment ever again. It is also totally freaky that they couldn't do anything about it because until they were not physically hurt, the police saw no reason to step in fuck

No. 794667

lol this reminded me of the time when I spent a whole weekend just watching crime documentaries in my bed and when I finally left my apartment to buy stuff I was shocked that noone tried to stab me

No. 794678

It's always so fucking funny to me whenever I encounter an edgy nazi account on Instagram and they have "the sun will rise and we will try again" in their bio amongst edgy bullshit. twenty one pilots lyrics as an edgy motto, nice

No. 794683

File: 1619717356182.jpeg (26.41 KB, 835x367, images (44).jpeg)

Xiaomi you dumb slut where's my tablet with a pen for artists reee
I'll have to save money for a samsung one, but I love xiaomi products

No. 794685

nona…….pls love yourself a little more

No. 794691

glad I didn't go down that path, I mean I watched a Documentaries Acehnese separatism, Ukrainians Jewish Nazis and Drug warlords in Mayanmar and 100 hundred stuff but didn't watch any True Crime
Like I've watched 1000+ Documentaries this year and I still haven't watched any True Crime

No. 794750

Male Metabolism is a crime against nature, I have a boyfriend and he's a fairly average looking guy and he's a good guy but watching him eat is just infuriating

cause he eats as much as for a family of 5 daily and still never gains any weight, watching him eat a full broth in a singe setting is just maddening, he eats double my entire group of friends combined

No. 794758

My brother was like that until 30 and then got fat as fuck

No. 794797

File: 1619726092982.jpg (102.37 KB, 602x602, main-qimg-908dd537eebc5ccc4639…)

Looking at bodybuilder aspiring to be walking gigachads always makes me feel like they're in constant pain just from the constrictions of their own body. Even though I understand they obviously aren't. I guess it's just the way them seem to inflexible.

No. 794799

Short men should never gain muscle like this.

No. 794802

This is why I exclusively watch nature documentaries these days. They make me depressed too but not in a kms way.

No. 794803

built like a roblox character

No. 794817

Thought I was in love with him, start talking to a new virile young buck that’s hard to get and now I can barely remember his anne. BPD, every time.

No. 794820

i know the whole ‘who is this cute little lesbian’ thing is dead but it really applies here

No. 794824

his anne? what? am I that behind with the times?

No. 794828

his NAME sorry anon i’m an idiot it’s a typo

No. 794833

Mans looks like he’s about to burst at any minute.

No. 794839

why do they think women find this attractive gross

No. 794843

File: 1619729939128.jpeg (148.53 KB, 480x640, CF61B815-73E9-4A80-8891-00D148…)

anons here shop like they’re still 17 years old, holy shit get rid of the dolls and toys and take some meds along with some wine lmao

No. 794850

Yeah, seeing unnaturally buff guys like that always made me wonder if it restricts their movement. They look like their arm would snap if they bent down to tie their shoelaces or smth

No. 794854

said a freshly 18 years old farmer lmfao

No. 794856

Sounds like you were forced to grow up too fast and you are now bitter because of it. Seethe for all of eternity.

No. 794861

Girl, you just posted a picture of Rey Hello Kitty. It sounds like you're just a tad bit scared to have careless fun like the rest of us. Let go of that. Now, which anime figure do you want me to buy for you?

No. 794866

Ah yes, Rey Ayahnaymeh

No. 794876

I'm not sure they're all doing it for women, it's just like extreme autism, but for muscles and body shape. They can spend their life doing bicep curls every day for all I care, they're only trying to impress other bodybuilding autists.

No. 794881

I hate getting high with people that aren't very clever. It feels like you're babysitting.

No. 794884

File: 1619732094533.png (752.98 KB, 680x593, 1618059824972.png)

Shame they can't be like you, anon. The mature adult human female bosslady posting pictures of anime Hello Kitty floats on lolcow.farm.

No. 794887

I work in a middle school, and I'm really annoyed by all of the enbies and woke kids. I'm afraid someone is going to chew me out for misgendering a they/them. And today I was told some student war s"toxic" trying to break up a "polysexual" relationship. I guess I shouldn't be too bothered by this because they are literal kids and this is the time in your life to be weird and annoying. But have some woke coworkers who are going to rag on me for not being affirming enough. Blegh.

No. 794913

Oh my god my friend is finally divorcing her husband who trooned out a few years AND she disclosed some GC thoughts she felt terrible about expecting me to reach negatively. It's crazy that even in her situation she still felt she couldn't be critical about him to people she knew. Anyway we talked mad shit.

No. 794932

No. 794935

I "soy boy face" whenever an anon posts their haul or order that they placed in the Aliexpress thread. One day I shall be free from consumerism's grip, but today is not that day.

No. 794937

kiss the cow’s nose

No. 794963

it's like how we say we dress fashionably for other women not for men. they're trying to impress other guys

No. 794976

File: 1619738674233.jpg (863.55 KB, 1600x1062, 180727-yoshi-buffalo-boys-2-ew…)

During my stint of online dating I encouraged scrotes to open up about their sexual fantasies before meeting them in person. I acted like I wasn't going to judge them for it but really did it so I could weed out the unashamed freaks as quickly as possible. One of them told me he likes romantic vanilla sex but could "be a little kinky at times." I was apprehensive since he was really vague about it but he seemed more shy than secretive and I liked him so I ended up going on a date with him. 6 years later we are still together and I have come to realize that his idea of "a little kinky" is just talking like a cowboy during sex, thank fuck.

No. 794983

I love you nonna omg

No. 794985

I'm dead, thank you for posting this!

No. 794986

Fake and gay, I can sense how false this story is. I see the red flags asking men about their sexual fantasies before meeting them (kek) and settling for a guy who wants to speak like Clint Eastwood during sex. Gtfo

No. 795011

File: 1619741282360.jpg (80.53 KB, 1280x774, naydeity.jpg)

I feel very fortunate to have been born with my body type/shape, but I'm so jealous of tall women that don't show their weight easily I also want to lick their legs

No. 795012

Nta but actually I think it’s a good idea to get males comfortable enough to admit their tiny Asian anal prolapse fetish as soon as possible. They’d just lie if they know you’re anti-degenerate before they got to fuck you.

No. 795014

I am a little worried about my boyfriend going to the bar with his roomates because I told him that if he ends up talking to girls its fine cause i know it wont go past that but then I remembered his roomates are kinda scummy dudes who have covered for each other doing bad shit in the past (not him but they all covered for one dude). and then I texted him to warn him of the botulism outbreak in costco beans because they have a costco membership and now i am at peace with it. I overestimate his hotness/social skills so if he wants to find a girl who will not text him about botulism thats for those girls to decide. namaste.

No. 795020

File: 1619742357853.jpeg (57.25 KB, 633x770, F15E9440-9570-4ED7-BCE0-EF1257…)

Leave anon and her pardner alone!

No. 795023

File: 1619742680825.jpg (157.61 KB, 1280x960, 1582322073183.jpg)

>felt like shit cause not getting enough sleep
>take a 5-6 hour nap
>feel even worse
>suddenly crying and wanting to kms for absolutely no reason
>but at least have energy
also unrelated:
>want to shitpost/hornypost about certain characters/series but can't because pretentious weebs throw a fit literally every fucking time it's posted
these kids would've been beat up at my middle school

No. 795026

more power to ya, pardner

No. 795032

File: 1619743499194.jpeg (78.03 KB, 660x584, 3650B1C6-59E6-4504-A902-2C6B2A…)

I love you for being able to handle most of such things, nonnie, I would’ve gone nuclear by telling them that I don’t give a fuck because they’re a bunch of stupid kids and that they shouldn’t be getting engaged in anything that has the word “sexual” close by unless it’s something like “asexual”.

No. 795034

This is so cute lmao. You and your potna have fun!

No. 795046

There's this woman I've known online for nearly 2 decades through a community. She use to bully me when I was 14 until my 20s, she's 10 years older. She use to go at me over politics and I watched her become a 'punk' who use to intimate tf out of me to a sjw to one of those perpetually sick people but no symptoms ever to non binary all whilst being married to this quiet man from the same community. She use to shit on my religious beliefs a lot and now she's become spiritual that I think I saw a post on her fb about having a kin spirit or something. She posts so much that it gets lost but I will never unfriend her because she doesn't know that she is my personal lolcow. I can't post too much about her because she has enough of an internet presence I'd shit myself if she knew and unfriended me.

No. 795072

You can take my toys from my cold dead hands, Nonny.

