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File: 1602534326969.jpg (19.32 KB, 313x320, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

No. 653758

Lay bare your sins.

Previous confessions:

No. 653760

I rinse my toothbrush with water THEN put toothpaste. I have no idea why some people do it the other way.

No. 653765

People do it the other way???

No. 653770

I rinse before and after the toothpaste. It's the only way.

No. 653773

I see memes and stuff of when people put the toothpaste and then rinse and the toothpaste falls off, so I'm assuming some people do it that way, because they're stupid neanderthals.

No. 653774

I only drink with a straw. I'm disgusted by the thought of leaving my saliva on a bigger surface, like glass. Sharing saliva is gross too (even as a small child I was absolutely disgusted by children and their parents/sibling drinking from the same bottle). If I'm in a place where there's no possible way to get a straw and I need to drink, I will make sure to carefully wipe the surface of the glass or bottle after every sip.

No. 653775

I’m glad I don’t live like some of the farmers here
holy shit

No. 653795

considering the fact that men dont wash their hands or asses and don't know how to use an oven or washing machine i'd say you are superior to any pretty boy no matter what you look like. dont let society tell you that males are superior because they're just half baked women at the end of the day.

No. 653796

No. 653805

I generally feel inferior to beautiful people with good genetics but I'm more into men so it affects me more
I know but I'm not a scrote so I don't feel entitled to anything. Also the guys I'm talking about are taken anyway. I never met a way above average dude that wasn't already taken. Those dudes are snatched pretty fast by women on their level
The wast majority of them, yes. But I know of at least two very attractive men who can also cook (and I don't mean some basic shit) and take care of themselves and have very fit lifestyls, I doubt they don't wash their fucking asses. And of course their gfs are on their level in terms of attractiveness

No. 653807

sameeee a gross scrote I had to live with left this nasty fucking mayo ring on a glass and left it by the sink and I almost puked just looking at it. If I can’t wipe my glass I’ll rotate it so I don’t feel the wetness on my lips or I’ll lose my appetite and will to drink

No. 653814

no offense but y'all are fucking wild, I have ocd but I'm not that bad

No. 653856

I would spend less time rating the attractiveness of people in couples, and using the tired
>all the good ones are taken

Guys and girls can look as good or bad as they wish to, it's all about styling, clothes, self care. Look after weight and skin and dress well. Those people you rate at a "level" could easily look 5 steps lower if they didn't put any effort in. A guy in a relationship with a decent looking girl is more likely to try and maintain his good looks so he doesn't lose her, hence what you perceive as "all the good ones are taken" narrative. The same guy unwashed with a beard you would likely find disgusting.

What you are really rating is quality of life, finances, and self care/health care, which affect your appearance as well as your relationships. Rating couples on looks alone lacks context.

No. 653883

Ew mayo is disgusting the smell of it makes me want to vomit

No. 653922

I want shayna and macdaddyglass to shack up so bad. I just want to witness something trashy and tragic

No. 653940

>Guys and girls can look as good or bad as they wish
>Those people you rate at a "level" could easily look 5 steps lower if they didn't put any effort in
I'm sorry anon, but this is just extremely bluepilled. A person with a facial bone structure of a model and messy hair will still look better in a plain tracksuit than a normie in expensive clothes, even if they're both healthy and thin. Faces are like the most important thing and even if you can get a great body and nice skin you will never be a true 9-10 or even 8 without the right facial proportions.

I agree though that quality of life, finances, and self care/health care plays a very big role in how you present yourself to the world. But still, a poor depressed person with 8/10 face will always look better than a poor depressed person with a 4/10 face and will have more things to work with.

No. 653971

I'm the same with ketchup. Watching people eat at hibachi restaurants and get the Japanese mayo overflowing in the sauce trays and then dump all of it on their food. Puke.

No. 653974

Same, (but also I believe he has violent psycho potential & that's not good) but same. It would be HILARIOUS.

No. 653986

imagine the shit they'd make together, repulsive

No. 654104

I am 29 years old and I still live with my parents who also shares a room with her 20-year old brother and 15-year old sister. Nobody in academia, professional world and what friends I still have know about this.

I’m also a virgin and possibly a spinster.

No. 654106

How can you predict you will be a spinster at 29

No. 654124

I watched all of Game Theory's videos on Five Nights at Freddy's and quickly became consumed with that franchise. I think it's amazing and don't want to let some retarded tiktokers ruin that for me. It genuinely freaks me out as a series.

The series is so in-depth it's amazing. Not to mention two very important bops that came from the series: So Long and Stay Calm. I quitr literally can't go a day without singing "It's been so looooong… The man behind the slaaaughterrr".

No. 654128

on a scale from 1-10 how sad and deranged is it that one of the main motivations for me to up my dose of antidepressants was to lose weight? i gained quarantine weight that won't go away and higher prescription of wellbutrin is like straight up the only thing that gives me a metabolism these days, but i'm not anywhere near fat enough to justify it so i'd never actually admit this to anyone because i'm aware it's a fucking awful mindset

No. 654154

I used to be a pick me, lolcow has helped me change that. im also slowly, sneakily, converting my bf. today we had a nice discussion about how men are memed into their kinks/preferences. he 100% agreed and even brought up outtie vs innie pussies and how porn as made everyone think outties are sloppy or slutty or whatever. and he brought up how the preference for women bodies changes like fashion, how most guys go along with the "trend."
Thanks lolcow

No. 654182

the smiths tend to do that to you

No. 654184

please… read a book anon…

No. 654214

I hate the smell of ketchup. I dislike condiments tbh. Except maybe soy sauce. But I don’t even eat that tbh

No. 654216

Me too. Lmao the prons would be so cringeworthy. I bet he will stop simping after he sees how disgusting she is irl. The pork stained couch, the smell of b.o, buttplugs with fecal matter on them scattered around, the wiff of a dirty cat litter box, fast food wrappers and bags from doordash

No. 654255

Thinking books are better than videogames, I pity you

No. 654258

"Thinking", I pity you.

No. 654268

I pity myself too, smooth brain when?

No. 654273

Books are better than those story telling games. I do not get the appeal of the last of us or whatever.

No. 654290


which books? i don't get the appeal of hunger games, for example, and there are far, far better written games out there with actual gameplay than the last of us

No. 654294

Similarly as most popular books will not be the best ones, you'll find the best stories in smaller games than huge productions that have to appeal to the broadest audiences, such as the last of us

No. 654333

I’m sure youre memeing but both statements are dumb as hell lmao seein that the sliding scale for good story telling is vast in both media.

No. 654350

I visit /sty/

No. 654375

Because I’ve never dated before and I don’t see any guys coming my way, unless they’re creeps or desperate “hey you wanna go out with me even though we just met?” scrotes

No. 654379

I like mint Oreos. Maybe more than the regular ones

No. 654396

I feel you, I'm 30 and still live at home

is there not a different room for you, or even you and your sister to share?

