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File: 1596319815174.png (699.95 KB, 800x2000, Millennials_vs_Gen_Z.png)

No. 594715

People who are currently 25-30, what is your unfiltered opinion on people currently 18-24?

People who are currently 18-24, what is your unfiltered opinion on people currently 25-30?

No. 594719

Why is gen z's purchasing forecast less than a fourth of the millenials?

No. 594722

they will not live long enough

No. 594727

>People who are currently 25-30, what is your unfiltered opinion on people currently 18-24?
I think they're pretty funny. They're also super nihilistic in comparison to millennials. Not sure if that's a product of being raised by gen X, growing up in a post 9/11 world, or both. Don't really get the obsession with 100 gecs and mumble rap but y'all do you.

No. 594733

>People who are currently 25-30, what is your unfiltered opinion on people currently 18-24?
I don't think they realize how good they have it with technology, but at the same time nowadays the internet isn't nearly as fun as it used to be, it's just way more convenient than before for homework or paperwork.

And what's that purchasing power forecast? It's for a specific year or period of time? I'm guessing it's about the USA specifically given the sources.

>They're also super nihilistic in comparison to millennials
I really don't have that impression at all, they give me the impression of just using sarcasm, self-depreciation and irony as a sense of humor because that's what's "trendy" online, on TV shows, in movies, etc. so since they're used to that they're grew used to expressing themselves this way. I'm not saying they're particularly optimistic but they're not at the opposite extreme either.

No. 594734

I am 24 today and I literally turn 25 tomorrow. So where do I fit in all of this?

No. 594735

Yeah it sounds like a lot of people don't agree with my impression that gen Z is nihilistic, which is interesting considering they have so many legitimate reasons to be that way. I see a lot of people claiming that gen S is actually more entitled than millennials. I don't really see it tbh. Like what reason do they actually have to be entitled? They weren't lead to believe that they'd have a steady career, a house, and married with kids by 25, like millennials were.

No. 594736

*gen Z is actually more entitled than millennials, sorry typed that all too fast

No. 594737

i've always thought the general threshold is that if you remember 9/11 happening at least fairly vividly, you're a millenial. if you don't, you're a zoomer. so if you were 5 when 9/11 happened you probably have at least some memories of it, so you'd probably fall under millenial

No. 594742

I actually talked about it with my sisters, I'm 26 so me and my big sisters remember it vividly because even though we're not American at all it happened almost exactly as it was broadcast in the news because of the time zones. My little sister is 24 but doesn't remember it whatsoever despite seeing everything in great details with us as it happened. Since some kids have a better memory than others it's not 100% accurate though isn't it? I'm pretty sure the way to determine who's a millenial and who's a zoomer is to take that into account and see the impact of the internet and new technologies as a whole on our lives but it's not very tangible and it depends on a lot of things like where you live, your first language, if you could afford a computer and an internet connection, etc.

No. 594746

File: 1596322962353.jpg (19.92 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>People who are currently 18-24, what is your unfiltered opinion on people currently 25-30?

The weird obsession with harry potter is retarded, why is a not-that-good book for kids so impactful? Look i was very into percy jackson and the olympians when i was twelve, it was fun to say hoho im daughter of x god but still doing that schlick in my 20s-30s? Its like having no personality.

Honestly thats my overall impression of the majority of millenials, most people over 25 lack an individual personality and resume their existence to a specific hobby (Vidya or sports usually) and media they consume (harry potter, MCU, NBA), my college classmates are 18-20 and they seem more much more like fleshed individuals with a wide arrange of interests than millenials.

No. 594747

I'm a zoomer with a lot of millenial cousins and my opinion of them is that they were and are completely shaped by TV. The lifestyle, the tastes, what they want to be, everything is dictated by tv shows and movies. I bond better with people older than them and in my age group.

No. 594748

I am 21. Millennials seem weirdly immature for their age. I've had like 4 millenial roommates who had items with the word "adulting" printed on them and could barely take care of themselves. Like bitch you're 29 and can't wash dishes.

No. 594750

19 here, I don't really get the view that we are entitled? I definitely don't feel entitled, none of my friends in highschool were.

I work with kids and 12 year old zoomers have a way different experience with the online world compared to when I was a kid.

Otherwise I don't really care about the generational differences. I've only ever had bad experiences with boomers while working in food service so that's the extent of my dislike for a generation. The jokes are pretty funny tho.

No. 594752

I see them as not being "entitled" but taking some things for granted without realizing it when they're really recent phenomenon that changed almost everything in our daily lives, like what I said about the internet for example or you could even say that about cell phones.

Many kids and teenagers act like things were always this way, when I told my youngest sibling who's in high school that when I was her age our parents couldn't check my grades online because the official website for that didn't even exist she was shocked and a bit jealous. What happened with kids getting stuck at home and having to do their homework online because of the quarantine wouldn't have been as simple as it was like 10 or 15 years ago. Not saying it was simple but it could have been way worse. If you had a shitty sense of orientation 20 years ago you couldn't use google maps on your smartphone either, small but impactful stuff like that. We also used to pirate everything when she was just a baby too because everything was either on TV or nowhere else.


>The weird obsession with harry potter is retarded
It's because of the hype when waiting between new volumes. I haven't read Percy Jackson but apparently according to a lot of people I know irl and online it wouldn't have existed or had that much success without HP because HP was basically a trendsetter. I'm not into reading these days so correct me if I'm wrong.

The internet is literally just TV 2.0 at this point, I don't think it's a big difference.

No. 594753

I totally agree. JKR stand on twitter creep me out so much, they’re like the female equivalent of Elon Musk’s twitter simps. Also Disney and just fandoms in general. I find people who have ever been a part of any ‘fandom’ generally extremely off putting and they usually seem to mostly appeal to millennials for whatever reason. A lot of them also seem to hyper focus on the idea of ‘hobbies’ as something that makes someone interesting but I kind of feel like being extremely focused on some specific hobby tends to actually make the person more boring.

No. 594755

As a 28 year old I dont think theres much different between zoomers and millenials. Most of us like the same music etc but idk because I dont have any friends so idk what people do now.

No. 594758

>I've had like 4 millenial roommates who had items with the word "adulting" printed on them and could barely take care of themselves.
Wow, relatable

No. 594760

Due to coming of age during the recession and being raise din an era of more shameless materialism, millenials are more money obsessed than Gen-Z on average and more likely to choose their careers based on money than personal fulfillment. Meanwhile, Gen-Z is on average less materialistic and less anxious about financial security, thus more likely to choose careers based on personal fulfillment than money.

No. 594761

The thing I hate about zoomers is all of them think acting like you’re hot shit is the only way you can act. Also, I hate those long box nails they wear…who tf thought that was a good look.

No. 594762

personal sperg- millennial fuck wit here, never got into harry potter (was into pokemon…) never understood the hype and thought the books were just terrible "Said so and so! snape said Harry said Ron said". No that doesn't make me 'unique and cool' because I didn't like it, I know this haha it was weird seeing kids go "I'm house this! I'm house that!" anyone who says the are gryfindor are often major SJW fags, Hufflepuffs are autistic turds. No one is ravenclaw or Slytherin. Anyways the kids who liked it tended to be more book smart and extremely awkward when you talked to them. Obviously just a lot of kids wanted to feel 'special' and excepted and to be told they are meant for greater things without having to work that hard for it. After all, Harry is just a super good wizard chosen one. yeah his friends help a lot but he is the chosen one.

Percy Jackson has it's own problems breeding massive snowflakes and the author certainly doesn't help."can Percy be Hispanic because I want it to be that way?" "yeah sure, anything you want, btw, the greek gods are black too despite the ancient greeks not describing them that way! did you hear about my cool Muslim Valkyrie? Sorry I the one native character has feathers in her hair :(" no clue if he'll go the way of rowling though. You can only pander so much.

I think the millennial generation got pushed with the participation trophy stuff (that sounds right wingish, sorry), I remember it a lot from childhood. Lost, not even close to getting an actual placement? don't worry, heres a ribbon for trying.

No. 594763

>The weird obsession with harry potter is retarded, why is a not-that-good book for kids so impactful?
Millennial here. I agree with this. I stopped giving a shit about Harry Potter at like 13. Didn't even finish the final book despite buying it kek. I don't really have an explanation for this other than general nostalgic attachment to something that was considered "generation defining" during a pivotal time in our early childhoods.

>my college classmates are 18-20 and they seem more much more like fleshed individuals with a wide arrange of interests than millenials.

Not 100% sure why this is, but my guess is that it has to do with you guys having a much wider variety of options available to you in terms of media consumption. Everything was also much more interconnected for you guys via the internet than it was when I was growing up, so there is more crossover within communities, leading people within those communities to become more aware of and develop related interests. Like, my teen years were primarily spent subsisting on cable television, Myspace and DeviantArt. Y'all have/had Facebook, Instagram, 4chan and other imageboards, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Vine, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, Pinterest, a bazillion different gaming platforms, etc.

No. 594766

I agree with you, now if you're into video games you can check a let's play on youtube to see if you worth your time and money, you can easily buy consoles and games online, you can download games legally very easily even without a credit card (just buy a prepaid card in a video game store and type the code on the eshop or ps store), meanwhile back in my days if you weren't checking websites you had to buy video game magazines and buy whatever you could find in stores because downloading games wasnt really a thing yet, or you had to rely on word of mouth opinions before purchase, barely anything was localized for Europe and in languages other than English, region locked consoles were the norm, etc.

For series you had to not miss episodes on TV or you had to pirate on shitty websites making you wait 72 minutes to see the next 30 minutes of an episode. You had to watch whatever you found online that wouldnt make you computer explode or on TV and if you're nor happy about it then fuck you. Series and ads are more prevalent on the internet now. Spoilers were less of a worry for that reason though.

No. 594772

How are zoomers "super nihilistic"? They're uptight crybabies who start sucking their thumbs the moment someone says something slightly controversial and limit their activism to shitty twitter takes.

This post is like the living proof of the claim that zoomers have a nonexistent attention span rendering them unable to be passionate about anything and they're all about surfaces and constant stream of fresh stimulation for the next 8 seconds.

No. 594774

>I think the millennial generation got pushed with the participation trophy stuff (that sounds right wingish, sorry), I remember it a lot from childhood. Lost, not even close to getting an actual placement? don't worry, heres a ribbon for trying.
I have kind of a hard time believing the whole participation trophy had much of an impact on millennial attitudes, although it might have been symptomatic of the general outlook in the 90's and early 00's, wherein times were prosperous, everyone was a winner, and the outlook was pretty damn spectacular for anyone middle class or higher. I distinctly remember my friends and I making fun of participation trophies. We all knew that it was just something they gave out to make the losers feel better.

No. 594775

File: 1596325177488.gif (539.01 KB, 356x258, tumblr_o5dmyg8uuk1ubgeceo1_500…)


That actually makes alot of sense, when I was 16 and saw skins gifs on good ole tumblr i could easily go and download the first season to watch, people younger than me can just pop netflix and watch it with no hassle, boom another chunk of media to make up the angsty teen personality.

Imagine it being like 2007 and you actually had to go and find a dvd to buy, that sounds rough.

No. 594777

I literally don't know any zoomers irl but from what I witness on tiktok they are kind of endearing, but maybe that's just something about young people in general. Like these little educational tiktoks they make that are just full of misinformation but they're so sincere and excited about teaching their peers about e.g. pizzagate because they heard about it the first time last week.
If I am to believe Netflix teen shows they are also all very queer and tolerant of queerness but I doubt this actually translates to real life.

No. 594778

>They're uptight crybabies who start sucking their thumbs the moment someone says something slightly controversial and limit their activism to shitty twitter takes.

If anything, this post is indicative that zoomers and millennials probably have more in common than we thought, given that I've literally only ever heard this said about millennials.

No. 594780

that just sounds like twitter users in general tbh

No. 594781

Actually I just think it’s better to be passionate about something actually meaningful as oppose to the way most millennials are ‘passionate’ (autistically hyper focused) on things solely relating to media consumption

No. 594783

Are you a ravenclaw buddy?

Ok sorry, but I disagree.
We aren't hyperfixated with one fandom because we have so much stuff to pick from, yeah I can enjoy some netflix show but im also watching other 3 different shows too, I take what I like from them and go on with my life.
Being obsessive about media doesn't add anything to your life, even the community sense from fandoms is gone and they are competitive toxic places.

No. 594786

i've only seen it with zoomers, as a millennial i remember people who acted like zoomers getting made fun of all the time.

No. 594787

Gen Z is more into the "optimistic nihilism" rather than the depressing kind. And I think that's where the sj stuff comes from in a way, they're optimistic they can change something and it can't hurt to try.

