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No. 653758

Lay bare your sins.

Previous confessions:

No. 653760

I rinse my toothbrush with water THEN put toothpaste. I have no idea why some people do it the other way.

No. 653765

People do it the other way???

No. 653770

I rinse before and after the toothpaste. It's the only way.

No. 653773

I see memes and stuff of when people put the toothpaste and then rinse and the toothpaste falls off, so I'm assuming some people do it that way, because they're stupid neanderthals.

No. 653774

I only drink with a straw. I'm disgusted by the thought of leaving my saliva on a bigger surface, like glass. Sharing saliva is gross too (even as a small child I was absolutely disgusted by children and their parents/sibling drinking from the same bottle). If I'm in a place where there's no possible way to get a straw and I need to drink, I will make sure to carefully wipe the surface of the glass or bottle after every sip.

No. 653775

I’m glad I don’t live like some of the farmers here
holy shit

No. 653795

considering the fact that men dont wash their hands or asses and don't know how to use an oven or washing machine i'd say you are superior to any pretty boy no matter what you look like. dont let society tell you that males are superior because they're just half baked women at the end of the day.

No. 653796

No. 653805

I generally feel inferior to beautiful people with good genetics but I'm more into men so it affects me more
I know but I'm not a scrote so I don't feel entitled to anything. Also the guys I'm talking about are taken anyway. I never met a way above average dude that wasn't already taken. Those dudes are snatched pretty fast by women on their level
The wast majority of them, yes. But I know of at least two very attractive men who can also cook (and I don't mean some basic shit) and take care of themselves and have very fit lifestyls, I doubt they don't wash their fucking asses. And of course their gfs are on their level in terms of attractiveness

No. 653807

sameeee a gross scrote I had to live with left this nasty fucking mayo ring on a glass and left it by the sink and I almost puked just looking at it. If I can’t wipe my glass I’ll rotate it so I don’t feel the wetness on my lips or I’ll lose my appetite and will to drink

No. 653814

no offense but y'all are fucking wild, I have ocd but I'm not that bad

No. 653856

I would spend less time rating the attractiveness of people in couples, and using the tired
>all the good ones are taken

Guys and girls can look as good or bad as they wish to, it's all about styling, clothes, self care. Look after weight and skin and dress well. Those people you rate at a "level" could easily look 5 steps lower if they didn't put any effort in. A guy in a relationship with a decent looking girl is more likely to try and maintain his good looks so he doesn't lose her, hence what you perceive as "all the good ones are taken" narrative. The same guy unwashed with a beard you would likely find disgusting.

What you are really rating is quality of life, finances, and self care/health care, which affect your appearance as well as your relationships. Rating couples on looks alone lacks context.

No. 653883

Ew mayo is disgusting the smell of it makes me want to vomit

No. 653922

I want shayna and macdaddyglass to shack up so bad. I just want to witness something trashy and tragic

No. 653940

>Guys and girls can look as good or bad as they wish
>Those people you rate at a "level" could easily look 5 steps lower if they didn't put any effort in
I'm sorry anon, but this is just extremely bluepilled. A person with a facial bone structure of a model and messy hair will still look better in a plain tracksuit than a normie in expensive clothes, even if they're both healthy and thin. Faces are like the most important thing and even if you can get a great body and nice skin you will never be a true 9-10 or even 8 without the right facial proportions.

I agree though that quality of life, finances, and self care/health care plays a very big role in how you present yourself to the world. But still, a poor depressed person with 8/10 face will always look better than a poor depressed person with a 4/10 face and will have more things to work with.

No. 653971

I'm the same with ketchup. Watching people eat at hibachi restaurants and get the Japanese mayo overflowing in the sauce trays and then dump all of it on their food. Puke.

No. 653974

Same, (but also I believe he has violent psycho potential & that's not good) but same. It would be HILARIOUS.

No. 653986

imagine the shit they'd make together, repulsive

No. 654104

I am 29 years old and I still live with my parents who also shares a room with her 20-year old brother and 15-year old sister. Nobody in academia, professional world and what friends I still have know about this.

I’m also a virgin and possibly a spinster.

No. 654106

How can you predict you will be a spinster at 29

No. 654124

I watched all of Game Theory's videos on Five Nights at Freddy's and quickly became consumed with that franchise. I think it's amazing and don't want to let some retarded tiktokers ruin that for me. It genuinely freaks me out as a series.

The series is so in-depth it's amazing. Not to mention two very important bops that came from the series: So Long and Stay Calm. I quitr literally can't go a day without singing "It's been so looooong… The man behind the slaaaughterrr".

No. 654128

on a scale from 1-10 how sad and deranged is it that one of the main motivations for me to up my dose of antidepressants was to lose weight? i gained quarantine weight that won't go away and higher prescription of wellbutrin is like straight up the only thing that gives me a metabolism these days, but i'm not anywhere near fat enough to justify it so i'd never actually admit this to anyone because i'm aware it's a fucking awful mindset

No. 654154

I used to be a pick me, lolcow has helped me change that. im also slowly, sneakily, converting my bf. today we had a nice discussion about how men are memed into their kinks/preferences. he 100% agreed and even brought up outtie vs innie pussies and how porn as made everyone think outties are sloppy or slutty or whatever. and he brought up how the preference for women bodies changes like fashion, how most guys go along with the "trend."
Thanks lolcow

No. 654182

the smiths tend to do that to you

No. 654184

please… read a book anon…

No. 654214

I hate the smell of ketchup. I dislike condiments tbh. Except maybe soy sauce. But I don’t even eat that tbh

No. 654216

Me too. Lmao the prons would be so cringeworthy. I bet he will stop simping after he sees how disgusting she is irl. The pork stained couch, the smell of b.o, buttplugs with fecal matter on them scattered around, the wiff of a dirty cat litter box, fast food wrappers and bags from doordash

No. 654255

Thinking books are better than videogames, I pity you

No. 654258

"Thinking", I pity you.

No. 654268

I pity myself too, smooth brain when?

No. 654273

Books are better than those story telling games. I do not get the appeal of the last of us or whatever.

No. 654290


which books? i don't get the appeal of hunger games, for example, and there are far, far better written games out there with actual gameplay than the last of us

No. 654294

Similarly as most popular books will not be the best ones, you'll find the best stories in smaller games than huge productions that have to appeal to the broadest audiences, such as the last of us

No. 654333

I’m sure youre memeing but both statements are dumb as hell lmao seein that the sliding scale for good story telling is vast in both media.

No. 654350

I visit /sty/

No. 654375

Because I’ve never dated before and I don’t see any guys coming my way, unless they’re creeps or desperate “hey you wanna go out with me even though we just met?” scrotes

No. 654379

I like mint Oreos. Maybe more than the regular ones

No. 654396

I feel you, I'm 30 and still live at home

is there not a different room for you, or even you and your sister to share?

No. 654405

Exactly. Mfers who say they don't like mint chocolate because it tastes like toothpaste clearly have never brushed their teeth and I judge them for it

No. 654408

I’ve never despised a cow as much as Porgie, I don’t know there’s something about her stupid fat face that makes me want to beat her, I generally hate munchies a bit way too much and she seems like the worst of them that I’ve ever seen.

No. 654420

sorry ladies, orange and chocolate will always be the superior flavor combo

No. 654424

dude 5 nights at freddies is a horror game franchise, it’s main goal is to spook you. horror novels have never managed to create a sense of dread the same way video games do, there’s just more to work with. stay salty librarian chan.

No. 654429

I hate anything mint flavoured sans toothpaste. More mint flavoured oreos for you, anon!

No. 654440

Even mint tea?

No. 654508

I was looking at a thread from a year ago and it’s unbelievable how she’s been pulling the same shit for so long. Like she looked exactly the same and still complaining about being so sick and disordered. I have no idea why she still posts on her social media (well, attention I guess) when she’s just met with ridicule

No. 654531

i like you guys for shitting on my opinions when they're wrong. everyone is so pussy these days
thanks guys i fucken love you sometimes
shout out to the cuties giving me bf advice, i was genuinely having the worst time but having some sheer, blistering honesty was needed.
give yourselves more credit and stop infighting you glorious bitches i fucken love you all

No. 654544

I ate way too much fibre yesterday

No. 654618

File: 1602614564071.png (57.81 KB, 237x213, moe.png)

I genuinely can't wait until I'm of the legal drinking age in my retarded country so i can alleviate my social anxiety with unhealthy social lubricants instead of expensive therapy and consequently ruin my life, but at least I'll finally have friends since early high school.

No. 654637

File: 1602615271502.jpeg (147.35 KB, 640x828, EB53895F-A354-4E1A-A7FC-4D1ABF…)

I am my worst self on yt. I would fucking SPERG out in the comments while having anime profile pic and I do not give a damn. No civility, no thought out arguments, it’s just me screaming at children.

No. 654641


This is aggressively american

No. 654647

you got that right

No. 654657

Hm yes, a big mood. Just done telling a girl she is retarded for thinking mold can techknicalee get down syndrome and telling a guy he is a brainwashed brainlet for saying that women can get criticized for having body hair (because girls………ur actions have consequences….). I will just use all the buzzwords I can, I don't even care how tryhard it makes me look like. Sometimes you just have to do it for the sake of your own mental stability.

No. 654668

im just like you anon and i do this on tiktok also, i lash out on 12 year olds and idgaf its so satisfying im not an aggressive person irl

No. 654682

Some mouthbreathing shitstain made some retarded sound at me when I walked past today. I wish I just straight up attacked him instead of walking on, but I'm too much of a beta bitch. How do self confidence?

No. 654692


Anon, I used to be that guy until I realised that men will literally try to murder you if you challenge them. It was a few years ago now but a guy cat-called a woman in front of me and when she ignored him he hissed after her that she was a “fucking bitch”. I challenged him on it and he punched me in the face. I had to run into a nearby shop and ask the security guard to keep him out, and this was broad daylight in a busy city centre… so… yeah, as enticing as the fantasies are of saying something back to these cunts please don’t risk your safety. I’m sorry that happened to you.

No. 654695

ive always been against powerplay in bed, even mocking people for enjoying it. but lately ive been getting off to fantasies of me degrading male friends and letting them beg me for pleasure monkahmm

No. 654707


It's so fucking unfair though. I just wish there was literally ANYTHING I could do to teach them a lesson instead of just playing revenge fantasies in my head. I'm sick of it.

No. 654709

Ive been working at my job for a year now and i still cant remember my coworkers names. Sometimes itll take me a good minute before im able to remember

No. 654743

Jfc I hated reading this

No. 654759

Carry pepper spray or get a concealed carry permit (if you can in your country). Not advocating that you intentionally get in situations that require those things, of course, but does give a bit more peace of mind.

No. 654765

I (legally) open carry to keep men from addressing me
I used to be one of the people who would rather every gun just be melted down and done away with,
But this shit is useful, if they do talk to you, literally just look at them ugly
The sad horse show was right

No. 654771

File: 1602626191597.jpg (146.41 KB, 600x700, 54376768769.jpg)

Based anon

No. 654776


Agreed. I always thought I was staunchly anti-guns but then I read about a woman open carrying one to ward off creeps and suddenly I am totally for it.

No. 654780

Every time I see Margaret Palermo’s nude in the banner, I think her body is kind of hot. Shame she’s batshit

No. 654785

thank you, I totally recommend it for anyone who can

No. 654788

I'm really worried about open carry because I'm black and don't want to get shot. But I do plan on ordering a shotgun and a pistol for my house for home intrusion. Fuck with me if you want to.

No. 654798

I don't even have anything helpful or funny to say; just, I dunno, god bless for not going full hikkikomori

No. 654804

File: 1602627941146.jpg (53.06 KB, 640x559, IMG_20190726_075345.jpg)

hi friends I normally lurk but I really would like to say that my bf plays the cringiest, most disgusting fucking rap music and it makes me hate being in the car with him. he's a big kanye fan too and I can't stand that fucking clown. I get so embarrassed when we pull up next to another car and the bass is just booming obnoxiously and whoever's rapping is talking about gross shit and killing people etc. the worst part is that I'm black and he's not so people probably think I'm into that shit when they see us but it's really his fucking music. he thinks he's hard bc he's from Chicago & owns guns but it's just so goddamn cringy jesus. I don't like to judge him for his music taste bc that's stupid (I did try to talk to him about how much I dislike it once and he got incredibly upset so I haven't done that since bc it's just not worth listening to him trying to defend it). pic related its me whenever we pull up next to another car

okay sorry for ree-ing but thanks for listening

No. 654832

Sometimes I see it and think
>What's wrong with that she's just an older woman finding joy in her body
And then I remember the reason she's on the banner is because she's fame hungry psycho who would sell her own daughter for easy money

No. 654870

I think I have better taste than almost everyone. I look down on ppl who don't like things I like. I start to hate my friends secretly if they don't have good taste.

No. 654877

I like being perceived as a guy solely on the internet, or really just not mentioning my gender at all. Not really sure why.

No. 654886

I can't stop looking at Belle Delphine's pictures and wishing I was her weight.

No. 654891

Please anon, there are better women whose weight you should be envious of.

No. 654899

Well let’s lose some weights together anon

No. 654904

tbf half of it is photoshop

No. 654906

That level of anonymity is really nice sometimes. I keep myself as ambiguous as possible with very little personal info given to avoid potential confrontations over my gender.

No. 654911

I want to hate crime all of the trolls and wk's that have been on this site today.

No. 654914

I have a deep desire to cut those im close to down. I try to belittle those im close to in ways thats hard to detect. Some catch me and call me out on it sometimes. I hate that. I really just want to cause pain but I have to settle and do it in barely detectable quantities. It's compulsive and I have to restrain myself from going all out. I also worry I may be narcissistic or sadistic.

No. 654917

but this is based

No. 654924

Yeah, you’re both of those things. Grow up

No. 654927

No need to complicate things anon, you're a dickhead and a bully. Funny that all bullies have some gay origin story about how someone made them feel like shit and they don't even get the hypocrisy of going out and doing that to others. Guess it's also retarded

No. 654961

I like doing this to male family after I finally grew a backbone. I can say its therapeutic after being a little bitch and just taking ppls shit due to female socialization, but I'd be lying. Ngl feels good, I can see how people fall into it and become full sadists.

No. 654965

Because you think you're being clever manipulative when in fact you're just taking advantage of other people's trust. They have their guard down or give you the benefit of the doubt.

If this was actually about narcissism or sadism you'd probably try the same behavior on not so easy targets, but I get the impression you're a bit too cowardly for that degree of clapback. Or basically any situation where being a dick has actual consequences.

No. 654969

Nobody likes an edgefag

No. 654972

I still charge about $60-100 worth of food and random stuff to my exes credit card a month. We broke up 6 years ago and his card was hooked up to my amazon and I just never took it off. So he pays for my Prime and random Whole Foods purchases. Never enough to stand out on a statement, but enough that it helps out a lot for expenses lol. I haven’t spoken to him in 3 years, he’s an architect and I assume not hurting for it. I should stop lest ever find out and suddenly I owe him 6k.

No. 654973

Are you fat? I've only ever seen fatties do this.

No. 654974

On the inverse, it’s also always bitches with bulimia that do this as well.

No. 654977

Yeah only fatties are ever the mean cunts, checkmate faterinos.

No. 654978

Taste in media or aesthetics?

No. 654981

That's even worse, imagine having a fatty personality. Noone thinks you're an evil mastermind btw, everyone can see that you're pathologically self-loathing.

No. 654984

I'm finna to fix up some instant brownie mix and not even bake it. Just grab a spoon and start shuttling that liquid gold straight into my mouth like cake batter.

No. 654987

Exactly! It’s so strange to me when people brag about having those kinds of qualities

No. 654988

I've always been thin.

No. 654989

Let me guess. Your body looks like stretched taffy

No. 654990

People who slight others like that desire control because they’re wimps who lack it, so you being thin doesn’t detract from being a loser

No. 654992

No. It doesn't. Im not at all unhappy with how my body looks. Its one of the only things I truly like about myself.

No. 654997

I do desire control a lot. I definitely lack self control. I've been trying harder to stop being a dickhead and slighting. Sometimes I don't even realize it until after.

No. 655026

I think Seth Rogen is hot and my long-term relationships have all been with Jewish men who look like him.

No. 655031

I keep my toothbrush and toothpaste in the bedroom because I am so grossed out by shit particles getting on them

No. 655050

File: 1602656888724.jpg (52.84 KB, 800x800, download (1).jpg)

Just get a toothbrush cover?

No. 655051

When I was 16 I fucked a 28 year old. I don’t regret it. I initiated it and still think it was hot. Is that wrong of me? I haven’t told anyone irl.

No. 655053

yeah no that's the best way to entrap moisture and have whatever mold grow in the bristles
she should keep her toothbrush elsewhere. having your toilet where you take a shower and wash your face is kinda gross

No. 655054

NTA (though I do the same thing), toothbrush covers are gross and provide the perfect breeding ground for bacteria

No. 655056

That's why you wash them regularly.

Sometimes I wonder how old the posters here are.

No. 655062

Anon it’s not the fact the covers get dirty, it’s the fact that you shouldn’t put toothbrushes into such a contained environment

I mean I guess you could thoroughly dry the toothbrush after each use (though doing this would introduce new bacteria) and it might not be so bad, but why bother when you could just put it somewhere far out of the way of shit particles

No. 655073

I can really relate to this. I don't often belittle people and I try to keep my thoughts to myself. But, I do get some weird kind of pleasure out of causing people pain.

No. 655113

same. I keep mine on a little shelf in my wardrobe, along with all my other bathroom things. I always ask my family if they mind pee particles landing on their toothbrushes (they keep them by the window directly above the toilet) but they don't seem bothered. couldn't be me….

No. 655119

My dog is practically on his deathbed and my ex boyfriend from high school and I raised him. We’ve been separated for 6 years but I texted him today for the first time since. My heart feels weird. I’ve been anxious and staring at my phone all day.
Beyond being totally sick and wrecked over my dog I am also feeling fucked up over this person.

No. 655161

I love eating huge bites of food and swallowing them without biting. Sometimes it stops in my throat so I need to drink something to make it go down. Obviously I wouldn't do it with dry food like sandwiches or biscuits but I love doing it with mash or rice.

Not an anachan or a fatty, I just like the sensation.

No. 655163

Do it with tortellini! Love how the olive oil helps it slowly glide down

No. 655177

This post is giving me anxiety. Please don't choke.

No. 655183

>Out of all the actually good, suspenseful horror game she's mentioning FNAF as an example
Are you 15 or something

No. 655187

love being annoying on lolcow dot farm. it's the only thing that makes me feel alive

No. 655224

Nta but personally would have picked fatal frame and I'm not very knowledgeable about the genre.

It could have been worse, anon could have referenced the slender man game kek.

No. 655271

File: 1602685687365.gif (1.34 MB, 355x272, slrop.gif)

Hold up hold up hold up, I step away for a day and come back to this.

Bitch, I read books. In fact, one of my favorite courses in college was a horror english class. If you honestly think FNAF is simply a jumpscare game then maybe you oughta take some time to invest in the series and see that there's more to it than "muh scary animatronics". BTW, the series has several books.

Not to side with salty libary-chan but there are plenty of books and even dare I say short stories that fill people with a sense of dread. After reading Afterward by Edith Warth I got the same feeling I got after playing some scary games. That "Looking over my shoulder holy fuck is there a chill in the room or is it just me…? Is that someone watching me from the corner?" I get what you're saying. But "dread" is not the word you're looking for. It's a sense of "urgency". Because when you're reading a book everything is set up for the scare. When you're playing a game, you have to set the scare up yourself, there's a sense of urgency to get through that scary, like a panic. You gotta force yourself to move instead of being moved through it like in books.

FNAF as a single game (or even the individual games) isn't "suspenseful" at all. FNAF when you piece together everything, factor in the books, clues on Scott's website it is suspenseful in that there's a very tragic backstory just waiting to be picked apart. But like you said, there's really no "suspense". It's all cut and dry horror. "Scary thing happens then person dies".

No. 655285

Fatal Frame is such a great game series.

No. 655312

totally valid tho, i keep it in a closed closet inside the bathroom. we still shut the lid everytime before flushing the toilet and desinfect it every few days. i cant with people not redpilled about shit particles

No. 655314

it was wrong on his side. you doin good sweetie

No. 655496

I’ve read about so many munchies that whenever someone online says they have EDS I just assume they’re an attention whore. It’s virtually a fake disease to me now

No. 655497

File: 1602697339935.jpeg (198.25 KB, 740x727, FC6132F1-82C4-4A61-B969-3B442B…)

I’m relapsing I do not give a fuck
-20lbs by Christmas let’s gooooo

No. 655501

File: 1602697668876.jpeg (1.14 MB, 2560x2048, birthday-cake-cbd-hemp-flower-…)

I've been a super adamant anti-weed person my whole life. I hate the fucking smell, I hate weed culture I hate everything about it. I hate that people are always hyping it up and generally I was scared of ever getting arrested for possession.

But my severe anxiety and depression plus mood swings has made me settle. I tried CBD oil and I like it but hate how slow it comes on. So now I've just purchased some CBD hemp. I'm nervous and excited to try it. I've always liked smoking things (e-cigs, cigarettes, hookah) but can't stand weed. Well, I guess now it's gonna be "weed". Truly not sure how I should feel about it. But… whatever. My bf's teasing me has made me feel bad about it because he knows how much I hate that shit.

Do any anons here know if it smells bad like weed?

No. 655505

Honestly same. I feel bad for people who genuinely suffer from it but I assume they're not the ones attention-whoring about muh hypermobile joints on the internet.

No. 655508

I feel the same way about anyone with cystic fibrosis or one of the many diseases that causes them to need a "wheelchair" and to ebeg for money.

I follow this one chick who constantly posts her titties and ass and is always saying "I'm in so much pain, I'm disabled, I need XYZ amount for the doctors and I literally CANT waaaah". it annoys the shit out of me.

No. 655516

What? People with cystic fibrosis are actively dying. Nothing like chronic pain munchies.

No. 655518

Well, have fun gaining 40lbs post Christmas I guess

No. 655521

Maybe I'm using the wrong disease. (I just googled "chronic disease" and picked the first one). Well, replace what I said with any disease that they're not dying, just in "chronic pain"

No. 655522

You can’t shake my ana confidence!

No. 655538

I'm still jealous when my friends have other friends, and if I were to date someone I'd ideally want us to cut everyone else (save for family) out of our lives.
It's not healthy and I've gotten control of my feelings regarding this so I don't flip out at people anymore, but deep down I'll always feel the desire to be "us vs. the world" with someone. And if I found someone who feels the same I'd 100% do it with her.

No. 655540

I feel the same way anon. Let’s destroy each other

No. 655552

After that shit with the creepy rooster teeth dude I’m starting to think that dating a normie with no social media is probably the best way to go.

No. 655645

I’m engaged to a dude with no social media and it’s awesome ngl, but now I’m in a mindset where if he ever got social media without good reason (like needing it for a job or something) I’m going to be so damn paranoid

No. 655657

Can i join u anon

No. 655658

Yes! We can do it ♥

No. 655661

That's something you need to sort out before marrying him, otherwise it's a disaster waiting to happen

No. 655664

Find him. My boyfriend is a streamer and just revealed to me (who has no social media so idk what he’s up to) that he has ratchet plastic surgery sex workers propositioning him all the time, but he “makes them mad” by pointing out which surgeries they’ve had. Honestly want to dump him over it lol

No. 655667

This post triggered my red flag vision tbh

No. 655671

Hell yes. My bf actually deleted his social media (only had FB) right as we started dating just because he got tired of feeling he had to "keep up" with people and respond to banal nonsense. Made me love him even more right then lol.

No. 655683

I think you're thinking of fibromyalgia, lots of munchies claim that

No. 655700

Yeah, you're right. I knew it was something with fibro

No. 655703

I work in a preschool and I hate most of my scrote kids. Some of them have the most annoying behaviors and I want to hit them. But I’m always supervised so there’s no time I can do so. So annoying and some of them really deserved to have their asses whipped.

No. 655708

I love eating fennel seeds so much. I eat them after every meal.

No. 655719

anon, they're fucking kids that shouldn't be physically abused, scrote or not. if you hate them so much get a different job

No. 655727

Was going to say, if the only thing stopping you from hitting preschoolers is your supervisor, you need a new job.

No. 655729

File: 1602707667897.gif (987.04 KB, 500x313, 1600706658543.gif)

I really want a boyfriend but I can't stand real men. I just like the idea of a bf in theory, someone who'd love me for who I am, who'd spend time with me on hobbies and dates, someone who'd live with me so we could split bills and rent, someone hot I could have sex with while being 100% sure they're not cheating, trying to get me pregnant against my will and healthy, someone who's there for me when I need him but who isn't clingy and wouldn't take it personally if I prioritize my friends from time to time, someone who'd be genuinely attracted to me for who I am and who wouldn't make fun of or be disgusted by my physical flaws, someone who wouldn't call me racial slurs behind my back or say I'm not like other girls or like the other people from my ethnic group, someone who won't beat me up and insult me every five seconds because something unrelated to me made him a bit upset earlier, etc. But I know it's way too much to ask for so I'd rather stay single and virgin until I die. Maybe I have the idea of the perfect bf thanks to tv, fanfics and shojo manga and I need to lower my standards but I won't.