No. 795135

Thought about the Gunbuster ending and made myself cry

No. 795139

File: 1619756697192.jpeg (86.41 KB, 446x400, 8563A8B9-0CE3-4CA2-B02A-07ECE3…)

>muh wine
Because drinking is something only totally mature people do.
Don’t you have homework to do? You kind of sound scrotish as well.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 795148

File: 1619758191183.gif (2.23 MB, 480x270, 261gb2g.gif)

god I wish my vent posts got as many (yous) as >>794843 why do you nonas always respond to retards i want to fucking die

No. 795151

I used to lurk bodybuilder forums to see the autism and I'm starting to remember why I tried to suppress memories of those places

No. 795153

It's called bait for a reason

No. 795160

shit is cringe but i feel for the little autists and kids who have fucked up lives in other ways. you'd think other teachers would see through this shit of all people. guess they're younger and women are indoctrinated.

No. 795182

I don't gt any of these Stan twitter memes, can someone explain to me what the fucking joke even is
The comments aren't any better and just as any unfunny

No. 795184

some of the short stan twt videos are funny but anything involving gabbie sucks

No. 795189

They all suck though

No. 795197

I sometimes marvel at the fact how bedbugs are able to waddle through the layers of body lotion and face creams I slather on myself to bite me. Also it baffles me how acids like AHA and retinol leaves them unaffected

No. 795198

I assume the joke in this one would be somebody trying too hard to be sexy? Or even just trying too hard in general? Or cleaning badly? you know what, you're right anon, its stupid and I don't know.

No. 795199

Just how bad is your taste in husbandos/waifus that everyone tutns against you?

No. 795209

be a fan of villains who aren't mainstream popular, e z

No. 795213

mfw testing out different lc skins


I usually use dark mode on my phone but I don't like seeing my reflection when I'm browsing lc in public, so I stopped using after about a week

>girltalk 2

all was fine and dandy until I realized it highlighted replies purple when I clicked on them and made the text nigh unreadable. which sucks because I really like the teal

back to pink girltalk it is

No. 795218

nope that's not it, even villains are more liked. they're shounen characters i'll leave it at that

No. 795219

I love girltalk 2 but have the same problem as you. I wish I could punch the tard that chose it, or at least that the next admin sama would fix it. I also wish we had a proper orange theme (a la crystal.cafe) and a grey one (like 4chan's photon)
>Tfw the shitty kpop chan has better themes than lolcow

No. 795220

The link colour thing sounds like an easy fix you should both say in meta
I agree that it's bullshit that the kpop board looks so much nicer kek

No. 795223

File: 1619772309131.jpg (23.34 KB, 300x442, 723a4af4dcacdc36eec6cdb92a35d0…)

I think I had complained before, but I shall do it again
Also, cc.c has a cute purple theme, I think it would benefit us to have a purple theme as well
I remember someone mentioning a cow print theme and I think that would be adorable, like a muted cow print on the background and black and white boxes? I hope the new admin delivers

No. 795228

File: 1619773158263.jpg (9.02 KB, 800x800, DGh0YNsXoAAKYQr.jpg)

I had a fucked up dream so let me unwind by doing nothing today

No. 795249

Reading gay twitter has made me more homophobic then any sort of conservative anti-Gay propaganda

No. 795252

Meeting gay men IRL is what made me homophobic. Like, literally how are they better than straight scrotes? Just because they rape little boys instead of us? I hate them.

No. 795269

For a while now I've noticed this pattern of people (well scrotes) that I interact with regularly through work being way nicer to me on days where I'm dressed for warm weather. For a long time I thought it was just them being in better moods on sunny days but then sometimes when I'm getting ready at 7am I'll dress for a cooler day and then it turns out to be a scorcher later on.

So it's not the sunshine making them cheerier, it's my clothing each day that dictates whether I'll get mumbles and half replies or whether I'll be greeted with a seemingly different enthusiastic person. I'm gay so I don't want that attention based on clothes. I just want some kind of baseline where it doesn't change. Either be friendly all the time or mumble at me all the time. Some consistency please.

No. 795271

damn those men are fucking pathetic

No. 795272

If you can remove yourself from their mental catalog of women they believe they could oneday fuck, you will reach a consistent baseline. Mention your partner at every occasion your mileage may vary with being openly gay though since some men won't accept anything other than knowing you are married to another man, which is why just wearing a wedding ring changes so much.

No. 795279

Honestly what I hate the most is the amount of gay male terminology and even aspects of their culture that has infested popular girl culture, its so annoying and unfunny

No. 795282

File: 1619780735078.png (1.95 MB, 2458x2120, !14.png)

is it autstic if reading kevin gibes' kf thread makes me want to masturbate, knowing I'll coom in under ten minutes without porn, just to own kevin

No. 795283

Hi everyone let's talk about how obi wan was from Scotland and qui gon jinn was from Ballymena and anakin was an American. Guess who fucked up the universe!

No. 795287

'Masturbating with a vulva'… 'masturbating with my new parts' They're really avoiding the word clit here. I always thought they took nerve endings and tried to recreate a clit for them. This has me thinking otherwise?

No. 795304

I love the confidence of speaking for all vulvas with your mangled penis. Really female behavior.

No. 795306

A guy once changed his demeanor towards me when I put my hair up. He became much more curt all of a sudden, and started to ignore me. What is wrong with scrotes? I know, they don't see us as human beings

No. 795321

File: 1619786277389.jpeg (110.8 KB, 1500x750, 49771602-7424-4444-BFB4-8A34EA…)

a penis head can’t be a clit
I’m just waiting for trans surgery to become brain transplants between mtfs and ftms, that would be coconuts

No. 795322

I'm all for it until it becomes a horror movie plot about body snatching.

No. 795326

“The autogyne swapped minds!”
lol, we should do a trans horror movie title thread

No. 795332

I went on a Youtube binge watching PUAs out of masochism I guess and I'm not sure whether to be amused or disgusted. Like they either talk about women as if they were animals or an alien species that you can only get close to if you play at least 25 different psychological mindgames with secret code languages and such lmao. Like it never even occurs to them that respectful, non-creepy interactions exist…?

No. 795335

also poor girl looks so nervous in the beginning. Imagine walking into a room full of maladapted scrotes to ogle you as if you were some sort of mysterious alien while some other scrote asks you retarded question as part of a circus act

No. 795339

I thibk some of you would like r/fakedisordercringe

No. 795340

File: 1619788162241.jpeg (43.25 KB, 560x892, 7BE551C5-0BD3-4DD2-9AF9-103F22…)

so if we’re getting a new admin does that mean kpop threads can come back

No. 795342

I knew it I god damn knew what this post was gonna say just seeing the words "so if we're getting a new admin" on the front page

No. 795343

i really dont see why not if it has its own containment thread

No. 795345

File: 1619788588390.jpg (1.14 MB, 500x313, 2q8wy1g.jpg)

I'm wearing a wig to work today so my boss doesnt say shit about my hair, even though it's not against the rules to dye your hair blue, pink, etc. I'm just sick of his side comments about my hair when i worked here a year longer than him

No. 795346

I admire your perseverance haha

No. 795350

I searched for Patrick Bateman on my duck to go Browser app, went to images cause I wanted to post on /TV/ and all I got were pics of gay porn

No. 795356

lmaooo…like, American Psycho themed porn? Or just regular gayporn with a porn actor called Patrick Bateman?

No. 795357

File: 1619789346264.jpg (35.99 KB, 1080x540, 20200725_174714.jpg)

finally looked up what Killing Stalking is about and what tf is wrong with you bitches. I'll admit I have some fuggie tendencies, but jesus christ not enough for that shit

No. 795364

The matter, just a random gay porn star named Patrick Bateman
Though I'm sure there is some American psycho fan fiction out there shipping Patrick with Bryce(he was the only character whose opinion Patrick seemed to care deeply about)

No. 795366

Slightly related, I was trying to find fic of Kratos jerking off (pls no bully) and all I got were fic of him jerking off his son and I wanted to kill nyself

No. 795372

In the book he outright states that Bryce is the only interesting person he knows and whose opinion really matters to him
If someone wanted to, they could make a whole ass gay fanfic out of that

No. 795376

Kazuma Kiryu being a Gemini is proof that astrology is wack

No. 795379

You must train harder
Omg this changes everything

No. 795382

I mean this scene alone is pretty gay

No. 795400

File: 1619794755146.jpg (292.05 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20210426_231219_com…)

I bought this bag on impulse from aliexpress because I'm retarded but I just found out that it's called an ita bag and that that clear part is meant to be decorated with anime stuff. Am I a poser? Is me wearing it without knowing anything about anime or Japanese fashion the equivalent of wearing a shirt of a band I've never heard of? Or am I overthinking this?

