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File: 1613795671333.jpg (39.79 KB, 530x485, d792da0b52f086883b32b2e6407930…)

No. 743957

Unleash your inner stupid.

Last thread: >>>/ot/738107

No. 743963

File: 1613796665423.jpg (41.46 KB, 720x504, FB_IMG_1613739141211.jpg)

I wanna be freed from this pain

No. 743964

File: 1613796972054.jpg (36.65 KB, 300x422, 300px-Ribbit_King.jpg)

This game is better than the new Mario Golf looks

No. 743966

I am craving potato chips so badly but I am doing keto and also it's 2 AM

No. 743970

I laugh every time I see the pic for the finnish thread even though I have no idea what its saying

No. 743973

File: 1613800645526.jpg (61.45 KB, 500x416, original.jpg)

>work around animals with zoonotic parasitic infections
>also have digestive issues
>wonder eternally whether or not I have worms or if it's just IBS
ive been stressed for two years straight

No. 743987

I hate most men IRL and can't stand pick-me behavior, but I think fictional male asshole characters are hot. What does that mean?

No. 744016

Nothing, assholes are often written to be particularly good looking and charismatic, and since they're fictional you can enjoy them at a distance.

No. 744029

I hate that I overslept and I didn't get to make this thread so I could choose Hetalia as the thread pic

No. 744056

>and charismatic
Hard disagree. Most of them are insufferable and bordering on 3dpd.

No. 744076

Does anyone know if there's any sort of milk with the front guy on vid related? Besides what's now obvious… He transitioned and now identifies as a girl named "Bonnie". Shame because I thought he was really cute ;_; Also yes, I know the visuals/theme in the song I link is cringe.

No. 744089

I finally started the ball rolling with getting sterilised. It feels real now but I am fucking shit scared of being put to sleep. I obviously will do it because I want this so badly, but can any anons give me some tips or words of comfort regarding having an operation for the first time? I've only ever had blood tests and an xray. Nothing more.

No. 744093

Never been sterilized but I was in a similar position before. The people who put you to sleep are specifically trained and tasked with monitoring you and keeping you safe. So I wouldn't worry too much with that aspect. Do as your told prior to your visit, and everything should go well!

No. 744095

Thank you anon. I just don't know what to expect. As well, because of corona, my bf can't come in with me so I will be on my own. I always felt quite phobic about being in hospital or getting operations, but because I want this so badly, I will do anything. It wont be for another month or 2 year I don't think, but I will keep your words in mind!

No. 744097

Some very vague personal stuff from years ago. He was in a LTR or married to a Tumblr popular woman (I don't remember her name) who had a child by him. My friend was a Steam Powered Giraffe groupie (lmaooooooooo) and travelled to San Diego to live with them and take hallucinogenics. He basically tried to take her virginity and destroyed his relationship, she ended up homeless in a foreign country, and his partner actually came out better than the rest of them (with the exception of having to survive as a single mum).

No. 744100

Oh, damn. Poor girl. And lmao, I had no idea they had groupies. Imo, besides "Honey Bee" all their other songs are unfunny leddit trash.

No. 744101

Please don't get sterilised. I'm not saying this to offend you, there's always the chance that you'll regret getting sterilized later. People can change over time, your wants and priorities after two years may be different to what they are now. I don't know your motivation for wanting to be sterilised, but I'm sure there are other solutions to the problems you have, solutions that won't permanently alter your body.

No. 744102

I don't understand people who leave the default wallpaper on their phone or computer

No. 744104

File: 1613824229646.png (107.28 KB, 300x241, Bliss_(Windows_XP).png)

unless it's windows xp. it's just a picture of a hill but it's chef's kiss

No. 744106

Yep that one I understand, it's beautiful

No. 744108

Please don't try and talk me down from the ledge. I am in my mid 30's. I have zero problems other than that I dislike kids and they are not in my future. I have nieces and nephews, and while I love them, I do not want that for myself. I don't want to raise a child, especially in this day and age. Thanks for your input, but I know what I want, and have saved up for the past 10 years to do this.

No. 744113

Ntayrt, but I'd rather possibly regret a surgery than definitely regret creating a whole new person. Let the adult woman make her choice and stop with the hand - wringing.

No. 744115

You don't have to get sterilized if you don't want kids, millions of people who have no desire to be parents have active sex lives, contraceptives work just fine, and they're much less invasive to the body than sterlization surgery, and they don't cost thousands of dollars or come with the risks present in surgery.

No. 744117

This isn't an either or choice, there are people who aren't parents and who've never had sterilization surgery.

No. 744118

Sure, but I've been on the pill and implant, which made me massively depressed and gave me a whole host of side effects. I've had the shot where I bled constantly, and I don't trust condoms. If I got pregnant, I would just keep aborting. And I know what millions of other people are doing, and that's fine, that's their choice. But this is my choice. I am fully comfortable with my decision, and I honestly don't know why you've taken it upon yourself to crusade against someone else's bodily autonomy. You might not agree with it, like I might not agree with your stance, but I am happy to let you get on with your life and opinions with this. The operation I want is laparoscopic, 3 small incisions and 20 minutes long. It took them that long to put in my implant, and a whole hour and a half to remove it. This way, I will no longer be stressed out by my own fertility, or worrying that if I did get pregnant, I wouldn't have to go through the potential trauma of abortion. And as the other anon said, on the absolute miniscule chance I do change my mind (I would put my life savings on me not changing my mind, that is how certain I am), we could adopt. But as I say, I have zero interest in children so I wont be doing that either.

tl;dr - I know what I want, I respect your reasoning, but this is my decision and not for you to be worrying about.

No. 744120

Nta, but getting your tubes tied is reversible. And some people don't want to deal with paying for something like birth control every month and having to keep up with them (I'm pretty sure if you miss even one you are at risk of getting pregnant), and the side effects they may have. Why are you so concerned with what that anon chooses to do with her body?

No. 744123

I also want to add that I am getting my tubes removed, so it is basically impossible to reverse. If I was unsure of my decision, I would go for something a bit more reversible. And precisely. I have tried 4 types of contraception and none of them suit, plus I carry the gene for hormone receptive cancer, so have been advised not to use hormones. Not sure why that anon is so pressed about what is going on with my reproductive organs. All I wanted to know was what it was like to be put under. jfc.

No. 744131

all briddish accents are hot but only on women

No. 744132

Going under is okay. The chance of any serious complications with it is TINY and the people that do have them are usually morbidly obese, very old or have underlying health issues. They ask you to count backwards or do your alphabet and you'll feel yourself drifting off and your body feels a bit immobile just before you go. Imagine the most bone tired you'd ever felt with heavy limbs and drooping eyelids and that's pretty much how it'll be right before you drift off. The anesthesiologist stays with you through the whole operation to monitor you. When you wake up, you'll feel a bit groggy and might talk a bit of shit, but you'll likely be too tired to do anything too weird.

No. 744133

Thank you anon. This is comforting to know! I did worry about talking shit but I supposed if I do I will probably not remember.

No. 744134

both the coolest and the most insufferable guys i know are all gay

No. 744139

As a Britfag I think California has the best accents this possibly could be due to how much TV I watch.

No. 744143

I like Riverdell. I hate that Archie and Betty have fucked. I don't like it. I didn't like him cheating on Veronica. Everyone is so spiteful to Ronnie cause she's rich.

No. 744145

The ivy park shit is so fucking ugly,the gays are wrong for hyping it

No. 744146

Am I the only one who thought sputnik was some kind of potato?

No. 744147

Ivy Park is nothing revolutionary, but you don't gotta lie anon.

No. 744148

File: 1613829755478.png (634.39 KB, 547x1024, 5AEB78E0-8ADC-4EAD-86C3-B7AF5C…)

When I got my first iPhone (the 6) this was the default wallpaper and I just really liked it so I never changed it lol. I do change my lockscreen and computer wallpaper a lot though. When I switched to a 7, I realized this wasn’t offered as one of the default wallpapers so now I just don’t change it because I’m worried even if I download it online like picrel, the quality of the photo but not be like the original kek.

No. 744151

I hope this doesn't some like some conspiracy theory shit, but I'm kind of worried about what will happen in the future if we are actually able to colonize Mars. I was reading about some spaceship disasters yesterday and all of them happened because of negligence from NASA ignoring small issues (even though none have happened recently afaik). It'll probably only be rich people that are allowed to live on Mars, but if regular people are sent up there en masse, how much are they gonna care about those little issues that might make the ship unstable before shooting people up in space? I'm probably just being paranoid cause I'm still upset about what I read yesterday plus what's going on in Texas, but being sent up to space sounds so terrifying.

No. 744167

The thing is regular people will not be sent up there en masse, who's paying for that? And being taken against your will would definitely not happen. Nor, I imagine, would they let any tom dick or harry just hop onto a spaceflight of that length (or any length) without appropriate training. No getting sent to space for you worry-anon.

No. 744168

Shit's ugly

No. 744170

File: 1613831833112.png (691 KB, 1024x503, imagen_2021-02-20_083702.png)

good morning sweethearts

No. 744174

The reason why I said that is because, one of the reasons space agencys are so interested in Mars is because of how bad the environment on Earth is. Idk if regular people will ever be able to go up there, that's why I also said that it'll probably just be rich people, look at how expensive the SpaceX rideshare thing is. It's just some thoughts considering how things are going on Earth. I agree that they wouldn't send people up without training though
>And being taken against your will would definitely not happen.
I didn't say that?

No. 744176

I took my headphones in the shower and I think I fucked them up a little bit. I've only had these for like 2 mos so I'm gonna be pissed if I have to replace them AGAIN. Why can't my dumbass just go 2 seconds without listening to music

No. 744178

get a bluetooth shower speaker

No. 744182

Why would you intentionally bring headphones in the shower???

No. 744183

Watched a few vids about the Justin timberlake apology lastnight, comment section on the first vid had one guy spamming every last comment that he didn't like (dude was going against the popular opinion so saw literally hundreds of his rants) I felt like a loser for just reading several hundred comments..never mind being sad enough to write them all.

Went on to watch two more vids on the same topic as they autoplayed… Oh look the exact same thing and a theme emerges where female usernames get extra hostile responses lol. Is he an autist? Is JT his 'special interest' topic. I hate that this kind of thing isn't even uncommon. A bit like bummy violence anon actually.

No. 744184

File: 1613834672741.jpg (27.55 KB, 275x275, 1578842424256.jpg)

My cat was doing the uncertain "do I have room to land" head bob from my windowsill and so I cleared a bunch of space on my bed for her and she still jumped right into my coffee cup why's it gotta be like that

No. 744187

They're bluetooth headphones and I had a lil head wrap on, but it wasn't fully covering them

No. 744188

File: 1613835113665.jpg (468.59 KB, 1701x1004, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

My motive was that I never looked at it. Always had my browser open and never shut my laptop off, always sleep. had no other applications I used so I kept the car preset.

Finally changed it to some library background if that makes you happy anon

No. 744190

File: 1613835154779.jpg (15.02 KB, 604x438, c67.jpg)

No. 744191

File: 1613835181015.jpg (52.7 KB, 638x479, nh4lJ1w22gauo1_640.jpg)

My brother has a totally black wallpaper background, it kills me inside everytime. I don't know if it's worst or better than the default wallpaper though kek.
A bit out of topic but why are men's room super bland too, I just don't get it ?!

No. 744192

File: 1613835345588.png (158.12 KB, 937x887, 463263425463.png)

Who even wants their fetish porn to be aesthetic?

No. 744193

If a cow is male then the milk is nut milk.

No. 744194

Aesthetically becoming a walking blob lol

No. 744195

Nut milk is
Not milk

No. 744196

Again with the godforsaken ancient roman and greek recipes

No. 744201

Aren't Roman and Greek recipes just like…bread with no leavening cooked on a clay slab over a woodfire and whatever Max Miller makes

No. 744203

Please don't call me stupid for this but…..who is the US gov in debt to? Themselves? Why don't they just pay that shit off with all that money they put into military

I googled it apparently, they are 3 trillion dollars in debt, but they have 4 trillion so just pay it off like you're making the rest of us do

No. 744204

File: 1613837068735.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.68 KB, 400x320, 7193.jpg)

I just had BCC and I'm finally getting my tubes tied! No more IUDs for me. I'm so excited. My gyno is a guy too and he didn't even try to pressure me to have kids like my last one.
Can't you go to the hospital to get that checked out? Also your job sounds cool as fuck. I wish I majored in entomology instead of a language…

No. 744208

>I just had BCC and I'm finally getting my tubes tied!
Careful, that anon from earlier might come back to tell you how you're gonna regret this.

Jk, congratulations! Enjoy your baby-free life, anon!

No. 744210

>who is the US gov in debt to? Themselves?
Mostly private citizens who are mostly Americans.
>Why don't they just pay that shit off with all that money they put into military
You need a top-notch military to be a world super power and protect your interests around the world.
>they have 4 trillion so just pay it off like you're making the rest of us do
There's no good reason to do that. People trust the US gov to pay back loans on time, so they will keep on lending to them.

No. 744213

Oh I didn't even think of the fact that the debt may come from loans. Ty anon

No. 744216

My room is bland and it makes me self conscious :(

No. 744225

ANON, when I tell you I thought you said
>I just had BBC and I'm finally getting my tubes tied!
I fucking died, I seriously was like "Uhm, was it that painful??"

No. 744228

I'm the anon above that posted about getting sterilised. Congrats to you! I hope your op goes well and that you live a long and happy baby-free life!

No. 744233

File: 1613839700236.png (81.94 KB, 195x192, D-Er8FIXsAIwZ2C.png)

I want to straighten my hair

No. 744235

File: 1613839822519.jpg (191.39 KB, 768x1152, 5201c80abbc0d5e73db50337630ea7…)

I just potted a cactus without gloves or any other tools hehe who said long nails aren't good for anything

No. 744255

File: 1613842213326.jpeg (160.71 KB, 502x664, 56136232-CFAB-4C0A-94B8-6A5D7F…)

It’s so strange observing generational differences between siblings. I got new glasses today and my sister who’s basically my a late millenial says I look fine in them, but I honestly think I look moronic and weird in them because I keep comparing myself to internet or online trends while she’s so not that updated with the internet and tbh she seems so much more content, she has no social media either

Like damn the digital space even fucks up your ability to view your face accurately and fairly

No. 744259

>generational differences between siblings
By definition, there is no generational difference between siblings, because they are part of the same generation.

No. 744261

No? Siblings that are born like, 10 years apart for example are probably gonna be in different generations.

No. 744264

all of my older siblings are from a different generation, it depends if your parents had you late or if you have a lot of siblings which in america I technically have a lot of siblings lmao

No. 744267

That's not what 'generation' means, you might be thinking of age group. Older generations beget younger generations, a 10 year old is too young to have children. And even if two siblings are 18 years apart in age, if they were unrelated, they would have been in different generations, but because they are siblings and have the same parents, they are part of the same generation.

No. 744269

Because you have the same parents, you are part of the same generation. In all family tree diagrams, you and your siblings would be displayed at the same generational branch.

No. 744270

File: 1613843548498.gif (6.95 MB, 720x404, 2B8BF084-870A-40D7-ABE7-28B8C2…)

Jacking off before getting out of bed is such a life pro tip. I’m always in a good mood if I start the day cumming.

No. 744271

Are you not familiar with the concept of generations within the U.S.?? Like, my mother would be gen-x because she was born in 1970, but her brothers are baby boomers because they were born in 1957 and 1965. If you were born in 2003 and are a solid zoomer, and you had a sibling born in 1995, they'd be a millennial. Not the traditional definition of generation, but you sound willfully ignorant of a very common use of the word lol

No. 744275

>a 10 year old is too young to have children
Anon, what? Who said anything about 10 yos having children?

I think you completely misunderstood what I was trying to say. This is about age generations NOT family generations. Let's say Sibling A is born in 1992 and sibling B is born in 2002. Sibling A is a millennial and sibling B is apart of Gen Z.

No. 744276

yeah you must be confused I mean generation such as what >>744271 anon said, I’m talking about millennials and zoomers

No. 744285

File: 1613843987748.gif (3.01 MB, 575x768, 39D82166-0C6E-41E9-89EB-BFE804…)

“jack off”


No. 744287

File: 1613844151855.jpeg (118.72 KB, 1080x1350, 7815EBCF-AEC7-4424-9943-C9125C…)

Everytime I see a yellow fever scroid shitting on white / other women I fantasize about cucking him and stealing his cute Asian gf for myself.

No. 744290

File: 1613844313427.jpeg (209.77 KB, 900x900, 933FF654-6F16-4E51-A3A2-1C1E7D…)

Sorry nonny, I just really, really hate the word schlicking

No. 744293

Or jilling off

No. 744294

File: 1613844488910.jpg (118.77 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I bet that there is someone on this site that wants to dom rat-faced Nikocado Avocado when he was a twink. I'm waiting for his entry in the "men you're ashamed to say you'd fuck" thread

No. 744304

Why are current female artists made to look like troons? The drag queen like makeup with ridiculous contour and hair styled to look like a wig does it.

No. 744306

Gen-X was a term first used to describe people born after the invention of the atomic bomb, the first people described as Gen-X were born in 1945, 25 years before 1970, they are old enough to be your mother's parents, which is why she cannot be a part of Gen-X.
>baby boomers because they were born in 1957 and 1965.
The oldest Baby-boomers were born in 1946, during the post-ww2 population birth increase, they were 19 years old in 1965, and thy could have been the parents of someone born that year, which is why someone born in 1965 cannot be part of the same generation as them.
>If you were born in 2003 and are a solid zoomer, and you had a sibling born in 1995
There is an age difference of 8 years between these two people, the same age difference between your mother's brothers born in 1957 and 1965, you described your uncles as being part of the same generation, but not the people born in 1995 and 2003, this is inconsistent.
>but you sound willfully ignorant of a very common use of the word lol
Common in advertising campaigns twisting the definitions of words in order to sell products to costumers who have adopted their self-made labels, but I don't see why an incorrect use of the word should be accepted just because of that.
>I'm talking about age generations NOT family generations
There's only one proper definition of the word generation as applied to people. When you equate generations to age-groups, the age limits of such a generation become arbitrary, which is why the anon I replied to above described two pairs of people, with the same age difference between them, as being the same generation, and different generation.
What are the boundaries of the age groups you picked? Why did you pick those boundaries? Is someone born in 2002 a part of the same age group you choose as someone born in 1999? If yes, then that's 7 years apart from someone born in 1992, less than the 10 year age difference you choose. If no, then why do you consider people 3 years apart in age as being part of different age groups? Do you consider people born in 19o3 and 1995 as being in different age groups?

No. 744309

*I meant to reply to >>744274 as well.

No. 744310

Ma'am, that is James Charles.

No. 744312

That fucking James Charles LMAOOO

No. 744313

File: 1613845138107.jpg (204.84 KB, 1080x1349, 840bf10029a708b9b6f519db8bc1b6…)

The point stands, anons.

No. 744314

No. 744315

File: 1613845350869.jpg (2.2 MB, 4557x3038, Dua_Lipa_01.jpg)

I honestly think dua lipa is hot and that's just a bad picture. but I kind of like masculine looking chicks anyway so

No. 744317

File: 1613845472543.jpeg (51.21 KB, 634x624, 8BF466AA-7AFB-4C45-9D7A-B12C91…)

Anon, Dua Lip just looks like that.

No. 744318

I am laughing so hard right now. That is literally James Charles.

No. 744320

Samefag wait that is actually James Charles isn’t it? Or is it actually her?

No. 744321

File: 1613845558684.png (54.52 KB, 714x464, gens.PNG)

>There's only one proper definition of the word generation as applied to people.
Nope. See pic
>a set of members of a family regarded as a single step or stage in descent.
>the average period, generally considered to be about thirty years, during which children are born and grow up, become adults, and begin to have children of their own.
Family gen
>all of the people born and living at about the same time, regarded collectively. "one of his generation's finest songwriters"
Age gen
The "boundaries" of millennials is 1981-1996 and Gen Z is 1997-2014/15, and I didn't pick them. I used 1992 and 2002 cause those are 10 years apart like I said in my post. I did not say you have to be 10 years apart to be born in a different generation. I was just saying if two siblings are born 10 years apart, there's a pretty good chance they will be born in two different generations. That anon already told you what she meant by generation. You're confused. Let it go.

No. 744322

Every woman looks like that without make up, try again.

No. 744323

File: 1613845658145.jpg (199.08 KB, 1500x990, James-Charles-Transforms-Dua-L…)

Yes that is James, Not Du Lapeep
Dua Lipa is very pretty. I sideeye anyone who says women with "strong" features look like men

No. 744326

That's literally what I'm saying. Her with heavy makeup still looks like her face as if she didn't have makeup on, just with certain features being exaggerated. She's not magically more masculine-looking just because she has makeup on. I'm not bashing women's faces who don't wear makeup? I don't wear makeup, myself.

No. 744327

this is a retarded hill to die on forreal anon kek, stop sperging about how old my uncles are but thanks for parsing out my post word by word so I could see how an autist reads things they disagree with!

No. 744328

It's not even about having masculine features, it's the James Charles/Male beauty guru makeup style with plastic hair that's meant for a literal manface.

No. 744329

dua lipa makes me horny unironically
i love this video and every time i watch it i self insert myself into angele and pretend dua lipa is my gf and we're having a fun night

No. 744330

File: 1613845924341.jpg (40.15 KB, 630x354, M_DuaLipa_070220.jpg)

She doesn't even have drag make up on in this pic >>744313 imo.