No. 655731

>taking bait

No. 655733

>But I know it's way too much to ask
Your requirements are pretty basic. The bar for het men is so fucking low.

No. 655735

File: 1602708137388.jpeg (58.17 KB, 739x415, 5EFAB0A8-00C2-45C0-9BEF-E62917…)

There’s this 4chan pick me bitch in my social circle, I genuine don’t know what it is about it, her posting incel tier memes shitting on women, using chan lingo irl, or pandering to scrotes, but she genuinely makes me want to bash her skull in.

Imagine having someone who acts like yungcynical in person, an adult woman nonetheless, i swear to god if i was a scrote I would have already snapped and given her a beating, I’ve never despised a woman so much in my entire existence.

No. 655737

i hope you find the the perfect boy for you anon, you're really not asking for much at all

No. 655747

I hate my best friend's boyfriend so much and she's so obsessed with him that I'm starting to not like her very much anymore. Upsetting.

No. 655748

But you’re not. You’re a pussy who can’t even confront her. You’re not beating anyone kek

No. 655752

Thats a good thing? Im not a crazy bitch and I can hate someone in silence and not create drama in the social circle.

No. 655760

And yet you indulge in edgy fantasy of violence. Nothing says impotent spinelet rage like malding in silence because your own friend group doesn’t like you enough to back you up against another bitch lolllll

No. 655761

Nah I was a tumblr edgy bitch on my teens, kinda like polar opposites.
She’s not on my friend group, I said social circle, are you illiterate?

No. 655762

Someone heard about the mythical girl chan for the first time.

No. 655764

And?? Confront her then pussy. Your friends should still back you up if that other girl is so bad lol

No. 655765

Why would I do that? It achieves nothing and I can get sued for assault, that’s literally the most retarded suggestion I’ve ever seen.

No. 655766

Nta but acting like you’re on an imageboard on an imageboard is much different than acting like you’re on one irl

No. 655768

I feel genuinely sad for yungcynical, even though she's cringy af and not worth defending. She's just seems to be another girl groomed by men to seek their approval and attention and I feel like she's just part of a wider issue of girls ,of increasingly younger age, viewing themselves as potential sex objects of men

No. 655769

Ignore the scrote bait, his VPN is too powerful for our farmhands apparently

No. 655771

Lmao getting hit a few times is not physical abuse. Are you retarded?

No. 655775

lol i was betting either on a bpd chan or scrote, either way is it really the confession thread if someone doesn’t pick a fight with you?

No. 655777

Because you wanna talk about bashing her head in for being cringe lmao admit it, even if you were a scrote you still wouldn’t do shit but posting revenge fanfiction on /r9k/ like you currently do

No. 655778

the bathroom is my safe space, like for pacing around. i think i just like it because it's small and contained so i end up just sitting in the bathroom for an hour or so if im panicking

No. 655783

Red flags, on my lolcow?

No. 655785

There is this troon ex of mine who just got uglier and more hypocritical and she would be so perfect for the cringe troon thing on /snow but I know that some new friends of her lurk here as well, so I’m really afraid of posting her. I still look up her stuff from time to time to see if she talks shit about me on livestreams and she clearly does and spits so much obvious jealousy about me that it’s hilarious and sad to see.
I was hoping she would change but all she does is just compensate her feelings, instead of working on her personality issues that she had as a male already.

No. 655795

I drew on a guy friend of mine's hand today for fun, and the feeling of holding his hand in a certain position to get the pen to slide right was the most physical touch I've experienced in several months, and since it came from the opposite sex, it actually made me a little flustered/horny.
I'm so goddamn lonely lmao

No. 655806

Lmao she sounds so annoying. Those people do deserve it when they get their skull bashed in

No. 655808

Queen!! but actually take care of yourself, you deserve better .t fellow EDfag

No. 655816

Ngl that sounds romantic

No. 655910

I became a furry for a hot minute because men ruined the feeling of being sexually desirable for me and the only way I could get off was indulging in total fantasy. Not ashamed about it, really, just kind of sad looking back.

No. 655911

my affinity for magical girl anime might subconsciously be about my craving for girl friendships

No. 655941

Mine is consciously about that.

No. 655989

File: 1602725672662.jpeg (52.26 KB, 564x343, D6F74DC0-8D6B-4F9B-876C-DD2383…)

No. 655991

How does that even work? I don't get how a fursuit can be erotic.


No. 655996

Well done on being aware of that and not instead ending at the conclusion that the only way you can be happy is to become a 2d anime girl

No. 656016

File: 1602727773249.jpg (95.25 KB, 1100x740, gettyimages-88433942.jpg)

I want to meet,hug and have a long conversation with Betty White and tell her that everything is going to be alright

No. 656017

Bitch she knows everything is okay. You really think someone as old her her needs the reassurance from you?

Who do you think you are? Bea Arthur? Try again.

No. 656019

File: 1602728088839.png (112.96 KB, 274x231, 1601425286274.png)

Well then I hereby reassure you you're mean
It's nice to be nice to old people

No. 656020

It smells like burnt broccoli,I don't get the anticipation for it or how almost everyone loves it
Smoking Marijuana never gives you any advantages

No. 656022

It smells exactly like weed, stoners will identify the smell as weed if it's on your clothes
t. stoner, sorry

No. 656023

It's not nice, it's condescending. They been alive for probably triple the years than you have.

yes I'm just being a sourpuss

No. 656024

Welp. I guess it's fine. I just won't do it inside the house.

Thanks anons!

No. 656025

File: 1602728513707.jpg (28.68 KB, 540x310, 4e8210ba970fea03d6e93249f4bf5f…)

Die mad about it

No. 656027

I had forgotten spoilers worked here

No. 656030

I feel bad giving you advice since you literally opened by saying you hate weed culture,
but if your bathroom has a vent to the outside, in a pinch, you can close the door, run the fan, and burn a candle
Works even better if there's a window in there, just crack that and fresh air will get pulled in too

No. 656033

I mean, you didn't have to tell me that. I'll always be irritated by people being condescending and babying old people (that are still lucid) so I guess I literally will die mad about it!


I still appreciate the answer and advice anon.

No. 656038

They weren't even being condescending. You must be an extremely negative person.

No. 656040

File: 1602729689800.jpg (67.64 KB, 480x853, 1495440612567.jpg)

Life is good. Life is so good. I try not to say this very often because it tends to bother people, they think I'm making light of bad things or something.

I just rember happy day all the time.

No. 656042

I fucking said I am just being a sourpuss read fucking spoilers you rotten bitch

No. 656048

File: 1602729942738.jpg (27.38 KB, 476x395, 1581534411182.jpg)

seems more to me like she's just having a bad night
I am a liscensed computer chair therapy horse, and lately,
everybody tense for some reason

No. 656054

I said exactly that when I said "I'm just being a sourpuss" but nooooo, everybody has to try and Sherlock your whole character on lolcow.farm

No. 656056

it's nice to have backup sometimes anyway, though

No. 656057

>I am a liscensed computer chair therapy horse
Idk what that is but thank you for your service

No. 656069

I’ve taken too many things much too far, nonnies, but there’s no going back.

No. 656162

My boyfriend quit smoking for me after smoking for over a decade and that is something I will always appreciate… But damn idk if ever looked hotter than when I'd look out my window and see him browsing his phone and having a cigarette.

No. 656165

I am so disgusted with cheese I swear I have a phobia for it. My family teases me all the time about it by waving cheese in my face. It's so stupid but I actually recoil in horror if I see cheese on a plate near me and I have to push it away carefully so I don't touch it. I hate the smell, the way it looks, ugh. The strangest thing is I love pizza, maybe because the smell isn't as strong and the flavour is covered up a little. I know, I'm retarded and a huge baby lol

No. 656171

Wish I was you, I could eat some sort of combination of cheese and bread for every meal if it wouldn't make me fat and sick

No. 656177

File: 1602742510306.jpg (245.78 KB, 1600x900, different-cheeses.jpg)

No. 656185

I desperately want to fuck my boss and 2 of my coworkers… and my professor

No. 656187

i cant stop using little lolcow-isms outside of here i feel crazy. the amount of times I use words like “scrote” “autist” and “sperging” in my mind / on other sites is getting absurd. I know a lot of these terms didnt actually originate from here but it’s where I first heard them lol

No. 656188

I always have to stop myself from calling things autistic or using the words fag or sperg because I forgot how offensive they are outside of lolcow

No. 656192

I am attracted to a bad person. And I'm feeling jealous that they were with other girls. I feel confused and like a piece of shit. I hope it's just because I've been single for too long so my feelings are all mush and not working right. Feels bad, man.

I do this in my head a lot, too, anon, you aren't alone

No. 656202

I just snooped through my boyfriend's discord. I am anxious because I think I forgot to close out a dm of some girl he last spoke to a year ago. I am going to pretend I didn't do anything unless he brings it up.

No. 656207

i use 'fag' in the car when i'm privately road raging at other drivers, and that is my contained episode of board term vulgarity

No. 656213

I'm posting this so anons can feel better about themselves that even if they're stupid they'll never be as astonishingly retarded as me. When I was around 16, the man I was seeing asked to stop by my place to get this dick wet, and I fucking agreed. Told him where I lived, and was totally okay with letting a thirty year old man in my house to fuck me WHILE my sister and my mother were there. He came to my street and I was gonna go out to get him inside but at the same time, my sister sat herself somewhere where she could see the gate clearly so I couldn't let him in, waited around 20 mins before I told him to go because my sister was not moving and like five minutes after he went away, she just went into her room. Felt like God himself saw my retardation and decided to help me. it was so stupid. I was so stupid, I cannot believe I was okay with a 30 year old coming into my house where I was living with my family to fuck me. It's insane how stupid I am. Common sense and critical thinking who?

No. 656236

Nobody decent would ever shame a 16 year old for nearly being taken advantage of by a man double her age, you weren't stupid at all and I'm so relieved that he didn't get to you. Maybe choosing to invite him to your family home was a very fortunate subconscious choice after picking up on some cues in the back of your mind, maybe you were actually incredibly smart but you just didn't know it. But whatever you are, you aren't stupid at all.
Hug your sister when you can even if she doesn't know the reason.

No. 656266

File: 1602754395014.gif (998.92 KB, 500x380, crying.gif)

Anon… you're so nice… thank you for being such a warm person, I love you. You are right that I must've picked up something before or on that day because I broke contact with him a few days after this, mostly he had hurt me bad the last time we had sex and also said somethings which even I knew were very wrong. So I guess I wasn't completely completely stupid. And I tell my sister I love her every single day, I'm really really lucky to have her. I hope you have a good day anon! You made mine better

No. 656274

The hell, I'm a cheese addict. Funnily enough I'm like you when it comes to milk. Can't stand the smell.

No. 656312

Are you my SO? He is the same way, he even orders pizza without cheese. Every time I eat something cheesy I try to kiss him hehe

No. 656324

same, i also sometimes have to google the origin of slang that hasn't really reached my country yet (like based and coomer yesterday) to make sure to not out myself as browsing on imageboards lmao

No. 656473

File: 1602778805603.jpg (28.2 KB, 306x444, notanymore anon.jpg)

>the bathroom is my safe space
not anymore, anon

No. 656532

Every couple of months I put on a pair of shitty fake nails to wear for like 5 days just for the pleasure of tapping on everything like I'm recording ASMR

No. 656546

Who is she

No. 656568


No. 656573

Steven Crowder

No. 656575

anon I

No. 656577

Does that look like a she to you?

No. 656582

You guys are fucking retards

No. 656598

Autism is alive and well and I just saw it in action

No. 656607

It’s a meme you dumb bitches goddamit Pull yourselfs together

No. 656608

>believing people aren't familiar with the stain on society that is Joey Salads

No. 656610


No. 656611

I know it was a meme but did think it was Crowder and not Joey Salads, my bad kek

No. 656615

File: 1602787591732.png (50.09 KB, 1702x324, Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 2.48…)

Is the PULL migration link to KF at the top of the page a joke? I laughed bc I can't see PULL users jiving with kiwis but then again my girl friend who likes lurking KF says that there are females on there.

No. 656616

The stupid questions thread is a couple of doors down.

No. 656618

Which one of you bitches casually shared the picture of the gamestop He-man shooped into a superhero? Because I just thought of that and wheezed

No. 656636

This confession moved me to tears.

No. 656813

I love listening to my own voice notes. I do it every time I send one. I just feel genuine and connected with myself

No. 656843

During quarantine, I developed an online shopping addiction.

I order clothes from shein.com, like cheaply made 8 dollar pants, shirts, and dresses, multiple times a week and I've resorted to making a small purchase every time I feel bored. It's the only thing that relieves the boredom. Also if I feel anxious, like my husband and I just had an argument, or I get annoyed by work, I'll quickly order something random from amazon … or like some candles from etsy or something. It makes me feel calm and better almost instantly.

My husband has a job where he leaves the house at a different time than me, which is really convenient because he's always gone when my packages arrive. He'd be pretty weirded out to see how often I get packages.

This was kind of OK at first. I lost my job in March due to covid and started getting those Big Checks from unemployment. I'd spend a little bit of it every week on a "treat". I was really stressed out about not having a job/the chaotic state of the world, and it helped. Now, of course, I have a job that doesn't pay nearly as well as the big gov't checks did this summer. But that doesn't matter; the shopping addiction had time to manifest. It really sucks and I try not to do it but … I pretty much order something random for at least $10 dollars every day now. FML!!!!

No. 656864

Anon, if you don't have the money, don't do it. Get adult coloring books and practice mindfulness or something. Buying bullshit candles and trinkets on Etsy is going to run you dry and ruin your marriage

No. 656880

$10 a day might not seem a lot, but that's $70 every week for some clutter. Even start to reduce, and make a bigger splurge once a month. you're nearly spending $300 a month.

No. 656895

File: 1602818094864.jpg (455.55 KB, 1704x2560, 81SeGmrG0tL.jpg)

get this book (it's on libgen for free), read it everyday and do the exercises. It should help you a lot. Good luck!

No. 656896

Same but with dollskill, unique vintage and some other shops

No. 656898

I legitimately hate men. I see them outside in the city pissing on the actual phones of phone booths, on kids playgrounds (yes) and in the streets. They catcall me and I want to literally shoot them. They don't wash their hands so it makes me literally agoraphobic. I feel like Ive developed germaphobia or something seeing the way men live. Im just utterly sickened by them. I unironically want perfectly sanitary clean cute android boys to replace them. Men make up most crime, almost all rape, all wars started, literally everything terrible in the world is caused by scrotes. End rant.

No. 656937

The double spacing after periods makes you stand out

No. 657186

Youre right anon. I'm going to dox her now. And all I have to do is follow the double spaced periods. . .

No. 657189

>It's the only thing that relieves the boredom
Holy shit get a hobby, find some games to play or something, read a book. This sentence depressed me.

No. 657215

File: 1602860046899.jpg (108.75 KB, 736x565, 200f8981e2c9871c5924c4fa3088f2…)

the world if we locked all men in cages and only took them out for reproduction/heavy labor

No. 657228

I still can't believe our government paid people to sit at home and shop while people making minimum wage at grocery stores caught covid lmao.

No. 657263

When I was in high school, I did track and field. I only wore grey shirts and my track coach always called me "Gray Shirt". He called me Gray Shirt so much, when it was time for Coach/Parent meetup, he didn't actually know my real name.

No. 657270

File: 1602862604937.jpg (6.18 KB, 201x251, MFW.jpg)

>Anon while writing their post

No. 657422

i looked up answers during my multiple choice exam because the questions were stupid. i don't feel too bad, some were about things in the textbook we barely talked about in class.

also i was retarded enough to post in the old thread

No. 657425

Where is the confession

No. 657434

Are you my sister? She does the exact same thing…

No. 657490


No. 657569

Men are just giant germs tbh

No. 657571

I'm an autist but I feel like I'm more childish than other autists I know and I'm ashamed of it. I have some "serious" interests but I also love toys and I'm OBSESSED with horses. Or shit like coloring books and stickers etc. I don't show this part of me to anyone because I don't want them to think I'm retarded or something, I know the whole "age regression" thing is hip in the west, but no one talks about it in my country, and I'm not doing this to "regress" anyway. I also hate how this stuff is associated with kink now, I can't go through toycore/kidcore tags without stumbling upon some gross uwu little-space and cum-in-my-diaper shit

No. 657592

It’s okay, anon, lots of people loves toys and cute stuff in general, as long as you’re stealthy about it, no one will have to find out.
>that last sentence
It really made me have a full body shudder filled with pure cringe. People are gross.

No. 658150

No. 658474

I hate giving blowjobs. I get grossed out so easily and find them generally unpleasant.

No. 658523

Don't give blowjobs then. Women shouldn't force themselves to do stuff they hate in bed.

No. 658540

Same. I just don't do them.

No. 658627

I get grossed out easily by the sight of TP or lint tbh. It's just ugh. But I still do then because I enjoy giving them to one specific person, not in general.

No. 658642

Definitely make your partner wash first if that's the issue or atleast baby wipe that shit. Like >>658627 said TP and lint riddled dicks are absolutely disgusting. Idk about you ladies (it's not something I often discuss publically) but I'm completely clean whenever I'm the recipient, it should be no different for men.

No. 658648

File: 1603036663540.jpg (20.97 KB, 400x318, 1583385776403.jpg)

i was passing an order slip to my co-worker today and our fingertips brushed together for like a second and i got wet lmao

No. 658656

Is this a particularly gorgeous coworker? Or are you just very horny

No. 658661

Did you already have a crush on them before this?

No. 658663

Are you one same chick that keeps salivating over her co-worker week after week? If so, you sound rapey and you make my skin crawl, chill it.

No. 658664

God, I've had that experience before except it was while working at Burger King and my ass brushed against my coworker for a brief second, even if he was gross, I wanted to eff him right there. It has also happened when working with my women co-workers too!

No. 658665

Dear god in heaven thank you for never making me this desperate for touch

No. 658669

I can't believe I still fall for the same shitty pro-ana/thinspo stuff hook,line and sinker at almost freaking 27.. About 14 years and it still makes me feel like shit despite knowing how retarded it is. Bravo, myself.

No. 658677

he's not conventionally attractive but he's so my type my blood pressure drops the moment he enters the room
you see it
i didn't use to be this way but then i moved to a foreign country without family and friends and a global pandemic hit which cut any rare physical contact down to nothing. i hadn't touched a human being since january, please don't judge.

No. 658678

Are you another one of those weebs in nippon right now? This is what you get smh

No. 658682

Nobody gives a shit seriously it’s just a stupid religious rule with no real reason

No. 658684

I deleted it because of a typo.
I don’t know, I feel a bit guilty because they think it’s dirty and whatever, same thing with the fasting stuff, like, that’s what makes them happy I guess, might as well respect that.

No. 658699

I don’t know why the thought of having a man physically touch me is so disgusting to me, but I can easily get off on the mental images of me having sex with them? Like this shit absolutely makes no sense to me and it’s annoying too cause my dumb brain always goes on autopilot and sabotages any opportunities I have to get emotionally/sexually close to a guy.

No. 658720

It's not something you're required to do. Make it clear that the concept grosses you out and go for guys that are asexual, that way they won't be sex pests and you don't have an underlying feeling of disgust or obligation

No. 658842

Well, the key to figuring this out is asking yourself why it disgusts you.

Like, what situations disgust you? What’s going on your mind when you imagine it?Is it really disgust? What‘s really triggering the feeling of disgust? What are the other underlying emotions? Etc etc.

I have/had the same problem. When I imagine things, I’m fine but when a real live man tries to touch me, I recoil.

I figure it’s because I’m afraid of being hurt and I don’t feel like I’m really in control of the situation. So what I called disgust was really just a fuck ton of anxiety and fear that I’ll be taken advantage of. I don’t trust them and so being touched by them is like crossing a hard emotional boundary. Nobody likes being touched, particularly in an intimate way, by someone they don’t know/trust.

Sure, fuck any type of deeper self-analysis.

No. 658998

The skin on my palms comes off when I open plastic twist caps. The metal ones are even worse, I can't do it. I always ask other people to open my drinks and it makes me feel like an inferior being.

No. 658999

i have troonish boobs. kind of mooblike, tubular but full, with large puffy nipples that point downwards. it's not something that bothers me (lsd and radical feminism cured my body issues lol) and i don't even wear a bra but it's just funny how my breasts and a tranny's breasts can look exactly the same but mine are still 100% more appealing because i'm not a filthy degenerate

No. 659001

pathetic but i sympathize <3

No. 659006

File: 1603073079791.jpeg (314.86 KB, 1961x2622, 144C74C1-07A5-4A7E-A181-830060…)

Use a simple hair tie to open bottle caps, It’s truly saved me the time and embarrassment of asking for people to open stuff for me.

No. 659008

File: 1603073312393.jpg (113.56 KB, 949x907, o53zn4.jpg)

I think momokun looks hot in her latest idk "set"? She generally seems cute and hot to me.

No. 659009

File: 1603073448091.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26.25 KB, 379x383, anon why.JPG)

you're joking right?? Or are you talking about a different set…

No. 659010

Tbh I think she was cute before all the ps and weight gain. Now she just looks disproportionate. Makes me sad.

No. 659011

File: 1603073592572.jpg (8.99 KB, 288x175, wetun.jpg)

I kind of masturbated to the thought of a World War 3 missile showdown between the US and China.

No. 659012

In my last two relationships anytime they ate me out I had to close my eyes and imagine it was a girl eating me out in order to feel any pleasure from the act

No. 659016

I suddenly have a lady stiffy for young Indian and Middle Eastern men. I catch myself grinning like a horny schoolgirl when they pass by and this is a uni town so they're kind of everywhere. It's embarrassing. My preference has always been Caucasian (no thought, just by default I guess). At least with a mask on it isn't too obvious.

No. 659017

The idea of those soap opera wars is kind of arousing in a dumbass way.
If only military men weren’t fucking aggressive nutjobs, those fantasies would be nice.
We need military grade himbobots

No. 659018

I agree. Even back when I used to follow religiously her threads and hate-stalk her, I thought she was kinda cute, lol. Her smile is pretty and tbh I personally don't think that fat=ugly. I don't find her "hot", but (as long as she doesn't get more ps done) she looks fine to me, even in candid unshopped photos.

No. 659066

Was this posted by a scrote? Indian and middle eastern men are fucking disgusting and usually misogynistic as fuck

No. 659068

Thank you for the tip anon ily

No. 659119

File: 1603094488741.jpg (369.22 KB, 800x767, 20201019_130040.jpg)

I'm a sucker for women who look boyish, (and men who look feminine)
This girl isn't a fakeboi, she just has short hair and is kinda flat chested. What are these kind of girls called? They're not butch or anything just androgynous and cute.

No. 659120

Go dilate

No. 659123

They're called girlfriend material and they're cute as fuck

Maybe the word you're looking for is tomboy though

No. 659125


No. 659136

they exist, you just have to find the right military job

No. 659166

Take down your gfm for electrolysis it has no donations

No. 659405

File: 1603123282903.jpg (198.86 KB, 765x1024, 9620833205_b9c757f5dd_b.jpg)

I know that makes me part of the problem but the since the toilet paper craze starts anew, I ordered quiet a bit on amazon (do not want to say how much because I'm actually ashamed how much it is lmao). I honestly do not have the energy to go looking around for TP after a long ass day of work because I have clearly better things to do.

No. 659473

Honestly, I love being an inverse triangle. I think larger shoulders make me look more cooler and authoritative.

No. 659486

I get it. I live by myself and buy the huge packs of TP that last me forever. I only buy one at a time, but still, it's definitely excessive. Also, this pic made my day kek.

No. 659487

File: 1603128224454.jpg (46.82 KB, 300x300, Grace_Jones_-_Nightclubbing.jp…)

Mad respect anon, please always love your cool shape.

No. 659496

I'm addicted to watching asian salon cystic acne popping videos on youtube because I love watching gooks bleed(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 659501

My parent’s house has the most shit plumbing so we’ve always ordered tp in bulk off amazon, like the kind that offices get that’s like barely 1 ply. We’ve done this for years so watching people hoard tp gave me the biggest keks cause we’ve always ordered stupid amounts , like 80 rolls at a time.

No. 659510

I rushed my ex's grief when his grandmother passed because he was generally useless in normal circumstances, so I didn't want him to get comfortable with being mopey and depressed making him even more useless than usual. I was selfish and didn't want to pick up even more of his slack. I feared he'd use grief as an excuse to doubly do nothing. Her passing had been awhile coming and he grown distant in the last years, so I took the event as him trying to ham up a sympathetic plight for himself. Never said it directly, but I was passively dismissive, saying things like that's so sad but had been sick, after all… I really don't feel apologetic for being toxic, for him anyway.
When I suffered problems of my own my ex always bemoaned me, or went to his friends to vent. Cause he knew when I was out of commission that he'd have to work extra which I bet he felt for worse on account of me being the responsible mommy bangmaid with the transportation.

No. 659529

I usually do it the same way, but as soon as I noticed that people go mental again, I thought that I do not want to go through the same stress as at the beginning of the year (because besides TP, you have to look for other things now too, like food and water for example). And on the top that, I do not own a car, so no chance for me to buy idk how much of that. My plan is to be able to shit in peace, while worry about the other things lol

I've read that people started to hoard TP at the beginning of pandemic because it gave them the feeling of being somehow in the control of this situation. Sure, it was a new scary thing. But now eight months later, we all know that nobody died because of the lack of TP so this time around I'm really puzzled why it starts again since everybody knows that there is enough TP for everybody …

No. 659542

I don't remember my childhood at all, sometimes I wonder if it was because it was so boring, or because I was a little bitch that actually got traumatized by only being yelled at.