No. 654405

Exactly. Mfers who say they don't like mint chocolate because it tastes like toothpaste clearly have never brushed their teeth and I judge them for it

No. 654408

I’ve never despised a cow as much as Porgie, I don’t know there’s something about her stupid fat face that makes me want to beat her, I generally hate munchies a bit way too much and she seems like the worst of them that I’ve ever seen.

No. 654420

sorry ladies, orange and chocolate will always be the superior flavor combo

No. 654424

dude 5 nights at freddies is a horror game franchise, it’s main goal is to spook you. horror novels have never managed to create a sense of dread the same way video games do, there’s just more to work with. stay salty librarian chan.

No. 654429

I hate anything mint flavoured sans toothpaste. More mint flavoured oreos for you, anon!

No. 654440

Even mint tea?

No. 654508

I was looking at a thread from a year ago and it’s unbelievable how she’s been pulling the same shit for so long. Like she looked exactly the same and still complaining about being so sick and disordered. I have no idea why she still posts on her social media (well, attention I guess) when she’s just met with ridicule

No. 654531

i like you guys for shitting on my opinions when they're wrong. everyone is so pussy these days
thanks guys i fucken love you sometimes
shout out to the cuties giving me bf advice, i was genuinely having the worst time but having some sheer, blistering honesty was needed.
give yourselves more credit and stop infighting you glorious bitches i fucken love you all

No. 654544

I ate way too much fibre yesterday

No. 654618

File: 1602614564071.png (57.81 KB, 237x213, moe.png)

I genuinely can't wait until I'm of the legal drinking age in my retarded country so i can alleviate my social anxiety with unhealthy social lubricants instead of expensive therapy and consequently ruin my life, but at least I'll finally have friends since early high school.

No. 654637

File: 1602615271502.jpeg (147.35 KB, 640x828, EB53895F-A354-4E1A-A7FC-4D1ABF…)

I am my worst self on yt. I would fucking SPERG out in the comments while having anime profile pic and I do not give a damn. No civility, no thought out arguments, it’s just me screaming at children.

No. 654641


This is aggressively american

No. 654647

you got that right

No. 654657

Hm yes, a big mood. Just done telling a girl she is retarded for thinking mold can techknicalee get down syndrome and telling a guy he is a brainwashed brainlet for saying that women can get criticized for having body hair (because girls………ur actions have consequences….). I will just use all the buzzwords I can, I don't even care how tryhard it makes me look like. Sometimes you just have to do it for the sake of your own mental stability.

No. 654668

im just like you anon and i do this on tiktok also, i lash out on 12 year olds and idgaf its so satisfying im not an aggressive person irl

No. 654682

Some mouthbreathing shitstain made some retarded sound at me when I walked past today. I wish I just straight up attacked him instead of walking on, but I'm too much of a beta bitch. How do self confidence?

No. 654692


Anon, I used to be that guy until I realised that men will literally try to murder you if you challenge them. It was a few years ago now but a guy cat-called a woman in front of me and when she ignored him he hissed after her that she was a “fucking bitch”. I challenged him on it and he punched me in the face. I had to run into a nearby shop and ask the security guard to keep him out, and this was broad daylight in a busy city centre… so… yeah, as enticing as the fantasies are of saying something back to these cunts please don’t risk your safety. I’m sorry that happened to you.

No. 654695

ive always been against powerplay in bed, even mocking people for enjoying it. but lately ive been getting off to fantasies of me degrading male friends and letting them beg me for pleasure monkahmm

No. 654707


It's so fucking unfair though. I just wish there was literally ANYTHING I could do to teach them a lesson instead of just playing revenge fantasies in my head. I'm sick of it.

No. 654709

Ive been working at my job for a year now and i still cant remember my coworkers names. Sometimes itll take me a good minute before im able to remember

No. 654743

Jfc I hated reading this

No. 654759

Carry pepper spray or get a concealed carry permit (if you can in your country). Not advocating that you intentionally get in situations that require those things, of course, but does give a bit more peace of mind.

No. 654765

I (legally) open carry to keep men from addressing me
I used to be one of the people who would rather every gun just be melted down and done away with,
But this shit is useful, if they do talk to you, literally just look at them ugly
The sad horse show was right

No. 654771

File: 1602626191597.jpg (146.41 KB, 600x700, 54376768769.jpg)

Based anon

No. 654776


Agreed. I always thought I was staunchly anti-guns but then I read about a woman open carrying one to ward off creeps and suddenly I am totally for it.

No. 654780

Every time I see Margaret Palermo’s nude in the banner, I think her body is kind of hot. Shame she’s batshit

No. 654785

thank you, I totally recommend it for anyone who can

No. 654788

I'm really worried about open carry because I'm black and don't want to get shot. But I do plan on ordering a shotgun and a pistol for my house for home intrusion. Fuck with me if you want to.

No. 654798

I don't even have anything helpful or funny to say; just, I dunno, god bless for not going full hikkikomori

No. 654804

File: 1602627941146.jpg (53.06 KB, 640x559, IMG_20190726_075345.jpg)

hi friends I normally lurk but I really would like to say that my bf plays the cringiest, most disgusting fucking rap music and it makes me hate being in the car with him. he's a big kanye fan too and I can't stand that fucking clown. I get so embarrassed when we pull up next to another car and the bass is just booming obnoxiously and whoever's rapping is talking about gross shit and killing people etc. the worst part is that I'm black and he's not so people probably think I'm into that shit when they see us but it's really his fucking music. he thinks he's hard bc he's from Chicago & owns guns but it's just so goddamn cringy jesus. I don't like to judge him for his music taste bc that's stupid (I did try to talk to him about how much I dislike it once and he got incredibly upset so I haven't done that since bc it's just not worth listening to him trying to defend it). pic related its me whenever we pull up next to another car

okay sorry for ree-ing but thanks for listening

No. 654832

Sometimes I see it and think
>What's wrong with that she's just an older woman finding joy in her body
And then I remember the reason she's on the banner is because she's fame hungry psycho who would sell her own daughter for easy money

No. 654870

I think I have better taste than almost everyone. I look down on ppl who don't like things I like. I start to hate my friends secretly if they don't have good taste.

No. 654877

I like being perceived as a guy solely on the internet, or really just not mentioning my gender at all. Not really sure why.

No. 654886

I can't stop looking at Belle Delphine's pictures and wishing I was her weight.

No. 654891

Please anon, there are better women whose weight you should be envious of.

No. 654899

Well let’s lose some weights together anon

No. 654904

tbf half of it is photoshop

No. 654906

That level of anonymity is really nice sometimes. I keep myself as ambiguous as possible with very little personal info given to avoid potential confrontations over my gender.