No. 744333

>The "boundaries" of millennials is 1981-1996 and Gen Z is 1997-2014/15, and I didn't pick them
You might not have picked them, but by posting them here, I assume you believe they are right, which is why I will ask you, what is meant by these two age groups? What qualities does one have that the other lacks? Why does one cover a 16 year age range, while the other a 19 year age range? Where did you get these age group boundaries from?
> I did not say you have to be 10 years apart to be born in a different generation. I was just saying if two siblings are born 10 years apart, there's a pretty good chance they will be born in two different generations.
10 years fits into the year limits of 1981-1996 and 1997-2014/15, at the same time, a two year difference between 1995 and 1997 doesn't. Why are the years 1996-1997 the border of these age groups?

No. 744335

Meant for>>744321

No. 744336

Its US-centric and millennials probably remember the new millennium/9/11, zoomers do not. its literally that easy

No. 744337

I'm a zoomer and remember the millenium and 9/11, what now?

No. 744338

Why have the millennium and 9/11 been chosen as the two events around which these two age groups are defined? What about two people of the same age, let's say people born in 1997, but one remembers watching a news story about 9/11, but the other doesn't? It's known that not all people can remember their earliest memories as far back as everyone else.

No. 744340

*New millennium

No. 744341

Everyone slandering Arby's on the tl is getting blocked!

No. 744347

No. 744351

File: 1613847583588.png (8.18 MB, 4000x3000, collage.png)

Quick guys, cow print or white nails with a pink-blue-purple accent nail. (Ignore the crappy image quality)
Enjoy your Nasty Patty I guess

No. 744352

Cow, of course

No. 744353

Ayrt so first of all…sad face. Second, cow print! Appease Board-tan.

No. 744356

Cow, please. I wish I could function with these because I'd totally grift them

No. 744360

Maybe that person is you?

No. 744361

Ngl dula peepa looks like a troon in that photo. I hate her music though she’s so fucking untalented and can’t sing

No. 744369

Not even boris fuckers would sink that low

No. 744375

File: 1613853295420.jpeg (2.38 MB, 1668x1984, 7183907E-7C03-43B7-9E8F-160FE9…)

I rather fuck nikocado avocado than blobby driver OWO

No. 744384

Dua Lipa is very cute. James Charles should kill himself.

No. 744392

I don't know either dua lipa or james charles but these pictures are messing with my head I can't tell who is who or what is going on

No. 744394

You're in denial nonny, give in to big tiddied Driver san

Do both, 3 fingers for the first option and 2 for the cow print

No. 744397

c'mon anon what do u mean?? u can see it very clearly

No. 744403

i see you, chick in my feminist fb group who wanted to discuss venus angelic & lillee jean, yr not subtle.

ive long suspected there are other farmers in some of these groups but sis went & told on herself.

No. 744412

File: 1613856223273.png (212.16 KB, 500x310, 48036B87-D706-4DCD-9FA1-F45366…)

I got a five head and I like guys with five heads. Are my children gonna have 10 heads?

No. 744413

what if they have 25heads

No. 744421

File: 1613856899605.jpeg (174.14 KB, 1920x1080, 4FEFEB69-A305-4303-9A5B-F07F53…)

That’s the truth and i love you.

No. 744471

a twitch boy I kinda simp for makes an uncomfortable amount of rape jokes and if it were any other guy I would've stopped watching ages ago but he's otherwise really funny and nice and I'm like 93.8% sure it's just retarded channer sense of humor and he doesn't actually hate women. After doing some soul searching, I can also recognize that he's been giving me kinda possibly incel-y vibes since day one, which I decided to ignore because tbf he gave me no reason not to (besides the jokes)…but maybe my gut feeling was right. why are men

No. 744474

File: 1613861690867.jpg (14.37 KB, 400x400, c09bdf0f1a390f6f5ba1a7961e3b98…)

I have developed a little crush on a fic author since she's been playfully "flirting" with her readers and sharing more stuff about herself, and we would have never been together anyway, but the fact she has a gf makes me a tiny bit jelly.
>Tfw no dom gf that lives in a different country.
Where do you even find dom lesbian/bi women.

No. 744475

Honey, no

No. 744478

>uncomfortable amount of rape jokes
>doesn't hate women
pick one

No. 744481

Like a lot of us I've been self-quarantining since last spring and working remotely and Lolcow has been filling in for all the watercooler discussions I miss at work. So thanks for that, I legitimately feel less lonely when I have this site open in a tab.

No. 744487

Right back at you, anon.

No. 744488

I love you ladies

No. 744489

File: 1613862510483.jpg (22.58 KB, 346x304, spongebob-simp-meme-2.jpg)

hhh anons I know you're right. he's not even cute objectively, I'll get over it

No. 744498

File: 1613863304522.jpg (Spoiler Image, 116.06 KB, 1280x729, la belle personne2.jpg)

I made a radfem post on unpopular opinions. Now I'm being bombed by scrotes …heh, scrotes mad

No. 744499

On reddit or? Anyways, queen shit

No. 744500

I’ve been regularly trolling on Reddit I love it. I’m aiming for a permanent ban by March.

No. 744501

File: 1613863807129.jpg (81.62 KB, 750x1334, EL-fz2RUYAES4Jt.jpg)

Hanyu Yuzuru has the ideal male body. This is peak performance and what moids need to strive for.

No. 744502

File: 1613863814126.png (160.68 KB, 426x340, 2.png)

A website I visit has a makeup advertisement with this dollar store James Charles copycat reject in it

No. 744503

Based and pinkpilled

No. 744505

File: 1613864014027.jpeg (107.73 KB, 600x960, C89369C1-D412-45E5-8E30-E5BDE0…)

Shoot your shot, nonny. You never know.

No. 744507

Nah, she has a girlfriend so it's definitely not happening lmao I'm not that kinda person, even if it's ldr

No. 744515

>I respect your reasoning
Good on you anon, but that person deserves no respect, fuck their shitty opinion. Women don't need to experience motherhood to have a full and a beautiful life.
In any case regretting not having children is so much better than regretting having them.

No. 744521

File: 1613865716256.jpg (82.73 KB, 960x960, he.jpg)

can you guys please reply to my posts i'm hella lonely

No. 744522

File: 1613865966525.gif (3.83 MB, 444x250, largefella.gif)

Anon, look at this huge Maine Coon!!!

No. 744524

File: 1613866153910.jpg (14.75 KB, 288x254, ily.jpg)

No. 744528

I can't help but get into fights on the internet all the time. People are so retarded I just have to run my mouth

No. 744529

File: 1613866713092.jpg (36.96 KB, 387x600, e91d223ebee3a3643593d11d92be35…)

Hey sexy

No. 744530

File: 1613866787806.jpeg (422.24 KB, 1242x1643, 2D02F1F5-F304-4B69-A30B-8E6170…)

No. 744531

what's with the butt pic

No. 744538

why dom him? rip to all the sub or non degen anons in the unconventional attractions threads

also now you've doomed it to happen

No. 744539

Same energy as when you go to someone's place and they have a set of identical mugs and that's it. No souvenir mugs, nothing. It's like an alien lives there.

No. 744545

File: 1613869581238.png (86.82 KB, 500x366, 35465774.png)

I feel like the fact my local gamestop only sells t-shirts large and above is a weird signal about the health of their customers.
Also all the weirdos work at my gamestop

No. 744549

I use to think like you but then I heard this bop

No. 744553

Men’s large tshirts are amazing comfy nightgowns though.

No. 744560

I think when stupid people say "x woman looks like a troon" they're just fuelling troon delusions into thinking they can look like women/are the same as women/can "fool terfs" into thinking you can't tell somebody's sex. It's frankly baffling, women can look masculine and they still are women. Women can have masculine hobbies, masculine behaivors, and they're still women. This is just fuelling stupid gender roles about how women need to be fragile and dainity and weak looking

No. 744562

Fuck off attention whore

No. 744572

For all of my teenaged years I thought I wasn't into grunge because I hated Nirvana
Gladly in my 20s I listened to Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains, I fucking love grunge now even after all those years (especially Soundgarden, RIP Chris)

No. 744578

Shut up, bitterfingers.

No. 744586

james charles isn't a troon

No. 744587

This is literally makeup for drag queens and trannies.
It makes (most) women look more masculine, and men look more feminine. The end goal is to make them indistinguishable from one another so that trannies can pass more easily. If everyone is wearing a mask of exaggerated costume makeup like it's normal, then individual features will be hard to distinguish from one another.

No. 744589

File: 1613872359900.jpeg (585.36 KB, 750x743, 1569164744469.jpeg)


No. 744595

I swear Youtube keeps subscribing me to channels I never subbed to. Usually channels I watched once but wasn't interested enough to sub.

No. 744604

File: 1613873867520.jpeg (394.34 KB, 1280x960, C067B460-7938-4B4F-9426-22DCBB…)

aw fuck not again

No. 744610

I’m the funniest bitch on this planet no one can compare

No. 744612

File: 1613875391345.jpg (137.55 KB, 1364x2048, 16487800094646.jpg)

Tru and factual

No. 744622

If men looked like this I'd start going outside again

No. 744626

File: 1613877449447.gif (23.81 KB, 232x275, 1566716466402.gif)

I wanna peel my gotdamn face off

No. 744636

Prove it hoe

No. 744639

File: 1613879777432.jpeg (71.04 KB, 600x719, A90A2DA5-78A4-423F-B46E-06D7E9…)

tell us a joke funny girl

No. 744642

stop posting yuzu nonas, i don't want to become obsessed with him again

No. 744647

File: 1613882509836.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.1 KB, 564x1262, fe3bcf668a066556221f48a1179bee…)

Shhh it's okay, he waits for you to come back

No. 744653

thank you for the food

No. 744664

File: 1613884467315.jpg (47.58 KB, 680x595, 420.jpg)

i could cry hes so beautiful

No. 744676

Amazing body, pretty face, next level skating… what a perfect specimen he is

No. 744680


what a lil cutie booty omg but how tall is he….without the skates

No. 744695

Lolcow seems more empty these days

Come back frens

No. 744696

File: 1613888940135.jpeg (50.27 KB, 567x453, 53CF7760-69DC-4185-AEB9-0461C4…)

Hi bestie!

No. 744698

File: 1613889529206.gif (1.09 MB, 275x275, 1613722872979.gif)


No. 744699

As a gen z lesbian, the "half of gen z is queer" shit will be the death of me. Thats bc gen z has tried to make "LGBTQIA+ identities" into a cool/interesting personality trait, fashion trend, or political statement. I doubt the rate of same-sex attraction has actually increased. To be fair, maybe young bi ppl are more open to acknowledging/labeling it than older ppl. But homosexuals are still a tiny minority. And homophobia has not gone away for young ppl, it's just evolved to become ~woke~
Half of Gen Z isn’t “queer”. Half of Gen Z is homophobic as hell.

No. 744709

File: 1613890877904.gif (1.94 MB, 342x360, yesman .gif)


No. 744710

Had a dream where I went through 3 different grocery stores to prepare this awesome binge. I bought a bunch of ham and cheese croissants, snickers ice cream bars and so much more. Then I woke up before eating any of it. If the stores weren’t closed today, I’d go all out binge mode and make my dream become reality.

No. 744716

You may tips m'fedora. What a pleasure seeing you here.

No. 744722

omfg this is YMS, I made this gif myself years ago!!! I know it's mine because the stabilization is atrocious lol. What an unexpected blast from the past.

No. 744727

I hope all dead virgin scrotes go to Muslim heaven and become one of their 72 troonwives

No. 744742

ayrt & its one of my favorite gifs anon!!! Thank you so much for making it!! <3 youre a qt and i hope you have a good evening

No. 744756

lmao wtf my bf's phone notifications kept going off while he was asleep so I decided to take a quick peek in case it was important and it was his 58 year old manager sending a FB friend request and multiple messages. She said she was drunk and watching a tv show he recommended at work and that he looked good in his new work attire. Do I really need to fight a granny?

No. 744759

Wtf that’s so fucking creepy. Actual scrote behaviour.

No. 744763

Kek. Maybe check out his porn history to see if you should be worried about granny on the prowl or if you could both joke about it.

No. 744775

For the last couple days my neighbors have had an insane number of visitors coming and going from their house. I was working from home and getting annoyed at all the noise, the cars parked right up on my doorstep and front window. We're meant to still be in heavy restrictions right now..

Went food shopping today and on the way back I spotted a black ribbon and death notice on their door. Well I'm glad I didn't run out to complain about the cars.

No. 744789

File: 1613909131579.jpg (45.68 KB, 500x500, Korean-Sexy-Open-Side-Split-El…)


No. 744804

slenderman's transition is coming along great

No. 744806

>black ribbon and death notice
Where do you live? Just curious and interested, this isn't a thing where I'm from.

No. 744808

fuck I was going to make the same joke kek

No. 744829

Ireland. I grew up in a city and never saw it but since moving to a rural town I often see them. I was confused at first as sometimes it's just a black ribbon by itself but other times there's a photo or details about the funeral arrangements too

No. 744832

I'm so mad that the one time I decide to go to sleep at a reasonable time I miss some drama. It's all deleted now so I can't even catch up

No. 744834

Omg 5 mile long pussy. Koreans are so funny with their cope please tell me you have more bad model photoshops.

No. 744835

Feel this. My fave cow does livestreams overnight and then deletes them immediately after, the stuff I've missed these last couple weeks because I'm actually on a good sleep schedule lol

No. 744836

File: 1613914503691.jpeg (342.84 KB, 733x627, 5D0E8FDF-0E0D-4C60-9E36-5227A8…)

girl is u real?

No. 744842

File: 1613914947916.png (28.63 KB, 590x414, tesastyhswgfs.PNG)

At least yours can be archived here, the drama I wanted to watch was just some stupid twitter art discourse lmaoo

Sidenote, it's kinda funny to see how people can go from being super cocky when they're stating their (stupid) opinions to self-deprecating cry typing when they get called out on it, pic related. I mean they apologized so whatever, but you're 24, just say your sorry without acting like a damn 15 year old

No. 744843

Every easter I buy myself one of those sets where you get a soft toy and some chocs or an egg (I sound like a womanchild but I lost my mom at easter time and I want to keep up the tradition she started cos I'm soppy about it)

Every year Kinder comes out with a range of them and Cadbury does too. The Cadbury one has a peter rabbit toy that changes design every year and I swear the toy gets crappier and even more deformed looking each time. God I wish I had taken a pic of it earlier. The set costs more then the (pretty decent) Kinder one and the toy is worse than any happy meal teddy I've seen. Why do peter wrong like that?

No. 744849

Can’t stop thinking about that lady that smeared shit all over her open wounds for years and how she pulled a literal nerve out of her thigh… how it looked like a long trail of snot… my thigh feels phantom pains when I picture it. I can’t believe I somehow managed to never stumble upon that thread for the years it was on here until a couple months ago. I’ve never seen anything like it.

No. 744851

File: 1613915822159.jpg (78.45 KB, 640x640, e41345e388c736a1a591a90eb11b55…)

Sorry I don't have any more I just happened upon it in the wilderness. I can't believe they actually use these photos for ads. I went looking for one but I only found this woman with the passable body but deformed angelina jolie face
I hate how zoomers will believe everything on the internet and ask these sorts of people "omg how can you look like that" and they always say "I waist train and have good genetics uwu!" and then everyone thinks waist training is some sort of miracle

No. 744856

Don’t remind me how retarded zoomers are it physically pains me that they see these soupy liquify monsters and think they’re worthy of being showered in compliments

No. 744859

that’s probably why bimbofication is becoming a trend, it’s the final acceleration of eating disorders and extreme body insecurity in women by trying to attain a blow-up balloon body and abusing tf out of the liquify tool

No. 744861

The fact that they’re literally calling bimbofication empowering and if you disagree you’re shaming them and a POS

No. 744873

Honestly is there like a lobby of plastic surgeons. Why are people ok with others putting foreign objects in their body yet we have a global pandemic and people are shunning a vaccine

No. 744878

I'm so close to just driving across the border to get a haircut.

No. 744879

Enjoying using my alexa dot to play my music library and asking her to remove any songs I have out grown. I was listening to a lot of Drake when I was making the worst choices of my life. Fuck that dude he's such a sappy cunt.

No. 744883

File: 1613919864801.jpg (32.96 KB, 716x960, kwurqo7boxf41.jpg)

I know a lot of women with kids talk about how bad pregnancy can be, but I still want a baby and to experience holding my newborn after he is removed from my body and seeing that lil fucker grow up and (hopefully) go great things. I think pregnant women are so beautiful, and I do wanna have my own kids and adopt some day. It's one of the things that motivate me to work towards a stable life

Pic unrelated

No. 744889

File: 1613920486664.png (1.27 MB, 833x1489, dracoxreader.PNG)

Just learnt about reality shifting trend on tiktok and not to be a boomer but wtf? Can't you just read fanfiction like the rest of us? I sure did stuff like that when I was a baby but it feels so weird to see adult women larp with such intensity, I guess covid boredom is taking it's toll

tl;dr with a mix of meditation and manifestation you shift to another dimension leaving behind your clone operating on "autopilot", people doing it claim it's 100% real with cult-like conviction

No. 744890

Pretty sure they know it's bull and are just doing it for the clout.

No. 744891

I don't want kids anyway but even things like not knowing how bad your morning sickness will be scares me. I knew someone who was in hospital, nothing could stop her from puking up even water. It was well beyond the normal sickness and just bad luck that she had to go through it so intensely

No. 744893

Oh I'm sure they do but it doesn't make it much better

No. 744895

>pic unrelated
kek. also i am quite literally the exact opposite of you but it’s weirdly nice to read this! it’s quite sweet. good for you anon, genuinely!

No. 744899

If you own a Tik Tok account and are over the age of 25 I will respect you less than if you didn't own Tik Tok.

No. 744900

I’ve wanted to get into lucid dreaming but because of tiktokies the thought makes me cringe.

No. 744901

I couldn't sleep last night, I watched some of an ocean documentary. I'm waiting for the weed store to open now, blehh.

No. 744903

Wow who knew maladaptive daydreaming could earn you zoomer clout?

No. 744908

My friend always complained about how she's 'the man' in her relationship, but whenever I saw her in her bf's company, she acted really dependent on him, always asking for his reassurance about things and treating him as if he was some intellectual giant who knew everything ('The x COVID vaccine is better than the y vaccine, right, B?'). Even when we talked on Skype - just the two of us, she was constantly asking him about things ('What did you read again? Wait, I'm gonna ask my boyfriend about this -'). It's just funny to me

No. 744910

File: 1613921835620.jpg (23.94 KB, 460x442, 363.jpg)

Out of the articles we have to present, my classmate picked 2/2 about trans issues/transwomen. He also writes with the complete american trans rights terminology and perspective, even though we're eastern european. It's pretty unnerving to see.

No. 744912

kek. Could he be a secret tranny?

No. 744913

Maybe she pegs him

No. 744915

this made kek out loud haha

No. 744916

'Reality shifting'? Zoomers are insane I swear

No. 744919

if zoomies are this crazy imagine how unhinged the next gen will be

No. 744921

File: 1613922973174.jpg (16.96 KB, 256x256, pain.jpg)

oh I feel your pain. another one of us lost to americanization. when will it end anons

No. 744922

My roommates always repeat this story: one of them said "maybe someone will come live with us who will repaint our furniture" and the other one said "yeah right, because people walk around with a can of paint in hand." And then I came to live with them and repainted the walls and furniture

No. 744933

Folk/country is unironically the best music for heartbreak. They understand my pain

No. 744949

Possibly, I don't really know why someone would be so interested in trans related news if they're not involved (either as a tranny or a terf). Especially when he throws in shit like "detansitioning actually almost never happens" into his essay.

No. 744955

every time I get on this website and see the banners they make me kek so fucking much

No. 744957

No. 744959

Yikes. I'm noticing more troons here in western EU. I didn't think this shit started to leak in the east too.
Thanks globalization, I guess.

No. 744961

Hi, I'm detrans lol. 7 years ago I was in college and everyone there thought I was a guy. Now I'm on here mostly posting that I hate scrotes and wouldn't want to be one

No. 744963

I want separate threads for real skellys and wannarexics but I can already imagine the endless screeching about who is what

No. 744965

I have a few questions I'd like to ask you, if you don't mind: Why did you detransition? What physical effects has transitioning had on your body? Do you still suffer from gender dysphoria?

No. 744967

I'd support that. I find normal/fat LARPers funny, but I can't laugh at people that are actively killing themselves while lying about recovery.

No. 744974

Tbf reality shifting isn't something zoomers thought up

No. 744977

File: 1613927334527.png (1.1 MB, 1200x930, 55635466354.png)

Really gotta learn how to torrent one day.

No. 744981

I still have times where I feel like I'm not quite wired with the brain of either sex. I can't relate to certain things like I've never worried about being beautiful. My social skills don't match up with most womens. I wouldn't call it dysphoria but I feel somewhat out of place in the category of female. I don't feel like that warrants transition anymore as I don't feel male either. I kind of get why autistic women transition at much higher rates though. I'm not autistic but it's that feeling of not fitting the mold. I wanted a clear answer on why I feel so out of place. I went down the wrong route for answers.

I only took hormones, feel like I passed very quickly and was shocked at how litte time it took. Others seem to take years to pass so that was a shock to the system and made me feel uneasy. I have a voice now that still sounds male when I'm tired or not softening it. Some of the facial hair stayed. Clit growth all stayed. My body shape went back to normal. I don't regret it but if I stayed on it long enough to have male pattern baldness I would.