No. 659565

I've been emotionally cheating on my boyfriend. I feel like I can be more myself around the other guy. Like, my actual true self. It feels so good. I feel like I can't fully be myself around my boyfriend or he'll just judge me. It's annoying. I'm a shit person, I know. I'm planning my breakup.

No. 659569

Me too lol i only remember very few moments like 5 or so. Maybe if we got sat down with a shrink he would be able to unlock memories? Are you also paranoid about that whole false memories thing?

No. 659584

There's at least one other person on lolcow that does the double spacing pretty consistently as well so you probably think we both are the same poster. I guess if they stopped doing it I'd follow lol.

No. 659587

Eh. It's not good at all, but I'm sure it didn't happen all at once. You recognize it now and you're planning your breakup accordingly. Good for you. Free yourself whether you end up with the new guy or not.

No. 659612

I don't have many early memories either. It's not actually that uncommon though so don't worry about it too much
Sometimes I think it would be cool if a shrink could magically unlock memories but then I remember all the stuff that they implanted in kids heads during the satanic panic. Who can you really trust to let inside your head like that? We can just make some nice memories now instead

No. 659664

File: 1603140019660.jpg (177.42 KB, 830x1024, 10.jpg)

I had to take 2 busses home from the other side of the city with dried cum on my hair last summer. I was so hungry I stopped at a burger restaurant, and ran into someone I went to school with and he recognized me.

No. 659764

don't fuck men who can't even get you dinner or a ride. love yourself

No. 659765

I'm an awkward piece of shit and drop food in my long hair without noticing all the time. You could have eaten a cinnamon roll and dropped the glaze in your hair, he wouldn't have known any different

No. 659866

I doubt a 18 year old broke university student would have given me 70€ for cab, considering he bought all my drinks and paid for the cab the night before (which was around 120€) the night before. Taking the bus is very common here anyway, most people do it.

No. 659936

I hate the idea of people liking my favorite music artists. And I hate that I hate that. I'm so annoying.

No. 660460

I use too much toilet paper and frequently clog the toilet

No. 660466

i sniff my bloody sanitary towels

No. 660467

same, like wine

No. 660471

Me but with my underwear

No. 660481

Honestly I don't think this isn't particularly abnormal or degenerate behaviour as such. Scent can tell you a lot about your health

No. 660509

File: 1603772689476.png (178.09 KB, 480x270, tenor.png)

I think I've realized that I tend to be attracted to men who I feel sorry for. It feels really gross and toxic for me to admit it because I feel like that either means I like the idea that I'm better than them and that they could put me on a pedestal or I fall into that classic stereotypical trope where I'm attracted to people I want to "save" (I don't know which option is worse tbh). I always felt like I had really questionable taste. I've never been attracted to stereotypical chad types and I think it's because for me to really be into a guy I have to really pity him you know? Like the same way you feel sorry and sad when you see a starving dog on the street. I don't know, maybe this is normal but it makes me feel really predatory lol. Also I feel like I'm fucked because 10/10 times those men end up being toxic as fuck and huge losers so fuck me I guess. Is my type just men with mental illness? Where did I go wrong?

No. 660530

i have this horrible terrible fantasy of me and my whole family committing suicide. the only thing keeping me from doing it myself is my family. i tried slipping in conversation with my sister that if i died she would get over it but she said she never would. i know my mom would be devastated. i dont want them to be sad but i really dont like living, i never have. i was listening to TLPOTL’s episodes about jonestown and it just sounded so…understandable. like the earth is horrible, its just pain and suffering, lets just get out of here together. like the igbo rebellion.

No. 660531

How was your relationship with your parents/dad growing up? What people with traumas relating to that subconsciously tend to do is find a partner that can help them recreate their childhood circumstances so maybe there's something to unpack there?
I wouldn't say it's normal though, not that being attracted to stereotypical chads is either.

No. 660532

i feel this very hard

No. 660534

look up codependency, you sound like a contender for it. it's something you'll want to address because there's no real satisfaction to be found in trying to manage or fix somebody else's life. especially not in the case of men who generally have the emotional processing capacity of toddlers. you're not going to be able to change it and you're going to burn up and feel resentful instead, what they need is therapy. most of us need therapy

No. 660538

These past few years I’ve come across many huge cows on this website and have interacted with them in real life (usually at jobs I’d work)

No. 660545

am actually jealous, do you have stories?

No. 660548

Not very exciting stories but it was odd interacting with them knowing damn well the antics they were up to on the internet. It’s like watching a zoo animal.

Will say that one of these huge cows is a regular customer at my work

No. 660551

File: 1603779963980.jpg (89.1 KB, 960x528, 1595963393391.jpg)

it drives me insane when anons make posts like these and never tell us who the cow or e-celeb is. I almost want to a-log over it

No. 660552

shit I'm still jealous. Not going to push you for info but it makes me wonder where you work. Maybe there's no crazy stories but that would make the job loads more entertaining for me… keep your eyes peeled lucky anon, there may be milk yet

No. 660561

I'm so curious what kind of place attracts cows. I'm not even talking specifics, but is it a fast food restaurant, or a shop or what?

No. 660564

File: 1603780927871.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 38.95 KB, 375x333, 43190DFA-6189-4825-A365-1534DF…)

I’d love to spill the beans ughhhh

No. 660566

usually local restaurants and shops…at least that’s where I see them linger more

No. 660570

File: 1603783440713.jpeg (124.67 KB, 513x438, b91.jpeg)

I really hate how people sometimes call me scrote here just because I make new threads for people to tell their interesting experiences in, cause I just love talking to other farmers and I feel like a vent thread is not enough (cause it's venting duh, I don't want to vent always), also tinfoiling that I was the reason /ot/ got closed is the most retarded asinine thing ever, seriously not everyone is ill intentioned and not everyone is a scrote

Inb4 people now start shidding on me for absolutely nothing on the replies

No. 660571

Nobody cares about you, calm down

No. 660573

>interesting experiences
having a tragic anime past isn't interesting tho. it's very played out tbh

No. 660596

I'm seeing three people at once. I justify it to myself by thinking that it's ok because I'm technically single. But none of the people I'm seeing know about each other. I even fucked one.
On top of that there's this guy who frequently buys my (extremely tame) lewds and buys me lingerie to wear on my dates with other people because he gets off from that.
I think the worst part is that I don't even feel all that bad about all this. If I end up in an actual relationship with one of them I will cut all the others off but for the time being I'm just enjoying the amount of attention I'm getting. Am I a disgusting slut?

No. 660598

I'm more weirded out by the timing of this tbh, like covid?

No. 660599

yes, you are. Next

No. 660604

There's been only a handful of cases in my city. Obviously I'm still being stupid and irresponsible.

Yeah, I figured.

No. 660623

I bawled my eyes out at the end of Portal 2. I cried for a long time, not really sure why, I had played the game years before.

It's just…. such an emotional thing for me. I'm even tearing up right now remembering me crying. I guess it's because it was ending and such a journey of mental anguish from idiotic puzzles and the backstory of Chell, plus the song. Tsundere GlaDos bidding me farewell…

No. 660627

Sometimes I keep my boyfriend awake on purpose or wake him up on purpose at night just so I can do menial tasks because I'm scared

No. 660704

Girl, if that's what you got out of the Jonestown series you need to listen to it again. It was devastating. Megustalations!

No. 660707

No. 660710

No, you're fine. The more serious it starts getting with any of them, though, you should mention it/start breaking things off. Especially if you've had sex, just be very safe. The whole thing with dating and being single and not in a relationship is being able to do what you're doing. Don't listen to antagonistic anon.

No. 660720

Yeah you’re both right. It’s something my friend brought up to me once about how my relationship with my mom has zero boundaries and I took care of her poor mental health growing up. I don’t get it because explicitly I really don’t like the relationship I have with my mom and it really upsets me sometimes, but I guess implicitly we’re attracted to what’s familiar. I think I’m already at the stage where I’m starting to feel resentful… time to do some more unpacking I guess. Thanks for the advice I think I needed to hear that.

No. 660722

I lost the person that meant the most to me a few years ago, yeah it hurt and I did grieve hard.. but I have my own life to live. People are resiliant.

A family close to where I live just commited some sort of familicide a few days ago and police are trying to figure out who killed who… apparently there was a dispute about a will. Fucked up to see a whole family wiped out at once over what seems like something so trivial as what percentage of land each son would get. There is now nobody alive to receive it full stop.. Madness.

No. 660746

Casual dating and not getting exclusive immediately was so common up until very recently, if you told anyone older than their 30s this they wouldn’t even bat an eye. I don’t think it’s weird, I think it’s weird that nowadays everyone acts like you need to be exclusive from the first time you go out or fuck or whatever if you guys aren’t having those conversations/you’re not lying.

No. 660749

This anon knows what's up

No. 660777

Going on first dates with more than one person isn't weird until you start to become more serious with them. IDK why you wouldn't be open about it tho unless you think they would have a problem with it and if they do have a problem with it, then you probably shouldn't do it.

>this guy who frequently buys my (extremely tame) lewds and buys me lingerie to wear on my dates with other people

This makes you gross tho and kind of a slut, yes.

No. 660846

I mean I think I made it sound worse than it is in my original post.
I've gone on one date with person A. Didn't kiss or hug but agreed on a second date.
I've gone on three dates with person B. Kissed on second date, fucked on third. Told him I don't want anything serious with him, he's fine with it.
I've agreed on a date with person C but haven't actually met yet. Might cancel cause not really feeling it.
I haven't told any of them cause I feel like I don't owe that information to someone I've just met? And also I think it'd hurt their feelings, probably. A and B seem to like me a lot, C seems to have low self esteem.

I haven't met and will not meet person D but we were chatting and then sexting and he just kinda… suddenly started giving me money and I just kinda accepted it cause I'm broke. Also in need of new underwear. I'm well aware this technically makes me a sex worker though.
Not trying to justify my behaviour btw, just giving added context. It's the confessions thread, I know what I'm doing is questionable at best.

No. 660874

Honestly, I definitely think you're okay then. Especially if you never plan on meeting person D. I'd take free money and gifts kek.

No. 660919

good luck sis

No. 661203

This girl bullied me in grade school. When she was in college all three of her immediate family members died within a two year period - all of unrelated causes.
I feel bad, but probably not as bad as I should.

No. 661266

I’m experiencing some Ingrid Goes West type feelings. God I just want to be the only person who understands her.

No. 661272

That’s a bit harsh doncha think

No. 661276

I want to bully you for this post.

No. 661279

Kek you’re not obligated to feel bad for her at all, not like it’s your fault.

No. 661283

good thing karma doesn't exist, or you'd be getting bad luck because you're a vindictive cunt.

No. 661285

I already know I'm going to get shredded on here but I just want to write it out.

I've gotten to a point where I'm just so fucking done with life and I'm so suicidal (but could never go through with it) that I am regressing and acting like the angsty teenager that I never was. I'm slamming doors, not acknowledging people in my house when they walk past, and overall been acting like a passive aggressive ghost. My depression stems from insecurity, social anxiety, and a sheltered life. By the time I finished high school I was so stunted because I spent the majority of my time online that I didn't know how to make proper friends in university or "adult". Medication didn't work, and I can't get insurance to see a therapist. I don't hate my parents, I'm just so done with them for contributing to a lot of my downfalls and yet not being able to comprehend why I'm so unhappy with my life. I don't even think they fully understand how girls my age should actually be spending their time because they didn't have much of a young adult/social life themselves. I'm literally throwing silent fits and I know how pathetic it is but I can't stop. It's like I behaved all my life and it got me nowhere, so why hide it any longer. I don't want to be spending my youth like this but I feel so stuck and I feel both angry at my parents but guilty.

No. 661288

I'd get wishing bad things on her but why feel good because three people died? She bullied you so the karma went to her family? Makes no sense. You're a bad person

No. 661292

I wanna beat someone up rn but I don’t have the energy to do so.

No. 661294

Sometimes I daydream about getting back together with my ex just so I can cheat on him with my current bf and fall in love all over again.

No. 661301

How old are you? You shouldn't be blaming your parents for your failures in life. You need to take accountability for yourself.

No. 661312

You just made me remember that a guy who used to bully me during high school died like, a few years ago, idk it wasn’t too long ago.
It’s so weird to hear about someone young dying, tbh I mostly got annoyed at my family since they were expecting some huge reaction from me, as if he was my friend or something, and no, i won’t shed a tear for someone who made me feel like shit for so many years.
It’s just weird to think about a bully in general, it’s a waste of time, so, anon, don’t use the deaths of her family as some cheer up juice, if anything I would feel as unsettled as I end up feeling when thinking about any other normal person’s death.
I’m not telling you to reach up to her because that’s just retarded, but just try thinking about actual good things instead of the smugness that made you feel their deaths, It’s not a healthy feeling, anon.

No. 661329

My quarantine hobby is catfishing retarded scrotes who can't identify computer generated faces. It's never for money or anything, I just like stringing them along, and seeing that no matter how pathetic the girl I'm pretending to be is, she will always get orbiters

No. 661331

how can one tell that the faces are computer generated?
You are doing good job anon, just be careful

No. 661343

your post brought all the moralfags out of hiding

No. 661349

I'm on your side. All these holier than thou types acting like they'd give a shit about some strangers dying. They'd think, "Oh how sad" for two seconds without any actual emotion behind it then forget it even happened. We're all limited by Dunbar's number and if you aren't on my list, especially if you're associated with someone who actively harmed me, I couldn't care less. Have a laugh over it all you want anon, the family isn't going to know and it's not like you personally put them in their graves.

No. 661367

I'm developing a crush on an internet friend. I think we'd get along well but he's too old for me, the gap is 9 years. I'm so annoyed I like what he has to say but cutting him out would probably be better for me.

No. 661369

Stop immediately.

No. 661393

She said it better than I could.

No. 661402

I think I have the most perfect sized boobs and I'm proud of them, that's it

No. 661418

That must be a load off your mind. Something you have been holding in a long time and struggling to come to terms with, which is why this is the only place you can admit to it and clear your conscience. Bless.

No. 661425

I'm happy for you anon, may you and your boobs prosper.

No. 661435

Beaches are legitametly the most overrated location on earth and going to the beach is awful. All you do is
>spend a year trying to find a non-crowded spot
>sit down
>go into the water a few times
>walk around a bit
>eat some stuff
>sit down

No. 661478

i used to be a pickme who would say things like "lol feminism totally isn't necessary in this country anymore" and watch alt right youtubers like tl;dr

i've since been rehabilitated (and it's been years) but i'm still ashamed about it and hope no one remembers me saying that shit

No. 661490

Same. Those were some cringy years but I am glad we grew out of it.

No. 661500

My family loves the beach and I grew up being taken there like 10 times a year so I agree with you completely. Fuck the beach

No. 661525

I hate having boobs. I am seriously thinking about mastectomy some time in the future.
Not because I'm a troon or anything, I just dislike how they look, feel and I'm afraid of breast cancer.

No. 661526

Everyone remembers that one time a friend told you she doesn't believe in equal rights for women lol. Just remember to graciously apologize to any friends you alienated at the time in case you contribute to them becoming ground down themselves.

No. 661549

when i was 15-17 i fucked multiple grown men and i dont regret it at all

No. 661557

My mom had breast cancer and there was talk of me getting tested to see if I have the breast cancer gene (bcra) but my mom apparently got tested herself and her cancer wasn't caused by it so I didn't need testing after all. For a while I was secretly hoping I could get a mastectomy done.

That being said, my mom had a single mastectomy and nearly died during the fucking surgery. So that put things into perspective for me.

No. 661561

brought a tupperware (not see-through) to campus for my lunch over a month ago. figured i'd clean it the next time i used it. i didnt feel like cleaning it so i just bought sandwiches on campus instead.

fuck, actually the other matching tupperware probably has over 2 month old leftovers in there.

i'll clean them today but i'm so scared of what it'll look/smell like. wish me luck.

No. 661564

Why is taking advantage of moids bad when that's what they do to women all the time??? If a simp is going to give you money, might as well take it.

I've held radical views of men (particularly that they all just want to use me) since I was around that age. That's why I have zero experience with men, have no male friends (not that I have female friends either), and am skeptical of every single one that even speaks to me. Is this better or worse than having been a pickme and basically simping for male attention? I can't even tell if it's a net benefit for me anymore, because I'm a loveless, sexless loser. I "protected" myself, but I don't have shit and I feel as though can't connect with men at all if they know I'm a woman.

No. 661576

You're underselling yourself by acting as an unpaid escort, IMO. Of course if the validation and okay time is good enough then disregard, but I'd think that by your mention of selling lewds and accepting lingerie from some dude, that you'd set your aim a bit higher. If you expect to eventually develop emotional attachments to these men, then yikes sis.

Karma doesn't exist or else it would be really fucked for the universe to take the lives of three family members who did nothing to you in order to teach the girl who once did mean things to you.
I wouldn't feel bad either though, it's just too bad most evil people will lead great lives and will answer to no consequences.

Time wasted imo, you should find a way to fake lewds and charge for em. You're basically giving them free entertainment on your own dime.

We all make mistakes anon. At least you recovered.

No. 661584

I wish my dad would die soon, mostly because I am sick and tired of always having to mop up his urine and clean his excrement every day.

No. 661587

You know what is better than one hot 40 year old man at work? Two hot 40 year old men.
I just want to fuck them both really really bad. I am really trying to stay a pure child of Jesus but DAMN they are so fucking hot. My ovaries almost exploded today.

No. 661588

File: 1603897713268.png (1.05 MB, 1654x2339, pe-poster-5.png)

I am sorry for your mom, glad she's better now. Could I ask what went wrong during her surgery?

I feel a bit silly for wanting it purely for cosmetic and comfort reasons. On the other hand I think there should be less taboo surrounding casual mastectomies which I suspect stem from the fact that breasts are viewed as a sexual part of the body, and removing it could "devalue" some women (lmao). Probably only in men's eyes. I highly believe mastectomies should be government funded and more info on it should be available and visible. After all it is the no 1 cancer women experience.

No. 661589

Do you have a friend in medical field with access to morphine?
>muh ovaries explosion
Post them larper

No. 661601

dropped by my bf's best mate's apartment, when he opened the door for us he was standing there basically shirtless because we "caught him off guard", and he looked ssssooooo hot.

No. 661619

It was something about her stats just dropping while under the anesthetic. she was 5 and a half hours in surgery and they didn't tell us that til it was over. I nearly passed out when I heard they'd ran into issues and we had been sitting there unaware all that time. She lived another 8/9 years after that but cancer is an aggressive bastard and it came back.

I do think we're living in a strange world if breast implants aren't that taboo (haven't really been for decades in certain countries) but saying you want a flat chest is definitely still treated like a sign of mental illness or something. I know someone who had the gene and had the surgery but she also got implants afterwards which is what most do.

No. 661631

>Post them larper

So assertive anon, you’re making my ovaries wet

No. 661642

File: 1603903405305.jpeg (149.9 KB, 1012x520, 115C37EA-7E51-479E-94F4-6BFABD…)

> you’re making my ovaries wet
Nta, I know it’s a joke, but damn, it made me curl up.

No. 661679

i'm never going to understand why morality is mocked outside of the people doing it having actual disorders. you realize functional human connections require a sense of morality right? lol

No. 661707

I follow someone on twitter who raises various animals and insects and (from what I've seen of their face) they look insanely similar to my horrible ex. As a form of therapy I like to pretend it IS my ex and that he has reformed from his robot ways and now tends to little creatures with kindness.

No. 661715

oh honey we all have a story like this

No. 661719

this is kinda how it happened with my bf of 2 years. he asked to cuddle, so we did and that shit drove me crazy even though i wasn't previously interested in him until that moment.

No. 661724

Nta but because it's over stupid shit. Especially this one. OP didn't even say she was happy about it, literally just that she didn't feel as bad as she maybe should. Really dumb and weird to try and shame her as though anyone is obligated to give a shit about other people's families, especially someone that bullied them.

No. 661726

you remind me of my bf please get therapy before you ruin someones life anon

No. 661733

I hope you forgot to type "ex"

No. 661735

i'm spineless as hell

No. 661738

File: 1603908867013.jpg (50.66 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I watch nail art compilations while I'm on my phone shift at work. We're doing home office at the moment, and while the customers are just as rude and horrible to me as always, I'm able to stay calm because I can sit and watch someone get their nails painted in adorable, beautiful and creative ways while the customer goes off at me for stuff that isn't even my fault. Whenever a rant gets going (which they often do, I work for an insurance company, it's understandable), I just move my eyes over to the other screen and feel my mind relax instantly. It's not my fault that Miranda didn't read the terms and conditions before signing her insurance - those nails look dope - let's register yet another customer complaint for the day.

No. 661741

Anon get the hell out of that relationship what is wrong with you, and "spineless" isn't an answer jfc

No. 661744

love isnt that simple dear anon

No. 661750

File: 1603909260036.jpg (7.05 KB, 286x176, imagesVUR6DNTY.jpg)

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

No. 661751

Then suffer.

No. 661754

Oh ffs

No. 661765

you aren't going to be able to change him

No. 661824

>Why is taking advantage of moids bad when that's what they do to women all the time??? If a simp is going to give you money, might as well take it.

It's not free money. Are you stupid? Men will never give you anything for free, they will always expect something in return. She said she is sending him lews in return. It's literally sexwork and not "free money". Best case you are a hoe, worst case you end up a hoe with a stalker that thinks you owe him cause he sent you "free" shit.

No. 661833

Someone's mad they don't get easy monies

No. 661841

Lmao, ok whore. I could literally sell feetpics or even my own shit to men any day I want and they would buy it, cause men are pathetic. There is no pride in getting money from men in exchange for sexual favors and nobody is jealous of you for not respecting yourself more.

No. 661854

Nta but sex work is literally not free money. I'd maybe cape for you if you voice chat with a discord moid for 45 minutes and get a $60 game lol but you're showing your tits for $5 on OF

No. 661860

I had a drawer full of used pads and my mom found it.

No. 661862

File: 1603913251931.gif (210.07 KB, 220x220, FF050E11-7CBA-4E58-B42B-5BB9F9…)

No. 661864

(X) Doubt

No. 661868

You lucky I don't have the picture anymore. Also I frequently leave trash, dirty dishes and piles of laundry everywhere in my room until mom makes me clean it. I'm 22.

No. 661869

she probably smelled it. yikes

No. 661870

> I could literally sell feetpics or even my own shit to men any day I want and they would buy it, cause men are pathetic
There are men out there that want to buy womens turds and masturbate with them. My number one fave fact about men right there

No. 661872

I said easy, not free, and I'd never waste 45 minutes of my time for a fucking game kek. I don't do or support OF/camming, but I do think if you're sending nudes/lewds anyways and a man decides to pay you, refusing it is retarded. You're just sending pics with no reward at that point, might as well take advantage of how pathetic men are. If you refuse because you're ~above it~ then you're not winning, sis.

No. 661874

You're disgusting, grow up.

No. 661877

Funny that you have to assume that I send nudes to come out on top kek

No. 661880

Who said that anywhere in any post, dumbass

No. 661881

> If you refuse because you're ~above it~then you're not winning, sis
Nta and I don't care about the sex work discussion but what's with all these posts lately where it just sounds like drag queens trying to sass each other??

No. 661884


No. 661885

Ayrt, using it ironically doesn't translate over text, my bad

No. 661887

I believe you on the used pads thing because my younger sister was like this. We shared an apartment some years ago, she was an adult. It was always bad but I once found petrified cat poop and a few dried, used tampons nestled into her bed sheets.

Ty for triggering these memories.

No. 661889

Your mom should have married you off in exchange for a goat

No. 661896

Why did they have to give that stick figure tiddys and a bra though?

No. 661897

If you send nudes to men you aren't even in a relationship with you're already trashy, idk why you assume that most women do that "anyways" and "might as well get paid for it". If you get paid for it you are a straight up whore. And yes, I am winning because I am above sending men nudes for money, wtf.(derail)

No. 661899

Kek all that talk but I bet she doesn't even charge a boyfriend for titty pics, which is whom most nude-sending women send them to, not random men who flash a five dollar bill in their DMs(derail)

No. 661900

I lived with a roommate where she had her own bin in the bathroom and would leave used pads in there for weeks. It was one of those househares where you're moving in with strangers so between that and her bf being a moody fucker I didn't have the guts to be like "eh can anyone else smell something like rotting meat in the bathroom?"

No. 661905

Again, where did I say "most women" kek. I literally could not care less about what you do or don't do.
Why would anyone charge their romantic partner for nudes? Are you retarded?

Hating whores so much is clouding your guys' reading comprehension or something. I don't support porn, OF, or camming, but I'm not going to give a single shit about a woman getting easy money from some dude for doing practically nothing, "self-respect" or not.(derail)

No. 661907

She threatened me to kick me out when I didn't have a job so I was forced to get one.

No. 661923

One of the things I love about having bpd is I can go from thinking someone is the most cutest and amazing guy to finding them repulsive/hating within the same week. Even over the most little shit like he didnt text me back for a day. Which means I never get emotionally attached to scrotes.

