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File: 1612973919041.gif (4.23 MB, 480x480, weeeeeee.gif)

No. 735611

stealing the pic from the locked thread because i just liked it

previous thread >>>/ot/723869

>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with.

If you are here to;
>sperg about trannies ruining your board, or your conspiracies that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny - BAN.
>explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN.
>fight people who disagree with you - BAN.
>post vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN.
>reply to someones personal experiences because you inherently disagree with their views - BAN.
>discuss your views on racism - BAN.
>have gender crit discussions - BAN.
>try and score twitter cookie points by dunking on the "bigot" terfs - BAN.

If you are here to;
>complain that your boyfriend did x/ you got cat called/ you had a bad day due to a man - NO BAN.
>talk about your personal experience and opinions. - NO BAN.
>HOWEVER, personal experiences and opinions do not devolve into long political discussions nor do they contain your tangent on how all men are scum or how you want to ethnically purge because once upon a time a (((man))) said you are fat.

No. 735619

jacksfilms is so ungodly unfunny, everything about his (and his spouses) humor is “look at your favorite white people demonizing the other people you hate!!! psh we aren’t as pandering as those other youtubers, we are so self-aware and humble!!!!”

No. 735624

Uhmm I agree.the only thing I like about him is yiay

No. 735629

eating benadryl all day is fun and cool
sleep is better than awake and too sleepy to think is a close second

No. 735631

The atheist people who love to tell Christians about how they suck and they're dumb for believing in god are just as annoying as the Christian people who shoves their beliefs down everyone's throat. I say this as someone who is agnostic and didn't grow up particularly religious. Stop being fucking annoying. If they're not harming anyone then there is nothing wrong with believing in god.

No. 735633

I got raised by two edgy militant atheists who do that and I grew up so lonely and miserable I still want to die

No. 735634

unpopular opinion with people who value their liver function

No. 735635

meh, you can grow that back if you ever stop hating life, I think
liver's the one that can regenerate, right?
buy myself a monkey liver

No. 735638

>liver's the one that can regenerate, right?
Not if you fuck it up with cirrhosis

No. 735639

the liver can repair itself but every time it does it leaves scarring. too much scarring and you have liver cirrhosis. then you need to take someone else's liver.

besides that, long-term benadryl abuse can permanently fuck your brain up and even cause dementia. you can become dependent on it, where you need to take more and more just to be able to fall asleep, and cause even more damage.

No. 735641

well that sucks
now there's nothing worth living for
I wish they would start giving women valium again

No. 735660

How much is too much?
Like what I'm just taking one or two a night?

No. 735670

Philosophy is pretentious as fuck and boring as shit

No. 735674

it is habit-forming, so if you take it every night to help fall asleep, you'll eventually struggle to fall sleep without it. best to only use it when really necessary

No. 735677

I literally have insomnia, getting addicted is a moot point unless it's hurting me

No. 735681

Zoomer men hate women more than millennial men

No. 735684

I don't find it endearing when men bash/praise their ex girlfriends physical appearance other than things that are easily controlled (weight, hygiene, etc), especially if they're trying to neg or uplift their currents. It's one of the biggest and earliest redflags to me.

Men who openly gawk at other women in general is a red flag

No. 735689

It is really important tho. The frameworks in which we place our ideas (which is what philosophy is about) shape our thoughts, which shape our actions, which shape our life (and the entire society).

No. 735690


why do you feel this anon?

No. 735691

How so, anon? Millennial men don't eat pussy apparently but zoomers do

No. 735695

yup. not only is it disrespectful to both you and the ex, but if a scrote can't compliment you without saying something shitty about other women in the process, then his compliment isn't sincere to begin with

No. 735697

Zoomer men seem bitter because they want women to be like they were in the past but they're also mad that they would have to put in effort on their part to make it possible

No. 735702

Are you forced to study it for a course, anon? I felt exactly that way about philosophy while studying, but after graduating the idea became way more appealing and it was easy to get curious about naturally

No. 735712

I have loved pets, I have lost pets, But I wish people would stfu when they publicly grieve and feel the need to announce that 'losing a pet is just as hard as losing a loved one because pets are family' or whatever way they feel like phrasing it. It hurts but stop comparing it and looking for equal pats to that of someone who lost a parent. Just stop.

No. 735718

It should be socially acceptable to refer to your parents by their first name. My boyfriend comes from a culture where children call their parents by their name as much as they call them 'mom' & 'dad'. At first I thought it was weird and impersonal, but the more I thought about it the more I realized it is the opposite of impersonal. Your parent has always been a human with a name, it shouldn't be weird for your child to connect with you using that name. It is especially odd that it's considered disrespectful (at least here in the states) to call your parents by their first name. It should be a term of endearment, not a a title, I guess. I'm not even saying we should stop using mom, mommy, momma, etc, since I really want to be called 'mom' one day; I'm just saying using a first name should also be okay.

Side note: farfetched theory here but I might even say that calling your parent by their name could help ease that realization a lot of people have in their teens where they fully realize their parents are just as flawed and human as they are.

No. 735729

Men buying things for women, even as just friends, should be normalized.
Lol okay you broke-ass nancy boy

No. 735730

File: 1612981448900.png (427.92 KB, 643x783, silk-shelf-stable-chocolate-so…)

Pinapple goes great with savory foods.
French food, while good, is overated. German and spanish foods are better
It's not /ot/ that should be nuked, it's /w/.
Picrel is better than regular chocolate milk.

No. 735743

all of these statements are correct

No. 735746

Agree. It’s all that unironic anime, being addicted to corporatized social media since age 6, worship of capitalism, worship of soundcloud culture and youtubers, mainstream exposure to incelism, /pol/ faggotry, normalization of degen porn and fetishes. They really grew up on the worst the internet can offer.
Lmao where do you hear that.

No. 735749

Imagine being a /w/igger in 2021.

You’re not a ne/w/faggot are you anons???(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 735753

Also it's considered gay or simpy to do anything nice for women in your life now. Even relatives and gfs.

No. 735768

It's not just that, thanks to the influx of pickmes + buy him a ps5 memes + sex work being at an all time high + BDSM + "men putting any financial effort at all in a relationship is gold digging" things, gen z women are expected to

>Being physically attractive, including losing or gaining weight/getting plastic surgery as to whatever body type is "in" at the moment or your man likes

>Look like a child facially
>Get full body waxings, have a perfect looking vagina
>Have a job, this is especially encouraged with sex work
>Be kinky but only when it means to be the one being beaten, having anal sex, be humiliated, etc
>Be into nerdy stuff, but don't be basic
>Be willing to provide while also cooking, cleaning, etc. Essentially being mommy sex slaves
>Have a unique sense of fashion, know how to dress and put on makeup and do girly stuff but don't openly showcase it because then you won't be considered tomboyish enough
>Be shy but not too shy to tell strangers that you like being choked and sell your nudes to strangers
>Be able to chow down pizza, fast food, ribs, and wash it all down with soda and white claw, and play video games all day, while not gaining weight unless it's in your ass, titties, or thighs and having a good smelling pussy
>Be low maintenance but not really
>Always be horny
>Have high goals in the future/basically being the one who pilots everything
>Be fertile but not really
>Want kids but not really
>Accept the fact the man maybe broke, ugly, fat, stupid, have a small dick, emotionally unavailable, etc but you always have to be whatever body type he likes, have money, be an adult, and so on

No. 735785

I think across all ages there's always been a mix of men that happily eat pussy, men that'll eat pussy for the minimum 30 seconds that they think is enough…and then men that tell you they got a whiff off a woman years ago so no oral for you or anyone else.

No. 735794

File: 1612986589535.png (256.07 KB, 464x553, 1645561651.png)

Thanks for the daily pinkpill anons. I hate men of all ages reEEE.

No. 735796

Men who don't eat pussies are a special kind of weak. Men back in the 1950s would eat pussy despite most women showering once a week and eating nothing but meat, dairy, soda and bread, nowadays men won't even touch a woman over stupid shit like an unshaved pussy or wearing socks/underwear they don't like

No. 735797

is this ironic?

No. 735798

Where the hell did they wash up once a week in the 1950 besides warzones

No. 735801

>Be kinky but only when it means to be the one being beaten, having anal sex, be humiliated, etc

Expanding on this to also include
>be submissive-kinky unless dominant-kinky is demanded which will include pegging him, always being on top (aka doing all the work), and supporting him trooning out but remember than your dominance should never leave the bedroom

No. 735802

girl i need you to understand that daily washing became the norm in like 1905

No. 735804

They would eat hairy pussy before showers were even invented and they were happy about it.

No. 735805

I don't even think it's a hygiene issue though, I think that's used an an excuse for them just not caring about your pleasure. I've dated the biggest hygiene freaks without any issues and it's been the non-ocd guys that were funny about getting their face wet. It doesn't matter how clean you are. That's a cover excuse.

No. 735806

That's just what I heard. Can't speak from experience since I'm 22 and I'm not gonna date a millennial man. Men who are older look like shit.

No. 735812

Diff anon but the first time I ever ate pussy it was entirely shaved and I feel like the girl went to the bathroom right beforehand and wetwiped or washed herself because she was that free of any scent or any taste or anything. It was honestly kind of weird how there was no scent in particular.

Day to day I'm definitely a person that is funny about smells but a certain amount of scent down there is normal and enjoyable if you actally like pussy. A bit of hair is nice too. 'sterile' pussy is offputting ime so the fact that men want that is strange to me

No. 735827

File: 1612989947468.png (188.75 KB, 453x440, concern.png)

>tfw I have mainly eaten meat, dairy and bread my whole life
Am I doing something wrong? Do these things really make your pussy stink?

No. 735832

NTA I don't believe so. Alcohol and drug use do make your spunk stink and taste weird though.

No. 735833

just wanted to say the thread pic/gif is really rad.

No. 735834

For some people they might, but for me it doesn't affect it. I mostly eat those things on a daily basis and I end up just tasting salty, like my personality.

No. 735839

Depends. I dated one girl who would eat one hamburger and smell bad for a week and on the other end I dated a girl who would eat sloppy and taste fine. Bad diet definitely gives people a bad smell though, especially when combined with weed and diet drinks are a huge culprit.

No. 735849

>would eat one hamburger and smell bad for a week
Nta but how do you even deal with a situation like that, did you openly talk about it?

I've dated a guy whose spunk tasted so much worse than usual so that was a no-go. I just had to tell him that was an ongoing no from me. Never had the female equivalent though.

No. 735853

File: 1612991826370.jpg (26.67 KB, 563x359, 1ca2d01cb5d5839426abb8f22f7999…)

idk anon but if i eat fast food my pussy ends up stinking the days Jesus Christ was dead.

No. 735862

Yeah I told her that her diet made her smell bad and it was no problem she just cut out fast food and red meats. It wasn't an issue considering the fact she was already trying to lose weight

No. 735868

I feel like this point can’t be stressed enough. This also ties into the nudes point and the constant persona for the camera which is on 24/7. It’s always about offering up the kinky shit and cute face poses, it’s a complete inundation of always being expected to be in cute but skimpy clothes and open about sexuality. I know it’s always been like this but with zoomers I feel like it’s cranked up to 100 and the knob broke off.

No. 735887

People that use discord for more than 5 hours a week should be euthanized

No. 735894

ot but this reply made me laugh so much. the picture and the comment. perfection.

No. 735900

Based anon

No. 735920

zoomer men are still boys anon.

No. 735923

all you mfs out here thinking men ate pussy before like 20 years ago get out.

No. 735925

Grief is weird anon, I've felt sadder about losing pets than family members.

No. 735928

There's like black and white 30s porn where they eat pussy but I now realise I sound like an idiot, but kamasutra? That was a while back

No. 735930

Wouldn't this literally just depend on how close you were to the animal and how much you loved them? I literally don't understand how you can have an opinion on how much grief people feel for their lost animals and how connected to them they are wtf. Guess we're policing how sad you can be over a pet dying.

No. 735931

The 2000s revival is shit with the glorification of porn culture influenced bimbo, vapid normie aesthetics. It's not even "that" different from the current era to be interesting to begin with. the big difference is big tits and skinny being the blowup doll look instead of big ass and thicc. And honesty a lot of the obvious non normies/nerds/spergs/ect look crazy as fuck for idolizing a time that probably would've hated their guts lmao

No. 735934

I have lost parents, I have lost pets. Sometimes the pets hurt way more, for way longer but it's very personal and in poor taste whenever someone's only touch with grief is a pet they had at 3yo so they keep mentioning it. Sorry for your loss anon, it sucks ass.

No. 735937

Did Paris Hilton unironically using Snapchat and Instagram to death before everyone else influence all the stupid little zoomers again like she did to the millenials?looks like it

No. 735942

Samefag, I should also add that some people do not have good relationships with their parents at all and losing a pet may hurt more than losing parents because of that.

No. 735955

File: 1612996617966.jpg (145.33 KB, 760x440, Screenshot_7.jpg)

nah they were licking rank red cunts back then

No. 735957

Wish I could find the Jim to my Nora.

No. 735958

Ew who'd have thought they had neckbeards even back in 1909

No. 735960

File: 1612996915726.jpg (60.89 KB, 796x796, 1605556684928.jpg)

>the stink and sweat that rises from your arse
>my tongue licking ravenously up your red, rank cunt
>taught you to make filthy signs with your tongue
>And even do in my presence the most filthy and shameful act of the body. Remember when you pulled up your clothes and let me lie under you while you did it?
Oh my god??? Who is this man? What did they do? Pls do not tell me she pissed on him

No. 735963

They loved them some fat arses and fat thighs back then

No. 735964

isn't that james joyce? I remember seeing something like this on the old famous people as lolcows thread

No. 735968

File: 1612997884501.jpg (158.42 KB, 742x600, Screenshot_8.jpg)

famed author James Joyce, someone posted about this somewhere on here I forget
>when she doesn't reply so you double mail her

No. 735972

Wow I never knew about this. Ngl, the amount of passion does make this kind of hot, but this is so gross lmao. The way he describes things ("red lumpy pole" for his dick, really? Why is it lumpy?) and the way his wife clearly does not like this shit makes it so nasty, but not in a good way lmao. Anyway, I'm gonna go find the rest of these

No. 735978

vintage coomerism

No. 735983

My whole point was that THEY are comparing the two, not me. I'm not questioning someones grief or putting it on a scale in the first place. I have dead parents and dead pets so I'm certainly not 'policing' grief. I've experienced it enough to know how it is. It just reads as defensive to have to justify that your pet dying hurts just as bad as a person dying. Those posts are weird to me. It's an overdone 'friendly reminder' that nobody asked for.

No. 736001

File: 1613000828685.jpeg (271.08 KB, 1029x837, 494FBDDD-0886-4E5C-8F7D-D04516…)

>big full bubbies

This is giving me flashbacks to reading tropic of cancer. Not the same but similar

No. 736026

File: 1613002888025.png (129.64 KB, 793x538, james-joyces-love-letters-dirt…)

the original brap poster

No. 736035

wagie employees who wont help you with a simpke fucking request that is literally their job because of RuLeS deserve abuse

No. 736036

right? now im paranoid that if i ever get sexually active again ill have to be vegan and only eat fruit or something
>sorry babe, no sex tonight, i had pizza at a friends house

No. 736041

Do you think your future bf would ever do that for you or even think about it? Kek.

No. 736049

Anime only "sucks" in America because western gaze ruined a lot of it and still continues to poison really Japanese concepts.

No. 736051

Nta but having dated men and women (and had fwbs) I've noticed the pattern of women showering pre-play or just turning down oral if they know they aren't perfectly fresh… Compared to mens ball sweat and piss smelling dicks presented without apology. Sure wish a man would for once be so kind as to tell me when he's 'not sure he's fresh'

No. 736055

i think he would but it would create a lot of resentment and make sex awkward. or maybe im just projecting.

No. 736057


Back when i was denying i was gay i was with a dude and was 69ing and specifically remember witnessing doo doo in the ass hair on this man. It is seared into my conciousness now.

No. 736078

Exactly. You bitches do too much. I eat meat and veggies. All I ever need is a shower.

If you're insecure though, take fenugreek, it makes you smell like maple syrup.

No. 736087

My diet is probably poor and I've had men swoon about my pussy, even at times when I've felt gross I've tried to evade them going down on me but they insist. Sometimes horiness overpowers the nose.

No. 736088

i hate that we're pressured to smell perfect and flowerly or like candy. vaginas aren't supposed to smell or taste like that.

No. 736092

I think my vagina smells delicious and awesome.

It does not smell like flowers or candy though.

No. 736093

I've never had a millenial man refuse to eat my pussy, but the one zoomer I banged adamantly refused.

No. 736094

Girl, when you eat that kind of diet a smelly pussy is the least of your body's problems.

No. 736095

Exactly like I've willing went down and sucked some gross smelly balls and enjoyed it. Once a dude kept insisting he didn't mind period sex I pretty much stopped caring about how optimal I was down there. I make sure to be clean of course but I'm not going to stress about it.

No. 736096

Lol are you a cougar?

No. 736098

nayrt but an old zoomer man would be 24 or 23 and a young millenial would be 28, thats not so bad

No. 736099

I don't think so? The zoomer was a 19 yo fuck buddy I had when I was 25/26. Not sure if that counts as cougar antics.

No. 736118

>Exactly like I've willing went down and sucked some gross smelly balls and enjoyed it
…but anon that's not a good thing? If it stinks that probably means it's NOT clean or the scent is from a diet, but if it was his balls I think we all know it stank because they were dirty. Pls do not brag about sucking rank balls.

No. 736123

I thought that millennials ended in 95-97 not in the early 90s

No. 736126

>It hurts but stop comparing it and looking for equal pats to that of someone who lost a parent. Just stop.
I read this as you putting them on a scale and trying to say one is less than the other, but idk maybe I misunderstood.

Whenever I see posts that say losing a pet can hurt as much as losing a relative/friend, I always feel like it's because there are still people that think it can't be just as painful. It doesn't feel defensive to me, but let's agree to disagree I guess.

No. 736146

the cutoff i usually see for millennials is 95 or 96, so the youngest ones are turning 25/26 this year

No. 736173

I see no worth in some of local rules: I do like to read blogposting and see nothing wrong with it and also see nothing wrong with moderate derailing, because hilarious things could be born from it in a board conversation

No. 736186

i hate the op image.

i don't. if open a thread about a subject, i expect to see that subject. if i want to see off-topic discussion, i come to /ot/.

No. 736195

Hell no, balls shouldn't smell gross and stank when they're clean. It's different from expecting people's genitals to smell like flowers and perfume. It's literally basic hygiene. Now I'm realizing that I was incredibly lucky with my past sexual partners because not once have I thought that their dick and balls smelled gross (seen a lot of jokes made about that though), I was actually surprised at how odorless male genitals were. It's the salty ass precum that made me gag a little bit.

No. 736266

I think Anna's appeal comes from her personality not her looks? If she does get praised it's probably more like a "girl next door" kind of thing, not for being a bombshell Megan Fox kind of beauty or something

No. 736272

Where are you seeing her shilled exactly…? She's mildly popular because she was in a few popular movies, not because she's considered super beautiful.

No. 736283

Needs to be people thinking about the good old days of the seventies when second wave feminism was at it's high and disco music was taking over. I wanna see people be like "yeah women used to be portrayed as badasses in the 70s and 80s unlike now" instead of the same le epic 50s housewife crap

No. 736285

and if nonnies don't believe me about the last part I'll show examples. the tomboy badass action girl trope was very much alive in many cinema and fiction at the time. You could even see it in the female gaze music (appropriated to "gay disco") or the focus of women with super athletic bodies and physical strength. I'm honestly surprised I don't see it much these days tbh

No. 736289

female characters often had more agency, personality and cleverer lines even in the 30s and 40s than now where the average female character has the personality of being 'cute and nice'

No. 736291

That's so true. I wonder how shit regressed so hard

No. 736302

Deregulation of the market, just like with toys.
I don't think people realize just how many things Reagan fucked up.

No. 736428

There is nothing inherently wrong with regular (non-fakeboi) fujos. Sure, some do have degenerate fetishes, but it's not like the majority of those fujos actually want to put those fetishes in practice. Some woman or teen girl just liking to look at (or draw) animu boys kissing isn't actually harming anyone.

No. 736431

File: 1613049202323.png (36.46 KB, 741x293, 89521429782.PNG)

Agreed. Reposting this related take since I don't feel like typing it out myself.

No. 736433

fujos are based and i support their degeneracy

No. 736435


fujos are super popular and have always been among girls with no friends. not something really unpopular as every anon probably knows (or is) a crazed fujo as a teenager or even to this day.

No. 736449


I'd also like to add that it's such bullshit how people equate fujos with men fetishizing lesbians. The issue with lesbian fetishization isn't the fact men find it hot. It's the fact that men are so societally programmed to see everything women do as being for male pleasure and lesbianism is the ultimate example of that. Find me even just a few examples of fujos harassing gay men for threesomes, telling random gay male strangers to "keep the show going" when they kiss or cuddle in public, bitching about unattractive gay men having the audacity to exist, or just any other example of fujos genuinely making gay men's lives harder. Literally not a single lesbian I know doesn't deal with this kind of treatment from straight men as just a part of life.

No. 736450

It's purely the (imo unnescessary) comparison posts that rub me the wrong way.

For full context on what was annoying me yesterday. I have a friend who keeps a lil herd of guinea pigs. Given they only live a few years that means roughly every few months she loses one of the herd and then brings a new one in too. Someone else in our friendgroup has just lost their mother and she's spamming the same old posts that directly compare losing a pet to losing a loved one. The timing is just awful.

She's rehashing her own older posts about passed pets right after a close friends mom died. A day later and she's still doing it. My friend is arranging a parents funeral (been there) and I can't stand to think back and realise how I couldn't grieve my mom in that girls presence either because it would become about her

No. 736452

I'd honestly take a fujo over a furry or lolifag any day. Most of the fujoshis I've met (myself included rip) seem to acknowledge that their hobby is kind of cringey and know not to bring it up IRL.

No. 736455

I always felt bad for Tonya Harding and Courtney Love

No. 736456

Gonna call it right now, someone's going to reply "well actually I once read a tweet that said they had met someone who knew a fujo that asked a gay man if he's an uke or seme so there!" like one single slightly annoying and awkward sperg is never going to equate to the range of harassment and sexualization lesbians have to suffer.

No. 736461

>the range of harassment and sexualization lesbians have to suffer
As a (probably soft butch?) lesbian I have struggled with unwanted male attention since moving to a small town where I guess I'm cute by the standards here. This also being a semi-homophobic country though.. I've been unsure of whether to disclose my gayness or not. Part of me wants to just to avoid some of this persistant attention from a couple of guys in particular but then I'm confused because I think my gayness is already aparent?

Reading this I just realised it doesn't matter if I tell people or whether people can already tell because chances are they just don't respect lesbians anyway. I can out myself and it probably won't change shit.

No. 736480

Even though I use it all the time, I honestly hate the word "scrote" and find it really cringey.

No. 736481

Take your meds is actually misogynistic response, as I've almost exclusively seen it being directed towards women.

Historically speaking, a woman whose logic doesn't line up with the "flow" of things is "crazy" or "histrionic". In the same vein, take your meds is a way to invalidate a woman's anger or feelings. If she's not composed, she must be "insane" or something.

I'm tired of that mindset, truly. The job I work, these older men have temper tantrums over the coding problems they face. Literally they slam things or curse loudly. If I had the same reaction to shit, I'd be called irrational and crazy.

Let women be angry. Let women letout their frustrations without being called crazy.

No. 736482

>I can out myself and it probably won't change shit.
It won't, they'll just see it as a "challenge". They'll be like "you just haven't found the right guy yet".

No. 736488

I would go a step further and say fujos are cool for sexualizing men and fetishising m/m. They've been doing it to us forever so who cares? It's nice to have a female-catered space to explore sexual interests that many of us would never do/want in real life.

Only misguided SJWs and red flaggy men get upset about fujoshit, including gay men. Every time I've brought up BL to trusted males in my life, they get excited and start arguing on why they think a certain pairing would be better etc

No. 736496

Do men get guilty spunking over rape on tape, lolis, teen, and "lesbian" porn? No of course not, so I'm going to look at pictures of anime boys humping each other all day every day without any guilt and if that makes me a fujo and repels people then honestly they're not people I want to associate with anyway. Long live fujos ♥

No. 736499

based fujos

No. 736502

so the people you'll be stuck associating with are fakebois and transtrenders because those are the only ones who like fujo lmao

No. 736504

File: 1613057612568.png (31.79 KB, 1121x271, 1612912448233.png)

Judging men by how they treat fujoshit is actually a pretty decent way of finding out how they treat women in general. The most respectful men I've met in my life have always been open minded about it and the most misogynistic pieces of shit throw a spergfit about how disgusting it is. Lord knows how many times I've seen girls give up their fun fujo hobby because their controlling piece of crap boyfriend finds it gross.

Someone posted this in the fujo thread recently and it legitimately made me ree, look at these bullshit double standards for cervix prolapse male coomershit and BL.

No. 736506

literally not the case at all, especially when it comes to japanese fujos

No. 736508

>I'm tired of that mindset, truly. The job I work, these older men have temper tantrums
I have to deal with an old guy who can't read (or maybe just can't respect) social cues..every fucking day I have him pestering me and when I try to make my social cues more clear (blanking him or walking away when I absolutely need to go get other stuff done) he accuses me of being in a mood and loudly declares my 'bad mood' to anyone who is within earshot. All while I stay calm. Two years in and I've been calm every day. Blanking him is the most extreme thing I've done, zoning out while he puts me in these awkward situations.

I feel you. One raised voice is all it takes to be labelled as loony so you're stuck rising above this shit.

No. 736512

As long as thousands of actual, living women are maimed for the sake of some scrote's orgasm and we have to accept it as "kink"/"sex postivity", I don't give a single fuck how many women draw gay rape porn. I really don't. In fact, they should flood the world, and maybe then men will feel 1% of how disgusted/unsafe the average woman does on a daily basis.

No. 736520

Where the hell have you been? FtMs hate fujoshis more than scrotes do. They're mad because they feel like transitioning earned them the exclusive right to enjoy BL. They don't want sane women in their sacred "MLM" clubhouse.

No. 736521

They're the ones reeing on Twitter over it lmao
I'll say it again, let women enjoy their gay little drawings it hurts literally nobody, people just like to shit on fujos because women are easier to bully and harass gtfo

No. 736523

Jeez, anon! I'm so sorry you have to go through that bullshit. The guys at my job (and seemingly the guy at your job) seem to have been embedded with the personal belief that men are basically untouchable since they are the "working force" and "who the hell else is going to do my job if you fire me?"

No. 736530

nta but definitely not lmao, luckily the ones I know are chill/lowkey and just stay in their own corner. Most fakebois I’ve seen like screeching about fujos and how they’re “oppressing gay men” but follow a lot of kr/jp fujo artists which is hilarious.

No. 736536

she can associate with me! im a girly girl who lives for seeing hot anime guys being rammed

No. 736545

seconded, let’s be girly fujos together nonnies

No. 736566

some of us are autistic misanthropes, so yeah pets dying is way more impactful than grandma kicking the bucket.

