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No. 705668

say what you wanna say

No. 705670

i forgot the link i'm so sorry

No. 705671

What is it with Japanese people and bidets? I live in a area where there is alot of Japanese and Vietnamese immigrants and every time I bring up a minor personal hygiene thing they will use it to talk about bidets. I will say something like "I only shampoo twice a month or else it will start damaging my hair" and then they will just start talking about how good it is to squirt water up there and how clean it is. And it's not just scrotes, Japanese women do it to. Seriously wtf is so special about bidets do they really clean that well and feel that good. Or is this some weird Japanese cultural thing I don't understand?

No. 705673

In Portugal we have bidets in all old buildings but they're hated by all. In new buildings they don't put them in because people don't like them m.

No. 705675

Maybe it's one of those weird things Japanese people are proud about because they think westerners don't have them? Like how they think having 4 seasons is special and unique to Japan.

No. 705678

Honestly, I don't know but I lived in Japan for a while and I sometimes miss having a bidet. Only for days when I have diarrhea or some shit and feel like I can't wipe my butt clean enough no matter what. inb4 oh just shower, people poop outside of their homes midday yknow

No. 705681

File: 1609370512164.jpeg (110.54 KB, 915x960, 69A3DBDA-D3F2-4B87-8A23-A9ED1E…)

I am watching some true crime thing ”Twisted Sisters” and there’s this lady who was someone close to the victim and she sounds so fucking drunk or pillheaded, it’s making me umcomfortableeeeeeeee. Makes me guess she couldn’t do this sober or maybe she was the one who had their kids taken away, idk haven’t payed attention

No. 705684

They're obsessed with the concept of cleanliness which they use synonymously to describe beauty. Similar to western sayings like "Cleanliness is next to godliness."
Makes sense that spraying water on your ass to get rid of shit might do a better job than paper. But is it more sanitary? Not necessarily:
>The repetitive use of a "type water jet on a high-pressure setting for an enema, can weaken the capability for self-evacuation of the Washlet user, which can lead to more serious constipation." If a Washlet high-pressure water jet is used on the anus repeatedly, it may cause excessive cleanliness, prompting other bacteria to adhere around the anus, causing skin disease (inflammation) around the anus. Some proctologists in Japan have named this "Washlet Syndrome" (ウォシュレット症候群, woshuretto shoukougun) or "Warm-water toilet seat Syndrome" (温水便座症候群, on-sui ben-za shoukougun).
It's equitable to how people overwash their faces thinking the excessive cleanliness will clear up their skin but overall they make it worse.

No. 705691

Honestly, bidets are godly when you're on your period and for not having to shower every time you poop ex. you shower in the evenings but poop during the morning

No. 705697

>Like how they think having 4 seasons is special and unique to Japan.
What? Is that a thing? I could understand if they only compared to east-southern Asia, but do they think other continents don't have 4 distinct seasons?

No. 705706

Not japanese but bidets are an amazing invention, I'm glad it's the norm in my country

No. 705708

It absolutely is a thing. They are always amazed at other countries having 4 seasons as well. It's crazy.

No. 705709

I never really thought keeping away poop bacteria would have been a bad thing. I wonder why they couldn't use some kind of probiotic butt cream or something to remedy this.

No. 705720

how do you dry it

No. 705724

I want a bidet but I'm scared it's is going to grow serratia. I know it's a opportunistic bacteria but I'm still scared of that shit this is gross but, one time when I was a teen, it grew on the sink spray in my kitchen and I've been a little paranoid of it growing developing anywhere since Can you take them apart to clean them?

No. 705729

No. 705742

I really wanted to like bidets but every time I've tried one I got a minor UTI. I never used any public ones, only the one at my hotel. Did I accidentally shoot shitwater in the wrong spot? I have no idea but it's not worth constantly feeling like you gotta piss when wandering Tokyo.

No. 705800

I definitely am way more forgiving and lenient with attractive people having bad personalities and sometimes I think I even like, force myself to like people I find beautiful's personality so it doesn't 'ruin' it for me.

No. 705806

File: 1609400626910.jpg (127.69 KB, 707x997, ldr.jpg)

I can't stand when I open a thread and it's obvious that the main people shitting on a cow are like, failed versions of that cow, instead of just observers having a laugh. It's the worst in the camgirl threads.
Some girls really sit down to write dissertations on pussy wrinkles, start comparing the cow's pussy to their sister or cousin's pussy (Alabama shit), and rage that the poor, innocent coomer males subscribed to someone's OF are getting scammed because the content isn't in glorious 4K with professional lighting. Just go to her comment section and drop a link to your own shit already, don't make us all suffer.

No. 705807

I'm pretty sure Belle skinwalker rusty.fawkes was one of main posters in the last Belle thread, she even dropped screenshots of her own shitty porn at the end of the thread (and got roasted for it)

No. 705828

I miss forums and even places like LiveJournal. All the online communities for my hobbies have moved to sites like FB and IG and it’s nearly impossible to get a real conversations or connections going there, especially if you don’t have new ‘content’ to post all the time. The closest thing to a forum that’s left is Reddit, but unsurprisingly the relevant communities on there are dumpster fires. I had hope for Amino when it started but that turned into an elementary school playground pretty much right away. Why can’t we have nice things anymore?

No. 705839

>start comparing the cow's pussy to their sister or cousin's pussy
Excuse me? Did some anon actually do that?

No. 705841

I feel you anon. Everything feels more disconnected as people move to the larger sites. The internet feels a lot more colder than it did before.

No. 705842

I’m too addicted to acting like a cow on any digital social platform to be on any at this point. Even in a discord with people I know irl I just want to say some stupid shit. It’s compulsory. I just need to shitpost. It’s been this way since the beginning of my internet existence, probably starting after my neopets era. Just can’t take it seriously nonnies. If I have an audience I become something else

No. 705843

i just checked the belle thread to see if something new was going on with her and jesus, what is up with the anons on there, i hope they aren't the same anons on /ot/ giving people advice and stuff… it was insane, the vagina sperg, i've not even seen that in shay's threads over a normal pussy, i saw someone day labia minora size depends on body fat, the illiteracy

No. 705845

The leftcows thread has the same problem. The posters that those cows atttact are just as fucked up and say the most fucked up things.

No. 705846

My god, this. It's the case with all the e-thot and artist cow threads. In the e-thot threads it's endless pussy lip nitpicking and going through the OF content with a magnifying glass to find one zit or broken nail to point and laugh at or bitch about the photo quality or the OF pricing or some stupid shit. It's so fucking sad I can't deal with it, how do these people function?

And with artist cows it's people endlessly doing their shitty redraws that are just as bad as the original and then having a meltdown when their super funny amazing parody fanart didn't make it to the next thread image. Leave your personality disorders at the door thanks.

No. 705847

Is anyone else getting randomfag discord invites from people they don't share any servers with to random servers they've never heard of? I'd be tempted to join one for the hell of it and see what it entails but I'm not enthralled of the idea of running into hackers, creeps, or both. It's just that up until recently I never got any of these random messages and now they're spilling out the wazoo.

No. 705850

I went to see it because I heard she was doing fucked up porn and thought that would be a good source for milk and what do I get, her thread is full of terminal spergs not even talking about her actions but instead picking apart her body. Someone was posting about "why doesn't she just get labiaplasty to get an anime girl innie vagina, she has the money" and that "she looks 30 here" to imply she's haggard, like what the fuck? This is some PULL tier skinwalker shit and everyone who thinks so is branded as Belle or her simp king posting. How many times have they posted that one blurry double penetration screenshot to stare at it to see if she has beef curtains or not? That's called mental illness.

No. 705851

The nitpicking of looks has gotten worse this year imo. I'm here for the milk, not to read pages and pages of sperging about pussy lip wrinkles

No. 705871

i dont remember if there is a dream thread on lc but i dreamt that i had to help grimes escape from elon musk because she didnt want to give birth in front of him, the rest of the dream was basically like birdbox and us hiding from teslas, later grimes gave birth in an abandoned house in the woods.

No. 705875

farmers be making me insecure about my asymmetrical pussy

No. 705876

File: 1609414458205.jpg (135.32 KB, 1348x1500, 71fIsfhGk-L._AC_UL1500_.jpg)

i wonder if anti mask people were also against children wearing halloween costumes with masks

No. 705879

don’t let them get to you, I’m sure your pussy is nice

No. 705880

File: 1609414986222.png (49.27 KB, 860x900, FDFCDC7B-F908-4D12-B281-708E10…)

No. 705881

Almost everyone is asymmetrical if you nitpick hard enough.

No. 705883

It’s totally fine, they’re just obsessed enough in their hateboners to find something wrong with anything. Mine is way larger/asymmetrical than any I’ve seen and it always makes me roll my eyes when people call something like hers “meat curtains” or some shit like ok girl…

No. 705894

File: 1609418254974.png (1.54 MB, 785x973, 5DA46831-60BF-442C-A565-533CCB…)

mfw I am fed up and hurt a man’s feelings and he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore

No. 705897

It's just deranged coping, I bet they try and find pics of some supermodels pussy or toes or something so they can try and find fault in them. Imagine these anons walking around and coping whenever they see a pretty girl I bet she has beef curtains though huhuhuh

No. 705908

>get recommended a new youtuber
>end up liking their content
>find out that they have a thread on lolcow

every time

No. 705913

was it creepshow? i've seen a few people say this about her

No. 705931

Just my opinion disclaimer: It seems like most entertainment 'personalities' are extremely cowish and how good they are deemed by other people seems to depend on how well they mask certain behaviors. I guess you'd have to be somewhat of a cow to not be bothered by the spotlight and thinking so bombastically about yourself. Humble people don't often get famous on talent alone.

No. 705956

I just remembered that when I was younger, my mom made me cut up my old underwear before throwing them away. Idk if it was just one of her "Vagina bad" things or her mentally ill paranoia that people were stalking her or what but, that shit was weird

No. 705959

i feel extremely itchy and anxious today and i cant stop scratching the wallpaper off my wall cause it looks like scabbies lol. its extremely hideous and comes off easily and its going to be replaced one day but it just makes my anxiety through the roof. how do i fucking stop this autism?

No. 705969

Left wing-leaning online circles always get offended and passive aggressive towards users or online personalities who come across even slightly opinionated outside of their acceptable in group's values. Youd think for a crowd that promotes itself as pro diversity and open mindedness that it would understand cultures outside of their university, academia bubble tend to carry people who use more blunt speech and have less politically correct tendencies. I just find it funny when some fuck whos pro BLM and acts like the saviour of the black race gets angry when an (non super left wing or non SJW) African American writes and thinks like an… African American.

No. 705997

File: 1609430716875.gif (375.32 KB, 400x367, 6543.gif)

recently when I sleep on the left side of my bed my body twitches and jumps like crazy plus I have trouble breathing, it feels like i'm being possessed tbh. but if I sleep on the right side everything is normal except for some dizziness but that might be from tinnitus.

No. 706011

All of my technology is crapping out on me at once and it's super annoying. PS4 decided to be a hassle to turn on/won't play blu-rays or keep game discs inserted, and now my phone isn't sending texts, freezing, and not storing images properly. It's only an 8+, planned obsolescence is such a dogshit scam.

No. 706046

it was actually of herbs and alters, weirdly enough. I tend to enjoy her eating disorder videos, though I found how much she did drugs, particularly drugs that would be considered class A in the UK like ketamine, to be really weird, but I didn't watch many of her drug vids

No. 706054

File: 1609438566528.gif (1.46 MB, 480x258, giphy.gif)

Youtubers are spewing out their end of the year woe-is-me crap about how hard this year has been on them and I love hate watching them all.

>>"I know others have it worse, but people need to know that us youtubers have it though too you guys!"

You literally have the easiest job in the world. If you don't enjoy it, fucking quit and get a job at some big corporation or McDonald's and see how much of a crybaby you're gonna be when you realize you can't just stay at home feeling bad because you're procastinating on a task that you set for yourself.

Worst is their viewers and the comments coddling them and praising them for being so open about their mental health.

>>"My mother died of cancer, but poor youtubeman, he felt burned out doing what he loves, my sweet baby boi!"

I don't understand how these people can pretend like they're saints for putting out videos and getting burnt out on doing them. If you're getting burned out, you're doing something wrong and should manage your time better. It's really not that hard.

No. 706065

Zoomers are on tiktok are getting butthurt over racism and cultural appropriation in kpop like this is a new thing.

No. 706066

Topkek, kpop stans are vicious so hopefully there will be enough pushback/defending their idols to put an end to performative wokeshit.

No. 706069

We should also put an end to kpop.

No. 706074

Kek true, after they do their work. Then again, they can always be useless idiots (ie flooding twitter/IG hashtags), there's enough of them, and boy are they dedicated.

No. 706078

I mean I am glad people are pointing out but for so long theh excuse was "uwu they come from a different culture they just dont know any better!". Why do people give a shit now?kek

No. 706082

>glad people are pointing it out
Why? It's performative and stupid. They're doing it now bc it's an easy target.

No. 706083

I'm starting to realize my best friend's boyfriend and I have pretty similar personality types and interests. (ISTJ for the win)

Does this mean my friend has a type? This is so weird to me.

No. 706086

I'm assuming you're friends because you have similar interests, and I'm sure she's dating her boyfriend because…they also have similar interests. It's really not that weird/deep.

No. 706087

Change always has to start somewhere

No. 706090

how do i stop being a creepy amoral sociopathic but also extremely emotional mess?

No. 706091

>please call out/take away things that make kpop popular because they don't suit western wokeshits
I'm not even a kpop fan but this is so stupid. Change for fucking who? They'd still do just fine losing their entire western audience over this nitpicky nonsense, get over yourself.

No. 706096

Black face, race jokes, sexism and homophobia is not what makes kpop popular.

No. 706097

happy new year farmers, i hope all of you have warm food and a warm bed, i wish for many happy memories for all of us in 2021

No. 706103

“YouTube burnout” is such shit anyway. Burnout can happen in many careers, it’s not unique to YouTube but other people don’t throw pity parties over it. They also have so many benefits to their job compared to other high-stress careers (I don’t consider YouTube high-stress, just writing from their deluded perspective).

2020 was a shit year for most of the world so they can fuck off complaining, but career-wise the majority of youtubers should have been thriving. Most of them sit at home anyway, their distractions were limited, their (potential) audience spending more time fucking about online. There are so few people that have done well out of this pandemic but youtubers should have been among them.

No. 706106

You too anon!

No. 706133

I have always wanted a sewing machine for almost a year now, I dunno why but in the process of getting one I just kinda don't want it anymore. It's prolly a little expensive and unnecessary atm since I don't really have the time to learn how to sew anymore so it would go to waste. As heartbroken as I am but I don't really have another choice…

No. 706143

I joined a server for traps and trannies because I was bored and now I feel attracted to this gay man it hurts.

No. 706144

I have gotten two weird bans this month (I think) and both of them have been unnecessary, appealed and now I'm here. Makes me feel ashamed and whiny but !!!why can't I post dumb shit here

No. 706147

Bitchhhh I took 1 maca root pill and I'm bouncing off the walls and my libido is through the roof. They are not fucking playing. How is this a regular degular supplement at the grocery store?!!?!

No. 706151

please tell me more i've never heard of this

No. 706154

I just get the shits

No. 706155

i'm intrigued despite having an Adderall plug

No. 706168

File: 1609450357054.jpeg (64.95 KB, 994x561, EEB26F13-3386-4EC9-9A55-5D430A…)

love you girls i hope you all have an amazing 2021. now that covid is expiring everything will be amazing and we will all be happy stacies

No. 706183

>now that covid is expiring
lmao i am in one of the epicenters of a horrible outbreak. everything is fucking shit and it's not going back to normal anytime soon. i can't even schedule a fucking physical because every clinic in the state is filled to the brim with covid patients and nobody is taking appointments.

No. 706195

my teeth hurt and im scared to go to the dentist

No. 706200

sometimes i am tempted to buy blimd boxes because the characters are so damn cute but there are literally no use for them other than putting them on display and i don't have the money to be buying things i don't need.

No. 706201

Was looking up something quick on my bf's phone and saw he had looked up 'normal clitoral development in adults'

kek what is wrong with my clit?????

No. 706227

I accidentally swallowed some very hot food over Christmas, which then got stuck in my throat and burned me. I didn’t seek help at the time because alcohol numbed the pain. The healing is so painful and there’s little relief, anyway for future reference anons seek medical help immediately if you burn your throat because apparently it can kill you within hours. better yet don’t be a dumbass, check your food temperature

No. 706228

>oh no, a manufactured korean pop singer had dreadlocks!!! this needs to CHANGE
I can't wait for twitter zoomers to grow up

No. 706234

File: 1609455334148.jpeg (159.05 KB, 828x942, 858D5B74-36B8-4C63-9C4F-21499A…)

um what the fuck?

No. 706236

Not all people hate them here tho, they're pretty useful imo

No. 706240

…Did they spill their period disc and make a dramatic post about it?

No. 706241

just a schizo having jesus delusions

No. 706246

It's not Asia only, my country (Finland) also has them installed everywhere. They're pretty handy imo for exactly this reason >>705678 and cleaning up after a messy period.

No. 706247

Maybe he is a glowtranny

No. 706248

i thought it was that Christian anon who kept making threads with bible quotes. Maybe they fucked up and are now asking forgiveness on lcf of all places. I wonder if she knows confessionals exist at churches

No. 706259

you’re making a big assumption by saying she. to me it reeks of weird scrote

No. 706327

ngl this is me having self harm episodes except far less discreetly

No. 706339

ty sweet anons for making this year just a little bit more bearable

i bought myself 4 different drinks from a local bubble tea place instead of getting alcohol tonight hell yeahhh (if you must know two peach iced teas, a taro slush, and oat milk tea with brown sugar pearls)

No. 706350

Maybe she didn't want creeps getting them out of the trash? I've even read of men fishing used pads out and wearing them so…my middle class neighbors can sometimes be caught looking in other people's trash, though in their case I think they're snooping for info/paperwork

No. 706351

Sounds niccee, enjoy them anon

No. 706352

Seen a lot of this, people with BLM screennames tone policing black people for having normal opinions.

No. 706355

Happy new year to all the sweet anons on this site who helped me go through a lot of shitty times when I don‘t have a lot of close female friends nearby! I hope you will have a great 2021!

No. 706366

File: 1609472714627.jpg (19.14 KB, 697x317, FB_IMG_1609472686499.jpg)

It's the cow or bull year, so hopefully there's gonna be a great year for lolcow kek
Love you all! especially borzoifags and driverspergs

No. 706368

I love to be happy and unapologetically love myself out of spite. I do it to spite the 'uwu im a depwessed pwincess who is just trying her best to be happy everyday!' bitches that I used to be friends with. Yeah fuck you cunts. Have fun with your fake depression, 6+ years of college of majoring in English and still not even a bachelors to show for it, and working at shitty groceries stores while I'm enjoying watching netflix at my basic bitch office job with no depression and fucking thriving. I removed/blocked her from most of my socials, not that I ever post on them anyway anymore, so it's not like I can rub it in her face, but on the inside it just feels good to have grown as a person and continue to grow as a person while she's stuck in 2013 playing depressed tumblr victim for imaginary cool points.

No. 706372

File: 1609473936801.jpeg (193.36 KB, 828x1444, 4D5F008D-610E-4966-8F48-DEF3AF…)

There’s this poster on /soc/ who takes people’s pictures from “rate” threads, photoshops their necks really long, and then pretends to be them. I love them so much.

No. 706373

One thing I will say is I was going through such a hard time this year mentally and no one helped. I am grateful no one helped because I can cope with things myself and I dont feel obligated to anyone. At the time it felt like no one gave a shit. Felt bad. But know I am so grateful to the people who made fun of me or ignored me when I was going through hell.

No. 706374

are you 5

No. 706375

Has anyone seen the NYE countdown on YouTube? This video is just so eerie but peaceful. I can't stop staring.

No. 706376

File: 1609474726348.jpg (169.46 KB, 500x337, yX9D9Hb.jpg)

So… I was looking through the blog of an ex-friend of mine. I want to believe that this is just a tinfoil and I'm just overthinking, but something just feels wrong now.

Context, I was "friend" with this person on Tumblr, he had a strange thing for keep calling himself a minor, I'm not even that old so I guess it wasn't that weird for us. He was a nice person, he liked anime and videogames, so he used to interact with a lot of communities and proudly show me his edits. But as time went on, he… started to change.

He started to push many friends to the side, putting their names in DNI lists and constantly trash talk them if they used the "incorrect" pronouns for a character. He began to use 3 sets of pronouns and made his Discord server private, so I couldn't access it.

He kept getting into fights with random people over ships and I couldn't exactly reach to him because he would start saying that "You can't say anything, you're cishet".

I guess my end point was when another blog became target of harrasment due to, again, making jokes about a ship that the woke side of the fandom doesn't like, he joined the harrasment even when that person almost commited suicide, and… he thought that it was deserved, because those shipping jokes were more important to him than the person's life. I didn't want to keep interacting with him, I didn't feel like being his friend anymore.

Fast forward months later, I wanted to see what he has been up to. His blogs hadn't been active ever since months, he even tried start a blog with another person, where he… skinwalked one of the friends he DNI-ed, but what concerned me was the other person. They are another of his new "friends", that person is very annoying and as far as I knew before, a "Bigender" that won't stop complaining about fandom stuff, but now I found out that they are much older than him, even older than me in fact. Then I decided to read all of his past posts with that person…

Now that I see all of those messages altogether, I got scared, they read as somewhat manipulative guilt tripping, many of the type "Good to know that you don't interact with x anymore, I knew you were mature enough to side with me Smiley face"

Maybe I'm paranoic, but I'm starting to feel like if he didn't push us to the side by his own, but rather that the other person was manipulating him.

My mind doesn't stop going on circles about how this is my fault, about how I could stop this. I always knew that I couldn't reach him, but I keep thinking that I should have tried harder. I may be overthinking this, and I know many people may said that it's not my responsability to take care of a random kid who probably hates me now, but I still feel guilty.

No. 706377

dont bully me

No. 706381

I need to learn to like uglier men cause the type of men I like would never look twice at me

No. 706382

Everyone in your situation is retarded, especially you. Go back to tumblr.

No. 706385

I'm drunk asf and I messaged that guy I ghosted and now he's not replying fuck why am I doing this

No. 706386


Ok so update, I'm someone who is not at all receptive to medication or caffeine. Yet for some reason this gave me a really strong reaction. I've been unbelievably anxious since I took it to the point where my anxiety turned into rage and I actually ended up having a full fledged emotional meltdown. I'm not joking. I have no fucking idea why this set me off. I do have issues with anxiety and depression but I was literally taking this because it was said to help with those, not make shit worse.

Maca is proven to heighten libido, and enlarge breasts and butt. So like.. if you take it once and don't feel bad, It's worth continuing.

No. 706387

I'm just concerned about someone who used to be my friend. I'm sorry if this was stupid, I just needed to take this out from my chest.

No. 706394

you didn't do anything wrong, ignore that anon. it's the dumbass shit thread after all.

No. 706404

I feel this, I messaged my ex at 5am we're both stupid asking if he wanted to video call
We're both stupid

No. 706410

i dont know why this made me laugh but it did

No. 706414

I wrote up an entire idea for a coffee shop/cafe down to the menu, how I would practically be able to make everything on the menu, how the interior would look, pricing, etc. I'm just sad that it will never come true.

No. 706416

Coffee shops are cute in theory but running a food business is super tough, high failure rate and youd end up working crazy hrs

No. 706426

Pls I want to die end my suffering I’ve been constipated for 3 days straight my stomach is bloated and nothings coming out it’s starting to hurt and I feel like shit

No. 706432

Eat prunes anon. Vegetables with olive oil also works. I know your pain though, hope you get better soon.

No. 706435

I was so iconic this year that i hated myself so much that I turned into a narcissist who loves the smell of my own shit

No. 706436

nta but no bitch it's funny. These guys deserve to be fucked with, I wonder if it pisses them off. idek how I'd respond to that being done to me

on that note, why do scrotes post selfies to 4chan? why would you ever do that?!

No. 706447

File: 1609488446312.jpg (461.81 KB, 600x2727, the-ultimate-facebook-troll.jp…)

Subtle photoshopping to mess with people is peak hilarity tbh

No. 706456

my god thank you for showing me this, this is my exact type of humor

No. 706470

File: 1609497261371.jpg (6.55 KB, 224x224, download2.jpg)

Finally worked up the courage + crafted the perfect Friend Finder post for myself only to just find out the thread's been permanently locked

No. 706472

I have resting sad face and whenever I think I have a neutral expression on my face, people always go 'omgg what's wrong? Are you okay?'. It's so fucking annoying

No. 706474

Yogurt and then a cup of strong coffee. Guaranteed

No. 706475

File: 1609498442939.png (15.17 KB, 441x190, seething anon.png)

The anons in the Belle Delphine thread are so deranged it's funny. This honestly reads like a copypasta meme and reminds me of that one batshit anon who was posting in the vent/whatever thread how she wants to kill herself because Belle Delphine is making a million a month and she's not.