No. 661924

>blackmail material
>practically nothing
Ok, keep coping

No. 661936

I'm the biggest loser on this site, for sure

No. 661947

I'm thinking of "breaking up" with my only friend. She's fun to hang out with sometimes but in all honesty she is a miserable, immature, pathetic person who's becoming more and more annoying to be around. Plus she gets all her political views from tumblr so she always has idiotic opinions and thinks everything is problematic. I hate having to walk on eggshells and avoid certain topics because I don't want to argue with her about why she's retarded. At this point I'm only friends with her because I don't have a car and she drives places I need to be.

I don't really know how to end a friendship though so I'm just going to slowly distant myself until she gets the hint.

No. 661951

That's a big claim anon, what gives you the right!?

No. 661954

We are all losers here anon

No. 661957

No, I am

No. 661991

I'm not denying everyone here has struggles, and I don't want to sound "woe is me", but still, everyone seems to be higher functioning than me and the majority have some jobs and college degrees (in my country you're a nobody without higher education or at least a professional title and people will look down on you). I'm not downplaying the problems of others, I just feel worse every time I read other anons posts because I'm comparing myself and I feel even more pathetic

No. 661995

No. 662008

I feel you, I've recently found this place and I feel like everyone is doing better than me. I don't have a degree either and I'm a minimum wage worker. Depressed, mentally ill, no friends, KHHV, etc. I feel like shit.

No. 662011

That means you should get off this website and get a hobby

No. 662013

Smile more and be yourself, amirite

No. 662014

I have a hobby anon. I like drawing and painting, I tried to get into the academy of fine arts, I passed the first two stages, out of over 300 candidates I was among the 80 who got to the third part, oral exam. I was so proud of myself, for the first time ever. And of course I fucked up because I'm a retard who can't speak in front of people (especially professors). I also felt they judged me because of my lack of a degree in some other field. Age itself is not a problem because even people older than me managed to get into this school. But they usually had a degree, and I only graduated high school and they were like "wtf what have you done during those last years?" and I wanted to cry… I think I'm gonna try next year although I KNOW I will fuck up the oral exam too. What's the point.

No. 662059

I graduated four years ago, but nothing gives me more pleasure than going on facebook and seeing assholes from high school getting fat, droopy, and/or balding.

No. 662074

If I had the opportunity to cause minor discomfort or distress to my upstairs neighbor's dog and get away with it I would take it. I haven't slept well in a MONTH. I hate that fucking dog more then I hate COVID, my least favorite politician, and scrotes put together.

No. 662088

I graduated 8 years ago and I laughed at all my old classmates that turned out to be pedophiles, murderers and or got trouble with drugs/the law. The kick is there was only less than 100 graduates in my school. What a time to be alive.

No. 662093

You went to juvie not school anon

No. 662094

It's called catholic school.

No. 662146

Do I get double points if my confession involves actual confession?? I went to a Catholic high school where attending confession was a biannual requirement. We only had nuns so the priest was always a new one visiting from somewhere else. I liked confessing to the priests that I had a crush on one of my female classmates just to see their reaction. (At the time I did it because I was an edgy teen rebel + was genuinely bicurious, though I am into girls now kek). I've had the specific numbers in my head since forever; 6/8 of course considered it a sin and told me the usual "pray to God to get over this temptation/impure thought"; 1 kind of sidestepped it with "God wants you to focus on your studies more"; only 1 said "there is nothing wrong with you." Looking back I'm genuinely surprised I got those two okay reactions at all.

No. 662149

I sent nudes to a guy 3 years ago (when I was 17) and I still regret it to this day. My face wasn’t in the picture and he didn’t screenshot it but I still live with so much guilt and I feel so dirty and ashamed every time I think about it. I literally curl up into a ball of anxiety whenever it pops up in my head. I really just want to go back in time and stop myself from doing something so fucking stupid. I hate myself.

No. 662159

My social anxiety makes me come across as fake. I act one way with my family in my house and people I'm close to , then a completely other way with other people who I don't feel comfortable with. When I'm going through a depressive episode, I almost look insane because I'll be such a miserable bitch at home but when I see relatives I'm all HEE HEE HAA HAA and my mom even bitched me out and accused me of being a bad daughter because I didn't give her that type of energy at home. Noooo , I'm just fucking anxious.

No. 662169

File: 1603943302433.jpg (19.03 KB, 480x360, psonge.jpg)

No. 662175

No. 662204

This isn't really a confession so I'm not sure where to post this but my bf was looking at my phone and I was searching for snake morphs but instead of typing "morph market" I typed out "Mot"

…all of the step-incest and milf porn bookmarks I had just flashed before him. He saw it and couldn't stop laughing at me. But was also grossed out. Ugh… why do I bookmark porn again…?

No. 662210

I got so sick of my skinwalker and how disgustingly long they kept going that I finally took action against them. I created fake profiles and updated them occasionally to make them seem like they were mine, fed them fake details and name from the very beginning, and they’ve thought they’ve hit the jackpot but every bit of it was bullshit. I did something more extreme offline as well, and I’m hoping they learned their lesson. No point in giving much context but I’m sure anons know that some people deserve to experience their own medicine. I’m very smug because this entire time they’ve fancied themselves a genius sleuth all the while they’re the exact opposite and I have an entire arsenal of metaphorical ammunition. Feels good.

No. 662219

I hope I caught/catch my friend's strep throat so I can have a legitimate reason not to see anyone this weekend. (I saw my friend yesterday when they were asymptomatic, just caught it today)
I'll probably go or tell them straight up I just want to be alone, but catching strep is the less disappointing reason as to why I can't hang out

No. 662297

There is no one I loathe more than myself.

No. 662307

File: 1603966655223.jpg (12.18 KB, 220x272, 12693af849d72be20277593e800b57…)

Some qt emofag otter adrogynous looking long haired dude who is 22 but still looks the same as he did when he was in high school (where i had a crush on him) is messaging me and hitting on me
Why the Fuck is he doing this now that he lives in another city and I am with someone I am lusting so hard over him, anons he reminds me of fucking ATUSHI SAKURAI

No. 662310

Fucking weebs

No. 662321

He’s not worth the hassle, anon. Remember that those qt emofags with long hair tend to be extremely underwhelming if not just incels.
Just get a body pillow of your husbando.

No. 662329

>Remember that those qt emofags with long hair tend to be extremely underwhelming if not just incels
you mean underwhelming like in bed or what?

No. 662331

NTA but like literally dumb as fuck when you get to know them. Reminds me of that Ethan Craft guy from Lizzie McGuire lmao. Looked majestic, but it is like talking to a plank.
I had a long haired stocky punk dude who lusted after me, I actually gave it a shot and sat down with him face to face one day, the sparks did not happen. It was like this guy had an IQ of 30, and he was going to law school of all places! If he's extremely beautiful and single, there's probably a reason why.

No. 662335

He probably isn’t even that attractive, anons posts reads like an overeager, barely housebroken weeaboo.

No. 662341

File: 1603970564254.jpg (Spoiler Image, 213.88 KB, 570x1280, 20201029_162053.jpg)

No he's very attractive, to me. i don't wanna marry him or i dont wanna sound too whiteknightey but he is scrumptious looking I wanna slob on his knob and have sex with him and his scrawny back arching over me, i bet he has a long ass, fat ass dick. I'm not into BDSM or any of that shit but I would let him slap me in the face with his wiener, his voice is alot higher pitched than most dudes and his hair goes down to his back i want his long black hair draping down and to hear him moan with his sexy ass slightly feminine voice.
he isn't even Asian, he's native (i am native too so dont go off on me about muh racial fetish)

No. 662342

is your pic related his selfie? cause google image search is not working for me atm

No. 662343

You sound like you have rabies

No. 662346

I was very very horny I need to go outside.

No. 662347

Anon go take a walk outside this behavior is most embarrassing

No. 662351

The way this song has given women in 2020 brain rot.
But yeah emo boys are cute

No. 662358

This is embarrassing

No. 662360

File: 1603973594910.jpeg (50.46 KB, 750x392, 1601221158150.jpeg)

Does this dude's shirt fucking say dream sleep repeat?

No. 662366

Probably drum sleep repeat because of the drumset at the bottom. Confirmed a plank.

No. 662375

Anon if picrel is really him he is not worth your thirst good lord

No. 662418

Anon, go take a cold shower.
I’m sorry, but he looks gross, like really gross. He looks like the kind of guy that would empty your wallet after 2 minutes of boring sex.

No. 662443

File: 1603982196471.jpg (22.97 KB, 432x640, Ci_ieZ-VAAAOxyS.jpg)

anon how can you compare this dude to atsushi… smh

No. 662444

File: 1603982392333.gif (227.29 KB, 220x220, tenor.gif)

>i dont wanna sound too whiteknightey but he is scrumptious looking
>I wanna slob on his knob and have sex with him and his scrawny back arching over me
>i bet he has a long ass, fat ass dick
>I would let him slap me in the face with his wiener

God anon, you're giving me a hearthy chuckle. I'm cackling. Cheers

No. 662458

Even worse

No. 662463

Thanks for the chuckle anon

No. 662469

Anon are you peruvian or latin american? just curious

No. 662491

i have a crush on a guy that's half jewish… despite hating israel and everything it stands for, and also just generally not liking jewish people. what the fuck am i doing(racebait)

No. 662492

I found a former friend's 9GAG (seriously) account, and it's so weird to see her unload personal problems and get into fights with other users over dumb shit, especially with her RL photo attached to her account. She's 31, btw, she'd fit better here lol.

No. 662496

this is an insult to atushi

No. 662505

My friend is venting to me about a big decision she needs to make. I am pretending to care because I care about her. However I think the best choice is obvious, and even if she picked the other option it would work out just fine in the end. I don't get why she's flipping out over this.

No. 662515

lol get over it. jewish people don't inherently like israel. no jewish person i know likes it.

No. 662518

are you telling me to get over the crush or get over not liking jewish people kek

No. 662522

All the Jewish people I know HATE Israel, except for one lady who is Israeli. If you don't like Jewish people I don't think a couple random anons will change your mind, though.

No. 662526

get over both. don't go after someone who you are extremely biased toward. why tf would you continue. that's not fair for the other person

No. 662538

Kek it be like that sometimes, you're a good friend for letting her vent.

No. 662576

File: 1603992971830.jpg (87.79 KB, 453x453, 578e6c9f0dade_thumb900.jpg)

I put lolcow.farm on a website blocker on chrome because it is seriously affecting how I spend my time but instead I'm using it on internet explorer and I'm so ashamed of myself
This is the only way I socialized nowadays, quarantine and coronavirus got me fucked and I can't see my friends ever

I know I'm living a sad life if lolcow and /ot/ are my only ways to get some kind of social interaction. I feel so lonely

No. 662578

me too, anon. except i dont have any irl friends

No. 662585

Don't worry anon, I don't have any irl or online friends so my only interactions with other people is on here, 4chins, and the kpop board and it sounds pathetic, but hey at least you have friends, maybe initiate group videocalls or something when they are free? Don't beat yourself up for being down and not socializing much, spending more time online, everyone is effected and you needn't feel bad. It's a hard, isolating change. Maybe you could try doing something else with your time too, reading books and stuff maybe? If being on here all the time makes you feel like a dumdum, ily.

No. 662603

Not really a confession but I'm so grateful / happy I found this site recently. I have no female friends & it's so refreshing and comforting to have a place where women just speak their mind & say whatever insightful or edgy shit they're thinking. It's like 4chan but with empathy.

No. 662607

I can't even bring myself to block this website lol, I have friends irl but I feel like I can't talk to them as much as I'd like to because they have busy lives. I enjoy the discussion that happens here and it's better than having no social contact at all, but it can be really distracting when I have to work on school assignments, especially because I'm shite at managing my time.

No. 662608

No. 662610

File: 1603995204268.gif (998.44 KB, 245x169, hewwo.gif)

Welcome, anon!

No. 662613

Me too. The women here can be assholes but honestly even at their worst they're still infinitely better than people (men) on other boards. Also, sometimes it's funny and I appreciate the honesty. More real than Reddit, less toxic than 4chan. It's nice to have a place to enjoy conversations with other women even in the midst of corona.

No. 662632

Welcome onboard, anon! This place can be rather acrimonious sometimes, but it's invaluable for women - we need a space where we don't have to pretend to be nice, or act all friendly and polite and shit.

The older I get the more I value LC and the rare places like it. Not very many places at all that are 1) primarily for women and by women, and 2) not tone-policed to death. A lot of my online spaces are really full of Americans, and the resulting culture of fake niceness and downright toxic positivity is suffocating and exhausting.

No. 662887

I’ve been really struggling with my depression during this pandemic. I was let go from my job in March and I looked for a new job locally but the only places hiring are fast food delivery. I’m not going to sacrifice my personal car to do that, all of my friends that have been delivery drivers ended up getting fucked over on car repair expenses. I am so depressed that I stopped looking for a job and just accepted that I’m on unemployment for now. I live in a rural small town in Texas and there weren’t any jobs before the pandemic either.. my boyfriend and I are really poor and struggle to get by most of the time. Anyways, I focused on spending time with my family more and cleaning my house a lot. I even got into a good exercise routine.. until it started to get dark early. Now my seasonal depression is acting up to the point that I struggle to get out of bed and even make coffee. I barely eat and when I do eat I get sick. I can’t keep up with my household chores which blows my mind because I’m usually a clean freak. I’m so depressed I feel like it’s swallowing me up and sometimes I struggle to get out of bed to make it to my therapy appointments even though I only go twice a month. I can’t get anywhere in a timely fashion and I’m not taking care of myself. I feel so ashamed when I don’t go and just lay in bed and cry even more. My therapist said I just have to do my best but I know that this isn’t my best at all and I’m not sure I can do my best. I have been diagnosed with MDD and PTSD for a few years so I know it’s probably not out of the realm of possibility that I’m just at a really low point. I guess what I’m doing is just venting because I don’t really have friends and I did miss my last therapy appointment haha. God please forgive me for being a loser

No. 662936

File: 1604027507538.jpg (143.32 KB, 960x826, 56757988.jpg)

you aren't a loser, life isn't easy. hang in there

No. 663010

I have a folder in my notes app on my phone called 'points' and if I see a good post here that I really agree with, think was eloquently said and a good argument I put it in the folder. Yes I am autistic. I do it with other places too but most posts are from lolcow anons.

No. 663012

Anon I have hella screen caps of good posts here. They’re especially helpful when I catch myself simping some pathetic man. Some are just from anons who emit the energy that I wish I have.

No. 663017

File: 1604045107380.jpeg (147.88 KB, 828x1694, 34CFA82F-2B7A-4E6A-AAA8-DAFC31…)

Adding you in it just bc of this interaction alone

No. 663239

does your therapist offer online sessions? my doctors have done telehealth and webex. i assume zoom is also a big one

along those lines, i wonder if there are any online jobs you could do? i hear some really suck like transcribing but there is some money. maybe walk people's dogs on the wag app?
nannying/babysitting could be a good option. i know the last part seems like too much if you struggle taking care of yourself already, but having a schedule and a kid that isnt snotty can be very fulfilling. my friends who nanny are obsessed with their kids and it doesn't feel like a chore taking them to the park or something.

lastly, i know you feel beaten down and you don't know what to do. but you don't need to have the answers to those problems right now. waiting it out, somethings will fall into your path that will help you climb out of this hole. who's to say you won't find the way back into exercising, seeing family, cleaning again, amongst other stuff you will find fun and helpful. i hope you can rely on your boyfriend to vent, help, be there for you

No. 663245

My boyfriend texted me that he thinks he's getting chubby, and I said I didn't notice. I lied. I have noticed a little, but it's not a big deal. It's winter, plus it's kinda cute.
>inb4 dadbod meme, no

No. 663248

I find men who exhibit traditional "womanly" attributes extremely attractive which is shitty because I'll never have a cute man who's attentive, home oriented, likes cute things and grooms himself, extra points if they let me dress them in cute lingerie and accessories when fucking

No. 663254

I know this is late but fucking ME TOO. and I have that "I liked it before it was cool" complex if I find a trend early. I know everyone thinks they have good taste but I take it to a new level.

No. 663272

Why am I so unable to answer texts?! This is like the easiest way of communicating, but I can't send them, for some reasons I have such a hard time doing it, I have even ghosted former friends because I kept forgetting to answer them and reconnecting would be awkward after so long. I've been sitting on a 5 days text from my crush, god give me strength to answer it.

No. 663283

File: 1604081885134.jpg (212.6 KB, 1463x1778, AOOlmTn.jpg)

what's he so sexy for

No. 663290

Alexandre Cabanel knew what he was doing when he made all of the subjects in his painting so hot. He's cursing us even from beyond the grave.

No. 663292

File: 1604082431998.jpeg (43.52 KB, 686x686, DB4F25DB-ECDA-4E5F-B81E-A74A1E…)

He’s constantly trying to makes us fall in temptation. Would you feel tempted to do unholy stuff if he looked like pic related?

No. 663296

Is this a rhetorical question? Because the answer is obviously yes.

No. 663297

I would throw holy water on it and send straight back to Hell with a "Return to Sender" tag, anon.

No. 663306

I'm not sexually into men as a rule but lately my (male) friend as been talking about how much he likes being topped and I can't help but be interested

No. 663307

…I think I'm unironically attracted to this, who is he? He looks like one of those 'Pokemon drawn made realistic' Buzzfeed lists but with a Pixar villain

No. 663314

Anon what the fuck, even for unconventional taste this dude looks like a greasy incel

No. 663317

no, i only want to fuck that one painting in particular. doesn't matter that he's the devil just matters that he's sexy and troubled and JACKED

No. 663320

Lmao who's this diet ad?

No. 663323

Pregory obviously, they must have clicked /ot/ instead of /snow/

No. 663334

File: 1604085962544.jpg (132.94 KB, 774x1032, 1ae8db52ab9f758b8bd347c94d4234…)

Bitch ew, just go stand outside the nearest comics store looking like pic ralated

No. 663339

give us some good points anon!!

No. 663343

I didn't say I was proud, anon, I like the dorky theater kid-ness of it. It's in image with passion

No. 663344

A Hot Topic would cut the deal better.

No. 663345

He has pretty eyes, but I can smell his "deep respect for women" and fedoraloard, reddit posts in r/painal from here

No. 663389

I really don’t like my mother in law. She’s loud an obnoxious and literally just a women I got to know a few years ago. Nothing more.

No. 663400

You could always find a submissive boy and tell him you like those things so he'll try to become those things. That's what I'm doing rn honestly.

No. 663435

I'm happy my bf got a new job where he will be active again because working from home made him chunky lol

No. 663440

All the bfs are getting chunky around here

No. 663463

File: 1604099344336.jpeg (31.67 KB, 407x363, 4D43654F-9796-4D7B-A009-18F213…)

Can’t stop getting off to mpreg

No. 663468

Tell me about it. I’m tired of seeing my bfs tits through his shirt.

No. 663470

No. 663478


ladies…does ot need an art history thread?

No. 663484

i hate fat guys.

so much

No. 663485

File: 1604101174611.jpeg (39.67 KB, 539x412, 52674A85-81C8-4B65-8A00-DE0FC5…)

im not proud of it

No. 663488

No. 663490

Wouldn’t it be more of an /m/ type of thread?

No. 663495

Me too but mostly because it's SO FUCKING EASY for men to avoid getting fat. They're tall, they build muscle easily, they have high af TDEEs, wtf is their excuse? They have to absolutely stuff their faces to gain weight whereas a petite woman can get fat by overeating by a hundred calories a day.

I like reading about people's weight loss experiences, progress pics etc for inspiration but I will just skip over a man's post entirely. I don't care to hear about how he cut out his daily gallon of soda and lost 20lbs in a month as a result.

No. 663508

I innocently thought "what's so wrong with getting off to Frodo? He's cute."

And then I hovered over the censored text. Kek.

No. 663509

I went to school with semipro athletes who trained to become pros, some of them just quit the pro side and focused on school YET ATE LIKE ATHLETES. AKA A SHIT TONNE, it was fucking beautiful seeing these dudes not understanding how they gained 20kg in 6 months, whining to their still training friends. Off topic but they would also talk about getting tumors due to steroid usage like it was no big deal, fucking meatheads man.

No. 663526

File: 1604106925864.jpg (74.35 KB, 624x383, Art_Toth_Place.jpg)

Oh yeah that would make more sense, unless it was designed to be like "cows from art history" or something like that to make it more relevant to /ot/. I only say that because my impression is that /m/ doesn't receive as much traffic

No. 663539

I was expecting it to be Gollum.

No. 663561

3D porn of that exists actually, it’s not that great tho

No. 663568

ATYRT. How do you know?…Why are you telling me?

No. 663574

I tell my pet he's retarded a lot bc I feel stupid. I love him and I treat him nicely tho.

No. 663580

Just wanted to share xx

No. 663582

Earlier this evening I was stood behind the door listening to my husband talking to one of his friends over skype and he admitted that he had accidentally masturbated with my sisters underwear.

No. 663584


No. 663628

Time to become a widow

No. 663712

I'm this anon and holy shit was I manic when I made that post. I have bipolar and all of that was the result of a particularly bad manic episode after changing meds. I'm coming off of it now and I regret everything so hard I feel like puking.
I spent all morning trying to fix things. I told all of the people I was seeing that I'm too crazy to be dating anyone rn. Didn't tell them I was seeing multiple people though because I was too ashamed.
I also returned all of the money I got from that one guy and asked him to delete all of the pictures I sent him. He told me he deleted them but of course I have no way of knowing if he did or not… That's the price I have to pay for my actions, I guess. Shit like that obviously has consequences.
I feel like killing myself. I'm terrified of the person I become when I'm manic. I literally become the polar opposite of my normal self, I become completely incapable of rational thought and lose all control of my own behavior. It's soul crushing when you come off a manic episode and have to deal with all the stupid irresponsible shit you did YET AGAIN. And it keeps happening too, I never realize I'm manic until it's way too late.
I'm going to call my doctor today because obviously the meds that I'm on are not working for me.

No. 663714

Kill him. It's the only option at this point

No. 663721

I'm sure

No. 663927

Anon, seriously, what you did isn’t so bad. I also have bipolar disorder, and though I experience hypomania and not full blown mania, I’ve done equally…actually worse stupid things. You’ve broken the relationships off, you’re taking care of the pics and returning the money as much as you can. You should be proud of yourself for being able to regain control of yourself and correct the behaviors you did. That’s how I learned to frame my bullshit in order to forgive myself for it, at least. It doesn’t do you any good to beat yourself up about it. I get it, though, I really do. I’m sorry you went through all that and feel the way you do now coming out of it. I hope you’re able to find meds that work for you ♥

No. 663974

Thank you anon, that means a lot to me. Living with bipolar is just so tiring sometimes.

No. 664082

I string along several "orbiters" (who i do genuinely enjoy the company of) mainly because they give me ego kibbles/simp for me. I can feel the small dick energy radiating from them, and I don't know why I keep them in my life still. But they're kind of cute and want to sleep with me (probably), and I like to lead them on and pretend I'm a Stacy. So it all works out, I guess.

No. 664086

'ego kibbles' is legitimately the funniest phrase I've heard all week, I'd simp for you too anon

No. 664090

thank you anon

No. 664124

it's not really funny, it's a genuine term psychologists use to describe what narcissist's feed on, which is exactly what you are if you take genuine pleasure in stringing people along lol

No. 664148

Anon, if you think about it like it's some contoured out hobgoblin puffing out their overfilled lips like an anteater to vacuum up compliments, it's pretty hilarious. No matter how serious shit is, you have to learn to laugh.

No. 664220

I'm short and have exclusively slept with tall men but I would never sleep with a man who exclusively slept with short women.

No. 664222

that's pretty weird…

No. 664225

shrug shrug

No. 664233

God nayrt but this is pure poetry

No. 664821

I wish I could get into receiving oral. It's a combination of feeling self-conscious and me being too sensitive. I have a partner who still describes it as his favorite part of being intimate even though I've let him do it all of 3 times in over 5 years. I don't even let him see me up close. I feel like I am missing out and also depriving my partner.

No. 664830

I hate oral because of self consciousness too. I have a mole on my inner labia that makes me afraid to even be fingered for fear they will feel it. God forbid they see it lol

No. 664854

I weigh almost 300lbs and I really want to lose more than half my body weight. Not even for my health or anything but because I have always wanted to wear one of those sexy "slutty" halloween costumes. Like that's honestly one of the biggest reasons I wanna lose weight, and to wear cooler clothes in general

No. 664863

No shame in that, clothes are a massive part of my motivation for weightloss. I constantly daydream about feeling confident enough to wear short shorts and bikinis, and buying your goal outfits as a physical reward is awesome.

No. 664865

It won’t be what you envision, but it’s worth the effort. Having a goal is better than buying into body positivity and refusing to change.

No. 664871

>it wont be what you envision
Why not?

No. 664882

It’s difficult, and you’re going to have a lot of excess skin to deal with

No. 664995

If this is still relevant, I would love an art history thread

No. 665438

I've been having this fantasy of going off the grid I've noticed technology has personally been more of henderounce to me. And so it'd be nice to just buy a big house in the country and get really into a husbandry and gardening/light farming and like clothes making. But not in a tradthot since or to flaunt on social media just the idea of living in a big Victorian style house gardening and making dresses all by myself sounds ideal?

No. 665443

Really want one too, I'm not sure what the angle should be.