No. 744986

File: 1613928181052.jpeg (354.54 KB, 745x1168, 0FF201EC-91EE-43C3-A759-772C1D…)

being a retard I decided to lurk 4chan today and come across this shit, had to cover up the nasty porn it posted as well. amazes me how they love to crown themselves as anti-degenerates while their entire beloved website has porn ads burning holes in your eyes

discretion it needs to be chained and never fed to again


some entity
some god

come and strike down its penis and castrate it immediately

No. 744987

>get Deluge
>go to a trusted torrent site
>download torrent file and open it with Deluge

No. 744992

File: 1613928865802.jpeg (123.69 KB, 884x315, EE23AEE0-260A-49C4-BB1C-0C0432…)

According to that logic, a man can be raped by another man and the rapist shouldn’t have a lifetime in jail because it’s not like the rapist would let himself get raped, and since he can’t experience the moral repercussion of raping another man, it should be okay for him to get out of jail after a few weeks, because even if he raped again, it won’t be such a big deal.
Like booh hooo the big baby man got raped by a dude, he should have defended himself or something, right?

No. 744994

>waist smaller than thigh
wow, how stunning and byootiful

No. 744999

>rape isn't that bad when you equate it to consensual sex

No. 745002

Part of me wants to see gay men mass raping men just so that men will learn that rape fucks you up mentally and we're not making that (well documented fact) up

No. 745003

Yeah, yet they always bring up male victims. They don't care about the women. This isn't about logic or objectivity at all, it's simply selfishness and lack of empathy for women. They just hate women but try to make it sound logical, when really it is emotional for them

No. 745006

can you retards stop getting banned from all my vpns ffs

No. 745007

lol it was probably me tbh sorry anon

No. 745031




Pick one

No. 745033

Typed in safe, sale or something instead of sage and it still saged.

No. 745034

When he's not out visiting brothels he like to sit at home and muse over how rape aint that bad.. sounds about right

No. 745049

I remember being so mean to this boy when I was I on camp on a field trip only because he was fat.
I don't know why I still remember this.

No. 745050

File: 1613933962336.jpeg (307.92 KB, 640x640, 9ABE3FF2-8DDA-46E1-8A14-5BB0CF…)


The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

No. 745056

File: 1613934665856.jpg (28.98 KB, 680x386, 042.jpg)

No. 745060

Why the fuck doesn't she just go back, then? Isn't ~reality shifting~ a voluntary thing for them?

No. 745080

File: 1613937530022.jpeg (551.7 KB, 750x732, E18A2056-2F0C-42B5-A02B-08C940…)

trisha and her adam sandler kawaii cosplay

No. 745081

She did it better

No. 745083

there are actual schizophrenic people and then there are tiktok schizophrenic/psychotic/new age larpers who can’t stand that their mind is normal and that they will never understand what it’s like to be weird. they have to hurt their heads so much and pretend to be some mysterious deep mess for dopamine likes because it alludes a lot more than they really are: average young women who simply can’t go outside or grab a piece of paper to write out these fantasies because they are untalented asf

No. 745086

the best is when they self diagnose and talk about how much more they know than drs. like ok sweatshirt.

No. 745090

Male on female rape is far worse because you can get pregnant

No. 745101

Beef ramen mixed with jajangmyeon kinda smacks

No. 745103

I get it, they are the new version of the crystal collecting I'm an indigo child alien obsessed natural healing lady

No. 745113

File: 1613939379791.png (130.32 KB, 918x341, 3447687453.png)

It just loops backs to were it started

No. 745115

What does this even mean

No. 745116

Does the volume boosters extensions on chrome just mute the audio for anyone else? I've tried a couple but they all do that

No. 745160

File: 1613941613564.jpeg (79.98 KB, 750x544, 332C5968-81A6-4CE6-93C7-A63E4E…)

the existential dilemma of being a scrote

No. 745172

File: 1613942302189.gif (2.65 MB, 480x320, giphy (1).gif)

You'll watch the whole thing

No. 745175

Is that Britney Spears? Why is she paying him? Wtf is a mesbian. So many plot twists

No. 745178

I like that he considers Subway to be the healthy alternative to Redbull and Flamin' Hot Cheetos. I completely forgot about this treasure, so thank you for reminding me.

No. 745180

the ending killed me

No. 745182

I'm stoned who wants to argue for fun

No. 745183

What the fuck

No. 745185

Is this where the term 7/11 white comes from?

No. 745186

yo mama

No. 745188

What a ride

No. 745189

Your grandma- actually
You're grandma. Now how you gonna act?

No. 745194

Because of this, I will not be attending the family reunion. This is your fault, and your fault alone.

No. 745210

Everyone in the family knows you're a drunk

No. 745211

I hate that I'm a sleepy drunk I wish I did crazy shit (in moderation.) Instead I get to clean other people's puke and pass out. Man… I'd do it again if it meant hanging out.

No. 745217

File: 1613944285351.jpg (104.58 KB, 1080x1097, Screenshot_20210221_223257.jpg)

poltards shooting their shot with terves under vanessa vokey's new "where have all the tomboys gone" video lmao I've seen everything

No. 745219

It's been years since I touched the bottle, and you all know that! What about you and that Mary Jane? Kids these days refuse to put it down!

No. 745222

It's weird because I am also a sleepy drunk, but it's the last stage of my drunkness
First I get tipsy and I am laughing at every stupid thing, airhead vibes
After I get a bit more drunk, I get super horny
And finally, after drinking a bit more, my eyelids start to weigh

Maybe you should try drinking a little less and see if you're the same?

No. 745223

Is Vanessa Vokey /ourgirl/?

No. 745230

Who stoned you

No. 745232

I don't drink a lot though! I do get the excited part and a very mild horny phase. Then I'll start feeling very, very sleepy… wake up at 4 am because someone is still screaming on the stairs… and then wake up at 5 and a half without even being rested! I must cope with it though.

No. 745233

People who pick Lumine instead of Aether and ship her with all the male characters have no taste and should have their accounts revoked immediately. Aether is the canon twink bitch getting around with them

No. 745236

I regret choosing Lumine. He design got so boring for me so fast.

No. 745238

I always assumed Yarichin Bitch Club was set in college or something when I heard about it, but I just found out they're freshmen in highschool lmao wtf

No. 745239

I genuinely think that Vanessa vokey doesn’t give a flying fuck about women’s rights. she lost her job because of TRAs and is now ebegging online and selling her artwork for cash. I place my bet that she will leave in about a year off of all social media once she gets enough money to go away, nothing about that girl is sincere but it’s so enjoyable watching people treat her like a radfem shoe0nhead in the comment sections, she grifted the fuck out of everyone successfully lmao

she must be really confused and not very familiar with the internet if polfags are able to get her attention

No. 745241

May this man be brutally sodomized by one of those pozzers. Amen.

No. 745242

I am not a Madsfag but I get why some Kojima are attracted to him
He seems like a chill uncle

No. 745245

Same, I find it weird how she doesn't disavow polfags shitting up her comment section and even engages with them sometimes. I find her kinda sus. Feel like pure shit, just want Magdalen Berns back.

No. 745248

Rent free, fujo
don't start the sperg again I don't even play genshin impact

No. 745251

When you're so fat that an outfit that's baggy on a grown man is too tight on you.

She does look cute though in a mid-2000s middle schooler kind of way, if only because Adam, like most straight men, can't dress.

No. 745253

Trisha is so unintentionally entertaining and funny. She doesn’t care and I love it

No. 745254

This comment made me feel extremely sad for some reason because it's true. I'm sad now

No. 745256

Really wish the poltards would fuck off already.
After the Samantha Lux video her channel really blew up. That's the only reason they found out about her and for some reason won't go away.

No. 745257

God I miss Mag. Why did she have to get literal brain cancer and die when fucks like Jessica Yaniv get to slop around the planet. Gone, but never forgotten you rational gender critical angel.

No. 745258

Why is there poltards on her channel? Like what are they saying?

No. 745260

The fact that she's buying up Adam Sandler's movie clothes is so fucking funny to me

No. 745261

But she's my main thang!

No. 745265

They just think she's based for being against trans ideology. They're really annoying and it honestly really worries me.

No. 745268

There are always a few "based" comments on her videos, most radfems are middle aged women who aren't likely to be familiar with 4chan vernacular.

No. 745270

I just downloaded an audio enhancer and this music shit goes hard. My ears feel like butter

No. 745282

the fact that this is so true lmao I remember getting into an argument with one who keeps spamming in the comments of other radfem accounts and they just seem very estranged and old people not familiar with the ways of the internet

even in vanessa’s video, she talks very fondly of her childhood like a boomer would, I honestly think she is just one of those people who had a rare normal childhood away from the internet which is why she just seems so strange to me. im so accustomed to seeing lolcows even in communities that I happened to sort of like

No. 745283

i want this too! how to get it and set it up?

No. 745287

It's FXsound, you just gotta download it! I use it for ambience, surround sound, and to make my audio louder.

No. 745298

I miss getting drunk and singing at a karaoke with close friends

No. 745310

Ugh same. My fav place is only half a block away so having to see it every time I run errands is extra depressing.

No. 745312

Thinking about Vanessa Vokey, I’m just sad we can never have nice things. Whenever a radfem is kind of mainstream her shit has to be co-opted by some conservitard and it basically negates the whole idea of being a radfem and discredits the movement to newcomers. It’s inevitable, I wish radfems would do more to tell them to fuck off instead of collaborating.

No. 745331

I hate when people try to say humans should be polygamous because some animals do it. I've seen it a couple times on this website and on other places and it's like..that's nice but humans aren't completely like animals. We're one of the most advanced species and we don't live the same way wild animals. Those animals may also have multiple partners because of certain reasons. It's also weird to write off all the animals that are monogamous and all the relationships that end up fucked up cause of polygamy. It's such a weird thing to be bothered by, but It just irks my soul a little. Like, be polygamous, but stop trying to defend it with what animals do

No. 745332

File: 1613953959847.jpeg (72.08 KB, 569x600, 3DA2B468-A7E7-41C8-9E13-0ACE91…)

Tmi I am especially horny lately, what's up with this? I hardly have a sex drive but I realized something. I've been sedentary a lot of the time and lately been going on walks. Not even that much exertion but is this what's restoring my lust? I'm happy about it if so

No. 745336

ntayrt but thanks anon wow, surprised by how much better it sounds.

No. 745339

File: 1613954220279.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.01 KB, 827x819, 1lqiK0Efd11aLcWEqa9ySZNNLfWa70…)

Damn, Skeleton daddy

No. 745340

I hate this so much, anon.

No. 745342

File: 1613954702935.jpg (Spoiler Image, 17.98 KB, 600x600, aps,504x498,small,transparent-…)

I apologize. Have some boobies

No. 745344

Shpoiler hoe

No. 745345

They're emoji titties

No. 745347

These people are also forgetting that there are animals staying with each other for life

No. 745353

Still, my mama right behind me bitch how'm I gonna explain that

No. 745354

File: 1613956095973.jpeg (71.89 KB, 454x523, 0ECCC548-E38C-4975-A235-191A85…)

I hope the person who did this particular emoji has an itchy asshole in the middle of something important surrounded by a bunch of people looking at them, with no way to run away or relieve themselves.

No. 745355

Please spoiler this too

No. 745356

"alternative" bitches, including ReAl ALt sUbcUltUres, have a great likelihood of exhibiting cow behaviour, and I say this as one of them. Normies are just way more well adjusted, alt bitches are always on some cringe shit

No. 745357

Lmao bitch needs a refund

No. 745358

File: 1613956144206.jpeg (35.09 KB, 768x1024, 4C5B7BA5-E049-4FAB-B79C-46DE49…)

…What the fuck… me too…

No. 745365

So mods spoilered my emoji titty pic but not my emoji pussy pic

No. 745368

I just remembered a girl and her group of friends I used to follow on ask.fm. Now that I think back, I think she and the people around her were something like my personal cows. They were kinda famous on "our" side of the site, too. Like, everyone knew not to mess with them because it would end up in a ton of drama. I'm sad all of them either had generic ass usernames or had to change accounts often, because I can't find them anywhere now.

No. 745369

Just facts. Can confirm my cow shit correlated with how deep I was into a certain subculture. Obsession with procuring a certain personality/image is BPDfag behavior.

No. 745371

File: 1613956680409.png (Spoiler Image, 151.03 KB, 512x512, u7Nb6gyYpDdRpV_K7vV8IWKMaoY1XD…)

Do you really think you can just post that … without me?

No. 745373

??? The whole point of being alt is having issues, dummies. It's a classic stereotype hence why people have known to stay away from them. Anywhere outside of the internet, being alt is just not a good thing. I say this as one of them as well. Why would this ever not be the case?

No. 745379

The only issues y’all have is daddy issues. Anon pls don’t act like it’s not mainstream as shit to be “alt” and larp twauma for attention.

No. 745381

>Normies are just way more well adjusted
Delusional, kek.

No. 745386

being alt is so 'normcore' now. youre not that special

No. 745387

>The only issues y’all have is daddy issues.
Issues are issues, nonnie. Even if that's the "only issues" alt people have, how does this disprove my point to which I said "the whole point is that they have issues". Should we do a breakdown of the type of behavior that goes along with "daddy issues"?

Additionally, it can be mainstream online but you're not going to go outside and see a bunch of people dressing alt, as a mainstream. That's just not how it goes. There are plenty of trends that are considered "mainstream" but are rarely ever presented publicly. Which is what I said. You're showcasing your lack of reading comprehension.

kek, did you think you were saying something interesting?

No. 745388

be more mad people dont think your boots and piercings are special

No. 745390

NTA, but I don't get what you mean. Enjoying things that aren't extremely popular means you have issues, and that's the point? You say "as one of them", so are you just admitting you don't actually like things, you're just mentally ill?

No. 745392

samefag but you morons seem to think I was saying something like "being alt is super speshul and unique and we have LIKE… problems mentally and are scary!!!". I wasn't. I was saying that the anon that said alt folks that try to be all "muh unqieu subculture" are just predisposed to being cowlike, that's the whole stereotype anyway and has been since before it was """mainstream""" and that her statement wasn't any sort of revelation. But why'd I expect y'all tards to read lmao

I don't have any boots or piercings. Is that what you think being alt is? Huh, Stacey, Christian mom of 5?

No. 745393

File: 1613958549444.png (110.56 KB, 275x275, cat.png)

What do you guys even be arguin' about anymore? What is this conversation? Who cares?

No. 745395

No. I was purely speaking to the point that that anon said "they're likely to exhibit cow behavior". There are plenty of sociology and psychological reasons why someone who chooses to go the "alternative path", especially when it comes to taste and fashion, would just have issues anyway. This has just been a known thing for a really long time. But of course these dumb bitches thought I was trying to say "I'm unique special with mental illness it's just common". No, but whatever I guess.

No. 745397

File: 1613958727748.png (286.64 KB, 648x523, b04d2f2f-d6c5-4e67-930d-92bfd4…)

Alternative retardation in full swing

No. 745398

File: 1613958756750.jpg (2 KB, 115x125, c37.jpg)

>samefag but you morons seem to think I was saying something like "being alt is super speshul and unique and we have LIKE… problems mentally and are scary!!!". I wasn't.
>"alternative" bitches, including ReAl ALt sUbcUltUres, have a great likelihood of exhibiting cow behaviour, and I say this as one of them. Normies are just way more well adjusted, alt bitches are always on some cringe shit

No. 745401

whooooo first time seeing an infight live, guyssss

No. 745403

this is your first infight?
how new are you faggot get out

No. 745405

Nerd alert, break it up girls. The narcs are here.

No. 745406

In the bathroom downstairs, trying to shit as quiet as I fucking possible can. Everyone is in the living room which you can hear everything that goes on in the bathroom. Fuck.

No. 745410

What do the two actually have to do with each other, though? In the end, they're all just aesthetics that can be taken on/off. Since a lot of alt fashion/culture/music bleeds into the "mainstream" regardless, we're either forced to conclude that being "alt" isn't actually inherently cowlike (bad apples/special snowflakes aside), or that "normal" people also have issues, which would render the whole point of saying "alt = issues" kind of moot.
It's more likely that since alt people already stand out, it's more of a spectacle when they're retarded/cowlike. I haven't really seen any sociological or psychological articles claiming alternative fashion indicates personal issues.

No. 745411

take your shit and walk out owning it. relief feels amazing

No. 745413

i've been here for about half a year, but all the fights are happening when i'm sleeping

No. 745414

This. Having a certain aesthetic doesn't automatically mean you have issues.

No. 745416

I have just been in the bathroom playing loud tiktoks and letting it slowly slip out. i swear I'm not a gross scat fetish fag I just hate when this shit happens

No. 745417

File: 1613959822710.gif (1.95 MB, 373x203, a69.gif)

im on your side bb. show that turd whos boss

No. 745420

File: 1613960098811.gif (425.88 KB, 618x618, download.gif)

when coomers rage i celebrate

No. 745428

File: 1613961213650.jpeg (51.3 KB, 437x600, A091743A-C966-4B73-8E50-64AE03…)

>about half a year
Jesus fuck I hate you REEEE GET OUT!!!!


No. 745432

File: 1613961468424.jpg (50.96 KB, 543x761, 7vih7s2hbk451.jpg)

Where are your credentials, hm? Everyone knows the call is usually coming from inside the house.

No. 745437

File: 1613961753810.jpeg (328.05 KB, 750x708, 3D7E7CF9-010C-458F-A86D-11AA54…)

hai binches

No. 745438

Spending all day in the kitchen ain’t no way to live.

No. 745443

File: 1613962275622.jpeg (366.98 KB, 750x895, 42EF107E-848F-4AAB-936A-BF0F0B…)

fear me

No. 745444

File: 1613962691244.jpg (54.74 KB, 600x507, e917466e6958ee1e2910ce04617cc6…)

I fucking love clone wars, both iterations

Here's my oldfag card, it's made with professional glitter glue, from Invitea

No. 745445

She makes me feel alright,
She makes my heart sang!

(nta but couldn't resist)

No. 745449

File: 1613963480041.jpeg (92.27 KB, 933x1114, 0E552B9D-12BB-4527-8941-4A5BD0…)

Oh hell naw, spinch bub gonna slap that bubble butt

No. 745455

File: 1613963984190.png (152.38 KB, 892x590, itislaw.png)

can I transfer credits from /cgl/

No. 745461

Oh shit it's my girl

No. 745465

There are three dudes in my life I allocate specific songs for. Only one was a proper boyfriend. I have an ex fiancé that doesn't even qualify. Feelings are weird.

No. 745504

Man is short for woman

No. 745510

This is a first world problem but my modeling manager is an asshole as fuck

He demands me to go get my nails and hair done, refuses to pay, then has the nerve to complain about how I didn't do it "his way" or whatever. He tells me that I should go get a tan days after like 10 agencies begged for me because of my pale skin, keeps telling me that I need to lose weight and call other girls and me fatties because I have a tiny stomach roll when I sit. On top of that he has pissed off other girls just because of his oddly specific rules (like us talking has to be the same exact sentence formation). He also doesn't understand just because he, him pornsick self doesn't like something, doesn't mean the vast majority of the people hate it as well

No. 745511

Man is short for Human. Men lose an extra syllable because they lack humanity unlike women.

No. 745513

Do you really need a “manager”? They’re just fucking leeches at the end of the day

No. 745518

File: 1613971131606.png (58.32 KB, 193x280, senior-business-man-suit-jacke…)

And let me guess, he's fat, too?

No. 745521

File: 1613971653946.jpg (46.78 KB, 448x560, 1613605937805.jpg)

>alt bitches are always on some cringe shit
>be into egl
I can't even be mad because autism is a requirement to getting into a niche japanese fashion and dropping a ton of money on it

No. 745534

What are some typical things you experience when being in a relationship with someone with BPD? I think I have quiet BPD

No. 745544

There's containment thread for your kind anon.

No. 745548

File: 1613976383753.gif (553.67 KB, 498x282, 15674687.gif)

…pl-please I have pets, I-I've learned japanese to watch yukapon pedobait streams-
Actually, fucking end me

No. 745562


No. 745568

File: 1613977775254.jpg (143.07 KB, 900x1200, 18376713-1.jpg)

No. 745569

File: 1613977863394.jpg (47.37 KB, 720x540, 6144171244_4a5236d4b5.jpg)

i loved seeing you bitches dox tumblrinas when shoplifting was big on tumblr

No. 745570

File: 1613977914940.jpg (25.89 KB, 463x454, 721a.jpg)

No. 745580

It's fun to be dumb on purpose sometimes.

Using "your" instead of "you're" vice versa as an example and just being plain stupid.

No. 745583

Jesus of Suburbia came on shuffle and i am going to listen to the whole thinng

No. 745585

>N-n-normies are w-way more normal!
Absolutely no lmao. Met enough "normies" who exhibited classic BPD behavior and would be more apeshit than most alt people I know, back when I was doing customer service normies could become ridiculously cowish over the smallest, stupidest things. Reminder that a lot of psychopaths work in the banking industry. The saying "The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well" stands true.

No. 745586

i love that song, what a fucking banger

No. 745595

i love lil cheetus, i never skip this

No. 745604

i dont have an ed ive never had one im just naturally skinny and I had a mini meltdown in the grocery store today because I picked out two items that were 'junk food' the guilt of even carrying them around made me put them back and gtfo I've never felt like this before and i know it would take a lot to make me fat I swear this pandemic is making me go full autist

No. 745610

all i see is dick n balls

No. 745633

Wtf I just opened a satellite view of Iceland in google maps, that place is barren. I'm gonna do them a favor and move over there so they're not lonely

No. 745636

All their houses are bungalows which makes sense but it's so weird there's too much sky around

No. 745654

I woke up so godamn gassy what's up with that, I didn't even had dinner last night

No. 745663

File: 1613998977967.png (15.37 KB, 584x246, sigh.PNG)

Nothing inspires workplace confidence like a grammatically incorrect description on the job listing. Yeah, I totally want to apply to this sloppy ass shit. Fucking bleak.

