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File: 1619773855570.jpg (90.95 KB, 400x600, e22d3b3558cc026f9f2c07e90850d3…)

No. 795235

Your digital shoulder to cry on.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/787646

No. 795237

File: 1619774020121.jpeg (918.87 KB, 2560x1275, 97963510-180E-4059-9A00-F7C629…)

Omg I was gonna make the thread and use this image

No. 795239

The fact that I called myself autistic and openly believed it due to a misdiagnosis eats at me sometimes lol…. especially since I used to spend time in a very weird community, it's just so embarrassing to think I was actually seen as autistic. aaaahh it's just so embarrassing and idgaf if that's offensive to autists, it simply doesn't represent me and the fact that I'm not disabled.

No. 795240

File: 1619775260984.jpg (122.42 KB, 1280x720, IMG_20210316_153244.jpg)

even my regular doctor's notes say "psychotic disorder" now

No. 795245

I wish my father in law would stop watching interracial porn and then subsequently staring/giggling at me afterwards

No. 795247

What the fuck, that's disgusting, I'm so sorry anon

No. 795248

would your mother take his side even after a recorded proof? his ass needs to be kicked out

No. 795251

ty anon ily
its not my moms husband but my significant other's father. unfortunately i have to deal with this until we save up enough money to move out

No. 795258

Why the fuck won’t he say anything then?

No. 795266

i talked about it but made it clear i didnt want any direct confrontation because im trying to ignore it until we have the means to move out at the end of this year or at the start of the next one.

No. 795275

Someone please use this next time

No. 795277

Men don't see women as human beings that's why they don't even consider them as potential friends. They're only interested in you if you're a potential fuck. They will lose interest in you as soon as they get their girlfriends or you get your boyfriend. I heard men admitting they were never intellectually or artistically stimulated by a woman in their life. They will never ever respect you the way they respect other men, their male friends, male artists, male writers etc. Men LOVE other men. They just fuck women.

No. 795280

Nothing to contribute, just wanted to say that the thread pic is gorgeous. Nice choice, anon

No. 795281

It honestly just shows how vapid they are. I've had precisely this experience so often. Either my friends abandoned me once they got a girlfriend, and came crawling back once they broke up, or stopped talking to me once I said I wanted to just be friends and not rush anything. Otherwise, when they say they respect your decision to just be friends and that they can keep their feelings to themselves even if it's difficult, they'll abuse your trust and manipulate you so they can use you for sex anyway. It is so absolutely annoying. Why are men so impatient? Let's just hang out without any expectations I've only known you for a few months

No. 795294

There was a study I don't have the link to hand but I'm sure anyone could Google it. But it showed that men only registered woman as people when they were dressed more modestly and the more flesh they shown the more men saw them as objects.

They literally objectify the fuck out of women. I've had dudes act blown away that I can control a conversation and know the same bullshit pop culture and facts as them. Then they try to NLOGs me. I've only fucked 4 guys because they never meet my standards since they're all so fucking dumb and cliche.

No. 795297

I'm getting ready to quit my job soon, but i want to go out with a bang and take down the main manager who made 30 people quit in 2 months. Wish me luck

(i mean, going to hr. nothing drastic btw)

No. 795298

File: 1619782527162.jpeg (7.18 KB, 259x194, images (13).jpeg)

I will end up poor, alone and sick. I will never leave this shitty country. I will never have a satisfying career. I will never have a good and loving husband. I will never have a cute cozy house I always dreamed about. I will never have friends. I will never have a stable financial situation. I will always be miserable.

No. 795299

My friend is a nurse and a damn good one, but she's always bragging about her date taking her home from work and doing literally the bare minimum. She deserves so much better. She's really way too good for 99 percent of the men she dates.

No. 795300

Hr usually know about shitty managers and try to save their jobs. My honest advice is just to do your job, be able to use those cunts as a reference and let them worry about their business themselves. It's not your responsibility.

No. 795301

Sadly, i did do my job, but now they refuse to schedule me. Cut my hours in half from 36/38 to only like 14. I have another job i'm transitioning into as a shift lead, so this isnt too bad, but i'm gonna miss that extra side money for now. Sadly, this manager is notorious, but his reign can only go on for so long. lol

No. 795302

That sucks anon, maybe its cause or covid your hours got cut but just ime making a stink before you leave a job can leave yourself in a bad position regarding a reference for your next job, if you're next job is secure I guess do whatever but I would just be anxious since people can be petty and vindictive.

No. 795309

We're basically in the same situation then, anon. Dis you give each of these thing a honest try?

Like, I plan to off myself if by the time I'm 30 I don't have a good job that I can live off of because things will only get harder from there. 4 more years to go but it's somehow comforting to know there's a "finish line"

No. 795311

Anon, you've got to be shitting me. 30 is not the end of the world, I WOULD understand 40s, sure, but 30s?? In your 20s everything's around you is still confusing, and it's time where you spend discovering yourself and figure stuff out, instead of crying about not having a s/o or whatever. How old are you?

Sure, life sucks, especially tight now with virus going on which affects all of us mentally, but you've got so much more to live. There are so many places you still haven't discovered, hell, tiny hobbies or upcoming TV shows and stuff. I fully get it what it means to be lonely, it's tough, but in the end you are the only one who can do something about it and your way of thinking. Eg whenever I feel angry or-and lonely, I just draw. It's my main motivation (even though it's a bad one) to improve and I am quite thankful for it.

No. 795312

I'm unemployed at 30 lol, guess I should just die!!

No. 795313

??? Even at 30 it's still not the end of the world, almost everyone are unemployed right now. Half of my country is unemployed right now. You can find other ways to get money on internet, Fiverr and shit. It is difficult but at least getting a penny is something.

No. 795318

Eh, I've had mental health issues since I was a child and am unable to get help for it since I'm "functional". I know that 30 by itself is not the end of the world or life but I think it's a good cut off for me. I'm just tired of all of it. If I don't succeed I'll most likely end up homeless so eh.

No. 795323

The hayfever keeps breaking through my tablets I am crying in public tears streaming down my face

No. 795333

40s is still pretty cushy, the only thing that changes at that point is that men ignore you but that's fine for me

No. 795341

You can tell the mentality of anons who cry '30 is the end of the road.' jfc, love yourselves and stop giving into what society deems your 'expiration date.' bleak af. Life does not end at 29 or 30

No. 795370

You kiiiind of missed the point, which isn't the age

No. 795375

File: 1619791151652.gif (650.2 KB, 334x251, 1619155913327.gif)

Nonnies I'm so fucking lonely I just need to vent. I have to study the entire week for my uni, morning to evening, so many exams, volunteering and a research I should start already.
My LTR is over with no contact for two months, I have no very close friends to talk to, had to isolate with covid for two weeks, now no time to meet people, no time to try dating again.
My mom might have health issues she's getting checked for next week (breast lump).
I'm living in a flat without balcony so I'm just in my room with the window open, listening to people laugh and have fun outside, birds singing in a great weather while drinking my fourth coffee so my dumb head will internalize the shit I need for my exams. I genuinely feel like this is all pointless. I just have no motivation to do any of that shit.
Only thing that makes me kinda happy is coffee, vidya/netflix and browsing lolcow, how fucked is that. I always had a lot of hobbies but I'm just too tired now.

No. 795385

I can't stand bitches who bring their dog everywhere. I think dogs are pretty cool, especially if they are doing something more functional than "being company", but they tend to be pretty annoying too and there are always people who might be scared of dogs or allergic to them. I've been waiting for this picnic so long and once this bitch tells us she's also bringing her dog. The dog still doesn't behave all that nicely and it always interrupts a nice conversation.

No. 795387

I hear you. Loneliness is killer. I hated my last semester of uni, I was overwhelmed with all my final requirements, so I get that. Try to remember that there are still good days to come, and in a year's time a lot of this (especially your uni shit) absolutely won't matter. All the hugs.

It's nice to hear that you volunteer though, do you find that brings you any joy or relief? What are you volunteering for?

No. 795427

nonas, it finally happened, i cried in front of my driving instructor. luckily it wasn't flat out bawling, it was literally just a single tear that rolled down my cheek. too bad it was the cheek he could see. i didn't want to learn driving anyway, but now i want it even less and i dread seeing him again next week because i'll just remember him seeing me cry and hearing my voice crack.

No. 795431

>it was just a single tear that rolled down my cheek (literally)
No worries anon, I guarantee you that as a driving instructor he must have seen people cry a lot in the past. You're stressed, it's nothing unusual. Why are you learning to drive though if you don't want to drive?

No. 795464

I keep getting up to get food, then remembering that I'm fasting and can't eat yet. Sad.

No. 795465

File: 1619799347709.jpg (165.33 KB, 1000x483, The Garden, det.jpg)

I'm terrified I fucked things up with my constant lying. I lied to my mother that I still have my job (I don't. I've been unemployed for a whopping 3 months now and all I've been doing is staring at the ceiling and feeling sorry for myself). She's adamant about getting me vaccinated and have been calling her friends who work in hospitals to register me for Pfizer. Today I tried to register for an appointment and the website told me that my social security number is invalid. It dawned on me me that I forgot to pay my social insurance and now I'm terrified that my mother will get to know this through her friends or our GP. I feel truly retarded. I suck at adulting. And also I'm a grown-ass woman who still feels like she has to lie in order to avoid mommy's range. This is the lowest I've ever been. As a form of self-punishment I'm not gonna eat anything for the today and tomorrow

No. 795468

*rage, not range

No. 795484

>will work until 11pm on may 1st
>planned on taking public transport as usual to go to work
>for some reason, no bus, no subway, no tramway AT ALL the entire day because it's may 1st uwu, literally the first time I've seen that shit happening in my city
>will have to walk more than an hour under the rain to go to work
The public transport company should give me back my money from the last 5 years in total just for this.

No. 795487

nona it sounds like your mom is overstepping her bounds. You're an adult, you're allowed to fuck up, it's your mom's problem if she still feels like she's responsible for you.

No. 795493

Naturally pretty girls are lucky because they can cry anytime they want without ruining their make up

No. 795497

>tfw no older lolcow-farmer girl friend (platonic) to spend time with and be held by

No. 795503

I hate my hank hill ass and my deformed body AND my lack of curves… Not to be a Dramatic Bitch but I actually look so ugly I seriously doubt I will ever find a longterm partner.

That's all for now folks!

No. 795507

If 600 pound hamplanets are able to find love, you will too dumbass. Looks are only a small part of it.

No. 795513

No. 795515

I'm such a meddler because I'm better at fixing other people's problems than my own. I got a female relative to go back to school because she's been languishing in retail for years with no direction or ambition. I even convinced her parents to pay for it and actually give her support unlike the first time when they totally failed her. Why the fuck do fathers push their sons and baby their daughters? The son actually got skills and learned how to do things as a child and by waiting on the girl she becomes completely helpless. It is infuriating. She had just a much potential but now she's working at WalMart and he's got a career in finance. I will never let that happen with my children.
I don't know where I get off with my own superiority. Like, I really think this will be good for her, and I plan on tutoring her if she needs it. Hell, I will let her stay in my guest room if she wants since I live closer to the school than she does. (She lives with family, so she doesn't have her own space at all.) But at the same time when I heard she was going for the plan I felt this euphoric spike of victory. My plan is working and that means I'm winning.
I'm so far from perfect it hurts. I wish I had someone to do this shit for me. See what I need for help and guide me in the right direction. Or identify what would get me to succeed in my goals. I feel a weird mix of pride and shame right now and I don't know what to do.

No. 795518

Become that person for yourself, one step at a time. Prioritise yourself, choose yourself, always. That's the only thing you can do. You have to put yourself first if

No. 795522

I wish more people understood how hard it is to take care of curly hair. People have given me shit my entire life for my hair looking unkept, unable to comprehend what a really humid day can do to curly hair. I've tried everything and some days my hair is just going to do what it wants no matter what. It's not like I don't take care of it.

No. 795524

That’s awesome, good job anon.
I know how you feel about the latter, a therapist could really solve all those problems and you could make a lot of progress with a few sessions.
Also if you can’t afford it I think that posting on forums can be beneficial somewhat.

No. 795551

You sound like a great person anon.

No. 795562

Same. I keep my hair very long because no medium or short haircut can suit my face at all so I always had a reputation because of how unkept my hair looks. My big sister told me recently that her friend who's a hairdresser wouldn't stop making fun of me behind my back because of my hair. But of course none of them could even give me advice that wouldn't ruin my hair even more or that I wasn't already following. I finally found a hairdresser in my city that's specialized in curly hair and wavy hair so I'll make an appointment soon because I don't trust any hairdresser anymore.

No. 795568

I know, you're right. Its just hard, and I'm not sure why.
Therapy is out right now. Was there a forum you had in mind? I probably should source some sort of outside opinion.
That's a relief. The victorious euphoria made me worry that I was happier I was able to manipulate a situation than altruistic. I often think I'm not a very good person, but maybe I'm at least not awful.

No. 795578

It's difficult because your brain isn't acquainted to it. You have to make it a conscious effort to create habits that prioritise you and lead you towards your goals. Building and transforming habits is best done by starting small. You have a good eye for devising plans that lead to a specific goal, such as is the case with your family member. Envision yourself as a family member and think of what small habits you could work on to reach your goals. Start with one tiny habit and try it just for three days. Then build upon that. You will not succeed always but you'll succeed again the next try, and otherwise the one after that. Truly have a ponder and remind yourself that you're in control. Your mind and body will resist and want to put more energy into others than yourself, but that's only because it's a habit. At the end of the day, you decide your happiness. And you can always be reminded of how true the capacity of your potential is by thinking of the ways you have transformed the lives of others. You can do it with them, so you can do it with yourself. Accept the challenge and take on this project, anon! You're worth it!

No. 795583

The fact that I know he, as a long standing instructor, probably has seen plenty of students cry (and some likely a bit more… dramatic lol than me) is the only thing keeping me from ripping my own head off out of embarrassment tbh lmao. As for why the license if I don't even want it: mainly pushing by my father and his parents. My grandparents already contributed to the money needed for it (driving licenses are crazy expensive here) and were wanting this for me since I'm like 15 and don't accept my no, so there's the guilt aspect, and my father…..is my father and I'm kinda scared of him. Going against him never goes well, so just resigning to your fate is the easiest way to deal with him. I know the thing with my father is pathetic, and I swear I usually don't have problems with standing up for myself, but for some reason he's the only one I can't do it with lmfao.

No. 795586

(nta) Aaw anon. If it helps, I was in a somewhat similiar situation. I didn't want to drive (driving anxiety) but my parents forced me to get my license and in hindsight thank god they did. It's an investment in your future, it's a really good thing to have. But because of my anxiety I did all sorts of idiotic things, ended up taking lessons for an abnormally long time and even had my driver instructor call me to tell me he was going to postpone my next lesson because he didn't think it was good for me to drive again within a few days kek. Can you imagine how ashamed I was. But my instructor knew I always tried my best and he was proud of me when I got my license. I think your instructor only wants to see you succeed. And I think that's the best way to overcome this: next time you step into that car, drive with determination and show you're willing to overcome your struggles with driving and that whatever happened today that made you cry didn't let you down. That way you have nothing to be ashamed of (which you don't have to begin with of course). You can do it!!

No. 795597

File: 1619810861768.jpg (148.3 KB, 600x357, living-in-agony.jpg)

Why do you keep looking for me every day? Why do you keep calling me by the cute nickname you gave me? Why do you keep coming to me if you chose her? You were the one who came back into my life and in the end, you chose her. You already know my feelings and still preferred to stay with your girlfriend, so why do you do it? Why am I so stupid to keep liking you?

Sorry for that, but I am in pure pain and agony rn

No. 795600

BRUH my mom just said that she knows i like "lesbianism" and "masturbation" and fuck im so angry if she ever saw my history why would she tell me WTF… I don;t even watch lesbian porn anymore, i used to when i was younger

She also told me she doesn't know how to masturbate, what in the ever living fuck is wrong with her? why do i need to know that? idgaf,,, she's so weird

No. 795617

Thank you for your kind words. I just feel bad because she's being nice and I lied to her

No. 795622

Girls remember: the trash always takes itself out

No. 795624

AHAHAHAHAHAH I called this manlet effeminate and he agreed as he is against toxic masculinity. before this he said he was very progressive politically as well, so I asked him if he watched pornography. he watches pornography and doesn't believe it sustains the patriarchy, only somewhat. liberal men at their finest. such insane mental gymnastics, i can only laugh. sometimes i wonder if men are real humans with brains. then i remember how they perform in schools and businesses compared to women, and i remember. truly, it's always masculine men who actually are against pornography, such as terry crews. fuuuuuuuuu ahahahah what a world, what a WORLD. i hope i have many daughters

No. 795629

I really want my bf to get therapy but he can't enroll for health insurance until November. I love him so much and I feel so lucky to have him, but we've had a lot of fights and he's told me he wanted to break up dozens of times. And every time he does, I go into a deep suicidal depression that I can't come out of until we're back together. It's a LDR that will become an irl relationship when my first semester of college starts.

I have a big guilty conscious because it's come to a point where he tells me to not text another guy. What sucks is that I have a male friend I go to when we have relationship issues because he's better than professional therapists honestly. I still feel so guilty that I've lied to him about it knowing he also hates liars.

No. 795631

reminds me of some disgusting guy i met off of, where else? 4chan. he was in his 30s, wanted to take estrogen to become more feminine (not the sharpest tool in the shed), watched and loved porn, dressed like a femboy, and called a teenage disabled porn actress "cute" in a creepy way. needless to say, i stopped talking to him.

No. 795632

>AHAHAHAHAHAH I called this manlet effeminate and he agreed as he is against toxic masculinity
low IQ and height apparently

No. 795637

oh dear, those are all terrible red flags… This man is in his thirties, however. A supposedly successful athlete, despite spending his time chatting with teenage girls on discord and being unable to understand basic logic and statistics. the rate at which im peaking is alarming

No. 795638

I'm about to punt my friend out of my home because I got asked out by a 23 year old (I'm 30) and I said yes. Just found out she was going around texting everyone I'm a predator but didn't tell anyone how old the guy was. She is wondering why I'm so mad I found out and she's doing the right thing and I'm staring at her like "I can kick you out ya know. Ya don't pay rent."
She just comes off as extremely salty

No. 795642

I have a male friend whom I deem so great, as he is actually respectful, does not watch pornography, is smart, listens, is mature, and so forth. However, he is also a virgin, and I now worry that perhaps his respect for women, particularly sexually, stems from this? He simply doesn't know yet how to view women sexually properly, perhaps. Maybe once he is in a relationship with a woman, his masculine colors will show and he will be less respectful of her sexual boundaries and overall needs. What do you guys think? Is this a weird theory to have? I base it off an experience I had before, where somebody I trusted greatly showed his true colors once he had me in a room alone with him.

No. 795643

>I can kick you out ya know. Ya don't pay rent.
Do it. A friend who goes around texting people you're a predator is not a friend, she deserves it.

No. 795644

>we've had a lot of fights and he's told me he wanted to break up dozens of times
>And every time he does, I go into a deep suicidal depression that I can't come out of until we're back together
you piece of shit. get therapy for your codependent ass. is he only staying because you're making him responsible for your mental health?
>What sucks is that I have a male friend I go to when we have relationship issues because he's better than professional therapists honestly
not only does it seem like you're guilting him to stay in the relationship, at least go to a female friend about this if you know this would explicitly make him uncomfortable or post on the relationship thread. not saying it's normal or okay for men to disallow female partners from having male friends but texting a male friend about your relationship issues and lying about it, really.

kick her dumb ass out. 23 and 30 makes me raise my eyebrows but a predator? if she really believed you were one she'd want to move out.(infighting)

No. 795645

Jesus christ, no one would've reacted like this is you were 23 and the scrote was 30. I hate double standards

No. 795650

Right? Sides I don't really give a fuck about his age. He's 6'3, has facial hair, muscle and has the same interests as me. The man could have been older and I woulda still said yes.
I didn't think it was a big deal cuz, hello, he's 23? He's an adult

No. 795653

I've gotten therapy for years… Yes, he genuinely does love me, I mean he's moving to my state so we can live together. My female friends (all irl) have little to no relationship experience. They just can't give me good advice. I could always try the relationship thread, thanks for the suggestion.

No. 795656

he could be autistic or low testosterone. I know a few guys like this who are aware of porn and sex and don't give a single fuck about it. you had one experience with a fuckboi who pretended to be retarded to get you to let your guard down around him. it's not always the case like that.

No. 795660

Good for you anon. I think that once the person is older than 21, a 7 year age difference is really not a big deal.

No. 795661

you threatened suicide to stop him from breaking up with you. no shit he's telling you he loves you and he wants to move in with you. he thinks if he doesn't then it's his fault if you die. you're not mentally healthy enough to be in a relationship and you're going to ruin his life if you don't let him leave. source: am also crazy

No. 795662

Just sounds like she's jealous, lmao. Also >>795645 is right.

No. 795663

I don't think so, because he did express he is interested in me sexually, but prefers to be in a relationship in a longer time before being sexually intimate, which I really respect and adhere to myself. also kek, the man I mentioned was a mega autist with an actual autism diagnosis, as opposed to the dude I mentioned first.

No. 795664

File: 1619817240786.png (260.76 KB, 836x408, ground rules.png)

I never said I threatened suicide, I keep it to myself because I know that's manipulative behavior. I make it a point to not mention suicide with him at all nor guilt tripping him with my mental health. Like I said, I keep it all inside or tell my male friend since he's a bit of a neet so I get instant feedback during these breakups.
>he thinks if he doesn't then it's his fault if you die
he's not a pushover at all. we actually watched midsommar together and he complained about the mc proxy-forcing her bf to be with her. He hates pathetic emotional leaches, so I've tried hard to get rid of that aspect of myself.
>pic related is the rules I follow when texting/talking to him

No. 795665

No. 795670

File: 1619817877339.jpg (44.02 KB, 640x640, 5e75d146358a531b2497ce119a863b…)

I know that what I'm thinking of is impossible but it's keeping crossing my mind.
I broke up with my bf and we were in a long distance relationship. We live in different countries. My little sister knows that I broke up with him but she keeps asking about him and she says that he's a good guy and that I'm the bad person. One time she said his name and I acted like I didn't hear I thought I was delusional but what if she's talking to him behind my back. There's no way she can have his number and she has a bf but what if??

No. 795673

I just want him to come to me and say "sike I do love you silly" and love me with all his might

No. 795677

just saw a pic a bf took of me that i didn’t know about and i looked like a literal AGP. i hate being so ugly i really might kms good lord

No. 795686

This hit me in the heart. Sadly, I've had my ex do this before and yet while the intent and words were right, the action never quite followed. Wishing you the strength to move on nonny.

No. 795691

i have a mutual who i used to semi interact with on another website but we havent spoken properly that much, i wanna be their friend so so bad but im an idiot. it hurts my heart. they said they thought i was cool and intimidating once a long time ago and i will never forget because thats exactly how i felt about them

No. 795693

File: 1619822140983.jpeg (331.2 KB, 1242x952, EA5BFCA4-30C6-4BC4-A41D-5B4EE8…)

No. 795695

If you don’t think she’d tell you I think you should check her phone, like when she’s asleep or something. But it would only cement in her mind that you’re the bad person, and doing so could even be motivation for her to eventually speak with him to find out what’s wrong with you.

But chances are she was probably talking about him to someone else(like her boyfriend) if she actually ever said your his name to begin with.

No. 795697

File: 1619822376889.jpeg (105.73 KB, 1024x768, C1E9B7CF-F0A2-41CB-97CF-272FF7…)

I hate when everything seems to be going perfect and one thing fucks up and it snowballs into another depressive episode. Why can I never catch a break from this shit. Just looking at those baby pictures and crying now.

No. 795699

idk why i keep thinking about something that happened over 4 years ago. why do i still miss them or why do i still think about someone who doesn't care about me?… idk… It just hurts… I just want to be over with it…

No. 795702

Same. I'm going through a DBT workbook and it is helping me manage my emotions but seeing how bad I've fucked up depresses me. I hate how life is about messing up and then learning and getting up soooo much, just give me some rest sigh. I'm gonna sleep for today I guess. Wishing you luck nonna.

No. 795705

Why if I am good he still played with my feelings?

No. 795707

Same as you two, it's so exhausting. I see why people like us struggle to find a point to anything, because it's all this effort neverending… but I know I only think this way from depression…

No. 795709

And then you're told you're too depressed to be loved. I hate my life.

No. 795710

How can you live like this? I'm not trying to be snarky, I legit want to know. How can you do this for him? Why? Doesn't this make you feel bad? I'm in a similar situation. I love someone but I can't feel free to fuck up and do those things either. It's a bit like trying to be perfect + walking on eggshells + trying to prove I'm good enough. I feel so stupid… specially when he once told me I could trust him with my problems. Wish I never told him I'm suicidal, ever. And no I don't suicide bait him either and never will but I was becoming too clingy for him and that gave him anxiety.

No. 795712

She definitely won't tell me if she is talking to him. She seemed obsessed with him anon!!! Like when I'm talking to him on the phone she'll purposefully say sth out loud so he could hear her and then she'll act all surprised that I'm on the phone.
I don't think I can check her phone because of password.
And no she wasn't talking to her bf when she said his name, she was working on her laptop lmao.

No. 795717

I just want life to end. But not in a bad way. I want life to stop hurting. I want to be good and perfect and happy and I dont want to resent people and I want to move on and be happy. I want everything to work out, but not "in the end", I want things to work out now, to never hurt, to feel whole, to feel my best, to stop being depressed. I think I can and I will achieve this if I continue going, but god, it hurts to have to learn and continue going. Fml I guess.

No. 795725

File: 1619825298590.jpeg (26.96 KB, 427x718, images (2).jpeg)

AAAAAAAA I just want to scream and get fit and be a nice loving happy active girl who attracts all the LESBIANS!!!!

No. 795726

File: 1619825455286.jpeg (21.6 KB, 350x491, images (3).jpeg)

I don't even watch this shit anime show but I want to skinwalk her because she's a beautiful active happy lesbian and thats exactly what I want

No. 795734

One of my friend's friends (who is a 26yo gay man) is openly thirsting after ElyOtto on Twitter and when I pointed out they're only 17, my ftiend texted me to bitch at me for "publicly shaming" this person. Apparently you can't even casually comment that someone is publicly lusting after a minor without perpetuating "cancel culture". I hate my life.

No. 795737

If you don’t trust her then you should snoop. Ask to borrow her laptop (or don’t ask) or wait until she’s in the shower. Did she ever meet him? Is her bf long distance too? If yes and yes then honestly your suspicions could be right. But why does she think you’re the bad guy? And do you genuinely think she’d cheat on her bf to have an ldr fling with your ex? I’m sorry for not being helpful but I feel like you have to choose to either put this to rest or try to solve it. I’m wishing you the best, and I’m sorry.

She could also be trying to be social/attention seeking by being loud when you’re on the phone though, it’s not necessarily because she’s into him. She’s your sister so you’d know better than I. Still snooping seems like the best option, at least so you know what’s going on.

No. 795738

Those "rules" are mostly the crazy toxic bullshit you find in relationships between particularly immature 19 yos.

No. 795739

men have no hobbies and have empty shells of lives

No. 795741

I really don't want to wake up early tomorrow to do volunteer labor outdoors. My sleep is all fucked up too. I'm really tempted to cancel but I know I will be disappointed in myself.

No. 795743

I hate the sexualization of the words "mommy" and "daddy". I once had a guy freak out at me for calling my mom "mommy" in a context where I was telling him a story about calling out for her during a nughtmare as a child. Like, eveb when you're quoting your child self calling out for your mom in dostress, men will sexualize the word "mommy". Men were a mistake.

No. 795750

nta but I had the opposite problem in my previous relationship kinda. I could feel myself slowly becoming increasingly clingy and suppressed a lot of my feelings. I can't honestly say I know whether or not he would have been put off by it because I never showed the full extent of my clinginess until we broke up. I did notice he wouldn't allow himself to open up to me too much either so maybe that's why he never needed to outright say it, I just felt it and mirrored that.

Wish relationships were more straightforward. I'm a very transparent person that appreciates communication but it has to be mutual for me, like, I also have to see you doing the same, i won't let it get one sided, I will only match what i'm given. it sucks.

No. 795751

how would she have gotten his number anon? that's creepy if true

No. 795755

>I could feel myself slowly becoming increasingly clingy and suppressed a lot of my feelings.
holy shit are you me
>showed the full extent of my clinginess until we broke up.
no way are you me he broke up with me because of this too
>Wish relationships were more straightforward.
same tbh
> I'm a very transparent person that appreciates communication but it has to be mutual for me, like, I also have to see you doing the same, i won't let it get one sided
Ughhh same. I feel you sis

No. 795767

my roommate's ex is over right now. the ex is literally insane, has tried killing my roommate multiple times and is physically abusive. my roommate showed me the scars she's given her. my roommate went no contact for 3ish weeks even though the ex has been texting them from a million different numbers. my roommate goes 1 week without therapy and invited the ex over.
she's broken into our house about 3 times, also, and is afraid of me and my girlfriend because we yelled at her at a bar when she tried apologizing, so my roommate asked me if my gf was over bc she knows my gf would do something.

i don't know what to do right now because im scared to say the ex isn't allowed over because it could backfire onto my roommate in numerous ways. im not comfortable at all and am worried for the safety of my roommate and myself

No. 795769

don't neglect your own safety and comfort. say hell no and nip this shit in the bud. if the ex is violent allowing her to keep coming is not going to make things better. see if you can change locks, get security system, or call the cops.

No. 795771

we've already changed the locks and set up a security system. AND called the cops but my roommate sent them away and said everything was okay because we didn't want to put her in jail (i didn't know the full extent of everything at that point, i just thought it was over something small). my roommate is letting her in now so nothing like that would be useful

she does know i have guns though i think (and by that i mean a really realistic looking rifle that she would think is real)

i just sent a text to my roommate that my gf is coming over so hopefully the ex will gtfo bc she's extremely scared of her lmao. that's my safety net for now

No. 795776

she sounds like a bitch but be careful about evicting her. in some jurisdictions, there are situations where unauthorized residents have legal rights similar to tenants, and you could potentially get yourself into trouble. do some research on what the law is in your jurisdiction before making any hasty decisions.

No. 795778

yet another appearance by too-depressed-chan, sounding like a broken record as always

No. 795780

Get your girlfriend over to sort that bitch out.

No. 795792

if i were you i would straight up just call in and use any pto to cover it kek its not worth it imo

No. 795793

File: 1619835200348.jpg (41 KB, 275x269, 1616662291789.jpg)

Was reading a reddit thread about creep run-ins and got reminded of the time my roommate tried to break into my room in the middle of the night to rape me.

Men need to be castrated.

No. 795796

I’m slowly falling for my friend and I’m worried that I might be confusing it to him being a normal person who just a good friend, we been talking almost everyday and I have notice I feel something when he text me and stuff and maybe I’m just over thinking

No. 795798

stop it before it is too late

No. 795808

Wait what??? What happened, anon?

No. 795810

>be at work, phone rings
>"hi thank you for calling pizza place, how can I help you today?"
>confused guy goes "uhhhh"
>about 5 seconds of silence pass
>I hear a woman talking but I can barely hear her, she sounds far away from the phone
>I can't even tell if she's talking to me or not, or if she's just in the background
>I realize she's asking how much a large pizza is
>I tell her how much it is
>she asks if we deliver
>I say yes
>I can barely fucking hear her
>she's not talking quietly- she's literally yelling, but I can barely hear her, as if she's far away from the phone
>I keep having to have her repeat things because I can barely fucking hear her
>she gets really irritated every time I ask her to repeat things even though I'm being really fucking polite about it
>I hand the phone to my manager
>she bitches to my manager about me

Now. I know for a fact it's not my hearing or our phones or anything because I answer phones all the fucking time and I've never had this problem. And when the first guy said "uhhhh" when I first answered the phone I could hear him crisp and clear. I'm 99.9999999999999% sure what happened was her boyfriend called us, didn't know what to say, so he put me on speaker phone for her to order which is why she was yelling across the room. One could argue that this is rude and you should actually talk into the fucking phone if you're going to order something instead of being a lazy cunt about it (or just order online for fuck's sake), but whatever. What really pissed me off was that she was fucking rude to me for something that was COMPLETELY HER FUCKING FAULT and that I had no control over.

Maybe if you want people to hear you maybe you should talk into the phone like a fucking adult, instead of just being a lazy fucking cunt and screaming across the room because you can't get your worthless obese ass to walk 4 feet over to the phone, you stupid fucking useless lazy ass dumb bitch.

No. 795813

fuck. I hope you're safe now, far away from that piece of shit.

No. 795823

god having an unpopular husbando is absolute hell, I saved so much art and stories and for what? nowhere to post them and nowhere to sperg cause nobody fucking cares. what else am I gonna do with all this? i wasted so much time on this shit, the more I do it the lonelier I feel. posting here even about non-2D shit is like yelling in a giant empty hallway. No one fucking cares. I wrote fucking paragraphs for this 10 minute screentime fucker and no one cared. he wouldn't care either. I wish we were allowed to make threads for talking to ourselves so I could pretend to have conversations. like a samefag containment zone. I can't force my taste/autism onto others.

No. 795833

Who is it?

No. 795835

i download tinder to see what women in my area are like and i feel like such a fucking loser. being a hairy (fine with me kek) and out of shape tard why tf would a chill woman want to date me. damn i need to up my game.