No. 654911

I want to hate crime all of the trolls and wk's that have been on this site today.

No. 654914

I have a deep desire to cut those im close to down. I try to belittle those im close to in ways thats hard to detect. Some catch me and call me out on it sometimes. I hate that. I really just want to cause pain but I have to settle and do it in barely detectable quantities. It's compulsive and I have to restrain myself from going all out. I also worry I may be narcissistic or sadistic.

No. 654917

but this is based

No. 654924

Yeah, you’re both of those things. Grow up

No. 654927

No need to complicate things anon, you're a dickhead and a bully. Funny that all bullies have some gay origin story about how someone made them feel like shit and they don't even get the hypocrisy of going out and doing that to others. Guess it's also retarded

No. 654961

I like doing this to male family after I finally grew a backbone. I can say its therapeutic after being a little bitch and just taking ppls shit due to female socialization, but I'd be lying. Ngl feels good, I can see how people fall into it and become full sadists.

No. 654965

Because you think you're being clever manipulative when in fact you're just taking advantage of other people's trust. They have their guard down or give you the benefit of the doubt.

If this was actually about narcissism or sadism you'd probably try the same behavior on not so easy targets, but I get the impression you're a bit too cowardly for that degree of clapback. Or basically any situation where being a dick has actual consequences.

No. 654969

Nobody likes an edgefag

No. 654972

I still charge about $60-100 worth of food and random stuff to my exes credit card a month. We broke up 6 years ago and his card was hooked up to my amazon and I just never took it off. So he pays for my Prime and random Whole Foods purchases. Never enough to stand out on a statement, but enough that it helps out a lot for expenses lol. I haven’t spoken to him in 3 years, he’s an architect and I assume not hurting for it. I should stop lest ever find out and suddenly I owe him 6k.

No. 654973

Are you fat? I've only ever seen fatties do this.

No. 654974

On the inverse, it’s also always bitches with bulimia that do this as well.

No. 654977

Yeah only fatties are ever the mean cunts, checkmate faterinos.

No. 654978

Taste in media or aesthetics?

No. 654981

That's even worse, imagine having a fatty personality. Noone thinks you're an evil mastermind btw, everyone can see that you're pathologically self-loathing.

No. 654984

I'm finna to fix up some instant brownie mix and not even bake it. Just grab a spoon and start shuttling that liquid gold straight into my mouth like cake batter.

No. 654987

Exactly! It’s so strange to me when people brag about having those kinds of qualities

No. 654988

I've always been thin.

No. 654989

Let me guess. Your body looks like stretched taffy

No. 654990

People who slight others like that desire control because they’re wimps who lack it, so you being thin doesn’t detract from being a loser

No. 654992

No. It doesn't. Im not at all unhappy with how my body looks. Its one of the only things I truly like about myself.

No. 654997

I do desire control a lot. I definitely lack self control. I've been trying harder to stop being a dickhead and slighting. Sometimes I don't even realize it until after.

No. 655026

I think Seth Rogen is hot and my long-term relationships have all been with Jewish men who look like him.

No. 655031

I keep my toothbrush and toothpaste in the bedroom because I am so grossed out by shit particles getting on them

No. 655050

File: 1602656888724.jpg (52.84 KB, 800x800, download (1).jpg)

Just get a toothbrush cover?

No. 655051

When I was 16 I fucked a 28 year old. I don’t regret it. I initiated it and still think it was hot. Is that wrong of me? I haven’t told anyone irl.

No. 655053

yeah no that's the best way to entrap moisture and have whatever mold grow in the bristles
she should keep her toothbrush elsewhere. having your toilet where you take a shower and wash your face is kinda gross

No. 655054

NTA (though I do the same thing), toothbrush covers are gross and provide the perfect breeding ground for bacteria

No. 655056

That's why you wash them regularly.

Sometimes I wonder how old the posters here are.

No. 655062

Anon it’s not the fact the covers get dirty, it’s the fact that you shouldn’t put toothbrushes into such a contained environment

I mean I guess you could thoroughly dry the toothbrush after each use (though doing this would introduce new bacteria) and it might not be so bad, but why bother when you could just put it somewhere far out of the way of shit particles

No. 655073

I can really relate to this. I don't often belittle people and I try to keep my thoughts to myself. But, I do get some weird kind of pleasure out of causing people pain.

No. 655113

same. I keep mine on a little shelf in my wardrobe, along with all my other bathroom things. I always ask my family if they mind pee particles landing on their toothbrushes (they keep them by the window directly above the toilet) but they don't seem bothered. couldn't be me….

No. 655119

My dog is practically on his deathbed and my ex boyfriend from high school and I raised him. We’ve been separated for 6 years but I texted him today for the first time since. My heart feels weird. I’ve been anxious and staring at my phone all day.
Beyond being totally sick and wrecked over my dog I am also feeling fucked up over this person.

No. 655161

I love eating huge bites of food and swallowing them without biting. Sometimes it stops in my throat so I need to drink something to make it go down. Obviously I wouldn't do it with dry food like sandwiches or biscuits but I love doing it with mash or rice.

Not an anachan or a fatty, I just like the sensation.

No. 655163

Do it with tortellini! Love how the olive oil helps it slowly glide down

No. 655177

This post is giving me anxiety. Please don't choke.

No. 655183

>Out of all the actually good, suspenseful horror game she's mentioning FNAF as an example
Are you 15 or something

No. 655187

love being annoying on lolcow dot farm. it's the only thing that makes me feel alive

No. 655224

Nta but personally would have picked fatal frame and I'm not very knowledgeable about the genre.

It could have been worse, anon could have referenced the slender man game kek.

No. 655271

File: 1602685687365.gif (1.34 MB, 355x272, slrop.gif)

Hold up hold up hold up, I step away for a day and come back to this.

Bitch, I read books. In fact, one of my favorite courses in college was a horror english class. If you honestly think FNAF is simply a jumpscare game then maybe you oughta take some time to invest in the series and see that there's more to it than "muh scary animatronics". BTW, the series has several books.

Not to side with salty libary-chan but there are plenty of books and even dare I say short stories that fill people with a sense of dread. After reading Afterward by Edith Warth I got the same feeling I got after playing some scary games. That "Looking over my shoulder holy fuck is there a chill in the room or is it just me…? Is that someone watching me from the corner?" I get what you're saying. But "dread" is not the word you're looking for. It's a sense of "urgency". Because when you're reading a book everything is set up for the scare. When you're playing a game, you have to set the scare up yourself, there's a sense of urgency to get through that scary, like a panic. You gotta force yourself to move instead of being moved through it like in books.

FNAF as a single game (or even the individual games) isn't "suspenseful" at all. FNAF when you piece together everything, factor in the books, clues on Scott's website it is suspenseful in that there's a very tragic backstory just waiting to be picked apart. But like you said, there's really no "suspense". It's all cut and dry horror. "Scary thing happens then person dies".