No. 594788

>gen Z
>less materialistic
Lol ok, they still live with their parents who buy their iphones so

No. 594789

Okay but can we talk about gen z's creepy autistic obsession with k-pop because bruh

No. 594792

It's the boomers bitching about Millenials because they think getting burnt out over working 2 jobs to make rent payments and being offended by grandma saying the N word is being a pissbaby. Millenials definitely have their flaws but zoomers are so tightly tied into social media and form their whole view of the world around how it works that it's sickening. In other words where Millenials were raised with the retarded participation trophy mindset zoomers believe they're great and allmighty influencers with followers. Because that's how social media manipulates you to think.

I also hate how people think Millenials are the current people aged 25-30 when it's more like people aged 25-40. It's a much wider range and basing every negative Millenial stereotype on the behavior of the people born in 1993-1997 is almost shitting on older Gen Zs instead.

Gonna disagree here, their social activism and identity politics come from a place of vanity, following trends and virtue signaling instead of genuinely wanting to make the world a better place. It's a rehash if the 1960's hippie culture.

No. 594793

I mean those are usually socially inept 14 year olds, and that demographic will always be obsessed with some shit, most of the people i know who were kpop stans grew out of it by the middle of high school.

No. 594796

>they're optimistic they can change something and it can't hurt to try
Implying every generation didn’t feel this… every social movement of every era are always filled with students because it’s just part of youth. Older millennials finally lost their naïveté and became more cynical and conservative. Gen Z really retweeted and joined one protest and think they did something lol

No. 594797

I think it's much more healthier to be hyper obsessed with your personal hobby instead of getting other people involved with shit like cancel culture if that's what you mean with "something actually meaningful" that zoomers are passionate about.

No. 594798

I feel like zoomers are overly sensitive. Literally everything offends them.

No. 594799

Don't all those analysts say that zoomers are actually more conservative than millennials?

No. 594800

sadly I know quite a few early 20's people who are obsessed with k-pop to the point where it's their whole personality

No. 594803

In what sense? Because they’re all raging libtards in every instance observed lol

No. 594804

Yeah basically if any zoomers here wonder why millenials seem to be obsessed with hobbies and some brands it's because you had to invest more time and money on them. You couldn't just here about something popular on social media and watch a few episodes right after that, not only you had to find that info to begin with, but then you had to look for the episodes. Video games always had a short shelf time in stores and again, no onlin stores to dowload anything legally and technology pogressed A LOT until the Wii/ps3 era so it was way harder to keep up with everything going on. I could give even more examples but I'll go to sleep now.

No. 594806

I'm 28. I really like how zoomers as a whole seem to care about the environment, like it's a "duh" mindset for them instead of with millennials where it's more "uh I dunno if I can afford it/it's not convenient for me."

No. 594807

>People who are currently 25-30, what is your unfiltered opinion on people currently 18-24?
I pity them but also love the passion for injustice (even if mostly misdirected/chaotic atm) and their attention and care for the environment. And I really hate that weird generational hostility that is being pushed in the past few years, especially for generations as close as "Gen Z" and "Millenials". We're both absolutely fucked in the long term thanks to shit that started way before our time.

No. 594808

Tiktok is filled to the brim with white supremacists, conservatives, libtards and socialist alike. This generation is a pretty mixed bag.

No. 594809

Millennial who grew up with Harry Potter here. I think it’s more a nostalgia thing than anything. Harry Potter was HUGE in the late 90s to early 2000s. It’s easy to look back at that with fondness. I agree that the books aren’t that well written though and the world building doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. It’s hard to get into them if you didn’t grow up with it. HP still has a place in my heart but I think it’s time to move on honestly.

No. 594811

Being born in the mid-90s must be some bastard middle ground of generations because I do not strongly fit in either.

No. 594812

I wish millennials and zoomers would bury all generational hatchets and focus more on shitting on Gen X. I'm annoyed that they get to slip by so unnoticed.

No. 594816

No one thinks 'cancel culture' is meaningful and the only people who really engage in it are 14 year old twitter stans. The people most 'obsessed' with cancel culture are the loser 28 year olds who love referring to themselves as 'extremely online' who never log off and are constantly complaining about it.

>I think it's much more healthier to be hyper obsessed with your personal hobby

Personal sperg but why is this sentence so off-putting. Idk what it is but it just makes me cringe like literally every millennial raised on 4chan talks the exact same way. Whenever people start with the 'muh personal hobby' I just want to get away from them. And their 'personal hobby' is always like anime or videogames and they're obsessed with and like 'ship' characters from in their 30's like how is that healthy or 'interesting'… it's creepy and embarrassing.

No. 594820

File: 1596327409995.gif (387.05 KB, 245x148, pd9nx.gif)

I'm sure a lot of Millennials could relate to wishing for a Hogwarts letter once they turned 11 or hoping their letter was just late. The appeal came from growing up with the characters, I think. The big-budget movies helped a lot to rope in those who didn't read good.

I agree though, when you grow up you realize the writing and stories aren't that good. I honestly confused stuff that happened in fanfiction with the actual story because they had better writing!

No. 594822

True, and the ones with "obscure" hobbies are even more autistic.

No. 594823

the HP movies have a nostalgic place in my heart and I watch them every couple years and I admittedly remember my assigned house according to house tests ive taken (some halfway point between Gryffendor and Slytherin), I see it as being all in good fun. I was a reading kid but I actually think I preferred the movies to the source material lmao. I acknowledge there's better out there now as an adult but it is something I hold fond nostalgia for without being an autist about it

No. 594827

I wasn't into Harry Potter while growing up in the 90s. Rather, I got dragged into that shit a few times.

Is 'popular and profitable thing isn't all that good' and 'this other lower profile effort that makes no money is a lot better' a generation specific complex or constant throughout human history? I run into it way too often.

No. 594829

i'm a zoomer. we are all fucked and must unite against boomers.

No. 594831

No. 594833


Anyway I'm a millennial
My view of zoomers is pretty positive I think? Things like trolling trump on tik tok and shit is something millenials couldn't get our shit together to do. I don't think our generation has pulled something like that? Also they just seem less depressed. But it could be an age thing. What I don't like about them is the facetuning and heavy makeup and wannabe influencer girls that all look exactly the same. At the same time though it must be tough on their image to be hit with fake edited photos multiple times daily. For us it was only a problem in magazines and such. Also the new pressure for injections.

I also want to shit on my own generation and say I fucking haaaaaate when millenials make The Office or Parks and Rec or some shit into a personality. Also hate when they have no passion in life, no hobbies, don't want to get anywhere or grow, and want to live inside a bubble and become so boring just like their boomer parents and like they just gave up on their life.

No. 594838

>People who are currently 18-24, what is your unfiltered opinion on people currently 25-30?
I always thought milennial extended later than that, up to ~40.
I feel like milennials have a big persecution complex, like they took the news articles complaining about millenials and decided to turn that into their entire identity. I also agree with how they often have a wierd obsession with turning media into their identity, like Harry Potter or the Office. I think a lot millenials have a poor sense of identity in general and latch onto external stuff to define themselves.
Also I feel like millenials are rapidly turning into 30-year old boomers as they realize they aren't really the dominant force online again. I've had so many 30 year old guys unironically tell me how much better anime was back in the day and shit like that, with zero self awareness.

No. 594840

>trolling trump on tik tok and shit is something millenials couldn't get our shit together to do
Millennials were into hacktivism and Wikileaks documents instead of this pointless shit

No. 594844

Thats not millenials, thats a very specific niche group of like 100 people.

No. 594845

File: 1596330413173.jpg (26.46 KB, 275x275, GHRHG.JPG)

>had items with the word "adulting" printed on them

Shit like that is always a red flag no matter what age you are.

No. 594847

>gen z

I find you guys to be a lot kinder than my peers (I am 25), but I live in the US so it may be different in other countries.


I get along with the OG 1980’s millennials but the 1990’s millennials, which I am apart of, damn. We are a really self destructive generation and I blame it all on our boomer parents telling us we were all indigo kids, how we were going to change the world, growing up through a recession and now getting fucked up the ass by coronavirus. And it doesn’t help that all the old farts bully us because their Aquarian Empire didn’t come to fruition like they hoped.

No. 594850

i'm 24 and feel in between and don't 100% fit with either, I find parts of both groups annoying and identify with parts of both. but I consider myself gen z purely because they also realize liking harry potter isn't a personality trait lol

No. 594854

It wasn’t niche at all, it was a super wide spread interest. You can see cyberpunk influence in late 90’s 00’s era in media everywhere when the internet exploded. Everyone knew Edward Snowden and were at least script kiddies. Everyone was invested in things like piracy, anti surveillance and decentralization. At least where I’m from. Millennials were pioneering the internet, from selling drugs online to tracking down pedophiles to popularizing cryptocurrency. Netflix and Steam were born out of millennials necessities. No one can say that millies were too depressed and lazy to do anything lol

No. 594856

1997 gen z-er here and i agree with every damn thing you have said holy. not to be "not like those other gurlz", but i hate how tied to social media zoomers are. really annoying when you hear people quoting posts they heard on twitter and preaching them back to you (or talking in twitter slang or quoting or ripping all their jokes from tumblr and twitter word for word istg)
also i feel the same as you, so my view of millennials is that theyre pretty much the same as me i dont see a real diff

No. 594858

the kids are alright, I say it constantly. i'm rooting for gen z because shit is hard now and going to get harder, and probably a more hectic time than ever to grow up. god speed

No. 594859

Gen z's identity is definitely tied to social media but I feel that's also just as true for millenials now even if it wasn't when they were growing up, plus millennials use reddit and I think that says a lot

No. 594861

this focus on ~generations~ is so weird and only applies to the us (and perhaps a handful of other first world countries) tbh. doesn't really seem like other countries talk about it as much. maybe it's because they are able to base their identity on more than the year they were born in, kek.

serious question though; why do you guys care so much about this? idgaf about what people my age or older do with their lives.

No. 594862

Holy sh how young is this board now…
Reminder that millennials legalized weed and gay marriage. Cancel culture was started by millennials. Gen Z woke shit is literally just riding millennial third wave feminism’s coat tails and attempting to claim credit by being 10x more obnoxious and retarded.
You ain’t done shit Z-toids

No. 594865

>serious question though; why do you guys care so much about this? idgaf about what people my age or older do with their lives.
Probably because generational social issues affecting your peers will likely directly affect you as well, and most functioning people like to be at least somewhat aware of where they stand in relation to their peers on average/ how things have changed from the previous generation

No. 594868

I don't really have an opinion on people whose brain development isn't done.

No. 594869

i would argue that i.e. class differences affect people more than generational differences. and "gen z" and "millennials" are pretty close in age (at least the ones born in the 90s) so the differences aren't even that impactful or big.

and duh, ofc people acknowledge that there are differences between generations and are aware of them, but it's quite frankly strange to see people on the internet dissect it like this and categorize it… there is a difference between acknowledging that people younger than me have a different relationship with technology and making these strange generalizations such as "X generation is entitled because they read harry potter". literally no one except people who spend way too much time on twitter analyze this stuff based on anecdotal evidence.

get some fresh air. get a grip.

No. 594872

That's literally the point of the thread though? Your "opinion" on the other generation. No one's saying there aren't other differences but the thread is specifically about generational differences.

No. 594874

I already posted, but something else came to my mind. Millenials were already pretty guilty of it, but I really wish Gen-Z was more interested in subcultures. You'd think with all the more heavy idealogical stuff being thrown around on social media at a younger age, there would grow new subcultures from it but it seems like even the interest in past subcultures doesn't go beyond pure aesthetics most of the time, even when trying to "resurrect" them.

No. 594879

That’s so true actually, I guess millennials can be credited for being a weeb

No. 594886

Gen z kids are cool I don’t have an opinion on them otherwise because they are still so young

No. 594894

Another thing I feel so bad for them like they can’t have normal school experiences due to rona and even before they have to deal with being bullied irl AND online. Like EVERYBODY has phones with HD cameras so if you do one cringed thing and someone posts it, you have the potential to go viral. That is too much pressure and stress. I’m honestly grateful I graduated hs when I did (2012) cuz although we had phones no one was really out here trying to go viral online. Now everyone wants a piece of internet clout. Coupled with EVERYTHING being so overtly political they can’t even be kids anymore my heart truly breaks. So I seriously can’t say anything negative because if I had to go through all that pressure to be beautiful and perfect by like 14 I’d probably wouldn’t have made it to the age I am now. I wish nothing but the best for these smart little shits lol

No. 594900


This isn't how generations work..

No. 594902

I think gen z are doomed to be another "who gives a shit" forgotten generation like gen x. The whole "gen z haah we just wanna die" thing is odd because Millenials started that shit. I feel like gen z have ridden on Millenials coat tails (social justice, tech, humor) their whole lives. I see gen z sperging out on social media constantly about people liking harry potter and other dumb shit while they spend 5 hours a day on tiktok or obsessed with other fandoms that are just as retarded.

Gen z are also wildly entitled in all the ways Millenials have been accused of being. They also mostly look 10 years older than they are because of their tragic hair/makeup.