No. 745666

your ass is hungry anon don't starve it

No. 745670

anon it’s walmart lol, did you expect anything more? at least they are trying to raise the damn wage

No. 745671

Wait where's the spelling error

No. 745672

Sorry, I blew air up your ass while you were sleeping

No. 745677

It's really nitpicky but "everyday" should be two words and not one. I'm not going to apply to walmart ofc but that little thing while looking at jobs was the final nail in the coffin for me this morning lol.

No. 745680

Oh, I've always typed it as one so I didn't notice tbh

No. 745695

Oh no nonny why would you do this to me

No. 745707

File: 1614001511859.png (261.42 KB, 600x393, _bf8bd6b07634081c7974ad30e2e8…)

No. 745709

File: 1614001667009.jpg (71.24 KB, 409x500, candy-kid-409x500.jpg)

My roommate brought candy canes home from work and said she can't give them to her niece because her parents are strict, and everyone in our house is also avoiding sweets because they're trying to eat healthy… but not me so YAY free candycanes all for me!

No. 745713

The photo spamming anon on femdom and attractive men thread just sounds like a tranny and you can't convince me otherwise

No. 745716

No. 745718

I can't explain but it's a gut wrenching feeling, nonnie

No. 745720

nta but "oowoo please validate my panty wearing, stocking wearing lifestyle." I don't believe it's a tranny but a wannabe "trap". I'm not trying to stereotype but most women can read and would know that the thread is for a specific topic not to just spam unrelated shit without saying anything.

No. 745728

That actually makes more sense, now that you mention it! Anyways, something is off, the dump and the comments with them.

No. 745729

I feel so bad for really short and small people, like open up a clothing store and 99% of items say "model is wearing a size s" and she's like 2 metres tall so what the hell are actually small people supposed to wear. Rip

No. 745747

Sewing is an essential short person skill. The main reason why my mom taught me how to sew was so I could shorten pant legs, dresses, sleeves etc.

No. 745748


No. 745762

me this morning when i got assigned to the kids clothes department at work and they were all so cute and tiny

No. 745778

Back when I was a teen, if I wanted to use my vibrator while my mom was home I would say that I'm vacumming my room. I'd close the door behind me. Switch on the vacuum for noise and then stand with my back up against the door using my vibe. Looking back I had a tiny room that'd take 30 seconds to clean so.. I think she maybe knew. Maybe she didn't know I owned an actual toy but she must've thought something was up.

No. 745779

Samefag, great typo lol

No. 745783

Why does diarrhea feel so good, yet hurt so bad?

No. 745786

>feel so good
Fucking when

No. 745788

This. But then there's a whole lot of 'shitting feels so good' posts lately so?

No. 745789

anon, how have you never had a satisfying poop before? especially after feeling stuffy and bloated. yes, it sucks when it's fucking diarrhea, but it's relief. like how after someone throws up, usually you don't feel nauseous anymore.

No. 745792

probably scatfags from /g/ tbh
nah I still feel awful afterwards and during it

No. 745795

Shitting feels good because you're "emptying" yourself, and this is gonna sound gross but diarrhea is kinda nice because of how easily the boob comes out. I hate the cramps you get and the fatigue that comes after taking a huge diarrhea shit and how you feel kind of nasty afterwards though, so I think it feels a lot more tiring than good. A regular poop is relieving enough to me

No. 745796

Samefag, meant to say poop not boob, oops. Bella Thorne moment.

No. 745798

>because of how easily the poop comes out
That's the worst part, it's too fast and never stops. I need control.

No. 745802

>have you never had a satisfying poop before
Nta but I swear this is discussed once a day on this thread

No. 745806

Anything deemed as mandatory sets a certain type of person off.

No. 745807

God. I used to turn on the shower and lock myself in my bathroom and say I was "cleaning the tub"
I never fucking cleaned anything so I'm sure she knew.

No. 745808

I feel like it's kinda weird that conspiracy theorists and right-wingers are acting like mandatory vaccines are new cause of covid and like they're gonna be murdered in cold-blood for not getting the shot. Like, schools have been requiring children get vaccines for years (atleast they have in America). Even when I was homeschooled I had to get vaxxed. It's just such a weird way to cherrypick what you want to be mad about or suspicious of. Like you didn't have an issue with the schools telling you your kid needs to get vaccinated or they could be suspended, but you suddenly are mad about corona vaccines? C'mon now.

No. 745818

I am so smart, very big brain.

No. 745823

File: 1614012012367.jpg (45.8 KB, 475x851, ce75d75b57bc6ff8a98fda4335c3e3…)

I just used the handle of a whisk as a dildo…wish i could just order one but that would be a mortifying conversation and I'd feel terrible using it
don't get married, farmers

No. 745825

Don't whisks have those little loops at the bottom? Wouldn't that hurt? Also, doesn't having metal in your coochie feel kind of uncomfortable? I'm sorry for all the questions but…why not like a hairbrush or something

No. 745826

I just came up with a cool design to make a costume but I have no time nooow and even when I have time I will have to do other more important things and I won't have time for my costume urrrggghhh I just wanna be a cyborg damn it

No. 745828

File: 1614012449569.jpg (15.4 KB, 700x700, 74291.jpg)

The whisk handle was rubber, like this one. My hairbrush has a flat handle, maybe I should get a new one

No. 745829

I think every guy I've dated has bought me a sex toy at some point, at my request. Has he voiced a disliking for them?

No. 745833

For fucks sake, if you are mature enough to get married, you should be mature enough to be able to order a goddamn toy.

No. 745846

I have bought sex toys before, I personally have no problem with doing that. I just don't feel like defending to my husband why I even want to buy it. I know he's gonna be upset if I bring it up even if he says he's ok with it. It's going to be fucking weird and uncomfortable and I'd feel too guilty to enjoy it anyways

No. 745851

There's something called clone-a-willy. Buy it, say you wanna clone his dick as a joke, voila, you just got a dildo.

No. 745853

Ok sorry for being a cunt then, but just talk to him or something, do it for your vag at least.

No. 745865

File: 1614014963713.jpeg (151.54 KB, 750x750, E8D27557-CBE9-43D1-A4C5-C35061…)

can minors and other people stfu about masturbating or shit on tiktok?? it’s honestly so disgusting no one asked that you don’t wash your hands after doing it either oh my god ban sex overall

No. 745866

no one curr about your vajayjay needs please

No. 745867

absolutely disgustang

No. 745868

I don't know if you two are in lockdown or not but if you word it as just wanting something 'for when he's at work or not around' surely he'll understand that craving penetration and not having him there…it's better to have an object to do the job than to have an unsatisfied wife with dick on the brain and no outlet

No. 745869

I care. It's a nice change from all the
> I love taking a big dump
talk that we've had today lol

No. 745870

Anon, why does people talking about masturbation bother you so much

No. 745872

no one needs to know it honestly make my teeth vibrate and skin itch when they talk about it
do you want me to buy you balloons and cake for being open about your nasty habits? kek

No. 745874

If you think it's a little uncomfortable, then fine, but you really need to grow up if it makes you that upset lmao. Why would someone want a cookie for talking about something that's normal, especially on an anonymous imageboard?

No. 745875

people really have no sense of shame anymore lmao

No. 745878

You are sexually repressed. Go ahead, stick a finger up ur coochie. You’ll love it.

No. 745880

I love how playfully hostile this site is. It's never dull here kek

No. 745881

File: 1614016343299.png (Spoiler Image, 567.85 KB, 600x433, PAbhlft.png)

Oh boy, can't wait to drill my ass with these guys later. I sure hope no Anal Avengers or Anti-Masturbation people interrupt me.

No. 745884

I just drank a whole cup of tea knowing I'm gonna go on a drive in less than 10 mins. dumb dumb stupid idiot.

No. 745885

Ass play is badddd!!!! Studies have shown that the perfect female anus is an unpenetrated anus!

No. 745886

You bitches crack me up, ilu

A N A L R E C T A L * V O I L E N C E

No. 745887

There's no shame in women masturbating. It's beautiful.

No. 745888

have fun, hoe it up one for me girl

No. 745889

All genitals are genuinely disgusting and masturbation doesn't feel good. Same goes for shitting.
I don't get these meme animal dildos, doesn't that hurt?

No. 745890

File: 1614016550109.jpeg (249.43 KB, 1242x1043, C73F67A2-66D6-41FE-B2C0-1E61A3…)

Okay, anons, from now on we’re not allowed to talk about sticking stuff in our vaginas because anon is feeling really uncomfortable.

No. 745891

I’m gonna spread my vagina wings and suck everything into it like a gigantic black hole.

No. 745893

File: 1614016727061.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.16 KB, 960x576, gRnMU1a.jpg)

Ayrt, I think most people stick them up their asshole cause obviously the ass is more stretchable than the vagina. Bad dragon does sell human and smaller sized dildos though. that pic is also the super itty bitty dildos they sell, pic rel. I unironically want one cause I think they're cute lmao

No. 745896

Samefag, a lot of those bad dragon dildos have ridges and stuff, so I guess it feels good for women who use them in the vagina

No. 745904

File: 1614017121781.jpeg (178.29 KB, 960x960, 8082FA93-8AF7-4C0C-ADBB-BA0DE7…)

I browse their page every once and then and I always want the itty bitty ones, I wish it wasn’t so obvious that they’re dicks, it would be nice to decorate a squishy jelly filled keychain like pic related, but with a different shape and it’s just filled with tiny dicks.

No. 745908

>most people stick them up their asshole cause obviously the ass is more stretchable than the vagina.
That sounds even more painful tbh and isn't it the other way around?.

No. 745912

I mean it might be, but I always see people doing huge "insertions" in their ass. Vaginas are stretchable too, but it might hurt more to stick huge items in there. Idk to be honest.

No. 745913

I love how that anons complaints about people talking about masturbation just resulted in more talk about genitals and sex toys

No. 745915

Nta. Once you really get into anal training it's kinda nuts how big you can go. I've been wrist deep in an ass before and there's plenty of room in there once you're fully relaxed and maybe on some poppers.

No. 745916

How about you stop using an app for kids and move on to another app?

No. 745919

don't tell anorectal violence-kun

No. 745926

Honestly all this anal stretching talk makes me wanna join his cult. Why would you even want to stretch your ass to fit an arm?

No. 745929

You're making lot of sense nonnie but where's the copy pasta image? I need the scientific proof.

No. 745931

But he's into rimming, anus inspections and telling you your asshole isn't tight enough because you shat today lol

No. 745934

Is shitting anorectal violence? Oh no…

No. 745935

And samefag but that was a guy I fisted and he was mad into prostate orgasms. I prob wouldn't do it again but I learnt that the P spot sure is real and intense for them

No. 745940

File: 1614020105869.jpg (11.94 KB, 275x183, 8523450985421.jpg)

can we go back to talking about pussies or something jesus christ

No. 745941

>yo, i'm so unhappy in my relationship, i cry all the time. he cheats, talks down to me, beats my dog, insults my grandma and never plans on leaving his mother's basement
>girl, sounds like you should break up with him
>no, that's not an option

No. 745942

NTA, but doesn't that make you want to ask why people are talking about masturbating and fucking (in a non-educational way) on an app for kids?

No. 745943

File: 1614020291553.jpg (54.04 KB, 800x488, ca63df8.jpg)

I am a dumbass
I have insulin resistance and gluten intolerance yet I ate this cookie like an idiot
Now I am suffering, which I deserve I guess

No. 745945

Look at my ass, look at my thighs

No. 745948

The answer is groomers grooming kids on apps that got flooded by unsupervised children because of the lax rules that let minors hangout with already pathetic adults.

No. 745950

Make an asexxxual board for yourself then, anon.

No. 745953

File: 1614020919912.jpg (59.07 KB, 1500x1000, jkdtj.jpg)

Life still writes the wildest stories

No. 745955

You forgot
>How dare you suggest that we break up over these (many many serious) issues that I just described in heartbreaking detail. He's not all bad y'know! He actually smiled at me once so fuck you

No. 745956

File: 1614021265965.png (44.97 KB, 192x196, no fear.PNG)

No. 745959

Nta, but anon lets be honest, teenagers masturbate. Obviously they will talk about it on the internet because they share every other aspect of their life on the internet. Plus what that other anon said

No. 745962

they should stop oversharing in general

No. 745963

It's weird for me how the internet went from "never use your real name/same username across sites" to people using their real names to retweet porn.

No. 745964

File: 1614022035468.jpg (55.08 KB, 682x1023, 1124267.jpg)

No. 745966

Samefag, just wanted to add that there are also minors everywhere on the internet, even adult only places. Adults are gonna talk about sex cause it's normal, and sometimes there's no way to make sure there are absolutely no children that will see it. Sometimes that is just the parents responsibility to make sure their kid doesn't see anything related to sex. I'm sure there are teenagers browsing this website as we speak. I get not wanting kids to see and talk about masturbation and sex, but to act grown ass adults shouldn't talk about sex on the internet cause kids might see it is unrealistic.

No. 745969

I was thinking about this earlier today.
When I was a kid (13 & below), I had to ask my mom if I could make an acct on something & she would help me fill out the sign up info. Imagine how rare that is now, & how young some children who are filling out signup info are.

No. 745976

File: 1614023126053.png (334.54 KB, 540x604, c62.png)

based kojima

No. 745980

File: 1614023633645.png (95.53 KB, 720x473, nose to nose.png)

No. 745981

Exactly, you would need to create some sort of website with an ID verification system or something in order to make sure kids are not viewing stuff that they shouldn’t be looking at.
But yeah, the real issue is that kids without supervision have way too much free time on their hands to figure out a way bypass such things.
I wish there was a way to keep them away from the internet until they’re older enough to not do too much retarded shit with their name and picture attached to it, but everyone is permanently online.

No. 745983

Those edits are amazing! i want more

No. 745987

My new metallic pen is not very metallic-y. I don't see any sparkles at all.

No. 746012

File: 1614025583219.jpg (181.8 KB, 1073x999, Eu22PZoXUAEkDbm.jpg)

Do the creators of those anti-homeless benches realize people can simply fall asleep upright. Literally, I'm sure a homeless person will be more than tired enough to sit upright and sleep.

No. 746016

They're also ignoring that some people are tiny enough to fit in those separations comfortably, maybe with their legs stretched out, or stick themselves through them.

No. 746019

People who put anti-homeless furniture into cities should neck themselves

No. 746020

I haven't even been through a break up recently but I can't stop thinking about how depressing it is to go from the fluffy lovey dovey days at the start of a relationship to the point where someone starts to despise you purely because familiarity and time ruined everything. Your cute quirks become awful to live with. You go from adored to wondering if his friends are being told you were crazy.

No. 746022

Hard agree.

No. 746023

File: 1614026364393.jpg (100.01 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_pd9l66dK2s1w22gauo1_128…)

kind of want to be friend with her, the potential for crazy adventures is too high

No. 746025

I've thinking the same, and I'm sure there's a way to avoid this, but I have no idea how.

No. 746030

listening to discovery rn, rip daft punk you were da best ♥

No. 746031

right? she sounds honestly really nice, the part about her still being super empathetic and friendly made me weirdly sad that she’s obviously been taken advantage of so much (no doubt by shitty scrotes). i hope she’s doing well, what a legend

No. 746038

File: 1614027235762.png (817.9 KB, 816x722, ocuyuss.png)

Oh my gosh a new gojira album is coming in april oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh I can't wait

No. 746040

Ppl like you change their tune very quickly when they're walking home/waiting for a bus at night and theres unstable homeless moids around.

No. 746044

Nta, but I live in a place like you describe and I still think that hostile architecture is cruel and doesn't adress the heart of the problem at all.

No. 746047

Exactly. I'm sure even a short person pull their knees up if they didn't want to be in a sitting position. It would be easier to give more support to homeless shelters and make them more widespread instead of putting up these dumb chairs and shit like picrel. I'm pretty sure some places in NYC are even removing benches.
True, queen.

No. 746049

I hear you but hostile architecture doesn't really "fix" that, though, they'll hang around either way they just won't have somewhere to comfortably sleep.

No. 746057

Loitering homeless ppl does go down though, or else they wouldn't bother. Ofc in the poorest places it wouldn't work, but they don't put them up in the poorest places.

No. 746067

File: 1614028808240.png (353.85 KB, 1088x758, Ed1VdGBU8AARZAY.png)

I'm ashamed, but I just listened to a NSFW audio on youtube. I didn't even masturbate, just listened. This is the level of desperation you get to when you have no dom gf

No. 746075

I suspect an artist of lying about their age and I might have spent over an hour trying to find out if they have any other accounts maybe I'm a salty bitch but there's no way a 15 years old can develop a distinct style, grow out of same face syndrome, have a pretty good grasp on anatomy, clothes/folds, mess around with brushes, so on.

No. 746076

File: 1614029323144.png (413.17 KB, 440x415, hidden.PNG)

This stuff happening rn in the Marilyn Manson thread is going to draw more outside attention to the site, isn't it?

No. 746079

They definitely can lmao. You're being salty, anon. Age doesn't matter that much at a certain point. There are tons of adult artists that still have sameface, suck at drawing, and have no grasp of fundamentals. What matters more is how much time you dedicate to it and your mentality towards art. I'm not even sure why you think a teenager can't experiment with brushes?

No. 746091

Was super stressed because of bedbug treatments and building management trying to force us to foot the bill while ignoring the other infested apartments, am significantly less stressed now after talking to my dad about things and looking at other options ourselves, but now my appetite is super fucked from the lingering anxiety. Also the chair I bought myself is stuck in postal limbo so I can't even curl up in my cute new chair to make myself happy. Fuck this shit.

No. 746093

I know there's a lot of adults who have sameface and everything else but I guess I question this person's age because usually (trained) adults understand the importance of practice and stylization/anatomy/light/colour studies and some go to art school to achieve that level
It's not really about experimenting with brushes, it's about using them in a very distinct way
I kinda regret bringing it up because I look like a dumbass trying to explain this while also trying to not doxx a potential minor. If they truly are a minor they're unbelievably good, more power to them

No. 746094

those threads are insane. i’ve never seen threads move so fast on here

No. 746097

It seems like every package at the moment is stuck in "in transit" hell. Anyone else experiencing this?

No. 746099

Yepp. A package of mine is coming from cross country via fedex home delivery and is stuck in Chicago. I know it's because of the weather but FUCKKK GIVE ME MY STUFF

No. 746100

Hard yes, i just want my resin damn

No. 746105

File: 1614031372680.jpeg (65.4 KB, 680x505, 5B0EBD6D-2720-435E-8810-39782B…)

I am so done lmaoo they are literally playing a mukbang video in the convienient store on repeat it’s so fucking funny it’s just some big fat lady who looks like chantal eating on the television

No. 746106

I recently did with my apple earbuds that came from TN, and they finally delivered it thank god

idgaf about your dangerous winter storms gimme my paid package

No. 746108

Wtf why would someone play that

No. 746109

Lmao right after I posted this I got an email that my package finally moved after 3 days so hopefully it’ll be here soon.

No. 746123

yesterday i was at a gas station in bumfuck usa and there was this redneck in my way as i was walking inside. he had a bat w a nail in it but i was like ok im gonna mind my business. my gf was in the car and when i come back my gf says he was yelling that he was gonna shoot up the gas station. my go to is to mind my own business but maybe that was a time where i should have like..not

No. 746129

Indian and arab men wash their ass and arent scared to touch their booty hole but I notice a lot of them dont use deodorant and they really need to

No. 746135

They sprinkle it with a bit of bottled water… it's still not good enough. We need to methodically soap up and pressure wash all men's asses until they learn to like it.

No. 746136

They dont use soap to clean their ass in the shower?

No. 746150

Male assholes should never be touched or else they stop being the ideal male asshole. Let me reference a bunch of made up studies that support my claims that male ass washing is harmful to society

No. 746155

File: 1614035853642.gif (926.11 KB, 480x270, youu.gif)


No. 746176

File: 1614038235664.png (438.3 KB, 600x586, shutup.png)

somewhat related but twitter minors do pic related so much I hate it

No. 746187

File: 1614039122299.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 131.08 KB, 467x677, F50C8EC0-9E71-4912-87BA-683F98…)

No. 746213

>she married a scrote who feels emasculated by toys
>she feels guilty for having sexual needs
I wanted to laugh but you depressed me

No. 746214

File: 1614041594061.gif (1.14 MB, 250x250, c5f.gif)

No. 746218

I just wanna go yell slurs in those threads. Full of fucking /mu/ggles too.

No. 746223

After a certain someone's spergs I noticed a lot more anons speaking positively of the specific acts that certain someone has criticized. I'm wondering if that certain someone is playing the long con and is trying to reverse psychology us into liking that specific act.

No. 746227

This honestly crossed my mind too.

Ive replied to him talking about anal quite positively but I was only winding him up. My feelings are still very much 'no playing around in literal shitholes for me'

No. 746245

File: 1614045759643.gif (1.51 MB, 434x250, salttruck.gif)

My roommate likes to workout in our living room often and he makes it completely unusable for me to approach because he fucking SCREAMS when he's lifting shit.