No. 655285

Fatal Frame is such a great game series.

No. 655312

totally valid tho, i keep it in a closed closet inside the bathroom. we still shut the lid everytime before flushing the toilet and desinfect it every few days. i cant with people not redpilled about shit particles

No. 655314

it was wrong on his side. you doin good sweetie

No. 655496

I’ve read about so many munchies that whenever someone online says they have EDS I just assume they’re an attention whore. It’s virtually a fake disease to me now

No. 655497

File: 1602697339935.jpeg (198.25 KB, 740x727, FC6132F1-82C4-4A61-B969-3B442B…)

I’m relapsing I do not give a fuck
-20lbs by Christmas let’s gooooo

No. 655501

File: 1602697668876.jpeg (1.14 MB, 2560x2048, birthday-cake-cbd-hemp-flower-…)

I've been a super adamant anti-weed person my whole life. I hate the fucking smell, I hate weed culture I hate everything about it. I hate that people are always hyping it up and generally I was scared of ever getting arrested for possession.

But my severe anxiety and depression plus mood swings has made me settle. I tried CBD oil and I like it but hate how slow it comes on. So now I've just purchased some CBD hemp. I'm nervous and excited to try it. I've always liked smoking things (e-cigs, cigarettes, hookah) but can't stand weed. Well, I guess now it's gonna be "weed". Truly not sure how I should feel about it. But… whatever. My bf's teasing me has made me feel bad about it because he knows how much I hate that shit.

Do any anons here know if it smells bad like weed?

No. 655505

Honestly same. I feel bad for people who genuinely suffer from it but I assume they're not the ones attention-whoring about muh hypermobile joints on the internet.

No. 655508

I feel the same way about anyone with cystic fibrosis or one of the many diseases that causes them to need a "wheelchair" and to ebeg for money.

I follow this one chick who constantly posts her titties and ass and is always saying "I'm in so much pain, I'm disabled, I need XYZ amount for the doctors and I literally CANT waaaah". it annoys the shit out of me.

No. 655516

What? People with cystic fibrosis are actively dying. Nothing like chronic pain munchies.

No. 655518

Well, have fun gaining 40lbs post Christmas I guess

No. 655521

Maybe I'm using the wrong disease. (I just googled "chronic disease" and picked the first one). Well, replace what I said with any disease that they're not dying, just in "chronic pain"

No. 655522

You can’t shake my ana confidence!

No. 655538

I'm still jealous when my friends have other friends, and if I were to date someone I'd ideally want us to cut everyone else (save for family) out of our lives.
It's not healthy and I've gotten control of my feelings regarding this so I don't flip out at people anymore, but deep down I'll always feel the desire to be "us vs. the world" with someone. And if I found someone who feels the same I'd 100% do it with her.

No. 655540

I feel the same way anon. Let’s destroy each other

No. 655552

After that shit with the creepy rooster teeth dude I’m starting to think that dating a normie with no social media is probably the best way to go.

No. 655645

I’m engaged to a dude with no social media and it’s awesome ngl, but now I’m in a mindset where if he ever got social media without good reason (like needing it for a job or something) I’m going to be so damn paranoid

No. 655657

Can i join u anon

No. 655658

Yes! We can do it ♥

No. 655661

That's something you need to sort out before marrying him, otherwise it's a disaster waiting to happen

No. 655664

Find him. My boyfriend is a streamer and just revealed to me (who has no social media so idk what he’s up to) that he has ratchet plastic surgery sex workers propositioning him all the time, but he “makes them mad” by pointing out which surgeries they’ve had. Honestly want to dump him over it lol

No. 655667

This post triggered my red flag vision tbh

No. 655671

Hell yes. My bf actually deleted his social media (only had FB) right as we started dating just because he got tired of feeling he had to "keep up" with people and respond to banal nonsense. Made me love him even more right then lol.

No. 655683

I think you're thinking of fibromyalgia, lots of munchies claim that

No. 655700

Yeah, you're right. I knew it was something with fibro

No. 655703

I work in a preschool and I hate most of my scrote kids. Some of them have the most annoying behaviors and I want to hit them. But I’m always supervised so there’s no time I can do so. So annoying and some of them really deserved to have their asses whipped.

No. 655708

I love eating fennel seeds so much. I eat them after every meal.

No. 655719

anon, they're fucking kids that shouldn't be physically abused, scrote or not. if you hate them so much get a different job

No. 655727

Was going to say, if the only thing stopping you from hitting preschoolers is your supervisor, you need a new job.

No. 655729

File: 1602707667897.gif (987.04 KB, 500x313, 1600706658543.gif)

I really want a boyfriend but I can't stand real men. I just like the idea of a bf in theory, someone who'd love me for who I am, who'd spend time with me on hobbies and dates, someone who'd live with me so we could split bills and rent, someone hot I could have sex with while being 100% sure they're not cheating, trying to get me pregnant against my will and healthy, someone who's there for me when I need him but who isn't clingy and wouldn't take it personally if I prioritize my friends from time to time, someone who'd be genuinely attracted to me for who I am and who wouldn't make fun of or be disgusted by my physical flaws, someone who wouldn't call me racial slurs behind my back or say I'm not like other girls or like the other people from my ethnic group, someone who won't beat me up and insult me every five seconds because something unrelated to me made him a bit upset earlier, etc. But I know it's way too much to ask for so I'd rather stay single and virgin until I die. Maybe I have the idea of the perfect bf thanks to tv, fanfics and shojo manga and I need to lower my standards but I won't.

No. 655731

>taking bait

No. 655733

>But I know it's way too much to ask
Your requirements are pretty basic. The bar for het men is so fucking low.

No. 655735

File: 1602708137388.jpeg (58.17 KB, 739x415, 5EFAB0A8-00C2-45C0-9BEF-E62917…)

There’s this 4chan pick me bitch in my social circle, I genuine don’t know what it is about it, her posting incel tier memes shitting on women, using chan lingo irl, or pandering to scrotes, but she genuinely makes me want to bash her skull in.

Imagine having someone who acts like yungcynical in person, an adult woman nonetheless, i swear to god if i was a scrote I would have already snapped and given her a beating, I’ve never despised a woman so much in my entire existence.

No. 655737

i hope you find the the perfect boy for you anon, you're really not asking for much at all

No. 655747

I hate my best friend's boyfriend so much and she's so obsessed with him that I'm starting to not like her very much anymore. Upsetting.

No. 655748

But you’re not. You’re a pussy who can’t even confront her. You’re not beating anyone kek

No. 655752

Thats a good thing? Im not a crazy bitch and I can hate someone in silence and not create drama in the social circle.

No. 655757

The image and the post just scream 4chan, the only difference between you and her is that she acts like that irl.

