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No. 675792

Be honest with thy word

previous thread: >>>/ot/653758

No. 675795

File: 1605593370312.jpg (24.68 KB, 439x284, 226e32e2862b764fd8b52447ffd2be…)

I never want to do the 50/50 thing with a man, financially.
Man wants me to live with him, he pays the bills. In exchange, I exist in his vicinity so he feels blessed every day to have someone who will cuddle him, ask how his day is, kiss him and genuinely care when he comes home instead of having to throw himself into shitty, empty hobbies and porn addiction. He doesn't appreciate it? That's fine, I leave.
Women underestimate how important they are to a man's life and it's insane honestly. Men fall into disrepair over that feelie when no gf, without fail. They are fundamentally broken beings. Most women dislike being alone because we want someone to give our love to, and to be loved by. Men will literally kill innocent people and themselves if they're alone, even if they don't even have any love in their hearts to give. It's messed up and we are not the same.
My requirements: Cherish and love me, don't be ugly/fat, pay the bills, give me money to look cute, don't be a stupid enough bitch to make me upset, and I will cherish and love you too, be a ray of sunshine in your life, make beautiful memories with you, and ensure that you are at least 60% less likely to join the male suicide statistic.
All my money is for my own upkeep should you fail to provide, and also to allow me to get the fuck away from you if you mess up.
This is more than a fair deal, and if any male can't afford it, he doesn't deserve it.

No. 675807

I feel a burgeoning calling in life to convince both men and women that their drive to be with each other is not rooted in any inherent need but rather an outdated construct that now shackles them to a false feeling of listlessness and unfulfillment, which if consummated will only perpetuate the cycle of pain and misery.

I want people to collectively give up on each other and wander out into the wilderness naked and at peace, alone as individuals, and sink into the earth to be overcome by moss and time.

I don't know how this would ever come to be but it can't be by violence, and people must believe they've come to this conclusion themselves.

No. 675812

This tbh.
I also would never go 50/50 with a man. Most men today are sadly dusties and most women think they need to "prove" themselves to men and split the bill but this mindset only benefits men. Fuck liberal feminism. Always remember that you are worth it & are the prize.

No. 675815

Real queen shit, pick mes can weep lmao.

No. 675819

I once spent more than what's reasonable on shampoo and conditioner and some hair mask (I think?) because my kpop oppar used it too and I wanted to smell like him lmao

No. 675820

What exactly did you buy? Does it smell good?

No. 675822

I dont split the bill to prove anything. I split it because i dont need or want the money of a man i barely know. I make men prove themselves to me by other means.

No. 675830

I feel like if I don't pay then I'll be obliged to the man and he might expect something else in return for whatever he spent his money on. If I pay for my own thing then I feel like the man doesn't have a hold over me and he can't say he did this or that for me so I gotta return it.

No. 675834

you sound unhinged and i hardly doubt you are anywhere near as good a partner as you make yourself out to be, cut it out with that "ray of sunshine" bs it's extremely narcy.

No. 675837

I feel exactly the same. Too many men act like they're treating you out of the kindness of their heart but really just pay to get sex.

No. 675845

I've been playing with faceswapping and facemorphing tech, why the fuck is it so addicting

No. 675848

Men talk about how women are high-maintenance because we might want a nice gift every now and then, but not the fact that men are psychologically high-maintenance because of toxic masculinity and them being actually unhinged or just emotionally retarded. Also, the fact that they literally lower our lifespans and that we are statistically at high risk of intimate partner violence precisely because of how psychologically high maintenance they are.
We "prove" ourselves by giving their asses the time of day, lol.

You just sound like you’re projecting your own inferiority. It's not even about me specifically or what I do. Think of how many simps literally pay Twitch titty streamers who don't give a fuck about them to say their name and a “thank you” just for the emotional high. It’s a function, not a glitch. Men mentally die without women acknowledging them and being nice to them. It barely matters how we do it.

Aside from that, I didn't just magically come to this conclusion. I first started to think seriously about it because my own boyfriend literally tells me how much he appreciates me and what I do for him every day, and he doesn't expect shit from me except to love him. I didn't get it at first because I thought what I was doing was just normal, but eventually, I thought about what I do for him, how much I did in my last relationship that was never reciprocated, how most men treat their female SOs and the roles that women often play, and just put two and two together.

Women spend so much time thinking they bring nothing to the table if they're not meeting the physical and monetary parts 50/50, even though more often than not, we fill out emotional demands 80/20. Ask almost any girlfriend, mother or wife, she’ll basically tell you the same about her role if she bothers to even tally up what she does.

The woman is traditionally the “heart” of the relationship, but we’re also expected to make money and do chores while the man acts like a maladjusted child? And they already make more money than us on average because of sexist hiring practices and institutions beyond our control, but we need to pretend it’s all equal? It’s a huge fucking scam. Get the fuck out of my face with your fake equality if you buy it lol.
If you feel more humble and worthy pretending nothing we do is worth anything unless we're giving them money or sex, that’s you, but please stay down there and don’t try and drag others down with you.

No. 675860

>stay down there and don’t try and drag others down with you.
No need to when you're already dragging yourself down. Why even waste your "precious" time and energy on men when they're so shit lol

No. 675866

Because I actually can care for someone if I know they care for me, aren’t being complete selfish assholes and are trying in earnest, in spite of their issues. Especially if they’re actually growing and learning as a result of me being there for them.
That’s kind of the nature of any good relationship. I’m surprised you’d even ask, I’ve only ever seen actual, literal narcs be unable to comprehend something this simple, lmao.
Women who opt out of relationships completely because they haven’t found any man worth their time are valid too, though. It’s like males are getting worse and worse every day, and pick mes are just coping harder in response, lol

No. 675880

the irony of calling someone a narc when your idea of someone not being a "complete selfish asshole" is paying for your entire existence

No. 675884

>this lack of reading comprehension
It’s usually broke men who play dumb like this, they love to gaslight. Cry harder lol, women will continue to realise their worth

No. 675885

dude no one is buying this shit just stop posting

No. 675887

What are you even talking about? What is there to buy? It's like you're just replying because you're pissed at this point, give it a rest.

No. 675896

are you the anon from the ugly men/beautiful wives thread?

No. 675909

no? schizo-chan please…

No. 675912

>I'm a leech: The Post
Why do women like this exist?

No. 675919

>I'm broke and entitled, please give me free emotional labor: The Post
No one's forcing you to date anybody, you realize?

No. 675920

>broke and entitled
That's literally the woman that wrote the original post

No. 675921

Brokeness would being male, having the financial world handed to you on a silver platter and still demanding that women cover your bills by half.
Entitlement would be demanding to have all your emotional needs met, then denying the importance and existence of those needs so you look better when you demand more.
Stick to your budget and you won't have to get so annoyed by posts like this. Everyone to their own category.

No. 675926

i can kind of see your point but it comes off as a bit tradthotish

No. 675942

I get how it might look that way, but honestly, even tradthots believe that women need to do something for men, like have babies and do chores. IMO, women don't really need to do anything. Just being there and giving attention while being female upgrades a man's life automatically, let alone actually caring about him and accepting (and trusting) him enough to live with him. It lends the whole relationship a crazy imbalance that makes it senseless for women to add money or physical labor on top.
Even a man with the most problematic girlfriend on earth likes being able to say "My girlfriend" more than "I don't have a girlfriend", and that's why MGTOW fails.

No. 675969

I've been struggling with mental health in relation to an abusive/toxic relationship where i was the one at fault and its been hard to process the grief I've attempted twice and I've thought about it. Today i have a therapy appointment so hopefully its helpful i feel like I'm going more for my friends tho

No. 675971

Fourth wave feminism

No. 675972

>anyone who disagrees with me is a man!
Classic arguing technique

No. 675977

There is exactly one demographic that "I don't pay men's bills" would enrage enough to fling insults without thought.

No. 675984

You wouldn't be paying their bills though, you'd just be paying for yourself lol

No. 675996

Reality is an awful lot of men resent spending money on a woman if they are not getting alot in return. If sex slows down after the honeymoon phase he'll feel entitled to berate you like a child. If you won't do anal after he's asked a million times he'll throw the money issue in your face as leverage. He'll treat you like a child because he's supporting you and that creates that dynamic in his mind.

Nice fantasy, good luck not having men eventually turn resentful and controlling because you set them up to feel 'owed more' IME a man who thinks you're in debt to him is dangerous.

No. 675999

Exactly. Financial manipulation/abuse seems to escape OP.

No. 676000

based as hell

No. 676001

Slightly OT, but if you have to pay someone to keep you company, the person that is paid for has the upper hand. You can lose the money but they will always stay their likeable selves and can find someone else.

No. 676006

Prostitution with a bow on it

No. 676007

They're not paying for company, they're paying for long term sex
> they will always stay their likeable selves
No you'll age and they will hate paying the same rates for you as you age

No. 676015

I’m too autistic for normal relationships. I keep thinking about just getting into kink or dating an older man as a FWB thing. I find it hard to want to devote myself to a committed partnership with someone similar to myself.

No. 676018

Just stay single if you feel the need to lower yourself to that

No. 676020

case in point: this fucking thread

No. 676022

Kek, honestly. She's right, though.

No. 676023

I reuse surgical masks. I ain't shilling 100+ bucks a month for a piece of paper with two elastic strings on it.

No. 676024

Or get a reusable mask with filters that you can reuse. Surgical masks are not that helpful for the virus unless you're using k95 or n95

No. 676026

Surgical masks are the ones my workplace provides for free, that's why I use them.
I have a cloth mask but it's so poorly made I either look like Dumbo afterwards or it just falls off my face, no inbetween.

No. 676029

Correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I know no non-medical grade mask is helpful.

No. 676038

File: 1605633215483.jpeg (926.57 KB, 2016x1736, rawImage.jpeg)

They're helpful, but they're not perfect. It's better than nothing.

The surgical mask that anon is referring to is probably the thin one that is only a little better than the cloth mask.

A link on effectiveness of cloth masks:

tl;dr: they're not useless

No. 676039

I reuse masks too, but instead of a surgical mask, I use a handmade cotton mask with a filter inside of it. I would recommend making the switch if you can.

No. 676047

get a cloth mask, cuz that's gross

No. 676061

I already pay for myself, though. Paying to live with a man, though? Nope

This is the
>He doesn't appreciate it? Fine, I leave.
>Don't be a stupid enough bitch to make me upset
This is why you don't date fully unabashed retards lmao, and as I said before, keep your own money so you're never stuck at their mercy.
It's not even a fantasy, just how I am.

No. 676064

I've never been able to talk about this because it happened on a pro-ana site (judge me, I was being retarded) but I posted my opinion on non-binary and how it's not a thing and someone got offended. I went on to explain that in my experience most people that identify as such are unwell in some way and trying to cope. The person goes on to say that they are NOT unwell, how dare you suggest their gender identity means they're mentally unstable. I point out that we were literally having this conversation on a website that promotes eating disorders. The reeing was endless and I was deemed the most problematic person on the "giving yourself anorexia is valid" forum. The end

No. 676069

Anon this should be sad but it's so goddamn funny oh my god. Gender speds really are the most retarded of all.

No. 676070

Samefag, and get the fuck off of those sites and get better if you haven't already.
>t. recovered ED fag

No. 676075

File: 1605638050055.png (50.23 KB, 209x193, 1372768687267.png)

I spent 400 dollars on the Hello Kitty x dolls kill collab and I hate myself so fucking much but I don't care because I love HK.

No. 676091

Ilu anon, don't worry I'm off those sites and doing well! Ty for the concern and for appreciating my story haha

No. 676096

Ily2 anon, I'm really glad to hear you're doing well ♥ Thank you for sharing, it gave me a laugh.

No. 676118

It did smell nice, yes! Don't remember the name anymore though, it sounded incredibly French and I've been trying to find it again for some months now lol. The only thing I remember is the packaging being dark green-blueish.

No. 676193

I feel like I am a terrible anon because I never know what kind of picrel to put in a post. I don't have a collection of reaction images, only a gif from The Room and godiwishthatwereme.jpg, even in discussion on anime or video game, instead of using a funny meme or a beautiful fanart I end up using boring official art lol. I see anons here having picrels for any kind of subject or problem no matter how specific it is, how do you do that?

No. 676194

sometimes I bring food in the bathroom with me. Not to eat it, but idk I feel paranoid just leaving it alone.

No. 676199

a mild to middling case of autism

No. 676249

File: 1605656966503.jpg (138.9 KB, 683x1024, gettyimages-108129744-1024x102…)

I love when the OPs to these threads are pissed off nuns. Makes me giggle. Also, OP nun is cute as fuck.

No. 676251

Just get really into Supernatural. They have a gif for everything, I hear.

No. 676256

I can't sexualize or imagine real people naked it, I have been this way for as long as I knew about sex. I don't even have people I want to have sex with based on appearance but I do like sex so… Even people I am relationships with I can't even sexualize. I know people say it's weird but honestly, I like not being able to do it but I also don't want to be criticize for my inability to do it.

No. 676258

too bad. horny police is coming for you. put your hands up and show us that WAP!

No. 676261

on a scale of 1 to chris chan how autistic is it that I really love my boyfriend and friends and have the most fun when we're speaking in voice chat but I can't stand sharing the same physical space with them. My bf sounds so cute right now and chill but the physical presence of him annoys me to hell.

No. 676278

As long as your bills are paid, I don't see the problem. Enjoy your new merch.

No. 676283

File: 1605660247114.jpeg (225.24 KB, 1069x1049, B1594745-49D0-4F08-85BE-E73596…)

I guess we’re both quite autistic because I love sending texts but I despise the sole idea of phone calls and meetings that are longer than 2 hours. I just get so tired, you can even notice how my face goes from focused and interested to a tired old cat face.

No. 676288

Kek you'd have to kill me to get me into Supernatural, I don't even think I've ever a spn gif here.

No. 676298

>how do you do that?
Save almost every reaction image, from every thread, imageboard or website in general, for years on end. and when you look at anime/manga just screencap and crop whichever face looks funny, or google "(character name) (whichever expression)"

No. 676341

I love trashy reality TV. The trailer for the newest season of TLC's teen mom show, Unexpected, just came out and I'm so excited to watch another installment.

No. 676352

like 8 but i kinda get it. i find it easier to communicate over text and often it is more fun because you get just that bit more time to think of an answer. still, are you sure you are actually attracted to your bf lol.

No. 676381

i appreciate the idea of minimalism but i could never quit my semi-hoarding lifestyle

No. 676423

Same. I love ANTM, it makes me feel like I have girl friends and get to experience drama and uwu love. Sometimes I even imagine them as anime girls. Please shoot me, nun

No. 676452

Honestly, I realized I don't really like having a pet too much. Like I love my cat but there are a lot of times where I just want to get rid of her and stop having someone be dependent on me. I feel horrible for feeling this way and stupid because I accepted this responsibility to take care and love her but I'm just not feeling it much.

No. 676455

i think i’m addicted to ordering delivery food

No. 676457

No. 676464

When I report posts sometimes I vent to the mod/admin about whatever it is. I’ve just reported the fucking retards on the TND thread and left a funny little message in my report. I hope they laugh. I hope.

No. 676467

File: 1605696243948.jpg (114.87 KB, 1280x720, dc1015381864e69eb4a468ebf62eac…)

I wish people bred like seahorses

No. 676468

I wish people bred like chinese people

No. 676478

i wish people bread

No. 676481

When I was a dumb kid and I watched the Thor trailer like 10 years on a tv bumper, I thought it was some action thriller or something like about an ex-soldier and that maybe Asgard was just part of his delusion, one of the reasons i thought that cause he mentioned Afghanistan

No. 676484

File: 1605699848766.jpg (28.87 KB, 480x600, ortjqewKLf1r12vqzo1_500.jpg)

As soon as I feel safe going to the doctors I'm going to see if I can get diagnosed with adhd and get a Ritalin prescription because I'm seriously at my wits end with procrastination and maladaptive daydreaming, it's destroyed what little hope I had of getting into university and is just ruining my life in general lol wish me luck

No. 676489

>I thought it was some action thriller or something like about an ex-soldier and that maybe Asgard was just part of his delusion
OMG that would be SO MUCH BETTER movie and I would watch it. DAE have any suggestions in this vein? The one movie that comes to my mind is Jacob's Ladder which I've seen already.

No. 676490

Why did you attach this photo? I don't get it

No. 676493


Go check out the ADHD thread if you haven't already. Good luck anon, medication has changed my life for the better in many ways. You can do this!

No. 676506

Obvs pic related

No. 676511

Not that I know of sorry but in terms of Games you can try maybe spec ops the line, but your praise of my dumb assumption that I had as a kid made me feel better

No. 676514

lol I fucking wish it was

No. 676700

I was at my brother's house and found his wallet sitting on the counter in the bathroom so I snooped. Was only going to take money but found little Polaroid nudes of his hot af girlfriend. I took one and I'm sure he doesn't know because he's got brain rot and smokes too much weed. She's like a taller version of Venus but with fuller lips and not weeby. I've never crushed on her because she's snobby and fucking my brother so she must be retarded, and stealing the nude is degenerate, but I'm fascinated now. I've had it for a few weeks and the Venus thread just reminded me lol. Forgive me mother.

No. 676706

File: 1605723518834.png (68.29 KB, 368x280, set-lgbtq-pride-flags-gays-260…)

i'm a queer who never remembers what any of these flags mean besides the regular old rainbow one.
also endlessly confused as to why asexuals are somehow part of the queer community… nobody is committing hate crimes against virgins or celibate people.

No. 676709

>i'm a queer
>part of the queer community
I'm gay and I honestly hate these terms

No. 676710

This is so disgusting.

No. 676711

Why is intersex here?

No. 676713

If she's posting here she's either bi or lesbian, why not state it?

No. 676715

because anon… many posters here are the type to use "queer." My confession, a few times farmers accidentally left a trace of their social media so I snooped. When I did, and it usually correlates with the thread, they were enbies (art thread), or OF girls (thread about swer), or e-girls (e-girl thread) l o l …the burden of knowledge

No. 676716

Yep "I'm a queer" is a fucking weird way of introducing yourself

No. 676717

It really doesn't matter, man. They're just symbols that are only really meaningful to the people they represent. Some people like having the distinction to support their identity or movement for visibility. Frankly, I don't even feel like this array would be supported by the majority of LGBTQ+ members. There's been a big push for years even by Tumblr users to stop including intersex people in the acronym and obviously only fools think straight people face sexual orientation based discrimination or prejudice. Asexual discourse will always toe a line though, so good luck avoiding that one.

No. 676719

I hate to be OT, but how the fuck do anons find social media accounts from profile pictures (assuming that's what you did). I asked this before, but I'm still curious. Would google reverse search even work for something like that?

No. 676720

So it's likely some genderspecial woman giving out about asexuals for just having a flag.. love to see that shit on here of all places lol

No. 676724

The only ones that should be there are the gays, lesbians and bisexuals.
Everyone else can fuck off.

No. 676725

My BF and I have been LDR for a couple months and I enjoy the sexless life and sexpressure-less life so much. We've been living together for 2 years prior to that and I kinda don't want to go back even though I miss hugs and kisses.

No. 676728

it actually wasn't that, but others might have their ways. It was things like reverse image searching the pic itself or them accidentally including their username. Or self-posts. Simple really I'm not that advanced

No. 676730

because i wanted you guys to know i'm not some dumbass straight person voicing my opinion on something i don't have experience in. chill

No. 676731

It's sometimes just a matter of luck. I was bored one time and outed a self poster based on one image that didn't show up in reverse image search but was relatively easy to dig up in 10 minutes by looking up a couple of hashtags. Sometimes anons also leave certain subtle hints where to look at.

For extra fun look up the "lolcow.farm" search term on Twitter and you'll find a ton of twitter snowflakes, trannies and scrotes seething over the site and cowtipping.

>also endlessly confused as to why asexuals are somehow part of the queer community
Because they're "oppressed" by people telling them to fuck off from LGBT circles. That's literally it.

No. 676732

>some dumbass straight person

anoon lol you're so speshul youre qweer

No. 676733

and you sound like an asexual who's mad that the lgbt community side-eyes you. but go on and keep inviting yourself to our spaces

No. 676734

offended over nothing

No. 676735

What are you then? A demigirl? kek

No. 676737

sage your posts queen

No. 676738

stop samefagging and being embarrassing

No. 676739

triggered straight asexual spotted. you aren't wanted, sorry

No. 676740

No I'm a lesbian, what are you?

No. 676741


i'm actually only >>676737 & >>676732

dunno who >>676735 is

>>676739 but yeah i'm straight and asexual i don't think asexual should be in the lgbt community and don't see myself as "queer" for not liking sex ahahah

No. 676744

straightie doing damage control once they've been called out
you guys always get so offended and pissy over nothing at all lol

No. 676746

still waiting for your identity with lesbian anon tho, being queer doesn't mean anything

No. 676749

The only thing worse than straight queers are all the straight "lesbians" in the online gc/radfem places. You can just read the straightness in all their spergs about who is and isn't actually gay.

No. 676750

File: 1605725468727.gif (232.15 KB, 267x200, 200.gif)

Idk wtf is going on right now but….

No. 676751

They/them are trolling poorly

No. 676753

Yes, it's everyone else who is triggered, only kweer OP is the true lgbtqwerty who won't even divulge what she is

wtf does this mean? Lesbians only act a certain way? Can't wait to be assumed straight for disagreeing with you

Anyway, maybe we can get back to confessions. I'm angry at my friend who is depressed, but I know I shouldn't be. It's just that she acts rude and doesn't seem open to getting better. It would sound horrible to say that though. wish I could help

No. 676754

Agreed. I feel violated just reading it.

No. 676755

talking about political lesbians i guess,

and yeah i get you, i don't have the patience for depressed friends, i'm glad my friends were here for me when i was but ugh, it's infuriating

No. 676756

oh yeah, if she meant that then ok. I thought anon was referencing those in the thread who didn't give an indication either way. lesbians can have opinions about "queer" lol

anyway with friends, that's exactly how I feel. maybe it comes with having had depression yourself, you don't want to deal with that mindset anymore. Also, there's things I had to learn to feel better, but you can't force someone else to realize those things. So frustrating

No. 676758

It means a good amount of the gc "lesbians" who rage about asexuals and pansexuals and trannies are lying about being lesbians for internet points and had they not been alienated by the retardation of current kweer theory they'd still be identifying as demisexual they/thems too. Their sexuality exists solely on the internet for cool TERF points and their anger with "queers" is 100% projection lol

No. 676760

What the fuck? Is this a thing kek that's so stupid. You can be a straight/bi woman and be gc/radfem?

No. 676765

lol that actually makes sense given what I said in this >>676715 post. lots of cognitive dissonance in those ones

No. 676767

what the fuck am I reading, get back to twitter tranny

No. 676768

Cope harder straightie. You can't honestly read through some of the shit here and on Tumblr and think all these women using their "lesbianism" as a badge authority arent roleplaying while actual lesbians are ostracized from the "community" for expressing their sexuality in "unacceptable" ways. You all lose your shit over a woman calling herself queer as if actual homosexuals and bisexuals don't use that term, but God forbid someone question you right?

No. 676769

Anon I'm pretty sure they are a radfem. Don't start eating your own now lmao

No. 676772

How is what I said even a cope? Why are you mad, it's literally true that you can be straight/bi and be gc/radfem.

No. 676774

queer anon it's gonna be ok, we are not killing lesbians and bisexual women when we're bullying you on a gossip board

No. 676785

Is this still queer op? I'm not the other lesbianon (I'm >>676713 ), just thought it was weird since people who use queer as the term for themselves are often the same types to be familiar with flags.
Women I know who use it choose to because they're unsure if they're bi or fully les, but it's really not a big deal whatever you are.
Sorry it turned into this, good grief.

No. 676788

Ah anon I’m the same with my gecko. I took him because his previous owner didn’t want him anymore. He looks so cute but is really boring. Sometimes i wish he would just die.

No. 676789

> Sometimes i wish he would just die.
what the hell….

No. 676793

Kill it

No. 676805

Damn anon why don't you just re-home him again if you feel that way? Seems kind of extreme

No. 676817

File: 1605729490980.jpg (90.59 KB, 750x1000, ur,mask_three_quarter,tall_por…)

Things produced by normal relationships
A dull lifeless flag is chosen to represent this

Things produced by non-normal relationships
>Mental illnesses
>Pedophilia and many other criminal fetishes
Bright cheerful rainbow are chosen to represent this

What exactly did they mean by this?(bad bait)

No. 676820

People always think I’m foreign or have recent foreign heritage because of my appearance (I don’t live in a diverse place). Sometimes I feel like claiming to be foreign when asked just to see where the conversation goes. Like a low effort Rachel Dolezal but at least keeping it within my race.

No. 676823

File: 1605729727153.png (14.79 KB, 1118x838, 3927f0279ed109e35afa4ed19036d2…)

Oh no, not bait on laughoutloud cow dot farm.

No. 676824

reading this post feels like reading a foreign language. wtf does this even mean.

No. 676830

>just thought it was weird since people who use queer as the term for themselves are often the same types to be familiar with flags.
If you got off the internet and met real life humans in the community you’d see it’s a very old reclaimed term. Only online did it become this OMG OFFENSIVE WE THE TWITTER USERS MUST RECLAIM IT thing and become associated with gender specials.
Christ you’re all autistic

No. 676831

>nobody is committing hate crimes against virgins or celibate people.
The LGTBbunchofmoreletters community is really just a contest of who's most oppressed huh.