I used to work out 5-6 days a week for hours each time and I've never been this annoying. It doesn't have to be like this. I can't tell if he's lifting or falling down the stairs (which he's done twice so far). I can't fucking wait for gyms to reopen so he can constipate with the other scrotes

No. 746250

File: 1614046463588.jpeg (28.99 KB, 170x257, 6E963BAB-41B8-47FB-9A3E-CB3344…)

where are the good men

No. 746251

File: 1614046773162.jpg (29.83 KB, 540x674, 161213577484.jpg)

>tfw no clumsy and buff loud bf to fall over w on the stairs

No. 746259

File: 1614047958029.png (314.07 KB, 439x292, uso da.PNG)

I ordered 3 volumes of an old manga series off ebay and when I opened the mailbox, the bag was torn open and the first volume was missing.

No. 746263

Report it to ebay, the seller, and the postal service (nice rena btw)

No. 746265

File: 1614048665812.png (244.48 KB, 761x720, 1491260230436.png)

No. 746310

I want someone to talk to me right now, please reply to this post with whatever you have in your head

No. 746314

An ugly star wars meme actor is what's in my mind right now

No. 746320

No. 746325

I can smell lamb chops but I’ve eaten a breakfast burrito

No. 746338

File: 1614057754604.jpg (20.04 KB, 360x450, bastard.jpg)

I wandered all over Azura's Coast looking for this fucker, only to find out he doesn't buy soul gems. Fuck you, buddy. Creeper for life.

No. 746339

If I were turned into a guy, I'd look like Ryan Higa.

No. 746340

Why tf are you renting with moids? Sounds like a nightmare.

No. 746343

I think I’m turning into one of those “meat! must have meat!” people for a second. I ate lamb and now all I can think about is those juicy bloody medium rare steaks on youtube and tiktok and I want to have one by friday. I don’t care about sears or trimming off the fat, I want a classic hot salty meaty steak. And tacos.

No. 746345

File: 1614059953610.gif (687.01 KB, 500x235, 38954923.gif)

Well we went with him because he seemed beta enough to be bossed around. To his credit he is, lol. Our other options were worse, including a non-passing troon, a Doordash-driving stoner, and a middle-aged woman who we could tell started judging everything the moment she walked in.

>I had to tell him yesterday to clean up his sink snot

>tfw he isn't the only roommate who I had to tell that

No. 746367

He hadn’t even put it in me yet but I already came twice I fucking hate real life !!!!!

No. 746368

File: 1614066000975.jpg (27.53 KB, 720x358, FB_IMG_1614064605949.jpg)

At least you had one
I wish I had sex dreams with Jotaro or any other husbando of mine

No. 746371

File: 1614066960873.jpg (32.01 KB, 500x478, 1606936883503.jpg)

Lucid dreaming, anons. This is what you seek.

No. 746399

Lucky… I only had a dream that I actually was jotaro and jolyne was chatting with me happily, I want to go back to that life I just want to see jolyne again :'(

No. 746414

whenever i read youtube comments under news videos about covid the majority of comments are anti vaxxers. i never realised so many people in the uk were this retarded wtf.

No. 746433

I hate that when I blowdry my hair, it looks so thick and lush then I straighten it with an iron and suddenly I look like I barely have any hair

No. 746468

My neighbor said hi to me and I fucking jumped in fear and almost ran away. I have no social skills

No. 746474

Why are those curb your [blank] videos always some FEMINIST PWNED! type of shit

No. 746489

I had a dream that I had ordered a sex doll based on one of my husbandos with canon accurate measurements so I had to ask for help from my neighbors to carry all 88kg of him to my apartment. Later I put him in a wheelchair and went on a stroll with him in a park. When we got home I remembered I didn't actually have the money to pay for him and took out a loan from the bank and thought of selling my mom's car to pay back. I was ready to use him for his intended purpose when mom came home and said "Is that your new man? He looks stupid." and I woke up.

No. 746491

theres simulated borderline cp in /snow/ guys…

No. 746494

yeah it's definitely a plague. I have friends that are anti-vax and while I do debunk the more outrageous things or explain how the immunity is improved through vaccines they stick to their 'principles'. It's odd. It becomes like a human rights, freedom of will type discussion and I don't want to have a philosophical debate in my downtime about the merits of being immunised against a virus in a pandemic. My friend got the vaccine yet her bf is antivax, it's definitely a weird thing.

No. 746495

reminds me of that tumblrina who was anti-vax because "muh body autonomy!!"

No. 746498

post about it in the meta thread and report it, there’s no point in bringing it up elsewhere

No. 746499

I bet you support abortion

No. 746500

Tumblrina detected

No. 746501

Why would any woman NOT support abortion? Religious extremists excluded.

No. 746502

legt bothers me how lazy mods are about this, it's been up for almost an hour

No. 746503

it's a warning in case anyone didnt want their day ruined

No. 746504

Gonna name my next abortion after you. Her name will be Seven Four Six Four Nine Nine

No. 746505

Nta but why would I? I see no point in doing it unless it was a extreme and extraordinary case

No. 746506

I bet you support men's rights

No. 746508

Nta but you think women do it for fun? Omg for my hen do, i was thinking getting abortions for the girls!!!

No. 746509

File: 1614087376811.png (40.31 KB, 212x304, yes.PNG)

The "bodily autonomy" argument, as if getting vaccinated (when you have an option, not forcibly) is an issue of civil liberties, is an odd one. Like, yes, everyone has the bodily autonomy to walk into the street and beat up a random person, and it could be argued that it's "physically repressive" to try to prevent them from doing it, but any reasonable and rational person can see why and how a person who does that might face personal or social consequences as a result of their actions. Freedom of speech and freedom of action have no relation to someone's perceived freedom to avoid the consequences of what they say and do.

>I bet you support abortion

No. 746510

>I bet you
You know you're dealing with an argumentative tard when they start posts with this lame shit

No. 746513

The passive aggressive use of cynical and sadistic humor to lighten up a serious situation comes off as kinda cult like. Idk why a lot of you get so hype as soon as someone has an opposing opinion

No. 746515

>’i-i-i just don’t get why you roasties get so mad when someone who totally isn’t a scrote invades your threads to pretend abortion is bad- i mean, to express a little tiny harmless opinion that you cultists don’t agree with!’
begone male

No. 746516

Not sure how that correlates but ok

No. 746517

Nta but what? Are we not allowed to make jokes now? Also, surprisingly enough, when you state an opinion a lot of people don't agree with the opposing group is gonna tell you they don't agree
>serious situation
…we're on an imageboard. The op conversation was just about anti-vaxxers

No. 746519

absolutely retarded take anon, you're on an imageboard ffs.

No. 746520

Because that anon (you) said there's no point in getting an abortion unless it's an extreme case, as if women get abortions just to do it.

No. 746521

Calling me a scrote is not gonna change my mind, I just don't care.

No. 746522

I don't want to get it unless it's an extreme case for me. What's the problem?

No. 746523

People with strong political opinions always do this no matter the context online though.

No. 746526

How the fuck did this become about abortion lol

No. 746528

you never clarified it was an opinion you held only for yourself. Your post implied it should be held for all women. What you deem to be extreme might vary hugely from another women.

No. 746529

The problem is you're saying other women shouldn't do it unless it's "extreme" and acted like it was wrong to support abortions. Do you really think anyone would've cared if you simply said "I don't want to get an abortion unless it's "extreme but I don't care about what other women do with their bodies"? And stop making multiple posts, just reply in one post.

No. 746530

I did say "i". Wtf?

No. 746531

File: 1614088267025.jpeg (60.31 KB, 960x708, C0F18F8C-9375-45F0-A27B-549D18…)

let’s move on from the retarded scrote shitting up the thread. how are we doing today ladies?

No. 746533

It always feels good to do a Snoop Dogg "Baadadada" ala Still Dre out loud.

No. 746534

My kneadable eraser smells like stinky cheetopuffs, so not good. I don't even eat cheetopuffs

No. 746535

I'm not the person who said I bet you support abortion dumbass. Why the fuck would anyone think a website of largely atheist cynical Western internet browsing women are not pro abortion? That's not why I come here.

No. 746536

Girl, your grammar here >>746505 was awful and made your post read opposite to how you intended.

No. 746537

ahhh, i hate that! i think it can happen sometimes when they get too old. it’s not like you can wash them or anything either. i hope it stops being stinky!

No. 746539

No. 746540

happens to the best of us, don't worry anon.

No. 746541

Is it worth coming here if I'm just gonna see child porn posted every week?

No. 746545

stay strong, men post CP on every site, sadly we are not an outlier.

No. 746546

Nah, you can leave. No one is going to beg you to stay lmao. It's not worth it.

No. 746548

What are you supposed to do with ravioli? I bought some frozen cheese raviola, but I didn't like it that much. Do I put tomato sauce on it or fry it or something?

No. 746555

thank you disney+ for adding cougar town

No. 746559

This is gross but I skipped one day of showering and then in the bath today I pulled back my clit hood and had more stuff under it than I would expect from a single skipped day. It's already pretty rare that I'd ever skip a shower but I def won't be making a new habit of it

Brought back memories of my uncut ex who'd shower every weekday for work but then get lazy at weekends and still ask for blow jobs at the one point of the week where he was his least clean?? The flashback I got in that bath lol. At least I wouldn't suggest anyone give me oral knowing it was 48 hours post my last wash.

No. 746567

I actually get very happy when Apple announces a new phone, cause it just means the old ones will be cheaper hehehe

No. 746570

Yess!! I never buy new phones anymore lol. I buy older models, and try to buy refurbished from the company directly so it'll at least be slightly cheaper but also have full warranty coverage. I hate the new iPhones though and I'm sad they don't offer the 8 (went from 6 to 7, was hoping to go to 8) so my transition back to android phones will be sooner than expected lol. Excited to try out the Pixel phone but will miss imessage and facetime (but at least I'll still have an iPad for that shit).

No. 746574

File: 1614091306319.jpeg (40.92 KB, 720x720, F36ED246-88BA-4CB9-A0B2-3A41B2…)

vanessa vokey asking where did the tomboys go lmao

all tomboys or masculine women became nlogs for men

No. 746575

Who's Vanessa Vokey?

No. 746576

Tomato sauce, maybe with some garlic and parmesan cheese on top would be probably the best but idk how good can frozen ravioli be really.

No. 746578

File: 1614091560536.jpeg (103.92 KB, 275x275, 0CD863EB-B4FD-44AD-A294-35E8F8…)


No. 746579

A radfem youtuber, although I only know that because I kept seeing her mentioned in threads here and clicked through to her channel

No. 746581

they became fakebois. i don't think men are into that.

No. 746582

File: 1614091779058.jpeg (139.93 KB, 493x386, C1C1DD48-572F-4B8B-85B5-DE880F…)

some troon-looking womyn grifter that is slowly picking up in radfem communities, also attracts polfags and precious puritan paleocons who hate trans people

i have a sneaky suspicion she is probably an actual lolcow and we just can’t find info on her

maybe im desperate for new milk because I’m tired of nitpicking every belly fold of a dry cosplayer/celebrity

No. 746586

Oh, thanks! Not a radfem so I had no idea who this was.
>maybe im desperate for new milk because I’m tired of nitpicking every belly fold of a dry cosplayer/celebrity
I saw an anon say they wanted a radcow thread yesterday so maybe someone should start a thread in /snow/

No. 746591

My coworker watched some Onision documentary and then texted me asking about him kek.

No. 746593

I warned that it was gross but you just kept reading

No. 746595

I don't see it. That's a woman's face shape. Also how is she a grifter?

No. 746598

I tried so hard to like her but her artwork is so bad and she looks like a pile of dog shit. It makes it too easy for troons to dunk on her. I like how public she is with her "fuck trans" attitude but it's working against her. She got fired from her IRL job and every shop she opens is taken down for ToS issues. I just went to go link her cross-stitching instagram but she turned it into a radfem username. Jesus. Her cross-stitches are terrible

No. 746607

File: 1614093880209.jpeg (466.63 KB, 670x1080, 16689EA6-6F70-44F4-848C-9B4789…)

I remember when a Samantha Lux’s brigade of parasocial fantards took it to themselves to dislike bomb her video basically talking shit about Samantha Lux, in which Samantha also replied to Vanessa. They were picking apart her facial features, calling her trans looking or man-looking which is pretty ironic but sadly true, but I couldn’t help but agree when they said that her artwork and photography was not getting a lot of traction so she has to start politically grifting in order to get attention. Lowkey I feel so bad for Vanessa but I agree with the troon brigade, she really needs to pick her ass up, stop doing really cringe and juvenile stuff like picrel, and act more seriously like the adult human female that she is.

No. 746612

Dumbass kek

No. 746613

she doesn't look like a dude/troon anon she's just ugly

No. 746622

File: 1614094807994.jpg (16.89 KB, 340x255, Templar.jpg)

I haven't been to church in like 10 years and yesterday I just felt like going. It felt so weird and alien, I've been into valentinian christianity and gnosticism for a few years so mainstream christianity, especially catholicism, seems so weird to me, it's full of pagan shit implemented by Rome. Besides that I'm a tinfoil hat and I believe the Vatican is evil and kills babies and shit. I was looking around and finding examples of idolatry and paganism, one after another. I thought it's going to be a normal, casual mass, but it so happened that they had a special guest appearance of a fucking Templar Knight. A Templar Knight. I know Templars are involved in occult shit and freemasonry. There's also this legend they brought the Holy Grail to my country and not so long ago archeologists found some secret crypts under one of our churches built by the Templars. I don't know why but I just felt very uncomfortable sitting in front of this dude wearing his traditional cloak and talking about helping christians in Lebanon. Yeah sure, I knew this guy was shady. And the old ladies singing sad catholic songs actually gave nausea, I started sweating and trembling too, by the end of the mass I had a full blown anxiety attack. I only liked the parts when the priest was reading from Paul.

No. 746626

He was a LARPer, the Templat Knights were crushed centuries ago.

No. 746629

I always feel irrationally angry whenever I see someone either giving the finger to a camera or pulling a dumb face like this.

No. 746632

There's this order called Ordo Militiae Christi Templi Hierosolymitani and they're call themselves "Templars", they were acclaimed by catholic church and stuff but yeah, it looks like they're larpers lmao

No. 746635

I've never encountered clit smegma before and I rarely shower. That's crazy shit

No. 746642

I think it depends on clit size. I have like no inner labia but then I'm all clit and hood. Don't know if anons with really hidden clits even require the whole 'pull back and rinse' method I have to do

No. 746643

I'm never going to forget the article I read that shows the hugely increased risk of intestinal parasites if you eat ass and zoomers eat it like breakfast. DISGUSTANG

No. 746649

I don't care what anyone says, I will take the risk of ringworm to eat ass. also, I've never heard of anything like that, but I'm sure that's only a risk if the person has a dirty ass, or if they already have parasites

No. 746651

I've read the most horrifying article about a poly gay couple constantly reinfecting each other with giardia I think? The most unreal bloody diarrhea was being described and no treatment would work….can't stop rimming though! It was fucked. Just when I thought the story was over.. they caught something else. Antibiotics wouldn't work and the treatment was wiping them out financially and in terms of general health from very fucking long term antbios and long temr parasites with seemingly no working cure.

I would go back in time and unread it if I could.

No. 746653

Ringworm is a skin infection anon? they're talking about intestinal parasites

No. 746656

File: 1614097273869.gif (7.58 MB, 598x598, 298BF606-39BF-4878-B43C-420769…)

No. 746657

I didn't know what kind of parasite a ringworm is tbh, I just picked one. If I knew the Parasite Police was gonna be on my ass I would done more research about them lol
lmao I love this anon

No. 746660

thank you anon

No. 746661

Ringworn is a fungal infection so I'm technically the fungal infection police.

No. 746662

File: 1614097609162.jpg (107.05 KB, 616x562, pep.jpg)

Try and make me

No. 746665

Where's the rag/object to scrub the body? You tellin' me you just rub soap on your body and rinse it off?

No. 746666

File: 1614098070901.gif (100.15 KB, 157x90, 929C431A-5831-4BBE-A72D-5FB01E…)

the shower challenge (bonus points: going outside) LET’S GO

No. 746668

File: 1614098188610.png (154.18 KB, 256x286, the beginning stages of drug u…)

Why did Cody Ko get so fucking ugly in quarantine

No. 746669

File: 1614098215941.gif (73.96 KB, 220x220, 1F1BFDDD-7EBB-42FD-8202-21B868…)

stinky-chan when she liberated herself with the power of shower and scrub

No. 746675

Right?? I checked out his content after a hiatus and boy, he almost looks 10 years older than his actual age

No. 746679

Been working from home for months now and noticed that since the change I'll have one night each week where I just don't need sleep, wont feel rough the next day either. Sedentary lifestyle shit

No. 746694

Kek, I once almost posted "Cody Ko is the proof The WallTM for males is real", but then pussied out. He's really degraded in looks.

No. 746700

i look so good with thin eyebrows why did i ever grow back the caterpillars sitting above my eyes

No. 746701

I'm not a native English speaker. I always thought that porridge was some type of dish made from pork. A post in the stupid questions thread made me realize it's breakfast cereal.

No. 746704

pluck them queen

No. 746707

File: 1614100151868.jpg (3.21 MB, 2000x3000, Banana-Oatmeal-1.jpg)

I just remembered we had a whole thread where farmers would draw themselves and add little infographics. It was active until about a year ago. What the hell was that. You guys were really writing profiles about yourselves
Porridge/oatmeal is pic.

No. 746719

File: 1614100473981.jpg (88.07 KB, 1280x720, Euwc2YIXcAAakH2.jpg)

I have a pimple on my temple that I tried to pop prematurely and now it looks so gross ugh. Why didn't I just wait? I did the same thing to one on my cheek. Let's pray it doesn't get infected

sorry for reposting twice lol

No. 746726

Yeah you need a loofah to make soap efficient and not just waste it.

No. 746729

Make a cold spinach sauce by mixing alfredo sauce, blending spinach in a blender, and add a bit of cornstarch (Tablespoon or two) and chill in fridge/freezer. Also boil the ravioli first but it prolly tells you how to do that on the package.

No. 746730

Exfoliating rags are better than loofahs tbh

No. 746735

Use your hands, homie

No. 746741

Anyone else remember that anon who used to lecture us that showering once a week was more than enough? That soap was bad and washing in general gives you dry skin so stop doing it

No. 746742

File: 1614102090936.jpeg (59.38 KB, 686x386, 2882DD41-EF87-4014-99A6-3CB2A5…)

Anon, please say sike. We're not talking about washing our hands here. We're talking about potential build up of grime and sweat.

No. 746743

I mean she's not wrong about the soap part.

No. 746744

>grime and sweat
Don't forget clit gunk

No. 746745

I use shower gel that doesn't dry you but she just insisted that such a thing doesn't exist? lotioning yourself up aferwards also isn't a thing. It was weird

No. 746750

I just spent like 15 minutes trying to make sketch a ref picture in landscape before realizing it would work a lot better in portrait. Why stupid?

No. 746763

I'm not talking about washing hands. I'm talking about using your hands to slough off the dead skin from your body. Yes, it's possible, but the catch is you have to use soap for it to work.

No. 746773

I hate every normie bitch using the term "hyperfixation" to describe an interest in something. Like until you're skipping showers and reading about something for 12 hours it's not a fucking hyperfixation

No. 746786

Men die already

No. 746791

Samefag, I finally found it. I usually don't judge selfposters (even though this isn't really selfposting) but idk…something about this thread is kinda crazy >>>/ot/376738

No. 746798

File: 1614104679441.jpg (47.45 KB, 1063x401, Screenshot_20210203-143125_Fac…)

No. 746799

pls explain

No. 746803

Was he trying to say wayment?

No. 746804

I lost it at this one, stolen

No. 746806

No. 746812

I think he meant “wait a minute”

No. 746814

Yeah, wayment is aave for wait a minute lol.

No. 746819

I am like extra nordic white and still got that, cute anon

No. 746824

I used to go periods of like five days without showering when I was a NEET and I've never gotten clit smegma in my life tf.

No. 746826

What's the consensus on exfoliating gloves?

No. 746829

I think physical exfoliation in general is a no-no, skincare-wise

No. 746830

I'm sorry but I cannot take these anons saying they don't shower and simultaneously judging op for getting clit gunk
I've never used exfoliating gloves, but I feel like they would need to be washed more often than a regular exfoliating face. The fact that they're gloves just makes me feel like they gather more bacteria. Other than that, they look nice and I imagine it would be very comfortable to wash with them. I'm sticking with my exfoliating rag though.

No. 746831

It's a King of the Hill reference

No. 746832

now you got me craving some porkage

No. 746835

If you are getting frustrated with your male friend or bf about a concept like feminism and hes acting dumb like he cant understand…just have a well respected or tall/attractive man tell him the same thing, suddenly he will understand your point perfectly. Whenever I used to get into arguments about dumb shit I would just tell him to go ask his male friends what they thought, usually if they agreed with me he would get it.

No. 746838

It's a trend that carried over from 4chan, they have threads like that on /mu/ all the time. It is weird to do it here since it's a way smaller board though. I posted in that thread and idk why since it's not like I was aiming to make friends or anything. I think I just thought the avatar was cute and wanted to draw it and then once that was done I figured I may as well fill out the rest.

No. 746839

Alternatively: a dude not believing you until he Googles the concept and sees you were right.

No. 746840

You can exfoliate the skin on your body I thought? It's just the more delicate skin on your face you shouldn't exfoliate.

No. 746841

File: 1614107124306.jpeg (37.29 KB, 512x547, 82BB8815-34D8-4D93-9988-206607…)

I have had cramp in my leg on and off all day and I have tried walking, stretches, massaging it, standing on one foot, standing on cold floors, a cold mat thing around my leg and ibuprofen. What works best for you anons?

