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No. 690333

let it all out.

previous thread: >>>/ot/675792

No. 690359

File: 1607466894976.jpg (61.77 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1607360691310.jpg)

I like to pop my bfs back spots while he sleeps

No. 690373

my new bf and i basically had public sex today.
its so strange (in a good way i guess) being intimate with someone after years of basically nothing…

No. 690402

i've started lowkey simping for my friend who i've been sleeping with for a while and i'm pretty confident he reciprocates but i don't know if that's something i even want, i guess
like, he's one of my best friends and our relationship goes beyond just sex, i enjoy being around him and look forward to talking to him or seeing him and it seems pretty apparent that he feels the same way. he is so sweet and honestly probably more consistently nice to me than anyone i've dated in a long time (and his dick game fire) lol and so it feels like a no-brainer but like…

idk, we're both relatively recently out of long-term relationships, i'm not ready to commit to something serious again right now, and this is a dumb petty reason but i know that most of my other friends wouldn't like him, not for any particularly valid reason, he's just a big nerd but also somehow a chad? and while i love my friends they can sometimes be a bit cagey around people they don't "get." unrelated he is also in the army which stresses me out a lot for a number of reasons tbh.

the stupidest part is this feeling like it's so "off-brand" for me, by which i mean he is SO normie, he wears fuckin dad sunglasses and cargo shorts and unironically calls blink-182 "punk rock," his hobbies are going to the gym and buying fucking lightsabers kek, and normally all of these things add up to someone i would never be interested in but for some fucking reason i'm enamored. aside from my roommate who thinks he's great, i have no idea how to integrate him into the rest of my life with all of my more "alt" (twitter leftist) friends. i feel like i sound super retarded and pretentious like i think i'm superior or something for being into weirder or more alternative shit or whatever you wanna call it than he is because i don't, realistically he's still pretty out of my league lmao, but i have no fucking clue how to navigate this situation at all, it has been so long since i've had to deal with any romantic uncertainty, and most of all, i just feel like an asshole.

No. 690411

anon, what the fuck. you're basically already in a relationship with this guy from the sound of it. just go with it if it makes you happy and feels right, love isn't supposed to make sense.

No. 690419

i know you're right, i'm a fuckin dumbass tbh
it's like i keep hoping someone is gonna tell me my suspicions are wrong and i'm reading way too much into things but lol nobody is telling me that and i feel like at a certain point i gotta accept the consensus instead of trying to talk myself out of having feelings but that's so scary kek

No. 690451

That’s lovely Dr Pipple Popper.

No. 690477

i love to pop pimples. i dont really get them a lot but its so relieving for me. im constantly grossed out by the fact there is just all that lurking under the skin , like a layer of pus under the dermis and i have to get it out. i hate the idea that it just builds up no matter what we do. it makes me itchy thinking about it.

No. 690480

Kek I do my boyfriend's back too. But I have no desire to watch any sort of popping videos because seeing it happen to anyone else but me or my bf makes me gag.

No. 690523

I read this as Dr Pepper Popper what the fuck

No. 690560

Popping bottles

No. 690570

I would start cutting again, but I have to do physical work at my job and having to be in pain during my shifts would be too inconveniant.

No. 690573

File: 1607479788817.jpg (146.62 KB, 768x1024, DYsRzMgVQAEblU6-1522766043-768…)

>wants to cut
>pain inconvenient

No. 690575

ntayr but it's different when you're at work doing something or in the shower and it hurts

No. 690576

you trying to justify the right conditions to cut? lmao you ladies are wild

No. 690581

How bout you just get some fucking help

No. 690582

easier said than done kek

No. 690589

not worth it anon. find other ways to let out frustrations or cope with relapse.

No. 690593

inserting kek randomly doesnt make you integrate. youre just a depressedfag without the ability to control the baser abilities. doomposting isnt special, learn to master yourself and you can join the best of us who can shit on people without fear of b&, backlash, or reply.

cutting is weak shit. just do like the rest of us and learn to domm a guy sexually

No. 690597

chill out anon, i've been here for an embarrassingly long time. but everyone has unhealthy coping mechanisms, no one's doomposting or insisting on being a special tragic snowflake just by mentioning a shitty coping mechanism in their life. do you behave this way towards alcoholics and binge eaters too? i assume you have your life perfectly together, yeah? not to mention sleeping with men can be damaging as well, especially as a replacement for something like cutting. you can keep your gross betas to yourself, i don't want them. you sound like a coomer

No. 690598

>The best of us
Oh, this is sad

No. 690599

>If you got laid with a man you wouldn't be so depressed

No. 690606

wannabe femdom is cringier than cutting last I checked we're not all perverted sadists because we self harm but I guess everyone on an imageboard who doesn't cut thinks they're above someone else who does. just a completely needless comment and needless segue into shit that has nothing to do with cutting because you felt your need to flaunt yourself over cutting anon and it's pathetic, go back to the femdom thread

No. 690614

I actually enjoy Nikocado's videos for background noise and find some of them funny, however I wonder if it's wrong for me to reward his behaviour by watching his videos (and thus giving him money).

No. 690615

>go back to the femdom thread
We don't want them thank you

No. 690621

I love when my boyfriend cums in my mouth and I swallow but his cum tastes really bad. The thing is though, I really don't care that it does. He always keeps himself clean and hygienic besides that, and it's like 2 seconds of taste in your mouth before you swallow and then it's gone. So it's not something I even want to bring up to him because it's not a big deal, it makes him happy and me happy.

No. 690626

Hm. I always just spit it out onto my bf’s dick and make him clean it up himself. Usually with his own discarded shirt lol.

No. 690627

That's pretty gross ngl but I respect the hustle lmao. I really enjoying taking it in my mouth and swallowing though, I do it regardless of the taste good or bad.

No. 690632

That's mean! I just spit into a bottle or run to the bathroom and dump into the sink. Though, that does give me a gross feeling. God I hate lukewarm cum and try my best not to do it unless I genuinely don't want to have sex or want to cum on my own but not feel guilty for it so I give him a sympathy handy.

No. 690642

In my mind infighting is like banter & all in good fun, but the way some anons react to trolling by absolutely sperging out is so entertaining.
It gives me a diet version of the rush I got back when I was a teen bully & would push my peers until they snapped

No. 690645

My boyfriend is the first guy I've dated who's cum and dick doesn't taste or smell gross or like urine. It makes me so happy.

No. 690648

>when I was a teen bully & would push my peers until they snapped

No. 690649

No. 690650

don't feel too bad, she wound up here with us anyway

No. 690651

I mean, aren't we all bullies on this site? What's the diff

No. 690653

Gossiping about people online, and bullying someone irl "until they snap" are different.

No. 690655

It's… All bullying kek
At least irl is less cowardly

No. 690657

i just binged/purged for the first time in years and i'm scared that i'm not going to stop. even now i want to rinse and repeat. i ate hersheys cookie nd cream bars, ruffles with queso, two boxes of tuna sushi, bacon, and some key lime wafer cookies.

No. 690659

people who can look other people in the eye and drive them to "undisclosed" are sociopaths
I guess which is worse depends on whether you think cowards or sociopaths or worse

No. 690660

Please continue, you know how I enjoy getting you riled up

No. 690662

My roommates used yet another can of my coconut milk without asking so I'm gonna eat their cashews

No. 690664

Are you trying to make the rest of us purge with that food combination? Anon, I'm not trying to promote barfing for weight loss, but any sane human being would probably end up throwing all that shit up even by accident. Just brush your teeth, drink some water and go lay down. There's no reason why you have to make this a regular process again.

No. 690665

There are anons who don't visit the cow threads at all, you know.

This. She got her comeuppance already by becoming the kind of loser who tries to troll people on Lolcow.farm.

No. 690667

>riled up
maybe you never drove anyone to anything

No. 690671

Whenever my gal pals come to me about issues or "problems" I'm 100% aware they aren't looking for advice or solutions, they just want someone to vent or amp up the drama. So that's what I do just so they can leave me alone. I only have like, 2 friends who want genuine advice. I don't judge the other ones either, I know everyone needs to talk smack once in a while to feel better.

No. 690680

I had a threesome with my bf and a close friend once and it was pretty fun. Neither of us want to do it again but it was a good overall experience. I kinda feel embarrassed and cringe looking back it though because I could never see myself being into it these days.

No. 690681

This frenemy girl I hated as a kid was actually so pretty, I bet she's gorgeous now. She had long nails that she scratched our arms with but I find that weirdly attractive in retrospect. Oh fuck I still recall her full name I better not look into it. I feel like she's probably got issues

No. 690692

I distance myself when I think the friendship is failing or they found someone better

No. 690694

I find most online bi spaces so off putting. (am bi) I don't know if it's the "uwu everyone is valid" crap or the stupid stereotypes but it seems to attract a lot of morons or at least underaged users.

No. 690698

If you don't mind me asking, was it a male or female friend? Are you still friends and have they asked to do it again? I'm not gonna judge, just curious lol

No. 690702

Kek I wish it was a male friend. We're still friends and it hasn't really come up again unless we've been drinking and she maybe jokes about it a little but covid allowed that to cool down completely so we never had to deal with it lol

No. 690711

idk why but I love russians

No. 690715

I had a (sort of lucid) wetdream involving a blood relative tonight and I absolutely want to put a gun to my vagina's face. I hate this so much, why did it happen anons? Please tell me it isn't my actual desires or something. Maybe it's because I haven't interacted with anyone other than my family in over a year.

No. 690718

Nonono they aren't your desires at all, weird dreams just happen. I also once dreamt about my own dad fucking me, months after he died.

No. 690719


No. 690720

Oh, jesus christ anon, that sounds really terrible. I hope that didn't fuck you up too much.

No. 690722

I used to be very supportive of trans people and their movement, to the point I thought I was nonbinary or even trans, but nowadays, I just don't see them as people. I see them as disgusting mentally ill individuals. This is weird and I kinda feel weirded out at myself, like, I feel wrong, as if I should view them as normal humans. But I just don't, I think they're severily mentally ill and should commit suicide as fast as they can. I'm being serious, I don't know where this deep hatred comes from, I think it's something in me telling me how horrible is that this whole trans agenda is pushed and society just allows it and nobody bats an eye. I was watching a channel with a video about why you should watch higurashi and the voice of the male narrator was very nasal and a bit high pitched. I saw then the first video they put out, 2 years ago, and his voice was that of a completely normal dude. Fast foward to the present and their voice is that of an annoying tranny. I went nuts. I can't believe this is a widespread thing. This is why I'm writing this: I am deeply transphobic, and I feel no remorse in it. Well, maybe a little, like I feel as if I should respect all kinds of people because respect is an important part of my values, even if I don't understand someone I try to at least keep some respect to them -I'm of course talking about everyday life-. But trannies just, I just want them to die, if they gave me a button that suddenly made all the trannies drop dead I would push it. And feel no remorse. Is this what homophobes, racists, and other kinds of people feel? Does this make me a horrible person? Am I a horrible person or just deeply flawed?

I used to have a trans classmate, they were a year or two ahead of me. She (born as a he) was kind, beautiful, and even though she still looks a bit manly I thought she was cool. I thought she was really sweet. I still kinda like her. When I think of trans people like her I think, trans people must not be that bad.

But then I see twitter, I see youtube, I see these schizos and these trannies being loud and disgusting and… I just don't know anymore. That's my confession. I don't know how to deal with these feelings.

No. 690724

File: 1607506990381.png (281.53 KB, 427x410, Sin título.png)

I think Amandabb's skin is gross and spotty, she's ugly and overrated and very cringe when she hates on colourpop and yells "WHO IS THIS FOR" "THIS IS THE SAME PALETTE AS THAT OTHER ONE" just because she knows how to do eyeshadow doesn't mean she's an expert on it. Also Micky Moon loves copying her with her "I HATE THIS WHO IS THIS FOR LOL" spiel when she was hating on a baby yoda palette (I mean yeah baby yoda is cringe but there's a market for that)

No. 690728

i also dislike her but for different reasons. the fact that she kept calling out shane for being racist but then started stanning bts made no sense to me

No. 690731

I don't even watch this girl but, "who is this for" is something people have been saying for a minute now

No. 690733

My first boyfriend called me again for the 2 time in 4 years. He was my highschool boyfriend and honestly kind of sucked. He wasnt good looking and literally smelled. He wasnt the nicest person but generally wasnt mean. Just uncaring about what I was going through most of the time. I loved him like a fool. In the end we broke up because he just up and left the country, promised he would come back but turns out he was lying because telling the truth was harder. I was devastated as I already had abandonment issues. Tho I kept talking to him cause I was pathetic. I truly thought he was my friend too at the time. Eventually I found someone who loved and cared about me and he got jealous and cruel and I finally cut contact.
He would then message me again to apologize but I ignored it. Then last year he called me at work. He was distressed for some reason and wouldnt say why and for some reason I didnt yell at him and was pretty nice but told him bluntly not to contact me again. I honestly was very mad at myself for not yelling at him and cursing him for all the shit he did and pain he caused and vowed I would do that should he ever contact me again.
He called me again a couple days ago, distressed again. Except this time I was not kind. I yelled, I cursed, I was aggressive. Again he never told me what was stressing him out except that he was feeling suicidal. And I told him I did not care and that I know he wouldnt do it (more context: he would tell me he would kill himself a lot in highschool but honest to god I think hes too chickenshit to do anything), and he told me I would be sorry.
And honestly, Ive been feeling pretty good and vindicated but now the thought of him killing himself is stewing away and I feel baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Its stressing me out, which is in turn pissing me off because why should I feel bad?? I know he isnt going to do it. I know he only sees me as a emotional support woman and never cared about me. So why tf do I care???? Its so awful and pathetic. I dont want to care about him!!!

No. 690751

Next time, send the police to him for a wellness check. Should keep him from trying to emotionally blackmail you in the future. You do not deserve to be treated like this. Can you block his number?

No. 690757

I tried to what a video on her channel but she kept smacking her lips and I was so disgusted that I couldn't finish it

No. 690786

File: 1607518692550.jpg (70.97 KB, 631x752, linkin-park-numb.jpg)

yesterday I spent 4 hours crying about the misguided optimism of Y2K, the unavoidable death of my generation, Chester Bennington's suicide and dementia. oh and also how much I love my parents and IDK how will I live without them

No. 690789

This is both sad and wholesome.

No. 690818

I want to smack every anon who makes threads too early.

No. 690824

how public? i never understood how ppl did this until like a few months ago when me and my gf did it discreetly in a park
with those sick noises he makes? that's impressive

No. 690830

Sometimes when we're being intimate, my boyfriend looks really really angry at me and chokes me with a bit more force than is playful. He always stops after a second though.

No. 690832

Be careful, that's scary.

No. 690833

Anon that's sinister

No. 690835

Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately he lives in a whole nother continent and I honestly am not sure what his exact address atm. This is how little I know about his life. Funnily enough he blocked me but I found a way to block him back.
Honestly I just need to find a way to stay mad instead of feeling baseline empathy. Hes hurt and worried me so many times before with his words and always acts like this when he feels lonely despite seeming like he moved on? (Ive seen what I presume is his new gfs instas recommended to me on insta, but they might have broken up)

No. 690846

I used to have a crush on Mister Metokur. I don't know how the fuck it happened considering we can't see his face and he is a goddamn smoker. The main reason I'm ashamed of this is cause I'm black. It was a long time ago, so my standards have definitely risen from falling for every white man with a nice voice lol no I'm not a corpse husband fan.

No. 690857

Seriously, this sounds scary as fuck. Tell him no more choking.

No. 690864

I feel you on the "I think this guy is great but my friends would hate him for absolutely no reason". I was in a similar situation a while back, but lucky for me the guy was not worth it, but I´m still a bit pissy at my friends for being that way when I´m nothing but supportive towards them and their ugly mugs

No. 690865

that's a good thing, though

No. 690867

Anon this is assault. You're experiencing domestic violence. He is dangerous and could kill you. I'm not joking - studies show that men who are ready to strangle their partners are more likely to kill them. Is there a women's helpline in your country you could call for advice?

No. 690870

Definitely with you here as well. My best friend's boyfriend is objectively shitty, but I support her and their relationship as much as I can, but she unabashedly shits on my boyfriend unprompted. I ignore it, but it's really annoying and disrespectful, I hate it. I figure it's just projection and let it be bc she's going through a lot of tough shit lately, but it sucks.

No. 690877

you should do it right back at her since her boyfriend's actually shitty

No. 690883

You're not the only one who has suggested this, it's that bad kek. Sometimes when I'm angry/she does it I'm SO tempted, but I never do it because she's my best friend. I want to support her because she clearly loves this guy and seems to think he's trying/improving. I'm honest about what I think of him without being cruel or rude, that's about all I can bring myself to do.

No. 690886

>That's mean!
It isn't
>Though that does give me a gross feeling. God I hate lukewarm cum and try my best not to do it unless I genuinely don't want to have sex or want to cum on my own but not feel guilty for it so I give him a sympathy handy.
Wtf grow a fucking backbone. I feel sad for you, find a relationship where you can say no to each other

No. 690940

He does have pretty serious anger issues so I know this is a red flag, he's never been angry at me ever and I'm the only one who can calm him down when in a temper so I partly think I just need to find a solution whilst we're intimate to prevent the anger arising, you know? I just can't think what and I don't want to take too long to figure something out incase something bad happens.

I appreciate the concern but can it count as domestic violence if I've consented before hand? I don't mind choking during sex honestly and apart from that he's never physical with me

No. 690941

You never consented to getting choked to the point where you're in serious danger of getting hurt.

No. 690942

why nobody replied to my post, I wanted to have some comfort words or whatever, I'm sorry

No. 690960

Ah yes, because it's our job to reply to your posts…

No. 690961

Oh grow up

No. 690963

Probably because its bait but I'll bite.
You have brainrot from too much time on twitter, just take a break and get a healthy hobby. You said yourself you liked the one tranny you knew irl so you must know there's a difference between the real world and twitter. Terminally online people all suffer the sort of distressing cognitive dissonance you described because you all have replaced genuine human connection with dumbass identity rrhetoric.

No. 690968

Are you sure you're not still trans? Cuz the self importance is a bit telling

No. 690970

Samefag, also the way you refered to your TiM classmate as a she… You might still be a troonRA

No. 690983

no, I'm a biological woman, and it wasn't bait

Probably true, but doesn't make me hate trans people less

Because I would feel awful if I treated she or him or whatever in a bad way irl, but I do hate trans people, I just don't know what to feel. I would never advocate for troons in my life ever again, I'm done with that shit

No. 690985

Words of comfort for what though…?

No. 690987

To know that I'm right for hating trans people and wishing them death. I'm not kidding.

No. 690989

You're on an anonymous message board, you scone. Theres no need to refer to that male as a she.
Also here's some comforting words; sorry you're friends with a tranny

No. 690995

>Probably true, but doesn't make me hate trans people less

Its not going to, I'm just pointing out that you're a sperg but that even the most retarded among us can change… obviously you're uncomfortable with your own opinions and maybe you were just hoping for some other proud trans phobes to give you ass pats and tell you it's right and good, but if you're miserable you can either change your behavior or keep wallowing, its literally your choice. Your personal feelings towards trannies won't accomplish anything because you spend all your time online instead of in the real world.

No. 690998

Kek I mean I was never friends with her, but she was nice to me when i thought i wanted to be a ftm. I can't be mean to people who are nice to me out of nowhere, I have some issues with that, for some reason.

No. 691000

Kek you anons would be hanged, drawn and quartered by the snowflakes on Twitter for your words. Hilarious.

No. 691001

you're right but you should go to AG if you want better responses

No. 691002

You're on a board with a userbase that's largely unsupportive of or against transgenderism. If you need someone else to assure you, I suggest you do more independent research on why transgenderism is bad.

Also possibly unpopular opinion, but I also feel like you don't have to be mean to trannies in their face to make your point against transgenderism known. Like you can treat them like any normal person around you while still letting them know you disapprove of transgenderism. You don't have to bully them into agreeing with you like trannies and tranny-supporters bully the rest of the world into supporting them.

No. 691003

with what, their pronoun badges? idgaf

No. 691019

What would happen if anon did research into why transgenderism is good?

No. 691020

She'd waste a bunch of time and braincells

No. 691023

No. 691069

I touch everything, even stuff in museums, I’m a serial toucher of objects that shouldn’t be touched. I will touch whatever catches my fancy and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

No. 691072

File: 1607550760734.jpeg (9.92 KB, 259x194, download.jpeg)


No. 691073

There's no way for this to not come across as bitchy but I don't mean for it to be, have you caught COVID?

No. 691074

I've been listening to a bunch of Alvin and the Chipmunks lately. The old stuff. It started with the Chipmunks Christmas Song, then I remembered all the old VHS tapes we'd watch, and the music is on Spotify, so here we are. I'm legitimately embarrassed.

No. 691075

Anon are you okay?

No. 691078

As someone who works in a museum, please don't. You can seriously damage the museum items by doing that. The signs are there for a reason.

No. 691084

Remember when it was a trend to make chipmunks version of songs?

No. 691087

Nta but I have always thought it must be so cool and interesting to work in a museum!! Do you like your job?

No. 691093

I do! That’s not what I’m talking about, and I was never into those, though. It’s the stuff l from the era in vid linked, kek.
This made me lose my shit the first time relistening recently and still makes me giggle, so probably not.

No. 691113

Not really? I haven’t gone out too much tbh. But after reading:
I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.

No. 691116

Tldr, I hadn’t pooped in a week, I took this wellness shot and some laxatives today, I just dropped like idk 2-6 lbs and I am scared. Make it stop I don’t wanna shit anymore everything hurts

No. 691121

It's not your job to make him not angry so he doesn't harm you. Don't be intimate with him again. What if next time he fucking snaps your neck because of his "anger issues"? You could die or get brain damage.
Please do call a womens helpline to get real advice on the situation. Stay safe anon.

No. 691123

whyd you put a tldr on this

No. 691124

I love my fellow terf anons and I wish I could know some irl

No. 691128

Love you too, sister
I know on radfem irl & it's so relieving.

No. 691130

I have started noticing terfy stuff about my bff, we were talking about period related woes, told her how troons want us to make periods gender neutral and she went OFF. Those are great talking/peaking points! Hope you find terfriends soon!

No. 691134

File: 1607555039679.png (632.5 KB, 1076x632, 32B8690E-13A2-4E2D-AB76-9584A2…)

Same, anon. Me and one of my good friends are terf/tehm besties, but we (especially me) still run in woke circles so alas.

No. 691136

Samefag as >>691134, my best female friend is terf adjacent and has even said, “I honestly kind of hate trans women,” to me while talking about language that dehumanizes women but still won’t fucking bite and wears that “why be x/y/z/transphobic when you can be quiet” shirt that was popular for a bit.

No. 691157

My bestie drunkenly started rambling about genderspecials so I joined in complaining about troons. She suddenly got real quiet and said "well, it's different if they have dYsPhOrIa." Turns out her work friend is a TiM. Fucking hell. She still occasionally says mildly gc things but I'm sure as shit not taking the bait now

No. 691183

File: 1607562809742.jpg (54.25 KB, 593x545, tumblr_9c38c7abe6bb8f72fb96c9b…)

I'm so jealous of you anons, my best friend capes for troons so hard and would drop me in a second if she found out I was terven. All my female friends are super online on twitter so I couldn't even drop light gender critical rhetoric without their terf senses tingling.

No. 691186

File: 1607563266100.jpg (72.14 KB, 590x437, drink 2 forget.jpg)

It's okay, anon, you're not alone. My best friend came out as trans last year and I'm too attached to her to drop her or anything. May we find irl terf buddies in the new year.

No. 691196

i'm in kind of a weird boat i think. i respect trans people if they actually look like the gender they want to be and act reasonable as well as not swallowing the special pill, but i fucking hate AGPs and fakebois and want them to go away. i guess i'm a terf by that standard… but i don't hate real trans people who make an effort to integrate into society.

No. 691201

i feel you anon, my best friend of 10 years is deep in this as well(gc/pp derailing)

No. 691205

I dislike black people. I treat them normally of course, I'm never rude IRL, but I would never befriend a black "person". Same with trans people tbh.(bait)

No. 691207

black people don't choose to be black though. it makes sense to avoid people who larp as the opposite gender though since they are probably crazy.

No. 691217

File: 1607568229634.png (90.26 KB, 473x286, 214cbc47ff755c4d88a5fc5f517a8a…)

No. 691226

Tonight my bf came home and told me he was disappointed to see a terfy comment I left on a public Facebook page (I guess it popped up in his feed) in case it jeopardizes our future job prospects and makes us lose friends. He thinks around 75% of trans people are crazy but that a few of them are sane reasonable people. He thinks I should make a separate FB account for TERF shitposting.

No. 691232

Regards of what you think about trans people or whatever topic he has a point. If he's concerned that your comment could risk his career then you should consider whether making that comment is really worth the fall out. He's not even telling you to stop making comments or to change your beliefs and he agrees with your views, he just doesn't want to get his life ruined, imo it's a fair ask.

No. 691250

Mods, I'm sorry.
Don't do stupid shit. Employers look at social media pages, and you could be doxxed by pissing someone off in a roundabout way. Even if a friend of a friend sees it and gets bottom belligerent, you could end up as fair game.
Shitposting is for anonymous imageboards.

No. 691261

You gotta be careful about how you word things on places like fb if you use your real name. It used to be that making your info private and knowing the politics of your friend circle was enough. But these days, especially when it comes to dealing with trannies, expect crazy-tier stalking and revenge-seeking–with as much fervor as if you admitted you child diddled or robbed a bank.
These crazies can take your name and with a swift google search can find your professional profiles and information just like that. It sucks but your bf is right.

No. 691264

i want the covid, stay at home shit to last for another year. things have been so chill and comfy for me idgaf about normies suffering. i do hope the gov shits out stimulus checks/ubi or something to ride out the rest of it. i don't qualify for them bc my mother for some reason is marking me as dependent (i literally dont live with her) but even if she did im a student so blegh

No. 691265

File: 1607573731637.jpeg (75.63 KB, 553x579, 57B6C742-A7C4-4534-95AA-0C2640…)

i honestly miss being a brony. watching the show and the parodies, reading dumb fanfics, listening to the extremely bad and cringey fan music etc. i was very young when i was in the fandom so i don't really think i should be ashamed but it's still like sensitive for me idk why. feel like i can't share nostalgia about mlp with anyone as all my brony "friends" at the time were just adult men grooming me, who i'm obviously not in contact with anymore.