No. 676835

Well they're not

No. 676837

Wow, you guys are still arguing about this?

No. 676839

I guess what they're saying is: the heterosexual ("normal relationships that produce life") flag is dull an lifeless (shades of grey), meanwhile the relationships that produce a list of negative things get a cheerful flag(s).

No. 676842

back to pol

No. 676848

Weird confession, anon.

No. 676850

Yeah well the gays in my country are not oppressed either but you don't hear anyone claiming they're not part of the lgtb community. Coming from someone who's hetero and "cis", so I have no special interest here. It's just always striken me as people gatekeeping simply being they're sour over asexuals who have it 'easy' wanting to be included because people want to be as special and poor as possible.

No. 676856

Do you know what hate crimes and oppression are outside of the internet?

No. 676857

>implying the shitflinging isn't

No. 676864

File: 1605732235965.jpg (1.01 MB, 1728x1692, IMG_20201118_214337.jpg)

it's so hard for me to maintain a healthy diet when it gets cold. For the rest of the year I have no problem with it, but during autumn and winter I just crave fat and sugar and I eat all kinds of pasta with big amounts of cheese, cheesecake, chocolate and whole eggs. An extra 2 or 3 kg won't kill me but uhhhhh

No. 676867

I love being single and never dating, no company will ever be better than your own.

No. 676877

That anon totally sounds like a narc lol. One of those below average girls in terms of both personality and looks who thinks the world owes them everything for existing. I don't want to be tied to a man like that either but I'll just support myself.

No. 676913

File: 1605735927542.jpg (30.92 KB, 256x256, ]aSD{Lof.jpg)

same I can't eat a fucking salad in winter I need something warm and salty and substantial. A healthy soup doesn't do it for me, I need something loaded with calories. I fucking hate biology man I don't need fat stores for the winter there is plenty of food body omfg

No. 676964

I only use imageboards for shitposting because it kind of just scratches an itch. I could make a spam account but that would be too weird.

No. 676980

i can't help but get a little angry and jealous when my boyfriend's friend starts talking to him all sweet. fucking bitch. idk why, just hate the shit out of her for being nice. we were having fun playing together then she came online and now I don't even wanna play.

>inb4 ur just jealous anon.

i just said that u stupid bitch

No. 676983

File: 1605743609662.jpg (58.99 KB, 500x500, 0b492bcd-1489-489f-af0f-bd8d74…)

samefag but she just does this fucking thing where she buzzwords all of my boyfriends interests like "ohohoh check out this cool thing I started doing because you started doing it" GET FUCKED. ugh. I'm seething rn tbh.

I have no reason to be angry about it since he's my bf and loves me and yet here I Am.

No. 677003

File: 1605747095475.jpg (37.03 KB, 560x315, baseball-bat-murder-560x315.jp…)

do you want me to beat her ass anon?

No. 677011

File: 1605748128780.gif (10.52 KB, 90x90, tumblr_inline_p7ytvhRsNi1rhwzw…)

anon you just gotta remind yourself that he's with you and not her for a reason, it's gonna be ok

No. 677012

One time I was so desperate for money that I asked on Craigslist for a personal loan lol. It worked, some guy contacted me, we discussed how I'd pay him back and I met him at a mall. He gave me a check for $850 and I paid him back $50-$100 a month until it was paid off with no interest.

He never asked for personal info, never contacted me for conversation or anything else. He only mentioned that strangers were generous to him when he needed it and as adult who was now in a good position he wanted to do the same.

Anyway I am dumb and it's a miracle fluke that it worked out the way it did.

No. 677019

File: 1605748697502.gif (193.38 KB, 320x240, b97d6b93c0b67b4a384facd6a254cd…)

Ahh thank you anons. love you both. I will remind myself!

No. 677023

yanderes are so annoying

No. 677029

Dating men has pretty much turned me into a sociopath in relationships. I will lie about anything to get the upper hand. And actually my relationships have started working better since I just lie, steal and cheat.

No. 677032


No. 677034

That’s amazing anon. I’m glad this was just a nice story with a good ending.

No. 677039

it was a joke

No. 677051

File: 1605751057382.jpeg (75.36 KB, 548x743, 7E5D080B-0034-4749-8E03-4797EA…)

Fucking bitch, I hope your moid is at least uncomfortable because that’s basically the same as if one of his friends started calling you *~babe~* or sent you 300 heart emojis for every single thing you said.
That bitch needs to know her motherfucking place.

No. 677071

Have a dude flirt with you in the same ways in front of him, let him complain and then tell him to cut off the girl if he sees a problem.
If he doesn't complain, that's not your boyfriend. Also, he and that other girl are fucking.

No. 677074

I'm really starting to hate gay men lately, like I feel about the discrimination they fave but they act like such complete degenerates at times and the comments they make about women can be really shitty but people go with it

No. 677090

There's a reason why most cultures hate gay men, most of them are just ultra coomers who spread disease and groom boys. Not even stereotyping, gay men admit it themselves and its clear to see in gay culture. Go back to stigmatizing gay men I'm tired of their shit both in my personal life and in society.

They still act entitled to women's bodies, have had gay men molest me in a jokey 'but I'm gay so its ok' way, they expect female solidarity from you but only want to take take take, literal degenerates who want to casually talk about how gaped their asshole was last night, have mantrums if you don't treat them like one of the girls, etc… Not befriending gay men ever again. Waste of time.

No. 677108

Yeah but I feel for the ones who are young and face discrimination, however a lot of younger gay guys get preyed on by the older ugly ones, the uglier ones make up the majority of the community

No. 677109

My secret bucket list item is killing someone. But only a guy that deserves it (blatant misogynist, wife beater, a john etc). If I die without ever getting to kill one of those types of guys I’ll really be disappointed. It feels like something I’m meant to do. Aileen Wuornos inspired me.

No. 677122

>There's a reason why most cultures hate gay men, most of them are just ultra coomers who spread disease and groom boys.
This is true but don't forget that gay men are just normal men who exist without the social/sexual limits women would usually impose on them. Without women to act with restraint and reinforce better behaviour they can sleep around and abuse each other with zero consequences. If straight men could do the same they would, it's not related to sexual orientation in itself. Actually, celebs/rich men are proof of that - they can get all the women they want, and they are 1000x more likely to be extreme pedos, degenerates and abusers. It's all about opportunity and access.

No. 677142

File: 1605764599925.jpeg (8.19 KB, 299x168, download.jpeg)

I had head lice for literally 7 years in middle and highschool and they were treatment resistant superlice that wouldn't go away no matter what I did and I ended up giving it to all my friends multiple times and just pretended that I had no idea how they got it because I couldn't own up to the truth.

It finally went away once I went to college but to this day I haven't told a soul outside my family and it is the secret I will take to my grave.

Honestly in retrospect I'm sure people could tell so the fact I still have any friends from that time means they are real ones.

No. 677153

File: 1605768794455.jpg (108.48 KB, 1000x1457, image-20150831-13172-1i9qf3z.j…)

I knew that male seahorses carry the babies (seafoals?) before I knew humans didn't hatch from eggs

No. 677155

After all this time I still don’t know what /pt stands for. I mean /w white ? Snow/ snowflakes?? Where is the logic

No. 677157

/pt/ is pixiteri the queen of lolcow
/w/ I always assumed meant weebs

No. 677158

Not knowing what pt means is one thing but if you seriously can't figure out what the "w" stands for how did you even get here?

No. 677187

Attack on Titan gets me hype

No. 677205

A whole lot of generalizations and misunderstanding of basic human nature and socialization there sis. What you want in your relationships is your own bussiness, but if you were my friend and told me that I'd tell you that it's retarded. A good man can and will love you back just as much if not more than you will, your ideas of relationship dynamics is the definition of unhealthy.

No. 677213

File: 1605780535024.gif (501.75 KB, 260x194, 387B4558-F885-47C6-BB2B-B1B5D4…)

Lmao anons thank you I get it now

No. 677215

I'm terrified of home invasions, and since I'm planning to live on my own, I'm so scared to get a stalker or an infatuated coworker to follow me and kill me at my place.

No. 677227

Follow the nun and get a gun.

No. 677234

Unfortunate Eurofag here, our government would prefer us to die at the hands of criminals than defend ourselves. I remember telling some coworkers that I'd love to own a gun to feel much safer in my own place, they all looked at me like I was crazy and told me to go to Texas, even the women (the only one who agreed with me was this rich right-wing kid lmao).

No. 677284

I could never get into it, too many stupid shounen tropes/writing but done seriously. I can only tolerate that shit as a joke.

No. 677294

I bought a house alone 2 years ago and one of the first neighbors I spoke to started bumping into me an unbelievable amount of times , every single time I leave the house… drives me mental that yes some loner is watching me and learning my schedule in order to bump into me 2/3 times every single day. That and I noticed where his eyes tend to rest when looking at me. I got the advice on here a while back to give him the 'gray rock method' where I say hi but come across as boring and emotionless and uninterested/uninteresting lol.

I say hi in a monotone and I keep walking. I would love to totally ignore him but I moved to a small town and other neighbors are friendly with him so I don't want the locals to turn on me if he gets butthurt and makes out to people like I'm blanking him because I'm just some stuck up bitch who moved here from the city. I did feel panicked and unsafe at one point thinking this shit would escalate because at first he would shout after me needing to know why I'm suddenly not so animated or chatty. But I persevered and it's working.

Sorry for the long story but my point is even if you're unlucky enough to met some creep loner most will luckily fit into that category of simply being annoying.

No. 677306

AYRT and because I'm so bored during lockdown I've been reading a lot of true crime shit and that's probably why I'm freaking out (the Jennifer Kesse case is particularly haunting). I even convinced myself the other day that there was somebody in the apartment when I was alone. Reading this really reassures me, thank you anon.

No. 677310

i peed myself on accident in a dressing room when i was 7 and left my pee'd out underwear in a stall because I wanted to hide the fact that i peed myself from my mom and i still feel bad for whoever had to pick it up that day

No. 677390

File: 1605804088526.jpg (55.43 KB, 848x477, failures of infinity.jpg)

No. 677554

omg anon, i had head lice for 2 years or so during middle and high school but didn't tell anyone and it was so bad the bugs were falling off on my desk and i think noone ever noticed

until my sister saw my hair on an escalator

the thing is in two years i did not give it to anyone in my close family and friends

but to think i was one of those people going to the movies with lice ugh what a disgusting pos

No. 677634

I know the Real Housewives is really only something that older women watch (no shade to them), but I love that shit. Something about questionably rich women fighting over petty shit is just so entertaining.

No. 677650

My best friend in middle school had lice for like 3 years and she kept giving them to me. I mentioned it to her multiple times but she would just ignore it and pretend she didn't hear me and there wasn't any problem. The fuckers were huge too, you could actively see them walking around in her hair.

I wasn't going to stop being friends with her over something stupid like that but as a result I obsessively tore apart my hair with a lice comb every single day. I was very squirmish and couldn't sleep otherwise.
It still baffles me how she wouldn't just acknowledge the problem and do something about it, but apparently it happens more often than I thought.

No. 677652

second ayrt, i still feel bad to this day but i was just too embarrassed to tell my mom, i tried to lice shampoo behind her back but i couldn't bring myself to tell her… i was truly a dumb fuck i'm so embarrassed at my past self this is really my biggest secret

No. 677655

Diff anon but when I was a kid I would hide so much shit and I don't know why. Stuff like when I was in pain/sick/injured in particular.. kinda disturbs me looking back.

No. 677656

Don't beat yourself up over it anon, everyone does weird shit as a teenager. I can understand it more if you didn't have the sort of relationship with your parents where you felt you could be open about it. Hadn't really thought about it that way before.

No. 677666

She'd defiantly have abusive or neglectful parents then if they left it for that long anon

No. 677709

She was probably embarrassed of it and, like the anon said above me, was neglected.

No. 677718

I used to put on makeup with a paintbrush
But not anymore!! I bought a real brush today

No. 677738

It drives me fucking insane when people mention they're sad/nobody loves them/other generic mopey shit on discord servers and when you ask what's up they pull that edgy "oh noooo don't worry about it im used to handling everything alone :(" like… if that's true why even bring it up? I'm not criticizing legitimately depressed people venting, but when people do this all I can think is they want attention but rather than get it by doing or saying anything interesting, they pull this obnoxious crap. I wish it was more socially accepted to drag these morons, but that's what I get for going on discord

No. 677743

the first time people do this to me, I say something like "well that sucks"
the next time, I just block them

No. 677744

As far as I was aware it wasn't an abusive household, but they did have some issues that definitely could have contributed to the problem. I don't blame her for being embarrassed, but I do wish she wouldn't have been so dismissive of me trying to help. Accepting help is hard, especially if it's something you feel ashamed of, but I hope she didn't think it would lower my opinion of her or anything, since in the end it was such a trivial matter.

No. 677841

Being sad turns me on so much, as edgy and retarded as it may sound but whenever I am sad I find myself being turned on. whenever someone yells at me or calls me horrible things it turns me on, its been like this for so long. I use to start fights with my ex to get upset, honestly I am a toxic human being who shouldn't be with anyone thats for sure. I even use to start fights out of the blue just to feel something, anything.

No. 677861

me and my celebrity crush would make cute babies or at least that's what faceapp has deluded me into thinking

No. 677883

Diagrams of menstrual cups genuinely terrify me. I refuse to insert any object or body part that far in.

No. 677898

My former best friend of a decade ghosted me and claimed that I was abusive to our mutual friends a few months back. Apparently, he has little to no support and is severely depressed.

I used to feel so bad about what happen and wishing him for the best. But now I got therapy and I realized how awful he was, I am glad karma got him.

No. 678036

My brother and his wife are lazy, overweight slobs. I hate that they're having a child because that child is going to be raised by two immature dummies with morbid obesity and other health issues. They've tried dieting but they never stick with it and they don't engage in any physical activities at all, I think they've just given up at this point. They're in their middle/late 30s now and I don't think they're going to change. I don't understand how my brother could let himself get to this point, it's not how our parents raised us. We were blessed with loving and attentive parents that encouraged healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle. Both me and my parents are in good health. I wish I could talk to him seriously about it but we stopped talking after he met his wife, he's like a stranger to me now so it feels like it's not my place, and he can't take constructive criticism. I'm ashamed because I I deeply resent my brother and his wife, and I feel like it's going to make it difficult to accept their child as a member of my family. I just don't feel any familial connection to them.

No. 678039

Do you feel estranged solely because of their weight/lifestyle, or is it something else? Have you tried seeing them and maintaining a familial connection? That sucks, though, I know it’s hard to watch. I haven’t gone through this, but my friend seems to be living your exact situation to an extent.

No. 678051

File: 1605889011910.gif (1.73 MB, 200x149, tumblr_inline_op38p2VxGb1qct0m…)

I'm lowkey worried that thanks to having joined a non-zero number of lc discords I may have "met" virtually everyone who frequents this website

No. 678059

Yeah I saw it too and thought the same. it's so scary

No. 678060

Dunno if it counts as confession but I kinda lost all my interest in Japan. I used to do make up like Japanese trends, learned the language and bought fashion from there. Now I can just kinda yawn at it and honestly the japanese society just pisses me off with trying to please everyone but behind their back talk shit. How they handled Corona was also not in their favor

No. 678063

Not everyone uses discord or uses discord to interact with LC users. I don't.

No. 678064

I mean, that's just making peace with reality. It's fine to find their fashion and language cool and interesting. The people are never as perfect as weebs make them out to be and that's ok.

slightly off topic sorry but I remember going there once and as part of an outreach program I went to a poorer district with some other girls to help at a soup kitchen and a bunch of the men were yelling at us (in japanese) but it was clearly catcalling because they were doing jerk-off/humping gestures. I was a 15 year old then with an idealized image of Japan and that deffo ruined it.

No. 678069

you haven't met me :)

No. 678076

Just sounds like maybe you grew up, anon? I don’t mean you were necessarily immature before but possibly you viewed Japan in an idealized way without fully accepting that it’s an imperfect place, like anywhere else?

I’ve grown out of things which I never thought I would (‘it’s not a phase, mom!’ kek). It’s part of life.

No. 678078

Aw thanks anons, though I'm sure you're both lovely people kek. Thanks for keeping the magic of lc alive for me ~*~*~

No. 678081

Nah, not me or my friends who post here use discord, you're good

No. 678082

you have friends that post here? yikes. couldn't be me.

No. 678083

I don't use discord either, I'm not a gamer and don't read manga (no shade) so I feel like it would be hard to break the ice with people on there

No. 678085

i drink expired milk. tastes just fine btw. if the smell is fine, it’s perfectly drinkable.

No. 678093

Saying this as the anon in the last thread who fantasized over going back to Japan with a shitty language teacher job, I think that's normal. I don't give a fuck anymore about a lot of things I cared about way too much before, like specific fashion trends, anime, manga, some bands and singers, etc. I like the daily life in Japan and a lot of small things I find convenient but that's it. Way before that I also felt the same about the USA, I grew up as a total ameriboo and the more I learned English at school and by practicing during my free time, the more I learned about the country and the more of a shithole it seems to me. I still want to visit NY someday though.

>How they handled Corona was also not in their favor

I wonder if the government would have fucked up as much if it weren't for the Olympics. Something's telling me they wouldn't have cared either way.

No. 678097

Good to know

No. 678098

Lol what does that say about you posting here then?

No. 678101

Aren't you worried about your friends seeing your posts? Or if you catch them posting something weird/shit talking?

No. 678109

same. not to your extent, but i get turned on when i'm sad and wanna have makeup sex so bad, and i do things to annoy my bf so i know i have an impact on him. tf is wrong with me

No. 678112

No, I am not paranoid like that and even if they did, none of my business.

No. 678136

What does that have to do with me posting here? I was basically saying that I don't know anyone that would post here and wouldn't want to be like "Hey check out this thread" and then they'd probably be able to figure out who I am despite being "anonymous".

No. 678137

samefag but judging by your replies you don't care so I guess whatever

No. 678139

samefag but judging by your replies you don't care about what your friends see of yours so I guess whatever

No. 678185

i was flossing and brushing my teeth and a popcorn kernel came out from between my teeth and it smelled terrible…i havent eaten popcorn since last week

No. 678188

No. 678273

I have To upon To if content stocked in hard drives. It's all disorganized and I barely touch it beyond adding to the hoard every day. There's more books in there than I could possibly read in one life.
I'm sweating bullets rn because my hard drives are starting to act up and I know I will lose precious data if I don't transfer it soon.
But at the same time, I'm so fucking anxious to look at this mess in the eyes to get it onto SDDs. I know I will probably melt down in front of the sheer volume of things I have not seen/read yet instead of wasting time on boards and shit.

No. 678311

Thanks anon, it is hard because I miss having a sibling, we were really close at one point in my childhood. It's not just their lifestyle choices, but we have nothing in common and I just think his personality is terrible. It's hard to talk to him because he's really materialistic, closed-minded and manipulative, he's one of those people whose interests revolve around like, apple products and disney movies and he marvel franchises and that's it. It makes me feel like I'm talking to a teenager. His wife is the same way except she can be pretty malicious, so just being in the same room as them is exhausting. I've actually tried to have a heart-to-heart with him on a couple occasions through text and he just didn't reply.
It's weird, he used to be so different. He changed for the worst.

No. 678322

1. I hate chicken.
2. I've been shot before.
3. I've been stabbed not once, but twice on two separate occasions while walking in my middle class suburban neighborhood in Memphis.

No. 678325

I like when my aunt calls me sweet pea or poopie lol

No. 678329

I love it when old ladies call me honey/sweetheart/etc

No. 678333

What does being stabbed feel like?

No. 678336

It's Memphis. You've listed a great reason why I'll never move there. You might oughtta consider moving.

No. 678339

I honestly didn't feel a thing at first either time, it's surprisingly not as painful as you would think. It's like a warm shooting pain.

4. I have spent $600 on stuffed animals before.
5. Once when I was in high school I wrote a (sfw) fanfiction-like story about all of my teachers and turned it in for English class.
6. Once I accidentally played Bjork at a high school party and everyone was like wtf, so to "play it off" I fell to the floor and said that I was on pills like Cassie from Skins.

No. 678343

4. at once or in total?
5. did you at least change the names?

No. 678349

4. At once, and to make it worse it was from aliexpress, it took like 3 months for all of the bags to show up. (Like 3 months after the first bag showed up not 3 months after I ordered.)
5. Nope…

No. 678353

How did the teachers react?

No. 678359

My english teacher just put a notes on parts like "this is confusing" and "is this fictional?" Ended up getting a C because I didn't meet the word count. I don't know what the other teacher's reactions were.

No. 678366

luv you anon

No. 678375

File: 1605920353611.jpg (186.8 KB, 895x1200, x0ugqt4bzji21.jpg)

I genuinely don't believe I will ever love a real person wholely freely deeply and unconditionally like I can fictional characters. What's worse is I think I'm okay with that. Such impossible one-sided love doesn't hurt one bit, it in fact fulfills me greatly. At worst, I get a bit touch starved, which is extremely easy to mitigate given our hookup technologies.
Meanwhile, reciprocated healthy irl relationships are still fucking a landmine, utterly unromantic unstimulating and underwhelming, too exhausting for too little reward. Sex is 100% better in my head than it is with 99% of males. 3DPD men simply have nothing worthwhile to offer me.

No. 678388

File: 1605921006325.jpg (25.74 KB, 480x480, c3c0b4c55eff72ac50b3b01bc33148…)

my dad just slapped my ass before I entered the shower and its been haunting me

No. 678391

What the fuck anon I'm so sorry.

No. 678395

Why was he in the bathroom with you? I'm sorry he did that

No. 678396

That’s horrifying but the photo made me laugh so hard anon. I’m sorry.

No. 678399

it do be like that

No. 678401

File: 1605921672052.png (422.83 KB, 517x387, 478390274657502759034.png)

As a little girl, I believed that I'd avoid relationships because I understood that 2D men were often idealized and media didn't provide accurate portrayals of romance. I figured I could never get a close approximation of what I craved in the real world and I didn't want to lower my standards, so relationships weren't worth the time. And honestly I was fine with that as well. I preferred to enjoy the fantasies in my head rather than being hurt and disappointed. Now, after a man came along who convinced me against all odds that soulmates just might exist, whose presence made my heart flutter, who has given me 7 years of marriage…

I realize little me was right.

Fuck scrotes I'm never giving my heart to a 3D scum-sucking shit stained pusspig again.

No. 678404

Wtf do you mind describing how/why you got shot and stabbed in these instances? Were they just random acts of aggression by psychos trying to mug you or did someone hire a hitman?

No. 678407

I was about to enter the bathroom and I was walking through the hallway, when my dad got out and slapped me in the ass for no reason. I trusted him for a long time but this was a complete 180. Sorry because I worded it incorrectly.

also ur fine anon kek

No. 678412

I get you, anon, I feel like 3DPD people are kind of disappointing, specially the men.
Tbh, I can’t wait to be able to live on my own so I can get a bunch of body pillows and other husbandofag shit, i don’t care about the people around me as much as I care for the few anime guys I actually like.

No. 678433

I'm the same, but I don't mind having a large collection because it's all there when I want it and I don't have to wait for it download (I hate streaming on free sites because my connection isn't that great and video buffering makes me angry). Especially with shows which are frequently 10+ GB which can take a long time to finish downloading for me.


No. 678490

My 12 y/o self would be disappointed in me as well. I thought men were legit disgusting and told myself that I’d stay single forever lmao I should’ve listened

No. 678522

I feel it, I have a lot of regrets but divorcing that fucker made me stronger and at least helped me return to my original scrote hating ways. Better we see the light again later than never.

No. 678581

I recently got a silicone dildo and everytime I put it in my mouth I want to bite its head off, send help pls.

No. 678583

Why put it in your mouth, life ain't a porno

No. 678585

I just felt like doing it, I never had sex so I wanted to see how far I could put it in my mouth.

No. 678590

File: 1605957209143.png (98.42 KB, 275x266, 7694D31B-C287-486D-9730-41E0E2…)

>be eating junk food
>throw it away before I finish it out of guilt
>start craving it later
>take it out of the trash and eat it
I’ve done this multiple times

No. 678597

What the fuck

No. 678601

Why don't you just put it in the refrigerator you absolute reprobate?!

No. 678608

Didn't your mother every teach you how to fold an unfinished bag of chips closed to save for later omg

No. 678609

i get it anon, i have to pour washing up liquid on food so i don’t binge

No. 678610

Aw anon. I have to take my garbage out or pour gross stuff on it to prevent binging sometimes.

No. 678619

that's a common intrusive thought i have when i give a blowjob

i wonder how hard it would be to bite a dick off

No. 678637

Been wearing the same bra for two months. Showering once a week. Panties haven't been changed in a week. Living the life.

No. 678638

i've been shaving my labia hair down for years and just recently was like fuck it, i'm letting it grow back out. it was awfully itchy for months since i was so not used to having hair there, but now i don't notice it. and the biggest bonus? it seems to catch my discharge somehow, so i can wear a pair of panties all day and not have these nasty stains in them anymore.

No. 678643

I don't see how it could be possible for me not go out of my way and completely shave everything down there while I'm a sexual relationship. I guess I might just be more hairy there than the average woman, my pubic hair is black and curly and there's no way in hell I would ever subject a dude to that.

No. 678652

learn to love your vagina anon

No. 678653


Not very difficult in terms of strenght - you'd have about as much difficulty biting through a finger as a tough carrot, and penises do not have bones in them. I reckon it'd be mostly tough/dense going, but you'd not struggle in terms of bite power.