No. 795847

My coworker is legitimately illiterate and it's especially scary because we're in goddamn HEALTHCARE. God help me.

No. 795848

File: 1619840206043.gif (904.25 KB, 500x532, 1400701829371.gif)

It's been a year and I'm in another house right now. Thanks for your concern, nonnies

>be roommates with three other people

>one is friendly South African guy
>never got any creep vibes
>it's the last night before he moves back due to mom having cancer
>at ~7pm he asks if I want to drink with him in his room
>I politely decline

>I'm in bed feeling myself slip into sleep

>I squint in the darkness and say, "what are you doing?"
>he doesn't say anything and stands there for what seems like an awkward amount of time
>"hey.. do you want to drink?"
>I'm annoyed and sleepy
>I check the time. it's 11:30ish
>"uh.. no."
>he stays at the door smiling at me for another awkward pause
>he leaves

>sometime later

>he knocks on my door
>I ignore him
>he continues for what must be at least five minutes
>at this point I'm aware that this might be a creepsville situation
>then he just OPENS MY FUCKING DOOR again
>same creepy smile
>he asks again me if I want to drink with him
>"..no, I work tomorrow"
>he leaves
>I lock the door


>I hear my doorknob turn
>I hear the scuffle of his body on my door for leverage
>he's really trying to fucking get in my room even though he knows my door is locked now
>at this point I'm low-key scared
>I yell, "FUCK OFF"
>the turning stops
>after a while he saunters back down the stairs to his room
>the next day he moves out super early

No. 795850

i hate myself sm

No. 795860

File: 1619842040591.jpeg (56.56 KB, 338x703, A1AD7EE9-8B15-4938-8B6D-B9850D…)

That’s horrifying, nonnie, I’m glad you’re safe.

No. 795861

I feel so retarded for this but at one point I found myself in part of a love triangle and I wanted to choose one guy to date. They were both kind of waiting on my decision. I never had a bf before so I…related each of them to my two favourite husbandos in my head because I was used to fantasizing about love triangles and relationships through them. I ended up picking one of the men, but he turned out to be really shitty and lame, and now I have negative associations with the husbando I assigned to him! They aren't even really alike at all, my husbando doesn't deserve this! I'm so sorry baby you're nothing like that stinky 3D moid. I haven't been able to see him the same way since and I can't draw fanart of him anymore

No. 795864

Oh god, I'm so happy you knew to trust your instincts and lock the door holy shit. I had a similar situation where a guy I was casual friends with got really creepy with me his last night in the state. He didn't try to assault me, but he overtly asked me to fuck, despite us never sharing any indication we thought of each other as more than friends, then got high key verbally abusive when I refused. Something about knowong they'll never see you again brings out the dark side in otherwise normal seeming scrotes.

No. 795865

Her stupid fuck boyfriend probably forgot to put his phone on speaker if he didn’t just hand it to her in the first place or at any point. She probably yelled because she snapped after having to deal with his dumb shit, project it onto him and I’m sorry you have to deal with idiots.

No. 795867

I wish I could go back in time and tell myself not to go out that night, that it would be a night that would haunt me for the rest of my life. I know what happened to me wasn’t my fault but I should’ve been more careful and now I’m paying the price every single day

No. 795870

File: 1619844333663.jpeg (19.33 KB, 235x275, E3D0F84B-E87E-44C7-9009-80539B…)

The fact that I had made it known all day that I needed to take a nap before work due to lack of sleep, and that ten minutes into taking said nap my mom decided to mow the lawn right outside my window, I just…
It was 9+ hours ago now but I’m in a state of delirium and rage thinking back on it

No. 795872

I'm tired of the vet and need a bit of advice anons.

My dog was immobile and couldn't move or eat in January and I took him in for emergency care. They said that he had an enlarged prostate pushing on his spine and a neuter would make sure he's fine. They had even taken x-rays. He began yelping again after he was all healed from his neuter then they said he needed an x-ray to see what is wrong as they thought he had a joint issue or something. I had mentioned they already did x-rays and they didn't even know? Or check his record? The vet that did his neuter didn't even know he had an enlarged prostate and was shocked when I talked to her. So they gave him more x-rays (no charge amazingly) because apparently when I paid $260 for the first set they only did ONE x-ray. They came back and said he had IVDD and immediately they're offering me physical therapy and such etc. He has been fine on his pain meds and today I went to refill his medication and they claim he needs ANOTHER checkup before I am even able to get his meds for an emergency situation. He has been in and out of the vet so much and the vet never told me I needed to get him a check-up before another refill because she said a yearly check-up would be fine and he could be on his meds. I'm being told different things and was being charged for tests without being told about them. I'm also being told that he needs a test that was already done 2 weeks ago. That test costs $75. I'm up $1,000+ in vet bills (paid) and I feel like I'm being ripped off because they keep changing the diagnosis or saying he needs things that were already done/paid for quite frequently.

I feel so exhausted because they keep changing their diagnosis and changing the things they say to me regarding check-ups or tests. Also I was treated very badly up by them until the money started adding up. I had to call today to go pay off a test and they went from annoyed by answering the phone to very chipper. I was demonized immediately when I first brought him in as well. I feel like I am being taken advantage of because I'm soft when it comes to my dog and they know it.

No. 795876

I feel you anon, I feel the same when I discover things 3-5 years after their peak popularity and the fandom is dead. I've gotten used to just talking to myself lol.

No. 795883

I'm sick of hearing news and catchy political quips that criticize shitty rich people and corrupt politicians.

What the fuck is anyone gonna do about it? Tell me when someone actually does jack shit besides whine and complain while the 1% continues to rape and pillage everyone. Holler when someone gives Jeff Bezos a public execution, or someone rips out Elon Musk's hair plugs.
I thought people came so close to finally discarding 'influential' narcissts during the pandemic when they got bloodthirsty pissed at rich celebrities who dared to whine from their mansions about isolation. But I guess not. Already there are soundbites coming back about the mundane bullshit of these scumbag humans and clearly the people at the top want the peasantry sentiment to simmer back down to keep the status quo of us all being unhappy with our lives and not doing dick about it.

No. 795891

Thanks for the heads up. I looked into it. Since I rent the home and only my name is on it they are basically an unwanted guest. Especially considering her mail goes to her parents house and she claims she lives there. I'm giving her 30 days just to be nice. Of course she said she was sorry, but that wont fix my reputation.
On the plus side the date went well with the guy. We're going out again next week

No. 795892

Throw her stuff in the street, don't even wait for her to pack.

No. 795894

I want to die, I wanted him so bad, I wanted him and I still do

No. 795900

I drank alcohol in two consecutive days (one beer) and I woke up feeling super sick. My body is ridiculously bad at handling alcohol

No. 795904

File: 1619851978116.jpeg (47.55 KB, 583x438, 3B5D1A5F-ADBA-496C-94F3-C80729…)

Alright, you need to get your head back on straight. Why are you crushing on some dumb streamer? Some scrote? He's not even hot, and only marginally cute, what the fuck is wrong with you. What kind of parasocial bullshit are you on. There's a 0% chance you'll ever interact with him so quit being a horny little bitch and get on with your life

No. 795914

>this post
me a year ago crushing on some dumb streamer who just broke up with me 2 weeks ago

No. 795915

File: 1619853338982.jpg (2.23 MB, 2826x4000, iamyourbravestsoldier.jpg)

watching the madoka rebellion movie is the only thing keeping me alive right now

No. 795916

samefagging but let me tell you; the cybersex me and the streamer had wasn't worth it, there was no love there. lol

No. 795926

File: 1619856023445.jpg (28.1 KB, 500x162, tumblr_inline_nbezpjU6eY1qhz00…)

Why do, not only male assburgers, but non-autistic men as well have to gatekeep specifically female autism? Literally why?

Who the fuck asked these scrotes? They can have their retarded gatekeeping of flaming male autism to themsleves, nobody gives a shit, but why do these ignoranuses have to pipe tf up when the discussion is about the one thing they cannot wrap their minds around: us?

I guess they're entitled to their shit opinions and all but why are especially neurotypical or only mildly autistic men so arsed, when we're finally trying to address neurodivergent female-specific experiences? Why is this (autism, women) the one topic where it's not gucci to consider the fact that gender differences are real and run deep?

picrel, old af dead meme but it's still accurate

No. 795929

kek i know that feeling

No. 795930

>a 27 year old male is called a "kid"
>a 27 year old female is called a "woman"
I'm sick of this

No. 795932

File: 1619857687504.jpg (163.67 KB, 500x553, tumblr_ogk472fZpY1vgi9keo1_500…)

I'm awake at 4am because my job stress. I was trying to move up in the company, but my new boss (there only 2 months) has caused everyone to quit. He literally told me he wont let me move into another position and he needs me only weekends. cut my hours from nearly 40 to only 13-14 hours. When i asked why he just constantly gaslit me and told me i wasnt good enough for the other roles i wanted. i'm pretty terrified that right now in the middle of the pandemic, it's harder to find work. I'm just frustrating this is happening. i called HR but nothing has changed yet. i just want justice. this man is insane and how he's allowed to be a GM of a big restaurant is beyond me. i'm just sick and tired – and waking up at 4am, having nightmares… Yeah, i guess i'm forced to quit even though i've been there a while. I hate this kind of shit, but the world is unfair. Still sucks. Just need a hug and some inspiring words.. haha.

No. 795935

Bought a cute, somewhat expensive belt bag online, it arrived and turns out it's fucking tiny and at least 2 inches too short to fit an average sized smart phone.

I know it's my fault for not paying attention to the measurements but it's 2021, why tf would you design a bag like that? It looked bigger in pics and it seemed like a safe assumption to make. The worst part is that it's really cute and if it fit my phone I'd use it all the time.

No. 795940

Anyone else feel like they are drifting along until they fall off the edge of a water fall? I'm not excited about life and I rarely laugh anymore. I avoid everyone because there is so much drama all the time. I'm burned out from people and school. I am just not going to go anywhere but can I at least do it in peace without everyone flipping shit over small mistakes. If I am going to drift nowhere I just want it to be peaceful.

No. 795942

>mother has crying meltdowns because of husband
>"Anon it's unfair that I'm always called useless by your father!! He's mean and calls me names, he doesn't give me money to eat etc etc
>I listen to her, tell her that what he says is not true and that she shouldn't listen to him, I defend her every time
>I tell her that I relate because my father also calls me useless all the time, he's mentally ill
>"But anon you really ARE useless!! You never do anything for me and you don't understand me!!"
>While I'm trying to comfort her for the 100th time, I'm listening to her whining instead of using my time for myself, I help her and go along with whatever thing she wants to do
She's always been emotionally unavailable too. But if I don't do anything then I'm a bad daughter I guess.

No. 795944

I see shit like 16 year old girls conveniently referred to as women whenever they're in an abusive relationship with much older men "well it's her fault for dating him, she's big enough to know!"

But then men get to drop in and out of 'boyhood' at their convenience if they happen to commit a crime between the ages of 18 and say 22

No. 795945

File: 1619861185439.jpeg (325.97 KB, 995x604, 76F4C350-2FDB-43DA-BEDB-9FBC54…)

I feel strange. I randomly looked up an old crush from high school on social media and he’s still gorgeous. That’s cool, most men age into bog creatures. He’s in a long-term relationship with a decent-looking woman, but what’s even weirder is his friend group. These people could be in a magazine’s Top 30 Under 30 list. They’re all generally attractive, fit, in varied and exciting careers, making good money, have healthy relationships, traveling, talking about positivity and “leveling up” and surrounding yourself with good people. I’ve never seen these types in the real world, you know? They seem overwhelmingly cheerful. They’re the sort of people you see giving inspirational talks on TV or being life coaches or shit. What’s stranger still is that I don’t feel jealous. I should, right? But I look at them and can only think of how exhausting it must all be. To maintain these perfect little lives. I don’t want what they have, even if it does make me feel lame by comparison. I can’t tell if that just indicates I have different goals or mental health issues since I don’t feel a yearning for what most people on the planet would kill for. I’m tired even thinking about them. They’re real, but they don’t seem human.

No. 795948

Classic toxic men
Start preparing for another job op. When you leave you can leave employee review or expose his shit. While it is your problem now it won't be later. Just be ready to ride through storm.

No. 795958

File: 1619863006138.jpg (161.16 KB, 1080x1080, 8f5c8db9.jpg)

You're doing way too much emotional labour for someone who's supposed to be your parent. It's really no wonder you get tired.

It's not your fault. You're not a bad daughter. A daughter's job isn't to be a parent or a friend. It was never your fault to begin with.

You are not useless. I want you to know that you are not useless. You deserve time and space for yourself, not after some heroic deeds, but just because you're you and personal boundaries are important. You've done your best.

No. 795962

my cat just died. i knew the risks of adopting a very old, very broken caf (deaf, arthritis, heart murmur, kidney problems) but god damn, it still hurts so bad. i'll miss you, you weird little bitch, even though you insisted on sleeping on my neck/face whenever i laid down. goodbye bb

No. 795966

forcing yourself to be a linkedin-type would be the most soul sucking thing you could do. some people are genuinely excited about "the grind" but if you aren't there's no reason to feel like you should want to be like that.
also some people like that end up driving themselves into a burnout by their early 30's and you never know how they feel when they log off linkedin and take off their business attire.

No. 795978

I'm sorry nonny. Even though you didn't have her for long I'm sure you made the last bit of her life comfortable and happy. She was really lucky to have you.

No. 795990

thank you. i adopted her in july of 2019, so i almost had 2 years with her.i have so many stupid cat steps around my apartment to help her get on the furniture, its such a depressing reminder. she was such a lovebug, i cant stop crying

No. 796004

Males in my country be like
>noooo you have no right to criticize our country! so what we are backwards and poor in comparison to western countries? you should enjoy our repressive culture, politics heavy influenced by religion, shitty economy, terrible health care, women's reproductive rights being constantly threatened and gay people not being able to marry or adopt kids!
And if you continue to criticize various aspects of your country they will call you a whore and imply you probably want to sell yourself to some arab guy lmao. I really can't wait to be done with uni so I can leave this shithole. Sure I will feel guilty for not staying and trying to "fix" my country but I don't have the mental strenght required.

No. 796006

Why is my boyfriend literally creating nonexistent problems. Everyday I keep getting greeted by passive aggressiveness, coldness, or just anger at me because in his brain he's convinced that I don't want to be around him as much. All because I've been sleeping a lot because of meds. Then he's complaining how I don't give him any affection anymore and I literally was up until this point because it's really fucking hard to be lovey dovey to someone who keeps over analyzing and critizing your every behavior because he thinks I like him less or him just being cold and not being affectionate either. Today he stated to complain about how I rarely talk too which he knows I have an insecurity about. Like I've literally never been a big talker the whole time we've been dating and now suddenly it's a problem because he thinks this behavior is new when it isn't. It doesn't help that when we call or anything he barely talks either anymore. Like a couple weeks ago everything was fine and now suddenly it's this. I said he's being insecure but he keeps saying it's not insecurity because his observations are facts lol.

No. 796009

Sorry nonnie, but your situation hits me with all the irony. Men love to complain about women who chatter too much and how they just want a little peace. Or they'll whine about how they're tired and just need some sleep but their partner is too needy. Just goes to show that they're never happy. Tell him that if he wants a MPDG, then he should watch something Zooey Deschanel has acted in. Then he should reflect on how much a woman needs to get paid to pull that shtick off convincingly. He's being a butt and you are not his pacifier.

No. 796013

File: 1619875724886.jpg (34.69 KB, 736x960, 60357273_2476424339047689_5919…)

Went to a dinner where a friend's friend decided it was fitting to talk about how she once tried out stripping but felt it was too objectifying for her and that the men there were too disgusting so she prefers to go to sex clubs where she gets fisted on stage for free and I swear to god my brain is melting just from remembering the conversation.

No. 796015

The only people that has to “fix” their countries are the politicians and the families that are perpetuating the social issues we live.
Sure, you can “fix” it by being a good citizen and doing your job properly. But other than that, it’s virtually impossible for a group of, what? 50 people? To fix a whole ass country with at least a million of people that won’t even pretend to be nice.
So don’t feel guilty of leaving and finding a better place to live, we’re not Fix-it Felicia to be fixing shit for the rest of the world.
I hope you can find a good place in which you will feel comfortable and happy, nonnie.

No. 796016

File: 1619876105866.jpg (616.52 KB, 1080x1525, Screenshot_20210501-153150_Eco…)

how is this empowering? Women are forced to wear heels, restrictive clothing and make up to work every day despite the discomfort and adverse health effects, lest they're considered unprofessional and receive a warning for breaking dress code. Now a rich, abled man with the ability to opt out is doing what women have been forced to do for decades by people like him, and he receives praise. Why are people so dumb that they don't recognise the idiocy of this

No. 796019

File: 1619876445138.jpg (186.62 KB, 1080x885, Screenshot_20210501_153102.jpg)

It's not empowering and he should kill himself

No. 796020

as you said it, because theyre dumb. men are praised for doing shit women are forced to do instead of just opting for either one of the two routes

loosening female beauty standards and restrictive fashion (that goes backwards into the same sexist restriction (but in a more hypersexualized, cheap fashion way) we fought hard to rid ourselves off of in the 20s

restricting male beauty standards in a similar way by giving them idealized versions of male beauty (instead of boring somber business suits or athleisure, something similar to what men were wearing in centuries 18th to 20th), not conflating beauty with extreme bimbo hypersexualness or making men appear like actual troons/faggots to be desireable

Its amazing how gender discussion and beliefs around aesthetic beauty is absolutely more backwards and regressive than it was dare I say even 20 years ago

No. 796026

I hate how they say
> clothes have no gender
as if they're the ones who're victims at the hands of dresscode by not being socially allowed to wear heels ffs.

No. 796033

fucking what? literal fisting on stage? how did people react? what kind of dinner this this

No. 796047

I wish I didn't read this

No. 796056

my mum and her friend came to visit me and started lighting up joints outside busy touristy places when we were out during the day. I was both impressed at how little she gives a shit but also kind of disgusted. I've been smoking for years and probably a similar amount to her but it kind of made me wonder if thats the kind of image and habit I want for myself. Also dont know if it was just the disapproving looks from strangers getting to me. Shit will probably be legal in a few years anyway.

No. 796072

File: 1619882943217.jpeg (55.48 KB, 500x500, tumblr_inline_p8tvc22tJA1ubi3n…)

I never want to experience a psych ward again even if I probably need it right now. When I was 16 years old I overdosed and got sent to one, when I finally met the psychiatrist working there (after they found out I had an autoimmune disease at the hospital as well, GREAT) he screamed at me because I "lied about smoking weed." I literally blacked out for a week and didn't know where I was, through photos I obviously looked off and was not myself due to all the meds I took and I tried telling him that but he just kept on yelling at me even after I apologized. Then he got overly suspicious because I started crying and wanted to go home. I had to write a 10 page essay on both sides of the paper apologizing to him for "lying," why I even did drugs in the first place, why I tried to overdose, and why I was acting so suspicious for wanting to go home early. I was SIXTEEN YEARS OLD AFTER AN OVERDOSE HOURS AWAY FROM MY HOME. I WANTED TO SEE MY FAMILY, OF COURSE I WAS UPSET. It's been years since this incident but I know I will never be overly honest with my therapist again because I'm too scared of getting sent. All the nurses and therapists there just told me to quickly write it so I could get it over with and it made me so angry. Why is everybody thinking this is normal? Why was I, a literal child going through a traumatic incident, having to APOLOGIZE? I literally remember calling my therapist at the end of the week and asking for help myself after I became coherent. Every time I recite this incident to a therapist or a friend they just sit in horror and wonder how that was possible, and I realize he's probably still working there. I just never want to go back even if I need it, maybe it's the best because at least I won't try to off myself in fear of having another awful psychiatrist like him and being stuck in a hospital. I just have the image of the worker next to him telling me it's gonna be okay and handing me tissues while he screamed at me every session, like no, it isn't okay. I want to hold teen me and tell her that it was going to be okay and that I would get out soon, especially with everything else in my life going on. I don't care if it's been years, I'm still so so angry. Fuck you, fatass.

No. 796077

File: 1619883497464.jpg (51.8 KB, 554x554, 3907c2649cf37deb76717975b60636…)

Thank you anon

No. 796078

I read your whole post and I stil dont get what he accused you of exactly. Why would it be such a big deal if you lied about smoking weed when you nearly died of an overdose? In healthcare most people are nice and understanding but the ones who are incompetent assholes are HUGE assholes, there's no in-between for some reason. I don't get why this type of people work with mentally and physically ill people if they don't like it.

No. 796088

I found out a lot of the kids that were long time stayers was afraid of him when I arrived so it wasn't just me, as there were three that circled across the week. Picked the wrong day to off myself kek. It was strange because most patients there were for drug related incidents due to area I live in, but I guess I got the worst of it (or wasn't used to it yet) because I ran out of the room sobbing after he told me to "get the fuck out of his room." Running out sobbing my eyes out while everyone is quietly in the therapy circle was very embarrassing, especially as a quiet insecure child. This 17 year old guy who literally crashed into a cop car on xans because he felt like it didn't get the same treatment from him, which is just awesome! I'm definitely worse than that!

No. 796092

>breasts have grown and are extremely sensitive
>very aroused constantly

a few days later… I get my period. every time it happens too if I forget to track my period for one week

No. 796099

It's unfair that I was born looking like a piece of shit while my friends are good looking and can be loved because of it! I'll never be loved by anyone, I'll always be used as the shitty spare tire! No matter how much makeup I put on, how well I dress, how kind I act, how supportive, how thin I am, how many beautiful things I make, how intelligent I try to be!!! My face!!! Is still!! A piece of shit!! It's unfair that I'm the one who was thrown rocks at and spat on! I didn't deserve to be called a bitch just for looking at someone! I didn't deserve to be laughed at every time, to be told that my hair is disgusting, that I don't count as a woman, that what I touch is dirty and that I'm dirty! I'm disgusting and the thought of someone being nice and caring to me is repulsing, the thought of someone kissing me makes me want to vomit!!! I'm tired fuuuuuckkkk

No. 796100

I need a makeup tutorial for OP pic

No. 796108

I’m younger than most of my friends by a few years but it was never a big thing cause there were two of us who were under 21 but now that my best friend had a birthday last month I’m the only one who’s not 21 all they do is go to the bars and I’m the only one left out. I turn 21 in two and a half months and I go to school in a town where everyone has a fake ID, I never got the risk of paying $80+ for something that could be taken away the first time you go out and was much more a stay at home & smoke weed type but now that there’s nothing else to do due to covid (no concerts, parties are super exclusive) and bars are open it’s all anyone does and I feel like a retarded baby cause I cannot relate to it at all. It sounds like I’m exaggerating but I’ve had to leave hanging out with people because they decide to go to the bar and I can’t go, and obviously if all my friends and my boyfriend and all of his friends are out at the bars I cant just hang out with someone else. I spend all my weekends inside doing homework but come summer I won’t even have homework to distract me, it’s such a juvenile problem but I haven’t felt this embarrassing and lame in years!!

No. 796131

It's not a BIG deal, I just get sick of hearing my bf whine about work as if he works the hardest.
He requested the weekend off, plus Wednesday and Friday. Now he's whiny that he has to work ~6 days in a row~ and I'm sick of his martyr tone as if they pulled it out of nowhere. No, they're making you work 6 days in a row to balance your pay period so you'll maintain full time hours, not because they're working you like a dog. You only worked three days this week so SHUT UP boyfriend! Stop working in retail if you wanna have days off and not have to make them up.

No. 796146

with real tears or drawn on?

No. 796150

File: 1619889729619.jpg (868.33 KB, 1080x1907, Screenshot_20210501-191945_Ins…)

I need to delete social media, kek. Who finds the energy to record themselves whilst dissociating and proceeds to post it??? I hate this munchie trend normalisation nonsense. Its similar to how my peers will openly discuss visits to their therapists with quirky jokes and their attention seeking clothing, while I am trying to stop having flashbacks and dissociating so I can just focus in class and actually get back my life. Sorry for cringe whining but it's so dumb and the fact that for gen z and below it is the norm to approach mental health this way is appalling

No. 796154

You have body dysmorphia as a result of being bullied for your looks in childhood. Unfortunate looking adults just look like average adults, and they do just fine when they take care of their personal grooming and fitness. Butterfaces with good personalities do just fine, unattractive people find love all the time and when they get old they just look like old people, the same as everyone else. It's true that attractive people have it easier but focusing on how miserable you are about your face only holds yourself back.

Unless you live in some backwards country that has extreme superstitious physiognomy beliefs, in that case I take it all back and hope you can get plastic surgery soon nonnie

No. 796155

People who are so deprived of attention do that kind of stuff, it's pathetic.

No. 796166

File: 1619891672786.jpg (59.06 KB, 800x562, 1400580366920.jpg)

The other day my boyfriend was coming up with a list of things he could cook for me while he visits. I had to be autistic and say that, along with grocery shopping together, would make me feel like we're newlyweds. He awkwardly responded with "yeah" and immediately went back to the previous conversation. I'm sure he hated me saying that. I want to kms, I just thought it would be cute.

No. 796188

I follow an old friend from high school on twitter, and she's always begging for money online. She started a gofundme because she needed money for rent and a car, and she's constantly posting her cashapp asking for donations so she can get basic necessities. Like earlier this week she asked people to give her money because she couldn't afford food/groceries. But today she posted that she got a new dog. Call me crazy, but isn't it illogical for someone with so little money to adopt a pet? I've never had one but surely taking care of an animal can be an expensive expense, especially for someone who literally just said they couldn't afford basic groceries a few days ago! It's possible she's lying about her money problems, but either way I just can't believe she'd drag an innocent pup into her unstable living situation.

No. 796190

why is life so shitty, I justwant to off myself

No. 796193

I can believe it, people are stupid, and selfish. Pets are really luxury items. I know a lot of people will get butthurt about that, but it is true. If you can't take care of yourself, then there is no way you should get an animal. I don't care if it makes you feel better, or even if you're gonna give it all the love in the world. Getting a pet is entering into a contract of responsibility to give that creature all the care it requires. If you have to beg for food money, you should not get a pet. I think the girl you're following is a stupid, spoiled narcissist. She should be called out for it, but our society wouldn't uphold the rights of the animal over her desire to have something fawn over her.

No. 796205

File: 1619894332457.jpg (2.08 MB, 1772x1080, Akemi.Homura.full.1883739.jpg)

Women are the best, men are the worst, fuck scrotes

No. 796214

Based Homura poster

No. 796218


No. 796224

>fuck scrotes
that's exactly what they want you to do
How could he get off the hook? I am so sorry

No. 796228

Everyone was EXTREMELY uncomfortable, this is not a common topic but this girl wears her sexcapades as a badge and is willing to tell anyone because "sex is a natural thing and should not be a taboo topic" to an EXTREME degree. Luckily she wasn't there too long because she had to go to work.

No. 796230

If he can’t see the relationship lasting till marriage, drop his ass and do better

No. 796248

File: 1619897515557.jpg (32.01 KB, 500x334, tumblr_nyapww3Yjl1r1gyewo1_500…)

Do men play weird waiting game with female friend? I think I made a mistake, I'm really passionate about horror movies and after finding out that some guy in my class liked them too we started talking and I might have became too intense. This is so humiliating, I know he is connected and that he saw my attempt at talking with him one last time. It feels like shit because I thought we had potential to be friends and that's why I really tried for once to be the one to reach first. I'm never trying to befriend scrote ever again, my autism associated to their lack of emotional intelligence is just too much.

No. 796250

I don't know anymore. I try, that's all I can say.

No. 796253

File: 1619897903625.jpeg (119.3 KB, 570x814, 8AAAFE23-06C3-475D-A86F-9032E2…)

My bf and I have been on an official break for a couple of days after a month of basically no communication. Honestly it really fucked me up that he wasn’t talking to me, I’m very codependent and when people go from 100 to 0 like that so quick it makes me spiral, not to mention that I’m very deeply in love with him. So I did spiral for a while and did some things that I’m not so proud of but today I woke up and for the first time in a long time I feel like I can be my own person without anyone else. I always felt like I had no identity and I needed to latch onto others to feel human but today I felt alright. Like I could get out of bed and enjoy things on my own. I think I’m moving past things and I’m cautiously optimistic. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still very upset and want to get back together but now if we ended up never talking again I think I’d be okay. Maybe tomorrow I’ll take myself out for dinner. I guess this is growing up.

No. 796254

How old are you and do you have support system outside of your relationship?

No. 796259

18 and no, I think that’s one of the main reasons I was struggling so much

No. 796262

Since it is covid, try finding an online community to be apart of. It's lonely in the world and it's human to want to have support. You already know it's not healthy to put it on one person. Try picking up a new hobby and join a community for it.
Drawing, video editing, coding, makeup,etc. have discord communities you can join to make friends.

No. 796270

I had older men hitting on me when I was a teen and I hated it and I feel like I'm going insane every time I see males responding with "haha you're probably just a jealous roastie!" to women who criticize adult men going after teenagers

No. 796271

Who do you talk to that responds to that shit that way? I can only really think of 4chan-using scrotes and incels. Hope I don't have to tell you that they are detriments to society and you should discard any opinion they have into the trash. Come on, have a little self-worth.

No. 796295

I hate how American scrotes fetishize SEA/EA women. I have a feeling outgroup sexual assaults against Asian women and girls is probably the highest in English speaking Western countries..

No. 796312

File: 1619905999638.gif (18.97 KB, 220x229, 159398557380243239600364138679…)

We can be your support system sometimes, anon-chan. Though making rl friends would be even better. As an adult all my friends are from work, maybe you can start there

No. 796316

File: 1619906629683.jpeg (86.77 KB, 640x640, toad.jpeg)

hirevue is the worst process in the entire world. i don't know why any company uses it and i worked my ass off for everything to look right with my camera and answers 2 weeks ago just to not even get an email back… for minimum wage. why can't you just interview people in real life? what if i have questions? what if i didn't even have a fucking webcam to record it on?? oh, like use my phone and look like a dumbass holding it up for the 10 questions i have to bark out while trying to directly stare into the camera or i'll see my ugly face? nice.
i found a way to cheat through it using the html code to find the answers anyway, maybe that's a plus about it but i would of loved to just come in and sit with a manager so that they can know i'm a real life person wanting to work here instead of another nameless face. if this is the future of job interviews please kill me.

No. 796326

File: 1619908486868.jpg (72.31 KB, 750x739, EYHIzScXgAcQ1iv.jpg)

I love you all nonnas, seriously, you're like the sister I never had and never wanted tbh, but I'm glad you're all here. I feel at so much ease and I can always come here and vent. It feels nice.

Anyways, I'm happy that I won't be dating a scrote ever again. The trash took itself out, and days after that happened, a girl who always has had a crush on me called me and she's making plans to come and visit me on july.
Also, this will be the last time to say it, but the scrote I'm talking about was the one who called me "too depressed" and said he never loved me after all, aka using me as an ego boost and blaming me for his own insecurities and anxieties. God, I'm happy he's out of my life romantically speaking. I don't feel like I'm "too depressed" anymore. In fact, I'm amazing. He has hurt me so much and made me feel suicidal so many times. Feels good man.

No. 796335

File: 1619909479027.jpeg (88.95 KB, 540x495, 1601765660147.jpeg)

Had a lot of guilt today.
I was supposed to have woken up at 6am, drove two hours to drop my car off for a service and intensive detailing, and then spend the entire day alone at the beach while my car was getting worked on.

Instead I slept in, canceled the appointment, and didn't do shit besides wait for my bf to go to work so I could binge sushi before I slept some more. It was a beautiful day and I wasted if all gorging and sleeping inside. Really shameful. My only cope is telling myself the $240 car detail was money I didn't need to be spending right now.

No. 796337

why am I so fucking tired. I'm sober, been exercising frequently, my diet is great, I got great sleep last night and everyday this week and I still feel like DEATH and I'm grumpy as hell about it


No. 796338

PMS? I am so tired a few days before my period.

No. 796358

humans don’t live very long, plus when people approach their 30s they start to develop health issues.

No. 796359

Scrote "love" is pretty much entirely dependent on being an ego boost.

Reserve all your validation and admiration for women.

No. 796360

I'm having trouble sleeping and decided to try out one of those "stories to fall asleep to" podcasts from Spotify. Everyone I tried started with a 5-10 minute intro asking to subscribe or follow their Instagram, YouTube, whatever. One spent 5 minutes promoting their books and merch and then another 10 minutes of breathing exercises. I'm not here to subscribe, buy or listen to your icky breath, I just wanted something mindless I could fall asleep to. Now I'm more tired and just annoyed. Never trying that again.

No. 796361

My go to is that french lavender field story read by stephen fry, it's on youtube and I have never fully heard the story because I always pass tf out!

No. 796364

Samefag, here's the link if it helps

No. 796365

I just listen to fan/heater noise on youtube. Make me drown out my inner dialogue with white noise and sleep.

No. 796374

Google nest has a range of sleep sounds with no talking whatsoever, like rain, which I use. You might be able to play it by downloading the google home app on your phone and going to the good night routine.

No. 796376

Also that's pretty typical of youtube, offering low quality of everything. It used to be kind of cool and lofi because it was amateur content but now everyone has monetised and the ad revenue sucks, it's not just non stop bullshit about like subscribe and buy my merch, so it's just amateur quality combined with corporate asshattery. I'm pretty sure youtube merch is single-handedly destroying the Amazon rainforest.

