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Have fun asking your stupid questions
Last thread : >>>/ot/766184

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File: 1617458861907.jpg (233.74 KB, 2481x3508, THE_HANDMAIDS_TALE_Reading_Gui…)

Would you guys be interested in a Great book covers thread? Or should we post them in the already existing books thread?

No. 775431

can actual women be agp? why or why not?

No. 775443

Can someone determine their sexual orientation without having sex?

No. 775446

No, because you would have to "identify" with something you are not first. Also if it you look it up it clearly says it doesn't appear in women.

No. 775447

What is agp? googled it but all I got is accelerated graphics port

No. 775449

i get off to myself in front of the mirror, does that count?

No. 775451

Of course, I mean, It’s kind of retarded to wait for the moment both of you are naked to look at them in the eyes and say “you know what? I’m not gay after all”.

No. 775456

I love that topic but the mods would probably want it in /m/, where it's too slow-moving for my taste. Anyway if you do make it I'll be one of the regular posters heh t. a chip kidd stan

No. 775465

Don't fuck men that don't put effort into sex the way women that just starfish shouldn't be shocked when they can't have good sex. It's a partnership ffs.

No. 775467

OMG I love Chip Kidd too!!!

No. 775468

File: 1617464838695.png (7.26 KB, 614x492, gif.png)

There's a video I want to make a gif of. I want only a part of the video to be in frame. I know how to crop a video and turn that into a gif, except that I want the frame to "follow" something in the video, so it moves if that makes sense. Does anyone know how to do that? Preferably without fancy software and just with some online gif creator. Or alternatively what could I search for to figure out how to do it? I've been google searching but I can't find a guide that will tell me how to do what I want so I'm probably not using the right keywords.

(Sorry for bumping the old thread, didn't see there was a new one)

No. 775469

I noticed from some older threads (think 4 years ago) that there was less transphobia/terfness. What happened in recent years that caused a massive shift in ideas? I even saw a post saying that they didnt mind tranny pussy but felt but for tranny dick.

No. 775475

I ended up making it, here it is!

No. 775479

Gosh fuck off back to twitter will you?

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No. 775483

A lot of radfem places have been purged and this seems to be the only place where they can post freely.

I noticed it too but they often do have a point that so many of trans people, especially mtf are just doing it as a fetish etc

No. 775484

Trannies got more insufferable is what they did. Four years ago (at least in my experience) the cry was more of "celebrate our accomplishments" and less of "fuck us or be called a bigot"

No. 775492

i have to write about native americans but i'm not from the us, what is the appropriate term u use, for example if someone was white i'd say white but what about native americans??

No. 775493

Native American is just fine, though if you're talking about a specific group (Cherokee, Navajo, etc) you can use that

No. 775494

I'm not sure online gif creators are enough for that. Maybe get Sony Vegas, it's not like you NEED to do fancy shit with it just because you have it.

No. 775495

Starfishing is a meme perpetuated by scrotes who don't want to put effort into it; they'll get theirs either way. And a ONS isn't a partnership, it's a ONS.

No. 775500

Usually starfishing happens for one of these reasons:
1. The woman was coerced into it and kind of just gives up and says yes
2. The guy is just so bad at sex/unattractive the woman kind of just dissociates and waits for it to be over
3. The scrote is fucking a girl way too young for sex with him
4. Shes too drunk to consent

No. 775508

Recent academic literature encourages the use of Indigenous or First Peoples if you're referring to native populations in general. The word "aboriginal" is considered a bit outdated at this point. If you're talking about a particular population then it's better to be as specific as possible, just keep in mind that there are thousands of distinct indigenous nations across the Americas.

Also, you might end up looking at treaties/legislation that use words like "indian" and "eskimo", these have generally fallen into disuse and are considered pejoratives. Sorry if this is more information then you were looking for, the language used in indigenous studies is very dense and particular, it can be confusing at first glance.

No. 775517

How do i stop being obsessed with korean boybands?
I swear their non-threatening, innocent image draws me in too much. Like with BTS (obvious example), I keep watching videos of them hugging each other or being nice to female fans and it feels like i rarely see this level of innicence from guys.

It legit makes me not be into "real guys" since im exposed to an idolized, wholesome image that most of them wont achieve.

I still rnjoy their music though and want to learn Korean as a 3rd language. Ex koreaboos help.

No. 775522

lol haven't many male kpop idols had rape/other disgusting sex shit scandals?

No. 775524

Look up all the misogynistic shit they've said and done, especially rape scandals.

No. 775526

Sounds so stupid, but what essentially got me over my over one year long obsession with this one group was the fact that apparently 23.1% of all korean males had experience with a prostitute, so about every fourth to fifth one. Sure, they had no scandals or rumors about stuff like this, and maaaaybe they're some of those who really haven't done anything, but my infatuation really took a hit in that moment lmao.

No. 775529

Trannies have gotten more and more unhinged. It used to be TWAW and now it's all bio women don't exist, choke on my girldick, I want to rape all terfs reeee. It used to me TMAM and now it's all my pronouns are xe/xir/ximself, you are literally a murderer if you don't let children mutilate themselves medically and surgically.

No. 775531

This, a woman who actually wants the sex and isn't just placating the scrote so it ends faster, will make it obvious she's enjoying it. Meanwhile when men starfish it's just because they're lazy and out of shape.

No. 775532

Do the world a favor and keep idolizing boybands and keep your standards high. The amount of young and attractive women with 0 standards have been making life harder for all women for decades

No. 775535

The fact that it's all an act to gobble money and fame makes it pretty much the opposite of innocence if you think about it. They're mostly just fame and money hungrey men.

No. 775541

start reading yaoi and BL instead.

No. 775560

Omg why does apple users are so elitist? I stg everywhere i go people are just try to shit on android phones sm just because of the CaMERa qUALitY and its honestly sad. They talk so loud abt consumerism and capitalism yet they contribute to it, how ironic.

No. 775566

That'll just make anon fall deeper into the hole, kek. Oh well, 3dpd

No. 775581

using the native camera app on an android will give you a high quality photo and you can just go to the app to upload it, it's not that hard, but apple users are so lazy and like you said elitist. sure, apple products are optimized, but is it worth ~$1,000 more per product? i don't think so.

No. 775609

File: 1617479247958.jpg (397.99 KB, 900x1440, 1611962376798.jpg)

Consider 2d men anon

No. 775614

I've used android phones since my first smart phone but made the switch to iPhone for the 6 because of the battery life. I upgraded to a refurbished 7 (when the XS and shit was coming out kek) and my iphone batteries have been really good to me, but other than that they're meh tier phones. I'm excited to go back to android but the choices are sort of overwhelming and I'll definitely miss the ease of facetime and imessage. I hate all iPhones past the 8, I'm bitter they took out touch ID.

No. 775617

You might want to use a video editing software (any one would do) and keyframe the portion you want. Its essentially just tracking a part of the image frame by frame, and then just export it

No. 775621

I take my photos on Android and everyone thinks I use apple or digital camera lol. It's honestly about how good are you with taking pictures

No. 775625

If there's any anons with a similar experience, how do you deal with a male family member who throws autistic tantrums over nothing? Like I could be minding my own business and the moment he walks past my room or if I go past his he goes on this long rant muttering all sorts of shit, calls me bitch and hits whichever door or furniture is closest by. He only does this if no one is around besides the two of us so no one else gives a shit. Ignoring him doesn't change anything either (I've been doing that since fucking childhood) and I currently have no where else to go.

No. 775628

Kill him

No. 775631

Sorry anon, that sucks. I've been in a similiar situation and nothing changed no matter what I did. The only thing I could do is completely ignoring his existence as to at least not give him the satisfaction of acknowledging him and what he does.

No. 775639

My aunt says that the best thing to do is to outcrazy them, if he starts throwing autistic tantrums and hitting furniture, scream like a banshee, maybe shout something like “shut up shut up” without looking at him.
I personally would ask him just what the fuck was he doing after he calms down, show him he was acting like a fucking retard, maybe record him and send him the video/audio with a “this you?” Caption, you could also make other family members look at his retardation by sending the video/audio to your family group chat like “so he’s acting weird, like, any of you knows why?” Preferably when there’s other people around irl.

No. 775648

I'm sorry that you have to put up with this anon. Maybe girls in the relationship advice thread can help you.

No. 775660

NTA but getting into 2D centainly won't help her to be less disgusted with real guys. I've ruined any kind of drive I had for dating by falling for 2D men.

No. 775661

Find a large blunt object and Cain and Abel his ass

No. 775696

Who cares if you're not into real guys anyway? You aren't losing out on anything. Women are happier single anyway, unless you can find the rare guy who will treat you right. Having high standards is important

No. 775746

File: 1617488830701.jpg (146.63 KB, 750x937, hf1.jpg)

would anons like a thread discussing experimental/high fashion?

No. 775750

I don't think I would have anything to add, but I would like this!

No. 775756

I feel like it might get shut down since we already have the fashion general, but I would love to talk about it there

No. 775758

If any anons have cut off contact with their family, how did you go about it? Did you have a conversation where you laid it all out and told them you didn’t want to stay in touch anymore, or was it more of a gradual process? Is there any way to do it without actually going ahead and saying it? I feel like I would rather not have an argument about it, but one of my parents plays oblivious and attempts to telephone me regularly, as if nothing is wrong, and it’s becoming unbearable. Is there hope for “partial” no-contact, where they’re mostly uninvolved but you have periodic phone calls like this? Any tips? Sorry for all the questions, but I’d appreciate as much detail as possible.

No. 775760

It's a cool idea but it should probably stay within the fashion general thread (which itself is pretty slow moving) only because none of the niche fashion-related threads ever take off

No. 775761

I just got the fuck out and was polite enough on the odd occasion we did saw each other, even hugged my dad at my sister's wedding so no one got a weird vibe but hadn't even seen nor spoken to his ugly ass for 4 years by that point. Heard he missed me and he spoke about me a lot from other relatives at that wedding but wahh wahh idc, just cut it off like a dead limb

No. 775777

If your live-in girlfriend or boyfriend called you and said they just swallowed 30 Xanax to an hero and you were at your parents house would you drive back home to check on them? This is after calling an ambulance of course. Or would you just assume that the police or ambulance took care of it and leave the door busted down and stay at your parents house? Trying to solve an argument with someone who says it's normal not to go home. I say any person would call for help and then go home immediately to see if their loved one is there or to at least lock the door.

No. 775778

If i was physically able to go aka drive like you said, i would. Even to just check on the damn door if not even to go to the hospital, because i know that most of times where i live u don't get to see the od person anyways till the next day if even then.

No. 775783

File: 1617491384514.png (86.9 KB, 1100x1000, download.png)

Have any of you heard of Everskies? I know that the majority of the players are from tiktok or are of that younger demographic, but I still think that it might be fun to do some sort of club with just farmers. I'd like to see what the fashion/tastes are, do you think that this is a good idea?

No. 775788

Thanks, anon. In my opinion if you don't even want to check on them even just if it's like to clean the vomit or make sure the house isn't robbed while they are in hospital then that's not love. I can't imagine caring so little about someone I'm dating.

No. 775793

File: 1617492446495.jpeg (34.48 KB, 640x640, 8D119F59-D858-41F3-AE5B-3EB821…)

Why am I so afraid of socializing and making friends?

No. 775797

totally agreed, i know many would scream "why wouldn't you go to the hospital" but i've been there and now there's no use, i can always call them up after like an hour but the place could be a mess or robbed for all i know, also if it was an apartment i am sure someone would close the door for me but who the hell knows. i can't imagine caring so little.

No. 775799

ugh I want to sign up so badly buuuut just worried it could become another cash put like roblox

No. 775800

Was I too harsh on my boyfriend? I've permanently barred him from driving MY car since he wanted to throw a fit because I wouldn't let him drive to a grocery store that was further our than our usual grocery store.

i have extreme anxiety about life and death, plus that mf doesn't have insurance AND im so close to paying it off. if something happened to my car or him for that matter, i'd never forgive him

No. 775802

if he doesn't pay for it, he isn't driving it.

No. 775814

Part of what I enjoy about lolcow is that I'm able to witness/assess the psychology of cows over time. Like how they ended up as they are, why they might think/act as they do, etc.

Psychology and human behavior/assessment sort of feels like unraveling a mystery and I really enjoy it. To me, people are puzzles that only seem nonsensical because we often don't have all their pieces. They are complex in their variety, but ultimately add up. Even if you don't agree with their actions, you can come to understand why they chose that path.

I'm not very empathetic or emotional/caring, though.

So, onto my stupid question:
Are there any kind of careers/jobs that focus more on what I've described? Like, analysis of a person's psychology, without needing to be sensitive to their emotions/needs, etc?

I love the concept of being a psychologist, for example: at least, when it comes to trying to figure out/diagnose a person's issues… buuut, I'd never be able to listen and make them feel cared for. I couldn't work with them to try to solve the problem once it was discovered, or tolerate it when they refuse to. I wouldn't have the empathetic patience or care for that. I just want to assess and find the answer(s) to what makes them tic.

Is there any field that caters more to the logical/cold science of it? Study of criminal psychology or research maybe ?

No. 775817

I don’t find that harsh at all. The only people who can drive my car are my dad and my brother. I’d never let a boyfriend or a friend drive it unless there was an actual emergency. I trust myself driving so much more than anyone else, I’m the friend who offers to drive 90% of the time, let my guard down last week and let my bf drive to Taco Bell and first he almost turned in front of someone, then ran a red light.

No. 775820

Imo they kind of don't. At least, not in the way we do. Their brains are still growing and they haven't developed the parts that allow for full/consequential or "truly" unselfish thought. Which isn't to say they are selfish, they're just in tutorial learning mode.

I think instead their thoughts are more random/reactive. They can seem very deep, caring, intelligent or insightful, or oppositely cruel/evil, etc, but that's because their brains are little sponges learning and picking up on everything and trying to piece it together. They'll notice things adults may miss because they're in that sponge learning stage, not because they have any similar level of complex thought. They aren't "that deep" by design, it's required for them to learn all the things needed for adulthood (or survival) later.

Kinda OT from the question but,:
I think if more people, especially parents, understood that, it'd help raise children better in general. I feel a lot of people mistakenly punish or reward their kid because they don't conceive the child's actions/thoughts are products of their environment and not intentional, thought out things. Shows like those nanny reform ones or that document about the young girl they thought was a psychopath who reformed when put into a proper environment/routine really help display this. Kids aren't being annoying or throwing a tantrum to try to hurt someone. They can't fully think of/understand this shit; not to the extent we do. They're just little copy bots and their thoughts reflect little kneejerks of what they've learned by copying.

No. 775835

Cognitive science might be what you’re looking for. It’s the scientific study of human behaviours and cognition. It’s much more science based than psychology or similar fields, so your main focus would be on what processes go behind a behaviour rather than the emotions behind it. If you decide to major in it, just be noted that it’s interdisciplinary so you’ll also have to take some softer courses (including psychology).

No. 775871

Criminology, research and what the anon above me said

No. 775903

File: 1617504269672.jpeg (99.7 KB, 602x452, 791DD654-1481-4D42-B5F1-8983F5…)

Wtf is on the inside of ftm inflatadicks? I tried googling but I’m not finding what I can consider “solid” and definite answers, especially because it seems like plastic surgeons will use different techniques to get the mini diet coke can chode look. So there’s the literal balloon, and the skin grafted on the outside, but what the fuck is in between? I know they don’t and can’t rip a whole reproductive system and genital area “out”, but where are they getting the muscle used to wrap around the turtle-killing plastic straw urethra? The same place they get the skin for the outside? How do they even roll it into a tube? Wouldn’t it take too long for the raw meat waiting to be used/not get rejected/not reject the tube to get put on (installed?) that it starts rotting? I know the necrosis is a common complication so I’d guess this is what causes it. But how does that not leave a bunch of holes in her body?

Which leads me to ask, how much empty space is inside a human body? Genuinely so many stupid questions. I’m going to assume this is why so many of the results are unsuccessful.

No. 775915

Thank you both!

I'll have to look more into it, but this gives me somewhere to start

I'm sure the reality of any career of this nature has a lot of 'lackluster' aspects or it's fair share of ladders to climb to get there, but it's one of the few things I think I'd feel fulfilled doing long term.

No. 775923

How do you even get a job in criminology or research?

No. 775932

File: 1617509100285.jpg (36.05 KB, 1077x1010, FB_IMG_1604355244310.jpg)

Anons françaises: can you recommend french cities to live in that are diverse, energetic, with a supportive cultural climate for artists? I'm thinking of relocating to France for some time once the pandemic ends because I speak French and need a change of scenery. I prefer big cities but want to consider options that are not Paris

No. 775936

avoid lyon, you'd get bored to death

No. 775955

wtf are these sodas supposed to mean?

No. 775956

That's good to know, it does seem like a quiet city. I have a friend that suggested Marseilles but I don't know much about it apart from the geography and Marseillais accent

No. 775958

Toulouse or Marseille.

No. 775964

it's the decline of male fertility over time

No. 775966

marseilles has a decent cultural scene and a very enjoyable mediterranean climate if you don't mind hot summers. otoh some economically devrived parts of the city can be rly dangerous

as far as the cultural scene goes nothing really beats paris, there are good places elsewhere too but paris has the most diversity

No. 775987

File: 1617519061280.jpeg (19.05 KB, 360x360, 50CF1875-7786-445E-9EC0-D0584F…)

How do you stop obsessing so hard over bodily flaws, height, etc that you limit yourself getting dressed? I am pretty unfashionable and unhappy with my style because I nitpick why I shouldn't wear this or that (also my mother is conservative about clothing which influences me to this day) anyone relate?

No. 775998

it's gonna sound stupid, but you have to accept that happiness will only truly come from within
you gotta learn to want to make yourself happy more than you inherently doubt yourself

No. 776013

Recommending Marseille? I'm not the anon who asked but isn't it kind of a shithole? From what I've seen it's like a giant Guillotière in Lyon but even worse.

No. 776018

What is it?

No. 776021

you're probably getting these ideas from browsing instagram/other social media/fashion sites/porn/this website/talking to people who also obsesses with these topics, stop doing these things for the sake of your mental hygiene

No. 776072

really depends on which part of the city you're talking about, some are atrocious but others are very nice

and marseilles does have a better cultural landscape than lyon if that's what nona is interested in

No. 776073

How can I stop being envious of others?

No. 776079

I'm not sure what the OP exactly meant by that actually, is she looking for things like a community of artists, museums, art schools where she can have some network? I'm not into that kind of stuff and and I mostly know Lyon but if she ever comes to Lyon she needs to avoid the Emile Cohl art school, I've heard some horror stories about that one from former students. That's all I can say lol.

No. 776081

Personal achievement. Envy arises when you're not satisfied with your current accomplishments and serves to motivate you to fulfil your goals. Those goals you set to achieve need to be something you truly value.
Don't try to suppress it, it will go away when you've achieved what you set out to do, and in the meantime it will serve to motivate you and remind you you're not there yet and to keep trying.

No. 776101

File: 1617538203844.jpg (76.79 KB, 682x1024, me_irl.jpg)

What about when it's not about achievement, but opportunity?

I had a dogshit childhood in a third world country, moved abroad, and now I quietly seethe whenever I see all the rich, spoiled children who are extremely sheltered and never have to worry about anything because most families here are rich (by my country's standards, but they call themselves middle class here) and the welfare system supports the poor very well.
I would say I'm moderately successful at what I do and I have money now, but I still have to financially support my parents and toil at work in order to have what they got by being born here, and I will never reach the same level as most of the adults born here and they will never think of me as an equal.
I'm happy for people outwardly of course, but when I come home I cry because a teen girl here can just say she's depressed and get benefits and housing paid for even if she comes from a comfortably well-off family and doesn't need the welfare. Meanwhile in my home country mental illness doesn't exist and if you have mental issues they're solved with a shovel in your hands and working on a farm to teach you some discipline. If your parents are beating you black and blue, well tough shit.
I don't want to be a bitter old hag who's jealous of kids, but it's really hard not to be, especially since it's become popular for teens to make things up for oppression points nowadays.

No. 776122

Emotions are motivators, what you feel tells you broadly what you should do. Anything you feel strongly about means you value it.
You obviously can't change the past, but it drives you to change the future. You can make sure your kids have the opportunities you never had. You can bring awareness to the situation in your country. Lots of things you can do that line up with your values, I just put out some examples so you see which line of thinking to take. Focus on the future, not the past.
Or you can do nothing and of course then your feelings won't change. You value this so do something more about it. What you achieved was commendable, but you obviously don't feel it's enough. If there was absolutely no way for you to impact things, I'd say stop dredging up your past it's useless. But I'd rather egg on a strongly motivated person to make a positive change in the world, who will if not your ilk?

No. 776127

You have to accept your life as it is and continue working to get what you want. It's not fair but it's real. While you're envious of rich kids, there is a kid from your own country envious of the people like you who were able to move abroad and is most likely working twice as hard to get the half you get.
I truly understand you, I'm also from a 3rd world shithole, but we all need to practice more gratitude when we have a life that gives us at least some positives. There will always be people better and worse than you
And try to not be exposed to what makes you feel like that, for example, don't read what that people say, don't watch their tiktoks or whatever and instead do something more productive that makes you feel good (go for a walk, exercise, read, etc)

No. 776137

Could someone please explain the Finnish thread pic to me? Mainly:
1. What is that horrifying seal troll thing.
2. What is in the carton. Is it milk? Yoghurt? Something else entirely?

These mysteries haunt me every day and night.

No. 776159

File: 1617547748666.png (2.57 MB, 2000x2000, 71m0fv27tex21.png)

Yes. Finnanons throw us a bone and make up for finnanon

No. 776161

File: 1617548106044.jpeg (165.25 KB, 750x1064, F74BE4BC-FBA8-487D-85D4-EC751D…)

The sea troll is the groke, not a finnanon though, just into the moomins.

No. 776162

File: 1617548239909.png (472.38 KB, 890x2007, arkimaito.png)

This might help. Dunno about the rest

No. 776170

File: 1617549114486.jpg (11.4 KB, 468x263, 5720e935736a4b35ad4f1166caccd1…)

Thank you moominanon. I love it.

"saataa sisältää pieniä määriä maitoa" means "may contain small traces of milk"
that leaves the question: why does the Mörkö hold 50€ bills and who is the girl with the glasses peaking out of the window in the back?

No. 776177

Thank you both for shedding some light into this. The mystery is almost solved.

No. 776178

okay I think the milk might be skimmed milk or low-fat milk (may contain small traces of milk) and maybe the mörkö is supposed to be trans with money for surgery and the girl in the house is a scared finnanon? maybe I got it all wrong and maybe the jokes are lost on me

No. 776211

Ok that puts it into context, thanks for the insight nonita.

I'm op, that's more or less what I was implying, but with a bit more emphasis on a rich DIY culture alongside formal art institutions if that makes sense. A lot of my interests in music and performing arts are sort of niche, so I prefer big cities because they have more developed "underground" artist communities.

Some people say that we feel envy toward people that we perceive as being similar to us, and because of that similarity their good fortune seems random and even insulting. I think understanding the mechanics behind that feeling is the first step toward evolving from it.

No. 776218

Is eating waffles with fried chicken an actual thing in burgerland? I just saw a vlogger eating it in NY and I'm speechless

No. 776219

When you take a step, which touches the ground first, your heel or the front of your foot?

No. 776224

helllll yeah. it’s a southern dish originally. put some spicy maple syrup on that bitch… mmmm.

No. 776228

Heel. Someone once told me that you're supposed to walk on the front of your foot to protect your back or something, I don't think this comes naturally to most people though. Makes me wonder if trained dancer's are more inclined to walk on the front of their feet.

No. 776230

File: 1617561516306.gif (2.85 MB, 200x234, ogdngWB.gif)

What sites (anything but discord or reddit) are there where you can meet people with similar interests than you and make friends? I have no social media platforms and not interested in them so they're out of the picture, but I have 0 fucking friends and it literally seems like there is no space on the internet to meet people, it also seems like nobody has any interest in making friends either. For reference my interest is mainly gaming, but I'd like anyone to talk about pretty much anything with because I've never had that. Any anons with a similar situation/experience managed to find something which has helped you with this?

No. 776231

I'm the anon who asked, I'm a heel-er too. I've actually destroyed shoes and slippers this way kek. They always get super worn out at the heel part of the inside

No. 776242

Same, I hate it because on some shoes you straight up cannot repair a worn down heel. Have you tried walking front-foot first? I would love to know if/how someone can pull it off without looking awkward

No. 776257

do people REALLY like the taste of marshmallows? like do you seriously enjoy eating them? would you choose to eat one for dessert if there were other options??