No. 678654

According to Armin Meiwes, pretty hard.

No. 678658

I have the same type of pubic hair as you and I've never ever shaved down there, dudes have never said anything about it other than like 'rad bush' or whatever. And I personally think it looks kind of cute all hairy and wild.

No. 678661

I think once you age up a bit having a bald childlike pussy is a bit weird. Also the growth after shaving is annoying not just for you, but I've had men complain about my pussy stubble lol, I think just keeping it trim down there and taking care of my bikini line is the best. A bald pussy looks off to me now

No. 678667

you sound like you're afraid of what men will think

No. 678671

you have every right to be jealous! but you know what you can always make her get fat or you could talk to a friend like that and see how your boyfriend likes it, he should tell her to stop.

No. 678672

What. I've had a shaved pussy for years and had different men complain about the stubble when it's regrowing so obviously kept it shaved long enough thst several men saw it. Several men have also seen my trimmed pubes. It's completely down to my preference you weirdo

No. 678679

>making another woman fat just for some dick
why are farmers like this

No. 678690

idk, i just was like, fuck it. if a man doesn't want to value me as a person because of hair down there we are absolutely not soul mates. i can't imagine doing that without expecting the man to also be shaving his balls or whatever.
plenty of men who aren't into little-girl-porno-vagina aesthetic like hair. just as many women aren't into the "perfect chiseled abs with a hairless body" thing a lot of men are idealized into.

No. 678701

Why are women with extreme self hatred like this tbh? it's pathetic af to see any woman sobating another for some mediocre man.

No. 678702

Ew, love yourself anon. Women grew pubic hair for a reason

No. 678703

I stopped shaving and I much prefer it. I used to shave even when I was single so in my head I was like 'I'm definitely doing this for me and not men or societal pressure' But I was fooling myself with that line. I'm too old to be that fussed about others judging it now. Feels good to not be obsessive about it or lying to myself.

No. 678733


oh anon, this makes me feel better about the essays I turned in for high school. I was a fujo freak at the time and though they werent romantic or explicit all the stories I wrote involved twinky male characters to the point my English teacher called it out in front of everyone how he thought it weird a teenage girl always writes male characters. I felt so SEEN, he probably knew.

For the same teacher I also wrote a horrificly edgy and explicit essay about a school shooting inspired by this awful screamo song. We don't even live in a country where school shootings happen but he refused to finish reading it nevermind giving it a grade. I sometimes wonder why no-one thought to check in on me more even if it was surface-level edginess.

No. 678741


Pubic hair actually helps prevent bacteria from getting into ur vag and spreading so it's actually more hygenic to have pubic hair than to not. Seeing less discharge is probably because there's less bacteria getting in and your vag has to clean itself less.

No. 678751

That's why I never have any discharge then? I never shave. Stopped giving a shit years ago

No. 678781

I submitted a gay love story between a criminal and a police officer at school, I got a B+ for it.. my fujoshi tendencies run deep

No. 678789

I hate that I can never really get close to a scrote. As soon as I have sex with them or make them my bf they switch up on me and start acting like I'm disposable. The only time I can have any success with men is if i keep them as orbiters for ever and only dangle the possibility of sex in their face. I can never have a deeper emotional connection with a scrote and that's sad. Before I have sex with a scrote he will usually do anything for me, give me rides, buy me food, give me money but after sex I'm immediately trash to them. It's really crushing my self esteem.

No. 678793

I feel this, I've had men chase me and then when I commit to them they distance themself emotionally. It's hard to know if it's a defence mechanism on their part but what is the point of the chase otherwise. Hooking up is so much more stressful than being in a relationship

No. 678795

>also wrote a horrificly edgy and explicit essay about a school shooting inspired by this awful screamo song. We don't even live in a country where school shootings happen but he refused to finish reading it
Kek I want to hear more about this story, what made it so bad that he gave up reading, did he say?

I was never a thirsty fujo but I wrote an edgelord story about Mary Sue who cares kidnapped and murdered by her obsessive online stalker which made it into the school paper somehow. Looking back on it I really want to know what I was trying to say with it, because like most anons I spent all of my time talking to paedo scrotes online. Was I becoming self aware or was I just being the edgy equivalent of romantic? I'll never know

No. 678799

Nta but I remember our drama teacher made us do the columbine shooting story for class. Teachers are more open to discourse than you would think, as long as the story is grammatically correct and the writing is sound I doubt they'd ever care what you present to them. Maybe even something different would stand out from the usual shit

No. 678805

It's like damn. As soon as I show any interest or let them into my life they get bored. I'll never have a bf at this point and will just be left with orbiters.

No. 678813

I would give anything for you to upload passages

No. 678841

Take the lesbian pill

No. 678936

Every passing year, I give less of a fuck about irl romance and get closer to being at peace with husbando life. I’m only mid 20s but I want to build a house with some spinster friends already.
Fuck, I can’t believe people meme about “just give up and settle” unironically nowadays. I’m always the settler in a relationship my whole life and I’m fucking sick of that.

No. 678960

Anon, NTA but I'm so sorry that happened to you; it must've been so traumatic. I hope you're doing better now.

No. 678974

one of the mods is literally, actually a fat gay man.

No. 678981

any proof? otherwise the tinfoil thread is the other way

No. 678995

I believe it. Kek

No. 679058

Idc as long as it’s not a straight scrote

No. 679059

Being content with being alone > forcing yourself into a relationship that sucks because you’re afraid of being alone. There’s too much stigma over singledom when it’s fun as fuck and based in a lot of ways.

No. 679063


I report every single post that the anon who formats like this makes. They might as well avatar/namefag.I fucking hate them. If there’s more than one of you, fuck you all. Go make a weird ass ib where you enter after everything.

No. 679064

….Formats like what?

No. 679065

I think they mean in the way they replied, w double space

No. 679067

The harsh truth is that a huge amount of men only care about you until they fuck you. You’re a “conquest” and their chimpanzee brain loses interest. It’s really a minefield out there. Males can’t be trusted to be deep creatures.

No. 679074

To give an example you dumbass bitch wtf

No. 679076

You embarrassed anon into concession. Oh my.

No. 679077

you should have made it clear then because the post looks completely unironic

No. 679081

It’s very obvious. Reading comprehension is a valuable skill
>I report anon that formats like this-
My post was clearly the example. How much clearer could I be?

No. 679082

Lmao sorry anon, there are multiple people who do that, I format like that sometimes when I’m samefagging on my 15 different lolcow alts

No. 679083

>like this
"this" being the post you quoted.
if you wanted to be clear the space should've gone after "this"

No. 679084

File: 1606012555604.jpg (152.67 KB, 400x558, bubbline--platonica-15993776-0…)

Feels bad having to be on the closet (homophobic conservative country and family), there's this super cool artsy girl who is really into me and we have great chemistry but alas I have to keep trying to date scrotes because society or something

No. 679085

File: 1606012597367.png (12.53 KB, 277x69, notext.png)

Somewhat related but I also hate when there's random posts like this with quotes and no text. I think it might be from phone users who are accidentally pushing buttons.

No. 679086

Nah >>679065 understood I really don’t think it’s that difficult.
It’s okay. I’ll just keep reporting

No. 679089

Nta but reporting for what though? I doubt someone formatting like that is an offense.

No. 679094

it kind of is, especially if they



they're likely reddit fags. also: https://lolcow.farm/info rule #5

No. 679096


Formatting like this isn't standing out from other anons though imo. I think a bunch of anons do it, and it's not even that noticeable.

No. 679097

They always make me laugh

No. 679098

File: 1606014324728.jpg (1017.62 KB, 1400x787, averagelolcowuser.jpg)

No. 679103

It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who thinks that’s completely retarded. Whoever does it (come on, it can’t be more than 2 anons) is often spouting some complete bullshit as well.

No. 679105

flashback to when i caught a ban for saying i hate dicks lol

No. 679106

IDK why but I love the OP pic

No. 679118

How about when they give you oral? Don't they find it weird or complain about getting pubes in their mouth?

No. 679123

nta but i don't understand this problem. how tf do you tell men to give you head? because i sure as hell don't care about some guy licking around my labia. push that shit open and get to the goods.

No. 679124

And half the time not saging. Someone else called them out in the egirls thread
Op; it is noticeable and it’s been way too prevalent recently that’s why I’ve been tripping.

No. 679144

Once every few months I pick a 4chan board and troll it for maybe a week. I post things specifically to make males mad. Yaoi, fujo pandering, making fun of male virgins and tiny dicks and low testosterone. I kick up fights over the most basic shit because men are fragile and easy to enrage. After that week or so I leave entirely, hoping my efforts have ruined the day of at least one cumbrain loser.

No. 679149

A hero worthy of praise. I totally get it

No. 679156

No. 679170

Everyday I’m glad I can just get off the computer or delete accounts and completely shut out the psychos running around the internet.

No. 679181

Everytime I have a crush it becomes a full blown obsession. Like I literally cannot stop thinking about this person and cannot concentrate on anything else. It makes my heart bleed. How do I fucking stop this shit I feel like I'm going insane

No. 679182

Get help. This has fucked up my life. No one is worth that.

No. 679183

That's limerence anon

No. 679198

i feel like that's common if you're a really young person, later in life however something is not right with you. i'm the same way, stay strong

No. 679212

I've once masturbated in the same room my mom and sibling were sleeping in because I was too horny and couldn't sleep.

No. 679215

a guy i dated trooned out lol. hope he doesn’t cut off his dick

No. 679227

When I was a kid I thought the song all around me by flyleaf was a song about a woman trying to recover from the trauma of her rape. I was completely surprised when I found out I was a song about Jesus. in my defense I only knew the lyrics to the hook and all the other Jesus forward lyrics never registered in my brain.

No. 679272

i’ve been urironically thinking about going WGTOW for some time now. i don’t really enjoy sex outside of genuine romantic love/intense attraction and men lie habitually and recreationally, thrive off conflict and dramatically reduce our lifespan. once they think they’ve secured us, they see no reason to continue treating us well. they are sadistic and revel in causing us negative emotions. they are fundamentally unable to be faithful, even to a 10/10.

it’s like when you try a new food. you tried it and hated it. that’s how i feel about men. they are venal, selfish prevaricating predators.

enough's enough, i'm done.

No. 679321

File: 1606056946930.jpg (68.49 KB, 640x1192, 043.jpg)

god I just want a cute, tall, strong guy, but I don't want him to be super smart, I don't want him to be interested in politics, I just want him to be kind and sweet to me and other people. I wouldn't care if he has education, as long as he can support himself and do stuff around the house. I wouldn't mind earning more money than him either kek

No. 679329

I understand wanting to make better choices for yourself going forward and breaking negative habits but subscribing to some set doctrine like "WGTOW" just seems… Brainless? Go literally your own way, read stuff like that if you want but don't let anything tell you what to do
I understand I'm telling you what to do kek

No. 679413

Nta but this is a confessions thread. if we cultivate shame here, we won't get to read people's darkest secrets.

No. 679430

I got a crush recently on someone unobtainable and was obsessed with them too. I had a fucking dream about them where we fell in love. It was so embarrassing. I feel it.

No. 679435

howd you get rid of them in the end, anon? shave it bald? 7 years and your hairdresser never tried to help you?

No. 679438

Nta but I also had lice from midde school to high school and I didn't really cut my hair, my mom trimmed them sometimes. They just went away when I finished highschool and I cut my hair really short, took one day to really comb through all my hair with a lice comb till my scalp bled and then combed every other day. Now I don't have any lice for the first time in my life and I feel confident and nice.

No. 679439


extreme budgeting

No. 679480

anon, has anything like this happened before? im so so so sorry

No. 679482


No. 679483

File: 1606071056226.jpg (100.28 KB, 960x540, dk.jpg)

idk if i should put this here on the vent thread. idk im a stupid bitch. i reported the man in the pic to the cops for grooming me and they didnt do anything because they didnt find me credible. they didnt even look into it or look at the emails he sent me they just closed the case. 5 years later they catch him with child porn on his computer but they dont charge him because he gets a good lawyer and "no priors". he managed to use the defense "my computer was hacked" lol. When I found out I spent a year battling the cops over bringing new charges for grooming me but they said it was too long ago now. he got away with it all. He used to threaten to kill me if i told anyone, i had pictures of him posing with sex toys with his tongue out sent with messages saying he would kill me if i didn't behave. I was 13 and stopped leaving the house and became suicidal and started self harming.

it's been 15 years now and all i can do now is follow him around online. i contacted his work (gaming company huge shock) and they already severed ties with him for other reasons. i tried telling his wife but she wont listen, despite having young kids of her own. so all i do now is text him every few months telling him im still watching. it drove him off of facebook and some gaming clans. sometimes i call his house. i just make myself a constant presence in his life. i know its insane, i know im making myself ill. i just hate him so much he destroyed my childhood for no reason and now he gets a normal life and i have nothing. i have ugly fucked up scarred arms and he's a dirty fucking furry. his wife looks really nice and friendly, too. i just want to cry forever. sorry to sperg.

No. 679490

I get it, anon, but don't do this to yourself. Going through all of this isn't good for you. I am dealing with similar feelings about my abuser and childhood and I feel like it's killing me.

No. 679493

did this when i was 12, its my greatest ever shame

No. 679497

you should doxx him fr.

No. 679499

wait, you told the wife and she doesn't care?! how low does your self esteem have to be to marry a literal pedo who's been caught with child porn?!

No. 679503

it's probably denial, not willing to accept that the man she has young children with, used to groom young girls

No. 679504

how did you even meet this guy?

No. 679507

the ultimate fantasy, a himbo supreme. great tastes.

No. 679530

Nta, women who excuse their husbands of disgusting, unforgivable shit are abusers themselves. Bad people. That's why they're okay with being with bad people.
If one of her children comes to her saying her husband abused them, I guarantee she will excuse it away.
"You just think that's what happened because you're stupid/crazy/jealous/a bad child."
"Why would you tell me? You wanted to make me feel bad? Well how could I trust the claim at all since I know you just wanted me to feel bad."
Neglect is abuse, it comes from wanton disregard for safety and wellbeing.

No. 679541

Anon, can you hire someone to solve your problem?
I phrase this as innocuously as possible. Even if not for your sake, those kids definitely aren't safe.
I want to say you're doing the right thing because he deserves all of this at the very least, but it's not fair for you to carry the trauma of this shit twice.
There has to be some way to put him away or punish him, under the jail or otherwise.

No. 679602

File: 1606089053449.jpg (48.01 KB, 650x457, 003f7dfa949443cf8c056a64c9eda2…)

told my friend i'd be a reference for a dog adoption application. didn't tell her i fully intend to let the adoption agency know that she's in no way shape or form ready to adopt a dog (and a PUPPY at that) and that letting her have one would be setting the dog up to be neglected.

i feel kind of (like 10%) bad for agreeing to be the reference in the first place but honestly like… i'd feel a million times worse if she got the dog instead of someone who is prepared to give it a proper quality of life. at least i can give the agency a kind of forewarning in this case.

No. 679607

Drop this scrotes details luv

No. 679615

Been here for almost 3 years and just now realized pixyteri is a woman. Always thought she was a troon from her old thread pic

No. 679619

I just want to say, you are strong for continuing to monitor this freak and trying to prevent him from victimizing anyone else. I know pretty much all of us want nothing to do with our abusers and to just move on with life, so to subject yourself to even having his presence tangentially around is insanely tough. Thank you for doing this for other women's sake.

I do feel concerned for you that this is overtaking your life, and him continuing to play such a big role is still damaging you and preventing you from healing. Do you still have those pictures and messages by any chance? I agree that it would be great if you could look into resources/organizations to help. Aside from women's shelters (which may be able to direct you) and free legal resources, I know there are a lot of social media groups for local communities and that kind of shit. I used to live in a place where a local biker group went around to neighbors to inform people of what local sex offenders looked like and where they lived. It was pretty sick, I know not everywhere has a semi-vigilante citizen group like this but there's likely someplace you could make people aware.

No. 679621

Based. Good on you anon, you're doing the right thing and it makes me happy to know a dog will be prevented from going to a shitty home thanks to you.

No. 679622

Handmaidens. I hate it, but still not as much as the men who performed the actual abuse in the first place. It's really sad that so many women are brainwashed to the extent that they try to make excuses for men like this. I agree with you though, even when they're indoctrinated and delusional, they are still culpable for supporting scum.

No. 679628

I think this is becoming my ultimate fantasy too. I'm tired of woke guys trying to explain why sex "work" is empowering (for their peen) and how women have achieved equality while we still die to domestic violence and how he's supporting women's rights by paying for some thot's OnlyFans. I guess by that measure I'd be okay with a hunk too, but I don't want to discuss "smart" topics with a man anymore even if he had positive views, because I'm tired of being reminded of all this shit. So bring on the himbos.

No. 679635

Fam, I'm saying they aren't all brainwashed.
I watched my mom turn from a bra-burning card-carrying, all-men-are-pigs feminist into "Well it's okay if he does it because that's different," apologist the second she met my stepdad.
Some bitches care more about having a relationship than their kids.

No. 679637

The sad part is, most heterosexual women are like this.

No. 679647

Not trying to invalidate your experiences with your mom (I'm sorry you went through that), but I feel it's common we end up holding sexist beliefs even when we think we're above it all. Speaking for myself, I thought I was fairly feminist, but when I got in an emotionally abusive relationship I found myself rationalizing things I'd never dreamed of because I was subconsciously operating on the thought that my main goal in life should be to find my "true love" and support him, the whole "you do anything for your man if you love him" narrative that's pushed on us. Granted, the bad things he was doing were to me. It was when I realized he'd done bad things to other women that I left him, but only in time. I'm ashamed to say I tried to make excuses, but that was partly because he lied and manipulated me so much. Him being cruel to me should've been enough to realize he was a bad person, but society can make it hard to believe that. It took me spending time here and engaging with radfem material to see what was happening. Anyway sorry for blog posting, I'm not trying to excuse the fact it took me a while or what your mom did, just that I think these things can be more insidious than we realize sometimes.

No. 679650

Nta, but 1) there are two types of people and 2) some of you should stop trying to deny women's accountability when they support abusers

No. 679654

Not trying to invalidate you back; the fact that you got away because he hurt other people makes you different than the women who stay while watching their children shrivel up
You are a good person.

No. 679660

That’s fair. I guess I just want to hope that some of those women may have their eyes opened still, since it ended up taking me a while even after I heard my ex expressing misogynistic views. It just didn’t “click” for several years and I take ownership of that, but I do also believe it was partly due to the abuse and because I was socialized to believe most men were just “misunderstood” and not actually entitled scum.

No. 679671

7. I claimed to be Mormon on my college application because I thought it would help me get in for some reason. I have no affiliation with the church.
8. I continued to troll students from my high school for 2 years after I graduated by making a social media "drama" page.
9. My parents are first cousins.

No. 679677

Sweet home alabama

No. 679685

The way troons feel about being a woman, that's me, but with being skinny. I'm built like Doja Cat, but I feel like I'm meant to be Shelley Duval thin. When Venus went for that weight-loss surgery, I felt bad because I could easily see myself doing the same thing. I'm kind of irate that trannies can get free HRT and surgery to chop off their cocks and feminize their bodies because of their mental disorders, but if I want surgery to get rid of the fat on my body and amphetamines to help me achieve the body I want, I need to pay for it all and I will be shamed for it.
I resent my parents forcefeeding me in childhood and making me fat, and I heavily resent that even after losing weight to 110lbs, I still have fleshy, round parts to my body and certain physical markers that feel like some kind of eternal punishment. I actually think it's fine on other women (obv Doja Cat is hot), but on me, it feels like a nightmare. My boyfriend likes the way I look, but I don't care. It all just feels categorically wrong.
I wish I had been more conscious of food before puberty so I wouldn't have developed breasts or thick thighs or anything. It feels like there's so much damage I have to undo, and obviously, not everything will go away unless I get surgery. If I had been allowed to eat less in peace, or if I had been smart enough to find ways to hide food, I would've been fine.
Even in adulthood, despite losing weight in the typical "unhealthy" ways, I have literally none of the physical health downsides associated with ED sufferers. That proves to me that I'm not doing anything wrong, it's just how my body is meant to be. I even remember one time, when I was around 150lbs, someone touched a part of my body and told me I'm "meant to be skinny" because of how my bones jutted out, despite the rest of my body being chubby.
Sorry for longpost but I never get to talk about this frankly.

No. 679687

i call myself aromantic and asexual even though i know very well that i'm neither of those things entirely as a cope because i can't imagine anybody ever liking me in any way and i'm also incredibly ashamed about being bi
it's pathetic but it helps me avoid the inevitable mental breakdown i'm going to have about my actual sexuality eventually

No. 679690

To be fair I don't think anyone, especially troons, need subsidized plastic surgeries.
Seems like the money would be better spent on getting your self-esteem fixed. Lord knows a dick chop nor a liposuction has ever automatically made someone like themselves. Usually when you cross one thing off your complaint list you find another thing about yourself to hate. It's an endless moving of goalposts, yet you'll find vultures constantly circling your life and egging you on in this futile effort because people have something to gain from your perpetual low self-esteem and making you feel like you'll never be good enough.

I don't mean to discredit your feelings, but people like Venus are really going to regret their bullshit.

No. 679703

File: 1606105098791.jpg (32.05 KB, 500x291, ceb22bf55e8eb88eed02af3bbc810b…)

My bf got a transplant done last year and almost didn't make it. I hate that I dwell on it so much and he's doing fine now but I'm just so afraid of him dying.I think about it too often
Same with the future. The more I think about it the more worried I get rip.

No. 679708

File: 1606106039526.jpg (102.01 KB, 1067x800, 0_-McporKXzsc3gOFa.jpg)

"venus as a boy" by bjork is probably the closest i have to a song describing a fantasy for me. i just imagine this beautiful, almost supernatural man coming from the mountains of iceland to give me the best sex of my life, super intimate and romantic yet erotic… and then he goes back into the forest or whatever again til i need him.
sigh. fiction is always better than reality

No. 679710

Aren’t these sorts of fantasies sort of maladaptive? So specific and probably very detrimental to any semblance of intimacy or relationships in your life, no?

No. 679715

oh yeah i have plenty of them in substitute for an actual relationship. i'm pretty happy being single though. relationships are work that i don't have desire for, nor much time.

No. 679720

Well it’s your life of course, I just hope you’re keeping busy in other ways. Not meaning to be condescending, I just know that it can sour your ability to be content or happy. I hope you have a job or career or whatever else to keep your attention queen~

No. 679724

i have a job i love that lets me live alone and i have great friends. a man has to be fucking incredible to come into my life.

No. 679735

File: 1606108207972.png (292.92 KB, 360x462, 47389027604376.png)

Queen indeed. All women should have your attitude.

No. 679739

hope you have a great night sis

No. 679748

my ex's name is also the name of a big city and every time I see someone mention the city or the university of it I get fucking triggered.

No. 679750

same, my ex's name is a really common word in my native language lol

No. 679755

Austin? Orlando? Charlotte!

No. 679779

File: 1606118717664.jpeg (2.86 KB, 130x130, EhB1YaUXYAMi4WI.jpeg)

When I was a kid, I used to pee in the sink.
Even if the toilet was right there… there was just something fun about hopping up on the sink and peeing in there. I also want to say for a while I autistically hated the sound of the toilet flushing. I also had a habit of peeing in the bathtub (no running water) for a while and would often accidentally put toilet paper in the bathtub.

When I was downstairs and no one was home, I would go ahead and pee in the kitchen sink because I would be too scared to go use the hallway bathroom.

I just had a phase between ages 7 and 10 where I fucking hated toilets, kek.

No. 679786

I was the same at the same age and hated the sounds of flushing and closing the toilet lid. It was loud and scary especially at night. I’d go to the bathroom without flushing and blame it on friends when they’d sleep over or lie that I went in my sleep as if I was capable of sleep walking.

No. 679859

File: 1606135227803.jpeg (112.37 KB, 1080x1080, C6E8CE99-CEC4-46C9-9278-E02CCA…)


No. 679924

It’ll get better eventually anon. I used to get triggered by so much stupid shit connected to my ex and now it doesn’t come to mind. Even his name, I associate firstly with someone else now. Just give it time.

No. 679949

i'm so embarrassed to admit this but i think i'm an incel, but i'm not a guy. i see other girls as competition and i despise them and everything the live for, seeing them get more than me fills me with rage because it's just not fair, i'm more than enough because i don't get offended at the same things other girls do, i don't have tiktok humor and i'm not a sensitive twat. when it comes to girls i find things they're bothered by, like homophobia, transphobia, etc. and i start saying stupid shit because it pisses them off, i'll fatshame random people to piss them off and it always works.
i think this has come from being bullied by girls as a kid, after reading this you probably wouldn't be surprised to find out i'm neurodivergent, i used to get bullied for it and i also grew up poor so i couldn't always afford to shower, get new clothes, that sort of stuff. i was an easy target and i remember i had a crush on a boy in the class and i didn't know you were supposed to keep that a secret, so when they asked i just told them. they told him and after that they outcasted me, they never included me in anything and they made fun of me for everything i ever did. i used to go online and see girls whore themselves out for celebrities and youtubers, it disgusted me that they didn't have any modesty and i grew to despise women expressing sexuality.
i've been called a ''pick me'' which means a woman who puts down other women for male approval, and the thing is.. i don't really do it for male approval, i hate the idea of women doing stupid shit for male approval and the only time i could ever do anything for male approval is if i had a crush on a guy. i just hate women. they always have their way with everything, they develop stupid trends that everyone jumps on and no one can insult them without being called a ''disgusting incel'' or some shit.
i hate pretty women, i hate skinny women, i hate fat women, i hate ugly women, i hate all women. they're always the dumbest because they come up with all sorts of retarded shit and can't handle criticism, valid or not. i'm so tired of this, it's really all over for me…

No. 680009

I just called the police on my neighbor that abuses his wife. I don't think anything will get better because she'll probably lie for him because of their stupid fucking culture and religion but at least I tried.