No. 796383

File: 1619916775896.jpeg (104 KB, 779x900, 1608866459848.jpeg)

When I was 12 this man attempted to groom me over texts. He eventually tried convincing me to go to a supposed concert with him, alone of course. I feel sick thinking about how bad things could've gotten if no one had stepped in at that point. I ran in to him multiple times this year(near places I frequent almost daily). He doesn't seem to remember me but I sure remember him. I've never wanted to commit a crime as much as I do now.

No. 796393

It's been nearly 3 years since I got off of prescription (I wasn't actually prescribed) opiates and 1 year since I tapered of Kratom and I am STILL craving opiates almost every day is a battle and sometimes the cravings get so strong I can barely handle it. Will this nightmare ever end do addicts ever stop the daily craving of their doc? Every shitty tv show/documentary makes out like after a few months you barely even think about it, never EVER EVER do opiates unless you're prescribed them anons, they're an irl demon on your back forever.

No. 796396

I read that parents respond faster to infant's cries is the infant is male. If it's a female child they just assume she can wait longer because she's a girl. Parents also talk to male children more. Men are less likely to leave their wives if they have sons. All of this makes me so fucking angry. To think that some scrotes have the audacity to claim that girls are being treated better in society. Throughout history male children were always valued more, and in some places like India they still are. Even though we don't have parents mass murdering little girls here, we still exibit behavioral patterns that favour male children over female children.

No. 796402

File: 1619919988404.jpg (22.18 KB, 464x317, plankton.JPG)

Every time a controlling and abusive guy gets out of my life a new one appears. Why am I retarded enough to let this keep happening to me

No. 796415

File: 1619922449860.jpeg (19.24 KB, 188x177, 5E272706-D6C4-4E6A-8A2C-E08B5C…)

Just say someone say that lesbian means “non men loving non men”

I am going to kill myself

No. 796416

Shit like this is among the top of my countless reasons for not wanting to have kids.

No. 796419

I hate my best friend's creepy emotionally abusive brother and his enabling bitchy wife so fucking much, but I hate how people act like she's wrong for cutting him out because he's ~family~ even more. Like no, he's a repulsive mentally disturbed weirdo who demands her to have zero boundaries with him, to the point of feeling emotionally threatened by her keeping her gynological health private from him. I wish I were exaggerating.

No. 796432

I’m really in a mood where I am wanting to play games alone, some of which are mmo or multiplayer by nature, but I’m running into the issue of friends wanting to play with me and then me feeling bad about outright rejecting them… so I end up playing with them but I’m not enjoying it.

Like, I honestly just want to play alone. There is a reason why I am changing my gameplay statuses to not show what I’m playing or that I’m not online and that is because I do not want to play with others. Please just leave me alone. I want to solo-grind and do whatever my adhd mind wants me to do.

No. 796440

My sister just got caught in an affair and blew up her marriage. I love her but jesus christ she's so dumb with men and I'm so pissed at her. My nephew's heartbroken, he was there when her husband found out and got to hear the confrontation and fight. I'm terrified that this is gonna lead him down an incel/redpill path because he's a young teen male with internet access in current year. I feel awful for the husband because he's a good guy and it feels fucking weird to be taking the man's side in a relationship issue. I love my sister but she's like a heroin addict with men, it's retarded, this is the latest in a long long line of absolutely retarded decisions she's made with men. I know I'm being really harsh but fuck I'm being supportive in real life and I need to get it out somewhere. It's just so frustrating to watch. I feel like I need to have a fucking intervention or something for her once things settle because the way she is with men is genuinely self-destructive and unhealthy and fucked.

No. 796443

My boyfriend is suffocating me. I feel like I can't do anything right anymore, it's like everything I do is a slight towards him. I had to spend five hours comforting him because I "ditched" him to play a game with a friend for an hour a week ago. He keeps bringing it up and acting paranoid and saying I hate spending time with him and that I hate him, all because I spent time with a friend who I haven't spent time with in a couple months. I can't even play my favorite game anymore because it's an mmo and he'll stalk me in it and get mad at me for not doing things with him and when I ask him to do things he says that I'm just doing it to make him feel better so he won't. I legit feel like I'm dealing with a child but he's almost 33 years old.

No. 796447

I deemed my snails officially dead a couple days ago, but I still haven't cleaned out their terrarium. After the initial grief of losing them, I kinda continued on like normal (even though they literally sit on my desk), but everytime I remember that I have to bury them eventually I get filled with so much nervous-ness and dread. Maybe it's because I have to face the fact that I killed them. I hate that I will have to pick them up. What will it even smell like? I'm not even completely sure if I want to put them in one of my plants, or what I want to do with them.
Maybe it's stupid to be this upset over snails, but I really do feel heartbroken. They have no brains so I hope they didn't feel any pain.

No. 796450

Sending hugs to you, anon

No. 796451

Lesbian erasure is real

No. 796453

Your boyfriend is mentally ill and doesnt trust you. Why stay with him? You cant be with someone who doesnt trust you.
Funny how he can play online games but you cant. Anon please dump him. You deserve so much better . He doesnt need a girlfriend he needs a psychiatrist. You feel suffocated. Its a sign you should break up. Take care anon

No. 796455

Based and pinkpilled

No. 796459

My friend just started ignoring YouTube videos I send her for no apparent reason so I’m gonna start doing the same to hers and just not respond

No. 796460

Go invis anon. It’s the only way

No. 796461

Men are narcissistic in general and if you have a giving/empathetic nature, in addition to being too open/vulnerable early on, they'll exploit that. It's hard to detect too because they mimic you and/or lovebomb. Stay away from men for a while and focus on building up boundaries.

No. 796463

I have been shitting and pukin in the bathroom since 5am and it's it's 7:25 now, kill me

No. 796468

File: 1619930754828.jpeg (89.65 KB, 559x421, 04C9428B-901F-4A4A-BE4B-87BA73…)

Your post gave me anxiety, I tend to have a hard time watching the videos that my bff sends to me, because I just don’t know what to say about them and sometimes I also get so busy and/or overwhelmed by irl stuff that I forget about them by the time I can actually sit down and watch them.
si eres tú, sabes que te quiero mucho y que me da pena decirte lo subnormal que soy, prometo ver los videos que me mandes aunque esté súper ocupada

No. 796470

I feel like an incel because I keep being nice to girls and they act so weirded out by me or snobby. Why are they doing this what am I doing wrong?! I hate being rejected I keep telling girls “you’re so prettty” a la girls supporting girls and stuff but this is ridiculous I hate snobby girls who act famous on social media and leave me hanging literal bitches

No. 796471

I'm the queen of self sabotage. All I do is get in my own way and piss myself off. I just feel like I don't deserve anything good.

No. 796473

No soy esa morra pero hola anonita bonita

No. 796474

File: 1619932599249.png (315.25 KB, 600x814, 253.png)

I grew up in a somewhat religious household, attended church on sundays and went to bible study as a child. But I don't think I was ever really very convinced of the existence of God. But I /wanted/ to believe there was some kind of higher power out there in the universe, I was also absolutely obsessed with the idea of ghosts & the occult. I wanted some kind of actual confirmation of any of it being real and would read & watch anything to do with it.

But as I grow older and learn & research more about the world, the universe, society, science & history … The more I have a harder time believing in any kind of higher power or many supernatural phenomena being real. For most of my life I've largely considered myself agnostic, but I can feel myself sliding more and more towards being an outright athiest. But it makes me incredibly sad, because I wish I could believe. I talk to people who are religious and I feel a pang of envy that they're so believing in their faith. I'm not remotely afraid of there being nothing after we die or anything. … But I still feel some pang of sadness, like there's something missing from my life in that I can't really connect or have much faith in any kind of religion or spirituality.

No. 796476

File: 1619932798232.jpeg (5.56 KB, 295x171, images.jpeg)

My dad almost kills me because I wanted to eat in my room and i brought some butter which he didn't like because "he doesn't do that" and "it's not traditional", dude wtf do i look like a give a fuck about your stupid, senseless "tradition"? It's just butter lmao, "You don't see me doing that" and?? Idk if you noticed by the way I literally avoid acting like you in any way but I don't look up to you at all. If you're going to fight at least fight for something… logical? Fucking butter?? C'mon

No. 796477

Manipulative and controlling, probably already in the realm of emotional abuse. It’s a nope from me

No. 796478

Why are you eating butter in your room tho?

No. 796479

you're letting them into your life, actively acknowledge it and move on and block people who have the red flags

No. 796481

Que bien, de verdad lol, hola anonita linda!

No. 796486

File: 1619934605833.jpeg (1003.19 KB, 1242x948, 343BD0C9-8611-4BA9-AD36-0A3889…)

I’m not saying you have to follow in my footsteps or anything, but I had a very similar experience at 18. I’m 30 now. I used to be extremely religious growing up and god/my faith was a huge focus, but I’m also a logical person and I asked too many questions religion had limited or no answers to. Ultimately it seemed especially foolish to believe in it when other groups all thought their religion was the one true Word and any one of us could’ve swapped our particular gods for a flying spaghetti monster in the sky and sounded just about as reasonable. I became an atheist and felt conflicted. On one hand it was empowering and exciting to realize I didn’t need to follow some unseen holy script in order to derive fulfillment and value out of life, things I’d never really felt even when I was behaving as a good Catholic girl regardless. I was totally free to make my own meaning and my own goals and be “selfish” (i.e. not a doormat) guilt free for the first time. But I did miss feeling dedicated to something bigger than me, feeling there was certainty in a role I was meant to play, an entity that would ultimately provide me with eternal reward once I made it through life. Plus the more positive aspects I’d taken away from religion were no longer “universal truths” I could confidently wield in every situation. It took time, but you have to realize countless people have been through this experience before even when religion was a huge and dominant force in the world, and ultimately they found that meaning for themselves again. It’s still possible to have faith in and dedicate yourself to something bigger than you, and imo you should, because only living in a hedonistic way can be fun but it just doesn’t give me that same feeling of contentment that I get when I’m contributing to something beyond that. Maybe it’s the goal of providing for others in need, protecting the planet, or simply leaving others a little happier for interacting with you than they were before. And you don’t have to give up the values religion gave you either. They can still serve you well even if sometimes situations aren’t always as cut and dried anymore. I also value my life more now. Unfortunately, for a long while I just lived in a haze of misery worrying I wasn’t doing “enough” and waiting for my life to be over so I could move on to the next world where I might actually be happy. Now I treasure my happiness right in this moment and understand that the fleeting nature of life is what makes it all the more precious. You’ve been given a gift in your life, maybe not by some spiritual being, but the beauty of creation itself, and it’s up to you to enjoy it.

No. 796489

my mom is in the hospital. she is extremely arthritic and had a double hip replacement a few years ago. the other day she was on a walk with my sister and her dog, and even though she had her "walker" with her (not sure what it's actually called, it's like a thing with wheels that she can lean on? we just call them walkers) she was trying to do something with her cellphone and something else at the same time and somehow she slipped and fell on the concrete.

she broke something. not sure what. it wasn't her hip bone, it was one of the bones around her hip bone or something. but she has diabetes and so apparently they're trying to lower her blood sugar before surgery because it can be dangerous. she's okay right now, just waiting for her surgery which will be on monday. I'm worried though that the surgery will go wrong or something like that.

my dad has basically been spending all his free time visiting her. which is honestly sweet. most men are trash but my dad is an exception. he really cares for her

No. 796491

I'm eating toasts lol

No. 796493

The retarded AF Demi Lovato FROYO callout really highlights the disgusting double standards when it comes to how we treat Eating Disorders in this country. Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot and someone with Binge Eating Disorder or obesity went in the same shop and freaked out about the fact they had tempting unhealthy higher calorie foods that were ~triggering~ to their ED.

I also hate the "but what about the diabetics!" justification people are using for the FROYO place because it plays into the idea that you need a "legitimate excuse" to choose sugar free, diet, or "guilt free" options, instead of just preferring them because you simply DON'T WANT TO BE FAT. These types of foods have helped my overweight ass lose 20lbs so far this year and I'm so fucking sick of intentional weight loss and foods made to assist in it being treated like they're pure evil and anyone selling them should be put out of business because a loud minority of people are entitled and narcissistic enough to think the whole world should walk on egg shells to accommodate their fragility at the expense of those who benefit from these products. Especially when you consider that obesity is a far more prevalent ED in the USA than bulimia or anorexia, but I guess us fatties trying to lose weight can go fuck ourselves.

No. 796495

Tell him he can go churn his own butter since he likes tradition so much

No. 796498

Holy shit anon, sending you good vibes and also to your mom. I wish your mom the easiest recovery possible, sounds major.

No. 796500

it's kinda weird of you to butter your toast in your room rather than the kitchen though

No. 796507

I thought the same thing about the diabetics defense, anon. I'm not diabetic, I'm just currently fat and would like to not be fat, but if I want a cookie it's nice to get a sugar free one. So what, Demi? America seriously does not have a problem with weight/diet in any way other than obesity. It's goofy as hell to act like we're triggering the tiny percentage of the population that has ED by trying to get the huge percentage of the population that is fat and trying to lose weight to buy less calorific cookies.

No. 796510

File: 1619938292576.jpeg (515.91 KB, 2255x2000, 4DB90BDB-94EC-4552-80A0-31F098…)

Cp on /w

No. 796513

y'all i am so angy right now

>tfw you move halfway across the country to be with someone

>get into an argument
>not even physical or verbally violent, but s/o wants to 'put you in your place'
>calls cops thinking they can kick you out of shared home
>tfw you told them how laws/tenancy rules work
>surprised pickachu face when the cops won't kick you out in your bathrobe

No. 796515

men are a mistake

No. 796580

File: 1619941642881.gif (664.88 KB, 220x215, 48932048392074257.gif)

I'm sorry nonny, I hope you receive better treatment either by your partner having a sudden moment of enlightenment or else just getting away from their psychotic ass. You deserve better and that sounds incredibly stressful on top of having moved so far.

No. 796637

Been there, the guy never actually called the cops (just threatened it like a dozen times) He'd start the arguments, he'd escalate the arguments, he'd be the only one raging and then he'd use that threat as some power move to get me to agree to whatever his latest demand was. The joy of being in a lease with a scrote like that! I feel for you anon.

I got out of that situation and the very next thing I did was get my own solo mortgage in an area where I could manage the cost. I know it's messy and stressful as hell right now but you'll get out and be better off without him. Remember that once they pull that shit once they never stop resorting to the same petty controlling tactics.

No. 796649

I have this one super annoying godfather who always tries to meet up with me but then cancels on me last minute or shows up super late. When we talk he only vents about his children and his ex wife or when I try to talk about myself he always turns it into this weird negative lecture. I tried to cut off contact with him before after I moved to a different city but my parents always shame me into calling him on the phone for holidays or birthdays & then he tries to set up a meeting again. When I try to reason with my parents they get angry and say "But it's your godfather! You are the younger one so you are responsible and should put up with it!"
But I really don't want to deal with this man anymore & it's not like I choose him to be my godfather. He is annoying, a waste of my time & I'm not his therapist.

No. 796656

File: 1619954562722.jpeg (72.65 KB, 587x605, CEDE6949-47D7-427D-AE5F-51D8E3…)

I really wish I could just sleep forever and ever and ever and never wake up. Each day I’m sleeping, my bodily vitals decrease, and the more I can eventually be put to rest. If you’re a suicidefag just don’t even bother, fucking it up will lower even more of your self-esteem. Just run through life creating drama, feeling like shit, wanting to relieve the damage you caused by manipulation/drugs/alcohol and profit

No. 796670

File: 1619955525491.jpg (48.14 KB, 600x400, mexican-torta-e1523296104751.j…)

I'm so fucking hungry, I want a Mexican chicken torta… I can't have bread because I have genetic issues that makes my body hate a high amount of carbs and since I found this out I've had to stray away from so many of my favorites. I figured out I can just use keto marketed bread instead. I'm so pumped. I can't wait to make tortas.
Also the other day i found out radishes have a similar flavor to potatoes, so now i can dice them and fry them up and eat away.

No. 796671

My mom is going fucking insane - she's telling me to avoid contact with my brother who got the vax because he's contagious. Yet she's also an antimasker. God I fucking hate the internet. Why couldn't I have been born 60 years earlier. Nothing good has come of it since.

No. 796677

Is mexican torta a sandwich?

No. 796680

I hate the type of radfem that seems to get off on hating femininity. I get it, I really do. I hate that it's attached to womanhood, despite it being an unnatural state ("Femininity?" What's so female about it?). I hate that it's expected of women. But guess what? Some people really do like having shaved bodies and wearing skirts, casually. Quite a number of women are still shaving in quarantine, even though a lot of them have dropped off. Some of them genuinely just prefer smooth skin. Personally, growing out my body hair increases BO and acne. I'd rather shave once a week than be stinky and pus-leaking. Pants chafe and constrict me too much, as someone who's fairly short and has thick thighs. Shorts and skirts are much more comfortable. I'm sure there's many other women like me, who have perfectly rational reasons for their femininity, that have nothing to do with other people.
It really feels like some GNC women who didn't troon out are looking for an alternative way to be misogynistic. Not to say it's misogynistic to hate femininity (personally/politically), but it is absolutely misogynistic to specifically hate feminine women. No woman is responsible for the patriarchal expectations forced upon you. Belittling and resenting feminine women isn't feminist. You're actively hating on women who are either victims of the same system, or just living how they're comfortable. Considering all pillows to be weapons because they're pretty frequently used to smother people to death would be retarded. Same applies here.

No. 796681

Ignore your parents and stop talking to that man if you don’t want to. Block him if you have to. This is just some random guy your parents assigned that label to. You don’t owe them anything and especially don’t owe anyone a relationship with this creep.

No. 796686

I shave and wear skirts and perform femininity like crazy, but thank fuck there are at least some women who question and criticize it and are brave enough to be different. I'm not offended because my personal choices are not infallible and I'm not a fragile libfem who can't hack a little feminist critique when the rest of the world applauds us for this expensive, time consuming, restrictive shit.

No. 796694

File: 1619959018913.gif (667.22 KB, 480x287, giphy (1).gif)

>No woman is responsible for the patriarchal expectations forced upon you
Heterosexual women, so most women, are the first gatekeepers of patriarchal beauty standards and patriarchy in general. They're the ones forcing femininity upon their little daughters, breaking their spirits, just like their mothers broke theirs. In my, unpopular, opinion, patriarchy wouldn't have existed for so long if enough women show more resistence, but that will never happen, because maintaining the status quo between men and women grants them privileges

No. 796700

I don't dislike feminine women (I'm feminine myself), but I feel like I'm misogynist for scorning the women who overperform femininity to the point a troon would. I wish more women would embrace femininity in a way that wasn't through sex appeal.

No. 796702

Yeah I've lots of very feminine friends who are women I look up to and know how to not take shit from scrotes. They respect me not being feminine and growing my leg beard out so I'm not sure why I'm meant to shit on them like they're gender traitors just for having smooth legs and wearing skirts.

Criticism of femininity per se isn't the problem, it's when feminine women are dunked on for that, even if they're not enforcing compulsory femininity on anyone else. It's a weird kind of NLOGism, to prove that one hasn't succumbed to socialisation as much as other women, even though avoiding femininity seems like as much as a reaction to being gendered in society as seeking femininity out.

Plus the upside of femininity is that if you arbitrarily assign a hobby or interest to being feminine, you can deter scrotes from ruining it. It's not all bad.

No. 796703

File: 1619959673618.jpg (64.49 KB, 540x487, tumblr_ppwyy6xWPF1y1qfjoo1_540…)

You know you're far gone when you start fantasizing about a cow you'd usual laugh at being your girlfriend & lifting her up to kiss her. I know it's just because of loneliness but god damn it I want to kiss her. Anons always talk about straight women having bad taste but true equality is realizing lesbians can catch feelings for trashy individuals just as easy.

No. 796707

so now i cant even freaking make conversation about my job or complain a little bit without you saying im a pessimist like yeah no fucking shit i'm fucking depressed and ive nobody to talk to except you. Just because your job is easy as fuck doesnt mean i cant complain a little bit, its almost like you're also constantly complaining about your debt or health problems or that you cant sleep. Sorry for ruining your ~~good vibes~~ and taking your focus off video games for one fucking second of your day off, as if you dont fucking do that your whole working day anyway.

No. 796708

No. 796709

Hear, hear. >>796680 is a perfect blend of libfem "individual choices" bullshittery and learned victimhood cause apparently we can't criticize any woman's shitty self-rationalization. To make an extreme analogy, bound feet in Chian had "perfectly rational reasons" behind it : small feet were widely considered prettier than wide feet, and brought all the associated benefits of following beauty standards. Mothers broke their daughters' feet for a thousand years for that reason, and it's perfectly rational. Doesn't make it right.

I like some of the things associated with feminity/reserved to women. I don't blind myself to the reasons why.

No. 796710

Hello? Based department?

No. 796711

File: 1619960487584.png (Spoiler Image, 66.73 KB, 440x347, Woman-with-bound-feet-2-min.pn…)

In case anyone needs to visualize how fucking horrifying "feminity" can get

No. 796712

I don't do make up, skirts or heels and the hair on my head is only a lil longer than the hair on my legs. I feel like most femme things are fairly optional but body hair is the one thing that above all others is stupidly pushed and shamed by both sexes. The butch-est women out there who wear all male clothing and use close to no producs.. still shave their legs or hide them away. It's that one last thing we have to stick to. Female body hair shame is in it's own league of being taboo and shamed.

I'm fine with feminine women. That femininity might be part chore and conformity but still part enjoyment and interest. Who am I to say what that balance is for other women. I'd love to see more push back against body hair rules but in general women dressing feminine doesn't make me feel any more pressured to perform in those ways.

No. 796714

>It's women's fault that society is still sexist.
Begone, NLOGs.

No. 796717


No. 796718

Cool, but there's a huge gap between "I break my bones because men find it attractive" and "I cut my hair because otherwise I'd have cystic acne."

No. 796719

This could easily be a posted on one of those mtf subreddits and get a lot of upvotes kek

No. 796720

Which one?

No. 796721

Literally a troon hating, makeup free lesbian who hates beauty culture, but whatever makes you feel good about yourself, I guess.

No. 796722

Did the evil butch woman in the neighborhood bullied you or something?

No. 796724

>hetero women keep oppressing themselves to be in a privileged position compared to the tiny percent of lesbians/febfems
Is this your brain on radfem tumblr?

No. 796725


Following beauty standards in both cases.

If it was purely a matter of acne then it has no relation to feminity and >>796680
would shave if she were a man too. She just want to be patted and the head and stop the big bad feminists from criticizing stuff she likes.

No. 796727

This is horrifying because no woman would ever choose it without pressuring forces, unless they were extreme body modders who arguably have other issues going on, but tell me how the fuck that's the same as wearing a skirt or shaving legs or putting fucking fairy lights up over your bed or lighting candles before having a wank or resolving disputes without violence or intimacy in platonic friendships or knowing fucking colour theory or any of the things that are absurdly inexplicably categorised as feminine, which we should be glad they are because it scares men off them and keeps them all for us.

There's toxic masculinity but also a lot of masculinity that isn't toxic, so why can't it be the same for femininity? Why can't femininity just be women's culture, instead of culture imposed on women?

No. 796728

it's femininity, not feminity.
jesus fucking christ. at least spell correctly if you're going to derail with dumb shit.

No. 796730

>also a lot of masculinity that isn't toxic

No. 796731

Kek no, butches are cool and sexy. I just find women who put down other women and claim to be feminist annoying.

I'm samefag as both, and yeah, I would shave as a man. I find this discussion sets off a lot of GNC radfems because they hear the word "feminine" and start reeing. I get that there's nothing biologically feminine about shaved legs, but currently it's culturally "feminine," and saying as much helps meaningfully contextualize the treatment that certain groups of women recieve.
Maybe it's better to say it this way: Currently a lot of feminist women resent other women who "conform," even on an individual level, and mock/belittle them, when they could be spending time on actual feminist activism. I get the feeling most women writing thinkpieces about how being a girly girl is bad and makes you evil aren't actually out in the political side of things, they're just terminally online and misdirecting their anger, at least partially.

No. 796732

>or putting fucking fairy lights up over your bed or lighting candles before having a wank or resolving disputes without violence or intimacy in platonic friendships or knowing fucking colour theory or any of the things that are absurdly inexplicably categorised as feminine
Who's fighting this tho

No. 796733

This is like that "Radfems are responsible for misogyny because they made me aware of it" post but part two. It's fascinating to peek inside the mind of the woman who legitimately feels her identity is offended by the existence of women who don't want to live by the dictated rules of "femininity" set by a patriarchal society.

No. 796735

>waaaah a minuscule group of women don't approve of the choices I make waaaah everyone should like me
You sound like a tranny

No. 796736

I can't keep up the convos but I'd advise you learn about the few women still alive today with bound feet. Most of them are proud of their feet and find them beautiful and a few did it to themselves as teens because their mothers wouldn't do it as the trend was being fought by modernists. Bound feet aren't horrifying simply because the're not "freely" choosen, but because such an ideal in itself is barbaric.

No. 796738

You're getting into the territory on whether "reclaiming" anything is actually a thing or not with the "women's culture, not imposed on women". Pretty much everything about femininity in society is imposed on us, except for the things that are derived straight from biology. Do we need to be overly critical of every instance of someone comforming with feminine expectations? Do we need to be hard on ourselves if we choose to shave our legs in the summer because it's easier than being confrontational? I'd say no. But just because women talk about and criticize these things publically in a socio-political context as tools to keep women away from actual power, it's not a personal attack.

No. 796739

>I just find women who put down other women and claim to be feminist annoying.
I don't claim to be feminist, I'm a separatist. So do I get a free pass for criticizing women who support patriarchy instead of coddling them like feminists do?

No. 796741

GNC women are badass and I love them. I'm not offended by other women existing differently from me, I'm offended by women who claim to be feminist insisting that I'm somehow lesser to them for not being sufficiently GNC feminist. I've literally been repeatedly told that I'm less intelligent, less well-read, a slave to men (I'm a lesbian), etc, just for not being nonconformist enough. It reeks of internalized misogyny. The implication that I'm unable to perform free thought because of personal choices is patronizing.

NTAYRT But I agree. I have absolutely no problem with discussion of imposed femininity; I actually encourage it. I don't want anyone to be socially expected to do anything needless. I just wish my personal expression didn't result in other women calling into question my intelligence or authenticity.

No. 796743

The point is that leg binding, FGM, breast ironing and such horrifying procedures are extreme examples of how far female body control can go to, but in those countries or time eras it's no less special than shaving and putting on makeup. These procedures weren't done to inflict pain on girls, it was to "give them a better chance at life". Like >>796736 said some of them are done completely consensually. I swear if cutting off a piece of your ear was considered attractive for females people would be lining up for the procedure and claim it's their own, innate choice and absolutely not something memed upon them by the societal expectations set for women.

This. Feminine women continue to benefit from how they present and their main issue seems to be that strawman feminists consider them "dumb bimbo pickmes" for putting on makeup because they take the criticism against performative femininity as a personal attack. Sorry, but that tells a lot more about you than these blue haired feminist goons who lurk around the corner to shame you for shaving your legs. Just because you're asked to reconsider if your desire to conform is really because "you like it" or actually because it just makes your life easier isn't taking away your right to do so.

No. 796747

>Feminine women continue to benefit from how they present
Yep. Studies show that woen who wear make up have higher chances for getting promoted compared to those who don't wear make up. And that's just one example. Sure, society shits on all women but I hate when people deny that gnc women have it much worse and that most women subconsciously choose to perform femininity because they see femininine women being treated better.

No. 796749

The irony kek

No. 796754

>Sure, society shits on all women
Exactly. Women are made fun of no matter how they are but when it's all said and done women who don't perform femininity are still considered lesser for not doing so. A feminine woman is ridiculed for being vain, but a GNC woman is ultimately seen as a non-woman and not qualifying for the perks she'd receive if she conformed.

No. 796758

File: 1619964411134.jpg (32.11 KB, 450x319, 36774515.jpg)

Mods forgive me for the reeeing I have wrought, I can only hope the threadgoers report me and everyone involved for infighting, so that you may obliterate us and restore this thread to its former glory.

No. 796760

This happens like once a week at least though.

No. 796762

Too late, you're going to hell.

No. 796763

I still feel bad kek. Repentance for trashing up the place doesn't sound that bad.

No. 796765

File: 1619964835807.jpg (25.77 KB, 500x500, e6fca35c7ffa6fe5731b2c40f5e5c3…)

I will be waiting there for you.
Actually made me laugh, thanks.

No. 796769

Yes, basically filed with meat, tomato, lettuce, cream, cheese, and avocado

No. 796771

Why is radfem tumblr so fucking stupid? I simply fucking can't. It's one shitty take after another. Heterosexual women might be retarded for wanting scrote love, but they aren't selfish for wanting it, Doing the 'you don't have to center your life on men, have female connections' shit doesn't work because close sisters/= intimate, sexual partners and plenty of women have lives filled with other women. I mean, I have no intentions of fucking or dating males or females, but it's simply mindboggling that they GENUINELY think that. Why the fuck am I still on tumblr anyway?

No. 796772

File: 1619966272630.gif (37.55 KB, 200x200, YouMissedThePoint.gif)


> Doing the 'you don't have to center your life on men, have female connections'

No. 796773

File: 1619966464169.gif (67.48 KB, 120x90, tenor (5) (4).gif)

>bf comes home from work
>"Anon did you see there are pastries in the fridge?"
>I didn't buy any pastries, so fucking wat???
>go check the fridge
>can't figure out what bf is referencing
>it's the sushi
>bf is so blind he's mistaken fish and rice for sweets

No. 796777

That man better have cataracts, else he's just retarded.

No. 796778

He also tries to control how many butter i use and sometimes how i chew things so that's why I have to eat mostly in my room so I can eat in peace

No. 796785

Yes, absolutely have female connections. All females should. However, centering your life on men isn't the same as dating one, and for heterosexual women, they can't feel the same for women as bisexuals or lesbians, so it literally wouldn't work. Some people want THAT person, y'know. Do you get the point now? I just don't think anyone is selfish for wanting love.

No. 796792

>Radfems are responsible for misogyny because they made me aware of it
Not saying radfems are at fault but besides some crucial talking points/ arguments, i genuinely wonder what's the point of making women aware of some things they can't realistically change, it feels miserable.

No. 796795

Aa!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! My face has turned into a faucet and I feel like I'm in Gitmo waterboarding myself. Fucking tree-scrotes jizzing everywhere and making my body go insane. I just want to have a tissue box last more than a week. I want to not feel itchy and snotty and gross! Its finally nice out but qm I allowed to enjoy the weather? Of fucking course not! IM SO MAD AND I HATE EVERYTHING! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 796797

Then what's your solution for fixing problems without ever talking about them or making people aware of their existence? Just waiting and wishing they'll fix themselves with time? Developing unhealthy ways to cope? I bet the 50's housewives surviving on meth also hated everyone who brought up how their gilded cage wasn't as great as everyone wanted them to think.

No. 796805

this isn't harsh and totally justified. your sister sounds like a mess.

are you coming off as awkward or creepy? this post doesn't have much detail but if it's irl when someone I don't know compliments me say thanks and that's it.

No. 796807

File: 1619969885312.jpg (94.69 KB, 883x448, Wtf.jpg)

Some farmers are so pathetic

No. 796811

I said things they cannot change, problems that are just inherent and will exist not matter how much we try to change them. There are some things/ info that fucked me up deeply but nobody couldn't really fix them. Maybe I'm just too young, maybe I'll accept these things when i grow older.

No. 796812

Many people on this site talk about the most inane shit as if it's basic hygiene, and when I see it, I absorb their misery and use the energy to become older and uglier faster, out of spite. And yet I feel certain there is still more joy in my life than theirs.

No. 796814

File: 1619970365022.jpg (160.72 KB, 1280x1280, Time Blur_ Photo.jpg)

Thank you, anon. I wrote another post earlier about how what I loved about them, but it just made me emotional so I deleted it. I think I will make them a coffin and bury them by a rose that I have in my yard. Also gives me a good reason to plant rose bushes I would bury them in my houseplants, but that might be an issue when I go to re-pot them. One of the snails has a really beautiful shell, but I have no idea how to clean out shells so burying them is the only option.

No. 796823

> I absorb their misery and use the energy to become older and uglier faster, out of spite.

No. 796827

>I absorb their misery and use the energy to become older and uglier faster, out of spite
OK, this has me rolling. I should adopt the same mindset.

No. 796830

File: 1619971555925.png (27.99 KB, 1303x147, dissect their faces.png)

lmao this one's worse

No. 796840


No. 796876

That one aging thread in /g/ is so fucking sad and pathetic. Lolcow has gone down the shitter.

No. 796878

this just seems sad. she had no friendships since her teens? its no wonder she absorbed that her only worth is her looks

No. 796889

its not only here, some women cry and genuinely feel like their life is over every birthday past 30 if they havent achieved goals like marriage or kids yet.

our society is sick and its easy to get caught up in this kind of thinking, even at 18 some girls feel like their life is downhill from there as they start to look like adults. i just feel sad that we even need that thread but i have a lot of empathy for those anons, i hope talking about it helps them.

No. 796895

It's always skincare skincare skincare. Where's the talk about leading a healthy lifestyle? I bet almost none of them are excersising enough or laying off the alcohol.

No. 796896

I actually feel sorry for this anon. This is what happens when you don't have female friends and only live off validation from scrotes.