No. 706479

They just post a picture of her vagina everyday and act like coomers and use incel language. A cam girl's pussy is not "milk", JFC - otherwise we'd have 50676948 threads.

No. 706480

This is a bit of a dumb self realisation but I'll go ahead and express it anyway.

I broke up with my bf a while ago, we stayed friends because he's the only one I have in this area, the relationship dwindled down to basically platonic and COVID doesn't really facilitate new friendships. Like I don't feel anything romantic for him anymore and it's comfortable, you know?

But it's funny. Now that i'm seeing him through the lens of a friend instead of boyfriend, it's like my self esteem and standards are higher? Like behavior that I would blame myself for I now see is fully on him? For example sometimes when I ask a question in person he'll straight up not reply. When we dated, I'd think maybe I'm annoying him too much and try alleviate the awkwardness by repeating the question and acting like he didn't hear me, or glossing over it. But he does it now and I'm like wow, rude AF. And I'll sit and wait, and I'll say something like "uhhh, I asked you a question".

And you know what? He gives me fucking attitude. Due to that and similar stuff I sat him down and basically said he can be a bad friend due to above example and he's rolling his eyes and shit, as if I was his gf nagging at him (which obv is still terrible behavior). Once I got the point across that I won't put up with it and I would cut him off for being a bad friend, he was remorseful. And it's the same with hanging out. Sometimes he'll act like he'd rather be doing anything else if I suggest some activity, he'll sigh and say "ugh fine". Before it'd make me anxious and glad he's still willing, but now I'll say "sounds like you're not on board, we can hang out another time and I'll do this alone" and he's so quick to backtrack and show more enthusiasm. It's like fuck off with the mind games thanks.

But what was strange to me was that I seemed to make a clear distiction that having him as a friend is completely voluntary and if it doesn't fit with my life or is more negative than positive I'd just drop him. But then I know logically that's also the case for romantic relationships, but I don't act like it. You know? As if I should expect to sacrifice more of my self esteem and put up with more shit from a bf. As if bad behaviour is something to deal with in a bf until it can be slowly corrected. Why am I this way?

He's a bit of a shit friend, and once I get more close friends (which is in the works), I'll likely distance myself if he hasn't improved. I made the realisation that he probably has no close friends because he's an asshole. But I think I did this cognitive dissonance thing where I excused his behaviour with social incompetence, lack of experience etc etc for his behavior, because I don't date assholes.

But like why the difference in standards for myself? It's so dumb.

Lessons learned for 2021 I guess.

No. 706481

I think it's because we're taught to value romantic love more than friendship. True love and a relationship is considered a goal, whereas friends are just something people have.

It's something a lot of people do, especially when they're younger. They throw away friends for boyfriends or they put their boyfriend before their friends.

Don't feel dumb, most people have different standards for different people and recognising and evaluating them is a part of growing up. We never stop learning!

No. 706487

This is the start of a new decade but people don't really realize it because they're counting since 0 and not since 1.

No. 706488

I mean, I think it makes sense to have started from 2020. New tens digit. Wouldn't you consider 2000 to have been the first year of this century and not the last year of the 90s?

No. 706490

File: 1609503874341.png (43.38 KB, 696x494, 1.png)


No. 706493

crying rn because I’m realizing my stupid mutt most likely would’ve ended up dog fighting or something of that caliber if we didn’t adopt him

No. 706526

File: 1609513924059.jpg (24.05 KB, 321x375, 1578997942050.jpg)

Is this feeder shit?

No. 706551

browsing r/muslimnofap for a laff

No. 706556

idk if anyone has experience this but you know how they say women typically can't look into the eyes of their romantic partner for very long; personally i experience this and i get very nervous trying to look into my bf's eyes. well during sex that gets amplified even more and when he makes us have eye contact during (because he knows i like eye contact) i almost get adrenaline from the mixture of intimacy and nervousness I guess?? it's hard to explain i'm just wondering if anyone else has gotten this

No. 706561

>be gay
>Have preference for small boobs
>look up flat chest on Reddit (I know I know)
>Only very few of those girls have genuinely small breasts, the vast majority of them have perfectly proportion or even big in proportion sized boobs to their body (like D cup) and it's men or the women who are considering it flat chested
>Start feeling sad that most women who are healthy without watermelon tits think they're flat chested because of society worshipping curves that are unattainable to most women without surgery or obesity

This is sad, I just want to see genuinely small boobs and am tired of girls with C cups or bigger being considered flat. And can the "this doesn't happen" anons please save it as well

No. 706563

>>Start feeling sad that most women who are healthy without watermelon tits think they're flat chested because of society worshipping curves that are unattainable to most women without surgery or obesity
Nah, it's just whoring for upvotes.

No. 706566

I wish I could unread posts because I was better off before.

No. 706567

Maybe, but there's no denying that there's tons of women who have big or average sized boobs for their body size who think they're flat chested or get called flat chested

No. 706590

It's nice knowing there's a lesbian out there who will appreciate my a cup boobs. I hope you'll find some small tiddies to stare at soon anon.

No. 706592

When a guy says his favorite body part on a woman is ass I kind of wonder if hes gay or bisexual

No. 706593

Why? Men have completely different ass shapes than women for the most part with women's asses being more shapely. They're not saying they're ass hole men, they just like butt shapes.

No. 706624

I’ve had a few posts like that… I wish I could erase the kero thread from my memory forever.

No. 706667

labiaplasty is so funny to me. imagine telling someone "I have a designer custom made pussy". what a flex.

No. 706670

I think it's really sad. Imagine having men bully you into thinking you have to get cosmetic surgery on your genitals. Also I feel really bad for any anons mentioning liking or being in a relationship with older men. You do not have to do that please I promise you, there exist some good young men and even if they do not, older men aren't any better than young ones, in fact they get exponentially worse with age and belong in cages for even considering having a romantic relationship with a young woman. Please you do not have to date them just because they act nice towards you. Please

No. 706674

Anon, some people are just genuinely attracted to older men. I'm not saying girls like you described in your post don't exist but, I wish people would stop acting like all women are desperate for approval and will bend over backwards for anyone that is nice to them. I know it sounds crazy, but women have preferences and things they are personally attracted to just like men do.

No. 706675

Found out CherryCheezy, who made fairy kei and menhera art and clothing, decided to rebrand to focus on big breasted anime girls art. Thought it was weird seeing them sell a ton of their kawaii style items, now I know why. Why are these girls okay with supporting this degenerate anime fetish

No. 706678

Agreed… but it doesn’t make sense and I have no idea why

No. 706680

but old men are so hot anon
>I have a designer custom made pussy
that's what trannies call their rot caves

No. 706683

I think that shit sounds cool as hell, ngl. I can see where other people are coming from (especially if they're already anti-plastic surgery to begin with), but like you said, I think the phrase is funny and I can't imagine anyone saying that outside of a facetious context.

No. 706688

Does anyone know why every 4chan post made after the turn of the new year says "12/32/20" as the date? Genuine glitch, or is it some kind of prank?

No. 706700

>Start feeling sad that most women who are healthy without watermelon tits think they're flat chested because of society worshipping curves that are unattainable to most women without surgery or obesity
That reminds me, recently I've noticed more and more men on imageboards shilling for obesity in women. Not even just "thicc" shit, actual obesity and borderline deathfat territory, posting feeder porn whenever they can and claiming these women are "more fertile" than healthy body types. Even conventionally attractive women, (literal models in some cases) get called 'ugly' if their tits/ass aren't huge enough, as if that cancels every other feature out. It's weird tbh.

No. 706702

uuuuughhhhh i agree w this as both a bi woman and a woman with A cup boobs that are already on the small side of an A. but srsly, it feels so fucking shitty to see this stuff as a woman with actually small tits.

i've been so adamant for so long to never ever let that shit get to me and to never doubt my own femininity/confidence bc of having small boobs, and it doesn't get to me for the most part, but the one thing that always triggers me endlessly is other people fetishising small tits and then… not even knowing what small tits fucking are. it makes me feel so bad about myself for a while - like, it literally makes me feel like a boy? i feel like it strips away so much of my femininity if that makes sense? like how unfeminine do you have to be to have too small tits for even scrotes who fetishise that shit, idk.

then i remember scrotes are literally braindead and having big boobs sucks and i'm okay again, kek. but i feel u anon, it's a weird experience (and just generally sexy pics or whatever of women w small boobs is so fucking hard to find)

No. 706722

Anon it's obviously a joke. Like oohh scawwy 2020 never ended, it's December 32nd now instead of January first!

It's just that american date system is stupid so the day comes after the month

No. 706723

File: 1609543716008.png (1021.23 KB, 1356x1538, Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 3.27…)

Talking about lolcow in a Facebook group is peak dumbass shit.

No. 706728

That's from Lolcow? What thread?
Also, kek at that anon essentially ending up getting doxxed for mentioning Lolcow on main.

No. 706729

That’s pretty funny.

No. 706730

Megan Fox has ugly thumbs that make her unfuckable

No. 706736

It’s Shayna/Dolly Mattel in /snow/

No. 706759

lolcow originals being reposted/repurposed on facebook is peak 2020. very cool

No. 706766

I just looked at the profile and I sincerely hope this is satire because it says her kids are named Pixel and Link.

No. 706801

i thought someone was cooking something but i realized my farts just smell like salami

No. 706817

Super retarded thing but my bellybutton… is an outie… and it's fine or whatever but I feel weird about it sometimes. God, if I ever get pregnant that shit just gonna pop out…

No. 706820

This 100%, I've seen men who have ugly fat girlfriends go on and call Victoria secret models or attractive actresses ugly and it's shocking

My theory is the men who get into fat worship culture is that they've been brainwashed by facebook Karen's who have nonstop called any woman smaller than her flat (even if it's not true) and reposting the same "fat girls ftw more cushion for the pushing" memes

Women who do it are extremely insecure and figured putting other women down and spreading lies (uwu fertile fatties bigger tits is smarter) is easier than putting down McDonald's and going for a walk that isn't to the fridge or walmart parking lot

Imagine being brainwashed by the laughing stock of society - Karen's, men are so pathetic

No. 706824

I'll pop it back in queen

No. 706825


No. 706827

IMO Men, and women can say whatever they want. Healthy women will continue having relationships. Fat women will have theirs as well. I agree that talk is weird, but it doesn't have total bearing on reality for normal people. I think anyone claiming "X girls do it better" are speaking out of their ass, even if it becomes a trend like blondes, it doesn't have to affect everyone else

No. 706832

lmao I love you both

No. 706836

That wouldn't be an issue if men didn't enable obesity and encourage girls to have eating disorders, I know a guy who has a girlfriend who looks like a literal doll with an hourglass figure and cheats on her with death fats, it's insane

No. 706845

File: 1609553612877.png (237.07 KB, 700x483, 4dfhj5.png)

>i-i-it was KARENS who meme'd men into liking fat women!1!!!1!

LMAO, can you anons get any more pathetic than this? So what if a niche category of men like fat women? They've always been around.
Honestly it sounds like some of you can't get over the fact that not every man is going to like your body type. Who cares? You know, 'CONVENTIONALLY' attractive women are called so because–get this–they're the most popular choice that men find attractive. You can't fucking stand that 1% that's going to find the fattie more attractive than you, huh? The irony is that you sound so fucking insecure legitimately complaining about this.

>I know a guy who has a girlfriend who looks like a literal doll with an hourglass figure and cheats on her with death fats, it's insane.
Because the cheating would be less harmful if he was porking a more attractive woman, right.

Imagine being threatened by this and believing this to be an issue worth venting about. Mental.

No. 706848

I fucking wish women could procreate on our own without men

No. 706856

Go away fattie

No. 706858

File: 1609554750296.jpeg (45.7 KB, 387x413, 25FCF352-52DA-4BDE-8729-62D040…)

No. 706859

rattle rattle

No. 706865

Getting IVF or artificially inseminated is possible but also very hard and very expensive. Then people will look down upon the woman who does it for being a single mother

I know who my ideal sperm donor would be or at least what he'd look like but I doubt I could ever afford it. If I don't find a suitable guy by 35 then I'm going the IVF route if I can afford it by then

No. 706867

I don't think the men who find me attractive even use facebook. Ya'll are letting your farming hobby interfere with your perceptions.

No. 706882

Sometimes at 3am or so I get the urge to watch some animal documentaries on TV, but all that ever airs on the four mainstream documentary channels we have in our country are Hitler, boats, planes and tanks. I'm sad.

No. 706883

File: 1609557092206.png (137.12 KB, 1448x810, x.png)

Unpopular opinion; women should be about to rant or vent about their experiences without an anon butting in each and every time about how "this rarely/doesn't happen"

Yes men are fucking retarded about womens bodies, especially as of lately with fat fetishization becoming more common and not just a "niche group" like the anon claimed, yes people are allowed to scoff at men with attractive gfs who cheat with fat women, sure theories on why this happens may seem weird or outlandish but ffs can we literally vent on anything at all pertaining to womens bodies without the "you're exaggerating" anons coming in?

No. 706888

sage for samefag but but there were 120 MILLION results related to "my boyfriend wants me to gain weight"

that is an insane number for anyone to deny that it's just "niche" for men to pressure their girlfriend into eating disorders/obesity

especially due to the fact that (obviously) most of these are young american and british women between the ages of 14-30, and these are just the ones that made public posts, not even including the following comments of women agreeing that they've had similar experiences, other forums and imageboards that weren't included in the search results, women that simply didn't open up about their experience (which would probably be several times as much as search results) or other results that were of similar scenarios but did not show up because of how I worded the search

>well what if they were all anorexic/severely underweight
very little westeners are truly underweight, even if every single underweight american(male and female) made a post (about 5 million americans, and thats rounding up) there would still be 115 million posts about women saying there is pressure from their SOs to gain weight

now that this is established can the "this is just a niche group of men" PLEASE shut the fuck up when women come in to vent about the pressure to be obese in their society

No. 706890

Your screencap doesn't prove anything. One could easily search 'my bf wants me to lose more weight even though I'm healthy.' Instead of blaming women (sorry,"Karens") for what men like, maybe you should consider that men are just shit and say whatever about your body (this is called negging) to keep you on your toes because they like seeing how you desperately perform and change for them. Hold men accountable for their bullshit instead of blaming other women, and I'm sure that vent would have been taken more seriously instead of being looked at like bait.
Your example of being upset that boyfriends cheat on their hot gfs with fatties was pathetic because you're equating being fucked to being desired. You're angry that a fat woman is desired over a hot one. Even though the pain of being cheated on with an even hotter woman would be worse for you because it would be a sign that you're inadequate. And you'd be wrong in both cases because cheating is a sign of weak character of the cheater and disrespect of the person the cheater cheats on. It has nothing to do with looks of the other person.
If women could actually brainwash poor men into liking certain shit, then we would have meme'd them into showing the majority of us some fucking respect by now.

If you're not posing convincing arguments, then you look like you just want an echo chamber telling anyone else to "shut up."

No. 706892

This is gross. I wish men after this sort of fetish would get assbats and fuck off from human interaction.

No. 706893

but you are exaggerating, most men don't like fatties. stop dating losers

No. 706895

>that doesn't prove anything
it literally does
>One could easily search 'my bf wants me to lose more weight even though I'm healthy.'
I did, it has 118 million search results
>Instead of blaming women (sorry,"Karens") for what men like
are you really going to deny women can't brainwash men into liking certain things? do we need to time machine you back to every decade where men would simply go for whatever people tell them to like? were you born yesterday?
> should consider that men are just shit and say whatever about your body (this is called negging) to keep you on your toes because they like seeing how you desperately perform and change for them. Hold men accountable for their bullshit instead of blaming other women, and I'm sure that vent would have been taken more seriously instead of being looked at like bait.
why would women venting about pressure to look a certain way be seen as "bait" by anyone?
on top of that you say it happens because of negging, then deny it happens, like ???
>Even though the pain of being cheated on with an even hotter woman would be worse for you because it would be a sign that you're inadequate.
I wasn't the one who posted that
>most men don't actually do this! 1/3rd of the american population are just losers
okay… but losers are still men, and most men are infact losers, therefore women who encounter losers (aka most women) are allowed to vent about things such as feeling pressure to be unhealthy to appease men, now can we stop this and just let women vent or?

No. 706899

Some men like fat women. Less men are feeders. Stop sperging the fuck out and writing scholastic essay tier responses back and forth about it. Good grief, y'all. It'll be okay.

No. 706901

Anon has ptsd from her fat high school bully telling her bones were for dogs. Guess we should let her be.

No. 706902

okay… but if women feel like there is a pressure from people around them to gain weight or become overweight or obese then why can't women discuss things that happen in their own culture?

for example - I'm southern, Most guys I know like fat girls, put down skinny girls, and encourage women to be fat. Am I not allowed to vent about this issue because "it's just a small group"?
and we aren't talking about feeders, there is fat culture going on, fat fetishizing is becoming more common

No. 706908

I'm Southern too, but I've never seen men actively standing there with a box of Bojangles trying to get their girlfriends or wives to gain weight, or even talk about it. Hell, around here you don't HAVE to convince most of them. I don't blame you for being upset about what you've read, but don't take that shit as gospel because it's simply not.

No. 706909

i wish i had an outie bellybutton they're so cute to me

No. 706912

then you're probably from a more urban area than me, and that's fine, but what is the point of shutting me down about my concerns and experiences just because you don't experience it yourself?

>I've never seen men actively standing there with a box of Bojangles trying to get their girlfriends or wives to gain weight

well duh, just like in japan with the skinny obsession you, as I am hoping, a young female, a man probably won't come to you and be like "yeah I am totally trying to get my girlfriend to lose weight"
chances are the topic won't come up, however if you have a close relationship with women, you might encounter what I have encountered, which is pressure from men and women to lose weight

that being said I'm 5'5 at 140 lbs and even I have experienced pressure to gain weight from boyfriends and other women in my life, and I have also witnessed other already obese women being enabled and skinny or average sized women being encouraged to gain well. This is my experience, if you do not believe me then move on. But ffs lolcow is literally one of the only places I feel like I genuinely vent about the toxic culture in my area, don't take it from me

No. 706915

No one likes a persecution complex anon. Gaining weight is not conventional or popular in mainstream society and that's that.

No. 706917

>Gaining weight is not conventional or popular in mainstream society and that's that.
and that's fine, people are allowed to vent about fucked up things that happen in their own communities even if it's not mainstream

I'm not saying I'm a victim, it just worries me about people in my area or who live in areas that are similar mine
and I will again ask you - what is the point of trying to shut me down just because what I personally experience isn't mainstream?

No. 706920

Kind of at a crossroads between the sticks and the city, not really urban though. I'm an inch shorter and ten lbs less, but I've only ever caught shit from other women to gain weight. I'm not gonna discount what you've experienced, but good lord the men around there sound low quality as fuck.

No. 706922

I mean do you communicate with men often? I work in a mostly male field and have gotten a lot of shit. I'm mostly muscle and have visible abs and biceps with large muscle thighs and a generous chest and have been called "skinny as fuck" on dating apps from men in my area, had men in my area show genuine concern and accuse me of having an eating disorder, have had several men say "I'm too skinny with no tits/ass" just to name a few. Women are just as bad about it but I never been called flat or too skinny by anyone who wasn't obese and from my area outside of a shitty boyfriend I had from 15-20.
Once I moved to a bigger, nicer and actual city on the west coast things were a lot better but I did still notice fat culture creeking up but no one would even consider me flat chested/too skinny/no ass or anything unless they were blind

men in my area are shit but god damn let me vent

No. 706924

men have terminal porn brainrot, but i wonder if it's also a form of negging for them to constantly act like women with c+ cups have no boobs. i remember seeing some deranged scrotes on 4chan a while ago claiming that fucking emily ratajkowski has small boobs

No. 706925

women only island when

No. 706943

File: 1609566518581.png (221.29 KB, 612x344, 234923049234.png)

>some deranged scrotes on 4chan
See, the thing about those guys is they never touched a woman and never will.
wanted a meme for this so I made one.

No. 706951

maybe in the early 2000s but it's extremely untrue nowadays, especially for gen z women and girls, almost every single guy I know in real life who browses 4chan/reddit or whatever has a girlfriend they almost all the time emotionally abuse, on top of that a lot of farmers even give their own personal stories on fucking 4chinners so… get with it anon

No. 706953

this is true. I was a c/d cup as a teen and my ex convinced me that my tits were flat even though I always thought they were pretty big for my size because I was skinny. and now that im a bit chubby scrotes think im a titcow even though my tits didn't grow that much in comparison to when i was thin, its ridiculous

No. 706963

same tbh
at my lowest weight I was a full C, which imo was propotional for my body, when I gained weight I was a DD/DDD, then I lost weight and my boobs stayed the same, the only time I wasn't considered flat/small boobed in my life was when I was at my heaviest and then when I lost weight the flat comments started coming back despite the fact scrotes said I was a big tiddy goddess at my heaviest and have the same size as I do now

given I fucking hated being fat, I couldn't wear like 90% of clothes and felt literally rotten on the inside and greasy

contrarian anons aside, it seems when I'm fat and feel like shit about myself men treated me tons better (not a flattering pear/hourglass fatty mind you I was an apple) than when I am fit or skinny

I honestly don't know how people can handle staying fat for men, I started to feel the harsh affects in my brain, heart, stomach and uterus within the first couple of months of being fat. I could never live like that again, I'd rather stay single forever than to not be able to do my favorite hobbies just so scrotes get off

No. 706966

eh, but of course you are going to know the ones who do. the majority (who don't because they are ugly and antisocial) are still virgins, that's what an incel is. you know less of them because they're unsocial.
not denying there's a growing number with gfs though. you make a fair point for them. I think it's because more guys go on the internet and fall down that rabbit hole, including those who were almost "normies", and also the girls who think 4chan is an untapped edgy market so they get with them. I guess you are right though, at least calling them virgin incels angers the ones who are lol.

No. 706969

>the majority (who don't because they are ugly and antisocial) are still virgins, that's what an incel is. you know less of them because they're unsocial.
you didn't say incel, ontop of that online relationships are extremely common which tends to be a shitshow for every single woman involved unless she's scamming or catfishing

>who think 4chan is an untapped edgy market so they get with them.

yep, ontop of that YA fiction fetishized the shit out of mysterious anti social dudes so you have girls flinging themselves at the school shooter type

I'm glad FDS is growing at least, women need a fucking wakeup call before the norm is incels who have harems of women

No. 706971

online relationships don't always count imo unless they meet irl. idk that shit is 7/10 times abusive and misleading it seems to me.
also I did put incels in the meme but not the anon I replied to, it wasn't clear so ok.
I wish there was something better than fds, I don't think it's so healthy but it's something at least. yeah young girls these days are in a rough spot.

No. 706991

Have you just looked in your closet and realized you hate 99% of the stuff in there? I've always been really good about keeping even my cheap Forever 21 shit in great condition, so it feels bad to donate so much stuff, but I can't do this anymore. Half this stuff isn't even my style anymore, there's a lot of stuff that's cute but too big for me (the one thing I miss about being chubby is how much cute shit ended up in the sale section), and then there's stuff that's cute and my size but it's just cheaply made and I want something nicer. I'm about to donate all but a few things and go on a shopping spree. Life is too short to be rocking <$10 dresses from 5-10 years ago.

No. 706992

whenever someone tells me they’re having kids I always initially feel this overwhelming sense of dread and mournfulness for them, even when they’re happy and that’s what they wanted. I’m not sure why, I’m not like an anti natalist or someone who definitely doesn’t want kids, and it usually goes away after the kids are actually born.

No. 706993

Has anyone else had the experience that men tend to have a more wide variety of what breast sizes they prefer or what body parts generally but lesbians tend to much more consistently prefer large breasts specifically? Idk maybe this has just been the people I’ve come across but I feel like it’s much more common to find men into small breasts than lesbians.

No. 707006

No? Most lesbians I've come across either prefer average breasts or don't care. The latter might be why you got that impression? Cause lesbians aren't normally as passionate about specific body parts as men, putting more importance on the face. I've actually seen gay/bi women say that they don't like big saggy breasts more often.

No. 707007

It seriously feels like if you give a scrote one compliment they automatically feel like they are better than you and doing you a favor by still talking to you. This all has been discussed here a million times but I really don't see where they get the gall. History??

No. 707008

Most lesbians I've met don't care.

No. 707009

really? I definitely agree a lot of men think they're better than you and have a bizarrely high sense of self importance but in my experience if you give a scrote one even minor compliment they are like, in love with you and become desperate to impress you (I guess to get another compliment or something? idk)

No. 707010

File: 1609581494492.jpg (251.94 KB, 1105x815, Profile_-_Hopper.jpg)

Same anon - "Get the gall" is a real term, right? I looked it up after posting but it really only have me results for Hopper saying it A Bug's Life.