No. 594903

>born in 97
>vividly remember 9/11 due to my extreme fear of airplanes
>was getting ready for preschool when 9/11 happened, my mom turned the news on while doing my hair
>don't use any social media besides twitter and that's just for cute animal pictures/videos

i don't really feel like i'm gen z, mostly because twitter/tiktok culture makes me feel like projectile vomiting kek, but tbf i got all of my edgelord shit out of my system as a young teenager. i feel more like a doomer than anything at this point honestly

No. 594907

Zoomers are fine but I think their self esteem irt beauty ideals is even more fucked than millennials and that sucks

No. 594909

I feel a little bad for zoomers because a lot of them are currently in their stupid-as-fuck phase (aka early to mid teens) and it’s SO goddamn visible to everyone. Sure, I was cringe when I was 13 but the only people who witnessed my attempts at scene fashion or edgy dead baby humor were my school friends who’d added me on friendster or tumblr (both I’ve long since deleted). Now, if you say or do something embarrassing, everyone with a twitter app can point and laugh, your cringe tiktok gets downloaded and shared on reddit or youtube, etc etc. People got cyberbullied ten years ago, sure, but the magnitude of it nowadays is unprecedented. No wonder zoomers all seem so obsessed with appearances, at least from what I’ve seen.

No. 594910

gen zilch should be defined as post 9/11 imo, i'm 98 and i can't relate to 00 babies, at all
i went through my edgy phase in the early 2010s

No. 594911


meant to reply to u

No. 594918

I feel so bad for everyone that couldn't have a normal graduation or prom or college freshman year. The rona fucking sucks man but some experiences you just can't get back.

No. 594939

we are in this together anon

No. 594943

File: 1596343210188.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 431.46 KB, 814x931, 48022E74-D546-429F-87BD-4B0EDF…)

Turned 22 a few months back. Really feel like I don’t fit in with the millennials or the zoomers. The older millennials have young kids and the younger millennials are a bit more advanced in life than me, even if we graduated at the same time. Zoomers are still teens so obviously I can’t relate to that either. My parents not being huge into tech when I was a kid made me feel like « a 90s kid » even though my childhood was during the 00’s.

It sucks not feeling like you completely relate or fit in with a group. I just moved out, I’m finding my place in the world and trying to be optimistic despite the state of the world. I consume plenty memes but still remember when all we had was rage comics and videos with 1 million views being insanely viral.

TL;DR: too old for zoomers too young for millennials.

No. 594950

god this is so true, it's scary to think that if i was a teen right now how many cringy things i said/did would be memorialized for the world to see. i am so, so glad i'm older at this point
i agree anon! i feel like people that are currently like..22-24 are stuck in the middle of gen z/millennials like >>594943 pointed out. we're not zoomers, we don't care about tiktok or fortnite but we don't have our shit somewhat together like mid-late millennials, it sucks

No. 594952

Millennials are from 1980-1995

No. 594957

I can't be the only one who find this thread incredibly cringe?

No. 594959

Big relate

No. 594965

Maybe not, but you are the only one autistic enough to make a post about it.

No. 594974

I don't even know what "webroom" means I'm so boomed out.

No. 594997

Funny how the biggest complaints about millenials here are things that only apply to a very small and sometimes very American minority like how they're way too into fandoms and are obsessed with the office or harry potter, and they post on reddit when most millenials are total normies with normal hobbies with ones they prefer more than others, who have a facebook account from when it was a popular and relevant website because of messenger. I guess that proves what many said earlier, too many zoomers are using the internet way too much and take it for granted because it was already common place when they were babies so they think that's the case for older people as well.

No. 595006

God the millenials who say "I love zoomers they trolled drumpf by posting fancams that's so cool!!!" make me experience so much second hand embarrassment. You're not getting any younger by licking zoomer boots.

Their only subculture is being a tranny because having an autistic obsession i.e. being interested in something for more than 2 days is "so cringeworthy like ew".

No. 595007

I'm a millenial, I think the generation difference can't still be set in stone since as other said gen z is currently in its early/mid teens, but I'm curious to see what adults they'll become.
I do have problems with millenials, though. I have met many who are middle/high class who can't function indipendently. Can't wash dishes or clothes, set doctor appointments on their own, don't know how taxes work.
I wonder if it's because of boomer/gen x parents either spoiling them or abandoning parenting duties all together, since my parents were the second, and I had to look online to learn how a washing machine works.

No. 595010

I mean the comments were always going to be biased towards the 'very online' type of people from either generation. This site and this thread is self selecting with zoomers that live online who have mostly interacted with Millennials that spend a lot of time online. A zoomer is more likely to have interacted with a Harry Potter obsessed Millennial than a Millennial obsessed with hoppy craft beers or Goat Yoga because of how their worlds intersect (or dont). Worth noting that earlier versions of internet culture have gone defunct or been swallowed by the increased agglomeration of the internet into smaller number of aggregator sites and apps. The internet of Gen X and early to mid Millennials is effectively gone. So yes its going to affect how Zoomers conceive of what internet interactions and culture were like and they can't contrast it to theirs.

>>595007 Depending on what measure you are using the oldest zoomers have already graduated college and have entered the workforce. I have friends in this position and I'd worry they are in a similar position to older millennials who graduated into the Recession, my younger friends have been unable to find work. The US is potentially staring down the barrel of another recession and possibly the largest mass evictions in recent history so I'd be concerned for the oldest cohort of zoomers tbh.

No. 595021

Not you're not, I swear most of the posts here read like a copypasta

No. 595024

I just think this thread is dumb tbh. It's just a overgeneralization of two enormous groups of people. Not to mention that on lolcow it's probably mostly late-gen z's and early millenials who're both very well acquainted with the internet so the differences are going to be much more vague anyway.

No. 595025

samefag, meant late millenials and early gen z

No. 595029

it's one of the most calm threads we ever had tho. People are just having some discussions without in-fighting. I don't see what's thep roblem?

No. 595047

a lot of gen z ive met are way nicer than millennials. i remember in high school during the 2000s it was like everyone seemed to believe people over 30 were just old and out of touch but i really havent gotten that vibe from gen z. the generations really arent that different from each other and feels like we can relate with a lot of the same stuff compared to the older gens. like gen X felt a lot more like these overbearing adults that were looking down on us and laughing at our problems like we were so spoiled when we were teens. but gen z feels like our younger siblings that kind of get where we're coming from. its almost a sense of validation we never got from the boomers or gen x. gen z is also a lot more mature than some of the idiot millennials who dont seem to have moved on past high school and are still trying the same manipulation and mindgame shit they've always done and never ourgrew. gen z is somehow woke to the bullshit and dont want to repeat it. this is my opinion based on the gen z's ive met tho so idk.

No. 595048

calm discussion is great, but as I said, I just think the topic is dumb. There's no "problem"

No. 595057

I remember infographics like these from the time millenials were the youngest generation. They said Millennials didn't take well to any form of advertising and didn't have brand loyalty.
Well now it's obvious that companies found ways to appeal to them by learning to advertize online, a practice entirely new for them. No doubt they will evolve again and learn new ways to appeal to gen z too, that last row is going to change in the following years.

No. 595060

Samefag, I also predict the marketing strategy for gen z in the last row will include "gen z is drawn to brands by influencer endorsement" among other things.

No. 595067

they were rude to me as a teenager. still feel sad.

No. 595079

Agree. It's hard to compare because the milennials have already "developed" into adults for the most part, whereas a lot of gen Z are still teens. Aren't teens usually more rambunctions and extreme versions of their later selves as they develop more in their 20s? It'll be an interesting comparison in the future when you can look back and compare both generations as they are as adults in their "true" (?) form.

Anyway I'm born in '96 so I take traits from both but consistently I relate to gen z more in terms of humour and nihilism, especially because I hate TV shows like The Office and Friends and everyone who makes these shows their leading personality traits

No. 595086

According to wikipedia millenials are 1981-1996 and gen z is 1997-2012. I highly doubt that a 39yo has more in common with a 24yo than a 23yo. And the youngest zoomers are only little children.
I'm 24, soon 25 and I feel like I don't fit in with neither. I neither remember 9/11 and the "old" internet nor am I a tiktok kid who owned an iphone since they were a toddler.
People in their late 20s/30s with their uber wokeness and obsessiveness with fandoms and terrible tumblr/twitter/reddit memes ("doggo") grind my gears to no end, I always end up fighting with them in online communities but zoomer's enitlement and spoiledness also makes me rage. Might sound like a Karen here but while millenials also frequently clash with older people, zoomers really know zero about respect or rules. They don't need "participation trophies" like millenials, because they already think of themselves as the greatest anyways. Recently I'm close to strangling my little gen z sister: she spent the last months during quarantine solely with shopping (of course paid by my parent's money) and wears her new outfits while lazing at home and still constantly talks about how her friend just got the new iphone and so on. Meanwhile back when I was younger I wasn't even allowed to wear cheap jeans at home because these are good clothes you need to take care of that you aren't allowed to waste when nobody sees them anyways…
Millenials definitely got the brunt of the hate from the older generations. I think that the notion that gen z is more conservative is only wishful thinking from conservative boomers/alt-righters, I often see takes like "even kids already recognize that millenials destroyed everything, now a new era is born!", but it feels like young people actually care less and less about politics at all (myself kind of included.)

No. 595097

I wish millennials would stop using "XD" in dungeons in ff14.

(no emoji ban pls)

No. 595110

Millennial here
Maybe it's because I was raised in a foreign household but I clean, cook, earn money, am super cheap and have boring arse hobbies; gardening, fish tanks, anime. I never owned a smart phone before either.

My opinion… well I really only compare someone by decade, family situation and their income. Though I have noticed gen Z people giving less of a fuck about what comes out of their mouths? But I chalk it up to being younger cuz I had sass when I was younger as well.
Like, you don't really get a grasp of what someones developed personality will be until the age of 25?

Well that sucks for millenials since we're all above the age of 25. Yeah people can change, but I have seen a lot of immature woman/man children. I know three of my friends who don't have bank accounts or file taxes and I wonder how they're still alive.
Then you have other millenials who have houses and a huge income.

….. or could it be there are just winners and losers in all generations?

No. 595115

kek agreed

No. 595132

From the American side I feel like millennials would be the ones more conscious about spending since they grew up in the 2000s recession and are living as adults in the current recession. They’re also spending more because most are at the age where they would be purchasing houses, cars, home appliances, baby stuff etc.

No. 595153

>my college classmates are 18-20 and they seem more much more like fleshed individuals with a wide arrange of interests than millenials.
That's because the core directive of a "zoomer" is cherry pick from as many trends and hobbies possible to emulate a fleshed out individual without having any of the depth. Millennials aren't any better, we're just more transparent with our autistic tunnel vision.

Relatable. Please end my suffering anon.

No. 595155

I'm a millennial but I wish I was a zoomer. Zoomers are a lot less racist and mean. Maybe if I was born in 2005 instead of 1991 my school life been less of a toxic hell fire and I could've grown up normally instead of with PTSD from bullying. I feel like bullying just isnt as bad now but I could be wrong.

No. 595162

a website i post on is like that. Everytime a zommer does something it's "omg so funny when i was their age i was such a loser!" yet half the time these kids are being insufferabe. Like a girl telling a teacher "you can't disipline me you don't make enough money" isn't cute yet the story got liked thousands of times on twitter with people calling her a queen???

I'm sorry but this isn't true. I keep seeing people talk about how woke zoomers are but they're just as racist/sexist as every other gen. Just because they scream about BLM on social media for ass pats it doesn't mean they actually give a shit. Get on any teen sub on reddit and tell me those little assholes are woke kek

No. 595164

>PTSD from bullying

No. 595167

Yeah they dont give a shit but they seem less likely to harass people because its socially frowned upon. All the zoomer kids I've talked to said they didnt really see bullying in school.

No. 595181

My bf's little sister is a zoomer and she's the perfect replica of the highschool mean girls from 2012, just different fashion.
But she's fake woke online.

No. 595186

exactly! and anyone here who thinks teen zoomers are somehow nicer, i will bet you they do more bullying online than offline thats why u dont see it

No. 595194

File: 1596386849394.png (29.37 KB, 580x529, $$$.png)

No. 595222

they harass more people, just not for the same reasons.

No. 595271

i was born in 95, not from the US

i have close friends who are older zoomers and i feel like they are fun and optimistic but its like they want to prove to you they are the doing the most all the time, if something sounds progressive/cool they jump on it right away and don't really question most of the info they consume
i agree with >>595153 they cherrypick trends in order to seem more authentic

as for my millenial friends i think they are more annoying with their interests and more depressed, the general feeling of not wanting to grow up is real, boomers (at least in my country) really pushed the "work hard and you will have your life figured out by 25" lie pretty hard, it didn't happen so they feel like everything was a wasted effort

i feel like 90s millennials and zoomers are pretty similar

is really weird how the boomer media fixated and was so annoyed with millennials, no one talks about gen x and the media seems happy with how gen z is going to become the "entrepreneur generation" for some reason (?), boomers project hard onto them

No. 595280

>Wow! Something I don't agree with must be made up for a reaction! Let me react!