No. 665473

File: 1604362890238.png (126.38 KB, 275x273, 1562320167350.png)


No. 665474

File: 1604362892983.jpg (118.74 KB, 1024x768, maximum comf.jpg)

Same. I want a cute little house in Iceland with some cats, and a goat farm.

No. 665476

I bet those are warm as heck

No. 665497

File: 1604364012344.jpeg (277.04 KB, 1242x1085, 1599608482347.jpeg)

Omg. my sides

No. 665665

I think I have a more masculine face than my bf. I have a big nose, large pores/acne, small lips… and he is sitting over here with longer eyelashes than I've ever seen, nice full lips and a small/cute nose. His skin is perfect too. It's dumb to feel jealous but I do kek. He isn't even particularly feminine looking overall but I wish I had his features!!!!

No. 665690


I have the same problem. What I do is that I try to turn off my brain and reply mechanically. I also write the text in my notes first so I don't really feel like I'm texting, then copy-paste it in my convo and hit send eye closed.
It helps sometimes.

No. 665710

Of all the lurking I've done so far in my short time here, I'm the most upset that I didn't get to watch the mystery.jpg stuff happen live/in real-time.

No. 665714

If you've got all those honeymoon period love chemicals floating around your brain then you're going to overestimate how good looking your partner is. Give it time and you'll start listing out his flaws as easily as you list your own lol

No. 665723

I wasn't sure if I should put this here or the dumbass shit thread because it's really both.

A lot of people (not here, just online in general) say that Eugenia Cooney triggers them to restrict, but she just makes me want to eat. I've never had an ED so I can't relate to that, but I have digestive issues that make it hard to eat due to the pain sometimes. Whenever I consider skipping a meal to avoid feeling ill, I'll just look at a picture or read updates on Eugenia and it really motivates me just to eat through the pain. I hate the girl and think she's a scumbag, but I'm not sure I'd have made it to a healthy weight so easily without her.

No. 665729

Don't really know if it's useful, but small noses are overrated imo, I like well defined noses, especially on women. I have a huge thing for androgynous women, not being conventionally feminine is not that bad.

No. 665741

Why do you think she's a scumbag?

No. 665744

File: 1604399430410.jpg (10.02 KB, 480x360, 303341930521-joji-slow-dancing…)

The only music I've ever cried to was by Joji

No. 665792

I listen to joji or his old pink guy stuff and literally nothing else. When I want background music I think, Well which will it be?
'sad joji songs' or 'pink season'

There's a vid on youtube with over 4 hours of songs he produced before ever making stuff as joji.

No. 665795

what are sad joji songs? never listened to him and want to try

No. 665803

nta anon but
this one reminds me of how my exgf of 4 years left me and immediately started hooking up with scrotes and told me how she fucked them and hasn't stopped ever since
It was a toxic relationship

No. 665804

also nta and dunno if this is considered sad but this one is probably my favorite

No. 665806

this one is the most popular "iconic" one from joji as well

No. 665807

Ah, an anon of culture I see. Embed is my background music, I know literally every beat by heart from this mix. I dislike him as a person, he's a whiny edgy bitch, but damn his music is beautiful.

I recommend you start with In Tongues, then Will He and Slow Dancing in the Dark.
His Pink Guy stuff is a good palate cleanser when the sads hit too hard.

No. 665809

if you're also interested in some pink guy, this one is my favorite, me and my best friend love it lol

No. 665811

this one is just very nice to listen to after a looooong tiring day

No. 665880

Joining in on the Joji train, this is the very first song I ever heard by him. After the initial talking in the beginning, that shit hit me like a ton of bricks. I was into that shitty, edgy filthy frank shit and I knew he did songs as Pink Guy but I never bothered to listen to them because I thought they'd be in Pink Guy's voice and not his actual voice. This is still one of my favorite songs to this day.

No. 665882

I unironically bump this and fried noodles constantly

No. 665998

I love my boyfriend so much, he's the best guy I've ever known…but man, I wish his dick was thicker.

No. 665999

File: 1604424809205.jpg (18.8 KB, 600x315, bruh.jpg)

No. 666014


No. 666031

This reminded me of a painful memory, the second guy that I ever had sex with. The guys dick was tiny but being inexperienced I didn't truly appreciate just how small it was at the time. It wasn't just short but the girth was like no other dick I've seen. A fat finger would've honestly filled me better.

Anyway, a couple times into meeting up he admits he has a gf and totally gets off on the cheating aspect… Imagine dating a guy with a pencil dick and him still not only cheating on you but loving the 'kinkiness' of cheating while his gf thinks he's at work.. If I could meet that guy again I'd tell him to retire his lil dick, nobody is getting a fulfilling ride on that thing anyway.

No. 666033

I've cheated a lot. Every time I mention that, a bunch of people get triggered and say a bunch of violent stuff. Like I'm sorry you got cheated on. But I wasn't the one that cheated on you. Boohoo you got your heart broken. Who hasn't. But wanting to behead me or hoping my child dies? Weird as fuck.

Anyways, this latest relationship is the only relationship where I haven't felt the need to cheat or even flirt with other people and I am honestly throwing it away by having emotional tantrums all the time. Tbh I'm scared and sad that this is happening and I can't stop it. It's like watching your car head towards and brick wall and you have the ability to brake whenever but you don't

No. 666034

>Like I'm sorry you got cheated on. But I wasn't the one that cheated on you.
What a retarded thing to say kek just because you didn't cheat on whoever is directing the vitriol at you doesn't mean you didn't excessively hurt/possibly traumatize the person you cheated on.

Anyways, good. I hope your relationship fails and you feel the hurt that you put onto others, even if they don't do it by cheating on you. Though I truly wouldn't care if they did. ♥

No. 666037

File: 1604428294103.jpeg (23.34 KB, 290x221, 827F9885-6F67-4588-B21E-ADDCF7…)


No. 666038

File: 1604428326631.gif (2.83 MB, 350x200, tenor (13).gif)

>doesn't mean you didn't excessively hurt/possibly traumatize the person you cheated on.

Your legs must be tired from jumping to that retarded conclusion that I don't feel remorse or bad for the people I actually cheated on instead of random internet people that want to zip my genitals shut.

I'll double down again and say I don't give a fuck about the random people that get mad when I admit to cheating in the past.

Anyways, this is exactly what I mean. People can't admit to cheating without someone else being a big whiny bitch about it kek. Go cry into a pillow, anon.

No. 666040

Meh do whatever. I’m sure your man has his dick in at least five other girls anyway.

No. 666041

Boohoohoo. I so hurt by your post.

I hope he does too which will only further validate my theory that men are awful and I shouldn't care about them.

No. 666042

I'm sure people wouldn't get mad at you if you didn't sound so smug about it, as if it's your biggest accomplishment in life and I'm pretty sure it was

No. 666043

IDK. What part of my post sounded smug? I just said that I don't feel bad for the people that direct violence towards me for admitting it. And I don't. It's mostly men anyway.

No. 666045

File: 1604429063755.jpg (94.88 KB, 866x1300, 32647507-asian-woman-pointing-…)

>ITT ugly bitches get cheated on and sperg out

No. 666048

Samefag but I'm serious. Where did I sound like I was bragging or anything? And also where did I say that I didn't regret my actions towards the people I cheated on? You guys just took one confession post and had a field day with it. I shouldn't need to beg and start crying like "omg I cheated and I feel horrible ugh boohoo" that was years ago so I have already gotten past that part.

and again, I'm not the one that cheated on those strangers so I don't give a fuck how they feel, it's not my problem

No. 666049

hey, i used to be like you. i was in a series of terrible relationships with older men that treated me like garbage and cheated on me throughout my late teens and early adulthood. later on when i finally met the man of my dreams, i destroyed our relationship by reproducing the behaviours i had internalized from my past experiences with men. in my case, i was so afraid that the new guy would turn on me just like the others, so i felt like i had to cast the first stone. he found out i was sexting an old fwb. i didn't even take in the full impact of my betrayal until he confronted me about it. we tried really hard to make it work. i got therapy and created better habits, basically re-learnt how to love and care for someone. i made significant improvements over the course of several years, tbh i even simped for him for a while to express remorse for my actions (big mistake) but even with all of that, it was too late. the damage had been done. what i thought was going to blossom into a life-long partnership was mired by mistrust. i traumatized him such that he had trouble even empathizing with me. we broke up almost a year ago, and while i'm confident that i'll never repeat those mistakes in future relationships, learning this lesson came at a great sacrifice. i still haven't fully forgiven myself for how i treated him. if you can help it, i recommend you seek help anon. speaking from experience when i say that relationships don't have to be weighed down by destructive behaviours. i sincerely wish you the best of luck.

No. 666050

The fact you're making sure to talk about it a lot makes it seem like you're proud of it. "Every time I mention that" which implies that happened more than once and then the whole discussion about "how you dont give a fuck". It really comes off as bragging about something that is not not considered moral; if a domestic abuser walked around loudly proclaiming "I abuse my partners and i dont give a fuck about what you think about it" would you give that person the same understanding you expect from others in your case? Domestic abuse and cheating go hand in hand in the end, so it's a fair comparison.

No. 666051

Thank you anon. I'm currently in therapy right now trying to figure out how to channel my emotions better. I'm sorry that all of those bad relationships happen and I hope that you can eventually forgive yourself and find happiness. May your next relationship thrive.

No. 666052

>Domestic abuse and cheating go hand in hand in the end, so it's a fair comparison.
NTA, but what do you mean? That domestic abusers cheat, that women who are being abused cheat, or both?
I wouldn't call a woman who cheats on a male partner the same as a domestic abuser.

No. 666054

Uhh, again, making assumptions. I really shouldn't need to explain myself so far but most of the time I talked about it was like "Help, I cheated on past relationships, should I tell my current partner?" Or "I've cheated in the past, can cheaters be redeemed" etc. I spent a great deal struggling on whether or not I should tell my current boyfriend if I had cheated in the past. (I did tell him) but I posted around on a lot of forums and reddit to ask advice from different people, in earnest, and only received threats in response. It wasnt like "Yeah I'm a cheater kek are you mad?!" I was seriously asking for advice on how to move forward and got plenty of DMs about how I deserve the worst.

So no, I'm not fucking bragging.

No. 666056

Girl, karma. Until you grow up and feel remorse for what you’ve done, you don’t deserve to be happy. Hope it blows up in your face and leaves you empty inside, like I’m sure you willingly did to your past partners.

No. 666062

Why did you bring any of this up if you knew the responses you’d get? Does feel attention grabbing tbh

No. 666064

Diff anon but I've been with a guy who had cheated on two previous partners. I got with him fully knowing that and 4 years later I paid the price. Do try and address the issue with therapy because it needs to be addressed properly if you want to stand a chance. It's a miserable cycle otherwise

No. 666065

>"why did you ask the same questions in different places expecting different responses but still getting the same response" kek okay.

Anyways, there were a few people that gave me good advice here and there.

No. 666066

People are like
>write, sing and dance to songs about taking other people's partners
>create social status around being Mr. Steal Your Girl/being hot enough to take another woman's man
>create entire porn genres around the concept and fetishize it
>lose their minds on whoever actually does it IRL
I don't support cheating or whatever, but the way some are obsessed with it either way is bizarre.
Sending "kill yourself" to some girl who feels bad for cheating and wants advice, then vibing to "The Weekend" by SZA, lmao.

No. 666069

Tf are you talking about? I meant why sour rant about the ‘threats’ you’ve gotten here from posting about cheating if you then went on to complain about fucking up your current relationship unrelated to cheating.

No. 666070

honestly hope your relationship fails because karma clearly hasn't taught you a lesson. you sound like you have zero remorse and you barely even understand the implications of your actions. the same internet randoms that tell you to die alone, is exactly how the people who you cheated on felt. so don't sit on your high horse and expect sympathy from people because some mean internet trolls said shit. you are the bad person here. it doesn't take skill, or even remotely good looks to cheat, it just takes no morals. i bet you actually think you're hot shit or something for having cheated when it literally takes Z E R O from you, men will fuck fruit and they will surely fuck you too. repent, bitch.

No. 666071

Oh. Sorry. I misunderstood. My confession was supposed to be like this: "I cheated in the past. This is the first time in a long time that I don't want to chat because I love and care about him a lot but I still seem to be fucking up". Maybe it belonged in vent or whatever but. My rant about people complaining when I mention cheating was to preemptively stop people from doing that here but yeah, that didn't work out too well

No. 666072

It's one of those things where people are real good at rationalizing doing it, but when it comes to being on the receiving end it's a whole other story. The only man to ever cheat on me was one who was obsessive about being sure I didn't cheat (never cheated in my life and I'm a boring friendless homebody so?) I've heard others say that cheaters are the most paranoid people when it comes to being cheated on. Some sort of projection.

No. 666075

You're not saying anything new.

Anyways, seems I'm the hated one here for confessing and talking about my feelings so I'll leave and let you all unclench eventually.

No. 666076

When I was a toddler, I was a very picky eater (still am) and to eat my food, my mum added tomato ketchup. And ever since, literally my whole life, I have to have ketchup with every meal (note: I am also vegetarian). Like pasta, salad, Sunday dinners, vegetables ugh everything. Minus things like cereal and crumpets lmao. I can’t stop it :( it is embarrassing. I am 24!!! I am often mortified to ask for ketchup at restaurants, sometimes I take a small bottle in my bag Anons do you have a sauce you have to have with everything? Or know anyone that does?

No. 666077

Different anon, are you worried that by disclosing your history of cheating guys will be more inclined to cheat on you to 'get there first' if you ever run into issues?

My ex had cheated on his previous partner so when we were having a rough patch I almost wanted to sabotage us and cheat before he could do it first. I was that convinced he'd do it himself that it was like a race to cheat first. Messed up thinking process at the time

No. 666079

Oh samefag but thanks again >>666049 for empathizing and actually speaking to me like a rational human being instead of these uncouth crybabies.

No. 666080

sounds like you've heard this plenty times before and still don't care. that's why nobody is going to feed your ego and give you sympathy. are you actually surprised? you might be a sociopath

No. 666084

tbh you probably on some level prefer conflict to happiness which is why you always cheat, have to start drama when the relationship is going well and even making posts like this in a way that'll obviously start a big shitflinging fight, get some therapy before your self-sabotaging fucks your life up even worse

No. 666093

I noticed they were way quicker to reply to annoyed posters here, meanwhile they ignored the level headed or useful responses. I don't even mean this in a bitchy way either but yeah that kind of does say it all

No. 666123

eh, you're probably right. My entire childhood was constant chaos and arguing. Just every day, arguments with family members and drama. Anyways, it's lolcow so I dont take this shit seriously here. if people want to get their rocks off and let stress out by reeeeing at me, let them. I don't care.

No. 666133

I used to play sad britney spears songs and cry while hanging upside down over the bed.

No. 666135

Thanks for your well wishes too. I think a lot of women have struggled with these issues and it doesn't mean that they are sociopaths, in many cases it's the culmination of learned behaviour and bad coping mechanisms that can be undone. People are capable of change if they put in the hard work. Building better habits is a constant work in progress, but I hope you feel empowered to learn from your mistakes bc that's a sign of real growth and maturity.

No. 666140

I noticed this too. It's a little ironic, just yesterday I saw a post in unpopular opinions where an anon was advocating for women to cheat on men and make them feel insecure, hold them to impossible beauty standards, and a lot of people were in agreement with her.

No. 666152

This ones pretty good

No. 666156

Im 27 and I met a 19 year old on bumble just to have as a non-sexual cuddle buddy. Hes so young and hes a virgin so I assume that is the only reason hes ok with this. He hasnt turned into a scrote yet I guess What 25-35 year old man is going to agree to just cuddle a woman with nothing sexual, not even kissing? I feel totally repulsed by sex right now but I do want some human touch. I know its creepy.

No. 666159

He's doing it thinking it'll turn into sex, you have to know that?

No. 666165

I told him I dont want anything sexual and hes never mentioned anything sexual to me. Or touched me in a sexual way.

No. 666168

>Hes so young and hes a virgin so I assume that is the only reason hes ok with this. He hasnt turned into a scrote yet I guess
Don't infantilize this grown-ass man, lmao. He is absolutely a scrote. Probably an /r9k/ user who's lonely because he's burned all his bridges, too.
If you don't think it's sexual, tell him you have a boyfriend and see how he tenses up.

No. 666176

Bitch just stop posting you sound like a broken record, you're ignoring everything people are saying to you and just repeating that they're letting off steam on you or whatever.

No. 666185

Hope he stays like that, I just think realistically he's hanging in there waiting for you to initiate it sometime. I'd be careful about playing with fire like that. Surely a woman would be safer if you want to purely cuddle?

No. 666187

I've tried with women. They're usually like thays weird or they're lesbians who dont want their time wasted.

No. 666206

I started purging again. I hadn't done it in a few years.

No. 666217

aw anon

No. 666226

Anons can I get some candid feedback on stuff I did when I was going through puberty. I used to watch/read cub and shota/loli porn from the time I was like 11 to when I was 14. I also used to erp with pedophiles. Even now until recently when I stopped watching porn all together, my porn habits were kind of taboo with like cheating porn, babysitter, professor/student stuff. I may have been sexual abused as a kid, I used to think that a family friend who was 16 at the time touched me whenever I went over. It's really not an excuse to what I did.

I am constantly worried that I have turned myself into a pedophile or that I'm a repressed pedophile. I've even told my boyfriend about it and he says that it was weird but I have no attraction to kids so it's not something I should beat myself about. I am on a waitlist for an OCD clinic and the guilt/uncertainty is really killing me. I just need some people to tell me like it is and not sugarcoat it because they care about me. I may be reassurance seeking by posting this, I don't know. I used to get intrusive thoughts about my boyfriend not loving me or that I was scared I was attracted to my brother and dad, which neither of those are true.

No. 666228

I notice that I'm becoming more attracted to older women (40+). There's a clerk at my local post office, I think she's Japanese and she looks to be in her mid to late 50s. Her voice is so sexy and her hands look soft. Sometimes I'll go there to buy stamps just so I can hear her talking, it's so pathetic. I really wanna eat her out on the counter.

No. 666230

File: 1604443221617.jpeg (41.77 KB, 655x468, FD82E096-0666-413C-AD75-BF7E76…)

You sure that’s what it is anon?

No. 666231

> I am on a waitlist for an OCD clinic
I have a different type of OCD but I've had a guy explain to me that his ocd includes intrusive thoughts that he's a pedo…even though he's not one. I don't know if was abused as a kid but after hearing his experience I did also take note when I read others mention it online. Seen it a few times.

It could just be that your mind goes to 'worst possible scenario' and what's worse than being a pedo? Alot of people worry about relatives dying simply because it's up there at the top of our fears. This sounds like ocd just fucking with you in any way it can

No. 666234

how does having a crush on an older woman who happens to be Japanese = yellow fever?

No. 666243

It was a joke baby

No. 666258

Like You Do from Nectar. It makes me feel emotional!

No. 666281

I am 29 and I have never fucked a man I really liked. I pretty much disliked every dude who has ever fucked me, even the cute ones.

No. 666348

File: 1604460138988.png (252.23 KB, 500x531, received_597867713990610.png)

turned 30 and starting to realize i am not bisexual, i am lesbian. feels silly to be this age and still questioning.

No. 666363

nothing wrong with that anon there's no rush, congrats on figuring yourself out i hope you find a wonderful gf/wife

No. 666380

I am fucking terrible at spelling. Literally if autocorrect didn't exist half my words would be incomprehensible to most. When I write to myself I always make mistakes and don't bother to correct them because I understand what it means and that's all that matters to me.

No. 666381

Sometimes I purposely don't give a fuck about syntax or grammar and like to type like some ESL indian on YouTube and other places. Life is much simpler that way

No. 666385

cheers to that anon. i'm 27 but i think i'm coming to the same realization. here's to us.

No. 666443

Once, when I arrived early for my therapy session and my therapist was chatting outside with his coworkers, I went to his chair, buried my face in the sweater he left on it and took a deep sniff. It smelled really nice

No. 666468

For several months I’ve had really dry skin on my leg that I’ve scratched til it bled. I keep putting lotion on it but some part of me feels happy when it gets really itchy again and I scratch the fuck out of it with something sharper than my nails. I have a bunch of marks on that spot now that haven’t fully faded. I keep telling myself to leave it alone and keep applying heavy duty lotion but there’s something satisfying about not letting it fully heal.

No. 666492

>write, sing and dance to songs about taking other people's partners
>lose their minds on whoever actually does it IRL
A lot of people fantasize about beating other people up too and having power over them, and still absolutely hate it if someone else actually does it. Or even in small situations like if there's enough cake for everyone, eating someone else's piece and leaving them with nothing "because you can" makes them feel strong or whatever.

All of civilized society was built on locking up and putting down people who take things that are someone else's, but cheating is one of those things, unlike stealing or violence, that isn't legally a crime so it's a more "attainable" way to be an asshole I guess.

No. 666496

>A lot of people fantasize about beating other people up too and having power over them, and still absolutely hate it if someone else actually does it
I was listening to a true crime podcast the other day about a missing woman where the body has never been found and it remains a mystery. The husband was obviously suspected but he had at least one friend giving him an alibi. Police seized his journal and the missing womans journal. Hers was normal. His was full of stories of violence, getting away with murder and alot of the violent stories were about his wife despite them seeming like a normal enough couple of newlyweds. They were in their twenties, childless, had lots of mutual friends and had just bought a house.

When the missing womans family found out what was in the journals they cut him off and he was like 'oh it's just creative writing' It's not the first time I've heard of men keeping similar journals and it's nuts to me that they think it's so normal when confronted about it. Apart from wanting to smack someone during an argument I can't imagine how some people manage to rationalize their 'violent fantasy journals'. Off topic but your post just reminded me of that.

No. 666585

File: 1604498348678.jpg (7.3 KB, 285x177, CC.jpg)

that reminds me of cannibal cop. He basically fantasized online about torturing, murdering and eating his wife then did the whole "It's just a fantasy, bro!" line when she found his chat logs.

The thing that annoys me about this is people wanna throw around the free speech denfese, so what then? We just wait until he acts on it?


No. 666607

one time I was hanging out with my friends, I managed to shoot a video that was worthy of you've been framed/americas funniest videos. We agreed to split the money equally if it got on. Only the process took 1.5 years, by which time everyone had lost hope it was getting on. I therefor kept the £200 for myself and never told anyone it made it onto tv.

No. 666653

I don't know about this. I fucking hate men and have no remorse for killers/rapists, but as someone who delves into erotic gore writing, I do wonder if this crossed a line. I guess it did because he was specifically talking about his wife. I only ever discuss/write it when fictional characters are involved. I suppose it could be read as conspiring to murder when real people are involved but it still makes me feel cagey about my writing.

No. 666681

Not sure if you've read or heard more about the case, but he had co-conspirators that he talked about paying, planning, etc, and like you said, had a tangible target in his wife.

No. 666783

If i were to ever go somewhere that has a cliff I don’t think I’ll be able to resist the urge to throw myself off of it. Not because I’m suicidal, but there’s something about cliffs that makes me want to jump. I’d also push someone off one too.

No. 666790

This is a dumb question, but have you never been on a cliff or high point before?

No. 666794

I had a similar urges back when I was a teen but with cars…walked out in front of a car and was hospitalised before I ever told people what was happening in my head. I have ocd

No. 666797

No. 666850

Been listening to some missing people/mysterious death type podcasts lately and I heard about this phenomenon where people aren't reported to be suicidal but are drawn into large bodies of water or over cliffs by impulse. There's hotspots for it.

No. 666859

what podcasts cover this, is be really interested anon!

No. 666969

i had a sex dream about logan paul and i didnt hate it. i would like one of you to slaughter me please

No. 666982

wow… and your comment number is 666969.. nice.

No. 666983

File: 1604535279049.jpeg (57.03 KB, 750x624, 69F7A882-A295-437D-B2FC-390385…)

Nice number

No. 666986

my dad is like this too, my brother and i had to hold him down on a ferris wheel when we were little because he kept wanting to fall off of the side when we were at the top.
here we call it l'appel du vide which means call of the void! it's when you feel an urge to do something super super dangerous for no reason, even if you would never ever do anything that dangerous really. it's the void calling you down, spooky!!

No. 666991

Lol fitting digits, horny and cursed

No. 667009

When I delete a post quickly, I feel satisfied. It's pleasing to say what I want then remove it so only a few could've seen. It's like getting something off your chest, then vanishing it from your thoughts

No. 667011

Some anons leave tabs open and then just screencap and repost what you made if it's bad enough kek.

No. 667013

It's usually not bad, but my vice is oversharing. I regret putting the info out and delete it, but it's not terrible. even if they do that, I don't expect less from anons on this site kek. wouldn't have bothered in the first place

No. 667029

Have people ever done that?

No. 667043

I have a drinking problem but I will only drink if it's a certain amount with a certain alcohol percentage I can drink over a certain amount of time. I have a huge ritual about how I time my drinks out and how many sips I can take. The thought of drinking without this ritual is more stressful than not drinking at all. I feel like the ritual of it all calms me down more than the alcohol at this point. Is this OCD related? Just plain ol' alcoholism? I do suffer from OCD but in the form of intrusive thoughts.

No. 667063

No. 667072

I still listen to old school Eminem and know all of the words to most of his songs.

I just don't give a fuuuuuuck.