No. 707011

>can we stop this and just let women vent or?
no, not if you're venting about stupid imaginary shit. get a diary if you don't want people to respond.

No. 707013

I just was super drunk. I puked so much and sat in the tub with hot water for like three hours in and out of sleep.

No. 707015

God, please don't be drunk in a tub again, no matter how shallow the water is. People die like this. Hope you feel better now tho!

No. 707016

Her boobs are small but proportionate to her tiny frame. Men are retarded.

No. 707034

>I can't stand when I open a thread and it's obvious that the main people shitting on a cow are like, failed versions of that cow, instead of just observers having a laugh. It's the worst in the camgirl threads.

This has probably been half of /snow/ and some of /pt/ for many years

No. 707037

File: 1609587764657.jpg (150.54 KB, 1200x1200, emily-ratajkowski-big-boobs-pr…)

How the hell are thoses "small"??

No. 707043

File: 1609590016277.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 108.46 KB, 900x1220, B9070106-1C36-4E8B-93EF-31A5E8…)

they are pretty big esp for her frame

No. 707052

Men truly seem to think not having constant push up bra-esque cleavage means you have small breasts. Obviously naturally large breasts like hers aren’t constantly perky and gravity-defying like the boob jobs in porn.

No. 707058

File: 1609591890125.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.52 KB, 720x340, Emily-Ratajkowski-2-720x340.jp…)

>Obviously naturally large breasts like hers aren’t constantly perky and gravity-defying
Emrat's boobs are fake but, they are perky? I get what you're trying to say but she's not a good example of non-perky boobs lol

No. 707063

>Emrat's boobs are fake
wait wasn't it a huge thing that her boobs are real and not fake? i remember her posting photos from when she was a teenager to prove that she always had a large chest

No. 707067

File: 1609593456197.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 34.32 KB, 389x500, kompressor__optimized__image__…)

You mean pic? Tbh this doesn't prove anything cause her boobs are small here, which tbf she was 14, but it doesn't prove her boobs are real cause they're nowhere near the size they are now. Her boobs do look super natural though so, if they're fake her surgeon is amazing.

No. 707068

File: 1609593518824.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.47 KB, 550x350, Emily-Ratajkowski-Surgery-Brea…)

Now that I think about it, most pics comparing her breasts before and after just look like with and without a bra so, idk, maybe they are natural.

No. 707073

Wasn’t she like on that Nickelodeon show in her teens? I think she’s lying and this is her at like 18 or something. It is funny because this pic is literally what new implants look like. Then a year or so after surgery they drop and “fluff” out and look more natural

It’s also possible she had a fat transfer or implants, then got them removed in the past few years, so they look much smaller and normal these days

No. 707074

i think it's pretty weird and unsettling for her to be sexualizing her 14 year old self like that and drawing attention to her boobs in that swimsuit. makes me feel like a boomer. 14 year olds are children

No. 707075

yeah i think she's just super lucky, her boobs are about as big as you can have naturally when you're that thin so personally i believe that they aren't fake

No. 707076

I really don’t think she is 14 here I think she’s lying just to try to prove a point Like “oh this is what I looked like right after puberty so they’re real”. Those literally look like new fake tits lol. Look up breast aug pics, it’s very possible for fake tits to look mostly real these days

No. 707079

i hope she wasn't actually 14 in the photo but her claiming that she was freaks me out. does she not know pedos are everywhere? what if some scrote sees it and tries to abuse a real 14 year old? sorry for the autism but that's just bothering me a lot

No. 707081

Like I said she probably isn’t 14, she just knows that she’s famous for her boobs so she’s making up excuses to try to prove they’re real. Someone with actual real tits probably wouldn’t have even responded to the “they’re fake!!” accusations.

Reminds me of Kim K lying about her obvious ass implants or fat injection or whatever she got done. It’s all bullshit

No. 707082

you sound ridiculous. pedos can see a photo of a 14 year old in seconds any time they want? it's completely absurd and irrational to act like emily ratajkowski posting that would lead someone to try and abuse a 14 year old

No. 707087

File: 1609595918978.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 61.83 KB, 420x260, 81243887-6871-4D6F-A115-50DAB1…)

Doubt it. She prob got a fat transfer, or well done implants

No. 707090

obviously it's not that simple, i'm just saying she's definitely not helping the issue of people sexualizing kids by posting a photo with a caption talking about her breasts when she was (supposedly) a child.

No. 707093

I was thinking a fat transfer too. It’s great work nonetheless.

No. 707094

all she said about her breasts in the caption is that she didn't get a boob job. I don't think saying anything at all ever about your own breasts when you were a teenager is sexualising kids, nothing in the post is remotely sexual.

No. 707098

File: 1609597208737.jpeg (48.92 KB, 337x574, 3D6B24F0-C2E5-4433-8B1D-4406CE…)

Little ot from the boob talk but I saw people calling her a butterface when she first got big and was like nah, but actually after seeing more normal pics, I see it. Almost looks like a troon in candids

No. 707110

She looks like an indian boy mixed with an ostrich.

No. 707122

God, I still think she’s absolutely stunning but now I kind of see what you mean. Why would you say this!

No. 707126

I don’t think she’s like a timeless beauty or anything. Her beauty is on par with like a softcore porn star lol

No. 707135

If you think it doesn't happen just drop it and leave it alone. What's even the point of claiming several upon several women are lying about their own experiences? No shit women who live in rural mississippi isn't going to experience the same thing as an anon living in Vancouver, just like women who live in africa is going to be pressured to look the same way as someone who lives in Japan but that doesn't mean they're not pressured to look a certain way (not saying this is where everyone is from)

I swear to God it's like you anons think it's your life duty to be contrainians, how exactly do you think most of the western world for obese if there is little to no people encouraging obesity in healthy folks? Or better question; when will the "this doesn't happen" anons who feel the need to infight over every single claim anons make just get banned already?

No. 707138

why did you capitalize Vancouver and Japan but not Mississippi and Africa?

No. 707139

Maybe, but that doesn't mean the vast majority of women who are exposed to the internet at an early age (if we're honest here, it's majority of lolcow) aren't groomed and most of the time have had online relationships

They're shit shows for sure, half the time it's some 20s-30s loser trying to trap some poor young girl and use what they've been indoctrinated by to groom them just to manipulate those girls into nudes, sexual favors, or simply just stringing along several young girls for years to asspat their ego by manipulating them into being slaves

No. 707141

I had no reason to or not to,simply poor grammar due to using mobile, but can we please get to the point and not focus on lolcow posts not being on MLA format?

No. 707143

I hate the whole…
>woman exists

I guess we truly cannot exist in any facet of fiction without being reduced to a scrote because men can't handle when it's not about then.

No. 707144

File: 1609605909451.jpg (338.31 KB, 1078x887, SmartSelect_20210102-031017_Yo…)

And another fucking thing…

What the fuck is incredible about this? Oh wow, a FTM troon who has a vagina gave birth. It would be one thing of this were an actual man but there's simply nothing special about someone who has had a vagina since birth giving birth.

No. 707152

ima ask my dad for some christmas weed…

No. 707170

Kinda OT but FTM seriously pass so much better than MTF

No. 707171

Coworker M sent a package to the office as a gift for another coworker (T). M texted me asking me to put in the fridge and I asked if I could take it out of the packaging first, and she said that was fine. I open up the package and immediately see a mailing label on it and think 'Oh, must be a return.' but upon looking at it more, I see that it's been haphazardly taped back closed and the box cover won't sit flat. I open it up and THE INSIDE PACKAGING HAS BEEN OPENED and half eaten too. People are so fucking nasty. I looked it up and it's like $5 for this fucking box. Bitch, how cheap are you to eat a couple of these and then get a refund from Amazon for $5 for it? Not sure who's worse here actually, this disgusting man for doing this or Amazon for sending a poorly repackaged and clearly opened FOOD ITEM.

No. 707181

I'm tired of men bring like "hehe girls use all these crazy sex toys. Haha you guys need heavy machinery to masturbate" Bitch! Your dick is basically numb because youre circumcised and beat off too much. Don't be salty because we have a wide and beautiful array of sextoys and all you have is pocket pussies and cock-locks

No. 707182

I don't think I'll ever find a Chinese place as good as the one in the mall near me. I can't eat half the shit there because I'm vegetarian, but I'll still smash their fucking lo mein

No. 707183

No. 707186

kek no they don't, they just look like ugly hairy women

No. 707187

File: 1609612884549.jpeg (115.24 KB, 650x650, 26EADDB4-F7EC-4F59-9013-34203A…)

I almost died thinking I wouldn’t be able to play my Chinese husbando gacha game and i felt like the void was consooming my soul.

No. 707191

I snorted my klonopin for the first time to see what would happen, new year new me

No. 707192

I just realized matthew mcconaughey did not play the little boy in home alone

No. 707195

I hate the fatigue PMS brings but I also love taking at least one really satisfying nap

No. 707197

Can somebody say something nice to me? My mood has been shit lately…

No. 707198

File: 1609614118089.jpg (231.51 KB, 1242x1242, 0FE8042A-8835-447B-9598-21585B…)

Browsing online dating profiles is my favorite mobile game

No. 707199

A youtuber that I really like is pregnant and I'm worried that all the content will shift to "mommy vlogging" or something along those lines. It happens with most content creators I like and it's sad to see, they go from posting about their hobbies to talking about only their kids. I mean good for them but I'm tired of it.

No. 707200

You're beautiful anon! I hope you have a lovely and wonderful day! This is just a small hump in the road, things will get better, I believe in you! Treat yourself to a nice little dessert or food you like!

No. 707202

Idk anything about you but even so, the fact that you’re able to reach out when you’re struggling means you’re light years ahead of many, many people. It means you’re on track for doing well and that you have a skill that some people never be able to do. Hope you feel better real soon, anon, no one deserves to feel icky for more than like 10 minutes tops.

No. 707203

I hate how many women are making being a mom a personality trait and becoming mombies, the vast majority of them that are under 21 with no real plans to have a financially stable life is insane, on top of that how many of them are sexualizing their own pregnancy and hiding the clearly broken family is insane. I hate this planet and this world is populated enough, on top of that with everyone putting tablets in front of their kids instead of raising have rot all of children's brain to be annoying little shits who scream out gamer phrases randomly. Fuck this generation

No. 707207

Is it jessica? Because same

No. 707210

File: 1609616306244.gif (1.03 MB, 260x146, b25c069a3b3a084a798a0d24bf6f1b…)

No. 707217

>vaguely threatening to murder your pets and give you corona
>casually mentioning the fact he's a literal criminal
>still having the nerve to insult whatever poor woman has had the misfortune of stumbling upon his existence
better snatch him up before anyone else gets to first, anon! as a fine man named geralt once said: hollaaaaaa

No. 707220

Looks like a “chadfishing” profile tbh

No. 707222

Old people who expect their kids and grandkids to drop everything their doing to go be with them for their last few years of life are pathetic and narcissistic. I understand within the last month or week or so, but I work in a nursing home and have seen boomers who have like 5 years left to live beg their children to drop out of college, work, and move out of their dream city to be with them. Absolutely pathetic

No. 707226

This screams "white incel who has never spoken to an african-american person in their entire life and is using outdated slang", kek. This definitely seems like one of those "social experiments".

No. 707228

Assuming being a mom was always part of their plans, in a way being 'obsessed' about their kid is appropriate and how things should be. At least for the first few years of the kid's life. It seems like those kids who have moms who super care about them are more likely to be developmentally advanced and have less adverse childhood experiences. A friend of mine occasionally posts about her hobbies, but it's clear her kid is #1 and the child seems very happy and intelligent for it. Hobbies can be picked up and dropped off at any time, but fucking up a kid because the moms didn't interact enough or give them enough attention is for life. I just can't begrudge them, I'd pick my kid over a YT channel too and I'd only salvage it if it was a major part of my income.

I will agree that it's unhealthy to stay focused on your kid forever though. My opinion is probably really unpopular here though.

No. 707229

Well, even if it's unpopular you're at least not alone, I think the same way.

No. 707233

i want to hold your hand and let you know everything will be okay

No. 707256

No you're right about that and I 100% agree with you. But sadly it turns into posting about every little thing their kid does and every single post is about the kid. So not that healthy.

No. 707260

Having a kid is kinda cool. Like your literally mixing your genes with someone else just to see what comes out. The ultimate science experiment.

No. 707262

nta, I think they just love their kid and that's what's most central in their life at the time. idk why anons get so upset over something perfectly natural, I see how it's annoying but not uNhEaLtHy

No. 707267

Because it's stupid to have children in the middle of a pandemic, housing crisis, mass unemployment, and another great depression probably coming soon as well as the environment collapsing, and then feeling proud of yourself that you brought innocent souls in this shitty planet just because you can

No. 707269

People did not just start having children or posting about them on social media during the pandemic.

No. 707270

Exactly. I could see what anons mean if they become one of those family blog channels which Imo is wrong because your invading your kids privacy and sharing every moment of their life before they're even old enough to talk and exposing them to all kinds of creeps on the web but I don't think anons here realize how much a time a child can take up in a parents life, and I say that as someone with no kids. It's not weird for people to post a lot about a little person they literally take care of 24/7. Let parents be excited about their kids ffs, and if you don't want to see it then just don't. It's not hard to avoid or block social media accounts.

reposted because my dumb ass spoilered wrong

No. 707271

No one is saying that, but there's literally no denying there is a baby boom. On top of that most people are literally only having kids because of the most selfish and narcissistic reasons possible
>Oh I was bored and wanted a reason to live
>Because pregnancy is sexy
>My SO wanted to
>Because I'm a super trad waifu
>I'm probably going to die soon and want kids

And so on. Ask a couple/woman why they had a child and chances are there was not a single decent reason to bring a baby into an already overpopulated society with a grocery list of major issues

No. 707276

what do you even think is a decent reason? my god you anons seem to hate mothers and children

No. 707280

in case you didnt notice the internet does in general and seems to have for the past 10 years. everyone on the internet says the same shit and has the same opinions more than real life yet somehow its a reflection of reality kek

No. 707282

nta but The internet really isn't an accurate reflection of how people think irl.

No. 707283

Trying to treat my arachnophobia through exposure and I'm still on looking at pictures, dipped a little into videos on youtube and my dumb, DUMB ass didn't use incognito mode so I'm confronted with a video of a spider like "GIANT MONSTER SPIDER in Japan house!" in my recommended when I come on youtube.

It's really freaked me out and working on it is the last thing I want to do. I hate that it's not really possible to get professional help atm.

No. 707284

I cant imagine having to hate every family I see with young kids, like why do you take it so personal. Must be tiring as these are just normal people. I understand the covid concerns but other people arent gonna hold back if they really want to have a child thats fundamental human nature. Im not even sure i'll have any myself but wtf chill everyone

No. 707287

You seriously can't think of a reason that isn't selfish? Not "I want to raise them to do good things" or "to carry on the family business" or "to teach talents"?

No one hates mom's just for existing except maybe incels, but you have absolutely decent defense as to why it's a great idea to have children in an over populated area with tons of other issues

No. 707288

the world has always had issues, you want to control their choice to have kids as a result? the world is overpopulated so let's all get sterilized? I don't think everyone needs a noble reason or one you agree with is all. I think even in hard times people have kids for good reasons and i'm not pressed if they want some joy from their pictures

No. 707289

samefag but carrying on the family business and the others could be called selfish too. Likewise people usually have multiple reasons for a big decision like that, almost always including good things like you mentioned

No. 707290

Overpopulation is going to be the final collapse of this shitty economy. Have you ever even left your house? Every single person who isn't from a rich family is taking note of the effects of overpopulation, when something is ruining society as we know it then it is literally everyone's duty to help and it is everyones right to shame people who fail to contribute to it as well. Soft "but it's their business!" Aside. When there is a huge problem happening and you're this defensive over people being against the problem, you, yourself are an enabler

No. 707292

NTA but the choice to have kids is almost always selfish. And in a way it should be - the best reason to have a child is because you desperately want one, since that sort of enthusiasm is a reasonable guarantee that someone will be an active and caring parent. Nobody should have a kid out of obligation to to carry on the fucking family business or contribute to society or w/e unselfish reason you can come up with, that will result in disengaged and resentful parents.

No. 707295

there's other ways to handle like increased access to abortion and sex ed, not "ok everybody don't have kids"

No. 707296

You're acting like the world isn't constantly in a state of shit. We just have better distractions from it now.

No. 707297

I didn't know Malthus used lolcow

No. 707298

No, because that contributes to society, "I'm going to die soon and pregnancy is trad and sexy" is not

If you live in a small town or country with not a lot of people, but most of these people are Americans, there is 101 problems due to overpopulation as of right now

Tbh I highly suggest you educate yourself on how shitty overpopulation can become. And have a decent educated defense outside of "it's none of your business and it makes them happy"

No. 707299

And you're correct but come on now, homelesses and debt is through the roof. we are educated enough to understand to not have kids until the world is truly ready. Why would you bring another life in a world you know is shit? Don't you care about the well beings of others?

No. 707300

I never said that, i said people shouldn't pop out kids just for aesthetic or a hobby. Why does that make me a bad person?

No. 707302

>just for aesthetic or a hobby
I swear you only think this because of internet tradcows

No. 707304

Life is what you make it. Shitty people are in power now, planes are going to continue to fly, terrible things are going to continue to happen in one way or another. Good things will happen too, better people will cycle through power alongside or in lieu of the shit ones, and alternatives will be created for a better existence.

No. 707307

File: 1609624512334.png (76.51 KB, 180x281, 61BA89D6-B65C-4FF8-B4FC-FADEF5…)

I want another subject. I saw picrel on the internet and think he looks cool as fuck in this outfit

No. 707309

And? I've literally only met a number of women who are having children because they genuinely have food intentions for them, internet trad thots and their followers are still people who are still having multiple children, not even mention most women in conservative areas who get married and have kids just because of tradition as well, or how many women are getting pregnant to appease their pregnancy fetishist bf. You can say whatever you want and they make up a statistic therefore we should be able to talk about how many more women are doing it as well

No. 707310

Great so we established that overpopulation is bad and people having children for no good reasons are bad. And I can't talk about this and state the obvious because?

No. 707311

but the solution is education, feminism and abortion no? I feel like this is becoming a different argument

No. 707314

nta but I want to chime in because I've been giving this a lot of thought lately. What's interesting is that this discourse on the ethics of having children is a recent development in human history. We're depriving the world of its capacity to support life and asking "what's the point of it all anymore". In the past having children was a necessary aspect of a life well lived. Today we're skeptical of whether life is worthwhile in itself at all, in the face of pain, misery, disaster, and hopelessness. We can weigh the pros and cons of having children, yes there are a lot of good reasons not to have them right now, I completely agree. But I would also argue that life is neither a gift or a burden of duty. Life is meaningful when we commit to projects, relationships, take on responsibilities, allow things to matter to us. As an extension of that, yes our situation is hopeless, but by accepting that we're in desperate straits, we can act resolutely to it.

No. 707316

But what does any of this overpopulation shit have to do with not liking when people post about their kids on social media. Like, you don't like overpopulation so people who already have kids can't talk their children on facebook or something?

No. 707319

Yes that is a solution, but I also feel like societal shaming of having children when you are not in a stable place should be encouraged. The sad part about people is that they're controlled by what society tells them, if schools and parents encourage feminism and abortions and birth control are free and easy access but johnny from down the street talks about how women are best in the kitchen and pregnant take a wild swing who they'll listen to

No. 707321

exactly lol I only got into this because someone said it's "not healthy" for people to gush about their cute kids. as if it's abnormal, when people should be passionate for their family.
I feel like some of you see kids pictures on fb and start seething that they shouldn't be born and their moms are selfish pickmes. that is what's kinda unhealthy

No. 707322

When there's an issue with stray cats constantly reproducing and making a huge issue of the cat population being too high and difficult to take care of we start spaying cats, yes? So why do we continue to enable people who keep popping out children when the homeless crisis is higher than it was in the great recession

No. 707323

>And? I've literally only met a number of women who are having children because they genuinely have food intentions for them
It's so weird how you guys talk like women are the only ones responsible for having kids. It's almost like men also have the ability to reproduce and decide if they have kids.

No. 707325

the fact that it's aimed at women is what's telling

No. 707327

No one does literally that but it is eye brow raising to see financially and mentally unstable mother's have children when they're not even in a stable relationship with the dad or anyone else for that matter. Out of everyone I know that is getting pregnant, only two or three of them are truly in a stable position to have kids and it's extremely fucked up to bring children into a life where you're not even sure they're going to be able to have a bed to sleep on or food in their tummy or the mental stimulation a child needs

No. 707328

skinny anime husbando when?

No. 707330

I want to dress as cool as him tbh

No. 707331

Don't get offended but women have the power to abort, take plan b and so on. Everyone makes mistakes yes but you're pregnant for 9 months, the first few weeks you can get an abortion. If you support my body my choice it is also the responsibility of the person carrying the child to decide if that child is going to be able to have a decent life. Men can wear condoms just like women can wear birth control, but it's in women's power if for some reason mistakes were made, that the woman can abort if needed

Obviously this doesn't apply for women who don't have easy access to abortion or family issues or whatever issue may arise. But please don't treat women like they are retarded children.

No. 707333

File: 1609625941055.jpeg (40.32 KB, 500x545, 1FBF198C-B7E8-4F21-87EA-8495A7…)

>tfw kaworu isn’t real and there’s no such thing as a scrote like kaworu.

No. 707341

Obviously it's the responsibility of both parties to prevent pregnancies but the issue is you're acting like it's the womans sole responsibility. Men are responsible for leaving before or after the child is born. The man can wear a condom, get a vasectomy, get a plan b for the woman etc etc… Not to mention the shame from other people and mental distress woman can go through from terminating. Just because a woman carries the child doesn't mean that it's only her responsibility. It takes two to tango, so both need to be responsible.

I'm honestly just tired of women being expected to take all the blame for decisions men also have to make. Men aren't innocent beings who don't know what they're doing. They know the risk is having unprotected sex. They know if they will abandon a child or not. They know how to prevent pregnancy.

No. 707344

Yes that's what I'm saying but women also have more power and time to make the decision. A man can't force plan b down a woman's throat. Men can only do so much when it comes to birth control. Women have tons of birth control options that are easily available if you live in first world country, a lot of those being free.

No one is saying women needs to take blame for everything but ignoring the fact women have much more power and responsibility as far as pregnancy termination and prevention goes is just going to make the people who want to help women look bad

We live in a world where men can unfortunately up and walk away from pregnant mom's with little to no consequences, but we also live in a world where women are educated enough to know if they can't have a child they have the power to abort and take plan b

No. 707347

cool farmer girlfriend when?

No. 707350

haha, I wish I was cool and had a farmer gf. more girls should dress that way. I try but don't have the straight proportions

No. 707354

clean eating kinda slaps, love me some frozen fruit cocktails and chicken breast sandwiches. had some fast food with my friends yesterday and i almost threw up from all the grease, maybe orthorexics are onto something

No. 707364

File: 1609629241271.gif (1.62 MB, 640x360, PoshBothClownanemonefish-size_…)

Dragostea Din Tei (aka Numa Numa Yay song) was so overplayed back then and actually I know the lyrics phonetically. Like I could sing it without understanding Romanian at all.

No. 707366

Same anon it’s a bop though

No. 707369

It does, I’m not a health freak but gave up the super bad stuff and am repulsed by it now. Such a weird feeling.

No. 707372

My best friend in kindergartens dad looked like the guy in the yellow shirt. I always thought it was him when the song played on TV, even though we're both russian and not rumanian.

No. 707374

I wish I could relate, I looove healthy food and have been trying to stick to it, but I can't stop enjoying sugary, greasy, fatty junk food. As soon as I eat it again it sets me off on a binge because I'm reminder how delicious it is.

That said I don't miss McDonalds or other fast food of that type, it's low tier as far as garbage food goes.

No. 707375

Me too, also didn’t know it was called “the Numa Numa song” online so thought people were talking about something else.

No. 707378

I slept till 2pm and had two large mugs of coffee today. Do I take hydroxyzinum? Someone pls decide for me

No. 707385

File: 1609632348070.jpg (94.26 KB, 720x955, FB_IMG_1609271862336.jpg)

I cycle between being super excited that I've reached my first goal of losing 10kg and being sad that I am still fat as fuck and have 20kg more to go

No. 707392

File: 1609633947583.jpg (710.71 KB, 3024x4032, 97edcfe8316b5bdc9d133beaac67da…)

> I ask people on my countrys reddit where can i get a delivery of some super spicy food
> half of them start bashing on me, screaming how its PANDEMIC and how they BET that all the deliveries are CLOSED like in their towns
> They don't even know that capital where I live in has always had delivery services and now there are more options with pandemic, that including delivery-only restaurants
> they still kept mocking me on how i dare to order during pandemic
> the nearest grocery store is 1hr from me so i just want to eat my delivered food in peace
Has Reddit always been like this? Or am I really in the wrong?