No. 595282

File: 1596392311883.jpg (43.87 KB, 659x567, 1586706912336.jpg)

>People who are currently 25-30, what is your unfiltered opinion on people currently 18-24?

I'm 30 and I actually love the younger generations. I can see why people my age might have issues with gen z kids, because they have this very chaotic vibe about them, but I think it's refreshing compared to all the millennials I know who are depressed parents with zero interests outside Harry Potter, their shitty kids, "wine mom" memes, and brunch with mimosas.

I do feel bad for them though, because there is so much more pressure to look good and be interesting nowadays. It was bad when I was younger, before social media was a big thing, so I can't even imagine it now. On the other hand though, they seem more accepting of people who are unique than my generation did, so maybe it's not that bad? Like, I used to get bullied for being emo in school but it's trendy to be an eboy/girl.

No. 595287

I'm born in 95 and I wish I was born 10 years later.

No. 595303

File: 1596393642827.png (234.65 KB, 553x685, 1586345259677.png)

I was born in '96 but I don't consider myself a zoomer OR a millenal. There are many arguments as to where year '96 can fall.

I heard there was an unknown generation smack dab in the middle. Maybe it's because we fall on the cusp and could potentially embrace either side, but I truly don't think anyone who is currently 23 to 25 right now can be called a zoomer and definitely not a millennial.

I grew up remembering 9/11 vaguely, I remember where I was when it happened. I don't use tik tok or any other stupid zoomer app with crack addiction-like attention whoring. But I'm also not a boring weak crybaby like millennials.

Does anyone else fall in the boat where they hate both millennials AND zoomers? I don't want to be associated with either.

No. 595307

File: 1596393849603.gif (392.96 KB, 500x375, 1458426669058.gif)

you know you can just…be yourself regardless of what year you were born in, right?

That goes for everyone in this thread.

No. 595316

I’m 25. I don’t mind the 18-24 crowd. I love my BIL and SIL. I’m still well versed in enough internet crap and new stuff that I can relate. I’m more worried about my 10 yo BILs generation. Like 6-15. Those kids are downright retarded. Even the ones more my kids age (under 3 yo).

No. 595338

It's not about being ourselves, it's about being lumped into a group based on your age and some preconceived notions and stereotypes and the judgement/treatment based on that.

No. 595340

I don't feel like I belong to any of those groups.

No. 595349

who gives a shit insecure-chan.

No. 595350

God this is what I've been trying to say for a long time. Gen X'ers doesn't get nearly the same shit as the boomers. If anything they're enabling some shitty ass ideals and are equally worse as the boomers.

>unfiltered opinion on people who are 25 to 30

They're cool I guess. But i dont know if this applies to other millenials in other countries, but I wish they'd tone down the gentrification.

No. 595371

What the fuck do you think this thread is about, retard?

No. 595372

>mfw 98er born in third world country so you relate with 90’s and early 00’s because everything is a decade late in your part of the world
It really is a class thing more than anything

No. 595374

No. 595375

I'm a late millenial (26 atm) and I have a LOT more in common with my friends in their early 20s than people 30+. Idk why, but I'm not American and my country was doing really badly in the 90s so we lagged behind everyone a lot.

The OP image is really stupid though and I don't think people currently in their late 20s are the same as older millenials (30+).

No. 595377

not about your self consciousness. read the OP.

No. 595379


>What's your opinion on…

>gives my opinion, asks others their opinion

>omg it's not about you, you're so insecure

shut the fuck up

No. 595383

id have to disagree. people who are late 20s now didn't have much access when they were younger to things like social media, internet and general tech as people who are early 20s did. early 20s now grew up in middle school with stuff that late 20s had at the end of high school. sm and tech are really shaping how people grow up. as a wealthy high schooler i had access to all the tech in the world, but some of it simply didn't come onto the market. people in their early 20s had smartphones available when they were in middle school and early. these differences are why most people those ages have their feelings about sm and the internet in general.

No. 595386

your OP was just "not like my peers" whining which adds nothing to the convo.

No. 595389

Then it could differ by country I guess, because where I'm from smartphones only caught on when people who would now be 21 were entering high school, but even then having an unlimited data plan wasn't a thing until several years later so they ended up using them only for some (then) mobile-exclusive apps like Instagram.

No. 595438

Millennial here. I feel this thread is heavily skewed to a certain demographic, white american born people which I'm not a part of, but I'll throw in my five cents since I grew up in the US:

- People here think Genz is more nihilistic? My personal experience is absolutely opposite. Millennials were the generation that created the " be stupid" champaign, paris hilton, hipster culture, and the dating shows breaking viewership records while we were busy bombing an entire country back into the medieval era. I see millennials to a certain extent as a continuation of Gen X apathy, and Gen Z as least seems like they believe in what they are doing no matter how retarded or underdeveloped it is, it's nice to see people give a shit about something.

-I honestly don't think any generation besides Genz as a group really understand the ecosystem of the internet. I began to use internet heavily when I was 10-11 but I know Millennials that didn't really use social media until they were in their mid-late 20s. Throw into the the belief the internet would fix all of humanity problems that was so popular with millenial-era pundits and journalists, you have people who don't understand what they are doing on the internet, can't handle large amounts of information and just raped by social media especially on a daily basis. I know this sounds like a description of Boomers but seriously, I have seen many millennial that have meltdowns because they saw some badly made 4chan meme about jews or some other shit that triggers their personal sensibilities and can't just move past it and don't understand why the internet doesn't function like the TV and Print media they grew up with. I think Genz, while being more dependent on social media for communication, are also much more aware of the danger it poses to their mental health while millennials are just hopelessly lost.

-A lot of Millennials were raised in the late era of american suburban culture and are still obsessed with owned their dream house with a yard, cars ect while it seems to genz could give less of a shit as long they have their own room with internet.

- I think genz is more fucked with the continuing breakdown of social institutions + accelerating hyperindivuation that has plagued america for decades now, we had SJWS during the Obama era but there was no people identifying as nonbinary transbian autistic BIPOC marxists fighting with NaSOC adjacent free market liberation autistic /poltards on twitter, I actually feel nervous of what endgame this is gonna have in my lifetime. Maybe new social institutions thats can serve as unifying forces will emerge but besides boomerbaiting that everyone loves to engage in I don't see how/where that could be yet.

- I def see a dumbing down of the middle class, a new type of feudalism emerging based on education/intelligence as a result on people losing familial inheritance of intelligence building hobbies, interests and activities in favor of shit like harry potter, capeshit, kylie lip kits and other media consumption, but fuck knows if thats on any of us, Genx was doing that shit too back in the late 80s/90s.

I'll come back if I have any additional thoughts, this is an interesting subject.

No. 595446

I'm Gen Z but is no one going to mention how obsessed with sex and relationships our generation is? I don't remember knowing about incels until recently. If you're still a virgin you're lame, regardless of gender. Most of my girlfriends lost their virginity at 17 but I know a 14 year old that already has an ex. It's like we can't be alone and are too scared of being judged by it.

No. 595452

And most of gen z dudes are porn sick.

No. 595492

I'm a millennial on the cusp of each gen and since I mostly date a bit younger I've dated 3 different zoomer boys. They have been fine people and nothing really stands out as being a big generational difference but my current boyfriend is 3 years younger and spends hours on tiktok which I honestly find unattractive, I'd rather he play videogames honestly. His household is on lockdown because someone caught the coof so I'm not juddging him too harshly for now but I hope he doesn't keep the habit once he's out of lockdown. On that note:

>>595452 I have heard some very odd sexual misconceptions from these guys and it does make me wonder what sex and dating is gonna be like for younger girls. The guys I dated were all very vanilla albeit oddly misinformed, I wonder if there is a greater percentage of cumbrains among zommers.

No. 595494

>I have seen many millennial that have meltdowns because they saw some badly made 4chan meme about jews or some other shit that triggers their personal sensibilities and can't just move past it and don't understand why the internet doesn't function like the TV and Print media they grew up with.
Aren't Millennials the 4chan generation? But I guess you could separate them into the edgy Millennials and Disney fan Millennials lol.

No. 595497

90% of the MILLENNIALS ARE DISNEY NUTS AND SAY HECKIN DOGGO complaint posts are not actually about millennials but rather about normies.

No. 595511

me kek i can relate to the crybaby thing too (currently 23 lol)

No. 595514

I am technically Gen Z when you consider birthdate (born late 1997) but honestly I do not relate to anyone my age. I didn’t go to a physical high school and have been a shut in since I was 14, the only social media I have ever used was Tumblr and I don’t even use that anymore. I find Tik Tok to be the cringiest shit I literally can not comprehend how people my age even use it? I honestly thought most people who used it were under 14 for the longest time. All my romantic relationships have been with Millennials and I honestly feel disgusted at the thought of dating a guy my age, the only time I’ve interacted with guys my age was at my old job and I thought they acted no different than I remember kids acting in middle school. I grew up on the internet which is technically a Gen Z trait, but I really don’t feel I grew up too differently than my boyfriend that’s 10 years older than me. I never had real life friends growing up and most of my online friends have always been older so maybe it explains my disconnect with people in my age group.

No. 595656

A man in his 30s should have no business dating you.

No. 595668

I’m an older millennial. There are a few issues I have with the picture.
I’m more likely to browse the web before making any purchases.
I value quality and convenience. But quality always trumps convenience.
I hate wasting money on shitty things. It ends up costing more in the long run. Especially when you’re pinching pennies.
I only use desktops when I’m working or gaming. I type and work so much faster on a desktop than a tablet and smartphone. It mostly has to do with typing, having multiple programs and window-snapping while running on two different monitors.
My thoughts on gen z are that they are lauded as being digitally native and have high rates of digital literacy however all the members of gen z that I’ve met are woefully unknowledgeable when it comes to working with a desktop/laptop or digital literacy. The tide pod thing also wasn’t a good PR move. But their are idiots in every generation.
However, in all other aspects of life, I have no issues with gen z. They’re pretty cool kids.
I have more issues with boomers.

No. 595669

Sage cause I’m a dumbass

No. 595710

I was born in 1990. I think gen Z are weird in a lot of ways, like how transtrender emo/scene types have become a thing and your generation is no longer satisfied belonging to social groups based on hobbies and interests. The focus on gender and sexuality is crazy to me and most of you have terrible music taste.

No. 595724

I’m Gen Z, born 1999. In my experience, millennial men are pigs. feel like although “jock” gen z guys certainly do exist, jock and frat boy culture is less popular among gen z guys. I’ve met so many asshole millennial men with sexist frat boy attitudes even years after they leave college. Gen Z guys are still sexist but I’ve noticed they tend to express it differently than millennial men.

No. 595732

People who are currently 25-30, what is your unfiltered opinion on people currently 18-24?

What a Boomer tier rant. Anyway.

I'm only going off TikTok, my little brother, a room mate I once had and public sightings as examples of Gen Z, so it'll be generalised af. I see them in groups often just sitting together and occasionally showing a meme to laugh at together. If they're in a lovely place they'll be sure to take a nice photo of each other first then proceed to scroll. Christ I sound like a boomer, but it feels like such a diluted and unengaged form of social interaction. Also they seem like they're trying to create the illusion of depth, like the "alt girl" stuff or claiming they're the "main character". And a lot more emphasis is placed on creating their own "aesthetic" and looking like their lives are interesting than just chilling out and working on it organically.

Also they seem to be on a mission to be seen as the most woke. I mean it would be so nice to believe that they're the generation to wake up, but I've seen them nitpicking someone's video if it looks like they maybe began to lip sync the n word or cover their mouth, and it doesn't feel like they're doing this because they genuinely believe it's what needs to be fought against. They're bringing it up because they might get brownie points for being the wokest gen z in school. I mean the uhgyur camps, native american treatment, so so much and THIS is the hill they die on? This is the issue that NEEDS to be at the forefront? And the same with that fucking Doja Cat thing, most stupid cancellation I've ever seen. I'm sure the virtue signalling is good, but it leaves a sour taste in my mouth because it feels like it's just for clout.

When I was younger if you were openly vegan, gay, a feminist or even an activist then you were ostracized. I'm glad it's not like that these days, but also think it's odd that it's gone in the direction of focusing on non or super minor issues instead of very real, very big current ones. For the record I do think it's messed up that it's basically a rite of passage that an inflencer eventually comes out as racist at some point in their past. It should be unacceptable.

Regarding the HP thing I'm actually a huge fan lol, but I think it was a cultural phenomenon that wouldn't happen today because gen Z culture is so scattered. Not a bad thing, but the films themselves spanned I think 10 years, and each was as exciting as the last, and the ages of the characters were the same as my generation, so it felt liek we were growing with them. And the books, I attended every midnight release then spent the next days jsut devouring the book. I think back then the world was slow enough to allow this, and build and maintain hype over so long. Once it became more commercial and there were HP shops and they sold merch in Primark it felt overdone and I don't actually know a still obsessed HP millenial, but that's just my experience.