No. 667090

Hell yesss. I spent a whole summer on a new trampoline singing the Eminem Show CD.

No. 667104

Already lost NNN…

No. 667117

I just found out my closet, most enduring internet friendship has been with a troon this whole time. I had no idea. We’ve been confiding in each other since 2011. I literally could not tell. We’ve met up every year and I still never knew. I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel about this. At least it killed the massive crush I’ve had on her for the last 9 years? But I feel so hurt and let down and at the same time like shit for feeling hurt and let down. I’ve liked planned out life together in my head for so long. I feel so retarded.

No. 667164

TiM or TiF? If it's a woman, I would try to save this relationship, but if it's a dude, I'd ghost him immediately.

No. 667183

You people are such freaks. How does something like this seriously send you in a tailspin?

No. 667210

NTA but
>you guys are such freaks for knowing someone for 9 years and just finding out that that person is completely different than you were led to believe


No. 667218

>I’ve liked planned out life together in my head for so long.

Sorry but that's just creepy and your disappoinment is fully on you.

No. 667224

Led? By whom? Assumptions? Original anon sounds like a weirdo for planning out their life together when she knew her friend was in a relationship. She literally created her own problem.

No. 667254

I wish I could get in a physical fight or screaming match with someone and have passionate, angry sex afterwards.

No. 667261

I only come here to vent about my personal life, talk about hobbies and bitch about troons, I never go to cow threads on /pt/ and /snow/, I don't even know half of them when they are mentioned in other threads.

No. 667269

Yeah because it's totally not weird to obsess over someone like that. You sound just as unhinged

No. 667325

I left out the context that we are extremely close, and have made long term life plans together, including where we plan to buy a house together. This is not one-sided, which is why it effected me so profoundly. You guys are so quick to jump to the worst possible conclusion. The only reason we only see each other a few times a year is because we are from different countries. We planned on getting married so she had a visa to live in my country, and the only reason that didn’t happen this year was because of corona virus. Fuck you girl I have every right to be upset.

No. 667360

same kek, ive always liked the idea of anonymous places and i dont enjoy how shitty/misogynistic most chans are. ive actually learned a few things from the health threads on /g/.

No. 667389

Ohhh, you shouldn't have left out that essential piece of information though, it really sounded from your post like it was one-sided. In that case I'm really sorry. I take that person has always been MtF, it's not like she decided to transition right now? In the latter case I guess I would be understanding, it's a very hard to share such thingeven with the closest people; if it's the former though it would be a really unsettling secret to keep away from you for such a long time.

No. 667394

I just like being nice, especially to angry people. like why not? also extra points when it makes them angrier cause oh shit guess who is gonna get some nice in their face bitch

No. 667403

ive been inhaling ammonia as a self harm method

No. 667404

I was just really upset. She’s mtf yeah, and honestly I’m very GC but that’s not the part that upsets me. As far as I know she’s been mtf since we were teenagers at the least was socialised as a girl and I physically cannot bring myself to think of her as male but it’s just the fact that she never told me, in nine years. There weren’t even any signs of it, I guess I’m just still in a state of shock and I feel betrayed like she didn’t feel she could confide that in me in nearly a whole decade. She was never creepy or anything and nothing really ‘clicked’ like a puzzle piece where I felt violated, I just feel like shit. The only thing that makes sense to me now is that it makes sense why she’s always been so self-hating when I always thought she was really pretty, but now it makes me feel worse about myself because that’s exactly what made us so close at first, having someone understand being so uncomfortable in your own skin that it effects every aspect of your life. I’m rambling now. I guess I just feel lost because she’s the one I go to for everything and I have no idea what to do with all of this.

No. 667411

I really do understand the betrayal, but if you want to look at it in a positive way, she has been socialized as a female and genuinely lives her life as such so much that you couldn't tell and she didn't want to make being trans a Thing/her whole identity because…it's just who she is. I know we're very critical of troons here, but I, personally, have always thought of integration as the goal for people who legitimately want/need to transition to feel happy, and she seems to want to and successfully as possible have integrated. Again, I understand the betrayal and don't want to invalidate how you're feeling, but this could be another way of looking at it, ya know? I'm sorry, though, anon. I hope you can find whatever solution you feel better about.

No. 667433

Thank you, genuinely. I think I’m just in the stage where I’m too confused and sensitive to be able to think about it properly. It’s unfair for me to treat her like the average troon for sure, and she’s never been genderspecial or even argued with me over agp or anything of that nature. At the end of the day she’s my best friend, I think I just need time to think. Thank you for consoling me.

No. 667655

A woman who tried to mess with my life has been diagnosed with a disease. Not life-threatening but unpleasant and she’ll probably die a few years earlier

I’ve moved on from the situation and don’t wish her harm but I can’t feel sympathy either. I want to tell someone irl but they’ll probably think I’m a psycho

No. 667658

What, did some girl send you hate and then posted about having lupus or something?

No. 667666

I’m not as autistic as you but I do think white gravy makes anything better and I ask for it all the time at restaurants

No. 667667

I feel genetically inferior to people with more symmetrical faces than mine (and don't give me the "most people don't have symmetrical faces!", there are degrees of asymmetry ok). Actually, at this point I KNOW I'm inferior, it's not just a feeling.

No. 667668

No, we used to work together (still do but different departments now). She would spread rumors about me and do other weird shit. It’s a male-dominated industry and she seemed to target the few other female employees. She’s very charming so gets away with it

It’s MS and I doubt she’s faking. She provided her diagnosis to work, there are proper tests for it, and some of her family members are sufferers. She’s not a munchie type

I’ve felt bad for her in the past for more minor shit so not sure why I don’t give a fuck now

No. 667674

I wouldn’t bother worrying about it anyway so I don’t think it’s wrong of you to feel nothing. I’ve worked with women like that, they’re very difficult to de with.

No. 667778

Ahh I really wish that sleep paralysis incubus would come back to my dreams and seduce me again

No. 667784

how do i get one

No. 667831

Idk tbh the last time i saw the demon was when I was super horny so maybe start there

No. 667856

File: 1604636471245.jpeg (96.18 KB, 960x960, 18B03F9E-B29A-4FE3-9AB1-F1290E…)

I pick my own skin constantly and whenever I watch vids like dr pimple popper and r/popping I literally drool involuntarily like fucking pavlov's dogs

No. 667863

I feel bad being mean. Even on lolcow.

No. 667882

With the weight I've gained during lockdowns my BMI is now in the obese range. I feel really ashamed and like a fucking idiot for letting it get to this point. On the bright side I've stuck to my intermittent fasting diet for almost 30 days now.

No. 667883

I love being mean to scrotes tho kek

No. 667884

Me too. Feels weird seeing anons get into slap fights for weird pettt shit

No. 668050

I think I might have the fabled beepeedee but I also frequently alternate between rapid ups and downs which rock between being a vapid, overconfident and apathetic pseudo sociopath and being a dependent, suicidal piece of shit who deep down feels hurting myself will somehow be vengeance against those who've in my mind rejected or abandoned me. I have just enough self awareness now to not act on those things and recognize how retarded feeling these ways are, but whenever I consider maybe I should undergo behavioral therapy I fluctuate back to the full of myself pseudo sociopath mode and the apathy is in such full force any notion of so my something like that goes out the window

I truly am human trash but I feel like all I'd be doing is learning to better pretend I do not feel these things vs fixing feeling them, which doesn't seem all that beneficial to my self centered ass self

No. 668136

Not to be gross or whatever but I farted, it smelled like spaghetti and I got hungry.

No. 668138

Not to be gross or whatever but I farted, it smelled like spaghetti and I got hungry.

No. 668343

Speaking of farts, I accidentally breathed in my fart through my mouth. I had hiccups and at one moment my mouth opened involuntarily and I inhaled for a second, and my fart was perfectly in sync with it. It was beyond my control but I feel terrible.

No. 668383

i said to my bf that everyone likes the smell of their own farts and he looked at me like i was insane and asked me if i liked the smell of my own farts and i said yes, so i asked him if he liked his and he said no all horrified.

No. 668385

He's probably in the minority among men, my boyfriend literally tells me this all the time (his line is "everyone likes their own brand"). I think he's crazy but also amusing

No. 668405

No. 668418

Can someone ban the gross anon with the flatulence fetish please?

No. 668425

there are dozens of us you gassy bodied bitch

No. 668436

Sometimes when my arm is itchy I'll put it in front of my cat so he'll lick me and scratch it with his tongue

No. 668438

File: 1604719995235.jpg (54.25 KB, 425x714, 81rzq13J xL._AC_SX425_PIbundle…)

Choke on these then,lmao retard,more like fartard no doubt a scrote.

No. 668441

do you think it's the same anon who said she loved fart porn

No. 668442

I sleep naked shamelessly unless I feel like being in an over sized sweater. I just feel so comfy with skin meeting my soft blankets.
I have never admitted I do this since I'm paranoid people will think I do it to be sexy. Like, sexy for who? I sleep alone

No. 668444

This was my first thought tbh.

No. 668455

Definitely,what a disgusting subhuman she or HE is.

No. 668459

I do this too and I (unfortunately) casually brought it up in conversation with some people one time, all the guys immediately thought I was flirting with them and saying it just to be sexy.

They brought it up several times after, months later. “Haha it’s almost winter, you gonna start wearing clothes to bed?” Ugh shoot me.

tl;dr never tell a soul or beware coomer discussions

No. 668468

why are you guys getting pressed about people joking around about dumb shit in /ot/? Some people really want this board to be boring as hell.

No. 668470

Fart fetish =/= funny. Unless you’re 12. Or male I guess.

No. 668472

I'm the spaghetti one and honestly, I should be able to spill whatever fucking embarrassing shit I want here. It's confessions. Get over yourselves and don't act like you don't do gross shit too when no one is looking.

No. 668477

Silence, fart slurper

No. 668480

>fart slurper
It took you 20 minutes to come up with that?

No. 668482

What are you on about it? I replied the moment I saw it. Maybe you should relax.

No. 668503

I eat my boogers too.

No. 668608

I feel like nobody in my family is listening to me when I tell a story or an anecdote, I barely say two phrases when somebody (usually my mom) changes the subject. I always knew I was the unfavorite despite what my parents say (little brother is my mom's favorite and little sister is my dad's), but it still stings to see that nobody has a deeper interest than surface level for you. And then they wonder why I'm reserved and always look grumpy lol.

No. 668617

I feel this, anon :(

No. 668618

I'm sorry anon, that sucks. It's really shitty how some parent inadvertently pick favorites among their children.

No. 668630

I'm seriously considering going to Japan someday to become either an English teacher or teach my first language and try to get myself a Japanese bf or husband. I know I wouldn't mind it because I already lived there for a semester and I lived my best life back then.

I feel like there's barely anything here for me, I studied and nobody wanted or could afford to hire me for the job I wanted, I even struggled to get a severely underpaid internship before graduating one year late because of that, and I have a shitty minimum wag job right now not just because of the pandemic but also because getting a job was already hard for me way before that. The city where I live and currently work is supposed to be big enough to be full of job opportunities but I struggled while job hunting, yet it's small enough that I have no private life whatsoever because I keep running into family members wherever I go. In Japan I was able to be myself and not be judged for literally everything and I could eat pork in public without worrying about being harassed for it by strangers or kicked out by my family. I could also get into casual relationships instead of forcing myself to stay a virgin until marriage so I wouldn't be kicked out or worse. I'm saving money just for when the borders will open again right now. I don't care if that makes me a weeb.

No. 668631

All of you want to go to Japan. Man pick another country, there’s no market in Japan anymore.

No. 668633

yeah i have genuinely never understood the love for japan… like wtf is so enticing about it? it makes no sense whatsoever

No. 668634

It truly doesn’t. Complete delusion. Always weebshit. English teachers are getting paid less than ever there because of all the weebs thinking they’re going to ~follow their dreams~ and feel completed in Japan and that’s ridiculous for so many reasons.

No. 668635

I already speak Japanese well enough to get by in my daily life, I'm pretty sure it's going to be way harder for me if I decided to try to get a job in another country where I speak the local language because the market is even more fucked or rent and food cost way too much. I applied for a job in London like two months ago and I was straight up relieved I didn't get the job after two interviews because of the cost of living there. I'm still applying to jobs in these countries just in case but I don't have high hopes for them.

No. 668636

Honey respectfully, you are saying what every other weeb before you has said and justified and explained away until they turned blue. The problems you have are internal and will not be fixed by you moving to your magical Nippon. These are some deep seated delusions that you need to confront and work out without thinking you’re going to run away and life will be better because you can buy manga for $2 and eat your conbini dinners alone in your school apartment.

No. 668639

>The problems you have are internal and will not be fixed by you moving to your magical Nippon
But they did get fixed when I moved though. And they got way worse when I moved back to my country. I actually thought the same as you before moving so far away from my country and this experience changed my mind. Whatever, with the pandemic I have plenty of time to plan everything or change my mind

No. 668640

Explain it away until you get blue in the face, you’re going to be lonely and disillusioned in Japan just as much as you were at home.

No. 668641

If you think I'm about to make a mistake then try to convince me. I don't want to make a bad decision either and if you're speaking from personal experience then your opinion could help.

No. 668642

I hope you enjoy people being passively aggresive to you on a constant basis and being on a receiving end of racial discrimination if you decide to go. The only people I know who moderately enjoyed their life there were the ones that had their own business there and mostly keep to their expat circles, because locals are absolutely awful to people from the outside staying long term.

No. 668643

Yeah but you realise you're comparing things to London which is a very extreme example. Even Paris is more affordable than London despite both being very expensive cities.

No. 668644

>being on a receiving end of racial discrimination if you decide to go.
That's literally my daily where I'm from, it was way less annoying back there. I found it funny when the white people I know irl from my country complained about that when they went to Japan to study for a year or two and then acted the exact same way towards me.

No. 668646

Samefag, I had to refuse jobs in Paris because the pay didn't match the cost of living at all and I didn't have enough money to plan to move to another city that was that expensive.

No. 668647

Exactly. And there are many experiences shared on youtube about it, usually formatted like ‘why I left Japan’ etc. There are so many westerners there now that the pay rate has dropped significantly. They don’t need English teachers. And Japanese men, at least the ones these weebs dream about, have no intention of marrying them. And you can see many cases where they do have children with Japanese men and the relationship doesn’t even last two years and they’re left alone.

No. 668648

You've been in Japan for one semester. That's nothing, and being an exchange student or studying abroad is wayyyyy different from actually living somewhere.
I didn't say you should go to Paris, I just said that even Paris, known for being notoriously expensive, is cheaper than London.
And where are you from that's so bad?

No. 668649

You really are going to argue this like an extremely typical weeb huh

No. 668651

>I just said that even Paris, known for being notoriously expensive, is cheaper than London.
I meant to say that I already knew that, it was just an example. I'm in Western Europe but won't say where exactly.

I've seen several videos like that, imo half of them make perfect sense and the other half are just a bunch of guys who didn't even know what they were getting themselves into and who won't stop complaining about things they could have easily learned online in five minutes before planning their trips.

No. 668652

I feel like I am getting old. I miss the old days of the internet where a cat who wanted cheeseburgers was the funniest thing ever and talking to people in online games was novel and interesting cause they were just like you, but from different counties.

Now everything online is 12 year olds talking about porn and tiktok, which I don't understand and honestly can't be bothered to get into cause it seems cringe.

I just wish I had some not-even-30-yet people like me to hang out with who don't know what a corpse husband is and who just want to chill and shitpost.

No. 668654

From that it sounds like you're not white and not Japanese, unless your family is of Asian descent and you could pass as maybe mixed Japanese, you're going to face even worse racial discrimination than white people do. Just so you know.

No. 668657

Im Asian. I’m only mentioning this because it gives an insight: Japanese people are always going to see you as an outsider, they are always going to patronize or demonize you, and they aren’t going to give you any sort of leeway unless you fit their beauty standards. If you aren’t Caucasian, you are not the king of foreigner they’re going to want around. There’s really nothing to gain. They won’t say it to your face, but unless you have a really good job you’re going to be seen as another irritating foreigner who couldn’t make it or fit in in your own country so you went to theirs. The politeness is a front.

No. 668658

No way I could pass for someone with a Japanese parent, the only one who asked me if that were the case was also a foreigner, but she was Asian. Nobody managed to guess my ethnicity during my stay, it was kinda funny actually, whether they were Japanese, Asian in general, American, European, etc. I guess it's because of the lack of exposure.

No. 668661

Your experience of politeness during a semester stay = / = your experience as a resident

No. 668664

I know that, what I've been saying is that I already had a good experience even if it was short, and I want to try again.

No. 668681

AYRT and it's not even like I was mistreated or abused, but it's frustrating to see your siblings getting more attention and tolerance for shit they do. Like my mom was super invested in helping my brother learning german (a language she can speak) while she made fun of me for learning spanish (a language she hates).

No. 668683

I think other anons are being a bit too embittered, especially since you've already been there for a semester. You should definitely try your luck there, you have nothing to lose but your own time.
It definitely won't be perfect, but it's not like every foreigner that goes to Japan hates it and has a horrible experience. Good luck, anon.

No. 668691

And this one enabler will justify everything in her mind kek

No. 668701

follow your dreams anon

No. 668706

Lmao, why are you acting like it's a drug? If someone has the money to travel, they're tired of being surrounded by family members and micromanaged by their own culture, and they want to try a relatively safe country they've been to before and enjoyed their time in, why shouldn't they?
Like, if she can make ends meet, what's the problem? If it doesn't go well, she can always go back home, lesson learned.

No. 668710

Why are you writing in third person, do you think you're on The Office and it's the equivalent of looking at the camera with a stupid face?


She's just one anon giving her opinion just like you're giving yours, chill.

No. 668738

I’ve been having the best sex of my life while pregnant. My husband is obsessed with me and I’m horny all the time. Of course I’m excited to meet my baby soon but I’m really going to miss this.

No. 668756

People are saying this because she's not going there for a little while as a tourist but is planning to move there full time to teach English. Everyone I've known who has done this ended up wrecking their career with it and it's a stupid decision. If you just want to travel the world with your disposable income, go for it, but don't act like people are being unreasonable when they tell you you'll be isolated and lonely and your job will be shit and ruin your career prospects.

No. 668762

How does teaching English in another country ruin career prospects? It's not like anon's ditching a good job she already has lined up.

No. 668763

My god, you’re a little too dense. If you don’t know about what goes on in Japan why put in your 2 uneducated cents?

No. 668769

I didn't say I'd stay there my whole life, but I could see myself staying a few years. And the whole point of my first post is that my career plans were already ruined because of my lack of luck and only because of this. I'm not going into details but everytime I had good job opportunities I was either not chosen because I didn't already had friends in these companieof straight up nepotism, or I didn't have the money to live where the companies were located and the pay wasn't aligned with the cost of living there, or I was about to get hired until the managers told me last minute that they won't hire me because they had to plan budget cuts at the very last minute. I literally said I have a shitty minimum wage job I'm overqualified for and it's already a miracle I have that because of the current job market here. If I'm gonna live like shit I might as well do it in a place I don't dislike too much. I don't feel like I have career prospects over here at all despite working hard for it. There was another country I was interested in but with the pandemic that one isn't even an option anymore, at least not now.

No. 668772

I genuinely wish prolife people would just all drop dead. Not even just because their position is awful, but because they're always so fucking retarded and their defense of their position is so over-emotional and frought with factual falsehoods. Everytime I see them talk about shit online, I wish they would just fucking die.

No. 668781

What jobs have you been applying for/what is the field you're aiming for? Does teaching English in Japan align with any of them? I don't think it's impossible to change fields, and if you can make connections while teaching in Japan to get into your actual preferred field, that's also an option.

I studied abroad in Japan as well as a undergrad student, and I've flip flopped between returning and getting a teaching job or not over there. I had a friend who did it for a year and returned back home and now works with ESL students at our uni, so it worked out for him. I ultimately decided not to pursue it because it didn't align with any of my career goals, plus the work culture isn't for me. Go for it if you want to, but also think about what the job can do for you in the future.

No. 668835

>get asked a question
>refuse to answer, and insult the person's intelligence
Wow, clearly you're very learned on this subject, and everybody should listen to you. You genuinely just sound bitter as fuck. Anon's life won't be destroyed because she left a minimum wage job to get teaching experience in Nipland.
It's especially funny because you don't know her career prospects to claim it'd "ruin" them, but you spoke so confidently on it.

No. 668836

At first I wanted to start a career in international business or marketing because that's directly linked to my degree, so I was looking for internships in these fields, but I couldn't get one because of the usual reasons: there were no worthwhile internships where I lived, internships are underpaid so I couldn't get enough money to move to another city where I could find one, and most of the interviews I had want to hire me for just one or two months so they legally wouldn't have to pay me, but to graduate I needed an internship that could last between 5 and 6 months. I had to redo my last year of university because I couldn't find one in time, then I got an internship as a recruiter which I liked but the manager was a crazy bitch who didn't want to hire me at the end of my contract because again, money. She drove off a few employees but still didn't want to hire anyone new. It was a pretty big company so after that I graduated and applied for a job in another team and it didn't work out because, again, money. I went abroad for a semester, came back earlier than planned because of very personal reasons, got another interview in that company but they hired someone else and with covid I was forced to get the call center job. I also applied for jobs abroad because that's what I studied for to begin with but with the current situation it's very complicated. I'm just keeping my current job for "safety" until I can find something better once the pandemic is over and I can leave, either to go to Japan, or maybe somewhere closer in Europe if that doesn't work out.

I feel like in some recent interviews when I said I worked abroad for a few months, even just as a language teacher, the recruiters had very positive reactions even if that wasn't directly linked to my initial career plans. I think they saw some skills from that that could be applied in the jobs they were offering but I'm not entirely sure.

No. 668846

>I feel like in some recent interviews when I said I worked abroad for a few months, even just as a language teacher, the recruiters had very positive reactions even if that wasn't directly linked to my initial career plans. I think they saw some skills from that that could be applied in the jobs they were offering but I'm not entirely sure.
Basically this. Being multilingual and having travel experience is generally a plus in an international field of work. Teaching can easily be read as having good interpersonal skills, too.
Not sure what that other anon was talking about when they claimed it ruins things.

No. 668851

idk, maybe she thought I'm American, only speak English and will be completely lost once I get back to the USA? That type of person seems to be mostly American guys who love traveling basically everywhere or are weaboos to begin with and who don't do their researches before planning to live in another country and spend half of their time vlogging.

No. 668951

Damn, this was exactly the same kind of situation I was in with my ex-best friend. She became insufferable. I ended up just cutting her off completely from one day to the next after telling her how I felt and she completely lost her shit (30+ calls a day, snuck into my house and banged on my bedroom door, contacting my family, etc.) but eventually moved on and it was one of the best decisions I've made. She was a vampire.

No. 668952

Oh my god I do the exact same thing

No. 669161

i need to leave lolcow before and during my period or else i'll go insane. i feel like i'm going to turn into one of those people who throws a meltdown if someone insults my husbando.

No. 669180

This is bad but I look down on people who get groomed and manipulated. Parents and schools taught you how you shouldn't talk to strangers online or irl. How you shouldn't put your real name or age anywhere. Its easy to prevent getting groomed. Also its just easy to poke holes in their groomer logic. Like for example, lets say someone is threatening to kill themselves if you don't send nudes… What do my nudes even have to do with your life ending thoughts? Maybe I'm ignorant about this sort of thing or maybe I just didn't allow myself to get manipulated by pedos online. I just don't understand. Grooming can easily be prevented.

No. 669181

Online, yes. Not when it's a family friend or relative.

No. 669183

SAME i refrain from posting at all when im pms because ill look hysterical as fuck

No. 669184

Yeah that's what I meant. Online. I understand when ppl are groomed irl.

No. 669189

to be honest, if you have yellow fever, go for it. if you don’t have much going on for you in terms of career prospects and you want endless japanese dick, you don’t have anything to lose. i have an acquaintance who’s been obsessing over asian guys for over a decade and married a korean guy a few years ago after studying at a language course for 1.5 years (the language course visa was extremely easy to get and it was merely an excuse to hunt for korean dick). she’s living her best life, doesn’t even bother with korean (her students/husband all communicate in english with her), he does most of the house chores and takes care of any stuff that requires proficiency in korean. it’s life on easy mode for expats who can’t get a job or even a significant other in their home country.

that said, if you’re career-oriented and actually want to advance in something, ignore what i just said. but then you probably wouldn’t have written that in the first place kek.

No. 669192

> Maybe I'm ignorant about this sort of thing

Nailed it. Generally it’s young people/adolescents who are groomed online due to lack experience and naivety. It’s no secret kids are very trusting and can easily be manipulated. It’s never a child’s fault when they are being groomed online by an adult, regardless of whether or not they learned about it in school.

No. 669196

Most Japanese men don't marry foreigners, they see them as sluts.

No. 669258

The very vast majority of guys in my own country won't even look at me for similar reasons or because they think I'm some kind of fundie so whatever, it's not gonna change my life. I have friends from university who married Japanese guys so it's not impossible, just unlikely.

My previous posts are tldr so to make it short: I wanted to focus on studying to then focus on getting a nice career, it never worked out the way I wanted so now if I'm gonna get a minimum wage job I might as well get one somewhere where I can have better opportunities in my personal life. So I guess it's a little bit of both. I don't have yellow fever in particular though, I just find Japanese guys cute the same way I find cute guy from the rest of the world cute.