No. 776264

i’m going to buy marshmallows today bc of this post so. yes

No. 776265

oh wait i’m retarded you said “if there were other choices”. probably not but i don’t like keeping desserts on hand and that just sounds like a good way to have mini hits of sugar once in awhile

No. 776267

>1. What is that horrifying seal troll thing.
A character from Moomins
>2. What is in the carton. Is it milk? Yoghurt? Something else entirely?
>why does the Mörkö hold 50€ bills and who is the girl with the glasses peaking out of the window in the back?
The girl in the window is a finnish sex worker/cow that anons in the thread discuss sometimes, Mörkö is holding the bills because she's going to buy sex from the cow kek

No. 776280

do they taste like sugar to you? mini eggs are what i would call a hit of sugar (that is otherwise not notable or is kinda crappy food) but marshmallows have this fucked-up fake taste and also are kind of chalky. i've just never had a desire for one. i also never encountered them as a kid though, we lived somehwere where that's just not something people eat. i tried one after moving to north america and was just like ???

No. 776285

What can I eat with jalepeno pickled eggs?

No. 776288

File: 1617568632448.jpeg (76.35 KB, 720x608, BB1E6460-C9EC-44BB-AAE7-5EB91D…)

EXCLUSIVE LESBIANS.. do y’all feel this? I’ve only seen “bi” sex worker hoes share this..

No. 776289

File: 1617568782679.jpeg (248.63 KB, 750x615, 9D35C742-590F-48D8-B7F7-F31DA2…)

Samefag, I don’t think this is an actual lesbian thing

No. 776290

I feel the same way for any attractive person. I just want to be attractive, guy or girl lol.

No. 776291

I'm a bi woman who feels that way about men I'm attracted to, who knows? not planning to go fakeboi tho

No. 776294

NTA I felt this way for attractive men only, because I was never envious of all the effort pretty women actually had to put into their looks, while handsome, young, deep-voiced men were considered demigods for walking out in their pajamas. Good thing I wasn't born late enough to get trooned out.

No. 776302

too real, anon. i feel you

No. 776304

File: 1617571158050.jpg (78.05 KB, 640x510, tmk93wmlk8e61.jpg)

Cool thanks

I like to think the mörkö is a duck and has a beak, looks cute lol

No. 776307

I mean just *Mörkö

No. 776367

Britanons, do people in your country even care about the falkland islands?

No. 776371

Am I the only one who washes their hair, air dries it and it's nice and soft but that shit keeps maybe poking or touching your face so it itches? I always keep my hair tied because this drives me insane, I've even tried different shampoos and shit, still 9/10 happens.

No. 776373

Anyone know what the drama is with guru gossip the last few days? Who tf is Morgan?

No. 776377

Bipolarmorgan? Wasn't that an admin or something

No. 776378

the right shampoo might help but overall a good conditioner would be a better choice to focus on if your hair touching your face creates an itch

No. 776379

I have tried many, mostly hypoallergenic ones. This shit sucks, and it's usually gone the day after washing it but I will try more combos eventually.

No. 776421

Thank you. Your are an absolute star.

No. 776455

Just had too much greasy food before bed and I dreamt of a movie where a kind of goo substance keeps growing and nobody can stop it, it permeates everything, and you can't stop watching it, even the film roll gets corrupted. The details are fuzzy but it was terrifying nightmare.

What's bizarre is that I woke up in the middle of the night thinking that it was based on a movie or a creepypasta, I looked it up online, but I was so tired I fell back asleep while browsing and dreamt that I had found the story's wikipedia page and bookmarked it for later only to wake up an hour later and realized I hadn't found anything.

Is it based on a real movie or something or did my brain just come up with all this?

No. 776466

File: 1617595862819.jpg (77 KB, 1280x720, 7e7e558756765133e5cb68c889ca7c…)

Is it normal to be physically attracted to only one man and be absolutely repulsed by all other men, including popular actors? I know my taste is quite specific but I get so fixated I feel like I want to erase every other man who doesn't look like him, I'm angry at them for being so plain and boring looking, even if they're conventionally attractive. My vagina just wants to murder them and I want to spit in their faces

No. 776470

either the Blob or maybe this https://chernobyl-visit.com/chernobyl-diaries/elephants-foot-a-horrible-symbol-of-chernobyl-disaster/

i remember it making the rounds on tumblr, terrifying stuff

No. 776500

Is it a bad idea to use Tinder for making friends? I see bi and lesbian anons saying it's annoying but I'm already on Bumble BFF and I feel like Tinder has a larger userbase.

No. 776505

anon i can relate so hard

No. 776520

I wouldn't say I'm murderous or repulsed but I do tend to hyperfixate obsessively on one man at a time in particular and am much more passive with other men, even if I can admit they're attractive, I can't say I'm attracted to them on the same level at all, because my attention reverts back to my obsession

No. 776523

Thanks nonnie, it's the nuclear core. I would have never found it again on my own!

No. 776525

Tinder has a larger user base because the majority of people on there are looking to date. Don’t water down the results for people using it for the intended purpose.

No. 776528

Bumble BFF, Meetup, local FB groups, and/or get over your aversion to social media.

No. 776532

>Don’t water down the results for people using it for the intended purpose.
Nta but Tinder isn't exclusively for dating, it's also for making friends. It says so on their website.

No. 776537

yay glad i could help you ! it's so satisfying finding an answer about a dream.

No. 776543

Thanks! I didn't know keyframe was the term for it, that helps a lot!

No. 776558

why the fuck do men have affairs. why am i not enough for you

No. 776560

Hope you pick yourself up and see your worth queen♥

No. 776562

As long as you put it in your bio, I don't see the issue. They can just not match?

No. 776572

…what? i dont user tinder its beneath me

No. 776580

what does HSTS or whatever gets mentioned in the mtf thread mean?

No. 776583

Homosexual Transexual, it's a gay dude that identifies as a woman.
They usually put a little more effort in that AGPs, but they are usually misogynistic as well
Ex.: Blaire White

No. 776584

take your meds

No. 776587

Ayrt and yeah, I decided to put it as the first line of my bio. I figured if I get matches, hot diggity dog, but if not then that's good too.

No. 776596

Here and there over the years some guys say I moan when I talk, what do they mean? Is it just moids baiting me or does it have to do with the way I speak? I've never heard a girl point it out.

No. 776599

Trisha Paytas does it. Maybe you do, but women just don't feel the need to point it out? Men do have a tendency to adopt a child-like mentality of "no filter, lemme just say whatever comes to mind," regardless of the impact it might have.

No. 776630

have you ever guys ever hated someone who isn’t a celebrity or famous person but a regular old joe that you’ve never met in person? there’s this girl in my remote class I absolutely effing hate and I don’t know why she’s like one of those weeb types

No. 776638

It's totally normal to regard yourself as only one of your ancestries/backgrounds if you don't engage with the other one right? I'm a quarter jewish but I might as well not be because that heritage is basically impossible to engage with unless you're a practicing jew. I have some contact with the jewish side but the majority of them treat us oddly because we're not fully jewish and my grandma is half german on top of that.
I can't imagine how this would be for mixed people, sorry if this comes off like first world problems (I mean it is, ngl). Please no racebait or antisemitic responses. I've tried googling this about partial jewish heritage in particular but I can't find anything.

No. 776661

how to stop being a retard and crying over fictional characters and ships? asking for a friend of course

No. 776677

If you can't maintain a healthy 'relationship' with the media you're consuming, you should just stop watching/reading/playing it.

No. 776701

Why do people ever try to argue that it's a good idea to legalize all drugs???

No. 776707

How do I become a sensual, passionate woman like a Lana del Rey? I wanna be horny like her

No. 776709

Idk but this post is so funny

No. 776710

how do I start brushing my teeth two times a day again? I'm so depressed, it's hard to find the energy to do that so frequently but I know I need to. inb4 "you're gross" I know I hate that I'm like this

No. 776723

because they probably mean the possession of those drugs for individual use, not dealing

No. 776724

maybe they're mixing it up with decriminalizing drugs rather than legalizing them

No. 776732

What does it mean if I keep dreaming of crosscountry running? In these dreams, I am usually in the losing position in a race as my feet don't seem to propel me forward..

No. 776737

Me to anon. For some reason brushing my teeth is the most difficult grooming task. I love taking baths/showers, I ususally am on top of my skincare routine, I can even force myself to do shea butter masks for my hair but brushing my teeth is still the most difficoult even if it takes litterally 2 minutes 2 times a day. Go figure

No. 776739

What are you supposed to do with babybel cheese? I just eat it by itself, but I feel like I should be putting it on something

No. 776740

Your pussy should taste like Pepsi Cola, and your eyes should be wide like cherry pies. Also, wear your hair up real big, beauty queen style, with high heels off, to feel alive. Hope this helps!

No. 776742

Can we give the friends-finder thread that used to be in /g/ a second chance or will that result in an instant lock?

No. 776743

Try to ask in meta

No. 776747

You're right I'll do that, thanks

No. 776750

Why does the front page sometimes only load 2 or 3 pictures instead of 4?

>>776739 Eat it alone or with crackers, or in a salad or even cut up in a sandwich. picrel you can also use it in banh trang nuong (kind of like a Vietnamese pizza) instead of laughing cow cheese and it doesn’t taste bad.

>>775955 It’s supposed to be showing the obscure shape of ftm wieners through mini soda cans I thought others wouldn’t be able to tell the can is mini if I didn’t have it next to another soda can. But I like >>775964 answer more.

No. 776751

Those are usually videos/webms. I think front page can't load them.

No. 776803

File: 1617655334908.jpg (40.91 KB, 540x445, 120377a53f_0315092d_540.jpg)

Why is lain so popular with mental illness tumblr neets and Troons? I heard it's kind of a dull anime that tries too hard to be deep or something.

No. 776804

Why do so many women who claim to hate men and say men are trash seem to jump from boyfriend to boyfriend?

No. 776807

Maybe they're trying to look for a man that's not trash. You can't know someone until you meet them. Also this sounds so vague, are these women you personally know? Are these social media people? Or are you just generalizing?

No. 776815

File: 1617656335443.gif (214.17 KB, 400x225, 4aa.gif)

I need help from non-autistic people.

I sent an email to a teacher 10 days ago (institutional mail by google) and she replied the same day to the 2nd mail (after i request read receipt).

And she was waiting for an answer in a short time, that I sent, but i forgot again to ask for the read receipt. I waited 3 days before forwarding my answer again, this time with a read receipt request. I forwarded the same mail so she could see that I didn't wait a fucking week to answer her question.

Now 3 days passed and no reply, no read receipt, all this between instintutional mails. I know by bad experiences that my mails ended up in an teachers spam last semester (HOW YOU FUCKING SHITE EMAIL SERVICE?! WTF GOOGLE YOU?RE SUPOSED TO BE A GOOD MAIL PROVIDER!)

So, please help me because my autistic brain can't cope:
>send a completely new mail
>keep forwarding the same mail, continuing the mail thread.

God fucking dammit, can't even trust fucking gmail to send a fucking work email.

No. 776817

I did it because back then I still stood 100% behind the non-thought out concept of "omg it's their body just let them do what they want to do with it, if they wanna destroy theirs that's their responsibility, fuck off"

No. 776818

They think it would stop drug wars I assume

No. 776820

Just saying if its in a thread, emails are rarely marked as spam. But just send a new email and mention that you already sent a response but wanted to make sure that they received that email and just in case they didn't receive it just copy and paste your response.

No. 776847

Both. But my coworker comes to
Mind. Says men are trash but can’t seem to be single for more than three months. And we live in rural Alaska so there are no quality single men our age here.

No. 776848

Twitteranons, can you set a single tweet to private? And then unprivate it?

I’m confused because I saw someone post a tweet a few days ago. When I next checked their profile, the tweet was gone. Now I just checked and it’s back again, with the original date. It wasn’t controversial so wouldn’t have been flagged. I didn’t know this was possible?

No. 776861

I have a BS degree and I'm starting my MA in fall but can't get a fucking internship. Can you all give suggestions of good jobs for the summer? I've previously worked at chickfila for 4 years and hated it. I swore after that I wouldn't work with food again so I haven't considered waitressing. I'm living with my dad so living expenses aren't an issue. Burgerfag in case you couldn't tell by chickfila.

No. 776863

Hating men is kind of a meme among women on tiktok/twitter. Sad because we have legitimate reasons to hate them.

No. 776884

I know that masterbaiting can be addicting but can masterbaiting because your bored also be an addiction cause I swear I'm almost always bored rather than horny and I want to stop.

No. 776888

After having been sexual abused by my birth dad, walked out on by my step dad and in several traumatic relationships with men, I say I hate men… because I do. But that doesn't mean I don't want to try and find a good one or at least one that will finally treat me right. (and I have). I'm bi though (yes actually bi, not the "omg I kissed one girl I think I like girls"), but very not able to come out of the closet due to my culture, so maybe I'm also just pretending. Who knows. Anyways, men are dogs. Hate them but I just have to deal. I love my current bf but only because he allows me to do what I want and is by my side during my emotional outbreaks (which were only developed by my relationship with the men before him). He's supportive of my dreams.

But I still hate men in general.

Let me ask you a question: how do you not become conditioned to tolerate and want to date whoever has control over the world's finances and media as well as other simple things? Maybe I'm asking a retarded question but think about it.

Men have set up this world so that they're always in charge of everything. Head of the household, CEO, managers, even the "pants" of the relationship. There's a reason why the "50s Housewife" was such a thing: women were mostly not able to be in charge of anything and not because they were incapable. But because men did not let them and men knew this. They painted themselves as the heroes in every movie, every fairytale, every comic book. Women were the dames to be rescued. A powerful and in charge woman? Hah! She's got to be a lesbian.

Now imagine you're a little girl. No matter where you look, men have always been in charge and in power of any relationship you've seen at your young age. Even though you've got butterflies for little sally, somehow it doesn't make sense. So even though you dislike little Tommy and he annoys you, somehow it "makes sense" for you to date him, even if you resent him. He'll "take care of you". You "need a man to provide for you".

Just my thoughts.

No. 776891

Sure. I mean, if you're masturbating so often that you feel it's taking away time for other activities then why wouldn't it be an addiction regardless of your reasons? When I'm bored I try to do something fun or useful, I don't think "hey now's a good time to drink a bottle of whiskey." Hence "I'm bored so now's a good time to masturbate" isn't any better if it's what you always default to (obviously in moderation it's fine). Like any other behavior you want to change, you have to try and alter your habits. When you're not bored make a list of things you enjoy or things you think you might enjoy, and next time you feel it setting in go do one of those things rather than pulling down your pants. Try to make it easy on yourself by leaving out exercise clothes or paints or whatever related items you'd need so you don't have to spend time rooting around for them. The hope is with time you will start preferring those things rather than getting off.

No. 776895

Thanks anon, I think I'll be using your advice for any addiction I might end up having and do have rn. It's super helpful. Lol >rather than pulling down your pants. But yeah, will start prioritizing more important things and work on them when I get bored.

No. 776897

that's why you should always Womacksterbate instead. It's harmless, clean fun.

No. 776899

Tried to google this and there were no results kek. What is womacksterbate ANON?

No. 776900

Is marturbate like Jason womack

No. 776901

File: 1617668391788.png (176.67 KB, 517x388, 1628393939.png)

Ah yes.

No. 776903

>how do you not become conditioned to tolerate and want to date whoever has control over the world's finances and media as well as other simple things
because they're ugly and annoying. don't care what the media says and those tropes never made sense to me even as a kid.

No. 776909

Anons who sing, when you sing do you breathe out through your nose? Like, letting air out through your nose as you sing. I was in choir as a kid and a couple years in my cousin found out I was doing that and told me it was wrong and made me sound nasally but when I don’t breathe through my nose I think it makes me sound more nasally?

No. 776920

I sound nasally no matter how I sing and I hate it. SingSong Anons advice pls.

No. 776921

Well good for you. That's not the case for other people though, clearly. Congrats on being different from the norm.

No. 776938

File: 1617671069219.png (411.31 KB, 447x690, sip.png)

Is South Park considered problematic by the current woke crowd?

No. 776949

File: 1617672571833.gif (10.34 KB, 511x334, F26E5335-9E5D-461F-8D40-81B2E3…)

It’s weird, I’ve never sung while breathing through my nose, but yeah, maybe you do pic related unconsciously, which is blocking the vocal cavity, making the air go through your nose.
To avoid that, maybe try breathing exercises? So you can learn how to breathe through your mouth while singing without it sounding too harsh.

No. 776951

No. 776959

Eh, surprisingly, not really. South Park, Family Guy, and even the Simpsons (minus the Apu incident) are all pretty much just cemented as "whatever." I think woke individuals just try to focus on making sure new releases are saturated enough with diversity.

No. 776979

Seems like they can only focus on being against a few things at once, but I will say I've seen some with a strong distaste for south park but nothing like the current big callouts they do for whatever's in

No. 776986

File: 1617675538098.jpg (10 KB, 600x600, no.jpg)

Whats wrong with me? I've never been in a romantic relationship but when some guy told me they liked me I had a panic attack that night. It's not like I've had any prior negative (or positive) experiences so I'm having trouble tracing the root of the problem. That was actually my first panic attack too. Then like a month later we had a conversation and I had a panic attack that night AGAIN.
I had a pretty great childhood, good friends and family, I really cant think of anything that would trigger it (albeit some mild anxiety and depression but who doesn't have that). I truly don't know why I felt that way. I also haven't had a panic attack since.

No. 777010

looking back were you able to identify any thoughts or feelings at all before it happend?

maybe if you can write down your thoughts leading to the panic atacks it might help you get a clue of whats wrong, it could be a lot of things like anxiety over making the decision of accepting or rejecting him, not being ready for that stage of life yet or even your sexuality.

No. 777015

File: 1617679900137.jpg (24.37 KB, 480x360, 5398f3b7749e463078845.jpg)

Trying to watch this movie that came out around new years. I typed in the movie name + torrent and was about to click the button that says -torrent magnet-, but it's not as easy as streaming, aye? How do I host whatever I'm going to click? Does it matter what computer I have? Reeeee.. just want to torrent this movie but Idk how to torrent stuff I don't understand it.

No. 777022

File: 1617680748601.jpg (1.25 MB, 968x4488, Screenshot_20210405-234458_Dis…)

Hey nonny, here's a guide I wrote for my friend a few weeks ago. Hope it helps!!! open in a new tab or something for full size

No. 777034

You are so kind, thank you truly!

No. 777071

I was just so surprised because nobody had ever told me that before. I honestly couldn't believe anyone would like me in that way. Thank you for giving me a place to start.

No. 777133

Why the fuck does my browser save images as webp files????? Is this a Firefox thing? Should I switch to Chrome?

No. 777141

>picrel you can also use it in banh trang nuong (kind of like a Vietnamese pizza)
Thank you so much for this anon! I tried out the recipe a couple hours ago, and even though I substituted a few things, it came out so good. It's the middle of the night and I'm craving another one hehehe

No. 777158

some sites embed them as webp's for a retarded reason, it's not just a Firefox problem. sometimes it happens when you're viewing a webpage in the google amp format. wikia and other sites started embedding their pics as webp and it's been a real pain

did find a converter if that helps

No. 777163

File: 1617701115763.jpg (33.46 KB, 800x600, 1589361847632.jpg)

This sounds silly and LONG but has anyone else dealt with the weirdness of loving butch and futch women, while slowly realising you yourself have slowly become quite butch? I think the pandemic has affected many women's beauty routines, from makeup to clothes and I was never the girliest of women but…it feels odd? I haven't really posted selfies the past two years, even though I have taken very nice ones, it just feels like I am cheating people. I am not that into makeup anymore, I do my brows and maybe put on mascara and rarely anything else because masks. I do think I look cool though and I can wear that full beat with falsies and all but I feel like a gay ass butterfly coming out of its cocoon or whatever.

No. 777170

File: 1617701561556.jpeg (102.93 KB, 770x770, B6B89F2E-8405-4604-85CE-44B4B2…)

should I order 3 delicious homemade edibles that arrive in a week or buy a new dress that arrives tomorrow

No. 777174

From a non-druggie's perspective: the dress because you'll get more use out of it

No. 777175

How soon into the relationship did you guys start having sex with your SOs?

No. 777178

we didn't start dating until after we'd had sex. try before you buy imo

No. 777181

anon you do you, embrace what makes you comfortable and happy. youre not "cheating" ANYONE, the internet isn't a 1-on-1 with reality and your life, plus you don't owe ANYONE anything let alone looking the way they'd want you to.

embrace your butchness if it makes you happy!!!!

No. 777189

File: 1617707568715.jpg (44.93 KB, 500x263, tumblr_bb6f1993fe6101cd4b92f18…)

Can someone explain this? (I only know Mitski's most popular songs/don't memorize her lyrics)

No. 777191

it's pretty literal meme of the lyrics '' toss your dirty shoes in my washing machine heart''

No. 777194

File: 1617708743148.jpg (334.64 KB, 1881x1120, 1565141837357-0.jpg)

Can't speak for scrote, but I find the portrayal of isolation really accurate and weirdly comforting in Lain. I think the plot only appeals and rewards people who likes to dig up and overanalyse a little. If that sounds like you, then you should watch it!
Also don't forget that your average anime watcher saying that "it's tryhard" only consume coomer anime.
SEL is not really anything different from a Lynch's movie for exemple (who still has a masse appeal even if it's a bit more experimental storytelling) but the people who tends to make it their whole aethetic are always sort of autistic

No. 777197

My bad, I forgot about this song. Thanks

No. 777210

Does having more life experience equals more wisdom?

No. 777223

File: 1617714253692.png (10.88 MB, 1242x2208, E3E7245B-6D54-4664-BD27-19DCA6…)

not that one, Anon. This one. He drills into the Earth DEEP and mines for Oils on the daily (except when he's on unemployment and spending his checks on sex workers) but due to his occupation, his self love techniques are transcendent and chaste

No. 777229

Wisdom IS life experience. As you age you learn to distinguish shit deals and tricks from experience and pattern-recognition, that's basically all it is. It still doesn't mean you always make the best decision, usually just means you can assess the risk.

No. 777238

Are there any graphic design anons here? How do you get paid for your stuff? What are some good career opportunities for that field?

No. 777241

And how many times did you guys see each other before you did it?

No. 777242

File: 1617716898092.jpeg (441.97 KB, 2213x3333, 4067AF65-D1B1-4967-BCD3-E544D6…)

Is it normal for your body to take longer to bounce back from doing bad shit to it? I’ve had puffy eyes and dry eyelids for 3 days now, and yesterday I cut back on caffeine and drank 7 liters of water throughout the day to compensate.

I just got off a bender. I was drinking and being a bulimic fool.

Now I’m worried there’s something wrong - more than dehydration. I am avoiding a doctor because America.

Any thoughts?

No. 777243

Is 26 still considered young, objectively?

No. 777244

How many years is the average life expectancy? 75?
>Is 26 young relatively to 75?


No. 777250

why do lesbians often prefer butch/masculine women? I thought lesbians would prefer a more girly, feminine woman? I know this is not the case for all, more of a cliche/stereotype with lesbians being manly with short hair and no makeup etc. sorry if this is offensive I am just curious.

No. 777265

Maybe your electrolytes are all fucked up. Get some rehydration salts

No. 777291

Over a year lmao

No. 777302

no that's old crone. only less than 5 is young.

No. 777303

File: 1617725186998.jpg (15 KB, 400x238, hyFzsBB.jpg)

I hope this doesn't come off as bait, but does being fat changes your voice?

When I'm reading something and a character gets fat, usually a woman, they mention that her voice gets lower; I have also heard a couple of men saying "She sounds fat".

So like, you can sound fat? Does weight have any conexion with a voice sounding deeper or lower? In contrast, if you are skinny, does your voice sounds higher by default or something?

Excuse me for my stupidity, but this has been bothering me for a while now.

No. 777307

File: 1617726067624.jpg (90.1 KB, 736x562, 6b2bd2f1f91c1c9d1ff8eda037f944…)

I got hired part time and sent 2 emails asking for clarification if I'll be compensated for online work education. First response was polite, but didn't answer my question. Second response was one sentence, devoid of any niceties. Am I on the managers shitlist now? I needed to know because I'm a student and our contracts work differently.

No. 777308

I think it's more about the way they breathe. Because of the excessive fat tissue pressing against the lungs and the windpipe, fat people take louder, more laboured breaths than normal people

No. 777309

*when they talk

No. 777326

Yes. Your voice gets deeper when you go full hamplanet because of increased testosterone levels.

No. 777333

Why did he unblock me and shortly after made his Instagram profile public even though it's always been private? He also posted some old mountain pics from the trip to Scandinavia and tagged a female friend. I'm the one who rejected him, kind of

No. 777335

Samefag I also have these instagram sex bots viewing all my stories and its never more than one per story

No. 777360

Ty anon I just bought some pedialyte… why did I not think of that!? I thought I was going through kidney failure nbd

No. 777365

four times iirc

No. 777367

I am a bit late but honestly as someone that dealt with depression hard a few years ago I just automatized that process, like going to the toilet. This routine was something I didn't even think about so I didn't have a reason to delay it or not to do it. Wish the same could be said for my uni work

No. 777379

I'm skinny with a low voice

No. 777383

Is it bad/unusual to have a beer on a weekday? Do most people only drink on the weekends?