No. 736567

I will stan both Tonya and Courtney until the end of time

No. 736599

I suspect you don't know enough about Courtney Love beyond the story she has been feeding media for years

No. 736623

I dislike her but I'll never believe she killed Kurt. A depressed herion addict, suicide is inevitable then.

No. 736624

I love the trend of celebrities coming on Onlyfans and fucking shit up because not only does it scam scrotes but it chaps SWs ass so much. I dont feel bad for a bunch of coomer pandering women screeching on twitter about how their "only source of income is being attacked!!!" while they simultaneously posture "your dad/bf is paying my rent uwu".

Legitimately brings me joy everytime some social media website bans SW just for the loud reeeing about how censoring hard-core images where they're easily accessible by children and people who don't want to see porn is actual violence against the SW community.

No. 736648

Straight women are looked down upon more than bi/lesbian women, especially in terms of expressing attraction

No. 736653

I hate straight women just as much as I hate straight men.

No. 736654

weird coincidence, i was just watching videos of tonya a minute ago

No. 736655

love you too, anon

No. 736658

Just dropping by to inform everyone that there are moids sniffing around these waters today

No. 736662

that's not nice anon my mom is a straight woman who i love very much

No. 736670

File: 1613072067175.jpg (22.59 KB, 500x281, f333090b91b9b565f09ccdbb7ca0d1…)

Like usual.

No. 736675

That's nice but most heterosexual mothers would cover for their husbands molesting their daughters or deny everything or blame it on the daughter. Straight women are genetically programmed to prioritise their relationships with males over their own kids because of the resources/power a male provides, and you can always make yourself another kid. A lion can kill lioness's cubs but she will fuck him anyway. I don't trust straight women at all.

No. 736677

File: 1613072487700.png (257.75 KB, 500x609, bd2NiZ1vtm42eo1_r1_500.png)

I just want one week to go by without us being posted on scrote boards. Valentine's inbound so the incels get extra suicidal I guess.
Shite b8 m8

No. 736681

I see the "incel scrote larping as a political lesbian" bait is exceptionally weak near the valentine's

No. 736693

I'm a febfem. I hate political lesbians because they're homophobes.
>you disagree with me so you're a scrote!
Cope and seethe.

No. 736701

Yaaawn bait better

No. 736704

Febfem anon, you and whoever else is febfem on this site need to stop making those kinds of posts. Febfem anons have been doing it for at least a month now and you're all embarrassing us bi's.

No. 736705

I meant every word I said. This is an unpopular opinions thread kek

No. 736706

Oh, I'm sorry, I will try to suck some dick in order to repent for my sin of heterophobia.

No. 736709

Or you could try shutting up to repent for your sins of posting stupid shit ♥(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 736712

It's not stupid, it's reality.

No. 736714

it has nothing to do with straight women other than the fact people are shit. A lot (not all) women will be completely stupid with who they date, they'll get pregnant with little to no means of supporting the child and not know what they're going to do in the future, they'll get knocked up by men who are showing signs of pedophilia or men who have a history of walking out on their own kids. Victim blaming galore.

on the other hand many bi women are pickmes and professional victims, a lot of lesbians just creep and sexually harass other women

Men are 100% worse, gay men are bug chasing pedos who are misogynistic assholes and disguise it as quirkiness as well as being desperate to be a homewrecker, straight men are lazy and walk out on their responsibility and act like literal children by thinking they're mysterious for giving a silent treatment and doing whatever they can to manipulate women for all the attention they can get. Men , straight or gay, are 100% more attention whores than women

No. 736721

Most women are straight so let's not pretend like lesbians are the ones who fuck us all over through collaborating with men. Sure, you can find creeps everywhere, but lesbians don't support patriarchy like hetties do. Hetero or bisexual, women who breed with men cannot be trusted.(stop)

No. 736726

we aren't talking about who supports patriarchy, we're just pointing out flaws in each group. Lesbians are a very flawed group. Denying that there's issues within the lesbian community only makes everything worse and it doesn't work to fix the issue


you caught us anon. Apparently no hetero woman ever covered for child molestation and abuse or victim blamed

No. 736730

Same, but mainly the ones who don't stfu about scrotes they're dating.

No. 736731

Why the fuck are you all responding to this tired ass bait? Or is it just one idiot responding to himself?

No. 736733

Newfags have no self control.

No. 736736

Excuse the longpost

Probably not unpopular in the States, but online this opinion is extremely unpopular. The American two party FFTP system is actually preferable to the MMP/coalition shitshow that occurs across the rest of the west.

I like how the american system actively discourages populist figures like Carter and Trump from actively changing things in a substantial manner, when people like that are elected to power they tank the party for the next few elections. Which means there's selection pressure for party moderates that don't rock the boat too much and keep things chugging along safe and stable. In places like Italy you can have one meme populist party get 18% of the vote and everyone has to scramble to deal with the fucker. If such a system was transplanted to the US, you could risk having something like the Qanon party get 8% of the vote and determine the coalition that takes power.

I also think the narrative that the US political parties are controlled by the media and corporate power to be very overplayed, and if anything, relative to their population, countries like Germany have a much worse problem of media control over their electoral system and the US does well. The Republicans and The Democrats have a duopoly with an almost entirely static support base, which means the media and donors are more forced to fit these bases instead of being able to freely inculcate their own agenda. It's why you have a populist figure on Fox News in Tucker Carlson, despite the fact that the established republican elite has a distaste for such rhetoric. You watch the news in Finland or New Zealand and it's all the same gushing support for woke neoliberals on every channel and in the exact same manner.

Mama Merkel in Germany has retained power to an absurd point. She does this by having a dedicated base of semi-senile boomers that consoom TV propaganda and boardroom backstabbing, the levels of machivalian bullshit that goes on under MMP means you have a worse class of politician. Unlikeable sociopaths can just coast into power without even being elected, and even run the country getting something like 33% of the vote. A Hillary Clinton would undoubtedly be able to run the US for as long as Merkel if the US had the german system, and Merkel really is just the German version of her. At least to be a senator in the US or a president, you have to win an election, almost nobody could like you and you could come to run a MMP country..

No. 736738

out of curiosity, how's your relationship with your mum anon?

No. 736739

i've seen some libfems argue that such characters are "erasing femininity" or act like they're the same as the "man with tits" trope. so now they're going in the opposite direction to 'reclaim femininity' or some shit

No. 736742

Granola is better than müsli

No. 736764

The conservatorship for britney spears was a good idea in the early 2000s when she was suffering from mental illness and was very young. If it didnt happen she wouldve probably ended up like tara reid/washed up, broke and on drugs etc. I think she should be let free now though.

No. 736780

No I took philosophy at my liberal arts college, found it boring as fuck, and now when I see people mention that they like talking about philosophy FOR FUN I evaporate into thin air out of disgust. There are truly some sick people in this world…smh.

No. 736786

But there were a lot of feminine actresses before that who didn't have roles where their character has the personality of a lamp with titties. Mae West, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Bette Davis, Lucille Ball. All huge names in the film industry with interesting roles where their characters have agency and wit.
Compare and contrast to movies from the 2000s onwards that are mass-manufactured and samey with cardboard cutout female characters and screenplays written by a horny ape.

No. 736787

Hard agree, it attracts the most wanky people ever. I'm a master of philosophy working towards my doctorate and I hate the people I have to associate and interact with. Mostly gammons who like to publicly shit on the women in the department, pretentious "soulful" young men, edgy leftbook women and libfems.
It's important and I have beliefs and opinions on it, but god I don't want to enter tedious wankfests over it.

No. 736830

If you eat granola with milk you’re probably Satan’s best friend.

No. 736851

If a scrote is jobless/broke with no car or money for uber's he shouldnt be dating. Most of the guys I've been asked out by lately would have to ask their moms for rides or complain about how they're low on cash and how much they would have to send on dinner….

Poor men do not deserve sex or love and they need to understand that.

No. 736857

This absolutely should be a popular opinion, also I kek'd audibly

No. 736858

Women need to start calling men like this golddiggers.

No. 736860

With natural yogurt, nonny

No. 736861

TLC said it best, no scrubs!

No. 736868

The last guy I was going to go on a date with I canceled by saying "you should focus on getting your car fixed and your financial situation before trying to date. Good luck in life!". He went off calling me a broke bitch etc

No. 736869

Dark gums are pretty when they're on people who have dark skin. It's more uniform.

No. 736888

Now that makes more sense, great taste, nonny.

No. 736919

I don't like any drugs and I hate that about myself. I genuinely think it makes me uncool and boring and I'd love to at least smoke weed but every single drug, both recreational and even prescription narcotics, makes me feel terrible and angry because I hate feeling out of control.

No. 736924

IMO it's worth learning how to feel ok about being out of control (I still haven't learned it yet), but I don't think you have to take drugs to learn that. It's completely fine to just say 'no thanks, they make me feel bad'.

No. 736925

Granola and good yogurt are the best breakfast food combo

No. 736926

Ain't nothing wrong with not liking being inebriated anon.
>uncool and boring
Come on now, you know that's cringe.
But, if you want, you can benefit from learning to be comfortable with letting yourself go. I heard mediation really helps to tame the anxiety which makes it feel like you're "losing" control.

No. 736941

Seriously, don't think of that as a negative thing. Only boring empty people give a shit about whether others like drugs or not. It might seem nice on a surface level, but people keep underestimating how much that shit can negatively impact your life. I'm not just talking hardcore junkies, it's a slippery slope and while I wouldn't consider myself an addict, I definitely wish I never got into it. Of course there's plenty of people who handle it well and do things in moderation, but if it doesn't sound too insensitive, consider yourself blessed for not feeling the need to escape sobriety.

No. 736945

As a prolific weed smoker I'm the boring one. Taking a toke every once in a while with friends can be fun but also sometimes it's not. You're not missing out on anything,mostly people with crazy drug stories are just hanging out with sketchy people and the stress of that can outweigh the drug. Also the whole illegality.

No. 736963

File: 1613090389333.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.72 MB, 2048x1363, why_LI.jpg)

I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion or a vent, but boudoir photoshoots are so fucking stupid. Especially the ones I see out in the winter like the pic attached. You're in fucking ugg boots with your ass pressed up against a tree, how sexy! Plus what are you even supposed to do with them after the fact? Like cool you spent easily $100+ on 10 ultra edited photos of you in your underwear…? I don't get it and I don't understand why women waste their money on it.

No. 736966

Those uggs be hugging her legs. She probably let's her cuck bf fuck her in the clothes too who knows

No. 736996

THANK YOU, I'm so shocked to see this from an anon who actually is in the discipline. Most people who want to debate philosophy that I've encountered aren't actually students/graduates of philosophy.
One thing I've always hated about philosophy is how much philosophers ramble on about the same old shit when their tangents could be summed up by some bullet points of their main arguments.
Hard agree, but I want to say that these men absolutely know what they're doing. They know that women are the caretaker type by default in straight relationships, and now with ~female empowerment~, a woman can pay for all of his shit in the name of equality. TBT to my ex who wanted to be a stay at home dad.
At least female gold diggers are actually earning coin. Male gold diggers are gold digging off of someone who makes 30% of what they could earn themselves doing the same job (because women earn ~70 cents on the dollar of what men earn). We need another term, at best it's 'bronze digging'.

No. 737025

>That's nice but most heterosexual mothers would cover for their husbands molesting their daughters or deny everything or blame it on the daughter. Straight women are genetically programmed to prioritise their relationships with males over their own kids because of the resources/power a male provides
I've seen this happen so many times, even in my own family. As a result, I've found it hard to trust people ever since I was a child.

No. 737030

What "issue"? Stop breeding more sons and sucking dick, that will fix the issue kek.
I've seen this happen too, and I read a lot about it. Men are the worst but I don't expect anything from them anyway, women throwing other women and girls under the bus for the sake of moids is way more painful.

No. 737040

I understand wanting to have nice photos of yourself feeling beautiful, professional even if you're feeling fancy. Like black and white photos you would keep somewhere safe of hang it up if you feel like it, but this weird shit where they wear aliexpress lingerie and uggs is tacky as fuck.

No. 737078

Totally agree. My ugly pickme friend studies philosophy and she is a complete loser.

No. 737088

What do you study?

No. 737093

Why are you friends with her?

No. 737095

File: 1613102047285.jpg (57.28 KB, 500x500, artworks-000534873117-uvr484-t…)

>my ugly pickme friend

No. 737100

Please no just don’t interact with Neetlita pls I beg

No. 737123

True crime fans are all weirdos. There has to be something wrong with you if you enjoy stories of real people suffering so much. I don't know how it doesn't make people uncomfortable and sad for the lives lost and their loved ones

No. 737125

Business. I studied something useful and now I have a real job

No. 737163

no, i think that pickme friend anon is not neetlita

No. 737178

File: 1613109483178.jpeg (869.5 KB, 1614x2044, 4F9E586F-5651-4EF2-BED5-838133…)

Platonic women-only households should be an actual thing way more often, like those Chinese ladies who bought a mansion together. Funny how I see more libfem scrote bashing than ever but them bitches still be chasing after mediocre white guys.
Less of that more Princess Jellyfish house IRL

No. 737181

living in a house with girl friends is literally my dream.

No. 737182

I think I prefer living alone but if I were a more social person, those Chinese ladies and the Kuragehime otaku gang would be absolute goals.

No. 737184

File: 1613111315180.jpg (788.58 KB, 1500x2000, 09fad970379becba420674e1e20979…)

>this is the average old 8chan/webring user
when did fellow femanons realize that incels are actually chad (as a fellow femanon myself)?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 737185

White fever chicks are as creepy and offputting as scrotes with yellow / nonwhite fetish fever and my Chinese (from Malaysia) roommate is fucking driving me nuts with that shit.
Like, wrecking her hair texture with bleach, goofy looking overdone nose contouring—didn’t think anything of it. But watching her purposefully play up some bizarre simpering stereotype to really ugly white dudes is giving me painful secondhand embarrassment. Then getting super drunk and saying things like how she really wants a “white” baby because she actually believes “white peoples eyes change color with their emotions”

The fuck?? no they don’t, calm down Xiaxue. Majority of Caucasians are unremarkable looking fucks with unremarkable shit brown hair and brown eyes. Asian scrotes are no uglier than white scrotes (scrotism has no ethnicity)

Stop it. Love yourself girl. I never know how to respond when she says this shit.

No. 737189

kind of shocked by the replies, I guess no one here's stepdad abused them in front of their mom or mom didn't believe them when they told her they had been molested
it's pretty common, my mom sure threw me to the wolves for love

No. 737190

No, you just had a shitty mom. Sorry that happened to you but most people’s households were not like that at all.

No. 737192

I didn't say "most," I said it's pretty common and I'm shocked no one here had it happen to them apparently
If you do not believe this is a common occurrence, you're just wrong

No. 737196

I’m sure it a common occurrence but it’s much, much more common for women to protect their kids at all costs than what happened to you. I’m really sorry that happened.

No. 737198

I certainly hope you're right, but I don't know why you needed to tell me off since apparently you agree with my initial post

No. 737203

It's because she's targeting a specific group of women rather than saying that some women in general will protect abusers, AND she's making it seem like it's super common for straight women to not protect their kids. I had a very abusive mother so I know firsthand what that's like, but the truth is that, even though there are a lot of women who are abusers and will cape for abusers, there are also a ton of women who don't stand for that shit (also something I know firsthand). It's not "most", it's some.

That febfem anon is known for making antagonistic posts for anyone who decides to live a lifestyle differently than her and getting into infights over it which is also why so many anons told her off. She seems to have hatred for any women that isn't febfem, and has basically said that women who enter relationships with men are asking to be abused so, people who are familiar with the febfem posts don't like her.

No. 737205

No one here is saying "most"
And this is an anonymous board, congrats if you can tell who's posting by their typing style I guess, but I don't know you, her or anyone else from anyone else

No. 737206

She literally said
>That's nice but most heterosexual mothers would cover for their husbands
Idk what you read. Not sure why you're offended, I gave you an answer.

No. 737207

>Not sure why you're offended
I don't know why you think I am, I haven't said one thing off the handle, I just have a different opinion than you

No. 737229

Well, you can make the conscious decision not to cape for abusers but the instinct is there. My mom was the same, she tried hard not to do that(tm) but sometimes she slipped. It's just their nature.

No. 737230

Don't you know you're always offended or buttmad by the narcissistic internet users who think their opinions matter more than it actually does as soon as you dare disagree with them? Kek

No. 737236

You know what’s much more common? Fathers to completely fuck off pretending to be blind and deaf when mothers emotionally and physically abuse their children.

No. 737238

Does the abuse of one group negate the abuse of another?

No. 737241

If you think it's common for fathers to ignore mothers abusing their kids, then you acknowledge that it's common for mothers to abuse their kids

No. 737243

I'm >>737206, and I didn't think anon was offended because she disagreed, I thought that because of what I perceived the tone of the post to be. Cause y'know, it's the internet so sometimes mistakes like that happen.
>internet users who think their opinions matter more than it actually does
This is the Unpopular Opinions thread. What did you expect to be posted here

No. 737244

Samefag I’d even say that how many of those evil, ignore-abuse mothers are traumatized victims of prolonged male violence themselves? Meanwhile, It’s an axiom that mild mannered “normal” scrotes are completely averse to family conflict that don’t involve them directly, they’d rather jerk off.
>missing the point
Funny how you zero in on ~all het women~ aka a small percentage of mentally ill women, specifically when it’s clearly het men do the same, do worse and more often.

No. 737245

>This is the Unpopular Opinions thread. What did you expect to be posted here
I really could say the same to you

I don't even disagree that fathers tend to be the worse parent, I didn't miss your point, you added a new point to the argument, I wasn't talking about that.

No. 737247

>I really could say the same to you
….about what? I'm not mad at anything here, but it's a discussion thread so I'm allowed to respond and disagree/agree with other anons. I never said anyone wasn't allowed to do the same.

No. 737249

Anons why? We were doing so good ignoring that shit bait all day. Oh it’s samefagging isn’t it.

No. 737250

dude are you good?

No. 737251

>opinion I don't like must be bait
Shut up, we're allowed to discuss

No. 737253

Are you? What that anon said didn't make any sense. I did not come into the unpopular opinions thread and then act surprised when opinions are posted here, but I'm still allowed to disagree with anyone here and vice versa.

No. 737254

Literally same?
The post said >>This is the Unpopular Opinions thread. What did you expect to be posted here
And >I really could say the same to you
Is that not self explanatory?
sage for derail but wtf

No. 737257

It doesn't because of the
>internet users who think their opinions matter more than it actually does
My point is the post was criticizing people for sharing opinions in the thread meant for sharing opinions. Sure the greentext is an opinion, but it's still dumb. I'm not missing the point, it's just stupid to say that and then do the exact same thing that you're criticizing.

No. 737265

phineas and ferb is better than spongebob

No. 737271

Phineas and ferb is too repetitive and boring. Plus the art style's uglier and SB has better songs.

No. 737274

Phineas and ferb is ugly and I hate the artstyle in general. Spongebob is a knock off ren and stimpy and stopped being funny since 2005

No. 737276

Ironically /ot/ obsessions with labeling scortes is the downfall of it.

No. 737300

>SB has better songs
What the actual fuck. Now I’m mad!!!
SB is only good if you’re a toddler whose only brain function is figuring out how to shit in a diaper. SHAYNA

No. 737306

I agree, never got the big deal about Spongebob. and I think people greatly exaggerate the art style of Phineas and Ferb imo

No. 737307

This is correct. I love both, but P&F had bops on top of bops. S.I.M.P, Busted (vid rel), Ain't Got Rhythm, Gitchee Gitchee Goo, etc… I'm not denying that Spongebob had hits. There's Goofy Goober Rock, Sweet Victory, and obviously the theme song slaps, but what else is there? Squidward playing the clarinet? The Jellyfish Jam? C'mon now. They're not touching Phineas and Ferb.

Sidenote, Busted gives me Take A Hint from Victorious vibes.

No. 737333

i'm too scared to even go in that thread tbh, it'll just disrupt my peace and happiness

No. 737382

File: 1613132780749.png (361.75 KB, 450x450, ber.png)

All the raw sexual energy of a bear scratching its ass with a tree.

No. 737491

I hope you're zooming because early-season spongebob is so much better it's not even close. You didn't even mention Sandy's Texas Song or the Ripped My Pants song. I literally die just watching the whale drummer.

contribution: once animation started to get outsourced around 2005-10 and storyboarders/writers weren't working as closely with animators, cartoons lost most of their soul because they couldn't integrate the animation as tightly with the writing. It's not really anyones fault since 2d cartoons had to cut costs to compete with dirt cheap 3d crap. So fuck Jimmy neutron really. But also I knew it was the end when total drama island became the most popular cartoon - that show and others with that cheapo stickfigure animation style like p&f could just as easily be acted as animated, while the animation itself is funny and intrinsic to spongebob and to earlier shows like ed edd eddy and courage the cowardly dog. It's just not the same kind of thing really…

No. 737497

Every single man I've met who claimed their relationship problems were their gfs insecurity was always the one causing it

No. 737500

I've known a couple people this happened to, but I think it's wildly inaccurate and misogynistic to say "most" het women would do this. Most moms I know who were in this situation sided with their kid entirely. My grandma would ask my mom regularly if her stepdad was doing anything to her because she was so excessively protective of her child. He wasn't, but my grandma was extremely on guard when it came to men and taught my mom to be that way too.

Meanwhile, my fucking dad kept friends who he knew into me when I was underage. His method of "protecting" me was to just tell them if they ever acted on that desire, he would kill them. Luckily, nothing ever happened, but when he casually mentioned this fact to me when I was older I wanted to spit in his face. He was giving himself such a pat on the back for it too, like he was father of the year for it, when he should have cut them out of his life immediately.

Yeah, there's garbage women out there who side with their SOs, but I don't think that's "most" women. You'll find a lot more men siding with people who prey on their kids, honestly. I've noticed in most "funny uncle" stories, the situation is almost always handled way worse when the uncle is the dad's brother.

If we're gonna say "most" het women would be guilty of anything, it's definitely protecting their degenerate sons.

No. 737501

Depends on where you're from. Usually people from conservative areas that worship men (american south, rural asia, africa, etc) will go out of their way to blame children, specifically little girls for any sort of sexual abuse and mother's side with abusive boyfriends or husband's. On the other hand when I moved to a more liberal area victim blaming was barely a thing

No. 737507

This is true. I'm from New England, which is very liberal. It's like a different world compared to the South.

No. 737515

Yeah it’s almost as if women who grew up in deeply misogynistic environments become perpetrators of misogyny themselves, religious zealots for example. And it’s almost as if women who are enshrouded in misogyny are not permitted to be anything but het.

No. 737532

I don't have a lot of sympathy for Southern American women who perpetuate misogyny, honestly. It's a different conversation when you're talking about entire countries with that kind of culture, but in America, it's 100% a choice to subscribe to it. I get religious brainwashing is one hell of a drug, but the level of smugness and superiority the average fundie tradthot feels makes it impossible for me to sympathize.

No. 737541

I feel like the Sailor Moon anime creators made Kunzite and Zoisite into fags (who werent originally in the manga) because they didnt want pretty boy characters hogging up the space. Same with them making Mamoru completely useless. Its like the male animators just wanted to focus on making pantyshots and some visual things for male viewers yet it somehow ended up being "progressive" to people kek

No. 737544

Southern American women are different from other types of women who have internalized misogyny - just first world women alone. American women all together have been exposed to the internet with all different view points as well as the fact most of them are able to travel and meet various different people, there's no excuse for them to be misogynistic just because "that's all they've ever known" unless they're dirt dirt poor and haven't met anyone outside of their trailer park and redneck school, even then when I was living in the rural south I met people who had enough sense to not just be blindly misogynistic just because they were told to. It's astounding how many women in the south blindly support trump and his creepiness

No. 737549

>American women all together have been exposed to the internet with all different view points
Anon, I'm pretty sure they have the internet in plenty of areas in Africa and Asia

No. 737550

They do but usually only the upperclass people get it in asia and africa where as it's more easily accessible all over america for everyone

No. 737555

do you have examples anon?

No. 737560

please ask a doctor for help with your missing chromosome

No. 737563

Anon pls…I'm also southern American and you're making us look bad

No. 737571

SEAfagging. Yes there’s internet but many countries enforce some degree of censorship like China, though not as severe. Most people only use mainstream social media platforms, which are not good for meaningful feminist discussions. The most based feminists are all in private groups and irl club houses, usually older women, usually moms, because they actually face irl violence if outed as man-hating. So “good” info on feminism like resources and theories are not easily accessible to the general public. What’s more available is Twitter brand of libfem, which, I guess is better than nothing. But still it’s incredibly inefficient because western/chinese social medias peddle just as much if not more handmaiden bullshit.

No. 737577

I don't agree with the whole "people should leave relationships for whatever reason they choose" thing. If you're an adult and in a long term serious relationship, especially if you're having kids, or planning to then you shouldn't just leave just because you wanna go "find yourself" aka fuck every easy lay you see

No. 737583

it's downright disturbing that skimpy clothing is considered "more appropriate" for a 14 year old girl than for a 30 year old woman

No. 737587

>post longer than 6 words

No. 737589


There's a lack of internet in rural asia and africa… Everyone knows this… Is lolcow taking posts out of context again?

No. 737609

There’s lack of internet in rural America. Your racism is showing.

No. 737617

For the discussion around what anon said about straight women making for worse parents because of their misogyny, here's another component to consider:

Bad parents don't like to admit when they're shit parents. I know when I confessed to my mom, she didn't believe I had been molested by a male babysitter. She was a single parent at the time.

It's not that she was wanting to protect some neighborhood brat just cause he was male, it's that she didn't want to admit that a decision she had made as a parent had a horrible outcome and consequence. She would be forced to have accountability for the sexual nature and expression she hated in me as a teenager if she was forced to realize that her decisions led me to exposure at an earlier age. And quite frankly, bad parents don't like to admit they have destructive traits that they take out on their kids anyway. Like being misogynistic or narcissistic. It's mostly about protecting ego, not shielding men.

No. 737620

Not really,every single person I knew from a rural area had internet, do you have any articles about this?

No. 737621

Internet culture is mostly unfunny as it is centered around autistic personality disordered neurotics with no social skills

No. 737622

I'm gagging at the fact that people really took the bait from the self-admitted resident insane febfem who spends her time simping for gold-star lesbians who'd never touch her because she's a "bislut". Did you guys forget that this is the same poster who said bisexual women who get abused by men "bring it on themselves"? This is a crazy person.
This anon doesn't care about little girls getting abused and their het mothers turning a blind eye, because if those girls are also straight (or even bi but not the Wokest Radfem), she believes they literally deserve it. This was never a good faith take, and it's pointless to debate it. She's just here to take out her own insecurity about liking dick on other women and try to punish them for it.

No. 737628

Social media/the internet is a form of American soft power imperialism and every nationality online (except for the ones on exclusive platforms for their countries) act "American" for this reason. The internet makes everything lose its identity with one big Americanization filter

No. 737631

Unironically true. It's an unabashed psyop, and anyone who disagrees isn't paying attention. If you want a vision of what America wants the world to be like, check out Reddit and Twitter's "culture".