No. 796927

I feel like I don't deserve to have someone I'm actually attracted to. I have no idea how attractive I am, every time someone tells me simething nice I'm scared they say it out of pity. I'm scared I will become so desperate that I'm just gonna settle for an ugly scrote. Every time I look at a guy I find hot I feel I'm not worth it and he could never ever be interested in me. The mere thought about sharing my body with an unattractive man makes me want to die though. I don't know how to get out of this mindset. I think I also have strong body dysmorphia and dysphoria, I feel deformed and I never identified with my body, I never felt like that person in the mirror is me. Fuck I can't even imagine how good it must feel to be touched by someone you're attracted to

No. 796928

I sometimes hate my male friends. He asked why I looked so misreable and I told him I ate something bad yesterday and over night gained like 5 pounds in water weight and my stomach hurts. So yeah, I'm not in a good mood.
This idiot said "Well don't eat so much and you wont gain weight so fast" then went on about how if I eat more calories than I burn these things will happen blah blah.
he thinks I ate like 20,000 in a day and it's all fat. Cuz water weight and inflammation doesn't exist.

No. 796933

Your scenario is why I refuse to talk to men about anything health-related. They always think a vent is asking for advice, and that they're just the person qualified to lecture despite the fact that they don't really listen to the problem or address it with any nuance. And oh god the projection! He probably told you to not eat so much because he himself gets sick so often from gorging himself that he can't imagine someone else being sick in that way for any other reason.

No. 796940

Why do these retards buy into incel lore? The dating pool is much better over 30. I look my age and get hit on more now than I did in my twenties, by much more desirable men and women. Why scramble for the attention of ugly teen-obsessed lolicon freaks when there are plenty of nice normal attractive people out there who won't turn tail when you show signs of aging? I agree that your self worth shouldn't be based on scrote attention but they act like they'll never find a partner or even get to have sex once they get a wrinkle and it really does not work like that.

No. 796946

right on the money with the projection. After I told him he was an idiot the fat ass says it made sense since he's an emotional binger and 10k in a day is no big deal so obviously a girl one third his size could eat double as much.
But yeah, I'm bloated, cranky and refusing any more human contact for the day

No. 796951

Haha! What a fatty. Anyway, hope you feel better anon. Stomach problems are the worst.

No. 796952

Since it's ramadan, and I live in an Islamic country, things are extra-religious for the month and I know I shouldn't let it get to me. But fuck, they succeeded in making me feel like shit for having had premarital sex, lmao. I've been feeling like such a whore past few days. I know it's stupid and having sex didn't 'ruin' me but it sure feels like it hearing how it's literally the second worse thing you could do and you're definitely going to hell now. And I've been thinking how if anyone I know knew I wasn't a virgin they would literally break contact with me, it's all so fucking stupid. It's not like a dick in my pussy changed me completely but like, people act like it completely changes you. I don't know, I'm just feeling pathetic. Rant over. Can't wait for this month to be over.

No. 796955

I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me… my poor communication skills are ruining my life. I want to have friends and acquaintances I can talk to on a regular basis but I never know what to say to people, my brain is always empty. Even when someone asks me a simple question or compliments me via text message I usually open the message and don’t reply which probably comes off as rude… I don’t want to be like this because I really love people and talking to them about various things but I genuinely have lost the ability to communicate with others :(

No. 796956

god this is such a long fucking ride.

No. 796957

ahhh i relate to this so much, i admire people who can converse easily so much but i'm always so awkward and boring to talk to

No. 796971


No. 796974

why can't things just be okay

No. 796990

Could you be autistic? I mean that sincerely. I’ve always had those same thoughts, ended up getting autism diagnosis.

No. 797050

File: 1619984663530.jpg (66.22 KB, 640x480, d8b9a658-1f38-4260-b13b-db12cf…)

Why is it so damn hard to let go of someone who wasn't even that good for me? I could list a long list of shit he did to me and things why I find him gross. Yet I am still attracted to him, I still want to take his virginity. The fuck is wrong with me? Please nonas, make some sense into me!!!!

No. 797055

why are men

No. 797062

I'm so fucking shitty with self-disciplining. I'm so lazy by nature that once I start getting into a healthy habit I just need to have one or two off days before I'm back on square one in forcing myself to get back into it, it's ridiculous and I'm so angry at myself for it. I want to go from 77cm around my waist to 65 until next year at least so I really need to get my shit together, but I guess I'm too much of a lazy tard to do it on my own so I guess I need some help

No. 797090

My 12 year old sister’s friend from school (who is also 12 years old) is dating a 17 year old boy.

The amount of pure disgust is radiating out of every pore I have right now.

I just confronted my parent’s over text if they were aware of this and what they have done about it.

I live in another state and feel like I can’t do jack shit about it since I no longer am part of the community.

Honestly I want to find the 17 yo pedo and fuck his shit up.

No. 797119

File: 1619987872686.jpeg (150.32 KB, 551x625, D1C8B8EB-AEB0-425B-99E3-644BB4…)

what the fuck even is mental fortitude? I want muh kids to build character and strength, no you’re just retarded now they’re all emotionally repressed bloodsuckers and it’s even worse when they become adults because the behaviors become so unhinged and controlled because the illusions of freedom are immediately placed on us. there are horrors in my mist, in whatever dumbass is reading my blogging and sperging, we are all going down and I couldn’t be anymore happier. enjoy the fiery ride, ladies

No. 797133

Report it to the school and they will contact her parents

No. 797162

> I could list a long list of shit he did to me and things why I find him gross
Actually do this. It’s what finally helped me move on from the guy who abused me for years as whenever I’d feel weak I could refer to all these things that made me angry/sad. It’s much harder to gloss over the reality of a person when everything wrong with them is written down in one place.

No. 797170

just unfollowed someone on tiktok for complaining about having to perform the "emotional labour" of telling people where their clothes were from. cry me a fucking river.

No. 797177

File: 1619990891722.jpg (38.91 KB, 564x564, 6b9e6397f86df4ee4658a1267cd5a1…)

I finally am going to a clinic due to depression and other stuff affecting my way of living. Im happy im going there, and i do want to get better, but at the same time i dont wanna go. Im so stressed about it, theres so many people there, it makes me anxious.

Is it wrong of me not wanting to go??? i just feel completely stressed out constantly. But i do know i have to go there if i want to be more "normal" mentally. It sucks so much.

I also missed a day of going there on purpose because i have a phobia of needles, and they had to take my blood due to my low weight. I didn't call there or gone to the doctor to get a doctors notice. So it makes me even more stressed out because i have the feeling if i go there tomorrow, i will get in a load of shit.

No. 797181

Finally seeing the visible signs of aging on my face and being traumatized by it has made me hate and resent men more than ever, realizing that they're allowed to live their lives naturally, developing creases and dimples and little jowls without a care in the world, still being considered sexy 'mature' men well into their craggy faced 70s, whereas women are expected to obsessively maintain totally smooth, firm, texture free faces like porcelain fucking dolls our entire lives, and once our cheeks inevitably start to sink in, or droop a little, or we get creases around our mouths, we're just considered old, haggard, and past our prime, not fun, not sexy, not cute, just visibly older then women in their 20's and therefore in a different, separate group of humanity entirely. I'm so fucking sick of 21st century female social conditioning that it's making me borderline homicidal.

No. 797227

I have an article due tonight, a five page paper due tomorrow that I haven’t started, I’m working four nights this week, have to drive 40 minutes home and back to do a 30 minute interview with my friend’s mom while my friend isn’t even there for a class, write a paper about that, work 4 closing shifts next week, write a ten page paper, and do a final that’s basically a 6 page essay for the same class. I timed my second covid vaccine to be the day after my finals ended cause I felt like shit after the first one but then my professor who didn’t grade anything for over a month moved back the ten page paper so now it’s due the night after I get my vaccine, so basically when I’d be sick. I tried to reschedule the vaccine but you can only make appointments 5 days in advance, so I can only call and try to get another timeline for two days later 3 days before I was supposed to get it. If it doesn’t get moved, I have to find someone to take my shifts the day of and the day after my vaccine and also finish the ten page paper early when I only have a 2 day buffer after the final for that class. And I have to move out of my apartment the day after the ten page paper is due/the day I’m trying to schedule my covid vaccine to. This has been the hardest semester of my life and I’m crying all the time, get to see my boyfriend once a week, and now have to move an hour away from him for a month and a half until my next apartment opens up. I’m at the end of my rope ladies if I survive the next two weeks it’ll be a fucking miracle.

No. 797229

I'm pissed off that I have to spend my youth in a conservative/antifeminist backlash period. Why couldn't I have been born a bit earlier.

No. 797235

Unrelated but My boyfriend is unemployed and I love him and he puts up with so much of my shit but I never get gifts or treated and it’s like what did you expect dating an unemployed guy and I feel like an emotional terrorist for not wanting to pay for Taco Bell every time. He went to a baseball game with his brother last night and there was a little gate buster freebee bobblehead and he found an extra one IN THE TRASH at the stadium and is gonna give it to me. He said it was on top of the trash can and not in the trash but the past few days I’ve been agonizing over how much I love him and need to treat him better and money isnt everything but I would like to have more to show for being romantically involved (seeing each other for 6 months, exclusive for 3) than getting taken out to dinner twice. I don’t even want the stupid fucking bobblehead and I know I work so it’s petty for me to complain cause I can afford the Taco Bell but I want someone to venmo me for coffee and buy me a bag of Swedish fish for finishing my finals or something

No. 797238

YOU. CAN. DO. IT. I have no practical advice, simply this: "Nothing befalls man except what is in his nature to endure." You have what it takes. Do what you need to do.

No. 797254

I feel you so much, anon. I'm 28 and have a tiny bit of crows feet and it used to upset me deeply until I pitched the idea of getting Botox to my husband and told me he doesn't want me to get any filler because he thinks I'm more beautiful now that I have them because it gives my face more character and makes me look more "womanly". This made me feel better about the crows feet, but simultaneously made me feel worse about myself because it made me realize how much male approval of my appearance subconsciously matters to me. Meanwhile, my husband looks a solid 10 years older than he actually is and it never once bothered him because society hasn't taught him to stigmatize subtle signs of aging like it has me. Women are taught to start to freak out about aging in their mid to late 20's, while men don't even think about that shit until they push 50 and even then, what they focus on is still so different. They could have the face of a 80yo cave hermit and still have confidence as long as they have a six pack, meanwhile a 32 year old woman with a killer figure and a few subtle cracks in her face is taught to feel like an old hag.

No. 797257

I think I might have unresolved trauma due to severe bullying in school back then. I get random panic attacks (maybe 1-2 per month with heart palpitations), and always have bad dreams that revolve around people making fun me or schools. I am also super afraid of teenagers and people that are younger (people that are the age rn when I was bullied) than me in general. When I see younger people in public I have this feeling that I have to run away. I mostly just hide my face and go to the other side of the street to avoid them. I also developed a slight stutter which is extremely embarrassing. I constantly worry that people are making fun of me behind my back and laugh about me.

No. 797261

Yeah I don’t get it either lmao. Men have legit fetishes for humiliating women aging, it’s all over their lame websites and porn. Don’t buy into it it’s a waste of life and if you’re going to be masochistic, do something that actually benefits you. They’re (mainly inceps and men with porn addictions) far more afraid of aging and push that onto women while upholding subpar dinosaurs because they have to. Same reason they defend rapists, because they would want the support when called out and are paying it forward. You can’t trust male logic, especially if they’re going after your self esteem. Enjoy your fucking life

No. 797268

This reminds me of something, I’ve had stretch marks on my hips since puberty. I used to absolutely obsess about it and hate my body, even though they really weren’t that noticeable or abnormal in retrospect. I never wore bathing suits my entire teen years because I thought I was a hideous freak. Some guys even told me I needed to exercise more (even though I was already pretty fit). A few years later I dated this guy who used to be fat and lost a lot of weight, he had stretch marks on his back, arms, and stomach. I asked if the marks bothered him and he was confused, he was like “what stretch marks?” He had never noticed them until I pointed them out, even though they were all over his body and very noticeable. After I pointed it out he just shrugged it off.

I spent years thinking I was a gross monster for having light stretch marks on my hips, but this guy’s whole body was covered with them and he never even noticed kek. Absolutely blew my mind someone could look like that and just “never notice.”

No. 797277

Botox =/= filler

No. 797304

Anon ily this inspired me to buy adderall from my bf’s roomate for this paper tomorrow <3 BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE I GOT THIS

No. 797316

I don't know why I'm so behind on my life? I genuinely want an answer! I entered university later than everyone my aga, graduated and now I'm 25 years old and haven't found a job yet. I applied for every job possible with no reply. I look at everyone else and thry have sth to do! Why nothing ever works for me? What should I do? I'm starting to feel depressed by this.

No. 797323

File: 1620005070612.jpg (43.21 KB, 563x425, EcwmAEYXkAMn9by.jpg)

>orders same shit from restaurant 3 days in a row
>they raise the mf price

No. 797325

File: 1620005278234.png (632.6 KB, 438x700, o.png)

My vagina hurts so fucking bad. I just want to down this whole bottle of antibiotics so it'll feel better

No. 797331

tw autism and retardation

okay so last summer I turned 26 and got kicked off of my parents' insurance, which means I couldn't go to therapy anymore. but before that happened my psychiatrist put me on zoloft, and she prescribed me a lot of it so that I would have a few months before it ran out. well, it just ran out. and my brain is not happy about it. I didn't even realize when I was on zoloft how much of a positive affect it was having on me, but after I stopped taking it I kept getting this weird feeling that I can only describe as electrical charges going through my brain, or something falling inside of my head (like blood rushing down maybe?). my psychiatrist warned me that this would be a side effect of going off zoloft. I've also been feeling more depressed and more paranoid, like little things that shouldn't be that sad feel really sad and my paranoia is really intense which it hasn't been for a long time. everything is making me sad and upset

it's probably been about 9 or 10 days since I've been off of zoloft. and then a few days ago I just randomly started having this obsession with an actor who was really hot when he was younger like?? it came out of the blue and I don't even remember what sparked it. I've always known he had been hot but I was never obsessed with him like this. all I want to do is watch movies that he was in, and when I'm at work I just daydream about til I can come home and do that again. and I keep having thoughts like "I'll never be with him or anyone as beautiful" and it's making me so depressed, which sounds fucking retarded but that's the state of my brain right now I guess. the scary thing is that I don't know if it will even ware off or not, or if I'm just stuck like this, all I can do is wait

No. 797335

brain zaps suck. i’m sorry, anon.

No. 797340

I had to block a disgusting scrote from work. He asked what I was doing and I should have not answered but said "at the gym"
This weirdo said "Oooh someone needs a tongue bath" then proceeded to send me a video of his mouth wide open and licking his gross tongue. Picture this, white obese man who is naked, with a legit pubic neck beard.
Keeping the video just in case I need to take it to HR

No. 797341

File: 1620007020402.png (341.6 KB, 466x461, fsfsdf.png)

>groomed and molested 5-6 years old
>groped at 9 and still think about it
>groomed and almost kidnapped by a pedo on facebook at 12, asked me for nude pics and i actually did it cause i was stupid and the previous grooming fucked with my perception of what was okay and not
>14-17 think im a tranny cause i hate being a lesbian and i hate being seen sexually by men. thank god i never told anyone i thought i was a man
>18 the vet closes the door to his office and gropes me while my mom is in the waiting room outside
>21 groped by a coworker
>tell my boyfriend at the time and he calls me a whore, a slut, etc. says it was all my fault and that "i didnt do enough" and it happened to me for being a "fucking idiot". almost breaks up with me over this because "it was all my fault and i should have done more". keep in mind i was a skinny 5'0 girl telling a 6'3 fat fuck in his mid twenties to stop
>22 get drunk with friends, my closest friend from middle school says he's going to take care of me cause he's sober and im not. he rapes me while im drunk.
>22 single and constantly used for sex and nudes and then immediately thrown into the curve afterwards
>even three friends (not counting rapist) basically sweet talked me into how much they loved me and they really just wanted sex from me. two of them were actually super close, and im only friends with one still
>start losing my mind because i hate sex so much but i cant stop giving sex to people
>a bunch of repressed shit like the pedo from when i was 12 starts coming back to me
>hate sex so fucking much
>my psychiatrist says im doing great cause i know its the grooming and assaults that fucked with how i see sex
>im not doing great
>im having suicidal thoughts again for the first time in three or four years
>cant kill myself cause i attempted twice before and hurt my family and i feel bad hurting them again in any way
>want to fucking die. i hate scrotes. i hate sex. i hate myself. i hate waking up every morning to remember all of this shit time and time again.

No. 797344

No. 797346

usually the restaurant just takes away the item I like instead, I have the worst luck with this

No. 797351

File: 1620007713187.jpeg (68.62 KB, 500x500, D75A1CF6-5332-4F7E-B7C5-6AD331…)

what is the point of posting in the vent thread, don’t you people have real life friends and family to talk about this stuff to? kind of odd that anons tell each other to go touch grass but this is one of the most popular threads on here, maybe a lot of you can’t admit your weakness and vulnerability you old bats, please die already the old age cope is getting ridiculous(shit bait)

No. 797352

File: 1620007781577.jpeg (69.27 KB, 1024x789, 30F8F8B1-9D55-49C9-8ED3-8574C3…)

I feel so pathetic for spending the last hour having a panic attack and bawling my eyes out over a first date. It was significant as I’ve never been on one ever, and it wasn’t horrible (I think the guy was really nervous too) but I can’t help but replay the whole evening in my head looking for things that went wrong. We’ve set up a second date for next Saturday but I’m already terrified that something is going to go wrong or he’s going to think I’m annoying. I feel like life doesn’t want me to have love, I really do…so I’m scared of fucking this up.

No. 797359

File: 1620008720862.jpg (82.13 KB, 960x720, Neon Genesis Evangelion - 05 -…)

i have to build a computer by tomorrow and i've not gotten the cpu yet. i'm sitting here listening to blackpink for a bit before i can psych myself up and do it. drink some monster, and take some addy if you've got it, maybe do a little weed. nyquil too! we'll be fine anon. praying for you

No. 797360

File: 1620008724634.jpg (79.77 KB, 750x734, 1599009058963.jpg)

I have so much to do, but here I am, laying back on the sofa almost motionless doing nothing about it because I'm so goddamn exhausted. Spending nearly every waking moment at my job is draining my damn soul. I don't have time to do shit anymore. The paycheck isn't worth it, and honest to god, even if I was earning $75k/year that wouldn't magically give me energy and freetime. My head hurts.

No. 797362

God the things I would do to get me some addy and weed right now ;_; But even if I got them, I work tomorrow.

No. 797365

Just reported child porn on twitter. there was this meme going around that said "don't look up phrase" and I did like an idiot, those horrible videos that I only saw for a few seconds are now engraved in my mind. I compiled a bunch of links all tied to one account and sent it off. As a survivor of online sexual exploitation myself, the whole thing made me feel sick and vulnerable but I just wanted to do the right thing. I know it's kinda futile because I'm sure new people will come and post cp but I just felt like I had to do something

No. 797366

what's the phrase?

No. 797369

That's horrible! Fortunately I haven't seen anything like that on my tl. If it makes you feel better, twitter is pretty good at responding to reports, and I'm sure it'll be faster if a bunch of people are reporting it. although, one time I did report a video of beastiality from an account with a good amount of followers and I still haven't gotten an update on that

No. 797377

comparison is the thief of joy.

No. 797393

my partner and i make more than enough money to move somewhere nicer after both of us got huge new jobs. but in natural male fashion, he doesn't seem to realize that we're kind of living in a shithole and wants us to wait out another year.

i'm fucking dying because his old roommate (moved out when i moved in) just fucking trashed the place and I'm sick of CLEANING. i scrub and i scrub and it does no good, literally 2 years worth of condensed male disgustingness that i don't have the tools to clean. and since the place is dingy, i have no drive to decorate or make it my own.

wtf do i do? such a first world problem but i didn't bust my ass to make $$$ to keep living here. hire a professional cleaner maybe? there's literally grime embedded in the paint, because when new tenants move in they just paint over the dirty drawers/walls/cabinets. fuck me i hate it

No. 797395

burn the entire apartment building down, ditch your boyfriend and make him cry, move into a real nice apartment with cute plants and decor

No. 797409

Of course you should hire a cleaner, what are you waiting for?

No. 797411

I don't like kids and I don't want any. I don't like being around kids. I don't hate children and I would never treat them poorly. I just don't like them. They make me remember being abused

No. 797413

File: 1620014757023.png (522.24 KB, 640x764, 49DD954F-4E4C-4819-A7F7-3688F5…)

I hate being tall. I’m not extremely tall but still tower over other women, I feel really masculine and “big” all the time. Dating and crushes feel discouraging, men want the tiniest girl they can get (and vice versa) so why would they look my way? I feel like the fucking BFG.
I know I’m just being a bitch but I fucking hate hate hate it when some 5’2” girl says “you’re sooo tall, I’d love to be tall”, they’re either lying through their teeth or they mean they want to be like 5’5”, 5’6” max.
I feel bad because I know this is really vapid but I just wanted to get it off my overly broad linebacker shoulders.

No. 797417

File: 1620015407524.png (17.4 KB, 98x99, 714564159483674639.png)

is this a wildly inappropriate thing to post in a discord server? the chat went dead like immediately after i sent it

No. 797420

Not at all. You probably just suffer from the same common curse I have too, the "every time I post, I kill the conversation" curse. Unless maybe you hang out with prudes, then maybe.

No. 797425

you’re too powerful for them

No. 797427

i have a crush on a guy in my friend group from college. we're not terribly close or anything and nothing will probably happen, but i'll be doing a year abroad at another school so i won't see him for a year. sigh.

No. 797428

I hate my retarded brother. He's such a confrontational asshole. I can't tell him a damn thing without him nitpicking and finding something to shit on me for. He can derail my train of thought instantly, just by using the most inane shit. I told him to shut the fuck up for the first time today. He cowered. It only pissed me off more. He's the one who hit me when we were young, he's the one with anger issues. I've never hit him, not once. I'm a foot shorter than him. He doesn't have the right to act the wounded gazelle. I hope he never gets another girlfriend. I hope he dies alone. He does this to everyone. especially women. Complete piece of shit. And he seems on his way to trooning out, too. I hate this nasty fuck.

No. 797436

OH MY FUCKING GOD I'm an absolute moron, a fucking pickmeisha that is being manipulated and I'm being too forgiven, and I know I'll be replaced when he gets bored of me again, what the actual fuck? I need to level the fuck up nonas

No. 797437

Please someone possess my body and make me break up with my boyfriend. He's so bad for me, he's controlling and possessive and yet I can't seem to fucking leave. I'm just a dumbass. I don't even have a good excuse either, we don't even live together. I deserve to be shamed. I'm so ashamed that five months ago my friend assumed that I broke up with him and I just didn't say anything so I can't even complain to my friend about it. I feel so dumb for having such a hard time with this.

No. 797438

Read FDS please

No. 797442

File: 1620019417993.jpeg (172.34 KB, 912x718, 50FDF7D2-B468-4A83-8504-FC394E…)

What consequences of breaking up with him are you most afraid of anon? Feeling lonely? Guilt? Dating again?
Maybe they won’t seem so insurmountable if they’re not unknown.

No. 797447

as much as i want to commit arson, he is a gentle moid. but thanks for the kick in the pants, it made me feel a little better. i'm just venting so i haven't had a serious talk with him yet–i think if i voice how unhappy this place makes me he really would get us out.

tbh i don't come from money, so the stuff that i can do with my newfound privilege doesn't come naturally to me if that makes sense. but yeah i'm gonna do it ASAP, and see if i can't get somebody to sand down the cabinets and repaint them. i'm just so not used to having that option

No. 797454

I guess I'm scared I won't find a man who will ever want to marry and be with me forever. The thing is he has no qualities to make this happen. he's been a neet for ten years and let's his mental illness control him, lives with his parents and refuses to move or get a job more than 15 minutes away from their house for when he does move out except his parents live in a wealthy area with little to no possibilities for jobs for him and he couldn't afford rent in the area. I guess I'm just in love and staying with him because of an idea he put into my head near the beginning of the relationship because I'm a dumbass who gives people too many chances and has too much hope for certain people. It'll also feel strange and sorta lonely to not have someone who I talk to whenever I would like to since he's the only person who's on a night schedule like me.

No. 797456

File: 1620020170278.jpg (77.75 KB, 680x453, E0PFWTlXoAA4x0G.jpg)

I wish I were "normal", or at least interesting and intelligent. Whenever I cause a conversation to die or get weird looks because of my (poor) attempts at humor or inaccurate observations, it just makes me want to die.

Worst part of this, is that I can't even find solace online. I'm terribly awkward here too. It's just lonely. I'm lonely. Whenever I think "Okay. I'm fine with being socially retarded now" something or someone comes along and makes me desire normalcy.

All my life it's like I've been an outsider looking in on other people's lives, like people go on to form relationships through a tiny window I can only enviously peek through. I don't know. I'm tired of trying to break that window down.

No. 797460

File: 1620020338744.jpeg (52.19 KB, 400x386, 0E6F724B-278C-4449-938F-8C1DA9…)

Farmers I just found out yesterday that I wasn’t insane thinking my mom was abusive in a bizarre way I couldn’t understand. I read about emotional parentification yesterday and enmeshed mothers and it fits my mom to a T. Even the part where it’s completely unintentional, my mother’s just an emotionally immature, unstable woman.

I know she didn’t mean to do this, but the damage she’s done to me is devastating and I’m already sensing potential psychological sequels in my 15 yo brother. Shit fucks me up because i’m dependent on her financially, and I can’t work (epic disability) I try to patch this relationship but she never gives in in this abuse that matters the most, she cries like a teenager, and I’m so drained from being diplomatic with her. She’s an emotional vortex.

I didn’t know this counted as abuse. I feel like my life is a lie. I have no one to tell this to irl cause I live with her alone. She’s unintentionally made me doubt my own perceptions. Shit has me fucked up.

No. 797466

I’m like you anon, I’ve found solace in making friends almost exclusively with other social retards. We forgive each other’s retardation. Maybe you’ll meet someone as socially awkward and finally fit.

No. 797484

File: 1620023125049.jpg (113.93 KB, 525x787, c35c80d90ab6085b590ea122425fcc…)

I feel my chest so heavy. Wish I could cry to relieve it, but I'm just not sad enough. Hate this feeling.

No. 797486

File: 1620023522557.jpg (147.86 KB, 904x1024, omfg.jpg)

Why do my favorite characters always love to run into danger, despite not being well equipped to do so? Like girl, I understand one of your best friends just got kidnapped, but come on now.

No. 797494


being evasive of seeking help and thinking you dont deserve it or need it is a key symptom of most people going through depression/anxiety. Listen to the rational part of your brain that says you're happy to be going there and making progress. In the short term it feels scary and uncomfortable, but keep reminding yourself that you gotta push through the discomfort before things start to feel normal again. Proud of you nonny!

No. 797496

No. 797505

File: 1620030215475.png (838.07 KB, 800x777, 1601203103040.png)

It's been years and yet these pedos from back when I was underage doing extremely inappropriate things for old men keep managing to find me online. I literally have changed my accounts so many times and in the process losing a lot of my older aquaintances and I just, ugh, some faggot found my new account someHOW talking about how he still has nudes of me from when I was a minor and I just literally wanna kms, will this shit never fucking leave me? I'm so tired. I was having such a pleasant day too. It's been years, please, please leave me alone I'm really so tired

No. 797527

I wonder if she realizes that I can see her online on discord while she tells me that she's asleep and doesn't reply to me for half a day. Just say that you don't feel like speaking to me instead of acting like we're totally bffs forever uwu, pussy.

No. 797528

Can’t you contact the police? Expose them? Report them to their job/wife/gf?

No. 797533

Nonny it’s not hopeless, these people need to pay. And they CAN pay. You’re not powerless. There’s lots of things you can do. They won’t stop otherwise. You need to bring out the big guns and fuck then all over. Contact the police I beg you.

No. 797535

i dont know much about them and they live in a different country plus no one around me knows about it and i cant imagine telling anyone since i know ill be blamed and i cant do the whole police thing alone and god he just sent me a pic of myself from when i was 16 i wanna kms fuck i seriously want to die god someone please erase all those pictures from their devices haha

No. 797536

seriously what do i do im crying im really all alone in this and im barely 20 kek i just want them to leave me alone ffs

No. 797538

A)What platform are they sending it on? Report them there
B) report them to the police in your own country
C) report them for harassment in their own country (do you know what that is?)
D) are they making fake profiles to send you this?
E) contact the cyber police in your own country and tell them about the harassment
F) it isn’t hopeless. They will keep doing it until you fight back.

What country are you from? I’ll look it up for you. They won’t stop. They will torment you for the rest of your life because they are jealous. They want to sabotage your future so that you never outrank them. Men are nasty jealous creatures and they need to be put in their place.

No. 797542

I guarantee there is at least one non judgemental woman you can trust, who you can tell. You need to take the first step. Do something about it today nonny or they honestly won’t stop.

No. 797558

File: 1620037287081.jpeg (130.65 KB, 640x636, 47618AEF-3C1A-4B0E-9F65-E05C2D…)

I want to live in a big stately home in the countryside all alone. No one would talk to me or bother me and I would just get to relax and explore the grounds of my massive house every day, lie in the garden and sleep there. I would sit at the windows and watch how peaceful and quiet everything is. I hope this dream comes true because quite frankly I’m going insane. I want to cry but nobody will hold me. That’s why I want the big house.

No. 797559

It was on ig, my account has no posts, no followers that kind of stuff, I just feel if I do something, show any kind of response, it would just egg them on. And I really don't want to egg them on, I don't even care if they have those images/videos, I just don't want them to contact me at all. And I'm p sure it's a burner account.
Our country is notorious for not giving a single shit about this stuff, and blaming the women and whatnot. I don't want to 'trigger' this dude into doing something more like contacting my family, I'm in a muslim household, you understand, it would literally be the end of me, as in, dropping out of college and getting married to some scrote asap type of deal. So I just don't want it to escalate. And like, my mom, she loves me so much, I don't want to hurt her.

No. 797560

>all alone
You'd clean, manage and maintain that huge building and estate all by yourself? Lol I think not.

No. 797563

Ok well send them some threats. Report them on instagram. There’s still loads of shit you can do.

No. 797564

Threaten them, tell them your me relatives will get involved if they don’t leave you alone.

No. 797565

Anon stop crushing my dreams you cunt :( I’d have invisible butlers

No. 797566

And invisible gardeners if you want to enjoy that nice view from your window.

No. 797570

Holy shit anon me too. Imagine living in this huge mansion you can wander all day. I wish I could have a lot of land so I could keep dogs or horses. It'd be like living in your small personal paradise.

No. 797580

File: 1620040831543.jpg (Spoiler Image, 422.97 KB, 953x1468, 20210503_071723.jpg)

The worst part about getting older isnt even no longer being desirable, its knowing you have aged out of the age group to fuck cuties. I never thought about the grim reality of having to fuck men age 30+ until now. Everytime I see a very attractive man hes always under the age of 25. I dont wanna be a cougar either, I just wanna be young. At least when I was young I could tolerate scrotes abuse more but now they have skin like a boiled hot dog and dad bods but act the same way, there was no improvement in empathy or maturity with age but they all act like they're younger than me and love to neg me for my age. I was scrolling on tiktok and saw this guy and felt butterflies looking at him then I see his age and hes 18.

No. 797586

Can't relate, I'm greatly looking forward to being a cougar when I'm a bit older. I'm attracted to young guys (though they are in my age range right now), but more specifically I'm attracted to them being into older women. It indicates they like confidence and experience rather than naivety and submissiveness, that is so appealing to me.

No. 797588

A lot of younger men dont wanna do anything with older women beyond sex because their masculinity is threatened by it and they always want to be in the position of power. All men want a younger woman they can abuse, if hes 18 hes going to be looking for 11-14 year olds.

No. 797591

Exactlt. Maybe not all men but I think most men
An older dude will have bigger chances for getting younger woman into "serious" relationship than an older woman with a younger guy. Statistically there's way more relationships between older men and younger women than older women and younger men

No. 797592

File: 1620042232262.jpg (45.51 KB, 296x282, 20210313_022726.jpg)

Someone I know just got top surgery and hates it so much,I feel so bad for her but feel like it's mostly post surgery blues or just gc awakenings

No. 797594

I find this interesting because I thought about this phenomenon a lot, where young women feel like they only have to date someone their age or younger. I’m in my early 20s myself and in college. My friends and I would see newer faces but refrain from crushing on them cause we know they’re only 18/19 and we’d feel weird about it. So our only option from there on was to only like guys above us. But the guys on the other hand absolutely enjoy talking to the younger female students or checking them out. I realised for guys, from there on, they can go for any new female student. Even when they graduate and get jobs they can hit on much younger women because of our socialisation. There’s no limit for them (except for being an adult ofc). The But most women think they have to settle for older guys or guys their age.
My friends don’t even look at guys one year younger. Female socialisation restricts us in so many ways I’ve never noticed before because they seem so trivial.

No. 797595

Yeah a lot of younger men find plenty of older women attractive but they wont have the thrill of being smarter than her/torturing her like they can with someone their age or younger

No. 797596

I said I wanted to be a cougar, not date young guys seriously. I'm not planning on getting married because I actually agree with you. Men are straight up pedos, therefore I am interested in men who actively prefer older women. Even if it's just sexual or a fetish, it's better than being with an old pedo seeking out his youthful tradwife. Like fuck I'm giving any of them my youth.