No. 691269

I was in middle school when I introduced it to some of my friends at the time and I was so pumped for all the new seasons coming out like the crystal ponies one. I still even have a bunch of merch sitting in a drawer (spent all my money at cons on trading cards and art prints while cosplaying). I look back and cringe at all the tryhard YouTube videos and dumb memes but it was actually nice that such a cute show gained popularity in the mainstream and I enjoy the aesthetics still.

No. 691270

I was in high school and genuinely loved the show. But it was all for the meme. I even remember doing a full powerpoint for a class based on the show.

God the retarded autists that would freak over the show…. but it was a simpler time. Would gladly go back.

No. 691271

Anon, troons have built trackers, databases, the whole hog to punish women. Most of them are irrational, spiteful, vindictive little shits you should know this. Listen to your bf.

No. 691273

You mean?pegasister?correct?I too thought I was a "Brony" when I was 12 or 13 (I thought it gender neutral)but I didn't know any better.I was the only girl at school who loved it and I even dressed as Rainbow dash for Halloween.I lost interest as soon as I saw the degenerate,gross shit of the fandom (I saw porn of mlp)
and how insufferable and immature bronies really were especially on Deviantart.

No. 691279

I was 16 at the time and loved it. 3 years prior I was collecting MLP toys so it was bound to happen.

No. 691281

damn anon, i did something similar in school. in english in sixth grade we had to write an essay about our best friend, and i, having absolutely no friends at the time, wrote about pinkie pie. i used to draw ponies in my notebooks in class all the time as well. god i cringe

No. 691290

I used to read some fanfic that had porn in it holy shit tumblr ruined me with all that shit but I never got into the weird furry art of it thank god. The closest thing I remember is princess molestia which had a lot of controversy and was deleted.

No. 691295

I want to write lengthy medical research papers that no one will read.

No. 691296

wait what? more info on this??
am I on a secret terf watchlist?

No. 691297

no offense and nta, but shit bitch, don't you go here?
cover your ass, fam, there's eyes everywhere

No. 691302

>princess molestia
I remember some fat autist brony asking the voice actress how she felt about this at a con panel and he quickly got escorted away by security

No. 691304

Oh goddamn I remember that lol I really feel bad for the creators and talent of the show having to deal with such a bizarre audience.

No. 691308

I know that Twitters most basic method of action when seeing something they think is wrong is to find the person and ruin their life by getting them fired. It’s risky and I’ve just dropped all forms of social media at this point because I value my professional life over dealing with vindictive freaks online. You could always make a separate account that’s not tied to any personal info

No. 691309

it was literally how you just said it, discreetly in a public park askxjsjabdhxh. it was COMPLETELY out in the open though but it was nighttime and there was barely anyone there due to corona. i can't believe i blew a man out in the open like that lmao

No. 691310

oh man, I really want to go back and finish watching mlp but once I hit season 4 I could tell the fanbase was taking over the writing and it was trying too hard to appeal to bronies.

No. 691349

I do! But it's sometimes pretty boring to be honest. Plus sometimes the visitors are entitled assholes who refuse to listen to me when I tell them not to touch anything or that backpacks are not allowed in the exhibition halls. But all museums are closed due to covid so rn I'm furloughed.
My sister actually works in restoring museum items and I think thats infinitely cooler than my job.

Thank you!

No. 691362

i want to rent a hotel room for my bf and i for new years so we can finally have sex for the first time with each other but i don't know if it's a good idea because of covid. my city is most likely gonna go into a lockdown or a sort-of lockdown for new years. yet either way i'm considering seriously going through with it… even though its probably really irresponsible

No. 691363

Do you both live with parents or something?

No. 691364

yep. exactly right.

No. 691368

File: 1607587933979.jpg (64.02 KB, 1080x789, FB_IMG_1607402857086.jpg)

Of course I don't agree with all of his ideas but I really enjoy the work of slavoj zizek

No. 691373

snorting intensifies

all jokes aside, this is basically how I feel about jbp

No. 691381

Where did you start? Is his work accessible to a basic philosophy dumbass?

No. 691383

I wish we had gladiator fights in todays age.

No. 691390

i just thought he was based in his views of the trans phenomenon. But otherwise, i'm a dumdum when it comes to all this… ideology talk

No. 691454

I hope the next big thing in fashion are high hairlines/big foreheads. I really want to see what people will come up with. Also because I have both lol

No. 691459

lmao same here

No. 691460

I actually enjoy "problematic" stuff like teacher/student and incest ships. Lolisho as well.
I have a locked account on Twitter to peruse this content. It makes me feel guilty, until I realize there are a million people out there doing way worse things to other people IRL, and even online through the internet, whereas I'm actually a good person. "Good" in that I try to impart more good onto the world than bad.

No. 691463

You realize the world isn't split into "good" vs "evil" right? Not just talking about your lolishota interest but you may very well be a bad person, just other people are worse. Never think you are "good" because you aren't.

No. 691464

>Liking things is evil
No. Doing bad things is evil. Liking things, no matter how gross, is not evil. You are out of your mind to think that.

No. 691466

No offense anon, but are you retarded? I said I wasn't just talking about your lolishota shit. Meaning my comment was unrelated to the gross shit you're into.
I said you could be a bad person in general… a la doing bad things. I bet you were just waiting to respond with "UHH LIKING THINGS ISNT EVIL" to defend your cartoon pedophilia but newsflash dumbass, that's not what I was saying.
You cannot call yourself "Good" because maybe you're aren't a good person? Maybe you're an absolute dipshit outside of your weird fetishes.

No. 691467

Good people don't have to talk about how good they are

No. 691569

File: 1607620350492.jpeg (29.08 KB, 480x360, 804B3F26-4F61-4DA9-89C0-399665…)

I saw teacher / student and thought "ok whatever" and then I saw lolishota. show me on this doll where someone touched you pedofag

No. 691591

I'm so fucking aggressively mediocre that I won't even reveal my what I truly like to the outside world cause I'm scared of people making fun me

>I love Wes Anderson and Tim Burton movies

>I listen to Taylor Swrft, Owl city and and one hit wonder songs from the 2000's and early 2010's
>my favorite sex position is missionary with oral
>I unironically watch Supernatural and Lucifer

No. 691602

Anon those are all perfectly normal things. It's fine. Embrace loving normie shit, seriously, being "very online," indie, alt, whatever you think is "less mediocre" really isn't an accomplishment. Plus all of those things have somewhat of a strong fanbase, some more than others. You're not going to run into many people who won't have a good time listening to that music or talking about those shows. The people who do and make a big deal of it are pretentious assholes no one really wants to be around bc they're mean.

No. 691604


Lolisho is good actually

No. 691608

I loved this show back then but I had an awful experience with being a pegasis (basically people found out and bullied me for that, living in a small town where everyone knows each other can fuck you up). I loved the creative side of the fandom, wish I had people interested in this show like me when I was a teenager.

No. 691610

oh fuck yeah owl city. thanks for reminding me about him gonna go binge ocean eyes

No. 691617

I’m kind of angry jealous of how much my boss dotes on her daughter. She always adjusts the schedule to her daughter’s needs and it always annoys me when I find out it’s for stuff she’s old enough to do herself. Something I was scheduled to do was pushed back a week because it’s “more important” I’m working the day she needs to be picked up at an airport. My boss is awesome but it always makes me feel crappy because my parents would treat me like shit for making similar requests.

No. 691619

>my favorite sex position is missionary with oral
same. what's wrong with that? i think it's so romantic and intimate, it makes me feel loved and it feels good. don't be ashamed of normal things!

No. 691623

I'm seeing this girl and we're taking it super slow because she's inexperienced. It goes without saying that I respect her boundaries and will take it as slow as she wants to, but tbh I really, really, really just want her to sit on my face already.
(Lesbian not a scrote, pls don't ban me)

No. 691625

>same. what's wrong with that? i think it's so romantic and intimate, it makes me feel loved and it feels good. don't be ashamed of normal things!
I honestly don't even know why I'm ashamed to admit that I kike it, it just feels like saying would mean I'm boring and that I'm having boring sex and If I try to defend myself people will think I'm just coping and lying

No. 691628

I judge people who smoke weed and I hate marijuana and its activist crowd. It really first came down to me hating the smell and finding the effects of the drug to be unproductive; it's a waste of time and money. But then interacting with people who were obviously on it (you all smell like shit) started to annoy me too. The most I see other stoners do is laugh and eat shit tons of food, it's no wonder that a ton of stoners balloon in size when they've got the munchies 24/7. I also judge when it comes to some drugs (xanax usage for instance) but not others, like LSD or similar hallucinogens because at least with acid trips you have some enlightenment into your psyche. And just to be clear I'm not currently a drug user myself but have used them in the past. I don't drink very much either since it always makes me feel like shit the next day because I rarely drink.
People unanimously agree that all other drugs have potential to be abused and to be gateways to other drugs but that completely goes out the window when it comes to weed. I have to disagree. In my experience, people who smoke weed often exhibit unhealthy reactions to stress (i.e, typical substance abuse signs) and will typically smoke pot after a stressful event/day because they need something to take the edge off. I'd judge someone if they did the same with alcohol or other drugs, but with marijuana there's this crowd who claims that it's a completely natural herb and is healing with medicinal properties, therefore it can do no wrong. I am disgusted by this crowd for other reasons like particularly the ones who drive while high or smoke while pregnant. They're so addicted and ignorant that you are willing to fuck over other people because they need to impair themselves. All of this has put me off of the drug aside from that god awful smell.
> inb4 some angry pothead farmer comes in here and calls me a prude or whatever and says that I'm wrong because they have a PhD, job, mansion, and a family–I stand by my opinion that you're dumb for wasting your time and money.
> also inb4 someone claims it's medicinal, that's not why the majority of people smoke but ok.

No. 691633

There's nothing mediocre about Wes Anderson and Tim Burton anon! I'd say mediocre is Quentin Tarantino because all the scrotes claim him as the peak of cinema kek

No. 691634

you like what you like.
people who whine about others being "boring" are usually either
1) boring themselves and waiting for other people to be their personal manic pixie dream clown and entertain them, or
2) walking lolcows who pride themselves on being edgy and mentally ill because they don't have any personality aside from that and think it makes them special.

No. 691636

I’ve been watching mom youtubers and reading their gossip websites since 2013. I don’t even like kids, but the drama is insane. That being said, I don’t think putting a kid’s life online should be legal. Yet I still watch, so I’m a hypocrite.

No. 691638

I just like aesthetic of both filmmakers and especially the love of "feeling" of watching of Wes Anderson films, whenever I'm watching his films I feel calm and I always end up smiling, It's just an autumn like feeling

No. 691640

What makes you think that what you enjoy is somehow a representation of your worth? You're not lesser for enjoying something a lot of people enjoy and someone else isn't better because they enjoy something more niche.

No. 691642

Found the horse girl.

No. 691644

> I don’t think putting a kid’s life online should be legal
HARD agree. It's insane how many people don't give it a second thought and/or genuinely don't see any concerns.

No. 691647

samefag also feel that since Tim Burton and Wes Anderson films tend to be more popular with women then men, it may be a factor in why both are sometimes considered cliche film makers
I guess it's my own insecurity, Like I see these "boring white girls starterpacks" and I often see that a lot of stuff I like or my boyfriend likes in those starterpacks and I start feeling insecure about my interests, like I don't wanna be a cliche becky even though I'm not even white

No. 691652

Yeah, I’m dumb for wasting my time and money just like people who drink for fun are as well. People definitely have a drink after a hard/stressful day, ever heard of happy hour? I get not liking stoners or weed but you sound tight as fuck, lol.

No. 691653

It's like people forgot what it was like when they were kids to have their embarrassing and personal pictures exposed for the world to see. Now it's okay because mommy gets a "like" or a promotion on social media for it. That's disregarding the pedo, identity theft, and kidnapper concerns.

I'll never forget back in the early 2000s when I was a preteen and my asshole best friend at the time published an embarrassing pic of me on one of her blogs. I was legitimately mortified, my mom had to talk to her mom and she finally took it down. Nowadays little kids have topless pictures of themselves in baths or smeared in their own shit put online before they can even comprehend what social media is. It's so wrong.

No. 691656

Easy to judge after you're no longer a user yoursel.

No. 691658

> was too poor to be a horse girl, was a former drug user if you actually read wtf I wrote
But oh well, I guess found the sensitive pothead like I initially predicted.
> People definitely have a drink after a hard/stressful day
I definitely said that was unhealthy as well. But people at least acknowledge alcoholism whereas there's a huge crowd of stoners claiming there's no risk for addiction with pot.
> you sound tight as fuck
More like someone who is frustrated because they have a highly unpopular opinion in a world full of pro-weed bs.
Doesn't that give my argument more validity as opposed to the "horse girl" that has never tried drugs? I've smoked before and personally I don't like it although I'm not one of those people who gets anxiety due to pot, I hate how lazy and unproductive it makes you. But most of all I've been around stoners for a lot of my life and I find them to have the same common thread of a drug dependence that isn't much different from those who are dependent on alcohol or other drugs.

No. 691671

It is a very stupid thing to be proud of, but I'm glad I started masturbating when I was 13 and have been doing it on the regular. I started because I was already reading (and watching) porn, but mostly because I was curious. I knew that guys masturbated, and I also wanted to know what it felt like and how girls do it.

I hear so many women of my age, and older and younger, who have never touched themselves and never orgasmed because their boyfriends are idiots. And like, I can't imagine being fucked by a guy, and not orgasming. Getting dicked while dry and just being pounded away, no preliminars, no clitoral stimulation, it sounds both painful and boring. How can women put up it that? Why would anyone have sex just to be used for someone else's pleasure? Why do women even fake having orgasms? Who wins with that? I have met women who have no sexual drive, and just have sex to please their boyfriends. Like, how can you be intimate with someone, say that you love someone and share your life with them, if you don't even want to fuck them by your own will?

No. 691672

Hard agree. All the potheads I know are exactly as you described, all they talk about is how not addicted to weed they are, and then they proceed to flip their absolute shit when their dealer is out of town for a week. Like, just admit you have a problem, it's blindingly obvious to everyone around you ffs.

No. 691674

I’ve found this mommy vlogger and I’ve been watching her content. I found an old QNA vid that she did with her husband and she was 17 and he was 25 when they got together. Now they have a 6 month old and the dad is a wannabe twitch streamer. Tbh it just makes me sad, out of highschool n college to get married to a man who was in elementary school when you were born. She’s 23/24 now and her husband is either in his late 20s early 30s. I get creeped out by situations like that. Like glad she’s happy with the SAHM life and shit but gah.

No. 691678

> they proceed to flip their absolute shit when their dealer is out of town for a week
I smoke casually, but have connected my friend to my dealer. She and her bf apparently smoke like chimneys, and when our dealer isn't answering her "even after double texts," she asks me to text him or ask someone else I know. It's really gross, and I wish I never introduced her to my plug. Like girl you probably both need a break anyways if you completely went through a zip in two weeks. Sorry for the annoying stoner language.

No. 691679

You know what else is a waste of time and money, is unhealthy, and causes people to act stupid and smell off? Refined sugar.
People need to stop all consumption of refined sugar cause there is no such thing as moderation and all who use it are doomed to die as smelly deathfats. I can spot someone who consumes refined sugar a mile away.
People who use their time and money in pursuit to consume fine sugar products are retards who probably gateway to other really bad food habits like transfats and high carbs. People who actually like shit such as ice cream, baked goods, confectionaries, etc. are annoying fucking addicts. If I have to hear one more of these motherfuckers go off about Ben and Jerry's I'm going to lose my shit, it's all some of these people talk about what their favorite refined sugar of choice is. Can you believe some people have the gall to consume refined sugar products when they're stressed or when pregnant? Doesn't anyone realize refined sugar is responsible for thousands of health maladies and deaths every year?!

No. 691680

I agree even though I'm pro shrooms I've always felt a disdain for marijuana and stoners maybe because almost everyone at my school smoked it and I was peer pressured to smoke it back then in order to fit in.they're all either dead,in jail or living with their parents now.

No. 691685

I can't judge weed users because I also use drugs, but I really wish weed stopped being pushed as this harmless drug that is good for everything. It's kind of creepy to see the lobby behind it, pushing its legalization, and then you see people visiting the ER on the regular with psychotic episodes because of it. But nah dude, it was not the weed, weed makes me calm and is good you see. Everyone knows that alcohol harms, benzos harm, why would weed be any different?

No. 691694

I absolutely hate loli and lolicons, especially male ones can die in a fire, but I can't get enough of shota. Anons can ree at me now, I don't care.

No. 691704

I… I don't know if this is bait or if you're serious but I might screenshot this and put it as my wallpaper because I need to stop consuming industrial sugar ffs

No. 691706

File: 1607634990686.jpeg (91.2 KB, 640x480, C4665DA7-A932-4F1A-824C-F1A4BD…)

If you go on a handful of obscure tiny imageboards all the last 10 posts on each are probably mine, I’m just so lonely screeching into the void. Lc feels kinda soulless lately and I have nowhere else to go.

No. 691747

Oh my god, I'm legit falling in love with an otome husbando because he's like a carbon copy of my first love, except not a pedo and an abuser. I want to kill myself

No. 691748

Tbh I had a good friend who had showed me a porn advertisement that turned out to have a stolen pic of her IRL friend(underage at the time). It had her friend in her school cheerleader outfit with the porn website just copy + pasted on top of it. I've been paranoid about posting pics online ever since. Also, I hope whoever stole and edited that photo is thrown off a cliff or the site be shut down.

No. 691752

Your comparison sucks, stay triggered pothead kek

No. 691756

I have symptoms of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, but not enough to have full blown either one. talked to my psychiatrist about this, she put me on abilify and zoloft which have helped me a bit, but haven't completely alleviated those symptoms.

this is going to come across really offensive, but sometimes I wish I just had full blown schizophrenia. only because it would be way simpler to tell people that I have schizophrenia instead of trying to explain my mental health problems, and when my mental illness makes everyday life a struggle, people would be more understanding instead of just thinking I'm lazy.

or sometimes I wish I had autism, because people with autism get tons of sympathy, at least from what I've seen.

No. 691762

I'm sorry to hear you're having to go through something so tumultuous. I apologize for the brief armchairing but have you and your psychiatrist ever had a conversation about you maybe having schizoaffective disorder?

No. 691764

I hate to break it to you anon, but firstly people wouldn’t understand you more if you were diagnosed with schizophrenia. People in general don’t even understand depression despite it being common to experience or at least be able to relate to ordinary sadness. Schizophrenia has all sorts of misunderstandings and stigmas associated with it and a diagnosis would not make the majority of people more understanding.

Similar with autism. You’d get a lot of sympathy online sure but most people would just consider you retarded and incapable. With any health problem, including physical issues, some people are going to think you need to sort your shit out and not empathise.

The world is not made to accommodate mentally ill people. It sucks but that’s the way it is currently. If you’re going to be pointlessly wishing to be anything, make sure it’s to be neurotypical and mentally & physically healthy. That’s the best chance you have to be understood.

No. 691768

I know that feel. There's basically no more websites/online communities where I feel like I fit in anymore. I think I'm almost done with the internet which I guess is good because I waste too much time on it but it feels lonely.

No. 691779

I'm 29 and I'm about to replace. 110lbs here I come.

No. 691780

* relapse

No. 691788

Same bitch let’s gooo idgaf we gonna get spoopyyy

No. 691791

I agree anon, this is my main frustration with the pro-weed crowd as well. But voicing this opinion automatically makes us white middle-aged Christian conservative mothers of 3 children who needs to calm down ofc.

No. 691793

>my favorite sex position is missionary with oral
This made laugh. I'm pretty vanilla sexually too and for some reason feel like there's something lame about that. Ffs at one point I identified with the BDSM lifestyle because I assumed I was into it, since I was so self-hating and masochistic, but it turns out you can be self-hating and masochistic without it being a sexual thing

I also watched and enjoyed every season of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, but I have no shame about that for whatever reason.

No. 691795

>my favorite sex position is missionary with oral
At the same time? How?

No. 691796

if it helps I may be even more pathetic bc my otome obsession husbando is a murderer who fucks corpses

No. 691801

I wish I could have a hoe phase but I can’t because of covid and I live with my parents

No. 691803

is it strade?
If it isn't I don't know my japanese romance cope simulators well enough because that's extreme. At most, the classic cage.

No. 691806

close, it's lawrence from the second game

No. 691809

Ah, yes, plant boy!

No. 691810

Jungle anons post the funniest shit & have the clearest skin

No. 691815

File: 1607642585704.jpg (26.74 KB, 232x296, 1503204094636.jpg)

I've somehow gone most of my life convinced that I'm this super nurturing, maternal person who belongs in some kind of emotional supportive role, and I'm just not. I never have been. It's so bad that I was on track to apply for master's programs in counseling even though I dread having to give emotional support to anyone for an extended period of time. It just feels incredibly uncomfortable and unnatural and drains the fuck out of me. I am very much a solutions-oriented person and have a very clinical and borderline autistic way of understanding human behavior and how people operate. I know when I'm being insensitive and when to keep my mouth shut (or pretend that I give a shit), but I honestly have a really hard time dealing with people who are super fixated on things like ethics and family life and social niceties. I tend to avoid these people like the plague because it just feels like everything I truly think and feel will offend them. I can't be myself around them. I worked in academia for a few years and the place is absolutely crawling with these types. It was horrible. I left feeling like the only reason everyone didn't hate me was because I was pretending to be someone else.

I guess the point I'm getting at here is I'm almost 30 and finally acknowledging this to myself for the first time. I'm terrified that it's too late for me to really be myself in any sort of professional environment. My background is in liberal arts and psychology, but I don't feel like I fit in at any jobs where the majority of people also have this background. I'm a creative person but also a very solutions-oriented person when it comes to dealing with problems. The people I get along with tend to work in STEM or IT, neither of which I've ever really given much thought in terms of pursuing. But I am fairly good with computers in comparison to the average person, so I often wonder if I shouldn't seek a career in a related field? I also worry that it's too late and I'll always just be behind everyone else if I try. I don't know. I'm rambling and scared and sad that I've been living a lie for my entire life and I don't even entirely understand how I ended up like this.

No. 691824

TERF Tracker, Terfblocker, and Shinigami Eyes/Terf Hunter all created by and run by rapist troons. Read ovarit tinfoil here: https://ovarit.com/o/GenderCritical/5105/3-for-3-terf-tracker-terfblocker-and-shinigami-eyes-terf-hunter-all-created-by-o

It's becoming clear a significant amount of TRAs (actual trans and so-called male "cis" allies) want to weaken sex-based protections in order to abuse women and girls. Read womenarehuman.com for more info.

TRAs run sites where they aggregate snapshots of women's social media, including photos of their faces, names, any aliases, linkedin profiles, home addresses, email addresses, their family members, etc. That is why you should remain anonymous.

One tactic in the UK is to hunt for women online, collect info, then bait them in convo, play victim, turn round and accuse them of 'hate speech'. This has actually worked, resulting in some women losing their jobs and others dragged into court and prosecuted. TRAs have won a few battles, but the good new is they are quickly losing the war, as they've exposed their nutty asses to the public and it helped put GC issues on the map. They are now losing the gains they made kek. Kiwifarms has been documenting this for years, another site worth reading.

No. 691835

Nta but thank you for the info based anon. Anonymity is our armor and sword. All my terven witches stay safe out there, don’t let the church get ya.

No. 691845

Excuse me but your costly trivialities greatly offend me. Stop having fun immediately or else I will call you a triggered faggot.

No. 691861

Your faces are going to look like deflated balloons and you'll be chemically fucked if you keep that up, it's not worth it anons. It also stopped being fashionable years ago

No. 691863

In like 2013 I made My Immortal Esque trollfic about Attack on Titan & to this day I get homicidal hate mail over it

No. 691866

Link it, now

No. 691910

I like to put shredded cheese and cut up hot dogs on top of my instant ramen

No. 691912

File: 1607648432666.jpeg (157.79 KB, 960x720, B8F652EF-303E-4135-99C2-F62A46…)

Anon may I introduce you to Filipino spaghetti?

No. 691913

looks very good, I shall try it next time. thanks anon!

No. 691924

I can't remember everything we talked about, but I think schizoaffective did come up. I think she said I don't have it because my symptoms aren't severe enough.

>If you’re going to be pointlessly wishing to be anything, make sure it’s to be neurotypical and mentally & physically healthy. That’s the best chance you have to be understood.
yeah, you're right I guess

No. 691932

File: 1607650351232.jpeg (109.73 KB, 630x1051, 56e877791e0000b3007044bd.jpeg)

I fucking love frenemy relationships. I love the thrill of the competition. I love the feeling of coming out on top. I love being a mean bitch and secretly getting off from the feeling of superiority I get when a frenemy fucks their life up catastrophically (like having a kid with a POS baby daddy, or becoming 100lbs+ fatter than me, or being stuck working at places like Wal Mart for a "career"). I just love comparing our lives when mine gets better and theirs sinks deeper into a pit of flames. It's like a drug- I know it's horrible of me but I LOVE it and I fucking thrive on it. I don't share these feelings, but a damn sure feel them.

No. 691943

Men physically sicken me. Not even because I hate them or anything, like I could be looking at an attractive and kind male but the moment I think about how his body is built or think about how what I'm looking at is simply not a woman, I just get so disgusted. I actually really don't like the level of repulsion I have to them, it's unironically to the point of nausea but idek how I'd go about curing something like this.

No. 691955

Ahhh yes, here it is, the proof I've been looking for.

Thanks for making me feel good about my friendless life kek

No. 691961

Anon, no. That's not how quality friendships are supposed to work. I understand the paranoia though

No. 691962

And then when it's your ass you feel like paranoid shit when you realize you've made friends with fellow competitive dicks who equally keep you around as an ego boost and to not give a fuck towards.
It's a great life, truly.