No. 737641

Can you give examples of people from other cultures acting american online?

No. 737646

NTA but I'm a Northern European and lots of teenagers and 20-somethings speak with a blaccent, complain about BIPOC mistreatment in an almost completely white country, use English language pronouns and pronoun pins despite our language having only one neutral pronoun for people, organizing solidarity BLM protests and closely following American media and politics, to name a few. Oh, and they also refer to themselves as colonizers despite literally being a part of two neighboring countries for centuries, but that's more on us being self-hating. It's gotten so bad that you'll hear girls use random English words and American terminology in a sentence in our own language because they don't know any local equivalents.

And of course American SJWs going at people's throats for misgendering, racism, transphobia, cultural appropriation or whatever the fuck they decide to whine about on Twitter isn't helping matters. If I could, I'd go full China and block all American content altogether.

No. 737647

To be fair, America is referred to as the "melting pot" of the world because its full of immigrants and different ideologies meshing together.
The internet is pretty much the same exact thing.
So, they are remarkably alike both because they were formed the same way and because the Internet has a lot of Americans and American media on it.

Australia actually has the most internet users, suprisingly.
American's media reach though is insane, I was listening to radio stations around the world the other day and many of them were playing American songs, even in Russia and the middle east.

No. 737650

File: 1613157636358.png (182.15 KB, 1346x861, broadband_adoption.png)

NTA but how is it racist to acknowledge a massive first world informational advantage American women have that makes them far more accountable for their internalized misogyny?

Also, that's simply not true. I even did some research before replying to make sure I'm not talking out of my ass. The biggest internet struggle rural America has is that some people still don't have broadband access and have to opt for dial up instead. People lacking any internet access at all is an issue that mostly only affects the homeless.

No. 737658

File: 1613158247511.png (218.21 KB, 768x542, share-of-individuals-using-the…)

Another relevant chart for the anon(s) who for whatever reason don't believe there's a massive internet access disparity between the USA vs. many parts of Africa and Asia.

No. 737660

Why are burgers like this? This is some “there’s no food in Africa” cherry picking. Do you know how big Asia and Africa are? And how most of those continents populations are concentrated in cities? Their biggest issue is censorship, not having no access to the internet.

No. 737662

>People lacking any internet access at all is an issue that mostly only affects the homeless.
I agree with you and even on this topic I've seen homeless people who have freaking smartphones somehow mooching off free Wifi at stores and cafes

No. 737664

The fact that China is in light blue tells me this chart is bullshit

No. 737685

>There's lack of internet in rural asia and africa
Is not the same as
>There's literally no drop of internet, food or anything else in africa or asia

Stop jumping to conclusions

No. 737686

No. 737688

You caught us anon everyone's trying to trick you into thinking only about half of china has internet access. Sure showed us

No. 737690

Seriously. What is with this new trend of denying first world advantages to be ~woke~?

No. 737696

Sounds like Sweden, they tried to make BLM a thing here but our problems are very different, the police here actually have too few resources.

No. 737700

I'm honestly surprised that the woke crowd is doing this. It seems more like a racist redneck thing to do "hur dur them african kids already got all the damn food and internet we don't need to give them anything"

No. 737703

NTA but basically
>thinking every society in the world has identical standards and culture as America
>thinking everyone around the world knows the nuances of American identity politics
>thinking everyone speaks fluent English
In my 100% white country for example people have started classifying people different regions to be "POC"s when they're all the fucking same ethnicity just to stir shit up American style

No. 737704

It's Finland, it's the same here. Local wokes love complaining about police brutality towards local Somalis but all our police do is chase down junkies and break up teenage immigrant gang fights.

No. 737705

But Sweden is a colonizer nation, pretty sure Anon is Finnish according to the description.

No. 737708

I have wondered what would happen if I (white) just started referring to myself as POC. Would anyone call me out or would people assume I must be like part middle eastern or Hispanic or something?

No. 737710

Hell you see people claiming to be "PoC" all the time while looking white as wonderbread, you can just bullshit about being 1% cherokian or hispanic or whatever and anyone questioning you can be cancelled for being racist. However it only works when you side with the PC discourse, my obviously dark skinned friend got dogpiled on by white American teens for disagreeing with them.

No. 737711

It depends on what you look like. If you can pass as racially ambiguous, people would just assume you're mixed or light skinned, but if you're pale, blonde or redheaded, and have light eyes, people will ask some questions and probably call ypu out.

No. 737712

As an outsider it seems like Sami/Lapplanders have a pretty different culture and might have culture clash with white/euro culture, but I've never seen Finnish people read as anything but white… I guess they have as much claim to being "colonized" as the Irish do, anyway.

No. 737718

I meant that it sounds like we have the same type of Americanisation going on.
As for colonization do you mean of Sami territory btw?

No. 737724

My highschool history teacher went off on this blond blueeyes cheerleader for saying she was 1/8th Cherokee in class lol, called her a liar to her face. To be fair he also got into it with this girl who said she had Wiccan heritage (and got suspended without pay for a month because he "attacked her religion").

I might have to wear darker contacts but I think that's all I would need. And to change my name to something made up and ambiguous like Sofya or Armana.

No. 737730

Sweden literally colonized the whole country of Finland for centuries before losing them to Russia in the 1800s, pick up a book. Destroyed the original pagan religion, treated them as a lesser mongoloid race, forcibly converted everyone to Christianity and took over the land.

No. 737737

I mean the same thing happened to Ireland, pretty much exactly in terms of brutality and time period as well. I'm not saying it wasn't horrific obviously but its white-on-white violence and both Finns and Irish are seen as white in a global context. I'm in part Irish and I have a hard time caring when african people for example were treated horrifically by foreign colonizers more recently and are still disadvantaged in a global context.

No. 737738

>I'm part Irish and
Americans are too embarrassing

No. 737746

No. 737751

Finnish people are white, and that was in the 1800s, which I why I thought you were talking about the sami.

No. 737754

…I mean I doubt even the wokest Swedish BLM campaigners care about white Finns in the 1800s kek

No. 737760

The Sami are white lmfao, they're not some mysterious other race like native Americans.

No. 737762

I said I don't give a shit about being irish….I have some people in my family who make a big deal of their "Irish Heritage" and are like IRA stans or whatever…and that's cringe. The other half of my family is actually mostly French Canadians that got forcibly removed by the British, so what I meant was I could come up with several ways to say i was colonized by the British, but I don't try to do that because in the modern world white is white more or less.

No. 737764

Cool blog American, now stop embarrassing yourself. Knowing absolutely nothing about the cultural relations on the other side of the planet doesn't give you a pass to come in bragging about how you "don't give a shit since white is white" and only shows how Americentric your viewpoint is.

No. 737765

So Finnish people are more oppressed/colonized than Irish people why exactly?

No. 737766

You're not Irish. You're American.

No. 737770

I didn't say I was Irish, but I've never seen Irish people try to claim they're POC and think they'll be taken seriously.

No. 737772

Bringing up the historical fact that you were colonized doesn't equal "claiming to be POC".

No. 737807

Unpopular opinion - I think it's cool when people are proud of their heritages and that they celebrate the culture of their lineage

What's not cool is acting like you're better than everyone else because you were born to an Irish/italian/Russian/whatever you are family. Being of a certain race or ethnicity isn't an achievement, it's simply something that happens by chance

No. 737819

I agree. I think it's beautiful when two differing cultures eagerly respect each other's, but have beaming pride of their own. I hate this superiority and inferiority habit we humans have..

No. 737857

I can’t respect any adult who’s into organized religion in this day and age. No exception. Even corporate pagan larpers are more respectable. Find a different cope that doesn’t have extensive historical and concurrent role in inciting gross violence all over the world. No I’m not an atheist.

No. 737889

I respect the ones that actually commit to it and take it seriously. Give me a wahabbist fanatic or a devout catholic over any progressive "feel goody" church.

I just don't see why mainline liberal churches don't just drop the religious sham and become what they are, glorified social clubs for boomers.

No. 737892

If yoatuheist then what are you?

No. 737898

Anon had a stroke

No. 737902

I meant to say if you're not atheist, then what are you?

No. 737907

Nta but not everyone not into organized religion have to be anything. They can just chill without labels.

No. 737941

>Finnish people are white
Does that mean we can't be colonized?
Also it's laughable when Americans try to talk about the Saami as some ~indigenous POCs~ when we look exactly the same and they clearly know fuck all about who the Saami even are.

Anyway, the point is American idpol doesn't belong outside of America. Fuck off with that.

No. 737948

File: 1613181872792.jpg (43.9 KB, 530x530, IMG-9624.jpg)

If you need a reason as to why maleposters should be banned from lolcow, read this thread >>131584

/w/ is the worst board on this site solely because of the new vtuber threads. They attract so much male degeneracy and vtuber discussion should be nuked from the site. You can't change my mind.

No. 737950

No. 737953

That shit doesn't work in europe, yea we're white and were fucked over by other whites. That's how shit goes unfortunately.

No. 737966

thanks anon

No. 737968

I miss the pink pill thread

No. 738013

Scrotecore Reddit movies (2001 a space odyssey, pulp fiction, fight club, etc) are all boring as fuck.

No. 738024

Nigels do not exist. Women who think they have found nigels are just naive and not seeing red flags. For example my friends bf flirted with me right in front of her face and she didnt pick up on it. She considers him a great guy. If you say you have found a nigel you are just too stupid to see his flaws.

No. 738027

Totally agree and I say this all the time. Women who talk about how proud they are that their bfs promised not to use porn make me laugh really hard. Talk about gullibility.

No. 738032

hard agree

No. 738042

I really would love to be proven once that a man can be sweet, cute, selfless, not an opportunist or a sexual deviant but not one has been able to change my opinion

No. 738045

It's also safe to assume that even the most genuine nigel behaviour is most likely temporary and conditional. Maybe he's perfect right now, but will he still be perfect as you age? After decades of marriage? After you have kids? If you gain weight? If you get seriously ill or disabled? Statistics say no, unfortunately.

No. 738052

Yeah, and also, how do they treat other people?

No. 738055

Some women take pride in the fact that their bf treats everyone like shit except them

No. 738069

wtf that's a huge red flag, pickmes are something else

No. 738075

is this a new thing for you?

No. 738077

yes it is, i don't know anyone irl who would think it's cute for their bf to treat everyone other than them like shit

No. 738078

NTA but in my experience it's not that overt, it's more that they like to feel special and a guy treating them differently accomplishes that. Eg a guy saying 'you're not like the other girls, you're better because you insert male pandering trait here' boosts their ego even though it's shitting all over their gender, or they want to tame a player/bad boy because it's proof they're special to him.

No. 738079

File: 1613204317270.png (82.8 KB, 719x654, Screenshot_20210213-130641.png)

Honestly religions should be wiped out, I don't care how unwoke you think it is and even with state atheism positive aspects of natvie culture and history can be promoted , also sorta funny that this post kinda implies that it would be okay if only the white Christians lost their faith but if everyone else did it would be a tragedy

Also religion can destroy native culture far more then atheism can, specially in my case Islam which was built on Arab supremacy, In Islam you have dress by the standards of an Arab, pray only in Arabic 5 times a day, pray to an Arab location and even reading this Quran in ones native Language is considered less Holy then Arabic

No. 738080

This ain't an unpopular opinion online

No. 738088

i'm not even an atheist but i agree, organized religion's done more harm than good to the world and your beliefs don't get a free pass from criticism just because you aren't an american christian. op of that tumblr post is probably the kind of person who calls ex-muslim women racist and islamophobic for speaking out against islam after getting out of it kek

No. 738090

Kunihiko Ikuhara is mainly responsible for making Mamoru useless because he wanted to make Usage/Rei canon. He gives me major creep vibes but he is hailed as some kind of progressive hero just because he puts lesbians in all of his shows.

No. 738092

File: 1613208595008.jpg (215.74 KB, 1127x1224, Buddha-Weekly-Zeus-as-Vajrapan…)

Yeah I'm looking into pre-Islamic faith of my people, which was Greeco-Buddsshim, which mixed aspects of Aincent Buddhist doctrine and the Hellenic and Iranic faiths
So you had Hercules being the protector of the Buddha, King Yama being the ruler of Hades and had illustrations of Zues holding the Dharma Wheel

There were also Manechasenism, Standard Zoroastrianism and sects of Hinduism that died off, more interesting then a story of an Arab pedophile and his companions

No. 738104

File: 1613211040922.png (205.31 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210213-145655.png)

Checked her account and she's exactly what I thought she'd be like, Sperging about Hetalia and Christianity, yep its the white Christians that destroyed my native culture, Invaded us repeatedly for over 1300 years, destroyed our temeples, took my people as slaves and made us worship an Arab God

No. 738112

Do you think there wasnt pedophilia, sexism, rape, ect just because it was your ancient cultural religion or a religion you arent familiar with ?

No. 738116

That seems to be the story now all the time, make men useless not because of some misandry but because they just want to focus more on women/their own scrote fetishes, get rid of pretty boys, push gay pairings together (who are often underage), all of this gets mistaken as progressive when its really just yet another scrote coomer shit. Nvm the fact scrotes never really liked portraying the perfect romantic ideal man trope if it wasnt superhero captain marvel type of dumb shit anyways

No. 738120

File: 1613211751539.png (238.55 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210213-151912.png)

A comment she made against an ex-Muslim woman, she's really trying to justify Islamic Imperialism, how can someone be this moronic

Islam in 9/10 situations was always forced on the populations

No. 738124

Wow, I forgot how bad Tumblr is. These people need to be kicked in the face.

No. 738213

>it hurts poc and minority religions much much more than it hurts white christians
Burger here, strictly speaking for Burgerland (though, this definitely applies to many other countries as well) this part is complete bullshit and I have a hard time believing this person typed that with a straight face. Christian extremism is the biggest issue in our country and before any other burgers try to say "but muh lack of health-care!" or "lol COVID tho" those issues would have all been dealt with way more effectively if the Christian right wasn't a thing. Name pretty much any major issue in American and extremist Christianity is either the root of it or amplifying it. Also, quite frankly, I don't fucking care if minority religions get fucked in the process. Islam and Judaism are garbage, too.

Calling it a "cultural genocide" is such a fucking reach. We literally just want to stop coddling the believers of fairytales and not allow their delusions any political power. How is this a bad thing???

No. 738220

I don't want to get political, but from a strategic point of view, the bond between evangelicals and the GOP is the only reason either of those groups still exist. Some guy on YouTube did a video on the history of that alliance, bit I'm too lazy to find it right now.

No. 738222

No. 738223

I mean health care thing is a result of the specific Anglo-American protestant culture that put a lot of emphasis into the Protestant work ethic, that said most Christian parties in Europe(even the right wing ones) have fairly pro-Health care, Christian extermism isn't really an issue anywhere thoguh

No. 738227

Yes it is, it's called Poland, Spain and Ireland.

No. 738228

Honestly, fuck Abrahamic religions in general. I'm sure other religions have their share of problems, but the Abrahamic ones seem particularly prone to political weaponization and zealotry.

No. 738229

I think it's pretty awful to shit on fatties who aren't drinking the HAES/extremist fat activism kool-aid. People can get fat for a whole slew of reasons that it's not right to judge- certain medication, health issues like thyroid problems, using food as an unhealthy coping mechanism for PTSD or depression, having a baby, etc. One of my friends put on 80lbs in a year because her mom died.

Not to mention, someone could be fat, but be in the process of losing weight and have made a ton of progress. Someone who is 200lbs might have been 250lbs and is half-way to their goal.

No. 738232

Yeah I dislike this mentality, yeah all relgions do suck but saying "all religions are equally bad" is unfair to those who have suffered in Muslim countries, Islam is uniquely disgusting and awful, It is the religion of Arab supremacy and the admiration of a Pedophile as the greatest Human being who ever lived

No. 738244

I agree. Although sadly a lot of the HAES-drone people also put on extreme weight as a sexual trauma response, but instead of trying to find a compromise of health and feeling safe they just double down on fat activism. The reason I can't watch shows like "my 600-lb life" is because it's almost always comes back to childhood molestation/abuse, so it's just depressing.

No. 738249

I follow a couple of deathfats as my main cows and their flipflopping between
>"I'm doing this diet guys and this time it is going to work, come support me"
and then
>"Guys stop shaming me for my weight, I'm not dieting or going to listen to any of your shitty diet talk"
That drives me nuts..just the flipping back and forth. I do think it's an emotional thing alot of the time though in fairness and my own mom was big when she was alive. A mix of having babies and being depressed sitting at home all the time with no hobbies and my dad always having a go at her. I sympathise to an extent. But like you said HAES and shit like "I'm intuitive eating all this take out food" is my limit.

No. 738251

>Islam is uniquely disgusting and awful
The Catholic church operates like a mass pedophile sex ring and America has an unaddressed child bride epidemic as a result of Evangelicals marrying off girls as young as 11 to grown ass adult men. Both religions also fight tooth and nail to force children to carry pregnancies that resulted from incestuous rape, just look at what the Catholics in Brazil tried to do to that poor little girl going to abort her rapist uncle's fetus last year. Not to mention, the countless other reasons these religions are shit, and how they oppress women and gay people.

Like yeah, countries run by Islam might be worse, but why feel the need to point that out? That's like pointing out Nazi Germany was worse when someone brings up a genocidal regime with a smaller body count. I think it's very counter-productive to make a competition out of which misogynistic oppressive religion filled with pedophiles is worse.

No. 738258

Yeah, I've only seen a few episodes and several out of the small sampling I got explained that they were molested and thought if they gained weight they'd be less attractive to pedophiles. It's fucking heartbreaking.

No. 738259

I have known ex-Muslims who have fled to fucking Brazil to escape the hell hole I live in, most were pretending to be Christians and will probably keep that charade up for the rest of their lives cause that's how toxic Islam is, you can't understand how theologically broken Islam is, In Islam Muhammad is the perfect man in everyway, he was created before the world its self and he is the greatest human being that lived or will live

So If Muhammad has sex with a 11 year old girl, then it is 100% in the right and moral, If Muhammad has a man killed and takes his wife as his sex slave that's also moral and just, you will never convince me or any ex-Muslim that any of the major sects of Christianity are even half as disgusting as the Pedophile Arab worship cult, even the most extreme sects of Christianity would be considered too liberal in my country

No. 738262

Agree. Any religion involving worshiping scrotes can die and be forgotten by history.

No. 738267

Fully agreed, this is so true but rarely discussed

No. 738268

>The Catholic church operates like a mass pedophile sex ring
I grew up in Ireland and knew multiple families that were dealing with the longer term fallout of pedo priests that were moved around from one school to another (or one parish to another) after it was already known they were molesting and raping kids. The chuch just passed them around to new communities in the hopes of a cover up and their number of victims would sometimes be in the dozens per priest, each priest they covered up for did an unbelievable amount of damage to kids and their families. Those are still damaged adults today and it's heartbreaking to see.

The amount of suicides, the alcoholism, broken families, men who have anger problems and go on to abuse every woman and child in their life because of it.. and there's still this bizarre amount of loyalty to the church even in those families directly ripped apart by the actions of priests… It's mind boggling.

Then there's all the women who had their babies taken away from them and who were beaten and treated like slaves for their sin of getting pregnant (including underage rape victims) while men got off scott free again. The destruction of the catholic church is downplayed.

No. 738279

You're right and you should say it

No. 738305

Did you mean to reply to me? I never said anything about all religions being equally bad. I was talking specifically about Abrahamic religions, which includes Islam.

No. 738308

People expect teenage girls to dress retarded and pandering because of hormones and being less likely to emotionally regulate especially when males are involved.
It's cringe when 30 year old women do it because they should be more aware and in control of how male-gazey they're behaving, at that age it just isn't dignified.
Afaik neither are generally viewed as 'appropriate.' Mayhaps some men might encourage teens to dress that way because they're creeps on one hand, but it's not like they aren't slut-shaming them on the other hand.

No. 738323

Again, just because there is something worse doesn't mean Christianity and Catholicism aren't also complete amoral shit. I'm truly sorry your country is that much of a hellhole, but you're honestly trivializing the horror Christianity and Catholicism have wrought when you say shit like

>you will never convince me or any ex-Muslim that any of the major sects of Christianity are even half as disgusting as the Pedophile Arab worship cult, even the most extreme sects of Christianity would be considered too liberal in my country

Why are you making this a competition? We are literally talking about pedophilia, as well as the oppression of women and gay people. Why do you need to flex that your country is worse instead of just simply acknowledge it's all fucking horrible and all the religions who perpetuate it are all cancerous? No one here is defending Islam or denying Islamic countries are worse, so I'm really confused why you're playing the Religious Pedophilia Olympics.

To be completely honest, it makes me question whether or not you really live in an oppressive Islamic country, or if you're actually a larping Christian trying to deflect criticism.

No. 738337

All abrahamic religions have pedophiles and misogyny in them, they're all cults in the end, but Islam is especially retarded and bad and it should be pointed out, even more so if there are people using "but all religions do this so it's fine" and "Islam is a religion of peace!!" to justify everything and downplay how much worse it is than the others. Yes christian priests rape children and women and the church tries to cover it up, but people of the same community do not try justify it most of the time (they're still against gays, still against abortion and mysoginists though). For muslim men and handmaidens it's fine and just to marry a child, kill women of they disobey, kill gays and kill "infidels" if they draw their shitty Muhammad. They treat their holy book like the law. They're all bad, but they're not the same.

No. 738345

File: 1613235335822.png (239.77 KB, 715x630, Internet-Censorship-By-Contine…)

>To be completely honest, it makes me question whether or not you really live in an oppressive Islamic country, or if you're actually a larping Christian trying to deflect criticism.

Anon's claims are sus if for no other reason than lolcow would be censored, or there would be a serious legal penalty for being on here.

No. 738353

>Islam is especially retarded and bad and it should be pointed out, even more so if there are people using "but all religions do this so it's fine" and "Islam is a religion of peace!!" to justify everything and downplay how much worse it is than the others.

NTA but no one here is a wokeist whiteknughting Islam, though. I totally agree that it makes sense to bring it up in that context, but no one here is doing that. It's weird and unneccesarry to compare in a conversation like this one.

No. 738380

Samefag, but I forgot to say that this is a map of how extreme internet censorship is in Asia. The darker, the more intense. For the record, all the white countries do have some degree of censorship, it's just more lowkey than the darker countries where they're basically draconian about it. Despite being white, Afghanastan does block any site with porn or nudity, and Iraq is white because it literally has no internet, thus no internet censorship.

So yeah, it's really hard to believe that any women living in the Middle East would be on here. This site would definitely be blocked or illegal to visit. Who would risk legal consequences to come onto an influencer gossip site?

No. 738381

the LOTR movies are not timeless like everyone says. the dialogue sounds corny as fuck in 2021 and half the VFX look dated already

No. 738397

I watched all of LOTR for the very first time a couple of months ago and wasn't that impressed ngl. Or at least it didn't live up to the expectations for me for something people were absolutely baffled and downright shocked over that I had dared not ever watch such a masterpiece of work before. I liked it, it was allright.

No. 738418

To be fair any dialogue from fantasy played 100 percent straight will sound corny as fuck. But yeah, there are plenty of shots and slow-mos in Fellowship that are just painful. The miniatures and set effects like the elf city are really obvious in those movies too.
I’m just impressed the CGI from 2000 holds its own as well as it does.

No. 738426

It's corny because it's based on equally corny fantasy books from the 1940s… Not because it's from the early 2000s.

No. 738449

I'm Pakistani living in Karachi(If there's any way to prove it I can show you) and yeah lots of sites are banned here, its increasingly gotten worse in lockdown, this includes sites created by Ahmediyah Muslims(a sect of Muslims who Muslims in Pakistan and other countries hate more then literally any group of people)

No. 738462

I like those movies a lot but Fellowship has aged horribly compared to the other two, the cinematography is totally different, one thing that ticks me everytime is that it's so obvious to spot children playing the hobbits when they are standing next to humans. It's much better in the following movies but the CGIs do not fare better, the oliphants shocked me when I saw them the other day. At least there were a lot of practical effects with the Orcs and the scenery making them look still good, the Hobbit movies are going to age like shit.

No. 738463

Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness was a good game and sarcastic bitchy Lara was the best Lara

No. 738465

File: 1613240812325.png (357.34 KB, 523x435, disney.png)

I find it kind of weird how obsessed adults online are with 00s Disney Channel and Nickelodeon shows recently. It feels kind of sad like they hate their adult lives and are trying to cling on to happier times.

No. 738473

Here's what I find baffling
A lot of them think those were good.

Is that how people view the cartoons I used to watch in the 90's?

No. 738477

I loved this game so much when I was 13. I really need to play it again. The nostalgia will be so sweet.

No. 738479

I never watched those as a kid because I preferred cartoons but whenever I caught a snippet of them I thought they looked and sounded shitty and unfunny.

No. 738480

We literally are obsessed (both young and 0ld zoomers at least, can confirm). I'm not sure why but a lot of people in the gen z age group, including myself I will not lie, have been going through this weird shitty period of wanting a piece of childhood back. I cant even look at nostalgic things without getting all teary and I hate it because I feel like a dumb bitch. Still not sure why though.

No. 738482

Even when I was a kid I thought this shit was trash like when are we back to regular programming? I don't give a fuck about them as real people.

No. 738489

I loved this game and it was the last good game in terms of writing before Crystal Dynamics came along and ruined the character. Clunky as hell but the setting was fun and new, I kept hoping they were gonna expand the Paris levels.
I love my Core Design-era bitchy ice queen, don't @ me.

No. 738492

File: 1613242116450.jpg (2.37 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20210213_234831_133.jpg)

this is the only proof I can think of without giving any personal Information

No. 738493

Anon you didn't have to post this?

No. 738503

File: 1613243518784.png (424.85 KB, 720x590, Screenshot_20210214-000509.png)

I'm just a little mad that anon is doubting me, I know Christianity has its problems but the hell I face here is a type of monster I don't wish on any one, Once the Corona is over I plan on leaving Pakistan and never coming back, but I'm still scared living here, scared that someone might actually kill me for my opinions, My own cousin actually protested when Asia Bibi was pronounced innocent,

For those who dont know Asia bibi was a non-Muslim woman who was accused of allegedly insulting Muhammad and the punishment for insulting Muhammad in Pakistan by is the death penalty, for 9 years she was held in captivity and the investigation on wether or not she said it, a big event that happened during this process a local Punjabi population who made a statement supporting Bibi was murderered by his own bodyguard, said murdering Bodyguard had a literal shrine built for him, in 2019 she was finally released after it had been proven that she had not insulated Muhammad, the argument wasn't that if one should be executed or not for insulting a dead pedophile but rather whether or not she said, her release led to mass riots through out Pakistan, where hundreds of thousand of men called for her death, including my own cousin, he would likely kill me without a thought of he saw my comments, but so would my own mother and grandparents and well basically a large % of my family and the general population

This is a hell unique to its own and the worst type of faith on this planet

No. 738521

If your culture survives solely on abusing and subjugating women and children, then fuck it. It absolutely should be eradicated.