No. 795401

An anons vent about someone snoring reminded me of my past relationships. It's happened a handful of times that I'd be woken up and told off for snoring (always seems to be related to drinking or illness for me) I'd then turn around and break the news to them the next day that they snore, every night without fail and I had never angrily woken them up about it. "No I dont!" Dude you do, how are you gonna tell me I'm wrong. As if you'd even know.

No. 795403

Anon..It's just a bag. Do whatever you want with it, don't worry!

No. 795404

Looks fine plain. You could always just stick to the sanrio theme if you wanted to add stuff to it but I like it as is. Cute but subtle.

No. 795407

Look at this fake ass nerd who’s not even 3 years deep in Sanrio lore

No. 795411

you're definitely overthinking it and it's nowhere near wearing a band shirt of a group you've never heard of. it's super cute and will look fine plain too – if you don't want to display anime stuff but think it looks too empty you can always style it like a clear purse and put cute but useful things you'd carry otherwise like sunglasses!

No. 795417

The only thing theyll suspect is you having bpd kek

No. 795420

It's super cute! I always like seeing people with unique clothing and accesories so good for you anon!

No. 795424

File: 1619796289370.jpg (239.85 KB, 2000x2000, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

I've been getting urges to wear sweater vests. Not even in a cool way, but more of a 40 year old librarian way

No. 795428

Here's an alternative perspective: bags are for carrying things in, so if that's what this bag is doing then that justifies wearing it. Anyone who's going to think of you as a poser for using a bag for it's intended purpose because you didn't decorate it with anime crap is a fucking loser

No. 795438

File: 1619797109186.jpeg (31.96 KB, 266x275, 332D2E24-37D2-4DF4-85F4-9FEBC5…)

I would just like to smoke this joint and bathe in the sun but the fucking wind oh my god

No. 795442

do it anon its so cozy

No. 795446

File: 1619797642913.png (296.23 KB, 514x764, d1d.png)

The fight in the unpopular opinion thread reminded me how I could never get into fandoms because I've never felt strong about media. I really don't get how someone can enjoy consuming or making fan art. I don't understand why people care about ships. I never liked yaoi so I couldn't get into like 80% of ships. Even if I like a ship I don't understand why people like fanart of it. I just don't get what people see in media fandoms. heck even when I'm asked "name a cartoon crush" I have none because I can't form sexual attractions to fictional characters.
I think this may be a mental issue because at points I will hate all drawings. Like any slightly stylized portrait of a human sometimes irks me because I know it's not a human. Most fictional drawings fill me with disgust

No. 795449

I like fanarts and casual ships but I dont get strong sexual attraction to fictional characters. I do think strong sexual attraction to fictional characters especially the more abstract and two dimensional they get is some kind of metal disorder especially from males (who ime are more pathological and deviant in this)

No. 795458

I love the new vent thread op pic. The weeping madonna/Virgin Mary is one of my favorite aesthetics.

No. 795460

Me too! I'm protestant but I love Catholic imagery, it's so emotive

No. 795466

I was raised in a house with what everyone suspects is an undiagnosed autistic parent. Certain routines were strict and repetitive and when it comes to food I wasn't introduced to much because meals had to suit his tastes too and his were very limited. I wish I had been just seperately introduced to more foods at an age where it'd be easy to take to them. I'm not an extremely fussy eater but I'm not adventurous either.

I'm almost afraid that if I try new things now I'll find some serious allergy I'd never discovered before. Shellfish worries me but I want to know what I'm missing

No. 795476

File: 1619800871085.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.66 KB, 800x600, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

You can probably take an allergy test to check. Pretty cheap and quick to test for the 5 big allergies.

No. 795494

I guess I'm really getting old, I find it so hard not to roll my eyes at some of the things even younger adults say. I started watching a youtube video in my recommendations and an early 20-something chick said "youtube was so important in my teens, watching my favorite content creators tremendously helped my mental health" and this zoomer vernacular is so weird. Like yeah, I also waste a lot of time watching youtube videos, but I'd never express it that way, like it was a need for my mental health.

No. 795501

When someone mentions liking grimdark I immediately assume their taste in media is utter shit. I haven't been proven wrong yet.

No. 795508

I'm early thirties, I cringe when I think back to my younger self and I cringe even more at some of the things younger people say now. There's just alot of cringing

No. 795520

File: 1619803645143.webm (7.65 MB, 320x184, Madarame_e.webm)

> I dont get strong sexual attraction to fictional characters. I do think strong sexual attraction to fictional characters especially the more abstract and two dimensional they get is some kind of metal disorder especially from males (who ime are more pathological and deviant in this)
you reminded me of a relevant video

No. 795523

>you must train harder
You are right, of course. Gomen

No. 795526

Same nonny, I fucking hate the whole genre. There are rare exceptions where certain series or books have a bit more subtlety, but for the most part it's all just torture porn and excessive nihilism trying to disguise itself as something deep and thought provoking.

No. 795532

Having strong sexual attraction towards 3D males is a bigger mental disorder. Like have you seen them?

No. 795535

Attention is a precious commodity. Even if a person you are dating claims to like you, spends tons of time with you it means nothing. You could just be an emotional tampon, make people earn your attention. I had to learn this the hard way.

No. 795538

>for the most part it's all just torture porn
But what if it's FEMINIST torture porn?

No. 795540

everytime i hear about re:zero my mind goes to Resident Evil 0 first

No. 795543

Kinda funny that I know more women who play/played TF2 then males, and the only people I know who play overwatch are my scrote friends

No. 795544

overwatch has waifus, tf2 doesn't

No. 795548

One would assume with more female characters and some level of diversity there would be more fenale players coampred to TF2 of all games

No. 795552

i'm pretty sure a huge percent of tf2 players were fujos

No. 795560

I was the same way until I saw something that apparently checked all the right boxes

No. 795565

Imagine the two and a half men theme song but at the end Charlie sheen gets shot

No. 795566

File: 1619806861888.jpg (287.51 KB, 1200x900, tumblr_inline_p20nvesMrI1sm6o3…)

Alright anons, whose the best husbando of the batboys

1)Dick Grayson
>180 Pounds
>Gymnasts body
>Canonically has best male ass in the DC Universe
>Good boy but has slept with more named female DC characters then Batman

2)Jason Todd
>200 Pounds
>Hard body
>Daddy issues
>edgy AF and has killed
>but loyal to a fault

3)Tim Drake
>165 pounds
>Smart as hell
>No parental issues and well adjusted
>cute but kinda boring

No. 795569

also lbr even with the ~diversity~ (but still no black woman for some reason) overwatch characters lack the charm tf2 characters have

No. 795571

I imagined it and it was great

No. 795574

Cardi B is so fucking miserable. She hasn't grown a bit from Love and Hip Hop, she cares entirely too much about what people have to say, while pretending she doesn't.
Meanwhile her scrote is always embrassing her and I keep hearing rumors he's on the DL.

No. 795576

Comment of the year lmao I love you anon

No. 795585

All of them.

No. 795589

Its kinda sad how no one ever wants Tim, even in Fujo discussions its always about Dick and Jason
And it makes sense
Jason is the quintesential DC edgy bad boy and he's not even that edgy tbh, he just kills really bad people and doesn't have a retarted no killing rule like Batman
Dick is a good boy, kind and the perfect well adjusted guy for a long term relationship, and he's hot as hell

There's nothing about Tim that stands out in comparison other then he's the smart one

No. 795592

don't know anything about batman so in my unbiased, unfavorited opinion:
1) pass, don't want a manwhore. also, his name is literally dick.
2) pass, needs to sort out his daddy issues first
3) i'm fine with boring, tim it is

No. 795621

I'd take Tim if I wasn't taller than him

No. 795639

mm take me instead

No. 795696

File: 1619822254905.jpg (25.06 KB, 459x500, s-l500.jpg)

He's so beautiful anons I want him

No. 795704

God they’re all hot. Dick is for bullying. Jason is for spoiling. Tim is for waifuing.

No. 795708

I'm into neither but I can see this being true.

No. 795718

same, anon!! The wind was so intense today

No. 795719

oh wow this is a really nice quality figma. i love it!

