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File: 1605540996078.jpg (120.4 KB, 800x540, c4aa3177-45d0-474e-9b4c-87f6e9…)

No. 675292

btfo edition
previous thread >>>/ot/667980

No. 675299

Card captor sakura being on netflix really has been helping me mentally. That sounds dumb as fuck but it's from my childhood and I would have never expected it to come on a streaming platform like netflix. I'm not into anime but something about CCS makes me really happy. It's also really funny to this day. I don't remember it being this gay though.

No. 675300

Felt dreadful all day, I just had a bad feeling I couldn't shake off and felt so fucking anxious.
Turns out I was just constipated and the bad feeling faded as soon as I took a dump.

No. 675307

I cried in the shower yesterday and bruised myself pretty bad because I was beating the fuck out of myself. The bruises hurt so much today, I'm so retarded. I hope my period comes soon, I hate this pms shit coupled with my already bad mental health. Fucks me up, yo.

No. 675311

Damn anon, are you sure you don't have PMDD? That sounds awful. I have it, and "PMS" literally made me actively suicidal almost every month, even when I was getting therapy and feeling generally better the rest of the time. I hope you feel better soon.

No. 675318

i've been feeling ok lately and it's so weird because i'm used to feeling depressed and anxious all the time.

No. 675329

So looking forward to the new bts album

No. 675342

why would you drop anon >>675318 's mood like that

No. 675343

I know I’m late but I finally watched Walk The Line and damn, as someone who casually liked Johnny Cash songs but knew squat about his life it kind of made me hate him? Like he shit on his exwife AND June Carter all their lives and even proposed to her in front of a live audience (sorry but I unilaterally hate that shit), and she and her family just faithfully looked after him through all the drug abuse. Makes me think of all those biographies where the people surrounding brilliant men just put up with his shit just because of the value of what he’s putting out into the world.

No. 675362

I have an undercut that I haven't told/had to tell my parents about, but I've been worried about how my mom would react when she does find out. We FT'd yesterday and she noticed, and all she said was "did you cut your hair short?" When I explained that it's not visible with my hair down, she just said "oh, okay!" and carried on kek. now to deal with the finger tattoo reaction

No. 675366

This is my favorite episode of hoarders ever. The unhinged meter is going through the fucking roof I always feel so conflicted watching this show cause some of these people are genuinely mentally ill and have been through some horrible shit but this lady is such a bitch to everyone helping her i can't feel bad for her at all.

No. 675367

i'm >>675318 and also a bts fan lmao

No. 675368

I find girls cosplaying/dressing up as pretty anime boys attractive and I wish they did it more without the whole retarded fakeboi route. Actual IRL moids trying to pull of anime guys or catboys or any of that shit look tragic, nasty and honlike but the women who actually look good doing it always demand you to entertain their stupid pronouns and gender identities. I just want a qt crossdressing gf to rp yaoi boys with

No. 675371

You had me until the last sentence anon

No. 675372

Sorry, I was being semi-ironic but still not ashamed.

No. 675374

I also love this show so much. The more dilapidated or nasty the house/circumstances, the more invested I am. Like, I feel bad that I feel there are any "boring" episodes of this show as all of the people on it are, indeed, very mentally ill. It's so nice when the homes are taken care of/there's a happy ending though. I always hope that it's maintained, but I'm doubtful.

No. 675375

Fair enough, kek. I hope you find her ♥

No. 675377

You've been thwarted by kpop once again ( >>675367 )

No. 675380

Someone asked in the last thread about acrylic and oil paint but I'm not sure how to reply to that post now so I will just write my answer here, I hope you see it.
My roommate paints with acrylic paint and oil paint, I only paint with oil paint. I like oil paint much better because acrylic paint changes its color a little when it dries so it's hard to paint that way. Acrylic paint is also more expensive I think. But for painting with oil paint you have to know how to do it right because it's not as obvious as with acrylic paint, my roommate struggles with this because she's new to oil painting so I am teaching her.
With oil paint you have to dilute it, you need turpentine or other solvent that makes the paint dry more quickly (you can use synthetic solvent, white spirit, nitro solvent, you can get them at a store that sells paint but not like an art store but like for wall paints and lacquers) and you need an oil which will make the paint dry more slowly, linseed oil is the cheapest, it's the only one I've used, maybe others are better but this is all I know. You can also get linseed oil at a paint and lacquer store. Don't buy paint medium at an art supplies store, it's way overpriced and comes in tiny bottles. My poor roommate didn't know you have to dilute paint so she just used it straight out of the container… rip
When you are starting a new painting, dip your brush in paint and then in the solvent and paint the first layers with that, because it will dry more quickly. As you progress switch over to a mixture of half linseed oil and half the other solvent; it will dry a bit more slowly but it will make the paint nice and shiny. I don't recommend using only oil because it will dry really slowly.
And keep your painting out of dusty places because dust likes to stick to drying paint… When you are finished and the painting is dry, spray it with a lacquer, you can get it at an art supply store. It's really expensive but there is no alternative really. I think linseed oil can maybe be used instead but I will have to look into that, I'm not sure. My father used to use hairspray instead of the spray lacquer, but don't be like him.
And make sure to clean your brushes when you are done because if they dry with paint on them they will just become hard as rocks. Dip them in the synthetic solvent and wipe with a rag and then wash with hand soap. Also I recommend plastic bristle brushes, I got some really cheap ones and they are so much better than the natural bristle ones.
You can paint on stretched canvas but framing paintings is really expensive at least where I live, you can alternatively buy cheap premade frames (for photos or such things, in interior decor shops) and canvas paper, it comes in a block and usually in the same sizes as the frames, so that's much cheaper.

I'm sorry if I wrote too much or if I wrote things that are obvious, but I hope I persuaded you to try oil paints.

No. 675382

OP pic is kinda hot

No. 675384

To the femdom thread with you!

No. 675385

I saw one of my neighbors in my backyard yesterday and I'm kinda scared ngl. She's an old lady so I thought she might have dementia or some shit, but she literally walked right back to her house with no trouble. I wish I had just went outside and asked her wtf she was doing.

No. 675386

Oh jeez, I didn't realize I wrote an entire novel, I'm sorry everyone

No. 675387

She's a cryptid. Show her some respect!

No. 675390

God dammit I want AirPods. I thought and still think they look stupid as fuck, but dealing with earbud cords with masks, or trying to move around with earbuds in at work in general, is annoying. I get the appeal now.