No. 738533

Kay. We all totally feel for you and all, but it would be cool if you stopped minimizing the horrific damage systemically caused by Christianity and Catholism just because Islam gets even more extreme. That's part of why your story was doubted, because it's very common for Christians/Catholics to bring up Islam to deflect from the horror their religions cause and advocate for. Especially considering this entire conversation centers around systemic pedophilia. Like, do you see how it's wrong to be like "well, our pedophilia is worse"? Like, that's awful it's even more accepted in your country, but how does that make the Evangelical child bride epidemic in America, or the rampant sex abuse committed by Catholic priests any less horrible?

Also, you brought up other Muslims you know fleeing to Brazil in your initial post, when the context the anon you replied to brought it up in was to bring up how hoards of Catholics tried to stop an 11 year old from getting an abortion after being raped by her uncle. The way you brought it up had a pretty overt tone of dismissal of this situation's severity. Something being worse doesn't negate how awful another thing is.

No. 738545

NTA, but holy shit. Stop being such a fucking special snowflake. Westerners can be so annoying and condescending. Anon is right and has the right to testify on the oppression she faces.
When's the last time someone was fucking murdered for shitting on the Christian god, and people cheered for it? Can you remember?
No, fuck off.

No. 738557

Also nta, but that really does not excuse that anon dismissing a child being harassed for getting raped in Brazil just because Muslims flee to Brazil

No. 738558

No. 738569

No one is saying that Christian priests fucking children isn't less wrong than muslims fucking children you idiot. What makes Islam much worse is that while most christians (regular followers) will want to lynch a pedophile priest, muslim men and brainwashed women will be completely fine with it. Like the other anon said, they're fine with killing people for insulting (allegedly even) their dead pedophile god, they're fine with having many handmaidens they can fuck, beat and kill if they speak up about Islam's problems, they're fine with killing a family member who wants to fucking leave that shithole. They're fine with killing people who aren't like them to this day, they honour terrorists deaths and cutting heads of "filthy infidels" is an achievement that will grant them heaven and respect. Even the way women are forced to go around in order not to get beaten, raped or killed is worse than any other religion, and they can't even leave. Do Christians kill people drawing Jesus getting fucked? Do Christians not allow people to leave the religion? Do they force women to walk around in black cloth almost covering their entire bodies? Are they all okay with pedophilia? Yes they're mysoginists, yes they don't allow abortions and despise gays, but if someone doesn't feel at ease being Christian they can just convert, and it's rare for someone to get killed for not respecting the religion.
You bringing up how "other religions have it bad too!!" when it's obvious that Islam has A LOT more problems is insulting.

No. 738571

Why can't we just say both are bad in different ways without making it a "which one is worse" thing. Sure one is worse, but I feel like whenever religion comes up someone has to come in to say they have it worse so the other group shouldn't complain about anything in their religion. It's not really a competition, imo.

No. 738572

>Stop being such a fucking special snowflake. Westerners can be so annoying and condescending.
>in a conversation all about rampant CSA and child brides

Unironically kill yourself.

Fpr the final fucking time: NO ONE IS DENYING ISLAM IS WORSE YOU FUCKING RETARD. That has been stated in almost every fucking post. The point is that IT SHOULDN'T BE A FUCKING COMPETITION. No one here is a woke Islam whiteknight, so there is no point in you guys whiteknughting Christianity when we're having a discussion about why all religions are shit. They are ALL pedophile riddled misogynistic oppressive trash, it doesn't matter what order of "worst to least worst" they are. Would you rank genocides from "worst to least worst"? No. So fucking stop retending that literally anyone here is denying Islam is worst when it has been stated time and time again that we fucking know. There is ZERO reason to keep bringing this up other than to whiteknight Christianity.

Stop. Making. It. A. Competition. You. Fucking. Smoothbrained. Piece. Of. Shit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 738575

Yeah, I have no idea why people are making this a competition. Like wtf.

No. 738576

Nta anon but I feel like islam is worse because people have some how convinced themselves that it's a sacred religion that cant be criticized or you're a racist bigot

No. 738579

If I could kill religious people I would. The Nazis had the right idea with rounding up Jehovah's Witnesses - we need to bring that back imo.

No. 738583

Samefag and if anyone ever tried to bring up Islams issues you will get a bunch of nut job muslims and white wokesters crying about how "THATS NOT WHAT ISLAM IS ABOUT. WEARING A HIJAB IS ENPOWERING!"

No. 738584

Exactly. The anon above said it best when she said no one would rank genocides like this lmaoo
>I feel like Islam is worse
anon….you missed the entire point
And now you guys started the baiting

No. 738585

>Unironically kill yourself.
Reminder that CSA and child brides are pretty much legal and far more accepted in extremist Islamic countries than in societies with Catholicism. Only there will you see on TV grown-ass men saying "Child marriage is not that bad". Christians will downplay it, but there are 100% more resources to escape and speak out than there would be in a Muslim country.
Literally no one is denying that it also happens in parts of the world that are Christian and that it's fucked up and disgusting either way (this is what happens when scrotes are allowed power), you're just annoyed whenever the focus isn't on you. You're no better than the tumblrina who got mad at an ex-muslim person for not focusing on Christianity as evil in the world. You can acknowledge that something is bad and also recognize that one is even worse.

No. 738587

nefeli pls

No. 738589


No. 738591

The issue that makes Islam uniquely awful is well Muhammad, he rules mecca and madina as un unfalable preist king, every action he did is belived to have been correct cause Muhammad was the greatest human being who ever lived(according to the Quran and Hadiths) this also means that his state laws and polcies should be applied to the modern age
Christanity has parabels and sayings of Jesus who was a carpenter, Muhammad was a wealthy marchant turned priest King, he had slaves and power

No. 738597

Literally. And when you try to discuss how it's bad in a space where people are discussing the evils of religion, you'll run into some buttblasted woke Enlightened Atheist who will either accuse you of using the discussion to "be racist", or they'll accuse you of making it a "competition" all because for 0.5 seconds, they had to hear from another side of the world and learn about a trauma that wasn't their own.

No. 738600

>pedophile riddled misogynistic oppressive trash

Its crazy how yall act like the bible condones misogyny and pedophilia on the same level the quran does. the only thing you toons can pull up is outside traditions of practicing Catholics or Protestants, not necessarily the foundational tenants of the religion itself.

No. 738603

>they'll accuse you of making it a "competition" all because for 0.5 seconds, they had to hear from another side of the world and learn about a trauma that wasn't their own.
No one said it's a competition because you're hearing about other groups bad experiences with religion, we said to not make it a competition because everyone in this conversation (as far as I've seen) has been downplaying the experiences of other groups (like this for example >>738259). That's a pretty big difference.

No. 738606


What horrific damage ? From colonizing West Europeans to indigenous natives of the Americas, Asia, and Africa ? Christianity never told West Europeans to rape, enslave, destroy, and oppress non white people. This was a conditioning that West Europeans had since the Roman Empire all the way to when they split with Byzantine and allowed it to be overthrown (also another Christian state). It has fuck all to do with Christianity as much as it has to do with West European culture, unlike Islam that specifically calls you to conquer infidels and oppress non Muslims

No. 738607

Anon said "Islam is uniquely disgusting and awful" (which is just the truth), and then >>738251 literally went "Why point that out?" after listing shitty things the Catholic church has done. Like…Why shouldn't she? How does that simple fact diminish that Catholics are fucked up, too?
Unless you personally feel slighted whenever someone points out the truth of the matter that some religious groups are even more evil than others, it makes no sense to think it's a competition. It's just a statement.

No. 738610

What's with the countries that have a yellow outline?

No. 738613

I used that post as an example because of
>just look at what the Catholics in Brazil tried to do to that poor little girl going to abort her rapist uncle's fetus last year
>I have known ex-Muslims who have fled to fucking Brazil to escape the hell hole I live in
And you know what? The other anon was also downplaying Islam. I'm not saying Islam isn't worse. I'm not saying to not say Islam isn't worse. Literally just saying to stop downplaying the bad aspects of other religions.
I think those might be countries that have heavy censorship?

No. 738615

>Reminder that CSA and child brides are pretty much legal and far more accepted in extremist Islamic countries than in societies with Catholicism.
Child brides are literally legal in America.

>Literally no one is denying that it also happens in parts of the world that are Christian and that it's fucked up and disgusting either way (this is what happens when scrotes are allowed power), you're just annoyed whenever the focus isn't on you.

This entire argument started because Pakistani anon dramatically minimized the pain caused by Christianity and Catholicism just because Islam is worse. Don't act like no one was doing that when it's literally right there in the thread.

>You're no better than the tumblrina who got mad at an ex-muslim person for not focusing on Christianity as evil in the world.

Except no, because we're not pretending there's nothing wrong with Islam. We're just also not pretending Islam is the only evil religion.

>You can acknowledge that something is bad and also recognize that one is even worse.

Literally every post has acknowledged Islam is worse. You are arguing against a point that NO ONE IS MAKING.

>And when you try to discuss how it's bad in a space where people are discussing the evils of religion, you'll run into some buttblasted woke Enlightened Atheist who will either accuse you of using the discussion to "be racist"
Literally where? Not a single person has whiteknighted Islam. Again, you are arguing against a point that NO ONE IS MAKING.

>or they'll accuse you of making it a "competition"

… because she literally was.(infighting)

No. 738618

It might not be on the same scale as the quaran, but the Bible is exgremely misogynistic and condones incestuous pedophilia. This information is pretty easily accessible.

No. 738619

>Child brides are literally legal in America.
America is not Catholic, its mostly Protestant. Furthermore, you expect a country built off killing natives and enslaving an imported group of people to be moral? But er yeah its cause its christian lmfao

>This entire argument started because Pakistani anon dramatically minimized the pain caused by Christianity and Catholicism just because Islam is worse. Don't act like no one was doing that when it's literally right there in the thread.

Except the difference is the Quran and Islam literally tells you to do this, while the Christians doing this arent acting on their religion's commands. Whats not clicking?

>Except no, because we're not pretending there's nothing wrong with Islam. We're just also not pretending Islam is the only evil religion.

It's only you cause your dumbass cant handle other people talking about their experiences without bringing Christianity into the mix.

>Literally every post has acknowledged Islam is worse. You are arguing against a point that NO ONE IS MAKING.

Then why do Whataboutism? Why bring it up at all when it was going to deflect from Pakistani anon's experiences?

No. 738620

>And you know what? The other anon was also downplaying Islam.
How was she downplaying Islam at all?

No. 738624

>What horrific damage ?

………. the csa and oppression of women and gays that has been mentioned in almost every post, anon.

No. 738625

No. 738626

File: 1613251248126.png (47.58 KB, 740x384, 07036cec416e2802ffa4ddb5b1e6d2…)

No. 738631

>only you cause your dumbass cant handle other people talking about their experiences without bringing Christianity into the mix.
The op post was literally talking about religions in general. This conversation was never about one religion or about every religion save for Christianity. I feel like some of you guys haven't even read this whole thing.

No. 738633

CSA, oppression of women and homosexuals was going on in Europe before the introduction of Christianity. Ancient Greece and Rome literally normalized pedophilia and misogyny to the extent where boy-man love was considered ideal. Men who were the receptive were considered unmanly and weak. Most of Greek god myths were centered around rapes, pedophilie, and extreme misogyny. The Enlightenment Era was about Europeans trying to go back to their pre-Christian roots which ended up being pretty successful in the majority of Western countries. Eastern Christian and African Christian countries never had the same level of corruption as these Western countries did surrounding their religion or churches. Wonder why

No. 738635

Oh my god, just shut the fuck up already. No one is against Pakistani anon sharing her experince with Islam and you know that. You're trying to make this argument about something it wasn't because for whatever reason, you're personally triggered by people rightfully shitting on Christianity.

No. 738636

Go on with telling people to kill themselves and calling them cunts and bitches while you pretend to care about misogyny in the bible, schizo chan.

No. 738637

You literally told Pakistani anon she shouldn't say Islam is uniquely awful because it triggers you not to be at the center of religious persecution.
>you're personally triggered by people rightfully shitting on Christianity.
And now who's "arguing against a point that NO ONE IS MAKING"? This is almost BPD-tier, you're the one who needs to shut the fuck up.(infighting)

No. 738638


No. 738640

>Go on with telling people to kill themselves and calling them cunts and bitches
??? I don't see anyone on our side calling anyone a cunt or a bitch, and I'm not the anon who told that one person to kill themselves.

>schizo chan.

Oh the irony, considering you're the one so delusional you're claiming people wrote things that aren't even there

No. 738642

"our side" lmao shut up

No. 738644

Can you stop clogging up the thread, please?

This conversation isn't going anywhere, guys. It's just irritating at this point. Go back to talking about anything else.

No. 738648

File: 1613252160677.jpg (34.43 KB, 500x375, 6085773_700b.jpg)


No. 738649

You can be curvy without having an extremely small waist and super wide hips. You can have a big ass without it being the size of a truck. You can be womanly with small boobs. You can be skinny and not be child-like. I dont know why all of this is understated in the current era

No. 738654

File: 1613252598166.jpg (371.1 KB, 2000x2667, 1950s-halterneck-leopard-brown…)

… anyway. My unpopular opinion is that only a few dress cuts actually look really nice (pic related being ome of them) and jeans are far more flattering on women most of the time.

No. 738656

>You literally told Pakistani anon she shouldn't say Islam is uniquely awful because it triggers you not to be at the center of religious persecution.
I'm just scrolling and haven't read everything but if anon really did this, she is a fucking bitch. I hate this kinds of person the most.

No. 738657

That dress is the most vile thing I've ever laid my eyes on, anon. Leopard print??? Is the middle school prom going with a retro theme this year?

No. 738664

The rockabilly dress style is so tacky and only looks “good” on fat women that no other dresses look good on. (Wait, maybe Lana should have a rockabilly phase). I agree that a good fitting pair of jeans often trumps all when it comes to being flattering though, I wish there were more formal fitted/flattering pants styles for women.

No. 738670

File: 1613253727508.jpg (18.84 KB, 540x629, 43727d9adf501d7a924257d9136747…)

>rockabilly style dress
nta It has a real name, it's called a swing dress with a halter neckline and it's not just for rockabilly. It does look good on thin women as well.

No. 738672

I'm sincerely impressed at everything zoomies can do, creative-wise. I like to watch their cute little tiktoks that they fully edited and produced via some kind of editing app gymnastics instead of just learning to pirate adobe software. So cute and so dumb and so much access to the world. I hope they have a kinder future than I

No. 738675

Leopard print is master race and anyone who disagrees is the worst kind of degenerate.

No. 738677

Anyone who says having a lot of money wpuldn't make them happier is a liar.

No. 738682

Dude did they cut off a portion of her arm or am I crazy

No. 738685

Read the thread. She didn't say that.(ban evasion)

No. 738692

Looks like she has bony elbows

No. 738698

last week our hot water was turned off but I really needed to shower so I just said fuck it and took a cold shower and it made me realize that I actually like cold showers. they fixed the water but I keep taking them because it energizes me and feels weirdly rejuvenating. i know there are apparently health benefits and it's better for your skin/ hair and that's why some people force themselves to do it, I would always do the last rinse-off in cold water so that my hair wouldn't be frizzy. but it genuinely just feels refreshing to me now. i guess i've been cold-pilled

No. 738748

I mean, how much? I'd be content with enough money to buy a house, and live comfortably until I die. I wouldn't want stupid amounts of money because that's more responsibility than joy.

No. 738753

Why does the skirt start at the waist and why does it stop at an awkward length. Who's mom is posting, stop it Helen

No. 738763

god i always think about how literally every single one of my problems could be fixed with money. i genuinely wouldn't even want more than to just get out of debt and afford to live and have healthcare and be able to do the things i like doing without worrying about scraping by for rent every month. it's always trust fund baby types who say shit like that too as if they know literally anything about not having money

No. 738775

Their treatment of women was pretty sucky, though it was slightly better in certain places (like Sparta, where women could own property and read.) You also have to try not to judge an ancient culture by modern standards. Pederastic relationships were not always sexual in nature; sometimes the younger person (who was usually older than fifteen) was just an apprentice basically. When you consider that women there would often marry in their mid-teens to men ten or more years their senior, you can see why the idea of two men having a similar age gap would be normalized in their culture. Also the "receptive" boy (the eromenos) would only be considered weak or feminine if the couple had anal sex (which was a taboo at the time.) Pederastic couples with a physical relationship would engage in non-penetrative sex specifically to avoid "feminizing" the eromenos. Additionally, the eromenos had to formally consent to the relationship.
Obviously I don't condone any of that; many of those things would be crimes today. The point I'm trying to make is that you're oversimplifying the situation and misunderstanding the practices of this ancient culture by viewing it through a modern lens.

No. 738822

No. 738857

File: 1613274545411.jpeg (108.09 KB, 750x695, 2EB95C83-B860-4F4D-A497-394227…)

i have a sneaky suspicion that a lot of radfems post their political opinions just to gain clout and attention, i genuinely don’t think they care about any women or the plight of other women, they are most unwilling to even talk to other women but only remain in their hard shell egg boxes of opinions and rudeness
i kind of don’t even sense a community, it’s just people trying to make a snarky point like it’s Twitter and want their followers to treat them like god for repeating and regurgitating points from other acclaimed feminist academia or radfems they found on tumblr, it’s just very annoying and no community is safe at all
people should not affiliate with anything at all anymore, you will always be isolated from the true cause

No. 738859

I had to leave the RF community cause it was literally a cesspool of just anti tranny hate. Nothing in the communities ever felt like anything but tribes of instigators.

No. 738862

samefag but not only that, but they’re also trying to convince crazy anti-terfs that they are the most accepting of trans people, but not really lol
i see the same cattiness and abrasiveness that happens in our mtf thread in outside radfem communities, better yet just the same amount of vindictiveness as the TRAs
they not only have this vicious hatred of men which is often justified but they also disconnect from other women because they are all narcissists who want an ideological excuse to dominate the opinionated landscape. just as bad as libfems tbh

No. 738863

With regards to the religious discussions we have had, I wanna post something that I wrote a while back
I respect Yahweh more then Allah or Jesus, Yahweh doesn't even pretend to be good God, he is a war god but he's not a hypocrite, he asks his people to do horrid things and does not even pretend that it's the moral thing to do, just to win, In all three religious the flood story is fairly consistent, but the Gods aren't the same
The Original Abrahamic god gets sick of Humanity and attempts to kill us all, Yahweh personally has no investment whether we live or die and is almost open about it
Allah however call himself the most merciful and Jesus says he wishes to save us all

I would rather have an honest cruel god then the gaslighting hypocritical deity that is Allah or even Jesus

No. 738873

The GC stuff is the only thing they have going for them, other than that they're bigots in every other way. The "community" is made of the big main group that shits on everyone and a lot of other small groups that exist because they had to leave the main.

Also farmhands suck.

No. 738874

Big areolas are cute

No. 738906

This is probably bait, but I don't post about my political opinions. Before it was banned, here was the only place I talked about it. Now I only discuss it with my family. Why the fuck would we be posting about that sort of stuff for "clout?" Radfems online get harassment from all sides. Libfems are the real clout-chasers.

Lmao define "everyone." Also, the jannies clearly side with you, I don't know why you're mad at them.

No. 738915

It's a shame because it'd be nice to have a community that gives a shit while also being based and pinkpilled. The focus on TIMs is so disproportionate. I never even encounter them in the wild, just the internet.


No. 738937

>I never even encounter them in the wild, just the internet.
Lucky, lol.
Jokes aside, you're not wrong. I think the focus on them comes from all the newcomers who just peaked and it's all they want to talk about. The community wasn't like this a few years ago. I think it's partially because social media has put them in a position where the only places left to discuss it are either RF spaces or alt-right dumpster fires, and reasonable people aren't going anywhere near the latter.

No. 738956

>they're bigots in every other way
Just come out and say it, you think they are manhaters and feel salty about it.

No. 738966

I cant muster up any nostalgia for the 2000s beyond the internet culture. Nine eleven killed the momentum, sorry

No. 738969

That makes a lot of sense actually. Maybe it's also a bit because I'm straight so I'm not getting transbians bothering me.

No. 738977

Honest question, are you confusing radfems with libfems? Radfems barely exist on social media since they're always banned in the blink of an eye for igniting hate or anything, there's no way they would be clout farming.

But seriously, you really can't blame the spergs in the RF community for being there. Trannyism has invaded so many female spaces and paying lip service to them has been forced upon us simply in order to survive, when women finally peak they're so disillusioned and angry they want to vent and vent about the same things we already heard a million times from everyone before them. It's happened with every single one of my friends who peaked with either trannies or just the male privilege in general, they can't shut up about how mad they are about it but cool down over time and learn to be more chill and analytical. Especially in the current climate of "feminism is actually about licking male boots" finding an outlet to let out your true feelings makes you go somewhat overboard.

No. 738979

I would be ok with never having any milk from any of the cows again if shit like "cancel culture" got completely banned from social media and so did the socially engineered trends big tech companies constantly push on their platforms.Im ok with the idea of a censored or regulated internet as long as the big tech companies are punished and pornography/nsfw content/violence/extremism/ect is regulated. More investigations need to be done on the current state of the internet and how its been use as a tool to practically brainwash citizens of various countries.

No. 738986

I don't understand why Ciara isnt considered as attractive like Rihanna, Beyonce, or some of the new rap girls. You'd think with her extremely fit and in shape dancer's body she would be ideal (at least body wise) but her primary demographic prefers "thicc" Doja Cat bodies over hers. It seems like people either prefer incredibly fae, skinny girls with not much muscle tone or over the top thick girls with extreme WHRs and I don't care for either of that.

No. 738988

I've always considered her gorgeous, never understood the "she's secretly a tranny" meme from the early 00s

No. 738992

File: 1613294948236.jpg (63.44 KB, 480x752, gallery-1465989554-britney-spe…)

Same but not because of 9/11; I was like three when it happened. I hate the 2000s nostalgia because 2000s fashion and music are fucking horrible. Denim skirts, track pants with bejeweled asses, low-rise jeans where your ass hangs out, those stupid newsboys hats, frosted tips– all of it can burn. The music is just ear-rape. Nu metal, krunk rap, Nickelback, smash mouth, and any of the trash produced by Scott Storch. It was truly the cringiest time for music.

No. 738996

I don't remember the 2000s that much, but I remember stuff like animal print being popular. Or those really thin eyebrows.

No. 739000

No kek, but I don't want to be accused of bait if type out a grocery list here.

No. 739008

Honestly same, The only good thing about the early 2000's was the internet culture which was amazing and fed to everyone's creativity. 90's pop culture was absolutely superior to the misogynist dumb bitch one of the early millenium and I hate that I had to spend my fragile teenage years during a time when young women were encouraged to develop an eating disorder and be shallow and intellectually lacking.

No. 739017

File: 1613298721556.png (402.91 KB, 717x694, 33184_sad-cat-png.png)

Anon, I've been feeling the same. Ironically enough, they use others for their cause just as much as libfems do.

No. 739024

I'm just curious, excluding transpeople, which other groups do you think they're bigoted toward?

No. 739037

I see way too many potato faced-plain janes on twitter wear a halter top or a thong over their fridge bod and claim they're hot

No. 739038

NTA but way too many cases of self-proclaimed radfems (even historic radfems) being racist, lesbophobic, biphobic and actually quite misogynist, even to the point of collaborating with the right wing. i'll stop here because i don't feel like continuing this conversation and getting banned

No. 739044

Citation needed

No. 739049

and your source is? twitter or tumblr? i wish i had ur confidence anon, to say something that wrong and retarded but to say it so wholeheartedly, very impressive

No. 739060

Honestly I understand what you mean a lot of radfem rhetoric has borderline alt right points when it comes to being intersectional. Anons bout to light you up for this tho lmao

No. 739066

nta, it's not the rhetoric. it's more that they as people are only radfems because they're women and it affects them, not because they care about people if that makes sense. if they were men they would be average selfish men.

No. 739067

if theyre your average edgy personality disordered chronically online imageboard poster I can see this. Ones who dislike the alt right/tradthot pandering because theyre too GNC to fit in and also dislike libfeminism because its too PC/pro troon. Are those the kinds youre talking about in the radfem community?

No. 739073

I'm really not that into radfem circles like some anons seem to be, usually because I avoid "communities" as the plague anyway. I've followed one self-proclaimed radfem blogger/writer in my country, and she's very open about her perspective being limited and only being able to reach white/middle-and-upper class women. But then she also goes and posts hot takes like gay men are worse adoptive parents than lesbians, which is a statement I don't even want to touch with a teen-foot-pole, regardless if I agree or disagree with it, but it's certainly out of her depth.

No. 739074

How can you even be certain of this? You have no way to prove it. Have you traveled to an alternate universe where all the radfems are men?

No. 739077

To be fair no one on here has to show proof, we’re all speaking out of our asses or with anecdotes lmao
Anyways, I honestly agree with anon, radfem communities are basically an irrational hate space.

Some if not most of them always dissect the legitimacy of a bisexual, if you like men or prefer men while you’re bisexual, you aren’t a “true bisexual.” They also disagree with thinking that their sexuality is basically a “preference” when that is how a sexuality is supposed to be. You prefer the opposite or same sex, and sometimes that is subject to change, that’s what makes studying homosexuality so hard to understand. Is it biological starting at birth, hormones, sociological? No one knows and definitely radfems are not ready to start spitting out those certain facts.
They aren’t very accepting of those who are questioning, you are either a pure gay or you’re a fraud. They accuse anyone who is questioning or who doesn’t embrace their retarded view of what a true LGBT “cultured” person is, especially a female, of doing performative bisexuality or being a political lesbian. They also agree with the conservative viewpoint that being a Muslim must = oppressive culture, child marriage, stoning, etc. Those exist and are very pervasive in some countries where Islam is the predominant country, but they forget to notice that maybe Islam has different sects and not everyone of them supports extremist theocratic law, but I’m not religion expert. People have varying differences with religion.

They claim to want women to have a voice and to speak it very loudly, but they never even ask other women about their viewpoint, especially Muslim women. And when they do, they will claim them as brainwashed or if these women aren’t mentally clear enough to come forward with their own experiences or competent enough to see that they are just simply brainwashed from the patriarchy or something so just let the smart and cool radfems think for you!!!

The list goes on and on and it’s exhaustive.

No. 739080

Sounds like they just suffer from suburban middle class West European culture itis

No. 739081

File: 1613307094070.png (32.08 KB, 375x360, For anyone that wants it _edcd…)

Hey look, we've come full circle and are arguing about Islam again!

No. 739083

That circle is sexy

No. 739084

samefag but also another point

They assume anyone who says fuck white woman they, with their worm brains, assume it must be an excuse to be misogynistic because it has the word white before woman. They totally ignore the history of feminism not being intersectional to begin with, the impact that white feminists/women have on other minority women, just are you seeing how annoying this is? Ranting like a schizo is making me realize that they are dumb as fuck

No. 739085

Nta, but I'm bi, and while I admittedly have not explored too much of the radfem community, the attitude I've seen towards bi/bicurious women is one of the reasons I avoid it. Some of them seem to straight up hate bi women and don't understand what bisexuality is at all. It's honestly disheartening. I've also seen a couple detrans/dysphoric women talk about how they have been mistreated by other radfems and that kind of makes me upset. Like I said though, I admittedly don't know much about radical feminism, so maybe I just have the wrong impression of the community.