No. 777399

Is he a cow or something, I have never heard of him. Intriguing, would love to hear more.

No. 777403

Maybe get an electric toothbrush? They can be pricey but it makes life so much easier. I like the oral b ones so I can just apply light pressure and drag it along my gumline (inner, outer, top of teeth) and be done with it. Minimal effort and my mouth still feels clean.

No. 777411

I think "they sound fat" isn't only about the depth of the voice, but there are also other qualities of voice that you can detect, like if their face is so fat it affects even how they form sounds.

No. 777444

About a month of seeing each other, then another few months after first sex before we decided to make it official
Fat voices sound echoey/muffled
Who knows? Why are you concerned about some moid you rejected?

No. 777445

Does anyone else get teary when theyre pooing. I even have to blow my nose. Idk what the issue is or if i'm straining so much i cry.

No. 777463

File: 1617738461779.jpeg (18.04 KB, 372x305, 5BDEEDF3-F67A-4497-9378-2FAA7A…)

I accidentally swallowed a tiny amount of hydrogen peroxide 3% and my throat was hurting. Am I going to die?

No. 777466

No. 777467

Ma'am, respectfully, why are you posting here then? If you don't go and call Poison Control rn omg. Hope you're ok.

No. 777474

how the hell did you "accidentally" swallow that

No. 777475

What's with anons putting stuff that doesn't belong in humans openings in their human openings for the past few days

No. 777481

we're getting more retarded by the hour

No. 777483

What level of changing yourself (interests, appearance, whatever) is acceptable when wanting to appeal to your crush? At what stage does it become creepy?

Not asking for myself - noticed someone else doing it and wondered if I was being too judgemental.

No. 777491

It's pathetic when women do it, but based when men do it.

No. 777492

I think it's fine to want to be a better version of yourself for a crush (a shallow motivation, but I think everyone falls for it sometimes). If they're changing themselves to get closer to a fictional ideal the man has, like being into Ramona Flowers looking e-thots, then it becomes creepy and sad.

No. 777493

um. it gets desperate quickly but i think wearing a certain style or accessory more often around your crush/partner is ok. buying a new wardrobe (knew a girl who did this kek) is desperate as fuck.
checking out more detective movies because you feel like you could share that is fine. making yourself watch movies from a genre you don’t like just to get the person to pay attention to you is desperate.
changing your personality never works because you’ll slip up eventually.

No. 777497

File: 1617740826422.gif (1.9 MB, 320x320, 07C6ED4D-CCC9-4D2B-904F-27A0B2…)

It’s listed as an oral debriding agent for sore mouths and phlegm, mucus, etc. and has instructions on the bottle, and I had something going on in my throat so I swished it around and that’s how it happened.

I was waiting for them to answer as I posted on here. They said I’d be okay because it really was a tiny amount and to keep drinking water. I was scared as shit and I’m never doing this again. The stuff that came up on google while I waited for them to answer made it scarier. Moral of the story don’t be stupid like me and don’t take basic chemistry classes for granted.

No. 777502

I think you worded this very well, anon! I once had a friend who would change her wardrobe from super fakeboy-y to fishnets, mini skirts and hair dyed + extensions in less than a week after meeting a new guy. It was truly bone chilling to witness, she had a slight accent that she would change too but poorly, weirdo.

No. 777515

Is it lame to have a song ringtone? I feel like everyone uses the default ones.

No. 777523

Not at all, I use one for the people I don't wanna answer so I can at least hear a banger whilst ignoring them.

No. 777524

Can I develop a personality or am I fucked?

No. 777527

Will regular waxing really make my arm hair shorter and weaker? I don't really mind having hair on my arms but I wish it was a little bit shorter

No. 777529

Funny names for psychiatric hospital?

No. 777530

Idk if eplilating is the same as waxing but i feel like it is. ive been epliating my pits and nothings changed.

No. 777531

Looney bin? Looney tunes bin?

No. 777532

yes start reading joke books queen

No. 777533

put us in the will so the farmers can fight over it

No. 777540

How can I learn to not lash out at people?
Someone came out to me (they’re questioning their gender) and I uh…sort of lashed out and said they don’t have to change genders etc. Idk how I feel about this whole thing but I don’t want to hurt them nor do i want them go around Saying stuff about me.
How can I not be like that.

No. 777545

Fb is actually not bad. There are a lot of groups that are specific for certain games and if you post there regularly you might eventually strike a conversation with someone and make a friend

No. 777551

think of it as your friend converting to a religion. You don't have to comment or be rude, but if they start shoving it in your face then pull away from the relationship. Not sure how your friend is if they'll accuse you of being a TERF or a bigot so be wary.

No. 777554

Thank you. We’re pretty close and I said some hateful things that I should have kept for myself ( I’m not happy being a hateful person but here I am on lolcow).

No. 777558

>Fb is actually not bad
except for all the data leaks

No. 777559

on a scale of absolutely cringe to based, where would you put making an edgy teen romance/coming of age story based on your own life experiences?

No. 777562

Make a fake account with fake everything except for that 1 interest

No. 777568

based cringe. embrace it.

No. 777603

sometimes i see people mention how some women can masturbate to other women (whether they mean thoughts, images, i don't know) but still be straight, but how does that work? if even straight people think about the same sex like that then how can someone know if they're truly gay/bi if they're still a virgin?

No. 777634

File: 1617760101734.jpeg (113.67 KB, 750x1019, How to work with air-dry clay …)

Is it possible to make molds for resin casting out of air dry clay sculptures?
I don't know if this is relevant, but the sculpture would be coated with varnish.

No. 777640

File: 1617760964706.jpeg (60.12 KB, 570x570, putty.jpeg)

Possibly? I did it to make some resin stuff for a cosplay years ago. I used model magic and then after it hardened I used picrel to make a silicone mold out of it.

No. 777642

File: 1617761179492.jpg (261.92 KB, 1152x2048, 1614754732565.jpg)

vagina thread on /g/ seems dead so i'll ask here:
what feminine wash do you guys use? i wanted vagisil/summer's eve but the stuff apparently smells like flowers and bunnies now (according to the reviews i saw on amazon).

No. 777643

totally possible, but just some advice- air dry clay is very soft and can crumble when you remove it from the mold. Be very careful with anything detailed, use lots of mold release, and vent your mold properly.

No. 777650

Libresse one has worked for me, also rfsu but i hate the packaging

No. 777652

I use summer's eve but the bottle I bought is from years and years ago… I'm almost out too so I'm also interested in what other anons use and sad to know summer's eve smells like shit now lmao. I know some people say just water is fine but I have long inner labia and feel like just water never gets me quite as clean as something that lathers up.

No. 777668

File: 1617763002303.jpg (130.56 KB, 736x1076, 9b6be7c6e022c2aad90ae8b9440666…)

This looks so cool! I hope there's something similar in my country. I've made silicon shit from scratch with industrial silicon and starch and it wasn't very fun.

>dry clay is very soft and can crumble when you remove it from the mold.
Even after completely hardened and varnished?
I thought they were pretty strong after doing that.
I was planning on doing heads (human and animal), so if it broke after finishing the mold I'd be kinda sad lol

No. 777678


That's more of an issue if you're doing something with lots of overhangs. I make miniatures so I've broken a lot of my master models (mostly legs and fingers) trying to get them out of the mold. You should be fine with heads. Good luck anon!

No. 777697

Has anyone here ever had luck getting a Discord account back after it was disabled by the mods?

No. 777736

Will I be the lucky 777777?

No. 777738

File: 1617769603668.jpg (38.17 KB, 542x543, 1615073086400.jpg)

no, it will be me

No. 777746

Is there a quiz or guide or something to tell me what I should have accomplished in my life so far, based off of the age that I am?
I’m nervous I’m not moving things along fast enough.

No. 777748

Battle of anons.

No. 777754

No. 777760

File: 1617772598146.gif (803.15 KB, 400x300, 7777777777777777777777.gif)

Kek seriously though how many spaztics are gonna be camping on the front page waiting for their lolcow chance of a lifetime? /ot/ moves so slowly too, the suspense is gonna kill me.

No. 777761

I just want the 7s

No. 777768

The 777777 gets a wish granted by Sanic.

No. 777771

I was gonna try, but if I fail and don't get a 777777 idk if I could live with the embarrassment.

No. 777793

it's okay nona, nothing we could have posted would have rivaled what ended up happening.

No. 777797

Ayrt, it actually ended up being me lmao

No. 777803

File: 1617774780729.jpeg (24.33 KB, 300x250, E5E93575-B0BE-455D-9E87-24C025…)

Make a wish to Sanic chosen one

No. 777814

Does anybody know the current site address for nblog/nicoblog?

No. 777817

is there a way to make my boiled eggs less stinky while cooking besides vinegar?

No. 777819

nvm seems like they permanently took it down about a month ago fml

No. 777826

Is "Goddess" something common in simp speak or some shit? Other than the obvious meaning. Under every camgirl type woman's twitter posts there's always a tons of comments of guys peppering in the word "goddess," who also do it in basically every reply they make to a girl. Shit like "lovely goddess looking great!" "hello goddess!" "goddess' makeup is looking lovely" "cute goddess pussy" and other dumb shit. I haven't noticed it until recently.

No. 777828

Anons, could you help me remember the title of a fairy tale that used to give me nightmares as a kid? I google all variations of the plot but can't find it.
It is about a boy who is sent to the market by her mother to buy some vegetables. At the vegetable stand, there's an old lady whose eyesight is really bad and has to thoroughly touch and grope the vegetables and the boy makes a remark (or just thinks to himself? I don't know) about it (that she shouldn't touch them with her old, dirty hands or something like that). The old lady notices the boy and asks him to help carry her bags home and the boy, because he feels bad about the comment he made earlier, obliges. They got to the woman's home, he puts down her bags and suddenly the woman reveals herself to be a witch and transforms the boy into an animal (something like a hamster or a mouse or something) and curses him to work for him for hundreds of years (or maybe just 10, don't remember) as a cook I think? And maybe he even becomes a famous chef and cooks for the king himself: After his long servantship is over, he goes home, but his mother doesn't recognize him. That's all I remember, I don't know what happens after.

No. 777829

Does anybody have an article or something about the sexist phenomenom in art where the woman is portrayed as latching onto a man and looking at him while the man looks into the distance, signifying his worldliness and her obedience to him? I can't remember where I read or saw this (a newspaper, YouTube, lolcow, a book), and it is difficult to search for online. So if anyone knows what I'm talking about and has a piece of media about it, I would really appreciate knowing the name of it and learning more.

No. 777833

What language was it in or what country are you from? At first I thought that it could be The Witches by Roald Dahl, but that's not right

No. 777835

I'm pretty sure it's originally a German one but not Grimm's

No. 777841

are you sure its not the witches by roald dahl? i just read the synopsis and it sounds really similar

No. 777842

Yes, it's definitely not it, I'm familiar with the movie. I'm pretty sure it's a fairy tale from the 19th century, just like the Brother Grimm's stories.

No. 777844

do you kiss babies/toddlers on the lips? (before covid anyway) it's always been a normal thing in my family, immediate and otherwise so i was taken aback when my friend brought it up as weird in convo. with my family it was always just little smacks, for lack of a better term, to say good night or good bye and i never thought much of it.

No. 777845

Depends on a culture but it is in my country. Kiss - as in little smack as you say - on the lips doesn't have to be only romantic.

No. 777846

I kiss/kissed my 2 year old niece on the lips. Nothing weird about it. It's literally just like a peck you'd give your grandma. My immediate family always gave a small kiss on the lips. A relative would get a kiss on the cheek or a hug, and that's where it ended. I can see why some people might find it weird, but it's not like you're french kissing them or properly snogging is it.

No. 777848

No. I know some families do it, but I don't want to kiss anyone who's not a romantic partner on the lips.

No. 777853

I find that very weird and I hated when relatives even kissed me on the cheek as a child. Can't even imagine the horrors of them kissing me on the mouth. Usually adults don't care if the child likes it or hates it and force it or do weird shit like "give aunty a kiss, don't you like your aunty?" very creepy.

No. 777855

op here - that stuff is weird. in my experiences it was my sibling running up to me to kiss me good night.

No. 777857

I have exactly 0 experience with babies and toddlers, but I personally find it weird. My mouth is reserved exclusively for romantic partners only

No. 777858

I rarely kiss family members at all but I might kiss a baby/toddler on the head or cheek. Then my niece started giving me little kisses on the lips and it was so cute I didn’t want to correct her. I wouldn’t start it though I don’t find it weird in itself, just not something my family usually does.

No. 777868

File: 1617787873913.png (127.17 KB, 888x396, interests.png)

what's the full comic? I can't seem to find it in the previous mtf threads

No. 777873

My mom forced me and my siblings to kiss her and my father goodnight on the lips every night, yuck. I think I was age 10 or so when I finally told my mom I really didn't want to do that anymore, she wasn't happy. Other relatives never did though, thankfully. I think it's weird, if I ever have kids myself I would never kiss them on their lips.

No. 777874

anon i looked for a bit on google and tineye and google, and haven't found either. if anyone has it i'm also interested !

No. 777876

File: 1617788948938.png (Spoiler Image, 601.1 KB, 900x2100, 1615544024441.png)

Here you go. Spoilered for drawn nudity and frowned-uppon discussion topic.

No. 777877

It's a question of individual freedom. Why should the government be able to tell me what substances I can consume, make, have, etc.?

No. 777881

Imo, it's because some of those substances could have a large negative impact on other people. When people have drugs they will spread it around. If it's legal for someone to make and consume crack, then what's stopping them from selling it and giving it to other people? Why should stuff like rohypnol or GHB be legal? Individual freedom can and does affect other people. I'm very tired, so I'm not sure if this entire thing makes sense, but I hope you get my point

No. 777883

Because it's the government's job to protect her citizens from themselves and each other. We sacrifice personal freedom for the benefit of society as a whole. This is from the perspective of a non-American though, I'm aware Americans are very particular about having their individual freedom (which hasn't done much good from my perspective) Let's say guns for example, where I live a regular citizen isn't allowed to own any guns/firearms or even simply pepperspray. Yes that takes away from my individual freedom to make the choice to own a gun, but I receive freedom back in the form of a very safe country to live in. I don't have to fear being randomly shot down in broad daylight and kids here aren't taught what to do when a shooter enters the school because that's not going to happen. That's a great trade-off.

No. 777907

the nut hut

No. 777909

sounds like a menstruation hut but for scrotes to jerk off without bothering others

No. 777910

KEK. Get thee to The Nut Hut, offensive scrote.

No. 777914

Sounds like something that should be applied, the nut hut would be the place they would be banished to jerk off until they die or until they get over the horniness, no fap materials, no furniture, just the floor and the scrote.

No. 777917

>banished to the nut hut for existential crimes

No. 777969

All the people who diss this are usually WASPs or milquetoast Americans raised under Puritan values. My family kisses on the lips and it’s not weird to us. I don’t think it’s weird to kiss a baby either, because for me kissing is not inherently sexual. Just like a hug or embrace. The way we embrace our parents, friends and siblings is different from the way we embrace a lover. Kissing is no different.

>b but hugging isn’t kissing!!!!

That’s because you were brought up to see kissing in a sexual way. Stop projecting your culture on other people

No. 777997

what's the "oranges and apples" thing that has been mentioned in several threads? what am i missing out on?

No. 777999

File: 1617803060869.png (29.23 KB, 583x389, apples and oranges.PNG)

No. 778000

It's basically just an idiom to say "while these two things may seem similar, they're ultimately different enough to where you can't compare them". Anons are probably just using it because they see other anons doing it and figured it's applicable to multiple situations

No. 778020

Even though both are fruits, you wouldn't say they taste, look, smell, or feel the same.
It's applied when people try to draw comparisons between two superficially similar things in bad faith, yet there's a lot of nuance as to why those things are vastly different than each other that make the comparison false.

No. 778036

fml im literally retarded. wish i could delete that embarrassment of a post. i swear just saw it mentioned on so many different threads the past few days that i thought it was a new kind of an inside joke on lc. thanks for the explanation, i have definitely heard of this saying before

No. 778060

Anons, if you upload a pic of your face to pimeyes, do you get mostly lookalikes in Eastern European countries? I'm trying to figure out if the site hits more Eastern Europe sites or if I actually look Eastern European.

No. 778080

I want to do this but I'm afraid to give my picture to a random website. I dont even post on Instagram or anything. Im just paranoid lmao

No. 778088

This website is amazing. I got a bunch of South American/Caribbean/African countries so its probably just looking at your features

No. 778116

How do you know what countries are your results from without paying?

vast majority of results for my photo were pictures of a few camgirls including some pretty explicit ones, feels weird to see someone with such a similar face to mine with a dick next to it …

No. 778117

File: 1617814461672.jpeg (24.61 KB, 275x262, 4FF84089-9A14-455F-A039-E1286F…)

Lesbian and bi anons dating women, whats your ideal casual first date, and what do you consider a date vs just hanging out while attracted to someone? I’ve been talking to a woman for a while and have tried to take her on proper dates in the past but we’re both low maintenance and have distant communication styles so after a few mediocre “netflix and chill” dates that went nowhere due to my lack of confidence and communication, we kind of had a falling out after a few months, but her birthday was recently and she expressed wanting to see me again and I want to treat her to something special, without her feeling like I’m doing too much especially considering our kinda muddled history. She already said she wants to go out to get drinks, but I don’t drink and don’t want her to feel like she’s just drinking alone, what else should I plan in addition to keep things not awkward, or should I just take her out for drinks like she asked? Should I buy her a gift or is that too much? I have trouble with coming on too strong so I want to see if I’m overthinking, and if anyone has any date tips to keep things casual and not move too fast or do too much for people.

No. 778133

Maybe a picnic? Or go for dinner, not necessarily to a luxury place, just somewhere cool where you can be outdoors, listen to nice music and talk. And if she wants she can have a drink and you can go for a walk to a park and maybe give her a little kith
I think that a small gift would be nice too, I'd go for a cute ring or a set of earrings, it's her birthday after all!

No. 778139

This >>778133 is exactly what I was I going to propose, if you can get to a place with a beautiful view I think a sunset picnic would be simple but romantic. You could curate a nice picnic dinner with her favourite drink and get her some flowers if she likes flowers. If that's not really feasible where you live then a cute patio would be a good alternative imo.

No. 778141

I accidentally peed myself during masturbation, it never happened before, does this mean my muscles are weak or something?

No. 778153

Could be. Are you doing kegels? If you put a finger inside yourself and squeeze your walls, do you feel it firmly hug your finger?

No. 778157

thanks nonitas, one last question, if you received jewelry from someone would you prefer it to be handmade or store bought? I obviously won't give her some shitty kindergarten tier shit I only think of it because I've been making wire wrapped and small welded steel jewelry pieces for a few years, but I know she has particular taste and I don't want to buy something she thinks is "basic", on the other hand I don't want to be too personal or forward by taking it upon myself to make something if that seems intense.

No. 778158

All my lookalikes are either asian or latina. I'm white kek

No. 778174

It depends on what she likes, have a look at the kind of jewellery she wears in pictures if you can. That seems really nice though. Personally, I would cherish an item that was handmade by someone I like more than something store bought regardless of aesthetic preferences because it's more thoughtful. It sounds like you're right on track to create a special bday/date night, I hope you both have a great time anonita

No. 778184

Well I can't find the answers online, doctors didn't tell me anything so maybe some drugchans can help me out. I overdosed on Xanax intentionally last week and have been quite sick ever since, lots of dizziness and nausea and I can't believe it's lasting this long. I haven't been able to keep food and water down. Does anyone know if this is normal? I don't use regularly it was a one time thing so I'm assuming it's not withdrawal symptoms. Maybe someone has gone through the same thing and has answers. I think my doctors are tards or they don't really give a shit.

No. 778190

Wat is happening on /snow/

No. 778196

I've got nothing useful to add but you sound really sweet and thoughtful, good luck!

No. 778221

I use the Dark Reader extension on my computer and there's been a recent update on Tumblr that prevents the extension from working correctly, the posts are back at being white and it's giving headaches, is there a way for them to at least be in grayscale?

No. 778224

File: 1617828032051.jpg (88.48 KB, 524x480, New-2017-Fashion-Ladies-Down-S…)

I mean the explicit porn ones are pretty much likely to be Eastern Europe if you're also white/pale like I am and it doesn't look like American porn videos. Eastern European women are a huge market within the sex industry. The beginning of the links will show and you can sometimes use that to see what website url it is. In my case I was able to take some of the shorter domain names and google them to find that they're all Eastern European porn sites if specified. But I do rely on intuition a lot as I also deduced that one of my 'lookalikes' is some Russian model who does modeling in China. Not gonna post a picture of her bc she looks just like me. How I 'figured it out' is that the pictures were obvious AliExpress types (picrel) and there were a bunch of different pics of the same woman modeling activewear, accessories, clothes, formal wear, etc. Even if the pictures are cropped and blurred you can sort of tell what type of picture it is (modeling vs candid).
Also big thanks to the other anons who checked for me!

No. 778226

Nta but I fucking hate those jackets. Makes everyone look like they’re the Michelin Man wearing a garbage bag.

No. 778229

tf it gave me a pic of a 6-year-old girl that looks exactly like me

No. 778236

They're not worn for fashion, they're light and warm af

No. 778239

Lol I don’t give a shit you still look like a fucking trash bag

No. 778242

This anon has so much vitriol for jackets but I agree with this opinion. Those jackets ugly af

No. 778246

You're not paranoid at all anon, there are very good reasons not to upload your face to the internet.

No. 778251

NTA but I agree, those jackets are supposed to be puffy but somehow they always look so thin and cheap.

No. 778262

I just did my face and wow, so much fucking porn. I feel like some scrote would use this site to find porn that looks like a girl he hates or something. I can't really comment on the eastern european thing though because I'm a mulatto lel

No. 778289

> I feel like some scrote would use this site to find porn

ding! those datamining sites are never good news.

No. 778356

File: 1617841328822.jpg (140.81 KB, 1130x1300, 14907749-portrait-of-indian-bu…)

Hello miss what is good site to watch free movie pls and thank u

No. 778357


No. 778358

oops Sorry, didn't mean to yell

No. 778361

Thank you my darling !

No. 778377

Would you rather be super hot or be ignored by males but you can have the one scrote of your dreams, which would you pick?

No. 778379

I'm currently in the situation of the latter (sans the person of my dreams) and it's not that bad. Maybe it's just me coping, but it seems like being super hot is more trouble than it's worth.

No. 778380

Being ignored by men except that one scrote I want is absolutely my dream anon, where do I sign?

No. 778381

I really want the scrote of my dreams, being hot for male approval is not only boring but also dangerous.

No. 778384

I would rather be hot. I don't care about the attention from men, but I want to be conventionally attractive. I also don't really want to be with a man, so the second option doesn't appeal to me that much.

No. 778395

Be hot

No. 778404

hot, being clung to desperately by one scrote is honestly worse than having fleeting attention form all of them

No. 778420

if someone wanted to get murdered where could they realistically find someone who has the balls to do it?

which websites should they try? 4chan? thanks

No. 778421

File: 1617851941070.jpeg (66.13 KB, 795x715, 91B5C09C-CF9F-40A6-B101-224804…)

Hey since the 2000’s are supposedly coming back, is it okay now to get this haircut?

No. 778428

Dream scrote, excessive male attention gets old.

No. 778431

hot, i don't need a male and being hot has so much more benefits than attracting males
also being tied down to one male for your entire life just sounds like a nightmare

No. 778434

Only if you want to hear karen jokes directed at you every three seconds.

No. 778435

But if he's your dream scrote he wouldn't cling to you.

No. 778436

Scrote of my dreams. You didn’t say I was ugly right? So I must at least be cute

No. 778439

follow your dreams but looking at that hairstyle is making my neck itch

No. 778463

It’s just an inverted bob. I’ve had ton in my day. I’ve always paired it with bangs.
Karen hair is way more layered with chunky harsh blonde highlights. Some of the examples online have become crazy. Like all inverted bobs are Karen hair? It’s now just turned into bashing all sorts of women’s hairstyles.
The point of the Karen hair is someone who thinks they’re stylish but isn’t.
Also, I think Karens are more of an attitude so if you’re a nice person, people may poke fun in a harmless way but they know that 1) you’re truly not a Karen and 2) you like the hairstyle

Here’s some more inverted bobs and bobs for aeon flux anon

No. 778473

Should I move to the States (from Canada) for a job? The cost of living is increasing like crazy and the salaries for my industry are deflated compared to places like NYC or SF. Like hell, if I got my current salary in USD, it'd go so far because of the exchange rate. Urgh.