No. 795721

No. 795722

File: 1619824888726.gif (4.64 MB, 540x400, 5BC460DC-99C7-46BF-B29C-A802AE…)

♥ Camina Drummer ♥

No. 795728

Tim Drake my favorite batboy/Robin because he manages to constantly outsmart people. He was the real leader of Young Justice, and gets along well with others. I really liked Tim for a while, but everyone wants edgy af Jay

No. 795747

Someone needs to hear this: Make a journal template in word or google docs or something. Just do it. It could be a regular journal or you could make a table and make a therapy related journal (CBT, DBT, ect). Make it all cute and aesthetic. Do it for yourself. I did it and I'm very happy with it

No. 795757

File: 1619830754756.jpeg (59.59 KB, 580x435, 5979E5AF-CFCB-454F-B605-95F51A…)

I drank my caffeinated bubble tea in 10 min (national boba day) and now i’m vibrating (spiritually and physically)

No. 795761

File: 1619831223690.jpeg (82.49 KB, 640x788, Dog with Cool Hoodie on.jpeg)

i want to adopt so bad but every shelter around me just has pitbulls and pitbull mixes, i don't hate the breed but god damn. every. single. one. i would really just like to adopt a dog that i would be comfortable with (and not shop) but i'm thinking of giving up due to my options. i just want a little guy to take care of AHH!

No. 795765

why am I feeling this impending buyers remorse when I’m literally just putting stuff in my basket online? Like brain, won’t you let me live? I know I’m a frugal bitch but this is a step too far.

No. 795766

Can you go to a shelter in a near town or city and then take some doggy from there?

No. 795770

can you share what a blank page in your template looks like? i use word to write thoughts down but don't know how to make it pretty.

No. 795781

i tried 10-50 miles away and i'm finding some good results! there are a lot of big dogs (i can't due to my apartment rules) and dogs with special needs but i think i'll drive to a different city and visit this one shelter that i found online. i'm not a picky person at all so i hope i can find a good friend!

No. 795784

I mean, don't they all have daddy issues?

Anyway, Team Dick.

No. 795788

I wish mom's garage anon a pleasant evening

No. 795797

I'm feeling so clean like a money machine!

No. 795803

File: 1619835697874.png (306.54 KB, 639x472, tumblr_mr2tqdl3ov1sxz671o1_640…)

I hope new admin is not a tranny janny, I hope new admin is cool and a lesbian

No. 795804

They don’t have voice/video interviews?

No. 795819

Jason could destroy me if he wanted to, thats it

No. 795825

I hope new admin actually has time for the website and isn't a coward.

No. 795830

he he fatty catty

No. 795834

I hope new admin sends the goreposter straight to jail

No. 795846

my grandfather was swedish and his name was christ, supposed to be pronounced like "krisst" but of course no one knew that when they read it so everyone would pronounce it like christ as in jesus christ. eventually he got tired of it and just changed his name to chris

but ngl its kind of tempting to tell people that im a descendent of christ, and it wouldnt even be a lie technically

No. 795852

How many more times can I say "I'm going to lose my mind" before it actually happens? Also, how can I quietly exit my husband's (small) going away party and go to bed without revealing what a complete wreck I am? I'm going to lose my mind.

No. 795858

File: 1619841590776.jpg (139.21 KB, 680x680, 8e67fa5e9983009fcc1bb4f62b7b08…)

I feel like having a collector's figurine is a good measure if that character could be considered a husbando or not. So a lot of 3DPD that are part of the MCU and SW and the likings can be considered husbandos

No. 795866

is this about the one who drives?

No. 795873

File: 1619844525137.jpg (52.55 KB, 480x720, 183060_0.jpg)

lmao it wasn't specifically directed at him, but sure enough, he also counts. I guess my logic is: if you own him, it's a husbando. So even Stan Lee can be your husbando if you're sick enough like that

No. 795884

I hate when shows or movies set in the future portray eating as injecting something or reducing it down to basically nothing of substance. Bitch, let the characters grub! Show me them getting some endorphins the way I'm used to. Why would you need to streamline eating?

No. 795887

nothing wrong with wanting to peg stan lee

No. 795889

Because I guess straight syringe eating becomes cheaper, "healthier" option, than good indulgent food, because goverment is bad or something

No. 795890

I would eat out of a syringe if I could, fuck yummy food I'm tired of it

No. 795896

Boooo. Fuck dystopia for taking away one of my favorite outlets for joy. I love a good government corruption story, but at what cost?

You'd giving up the feeling of biting into a crunchy bagel chip? To each their own, I suppose.

No. 795897

I just realized the characters from Bob's Burgers all have four fingers. I'm disappointed, I thought they were different. That they were above and better than that, but I guess I was wrong.

No. 795911

File: 1619853013657.jpg (111.94 KB, 467x700, 08.jpg)

I just now realized that by my own logic, this is also a husbando
I am questioning it now

No. 795924

File: 1619855518555.jpg (162.33 KB, 809x987, lgbt_community_flag_gradients_…)

I've come to believe in a concept opposite of compulsory heterosexuality. I propose we call it "compulsory queer," as it is not specifically (and rarely is) identification as homosexual, and the people who fall into it pretty much universally want to "reclaim" the word queer. Most often, these people identify as bisexual, asexual, or nonbinary, or any flavor/combination of these three. Despite identification as such, these people only date people of the opposite sex, and make no moves to "transition" in any way. The most "queer" they get is commenting that they find certain same sex fictional characters or celebrities to be attractive, or putting "(s)he/they" in their twitter bio. The reasoning for this often seems to be that being "cis" and heterosexual also means that you are boring, at best, or evil, at worst. Because of the current social response to the phrase "cishet," average heterosexual people desire to opt out of the guilt they feel as "oppressors"/privileged people. They confuse their dislike of being called straight with actually not being straight.
This is incredibly frustrating to think about, as a lesbian, myself. I did comphet for a number of years; Never had sex or kissed a man (I had many chances, always backed out; the thought and proximity to men upset me a lot), but dated a number of them and forced myself to have "crushes" on boys, as a child(I literally wrote lists of boys in my life and wrote pros and cons, to decide who I "liked"). Because of the self-inflicted trauma, along with severe mental illness and general woman trauma, sex and kissing are now triggers, and I can't see myself having a sexual relationship with anyone (at least, not for a very long time), despite my exclusive and visceral attraction to women. Compqueers have added a layer of paranoia onto this. I can never be sure if I'm "actually" gay, because I'm surrounded by pretenders, and have failed to sufficiently prove my own homosexuality to myself.
Note: I don't think there's any "real" or "valid" type of trans, it's all mental illness. But compqueers think it's valid, so it's relevant.

No. 795925

I am craving some crunchy pasta

No. 795939

File: 1619860606436.png (48.36 KB, 642x385, dark-academia.png)

i already told you guys, if you don't go to tumblr from time to time to harvest fresh, organic dark academia autism you're missing out

No. 795946

File: 1619861292558.png (40.93 KB, 673x447, a surprising display of self a…)

Yes this word vomit is sooo aesthetic

No. 795950

the lgbt community is very open and accepting which I think also encourages a lot of lonely/shy/autistic very online teenagers to identify with because it gives them a community where they're accepted

No. 795951

I feel like album covers have been bad recently

No. 795952

>Compqueers have added a layer of paranoia onto this. I can never be sure if I'm "actually" gay, because I'm surrounded by pretenders, and have failed to sufficiently prove my own homosexuality to myself.
Agree. I think everyone is aware of all the "straight allies" trying to pass as LGBT by labeling themselves "queer" but this part never gets brought up. Many gay people already have trouble accepting their sexuality and they've been told it's all a phase since day one, these so called compqueers truly solidify that doubt because you keep seeing all these "queer asexual panromantic she/they"s claiming they're gay while burning through their 10th heterosexual relationship and only experience same sex attraction through parasocial relationships. Personally I sabotaged all of my potential relationships in my young adulthood due to this exact "maybe I'm not/they're not really gay" mindset.

No. 795957

As a lesbian as well I just feel like the amount of discourse I see about this supposed epidemic of fake gay people invading the lgbt community is so hugely disproportionate to how much this is actually a problem that exists at all. Even in big/progressive cities in my experience with lgbt spaces I just really don’t get how this can genuinely be a major problem for someone. If you’re exclusively associating with like tenderqueers online then I guess maybe but that seems like a pretty easy problem to avoid.

No. 795960

I live in a conservative area in a red state, and all the LGB people I've met here are trenders/compqueers except for one or two. Maybe it's youthful rebellion, but the full blown homosexual people are so few and far between, compared to the ocean of fake bisexuals and genderqueers.