I wonder what gen Z will be like in the future. When I was a kid visitng relatives I had the choice between reading, looking out the window or helping with chores. I had to constantly go over my texts because my phone would only hold 8. Photos were special things and I feel everyday life, including for me, is oversaturated and I wonder what a tech oriented childhood would do to someone.

No. 595744

re: the woke thing, this generalized too, but there's a reddit sub called ask teen girls. they had to make a rule saying top level comments must be from teen girls, boys could reply to their comments though. you know, because the sub was called ask teen girls. The boys absolutely lost their shit and raided the sub for days. They were definitely teen boys as well. they made post after post on /r/teenagers about how women are favored in society etc that got upvoted/gilded a bunch. I hate the "gen z are more woke" line of thinking because it's blatantly not true if you interact with gen z outside of twitter/insta.

The idea gen z isn't full of misogynistic porn obsessed moids is a joke. Same as every other gen.

the harry potter thing is dumb. gen z obsess over fucking rick & morty and tiktok. who gives a shit if some millennials likes harry potter. it's the least offensive thing you could possibly be into. I don't know why gen z is so obsessed with calling people out for liking a story that generated billions and has themepark open around it.

No. 595774

More of a question for Millenials.
Was the internet more fun back in the early/late 00's? I hate social media and how there isn't a sense of community, everything is made for virtual asspats nowadays. I have always wondered how the days of forums and small websites were like, was people more genuine or interesting to talk to?.
Also, please save me from zoomer humor. It's so fucking repetitive, i am tired of not knowing when someone is being serious or just being "sarcastic lol". Also fuck, being a sassy bitch is not a personality trait, you aren't a drag queen.

No. 595798

>Was the internet more fun back in the early/late 00's?
Tons, it was less centralized, more experimental and lots more people were goofing off and having fun because you were encouraged to hide your personal information so there were fewer consequences. Most of the internet userbase was significantly younger too since there was no online shopping and social media. There were lots of spaces you could customize (LiveJournal themes, geocities etc) and hobbies weren't heavily monetized or turned into an "aesthetic" like they are now since there were no likes or virtual popularity points. Ofc there were pedos out there and other degenerates, but it's not like they don't exist anymore, I feel like they're even more likely to target young girls due to so much personal information existing.
>I have always wondered how the days of forums and small websites were like, was people more genuine or interesting to talk to?
A lot. There's still small forums that survive to this day but they're heavily moderated and you often need an invite to get in. PC culture also wasn't as big back then so you wouldn't get shunned for the smallest verbal slip (I still remember when I got dogpiled for calling someone a retard… on 4chan).

That said, I'm a very young millenial on the edge of being a zoomer and also a third worlder so things might have progressed faster elsewhere.

I don't like millenial men online (mostly Americans and Brits), their whole personality revolves around media consumerism and they're turbopseuds who always make fun of stuff like astrology that girls mostly do for fun while drooling over Jordan Peterson's drug fueled ramblings and talking about evopsych and MBTI which they ironically take 100% seriously.

At the same time I don't like zoomer virtue signaling, I think it's admirable that they're speaking up about social issues but not everyone lives in the US and Americans have a very myopic view of the world, which often results in them bullying random people for no reason and shutting down everyone who disagrees with them. Wokeness and being PC don't really help anybody, they just make actual serious discussion harder when you have to argue about dumb semantics.

One thing that really angered me was butthurt tumblrites shitting on cottagecore because it's not "inclusive" enough, shut the fuck up, it's a dumb fantasy lifestyle people got into because they're sick of modern capitalism, participate if you want or don't.

No. 595806

30 y/o answering here, and in short, yeah definitely. There was a broader feeling of the internet being lots of little communities for all sorts of things like hobbies, political interests, sports, you name it. There was MSN Messenger, AIM, ICQ and boundless forums for talking about anything you wanted. It felt like actual communities instead of just this giant nameless/faceless brief 'hit like' 'subscribe/follow' bullshit we have now. Online interactions now are very passive and no longer have that personal feel. I had friends I met on Neopets and roleplaying forums that I stayed in touch with for a decade. Every time we checked in with each other, it was a genuine interaction, whereas I now feel like people these days ghost more easily and with little thought. I miss that a lot. It felt cosy.

I feel a lot of it now is getting online, sticking to your tribe and flinging shit at those who oppose you. That used to happen in the 'old days' too but it was less vicious. It was more 'haha, look at those goofs' now it's 'lets fucking ruin their life and cancel them'.

I also long for the days of stumbling across a strangers website for something they're massively interested in. Signing guestbooks, reading other visitors comments and being fascinated by where they said they were from. It felt like an adventure, now I don't enjoy spending as much time online. It was great.

No. 595812

I've been online since 2000 (oldfag + started very early) and it was much more exciting. For one thing social media didn't exist so people were creating content that was genuinely appealing and funny out of their own personal interest. Because megacorporations weren't online yet they were genuine and free of calculated marketing tactics. Now you get all these youtube influencers who are like "real people" when they're sponsored and controlled by different big businesses and have a suspiciously high production value with their shit with engineered scripts and content. Everyone was creating websites so I personally had like 30 sites I rotated between in a day, now I just refresh lolcow, news sites, youtube and twitter and that's about it. There's nothing else to see really. You found something new all the time.

As for the users themselves, normies didn't use internet back then except maybe occasionally. This meant that you got all sorts of weirdos around you but the biggest userbase was just general nerds who were smart and nice albeit a bit awkward. I came across pedos in the early 00's every now and then but because like >>595798 mentioned you were highly discouraged from sharing any personal information about yourself they were much less likely to prey on you as they knew nothing about you besides your nickname and vague details. I just told them off because my parents always told me about stranger danger and back then digital cameras (or much less phone cameras) weren't as mainstream so you got only a limited amount of photos to post online to begin with.

Political correctness wasn't a thing at all either. However I don't remember bona fide misogyny existing like it does today. Now you got all these loser incels sperging out about cock carousels and whatnot but back then the worst you got was a "go make me a sandwich rofl" joke and belittlement, not hate. As a 14-year old girl I was welcomed in pretty much all the spaces I entered, not in a grooming sense either because I mostly hung around with people my age. Homophobia was a bit more reoccurring but it manifested usually in terms of dark humor, not vitriol. Same goes for racism, you got "Nigga stole my bike" type of jokes but there wasn't a /pol/ kind of mainstream narrative about blacks, jews and gays ruining the western civilization. All that sort of stuff didn't start existing until the early 2010s when politics started being polarized. In the early to mid 00s it was much more likely for someone to be called out for being an abusive nutjob (think Final Fantasy house) than making some innocuous post someone found offensive.

Because most online spaces (Message boards, forums, imageboards and livejournal communities mostly) were small and moderated and didn't belong to some big blob of a colossal social media space, the discussion was much more pragmatic than what you see on places like Twitter or Tumblr where anyone can step on the soapbox to voice their uneducated opinions unchallenged. Spergs and sociopaths existed everywhere but they were often shunned, in the time of social media the crazy fuckers who would've been banned everywhere they set their foot in are now able to rise to the status of a hero and an influencer.

All in all internet is way better these days in terms of technology (faster speeds, bigger bandwidth capacities, user interfaces, streaming, instant messaging, online services etc.) but the community is dog shit compared to what it was in the early 2000s.

No. 595838

File: 1596473844254.jpg (2.78 MB, 4032x2268, 1555003094057.jpg)

>I also long for the days of stumbling across a strangers website for something they're massively interested in. Signing guestbooks, reading other visitors comments and being fascinated by where they said they were from.
This took me back anon, I used to run a crappy website about anime and basically every related weeb subject I could think of to write a page about. This was back in like 2008 as a teenage weeb. I had a guestbook too and it was so much fun interacting with people commenting there feeling like this cool senpai giving recommendations.

Around the same time I met a girl by getting into a youtube comment back-and-forth doing cringy 'omg so random humor' roleplays of anime characters. We ended up continuing doing that same rp in private messages for like half a year. I knew she lived halfway across the globe but I never got to know her name or what she looked like or anything. Stuff like that just didn't seem important at all.

No. 595856

I just miss the experimental and individuality of the internet from when I was growing up. Now everything has to fit a boring, perfect aesthetic and everyone's pages look the same. The internet, or at least the surface of it, has become boring af.

Still I'm glad I was able to enjoy the internet when it was still the wild west and niche. Now that everyone's on it, it's boring.

No. 595862

That sounds amazing anon! I used to a run a hello kitty (original I know) which I started in 2001. I trawled the internet and books for facts about her and the other Sanrio characters, put up drawings and wrote little stories about her. I used to race to the computer every morning and check my guestbook. It even got shared on a few other HK fansites too. I get teary eyed thinking about those days.

No. 595916

I,m 22 and i say that younger zoomers do this as well but instead of media they develop their personality around being "alt" and having a basic understanding of niche political theories at least from what I,ve seen

No. 595925

This, thank you anons. The best part of the "milenial culture" (to call it something) is the niche cultures, the online happenings, the websites zoomers didn't get to experiment because all they've known is corporativist internet and they had twitter instagram etc shoved into their faces since young. Not blaming them but pitying them, rather. I'd also be a hypersensitive easily offended baby if I had been raised on fucking twitter with all the tranny pedophile brainwashing propaganda. (That said, some milenials are this bad as well and I am clueless on what is their excuse because I've never been that gullible and I am a huge oldfag who spent her teen years online as well. Most of us were already adults when all the woke shit started getting out of hand. Tbh my personal believe is that frequenting some big websites were more damaging to growing teenagers than others deviantart).

Many zoomers have a warped view of milenians because they've only met the most shit milenials. I personally think we can either be pretty based or pretty terrible. There really isn't a middleground with us for some reason.

Also milenial normies are awful. They definitely make up most of the worst milenial stereotypes together with the sjw manchildren. In fact they tend to overlap a lot.

To the person (>>594763) who said milenials had less options because they only had facebook and 4chan and zoomers had TIkOtK rEdDit and a list of other corporation brand names, are you a normie? People on the old internet barely used those unless they where those kinds who just owned a computer to do school projects and check facebook notifications. Life and activity back then was thriving in small forums, blogs (fotolog, livejournal & blogspot anyone?), chatrooms, geocites, and more niche hobby shit like oekakis, mmos etc. You can't understand the old internet with the current internet mindset. People used to get away with worse shit too since it was decentralized as well, not everything was fantastic and free to be honest.

No. 595951

The niche Millennials are the worst, because not only they have very limited taste but they're smug about it too.

No. 595966

That old internet is effectively dead too. I wanted to revisit some sites out of nostalgia and they were gone. I tried the internet archive and they didn’t have much archived. Sites like this (and now discord I guess) are about as close as you can get now.

No. 595969

What's even the purpose of this post. Are you salty that milenials got more variety to enjoy when they were younger and talk about it fondly when asked? Social media is crap and your gen keeps doing and liking the same shit because they killed originality and variety and anyone who goes out of their way and is "smug" (being passionate about something is being smug now? lmao) gets either cancelled or ignored.

Not our fault your internet sucks. Be mad at corporations, not at us; we would had rather kept things the way they were so you got to see them too.

No. 595976

It makes way more sense that gen z would have more coomers, who would think otherwise? Nofap is niche. They grew up with access to porn on the smartphones from a very young age.

Semi related rant but the influx of teen coomers makes online RP impossible. I had fun memories of role playing action-adventure type stories with other teens when I was a teen and trying to get back into it was super disappointing. It’s like no one wants to do regular roleplay any more only erotic roleplay and ITS FULL OF KIDS. I do not want to get Chris Hanson’d. I gave up honestly. The sheer quantity of kiddy coomers made it seem unviable.

No. 595989

I feel you, fellow oldfag, i feel you.

>Political correctness wasn't a thing at all either. However I don't remember bona fide misogyny existing like it does today. Now you got all these loser incels sperging out about cock carousels and whatnot but back then the worst you got was a "go make me a sandwich rofl" joke and belittlement, not hate. As a 14-year old girl I was welcomed in pretty much all the spaces I entered, not in a grooming sense either because I mostly hung around with people my age.

I think it mostly had to do with these losers being larpers who do not even belong to internet culture in the first place; they are mostly irl losers with no hobbies other than the porn/vidya combo who tagged along later on when the internet became more accesible in the early 2010s and started polluting big forums with their sperging; if you pay attention the big boom of gamer culture, steam and competitive gaming becoming a thing happened precisely around those years. I don't think it's a coincidence lmanchildren infested everything around the same time.

Nerds before were too invested into their hobbies to start silly gender wars and children just sticked to each other as you said. People itt complained a lot about milenials being over invested into their hobbies but nowadays internet's main activity consists on everyone shitting on people they don't like, wherever you go. All you see is bitter, depressed, bored young people everywhere.