No. 778480

File: 1617865708011.jpg (142.92 KB, 740x878, H69fe83745db240fab323c511f1180…)

I have no money to go to the doctor right now but I am thinking I might have an hormonal imbalance having to do with androgens or sum because my hair is getting coarser and I have discharge and no period.
I've been thinking of taking saw palmetto (an anti androgen), spearmint (another anti androgen), soy and fenugreek (both increase estrogen or something). Idk. I think this is what trannies do to look like fembois so I wonder if me being a woman would help me or just fuck me over more? Does anyone have experience with this?

No. 778488

I think it needs to be more dramatic or less, thats very karen

No. 778489

I think if both sides were longer it would be less karen, it's a nice haircut but yeah it needs more lenght

No. 778490

File: 1617869561502.png (214.07 KB, 610x368, ....png)

How do I become more confident wearing feminine clothes? I'm tired of looking like a slob but I'm scared of having to deal with staring scrotes again. Right now I only really wear sweatpants.

Ik this is 4 days old but I'd be interested.

No. 778494

You probably have PCOS, losing some weight would help. A doctor will likely make you take the pill to regulate your hormones.

No. 778496

Is it really that bad to make yourself throw up everytime you feel nauseas? Because I can't stand feeling nauseated and would rather get it out and over it.

No. 778498

Depends how often you feel nauseous, because if it's too often then you should totally see a doctor about it.
If it's rare then sure, why keep it when you can get over it quickly.

No. 778517

Throwing up is bad for your teeth so I avoid it for that reason. If you're nauseous frequently that sounds like more of a concern though…

No. 778538

Is that spooky skelly Ashley still alive?

No. 778540

Late but yes mostly because I am Eastern European kek. Also quite a handful of scandinavian ladies and one from a Dutch website who looks like my fucking clone.

No. 778541

I think, she has a thread on KF if you want to follow her antics, although it's very boring, half the posts are like "damn how can she still be alive?".

No. 778544

File: 1617876380608.png (Spoiler Image, 407.74 KB, 540x635, 20210408_120012.png)

Amazingly, yes. This is the latest photo on her insta, from March 20.
This is what she wrote on her bday:
>my birthday is in less than a week, and.. well, a big FUXK YOU to the doctors that put a bet on when I’d kick the bucket.
>Will she live to see 16? Become an adult at 18? Drink a beer at 21? DAMNNN, SHE PROVED US ALL WRONG!!
>I’m just a living mistake lol.

She's just living of pure spite. I've written before that people driven by spite have an unusually high rate of success in whatever they do. Spite is the strongest motivator, and she's living (well, more like undead) proof of it.

No. 778547

The human body is seriously amazing to keep her going this long, or maybe she really does gain extra life force every time someone asks if she's dead yet

No. 778549

how old is she now?

No. 778550

Is it shitty to say good for her? Obviously she's not a great person but you have to respect the determination

No. 778585

She likely is monitored by medical professionals and is given medications that keep her alive. I would doubt she'd ever post about the team that's clearly helping her out on the day to day including her mom because that would break the illusion that she's handling this all on her own to stick it to the haters.

No. 778586

I have had a consistently high temperature for a week and no other symptoms of disease (ok my throat is a bit phlegmy but in normal limits) my mom tells me body temperature can be higher in time of ovulation but the problem is I have no idea when I last got my period kek I don't pay attention to it so I don't know if that's the cause. So I am asking is it possible to have a noticeably high temperature (37.3°C) just from ovulation

No. 778603

Would it be stupid to have my tonsils removed just because I'm annoyed by the tonsil stones I get sometimes? They are not anything out of the ordinary and I get like 2-3 stones a month, which is normal from my understanding. I also never had tonsillitis

No. 778608

Don't nonnie, when you get tonsil stones it means some bacteria got into your throat but it was stopped by the tonsils on its way. If you remove them you'll get worse health issues.

No. 778610

But don't most people already have had them removed?

No. 778612

is taking accutane as bad as people make it out to be?

No. 778613

I’m supposed to get my second covid vaccine shot today but have a sore throat… should I still go get it or reschedule? I’m fine otherwise, the sore throat started coming on yesterday and I really feel it today.

No. 778615

No, wtf, why remove a healthy and needed body part for no reason. Only people who have problems with recurring throat infections get them removed.

No. 778616

Okay, thanks gyus, I guess it really was a stupid idea

No. 778617

No. 778622

lowkey this could work looks like weeb hair tho

No. 778628

Is it normal that I feel much more tired and my muscles hurt much more after a yoga session than if I did some fast paced aerobic or something?

No. 778630

Do bans on here affect only the board I was banned on or the whole website?

No. 778633

Depends on what you were banned for. If you racebait or you're a scrote, you get banned across all boards. But even if you were banned in one board that ban will follow you regardless if you post in another board until the time limit runs out if

No. 778661

Does sleeping in a cold room burn calories?

No. 778679

Does anybody else know the user name of the guy on TikTok who opens up his mailbox and drops some truth bombs? They all start with some Shania Twain song or something similar and him leaving his front door to walk to the mailbox.

No. 778681

Anons how do you get over heartbreak? I want to quit men but I’m such a hopeless romantic.

No. 778685

Is reverse demisexual a thing? When I'm only attracted to someone at first sight but find them unattractive if nothing happens between us?

No. 778687

I heard that doing exercise usually burns calories and that a way to lose weight properly is eating like a normal person and having a normal schedule that will let you sleep at least 7 hours at night or day depending on whether you work at day or night.

No. 778689

Well, demisexual is not a thing in the first place, so…

No. 778693

how do I stop feeling as if I'm being unreasonable by speaking up for what I want rather than bottling it up? I (politely) asked my roommate if she could not sing at the top of her lungs after I've told her I'm gonna take a nap due to being unwell, and now she's acting like I've slighted her and I ended up apologising.

No. 778694

Ok if america is burger, Italy is pasta pizza, britain is teabags, france is baguettes what are the other countries? Any anons from their country want to nominate a food?

No. 778696

There's a breakup support thread in /g/ anon

No. 778697

this is so dumb but.. are record/instrument stores good places to meet men?

No. 778698

Finland is karjalanpiirakka or a nakkimuki you dropped right in front of your neighbor's door and left there

No. 778699

It should tell u whether ur banned from all boards or just one board. Jannies are retards who can't agree on consistency so it's whatever they feel like atm really.

No. 778700

German kraut and indian curry

No. 778706

Russia is pelmeni, Japan is sushi and South Korea is kimchi

No. 778709

Netherlands is cheese

No. 778710

Hungary is maybe salami? Salamiland sounds like a good countryname

No. 778711

Is there a such thing as reverse body dysmorphia? I look at myself in the mirror and see that I look nice and curvy and then I turn to the side and think "oh God I'm a fucking blob"

No. 778713

Can I ask why some anons think men can't be feminists? Is it because they believe men can never truly sacrifice their privilege in a genuine way for the greater good? I guess I just want to hear a tad bit of the nuance of the belief.

No. 778718

Feminism is a movement created by women for women and it doesn't need the help of men. Men can be allies but they don't need to be a part of a movement that ultimately isn't for them. I think men saying they're feminists is already them encroaching on women's spaces. I'm not trying to argue or start anything though so plz no ban, it's just my thoughts on the topic.

No. 778722

Maybe I'm just too intertwined with identity politics but when I think of someone as an ally of something, I personally believe that by extension they'd also be able to assume the label of that branch of activism. If I had to choose, I'd rather a guy say he's a feminist (or I suppose at least an ally to feminism) than say he's neither. I can understand why other people don't feel comfortable with it though. Especially since the focus of feminism isn't inherently about separatism, but it is important to bring attention to how women are disenfranchised as the primary focus. Thank you for adding your perspective!

No. 778728

File: 1617901436722.png (456.88 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (986).png)

this dress

No. 778731

File: 1617901461145.png (371.71 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (987).png)

or this one anons? i cant choose

No. 778732

Well, can white people become a part of BLM? Feminism is for women, not for men. Fuck libfems for letting them think otherwise.

No. 778735

This one. I like the shape of it and the take on floral print.

No. 778736

First one. I know florals like the second one are in rn but all it remind me of is grandma's old curtains at the thriftstore, also don't like the colour.

No. 778741

Red one is prettier to me, other one kind of reminds me of a tablecloth

No. 778742

How are they sacrificing it? Male feminists only defend women to get pussy, they still continue to benefit from patriarchy regardless of what they say and they never say the things they do when they're actually needed. Some of them will even mansplain feminism to a woman.

Men need to learn their place, shut up and let the women speak.

No. 778747

The red one, I'm not a big fan of florals, for the same reason an anon before me mentioned, it reminds me of grandma things as well

No. 778749

Maybe "sacrifice" was the wrong word. I was more so getting at the idea that what if they were able to use their privilege as a man to check their other male friends when they step out of bounds. I agree that they should never speak over women because they aren't women and don't fully understand what life is like as a woman because they haven't lived as one. Again, I think if a man is able to listen, uplift, and disseminate the voices of women about topics regarding feminism, they should still be able to use the label "feminist." I hope I'm not coming off as argumentative. I really appreciate your input!

No. 778750

I don't think we need male feminist activists - and agree with anons that think it's weird / a predatory move to get more women's attention - but if I ask a man if he's a feminist (ideology-wise) and he says no, it's a huge red flag to me.

No. 778751

File: 1617902484400.gif (1.72 MB, 275x184, 1616204585667.gif)

My crush messaged me. After how long should I respond?

No. 778755

Right now

No. 778756

I would give it a week, maybe even two or he will think you are interested.

No. 778757

within an hour

No. 778758

Don't be a baby and don't play games, you like that person, you have access to your phone / internet - respond!

No. 778759

Are you 16? Do it when you have time and/or feel like it. If they judge you for replying too fast or too slow, they are a teenaged brain idiot

No. 778772

But then again, wouldn't a man who calls himself a feminist most likely be a lib fem anyway? As in, sex work is work and feminism is for men too uwu type of feminist, which just enforces the problems we have? Not trying to fight or anything, but I'm on the complete opposite and would be wary of any man who readily calls himself a feminist without further explanation (ally might get a pass depending on behaviour though, that I'll give).

No. 778774

That's just you looking like a blob on the side?

No. 778776

With covid a lot of food places are only open for takeout, so what do you do if you’re not at home? Just order food to pick up and eat the day after or find a place outside to sit?

No. 778782

Is it a trend to pronounce ''dude'' like ''dudh''? Or am I noticing something that's not there?

No. 778785

is it possible to have PCOS and be underweight? I have quite a lot of the symptoms but i don't struggle with weight gain

No. 778788

Are lolcow pages and pictures taking an ungodly time to load for anyone else or is my wifi being extra crappy lately?

No. 778789

it's your wifi I think

No. 778790

can you give an example?

No. 778791

Mine too

No. 778796

Yes and no. Some people react horribly and others don’t- or the benefit of no more acne outweighs the bad side effects. I initially took it at age 14-15 and it worked wonders. It dried my skin out, especially my mouth, but no other issues. I’m on it again years later as I’m getting bad acne flare ups and my skin is definitely very dry but it’s not caused any other issues. Of course, pregnancy is off limits due to the risks, but side effects vary from person to person.. I think people really dramaticize the side effects though to make it seem scarier than it actually is.

No. 778797

I see what you mean, that's why I underlined it's worriesome is a man is a feminist activist because that would most likely mean "lib fem" type. My eastern european country is so backwards majority of men don't think of women as equal though, and feminism is that evil thing that wants to strip them of privileges - that's why I ended up developing a tactic of asking about whether a man is a feminist or not, because an intelligent man should know what the term means and be not afraid to say yes (as in- I'm supporting genders equality) and is not gonna be a mysoginistic sheep terrified of an evil woman related word.

No. 778825

Venezuela is arepa, Brazil is tapioca TapiTapis? Sounds cute dunno a thing of Portuguese/Brazilian Colombia is arepa2, Chile is drunk and Argentina is meaty.

No. 778832

>Bothering with slavshit moids
Just fuck off to burgerland, marry someone rich and watch them reeeee about another "whore" who betrayed the fetal alcohol gopniks.

No. 778837

I need new shoes. I'm not fashionable and have been wearing the same pair of cheap Nikes and nothing else. I'd like a shoe that looks good/okay with almost anything (obviously I'll need something nicer for dressing up, but I'm looking for something neutral that's comfortable for literal every-day wear)

Any suggestions?

No. 778840

Can we make argentina dulce de leche? Or mate?

No. 778842

I didn't think of taking cultural differences in account – you're right about it, sorry for that lol

No. 778848

File: 1617912048087.png (295.16 KB, 444x409, oxford shoes.png)

I have ones like these except not shiny (it's better to get not shiny ones because scuff marks will not show as much) maybe they are too dressy for you but they go with everything and if they look at your shoes people will say oh nice shoes.

No. 778854

I don't think USA is any better than my country, I'm sure you didnt mean it like this but being an eastern european woman and having western people talk about us with pity like best we can have is to marry rich to a westerner is pretty insulting.
though it's rich of me to say that given I'm not dating an eastern european lol

No. 778855

File: 1617913038310.jpg (77.57 KB, 1200x1049, 3566700000_md1.jpg)

Classic doc martens fit with everything and are super comfortable, I can't recommend them enoguh

No. 778856

Mate sounds cute, wasn’t dulce de leche kind of controversial because no one truly wants to accept its origins?

No. 778862

>Classic doc martens fit with everything
they really dont. i would be embarrassed if my employee were coming to meet their department head in business casual and a pair of docs. a plain black sneaker, not athletic or chunky is way more fitting.

No. 778873

File: 1617914491051.jpg (387.94 KB, 2048x2048, b0438f5aba4f84363103b5151ff5c5…)

Let's agree to disagree here, ultimately it's a matter of personal taste really, for me it fits very well.

No. 778874

File: 1617914683598.jpg (50.15 KB, 600x900, 6e8b1a82519dc933192613e4d2e102…)

If you mean sneakers Ive been liking my asics gel saga, super comfy and more unique/interesting than nike/Adidas imo. I have a pair in a grey/silvery color. Saucony shadow also has a similar profile and are also very comfy, I wore a pair of those working in a cafe standing all day and they were great. Mike cortes also has a similar profile if you like nike and I assume they are comfy (they're what sookie wears in true blood while working lol).

lol truth. Every time I see someone in docs and it's not winter I'm like "oh so you're a tool?" I like loafers for business power vibes, but I also have never worked in an office so grains of salt.

No. 778877

I agree with >>778862 BUT I do think dr. martens are versatile and go with many non-office day-to-day outfits.

No. 778880

idk how anyone can pull these off unless they have super skinny legs. Mine would look like tree trunks in them, I need my skinny ankles showing to balance out my thunder thighs.

Ballet flats are probably the first staple I'd get, in whatever colour matches your wardrobe best. My everyday shoes are
>Ballet flats
>Penny loafers
>White tennis shoes
>Mary janes
>Pumps with small heels and a round toe

No. 778896

File: 1617915866469.jpg (217.9 KB, 750x1126, affordable-loafers-the-everygi…)


loafers or Oxford shoes are the best staple imo. they are comfortable, simple and stylish.

No. 778898

>>778880 Don't listen to someone who says to get ballet flats and nta but do this instead
>a plain black sneaker, not athletic or chunky is way more fitting.
If you had to survive on one pair of shoes this would be it, there's nothing more comfortable and versatile than a plain black sneaker.

No. 778922

Black sneakers are overly casual for many outfits/situations, and it's also the ugliest colour for that style of shoe. You can't wear them to the office, or out to a nice restaurant, or with dresses (unless you're going for an intentionally contrasting style). Ballet flats match everything and can be worn everywhere, you just have to find a comfortable pair.

No. 778983

yeah don't listen to this anon lol. I own 2 pairs of casual sneakers and they're both white. the other sneakers I have are for workout purposes - you should really just get a pair of low docs or loafers

No. 778984

95% of men who claim to be feminists turn out to be predators
ballet flats remind me of middle school

No. 779002

File: 1617930996927.png (241.61 KB, 500x430, BC8ED08B-2054-489B-8502-C2AE60…)

I don’t really get hit on that much and have only ever dated men I’ve asked out is this pathetic or a power move?

No. 779028

Is there anyone else here who moans a lot? Like even when I a masturbating I have to make a conscious effort not to moan bc I keep making noises. A friend told me that most women just fake it but it's not true for me. I moan and pant a lot

No. 779045

How do I get over my fear of platonic intimacy with other girls? I have no problem showing affection to my boyfriend. When I was a kid I would cuddle and be platonically affectionate with girls my age but at some point it became uncomfortable. I'm always envious when I see girls non romantically holding hands or sitting on each others laps or something. The thing is when a girl initiates that with me I feel so uncomfortable and self conscious. It's hard to describe really. I'm scared that the moment I reciprocate they will be grossed out by me or scared? I feel like I'm just not allowed to do that, I feel creepy.

So, how affectionate are you with your close friends? Do you tell them you love them? Would you sleep on their shoulder on a long bus ride? I hope I don't sound scrotey, kek.

(Also side note I live in the US so the culture of doing these things with girl friends is normal here)

No. 779046

File: 1617935366151.jpg (30.21 KB, 500x437, 40faa8ffa1190cd00ca944801b6e1c…)

Aww, dropped my cute pic…

No. 779049

This is me but I'm gay so can't relate.
You sure you ain't attracted to women, nonnie?

No. 779054

this sounds like a potential bisexual awakening kek.
do you feel afraid you might get turned on or catch feelings? or does your brain think it's "wrong" because it's a similar touch you normally associate with your boyfriend, but coming from a woman?

>the culture of doing these things with girl friends is normal here

hmmmm, i tend to only see this type of intimacy in the US on tv/movies or between the alternative kids. i actually feel like it's more normal to see this irl in european and african countries.

No. 779073

How do you make female friends as an adult? And is it a sign of failure if you can't make any? Am I a pickme even if I made a genuine attempt at doing so?

I moved to a new town a few months ago. I wouldn't say that I have any good friends here, but I've spent most of my free time hanging out with guys. Now farmers are going to call me a pickme but I genuinely seem to have trouble making new female friends. I've tried reaching out to some women and it didn't really seem to go anywhere.

Also most of my long term texting friends are guys. Haven't Facetimed any women this year except for my mom and my sister.

My theory is that 1. Guys are more likely to tolerate my weird/spergy shit and 2. Women are quicker to establish close friend groups and it's harder to break in while more guys seem fine with less close friends with random people.

Everyone here is like, "You just need to try and you can have female friends!" And I'm like not sure where I am going wrong?

No. 779074

I don't think it's being a pickme to say that men are easier to make friends with. They are, because they see every girl as an opportunity and don't care about much past looks. They'll be nice just because you're female, it's easymode even if they ultimately make bad friends. Girls have higher standards and there's no default interest in being around you unless you actually click.

I doubt it's your fault and it's not the other girls at fault either. Making friends is hard and only gets harder as you get older, it's not something to take personally but you might just have to be persistent.

No. 779088

Sorry I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. Are you saying I haven't been persistent enough in trying to make female friends?

You're right, no one would think it's a pickme statement to say that it's easier to make guy friends. However, some people will accuse me of being a pickme because I would rather continue hanging out with guys and having "bad" friends rather than deal with having no friends. Idk if everyone on this board is just ok with spending tons of time alone (I'm really not) or just has the luck of easily getting a female friend group.

I will continue to try making friends of both genders in the future but my time as a working adult isn't infinite. I just do not feel up to trying to message every woman I know in a desperate attempt to make female friends.

And who says that female friends are automatically good friends? I had two good female friends from uni before COVID hit and neither of them have responded to my texts afterwards.

No. 779099

I've always been friends with women because I connect better with women than with men, and you seem to connect better with men, it doesn't make you a pickme.
I would say that if you want to be friends with a woman you should become friends with one that has an interest that you also have (sorry if this is something you have been told before) or that also has mainly male friends so that you can bond over something, a lot of my friendships have started bc of similar interest or bc of similar attitudes we have.
You mention that you had two good female friends, so you have tried it and it worked, so I'm sure you could make another female friend anon!.

No. 779101

NTA, and I don't think you're a pick-me, I just don't trust people who have friends of only one gender. There's always some reason for that, and that reason is never good.

No. 779107

File: 1617945764060.png (372.12 KB, 508x500, 1612088930725.png)

Warning for gross content but anons is it possible to have nerves 'fall out'? Like I've been dealing with this wound for a while and it's slowly getting better (I think) but after a bout of pain I just pulled this weird white-translucent thread like thing with a little nodule on it out. Had some blood on it too. Wtf??? What the fuck is that?????

No. 779108

Didn't that Kelly person pull out her own nerve

No. 779109

I swear I run into so many women like this —no judgement—and I can’t figure it out because all my friends are female and I really want to try making male friends.

No. 779110

Have any Americans here been diagnosed with Asperger's/ASD as a young adult? My family recently brought up that I might be on the spectrum and the more I read about how it presents in women, the more I think that this might be the case. I'm wondering, did you go to your general doctor, or seek out a psychologist first? Also, how did you bring it up, especially if it isn't obvious?

No. 779112

Hi Kelly

No. 779114

File: 1617946153001.png (49.09 KB, 170x178, 1608412616252.png)

I had forgotten she existed. Didn't quite pull it out forcefully it just sorta happened.. well I guess that answers the question that it's possible.
Anon I swear I'm not that insane

No. 779119

Does anyone else find it nearly impossible to stand on one leg, like when you’re washing your feet in the shower or putting on clothes? I feel like a total dumbass because I fall over every time.

No. 779120

File: 1617947124854.gif (207.07 KB, 689x631, mad.gif)

Thank you for the great response anon! I'll consider watching it.

No. 779136

All nerves need major surgery to remove.
It was probably just gross scabbing or from your clothing.

https://www.fi.edu/heart/all-about-scabs Spoiler: nasty picture of scab

No. 779166

I haven't been formally dxed yet but when I realized I'm autistic, I found a therapist online who said they had experience working with autistic adults.
I wanted to talk to a professional but in a comfortable context where I knew I'd be taken seriously and where the therapist would be able to get to know me enough to see past my high-functioning presentation (did well in school, have friends, very passive and good at mirroring). I have a really hard time expressing myself and I realized that in past attempts at therapy I was unknowingly masking (which is why they didn't help much) and so I needed someone who would be understanding and patient.

I'm not ready to seek a formal dx yet, my life and mental health are currently very fucked and bc of anxiety/trauma around psychiatrists, I need to be very prepared to communicate effectively. My eventual goal is to have my therapist support me by helping me find a good provider, helping me figure out how to express what's important, and possibly writing documentation to give to the psych.

Obviously I had other reasons for wanting a therapist but even if you don't also have mental health issues a therapist could help you with the diagnosis process and just processing your emotions/thoughts about learning you're autistic (I know I have a lot).

I had a consultation call with the therapist before I started seeing them, and I prepared some questions and some things about what I wanted out of therapy. I definitely recommend doing this to make sure they're a good fit. This isn't the only way to go about getting a diagnosis but it's the best way for me especially because I'm not able to get much help or guidance from my family.

No. 779172

I know this is retarded but that gif made me wonder if we both follow colinarmistead or if another anon posted this gif on lolcow and you saved it

No. 779177

Is it bad to only wear sports bras?

No. 779179

I don’t but it’s probably not too uncommon considering you’re taking away half of your body’s support. You could try some exercises to improve your balance and strengthen your core.

No. 779186

Is there anyone who hasn't been vaccinated other than me?

No. 779187

I don't think so. I mean they even have better support than regular bras

No. 779190

I haven't been vaccinated either and I don't think I will any time soon. They've been vaccinating at an absolute snail's pace here while dangling vaccinatation as the "light at the end of the tunnel" in front of us, which I find very frustrating and maddening.

No. 779191

i still don't qualify

No. 779194

Samefag but I'm in the group of healthy 18 to 65 year olds who will get the vaccine the last, and they'll be going from oldest to youngest so I'll be literally among the last of the last to be vaccinated, so fucking annoying. We're over three months in and they're still not done vaccinating risk groups. I have no hope. Meanwhile the old vaccinated people are booking vacations to fucking spain and what not and I'm still locked up in my room unable to get good education that I'm paying for and out of a part-time job to be able to fucking afford it. I'm so fucking mad and frustrated with everything aaaaaaaaaaaa

No. 779208

>Black sneakers are overly casual for many outfits/situations,
> You can't wear them to the office, or out to a nice restaurant, or with dresses (
Hard disagree here. Maybe the fashion where you are is simply different then but ime black sneakers have been acceptable in most formal/office settings for a long time. We're past the time when women had to wear heels to office. You may feel black is an ugly colour but the point is that it's versatile and black goes with everything. White or grey would also work though. Ballet flats are ugly, flattering on no one, offer no or little support for your feet and look juvenile.

No. 779209

I feel you anon, I'm from Poland and with how things are going now I'll be lucky to get vaccinated this year at all. My (almost) 60 years old dad only got his first vaccine yesterday and he was on priority list thanks to my mom who works in healthcare. It's gonna take foreeeever.