No. 707399

I've been high for 16 hours I want off this ride

No. 707407

File: 1609635613831.jpeg (31.29 KB, 791x791, 842A6CBE-701C-4836-8AB4-BE7DCC…)

Lately I find myself wanting to go to Hawaii. I just want to drink some sweet drinks and get a killer tan on the beach. Maybe walk through the jungle or whatever until I start to get paranoid and go back to the beach kek

No. 707409

File: 1609636091726.jpg (124.33 KB, 540x540, T91QpAY.jpg)

>Be me
>Hate-follow this person
>"I'm going to change my theme!"
>Interested, person has been boring recently so why not?
>Fastforward yesterday
>New theme based on a fan-character
>Looks ugly as hell
>Fan-character looks ugly as hell to begin with
>Actually hard to look at
>Okay then, no more reason to keep up with this person.

No. 707413

I’m gonna learn to watercolour SO GOOD, I can’t wait to practice tomorrow

No. 707416

it's just internet freaks, shut ins, losers, and anti-socials that shame people that much over normal shit during this pandemic. my country is extremely social and everyone is basically over the virus (still wearing masks) but everything is open

No. 707417

I am proud of you anon!! It is already a huge step and I’m sure you’re already at a much healthier state. Keep up the great progress

No. 707423

File: 1609641539292.png (113.64 KB, 500x293, damnitfeelsgoodtobeagangsta.pn…)

Let's ride the waves together, anon

No. 707426

I'd like to be friends with Discharge-chan, she seems interesting and chill tbh

No. 707427

>DR fans

No. 707429

i'm freaking out aaaaaahhhhh

No. 707430

Not on the fact that she eats it, but same. I mean, no details please, but it's your goop so do whatever. I recall her dad was some kind of microbiologist anyway, so he's probably shared a ton of neat information and stories

No. 707433

I’m going to speak to a rep and get health insurance! I’m going to do it!!! aaaa I’m gonna get this god damn IUD replaced and maybe get a dental cleaning and speak with a primary care doctor to make sure my body is functioning right!!!!!! Fuck you America and your shitty broken healthcare system aaaaaaa

No. 707439

Wasn't he also schizophrenic, or was that a different anon?
It would be cool if we could be trusted to not bully each other if we got to know our board friends, but then also I like everyone bring anonymous

No. 707440

do you ever wonder if an anon you've fought with was also the same person as an anon you vibed with but on a different thread/topic?

No. 707441

Yes and I hate it soooo much.

No. 707442

File: 1609647677200.jpg (914.91 KB, 1716x2288, kinnies.jpg)

No. 707443

Good for you anon!

No. 707445

HAHAHAAAA Fukawa is not here. Excellent.

No. 707447

I don't remember that part, but I skim a lot. That would probably make for even more interesting stories, but who knows.
Probably. Isn't that how normal relationships between people work too though?

No. 707448

batshit autist roster

No. 707452

/ot/ has been kinda boring in the last week or so
Why everyone's got to have lives and shit

No. 707455

File: 1609650286773.png (266.08 KB, 360x360, norman reedus.png)

i woke up thinking about how i used to look through tumblr and stumble upon those pictures of norman reedus, thinking, oh that old surly man in a j-pop or emo wig or whatever, he must be a comedian, but no he wasn't, and it was also his actual hair IRL

No. 707456

File: 1609650856278.png (269.92 KB, 400x595, 41AF3C87-0BAE-4929-8C81-545C8F…)

The sims games make me soo frustrated. I'm fuming because I spend forever trying to make sims I like, but the amount of fine tuning and customization options is TOO MUCH for my stupid head (never thought I'd hate customization). In picrew it's easier to be satisfied because you're not creating a complicated human replica, and most options are cute. I'm giving up on sims now. I always spent ages in cas but lately I can't even get to their outfits. It's usually the fucking eyes ffffffff sperg over because I realized how dumb this is

No. 707457

I'm not sure what Sims you're playing, I'm assuming 4, but why don't you downgrade to a version with more limited customization? I prefer Sims 2 by far because there's not so many options that it takes a tonne of time and effort, but it's not so limited it prevents you from making cute sims.

No. 707458

who tf kins squidward tentacles

No. 707459

Someone on another thread posted about a girl who got angry at her for her Spongebob porn because the girl kinned Squidward, so I guess there's a character for everyone.

No. 707460

That's a great idea, but it might not work for my purposes… I have specific sims I want to create that need certain cc for their features. That's all worked out but the shapes of their facial features is where sims 2 would be great. well, maybe I'll try it anyway thank you!

No. 707461

Me. He made several points during the series.

No. 707462

such as?

No. 707463

File: 1609651546470.jpeg (233.7 KB, 1080x1077, BB0AC0F0-F823-4591-B104-A06769…)

It's now surpassed 24 hours since I had the first edible, and I'm still woozy

Having some great on and off dreams but holy shit I've never been high this long

No. 707464

Yes and I fucking love the idea of it, it’s so funny.

No. 707466

Hating/being jaded toward everyone and feeling a constant sense of impending failure while only living a mediocre life. Yet, he still always had a passion he was never really that good at.
I'm only half-joking btw. There really is no reason to think this deeply about it, I suppose.

No. 707467

Yes, that's why I apologize when I mess up in a post, I feel like if I made a friend angry and that makes me sad.

No. 707473

Yes, it makes me happy honestly. No grudges. Someone who called me a retard on one thread might step in to defend me on another without knowing it. I think it's kind of sweet.

No. 707474

Are you trying to make me cry

No. 707490

I honestly don't understand how Eugenia Cooney is alive. I came across the Kairi video again and I jumped out of my skin. She's pretty much back to that weight right now as well. I don't understand how her family is allowing this to continue. How her mother is okay with filming with her. What the fuck is happening in that house. I don't even feel bad for Eugenia, I just can't believe it , that's all.

No. 707491

File: 1609659228995.png (77.84 KB, 707x368, Screen Shot 2021-01-03 at 1.32…)

The mods on here are fucking degenerates. Who bans someone for a single word? I don't even have a twitter, sorry for being black and saying "chile" in passing? Actual dumb fucks kek.

No. 707492

That's a fucking ridiculous ban, maybe I'd get it if the rest sounded troll-y or shitpost-y but it was a totally legitimate post about your feelings??

No. 707493

I keep eating late at night and it upsets my stomach, but I get so damn hungry. I'm going to start just drinking water whenever I get hungry after 8PM. My stomach is killing me right now and I can't sleep even though it's almost 2AM now.

No. 707496

finally bought elder scrolls online and spent 24hrs downloading it only for it to error out constantly and run so slowly on my 2012 mac that's fried from me installing so many illegal broken ports of Windows games. considering factory resetting it at this point but no idea if that will even help reee im poor and just wanted something new to play. my dark elf is so hot but

No. 707497

It'd be one thing if you were banned for not integrating because AAVE could be considered "not board culture" but the mod clearly assumed you're a dumb underaged kpop twitter stan and not just a black person lmao.

No. 707499

I'm not sure how mods are supposed to know that you ARE black and not some Twitterfag. Maybe adhere to board culture, this isn't LSA. I say this as a black person. AFAIK aave is okay but once you start using chile and sis here, anons get cranky since it doesn't fit this board's culture. Just like you wouldn't go to Twitter and randomly use faggot and retard (or kek or other imageboard terms) for no reason. That's not twitter culture so you generally wouldn't use it there.

No. 707505

Some real dumbass shit is that I used to think people were referring to the country of Chile when I saw this, and wondered how the fuck that became slang (I’m not black or American).

No. 707536

my ex that cheated on me got a nose job and it looks botched as fuck lol get fucked pussy

No. 707541

Some of Azealia Banks music reminds me of retro Sonic games' music.

No. 707543

A-cup bras are way too big for me so I can literally only wear bralettes, what do you think about it?

No. 707544

thought i was the only one! damn, sonic music slaps

No. 707549

Is it ok if I re-create the cow shipping thread? There is one, but it's 2 years old, only has two posts and is even locked. Would anyone else be interested?

No. 707555

I don't hate transgender people, I grew up with them because I went to an arts high school. I just have a lot of problems with the movement within the woke sphere on the internet and how women seem to get erased.

No. 707560

File: 1609677912657.png (793.01 KB, 673x670, floppa.png)

No. 707564

NTA, the modding community is still really active for TS2, and a lot of people convert stuff 4t2 or 3t2, so you might even be able to find it.

No. 707565

Here's one example of what reminds me of Sonic music from the early games. And Sonic music is always good. Except for Sonic Chronicles but it's by bioware so it doesn't even count.

No. 707572

I wonder why farmhands haven't stopped the Belle shit in the complaints thread. Idk what they're fighting about but it's been like 5 days so I don't think it's even a complaint at this point lmaooo

No. 707582

Did i make this post? Hard agree

No. 707595

I wish I lived in Switzerland

No. 707601

Initially it made me curious enough to check her thread which I wholeheartedly regret because it's a lot of adult women and possibly troons/men arguing obsessively and kinda cruelly over the aesthetic down to the details of the poor chick's crotch.
I just have no clue why they're just kind of slapfighting about why it is or isn't okay in /meta/, or why discussing it there would change anything outside of nuking nod patience.

No. 707604

I don't get it either. This one ban-evading sperg comes to continuously cry about her infighting and derailment bans, then screech at everyone telling her to calm down that they're whiteknights and undercover Belle fans. Like mentioned before it's beat by beat the same thing that happened with that Nicole girl, I'm wondering if it's the same person. Why are the mods letting this embarrassing shitshow continue?

No. 707607

Well deserved ban imo.

No. 707619

I think people here just aren't familiar with AAVE/Southern slang. Twitter takes so much slang that's common with black people so when non-black/southern anons hear someone say it they immediately jump to the twitter accusations. It's the same shit with anons sperging when someone says y'all.

No. 707658

File: 1609693649344.gif (38.06 KB, 220x155, 1853618D-67AD-4BE7-8C9E-A32BCA…)

Ngl I’ve watched it all, both sides are retarded but there’s nothing better to do kek

I know at least one is banned from /w/ for 24 hours at least so they have no where else to sperg and have now hijacked meta.

No. 707668

Just realized the snowflakes are gone.

No. 707675

It’s a sad day, the snowflakes were cute and nice even if they murdered my battery.

No. 707676

B-But winter festivities aren't over yet…

No. 707688

In 2021 we need to normalize having hobbies we arent good at. If I like to draw it should be ok if I'm shit if I'm having a good time. Men do it all the time, they love sex yet most of them are consistantly bad at it…its the same thing.

No. 707689

Nooooooo! But I guess that's why lolcow is loading immediately again, for me…

No. 707691

Thank god

No. 707696

If A-cups are too small for you, I guess I wouldn't even be bothered to wear a bra at all

No. 707698

When it comes to hobbies, there are only two options - you either keep the same hobbies you had at 12 so that you're proficient by the time you're an adult, or you don't have a hobby. I agree with you, if someone wants to change hobbies at some point they're going to suck for a while.
sage for sperg

No. 707700

File: 1609698157695.jpg (40.16 KB, 600x500, king-triton.jpg)

King Triton is kinda…scrumptious. Now I truly understand The Little Mermaid is my favorite disney movie.

No. 707722

it's really sexy for men to be big and tall even if they don't deserve it

No. 707733

File: 1609701636604.jpg (2.7 MB, 2898x2898, PicsArt_01-03-09.19.34.jpg)

Maybe people are bOdYsHaMiNg kumail nanjiani because he is fucking ugly after getting ripped unlike the other marvel capefags

No. 707735

I know you just made this post for the zinger but I unironically agree. If you enjoy something who cares if you lack skills. You only live once you should do what you want with the time you get, be retarded it's free

No. 707736

Actually, i wanna take that back, most marvel capefags aren't that ugly, some are but you know the vibes

No. 707741

My mom found a ladybug while hanging clothes up. It will now live with us until it's warmer, or at least that's the plan, because for some reason it isn't hibernatig and my mom feels like it's cruel to send it out while it's so cold and that it'll die. The ladybug now sits on our indoor flowers and my mom talks to it (called it (my mom says it's female) an idiot because it fell on the back and couldn't get up on it's own, but also didn't wanna leave my moms hand when she helped it). She also scolds our cat when she comes too close to it. She's so cute. Do I mean the ladybug by >she<, or my mom? Who knows. I don't.

No. 707742

It’s annoying the way people seem to think women are like, infertile the second they turn 30. I saw people say it so much I myself thought that was the case but having looked into it a woman in her late 20’s and early 30’s apparently has pretty much the same fertility. Also I find it annoying that people always tend assume birth defects/fertility problems with couples are a result of the woman and not the mans sperm.

No. 707750

it's so fuckin cute when my cat will jump on my bf's lap but stretch his paw out long enough so he's touching me too

No. 707763

Samefag also hate people saying women have a way higher risk for birth defects in your 30’s it’s always such dumb people who say this, it’s after 40 that risks really go up a lot. I could sperg about this for days lol, growing up plenty of the moms in the neighborhood had their kids in their 30’s. They are doing more research now showing that the man’s sperm is just as important, like that a couple having repeated miscarriages is more likely to be a deficiency with the sperm, but of course it’s miscarriages are still implicitly blamed on something the woman did

No. 707767

Your mom sounds so fucking cute.

No. 707768

people will hate you for the same reason they liked you.

No. 707773

File: 1609704557661.jpeg (267.89 KB, 750x1296, F6877D93-EE61-4271-AC3A-13F61C…)

Women’s eggs do drop significantly by age 30, but they still have tens of thousands more than they will ever be able to use.

No. 707774

I'd smash

No. 707775

It is misleading though for dumb people because they think “oh wow, 90%” then don’t even read the rest or maybe they do but don’t understand it

No. 707782

I always laugh whenever that "empty egg carton" meme gets posted by edgy men, it's so surreal, and they think it's supposed to offend women.

No. 707783

What's actually retarded is that people conveniently leave out the fact that we've already lost majority of our eggs by age 13. We're born with around 1-2 million and left with only around 300 000 when we begin our puberty. So that's what, like 85% lost by then? And nobody in their right mind would tell pre-teens to get pregnant.

No. 707786

I feel like online clickbait news is responsible for this shit. “90% of women’s eggs gone by 30” gets attention and clicks. “Women only have 72,000 eggs left at 30” is the same thing but with the real figure, and it sounds fucking absurd to panic over because it is.

No. 707794

I wish I had no fucking eggs wtf
Do they think it's still 1960?

No. 707798

Kind of related to the current discussion but when women write those think pieces that are like “I regret choosing my career and not having children” why do men react the way they do? Like it’s literally like porn to them for some reason. You would think that woman writing it had personally turned them down and literally castrated them or something with how hateful they are about it and how overjoyed it makes them for some reason. It’s not like that woman not having children makes them any more desirable a mate so what is it? A misery loves company thing? In general why does it make some men so angry when (random, totally unrelated to them in any way) women say they don’t want kids? like it doesn’t even effect them

No. 707811

They’re probably just broke and unemployed and mad that some women have high paying jobs. Notice how they don’t get mad about women working in teaching or childcare, it’s usually women in business or some boug career where they’re making a lot of money

No. 707814

Because it "proves" that feminism was wrong. If only she didn't chase a career and just got married and had kids, I'm sure there zero, null, absolutely non-existent chance that she could end up being unhappy kek. They think women never think about the question of work vs. family, even though this was one of the main point of focus of feminism before social media came along anyway, and plenty women suffer because of the impossible timeline and expectations pushed on women to do both.

No. 707823

I honestly find it very sinister the way so many men really try and push the idea to girls that the age you lose your fertility is way earlier than it is. This kind of thing needs to be taught in schools.

No. 707826

This kind of relates back to the egg thing, I feel like it’s ironic that men want women to have kids really young, when in reality women who have kids before like 25 are often not ready for kids, more likely to have kids with the “wrong” man, etc.

No. 707827

I also think part of it is as a women you have a lot of reproductive control in that if you want kids you can have them. Its very easy to find a sexual partner or you can use a sperm bank which is cheap and accessible to pretty much every woman. Men don’t have that option, their reproductive future depends on women and if no one picks them most can’t have kids no matter how bad they want them. I think a lot of men find this very distressing and it makes them resentful toward women, so they enjoy the idea of a woman’s reproductive future being out of her hands too.

No. 707836

And when they "select wrong" at the age of 19 and end up as single mother, it's still women's fault anyway, even though they gave birth at the age moids recommended. Since the single mother is the biggest, scariest enemy ruining society for the MGTOW-warrior, ignoring that it takes two to make a kid.

No. 707839

The reality is it's usually men whoring around in their early 20s, having forever girlfriends and always looking for someone better then in their 30s when they start losing their looks they rush to marry anyone. I spent all of my early 20s trying to settle down and have kids but all of the scrotes claimed to be too young or I was their place holder while they waited for their Disney princess who never came kek

No. 707842

This is a really interesting take and I think there’s truth to it. Women have more control over one thing and men can’t stand it.

No. 707844

So this is like the complete opposite of penis-envy.

No. 707852

My friend is 31 and is in a relationship with a scrote with 2 baby mommas, he hit on me infront of her and recently on christmas he met up with a woman from a video game behind her back. I asked her if we could hangout but she declined because she said she has to take his daughters to dinner with him, I said "why do you care? Those arent your kids. Just ditch them", she snapped on me and blocked me…now I have no friends.

No. 707857

Yeah, basically the takeaway is don’t listen to moids, especially moids who are literally just losers and have 0 redeeming qualities. Like why would anyone listen to them “oh this loser online said women shouldn’t have kids in their 30’s, guess I should have kids at 22 with my boyfriend who can barely hold a job” lol

No. 707864

You’re right but it’s just annoying that such loser men feel emboldened to even give their takes on when women should have children in the first place

No. 707876

whenever I see someone say they got banned for something stupid/inoffensive, I always think it's just a farmhand who got into an argument with a farmer or saw a something they disagreed with and just banned them for a random post

No. 707877

because men's entire lives revolve around women, so the only satisfaction they can get in the modern world where we no longer need the lowest quality males to provide for us, is that after a life of living for herself and not being forced to deal with men's bullshit, a woman might regret not having the time to settle down and have kids.

tl;dr at the end of the day all men have is their relationship (or lack thereof) to women

No. 707879

Put yourself in the kids' place, would you like a stepparent who doesn't care about you?

No. 707881

>"why do you care? Those arent your kids. Just ditch them
Uh anon? I hope you realize depending on how serious their relationship is, she's basically their stepmother. When you date someone with kids those kids become a part of your life too.

No. 707882

I hate how whenever ‘men should talk about their feelings and be more vulnerable’ discourse happens it’s always interpreted by men as meaning they should specifically talk to a girl they’re dating and never that they should be talking to friends or family or a professional if they need it. I hate that so many men have like no friends or are seemingly not emotionally fulfilled in the friendships they do have in that they’re always talking about how lonely they are and how they see getting a getting a gf as their only chance for companionship or emotional intimacy. I don’t think it’s healthy for one individual to be expected to act as someone’s entire emotional support system and I feel like for a lot of straight men that’s what they expect from their partners, compared to women who are encouraged to foster intense and intimate friendships since they’re children. I also hate that if you even point out this phenomena men act like you’re some sociopath who ‘won’t let men be vulnerable’ or whatever.

No. 707884

Shes not their step parent though. Guys wouldn't jump at the chance to take care of someone else's kids especially if the mom was cheating on them. When you reach your late 20s and early 30s you realize that there are men who will use you to help take care of their kids and pay Bill's while they're still on the look put for their dream girl.

No. 707885

No. 707886

It doesnt matter if they're serious or not. She needs to leave him anyway. And let me repeat this man flirted with me in front of her. Shes wasting her time taking care of someones kids for a man whose gonna leave her anyway.

No. 707888

I mean sure, he sounds like a shitty guy and she should leave him but, it's unnecessary to be cruel to the kids. "Ditching them" is just wrong and irresponsible if they were left in her care.

No. 707890

It's not being cruel to kids by leaving and living your own life. Men would never have this much empathy for a single mother and they arent in her care. It's just dumb that shes playing mommy for a guy using her for child care.

No. 707893

You said
>I asked her if we could hangout but she declined because she said she has to take his daughters to dinner with him
Which sounds like they were left in her care? So yeah, it would be wrong if she just left them by themselves. Anyway, I agree that shouldn't be "playing mommy" if they aren't in a serious relationship.

No. 707894

No, they're all going out to dinner together. She said shes obligated to go because they planned and I'm like why? Hes not your husband and they're not your kids.

No. 707903

It is surreal and creepy. It's weird how much we live in their heads rent-free. If they think all these sexist memes are actually supposed to offend us and change our behaviour, it doesn't, all it does is help reinforce why we should continue to stay away from them.

No. 707910

it's especially surreal when you realise they like keep reinventing this same one meme too, like 'the wall', the wine aunt thing, the no eggs thing, etc. How can they expect women to look at the 7th reincarnation of this meme and see it as anything other than pure desperation from some pathetic loser who has been cut off from the chance of reproduction and is desperate to fearmonger women into settling for some loser man so that he might have a chance. It's just stupid because 1) women can have kids if they want to have kids, man or not, very very easily. Like >>707827 said you could go to a sperm bank tomorrow and get pregnant, sperm is dirt cheap and valueless 2) even if there was truth in these attempts at fearmongering, that is still a more desirable fate to most women than reproducing with someone like that

No. 707916

You guys are way too normal for me. Where my severely mentally ill no bf unhinged anons at?

No. 707918

in the confessions thread

No. 707920

Yeah, men always want their GF/wife to be their emotional crutch at all times. The whole >tfw no gf posting itself is just because they're emotionally detached and think that their GF would listen to every word of self-pity and would make them feel good about themselves constantly. The whole 4chan /r9k/ board would go desolate if they were sent on a field trip with a group therapist and befriended each other.

No. 707922

File: 1609714962479.jpg (342.68 KB, 975x780, self objectification2.jpg)

As pickme-adjacent this sentiment is, I think I should give up on my ass looking aesthetically pleasing. Even if I were to start building it in the gym, my hips are quite narrow and my cheeks are covered with (what I assumed to be) faded out stretch marks ever since I was 10, which gives it a weird texture

No. 707925

Narrow hips doesn't mean you can't have ass. Megan thee Stallion doesn't have wide hips either. And stretch marks are the best, especially on big butts/thighs.

No. 707926

I saw that youtuber Dream being posted in the youtubers thread and watched some of his videos and he seems okay and perfectly nice but also there is something wrong. something off. this will maybe sound like a weird comparison but he gives me glitterforever17 vibes before she fully went off the deep end or like the energy of that kid in school who would randomly lie pathologically about inconsequential things even though everyone knew he was lying. there is something about him that is evocative and I feel like he will either have a decade long career or it will be over by spring.

No. 707929

I'll never get why huge asses (or any other body part) are considered aesthetically pleasing in the first place. Looks disproportionate if anything.
He seems like cryaotic 2.0

No. 707930

My goal for 2021 was to not spend more than 50 dollars a month , not including bills and student loans.

It's January 3rd and I've spent 200 dollars………….

No. 707932

I find it hard to see what Megan looks like when she isn't posing and using photoshop so idk and I've never really seen faded out, textured stretch marks look good unless they belong to a woman with a pretty face

I don't like extensively large asses either, but I feel like a shapely ass can look nice

No. 707935

Most of the time women who try to preach that end up getting manipulated by men "just sharing their emotions"

Men are so pathetic, you finally live in a world where you can do whatever you want and use it to manipulate women

No. 707936

File: 1609716354226.jpg (38.15 KB, 600x800, 600full-megan-thee-stallion.jp…)

Heres an old pic of her, like you said it is hard to find photos of her not posing and she's gained some weight but, you can still see her hips aren't wide in some pics

No. 707937

Hips look wide to me anon

No. 707938

why do you spend money? Are you in a certain headspace when you spend? Have you tried to do something punishing before you buy anything?

No. 707943

my dumb monkey brain convinces me I deserve it because I'm depressed and lonely. Or I convince myself it will improve my life in some way to buy another outfit. Really need to stop though.

The last part kind of made me kek though. What are punishments that can be self-inflicted and effective. I'm just imaging someone hitting themselves repeatedly.

No. 707950

have you thought about spending the money on therapy or help instead?

No. 707953

I've been doing good this weekend with not over eating. I don't feel bloated and lost some water weight. I hope I can keep it up during the work week. I snack during work if I'm bored and over eat after work because I'm tired. Let me be skinny this year please

No. 707964

Yes actually! Just waiting on insurance to kick in and then I am immediately looking for a therapist. My mental health was destroyed this year more than ever.

No. 707989

I just took a sip of my beer and there was a fly in it. I had to pick it off my tongue but when I did only half the fly was left.

No. 707997

File: 1609728058279.png (64.46 KB, 251x227, Excalibur_face_1.png)

No. 708010

Lol I rabdomly remembered that when I was like 6 or something I was invited to a cabin trip by one of the girls in my class for a few days in the summer. They had just gotten an electric toilet and I was just like weird, but ok. However the first or second day some toilet paper caught lightly on fire in the toilet itself or something instead of in the waste bin part or some shit. I was mortified to pee in that toilet to the point I peed myself lol.