No. 675392

I had this, too, a few years ago, but the drop never came. I've been basically living in a perpetual state of "This is actually pretty okay" since then, with just very few weeks of being a bit down and like…maybe nine or ten days total, where it was as bad as before, so maybe you'll have the same luck? lol

No. 675393

I treat bathrooms primarily used by men like I do public restrooms: i approach them with a slight look of disgust, then gently and with great precision lay toilet paper on the seat, avoiding all contact between it and my skin, and pray for it to be over soon while I void my bowels

No. 675395

File: 1605547760307.gif (2.11 MB, 480x366, A7F6D009-9EE5-42B8-AF36-4BACA5…)

No. 675397

I just want a woman to love (fuck, even like) me. I want her to WANT to talk to me and spend time with me. Be genuinely interested in what I have to say. I would hold her and kiss her and listen to her stories. But I am too ugly, too boring and too undeserving of something so nice and happy. Lonely hours.

No. 675402

Does anyone else not know if they want kids or just not feel that strongly about it? I feel like most people are very definitive and passionate about it whatever side they’re on but I genuinely feel like I would be happy either way just in different ways.

No. 675404

This randomly reminded me, I was reading the bigdickproblems subreddit lately and there was a whole discussion about how when men with decent sized dicks sit down to take a shit their dick touches the inside of the bowl.

Glad I don't suck dick lol

No. 675408

How could you feel comfortable with your ding-a-ling inside the toilet like that? Can't they at least put it on their thigh?

Brb while I go vomit to cleanse my body of all the poop particles I've probably eaten

No. 675410

Same as when we shit you often let a bit of pee out while pushing..so they have to point their dick down

No. 675413

I've got the hots for young jack black, help me

No. 675416

Glad I don't have a dick lol

No. 675418

They talked about splashback too. It was just layers on more layers of nasty

No. 675419

me too anon, I'm leaving it up to fate. I think it would be fulfilling but then there's fhe stresses and I could also be happy otherwise. there's some conditions that need to be met before then anyways lol

No. 675420

File: 1605549842963.gif (3.16 MB, 314x200, 0E46BA0D-0E51-48F1-8717-B7C693…)

No. 675421

KEK I thought the same

No. 675426

Ilu anom it was me I will look into this and its expenses

No. 675493

Browsing lolcow makes me feel better about my shitty exes. They were shitty but at least they weren't literal wastes of oxygen like some farmers' boyfriends seem to be. I'm just reading some of these posts like jesus fucking christ ladies, I hope you all get some goddamn self respect for christmas.

No. 675512

File: 1605558965596.jpg (83.25 KB, 693x588, 9756a376-d4cd-4164-9fa8-24bad8…)

I autistically love socks, I love wearing them on my feet, especially toe socks like picrel. Toe socks should be the norm, they're so comfy and I never get blisters since I started wearing them. People laugh when they see my socks, I laugh when I think about all the blisters they'll get the rest of their lives

No. 675513

taking a long break is honestly one of the best things you can do for your art

No. 675525

Anon, you just reminded me of a pair of toe socks I have in my sock drawer. I immediately went to wear them after reading this. They're so much warmer than regular socks

No. 675536

What's the source of the OP pic? It looks like a stock image, but it doesn't seem like typical stock.

No. 675543

File: 1605562316682.gif (1.33 MB, 320x180, 1600917936248.gif)

I want big boobs so I can sneak snacks into movie theaters without having to carry a bag

No. 675602

File: 1605565763889.png (122.2 KB, 586x398, purecringe.PNG)

How does Corpse Husband manage to generate a trending hashtag once per week?

No. 675610

I don't have anything against this man, but that is exactly what I'm wondering.

No way a deep voice is all it takes to get some internet fame

No. 675612

damn thats fucking amazing. shit i kinda wish this now too

No. 675615

when you get BOOLIED for having simpy female fans?

No. 675616

I picked up some medication for my best friend bc she’s off late, and she said I can drop it off at her apartment with her bf if I want to. I kind of don’t want to because she won’t be there and I was raised not to be alone in the house with another man. So stupid kek.

No. 675623

Honestly, it does. With a mix of said 'hot voice' man being a kinky wannabe. My friend has a natural deep voice and whenever he would join some community, women would fall over him only for his voice. He even abused the 'play to pay with me' websites because of how much girls would simp for him.

Corpse had his fame before, back when he collabed with Cry but then things slowed down a bit. But now he blew up much more than he would because Pewdiepie played Among Us with him, his youtuber 'friends' realized how much others fall for Corpse in his videos and started inviting him to play, and the cycle goes on. Everyone are leeching off corpse now.

No. 675649

I love my dog so much. She’s kind of stinky right now but I still love her.

No. 675656

So if we're all menstrual, doesn't that mean we're obligated to do magic with a k? Bitches that bleed together, do bad deeds together etc.

No. 675660

File: 1605569118334.jpg (8.66 KB, 238x172, 20201026_095558.jpg)

It's mean but my bf just got pimped out in one of his classes and I'm kind of happy about it. We're both health professionals and he still does that mansplaining bullshit even though we went through the same training. Feel bad for him getting chewed out but sitting through lectures from someone who's specialized in a different field explain basic concepts in yours. mfer I didn't go severely in debt to study rat brains for a living to get talked down like this why do men feel the need to be big brained all the time ugh

No. 675663

My instigating bitch of an ex-best friend is getting divorced and I can't help but feel smug. I hope she continues to gain weight and live in her shitty government housing forever amen.

At the same time I wish I hadn't heard the news because now I'm all pissy remembering the shitty things she did.

No. 675675

File: 1605571964157.jpg (43.33 KB, 377x407, dcbdbj2-4c5ef434-f7df-48e7-bc0…)

>prof is recommending i retake a class that i'm passing and i have to meet up with the committee of my department to see whether or not they'll let me continue to the next half of that course next semester

pls anons, help me think of things to do to keep from being sad. i've had enough to cry over this month.

No. 675680

oh fuck me, this was supposed to go in the vent thread.

No. 675685

File: 1605572906311.jpeg (116.68 KB, 750x750, 6DE2EDFA-CF66-4992-944C-4998DA…)

I dont knuow what tmajor in but its ok i'm poopy. anonae if i didnt give it a chance it in high scoop could i still be history major. if I like it

No. 675688

Dumb and sad, we're so alike anon. Hope the committee will let you continue!

No. 675702

File: 1605575610019.gif (1.81 MB, 400x226, 542764879543.gif)

Uh. You okay there nonny?

No. 675705

she got lost on her way to the drunk thread

No. 675732

Bluetooth headphones are an option if you think airpods look stupid! I use them and have never looked back

No. 675740

Is there a straight version of a pillow princess? I guess it'd just be pillow princess. I have read a few articles framing it as a legit sexuality rather than just being selfish.
I wish I could have a quick little phrase like that to sum up that I dont want to do anything with a man's stupid penis but I do want head, then be able to say IT'S WHO I AM OKAY ! if they don't like it

No. 675746

File: 1605582502731.jpeg (93.85 KB, 716x716, 5DF009D2-2F76-4E61-88C8-998910…)

I am now thank you
lol kinda

No. 675750

lol @ the idea of people fattening themselves up so they can get bbls

oink oink it’s daddie’s little butt piggy

No. 675756

I believe men call that a starfish

No. 675758

I am a spineless bitch who is afraid of confrontation so dreams where I can dole out my anger on people unchecked are so therapeutic.