No. 596054

>It makes way more sense that gen z would have more coomers, who would think otherwise? Nofap is niche. They grew up with access to porn on the smartphones from a very young age.
No way, late Millenial here. By the time there were smartphones, there was safe search. Before then, porn was easy to accidentally come across on Google or as a pop-up / advert (more likely led to malware). I remember getting spam about "male enhancement" as a 10 year old on my first yahoo e-mail account.

No. 596057

NTA but she said "limited tastes" which is true, we have way more variety and don't lock ourselves into a box.

No. 596065

Lots of millennials didn’t spend that much time online before smartphones were ubiquitous, you could only access porn at home where your desktop computer was and lots of families couldn’t afford desktops Orr broadband internet. Obviously this wasn’t the case with families who were better off.

By contrast a zoomer could have had a smartphone at age 7 and could access porn walking to school. It’s not a difference of availability but ease of access.

No. 596067

I feel like the alt thing only exists online, and even then on really on tiktok where people kind of use alt/straight tiktok in the same way people use normie, local, npc etc

No one is being cancelled for being ‘passionate’

No. 596088

Because America is collapsing, blame our boomer parents.

No. 596090

No. 596132

>Why is gen z's purchasing forecast less than a fourth of the millenials?
I think it's more of a question of who's doing these analytics.
>Gen Z is not drawn to brands easily, which means retailers have to do more to reach them
If I someone gave me a marketing survey, I'd say no to buying every Pringles, Coca-Cola, Klenex, Apple, Dell, and so forth shit. And I block every ad, but I'd definitely scratch my chin at a Pinebook, other ARM Linuxfag laptop/phone or donate to something like AO3.

No. 596139

I don't understand why people from my country are so into these american generation identity politics, especially the millenials born in 90s didn't live similar lives compared to american millenials considering back then we went through one of the worst economic crises in our country's history.

No. 596191

Same, we went through literal wars and the whole zoomer/millenial divide just isn't that visible. Everyone basically started from scratch around Y2K.

No. 596192


I think it also has to do with inheritance and wealth transfer that will come to pass after the great boomer extinction event has reached it' apex. Millennials are almost assured to have Boomer parents who hold the majority of assets and wealth in America. Zoomers might be product of Boomers but their just as likely to have Genx parents who spent their 20s working some part time job at the making no real money.

No. 596273

>Millennials are almost assured to have Boomer parents who hold the majority of assets and wealth in America.
Boomers are already 56-74, many millenials have parents younger than that?

No. 596295

Agree. People who didn't understand internet culture got online and started bringing in their autism, then aggregated movements to adapt their ideals. After social media became popular the discussion online became much less moderated because these huge corporation-run spaces couldn't monitor everything that was being said, so you could just run your mouth saying whatever you wished and someone would always believe and agree with you because who's going to tell them you're full of shit? Now the sites are installing all this AI logic to handle the amounts of support requests and shady information gathering (like asking for your phone number) so innocent people get hit as well.

>Nerds before were too invested into their hobbies to start silly gender wars and children just sticked to each other as you said.

Yep. Zoomers can shit on "autistic millenials" all they want but back then people were more interested in whatever their hobby was than constantly being at war with each other. Not saying dramas didn't exist because they did but the politicization of every issue didn't. As a 14-year old I sure as hell frequented hentai fanart sites because what horny teen didn't, but actually going to the message board to demand these adults to make their porn "safer" to me as a minor would've gotten my ass banned and ridiculed and I would've retreated to lick my wounds. Social media didn't exist, where would I be making my self-indulging callout post? People aren't expected to be in charge of their own internet experience anymore because everyone is stuck in the same massive online spaces and the other side is trying to police the grey masses to cater to their everchanging sensibilities causing more people to be pushed to the other radicalized extreme as their frustration boils over. I swear half of my friends who were nice, intelligent people in 2007 are now either trooned out ultra-liberal spergs and half are alt-right motherfuckers whining about m-muh immigrants and destroyed west. After I detoxed myself of my social media addiction around 2 years ago and only focused on fucking around in my own self-created bubble I felt myself being much more lax and inspired, and the anxiety and constant feeling of having to watch over my shoulder returns immediately if I open up any of my social media feeds.

As a side note regarding gender wars I can't believe it was only a bit more than 10 years ago when everyone used the word "tranny" freely and the term was "transsexual", not "transgender". I'm still waiting for my cancellation for openly dropping the "t-slur" in 2009, that's how much things change and how internet leaves a paper trail of what you said and did years ago and anyone can find it. Now it's especially dangerous because almost everything is tied to your real life identity. So zoomers keep this in mind whenever you feel like posting some edgy take on your Tiktok or Taktik or SnapGram or whatever you kids have these days. Something that was completely okay in 2020 might be the equivalent of calling black people the n-word when 2027 comes around.

No. 596306

Lmao if you think millennials will see much of that inheritance. Their parents are going to blow through their savings in retirement for end of life care which is stupid expensive. This is already happening to lots of families. The adult children end up with nothing because it all went to medical costs.

Mind you this is a very American reply. Might not be the case in other countries.

No. 596307

It's the people online first who were autistic, not the normies. kek

No. 596312

This. My parents are already planning to spend all that they have during retirement and leave us kids with zilch. We'll probably end up paying for their medical costs once they become old and debilitated and the money runs out. Boomers were the ones getting huge inheritances because the greatest generation was stingy as fuck and ended up being loaded and never spending any of that money due to their poverty traumas from the early to mid 1900's.

You're aware there are more types of people than just tech-savvy internet nerds and well-adjusted regular normies right?

No. 596314

So normies are the autistic ones now? lmao

No. 596318

This might be bait but I actually feel like this is one of the gen z trends I've observed. You take something out of context and pretend you don't understand the original message, playing dumb just to sidetrack the discussion and trying to gain the upper hand by being cheeky and snappy. I don't know if it's just a general teenager impertinence thing or is it especially popular with zoomers but they do it all the time on social media just to try and look like a sassy big brain kween clapping back at haters.

No. 596319

You're taking this too seriously. But whatever.

No. 596320

>But whatever.
Nta but that's exactly what she meant, trying to gain the upper hand of the discussion not by actually replying but by trying to paint the other side as losers by acting cheeky, snappy or "unbothered".

No. 596324

Also NTA but I think you’re projecting and making a lot of assumptions in interpreting it as some mind game to get the upper hand and portray the other person as a loser or whatever. I think more likely it’s just not everyone wants to have a debate about everything all the time? You aren’t entitled to someone replying to a paragraph long sperg about how zoomers are too cheeky

No. 596329

Exactly, this argument style of constantly replying with "Ok but you're still a [word]" or "Whatever lmao" like they're too cool to be actually bothered by the argument when they're so seething they can't form proper sentences anymore is either the zoomer trend of being constantly bored and having a nonexistent attention span or just general teenager behavior because they can't hold a conversation that might force them to internalize what the other person is saying.

Also NTA but you aren't entitled to drop a spicy take and not have your viewpoint challenged either.

No. 596334

I'm 23.

Imo, lots of people 25-30 are pretty annoying a lot of the time. They're not very practical, as far as I can tell. They were raised with the ideals of the 90s consumerism bubble. I see a lot of entitlement from these kinds of people, usually.
They're like boomers in the sense that they took on the shitty habits of their parents. Abundance mindset, still fall for propaganda pretty often, not old enough to be truly mature yet, still living in a bubble usually, still trying to stay up on the cancerous trends that plague my age group.

No. 596351

Close, but more:
>"Muh PTSD" is quintessential bait by LC standards, excuse me while I press X to doubt

No. 596356

Girl, 23 is no baby either, that's close to or already mid 20s, how can you unironically call people who are only 2 years older than you annoying, entitled and raised a certain way that's supposedly so different and worse than you were raised?
That's the same energy as 18-year-olds calling 17-year-olds children, just even more embarrassing…

No. 596361


I wasn't raised that way. I was poor, had to rely on family, did some stints in foster care, etc.

Also not saying I don't have my own shit I'm not dealing with. I'm just an idealist, and don't think - most - people from that age group are seeing how their lifestyle is going to dematerialize as resources run out. They function better in society than me, but what happens when society changes? What happens when consumerism has too many mouths to feed, and not enough resources?

Not everyone fits this stereotype, but I feel like at least my age group gets that better. Call it nihilism or hedonism, but at least we grew up on the idea that we're raping the planet of its resources. We can't all have an abundance mentality.

Almost everyone I know well who is 25-30 is self-absorbed and self-interested. At least 18-20 year olds have the excuse of immaturity still.

No. 596375

>people in their 20s stay up on the cancerous trends that plague the age group of poor wittle 23yo me
>my age group gets that better
Kek quit saying that, you're the same age.

No. 596385


Bitch, I can say whatever I want. You don't know what I feel about people my age. That wasn't part of the prompt. We are stupid in our own ways. More stupid, cause we are more immature.

There's a difference between being youthful and holding on to your youth btw. Y'all were the Myspace gen, and I'm in the insta gen. At least, I'm assuming you're in that age group, cause you're butthurt. We have never known anything different. 25-30ers knew how much better interactions were before social media/connectivity ruined the spirit of relationships.

No. 596386

>salty zoomer

No. 596388

>retard who can't express anything interesting or thoughtful

Guess we'll just label each other and call it a day ^_^(^_^)

No. 596390

Again with the "y'all" vs. "me"…
>There's a difference between being youthful and holding on to your youth btw.
And let me guess, you think you're the former while us are the latter? lol
You're a dumb fag, sincerely another "young" <25 person. Also, emojis aren't allowed.

She's not. She's a grown ass woman, average or even above average age for lc users, yet screeches about people a couple months older than her "plaguing" her.

No. 596391

>be normie millenial with harry potter interest cus nostalgia
>have harry potter mugs and the book collection, maybe watch the movie once in a blue moon when you have time after work to chill
>zoomer: omg soooo retarded. Millenials have literally NO personality, all my zoomzoom friends are sooo speshul and full-fledged characters with so many speshul and oonique interests! millenials are sooo obsessed with media
>look at said speshul zoomer friends
>all of them love danganronpa, listen to BTS, dress like autistic children, put too much blush on their nose, use tiktok for clout and have god saivor complexes about politics they barely understand
>of course they do
>because all zoomers love saying how they're the superior generation via virtue signals and dubious morals, not only trying to one up millenials but also other zoomers to see who is the most righteous
>millenials just want to watcht their dumb wizards movie in peace lmao

I don't even like harry potter. I'm just right.

No. 596392

>retard who gets angry at someone calling them out
you proved my point lol you're salty

No. 596393

This might be bait but I actually feel like this is one of the gen z trends I've observed. You take something out of context and pretend you don't understand the original message, playing dumb just to sidetrack the discussion and trying to gain the upper hand by being cheeky and snappy.

This. This is why so many people get cancelled at the stupidiest thing too.

No. 596395

>Gen Z is not drawn to brands easily, which means retailers have to do more to reach them
MMM SURE. They’re just obsessed with non-brands like Airpods, Gucci, Jeffrey Star, AAA titles, e-celebs cult personalities dogshit merch. Overdosing on brands masquerading as people, marketing already got you from the womb fam. I have yet seen any significant divergence from this trend toward more local, homebrew consumerism and rejection of mainstream cultures like millennials did with “hipster culture”. The most I’ve seen zoomers do is shilling “ecofriendly” and “ethically sourced” products. 90% of which, you guess it, aren’t, just effective zoombies marketing. Capitalism stays winning while baby play pretend communist online. Making fun of their parents for falling for MLM schemes is peak irony.

No. 596402

I'm from 1995 and not from the US so I'm inbetween generations. I lost a year due to some weird rule in my country when I was a child, so I was put with kids from 1996-97 in elementary. I always felt the stark difference between one year and another. People actually my age were calmer, worked together more, didn't had apathy. While the younger kids I was put with were always so chaotic and self righteous. It sucked

No. 596403

>tfw you're inbetween generations and have both millenial and zoomer traits

That said, what I hate about zoomers is that everything must be political, or about gender and race, or whatever… even things that aren't supposed to be. Why?

No. 596407

kek based anon

No. 596432

My zoomer bf sends me lots of tiktok videos and gets upset when I don’t watch all of them and respond. This is my petty zoomer problem. Some of the vids are good but others make me cringe.

No. 596442

Just curious, what’s the age difference between you two? It sounds like you’re dating a teenager in your mid 20s

No. 596444

i'm sorry you're not smart enough and don't have the required learnings to truly comprehend and appreciate Rick & Morty like zoomers do. Only high IQ individuals would understand raiding a McDonald's for a sauce from a throwaway joke at the end of a mediocre episode. Only true art such as this is worth being autistically obsessed over. I have also never read a book.