No. 708011

No. 708018

I know I’m about to get my period because my brain literally will not stop telling me how disgusting and unlovable I am

No. 708028

No. 708030

my ex tried to make weed infused olive oil but it didnt work so he just chugged the oil (like half a cup) in an attempt to salvage the weed. this is one of the less retarded things that hes done

No. 708056

No one cares but anyway I can conclude that becoming pink pilled was an absolute game changer for successfully catfishing as a man on the internet. I think the fact that I've had actual random men online look at my troll account and conclude that it has to be a guy based on the typing style should say a lot about the average guy considering my strategy. My success is based upon assuming a misogynistic and narcissistic worldview–always siding with other men, only thinking of myself before others, and assuming the worst of any woman in discussion by default. Always bringing up sex whenever I can. Always making some reference to porn or games whenever possible. Always displaying a limited understanding and empathy towards non-white male experiences, especially in regards to women. There's other tidbits like short sentences, no "I think/I feel" statements (say everything with absolute certainty even if you aren't certain), and the retarded unfunny slang that men on the internet use. Maybe this will help a girl who is like me and enjoys making fake accounts for fun.
I have no nefarious intent behind this just to be clear. I've even kept escalating the drama to see how far I can take it before getting called out but it looks like men are so depraved that my account will continue to blend in no matter what I do/say.

No. 708063

File: 1609739759472.jpg (61.1 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1595089271347.jpg)

I hate that when I develop a crush on an actor I have to watch all of his movies (obviously) but I am too transparent about because I usually like the movies, save for like 2 instances. So I keep talking about movies with the same lead or at least same deuteragonist, not suspicious at all

It only happened to two actors so far, but it's happening currently so yeah

Thank God I don't have a crush on Adam Sandler or Jonah Hill or whatever, watching all of their shitty movies would be painful

No. 708065

I'm just going to fucking say it. I shower once a week at most , and I honest to god don't smell. I just don't. I know I don't because I've had people hug me and hold on for like 5 seconds , and done it multiple times. People always rest their head on my shoulder too. Sometimes I feel like shit about myself for not showering considering it's seen as rule number 1 of being a human in society, but if I can't smell myself then there's no desire to get up and shower.

No. 708066

File: 1609740342525.jpeg (83 KB, 696x1043, malik-this-is-us-s4e4.jpeg)

I'm watching This is Us and kept thinking holy shit this guy looks so much like Samira Wiley, turns out that's his aunt. Well then!

No. 708067

I forgot to say my hair also doesn't get greasy. On the same wave length, my dad sweats buckets but his sweat doesn't smell at all. Don't know why.

No. 708068

Damn I wish I could get away with that but I am a greasy bitch through and through. I've always hated showering even though I like being clean.

No. 708069

Even if you don’t smell, that’s pretty gross tbh.

No. 708071

even if I use a bidet when I use the bathroom? Explain. Genuinely curious

No. 708073

Same here anon, though twice a week for me. I try to hop in the shower once a day just to wash my face/pussy/ass but that only takes a couple minutes, and on a really lazy day I'll just use some wipes or a washcloth and sink-bathe. I genuinely like showering daily and smelling all perfume-y and nice but if I'm not in a relationship I cannot see the point and it seems like a waste of time.

No. 708081

are you asian by any chance? i've heard a lot of asians lack the gene that makes their apocrine sweat glands smell like shit. it also makes your earwax dry, not wet and gross

No. 708097

File: 1609748120367.jpg (27.63 KB, 470x347, 83NVedF.jpg)

I have never seen a single episode of Arthur but I love the memes.

No. 708098

DW is based

No. 708099

File: 1609748497591.jpeg (114.68 KB, 800x800, AE580BA7-8579-4593-B12B-1B174A…)

My prayers where heard

No. 708114

File: 1609753147744.jpg (60.93 KB, 650x650, agreed.jpg)

thanks inspirobot

No. 708115

I don't think that's gross unless you live in a humid and hot area. Some people just don't sweat or get greasy.

No. 708117

Anime literally stopped me from being a teenage mother. Sesshomaru art and fanfiction kept me from guys until I actually liked someone. I was even called frigid a couple times for refusing to hang out with any guy from my town.

The guys who liked me all got someone pregnant before we were out of high school (small town)

No. 708123

I just don't understand why you wouldn't just shower when you're already in there washing your pussy and face, isn't it harder to not accidentally wash everywhere else at that point?
Do what you want though it's your body, although wipes are really bad for your local plumbing, the planet and your vaginal pH balance

No. 708127

Washing your entire body only takes a few minutes too?

The fact there are some people not washing their legs, feet, arms and back really disgusts me. Your whole body can harbor bacteria, not just your face and genitals.

No. 708188

File: 1609769338629.jpeg (101.79 KB, 1501x428, 3B096F60-513C-41CD-A112-27579A…)

oh to be an anon in the tinfoil thread…

No. 708221

File: 1609775757482.png (1.23 MB, 828x1792, 89CA075F-7D46-40E1-9A3C-2AABB2…)

catching up on the news and this pic unironically turned me on. this is what 0 dick does to a mf.

No. 708224

File: 1609776413884.jpg (20.19 KB, 512x288, 4HYiEk_0NgzE6h800.jpg)

Why is he built like that? Does his body always look like that? He looks kinda sick, reminds me of pic rel

No. 708226

Charge your phone u horny bitch

No. 708230

I love being grown like I still feel excited every single day to just be able to eat whatever I want and go where I want and stuff. I don’t think the novelty is ever going to wear off.

No. 708231

He had rona, anon

No. 708233

He looked like that before he got corona, nonnie

No. 708244

I’m the exact same, anon. I’d give up my childhood of luxury where my parents exercised total control over every aspect of my life in a heartbeat for my new life where I have actual autonomy even if I’m poorer. I’ll never get tired of freedom and not being nagged.

No. 708250

Then i apologise, mlady

No. 708255

He looks like a fat, old version of my dickhead ex, can’t believe I never saw it when we were dating

No. 708263

File: 1609781804153.png (Spoiler Image, 705.82 KB, 704x628, Capture.PNG)

Recently I've found myself looking through random moids' product reviews on wish. It's oddly fascinating, lots of them buy weird degenerate sex toys and "penis enlargement" equipment as well as sketchy pills and oils. It's insane how they review these products under their real names with a profile pic of their face, too. They could be fake accounts but a few of them have to be real. I wonder how dangerous it is to take some pill you bought from china kek. Imagine hooking up with some guy and you see his chinese penis enlargement tools on the nightstand.

No. 708264

File: 1609781917486.jpg (Spoiler Image, 104.69 KB, 600x600, 5c4828c0a7377849e62d45ac-large…)

samefagging to add this terrifying photo. i can't believe men think this medieval torture device will work

No. 708265

Another day, and another reason to be glad I’m not a retarded scrote.

No. 708268

has anyone had any experience with tutoring middle or high school students? is it worth it for a little extra cash? would you rather go with middle or high schoolers?

No. 708273

This actually kinda works though, but it takes like two years of constant use for like a 5cm change. And it's slightly painful.

No. 708274

scrotes are fucking dumb but I've got a similar amount of scorn for women who get back-alley cosmetic surgeries/products. Some people are just weirdly desperate and think that there's a quick fix to their problems.

No. 708276

I hate that not caring about having kids or getting married means you’re automatically seen as some cold ambitious career woman. I don’t care about my career either.

No. 708282

File: 1609784809852.jpg (30.11 KB, 564x752, e520c05647095c83fd69cae794de24…)

My features are quite masculine and I would probably make a way hotter boy. Why

No. 708285

The other day this stranger complimented a bumper sticker on my car and I said thanks. Then two seconds later I realized I haven’t had that sticker on my car in over a year. This shit bugging me

No. 708286

First 70% of a torrent: 15 min
The rest: fucking never

Always like this. Whyyyyyy

No. 708287

Just cut my narcissist not-really-boyfriend out of my life but I'm still fucking sad and crying alone in my bed

No. 708288

This is about to come off as very pretentious but I always get my period on a full moon (not every full moon as I have irregular periods) but always on a night of a full moon

Any theories on witch anons want to help me out here or is there a medical reasoning as to why this happens?

No. 708290

you may be sad now but you're a fucking queen

No. 708293

why do so many vocal anti pickmes seem to exhibit pickme like behavior ? they're like the twitter girls who make fun of feminists for being "not like other girls" it doesn't make sense ?

No. 708295

first of all - using the term pickme is the ultimate pickme behaviour

No. 708298

I'm so frustrated I keep biting and chewing at my nails. No wonder the whole nail keeps falling off.

No. 708300

Because pickmes observe how "not like other girls" actual individual women are and pick up on those behaviors.

"You're a trashy pickme unlike me because I'm classy" type things annoy me

No. 708307

I cant do hook ups because it seems weird to let someone inside me who wouldnt care if I lived or died.

No. 708309

Idk why people hate on rap so much because EDM is literally the fucking worst

No. 708316

Hard agree.

No. 708319

this. whether it's justified or not, people who judge others like that tend to hold a laughably high opinion of themselves. plus calling out pick me behavior has no benefit and is usually defended with "but then scrotes will treat me like that!" it's the same thing as telling fat people they are unhealthy and need to exercise. just another excuse to look down on others and feel justified.

No. 708346

I really shouldn't have cut my hair like a total punk, now nobody will stop talking about it. It's really boring and I hope they get used to it soon. I guess I don't have a punk enough mindset to ignore it because it's really driving me crazy

No. 708361

why do i feel such a visceral antipathy towards popular youtubers and instagram influencers

No. 708365

As someone else with a 'punk' hair cut, don't let it wear you. Pretend you don't even have it and they'll stop going on about it soon enough.

No. 708387

I've just been telling them I know they're all jealous, but if I just say nothing, maybe they will understand how annoying they are. Thank you

No. 708396

File: 1609798278121.jpg (2.58 MB, 2898x2898, Gapbitchboy.jpg)

accidentally posted this to the stupid questions thread, pretend you didn't see it:
After some anon posted him, his fucking face been on my timeline constantly for some reason make it stop what u order vs when it arrives

No. 708398

Ugghhh why does erin painter have to shut off her social media all the time, I miss her

No. 708399

Same. I love the flip side of this too. Sometimes I catch myself thinking, I don't have to do this, and nobody can make me!

I hated being a child. I feel like my one ambition in life was to grow up and move the fuck out and live by myself. I've done that and now everything else is just gravy.

No. 708400

Got a very nice text from a friend who wanted to let me know we've been friends for 10 years now and she treasures our friendship so much I am cryinggg ahhhh

No. 708401

Maybe a curt “thanks” or something as well, if they start asking about the cut/dye job itself, just say, “I just like it,” or “it’s just how I cut it,” really boring shit. I have an undercut and people compliment it which is fine, but when people make a big deal, I visibly roll my eyes and say “it’s a haircut, dude.”

No. 708402

File: 1609799464246.jpg (30.45 KB, 800x450, Screen_Shot_2019-04-15_at_2.11…)

No. 708404

File: 1609800078851.jpg (50.59 KB, 643x631, 8GhUoew.jpg)

I've been thinking a lot about someone, and before someone calls me stupid, I'm just looking for answers but either way at the very least take this as an anecdote I haven't shared with anyone yet.

When I was younger, I was looking at pictures of asian men because hormones going crazy, I was very shy tho, so I was going through random social media sites instead of looking at actual porn sites or something. I found a few ones that directed at someone's tumblr, where that person also wrote porn, so I stayed there for a while. And the same day, out of nowhere some random guy approached me with a comic. The comic looked hand-drawn, very sketchy looking, probably made by a 15-17 year old, it didn't even had panels it was more like 5 drawings with the same "punch line".

>Faceless strawman ask to do x

>Asian guy replies that he hates doing x
>"Haha I guess I'm more japanese than you bro"

Basically, it was a Japanese American guy complaining about people and how much he hated a lot of things. For some reason he chose to complain about it with this random Internet girl, I don't know why me tho, the stuff I liked was actually pretty tame. I didn't bother looking at his blog, and as time went on I forgot about his URL, but I kind of wonder what happened to him. Assuming that he is an actual Asian American guy as he claimed to be and not a sockpuppet account. I actually tried to look up for his comic before, I went for the different tags I remember but nothing came out for me. He probably deactivated or deleted it.

Does someone knows this guy? I want to know what happened to him after many years.

No. 708412

I went to taco bell and there was what i thought was a very unkempt man with long hair working there but I realized he was a troon wearing a very small women's cut shirt and he actually called me "hun" in an…odd high pitched voice. I ended up gawking for a second and kind of feel bad for staring but I wasnt expecting to meet a walking stereotype tonight kek

No. 708414

you're a wolf awoo don't go full furry on me now

No. 708419

File: 1609802209283.jpeg (58.4 KB, 413x320, F4AE00A5-2D94-447A-B558-4D3DD6…)


No. 708420

File: 1609802265114.jpg (55.22 KB, 480x270, giphy-facebook_s.jpg)

No. 708422

What did u get anon

No. 708423

> Has social media harmed these teens?
That fucking cliffhanger.

No. 708425

Chicken chalupa, burrito supreme, and nacho fries

No. 708427

that's just too perfect kek

No. 708428

File: 1609802786586.jpg (58.2 KB, 1027x398, 453cb3270618011ac980105a25b87e…)

Wait they brought the nacho fries back?

No. 708430

I was going to post this but got distracted so thank you for picking up the slack

No. 708432

I would kill for a burrito rn, goddamit anon

No. 708436

File: 1609804307011.jpg (46.01 KB, 720x715, FB_IMG_1609102885091.jpg)

Watched Baby teeth on Netflix and now I'm sad and horny

No. 708440

File: 1609804600709.jpeg (60.49 KB, 640x862, sub-buzz-7586-1609710565-13.jp…)

i hate it so much

No. 708441

you hate kids taking pictures with their dads?

No. 708442

Is that the Scrubs guy?

No. 708446

File: 1609805990738.gif (169.84 KB, 128x128, CORN.gif)

sorry to hear that goddess
nice frog tho

No. 708449

Hurt my nose laughing

No. 708454

I was going to post this exact pic anon! It's too much… too much

No. 708457

wait they're a couple?

No. 708468

File: 1609809547411.jpg (6.21 KB, 275x219, 1606273026967.jpg)

>cyberstalking one of my cute coworkers
>find out that a certain RnB singer who had a few huge hits in the 2000s is his half-sister
>they have the same dad and different moms, he ran out on both their families and they don't talk to each other because of some big falling out
>mfw I've been playing her songs at work for over a year

Wonder how that makes him feel lol

No. 708475

This might be another dumb question, but is it true that Taco Bell makes people run to the bathroom? Asking out of curiosity again.

No. 708478

>a certain RnB singer
tell us. why don't you binches ever drop the name

No. 708479

Depends on the location.
Most fast food locations are inclined to give you the shits because the majority are employed by teens who aren't paid enough to give a shit about keeping food at the appropriate temps or washing their hands and equipment.

No. 708488

I wanna gouge my eyes

No. 708492

You’re so cute anon

No. 708502

Doesn't matter really the post isn't about her and she's irrelevant now. I just think it's funny I might've been triggering this dude by accident lol.

No. 708521

i cry so easily when anythings sad in media kek, it's embarrassing when watching a movie with someone

No. 708547

Just who are these people? Why is he so fucking ugly?

No. 708554

File: 1609823704591.jpg (134.95 KB, 1252x1252, 1557513710419.jpg)

why do people who haven't been in a fight a day in their lives wanna talk about breaking kneecaps on twitter? you ain't gonna do shit

No. 708556

File: 1609824239427.jpg (15.52 KB, 480x583, 100050424_118626606517143_2738…)

fuck fights lets bark to death

No. 708559

File: 1609824642150.jpg (32.58 KB, 470x491, 1592088213903.jpg)

sounds good

No. 708563

File: 1609825645331.png (207.42 KB, 500x265, tumblr_piny9fdwaA1ul9djy_500.p…)

The other night I got wine drunk while reading old Erin/other egirl threads and I thought to myself "tf. I could do this shit. My face is whatever but I'm skinny and short, I can take some thotty mirror selfies and get a few thousand followers on IG." Ofc the morning after I wince as I open my camera roll and see all my poorly lit attempts. What insta famous girls have going for them are cute aliexpress clothes and a well placed mirror that's for sure. But thanks to seeing them do it so much I've nailed a bunch of the poses that make your waist look uwu small. Thank you, egirls, for this useless talent

No. 708565

File: 1609825761715.jpeg (91.89 KB, 510x733, DCA4E11A-79E4-46D3-829E-5BDAC8…)

No. 708566

Buying cheap bootleg dolls and painting them to making them prettier is fun, even if I fail at it

No. 708569

File: 1609825949458.gif (980.58 KB, 286x200, 200.gif)

I accidentally bought Sims 4 on Steam without realizing it will only run through Windows if you do that way so now I'm having to download a virtual computer version of Windows just to play it

also gif related is me whenever I detect an infight on here right before it happens

No. 708571

Oh I forgot to mention that I own a Mac, not a Windows PC

No. 708598

File: 1609835482125.jpg (80.24 KB, 750x835, 1603739826629.jpg)

I really want to find the artist who drew and blasted rope to that picture of bakugou fucking deku's suicide ghost and find out what kind of deity was missing in their life also i've tried like 3 or 4 image searching services and none have been able to find who drew this? There's some cow potential here, maybe they Deku livestreaming his suicide to his chaturbate subs

No. 708603

File: 1609836715533.jpg (76.3 KB, 561x598, 1499017531116.jpg)

Tfw my bf constantly sends me links to cringy webtoons

No. 708619

File: 1609840201987.jpg (184.11 KB, 828x571, vximage0.jpg)

No. 708627

Holy shit this needs to be spread

No. 708629

Came from the front page for this gem lmao bless you anon

No. 708637

please post the picture i'm intrigued

No. 708645

File: 1609848020018.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 159.98 KB, 1369x1231, iwanttodie.jpeg)

it's in the bad art thread, but since you asked nicely

No. 708665

Nta, but I wish there was some AI that recognized weird shit before getting posted, so it sends some sort of alert with the post and a picture of a creepy looking guy, or an old person as the poster, with the account’s name, so the person can sit back and think
>maybe this isn’t a good idea

No. 708688

I threw almost all of my makeup away. I realised how I bought a bunch of shit I no longer use, have never used or have used once or twice only, which was a complete waste of money, especially since everything had expired. I kept my lipgloss, an eyeshadow palette I got as a gift and my mascara and eyeliner. I feel so much better. Fuck makeup.

No. 708690

I did the same thing last year, only thing I kept are essentials. It's such a great feeling and no guilt for not using certain items

No. 708693

I want someone to explain tattoos for me. If people don't get tattoos because of how they look, then why? What the fuck?

No. 708694

File: 1609857780045.png (Spoiler Image, 847.05 KB, 800x1144, 1609855319947.png)

God Carson looks like so much like my dad in this photo and I hate it so fucking much

No. 708699

It's the meaning (in some cases) + looks. Why else? I've got some and don't think I could think of anything else (unless it's medical related stuff)

No. 708704

What is the point of journalling? Why? I seriously don't understand

No. 708705

No. 708706

Idk, there was some sperg who was going on about how they're not for the aesthetic and it confused me.

No. 708707

I used to do it to have memories for the future to look back. When I started getting to busy and life shitty, I stopped lol
But some people do it to organize their thoughts and life, or also to help with mental illnesses. Some just find it relaxing.

No. 708709

I started doing it as an emotional outlet, but then it just became a fun thing to do. I like to write down fun things I did for the day or anything exciting happened, and do it because when I'm old and grey I'd like to be able to read back on these entries and relive them. Sometimes I do just write down depressing garbage but it makes me feel better afterwards. It's also an excuse for me to collect washi tapes, stickers, and fancy pens to decorate my journal with.

No. 708716

being a shut in is so bad for my social anxiety and general retardation i went out to buy an energy drink and im dying

No. 708717

Fuck, I feel this. I forced myself to take a walk a while ago and every time someone made eye contact with me I had a panic attack

No. 708729

File: 1609861295156.jpeg (111.74 KB, 680x655, 0DDB3AC4-DD9C-4F32-BC32-914819…)

i want a gf aaaa

No. 708743

File: 1609862995862.jpg (13.38 KB, 275x201, 1606267295772.jpg)

I'm so goddamn stupid. All this time I thought "agere" was a Japanese word for their DDLG/pedo equivalent. I just realized it's literally "age regression" abbreviated

No. 708750

Did racism kind of fall off in the mainstream or am I just in a bubble? I feel like during 2014-2017 you used to hear a lot about culture war things and like the muslims coming to replace you and rape all the women and ruin western civilisation or whatever but now I feel like people talk about that a lot less and those people moved on to different conspiracy theories

No. 708761

I ordered a vibrator 10ish days ago and waited patiently knowing that at this time of year there's delays. Finally realised today that the tracking number should at least show something by now. Heard back that my toy was lost in transit and I'm being refunded, cool but…

I'm slightly weirded out that there's a vibrator out there somewhere in a box with my name and address connected to it… like where did it go?

No. 708764

I can't figure out what non-binary means. I mean I read all the explanations but it just doesn't make sense to me. wtf are internet weirdos talking about, nobody is 100% FEMALE or 100% MALE?? what does it even mean damn it

No. 708766

Kek anon, it could be anywhere. I bought a toy before which was delivered to the wrong address - the mailman misread the ZIP code. Luckily the woman delivered it on to me. In that situation I probably would have ripped open the package without checking.

No. 708767

It means that because a girl wants to wear pants, she has to be part man, a mangirl. And because a guy wants to shave his legs, he’s part woman, a femguy.

No. 708768

not male or female

No. 708770

This but also remember that gender is a social construct, therefore the mangirls and femguys are one and the same. But also respect their pronouns and don’t misgender them uwu. It’s pretty simple.

No. 708773

The tracking never even got started on it so I'm relieved in one way because it's unlikely to be with any of my nosy neighbours. Seems it went missing far away from my gossipy lil town which is mildly better l guess lol

I hate ordering toys because I swear they are always the deliveries that go wrong

No. 708777

Random but I would totally join drawthread on /y/ and ask for my oc but that oc is all over my instagram and it would be fucking embarassing if somebody found it

No. 708778

For a while it seemed to mean 'girl that doesn't own much make-up or wear heels' Almost like it just meant tomboy.. But now even the girliest girls are using it so fuck knows.

No. 708795

i'm in a discord server with a minor cow on /w/ and i'm secretly hoping she starts shitting all over everything just to observe the fallout

No. 708800

Ugh anon that sound like so much fun. Do you have special tools/paint?

No. 708810

technically, they couldn't trace it to you specifically, unless you only have like 10 followers, and act as if you didn't know and that the requester was just a horny rando

No. 708829

I don't know why, but today I suddenly remembered a therapy session with a previous therapist of mine from years ago. I was telling him how I wished I was invisible and how uncomfortable it made me when I was in the center of attention and he went: 'Then why do you wear tight-fitting clothes like the ones you're wearing now?'. It made me so fucking self-conscious. I was like 19 but still felt like a kid and my mother still picked all of my clothes

No. 708831

For a second I couldn't figure out what country name 'Belgian' derives from. I literally googled 'belgia' like a fucking idiot and google's like "do you mean BELGIUM you dumbass?" why am I so stupid lmao

No. 708834

Means not 0 or 1 according to the binary system

No. 708835

lol you really are. I'm having a second hand embarassment reading your post.

No. 708839

File: 1609873467025.jpg (438.9 KB, 1920x1080, 20201222_195345.jpg)

A coworkers is simping hard for another coworker. It's like watching a bad romcom, peak cringe was when he tried demonstrating to her just HOW high he could kick and nearly kicked her in the face. This scrote just turned 30 and acts like a middle schooler. It's hilarious and sad. She's WAY out of his league and already has a boyfriend with whom she just bought a house.

Can't wait to tune in to another episode of The Office 2021: The Simpening.

No. 708852

Topkek it happens, anon

No. 708855

File: 1609874749410.jpg (44.28 KB, 500x489, 1600381930438.jpg)

God anons in /snow/, /ot/, and /meta/ are way milkier than any cow on this site.

No. 708860

Sometimes I just have to many feelings and thoughts idk what’s going on or what to think i just want to shut it all off or implode

No. 708861

That’s kinda cute though lol I’m too familiar with moments like these especially as esl

No. 708901

Idk how people can eat those precooked packaged tortillas. Idk what it is, but they are so fucking nasty. tortillaland uncooked tortillas ftw

No. 708907

Not to be dramatic but I genuinely hope he's dead

No. 708911

tortillas take like 5 minutes to make yourself. buying uncooked dough is more pathetic than buying the cooked shit

No. 708934

The /s/ cows are unlucky because they are just a totem of bad traits personified. There are probably a thousand other people like Shayna out there, but she is the unlucky one because she garnered just enough publicity to land herself here.