No. 655760

And yet you indulge in edgy fantasy of violence. Nothing says impotent spinelet rage like malding in silence because your own friend group doesn’t like you enough to back you up against another bitch lolllll

No. 655761

Nah I was a tumblr edgy bitch on my teens, kinda like polar opposites.
She’s not on my friend group, I said social circle, are you illiterate?

No. 655762

Someone heard about the mythical girl chan for the first time.

No. 655764

And?? Confront her then pussy. Your friends should still back you up if that other girl is so bad lol

No. 655765

Why would I do that? It achieves nothing and I can get sued for assault, that’s literally the most retarded suggestion I’ve ever seen.

No. 655766

Nta but acting like you’re on an imageboard on an imageboard is much different than acting like you’re on one irl

No. 655768

I feel genuinely sad for yungcynical, even though she's cringy af and not worth defending. She's just seems to be another girl groomed by men to seek their approval and attention and I feel like she's just part of a wider issue of girls ,of increasingly younger age, viewing themselves as potential sex objects of men

No. 655769

Ignore the scrote bait, his VPN is too powerful for our farmhands apparently

No. 655771

Lmao getting hit a few times is not physical abuse. Are you retarded?

No. 655775

lol i was betting either on a bpd chan or scrote, either way is it really the confession thread if someone doesn’t pick a fight with you?

No. 655777

Because you wanna talk about bashing her head in for being cringe lmao admit it, even if you were a scrote you still wouldn’t do shit but posting revenge fanfiction on /r9k/ like you currently do

No. 655778

the bathroom is my safe space, like for pacing around. i think i just like it because it's small and contained so i end up just sitting in the bathroom for an hour or so if im panicking

No. 655781

Yes ofc, but I think people should let the more "tryhard" behavior behind at a certain age

No. 655783

Red flags, on my lolcow?

No. 655785

There is this troon ex of mine who just got uglier and more hypocritical and she would be so perfect for the cringe troon thing on /snow but I know that some new friends of her lurk here as well, so I’m really afraid of posting her. I still look up her stuff from time to time to see if she talks shit about me on livestreams and she clearly does and spits so much obvious jealousy about me that it’s hilarious and sad to see.
I was hoping she would change but all she does is just compensate her feelings, instead of working on her personality issues that she had as a male already.

No. 655795

I drew on a guy friend of mine's hand today for fun, and the feeling of holding his hand in a certain position to get the pen to slide right was the most physical touch I've experienced in several months, and since it came from the opposite sex, it actually made me a little flustered/horny.
I'm so goddamn lonely lmao

No. 655806

Lmao she sounds so annoying. Those people do deserve it when they get their skull bashed in

No. 655808

Queen!! but actually take care of yourself, you deserve better .t fellow EDfag

No. 655816

Ngl that sounds romantic

No. 655910

I became a furry for a hot minute because men ruined the feeling of being sexually desirable for me and the only way I could get off was indulging in total fantasy. Not ashamed about it, really, just kind of sad looking back.

No. 655911

my affinity for magical girl anime might subconsciously be about my craving for girl friendships

No. 655941

Mine is consciously about that.

No. 655989

File: 1602725672662.jpeg (52.26 KB, 564x343, D6F74DC0-8D6B-4F9B-876C-DD2383…)

No. 655991

How does that even work? I don't get how a fursuit can be erotic.


No. 655996

Well done on being aware of that and not instead ending at the conclusion that the only way you can be happy is to become a 2d anime girl

No. 656016

File: 1602727773249.jpg (95.25 KB, 1100x740, gettyimages-88433942.jpg)

I want to meet,hug and have a long conversation with Betty White and tell her that everything is going to be alright

No. 656017

Bitch she knows everything is okay. You really think someone as old her her needs the reassurance from you?

Who do you think you are? Bea Arthur? Try again.

No. 656019

File: 1602728088839.png (112.96 KB, 274x231, 1601425286274.png)

Well then I hereby reassure you you're mean
It's nice to be nice to old people

No. 656020

It smells like burnt broccoli,I don't get the anticipation for it or how almost everyone loves it
Smoking Marijuana never gives you any advantages

No. 656022

It smells exactly like weed, stoners will identify the smell as weed if it's on your clothes
t. stoner, sorry

No. 656023

It's not nice, it's condescending. They been alive for probably triple the years than you have.

yes I'm just being a sourpuss

No. 656024

Welp. I guess it's fine. I just won't do it inside the house.

Thanks anons!

No. 656025

File: 1602728513707.jpg (28.68 KB, 540x310, 4e8210ba970fea03d6e93249f4bf5f…)

Die mad about it

No. 656027

I had forgotten spoilers worked here

No. 656030

I feel bad giving you advice since you literally opened by saying you hate weed culture,
but if your bathroom has a vent to the outside, in a pinch, you can close the door, run the fan, and burn a candle
Works even better if there's a window in there, just crack that and fresh air will get pulled in too

No. 656033

I mean, you didn't have to tell me that. I'll always be irritated by people being condescending and babying old people (that are still lucid) so I guess I literally will die mad about it!


I still appreciate the answer and advice anon.

No. 656038

They weren't even being condescending. You must be an extremely negative person.

No. 656040

File: 1602729689800.jpg (67.64 KB, 480x853, 1495440612567.jpg)

Life is good. Life is so good. I try not to say this very often because it tends to bother people, they think I'm making light of bad things or something.

I just rember happy day all the time.

No. 656042

I fucking said I am just being a sourpuss read fucking spoilers you rotten bitch

No. 656048

File: 1602729942738.jpg (27.38 KB, 476x395, 1581534411182.jpg)

seems more to me like she's just having a bad night
I am a liscensed computer chair therapy horse, and lately,
everybody tense for some reason

No. 656054

I said exactly that when I said "I'm just being a sourpuss" but nooooo, everybody has to try and Sherlock your whole character on lolcow.farm

No. 656056

it's nice to have backup sometimes anyway, though

No. 656057

>I am a liscensed computer chair therapy horse
Idk what that is but thank you for your service

No. 656069

I’ve taken too many things much too far, nonnies, but there’s no going back.

No. 656162

My boyfriend quit smoking for me after smoking for over a decade and that is something I will always appreciate… But damn idk if ever looked hotter than when I'd look out my window and see him browsing his phone and having a cigarette.