No. 691969

How could you weed out someone like that though? All friendships I've entered in I went in with only good intentions, I'd hate to be friendly and encouraging to someone like this who secretly wants me to fail. Horrifying.

No. 691971

You have to kind of figure out signs of it. I'm bad about going in with my heart on my sleeve and spoiling previous friends with handmade things and food I made from scratch, only to have them do really shitty things. I can't tell you to avoid friendships, I'm too stupid to be stop being hopeful about them.

No. 691972

it's hard. it's really hard to make good, loyal, and longterm friends. i believe it's sheer luck. 30 years of life and i've only had one person stick close by me and stay a great friend for, now, 20 years… most friendships are transient and also people tend to exaggerate how many genuine friends they have. and the older you get the harder it is to find/make them.

No. 691986

no oral(for me) and missionary afterwards

No. 691989

Been prepping for my stay at the hospital by downloading shit load of oneyplays best of compilations and of herbs and altars storytimes

No. 691995

love yourself,anon

No. 691998

I refuse

No. 692000

My life actually feels more together when I'm an ana chan. When I'm a healthy weight and eating normally it's just like my life is chaos and I dont care about anything. Idk why that is.

No. 692005

Oneyplays can be kind of a hit or miss tbh
Good on you for at least going for the best of

No. 692006

File: 1607656808876.gif (188.55 KB, 500x347, 1607120536146.gif)

this is nothing special for lolcow, but it makes me feel guilty and i've been denying it for literal years so here we go: i AM pretty transphobic. and yeah, my reasons are weak and silly when i really think on them.

i just find transgenderism strange and uncomfortable. i don't get why the body is the thing that's chopped up and altered if it's (body dysphoria) is something based in the mind. that's similar to encouraging people with eating disorders to starve themselves to get that 12 bmi or people that want to cut, cut. why is messing with your body suddenly "empowering and beautifully tragic" when you wanna switch from one gender to another?

i have another confession but i'll wait a bit to post that, since this is already crazy long.

No. 692007

thas mento illness luv x

No. 692010

I ate a whole bad of hot funyunus. What the fuck is wrong with me. I eat chips everyday but not this much.

No. 692012

thought this said furryanus for a second

No. 692013

I am the same, you are not alone

No. 692022

Was reading an embarrassing stories thread when I suddenly had flashbacks to two very distinct moments I hated when I was in middle school, both involving animals.

Other kid's animals had a tendency to like me. They were always within my general vicinity if not under my feet at super inopportune times. So one time I was at a sleepover and was trying to pass over a giant, long babygate while wearing a sleepover bathrobe. Guess my classmate put it up to keep their dog out of the entire area or whatever, the gate didn't open and she instructed us to all step over it if we had to use the bathroom. The dog was nearby on the other end of the gate. The bathrobe caught on the gate and I fell landing super painfully halfway on top and not able to get up quickly. I took out the entire span of the gate, and on the opposite end caught the dog like a mousetrap underneath. Everyone rushed over to the dog who was a giant st bernard and left me tangled in the gate as they yelled at me to get off it which proved to be a bit difficult while having one of my legs pinned underneath it and trying to keep from being literally disrobed in the process. Most awkward sleepover ever, I think only one or two other kids felt bad that I got yelled at for an accident.
Another time I was hanging out with my childhood 'best friend' and we were horsing around as usual. She caused me to back up but what I didn't know was that her obese cat with a gimp had waddled behind my feet while I wasn't looking. I tripped on the cat and slipped on the tile surface. I fell over backwards onto the cat. She hollered at me as if I had done it on purpose. She would later bring up how she thought her obese cat died quicker that year because of what happened, and made me feel really bad about the accident.

I've never really had empathetic people in my life.

No. 692036

Yea, funnily enough i enjoy ding dong and zach the most. the tomar theme is stuck in my fkn head

No. 692043

File: 1607663145403.jpg (65.25 KB, 501x441, 5ionecmsjkj51 (2).jpg)

It's crazy that women feel such severe guilt over their ~transphobia~. I feel sick every time I see a lesbian feel bad or apologise for not wanting to suck girl dick. I hate that women feel like they can't stand up for themselves and their rights.

Anon, embrace it and do your research. There's a reason they constantly censor and silence women on the subject, because the moment you pay attention beyond the surface level you will notice how insanely unethical and dangerous the whole thing is.

No. 692049

I only feel this way toward the people who already showed their true colors as competitive dicks already. So yeah, we're fqr past that realization.

No. 692050

Men online love to steal pictures of women and request edits of them nude. There's also DeepFakes which have affected real women who have never filmed a single porn video but are being harassed bc some moid put their face on a porn video that keeps getting reposted.

Also unrelated but I'm pretty sure the HIGHEST upvoted post on some porn subreddit that I can't recall contains a clothed underaged girl. It's a clip of a blonde cheerleader doing a bend and snap type move and laughing, in an allstar uniform which indicates that she's 98% likely to be under 18 since most allstar cheer careers end after high school. But scrotes still commented "so hot I busted to this" not bothering to look deeper into whether or not she was of age or if she even consented to the video being shared like that (she definitely didn't, it was a joke and definitely filmed by another girl).

No. 692090

90% of lc users feel the same as you (myself included) and I'm pretty sure if you show the It's Maaa'm video to most normies they will think the same. I have no idea why trans shit has become the be-all and and-all in so many hobby spaces, especially when it has nothing to do with the conversation, like on KF there is a ton of screencaps of tranny drama from knitting communities of all places.

No. 692106

i'm generally empathy challenged, but i can't feel anything for males at all

No. 692164

I've heard the worst fucking shit about scrotes, but this in particular made me so angry. How could you be so perverted to jack off to a video of an underaged girl, doing a cheerleading move? Do all women just exist for your pleasure? Why?

No. 692190

I'm out of toilet paper
I'm out of clean clothes
My house is a disgusting mess
I've been sleeping on an old moldy matress with stained ripped up sheets for years now
I never wash my blankets or pillows
There's thick layers of dust on my ceiling fan
I still clean myself daily and look out together enough when I go out, but what in the actual fuck is wrong with me that I live like this

I ordered some heroin off the dn for the first time in years and I keep telling myself I'm gonna clean once I'm high, but mail is super delayed. In the end it'll just get disgusting again because for whatever reason I don't care enough about these things, I guess

I am bleak

No. 692198

is this luna?

No. 692200

Ew anon, I'm not that bleak

No. 692204

Luna wasn't that bleak at the start either.
I'm worried for you anon. I wish I could flush your order.

No. 692207

I have a crush on a married man from Instagram. I would never flirt with him or do anything but I think he’s a dream and we like the same music. He’s very sweet too.

Off to daydreaming.

No. 692230

File: 1607689291223.jpeg (32.72 KB, 399x399, 9327A944-D85A-4113-9988-9BCD49…)

Deep down I might always be a pickme

No. 692237

File: 1607689955474.gif (1.01 MB, 480x358, giphy.gif)

Seriously, why are women like this? I can't imagine wanting a man's approval that bad.

No. 692238

same..but I dont wanna hurt other girls
just that deep rooted need to let the guys know I'm cool

No. 692240

Anon how are you going to clean when you get high? Heroin is going to have you nodding off. Also I highly doubt it’s safe from the dn, please don’t do it. Take a fuckin’ adderall instead and blitz your house or something. Ilu dummy stay safe and I hope you get/feel better.

No. 692241

But men are so annoying anon

No. 692242

I am not very pickme in my actions or looks, and men anger me enough to override it. But I can never quite shake what was instilled as a child through stupid disney movies or something. Wanting to be special and liked. Maybe someday I will be totally free.
I don't want to hurt them either plus I do know how shit men are. It angers me. Maybe the pickme left over is a sense of denial ig. I hope we both can get over it

No. 692247

Tbh if you know men are shit and you don't hate other women, then you can probably get male attention the way I (unfortunately) do by being generally dismissive towards them but openly friendly and cool with other women. Something about a woman who's just polite enough to be a mature adult but still clearly uninterested in them, while they can see they're missing out on your real attention, makes the moids try harder than they ever did when I pretended to care about their opinions. If you simply can't erase the pickme, you might as well try a strategy that's less soul crushing than simping.

No. 692248

File: 1607691273353.jpeg (332.06 KB, 750x1069, 5DC35A07-F32C-4ABB-A1A9-63D97D…)

I've been libLARPing on Instagram because the small art circle I'm in is mostly queer non-binary "folx" who support sex workers. They seem to have taken over the fibre arts because it was historically a "woman's craft" and god forbid anything just remain nice and normal. I report all sex work I see online as a personal time-waster and fucking hate these whiny trannies. Why does every alt-genderqueer have a cane here? Why does every non-binary cross-stitcher have fibromyalgia? And worse, why do I need to KNOW about it? I've never seen an uglier crowd, it's like walking into the yarn barn now feels like I accidentally stepped into the anime club.
Also a lot of them are white Canadians and Americans, but sperg constantly about BIPOC shit. About how ragging on acrylic yarn is "racist" and how white women should not be leading the "green movement". The way they talk about it reminds me of kids getting into heated exchange about which Harry Potter house is the best and doesn't seem set in reality in the slightest. These people are retards and I smile and they share my artwork so I look like an ally to them and feel just as stupid. I wear my libtard mask and I smile.

I hope knitting is racist and sexist and bigoted because that would make me laugh

No. 692253

Thanks tbh reading the replies made me realize I am not so hopeless as I thought. I was disgusted by the notion of men liking my behavior in your post. Honestly I am already like you said now and the thought of doing it for male attention is not good to me. I guess I'm not a pickme but someone who feels flattered easily (low self-esteem?). With some leftover impulses to please from high school but that will pass, and I'm like that to everyone… thanks anons even if you didn't mean to help that way

No. 692263

Anon I think we live the same life, kek. My friend and I took a weaving class pre-COVID and it was actually quite nice and normal, but they got the ugliest xe/xer tranny (man) as their assistant a few months in. His art is hideous, he's hideous, and he has just about every illness under the sun. Really fucking ruined class bc he's an attention whore, and a quiet class with us younger girls being able to chat and have fun with the older ladies and instructor was hijacked by a single man who's ugly incel-tier bf would show up halfway through for no reason besides to "hang out". Sorry for sperg, but I didn't realize it was a phenomenon, I just thought we were unlucky.

No. 692264

Samefag, that aside, I also have to libLARP on most social media because of all the kweer folx around. Had the unfortunate experience of witnessing an adorable lesbian who's been with her girlfriend for as long as time itself turn into a they/them, and luckily they're still a couple, but damn. Goodbye gnc lesbians.

No. 692282

My ugly friendless pickme friend has got a boyfriend. I can't wait to see this trainwreck blow up in her face lmao.

No. 692283

>friendless friend

No. 692285

Neetlita staying pressed as ever, I see.
Anons, do you think there's any hope for her? I think not.

No. 692286

What constitutes her as a pick me? I'm having severe doubts that she's ugly, friendless, or a pick me lmao

No. 692289

File: 1607699697159.jpg (30.63 KB, 600x338, 1578535571644.jpg)

I want a farmer friend

No. 692290

I really get off on having significantly more money than most people my age.

No. 692293

Then you would be wrong. She's a pickme for the same reason other girls are pickmes. Obsessed with male attention, shit-tier opinions, fine with dating bottom of the barrel guys.

I'm only "friends" with her to laugh at her. But she literally has no IRL friends

No. 692300

Do you at least got any extra deets? Different from what you usually post.

No. 692305

Same. Although I’d hate to find out that my farmer friend is one of the dumb cunts on here. I’m gonna need to see that post history sis.

No. 692313

I'm worried I'm the same lmao. Whenever a friend laments how a $100 purchase (estimate; I don't live in the US) destroyed their budget for the month, I'm privately extremely smug about how much I earn/have saved.

No. 692314

Really get irritated by "YASS QWEENS but FUCK MEN" culture. Please note that I don't like men at all unless they're 2D..

It's just annoying that these people make hating men a personality trait/shit all over people that like male characters by insisting their fave is better by merit of having a pussy.

No. 692317

One of my group chats with friends I've known since high school is just filled weekly with them lamenting how so-and-so interaction was sooo draining and abusive and amped up their anxiety or whatever, and then everyone takes turns sending each other virtual hugs and heart emojis. I think it's kind of pathetic. Like stand on your own two feet for once for fucking sake. I guess that makes me a bad friend.

No. 692325

Not that anon but I’m similar. It shocks me to see friends living paycheck to paycheck, not out of poverty but out of their unrelenting need to buy so much shit.

They probably feel smug toward me as I live like a poorfag to save (combination of average salary and consequence of growing up poor). Though they seem to forget this when I occasionally buy something expensive.

No. 692337

The key is to go out of your way to befriend the lowest of people, so even if they think anything negative about you, it will never matter because they are worthless.
There goes my confession I guess.

No. 692348

File: 1607706826228.jpeg (63.7 KB, 750x173, 23C9B288-1800-414F-BE9E-ED718F…)

Goddamn I was hoping it wasn't so widespread. These stupid, needy cunts apparently have to make every situation as uncomfortable as they've made their own bodies and personal relationships. I do not understand this mindset at all, why they need to suffer from Main Character Syndrome. Of course a lot of these "folx" claim to be witches and empaths, but wouldn't an empath be able to know from my vibes that I'm an annoyed terf?
Anyway I'm just revisiting this to REEEE because I opened instagram to settler hands.
I was honestly hoping that people would tell me that I'm just in the wrong crowd or something, but I can't find a regular, normal bunch of people. Long before quarantine, my entire city stopped advertising knitting gatherings at the library because it was mostly where caregivers were dumping their patients for an hour during the week. What a shit hobby to enjoy, I feel like someone who was accidentally put in the special-needs classroom. This shit should be about math and fabrics, not genitals and where you align politically.

No. 692402

File: 1607714541203.jpeg (183.32 KB, 1242x615, 003A43ED-BE8D-4520-8BF0-2B924F…)

>white settlers hands
Are they talking about themselves kek? That’s so fucking funny and pathetic, yeah, I’m sure calling yourself a white settler is what natives want and not self serving at all. If it makes you feel better, this is the bio of our craft hijacker. Has an MFA but his art is an eyesore in every medium.

No. 692420

My emotionally abusive ex compared me to Diane from Trainspotting and it still triggers me to the point where I can't watch this movie. I won't spoil this movie but I still feel disgusted by that and I hate how I was awfully infatilized during our relationship.

No. 692435

I can see why, anon. He's one of those people who can make anything sound interesting and has a really appealing voice, and the fact that he hasn't done a face reveal only adds to the mystery and speculation making him interesting. I didn't have a crush on him but thought (and still do) that his streams were very entertaining but his weird tinfoil and especially the corona sperging turned me off. I love how Jade (his wife) has him pussywhipped though to the point that he's afraid to shit on her favourite anime, that woman is an inspiration.

No. 692439

God that screencap. It's so sad it's funny. If someone told me 10 years ago that today you would be cancelled for saying that women face oppression due to being born women, not because they identify as one I probably would've lit myself on fire right there and then. Males really found that golden ticket to step over women, huh.

I seriously feel blessed to have a bff that's a terven bitch like I am and we can just rant about these freaks to each other all we want. I'm not even paying lip service to the cause but instead just stay silent about it but fuckers have been starting calling out people simply for not speaking about trooners and constantly finding new "terf dogwhistles" to cancel people over. My friend already got berated for speaking about menstruation freely without adding trigger warnings for trans people, truly a clown world setting.

No. 692456

Tfw I'm a lurker and have no post history

No. 692470

I'd probably feel the same way if I were in your position. I definitely feel like too many people my age spend more time complaining and buying useless shit than they do trying to improve their financial/career prospects.

No. 692474

>Constantly chats with scrotes off of /soc/
>Has shit tier taste in everything. Thinks Tim and Eric and Rick and Morty are extremely funny
>Constantly hooking up with guys out of desperation
>Says unironically, "Anon you are so different than other girls!"

Also she wears horrible makeup and I encourage it because it's hilarious.

No. 692475

Openly admitting to being this shitty of a friend is so hilariously self-destructive of you.

No. 692485

What’s more embarrassing is engaging with lolcow bait, damn don’t you all get tired of replying the same thing to the same shitty LARPs 100 times

No. 692727

It's hilarious. She's a POS who deserves it 100%

No. 692737

It doesn't matter how good a show or fandom is, if it's dragged out for too long I automatically start to hate it. All self-aware and excellent series have a decent end and know when they've worn out their welcome.

No. 692748

I get stressed out really easily and I hate it about myself

No. 692756

File: 1607745419042.png (359.57 KB, 614x449, 12075821.png)

I'm gonna have to lie to my dad about getting on disability, but the anxiety and hallucinations and projectile vomiting are just too much to work through anymore.
Plus I only ever got trained to work in restaurants and they really don't want you working there anymore if you can't stop puking and can't use the cash register because the numbers no longer mean anything to your brain.
I really fell apart in the last five years
At least I'm only screaming now instead of self-harming and destroying property

No. 692768

File: 1607746661496.jpg (33.3 KB, 487x785, 18a9b0373089895930d49b11a56086…)

When i had my first period as a teen i always used to spill a cup of cold water all over myself and it apparently made me feel less pain

No. 692771

Being cold helps me with (any kind of) pain way better than keeping myself warm which is why even up to this day I'm convinced keeping yourself warm when you're in pain is just a myth.

No. 692865

I really like music from musicals like west side story and fiddler on the roof but for some reason when I listen to it I feel embarrassed

No. 692869

I think heat on a designated area works. Hot water bottles and heated blankets have made my cramps a lot more bearable.

No. 692885

i’m a high school teacher and when we teach sex ed and relationships, we show them a list of abusive behaviours.

i basically list all the fucked up stuff my boyfriend does and tell them ‘if he does any of these things, leave him’

i’m such a horrible role model for my students

No. 692898

Eh I love music from musicals too. It's popular right now to make fun of stereotypical "theatre kids" (and there's a lot about them to poke fun at) but don't let that affect how you enjoy musical theatre itself, there are a lot of excellent works that deserve your enjoyment no matter how obnoxious their online fans are

No. 692899

You’re not a horrible role model unless they know about your abusive relationship. Theoretically I understand where you’re coming from, but if they don’t know and you’re telling them to avoid similar shit, then nope.

Secondly, take your own advice nonnie. Even if you don’t give a shit anymore, high school you deserved better. Do it for her.

No. 692906

anon do you have a therapist to talk about all this stuff ? I hope it's going to be ok for you though

No. 692914

Thank you
I still have to be evaluated by a state psychiatrist to see if I qualify, which honestly I think I do
If I get accepted, I'm gonna see a therapist as often as medicaid will cover
I tried several therapists and a psychiatrist before, but I couldn't find anyone who would listen to me, but I think that might be because they weren't taking me seriously

No. 692944

File: 1607770666391.jpeg (89.01 KB, 720x960, 0D4FC9D7-4030-4BA0-8322-AD6193…)

Ntayrt but I believe in you anon. I know it sounds dumb for an internet rando to say, but I really wish the best for you and believe one day you’ll get to the other side of all this horrible stuff.
Picrel, anons true form

No. 692950

File: 1607771575553.jpg (24.73 KB, 358x450, 51s-ZC5-It-OL-AC-SY450.jpg)

I think 'slutty' outfits look cool sometimes.

No. 692956

Nonnie” is cute and makes me want to talk to a kind and understanding woman. It also makes me feel like one too, even if that isn’t the vibe I want to give off. It’s like the same as a lunch lady calling you baby or something idk. My mommy issues jumped out a bit on this one, I also reposted and reworded this a bit because I sound like a huge scrote

No. 692958

File: 1607773325779.png (121.75 KB, 299x260, 1600548979587.png)

I just ate two plates of dry pasta

No. 692959

HA! I personally feel the same way about "tranny" and "janny". They sound like "nanny" and "granny", and evoke in me the warm fuzzy feelings these caring women used to. They 100% sound like pet names, they never feel like insults.

No. 692961

I sometimes read online stranger's long abandoned journals. There's just something so eerie and fascinating about it.

No. 692972

But why anon? You can just cook it less and let it still mantain a little crunch without it… being uncooked

No. 692973

File: 1607775515207.jpeg (42.67 KB, 746x673, thicc.jpeg)

>I personally feel the same way about "tranny"

No. 692976

I'd say just use "troon" instead, but that word also sounds cute to me because it reminds me of cartoons. It's not my fault you guys suck at coming up with offensive insults.

No. 692992

I just eat for the sake of eating sometimes. I need to get my shit together

No. 693041

When I was a kid, I used to eat soup with a lot of black pepper, and I'd imagine those pieces of pepper were pepper-people living in their soup-civilization, and my mouth was a black hole swallowing them. I'd imagine their thoughts, their terror, I'd imagine they're running away when hey slip out of my spoon, I'd imagine them grieving their already swallowed friends and family.
Similarly, when I had to do vacuuming chores, I'd imagine the vacuum is a huge brontosaur (the vacuum pipe kinda looked like it's long neck) swallowing little crumb-people, wreaking havoc on their lives.

No. 693052

File: 1607787536724.jpg (94.02 KB, 603x603, 5bc981396170ff6242a3b4fd2432e5…)

I can never fully commit to a man because they still lust after other women. It's not the other woman's fault for existing, but it is the man's for looking. They're all ruined by pornography where they want to keep "ordinary" women as placeholders until they meet the genre they spend their adolescence jerking off to. Ofc men have always been like this, but I feel like it is more offensive these days because men have less to offer. I'm bored of all my relationships knowing once they get comfortable because they always feel safe to disclose that they still lust after other women. Why can't I be the only one? I always make them the only man. My loyalty knows no bounds, I expect the fucking same or leave. Can the man who sees me as his dreamgirl just interlude himself into my life already?

No. 693072

I don't think I've ever commented in a cow thread sober.

No. 693105

Troon wasn't made up here tho
I just say male, because being male is an insult to life itself

No. 693154

I want to cut ties with one of my oldest friends. I feel like our friendship is super toxic, we’re constantly competing over trivial shit, we can’t tell eachother things anymore, we judge and bicker. I haven’t had a legit good time with her in years.

I’m always paying and lending her money and she never pays back. I don’t know. I feel like this isn’t worth it it anymore?

No. 693279

Until today I used to type out the “Anonymous” and i feel so dumb

No. 693309

The first part is a reasonably repairable… but the second part is wtf? Stop giving your money away, get some boundaries yo

No. 693411

I need my meds and I need money for my meds and I need money in general and since I haven't be able to take my meds I'm crazier than usual and I can tell it because while on my meds I was very focused with no intrusive racing thoughts and I thought the world was a far more optimistic place but now without my meds I keep thinking about bullshit and intrusive thoughts like for example that life sucks

No. 693430

I hate doing mutual masturbation over webcam with my boyfriend so much. I always fake my moans, the way I look like I'm having pleasure, and my orgasm to make him not feel bad and so he can cum. I just hate how my body looks so much that the second I accidentally look at my image I feel too disgusted and self conscious to be turned on.

No. 693448

i did this the other day with my bf (neither of us had done it before) and it was… exactly how you described lmao thank god it seems that neither of us particularly liked it, so it doesn't seem like we're gonna be doing it again. why don't you just tell your bf you don't wanna do it and you're not into it?

No. 693455

>why don't you just tell your bf you don't wanna do it and you're not into it?
Because I still want him to feel good and It is still kind of nice to know that he's choosing to jerk off to me rather then porn. The only big thing about it making me feel uncomfortable is my body image issues. We're in a ldr atm otherwise I wouldn't do this.

No. 693465

i hate seeing people praise physical features that i don't have. yes i am jealous and resentful.

No. 693470

you're not as fucked as i am anon, i hate seeing people praise physical features i do have

No. 693495

Last night my cat purred so hard that it vibrated enough to make me cum every time it reached a certain frequency. I'm dead serious. It's because she likes to sleep between my legs and I cross the ankles so it's like a nest for her. I did not anticipate this happening.

No. 693496

girl what the fuck

No. 693500

same, i feel like some of my features deserve more attention because they are great. idk why they're considered average, i like seeing them on people.

No. 693507

realized the only color i like other than the occasional bright green or baby blue is pink. i'm going from blonde hair to pink in a couple weeks and buying all pink clothes/furniture/objects from here on out, and my closest friend irl is planning to do the same thing but with the color orange

can't wait to give people headaches everywhere we go

No. 693508

fuck i still go back to some classic meteora for some throwback

No. 693512

vice versa with genders tbh

No. 693516

File: 1607852731806.jpeg (9.58 KB, 213x236, images.jpeg)

on a similar note, I know that glownigger uses the bad n-word but I find it cute in a way because it makes me think of pic related. Like it's what an irritated parent could say to a kid: "Oh come on, how many of those glow niggas do you already have? I'm not buying another one'.
I would like to buy my CIA agent a glo worm so he is less lonely glowing in his office while keeping tabs on lolcow…

No. 693608

>"Oh come on, how many of those glow niggas do you already have? I'm not buying another one'
Anon, have mercy on my sides, god

No. 693612

With all the talk in the US about raising the minimum wage to 15/hr, I really hope that means that will be the new 'poverty' line to qualify for welfare assistance. Tbh I've struggled after several years of work and two degrees just to now finally make 20/hr. So I'd happily take a job that paid me 15/hr again if that meant I'd qualify for free healthcare, housing subsidies, and food stamp assistance. I actually lived pretty okayish getting paid 15/hr as long as I had someone to split living expenses with. I admit 15/hr can't have you living on your own in most places but what 'poverty' wage ever could? I'd have it pretty made to get the government to give me some gibs on the side. If that makes me a leech, idgaf. I'm not busting my ass to be miserable and barely making it anymore, and I say that as someone who started working for 7/hr back in the day.

This is assuming of course that employers won't raise their wages with a minimum increase. If I got paid 25/hr then that's a different story, but since it's capitalism I expect employers to stagnant wages if they're not mandated to raise them like minimum wage payers.