No. 596447

this reminds me of my little sister. she sends me a bunch of tiktoks that i never watch and when i dont she shows them to me in person while i sit there with a straight face watching teenagers do their best forced attempts at being funny. shes 21 kek

No. 596449

>mediocre episode
That was a great episode overall, wtf anon. Shit even had a Nathan Fillion cameo.

No. 596454


Are you Cinnpie?

No. 596465

“ecofriendly” and “ethically sourced” are just buzzwords to sell products at this point lmao
Zoomers are so obsessed with being right and righteous that they will shill brands that are “ecofriendly” and “ethically sourced” when they are still basically supporting a big industry and prioritizing brand over quality. Example, shilling Lush.
Millenials were big on DIY shit back in the 2010's.

No. 596468

Man, a friend's brother is like that too. Since I'm somewhat versed in zoomer jokers I kinda understand some, while others are just unintelligible gibberish nonsense. Sometimes all we can do is blank stare.
>it's dadaism!!!!!
No it isn't, it's you dancing to Shrek meme. Stop trying to be funny Jimmy, you're embarassing everyone at wallmart with your forced tiktoks

No. 596469

kek anon

No. 596476

Agreed. First of all zoomers love to pretend like they're not lowly consoomers like the preceding generations but they're just as vulnerable to marketing tactics as everyone else. Instead of corporations peddling their products themselves they pay social media influencers to promote them because they're seen as the "real people" who give "honest opinions" when they're nothing more than salespeople in disguise. Not to mention their own brand products (or "collaboration series") they hawk to their audience, often it being just some already existing production line crap they slapped their face and name on.

Secondly the eco-friendly/sustainable brand is their generation's Gucci and Vuitton, corporations can just buy that label on their products by paying off anyone they need to. The eco-friendly products constantly flunk the consumer-conducted tests or are found to be straight out scams. It's all the same shit but zoomers are too young and naive to realize they're living the regular ~evil~ consoomerism culture that we grew up in.

No. 596522

Is it me or is 'e-girl' style just like a tumblr artstyle from ten years ago?
Not the way people actually dressed, but the way they drew people.
It all seems so familiar but I can't confirm. Seen some drawings that sort of come near it in the ugly art threads.

No. 596542

i think the problem both mid to late millenials and zoomers have are the limited life experiences paired with a desire to rebel or change society at large. they tend to ignore the "unfun" aspects of changing society, aka voting, attending council meetings, community events, campaigning, etc. being an influential person is not have a blue tick twitter, it's holding actual power whether it be through government or a company position. i dislike capitalism and i'm all for changing the rules of the american government to better fit modernity, but you have to fucking work for it and do it face to face with people. go off on tiktok and twitter all you want but no congressman is gonna read your tweets and award you a medal.

No. 596560

Egirl "style" is just 00's internet culture. Zoomers had no counter culture so they leech of early 00's emo/scene fashion/art. I was a teen in the late 10's and i don't remember anything memorable outside of the cringy sjw war. It's so weird to see people my age feel nostalgia over 00's internet (when i was 1-9 yo lmao).

No. 596561

Which e-girls are you talking about? You're not making a lot of sense. If you're talking about blackfishing and weird fetishization of ebony skin then maybe, but most e-girls are aiming to appeal to simps who like boyfriend-free clevage and have unguarded access to mommy's credit card.

No. 596571

2000's was extremely bland af in terms of fashion and emo/scene/cringey ass cybergoths were the only memorable things that came out of it. Normies of the 2000's were the normiest of normies that wore boring t-shirt, hoodie, and jeans and called it a day. Felt like if the 90's lost everything that made it interesting bc boomers harshly judged anyone that tried to be "fun" unless they were literal kids. I also remember flowy tops that made anyone that wasn't flat as a washing board look boxy or pregnant, those were SHIT.

2010's had a lot more interesting fashion. Flower crowns, skinny jeans becoming mainstream, skirts becoming popular again, return of cold shoulder tops, space buns, dyed hair on the rise, eyeliner wings, people being more experimental with make-up in general, etc.

I feel like 2020's, besides the masks, will just repeat the 2010's and aim for 80's and 90's nostalgia like the latter of the 2010's was doing.

No. 596575

Newsflash: Your childhood wasn't unique and older people than you also had to suffer from being poor, were in foster care and so on. Yet you call others self absorded even though you imagine you are the special case who had to go through difficult things compared to those privileged, privileged boomers and other older people.

No. 596591

I think Gen X is the worst. Older boomers are born right after wwII, you can't really fault them if they turned out fucked up. But Gen Xers are the ones who shit on millenials/young people the most, despite likely living the easiest lives. My mom always tells me what kind of stuff she didn't have when she was young compared to how I grew up, meanwhile her own mom was still so poor that she skipped school to work on fields, they skipped meals, didn't have toilet paper and washed their clothes by hand in a river and so on. That's a by far bigger difference in living standards/comfort than between our parents and us. You can't really miss smartphones etc when they didn't even exist back then, plus close to all people that age I know were able to get jobs easily, bought houses at a young age and so on thanks to their parents hard work, meanwhile young people nowadays have to fight 50 others to get a tiny shithole apartment only to then lose majority of their income for rent. They are also the ones who robbed earth of it's resources the most and now they blame us into feeling guilty, saying it's on us to live more frugal and find solutions for all the problems they've caused.

No. 596614

We are only 3 years apart but when he sends me these tiktoks it’s more like a decade

No. 596836

File: 1596582461287.jpg (98.83 KB, 800x653, b5ecb4ad9e7c4e98937a67d97a37a8…)

But the 10's fashion was mainstream and boring, you could see your average stacy wearing flower crowns, skinny jeans and dying her hair to take "aesthetic" photos, it didn't feel like an act of rebellion. The 00's was weirder with goth, emos, scene kids, skaters/streetwear. I feel like Japanese fashion was at it's peak in the 00's too. My teenage years were awfull, there wasn't a counter culture to follow so if you weren't your typical tumblr/twitter addicted teen you ended up alone like me. I am glad my teen years are over, from what my 14 yo step brother tells me it's only getting worse, with teens only watching youtuber/streamers and feeling edgy by having "political ideologies" at 14 lmao.

No. 596842

Lolita, especially old school, is ugly and tacky

No. 596845

No. 596864

I’m gen z, but I’m not as funny or clever as a lot of other Sooners. I used to think gen z is pretty cool, but I’m starting to find our group to be insufferable. It’s probably because we’re barely into adulthood at the oldest, but idk.

Like this shit where I was talking with a zoomer 2 years younger than me about the possibility of working for a huge company. I said that I’ve heard those jobs tend to suck and won’t make you happy, so I would prefer to work at a place with a more stable and mature culture. This bitch was all ‘that’s fine for your generation but people like us don’t want to be mediocre’

It always looks like a costume, and usually frumpy

No. 596872

Judging the next generation has been a thing since ancient times. All we can do is just laugh at people dumb enough to fall in the trap.

I personally don't care about zoomers just do ya thing.

No. 596886

I was about to say people older than us used to say the same shit about us when we were teens kek. Also the cut off year of 1996 making you gen z is fucking hilariously innaccurate and also..random.

No. 596889

What do you think the cut off is? How is it even determined?

No. 596905

If it were up to me, I'd say a point of interest is the year 2007-2008, when the internet became less pseudonymous / anonymous and you needed a full name and address to sign up for an account from major e-mail service providers. And Gen Z being born in 2000s, attaining consciousness as the adage of "never put your personal information public online" expires.

No. 596927

Born in 91. Gen z fashion is just like early 2000s and late 90s fashion had a hoodrat baby and I like it.

No. 596950

I'm a zoomer ('97) that works retail. imo millenials are the most likely to wear a mask in public. boomers will just take theirs off after they get in the door because they know nobody is going to stop them. zoomers will take theirs off right in front of me with smug looks on their face and then laugh to their friends about how I didn't say anything to them about it.

No. 596952

Same, but 92. I welcome shredded jeans and oversized tshirts coming back

No. 596999

Idk how gen Z thinks they're so niche and awesome and intellectual when all they do is rip off the 90s and consume media quicker from the last two decades than those living in it and think that makes them better? You lot wear fucking over priced leisure suits that kids in the 90s weds running around in on council estates. Kpop is just sounds like euro and brit pop from late 90s/early millennium. The only thing I can think of that is uniquely your generation is all the transtrender shite and a billion new made up genders. Congrats on being able to read the data created by other generations regarding science and pushing for reforms we've told you too. Wish you cunts would stop conflating sexuality and fetishes with cultural identities.

Your aesthetics look like shit.

No. 597013

Also gen Z are more vain imo, which is obvious it doesn't need stayed. Also the phenomenon of generally whoring yourself online be it streaming or onlyfans. I know people of all generations use these but this type of product marketing developed more prominently during this time. It's weird. The thought of giving people money to play games online that they've already purchased just seems such a bizarre concept. Also the whole culture of social media influencers and how terrible products made by idiots like Shane Dawson can net millions. Very weird and materialistic but for like cheap crap

No. 597015

>Congrats on being able to read the data created by other generations regarding science and pushing for reforms we've told you too
They really just had access to information technologies more advanced than anyone else in history. They just had easier access to education than anyone else in history. They have the audacity to think this means their generation is somehow innately more woke and caring of humanitarianism. Yet they love dunking on the people who gave them all of these things.

No. 597025

That’s strange, why don’t zoomers wear masks more?

No. 597042

I'm this anon >>595153 and I feel this on an spiritual level. Thank you.

Don't forget them literally eye fucking themselves in videos on tiktok/Instagram in an attempt to be a "thirst trap". They practically invented that autistic shit.

No. 597054

The lack of self awareness they have eye fucking themselves on tik tok sends me over. They're all products and the biggest consumerists of all time. All media is dumbed down and over saturated with product placements. Disney and Nikelodeon clearly invest more into the costume department than screen writing. There is no depth to any of the media it's all polished shit. Honestly I think it's a symptom of the products and consumerism. They've all the access in the world yet they're so vapid and shallow and would die to look like Kylie Jenner.

No. 597058

Purely from an american gen z perspective, I would not consider anyone who has literally any memories from before 9/11 to be part of our generation. I really do hate seeing millenials larping as gen z because they want to be part of the meme generation when they didnt from a very young age have to come home from school to see their parents watching live footage of children evacuating schools during mass shootings etc.

No. 597082

I was 16 when 9/11 happened and living in NYC as well. It's such a tragedy and insane event. When people born in 2000 or 2001 want to act like they were part of the event so bad, it makes me feel sick. I'll never in my entire life forget the smoke, the people dying and jumping from the building. As well as the smell of corpses that wafted over blocks and blocks from ground zero, carried by the wind for weeks. I'll never forget that day.

No. 597088

>I was 16 when 9/11 happened
holy shit you're old

No. 597093

Not really, but okay

No. 597096

Yes really, grandma

No. 597110

The thread got very depressing thanks

No. 597112

thats how it was tho. it was fucking horrible.

No. 597116

go pee your pants for attention elsewhere, kid

No. 597122

File: 1596599450481.jpeg (95.46 KB, 800x548, E2F8AE7A-8FB8-4FF3-B411-7E4601…)

Just remember that you were once young and cringe and you will also eventually be old and “outdated”

Be nice yo

No. 597124

shut up you old coot

No. 597132

File: 1596599875099.png (194.73 KB, 480x407, 570FF765-4936-4F46-A6B2-DBCBA7…)

easy zoomie, go read some trans Voltron fanfic or vape or something

No. 597133

Not to sound like a dumbass but I don't understand the point of this reply, are you trying to do a generational one-up on witnessing awful things ? A "who had it worse" when it comes to growing up around terrorism and mass shootings is kind of weird honestly. (this isn't meant to be hostile either just genuinely confused)

No. 597140

I’ve been shitting on gen Z but that post was dumb af lol like ok? That’s rough buddy.

No. 597142

Not gonna lie to you, anons. I just got off a 12 hour shift and smoked some weed, so that probably contributed. Apologies for offending anyone. Wasnt trying to compare anything.

No. 597146

>The meme generation
Gen Z is on the ass end of memes kek. By the time they experienced them memes had already spread like cancer to FB and even boomers were enjoying them. That being said millennials LARPing as Gen Z to be "hip with the kids" is fucking lame.

No. 597155

This thread got fucking retarded fast but, in no way is gen z the start of any 'meme' generation like what

No. 597158

youre all good my elderly homie !!!

No. 597159

Wouldn’t the first meme generation be gen x?

No. 597161

I was joking about that part, thats just what I see a lot of normie millenials describe us as.

No. 597162

Maybe I’m drunk or tired but the first thing that came to mind reading this was ‘crone core’. Is crone core fashion a thing yet?

No. 597166

File: 1596601833668.jpeg (38.34 KB, 696x870, danielle-bregoli-with-nails-fo…)

Why does gen z have such awful taste in fashion? Like why do you guys like these long nasty nails?

No. 597167

Obscure Gen Xers but predominantly Millennials if you ask me.