No. 656165

I am so disgusted with cheese I swear I have a phobia for it. My family teases me all the time about it by waving cheese in my face. It's so stupid but I actually recoil in horror if I see cheese on a plate near me and I have to push it away carefully so I don't touch it. I hate the smell, the way it looks, ugh. The strangest thing is I love pizza, maybe because the smell isn't as strong and the flavour is covered up a little. I know, I'm retarded and a huge baby lol

No. 656171

Wish I was you, I could eat some sort of combination of cheese and bread for every meal if it wouldn't make me fat and sick

No. 656177

File: 1602742510306.jpg (245.78 KB, 1600x900, different-cheeses.jpg)

No. 656185

I desperately want to fuck my boss and 2 of my coworkers… and my professor

No. 656187

i cant stop using little lolcow-isms outside of here i feel crazy. the amount of times I use words like “scrote” “autist” and “sperging” in my mind / on other sites is getting absurd. I know a lot of these terms didnt actually originate from here but it’s where I first heard them lol

No. 656188

I always have to stop myself from calling things autistic or using the words fag or sperg because I forgot how offensive they are outside of lolcow

No. 656192

I am attracted to a bad person. And I'm feeling jealous that they were with other girls. I feel confused and like a piece of shit. I hope it's just because I've been single for too long so my feelings are all mush and not working right. Feels bad, man.

I do this in my head a lot, too, anon, you aren't alone

No. 656202

I just snooped through my boyfriend's discord. I am anxious because I think I forgot to close out a dm of some girl he last spoke to a year ago. I am going to pretend I didn't do anything unless he brings it up.

No. 656207

i use 'fag' in the car when i'm privately road raging at other drivers, and that is my contained episode of board term vulgarity

No. 656213

I'm posting this so anons can feel better about themselves that even if they're stupid they'll never be as astonishingly retarded as me. When I was around 16, the man I was seeing asked to stop by my place to get this dick wet, and I fucking agreed. Told him where I lived, and was totally okay with letting a thirty year old man in my house to fuck me WHILE my sister and my mother were there. He came to my street and I was gonna go out to get him inside but at the same time, my sister sat herself somewhere where she could see the gate clearly so I couldn't let him in, waited around 20 mins before I told him to go because my sister was not moving and like five minutes after he went away, she just went into her room. Felt like God himself saw my retardation and decided to help me. it was so stupid. I was so stupid, I cannot believe I was okay with a 30 year old coming into my house where I was living with my family to fuck me. It's insane how stupid I am. Common sense and critical thinking who?

No. 656236

Nobody decent would ever shame a 16 year old for nearly being taken advantage of by a man double her age, you weren't stupid at all and I'm so relieved that he didn't get to you. Maybe choosing to invite him to your family home was a very fortunate subconscious choice after picking up on some cues in the back of your mind, maybe you were actually incredibly smart but you just didn't know it. But whatever you are, you aren't stupid at all.
Hug your sister when you can even if she doesn't know the reason.

No. 656266

File: 1602754395014.gif (998.92 KB, 500x380, crying.gif)

Anon… you're so nice… thank you for being such a warm person, I love you. You are right that I must've picked up something before or on that day because I broke contact with him a few days after this, mostly he had hurt me bad the last time we had sex and also said somethings which even I knew were very wrong. So I guess I wasn't completely completely stupid. And I tell my sister I love her every single day, I'm really really lucky to have her. I hope you have a good day anon! You made mine better

No. 656274

The hell, I'm a cheese addict. Funnily enough I'm like you when it comes to milk. Can't stand the smell.

No. 656312

Are you my SO? He is the same way, he even orders pizza without cheese. Every time I eat something cheesy I try to kiss him hehe

No. 656324

same, i also sometimes have to google the origin of slang that hasn't really reached my country yet (like based and coomer yesterday) to make sure to not out myself as browsing on imageboards lmao

No. 656473

File: 1602778805603.jpg (28.2 KB, 306x444, notanymore anon.jpg)

>the bathroom is my safe space
not anymore, anon

No. 656532

Every couple of months I put on a pair of shitty fake nails to wear for like 5 days just for the pleasure of tapping on everything like I'm recording ASMR

No. 656546

Who is she

No. 656568


No. 656573

Steven Crowder

No. 656575

anon I

No. 656577

Does that look like a she to you?

No. 656582

You guys are fucking retards

No. 656598

Autism is alive and well and I just saw it in action

No. 656607

It’s a meme you dumb bitches goddamit Pull yourselfs together

No. 656608

>believing people aren't familiar with the stain on society that is Joey Salads

No. 656610


No. 656611

I know it was a meme but did think it was Crowder and not Joey Salads, my bad kek

No. 656615

File: 1602787591732.png (50.09 KB, 1702x324, Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 2.48…)

Is the PULL migration link to KF at the top of the page a joke? I laughed bc I can't see PULL users jiving with kiwis but then again my girl friend who likes lurking KF says that there are females on there.

No. 656616

The stupid questions thread is a couple of doors down.

No. 656618

Which one of you bitches casually shared the picture of the gamestop He-man shooped into a superhero? Because I just thought of that and wheezed

No. 656636

This confession moved me to tears.

No. 656813

I love listening to my own voice notes. I do it every time I send one. I just feel genuine and connected with myself

No. 656843

During quarantine, I developed an online shopping addiction.

I order clothes from shein.com, like cheaply made 8 dollar pants, shirts, and dresses, multiple times a week and I've resorted to making a small purchase every time I feel bored. It's the only thing that relieves the boredom. Also if I feel anxious, like my husband and I just had an argument, or I get annoyed by work, I'll quickly order something random from amazon … or like some candles from etsy or something. It makes me feel calm and better almost instantly.

My husband has a job where he leaves the house at a different time than me, which is really convenient because he's always gone when my packages arrive. He'd be pretty weirded out to see how often I get packages.

This was kind of OK at first. I lost my job in March due to covid and started getting those Big Checks from unemployment. I'd spend a little bit of it every week on a "treat". I was really stressed out about not having a job/the chaotic state of the world, and it helped. Now, of course, I have a job that doesn't pay nearly as well as the big gov't checks did this summer. But that doesn't matter; the shopping addiction had time to manifest. It really sucks and I try not to do it but … I pretty much order something random for at least $10 dollars every day now. FML!!!!

No. 656864

Anon, if you don't have the money, don't do it. Get adult coloring books and practice mindfulness or something. Buying bullshit candles and trinkets on Etsy is going to run you dry and ruin your marriage

No. 656880

$10 a day might not seem a lot, but that's $70 every week for some clutter. Even start to reduce, and make a bigger splurge once a month. you're nearly spending $300 a month.

No. 656895

File: 1602818094864.jpg (455.55 KB, 1704x2560, 81SeGmrG0tL.jpg)

get this book (it's on libgen for free), read it everyday and do the exercises. It should help you a lot. Good luck!

No. 656896

Same but with dollskill, unique vintage and some other shops

No. 656898

I legitimately hate men. I see them outside in the city pissing on the actual phones of phone booths, on kids playgrounds (yes) and in the streets. They catcall me and I want to literally shoot them. They don't wash their hands so it makes me literally agoraphobic. I feel like Ive developed germaphobia or something seeing the way men live. Im just utterly sickened by them. I unironically want perfectly sanitary clean cute android boys to replace them. Men make up most crime, almost all rape, all wars started, literally everything terrible in the world is caused by scrotes. End rant.