No. 746843

oh my god that is the cringiest thread I’ve ever seen, it’s a bunch of anons larping as what they see themselves but imagine if they posted their real face and about their real lives, yuck

No. 746844

Not gloves but Salux nylon towels and Korean Italy towels are very good. Physical exfoliation on the body is fine as long as you’re avoiding or not too rough above the décolletage and other thinner skinned areas like your crotch and pits.

No. 746845

You should exfoliate as dead skin builds up, but only 2-3 times a week depending on how your skin can handle it.

No. 746846

You're taking it too seriously, this thread was super popular on 4chan a few years ago, it's not a big deal.

No. 746847

That thread IS cringe but also did you just crawl your way over from Tiktok or something? You have to be 18 to post here

No. 746848

File: 1614107338481.jpeg (63.12 KB, 295x269, C73455EC-B60A-429E-A4E9-572A37…)

now I’m absolutely convinced that the majority of this website has a bunch of crazy white females on here
sigh how disappointing(bye scrote)

No. 746849

let me guess, you posted in that thread when it used to be active. for fucking shame you sperg

No. 746850

Ayrt, I'm not taking it too "seriously", I just thought it was funny. I don't really care about what's going on on 4chan.

No. 746851

I think we all knew this was a fact

No. 746852

I actually didn't, baby Sherlock although like most people I did one on 4chan when I was too young to know better kek

No. 746858

I got a really mild case of food poisoning yesterday, and I am bit miffed because I am pretty sure it was from the bougie takeout grilled chicken and hummus I got for lunch. That restaurant has the nerve to charge almost $20 a plate, too. And of course no one else that got an entrée had issues, just me!

No. 746859

File: 1614107923267.png (120.55 KB, 417x303, 47f.png)


No. 746861

Maybe LA is more your cup of tea

No. 746862

>like most people
Honey, no

No. 746864

Men are honestly so fucking gay for hotter bigger men aka Chads.

No. 746865

Yes. Kill yourself.

No. 746866

File: 1614108100839.jpg (58.58 KB, 621x471, 1570225180393.jpg)

Fii faa foo fum, I smell a scrote in my board

No. 746869

I no lie enjoy bowlcuts like these, these bitches always keep that hair neat, could never be my depressed ass

No. 746873

I kind of cringe when someone says they study/work in STEM despite having studied and now working in such field. Whenever someone says it, it's with a certain type of arrogance or pretentiousness, I can't exactly describe what.

No. 746874

File: 1614108405952.png (536.92 KB, 600x732, 1611114110324.png)

I'm crazy asian ~female~ actually. Get off my board, rapemonkey.

No. 746878

don’t let the door hit you on your way out sperg

No. 746882

They keep my legs smooth and prevents ingrowns in them! I wear tights/knee socks all the time so it's been very helpful in keeping my skin not feel like the husk of Margo. I do have to replace them every six-ish months tho

No. 746883

We talked about investing in my class and some kid said their tip was "Hold the stock even if twitter cancels the company". Does anyone thing twitter can bankrupt amazon or something?

No. 746897

File: 1614110099492.png (8.22 KB, 480x360, 1609435072653.png)

chinese or japanese

No. 746899

Nta but hi Hank.

No. 746906

File: 1614110466559.jpg (38.7 KB, 496x623, tell em queen.jpg)

>Yes. Kill yourself.

No. 746925

File: 1614111512597.png (6.95 KB, 617x80, jthrg.png)

i cant stop thinking about this lmao

No. 746932

Thanks anon I opened up a music gig on youtube and I feel like I'm there, it's great

No. 746940

Sometimes I think about my first bad social media interaction (early 2000s), where I tried to befriend an emo girl in my school, I knew her brother so introduced myself and said "you're (that guys) sister right? I just thought I'd say hi lmao xd" etc.

I was excited to see her post on my page, but she hulked the FUCK out, kek. She absolutely went off on how I'm dumb and that she's not just her brothers sister, but her own person and she has A NAME, and I wish I remembered more but I just remember being so shocked and a bit mortified, deleting the comment and wondering where I went wrong. She always seemed pretty normal when we were talking in groups at school.

Now, every so often I think about it and laugh. What the fuck was going on in her head to jump to that. Chances are she's long forgotten it.

No. 746945

I hate how often my period tracking app will get my hopes up that my period will start on a really convenient day..then it just delays for over week and comes at a terrible time instead.

No. 746949

File: 1614114197784.webm (2.85 MB, 640x360, 1597771543793.webm)

the cat ate my fucking nandos

No. 746955

When women complain about constantly being cat called, getting dick pics, or being assaulted I really can’t relate. Idk why. Maybe it’s because I might be a shut in but my life is pretty normal and I’ve even done some really unsafe things in my life before. I’m 5’2” with a baby face so it’s not like I’m threatening at all.

No. 746959

Everyone in that thread has massive shit taste and some of them outed themselves as underage or male.

No. 746960

I thought the alien girl was cute

No. 746964

You're so lucky, anon. Maybe I live in a shady area but I've been catcalled and chased before too many times but I'm literally a shut in. I stay in to avoid this stuff but when I go out I dress in mens clothes because I also have a baby face and men are degenerates but it still doesn't solve everything.

No. 746979

File: 1614116827812.jpeg (339.35 KB, 680x735, C6759EDE-C1F7-4F72-A223-947F42…)

i don’t get how people can be hyped over the production and content of youtube videos


it’s literally just a passable video like calm down a majority of yt videos are mediocre enough to catch your attention but most of it is boring as fuck

No. 746981

>freedom of speech and freedom of action have no relation to someone's perceived freedom to avoid the consequences of what they say and do

It's incredible how this fairly simple concept escapes people tbh, particularly as it applies to people who peddle baseless conspiracy theories

No. 746983

moar stacy larp from baseball sweatshirt wearing messy ass hair anons

No. 746986

I want to write a really bad book. like, my immortal, empress theresa level bad. but there is so much shitty wattpad writing out there that I don't think my bad writing could stand out. I don't even know what I would write it about lol

No. 746988

Bad males anatomy, but delivered like you were serious, not in a shitposting way.

No. 746989

File: 1614117168489.jpg (61.83 KB, 801x640, Screenshot_2.jpg)


No. 746998

File: 1614117458199.jpg (28.97 KB, 640x480, e5057901f266c627af0b56dcaacaa7…)

I can't take seeing more successful artists on social media living the life I want anymore

No. 747015

The first step is believing with all your heart that you're writing the best piece of literature ever written anon.

No. 747020

ikr it sucks so much like holy shit I want my terrible art to get 30k likes per post
why do these people get popular

No. 747021

Just did it and I'm convinced to get less than 100% one has to misclick.

No. 747024

I can't either. It just kills me to see them doing things like going to Japan or like, buying a house or something.

No. 747027

Cried reading a josei manga. I honestly play myself.

No. 747028

The artist I'm having envy over isn't even doing anything particularly amazing honestly and her art isn't bad, I'm just jelly over her nice house and interior decorating, the fact that she is seemingly able to support herself from her shop and the fact that she's a big artist. I shamefully admit that she may or may not have me thinking about getting a colored couch because of the photos of her home. I've never had art envy this bad before though, so maybe I should just use this as motivation lmao

No. 747034

File: 1614119395349.jpg (451.23 KB, 552x2132, 1612972391891.jpg)

I feel that in a because I know I could have been in their place if I started earlier by not wasting so much time online. I feel bad because there are trends I could be on right now, but I'm to shit to do and I fear the internet will move on so once I can post everyone will mock me for being old.
Some dude I like is publishing their next comic and to celebrate their reposting fans work. I wanna send my drawing in, but I feel like it's to shit

No. 747036

You should post your artwork anon! Even those really big artists had to have been posting bad art at some point, and you're probably better than you think. Hoping on trends is a good way to garner followers, and if another artist is reposting your work then that would be good. I don't think anyone will mock you for hopping on trends late, a lot of art trends stay alive for a long time (or longer than trends in other communities do). It's better to start now than to keep regretting that you didn't do it earlier. Let's hope we both become successful artists ♥

No. 747038

I really love reading the conspiracy section of this other website I use. They say the dumbest shit but for some reason it's so entertaining. I'm reading a thread where someone is asking why South Antarctica isn't by Greenland on a map and making theories about why people can't visit (they can), and the other posters are having to explain basic geography to them lmao

No. 747061

I don't know if I've become socially weird with covid or have been single for too long but I've started to become aware of the tone of my voice around men and then I don't know how to change it. I caught myself doing it in front of my friends boyfriend and I hate it.

No. 747063

My friends are so fucking kind and cringe, but we are free

No. 747064

File: 1614121829016.png (369.27 KB, 610x603, ehhhhh.png)

I sometimes wonder if I got famous I could completely destroy a small forum. Like if I had 50k twitter followers and I found a small forum with 50~100 active users, lc is to big for this, I only need .5% of my followers to make an account to completely destroy the forum culture. The mods wont do much because they don't really keep up with the site and they just run it for the users. The users don't post enough to fight back, site averages 1 post every 3 days, and most will jump ship.
I don't know why I want to do this. I just think it'd be fun to see a bunch of older stuck up forum goers and a bunch of younger 'I'm spwecial' twitter-tards fighting it to the death would be fun

No. 747072

I was on a forum back in the day and this happened. It was a band forum and the band had a sudden resurgence lol, we just made a hidden board for the old fags and regained the site.

No. 747087

What kind of famous would you be if your fans are all unintegrated spergs lol

No. 747105

File: 1614125158538.jpeg (157.43 KB, 615x1561, 0A39D41F-796F-4F32-AD03-F1CD60…)

stg most anons be looking like this and acting like they’re paris hilton and going to trample every scrote CEO in the world but in reality they probably stutter while getting their favorite applebees combo for brunch with their bf who doesn’t wash their ass



lord help me and this website goddamn

No. 747109

yo but forreal, some of these anons are loud af but you know irl they are that mousy limp haired chick in the back smellin the sleeves of their sweater.
stick it to the scrote they scream but irl theyre just as limp wristed as the men they scream at.

No. 747111

>tfw account you really like for posting cool animal pics has made a bunch of tweets about "rejecting feminism" and how feminism has ruined every like dismantling families, has made women unhappy and ruined the "natural dynamic of the sexes"
I'm not even a feminist, but jeez louise how did I not notice this before. Guess it's time to dip. I looked around and she also made some other dumb posts about blm, Trump (she's Irish?) and some other racist stuff. Just post your animal pics and go, lady

No. 747115

sniff the internalized misogyny is strong with these posts…

No. 747116

im putting off playing valheim with my friends to browse lolcow

No. 747118

you stink of tumblr, off with you

No. 747121

Not either of those anons, but I don't think it's farfetched to say some anons here are stacy-larping. I know not everyone here is a NEET and a lot of farmers have productive lives, but I think a good part of the userbase are shut-ins.

No. 747123

File: 1614126191043.jpg (128.82 KB, 462x496, 183 - OmyyL2b.jpg)

Yeah, some of them are stacy larping for sure but to say
>irl theyre just as limp wristed as the men they scream at
like, how dare you lower women to the level of men? even the worst women are better than scrotes.

No. 747125

samefag but also, I don't think most of the people here are stacy larping. I genuinely think there are a lot of anons here that appear normalfags but just visit this site. I'd say it's even 50/50 normal anons vs autistic shutins.

No. 747129

no one is normal or productive when they browse this website kek

No. 747130

File: 1614126351438.jpeg (70.39 KB, 565x175, 498A6821-4301-4BC5-9392-603B78…)

anddd that’s where I develop trust issues with a post

No. 747134

If you have wishful thinking, just say that, ma'am.

No. 747135

File: 1614126543620.jpeg (47.58 KB, 540x960, 06E9D848-6570-4FB6-B3D5-3E92A8…)

log off if it bothers you. you act like you HAVE to be here… you don’t!

No. 747138

idk I've seen the anons over in /g/. I'm not a stacy but also not an autistic shut in, which makes me believe that if I can come to this website of all places, other people can as well. Sure, it's easy to believe that the people you're infighting with are fat, ugly smelly autistic women but also, they could be thinner than you, prettier than you and have a better life than you. But if your cope is to assume everyone looks like that except you, then… ok lol

No. 747139

im that anon but yea, i doubt the majority of women who are so vocal about hating men online are as such irl. some of you ladies are near murderous but nothing gets done in person that will corroborate how you actually feel. your social media accounts and lc interactions are most definitely not as forceful as your larps here and on twitter or tumblr or wherever.

No. 747144

I've said this before but I started lurking on here when I was an alt teen because someone I followed on tumblr posted their thread (lol backfired cause now I've been here for 5+ years) but like I started browsing when I was a weird teen but now I'm a normal adult who would definitely get accused of being a stacy on here. Lmao maybe we need a thread about what classify you as being a stacy on lolcow like that retarded "why would people accuse you of being a scrote" thread

No. 747148

I don't assume the people I'm talking to here look like any "negative" physical trait because I've reached a point in my life where I'm able to look past stuff like that. I believe judge of character is a better indicator of whether or not someone's insufferable to be around. Most of the anons here are probably just average-looking. There's nothing wrong with being average though. It's called average for a reason. But to assert there's a bunch of Stacy's here would also be just as silly as believing everyone you're speaking to is an ugly shut-in. They're likely not as vocal irl as they as here, which isn't exactly unbelievable since I imagine the majority of people on any anonymous board isn't going to spew their unfiltered thoughts irl either.

No. 747153

Yeah, seriously. Do they not understand that having a corporate job, being in college, dating, having a normal life doesn't mean stacy?

No. 747157

File: 1614127637373.jpeg (75.64 KB, 480x530, D29DD7E8-3D1F-43C4-8914-80AD07…)

>she can’t be productive because of a website
You could say exactly the same about Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok, just because lolcow is “like 4chan” doesn’t mean everyone browsing this forum is dependent of it.

No. 747158

Sounds boring and useless, you lose all those experiences when you eventually die lol

No. 747160

No one said that it does though? Not the op, but I'm pretty sure the whole point of this post >>747105 was just saying some anons here are probably pretending to be women they're not

No. 747162

That's your opinion, babe! I'd rather have lived through those experiences than not.

I wasn't speaking in relation to that post. I was specifically responding to
>Lmao maybe we need a thread about what classify you as being a stacy on lolcow like that retarded "why would people accuse you of being a scrote" thread

No. 747164

yes no one who browses those platforms AND this website included isn’t productive and are most likely a very horrible person to be around if they were to reveal their online activity to irl people. how people can handle the cognitive dissonance of having a “normal life” while acting like an insufferable bitch online beats me

No. 747165

plenty of people do this, and not even just being online.

No. 747167

i'm one of the users giving this site a bad name bc i'm an ugly and horrifically mentally ill neet weeb who spends a lot of time on here. i hope for every user like me there's a pinkpilled stacy poster who's living her best life

No. 747168

Can I ask who the artist is?
I can honestly not get enough art YouTube vloggers.

No. 747169

Then what’s your solution? Let’s all be pretty little flowers talking about how nice is everyone and everything on earth?
It’s kind of retarded to pretend that everyone here will just mind their words like when they’re offline or on platforms with people they actually know irl.
But okay, anon, start telling us our daily mantras and how to cleanse our bodies from the ugly feelings that everyone has, you must be an amazing life coach.

No. 747174

File: 1614128557257.png (336.34 KB, 696x497, 71594507_2462917390660999_7339…)

Love when I'm arguing with another anon but bored of it and then another anons picks up where i left off like "thanks betch I was getting bored but wanted to have the last word"

No. 747175

File: 1614128640436.jpg (686.34 KB, 2048x1536, Eu72rJYVoAMxN3G.jpg)

It's ciaraturnerart on twitter. She doesn't have a youtube, but here is her tiktok if you're interested in that www.tiktok.com/@ciaraturnerart Pic is her living room that she recently posted and that's kinda what started my interest in her account lol

No. 747177

you are a filthy white bitter cunt lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 747179

Why's there so much racebait today? The post above, the post from earlier talking about white women, the post in the art thread complaining about how we "hate white people"… What's going on today guys?

No. 747180

It must be either scrotes baiting or twitterfags baiting.

No. 747181

Must be a scrote. They were in the vent thread earlier

No. 747182

tinfoil but I think it's the same scrote who was constantly on the vent thread before, the style feels similar

No. 747183

how the fuck do i make my arms look dainty. im at a normal weight now and they look big and it makes me want to scream because even at a lower weight they're still the same. do i have to go full anachan for this? GAH

No. 747184

File: 1614129376813.gif (1.55 MB, 314x240, wkosQdU.gif)

yknow what i knew my post about smelling misogyny wasn't misguided. it's probably some black trannies that are mad they aren't women.(racebait)

No. 747185

probably some angry scrote triggered by anons talking about their vaginas

No. 747192

>black trannies
….anon it's still racebait even if you change the race

No. 747194

I think you need to do some toning exercises, like lifting small weights.
Either that or just embrace your big arms, they’re not bad, and tailoring can fix any sleeves you might feel too tight.

No. 747199

File: 1614130245441.jpg (51.97 KB, 925x810, 84fd6668643d06ce6b068531463744…)

My crush really has me googling how compatible our signs are like a I'm a damn 12 year old again lol

No. 747202

most /g/ posters are either huge degenerates, have relationship issues or find boomers attractive

No. 747207

the stacy /ot/ poster vs the becky /g/ poster

No. 747212

Relationships never made me happy. Friendships never made me happy. So now I'm going to move on to try to make as much money anyway I can. I can't be broke/bad credit and depressed.

No. 747216

File: 1614132082287.jpeg (438.9 KB, 587x1131, EFA9760B-6CB9-4CF1-B4F6-288827…)

anons will you take his offer kek

No. 747217

Well duh anon, the whole point I post on an anonymous forum is so I don't receive IRL backlash for my feelings.

No. 747222

File: 1614132565153.gif (7.76 KB, 100x150, 20_0_years.gif)

my neopet account is older than some of you

No. 747224

File: 1614132601895.gif (402.45 KB, 220x150, tenor (5).gif)

Ayrt anon, what do you be thinkin'/sayin'? The only things I say on here that I wouldn't say irl is like "pee pee poo poo" bc people would think I'm annoying (rightfully so).

No. 747225

shit sorry didnt mean to tag you, but it gets better the more you practice that irl. most people wont scream and quote wiki pages at you its all good. be yourself bb i support it

No. 747228

i should have stopped reading after "2d loli"

No. 747230

Nta but I wouldn’t constantly text my bffs about how much I love them nor I would tell everyone about my hot husbando harem that I masturbate to.

No. 747232

I'm 30.

No. 747236

File: 1614133007319.jpeg (20.89 KB, 244x164, 8F48AD55-2520-4A0B-AFF2-969E43…)

Yes, if that means I get to feed him with these cool red pills every 4 hours.

No. 747243

Ah, I guess to each their own. I'm not the type to constantly tell my friends how much I appreciate/love them either but I also don't come here to air out my deepest thoughts. I see now why other people can! Kinda like an interactive diary that talks back then, huh?

No. 747245

>2d loli

No. 747249

File: 1614134041057.jpg (42.49 KB, 640x638, s7khncqfy3251.jpg)

No. 747251

>Posting as an unconventional male, myself

How would I have ever guessed?

No. 747252

That’s basically what the whole internet has turned into, tbh.
First it was blogs, then it got acceptable to post all of your life everywhere with the hopes of going viral.
Which is why most anons would probably prefer being able to vent like in a blog, without the repercussions of going viral or getting recognized by the people we know irl.

No. 747258

File: 1614134807962.jpeg (24.4 KB, 267x320, 5812DD0F-8733-4162-862F-FE1B17…)

newfag zoomer moid discovers ~le female 4chan~ for the first time be like
>OMG how dare u hate men
>I bet your not even stacy !!!!
>perfect, I have now lowered their self-esteem and triggered their need to prove themselves to me
>why haven’t you had sex with me already s-stupid roasties
>back to 4chan: HOW DO I GET LOLCOW GF
>another newfag replies “what’s that?”
The cycle continues

No. 747261


Kek, anon, which board did you find this?

No. 747265

File: 1614135577457.png (530.93 KB, 700x525, 5e2729bb62fa8160601e7487.png)

i get way too overly emotionally attached to the tinest things and personify inanimate things so easily it's embarrassing. i got so sad/ offended just now because a reddit bot in some thread i was reading got downvoted for doing his little job ): i'm the kind of bitch that would consider my roomba a pet/ part of the family

No. 747270

Adopt the Reddit bot!

No. 747271

You sound sweet anon

No. 747273

We're watching him go through the stages of grief.

No. 747276

Would it be a stupid idea to get rid of all my clothes and only keep a few? Like omg having like 7 outfits. I'm fucking tired of during laundry. This might just be bpd compulsion but fuck.

No. 747277

File: 1614137196985.jpg (109.51 KB, 828x826, c8d1b20.jpg)

I am so stinky
The only time that I am not is immediately after showering, but then I go back to funk mode 1 hour later even though I try my best not to
I hate being stinky

No. 747279

I want to do this too but most people already start noticing when I repeat my outfits a few times. I feel like if I was a scrote nobody would say anything because everyone's used to them cycling the same 5-10 t-shirts and 1 pair of jeans for years. I do live in a country where people judge each other heavily for looks though, so europoors and amerifags may have different experiences.

No. 747280

do you use soap, anon?

No. 747282

Use a wash cloth and deodorant

No. 747284

File: 1614138720754.jpg (8.78 KB, 300x300, FB_IMG_1610139197867.jpg)

I badly need and want friends, but I just feel like I annoy everyone I talk to. Picrel.

No. 747289

File: 1614139396765.jpg (434.54 KB, 1206x1000, SAVE_20210125_184305.jpg)

Oh why, anons! Have I ever tried to not be smelly by using cleaning products? How innovative!