No. 739094

Big ears are cute. I love making my sims with some dumbo-tier ears. Elf ears are also cute, partially for that reason.

No. 739097

Azealia Banks could've been that class of superstars that proceeded the likes of Janet Jackson, Tina Turner, Beyonce, Donna Summer, ect if she hadnt fucked it up. The modern music industry is completely dead and lacking in talent, star power.

No. 739098

I don't agree that she could have been on the level of Tina Turner, Janet or Beyonce, but she definitely could have been one of the big rap girls if she wasn't such a mess. I think anyone who knows of Azealia knows that she had so much potential that she just flushed down the drain because of her mental illness

No. 739113

She’s not that great. Her singing sounds disgusting. She wouldn’t be anything withOUT her crazy racist twitter rants.

No. 739115

this is sort of what mental illness does to people-makes you lose your potential

No. 739128

It literally is an excuse to be misogynistic. A ton of woke incels in disguise say "fuck white women" when they mean "fuck women in general" and couldn't give less shits about women of other backgrounds. It's not some evil racist radfem psyop, it's a real thing.

No. 739164

I've been reading PUA stuff over the past few days due to excessive boredom, and honestly, some of the tips (and only the tips) they give don't even seem that bad. Sure, the language they use and the intentions are often terrible, but the advice on a general basis doesn't seem all too bad. Or rather, judging from the stuff I've been digging up, it's something that I thought would come naturally to people. Just stuff like "Don't be vague in your plans", "Be confident", "Show yourself in a good light", "Keep it lighthearted", "Don't put on pressure", "Stop with the self-deprecating humor"… Just seems like the guys trying to apply it are too stupid and lack the delicacy and tact to get it down right (but then again, there's gotta be a reason why they'd need a step by step instruction on how to talk to women, so that's no surprise). Again, their goal of being a Xx_pussyslayer_69_xX and just finding a warm body for the night no matter who it is and the example conversations they post make you cringe inside out with how over-the-top it is, but if you tone it down (by a lot) some of what I've read seems like solid advice. kinda scared of sound like an invader scrote right now with how i'm trying to show it in a not completely negative light, help lmao

No. 739167

this is true

No. 739170

This is what happened to me over the years. Places like reddit ignited what felt like a fire of rage, bitterness and resentment for "normies" and men. You could say something like "that was sexual harassment and it's wrong" and scrotes would jump to attack you and explain to you why it's not actually bad for wxyz reasons. It was maddening seeing how objectified women were on there openly for just existing. Before reddit I didn't know how hatefully sexist the normal world really was to be honest.

It wasn't until reading LCF did I feel like my unfiltered bittneress had a place to go and people that felt the same and wouldn't chase me off for saying men are bad because they are men and wouldn't call me a bad person for not thinking SW is a progressive amazing career. The want to vent to the void went down considerably when I was able to read the opinions of other women that didn't make me feel like I was the only one who felt so angry about "society" and the way they were treated in it.

No. 739174

you know exactly what i meant. don't post this snarky bad faith shit.

No. 739182

I'm black and I fucking hate it when people say "fuck white women". It feels like yet another example of women being held responsible for something men are far more to blame for. Like yeah, racist white women should be called out, but white men are infinitely more responsible for racist constructs than white women. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say white men are 99.9% more responsible. Also, white women care so much more than white men about racism in general.

No. 739183

The problem is that it's innocent on the surface but has a darker underside. Jordan Peterson is also right, you should clean your room, but he still brings women down.
PUAs are right in that you can only be social by actually being social and getting experience, but a lot of them still keep score on how many women they manage to "numberclose" (get phone number) or "kissclose" (self-explanatory), so it becomes quantitative instead of qualitative. They still grade women on looks.
It's probably down to a lot of "losers" being autistic nerd types that try to "script" real life, and think that they should have exact lines and inputs return the same value back (sex and love). But it's not like their instructors aren't encouraging it.

No. 739192

Seconding this. Ngl I'm getting a very Twitter-y vibe from some of the other anons in this thread.

No. 739218

the whole "people cheat with people less attractive than their SO" sounds like cope to me and I'm saying this as someone who detests cheating

No. 739222

It is cope and all that does is perpetuate misogyny. They sound like the same type of people who would say ugly people lie about being sexually assaulted because dudes don't unironically touch uggos.

>sCuMmY dUdEs HaVe StAnDarDs!!1!

Fuck off. No they don't.

No. 739223

File: 1613326689435.jpeg (77.67 KB, 750x941, terfsareworsethannazis.jpeg)

I'm active within the community and I genuinely think you didn't look hard enough because my twitter timeline is full of radfems who care more about other causes like the sex industry or womanist feminism.
Agreed, as a white woman I think we need to do more for WOC in feminism. However the "fuck white women" agenda is always from white men or just men in general who want an excuse to hate on women for being 'bitchy'. If you lurk enough on tranny twitter you'll see that it's also a bunch of straight white dudes ("transbians") with crossdressing fetishes that are also similarly saying "fuck white women" while ignoring that they're fundamentally white men themselves. They also use other groups' oppressions to discredit radfems which is so ingenuous because they literally don't give a single fuck about these groups. They always reach for various oppressions to demonize women who are speaking out against their own self-interest as men who want to take away women's rights.
This is the group that cries about how the billion dollar lobby advancing trans rights is an antisemitic conspiracy, but then also says shit like picrel. If anons seriously believe that radfems are to blame I really think you might need to look a little deeper because I'm personally not even invested in trans shit myself but I like the community.

No. 739243

I think people mean that men cheat with women of lesser value than their own wives and girlfriends. Which happens in most cases of cheating, both regarding in looks, personality and overall value

No. 739257

people who like bjork are pretentious as fuck and are similar to that suburban girl who used to listen to billie eillish religiously in early 2020
it’s an obsession with snobby pixie primabella disgustingly youthful aesthetic that is the cancer killing women since the late 70s

No. 739264

Damn… some of us just want to listen to hyperballad and indulge in some female hysteria

No. 739265

Male tsunderes are not better than female tsunderes. I don't get where this meme comes from, they pretty much act the same. In some cases the male ones are worse when their "tsun" side comes off as psychopathic.

Unrelated opinion: Levi a shit. A SHIT!

No. 739266

>is like Billie Ellish
Lmao fuck off zoomer you have no idea what you're on about.

No. 739268

File: 1613330345557.jpg (101.01 KB, 1080x709, Screenshot_20210214_201916.jpg)

No. 739273

File: 1613330646860.jpg (65.96 KB, 416x416, 3611a459abbe02f954af9553b70572…)

What do you listen to, anon? What do you think more women should listen to?
>inb4 you choose not to answer out of shame

No. 739284

showing a post from someone called bullydyke does not convince me at all lol

No. 739289

Don't forget MOC who combine genuine oppression with a clear fetish/preference for white women while also getting mad at them

No. 739291

>shut up zoomer you don’t know REAL MUSIC like howling on stage and then people calling that beautiful whimsical fairy stage presence

calm down, I bet you’re 21 kek

No. 739296

i hate this site now

No. 739299

Yes nefeli there are people non-white in this world
Anon what's your opinion on Grimes, no aggro pls I'm just genuinely curious you seem like the type to have interesting taste in music

No. 739301

She can actually sing, not whispering like Billie Eilish. Are you like 17 and only heard one song by her where she screamed and then decided her music is for pretentious people? Lol

No. 739308

She sounds like a European halsey. She has presence and energy but she just does not have a very good voice, she’s not great but she’s not bad either. She could be a great performer, that’s the difference.

I was going to say to as well that’s related to my rant >>739299
I feel like grimes is a better singer but also has the similar vibe of bjork that specific people are able to enjoy, I just simply can’t. It’s a matter of taste and what you’re willing to tolerate when it comes to valuing a singer’s voice and skill.

No. 739311

Nta, but Billie can definitely sing. It's kind of ironic to say Billie whisper-sings but then attach a song where Bjork is basically sing-talking for a good majority of it. I like "unique" voices, but let's be honest here anon. I'm not a fan of either, but if I had to say which one is better at singing, it's Billie.

No. 739313

You win the unpopular opinion award anon

>she sounds like a European halsey

Bjork walked so Halsey and Grimes could run.
>she just does not have a very good voice (…) I feel like grimes is a better singer
I like Grimes too anon but see vid related

No. 739318

Grimes can't sing for shit lol. Imo she's an artist that uses musicproduction for her art, not a singer.

No. 739323

samefag but to add to this, I don't even think Grimes sets out to be an actual singer, she's more into exploring sound/beats/instruments
she's similar to Bjork because Bjork really experimented with her music, that's mainly why she's so well known now. She isn't going for clean/clear vocals, I think it's more about getting the story/feeling across as well as experimenting with keys/other music and composition related stuff

Halsey's bland as shit and Billie is very mainstream but she's an alright singer
Before I get called out for being a pretentious Bjork fan, I never got that into her music, it's just completely stupid to say that "she's a European Halsey", when it's more like Halsey is an American Bjork (which is still kind of untrue because the genres are different but whatever)

repost because I'm an idiot and I posted the video again

No. 739324

I don't know what anons ITT are smoking, but basically none of the more current popular musicians have even been able to come close to any of the older "quirky girl" singers like Bjork, Kate Bush, Joanna Newsom, Tori Amos, etc.
Grimes has great production skills, but she can only do that high-pitched, echoed baby voice and not much else (struggle vocals in quite a few live performances), Billie doesn't really sing or produce (she's just there for the aesthetic I guess), and Halsey is just a long, overly drawn-out joke from Tumblr. It'd even make slightly more sense to bring Miley Cyrus into the ring.
You're comparing full course meals to Lunchables. It actually hurts a little bit to see these comparisons, like it's such a fucking gap in talent and creativity that it's embarrassing. Bjork is a European version of this? Please…

No. 739328

I’m hyperballad anon and I was just gonna say it’s so weird that she’s comparing her to Billie and grimes and Halsey and not actually bringing up any of her contemporaries, even if anon just said Fiona apple > bjork I would’ve respected the opinion but comparing her to zoomer artists is funny.

No. 739331

I love this video but it makes me cringe I can feel the anxiety thru the screen. Halsey seems high and its just overall surreal.

No. 739336

nta or any of the anons but I don't get your point. "bully" is likely a joke (and the site you are on right now has genuine bullies) and what's wrong with her being a lesbian?

No. 739341

21st century talk and think too much. Not everything needs an explatination, an concise answer, or an opinion to be stated about. The overthinking and neurosis of current culture is probably a massive contribution to anxiety

No. 739344

File: 1613337861279.gif (411.77 KB, 240x132, 0272589F-5BE8-4EAF-802A-48126B…)

The people who complain about being single and hating Vday are worse than any couple on this day. You never hear the end of it, as if two people holding hands is a crime against us singles. Bitch I don't need a s/o I need friends period

No. 739347

amen and don't forget categorizing everything either. got to overanalyze our mental problems (newsflash everyone's got them, it's not special) and our identities so we can slap a label on it and feel valid and special.

No. 739348

lmao y does it look like hes actually saying that tho

No. 739352

As a perpetual single borderline volcel I really don't get the deal with Vday, is this how Jewish people feel about Christmas around them?

No. 739353

How the fuck do people see shit like this and not want to lock these lunatics up in asylums? They are so deeply deluded and mentally ill, how the fuck are they taken so seriously when this is the shit they spew?

No. 739355

You got to understand most overthinkers stem from the interactions of those around them on top of people overreacting to every little thing (think /snow/ style psycho-analyzing every little post and outfit), put that on top of modern emotional abuse in the dating and employment field of people firing, ghosting, cheating, looking for other employees and hiding their intentions or simply just doing it over something small and not explaining way. People can't help to sit around and overthink their every move and be anxious as fuck

No. 739366

File: 1613339601952.jpg (472.1 KB, 750x1085, ba347a5.jpg)

Men never make sense when they post like this. If this was true why do so many men spill up to millions of dollars over designer old cars? Why are there so many men willing to pay hundreds for vintage lego sets and other toys? On top of that I've never seen a man bitch about clothes not being new enough lmao. They will really say whatever they can to make women feel bad

No. 739370

I’m the bjork hater
I came to this conclusion because I just recently discovered Kate Bush and her music, that’s why I’m talking shit about bjork lmao
I wanted to use relevant examples because the execution of their styles are all different, but they still all have that quirky appeal to their voice, and yes we get it nostalgia anon zoomer musical artists can never be as good or deep as your music waifu sike

No. 739371

Reading this just makes me think "Precisely. That's why I want nothing to do with ugly, old balding men".
Not sure why so many women internalized "the wall" when the men who talk the most about it are living examples of it hitting males far harder.
If we choose to use this logic, a MILF will still always be of higher value than some crusty old scrote, especially one with no money. Men really can't win. They're the disposable sex, only as good as their physical fitness/genetics, the quality of their sperm and the services they provide to the actually valuable half of humanity (women).

No. 739374

they love to say this to their bros who get their speshul bro male logic that women totally are too stupid to understand but then go fuck a sex worker who has been used like a toilet behind their backs

No. 739378

Did you find Kate Bush through Tik Tok, kek?
It's not even nostalgia, really. It's just that the only artists who do it on their level are probably FKA Twigs and maybe Sevdaliza.
Billie Eilish and the rest of the cringy teenybop faves just need to get good. Don't really know how else to put it.

No. 739407

They can't stand it when the shoe is on the other foot, though. I have been judged so harshly by men for preferring guys who are either virgins or have only had one or two sexual partners. One guys even went so far to say I only liked them so I could "corrupt" them and told someone else it was part of why he didn't want to be friends with me (like wtf???).

No. 739408

File: 1613343128829.jpg (849.08 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210214-175208_Red…)

I just went to this sub for the first time and these bitches are based af

No. 739430

File: 1613345744016.jpeg (288.39 KB, 1242x1147, C506737E-90E5-43D8-8284-4D2FF2…)

That’s so fucking cute and based.

No. 739519

I really don't, it was a genuine question. How can you prove this beyond your feelings and speculation?
Also, screeching "bad faith" to shut down dissent reeks of Twitter.

No. 739539

Why don't anons in the Advice Thread know how to use Google? I know the spoonfeeding rule doesn't apply in /g/ but it's so stupid to ask LCF for help when the entire internet is right there. You are already online! Get off the farms and read some articles!

No. 739549

I'm thankful that my mom did this kind of shit for me as a kid, it really did affect the way I allow scrotes to treat me now. I've never visited fds but now I kind of want to

No. 739599

File: 1613362905970.jpg (35.23 KB, 600x600, descargar.jpg)

Look I know nlogs are cringe as shit and that this meme is something that needs to die, because I love all women and more power to the female sex and what not. But whenever I see these cumbrained bimbo escorts, onlyfans cosplay egirls, rupaul kintard queerio fakebois, and gamer girl poltard pickmes, I can safely say: I'm very glad I'm NOT like other girls. I love simple, silly and genuine women.

No. 739600

I think Billie Eilish has nice songs and a big potential, but all her songs sound the same, with the same face, the same notes, the same sadness, etc. I know she can sing but idk, her appeal is more visual I guess.

No. 739602

>She sounds like a European halsey
LMAO stopped reading right there.

No. 739603

>recently discovered kate bush
Shit that's sad. Tik Tok is a shit

No. 739610

I like the bimbo aesthetic tbh in terms of fashion and makeup and stuff. I just love that it's "girly", pink and a little obnoxious/tacky. I don't like the super extreme plastic surgery though, but most people I've seen doing the bimbo thing aren't even getting ps. I think this style came about cause of the Y2K Paris Hilton revival and that "I'm not like other girls" meme. I don't think most girls are actually taking the bimbo stuff seriously and applying it to their everyday life, anyway. It's just an "aesthetic"

No. 739615

What if I told you I also hate the aesthetic? People who follow aesthetics seem like boring spergy sheep to me, and I just really hope it's not a cope for lack of personality
However, I'm saying this as someone who used to be very into aesthetics in my teen years, until I understood that it's just better to look nice being yourself

No. 739617

I get that you don't like the aesthetic, that was what my post was in response to lol. It's just my two cents on it. I personally don't feel like liking an aesthetic is any different than choosing what kind of clothing/fashion style you like.

No. 739620

These types of girls are the reason why nlogs exist in the first place. They started putting other women down first.

No. 739623

File: 1613365766668.jpg (93.17 KB, 746x1109, descargar.jpg)

Right?? If you don't look like this, those girls act like you're nothing. It's just a male ideal of validation and attractiveness

No. 739625

Lolita > bimbo, in terms of pink/girly aesthetics

No. 739635

keep telling yourself that anon.

No. 739638

I can't speak for the Jewish God as I have zero knowledge of Judaism but Allah is just Arabic for God. The Christian and Islamic God is the same thing.

No. 739647

Stinks of scrote bait

No. 739658

Just febfem anon being her(?) again

No. 739714

>mothers would cover for their husbands molesting their daughters or deny everything or blame it on the daughter
That's a sad truth, some mothers do this.
>Straight women are genetically programmed to prioritise blablablabla
…Now you just went full retarded, this is a scrote argument. Very disgusting if you think like this and you're a woman.

No. 739716

If she's febfem it applies to her too anyway

No. 739718

Not really since she's a woman exclusive bi woman, but febfem-anon is still gross anyway (if they're not a troll, that is). This anon >>737622 said it perfectly lmao. It reeks of a self-hating bi woman which is a shame. we're supposed to be cool and amazing, and she's over making the posts she's making

No. 739729

You shouldn't date a person if your friendship mostly contains of you (or them) crying and venting to them, using them as a person to scream "muh mental illness". These kinds of relationships that are built around venting never work in the long run.

No. 739733

Female celebrities being pickmes these days who go for men lower than their status is so fucking lame. How can any of these losers sell the image of feminism when all they do is sexualize themselves, never men, and constantly chase after abusive men?

No. 739757

I'm offended that you're comparing Joanna Newsom to Grimes or Eilish

No. 739764

To add to this, and it might just be selection bias, but the only people posting all the valentine's day cope that I see on social media are women. It just makes me want to scream because it does nothing but help the scrote narrative that women are the desperate ones who will settle for any slob as long as it means staving off spinsterhood.

No. 739778

It's really cringeworthy as people try to reacclaim it as "single appreciation/awareness" day or whatever. Who the fuck cares if an international holiday isn't about YOU personally?

No. 739783

They have no identity so they always gotta make shit about them. Narcissism is at an all time high

No. 739790

"generational trauma" isn't real. oppression i can understand but calling everything trauma literally just takes away all meaning from that word

No. 739794

Isn't that a scientifically proven thing though?

No. 739795

Doesn't it work like that older generations that got directly traumatized by some event are passing the stories and fears in their stories told to younger generations and listening to these traumatizes them? It's not impossible, especially given it's a first hand account from a person that would be very close to them; one does not have to live the event to get traumatized by it. (for example, developing PTSD from watching gore videos etc)

No. 739796

I think people use the term generational trauma too losely nowadays, but it is a real term
Just think of how some parents beat their kids and they go on to beat their kids

No. 739797

I don't think it works like that, it's more like, the big trauma that your parents and grandparents might have had is still in your genes
Like how years after the holocaust and famine we suddenly have a lot of obesity

No. 739801

People who get upset when bi women date men after being in a relationship with a woman are being ridiculous. They are bisexual.

No. 739803

File: 1613391576124.png (101.29 KB, 885x656, gt.PNG)

Yeah because grandparents taught parents that you gotta appreciate all the food coming your way and parents teach children the same; reading up on it a bit now and while it's a real thing it seems like it's not genetic but taught.

No. 739805

Google "epigenetics and trauma"

No. 739823

I think Hole's a better band then Nirvana and that Courtney Love Is more talented than Kurt Cobain.

No. 739829

It's a real thing on both epigenetic and societal level however I do think its overused somewhat.

No. 739842

File: 1613396850926.jpeg (90.17 KB, 640x557, 21A23965-8CEF-4BE8-8CA2-410DB3…)

the thread in >>>/ot/737223 made realize one of the biggest flaws of this website

i really dislike the anons who want to consistently drown each other in conversations about the fluffy sugar honey smelling chemicals they slather on their bodies and their vaginas that rot away your hormonal balance, their sex talk and weird desires with men that are incredibly milkish, their boring work a day experiences with their lame boyfriends /friends/family and other offtopic gossip about their lives, but when other anons that want to express their interests that don’t revolve acting like a stacy skinwalk with vajayjay douches and plastic surgery penny thoughts are now qualified as a scrote or a tranny.

the absolute irony
people finally use the offtopic board to not talk about things that these people accuse trannies of fetishizing of being “real gurl tingz”, an actual interesting thread and of course we now have derailing annoying faggotettes who want to ruin the fun. As always

No. 739845

We get it anon, you're not like other girls, congrats.

No. 739850

>vaginas that rot away your hormonal balance

No. 739853

douching can sometimes fuck up your ph level = it’s not good for your downstairs

please stop acting dumb
you can call me whatever you want lol, just trying to point out the hypocritical behavior on this website that always seem to ruin slightly interesting threads

No. 739855

if you go into a thread about skincare with this cannonball of an attitude, of course youre not going to fit it retard. find another thread and leave them to it. do you have advanced autism?
find another thread to talk about how you hate being girly, its okay, there are more of you out there

No. 739857

>please stop acting dumb
Anon, what!? You literally did not say anything about douching in that op post. How the fuck was I supposed to know? And still, why wouldn't it be the douching that's rotting away your PH, not your vagina itself. I'm sorry I couldn't telepathically see the deeper meaning in your schizo post, ma'am.

Anyway, if you go into that thread you'll see many anons telling other people that their interests are not "scrote-like" at all. And as for other threads, anons are allowed to talk about shit that happens in their everyday life, even if you think it's too "girly".

No. 739858

>but when other anons that want to express their interests that don’t revolve acting like a stacy skinwalk with vajayjay douches and plastic surgery penny thoughts are now qualified as a scrote or a tranny

But why would you post these interests in a thread explicitly discussing what "moid traits" you have? Your NLOG in this case is unwarranted. Don't be shocked pikachu when anons tinfoil which other tryhards are actually scrotes in the "scrote yourself" thread.

No. 739863

Thing is, while you're not wrong about certain individual things, like for example "thngs that would get you labeled as scrote" thread which is annoying AF and enforces categorization, it's sad to see such strong anti-feminine stance. It's possible to enjoy skincare, discuss mundane life events and have more specific unique hobbies, neither of these making a person better or worse than others. Obviously, in the skincare thread people will discuss skincare, and in work thread they'll discuss regular work life, what else would you expect. Of course if you have a niche hobby it would be less likely for you to find someone to discuss it with because it's niche and this place is not dedicated to it. Doesn't mean every thread is bad because of it.

And tbh, while I dont read 100% of what's written on LC otherwise I'd go insane probably, as for
>douching can sometimes fuck up your ph level = it’s not good for your downstairs
I've never seen anyone promoting using perfumed products on genitals here, worst would be anon spawning discussion about bleaching maybe, and I've seen plenty of times anons reminding others about importance of using neutral PH products actually so I have no idea where is this bizarre argument coming from.

No. 739864

Just to add on to your post, niche interest threads are actually welcome. Just start a thread on it and see what happens. It's not like we shut down everyone who likes certain things.

No. 739868

I've heard thst douchijg is actually bad for normal vagina hygiene. I was watching some documentary and sex workers. It's definitely a known thing its not good for pH levels and can actually encourage infections.

No. 739871

Nta, but I always heard douching is bad because it can cause air embolisms

No. 739872


> Douching is washing or cleaning out the vagina with water or other mixtures of fluids. In the United States, almost one in five women 15 to 44 years old douche. Doctors recommend that you do not douche. Douching can lead to many health problems, including problems getting pregnant. Douching is also linked to vaginal infections and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

No. 739874

im fucking stupid, i thought douching meant just normal showering kek. I was so confused by the anons saying i cant wash my vag with water

No. 739876

Yea you can still wash like normal lol

No. 739905

>People who follow aesthetics seem like boring spergy sheep to me
Or maybe… they just really like an aesthetic? It's really not that deep, anon.

No. 739907

You're supposed to clean your vulva off with warm water in the shower. Douching is intentionally squirting water/soap in the vaginal canal to manually clean it, which you aren't supposed to do unless a doctor tells you to.

No. 739949

Are you french or is french your first language? If that's the case then you're not the only one making that mistake.

No. 739958

she’s not a pickme, not a nlog or a scrote or a tranny she’s just right. it’s pretty depressing anon, isn’t it? being born a woman is a punishment and a curse.

No. 739991

Well what do you want to talk about anon? I'm sure there will be some people interested

No. 740131

i don't think depression is a real mental illness. most people who "have" depression are lacking something in their lives whether that be good interpersonal relationships, a job, purpose, stability etc. feeling depressed is just a symptom of living a dysfunctional life.

No. 740135

You spergs who obviously base their identities on some fringe internet activity or maybe fictional entertainment always think people are normies just for having mundane interests. You know people are nuanced and many people can be both?

No. 740144

there's people who've mostly "recovered" from depression but still get depressive episodes, can be every few months or once a year even. It's true there are usually influences like you said but some people bring their lives to normalcy and can never be completely depression-free. I really think it is a condition nonny if it's the disorder, but what you said are influences and I don't know if anybody doubts that (except sites like tumblr)

No. 740147

>some people bring their lives to normalcy and can never be completely depression-free
Those people are bored idiots who LIKE having "depression" because a normal life is not enough for their impossible standards.

No. 740150

idk i just think that most people conceptualise depression as being a result of your brain/mind/thoughts etc but imo it's more a result of your own actions/behaviour.

No. 740156

we get it, you don’t bathe

No. 740169

How do you explain people who inherit depression then? They literally do twin studies to show that depression has a genetic component. Of course it can also be related to environmental factors and a person's circumstance but that doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't exist or they don't have something. Furthermore, there's a difference between having depression and being depressed.

No. 740171

They didn't inherit depression, they just inherited a disgusting personality.

No. 740180

I hate stories in games. If I wanted a story, I'd read a book (I'd be done better, too), but if I play a game I just wanna smash buttons, have pixels disappear after I hit them with my pixel stick and dust clouds and see numbers change.

No. 740186

I like games with stories, but I hate how games these days feel the need to force a story. It's okay for a game to not have a plot, but when you force a plot and it sucks, it takes away from the game so much.

No. 740192

Sorry anon, but your "hot take" on this is simply factually incorrect.


No. 740196

That anon is baiting. They probably saw the stuff in the dumbass shit thread and wanted to stir more shit. The classic "depression isn't real".

No. 740197

Imagine being so pseudo-intellectual that you deny the existence of one of the most well documented disorders, which has been consistently studied millions of trained psychologists who have been studying depression since generations before you were ever born… you're like the people who refuse to believe allergies are a thing…

No. 740200

I certainly hope so, but they wouldn't be the only person to deny indesputable medical facts, so who knows.

No. 740202

While I enjoy stories in games, I hate when they try to be movies. I don't care for the realistic graphics, I don't care that this famous Hollywood actor is giving his or her face to a character,I don't care about deep messages and philosophy, I don't need an hour long cutscenes where they can flex 10 different and unique shots or whatever. Give me colorful games with fun gameplay and cool characters and a story that doesn't take itself too seriously.