No. 675760

I think bloody noses are hot. Not the anime kind but the kind where someone casually has a bloody nose and starts smirking about it.

No. 675765

woman of culture

No. 675768

Best taste.

No. 675771

File: 1605586449379.jpeg (12.5 KB, 320x240, images (29).jpeg)

I shamefully agree

But it's two dudes

No. 675775

File: 1605587436691.jpeg (24.41 KB, 360x359, 333C6536-BCD7-4491-9756-7DF46D…)

He’s pretty cute i hope this picture isn’t the start of a new kink of mine
>tfw no cute himbo bf for bullying purposes

No. 675798

File: 1605594368339.jpg (6.11 KB, 250x251, tumblr_pj6zp7yFcp1rk9uh9o2_250…)

finally figured out what to get bf for xmas and am hype! On the other hand aaa am struggling to think of what to get my mom as all the things she likes are expensive/illegal to post by mail lol and it looks like i won't be able to go home this year/probably until summer. she has been working multiple jobs to make ends meet so i think getting something relating to her hobbies is dumb as she has legit no time at all but she def needs something nice!

No. 675799

File: 1605595220286.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 11.59 KB, 450x300, images (81).jpeg)

What's up with the cats reaction images in recent reaply lately?

No. 675809

I am losing it at this reply anon kekk

No. 675914

File: 1605617855258.jpeg (38.25 KB, 640x634, 0E9F5798-1B7E-4644-9CBA-4F5868…)

Any time I sleep over at my boyfriend’s, my cat wants to sit on my lap and snuggle as soon as I’m home… Including when I’m trying to use the bathroom. It’s so cute and fucking weird, and I have to wonder if he knows what he’s doing. Picrel is my son, who is currently playing with a q-tip.

No. 675923

Money is always the best gift one could get, anon, delicious money.

No. 675930

File: 1605619908536.jpeg (111.87 KB, 600x1083, FB00D411-AFBC-474A-BC7F-21AB78…)

>Beauty is in the aye of the beholder.

No. 675938

File: 1605621051425.jpg (651.28 KB, 1224x1022, IMG_4207.jpg)

My boyfriend bought me this dress for our 3 year anniversary but I'm not sure if I'll be able to pull it off. It was such a thoughtful and cute gift though, I've never gotten anything from Miss Patina before!

No. 675940

That's such a cute gift anon, I'm jealous. How are you gonna style it?

No. 675941

Kinda? It's literally the hottest pic I've ever seen in my entire life

No. 675943

Awwww anon he just misses you. What a handsome baby boy.

No. 675944

Thank you! It was really sweet and I love that he actually remembered the brand I like and picked out something I love. I have this long dark brown tie-waist coat he got me for Christmas last year that'll go nicely with it. I'll probably wear it with a black turtle neck underneath, black tights and boots. I wonder if it would look okay styled with a cardigan?

No. 675951

I legit get sad when anons don’t respond to my posts, especially when I put a lot of thought into them.

No. 675957

I feel like this when I spend ages typing out (what I like to think is) thoughtful advice lol

Oh the other thing that annoys me (again in advice threads, my fave lol) is when you give advice that you know probably won't be well received but it needs to be said.. and they freak out usually because they're being defensive about a bf. It's not worth trying sometimes.

No. 675958

i've lost in the region of 50lbs in the last three months and i look the exact fucking same, reeeeeeeeee

No. 675962

There's no way that's true, anon, you just look at yourself every day and don't see the difference. Look at an old photo or ask someone who hasn't seen you in a while, they'd tell you much differently.

No. 675963

File: 1605624749523.jpg (63.11 KB, 700x1050, TS04F02SWHT_M_1.jpg)

I think it would look nice with something like picrel? Maybe more cream colored tho. Enjoy your cute dress anon!

No. 675968

appreciate it nonnie but i'm dead serious. i'm even wearing the same clothes i used to. the only thing different is that my face looks older, rip.
i think it's because i'm tall, i carry my weight alright but it's much less noticeable when i lose it. wish i was short and losing something small like 15lbs would make a dramatic difference. can't even eat that much more than a short person, there's like 200 calories in it.

No. 675973

I just can't picture it. Are you more toned then at least? 50lbs, even as a tall person, is a lot. And as a short person, like literally 5ft, it's not fun either, 5lbs shows up so easy and you can gain that by like period munching–not just bloat, but fat. Ugh. Lets split our height differences and be average at least kek

No. 675974

File: 1605625803303.jpg (94.99 KB, 750x750, 1601517772187.jpg)

i appreciate effort posts, i just can't think of anything to say in response

No. 675981

literally not even more toned, if anything i'm flabbier because i've had to give up running for a while (v. low blood pressure due to some new medication). i'm big mad about it
i see your point, i guess both sides come with pros and cons. sorry, am just salty, would give anything to split the difference with you and be average height!

No. 675986

This is probably late, but I'm watching that NXIVM documentary on HBO and it's fucking horrifying. Keith you short dumbshit John Lennon looking dweeb, I hope you rot after serving as a jail girlfriend to many.

No. 675994

File: 1605628083283.png (144.73 KB, 373x339, zuckerbergdorsey.png)

They look like the worst men on the two extremes of the political spectrum good god

No. 675995

I looked at the photo first and read the title as
>Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey terrify at Senate Hearing

No. 675997

Kek, accurate. Blows my mind that the zuck is so rich and still chooses to look like…that.

No. 676004

File: 1605628879152.jpg (33.82 KB, 720x482, FB_IMG_1605482794972.jpg)

Got a friend request and one of the 2 mutual friends is my ex

Hmmmm that's suspicious

No. 676005

Vote them out, anon

No. 676065

Idk how girls like guys who arent interested in them. As soon as a guy starts being indifferent and dry I instantly lose attraction.

No. 676072

File: 1605637658165.jpg (7.09 KB, 220x229, images85EUKPJ6.jpg)

Same, mostly because they're boring, and who likes talking to boring people? Plus, like, I'm cute and funny. If they don't like me than I definitely don't want to know what they're into instead. /s kind of

No. 676114

My favourite pen ran out of ink and now I don’t have any motivation to study. I’m just stuck with shitty pens.

No. 676147

I watched Korra after it was finished and the whole Mako hate thing blew up, so starting the series, I expected to hate him as well since he seems so terrible, but I never did. I never even disliked him, I found him pretty okay over the entire series. I'm wondering if my opinion would be different now, but I'm to lazy to rewatch Korra lol

No. 676149

I never hated Mako either.

No. 676150

People seemed to hate him (and the rest of Korra's core casts) for acting like the teenager/young adult he is.