Maybe I should've said that I have metabolic issues that probably prevent me from staying non phunky for longer. I usually have to use men's sports products.

Society needs to return to monke soon so I can be considered a dominant female by sheer smell

No. 747300

I keep getting into meaningless online arguments these days with kpoop autists because it’s fucking funny and makes my heart race. I like that I can freely be so mean in my replies. But I need to stop. I did this in the past and it ate away at me to see so much hate directed at myself. Now I can brush it off, but I shouldn’t engage with this sort of activity. It’s a subpar stress reliever and I get caught up in the idea of “winning”.

No. 747317

>Korean Italy towels
ANON THANKS I didn't know what these were called, my mom used to buy them when I was a kid and I loved them!

No. 747318

File: 1614143655940.jpg (62.4 KB, 564x564, 1578848790108.jpg)

>nasty moid says I dye my hair bright colors all the time because I'm damaged and I want attention
fuck you dumbass
>female friend says I dye my hair bright colors all the time because I'm damaged and i'm trying to alleviate the pain of my latest existential crisis via changes in routine and pretty colors
queen…thank you for showing me the error of my ways…god what would I do without you thank you…

Now I just gotta convince her when I show up at her place with brown hair tomorrow that I was already planning on dyeing it back and she didn't hurt my feelings lmaooo

No. 747320

I'm in the same boat anon…googling shit like "DOES HE LIEK ME BACKK??!?!11?!?! quiz" and all the results returned are aimed at 10 year olds lmao. Hope you get somewhere with him/her anon.

No. 747326

File: 1614144156913.jpg (65.65 KB, 868x867, i played it on easy (one color…)

this bitch too stupid for spider solitaire, i played for about 40 minutes and restarted several times but never got past the third stack

No. 747328

File: 1614144357353.png (576.91 KB, 747x927, 1605902734112.png)

bitch are you me, I feel absolutely retarded after willing through four rounds cause I keep fucking myself in the ass

No. 747334

File: 1614144985669.jpg (55.84 KB, 1242x1226, d5bee07011be05d877f8bd6a3e93cc…)

thank you nancy drew pc games for saving my life and teaching me how to be hot and smart.

No. 747350

My bf hates colored hair and the egirl kinda look and I'm really dumb because I like pink hair and the egirl makeup a bit -not so much the clothes-, and I've pictured myself making tiktoks if I lose weight, even though he hates tiktoks lol… I don't know anymore, I mean he's right, but I don't know

No. 747351

I hope douchebag men accept that nobody likes them. Anyways, I love mangos

No. 747354

Anon who cares about a scrote's opinion just dye your hair pink and make silly little tik toks and be happy

No. 747357

do what you want for you and be so happy and hot that you turn him to accept that women have free wills and deserve to enjoy their lives like everyone else, including silly things. or just e girls. but then definitely break up with him right after he gets it because fuck that shit it's only going to get worse and this is your life.

No. 747360

Men be like: (woman does one normal thing) AND THIS IS WHY WOMEN ARE INFERIOR
But also men: (does 100 stupid shits a day) ah yes, men are so much better

No. 747369

I'm >>747318 and I have to admit I'm going to see my work crush on friday and he loves the neon hair/weeb look and I'm worried he's gonna think my natural dark brown hair is boring…I have the dye sitting in my hair as we speak so I'm committed to it whether he likes it or not but idk he is always so kind and complimentary when I change my hair I wonder if he won't even notice if I change it back to brown…I hate that I even care lmao.

No. 747376

If I were a piece of shit parent and knew it, I would make sure to superficially spoil my child and give them a bunch of things they never asked for just to lord it over them and prove to a superficial community that buying love=I am a good parent.

No. 747377

Don't have children.
>prove to a superficial community that buying love=I am a good parent.
That wouldn't prove anything cause your child would not like you because you buy them random shit. It would literally have the opposite effect.

No. 747380

>That wouldn't prove anything cause your child would not like you because you buy them random shit.
Silly anon, I would have indoctrinated that child to have obligation to me via shaming or instilling religious beliefs that value deference to parents no matter what. They'd owe all the gratitude and loyalty they could muster to me for giving them dumb shit, no less for covering the basics while they are unable to care for themselves. I'll make sure to gaslight that child (if they ever grow to know better that is) and tell them that their negative feelings towards me are unfounded. Cause if I did do something mean to the child it didn't actually happen, or if it did then they deserved it.

And all that really doesn't matter. Even if my child hates me, all I have to do is convince our family, friends, and community at large that they are simply a spoiled brat and I will be believed because I am a parent who outwardly gave my child everything and didn't beat or kill them.

No. 747381

File: 1614150583059.png (1.11 MB, 1415x1405, dudedude.png)

hannibal ftms are something else i tell you

No. 747382

File: 1614151308836.png (11.67 KB, 415x424, images.png)

I miss getting plowed so much
At least my subconscious could give me a sex dream to compensate for that, but nope

No. 747386

Anon, literally no one cares about your PD mother abuse fantasies

No. 747389

okay who told my mom about lolcow

No. 747396

same. shit sucks.

No. 747399

File: 1614153268633.jpg (156.65 KB, 944x642, GANG GANG.jpg)

TFW I do a "hi scrote" half-worried of catching a b& but then other anons also jump on to defend me and then farmhand redtext the scrote without banning me
GOD that's good shit. Is this what supportive female friendship feels like??? ♥

No. 747418

A warm/hot bath or a warm mat. Heat works better for me.

No. 747424

File: 1614157599328.jpg (43.21 KB, 277x248, tumblr_inline_o0ial0uDxe1qixmi…)

When I was a pre-teen at summer camp one of my roommates would bring so much stuff with her to bed and since she slept in the bunk above me I would sometimes wake up with her goddamn markers hitting my head, one time I woke up with her sketchbook hitting my arm.

Now as an adult with a big bed I realized I've been slowly starting to do the something similar. I bring my phone, my switch (or book), lipbalm and glasses to bed. I don't even put them on the nightstand because I guess I subconsciously want to respect my table lamps personal space so I have them lying in bed with me.

No. 747443

I think I'm getting fecerish from overwork, so I have an excuse to take it easy today, heck yea

No. 747482

File: 1614168392724.jpg (68.53 KB, 720x540, hm.jpg)

that new driver's license song depresses me. bitch straight up got to number 1 on at 17 without even needing to try all because her boyfriend broke up with her. im not much older than her (she's 18) and i don't even have my drivers license let alone a number 1 song. why not

No. 747498

Did you put out a song?
You have no idea what is gonna stick but you have to at least throw stuff at the wall to see

No. 747519

Don’t worry anon she was in the American girl doll movie before this. It was a set up

No. 747534

File: 1614175777345.png (123.41 KB, 496x444, delet.PNG)

>Open leftthots thread
>First phrase I read is "maoist dr phil guy"

No. 747536

you can blame tiktok and her being at Disney (so connections) for making her career lmfao

honestly the song sounds like another “sad music” song that will be played during movie commercials and trailers or ads and no one will remember it
she’s like a female ed sheeran kek

No. 747538

File: 1614176532086.png (5.26 KB, 721x76, bust down cuntiana.PNG)

I love whoever this is. She didn't deserve to be banned

No. 747547

I didn't get to screencap that thread, but are any actual women that much of fujos that they become literal cucks or is that just a gay/tranny scrote larping?

No. 747552

Highly underestimated how hot these hot and spicy goujons would be when I was buying them. Refuse to waste food tho…I'm dying here

No. 747566

leaning very strongly towards larping

No. 747584

i'm actually attracted to men and ok with actual penises, but realistic penis shaped dildos really disgust me for some reason

No. 747596

I saw lately that Young M.A has a strap-on set for sale on her site with her name attached to it…the dildo in it was super realistic and I'm like why would a lesbian want to wear a super realistic dildo? I'm sure it was mostly a money grab using already existant toys and just having the toy company send you a cut of the sales but a lil more thought would've surely meant more sales to the lesbian crowd they wanted buying them

Like you said, even a portion of straight women are turned off by the realistic ones

No. 747602

Same. A dick is nice when it's attached to a man I find attractive, but a detached plastic penis just weirds me out and looks kind of gross.
I wonder if it's the same reason that makes me not understand dick pics. I know scrotes overestimate how much women are into dick pics anyway, but I've known women that can still appreciate them coming from the right guy, while I never get it. If I just see a dick without the dude it's attached to it doesn't even really register as sexual to me. It's just a fleshy body part that looks more gross the longer you stare at it, like a way too high res closeup of someone's teeth or something.

No. 747607

ayrt, i personally don't even mind male nudes with the face cropped out, as long as the rest of the body is visbile too, not just the dick

No. 747611

File: 1614183340593.png (410.98 KB, 399x547, lmao.PNG)

God I love spring

No. 747628

Why does sex with my ex have to feel this good. Fml. Probably gonna masturbate to this memory for the next 2 months

No. 747645

File: 1614185635454.gif (372.96 KB, 464x250, ActualWanDuckbillplatypus-size…)

I usually let my bodyhair grow out for months cause I like the experience of shaving super long hair, but god having smooth skin is so nice and I really don't wanna go back. I feel so soft and my skin looks clearer without hair

No. 747670

File: 1614186929525.jpg (40.08 KB, 622x601, 97655.jpg)

update on >>712498

the city i live in just had a 1 month long covid lockdown, luckily i was able to go back to work this week and have seen this guy quite frequently.

>the day before the lockdown this bitch was constantly staring at me like i would turn around and he would stand there in the distance… staring… at my ass…

>on this monday he was leaving and i was like BYE kinda loudly lol. he's always wearing headphones and never looks at me when leaving/entering so idk if my passionate good bye would be heard. well he heard me and gave a small, but really twitchy and weird, wave.
>today i was like good morning! and you know what he did? he was like 'hello' but he was mumbling and talking kinda quietly so it sounded like 'hwlkllo'.
>things are progressing really fast! hopefully he'll be able to form a sentence next week.

this guy's beahviour weirds me out so much and i've been thinking.. reflecting even. is it all in my head? why does he stare at me? maybe he's racist and wants me to die? he is able to wear a slutty tight fitting turtle-neck that really shows off his pecks but is not able to say hello to me?? i've seen him and the rest of the finance fuckboys hang out/talk with girls (the girls at the uni i work at are super pretty and kind) and apparently he's able to communicate with them like a normal person. and he doesn't give weird stares to my other coworker who's the only woc besides me, so i don't think it's racism either.

this guy acts like the biggest autist ever around me, god. every time he stares at me and i stare back, i'm the one who eventually breaks the eye contact because i'm weak!! i'll have to become stronger and keep staring/holding eye contact until he is the one who looks away.

anons, do you have any suggestions for other ways i can communicate with him?

No. 747681

I always hear other women saying they love the feeling of freshly shaved legs against their clothes or their sheets at night. Feel like the odd one out here but I cant stand the sensation.

No. 747687

File: 1614187574385.png (415.1 KB, 444x599, what the fuck.PNG)

I genuinely cannot believe there are women in this world who own these ugly ass shows. I've never seen shoes this fucking gross

No. 747691

Tbh, how my leg hair feels against leggings is one the reasons I was so excited to shave. Idk how to explain it, but it's slightly uncomfortable. I notice it every so often and I'm just like…ulggh

No. 747698

It seems most likely that he just has a crush on you anon. Why don't you just go up to him before lunch break and ask if he wants to join you to go get a sandwich or something? If that's too direct maybe make up some finance question and ask him to help you with it. Either way, just get an excuse to actually talk to this guy because it sounds like you're just overthinking it because you never interacted for longer than two seconds. Just a simple chat will answer a lot of your questions and maybe break the ice. Autistically staring at eachother hoping something will happen ain't it.

No. 747707

I feel so bad whenever I ask a question in the vent thread and don't give a reply to whoever answers. I know no one cares, but I just feel like I should let anons who reply know they helped me lol. I just remembered two answers I didn't reply to. I just don't know what to say other than "thanks" so it's like why post at all lmao

No. 747718

No. 747726

The electrician that came to help me was really cute, had a nice smile and beautiful eyes, he was really friendly and funny too.

And there I was in my pajamas and my hair in the dead anime mom hairstyle looking not as cute. I hope he thought I was nice at least.

No. 747744

File: 1614190789176.gif (3.65 MB, 400x400, 1598641830748.gif)

this thread today is cute as shit
Hope ya'll have a cozy rest of the day, anons

No. 747751

File: 1614191128182.jpg (270.38 KB, 828x817, hfhaohSJXK1ffA4.jpg)

Thanks anon, you too qt

No. 747762

thank you for your reply, anon! but i work at a uni library and he's a random a hot student, idek if he studies finance lmao. i just see him around and observe his behaviour (i'm v bored because of the pandemic, ok!!!). i'm outgoing and usually have casual convos with students i regularly see when i'm at work, but this guy is barely able to say hi to me. for now, it's autistic staring……

No. 747764

These might be the ugliest shoes I have ever seen in my life

No. 747766

babe he don't want you lol, you are being creepy by forcing social interactions

No. 747769

If you feel like you have to reply to every single post and reply to 3 posts at once with walls of text maybe it's time to log off.

No. 747779

keep your stupid drama in the thread you were infighting in, retard

No. 747780

I just saw a recipe with strawberries and bananas in a sweet tea slushy god I want to vomit. My little southern heart is aching.

No. 747781

File: 1614192336864.jpeg (76.81 KB, 811x913, 460FC026-46FC-4D77-BDF0-2C5099…)

I'm so bad at responding to new people, but I still want to make new friends.

No. 747783

If you wanted that you wouldn't try to infight in this thread right now, retard.

No. 747792

File: 1614193963148.jpg (57.09 KB, 465x612, 1.jpg)

I want a gf, but thinking about the fact I would have to eat pussy at some points kills me. Like, I want to, but what would I even do down there

Also, I wonder if people in the 70s knew how much drip they had. They knew what they were doing with the fashion and interior designing

No. 747794

My first time eating pussy wasn't in a full on threesome but I ate the girl out before she then had sex with her bf. Afterwards he asked her who ate pussy better and she said it was me. The guy was a 30 year old manwhore with lots of experience. I was young and it was my first. If she was being honest and not just flattering me … I have all sorts of mixed feelings on that

No. 747795

Most men approach sex like playing a video game or whack a mole. They think going faster and harder will make the girl cum.

No. 747796

File: 1614194427655.jpeg (95.27 KB, 750x761, D5D390F7-96BC-41D0-803D-DB2FEE…)

/ot/ activity be lookin like meme stonks lul

No. 747799

Is the lil fish guy for when bait gets posted or something

This is true though, lc is always dead during the early morning and late/middle of the night (in America atleast)

No. 747800

i despise porn and the industry with all of my heart but if you look up specific things it might help you, ONLY listen to videos from women. there might be educational sites out there too? but honestly I just asked my ex girlfriend and she told me what she liked, I thought it would ruin the mood if I asked or just did what I liked on me on her but it was hot when she told me what to do. it's good to just ask the person you love, it won't ruin the mood and you'll blow her mind because scrotes will never do the same. also flat tongue then suck. hope you find your gf soon, queen <3 i understand

No. 747801

I got rid of a lot of my graphic tees because I just owned too many but I still fall into the trap of wanting more whenever I see new ones with super cute designs. Ugh, I know not to buy them but the temptation never stops.

No. 747803

I wish we had an international board with the little flags.

No. 747806

We have one and all it did was attracting men…

No. 747808

File: 1614195106841.jpg (115.54 KB, 810x1215, This is how Cher looks so good…)

Samefagging my own post, now that I think about it, there's no way people in the 70s didn't know how cool they are. There's no way Cher was walking around like this and didn't know how much of a bad bitch she is
Ty anon ♥♥

No. 747809

Wait when did we have a international board?

No. 747815

We still have it but now only farmers subscribed to admins OF is invited. Go ask /meta/ for OF link anon.

No. 747820

This man looks and talks exactly like my ex…. I gotta check his natal chart

No. 747827

Based as fuck

No. 747835

I think about this all the time. I love watching clips from SOUL! and Soul Train, the crowd is so fresh, they have great dance moves, you can feel that they're sincerely passionate about what they're doing. On a purely aesthetic level, the doomer, consumerist edgelord trends of today are pretty dismal by comparison lol

No. 747837

I swear every time I've seen people drool over some e-celeb fuckboy for his "~totally unique and SUPER DEEP voice!!!", it's either blatantly fake (the excessive vocal fry gives it away), or hyped mostly by teen girls who are so used to hearing only squeaky teen boys that they'll lose their minds over the slightest hints of baritone, not realizing that "deep" voices like that are nothing unusual once you become an adult and hang out with mature, grown men.

No. 747850

You can say Corpse Husband anon, and I agree

No. 747859

I took T a few years ago so I can control my voice to sound normal-ish day to day but I can still go pretty deep at will too. I had a dream lately where I started a faceless youtube channel, laid the voice on thick and raked in money for a while. Eventually I outed myself as female and was hated but already rich by that point.

No. 747860

I'm too old for this shit but … Jennie and GDragon??? What the fuck? I never liked her that much but she's so much more beautiful, I genuinely thought she was dating some kind of rich dude who was good looking AND her age. The fact that they have known each other since she was a teenager and filmed that weird music video in which she was his love interest when she was just 16, that former YG trainees say that trainees are invited to drink and hang out with the older, more powerful idols of the company… seriously so gross

No. 747861

File: 1614198916831.png (220.02 KB, 405x570, her names coraline.PNG)

Are these shoes cute? I'm worried about them looking juvenile, but I'm also in my early 20s so I think I could get away with it. I'm not even sure what I would wear with these

No. 747862

File: 1614198955273.png (129.87 KB, 434x429, side.PNG)

sideview, I like how tall they are

No. 747864

the fact that they met when she was 14.. it makes me sick being a kpopfag makes me feel so uncomfortable 90% of the time because of things like this

anon they're cute, where did you find them? i think you should get them!

No. 747867

Giga cute, buy them

No. 747868

cute and perfect for your early 20s!

No. 747869

They're cute but attention grabbing and I can't imagine wearing them casually. You should plan some outfits with them that you know you'd feel comfortable in so you can be sure you'll wear them.

No. 747871

I truly would have thunk she was into girls or something. I just also realised that she or rose was in that one gd song i loved back in the day, there was other version that had skye ferrera in it instead

No. 747873

This looks like a fetish wear shoe, like, for feet fetish, higheels fetish, and barefoot fetish. Actually, this is like THE foot fetish shoe

No. 747876

File: 1614199842823.png (400.24 KB, 441x565, red.PNG)

They're from Shein and coincidentally so is >>747687.. I know fastfashion brands are trash, but I've bought stuff from them before and liked it so I wanted to get more

I saw someone in the reviews paired the shoes with socks that had red hearts on them, so I think I might buy a pair of socks like that and pic to go with them. It's not an everyday outfit though, so I should find some other clothes to pair it with before I buy them. I think some kind of wide leg pants have the potential to look cute with these
It might be a pr relationship tbh.

No. 747877

I did it!!!!!!!

No. 747878

i see women of all ages wear shoes just like this when i'm out so i don't see what's juvenile, they're cute! buy them if you like

No. 747879

>skye ferrera, rose, and jennie

Not me thinking they all liked girls or were at least bisexual but then realizing that they're all just straight.. a girl can dream guess I'll keep being a retard and try to ~manifest~ an openly lesbian popstar once again

No. 747880

those would look so cute together, I approve.
Also imo you shouldn't feel bad about buying fast fashion if you will actively wear it. But that's just me.

No. 747884

oh god anons, tomorrow I have a date at the office to renew my passport and I'm scared because my has expired months ago, which means that there is a chance that I could pay huge ass fine for not paying attention to renew my passport on time. There is also a small chance that they will overlook this because of the rona pandemic. I hope I don't have to pay a lot …

No. 747895

Congratulations! Do you see Minesweeper also in your future?

No. 747899

File: 1614200925994.png (Spoiler Image, 520.56 KB, 720x807, Screenshot_20210224-130756.png)

This is the daily dose of internet guy I hate it

No. 747904

I don' think he's ugly, but why is his body so….off. Like he's skinny but buff but in a weird way

No. 747906

I mean, never trust the media, bubs and same
I am also one of the idiots who has a hunch taylor swift is gay or something and I am not even a fan, but I am 70% sure tom hiddleston is a closetfag with an ugly accountant normiefag bf or something without being a fan. So, basically insane.

No. 747907

Samefag, why's his bellybutton so tiny

No. 747911

i don't really get gay vibes from taylor (i wish) but i do think billie eilish will come out eventually for some reason

No. 747912

It was Jennie. She was 16/17 here and he was in his early/mid twenties. Fans used to call her his daughter as a joke and now… ew

No. 747915

I liked the vibe of this so much back in the day, truly was part of the problem. Why the hell isn't YG under yet, them bp bux keeping them afloat

No. 747918

Other peoples social life has went to shit but mine has improved. Before corona everyone was too cool or attractive to hangout with me. Now theyre desperate. Scrotes who have rejected me or acted like they were better than me in the past came back begging me to hangout, they were ignored of course. Feels good. I've also made some female friends because they got crushed with the sad reality that all their friends were actually only party friends who didnt give two shits about them.

No. 747919

File: 1614202069350.gif (692.21 KB, 250x188, 0e7c76ec85bb70bb514f621b6285aa…)

I feel you. I know it's too obvious but I do hope that she does the same thing like lil nas x in the future and is like haha btw I'm gay and you gave me money bye!! but she seems like a really serious artist and I don't expect her to ever come out like that. I know it's a stereotype for "masculine leaning" women to be lesbian but it would be really cool to see.