No. 740205

Am OP >>740131 and would just like to clarify that i'm not this anon >>740147 >>740171. And concerning the evidence of neurotransmitter levels altering, that doesn't mean that depression is caused by neurotransmitter levels. isn't it possible that their brain chemistry changes as a result of being depressed?

No. 740206

File: 1613421026396.gif (383.57 KB, 342x198, 388.gif)

>that thread
All they're doing is talking about their nasty fetishes and waifufaggotry. It was shit from the start and should've stayed locked.

No. 740210

The brain chemistry changing is what causes mental illness

No. 740218

how do you know that for sure though? what tends to happen in these studies is they take depressed people and find that they have low seretonin. that doesn't mean it was the low seretonin that caused them to become depressed.

No. 740226

Nta but ideally researchers should be doing meta-analysis to bring internal validity to their findings. If you compare the brain activity and serotonin levels of someone with depression to someone without it, patterns will arise to show that the decreased levels of serotonin in the depressed person's brain are likely a contributing factor as to why someone's depression diagnosis is confirmed on top of the diagnostic criteria they meet. Clinical psychologists work with their clients to build rapport and gauge the events leading up to any given point to see if there are any biological or other factors that could account for their decreased serotonin levels.

No. 740227

I think it's annoying when people act like telling you to go to therapy is such genius advice you need to be grateful for. First of all, therapy isn't cheap everywhere - in the US, it's fucking expensive. Second, therapists aren't always conveniently located. I am somewhere extremely rural right now where the next town is like 100 miles away.

Therapy doesn't always work and a lot of therapists suck. But if you ever feel like you didn't get a good therapy experiences, then you're just accused of doing something wrong and not trying hard enough.

No. 740236

Tbh, I mostly tell people to go get some therapy as a way to suggest that I’m not willing to listen to their issues because it got too intense/ I don’t care/ I’m too tired for that, depending on the person and for how long I’ve talked to them.

No. 740250

For starters, it's serotonin and to end this: you dumb and most likely ugly

No. 740257

Only bitches who like chocolate ice cream can be sexy, awesome, and cool.

No. 740261

i'm ESL so sorry about not having the best spelling lol.
also would just like to say that i did not say that depression wasn't real. i just said that i don't think it's a mental disorder because it is mostly caused by having a shitty life.

No. 740276

I tell people to go to therapy because I'm not equipped with professional training and experience in treating mental illness and anxiety. I don't like people dumping their emotional baggage on me and expecting me to just smile and nod at them while processing the information that they're googling ways of killing themselves or struggling to get up each day. You tell that shit to someone who can maintain a professional relationship as an outsider hired to help you.

No. 740278

I love and support the terves in all their terfy pursuits, but as a teacher if a sweet little idiot comes into my class and kindly asks me to call them by a certain name and pronouns you bet your ass I'm calling Sephiroth by their stupid xe/xiyr pronouns

No. 740279

Why? Out of fear of losing your job or because you find it precious?

No. 740283

I don't know actually, I guess both? I tend to avoid all gender discourse but when literal children genuinely ask me to call them something that makes them happy, how could I possibly say no? I know people will think it's some kind of evil trans agenda shit but idk I used to make my parents call me Sonic the Hedgehog and I turned out fine I think

No. 740294

I could expect play pretend from someone under the age of 6 but I would not humor the delusions of a grade schooler and older. That's how you raise people like Chris-chan.

No. 740306

It's pathetic how much Nikocado picks on Amberlynn Reid. He's the last person who should be making fun of her.

No. 740338


No. 740344

Can you like both vanilla, chocolate, and chocolate chip and also be considered this?

No. 740352

You're looking extra sexy, awesome, and cool today, anon!

Yes, but you're the only exception ♥

No. 740441

Did you insist on the whole title or did Sonic suffice?

No. 740524

Millennials who genuinely care about what Gen Z teenagers on social media think of them need to grow the fuck up. It's normal for the younger generation to make fun of the generation before them. It's not a big deal.

No. 740528

Millennials also shitting on how cringe gen z is is pretty embarrassing too, like most of them are teenagers? of course they're gonna be embarrassing online, most younger millennials were too

No. 740534

Boomers get the most salty when anyone talks about their generation. It never goes away with age, no one likes to be reminded they're old.

No. 740537

Samefag and the older gen z kids are already complaining about being old and out of touch. It happens to us all. Then around our mid 30s we stop giving a shit once we have accepted we will age

No. 740540

File: 1613454594158.png (35.89 KB, 275x182, 1613453513976.png)

zoomers do this, of course ppl will complain

No. 740542

is this ironic?

No. 740570

No? I could not give less of a fuck about some kid telling me I'm lame or old, but some people seem to take it personally.

No. 740579

Don't you think? it's like raaaaain

No. 740584

On one hand, I don't care about what gen Z says on social media. On the other hand, I'm a bit annoyed by articles that "gen Z will change the world and turn the planet woke!". I don't see them that different from my peers mentalitywise when we were that age, they're just more present on social media. But I guess this isn't even for this thread, there's already a generational thread somewhere here.

No. 740586

>"gen Z will change the world and turn the planet woke!"
They said that about millenials and look at the world lol

The only thing they have accomplished is making the internet more unbearable. I hate their woke shit.
Also, generations thread is over here:

No. 740604

Kek Ily anon, this will be in my head for the rest of the day

No. 740628

I hate people who cry how woke and anti-capitalism gen Z are, not only do I personally not feel that much of a difference between our generations (then again I'm a young millenial/zillenial), but I'm also wondering why people say this when zoomers are always the ones hustling online and trying to profit off of hobbies. Everything has to fit an aesthetic for them and everything is for sale.
Sure, millenials are annoying with their hipster companies and other bullshit but it's still better than reselling plastic tchotchkes from Wish and "wall collage kits" that are just bundles of printable pictures you found on pinterest.

No. 740629

But I mean, if people are really willing to buy that shit then why not? If I could make extra cash by selling printed photos I would too lmao

No. 740630

Nobody does tho, they rarely have any sales. It's just making it annoying to search for something and get hundreds of children's art projects I can get for free elsewhere.

No. 740656

freelancing can be anti-capitalism depending on how you see it

No. 740658

landscape mode shouldn't exist and my phone is on portrait lock 24/7

No. 740659

Men should not be able to have jobs where they can be alone with handicapped people, children and teens. They think way too much with their cock to be able to handle being around vulnerable people. Their mind is always thinking of ways they can get easy sex, even at work.

No. 740660

They will cry inequality, but I agree. Remember that 2019 case of the woman in 14 year coma that gave birth? Yeah.

No. 740665

i agree, especially when it comes to men being teachers or gynecologists. they're guaranteed creeps 99% of the time.
that was horrifying. i've wondered if there's any sort of thing you can sign that says you don't consent to having male caretakers in case you ever end up in a situation like that

No. 740666

I'd like to say no, but even the most innocent and bubbly english private tutor I had, and old grandpa, started showing me porn once when the rest of the group didn't show up. Nothing more happened, fortunately.

No. 740668

Agreed. In general, giving men the same liberties and trust as women is a huge mistake.
Also, I'm genuinely starting to believe that having excessive testosterone and a Y chromosome partially disables a person's capacity for reason. If they weren't also physically stronger, anyone would see the mental deficiencies and want to do something. Personal choice, nurture and individuality all play a role, yes, but we also need to acknowledge how their biology plays a role IMO. In literally every society, they are the main ones to cause problems and bring violence. How can that be a coincidence?

No. 740704

oh dear, another bad opinion and possible bait
but actually I sort of agree with you, but you have the wrong idea about depression

there is some gigantic division between psychologists and academic shrinks about whether or not mental illness is genetic or environmentally influenced, but it’s clear that mental illness can be influenced by both
some people have depression in their family lineage, but could it be that the family member with depression who chooses to have a child perpetuate an environment for the kid to develop depression or was it innately in them to begin with?

plus a lot of people who claim they are depressed usually aren’t, there’s a lot of things that decide what depression is versus temporary and fleeting sadness, usually how long the depression is and the symptoms

there is an all time high of depression and anxiety because of the ambiguity of where the world is going, the increasing erosion of mental health understanding, people who are being isolated and alienated (generation Z is more afflicted by this), unstable economy. i don’t think it’s what the public and media normally consider depression to be, turning you into some lazy melancholic idiot who sleeps all day in your room because of the hollowing emptiness, that’s clinical depression I think

I think people confuse their sadness with depression where it’s probably just some weird overarching attitude in western society to constantly be manic and get rid of the unpleasant feelings in our lives by being degenerate and indulgent as fuck, and then when the dopamine and excitement ends we crash very hard into a period of sadness and regret

No. 740717

Big agree. Caretaker here with male coworkers and even if they aren't creeps, they lack the empathy and gentleness required for the job. They're really only good for some muscle.
You absolutely can, but you better hope you get placed into a good facility that will still respect those wishes when your loved ones aren't around to check.
I'd rather my family just let me die than keep me in a state like that tbh, and working in facilities definitely reinforced that choice.

No. 740724

Bullet bras were cuter than modern day bras.

No. 740725

Sure if you want to stab someone's eyes out with your tits

No. 740726

File: 1613485695810.jpg (53.21 KB, 351x561, Modern-Resume-Template-for-MS-…)

Preach, sis. I think the shape of them were so unique and weirdly futuristic for the period. They look cool.

No. 740729

100% true, not only that but men shouldnt be in any high position spot in any spiritual/religious organization, i think its less genetics and more that socialization has taken them from the hyper awarness of other people needs that woman need day to day plus what other farmess have said no nurture capacity nor empathy

No. 740730

How tall are you where people are at eye level with your boobs? Also tbh that seems like the best defense for creepers.

No. 740732

I don't entirely agree with you, but
>there is an all time high of depression and anxiety because of the ambiguity of where the world is going, the increasing erosion of mental health understanding, people who are being isolated and alienated (generation Z is more afflicted by this), unstable economy
This is a point that's often overlooked when talking about increasingly common mental illness. There's quite a few studies confirming that several mental disorders (not just depression and anxiety, but things like schizophrenia as well) highly correlate with urban living and irregular daily routines. I believe that the current world economy and modern first world city life are so far removed from how humans are 'supposed' to live that mental illness is a logical consequence. Getting bombarded with stimuli, noise, crowds, etc from an early age, burning out your dopamine system with easy quick satisfactions, a social community that is increasingly impersonal with a sheer scale that's intuitively impossible to comprehend… shit ain't healthy.
I'm just as dependent on the internet and modern living as the next guy, but I don't think society is really meant to operate on a scale this huge.

No. 740734

Boob stretchmarks are underrated. I know not every woman has them, but something about them is very beautiful to me. and I personally really like mine despite the fact they are very light

No. 740761

this made me feel kinda good about mine thank you nonnie

No. 740762

ignoring her hasburg chinchillian chin, I feel sympathy for her but i hate the zoomer and millenial “i dont have friends/im antisocial!!!” meme that people spam in comment sections to attention seek
guaranteed these people have friends their friends are probably losers and deadbeats who neglect to talk to them or hang out with them
they dont know what it’s truly like to be a young adult with no connection with the outside world, their phone contacts empty with only family numbers, no one to help you get a job, no support network it’s absolute hell
just because you go 24 hours without your little friend sending you text messages doesn’t mean you’re antisocial jfc

No. 740785

scrote energy.

No. 740788

You’re literally one of the reasons why women who “ooze scrote energy” turn into fakebois

No. 740789

nah that definitely read female to me. terminally autistic, but female nonetheless

No. 740790

Unironically this.

No. 740792

Why do you have to police how women write? Let her be, she doesn't sound like a scrote at all

No. 740794

i said she didn't sound like a scrote

No. 740812

I hate all of you

No. 740833

Infanticide should be legal
Or let women leave their unwanted kids and mentally ill children inside an orphanage from day 1
Women shouldn't have to care for mentally ill faggots who abuse them and ruin their life just because "muh motherhood uwu", fuck society

No. 740834

what the fuck is qrt'd?

No. 740836

quote retweeted

No. 740837

I thought it meant farting from your vagina or something

No. 740838

That's queefing.

No. 740845

… I definitely don't think infanticide should be legal, but my unpopular opinion is that, out of all age demographics, an infant's life is the least valuable. The only value an infants life has is the emotional connection its family feels for it. They have no memories and are basically fully retarded. At this stage of humanity, having kids is objectively a bad thing unless you're a science denier, so the prior value of continuing the species is out the window. Any baby born right now is absolutely fucked when it comes to the grim unavoidable future for our species that we brought upon ourselves.

No. 740850

Women who have children are selfish and also fucking retarded. How the fuck does anyone remotely educated on climate change justify having children? Seriously, fuck any woman who willingly procreates knowing what kind of world she's bringing a child into.

No. 740852

You sound like a dead beat daddy who gave up their parental rights, those men are one of the biggest problems in my country. We are allowed to give up our kids to an orphanage, there is no fee and no penalty.

No. 740856

Some women just want to love their children, also unless that child becomes the CEO of a big oil company how much harm can a single person really make? Just raise the baby enviormentally concious.

I wouldn't definetely have a child right now, but after being anti-havingchildren for so many years and now being in my mid 20's I kinda am so-so about having one in the future. I definetely think the world is fucked and I keep thinking to myself how my child wouldn't even have a good life.

No. 740857

You can already give up your child after birth, no? Not sure in what countries, but there are designated spots where you can do it if you don't want to cause a scene.

No. 740859

Guys, we are in this position now because the majority of people only have kids when two horny losers fucked without thinking past their orgasm. Honestly, for the vast majority of people having a baby is, as a matter of fact, either an unplanned accident or a trap. This is the reason why most shotgun relationships/marriages fail too, because the parents who rushed to fuck made a baby before they took the time to find out if they were compatible, if they wanted kids, would be good parents, or could afford it.

People who become good parents almoat never have it randomly happen to them like a happy accident where everyone lives happily ever after in a suburb as a family. 9 out of 10 people on this earth exist only because two horny idiots wanted to bareback & couldn't comprehend any real consequences to it. Stupid, selfish people breed 10:1 compared to smart, responsible people.

No. 740863

Did you miss the
>Women shouldn't have to care for mentally ill faggots who abuse them and ruin their life just because "muh motherhood uwu", fuck society

I come from a household where my grandma had a mentally ill child and her life was ruined because she had to take care of him, and he also ruined my dad's life and my mom's life too. I have an abusive brother with mental problems as well, and he has done so much shit to me, you have no idea how hard it is to live in a household with constant screaming from a retard. He's also very mysoginistic. But my mom always touches her heart when it comes to him and forgives him. I just don't know how you can do that everytime, if I had a mentally ill child abusing me and my daughter with constant threats and shit I would just let him go away. You don't know anything until you live with it. I love being ableist with mentally ill schizo faggots for this reason.

No. 740865

It's not about the harm the child does, it's about the world the child is being subjected to. The planet is fucked and kids born right now will suffer tremendously.

No. 740866

Do you put this much pressure on people who already exist to care about climate change though? Anyway, it's big corporations that are fucking up the earth, what regular people are doing is small in comparison.
Abortion is enough imo. We should encourage women to abort children they don't want, killing actual babies is not ok. Women CAN give up their children for adoption as soon as they are born depending on where you live, but honestly I hate the idea of even more children in the system.
Anon, a lot of women don't have children that are that mentally ill, but you are also forgetting that mothers can be just as, or even more, abusive.

No. 740867

>but you are also forgetting that mothers can be just as, or even more, abusive.
Yeah and? it has nothing to do with what I just said.

No. 740868

nta, but if you really, really love your child, you wouldn't tear it's conciousness screaming from the void and shove it into a body that is doomed to die from climate disaster, another pandemic, or the wealthy finally literally cannibalizing everyone else

No. 740869

If you have no child then there's no child to love. Silly anon

No. 740871

You ignoring my point does not mean my point is invalid, it just makes you look dumb

No. 740872

Good parents think about their children before they exist

No. 740873

People who describe certain musical artists or acts as "corny" are extremely insecure about themselves. Imagine not enjoying something because you think it's too fun or sentimental. Fuck you you ruined mainstream entertainment culture you overly serious faggot

No. 740875

Idk, corny doesn't always mean romantic? When I say corny I just mean "lame" and I know a lot of people who use it the same way

No. 740878

What if they die from old age though? And they have a nice loving life from day 1? Life is more than disaster everywhere. But maybe I like being positive more nowadays than when I used to be a 100% hardcore never having children kinda person. Like I said, I still don't know if I will. But if stupid couples that fuck like animals on mating season can have their children, why can't I? If anything they're ruining their planet.

No. 740880

Im genuinely sorry for what you’re going through. No one gets to pick their family, but you do have a point in saying we get to pick whether we have one. It’s okay to set boundaries with these people, get away from your brother for your mental health. You didn’t choose him as your brother.

No. 740886

Because you're both at fault for doing the same exact thing. "Loving" your kids doesn't mean you can't be abusive or neglect them, or sandbag their futures by being unwealthy (fuck it bc it's not just poor ppl struggling anymore) and unable to give them any and everything they may need when and how they need it to grow up happy and healthy.

No. 740887

You're acting like you don't understand that catastrophe is literally happening right now and getting worse
The children born now won't get to die of old age

No. 740888

Don’t listen to these other anons. Please be a mother if you want to. We need people who can love others selflessly. The best generation may be doomed to die, but do are we, and maybe they will be the ones who can fix this mess.

No. 740889

>"Loving" your kids doesn't mean you can't be abusive or neglect them
But I won't do that anon. And before even having one, I want to be mentally prepared so this doesn't happen. Financially too.
I'm not going to have a child right now!

No. 740891

NAYRT but you're half right. Babies won't be capable of doing or fixing anything before it is wholly too late, you're literally arguing for being able to give birth to a baby who will grow up in a ruined hellscape because you want to love something?. Please get a cat.

No. 740892

He choked from the umbilical cord when they were pulling him out. There was a way to know before hand.

No. 740894

Sorry, I deleted it cause I tagged the wrong post but, that doesn't even mean he would come out abusive?

No. 740897

Samefag, lots of babies get choked by their umbilical cord. I doubt all of them came out abusive.

No. 740898

Again, ignoring a point does not make it go away

No. 740899

Nta, a cat is not a child. It's not as shallow as to just "loving something". I think smart and loving women deserve to have children more than 80% of the population that treats children like shit.

No. 740900

Sure let's agree to disagree then

No. 740901

I understand, everyone wants that, but literally almost nobody ever gets it. Do you think that everyone before you simply didn't do what you're suggesting you'll do? They did, and some of them did okay, but most of them failed at least halfway and became bitter becsuse of it.

It takes a whole hell of a lot more than love, good intentions and common sense to actually successfully raise a healthy, happy baby properly. We live in a society that is literally invested in making sure it's impossible to do so without either government or religious interference- but that's another issue re: infantilizing and financially crippling an entire generation so the economic slate can be wiped clean later.

No. 740903

Anon you underestimate how fucking hard is having a child that is mentally ill. It really is fucking hard, you don't know until you live with it
And I know some anon will pull out a "my uncle had x disease and he was a sweetheart" card. But seriously, just having a kid like that means you will uninentionally neglet the other kid you have. It's hard.

No. 740906

So what will you do when your child asks you why you had it despite ample evidence that it would suffer so much before it died young?
Anyone who had a kid after fall and spring all but stopped happening are like people who know they're dying from Huntington's disease but have children anyway, how is that not cruelty to the child?

No. 740908

Anon you're going to call me stupid for being optimistic, but I don't care about what other people did and if they're bitter because of it. I get where you are coming from, but life is more than "what ifs" and "what if they suffer". What if they don't suffer?

No. 740910

It's also selfish to assume you'll be a better mother than all other mothers before you based on only your best wishes and, from your posts, really really wanting it. Like… Do you really think that all it'll take is one mom who loves her kid enough? That mommy-maid logic breeds serial rapists and killers.

No. 740911

nta, they are going to suffer
They are going to suffer more than any generation before

No. 740912

I literally grew up with an abusive mother. I know how hard it is, believe it or not you're not the only person in the world who has abusive family members. That doesn't have anything to do with what I said though. An umbilical cord choking a child does not mean they will come out abusive or mentally ill, and you cannot tell if they will be abusive while they are a baby. That's not a valid excuse for infanticide
>so what will you do when your child asks you why you had it despite ample evidence that it would suffer so much before it died young?
Nta, but who the fuck asks that

No. 740913

>So what will you do when your child asks you why you had it
First of all I would tell him to log out off tumblr and stop being an edgelord, second I would like to tell him to enjoy the simple pleasures of life

No. 740914

Well I still ain't having a retard child even if "they come off not abusive" they're a fucking handful

No. 740915

Someone dying of famine or plague asks that, which is what's going to happen
Why can't you answer the question?

No. 740916

just say you're a doomer and go

No. 740917

It's not going to enjoy dying in a fire-ridden wasteland

No. 740918

Okay you're right, climate change is a hoax and Texas is covered in snow for no fucking reason

No. 740919

>That mommy-maid logic breeds serial rapists and killers.

Today on lolcow: An anon says she wants to be a smart loving mother and people assume she'll have a serial rapist who will die of famine and plague. Love this website xoxo

No. 740922

Thanks I'm glad we agree!

No. 740923

Bacon is gross, I prefer turkey bacon.

No. 740924

And once again, a child having the umbilical cord wrapped around their neck does not mean they will be retarded, mentally ill, or abusive. Afaik it's actually even harmless and only happens during the birth process.
>Why can't you answer the question?
I'm not even the person you replied to. Why don't you tell this to people who are actually pregannt

No. 740925

Seriously, if you think you van handle being a parent, you should be able to answer a difficult question

No. 740927

>doesn't even believe climate change
Ah, okay now I get it, you're fucking stupid

No. 740929

anti-natalist chan will go up to pregnant women and be like "DON'T YOU SEE YOUR CHILD WILL BE A RAPIST" "HE WILL DIE OF THE PLAGUE" and everyone will clap in agreement

Ok nta, here's your awnser:
I won't make my child be an insecure piece of shit that has to scream "WHY WAS I BORN"

it was a joke sis

No. 740930

This breedtard in here being facetious as fuck for the hell of it I guess?

The point everyone is trying to make, is that as "shitty" as things are now, they are guaranteed and proven by science to be getting much worse, irreversibly, and very fucking quickly. Not even just the environment, either-the economy, our food, this fucking pandemic. The world you live in today, right now, is the end phase of the life you are used to living fizzling out and dying in front of your closed eyes. This is not the life you will be giving your child- you will be working so much harder for so much less, and your kid won't have the first clue how great it was when you were a kid because, despite what you seem to fully believe, that way of life is gone and wont be back in under 15 years.

No. 740932

People have been saying this for generations and I'm sure people said this in WW2 as well. Let people make their choice, they're not even your children so why are you so pressed?
Just say you hate women.

No. 740933

I'm not the original anon and I don't want to have kids. But militant anti-natalists get on my nerves. Especially people who probably sit in some kind of doomer echo-chambers all day.

No. 740934

>Especially people who probably sit in some kind of doomer echo-chambers all day.
This, fuck doomers, they only bitch and bitch without even helping society out lol
And no screaming to the void is not helping

No. 740936

>This breedtard
You didn't even tag the same person. In fact, I'm pretty sure you tagged three different anons. Also "breedtard', cringe. Childfree people who act like this are annoying, and I say this as someone who will most likely never have kids.

No. 740938

wow, who would think there would be unpopular opinions in the unpopular opinions thread

No. 740939

The issue is anons come in here with unpopular opinions and then get angry and start calling people retards for disagreeing with them

No. 740940

File: 1613501035959.jpg (325.03 KB, 1065x1600, 1.jpg)

nice, hoping they look this badass by then

No. 740941

If it's a joke then why the fuck do you want to force your own child to live through what's to come?
At least the fucking morons who don't believe it have the excuse of being too stupid to understand what they're subjecting their children to

No. 740942

They're also autistic as fuck, extremely bitter and unhinged and coincidentally attack something only women can do. Tell me why this is normalized as ok in female spaces again? There's a reason why reddit bans radfem ideology and pp stuff but accepts anti natalist sperging with their creepy hatred towards the female reproductive system and functions

No. 740944

Who let you post images of my daughter?

No. 740945

Are you autistic? I'm not trying to be rude, but if you are, I'm so sorry anon, I understand your obsession over other people's lives now.

No. 740946

I noticed many american music stans describe things as corny if it isn't ghetto or ratchet hypersexual shit. Or just non edgy cynical doomer shit in general

No. 740947

Not any of the anons in here but I also find anti-natalists super irritating.
Someone from here said that people hate children so much because they feel like they're not allowed to hate anyone else these days. The same people who hate children are the same woke people on twitter who whiteknight screech at anyone for being "offensive" to their POC, trans, lgbtq+ culture.

No. 740950

all women should support reproduction, that's what we're for, after all

No. 740951

Ayrt, this exactly. I've ranted about childfree people at least twice before here so I won't do it again, but they, or at least the online ones (I've heard irl childfree people are actually cool) are extremely annoying. I agree that it is extremely telling that they always attack the mothers, but it's silent when it comes to the fathers.

No. 740953

Imagine typing this cause you're mad other people want/are having kids.

No. 740954

>I agree that it is extremely telling that they always attack the mothers, but it's silent when it comes to the fathers.
It's the misogyny and madonna-whore complex

No. 740955

They have the same creepy and disturbed energy as any other forever online personality disordered cultist types. The internet needs to be banned for some people

No. 740956

If you think despairing for someone's future is the same as hating them, I don't know what to tell you

No. 740957

>The same people who hate children are the same woke people on twitter who whiteknight screech at anyone for being "offensive" to their POC, trans, lgbtq+ culture.
Unironically this, hating children is woke for some reason
I hope people who hate children are immature at best

Now that's some retarded take

No. 740958

Despairing, yeah lmao sure

No. 740960

>I'm despairing for someone's future!!!
Wtf then go find a hobo and help him get a job then
Even better, go find an orphanage and give money to the children!

No. 740961

Sure, anon. So what are you doing to help slow climate change? Are you helping children in orphanages? Do you even donate to those? Do you plan to adopt? Just wanna know how else you are despairing for childrens futures

No. 740962

>now that's some retarded take
It's bait

No. 740963

Because many of the people who hate children have the emotional development of kids and tend to be extremely into children's media or entertainment. How many stories on r childfree you got of people getting angry because kids prevented them from enjoying their ride in Disneyland or whatever the fuck? Completely different energy than generally bitter adults who just dislike kids since this has a tryhard woke spin on it

No. 740964

My entire argument has been
>the children born now and in the future are doomed to suffer worse than any generation before them
How is this hard to understand?
I don't think it's okay to have a child that you know for sure is going to suffer
Like if you knew your child would be born without lungs, you shouldn't have that child
And, jfc, to be even more clear, yes I blame the dads too, more so

No. 740965

i like durian it's good

No. 740966

There is no stopping it now, that's my fucking point

No. 740967

You know people can still suffer in their life but have something worth living for? It's not black and white and I say this as someone who has mental health problems myself. I think you guys just project your disillusionment and depression with life on all disordered people

No. 740968

Is it good in a can? I don't live somewhere where you can get it fresh.