No. 693615

Sometimes I like waifubait characters. (no I'm not telling you which ones because some of these specific characters are too divisive despite not being super sexualized, even divisive amongst waifufags) I don't like them in a coomer way but in a "I want to be her friend/I sympathize with her" way, or I just think their design/outfit is cute. Tbh about half the characters in general that people call waifubait don't seem that sexualized to me, sure they're designed to look attractive or cute but isn't that most anime characters? Idk where people draw the line. The very few sexualized characters that I do like have an actual personality beyond "tits" or do cool things in the story/game/etc so that's why I overlook the fanservice.

No. 693621

Validation through sexual means is incredibly addicting whether it be from a girl or boy and I feel like a huge guilty whore right now for fucking around so much even with my circumstances.

No. 693635

File: 1607872778315.jpeg (35.17 KB, 600x600, 39150CCC-76FB-4A5F-813F-67E703…)

i feel you anon, hope you manage to distance yourself from such unhealthy means of seeking validation soon <3

No. 693644

Last night I got high for the first time in months and savaged half a block of uncooked, firm tofu. I would've cooked it had my roommate not passed out in the living room/kitchen again, I didn't feel like explaining why I was cooking tofu at 1am.

No. 693656

Men fuck women they arent attracted to, dont respect and dont like all the time. Men will have decade long relationships with women who they arent even attracted to. How do you feel validated from that?

No. 693659

It’s not about how sexualized they are but how are they designed, if it’s obvious it’s written to pander to a certain demographic or their “relatability” is done on purpose to make you sympathize for them then it’s waifubait. I wouldn’t call them so if they’re well written and feel like real people.

No. 693660

This is true, and realizing this has made me stop putting most of my efforts to be "fuckable". Men often used to (it still happens, though not as much) beat, strangle and verbally abuse women immediately after sex. They invented the word "hatefuck". Straight men see women primarily as sexual objects and only later as individuals, and will use sex to express power over women and other men, whether in rape or notch-comapring contests: this is feminism 101. Men have the ability to completely mentally disconnect the hole they're fucking from the individual or object it's attached to.
Ofc, far from all men who would like to sleep with you will be like this. Just keep in mind that their attention through sexual means is absolutely devoid of value. Sperg over.

No. 693662

Exactly. Most men have a "hole is a hole mentality". A man could be racist as fuck and would fuck a black woman without hesitation. They could literally find you repulsive and still fuck just to be Inside a pussy.

No. 693664

Me too anon. Tbh, I don't even feel like the supposedly "well written" male characters really are, it feels like an unnecessary cope. I pick my favs based on looks and vibes, no need to go all psychological on it.

No. 693669

I agree. For men sex is nothing, so they would fuck any kind of woman for the sake of fucking, when poor women start thinking that sex will lead into relationship etc.

No. 693671

Even worse, they're so racist that they use women's body as a means to control and degrade them via fucking.

No. 693679

Honestly I can't always tell with the writing since a lot of anime characters in general, even the male ones too, are written unrealistically, and with videogames there might not be a ton of character writing to begin with depending on the type of game.

Like one example I've seen is some people calling specific Animal Crossing characters waifubait (like Isabelle, Cherry, Ankha) but most of the characters in the game aren't ultra deep in the first place since it's a kid's game so I don't understand what made them different from the other characters. I guess it's due to their fans but at that point every female character would be considered waifubait, like even characters made to be unlikeable or unattractive on purpose attracts that type of crowd. But I'll still like them anyway so idk.

No. 693680

James Franco enjoys this, allegedly. Some black girl on LSA was bragging about her dalliances with him. She said he'll only fuck black girls if he can degrade them (get rough, make them cry, call them the N word) cos he's secretly racist.

No. 693711

Ask my cat that, not me, I literally didn't do anything.

No. 693717

I hope your trolling because any sane person would be freaked out and move their cat. This is like a furry saying they did nothing wrong by letting a dog lick peanut butter off their junk

No. 693723

I'm ashamed at how much I love Hello Kitty.
I spent 400 dollars at DollsKill when the new Hello Kitty line dropped. Literally, I bought one of everything.

No. 693747

I hope you got the faux fur jacket and clear overalls those look like fun pieces that will become rare later
Don't see anything wrong with buying clothes if you cherish and wear them a lot

No. 693757

An eco-friendly vibrator.

No. 693763

i don't blame you at all anon that stuff was cute as fuck

No. 693766

File: 1607894936216.png (484.34 KB, 1024x768, princess bloom speaks the trut…)

I agree and I just played this stupid winx game from when I was a kid and I loved the outfits they wear even if they're all midriff baring shirts and bell bottoms

No. 693770

what game is this????

No. 693773

It's called just Winx Club. I know there is a ps2 and a pc version, I don't know if there are any others. It's really boring, I wouldn't recommend it, I only played it again it since I couldn't even get past the second level as a kid.

No. 693788

I am only attracted to women 99% of the time but occasionally find myself really attracted to trans men but only ones who haven’t had bottom surgery. Even worse is that I kind of have a kink where I want to fuck them in a way to help alleviate their dysphoria and know I would not be interested in them if they were cis. I feel like a chaser but I don’t actually chase them so I guess it’s ok. But something about someone who looks like a man albeit prettier and has a vagina just turns me on.

No. 693793

I really like carrot cake

No. 693795

so you like pussy? that's ok anon just don't chase the testopussy

No. 693796

When I feel bad about my appearance, I remember that image I saw about a korean plastic surgery trend where they make the lips into a "cupid's bow" shape and my lips look just like the after pic so I feel good thinking some people would pay money to have lips like mine.

No. 693801

At like any other point in history they just would’ve been butch lesbians, you have a thing for butch lesbians! Normal!

No. 693803

shit same here, but with like cherry lips or whatever, i do like my lips but sometimes i feel like mine aren't all that "sexy" but childish looking. korean beauty standards and trends are everchanging but it's funny to see!

No. 693804

There really is somebody fir everyone

No. 693810

looking at korean plastic surgery results and seeing how some of them wanted features that i have naturally makes me wonder if maybe i'm not ugly, maybe i just live in the wrong country kek

No. 693838

>Inb4 verbal assault
I hate trannies thi I find myself oddly attracted to Blaire White

No. 693839

It's not a larp anon

I'm not NEETlita lmao

No. 693848

it's okay anon i used to have a gross crush on kalvin garrah

No. 693852

I posted a TikTok today… and I set visibility to public.

No. 693853

File: 1607903638621.png (206.76 KB, 287x326, Blaire_White.png)

I'm sorry, you could've picked almost any tranny and it wouldve been better than Blaire White

No. 693857

Orly? Prove it naan

No. 693858

I only like TIFs so I can't say :/ but Blaire White looks like a monkey.

No. 693861

Ayrt, don't feel bad I've admittedly dated a TiF back when I was a young libfem smh
I'd never get with a TiMmy but something about blaire is attractive imo

No. 693864

nta but i thought the one who played jules on euphoria was cute
ot, that show fucking sucked but it had a pretty attractive cast in general

No. 693867

blaire looks good at some angles. but something about her demeanor isn't sexy to me. she spends a lot of time fidgeting and playing with her hair and stuff that makes her come off as insecure, which is odd because she's so outspoken about her opinions. she just doesn't project confidence to me

No. 693868

You need some attention baby???

No. 693870

On the raw blue rare occasion that a male larping as a woman is attractive to me, it's never coming from a place of me being attracted to a woman. It's like a hot twink thing, not an "I'd date or fuck that male" thing

No. 693871

I like only like the fact that Blaire makes trannies want to kill themselves since he’s supposedly the pinnacle of “passing” kek

No. 693872

Ayrt, I've never really saw much of her stuff prior to posting this but I just watched a couple videos & I agree, he fucking fidgets like a tweaker. makes him less attractive

No. 693889

anon why.. he's one of the ugliest ones, he looks like an alien

No. 693895

I'm admittedly attracted to ugly men I can't help it

No. 693938

I binge ate and went from 135 to 155 in a year because my s/o doesn’t care when I send them sexy pictures. I felt dejected and felt that there was no point in keeping my body slim if they weren’t going to give me validation. I’m never hot. I’m never sexy. I’m only ever cute. And I barely even hear that much.

No. 693943

If anything you should be wanting to be healthy for yourself.

No. 693946

File: 1607913885695.jpg (70.97 KB, 780x440, mzbbZOz.jpg)

I'm not sure if this should go in the unpopular opinions thread or here, maybe in both, I'm not sure how unpopular this is but I need to say it.

I think that The Owl House art style is… quite ugly, I don't know why, but I seriously don't like how this cartoon looks and that keeps me away from the cartoon in general. The thing is, the bast majority of people that talk about animation just can't stop talking about it, even the ones I hate-follow, won't stop with it. To be fair, just like that other Disney cartoon with frogs, they just talk about shipping and how "Mature" these cartoons are, but I just can't stand how it looks and I know if I say this to them, they will get all angry, maybe tell me it is just because I must hate x y or z group of people or something. I actually don't hate anyone, I just feel heavily uncomfortable watching this show.

No. 693950

I miss status quo cartoons. I miss fun cartoons.

No. 693952

Maybe you should work on your desperation first

No. 693955

This isn't like that situation at all because I did nothing to bring my cat into that situation whereas in the dog example, someone is doing something in hopes of x happening. I laughed because I was high as shit and eventually fell asleep. I think you're a little sensitive, anon, it's not like I was moving her around so she affected me that way. In hindsight, it's just a funny anecdote and it's not like I'm raring for it to happen again.

No. 693968

I know you guys are gonna hate me for this but, fuck it.

I've seriously considered being a sugar baby. I already like older men (not over a certain age though) and traditionally feminine things, so I don't think that would be hard for me. The thing that's stopped me is, I'm a virgin (want to lose it to someone my age), SA is oversaturated, and I'm socially awkward as fuck. So basically, I'm not really cut out for that shit at all. I feel like being a "spoiled girlfriend" is more realistic honestly.

No. 693969

e-girls are fucking stupid. the whole shit is a clusterfuck of idiots.

No. 693973

You're not wrong though anon,it is ugly to look at,it doesn't help how every character in the show literally have the same eyes which is lazy and ugly.its faux anime like Ben 10 and ATLA but worst to look at.the fandom is already unbearable which says a lot,adults who watch it only care about that dumb ship lumity considering the show is lackluster and bland there's nothing else to it.also Luz is annoying as fuck and I can't wait for Molly McGee and the ghost next year.

No. 693977

I can't stop watching catfish

This isn't a confession just the cold hard truth

No. 693978

It’s kind of funny how the mc and that other girl of the show get shipped to hell and back when the same people are preaching over not sexualizing children when mc is 14 years old. I guess it’s because uwu lesbeans hihihi.

No. 693992

Yeah but almost all butch lesbians are or will become trans men at least in my area, and I live in a conservative one can’t imagine if it was a liberal area how bad it would be.

No. 693993

I've thought about this too anon and while it makes me wanna commit sudoku I've had the fantasy of being a celebrity sugar baby before, and I have an idea of exactly who I'd be milking money out of in terms of selection. Sadly I don't think I'm plastic, rich, or anachan enough for it considering the women I've seen them go after, although that's publicly, who knows what they're doing in private. I don't wanna live a long life so I don't care if I become drug addled and end up dying engaging in this kind of lifestyle either. I'm at the point where I'm just like kill my crazy ass but let me have some thrill in my bore of a life first

No. 694008

tbh anon, I don't think you have to be a celebrity, rich, plastic or have an ed if you want a regular sd. I think most sugar daddies would just be average men that happen to rake in some money. Also, keep in mind sugar babies were usually broke, that's why they got a sugar daddy. I relate to the wanting to have fun and do whatever you want. Life is already short as fuck, even if you dont kys.

No. 694010

File: 1607922178132.png (280.16 KB, 640x390, 6E6D4A89-E35A-4A41-8CD0-E370B2…)

Even if it was to a scorte, I did something sincerely awful.
I was supposed to be friends with a guy but my feelings towards him became possessive and I felt like I was his world. In fact I know his world revolved around very few things, me being one of them. So when he didn’t play the game the way I wanted, I withdrew from him emotionally and forced us to stop communicating in any way. I did not have a single legitimate romantic feeling towards him despite both of us having [literal sleeping] dreams about us living together, the friendship had absolutely no real flirting on my part either. I simply cut him off because despite me intentionally playing with him, he began to have feelings for someone else. Coincidentally, someone I already did not like.
I wanted to hurt him, and the idea that I could do so brought me joy. I would actively talk around him if we had to be around each other. There would be months where he had no way of communicating with me and it would make him sad and I liked that, because it was proof I was still a priority. I could go on with my life knowing that when she failed to take all the space in his mind, I would be there. He’d look to memories of us for comfort. I was lingering in his thoughts like an incurable disease. He could try to reach out to me but he would have no idea if I’d get back to him, ever. It felt like I left a mark on him he could never erase, I impacted him that greatly (he really, truly had no solid life outside of maybe 2 hobbies and <10 people he regularly spoke to, me being easily in the top 3)
When he expressed to me how badly he missed me I almost wanted to end the charade and go back to normal. But I couldn’t move past the idea that my “things” were being “stolen” from me by her, and became jealous, and shut him out even more. The problem is, this made me feel even more joyful finding out that he is depressed.
At this point I’d become some type of cluster b sadistic fuck who honestly enjoyed him being upset. I had reacted this way before to other of my “friends” getting boyfriends or girlfriends when I didn’t like their partner, too. As if they needed to be punished for it.
Nearly every relationship I’ve reacted similarly to survived because they’d break up and I’d “win”, with my friend’s partner leaving the picture permanently. It was only with him that I truly realized what I had been doing, because it’s become a long term relationship yet he still asks about and for me to come back into his life. He doesn’t know this is how I feel about his relationship and will never know. I don’t want to give him any semblance of “closure”, I want him to hurt. Instead of becoming a better friend to him, I will let him keep remembering me for as long as he can. His lasting memory of me will always be the one that got away, the stupid manic pixie dream girl trope that gave him laughs and self confidence when he had none. In this way, we both got something out of this relationship. That’s what I tell myself so I don’t feel guilty. He got to have his moments as a hero, and I got to play mind games for no reason and satiate my messiah complex.
The embarrassment I feel over this petty, vindictive behavior will prevent me from ever reaching out first, so it’s a win-win. I actually think that would be best case scenario. If I leave him alone and in 2 years when covid is hopefully under control, I can feel fine if I run into him after really give myself a chance to marinate in his head.

TLDR: Confessing to emotional blackmail and feeling vindicated when my “friends” have bad times while being with a boyfriend/girlfriend that I don’t approve of (or simply do not like.) Behavior should cured by acknowledging this terrible behavior on my part and moving forward and being a better, more engaging friend, who supports all of her friends romantic relationships. Instead I cut him off and pretend he doesn’t exist for however long despite him reaching out to me. He’s a bottom of the food chain scrote and I treat him like an ever-so-precious test subject that’s been taken away from me. I’ll never tell him this and if i grant him access to me again will probably just repeat the cycle.

No. 694011

narcs be like

No. 694017

Am I actually? None of them know this is how I think and he has no idea my absences come from a place of cruelty. I don’t want to be a narcissist.. I only wanted to confess how I was feeling about it all on the most visceral level possible. If I am a narc then I think the kindness thing really would be to leave him alone.

No. 694020

I've been using my boyfriend's sister as a motivation for losing weight since she's fat as fuck but ever since the pandemic happened she's been feeding my boyfriend crap and he went from a cute twink to a porker so that happened as karma to me kek. but i guess it worked out for me, since i managed to lose 10 lbs

No. 694022

You should leave him alone anyway. Doesn't matter if you're a narc or have bpd or whatever. It wasn't just your thoughts, you did do something to hurt him, he probably does know you're doing it to be mean, cause you ya'know…didn't talk to him for months. Imo, that could easily spiral into you doing more extreme stuff. Even if it was just your thoughts, the fact it makes you happy to hurt your friends is a terrible sign.

No. 694024

It always kind of confused me because didn't "e-girl" start as a sort of sexist word against female gamers? Don't know why you would actually want to call yourself that even if it's just being ironic.

No. 694064

I feel responsible for getting my best friend involved in a threesome a couple years ago when she probably didn't even want it.
She was moving far away and their relationship was going to become solely LDR, at that point they'd been together 3 years or something. I was over at her place a month or so before she had to move and her boyfriend mentioned how they wanted a threesome. Personally I am totally disgusted and against threesomes or anything like that (what am I a cuck?) but I tried to be supportive. He was saying how they didn't know where to find a girl for it and I didn't think before speaking and I suggested how he should make a tinder profile and find someone that way. Well he really did end up doing that and that's how they found a girl. My friend never said she regretted it, when I asked her about it she said she thought it was okay, but I have this deeper feeling that she actually didn't want to do it and she was only doing it out of pick-me reasons and her boyfriend was the one that actually wanted it.
I still feel so weird about it. I should've just kept my mouth shut and it probably never would've happened.

No. 694086


This is kind of narcissistic. She had to go through every single step right up to taking off her clothes. She’s responsible for who she has consensual sex with, not you.

No. 694089

Aren't the people who are making this show huge creeps?

No. 694090

It's not narcissistic at all lmao

No. 694092

you shouldn't feel bad because if she's spineless enough to go through with it just because of her bf then she would've done it regardless of whatever you said

No. 694096


Yes it is. To think you are solely responsible for someone’s choice that involved multiple steps to completion is actually ridiculously narcissistic. She had sex, she wasn’t pushed in front of a bus.

Unless that guy was a complete fucking retard, he would have figured out how to find another woman.

Anon may have suggested a means- but her friend had to carry on literally every other step, including the act. People need to be responsible for their own actions.

And, maybe they’re right- maybe the friend wasn’t super into it. Or, maybe anon is projecting because she has a low opinion of her so called “pick me” friend?

No. 694112

I feel the same way about the new she-ra.

No. 694134

Not supporting the need for another lockdown that will get even more people in financial trouble is a larger motivator for me to stay inside than not catching corona is.

No. 694178

You guys know that Tumblr gif of the guy going "you. come. now."? Yeah, I had a crush on that guy…

No. 694185

File: 1607959984942.jpeg (276.58 KB, 2048x1152, 121.jpeg)

i wish i was better at ac / more creative in general, i quit playing because my island was so shit

No. 694191

same, i played it a lot when it first came out and racked up over 200 hours on my island but i got really burned out constantly looking at my island and comparing it to others even though i liked my island a lot. i tried to take inspo from other players but it all just looked like a mishmash of styles and i ended up not wanting to play bc i felt like my island was ugly. all this to say im glad others feel the same way.

No. 694211

Same. My friends have some bomb ass islands. My island was super uncohesive, a weird mishmash of shit I see online (eg an alleyway/very japanese village-esque right next to a cottagecore looking set of cliffs and waterfalls). I finally started playing again and put a bunch of shit away, now my island mostly just a giant lake because I don't know what to put on it anymore lol. It's weirdly empty but the big lake makes it feel not as empty, I'm happy with how stupidly simple my island has become.

No. 694233


This feels like a metaphor for the effect social media has on people’s lives.

No. 694260

i made a pinterest board to collect insp too but i just ended up completely copying stuff and it still looked bad. i want to restart for like the fifth time but it's such a hassle transferring all of my shit over and i refuse to pay one of those cataloging islands. i wish they'd just give us top-down terraforming, or storage for trees or literally anything to just make terraforming less annoying
i'm sad i missed the holiday events because of this kek

No. 694428

on the topic of acnh, i am just scared of messing it up, stupid i know, but the finite space + me not knowing for what theme to go makes everything more stressful. i can't believe this game is giving me these emotions
also fuck everyone, before buying this game i didn't know you have to have online subscription to travel or get designs so much for muh poor zoomers whining about not having money but then not even mentioning that the social acnh shit is for pay reeeeeeeee

No. 694468

I like listening to yfu

No. 694533

File: 1608054517497.jpg (511.69 KB, 750x913, d130abc7fe38fcefa7349601457ca2…)

I am severely depressed and barely functional but nobody in my life knows.

No. 694545

you need to go check out /acg/, people have cataloguing/giveaway islands all the time for free. there's someone who has items for all the holiday stuff too!

No. 694573

Huh, I KNEW there was a fellow Hunganon on this site. Szia!! Also, therapy really helps, anon

No. 694595

i do lurk there kek, thanks though
i actually started working on my island again yesterday. i'm going to force myself to complete it and if i still hate it i'll restart

No. 694632

The only problem with shotacon is when people act on it IRL e.g real pedos.
Having it as a fetish or fantasy is okay. The whole shotacon trope is female seduction andhave a caring and forgiving partner which I think every human strives for.
The best thing in IRL would be to have a sub bf which is also into it.
If you think about touching a child in a improper way please consider swallowing cyanide pills.(bad bait)

No. 694675

god. the hoops i had to get through to get this fucking methylphenidate prescription. i wonder if our healthcare is only built for moids. kek at the faggot psych saying "its unusual for a woman to do so well, i guess it was your grades and your gender that made no one see it". no scrote, it was me not lying earlier to get a ritalin prescription.

No. 694679

I like acting like I’m too mature for petty drama, and in a way I am, but I also get immense satisfaction from allowing idiots to embarrass themselves when they try to start shit with me.

No. 694700

File: 1608065220628.jpeg (100.09 KB, 505x485, 3BA9E1ED-323F-42FD-B86C-F484EB…)

I don’t care if it took me 25 years to do this, but my writing is actually legible now, I can actually write notes that can be understood by others and now I don’t have to figure out just what did I write a few minutes ago. I’m proud of myself.

No. 694872

File: 1608080310749.png (319.49 KB, 626x705, Livelaughlament.png)

No. 694892

I wonder how the new round of screeching autistic people are going grow up as currently the use of phone and tablets is so widespread on kids, my cousin is autistic and thanks to shitty parenting hes fucking annoying if he doesn't get his daily fix of tablet games he gets so annoying and hes only two, anyway confession because I cant fucking stand that kid idk how his mom does it, like your first one has aspergers and you still tried for another one? Yikes girl…

No. 695520

I relate to bella swan. Or maybe I just don't have a personality.

No. 695521

same lmao

No. 695705

I hate that I was born like this, but nothing, and I mean NOTHING, turns me on like cheating on my bf. I've done it a few times and I'm not ashamed. My brain literally just works this way and I hate it. The level of arousal is night and day between regular sex and cheating sex

No. 695706

Go ahead and take your screenshot, incel tourist

No. 695710

hello my fellow female how do you do

No. 695712

Idk anon after seeing all the anons here with their shit bfs, i kinda support this lol, just be careful that he doesn't rage murder you once he finds out

No. 695713

put me in the screenshot, scrote

No. 695715

There’s a fetish for that.

No. 695718

John Green "Cock is one of my favorite tastes" type beat

No. 695732

I can't cope with the fact I'm not pretty. I don't care if that makes me shallow. Imagine people paying you just for looking at you and being nice to you irl and not treating you like you don't exist. I have severe anxiety, if I was beautiful I could just earn money without having to go outside and struggle with everything every day. I know attractive people have anxiety too but it's better to be beautiful and mentally ill than to be ugly and mentally ill. I have nothing in my life, not even looks, and my youth is fading away too. I see all those pretty girls on youtube, twitch, instagram and twitter and I want to kill myself

No. 695741

Ah yes…I see you are a fellow woman. 100% female with two x's. No y chromos over here.

No. 695743

you can always change things about the way you look if it's causing you a lot of distress. i know that's controversial to say on here, but if you're genuinely ugly and feeling inferior or being treated badly because of it, there's no shame in not wanting to put up with that anymore. i grew up being ugly and the difference between the way i'm treated now vs then is huge

No. 695748

define "not pretty". most girls who think like you are either overweight or shit at makeup and wear shit clothes (which is already like -1000 in terms of attractiveness). most pretty girls aren't some naturally beautiful goddesses, they just know how to take care of themselves well

No. 695768

I think about this exact thing sometimes and it depresses me but you put it perfectly. I don’t even think I’m that ugly (I don’t give a shit about vanity and don’t comply to beauty standards) but no one has ever complimented me and I always got bullied and had no friends in school. Even people I talked to in high school have stopped contacting me and no one except my bf talks to me AT ALL. I’m probably average in looks but I’m so insecure and have no confidence especially when I see myself in a picture sometimes I get suicidal and break down lol ugh I wish I could just go live on social media talking about random shit and people will pay me for existence.

No. 695771

>define "not pretty"
Well, not symmetrical. Also, big nose, crooked teeth, hereditary dark circles, sickly pale skin. You can't fix facial asymmetry with make up. My hair also looks like shit and I've tried so many things and products to make it look better but nothing helps, last time I checked my hormones were fine so I have no idea what causes it to look like this. I have anemia but I doubt it would affect my skin and hair THAT much. I'm slim, but your body literally doesn't matter when your face is ugly and you look sick.

No. 695781

lmao being resonably attractive doesn't automatically make you e-famous, ironically enough there's alot of hardwork that goes into gaining a following nowadays and it can take years until you can even make a side hustle out of it, you're just idealizing it and if you were pretty you would just find something else to be unhappy about it.

No. 695800

Not OP but at least for me if I was an attractive person I would be more likely to actually take steps towards having a social media presence. I feel that it’s way easier to build a following if you’re already intriguing just because of how you look and then people are more likely to be drawn to you because of that. Obviously pretty people aren’t getting the world handed to them but certain things are easier in that sense and give you more opportunity

No. 695802

It affects the hair and skin a lot actually. Undereye circles are one of the big things that go hand in hand with it. My lips are crooked, smile I guess, if it makes you feel better. Try to stay on top of your meds and stay hydrated. It's likely not anywhere near as bad as you think it is.

No. 695805

I know it lowkey sounds conceited to call myself attractive but I do commercial modelling as a gig so I guess thats societal proof enough, and let me tell ya it really isn't, you genuinely have to go out of your way to build a following, just doing normal social media doesn't cut it, its all playing a numbers game with the algorithm, how much you post, engagement, all kinds of bullshit and way less about how you actually look, I mean most cows in snow actually have social media followings, if that isn't telling enough.

Sure being pretty helps, It always helps, but its not that big of a helping hand, If you don't have being a narc attention whore in you its not going to work out.

No. 695809

I'm not denying it requies work. But if you were ugly it wouldn't matter how hard you tried. Your looks at least give you a chance. For other people there was no chance to begin with.