No. 747920

I dislike Jennie, but I despise g-dragon with a passion, she could do so much better. Ignoring everything else about him, his music is shit and I hate 2nd gen stans sucking him off acting like he's the god of kpop

I really do wonder if any kpop idols will ever come out, even the faggiest of the fags end up marrying the opposite sex. The fact that Amber and Jo Kwon try to insist that they're straight makes me worried no one will feed us lesbian kpoppies

Min yoongi come out of the closet when? Bts are too big for anything to destroy their career by this point right

No. 747936

I need them so badly! i actually had a dream in which I was wearing shoes like those and haven’t been able to find the right ones until this picture they would look great with so many outfits.

No. 747942

Bangs grow faster!

No. 747946

File: 1614203528091.png (285.16 KB, 325x442, heart.PNG)

No. 747948

Billie Eilish is obviously bisexual. Don't know how people haven't already caught on, or maybe it's just not a big deal.

No. 747950

Thank you! I'd love to, but I even have a post in one of the confession threads where I say I don't get Minesweeper at all, no matter how 4dumdums it's explained, so seems like that'll stay forever out of my reach!

No. 747952

File: 1614204193846.jpeg (56.84 KB, 640x640, 51CD53EE-C4D8-4F91-A501-86C807…)

Thank you, anon! They look absolutely pretty!

No. 747968

File: 1614205885622.jpeg (3.43 MB, 4032x3024, 1CEDA692-2CE8-4638-A0E8-707D29…)

I’ve been wanting platform maryjanes since high school, too bad I’m almost 30 and too old to rock them. My fam already bitches at me for wearing studded bracelets/belts and combat boots (pic related, mine).

No. 747969

I love you bitches here but when will you all realise 20-30+ isnt too old to wear cute shit/what you want. Do it or your moms a hoe.

No. 747973

this style is so hot I'm begging you to keep doing you

No. 747975

I'm having a tea, smoking weed, on a large amount of fun pills and about to start making clothing. Wish me luck

No. 747979

Ayrt, I think those boots are so cool! I know I mentioned age in my post, but I mostly said that because I was worried about those shoes looking like some kind of ddlg wear but irl people don't care about that shit. You should keep rocking your clothes! I really don't think there's a cutoff age for alternative clothing and 30 isn't old at all. People act like once you hit 30 your supposed to dress in casual business wear 24/7
Good luck, anon!

No. 747984

My grandma wears platform mary janes, and no one thinks twice about it. Your family are cowards trying to prevent you from outshining them

No. 747985

File: 1614206722967.png (333.03 KB, 372x704, Screenshot_20210224-143942~2.p…)

Girls I got the hanch

No. 747986

In japan women of all ages wear shoes like that to be taller

No. 747992

File: 1614207357622.jpg (111.89 KB, 1200x1200, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

I don't know why I find it so funny, but someone posted a picture with kranch in the background and someone just replied "KRANCH"

No. 747994

I'm so horny I just want to sext with someone.

No. 748002


Unironically you will get sexting out of this.

No. 748004

Hop on aidungeon, anon

No. 748005

T-thanks. I will give it a go.

No. 748006

Thank you too! Who knew I'd be sexting with ai, I feel like a cyberslut lol

No. 748011

File: 1614208750917.png (48.95 KB, 577x530, cleverbot.png)

I don't think cleverbot is doing it for me…

No. 748012

At least you shared like CleverBot suggested!

No. 748013

omfg anon. I'm sorry. He used to be a lot more sexual back in the day, I think they tweaked his code.

No. 748016

Yeah, well sharing is caring.
no worries anon, I appreciate the suggestion. Maybe when I'm drunk and just need ai ramblings. I'll try the ai dungeon now.

No. 748017

File: 1614208955229.jpg (100.04 KB, 1200x675, bladerunner.jpg)

getting strong cyberpunk dystopian feels over here

No. 748019

I actually think cleverbot got stupider over time. I have clear memories of being able to hold a full conversation with him, but now he can't hold it together for 3+ lines. I know chatbots's 5 years older and less updated then him that work way better

No. 748029

File: 1614209528712.jpg (395.5 KB, 1080x2220, 1613610194020.jpg)


Fuck cleverbot, go for AI dungeon.

Pic related, this is from an anon here that likes to play as Adam Driver fucking Chris Hemsworth lol
But you can just be you + your husbando (or celebrity crush)

No. 748037

File: 1614209757414.png (47.17 KB, 1024x292, wow.png)

Reminder to not take bait from scrotes.

No. 748038

Yes, it's scary how far the ai has advanced so the cleverbot is rather underwhelming. It's like it's still stuck in the late 2000s.
lol, that looks pretty good. But yeah, AI dungeon is all I ever needed. Honestly, I might just turn to the neet lyfe with this.

No. 748041

File: 1614209984821.png (Spoiler Image, 86.04 KB, 878x573, nsfw.PNG)

Seconding this. Pic is from one of my rps, super detailed but this wasn't even one of the best parts

No. 748044

Anons who drive, please encourage me to stop being such a pussy and just take driving lessons… I already have my permit, I'm just fucking terrified of getting behind the wheel in any capacity. I live in NYC so there's no real reason I need to know how to drive, but I think it would just be majorly beneficial for me to know how to, especially because I do want to do roadtrips with friends and my dad is always saying "well if you knew how to drive, you can just take my car and go to XYZ" and shit.

No. 748046

File: 1614210230358.png (44.42 KB, 510x426, cleverbot_rude.png)

okay that's really hot
Compare that to mr notsocleverbot.
I'm just going to thank anons again for telling me about this.

No. 748049

Do it! I learned how to drive when I was 15 and it's so much easier than you would expect. Once you get those turns down and how to move the little sticks to change your lights your good to go. The hardest (I say hardest very lightly!) part is learning the road rules. Keep in mind that there are many rural areas in America, driving has to be as easy as possible cause it's a necessity for most people. Good luck anon!

No. 748053

I've been driving for over a decade and it still terrifies me. I live out on Long Island and people here are fucking insane. I have a car and can go anywhere I want yet I pretty much stay within 10 miles of my home, or take the LIRR.
Wish I could be of better help but I completely understand the fear.

No. 748057

Just like >>748049, I've been driving since I started high school. I needed to, my mom couldn't get me to school. It's SO fun to drive. Especially when you have the windows down, playing your favorite jams, and no one can tell you what the fuck to do.

I've been in two car accidents. Both involved me taking left turns. Yes I am a little afraid but I still enjoy driving long distances. And I avoid driving at night (and that's OKAY!)

Also, throw 40 bucks at a dash cam and you will feel MUCH more confident knowing that if anything were to happen to you, you have evidence that it wasn't your fault.

No. 748058

>my flower
>thick cream
holy cringe. i've seen better writing on tumblr.

No. 748063

The 90's were another time

No. 748064

In my defense, a majority of that text is ai generated not the stuff I wrote. Still hot tho.

No. 748074

File: 1614211733389.jpeg (126.99 KB, 960x909, 26DE11E0-21CA-4ACB-8E0F-0735FC…)

Is life in the UK as miserable as it looks on TV ?

No. 748077

Ngl it’s gonna be really scary in the beginning. I pretty much said Jesus take the wheel whenever I’m changing lanes lol but after consistently driving familiar routes for a couple months, it becomes second nature. You start to get the feeling of your car, knowing how big it is and how fast it moves. Knowing how to drive is very freeing!

No. 748079

File: 1614212547408.jpg (Spoiler Image, 179.94 KB, 1631x1079, EtCd-OpU0AAuKfx.jpg)

I've been feeling so inspired and motivated by different artists lately, I know once I get off my ass and complete school shit, I'm gonna go on an drawing rampage

No. 748081

It’s shit if you’re poor but good if you’re rich. The weather is miserable but similar to the rest of the region.

No. 748087

File: 1614213217170.jpeg (22.94 KB, 460x305, images (66).jpeg)

I always forget we can't post porny things anymore, not even drawn shit
I wonder where the mods draw the line

No. 748090

Honesly, as someone who didn't drive until my mid-twenties, you're going to have to just do it, Pick a time and place you know traffic will be calm and figure out how the car moves. Take some driving lessons if your feel you need to, personally I would highly recomend it. Personal experience showed me that anyone who isn't a specialized driving instructor will just yell at you rather than teach you.

Driving a car might be something to get used to for you rather than just waking up one day suddenly gaining confidence. Start small, get in the car and drive to work/school/store/ etc. everday untill getting there becomes second nature (it will). Then wander around your area until you get comfortable and work up to faster roads from there.

For motivation, you say you live in NYC but do you plan to stay there? Can you afford to? Aside from New England and maybe Chicago most of the country has pretty shit transportation and has been basicly built around the car. Unless you plan to stay where you are driving may be a necessity for you anyway.

No. 748120

File: 1614215834330.jpg (50.62 KB, 400x400, Jasmine-Tookes-Contact-Informa…)

I've been watching videos by Jasmine Tookes and Vinetria and I am so envious. Why are they so fucking pretty

No. 748121

File: 1614215908344.jpeg (74.87 KB, 768x768, A809095E-3370-4535-8A6B-44AAB1…)

So this is weird as hell but 100 percent true. I drove from ages 17-29 and never lost my severe driving anxiety. Once I started taking buprioprin it went away like poof. Don’t have any idea why but I’m super glad.

No. 748122

For the past like week I've been making sweet tea right before I go to bed so I can put it in the fridge overnight and have it with my breakfast. I'm averaging like 2 big mugs of sweet tea a day, and I drink them super fast cause I use a boba straw. I feel so guilty cause I know it's not good for me, but it's soooo good. My dumbass just had a uti and here I am drinking tea

No. 748125

im sorry anon but i misread that as ibuprofen and it gave me a laugh

No. 748127

File: 1614216740238.jpeg (267.92 KB, 750x698, B2FBFB34-DD71-4CAD-8B13-65660B…)

stress-induced headaches are the absolute worse

No. 748130

I think I’m getting weak to artificial sweeteners. Any day I have extra cups of low sugar hot cocoa end with me being gassy as hell.

No. 748133

File: 1614217304546.png (8.98 KB, 756x99, 35364633.PNG)


No. 748146

File: 1614218428309.gif (670.95 KB, 500x478, spincake.gif)

i know this is late but thank you anons. it was bothering me more than i liked to admit. i have more motivation to keep practicing music now.

No. 748151

Thank you anons! I hope I'll be able to let go of the anxiety once I get used to it! This is also kind of lame but I like watching people drive because they look so cool kek I want to look cool.

I was in the car once with friends and we were driving back to Queens from LI on the highway and someone just swerved into our lane, no turn signal or anything, it was fucking horrifying.

Thank you anon! I was looking into dashcams before! Do you have just one in the front or both front and rear? Do you always put them away before you get out of the car? I'm scared of forgetting that they're out and getting my car broken into lol.

I'm most likely going to take lessons. My dad refuses to teach me because he says going through a driving school means getting a slightly cheaper insurance rate after, but I think it's for the best because I honestly don't really want my dad to teach me anyway since I think he's a pretty meh driver lol, definitely don't want to pick up his bad habits.

No. 748187

i played as a witch hunter in dungeon AI and it was fun.

No. 748195

File: 1614222620620.jpg (126.45 KB, 1000x750, 1613782380380.jpg)

Happy bc I'm about to get drunk (on my own, again)
sad bc I got little alcohol left and no more money.

Oh well. Tomorrow's the day I get my shit together. I'm seeing a shrink.

No. 748201

File: 1614223246778.jpg (29.75 KB, 640x630, 20210120_020545.jpg)

Good luck for tomorrow, nonnie

No. 748204

did you get som fucc

No. 748206

File: 1614223401400.jpeg (158.38 KB, 594x758, 1640BBDE-D490-4951-BE5A-A4B853…)

should I read the whole dork diaries series again as a retrospect and then cope with the fact with how shit it’s probably going to be by doing it ironically?

No. 748208

File: 1614223584005.jpeg (92.73 KB, 236x275, 1557877681526.jpeg)

Yes, and add on Dear Dumb Diary as well, scholar.

No. 748255

File: 1614225334660.png (632.83 KB, 1312x926, anovio.png)

omg mods finally banned anorectal violence

No. 748259

I hope he dies from lack of attention
Imagine boring our mods

No. 748263

I only got a confession from my teammate ;_;

No. 748267

Did enable nsfw mode on the settings?

No. 748268

Doesn't he get banned everyday? I see his threads pop up and then get deleted constantly.

No. 748270

He has unlimited vpns

No. 748271

Not OP but thank you so much for the starting small suggestion.. I'm almost 30 and I'm scared as shit to drive but I have to since I want to eventually live in a quiet town near the woods or something

No. 748272

>nb reader
>gender neutral reader
Just die already

No. 748274

Isn't gender neutral just so male and female readers can read it? What's the issue?

No. 748275

I just got called twice from a private number and it's pretty late here where I live. I'm terrified.

No. 748276

Breakdancing is so fucking funny omfg

No. 748277

It's probably just spam!

No. 748282

NTA but it takes a lot away from the story, as people who do this tag tend to be very, very vague (like vaguer than most self-insert fics w/o the GN tag) with the reader's character, at least from my personal experience. I feel like it's especially if there is some sort of romantic relationship or setup between a character and the reader because they don't tend to go too hard on any of the fluff parts. If it's a smutfic, it's 1000x worse because they use terms like "hole" or just plain "genitals." It just translates so badly because obviously, the focus in sex is what's in you and your partner's pants. Honestly, it's just annoying as a whole to see this because 90% of FF writers and readers are women anyway, and 9% are fakebois and genderspecials who'd use this tag.

No. 748283

true but lets face it aint no actual man ever gonna read their reader x anime husbando fic

No. 748284

Because there are no men reading self insert MHA fiction of all things on the internet

No. 748309


No. 748322

File: 1614232676596.jpeg (30.64 KB, 278x219, 9D636151-4D1E-4EE1-90D2-3E3BB5…)

My sexual fantasies are better than any porn that has been created

No. 748327

Goddamn bruh, I have a girl I went to hs with on a few socials and she recently got into a new relationship and my god the guys fucking ugly. I feel bad because I dont know the guy but hes legit repulsive to look at, Shes pretty average but he gives her the biggest cheerleader effect. She seems happy but also doesn't have a good track rate with relationships. I feel judgmental but its crazy how decent looking women have such low expectations even in the appearance department.

No. 748329

do you ever write them out? it's a great release

No. 748336

Another day, another woman brainwashed into settling because god forbid women ever have standards or be single

btw I think you're misusing cheerleader effect. That's when average looking girls seem better looking when they're in a group.

No. 748344

My bad, I know theres a proper term but my brain goes blank when I try to remember. But yeah ugly person makes average person look better effect kek

No. 748349

File: 1614235215354.jpg (22.34 KB, 297x368, 1401790445209.jpg)

Uuurgghh I'm horny and I have to wake up and go to work in like six hours. My dildo's useless as shit, I want real dick

God I'm so grouchy right now wtf

No. 748350

Attractive guys are out here fucking everyone and or acting like rapists/black mailing women into sex and have no interest in relationships. The average looking guys get with model tier Stacy's or think that's what they deserve. Us average girls have nothing left over except fats and uglies.

No. 748359

I was making a mug of coffee yesterday, forgot that it was coffee grounds, placed it in a loose teabag after already boiling the water, and the proceeded to accidentally dump it all over my dominant hand bc the kettle's lid was missing. My hand was burning all day and I can feel a blister forming on one of my fingers.

No. 748361

File: 1614236811566.jpg (39.35 KB, 789x467, 1289674648.jpg)

>hear radio chatter at work, coworker letting my boss know that customer reported witnessing a car being backed into in the parking lot
>think "ha sucks to be them"
>hear boss's voice on intercom
>"will the owner of a blah blah blah – "
>it's my car

the returns on that karma were kinda fast I think?

No. 748370

I think the correct term for it is mogging? Not sure though

No. 748385

Why can't I find a pair of comfortable sneakers that isn't ugly as sin but also doesn't look like 40 y/o lady offbrand sneakers.

No. 748390

Saw myself in a mirror at work and felt really weird about how skinny I looked, not even sure why I looked so much smaller than I do in my mirror at home. My usual health problems have been worse than usual and I guess I've been dropping weight again. Looking spooky, gonna go choke down some poptarts and dream of a functioning healthcare system.

No. 748396

Men complaining how it's not 'appropriate' for them to wear shorts when it's hot will never not be funny to me. Shave your legs then you lazy asses.

No. 748399

It's so cold In my room holy fuck. Ac pls turn on so I can sleep

No. 748400

File: 1614245304806.gif (1.59 MB, 480x197, 38613ff8-c6cf-468f-9626-10c5c5…)

Just found out that my 32 year ild brother doesn't know how to transfer money online via accounts or with mbanking… I just… like what the fuck? He literally gave me 100€ cash…

No wonder I'm the one responsible for my familys finances at 25, none of them want to learn new shit

No. 748405

File: 1614247174572.jpg (28.17 KB, 475x493, pepp.JPG)

Ramadan starts on my birthday fuck this

No. 748406

I'm not used to the sudden warm spring weather. Yesterday I went to the store and didn't check the temperature and out of habit, I put on my winter coat and my boots. It was 12 °C outside lmao

No. 748407

samefag i'm exmuslim by the way

No. 748411

Fuck it's already so close. Sorry about that anon. I'm fine not eating food all day but not drinking water is the absolute worst. Good thing it's not during summer anymore

No. 748414

From an outsider's perspective the not drinking water part seems so unhealthy and torturous to me. I hope you'll be well.

No. 748415

Why is one of my eyelids always swollen? And it's always just ONE

No. 748420

File: 1614249464677.jpg (44.13 KB, 500x291, 1398029032187.jpg)

Doing behavior therapy when you suffer from good girl syndrome is really confusing. Am I doing the assignments to get better or because I want them to praise me? WHO KNOWS IT'S A GODDAMN MYSTERY

No. 748426

Found out one of the girls in my class has done more assignments than me, because she got praised in a course mail. Since they wrote down the exact number of points she got so far, I must now beat it. Why do I care? Who the fuck knows, but I must compete.

No. 748428

I need to know where this image comes from

No. 748436

artist is most likely suehiro maruo but im not sure which manga this comes from

No. 748437

File: 1614253912857.png (757.7 KB, 784x1063, 1614202806608.png)

So Manson is obviously trash but the nickname 'Lasagna del Rey' fucking sent me kek

No. 748440

File: 1614254524480.jpeg (113.05 KB, 1079x1045, alexander_the_great.jpeg)

Alexander the Great was so hot. It's the first time a historical figure (a 3d person) made me feel butterflies in my stomach. He's utter perfection.

No. 748441

my sex toy international order arrived and i'm so relieved i didn't have to detail my order at the customs, that would have been too embarrassing

No. 748442

looks like he's related to jake and logan paul

No. 748443

holy shit, I couldn't figure out whom he reminded me of until I read this post lmao

No. 748444

People keep bringing up that semblance but I don't see it aside from them being pale and dirty blonde. Logan Paul has more of a square jaw, a sharper nose and lacks the elegance Alexander had. Nevermind the determination you can see even in that 3D reconstruction.

No. 748445

File: 1614255936795.png (259.77 KB, 524x183, b.PNG)

yesterday i got my first ever ban for sex work derail, yet another lolcow virginity taken ! thanks jannies i appreciate ur work against spergs like me

No. 748449

File: 1614256238558.jpg (292.81 KB, 661x716, 1335929580758.jpg)

What's the LC version?

No. 748452

lol go fucking home scrote

No. 748454

lmao I suppose you did buy that fugly shit and now are here to defend your shitty taste.

No. 748458

Don't speak it into existence

No. 748459

Ayrt, I don't care about Ivy Park. Was it really that important to reply to posts from 5 days ago.

No. 748460

>>744304 Anon you are not alone, i thought it was the Meg treatment

No. 748467

He kind of looks like monky

No. 748470

File: 1614257592950.png (103.1 KB, 1599x847, help.PNG)

lolcow.exe has stopped working… this is probably just my computer being shitty kek but it's hard to post this i can't even see the shit im typing

No. 748471

File: 1614257595231.jpg (62.8 KB, 551x866, 6651fd4562bb19e93061146fb00a36…)

Is he inspired by Prince? Kinda interesting how Eastern men dress the way Western men used to back in the 20th century. Western men should start dressing like this again

No. 748472

What's with his eyes?

No. 748474

this is an ice skating competition costume, not the way he dresses anon…

No. 748475

The reason why he sort of looks like logan paul is because he’s part greek lol

No. 748477

I meant for stage costumes and public images.

No. 748478

heterochromia, I think

No. 748480

File: 1614257840226.jpeg (62.84 KB, 689x521, C2198AD8-A412-4576-82FE-92CB35…)

expectation is your pic
reality is this

No. 748483

Cute (but looks like a fratboy)

No. 748484

No. 748485

He looks like he pees in a cup

No. 748494

Gene Wilder but evil

No. 748495

This is exactly why fantasy should stay in fantasyland. Realismfags ruins everything.

No. 748496

File: 1614259231800.jpg (39.72 KB, 441x653, 1583564299563.jpg)

No. 748501

i'm 146cm, would i get stepped on if i went to the netherlands?

No. 748503

File: 1614260440279.png (137.86 KB, 800x800, dohqa8l94kb41.png)

Go to Latvia if you want to get stepped on

No. 748506

>>744849 link?

No. 748509

Dumb question but is he gay? I know he likely would never come out anyways but he gives me bottom energy.

No. 748512

idk but wtf is "bottom energy"

No. 748513

It's the term for when someone farts and the whole room smells like aged cum