No. 676160

The moment when you finally beat your panic attack and ur listening asmr and u feel ur body relax… it might be better than just relaxing, sometimes. Maybe bc I'm extra exhausted idk

No. 676168

asmr is gross.

No. 676180

Some anons here are too sensitive and take some shit too seriously.

No. 676184

our family has a strict "money isn't a gift" rule otherwise i probably would. i don't want to make her uncomfortable as she knows I am not THAT much better off.

he is just 2 floating eyes who miss you dearly!

No. 676187

File: 1605651238755.jpg (82.79 KB, 564x846, comfy kei.jpg)

Just looking at this image makes me feel so comfy

No. 676195

What kind of ASMR have you been listening to that's gross?

No. 676206

I want to go to Japan with my bf after the pandemic, is it worth the price and everything?

No. 676207

File: 1605652799878.png (31.79 KB, 836x480, sonic curry.PNG)

Why is everyone being so mean to the totem lately?

No. 676214

1000% worth it for me, first thing I'm gonna do when we can travel safely again is book a trip. I miss it so much.

Obviously whether it's worth it for you depends on your level of interest in Japan, you'll have to figure out if there's enough things you want to do and see to justify the cost.

No. 676231

People are always mean to the totem.

No. 676245

This. People ask of Sanic but then they're angry when Sanic replies. He never asked for their questions, but he always dutifully answers
Poor totem

No. 676269

File: 1605658739058.jpeg (22.46 KB, 360x339, 71BD6DF7-27C9-47A2-B898-9F9C37…)

Does anyone else suffer from restless leg syndrome? It is one of the worst, most frustrating things ever :(

No. 676275

File: 1605659453734.jpeg (538.4 KB, 1031x1373, 3A649C1F-1506-48C8-AA75-9FF5BE…)

I visit fiverr once, not even buy anything and now I see this ugly wig wearing whale every ad I get. I don't even know what he's trying to sell because I don't own the app.

No. 676276

Why do some people still think it's an achievement to not wear makeup?

No. 676277

File: 1605659596840.jpg (31.14 KB, 640x640, give-a-first-page-critique-rea…)

I decided to investigate because fuck it, and I am baffled. I can't actually tell wtf is since it photoshops their pictures so much

No. 676279

Wtf. Her bottom jaw looks too small for her face. Overall looks deformed. Why would anyone think this looks good? She has to be trolling

No. 676280

File: 1605660030571.jpg (77.75 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

kinda looks like pic

No. 676285

Because it's seen as awful and unthinkable by everyone around you.

No. 676286

I have no clue. My boyfriend has brought it up to me at least twice since we started dating though. I'll make a comment about how I don't wear makeup and he'll be like," Wow! Forreal? You look so beautiful as if you are" which makes me mad for some reason? It's like…dude, it's not that big of a deal.

No. 676300

File: 1605662616802.jpg (46.85 KB, 584x730, write-sfw-or-nsfw-fanfiction.j…)

Check for yourself, it's super bad. She(?) writes shit.

No. 676302

My friend has a huge hate boner for Kylie Jenner and women like her because they got plastic surgery and use filters. I finally called her ass out because she was always praising troons who have more work done and don't post an unedited video or picture.
She hasn't texted me back.

No. 676303

Because it's not widely accepted?

No. 676328

I wanted to post on the "fetishes your ashamed of"thread but seeing that anon who said they had a scat fetish,I decided not to…I don't know why I know it's petty but maybe next time I'll post there

No. 676330

File: 1605667692338.jpg (69.45 KB, 750x646, 1fw1lb.jpg)

Same energy

No. 676413

Came here to post this.

No. 676483

No. 676497

File: 1605702050282.jpeg (63.91 KB, 630x473, 5c375290210000d409cc15ab.jpeg)

sometimes you gotta close the tab before you post some shit
i'm not trying to add to the sperg count on this website damn i already spewed diarrhea here multiple times already
i'm trying to improve

No. 676500

nevermind i just passed the piss stained joint to another thread again

No. 676522

I wanna point out that I do not Intend this to be racebait, I was watching Lovecraft Country the other day and there's a scene where a Black woman is magically transformed into a white woman and she goes out and has this idyllic day where she gets a job straight away and she gets free ice cream and everything is lovely. I honestly wonder if Black people think that's what life is like for white women. Or was like in the 1950s.

And I hear WOC in my industry say things like "I sent out 20 applications and I didn't get any replies. Racism". I'm like "Honey. 20 applications? Get back to me when you've sent out 200 or 300 because that's what I had to do." And yes, there are numerous examples of women in my industry sending out the same proposals with a male name and getting far more responses.

I don't deny there is racism but having the same struggles as everyone else is not it. The belief that white women don't have problems and struggles is a misogynistic lie designed to destabilize our movement.

No. 676524

Everything I have ever heard about Lovecraft Country sounds so embarrassing.

No. 676531

Same, anon, I've gotten a lot better about it actually. The bans are effective punishment even though I don't often agree with them.
Kek still gotta have your fun though

No. 676532

I've never watched this show and I'm not American, all I have to say is that expensive movie and tv show writers are living on another planet and don't know how normal people live. I'm sure they just chose a random number and the equally rich actors that don't live with the rest of the population thought this was realistic too.

No. 676533

To be completely fair to the show, they do show that white woman (Christina) doesn't have the opportunities a white man has, and has to find her way around it. In general everything in Lovecraft's Country is so over the top I wouldn't get too hooked up on one sequence that was purposefully exaggerated.
It's a fun show, like i said above, over the top but engaging to watch, easy to binge. Imho people are too offended about white people being racist there, as if it's personally insulting them or something.

No. 676539

>It's supposed to be over the top
the 'its my artstyle' of bad writers

No. 676541

The show also showed scenes about the sexual harassment white women face at work.

No. 676544

Anons in some of the threads on here have led me to realize how far people are willing to go to cope with the realities of life.

No. 676546

boo hoo poor anon can't get the idea stories don't have to be 100% realistic

No. 676547

Please anon its a shit show, cut out the racism and there's no content, you're better off watching some civl rights film

No. 676552

No. 676554

Give an example

No. 676558

No. 676570

> cut out the racism and there's no content

the show is about racism retard. do you know who the director is????

No. 676576

Body dysmorphia is one hell of a drug. One of my friends keep coming to me about accepting their body and every time she vents I really am shocked how deep her trauma goes. I'm not asian but it's really crazy the standards they have for how to look and act. It's even worse I have to talk her out of skin bleaching every other month. Everytime I tell her to stand up for herself around her family she hits me with the 'I don't want to make things weird!!' Bitch you are attempting to give yourself skin cancer to look less west indo what?