No. 708947

File: 1609879744280.jpeg (55.73 KB, 489x664, 6070138A-0DCC-4BE4-8F80-8E2B13…)

finally started reading berserk and puck is so cute uwu

No. 708986

>want to post art on 'Rate my Art' thread
>scared of getting recognised

No. 708988

Don't worry, if you're not milky nothing bad will happen. Some people there are fairly easy to find but what would anyone do with it? Except appreciate their art?

No. 708997

tbf farmers post non-milky artists in the artist salt threads constantly

No. 709000

People are nicer on that thread than on the artists salt thread.

Whenever I see an artist with no milk posted, I assume the anon that did it is just bitter. I think other people assume the same.

No. 709003

Shit, you're right + i really doubt any of my followers visits that board anyway

No. 709008

The point is whatever you want it to be. Each person has her own reason for keeping a journal, diary, scrapbook, sketchbook, whatever.

I happen to like fountain pens, inks, colored pencils, and paper, and I keep various notebooks so that I can use them each day. Also I just like jotting down what I've done or observed each day. I don't go back and look through my notebooks though unless I need to find some specific bit of info. Although I am a born note taker and record keeper, I'm more into the process of creating them and then seeing my collection of finished notebooks grow rather than reminiscing over the past.

Think of it as an elaborate way of saying "I was here".

No. 709040

>dedicate entire blog/account to celebrity, constantly follow their career, talk about how hot they are
>"N-no I don't want to fuck him!"
Girl, don't lie. At this point what's the use (or the shame, really)

No. 709044

Who’s the celeb

No. 709049

Oh no I've seen this happen several times- mostly with white actors a little bit older/already married. Girls into young guys don't give a fuck, as they should.

No. 709050

File: 1609893253606.jpg (Spoiler Image, 134.61 KB, 1873x574, Fuck Taxes.JPG)

I love fucking with the AI Dungeon in NSFW scenarios by doing completely SFW things. It's half past midnight, I'm 3 whiskeys in and this actually had me wheezing

No. 709052

File: 1609893824688.jpeg (56.84 KB, 640x640, 4AFE830A-8FE7-4815-BF5C-0747E3…)

This is amazing.

No. 709060

I'm now the IRS and the accountant has failed to file his taxes properly, and owes the IRS $20k, so we're going to sell his kidney on the black market.

The AI is now a very unwilling participant in this exchange and I'm living for it.

No. 709063

Dated a guy for 4 months and ghosted him because he said a flat chested women didn't actually get sexually assaulted because she "had no titties to grab"

No. 709067

I'm going to reiterate what a wise anon once said when it comes to this kind of horny denialism

"dont deny your thirst, it will only make it stronger."

No. 709086

So the shake weight was real and not some thing South Park just invented, huh.

No. 709116

I always rehearse what I'm going to say to my manager/supervisor/hr but when I go talk to them I stutter like a fucken dumb ass idiot.

No. 709125

File: 1609906905662.jpg (229.32 KB, 717x686, 1594571798917.jpg)

This morning or afternoon really, I was sleeping and wanted to get up before my mom came home so it didn't look like all I did was sleep all day kek and my fucking phone had died on me, so no alarm. Out of fucking nowhere, I clearly heard a female's voice telling me "she's gonna be here in 20 minutes, you should get up now" what the fuuuuuuuuuuuck was thaaaaaaaaaäaat shit

No. 709128

thank me

No. 709130

Thank you anon but please

No more

No. 709145

That's just sleep paralysis anon. Some people (like me) get auditory hallucinations instead of visual ones. I used to hear loud knocking on my door right before snapping out of the paralysis (I usually catch it a few seconds before waking up), freaked me out at first, tested it by sleeping a couple times on the ground outside away from anything that can be knocked on, still heard it clearly, and that was when I figured out it was a hallucination. Didn't happen as often after that.

No. 709146

File: 1609910728709.jpg (23.55 KB, 499x499, 0e9.jpg)

Shame so many people rebuke pepe as an alt-right-only meme. I think he's such a funny looking little fucker

No. 709148

File: 1609911153817.jpg (13.45 KB, 200x205, Feels_good_man.jpg)

I remember long long ago a psychedelic colours gif of the feels good man meme being often posted on 420chan along good vibes posts. That's the only iteration of the meme I accept.

No. 709150

Can believe it, I usually just see bugs on the walls or loose limbs and shit, at least this shit was helpful and I managed to get up on time.

No. 709151

Ever since I started to play video games again I can remember my dreams

No. 709160

File: 1609913858997.png (668.97 KB, 1125x2436, 5D0DCD6E-DED1-4FFC-9302-7495A6…)

>the keyboard predictions

No. 709167

ironically he was super popular on tumblr and other sites before 4ch gave him the alt right treatment

No. 709170

>Adam Driver
I hope you never have to let anyone borrow your phone, how embarrassing.

No. 709172

File: 1609918392383.jpg (35.36 KB, 450x250, 1596459983647.jpg)

I like him, he's just a mischievous little man.
Seems to be popular in China too apparently, sometimes I'll be browsing TaoBao and I'll just see pepe merch being recommended to me. Not sure why, my wishlist is full of jashion stuff

No. 709192

I told my coworker for my new job that I was from the southern US and her response was "You don't sound like you're from there!" As if everyone there is supposed to have a hick accent. I got annoyed/offended. The weird thing is I'm Asian so most people wouldn't expect me to have a southern accent. Good for her for not seeing race, I guess?

No. 709194

File: 1609923651756.jpeg (56.33 KB, 540x304, 48FF2DDD-BD63-4ABD-92CB-C2F199…)

>play duo with friend
>he keeps saying "thanks sweet cheeks" whenever i do calls and shit
>i get super fucking horny
>he jokes about making him beg to stay because season is over today
>get mad stupid horny and my coochie hot
>he goes to bed and im rubbing one out to that interaction

i fucking hate being horny

No. 709200

For some reason I knew one of the dr*verfags was russian

No. 709216

File: 1609927098654.jpeg (21.84 KB, 574x372, 19371819.jpeg)

Artist Salt Poster are slowly evolve into their male /ic/ crabbing counterpart

No. 709220

You're not meant to shoot water inside your anus with a bidet. It is not an enema. It's only to clean the exterior skin.

No. 709248

File: 1609936276250.jpg (59.05 KB, 414x598, 1609728512518.jpg)

Wait the friend finder thread got shut down? I wonder if I managed to get any farmer vendettas, I'm too much of a bitch to check though

No. 709254

get h*lp

No. 709273

i wonder if boy poop anon is still alive and hasn't caught an intestinal parasite from eating boy shit

No. 709278

It's a j*ke

No. 709279

It got shut down because discord servers are dramatic (as per usual), and discord anons unnecessarily aired out their dirty laundry in some threads, derailing them.

No. 709288

Plus it was inherently breaking one of the rules anyway. The point is to remain anonymous here. (That's what the mods said, at least)

No. 709298

why would she let anyone borrow her phone kek

No. 709302

I genuinely think this girl my sister is friends with is madeleine mccann. She's the same age, she has the mark in her eye, she looks a bit like some of the aged up pictures then she posted pics of her when she was a little kid on instagram and I actually thought they were pictures of madeleine until I read the caption.
My sister said all this to her (she has the same tinfoil over this as me) and she just laughed and said that was funny because when she was a kid the police took her into custody and asked her questions because someone had phoned in and reported her as madeleine.
Also, her family is portuguese but she lives in the uk now. How is this not her. I wish I could attach pics but that's completely against lolcow rules so rip

No. 709314

I joined one of these radical feminist servers and everything was alright until I said one thing to an unhinged anon. Mods said to move on and so I did. The next day I checked the off your chest thread and I knew for a fact it was that girl posting about me and not being over that altercation from a night before. Who even does that when you know everyone came from the same site? Then someone responded with caps of her embarrassing meltdown and I assume everyone thought it was me because I saw I was banned from the server while I was at work. I never made a single reply but was amused by how easily played those idiots were. Someone from the server randomly added me apologizing for the drama and instantly deleted everything they said and blocked me. I can't be 100% sure of what happened but those servers are clearly full of mental illness,shit stirrers and cliques. The best part was when I saw that there were at least 4 other fights in that thread between anons who claimed to know each other online or irl. If the person who leaked those caps is reading this props to you for getting away with what you did lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 709315

File: 1609947819897.jpeg (92.93 KB, 1280x720, BF161959-40F0-45A5-AB6B-98DF9B…)

If you’re that concerned about it, anonymously tip off the police via crimestoppers. The fact they already investigated the lead makes that incredibly unlikely though, they probably tested her dna or whatever to rule her out. Keep in mind how much attention the case got and how much effort was put into it. It’s unlikely they’d let her slip through the cracks.

Unrelated people can look almost identical, search twin strangers. Pic rel.

No. 709316

If she's over 16 it's not against the rules, though if she's in witness protection revealing her ID might be a mistake. Cool if it is her and she's still alive though.

No. 709319

Was it the pitbull server that all this happened in? This sounds like exactly their behavior.

No. 709322

It wasn't the pitbull server but I wouldn't be surprised if some of them came from there.

No. 709326

File: 1609948478067.jpg (4.98 KB, 212x147, 1563690257575.jpg)

Damn, really? I guess I should consider myself lucky I'm in only one farmer server and it's inactive(farmer rp and /tg/). I think everyone is too scared to talk about their interests i am guilty of this too and have their dirt aired on lolcow for all to see. Maybe that's a good sign? Anyway, I'm sorry to all the farmers who I talked only once and I was scared to continue speaking. I only speak and play games with one of you semi-regularly, but I loved knowing you all at least briefly.
Maybe farmers just all seem intimidating to each other. Maybe it's autism. It's definitely autism.

No. 709331

It's a server previously known as Cat Cafe but they rebranded to Christmas Girls even though Christmas is over now. They have quite a few cows themselves kek.

No. 709338

idk what it is about smaller discord servers but they all seem to devolve into dramatics sooner or later. it's like a ticking timebomb, you know the inevitability of the explosion is coming, you don't know when however

No. 709341

She said the police just came and asked her how they knew her parents then what her name was and stuff, then left. No DNA. She's not in witness protection just a normal 17 year old girl

No. 709342

Sometimes I wish we didn't have belly buttons. They're such a weird visual interruption on the body

No. 709344

God I was just going to post about bellybuttons too. I don't understand how we have them. Like I know it's from the umbilical cord falling off, but would the scar just heal? I thought babies and kids were supposed to have the best immune and healing systems, or do babies just not have enough healing power for a scar that big? Why and how do they go inside? Why would it even be bulging out in the first place?

Mine is still like half outie. I saw a video where people were pushing out their innies with their fingers and it looked so weird.

No. 709346

KEK that's hilarious, we just mind-melded I guess. IIRC, the scar does heal but due to the imperfections of both your cord stump and however the nurse cut it you'd just never have it smooth there. And that video sounds impossible, how tf do you push an innie out??

No. 709348

Have you ever stuck your finger as deep inside as it goes and felt around inside your abdomen? Shits gross and creepy

No. 709349

They are the ones who cause all the shit stirring in the threads with their obsession with jopping and pitbull. They also have a member who pussy cuts and another one who is obsessed with cannibalism. Not surprised to find cows in a lolcow server considering the kind of shit that gets posted in the fetish i am ashamed of and other similar degen threads. A lot of stuff in cat cafe could honestly warrant it's own thread, but that would be vendetta, so I'd rather leave that all in the past and move on.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 709350

I wasn't in jopping for very long but I also don't remember this level of fuckery, should've stayed for this shit when it went down

No. 709351

They're all so cliquey. Some people take great pride in the drama they create, instigating things because they're bored. Or alternatively they were unpopular in high school and felt like they 'missed out' on cliques and gossip. Some discord users are really pathetic and have no lives - no hobbies, interests, or relationships in the real world. There are other things to spend your time besides vegetating in front of a screen 'socializing'. All they can do is talk about the drama they created. That's when you know you have a problem.

No. 709356

File: 1609954058150.jpeg (124.31 KB, 1080x1080, 62D81CAF-2D5F-4D02-9C77-5B57C6…)

>pussy cuts

No. 709357

I have a tinfoil about the server and tbh this info adds up.

No. 709358

Can I ask what that tinfoil is?

No. 709359

File: 1609954458644.jpeg (197.15 KB, 1089x796, 08FB693A-5F87-4BE1-BEEF-A0B3D4…)

>pussy cuts

No. 709377

The fuck? I was in there years back before they purged and ghosted me for whatever reason. I never saw any shit like that.
If this is true, I'm kind of glad I'm out now. Insane.

No. 709379

File: 1609957364885.jpg (329.04 KB, 1080x868, 1576721594496.jpg)

>pussy cuts
Jfc. Imagine being so mentally ill that you mutilate your own genitals and then boast about in a discord server. I really hope that anon is getting the therapy she needs.

No. 709380

wait, so was 'pitbull anon' someone with a thing for Pitbull, the entertainer? This whole time I thought it must have been someone based that hated the actual dog breed.

No. 709385

Pitbull anon is the one that spammed Pitbull and other retardation in the complaints and suggestions thread on /meta/ when /ot/ was shut down. There's caps from the discord in that thread as well.

No. 709401

Reading this I'm amazed I managed to find friends from lolcow that are completely normal people. also
>pussy cuts
who the fuck does this, my god.

No. 709404

>Be notorious cutter
>Mom controls my whole body for new cuts
>Mom would take my internet access away if she found out I still cut
>Am allowed wear panties when Mom checks
>Pussy cuts

That's my theory

No. 709410

Man, i sure wish i would get a stimulus check but for some reason im exempt. maybe i fucked something up on my taxes last year. i hate missing out goddammit

No. 709413

File: 1609961725265.jpg (39.31 KB, 620x460, billy.jpg)

Joe Biden, Donald Trump
Uni merch labelled as CUM
Lana del ray album party
Will Nevada please hurry
Code Geass and pubg fun
Putin may have parkinsons
The Destiel monkeys paw
OR brings drugs into law
We didn't start the fire

No. 709429


No. 709430

2021 is really gonna be a comedy. As soon as the year started, we had Hilaria Baldwin getting exposed for pulling a Rachel Dolezal, and now people think Jeffree and Kanye are fucking. Glad we're getting a break from Final Destination.

No. 709434

I really love being smooth, but I wanna grow my pussy hair so long I can put box braids in it

No. 709435


I tried that once but my braiding game wasn't strong enough. Instead I took my flat iron to them

No. 709436

Did Trump supporters expect their savior to be president forever or something? What fucking losers.

Also admin, fix your website connection.

No. 709437

502 errors, ahoy? I thought I was the only one

No. 709441

And aren't these the same people screeching about ebil China/Korea and their perma-leaders? Come on

No. 709442

It's similar to how you show the inside of your bottom lip; you push under the belly button and 'flip' it

No. 709445

yes because they're low iq

i had to be evacuated from work because of their bullshit, in the middle of eating a muffin. annoying as fuck and now I am hungry but cant leave my apartment safely.

No. 709446

Idk how women get validation from sexual attention…like some people posting nudes on 4chan for compliments. Anytime someone looks at me sexually or touches me sexually I feel gross, especially if you add in the fact scrotes have 0 standards so the compliments mean nothing.

No. 709448

How long has this "protest" been planned? It's honestly kinda crazy how a bunch of people can storm the literal fucking capitol buidling with no issues (at least that's what it looks like), but police were all over BLM protestors. Trump is going either way.

No. 709449

Women who posts nudes for free online are all ugly pickmes

No. 709451

Personally I think it would be pretty based if BLM/etc showed up and joined them in trashing DC

No. 709453

There were counter groups who were supposed to be there today and when Proud Boys, etc showed teeth the former cancelled due to "threats of violence".

No. 709460

bc the police are on their side and literally let them do it. cops were just standing inside doing nothing whilst seditionists were vandalizing and looting the capitol. taking selfies with them for gods sake. if the protesters were blm they would have been mowed down before they even got up the steps lol. it's not really that crazy they're just white

No. 709467

I feel terrible for the woman that got shot in that protest, Roberta Paulson. The gory image of her last moments are online and the video leading up to that moment as well. It doesn't matter where you stand politically, it's utterly sad. Yet when I went to check /pol/ I was surprised by the lack of empathy. She was pro trump, you'd think they'd be less vile. But no, they're only jerking off to her. It's disgusting.(protest discussion has its own thread >>562245)

No. 709470

I think it's just that most of the places online where they congregated got banned so you don't hear about it as much. I think the racists are mostly in Telegram channels or Riot (Discord alternative) servers.

I was once in a store in my town's Koreatown and they had a picture of a dog in front of a Pepe mural on the wall (it was a pet store which is why it was there). I wondered if they knew about the connotations Pepe has now in the west or if they even knew it was a meme or just some cool mural.

No. 709471

men of any political leaning will be happy to use women when it's helpful and then show their true nature by dumping or trashing them when it's not.

No. 709477

Yeah, both the conservatives and the lefties are so brutal and cold. People are shit and I don't see why anyone would risk their lives for a cause especially if you're a woman.

No. 709479

Why would BLM do that? They are pro government

No. 709481

>Roberta Paulson
This is a Fight Club reference, I'm sure we'll get a real name later after 4chan has had their fap from her tits being out on the gurney.

No. 709482

I wish I could feel for her but tbh, I don’t. We had an epic chimp out in the Capitol, just complete retardation over some buffoon who is probably snacking on Burger King fries while laying in bed. Just really, really bloody stupid, beyond words.

No. 709484

File: 1609977503315.jpeg (78.75 KB, 712x506, 944FDB95-81C3-4962-9677-4609DB…)

As a eurofag I was pleased when the elections were over so I wouldn’t have to hear about America’s autism every day but here we are with republican gamers storming the senate.

No. 709485

I honestly can't feel bad for her because, aside from the fact that this "protest" is dumb and has no real purpose, I know if it was a brown/black person a pro-trump person wouldn't have gave a fuck. I know I shouldn't stoop to their level but, I just don't feel any particular way about it.

No. 709486

I see, thanks. I hope we get her real name but I also hope that those images of her get removed. They're all over the internet and even the news post her on the front page. It's a complete defilement of someone's dignity.
You don't have to cry crocodile tears for her nor would I expect anyone to do that but I see people cheering on her death on both sides in the most vile manner. I can't but feel sorry for her.

No. 709494

I know! It’s tragic a defenseless woman got killed. I can’t believe how so many users don’t have empathy for her

No. 709495

scrotes don't care about women's lives and this reinforces it

No. 709503

You raid a federal building, you pay the consequences. I can't feel empathy for her at all

No. 709507

File: 1609978941766.jpg (83.42 KB, 1024x702, aguwn.jpg)

i was lucky and spend most of the day out and didn't hear anything about it until now. i missed it completely.

No. 709510


The video of the cops literally chatting with the chuds attempting their storm for a bit then just opening the gate and letting them in is great too. Pathetic

No. 709511

File: 1609979277307.png (412.12 KB, 603x510, lmao.png)

gotta love it

No. 709512

File: 1609979965009.jpeg (16.59 KB, 275x129, CCEC9CD0-63CE-4855-A963-5E68EC…)

No. 709513

>woketards, antifa and BLM riot
>burn and loot black neighbourhoods

>qcumbers, /pol/cels and MAGAtards riot

>occupy capitol hill and get congress evacuated

Rioting is fucking stupid but at least one side knows where the source of the problem is.

No. 709514

One time my mom made fun of me for eating a whole meal without drinking, and now I feel embarrassed and really thirsty whenever i eat without drinking something

No. 709515

who cares? hopefully she didn't have any children, one less trumptard to further contaminate the gene pool

No. 709518

Yeah, BLM protestors totally didn't protest at police stations, there were absolutely no peaceful protests, people were definitely not discouraged from trashing buildings and police weren't caught destroying buildings. Stop cherrypicking.

No. 709523

>protest at police stations
Inane and facile. The police take their orders from politicians.

>there were absolutely no peaceful protests

I'm not saying there weren't

>people were definitely not discouraged from trashing buildings

I'm sure the MAGAtards were discouraged from storming congress too

>police weren't caught destroying buildings

So you're saying the months of rioting was a false flag?(don't try it here)

No. 709528


No. 709544

How can I get to be this dumb? Stupid people seem happier, please tell me your secrets.

No. 709557

File: 1609987813985.jpeg (55.93 KB, 750x816, 1CD716C7-E933-4D5D-97FE-4AA4BF…)

is it normal to be deeply in love with someone one day and absolutely abhor them the next or am I just mentally ill/autistic

No. 709566

No. 709592

every single walmart gift card ive been gifted in my entire life i have not used

No. 709600

whats the worst scenario if I don't pay my $12,000 ambulance bill? I dont own anything idgaf.

No. 709604

I always kek that my ugly pickme friend is a teacher’s aide at a middle school. Imagine being in your mid 20s and making minimum wage.

No. 709608

how much money do you have in giftcards overall

No. 709609

File: 1609998379237.jpg (51.71 KB, 602x338, here we go.jpg)

No. 709613

You will be sent to collections and your credit score will be shitty.

No. 709614

why be friends with her if she's an ugly pickme? at least try to slap some sense into her

No. 709616

Roommate anon dat u?

No. 709618

Who in the fuck just knocked on my window????? They went on for like a minute. I hate living on the ground floor goddamn

No. 709624

currently I’ve got like $35 total between 2 cards from this last xmas, so not much at all. I used to consistently get $25 gift cards in the mail from my father but I never gave a shit and let them all expire and/or threw them away after losing them somewhere in my house for a few months/years.
I think what discourages me from using them are the small balances and me just wanting to get out of walmart as fast as fucking possible.
but maybe 2021 will finally be the year I start using them. It never hurts to save a little cash that way

No. 709631

Anon why would you not use them on shampoo/cleaning supplies/paper towels etc, I know its not fun but buying necessities with a gift card always feels like a little lifehack at getting "Free" stuff lol

No. 709636

Because she’s a shitty person and it’s hilarious to make fun of her

Nope I have no idea who roommate anon is

No. 709639

using gift cards online is a thing, anon wtf. Coming from someone who grew up poor, why would you waste money like this

No. 709645

>why would you waste money like this
Not only that, think about the money companies make off unused gift cards… the value of a card has already gone to the business whether you actually buy something or not, so if you don't buy anything they get to keep the cash AND the stock. They're essentially making double the profit.

Gift cards are a scam and I'm not longer buying them out of principle. Particularly because it's becoming more common that you have to pay for the card itself, like a ~$5 fee on top of the value on it. What a disgusting rip off.

No. 709648

I wish I could sing like Celine Dion or Whitney Houston. It just seems like it would be so therapeutic.

No. 709668

Gonna drop acid and fuck my way back to not being sad at the state of politics rn, based and 60spilled

No. 709675

I really miss swimming. Local beaches have had e.coli problems past couple summers and the public pools just remind of the time I saw some old guy scratch off a scab in the pool… For a couple brief years in my life I had regular access to a few private pools. I took it for granted! What a fool I was

No. 709690

Merry Christmas farmers! ♥

No. 709697

and a happy valentines day to you

No. 709708

B-but it's actually Christmas today… I wasn't joking, just wishing you all well

No. 709710

Yes honey we know we're "iN thE MIddlE oF a pANdemIC!!!!!" Literally everybody on earth is reminded every single fucking day. Stop it already. I'm just so exhausted. Mentally, physically, spiritually

I hope you're having a nice day in contrast anons

No. 709711

Why the servers of lolcow crash so often recently

No. 709731

do you think it has something to do with the influx of scrotes spamming threads?

No. 709735

at first I thought that admins haven't paid for the site yet kek

No. 709750

I got deliciously tipsy last night. i was dancing around in my underwear to my radio probably looking like a total lunatic until 4 am. But god it was the most fun i've had in weeks lol. Sadly when you're on such a high it all dies down significantly when you wake up groggy the next day

If i could sing like them i swear i'd never shut up. I'd be singing 24/7 annoying the hell out of everyone

No. 709753

Maybe a good reason to donate

No. 709760

Idk, Admin said the site isn't expensive at all, but idk what she's going through in her personal life right now. Do we even have a donate page?

No. 709762

Where are you from anon?
God this is true. I get pissed off when I find out a giftcard is charging me like $5 everything I spend money on it. I just ask for cash now.

No. 709767

Funny how people say only muslim immigrants commit sex crimes in europe! the first time i got sexually harassed by any one ever was by a french white guy and im a black woman. ive already been sexually harassed three times by these fuckers

No. 709776

Yea it's a racist cope but i do have awful experiences with local and immigrant men. Common factor being men.

No. 709787

I just tried balsamic vinaigrette for the first time and that shit was ass. Ruined my salad. I honestly don't get the hype.