No. 795967

KEK I started reading The Secret History recently, it’s good but all the while I also thought “holy shit no wonder dark academia zoomers love this so much.” Watching them try to write well is hilar

No. 795968

File: 1619866717219.jpg (44.21 KB, 720x720, image1-1.jpg)

Anons, I realized I speak even more in a retarded cutesy way to men who seem to like me to some extent than usual. Even if I'm not interested I enjoy the attention and play up an e-girl-esque character. I also make a point to dress sexier/prettier when I know I'll see them. When I'm dating a man it's the same thing except I focus on him only when I do this.
It's fucking retarded please end my suffering as a woman

No. 795969

crazy how people just admit they're lazy, inauthentic shells void of any personality. if you make up an identity around obsessing about academia at least be interested in a field of study.

yeah it's actually a decent book.

No. 795970

being a woman is a prison

No. 795971

Absolutely can't relate

No. 795972

I often envy insects on their exoskeletons. It's obviously the superior body design. Nature left us all squishy and fragile and was like yep, that's good. Good for whom? Do you know who is juicy and easy to bite into? Food. Like an apple is to us, we are just mosquito food.

No. 795974

Hope you find a lil buddy!

No. 795975

I noticed my voice changes around men and its embarrassing af. I was with my friend talking and her bf walks in and I am 100% not interested in him but my damn voice changed and I noticed tried to fix it and my friend just looked at me like I had 3 heads.

No. 795983

No. 795985

If you want to quit, have you considered the fact that the guys might think you’re acting embarrassing? I have a coworker who acts the same around men, putting on a high-pitched American accent (she has no connection to the USA) and doing a cutesy laugh at everything. I thought they must find her cute until she went on vacation and they kept mocking her. Maybe some of the guys wanted to fuck her, but that came at the expense of becoming the office joke.

No. 795988

It'd be nice to have the brain of an academic and the body of a powerlifter. But being lazy feels so niiiiiice.

No. 795998

Guys like pick mes putting on a performance for them but always make fun of them behind their back

No. 796011

A hard to swallow pill
Media brainwashed me into believing those types of women are powerful femme fetals, weaponising their sexuality to control men but in reality almost everyone can see what they're doing and most people look down on them for it. Also men see these lazy plots about women who can control men, and pretty soon they think that every woman they meet is trying to manipulate them just by existing

Maybe this stuff works for extremely beautiful, young women but for the rest of us it's best to learn how to break out of your social conditioning. Playing their game gets you nowhere.

No. 796018

File: 1619876428115.jpeg (77.49 KB, 745x606, 4F23DE4A-7AD7-48A9-BF52-CFC21B…)

The slightest western/cowboy/gunslinger influence or detail makes me go into a day dream about riding horses with Arthur Morgan and fucking him in a tent

No. 796023

tl;dr poor kids larping as preps

No. 796034

File: 1619877668716.jpg (130.6 KB, 640x639, me.jpg)

I shouldn't have shaved my hair so closely I look like an egg lol

No. 796039

File: 1619878215920.jpg (74.36 KB, 684x634, systemerror.JPG)

can't I just be useful and good

No. 796041

suddenly want to date someone who is like 20 years old. only men though. women can be (And should be) older than me.

No. 796042

I guess the apostrophe in "it's like" is terrifying as well and that's why they're not using it

No. 796051

i had to do latin for 5 years at school, it was fucking boring. most people dropped it as soon as they could. wonder if it's popular now kek

No. 796058

File: 1619881046167.png (10.1 KB, 112x86, 546587.png)

After being a NEET for 1 year I feel anew thinking about going back to school next time it starts, but I'm still anxious if I'll find a college. I'm not even that ambitious career wise, just that I need something extra to be more marketable (I have a 2 years degree). I know I'm starting to search really late I'm depressed but I'm still hopeful about that. wish me luck plz

No. 796067

Femcels in this site are getting more and more annoying.

No. 796069

every predominantly women space on the internet is like that now

No. 796070

File: 1619882930557.png (160.2 KB, 597x740, wut.png)

>wonder if it's popular now kek
Not really most of DA is just LARPing. The usually just buy preppy looking clothes, stencils, and pens. Reading a basic gothic book is often pushing it for 80% of them. Hard to think most of them would bother with a language.

Shame the movement went to shit because I do like some of the lesser known gothic novels (The saint, confession of a justified sinner, oats, etc) and it'd be nice if tumblr shed some light on them. It'd be nice if they also looked at the complex history of religious theology, philosophy, etc etc instead of psoting the same few fun historical facts

The online prsecne of them is a bit biased though. Most people who're good at being DA re to busy to post online 34/7

I usually don't mind them, but they have been intruding random convos with 'fuck men" an it's kind of irritating.

No. 796073

OK, Stacy

No. 796085

how are you defining femcel? cause some of you nonnies use it as "anyone against prostitution/porn/etc". even by the original definition they technically don't exist.

No. 796089

Nta but to me it’s like the female /r9k/ user/fds types who all have the same shallow, vaguely radfem beliefs

No. 796091

I watched a video today and the girl said at the beginning "hi my name is x y and my pronouns are they them" it was so weird, is this what life as a zoomer in america is like

No. 796094

NTA but being even vaguely radfem and a "female r9k user" is an oxymoron. Radfems are for female separatism and autonomy, not crying about lacking a boyfriend and how men suck while waiting for the perfect Nigel to rescue them.

No. 796101

The background music in always sunny reminds me of sims music but idk which specific game and it drives me crazy.

No. 796103

Had 6000+ photos on my phone so I decided to just delete the ones from before 2020. Now I still have about 6000 photos which means I’ve taken or saved that many just since the beginning of 2020…

No. 796113

Female /r9k/ user and FDS trainee seem like total opposites on some dimensions, one is enjoying the most depraved of 4chan humor and willingly exposes her retinas to porn and the other shits on male observations and humor.

No. 796115

They usually describe themselves as radfem or “rad leaning” or w/e but yeah it seems like just a very common thing in general for the various genres of losers who spend too much time online to identify with various political ideologies they know very little about/have no irl involvement with.

No. 796118

Not really I can see how the two could feed into each other for a specific kind of mentally ill woman

No. 796123

I remember when I was arriving at an airport in Paris the guy at the security screening was acting incredibly rude and annoyed towards the black guy next to me. Once I came up the man started smiling and being very polite to me seconds after acting like that other guy was a waste of space (instructing him to take off his shoes in an impatient manner, ect). I'm also black but a woman so maybe he felt more inclined to be nicer to me based on that? It was a weird experience tbh

No. 796129

I can't believe American dad killed off boys 12. They didn't even dedicate an episode to it. Just a 3 minute gag segment to make the fans stop begging for boys 12

No. 796130

File: 1619887179853.jpg (10.06 KB, 425x282, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

Me being surprised by menstrual cycle starting after having pms symptoms fro 2 weeks

No. 796144

File: 1619889213730.jpg (69.89 KB, 506x432, 1607302981033.jpg)

>watch a scientific and rational video
>watch a conspiracy video
>watch an atheist video
>watch a gnostic video
>watch a valentinian christianity video
>watch a schizo video about living in a simulation and shit
>watch a radical female separatism video
>watch an incel video on lookism
>watch some angry old mra dude screeching video
>watch a video supporting veganism
>watch a video debunking veganism
>watch a bloomer video
>watch an antinatalist/doomer video
>lie down in bed just to think and cry because it's impossible to know the true nature of this world
>repeat the cycle

No. 796147

File: 1619889361116.jpg (65.65 KB, 748x418, EghXQGGU4AElx23.jpg)

I haven't liked anyone in so long, years, no even a tiny crush, I don't know when it happened but my interest in having any kind of romantic relationship fully disappeared

I've ascended

No. 796160

This happens to me almost every month.

No. 796164

>tfw aromantic
listen to the song Alone and Sublime by Mother Mother, it is so good

No. 796170

what the fuck does Dark Academia mean?

>t. redneck

No. 796175

File: 1619892308784.jpg (24.46 KB, 1150x315, 4cc.jpg)

No. 796176

File: 1619892340119.png (104.87 KB, 1065x582, cold.png)

My medical textbook didn't even dedicate 1 page on aging and homeostasis. Fuck boomers I guess
LMAO this was a real thing in medieval Europe, excluding masturbation. The books "Libri Quattuor Sententiarum" (The Four Books of Sentences) and "Sic et Non" (yes and no) were theology textbooks that put two opposing arguments next to each other. Was supposed to inspire debate or something

No. 796177

File: 1619892419642.jpeg (144.68 KB, 750x755, E2285368-A701-4792-B95F-E7B2FC…)

Dark Academia is basically what British people wear according to non-British people.