No. 680010

Damn. How long did you listen to them go at it before you called the cops?

No. 680011

And yet you yourself are a woman with a lot of internalized misogyny. I hope you can learn to love other women especially since not all of us give a damn for men.

No. 680012

>i'm more than enough
Hm, nah. You're a femcel spouting off about how much you hate women on a female-dominated imageboard and railing about how unfair life is to you. The reality is you get what you deserve for becoming a bully and failing to have the introspection to improve yourself and treat innocent people well despite what other people have done.

Get therapy.

No. 680016

>the only time i could ever do anything for male approval is if i had a crush on a guy
Kek and what do you think pickmes do? You rant about how you don't like sexuality and stuff but you seem to think with your pussy

No. 680017

Word you’re looking for is femcel. A lot of the behavior you described is something I feel like a lot of women and girls feel towards one another. Especially because of the way we are brought up to see each other as threats and competition. However, instead of getting stuck on your shitty traits, and saying it’s over for you… why not use that effort to find ways to unlearn the unhealthy things you’ve internalized?! At one point it wasn’t your fault, but you’re obviously a self aware adult and know you’re doing these toxic things. It’s time to change the way you think, for the better. It’s not easy at all. But I wish you the best.

No. 680018

Almost an entire year, I was hoping someone else would since I'm a fucking coward but it doesn't seem like anyone did.

No. 680023

I actually genuinely enjoy some of Buzzfeed's content. The Unsolved series in particular

No. 680024

underrated comment kek

No. 680026

God, grow up. Stop using bullying as an excuse for your rancid personality.

No. 680041

File: 1606160395143.jpeg (78.24 KB, 1242x520, C8709004-FAD0-4165-A244-3544E3…)

>using how you were raised poor as a cope to make yourself seem less like a shit person.
I don’t know, buddy, but that bothers me a lot. I get why you would grow up full of complexes, but seriously, how old are you to be going on about muh Poor upbringing? You should just get over it. I get that it’s really shitty to think about how you got bullied for shit you weren’t responsible of, but you need some therapy to get over it.
You don’t have to forgive them, block those asshats everywhere and avoid them at all costs because they don’t even deserve a gaze or anything at all from you, but stop dwelling into stuff like those retards.
Don’t use how you grew up poor as a way to say “oh yeah, I’m bitter because of that, not totally because I just can’t grow up and be the mature person” it makes you look just like those retards on Twitter using disabilities or poc test points to make others disregard any shit behavior they have, it’s kind of sorta fucking gross, friend.

No. 680046

ntayrt, what was your upbringing like? just to know where this kind of advice comes from.

No. 680050

I accidentally called my bf "daddy" while we were boinking, and I feel like a horrible degenerate.

No. 680054

It's funny because some people here use "femcel" to insult women who dislike men, but all actual women who fit the definition of "femcel" hate women, not men.
Even using "-cel" is a stretch because you (and all other women) can still get dick, and unlike incels, lack of male attention/dick isn't even your problem.
You can grow out of this if you train yourself to dissect how irrational your hatred is. Is it helping you to hate other women in any real way? What does it do for you? Do you feel comfortable walking into a place when you're automatically harboring all those thoughts about complete strangers? How many opportunities do you think you've lost because you judged a lot of women negatively based off of nothing realistic? Ask yourself those questions and just go on.

No. 680056

I wasn’t exactly a poorfag to the level of OP, but if my parents managed to become nice people with good intentions while coming from really poor families to the point in which they gave me a better upbringing than theirs. I’m pretty sure OP can do the same with the many resources there are nowadays.

No. 680061

How tf do you do that 'accidentally'

No. 680063

Was he disappointed in you

No. 680079

I call him that ironically/as a joke to annoy him, and he does it back to me kek. I think the wires got crossed and I did it in bed. Awful.
He didn't acknowledge it at all, verbally or physically and still hasn't. Neither of us have said it jokingly either, though he's switched to "papi" exclusively since it happened Saturday lol.

No. 680106


thank you. i think this is what i needed and i've never told anyone about this, my upbringing isn't an excuse and seeing other's POV of my view on women has affected myself is a genuine shock because i'm really closeminded. i'm going to try and get help for this, i can't use a victim complex to excuse this and i can't just keep ignoring this as it's not normal in the slightest. thank you for this

No. 680147

File: 1606169070717.jpeg (202.75 KB, 750x1111, BB9D0A5C-DBA0-41A3-9437-8823CC…)

I hope you do your best, anon ♥ ily

No. 680162

>stop being poor
i avoid people like you like the plague

No. 680172

File: 1606171541834.jpeg (34.76 KB, 439x284, 9B340C4D-3BF2-45C0-80D3-456F60…)

No. 680209

You're gonna be in for a bad time when you realize nobody will take "O MY POOR UPBRINGING" as a valid excuse for being a shit person.

No. 680255

i have a tinfoil theory that a guy in this band i like is madly in love with his best friend, who is also in the band, but that best friend does not reciprocate it. reasons being that the guy has made literal songs about being intimate with the bandmate– and when he revealed one of those songs was about the bandmate (it's vague) the bandmate was "surprised" and then all of a sudden, guy changes his story and says "yeah but anyway it's about my wife now." there are several songs he's made since then directly talking about how pretty this bandmate is, or sometimes vaguely referencing him, or sometimes speaking about having sex with some unknown person and i honestly believe that he made it in reference to this bandmate.
but the bandmate is completely straight and has a wife of his own and it's just not meant to be. i think this tears the first guy up inside and it's why he's had a string of failed relationships. anyway i'm not gonna name names but yes this is my idea and i at least take comfort in knowing i'm not the only one with this theory. it's also a fairly obscure band so it's more likely to me, not like the people who have a conspiracy that the one direction guys are dating and trying to keep it a secret or something.

No. 680262

please give me a genre at least

No. 680269

"experimental" is the only thing that can truly relate to this band

No. 680281

please anon, drop the name…i'm not even interested in the tinfoiling, i just wanna listen to the songs he calls his bandmate pretty

No. 680283

Gimme names, gimmeee

No. 680296

I get lowkey disappointed when I open the unpopular thread in the evening and there's no infighting going on. At least there's /meta/ but it's just not the same thing you know? So my lolcow snacks don't taste quite the same.

No. 680326

Sounds an awful lot like Animal Collective if I had to guess.

No. 680340

Getting into gc/pp stuff has honestly really changed my perspective on men and sex.

I used to live the BDSM lifestyle almost 24/7. Getting degraded, being talked down to, being called slut/whore/bitch etc, put on leashes, calling my bf sir/Master whatever. I "enjoyed" all of that stuff until gc/pp so I guess I'm just really glad to be a woman.

I am not into 70% of that stuff anymore. I do still enjoy spankings but I have always enjoyed pain, I'm a masochist simply put and there genuinely nothing to be done about it. I was hurting myself before I even know what masochism was and enjoying it, a thrill… "Wow I can hurt myself and train myself not to feel pain, but joy?! Sign me up!"
I still do enjoy the look of collars and chokers, but I just find those genuinely aesthetically pleasing. Occasionally it's fun to slip back into the bdsm thing, just lightly, but as a lifestyle, I can't anymore.

When I would go to kink clubs, I felt really bad for the women that looked like they weren't there on their own. Their husbands looked like absolute pricks. They always wore 1950s attire and then would be publicly degraded. They always looked like they were genuinely afraid to step out of line. I think I'm too powerful to be treated like that, but I'm sure some of these women thought so as well. And now look at them. Getting glared at for speaking when not spoken to at some kink club.

No. 680355

>I think I'm too powerful to be treated like that
when previously
>I used to live the BDSM lifestyle almost 24/7. Getting degraded, being talked down to, being called slut/whore/bitch etc, put on leashes, calling my bf sir/Master whatever


No. 680376

I sometimes have difficulty reconciling my BDSM kinks with my identity as an authoritative, respected woman. I can’t watch BDSM porn (or really any porn) because the way the women are degraded is revolting.

I find that my perfect sexual balance is with a partner that understands being a sub is truly about aftercare, and the trust a sub puts in. Swingers’ clubs and the like are not where we belong.

The kink community is by nature full of weirdos, and heavy vetting should be done before engaging with someone.

No. 680378

Head over to /snow/ right now, hella infighting

No. 680389

Yes, but all of that shit was on my own terms. I'm not saying I was in the right mindset at the time but I did my own research into the lifestyle and had that lifestyle while single, before I even had a boyfriend. So while I might've fallen prey to the "Oh if you like bdsm and do sex work you are liberated and a free woman" meme, I wasn't in a relationship where I had a husband or a boyfriend making me do that stuff and then being a dick/having a tantrum if I didn't want to conform to it. So it wasn't like I met him and he was like "Oh now we should do BDSM stuff". I was never forced to do any of that stuff or forced to dress a certain way. I thought I enjoyed it, but my point was that I'm able to say no to things without ruining my relationship. And I don't think I could ever be put in that position. I'm way too strong, personality wise, outside of the sex stuff.

I mean, some of the women I'd see just looked fucking depressed to be there. Never like they were having fun.

No. 680441

I want Kamala Harris to slowly unzip my jeans then reach into them and grab me by the pussy.

No. 680443

Come join the anons despairing over her in >>>/g/158895

No. 680447

I’m in love with my boyfriend <3333

Kinda sucks bc the FIRST day we meet when he was driving me home he told me to never say that I loved him bc he’s never been in love with anyone and it would be awkward if I said it and he couldn’t say anything back.

But I LOVE him so much

No. 680448

F-tier bait, my dude.

No. 680489

Basically they stopped being an issue once I left for college and had entirely new bedding+was completely responsible for myself and separated from my sister who kept giving them back to me. As for hairdressers my mom was too embarrassed but really couldn't manage it so we just did at home treatments every month or so.

I felt awful about it but it was this huge problem I couldn't fix despite all my efforts.

No. 680492

I just got my very first good job with adult benefits and pay and I feel like I don't deserve it.

No. 680500

I also kept catching lice constantly throughout middleschool despite combing and treatments, I was so humiliated when other kids pointed it out. I even cut my waist-length hair off to try to make it stop. Thanks for your posts fellow liceanons, weirdly reassuring to read lol

No. 680504

I feel like I'm way too damaged to ever date again and that therapy won't work simply because I have 0 social skills as it is so why bother

No. 680523


Do you report Oxford commas and double spaces too you salty formatting/grammar cunt?

No. 680554

do you like being angry

No. 680556

Noo anon, be proud of yourself for securing a good job! Good luck at your new job!

Social skills can be developed, they're just skills after all.

No. 680591

I always religiously read Shayna's thread even when the milk is dry as fuck, I can always depend on her hamplanet ass to make me feel better about myself. I've also noticed a lot of anons say they read it as well, but it's also regarded as a shit thread with tons of nitpicking and sperging. It's like a collective dumpster fire we all can't look away from and I love that

No. 680600

You won’t be able to reconcile anything because it’s entirely hypocritical.
Good luck with your weird shit.

No. 680601

Nope just cunts that like to their posts to stick out

No. 680622

I'm really glad it worked out for you, bless that kind stranger

No. 680715

Sometimes I fantasize about having a totally different career than i do now. Like what if I were a school nurse or a worked at a hotel. Would it be fun? I'm almost sad I can't try every job in the world.

No. 680726

File: 1606231428117.gif (67.57 KB, 220x164, B0777CEB-E0D3-479B-9A6C-3F6C42…)


No. 680728

Crazy you can report so often. Some retarded janny banned me for reporting one of their unmarked posts that bumped a years old thread. They called me an idiot in the ban too. I was like what lol

No. 680731

I feel you. I'm in college and I like what I'm doing but I often fantasize about being me, but with other lives and careers.
For a while I wanted to be an actress so I can somewhat live different lives kek

No. 680734

>hates unnecessary spacing
>leaves a space between the post quote and angry paragraph for reasons
Why? Did you want to take up lolcow real estate and be noticed?

No. 680823

Even in my fantasies I can't imagine anyone loving me in a healthy way. Lately I've been fantasizing about being beheaded. Someone lovingly dragging headless body and somehow connecting my head to it again. They don't save me, don't give me any hope, just keep me alive for some reason to live on in more despair.

It's the most romantic delysion I can sort enjoy because anything more wholesome just makes me ashamed of myself because I don't believe I deserve that (tbf I feel like a lot of people don't, especially most men.)

No. 680825

Seek therapy or self-help, anon.

No. 680830

A man with a chainsaw looked like he was approaching me today (trimming the town Christmas tree) and I got a brief kind of sexual thrill and immediately felt really weird. But this made me feel relatively normal again so thanks anon.

No. 680909

File: 1606245172037.jpg (368.78 KB, 1280x1776, tumblr_6247fa61743ba9002261e38…)

Sometimes I purposefully make scrotes fall in love with me even if I don't like them so I can feel something. I then make their lives as emotionally tumultuous as is humanly possible. There is probably something wrong with me but I don't give a fuck anymore.

No. 680914

Hiw do u make guys fall inlove?I need to kno

No. 680926

It's not hard to get men infatuated. Look decent, be able to talk about the thing they like and show some interest for them. The bar is low.

No. 680930

Based anon.

No. 680932

queen! show me the way!

No. 680938

I wish I had the mojo to take on the neighbours who have been dumping garbage in our yard and bin. Haven't caught them in the act but this has never been a problem until they moved in. A few torn up dead rats found on their porch by their crotch goblins may give them a jolt of property respect. I'm not above that… if I knew I wouldn't be caught. Too old to be inciting shit, but the thought is psychotically relaxing.

No. 680941

Just like >>680926 anon said, simple as that. Let them talk- scrotes love talking about themselves, pander to their niche and sooner or later they'll be running into your arms.

No. 680947

They've likely done the same to women many times over. You deliver the karma.

No. 681008

Be careful anon. As you probably know some scrotes can be violent well uh, scrotes.

No. 681015

anon u deserve the world

No. 681019

the gay woman inside of me wants to help you cope with kindness and understanding anon

No. 681034

i turned a guy from a liberal feminist ally into a full blown mgtow doing this. be careful.

No. 681037

i am obsessed with skinny short men. the guy i am fucking right now is really skinny and short but pretty ugly and it's turning me on even more. help!

No. 681041

File: 1606259306329.jpg (35.9 KB, 400x371, 6eac_400.jpg)

I'm literally afraid of group of kids, especially boys, and I still have nightmares about bullying, every fucking week

No. 681042

anon I truly hope you can move past this and enjoy female friendships. once you get over the mental block I think you'll find that you will be happier. I'm rooting for you

No. 681046

If a lady customer is bitchy I will continue being chipper and polite but I call them "ma'am." I feel a bit bad because hey, I'm going to get older too, and I'm sure i won't like the reminder either, but it's satisfying because all they can do is seethe silently.

If a male customer is rude I go deadpan, no eye contact, and interrupt them. If he's creepy, I make eye contact but make a point not to laugh at anything they say. I just blink slowly with my soulless eyes and proceed with the transaction like a robot

Just different ways of hurting the over-inflated egos of the stuffy people I serve

When they're very nice (I have a few customers that are always super sweet and friendly) I give them discounts I'm not technically supposed too, shh

No. 681065

Anon where is this pic from? I love it sm

No. 681069

>but I call them "ma'am." I feel a bit bad because hey, I'm going to get older too
It always astounds me when women from outside the American south get so offended by the word ma'am. Regional languages are so neat.

Also you are based. Continue your good work

No. 681070

Recently I found out that this cute younger guy I'm friends with(he's 23, I'm 27) is still a virgin and now all I can think about is taking his virginity…

No. 681074

Same anon, it's from 西游朽, a Chinese photographer. Can't find any other pics from that shoot though, shame.

No. 681075

Is it fucked up that this is a turn on to me

No. 681077

I didn't even realize it was a thing until my bf mentioned how he calls customers "miss" to make them happy. Actual old ladies (like, full head of gray hair) don't mind "ma'am" at all. But older women (not old women) do not care for it at all.

Haha, thanks anon. Luckily I work at a small business with very understanding bosses so I can get away with it. And ngl it feels good to be able to exert some power in a retail job, even if it's small.

I haven't had to use it yet, but apparently all employees get one "go fuck yourself" to a customer and the manager will back you up. If i ever have to use it I will definitely tell the tale somewhere on lolcow

No. 681081

NTA, but the idea of teaching an inexperienced man is hot to me, too.

No. 681109

i dont think so, cause you are not the only one who finds that hot. kek

No. 681118

i have taken so many guys virginitys. it's pretty great.

No. 681133

File: 1606271686479.jpeg (53.1 KB, 480x523, 220FB871-D076-4911-84DA-0F601B…)

i can't relate to those posts/memes about wanting hugs, cuddles, physical affection. like, to be single and long for that in your spare time, i just don't get it. is it purely a meme of a nice thought or is that the norm for others? I'm a little schizoid (but I still value relationships) so that might be all. plus I am not generous with my hugs unless it's my lil brother (then a lot) or i really want to.
I kind of think i may be normal for that though. it seems like a waste of time to miss cuddling that much that it makes you sad unless you just had a breakup. not that it's weird or wrong, but seems extra. i'm not even a scrote but the thing I ever think about wanting is sex, but not to their degree. When i'm in a relationship and care for someone then i would want to cuddle, but not when i have no specific person to want. or maybe Im fucked up from not lots of physical closeness from my parents
also i don't think it makes me superior but i am grateful i don't get sad over it. anyway i kind of think it's a meme to be uwu cutesy, or do people really get sad from that? if so i hope you get hugs when covid gone

No. 681151

For me I generally hate being touched even for casual hugs or handshakes from friends/family, but when I had a boyfriend I loved being wrapped up with him as much as possible whether that was sex and kissing or cuddling, massages, holding hands and all that. It felt really good to be that close and intimate with someone and have repeated physical verification of our emotional closeness. Plus it literally just felt good to snuggle up against his neck and feel the warmth of his chest and the gentle rise and fall of his breathing against me. I’m single now and he was a shit so I don’t miss him but I definitely miss having those feelings.

No. 681169

99% sure I have autism and want to get a diagnosis, it finally explains why I fucked up in life so much. But I don't know if I should tell my (traditional, immigrant) parents because they'll probably just be even more disappointed in me, and think that Im hiding my laziness/stupidity behind fake western diseases.

No. 681188

I think the ";w; just wish I had someone to cuddle rn" memes are exaggerated to be cutesy. But wanting or missing physical affection is pretty normal I think. I think the two main things people mean when they talk about it is missing the experience of having someone to cuddle with, like being in love/a relationship, and simply missing the dopamine/serotonin/oxytocin boost you can get from positive physical contact

No. 681228

I have fetishized (or at least been obsessed with) different races of guys from as early as I can remember. It's kind of worrisome when I reflect back on it. I used to be really obsessed with hispanic boys, my bio on Bebo and Myspace were about how I loved them and I would write retarded little notepads about them, all around age 11 and 12. Then it was asian men, I was obsessed with Super Junior and Ryan Higa for a short stint.

Even now, I have to talk myself out of being super stimulated by a specific race JUST BECAUSE they're that race. I'm in a relationship but it's hard not to feel my heart pound harder when I see a hot Korean guy (not a koreaboo, don't listen to kpop or anything) or an attractive mexican guy. I genuinely don't want to be this way and openly hardcore judge people who fetishize women based on their race/ethnicity so why do I do the same? I am attracted to men of all races but just get particularly excited by asian men and some hispanic men.

But honestly if any man has long hair I'm fucking game.

No. 681287

Original anon and this is not helping with my urges lmao. I really really really don't want to ruin our friendship though and he's talked about how he wants his first time to mean something so I don't want to ruin that for him either just because I'm a horny degenerate kek. Guess I'll just masturbate furiously.

No. 681319

Nta but I always feel like a fucking alien when I read this kind of posts because I really don't like being touched or cuddled even by family members, when someone hugs me I can't help thinking "please be over", I don't get that serotonin boost. I really fear for the day I'll eventually have sex, I just know it's going to be extremely uncomfortable for me. I have no history of CSA whatsoever.

No. 681457

please never have sex if you don't want to, anon. You deserve to reserve yourself from that if it's not your cup of tea.

No. 681459

My ex truly revolted me at the end of our relationship before I finally managed to break things off. I had trouble saying no to sex, so one of my coping mechanisms was to look at his balding spot whenever he was giving me head and imagining that it was an old man going down on me instead, kek.

No. 681484

I frequently have dreams about being a lesbian and going down on other women. I always wake up super h*rny and then feel bad for my boyfriend, that his gf is having dreams like that. But these dreams have been happening since the 5th grade.

No. 681514

i think it's also normal to not get the serotonin boost if you don't like physical contact to begin with, please don't feel alien about it. if it's something you dislike or aren't in the mood for, you obviously won't be able to relax during it. think of it like this: i'm a person that does get the serotonin boost…when i WANT to cuddle. if someone, even my bf for example, wrapped himself around me in a big hug when i didn't want to, i wouldn't get the boost, i'd get the same "please be over" feeling you do.

my sister is the same as you, kind of. she'll hug me and our family, but it's more like a greeting than because she enjoys the contact. she generally does not like being touched, especially not for prolonged periods of time, so i think it makes sense that she wouldn't get any sort of "feel-good" chemicals from cuddling.

No. 681520

then again my sister is also autistic, so that probably plays a role in her case
and i agree with >>681457, don't have sex unless you actually want to.

No. 681531

I don't like being touched either or to cuddle, but I have a history with anxiety so I think it must stem from that.

No. 681916

I just want my celeb crush to fuck me and then I can kill myself


No. 681923

I almost want to say I hate my friend. Every time I start watching a show with her, she just leaves the room. Even if it's something she is guaranteed interested in. I get she is in a long distance relationship but I swear to God if she ever dares talk to me about how I don't hang out with her I'm gonna scream

No. 681942

me depressionposting on my tumblr blog at 16

No. 681978

My husband came close to dying the day of our wedding earlier this year and I think about it almost every day. It was very sudden and scary and I totally understand where you're coming from with being eternally spooked. I want to say it will change but honestly I don't know if I will ever be able to let go of this anxiety.
It will probably come up in conversation more than you want it to but I hope time will just fix it.

No. 682016

What happened to him exactly? That's the shittiest timing I can think of, it must have been traumatizing.

No. 682053

I fucking seethe seeing e-celebs whine about how social media affect their mental health, or their mental issues in general, then eventually their legions of fans will come comfort them. I get really upset when celebs die or commit suicide and people mourn over them or talk about how good they were,how they influence people, how people wish they could save them, etc. Not only the popular celebrities, but even the remotely well-known people in my circle.

I feel so jealous and reminded of my worthlessness seeing those. I might experience some of the same shit as them (thankfully not yet suicide) , but not even a shred of reassurement and comfort whether it's online or offline, for people I know or I don't

No. 682078

It only makes you feel worthlessness because you determine and measure your selfworth by how other people behave towards you, which is kind of stupid.

No. 682079

correction worthless*

No. 682083

Nta but how else do you determine selfworth?

No. 682086

You don't, you're not a commodity.
You're priceless.

No. 682089

Cheesy but i'll take it.

No. 682165

Right, except you're dramatically underestimating the entitlement men feel when they're spending money on a woman. FFS men will think a woman owes them sex if they spend $12 on a meal for her. You're naive AF if you believe this is actually realistic.

No. 682248

I hate brushing my teeth in the sink(idk why I just dont) so I brush my teeth into a cup

No. 682254

I keep having sex with tons of guys hoping one will stay. They never do. I'm at 40+ bodies at this point

No. 682264

Why not in the shower?

No. 682265

stop relying on men and get therapy.

No. 682269

t. heather

No. 682273

Try not having sex with any. They’ll hang around like flies around a honey pot.

No. 682276

I'm the anon you're replying to…you might be on to something.

No. 682284

I feel you nonny. I don't necessarily fuck in the hopes of a relationship (that's stupid). It's just that having sex is so much nicer and easier than actually dating someone and being emotionally vulnerable. So far I had sex with 10 guys in the past three months. Out of those there's only one that I feel for and am really bummed about.

Secretely I do hope I meet a nice man before I reach a body count like yours but that's just dreaming I guess.

No. 682289

>unironically wanting orbiters
You're only hurting yourself in the end, honey.

No. 682295

I want to study physics or statistics but I'm pretty sure I am too fucking dumb for either of those

No. 682297

I hate women. There, I said it.

No. 682298

No one tell them where they are…

No. 682300

Lol don't just stop there, tell us the reason.

No. 682302

File: 1606415438947.jpg (140.67 KB, 2632x1542, 20201126_203034.jpg)

No. 682306

I'm not a man lol.

No. 682307

Same, except with accounting. I know people say accounting isn't that hard (other than the busy seasons), but I don't wanna fuck anything up.

No. 682308

What does even have to do with the post you replied to. You're still on a female majority website

No. 682309

I like the feeling of having stuff stuck between my teeth. I'll remove it as soon as I get the chance, but that doesn't mean I won't also enjoy it for the ride.