No. 740969

And my point is, are you helping the children who are already born in this world?

No. 740972

>How many stories on r childfree you got of people getting angry because kids prevented them from enjoying their ride in Disneyland or whatever the fuck?
My god that's some cringe shit, I also like Disneyland and animation but I'm not going to bitch about children like they do. These people mentally unwell if they need to flaunt the fact that they're childfree like a trophy. Imagine hating children so much that you make it part of your personality lol

No. 740973

People can love life despite everything. I want my kids to love life. I've had a harsh living enviorment myself, and I've wanted to kill myself before, yet I've learnt to love life. I also wondered why I was born at some point. But I've changing my doomer attitude and become a more positive person. I hope I can teach my kids to love life too, and to not see everything in black and white.

No. 740974

I'm not a native English speaker so I might just not use the word correctly, but when I describe music as corny it mostly means it sounds too twee, like it's missing an edge. It has nothing to do with the lyrics or something not being ghetto or cynical enough, it's just the instrumentals. Some Vampire Weekend songs for example, sound too soft and 'rounded' to me, and end up feeling like they have no impact, just a plucky little melody that you forget two seconds after it ends. I'd describe such music as corny.

No. 740977

File: 1613502517959.png (152.12 KB, 500x517, mess-with-gecko-tiitanicsincla…)

This anon is so fucking right you'd hate to see it lol

>i really dislike the anons who want to consistently drown each other in conversations about the fluffy sugar honey smelling chemicals they slather on their bodies

Unironically, she's so right here. I dislike skincare culture because honestly everything just has a bunch of alcohol in it and that dries your skin and makes it wrinkly in the long run. Better use something natural. Also too much fragance in a product can cause allergies! Also the way people use chemical peels just tips me off, I feel like more research should be done about them because putting such a strong chemical on your body must be damaging in the long run right?

>and their vaginas that rot away your hormonal balance

Whoa there, that's a bit harsh but she's actually right. You shouldn't put products on your vagina, just wash it off with plain soap with no fragance. Very important

>their sex talk and weird desires with men that are incredibly milkish

My god this so much. I've even seen girls into vomit in this website. It just reminds me of Nemu so much lol

>but when other anons that want to express their interests that don’t revolve acting like a stacy skinwalk with vajayjay douches and plastic surgery penny thoughts are now qualified as a scrote or a tranny.

THIS. God, it's like we're not allowed to talk about anything. I hate when people police women on how they express themselves. They're not better than misogynistic men with their thought police lol.

No. 740981

People that hate children at childish activities had a spoilt childhood. As someone that had a shit childhood, I had a shite childhood so when I see kids enjoying shit it gives me joy.

No. 740982

She's not, imo. How often do you see anons talking about douching and washing their vagina or skincare here? And don't point to the vagina or skincare thread on g. Also, most things will not get you labeled a scrote here unless it's like, porn-y or genuinely something a scrote would say. Even then, I see anons talk openly about porn with no scrote accusations. Even in the "things that would get you labeled a scrote thread" there are a bunch of anons telling other anons that their interests are not scrote-like, and that it's ok for women to be interested in non-"feminine" things. If you want to talk about one of your interests, then do that. And wow, a site full of grown women who have sex has discussion about sex.

I'm not even mad, but I feel like this anon is painting this site as something it's not.

No. 740983

Childhood was so shit I repeat it.

No. 740987

Everyone should just stop calling other women in here scrotes then, unless they're blalantly scrotes
I see so many people being accused of scroteism with no basis, it's kinda weird. Maybe they're just scrotettes but not male

No. 740988

Yeah! Kids should enjoy things aimed at kids lol
Lol love you

No. 740992

about 80% of the cows called fat on here aren't fat to me. I also don't think these "box bodies" are so crazy and disgusting.

No. 740995

I hate kids, but I just… avoid them? If I'm at a theme park or some other place where being around them is inevitable, I don't get trigged by them unless they're being truly insufferable, but even then my thought process is more just taking it as further reinforcement of why I don't want children myself.

I used to be on the childfree sub, but I got pretty disenchanted with it. I think it's a really good resource in a lot of ways- extremely helpful info for sterilization, good place to vent about valid shit to like-minded people, makes you feel less like a weirdo for not being baby crazy, etc. But there's definitely a pretty toxic side to it, too, like you guys pointed out. I really can't stand people who make hating a kids a personality trait and hate that they're expected to be civil toward children and parents. It's gross.

No. 741004

I'm pretty sure most farmers agree with you and it's just a vocal anachan minority that feels the need to shit on everyones body. I guess admitting that other women can still look fine without extreme hourglass proportions or a perfectly flat stomach means having to come to terms with their own body image being the problem instead.

No. 741005

I don't dislike kids in general but toddlers can go fuck themselves, they're extremely annoying in any situation and I dread family events my sister will attend too because her triplets are hellspawn on Earth.
They'll throw tantrums and start howling for any reason, and they love pissing you off on purpose because they find it funny.

No. 741008

I agree. Even if someone is fat, that's not milk imo

No. 741032

Gen z is no more accepting than millenials. There are certain groups they wont bully because of backlash but there are still groups they openly bully like black women and now they're starting to hate on children.

No. 741036

I agree with you, but the same thing for people with developmental disorders as well

Suddenly these people get an excuse to do anything to you because “plz don’t be mad they have autism/BPD/adhd/etc they can’t help it try and treat them the same with respect!!!” and then the same people contradict themselves by getting mad when you finally place normie responsibility and accountability on them and hold a grudge against them for having unbearable personalities. I live with a family member (scrote btw) with comorbid mental illness and autism, and I can attest the same with you that it’s not fun it’s very demoralizing, sometimes scary and mentally draining having to think that these obligations will snap and kill you and the rest of your family, it’s so crazy to think about. In order to prevent this, there should be some degree of eugenics but most people can’t come to terms with this.

No. 741038

All toddlers can be annoying but in my experience they're not all that bad.
I've known plenty of toddlers who were never really noisy and just liked to sit and play or draw by themselves. Even one that was almost cartoonishly sweet, going outside to pick dandelions to give to her mom all the time and stuff. I think with toddlers it's kind of the same as with children, by far not every kid is of the 'running around while yelling and chasing the cat' variety, yet that's the image most people have of kids.

Honestly maybe your sister is a great mom and they're just little shits, but if her triplets are that attention seeking and mean, it makes me think the way they're being raised is at least partly to blame.

No. 741039

And this is why I support Spartan society.

No. 741046

File: 1613507548136.jpg (22.92 KB, 708x276, EuC3vMnXUAcWnhl.jpg)

If the apocalypse happens and I decide to be a beautiful smart amazing talented mother I'm just gonna show this to my kids and tell them being a doomer sucks, they'll hopefully understand

kek anon

No. 741047

>attention seeking and mean, it makes me think the way they're being raised is at least partly to blame.
It's not the fault of toddlers for bein a bit annoying when they're hungry or whatever. If they're attention seeking hellspawns though, they need better parenting

No. 741048

It's not my sister, it's the fact that they're unfortunately all boys. Relatives dodge family events all the time because they can't handle the triplets screaming and chasing each other in a restaurant, and you can't tell them to sit down because they start crying and banging their fists on the table. My sister does what she can, and they're friendly kids on their own, but they're just too much for anyone to handle together and places have started rejecting her bookings. Unfortunately, they're brothers so they can't help being together all the time, which just means they egg each other on.

No. 741051

>It's not my sister, it's the fact that they're unfortunately all boys.
I mean, fuck scrotes
But if they're raising them to be little scrote shits, because "boys will be boys" then yes it's bad parenting, don't you think? but fuck, I would never have a boy.

No. 741055

I don't think childhate is much of a gen Z thing, more like a millenial thing because most of them are well into child bearing age.
Gen Z paints it's targets with being racist, transphobic or any other kind of marker to make bullying them possible, even if their only sin is pissing one of these twitterkids off.

No. 741057

>“plz don’t be mad they have autism/BPD/adhd/etc they can’t help it try and treat them the same with respect!!!” and then the same people contradict themselves by getting mad when you finally place normie responsibility and accountability on them and hold a grudge against them for having unbearable personalities.
My god, this, this so much.

>In order to prevent this, there should be some degree of eugenics but most people can’t come to terms with this.

I love me some eugenics and sterilization. No won't elaborate.

No. 741058

I think both millenials and gen z hate kids the same way

No. 741059

I don't think it's on purpose anon. My sister raises them alone and has to work, her baby daddy is an abominable human being who doesn't want anything to do with them, and my sister tells them to behave but they just don't listen to her. When they're together, they know they're invincible and the only time they calm down is when you isolate them from one another. I'd help but lol fuck that.

No. 741063

Then just chain them to a tree or burn their toys or something idk
I'm sure there's effective ways to raise 3 dumb toddlers. I feel bad for your sister though

No. 741064

Dunno, I didn't really care about kids when I was a young adult. I became way more annoyed by them when I left college-age, probably because of the expectation that you have kids. Like I saw all these kids I didn't even find cute, and was appalled that people wanted me to be like that woman who looks miserable while her kid keeps asking her questions. Of course it's not the kids' fault, but my hate still targeted him.

No. 741065

I think it’s more of like a boomer thing that rubbed off on millennials. Boomers begrudgingly cling on to old-timey family values while making cringe comics and jokes about hating their wife and kids. Millennials don’t want to have children because they’re mostly self-indulgent and there’s more appreciation of vacant or minimally fulfilling lifestyles that are individualized away from the family or marriage

No. 741068

Anyway, enough about killing babies
>Electronic music is trash and I hate that it had a moment in 2017/2018
>White chocolate is the worst chocolate, right next to whatever shit they put in chocolate icecream
>If Marina consistently released music she could have been bigger than Lana

No. 741073

One more!
>Sims 2 is not as good as sims 3

No. 741080

Yep. It's good to accomodate people with developmental disorders to a reasonable extent. Giving a kid with ADD more time to complete an exam, giving an autist a heads up when their schedule is going to change, stuff like that is fine. But when their disorder becomes an excuse for every mistake they make and they are never punished or made to face the consequences of their actions, they're just going to become selfish shitheads who never feel the need to grow up.
We don't even need eugenics to solve that if we just stop coddling them and let them face the same difficulties anyone needs to go through. If the likes of Chris Chan learn early on that adulthood means either keeping track of bills and working a job, or becoming homeless and not being able to buy sonic figurines, they would get with the program soon enough. As someone who has a lot of experience with disordered people in protected/assisted living, these people have zero obligations or tasks and it invariably makes them a shittier person.

No. 741081

I don't really know Lana, but I feel like Marina's music is getting worse, even though she spends so much time on it. But her lyricism was always kind of bad for me.

No. 741083

You're not as intelligent or original as you think you are

No. 741084

Yeah, her music has degraded since Froot, but if she kept making stuff like that then I feel like she could be a lot more relevant than she is currently.

No. 741087

>Sims 2 is not as good as sims 3
How dare you.
Seriously though, what makes you prefer TS3? A lot of people probably want different things out of a Sims game, so it makes sense that no specific installment suits everyone best.

No. 741088

big foreheads are much cuter than small ones and same goes for big noses

No. 741104

My exes brother is autistic and functions well on his own because his parents never coddled him and were very strict with him from a young age. Perhaps he doesn't have a very balanced diet, but otherwise he's relatively self-sufficient and even has a job he's been at for years. He's even more successful than my ex because he can apply himself and wasn't spoiled rotten growing up.

However, people with more difficult disabilities to handle can be straight up dangerous yet people coddle them regardless and don't make the right arrangements when they're still young. I'm not even gonna go into the problem of people like this being alive in the first place, which I don't think they should be, but if they are at least don't turn your NT kid into a forever babysitter or allow your tard to attack women on the street.

No. 741107

>White chocolate is the worst chocolate, right next to whatever shit they put in chocolate icecream
~30% milk chocolate = dark chocolate > white chocolate > the shit they put in chocolate ice cream = the shit they put in chocolate sauce > Hersheys/American "milk chocolate"
>tfw googled cocoa percentages and just found out that EU laws state milk chocolate has to exceed 20% cocoa while US milk chocolate only has to be more than 10% cocoa
>always disliked imported US chocolate but thought it was just the HFCS
>now realize it's just because there's barely any cocoa in there
So I guess that's my unpopular opinion, American chocolate is garbage and I can't believe anyone actually eats that.

No. 741126

Well, in all fairness I did grow up with TS3, but couple of the things I like about it are
>Better graphics (obvious)
>Better/more cc
One of the things that keep me from playing TS2, and why I won't go farther than CAS with TS4 is the fact you don't have an open world. I want to be able to click around and have my sim go anywhere. Yes it may cause more lag, but it's worth it for the immersion imo. I also love the little collectibles
>Better worlds
>Better personality costumizer
I literally feel like half the things in the personality section in CAS for TS2 don't do shit. With ts3, their traits reflect a lot better, and their personality isn't decided by which zodiac sign they have.
>Better packs
The expansion packs are simply better. I always have some shit to do in sims 3. I have not felt that way with TS2. TS2 always just feels kinda boring to me

Overall, I'm taking the long as hell load times in TS3 cause it means better gameplay than both TS2 and TS4. It's worth it

No. 741139

>at least don't turn your NT kid into a forever babysitter
This is so bad. In elementary school my little brother had this violent autistic classmate, everyone rightfully hated this kid so my brother got pressured into being his groupmate all the time and inviting him to his birthday parties and stuff. My brother was a super calm and chill kid and had to tow around this little asshole who would regularly just start kicking the shit out of random people unprovoked. Kid was a fucking devil, it must've been so tiresome and it was really unfair in retrospect.

No. 741149

Marina is honestly better than lana, all of the sugar baby vintage europhiles and young teenagers dating 25 year olds for xanax money obsess over Lana but honestly Marina has better range, the themes of her certain tracks resonate more with me rather than Lana’s sadbby cherry lipstick whining about nasty predatory scrotes

No. 741152

People who are mad at adults living at home are just jealous because their parents dont love them. I only see living at home as pathetic if said adult is jobless and or spends all their money on stupid hobbies yet has no savings.

Crying because I'm 30 and still live at home just shows you're jealous. If your parents didnt love you, just say that.

No. 741153

Marina is a boring bitch who wishes she was Lana

No. 741159

Marina literally precedes Lana and has been doing the Sugar baby thing before her

No. 741161

Also, atleast Marina's music has actually evolved.

No. 741171

Big agree, but holy shit like combine soft, borderline emotionally neglectful parenting with someone with autism and you get smelly and nasty room that smells like absolute farts, never does anything and expects to be babied, never listens, extremely manipulative, there is nothing positive when they’re left like that. Parents should be ultra strict with these people because they don’t even have the capacity to deal with managing their own freedom. There should be more places for these people to gain their own independence rather than promoting more and more NEET bucks to them to be even more complacent and shut-in.

No. 741178

anon they’re coddling you there’s more to life then being locked in a house with irritation ass family members

No. 741180

Everyone been copying Marina since the early noughties

No. 741182

Unlike unlovables I can actually use the money i save living at home to travel. What will you be using your money for? Rent in some small shitty apartment?

No. 741183

Marina invented aesthetic with Electra Hearts

No. 741189

NTA but I love my mom and want to spend as much time as I can with her because she's getting older. I'm sorry your family is shitty but that's a you problem.

No. 741190

anything for freedom

No. 741191

Man… this post hit me so hard

No. 741192

Exactly. I love coming home every night to a full family and sitting down and having dinner. I feel bad for anons whose family treat them like shit then try to project that to everyone else…

No. 741194

Do you expect praise? Lmao any decent person would want to that

No. 741196

I don't live at home because I have an abusive mother, but also I enjoy having my own space where I can do what I want, decorate how I want, own pets, walk around naked, not have to ask anyone else for permission to do anything. Having a place for yourself is great.

No. 741197

Nothing is free about spending all your money on rent or groceries and having to wage slave at hard jobs. Mean while I work at forever 21 and I have been to more than 12 countries, own 5 designer bags and have 100k in savings. It feels good to be loved by my family.

No. 741199

That's fair. The open world especially was really nice. I've always been really put off by how the Sims themselves looked in TS3 though. While it had objectively higher quality graphics I thought many of the design and style choices were uglier compared to TS2.
That being said, I'm a micromanaging type of Sims player, so I always hated the real time thing in 3 where Sims you aren't playing still age. Most of all though, I absolutely adored the sheer amount of detail in TS2. Every Sim had a lifelong memory and they'd talk about experiences they had with other Sims and even dream about them! That really made it feel like events were meaningful in the long term. They would have better conversations if it happened to be about a subject they were interested in.
Not to mention all the little animations. A sloppier Sim would fart and laugh about it, a neat one would have better table and cutlery manners, Sims in a relationship would cuddle while sleeping, stuff like that. And then there's the insanely elaborate cooking animations that were different for every dish, and how if they played chess it was always a real game you could follow. That made it a joy to just look at, imo.
I grew up with TS2 though so I mighted be biased from nostalgia. Sorry about the sperg.

No. 741200

if spending all my money on rent means i can bang my boyfriend anytime i want as loud as i want without my parents hearing and walking around my house naked then it is absolutely worth it

No. 741202

Lol oh great you get to spend money to fuck some ugly scrote. I'm so jealous.

No. 741204

File: 1613511671751.png (448.61 KB, 1597x1600, D2D87BF2-3DF8-4453-B1CC-401C79…)

>working at wage retail job with 100k in savings

No. 741206

I wish sex mattered this much to me

No. 741207

Seek psychiatric help

No. 741209

I'm gonna be honest, the living at home anons sound like they're just being judgmental of anons who moved out. You are literally doing the same thing you're complaining about. Also, making fun of people for not "having parents that love them" (when that's not even the case for a lot of people who move out), ew.

No. 741211

you seriously have to be a man role playing as a female
no one, not even the rabid smelly fujoshi anons would say something like that

No. 741213

It's totally possible to save that much in a few years working only retail if a person doesnt have rent or other expenses. This is how poor people stay poor because they do not understand how to save money and their parents kick them out at 18.

No. 741218

Nta but plenty of women say shit like this/feel this way

No. 741222

how was that scrotelike at all? do you not have any friends to talk about shit like that with?

No. 741223

Then who’s paying your car insurance? Who’s paying your other car expenses off if you’re financing? How do you have any health/dental insurance after 30 (if you live in America where you’re taken off your parents after 26)? Medical costs? You are seriously either larping as what an incel thinks what a woman would talk about or you are rich. There is no way in hell anyone can get to 100k in savings even at the age of 30 without investing, family wealth, or being incredibly lucky to start working at 16 year old or younger. Not even my own mother who worked at a job secure, benefits guaranteed field with the amount of experience she has had that much in her own pension. Get real if you think that you can play pretend as Regina george by trying to bait people and make them feel bad lol

No. 741226

You're right but
>Parents should be ultra strict with these people
I think in most cases being too strict is bad for autistic kids as well. They might get the structure and discipline they need, but an overly strict upbringing can make it even harder to learn how to make your own decisions and live in the real world. Growing means falling and getting up, and people helping autists up before they get a chance to get up on their own is the problem. Being so strict you don't allow them to fall in the first place makes for people who finally start living on their own, fall once, and have no idea how to get up because they never did it before.
Might not be the best way to explain it but basically it's fine to not force your kid to start his school report on time, as long as you don't write it for hem when he comes crying about it the day before it's due.

No. 741227

My parents love me and would love if I lived at home until I was married like my mother did, but I live in the fuck middle of nowhere and love having my own space/not having to tiptoe around their sleeping/work schedules and being able to keep my apartment as messy or clean as I want. Some people just prefer independence and I can't always see why some people don't crave independence, but the people I know who want to live at home with their parents usually have super coddling parents who let them smoke weed in the house/don't expect them to have jobs or pitch in any.

No. 741228

>smelly fujoshi
Anon you're the one who sounds like a scrote larping…

Also you're the reason why the cringe scrote-like thread exist, I bet it's just you calling others scrotes all the time

No. 741230

Just kill all severly autistic people then, they ruin lives and go on imageboards spewing shit about women

No. 741231

My car is paid off and my insurance is only $140 a month because I am under my fathers insurance. Health insurance is not even that expensive if you arent on your own. If I'm working jobs that pay at least 20-30k a year and I have no expenses why would it be impossible for me to save 100k within a few years? This is why you are broke.

No. 741238

>This is why you are broke.
Nta, and good for you, but all of these posts just sound like making fun of people who are less fortunate than you in terms of what situation they were born in, tbh. Because every poor person would have 100k in savings if they were just under their parents insurance and lived at home. Please get over yourself anon

No. 741239

that video is just a typical /r9k/ poster kek

No. 741241

Unpopular opinion: if men are allowed to say shit like "women only's purpose is to fuck" then I can say shit like, if they don't know how to succesfully thrust inside a vagina then they're biologically inept and shouldn't reproduce. I bet all of them don't know how to move their hips even. Bunch of retards

No. 741242

Down to the fact they hit themselves in the head, yes. Poor mom

No. 741244

No, I'm hating on people who have an issue with me living at home at 30 despite the fact they are broke, paying rent with shitty scrotes with porn addicts and have kids they cant even take care of properly.

No. 741245

How are you under your fathers insurance at 30? That’s not possible in the US after 26.

No. 741247

Have you ever seen a dude successfully hula hoop? Enough said.

No. 741249

>This is how poor people stay poor because they do not understand how to save money and their parents kick them out at 18.
>If your parents didnt love you, just say that.; It feels good to be loved by my family.

No. 741251

You enjoy living with your parents, you don't feel the need to live independently and you have the means to do the stuff you want to do. That's great, good for you. But why be so defensive about it? Some people aren't going to like it for any number of reasons. You being so eager to tell them off and convince us of how good your lifestyle decisions are kind of comes across like you just need to convince yourself.

No. 741253

If you think these people are inferior to you, why are you so affected by their opinions? You sound really insecure.

No. 741255

Despite all these good things she supposedly has, she seems a little miserable lmao. Like, I know this is lolcow, but ma'am please

No. 741260

It's an unpopular opinion thread. My unpopular opinion is people who complain about adults living at home are bitter or they have awful parents and assume we all live like that

No. 741264

Yeah, it's an unpopular opinions thread and we're allowed to disagree

No. 741266

Why the fuck care? There's always someone out there who's going to disagree with your decisions, no matter what they are. So why let them live in your head rent free?
I don't see financially struggling homeowners posting here going 'reeee I hate people who live at home and dislike my lifestyle'.

No. 741269

I don't care. My opinion is people who have a problem with it just have families that never cared about them. What's the issue?

No. 741273

I get that you don't want to be seen that way, but let's be real, most people who live at home at 30 are probably more like the typical lazy coddled NEET. That's why it's seen as typical, it's describing the average image of someone in that situation. Nobody who says they think people who live with their parents at 30 are useless literally think every single person who fits that description is like that. It's kind of an autistic assumption tbh. They aren't talking about you, and as long as you don't fit that negative stereotype there's no need for you to take it so seriously. Just like when you speak negatively of poor people scrambling to pay rent, you don't mean someone who lost all their possessions in a house fire and has to temporarily make things meet. That's obvious.

No. 741283

File: 1613514551738.jpg (94.54 KB, 600x900, olson-twins.jpg)

I really like Birkenstocks with socks. I don't have a pair of them but looks like this give me ultimate "too rich [and white] to give a shit" vibes. I wouldn't wear them out to dinner or anything but I feel like an airport fit with them and some jeans like picrel would be cute.
I also wanna see Blackpink Jennie do a look with them because I feel like she'd pull them off really well.

No. 741285

Clearly you don’t care. That’s why you’ve been sperging about it for over an hour.

No. 741303

agreed, i like socks with sandals in general though

No. 741305

Slightly related to >>741283 but I hate all open toed shoes with a passion. I just think it looks ugly and I want to be able to wear pantyhose or socks.
I will cling to my dingy pair of boots all summer long, sweat or no sweat.

No. 741308

my unpopular shoe opinion is that crocs are cute

No. 741312

File: 1613518287202.gif (623.55 KB, 220x220, 278D2024-453A-4D21-816E-03DDAB…)

Oh, anon.

No. 741315

File: 1613518340283.jpeg (78.47 KB, 1024x512, 3493482B-DF34-4CC9-9F48-1F0BA9…)

I thought it was acceptable to wear pantyhose with sandals? I can’t think off the top of my head about some fashion photo shoots, but I’ve seen quite a few of them with some stylish pantyhose.
I honestly think that as long as everything is of a good or decent quality, it might be a nice look.

No. 741319

I think it's one of those things where it's a classic but kind of outdated fashion faux pas, like wearing black and brown together. Many people are still going to think it's weird because they were told it was not done when they were young, but nowadays fashion designers have reclaimed the look enough for it to be less of an issue.

No. 741335

well hose and socks are different though, I'm almost positive consensus on pantyhose with sandals is that it's fine

No. 741343

File: 1613520229669.jpeg (182.38 KB, 1280x720, D5F7B449-ADB4-4D86-874C-EE31E1…)

All men have undiagnosed autism because they believe that someone who functions outside of the workings of society by doing whatever the fuck he wants isn’t a textbook sociopath or potential psycho but a misunderstood emo male genius that surpasses us in every way. what an ubermensch, gross

No. 741344

I've read autism used to sometimes be called "the male brain on maximum"

No. 741364

I agree with you but the only reason incels online are jumping onto the sigma male thing is because they want to be able to call themselves something other than beta. They're all obsessed with social hierarchy bullshit, so they collected some antisocial traits that all of those autistic loser types identify with and made up a new type that's even cooler than the alphas and woah he is literally me! It's like writing a Mary Sue self insert into your Harry Potter fan fiction and when she gets sorted it turns out that there was a secret 5th house all along! And it combines the best traits of all houses! And it's super special and rare and only my self insert who is just like me fits into it!

Also it plays into the weird inferiority/superiority combination these scrotes often have. Like, they're just about self aware enough to know they aren't alphas but they still think they are better and smarter than all the normie sheeple, so they can't possibly be lower than them on the hierarchy.

No. 741369

Sorry for the sperg but what I find the funniest about the sigma male concept is all the characters it's being compared to - these men have so little self awareness that they legitimately think they are just like Rick Sanchez or Tyler Durden or some shit. I might be wrong but I feel like women grow out of identifying with edgy genius protagonists at 14.
Additionally, none of them realize that the whole thing with the sigma male not caring about social contacts or their place in society and being a 'lone wolf' is straight up a description of schizoid personality disorder lmao

No. 741444

Hockey and baseball are the sports with the hottest male players. Have a nice day.

No. 741456

File: 1613535772353.jpeg (73.25 KB, 1170x383, 598D11E3-BD41-404F-97E9-1FFE6C…)

This comment on that video had me dying tho

No. 741496

nobody was born with a male or female brain, the slight differences we sometimes see between men and women's brains are best explained by cultural/environmental pressure to fit the behavior/gender role culturally associated with your sex.
so, no, autism is not male brain syndrome, men are just allowed to get away with autistic social behavior more often. I swear I'm not trying to gc sperg, just brain science and autism sperg

No. 741522

The funniest thing is it's the men who care the most about their place in society and what other's think of them that would ever be reading that sort of hierarchy obsessed pua redpill/incel cope material never mind need to identify with le badass lone wolf anime archetype kek.