No. 797597

Just keep in mind most men want tiny girls so they can easily dominate and control them. It's not even a matter of finding them cute, they just want to feel powerful standing next to a 4'9 midget. By being tall you filter out most of the toxic and abusive scrotes. And yeah, once you do that there's barely anyone left because scrotes ain't shit. Be patient, there are decent guys out there who would think your height only adds to your beauty.

No. 797601

I'm in my 30s and it's kind of depressing getting to see older men live fun and active lives with much younger women. They have a choice in who they date.

No. 797604

File: 1620043288320.jpg (13.31 KB, 236x314, bdaa8268f99d3bbe2f2c3de7ec1842…)

I feel like a lot of people who say "just be yourself/fuck what other people think" are privileged enough to live in a society where beauty standards aren't as harsh as in other people, or they have a support system that backs them up. Ever since I was 13 I always admired goth fashion (everything from 80s goths to American mall-goths) and seeing how it resurged in some ways makes me sad that I can't participate. I come from a small town/village in a second world country where non-conformity or failure to be a normie results in people ostracizing you in best case scenario, or bullying and treating you like you're subhuman and a punching bag in worst case scenario. Every time I vent a bit to my friends they always bring out the "the people who matter will love u!!!" card and I end the discussion because I don't want an argument to start. I used to be bullied when I was in middle school just for the fact that I was a physically late bloomer tomboy and wore band shirts with black clothing. It went as bad as guys treating me like a low hanging fruit and pushing me around like a doormat. I hate victimizing myself and I'm not looking for symapathy from people, I only wish that others were more open minded to the fact that so many people are close minded. I know many girls are in my situation and even worse and playing the "lol just b yourself haters will hate" is a dangerous game to encourage others to play. I just had to get this off my chest because this argument is so invalidating and even insulting to some.

No. 797606

I spent more than five minutes outside of my 98% female subreddits on reddit for once and regret it so much, reddit males really are something else ah

No. 797607

But is what you see the norm? I found this
>The average age difference (for a heterosexual couple) is 2.3 years, with the man older than the woman. In 64 percent of heterosexual couples, the man is older. In 23 percent, the woman is older, and in the remaining 13 percent, the partners are less than 12 months apart in age
Also check out the marriage statistics here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Age_disparity_in_sexual_relationships
Most marriages have 1 year age gap, then 2-3 year age gap. Sure marriages with big gaps exist but that's not the norm
I really feel like the "odler men and much younger women" meme is just pushed by the media owned by power-hungry men, angry MRAs, incels and rightoids but it doesn't reflect reality. I once saw some marriage statistics from XIX century Endgland and again, the majority of couples had 1-3 year age gap

No. 797608

Have you looked at supermodels? They're tall and "big" but still feminine; it's all about how you carry and present yourself. (Unless you want to be a kawaii jfashion bb, I guess you can't do that). I'm tallish myself, 178cm, and wear heels all the time just to be taller, makes me feel great and confident af.

No. 797611

Nahhh. I'm 5'4, average by most standards, but people, men especially, take me way less seriously than taller women. Overexplaining concepts i know well, staring right down my chest, even patting me on the head, I fucking hate feeling so small. I'd love to be 6' tall. But, y'know, grass is always greener.
Also, I've noticed being taller has come into fashion, too, so to speak. I mean, have you seen the thirstfest on twitter for that tall lady in the Resident Evil 8 trailer? Strangely enough, most of my guy friends prefer tall women as well.
Despite your insecurities and what's in fashion now, you should remember scrotes really aren't shit, and that your height probably scares them or makes you seem too human for them to manipulate. So you're weeding out the more controlling guys naturally. Basically everything >>797597 said.

No. 797615

I get you anon some places have a lot more conformity to adhere to and in some situations "just be yourself" is bullshit due to financials or the role you're stuck in. Even if you lived somewhere more free goth fashion is expensive. I've been thinking a lot how people will post pictures of themselves in get ups they only wear to events or in their room for a picture but don't actually have the courage to walk around town that way.

No. 797619

>I once saw some marriage statistics from XIX century Endgland and again, the majority of couples had 1-3 year age gap
I’m pretty sure I saw this same statistic, it had the average marriage ages of men and women in certain Euro countries and the US and most of them were pretty similar. For some reason there’s this prevalent idea that 30 year old men were marrying 12 year old girls regularly in Ye Olden Times (before 1900s) but that doesn’t seem to be true at all within the time humans have been keeping statistics. There are some outliers but it wasn’t common. I think it’s just pedos trying to justify themselves.

No. 797620

I understand how you feel, being harassed for the stuff you like fucking sucks, especially when you want to look even more unconventional than you already do. People are so intolerant of anything remotely different. I'm not trying to argue with you by saying this, but I want you to know this: I literally get bullied by middle school children in public sometimes when I go outside, and I don't have any friends to defend me, either. The solution really is to grow a thick skin. I mean unless you're literally going to get your ass beaten by wearing what you want, then obviously don't do it. But you can start doing baby steps into looking how you want so people come to accept that you're going to start looking weirder over time. I've had people look at me and immediately start yelling at me in public that I need Jesus to save me, I've had people hold Bibles up to me and back away like I was going to attack them making me look weirdly aggressive in public, people try to give me pamphlets, stop to invite me to their church, ect. One time a group of girls followed me a few blocks down the shopping center yelling insults at me and then held a door shut so I couldn't enter and they were all laughing. Humiliating, really, but I'm not going to try and fight with a bunch of immature teenagers. Being accosted kind of comes with the whole package, in my opinion.

But I still go out looking like an edgy freak because I like it. Maybe I'm just embarrassing myself and/or pissing you off by saying this, but I just wanted to give my two cents. These fashions don't have to be expensive either, I mean historically most alternative/subculture people DIY'ed the things they wore. You can find tutorials online and some pretty cool shit in thrift stores. Maybe there's a local music scene you can explore to find people who are similar, too.

No. 797633

File: 1620047337925.jpg (56.96 KB, 710x533, raraka_compare.jpg)

I know the risk of being assaulted or at least harassed is real for a lot of people, in urban settings as well and it breaks my heart.

I acknowledge I'm semi-privileged, because I don't live in a place where people literally kill each other, but I still move through areas where the risk of assault is present. I like taking walks though, I'm mostly left alone but it's always scary to detect people who are paying a bit too much attention or are under the influence etc.

I'm not gonna mock or 'splain to others who take less risks than I do, because I know not everyone has the same motivation, gall or impulsivity as I do. I've literally revised my diet and excercise to be stronger, and I'm lucky to be 170cm tall, which can look intimidating if one is particularly muscular or has a resting bitch face. Not everyone has the chance to do so. No matter how much I wish and hope and pray, it's not gonna be the case for every woman out there.

This world sucks. I hate how extra everything has to be. I've come to terms with how unfair the world is, but I like thanks I still hate it. I hope you'll some day find your way and courage, but I mostly sympathize (empathize? not sure if right word rn) with you and don't want to force feed my coping methods or tactics.

No. 797635

Based. I want to be like this instead of someone who gets teary-eyed later because someone looked at me the wrong way lmao.

No. 797637

I'm 5'4 and my dream is to be a ripped lady. Give me all the muscles!

No. 797641

I was just reminded of the scrote I hooked up with last summer, ugh. Tell me why I went to his place, had to pee, and opened his toilet to find a full dook and piss in there unflushed. A grown man. I broke it off with him THAT DAY. It was just last summer but I’ve already forgotten and blocked so much about this fling out bc it/he was disgusting, god damn. Take your meds babes.

No. 797644

Haha I didn’t see this anon but I did buy some addy & smoked a little weed to calm down & turned in one assignment late (I had some free late assignments left in this course) and I’m definitely calmer today!! Just taking it all one day at a time

No. 797681

The nb at my work started saying how the upcoming exhibition (I work at a museum) about motherhood is going to be so transphobic and I wanted to roll my eyes into non existence

No. 797682

Told a friend about something potentially life ruining currently happening to me and all she fucking said was and I quote 'and how does this make you feel?' Like, take a wild fucking guess girl. I absolutely hate psych majors.

No. 797699

found out my grandma died this morning even though they said she still had 6 months. she got moved to a nursing home a few weeks back after police came for a wellness check and they found that my uncle who was supposed to be caring for her was dispensing medication to her that was making her more ill and weak (basically elder abuse). she was in her mid 90s but still sucks because i live 12+ hours away and was actually about to visit in 2 weeks for my sister's wedding. fuck.

No. 797700

File: 1620054700346.jpeg (92.72 KB, 933x1114, D809CFF6-8C0C-41FB-910C-1F71F4…)

I’m so sick of hearing 19 year olds who’ve never read any feminist theory say that feminism only benefits white cishet women. Clearly you have never read or watched anything made by someone who wasn’t a white libfem.

Also we don’t need to cater to men in skirts kek

No. 797715

I hate that cats and dogs are so viral. I have nothing against the animals themselves and I like to pet them occasionally, but I absolutely HATE them being on every fucking corner of the internet. It's absolutely degenerate to have an entire post dedicated to the fact that a dog is a mayor of a town or that a cat works at a library. Who the fuck cares? Probably degenerates. Which means a whole lot of people are degenerates, since the content is everywhere and it has to be by popular demand. You degenerates, stop worshipping these little shits.

No. 797724

What city do you live in? Can you post a Google image of someone wearing similar style clothes to yours?

No. 797725

I wish my library had a librarian cat, but I agree with the general sentiment.

No. 797727

I mean degenerate is a bit much but I get it

No. 797728

I agree, but you scare me.

No. 797729

>being triggered by viral videos when covid is right here

No. 797730

File: 1620056427944.jpeg (37.49 KB, 500x302, 5727D89B-AC91-46F0-97B0-FD123A…)

Okay, that’s reasonable. Being alone and not having someone to share your life sigh is a valid fear. It sounds like you have some standards and needs for your future marriage though, and unfortunately you currently don’t have a person who will meet them, period. Staying with him will probably cause a lot more harm because you’re clearly not going to get your needs met, plus you’re not able to even try to date and find someone who will because you’re with him.
I think you just need to accept you’re already “single” in a sense, but worse. I don’t know you but I doubt you’re inherently unlovable. It’s definitely concerning, most men are garbage so I get worrying you have no chance of finding a decent one.
But at least moving on and trying gives you a 1 percent chance, with this guy you have a 0% chance. Before you do that, address your self esteem and confidence issues, because that’s going to be the one thing that kills your search when you do dump this loser and move on.

Good luck Anon.

No. 797739

If you know you need to break up with him but can't physically get yourself to do it, hand your phone to a friend or someone, let them text him to break up with him and then have them remove and block him everywhere. Please think of yourself and don't let yourself be dragged down by a man like him. You deserve better and you can get better, and you will get better (whether that is being single for a while or finding someone new, either is better). Allow yourself to break something that's bad for you off so you can open up a door to new, better things. It may feel like a step back but it'll allow you to set two steps forward. If you decide to go through with breaking up with him, I hope you update us.

No. 797740

Really? I’m 5’5” (well, to be completely exact 5’4.5) and I tower over everyone and get treated like I’m super tall. Maybe I need to move out of California.

No. 797745

It really really depends on where you live, I find it funny anons think 170cm is tall for a woman since it's painfully average in my country

No. 797746

5'5 and you tower out above everyone? I had no idea america was midget land wtf

No. 797747

I'm getting vaccinated on Wednesday and I have a huge phobia of injections/needles. I know its for the best and I'm a high priority on top but after setting my appointment I genuinely had to cry out of fear and idk if there are good tips to prepare myself?

No. 797752

>>797747 make sure you're hydrated, eat a good meal beforehand, keep your arm relaxed, and look away - it'll be over in 2 seconds and you probably won't feel a thing.

No. 797756

it's not, it sounds like they're projecting their insecurities. i'm almost 5'10" and am as tall as most dudes though.

No. 797768

It really does.
>tfw 5'5" but live in the tallest country in the world so always get comments about how short I am anyway
I don't really mind my height but boy is it cool to travel to other countries and notice that if anything you're a little taller than most women you see on the streets. Seriously puts things into perspective.

No. 797775

I've heard that they use a very small needle for the covid vaccines. everyone has said that they barely even felt it. you'll be fine. take deep breaths. maybe it would help to let your injector know about your phobia?

No. 797778

I'm tired of seeing every internet space filled with "based", "-pilled", wojak memes, chad memes, political compass, etc. We need more spaces where people just write like normal.

No. 797805

thank you nonnies, that already made me feel better. I plan to tell them I'm afraid for sure its no use to them if I have an anxiety attack

No. 797810

Tell them! They're all trained with dealing with such anxiety and that info is important for them to make it as smooth as possible for both you and them.

No. 797840

The chad meme is so fucking weird to me.
The obsession some scrotes have with it is so bizarre.

No. 797848

I never thought of myself of having any sort of budding daddy issues, since despite my dad being pretty distant he's still at least attempted to be there within his own limitations (he's antisocial and a pretty obvious undiagnosed aspie, but he's doing his best and I don't judge him). I haven't even had a step-dad since mom didn't really feel like dating after she and my dad split when I was 2. However someone shared a compilation of that korean dad guy on tiktok and I kinda teared up wishing I had a male figure like that around when I grew up. I admit that I was always a little jealous of my friends that had "regular" dads but they were always welcoming me with open arms so I didn't really feel like I was missing out all that much. But I guess it's kinda starting to hit me now in my 30's?

No. 797850

Agreed. The Wojaks are probably what annoys me the most. Somehow it's gone from generic 'feel guy' to a gorillion versions that become more and more meaningless. Especially the doomer and doomerette wojaks are the worst, since 99% of the time they're used in a sort of falsely self-deprecating 'haha I'm such a depressed loser but also I like to identify with this one the most because I think he looks cool' way. Yeah we get it, you're a sad nihilistic emo boy whose haircut is totally naturally /fa/, not that you care, because obviously you're too cool and cynical to value your looks.
And then there's the people who draw them as pretty animes and are just on the verge of writing fanfiction about these meme 'characters'. This also applies to Chad & virgin and to political compass/ideology memes by the way.
Slightly related, I like Jregs videos where he does comedy sketches with personified political compass types, but holy shit is the 'fandom' that grew around that the most cringeworthy shit ever. I'm talking about people unironically drawing sexy anime versions of these characters in dramatic comics and shit. I get that husbando-ing the most abstract and unlikely characters is just what teenage girls (mostly) do, but it's so stupid.

No. 797851

Some scrote messaged me to say that this is a fake account and ask me why I blocked him on the real one… without telling me his name. I don't know who it is and motherfucker if you think you're that important that I'd know immediately you deserved that block lmfao. Retard move

No. 797855

Bordering gay especially since many if not most irl women aren't as obsessed with that type as they are

No. 797856

I think most people have issues like that to some extent with a parent. My dad was generally fine, but as I'm getting older I'm also realizing that some shortcomings and stuff he did influenced me more than I always thought. Maybe it's normal that as an adult you have to come to terms with stuff from your childhood that was a bigger deal than you consciously felt at the time. It doesn't necessarily have to be "daddy issues" in the classic/extreme sense of the word. I'm not trying to deny that that might be the right term for what you went through though, obviously I don't know your situation so I don't want to downplay it or anything.

No. 797859

I don't think it's gay, it's just easy for loser scrotes to blame their lack of romantic success on a cartoonishly masculine jock stereotype instead of on themselves. To them the idea of the Chad is that he's everything that they're not and can never be, physically and socially. If you then delude yourself into thinking women only want Chad, aka a type designed to be as unrealistic and unattainable as possible, you can just stop putting in any effort and wallow in self pity. It's the ultimate excuse to sit back, call the world unfair and erase any responsibility of your own.

For women there isn't really an equivalent because they aren't usually as entitled as scrotes.

No. 797862

my hair keeps falling out like crazy and it seems my mother has picked up smoking but I can't bring myself to confront her about it. sweet.

No. 797868

I put on my glasses before showering just to check myself out, and now I can't find them, FUCK

No. 797869

Sometimes I think back to the time when I was 16 and got harassed by a drunk guy on the train during a sunny afternoon, it was really obvious that people were aware of how creepy he was because he had been a general loud nuisance in the cart until he saw me but no one intervened, an older lady even came to me afterwards and told me how brave I was that held out and that I could have moved over to her if it could had made me feel safer (instead of, you know, going over to me and check if I was doing ok). Luckily I was smart enough to text mom to pick me up at the station because he followed us for a bit but left when I guess he realized he wasn't going to be able to isolate me. The whole situation just angers me to this day.

No. 797870

My favorite headset broke and my dog is sick, god make it stop.

No. 797875

I wish my parents never moved to this country so I could be a plump little mediterranean housewife whose biggest problem is her mother in law

No. 797876

Yeah people dont give a fuck if getting involved could get them in trouble and they feel bad about it after the fact. I remember once on my way to university passing out as soon as I left the subway station, I sat down on the ground and held my bag as thight as possible before losing consciousness for a minute and nobody did anything. When I woke up the students who were on their way to the same uni looked at me like I was a literal piece of dog piece. I watched a short documentary on TV about an actor faking the same situation multiple times and witnesses only gave a shit when she was dressed very well and had makeup on, otherwise they'd leave or ignore her.

No. 797878

Annoyed at myself for crying about work in my free time.

No. 797897

I started a new job last week, it's a creative position in a small european company. I was told it was going to be mostly home office.

First day and I'm told that I have to travel to a nearby shitty, dangerous small city, where they make their products. It's a 2 hour long drive from where I am. Women disappear in the highway really often here, this country isn't the best place to be a woman right now.

My bf comes with me so I feel safer. We arrived there and it's even worse that we'd imagined. My coworker is there, he says that I have to go there again next week and the week after that. I didn't sign up for that. Also, my car can't survive that and they don't pay that well. My bf can't go with me everytime, he has his own job.

I really don't know what to do. They want me to assume duties that are not part of my contract. I don't want them to fire me because I refuse to go to the shitty city every time they want. But at the same time I'm thinking of quitting because I didn't think that I would have to do stuff that's not even part of the role I applied for. I also told them in the interview that I would need a flexible schedule because I need to work on my personal projects. They agreed but it doesn't seem like it in practice.

No. 797900


I would hang onto it while you find a better fit, then drop them like a hot potato as soon as you do.

No. 797902

You have to bring it up with them and plead your case because you can’t keep risking your life for this. The worst thing that could happen is they say no and fire you, but would you really want to keep driving to that city? Best case, they might have had no idea that’s it’s a terrible idea to send you there.

No. 797907

I really do wish beating kids wasn't a common form of punishment. It genuinely makes me so pissed to see parents hit their kids, and hearing them brag about it (and even post videos of them beating their children on the internet) is even worse. Just a bunch of fucking psychos.

No. 797911

I went to vacation in Italy, and saw people on the street slap their kids like it's nothing. I didn't expect such a culture shock so close to home (the Balkans).

No. 797912

I'm sorry nonny. I had this happen many times as well. On one occassion an asshole followed me in the city for multiple blocks making aggressive sexual advances toward me and when I didn't respond he started saying how I had a stick up my ass and spitting other insults. I ended up going to a bus stop where I saw other people, both men (larger than him) and women, and no one said a thing. I guess they figured it wasn't their business, even though it wasn't technically mine either and this dude was harassing a total stranger. Eventually he fucked off but it was as if nothing happened even though I was visibly distressed.

On a nicer note, there was another time where a guy made several gross comments about how he just wanted to look at me and started stalking me around a store. Employees didn't do shit but another woman saw him and loudly asked what he was doing and who he was talking to. He gave some mumbled excuse and I managed to lose him while he was distracted. I was too scared to go back at the time but I wish I could have thanked her, my guardian angel.

No. 797916

Ok you have to tell me which shithole country you are from.
I never heard of any European country in which women disappear often on random roads.

No. 797918

File: 1620073283554.jpg (28.04 KB, 492x479, asukadisgust.jpg)

Had a really intense shroom trip last night where I faced some sexual trauma and was really made fully aware of how disconnected from my own sexuality I am & fundamentally broken I feel. Just sobbed and screamed for a while last night. Now I'm just feeling really numb and have no idea where to go from here, but at the same time I'm kind of glad I fully faced & was no longer in denial of it.

No. 797919

Even while knowing you're right it's hard to believe. Having grown up in an environment where beating a kid is without question seen as fucked up by (seemingly) everyone, bragging about it is unimaginable. I guess there's no way to know how common it really is, with so many cases going unnoticed. I'm just glad getting beaten as a deliberate punishment (as opposed to an angry loss of control thing) didn't even cross my mind as something that could happen as a kid.

Damn what the hell. I've been to lots of countries in Europe including Italy but I've never seen anything like that. Was that in a bigger city or a small town?

No. 797924

It was Rome.

No. 797927

Or when they argue online justifying their decision to beat their kids.
No, no you didn't. You normalized the violence and trauma you experienced because it would rock your world to admit your parents were abusive pukes.

I hate parents who seek to hurt and instil fear and distrust in their kids in general. Because they're too fucking dumb and juvenile themselves to know how to outsmart and teach a tiny human. My mom used to terrorize me with a leather belt-never beating me with it-but cracking it after me and pulling down my trousers to make cracking sounds over my bare ass to scare and humiliate me. Like what crime did I even commit to deserve such bullshit? Didn't put away all the toys in my playroom? Said I didn't want to eat more vegetables at dinner? What harm could someone small and sensitive have done to have warranted that unhinged fucking behavior? It angers me thinking about it, I can't picture myself doing that to my quiet, and usually behaved daughter just because she did something harmlessly naughty. What the fuck is wrong with these people???

No. 797928

My friend just got a boyfriend that she met on fucking discord. I don't know how she could even meet up with a scrote so carelessly. She seems to like him a lot, but as someone who has had a scrote drool over me that I met through the internet… it's probably a loser porn addicted nerd who can't get a girlfriend normally so he has to fish his perfect shy gamer girl off discord and who turns perverted and abusive over time. I hope I'm wrong though.

No. 797932

>What the fuck is wrong with these people???
Like you said, probably intergenerational trauma. Anyone I've known who dealt with physical abuse as a kid had parents who also suffered physical abuse when they were young. You'd think more of them would learn from that and want to be better (like you) but so many of them ended up internalizing it. It's interesting though, my ex dealt with this and when he confronted his dad about it there was denial all the way through ("I didn't do that, you're misremembering things"). So on some level they clearly understand and feel guilty even if they're too cowardly to accept responsibility for their actions.

No. 797933

>I hope I'm wrong though.
not really though

No. 797938

Lmao, I almost fell for discord dating as well. That is, until the guy confessed to me that his family had said there must have been something wrong with me for wanting to date him. Way to tell on yourself dude!
Scrotes on discord can't be trusted, 9 times outta 10 they've got something to hide.

No. 797955

How old is she even? Discord is full of pedos and children, if the guy says he’s 18, he’s probably either way younger or way older than that, there’s no in between.

No. 797959

>So on some level they clearly understand and feel guilty
They know. They always know. The naive ignorant abuser is a myth.

No. 797975

She's 22 and she's already met up with the guy, he's probably in his twenties as well (unless she's lying). Age aside, I wouldn't trust some random fucker from discord.

No. 797980

The company is european but I'm in LATAM. They sell artisan made products from here.

No. 798007

I’m 5’4” from (probably) the same country and all my life guy friends have been patting me on the head and calling me short and tiny. Then when I travelled to SEA I was the same height or taller than most men and towered over all other women. Still never had the urge to pet anyone, though.

No. 798017

are your guy friends weebs? they sound like weebs

No. 798024

Hello everyone!
I really need help so please don't hesitate to give it to me , any kind word or advice could help me now.
I had my first relationship one year ago , I've never been in a relationship before and I loved him with all of my virgin heart.
of course i'm stupid for not recognizing red flags back then but I didn't know better.
When our relationship was getting cold he started mentioning sth about him wanting to marry and date a girl from a specific race and I didn't care back then and let it pass until he mentioned it again so we broke up! I know that everyone has a preference but he shouldn't mentioned it to my face tho.

Now everytime I think of it or see a girl of that race on social media or irl I get so upset thinking that anyone will replace me for them !!
I know i'm smart and beautiful and that I have a great personality and that he is an asshole but I just can't help but feel upset and sometimes it really affects my mood and makes me feel the worst feeling ever!!!
How can I deal with it ? What should I do to stop feeling this way and move on with my life like before I met him !!! his words really scarred me deeply and him being my first bf made it worse.
Any advice is appreciated . Thanks

No. 798027

Netherlands probably right? I have the same experience. And yeah, I don't get the petting either, I wouldn't even think of doing that with my shorter friends.

While a fair amount of my friends who did the petting are weebs, I had plenty of normie female classmates in high school who did the same thing. The (light hearted) teasing calling me tiny and stuff too (and while I was shorter than them I was never super petite or anything).

No. 798031

Latin Tamerican American Mexico? Tf is latam

No. 798034

Grow up into an actual adult, get therapy and stop seeing women as the enemy.

No. 798035

Are you retarded?

No. 798038

>Scrote wrongs you
>Choose to resent innocent women
Amazing logic

No. 798046

I get it, I really do. I had a similar experience with my first bf. But please know that any scrote who openly fetishizes a race like that is absolute trash, and not the norm. The majority of guys don't care about race in any significant way and just want a pretty girl.
Let me put it like this, someone who cares about only dating a specific race so much is always going to be a coomer that you don't want to associate with in the first place. Prioritizing what's basically a fetish over someones personality means they don't want (or are capable of) a serious relationship. So in a way the problem solves itself: someone like that can never be good relationship material, it's mutually exclusive. You're by definition never missing out on a good bf because someone leaving you over your race is incapable of being a good bf. It's a pleb filter.

Knowing that probably doesn't erase your feelings but this is also the sort of thing that will definitely pass as you gain more dating experience.

No. 798048

Adding on to this: it's stupid to be jealous of these women. Would you want to be with someone who only wants to date you because of your race? Probably not, that's disgusting.

No. 798050

This is sad because you both didn't understand that I know i'm acting wrong towards other women and don't know how to be normal again ! you both totally missed the point of my post.
Thank you very much ! I really appreciate it , I'm really working on myself to get rid of this feeling .

No. 798055

I had a similar issue when encountering things associated with my ex and all I can say is stop it because it’s stupid. Allowing these thoughts to happen is only prolonging your hurt and creating stupid negative associations, which will become more difficult to fix as time passes. Do you really want to feel bad every time you see some random girl? Do you really want the past to have so much influence on your present? I banned myself from allowing my mind to wander back to my ex. A girl of whatever race is just a girl, that’s all, so don’t think of anything else. It takes discipline but now even when I encounter my ex’s name, I don’t immediately think of him.

No. 798060


If he's a white boy go get some BBC and post pics with him on insta, let it be known. Guaranteed he will not be able to take it and will lash out like that one scrote did to his ex girlfriend and got his scholarship revoked. Especially cause it's probably a white boy fetishizing asians and they're always insecure and hypocrites.

No. 798065

Maybe, genuinely never seen that abbreviation but i assume it’s latin america lol

No. 798069

Nah, it’s sad that you sound underaged, why wouldn’t my suggestion of growing tf up and getting therapy work for you?

No. 798070

I hate needles and was in a fender bender right before mine so I was in a shit awful panicky mood yet even I didn’t feel a goddamn thing, hydrate, eat lightly and rest up before and it’s gonna be okay anon, you got this!

No. 798072

>I get that husbando-ing the most abstract and unlikely characters is just what teenage girls (mostly) do, but it's so stupid
Sounds based tbh

No. 798073

Ngl I kek'd

No. 798081

Online me: extremely extroverted and annoying, always talking to people and super energetic

irl me: a stupid dumb bitch sleuth no-good social retard

No. 798086

Kek me

No. 798088

Lmao yeah, latin america, narcos rule my country

No. 798091

Sorry for being dumb, my queen

No. 798094

Too late now, los narcos are coming for your ass

No. 798098

Better bring some coke too

No. 798116

File: 1620083167651.jpeg (23.4 KB, 838x540, 3d0.jpeg)

I feel like an idiot because whenever I apply for retail or fast food I can't get the job, it is because I'm stupid? I try my best and I even have past experiences on my resume, and I'm over 18 with a car so wouldn't that help even more? I hope hot topic will like me enough and want me! I feel like I'm a good fit especially because they need new hires, and apparently knowing a lot about pop culture can help. Pls pray for me anons, I really need a job and it's very close by. I've cried too many tears over past rejections.

No. 798118

The right job will come along soon anon! I am rooting for you!

No. 798120

I pray you get the job anon and that ot will be great for you!

No. 798123

File: 1620083454141.png (716.79 KB, 519x541, 47382075039257423058.png)

I feel ya anon, emotional abuse does a number on you. Not to humblebrag but I'm attractive, everyone from friends to strangers complimented my looks growing up. Ironically that made me lose self esteem, as I felt I had to obsess over my physical appearance. That and being caring/warm, so Bob’s your uncle Fanny’s your aunt, I was molded into a codependent pickme. Perfect target for manipulative and abusive scrotes. My ex would comment on other women's appearances, saying they looked hot or pretty, but would almost never give me any compliments no matter how much I dressed up. He would also make negative comments about my outfits if I wore anything even slightly revealing. He knew exactly what he was doing: By creating nonexistent competition between me and other women and making me feel I wasn't good enough, I became even more dependent on validation from him. In truth he always thought I was attractive and a great person - too great, in fact, for him, which is why he decided he needed to resort to underhanded tactics to keep me. It backfired of course, his loss.

It's good you had enough self worth to realize you weren't being treated well and got out. Your ex is an asshole. The right man might acknowledge other women's beauty but he'll do so in a respectful way and never psychologically pit you against them. You'll also always know you're #1 in his mind. As >>798055 said, the issue is right now you still have these damaging scripts he's implanted running in your head. You need to psychologically detach from him and build up your self esteem so nothing anyone says, positive or negative, has much effect on you because you already know your worth. This requires tons of redirecting, noticing when you're obsessing over him and thinking of something healthier. You learn to observe emotions but realize they aren't always reflective of reality. And focus on building up your self image, maybe using something like CBT to identify your strengths. Once you have solid self perception and boundaries, relaxing and appreciating other women becomes possible again as well. Good luck.

No. 798131

Everytime I see an attractive man posting thirst traps I cringe. It's a turn off when men know they're attractive.

No. 798135

Thirst traps are just off putting and obnoxious in general.

No. 798139

I love you anon! You literally made me cry because you described what I feel in tge most clear way. Thank you! And thanks to every other anon who responded!

>My ex would comment on other women's appearances, saying they looked hot or pretty, but would almost never give me any compliments no matter how much I dressed up.

This anon is what happened exactly! And I always wondered why? Now I totally understand. You have no idea how much your words helped. I always hesitated to post this here but now I'm glad I did. I will definitely start the healing journey.
Thanks again

No. 798146

File: 1620085164722.png (544.48 KB, 544x439, 9473928649328653475304.png)

Aw, I'm glad I could help a bit! Unfortunately that sort of manipulation isn't uncommon among low value scrotes. But if there's any positive to take away, at least you know how to recognize the behavior and can avoid more of it in the future. I'm proud of you for walking away from that moron and it's great you have the self awareness to realize you're dealing with intrusive thoughts but want to get better. You can and will, just be kind to yourself and don't rush it. I'm sure you're not only beautiful, but your attitude here also shows you have a good heart. Best wishes to you.

No. 798151

I hadn't heard of korean dad before your post, and it made me smile so big to watch his tiktoks. I've been having issues with my parents for years and it's been especially bad lately. but it makes me so happy and gives me such a warm feeling to know that a dad so wholesome and sweet like him exists out there. it restores my hope in humanity. thanks for sharing!

No. 798152

File: 1620085942796.gif (558.01 KB, 400x300, 1616531150468.gif)

Thank you for the kind words nonny! You are great! I'm sure people in your life appreciate you because you're amazing.
I will forever remember your words and live by them.

No. 798179

I’m not bothered by my height, I don’t think I’m even tall. But I do have at least 2-4 inches on almost every other female I encounter. Dunno why.

No. 798181

File: 1620089454902.jpeg (996.63 KB, 1170x1699, D37EAFB4-076F-42A9-9E6A-D473D4…)

>this woman decided to start an Instagram to CELEBRATE women and their cats and break the stereotypes and blahbluhbuh
>it’s all attractive 27 year olds with bfs / husbands

Dumbass, nobody calls attractive women who happen to own pet cats a “cat lady”. My very sweet neighbor who was middle aged and already retired, living reclusively with 9 cats in one house? Try spinning that, dumbshit.