No. 796178

File: 1619892443526.png (232.6 KB, 748x763, dark-academia-1.png)

According to this https://aesthetics.fandom.com/wiki/Dark_Academia it's
>Dark academia is a popular academic aesthetic that revolves around classic literature, the pursuit of self-discovery, and a general passion for knowledge and learning. It is one of several variations, each with a unique subject focus. Dark academia's best-known visual variations stem primarily from European cultures.

It's literally just academic fashion in dark colors. It's a nice style, but the people who use it make it seem so pretentious.

No. 796185

It's an ~~aesthetic~~ that focuses on classic literature and studying things like philosophy, arts and language. Aka people pretending to be scholars while dressing in geeky outfits.

No. 796191

Dae find that it's more difficult to make hot chocolate out of plant milks? The chocolate powder doesn't seem to mix as well as with cow milk

No. 796194

The male clothes just look like 70s and 60s clothes to me tbh ofcourse the female counterpart has to be skimpier smh gay

No. 796196

yeah no they don't, i actually like latin and ancient history and was disappointed to see very few of those who claim to be obsessed with it actually caring.

No. 796198

Upper right corner is just 2015 American Apparel core

No. 796199

Care to elaborate

No. 796201

File: 1619894082379.jpeg (155.62 KB, 1080x1082, 2F773970-7682-48F4-9D1A-9E4306…)

I’ve met incels who lead on gay guys because they receive more attention that way. This world is sad, purge the straights.

No. 796202

I think you meant based

No. 796207

>what British people wear according to non-British people.
Fucking kek this is so accurate

No. 796219

Is it a reaction to 10 years of incel dom and rampant misogyny? Probably. Way overdue in my opinion

No. 796227

T. handmaiden

No. 796241

whos the artist of that pic

No. 796273

File: 1619900752603.png (850.31 KB, 1334x750, 7C1A63E0-09EB-4825-81B8-9A0412…)

Denis sarazhin, boo

No. 796275

with suspenders tho so its Academic

No. 796288

File: 1619902617739.jpg (79.69 KB, 640x640, 1617349636819.jpg)

My dog got into the bathroom trash two days ago and she just now pooped half a tampon
I love her, but jesus christ man

No. 796292

File: 1619903295924.gif (1.88 MB, 400x302, 1619902844772.gif)

Man, I love snooker.

No. 796293

Lmao I'm glad your dog is ok anon. Pets eat all kinds of weird shit. My cat always hunted flies but once he ate a fucking bee and I was freaking out it's gonna sting him from the inside and he's going to die but luckily nothing happened

No. 796311

Have you tried oat milk? It may be because of the lower fat or something

No. 796324

Brit bongers

No. 796332

File: 1619908960234.jpg (38.93 KB, 735x586, 02ccc6b51334dbf32f03564fceb7cb…)

No. 796334

I had to post this

No. 796339

I read a fanfiction where for some reason during a sex scene it says that the guy bites the other guy's foreskin (no idea how that's supposed to be sexy, the only way i can picture it is literally taking the thin bit of skin in between your front teeth and biting it, which sounds very painful to me) and now whenever I try to think about giving a blowjob to masturbate that image pops into my head and makes me cringe

No. 796340

File: 1619910528825.jpg (64.26 KB, 427x800, efb22dbe3c5f4d3983363562d8322d…)

2013-2014 was peak Ariana. Every plastic surgery she did afterwards was a complete miss. Also the tanning just got too heavy handed.

No. 796342

I much prefer this to her trying to be some kind of hood baddie these days like honey your parents were wealthy and you grew up going to private school

No. 796343

File: 1619911279293.png (312.97 KB, 1430x467, Screenshot 2021-05-01 191944.p…)

So a scholarship I found requires me to read this and write an essay on how I developed my chakras.

Crazy stuff, but a thousand is a thousand

No. 796344

Samefag, but I'm just gonna lie and say I read it

No. 796348

I hate twitter and all the stupid bastards that virtue signal, tiktok comments are my favourite mainstream sm platform. Everything goes. People with group think mentality can't get your accounts banned or frozen or whatever its just easier to make an account and comment. I love seeing women give men as good as they can get in the comments because no one gives af. It's liberating.

No. 796350

I'm throwing hands with my dad's wife when he kicks it. Shit's going down that day.

No. 796352

File: 1619912399541.jpg (69.92 KB, 680x686, 1t698b4grie41.jpg)

>Tfw when we've come to the point people think tiktok is the best SM

No. 796354

Best mainstream. Sm in general sucks, but I hate the faggots at reddit. Fb is dead. Instagram doesn't appeal to me because I like reading lol. I have my issues with twitter users. I like the comment sections of tiktok. They're more off the cuff and less worried about being pc.

No. 796355

File: 1619913389879.jpeg (381.23 KB, 591x839, 1F386EBB-CB05-4974-B242-4AA2D5…)

decides to come on lolcow, instantly feel heart beating with anxiety and uncomfortable nausea. i think you all are seriously giving me the tism you all have, and I would thankfully like for you to stop slipping gay frog radiation through my screen. the disease of the internet was beginning to be eradicated by my body but the brainwashing pulled me back

No. 796356

stop explaining what I start watching when it’s 1am and I start to become an interesting person with a soul

No. 796362

File: 1619914425925.jpg (37.07 KB, 735x402, 359e1d8e0714765c8aa92ee16af255…)

>TFW hate following some cows on timtonk but I keep getting 16 yo pickme's talking about their breeding and rape kink on fyp no matter how many I block
It's literally the fucking worst, fuck offff

No. 796363

Saw my banner being used!! Yay!

No. 796366

File: 1619914661272.jpg (159.73 KB, 1300x956, 4d0vie1uxokr2_128-TWE687.jpg)

aromantic sounds retarded
pretty much yeah

No. 796369

My algorithm isn't fucked I don't know what shit you watch but my fyp is fucking hilarious.

No. 796372

That's what you get for following weebs and cows.

No. 796384

Why do people ship Catdora? Catra tried to pull the lever that would destroy time, and all of existence by extension, just because she hated Adora (or her projected feelings of inferiority unto her) that much. She is responsible for Angella's death, and would have been responsible for genocide. It felt completely out of nowhere for her character, even with her Shadow Weaver backstory… and why you would ship this clearly abusive person with anyone is beyond me.

No. 796385

File: 1619917090164.png (137.05 KB, 501x385, Homeblog-tiktok-is-now-literal…)

>They're more off the cuff and less worried about being pc.
literally the opposite

No. 796388

File: 1619917300738.jpg (44.46 KB, 650x650, 1619855402477.jpg)

This book on plastic surgery I'm reading says the American Society of Plastic Surgeons stats on American but lifts might be wrong because "to many people go overseas for them for an accurate guess". Was taken in the 90's so I'm not sure of it's accuracy now.
The same stat said 10% of but lift recipients were also male. Said body builders like it

No. 796389

It’s probably not accurate now because it’s been growing in popularity so rapidly in the last decade but 10% or more wouldn’t surprise me bc bbls do seem somewhat common with gay men

No. 796390

I really want to experience what mania feels like

No. 796394

Why do men think “post nut clarity” is like the most interesting thing ever. I feel like I see a weird amount of tiktoks/tweets about it.

No. 796403

File: 1619920038320.jpg (12.97 KB, 500x300, 0kyippbdjls31.jpg)

One subset of the post nut clarity meme that interests me is the vaguely anti-porn ones. like 30% of the "post nut-clarity" meme's are "Oh shit when I'm not horny I can see how fucked up porn is". The PNC meme is a socially acceptable way to say you hate elements of porn. in fact I've seen a few porn free people saying that meme woke them up to the nature of porn.
In all honesty the other 70% is cope. PNC is most often the brain just returning to normal capacity after being in horny lizard mode to much. PNC has turned "hornyness makes me dysfunctional until I fap" to "Hornyness makes me normal till I fap and become above normal"

No. 796404

File: 1619920334697.png (90.04 KB, 856x461, Screenshot 2021-05-01 215033.p…)

Another example of vague "It makes me dumber" anti-porn sentiments being over ridden by "it makes me smarter". So close too.
The way some of them do describe it does make them sound mental.

No. 796405

Literally all I’ve felt was rage today and it’s exhausting

No. 796407

holy shit lol, I mean I've experienced this too why do they claim this is unique to men?
>PNC is most often the brain just returning to normal capacity after being in horny lizard mode to much
oh there it is, it's because men are stupider when horny and hornier in general so they suddenly become normal levels of intelligent when they are done being horny.