No. 682313

I used to think I was too dumb for STEM too anon, but I still decided to major in chemistry, and it’s going well so far! If it’s something you like and are interested in, it’s worth looking more into it.

No. 682315

This was posted in the last thread too. Just elaborate, you know that one sentence posted without any explanation will always get certain replies.

No. 682324

I like the feeling of pulling things out from between my teeth, such a good feeling

No. 682350

I decided to try it out as well but I was indeed too dumb lol it's definitely worth looking into though! I don't regret giving it a try

No. 682351

I love plucking out the tiny hairs on my fingers, it’s usually difficult to achieve because they are light and hard to grab but so satisfying when they’re out.

Also I have one thick blonde hair on my cheek, like a whisker. I love plucking it every time it grows back and inspecting the thickness.

No. 682450

I’m very similar! I sometimes pluck my leg hairs because their think and it’s so satisfying when i got it out

No. 682550

I hope shane "i'm not a pedophile" dawson, shane lee yaw, loses all his fucking money

No. 682553

my brother took pics of me today and i hate my new quarantine bod. i really enjoyed lifting heavy weights at the gym and all at home workouts feel pointless compared to the way lifting made me feel. i wish i could just take a vitamin and go on with my days until i look normal again.

No. 682628

You can still try to learn them as a hobby which takes some of the pressure off.

No. 682705

Me too, anon, this whole quarantine thing really fucked up every little progress I did before the ‘rona.

No. 682709

File: 1606486130356.jpg (133.57 KB, 1600x900, washuntilitrusts.jpg)

Since the pandemic started I have washed and reused every disposable mask I wore. I only throw them out when the wire at the nose becomes orange with rust. I have worn, like, 5 masks, since this shitshow started.

No. 682710

Why not buy a fabric mask? They're much more comfortable and better with glasses too.

No. 682711

I finally bought nicer washable ones today after months of hating these ones, I'm just too cheap sometimes. Should've bought em sooner.

No. 682797

I regret giving these people the benefit of the doubt on this stupid site and defending them. All of them must have thought "haha look at this naive whiteknight". They're must be talking shit too. I take it back, their whole tribe is disgusting.

No. 682804

What are you talking about?

No. 682847

File: 1606498421736.png (355.78 KB, 570x433, 1602101793960.png)

Hey anon. I was like you for a bit bc I couldn’t really find any flattering masks anywhere you can get some pretty good masks from old navy that aren’t super ugly and are fairly flattering. I wear the kids size cuz my face is on the smaller size but you can buy a pack of 5 for like ten bucks.

No. 682856

I should buy myself a winter coat and eat better food because I'm constantly sick but I spend all my money on guitar gear and gaming kek

No. 682889

Its an anonymous site, on the knternet. Why care? Nobody knows who you are

No. 682895

I'm skimp on food, clothes and keeping my heating bill low…and then I buy take away coffees every day and spend money on kids toys for my 30 year old ass. I really need to start 2021 with a better plan for my budget

No. 682929

I keep stealing them from work and uni. not spending a singular penny on this shit

No. 683014

Yes ofc. I'm just pissed off that I still haven't unlearned my pickme habits.

No. 683157

You were defending scrotes?

No. 683270

I've become completely obsessed with myself. I stare at my pictures for hours thinking narrcy thoughts.

No. 683323

I’m son horny and lonely I’m looking for a hook-up on /soc/ of all places. What the fuck is wrong with me?

No. 683331

>I’m son horny
Oh no..incest

No. 683338

Too depraved to check for errors, whoops
But seriously, /soc/ is a bad idea right?

No. 683346

I feel you. I’m so fucking lonely and touch starved.

No. 683394

Damn are you me? My tastes in men has gone down the drain because I’m looking for someone, anyone, to fill the void for a moment

No. 683396

Go masturbate and stop being retarded.

No. 683418

I'm touched starved too but I just got a vibrator in the black friday sales

No. 683425

It's a horrible idea.
This may sound lame (and is also my confession) but try laying in bed with your comfiest, freshly washed sheets and just appreciate your senses and touch. Feel the mattress below you, feel the sheets on top on you, notice the comforting weight of the blanket that covers your entire body. Move your limbs around a little and notice how nice and comfy the sheets feel on your skin.
Laying in bed is my favorite thing ever. I could do it all day if I could. I don't even do anything like play with my phone or read. I just lay there and feel comfortable and drift in and out of sleep.

No. 683444

i've become such a cynic paranoid? that I think you're all men 90% of the time.

No. 683450

I get that too. Then whenever I post anything sexual I feel like I must look sus myself

No. 683474

Hah! I guessed the recent wave of paranoia about scrote impostors on lolcow was brought about by farmers playing too much Among Us.

No. 683479

File: 1606585411614.jpeg (32.2 KB, 567x426, 3B7AB962-B665-474E-9EA9-C4383D…)

Stay strong, fam.
Thanks for the reminder to check out the sales. Ordered my first vibe so that’s exciting
The slap back to reality is appreciated. Laying in bed may be what I need, since it’s probably anxiety making it hard to think rationally/

No. 683484

I've been saying 'sus' for years before it took off lately, damn games stealing my words! lol

No. 683486

Nayrt but me too. Best decision of my life, I can finally cut scrotes out of my life for good.

No. 683487

File: 1606585745843.png (1.01 MB, 1040x780, XKxAOUa.png)

Heavenly Father, thank you for the precious gift of Life for which I am truly grateful. Divine God, please forgive me my sins for which I am truly sorry. I repent of my sins unreservedly. I forgive all others for what they have done against me and I pray that you help me heal and forget the pain that they have caused me. Lord Jesus, I accept Thee as my Lord God and Savior. Heal me, change me, and strengthen me in body, soul, mind and spirit.
God, my Father, you are our strength in adversity. I am sinking into a state of despair and I turn to you my divine protector for uplifting and a way out of my current predicament. Please ease my burdens and make my faith ever stronger that I may always have confidence and trust in your fatherly care. Father God, please be a constant presence in my heart, mind, body and soul.
Father, Lord Jesus said, "Ask and you shall be given, Seek and you shall find, Knock and the door will be opened." Divine Father, I am Asking, Seeking and Knocking for your guidance. Heavenly Father, please show yourself to me, lift me up, and break every chain the enemy has on me. Lord in your mercy please hear my prayers.
Divine Father, please grant these prayers through Christ, our Lord. Amen. Heavenly Father, please accept these prayers through Christ, our Lord and Savior, Amen.

No. 683525

File: 1606588073327.jpg (46.59 KB, 1018x710, 1594306947311.jpg)

I pretend to be a girl on this site so I dont get banned. I like seeing how girls have a unique perspective on things but I want to interact as well. Im an ENTP so discussing shit is my lifeblood.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 683530

fuck you, fuck men and fuck entps

No. 683535

Another example of a dude feeling like they’re entitled to women’s spaces just because.
Fuck off

No. 683540

No. 683550

>womens spaces
This entire site is a LARP, youre telling me youre actually a woman? Hahaha(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 683621

I wear adult diapers during my period. It’s always been heavy and would bleed through the most absorbent pads. A couple years ago I accidentally bought some pads for moderate incontinence which worked well. After that I decided to give the diapers a go on my heaviest days, and I haven’t looked back.

They’re surprisingly thin and not visible in most clothes. Very comfortable too. Best part is I can get a good nights sleep during my period now, instead of waking up multiple times to change my pad and find blood on the sheets.

I’m not ashamed to buy them but would never admit doing this to anyone, though I suspect it may not be incredibly unusual.

No. 683633

of course men are so self centered that they think everyone acts like them, because you are a larper you think everyone else here is as well.

it's kind of like how men think women lie about rape because that's what they would do for attention like that one german tranny. men always project shit on women.

anyways kys scrote and die

No. 683675

I wear drynites to bed on my period (think in the us they're called goodnites?) They are meant to fit kids up to the age of like 12 but I have small hips so they fit perfect. As a 30 something year old buying them in my local store… I'm guessing the cashiers (as if they care) would think I have a kid.

I get the best sleep in them. Which is needed when I'm already hormonal and feeling drained.

No. 683678

Kill him anon

Tbh I’ve thought about doing that since pads move around and can leak. I imagine the coverage is better so I don’t think it’s that weird.

No. 683719

there's this guy i only saw for about 6 weeks at the beginning of the year, we never dated & he has a serious girlfriend now.

but i don't think i'll ever stop holding a candle for him since he was the first guy u ever had proper feelings for.
i wonder if in a few years time i'll feel the same way?

No. 683753

I'm scared to lose weight, because I've been chubby my entire life, so whenever I have dropped a few pounds (always accidentally) people comment on it and I remember that they can perceive me and I'm uncomfortable. I know they mean well but I just hate the idea that people have a mental catalog of how I look.

No. 683755

how narrow are your hips in cm? Now I want to do this.

No. 683764

>I'm guessing the cashiers (as if they care) would think I have a kid.
The cashier dgaf and won't remember your purchase from the next Mary Jo. You could buy adult diapers and the cashiers won't blink an eye, and if they do, tell them you buy for your elderly mother with kidney cancer for maximum guilt tripping.

No. 683769

I still think about the first guy I ever had feelings for sometimes. I recently heard he was single for the first time in years and got intense butterflies even though I'm in a happy long term relationship kek

No. 683771

I can't stand the people vent about their life here, their attitude screams "wahh im a victim gimme attention uwu~" and their posts scream cow. There's not one innocent person in that thread and I'm glad karma is coming for them.

No. 683773

>being mad that people vent in the vent thread

No. 683782

File: 1606609880131.png (522.78 KB, 630x422, FC02580D-F08B-4753-B29E-60A67D…)

I’m a woman and I’ve masturbated several times to momokuns lewds. Idk man her fat ugly titties just does it for me.
I’m disgusting, I know

No. 683788

You sound like a cow.

No. 683794

It wasn’t the jews

I singlehandedly did WTC

No. 683805

It's bad but sometimes I get jealous of women who experienced black-and-white types of sexual assault. You know the kind where the man was clearly in the wrong and no excuse could justify his actions and the women can't have their characters assassinated.
I hate mine because they're so muddled with grey area due to my naivety and cowardly inability to stand up for myself–and who knows if it would've helped anything but at least scrotes couldn't say shit like "Well you shouldn't have done x, and you should've said y."
I even feel this way about my childhood molestation cause I technically "invited" my molester to touch me after saying I wanted a back scratch.

Obviously I don't wish for bad shit to have happened to me at all, but if it was going to happen either way I would've wanted a situation where my hate would be unquestioned and my hurt entirely understood. If that makes sense.

No. 683806

Saaaame. I just wished she showered more.

No. 683810

>gimme attention
>on an anonymous site

are you the one who just told a depressive anon to just kill herself on there?
come on. life's hard on everyone, everyone's the protagonist in their own story, and it's nice there's a place on the internet where women can scream into the internet void with other women where nobody has to know who they are. it also brings out the kindness in a lot of anons. i love flicking through and seeing the anons out there taking the time to genuinely support one another for literally no return. it reminds me of the good in the world, when people are anonymous on the internet and still choose to be kind.
anyway you can always hide it if it bothers you very much.

No. 683824

This. I can't imagine reading other people venting anonymously and being so bitter for no reason. That actually screams "cow".

No. 683838

I love having bruises

No. 683840

No. 683869

I still play unmodded skyrim

No. 683872

No. 683889

Children are never ever responsible for their molestation. The adult molester is ALWAYS in the wrong, it IS black and white.
I don't know how the other situations went down but anon, don't listen to what scrotes have to say about them. Of course they're going to downplay your experiences because they're scrotes and they relate to the guy in the situation. They're trying to absolve themselves from guilt by proxy.
I'm sorry you've had to go through so much shit. None of it was your fault.

No. 683902

Anon I’m sorry you’ve been through that shit, it wasn’t your fault. I don’t know if this will be a weird comfort or not but the reality is the cases you speak about don’t really exist. Men will always have excuses, people will even create them in their defence. It’s so fucked up hearing women get blamed for innocuous things that apparently lead to their sexual assault rather than blaming the perpetrators who chose to hurt them. I’ve heard so much shit in my time and literally the only case I remember no one doing this was when the woman involved was severely mentally and physically disabled (her carer assaulted her). The only time I’ve heard a woman let off was one who was completely unable to do anything for herself, therefore her actions couldn’t be blamed. And I’m from the UK, supposedly a progressive country.

And yes, I’ve heard children blamed too. a few months ago a three year old was raped here, and the comments on the news site blamed her for wandering off from her parents. A fucking three year old. Other comments blamed the parents, and one comment pointed out ‘yes her parents should have been watching, but the pedo is still to blame in the end’ and people were fucking downvoting it!

Men have got away with this shit for too long. Don’t let them define if your sexual assault is valid. It just allows this cycle of blaming women to continue. The ONLY cause of sexual assault is someone engaging in sexual activity with someone who does not (or cannot) consent. All types of sexual assault are black-and-white if you think about them in this way.

No. 683907

Long story short my boomer neighbor offered him a celebratory toke of weed (he has smoked weed maybe twice his entire life) and he took it, felt nauseous, stood up to go lay down and immediately passed out while standing and was about an inch away from hitting his head on a stair railing on the way down.
Later she showed me the box the joint came from and it was literally the most extreme high dose weed you can legally buy in the United States. I don't understand why you would offer someone that, especially someone that you KNOW has basically never smoked weed. Another one of my neighbors, who smokes weed just about every day, had some and also passed out.

I am just so furious that I had to spend my wedding crying on the floor holding my completely dazed (but thankfully not bleeding to death from the head) husband because of my fucking boomer neighbor. My husband and I both don't even smoke pot and definitely never will after this shit.

No. 683927

I think the karen haircut is cute. Can be cute. Id get it if I were older

No. 683931

Ntayrt but thank you. I knew there was a term for it. Now I can feel better knowing that I am just going through limerance and im not just fucking crazy.

No. 683936

Tbh most "karen" haircuts are just normal bob cuts

No. 683977

Not that anon but inspired by ayrt, I bought some drynites teens today. They don’t specify hip measurement but weight range is 27-57 kg on children age 8-15. If you’re short and within that weight range you’ll be fine. If you’re taller probably still fine as long as you’re slim or average.

I’m curious about the absorbency compared to adult nappies so will report back if any anons are interested (just started my period today by luck).

No. 683980

Know that you are not alone and that it's not your fault.

Sometimes bad things happen to people for absolutely no reason, at all.

We want to believe that there's logic to the universe, but there's just not.

It's all a chaotic mess and a roll of dice, any woman could end up raped and abused and she would never be able to predict it. These men trick you into believing you're much safer with them than you actually are.

It's never your fault someone beat or raped you, period. Contrary to what a disturbingly large amount of "normal," every day people believe.

It's creepy to think about how many people you come across daily whose idea of you as a good woman would be utterly shattered if they knew you were raped or abused. Well, fuck em. They're wrong.

No. 684034

Mildly afraid this is one of those degenerates who come here trying to trick women into participating in their diaper fetishes or something.

No. 684041

If they were using the diapers to shit in or something, I could understand your concern. If someone wants to fetishize women wearing more effective versions of menstrual pads so that they can sleep more comfortably then I don't know what to do with that.

No. 684043

The details on how they're not visible under clothes and how she doesn't have to wake up multiple times a night to change make me think this was written by a woman. Those are details the average scrote would never think of because they don't have to deal with periods and pads.

No. 684046

Right? And don't fetishists wear them proudly and take pictures in them? I could see it being a commiseration between girlfriends and a massive joke, but not broadcasting it to others for fap points. Menstruation also kills the kink aspect of it with that whole past puberty thing too

No. 684059

I’m OP and was worried I’d get the ‘scrote detected’ response. Definitely a woman just trying to live my life without constantly worrying about bleeding over. The only downside is they look stupid as fuck so I’ll rule myself out from ever developing a fetish. Also feels pretty much the same as wearing a pad in soft undies (the ones I get are pulled up like underwear rather than having sticky tabs like actual nappies).

Scrotes will sexualize anything though so I understand the suspicion.

No. 684105

Fuck it. Live your best bloodstain-free life.

No. 684115

Deep down inside I don't want the sexes to be equal, I want men to be lower. I also disagree with anons who say "women doing X are just as bad as men who do it."

No. 684130

I want to assasin keanu

No. 684139

I feel the same as you anon, though I'm trying to develop more empathy for men because I don't want to be just like them. It's hard because men deliver so many reasons daily to hate them unabashedly.

No. 684164

Sorry for the accusation! I guess I'm just paranoid, ha.

No. 684367

You know how anons post essays with advice for cows because they're rooting for them? I wish I had a thread sometimes.
>inb4 be careful what you wish for

No. 684431

i think this specifically because men have proven time and time again that they cant fucking control themselves. if we bring them down to a lower position women would be a lot safer. when we have this majority group that is so prominently VIOLENT and perverted why fucking bother treating them the same as us? They aren't the same as us. The vast majority are fucking subhuman and pornsick. Why bother? It's like every man has evil tendencies, every single one. There's always some fucked up intention.
men in cages 2020.

No. 684437

I want keanu to assassin me

No. 684438

Not WKing men, but don't you think that if women got the power men have, they would use it selfishly? People can't be trusted with power no matter the gender.

No. 684456

After they found my dad dead in his house, I keep thinking how scary it must have been to die alone, was he trying to call anyone, did he think about anyone. He was a massive, mean alcoholic and I always told him that he was going to die alone if he didn’t try to get better and he truly did die alone. Everyone thinks I didn’t care, I hated him because I didn’t talk to him for a few years but they have no fucking idea the pain a narcissistic drunk can make you go through from such a young age, I feel completely broken and was embarrassed of my past but now I feel like I can’t even tell about my dad’s death to anyone. I just wish there was someone who know what this is like, I feel like I’m going insane trying to sleep without thinking about it.

No. 684460

well you obviously didn't care and had to make it about you

No. 684467

I understand anon and if I could I'd give you my discord to contact me. My parent is also a narcissistic drunk that left except she hasn't died yet. I can't really cry or process any emotions directly related to her. I think because of trauma I sealed away all of my emotions surrounding her deep down and now I feel numb whenever I think of her. I feel like I'll never process any of the emotions until maybe after she dies.
I think I understand your feelings though. Everyone thinks you're detached completely from him but you still have some guilt/attachment to him as his daughter. I have those same feelings when I hear about my mom. But if your dad is anything like my mom, then trust me when I say that narcissists/sociopaths don't think/feel like we do and that the feelings we have towards our parents are not going to be reciprocated. I do feel guilty for not being in contact with my mom because part of me wants to believe that a relationship could be salvaged but reflecting upon it further reminds me that she would only talk to me if she had something to gain out of it.

No. 684480

Yea it was me not caring what made me drive him in and out of rehab and detox during summers and finally got the fuck out of there after he refused to get therapy and they kicked him out of treatment? Fuck you, anon I hope you feel better for saying that.
Sorry about your mom, that’s very much how it feels like, but I was the only one in my family who decided to just not talk to him or see him unless it was for weddings and stuff, no one admitted to knowing he was so awful to his kids and wife. It’s also so hard to try to understand them, it’s as you said, like they don’t feel and think the same way we do. I knew he had trauma of his own but the bizarre ways he went on about it was what stopped me from staying in my “yea he is awful but the trauma” bubble. Many people go through shit yet they don’t turn into sadistic addicts who shift blame every time they mess up, you can’t keep avoiding your own actions having consequences.
When you grow up surrounded by that and having to apologize for even normal stuff or cherish the little normal affection of care you get, you just have that nearly constant guilt of “what if I was just a pussy for getting hurt by all that” yet that’s exactly what parents like these do to you. I hope your mom gets better but we both know they usually won’t but hope you can keep yourself from blaming yourself and know it’s okay to keep away from people who hurt you. Thanks anon.

No. 684482

You should look at r/AdultChildren, it’s a reddit board for people who were raised by alcoholics. There are lots of serious posts from users that had relatives die from alcoholism, plus support and resources. Depending where you live you could also try attending ACoA meetings.

No. 684489

Never heard of that, gonna look it up tomorrow! My city doesn’t offer those kind of services atm due to COVID, otherwise I would have tried to get into that game early on

No. 684494

Found an old phone that I had from 8th grade to the end of freshman year. The shit I had on there was abysmal, everything was normal just me being a weeb kid and then I saw the bookmarks I had saved. There were so many gay cub/adult furry stories. I have been feeling genuinely horrible about it the last couple of days. I am not even in the slightest bit attracted to kids and yet I looked at that shit for a couple months.

That entire year was horrible, I attempted suicide and in general was in a shitty state of mine. Is this a red flag? I feel so fucking disgusting. I can't even blame it on CSA because I don't even have a clear memory of my abuse.

No. 684500

i remember looking through old accounts Ive had and phones from my past where CSA and abuse happened and it fucked me up too. links to bad dragon, ddlg stuff, hell id even had a motherless.com and bestgore bookmark. i was being groomed so, i don't know what to blame it on, i guess it was just the environment i was in where everything was so normalized. i hate that we both went through it and i hate that just disturbing gross shit is so normalized in abuse

No. 684504

When I was in my young twenties I had a drinking problem and assaulted my boyfriend multiple times. He broke up with me because I was toxic but we kept seeing each other for sex and such. One night he mentioned a new girl he was seeing and I assaulted him, went psychotic and called the cops. Falsely accused him of assualt

Luckily I was too retarded to give a proper story and his lawyer got him out of it

I feel so ashamed that I treated him like that, but I can't tell anyone the truth, especially my family. Should I contact him and apologize?

No. 684507

Depends on how long it's been, and whether you'd want to reopen the old wound. If you don't feel like reopening that wound and it's been awhile, it would be best to let bygones be bygones. Yes, what you did was scummy, but you've matured since then, right? Unless the guilt is manifesting so heavily if it's been a long time, a few years down the road I'd let it be instead of trying to fix it, it will cause more pain to try and "resolve" it now. You acknowledge what you did was wrong which is something a lot of people don't do, and continue to repeat their mistakes.

No. 684508

No, leave him alone. Most abuse victims would not want to see their abuser again.

No. 684511

It's been two years, I just have this feeling of dread that something really bad is going to happen to me because of it?

No. 684513

Nah I would still say to leave him alone. If you're talking about karma, then (and this is just my personal opinion) whatever you think is gonna happen could still happen regardless. He's probably moved on and wouldn't want you opening up old wounds.

No. 684514

It sounds like you only care about yourself. Don't bother apologizing if you don't actually care about his feelings.

No. 684516

I had this happen to me with an abusive ex just calling me out of the blue and he was asking for forgiveness and it was super awkward because on one hand it’s like yeah I forgive you just go away I don’t want your sob story but then it made me feel like shit because he didn’t really deserve that apology from me just to make himself feel better. I’m sure he’s moved on so I would let it go and just know that you’ve changed enough to feel guilty for that and not act that way again.

No. 684518

Stay out of his life. As a person who has done very shitty things to someone and has overcome that behavior, the only closure you are seeking is purely for yourself.
If you give a single fuck about that person or their well-being, just leave them alone. You’re searching to absolve yourself from your guilt. Your guilt does not effect anyone but yourself and you’ve earned it, now you need to shoulder it.

No. 684657

I can't take it anymore. I'm taking my bf's shotgun and just gonna drive until i run out of gas or find someplace pretty and secluded to an hero. Bye anons.

No. 684664

leave him alone, you can't change the past.

No. 684702

Please don't do this, anon. Whatever it is haunting you right now may some day go away, and if it doesn't, there are ways to get through and live with a lessened pain. I hope you're okay and safe.

No. 684723

no offense but shit sounds fake, I don't doubt a woman could harm a man if he's intoxicated or asleep but to assault a dude multiple times isn't really plausible

No. 684729

Please talk to your boyfriend or a family member about how you're feeling. Things will get better anon. People love you and you have a future ahead of you if you hold on through these tough times.

No. 684731

why do i never get these replies when i post

No. 684734

Please don't do this, anon. Whatever it is haunting you right now may some day go away, and if it doesn't, there are ways to get through and live with a lessened pain. I hope you're okay and safe.

No. 684746

Nta but why is it not plausible? It’s rare but men can be victims of physical domestic abuse, too. It’s different to women’s experiences because they’re less scared of the violence, but in a way that would probably encourage them to stay as the risk of serious injury or death is lower.

I mean it’s an issue exaggerated by scrotes who simultaneously refuse to help in any way as well as calling female DV victims dumb… but yeah, it’s plausible.

No. 684751

File: 1606745272518.jpeg (61.53 KB, 630x473, 5c3752911d00007a0333246f.jpeg)

i think i've watched so many twitch trihard troll compilation videos that i'm starting to develop some sort of racist twitch tourettes because i keep trying to quote what i heard

No. 684758

Based and nuanced. There's a lot of different factors that contribute to men putting up with DV just like women. Our experiences aren't the same, but everything isn't clear cut black and white either. Any violent situation has the potential to escalate, it's just the means in which that escalation comes to fruition. I see no sense in alienating the (granted smaller) portion of men who actually grasp the shit women have been subjected to seemingly forever. Not that I think that was anyone's intention, just havin' a sperg kek.