No. 597173

File: 1596602327260.jpg (175.97 KB, 1092x576, 2000why.jpg)

anon i hate to be the bearer of bad news but early 2000's fashion was not just one of your fever dreams

No. 597177

Early 2000s fashion was FUGLY and I am not looking forward to it returning.

No. 597179

I liked flared jeans but otherwise I agree w/you

No. 597183

no idea, though I should specify it's mostly younger zoomers doing this. I don't have this problem too much with people my age, it's usually teenagers doing what I described. idk, with old people they hate masks because "ITS MUH RIGHTS" but a lot of teens seem to agree with wearing masks because they want to be contrary to old conservatives, while still having that "huehuuee i'm an ebic savage watch me do this stupid unsafe thing and get away with it" that teens always have had.

No. 597196

wearing jeans on any red carpet is such a power move, god i miss the 2000s

No. 597202

>eyefucking themselves
Wait what what the fuck??? do you mean literally shoving a dick on their eyes on tiktok?? what?? is this a thing???

No. 597220

File: 1596612246540.jpg (27.43 KB, 480x480, DhWacGkUEAMwTzJ.jpg)

No. 597238

2000s "fashion" was a crime against civilization, and the second worst fashion trend in history right after the Chinese tradition of bound feet.
May we never live through such dark times again.

No. 597290

File: 1596632281710.jpg (169.94 KB, 880x480, cringe.jpg)

Youtube has recommended some "reacting to Tiktok POVs" videos to me and I've watched them out of curiosity, it's baffling how full of themselves the guys are. They really think they're God's gift to women. There's like a hundred and ten videos that are like "POV: I catch u staring at me and falling in love at first sight because I'm literally the hottest person alive ;)))" bites lip and ruffles hair. Like sure, a lot of the guys my age were obnoxious when I was a teen, but at least they didn't seem like they jack off every day in front of a mirror.

No. 597291

This is the most pussy-drying shit ever

No. 597298

File: 1596633611129.jpg (275.14 KB, 1079x1134, SmartSelect_20200805-092018_Yo…)

I'm not going to lie, I think guys back then would've done it too. It's just that they didn't have a way of filming it and sharing it with millions of people.

But if you were on break.com or early YouTube, you'd find a lot of that stuff there, just a different form of it.

Pic related, 14 years ago but you know if this guy was that she in this current time, he'd be all over tiktok doing some stupid shit.

No. 597302

I don't care if you call me stupid nigga, I'm literally asking because I'm a millenial who doesn't have social media therefore has never had tiktok

No. 597303

Yeah but this dude is being normal and not "a godsent creaute~" kpop reject that these ugly motherfucking creatures pretend to be
GOD just by looking at their ugly faces with makeup and thinking they look sooooooo hot I want to fucking punch them all I hate them god I hate them
this, douches will never look attractive

No. 597305

2000s fashion was alright. Indie was big. Military style jackets. Cargo pants, granted there was a lot of tripe, but there were a lot of decent trends getting ripped off to this day from the 2000s. Even the 'urban' (as it was known then, at least in UK) exploded, there was a good mix of fashion. People itt were obviously just young kids and kids fashion can be garish, but at least kids clothes were a lot more moderate. Cringe seeing what some kids these days are wearing.

No. 597313

Eye fucking basically means undressing someone with your eyes, looking at someone/yourself in an overtly sexual manner. Anon was suggesting zoomers on tiktok are too into giving themselves that treatment and that she finds it annoying.

No. 597314

Why the fuck are so many people in this thread getting so offended/infighting? It's cringe as fuck. Why can't we all just get along?

No. 597316

How am I forgetting later trends like Boho and californian beachy style, and skater punk fashion trends! The Hills use to start trends then the kardashians came out and they emulated fast fashion etc.

No. 597321

Sorry I literally never heard that idiom before, I'm not a native english speaker. Thanks for explaining

No. 597428

Your ugly.

I feel like most alt fashion nowadays is just about putting on an outfit for your Instagram, then taking it off immediately. I live in a big city, and everyone is just so boring. There's no interesting people, nobody taking risks when it comes to fashion. I also can't with that hideous mom jeans trend and nasty blue denim trend as well, it's so fucking ugly and also those calf length dresses that are unflattering on everyone.

I hate how smug and full of themselves gen z are. They all see themselves as either hot, or if they fail in that department, they go for quirky Emma chamberlain lite.

I also hate how thristy for e-fame gen-z kids tends to be. When I got to work, I always hear teenagers talking about their ideas for their shitty tik toks, I've had to wipe away people writing their tik tok handles with makeup. But of course, many millennial are also guilty of being thirsty for e-fame too, particularly the younger ones. I just find it odd how this generation are so comfortable putting EVERYTHING online without thinking, nobody is concerned about catfishes, pedos or weirdos gawking at them.

No. 597468

As a Zoomer I fucking despise her
And her stupid,ghetto trash fans.
Long fake nails are trashy like her,go figure

No. 597477

File: 1596650971720.jpg (40.12 KB, 661x998, maxresdefault.jpg)

>emma chamberlain lite
this is how zoomzooms literally wanna look like lmao

No. 597502

File: 1596652680892.jpg (156.19 KB, 960x758, IMG_9695.JPG)

I feel like the main reason why there isn't much counter-culture, and in turn new alt-fashions that don't ape older alt fashions , is because the internet has allowed everyone to have a seat at the table and most people stay in their own groups

No. 597504

Also, older people don't give a shit as much about a kid having blue hair now. Even normal fags and people 30+ have bright colored hair and alt fashion. The appeal of it was pissing your parents off.

No. 597528

because this is an imageboard

No. 597565

imo mom jeans are super cute and versatile and I also like wearing clothes that are kinda bulky and shapeless as I find the silhouettes more interesting, but every zoomer I see wearing mom jeans just pairs them with a solid color crop top and calls it a day (see: >>597477) also they buy ones that are super fitted which absolutely eradicates most peoples figure unless they have irl instagram bodies.

the day I went to my grandma's place and found she'd casually dyed her hair purple overnight is when I realized this kek

No. 597628

I honestly, wholeheartedly like zoomers. I love that they have a much better moral code that we did back in (lol) our days. I like that they question everything, that they seem less accepting of offensive shit and that they (most of the time) have 0 chill for celebrities being assholes because although the whole cancel culture can be taken way too far very easily, I'm tired of seeing famous/rich people getting away with shit without facing any repercussions. I do believe they need to chill a bit regarding the whole SJW and "woke" movement, learn to find balance between "let's do the right thing" vs "everything is offensive", but imo it comes from a good place and once they mature I'm sure they will find that middle ground. I'm also insanely jealous and find it a great injustice that most of them did not go through their ugly phase because every 15 year old I've met looks better than I did back in my teens/early 20s years/probably nowadays.

The only thing you could say I dislike is this weird fixation with being famous and perfect. I wish teens could get away with being more experimental and doing weird shit instead of looking like a Bratz doll 24/7. I also find this new generation weirdly sexualized but I don't blame them for that part. As an extra note, I feel bad for you guys because if finding a decently paying job was hard for us when we didn't have as much competition as you do, I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it will be in the future.

No. 597650

File: 1596667390287.jpg (45.96 KB, 729x486, bothgenerationsaredoomedanyway…)


Yes, it was tremendously more fun, almost a wild west. There used to be be a small level of technical skill required to even get online and personal computers were not common. I remember in middle school classmates would say things like "I don't go on the computer" so the chance of someone you know finding you online was slim to none. It was easy to be anonymous. Security wasn't even on people's minds. Passwords were emailed in plaintext. You used to be able to just guess people's security questions or bruteforce their passwords as many times as necessary until you got access. It was super easy to buy drugs or pirate literally anything thanks to the warez scene (shoutout to all you present day lovely seeders). The computer art scene was in its infancy and you could actually surf the web. Hacker groups defacing each other's websites with their own custom intricate ascii art for clout. After the mid 90s, websites were trivial to make because there was just tons of free web hosting available. Static sites that were tributes to characters or shows or books were common and most had webrings, letting you find even more unique sites. Neocities at least exists in the same spirit. You can't really do that anymore with the modern search engines. Winamp skins were the shit.

I cannot imagine making the online friendships I did during the early 00s. People I met then on random forums or niche fan page chatrooms I will be friends with for the rest of my life. I can't find a modern online community that is equivalent to the type of intimacy you could develop within a friend group of online strangers on the forums of like newgrounds or gaia or tigsource. More people use the internet than ever, but so many ones I meet only consider the internet to be google, social media, twitch, reddit, 4chan, wikipedia, or youtube. It's hypocritical of me to say this since I work in tech, but the tech giants really did destroy a beautiful thing by commercializing the internet. I have faith that breaking up ISP monopolies and finding a way to scale promising concepts like mesh networks could make the internet like it used to be, but better.

I think there is a distinction to be made between a millennial who came of age online and one who began using it after already having established a career and life. Internet culture is a combination of awe and horror and to grow up immersed in it during a time where it was mostly not moderated def fucked me up.

One thing about zoomers though is I honestly feel sorry for them. I don't mean to sound like I just pity them or something, but they've been dealt such a dogshit tier hand. Millenials were too, but the oldest of the generation significantly less so than the rest. I'm an Amerifag and seeing zoomers deal with school shootings, the broken economy, and now the pandemic. Some of them don't know how it is to not be under constant surveillance. Also, it is bewildering to me how many of them don't know how to do the most basic of computer or internet troubleshooting. RTFM.

No. 597658

>tfw born in 1995 and nobody can decide if I'm a millennial

No. 597747

It comes from extremist political brainwashing imo, but I see what you're getting at. I just don't think their hard stance and general "wokeness" are at all organic.

No. 597751

agreed. its all stuff they saw on twitter and just accepted most of the time social media like twitter definitely makes it harder for people to think for themselves

No. 597753

it's also not real, they fadswap just like other generations but their fads are just more politically charged and viewable to anyone.

No. 597767

>tfw born in 1996 and same

No. 597769

File: 1596682522114.jpg (99.48 KB, 1366x841, 116758905_3450788454972594_386…)

>People who are currently 25-30, what is your unfiltered opinion on people currently 18-24?
Tbh I think they're a lot more aware of issues from around the world and more willing to do something about them. The millennials in my life are so beaten down by life that it feels like my generation feels much more defeatist melancholy and just jaded in general. Gen Z feels much more gregarious and sociable than millenials? I think it has to do with how everything is becoming acceptable to the general public and people don't have to hide their true selves anymore. Gen Z just seems much happier despite all the shit happening in the world compared to Millennials from my american perspective.

No. 597877

This. I’m an older millennial and I feel defeated by the world in general. I think it started with the recession and now it’s the boomers (A lot of millennials’ parents) and media gaslighting our generation into thinking we’re the problem with society. While I agree on some things that are annoying about my generation ( ie majoring in some idiotic thing like old English and then complaining about the lack of job opportunities), both millennials and gen z have a better understanding environment and social issues.
The boomers are all going insane because of lead poisoning from leaded gasoline.

No. 598188

File: 1596733199804.png (76.94 KB, 933x466, violentcrime-vs-tel1.png)


Gen X got all the lead. I wonder if it would help in court just like being an unformed brainlet like people under 25?

No. 600043

How can gen z be this self centered and cancerous

No. 600092

I hope to christ gen z can save us, no one else has, and they'll probably have the last chance, unless we already burned it up for them

No. 600487

Going to sperg a bit:
As a Gen Z/Centennial and having an older sibling that is Gen Y/Millennial, I recall my oldest sibling going on the net onto some chatrooms and what not. I would tell her what to say. That was back in '06 lol. Also, I always thought of the generation thing being what years you're born in. Like Millennials were born from 1980-1994 and Centennials were born from 1995-2009. I actually talked to my oldest sibling the other day, and I told her "At least nobody your generation ate a tidepod." I mean, most people her generation were just doing silly myspace angles. With both generations though, we're the ones that is kind of into the whole cancel culture, and it's really horrendous. There's even a Pew Research article that states that Gen Z is even more Liberal than Gen Y is, and I think some of my peers have been on board with the "wokeness". We cannot count on one specific generation to work everything out. Humans as a whole need to figure out what works the best for our future societies.

No. 602663

> it is bewildering to me how many of them don't know how to do the most basic of computer or internet troubleshooting
Lol, i noticed this too. Feels so weird that despite being born around computers and the fastest internet my friends keep asking me about the most basic computer problems they can just google and solve in five seconds.

No. 602666

ah yes, the massive life gap between 24 year olds and 25 year olds. vastly different indeed

No. 602668

the 90s is objectively superior though. it makes sense that gen z loves it so much kek.

No. 602673

I think the problem is that technology is too easy now. Some of my zoomer cousins have never even owned a real computer or laptop, just tablets and smartphones. They're extremely online but can't figure out anything more complicated than tapping an app icon because they've never had to troubleshoot.

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