No. 779215

nta but out of curiosity what kind of black sneakers are you talking about? i always assumed that sneakers were only for casual occasions. like are black nikes okay?

No. 779227

Autistic anons, if there was a cure for autism would you take it?

No. 779231

I was actually called in, but they offered me the only vaccine that has bad press, especially for young women, so I was scared off of going by family. Now I'm probably back on the end of the waiting list for refusing.

No. 779239

A simple pair of black nikes is fine. Avoid in-your-face or attention drawing design details.

No. 779254

>Meanwhile the old vaccinated people are booking vacations to fucking spain

Kek they do know that in this tourist shithole masks are mandatory outside even if there's no one around, right?

No. 779259

I know. It's just frustration that they get to go on vacation abroad while I'm sitting obligatory at home receiving shitty digital education. I know it's not that black and white and it's all very very difficult and yada yada no need to lecture me about it but it feels like fucking shit that their luxury vacation is seemingly put before my needed education.

No. 779298

Is it actually bad to be on ur phone while you poop?

No. 779322

I don't get how any time you hear about a murder case (especially ones where someone kills their spouse)…the murderers family will all go into great debt to defend the killer. Like no way would my dad remortgage his house, sell his house or lose all his savings to back me if I killed someone. Not a chance. I wouldn't expect it or accept it. Even if I killed my super abusive ex.. it's still wouldn't be my families job to all bankrupt themselves and lose their homes just to (maybe) lessen my sentence. I don't have the tighest family but am I weird for thinking that?

No. 779323

Which one is that, anon? The Chinese or the Russian one?

No. 779324

It could cause you to sit there longer than needed, which heightens your risk for hemorrhoids.

No. 779326

Yeah, why the hell would you bring your phone into the bathroom while you're shitting? It's unsanitary, I thought only scrotes did this.

No. 779328

I'm doing it right now. It's the only time I get to check lolcow and other social media.

No. 779329

Pretty sure most people do that germaphobe-chan. It's no worse than having your phone in the bathroom period. And like if a motherfucker doesn't religiously wipe their phone, a few more poop particles aren't gonna kill them.

No. 779353

It's still a trashy and juvenile thing to do. Reminds me of toddlers who are addicted to the ipad their parents gave them and use it everywhere no matter how inappropriate.

No. 779359

Is mid-twenties too old to cosplay at cons? I wasted my youth being fat and post-rona I'm going to be officially mid-twenties.
It wouldn't be teen characters or anything. And I have no intentions of making money or starting a page, just want to have fun with other dweebs.
>inb4 no age is good to cosplay because it's retarded
Yeah I know and don't care. I'm a dumb sperg and at this rate it will never change.

No. 779364

Just have fun, anon, I mean, most anime characters are usually teens anyways, cosplay whichever character you like as long as you don’t make porn with it.

No. 779369

The difference between early twenties and mid twenties isn't that much, I can't really think of many hobbies that are appropriate for a 21 yr old but somehow not appropriate for a 25 yr old. Have your fun.

No. 779398

Do people from spain and people from south america really understand each other 100%? I mean it's been centuries and they live so far away from each other…

No. 779400

OMG. I'm cooking some turkey and my ADHD brain didn't notice that I dumped the separating paper thing in the frying along with the meat. I cooked the whole thing for like 15 minutes before I noticed. Can I still eat it? Will I live?

No. 779404

I'm not either but from what I've heard, people from Latin America are notorious for not being able to understand Spaniards 100%. I'm pretty sure it's even a meme at this point.

No. 779434

I think that is more common for spaniards to have poor vocalization/modulation than for people from latam, and they also speak faster, so sometimes we do have to put the subtitles on netflix kek but it's not like we can't understand them at all

No. 779436

I'm mexican and while sometime some spaniards talk kinda too fast with their special weird accents I can understand everything they say 100%

No. 779440

>Is mid-twenties too old to cosplay at cons?
Nope, that's when you stop caring/stop comparing yourself/stop doing shit for attention/stop having to pull up with stupid teens/ so it's a great age to start.

No. 779443

nevermind, it testes good, I'm gonna eat it regardless

No. 779447

I had a Spanish teacher last semester, they speak faster, there are some words that they use that we don't and vice versa, and sometimes it can be hard to tell if they're joking (or maybe it was just my teacher lol)

No. 779450

I always use this video as an example for that. But aside from some words and strong accents especially if coupled with fast speaking we understand each other pretty well.
>t. Spaniard

No. 779454

It's basically British English vs American English

No. 779455

Well there are differences in rhythmic patterns and vocabulary across all regional dialects of Spanish. Think of it like someone from Southern Louisiana talking to someone with a Geordie accent. Ultimately they're still speaking the same language, the level to which they understand each other depends on how much effort they make to standardize their speech

No. 779471

>I mean it's been centuries and they live so far away from each other…
Have you not heard of the US + Canada, Australia, New-Zealand and the UK? All from different continents, all of them capable of understanding each other lol

No. 779492

Which anon was band for not saging? Can someone link that post I can't find it

No. 779493

i tested positive for covid some weeks ago and starting a few days ago meat tastes god AWFUL, legit vomit inducing. I just fried myself an egg, and it also tastes like SHIT. I have a fridge full of different meats, i tried some sausages and i had to spit it out. The steaks, egg, and sausage smell normal so i can't know if it tastes bad until i take a bite out of it, so it can't be that they've all gone bad? Maybe it's the oil? but anyways stupid question is, is this a known symptom of covid??? are my taste buds going to recover soon or will i involuntarily have to go vegan?

No. 779498

samefag but nvm it can't be the oil bc i made myself some fries.

No. 779513

A friend of mine had covid and her sense of taste changed dramatically. Almost everything tasted like shit but it went away after a month or so.

No. 779544

Does anyone wanna help me solve the new Keygen Church album riddle? I solved the numbers and letters, it's "in absentia lucis tenebrae vincunt", but I don't know about the rest. He says in this video's comments the title is the key for the poem but I don't know. I thought the trick is that the white and dark bars stand for the letters KEYGEN CHURCH but I can't fit them to anything meaningful in the poem.
Please listen to this music anyway I am 95% certain you haven't heard anything like it

No. 779553

Hate to say this but likeee lowkey wanna catch rona so I stop being a fat fuck. Hope you feel better soon.

No. 779563

I had the exact same issue with meat. It's caused by your sense of smell lacking and affecting your taste. It's parosmia from Covid-19 and it's the damaged sensory receptors in your nose that cause the foul taste. The receptors do heal over time but, depending on how badly they were affected, it can take anything from a few weeks to a over a year and they might only partially heal.

There's something called smell training where you repeatedly expose yourself to "main" smells (like clove, rose, lemon and eucalyptus) for short bursts of time and expose yourself to familiar smells (like your perfume, your favourite food and your favourite drink) in between that is supposed to help.

No. 779564

After looking at the cover art the title must represent a keyboard but inserting CDEFGAB doesn't work either please someone solve this wiht me

No. 779640

Why does ‘nonnie’ show up in red text?

No. 779645

Because it's corny

No. 779674

'nona' is superor anyway

No. 779678

sooo every time you touch a surface, does that kill a shit ton of bacteria? since your fingers are huge and heavy to them

..I'm bored at work.

No. 779683

File: 1618002149863.png (17.25 KB, 300x216, thumb_intresding-d-nod-really-…)

No. 779722

To publicly humiliate its users, marking them as target of hatred.
You could kill a veryyy small number of some extremely unlucky bacterias. Most objects including your fingers are not very effective against microscopic creatures because they’re so tiny that the uneven surface of your skin have trouble touching them. It would be like dropping a big bowl upside down on an ant, you’d just miss and he’d be fine.

No. 779754

If I open a 401k with my job and say I put in the maximum my employer will match, when I leave will the money that my employer matched also be allowed to roll over into my new company’s job? e.g. I put in a total of $5k and my employer matches this and gives me $5k so my 401k has $10k in it, will only the original $5k I put in be rolled over or will all $10k be allowed to roll over?

No. 779764

No netherlands is stroopwafel

No. 779769

Sweden is Surstromming

No. 779776

I thought French were frogs?

No. 779778

Right!!! French should be frogs

No. 779797

Contact HR, Benefits, or your 401k provider to see if the match has a vesting period. Some companies have a vesting period/wait time before you can officially consider those contributions yours.
My current company's match vests immediately, but my previous company had a match that vested after 3 years, so if I left before 3 years they would have taken what they put in out and only have been left with my contributions and gains.

No. 779804

What happened to the app "Cocoppa" where you could edit icons and widgets? :( What are good alternatives?

No. 779813

If you own an iPhone, you can just make your own unique images for apps by using the Shortcuts app.

No. 779838

>duuurrr not liking shit particles is for germaphobes
god I hate farmers sometimes. and no most people don't do that.

No. 779850

File: 1618013891871.png (24.63 KB, 107x199, 1614983973742.png)

ty for awnswering my stupid bacteria question. That was actually really informative

No. 779880

Thank you anon! I figured something like this might exist but google didn't really help. We had out 401k talk over a fucking facetime call since my company has multiple offices so I barely heard a damn thing the dude who told us about it said. I've read a lot about people saying to max your 401k up to what your employer will match but I've been planning on leaving since day 1 so I wanted to know if it was even worth it for me to put in money that I'd have to eventually deal with moving around kek. I think it's too sus for me to ask what the vesting period is (small company so my boss who handles everything is also HR lol) so it sucks to lose out on potential free money but meh.

No. 779898

File: 1618023813566.gif (5.45 MB, 480x346, B4769247-623D-42A3-88BA-9CC113…)

How do I deal with the silence?
I can’t stop checking my phone, my email, discord, lolcow, etc.
I want to force myself to deal with the silence of not constantly checking things so I can be more productive
But I often just start day dreaming when I don’t check phone.
Sometimes I’ll totally zone out and become arrested without a trigger to move

No. 779899

Still ask! If you are nervous your 401k provider will have the details of your plan on their website, and you can still call them. They won't report anon asked about the vesting period back to the company. Money is money, and every dollar contributed into your 401k will benefit you in the long run, even if you don't get a match.
If you have money to spare/save, look into funding your Roth IRA too. If you can't tell I'm a big savingsfag and the power of savings and compounding is magical

No. 779901

How long do your first dates usually last? Mine usually last longer than I'd like them to and I need suggestions on how to end them not awkwardly

No. 779903

Do something on the date that usually has a general time frame (e.g. a movie, or an escape room if you're bold). Getting a meal is risky because while most people usually eat in a certain amount of time, some people know how to prolong it with conversation.

No. 779910

I dunno what's the solution to this but I love your gif also I kinda have the same problem so I'll wait until a kind knowledgeable anon awnsers this question

No. 779914

Thanks. You made me realize I'm my own worst enemy by being the one prolonging it with conversation. I just don't know how not to do that.

No. 779916

File: 1618026039142.png (367.38 KB, 659x427, oh noo.png)

Oh god that reminded me of this blind date I went on. We instantly knew we wouldn't click but we were already at the art museum, one of the biggest in the world

I spent four hours with this guy

No. 779920

File: 1618027172402.gif (4.64 MB, 326x326, 038A162B-DAC6-4F74-8A33-0BDC8B…)

Thank you have another.

Also I read this article I think it helps

No. 779934

No. 779953

I guess they see themselves in whatever the woman is doing, example
>woman spreads her pussy on a table
>haha that's sooo me, I do that too!!
>proceeds to imagine herself spreading her pussy on the table

No. 779956

File: 1618033029448.jpg (95.61 KB, 1280x720, dfhiwqjfwifr.jpg)

How do I get a simp BF without becoming a streamer?

No. 779959

American anons, where the fuck do you get sponges? Like for cleaning dishes? I don't want to spend a $1 for something I throw away at least weekly, because they get disgusting? In England I could get a 6 pack of sponges for one pound, and I'm totally lost on what Americans are doing. Do you not use sponges? or what? Just keep them indefinitely? Or just accept that they're all worth a dollar each? what the fuuuuuck

No. 779960

I don't think that is possible…I mean, I guess it could be as the other anon said imagining yourself in the scenario the other woman is in? Or maybe imagining you are as sexy and desirable as her? But I think if you are getting off to images or thoughts of other women you are at least bi. Maybe not majorly so but yeah, I don't think you can masturbate to things that don't sexually stimulate you. Maybe I'm simple, but I'm bi, I don't know.

No. 779962

Huh? You can buy a pack of dishwashing sponges anywhere. Where have you tried looking? You can buy a pack of like 4-6 at Walmart and Target for like a dollar and some change. I think even dollar stores sell packs of sponges.

No. 779964

what do you think will happen when Onlyfans becomes mainstream ? will it increase the divide bewteen working class and upperclass ? will parents/families accept it ?
it's just so sad and unbelievable, i can't seem to imagine how it will change society.

No. 779965

I know you can buy them, I just think they're really expensive. Maybe I'm a cheapskate? At Target and the grocery store they're all like $5 for a pack of 6. And I'm used to spending the equivalent of $1.00 or so on a pack of 6. should check dollar stores though…why didn't I think of that

No. 779986

File: 1618036444437.jpeg (93.78 KB, 810x810, 6B973B98-C9DF-4D78-93CE-2F19C0…)

Does this stuff smell like the smoke you get from a fire? Sometimes I see people putting it inside of the masks they wear for photoshoots and I can't imagine inhaling this would be good.

No. 779997

File: 1618038894333.jpeg (123.14 KB, 680x834, 068F1825-EF6C-4D7C-8EE9-23BC16…)

Troon/underage energy but uh literally just by having standards. Never simp any man under any circumstances. Men are designed to obey social hierarchy, they innately simp those they perceive as alpha. Men disrespect pick-me’s because it is very black and white for their underevolved brains: if they’re not worshiping you, you’re worshiping them; if you’re not out of their league, you’re beneath and something to be upgraded. Internalize the biological fact that women are superior by default.

No. 780015

I adore this image

No. 780027

Isn't it already?

No. 780082

Is yoga without the philosophy just stretching?

No. 780085

why does using q-tips in my ears feel so good? i know it's wrong but it's like i have extra clits up my ears

No. 780086

>it's like i have extra clits up my ears
This is not something I expected to read today

No. 780089

Anon OMG this is something I was also wondering about and was going to make the same post lmao. There are some spots inside that feels SO GOOD when I rub them with the qtip

No. 780094

I fucked my ear up with a q tip a few weeks back, don't go too deep!

No. 780095

It's more like…being in contorted, unnatural positions for a prolonged time while concentrating on breathing

No. 780099

Basically, it's just strenghtening core muscles and stretches. I never did "pro" yoga though, only internet classes, but I just filter out all of the meditative stuff the instructor says, because it's just throws me off. "Bring intention into your movement and visualize a better future, we'll be here for 20" fucker, I just want to prevent getting a computer neck.

No. 780118

Use a dish brush. More eco-friendly since you don't throw it away that often and doesn't get as gross, does a better job cleaning too

No. 780181

Do you anons think it's true that if you don't love yourself you can't love others?

No. 780188

It depends. We don't always see other people through the same lens that we see ourselves so I think you can love other people without loving yourself, but it's also true that some people can have issues with themselves that prevents them from having fulfilling relationships with other people. I also think that sometimes people focus so much and give so much energy to other people that they don't focus on themselves. I don't know if this makes sense and I'd probably explain it in a better way if I wasn't so lazy, but my point is that there's a lot of different ways to see that phrase.

No. 780189

I am self diagnosed cluster b in the making due hardships. However because I have a hard time to show that I am a decent person, I’m isolating myself. I’m not saying pity me. I’m just saying what should I even do? I just think about suicide because I feel getting help to get out of my shell only allows me the opportunity to disappoint everybody. People who were never loved will never be loved. I’m not a joker I’m not evil I don’t wanna hurt anybody, I just wish I were loved as a child and adult. Even if I do find a boyfriend or girlfriend that would love me I’d still cry. Just one person? How do I even know they love me anyways. Help me please.

No. 780190

I adore this image but you’re very autistic and/or retarded. It’s not a gender matter but how you even gonna feel superior as an imageboard autist? Jesus.

No. 780192

I think you can love others even if you don't love yourself, but you have to pay extra attention to whether or not you actually love them or whether you love the validation they're giving you or whether you love that they're filing in a gap in your life.

People who love themselves tend to be more self-actualised and so their relationships are formed because the person/relationship genuinely appeals to them in most aspects and not because they themselves are lacking and need someone to fill the space.

No. 780248

File: 1618065066528.png (68.49 KB, 250x250, 3372388F-EC7A-4723-8213-C88FEA…)

Huh? What’s that? Do you believe men and women are equal or somethin?

No. 780254

How do I deal with a family member who constantly compares me to other people and makes me feel like shit despite having asked them not to do it?

No. 780275

No the contrary. All people are untermenschen and we should all seppuku.

No. 780280

Cringe centrist take

No. 780281

no males are definitely subhuman and below all other species of animal

No. 780285

Thank you anon! I asked my coworker who I know signed up for it for more details and she's gonna look through the paperwork they gave her for me heh. I guess I might open one then! I have a Roth IRA that I maxed out last year and this year and have been putting aside some spare money into a regular brokerage account (not stocks tho lol). I was just really into shoving it all into my savings account (not even a high yield one lol) but a friend had been suggesting for me to open a roth and dabble a little bit in investing so I have! I also just started reading 'I will teach you to be rich' and finished the sections on 401ks. I know I should have opened one as soon as my employer told me about it (we have no health insurance but they go on and on about how great our 401k is lol) but I was hesitant since I didn't know about the vesting period.

No. 780292

Ayrt. On second thoughts, everyone is untermensch EXCEPT centrists.

No. 780296

Why would you ever enter a relationship thinking you're the inferior half?

No. 780299

There are people that do not browse on catalog view?

No. 780301

I don't on /ot/, g or /m/ unless I'm looking for a specific thread. I do it all the time on /snow/ because I don't read there often and most of the threads there don't interest me enough to just scroll through.

No. 780306

Two inferior halves makes one full inferior. Badum tsss. Have a nice saturday nonny.

No. 780307

I don't on /ot/ since there's no specific threads I keep up with. I just scroll down and expand a thread if I see something interesting.

No. 780313

I like to browse through catalog first, but for some reason it's super janky on my laptop. Works fine on my phone and ipad and other computers though.

No. 780319

I have always used catalog for all boards.

No. 780350

these are good suggestions. Sorry to hear about your negative experiences with psychiatrists, I wish you the best endeavors in your journey to understand yourself!

If you want to shorten conversation, keep it focused on them so that they can say everything that they wanted to. also, you can check your watch or set up an alarm, saying that you really have to get going to finish some project with your job/check on some dogs you're watching for a friend/homework due tonight for uni.

No. 780368

Has anyone else had people in their environment who were convinced that you're gay even though you're straight? How do you deal with people like that?

No. 780378

Tell them you're not gay? I mean, how do you even know they think you're gay?
I've been asked a few times in my life if I was a lesbian just because I held hands with a classmate in high school when she was physically weak and anxious, don't dress femininely and never talk about men I'm dating. I just say "you're not the first to ask, but I'm not".

No. 780395

Yeah, it’s quite annoying tbh, specially in a country in which being gay isn’t exactly what the majority appreciate.
The thing is, that you just have to tell them that you’re straight, and if they keep asking, just be sincere, like
>hey anon, do you like this other girl from your group?
>I mean, she’s pretty but she’s not a guy so, she’s not my type.
As easy as that, sure, they will keep on saying you’re in denial because people love shipping others, but as long as you keep your stance firm, they might stop saying you’re gay.

No. 780445

Is it possible that a pill, upon swallowing, would get stuck in the throat and it would dissolve there, puncturing the esophagus?

No. 780473

Do any of you have this experience of your mind kinda going dead and not allowing you to enjoy anything? I'm going through this right now and I hate this so much. I wanna read books, watch movies and play video games but nothing seems to interest me. It's like I hit some switch that makes me bored and uninterested even though I want to feel enthusiasm. A week ago I've downloaded a lot of books that seemed fascinating to me but now I cannot force myself to read them. Doing anything feels shit.

No. 780475

Do you guys think it's fucked up for a 17 year old to date someone younger and then continue to date them after they turn 18 (aka a legal adult dating that same person who's still a minor?)

No. 780476

no i don't think so. your saliva and mucus also has dissolving qualities, so those would override whatever is in the pill. nothing in a food-safe pill would be dangerous to any internal organs or surfaces of a person.

No. 780480

depends on the age difference

No. 780482

what age do you feel is bad?

No. 780484

I think it’s weird but it wouldn’t ring alarm bells unless the person was 2+ years younger or there was some other cause for concern.

No. 780486

here's the situation: i dated a guy who was 17 and then turned 18 when i was 15, and we kept dating for awhile. now we are catching up again and my friends are calling him a huge creep for dating me when he was 18 and i was 15 and idk how to feel

No. 780487

I think once you're in two different possible institutions of education (i.e. college versus high school), then you need to pack it up and stop dating.

No. 780488

File: 1618086984011.jpg (664.08 KB, 1118x1546, tard.jpg)

do you think grumpy cat was actually named "Tardar Sauce" and her owners just called her "Tard" for short? because i don't believe that, i think the kid straight-up just named her deformed cat "Tard" kek. nice attempt at saving it though

No. 780490

does it matter? still "retard" no matter what

No. 780491

anon is right though. men view you as something to upgrade from unless you cesar milan them. just watch south park "Tsst" and watch your moid problems disappear

No. 780492

nah in their cover story it wasn't retard at all, they in fact never even DREAMED of using that word, she'd been tardar sauce all along yes indeedy

No. 780497

then they're stupid bc it's spelled "tartar" sauce and "tardar sauce" is obviously still a term to call it tard

No. 780501

The whole idea of having standards is that it cuts out THOSE type of men and gives you a better chance of finding ones who will genuinely respect you, not that it somehow whips low quality men into treating you better. A high quality man will respond well to kind behavior and return it tenfold, a low quality one will take that as weakness and use you for all your worth.

No. 780510

kek based implication that men are dumber than dogs

No. 780511

File: 1618089707122.jpg (12.13 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

If I really try my absolute best training a puppy-following all of the most researched methods, crate training, spay/neuter, properly socializing etc, is it still possible I could end up with a dog with behavioral issues or crazy barking? Is there such thing as an untrainable dog? This is assuming they don't have an actual brain problem or injury. I'm ready to dedicate my time and money raising a puppy, including going to irl classes, but I still have a fear of ending up with a dog that just barks at everything. I've done a lot of research on this online of course but I'm curious if anyone here has first-hand experience.

No. 780517

sorry it's kinda off topic but in case your dog is acting crazy and you don't know wtf is going on, do not seek internet advice (it's full of contradictory and retarded advice). Hire a dog behaviorist. Buying dog stairs to your bed also might solve the issue kek (of course if you are okay with your dog sleeping with you).

No. 780527

>is it still possible I could end up with a dog with behavioral issues or crazy barking?
yes this is entirely made possible by the schizoid behavioral scientists occupying the dogs mind, dogs are effectively severely retarded and you can ring a bell 100 times and it will come running to you 100 times but you ring that bell 101 dalmatimes and it will bring you a truckload of freshly mauled kids served on styrofoam cafeteria trays because the plastic ones could be used as weapons

No. 780528

Just want to add that the divide of hv and lv men aren’t always concrete. Men frequently don’t treat their girlfriends equally. Some got treated like shit through and through while others he still pines over and will drop everything to be with her. It’s not as though he has changed as a partner, he’s just willing to give more, to act right for the ones he thinks are higher caste.

No. 780534

Anon are you ok

No. 780535

No. 780538

>Men frequently don’t treat their girlfriends equally.
That's just a sign he has/is settling then. Decent men and women don't settle for someone they don't truly care about just to have a warm body to fuck/receive attention from.
>he’s just willing to give more, to act right for the ones he thinks are higher caste.
Even if he does act better for the "right ones" in the end it's just an act he can't keep up forever. When a low quality man pines for a woman it's just his idealized version of her, disagree with him on even small issues or hold him accountable for his mistakes and he'll quickly change his tune.

No. 780565

File: 1618096534521.jpg (83.51 KB, 900x600, dam.jpg)

Nonnies, how lame am I for being a kissless virgin at 25?

My birthday is coming up and I'm just getting depressed over everything I haven't accomplished yet. It doesn't really help that my best friend is already married and expecting a child, and a lot of other friends have been in long term realtionships.
It's not that I haven't had the opportunity, just that the ones I'm interested in don't reciprocate and I don't want to accept just anyone to get it over it cause I feel like I'll regret it immediately.

No. 780568

Why do our brains remind us of things that we don't like or make us upset or uncomfortable?

No. 780569

Anon..are you me?
Like same!!!
I'm a 25 years old kissless virgin
High five

No. 780574

File: 1618097119775.jpg (54.2 KB, 401x335, hifi.jpg)

No. 780575

Just like it has been said before, being a kissless virgin isn’t something to be ashamed of.
Like, what are you going to do? Fuck a literal who before you’re 30? It’s not healthy and it won’t improve anything in your life.
Don’t worry, anonita, just enjoy your life and focus on other things, like working, studying, having friends, hobbies and such.
A scrote or a woman as a partner won’t make your life improve all of the sudden, sometimes a relationship, specially when it comes from a place of desperation or social pressure, is more harmful than fulfilling.