No. 798185

Yeah, just seems like doting pet owners. Especially that age group of 27-35, they are at that age where they want kids too so babying a pet is pretty natural. I think it only gets weird if they own more than 3 cats

No. 798200

I'm so fucking annoyed and pissed off right now, I don't even know where to begin. this is gonna be a huge wall of text so I apologize.

but anyway I have been at my job since last summer. I'm a driver at a pizza place. there is this one manager, let's call her morgan (that's not her real name) who I have sort of become pseudo friends with. I like her as a person but she is really domineering at work and in all honestly probably has anger issues. I was about to post a rant about her a while back but I decided I was overreacting. but she did something today that sent me off the edge.

she has chewed me out in the past for really small things like sweeping wrong or folding aprons wrong. she said I was "killing her" because of how I was sweeping. sometimes she even "corrects" us to do things the "right" way when we're just not doing something exactly the way she would do it. so in other words, she likes to micromanage and is a control freak. then I found out one of the drivers drives without his fucking seatbelt which is 100% illegal here and she doesn't give a shit about it, yet I know if I did that she would never let me live to see the light of day. but I digress. then she'll ask for rides and stuff (she doesn't have a car) and other favors, I've even given her rides on my days off and even bought her stuff to leave at her door when she had covid. she acts super friendly to me outside of work but even after all this she still has no issue whatsoever bossing me around at work, borderline yelling at me sometimes, usually over petty insignificant things.

she has had a shitload of conflicts with other employees and even with another manager at one point (and honestly I kind of sided with the other manager but didn't dare tell anyone). she's aware of the fact that she's constantly having conflicts with people, but openly rejected any responsibility and claimed that because those other people eventually got fired or left and since she never got fired it was their fault not hers.

but today. oh dear lord. it was so fucking dead all day, we had barely any deliveries. it was me and one other driver and 2 managers (including morgan) then a 3rd driver came in at 3. I was scheduled to get off at 4. it got to be 3:45 and after over an hour of 0 deliveries a delivery popped up. I was the next in line to take this delivery, and some managers probably would have let me go and let the next driver take it, as there were 2 other drivers and another one who was going to clock in at 4. but she didn't say anything about letting me go, so I just took the delivery. I got back at like 4:20, and took my topper (the thing that has our logo and goes on top of my car) and my reciepts (we keep reciets from all the deliveries and turn them in at the end of our shift). well this was apparently a heinous crime, according to morgan.

she gave me a ton of shit for not asking if I could leave and just taking in my topper and said something like "next time, you HAVE to ask us if you can leave. you have to MAKE SURE it's okay you can leave. you MUST respect me, you MUST respect [goes on to list every single manager by name including our boss]".

Like, bitch. First of all
how the actual fuck is it disrespectful to anyone for expecting to get off my shift when I'm scheduled? my boss is the one who wrote* the fucking schedule?
*I've seen other drivers do this and they didn't get in trouble for it
*I'm 99.9999% sure none of the other managers, including my boss, woud give two shits at this, and even if they did they probably wouldn't be a fucking drama queen about it like you are
*this is a pizza place, not the fucking military, and it's already 20 minutes after I was supposed to leave
*sometimes they have us stay late if it's busy, but it was fucking dead at this time, and the managers are always talking about how they need to let drivers go as soon as they can so they don't overpay us

then she went to go rant to the other manager about me going I TOLD HER. SHE HAS TO ASK NEXT TIME. I'm just flabbergasted, I almost got snarky with her and said "how is expecting to get off when I'm scheduled get off disrespectful?" I decided not to though, because she probably would have yelled at me and got me written up or something, then ranted about me to our boss, who loves her for some reason.

there's more I could say about her but this post is already too long.

No. 798203

My parents (but mostly my mother) would whip me and my sister with thin wires till long red welts raised on our bodies growing up. Every time I try to confront her about how she treated us she gaslights me and acts like she did nothing wrong. Till this day I fucking hate both of them but according to them Iits my fault and not theirs.

No. 798206

File: 1620092276041.png (600.32 KB, 2276x2109, 1613376571067.png)

I fucking HATE Omegaverse so damn much. why Why WHY did it become such a constant in fujo circles?
Everytime, EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME it's the same. I read a great sounding setting of a story or rp, I can see there was a lot of thought put into it, I get excited- BUT OH NO. OH NO! WHAT IS THIS?? and HERE IT FUCKING COMES, HERE IT FREAKING GOES, once again, again and again, HERE IT IS: The section explaining the fucking retarded ass pregnancy bullshit. BRAVO, THANK YOU. JUST what the story needed you brilliant genius of homo interests. How could I forget the absolute ESSENCE of ANY good story, the absolute literary, narrative GIFT that is men being dogs. I am simply not worthy, not capable of following the complex symbolism that dog fucker pregnancies carry to your zombie survival story.
fucking dropped

No. 798216

My attitude sucks, I can't snap out of feeling depressed/worthless all the time. It's been 3+ years.

No. 798242

File: 1620096525113.gif (429.93 KB, 220x220, My prrrrecious.gif)

>bf suddenly wants to take me to a romantic weekend destination
>requested my days off easily
>for some reason one of his supervisors at work was giving him serious shit about the days off
>wouldn't let him have them even though he requested them off before the cutoff
>bf starts to talk at work
>supervisor realizes he can get into serious corporate doo doo for being unfair
>supervisor renegs, apologizes, and gives him the days off
>bf venting to me about it tonight
>"Yeah, Will said he was happy for me and wouldn't want to ruin my engagement weeken–"
>so THAT'S what you're gonna do eh?

Lmao, busted. I'm excited to be getting my ring.

No. 798243

I'm involved with a local, smallish, grassroots organization. To be honest, I don't even know if "involved" is the right word, as I only attend meetings but don't contribute much. Part of the problem is because I'm shy and anxious about saying the wrong thing (or about speaking up in general), but also I feel like it's only a few, same people who really contribute. While these people do try and get others like me to participate, I'm not sure if it's effective since only the same few show up and get involved with the meetings and tasks don't really get divvied up equally. Idk where I'm going with this. I want to help and contribute more but I feel useless and like a burden. Don't really know what to do.

No. 798244

how is this a vent? take your humble-bragging to the positivity thread

No. 798249

Venting excitement? Is there a new rule that we can only vent negativity? You must be fun at parties.

No. 798253

are you illiterate? the thread description says "your digital shoulder to cry on"

No. 798254

don't be jelly anon, your ring will come some day

No. 798255

shes crying happiness

No. 798256

okay samefags

No. 798257

Try this OP from about three months ago
>no1curr about your shitty input

No. 798258

The doom anxiety feelings are back and I want to die ugh

No. 798259

yeah I am fun at parties when there's not a stay at home order in place. kinda sad that you don't have any friends to tell your news to and the first place you go to is lolcow kek

No. 798261

congrats. bet the ring will be cheap as fuck since your soon-to-be fiance clearly has a shitty job where he has to beg for days off

No. 798262

nta, I agree the vent thread is not the place for that but you don't need to be so mean

No. 798263

>kinda sad that you don't have any friends to tell your news to and the first place you go to is lolcow kek
Nta, but is this some projection shit? Y'know, if you have something you need to get off of your chest, you can always do it here. A positive vent is still a vent. Get over it.

No. 798265

Do you routinely bother your friends about mundane things your bf said late at night?

Talking about how expensive it was would be straight up boasting, considering I got a say in the diamond and design. I know you're being salty at me but I really hope you get someone willing to sacrifice a bit of their money and comfort to give you something special someday. It feels good and then you'd understand.

No. 798266

I want someone who actually holds me when I cry

No. 798272

Aw. I wish I could do something to help with that. Having someone hold you while you cry is the most soothing feeling. If you really don't know anyone who'd do that maybe cuddle a pillow or a stuffed animal in the meantime

No. 798275

File: 1620098774848.jpg (914.71 KB, 3750x3750, 0e0.jpg)

The solidarity I have with the women on this site over issues related to misogyny sometimes melts under the sheer insanity I find in their beauty regimens and expectations of others. Skin-care this, pedicure that. Do you pluck your brows? Do you do it the specific way I'd do it? How often do you face mask? Have you had your weekly trip to the Lazarus pit? It's never enough. Remember to count your calories, exercise heavily three times a day, purchase endless creams and oils, meticulously craft your body into the ideal shape. Maybe I'll become fatter, grow out a unibrow, only wear whatever mismatched shit feels comfy, and smear my face with oil to get acne. The most well-liked I've been was when I threw all desire to be attractive and liked out of the window, it didn't matter how trashy I got, people wanted attention so long as I didn't care about what they thought of my looks. And yet I have to remind myself of that, every time I see another woman talk about how she thinks women who don't put forth the insane amount of effort she does to be a perfect youthful goddess. Yeah, my brows look stupid and I'm a bit chubby, and sometimes I have some light acne. But buying every "self-care" product and service won't keep me from aging, growing hair, or just having chemical imbalances sometimes, and it certainly won't make me happy. I'm so close to just being over it, being completely apathetic towards how other people percieve me. I haven't given a single shit about how men look at me in years. But, something about other women, even if I feel like they're probably deeply insecure and snippy, saying shit sends me into an emotional spiral. God damn it.
Is it the lesbianism? Maybe. I'm kind of a hot mess, ladies. Cursed hag femme.

No. 798283

nta but
>one day you'll be picked sis and you'll get to participate in the tradition made up by patriarchal capitalists
no thanks, it only feels good to you, because you spent your entire life internalizing propaganda

No. 798286

I know this is a common vent but my god I am sick and tired of this pandemic. I feel like I had so much going for myself before it hit and was finally truly happy, but since it started I've lost all the things I gained.

Had a steady job, was making new friends, got introduced to the rave culture and bought tickets to a local event, had something to do every weekend.

I feel like I can't fully vent to people I know because they just say "Yeah that's all of us." But fuck, I was a literally Neet for years before I finally got things together and it feels awful having lost it all. I just can't wait for this all to be over and hope I can get myself together again.

No. 798288

I also have a very simple virtually nonexistent beauty routine compared to a lot of anons, don't be worried. If you don't need a five to ten step ridiculously expensive and complex beauty regimen, then by all means, don't, it's your choice, you're probably not going to look any worse or better than a lot of women for doing it.

imo a lot of it is a scam pushed by the beauty industry, a chunk of your aging is up to genetics and habits but mostly genetics and no amount of product is going to change it. spending $100 on some "miracle" moisturizer is dumb as shit when you could spend $10 on a cheap drugstore one and the effect will be minimally different

No. 798290

They tend to be straight TELFs anon. I 100% agree with your post though.

No. 798291

Good for you. There's literally no reason at all to partake in all of those beauty regimens and skincare shit etc if you don't actually enjoy it. You should have a decent self image and not dislike how you look, but if you can attain that without any bullshitty beauty products and whatnot then more power to you.
It sucks that other women give you shit for it, but in the end they have nothing to do with you and you have nothing to do with them. If you need to change your habits to be appealing to them they probably wouldn't be great people anyway.

No. 798292

>it only feels good to you
And that's fine for now. Have a wonderful evening!

No. 798295

NTA but is wanting a ring or not wanting a ring pickmeism, I can't keep up anymore.

No. 798296

Wanting to permanently chain yourself to a scrote is pickmeism

No. 798297

File: 1620100120168.jpg (12.77 KB, 247x369, 161526883738732454804832809642…)

i wish i could fix this

its gonna get buried and will not make one difference in my working like one bit but i am being let go for the summer for a few months until my job hires for the fall but i work sales. they pay me 8k a year. far less than a working wage and the excuse is because they cant ever be sure what a worker i am and that there is only so much in a budget.

2015-17 i took a business from 2.5k a sales from 2014-15 to 500k sales. i worked for a dumb card game shop selling magic and yugioh cards. i did that on my own, counted priced out sorted and labeled it all on my own. i would have to sort out by hand 500k cards twice a month, reprice everything 3 times a week, fill local, national, and international orders on my own. local everyday but international and national once a week but that was a 7k item hand count and anything that was not in stock by error or whatever i would have to pay for on my own.

when i started i literally just had a child. so by the middle and end of it i was working 16-20+ hours a day, i slept in the building i was away from my family for days. i had dumb fucking nerds hitting on me and having my bosses tell me to use my tits for sales, and i was pushed out when all of that finally became too much

all of that was off record so now i have these fucking people telling me i am an unknown factor. that im not dedicated. maybe there is some thing i can do legally to proove i did what i did so the rich weirdo with dead animals under his bed fucking hookers on my time can actually appreciate what i did to keep his tugboat afloat but all i want is burgerland to pay me at least a minimun living wage so i can do what i can to be slightly comfortable. somewhow im upset that 8k a year is acceptable

No. 798299

It's not, anon just needs a new goalpost to move to. It started out about humblebragging, and now it's actually about pickmeism. It's whatever anon says.

No. 798300

Two people can have different opinions, it's not moving the goalposts

No. 798301

Female heterosexuality is pickmeism.
/s, but only a little. Sorry what nature did to you, het nonnies.

No. 798302

You can be heterosexual, without participating in patriarchal capitalist traditions, like legally binding yourself to a scrote in exchange for a ring.

No. 798305

I don't have to believe you're not a samefag.
And having a scrote invest in the relationship by having an expensive commitment is literally the opposite of pickmeism.

You're embarrassing yourself and don't know what you're talking about.

No. 798310

How do you even define pickmeism then?

No. 798312

File: 1620101405287.jpeg (55.86 KB, 750x1000, 3euysxf.jpeg)

i don't know if this is too NSFW to post but i don't really have anywhere else to rant, nonnies. my boyfriend warned me that he couldn't eat pussy without gagging and i didn't realize it was THAT bad until now. i always give him head and stuff blah blah blah and i asked for it back because i'm more comfortable with him now, of course. it takes time for me because i deal with really bad body dysmorphia and have had it almost my entire life so i struggle with people sexually, especially going down on me for the first couple of times. he told me it was really hard with his exes and it wasn't the "smell," or anything, but the texture. he tried and was good with using his lips but using his tongue made him gag. every time he did it he just gagged/coughed really heavily and he kept telling me that it wasn't me or anything to do with the taste, but i still was laying there ready to cry because i felt gross. i'm so sad, i love this man so much and he's one of the only men in my life that i genuinely enjoy but he can't… do that right now. he makes it up in other ways and he's really good with using his fingers but sometimes it makes me think about my exes and how i had some REALLY good head in my time. i feel like a bad person. i'm so awful at asking for oral especially because i'm used to my exes in my life just going for it themselves without question but i don't know how else to get rid of this barrier without.. i guess making him do it repeatedly? i just don't really understand because it's a clit? you're not choking on it? oral with men is so much worse

this sucks.

No. 798313

Imagine being allergic to pussy

No. 798314

I want new friends

No. 798315

File: 1620101573553.png (650.49 KB, 684x504, radashell2.png)

No. 798324

That sucks. Normally I'm not one to defend scrotes when they refuse to give head but it sounds like maybe he does have a sensory issue preventing him from enjoying it? How is he with regular food, is he autistic about certain textures with that too?
You probably tried this already but in my experience once a man is really turned on he will go for that pussy shower or not and be too horny to care about taste or smell or texture. Especially if you make it very clear you're enjoying it he isn't gonna stop to evaluate mouthfeel like a fucking wine sommelier. If that doesn't make a difference to him though idk if he'll ever learn to enjoy it.

No. 798326

Google history of engagement rings and read up on the history of marriage. Look up divorce statistics, look up statistics like how women take nearly twice the financial hit men do when they do divorce.
You can like scrotes without shooting yourself in the foot so much

No. 798336

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the statistically larger financial loss women take compared to men in a divorce mostly a result of men on average being more career oriented/making more money in most marriages? Unless you're talking about prenups the marriage and divorce systems are generally set up to prevent whoever earns less money from being financially ruined after a divorce.

No. 798338

>You can like scrotes without shooting yourself in the foot so much
How do you propose that anon? What does that look like??? Please impart us with your wisdom.

No. 798339

File: 1620105020709.png (40.39 KB, 449x512, high-five-teamwork-woman-icon.…)

the most based nonnalinas ily

there's more than one anon in here who can see through the patriarchy, silly goose

> having a scrote propose and pick you is literally the opposite of pickmeism
you're the one embarrassing yourself with your backwards logic. just give it up and go make out with your fiance. you have a 50/50 chance of ending up divorced someday so I sincerely hope you enjoy yourself while you still can.

No. 798340

>so I sincerely hope you enjoy yourself while you still can
You can't even let anons sincerely enjoy a positive vent post on lolcow, your misery shows through your lies.

No. 798343

it will feel so good to get back out there again, like being reborn. progress is not linear. this is just a long stretch of a bumpy road. you can get yourself together again and then some. who knows, maybe things will be even better than before. I'm wishing that for you.

No. 798346

File: 1620105545658.png (27.5 KB, 840x180, cope harder.png)

No. 798350

I'm sorry anon I laughed very hard at this. Maybe he should wear a condom on his tongue

No. 798351

>get into relationship with man
>everything goes great, you really love eachother
>you'd like to spend the rest of your life with him and he would too
>want to have a wedding because you like the idea and look forward to the party and dress and everything
>get married
>besides the tax benefits this also means you can choose to work less hours because of the financial security
>eventually stuff happens and you want to divorce
>if in the meantime either of you chose to work less to manage the household they're eligible to receive compensation to keep afloat financially
>this way the divorce won't leave either party at rock bottom money-wise

I just don't understand how the hell all of that could be equated to pickmeism. If anything investing everything in a bf who doesn't want to get married and can simply leave at any moment seems like the more pickme thing to do. Like what happened with Shoe0nhead.

No. 798353

idk but I saw anon venting about how her bf just told her about the surprise, and ruined it for her (even if its a happy thing)

Take a deep breath and let it go please

No. 798354

File: 1620105785014.png (19.29 KB, 662x297, see definition 2.PNG)

Nta but excitement can be a strong emotion. It doesn't necessarily have to be negative

No. 798355

File: 1620105821144.jpg (345.96 KB, 1080x1651, To Vent.jpg)

Lmao go away.

No. 798356

File: 1620105927899.jpg (69.78 KB, 735x1040, a0520ef2a90a5292a3833ce6051f4a…)

>eats bread and cake on the weekend
>Bloated and in pain for two days and on going
Carbs and gluten, not even once for my shitty, broken body

No. 798357

> provide with an outlet for air, gas, or liquid
now I understand why y'all keep shitting up the thread

No. 798360


No. 798363

File: 1620106662230.png (45.15 KB, 328x218, 4832094730275043257043.png)

Mostly I've been doing okay lately, definitely better than in the past as I'm a couple months out of an abusive relationship. But I keep looking back every now and then, and since the haze of gaslighting, stonewalling and love bombing has faded away, I'm recalling tons of stuff I put up with then suppressed. Like holy shit, his attitude was bad and the ways he treated me were absolutely horrendous. I worked so hard to go the extra mile for him and treated him like a king, and I got absolutely shit on in return. It makes me furious but mostly I just feel so, so embarassed. I can't believe I put up with those things. At some point I had standards, but I was won over by a month (barely even that!) of charm and sweet words before it all went to hell. Fuck I was really mentally fucked to have ever accepted that. I can't wait until it's been long enough that I can just forget most of these things ever happened. Ugh… it makes me want to shrivel up and disappear sometimes. I'm never going near scrotes again. I can't even trust myself anymore.

No. 798376

File: 1620109179133.jpg (29.02 KB, 481x524, Chj9xqfW0AASQ5m.jpg)

>trying to get more comfortable with my sexuality
>follow wlw nsfw sub
>most posts are from mtf

I followed it to look at tits and pussy, not ugly ass dicks. sigh

No. 798378

You should have known tbh

No. 798380

File: 1620109800207.jpeg (69.71 KB, 730x768, 49818688-8883-4EEF-9995-03E754…)

I can only coom thinking of my ex. He has taken my only pleasure from me, fuck that beta numale faggot.

No. 798386

I feel so frustrated… I've had a little trouble walking lately due to health problems and, when my mom asked me about my plans for today, I just vented about how it's going to be a hassle to walk from my room to the printer in our house. She said she could move the printer into my room. I KEPT insisting, no, I just wanted to tell you what's on my mind, please don't, I'm not asking for anything. Later I go to my room and the printer is set up there. My mom comes in to ask if everything's ok and… obviously she went through the trouble of moving the printer into my room, even when I didn't ask her to… I honestly felt I had no right to complain. I just thanked her. I wish I didn't feel so disrespected and ungrateful. I can't explain why I feel unhappy about this interaction. I cried a little bit just now out of frustration.

No. 798398

I know that like I guess it’s not the worst thing in the world to be single but like I’m 29 and haven’t ever been in a decent relationship with a man or a woman and it’d be nice to have someone like play with my hair and sleep in my bed with me because I can’t fall asleep

And someone to split rent with because honestly fuck all of this everything is so expensive now and I’m so poor with no career and just barely getting my bachelors degree sigh

I sad

No. 798415

Just heard that Bill and Melinda Gates are divorcing.

Now, I don't like either of them, but this is the saddest news in a while.

It was comforting, believing that there was something akin to true love even at that level.

But nope, it's all cynical asshole humans everywhere.

No. 798418

It feels like me and my boyfriend aren't connecting in a way that makes me feel fulfilled.. He insists he loves me but it's like something is missing. I feel like I don't have room in his life. It feels like anytime I try to have a genuine heart to heart, I'm met with disappointment because he never takes me seriously and instantly gets snappy when I'm not happy with his vague responses. I just want to FEEL loved instead of just being told I'm loved.

No. 798419

Girl same. Worst thing is that he wasn't even attractive at like all… Romance brain is hell. All I got as a recc is trying to think of the general sensations and pretending your brain is blind to try and work around seeing their gay little beta faces. God help us both.

No. 798420

>Bill and Melinda Gates
>True love
They’re literally lizards anon.

No. 798422

File: 1620116920088.jpg (43.22 KB, 674x338, Jordan-Peterson-Room.jpg)

I haven't cleaned my apartment in 6 fucking months. I'm so ashamed of myself. Sometimes I'm scared something will happen to me or I'll die and people will find me in this mess and see how pathetic I was

No. 798423

Their marriage has always been miserable, Melinda mentioned it in an interview before. Bill works 16-hour days and barely spends time with his family and he's a cheapskate who has said that his kids aren't going to get a cent of his money so I can't imagine it being that wonderful.

No. 798424

Who the fuck is he going to leave it to then? The dog?

No. 798427

Thinking about it, that's almost worse than cheating. Like the guy is so fucking autistic he prefers working to being with his wife.

No. 798428

>nsfw wlw leddit sub
>expects it to be anything more than trannies
I envy your naivety anon

He's giving it all away to charity iirc and his kids are pretty secured with positions in their foundation, they've received the best private schools money can buy and at least the eldest daughter goes to Stanford. He's also bought them expensive property so they will be living cozy reptilian lives even without the full inheritance.

No. 798433

>be Melinda
>marry a billionaire
>sign a prenup
>need to somehow get to this money
>convince him to put it all in a charity foundation under their joint names
>divorce him

She's a genius.

No. 798436

I've played a video game that was supposed to be a "modern take on beauty and the beast" story; female protag gets brutally beaten up multiple times within the first hour of the game, also by the "beast" character that beats her up, kidnaps her and then later beats her up multiple times in captivity too. Went to check if theres anyone condemning the excessive violence in the comments and … nothing. Not a word. One scrote asking if there will be more nudity in the full game (it was a demo). Why are people like this.

No. 798438

File: 1620119611767.jpeg (79.84 KB, 750x725, FBB0134D-DB67-4D8A-842D-64C2D5…)

I’m so sick of being so stifled and sheltered. I want to see the world, I want to meet interesting people, I want to get hurt, I want to learn. Why was I born into this gay woman hating culture, I’m treated like a perma infant.

No. 798439

Brilliant scheme. Melinda is a queen.

No. 798442

Muslim or Hindu?

I keep my room tidy but I haven't dusted since I moved in 2 years ago.

No. 798453


Tbh though I don’t blame her but she probably realised what an evil fuck he is

No. 798461


I hope you told him. He deserves to be humiliated about that shit, disgusting. I used to find the same thing when I lived at home with my brothers and their first reaction would be "I flushed it!!!" what kind of mutant shits are you having that one flush didnt even make a dent?!

No. 798462

kek even subreddits like "ladybonersgonewild" aimed at straight women are full of obviously gay men commenting on men's images, women just do not spend hours curating porn and hornyposting under user submissions.

No. 798464

File: 1620123623467.png (56.06 KB, 598x408, Screenshot_2021-05-04 Megan K …)

He was always a sociopath and she was always in it for the money and status.

Fact that he had the gal to ask, and the fact that she agreed speaks volumes about the both of them.

These elites are always fucked up humans, lizard people indeed.

No. 798470


one thing I didnt realise until recently was that those long, redundant quizzes that a lot of retail/fast food places make you do is actually trying to weed out people that are too smart, rather than too dumb. A lot of questions are customer service common sense but those questions about unrelated subjects like "do you think everything is relative?" "do you think about the meaning of life?" are trying to assess "is this person going to get bored of this job and move on really quick?" Also don't be afraid to lie, if you're planning on going into higher education or another career path later down the line they don't have to know that, just cosplay your best shill and don't feel guilty about fucking them over, because the turnover rate in those industries is so high that you're just a number to them anyway. Good luck nona!

No. 798478


i feel for you anon, i used to come across so many micromanaging assholes in hospitality but since i worked for a third party staffing agency i usually wouldnt have to see them again. Its probably the only time in their life they feel like they have authority and it all goes to their head. I always try not to befriend people at work in those kinds of jobs because they always turn out to be nutjobs and food service is stressful enough without adding personal relationship drama on top of it.

No. 798480

Muslim sadly

No. 798483

This professor is driving me crazy.
I spent a whole year attending his class and the final project is 100% of the grade.

I completed it successfully and submitted it successfully and was hoping for a good grade.

7 days later no reply
14 days later he emails me saying I will get feedback by the weekend
10 days later and still no answer.
On Saturday I sent him an email saying I have not received any feedback yet.
Also still no reply.

I have no clue what to do at this point. I invested so much effort into his class and I deserve a fucking A+++++ since I learned everything perfectly and my project exceeded his expectations as her the last meeting we had.
I'm going to be pissed if he doesn't give me a straight A.
But I want feedback ASAP.
The anxiety over this shit has caused me to become depressed.

No. 798485

File: 1620125814631.png (70.65 KB, 500x300, damn-bitch-you-live-like-this-…)

I'm picrel. Idk how to stop being a messy bitch. I hate myself and am ashamed. I try to keep it clean but after deep cleaning my apartment two days max and I'm back at my old dirty glory. I have a full room just with clothes all over the floor and every where. Im telling myself I'll do it tomorrow but of course I don't. I just want to throw away 90 percent of my belongings because idc for most of it. Fuck it I do it now

No. 798487


it pisses me off when professors do that, usually they guilt trip us with "oh i have so many other classes to grade" or the worst "i have a lot of late submissions coming in so it will take longer" i shouldn't be penalised for my other classmates who cant submit on time, you're 50 years old and been lecturing for decades, you should know how to manage your time better.

No. 798488

I know you're not asking for advice but I'm a chaotic bitch too and what helps for me is returning something to where it should be every time I go to a different room. So if I'm going to the kitchen I bring my empty cup with me, if I'm leaving my bedroom I take some clothing with me that needs to be put in the basket etc. Doing things as you see them instead of letting it accumulate makes a world of a difference and requires almost no time! At the end of the day I also just take a couple of minutes to go through the rooms to clean things up and put things back. I have a notification set up on my phone to help me remember do it and keep the habit going. Nowadays I don't end up with a pigpen that needs to be deepcleaned every damn weekend.

No. 798490

my only pride is never having clothes on the floor (except for random socks) but same. i take so long to clean and whenever i do clean my place i feel so stupid. it takes an hour MAX to get the whole place looking much more liveable. i hope we can begin our marie kondo slay era soon.

No. 798495

File: 1620127136120.jpg (36.72 KB, 485x373, 663c01e9dc4e211b5379cc9e66b134…)

My life is just a constant cycle of:
> feeling ok with being a lesbian
> feeling ashamed of being lesbian
> deciding I should transition because I am womaning incorrectly by being butch and then I can be a Totally Hetero Normal Guy
> realising that's fucking retarded and feel intense shame for both being gnc and lesbian
> rinse, repeat

No. 798499

Thank you for the advice. I always try to do it but fail after a day. Im going to set a notification and hope that will make a difference.
I read kondos book some time ago and you and I will make her proud soon. Actually went through throwing away a lot already and found some cool things I didn't know existed. Now back to the work

No. 798502

I fucking despise catholic hospitals, any catholic medical associations, any shit like that, catholics shouldn't fucking be allowed to run anything but their churches
fuck catholics

No. 798507

Lolol this might be a dumb suggestion but maybe try dental dams? I know it's not the same but it's actually not that bad– I've tried them and you can still feel the heat and pressure from his tongue. He can use them as training wheels and work his way up to your raw cooch

No. 798508

File: 1620130055575.jpeg (71.46 KB, 749x741, 021F3BE2-3B81-471B-84C0-F6AF6B…)

seriously scared that I’m probably not real like wtf am I then

No. 798513

am very much in the same boat anon. i love you and you will find self acceptance soon

No. 798514

File: 1620130793734.jpg (47 KB, 833x768, 14762751.jpg)

i love you too anon, we're gonna make it.

No. 798516

I think if I had a bf who did this I'd dump him. I couldn't help but think he was either pornsick or gay. If he really thought oral in general was gross he wouldn't let you do it to him. How can you call yourself a man if you can't even eat pussy? Plenty of lesbians do it without crying and gagging. Men are pathetic.

No. 798519

call him gay tbh

No. 798521

Bit of a false dichotomy there, there are other options besides buying Star Wars toys for a scrote and legally binding yourself to a scrote in exchange for a ring. Don't be ridiculous, you know there are other options.
Also, it's a bit NLOG to assume that you'll be the one woman who knows better than all other divorced women who ended up financially worse than the man after divorce.
Do whatever you want, but don't kid yourself.

No. 798523

Straight women have it really hard damn

No. 798528

Someone should tell the widdle baby pwince that the texture of his dick ain't that of a gourmet meal either. He's either so selfish that he never gave head and that caused him to be unfamiliar with the texture or he's gay. Either way you shouldn't do for him things that he doesn't do for you. Have you told him that his being picky makes you feel fucking miserable and gross? Shouldn't he be made to feel guilty?

No. 798530

You girls need to stop dating scrotes and pray you are born a lesbian in your next life jfc

No. 798532

Retarded advice

No. 798535

Not your fault when he doesn't like pussy and is closet gay.
If he doesn't eat your pussy, he isn't a real men.

No. 798537

I have terrible palpitations after eating sweets, jesus I struggle to breathe

No. 798541

File: 1620133719176.jpg (77.24 KB, 525x792, 34509837_1543365012453446_7973…)

I live in the shithole South and I pretty much dress like picrel. Everyone's super Christian and obsessed with traditional values. I avoid wearing feminine things/wearing makeup/performative femininity so people like to say sexist and homophobic things to me.

No. 798545

Ok I need to know cause I never interacted with one of you before.

Why? I don't get it? Why do you dress like a complete retard? Like, why?

I don't mean any disrespect. I am just completely baffled.

No. 798546

Nta but maybe we stereotypical feminine women are the ones dressing like retards? I mean if you think about it we're the ones painting our faces and wearing not the most comfortable clothes or shoes to look cute

No. 798547

Congrats to that anon but it makes me think of my terrible first time engagement. I was working flat out and my dad even had to help my bf because he was so socially inept at getting a job and being a functional person. My dad literally would put money in my bfs account so he could pay some bills so my entire wage didn't have to go on rent, food and our bills. He started getting tight over the electric and all of a sudden bought an old BMW, a new gaming computer etc. All from my dad's money and unemployment. He made a big deal about me asking for a week off and wrote out an iterniery for the week. It was cute in hindsight but 3 days into it was our 5 year anniversary and we always went to pizza hut as a joke each year and did something else. That year we went to pizza hut and then he proposed to me with a man made diamond he bought off amazon that was far too big, but that was OK, it was so cheap he was able to overnight the same ring in the correct size. I ended the engagement after he assaulted me when we were in the process of buying our first home together and not renting. He had finally got a job as a seasonal forestry worker. He regularly would choke and hit me and that day he attacked me on my lunch break from work. I had only been at this new job for a few months and it was a step up because I needed to constantly be making money and I had to go in after he attacked me (I was bloodied and bruised all around my face) and it was the most harrowing experience of my life.

No. 798548

>one of you
Fucking kek, I promise you we probably aren't that different from each other. I just think it looks cool. It also reflects the music I listen to, which has had a big impact on my life. People have wildly different tastes, I see people wearing things I think look really uncomfortable or things that look bad to me all the time but I don't say anything to them or try to figure out why they wear it. There's nothing to "get" about just wearing what you personally like.

No. 798549

8 years ago my husband (of 2 years) broke up with me by text. He moved his stuff out while I was out, offered me no explanation and besides that text he just ghosted me. Our shared lease, shared bills…my problem to sort all that out. My mom had just died. I was overwhelmed, isolated and honestly close to topping myself. I got through it though. Never got any answers on why he left or why he went about it in such a cowardly way.

Today my dad got a letter for me. I'm old and settled enough that I don't ever get mail at my dads house anymore..so I knew it had to be divorce papers. On the anniversary of my moms death too! Yay!

No. 798550

you look cool as hell
>Nta but maybe we stereotypical feminine women are the ones dressing like retards

No. 798552

that's so beyond fucked, i'm so sorry. i hope you're doing alright, and i sincerely hope he lives the rest of his life painfully miserable and alone, what the fuck

No. 798553

jesus christ anon i'm so sorry. i hope the divorce process is swift and easy and you can move on with your life and heal.

No. 798561

File: 1620135052241.jpg (29.05 KB, 236x656, 2803f9e7f2eb88d5be9296ab267e41…)

I just know you wear shit like pic attached

No. 798563

Your ex-husband is a piece of shit, tell him that from me, nonny.
Stay strong.

No. 798564

> I never interacted with one of you before.
>Used lolcow

No. 798570

Girls like these are 100% beckys

No. 798572

I hate how in this outfit the purse doesn’t work at all, it’s so annoying.