No. 695812

no chance at being a model uh maybe. but don't act like everyone in media is perfect looking especially the people who get famous on the internet. the bimbo twitch streamers are a really small fraction of all media personalities. even if you are ugly sounds like you just want to pity yourself and find stupid reasons for why you can't do the things you want

No. 695816

>even if you are ugly sounds like you just want to pity yourself and find stupid reasons for why you can't do the things you want
I mean, years of being treated like shit does that to you.

No. 695830

Pitying yourself because you get treated badly and don’t get the same respect from people purely based on appearance? Sure, I don’t see how that’s something someone can just get over. I’ll take a picture with a group and they’ll all laugh at me and take jabs at how I look so I naturally learned to just isolate myself because it makes me feel more like I shouldn’t exist. You can’t say that it’s equal to put yourself out there if you’re conventionally ugly vs conventionally attractive. Even in school I was like damn I wish people would comment hearts and nice things hyping me up under my photos. Like there’s no chance anyone will care about me and if I do get attention it’s for negative reasons. I get why OP feels the way they do and it’s valid

No. 695835

I mean graveyard girl isn’t attractive and Trisha paytas and gabbie Hanna but they’ve all had large followings. It’s like how there are people not good at singing who still make it. Just requires more work and personality and such. Find a niche.

No. 695837

Find a therapist you like. If that’s too expensive, find friends who aren’t assholes.

No. 695841

The year was 2018 and belle delphine aheago face was the shit, one time my then ebf asked for nudes and asked for a pic of me "with my mouth open and tongue out" I instantly knew why he asked for that and I still did it I try to suppress this memory but every now and then it pops up and I can't believe how stupid I were but at least I love myself more now.

No. 695844

tbh anon I did ahegao pics for memey purposes as a joke and the moids in my friend group still found it sexy, society is beyond salvation.

No. 695867

File: 1608181815032.jpg (26.01 KB, 370x604, 6627CB6.jpg)

I love it when anons respond positively to my 2D men posts.
also tfw no butch gf to makeout with and bang me in cosplay kek

No. 695876

I think I found CP on YouTube while trying to find a documentary kms I fucking feel sick Jesus Christ

No. 695878

See if you can dox the degen who uploaded it

No. 695879

I'm sorry anon, you can quickly report it to the https://www.iwf.org.uk or a similar agency if you don't trust YouTube up take it seriously
Take a shower, put on a safe television show or podcast as background noise and fix yourself something to eat after.

No. 695880

It definitely is. Always try and get female doctors.

No. 695881

I reported the video but idk how to report the channel. It’s called “jejeq75 nicelife” and it shows these two very obvious young girls in skimpy bikinis ,one of them starts groping the other ones stomach? and when they walk past it shows their ass in slow motion and then they swim in a pool and get out and it’s this very fancy looking house. Says location is Philippines god it’s so disgusting I just stumbled onto this shit and it’s been up since 5 months ago

No. 695883

It didn’t show anything graphic just suggestive and sexualizing actual underage girls and it’s just fucking creepy that it happened and has 16k views I’m wondering who the fuck filmed that and why are they there holy shit I’m sick at the world.

No. 695886

File: 1608184860935.png (2.65 MB, 828x1792, 223F8BB1-8955-4738-8AED-BBFC71…)

Names are in the title so I looked her up to see if maybe I’m mistaken and wtf is this??? Fucking sketch I really don’t know what this could be

No. 695887

It sounds like you can still report that anon, and it's not something you will be in trouble for reporting either. I remember when it came to light YouTube's algorithm was leading children to content similar to that, and those videos were taken very seriously for what they were.
File your reports and then accept there is nothing else you can do and step away, try to forget it as best as you can

No. 695889

The emphasis on "non nude, but it's ART" and "Parental consent" are super sketch. Sounds like they're trying to make nude photos sound better than they actually are. They fact they even had to clarify that is weird.

No. 695890

Anon pls don't get yourself vanned just report everything. Your country might have a specific agency to report to, Google it, then don't look at any more in case it gets worse. There are people paid to investigate this kind of thing who have training and trauma counselors, you will just be emotionally scarred and could get in trouble

No. 695891

I did, there were a few sketchy videos that popped up so I reported them and I’m done. I didn’t think I would just come across it organically like that because I remember it being a big thing years ago

No. 695895

No. 695897

sorry anon, the Philippines you say? sorry but the cops are on their side. A raid will only happen if they get pressure from foreign feds

No. 695943

For being horny? Lmao ok

No. 695985

File: 1608200265131.jpeg (46.21 KB, 636x630, 5893.jpeg)

i often find myself attracted to ugly men. i honestly dont know why, i don't think i have an underlying degradation fetish. and i'm not talking about disgusting, obese or unhygienic neckbeards just … men with nice bodies who don't look good facially. most of the time i'm attracted to guys w pretty features (i like my men a little lesbian looking) but suddenly i see a facially challenged man and am like wow that's so sexy.

No. 696002

this is my fav love song

No. 696028

>(i like my men a little lesbian looking)
>a facially challenged man
can't help you with that, just wanted to appreciate these descriptors

No. 696035

masks are sexy so you could imagine them having one on too

No. 696069

The watch talk in /g/ reminded me:
I used to own a wrist-compass, it looked just like a watch. In the time before mobile phones, people would sometimes stop me on the street to ask what time it is. I'd always either 1) glance at my wrist and say "north is that way" pointing it, or 2) look them straight in the eye and say "I don't know" and watch them stare or point at my wrist.
The frowns! People really didn't appreciate my smart-assedness.

No. 696089

anons who constantly defend men are starting to piss me off more than actual men

No. 696105

I don't see any anon defending men. where does this happen?

No. 696106

I'm starting to have the same reaction to the opposite because I hate blanketed statements that shit on people. They piss me off too but god damn.

No. 696110

v*nt thread
men aren't people

No. 696181

I love telling scrotes I hated catcher in the rye and then after a little back and forth telling them that I couldn't read past page 13 and skimmed. they each get upset in their own ways and it's so much fun to see how it will affect them

No. 696183

The pick mes on this site are pretty bad. I noticed it too

No. 696194

I am always touching my vagina or like pulling out my pubic hair for no reason. It's far from a sexual thing, it just so weird.

It happens less now that I'm older but I have no idea why the fuck I did it so much. I used to do it with other people in the room like sitting a couple feet away from me and now I'm scared that they saw me do this and thought I was masturbating. I did it under blankets and pillows to make sure no one saw. It really is weird and I'm too embarrassed to mention it to my therapist.

No. 696196

Same here. I don't think there's anything weird about it, it's like a comfort thing.

No. 696197

i do this too, mainly when im in bed. kinda petting/detangling my pubes lol. i dont think its that weird.

No. 696208

File: 1608236361304.jpeg (15.19 KB, 223x243, 1591517031205.jpeg)

I got my period for the first time in years this August and I was so happy about it, but my period this month is a couple of days late and I'm afraid that it's going to leave again. I gained a lot of weight and ~3 jean sizes in order to get it back and I wasn't even really restricting, I guess my body just hates me.

No. 696209

Don't despair, anon. Your body is still recovering and you might still get irregular periods occasionally. Plenty of perfectly healthy women also get the occasional irregular period. Just make sure you're taking care of yourself and don't focus too much on the negatives.

No. 696216

My brother and his wife are 36 year old narcissists who can barely take care of themselves and they're about to have their first child. Of everyone I know, they are hands down the least prepared to take on this responsibility because they are so immature and lack basic adult skills. I don't see them being able to step up to the plate, and I'm mortified of how they are going to mess up this child. I live very far away so I don't think I can impact this girl's development or protect her from her parents immaturity. I hate them for doing this.

No. 696311

i wish i hadn't donated my bratz doll collection i had been building since early childhood. I miss them and i feel like shit for saying this because the dolls went to literal poor children

No. 696321

At the doctor, clocked in at 130 lb & I want to fucking grab a potato peeler & go to town on my disgusting body. How did I let this happen? I was 115 last I weighed in in September fml

No. 696325

I still have old screenshots of arguments I had with my bf that I still go back and read sometimes and get re-pissed at them

No. 696330

File: 1608244779340.jpg (93.07 KB, 1080x1074, 128831208.jpg)

Wreaking havoc is fun and I don't care anymore.

No. 696333

same anon (although I hope you mean ex-bf)

No. 696337

thank you nonnie, that does encourage me about the whole thing

No. 696340

I kept these alongside ones of him talking shit about me. Haven’t looked at them for 1 year and felt better since, but in the past used to look when I wanted to get angry. It can get addictive.

No. 696356

File: 1608246894519.jpg (52.04 KB, 712x530, 1604811409121.jpg)

The medication I'm on gives me the munchies like crazy. It can honestly be unbearable sometimes, feels a bit like being way too high on weed and craving chocolate milk or some shit.
It does work for its intended usage, so I'll have to fight through the urge to eat like a stoned horse.

No. 696381

why are you with someone who shit talks you

No. 696390

He’s my ex now. When I found out about the shit talking I would refer to the screenshots to stop me going back to him.

No. 696507

ahh, i see. i'm glad!

No. 696618

I don't pity a single cow on this site. The average random person is expected to go on with life and take responsibility no matter how much ~trauma~/abuse/etc they go through even if it's truly gruesome. Nobody coddles regular people, they're always told to "suck it up" so I don't see why someone with internet presence should be treated differently. Their tragic backstories are the same as everyone else's.

No. 696757

I'm the Og Driver anon

No. 696778

an icon

No. 696788

>Nobody coddles regular people, they're always told to "suck it up" so I don't see why someone with internet presence should be treated differently
Don't you think it should be the opposite? I don't pity the cows either (because they are terrible people), but kicking people when they are already down is not helpful. Look at the people who say they were hit and "turned out fine". People deserve help.

No. 696818

Being helpful isn't the point of LC. I wouldn't mind if people were consistent/non-hypocritical about it, but they rarely are.

No. 697208

File: 1608336663165.jpg (54.07 KB, 720x767, FB_IMG_1608309436471.jpg)

I like starting/engaging in internet drama and fights because it stops me from doing it irl hehe

No. 697213

A guy laid on his horn behind me when I was waiting to pull out. I got out of my car in a skirt and stood bitching him out in a rage outside of his car door. He tried opening his door to get out and I slammed it back on him. He threatened to have his gf get out and "beat my ass" and she continued dicking off on her phone. He then threatened to shoot me, and I told him to do it. I called him some more names, and then got in my car and drove off. I should probably be ashamed, but I'm proud of myself.

No. 697221

Kinda dangerous but that's some hot girl shit

No. 697226

please don't tell me I'm retarded and this photo is meant to be unreadable

No. 697236

File: 1608339211092.jpg (75.12 KB, 750x545, 1603245602016.jpg)

Have a few very serious health issues right now that cause me continuous pain, I look like shit because I don't feel like eating and just usually sit in my chair and try to act normal because whispers no one knows and I'll maybe tell someone once I'm better. No moralfagging please.

No. 697238

Despite hating the star wars fandom or any fandom for that matter, I like The Mandalorian a lot. Mainly bc it has the budget to make everything sound and look spectacular.. and bc it has a subtle western film genre vibe but in a sci-fi setting. I love good sci-fi shit and I'm sad that I have to wait another year for the next season lol. spoiler: that young luke skywalker cgi was bad ngl

No. 697240

>He threatened to have his gf get out and "beat my ass"
Lmao this man volunteered his girl to fight his own battles for him.
What a fucking coward, he would've shot me cause I would've stood there longer to laugh at his small dick and call him a pussy bitch faggot.
jk fam I'm actually nonconfrontational myself but you rock.

No. 697246

File: 1608340113346.jpg (114.48 KB, 1293x1008, EocKXTFVEAECpJs.jpg)

I can't fucking wait to get drunk on New Years and bully the shit out of my bf

No. 697257

Same! Can’t wait for the next season, I hope the story doesn’t start going downhill in result of how the finale ended there

No. 697258

Don't worry, I think I also just had a stroke

No. 697262

I miss when lolcow wasn't full of bitter man-haters and farmers were freely thirstposting. I try to ignore them most of the time, but when I look back at old lolcow threads like that first cancer crew one, I can't help being nostalgic for those times.

No. 697263

Not to defend an obvious asshole but I'd guess he said that because he, as a man, doesn't want to fight a girl himself. Men are so prideful I wouldn't assume he did it because he's scared and thinks his gf is a stronger fighter than him.

No. 697265

Thank you. To be fair, I struggled through an anxiety attack driving home because I'm also nonconfrontational.
He didn't mind calling me a "fucking bitch" etc, when I was yelling at him for being an asshole driver, or threatening to shoot me. He did it to sn old lady in the parking lot trying to pull out of her space too. He was just a rude jackass in a loud sports car that he looked too large to fit in.

No. 697267

i don’t take any of this seriously. i’m just having a laugh

No. 697271

Why cant you thirst after men and hate them? Do it to us all the time.

No. 697274

I just want to be dead. I hope I neverxwake up again. I can't even sleep in my bed anymore and I don't understand why. I haven't gotten off the couch in days. I literally have learned how to piss in bottles just so I don't have to be cold. The garage i stay in is so cold. I hope I never wake up again. My few friends have all moved on. They all have cats too, to which I am deathly allergic. Life is cruel. There was never any hope. I should have kms as a 15 year old /r9k/ attention whore. I was alone then too. I have always been alone. I pray I don't wake up again.

No. 697275

I'm so sorry that keeps happening to you.

No. 697279

No not me personally. Men lust after models and porn stars and hate them at the same time. Why cant we do that?

No. 697282

I'm so glad you're not personally affected by those nasty men.

No. 697292

Yeah, the finale was a bit disappointing. It was unsatisfying and anticlimactic.

No. 697297

>he doesn't want to fight a girl himself
He'd rather shoot her, didn't you read? Kek, he's a mouse with a small cock.

No. 697304

Same with my littlest pet shop collection

No. 697314

Everyday I’m thankful for the reasonable gay people telling off troons.

No. 697323

i don't have the heart to donate my webkinz collection that's been rotting in my closet for 10 years. i know they should go to poor children but i can't do it

No. 697327

I’m not a furry but I love love revisiting the glamfur thread every once and a while. Perfectly encapsulates edgy online deviantart teens in the early 2000s. Makes me nostalgic

No. 697334

File: 1608354050187.jpg (37.07 KB, 672x518, 20200718_225605.jpg)

No matter how fucking edgy this sounds but I wish I would've known about the laws here sooner than at 16. I wish I would have gotten into more physical fights under 15, there wouldn't have been barely any consequences, like for fucks sake I miss fighting guys at school, the way it instantly made the stop fucking with you and your friends. I wouldn't do any of that shit at my age, but I look back to me being absolutely stupid and filled with rage and fucking up dudes older and bigger than me with such longing. It's been like a decade and to this day this one dude can't look at me and hurries the fuck away if we bump into each other somewhere. I also almost think that some teachers just chose to look tf away when some of these fights were going on because they knew how shitty these kids were and I am thankful. But at the same time maaaaaaan I would have kicked that tall fucks ass once more and even harder, that bitchass had his friends bail on him as some chubby 6th grader fucked up his shit and hair? It's also a confession in a way that absolutely none of my friends atm knows about this but I think they wouldn't really doubt either, I am pretty fucking calm and collected these days and would never fight unless it was absolutely needed.

No. 697336

damn I have both an accumulation of webkinz and lps, are you guys me

No. 697430

I had a lot of discharge yesterday and I was thinking about Komaeda anon anyway and I had a full 5 minute debate with myself mentally about whether I should eat it or not. I didn't. But I think this place has ruined me.

No. 697478

Those videos of that girl fingering fruit unironically make me horny. I also remember seeing a video of some guy making bread and spanking the dough and it also had the same affect on me.

No. 697501

File: 1608378409427.gif (463.95 KB, 400x250, gif.gif)

honestly same. i got bullied constantly, verbally and physically and i was too afraid to hit them back, pull pranks or anything. i was scared of them ganging up on me, and the consequences from the teachers or parents. yet at the same time i was faster and stronger than them, except for the older children. i could have at least slapped back, but was too much of a pushover for that. if i were to do anything now it would be illegal. yet these fuckers actions go unpunished.

No. 697505

File: 1608378895452.jpg (41.95 KB, 474x632, blondlocks.jpg)

i like dreadlocks but i'm white. another reason i can't get it is every white person with this hair turns out to be a bum with idiotic conspiracy theorist flat earther beliefs.

No. 697507

File: 1608379076967.jpg (22.87 KB, 461x493, 558382fb40250d622fac40ba7637ba…)


damm i feel you both, my bullies would always try to push me, and once even tried to throw a snowball at me that had a rock in it (which could have led me to a concussion lol). Would always be treated like shit.
I never really fought back but oh god i really wanted to go berserk on all of them.

now all of my bullies are either moved out or just forgot about my existence, it sucks honestly, i wish i could have done something but school system is fucking bullshit and they never really believe the bullying victim which just sucks so much. anyway thanks to all of that torment i had to go through i will forever be angry not getting my revenge on them.

No. 697508

I'm the anon who outed Finnanon as a Finn and it wasn't even because of her drinking and sexual habits, it was because she was using grammar structure similar to the Finnish language, described infrastructure in her stories that is similar to those found in Finland and lastly because she beat up a scrote, something women in Finland have the tits big enough to do. Now I feel really bad for outing her and turning her into a meme. Finnanon, I'm sorry luv. Didn't mean to do it.

No. 697513

I've been here since the very beginning and I don't think that the demographic really changed, the times did. For one, in 2014 creepy pornsick males with a misogynistic crossdressing fetish were a lot less of a gigantic thing on women's radars. Now they're everywhere & without getting it for the sake of staying on topic here, more women are sick of male bullshit and are angry and turning to radical feminism or just man-hating because liberal feminism is worthless.

What I hate is the fact that there's hundreds of places that men can hate women online and say much worse shit than I've ever read here, but not even on a female dominated image board that is only twice removed from 4chan can a woman hate a man in peace. The subreddit dedicated to raping women and reveling in destroying their lives got to stay but the gencrit and PCOS (wtf dudes) subreddits got nuked. What I'm saying is, lolcow is one place on the entire internet, you'll be fine. Look literally anywhere else and you'll be free of man hate.

No. 697514

Are you guys 12?

No. 697518

Well then I miss the time when you weren't so bitter.

No. 697519

>expecting people not to be bitter on a site dedicated to drama
anon are u retarded

No. 697520

It's called LOLcow, not hatecow. The drama is just for laffs.

No. 697525

1) what kind of person do you expect to use that kind of site? 2) anonymous imageboards have a reputation for being bitter, at least under the "lol I'm not mad" surface

No. 697531

Why are you (wrongly) explaining to me what kind of person I am for being here?

No. 697553

Hey, me too anon! Me too. I regularly wish I could go back to being ignorant, but until a significant portion of males stop treating us like subhumans I will keep feeling bitter and angry. Maybe your experience is different but the shit men say and the shit they do to women is disproportionate (in both frequency and severity) to anything we ever do to them, and I don't know how you don't see that.

No. 697559

I just wish you'd go be bitter and angry somewhere else, that's all.
Idk how any of you expect my confession to change, I'm just being honest

No. 697561

File: 1608388926269.jpg (57.88 KB, 1280x720, 1558028378269.jpg)

post em

No. 697567

I don't expect your confession to change, I'm pointing out that a lot of us were already here and see it as our place to be just as much as you might. But also, if you hate it so much there's a million places you can go if you want to see otherwise, the entire rest of the internet for example, and a lot of us only have here to be candid about how we feel.

No. 697568

I once was vehemently angry and jealous of you because I thought his passion laid with you, but how I see that his passion was in hate and not love. His obsessions are as empty as the lies he tells himself about being a winner. What winner would spend his good wage on substances to escape reality. Wouldn't lifes spoils be enough for the self proclaimed winner? Who chases heroin other than a person dying for an escape? I'm not jealous anymore. You know his faults. You took courses for a certificate to tell others how to act in times of crisis and all you've done is spin a web of lies in lieu of healing. Take your Heathcliff. Ruin each other. You two see no error in neglect of your own spawn so how could either of you know about love? I'm no longer jealous. Pity is a kindness you don't deserve.

No. 697569

you have asherah's garden
nobody's stopping you from making websites. quit it with the persecution complex.

No. 697574

you're in the minority here so you can't make everyone leave.

No. 697576

>quit it with the persecution complex

No. 697585

File: 1608393123242.jpg (29.93 KB, 700x700, 1b449b564dc65f114ea3c663d7256b…)

I was watching a TV show where the main character was having a conversation and she was asked if she was being serious because she said something that the other character found hard to believe and she said 'I didn't mean anything by it, I'm just making conversation' and this hit me soo hard and made me realize that at work and also in my personal relationships, 99% of the things I say is either just to fill in the silence or because that's what's the other person wants to hear. I don't know how to be myself

No. 697588

lmao me too sometimes I don't really know what I think so I say whatever I feel like. Not with important things of course but like if somebody asked me what my favorite color is I will just decide on the spot because I don't care about colors

No. 697589

I am bitter towards my friends' ex (and ex himself) after I was mocked during my breakdown by them. I hope corona make them unemployed for a long time

No. 697625

I know you're not being serious, but her name is Stephanie Sarley
The kinky imvu shit she posts on instagram is cringe and there's also a video of her deepthroating a cucumber for some reason. The fruit and bread videos still make me horny

No. 697654

I found a video on YouTube arguing against the sex offender registry, so I clicked on the channel and it turns out his whole channel is about defending pedos (specifically, offenders) and how they should be offered forgiveness and shit, idk how people can forgive this stuff but his face makes me irrationally angry. It’s been bothering me for weeks, i hate watch his videos in disgust every day help

No. 697658

Don't keep all the milk to yourself, post the cow

No. 697659

I fucking hate him, is this link working?

No. 697660

He looks exactly like a pedophile defender kek

No. 697661

The comments are flooded with them too

No. 697670

File: 1608409314252.jpeg (77.29 KB, 482x756, 809E71AF-1DFD-4ED3-9D30-5A4932…)

I use some of the threads on here as my to-block list, I don’t like directly following cows, it’s better to just read whatever happens to them when it has been gathered by the farmers that are willing to gather their milk.

No. 697676

he looks like a pedo himself. he's even got the glasses

No. 697677

This is all I can think about now.

No. 697727

"You have (suggests a single website after being told the entire internet awaits you)!!!" Yeah you're really making a point here. Women generally are persecuted and silenced on the internet, sorry you don't want to hear that. Not everyone has the means to create a website, either, but it doesn't matter since like I said a lot of us are the original population of this website so… we did "make a site". Might not be literally Ian but the website you miss wouldn't exist without us!

No. 697805

i think women that find older men attractive and men who find younger women attractive (and vice versa) are mentally ill to some degree and nothing can change my mind

No. 697807

nothing should change your mind, it's objectively true

No. 697812

No don't let her make this a thing, we're stronger than that, don't

No. 697890

File: 1608438594067.jpg (26.36 KB, 236x533, im.adora.jpg)

i find her sense of humor funny and i laugh at her dark jokes. yes her costume was insensitive but it was a good social critique tbh

No. 697925

I am black and I purchased Jeffrey stars cosmetics because when he was canceled all his products were under 10 bucks. His concealer is the best ive ever used.

No. 697926

sometimes I deliberately watch disgusting mukbang videos where people eat messy or eat too fast or make excessive mouth noises to gross myself out and trigger my eating disorder. also kind of lowkey using my recent mouth surgery as an excuse not to eat so I can lose weight.

No. 697945

i really hope he pulls a kat von d, rebrands, and sells the company so i can buy stuff from it without giving him any of my money. i have makeup from before i learned of what a shitbag he is and unfortunately it's great

No. 697957

Just remembered the second year of college where i spent most of my free time moderating a cringey gossip/drama blog on tumblr. The worst part is that I would talk about the blog to my irl friends like an absolute loser lmao it's a miracle they didnt ditch me for such cringe behaviour

No. 697963

You were doing God’s work.

I don’t know if it was you but I remember way back on tumblr, a girl would accept confessions about cows and edit them onto photos of said cows. I found her through searching the shmegeh tag. Loved her blog, was said when she abandoned it.

No. 697983

File: 1608460085695.jpg (49.2 KB, 749x746, Duxc231UYAEVB57.jpg)

lol really wish i had a farmer friend irl to talk about cows with, my coworker/friend likes when i show him the site and cows but its not the same as if he was female or used the site too

No. 697988

She has some pretty retarded takes but I still enjoy watching her videos

No. 697999

I read cow threads due to
1) curiosity that people like that exist and what it's like
2) cautionary tales of what not to ever, ever become
Jfc. I got halfway through the nika petrova milk. I feel like I had an illness that has been flushed out. Confession is I thought I might like older men because I liked them in fiction and dislike guys my age. How stupid I was to think that. That thread showed me reality. I've never been attracted to an irl older man but thought it was possible. No, whenever I think even about a decent looking celebrity now all I feel is true disgust. Beyond the images of how ugly they are naked, I'd never seen age gaps "in action." I feel so dirty anons, there is no justifying that. It's disgusting and inherently bad. Man I knew that already but now I get it. Being a quarantined neet skews your judgment a lil. I was never going to pursue that anyway but if there's one good thing from cows: they're a wake up call to stop wondering "what if I…"
Can be scary because I imagine what if I turned out that way. I highly doubt it, since I'm too cautious and evaluate myself obsessively. Still we all had stupid phases as teens and I look back on mine that thankfully were blips. I think "what if I was worse?" and that's what some cows are. Gotta thank my anxiety even though it sucks. I'm not the type to post nudes, or do one night stands, or join a subculture etc. not that it's 'wrong' but I'm not that way. There's many disadvantages to being as cowardly as I am but thank god my life is not out of control. Holy shit, it is pretty helpful in evaluating myself by reading about cows. Humbling tbh. Checking in and learning lessons so I don't end up like that. I feel sad they did but nika is fucked, now I am of clearer mind

No. 698004

File: 1608463203287.png (100.6 KB, 676x378, misandrygen.PNG)

Lolcow has never been male friendly or simping for men, that's a gaslight if I ever saw one. There's been a "Misandry General" thread since 2015 which got renamed to Manhate and later Pinkpill, then banned altogether this year. In addition to that the discourse between genders has been polarizing all over society over the last 5 years which has lead to troonism and some countries even banning abortion, of course people will become more and more radicalized. You don't need a PP general thread to brainwash people to do that.