No. 780577

Not at all, I for one admire your dedication to the mystic arts. I wonder what magic powers you'll get at 30.

No. 780579

Same… but I am not 25 yet (a year and a half left)
I am interested in researching ancient spells and forgotten magic schools while living in the middle of a bog near mountain range

No. 780584

>It's not that I haven't had the opportunity, just that the ones I'm interested in don't reciprocate and I don't want to accept just anyone to get it over it cause I feel like I'll regret it immediately.

Keep on keeping your standards high! It's not lame at all to be kissless at 25. While I don't regret when I lost my first kiss or my virginity, I was definitely young and dumb and didn't know where or how to draw boundaries with the people I was with. This is cheesy and lame (but I'm a cheesy and lame romnantic so lol) but if I dated a person who told me I was their first, I think I'd feel pretty honored that they would trust me with that. Also being a little clumsy and trying to figure things out is endearing. I hope your first kiss and your first time are with someone who will take care of you and realize the weight of being entrusted with something like that.

No. 780599

File: 1618101321210.jpg (77.15 KB, 400x400, 1618022914281.jpg)

what exactly is wrong with straight cut bangs? not just cause of this actress but even on other boards i occasionally see weird sperg outs over hair like this and idgi. it feels like i'm out of the loop, it looks like a normal cut to me.

No. 780608

thank you anons ♥

No. 780614

I think it looks cute, maybe it’s just that it’s high maintenance? Fringes are annoying to keep neat.

No. 780617

I think depending on the face and style, it can look harsh and wiggy or young and naive. Anya looks good though but she is very pretty and can pull off a lot. I think a lot of girls remember having that cut as kids, too. I know i did, so it seems a little childish. Like you never stopped getting that haircut since like age 8.

No. 780618

File: 1618103764801.jpg (79.75 KB, 700x700, shiba-cheems-meme-dog-balltze-…)

Can a foreigner, while still living abroad, publicize a book in english under a pseudonym? Like legitimately work with an american publisher or something of the like.
If not, is there a similar alternative (self publishing on Amazon? I don't know how that works)
Thanks in advance.

No. 780621

File: 1618104336371.png (1.87 MB, 1920x1080, noname.png)

Is it possible to download videos from tumblr? Or does anyone maybe have a youtube link? I have no idea what to search for to find it. picrel

No. 780624

No. 780626

File: 1618104676990.jpeg (8.24 KB, 225x225, 1564429515689.jpeg)

Hold up, am I really a fucking weirdo for first wiping my coochie from the front with tp, then wiping my butt with a wipe from the back with my other hand?

No. 780633

…how else are we supposed to do it…

No. 780634

Stop saying coochie, that's the part that makes you weird

No. 780636

this is weird to me but I can't judge you for doing something objectively more hygienic than the standard

agreed tho

No. 780639

Why is the word narcissist not redtext worthy?

No. 780651

File: 1618106483084.jpg (57.13 KB, 634x865, 1609048526915.jpg)

why is it always the most wokest women are always with the most boring vanilla white guys, like every single annoyingly woke women I knew in collage is dating more or less the same boring white guy

No. 780653

Bouncing off this post but
Does anyone have the meme pic about this? It’s like a brown girl yelling and the bottom pic says “ the boyfriend:” and it’s a pic of a basic white guy.

No. 780656

I saw someone talking about how in some movie a woman wiped from like…behind and between her legs from front to back? And many people agreed that that is the way to do it
I honestly was debating on what word to use because of the whole question being kinda nasty
Genuinely, I can't do it any other way anymore, sure without the wipes I can manage but the actual order and position situation, nah.

No. 780659

File: 1618106930113.jpg (64.91 KB, 720x897, 1609052027932.jpg)

here you go nonnie

No. 780663

File: 1618107308531.jpg (74.48 KB, 750x391, tumblr_6209cb6da3784edcb432d07…)

what are some signs that you're so hot that men are afraid of you

No. 780664

When you're dating and it's time for the first kiss, would you be turned off if the person tried to kiss your neck?

No. 780666

File: 1618107361052.jpeg (81.02 KB, 728x708, 50195604-807E-4C76-830C-A4DB03…)


No. 780671

Nah, I like that. But I would want the first actual "kiss" to be on the mouth.

No. 780674

you ever think something was just local to you? Like for the longest I thought Family Dollars and faboloso (the cleaning solution) weren't used anywhere else but where i lived.

No. 780676

Yes, I wanna keep it slow

No. 780679

Brillo Estracel sponges from Dollar Tree or Walmart. Blue or yellow, doesn't matter. They have lasted longer than any other sponge I've used. They come in $1 packs of 2, sometimes 3.

No. 780695

i mean, it sounds like it's local to you, they don't have that in any countries i've lived

No. 780696

they all drop their panties for some steve-from-blues-clues-lookin' motherfucker. i feel like every straight woman is playing a joke on me because they all love gushing over their hawt maaan before showing me an RL uncustomized avatar

No. 780698

say "vulva" because it's not nasty, you're kinda worrying me here. if you can't say the names of the parts of your crotch you probably shouldn't be having sex imo

No. 780709

Kissless 26 year old virgin here, it doesn't get any better.

No. 780711

she talked about wiping though, not sex

No. 780745

honestly? these days a lot of them try to ignore you because they're intimidated. it can make you feel like maybe you're just ugly but i've gotten a lot of "i was terrified to talk to you because you're so pretty" so

No. 780754

James Blake and Jameela Jamil is probably the best example, she's the most hyperwoke celebrity as of now and constantly adding a new label for herself, and yet she's with perhaps the blandest white guy I've ever seen, honestly impressive how mediocre he Is

No. 780767

Is it dumb to start twitch streaming as a hobby and how do you protect your identity? I don't want to be famous but I don't have any friends and I think it would be fun to start streaming and be able to talk to a small audience if there was one even if it's just one or two people.

No. 780770

I used to do it and it was quite fun. I liked getting some comments here and there to interact with as I played. For your identity, I guess just make a unique username and don’t be dumb? I see a lot of streamers post their house/neighborhood on their linked Instagram, which seems really risky. I guess showing your face is risky as well, but I wouldn’t do more than that. Go for it anon!

No. 780772

I'm really fascinated in the Q Anon comspiracy theories (morbid curiosity, I'm not mentally ill enough to actually believe that shit) and want to learn more about them, but I have no idea where to start. Does anyone have a Q Nonny starter guide or some shit?

No. 780774

Don't show face (or use wig/heavy makeup/contacts if you do) and use a voice disguiser.

No. 780786

I highly suggest not showing your face. I think voicechanger is probably not necessary but Twitch attracts a lot of creeps (being a woman online attracts creeps tbf) and I wouldn't want to welcome them to do cum tributes to me or whatever. Just a voice, cool game, and a good personality is enough to get a few viewers. Which is all I'd want as a hobbyist. I have a friend that does it with no face and he has about a dozen strangers who watch him and interact, just goofing around.

No. 780842

They are convinced they know better than me and constantly 'encourage' me to 'explore my options' and make annoying comments about how 'hot' some actresses are when we're watching a movie for example in hopes that I would 'realize' that I'm gay

No. 780848

wtf anon, that's so annoying? are these friends or family or what, because I can imagine straight male friends of yours just hoping you discover you're gay and makeout with chicks in front of them? OR are they gay women who want you to "discover" you're gay so you date them?
I just can't imagine being this invested in another person's sexuality unless I wanted to have sex with them myself. like the other anon said just tell them you're not gay and it's weird to keep bringing it up.

No. 780861

They are friends. I have avoidant personality disorder so I understand why they would think that but it's ridiculous. Especially since I'm pretty sure one of them is downright projecting (she told me she fantasizes about women all the time and she's been dating the same guy for 4 years now but never had an orgasm). In the beginning I found it amusing but it's annoying now

No. 780975

I have avpd too and my dad has spent years dropping hints to me that he's 'okay with the gays'

I mean I've crushed on women before but I've only had 2 long term relationships and both were with men so I don't get why he's spent years very much dropping these obvious hints. I guess he's right that with avpd I would be the type of person to just not tell him shit like that for fear of a bad reaction. I'm not an open book.

No. 780979

File: 1618143846130.png (95.68 KB, 246x205, 5F3338A5-6028-4DD9-BC5F-DBDA29…)

Should I go to university?

No. 780980

What would you like to do in the future? What are your goals?

No. 780983

I didn’t think that far into the future. So I’m not sure.

No. 780985

You don't have to have your entire life planned out, but you should have some kind of goal if you want to go to a university.

No. 780988

I’ve always been a good student. That’s all I know what to do. After this break.. I realized I didn’t have any interests I pursued or nurtured as a child and teenager. I’m also averse to deadlines. My only idea is to go to university because I don’t know what else to do. But I don’t think I really want to go.

No. 780989

My last relationship ended with an affair and I haven't slept with anyone in the 3ish years since then. After the break up I initially jumped onto apps to rebound but then realizing his cheating might've put me at risk of stds.. I held off on actually carrying through with sleeping with anyone else. Then the urge to rebound passed before I could even get tested. 3 years of no sex followed.

In your opinions..which is worse? going years without a new sexual partner and having memories of an ex linger more because he was your last fuck…or going out and rebounding? I don't know if made the better choice this time

No. 780992

Do you live in a country where it's cheap or free, or have a family that are comfortably able to support you through it? If so, go and enjoy a couple of years of fucking around. It's fun.

If it's an actual investment don't go unless you have some plan or reason to go. If you don't know what to do with your life you could always try some kind of "work away" thing or something else instead.

No. 780993

If you're from a country where it will not put you in debt, it wouldn't be a bad idea because you'll meet a lot of people who can maybe inspire you in some way to find something specific that will also drive you. In my country one of the "main" universities is organizing some kind of mini courses on HUUUUGE variety of topics, you can go, see if you enjoy, if you dont you go for something else and so on, maybe try to look up if you have a similar option where you live?

No. 780996

Thank you. My biggest obstacles are my parents. I already have a sibling who took the no university degree route and I feel like my parents expect me to be the child who fulfills their desire of their child getting a degree. I think in my later twenties I might go get a degree. But as for now.. I might go do the random shit route despite it sounding scary since there is no structure and my guilt for not adhering to what’s expected. Il see if local universities are hosting those types of courses. Sorry for over sharing and thank you!

No. 781002

>I feel like my parents expect me to be the child who fulfills their desire of their child getting a degree
I've been in this trap of "the only child that can make parents dream come true" for long enough, please don't go down this route, you'll be unhappy. Go to uni if you want, learning something can be fun, but doing anything for anyone but yourself will make you miserable in the long run.

No. 781005

Hmm it's a very subjective question, there are people who like to rebound, and there are people who prefer to wait. I don't think it matters who was your last sexual partner really; and to answer your question - worse thing would be to do something you don't want. If you don't want to have sex with other people, don't, because most likely you'll have bad time and will feel bad about yourself.
I personally never just "rebounded", i waited until I got over the relationship (with just time healing the wounds and all the shit) and then genuinely tried to meet new people, sometimes it would end up with just sleeping with some until I found someone I wanted to stay with for longer, but never was just coping with a loss of an ex.

No. 781011

File: 1618146921524.jpg (23.73 KB, 400x400, 159660014130895220289644102085…)

I got hpv from my last relationship and I went celibate for two years bc I didn't want to pass it on (I had an aggressive case of warts). After that period, I went on a delayed rebound phase lol. At the time it was great because sex, but I ended up regretting it. It made me feel dirty and like my only asset was my body. This is true for all my rebound phases too, and truth be told that two-year celibacy was ace– I made so many girl friends and focused on stuff that mattered, like my career path, learning how to self-comfort without a man, etc.

I wished I stayed celibate before I met my current Nigel honestly

No. 781014

tbh having a relationship/sex just for the sake of not being single/sexless is babybrain territory since it makes you lower your standards and rebounding is that but times 100 since you feel there's a ticking clock to get it done

No. 781023

Here's the yt link to the original video

No. 781025

I think deep down I know I chose right but when I wake up horny and thoughts of sex enter my mind..he's the only guy I've fucked in the last 6 years so he's annoyingly my default memory of sex. I almost want to fuck anyone else just to replace the memory with a less emotional one. I'll be good though lol.

Actually went through hpv too, no warts but one of the strains that affects cervical cells. Holy fuck the stress of that should've been a lesson in itself.

No. 781039

Are people supposed to be on SSRIs for an indefinite period of time?

No. 781041

File: 1618150436248.jpeg (87.3 KB, 640x450, F7FEB59A-AD32-4E2C-BBD6-218138…)

Now say aaaa

No. 781046

honestly just start with the rationalwiki page for it. i know people make fun of that website for being a hugbox but i like reading about retarded alternative medicine and conspiracies on it. also bigfoot.

No. 781048

people are not supposed to be on SSRIs

No. 781053

I've always found they stop helping after a certain amount of time but docs just want to write you repeat prescriptions anyway? If you come off them be sure to taper off.

No. 781064

sure just let them safely suicide then

No. 781075

I've been going through therapy and taking medication for years, but it has never worked for me. Is it likely that I'm not mentally ill at all?

No. 781086

What's your current diagnosis? I've seen friends show very little improvement after years on meds and seeing therapists and if anything they tend to bump your diagnosis up from depression to a full on PD when you're just not responding to regular ole therapy and meds

No. 781087

They would've done it on SSRIs too

No. 781089

they can get better without medication, don't be a fear mongering shill

No. 781090

How do I end my lease? Do I phone the landlord and tell him that I want to end it or should I print a lease termination sample from the web, sign it and send it to him in e-mail first??

No. 781099

do you feel ill or are you just going along with what someone diagnosed you with?

No. 781127

Do most women have hair that grows beyond the actual pantyline or am I extra hairy?

No. 781128

Pretty sure that's normal. Either that or I'm also extra hairy lol

No. 781129

I don't know if most do, but I have it and even have stronger hair on my top inner thighs.

No. 781131

call your landlord

No. 781132

you are an awful person and clearly have never dealt with people that have life long mental health issues.

No. 781136

fwiw, i have it too

No. 781137

ok shill, cry about it

No. 781141

is shill the only argument youre capable of? what are the other reasons to ditch psych meds when actually medically needed and not in a susan schofield kind of way. we can actually work with that if you do

No. 781144

Might vary but where I live it's seen as polite to give them a heads up with a phone call first rather than sending a formal looking email.

No. 781147

I want to try manifestation but I don't want my boyfriend to accidentally find my notebook and be weirded out. Any suggestions?

No. 781149

Write it in a notetaking app maybe? On your phone or your laptop? Or maybe you could write it in a language he doesn't know?

No. 781152

I just got my wisdom teeth removed at 30 y/o. The nicotine withdrawl is killing me. I think im going to finally smoke pot though, its been three days since the removal. Am i an idiot?

No. 781157

You’re an idiot for sure. Don’t get a dry socket for some weed anon, shit is not worth it. They’re so painful. Get a nicotine patch if you really crave cigs but don’t smoke. I believe in you nonny.

No. 781158

I want to try notebooks but I don't want my manifestation to accidentally find my boyfriend and be weirded out

No. 781162

Get a patch or nicotine tablets, they'll help you get through.

No. 781163

Can you unintentionally use someone?

No. 781164

I got dry socket from a regular extraction a few years back and the pain was unreal. I was taking painkillers and then both gargling whiskey and drinking it all to try and make some dent in the pain. I don't even drink but I had to for a few days to get through it. Be careful with that. It's as bad as people say.

No. 781170

I hate having to eat my moms cooking out of politeness, especially when she cooks meat. Its like eating a leather sole

No. 781172

Hpv anon here. Honestly if you just find a kind guy that's attractive to fuck and have him respect you physically and as a person, not necessarily to enter a relationship with, I think it'll be fine. All of my rebound men were douches since I was too horny to care lol but I might've found a memorable one if I was just more selective

Alternatively, porn and toys

No. 781176

Has anyone drank alcohol after taking antidepressants? How did you feel?

No. 781177

of course. if you find thats a thought you have often you might be narc, ethots and streamers, ytbers and instahoes all have that in common. to various degrees of course but the foundation is the same. the worst is when the reason is for personal development

No. 781180

But surely if I intentionally used someone, that would more likely to make me a narc, wouldn't it?

No. 781181

No. 781184

File: 1618165726501.jpg (103.35 KB, 864x467, maxresdefault-3-864x467.jpg)

How is it possible to grow up in Montreal and not speak French?

No. 781186

having an anglophone family and friend circle? i've met children of rich foreigners in asian countries who only went to international schools and can't speak the local language, even though they have no plans to move.
(i hate matt he's such an annoying cuck)

No. 781190

hah, I used to hate Pat because I thought they broke up because of him being his unbearable self but I recently realized Matt comes off as super passive aggressive/oversensitive and that was more likely the reason (other than Paige's controversial appearance on the Dick Masterson's podcast)

No. 781192

does anyone know that pic of a woman who was obviously having her photo taken and her face was like a straight mouth but open so you could see her teeth, like an awkward face? it was an Indian woman I think. I cant describe the face. Can I use an emoji and spoiler it like this 😬 (pls dont ban me mods). I used to use it as a reaction pic in like 2013 on kik, I cant find it anyway, I keep googling things like "Indian woman having her photo taken with awkward face" but it just comes up with Indian dramatic drama meme pics. Do any of you know what I am talking about?

No. 781194

Anon… are you talking about chrissy teigen?

No. 781195

No its not Chrissy teigen kek, but it was a similar face

No. 781196

I find Pat so insufferable now. Him and his gf.

No. 781197

If we're talking about english speaking communities, it's a decision people make because of pride in anglocentric traditions. I think it's very closed-minded. There is truly zero disadvantage to learning new languages. Also, there is every opportunity and resource to become a naturalized francophone in Montréal, even the Montréalais accent is more standardized in comparison to other regional Québécois accents, so the way I see it there's little justification for actively refusing to develop such a basic communicational skill.

No. 781198

I love you anon

No. 781199

I had the opposite experience, I've come to like him. But I think we can all agree that Woolie is the nicest and the least divisive member of the group

No. 781215

Yeah Woolie is still p based

No. 781221

Why do grown ass women use child/toddler sound clips on TikTok? Almost always in relationship and/or sexual context. It just dawned on me while scrolling through my feed, I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s sus

No. 781224

only groomers use tik tok. enjoy your chinese data mine app

No. 781225

You type like a groomer, fuck off

No. 781239

What are some lesser known hallmarks of a Tumblry art style? I'm trying to avoid that with my art. I don't draw any SJW shit but I'm afraid my style looks too Tumblr-ish

No. 781240

Butthurt groomer detected, gtfo

No. 781241

How do you know if you have a big clit?

No. 781247

thats a genuine question damn. the clit is just a small dick biologically.
does it get larger than about an inch or so after arousal? some people are really into big clits, so if you feel it interferes with your sex life you might be in luck

No. 781253

How do you even measure it? An inch sticking out?

No. 781256

get rid of your boyfriend obviously, you can just manifest a new one later
it isn't using if it's unintentional

No. 781261

does it look like a pinky finger or are you a man?

No. 781264

It's not that big, I just saw a picture of someone's vulva and I swear it looks like they literally don't have a clit and now I feel like mines to big, I'd post pic but not sure if I can.

No. 781265

If it doesn’t look like a finger and it doesn’t make your daily life uncomfortable, don’t worry about it. Maybe visit a gynecologist to check it out if you want to get a clitoral reduction or whatever is called.

No. 781266

>it isn't using if it's unintentional

all narcs say that. of course its not intentional. they wouldnt act like that if they had no reason, of course they did what they did,

>i wouldnt cheat if you [insert whatever]

>i got [piercings/tattoos] because whatever
i wouldnt [drink/smoke] because whatever

porn makes any woman look like shes less than a mans desire. i have big ol labia flaps, porn wants women to think that thats a sign of a slut but damn my partner will eat my puss and suck my flaps for like an hour easy. we are always a bigger judge of our flaws than others are

No. 781269

I appreciate that anons, my clits fine the way it is

No. 781270

everyone uses people, it's not exclusive to narcissists
and that isn't what unintentional or using means, your rant is completely unrelated
also… some things don't need to be shared ffs

No. 781274

>i have big ol labia flaps, porn wants women to think that thats a sign of a slut

honestly one of the most ridiculous shit I've ever heard peddled about women and their anatomy. yet some boys (and grown men genuinely buy into this)
I would laugh at the absurdity but it's more depressing than anything

>my partner will eat my puss and suck my flaps for like an hour easy

an hour? damn. happy for you anon!

No. 781283

Any effective tips to stop crying or to hold back tears? Is this even possible? For as long as I can remember I've had a problem with tearing up uncontrollably in response to emotional stress. It's really annoying because it makes it impossible to communicate with loved ones during an argument, and it creates the impression that I'm crying crocodile tears for sympathy, but I really don't think this is the case because the feeling is totally overwhelming. It makes me feel pathetic, I hate being thought of as a whimpering, pity-seeking crybaby. I wanna be empowered and confident, that's the example that my mom has always set. Nobody else around me is like this so I don't know why I have this problem. Maybe there are CBT tactics that target this kind of issue?

No. 781287

Pressing hard with your tongue on the roof of your mouth, breathing deeply in and the old usual ways do help but it's mostly about self control but I spent so many years in a place where you got your ass beaten for crying that it's way easier now. I am sure you can keep from crying if you try some tricks and focus

No. 781288

Where my fellow wizards at?

No. 781290

Wouldn't it be witches?

No. 781295

Thanks anon, this is helpful. I'm sorry you went through that. I similarly grew up in an household where we would get our asses whooped for crying over spilt milk but I could never find the strength to stop. It actually heightened my distress

No. 781304

>look like a finger
Thanks for the mental image, I hate it.

No. 781312

Do men really think outtie labia are gross? I know it's a meme about roasties but I feel like men fall for shit like that and the joke has to come from some shred of truth. Is this actually something men judge women for? Not the whole roasty equals loose thing but just that it's seen as very ugly.

No. 781315

It made me get drunk faster but also kind of made the side effects worse like nausea and headache.

No. 781317

Even if they think it’s gross, they don’t actually care. A hole is a hole is a hole

No. 781324

Late but I get worried about this too kek
I think the best method is just "hide in plain sight". Use an old notebook that you always had or just buy/use an old planner or something like that. I use the latter and my boyfriend never even notice its existence because I had it forever in my room and also I use the last pages for it, so even if he was to take a quick look at it he probably wouldn't see it anyway.
Godspeed nonny

No. 781330

We never got an established name for our gender, unless you count “spinster” of course…

No. 781333

I'm sure some do. Like there are also dickshapes that aren't "as popular", even though different shapes are natural both for pussies and dicks.

No. 781334

Exactly. I don't think it actually matters though in a real life context. Idk unless something freaky is going on down there, I've never heard of someone getting rejected for it once the pants are off, especially not a woman. It's something people only nitpick about on the internet since we have porn

No. 781347

It used to be Timbaland, then it was Pitbull and then came David Guetta. What artist is todays feat.?

No. 781352

Maybe Calvin Harris? But I have noticed Doja Cat is really featuring everyone kek (Bebe Rexha, Ariana x2, Megan Thee Stallion, The Weeknd, SZA, Chloe x Halle, Ozuna/Sia, Saweetie, Nicki Minaj, Tyga ew and more)

No. 781376

>Why do grown ass women use TikTok?

No. 781377

File: 1618184712071.png (449.52 KB, 654x594, 1615279658175.png)

Has any one here created a tulpa? What was it like?

No. 781379

not real, is what is was like. kys plz

No. 781380

Tulpas are literally imaginary friends.

No. 781381

why do people get so upset over miscarriages even if they didn't want the baby? i don't want a baby, if i had a miscarriage i would be relieved. honestly want to know; i understand someone who wants a kid being sad about it, but if you were going to get an abortion anyway why do yu still freak out?

No. 781382

I would guess it's like giving yourself mental illness because that's exactly what it is

No. 781386

I tried really hard for a few years, thought about it for hours every day and it was literally just a glorified imaginary friend. I eventually grew out of it and when I stopped thinking abt it all the time, it "disappeared" for lack of a better term to use. Overall kind of dumb and underwhelming

No. 781389

Because when you are pregnant your hormones make you ready for that baby. It triggers an attachment that is biological and when it's lost via miscarriage you lose all of those hormones but the attachment was still chemically there. Basically it's because of hormones.

No. 781390

What is a tulpa?

No. 781392

An imaginary friend for mentally ill adults, basically

No. 781394

I'm a big dummy and was fucking around on my investing app and didn't realize I accidentally sold a bunch of shit like 4 days after buying it. Am I fucked and do I have to pay capital gains tax on this? It ended up being like a net loss of $4 when I added it all up though.