No. 676578

i don't care for this show but she's not wrong about that. tons of people enjoy fiction to get away from reality or to have a laugh. too much realism can get pretty boring

No. 676582

I can't stop watching old episodes of Intervention even though I only looked it up for one episode to see an example of how meth affects people

No. 676591

Watching A&E shows is like smoking crack…no pun intended I was watching 60 Days In with my bf the other day and then Hoarders because an anon here mentioned it. Dude, it's like getting stuck in an endless loop of clicking on videos.

No. 676607

File: 1605714008888.jpeg (64.71 KB, 600x600, 22A17EAD-607F-4083-957B-11136B…)

Yesterday I had a threesome with my boyfriend and a girl and I can’t stop being fucking horny help me. It was amazing,

No. 676609

happy for you but that image makes me never want to eat again thanks

No. 676611

Ugh horny brain says that would be so great in theory, but idk if I could ever do it kek. Good for you though anon, really. Hope you guys wore masks!

No. 676612

I used to love this show as a kid, and I agree, A&E uploads everything on there youtube

No. 676614

Good for you, anon. I have yet to have a FFM threesome that didn't end in a mess. MMF on the other hand…10/10

No. 676619

Happy for you anon.

I've had a couple ffms and they were a bit meh. If anything I was tempted to kick the guy out both times. Pussy is a rare treat for me so I didn't want them in the way lol

No. 676623

Oh god, you lucky bitch

Kek based

No. 676628

I hate how LSA just allows woman hating "Straight" men to run around, troll and say whatever they want about and to the women on the site.
A lot of them claim they are straight but are always in the threads about gay men and trans women.
They all come from a black incel site that are ALSO obessed with gays/trans women but claim they hate them, while calling each other 'Faggots" every five mintues.
Why can't they just fuck off. Some of them make hundreds of comments a day.

No. 676629

I remember one gay guy saying he was a woman while defending trans women to prove a point, then the next thread he was like, "i'm a gay man and straight men ask me to wear wigs and make up"
They are so fucking annoying. I'm so happy this place is truly anon.

No. 676646

File: 1605717508318.jpg (367.89 KB, 2048x1442, EQ_WwfsVUAAjcYr.jpeg.jpg)

I posted about kissing my mother's breasts and stuff some time ago and I got clowned for it. But I've been feeling increasingly uncomfortable with the constant physical closeness with her for a good while. A lot of conflict in my brain. Would like to shut it off for a while.

No. 676648

we told you

No. 676653

Wait? As an adult?

No. 676666

>Would like to shut it off for a while
Maybe don't post about it here for a while? From what I remember about your post it wasn't a cut and dried case, nobody except you should have the final say on what is or isn't acceptable for you. Maybe speak to irl friends with similar culture to you when you are ready to think about it again since Americans are a bit weird about non-romantic relationships in their own way

No. 676676

I had an internal montage of “Call Me”, by Blondie while I was doing my makeup and getting ready this morning.

It didn’t help that I was blonde also kek

No. 676681

Downloaded the new lidl loyalty app and I love that the last few weeks my free scratch card items have been junk food

I got free toilet cleaner in the beginning and yeah I took it but… today I got a bag of free peanut butter cups.. now that's more like it

No. 676685

That song is serious get ready hype energy though. Who could blame you.

No. 676688

File: 1605720805092.png (838.07 KB, 800x777, 1601203103040.png)

Your words brought me some calm, thank you anon. I'm just going to stop thinking about it for a good while, and annoying farmers by talking about it here, I've written extensively my feelings in a diary and I'll come to it later. I've been having so many recurrent dreams, nightmares more like, of being.. intimate with her. It's driven me to harm myself because I feel so disgusted at myself. I don't know how normal it all is, I don't have any friends to talk to about it.

No. 676696

Couldn't sleep lastnight and at 4am I ended up shedding a few silent tears over a relationship that ended 8 years ago

I feel like my exes have always just walked away and never thought about me again, and here I am ..

No. 676704

Borzoi and Braco poster is a samefag.

No. 676712

are you getting the shoes

No. 676722

When I was around 12, I remember searching for porn on dailymotion and coming across this video of a man forcing a woman to have sex with him with the threat of a gun. He made her strip and lay with him and she was crying. He was holding a shake-y bad quality camera and a gun with the other hand. I wonder if that was fake or real

No. 676743

You have to assume it was anon, otherwise you become one of those coomers who believes death by sexual kink isn't murder.

No. 676775

I started my period yesterday and everything has gone downhill since a few days before. Barely sleeping because my anxiety spikes through the ceiling, when I do sleep I wake up panicking in about 20 minutes. I was looking forward to playing a fighting game that just had dlc characters released but it got kind of tainted by the fact I didn't receive the proper online ranked mode rewards I should have (previous season rewards were given instead.) I just wanted the dumb costumes and worked for them and now I'm missing out. Hoping support will be able to help but…they seem under a lot of stress. I'm probably just gonna sleep and try not to cry over stupid shit.

No. 676784

Calling people "bottom" just feels like a woke way of calling someoke a faggot or gay, like I have seen it on twitter of people calling celebrities they clearly dislike as having "bottom energy" and basically functioned the same way as calling them a faggot

No. 676794

>clearly dislike

uhm IDK about you anon but most people on twitter say that they themselves have "bottom energy" and if they relate to a celeb they'll say they have bottom energy. I've never seen someone negatively say someone has bottom energy, actually, unless it was themselves. In my experience, if they want to call someone a faggot they will, esp the gay dudes or stan twitter

No. 676797

Thank you for providing me with this blessed loophole.

No. 676799

Welcome to the world of "you don't always need to use a slur to get your point across."

No. 676801

Right, I see (i assume gay) people say faggot all the time on social media.

No. 676804

The "I hate white women" woke discourse is just disguised misogyny. They get to shit on women checking all points of the incel narrative if they just make her white because of course vapid mayo stacey gets everything handed to her and is worshiped by everyone. And you can't complain because you'd be written off as a racist cracker. A win-win situation for men with deep-rooted jealousy and hatred of women in general.

>The belief that white women don't have problems and struggles is a misogynistic lie designed to destabilize our movement.

Exactly this. Divide and conquer.

No. 676806

What's the fun in slurs when you can be creative with being an asshole and it leaves someone questioning your motives?

No. 676815

File: 1605729459346.png (47.6 KB, 736x800, bottom-bingo.png)

What idg is why people use it as an insult. Wouldn't tops prefer bottoms? Is it bottoms bullying other bottoms?
But the stereotypes always felt more misogynistic to me, especially when directed at lesbians/bi women (internalized misogyny?). As if being gentle and feminine is shameful or lesser. I know it's jokes and not that deep, but I'm a sperg and barely grasp playful teasing so that may be my issue.
>inb4 bottom
No, which is probably partly why I'm confused.

No. 676816

I thought that scene was hilarious because they would have carted her white ass off to the loony bin for hysterics after they finished beating the black child.