Pic related, it's the first Misandry thread that was so popular it reached its reply limit and started it all.

This tbh, realizing how shit men are doesn't mean you can't think a certain specimen is hot or desirable. Idk why kids here think that you need to be a complete doormat to men or wish all male fetuses are aborted.

No. 698008

File: 1608463555716.jpg (34.1 KB, 1066x805, be44794eacf52d0194160c3c64ebaa…)

This is how I feel about vocaloid tbh. I was a massive vocaloid fan during my preteen years and they were honestly some of the best times of my life. I acknowledge that the fanbase is cringe (arguably even more so now) but I miss sperging out over kagamine len and writing autistic fanfics dammit. And I wish I could reconnect with older fans that aren't mentally ill troons

No. 698009

You and me both anon, I miss the Vocaloid fandom of the early 2010s so much. I miss Gakupo and getting to be a Len fan without people calling you a pedo.

No. 698012

I've been here since before 2015, I know what I'm talking about. Why do you people even reply to a confession, what are you hoping to achieve? I don't like you, get over it.

No. 698013

you're on lolcow, get over it.

No. 698014

And yet you ignore that anti-men anons have been here just as long..

No. 698015

So were incels. And they both got the same treatment - sent to the pigsty.

No. 698017

But you’re complaining that lolcow has become more anti-men. It’s the same as it’s always been, you’re only seeing overlap in other threads now because pink pill was banned. You’re the one who seems to dislike it here, you’re free to leave anytime.

No. 698019

If they left, what are you complaining about?

No. 698020

I feel this 100% — I recently tried getting back into VOCALOID videos on YouTube because it used to be such a big passion for me and the comments were all extremely bizarre zoomer weeb guys.

Are you okay? When I don't like someone or a group of people I don't keep checking back to see if they've replied to my post or not. As for replying to a confession, scroll up and look at the entire thread? This is about as dumb as people who post bait or controversial takes on a public Twitter account and then get upset when people reply to their hot take.

No. 698021

>you’re only seeing overlap in other threads now because pink pill was banned.
This is actually 100% true. I liked it best when pp/gc had a containment thread/board. When admin closed it, that's when things got bad imo as it spilled over everywhere and you didn't want to take the pp/gc talk to asherah's garden.

No. 698029


No. 698030

No. 698035

I've hidden the Pornhubpocalypse thread because I don't want to face what kind of disgusting, pathetic and downright dangerous men live among us

No. 698058

>my coworker/friend likes when i show him the site
why do anons do this
no wonder men keep shitting up the place

No. 698114

Cow behavior

No. 698133

I was a pick me for one guy. He ended up picking a woman twice my age and twice my weight.

No. 698156

I'm constipated and I feel 10 lbs heavier from it. Hellish.

No. 698167

i think family guy is kind of a funny show sometimes

No. 698178

It’s one of those shows that makes me laugh against my will sometimes tbh.

No. 698184

Same thing happened to shoe kek

No. 698190

File: 1608486159369.jpg (74.21 KB, 794x525, Y1VNxF.jpg)

I still like hetalia and yeah.

No. 698286

m'pussy is itching a little

No. 698291

File: 1608492643203.jpg (71.58 KB, 1280x720, neckbeard.jpg)


No. 698301

i've been watching gay porn lately (seegasm) to try and find new ways to pleasure my boyfriend and honestly? it does more for me than straight porn. gay porn kinda slaps

No. 698302

It really is. Not even a fujo, but for some reason gay porn actors seem more "into" eachother. And the positions they do are hot.

No. 698303

this is your brain on liberal feminism

No. 698314

AYRT the dude's videos that i've been watching aren't actors it's just two or more dudes pleasuring each other and it's just so hot?

No. 698326

I haven't drank alone in months but I bought some hard liquor. I've got some shit weed and I'm going to do both and play the fucking sims I've had a shit day, I feel depressed and I just want y'all to know I'm getting drunk bitches

No. 698343

Not to promote alcoholism and drugs but damn girls I feel good. Gin ftw

No. 698404

Just typing this makes me feel nasty but I need to tell someone this
Lately I've been feeling really lonely so at nighttime I'll go on Omegle and if a guy seems nice and cute I'll talk to him and it's happened a few times now that I take my clothes off and do humiliating things if they ask me to and praise me a lot and stuff
I know it's unhealthy and sometimes as I do it i get a sleazy bad feeling in my gut but i also like this fun dirty secret I've created, like I get to slip into another side of myself whenever I want, i have a fake name and everything

No. 698477

i'll be joining in spirit anon

No. 698481

Dear God please don't tell me you show your face

No. 698527

As someone who used to do something similar- I know the positive attention makes it seem worthwhile, but you need to know you can do better than this. These men are predatory and weird and taking advantage of you. You shouldn't feel guilty for indulging in a cheap thrill, but strange men on the internet are never going to have your best interests at heart.

No. 698531

I used to do this when I was younger once in a blue moon but i beg of you not to reveal your face. You might end up in a omegle compilation porn.

No. 698545

I don't think I am able to celebrate christmas with my family anymore, or with anyone really. I can't remember the last time I wasn't alone, it's been like that ever since I was in my early tweens and now I surprisingly have to spend it with people and I am panicking. I thought I would be happy to finally have company but now I just feel so anxious, it makes me wanna cry and just leave. I thought I didn't wanna be alooooone.

No. 698555

literally the same for me

No. 698561

I don't know if it's less sad than drinking every day but I cut my drinking down to 3 times a month and all I do is look forward to those days.

No. 698563

progress is progress

No. 698566

Bitch i hope we both make it out ok because this shit sucks

No. 698584

i stopped going to family holiday get-togethers 4 or 5 years ago. i always felt incredibly awkward being there, like i barely knew these people and that they just tolerated me, and had only invited me out of obligation. i started always choosing to work holidays at my job, so now they've stopped asking. it made me feel guilty at first but i don't give a shit now. even if i'm not working i just say i am so i don't have to go. i'd rather have a nice peaceful day than force myself to hang out with people i don't like because ~family~

No. 698601

I do because I like the intimacy of when they show their faces too, but >>698531
That's a really scary thought, I always ask them if they're recording their screen and they're always like O no i would nevar but they totally could be lying
It makes me feel better knowing I'm not alone so thanks for this, I liked reading your message and it's making me reconsider everything

No. 698608

Please tell me you're of age

No. 698653

>they could totally be lying
Narrator: they were

No. 698684

This is awfully petty of me but I'm laughing at the people who've stranded in the UK or elsewhere now that borders are locked again because of the new virus mutation. Serves them right for travelling for pleasure during a global pandemic when others have been sacrificing so much to stay at home. I hope they're unable to return home in time for Christmas.

No. 698691

Anon good god please seek help and get rid of this habit. I can guarantee they're recording the screen and will stalk the fuck out of you.

No. 698694

It was today I realized Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are related, and not only related but sisters. I never got it because they have different last names. I also just found out Kylie Jenners father is Bruce Jenner. Who is 71. What the fuck.

No. 698699

omegle is such a trash site idk how it's still up. please stop doing that to yourself anon, or at minimum don't show your face when doing it. the men on there are mega degenerates and you run the risk of being recorded and posted somewhere or doxxed
i envy you for not knowing anything about that family lmao

No. 698707

I knew about the fact that the Kardashians and the Jenners are related, but that was the extent of my knowledge on those degenerates, not being American mist help in being blissfully ignorant of them.

No. 698782

It gets better, I promise. I'm several years sober now with only two slip ups and I don't think they'll happen again. I only sometimes miss it now, and it's when I'm absolutely miserable and it's essentially self harm. Like I want to drink so I feel something else, so I feel good, but it doesn't last and I feel worse than ever afterwards — it's really not worth it.

No. 698793

Congrats! I wish they gave medals or something for quitting drinking. It's such a huge accomplishment, I'm so proud of myself for doing it too, but nobody else gives a fuck. I got chastised by everyone in my life for being a drunk, but no-one acknowledges me being sober, they just see it as being back to normal and not worth mentioning.

No. 698796

I used to do this when I was like 18 or 19, they are 100% recording or screenshotting you. No offense, but do not trust men. Especially when it comes to an environment where you're expected to undress. Also many of those guys have girlfriends or wives, they're mostly all porn addicts who want to jerk it to a cam girl without having to tip. I learned my lesson too late and I have ended up online, don't make the same mistake.

No. 698809

Anon, go hug a plushie/stuffed animal the next time you feel alone, stop hurting yourself

No. 698823

Thanks, you're all reinforcing something I basically knew already but i needed to hear it in somebody else's words. I really hope i don't end up on a pornsite somewhere, idk if or how I would even get it taken down
Yeah you're right too it makes me feel crazy like when the men i videochat call me nice names it feels like im glowing But there's no way it's worth it.

No. 698825

nta but after reading this i kinda don't feel bad now about how i used to go on omegle when i was in my early teens specifically to pretend like i was going to strip and then try to talk men like this into killing themselves. to be fair, i'd only do it when they didn't disconnect after i told them how old i was, but i don't doubt there's overlap between men on there preying on young girls/women and men who record women doing sexual things without their consent

No. 698828

Don’t they have those coins or whatever in aa?

No. 698829

>idk if or how I would even get it taken down
i believe revenge porn laws would apply in an instance like that, especially if you didn't give explicit consent to be recorded. you can also file a copyright strike

No. 698831

Yeah, I remembered those exist just after posting, it's a great idea! I'd prefer an actual medal though, I feel like I've won a bloody war for freedom, y'know?

No. 698876

Yea and if you relapse there'd be a de-medaling ceremony

No. 699174

i smoke cigarettes because i hate myself and miss weed, at least it’s not often and i throw it out after one hit. dumbest way to become addicted to nicotine, but yeah

No. 699223

a couple of years ago when i was in my early 20s i used to be really active on a discord (related to one of my hobbies) and i cringe at my behaviour back then. i didn't to anything weird or inappropriate, i was just overly friendly and too nice to people, if that makes sense. it bothers me because some of the ppl in the discord were lonely teens and i think they took my niceness too personally. idk if this makes sense but i feel as if they felt like we were close whereas i just wanted to cheer them up while keeping my distance because i didn't want to be friends with ppl younger than me. this was after a period when i lost three of my close relatives so i guess i was acting too friendly because of that.

idk this has kinda been bothering me lately although i deleted my discord account years ago i am mutuals w some of these ppl on other platforms. i feel like i finally matured and realised that being overly nice to ppl (altho it's genuine) can make them get the wrong impression? but at the same time, if someone interprets my platonic friendliness in a different way that's not really my fault? idk i just wanted to get this off my chest lol.

No. 699292

File: 1608600266277.png (167.54 KB, 500x355, 0EFDDE31-A5B1-4736-BD60-11DED5…)

I genuinely feel like my narc dad will hurt my mom and I. We are in the process of leaving him but he doesn’t fully know it. During the week we stay at a friends vacant house but the person who was coming up on weekends to look after it still stays there even though we said we’d take over. My dad thinks we’re doing a staycation to keep the family together but once we can fully separate we’re leaving for good. We had to come back for two weeks though because the guys’ brother is on leave from the Army and they wanted to stay at the house. This quarantine has been so hard on us and he’s resentful that I’m 25 and living with them and that my mom is home all the time because of her job going remote. He believes that this is “his” house and that us being here is getting in the way of him existing. He stands in the kitchen for hours and death glares anyone who tries to cook while he’s taking up space. He goes out of his way to constantly use my bathroom, even at 2 am despite having a bathroom in his bedroom, just to assert his dominance or whatever. He’s always been extremely resentful of me for many things and it’s only getting worse now that he’s retired and has no coworkers to abuse. Being cooped up in the house all day doesn’t help anymore but it’s really ramped up his already delusional worldview. He’s blamed this entire pandemic on both my mom and I and there’s no reasoning with him. I’ve moved out before on multiple occasions but came back because he guilt tripped me (and financial issues).

He’s extremely emotionally abusive but never laid a hand on me, mostly because I think he knows he couldn’t get away with it. I know though that there have been several times where I’ve made him so mad that if my mom hasn’t been there he would’ve hurt me. I think he would’ve really hurt me. I really feel like he’s the Chris Watts type; grow insanely resentful over time and then just snap. I’ve always walked on eggshells around him and right now it feels more intense than ever. I’ve had intrusive thoughts of coming home and finding hes killed my mom or himself since I was 12 and they’ve come back in full force. I’m so scared, I just want to make it past this Christmas without incident and go back to the other house where I know I’m safe.

No. 699321

I know exactly what type of man you are talking about and hope you guys can get away safely. I know it's risky but make sure someone knows what is up in case you need help or something goes down, these kinda men usually are way too narcky to do physical shit, they can't risk going to jail, they are too precious for that. I am seriously sending safe and good vibes to you all, may you get the fuck away from his awful ass.

No. 699336

File: 1608603272467.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 461.96 KB, 1242x863, 1608439371428.jpeg)

I used to love belle delphine, but after seeing her suck dick I finally realized I was wrong all this time

Like, I used to like her quirky alt girl persona with the quirky alt girl selfies, the non ahegao ones (and the ahegao ones too lol sorry), like I did find her hot and cute… now she's sad to look at. She doesn't even suck dick as well as I do…

She would had been more popular if she stuck with her quirky but hot alt girl persona instead of doing shitty porn, but I feel like her moid boyfriend pimps her out so hard

No. 699339

>her quirky alt girl persona with the quirky alt girl selfies
She larps as an anime loli.

No. 699344


Huh. For some reason I thought she was actually a lesbian. Did she have a (secret) girlfriend at some point? I don't keep up with her threads

No. 699346

File: 1608604270961.jpg (38.36 KB, 530x530, 0b4233aa496b47beedd3d0d2956079…)

That's pretty recent and moid catering, she used to be normal

No. 699347

and? it's not like she's an actual loli. I liked her because she was cute and funny, not because she's an actual loli or underaged

She could had been a second Dakota but chose to cater to ugly ass scrotes instead

No. 699361

>or some reason I thought she was actually a lesbian
i think that was a rumor, but i wonder if there's any truth to it considering how obvious it is that she does not enjoy sucking dick in that video

No. 699383

I used to like the fact that she made basically EVERYONE seethe for numerous different reasons (jealousy seeming to be the most common). I still do, but now that she's doing pron a lot of the people sperging at her probably feel vindicated for their earlier hatred of her, plus yeah, now she's just another generic e-whore with a man pulling the strings.

No. 699397

growing up i actually thought i enjoyed unseasoned chicken because my moms idea of seasoning chicken was using a large amount of generic “seasoning salt” and i just really don’t like the taste of salt alone. the most “exotic” seasonings she would use were italian breadcrumbs and generic fajita seasoning.
as i started learning to cook for myself i discovered i actually love flavorful food and my mom is terrible at cooking, i no longer even bother eating american style foods anymore and i cook at least 3 different curries a week now (literally any type.. indian thai japanese jamaican etc) and actually eat vegetables that are seasoned and not just steamed.
why are white parents like this? lol

No. 699401

Oh! I know a couple of mexican dishes you might like! they also use chicken
Try out:
Mole verde or pipian
Mole rojo or mole almendrado
Pollo en achiote
Pollo en adobo
Pollo con salsa de chile poblano
Pollo con crema, rajas y elote

No. 699404

File: 1608610991225.jpg (86.61 KB, 600x918, Star-Wars-Rise-of-Kylo-Ren-Com…)

I want my boyfriend to fuck me in a Kylo Ren cosplay. I've never watched any of the new movies.

No. 699408

do it, he'll feel powerful

No. 699413

Whenever I see women here gushing about men -ugly or not- or male anime characters I wonder if I'm attracted to men after all. Like all my life I thought I only liked girls until recently, idk how you all can like so many men and like, get excited about it?

No. 699418

File: 1608611750708.jpg (35.53 KB, 600x435, 1287432895880.jpg)

I mean, I want it so bad and your encouragement surely added fuel to the fire but I don't know how I'd get a good Kylo Ren cosplay without breaking bank and convince him.
Maybe I just need to get him really into SW again and convince him to do a Full cosplay for shits and giggles and let's drink some wine to unwind and oops why am I in this bed and why is your cock out

No. 699420

i’ve actually really wanted to start making more mexican dishes and other hispanic dishes in general, my bf is puerto rican but the only puerto rican food he really ever wants to eat is arroz con gandules so i do make that often for him. i’ll check them out because they seem like things both of us would really like! i cook a lot of food from places i’ve actually visited and i have not visited mexico yet so most mexican food i am familiar with is pretty americanized.

No. 699421

that's… a bit embarrassing anon

No. 699424

Come on, let her dream

No. 699425

I'm mexican myself, so I know plenty of mexican dishes lol. I try my best at least.

I wonder how puerto rican food tastes like!

No. 699432

That's why it's in a confession thread kek pls no booly

Thanks nonnie :')

No. 699437

tbh I'm just surprised some anons are fine with that and some of the other questionable stuff she did but draw the line at dick sucking

No. 699443

*surprised that

No. 699493

i find himr attractive

No. 699503

Why wouldn't you just tell him? I told my husband about my evidently new thing with plague masks and he laughed at first, but entertained the idea.

No. 699507

plague masks kinda hot anon not gonna lie

No. 699565

File: 1608624743163.jpg (233.52 KB, 640x960, kylo-ren-force-awakens-fan-art…)

Well, a few reasons
>It's a bit embarrassing as stated before
>Neither of us watched the sequel trilogy (easily doable though)
>For him to consider cosplaying someone he has to really like the character, and I don't think an edgy villain is his type
>Even if he likes the character, it's a pretty pricy cosplaying, especially considering the full garb including the helmet cause it's pretty hot so I don't think we would buy something like this just for a fantasy only

I think that if all those circumstances were met, he'd actually be pretty into it if I asked cause he likes doing new stuff.

good taste on the plague mask btw

No. 699584

Why don't you bribe him? he doesn't have to like the character or even cosplay it for an event or anything.
It's about you and your pleasure. Who doesn't want to give their woman a good fuck?
Tell him how hot he would look, and how delicious the outline of his dick would be, so sexy that you would immediately start sucking him off if he only wore that costume. Or something.
Idk, it works with me and my man lmao.

No. 699591

I'm pretty sure if he told you to wear something for him you would do it no doubt, so it should be the same for him. If he loves you and likes giving you pleasure, he will put the costume on.

(also watch this video minute 11 onwards)

No. 699593

samefagging again but I hope I don't sound too scroteish lmao. I'm being serious, you shouldn't worry. I hope you can convince him, don't worry about it being embarassing, because if he knows you well he'll understand. Also I hope you like that disneyworld dark ride, it has very cool kylo ren animatronics.

No. 699600

File: 1608630433682.jpeg (58 KB, 475x642, F42AF907-36BD-4A08-9DB5-1E18B8…)

Like this anon

No. 699602

I also cringe at my discord days when I was 18. I was also overly nice and immature and I feel like people might have been laughing at me. The community I was in was just weird and toxic and I heavily regret wasting so much of my time on there. I also had an e-bf from there for a month which I took really seriously and cried for days when it was over, which makes me laugh looking back on it now. I've long since given up using discord and even though I have some of those people on social media I really hope they just forgot about me by now.

No. 699611

File: 1608631865757.jpg (94.27 KB, 1125x1107, 1600168316789.jpg)

my mom told me my entire childhood I was going to be murdered, and that I wasn't allowed to have friends/see other children outside of school was because all of them were being raped and she was protecting me from being raped too
she took me away from my entire family and moved me in with a foreign man who was so abusive with me, she literally made a rule that he wasn't allowed in my room so he couldn't corner me where she couldn't see it
to this day, I have no friends and I am constantly afraid of dying, even though I understand now that something was very wrong with her and there was no logic to anything she did

No. 699613

Im in this post and I don't like it

No. 699616

This looks like the baby of kylo ren and snape in some deviantart mpreg fic. He's a slytherin!

No. 699628

During my trip in Japan I went to an onsen with my classmates and while we were chilling I saw this super hot guy with long hair, kinda like a modern day rōnin. He was with his girlfriend but that didn't stop me from commenting on the dude's attractiveness, notably saying that I wanted to braid his hair (I really have a thing for long-haired men). His girlfriend then spontaneously start to playfully braid his hair! I wasn't yelling but I wasn't whispering either, why the hell would these random japanese people understand french? To this day I'm still haunted by this, it was 6 years ago and I'll never come across these people again, but I'm still embarrassed that this woman probably understood me.

No. 699635

I have a raging crush on my boss. He’s the older version of my boyfriend and it weirds me out so much. I won’t act on it, as he’s married and I love my boyfriend but it’s so weird having a crush on someone so similar to your actually SO? Like, do I only have one type of men? Is it because I miss my bf so much at work and he reminds me of him so much?

No. 699637

Were you at Bartholdi high school?

No. 699639

My dumbass put the sage in the subject field sorry

No. 699661

Lmao anon same. Grew up thinking I hated all vegetables because they were always offered unseasoned and usually boiled or steamed, so just mushy and gross. I remember having roasted carrots with butter, salt and pepper and thinking it was a taste sensation. I love vegetables now I know how to season and cook. Also not sure if this is a generic white person thing but I always thought I hated black pepper because my parents used the finely ground type that was like sand. Have loved it since growing up and using cracked black pepper.

No. 699662

I like to be nice to people online and if it's girls it's fine if they get close because most of the time they just try to be friends and talk about various interests and I'm totally fine with that, but if it's men then you know they will take your kindness as you wanting to date them and that's annoying as fuck.

No. 699676

Thank you for kinda encouraging my Kylo Ren fantasies lmao (even the greasy wig anon)
Also that ride looks amazing, I wish I could go to Disney

>Tell him how hot he would look, and how delicious the outline of his dick would be

This actually made me blush and I've been in a relationship for 7 years but I am still very easily flustered

No. 699701

It’s okay, anon, I would also constantly braid my long haired pretty boyfriend’s hair if I had one she probably didn’t understand and just wanted to play with her bf’s hair.

No. 699711


No. 699731

File: 1608646314357.png (314.96 KB, 755x427, shirtless-adam-driver-1073144.…)

anon do you also like him naked?

No. 699733

File: 1608646483527.gif (217.72 KB, 540x405, tumblr_6ae42069b9fea15fdcc1edc…)

If you do it, tell us how it went. because I'm the other anon that kind of is into the idea…
NTA but especially

No. 699738

File: 1608647406871.jpeg (44.13 KB, 582x399, 5E409994-7BE9-4EF0-BAEC-CC3C71…)

So I was feeling like shit, I got the flu and everything is wobbly.
My hair was greasy as fuck so I brushed it so I could cheer up a bit, then I thought brushing my hair won’t solve this problem, I better take a shower then I took a shower and felt a bit better since I washed my hair.
To keep the momentum, I brushed my teeth throughly and it was only after I was already finishing brushing my teeth that I noticed the huge ass lone hair entangled in it.
I couldn’t throw up even though I gagged.
The silver lining is that I got to expel a bunch of phlegm that was clogging up my chest.
Pic related is eyebleach. Sorry.

No. 699745

I can't remember the name of the school, but I went to a program where you had classes in the morning and free time in the afternoon, it was located in Shinjuku ni-chōme.
The fact that she did it right after I said startled me, she didn't glare at us or anything, so I can believe it's just something she usually likes to do (which I'd totally do too if I had one).

No. 699749

spoiler that shit

No. 699762

File: 1608648710183.jpg (89.49 KB, 500x750, 0bb9cd8a4ab166d7c3ed5cd66bb195…)

lolcow is not your safe space

No. 699878

back to twitter with ya

No. 699897

This sound very twitter imo kek

No. 699898

Alright warning, this is rlly embarrassing, anyways…I found a really hot guy with a killer body on google by random luck. Normally I'd share him with my friends or on our thirst trap threads but he's not known enough that I want to keep him to myself. It's dumb because he has nearly 30k followers on his IG, lives on another continent, and is probably a fuckboy but I still feel oddly possessive bc he's insanely hot and not that known.

No. 699904

is this attitude why hot guy threads in here are so shit

No. 699909

>It's dumb because he has nearly 30k followers on his IG, lives on another continent, and is probably a fuckboy but I still feel oddly possessive bc he's insanely hot and not that known.
im sorry anon what lol
this is like a man fawning over twitch streamers, they'll never be yours (so share with the rest of us in that thread)

No. 699953

When I was in middle school I plagiarized the ending monologue Jean Gray said at the end of the second X-men movie (2003) in a school report, but sense my teacher was older and out of touch with pop culture I never got caught. Peace sign emoji.

No. 699957

bold of you to say that when you sound like this:
>hewwo, can yuo please tag adm drier photos, he is a msjor trigger warming for me uwu

No. 699962


No. 699964


in high school (9th grade I think?) i more or less plagiarized the plot of dishonored for a narrative essay contest and i won

No. 699969

File: 1608658404492.png (88.85 KB, 714x637, wew.png)

this, idc about even more banning but I was banned for pic related
it was just a question for the kylo ren anon about stuff we were already talking about (wearing the costume to fuck), sorry for posting le scawwy ad*m driver

No. 699972

>post 699969

No. 699973

My confession is that I find very silly when farmers infight with other farmers, it's like you're friends in one thread and then enemies in the other. Who knows, maybe you gave them life advice, maybe she made you happy when you were depressed, maybe you were the voice of reason you needed, maybe she felt like a sister, I don't know. In the end we're all a big sisterhood of farmers. I guess.

No. 699975

My other confession is that I see so many unhinged anons here that I would never touch irl not even with a 10 mt pole, like I would definetely avoid some anons here if they tried to befriend me in any way

No. 699976

Farmhands will ban you if they are personally offended. That’s why there have been so many retarded bans lately.

No. 699977

"driversperging" is an actual ban offense? really?