No. 781409

Is it bad that I get tired of people easily? I think I'm unable to make friends as of late because I just get bored of talking to them after a while.

No. 781418

Is the creator of ENA a cumbrain? something about the animation style reminds me r34/porn fanimations, I'm not paranoid I'm genuinely curious.

No. 781420

Is it normal to constantly touch your boobs? I just think they're very soft and squishing them is relaxing lol

No. 781432

Yeah, I feel like a lot of women play with or touch their boobs. I personally like to make mine jiggle.

No. 781440

I don't but I'm not normal. I hate being touched even by myself and either panic or dissociate.

No. 781443

Yeah probably, I’m like 87% sure he’s a tranny so chances are he’s hitting every base of degeneracy

No. 781448

Does anyone else go deaf for awhile after having an orgasm sometimes?
Should I tell a doctor?

No. 781527

File: 1618209648193.jpg (538.57 KB, 1009x2000, olaplex-hair-perfector-no-3-10…)

Is Olaplex No3 actually good or is it just marketing? I've been looking at before and afters on tik tok and I honestly don't see much difference, but everyone says it's a "miracle cure" for damaged hair.
Is it actually the best of the best? If not, what products would you guys recommend?

No. 781533

I just used it recently. It was alright but not for 30$ at least imo it seems to work for some so if you aren’t too worried about cost why not? I think I had better results using elizavecca cer100 and a deep condition once a week

No. 781538

Yep anon, it happens to me. Feels like my ears are filled with water, sometimes I get lightheaded. Do you hold your breath when you orgasm at all? I do, and that might be part of it. It's been happening to me for over a decade and I'm still alive kek so I don't think it's a problem.

No. 781564

the older I get the more I begin to regret the years I spent wasting on mostly weebshit and the more I resent it for all the harmful and gross tropes. I missed consuming western media, even though it's not perfect either. Is it normal to feel this way, has anyone else felt the same?

No. 781567

Anons, what are some good, simple board games to play with people who are 65+ and are only familiar with Scrabble?

No. 781572

asking here because /g moves too slow: I'm back to the gym for the first time in over a year today and I'm looking for some advice. I want to use only dumbbells and alternate between upper and lower body to start, so ladies, what are your favourite upper and lower body dumbbell movements? I'm not very familiar with using them, I used to use the machines but in a covid-world I'm not doing that, at least I can wipe down dumbbells easily. I'm not looking to lose weight, just tone up, so gyms anons with any sets or hell entire routine recs?

No. 781573

Look up some programs. Personally I do PHUL and like it, it's a 4 day split, upper body x2 lower body x2.

Also machines aren't that hard to wipe down but you do you.

No. 781577

Not really, I don't consider most western media to be anything I "missed out on", especially since for like 10 years everything was zombie- and capeshit. I'd rather just watch anime then. But I do hate that I didn't spend time actually reading good books instead of reading/watching weeb shit.

No. 781578

Clue maybe

No. 781592

Not a board game but Uno maybe?

No. 781596

You're not alone anon. The older I get the more repulsed I am with anime since it's mostly written by scrotes or pander to them. If anything I'm unironically enjoying "normie" sitcoms on Netflix now.

No. 781606

It's not like Western media doesn't have harmful and gross tropes. Twilight: Underage teen falls in love with a centuries old vampire. Man falls in love ("imprints") with the literal child of his former love interest PLL: Underage student has a relationship with her teacher, another underage teen falls in love with her sister's adult boyfriend etc. Bimbo/trophy-wife tropes that objectify women are aplenty. There's undoubtly more. I also regret watching anime but not for the reason of missing out on mainstream Western media.

No. 781610

I play dominoes and game of the goose with my old grandmother.

No. 781618

Is anyone else only able to only fall asleep to background noises (TV shows, music, ASMR, etc.)? How can I stop this? I came to the point where silence annoys me

No. 781620

Yes. I don't know how to stop it, sometimes I fall asleep without it if I'm extremely exhausted. I've read things like "cut off electronic media an hour before bedtime" and "make getting ready for bed a ritual", but if a youtube video is an easy way to put me to sleep within 10 minutes, I don't really see a problem.

No. 781627

I wish I was like this, but I'm the opposite. I need the silence or I get too distracted/invested. To the point where I have to use ear plugs that hurt my ears lol

No. 781632

Did nonny become redtext recently or was it always these way? Does anyone know why?
I feel like I only just got used to the word being common, I don't remember it being redtext

No. 781636

No, it happened sometime last year iirc

No. 781644

Omg same i always listen to a podcast. When I wake up at night I put it back on because I can’t stand the silence

No. 781661

Stuff like Twilight and PLL are universally mocked outside of their fanbases that are mostly teen girls tho. Meanwhile in anime it's overt pedo shit for manchild scrotes 24/7 and seen as the norm or just a joke. Even ultra incel shit like Redo of Healer gets a "just another lazy rpg power fantasy thing" shrug from most of the anime community while if it was any other medium it wouldn't even get released in [the current year] and the creators careers would be cancelled.

No. 781674

I think it’s normal to feel like that. The thing is you’ve changed over the years, your current self is the one which has regrets. What use is that? I don’t know if I’m making sense. For example I used to have interests that my current self considers dumb, but back then they made me happy so I shouldn’t feel bad. If I’d been interested in other things, I would have been pursuing them.

No. 781679

Don't forget the pickme weebs defending it.

No. 781696

guys is it rude or bad to call off a transaction on facebook marketplace. i messaged someone to buy some manga but i’ve found someone else offering a better deal. i haven’t actually exchanged any money so do you think i should just say ‘sorry i can’t do this anymore’ or just ghost them? i haven’t used facebook marketplace before

No. 781702

Cards against humanity
Old people can surprisingly be the most enthusiastic

No. 781705

Uh just back out? It's no big deal, just say, "nevermind. I don't want to buy anymore. Sorry!" They're not going to send the Facebook police, lol.

No. 781706

I have to listen to calm instrumentals or else I start getting too wrapped up in my thinking. Also too much silence just makes me notice my mild tinnitus.

No. 781707

Why do I keep getting pain on the left side of my face? It's near my eye, ear, side of my head and inside my mouth. and if I lay down, even when I'm laying on the opposite side and nothing touches it, it gets worse. No I can't see a doctor right now. Don't even have one

No. 781709

What's going on with GuruGossip?

No. 781715

I've tried to visit 3 or 4 times in the last couple weeks and each time I'm met with a different message explaining why the site is down. One of their mods went nuts apparently. Saw on twitter that there's threats he'll start doxxing users? Wish I knew more

No. 781718

Somehow didn't tag you but above is in reply to you

No. 781720

Maybe it's sinusitis?

No. 781722

Thank you for replying. I have been through a bunch of diagnoses, from Asperger's to BDD to MDD to (most recently) BPD.
That trajectory you mentioned sounds about right, though. What happened to your friends?
I'm currently in some kind of DBT-based therapy and it's very underwhelming. They hyped this up as the thing that's going to finally cure me, but it's all stuff I learnt and practiced naturally as I matured. The medication is just antidepressants, I'm on the maximum dose of venlafaxine right now and it hasn't done anything.

I don't feel ill, no. To me it's all very logical. I was born into a system I loathe and cannot fully escape. Living is more difficult than dying. There isn't anything worth sticking around for. I wouldn't have to worry about jobs or rent, it's just like being asleep. The only reason they think that my suicide attempts are a sign of mental illness is because they've been indoctrinated into the capitalist-christian belief that life is sacred. It's not. The sanctity of life is a meme designed to keep us alive so that those at the top of the social pyramid can keep us like cattle, to support their lifestyles. The only way to reject it is to die.
I wish that I was allowed to die with dignity and no pain, but no doctor will do it. The Hippocratic oath is more like the hypocritic oath am I right? The preservation of life isn't really mentioned at all in the original; it's more about respecting the autonomy of the patient. If the patient wishes to die, why is it a mental illness (individual fault)? Why isn't it a social illness (symptomatic of structural ills)?
Yes I self-harm but it's not mental illness, not anymore than sex or drinking is. It's just what I need to cope with life. I don't feel ill I just feel misunderstood.

No. 781723

Sorry I span out, I'm just frustrated. Do I make sense? Is it possible that it's just that I have a different perspective and that I'm not ill?

No. 781753

>Yes I self-harm but it's not mental illness, not anymore than sex or drinking is.
This part of your argument needs to go or you need something else to compare to if you want to sound convincing. Yes, people can self harm with both of those things but those things are not seen as always being acts of self harm. Sex is a healthy, normal function.

No. 781770

OK but do you see my overall point? I was trying to say that self harm is less socially acceptable than misusing sex or drugs or booze to cope. Sanity is a social construct and people automatically put self harm of any level in the "not sane" list of behaviours, but things are more nuanced than that. They act like my behaviour invalidates my argument and that I'm just "depressed" and have a "personality disorder".

No. 781776

I think you're in denial and have bought into someone's twitter shit, no offense intended. Capitalism isn't making you self harm that's nothing other than mental illness. Which can be brought on or exacerbated by bad circumstances but it's possible to cope. I sympathize that you've been dealing with it for years, I'll blog a minute and say so have I. Been on meds and in therapy for half my life, was thinking I won't recover like you but recently I have been. When you're depressed you don't see anything worth living for in this world be it from capitalism or what but it's possible to come out of that and realize your perspective is skewed and there is much worth living for. Sorry I realize this kind of preaching isn't always helpful, I think when someone's depressed or mentally unwell that this type of "logic" doesn't always cut through to them because it didn't always to me… But what you're saying is overlooking a lot, like most people value things like friends or family or life goals that don't have to be tied to capitalism, or passions— things that make them want to keep living. If you don't have those or if you overlook those things then you obviously (imo) have mental health problems that do need work but are fixable. I'm really sorry it's taking so long though it feels like hell. For me personally therapy helped me to get out of bed and find value in life from caring for my family and having life experiences outside of the limited ones I was having in my room lol but that's just me

No. 781777

why do so many kpop dudes have those fugly bowlcuts?

No. 781785

>Sanity is a social construct
Nta but this would make a great twitter bio

No. 781786

samefag I want to add that with therapy I've come to realize a kind of sad truth that people can't always be helped unless they're open to trying for real. Myself I was depressed and didn't really know how to do therapy because I didn't want to change my lifestyle. Only recently did I actually listen to my therapist and try different tools she gave me (in CBT) which has actually produced results but it takes effort. What I'm getting at though is you don't sound really open to the help at all, which may be shitty of me to say but you seem to think you know better than all of it and have yourself figured out. Which honestly I admire that you want to think differently about things but then why are you letting them waste your time if you're this enlightened. I really do hope things go well for you I'm just saying what it seems like.

No. 781789

There are many positive and healthy reasons for why people have sex and there are many socially well adjusted reasons for why people might drink or even aesthetic reasons for scarification/tattoos etc, these things serve other purposea that aren't self harm, but the only reason someone ever purely self harms is because something has gone wrong. There is no way to argue that society should be more acceptable of self harm or that self harm is a social construct, the more you try to argue against it the more you demonstrate that you're outside of what is acceptable, rational thought. By using this in your arguement you are invaliding yourself, that's all I'm trying to say.

No. 781794


No. 781795

Trends. Bowl cuts are currently in vogue in Korea. Years ago it was mullets. Soon it will be another thing.

No. 781796

mullets > bowlcuts tho

No. 781797

I'd rather cut ocasionally then smoke and drink. It's way less damaging long term. This way I'll just get cancer and die but at least I won't have scars or scare normies in the summer.

No. 781798

File: 1618236821345.jpeg (436.93 KB, 1000x1000, F768B666-56B8-4B19-91C9-99E71C…)

Are mood swings even something that could be considered abnormal? I swear everyone will have a mood swing every once and then.

No. 781799

Cutting does leave scars though?
I think it depends on the intensity of the mood swing. It's not cool to be chilling with someone one minute, and then the next minute they're raging at you.

No. 781805

File: 1618237232872.jpeg (100.8 KB, 500x630, 356A8615-5B90-4076-B32C-F99E3E…)

really anon? she sounds like this but with muh capitalist social constructs

No. 781808

The things in this pic, are they a big toy trend right now?

A grocery store near me started randomly stocking loads of these lately.. but like a really low quality version with poor stitching and a high price attached. There's baskets of them randomly littered around the food aisles.

No. 781822

They seem quite popular, I think the name of the company or something is “teeturtle” and they have different types of plushies.
I honestly first saw this type of plushies when I saw vid related and it honestly seems nice.

No. 781823

No she doesn't. Some people can't thrive in the current system and that doesn't make them mentally ill.

No. 781824

Capitalism is mentioned once, as contributor towards the concept of sanctity of life. Imagine if all the farmed cows of the world realised their place in the world, their reasons for living, and their fate - they'd seppuku immediately. The dairy industry would collapse. Beef too. I'm saying the sanctity of life is protected in part because of this. It's been misunderstood as "hur dur capitalism bad" I'm just saying that in an abstract sense we are an investment or a crop.

To the other anon who was speaking about things to live for, there's nothing that would feel better than to just leave forever, peacefully on my own terms. My family and friends would get over it quickly as I'm kind of a dead weight anyway. There's nothing that makes me think living is worth it, life is overrated, I don't think it's such a crazy thing to say

No. 781827

File: 1618238124093.jpg (65.11 KB, 720x720, 1617849908715.jpg)

Lmao you know what, I support you. Fuck it be unhinged.

No. 781829

Let's pretend for a second that everything isn't a social construct (because you might as well say it all is) and take a look at what self harm is. It goes against our pure animal instincts of self-preservation and survival. It makes no sense outside of your own (socially constructed?) mental anguish. It only hurts you. There are arguments for situations where sex and drugs are acceptable, sure those are social constructs (although sex? really?) but everything is. This doesn't make any sense; do you want to be happy? There are ways most people find being happy attainable or unattainable and self harm falls in the latter, unless happiness is a social construct as well.
Jfc sorry for being harsh but the stuff you're saying is up your own ass faux intellectual. People had problems even before capitalism, they still do in it, and we have to deal. I'm not saying you have to change your mind if you really think this is the answer but there's actual reasons suicide and self harm are seen as not normal and unhealthy options. I know you want to escape pain but there's other ways that don't hurt your own body, which is not rational at all, and that won't traumatize everyone when you disappear. I mean like it or not you can usually tell how healthy something is by how it affects not only you but others' well being also.
This is not the rational thinking you think it is because most depressed people think this way and can actually get out of it over time. Maybe they should all kill themselves? Do you see why this is shitty?

No. 781833

Read that again nonette. To simplify, I'm saying cutting is less damaging long term and arguably a "better" choice over drugs, alcohol and smoking. It's just not socially acceptable.

No. 781839

Again you're clinging to the capitalism thing - it's a very small part of the overall point.
Same with sex, I made it clear it was about misusing it to cope.
Yes people had problems before capitalism, I'm saying that attitudes towards suicide are so strong in part because it's a loss and if lots of people chose it, it would destabilise things as we know it.
I'm trying to say fuck it, just let us die if we want to. Yes if we're considered depressed, yes if we're just bored on a Tuesday afternoon, just let us choose death if we want to

No. 781840

Also if attitudes were different and free access to a dignified death was allowed, it wouldn't be traumatising

No. 781842

Samefag but this anon gets it

No. 781844

Okay but attitudes aren't different. and
>if lots of people chose it, it would destabilise things as we know it.
>I'm trying to say fuck it, just let us die if we want to.
don't go well together. But I don't think arguing is changing either of our minds here so I'll stop. "We all have to die sometime" is true enough and the closest I'll get to agreeing with you.

No. 781846

Nta, but like, you already seem to believe that you're not mentally ill so why did you even ask? Genuinely wondering. It doesn't really seem like you're considering other points of view, so I just don't get why you asked for other people's perspectives

No. 781847

samefag damn I said I will shut up but
>if attitudes were different
actually I disagree on this part too because death isn't just arbitrarily traumatic, losing people in your life isn't something we can opt out of the pain of or else a lot of people would. It's the human condition to be affected by death

No. 781848

actually not even just human, animals mourn their dead too

No. 781850

I'm pro-changing attitudes and don't care if things as we know it collapse, you seem to think it's a bad thing. I'm also anti-natalist. So I think yeah, we're just fundamentally different in our perspectives.
Thanks for trying to reach a middle ground. To circle back to the original point, I'm just saying, it's not inherently mental illness to want to die and it should be allowed.

No. 781853

It just got my back up because I was getting attacked for it and nobody was really considering what I was saying - it was just more of the same "but death is bad" and "ur just edgy". It would make anyone defensive.
I'm open to accepting that it might be mental illness. I'm just wondering if anyone has considered that suicidality isn't inherently mental illness, and if they know the difference. /ot/ can be really thoughtful and cool sometimes but it seems like everyone's really on edge lately (not just in this thread, I mean across the board).

No. 781860

I agree that attitudes probably wouldn't change that much but from my research on euthanasia and assisted suicide family and friends of those who choose it are generally supportive and don't want to see their loved ones suffer any longer. A part of them is devastated while another part is happy that someone they love and cherish isn't in unberable pain anymore. It's a very complicated issue but imo ultimately every human deserves dignity in life as in death.

No. 781864

I wish that store near me had stocked a nicer version of them and not the dodgy quality ones that look like they'll fall apart. The octopus does have charm to it.

Might give in and buy one online if I'm still thinking about it in a few days lol

No. 781876

i'm the anon that asked if you felt ill and i agree with you that you aren't ill. i don't agree with your point of view and your conclusion about life, but it's clear that you just think differently than other people and that can't really be helped by anything, especially if you aren't wanting to change. i don't think it's right to call someone's personality/thoughts/opinions an "illness" unless they're like schizo delusional
> I'm just wondering if anyone has considered that suicidality isn't inherently mental illness
i don't think being suicidal is inherently a mental illness either, i think it's a natural and sensible response in certain situations. i hope assisted suicide is legalized in my country someday, we have capital punishment so i don't really see why it's such a big deal anyway

No. 781885

File: 1618241084826.jpg (87.67 KB, 500x666, 1sfvlg3o1_500.jpg)

This doesn't belong in this thread but it's somewhat related to discussion. I come from a rather pro-death upbringing. My country was fuckin at war 50 years ago so culturally as a whole we're more accepting of death. I mean, we also barely have mental healthcare, so suicide is more or less viewed as natural and best course of action for some people.
In our family we talk about death openly, we muse about how we'd like to die and how we'd cope with loss. Death is just something that happens. Yeah you'll be very sad and you'll miss the person but it's never made out to be a scary and traumatizing thing. Illness and accidents are painful and scary but death is like an old friend who will be taking care of your loved ones now.
It's paradoxical but it actually helps me to be less suicidal knowing that I can choose to end my life whenever and my family wouldn't resent me. They'll be very very sad but they'll be okay, they told me this. They'd still want to be my side if I choose.
But most people weren't raised with this mentality or have the right support system so I can empathize with fervent anti-suicide sentiments. Just wanna suggest that it can be positive to the mentally ills to have support in life AND in death.

No. 781888

This is beautiful thank you.

No. 781910

>It's paradoxical but it actually helps me to be less suicidal knowing that I can choose to end my life whenever and my family wouldn't resent me.
I wouldn't even say it's paradoxical, it's quite a bit easier to deal with a problem if you know a solution you won't be resented for is always available. It's possible that if we legalized and accepted assisted suicide, rates would go down or many suicides would be delayed. Unfortunately there's no way of really testing this hypothesis properly but it's fairly sound.

No. 781962

does premiering your YT video as a opposed to just regularly uploading it help with views? Because I accidentally premeired a video instead of uploading it like normal and i got 1000 views in 24 hrs. It usually takes me like months or even a year to reach that. But my like and comment ratio stayed the same. Is this just a glitch?

No. 781969

well maybe ur video title was appealing

No. 781971

Not sure but I know I get way spammier notifications if it's a premiere.

No. 782104

File: 1618254742865.png (147.2 KB, 754x835, 70E40C1E-D10B-40B7-9A13-4C3DD1…)

Can someone explain to me what this whole Ena thing is?

No. 782151

File: 1618257872675.jpg (432.56 KB, 2048x1896, lookspainful.jpg)

So I've seen tattoofags talk about "scratchers" in random threads before and I'm wondering if this tattoo counts as that. It looks like the lines cut into the skin a lot but maybe that's just what a fresh tattoo looks like in HD?

No. 782158

I wouldn't call this a scratcher tattoo, it's clearly done by someone who has a pretty heavy hand or this person had sensitive skin. Scratcher is someone who makes shit tattoos, in an unhygienic place with less than ok skills or knowledge

No. 782168

What's up with the sperg that calls everyone Karens on /meta/ and uses random bold texts? Is she like some local cow on /pt/? I don't visit ethot threads so fill me in.

No. 782213

I think it's a kiwifag that shits up the onion thread

No. 782215

never seen a vivec genderbend before

No. 782246

How to start a personal blog on instagram (or somewhere else) where I post about my disperate interests and build a following of similar spergs? This has always been my dream but IDK how to start and what to do, I'm 100% retarded. Super envious of people like Bogleech that were able to build community based on how autistic they are (no, I'm not a fan, but I admire that some people were able to build a brand out of their weirdness and I want it too)

No. 782250

Wall-o-text chan is posting on meta?

No. 782254

socialize, A LOT. talk to everyone within similar bubble of interest, with time you should be able to make a small community, it will be a lot of work though.

No. 782264

Ohh I see! What about my content, should I hashtag or is there more to it?

No. 782267

Never hurts to label your stuff but I'd say it's not good to go overboard because you'll lose authenticity if you put 10 hashtags like some influencers tend to do. Overall I think it's not even close to as important as maintaining active online presence.

No. 782279

Just the protagonist of a few of Joel G's animations afaik. She's pretty cool, to me she's like EUPD personified. Idk what the fandom is like though.

No. 782292

File: 1618267587939.jpg (53.6 KB, 424x636, daria.jpg)

Just bought season 1 of Daria and plan to buy the others separately. What would you guys say are the best seasons?

No. 782304

File: 1618268883193.jpg (109.46 KB, 1080x523, 20210413_020837.jpg)

A girl I follow on ig just got a puppy and was handling it weirdly, like it was clear she has never held a baby animal, was holding it with one hand in front of "aesthetic" backgrounds, letting it chill on the edge of high sofas and all. Now she posted the dog in her hand, saying it died? But it had an emoji after that made it seem like a shitpost? I am so fucking confused, is this a shitpost anons?

No. 782346

idk but a girl I lived with in student apartments got a golden retriever puppy she was going to train as some sort of emotional support animal and it died shortly after she got it, the explanation I heard was that it was a puppy mill puppy and got sick for that reason??? very strange. I feel like even the most tone deaf of people would know not to make a shitpost pretending their dog is dead but who knows.

No. 782352

I was actually thinking of puppy mills with this one too, it looked way too young to be taken away from its mom, she said it just learned how to drink by itself yesterday? But isn't that a snoozing emoji, this is so weird, I found the whole thing weird from the get go.

No. 782372

Some people are dumb and think that's a crying emoji, that's all

No. 782374

This bitch has more layers of dumb than I thought, thanks

No. 782382

Hearing about those kind of situations makes me shiver in fear and disgust. Why buy from a puppy mill? Why do it to yourself, the poor dog and his mother that will be abused until she dies or gets too old? Even if you are a cunt that doesn't care, it's insane to me to buy a dog that has huge chance of dying on you because you want to save money. What good is the extra money in your pocket if the animal you wanted as your companion is fucking dead?

No. 782412

Oh damn, thank you anon, I actually do exactly that and that makes me feel much better lol

No. 782422

ayrt, I'm pretty sure this girl said she paid some exorbitant price for the dog like you would from a real breeder so I think she got scammed somehow.
I live in a US state that has a high concentration of puppy mills and she was from the UK so maybe she wasn't aware of the potential issue but her family was rich and educated so I don't think that's an excuse.

Pure bred dogs have a higher chance of being born with congenital abnormalities and I could see unscrupulous breeders being irresponsible about this, not properly screening their pups and selling ones that are medically unstable.

No. 782430

Matchanons, what am I doing wrong? I sift the matcha, use water just under boiling, mix it several times, but still it gets clumpy at the bottom and never mixes all the way.

No. 782432

File: 1618278269202.jpeg (43.46 KB, 330x335, 7A79B216-9660-4742-84FA-394CF5…)

If someone goes from never posting their SO on social media to posting about them a ton and taking a bunch of vacations within like two months is that a sign their relationship is in trouble?

No. 782435

I pour only about a tablespoon or two of liquid into the cup and mix that. Then I pour the rest of the liquid in. I also use handheld milk frother.