No. 709793

Nta but it’s orthodox Christmas lol, they’re probably from Eastern Europe

No. 709800

That french guy is a disgusting creep for sure but at least his actions aren't excused because of cultural differences or religion

No. 709837

Despite being a quiet student and having ok grades I was never liked by teachers. My mom would tell me it was all my head but it was SO obvious lmao. I think it's because I have rbf or, even worse, I can't kinda control my face's expressions and they all show immediately lol. 0 charisma.

No. 709840

Oh my god absolutely no one gives a fuck but, I found the video of innies flipping their bellybutton out @ 0:45

No. 709844

every men of all nations shit
they're just always scapegoating each other

men = maggots

No. 709847

File: 1610036182814.jpeg (46.26 KB, 474x411, ED74FF91-E81A-40A9-B646-FC0E2C…)

there's a girl on the lc discord that likes WoW (judging by her pp) and she plays among us and I like those things as well and I kinda wanna dm her to make friends but she might not want to… rip

No. 709903

dae just press tofu with their hands? I just saw people on facebook asking where to buy 20-dollar tofu presses and I'm like, "your hands are free". I also think using paper towels is such a waste of paper towels.

No. 709910

File: 1610044130919.png (Spoiler Image, 522.75 KB, 660x490, noot noot.PNG)

It reminds me of Pingu

No. 709914

File: 1610044776939.jpeg (196.31 KB, 1104x671, AB8BC9BC-DD2F-4B20-9F74-441CB3…)

>noot noot
Why would anyone do that? Disgusting.

No. 709920

File: 1610045375736.jpg (1.11 MB, 1037x593, 1592509597580.jpg)

I've been going ballistic trying to find that cool swag dog post. i wonder if the poster is still alive

No. 709923

it's in the celebricows thread

No. 709954

I don't even press tofu because I'm too lazy for that. I agree that the paper towel thing looks like a waste.

No. 709958

File: 1610050406048.jpg (67.78 KB, 711x1100, faa80cb29f646621cde631ca6594d3…)

>finally get motivation to go back to my working out routine yesterday
>kinda looking forward to doing it today
>lot of fucking cramps

Of course.

No. 709963

If it helps you burn more calories on your period, on top of that it feels like a reward after the bloating goes away and you look fit

No. 709971

I don’t know why but I just remembered a time a few years ago when my best friend and I were at a convention. It was the last day and we were already packed but decided to hit up the game room, because why not? It was our turn to play DDR and we decided to play some song (maybe a Jojo op??) on the most difficult level even though we are terrible at DDR because why the fuck not, the easy levels are boring and not fun. We played, laughed hysterically at how awful we were, and just enjoyed being silly with each other. We met up with some friends after who was behind another person behind us on that line after they finished playing and they said the person behind us (who was apparently very good at DDR) kept scoffing at us and being snarky under her breath because we clearly sucked and when they first told us I remember being mad but now when I think back on it I just think it’s so funny. Are you being bitchy because we’re ~*~*disrespecting*~*~ your precious DDR, or are you mad that we were shamelessly having fun with each other and you were by yourself because you’re a friendless loser with no one to play with? I mostly meet very nice people at cons, but the loners who hog up the game machines and are super competitive are so fucking weird. I remember when I went to MAG a few years ago and my friends told me how they wanted to play one of the fighting games but this one dude refused to get off to let my friends play with each other, he wanted to stay on to beat the shit out of other people.

No. 709972

It's just it hurts too much, I can barely move sometimes because of my cramps
Also I've done it on my period before and have had slightly leakage, which is annoying

No. 709996

I'm in this weird social place at work. Like I'm borderline disrespected at work. But if someone does it I'll be like "haha…what?? Nah." Then it's as if I never said anything?

Like I can understand being treated as a doormat if you're always going out of your way to do favors and accepting whatever is asked, but they'll ask me and I'll literally say no I got my own shit, or if I get around to it, otherwise no. Like I'll prioitise myself, my breaks and whatever the hell else I want to do before I CHOOSE to help and I've been consistent in that. But the way they phrase it is that it's assumed I'll accept. Like they'll say "hey can you do this for me and then you can go and do whatever task you're doing" and I have to say "I'll do my thing first, then let you know if i'm free to do your thing". And I hear that similarly several times through the day and I have to try tactfully reinforce my boundaries over and over.

The thing is I'm not buddy buddy with everyone (but I AM nice), If I mirrored their behavior to them I'd be absolutely despised, I know it. I mean, what am I supposed to do? Spend my unpaid lunch break in their company? Funnily, they're a similar age group and we're from similar cultures, so I don't think it can get any better coworker demographic wise.

It kind of feels like I give off doormat vibes without actually acting like one at any point? Is that possible? Because I can't think of another reason.

No. 710006

why does this yogurt im eating make my tongue tingle. it feels like its carbonated

No. 710010

I'm an ESL assistant and today one of the (white) teachers played a youtube video about racial inequality unironically titled "Woke Kindergarten" (these kids are like, 9 and Mexican) lmao

No. 710013

Urgh, ESL here too. Those kinds of white trash teachers they picked up from the streets are the worst, I remembered this cunt who walked into my class smelled like onion and burnt plastic. He then continues to teach us about colors/animals when we were in high school lmao.

No. 710014

You could be allergic to whatever's in the yoghurt

No. 710015

It’s probably gone bad. If the expiration date hasn’t passed, the packaging might be defective.

No. 710018

Anyone ever think of just making out with a huge amount of male coworkers? Not attractive even ones, just for the sake that they're coworkers.

Sometimes I wonder on a work night out in the future, if I could just take one aside and make out after 10 minutes or so. Then just rinse and repeat.

Something about the juxtaposition of the formality of the workplace and how intimate making out is, it's just appealing af. Plus I'd love to see how relations would be afterward in the workplace. Like with someone in my immediate team, then outwith them, my manager, one of the other managers who I don't really like but is super intense, THEIR manager etc. People who know who I am and are in my line of contact, but not super close. Like, what would happen?

Obviously I wouldn't expect preferential treatment, but what WOULD happen? If they were all different levels of the chain, so unlikely to pass it on, too.

No. 710020

i really need to put the phone down. is it bad that not even the strongest anti blue light filter helps?

No. 710024

File: 1610059210324.jpeg (13.78 KB, 235x151, 5B7DF7F3-826B-45D2-BA82-BA2FA0…)

No. 710040

Everyone would gossip about you for being the office bike. Nobody would be impressed.

Love yourself and get your shit together.

Men will put their dicks in food, their attention is worth nothing. My god

No. 710051

My friend has started to try to be trans inclusive and I’m playing it off as a joke every time she talks about it, but she put pronouns in her ig bio and talks about it in her volunteer application so I’m starting to think that it’s not a joke anymore…

No. 710098

You would get the opposite of preferential treatment anon
I understand the appeal of wanting to break the rules, I've had similar fantasies, but in reality people wouldn't see you as a dangerously confident sexual rebel they would just see you as a disgusting slut and all laugh about how gross you are

No. 710102

File: 1610072564735.jpeg (154.92 KB, 903x820, F8E7BA35-0184-45DD-AEDC-F42F19…)

I think of myself as febfem, never am into irl dudes bUT THEN i log into youtube dot fucking com and see this bald rat looking slav looking plastic surgeon and i am having the doki (x2)

No. 710106

The Bingus of men

No. 710107

You're right anon, I could have sworn there was a Patreon but I must have dreamt it

No. 710108

No. 710109

I'd think you were based and I'd talk massive shit with you about which men were the worst kissers who obv aren't satisfying any women they encounter kek. But unfortunately I will agree with other anons that the second a jealous male/prude female coworker got wind of your shenanigans you'd be painted in a bad light that you probably couldn't recover from.

No. 710111

>Bingus the cat
I swear the owners facetune that cat. I've seen videos of its neck warping and the skin always looks either super smooth or suddenly haggard. I can't believe someone would do that to their cat, it's like the Kooter of cats.

No. 710112

The fact that I was born with high cheekbones but a lot of buccal fat, it's a crime

No. 710113

I downloaded a new lgbt dating app but everyone on it is… well they sure are something. The only good side is I don’t get a lot of men popping up but ugh. I don’t even know why I bother with dating apps honestly.

No. 710114

Start @00:12

No. 710116

this post made me asexual
making out is already gross what's the point in making out with uggos

No. 710119

I mean, I'm hurny, but not that hurny

No. 710121

The fuuuuuck

No. 710123

He has so much to offer!

No. 710139

wtf he looks like a former teacher I had but totally hairless

No. 710151

Is he single

No. 710155

No he is married but shamefully I can't be the one to judge you

No. 710156

samefag wait a minute. please dont kidnap him and shave all his hair off

No. 710158

Well there goes my weekend

No. 710159

Fell asleep in the living room while watching a movie with my family and woke up to them all heehawing and laughing, taking a photo of me sleeping with my mouth open. I saw the photo and god, I looked terrible, like a cadaver. Why wasn’t I blessed with being an attractive sleeper?

No. 710172

I've been rewatching Breaking Bad, I forgot how much scrotes hated Skyler. Their lack of empathy for her situation and the choices she makes is pretty telling. They only want to see the show from Walt's perspective.

No. 710173

Does anyone like identifying actors across different tv shows/movies and then making headcanons that their characters are somehow related?

No. 710174

Simple fix, don't fall asleep on your back

No. 710184

Depends on the characters, but sometimes yeah

No. 710190

They want to believe that they would totes be badass kingpins and the evil women are holding them back from that success even though you’re not supposed to view it from that perspective. Walt tore his family apart when all he wanted was to help them. There’s no glory in his actions when it got to that point.

No. 710225

Man your family sounds really mean anon lol. Don't worry I'm sure most of them sleep the exact same way, and that goes for almost everyone on Earth. We can't all look perfect doing something we're not aware of

No. 710231

Anon I'm in the same situation. I even have a few younger coworkers treating me like a dumbass even though I'm a student getting much higher education than them and this is just my side gig.
I guess we just don't fit in, it took me a while to accept that and now I just don't care much when they disrespect me and I don't laugh at their lowkey insults directed at me so I make them feel uncomfortable.

No. 710242

I have a very heart shaped face and happen to be asian, so I wonder if farmers would think I shoop a dorito chin if I ever became a cow

No. 710247

I realized that I use a lot "kek" on my normal conversations outside from image boards.

What have you done to me Lolcow.farm?

No. 710289

I like being a prude and looking down at promiscuous people. I don’t know why, but it seems IRL the sluttiest girls are usually the unattractive ones, where beautiful or even just cute women manage to find decent guys who aren’t weirdos or whores. I like when men realise they’d never have a chance with me because their slutty past, and I get a sick thrill when I make a subtle jab about how slutty people are gross around people I know who are. I like the way they look a little ashamed, and kinda laugh when they try to act like they’re totes not damaged goods for being so easy.

No. 710301

I want to be a stay at home mom. Im also a radfem.

No. 710303

They do account for a disproportionate ammount of sexual assaults. Whats up with people defending muslims just because they are brown? You do realise their holy book tells them its okay to rape you because you are an infidel right? Take you as a sex slave and view you as a dirty dog. Its not some great lefty philosophy and that they are just disliked for being a minority, its a brutal misogynistic warmongering religion

No. 710308

damn anon get off of r9k

No. 710309

I feel the same way. Any sort of indulgence is disgusting, food, sex, sloth. If you can't exercise self control what makes you think you deserve respect?

No. 710311

Im "defending" Muslims because my personal experiences dont add up to the internets rigid autism that things must happen a certain way 100 percent of the time because of statistics? Lol
Europeans, Berbers, and Arabs are in the same family of enslaving an entire race of people and launching the worst torture, sexual assault, castration, and brutality tactics to their enemies to me. The only difference is many Arabs are still doing this to a different race. Still doesnt make what I said not true just because its not the most recorded statistically or most talked about on the internet in any discourse about interracial sexual assault. But thats internet logic for you

No. 710313

I've never dressed slutty but I went through a couple years of (in retrospect very risky and also underwhelming) random hook ups when I was younger and then I flipped over to the other extreme and am living that celebate life by choice now. I always assumed that for women at least we grow out of that phase fairly quick.

I do know that nobody in my life would ever believe my body count, and it's all from those 2 crazy years over a decade ago.

No. 710317

I don't actually care who people sleep with but I like doing this to men, especially fuckboys on dating apps who want to pump and dump girls. They have all these rules for girls and call them "used goods" but don't think this applies to them. It makes them super butthurt and defensive and I love it.

No. 710321

Same! I have no judgment toward women but I love casually throwing the double standard back in guys' faces when I know they're fuckboys. "Oh you've been with over 10 partners? Bit slutty huh? Yeah I can't relate, I know men think that's cool or whatever but always seemed filthy to me and it's never corresponded to more skill in bed either." Watch how fast they backtrack and say "it's normal to experiment with different people" and scramble to justify themselves.

No. 710331

If I ever became a cow they would sperg about how much I look like a man, my butter teeth and the bags under my eyes. If I was a cam girl cow they’d sperg about my Hank hill ass.

No. 710336

File: 1610112358007.jpeg (83.82 KB, 750x750, 1602475872767.jpeg)

>try to sign up to watch free shit on onlyfans
>thank you for registering
>insert payment method to proceed
ah i think the fuck not
i should just do it with my dad's paypal instead of my own so nobody knows i'm a lesbo

No. 710339

what kind of thinking is this

if someone is kind and polite i respect them and i'm not gonna stop even if they were lazy or something

No. 710340

i worded this post badly but why the fuck do you need to insert a payment method to watch free videos? dogshit fucking website just let me see the shit

No. 710345

>damaged goods
damn anon… if you want to remain chaste that’s cool and all, i’m the same, but you don’t have to be so horrible to others

No. 710346

File: 1610113737198.jpg (91.71 KB, 1300x960, nun-computer-3310157.jpg)

anon I found a picture of you

No. 710348

If I was a cow they'd nitpick my bulging frog eyes with eyelids that make them look like little vaginas like in the Erin thread.
Also my long donkey ears and of course the perennial classic, nasolabial folds.

No. 710349

She seems cool, I'd hang out with a fellow Christian gamer.

No. 710350

I have no problem with people sleeping with each other in relationships. I just think you’re nasty if you will fuck or be fucked by a random stranger or someone you don’t know well. Seems pretty reasonable to be a little disgusted by people who are easy and don’t see sex as a big deal when it’s quite literally one of the most intimate things you could do with someone.

No. 710351

If I were a cow here, it would just be endless boomer memes

No. 710360

If i was a cow they’d totally call me a haggard goblin like Ariana bc I look like her pre surgery kek

No. 710364

>Seems pretty reasonable to be a little disgusted by people who are easy

It's fine to have a preference for only being intimate with someone special to you but thinking stuff like that is usually a sign of some mental issues.

No. 710367

File: 1610117892354.jpeg (776.52 KB, 1077x1128, 7323396C-84D7-4AC2-960A-6B7C32…)

I bought these shoes for some reason

No. 710371

What mental issues cause people to not like sluts?

No. 710372

…literally why?

No. 710376

Same ones that make you use word "sluts" for people who enjoy having casual sex, not hurting anybody.

No. 710382

Whats wrong with the word?

No. 710384

Honestly, I hope you enjoy your shoes anon. How can you be mad at people wearing weird shit? Also, idk if they have a name, but those kind of shoes with the fabric body and hard bottom are the best. I have a pair from shein (I know, I know) and they're so fucking comfy.
>it’s quite literally one of the most intimate things you could do with someone.
That's pretty subjective. I don't get why people care about how much sex other people have. I can't muster the energy to be in anyone that I'm not romantically or sexually involved withs genitals.

No. 710403

>and it's never corresponded to more skill in bed either
Diff anon but this, IME men who've selpt around casually with a bunch of women rarely actually pick up any techniques or ability to get you off.

One thing I noticed from back in my own fuck buddy days was how they would often mistake any noise as being you having an orgasm… the joy of having to break the news to them as they are bragging about that orgasm they just gave you

No. 710408

It makes more sense if you think about how long a pregnancy takes, and anyone that wants a family larger than having an only child would pretty much have to be pregnant non-stop from 30 to 40.

It'd be a lot easier to do it once at 25, again at 29, then maybe at 34 or something.

No. 710409

Those look expensive, what are you planning to wear them with?

No. 710421

My ex claimed he made all of his one night stands come. But he couldn't make the two women he dated long term (first gf and me) reach orgasm even once. He seriously thought he just got the most difficult women, and didn't want to entertain the idea that those women just wanted to go to sleep or ran out of patience. And I don't blame them, but I'd really like it if women just told men how disappointed they were.

No. 710424

Return them

No. 710434

Which are? You’re not answering the question.

No. 710457

Projection at its finest

No. 710464

Haha I think if I was a cow everyone would bring up my super wide face all the time and my yellow teeth too

No. 710486

these your hooves?

No. 710497

clip clop

No. 710505

I woke up at 8am and thought it was 8pm so I walked to the weed store and I checked my phone and realized I'm stupid

No. 710512

I've had this happen once, too. I thought it was 8am while it was 8pm, and panicked because I thought I'm late for school, so I rushed everything and wanted to run out, until my mother was confused where I was going like that.

No. 710537


if you use others to level yourself up you're insecure. people with actual self esteem don't give a fuck.

No. 710544

File: 1610129870116.jpg (142.7 KB, 540x461, tumblr_pn9y1cMbyc1tqvsfso1_540…)

I want the jolyne gucci coooooooooooooaaaaat

No. 710560

File: 1610130844237.png (148.26 KB, 480x480, 1600051847712.png)

No. 710562

Meanwhile all the people with actual self esteem cry about being shamed.

No. 710569

Are you the same anon posting all the jojo pics recently? Do you want to be my friend?

No. 710571


thinking sluts are gross has nothing to do with insecurity. i feel grossed out by them because of the way they act, not because i’m “insecure” lol.

No. 710600

(a) trannies
(b) jannies
(c) scrotes
(✖︎) All of the above

No. 710662

File: 1610139374813.jpg (74.35 KB, 750x724, 1570519581545.jpg)


No. 710682

It's 8th of january of 2021. I've seen Bernie Sanders bulge and I'm shocked

No. 710685

……show us

No. 710689

show me i will literally masturbate to anything rn.

No. 710695

so the swedish film festival is sending someone to an island to watch all the movies for a week alone with no phone etc.

What would they even want in a candidate? I'd hope I was perfect for it but maybe it's like reality shows and they actually want someone with a fun mental illness.

No. 710708

hurry up and fucking deliver on the pics, bitch

No. 710715

I haven't eaten much the past few days, so as soon as I'm home from work, I'm going to bake some chicken tendies, saute some broccoli, and probably munch on popcorn while it all cooks and I'm soooo excited. I'm like dying from hunger rn.

No. 710716

This is gonna sound creepy but I hope one of my family or friends gets pregnant soon just so I can smell that new baby smell again. Idk if that smell is their amniotic fluid or something but I like it

No. 710717

Seize and redistribute the tools for bean flicking

No. 710720

I have four younger sisters so I know exactly what smell you're talking about and I like it too. However I sure as hell do NOT want another sibling.

No. 710721

drop the pic bitch

No. 710724

File: 1610143413093.jpeg (419.61 KB, 828x585, 96A05273-85D2-4C4A-AF4F-B58D83…)

When your own husband skinwalks you

No. 710725

File: 1610143444988.jpeg (113.78 KB, 933x1245, ErGsrBoWMAAHKEH.jpeg)

No. 710728

fuck you anon! That's his pant creasebut if it's not that's one long and skinny penis

No. 710729

This is so fucking funny, several years ago this would have been a comedy skit. Also, the cohost of the channel is an actual lesbian lmao

No. 710734

The jokes just write themselves these days, She's annoying and fat but bitch, she could do better. Wtf.

No. 710736

idk if cream cheese dip tastes different from regular cream cheese, but the fact that some people put cream cheese on fruit DISGUSTS me

No. 710742

somebody gib me sad song suggestions to put in my sadbetch playlist. what's in there so far: elliot smith, various sam ray stuff, 60s girl group stuff, suicide and some shogazey stuff

No. 710743

wtf does this have to do with cream cheese

No. 710744

samefag idk why i replied to that post sorry i'm retard

No. 710747

File: 1610146880617.jpg (1008.53 KB, 3024x4032, ftwdqbn3td331.jpg)

The fact we have arteries is so scary to me. If I fall too hard the wrong way, or hit my leg in the wrong spot, or if someone stabs me and it happens to hit an artery we're fucking done for. I fell down the steps yesterday and hit my wrist really hard, and I know I must've broken some capillaries cause of the minor bruising, but I was also kinda scared I hit an artery or vein. What happens if you break a vein? Will it just heal back together like capillaries?

No. 710749

Phoria - Saving Us a Riot
Danny Schmidt - This Too Shall Pass
Barton Carroll - Those Days Are Gone, And My Heart Is Breaking
Mumford & Sons - I Gave You All

I've made myself sad just picking these from my playlist so I hope it's gonna work for you too.

No. 710753

dick arteries lol

No. 710755

Nobody is going to be impressed by you rejecting sex unless you’re attractive and have an innie pussy. Call me a scrote it’s still true

No. 710758

This is stupid AF but I feel weirdly disappointed that Belle Delphine ended up doing explicit porn… in a way it felt unavoidable but I kinda hoped she will stay above this, bait a bit, take stupid men money and leave the internet forever.

No. 710759

I know what you mean. I'd like to see her just take what money she has now and go start a normal life because it's all going quickly downhill from here. With some appearance changes maybe not that many people will recognize her irl.

No. 710762

Thank you anon, adding to my playlist rn. Sorry that it made you sad <3

No. 710764

One of my depression favorites. A lot of mine are specific to what I'm sad about tho

No. 710766

File: 1610150022787.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1220x1829, AE44D655-0C40-4126-8229-39F4AD…)

Holy shit those are some short, fat fingers

No. 710767

Nah, it's unless the guy you are rejecting is very attractive.

No. 710770

Get your own credit card god damn anon. I buy so much weird shit but nobody knows cause I don't show my mom my bill statements like you seem to do
>what are secrets
>what is independence

No. 710773

imagine caring about a part of a human body you will likely never see. did porn do this ?

No. 710774

AAAAAAAA FUCK I picked the skin off of my foot like a retard aaaaaa why did I do that now it hurts FUCK

No. 710775

not her but what if your parents go out of their way to look at the things you buy, look at your mail and get angry over secrets in general

No. 710780

i love the replies im getting
I will update the class on whether or not I do.
They were like $59
clop clop bitch

No. 710781

Yikes, tea tree or coconut oil it up, girl. Hope it heals soon

Get a separate bank account, change your passwords, don't get mail sent to your house (send it to your work, friend's house, amazon locker, UPS access point, etc), and let your parents stew when they found out. Them getting over your need for privacy is their problem to solve, tbh.

>but for real, the best advice would be to move out

No. 710784

Do people still write checks to pay their credit card bills?
You can opt for paperless statements and never get anything (other than promotional offers) sent to your house.

No. 710791

Rick Steves is the best travel writer.

No. 710792

File: 1610152718442.jpg (49.27 KB, 512x342, unnamed.jpg)

𝘐 𝘸𝘢𝘯𝘯𝘢 𝘣𝘦 𝘸𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘦 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘱𝘦𝘰𝘱𝘭𝘦 𝘢𝘳𝘦
𝘐 𝘸𝘢𝘯𝘯𝘢 𝘴𝘦𝘦, 𝘸𝘢𝘯𝘯𝘢 𝘴𝘦𝘦 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘮 𝘥𝘢𝘯𝘤𝘪𝘯𝘨

Yes im one of those bitches who wants to desperately live in NYC, yes I know its dirty and not as romantic as it seems but I live in the fucking countryside surrounded by hillbillies I just want to live in a big bustling city where there's shit to do other than meth.

No. 710795

File: 1610153039679.png (55.9 KB, 348x297, 1395113670112.png)

nta but my dad still does for his bills and I'm always scared that it'll get lost in the mail and it fucks my parents over

No. 710804

Hey I met him once, very cool dude. Dunno about his writing though.

No. 710811

File: 1610154724715.jpeg (71.58 KB, 1080x607, AFFF958D-B014-4EFF-A0D6-4C0851…)

I love him so much!!
I have only watched his travel show and some of his lectures though, I watched almost every episode during quarantine. It’s calming but entertaining at the same time

No. 710822

PULL refugees took over lolcow, watch out

No. 710837

He's a meme among my family because we think he's such a snore and find his nerdy American voice annoying

No. 710840

i hate this autist and his retarded show.

No. 710845

but why?

No. 710848

File: 1610159269914.png (4.46 KB, 682x95, Screenshot (608).png)

So, I always check imdb's parents guide to see how much nudity is shown and if I could handle it by its description and, I love whoever wrote this LOL

No. 710853

File: 1610159724239.jpg (67.21 KB, 1280x720, 484974805_1280x720.jpg)

fuckin love TUMS commercials.