No. 676821

The amount of retarded shit I'm missing out on by not being on twitter. If it wasn't for visiting here I would never hear about half this stuff

No. 676827

I'm sorry but "yo mama" is unironically a based comeback to me.

No. 676829

File: 1605730097262.png (1.11 MB, 1156x1080, j85bytuavu341.png)

For a long time now I had a minor crush on Shawn Mendes(I thought he was fairly handsome and he seemed nice) but eventually I came across so much shitty comments about him made by gay men(when he was underage BTW) when he started dating camila cabello people still made jokes about him, Like he was secretly gay or that she pegged him all cause she was slightly feminine and I know its dumb cause I like Shawn and it feels like young girls are getting robbed of enjoying vannila Normal inoffensive crushes cause of degenerates

No. 676841

I've gotten so detached from reality last couple of weeks I've caught myself being on the verge of googling when the "corona arc" will end a couple of times

No. 676849

Why can't girls enjoy crushes on normal handsome youthful celebrities? No, men claim them too, girls aren't allowed anything, we are like dumb schoolgirls if we like "girly" men but it's ok if men like them?? He isn't even girly I don't know him but he looks like more of a chad than 95% of people I see

No. 676851

Its kinda funny pudgy skinny fat gay men who can't do a single push up call Mendes a twink, and you are right gay men are super toxic and I hate that so many libfems want to include them in certain women only discussions when they bring nothing but degeneracy

No. 676883

File: 1605733925443.jpg (52.47 KB, 696x442, MARINA-696x442 (1).jpg)

this woman lives inside my head rent free

No. 676896

I genuinely feel like I hate drawing most of the time, but also I love it and it's the only thing I enjoy doing. Why am I like this.

No. 676897

who is that? dula peep?

No. 676900

lmaooo no it's Marina

No. 676903

Marina's mind to release this a day before International Men's Day lol

No. 676905

What is it with men nowadays and not appreciating when their gf cooks for them? Not to be trad but I love cooking and show love through it, but my ex and current bf would rather either eat takeout or just not have me cook. I'm not a bad cook, my family, girl friends, and coworkers love my dishes. Reeeeeeee

No. 676907

their tastebuds are fried from eating too much taco bell and mcdonalds

No. 676911

I feel like this why Some young girls go to tardwife shit, deep down majority people want a healthy vannila romance, male degeneracy ruined that

No. 676918

> I don't eat leftovers, I get bored eating the same thing two days in a row
> eats the exact same meals from McDonald's and Wendy's weekly
I get being too lazy to cook, but they're not even the ones cooking. Dumb.

No. 676930

preferring fucking wendy's over your girlfriends loving home-cooked meal is so disrespectful, honestly. men don't know the value of the women in their lives until they're gone

No. 676935

File: 1605737480501.jpg (197.62 KB, 1165x1920, pqsgcnLksf1u28phbo1_1280.jpg)

how does this woman manage to be so ideal??? she only gets hotter with age

No. 676937

I hate cooking and I've been nagged to death over the fact that I'd rather do all the house cleaning and do the washing up if my partner will just cover the job of cooking. You can't win.

I never considered just how important it is to agree on that stuff til my ex changed his mind back and forth on whether he was cool with cooking or whether I was the bad guy for not cooking (even though we already agreed to that??) Never had such a repetitive argument

No. 676954

File: 1605740207210.jpeg (81.17 KB, 275x272, D604762B-455B-414E-8243-06959A…)

Aw anon, this might be silly, but that made me feel better. I used to feel really bad when my ex would refuse my cooking in favor of fast food, I feel uwu validated knowing that I wasn’t crazy or dumb for feeling that way. Especially since he melted a plate trying to microwave a fucking hot pocket. Like….hm. Kek, but really, I appreciate it.

I mean, if you already said you preferred to clean if he cooked, then why would he change his mind? Especially if you specifically don’t like cooking? I’m sorry, definitely a no win situation, that’s unfair and annoying and I’m glad he’s an ex then!

No. 676976

Anyone here prison gay? I just cant stand men anymore so I've just started dating women instead.

No. 676977

wtf is prison gay

No. 676978

nvm I get it now

No. 676979

The worst thing about men? The fact that they're men kek.

No. 676981

Febfem or poliles, anon?
If the latter, please don't mislead actual gay women.

No. 677016

I live in a conservative household and my sister got COVID because the dumbass conservative schools open despite COVID growing like crazy, everyone in this house keeps suffering from illnesses due to lead in the water and my dad thinks just because he tested the water when he brought the house 20 years ago its biologically impossible for water to get into the well, on top of that I got into an ivy league school with a mostly full ride and they bashed it because they "were going to teach me evil liberal propaganda". My parents brainwashed my sister into thinking it's just okay to go to walmart (which is packed daily here) and every other fucking place without a mask and I had to back off my shadowing med school because I'm being quarantined, all the while they're insisting every thing they do is right and justified and it's my fault for x y and z

how in the living hell did the media brainwash white people into such delusion and arrogance

No. 677025

This came up in a discussion with a friend; Do you guys wash clothes after buying and before wearing them for the first time? Or does it depend on the type of clothing? Pre-Corona I mean.

No. 677026

Run anon, you’re one of the good ones.

No. 677031

It depended on the circumstances. If I had been waiting for it to come through the mail, I'd wash it. If I bought it in person though, I usually didn't wash it.

No. 677033

I always wash them even before corona. Idk wtf is on them.

No. 677035

Always wash. Why wouldn't I? It's not like I'm saving on detergent.

No. 677037

I don't understand how girls from the BGC cast could get kicked off. They literally were brought on there to fight and then got kicked off for fighting.

No. 677044

atleast once a day at nighttime I have a sneeze attack and my nose is stuffy for the rest of the night. I don't fucking get it. Do allergies activate when it's dark or something?

No. 677046

no, unless i bought it secondhand or at the thrift store. if it's brand new why would i wash it?

No. 677052

i think gimpgirl is kind of cute in a tomboy way. if she wore nicer clothes she would look like a cute butch, i wish she wasnt an insane handmaiden kek

No. 677075

You know you're unattractive when the only compliments you ever get are about your clothes.

No. 677081

What is this commonly said scientific argument about us ,by nature, wanting to carry our bloodline being the reason we pursue having children? I have no fucking desire to have a piece of me left behind after I die lol.If anything the idea of leaving behind children after death just sounds depressing.

No. 677082

Why did you have to fucking trigger me like this. I get called beautiful in my insta posts but no one in person has ever told me I'm pretty.

Though to be fair neither have I.