No. 782445

the bowlcut trend has been taking forever to fade out

No. 782446

What do anons here feel it means when a dude still comments/likes the girl he had a crush on's social media posts? They were close and she always treated him like a best friend and never reciprocated feelings and he was head over heels for her even to the point of talking about following her onlyfans kek but recently she's been clinging to all his posts and vice versa. Ironically seems to be right after he got a normal girlfriend too. Am I just overly cynical thinking no man platonically interacts with "the one that got away"? I feel like his new girlfriend should run before he starts exchanging nudes with this girl. Seems like a weird powerplay on the not girlfriends part too. Can't tell if im reading too much into things though, watching friends do stupid shit makes me MOTI.

No. 782450

File: 1618279696552.jpg (108.2 KB, 634x845, 0f6b714acbd1def4d887eaafc63123…)

Can you get permabanned for being banned too many times? Kek

No. 782452

Yes. I'm glad I only spent about less than two years being into anime and shit but I still regret it.



Personally, looking back at what my past self was into fills me with so much self-disgust and it's really hard to get over.

No. 782458

I’ll try this, thank you!

No. 782461

Probably depends on why you were banned before

No. 782464

It means on any given day, if she asks, he will drop everything to be with her. And that girl knows this, she’s keeping him on the hook, reels him back in with some attention whenever she feels he’s getting too far away. His gf needs to bounce.

No. 782468

I agree with you but for some reason I can never stop watching anime and giving it the benefit of the doubt, even though I haven't had a show impress me in years. I think the medium itself is just enticing and a bit nostalgic- I've been wishing for years that western cartoons could have the same budget as anime. I would love to have more ATLA style shows without the really ugly cartoon calarts style.

No. 782470

File: 1618280934430.png (216.08 KB, 500x402, 9C87C264-5986-4DB9-85D4-294984…)

thanks for replying to me anons, I'm glad to know others feel the same. I'm mostly watching a lot of nostalgic movies from childhood and new ones I enjoy, have gotten into a few shows as well, since quitting anime. My friends keep badgering me to get back into it, but the only one I'm willing to probably watch is Ebichu, since my friend recommended it to me, and he's not actually into weebshit, it's just a vulgar show about a talking hamster

>less than two years
op and I was into it for 10+, although my interest had diminished significantly in the last 2. While I enjoyed it at the time I wonder if part of it messed up my perceptions of relationships and possibly caused me to develop proclivity towards some messed up mindsets that have been hard for me to get rid of because anime is so coomer pandering

and while I understand western media isn't perfect either I think I can recognize the harmful tropes in it. It's just different and a palette cleanser from what I mostly watched for years and years, it's not like I didn't consume other media during those years, but anime dominated most of it and part of me regrets all the garbage in there. ofc there's still shows I would rewatch or like (like picrel) but I'm likely not going to be consuming any new animes. I'm almost 25, it's not just becoming an adult for me, it's all that I've come to associate with the anime community being full of sexism and abuse towards women from scrotes, something that personally deterred me from enjoying anime.

No. 782479

I notice this with almost all forms of media. If it’s “bad” and aimed at women, it becomes an acceptable target for mockery, sorta like the “Amy Schumer isn’t funny” jokes. Twilight is pretty much universally considered awful even by people who haven’t read/seen it. Scrote pandering media never gets treated with the same vitriol, even when it’s genuinely disgusting like Redo of Healer.

No. 782491

The twilight hate seems to have died down over time. I see more people defending it in recent years.

No. 782509

I wasn’t that intensively into anime when I was young but I did like it a lot but eventually grew out of it. Western tropes in general are just as cancerous because it promotes this idea that your relationships can’t also have a deep friendship element to it, something that anime with all of its cringe and all seems to offer through the narratives it provides.

No. 782527

File: 1618285462420.png (1.04 KB, 242x336, yella.PNG)

What's a color that would go well with this yellow? The hex code is FFFC99 if it matters.

No. 782528

Light fuscia

No. 782531

File: 1618285853220.jpeg (605.84 KB, 3552x3544, 00DF29A0-C99B-4DD0-A8AD-492875…)

baby blue or pale green

No. 782536

Green for sure

No. 782537

spongebob and squidward

No. 782538

File: 1618286905257.png (3.12 KB, 648x283, blue yella blue.PNG)

Thank you anon! I decided to go with the blue on the left since it's more muted and has a better difference in shade from the yellow. Green also looked nice, but it was too bright.

No. 782539

Redpill me please anachans, any diet pills actually worth it? I'm not expecting miracles, just something to help.

No. 782543

You managed to make Sweden even gayer.
Just get a gastric bypass.

No. 782545

Thermo pills help me, but you have to exercise. It gives me an extra boost and I feel like I sweat more and burn more calories in general with it

No. 782546

File: 1618287652262.png (159.76 KB, 351x433, F442CE26-966C-4E77-BEFF-DB399C…)

Wait what the fuck? I thought squidward was blue. Just looked it up and saw he’s green or grey.

No. 782548

They don't give those to non deathfats around here…I would tho lmao >>782545
Any brand you recommend?

No. 782553

why this thing sounds like man? it kinda disgusts me

No. 782556

File: 1618288955742.png (339 B, 130x110, squidward.png)

lol what he's a light green/blue color

No. 782585

File: 1618295823664.png (1.75 MB, 1170x1062, EyrR1SNUYAAaVJk.png)

Could you please recommend me a good yaoi that is like junjou romantica or sekaiichi hatsukoi but
>has no rape
>isn't about underaged people
>is actually cute
>its not from a popular series, aka it is its own thing
>no one crossdresses or is a troon
All I can think about is dokyuusei et al but I already read that

No. 782590

File: 1618296080490.jpeg (91.21 KB, 960x720, 648CC8AF-6913-49A7-9729-96E49F…)

I want what she has

Banana Secret (sort of of shit though?) and Black Mirror and SIGN. I recomiendo Sign 1 billion times.

No. 782592

>a good yaoi
>like junjou romantica
but the fujo thread on /m/ might be more helpful

No. 782593

>I recomiendo

No. 782598

File: 1618297185312.jpeg (198.81 KB, 1328x1346, E6636C73-D69B-4BDE-8F37-39DD55…)

KEK I didn’t even notice it was autocorrected my bad, but de nada anonnitta.

I only saw she posted there too after replying kek I think the need for an answer resonated with me.

No. 782601

Are you asking about the nails in pic?

No. 782611

File: 1618297889676.jpeg (105.2 KB, 800x495, 9BAA34D7-2B66-4771-804F-03A0ED…)

The nails, nails like those ones, the confidence to wear them, and not to reignite old spats but the willingness to wear them too. They look like hell to deal with.

No. 782632

Does anyone have the meme(s) of Yui from K-On and Sakura from Card Captors with tired/watery realistic eyes? I'm looking for both

No. 782648

I mean, if you want nails like that they would probably be expensive because of the length. You could do them at home, but it does take a little bit of practice.
>the confidence to wear them
I don't know. I can't speak for other women, but I started wearing long nails pretty recently, and at first I did feel a little insecure (for whatever reason) but I got over it because I love how they look, I love doing them, and people compliment me on them.
>They look like hell to deal with.
They probably are, but then again, no one just starts off with super long nails. These women have probably slowly built up to that length, so they've learned how to live life with them. I used to think they were just something people wore for a short amount of time, but there are girls like WTHallie who wear them regularly, and also women who have natural nails that length. There are tons of videos of women talking about how they do things with long nails.

No. 782653

When your friend starts dating a (usually moid) person who is actually nothing but one huge, horrible red flag, do you tell them about it or do you let them be responsible for themselves and watch them sink deeper into a bad relationship?

My friend started dating an incel who always disconnects her from all of her friends on purpose, downgrades them and manipulates her onto spending time only with him, and his world views Is a different topic… Its way too late by now and I know that she will never listen to me about it, so I just watch her keep being miserable and having retarded breakdowns by herself. It makes me feel bad, but she doesn't come to me crying about it anyway, instead she makes public dramas.

No. 782660

You tell her of course. So many women have had terrible rolemodels and haven't been taught what a good partner is, how to look for a good partner and what red flags are. Of course there's also personal responsibility but I'm 100% for helping to get women out of toxic or abusive relationships, we need to stick with each other and help and educate each other.

No. 782663

Tell her, he sounds abusive.

No. 782670

How curly can a white person's hair be?

No. 782674

If you don’t think your friend is open to what you have to say, it’s probably best not to say it. I’ve kind of been where you are, one of my friends was dating this unemployed 40 year old when she was 20. Obviously I expressed some disapproval, but blah blah “you’re just jealous, he’s so nice to me” and shit. Unless it’s a really close friend who isn’t an ultra pickme, I wouldn’t bother with the inevitable drama.

No. 782678

I'm pretty sure they can have everything but 4c I mean, there might be a white person with 4c hair out there, but it's definitely uncommon. I guess that could also depend on what you consider white, though.

No. 782685

Update: she posted about some foodjoint and how her dog was murdered? This bitch istfg

No. 782686

How accurate is the sanic totem? Should I make possibly life-changing career decisions based on it?

No. 782687

idk ask sonic

No. 782688

50% accurate

No. 782705

File: 1618311091454.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1783, 37D9002D-46E6-4E3D-ADD3-AE50B1…)

to lilboweep thread watchers and posters: what’s the appeal?

she sure seems like a mess but the fact that she looks so repulsive and is always high makes me avoid this thread all the time. anyone wanna share why they like watching her crackhead antics?

No. 782720

Whenever I try even slightly telling her, she always makes a smug face, eyerolls and turns around, ignoring it. So it's kinda a lost cause. I am sure she knows shit that he posts on social media, likes and spregs on twitter, but I think it's the lost cause. She is a very desperate woman when it comes to relationship so shortly after her breakup she tried jumping on all of her moid friends just to end up making half of them run away from her, so she started dating this incel from Discord.

No. 782748

Do you guys think self-diagnosed psychopaths are legit?

No. 782756

ok so two questions

1) My gf’s phone service is T-Mobile, mine is Verizon. She got a new phone and gave me her old one. Is there anyway to switch the service to Verizon?

2) are there any Americans here who got breast reductions? I understand w insurance and everything, prices will vary. But around how much did yours cost?

No. 782775

what is the sanic totem pole

No. 782776

this thread
the last digit of your post number indicates the answer

No. 782777

numbers.. like numerology?

No. 782778

No, not self diagnosed. I don't think psychopaths have the ability to recognize their own psychopathic tendencies. I don't think they'd be introspective enough.

No. 782780

Nta, but no lmao. The thread pic has a bunch of numbers, and those show what sanics answer is. Like, 1 = yes.

No. 782781


No. 782783

Samefag, but someone should add how to use the sanic totem to the next thread description. The sanic question pops up a lot

No. 782791

File: 1618324367255.jpg (37.73 KB, 629x623, fbc97c027a5de3bb02a157ce91c590…)

No. 782810

We have a class project where we have to find some type of social media/media phenomenon that caused any kind of social/political effect to show what kind of effects the internet has on society, and I'm considering talking about cancel culture and JKR in a thinly-veiled terf-supportive way, because I do now we have some twitter tards. Should I risk my social standing for lulz?

No. 782811

I wouldn't given how much "social standing" matters in an environment like school but up to you!

No. 782812

I'd ask your teacher first tbh. But if you do go ahead with it I'll be living vicariously through you, especially if you include a bunch of the death/rape threats she received. Let's see your twittertard classmates defend that kek. Good luck anon!

No. 782821

Don't do it. Depending on where you live you can ruin your entire life with some "wrong-think".

No. 782831

I'm still stuck with these people for a year, and I don't know how confrontational these guys would get. But I obviously wouldn't be autistically blunt in my text, at least not in a way that anyone not internet addicted could detect.
She's open to basically anything, so I'm not worried about the teacher's reaction. I hope I can bring you justice, anon, but it'll probably need to be more subtle than that.
Our country has very little TRA presence actually, it's only mainly through english social media that these people got exposed to it. I'm actually considering it because I've already seen some people picked pro-TRA shit and I want to balance it out.

No. 782843

What do you guys do when you wake up grumpy? I felt so annoyed from the moment I woke up and I need to simmer down so I can actually be productive.

No. 782851

eat a good breakfast, most often in my case the grumpiness comes from not always fully conscious hunger

No. 782855

Sleep a bit longer

No. 782859

Do it! By staying silent we are hurting ourselves. Stand up for your convictions and get ready to peak some of your classmates!
Just be sure to remain calm and factual. Don't give opinions and if people ask you stupid questions, counter them with other stupid questions because tranny "logic" makes absolutely zero sense.

No. 782866

You’d be my fucking hero

No. 782867

Having a shower usually helps me. Feeling fresh and clean (and smelling nice, if you use scented products) is a great mood boost

No. 782877


Does fenugreek actually make you smell bad? Everywhere I look at it says it's an unpleasant smell. But maple syrup smells nice?? Help me

No. 782894

This is a weird question but does anyone else have backpain after drinking alcohol? It feels like as if the nerves are being pinched or something

No. 782896

those are quite possibly your kidneys getting hammered by slag. drink more water or drink less alcohol.

No. 782932

It can make you smell overwhelming sweet, if you sweat a lot, which might be a headache for others. Think those who drown themselves in vanilla body spray lol
People who have been especially ~close~ to me think I smell great tho kek

No. 782933

Nta, but this really works? How much do you have to eat to smell nice?

No. 782934

Are asian boys raised in US fuccbois, on average?

No. 782938

nta, but this makes me wanna try it lol

No. 782948

What's the point of buyer feedback on eBay?

No. 782954

You mean the seller giving you a score or the other way around? For both I would say trustworthiness, I always check the seller's stats and maybe to some degree they check out the buyer's too, I would imagine if you scammed a lot of sellers, your stats would drop.

No. 782956

I wouldn't say on average, no. There are of course exceptions, but in my experience they tend to be smarter, more respectful and more focused on goals outside of sex. (Although like any scrote they're not going to turn it down.) The fewer generations between them and an immigrant relative, the better. Ideally parents or grandparents should be immigrants.

No. 782969

I was taking the supplement as directed and it becomes really noticeable at 3 week
Ngl I saw some other anons on here talked about it so I tried it and it works kek

No. 782986

if one of my nipples is inverted and the other isnt does this mean my boobs are different sizes?

No. 783007

Idk what is wrong with all of you, or with me, but fenugreek makes me smell funky like curry a few hours after I eat it and lasts for about a week. I quite like the spicy smell personally but there's no way it could be interpreted as sweet. Do I just have to take it longer?

No. 783025

Thanks anon, I just bought some. Hopefully it works and I'll glisten rather than sweat and smell like tasty syrup rather than rancid meat

No. 783037

File: 1618346595882.jpg (50.97 KB, 550x413, soft-shell-crab-sandwich.jpg)

how do these taste?

No. 783063

So ive been hearing about the "fact" that lesbian relationships have the highest rates of abuse for all ny life. But i also heard somewhere on lc that that statistic is false. Can someone someone more knowledgeable explain where that statistic came from and why ita wrong?

No. 783066

Nothing wrong with you anon. I’ve heard both that it either smells sweet or spicy. Probably depends on different individual apocrine chemical profile or something. I’m naturally a really dry bitch and not much body odor.

No. 783067

I remember some anon wrote up a really nice post debunking/explaining that statistic but I can't remember for the life of me what thread it was in. It's been a while…might have been one of the old PP threads.

No. 783071

Yeah, i remember it being mentioned in one of the PP threads i think but i cant remember how long ago or which one and i dont feel like digging lol

No. 783072

Seconding this. I want to find it again because I'm still seeing retards using it as a gotcha against lesbians.

No. 783088

Would there be any interest in an “obscure old animation” thread, or would it be redundant?

No. 783092

I can't find anything to support that but found this which goes against the idea. Perps are more likely to be male but studies are hard to do on something like this

No. 783094

Yes. Although if there’s an “obscure animation” thread maybe use that instead, unless you mean in more of a lost media sense.

No. 783130

I saw this debunked elsewhere, but I also went and read the original study they got this from myself. The study didn't find that lesbians are more likely to abuse each other, it found that women who identified themselves as bisexual or lesbian were more likely to report having been abused, by family as well as romantic partners, and that the vast majority of their abusers were still men. The people who shit their pants about abusive lesbians didn't even read past the first page.

No. 783133

File: 1618354163916.png (219.67 KB, 888x956, 1513607904309.png)

I got you

No. 783135

File: 1618354264379.jpg (187.57 KB, 484x1136, Image1.jpg)

And another

No. 783140

File: 1618354755476.png (54.93 KB, 1838x418, dv.PNG)

this one?

No. 783160

File: 1618357073429.png (73.79 KB, 556x321, wkreh.PNG)

No. 783171

ntq but I'll show those statistics to my mom, the bitch always starts babbling about how butch lesbians are dangerous wife beaters whenever I mention I'm into women.

No. 783188

Why do farmers hate grimes?

No. 783189

She's a NLOG, hypocritical bastard that said she was against imperialism but jumped on the richest cock in the world as soon as she could.
She complained to her husband about muh genderspecial pronouns on twitter when he criticized it, but didn't peep at all when he admitted being part of a coup on Bolivia.
Her music is also shit.

No. 783225

I regret watching anime in my younger years,especially when it was the most terrible,almost pornographic shit I watched (it's made for worthless degenerates)I could have watched some decent teen sitcoms instead of being obsessed with anime.I mean would have felt better about myself and school and other pre teen issues I was facing at a young age,now as an adult I'm watching Pepper Ann since I never did as a teen.right after I'm done with the series I'm going to watch Braceface

No. 783226

I don't but I've seen it in other women. You're normal anon.

No. 783254

That's very interesting. I was never happy with it, but I kind of just accepted the idea that there was a lot of lesbian domestic violence. It's hard to tell, though, because there's obviously a lot of bias when it comes to statistics and lgbt issues. I feel like there's this need to conceal evidence about lgbt problems as if acknowledging them would sabotage the whole thing. It makes it hard for me to know whether what the CDC reports is accurate.

No. 783256

I mean there's good weeb shit and there's bad weeb shit. If you traded in your shitty shonen filler anime for fifty consecutive seasons of The Simpsons, you probably wouldn't be more enriched because of it.

No. 783262

The first maybe 8-10 seasons of the Simpsons are some of the best comedy tv in existence and are full of iconic moments. They'd enrich anyone even if they wasted their time on another 20 crappy seasons.

No. 783267

In general how do other anons feel about famous/well-known people sleeping with fans? I think it's a little scummy but if they're both consenting adults I don't think it's the worst thing in the world. A lot of people seem to clutch their pearls over it nowadays.

No. 783268

How do you deal with helicopter parents while still living with them? I'm so tired and bitter, I can't move out until 2 years. Any little independence or confidence I get is crushed, I don't think I even have the will anymore to save money and do driving classes. So tired and angry.

No. 783271

I'd definitely sleep with my celebrity crush, I don't care and I don't think most people do
If the person is like 20-30 years younger than the famous one I think it's a bit scummy, but as long as it's not a minor, shouldn't be a problem, just icky

No. 783284

The """""""""good""""""""" weebshit is bad too in my experience.

No. 783300

Ah, I probably shouldn't drag this out into an argument since it's off-topic, but I guess it depends on your criteria for weebshit. I just meant anime in general, but I suppose stuff like Mad House, Studio LC, and Ghibli aren't really weeb fodder. They're more like real films with real visions that happen to use anime as the vehicle. Thematically and stylistically, that kind of stuff doesn't resemble stereotypical anime, so it's not really weebshit.
I dunno. As a kid, I was kind of obsessed with the tv show "Psych". The first few seasons are pretty good, even as an adult, very well written. But, I can't say I'd die happy knowing I spent my childhood on that show. Certainly not rewatching as many episodes as I did. If I were to die tomorrow, somehow, I wouldn't say it was time well spent just because it was good or iconic. That being said, there is art that I think is worth living for. Even movies and tv shows. But to say that something like even The Office or Breaking Bad or whatever really needs to exist because they manage to be mildly evocative is a bit of a stretch.

No. 783329

Anons, be honest with me… Can you feel the difference between a cut/uncut dick during sex? Is it true that uncut is better? Inb4 scrote. I'm just curious.

No. 783334

Just to add, I'm asking as a virgin. Where I'm from, being cut is common and I worry about getting hurt

No. 783335

Did kpop containment threads get banned?

No. 783337

File: 1618384614953.jpeg (19.89 KB, 640x640, 36a2be185e895d1fd13c1f2b7e5c99…)

How do you make a difficult lipstick work on you? I just bought pic rel and thinking with some tweaks and powder im gonna look like a grunge fairy but turns out i look like dobby the house elf…Any tips? I have medium skin with pink undertones. Dont roast me pls i spend most of my $ on this and wanna make this work.

No. 783338

What do you mean by difficult?

Looks dry, cakey, runny, off shade or something else?

No. 783339

Something something lipliner. But it might never work if the color is wrong for you

No. 783341

File: 1618385147494.png (552.05 KB, 667x667, Practical Tips On How To Do Ma…)

Maybe use a darker lipliner and blend it into the lipstick?

No. 783344

I do this a lot. Nudes are never my shade so I rely on a nice, dark lipliner. Edible by melt is a good one if I recall correctly. (Too lazy to check what I have)

No. 783345

It looks very off colored, swatches looks nice enough and when i put it on my lips i look dead…

No. 783346

Welp,that kinda sucks but ill give it a few tries before giving up.
Ill make sure to try this, thanks anon.

No. 783348

I don't think you can feel a difference during penetration, maybe some women can but it's probably minimal. Keep in mind, an uncut dick's foreskin retracts to uncover the glans when a guy is fully erect so it looks almost the same as a cut dick.

The reason why uncut is better (imo) is because being circumcised reduces the sensitivity of the head of the penis, which means cut guys are more likely to take a long time to get off, need to be really aggressive to get off, or can't get off with sex at all. This combined with how pornsick most men just makes it worse. Not saying all cut guys have issues but they're honestly more likely to.

Don't despair if your dating pool is mostly cut guys, it's still totally possible to have a satisfying sex life. I don't know what you mean by getting hurt, circumcision doesn't have anything to do with that, you just need to be relaxed and aroused, use lube, and go slow.

No. 783358

>I don't think you can feel a difference during penetration, maybe some women can but it's probably minimal
It was a big physical difference for me because cut dicks are too dry. There's more friction, I always needed lube and even then it still hurt afterwards. Uncut is smooth as silk, the way nature intended.

No. 783363

How do I get rid of mold on my ceiling I've tried vinegar it doesn't get rid of it

No. 783365

I had sex with 2 guys only, one cut and one uncut. I don't have issues with wetness so I literally felt 0 difference.
To add to it my bf (he's cut) doesn't masturbate often and rarely ever jerks it to porn so he has no issues with getting off relatively quickly,
second round will last long but that's normal for everyone.
I still hate circumcision because it's bullshit unless done for actual medical reasons like severe phimosis but sex wise it doesn't really make a
large difference aside from the head being a bit raspier so you can feel it like during blowjobs maybe

No. 783366

Bleach but make sure it’s not too strong. I used spray bleach on my wall that is prone to mold and it didn’t damage the wall, it also worked much better than vinegar. Just make sure you air out the room and stay out of there for a while. Doing it regularly will stop build up. Also try preventative measures - I now use cheap dehumidifiers which has reduced the growth to almost zero.

No. 783373

Thanks anon I'll try that. I've been meaning to get a dehumidifier for a while.

No. 783386

How much time passes between a bed bug biting you and the bitemark's symptoms appearing (itching, rash, etc)?

No. 783395

Who the fuck is jerma. Is he like the dennis reynolds of twitch

No. 783403

>second round will last long but that's normal for everyone.
I have no side in this debate but I read your post by chance and now I feel shitty because my boyfriend can't ever go for a second round. He will enthusiastically go down on me or whatever if I want to go again but it's not the same
I feel like I'm dating an old man

No. 783404

None of this matters when you're using a condom anyway, please be safe anons

No. 783410

File: 1618398394177.png (448.16 KB, 680x376, 7C74BD79-F9AB-44D0-AB44-C2F9A6…)

Is it possible to be traumatised via internet/from a distance? I understand the whole "just go outside" thing, but what if it's someone close to you who is doing the harrassing? Pixels on a screen yet I feel like I'm being slowly eroded into nothingness.

No. 783416

The effects of traumatic media (gore videos etc) and cyberstalking are recognised as causing psychological distress so yes, but when you're an adult there is still some level of personal responsibility like you can't just sit in it like a bath you need to take some action.
I'm sure it's a complicated situation but is there someone irl who would understand that you can talk to? There are resources online about online harassment if you don't feel comfortable opening up here

No. 783426

How do I get rid of my back and shoulder acne

No. 783429

which are some English words you used to think were pronounced differently simply because you only read them and hadn't heard them spoken out loud before? for a long time i thought hubris rhymed with debris and often mistook the two

No. 783431

Caveat. I always thought it was cave-eat.

No. 783433

This comment made me think of this video that will never cease to crack me up kek. Anyway, I'm ESL so I have a couple of those but the only one that comes to mind right now is albeit. I thought it was 'all-bite'

No. 783435

Yes, it is possible. I think it is.

No. 783437