No. 656937

The double spacing after periods makes you stand out

No. 657186

Youre right anon. I'm going to dox her now. And all I have to do is follow the double spaced periods. . .

No. 657189

>It's the only thing that relieves the boredom
Holy shit get a hobby, find some games to play or something, read a book. This sentence depressed me.

No. 657215

File: 1602860046899.jpg (108.75 KB, 736x565, 200f8981e2c9871c5924c4fa3088f2…)

the world if we locked all men in cages and only took them out for reproduction/heavy labor

No. 657228

I still can't believe our government paid people to sit at home and shop while people making minimum wage at grocery stores caught covid lmao.

No. 657263

When I was in high school, I did track and field. I only wore grey shirts and my track coach always called me "Gray Shirt". He called me Gray Shirt so much, when it was time for Coach/Parent meetup, he didn't actually know my real name.

No. 657270

File: 1602862604937.jpg (6.18 KB, 201x251, MFW.jpg)

>Anon while writing their post

No. 657422

i looked up answers during my multiple choice exam because the questions were stupid. i don't feel too bad, some were about things in the textbook we barely talked about in class.

also i was retarded enough to post in the old thread

No. 657425

Where is the confession

No. 657434

Are you my sister? She does the exact same thing…

No. 657490


No. 657569

Men are just giant germs tbh

No. 657571

I'm an autist but I feel like I'm more childish than other autists I know and I'm ashamed of it. I have some "serious" interests but I also love toys and I'm OBSESSED with horses. Or shit like coloring books and stickers etc. I don't show this part of me to anyone because I don't want them to think I'm retarded or something, I know the whole "age regression" thing is hip in the west, but no one talks about it in my country, and I'm not doing this to "regress" anyway. I also hate how this stuff is associated with kink now, I can't go through toycore/kidcore tags without stumbling upon some gross uwu little-space and cum-in-my-diaper shit

No. 657592

It’s okay, anon, lots of people loves toys and cute stuff in general, as long as you’re stealthy about it, no one will have to find out.
>that last sentence
It really made me have a full body shudder filled with pure cringe. People are gross.

No. 658150

No. 658474

I hate giving blowjobs. I get grossed out so easily and find them generally unpleasant.

No. 658523

Don't give blowjobs then. Women shouldn't force themselves to do stuff they hate in bed.

No. 658540

Same. I just don't do them.

No. 658627

I get grossed out easily by the sight of TP or lint tbh. It's just ugh. But I still do then because I enjoy giving them to one specific person, not in general.

No. 658642

Definitely make your partner wash first if that's the issue or atleast baby wipe that shit. Like >>658627 said TP and lint riddled dicks are absolutely disgusting. Idk about you ladies (it's not something I often discuss publically) but I'm completely clean whenever I'm the recipient, it should be no different for men.

No. 658648

File: 1603036663540.jpg (20.97 KB, 400x318, 1583385776403.jpg)

i was passing an order slip to my co-worker today and our fingertips brushed together for like a second and i got wet lmao

No. 658656

Is this a particularly gorgeous coworker? Or are you just very horny

No. 658661

Did you already have a crush on them before this?

No. 658663

Are you one same chick that keeps salivating over her co-worker week after week? If so, you sound rapey and you make my skin crawl, chill it.

No. 658664

God, I've had that experience before except it was while working at Burger King and my ass brushed against my coworker for a brief second, even if he was gross, I wanted to eff him right there. It has also happened when working with my women co-workers too!

No. 658665

Dear god in heaven thank you for never making me this desperate for touch

No. 658669

I can't believe I still fall for the same shitty pro-ana/thinspo stuff hook,line and sinker at almost freaking 27.. About 14 years and it still makes me feel like shit despite knowing how retarded it is. Bravo, myself.

No. 658677

he's not conventionally attractive but he's so my type my blood pressure drops the moment he enters the room
you see it
i didn't use to be this way but then i moved to a foreign country without family and friends and a global pandemic hit which cut any rare physical contact down to nothing. i hadn't touched a human being since january, please don't judge.

No. 658678

Are you another one of those weebs in nippon right now? This is what you get smh

No. 658682

Nobody gives a shit seriously it’s just a stupid religious rule with no real reason

No. 658684

I deleted it because of a typo.
I don’t know, I feel a bit guilty because they think it’s dirty and whatever, same thing with the fasting stuff, like, that’s what makes them happy I guess, might as well respect that.

No. 658699

I don’t know why the thought of having a man physically touch me is so disgusting to me, but I can easily get off on the mental images of me having sex with them? Like this shit absolutely makes no sense to me and it’s annoying too cause my dumb brain always goes on autopilot and sabotages any opportunities I have to get emotionally/sexually close to a guy.

No. 658720

It's not something you're required to do. Make it clear that the concept grosses you out and go for guys that are asexual, that way they won't be sex pests and you don't have an underlying feeling of disgust or obligation

No. 658842

Well, the key to figuring this out is asking yourself why it disgusts you.

Like, what situations disgust you? What’s going on your mind when you imagine it?Is it really disgust? What‘s really triggering the feeling of disgust? What are the other underlying emotions? Etc etc.

I have/had the same problem. When I imagine things, I’m fine but when a real live man tries to touch me, I recoil.

I figure it’s because I’m afraid of being hurt and I don’t feel like I’m really in control of the situation. So what I called disgust was really just a fuck ton of anxiety and fear that I’ll be taken advantage of. I don’t trust them and so being touched by them is like crossing a hard emotional boundary. Nobody likes being touched, particularly in an intimate way, by someone they don’t know/trust.

Sure, fuck any type of deeper self-analysis.

No. 658998

The skin on my palms comes off when I open plastic twist caps. The metal ones are even worse, I can't do it. I always ask other people to open my drinks and it makes me feel like an inferior being.

No. 658999

i have troonish boobs. kind of mooblike, tubular but full, with large puffy nipples that point downwards. it's not something that bothers me (lsd and radical feminism cured my body issues lol) and i don't even wear a bra but it's just funny how my breasts and a tranny's breasts can look exactly the same but mine are still 100% more appealing because i'm not a filthy degenerate

No. 659001

pathetic but i sympathize <3

No. 659006

File: 1603073079791.jpeg (314.86 KB, 1961x2622, 144C74C1-07A5-4A7E-A181-830060…)

Use a simple hair tie to open bottle caps, It’s truly saved me the time and embarrassment of asking for people to open stuff for me.

No. 659008

File: 1603073312393.jpg (113.56 KB, 949x907, o53zn4.jpg)

I think momokun looks hot in her latest idk "set"? She generally seems cute and hot to me.