No. 677086

File: 1605757625764.jpg (95.52 KB, 700x877, db82bce232dc23bf9f98ae8e9f7f54…)

I'm a chronic maladaptive daydreamer. I have been since I was about 10. I spend so much time in my head, I have an entire fantasy world in my head with shit tons of characters and story arcs. For the past 12 or so years I've just been building this intricate literal universe in my head, down to the finest details. I've spent entire days just playing with the laws and customs of my fictional cities, imagining the tiniest details of what types of advertisements would be in my world. I've written some of it but writing is mostly just a way for me to work out different concepts and directions. Its pretty much ruining my life. Its to the point now where I'm getting really snappy, rude, and just downright bitchy because people keep interrupting me. I never want to talk to anyone, ever. Anyone speaking to me just drags me out of my fantasy world and it can be quite disorienting because I get SO into it. Like I'm borderline hallucinating or something. I was in the car with my bf the other night and was dead-eyed, mouth open type of deep into it, and he asked me if I would like my seatwarmer on. I snapped at him so harshly for no reason other than I was right in the middle of imagining a scenario in my fucking head. Its a coping thing, this much I know. It started with just an over-active imagination as a child, then I figured out that I can essentially disassociate into my head whenever I get uncomfortable. Catcalled? Too bad, can't hear or see you, all I can see is these two robots i made up fighting. Fight with parents? Shutting down and not responding, sorry, my main character is exploring some ruins in the desert right now.
Fired (because of said daydreaming)? Jokes on you, I can't focus on that problem right now because I have a literal movie playing in my head 24 fucking 7. Its comfy but I know its ruining my life (and also fucking weird and dweebish lol)
Reposting because I forgot pic

No. 677089

Same, ever since I was about 11. It manifested itself in other ways as well, like making catfish accounts because it was fun to create people with individual backgrounds. It actually consumes my mind. I will be hanging out with a friend and think "Can't wait till I can go home and daydream for hours" Sometime I would cancel plans to daydream. It's not to that extent anymore. However I do still to this day have about three universes (all realistic) in the back of my mind when I'm going about my day. I wonder who I would have been if I didn't have such a hyperactive imagination.

No. 677095

>I will be hanging out with a friend and think "Can't wait till I can go home and daydream for hours" Sometime I would cancel plans to daydream.
This is me in my current state. Since 'rona hit, there have been many times where I've spent all day in bed just daydreaming. Out of curiosity, were you obsessed with music as well? I use it as a tool to sort of make it more "real" if you will and almost always have music playing.
How did you escape it, anon? I want to but it feels like an addiction. I want to but I dont reaalllyy want to, ya know.

No. 677100

As someone who relates to everything you two have said and still continues to formulate little storylines and situations about characters and worlds I invented in my mind when I was 8, I think this is far more normal than we think it is.

No. 677101

Yes I was obsessed with music. It only started to slightly improve when college hit because my anxiety about the future and doing well in school consumed some of my time. I was still heavily daydreaming though. It hit me that the reason I do it so much is because I never valued my own life or thought to invest in my own life. I kind of just surrendered all prospects of being a fulfilled person at 13 for some reason. I started to take care of my looks, put myself out there more, etc. Rona has caused it to resurface however because I do everything at home including work now.

It is frustrating though to see people online saying that people who complain of maladaptive daydreaming aren't special and that what they do isn't even considered an issue. There's a difference between maladaptive daydreaming or regular daydreaming. If it feels impossible to turn off, if you are literally getting up and moving around and talking out loud acting out things, if you can't even watch a tv show without pausing every 10 seconds to change the plot and characters into something you can insert yourself in, it's a problem in my opinion. I get not actually wanting to get rid of it , but maybe ask yourself if you've been investing enough time in yourself. Do things to improve you, and the excitingness of your life and see if it helps lessen the daydreaming.

No. 677102

Kek pretty sure my parents think that when I leave for hours at a time that I'm out doing bad things (Everything is bad in our culture). I'm actually just driving around completely alone for hours or walking in random forest preserves hating my life. It almost seems better to just let them think I'm doing drugs. Sounds less sad honestly.

No. 677106

This is actually really fascinating to read about. Honestly, write a book or a comic about your ideas and stories, maybe it would make it more of a positive than a negative and would give you an outlet?

Maladaptive Daydreaming reminds me completely of this artist Henry Darger - in private over 60 years he wrote a massive manuscript of his own story with its own unique mythology. It was only discovered after his death, pretty sure he was a janitor and kept himself to himself. I would recommend watching a documentary because the way your minds work seem so similar to his. I mean that in the best creative way.

No. 677114

Ok, so I got bored and decided to make an OkCupid account because they had a section about what kind of person you are. Turns out they got rid of that feature. Lame. Anyway, I made a profile photo with just an AI generated photo and a fake email. It's not much, but holy heck, 8 people have already liked me. Men really are desperate creatures that think with their weewee. How sad.

No. 677119

File: 1605761934200.jpg (105.8 KB, 640x375, Darger-books.jpg)

I got fired because my daydreaming led to a severe decrease in performance. I think "normal" is miles behind me.

Thank you for the solid advice anon! My life is very boring, and you're correct that I don't invest enough time in myself. I feel pretty attacked by your entire post tbh. Pausing shows, talking/acting out loud, feeling like real life will always be lackluster from a young age, whew. I didn't expect anyone here to relate so thank you also for sharing.

Wow, this was actually really interesting to read about. His artwork is really interesting as well, albeit some of them are quiet dark. This sent me down a rabbit hole, other maladaptive daydreamers fascinate me. I just wanna get in their heads and pick apart their imaginations and swap universe details lol. Picrel are his (hand-fucking-bound with wallpaper and cardboard, kek) books and holy shit. I am impressed.
I've thought about writing a book or something, I just need to figure out how to focus for long enough to actually write, and not just zone out in the middle of a sentence.

No. 677133

I'm skinny but I just know I'm about to get fat. I can't control myself in this second wave for some reason. I gained absolutely nothing the first part of covid, but now I just feel like there's no point in watching my figure.

No. 677138

i really like billie eilish's hair and have thought about copying it (pink instead of green tho) but i can't help but think about how annoying it'd be to try maintaining colored roots

No. 677144

It feels weird seeing people including anons here and on /m/ hating characters that barely get any focus or hardly do much to begin with.

No. 677150

I'm honestly so happy for her

No. 677165

Ew. Today's International Men's Day. Kill a local man in celebrration.

No. 677168

I didn't see that? Most of them have fans or just appear a lot. Also if they seem to be the author's waifu or self-insert but I don't like them they're easy to hate too.

No. 677178

Do we have a international so g for this occasion of ew fuck that

No. 677184

File: 1605775704140.jpg (306.26 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201119_094326.jpg)

That's an awfully funny way to say "rape". From a review of "naked" from 1993.

You know, I like Mike Leigh as a director and I liked that it was such an uncomfortable and depressing watch. But it was clearly rape. There was rape and sexual intimidation throughout the movie. So why is it when I'm reading any reviews of it it just seems to steer clear of actually saying that? I mean i viewed the main character as an outright vilain, turns out according to these men (including Roger Ebert, who I thought was pretty chill) seem to see him as sympathetic because boohoo he can't get a job?