No. 798575

File: 1620135728754.jpeg (138.31 KB, 981x662, 1620050748300.jpeg)

When I was 11, I knew I was a manhating lesbian. But my abused and conditioned mom always told me "not all men". And told me to give them a chance.

Well, I did. Once. But today I gladly say, I am a 25 year old manhating bisexual. Yes all men. All of them. They're all the same no matter the flavor or character they play. I even bowed to myself not to have male friends ever again, not any that could get too close to me anyways. So I happily say to myself:

Welcome back.

No. 798576

sPeCiAl SnOwFlAke WoW

picrel is also wearing make-up and eyeliner and I doubt wearing all black leather in the south is comfortable.

Really hate "not like other girls" bitches and your desperate need to feel special. Being "not like others" is cope for not having a personality and being unlikable, so you dress like a clown and say "people don't like me cause I'm different" when in fact people don't like you cause you're obnoxious.(infighting)

No. 798577

The whole outfit is trash, anon

No. 798578

That's fucking awful but how does that relate to anyone else's experience with marriage? Your relationship was fucked up from the beginning. Obviously marriage just made it worse since you were chained to an abusive scrote who mooched off you and beat you for his satisfaction. It doesn't make sense that people pick the worst people to spend their lives with and try to use it as a "gotcha" that marriage in general is awful.

No. 798580

do you also put your middle finger up at the preps?

No. 798585

picrel yes (isn't that a guy?) but anon herself said she doesn't wear makeup. And idk about south weather I'm not even from the us.

No. 798586

I never married him anon, we were highschool sweethearts and got together when I was 15 and he was 18. He use to come to my highschool and visit me at lunch and no one thought it was weird lol. I wanted to move out of my ma's ASAP so I got a job and found an apartment and he had a job at my dad's company at that time. He ended up quitting but my dad took a likening to him. He wanted to be an artist and my dad commissioned a few things from him and helped him make a website to sell from and tried to help him start a business. When my dad saw that our relationships was physically abusive he got me therapy and it took a few months but I finally ended it. It just made me remember cause I remember my ex getting excited about our time off together cause he was planning on becoming my ball and chain lol

No. 798587

>Really hate "not like other girls" bitches and your desperate need to feel special. Being "not like others" is cope for not having a personality and being unlikable, so you dress like a clown and say "people don't like me cause I'm different" when in fact people don't like you cause you're obnoxious.
Sounds like you have a problem while OP is just enjoying her life and the clothes that appeal to her. The whole
>you have no actual personality!!! opposed to me, who wears socially acceptable clothes!!!
is such a cope

No. 798591

File: 1620137006474.gif (1001.6 KB, 350x250, war.gif)

oh my god I don't care that the fortnite devs didn't put the old star wars skins in the store for may 4th. how are you and so many other people so upset about this holy crap please get over yourself. I hate to be a bitch but I want to just pull a picrel on your ass instead of pretending to give a shit and act like this is a normal thing to get upset over

No. 798592

Sorry anon, I can't fucking read.

No. 798594

I'm the anon you replied to, and I see nothing wrong with that style, I don't understand why you're getting harrassed.

No. 798596

How the fuck is alternative and goth fashion a NLOG thing? Because I'm pretty sure women have been a part of that subculture since day one. Be real, Becky. You're just mad as fuck that you probably spend an impractical amount of hours doing your makeup, hair, and picking out clothes to appear socially acceptable and want to lash out at women who are comfortable in their own skin because they make you insecure about your choices.

No. 798597

Who's the artist of that pic?? I love it

No. 798599

Dressing for scrote's approval isn't a personality trait, nonita

No. 798601

People still care about Fortnite? I thought even young zoomzoom abandoned it by now.

No. 798603

Seeing someone liking different/non-mainstream things is so confrontational to you because deep down it makes you face a believesystem and a world you don't want to question. There's literally no other reason to have such a strong, hateful reaction to someone who doesn't fit in with the masses.

No. 798605

File: 1620137898718.jpeg (31.54 KB, 600x655, Ed3WVEEVoAA83CA.jpeg)

Based anon

>Lolcow user condescending to others over fashion
You're the female version of this, lmao. Imagine having to LARP that you fit in (and getting mad that others don't do the same), and even forcing yourself to continue the sad failed normal person roleplay on an an anonymous imageboard instead of just doing your own thing. Your insecurity is on full blast.

No. 798609

File: 1620138301304.jpeg (152.29 KB, 640x932, E4F7BA3D-1CD0-4449-998E-32B706…)

No. 798617

Don't eat licorice

No. 798622

Of course, anon

No. 798635

Sometimes i feel like I'm the one at fault for being alone in a world full of people. I'm just too scared, I'm very extroverted but i cut ties very easily so people can't control me, it's so contradictory, now i understand why nobody talks to me, maybe they wanted to reach to me but they thought i was good by mysel…i actually feel so alone.

No. 798640

You may be at fault for your current situation but that also means you have your life in your hand and you can change it. I was in a similar situation and working on getting out of it. Let me tell you that it's possible

No. 798642

My mother catfishes people on FaceBook and I know that must mentally fuck her up to be close to people but not truly close to them as it all lies but the thing is she's so verbally and emotionally abusive to me that I just… don't want to help her. She's fucked me up too much for that. Fucking rot, bitch. I don't care if it's a dick move. I am not helping that woman.

No. 798643

finally started making okay money after graduating during the pandemic this December after a really rocky year. I lost my cat of 13 years and because of the isolation I feel like I haven't been able to really share it with my friends/family and it just hasn't been the best year. I feel robbed of my graduation after all the work I did. Of course my car broke down before I'm supposed to see my family this weekend as a small grad party and its gonna cost me over my months rent to fix. I'm happy I'm at a place where I can afford to fix it but it just feels cruel after this shit year right when I felt ready to spend a little disposable money on myself. I'm just kinda over everything

No. 798645


I tend to do that in friend relationships too anon, honestly i think it stems from family disfunction idk if that rings true for you. Count your blessings you are naturally extroverted and use that to your advantage where you can. small things like compliments or remembering little facts about people really goes a long way. wish you luck

No. 798652

so this is ban-worthy for infighting but >>798605 isn't even tho it is pretty much exactly the same post?

Mods are really clowns and apparently dress to fit the job.(they were banned, retard)

No. 798662

i fucking hate my job!!!! The first time i speak to my manager properly in two weeks cos i'm scheduled in when everyone else in my team is offline and i'm being interrogated about every minute of my working day. Pulling up time stamps of every file i open and how long i accessed it for. Every aspect of our job is micromanaged and you guys are gonna go off on the fact i took 10 minutes to breathe and go take a piss!!! they have probably spent thousands if not millions on wages when a good 60% of the time there are no calls for us to work on yet you wanna go off at me for logging out 2 minutes before my scheduled shift end? A joke.

No. 798672

>choose 5 random tv shows/movies to watch
>all have major male characters whose wives/love interests are 14-20 years younger than them
I'm so tired of this bullshit. Why is this considered a norm

No. 798674

Because the people who get to decide/are in charge are 90% men (that's an arbitrary number but you get what I mean).

No. 798677

Spoilers for Old Boy
It ended up being justified, but boy did I roll my eyes in the first part of the movie.

I only ever tolerate this trope if the man is rich and the woman a gold digger. What young woman could want those balding old fucks for anything other than their money?

No. 798680

Congrats on the good stuff and I'm sorry about your car. Hopefully it was a little ironic joke, like it won't get worse than that. Your life's on the up now nonny!

No. 798693

My life has no meaning anymore. I'm so overworked but I absolutely can't quit. I don't have anyone that would cheer me on. No one to appreciate me. I don't know what I'm living for.

No. 798697

I'll cheer you on: keep on living, keep on trying! I believe in you. Things can only get better!

No. 798698

I just want the pain to stop ughhhhhh

No. 798699

I wonder if we're all lonely women waiting for someone to take care of us

No. 798700

When men see no more value on you they hurt you and leave, so we have to learn to become comfortable with ourselves first and know our value

No. 798702

I think a lot of us are. Maybe we don't know that yet, but I think that desire is buried deep within us all, surely?

Idk man maybe I just want a MILF gf and it's not that deep.

No. 798703

File: 1620146087789.jpg (Spoiler Image, 108.95 KB, 1680x1050, 261534a5888cbcb1399937a0403f01…)

>ding dong
>"Farmer are you there?"

No. 798704

Thank you anon

I know its a bad idea to befriend managers ay work, but im terrible at setting boundaries and its mostly been her behind our 'friendship' if it can even be called that. She never really calls me if she doesnt have a favor she needs. She also is always complaining about how people think shes their friend, even though she's the one who is overly friendly with them in the first place.

No. 798705

I'm constantly craving sugar and despite eating lots of sweets I'm losing weight. I always feel weak and sleepy. What do you think is going on with me? Can I have some parasites or something? I don't have insurance and I'm short on the money rn so going to a doctor would be kinda hard

No. 798706

Why do we fall for low value men? Men that we think we can fix and they will love us back. But they never even wanted us, they use us, men can't love, only hunt. Women love and are nurturing. It's in our nature. They only know how to cum and destroy.

I genuinely think they have a corrupted soul, to be born male means you are here to destroy. They love hurting. And then they move from pickme to pickme and destroy them until they settle for someone they can manipulate into staying and can fuck everyday. It is all the same. I dont wish happiness on scrotes.

No. 798713

>I always feel weak and sleepy. What do you think is going on with me?
Some people feel very sleepy after eating carbs/sugar. Maybe you should try a keto or short term fasting diet.

No. 798720

I'm sorry for no contribution and changing the topic (I agree with you btw) but "cum and destroy" would make a really funny t-shirt

No. 798735

File: 1620148241907.jpg (108.77 KB, 429x640, 0c3e87d7127bdbae4a8dcfac73bb6a…)

I need to be in nature. I love the city but even just looking at pictures of forests and mountains and lakes makes my heart hurt. I think about how 98% of my life has been spent in manmade structures, walking on concrete, in air-conditioning and yet all of my favorite memories in life are going camping, going on a hike, or just sitting in nature. I look out my window and there isn't a single tree. It's brick, concrete, stone, wires. No one finds it odd? We are undeniably connected to earth and yet how do we interact with it on a day to day basis? By eating meat? I'm not trying to sound like a woo woo hippie ecofeminist but I feel like I am missing something important every single day I live in the city. I went to my friends house the other day where she has a tiny paved backyard. I asked if she wanted to sit out there for a bit since it's finally warm and she was so hesitant "because there are flies." When we sat out there she flinched every time a bug flew by and was almost in a fetal position after 5 minutes. No one is scared of average little bugs in a normal environment. It felt depressing. I try to talk about this longing for nature with people around me but I have no one in my life that agrees. Everyone says they couldn't live outside of a big city. No one is excited when they think about going hiking or camping or moving to the countryside. Everyone gets worried about bugs, ticks, heat, cold, inconvenience, no bathrooms, bad wifi. I don't blame them or think they're bad people for not wanting it but it makes me scared. Preserving nature seems to be low on mankind's to-do list, everything that is built to convenience us as humans pulls us further from the landscape, 'outdoorsy' people are just a minority of people while 'outdoors' is most of the planet. I'm repeating myself but yeah. Long story short because of my partner's work I cannot live where I want to and I'm stuck in the concrete jungle for now, but maybe something will change someday.

No. 798737

File: 1620148292001.jpg (90.39 KB, 719x510, 1619933601947.jpg)

i miss my abusive ex. no reason. i feel like i cried every other day because of him. but i guess i liked how he had full control of my life vs now that i have to handle things myself.

i know him and he must be seeing someone else cause he needs to have that control over someone always. and even if he was single i couldnt date him cause all my friends and family wanted him out of my life and bringing him back would be a disaster. plus, he would never contact me after that messy fucking breakup and if i contacted him he would proably tell me to fuck off. i miss him though. i shouldnt. i miss him though.

No. 798738

My anxiety and agoraphobia are getting so bad my boyfriend is bribing me with money to try and get me out of the house and interacting with people. No money for me though because I cried about getting the mail.

No. 798741

I understand this so much. I was chatting with a friend yesterday and she told me she hadn't been out of the city in over 6 years. I was shocked! She has time, money, and a vehicle too.

No. 798743

Nonnie let's go camping. Or just live in nature for a while. Let's throw our bonds to cities away for a year and actually live and breathe. What a dream.

No. 798752

I hate having anxiety so much, it makes me feel like dying and I can't do shit I need to do; feels like I have 0 stability. What can I do about this??

No. 798753

can I come too?

No. 798788

I wish I had friends. Friends to talk to about my hobbies, or anything else. I feel like I'll be alone all my life.
The worst is I'm in a relationshion ship that I cannot end for reasons, and even if I'm in good terms with him I can't share what I like or love because he doesn't care. I feel so lonely. I want to off myself but I don't want to leave my dog alone with him. I just wish I could talk to someone.

No. 798799

Do you have family to reach out to? You sound miserable anon, there's no good reason to stay in misery. Why wouldn't your boyfriend want to talk to you? What the hell does he talk about?

No. 798818

I don't have any family left since a decade and it's just that we dont have the same interests. It's probably my fault too. I usually listen to what he have to say, but if I talk about my interests it's the same reaction, just listening.

No. 798824

19 days of this hell left and i’m out!!! But why am I not working hard??? Why am I binge eating and excessively online shopping??? I only have to work hard for a couple more weeks what’s wrong with me!!

No. 798826

File: 1620153844208.jpg (33.11 KB, 462x235, forest_terfs.jpg)

Look into (green) anarchism. There are a lot of people out there who just want to live in nature, away from the capitalist ratrace and concrete jungles. Yeah, many people just don't get it, or only want to get away temporarily, so they don't really get it, but more and more people are starting to feel the way you do. Thanks to late stage capitalism, the lockdowns, climate stress, etc. There's nothing wrong with sounding like a woo woo hippie ecofeminist. They're based and right with regards to a lot of things. I've found sane non woo woo women in those circles. We've formed a hiking group and hopefully we can move to the countryside soon.
Pic vaguely related primitivism is a bit of a meme, it's not the standard green anarchism, but bc it's a meme, there are more memes of it

No. 798829

Sorry to hear that. You mentioned that even on good terms he doesn't communicate. If you guys are good now or in the future try and talk to him about it. Maybe he feels similar to you and if you both open up maybe you could both help each other with a solution?

No. 798839

I'm all for more eco-friendly lifestyle etc. but are those really ready for dropping all the advantages of living in a civilization? What if one of them gets cancer or other life-threatening disease? I guess they would just accept it instead of coming back home crying and asking for help?

No. 798842

All this talk of camping is making me salty as hell about being disabled. Like I probably could go camping but there would be so much planning involved and I would have to take so much precaution that it would just kill the vibe for me.

I'm happy for y'all forest terfs though. Go live your best lives amongst nature ily all ♥

No. 798845

You could be diabetic. My aunt developed diabetes and was only discovered after she lost a load of weight and was complaining of being dehydrated and low energy.

No. 798846

What’s your condition? If it’s not rude to ask

No. 798851

File: 1620156090028.jpeg (190.5 KB, 1256x1000, 62FF8A34-98D5-41CF-9A58-3250F8…)

Anon made me really want to vent about genshin impact

Why do they ship characters who probably aren’t even canonically gay (zonghli, ningguang, jean, lisa, childe, diluc, kaeya, albedo (like what the fuck? kek) which is already stupid and pointless. A lot of the fanbase and players are half surprisingly theybies/stan yas-bitches and half unsurprisingly twitch scrotes who have massive whale accounts. It’s so god awful, it’s like if you want to enjoy talking about the game and characters you have to decide to interact with rabid horny zoomers getting too invested and angry about fictional characters or technicalfags who take the game way too damn seriously and shit on those want the game to be slightly easier.

No. 798855

File: 1620156520260.jpg (718.23 KB, 1920x1278, Clent Hills campiste page 1.jp…)

It's not rude. I have a fucked up knee. The TL;DR is that I have to use a walking stick as one of my knee caps keeps rubbing up against the runners it's on (I cannot for the life of me remember the medical names for the parts) and coming out of place, which can range from mild pain from it poking out ever so slightly to full on dislocation. I've been doing exercises to strengthen the muscles there and having steroid injections which help, but it still makes hiking very hard. I'm also on a shit ton of painkillers and also have seizures occasionally so I would need someone to come with me for my safety really.

On a lighter note I have been considering going to a campsite like picrel. It's not really what I consider "proper" camping given the close proximity to other people and not being fully out in nature, but the accessibility is a huge plus and being closer to people works out good for me in case I have a seizure or something.

Sorry for the big paragraph, nonny.

No. 798866

>Why do they ship characters who probably aren’t even canonically gay
Because it's fun and cute?

No. 798875

>getting too invested and angry about fictional characters or technicalfags who take the game way too damn seriously

you mean like you are? i agree that genderspecials and twitter stans are annoying as hell but there's nothing wrong with thinking two fictional characters go well together and making content about that. who cares about fucking canon? it's just a way to have fun.

No. 798878

Anon camping is when you sleep in a tent, doesn't matter if yoi didn't do a big mad hike to set up your tent. A lot of people I've went camping with never like to hike, we would drive somewhere with easy accessibility to a camp site and then set up your tents and a fire and chill.

No. 798880

Very true. I just really miss being in a forest and larping like I'm out of the way of civilisation.

No. 798882

terrible way to ship, it’s either implied canon or just fanfiction porn

they will never be together anon, just stop lmfao

No. 798884

i've literally never played that game, i don't even know what fucking genre it is. chill out, retard.

No. 798891

Push through anon, I promise the pain is gonna pass. You got this!

No. 798894

>terrible way to ship
That's the way most people ship anon, even for het. Why does there only have to be one correct way anyway?

No. 798908

Yes I think of that too every time people say "oh to be a cottagecore maiden in a forest" there are many very good reasons people live in a society and build cities. Of course there are many faults with the way we live right now but I could never live isolated

No. 798912

Ironically if everyone dropped everything and went to live in the countryside it would become just as littered and polluted as the cities

No. 798918

File: 1620159271826.jpg (243.77 KB, 500x375, tres.jpg)

>tfw looking at pictures of when i peaked in 2016 mid 2019.

i was an adult so at least i didnt peak in high school but fuck it hurts. i need to get my shit together but i just im so weak now and im terrible at everything. i compare myself with back then and get really sad and discouraged and feel like shit

No. 798923

I know it's easier said than done but you gotta stop with the comparisons. I bet you're not even as bad as you think, our brains are just really fucking shitty sometimes. Just focus on what you want in life and pursue it. But take your time and don't put so much pressure on yourself. Stay strong, nonny. ♥

No. 798939

>work a job where I'm never appreciated, constantly picking up after other people's bs, and only addressed when I've done something wrong

Ugh, in the latest series of bullshit
>message work group chat that I will be running late because of errands and script pickup
>I had no meetings today and no work to do in the am
>1 hour and 30 minutes late to work
>manager has a 1:1 with me to tell me that my note was unprofessional and I'll have to document the hours to make it up even though I'm salaried and it's unspoken that I would
>same manager in the same chat let us know she was running errands at lunch the other day, had a surprise doc appointment in the am yesterday, and literally lets anyone else off the hook with bullshit fake excuses as long as they leave group notes

Well either way she has a target on my ass. The last time she nitpicked me it was over attire and made a shit comment about my weight. She makes me so angry. So many people left this role before I came along and now I know why.

No. 798945

this video https://youtu.be/FBejrkdv6v4 triggers me so much(embed)

No. 798956

I shouldn't have clicked on this, now I'm angry too. But he did loose against Judit Polgár, right ?

No. 798960

Funny I just had a post about Kasparov on my dash. He lost to a woman and also cheated during a match against her

No. 798967

kek he really thought he had something there

No. 799013

Can I come? I know how to weave baskets out of pine needles and would probably be good at foraging.

No. 799034

File: 1620164350344.jpg (151.61 KB, 1080x1080, w6r1tucg18761.jpg)

She's an asshole. Hang in there nona, don't let her ruin your day, she has obviously some issues.

No. 799046

>they will never be together anon, just stop lmfao
are you new to fandom or just retarded? the whole point of shipping is to have fun, nobody goes into it with the expectation that their otp is gonna become ~canon~ lol

No. 799054

No. 799056

Thanks anon. I'm such an asskisser lmao.
>oh that's fine that's absolutely fair!
>I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!
I don't give her the satisfaction to know that she peeves me, I just seethe in private.

No. 799057

christians bitch about being silenced how the media/liberals want to silence them but fuuuuuuck they wont shut up when you tell them nah im okay dont want to believe in magic sky daddy.

>if people read the bible as much as they used their phone more people would be godly and redeemed by god

oh my fuck shut up

No. 799073

I feel this. Every time my dad calls he asks if I believe in Jesus yet and when I say no, he says I'll come around soon. Then he asks if I want kids yet and I say no and he goes on this huge rant about how I'll be a Christian tradwife with kids soon enough and it makes me want to never speak to him.

No. 799082

Have you tried lying?
I have to deal with the same kind of nonsense except it's my mum who is the religious nutjob.
With regards to kids I say "I have not met the right one yet" and then she goes on a rant about how I'm too picky and don't know what I am doing and taking too long and I say I am doing my thing. But I think it gives her solace believing that I am trying.
With regards to Jesus I started saying "I worship him my own way", which also seems to shut her up.

No. 799084

the religious are dummy sensitive considering jesus was a brown man who told them to turn the other cheek and love thy neighbor

No. 799090

i find it a little sad that my dad is "friends" with people who will hang up on him in the middle of whatever he's saying. i also find it sad that he and my mother are apparently so lonely that they try to have conversations with/troll spam callers. don't see why they can't practice the lessons they taught me growing up and be quiet and alone

No. 799104

i had to yell at someone the other day which i've like neever done and it didn't feel good. it was completely warranted though. everyone watching me is a frequent yeller and were surprised by me like i went another step past them

No. 799108

Sounds kind of similar to my dad. He used to let in a Jehovah's Witness just for conversation, because he had no friends. My dad was absolutely not interested in being converted, but still wasted the poor guys time who felt he had a chance. Everybody needs and looks for friendly interactions even if they know it is all fake, it seems

No. 799112

It sounds like you had bottled up a lot before that happened. I used to be really quiet too, then when I started feeling a bit better I got into some fights with my family, which was horrible at the time. But eventually they all started respecting me and my boundaries more so it was worth it. Maybe you are also going through something like that and it will turn out better in the future?

No. 799132

going into my last year of university with no internships. barely made a resume and it has no relevant jobs. I don't even know what to apply to because I hate everything and I am not good at anything even if I have good grades. I end up forgetting everything I study once I take an exam. I think it is time for me to ctb. It's a mixture of this and a bunch of other problems that makes me thing that suicide is really my only option.

No. 799138

I'm so sick and tired of dealing with average to ugly looking beckies in my hometown and everywhere! People say beware of pretty girls but usually its the average/ugly looking ones. They are hella spiteful.

No. 799145

my insulin pump started beeping loudly and flashing in a quietish grocery store and everyone stared at me and I want to commit die now

No. 799158

None of this is particularly unusual for a graduating student or worth throwing away your only open sandbox avatar, don't kill yourself.

No. 799202

Going back to work since the furlough started soon, not really looking forward to it. One of my main annoyances is my coworkers - besides me, it’s basically older women. I’m kind of socially awkward, but I can talk and make conversation with them pretty well, even though it’s an effort. I feel like they all dislike me though, it’s not like they ever say anything, but there’s always a kind of disinterest whenever I talk. They often talk right through me or interrupt me a lot. Not to mention, they have extremely different morals/opinions than I do, which makes me not want to go into conversation with them more, but you have to be civil since you’re coworkers in a shitty service job.
Then in comes boys to work around my age, one of which is even more socially awkward and shy than me - and man, do all my older coworkers LOVE them. They swoon to them, constantly giving them the time of day, making sure they’re included, asking all sorts of questions and constantly praising them.
It’s just fucking annoying that I had to put so much effort into even keeping conversations with these women, whereas a boy can just walk in and be given so much support and attention. It makes me not even want to try anymore !

No. 799237

I'm just hoping that my mistakes don't cost me my mental health. If I can't get a job after graduating I'll most definitely end my life since I failed at the one thing everyone hoped I could achieve. It's just difficult to do anything at this point.

No. 799244

Due to my current life circumstances I've only seen a friend once in over half a year now. I have my mother and my boyfriend but I'm just so fucking lonely. My mental health has been bad for years but it's extra horrible lately. I'm trying to hold out for treatment and getting my first job + I'm half vaccinated but I'm truly struggling on the daily and afraid I'll snap one day and just try to end it honestly.

No. 799253

Old women generally are horrible, experienced that myself. I take it because you are young and beautiful. Taking their own insecurities on you darlz. Time for a new job, leave them to rot.

No. 799257

…..k scrote

No. 799275

This has been my experience in plenty of jobs too. I don't care if women coworkers are generally bitchy to everyone, but damn do they kiss male ass so fucking much. I swear if I had a set of balls my job would be so much easier too on the basis that mediocre men with their mediocre work are that much more praised. Women are criticized and put down so much more.

I don't really have advice for it, just wanted to let you know it definitely isn't one of those 'just you' situations.

No. 799279

my boyfriend was homeless due to a shitty home situation and my friend agreed to rent her spare room to him, so i've been over at her place helping him move in and such for the past few days. she keeps making jokes about sleeping with him. not that explicitly ofc, but enough that i noticed. stuff about how he's her best friend who's a guy ever and how with any other guy it would be weird because they would have sex but he's such a good friend she never even thought of him that way, except she clearly has because she's made so many of those comments that it struck me as being fucking weird. and i talked to him about it and realized she's only made said that stuff when it's just the two of us around. i'm not worried about him cheating on me with her because she's very unnatractive. i'm not sure if she even thought about how it would come across when she was making those comments or if she meant it to be reassuring to me, but i just found it… weird. it's weird to have my boyfriend move in with another girl anyway but i didn't even think of cheating as a possibility until she made sure to remind me, over and over, that cheating was a possibility i could be concerned about. i'm greatful for her to lending him a room on such short notice, but i'm also getting so sick of having to deal with this. and it's only been a few days. god help me.

No. 799282

Thirded. I've experienced this in every office I've ever worked in.

No. 799283

>i'm not worried about him cheating on me with her because she's very unnatractive
LOL. Famous words, anon. Famous words.
Your situation is beyond strange even if you want to give your scrote the benefit of the doubt and convince yourself that your friend is just super socially unaware.
Sorry but you really should have told him this was uncomfortable for you and told her she was being inappropriate.

No. 799286

Older women are ruthless. I don’t mean to derail and take away from your venting (honestly yes I do lol) but I’ve been reading up on stuff that explains your exact situation, and lots of the info I came across is always talking about how the perception of women in career and industry fields are skewed because we expect women to be extremely socialized: charitable, forgiving, nice, a doormat. I’m just so sick and tired of the stupid rebuttal from other fellow feminists that “women are allowed to be rude and mean too!! girlboss!” but the main reason why men are just so awful is because they lack conscientiousness, awareness, appreciation, compassion for the entire world. Our focus as women shouldn’t be to equalize the field by adopting the status quo’s behavior towards people and the world by being nasty and mean and demonizing what men see as soft which is literal empathy and pacifism. There’s a room for these women to be upfront, spunky, audacious without tearing other women down in an already shitty economic situation. It always boggles my mind why they can’t ever put their toxic energy to the scrotes they have to asskiss. Is that too much to ask?

No. 799287

Sounds like her friend is looking forward to sleeping with him anyway lol. Just kidding! Sort of. How long is he staying with her, why don't you stay too just impose yourself or make a joke to your friend that you should stay there since you and him can fit to make one person or something I'm very tired

No. 799293

Anons my bf made a comment about an actress in a show we both love. We both talk about male and female celebrities we find cute/attractive/ugly so it's no biggie in and of itself. This particular time we got talking about the most attractive characters from the show in rank, and his #1 was the butchy, badass chick. Which was fine, until I realized the next morning that the actress looks almost EXACTLY like his ex. Like strikingly similar. This ex was years ago but she tried to ruin our relationship several times since then. It's making me wildly jealous and insecure but at the same time, I feel I'm being unreasonable?

No. 799294

Get your scrote on a leash quick. It’s either dump it or leash it.

No. 799298

I'm not really sure if you should be associating a comment he made about an actress to his ex.
If he has a 'type' he could just find the look in general to be attractive without thinking about your ex in particular.
Sometimes I crush on male actors with long hair. Current bf has short hair. It doesn't mean I want my ex with long hair back, not in the least.

No. 799302

File: 1620189437552.jpg (32.18 KB, 500x500, Bob.jpg)

Aside from my bf, I feel so disliked by my friends, family, and coworkers all of the sudden.

I'd fix it if I knew what I did to deserve it. I'd cry about it if I knew being sad would change it. I'd call it out if I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that my perception was real and not just sensitivity and paranoia.
Instead I'm stuck in a melancholy that I can't name, and feel exhausted thinking about because it doesn't seem like there's anything I can do about it. I wish someone from any of those groups could just say an encouraging word, in lieu of the standard criticism or condescending remark.

No. 799308

It kind of goes without saying most people would find others with similar features to an ex attractive. Just because you're not with them anymore doesn't mean you never found or would stop finding them attractive. I mean, I hate my most recent ex's guts, but I still recognize that he's hot kek. But his look is not the only type I like nor would it supercede attraction to a current partner, because if you love someone it's not just base physicality but who they are which makes them alluring. Not saying you aren't pretty, just that liking one thing doesn't prevent you from also digging others.

No. 799315

File: 1620190464102.jpeg (23.62 KB, 400x400, 157B93F5-33DC-4A8D-8449-A351BA…)

How can it all go to shit so quickly… I might've had the worst day of my life today (so far)

No. 799317

File: 1620190677307.jpeg (1.08 MB, 2000x1500, 35713.jpeg)

>throwing away your only open sandbox avatar
Nta but you've made me see the light, anon. This is a wholesome outlook on life.

No. 799334

I agree, which is why I'm on the fence. However, he doesnt really like gnc women. Besides his ex and her, there are no others I'm aware of. Another thing is, it's not just styling and hair, they have the exact same facial structure even; jaw, chin, nose. The only thing that's a little off is the eyes. She looks so similar Its actually insane. I just feel like its irrational to get angry because it's -not- her and I cant be mad that my bf thinks/thought she was attractive.. that's why you date? Idk anons, ree or not ree

No. 799336

Holy shit I could've written this. Hugs for you, nonny. Just letting you know you're no the only woman going through this.

No. 799345

> i'm not worried about him cheating on me with her
> not because i know he's loyal but because she's ugly as shit
Great reason lmao

No. 799350

I’m going through a phase where I think about playing video games all day and then when I finally get to play them I don’t enjoy them and give up after like an hour. Why am I like this. Video games are the only thing I enjoy anymore and now I don’t even have that

No. 799366

Hang in there nonnie. Rest a bit, have a good snack, watch a nice video or movie and treat yourself after such a difficult day. You can push through.

No. 799370

What are yours and the other women you work with ages?

No. 799395

I might lose my job this year and I have no idea what to even apply for besides shitty customer service jobs that don't pay well.

God I hate being stuck in this town and poor.

No. 799407

What about applying for a secretary or being at a hotel reception? Both of those pay well where I'm from, are pretty low-stress and usually easy to get.

No. 799413

That's me with the sims, I think so often oh I should play the sims I'll build a beautiful house and a garden and I'll be a witch or whatever but when I'm playing I always end up disappointed because it's more magical in my head

No. 799424

File: 1620204393718.jpg (35.5 KB, 1024x644, 4hz3ur.jpg)

I'm going through the exact same thing and gaming is all that's keeping me from topping myself lately. I'm cycling through all my games desperately trying to squeeze a single hit of dopamine out them.

No. 799428

accidentally found one of my close friend’s alt twitter account where she’s presenting as a hardcore nazi white supremacist tradwife and i feel like i’m going through all the stages of grief at once and also an added stage of extreme cringe

No. 799429

Jesus, that's quite the alter ego. Admittedly I laughed reading that but just because it's literally the last thing I would expect when finding a friends alt that it just seems so absurd and far fetched. Do you know what you're gonna do about it yet?

No. 799430

i think i’m gonna have to straight up ask her if she’s a nazi and present screenshots lol it’s honestly too embarrassing i can’t be friends with someone in their late 20s acting like that

No. 799433

Yeah there's really no coming back from that. I have to ask though, did you ever suspect her? Or does she act completely the opposite? A lot of "trad" women have got exposed for sleeping around, drinking, drugs, etc. A lot of them really do seem to have a double life.

Good luck with it, nonny.

No. 799441

>go talk to people similar to you, you will see you're not the only one!
I do and it turns out they're still not as fucked up, useless and socially delayed and alienated like I am. It only makes me feel worse. I know that there are people more fucked up than me, logically there have to be, but I never met them.

No. 799442

that's why i never talk to people about my situation anymore. like yeah there's people out there who make me look high functioning, i'm sure, but they're hard to fucking find lmao.

No. 799450

man, looking at Worthikids makes me insecure as hell. He's so good at all these different types of animation and (although not as good) music.
I'm not really good at anything, let alone one thing in specific. I know comparison is the enemy of happiness but man it sucks to feel like I'll never truly find my thing like he has. I'm also on my period rn so I'm probably just sensitive because of that lol

No. 799451

i hate lolcow dead hours

im not in love, let me spend 28 hours on this site instead laughing at things god damn it!

No. 799455

Dont let it get to you, be inspired by how hard he must work to be good at so many things. It can be you too if you put enough effort and time in learning and practice.