No. 699979

My other confession is that while I know some anons are crazy I also try to be as empathetic or at least somewhat understanding as possible, most of you nonnies have a big tragic sad past and stuff that has traumatized you deeply like sexual abuse or some mental illness like BPD, it's not hard to feel bad for you and wanting to protect you all

No. 699980

I think about this often when I post kek
I wonder how many times we fight with the same anons that we've previously gassed up or laughed with.
Regardless, I consider infighting as friendly banter
Love you anons ♥

No. 699981

this, i've been the subject of a butthurt mod before. inb4 i'm banned for meta discussion or something.

No. 699982

Yeah I also got a ban for memeing about him kek

No. 699983

Too bad, we're not going anywhere.

No. 699985

BPDchan here, with so many of us borderline bitches roaming around the farms it can get pretty nutty in here. But I love all you screwy ladies. It's a shame that the borderline personality disorder thread that was purposed got shit on so hard by other anons, as if we don't make up like half of the user population here kek

No. 699986

I got an infighting ban but I wasn't trying to fight lol, just asking questions and the person didn't seem that annoyed?

No. 699988

File: 1608658991964.jpg (438.92 KB, 2048x2048, Sorry.jpg)

I'm sorry Anon , I have to

No. 699989

My other confession is that as much as I think of how comfy it is here right now I also feel like lolcow will somehow end one day, just like everything has to be put to an end. I always think of that day and how it would be like, what will happen to the cows and etc. But mostly, what will happen to all the nonnies here? Where will they go? This is why I feel like another all female imageboard will pop up eventually

There's also the possibility of lolcow becoming way different to what it is now, it has happened before in the past. What if lolcow becomes a scrote fest in the future? kinda like /w/ right now but worse. Then what will happen to the imageboard culture we have right now? Will the borzoi and adam driver memes be forgotten someday?

No. 699991

Is he ever the passenger?

No. 699992

it's not silly when some of them say some incredibly dumbass ignorant shit though

No. 699993

I always wonder if the same anons shitting up every thread with infighting are the same people? Like do they just come here to fight for funsies? It's always about something completely benign too. My favorite spergout is the one where anon was grossed out that some people use their phone while pooping.

No. 699994

ur gonna get the ban hammer now girl, jannies gonna be pissed

No. 699999

Based janny

No. 700001

A few weeks ago I started posting here again after a pretty long hiatus & I got like 4 bans in one week! The reasons were something like tranny baiting, infight baiting, trolling, etc. It seems like there's a new farmhand that is easily upset or something. I genuinely thought I was being funny or playful when I made the posts. Prior to that is only been banned like once or twice years ago for whiteknighting.
I wish there was a happy medium between how this site is ran & how other sites like 4chan are. Sans the porn & racism still, but more encouraging of harmless trolling or jokes.

No. 700003

My confession is that you're a giant hypocrite for bragging about how empathetic you are while you pick and choose who is the right kind of crazy vs who is irredeemable. Imagine simping for borderlines.

No. 700005

Kill yourself, you're an evil piece of shit.

No. 700006

My other confession is that I feel really bad about how some cows are treated
Some of them are called very bad names like "gorilla nose" or "drunken hag", or whatever. Idk, I outgrew the drama boards after some years of lurking, there's few cows I actually feel like truly deserve a thread. Most of them I see as women who need therapy and help, some self love, and wanting to change.

I also feel extremely sad about how bpdchans and npdchans are treated. Like, ok, I know their behaivor is shitty and nasty sometimes but it feels like people here just see them as the devil, when there's a high rate recovery chance if they do get help in some way

No. 700007

Uh oh someone got butthurt

No. 700010

Bet you're a cluster B too though kek

No. 700012

No. 700014

What recovery chance kek. PDs are for life and you can only hope that the the person has enough self-control and therapy to keep that shit in check.

No. 700015

Looks like the a-logger just crawled out of her filthy bed for the day.
Hopefully things turn around for you nonnerz

No. 700016

My next confession is that I don't really get upset when anons get upset at me for whatever reason, I really don't like replying to someone who is confrontational, so most of the time I ignore if someone calls me a retard (or willingfully agree that I am maybe, retarded)

No. 700017

Were the bans short at least?
I get a lot of short bans for harmless jokes, but I take this as meaning the janitors know I'm not actually trying to start real fights

No. 700018

There's literally no reason to get upset ever by someone who is replying to you on an anonymous message board. In my eyes, we're all equal in our retardation ♥

No. 700020

My next next confession is that stigmatizing people will just ruin them futher and make them go into the void more, being angry at people is not the awnser if you truly want to see them well, I believe everyone can turn their life around if they chose to and get help because neuroplasticity is indeed a thing

No. 700021

File: 1608659698379.jpeg (146.33 KB, 750x1000, A2D450CF-0E69-4D83-AFC4-3B1F4D…)

You are nice anon, have a stunning throw-pillow for your home

No. 700022

Yeah, they were all day long bans. Just a swat on the hand as I see it.

No. 700023

i like body hair on women and yet hate it on men

No. 700025

"The a-logger" lol. Ok. Kill yourself too.

No. 700026

My neeeeext confession is that I love how polite everyone here is. Everyone listens to you even when infighting. Yeah people do indeed yell at you a lot in here but at least it feels as if there was some kind of order, unlike 4chan or other places on the web, me likey tbh

No. 700027

The drama boards can be a little ridiculous. I mainly stick to /ot/ or /g/ because the cows are boring and the anons who fill their threads are way too cruel sometimes.
It's funny how some anons claim to be super radfem but will then try to break down a female cow with harsh criticisms that clearly stem from internalized misogyny

No. 700028

Go back to bed bitch u cronky

No. 700030

My neeeeeeeeeext confession is that I feel like saying "kill yourself" is honestly a bad attempt at trolling, not even funny or witty or interesting, and might mean that you also want to kill yourself if you think of it so much

No. 700031

Nah you wish.

No. 700034

My next next next next confession is that I can definetely tell what anon is replying. It's weird, comforting, a bit creepy and interesting at the same time. I wonder if you nonnies can also know what anon I am?

No. 700036

it's the calling card of a pathetic & overly sensitive nonny when the 'kys' card is pulled.
Just report & hope that the poor thing gets well soon

No. 700037

What if I don't want them to get well? Pedos, rapists, and other abusers deserve stigma. Most attempts at helping them makes it worse and they rarely change.

No. 700039


who am i

No. 700040

My neeeeeexxxxxxxt confession is that I feel like sometimes I sound too much like a scrote. Ngl, I do tend to write as I write with my online friends, but sometimes I try to sound a little different, but yeah sometimes I sound too sexual or too "4chan-ish" which means I sound like a scrote lol

No. 700041

It's cuz I like you & I think you're endearing!

No. 700043

You vagueposting right now just confirms what I thought, your first post was about my other post. And again, hypocrisy, still talking about muh stigma and empathy and them telling me to kill myself? You either empathize with everyone or you're a piece of shit, if you like to call yourself empathetic.

No. 700044

My other confession is that I still think there's some people who should rot in prision or be inside mental hospitals forever because they don't fuction in real society

This includes tumblr kids who think they have DID

No. 700046

My enxt confession is that I really don't like taking bait from people who infight lmao ok

No. 700047

File: 1608660310829.jpg (205.5 KB, 1053x933, IMG_20201222_185746.jpg)

I bet they didn't ban for whatever the fuck pic related is
damn, I wish it was me

No. 700048

My confession is that there's three of us posting here rn. Were the powerpuff girls. The main confessor is Blossom,the leader. The grumpy anon is Buttercup cuz she's a lil pill. & I'm bubbles because I'm cute

No. 700049

My nextie confession is that tbh I don't let anons from here get to me, it's funnier that way( baiting/ attention whoring )

No. 700050

did they ever create a rule for borzoiposting, is that bannable now? or firmly integrated into /ot/ culture?

No. 700051

It seems like it's accepted to me

No. 700052

And yet you're still vagueposting.

No. 700053

My nexttttttttt confession is that I really think some anons from here are really cute. I love you if you're cute and post memes, you do make my life less depressed and lonely

No. 700055

I confess that while annoying, borzoi & kylo ren guy posting is better than the weak attempt at Mr World Wide posting

No. 700056

My neeexxxxxxttttt confession is that seeing that anon angry is making me laugh a bit, but no anon I really don't care, I hope you get a hug from someone soon to make things better!

No. 700058

I love you, keep em coming

No. 700059

It's making me laugh too how they're still going at it

No. 700060

File: 1608660618809.jpg (33.14 KB, 460x345, sage.jpg)

You sound underage if anything. Please stop posting.

No. 700061

My next to last confession is that honestly seeing anons so upset is still very endearing, because it's just words posted on a imageboard. I'm pretty sure they're having a bad day, so I'm okay with them venting towards me, again, I know I am retarded lol

No. 700063

Only weirdos sage in /ot/ you scone

No. 700065

My next confession is that it's funny how people take things here too personal, I was legit just confessing some random bullshit lol
Also I legit like borzois

No. 700067

File: 1608660734708.jpg (114.2 KB, 1080x936, 20201223_011105.jpg)

Getting 2 days ban after posting this kek

No. 700068

Is Adam Driver lolcow's Boxxy nao

No. 700069

she's just bpd

No. 700070

I wiped my ass with a hand towel this morning

No. 700071

My last confession for tonight is that I sometimes come here and post random stories or do indeed larp. Perhaps all that I just confessed was a lie.

just kidding, but yeah I do that sometimes, like lying about having a boyfriend or whatever
I would never betray you nonnies(Baiting/samefagging)

No. 700073

This isn't a radfem board, its a gossip board, and I guess not all cows deserve all the criticism they get but they are cows for a reason.

No. 700074

Poor borderline nonny, maybe her favorite person hasn't responded to her in over 10 minutes

No. 700076

pls don't let any guests or anyone in ur house use that towel

No. 700077

Lol how do you know if you're right if you can't check? This is some light yagami wannabe monologue

Anyway, my confession is that I plagiarized a part of my final thesis and I still have nightmares about people finding out

No. 700080


No. 700081

I don't mean that this board is for radfems, Im referring to anons who claim to be radfem then turn around & shit on females for being ugly or fat. It's from personal experience because I have radfem friends who post on threads saying that kinda shit but not a generalization of everyone here

No. 700082

What do you mean to'night'? It's 10 am everywhere in the world right now, isn't it?

No. 700084

its part of the larp part

No. 700085



eurofag detected

No. 700089

Ohohohohooooohhh…. She almost got me there!

No. 700090

Nah it was me. But it's ironic how she was "nice" in the first post and then she revealed how she's a hypocrite pos.

No. 700093

Vulture posting

No. 700096

I confess that jungle anons are the best at math

No. 700097

What does it mean

No. 700098

who cares
the world doesnt revolve around you
nobody is pretending to be nice, this is /ot/
take your meds, I bet you're the same offended fujoshi sperging on the things i hate thread

No. 700100

It means that >>700090 is a vulture

No. 700101

This song has bars, damn.

I'm ayrt and don't understand what you just said

No. 700102

It means you're an autistic retard with rage problems who can't let things go

No. 700105

No. 700107

File: 1608661558050.jpg (513.42 KB, 1200x1801, 1200px-Hooded_vulture_(Necrosy…)

Actual photo of grumpy anon

No. 700112

Nta but
>take your meds
>proceeds to accuse random spergs of being other spergs
You don't see the irony?

No. 700113

One time on the train I saw a group of drunk people having an argument and one of them out of nowhere shouted "SHUT UP I'M GAY", and everything went quiet for a second.
That's the cringiest thing I've witnessed in public in recent memory.

No. 700115

File: 1608661799184.jpeg (116.05 KB, 1242x872, 2C6D7B8F-B8D0-4A7D-A30C-D381A5…)

I like to edit pictures to send cute messages for the scrotes and unhinged anons that angrily respond to other anons that were just either confessing to doing something or venting.

No. 700118

Oh my God one time my bf's embarassing friend was trying to navigate us through a thick crowd at the fair so we could get to a stage where Ashanti was playing & he started shouting "EXCUSE ME,IM GAY." It worked but I was cringing & avoiding eye contact with everyone the whole time kek

No. 700119

She made the post to bait. What do you expect when you bait a crazy person?
>confessing to doing something
shittalking other anons so that they can see it*

No. 700122

That's very lovely! I approve of this. It's anons like you the ones who make me wanna continue coming here

No. 700123

Based, fuck Driverfags. Latch on to a handsome actor at least.

I don't know what you're saying, but I can kind of tell too. When it's the same person posting over and over about one topic and and not letting it go, right?

No. 700126

Can I commission a cute edit of a vulture for the self loathing anon

No. 700127

>mods banning posts they personally dislike, but that are not against the farm rules

No. 700133

No. 700136

i gained access to an old reddit account i had when i was 14ish and it was just full of posts on r/amiugly with me telling people that they're 0s and insulting them. i don't remember doing this at all

No. 700140

It's against the rules to be sperging fag that constantly derails whenever an anon mentions Adam driver, also it's kinda hard to stay anonymous while consistently sperging about the same topic. It's the same as pitbull posters and a trait of an absolute newfag. I pretty much report every time there's a driver poster.

No. 700146

File: 1608663283178.jpeg (186.98 KB, 1242x931, 5695CB7F-CE07-49F6-919C-C787CE…)

No. 700151

She was the asshat first uwu(uwu)

No. 700153

I love it anon, the check is in the mail

No. 700160

I'm sorry anon
>It's against the rules to be sperging fag that constantly derails whenever an anon mentions Adam driver
Nobody even sperg or derails about adam driver in that post anon
>it's kinda hard to stay anonymous while consistently sperging about the same topic
Anon this anonymous image board. What the fuck is this logic.

I guess no fun allowed for you anon

No. 700164

for what? not replying to you?

No. 700165

Don't get her started again lmao

No. 700166

they probably did it to laugh at you because scrotes are wicked like that, I'm sorry

No. 700168

based af

No. 700169

She was the one making the posts tho anon

No. 700170

File: 1608664002946.jpg (32.32 KB, 720x709, 2fsq.jpg)

I genuinely wish I could fight some anons irl.

No. 700171

your account could have been hacked if you can't remember doing that at all. that happened to me with an old tumblr account

No. 700182

Me too bitch let's fight.

No. 700186

File: 1608664379219.png (53.01 KB, 438x235, shovelfight.png)


No. 700187

Quit your bullshit. Her first confession was about a post of mine that was posted minutes earlier. It was a gross vaguepost.

No. 700188

Me too bitch!

No. 700192

Her first confession is this
It's about how some anons seem happy on some threads and infight on others
How is this about you? are you paranoid?

No. 700195

Vulturechan was probably infighting somewhere before the first confession was posted.
Don't you have anything better to do than shit up the threads with your negativity?

No. 700196

My mistake lol. I didn't notice that one, was referring to >>699975.

No. 700199

God I hate going all cold case on this crap

these are vulture-chan's posts
Confession-chan never interacted once with her, and got banned
But this infighting scrote-sounding person is not banned
I wonder why?

No. 700201

>It's the same as pitbull posters and a trait of an absolute newfag. I pretty much report every time there's a driver poster.
tips fedora

No. 700203

how the hell is that about you? How do you know? Do you have light yagami super powers too? Why are you this paranoid anon, is everything ok?

No. 700204

Oh no, a gross vaguepost… better tell the tumblr staff!!

No. 700205

I'm bummed that confession chan got red texted. Probably a ban for infight baiting I'd assume.
If anyone deserves a ban it's the vulture

No. 700206

how am I being negative by pointing at that anon's post? kek

No. 700208

I didn't post the memes or anything like that.
Yes it was gross. And odd too, because it's anon so why?

No. 700209

no it was me for sure, my memory is just so shit that it was totally shocking
kind of a self own to claim that post is about you kek

No. 700210

Why am I being dragged into this? More than one person finds her annoying you know.

No. 700211

Idk, I guess I expected to get some kind of "you're unhinged" reply or something similar, whatever. But vagueposting is on another level of pettiness. Maybe I'm "tumblr" but yeah, dropping hints instead of like saying things to one's face is uncomfortable.

No. 700212

>Saying things to ones face
>Lolcow.farm, an anonymous imageboard

No. 700214

This is a anonymous imageboard
Anyone can post anything they want
There can be more than 1 anon annoyed at the same thing at the same time
The world doesn't revolve around you, or around anyone here
You don't know if that was about you or not, until you started telling her she should kill herself, that she was disgusting, and etc
She didn't reply to you in any instance, there's no hints of anything until later on when you tried to purposedly infight with her
I see you have very bad rage issues, have you tried to get help with this? I'm not trying to be rude. Being so angry at some random anon's comments this way is not normal, nobody knows who's who because namefagging is not encouraged. You're really making a scene here.

I don't want to call you unhinged but, please, get help, this isn't okay.

No. 700216

Is this the same anon?
>Lolcow.farm isn't your pesonal site or space anon

No. 700217

It's an expression…

No. 700218

Perhaps not unhinged but maybe… a cow in the making?

No. 700219

expression of what? of being unhinged?

No. 700223

I didn't think it was? Being petty is the norm anyway, so I see no problem in the content of my posts. I shouldn't have made so many posts but alas I can't take them back.
Anyway bye.

No. 700226

>when you apologize about making too many posts but not about telling someone to kill themselves and making up a scene so hard that people start calling you a vulture

No. 700229

>when you get called on your shit so all you can say is "anyway bye" to save the last bit of your ego from being hurt

No. 700235

One time my dad pooped in the neighbors yard and then lied about it

No. 700237

File: 1608667404366.jpg (90 KB, 470x716, For you.jpg)

Yeah it obvious your are the same anon kek.

No. 700239

man he looks so hot here wtf

No. 700244

Are we looking at the same image? He looks like a simpsons character here

No. 700245

I guess I have to leave the sisterhood then. This is my letter of resignation as a Jungle poster.

No. 700246

File: 1608667601195.jpg (5.91 KB, 224x225, 234.jpg)

My confession is that I didn't find Adam Driver hot until right now. I literally screamed wtf im horny now

No. 700248

File: 1608667750095.jpg (20.07 KB, 300x300, ef5132f9-e9f6-408d-bf22-abf76a…)

wtf he looks like my boyfriend (real) im crying

No. 700250

File: 1608667810533.gif (239.5 KB, 512x497, 84f1e58487f5643319eff8327e75c6…)

No wait don't go
We can teach you

No. 700251

My confession is that back when the first adam driver sperging started for the first time I was the one who massively reported it as "driverposting" but now I regret it as I now find Adam Driver to be very hot. Also I love borzois

No. 700252

File: 1608667845289.jpeg (250.09 KB, 1536x2048, DE382D21-408A-4792-8543-3C9B38…)

He looks like these cats.

No. 700253

See you in 5 hours!

No. 700254

I confess that whenever I think of lolcow I think of this song

No. 700257

They're the cutest anon

No. 700259

File: 1608668244658.jpeg (35.71 KB, 275x275, 47EA4ED0-F48E-45B0-A5D6-A1475A…)

It’s kind of cringy tbh.

No. 700260

both disgusting

No. 700261

File: 1608668295527.jpeg (25.31 KB, 328x328, 75612B85-A3CD-4386-B6B8-735736…)

They’re absolutely adorable.

No. 700263

they're so derpy but so cute

No. 700269

Confession #1: I hate what this site is doing to me. I hate Star Wars but with every picture I see of the Driver I find him sexier and sexier. I've never been more ashamed to be a bihet.

No. 700270

Confession #2: I'm so happy I was born female. If I had been born a male I'm sure would have been the most insufferable dude. I would have also been a troon, I can feel that.

No. 700271

Except he's not cute.

No. 700272

so are you bi or het?

No. 700273


bi, just being facetious

No. 700274

omg same, I would had kms as a troon

No. 700275

driver is ugly as fuck but he has a je ne se quois that lures you in until you are trapped and can't escape, kinda like a chinese finger trap or football fish

No. 700296

>or football fish
Anon wtf, I love you

No. 700298

I'm kinda jealous of all the 25+ virgin farmer's. I regret every losing it. How do they even manage to stay virgins so long?

No. 700300

File: 1608670801798.jpg (46.1 KB, 498x635, IMG_20201022_175253_037.jpg)

We need to bring back Athena's cult of virgins.

No. 700301

Same. I pretty much regret all sex I had before 25.

No. 700302

I contributed to my coworker losing his job right before christmas during a pandemic and the confession is I'm not feeling even a little bit guilty. The guy did such a shit job, I'm 1000% convinced he lied about his qualifications.

No. 700307

File: 1608671179776.jpeg (27.85 KB, 400x299, C0293F80-9167-469F-9C63-E029D9…)

It's unrealistic but someday I'd like to move to Europe. There are many reasons but it couldn't happen since I don't think my family could stand it. And I would miss my sibling who needs me and as much family to help as possible.

No. 700309

I'm one of them and I managed to be a kissless, handholdingless virgin by coincidence (barely being around guys until I graduated university), being raised by religious paranoid parents and still living with them because of the current economy crisis and missing a lot of opportunities to meet cute guys I could have liked a lot. I'm starting to think I have some kid of phobia of men these days too. I don't want to lose my virginity for the sake of it, I want to have sex because I'm horny, so it's frustrating but I'm not embarrassed because I'm a virgin.

No. 700310

Every time I have to post a spoiler I go to the thread on /meta/ that says how to do it and copy it because I am afraid I will put the slash that goes in the wrong direction

No. 700314

I almost had my first time at the age of 19 but it ended up being a very horrible situation that I noped out before it happened and ended up being terrified for life lol now the idea of having sex with a guy is just a huge NOPE for me.

No. 700319

You can use two #'s on each side of the text you want to spoier, too.

No. 700321

low sex drive and i think everyone's ugly

No. 700322

Are we talking communist concrete east block, Aryan Midsommar land or Wales? Or somewhere else?
Europe is so varied

No. 700324

File: 1608671766002.jpg (75.65 KB, 700x394, d466349febe45823549ced0a10aca2…)

I'm falling hard for a streamer friend because he's handsome af and I haven't gotten any in a year. God why scrotes are the enemy

No. 700335

#Thank you#

No. 700337

Lmao i fukken messed it up

No. 700339

I’m too ugly for the scrotes around me but I also consider the majority of the scrotes around me unfuckable, so it’s a win-win situation.

No. 700343

I don't know tbh. After I posted I realized I should have changed it to say "another country" since it's not only Europe I've thought of and I'm not educated enough about it. However I have relatives (who are still alive) from Germany, so I have an interest there.
It's mostly a pipe dream I know is silly. I'm not deluded "I'll move far away and everything's better!" But I have many reasons like it reminds me of family, better climate (weather) for me, my values. Not crazy nazi values but I place importance on experiencing the world, learning from it and taking advantage of what life offers. I would really like to experience that, and also my country (the US) sucks in many practical ways. Not that anywhere else is problem-free. In fact since I lived here my whole life maybe I'd be most comfortable at home.
There are plenty of reasons it's better not to move anyways. It's kind of like a goal you had as a kid that never realizes. I used to think moving around was easier back then. That's what I like about europe as well, that you can visit all these countries nearby (sans-pandemic) and life seems richer there, but the grass is always greener

No. 700348

you're so cute lmfao

No. 700360

i'm not over 25 yet but i will probably stay virgin forever
sex is just scary and i feel sick inside when i'm even remotely sexualized by someone

No. 700374

This is so true. Maybe it's the voice?
Kinda like the Cumberbatch effect but imo Cumberbatch never stopped being a mid transformation lizard animorph weirdo
He also has some very expressive eyes, in this scene he does indeed looks like one of those cats

Sorry I will stop I don't wanna be banned

No. 700384

File: 1608675643979.png (145.73 KB, 434x470, Oi_pc_po.png)

I feel conflicted about calling myself a lesbian when I find pussy to be sort of spooky looking. Same with dicks tbh, but to a lesser extent. Kissless handhold-less virgin btw. I've only ever fapped to hentai (because genitals look less spooky when drawn).

I think if I weren't so hideous I'd probably have a GF, but I feel way too ugly to even attempt to get one. I have had fleeting crushes on boys in the past (during HS, but looking back I wonder if they were actual "Crushes" or if I just wanted them to be my friends).

Haven't had any such experience in university but that's because I'm too busy working and studying to really exist as a person keke.

No. 700392

##this is the worst drawing i've seen in my life!!!#

No. 700393

fuck i fucked up

No. 700397

27 and being an autistic schizoid only interested in anime husbandos and waifus, I was a weirdo during my school days and I never used a dating app which is how most people have sex for the first time apparently. I also like to think I have some kind of evil aura emanating from me, I'm not a neet and I'm pretty attractive yet no scrote ever tries to hit on me, feels great ngl.
I'm probably not going to remain a virgin for that much longer though, sorry to disappoint

No. 700399

LMAO anon did you draw that

No. 700403

That's what you get for insulting Detective Delicious.

He's from Higurashi, the visual novel series.

No. 700405

i admire them since it seems so many of them are content or happy with being virgins at that age. meanwhile i felt defective for not losing my virginity until i was over 18. i feel so weak lmao

No. 700450

I work retail and there used to be a security guard that occasionally came around for his patrols. One day, I decided to stare at him until we made eye contact. He looked away, but I just kept staring and made my eyes wider. He looked over at me again, and ran out of the store. Needless to say, I don’t see security guards at my store anymore.

No. 700468

27 years old virgin here… I'm just a somewhat solitary person by nature, sex and relationships don't seem to interest me beyond an occasional "that would be nice, i guess"… I used to feel there was something wrong with me, but now I'm pretty happy with it.

No. 700472

I miss everything feeling numb, having emotions again, so to say, overwhelms me and I can't stand it. It's exhausting. I know I should be thankful getting over this year-long slump, but I'm not.

No. 700508

I want to have friends but I also have no idea what sort of friends I’d want. I’ve sort of jumped around to different groups and always feel like some outsider worming myself in and eventually give up. Also, seeing people be nice to each other on here warms my heart and it’s something I want drastically. I love how warm and kind so many women are!

No. 700509

I left my roommate's dirty dishes in the sink and washed everything else because I grew tired of him just dropping his shit off in the sink and then we have to clean it. He does literally nothing all day, the fucking NEET. I work from home and so does my bf and we have to do everything. he washes the fucking dishes maybe once a month, we wash them daily. fucking autist.