No. 796417

File: 1619922578013.jpg (1.94 MB, 3963x2642, ZWKHU5NLINKJJNCGK5NHKMHJIU.jpg)

I ate way too fast because I got too excited watching the Kentucky Derby, now I'm bloated as fuck and I feel miserable. The horse I thought would win did though! I don't watch horse racing aside from this one event because I know the industry sucks but come on. The winner is so cute just look at him (not the jockey)

No. 796420

despite knowing that they will never respond ive asked my dogs "did you have fun at the park today?" like 5 times

No. 796421

File: 1619923390306.jpg (14.12 KB, 269x252, 8yg53.jpg)

every time anons defend tiktok i start questioning their sense of humor and the userbase here cause i haven't seen a SINGLE funny, or even good in general, video on that shitsite. not one. where the fuck are they

No. 796423

Tiktok is juvenile cancer that appeals to "hello fellow kids" millennials. No one can change my mind.

No. 796425

File: 1619924556604.jpg (618.38 KB, 1800x945, Red Bull Summer Shutterstock_1…)

The new summer Red Bull flavor in the U.S. is tasty and scrumptious

No. 796427

It's curated based on an algorithm, so maybe you just need to start liking the right stuff. May I ask what kinds of things you find funny?

No. 796430

Pnc helped me overcome porn addiction. I remind myself how disgusting I’d feel after when I get urge to relapse. Very interesting that people almost universally experience this disgust (clarity) after consuming porn and then choose to not examine it further.

No. 796431


No. 796435

Quibi had potential. If they skipped the whole payment plan and were free like peacock I think they could have had a userbase. People on YT always watch "funniest/best moment of x show" so if quibi made a higher quality version of that, constant video quality, actually look through for all jokes, more specific themes, I could see people watching it. if they added comments they'd be all set for a semi decent app
My main irk with tiktok is when it tries to be serous and not funny. You can only fit so much info into 1 minute so all the 'advice' you get on the site is to simplified.
I know a surprising amount of people who get their politics from tik tok, somehow? At least twitter had threads

No. 796437

This household is hostile to tiktokfags

No. 796438

Are you the mythical cool horse girl?

No. 796439

I hate these memes so much. It just feels like a way for men to masturbate to gross porn while also maintaining the moral high ground and disparaging the women who act out their nasty ass fetishes.

No. 796444

File: 1619926546191.png (Spoiler Image, 337.5 KB, 832x597, BD.png)

I'm grateful for "Oh joy sex toy"'s reviews, but every so often the comic drops some back story on her and things slowly click into place.
So she had a hyper conservative mother who forbade all sex, in her college years she was a lesbian, and now she's married to a dude making sex toy reviews? Her life kind of feels to typicality to be true.

No. 796445

I meant stereotypical.

No. 796452

ever since she made that """educational""" panel about cucking i refuse to believe the person behind that comic isn't a troll

No. 796454

She’s very much who she claims to be. I recommend checking out her autobio comic, DAR. It goes into her whole “was a lesbian, fell in love with a male fan, goes by ‘queer’ now” origin story.

No. 796457

PNC being so much more drastic in males than in females is proof that they are jacking it to unethical things. The only women here who admit to PNC also admit porn addiction or fucked up kinks. Basically, the majority of men are coom-brained degenerates who can't think at a normal level without cooming, and a minority of women are like that, often as a result of sexual abuse by men. Some of them may rationalize this by saying that they're not less intelligent than women pre-nut, but more intelligent post-nut. It's not true, though. They're lesser beings.

No. 796458

Maybe… I've repressed my horse girl-dom but now I embrace it. I know I'm a nerd

No. 796472

>So she had a hyper conservative mother who forbade all sex, in her college years she was a lesbian, and now she's married to a dude making sex toy reviews? Her life kind of feels to stereotypical to be true.
It happens often? Why? How can one bi bisexual, but unaware of their het attraction? Confusing
NTA but thanks, I will read the comic. I don't understand how could she go from being a "lesbian" to dating a scrote. I am so confused

No. 796499

File: 1619936593691.jpg (92.33 KB, 806x636, 1589743707880.jpg)

I thought I peaked my mom but tonight she referred to Elliot Page with male pronouns and said it must have been hard for him to pretend to be pregnant in Juno

No. 796501

Not attacking you but I find it interesting that you also used he and the new name to describe the situation.

No. 796504

just trying to keep it consistent

No. 796512

What were her thoughts on how "happy" Page looked in the Oprah interview?

No. 796516

i want to see a reverse version of the closeted celebrities thread

No. 796585

nonnies who do i marry in fire emblem awakening (not chrom)

No. 796591

Just make the thread pic Halsey and call it a day, really

No. 796597

My favourites were Stahl, Owain and Gaius however I would recommend just to explore your options as there isn't any rush for marriage in the gameplay. Also don't pair Chrom with the tactian as the game marriages him to person he has the most support with.

No. 796628

The only content I've seen on Tiktok has been stupid woke rants milking for views, e-thots and cringey lipsyncing videos. Each unfunnier than the last. At least on Twitter you can scroll past the bullshit but on Tiktok you have to sit there and watch it.

No. 796631

I love maxidresses and maxiskirts, they're so comfortable and look great on me but I also feel overdressed in them

No. 796635

No such thing as being overdressed. If maxiskirts looked good on me you better bet I'd wear them all the time, but I'm too short. Embrace it!

No. 796653

I never get that shit on my tiktok, but I do not hate watch or cringe watch shit. My videos are varied there's a good mix, I block accounts very quickly if they make any type of reference or joke I find cringe. If i want to hate watch shit ill find it on YouTube and let someone else ruin their feed.

No. 796654

Samefag, also I don't sit on tiktok long or have any desire to make one. I'll scroll for a while, post a few comments be annoying and send a video to friends. Better than scrolling through fb.

No. 796676

Started swiping on Tinder hoping for a miracle, and so many guys have something really anti-astrology on their profiles now, either in their description or a meme image. And don't get me wrong, I don't like or believe in astrology, but it feels like that "IFuckingLoveScience" level of trying to seem sophisticated or "epic own" women. It's a left swipe anyway, because I somehow feel like it's a red flag.

No. 796679

it is. astrology is dumb but harms fucking no one. This is like men that hate on pumpkin spice lattes and ugg boots. Just let people like dumb shit we all have our vices.

No. 796682

The number of men calling women hoes for such inconsequential things on there is so ramped up. Statements that such as "I can do x better than you" in the bio automatically blare sirens for me. It makes me wonder how many women are actually swiping right on dudes who are so upfront about their misogyny.

No. 796683

When I was OLD I noticed that but I am a bit of an astrologyfag so I liked to match get their astrological placements, gas them up if I liked them and then they were oh so fascinated or trashed them if they were dbags and maybe they put a disclaimer in their bios after. Idiots.

No. 796688

Watched a vid lastnight where a man was talking about how he's 5 years into doing the whole no-shampoo thing. His hair was only about 2 inches long so fair enough. My hair is the same length and I wash it only to then put product in it again to keep it under control. I kind of get it.

But then the comments..so many men declaring that they gave up shampoo, shower gel, soap, deodorant, everything like that years ago. Every product that could clean you… gone. Cause people who use shower gel are sheep and slaves! Hooly fuck. I'm pretty low maintenance but come on now. Having more than one shower a fortnight and using a cleaning product instead of just water is considered too much effort and expense for these guys. Wut

No. 796697

File: 1619959186217.jpg (72.68 KB, 700x596, 1619912713892.jpg)


No. 796698

File: 1619959216853.jpeg (31.57 KB, 739x415, 2AC221A9-3B99-43B3-9D7F-6E802B…)

Celebricow thread’s triumphant return to /ot/ got ruined so fast oh my god

No. 796699

i found out that my crush is circumcised and idk how to feel about thattt

No. 796701

It doesn't make a difference for you.

No. 796705

i mean, hes still quite young but it looks really dry and kinda botched ngl it's a turn off

No. 796713

I'm so salty about that lmao how did it go downhill so fast, it's been two hours

No. 796715

File: 1619960598882.jpeg (28.86 KB, 400x300, 3D8C12E0-6274-4373-8218-0B6084…)

>celebricows moves to /ot/
>thread devolves into asinine shit-flingling

this is glorious

No. 796716

just found a shortish blonde hair in my bed, obviously from me even though I have mostly long red hair, but it occurred to me that if I had found the same hair in my man's bed I would likely flip my shit and not believe it was mine kek

No. 796726

I have to hand in a 3-5 pages assignment every week for a class and it's supposed to be practice so no one expects anything good but I always spend so much time on it because I'm a perfectionist and also stupid. I know that handing in something kind of bad is better than not handing in anything but it kills me everytime I think about the guy that has to read it oh my god

No. 796745

heat it first and then it works

No. 796764

I do this too. It pains me to think of someone reading what I write, that means that they KNOW I'm retarded.