No. 710856

File: 1610159816346.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 137.36 KB, 656x1232, Ep-sdpMXcAQsN_R.jpeg)

I know Belle's thread has already been named in the replies to this but I went on Twitter a while back to check out one of her tweets and the replies were chock full of other sex workers promoting their OF saying "come support a REAL sex worker who doesn't do problematic things" and then whichever profile I clicked, it was a skinwalker with ahegao and shitty weeb makeup (picrel). I'm willing to bet that at least 50% of the spergs in Belle's thread are struggling weeb camwhores who need to vent their gripes about how Belle doesn't deserve to have what they want.

No. 710857

Really? I feel like the main participants in her thread are scrotes, judging by the way they talk about her vagina and how she's obviously not a sexual being that gives shitty blowjobs lmao

No. 710860

File: 1610160720032.png (Spoiler Image, 86.48 KB, 799x499, pbd.png)

I'm in the PULL Belle offshoot discord because I enjoy their salt and they talk exactly like that. Belle being "bad at sex" is a recurring topic, including tinfoils on how she was probably a virgin before she started doing porn which is why she's so awkward in the videos, some of them they fully took her lazy troll comment "I'm a virgin" seriously. It's just like the thread except for more "respect sex workers, just not Belle" and trying to tiptoe around evil body shaming, which is why they need lolcow as an outlet.

No. 710861

File: 1610160771338.png (Spoiler Image, 98.08 KB, 825x465, pbd1.png)

No. 710862

I got a smart vacuum today and it's updating its drivers. I'm updating my vacuum.
I want to name it, any suggestions?

No. 710863

File: 1610160900786.png (Spoiler Image, 155.04 KB, 825x747, pbd3.png)

Being confused about how vaginas work

No. 710864

File: 1610160943127.png (Spoiler Image, 132 KB, 826x672, pbd2.png)

No. 710901


No. 710904

I mean tbf, her vagina does look like one big slit with no hood/clit

No. 710924

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this. It's so obvious that a lot of posters in certain threads would become BFFs with the cow in question if said cow asked. Stop jealousposting, no one gives a shit and it makes you look insane.

No. 710928

Venus thread gives me brainrot, wtf is going on there. The pussy pic spooked me!!

No. 710930

It looks like a regular ass vulva with the labia and hood pulled down by her fingers

No. 710931

File: 1610178401174.jpg (249.17 KB, 400x526, 1355458582071.jpg)

Does anyone else with like when the sun bleaches your hair? I don't go out of my way to have it done but I like how I would sometimes notice that my hair looks like it got kissed by summer.

No. 710934

My hair gets a little lighter but my younger siblings would go blonde in the summer from the sun and I was always so jealous.

No. 710938

File: 1610181909571.jpg (19.2 KB, 236x327, rHAg2W9.jpg)

This kind of art makes me feel nostalgic, I don't know why but it makes me happy.

>Tfw no emo/goth bf so we can make art together.

No. 710943

I love digging up dirt on people. I feel like I should be a journalist sometime.

No. 710946

Don't watch this is you get scared easily. I first saw this on tiktok, the way this polar bear looks really scares me

No. 710948

Fuckin same. It's getting a little embarrassing though, a few people I know will come to me to run amateur background checks on people lol

No. 710954

You're basically already a Private Eye, just start pricing your services.

No. 710960

I like them because it makes me think of Digimon

No. 710962

Theodd1sout is getting cancelled I guess. tbh I find his 'racism' pretty innocuous and 2000s-tier

No. 710969

Why is Instagram so annoying again? I could view the regular shit in the past weeks but now the shit "log in" site pops-up whenever I visit the usual sites again. No, I'm not interested to sign up for Insta, let me just see what the band that is recording new music is doing right now because they have no other social media page to follow god

No. 710985

No he's not? Where did you see that

No. 710987

Most of my panties have all of a sudden gotten too big and I know I haven't lost any weight. The only reason I can figure out is that my already flat ass collapsed into itself without me noticing so there is nothing for them to hold on to anymore.

No. 710996

Same I don’t have and account and was pissed when I could only scroll thru like 15 posts. Now I can’t even see any account half time it asks for login. Fuck instagrM

No. 711003

Does anyones hands always smell weird no matter what? Mine always have a scent no matter what and I have no idea wtf it is

No. 711005

It could be some everyday item you constantly touch and check if it's there like a key ring or something.

No. 711008

File: 1610202890907.jpg (83.44 KB, 1067x600, 66466057_1080081452380228_5125…)

Right now I'm pretty much only swiping on tinder to read pathetic profiles. Most recent one is a guy saying that he only requires women that are a 7 out of 10, while he himself look like he haven't seen a shower in ten years.
My favorite is the one that wrote in all caps that tall women are disgusting cave retards that should go back where they belong and that short women are the best. Men on dating sites are really a species of their own.

No. 711016

File: 1610204549825.webm (2.08 MB, 360x360, oblivion_capitol.webm)

Ive been laughing at this for like 10 mins straight. I have to share it.

No. 711018

File: 1610205043782.jpg (Spoiler Image, 388.21 KB, 2560x981, IMG_20210109_160916_310.JPG)

I am supposed to be studying or doing homework but you know what instead I deep cleaned the kitchen, I cleaned the oven, the disgusting sticky oven cable, the extension cord that was full of grease and crumbs and I killed the mold growing in the corner and the sink and the faucet and the dish drying rack and the little cow statue that holds my sponge and I even bleached the yellowed paint on the window and doors, look, on the left is the bleached window and on the right is the one I didn't touch, if anyone lives in a very old building like me and has yellowed paint just spray it with bleach

No. 711021

I copy my suggestion from you and say Succer

No. 711023

Productive procrastination is the best, good job anon

No. 711028

thanks <3

No. 711031

anon, good job, I have 2 gigantic essays to finish until the 12th and spent the whole night just reading, at least you did something

No. 711050

File: 1610211678856.png (Spoiler Image, 23.4 KB, 826x87, pbd4.png)

No anon it's clearly bleached and doesn't even look like a real vulva

No. 711062

Where her fingers are would be her vaginal opening though right? They're pushing in. It's really confusing cause that's looks like her leg at the top, but I'm pretty sure her clit would be where the blue circle is, but it's not there.

No. 711065

File: 1610213222226.png (262.85 KB, 508x527, ELL4MRiWsAArXFA.png)

One of my favorite fanfic authors just went inactive today cause of some kids harassing people over her fic and I'm lowkey upset over it. She had to close her asks before leaving though, so it's like what's even the point of being an author if you can't even interact with your readers anymore. Just reminds me how sad I'm gonna be when my other favs stop writing for this show.

No. 711066


No. 711070

All my bbc news alerts were about death and a missing plane and then at the end it said Donald trump not going to bidens thing and its like, Donald trump is a psyop in much needed comic relief.

No. 711089

File: 1610217390979.png (119.84 KB, 440x425, 1557700946161.png)

I've made it into the lolcow caps thread probably like 10 times now, I'm glad other anons enjoy my retardation

I'm not a doctor but I think it's pretty hard to break a vein without breaking the skin. And I think you only really have to worry about bleeding from major arteries like the ones in your neck or thighs

No. 711091

If you are under the age of 25 stay a virgin and single. When I'm in a relationship im always broke and tired.

No. 711092

I love horse girls, especially on this site. When I hear about their obscure and thorough knowledge of horses it feels so endearing, like an intimate look into why they enjoy those things so much. Hope this is the right thread for this

No. 711097

That probably has more to do with your choice in partners, not age, virginity or having an s/o. Also, if you're broke and tired in a relationship, that won't magically stop when you turn 26.

No. 711103

Most men are bad choices and the chance you'll find a good choice when you're young is slim.

No. 711104

File: 1610219135367.jpg (156.92 KB, 800x535, OWboardwalk2.jpg)

Anyone remember OurWorld? I spent way too much time there

No. 711111

Anyone else feel like their empathy switches on and off like a faucet? I really do not care about other peoples pain most of the time (I'm not a piece of shit about it or anything, I can acknowledge that other people are feeling shitty or upset and act accordingly) but like a couple times a year I'll just get really upset about something out of nowhere. My coworker came into our workplace the other day with his face all fucked up because he was attacked by his own dog and I had to excuse myself to cry about it. I cried so hard I got a headache and my boss freaked out when he saw I'd been crying, he thought someone must have died. How tf do I regulate this shit lol.

No. 711116

Thank you for unlocking this memory for me, it was so fun to play even if I never remembered my passwords or accounts so I had to constantly create new ones.

No. 711125

Isn’t it more sensible to wait until you’re old and ugly before settling down anyway? Because then you know it’s a soul bond and not just a lust/status motivator. And then you rule out the misogynist guys that obsess over image, sex and youth.who cares if they occasionally glance at a pretty young broad because I’ll be glancing at hot young scrotes and we can both drool over our younger photos together and tease each other about how we have seen better days.

No. 711130

Yeah I used to play it but I never made an account because I was embarassed because it was a stupid game (yet I kept playing it) so I made a new character over and over again and went to the shop to look at all the stuff I couldn't buy because I had no money

No. 711137

I got "raped" at 19 and I'm too scared to talk about it because I'm scared of being the girl who cried rape because it was someone I was seeing at the time and he
>Was my boyfriend's best friend and manipulated my boyfriend at the time to dump me so he could get with me
>I told him that what he was doing was uncomfortable and I wanted him to stop but he kept going and said it always hurts the first time
>I continued seeing him because I'm insecure and was horribly misguided at my age, he then would stealth me until I got pregnant, attempted to ghost me until I had a miscarriage (unrelated)

I honestly don't know what to do or how to feel, was it rape? Was I at fault?

No. 711138

>Was it rape?
Yes. You didn't want to have sex and he did it anyway. No consent = rape. Simple as that. Not all rapists are big scary men who pull you into dirty alleys at 4 am. It can be a boyfriend, husband, family member, the mailman etc… Even the beginning of your relationship is shady. He's trash, and your dumb for letting him steal you from your ex.

No. 711141

I didn't know they were friends until later on tbh, or that said rapist had anything to do with the break-up until recently

No. 711152

>and your dumb for letting him steal you from your ex
Don't blame OP for that. Her boyfriend is stupid for being manipulated and taking his word at face value to dump her, which left her vulnerable and seeking new companionship.

No. 711156

I still think it's bad to date your ex's friends no matter what but, I thought OP meant she knew that he was the cause for her breakup, which is why I said it was stupid for her to date him. Her ex bf didn't make her date the guy, so whether or not he was manipulated, you can't blame him for that.

No. 711158

Why is nail polish so fucking expensive. LA GIRL sucks, but I'm not paying $18 for a single bottle of polish.

No. 711160

>you can't blame him for that
I can and I do. He created that situation by being a retarded broheim. Although hindsight won't help OP, she doesn't deserve to feel that way about this situation.

No. 711181

Damn, got called out by my dad for listening to the same album 3 days straight. Can't even be semi autistic in peace

No. 711182

Never get why anyone would buy nail polish. A basic paint job like one would do at home is $5 at the closest salon, any color you want.

No. 711188

essie is pretty decently priced and good if you can find it in your country

No. 711192

I like to do my nails, but also I feel like it's more worth it to buy the polish and have for like over a year (or a couple months depending on the brand) than to spend 5 dollars every 1-2 weeks to get them done. I'd rather get a full acrylic set if I'm going to go to a salon. I still don't wanna pay like $20 for a bottle tho.
Ty anon! I know Essie is a popular brand, but I've never tried it.

No. 711198

There was a dog locked in a car for over 40 minutes in the grocery store parking lot todsy. I saw it when I went in and it was still in there when I came out so I called the store and gave them the license plate number so they made an announcement for the people to come get their dog. The poor dog was panting really hard and howling, i dont understand why you would need to bring your dog in the car when you go grocery shopping. It was kind of sunny out and my car was hot as hell when i got in it so I can't imagine what being the other car for 40 minutes was like

No. 711201

Thanks for looking out for that dog, anon.

No. 711207

Kek, in the 90s my mom would leave my 6 year old ass in the car for 30-40 minutes at a time. I remember looking in the rear view mirror and watching beads of swear form on my nose and forehead.

Times have changed.

No. 711221

File: 1610232615278.gif (931.61 KB, 220x212, tenor-5.gif)

Was tricked into watching Meet Joe Black tonight and this dude seems like a fucking autist or a himbo with brain damage even though he is big spooky death. Bitch I will smite you down.

No. 711223

Good on that anon for caring for the dog but I too have been left in a car in a 27 celsius weather. It was fucking awful, my dad was dropping something off to a mate and locked the fucking car and I had to watch the mate's kids eat fucking popsicles outside the car. I was there for at least an hour and he had the guts to yell at my sweaty ass for eating a fucking mint, sorry bro, thought it might be refreshing. Dead cunt.

No. 711226

File: 1610233367601.jpeg (89.08 KB, 800x629, 2044448.jpeg)

Have you tried Sinful Colors, Wet n Wild or Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear (if they're available where you are?). When I used to wear nail polish those brands were cheap and worked well. I remember Sally Hansen had a really nice blue colour which they sadly discontinued.

No. 711231

I remember first seeing a bidet when I was young on a summer holiday in Spain and I thought they were for washing sand off of your feet

No. 711239

i want to be a housewife, and i'm a radfem

No. 711241

If you guys don't mind me asking: why would being a radfem stop you from doing either or make it hypocritical to want that? I feel like feminism should be about letting women do what they want though right? Or is it because men started the housewife or stay-at-home mom thing, so radfems are against it? Genuinely asking cause I'm not a radfem and never been interested in the ideologies.

No. 711243

If you either don't wash your face, or wash it with dish soap or 50 in 1 bodywash you don't deserve to have opinions.

No. 711244

Isn't doing what you wish radical as it is? Who is stopping you if you want that shit

No. 711246

nta but do those hold for a long time or do you need to paint your nails every two days?

No. 711259


i don't think it makes me hypocritical, was just showing solidarity with the other anon

No. 711262

i only wash my face with water lmao what are you gonna do about it?

No. 711264

I'm not either of these anons but as another radfem, these are my views on why it's incompatible. The main issue is that no, this idea

>feminism should be about letting women do what they want though right

is very antithetical to radfem beliefs. What you're describing is more the liberal "choice" feminism that's heavily promoted by scrotes because it's the same shit that allows women to imagine sex work is ~empowering~ or that being called a dumb slut while being choked out is just a kink that has absolutely no bearing on her views toward herself and women in general. The personal is very often political and most people don't do the critical thinking required to see how their views have been shaped by society. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be a mom and raise a child, but since the anon referenced being a "housewife" that would imply there's a man in the picture who would be earning all the income. While it's possible they could find a husband who actually respects the work and childrearing they do at home, it's more likely they'd be treated as an inferior in subtle or not so subtle ways. Having the man generate all the money is also a very, very risky proposition and puts you (and your child's) well-being in the hands of a third party; objectively speaking you would not be independent and able to provide for yourself at a moment's notice. That's pretty contrary to radfem views which promote women as a whole developing the means for self suffiency, even if they want children. So the frustration likely stems from the difficulty of making that setup work in a truly egalitarian way, in addition to the fact that yes, it would be upholding gender stereotypes of man = provider, woman = dependent vs just being a working mom.

No. 711272

thank you for writing this so I don't have to

No. 711276

Can't sleep so I've been watching really old music videos for the last hour, every last comment section had an example of a man randomly bitching about how women 'nowadays' aren't slim or how we don't know how to be real women. Didn't matter whether it was a light hearted song with a sexy performance or a deeper song about love/pain or whatever.

Sees an example of a sexy woman…. Women aren't sexy anymore!

Sees an example of a woman singing a deep and meaningful song… Women like this are so rare nowadays it's depressing! They're all too busy being sexy!

No. 711277

Sorry the skincare industry brainwashed you into thinking women need creams and chemicals on your skin to be clean.

No. 711278

Soap is honestly really tasty, it's a little sweet. I don't eat it or whatever, but when I'm washing my hands I like to take a little like, maybe nibble on a small piece.

No. 711281

You eat dirty ass soap, anon? You munch on some bubbly grime?

No. 711283

Not sure why you're specifically saying women when if anything my post was more about men, but some people actually need those products dummy. Why do you think body and dish soap is any better than using products actually meant for your skin? I'm convinced people who say skincare is bad and doesn't work are the same people against taking medicine.
>need creams and chemicals on your skin to be clean
Yes, because there are absolutely no natural skincare products, like black soap, witch hazel, aloe vera, tea tree oil, rose water etc…

No. 711285

TLC is about to intercept your wifi connection and personally recruit you for their next show.

No. 711290

File: 1610241340165.jpeg (158.93 KB, 800x800, Beautification-companies-Men-T…)

I was thinking of picrel. My b.

But you are right, kek. I do believe in avoiding medicine unless absolutely necessary. For a lot of health cases, a healthy diet can be on par with medicine.

No. 711292

It's not dirty! I always make sure I've finished washing my hands and that the part I lick is clean. I only eat the soap bubbly stuff that you get from rubbing your hands together. Like I said though, I only take a little lick. I've noticed if you eat too much it'll taste nasty and kinda spicy?(???? i don't think that's the right word) .

I should clarify I'm talking about bar soap. I've had dish soap (on accident when I don't rinse the dishes well enough) and it's gross, and so is those little wool soap bads (again, not eating these on purpose at all). I've never tried the liquid soap, but next time I get a bottle I should try it. I also have a big ass bottle of some dollar tree baby soap, so maybe I'll try that next. It smells good but I doubt it tastes good, and I got a little shower water in the bottle so that's gross.

Sorry for my retarded soap post. I'm gonna go take a break.

No. 711293

Does the taste vary depending on the brand?

No. 711296

The one I've been eating is that cheap ass Coast brand. I remember trying Irish Spring (I might have a bar somewhere?) and it was good and refreshing, but I've only started doing this recently so I haven't had very many brands. I want to try dove next (although it seems like it would taste fucking disgusting), and maybe something like a honey and oatmeal bar or some shit. I've also wanted to buy from Royalty Soaps. I don't think anyone cares, but maybe in a month or so I'll post about which brands I like when I try more, just because I'm stupid and too embarrassed to share this with anyone irl lmao.

No. 711320

you should make a youtube review channel

No. 711346

It might be worth looking into but as a kid I had 'pica' I remember craving a few different things that you shouldn't really entertain eating. I got punished whenever I was caught but the cravings were hard to explain. I only found out as an adult that it can be a sign that your body is quite deficient in something.

No. 711350

I hate when I spend like 15 minutes writing a post and end up just not posting it. It happens all the time!!!!

No. 711358

If I have pica it's probably a mild case lol. Funnily enough, I posted in the confessions thread yesterday about how I love chewing various plastic and styrofoam things. I don't eat them though so idk if that counts as pica. I could for sure be low on iron (trying to eat more leafy greens right now), I should probably get bloodwork done tbh

No. 711365

or when the page refreshes after you take a break from writing on mobile. the worst, then all your effort is lost

No. 711382

Next time someone tries to talk about their rape/abuse trauma, how about keep your fucking mouth shut since you clearly lack empathy and are incapable of understanding others. Do you think it’s “tough love” or something to call someone dumb when they try to open up? About fucking rape of all things.

No. 711402

Anon what if that shit works though? Some people are blessed and that really is all they need. Yes skincare products are good for taking care of your skin long-term and preventing aging but cleanliness and sun protection are all anyone actually needs, if someone doesn't care about aging or discoloration or whatever then they should be allowed. I have a full skincare routine and everything so I'm not knocking skincare, I'm just saying caring about the state of your skin beyond cancer prevention, damage, and cleanliness is inherently vain and not everybody lives like that.

IMO the only people who don't deserve opinions are rich ass people who create their own skincare lines because "I just fell in WUV with skincare uwu" even though they have the harshest, shittiest routines, doing extensive damage to their skin which they then buy expensive-ass treatments and procedures to undo, all while peddling their shitty routine or shitty products as what "saved" their skin.

No. 711408

File: 1610265823224.jpg (45.12 KB, 502x396, So i started the tokyo ghoul m…)

I fear that I actually released too much of my horniness with fictional characters and when my boyfriend comes back I won't feel as horny as I promised him I would be

No. 711437

Anyone else at normal weight but their ribs show a little? What the fuck

No. 711452

Isn't that normal? lmao

No. 711460

I feel lonely for the first time in a long time. I guess that's kind of a good thing though, maybe I'll finally get out of this slump and make it up to the people who still reach out and support me. Sucks my city is in lockdown.

No. 711461

very normal, humans don't naturally carry the majority of their weight on their torso ffs lol

No. 711462

you are insecure if you have to air it out to level yourself up. you are insecure, you even get angry if someone suggest ou are insecure.

people with real self esteem don't give a fuck.

No. 711465

You guys got me I'm fucking retarded

No. 711483

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person posting here

No. 711489

I love watching my kitty groom himself

No. 711502

i had a weird ass dream where my first bf got murdered and i was gonna post on lolcow about it in the dream. I spend too much time here

No. 711506

File: 1610288789477.jpeg (113.42 KB, 791x1024, 3A474F84-B961-4AAC-BAAE-01451B…)

When life hands you YEAST just make pretzels bitch pretzel emoji yeast emoji horny emoji shhh emoji sweating emoji

No. 711510

This board? All me.

No. 711515

>I'm just saying caring about the state of your skin beyond cancer prevention, damage, and cleanliness is inherently vain and not everybody lives like that.
Products like dishsoap and bodywash are gonna dry the fuck out of your skin. Those products are not meant for the face, so they have shit that's could fuck your face up. I'm not a huge skincare connoisseur, so I'm not saying people gotta own like 50 different products and follow a 20 step Korean routine, but at least use stuff that's meant for the skin on your face. I agree with the rich people starting skincare thing though. I cringed when Kylie Jenner did that because I knew it was gonna be trash. That post was partly inspired by Bella Thorne washing her face with dish soap and using a sugar lemon scrup on it too lol

No. 711523

I'm introverted and shy as fuck and I just want to say that I'm so glad extroverted people exist. They always light up the hang outs and make everyone laugh, thanks

No. 711546

Vainess is good and needed especially for women who live in societies that are centered around looks, so like most of the societies that exist today

No. 711551

Truth. If I didn't have extroverted friends I'd only be leaving the house for a social gathering once every 2 months.

No. 711552

File: 1610297457941.jpg (87.31 KB, 474x640, DVXlelNVwAAXhIp.jpg)

I feel so sad seeing everyone in texas talk about how it's snowing. I think the last time it snowed where I live was like 8 years ago. Brb, gonna manifest some winter weather

Also, black cats are super fucking cute.

No. 711554

The banana I am currently eating is too small and thin. It makes me feel like a pedophile.

No. 711555

Nta but you could've just said it was needed instead of it being good lmao.

No. 711556

We would solve the murder. There are some autismos here with real investigative potential

No. 711560


No. 711569

Had a little bit of snow where I live one day last week, then every day since then it has just been icy roads and paths and on my walk to work every morning I have a few close calls when it comes to slipping on hard to spot ice.

FFs that one day with like an inch of snow was so cool to walk through. This is just shit now

No. 711643

Everything is making me horny atm. I need this lockdown to end so I can talk to a real life man and be reminded why I hate them.

No. 711681

File: 1610313221062.jpg (14.69 KB, 529x481, FB_IMG_1608964305364.jpg)

Got back into writing and yesterday I was doing it nonstop until I got too sleepy to continue. Even though I am really bad at it and write very slowly, feels good to make up a little story again

No. 711685

I want to go home and rub my dog's face.

No. 711697

If the pandemic happened while I was in the middle school, my mental health would be way better. I wouldn't be bullied that much and would focus on my hobbies.

No. 711702

I was housebound with agoraphobia throughout all of my teens, I don't know why but my country doesn't allow homeschooling and there was no way to work around the issue. I either needed to be in a classroom or I would be getting no education at all. I was housebound for 7 years total which meant no education in that time… Feels weird seeing kids all learning from home right now.

No. 711706

What about toys?

I ordered a toy a few weeks ago thinking I'd start the new year with less sexual frustration. Then it got misplaced by the courier company. Ten days in and I'm still trying to chase it down lol

No. 711708

My brother is in high school rn and loves it. No stupid school events, not as stressful, they waived standardized testing this year, his driving test was easier due to the instructor not having to be in the car. It’s so crazy, I’m kinda jealous cause I wish my junior/senior year of high school were like that.

No. 711710

I've got this bomb ass idea for a fanfic but I've never written before and the premise would require a lot of research and planning. I don't think I could do it. Fuck I feel like it's such a cool concept going to waste. Think of what could be if I wasn't a retard. Ugh

No. 711716

I just fucking love going onto workaway.info or the official wwoof website and plan intricate travel plans to go backpacking in the UK, i might actually fucking do it when this shits over

No. 711718

File: 1610316329161.jpg (337.45 KB, 960x1280, 5ebcbc33b118981d84a3f182_thumb…)

One day I'm gonna have a black exterior, all pink interior car and no one will stop me. I want a heart shaped steering wheel too, but I feel like it would be hard to drive with. Might even fuck around and get some sanrio car accessories.

No. 711721

Just do it. Do it badly then rework it, again and again until it’s good. That’s what writing is about.