No. 669265

File: 1604826532185.gif (Spoiler Image, 390.87 KB, 245x200, feb.gif)

I've never worn full make-up. I've only used brown mascara, BB cream, and tinted lip balm regularly. I want a makeover lol

No. 669271

>I don't have yellow fever in particular though
You've been sitting here defending your Japan fetish and making excuses for why things won't be that bad and everything will totally work out since yesterday. You have yellow fever.

No. 669289

I think it takes a particular kind of kid. The type that maybe has neglectful or absent parents, or gets bullied, doesn't have friends in their school and so if some greasy pedo online gives them attention, compliments them, showers them with praises they want to hear, they are less likely to refuse to things the pedos ask of them because they crave the (positive) attention. Even if they have been told to be vary of strangers. This is just my uninformed hypothesis though based on what I've seen and heard from the adults who got groomed as kids.

No. 669304

i used to think i was straight but lately i can't masturbate to anything other than the image of an actress i frequently see on the tv. i usually never masturbate to my own imagination and have to use gay porn (shame me all you want i got addicted to it in 5th grade) but i can barely control my thoughts when it comes to how much i want to fuck her. i don't even know why i find her so attractive she's nothing special but something came over me

No. 669306

Which actress?

No. 669307

Reading all those back and forths was nauseating. Don’t even bother trying to talk sense into anon, she’s clearly deadset on Japan even though there’s little to gain from Japan anymore. She’ll see herself.

No. 669315

File: 1604836987178.gif (4.73 MB, 800x571, 44C5E0D8-71ED-47C2-86A3-E06741…)

>inb4 eeeew koreaboo
i'm a gook myself
it's shin yeeun, a newbie korean actress that's been acting in those dumbass romance dramas. the past 2 tv shows she's been in were aired on a channel that i usually turn on in the background after coming home from work. that's how i got addicted to her kek. she had a kiss scene in the last episode of this drama she's in and i literally creamed myself… over a fucking korean soap opera kiss scene… that lasted for like 3 seconds. what is wrong me. not to mention she looks like any basic actress out here. she reminds me a lot of an ex-best friend we had a REALLY touchy-feely kinda friendship with though so maybe that's the reason if so that's even sadder since we haven't spoken in like 5 years

No. 669399

The main reason why I want to have a child is to prove that I can be a better parent than my parents and also that raising a child isn't a hellish landscape like they made it out to be because of their victim complex.
But I dunno, selfish intentions beget selfish intentions. My mom had me out of pressure, and I want to have a child out of healing trauma. No one asks to be born and there's a lot of suffering to living, so I feel that unless I can provide a really good answer and live near selflessly for the human I'd birth into existence, then I ought not.
Other people make me so mad. They pop children into this world with way less thought. They either rely on the belief of an afterlife to make up for giving their children shitty circumstances, or put it all on their children to make better lives for themselves from practically nothing. Some people say that women who struggle with the ethics of having biological children should just adopt. When people tell me to adopt children from people like that I get angry because I feel like I'm legitimizing their careless and harmful choices, and also doing them the favor of raising their progeny who naturally don't have a bond with me–and unless they're truly shitty people like junkies, the child will want to naturally defer back to their birth parents which I understand but is no less painful.
A part of me isn't satisfied to just say I won't have children either. Can't say none of this out loud or else I'm a monster and trying to make other people feel like shitty parents though. My boyfriend really wants kids after marriage and I'm grappling with my moral compass.

No. 669406

File: 1604851648534.jpg (92.85 KB, 755x696, 1599536515864.jpg)

whenever my teachers would assign us with an essay, book review or movie review, I would always grab an english source and translate it to my native language onto the page. never got caught even if i copied directly from wikipedia
t.raised bilingual, paid the price by being terrible at writing essays

No. 669410

This is fucking genius lmao. I wish I was raised bilingual but my aunt worried that we wouldn't be Americanized enough. My parents (who've worked full time my whole life and that's why my aunt raised me) chastise me all the time for not speaking my native language but it's not like I had any choice in the matter.

No. 669424

Kek I do the same! The best scientific sources are always in english

No. 669434

Idk, having a child to heal your trauma and to prove something to your parents that you obviously resent sounds much worse than trash people popping out kids because that's just what they do. They might be ignorant but your thinking about intentionally bringing a life into the world for your own selfish reasons and that's fucked up. People do it all the time, but Listen to the part that says you ought not.
I've just hit 35 and part of me regrets not having kids but I chose not to pass on the intergenerational trauma of my childhood, even if I thought I could do better that's no reason to do it. You think you'd not be like your parents but it is very hard to change completely from the way you were raised, bc so much of it is embedded deep into your subconscious and actions.
That said if you can provide a stable home with a loving relationship/marriage and a good partner to raise a child with, that kid would already be ahead of many even if you fucked up somewhere along the line.

No. 669436

You sound thoughtful about the issue anon, and at least that shows you care. As you say, having a child to right your parents’ wrongs is not a good reason to do it. And while having kids may not necessarily be a hellish landscape, it’s not a cakewalk either. Your body will likely never be the same after childbirth, and it’s a toss-up whether that will only be in small ways or something larger. You’ll spend years getting very little sleep, changing diapers, cleaning vomit and drool, bathing a child, calming tantrums, shuttling it to and from school/hobbies/other activities, helping with homework, paying for a third person’s necessities, and otherwise centering your life around them (if you want to be a good, attentive parent). It’s almost guaranteed you will take on the majority of the childcare, even if your partner is a good guy. And worst case scenario, if you two were to break up someday, would you still feel happy doing all those things alone on top of holding down a job and getting little time for yourself?

Parenting has highs as well to be sure, but it’s not composed only of those Kodak moments. Most days are work, repetition and sleeplessness. Some people don’t mind that because the sacrifices are worth it to them. I’d just make sure it’s really something you’d find worthwhile and possessing positives centered around the child itself, not that you’d only be taking on an unnecessary duty. Also, people are able to bond with adopted kids (contrary to popular belief it can take time to bond with biological kids too) and while many have at least some curiosity about their birth parents, it doesn’t mean love their adopted parents any less.

No. 669463

As a kid I used to steal money from the school. I was in the special program and the teachers trusted a bunch of underprivileged 13 year olds to run the consession stand. Pretty much all of us stole money from the cash register. Only one person got caught and it wasn't me kek.

No. 669486

I did this too, but I feel bad about it now. Only I also stole directly from a teacher too.

No. 669507

Fuck you, selfish cunt
My mom said the same shit, and now I'm fucking 27 using fucking lolcow and I've wanted to kms since middle school
Your parents were shit and so are you, if you actually love your children, like if you imagine you would love one of those little eggs in your ovaries and want the best for it, then never fucking have one.
Some dipshit will need help with their neglected kid someday, be a good aunt or "aunt" if it's a friend.
Don't fucking have a baby to prove shit, it ruins them, I promise.

No. 669509

I'm triggered af, I don't care, using a human being's life to try to heal yours is the scummiest fucking thing you could do.
That is telling the fucking child that their own life doesn't matter, they only exist to take care of your pathetic, broken ass that should have been mature enough to talk to a fucking therapist ffs

No. 669527

I don't know whether your parents stayed together after having you but something to consider is how high divorce rates are now. Most people who start a family with someone now will end up splitting and coparenting those kids. Having seen people in that position, sometimes coparenting is in itself
> a hellish landscape

No. 669559

This was always so easy, work smarter not harder! I used to look up shit in 3 languages and just frankentein that shit into one, always got extra praise for being so thorough kek

No. 669584

I hope you both get the therapy and healing you need.

No. 669593

This is the future that befalls children who grow up taking care of their mom.
There is not enough therapy to recover from it, you don't heal from it.

No. 669605

I think if you recognize the cycle of generational trauma and truly commit to being different and wanting to break it, there is the possibility you won't turn out as how you were raised. Easier said than done I know, but I do think there are exceptions or else all parents would basically be shit people because of one bad ancestral parent in their line. It just makes sense, but it's a lot of work and it's not fair when so many people were born with the advantage of having decent people as parents. I empathize with you anon even though I don't agree entirely.

No. 669642

I love snacking on dry egg noodles.

No. 669669


Unforgivable pls die

No. 669674

File: 1604882069830.png (820.25 KB, 713x906, Screenshot_20201108-193258.png)

I've had a crush on her since I was 9

No. 669763

I'll do you one better, I love raw pasta of almost all shapes and sizes

No. 669814

File: 1604901386689.png (218.19 KB, 367x365, Screen-Shot-2016-02-15-at-16.0…)

Have you ever seen her out of costume? She's really cute

No. 669826

File: 1604903079757.jpg (36.99 KB, 600x450, The-Big-Comfy-Couch2-145382967…)

I thought I was the only one.

No. 669828

I loved that show
Also I love her voicing Claire Redfield

No. 669844

She looks less cute out of costume lol. The botox is really obvious and those eyebrows make her look like a chola.

No. 669883

damn she's hot, i loved this show as a child but at the same time it creeped me the fuck out.

No. 670000

> i loved this show as a child but at the same time it creeped me the fuck out
> it creeped me the fuck out
Omg I thought I was the only one creeped out by this show as a kid

No. 670053

Whenever I see an overweight woman complain that a piece of clothing doesn’t fit because her boobs are “too big” I have to bite my tongue so I won’t tell them the issue is that they’re fat, not so much their boobs

No. 670060

File: 1604935660385.png (Spoiler Image, 417.88 KB, 597x597, fab088f9efca2e3fb0990b13a7c7e8…)

I'm a fatty with big boobs and I think the frustration comes from this: I could wear clothes two sizes smaller than I do, but it's the breasts that fuck me up. So even if there's an online shop that sells in XXL that fits waist and hip measurement, by boobs would fit XXXL comfortably so I can't go for it. I should also mention that even losing weight, that'll still be the case. There are plenty of women that aren't fat that face the same issue. There's a website specifically for larger breasted women (who are skinny btw) so they can shop for clothes without that hassle.

On a semi-related note, I'm extremely jealous of fats with with small boobs because at least they can fit smaller shirts and bras. Small titted freaks of nature. How'd your legs gain 200lbs but you're an A cup?!

>inb4 just lose weight

Yeah I'm losing weight, doesn't change the fact that I gotta wear clothes NOW so I still have this issue while shopping… but even when I was 100 lbs lighter, my boobs were still a frustration regarding sizing.

No. 670062

NTA but I’ve admittedly had similar thoughts, so I’m glad to have read this! Thanks for sharing, anon. Good luck on your weight loss journey, and may you find cute clothes that fit you!!

No. 670066

Thanks and… sorry for the blog lol

No. 670070

You’re truly considerate for spoilering that

No. 670106

Bitch same, i also have wide hips like all the women in my family do, skinny or not. I keep getting some smallboobproblems subreddit to me where the post is about how there is no such thing as small boob privilege, bitch there are positive sides to everything. At least they can find shit that has enough room in the chest area and don't have to fear skin problems when it gets hot and humid.

No. 670142

She was diagnosed with lipoedema I believe. So that answers some of your questions I guess.

No. 670147

im a fatty with small boobs, my hips and thighs look huge in comparison to the rest of my body and i can never find pants that fit me. i dont mind the small boobs but it does make me look very disproporsionate and i would kill for some cleavage to balance things out

No. 670150

I had no idea leggings as pants were considered porny, trashy and slutty until I saw all the leggings hate on /g/

This inspired me to buy some cute new leggings to wear out kek. Love to be a comfy hoe and piss off fashion snobs at the same time.

No. 670152

Did you only exist today or what? Its thin leggings or woemn wearing non opaque leggings that look woeful. This has been a thing for at least a decade. Not uncommon for some saggy assed lady baring far too much unknowingly through her leggings. Leggings look nice as long as they're styled nice and the material isn't see through/shit

No. 670153

>I keep getting some smallboobproblems subreddit to me
I'm getting that too recommended constantly and I don't know why but as someone with small boobs I think that post is stupid as fuck

No. 670154

Leggings are neither trashy or slutty unless they are see through and you're a scrote, some anons in here are overthinking them way too much. I understand not being comfortable with having a tight fabric around your butt, I do too and just wear shirts that cover my ass and that's it

No. 670162

And you still shift the blame to other people

No. 670164

Another one! I don't think women with small boobs don't have issues but that damn post just rubs me the wrong waaaaay and I have no idea how to get rid of it for good. Can you ban subs?

No. 670193

The television shows I currently look forward to watching every week are Family Guy, Law & Order: SVU, and First 48.

No. 670227

File: 1604950918596.jpg (223.96 KB, 1405x2000, HtuIVGpurpCxst08nhmssmjAaVoznp…)


True but another example (though less extreme than 200lbs in the legs) would be picrel. I've seen it on almost all "plus size" fashion sites.

No. 670230

I love this outfit and normally don't think it suits heavier women a lot of the time- but this model looks so cute here.

No. 670288

I agree. I love her hair

No. 670296

got banned from the cdan comment section, enty confirmed for pussyfaggot

No. 670306

>Leggings look nice as long as they're styled nice
i've never seen them styled well. and they're still not comfortable no matter how much people keep memeing it.

No. 670310

What the fuck kind of leggings you have worn if they aren't comfortable? I am not even part taking in the should you wear them or not, I am not saying this as an insult but do you have sensory issues or what?

No. 670316

>but do you have sensory issues or what
idk, possibly. i think jeans are uncomfortable too. even a literal potato sack or a huge blanket with loose sleeves would be better.

No. 670375


No. 670382

Transing out seems more appealing by the day. I know logically I wouldn't be able to pass (very short, wide hips), but I'm so tired of the beauty standards, family's expectations, creepers, scrutiny, etc.

No. 670386

You might as well have posted this in the dumbass shit thread. Because this is some real dumbass shit.

No. 670387

Rather than thinking of it as "transing out", just be who you are and don't worry so much about putting a label on it or trying to force it into contemporary socially-acceptable terms for things.

No. 670391

steven universe is my comfort show rn

im really interested in why this happened lmao

No. 670393

I was raised militant atheist and I fuckin hate myself.

No. 670394

Taco Bell is my drug of choice

No. 670402

this happened years ago with the admin of netizenbuzz who banned me for seemingly no fucking reason as well, these gossip blog sites ran by fucking pussies who can't take an opinion that goes against the masses, I guess, meanwhile enty's got a hoard of qanon faggots running around pushing their propaganda, sexist men talking about woman's pussies and assholes on every female celeb blind, but they don't get banned. pretty fucking funny either way, good to know enty is just as retarded as your average gossip site mod

No. 670407

Literally, just, reject gender roles. Literally, just, don’t do what you don’t want to do. What’s with people like you, like wtf is the thought process. You really think you won’t be held to tranny standards and treated as a failed fake man instead of a failed woman? lmao

No. 670412

You are absolutely adorable for thinking it's this simple. I hope life continues to be kind to you.

No. 670414

nta, it is exactly that simple
You will always be judged and held to standards, no matter what you do

No. 670415

You’re absolutely adorable for thinking it’s as simple as changing your pronouns will make the world treat you better. You will never experience male privilege.

No. 670417

NTA, but because what society perceives us as determines how others (making the perceptions) treat us, someone who is biologically female but passes as biologically male could have male privilege because they are understood, falsely, as being biologically male.

No. 670419

This is an non-contribution but this post is absolute cancer

No. 670428

I already don't feminize, don't pander to men's egos… and I already get a ton of shit for that from family coworkers and strangers. Yeah I wish it was that simple, already.

Unless you're a hermit then everyone in your life will judge you, and decide to stop giving opportunities or basic decency if you don't fit their expectations.

No. 670432

I was referring to TA's assertion that it's easy to "just reject gender roles." I guess I should have specified that. I'm not actually in favor of anyone trooning out to escape them, but I can understand the mentality of wishing you could be a man just so you don't have to put up with the bullshit that comes with being a woman.

No. 670434

Not if you’re a chubby manlet Aiden with birthing hips. Even if you do “pass”, better hope the church doesn’t find out you don’t have a dick, see if the men still want you in their dick club enjoying their dick privilege, yes even among the hyperwoke lib men.
>insert 100 stories of fakeboys being discriminated, excluded and abused by men here
Idk about you but having to constantly lie about my sex just for an illusion of freedom is not only problematic but also extremely miserable existence. Where most MtF do it for the coom, FtMs do it to escape gender roles, like you. Ever wonder why majority of detrans are FtMs? Turns out cutting your tits off didn’t change much, now you’re mentally and medically fucked up.
So what’s the problem? Those same people who give you shit for being GNC will not love you if you drank horse piss. Your problem is from living in a toxic unsupportive environment, realize that.

No. 670436

I just ate an entire bag of cheetos. I am also the anon who ate an entire bag of popcorn. Both occasions were from my period cravings. Please help me

No. 670440

Stop sperging. I know it's never going to work if I trooned out. This a confession thread so let me confess. I'm not the dumbass libfem you're just waiting to word vomit over.

Yes let me just abandon my support network and drop out of school because parents are paying for college. Let me act how I naturally am and get fired from my job because I trigger the men and make the women feel like dumbass weaklings. Let me get beaten up raped or killed because I trigger some man by not being submissive enough.

No. 670448

I hate people who can't read and jump to conclusions (see: the spergs above).

No. 670450

kek no one is threatened by you elliot

No. 670453

Ok? trooning out will not solve any of those things lol btw you can still get beaten and raped larping as a man, even more likely if the area you live is so hostile to GNC women. Magical thinking is a hell of a drug. Focus on graduating college and getting out of whatever shithole you’re in instead of jumping to the worst cope possible.

No. 670455

NTA but you're really unempathetic to her situation and it clearly isn't helping her. Maybe you should just fuck off.

No. 670461

Nta but this reminds me, I know short women who are pretty aggressive, almost like Chihuahuas

No. 670491

I think all the cynical anons that have been in the threads on /ot/ for the past 5ish hours need to sleep/nap. Regardless of their time zone.

No. 670493

They're not wrong, though.

No. 670496

And that's probably partially why their lives continue to be miserable. Don't infect other people in your own misery. You can lead a life of ignorance is bliss to some degree to bring yourself a margin of happiness instead buying into "everything will turn to shit anyway" all the time. I wish them better days, but making other people's days worse when they make harmless posts is frankly, disrespectful.

No. 670498

which posts are you talking about specifically.

No. 670501

File: 1604979847986.png (3.55 MB, 2772x2000, proxy-image.png)

>tfw you just woke up
>making other people's days worse when they make harmless posts
Welcome to imageboards. There's too much fake-positive shit everywhere else.

No. 670504

The people who are being "pragmatists" to the anon venting about her lack of ability to have faith, the people dogpiling the anon who vented about wanting to reject their gender, the anons who railroaded the anon who confessed they're having suicidal ideation and being guilt tripped for it, the people who were deadset on conflicting with the anon who complained the anons on /snow/ are overly nitpicky and insisted majority of the cows are just average, etc. Like I said in my original post, pretty much everyone replying to posts for the past 5ish hours on /ot/ trying to be contrarians. I came back from a nap and reading all of those posts was grating.

No. 670506

Unironic toxicity is a part of imageboards? That's brutal. I'd rather have fake positivity rather than outright venom spewed at me for venting. A lot of anons on here have a big problem with dissent. Posts in the unpopular opinions thread can literally devolve so quickly. What's the point of even having the thread then?

No. 670509

File: 1604980471484.gif (589.97 KB, 500x254, 35F3BBA4-F15B-44E5-AF6F-88E61E…)

No. 670510

>the people who were deadset on conflicting with the anon who complained the anons on /snow/ are overly nitpicky and insisted majority of the cows are just average, etc.
This wouldn't happen if she stopped acting like her taste was an objective fact. She's the one being contrarian.
Fake positive people are way more toxic. At least farmers will say shit to your face.

No. 670511

this site isn't a hugbox, if you wanted to be coddled you should've taken your vents to tumblr or twitter. most of those takes you mentioned were legitimately retarded and i'm glad anons got called out for it.

No. 670513

Agree with you and imho you can clearly see who drinked the kool aid of "teehee not like other girlz" while teen and mirrored the toxic masculinity in there like >>670501, that's not the culture of all imageboards at all and even if it was it doesn't give you cool kids points for trying to emulate it to wherever you go

No. 670515

>toxic masculinity
Jesus Christ. LC was never some care bares kumbuya shit, it's nothing new. Just leave if you hate it so much. If anything it's worse that women are expected to play nice all the time and suppress how they truly feel.

No. 670531

>it's worse that women are expected to play nice all the time and suppress how they truly feel.
I think the point that anon was trying to make is that a lot of anger on this board is misdirected. Honestly, it's not even just shitty for the anons who don't deserve it, it makes the person who lashed out look dumb as fuck. Like the anons who sperg out and randomly accuse other anons of being bpdfags, apparently not realizing they sound like bpdfags themselves. I used to find this funny but it got old pretty quickly.

No. 670535

NTA but agree with this. Realizing it has helped me not lash out, especially being on the other end of being misunderstood here as well. It is still a nice outlet for bitching, though kek.

No. 670539

Being a rabid bitch to someone for no reason other than being in a bad mood is a good counter to toxic positivity? You sound stable.

No. 670544

Unironically yes. It scares away twitterfags/pullfags and most of the bitchiness is towards retarded posts that deserve it.

No. 670546

Is twitterfags brigading lc an actual concern? Since when to twitterfags want anything to do with image boards?

>most of the bitchiness is towards retarded posts that deserve it

That mentality just grants anyone the power to lash out at anyone they want, for literally any post at all, and claim it's justified because "that anon was retarded and deserved it!!!"

Goddamn this entire conversation feels so underage.

No. 670549

There's twitterfags all over the artist salt threads and a few in the things you hate thread.

No. 670551

Samefag but also in half the cow related threads too

No. 670558

Nta, but people aren't going to stop disagreeing with each other just because your feelings got hurt. People keep treating /ot/ like their personal therapist and getting triggered whenever someone does anything less than agree with them. It's an anonymous imageboard. I'm not saying you have to be a bitch all the time, but no one's obligated to validate your feelings either, especially when you post shit like that troon vent upthread. Like, did you seriously think posting something like that would go well on Lolcow of all places?
I'd understand if you were complaining about people being bitchy for no reason, but I don't see anything wrong with most of the criticisms that have been made today. People are allowed to disagree and be blunt with you. If you don't like it, there are a lot of other sites that would suit you better.

No. 670574

I wish it could be 2016 again not for political reasons

No. 670615

I hate my fucking shitty body.

No. 670618

Me too anon, me too.

No. 670621

What's your least favorite part?

No. 670631

I used to hook up with a wellknown international indie musician and I just realized that he came out as a tranny a couple years ago. I was pretty young and easily influenced when I met him. He's actually a misogynistic and manipulative cumbrain (unsurprisingly), but I don't think that's common knowledge.

No. 670634

Likewise, anon. I've sort of made my peace with being ugly, but the chronic pain? Not good. I'm so tired of being tired and in pain.

No. 670636

the face is okay but the body is ugly and flabby and unwilling

No. 670645

Spill the name, anon, what do you risk by saying his name here? I thought it was Sam Smith at first but I remembered he was gay.

No. 670647

I understand anon. Its the fucking pain for me too. It makes me feel so helpless and pathetic.

No. 670652

Are you talking about that motherfucker with the wings tattoo on his neck?

No. 670659

File: 1605000183585.jpg (14.93 KB, 578x433, bkV51fc.jpg)

I'm in this Discord Server, is full of drama and is interesting to see, but there's something that took my attention.

There's a guy, short, long hair, very thin and low temperament; I think he broke up with his girlfriend, they documented the whole thing in the server. I'm oddly fixated on him, there's something so intersting about him that I can't really descrive, is not really on the cow-ish sense, but more on the "I wish I could study him, use him, experiment on him"

It seems like if I have gained a tiny bit of his trust, I send a message in the general channel so he could talk to me when he needs to, he might do it soon, I don't know, I'm able to wait as much as is necessary, just so I can interact with him closer, and see what I can do.

Wish me luck anons. I'm planning something.

No. 670661

Girl you are so creepy

No. 670673

Please keep us updated!

No. 670674

desperately trying to be some scrotes rebound while he probably doesn't even know you exist, please respect yourself more

No. 670686

File: 1605004779211.jpeg (219.4 KB, 547x1280, 761CD14E-2EAE-4750-87B2-3BF7A8…)

Don't understand why this should change anything about your friendship honestly. You were fine with them before.

No. 670687

It’s been almost 6 days and your dumb tranny meme contributed absolutely nothing. I’ve handled the situation, thanks.

No. 670723

it sounds like you have a massive crush on him lmao

No. 670752

>It’s been almost 6 days

No. 670753

Earn more of his trust and then break his heart lol

No. 670755

I hope you’re doing alright anon. What did you decide to do?

No. 670764

I find it so hot that this guy I'm talking to/into has a foot fetish oh god why

No. 670800

Because free foot massages, anon. Get it.

No. 670812

I kinda like guys with foot fetishes honestly. There's worse kinks out there. Foot massages/worship + being praised for the part of your body that takes the least maintenance is chefs kiss

No. 670824

I kind of miss sleeping alone and just being by myself chilling on my computer.

No. 670840

Cruising threads looking to reply to old posts defending trannies is dumb

No. 671038

I once went to the dentist without brushing my teeth. Still feel bad about it.