No. 700511

One time I was in a friend group with a bunch of scrotes and I hated them and everything they said, but I just needed friends because I was so lonely and sad so I stayed. I dipped pretty quickly but fuck, it helped solidify the fact that scrotes are gross.

No. 700568

my EX boyfriend is a lolicon and pretty much a pedophile. i feel so much rage, i was sent screenshots of texts he’d been sending rping with girls pretending to be underage. like ddlg but extreme. i have no hope left

No. 700630

She mocked my vent post :) yes I think she should kill herself for that.

No. 700715

File: 1608712798954.png (267.11 KB, 717x717, bonk!.png)

i just turned 25 and decided early on that i wouldn't lose it until i entered a committed relationship. in my late teens and early 20s, i was too depressed and anxious to date because of childhood trauma. i haven't naturally got to know guys i feel 100% comfortable around either (altho i regularly get asked out and shit). 95% of students in my grade are female so i haven't gotten the chance to organically get to know guys my age. it's factors like that, really. just coincidences and me being stubborn when it comes to my principles. i have worked through a lot of trauma in therapy and think i'm ready to date next year.

i used to be anxious about still being a ~virgin~ but now i'm like who cares!! i could easily lose it but want to be comfortable doing so and i think i'd only be comfortable with a significant other. guys i've made out with at parties and stuff haven't made me feel comfortable enough to go further. i've never had a bf, but people naturally assume i have at least one ex kek.

No. 700750

I already posted this in some other thread sometime back, I have a lot of OC concepts that I often insert into shows I maybe watching/watched and fantasize about how they'd interact with the story and characters

my current OC is in killing eve, he's an Assassin like Villanelle but he's also her exact opposite, he's emotionless and almost animalistic in his work, he is disgusted by all forms of Human sexuality and is a Assassin only because of circumstance, I have this recurring theme for him that he wanted to be a Theologian

I wanted there to be a argument between Villanelle and my OC about whose the worst monster, someone who enjoys killing and makes a show of it or someone who feels no emotion and does the act like any other Job, In the season finale there would be a fight scene where Villanelle and Eve have to both work together to stand a chance at beating him (cause he's almost like this unstoppable soulless machine) but then I know he won't actually ever be in the show and I get IRL sad

No. 700754

File: 1608719911851.jpeg (316.22 KB, 1057x2208, 20096545-0D26-4562-B601-8B8708…)

No. 700757

Ugh you reminded me of my ex who had pedophic tendencies if not an out right pedo. I should've dipped when he said he thought I was 15 (he was 26) and said even if I had been he would've still fucked me and that apparently he asked his friends if I looked of aged and they encouraged him to have sex with me but just not ask my real age. As well as he sexualized that girl from lazy town who I'm pretty sure was underaged when she played that role. He also of course masturbated to lolicon and tried to get me to understand how it was okay and how I should try to masturbate to shota lol. I absolutely am repulsed by myself for ever being with him but I was dumb and though older men were so cool and mature, yuck.

No. 700764

What vent post? wut lmao
how do you even know? confession-chan just seemed to come here to confess about random crap and then you made it about yourself

No. 700776

I think Jisoo from Blackpink looks lifeless and special needs

No. 700797

You made this exact same post, word for word, in the last confessions thread. I make OCs for other shows too tho. And I always have them fuck half the cast.

No. 700815

i know she has a thread here but i actually enjoy myah alanna's music. somebody pls hit me in the back of a head with a shovel and tell me to get better taste

No. 700825

It's the neck

No. 700826

My OCs rarely last more than a season and don't ever have romantic/sexual relationships with characters other then other OC's, e.g for my killing eve OC I have sorta ofa happy later sad ending for him, after he gets thrown out of a 2 story window by Eve and Villanelle he manages to survive and stumbles away to freedom, he makes it to the open road and collpases where he is found by a group of elderly southern church ladies who take him in, he loses his memory and gets a job as a laborer in the church the old ladies went to and for the first time in his life he's and Happy and content, the Church and the small town however is being harrased by this racist biasnessman who wants to tear it down for "money reasons"(havent really thought this threw yet) and in the end my OC ends up killing the old man and his sons in a fit of rage in which his memory gets restored and he remembers the monster he actually is, after which he remembered what he has to do, kill Villanelle and so he leaves as the people who once trusted him and viewed him as one of their own stare in horror

No. 700833


>Idk why kids here think that you need to be a complete doormat to men or wish all male fetuses are aborted.

child brains thinking in extremes

pinkpill is not about man hating, at least not from when i found it. it's hating shit scrote behaviours and warning others to not fall prey to moid manipulations

No. 700838

Nayrt and I agree, but all image boards are hot houses for allowing ideologies to mutate into extremes. What made us think we would be any different here?
Everyone got so polarised

No. 700839

I thought casa blanca was in europe

No. 700842

I sometimes get mad at myself for not doing anything, like I was a good 3-4 Inches taller then most girls my age and I was pretty physically active as a kid, I could have easily beaten my bullies yet I was scared shitless of them, also I was scared of getting in trouble like my brother, he got expelled cause he got into a couple fights also with assholes who were bullying him, but in hindsight my brother fared much better then me
He got into a new school with a fresh start and made lots of friend's, he didnt have to go through years of name calling and teasing and all our younger cousins look up to him for fighting back

No. 700872

I use to mix it with the hague (has a completely different name in my language wtf) which I thought it was in africa

No. 700898

My geographically challenged sister you, I had a friend who thought kenya was in asia based on the name and you know what? I get that

No. 700902

I thought Casablanca was some kind of famous building. This post made me realize it's actually a city.

No. 700906

I used to think Stonehenge was on the Easter Island

No. 700909

Thx you too ♥

No. 700914

It's because of the Spanish name, isnt it? It's in Morocco in case other anons didn't know yet.

No. 700915

File: 1608740092640.png (22.47 KB, 297x303, egypt.png)

Years ago I worked a job in a store and I got into an argument with a weird old customer where Egypt was. I thought it was in Africa, he told me it was in Asia. He demanded I'd go on his radioshow and tell his audience I thought Egypt was in Africa (needless to say I didn't do that). It's actually in both, but I like to think I was 90% right.

No. 700924

As a dutchfag I’m loling. Is it just Den Haag in your language or is it something completely different anon?

No. 700926

i wanna get drunk with all the anons in the pro ana scumbags thread. it’d be so fun

No. 700929

It's an African country wtf is wrong with your customer? Did he even go to school?

No. 700930

damn i thought it was some dessert like mont blanc or tiramisu lmao

No. 700931

YES and i havent seen the movie so i hve been: dumb

No. 700932

I read desert instead of dessert and thought ???? damn is tiramisu named after a desert?

No. 700934

It's not a direct translation but I think it was meant to sound as close as possibly when pronouncing it? The result is: it sounds like a city that could be in my country, but I know it isn't. It didn't register to me that it could be a north/central european city because it didn't end in a consonant

No. 700935

yeah, we're fucking funny on that thread

No. 700957

the vibes are so good as well

No. 700959

>good vibes on lc
not possible.

No. 700960

File: 1608743298194.jpg (27.05 KB, 474x449, 465835_82647353_43673.jpg)

cyberbullying my childhood bully
>be autistic goody-two-shoes teacher's pet
>get called nerd, used for copying and excluded otherwise
>she spreads rumours about me
>talks shit to her older sisters
>older kids i don't even know start to bully me
>call me stupid, ugly, idiot, hopeless
>get slapped in the face and punched as a dare
>people laugh "OMG she didn't even react!"
>be too scared to do anything because the bitch's mom is a teacher
i found her profile on socials and had a plan
>get a few fake accounts, 7-8
>add her on some, follow each other
>pick out her ugly ass photos (lots to choose from)
>badly done fake tan in 2018
>wonky eyebrows she never learned how to shape
>still the same crunchy hairstyle since middle school that thinned her hair out
>wide as fuck nose from every angle
>barely out of highschool and already gaining weight
>visibly decaying and wonky calculus teeth
share the photos and comment on her appearance just like she loved to judge mine
>laugh reacting on her profile
>roasting the aforementioned features
>interacting in the comments like real people
the next day her shared photos are gone

No. 700961

It's not a north or central european city lol

No. 700962

huh… that's kinda shitty but this is lolcow so my morals are out the window; nice job anon! hope you made that little bitch cry!

No. 700968

Okay sorry ~Western europe

No. 700970

You did a good job, anon.

No. 700983

File: 1608744722995.jpeg (39.88 KB, 500x413, 73C857E5-61E4-445A-AC1A-47E689…)

No. 700993

>pick out ugly ass photos
See this is the only flaw: You did her a favor by picking the photos where she looked the worst cause now she knows to take them down and can write it off as just not having looked her best.
You should've taken the photos where she looked decent and shat on them anyway, so she'd be more insecure.

4/10 evil poorly executed.

No. 700995

seems less shitty than slapping/punching someone imo

No. 701014

File: 1608747256625.jpg (18.42 KB, 640x360, Tomoko.jpg)

oh anon i didn't just do that. over the course of a few months during that time, i made a page here and there larping as a stacy. models, run of the mill type, lingerie, thin, boobie streamer, all sorts of beautiful women. and i followed her humpty dumpty boyfriend with all of them.

i checked her again and she still has a receding hairline with thinning frizzy hair, potato nose and flabby body. everyting is the same, she just uses the eye enlarging filter. lmao at least i learned how to fix, hide or compensate for my flaws. overall i wouldn't mind if she learned from it. less of an eyesore for people to look at and still kind of helping another girl. lol

No. 701080

at the rate things were going for me a few years ago I think I was rapidly approaching cow territory. i lived in a small town in an abusive relationship that I felt trapped in and I did a lot of dumb shit on the internet for male attention. my antics led to me being sexually assaulted by one of my online orbiters.

my life did a complete 180 when i moved to a major city & dumped my ex. i think so many of these 18-21 year old cows are just geographically isolated which fuels their personality disorders when they're online. the dating selection in small towns is not good, especially if you're looking for someone who shares your interest or aesthetic.

i'm also really sad to see how many of these girls insist that they're still sober if they drink alcohol because it isn't their drug of choice. like i read through vivadrag's thread for the first time yesterday and she was saying that drinking white claw is fine because she's not using narcotics (which is probably a lie) is just so sad to watch.

idk i'm just rambling but i'm so happy that I was able to get help when I got it. it's really sad to watch some of these girls abusing themselves

No. 701333

I’m gonna get my lips done next year i can’t wait

No. 701341

File: 1608763125386.jpg (139.69 KB, 1840x1175, 894.jpg)

I unironically love and am horny for tomboy gf.

No. 701353

>>700960 what you did was amazing. You did a very goob job. Kudos to you!!!

No. 701361


anyone know any iconic tom boy gfs?

No. 701382

me too and i hate that this dumb internet shit makes me horny.

No. 701396

this is literally the cool girl personality in a different skin

No. 701401

File: 1608766764108.jpg (103.11 KB, 1200x921, Tomboy_2eb02b_8028483.jpg)

Yeah that's why it's in the CONFESSION thread. Take out the obvious try-hard appeal to men part and it could be a decent meme.

No. 701414

I ate 5 ferrero rochers and don't even feel sick

No. 701418

It apparently was 4, but still.

No. 701423

Is this supposed to happen?

No. 701429

File: 1608769189885.jpg (120.31 KB, 634x922, H0ATaMp.jpg)

Hello anons, I have came here for a little update and a few other things.

- Discord guy send me a friend request, he hasn't been that active anymore, but he started to feel more comfortable around me. I can tell that he likes me, maybe still not friends but I get some favoritism.

- Girlfriend hasn't been active either, I couldn't find much about her, and the only account I got of her was empty. Still looking for information.

- I have read all of his past messages and started to copy the way he types, apparently that's a way to get familiarity with someone. On a side note, apparently he once sent a voice message before, but I can't open it, I need get him drunk or something again so I could get more pictures that aren't just messy room stuff.

- Some girl that was already on the server began to talk to him too, I found out that she is young, but she kept sending sexual messages about him on the general channel. Maybe she was joking, but it lasted for a long time. She isn't a problem anymore, she didn't leave the server but her account is dead. I believe she won't some back.

I expect to find more information and see what happens next, but that's all that had happen ever since my first post. I hope to find more in the future. I'll make another post once something more intertaining takes place.

No. 701432

That's not too bad, I ate 1000 calories of chocolate covered liquorice yesterday lmao. Honestly fuck Christmas, I can't control myself around junk food so if it's not gifted to me I don't keep it in the house. This is why.

No. 701433

You genuinely scare me, what the fuck is this, get therapy.

No. 701439

I am not usually into nutella but when it's inside of a cronchy ball? I am gonna inhale a few, it's sickly sweet and i think i will feel grossed out after but no, i will pop another one, come confess here, repeat tomorrow. we had a tough year, lets snack around a little, anons!!

No. 701441

what was the first post?

No. 701462

holy shit, this is insane. anon needs to get help or locked up.

No. 701465

We're witnessing an anti-hero's origin story unfold.

No. 701467

File: 1608770942094.jpg (263.45 KB, 465x916, qakAa5r.jpg)

I don't know how to link to a specific post of another thread, but I took a screenshot.

No. 701468

I deleted the photo due to bad grammar, so here it is again. >>701467

No. 701475

The crazy anon's writing style is so cute! A true yandere kek

No. 701479

File: 1608771367997.jpg (14.09 KB, 150x145, Kenzo.JPG)

What is your end goal anon, I'm scared ?

No. 701483

She just sounds like an autistic ESL.

No. 701488

Her and Victorian-anon should team up.

No. 701489

it's adorable, makes me think of Develv's special brand of ESL ramblings

No. 701501

Keep up the journaling Psychological Horror anon! It’s probably better for you to do that than keep this in a physical notebook and spiral farther without any outside input calling you out on your crazy. Why do you do this? Was this “social experiment” completely unprompted on your end? Have you ever done this before? What requirement has to be met for you to stop? This is genuinely interesting. Is your use of the Monster images ironic, or did the series influence your decision to do any of this?

No. 701520

you remind me of some edgelord I knew on an anime forum, are you sure you're not the same bitch

No. 701557

Haha, thank you.

Sure, I would like to share my progress with someone. ♥

>Why do you do this? Was this “social experiment” completely unprompted on your end?

Kind of, I like to do things mostly unprompted, but I have a goal, I don't want to say it here by now, but I'm just testing the waters for a while.

>Have you ever done this before?

No exactly, I mean, I have in fact lied to get myself in certain groups, I haven't been caught, but this time I want to go much deeper.

>What requirement has to be met for you to stop?

I guess until Discord guy leaves the Internet, I don't think that would happen since he seems to love attention. So, I guess it would only stop if it turns out that he has been lying about everything and he isn't truly real.

>Is your use of the Monster images ironic, or did the series influence your decision to do any of this?

I love Monster, I also want to start reading more mangas of the same author, but I haven't gotten the time. But, not going to lie, it has in fact given me some influence on trying this experiment.

I haven't posted anything in any anime forums, so no, that's not me.

No. 701630

Sometimes I can only poop with the lights off.

No. 701653

I feel a great disconnect with everyone around me, even online I feel I can't ever fit in, so I talk to myself a lot, I make up scenarios in which I talk and people actually listen to me, everyone says I'm actually annoying when I do talk IRL and when my mothers around I just feel like a complete loser, she doesn't say anything infront of people she just gives a look, on the car ride home when were coming home after going to a party or visiting our relatives she goes off on me saying "why are you so set on embarrassing me" "why do you act this way" "What Sin did I do against for you to humiliate like this" are common points of what she often says

My younger sister and brother have all outgrown me, even they view me with pity and don't actually want to hangout with me, I have no friends, I'm basically a NEET(I have a part time job but I never finished my education due to bullying and low grades), live with my parents despite being 23 and I have never had a friend and yet despite being low dreg of humanity I do judge others and society
I am disgusted by what I see online and IRL, I don't understand women or men and I wish all of humanity would end

I guess I'm just a loser who will likely overdose on painkillers one day and I dont think anyone but my father and siblings will care, I hope the buddhists are wrong I don't ever wanna come back on this earth

No. 701655

I was gonna designate a bunch of the freebies I got at bath and body works for myself, since it's the annual buy 3 get 3 mess, I've got a shitton. I ended up expending most of what I didn't give to my family and friends to my coworkers, alongside other gifts I'd had and not given yet. I feel like it's been a really bad year, and while we're not all in the best straits or on our best behavior, especially my boss who seems absolutely mental atm, I think it'd make them happy to give them each individual gifts in addition to the cookies + candy canes I got them. I feel like they've tried their best to be sane during this and I want them to feel happier, just as I secretly want to be happier in spite of my misery. I hope they appreciate it

No. 701700

File: 1608794630496.jpg (70.15 KB, 330x367, pigeon_antics.jpg)

your mom sounds like a narc. my narcdad said these exact same phrases. as if my whole existence and purpose was to ruin him. this, or you might have aspergers which she doesn't understand.
everybody seems to be a shallow fuck nowadays. women want money and men want sex, and children are being more and more spoiled and narcissistic. my younger siblings are both megalomaniacs and i am currently unemployed. previously i had lived completely independent but corona fucked me over. now the little shits have a superiority complex, on top of being misogynist. one of them gets off on manipulating others when he is bored, and the other is so antisocial i am counting down the days until his probable school shooting.
when i think of the world ending, i feel kind of happy that the countless shitty people will all cease to exist.

No. 701721

The thing is my siblings aren't that bad, like they have accomplished a lot, they both get good gardes, have friends and both are well liked
I feel less compared to them, I probably get along better with my sister then my other family members, she makes some attempt to understand me and has my back most of the time, but I can tell she sorta pity's me, when I ask her If we can hangout she sighs and does it like its a chore and has a habit I really dislike, which is her often insulting other people she's around, she often jokes about me being ugly or that I don't have good social sense and while I tell her those comments can hurt, she says thats the way she just is and I should just learn to deal with it cause the world isn't gonna change for me

No. 701722

File: 1608796298200.jpg (98.75 KB, 1080x1080, cowies.jpg)

>parasocial relationships are the downfall of society
i am watching a streamer on twitch because i want to feel connected to somebody. she is just hanging out with her friend, and her cats while smoking and drawing. her background music is so chill and her voice so cute, but i don't even listen to what she says with my full attention, i purely enjoy to hear her talking. her voice reminds me of an old friend. she made a discord channel but i feel kind of pathetic to join.

No. 701724

If it Makes you feel any better I form para-social relationships with people in random documentaries I find on YouTube

No. 701727

I keep coming back to this website even though I've outgrown it.

No. 701728

I let a random faceless stranger from discord denigrate me and judge my body by sending him nudes. I don't care if he leaks them I have nothing to lose. He's ignoring me now and I feel even lonelier ever. I wish he would respond to my messages but I think he's probably done with me. Despite his cruelty he was my only source of affection and I'm depressed about it.
I know I'm an idiot and I get what I deserve and etc.

No. 701736

File: 1608797364257.png (518.53 KB, 593x635, papaparrots.png)

what kind of documentaries are they? i haven't seen many where i could connect with a person. i watched hoarders, old british weightloss shows, urban exploration and animal documentaries.

the girl i watch doesn't even live in the same time zone so i watch her streams when they are off live. i don't know which would make me more of a simp. seeking out these videos or if i would schedule to watch her live.

No. 701759

Well I watch from journeyman pictures, old Al Jazeera, DW Documentary, Thames e.t c channels, and the ones I watch are usually about random people from unique cultures or subcultures or who work in odd professions and their day to day lives, e.g yesterday I watched a documtentary about Albanian Trash pickers, A Bulgarian woman who works in a bullet factory and while the main subject of those were about about the trash picking Industry or the weapons company you get glimpses inside the lives of the people in that documentary and their day to lives, their hopes and dreams

This one for e.g is one of my favorites, Its supposed to be about a unique cultural group in Laos but ends up being The glimpse in the life of dysfunctional family and their narcissistic patriach

No. 701781

I don't think you're an idiot and that you deserve to be treated this way. Everyone does dumb shit sometimes, but you aren't absolutely defined by them. I hope you find friends and loved ones who can give you genuine affection and care, that you are able to feel better about yourself soon, and that you give yourself the respect and understanding you deserve.

No. 701790

File: 1608802446509.png (2.22 MB, 1920x1080, 2017-01-11-36.png)

I don't particularly like Konosuba but I like the second OP

No. 701793

I have a limited spectrum of emotion and those that I do feel are rare. I can’t connect with anyone. sometimes i think i’m an autist but socially i’m good

No. 701817

I've never in my life went clothes shopping for myself. Literally every single piece of clothing I own is a hand-me-down, something my mother saw while she was out and thought I'd like, or some kind of souvenir.

No. 701831

Same. I've started hating most of the posters here since the beginning of this year but there's nowhere else to go.

No. 701839

Why do you hate us bitch, we're so lovable. Must be jealous of our lack of nasolabial folds.

No. 701848

File: 1608809704300.jpg (40.07 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mgs2qb0OXY1qze5veo1_500…)

I often have those nightmares about getting an ass cancer or some painful bleeding sponge or mushroom-like looking things growing on my ass cheeks, it makes me paranoid

No. 701851


No. 701896

i made it my goal to get the splits or touch my toes every new year but i never have because i hate stretching so much. it would be cool to do it but actually doing it sounds miserable.
those videos of stacies going
>get the splits in 1 day!
don't help either

No. 701915

Insecurities, not wanting to get hurt.
Childhood trauma.
Many things >>700715 wrote.
We 25+ virgins all want for the "one".

No. 701917

It's because all those "get your splits in (impossibly short timeframe)" videos encourage you to stretch as far as you can push yourself which hurts a lot and to stretch through the pain. I used to hate stretching too until I realized you don't need to stretch further than a slight discomfort, which is super doable and easy to hold.

No. 701931

Am I just short or is it uncommon to be able to touch your toes? Wouldn't say I'm in great shape either. Just curious.

No. 701932

File: 1608818632620.jpg (109.85 KB, 1092x748, raccoon sitting on kerb.jpg)

I want to unplug the wifi and pretend it's an outage so I can get out of my shitty work from home job for an hour or so. I got the idea because there recently was an actual outage that lasted over a day and coincedentally started JUST when my 4 days of vacation began. There's only 2.5 hours left but I'm so over this and I want to relax before I work christmas tomorrow. I hate this company so much.

No. 701933

It all comes down to hip flexibility and hamstrings. It’s possible for every average human but most will take some loosening up first if they spend a lot of time sitting.

No. 701946

File: 1608822809679.jpg (113.62 KB, 1080x1080, 6DE7DCB6-A843-485B-8EF2-A6D55F…)

in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit. my confession is that i genuinely believe most men need to be treated like dogs. they are dumb and don't realise that their actions have consequences unless they are "punished" for it. and unlike dogs, who have lots of love to give, men are devoid of this. i hate it here!!!

anyway, i've been ignoring one of my housemates since september (will continue to do this as long as i live here) and he has finally changed some of his annoying behaviour. did he change after i talked to him like a normal person and politely asked him? nope. he changed after i ignored him like you would ignore a dumbass dog who has done something bad but is too stupid to realise. funny how that works.

No. 701953

I believe the reason I’m so materialistic is that physical items are the only thing in my life that makes me happy. Almost everything gives me anxiety. Things don’t. Life is just a big ‘ol struggle to me so buying a thing that makes me happy and I can look at all the time makes it a bit easier.

No. 702005

File: 1608830802823.jpg (9.65 KB, 236x293, 7fbb4d492c7d87a7fe564dda524512…)

I use to watch disgusting fetish crap on YouTube when I was younger literally when I was in elementary school (1st or 2nd grade) it was mostly breast expansion or male to female transformations and other fetishes I don't recall.I had the computer all to myself,my parents were no where to be found.i don't know how I even stumbled upon such perverse garbage but holy crap I was addicted to watching it and I had that funny "feeling" on my stomach I even recall watching some vore clip from that anaconda movie
I really wished my parents never left me alone with a computer,they did the same mistake when I turned 10 when they first purchased a laptop for me and still I continued viewing it except it wasn't on YouTube that much but I began viewing fetish art instead (whyyy)
To this day I regret viewing such dirty content when I was younger but at least I'm thankful that I didn't gain any fetishes from it since it's male oriented shit

No. 702055

The more time I spend on this earth the more I agree with that way of thinking.

No. 702064

File: 1608841097383.jpeg (57.71 KB, 637x350, B533A12E-C004-47C3-9369-85DFD9…)

since it's the confessions thread same here. Maybe not to the same degree but as a kid on deviantart I read smut stories about expansion (usually breasts). I still remember one where she's sitting in a chair outdoors and somehow her boobs pump bigger and bigger til she floats away. The floating was built up to like an orgasm, that's how these stories went. There was another basically feeder-tier one where the woman was blown up huge in a room. Some other character came in and walked around on her and she moaned. Kek it's hilarious now to recall, wtf.
Nonetheless so help me anon, I was 12 and I got the tingly feeling. Kid's minds are so impressionable. I'm female and no other clue why it affected me. However, like you I have no lasting effects from it. That shit is hilariously gross to me now. I can't believe that happened.
Most of the time you hear from people who still have the fetishes as an adult. I'm glad there's another like me who doesn't at all. Like you said, maybe since we're not scrotes. Sorry we both experienced it in the first place.

No. 702067

I had a fakeboi phase simply because I was too autistic to realize bihet girls can like bara tiddy too, I thought it was just a gay man thing

No. 702090

i consider trump somewhat of a father figure (no ddlg)

No. 702093

He literally wants to fuck his daughter

Also, I really mean no offense by this, but how bad were the men in your life for Trump, of all people, to be a father figure

No. 702094

does he look like your dad or share mannerisms? he does with mine, F

No. 702118

I've been questioning my bisexuality a lot recently and wonder if I'm actually a lesbian as I've realized the only men I've ever been attracted to are from anime and video games kek. I feel way too old for this, I've never dated and I don't want to go through another existential crisis over my sexuality that I don't even live.

No. 702120

Are we the same person anon?

No. 702130

I keep my bf's friend's dirty socks

No. 702135

File: 1608847274525.jpeg (270.83 KB, 1400x787, daddysgirl.jpeg)