No. 659009

File: 1603073448091.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26.25 KB, 379x383, anon why.JPG)

you're joking right?? Or are you talking about a different set…

No. 659010

Tbh I think she was cute before all the ps and weight gain. Now she just looks disproportionate. Makes me sad.

No. 659011

File: 1603073592572.jpg (8.99 KB, 288x175, wetun.jpg)

I kind of masturbated to the thought of a World War 3 missile showdown between the US and China.

No. 659012

In my last two relationships anytime they ate me out I had to close my eyes and imagine it was a girl eating me out in order to feel any pleasure from the act

No. 659016

I suddenly have a lady stiffy for young Indian and Middle Eastern men. I catch myself grinning like a horny schoolgirl when they pass by and this is a uni town so they're kind of everywhere. It's embarrassing. My preference has always been Caucasian (no thought, just by default I guess). At least with a mask on it isn't too obvious.

No. 659017

The idea of those soap opera wars is kind of arousing in a dumbass way.
If only military men weren’t fucking aggressive nutjobs, those fantasies would be nice.
We need military grade himbobots

No. 659018

I agree. Even back when I used to follow religiously her threads and hate-stalk her, I thought she was kinda cute, lol. Her smile is pretty and tbh I personally don't think that fat=ugly. I don't find her "hot", but (as long as she doesn't get more ps done) she looks fine to me, even in candid unshopped photos.

No. 659066

Was this posted by a scrote? Indian and middle eastern men are fucking disgusting and usually misogynistic as fuck

No. 659068

Thank you for the tip anon ily

No. 659119

File: 1603094488741.jpg (369.22 KB, 800x767, 20201019_130040.jpg)

I'm a sucker for women who look boyish, (and men who look feminine)
This girl isn't a fakeboi, she just has short hair and is kinda flat chested. What are these kind of girls called? They're not butch or anything just androgynous and cute.

No. 659120

Go dilate

No. 659123

They're called girlfriend material and they're cute as fuck

Maybe the word you're looking for is tomboy though

No. 659125


No. 659136

they exist, you just have to find the right military job

No. 659166

Take down your gfm for electrolysis it has no donations

No. 659405

File: 1603123282903.jpg (198.86 KB, 765x1024, 9620833205_b9c757f5dd_b.jpg)

I know that makes me part of the problem but the since the toilet paper craze starts anew, I ordered quiet a bit on amazon (do not want to say how much because I'm actually ashamed how much it is lmao). I honestly do not have the energy to go looking around for TP after a long ass day of work because I have clearly better things to do.

No. 659473

Honestly, I love being an inverse triangle. I think larger shoulders make me look more cooler and authoritative.

No. 659486

I get it. I live by myself and buy the huge packs of TP that last me forever. I only buy one at a time, but still, it's definitely excessive. Also, this pic made my day kek.

No. 659487

File: 1603128224454.jpg (46.82 KB, 300x300, Grace_Jones_-_Nightclubbing.jp…)

Mad respect anon, please always love your cool shape.

No. 659496

I'm addicted to watching asian salon cystic acne popping videos on youtube because I love watching gooks bleed(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 659501

My parent’s house has the most shit plumbing so we’ve always ordered tp in bulk off amazon, like the kind that offices get that’s like barely 1 ply. We’ve done this for years so watching people hoard tp gave me the biggest keks cause we’ve always ordered stupid amounts , like 80 rolls at a time.

No. 659510

I rushed my ex's grief when his grandmother passed because he was generally useless in normal circumstances, so I didn't want him to get comfortable with being mopey and depressed making him even more useless than usual. I was selfish and didn't want to pick up even more of his slack. I feared he'd use grief as an excuse to doubly do nothing. Her passing had been awhile coming and he grown distant in the last years, so I took the event as him trying to ham up a sympathetic plight for himself. Never said it directly, but I was passively dismissive, saying things like that's so sad but had been sick, after all… I really don't feel apologetic for being toxic, for him anyway.
When I suffered problems of my own my ex always bemoaned me, or went to his friends to vent. Cause he knew when I was out of commission that he'd have to work extra which I bet he felt for worse on account of me being the responsible mommy bangmaid with the transportation.

No. 659529

I usually do it the same way, but as soon as I noticed that people go mental again, I thought that I do not want to go through the same stress as at the beginning of the year (because besides TP, you have to look for other things now too, like food and water for example). And on the top that, I do not own a car, so no chance for me to buy idk how much of that. My plan is to be able to shit in peace, while worry about the other things lol

I've read that people started to hoard TP at the beginning of pandemic because it gave them the feeling of being somehow in the control of this situation. Sure, it was a new scary thing. But now eight months later, we all know that nobody died because of the lack of TP so this time around I'm really puzzled why it starts again since everybody knows that there is enough TP for everybody …

No. 659542

I don't remember my childhood at all, sometimes I wonder if it was because it was so boring, or because I was a little bitch that actually got traumatized by only being yelled at.

No. 659565

I've been emotionally cheating on my boyfriend. I feel like I can be more myself around the other guy. Like, my actual true self. It feels so good. I feel like I can't fully be myself around my boyfriend or he'll just judge me. It's annoying. I'm a shit person, I know. I'm planning my breakup.

No. 659569

Me too lol i only remember very few moments like 5 or so. Maybe if we got sat down with a shrink he would be able to unlock memories? Are you also paranoid about that whole false memories thing?

No. 659584

There's at least one other person on lolcow that does the double spacing pretty consistently as well so you probably think we both are the same poster. I guess if they stopped doing it I'd follow lol.

No. 659587

Eh. It's not good at all, but I'm sure it didn't happen all at once. You recognize it now and you're planning your breakup accordingly. Good for you. Free yourself whether you end up with the new guy or not.

No. 659612

I don't have many early memories either. It's not actually that uncommon though so don't worry about it too much
Sometimes I think it would be cool if a shrink could magically unlock memories but then I remember all the stuff that they implanted in kids heads during the satanic panic. Who can you really trust to let inside your head like that? We can just make some nice memories now instead

No. 659664

File: 1603140019660.jpg (177.42 KB, 830x1024, 10.jpg)

I had to take 2 busses home from the other side of the city with dried cum on my hair last summer. I was so hungry I stopped at a burger restaurant, and ran into someone I went to school with and he recognized me.

No. 659764

don't fuck men who can't even get you dinner or a ride. love yourself

No. 659765

I'm an awkward piece of shit and drop food in my long hair without noticing all the time. You could have eaten a cinnamon roll and dropped the glaze in your hair, he wouldn't have known any different

No. 659866

I doubt a 18 year old broke university student would have given me 70€ for cab, considering he bought all my drinks and paid for the cab the night before (which was around 120€) the night before. Taking the bus is very common here anyway, most people do it.

No. 659936

I hate the idea of people liking my favorite music artists. And I hate that I hate that. I'm so annoying.

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