No. 671050


No. 671055

If you're missing this because you're with a partner, I get it. I felt like this when I lived with one, and since we split and I live alone, it's the best. I'm dating someone now and I will quietly mourn the day we move in together if that ever happens.

No. 671079

Sometimes when my cat is being annoying and I'm not able to give him attention for whatever reason I will give him a piece of lettuce to distract him. I put it on a piece of paper towel on the floor and he will sit and tear it into a 100 tiny pieces. I feel bad because he is truly obsessed with tearing lettuce lol

No. 671087

where can I buy this (preferably in moral sizes)?

No. 671119

Go half each on the rent and get a 2 bed apartment if you ever do, anon. Having your own space is seriously the healthiest thing for any relationship.

No. 671128

I'm like this, I had a really sudden and shitty breakup a couple years ago and I thought I'd cry on my first night alone in my new place… I stretched out for the first time in years and realised just how much I missed it. Now if I wake up a 3am and feel like playing a youtube vid as background noise to put me back to sleep.. I can do that. I really value small things like that.

I have my own mortgage now so I plan on living alone no matter who I meet or how well it goes.

No. 671136

Me three. I dreaded breaking up with my bf because I was scared of living by myself, but now I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love how peaceful it is and how I'm free to do whatever I want whenever I want without having to take anyone else into consideration.
Tbh moving in together with your significant other is such a meme anyway, I don't understand why it's seen as the default course of action in serious relationships.

No. 671170

I don't see any harm in it anon, it's entertaining to him and not hurting him. It sounds hilarious to watch, now I want to try it with my cats.

No. 671231

I think I'm about to create a big problem for myself. I don't really like who I am for a myriad of reasons, but I do love my moderately-drunk self because it's basically the complete opposite of the everyday me, so I've been drinking a little bit every morning to kind of set the tone of the day. So far it's done wonders for me, I've been able to get shit done and actually feel comfortable (for as long as the alcohol it's there), but I'm starting to believe I will end up becoming an alcoholic at this rate.

No. 671236

Are you not worried about people smelling alcohol on you, or them being able to tell you're under the influence of something? It affects your ability to read situations so you might feel great but you don't know how much people can tell.

No. 671240

I try to hide the smell as much as humanly possible and no one has noticed so far, at least I don't think my boss would pretend to not know abot if he was aware of it. Because I drink so often I kind of know my limits, very rarely do I step in the "way too drunk to function naturally" territory. The only comment I've been getting lately is that I seem much more approachable than before lol

No. 671245

File: 1605049898376.gif (302.18 KB, 540x301, tumblr_oh0xrcecM01r72ht7o1_540…)

Some recent intrusive thoughts/dreams have been bothering me and I can't tell any of my friends because it's terrible.

I used to be a serial cheater but knocked it off when I started dating my husband officially. I have no excuse I'm just garbage.

Anyway I used to have a male best friend at this time, well call him Y. I was pretty depressed but we had awesome times and we were inseparable. I loved him so much that I never screwed that up by sleeping with him. At one point when we were drunk we talked about it and decided our bff status was more important. Anyway when things with my husband got serious (we'll call him X) I also moved a bit away to start grad school so I started hanging out with Y less and when he finally met X, he called X a man child even though they have similar interests with X being a bit more on the SJW side (Y used to lurk lolcow threads with me). Anyway because of all of this we drifted apart but Y was still important to me and we still texted semi regularly. When my wedding came around I invited him and he RSVPd. The day of Y was a no-show and I was pretty hurt. Y told me he his mom hurt her hand (but I think that's a pretty bs reason). Anyway after that we drifted even more and eventually stopped talking all together. A year later I finished my program and moved back to said smallish town and bought a home here. Y has been on my mind a lil bit here and there but lately I have been having sexual dreams of Y and it has made me miss our friendship/ feeling some serious guilt over it. I've been fighting off texting him and I don't really want to sleep with Y but I do miss his friendship. I'm pretty sure a lot of these dreams are just because X and I don't have regular sex (X has a condition that makes sex painful and difficult and I have PTSD from rape so I don't mind).
Anyway idk if I'm having these dreams because I miss my friend or if I'm just sexually repressed. I haven't had a male friend for 3ish years outside of X and I'm so proud of myself but Y left a scar and I'm just not sure, if this is normal, or if this is just happening because I'm an ex-pickme slut. Any thoughts appreciated.

Tl;dr: I love my husband but am having sexy dreams of male ex-bff who I grew apart from after he started acting cringy. Wondering if I should reach out or continue to pretend he doesn't exist.

No. 671252

If you can, you should try cbd oil I hear a lot of folks use it for social anxiety and it is supposed to help a ton. I agree that you are on a super slippery slope. Please try other methods like meditation anon.

Did they say anything to you?

Same I sometimes have fantasies about my husband going on a work trip just so I can be truly alone.

No. 671253

Hmm just on a basis that it's sexual dreams that made you want to rekindle your relationship with Y I gotta say it would be bad if you reach out to him. Also Y behavior regarding your husband and wedding really seems like he had feelings for you, so even if you now claim you don't want to sleep with him but reach out not when you're happy and comfortable but when you're sexually repressed, this feels like a recipe for a disaster. Don't risk it.

No. 671257

Thanks anon. I miss Y in my life but I have made such an improvement on abandoning my shit ways I'm worried if I talk to him again I'll be creating an avenue to be shit again. I wish I had a femme bff but I'm worried I missed the boat to make them in my early 20s

No. 671260

drunk op here. Thanks anon, i will definitely look into that, i am rather fond of my liver so if there's any other option that won't cost me an arm and a leg im willing to try it out

No. 671262

Yeah, it sounds like a very reasonable thing to worry about. It's harder to make new friends when you're an adult but not impossible, fingers crossed you find someone to talk to

No. 671278

I've given up on helping my friends with their relationships.

I had to physically put myself between a friend and her boyfriend during a fight because he was going to hit her. All of the neighbors came out and she ended up leaving with him anyway and I felt so stupid. If she won't leave him for being abusive to her, why can't she at least leave for what he did to me? I've been her friend for 15+ years and they've been dating for 6 months.

My other friend let's guys walk all over her and sends walls of texts after breakups trying to still be friends or wanting closure.

They always say I can't give advice because I'm single, but I'm single because seeing their relationships makes me happy to be by myself

No. 671306

The sad truth is, a lot of abused women stay because they're just that self hating/trauamtized/etc. Tbh I think these types of women need to be forcibly instiutionized the same as suicidal patients.

This is why you stay clear of handmaidens - you can't help them, they don't appreciate your help, and they'll drag you down with them. Save yourself the risks and just distance yourself, maybe contact her family so they can drag her out.

No. 671319

I used to be like your friends and I can confirm, being single is much better.

You probably wouldn't be as bad as them in a relationship though. The key is being willing to be single. As soon as someone is afraid to be alone they do all this stupid shit. Even in negotiation skills they teach that if you're not willing to walk away from the deal empty-handed then you're going to wish you had.

No. 671326

>makes me happy to be by myself
How hard is it for you and your friends to find a non-violent fuckbuddy?
Aside from that good on you for being nice to your friend. I can’t tell you why she chooses her bf over you however.

No. 671363

File: 1605062780398.jpg (32.33 KB, 461x461, original.jpg)

Every now and then I check the social media of my past shitty employer; it's been 6 years since I don't work there anymore and I should totally move on, but it just brings me so much joy to see the company stagnate all of these years; that lack of progress is even more satisfying than if they would completely fail especially comparing it to my own professional development during this time. Please stay shitty as you deserve.

No. 671373

i never used a tampon but walmart delivery gave us the wrong delivery, the person ordered a bunch of weird shit and walmart says they can't take it back so we go their stuff and ours.
I'm going to use the tampons my next cycle.

No. 671374

The tampons came with the mistaken order and I usually use pads

No. 671378

You're such a mood. I do the same to the old company too. It honestly brings my mood up.

No. 671388

It's just the best, glad to know I'm not alone in this, ily anon

No. 671392

Same. I know someone who still works at the place I left and she tells me it's pure chaos. Interns have quit and they've fired a lot of people just to stay afloat. As much as it sucks to hear that my former co-workers are out of a job, I'm glad to know that my shit ex-boss is suffering. I hope the loans they applied for get denied.

No. 671393

That reminds me of when I was treated like shit by the owner of the grocery store I previously worked at. She screamed at me for getting a black eye on shift. Felt so fucking good to hear she got arrested and escorted out from the store for stealing profits from the store company.

No. 671406

my life has changed so much since i bought a menstrual cup. I havent bought tampons in six months. I feel so free when im on my period, and sometimes forget until i get cramps. I wish i knew it existed sooner

No. 671409

I hate my older brother. He treats the family like shit, is extremely manipulative, plays victim and fakes mood swings constantly. He's the fat sibling and can't take it. It's gotten to the point where I can't tell if I want to kill him, make him homeless or just change my name and never talk to him again. Do any of you truly hate a sibling? I feel broken since I should see him as family but he's treated me so badly for so many years I just can't stand the sight of him. Sorry for the blog post

No. 671415

Sometimes, I still daydream about being an idol even though I know how shitty being an idol actually is. The glossy ideal of what being an idol is like (singing and dancing on stage while wearing cute outfits) is just nice to think about sometimes.

Kek I do this too. I did social media marketing for a company and spent a looong ass time fixing their broken as fuck Instagram and taking their account from 0.5-1% engagement and no sales to 15-20% engagement and selling products frequently. Then they fired me. Their social media bombed again after I got fired and they're somehow doing worse than before I started, which confuses me on how that's even possible.

I truly hate my sister. Our siblings sound similar since she treats my family members like crap, especially my grandparents who are genuinely really kind and caring, has constant mood swings, is always the victim, and is just a leech. She's the golden child for nothing other than that she was better than math than I was when we were kids and Asian parents value the STEM kid way more than the art kid. Joke's on them though because she's now a furry artist on Twitter while I have an actual career.

No. 671419

I do anon, I hate my older brother and his horrible wife. It makes me sad, he's like a complete stranger to me now. He's a fat, lazy, shallow, immature pos. I can't stand talking to him because he is so incredibly stupid, it's like talking to a retarded high school kid who is in his solipsistic phase. He treats our family terribly and manipulates them for his own personal gain. It pisses me off because our family members are really great. I even hate the sound of his voice. The worst part is that he's having a child soon.

No. 671424

been chewing on this straw for like 20 mins, the fuck is wrong with me

No. 671426

my boyfriend is starting a tech company and he gave me equity to help with the market research team.
I'm on lolcow during our first product dev meeting.
lame confession i know.

No. 671427

Good luck with the business anon!

No. 671429

Thanks anon! It's going well!
I've been listening to programmers for the past hour and I might blow my brains out tho

No. 671437

anon we really do have the same sibling. He was the favorite for being an honors student and now he day drinks and is doing worse than ever in the university our (my) parents pay for while i'm succeeding for once. He makes me sick and I wish they'd just disown him.

>>671424 I hope to god that child cuts off contact with him as soon as they're an adult. Our brothers sound pretty similar too, they always think and act like they have a tough or two bouncing around in that trashcan skull but talk like a caveman who had a stroke.

No. 671445

>is doing worse than ever in the university our (my) parents pay for
damn, anon. we might actually have the same sibling for real. my parents are also paying my sister's tuition in full while she does horribly at uni, but made me pay for my uni tuition on my own via grants, scholarships, and loans.

No. 671447

I feel bad about being mean on here, it doesn't match up at all to my real life. I guess I'm realizing how cowardly that is. It bothers me in general to have a flaw like that. I know this is a gossip site though so maybe I better leave but tempted to stick around anyway

No. 671452

I'll try to, it might be very slow but I will try to post any progress in this thread.

Kek, I know, I'm up to something else.

It does? Oh… I never thought about it.

Double kek, I love you anons.

No. 671455

File: 1605080480738.png (2.9 MB, 1024x2048, 4546864568.png)

I feel like I often subconsciously end up working on making people fall in love with me by focusing in on them and being as attentive, supportive & affectionate as possible. Only ever saying & bringing up things they'd like. Even though I have no actual romantic desire to be with them, I guess I just need to feel wanted & needed by them. Growing up I was very socially isolated and often kicked around or ignored by my friends. ("friends") So now I end up giving my all to certain people in an attempt to make them stay by me and not leave me. I also tend to 'fawn' when I'm afraid someone might be angry at me or I did something wrong by them. I chronically worry about looking and being desirable for the faceless masses out there. I was also a failure in school and have felt like I never had any talent in anything, so the only thing I'm good for is attemping to be pretty and useful towards other people. Knowing that I'm cripplingly average in looks at best doesn't help my self-esteem and sense of self worth at all either. I feel intense sadness & worthlessness being around actually beautiful, tall, thin women.

idk I think I just have some serious brain damage & need more therapy.

No. 671495

Idk anon, you’re here now and it’s a good outlet. I’m nice irl, stay out of drama and probably considered boring. I maintain that by letting it out on here.

My colleague is really two-faced, the sweetest person ever to your face but vile behind your back. I’d probably become like that without lc. At least posting here doesn’t fuck with my life.

No. 671542

File: 1605096765254.jpg (4.47 MB, 4272x5696, 1507242709639.jpg)

I saved the kiki candids in walmart meant to show how haggard she looks to my thinspo folder

No. 671544

I can relate 100%, sometimes I have been mean or rude in a reply and I actually feel guilty after. I hate confrontation in the real life. :( You are not alone anon!

No. 671549

Look at that undiscovered celeb moderu walking among the little people

No. 671551

Is she always clad in white?

No. 671553

If I were to ever loose a limb, go blind or become disabled in anyway. I would end my life.

No. 671567

I get it tbh. Besides the face she looks really nice imo. Unbiased opinion because I know basically 0 of Kiki.

No. 671569

same anon. I'm especially afraid of entering a vegetative state and not being able to take my own life. I need to get a will or whatever legal document you need to say you want medically assisted suicide if you turn into a vegetable made.

No. 671573

File: 1605099368435.jpg (133.06 KB, 503x787, tumblr_o1yaagFfe01qiuiebo1_540…)

My family and friends all think that Im a active reader, I have 3 huge separate book shelves and I have bought something like 30 books this years alone but out of those 30 books I have only truly read 2 of them

I buy books with my own money and I skim though them i.e read a chapter or two that I find interesting, read reviews about the book online but almost never commit myself to reading them fully, I don't even know why I do this, I use my own savings to buy these books and some are expensive as fuck, I could get things I actually like might get use out of but I don't I just have obsession for having them, like I have huge (20+ GB) collection of ebooks that I never read or will use but yet I spend hours each day cataloging and editing for NO REASON

I will never tell these secrets to anyone in my life ever

No. 671579

God yes, it is terrifying to think of being in a vegetive state or coma, like being aware but not being able to move or talk or do anything. Assisted suicide should definitely be legal for some circumstances IMO

No. 671581

I’m the same way entirely, anon. Lately I try to be more conscious about sending rude replies, though, and not engaging in infighting as much. I do feel better, but LC is still a good outlet for it imo. I can’t be blunt and confrontational irl, but it’s true, anonymously it’s just easier. C’est la vie.

No. 671601

love this anon, for some reason I sympathize a lot. At least you skim parts of them and read stuff around them online, maybe that's just a more efficient way for you to absorb the key information. Most people don't retain a lot of the content in the books they read anyway.

No. 671609

Maybe this belongs in the shameful fetish thread but, I fantasize about Joji facesitting me. Like I think about it a lot.

No. 671612

I used to think I had BPD when I was underage.

No. 671613

I guess my confession is I didn't know until right now men could facesit somebody too. What??????

No. 671623

The more I work at a ethnic foods store the more I start to hate this ethnicity. Every day there's atleast one customer that yells or treats me like trash because I don't speak the language. Whenever something goes wrong I'm always the scapegoat. Not race bait just frustrated.

No. 671633

I've had this experience too a few years ago. I'm not white, so I'm unsure if they treated me like shit because I wasn't one of them or because I'm a woman(maybe it was both.) The pay was good but I couldn't tolerate being treated and talked to like trash all day by the customers and some of my co-workers

No. 671640

Yeah they’ll try to bully you out of there with hostility because they see it as you not belonging and taking a spot that could be filled by someone of their ethnicity

No. 671648

Could be they just feel like it's their opportunity to be the 'Karens' since the tables are turned.

No. 671658

Ironically, all the people from their country had quit and they grudgingly had to fill in the spots with local people. The nicest person I worked with was someone of another race they (sadly) treated even worse than me. He quit before I did. The day after, the store manager ranted on and on about how the people of that guy's race were lazy and didn't want to work hard and how he wished the store owners would stop taking their applications. I'm sure worse things were said about me after I left too.
To your point, said manager would also whine about how jealous he was of his brother back in his home country because the brother has 100s of people working for him (for peanuts) and that it would never be possible for him to be like that in this country. I don't support racists, but I can see how a person would become one if all they met were people like him.

No. 671660

Man I always feel bad talking shit about Shayna and I don't know why. I don't think she's a good person in the state she's in but i always feel so bad.

No. 671663

Idk I came from the country right next to theirs, and we're all female staff. Maybe its because I invaded their ethnic safe space with my English. I'm wondering whether just needed a whip girl during busy season and they'll fire me once its over.

No. 671674

Unironically this is why I think immigrants have more opportunities than poor original citizens, they have an automatic community and support network.

No. 671678

Sure, if you're an immigrant from a rich country or "expat" as those like to call themselves. As an immigrant I wouldn't go near any other people from my country except for my family. If you think they will support you think twice, they will exploit you and tell you "at least you're not in your home country where you'd be twice as exploited but paid 10x less".

No. 671682

>they will exploit you and tell you "at least you're not in your home country where you'd be twice as exploited but paid 10x less"
I'm >>671658 and I think that's why all the people from their own ethnicity quit (plus the manager being an asshole.)

No. 671687

Yeah it's a thing. I saw a few pics where he was squatting and then my perve brain just went into overdrive.

No. 671766

Pretty sure I'm bisexual, but penis in vagina sex disgusts me. However I dream about pegging a man I think it'd be really great

No. 671768

trust me anon its not, spoiler mens asses are beyond disgusting and you'll end up shit on your crotch and feet
just date a lesbian

No. 671771

God are there no men that wipe their asses? Guess I'll never know that feeling of power…
>just date a lesbian
I'd love to but I don't know any and there's not really a gay dating scene where I live

No. 671777

My ex loved to have his ass played with and despite him using an enema bulb every time and being thorough I still got shat on enough times that I didn't want to partake in it anymore…. to his absolute surprise???

No. 671779

File: 1605117265766.jpeg (39.57 KB, 640x377, 6CD449B3-4547-4320-B904-861843…)

Oh god, awful

No. 671783

anon womens asses are as bad on the inside as mens asses, trust me I have experienced it as well, all I learned is that the asshole really shouldn't be used sex by anyone

No. 671786

also regarding the comment of why exactly you think pegging a dude would be having power over him
I mean it feels sorta misogynistic cause it implies that being penetrated in sex automatically makes you the lesser partner which sorta has negative connotations for women, plus I don't seem plastic phallic dildo to take control in bed

No. 671793

being penetrated in sex doesn't make you the lesser partner imo; being penetrated in the ass however, does

No. 671794

Nta but you can't blame someone for thinking being penetrated equals to being submissive, because imo that's naturally how it is and it's like that to a lot of people. You could say that being submissive isn't bad though, but everyone has their preferences and as op anon implied, some people are just not okay with being submissive or penetration disgusts them (I empathise with that a lot).

No. 671797

bruh when I was more of a doormat I had the same experience. but from the start I couldn't go near his asshole, he just spoke about it to me and made me watch one time. sure enough there was poop. your story checks out because he said it sometimes happens. he was so casual stating this and i'm like wtf, yet you continue coaxing actual shit out your ass like this? he had this elaborate routine to clean it but this still happens. your brain on coomery.
do all people who like anal live like this on the regular? I feel bad for gay guys then but not guys like my ex who had no reason

No. 671798

I didn't mean it in a misogynistic way, wasn't trying to imply that women who enjoy penetration are submissive but personally for me I'd just really like to hit a guy in the ass with a fake dick. I can't explain it.

No. 671801

True. I had anal a handful of times in my life, no mess (thank fuck) and I'm bowing out while I still have a clean record lol

No. 671810

I've seen anons on here with no anal experience talk about pegging and they'll say 'just make sure he does an enema' oh girl…. If only it were that simple

They aren't a guarantee. If anything putting water up your ass and expecting it all to come out in time is a mess in itself. The amount of cleaning I've seen done, only to still be shit on or to find that leftover dirty enema water. Oh and wear gloves if you want to even finger him, you'll never get the smell out of your hands otherwise. Getting the smell off of toys is a chore too.

No. 671818

jesus, with all that there's nothing hot about it in real life, that's repulsive. guess it had to be porn that made it a trend because you don't see that side of it
even the ancient greeks hated anal iirc, they used the thighs

No. 671822

well the ass is not meant for sex though
I do not understand what's so empowering about putting a plastic phallic dildo inside the neither regions of a males shithole filled in god knows what parasites until he reaches a prostate orgasm and you forced to do all the work

No. 671826

Digging around with a risk of shit… soo empowering for us

No. 671839

same with Cock and ball torture, it's not empowering to women like at all, focusing all your energy on a dude's balls while they lay there and do nothing and you get nothing out of it

No. 671855

tbh this, the only enjoyment is if he's a p.o.s. and you nonconsensually cut his dick the fuck off
that is my only cbt fantasy.

No. 671860

Yeah but that's illegal the only one's who would let you cbt them(I don't if you can use it like an adjective) would be super porn sick scrotes, I mean I do have a fantasy of shooting sexist POS

placing their faces in sacks so they can't see what's going and before they even know what's going they get shot in the stomach and bleed out, thats my power fantasy

cold and efficient

No. 671866

My ex was obsessed with anal on both ends, he always wanted me to mess with his asshole or asked me for anal, and I didn’t really want to. I never let him touch me, but I did end up messing with him a few times to get him to shut up. I never went too far bc I noticed his dildo (yes, he owned one) had specks of shit on it…

No. 671867

mine are thankfully helping me out too but i'm not a leech like he is so I work my ass off constantly to pay them back it's hell. I wish he'd just pack his shit and disappear. Unlike his spoiled ass I have to pay for my own car despite the fact that i've never damaged the family car like he has multiple times.

No. 671877

Yeah I always wonder how anyone can just own a dildo, like once its been inside someone's ass I don't care how much you clean it cause in that the feces will always be there, like its literal shit I don't understand how one can keep that

No. 671883

So people really do be out there not using condoms with dildos? Nasty.

No. 671889

And to have no shame about the literal visible shit on it? Like it was a pale flesh dildo with shit flecks on it just stuck to his wall. Men are gross and it did not last long at all.

No. 671891

My ex too had a collection of rubber (super porous) dildos that he kept in a large plastic shopping bag in his wardrobe. Stained mostly from melting onto each other in some sort of chemical reaction.

No. 671893

Hahahahaa the way your reply turned
I think everybody wishes to punish horrible people more or less. you hear of a pedophile/rapist and you can't not feel some primitive rage.
anyway maybe we'll trigger lurking scrotes

No. 671898

File: 1605123011727.jpg (38.02 KB, 480x720, 06d949d73aab76b7f08e11f2b3a325…)

Alright time to chance the subject away from shit dildos and such, so this is a bit weird thing to confess

I have a fascination with grotesquely masculine male faces, by this I mean men who naturally have what are considered traditionally considered masculine facial features to such a high degree that ends up coming across as grotesque

now I wanna clarify that this fascination is not at all sexual and I have no attraction towards these men in anyway rather I would describe this as a uncanny valley like observation, cause when I see these men especially when their wearing suits and or with other people it feels wrong in a way, its like seeing a Shaved Gorilla in a suit

No. 671900

oh god, I can't stop thinking about your ex hiding such an abomination in his closet. warping, melting, festering. it's like it'll burst out as a sci-fi monster and eat everyone

No. 671901

File: 1605123194107.jpg (49.69 KB, 500x510, HarmfulSlightCopperhead-poster…)

the actor in pic brian Thompson is a good example of what I mean, like no matter how hard I try, I can't just see his like its human

No. 671904

File: 1605123379560.jpg (25.74 KB, 474x381, ronperlam.jpg)

You must love Ron Perlman.

No. 671912

this reminds me that neanderthals and humans interbred

No. 671913

File: 1605123633530.jpg (28.87 KB, 623x336, CITY_OF_LOST_CHILDREN.jpg)

Yes specifically young Ron Perlman

No. 671922

off topic, but that movie creeps me the fuck out, and my parents love it, which just makes the whole atmosphere creepier

No. 671925

The ultimate proof of evolution.

No. 671957

That's not a masculine man. That's a monkey.

No. 671967

That is what I am saying, the point where certain masculine features don't appear even human anymore and a man starts looking a barely evolved ape

No. 671976

There's nothing masculine about that "man".

No. 671979

He looks so pervy and slimy. I have been trying to think of where I recognise him from, I saw him in BBC Drama The Capture

No. 671989

File: 1605129051702.jpg (53.2 KB, 600x593, jk4zjrgvszx51.jpg)

I want to ask for less hours at work, but I don't want to make less money.

No. 672007

File: 1605130463780.jpeg (215.99 KB, 750x923, 1604884275274.jpeg)

I was scrolling quickly and thought this was Doja Cat for a hot second

No. 672008

bitch she wish she was doja lol