No. 799480

Anon you're based as fuck, I hope you never change. Thank you for sharing

No. 799482

File: 1620213669738.jpg (56.95 KB, 460x440, b512rmbsh1211.jpg)

>someone buy item with shipping price listed
>send invoice, go out for the day
>receive message "is there a cheaper shipping option?"
>receive comment on other listing "I've pmd you"
>receive another message "can you meet up with my friend in your country?"
>in the span of 6 hours
>send new invoice with untracked shipping
>"sorry, wrong address on paypal, can you send it here instead"
>refund money, send new invoice

make it stop please

No. 799486

My mom was just diagnosed with breast cancer… We don't know the type and stage yet, biopsy results will come in 10 days. I don't know what to do.

No. 799491

I'm sorry anon. I can't imagine how difficult it must feel. If you have a good relationship with her, you should stay strong for your mom if you're able to do so.

No. 799499

Breast cancer is very survivable these days.
You just stay along her side, but don't worry too much. It will very likely be fine.

No. 799503

>talking about hormonal birth control to a female friend while we were eating with a few other male friends
>one guy starts talking about how male hormonal birth control is the same as chemical castration
>I correct him on the subject: chemical castration is about reducing libido, not contraceptive effects
>he disagrees, says Big Pharma is withholding a male contraceptive because sexism
>Big debate ensues where he basically changes his talking points midway
>I keep trying to correct him and I start getting heated
>he refuses to admit he is wrong about chemical castration being different from contraception
>our friends look at use like we are crazy and refuse to take part
>he ends up saying stuff about the contraceptive pill, about how it is incredibly sexist that women accept the side-effects and we should all realize we've been brainwashed about society to take it
>I try to talk about risk-benefit balance and how dangerous pregnancy is
>"That's sexist I can't believe you don't care about the inequalities between men and women. Why are you getting so heated anyway lmao I don't even care about this debate"

I should stop being so passionnate about correcting retarded takes in public. I know I need to drop that shit before I start getting angry. I still barely know what he wanted to say, I think he read an article about the pill and misunderstood it completely.

No. 799510

Is she actually a Nazi sympathiser or does she just have views that some non-nazis have but you don't agree with?

No. 799512

what's with men and attempting to explain sexism to women as if they ever have or will experience it themselves

No. 799513

the shinigami eyes extension is fucking hilarious. i love going through wikipedia and seeing which random pages and sources are marked as anti-trans.

No. 799538

Ah fuck. My period is late for literally the first time in my life and I definitely could have been more careful the other week….

No. 799539

I'm the most comfortable I have ever been with my body ever since I detransitioned after roughly 6-7 months of testosterone. I wish I had my old voice back but it's just lower now, it's still identified as a female voice. But it kinda hurts when I hear my old one in videos. I wish I had given radfem a chance before I transed though… Thankfully I was around 19 years old then and I won't have anymore of those embarrassing identity crisis because I'm very secure in being a woman now. I see people coming out as enby or genderfluid at 30 years old and it sounds so juvenile.

No. 799550

At least you've more insight on the topic than others since you've experienced taking hormones. Good luck on your journey of finding yourself

No. 799579

she nuked her twitter now but here are a couple tweets i had saved word for word

>overheard my husband last night call me a supremecist nazi barbie to his buddies

>i like to think i could grow my hair out like i did when i was young, but i also aspire to be a feminine yet slightly intimidating nazi mom with shoulder length hair

>if anyone calls you a nazi, simply ask them what makes you one. the answers will make you laugh!

also her bio said “white wife, white life”

the main source of irony being that her boyfriend hasn’t proposed to her because he’s jobless and can’t afford a ring. like the whole charade is bizarre on multiple levels.

we confronted her with it and she nuked though, not surprising.

No. 799588

i def am at a stage in life where im learning to be more confrontational and less of a doormat which i am every second of the day.
but when i yelled at this person it was bc of many reasons, the main one being her trying to kill my roommate. she replied, ver batim: "that was one time!"

No. 799590

If it isn't too intrusive can you tell us what changes stuck after your time on T? Aside from the voice of course.

No. 799602

I feel like everybody is always trying to teach me and tell me about shit. It must be the way I portray myself as laid back and joking so people think I'm done. I started getting angry and snapping at people with "I know" because it's starting to get annoying

No. 799604

i am so fucking embarrassed. i was chatting to my friend on discord (we both like each other and kind of flirt but we don't really talk about it.) he was eating oranges and said "god, i love these so much" but my half deaf dumbass heard "god, i love you so much" so i was like "well, i love you!!!" and he laughed at me and told me i misheard him. i want to crawl into a hole. i had to leave the call and go to bed

No. 799605

Top kek

No. 799606

Kek anon I'm so sorry

No. 799616

Holy shit if any other updates occur please let us know. That’s insane and very cringe

No. 799620

we followed her nazi account with fake burners so when she inevitably comes back (based on her tweets she'd had to deactivate multiple times already) we'll know but she's essentially been disowned by all our acquaintances and everyone was pretty horrified by it

No. 799623

Do any of you have experience with emotionally one sided friendships?
I had this friend who I loved but little by little I noticed we only ever talked about her. The things she read, series she saw, whatever interested her, but when I wanted to do the same I got answer like "I don't care too much about x thing" "i don't watch xx" or worse just one word answers. If we weren't talking about her the conversation died, when confronted about it she denied it and said it was all in my mind and that I was misunderstanding things.
Honestly a lot of times I felt like she sucked up all of my positive energy and gave nothing back, idk how to explain it but she left me emotionally drained without me noticing.
Then I stopped trying to reach out and she got really butthurt about it (even though she never makes an effort to write me first, ever, and when I did and the subject wasn't of her liking she could take hours or even days to reply)
I was baffled she would be this mad and hurt about it, specially when I had expressed my discomfort multiple times and even right before I stopped trying.
Until today she feels like she did nothing wrong and I am the bad one, I don't understand.

No. 799624

This is so cute hehe.

No. 799630

Does anyone here have their life together? Like you have a job, go to the gym, take care of your skin and you are independent? Like is it possible? I want to be an untouchable bitch and I need motivation.

No. 799632

kek bless you poor anon, I am sorry this happened

No. 799633

I feel lower in the warmer months. When the days feel longer I reflect on just how little I have going on in my life.

There's a comfort in that Winter 4pm darkness like 'oh look the day is over, better chill and do nothing' Whereas now I feel like such a waster. Like I should be doing something but there's nothing to do

No. 799673

Larger clit (but mine was small to begin with so now it's just bigger but still normal, nothing massive) and hair growing on places where it didn't previously like on my stomach, but now after my hormones have been in a normal level for more than a year it's a lot thinner.
I also had some sort of pube stache growing for some more months after I stopped T, but these too got very thin and they're barely noticeable but I still shave it sometimes just in case
I may be "lucky" because before T I already had very little body hair, I think someone with different genetics could have grown a beard in that time and that would have to be removed with laser shaving, also more leg and arm hair.

No. 799696

i hate asking to hang out with people because they always flake on my plans. Thats literally why i just wait until someone asks me to hangout because i rarely flake on people because i know what it feels like. But ive been hanging out more frequently lately and havent been flaked on in a while so I've been telling myself its all in my head and to start asking people to hang out again.
Tell me why I did this yesterday the person agrees and then proceeds to hint at the fact that they can no longer make it. Mind you they didnt hint it until 9 fucking pm. Luckily i knew that shit was gonna happen because it always does so after my shower i put pjs on lol. I started waiting until the person says they are leaving to get ready. I know its fucked up but id rather waste 5 mins of someones time rushing to get ready instead of this person wasting my whole fucking day. Self preservation or whatever. Anyway i'm really upset with myself more than the person. Like i knew this person treats me as the absolute last person on their list which whatever i deserve what i get at this point for knowing that and still entertaining them. Its just annoying because I knew that but i still gott my hopes up when they agreed to hang out but then some bullshit hijinks ensues on their end so they cant make it. Im so mad at me like bitch how dare you get your hopes up for this loser AGAIN. They always apologize and my dumbass believes that they'll do better. But fuck them. I really want to ask them to hang out one day and while they are making the drive to my house cancel on them right as they pull up. But i can never get to that point cuz im always getting flaked on LMAO. Anyway i can't wait to find someone that actually values my time. But i doubly cant wait till the day i get the balls to finally utilize the block button.

No. 799700

that's not fucked up of you at all. they make you wait all day. if you make plans, go do them without them. when they get confused, tell them they were late and you and whoever didn't want to wait up.
or address them personally, saying it makes you feel disrespected. if they change, good. if they don't, let's not waste our time on them

No. 799702

Lately I’ve been getting legitimately sad about not being a mermaid

No. 799705

i've had this phase too, after watching mermaid melody. i can't even swim.

No. 799706

I took T for about 9 months. My clit and voice are the only long term changes left behind all these years later. I like both changes though. The voice feels more fitting to me. I could've done without all the social embarrassment of changing back and forth and looking like a tard at that time but overall it worked out ok. If I hadn't tried it I don't know how else I would've shaken off the desire to explore that tbh. I feel like I had to live and learn.

But then I often see detrans women who had doubts only 6 months in too and just kept taking it for 3 years anyway.. I don't know how they power through doubts like that but at the end of it I feel for them.

No. 799727

I don't care if people want to wear fursuits but in the last few months I've watched a series of different vids covering 'zoosadists' and their animal fucking/animal corpse fucking ways and I'm sick to fuck of seeing the comment sections under those vids be 90 percent
> As a furry, most furries are great people, I don't fuck dead animals so lets talk about how most furries are actually great people, me me me, muh interests
FFS will you shut up talking about yourself. We watching a vid about dead animals, tortured animals, animal fuckers getting away with their crimes…can we stay on topic and just acknowledge that as awful. I know alot of furries are also autists but have a heart and stop thinking about yourself for a second. It's like when men can't watch a crime show without randomly pointing out that notallmen are rapists.

No. 799729

Just curious, how do you end up not being able to swim?

No. 799730

File: 1620240329780.png (113.25 KB, 1024x1024, B916EECD-FC06-4EED-B81A-0AD306…)

sent the i miss you text, getting ready for a heartcrushing reply (or lack thereof)

No. 799732

No. 799755

File: 1620242346201.jpg (78.28 KB, 745x736, IMG_2434.JPG)

No. 799760

General discomfort with walking infront of others in essentially what's my underwear, being grossed out of swimming in a soup of peoples sweat, spit and sometimes pee, and several experiences with "Ohhh, just trust me, if anything happens I will save you!! :))" with my teachers who then left me for myself when something did happen, with an exceptional case of my teacher pushing my head under water as a last resort to show me that it really isn't that bad to be completely submerged (something we've been fighting about from the very beginning). I've resigned myself to seeing water as something you appreciate best by admiring it from afar, especially since being quasi-naked and the body fluid hotpot is something that bothered me even before I've got the trauma of my last teacher instilled in me lmfao.

No. 799785

Same. I never understood that seasonal depression stuff in the winter months like the short days are great when you do fuck all lmao.

Summer kinda makes me wanna end it. Especially when I look back on the fun, busy summers I had when I was young.

No. 799788

Any reply?

I get these feelings all the time but then I have too much pride to ever actually send the message. My exes have no idea how much I think about them still..

No. 799789

ugh, i'm glad it's not just me. i always felt crazy for hating summer and feeling so depressed the whole way through until it finally got to september, but summer really does just remind me that i have absolutely nothing going on and no pals to do anything with. plus, on top of all that, you're sweating like a fucking pig. such a shite season

No. 799791

File: 1620244801100.jpg (27.65 KB, 540x400, original (1).jpg)

im going to take myself out of the dating game for good. im seriously over it. i'm literally a catch & i dont care what anyone says. Sure i have flaws but who tf doesnt and flaws never stopped everyone else from being in a committed relationship at least once in their lives. I hate that i was meme'd into wanting a romantic partner since birth. It's probably top 10 worst things humans do to women. Why couldn't they let me know as a kid that yeah true love exists but not for everyone as a matter of fact it probably doesnt exist for most people including you so start honing a skill because you are going to be lonely forever unless you decide to settle lol. I just feel so stupid.

Im trying to do the thing everyone says about dating around but most men have nothing interesting to talk about so i cant make it past the texting phase anymore. Im always the one who ends up leading the conversations. I deadass end up becoming the "man" in every situationship ive ever had the misfortune of being in.
Most men have no social skills, no dating skills, no basic skills, etc. How tf am i supposed to talk to one man let alone multiple without losing my mind!? They are so fucking boring to talk to it's literally like pulling teeth. I've had more interesting conversations on this site than with any man ever. I get so bored of "how was work,what did you eat today, just got back from the gym etc" that i start inevitably talking about sex because thats literally the only time dudes can suddenly hold a fucking interesting conversation. How embarrassing is that? And then i end up regretting it because afterwards that's ALL they want to talk about and then its my fault for bringing it up in the first place i guess. And then when you finally have sex its literally the blandest thing ever and you got off more from sexting. If this is what i have to deal with until "the one" shows up y'all can keep it. I just want to take my libido out of my body because its the only reason why i keep coming back for more torture.
im jealous of literally everyone who is asexual. I hate that i have such a high sex drive i seriously blame the men in my life that molested me as a kid. I hate them all.

No. 799794

Honestly what kind of psycho actively enjoys sweating their tits off after the slightest of movements? Winter gang 4 life.

No. 799801

It depresses the fuck out of me to think about how romantic love often turns into the ugliest hatred afterwards.

My first ex left me in what felt like a split second. After years together it just felt all too sudden and I was surprised that he didn't even value the friendship. I thought that was bad but my second ex cheated on me and really rubbed it in my face (I still don't know, It's not like I was a bitch first) dude left me for another women and then left sex toy packaging laying around our shared apt just to get a dig in. It was way too obvious that he layed it out for me to see. My guy you cheated and I was weirdly civil, why then do that?

Seeing friends share kids with men who hate their guts too..I hate how ugly things get the moment the love is lost.

No. 799808

Tbh I don't blame you for continuing to take T. The advice in trans communities about any kind of doubt is just take you have to deal with your "internalized transphobia" and go on. Specially because more time on T gives you more masculinization and you can rationalize that you'll feel better if you continue taking it.
I see a lot of young trans people in detrans places asking if they should detrans and it's sad specially when they're underage, there's just so much doubt and they won't hear anything good from TRAs

No. 799810

I get my second dose of the 'rona vaxx tomorrow and my psychosis is hitting hard. I'm only a few google searches away from full on tinfoiling and cancelling my appointment.

No. 799812

File: 1620246474160.jpg (115.72 KB, 750x745, IMG_20200212_135633.jpg)

i was kinda into the gendercrit thread, but really only for the delusional hons not so much the policital shit. when the thread got nuked (rip) i was one of the ones to aske in meta for a fakeboi-style thread for hons. mfw the "mtf cows" thread is nothing but political sperging. mfw anons get redtexted for posting a hon's selfies

No. 799818

> Im trying to do the thing everyone says about dating around but most men have nothing interesting to talk about so i cant make it past the texting phase anymore. Im always the one who ends up leading the conversations. I deadass end up becoming the "man" in every situationship ive ever had the misfortune of being in.
This is the worst, I don’t know how old are you, but I’ve given up as well, like if a decent guy comes to me in a miraculous moment, cool, but I’m not going to “put myself out there” if that means babying a idiotic man that will either talk about sex or about regurgitated bullshit that nobody cares about.

No. 799820

I feel ya, anon. I just wanna dunk on trannies, I'm sick of radfem sperging too.

No. 799828

File: 1620247967701.jpg (38.44 KB, 800x510, senior-woman-holding-knee-pain…)

Vent time because i'm feeling so down about it today. I used to be moderately fit, going to a gym 2-3 times a week and training horseriding weekly until I had an accident that left me bedbound for months in 2019. After I could finally get up my body was too weak to even sit for longer than few minutes but at the end of the year I've finally started training with a physiotherapist which was soon stopped with COVID and lockdown of physiotherapy centers and gyms. I've tried exercising at home but I've struggled to adjust to homeoffice work and fell back into depression again, struggling to meet deadlines while sitting in front of the computer for entire days and I've stopped doing anything with my body altogether. It's been over a year now, I'm in some kind of pain almost daily, feeling too fragile and afraid to go back to horseriding, gyms are not accessible, I'm still stuck at home office and it all really sucks. Knee pain got to the level of me becoming really worried and I've tried doing some basic exercises I found on youtube, in the past it would be nothing but today I've struggled so much to finish them it made me cry out of frustration. I feel like that accident and later covid lockdowns ruined all my adult life efforts of keeping my body on the same healthy level and I'll never be able to get back to it again. Sucks to be human.

No. 799829

feels like i need to leave my boyfriend but i can't take the the emotional and logistical (we live together) upheaval right now. i'm also old as hell and the thought of eventually "dating" again is very upsetting. how gay.

No. 799833

File: 1620248284226.png (359.94 KB, 358x377, 7574039850943895439.png)

We are one and the same anon. Your comments remind me of a lot of women I've seen in FDS saying they'd love to have multiple interesting men on hand wining and dining them and selecting which one meets the most of her criteria yet it's near impossible to find even one that can string a basic sentence together. I know I should be happy that I no longer see dating and finding a partner as worthwhile pursuits, but I really wish I hadn't wasted literal decades of my young life catering to ungrateful, unimaginative, unattractive scrotes in the hopes they'd treat me like a queen rather than feeling entitled to the immense amount of time, attention and energy I gave them. "You live and you learn!" people love to parrot, yeah but where was all the advice of my elders warning me away from these low effort fucktards? Instead I had grown ass women including my mother acting as pickmes, heroizing cheating scumbags and "not all men"ing me when I even slightly questioned the script. As a kid I wanted nothing to do with boys because I could clearly see how pathetic they were, but society managed to trick me into giving them a chance. No exaggeration, biggest mistake of my life.

No. 799834


i feel you on all of this. my body feels like shit all the time and i keep blowing deadlines, no motivation, total anhedonia many days. i might just finally try antidepressants or something.

my encouragement for you would be to try and remember how adaptable our bodies are, remember you are capable of incremental changes. remember the feeling of being bad at something, then doing it more and more and slowly getting better and stronger. even if this process doesn't start again for you tomorrow, or even this year, it will be possible whenever you're ready. and even if your knee pain permanently limits what you can do, the rest of your body can still get stronger and healthier. if you're a horse girl i believe in you!

No. 799837

File: 1620248870433.jpg (48.67 KB, 540x405, 1581425340399.jpg)

My batshit neighbor has bedbugs. They claims it's not them and it can't be their fault. Thankfully they're a few doors down and not right next to me. I'm really worried for my pet and I'm already obsessively cleaning even though I'm a neat freak already. This neighbor is always manic and saying things that don't make sense/act like a drug user. They probably brought in some furniture from outside without checking it. I'm so disgusted.

No. 799841

I had this happen to me, too, the scrote breaking up with me being really mean and doing shit to rub it in and harass me when I was taking it well. I think it's their egos wanting a stronger reaction from us so they don't feel like the bad guy. That same man that was so mean about dumping me reached out months later to try and apologize and get closure and I was so confused and angry, the audacity

No. 799842

Thank you anon, I feel weirdly lonely in all this so seeing your thoughtful response means a lot, we're together in this. Still shitty but there's always comfort in being understood. This whole covid lockdown situation is far harder to deal with emotionally than I've ever expected it to be, I don't get all of these people asking for home office to be a default option from now on. I was actually thinking of antidepressants too, for now just went back into therapy but it's only recent; hope you find a good way of getting through this.
I guess it's hard to believe in any chances of success now because my body never felt this bad before but you're right, it's hard today and probably in few weeks will be just a tiny bit better but maybe in a year I'll be able to thank myself for trying. I want to go back to horse riding but being so weak I'd be just putting myself up for another accident most likely and idk if I'd be able to pick myself up again after that.

No. 799856

File: 1620251103365.jpg (55.39 KB, 500x772, 545.jpg)

I feel like I've finally woken up and stopped sleeping through my life and idk how to handle it. It really makes me sad to think of how I've quite literally spent the last decade, if not more, of my life so passively. I was like the undead, walking through life in a half-life state, a ghost. I feel like I've been in a coma and only now awakened. and It's my 10 year anniversary graduating from highschool this summer and I'm thinking how much further ahead I could have been in life, had I been actually existing in all this time that has passed by. I feel I'm actively mourning for that lost time, that lost potential, that wasted youth. I know the only thing I can really do now is move on and enjoy the future to the fullest, but it still pains me an inordinate amount to think of all that wasted time.

No. 799864

File: 1620251338469.jpeg (131.22 KB, 1000x1000, 07ADB632-A887-48F3-BB17-BBB8EC…)

I’m just up in my feelings right now

I keep getting calls from my internet provider saying I’m past due on bills, but when I check the app it says nothing is due, but it also hasn’t shown a record for payment for the past 2 months. So I used my credit card to pay the monthly fee. A bill collector called me, and when I told her that, she hung up, so now I don’t know if I almost accidentally got scammed or not.

The curry I made tasted too vinegary, but I’m begrudgingly eating it.

The Lil’ Tay drama is making me really sad for her. The entire family is treating her like shit - that’s clear.

I started volunteer writing for a political editorial and I’m getting paranoid about being seen as an enemy and what could happen to me if I keep going.

I also finished reading the book about emotionally immature parents and instead of feeling whole, I feel really hollow and sad. I don’t think my parents will ever have the tools to be the parents I wished they were all along and I feel very alone.

I also am sick of Covid related isolation and find myself feeling very lonely and worried that my friends think I’m annoying, and because of that book I read, I wonder how often I’ve been a shitty neglectful friend to them and how I dug my own grave, or have I been attracting emotionally deficient relationships all along?

I feel like I’m bracing for something.

Finally, I desperately want someone in my life that clicks with me and loves me romantically and I can tell them all this instead of lolcow. I wish I had a shoulder I could lean on or an arm wrapped around me and I’ve been holding off on being a horny bitch this whole time because I know I’ll just wind up sleeping with some guy that I can’t relate to and doesn’t understand or care about me.

I’m fucking depressed I guess. It does feel good to get this off my chest. Maybe after my nasty vinegar curry I’ll get a treat at the store and get back to work on that paper and do some craft stuff.

I hate complaining long form like this because I know people in this thread have it much worse. I know I’ll get through it. This is just painful for now.

No. 799866

She's here!

No. 799870

Congratulations anon! Some people don’t realise this until they’re on their deathbed

No. 799875

I feel this this so much. I've given up dating and pursuing others. If someone wants to go that extra mile and pursue me that's fine but fuck it if I'm doing the majority of the legwork in dating.

No. 799877

I relate to every single word of this, even the part about being molested as a kid. I hope you feel at least a bit less lonely knowing that you're not the only one who feels this way.

No. 799885

I wish you could send it my way. I wish I could step foot into the elevator in my building without worrying about someone having coughed or sneezed in it without a mask on, mere moments before. I wish I didn't have to work from home, where the internet is spotty and the neighbours are loud. I miss going to the library and the gym and the movies. I miss travelling and going to concerts and getting drinks on patios with friends. but I'm immunocompromised so I could literally die if I get infected, or live the rest of my life with scarred lungs, yet still I'm not eligible for a vaccine. you've already gotten the first dose so you might as well get yourself fully protected. if there was any damage to be done by getting vaccinated, by that logic, it would already be too late for you.

No. 799895

File: 1620253940832.jpg (148.34 KB, 523x4409, 1548365027129.jpg)

That's very true, anon. I'm sad it felt like it took so long to truly 'wake up' but I'm still grateful that it happened.

No. 799901

File: 1620254474675.png (380.75 KB, 762x678, seeds.png)

> I don't think my parents will ever have the tools to be the parents I wished they were all along and I feel very alone
this really resonates with me. I got into an argument with my parents three weeks ago and I reached out to my mom to try to talk about things and she never responded. mothers' day is coming up and I'm agonizing about whether I should even get her the flowers that she asked for. it especially sucks that they're freezing me out because I live by myself and I'm only allowed to meet with one other household because of the pandemic. they know how isolated I've been, and they know how rough this past year has been for me and how many sacrifices I've had to make, but they don't even care enough to answer me.

> worried that my friends think I'm annoying

same. so often when I reach out, they don't respond the same day. I know they're busy, and one's a nurse so she must be overwhelmed right now by the state of the ICUs, but I can't help but feel like nobody cares about me. even my own supervisor hasn't responded to my email from Monday.

> I hate complaining long form like this because I know people in this thread have it much worse

that's what this thread is for. it's not a competition to see who is suffering more. it doesn't make logical sense to feel like you shouldn't complain just because someone out there has it worse than you. by that logic, you should never be happy because there's always someone out there who has more than you. I see you, little acorn. you might feel buried right now but one day you'll be a mighty oak.

No. 799903

What will you do differently now that you've woken up?

No. 799908

it's been years but I still think about my highschool "crush"/infatuation. to be honest, our interactions back then were not significant at all. I was too shy to talk to him and watched him afar, I thought it'd be the end of it once we graduated but he shows up in my dreams every couple of months which reignites my infatuation…I don't dare to tell anyone because I know this is abnormal and pathetic. I've dated and had normal crushes on other people but ultimately, I still think of him. god I want to be rejected by him so I could be free from this.

No. 799922

File: 1620256772835.jpeg (46.46 KB, 480x640, 125134569_10215351374012147_60…)

still bitter after all these years of my ex cheating on me with a cokehead alcoholic and how he destroyed me to the point of hospitalization, and that straight up bitch for laughing at me for being upset when i found out she was the one he cheated with. why do they get to thrive (she got married and has a good popular business with her husband, ex is ending up in newspapers for his philanthropy and accomplishments) meanwhile anything that reminds me of them burns me to the core and I have to carry those scars for the rest of my life? what fucking god decided this was the life that i deserved? big mad bad people don't get what they truly deserve and nice people suffer for what feels like forever. therapy helped me tremendously but some days an event will happen and the flames of anger come back in full force. I guess I should be happy that triggers no longer send me into a depression spiral and I just get mad instead.

also fuck men. they will literally ruin your life and everyone around you will see they legitimately ruined your life and suffer no consequences for it.

No. 799926

My boyfriend usually texts me when he's off work but no text today and he should have been home 2 hours ago. Won't answer his phone either. I hope everything is ok, this isn't like him at all.

No. 799930

The persecution complex driverfags have is so annoying

No. 799934

Hope everything is ok, maybe he was just super tired and went straight to sleep or something? hopefully he contacts you soon.

No. 799945

Are you me? I still get that high school crush of mine popping in my head from time to time and it’s driving me nuts.
In my case, I wish he could’ve ignored me after I went full retard, but he was definitely a fucking nigel.

No. 799949

It’s so weird to find out people you know don’t view you as human. For some reason it’s worse when it catches you off-guard. My old manager praised me as hard-working and reliable and would always ask me how I was when we opened together, she gave me a stellar recommendation when I got a new job and wished me the best of luck, but a few days before I left I don’t know how it came up but she basically said that because of my race she would never truly trust me, that we’re smart but have no souls and feel nothing.
It doesn’t matter because it’s not like she hurt me in any real way, but now whenever I talk to people I feel that overbearing sense that everyone sees me that way. I guess before it was naive to think otherwise. You can’t control how people see you and I want to come to peace with that but she said such horrible things to me, and a coworker I was friends with didn’t even say a word to me during or afterward to defend me. I get she was the manager and so you don’t want to argue but she didn’t even say wow that was crazy after. It’s like everyone was always thinking it.

No. 799951

No. 799953

I may indeed have a problem with making myself throw up. Rip my teeth and throat.

No. 799963

That is disturbing anon, sorry that happened to you. I guess I feel something similar since I was racially demeaned when I was assaulted too and I always wondered how I'm perceived ever sense. And it's become obvious to me that people have this hypersexualized image or stereotype in their heads.
BTW the "hard worker but not human" thing is super fucked up. I hope that cunts gets sued.

No. 799971

Fuck that bitch and don’t let her get to you. I’m sorry that happened to you, and I’m sorry the people you trusted didn’t defend you. All people like that want is for you to validate that delusional narrative in any way. Try to resist the urge to apply that persons racist and derogatory statements to other situations where that could have fit as far as reasoning, it only ends with you feelings powerless which is what they want. People like that are scared and weak, and have to rely on dehumanizing others do you don’t replace them. I hope you use it as motivation, and do everything you can to redirect your thinking from ruminating on it so you can continue excelling.

No. 799976

reading the stuff about bumble bff in the stupid questions thread has me sad, I live in my hometown in the middle of nowhere practically, only people here are people I went to high school with and really didn’t get on with. Feels pretty hopeless.
Anyway, day 183828 of whining that I don’t have a tight knit group of besties who I do everything with.

No. 799980

Thank you anons. It means a lot to hear other people saying it’s not normal and I’m sorry you have ever went through anything similar. At least we’re not alone. I’m going to try and push through and just use it as motivation to better myself.

No. 799984

Oh my god I am so fucking financially irresponsible what the fuck is wrong with me

No. 799990

> my hometown in the middle of nowhere practically, only people here are people I went to high school with
Anon, are you me? But seriously, I hope you are able to move out of there and meet some cool people! Have you tried making friends online? Maybe you could join some online communities for the hobbies you like?

No. 799999

File: 1620268452304.jpg (16.85 KB, 250x250, kermit1.jpg)

I'm trying my best, I really am, so when will I be happy? I eat right, exercise, and meditate everyday. I make a list of my goals and accomplish them. I keep my space clean… stopped drinking. Why won't the bad thoughts just leave me alone already.

No. 800001

a-at least you got quints!
but seriously I'm sorry anon I hope you can feel better somehow. maybe you need to do therapy, or if you can't you can research ways to change your thinking like cbt methods? there is a lot out there online and in books that could help you. I'm really proud of you though for all you've been doing. it is a lot of effort tbh.

No. 800024

File: 1620273726524.jpeg (229.98 KB, 2048x1285, 62A27468-983D-4FB8-A41C-9A67EB…)

Just sent in my project which took MONTHS to complete and now I have an exam this morning. When will my suffering end. Put my out of my misery.

No. 800025

nta but wtf is a quint

No. 800032

poor people that constantly seethe about middle class (not even fucking millionaires/billionaires, just people that probably make around 50k a year or more) people existing are pathetic and insanely annoying. constantly whining about how much you are struggling and how much you hate anyone doing better than you and how much you hope they would all die does not make you a more interesting or better person. so many people are like this online and irl and i wish i could mute their fucking mouths permanently because all they do is parrot each other and try to seem “woke” in the most pathetic way. i’m currently unemployed but i used to work at walmart where i would hear that shit all fucking day every single fucking day. i understand hating billionaires that have so much wealth that no single person should ever have, but hating someone who isn’t even wealthy enough to afford a small house? i literally could not imagine being such a bitter hateful loser, when you put yourself in that mentality you are literally setting yourself up to being in poverty forever by your own damn self.

No. 800035

Preach, nonnie, I hate that mentality as well, it’s so fucking toxic and draining, you’d never notice how tiresome and shitty it is to have friends like that until you let them go.

No. 800049

What was the project?

No. 800077

i very much dislike those moments upon waking when everything is distorted and i'm convinced something bad is happening to me. ptsd is a biiiiitch. it feels good afterwards knowing the delusion isn't true, but still.

No. 800079

I'm late but that's really sweet. Thank you for being so kind, still feeling rough but I'll try.

No. 800082

This is a quint:
it means the 5 same numbers in a row
if it was
it would be a quad
would be trips
would be dubs

No. 800083

god I hate charls simps
I hate "anime boobas teehee" posters
and I hate going outside

No. 800084

Samefag but replying to those random posts and seeing what they say is making me laugh so hard

No. 800093

any update? i feel invested in this

No. 800116

After years of being with my friend I realize she’s just toxic. Like I literally never got anything out of that friendship. Her attitude towards me is often so shitty and mean and sarcastic and she’s never really there for me or listens or gives a fuck. I think she’s a highly insecure person and i somehow became her outlet of projection. It’s hard for me to get rid of this friendship as some of my other friends are also friends with her and we are in the same environment but I guess I have to distance myself for my own sake. Please give me tips on how to deal with such people.

No. 800122

I fucked up at work today (a team member under my leadership fucked something up when I could've easily stayed on top of it and guided them). Two of my superiors gently talked to me about it, they couldn't have been nicer. But as soon as the call with them ended I had tears streaming down my eyes. I thought I was becoming a real leader but something simple had missed my notice, and from their talk with me I could tell my superiors felt at least a little bit sorry for me; they probably saw at the edges that I was getting stressed and overwhelmed. It's not that I was hoping for an all-out scolding just so I could feel like an adult. I just felt frustrated that it was so easy to see that I'm struggling.

Anyway, life goes on. I don't want my supervisors to baby me anymore and I'm gonna prove to them that they don't need to.

No. 800127

I'm experiencing a similar feeling currently, anon, so know you're not alone.
I have one more year until 30 and I can't help but feel stunted over the fact that my 20's got swallowed up by depression and now I have to pick up all the pieces and try to make something from them.
But like you said all that can really be done is to move forward and enjoy the future. I truly hope the next decade will be filled with more positive moments in your life!!

No. 800129

I had to put my cat to sleep yesterday. I had him for 15 years, he was my best friend. His decline in health was very sudden and he was gone within a few days. I’m completely heartbroken. I would give fucking anything to hold him and smell his fur again. Pisses me off that pets have to die, its not fucking fair. I want my best friend back.