No. 741597

I think poltards are like a big massive weird fandom of people who have insecurities, no personality and no talents whatsoever + most of them are autistic so they have to use muh aryan supremacy to feel validated and like they aren't a waste of space in their mom's basement

No. 741607

Isn't this how everyone feels

No. 741611

No Nefeli, people aren't usually this racist

No. 741612

i wish music subcultures came back. sure we have k pop and rap girl stanning but thats as far as it goes cause its not really a "lifestyle". the majority of lifestyle subcultures these days is based off of political extremism populated by autists, sexual fetishes, weebery, or video games. I wish official music subculture based lifestyles like goth, punk, metal, disco, b boy, funk, soul, jazz, ect all came back (also it was so much cooler)

No. 741615

What? I'm saying I thought everyone thought people who use /pol/ are lame

No. 741616

They're called -core now
Like weirdcore, dollcore, etc. It's weird I know, I hate it too

No. 741620

but do these people walk outside like that and make underground semi societies in the real world with these core things?

No. 741625

Dunno but they wear weird clothing shit

No. 741631

Most stick to tumblr or small bubbles on 4Chan, really don't do much
And I agree with you, music and aesthetic sub cultures should come back

No. 741685

File: 1613568834663.jpeg (201.15 KB, 750x622, 63BDD9E7-C492-4238-8099-3A51BB…)

I mean look at this shit, I literally searched sigma male incels and this showed up and made me fucking collapse holy shit LOL

No. 741741

The only subculture that's pretty well known is the "alt" types who listen to pop punk and mislabel it as emo.

I never got the notion of calling a style based on the year it was popular as derogatory. I've seen people view it as an insult to call something "sooo 2016," i think it's neat. When i think of something as 2006, I'm thinking of scene kid stuff and flip phones and people with the emo haircuts sitting in a corner with their face shoved into a blinged out Nintendo DS. it's so nostalgic, I love remembering these things. I wish the good parts of previous years never went out of style.

No. 741759

headcanons do not count as representation so sperging over them is fucktarded either way

No. 741775

You really must not leave the house anon. There's a ton of sub cultures currently, you're not looking hard enough. Rap girl stanning doesn't exist it's just called hip hop which branches off into a ridiculous amount of subcultures depending on the sound. There's beachwave and funkwave, sugar pop, etc.

No. 741811

What are the clubs, groups, music, social movement, and fashion aesthetics of stuff like funkwave and ect?

No. 741890

Funkwave is mixing funk with EDM. Kinda like Earth Wind & Fire and Calvin Harris had a baby. Think of the aesthetics of vaporwave but brighter and more emphasis on the dance club aspect of the music.

No. 741902

Honestly I wish this wasn't an unpopular opinion. People are way too militant about headcanons.

No. 741973

>might be wrong but I feel like women grow out of identifying with edgy genius protagonists at 14.

The female version is the edgelord 31 year old BDP tattooist that is still going on about the Columbine shooters and posting Harley Quinn and Joker stuff all over facebook. They're rarer, but they exist.

An actual "Sigma male" would be Ted Kaczynski, Philip K Dick or John the Baptist, and it's either induced by a mental disorder, an obsession over a certain subject or fanatic hermetism. Let the moids have their copes, this saves their ego and prevents them from realizing they're losers.

No. 741999

>The female version is the edgelord 31 year old BDP tattooist that is still going on about the Columbine shooters and posting Harley Quinn and Joker stuff all over facebook. They're rarer, but they exist.
and I love them all

No. 742118

I misread that as 'Fuckwave' and wondered how it must sound like lmaoo

No. 742124

people have had kids in worse times than now, anon. women had kids when the chances of death in childbirth was basically flipping a coin,

No. 742302

I unfortunately used to work at Spencer's Gifts and this was 10% of our customer base

No. 742307

Most straight men and lesbians would rather have sex with a feminine guy than a overweight/bulky woman. Of course most don't admit it bcs religious shenanigans or other stuff

No. 742312

Do you think a newborn dying in childbirth of natural causes suffers the same as one forced to be alive for decades in a shit environment? Are you then also the same kind of person who would keep a Hartley Hooligan alive despite the odds because killing it is uwu eugenics?

No. 742329

Lesbians don't like men
And while I understand the prefference for skinnier people, there's people who love a good bulky thigh too.

No. 742331

"straight" men maybe, but lesbians definitely not. you'd be surprised to see that overweight women are not that unpopular among lesbians

No. 742343

So you are saying that some lesbians and straight men are bisexual? Because they can easily NOT sleep with fat/bulky women there's different types of women.

If they want to sleep with feminine men, then they aren't lesbians and they aren't doing it because they lack options, they are doing it because they want too.
Also, lesbians don't like men and straight men don't like men, but people from these groups DO like sleeping with fat women, because they choose to do it/date them.

No. 742358

Yeah most people would prefer to sleep with someone good looking. I am straight and would much rather fuck a pretty girl than a disgusting guy. If I was a guy or a lesbian I'd rather sleep with a pretty guy than a gross girl.

No. 742361

Same. This shouldn't be controversial.

No. 742362

From my experience missionary is the most comfortable and easy sex position.

Nos Obviously, variety is the spice of life, but sometimes I'm just too tired to be on top lmao

No. 742363

I'm not even lesbian, but lesbian women like women. They don't like men, so it doesn't really matter how attractive the dude is, they're not going to want to fuck a guy and if they do they're probably not gay

No. 742367

I've had sex with an effeminate gay guy once (both losing our 'gold stars' we had to essentially skip all foreplay because no way would I do that part but I got fucked from behind, he wore a condom and it lasted about 3 mins. It was ok.

I would chose that over getting up close and intimate with anyone in say the morbidly obese category. As long as I'm again not putting a penis in my mouth. Irl though people don't put a gun to your head to make you choose one of these situations thankfully lol. We'd be traumatised.

No. 742368

Yeah and straight women like me do not like women, and straight men do not like men, and gay men do not like women, yet I'd imagine most would still fuck someone pretty over gross regardless of their orientation. Why are lesbians magically different?

Nobody is talking about being attracted to or omg he is so hot lesbians go straight here, having sex with is not the same as wanting to fuck.

No. 742372

Anon, believe it or not some people like overweight and buff/strong women. Overweight doesn't even necessarily mean obese or anything, so idk why a lesbian woman wouldn't choose that over a man

No. 742386

When are you guys going to stop letting bisexual men claim to be straight? It's a bad look, lmao.
Also, I've seen lesbians into bigger women.

No. 742402

Sorry, but I'll always find it super cringey and edgelordy everytime people bring up hating children.

No. 742405

You're not straight.

No. 742419

If I have to choose between fucking a male feminine model or a fat woman, I'd fuck the fat woman gladly. I like tits and big tits have their charm too? And I have seen some big women who make my heart flutter, so no problem really. If she's very very obese and I can't find her pussy anymore, I'd still rather fuck her with a strap-on then, than fuck a dude. I might not be very attracted to her, but rather that than a dude.

Muscular/bulky women? Just because they aren't your cup of tea, doesn't mean they aren't others. Don't threaten me with a good time anon.

No. 742436

So because I would rather have emotionalless and lustless sex with someone hot than be repulsed by someone disgusting, Im not straight? Lmao

No. 742437

Nta, but the op didn't even say they had to be disgusting

No. 742462

Straight people dont want to have sex with the same sex in any circumstances

No. 742474

Nta but this whole convo is basically a game of 'would you rather' so of course in an ideal world you don't want either option.

No. 742491

The "hell naw spunchbob" memes are tryhard as fuck and not funny. The worst part is I see a lot of my millennial aged friends posting them.

No. 742497

File: 1613661329766.png (335.25 KB, 360x402, tuxedo de pé.png)

niggers aren't human(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 742499

Kill yourself.

No. 742518

uma delicia

No. 742538

Have you never been around children? I used to judge people for haging children too, until I worked at a daycare. I can't fathom how anyone who has spent a lot of time around kids can't understand why so many adults hate them. As long as they're civil to kids, I see zero problem woth hating them.

No. 742545

File: 1613664891390.jpeg (62.89 KB, 828x821, DEB84883-278A-4C80-9ADA-94C8BF…)

I'm truly sorry that you'll never get to experience the guffaw this image gave me, anon.

No. 742570

Daycare kids are the absolute worse simply because they're not shown enough attention by their own parents and dumped in a daycare where it's them, 10+ other kids who need to share attention with like 3 adults that most of the time they're unable to properly bond with. IMO people shouldn't have children unless the grandparents, mom, father, whoever can properly give the 1 on 1 attention and education a child needs within the first few years of life.

On top of that most daycares have zero tolerance policies where they get punished if other kids bully them or something which really fucked them up as well. Put that on top of TV and video games melting their minds and no one disciplines them enough to know that GTA and all that shouldn't be replicated in real life

No. 742574

People like being shit on as well. The only time lesbians or straight men are ever into fat girls is because people around them told them too
>Inb4 that doesn't happen!!
I knew several fat fetishists, two of them were only like that because their moms were fat and constantly put the country american thing of fat girls being better thing down their throat, one was like that because his mom was skinny and was abusive and the only two body types where he lived were skinny and fat girls, and the chubby chasing lezzys I knew were like that because they were fat themselves

No. 742852

File: 1613684043443.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 62.04 KB, 493x324, 7D985BBA-2E7B-46CE-9D5A-0951EA…)

chicken lollipops look terrifying and idk why or how chefs think this makes the meat look pretty, like are they fucking lying?

No. 742855

Youre delusional dude. Fatness may not be attractive in general but some people find it hot just because. There are people attracted to kids and troons ffs they're not gonna be turned on by fatties? You're probably one of those spergs who get their social life experience mostly from fictional entertainment or the internet because you people are always the ones with naive world views yet strangely think you know everything all the time

No. 742871

I'm not saying people aren't attracted to fatties, dipshit. It's a matter of fact that most people find it unattractive and the people who do find it attractive are usually just extremely mentally ill or brainwashed. Not a single person who is in a healthy state of mind is attracted to people who are more prone to fecal incontinence, clogged arteries and double chins.

>Well people being attracted to fatties happens but not really!

Do you even know what you're talking about? Or are you just trying to infight for the sake of infighting?

No. 742879

File: 1613685676256.jpg (550.05 KB, 2215x3286, 4789098fab6f14294103bd389e0dd8…)

Oh yes? So if you think that survival instinct would make any person feel aversion to fatness, why stone age humans, arguably far more reliant of "survival instincts" than modern humans praised a body like this? Just say that society standards make fatness unattractive to you personally and go, it's okay to have personal tastes you know.

No. 742891

You can't really claim the context of why that statue was made I mean it had no arms, is that also a sexual fetish

No. 742892

This did not represent actual bodies you fatlogic idiot.

No. 742897

i mean most of the stone age humans considered themselves looking like stickmen if we're going by your logic, just like there are inflation fetishists now, there were probably some back then too

No. 742898

Ah yes. The times when people would practically poison themselves doing almost anything, kill each other, and rot their own teeth. Peak human intelligence

Anyway - fatties were worshipped in certain areas (not all, hence why most countries saw fit women as goddesses, not this one statue fatties love posting) because fat was seen as wealth. We are not living in that time anymore. If men need to reproduce desperately and have at least average intelligence then they naturally go for healthy women

If fat = men's top desirable taste naturally then why do women have the best luck of reproducing with healthy BMIs? Why do women have peak female hormones at healthy BMIs? Why are women with healthy BMIs simply more stronger and able to raise kids? We also live in a world where fat women tend to be the broke ones and skinny women tend to be the ones with money. The entire concept of fat worship in those countries back in the day was simply male gold digging. Trying to use that as "proof" all men secretly love fatties is pathetic


No. 742899

Nta but I'm not sure "cavemen would think I'm sexy!1!!" is the best argument.

No. 742906

File: 1613687054944.jpeg (141.47 KB, 750x446, 87EB2255-FF42-41DE-A5A4-0FA124…)

>posts a video made by some greasy tinfoil scrote nobody as a source who makes video topics such as pic related
>too aggressive
>female imageboard

Holy shit, not only are you super fucking retarded at covering up your blue cheese ball sweat male rage in this thread, but you are also wrong. Being fat is extremely unhealthy, but no one ever rightfully bullies fit bros and “nutritional guru galz” for being overly narcissistic and self-obsessed with their bodily image, bastardizing it into a moralized projection when someone dares to not join their healthy, fit and totally not quack shit all-meat diet. They become so deluded by their devotion of fitness they think that just because going to the gym and not having any other hobbies or skills rather than slapping their penis on a keyboard and calling it a day doesn’t make it a personality. While being overweight, fat, and obese is harmful to your health, so is excessively exercising and putting your body through constant tension and physical stress which is why there is so much exercise-related injuries. Humans aren’t made for constant leisure but they also aren’t made to be chomping on calorie dense salads and kitschy health foods and posting about how superior you are by working your body to death and decay by lifting weights.

No. 742907

File: 1613687161127.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.77 KB, 500x750, 949f0887f197f3a351a0dc0b8110c9…)

It exaggerates female traits associated with fertility. There are also a lot of statues from all over the ages of male figurines with MASSIVE phalluses, does that mean that was a realistic depiction or desire? Were they predicting hyperdick furries?

No. 742909

Most people aren't in a healthy state of mind and most people are some form of deranged themselves. Anorexic bodies were considered hot just a few decades ago and that is as biologically unhealthy as obesity is. There's a whole plastic surgery and facetuning trend rooted in nothing real yet people find it attractive. Idk why you people who barely leave the house and only have 3 examples think you know everything

No. 742915

I wish that “fat debate” was added to the list of forbidden topics in this thread. It’s just been done to death. This is my unpopular opinion.

No. 742916

When did any of the standards for female beauty, bar ancient Egypt, fit modern day standards of fitness? I think a regular bmi with higher body fat was considered ideal, not fit and jacked women. Are you a moid?

No. 742917

Is it really fertility exaggeration when your stomach is bigger than your ass and tits combined?

No. 742918

I agree, it adds nothing to anything other than the ban list

No. 742922

Considering the aggression and the desperation in trying to own people with a different opinion than them because it's not their personal feeling I would go ahead and say this anon reminds me very much of the dense moids on other imageboards. The line about male gold digging is just classic projection too, definitely reeks of a moid who goes on about hypergamy and gender roles.

No. 742924

Wasn't this theorized to have been a sort of self-portrait made by a woman? Kind of sexist to assume any female figure is something made by a scrote because he idolized the way the woman looks

No. 742926

I started following a handful of death fat cows 2 years ago and I was shocked to see them getting hystos in their late 20s and early 30s while they have no kids. Some because of endo cancer, some because of satsuma sized cysts on their ovaries..I had no idea of the effects it has on those systems before that. Disturbing.

No. 742927

I didn't say it was everything it was who I know. Even back then men put limits on what was too thin. Any man who prefers a body that is too fat or too skinny is unhealthy and has fucked up views on women. I don't even know what you're trying to fight me about at this point
Most statues of goddesses had ab lines or at least looked decently toned
>Men who worshipped wealthy women were in it for the money
>Hmm must be a moid who was obsessed with hypergamy and gender roles
You bitches really do call everything you don't like moids huh

No. 742928

Reposting because don't want to samefag to add a bit.
Considering what pregnancy is, I don't see a problem with this interpretation. It's actually weird to me that looking at this statue some would see her as a fat lady before seeing her as a very pregnant lady.

No. 742931

Yeah, it's also odd to me that people jump to assume that it's supposed to be sexy or reflecting desires or whatever. Maybe it's just an objective depiction of a heavily pregnant woman? Not everything that has to do with the female body is for male consumption. Seeing a naked woman depicted anywhere and assuming that it's automatically sexual is coomer shit

No. 742934

I've taken several art history classes. This has been debunked; the idea was that it's a self portrait of a woman looking down at herself, but just because they weren't mirrors didn't mean people couldn't see their reflections in water and such. Most art historians believe that it's a fertility totem, basically a good luck charm.

No. 742936

Where are these indian and Chinese "goddesses" with ab lines? Persian and mesopotamian?

I like athletic body types but this was not a common beauty standard in many civilizations.

No. 742937

Not all of the men who liked fat women (btw fat doesn't mean 400 pounds it was also used to refer to slightly plump women and the like for many centuries) were in it for wealth especially in countries like some ssa ones where big asses are considered historically desireable. Anyways this debate is tired and boring

No. 742938

I checked out /pol/ for my regular zoo visit where I gawk at the eccentrics, and it seems that the board has gone off the deep end. Most of the posts seem to be coming from baby boomers/gen Xers that have gone off the conspiracy deep end, and a lot of the users that are longposting are clearly abusing meth.

No. 742941

File: 1613689133025.jpg (464.5 KB, 1200x2257, Front_views_of_the_Venus_de_Mi…)

Most Mediterranean depictions of aphrodite she looks toned. I also mentioned that most goddesses are toned not necessarily having ab lines. This includes basically all Mediterranean goddesses, all egyptian goddess, most native american goddesses, slavic goddesses, and east asian goddesses. Ill admit some statues have a bit of meat but at most they'll have like a small round tummy.

Hell even belly dancing was literally made by the arabs to tone the core because they believed it was better for babies

No. 742944

>Men liked fatties for wealth!
Okay so that's gold digging not finding it actually physically attractive
>No not like that you moid they loved fatties
>They didn't like it for wealth
Okay then

No. 742947

File: 1613689415687.jpg (Spoiler Image, 17.55 KB, 300x208, 300px-Amulettes_phalliques_gal…)

Samefag but you can find little fertility charms across many cultures throughout history. Sometimes it is a little venus like that one, a dude with an erection, or even disembodied genitalia. In ancient Greece for instance, many men would wear a little penis totem called a fascinus.

No. 742951

That doesn’t mean It’s attractive though, because in Ancient Greece people would laugh their asses off because your example was deemed ridiculous.

No. 742955

Idk why you're fighting so hard some men can find fat women attractive. Scrotes have never been hard to please do this is so dumb coming from you

No. 742956

Is there a thread here for ancient sex toys and erotica? I find it oddly amusing.

No. 742957

Do you have pictures examples for the non European ones?

No. 742961

It's weird how most women will say men don't have high standards but some will fight tooth and nail to prove that they do to save their ego.

No. 742965

No. 742966

No hands, no feet, just dick

Would love this

No. 742968

Monster high has an ugly art style and most of them don't even look like monsters
Almost all of them have the same face and the same body type.how boring.

No. 742969

File: 1613690928762.jpg (1.18 MB, 3072x2304, b9aa5604a657df2c91784d11900ffd…)

lmao yes slavic gods were depicted as toned af XDDD

No. 742971

File: 1613690993110.png (17.51 KB, 189x361, Siwa_Westphalen.png)

even XVIII century scholars made them soooo toned, mm

No. 742977

There’s a difference between beauty standards and the male desire to fuck any woman. A guy will fuck a conventionally ugly woman if he’s horny and has no better options. Doesn’t mean that all of a sudden her unattractive features are widely considered attractive.

No. 742980

Round shapes are more interesting in anatomy that's why it's mostly fat chicks in those life drawing classes. Get the shadow and depth just right on the rolls.

No. 742986

i bet stone age humans really cared how shadows rolled of their thicc waifu's fupa

No. 742987

You're not automatically hideous just for being overweight just like you're not automatically hideous for being underweight. It may not be IDEAL but just because it isn't ideal or conventional doesn't mean others can't be sexually attracted to it. Ffs, you autist.

No. 742992

Humans were just probably fascinated with the fact that babies were in women's stomachs as I'm sure they felt baby kicks and eventually put two and two together with the whole birthing process. Round tummys symbolise fertility and creation. I'm sure without the Internet and TV and organised religion and governments etc etc people were fascinated with female fertility. Like how many hunky fat men statues are there.

No. 742993

I wanna slide a condom on one of these and see how it'd feel lol

No. 742994

>men have no standards
>except when they do
Face it, male affirmation doesn't matter, beauty is subjective, and the only reason you should be at a healthy weight is for your own benefit.

No. 742995


No. 742997

No. 743004

>Almost all of them have the same face and the same body type
That's literally every fashion doll

No. 743045

tbh it's not as contradictory as it sounds. Men will fuck anything but they're still obsessive about beauty and it's insanely important to them. So we get pressured to meet very high standards but don't actually need to meet them to get guys.

No. 743046

File: 1613698168326.png (Spoiler Image, 240.31 KB, 425x709, Avea_Trotter™.png)

I was just about to say the same thing. Fashion dolls generally have to use the same body mold so you can put any clothing set on any doll.

I like the designs for the original lineup of MH dolls, but the more recent ones (like ricrel) indicate that they're running out of design ideas. I don't collect these so I don't know what it's called, but I remember thinking the ghost one with translucent limbs was really cool.

No. 743053

I admitted men find fat women hot but said they're mentally ill. You would've known this if you read but you did not
Most americans would consider this anorexic lmfao

Another non-reader apparently who skipped over the part where I said some had a little tummy but not enough to claim fatness was attractive

No. 743073

Nta, but imagine thinking people wanna read you being mad over other people's preferences lol
>Most americans would consider this anorexic lmfao
…no? Where did Americans even come into the conversation

No. 743093

>Supports fat people
>You're fat
>Hates fat people
>You're fat
>Supports men
>You're a man
>Hates men
>You're also a man

Y'all really doing whatever you can to turn this site into a laughing stock

No. 743094

And?my point still stands that they're basic and ugly.never understood the appeal of them.

No. 743095

i hate sex scenes and nudity in television and will always skip these scenes even when i'm just watching something by myself. i hate all type of pornographic or nude content in tv and stuff. because of this i basically only watch documentaries. i honestly think of all sexualized visual media in pop culture as a substitute for porn. watch any show or movie (except maybe kids stuff but honestly even that is extremely sexualized) and it will always contain implicit or explicit sexual imagery or very suggestive content. the line between porn and "real" entertainment is thin imo.

not only am i repulsed by the misogyny and exploitive nature of pop culture but i also find it very disappointing how there seems to be impossible for people to enjoy media or culture without getting some kind of sexual stimulation to go with it. i am so sick and tired of this pattern to the point of losing interest in all fictional film and tv stuff. i just want to watch tv that is completely devoid of this type of imagery and i will always find it more entertaining and genuine if it is. not trying to come across as intellectualy superior but i think books are a much more enjoyable, diverse and creative media outlet because it can't rely on images of sexualized famous people to be compelling.

No. 743106

File: 1613704938889.jpeg (32.23 KB, 500x244, 7378929B-1C9D-4803-88C6-4A75F7…)

Sperging ahead but there is something so sad and haunting when a thread made about sam hyde, a nasty unfunny slightly predatory person gets completely derailed by nitpicking about his weirdo ex-creative partner’s kuwait wife or girlfriend. Talking about someone getting plastic surgery and editing isn’t milk at all. The nitpicking anons should get their heads out of 2007 where everyone was posting grainy uncompressed shitty pictures of themselves in myspace or livejournal that showed every pixel of their pores while rocking a cheap scene cut, it has now become common practice on the internet to edit your face/cover your face as much as possible in defiance of yourself. O don’t like anyone in his thread btw, it just becomes really depressing when women are much more attracted to tearing apart some woman barely anyone knows only as someone else’s married property rather than someone who potentially has more bones in their casket

No. 743167

Who cares? Why are you mad? Were you cucked by a fatty? Or just rejected by one, so then you went to jerk off to trannies and are now here to tell us (and yourself) that it's not degenerate?
I think being fat is unattractive too, but this shit is so trivial. Why does it hold emotional relevance to you?
>Ah yes
Fedora "Milady" type beat

No. 743172

I agree, anon. I guess it's mentally/emotionally easier to nitpick stupid things than focus on actual voids of humanity. That doesn't make it okay, though, and a lot of it smacks of undiagnosed body dysmorphia, internalized misogyny, etc.

No. 743190

you should try old b&w films anon. I mean they still have sexual moments (obviously moreso pre-code) but I find it less explicit and less peppered in all the time than recent movies. Like I said it's still there, mainly in the form of tongue-in-cheek, but less in your face at least to me. Although women are even less fairly represented in most so there's that, but you can still find a surprising amount of proto-feminist films and learn some history while you're at it

No. 743247

I’m not sure if this is bait, but that’s a really retarded take. Fat models are cheaper to hire, go to any decent life drawing class and they use a fit model so you can understand how the anatomy works instead of guessing where everything is under layers of flab.

No. 743249

Just a typical autistic imageboards jackass arguing for no reason and thinking he knows everything. I gotta understand why this attitude is so prevelant across the internet like, did boomers fuck up that hard with raising their kids?

No. 743254

Probably some 4chan refugee who doesn't understand you can drop debates/fights and agree to disagree. They'll keep posting threads for days and haunt threads when they suffer the narcistic trauma of people disagreeing with them.

No. 743286

Drawn Together was in retrospect retarded. It had good concepts and some good jokes but it ruined it with the over the top misogyny, faggotry, edgelord shit, as typical for the shit 00s. Id take the Boondocks over Drawn Together, South Park, and Family Guy tbh

No. 743301

Disagree on South Park, it wasn't very misogynistic but it was extremely edgy.

No. 743360

Cat should be used as a replacement term for "nigga", a racially coded term. both "cat" and "nigga" have roots in a urban environment with the former coming from contemporary jazz music culture as opposed to contemporary hip hop.

like instead of "what is that nigga doing" you say "what is that cat doing"

or "this cat" instead of "this nigga"

No. 743371

I feel like this is gonna spark a derail about who can say the n-word or if anyone should say it

No. 743387

Which pimp from the 90's wrote this post?

No. 743388

this is unpopular? I'm shocked.
The idea of the cartoon was great and had extreme promise, but as you said it was ruined by all the edge. I think it would be awesome if it ended up being something like a protoBojack instead.

No. 743394

It would be a cycle, anon, people will use cat then cat will turn into a slur, people will change the word to something else, and it will turn into a slur and so on.

No. 743406

Kek. I would have guessed 60's. It feels like a racist boomer idea of "urban environment".

No. 743440

That sounds so stupid, desperate attempts at racebaiting. People don’t want to confront the reality of using nigga at all, so people like you rather disregard the obvious discomfort of grim historical context to replace it when some unfunny and extremely outdated term. Are you lost here lol?

No. 743443

It's not difficult to just say dude lmao

No. 743445

Way to miss the fucking point. So because im black and dont like using the "nigga" term that has been popularized by the extremely misogynistic, minstrel show that is modern hip hop to the point where its prevalent in any non black circles im racebaiting?

>some unfunny and extremely outdated term.

Thats funny considering "nigga" has been used since the 60s and is an outdated leftover from gangsta rap music.

Its always non black people like you that gaslight other black people who dont like hip hop music or its culture. Youre pathetic(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 743447

is it just me or does the term 'cat' connote extremely outdated 50s/60s slang from jazz singers I've seen in cartoons, like 'look at that jazzy cool cat' or something

No. 743448

Dude is Californian slang that works more as a hook to a sentence rather than a good replacement verb for "nigga", which "cat" was used in the past in a similar context and culture. If you guys experience with the word cat is just seeing it on 90s pimp shows or projecting your dislike for older ADOS music culture just say so.

No. 743449