No. 684761

but like the massive strength difference, like I lift and do MMA and while I do think that I'm slightly strong then an average man, If I ever was in a fight against an average man it wouldn't be easy for me to win and I wouldn't come out in one peace either

just look at the fight between Fallon Fox(Mtf MMA fighter) and Ashlee Evans-Smith, Fox was a below mediocre level fighter but cause of male biology he thrashed the women he was fighting against, Ashlee fourth for her life and barely just won, so with that in mind I don't understand how an untrained women could "assault" a healthy adult male multiple times

No. 684763

The comparison you made was an instance where two people agreed to fight versus anon's situation where her bf might not have been fighting back but rather was on defense/trying to protect himself from further harm. We have no way of knowing if he fought back. Everyone's first instinct isn't always to strike when they're hit. Freeze is still an option in fight or flight mode. I personally believe it's not conducive to conjecture anybody is immune to being abused physically. Especially if the abuse becomes a pattern.

No. 684764

I can see anon hitting her bf and him not trying to hit her, I have had to deal with that situation with my own mother, she was abusive but she was small but I couldn't ever hit back, I can understand it sorta like that

No. 684765

Plus just because he can fight back doesn't mean that he wants to. If he's not an abusive man, why would he want to hit, restrain, put his hands on his gf at all, even if she's doing it to him. Like, that's pretty basic.

No. 684767

I forgot to take my meds for two days over the holidays, but since realizing it I've decided to just not take them. I can feel my mood/demeanor changing for the worse and it sucks but I want to see how bad my mental illness is unchecked, it's been a while kek.

No. 684770

Ffs, take your meds, nonnie. Going cold turkey on top of your problems is the worst idea. It's going to get that much more hard to get back in your feet if you just hit rock bottom.

No. 684775

Take your meds ffs

No. 684780

I will, the irritability alone is unbearable, and I do know better. Just had to get the stupidity off my chest.

No. 685030

I havent spoken to a friend since oct 30ths so I blocked her. She said its becuz her best friend is dying but she despite that she still has time to talk to scrotes….

No more empathy for people. If you dont talk to me you getting blocked. Period.

No. 685032

enjoy having no friends.

No. 685034

If people dont hangout with you or talk to you are they your friends?

No. 685039

Nta but yes. I've been able to go weeks without talking to my closest friends. If you're good friends, you'll be able to pick up where you left off. Don't you guys ever get busy and have a lull?

No. 685042

Those are acquaintances not friends

No. 685043

everyone has different opinions. my fucking coworkers see me almost every day they're not my friends.

No. 685045

These people have stuck by my side for 8+ years. I have shared secrets with them and confided in them at my lowest points. We literally experienced all of our teens together. Those are not acquaintances. Those are people who realize we all have separate lives that can get overwhelming at times.

No. 685047

Oh that's your preference then. I get bored easily so if I'm not being entertained I dont see the point in being friends.

No. 685048

people just sometimes have serious, time consuming things going on in their lives lol, am sure you have felt so tired you didn't want to talk to anyone before right?

on ops side tho, talking to scrotes over friends is trash move.

No. 685049

don't bother, anon clearly doesn't know what friends are.

No. 685050

anon sounds jealous of her friend more than anything else.

No. 685051

glad you have no friends, cunt.

No. 685052

You sound incredibly immature.

No. 685053

I mean I guess you're right. If it works for you, it works for you. It just seems like you're approaching friendship like you're all court jesters for each other kek.

No. 685055

I feel like if she has time to talk to scrotes and invite them over for thanks giving but not me then it's a no
Life is too short to fill it with boring people

No. 685057

If I dont talk to a person or I dont hang out with a person we arent friends. Thats like saying you have a bf but you dont see or talk to him. What's the point then?

No. 685060

I hold friendships to the same standard as a relationship. I dont let men just pop up when they feel like it and leave me on read so I dont accept it from friends either.

No. 685062

fingers crossed you're college age because this sounds exhausting. do you even have any hobbies like do you have time for yourself?

No. 685067

I can respect that. We're just different in that regard. I have a tendency to just not respond back in a timely manner to some people. That doesn't mean I consider them any less of a friend in comparison to someone I answer back immediately. I'm also not someone who subscribes to having best friends though. No one person will ever have that much priority in my life. I do hate getting left on read too. I'd prefer you just leave me on delivered so it's open-ended whether they actually saw my message or not typo, sorry.

No. 685068

well they aren't. your friends aren't toys to entertain you. watch a movie for that. i am beginning to think that you don't have any irl friends at all.

No. 685069

Its annoying constantly messaging this person and being left on read. I'm literally just sick of people at this point so my patient for them is dwindling.

No. 685070

it's probably due to you being a shit person more than the other people if everyone does it to you.

No. 685071

What's the point of having friends if you dont get any joy from their existence? You can be alone at that point.

No. 685072

quit bitching and get a pet.

No. 685073

this isn't even a confession, stop shitting up the thread.

No. 685074

It is a confession becuz people usually are door mats and I'm not

No. 685075

it's a shitty vent from an annoying anon who is mad about not getting validation for their bad attitude. go whine to your other friends oh wait…

No. 685076

Just stop anon, I agree with you but it's not worth engaging this retardation.

No. 685083

If I dont talk to a person or hangout we arent friends.

No. 685100

i ship Maddie and Mariah big time

No. 685104

Friendships hold more importance to me than romantic relationships. Dont try to lecture me on things you cant grasp.

No. 685105

>equating friendship with romantic relationships
You’re amazing, anon, I wish I was your friend.

No. 685106

No. 685108

You go girl, you amazing friend buddy pal.

No. 685111

nasty. but i'm curious, which one do you picture as the top?

No. 685112

momokun and her bootlicking wig slave

No. 685113

Maddie for sure. She’s dying to get it in

No. 685115

Are you prepared to entertain her 24/7, anon?

No. 685122

Of course I am! She’s an amazing friend who needs attention 24/7 what could possibly go wrong?

No. 685144

I'm black and I'm only extemely attracted to white guys who look like twinks and I hate it. Everytime I see one my heart swoons. Especially when fucking one and just looking at their cute face. Sometimes I dont even have orgasms during sex but just looking at their faces of pleasure just makes my hear melt.

No. 685146

Samefag and when their face starts getting all red when it's cold out. O lord this is a fetish.

No. 685153

I feel a sense of solidarity with you, aside from the being exclusively attracted to them part. You have great tastes though.

No. 685155

It's annoying because guys only look cute like that for like 3 years before their looks start going down hill.

No. 685163

That's why I like watching these little Tik Tok white boys in their early 20s that look like they weigh about as much as a piece of paper dance around. I can admire them breifly and never have to see them again after I scroll, preserving their pristine image in my head forever.

No. 685165

same, i only dated white guys. my last bf was really cute, thin, looked like a twink, pale with dark hair. i still miss him, we broke up before i could peg him.

No. 685172

same. my boyfriend is 2in shorter than me, way skinnier and has a super feminine face. he looks a bit like a girl with his long fluffy hair (especially from behind. i think we both have a fetish for the other but i am not complaining it's been the best sex i have ever had. he also has a super cute pale skintone that i love. it's great.

No. 685219

where do you find these guys? all the feminine twinks I see are either gay or turn out to be too young.

No. 685220

>Why do women like this exist?
Go read up on evolutionary psychology. The tl;dr is that, for cunts, evolution selects for maximum manipulation and leechery in order to monopolize resources going to their babby's genes.

If not for what they have between their legs, there'd be a bounty on them.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 685221

>Prostitution with a bow on it
Marriage is prostitution with a ring on it. Everybody pays for pussy, or at least makes cunts think he'll pay. Simps pay with a ring and then get to pay alimony and lose the house they're still paying for. Or you can rent by the hour. Chad Thundercock is a charismatic bullshit artist who makes cunts think he'll pay them later with a ring.

No. 685229

File: 1606796490975.jpg (6.42 KB, 225x225, dw.jpg)

well anon I do agree about wanting to date twinks(though I like biff guys as well), I do also think plenty of black guys can be cute as well like D'Angelo Wallace, but I think cause of toxic masculinity its less socially acceptable
can you please go back to your containment board

No. 685231

what race are you btw

No. 685241

File: 1606797668568.jpeg (101.19 KB, 640x481, A6378886-3D38-4D94-9935-00E079…)

Thank you for the laugh, retard.

No. 685245

Scrotes will be like "I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one" and pretend they don't care about women, then they'll come all the way to women's imageboards and essentially post

No. 685252

File: 1606799344122.jpg (59.3 KB, 1000x1000, d90873e812f75cbc580c6234823a9d…)

I think I sorta understand, my attraction towards white boys I think had less to do with them being white and more association, I liked/like anime boys cause that's majority of media I watched as a dumb edgy teen, and I associated white American boys with my anime husbandos over other races of men, that was the main reason behind my attraction towards white boys, right now I'm more open dating any race of men and my preferences range from eboys to rugged outdoorsmen, but not with normies
anyone else like this ?

No. 685264

I'm white but I can relate. I like twinks of any race but of course it's rarer to see black guys presented as twinks in mainstream media so I'm glad the SoundCloud weeb rapper trend has led to more black guys wearing kawaii goth boy fashion

No. 685267

File: 1606803940223.png (256.46 KB, 546x417, asfsadfsdf.png)

Yeah its nice to see variety, however with regards to my outdoorsmen fetish Its rare to see any black guys or Asian guys into it, like the only masculine type men I like are sort of rugged mountain men, who look the part and actually posses the skills

No. 685270

File: 1606805171397.png (349.11 KB, 500x500, Danganronpa_1_-_Junko_Enoshima…)

I Unironically love Kinnie shit. And im over 18 yes.

I love grabbing certain characters and genuinely going ZOMG THAT'S LITERALLY ME, making outfits based on them, trying to include things that make me feel more like them irl.

What no mental health does to a mf.

No. 685271

i'm white and usually don't find white guys attractive so i'm opposite of you i guess lol. problem for me is it's mostly white dudes that are into my hobbies and interests.

No. 685274

File: 1606805765346.jpg (76.12 KB, 500x535, tumblr_2d0274780cec4784603d7ca…)

my life is so boring, but it's stable and i'm happy. as someone who was once suicidally depressed and living rather chaotically, i honestly don't mind doing nothing but going to work then coming home and partaking in my hobbies and… not a lot else. i don't go out much, only have a few friends, haven't dated in years. i know a lot of people judge this kind of lifestyle, say i'm wasting it, but i'm so content.

No. 685276

i think what you need in your life is very fluid and changing. honestly im the opposite of you and i do like the chaotic parts but its gotten to the point that i have nothing else to lean back on. family is shaky, romantic relationships are a razor edged rocky mountain, non existent career. my friends situation is good at least. the thing is ive been living like this for so long i just seem to go for the less secure options without realizing it. im so used to it but i wanna stop trying to hold it all together, sit back and breathe for a while

No. 685277

Nothing wrong with it, a 'boring' life is actually just a peaceful life providing you're happy and can keep yourself entertained. Relaxing, enjoying your hobbies and using your time to take care of yourself is totally worthwhile, and honestly you'll probably end up better off in the long run. I sometimes miss socializing/dating because I did have good times but the reality is it was expensive, bad for my health, and I was way more emotionally unstable. A drama free, risk free life is what I want now.

No. 685278

Same. It feels great having a cozy boring life, I only wish I could work less so I'd have more times for my hobbies.

No. 685279

off topic, what is that pic from?

No. 685291

samefag, never mind, found it

No. 685293

I'm starved for human touch

No. 685298

asian. i am tall though even for my specific ethnic groups.

No. 685302

East Asian or South Asian

No. 685305

I just hold and pet my very soft plushie for a few minutes sometimes to relax myself. It's not the same as human touch, but it's better than nothing. I actually have a dog, but he has a rough fur and doesn't really like to be pet for long.

No. 685324

I usually hug a fluffy pillow with a warm blanket, it’s nice, never like a real human’s hug, but it’s definitely useful for touch starvation.

No. 685363

File: 1606825074674.jpg (901.43 KB, 2628x1568, pillows.jpg)

how do you feel about bf pillows?

No. 685365

You're an absolute retard. Sometimes I'd go half a year without speaking to my best friends and we pick up where we left off. How do people like you even exist? What a tragic existence you lead

No. 685375

I think the best part is he clearly couldn’t tell this is a women’s imageboard and expected people to agree with him. The way women have criticisms or even complex opinions of OP and her post flew over his head entirely so he could whine about women bad. Very funny on all layers kek. Never change, scrotes.

No. 685378

>what no mental health does to a mf
Kek anon. Do you actually believe that you are these characters/they dwell in you, or do you just enjoy and relate to them so much that you want to bring some of their elements, ie how they dress and some character traits, to your life? I think there’s a difference between legitimately nutty kinnies (no offense) and people that have fun with it. I definitely get the “literally me” phenomenon when you relate to a character.

No. 685405

File: 1606830203217.jpg (85.97 KB, 750x723, 380.jpg)

I wish I could fight someone. I wanna punch and hit random people so badly. And if that someone was a 2D male I'd kiss/fuck him at the end of the fight too. I want that "shounen rival with sexual tension" dynamic.

No. 685409

It would just make me feel even sadder. I wouldn't even get a bodypillow with my favorite characters, because I feel like that's a point of no return.

No. 685410

>doesn't speak to best friends for half a year
>implying this happened more than once
But anon's the retarded one right.

No. 685414

Nta but it happens? Especially if you're adults and your best friends move away? It doesn't make you love or value them less. Holy fuck, you people don't deserve friends if this is how entitled you feel to their attention. I'm so grateful to be normal kek.

No. 685418

> I wouldn't even get a bodypillow with my favorite characters, because I feel like that's a point of no return.
It’s okay, anon, having bodypillows is not too retarded, you just have to keep it to yourself, or not, you can also own it and show how you don’t give a fuck about whatever anyone could say about your husbando.
I particularly would just change the case whenever someone visited me, because people are just as nosy as they can be.

No. 685432

Well, at least I know I won't ever be your friend because I can go for months with barely talking to anyone kek.
I also bet you're the kind of woman who dissappears as soon as she gets a bf.

No. 685445

I've never had a Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat account in my entire life, and the last social media platform I used was Facebook, in 2013.

No. 685449

This isn't really a confession as much as bragging that you're based and smarter than most of us.

No. 685456

She is pretty based though.

No. 685459

I can't tell if you're complimenting her or seething.
Either way, >>685445 you're better off and enlightened.

No. 685461

Same except I never had Facebook either, so actually I'm the basedest.

No. 685471

You really didn't miss anything out. Did you have other less used social media like tumblr though?

No. 685480

Complimenting, kek

No. 685482

I actually forgot I used Tumblr until 2013 as well. I joined in 2012 mainly for fandom stuff, but didn't stay long. I've considered rejoining but I don't like the changes made it to it. Before that, I was primarily on DeviantArt and in small online communities.

No. 685488

I think less of women who choose to have children than women who are childless by choice.

No. 685494

File: 1606837455866.jpeg (50.04 KB, 832x713, EeehWSmU8AAUUxY.jpeg)

here's a thoroughly mortifying confession just for you anon: i unironically kin komaeda and think that he and i are the same person. i don't tell anyone or run with the fandom at all, but i bleach out my hair and wear clothes and makeup inspired by his character designs. i also started losing weight to look skinnier and taller like him. i am a 28 year old woman.

No. 685496

I wish all the kinfags a very bad day

No. 685498

You could have replied to her post, it's right there.

No. 685499

I do what i want

No. 685503

Seek help but also PLEASE post more about your life

No. 685513

Lucky you!I'm jealous

No. 685515

god why are komaedafags always like this

what about that requires luck? you could just delete social media if you hate it that much

No. 685518

Not everyone is safe from social media addiction that's why, especially when I was young,naive and insecure

No. 685520

Nta, but you can still delete them now! Or even delete the apps from your phone. Out of sight, out of mind. It helps.

No. 685521

What's wrong with her neck?

No. 685523

Gave my first blowjob today to my new boyfriend (new relationship I mean). It was okay, problem was we were watching south park whilst I gave it to him and I zoned into the show rather than thinking about his dick so whilst he was moaning getting all hot and bothered I was listening to the episode.

At one point I laughed but it came out as a choke and I gagged making a little bit of lemonade that I had been drinking vomit up

I freaked out and quickly swallowed the vomit back up whilst he was moaning talking about how big his dick was that it made me choke whilst I was desperately trying to swallow my vomit and to stop laughing at Cartman exterminating the Jews lol.

No. 685525

It's a drawing.

No. 685527

Already did a while ago,it's that I just really wished I never grew up with social media or at least never had it like anon confessed.

No. 685529

File: 1606840810629.jpg (136.12 KB, 1400x700, Halloween-2007-Michael-Myers-P…)

I had an infatuation/Intense crush on Micheal Myers, specifically the 2007 Rob Zombie version, I was a weird kid and I also used to make paper masks and wear them as well (made me feel comfortable and safe), I felt a connection with Micheal and I used to think of him as my perfect man

I even had fantasies about us meeting in the Sanitarium and falling in love and when I discovered that there were others like me in online communities who had romantic feeling for Micheal Myers, I got offended cause I believed they truly didn't get him

No. 685530

Been there. Have had to explain what I'm laughing at and that I was paying more attention to the TV than the dick in my mouth or vagina as well, kek. I'm glad you were able to cover your tracks this time.

No. 685531

This is why I never interact with Danganronpa fandom

No. 685533

Ah, that makes sense! Well good for you. Think of it this way, it's an experience that you get to relate to that lots of other people have as well, but you're not still entrapped in it.

No. 685536

i'm also discharge anon.

No. 685537

File: 1606842178911.jpg (374.63 KB, 1125x1102, 1573764979449.jpg)

No. 685539

Nagito would absolutely condone your actions, so it all adds up.

No. 685547

this is lore

No. 685548

i love you komaeda discharge anon plz dont stop being you

No. 685551

Honestly, are we shocked

No. 685560

File: 1606844441052.jpeg (563.56 KB, 2048x2048, 835FE93D-EF50-4B94-98E5-AF2D4F…)

Late reply but I’m similar with things and I also thought it must be a mental illness. I remember I wanted to be like Misty from pokemon. I wanted my sister to cut and style my hair as Mistys and I crafted similar clothes to hers. Similar thing happened with Yolei from Digimon. Maybe I should’ve went down the cosplay road… but it also happened w Rory Gilmore. Nowadays I think it’s just a lack of personality

No. 685564

Isn't that a trait of autism or bpd to latch onto media characters like that? I mean, I do too suddenly start wearing shit like leather jackets and shit like that after playing a certain game or wearing red lipstick if a fave character does it a lot

No. 685566

the only thing i'm judging is preferring this version over the superior original version of myers

No. 685567

why does komaeda have such a huge retarded fandom? the character is ugly as fuck

No. 685568

If I dress up and kin as Hinata may I sample some?

No. 685574

I'm a little jeaulous of OF creators that can rake in a lot of money. It's the ease combined with the unashamedness I'm jealous of. Like, I wish I didn't care about muh morals and what people think

No. 685575

I often eat tuna, blue cheese and black olives as a mezze. I love the combination, and apparently so does n2f, and everyone else thinks it's disgusting. Granted, she doesn't drain the tuna, mixes in the cheese and puts salad sauce on it which is disgusting, but I've just seen people comment on the tuna/cheese combo as if that itself is bad. So I guess I'm disgusting too? Sigh.

No. 685576

same. i wish i could just forget about all the nasty scrotes and just upload pics for tons of money but i have to care too much about not giving them what they waaant

No. 685577

I don't eat real tuna, but cheese on tuna melts is delicious

No. 685579

Same, except idc about morals. It's more that the chance of failing and getting backlash for it (ex. time lost, bad reputation) is bigger than the chance of "making it".

No. 685588

yeah ify guys.
i almost want to make a persona and cover my face in clown makeup or something but i bet men would still try to photoshop my face to have no makeup

No. 685595

File: 1606848299920.jpg (21.86 KB, 540x304, michael-myers-unmasked-rob-zom…)

I tried watching the original but it had too much bad acting for me to properly enjoy it. 2007 Micheal is still my Ideal

but I feel I'm never gonna find a guy who fits all my Micheal prefrnces

tall, natural broad frame , brown hair, white, messy full beard and most importantly quite

I might find a guy with one or two of these qualities but never all

No. 685597

I've recently been trying to develop a male mentality. I notice most of them dont do anything unless it makes them feel good or benefits them and I want to get in on that. I cant hate on them for it, life does feel easier when you are self absorbed.

No. 685602

Am I a terrible person? I used to browse r/watchpeopledie until it was banned and I can browse r/crimescene without feeling much shock? I have terrible morbid curiosity, since I began struggling with depression back in 2013 I have always loved gory horror movies and true crime, which I didn’t like before. Does anyone else relate to this? I am actually very sensitive and worry alot so I am not a freak who feels no empathy or anything

No. 685606

You should especially keep this mentality when it comes to relationships. It makes life much easier. I’ve rescinded all kindness and generosity towards males and only express a reserved amount towards women online and women I’m not familiar with in person. The rest is for those I’m already related to, and it’s a great way to simply avoid tossing away time and energy on people(men) whom do not care nor should you make an unreasonable effort to care for.

No. 685620

nta but
>I also bet you're the kind of woman who dissappears as soon as she gets a bf.
?????where does that come from lmao

No. 685639

God I love you

No. 685656

An old friend came to me and we started talking again. he confessed that he had a crush on me at school 10 years ago. And now I feel like I'm falling in love with him, but we're both in a relationship and I know that he loves his girlfriend and it's killing me.

No. 685658

Stop talking to him.

No. 685660

Hes getting bored of his gf and just wants attention. If he loved his gf so much he wouldnt have taken the effort to talk to someone who he hasnt spoken to in 10 years.

You cant be this dumb.

No. 685661

I'd also like to add that men see relationships like they see jobs. You dont quit a old job before getting a new one. Hes trying to secure some consistent pussy before he leaves his gf.

No. 685663

I don't think you're terrible because you're obviously not creating snuff films and it doesn't sound like you're seeking out exploitative shit. That being said, it is kind of an odd thing to be into. The people you watched likely had family/friends, and now their loved one dying is eternally captured on video and being watched by strangers. That would be a really sad and disturbing situation for a lot of people. Maybe examine why you sought that out and if it's really just curiosity or something of a numbing tactic as well (since you deal with depression). Gory movies or whatever though I think are fine, I find them weirdly cathartic myself despite not wanting to viciously murder anyone in real life except for certain scrotes. In any case, the fact you're even asking shows you aren't some evil sociopath looking to take advantage of others.

No. 685666

He even sent me a gift like the ones he used to make for me at school. I'm afraid of being that dumb, sorry. I really thought he was just trying to resume that friendship.

No. 685667

If he really loved his gf he wouldnt be sending you gifts and telling you he used to have a crush on you. Hes trying to secure a hole to cum in before he leaves the one he has. Men cant survive very long without a woman around. Ignore him, he wants attention.

No. 685668

Ew. Yeah I'm sorry anon, something that would normally be sweet if he wasn't in a relationship is extremely manipulative and sleazy now that he is. Think if your partner was hitting up an old "friend" a decade later and sending her gifts, probably without your knowledge, in the present day. Dodgy as fuck.

No. 685669

I'm sorry anon, but >>685660
>>685661 are 10000% spot on. He's not looking for friendship, though if you called him out on it, he'd deny it and call you crazy. You should just stop talking to him, really. It's not worth it.

No. 685675

Thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart. I was really getting confused by all of this, I will stop talking to him.

No. 685682

So i found my bf's reddit account by chance, not like i grabbed his phone or anything, i mean i googled something about a show and there was a similar reddit question in a sub about said show so i click it and i'm reading the replies and once i scroll all the way down the very last reply is by a user who has the same username my bf also happens to use in social media accts, videogames, whatever. I would've thought whatever just a coincidence BUT it also had his birthdate so i was now VERY interested. I felt bad and like i would be invading his privacy so i made a throwaway reddit acct and explained how i found the acct and asked if i should look at the post history of the user. a bunch of moids proceeded to tell me to not look at the post history if i was so sure it was my bf's because i might not like what i find and that YES it would be invasion of privacy and that they would not forgive their gfs if they did what i wanted to do. their responses just convinced me to look at the post history and surprise surprise, i found nothing bad. No nsfw subreddits, no horny comments, just wholesomeness that made me love muh nigel even more lmao

i went back to give an update and rub it in their faces and they told me how he probably has multiple reddit accts

theyre such fucking idiots but i'm still cheesy about my bf not secretly being a degen

No. 685686

It's for the best and will hurt you much less in the long run. If he asks why, which he very well might, you don't owe him any explanation. I'm so sorry, anon. I've been in your shoes, and it's not a fun feeling. Big hugs.

No. 685687

samefag but just realized i shouldve posted this in the dumbass shit thread

No. 685689

Aw, I really am glad to hear that your Nigel is one of the good ones, anon. ♥

No. 685690

I never visited those places but I am interested in the death business, have seen dead bodies up close (not in good nor pretty condition) and even though I don't freak out over autopsy, gore or general dead body photos, it doesn't mean I don't feel bad for them. Someone would call it desensitization but I still do feel a lot for the people, just not in an animated hysteric way like most. I am also into true crime but that came after all the other things so idk anon. Maybe it's just a dumb little game in my head but if it's an medical or crime related media of a dead person I see it less of a "bad" thing than someone dying a tragic death that is now being circulated as a lol funny funny shock thing, that's just me moralfagging.

No. 685699

the rz version doesn't have "too much bad acting"? kek

No. 685704

I follow a makeup artist on IG and youtube. Been following her for 4 or 5 years now. Lost interest in makeup a long time ago but kept following her because I liked her vlogs. Kind of want to unfollow her because she basically has a perfect body even after having a baby and it makes me genuinely depressed to be reminded that mine will most likely never look like that. And her life just seems perfect in general which also makes me depressed sometimes.