No. 796768

It's perfect isn't it?

No. 796796

File: 1619968605709.jpg (78.22 KB, 1040x1300, 133504429-beautiful-woman-in-s…)

this is literally me nonas (pls no accuse of Troon, this is 100% my selfie)

No. 796816

tbh even celebrities that anons tinfoil as gay seem obviously straight to me

No. 796817

File: 1619970703710.png (164.45 KB, 865x900, 1619925627316.png)

No. 796917

nta but ive never even downloaded tik tok because every video from there ive ever seen shared, even by people whose sense of humor i trust, has not been funny. coworkers who i laugh all shift with will show me a "hilarious" tik tok & they are always bland

No. 796925

holy shit same my coworker is funny as fuck and the regular memes she shows me are always hilarious but the tiktoks are always so painfully unfunny I don't get it. Same with my bf, he knows my sense of humor really well and will show me hilarious youtube vids but the tiktoks are always pure cancer.

No. 796935

File: 1619977025329.jpg (31.01 KB, 275x263, 1616088615734.jpg)

I tried to choke my guy during sex last night and I almost fucking killed him rofl. My hands are too small, my grip too precise. I am a killing machine and he experienced but a fraction of my true potential. He should be grateful for this glimpse of the afterlife that few live to cherish.

No. 796936

MPD stands for Male Personality Disorder

No. 796941

thank you ice-t, very cool

No. 796943

feeling very 'tfw no bf' today, god, i just want a nice, pretty man to like me and shower me with attention.

No. 796945

I don't know anon, Ezra Miller can kinda get it, if it wasn't for his putrid personality.

No. 796948


No. 796984

do you guys know of any good horror anthologies? I watched Black Mirror, I watched Monsterland (I really enjoyed that one), i watched the remake of "Creepshow" which was cool, I watched Book Of Blood, I feel like I watched a lot. I love horror anthologies though, i'm addicted to them.

No. 796986

Into The Dark maybe? Some eps are good while some are low-budget and campy. It's a hulu series btw

No. 796989

I watched all of those lol, I love the one with the mom, the son and the goop. Also, "The Body" was really good.

No. 796993

Yeah I use tiktok and have to admit it's not very funny at all. I mainly use it for cooking/baking and cat videos anyways

No. 796994

File: 1619981184726.jpeg (172.93 KB, 814x580, 2C9E7FB2-57C8-40CC-BAF6-51FC0D…)

I drive by this place sometimes and it makes me giggle.

No. 796997

What happened to otherkin are they still about? Did they just become furries?

No. 797000

>I love the one with the mom, the son and the goop
Me too

No. 797005

I'm sure some are still around, but now pretending you have dissociative personality disorder or other mental illnesses like Tourette's is all the rage with social outcasts.

No. 797007

A lot of them are DID fags now and kin retarded OCs or cartoon characters which is too cringe for me to keep up with. A handful went the route of BDD surgery addicts and the rest are furry troons.

No. 797028

Kek thanks it made me giggle too

No. 797038

I really don’t think there has been a single good youtube video essay

No. 797067

I like this one a lot. Having seen both, hearing an articulate play-by-play really brought more clarity to both movies for me. Plus it goes over the basic parts of a story, which I thought was neat.

No. 797078

love that the people in the celebricows are more honest with themselves lmao, I was seeing too much handmaidens for these clearly retarded celebrities

No. 797092

I literally left the entire internet for 2 days and I come back to this shit in the celebricows thread, wtf

No. 797096

In my opinion, the celebricows thread is either wk central or nitpick haven. Critiques on celebrities are some of the lowest hanging fruit imaginable, yet some anons still manage to make everything overly personal there. I suppose that's why it ended up back on /ot/.

No. 797108

I don’t get why people wanted celebricows moved back to /ot/ or thought it would improve it? Would that not just lead to even more derailing and blogposting clogging up the thread because it wouldn’t be against the rules anymore?

No. 797149

I agree so much, also I'd like real milk and not sperging over bodies

No. 797167

I can't stop thinking of that anon who used nutmeg and poppy seeds to get high. I also just so happen to be at the grocery store, and craving lemon poppy muffins

No. 797186

one of my teeth is so rotten i was eating a sausage and it got so loose I just pulled it out.
I need to go to the dentist

No. 797190

Just got my paypig back, feelsgood girls

No. 797194

Damn girl you live like this?

No. 797197

So this is the famous stacy larping everyone talks about

No. 797201

it's a years old tooth the dentist (who pulled another tooth of mines, that same day) said it was fine and wouldn't be a issue, but…now here I am.
I'm terrified of dentists

No. 797206

"Not an issue" because he probably assumed you'd brush

No. 797208

nta but brushing won't fix that if it's that far gone

No. 797209

i did/do brush and floss, my tooth had a crack in it and he was like, "Just be easy on it". It's my fault though, i went through a depression where i didn't always brush twice a day and i let it get worse because of my fear and there was no pain.

No. 797210

She was at the dentist a year prior that's some woeful neglect of dental hygiene. Amazon constantly has deals on electric toothbrushes.

No. 797211

i said "years old" not a year old, my other teeth are fine it was just this one tooth that i did neglect that had a crack. It kept breaking and breaking and because there was no pain and i'm retarded I was like, "Fuck it".
I haven't been to the dentist in years, I need to go.

No. 797212

File: 1619994058619.jpg (73.94 KB, 207x588, IMG_0676.JPG)

I'm seeing lots of radfems on tumblr say that they think the idea that 'well nobody is 100% gay/straight' as homophobic and invalidates their lesbianism, and those who genuinely think this are bi. However, I don't think I experience enough female attraction to call myself bi, but I'm not 100% straight (though it could just be internalised misogyny) and I didn't want to label myself bi because I don't want to be one of those 'bi girls' that are just straight girls

No. 797214

OT from your post, but who is that?

No. 797219

>seeing lots of radfems on tumblr say that
I don't get how this is relevant to your point? Aren't you bisexual if you experience any degree of sexual attraction to both females and males?

No. 797222

I don’t really get the correlation between the two things but also whenever I see posts like this I just kind of don’t get why it matters. Who cares unless you’re looking to have a relationship with a girl.

No. 797230

I'm just here for the video edits (some are very impressive), aesthetics and live wallpapers. Also Tik tok doesn't ruin the quality so most videos are very hd unlike instagram.

No. 797234

Oh I get the correlation now I think. You’re saying that you consider yourself mostly straight but radfems on tumblr are saying the idea that people are all “a little bit bi” or whatever is harmful and straight/gay people are 100% hetero/homosexual and you therefore feel like you should identify as bi instead of straight since you don’t consider yourself 100% heterosexual and it would therefore be “harmful” or morally wrong in some way for you to call yourself straight. I would say that you should stop listening to radfems on tumblr just in general and that this is not a very useful way of viewing sexuality or “identity”, but putting that aside they are definitely more so referring to the idea homosexual people are slightly bi than the idea heterosexual people are, as in practice the two obviously have very different implications. I don’t think your situation is really what they’re talking about with this. I don’t think it matters either way and neither would be “harmful”.

No. 797243

Ahh, now I see the relevance. >>797212
OP don't stress yourself over people policing labels. Unless someone asks you outright what your sexual orientation is…don't give it much thought and just live your life.

No. 797253

can’t believe n-dubz was real. and was successful.

No. 797271

File: 1619999345233.jpg (64.47 KB, 1280x720, 1578492601475.jpg)

>I tell her lesbians don't date trans women
>she asks if I also think that white people shouldn't date people of color
literally and figuratively what the fuck

No. 797300

File: 1620002165952.gif (99.13 KB, 308x300, 0BAA0A1D-0313-4CD6-893D-942DD9…)

Shiddd today I found out that Amazon.jp delivers internationally… well my wallet is in danger heheheh

No. 797301

what >>797234 said about the main issue radfems have is that the saying implies 100% homosexuality does not exist. if you might be bi or not they wouldn't mind if you take the straight label or not, though i assume they'd want you to find what fits you best. Lesbians face a ton a pressures and are so people are extra defensive bc of stuff like "lesbian" porn, corrective rape, and many people (men) don't think lesbianism is real or natural and it's due to trauma or whatnot.

No. 797358

why would you post that where i can see it