No. 685705

ugh >.<. so theres this guy at work who has MS (multiple sclerosis) and he's rly hot, although sometimes he has a bit difficulties walking. he's kinda homophobic and i am gay and i just cant get him out of my fucking mind, so around 2 weeks ago on a tuesday i followed him to the bathroom and then tore his shirt off and took pics of his body and kinda licked his chest and his abs. then i just gtfo'd and he's been sick ever since.(>.<)

No. 685709

Did you have a stroke anon

No. 685711

No. 685712

why a stroke? o.o(o.o)

No. 685713

No, we gotta back, I didn't appreciate discharge kinfag anon, I don't wanna see this shit

No. 685714

wattpad writers take note, here's your newest fanfic plot

No. 685716

I'm personally still waiting to be sold to One Direction.

No. 685726

File: 1606857064335.png (341.35 KB, 491x452, unknown.png)

ty anons!

No. 685729

I think it's kinda funny to see all these anons losing their mind over Ellen Page

No. 685738

Please die or something.

No. 685740

Lesbians don’t get many young celebrity icons, of course it’s going to suck shit to hear that a perfectly fine woman drank the troon juice.

No. 685751

Anons with brains recognize this, ignore the ultra cool above it contrarians.

No. 685771

Even thought I agree with >>685740 take I think it's kinda funny too, it's literally in EVERY thread here now

No. 685777

File: 1606860845434.jpg (136.27 KB, 677x984, Junko-Enoshima-junko-enoshima-…)

I am a healthy kinnie, my personality is annoying extroverted spontaneous bitch (no bpd, so just annoying, not toxic, very big distiction right here) and being a kinnie makes me less insecure because I genuinely go "you know hat junko enoshima of danganronpa trigger happy havoc would not be fazed by this situation and she's literally me so", its weird but it works, im also inspired by character fashions, hobbies and whatever.

My other kins are:
>harley quinn
>misa amane

I am definetely not this kind of kinnie.


god no.

No. 685778

I get that, but I just think it's funny that anons are literally crying about it in every thread. I didn't think you guys would even care that much, but maybe Ellen Page is a bigger deal than I thought lmao

No. 685780

Everytime I see a pretty woman, I want to kill myself knowing I will never be anything worth looking at. However, everytime I see a man, it makes me wish they would all die already. I have been cheated on twice and it has destroyed my self worth and self esteem.

No. 685782

junkomaeda rp when

No. 685785

I am sure you are prettier than you think, anon.

No. 685786

I would rather get stabbed.

No. 685788

Is this Mukuro trying to trick us again?

No. 685792

I feel for you so much, hope you'll find a way to leave the trauma behind and appreciate yourself more. It's a struggle but I believe in you

No. 685793

File: 1606861805396.jpg (192.04 KB, 1920x1080, ERX05T9W4AMBcO_.jpg)

Mukuro Ikusaba. The sixteenth student, lying hidden somewhere in this school. The one they call the Ultimate Despair. Watch out for her.

No. 685797

Of course she chooses the most cliche edgy girl kintypes. Ah well, it seems pretty benign - I hope you have fun with it. (Plus honestly observing kinnies from the inside is never not funny)

No. 685800

File: 1606862150455.png (228.7 KB, 493x587, memer.png)

this fucking meme lmao

No. 685806

Yeah but with a poorly drawn neck

No. 685808

im a basic bitch what can i say

No. 685837

File: 1606865193484.jpeg (94.56 KB, 750x862, 10319E38-BB1B-43C0-82AA-EE28AC…)

I remember wanting to be like pucca, maybe because she is supposed to be quite extroverted and strong, but I would wear a bunch of red clothes and my hair in buns even though i look nothing like her.
tbh i still kind of want a cute red dress so I can be autistic at home since I already like to keep my hair with space buns at home, when nobody else is around

No. 685841

Live out your dreams, based Pucca anon ♥

No. 685853

Sometimes when a woman is called attractive, I think she actually isn't under all the makeup. (only in the cases where it's true) Often times, the makeup is hideous, but culture has memed us into thinking instagram face = hot. If we didn't wear makeup there would be much more "average"/"ugly" women, quotes because it's somewhat subjective I think.

No. 685854

i stopped wearing foundation/coverup as a sort of silly self-protest against filters and the beauty machine. you can see my pores and my blackheads but idc anymore

No. 685856


No. 685859

tbf having to wear a mask all the time helped push me over the edge of not giving a shit anymore, it's too much effort. i've been wearing it religiously ever since i was 13. it's been too fucking long. my skin feels so much nicer and i care less about little blemishes. no one else cares either, really… once you realize everyone truly is too busy worrying about their own flaw to focus on your own you are liberated

No. 685882

You only wear buns at home? Fucking why? It's such a cute hairstyle.

No. 685884

After I stopped wearing foundation/ concealer/etc, my skin cleared up and all the blemishes I was spending so much money and effort to cover disappeared. So, there's that. Maybe it'll be the same for you and it's actually makeup that's the problem?

No. 685893

Do we have literal children posting here or is this bait?

No. 685935

yes, i also started taking spironolactone which helped clear my hormonal acne. i don't even wash my face anymore aside from a very quick soap and rinse in the shower. less is more for most people, it just takes some time to get there. the fact i could hide my awful skin purging with a mask helped a ton.

No. 685937

I already replied to this earlier but, now that I think about it, wasn't there an anon who said they had a crush on a guy at work that had MS, but they weren't sure if they wanted to continue the relationship cause of it? Why are you making fun of them anon lmao

No. 685947

I’ve been told quite a lot that they don’t suit me, so I just stopped wearing them unless I’m home alone. It’s okay, i guess some hairstyles just are not for going out and such.

No. 685977

>just takes some time to get there.
This is really true. It took like a whole year for my skin to completely clear up. I can see why a lot of women would give in and just start wearing foundation again, assuming going barefaced didn't work for them or something. Glad to hear your acne is under control, anon!

No. 686066

i like posting nudes on 4chan. it's cool to see 100% honest and unfiltered opinions

No. 686071

Yeah if by 100% honest and unfiltered you mean rooted in misogyny and purposefully putting you down to stick it to women OR complimenting you because they're pathetic simps…. sure. You are likely to get TRUE unfiltered opinions from women if you SPECIFY that you need 100% honesty, anon.

No. 686080

idc it's fun lol

No. 686081

Maybe the real treasure was the cows we made along the way. That is my confession, Sister.

No. 686143

I can't sad cry unless it's after a sad show/book/movie.

No. 686148

People like that latch heavily on the first person that give them attention and forget about the rest. I had "friends" like her.

No. 686153

Same, except for sad fiction I generally only cry in reaction to stress and frustration. Regular sadness is kind of a dull feeling for me (and I'm not prone to it in the first place) so it doesn't make my body respond in any particular way.

No. 686165

i havent spoken with the girl who skinwalked me for over a year, but fuck. i still hate her just as much. i have obsessive urges to watch her and keep an eye on what she does to stay ahead of her even after putting my foot down. i dont even visit her accounts anymore, maybe once every half year. i seriously dont know what to do about this and i wonder if ill ever come to terms with this.

No. 686167

I was in the same boat as you, i fid that for at least 2 years after i stopped talking to her. She started skinwalking someone else and now i don't know if she's just bein herself but i have managed to keep it civil with her and can normally just see her posts if the pop up (mutual friends)

No. 686178

Working from home is amazing, I am able to get all my work for the week complete in one day so the rest of the week I only really have to go to meetings and respond to emails then lie to my manager what im working on, even though I completed it on Monday. My bosses are happy because I am so productive but they don't know im just chilling for most of the week.

No. 686183

I thought the same half a year ago, enjoy it while it lasts

No. 686207

Dogs are so gross and ugly and I feel like gagging when they open their mouths even if it was through a screen because it looks repulsive and their breath probably stinks but I have to pretend that I find them cute to not make my friends upset, I hate dogs 80% of the time and I'll never have anything other than a cat.

No. 686208

File: 1606913683423.jpg (79.87 KB, 550x385, sonny-angel-serie-space-advent…)

Thoses are so dumb and useless. I just wish it was my job to design cute collectibles.

No. 686210

Dicks out 4Xmas

No. 686213

I know it’s immoral but I just want to buy a Spitz or Pomeranian. I want to adopt a puppy with my husband and we actually want to go to a shelter but I always dreamed of having a super cute fluffy puppy. I grew up with Maltese so I know the breed really well and would also adopt one of those. My husband wants a big dog though…

No. 686216

There's nothing immoral about getting the pet you want, if you are going to care for it for 10+ years then get a little fluffball because they don't live long in the scheme of things but neither do we.

No. 686219

Why is it immoral?
With breeders, you can check lineage, puppy temperament, have a history of genetic problems or lack thereof, be aware of what the pregnancy was like and how the first 4-6 weeks of growth was for the liter.
You can't get any of that information from a shelter. All of those things are extremely important for raising a quality dog with good genes.
Most dogs are in shelters because they are reactive, genetically unfit or had problematic births/young life, all of which make proper ownership that much harder.

No. 686225

No, most dogs are in shelters because they're stray mutts and people don't want them to overbreed. This is not being "genetically unfit", sounds like a cope.

No. 686229

It's not immoral, get the pet you want. I know people don't like to hear this, but shelter puppies are not for everyone. If it's a puppy you can't predict the size, temperament and inclinations, so you must be ready to get a big dog, or a small one, or a sheperd who needs a lot of excercise or simply a calm dog. It may not fit into your lifestyle. In case of adult dogs some shelters lie about the dog's temperament or possible traumas in order to get you to adopt them without question. It's sad, but unfortunately not everyone can handle every dog.

No. 686232

You can predict the size by looking at the dog's legs actually.
Agreed otherwise.

No. 686233

Strays literally have all of the problems I described, what is your point?

No. 686238

They don't. Landrace strays are healthier and live longer than purebred dogs, and most won't have much trauma or behavioral problems unless you live in America or some shit where they have puppy mills and the dogs come from god knows where.

No. 686242

Oh I didn't know that! That's cool, though I don't think a lot of people know about that.

Puppy mills are everywhere, not only in America.

No. 686246

File: 1606917957012.png (1.5 MB, 750x953, 9B2AE81F-8E9C-4237-85EF-DBAC95…)

As someone who went to breeder to purchase one of their two pomeranians: go to a (reputable) breeder. My first pom was >1 year old and adopted from someone who was rehoming him. I felt like I was getting the best of both worlds because he was purebred and also “morally adopted”. Even though I love him to bits and he’s a genuinely sweet and mellow dog, I’m positive he was bred for looks and looks alone. He’s had most of his teeth removed (despite brushing) and suffers from a hormone deficiency that made him lose almost all of his hair before he got started on a daily medication that he’ll be on for the rest of his life. He’s only 8.

By contrast, my second pomeranian was purchased as a puppy from a breeder. He has an incredibly friendly personality and is the picture of health and energy. I honestly believe that this is due to proper breeding and the fact that I had a direct hand in raising him. You never know what you’re going to get with an older dog sometimes, and especially with poms you can easily end up with a neurotic destructive mess.

As an aside, I’d advise you to not go for a pom with too small of a snout; smaller jaw sizes are one of the things that usually result in the tooth decay issue. Be prepared for daily brushing if you insist on the more show dog look anyway. I hope you can get your dream pomeranian one day anon! I don’t think I’ll ever own another breed of dog for the rest of my life (picrel, my second pom the day I brought him home)

No. 686251

Saw this scrolling by and gotta say what a handsome boy even though I'm not a dog person, hope he lives to an old age and stays healthy and sweet anon

No. 686262

thank you sweet anons!It makes me feel less bad. Honestly I think you are right, maybe I can convince my husband. If not I just come home with a Pom unanounced!

I´m a little afraid of shelter dogs because you don´t know what your getting. My parents adopded a puppy and it turned out she has weird traumas and my parents are not the kind of people to go to dog school or work through the traumas with the dog. she remains a little brat since…

No. 686270


these replies are already so old but there's no way I still have the essay but I'm pretty sure some of the lines were straight up copied from leathermouth's song fifth period massacre, because I was a my chemical romance superfan of course. I think I definitely copied verbatim "when I opened the gym doors, you should've seen those fucks run"

This actually unlocked an even worse memory of when I got sent to the counselors office because my best friends' mum caught us texting about gay bandslash fan fiction and having to awkwardly explain that everything is FINE at home and no we aren't having sex. I had explicit my chemical romance lyrics written on my hand and she gave me a very stern talking to about appropriate language in school and made me scrub it off with a nail brush while i cried in the bathroom. You couldn't tell me SHIT back then I truly believed I was the most tortued soul.

No. 686285

sounds like you did her a favour

No. 686292

>If not I just come home with a Pom unanounced!
Don't do this, it's an asshole move to impose a pet on someone who expresses no desire to have one.
If you live together and he pays half the rent, he has a say in what you get to adopt.

No. 686298

Don't do that, talk with your husband and find a middle ground, unless you want him to treat your future dog poorly because he wasn't okay with the idea of getting one. Why doesn't he want a pom?

No. 686301

When my dog has her paws placed in a cute way, I just have to move them in another position because it's too endearing for me to handle

No. 686304

I won’t anons it was a joke. Thank you for your concern though

No. 686309

Where are their pants? Why are their dicks out? I have so many questions.

No. 686329

Don't listen to naysayers, dog culture is retarded, people act as though you have to so everything right or you are maiming and killing millions of dogs. Being a responsible owner isn't hard, people have been doing it for millenia with a lot less than we have available to us now. Get your sweet little puppy and keep it til it dies and you are miles ahead of people who abandon them to shelters or try to rehome them after screwing them up.

No. 686340

A cute guy with big blue eyes walked in at work and we couldn't stop looking at each other, I even got butterflies. Damn is that what makes people cheat?
I'm glad he left and I hope I never see his cute ass again.

No. 686759

Shayna do be triggering the hell outa my ED I’d rather die than let myself go like that
Bitch is literally Yaniv

No. 686786

You can be a perfectly-average-weight, non-disordered person and still not look the way Shayna does. Don't be so hard on yourself.

No. 686791

Eh she could lose the weight and go back to looking decent if she wanted to, she's not that far gone. For me, the real nightmare fuel camwhore is Charms. You can't go back to looking good after getting a tonne of ugly tattoos and plastic surgery to compensate for your weight gain.

No. 687054

I find 99% of people ugly, even the so-called hot chads and gorgeous women, they are bland at best and hideous at worst.

No. 687070

Develop yourself so that you're more to offer than a body and those concerns will dimish.

No. 687078

ot but I like this reply, because it sounds like what an ancient Greek or Roman philosopher would answer

No. 687115

There is this cute guy that I often pass by at my grocery store job. The first time I asked him a question he just nodded his head and looked at the ground with his face red. Whenever I see him I lightly bully him (without obviously harming him). He always blushes and he's very shy. I don't even like him but for some reason this interaction just makes work better. I don't know how fucked up this is though.

No. 687196

I hate how everything has to be the "who has it worse" olympics with you. How you're the only one with "real" problems. How you bring other people down because you're experiences haven't been good.

I try to be there for you as much as possible. I'll answer the phone when you call but I'm never going to pick up the phone and call you because you're not the kind of friend I want talking me through my issues.

And don't complain about being poor or annoyed by people ignoring COVID anymore after your mid-pandemic cosmetic nose job.

No. 687199

I don't understand people who don't want children. I completely understand if it's coming from a certain place, like they themselves had shit parents, a shit upbringing, don't want to project that onto a kid or whatever, but people who don't want them for no reason… I just don't understand. To me it's like there's something a bit wrong in their biology. I don't think they should be judged or persecuted though.

No. 687201

>people who don't want them for no reason
I've.. genuinely never come across childfree people like this. They always have a reason?? Can you explain what you mean?

No. 687204

lmao anon I have a similar interaction with a guy at my job. He's not really shy but very very taciturn and a little awkward, I always try to include him in dumb jokes I make with my coworkers and just tease him in general and he just goes "oh..hheh yeah" because he's not used to being included. It's adorable. I assume by bullying you mean lighthearted teasing, which is fine. As long as it doesn't turn into actual mean bullying lol.

No. 687267

I know this is lolcow but from now on, I vow to never mock another woman ever again

…unless she's a pickme, a sjw, mentally ill for pity points or a instahoe

No. 687271

Time. I can do pretty much what I want, when I want it.
Commitment. The idea of being responsible for another person essentially for the rest of my existence seems truly insane to me.
Freedom. I was able to quit my job and travel to Asia for an entire two months last year… because I felt like it. It was awesome.
Money. Children are insanely expensive and the “return” on investment is shaky at best, provided your kid doesn’t turn out to be an asshole.
Assholes. When standing in line at the grocery store, or in traffic, how many people do you note to be general assholes? Probably lots. There’s a high chance your kid will grow up to be an asshole, regardless of your efforts. The world doesn’t need more.
Overpopulation. There’s 7.8 billion people on this planet already. Do I really need to throw my average genes into the mix? No. We have enough people. Our grasp on resources is weak and exhausted.
Climate, social/political. Maybe this is a more personal reason but I wouldn’t want to raise a child right now. The world is a crazy place.

From a pragmatic standpoint, having a child just doesn’t make sense to me.

No. 687275

Let the Stacies have fun anon

No. 687280

Nayrt, but that would be me, I tried to explain it in another post here

So me and this anon >>687271 are very different. I think OP is right here >>687199, I do think I'm biologically predisposed to be childless since I've been like that since I was a child myself. It's not my rational decision to be childless, it's just how I am.

No. 687286

I struggle with this. On one hand I know it's natural and that people make it work in every circumstance imaginable. On the other I think it would he selfish and cruel of me. I fantasize about having a daughter and doing everything right by her and then I think my mom probably thought the same sort of thing at some point only it turned out to be nothing like she expected. Most childfree friends of mine (personally, definitely not generalizing all CF ppl because some are really whack) are really good people and would make such good parents too. Anyway it makes me sad.

No. 687289

I mean if you’re biologically capable of being pregnant, you’re not predisposed to being childless

No. 687290

I wanna get a train ran on me by cute guys but I dont wanna get an std or end up dead. Life is pain.

No. 687291

Most STDs are curable anon YOLO

No. 687292

Herpes isnt and it's the most common so I cant be yololing.
Why cant my dream of getting my gang banged ever be real…

No. 687293

By that logic why do women who are biologically incapable of having children want them so bad, sometimes even before finding out they can't have them?

No. 687296

Because some women are really into having kids, and personalities are different?
If you have a uterus, barring health conditions, you are biologically predisposed to getting pregnant.
If you have feet you’re predisposed to walking. That’s not logic.

No. 687297

Getting pregnant =/= raising a child
Huge difference.
I may get pregnant (and hate it), but with my natural childless predisposition I'd just give it up for adoption.

No. 687298

I’m so confused, you’re asking why women who are biologically incapable of having children want them so bad even before finding out? They’ve been raised to see it as a life goal and don’t know that it’s unlikely or impossible for a long time. When they find out, some might want them even more because it’s human to want things you can’t have.

Many women grow up wanting bio children, it’s not influenced by whether that’s actually possible or not because it’s always assumed to be. You can want kids without knowing you're infertile.

No. 687299

Right, but that anon (you?) said they were biologically predisposed to being childless. That’s not a thing. The instinct is to procreate, it’s a survival mechanism rooted in genetics that predate the human species.
Barring some undiscovered biological anomaly, you’re not predisposed to being childless. It is an active choice you make, however you like to word it is up to you.

No. 687300

I kinda have the same thing, but with people who say they want to have a child because it's natural. It sounds completely irrational to me.

No. 687301

Sometimes I lie and tell scrotes I'm a virgin because I wanna act like pure waifu who is having her first time. My body count is actually more than 20.

No. 687302

Right, gotcha, I'm not real.
Time to disintegrate in a puff.

No. 687303

I confess I find this really sexy of you.

No. 687306

I love the feeling of acting like a sweet little virgin and them actually believing it.

No. 687308

I mean either your ‘unique’ reasoning for being child free isn’t real or millions of years of evolution and genetics aren’t.

No. 687309

Or your "interpretation" of evolution and genetics is pulled straight out of your ass, Dr. Sci. Anonymous.

No. 687312

The cool thing about genetics and evolution is that it leaves little room for interpretation.. but go off

No. 687315

Another childfree anon - it's basic biology though. It doesn't mean that you should feel insulted by someone saying that not wanting children is an anomaly. Things just are like that.

No. 687319

I'm not in this fight because you're both retarded but claiming there's a strong correlation between specific yet curiously unidentified genes and behavior as complex as procreative desire is dubious. Would love to see your sources though.

No. 687327

I know it's an anomaly? I'm arguing it can be innate, and conversely Dr.Sci.Anon is arguing it's always a choice.

No. 687330

This anon >>687298 got it right. We as a species learned to stop relying on instincts alone because that makes us just animals. Of course most of the people still have basic instincts but we don't act on most of them (except for men) but reproduction has never been restrained and we're socialized to death to have babies even if we can't/we don't want them.
I never had that need, I hated the idea of being a mother since I was 5. Saying "but women are predisposed to want children" is 1. saying women are no better than animals and 2. inability to see that this shit is put down on our throats since we're kids. In this modern age we're as predisposed to having babies as we're to like pink or housekeeping. Just socialization so men can get their dicks wet and feel superior by leaving offspring.

No. 687334

My bad kek, I have to go to sleep.

No. 687347

It's not really basic biology, we are a lot more complicated than that. Gay people exist, why couldn't people who are naturally averse to having kids exist too? Maybe there's an evopsych justification for a portion of the population choosing not to reproduce, or being unable to reproduce. Children are important but they also are a huge investment to raise as they remain vulnerable for many years, it seems very plausible that nature gave us biological imperatives other than just popping them out on instinct. The theory I often hear is that not having kids allows you to have more of a supporting role so that others can raise theirs better.

No. 687357

i vent without flossing, ever, for 18 years of my life. no doctor told me to do it, nobody in my family did it. the first time i tried it my gums bled and it hurt, so i didn't do it for few more months, until my friend got her braces off and said how much she missed flossing and now she needs to get used to it until it stops bleeding. the bleeding stops?

No. 687359

The bleeding should ease after flossing becomes a routine. It’s unusual in my country too despite the fact we have generally good dental hygiene. I’ve heard good things about water flossing so want to try that, it sounds less painful.

No. 687364

File: 1607077831948.jpg (132.6 KB, 432x485, 125673649000.jpg)

i tried hexing a pedo and an abuser
i feel stupid believing in this stuff but still do it

No. 687365

And I love you for it anon, I sometimes try 'cursing' the man who diddled me. Like once a month or so even if I don't really believe in it. It takes the anger out. I hope that pedo and abuser gets hexed.

No. 687368

File: 1607079014939.jpg (111.31 KB, 1000x1000, EMFG_AJF_65875979000.jpg)

thank you anon <3 truth. it is especially satisfying during that time of the month.
may they burn in hell

No. 687378

I'm curious, how do you hex someone?

No. 687379

i just had a degenerate sex dream about shane dawson (never usually have sex dreams) and it was somewhat enjoyable. help

No. 687434

No. 687552

light-hearted teasing with a bit of trying to push him to talk more which makes him uncomfortable. I feel bad because I know it makes him embarrassed but it's also cute to watch.

No. 687652

File: 1607116161519.jpg (78.55 KB, 850x1200, 44862236_2230483730531147_6209…)

I lost my virginity on the bed of this rude girl with BPD who was obsessed with my boyfriend and suicide baited him constantly, disrespecting both of our boundaries in the process. She let us stay at her house while she was out of town while I was visiting and my boyfriend fucked my brains out on her bed and she never had a clue. We're still together too after all these years. I get some sort of sadistic pleasure out of thinking about it.

No. 687656

Nice. I think I can one-up you though. I took my boyfriend's virginity on my ex boyfriend's childhood bed while house sitting for his parents.

No. 687659

holy shit anon that's incredible, you did indeed one up me. kek

No. 687672

my male group member is cute. he is of course just your average scrote in 2020 but he was nice about my wisdow tooth pain and mentioned he's 150lbs.

No. 687676

whats his height?

No. 687729

don't know, the course is taught remotely. i don't think he's above 6 feet though.

No. 687757

Even though our family has had our cat for 2 years now, I still don't really feel a connection to him or have any feelings of love for him. He's not really affectionate and I think I'm his least favourite family member. I still contribute to taking care of him and playing with him but I feel like an asshole because I don't really love him.

No. 687762

wtf that sounds like a fantasy come to life fuck u

No. 687764

it's normal to not feel anything for something you have no real connection with. so long as you don't use your lack of love for him as an excuse to abuse or neglect him there's nothing wrong with that

No. 687771

i can 1 up you both. i took my boyfriend's virginity while my husband was in the house. in the bed he and i shared.

No. 687783

File: 1607128750871.gif (200 KB, 220x165, bitchwhet.gif)

Before I judge you, is this some kind of open relationship shit?

No. 687787

hell no i am having an affair. (for now)

No. 687789

How'd you manage that?

No. 687791

he was in his office and didn't bother to check on us for like 2 hours. he should know this kind of thing is happening, he probably doesn't think i am even into this guy though.

No. 687792

nayrt, but having an affair is better than being in an open relationship. at least u are doing it the old fashioned way by being discreet and not announcing ur degenerate ways to the entire world.

No. 687794

When i was younger i choked my younger cousin and i still think about it and makes me feel bad and sometimes i wanna ask but im scared something might happen and like were good now but still it wonders in my head(it was many years ago but it does make me feel bad because i was in the wrong ofc)

No. 687795

lame. come back when you've had a threesome.

No. 687797

Girl, what? Honesty > lying anytime even if open relationships are not your thing. At least you know and you can go away.

No. 687799

Tbh I think open relationships are a lot better than having an affair. I mean both are dumb and more likely than not gonna lead to a break-up but, at-least an open relationship is an arrangement agreed on by both parties. They can always call it off when they want to. Cheating is literally being deceitful and trying to pull the wool over your s/o's eyes. That's just my opinion, but if you think being a cheater is better than being whatever a person in a open relationship is than idk what to tell you.

Anyway I don't wanna derail with a argument about open relationships. This is the confessions thread anyway.

No. 687819

I like being choked. Not even for sexual reasons. I just like the feeling.

No. 687823

You can always tell the 17 year olds on this site.

No. 687832

Feels a bit autistic but I love circus aesthetic, I think it’s because when I was a kid I really liked the I Spy Fun House book and all the crazy photography in it. So even though I‘m old I always get tempted to buy circus themed stuff when I see it. I really dislike clowns though.

No. 687838

File: 1607135305732.jpeg (20.12 KB, 275x274, F9771921-79C5-4F6A-BD31-2DFD7F…)

I’m quitting on Monday. I don’t see why they would give me the holiday pay so might as well leave sooner than later. wish me luck because I don’t have any other job lined up, but don’t even mind doing retail or something of the sorts until my next industry job.

No. 687843

Whenever people ask why I'm single, I just say I'm not interested in dating.

I have been thinking about it and I'm honestly scared, I feel like I don't know how I would be in a relationship. I would like to think that I'm not but what if I'm one of those people who gets jealous easily. What if I'm one of those 'pick-me' girls. What if I don't show enough affection and don't seem interested. What if I show too much and seem clingy. And I'm embarrassed of my family knowing that I'm dating and judging me, if I do.

No. 687858

Tbh i think its okay if your first relationship is not that good,thats how learn in my opinion because not all relationships are ment to be uwu the one and only soulmate

No. 687859

Anon, this is why it's called 'dating' and not 'automatic marriage'. You're allowed to make mistakes, it's how you learn to be better. I was super clingy in my first relationship but it's not the end of the world– I learned, and now it's just a cringy memory.

No. 687882

File: 1607139665359.jpg (360.13 KB, 1279x799, jurassic-siesta-ceratosaurus-n…)

i love dinosaurs so much, i think they're amazing… but i hate talking to other dino nerds because 99% of the time they're pedantic as fuck and a chore to talk to anything about because they want to correct you on really trivial things like all they care about is one-upping your knowledge. i just wanna discuss how fucking cool dinosaurs were, man

No. 687902

i been there done that. touched two guys dicks together and everything.

No. 687908

i really wanna go to claires tomorrow and get my ears stabbed, i know the risks and shit, i just really want my 4ths done.

anon same! whats your favorite dinosaur?

No. 687910

I don't think having an affair is acceptable or 'better' exactly but I would never assume an open relationship was agreed upon by equally enthusiastic partners who want the same thing. Much of the time it's open because one partner wants to fuck around and the other one gave in out of fear of losing them.

And imo it's like, at least when someone cheats on you, it's black and white. They wronged you, you can dump them and know you've got the moral highground. But if someone gets pressured into an open relationship and it makes them unhappy they don't have a leg to stand on because they agreed to it, too bad. Reminds me of the Heidi/Projared cheating debacle- almost all the Heidi haters use the fact that she agreed to an open relationship to justify the way he completely ignored her boundaries and betrayed her trust. She didn't seem enthustiastic about it in the first place, her only known extramarital '''relationship''' was long distance sexting with a fakeboi and taking cosplay photos with her, but apparently that means she has to let him do whatever he wants with whoever he wants. If he just straight up cheated there would be no argument about who fucked up.

No. 687922

I felt the same way about our family dog. I don't know what it was about him, but I just really did not give a fuck about that dog. Might just be that I'm not really a dog person. I bond with most cats pretty easily.

No. 687926

Nta but we’ll said. Whenever I hear about poly shit I always think of projared lmao

No. 687940

Any aspect of a relationship can become toxic if you get pressured into it, and you're going to see a lot of it in some dipshit like Jared. Open relationships get a bad rep since you only hear about the ones that blow-up or are made out to be a cringy identity thing since it's usually a private matter.

No. 687944

No, open relationships get a bad rep because 99% of people do not exclusive relationships with the intention of fucking other people or letting their partner fuck other people. Obviously it's going to 'blow up' on a consistent, regular basis with the vast majority of couples who attempt it. There aren't many other things someone is likely to pressure their partner into that so blatantly contradicts the entire point of having a partner in the first place.

No. 687956

nah anon it's because poly shit is retarded and mostly a hobby for the neckest of beards and obese goth gals with greasy hair

No. 687981

File: 1607156199236.jpg (2.92 MB, 2700x3600, 1582116678965.jpg)

i feel terrible. yesterday evening, i got frustrated with my younger brother and i had unkind thoughts like wishing he'd never been born, blaming him for the change in my family, and thinking it would've been better if he'd never existed. i didn't say these things aloud, although i wasn't exactly nice to my brother, and he didn't deserve that. he's such a good kid and my thoughts were unnecessarily cruel. i was just so angry and i just wasn't thinking about… well, what i was thinking about. and i believe thoughts have power, so it's doubly terrible for me. fast-forward to this evening and my brother, who was perfectly healthy yesterday, now has flu symptoms and actually cried because he pulled a muscle in his stomach while he was vomiting. our mother also has the flu (not COVID) and i think she passed it onto him, so i've been taking care of him because she can't. it's breaking my heart to see him sickly, and i feel so unbearably guilty for thinking the things i did the night prior. it broke my heart even more when i saw how much he trusted me to take care of him when i'd thought such awful things about him, i feel like i don't deserve his trust. i just feel so guilty, like it's my fault he's sick - that he'd be okay right now if i'd never had those thoughts. i didn't mean them, my god, he's my baby brother and i love him, but i feel so damn guilty.

No. 687999

Having fleeting thoughts like this doesn't make you a bad person, anon. You didn't say any of it to him, and I'm sure he knows you love him and care about him. I know I had similar thoughts about my half brother when he was a baby (due to him being concieted specifically as a way for my father's mistress to trap him into marriage), but he's 5 now and I'm so glad he was born after all, I adore him.

No. 688024

eotriceratops for herbivore, utahraptor for carnivore! and my fave prehistoric reptile is probably quetzalcoatlus. what’s yours?

No. 688037

>If he just straight up cheated there would be no argument about who fucked up.

There still should be no argument on who wronged who in the Projared case; people are arguing because they don't understand how consent in open relationships work but anyone with logical thinking capability can tell that consent was not there, therefore Projared=bad; and anyway even in case of "black and white" cheating the cheater will find people to defend their actions, no?

In general I agree if it's a clear-cut case of cheating - that happened once, cheater is the bad person, their partner leaves; that's easy. But affair can go on for years, and there's very few things more damaging than the lose of trust that happens after the cheated on party finds out they were living a lie.

No. 688078

Or maybe people know how it's bad but they don't believe that it's SUCH an awful mistake that you have to cancel people because of it.

No. 688088

I fucking hate buying underwear and will probably be buried in my grandma's panties. If I'm going to spend an eternity in hell at least I will be comfortable. Shit it's so expensive and no one gets to see it but my SO, it just feels like such a waste of money when I could probably use it to buy a cute top or something. Plus everything it's so fucking uncomfortable, my vagina it's huge so bikini panties won't cover it completely, cheeky panties give me a wedgie, can't fathom how someone can use thongs and not feel like dying after walking 10 steps and boy shorts end up strangling my poor boot. I just hate it. Fuck underwear and sorry love for killing your boner every time you take off my pants.

No. 688142

Just re-watched this video after many years and cried my eyes out. The Ulala dancer's job was my dream job as a teenager, but I'm a depressed 30 year old overweight low-level banker with a normie gamer fiance. I feel stupid and confused. I'm going to go stretch and exercise now. Even if I'll never be a great dancer and costumer, I can at least try to get healthy. I've got a lot to be thankful for and it sucks to be this sad and pathetic.

No. 688148

File: 1607195783880.jpeg (97.14 KB, 537x453, 5D8F9639-F3DF-44C2-B7C6-7AA540…)

If you don't really care what your undies look like but want them comfy and a little cuter than grandma undies may I recommend these:


High waist, buttcrack is never out, wide crotch holds in your labia comfortably, lace is cute and no muffin top, wide cut prevents wedgies, XL fits my 42" hips/ass pretty comfortably

Absolute shit fabric fades easily in the wash, but hey for the comfort I don't care that much

Seriously, if the fabric weren't such shit I'd get them in every color. Wish I could find the exact same cut with lace in better quality, but no luck so far.

No. 688189

Not that anon but I find lacy underwear so ugly tbh

No. 688193

I battled the same issue for years, until I bought custom made bamboo jersey panties from etsy. They kinda look grandma-ish because the fabric is thick and bulky since there's no rubber in them, but they're incredibly comfy. No pulling, no wedgies, no ass showing out for the sake of being sexy. Shame the shop closed since.

No. 688194

I agree. Personally I lean more towards sporty/athletic underwear. Not (as) sexy I guess but it's also not granny-ish.

No. 688196

People shit on granny panties but they're honestly the comfiest choice

No. 688199

i feel like the only people who shit on them are pornsick men and pickme women. they ARE comfy, lol. boyshorts and "sporty" panties are the cutest choice imo and i find lingerie just kind of tacky and dated-looking.
thongs are disgusting to me tho. that's literal ass floss. no offense to anyone who genuinely enjoys wearing them.

No. 688203

>i find lingerie just kind of tacky and dated-looking.
Hard agree actually.

No. 688208

File: 1607202491782.jpg (47.05 KB, 200x420, 1531508892158.jpg)

I have this friend who starts talking about random people or things we don't know or care about in our friend group and it gets so awkward sometimes. She just posted a lot about someone we have absolutely no idea about because he recently died so she had to go to a ceremony for his funerals. Instead of just saying "I have to leave the city because one of my parents' friend died recently and I'll go to his funerals" to explain why we won't be able to see her irl she straight up detailed his life, except she never really knew him either anyway so why tf should we care. She often randomly talks about cosplayers we don't know or talk about and never met because SHE met them long ago just by stating their nicknames with no context whatsoever so some of the things she says are impossible to understand.

It turns out I'm not the only one finding this weird and super uncomfortable because some of my friends privately complained about her posting gigantic paragraphs on her instagram stories or in their conversations. So yeah, my confession is that I'm sick of her posting stupid, uncomfortable and extremely private shit everywhere and telling everything about random strangers to us like they're our bffs, but I can't tell her because she wouldn't even see what's wrong with that. I wished she'd stfu so we can have normal conversations with the group on messenger without feeling like we're cutting her off.

No. 688222

To each their own, for me it's definitely more about how regular elastic waists sit right in my natural hip dip giving me more of the appearance of a muffin top, so the way the wide lace is sewn on is a lot more flattering for my body type. Boyshorts also ride up directly into my butthole, which sucks because they're so cute. Underwear woes, lol

No. 688223

People also look down on those bulk pack underwear you can buy for super cheap but those are the best IMO and I’ve been shamelessly using those forever. I’m not about to pay 10 bucks apiece for some fancy ass thong from VS that’ll irritate and give me an infection bc the material sucks. Plus the quality is horrendous. I feel bad that girls are growing up feeling like they have to wear fancy sexy underwear to be empowered or whatever crap excuse for consumerism. Meanwhile guys just wear their old ripped up boxers forever lol

No. 688225

File: 1607203770077.jpg (280.17 KB, 2048x2048, 20201111_223205.jpg)

When I see in the mirror how messed up I am from sex, it really excites me. Am I a narcissist for feeling that way…?

No. 688227

Thongs are my style of choice simply due to the shape of my butt/waist. Shorts roll up my thigh too much and bunch, cheeky styles end up screwing up around my vag and crack and most other styles are uncomfortable. I stick with thongs or high cut/granny panties now. I totally get why you'd thing thongs are gross though.

No. 688234

Awesome, how can they dance like that in those high heels, and their wigs never fall off!

No. 688236

I’m happy you enjoy yourself anon! Don’t pe ashamed of liking yourself!

No. 688239

Whch RPDR season is this

No. 688242

hey if it's legit comfortable for you, no problems there. thongs always give me a frontal wedgie. my pussy is too meaty i guess.

holy shit i have known so many people like that and coincidentally cut them out of my life. not just because of this alone, but they tend to be really obnoxious, gossipy busybody types anyway and i can't handle that.

No. 688256

I was going to say she usually isn't gossipy, it's more that she doesn't realize we're not concerned by the same things sometimes, it's like she thinks everyone can read her mind and guess who her childhood friends or family members are, but speaking of which. One of our friends was dating a girl in our first years of university and they broke up. Back then, said friend was going through a lot of things so she stopped showing up to class as often as she was supposed to but I had no idea about the whole story. I only learned about it last year. Why? Because the gossipy friend who won't stfu called her childish and selfish behind her back for not replying immediately to her texts, which she guessed meant she didn't want to hang out with her ex-gf because the gossip hen is in contact with both of them. She then said she wasn't supposed to say that but she trusts us so it's ok.

Basically I thought the gossip friend wasn't supposed to tell us about their past relationship, but it turns out the girl is bi, is STILL actually in the closet and we weren't supposed to know about any of that. It pissed off another one of our friends because the reason why she didn't reply fast enough was because her phones wasn't even working in the first place and she outed her like that, just because she misunderstood things by herself and is too immature to understand that ex-girlfriends don't necessarily want to pretend everything is fine between each other just for the hetero third-wheel. It pissed me off too and now I know not to tell her everything even if she means well. Holy shit that was incoherent, sorry.

No. 688259

File: 1607206548819.jpg (45.88 KB, 664x649, 20201102_095617.jpg)

Thanks anon! I hope you have a good one.

I want a greasy burger now but I swore to myself I wouldn't get one until a family member recovers from covid. He said he really wanted a whopper and misses my cat so I want to treat him when he's well again.

No. 688264

Just put a picture of your cat stapled to a bag with a whopper in it outside of his home then eat one yourself. Just have him call you over vid call and you guys can "eat together".

No. 688281

File: 1607208519938.jpg (316.51 KB, 1197x1200, 20201019_221955.jpg)

This is such a great idea since BK doesn't deliver to his adress kek

Anons have been so nice to me this evening so I think I will have nice dreams when I turn in later.

No. 688298

I almost ordered a service to anonymously send elephant shit to a certain person who frankly deserved it. The only reason I didn't end up doing it because I'm 200% a paranoid pussy and was scared of being found out.

No. 688332

he mentioned it offhandedly. he IS over 6 feet. I wonder if I misheard his weight. smh

No. 688382

i went to some guys house from tinder last night, i didnt sleep with him but what i DID do is cry in his bed about how he isn't my ex bc that's the only person i want lol
dont worry he was asleep & didn't know

No. 688575

File: 1607238698926.jpeg (81.25 KB, 334x500, B35BA843.jpeg)

I am only attracted to bodybuilders
Not even the fitfat or reasonable ones, I mean like what you would see representing a bodybuilder on a 90s sitcom
Anyone who finds that out about me looks at me like I just shat in the kitchen sink
I can't help it
Also they've historically been nice to me
Of course I would never date a guy who does steroids, they don't all do that lol

No. 688585

bodybuilder anon and hairy chubby anon…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

No. 688587

>hairy chubby anon
Oh damn
I just made a face like someone shat in my kitchen sink, I get it now

No. 688596

I keep thinking I am gonna get banned because it happens a lot kek. I wish I was better at watching what I say

No. 688635

>Of course I would never date a guy who does steroids

Sure, got to have standards can't just go for any disgustingly meaty shithouse at the gym

No. 688669

Bodybuilders like this look grotesque to me, especially the arms. I just want to look away.

No. 688671

I'm on a considerable amount of LSD and gabapentin and ended up making/finishing up a ton of artwork.

I do LSD every second week or so and nobody even knows, so I will admit this anonymously

No. 688674

File: 1607249110689.png (391.73 KB, 500x722, veins.png)

disgustingly vascular, anon
>especially the arms
but that's the best part

No. 688676

His fucking face man, his eyes! Why is he looking at us like that? Just push the shit out.

No. 688679

he can't help it, he eats a lot of red meat, no buwwy

No. 688682

He looks constipated. You gotta look at more than just the body anon.

No. 688684

this diet is merely the price they must pay to be human tanks

No. 688794

In my late teens (almost 10 years ago) I was an attractive tomboy that was still a closeted lesbian, and not trying to brag but I had a ton of girls throwing themselves at me because they saw past my coyness. One of them was this really, really cute girl who had the body and a face of a literal goddess. So one night she was rubbing me up and wanted to have sex but I refused because I still thought I wasn't into women. I have never told about this to anyone and I literally want to die every time I think about that missed opportunity and want to go back in time to kick the internalized homophobia out of my teenage self.

I just want a small but curvy gf but instead I'm cursed to be alone since almost every lesbian I know has trooned out by this point. I now understand why gay people talk about their "missed youth" because they were too repressed with their sexuality to live out their lives.

No. 688824

Kinds similar to the anon above me but…

When I was in elementary school, almost all of my sleepovers turned into make out sessions with my friends. I've eaten my friends out and kissed and stuff but…. I denied being attracted to women after a certain point. It felt gross to me because my mom was a woman and I was like "Wait, I can't be attracted to women! If I love my mom!!" When it dawned on me that I was bisexual I literally cried, despite the fact that I had done those things when I was younger. Wish I could go back in time and realize it earlier, maybe my life would be different

No. 688839

I’m sorry but in elementary school you had lesbian sex with your schoolmates??

No. 688842

Nta but anon said she made out with friends at sleepovers, that was an entirely different sentence and I think it referred to separate instances when she was older.

No. 688843

I find Lord of the Rings stupid and boring Harry Potter is much better! (Movie, book, franchise whatever)

No. 688849

I like both lol. I loved LOTR because hobbit Elijah Wood is cute with curly hair

No. 688850

At my first ever live music concert at 16, I was adopted by a short, chubby girl with beautiful copper colored long ringlets. I don't know if I give out gay vibes or if that was just supposed to be femme empowerment energy and it's normal for girls to try to hold your hands and touch you while leading you around in dark places where you can't hear anything.
You probably would have liked her anon.

No. 688865

i don't fantasize about or yearn for sex and romance and i never thought that was weird/wrong until i saw how much anons talk about that stuff on here

No. 688874

I'm the same as you and I thought I was the weird one because of how much they are important in people's life, I was so relieved when I started posting here and saw other people like me. Still weird but at least I'm not alone.

No. 688877

I thought that was a weird porn meme, people actually do that?

No. 688880

The movies were terrible. They should have just been called “a crew of people walking” because that’s all the movies were

No. 688889

two questions:
1. have you ever had a sleepover?
2. have you ever played truth or dare?

Combine the two, and a little hormones, and you are bound to end up doing that kinda stuff.

No. 688908

This really sounds like a larp.

No. 688910

I've been to sleepovers but none of that kissy stuff ever happened.
in elementary school?
Maybe my friends and I were late bloomers.

No. 688912

nta but i had plenty of sleepovers and we never did sexual stuff, we just watched movies and gossiped..
sometimes it makes me feel like i'm a stunted child for not feeling these things. i even forced myself to have boyfriends when i was a teenager but i was always grossed out by them. i thought it would change when i got older and i would prioritize it more, but it never happened so i just kinda ignored it kek.
but at least i know there's someone else out there like this. thanks anon

No. 688913

File: 1607282077317.png (41.64 KB, 913x524, plenty.PNG)

Why is it that every time an anon mentions being vaguely sexual, it's a fucking larp. Take the tinfoil off, faggot. Not everyone is a man here. Sorry you didn't have any childhood friends that played fun raunchy games in a joking way, because they learned it from older kids.
This shit happens all the time. If you've never had that experience then obviously your experiences are not universal.

Maybe? I was introduced to "pornographic" stuff at a very young age because my older cousins would goof around and show the porn their parents had. We would also sneak and watch the late night HBO shit so of course we emulated what we saw. But I'm not larping for this and it's not an uncommon thing.

No. 688922

Anon I really don't know anyone who watched porn or much less physically emulated it in elementary school and I'm not even that old.
>Sorry you didn't have any childhood friends that played fun raunchy games in a joking way
No, that's okay, I'm doing fine without experiencing eating pussy in elementary school. Wtf. Making Barbies fuck each other is something a lot of kids do jokingly or rubbing yourself against a plushie or innocuous things like those described in the article but having literal sex is something I've only heard abused children do.

No. 688926

Tbf there are many trannies who try to copy the "sexy sleepover" trope (the fact that it's even used as a trope is concerning…) so I can't blame anons for being suspicious.

No. 688927

Yeah, keyword. You don't know anyone that did that, or maybe you haven't thought to ask? Not that you need to but when exactly would that conversation come up?

But anyways, my whole point was that I'm not alone in that so I really don't care what else you have to say.

No. 688930

Why would trannies need to copy that trope? It's an actual thing that happens. Porn didn't invent it. Yes, they capitalized off of the idea of "oh wow I wonder what cute girls do during sleepovers" but there's nothing really cute about playing stupid truth or dare and daring someone to kiss someone else. It was something shown on TV a lot (that and spin the bottle) so of course when kids get together to have a sleepover they would play those party games.
I just don't understand how it is something that needs to be made up, boys do it too. I've heard plenty of stories about guys doing that kind of retarded shit during a sleepover.
Again, older siblings tell younger siblings stories of these wild things that happen during "grown up kid" parties and the younger kids do it. At least, that was my experience. And I was 8, it's not like I was 5 years old.

Why are anons here acting like I've just made all of this shit up or something kek. This is ridiculous.

No. 688932

Why are you taking it so personally that you have to resort to insulting anons and lowkey accusing them of being jealous that they didn't get to give oral sex to their friends at 10 and imitating porn acts with each other? Like what do you have to gain from vehemently defending the thought that kids having sex with each other is totally common and normal or something? It's such a weird hill to die on.

No. 688937

There was a reddit post of a troon trying to do this with adult women at a sleepover because he thought all women and girls in general did it and ended up creeping them out. Can't find it now but it was probably in one of the mtf threads.

No. 688966

Because I'm tired of feeling like women can't be abnormal without being resorted to being called a troon. There are actual women that have experiences that aren't normal. That doesn't make them a troon or a larper, just abnormal. Every time an anon talks about a personal experience here, it gets torn down and resorted to "Yeah kek ur a troon, gtfo" and then everyone disregards it as "kek, yeah, no woman does this shit" and then all the other women that do that weird thing or abnormal/uncommon thing feels shitty about themselves.

it's offputting and annoying. I wrote it in the confession thread, meaning I obviously know that it's not a normal fucking thing. But it DOES happen and I'm not wrong for talking about it. When I first wrote the confession, anons were like "EHCKL, UHM, EXCOOZE ME?? YOU DID WHAT?? NO ONE I KNOW AS DONE THAT BEFORE, TROON TROON!!!" as if what I did was a singular thing that no other woman has ever done before OR a larp. you can take my defending however you'd like tbh. I said what I had to say.

No. 688981

i got two dude friends to kiss in high school and recorded it to bully them about it later. It was funny but at least now both of them are sure they’re straight. KEK

No. 688983

Same. It seems like not being a relationship can be really hard on some people and really affect their happiness. I've never really cared about that but I think I understand how they feel because I feel a strong yearning for friendships. I don't have many friends and I wish I had at least one best friend around my age to hang out with and go on adventures with.

No. 689024

well now i feel weird because i did "pretend sex" as a child pretty often. and i was masturbating to porn at 11 or 12.

No. 689027

the books are far more "a group of people walking." The Fellowship of the Ring movie even took out a lot of the walking in an attempt to pare it down

No. 689035

ot but that's hot anon

No. 689062

i'd probably try a pee fetish

No. 689078

I take overnights at my grandma's house most of the week bc she can't be alone anymore. Its tough ngl, shes hard of hearing and gets confused at night (sundowning?) and has insomnia. I smoke out in the garage with the door open and my neighbors cat has decided I'm her best friend. She will come running from across the street when I get out of my car, she lays in my lap if I let her and she's so affectionate. My confession is that I put out a cat bed in the garage for her to sleep in bc shes slept in here before and its getting cold out so if she gets stuck outside she has a warm little spot to sleep in. I swear I'm not a crazy cat lady nor am i trying to steal my neighbors cat lol but she has helped me thru some bad nights over here and it's my little token of gratitude

No. 689082

I like when I fart and it rolls up in between my labia

No. 689084

oh anon but when you do it in a bath/pool tho…
god this sounds like such a trannypost lol

No. 689088

Anons will grow up thinking everyone is pure and clean and then find out other people aren't and suddenly they're "freaks" instead of kids that experience sexuality, naturally.

No. 689089

I hate that, it's the worst tickling sensation every.feels like there's a spider inside.

No. 689091

My bf broke up with me and I'm terrified of living on my own once my living situation gets sorted out in a few months. I thought I was afraid of losing him and if things improved we could get back together. Now I'm just getting angry and resentful though. I guess it really is time to move on…

No. 689095

Porn isn't natural tho

No. 689098

I was on YouTube listening to some girl talking about her experiences going the pro ana meet ups in the earth 2000s. As an ex ana chan that shit sounded fun as hell. I wouldve loved that when I was still sick.

No. 689101

Early 2000s

No. 689114