Maybe this would be better placed in the vent thread but i feel like I'm in a different reality here. Why won't they just say it. Rape.

No. 677189

File: 1605776424511.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 983.76 KB, 1948x2597, E7E1D1D0-16B5-4B3F-8FD2-03549E…)

Are there any benefits to keeping fish as pets? Do they even do anything except have a home that looks like a cool decoration
pic unrelated some fag on Snapchat I thought his picture and caption was funny kek

No. 677190

I think because they can see themselves doing the same thing and can't think of themselves as rapists so, they just convolute it.

No. 677193

Men are really scary.

No. 677201

Sheep genes

No. 677207

I guess it might help you relax while cleaning the tank and feeding them, otherwise they’re just really expensive decorations, depending on the type of tank and sea life you might want.

No. 677208

if u like cleaning poop water then yeah, fish are so usseles and boring anon

No. 677212

She's ethnically Greek

No. 677217

Wtf are sheep genes

No. 677232

I was in a voice call with a few guys I play video games with and I asked "why are men so obsessed with their penises?" and the dude's first response was "UH WHY ARE WOMEN OBSESSED WITH WANTING BIG BREASTS?" I was like I'm not you dumb coomer… wtf. I don't think most women put so much thought into that as much as men constantly think about their dicks.

No. 677239

Here I am
once again
farming on a gacha game at work

No. 677240

File: 1605786138327.jpeg (24.3 KB, 474x466, yes borp.jpeg)

ever burp so good your tummy stops hurting?

No. 677257

god I wish my tummy go ouchy

No. 677268

Just did my eyebrows. Looking less uggo now.

No. 677273

Your post inspired me to wax my lip mustache today

No. 677276

File: 1605792792883.png (452.46 KB, 1330x1376, skulls.png)

I saw this post on some artist help ig account on my explore page, you can imagine the comments…

No. 677278

kek. caps?

No. 677281

File: 1605793640409.jpg (535.88 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20201119_184606.jpg)

I looked for it again for u anon

No. 677283

"I don't think you understand that"
Prepare to be educated lol

No. 677286

File: 1605794386421.jpeg (68.15 KB, 616x1024, Ek5JxUdWkAItvm-.jpeg)

kpop melted my brain

No. 677288

Is the slanted forehead not feminine, anon?

No. 677298

So if Sam Smith is """non-binary""" and goes by they pronouns what are they gonna call him at things like music awards shows, what category would he be into? Are they gonna make a whole new "non-binary" category just for him? Would he threaten to sue if they called him a male? What a whiney snowflake he is, he obviously did this for attention

No. 677301

> music awards shows
>Are they gonna make a whole new "non-binary" category
Honestly, I can see this coming soon

No. 677304

He just doesn't get to win. Simple.

No. 677326

When you sit down to draw then spend half an hour playing with the kneaded eraser. Yep.

No. 677351

Remember to kill a man today!

No. 677352

When I was grocery shopping the bagger, a middle aged white woman, obviously gave me a judgmental once over and it’s still pissing me off that I didn’t say anything when she was snarky to me about not needing my items bagged. Even the cashier gave me a dirty look. What do you do in this situation? Tell her to love herself more? Call her an old hag? I’m new to standing up for myself.

No. 677356

Well I mean, the obvious answer would be they get rid of male artist and female artist categories.

No. 677357

Ignore it and move on with your day, it’s just an employee at a shitty job that won’t remember you at the end of the week

No. 677363

She doesnt give a shit about you and was just having a bad day

No. 677372

>What do you do in this situation? Tell her to love herself more?
Tbh tell yourself this if a dirty look got to you that bad.

No. 677383

Last night I got angry becuz my bf took 3 hours to reply to my texts and I started breaking dishes.

No. 677384

(Not saying this in a bitchy way) bpd?

No. 677385

>bf took 3 hours to reply to my texts and I started breaking dishes

No. 677387

Miss thing, might there be something else troubling you?

No. 677389

Further context or just one of those days?

No. 677393

okay but whose dishes though?
if they're yours, that's equivalent to a man punching a hole in a wall, but much easier to dispose of the evidence, no harm no foul
if they were anyone else's, das not good bruh

No. 677402

anon you sound like a clingy teenager with anger issues jesus christ. i pity your boyfriend

No. 677404

They were my dishes so no harm no foul

No. 677407

Did he have a good excuse at least?

No. 677412

File: 1605805528691.gif (2.99 MB, 352x366, fffc63f0591185803942a63be542b7…)

this is why i'll never befriend farmers

No. 677414

He was asleep apparently but he came over to make me feel better so it's all good

No. 677415

You know those guys who say they are mostly straight but find dicks attractive, I bet thats because of porn. the amount of hugeass erect peens they be looking at it's off the charts

No. 677416

Yeah it's all good… no major underlying issues there lol

No. 677417

fucking terrifying. that's not funny or cute, seek a therapist

No. 677418

bit OT, do guys who punch holes in walls have bpd? or is that another thing itself

No. 677419

not your retarded scrote enabling your mental illness

No. 677421

U got some therapist money?

No. 677423

You broke plates because he took a nap. Just scream into a pillow next time or just type out a vent here.

No. 677424

I think they're just bi and in denial, they secretly want the whole man but play it down as if it's a 'dick fetish'

I mean I want pussy so that makes me bi, I don't fool myself with loopholes about the pussy somehow being a seperate entity to the woman it's attached to

No. 677427

Even little kids wouldn't do that shit lmao

No. 677428

you're probably right in that perspective. But when i think of things like futa i can't distinguish how much is pornsick degeneracy or just a weird manifestation of bisexuality

No. 677431

Did you think he was out cheating on you or something?

No. 677432

No idk what happened. Just rage I guess.

No. 677437

Itd be pretty hard not to be crazy being as a poor black woman. Youd come outta that with some mental illnesses too lol

No. 677440

My fave male quote every international womens day

"how come women have a day and we dont!"

No. 677441

Last night, my boyfriend told me that he had a very minor role in some shitty Netflix movie, and it made me feel really weird. I don't know why. I feel better now, but my reaction was super uncomfortable, unwarranted, and noticeable to both of us, and I still can't figure out why it bothered me so much.

No. 677442

Farmhands can we PLEASE hate men today?

No. 677444

File: 1605807654835.jpeg (106.25 KB, 960x960, 29BA8D47-B2AB-4A47-B8AF-E396FD…)

>Also, there are 6 sexes.

No. 677446

And 76 genders ♥

No. 677448

I think they mean sex chromosome variations, god knows they love to bring intersex people into these 'friendly reminders'

No. 677453

The mental gymnastics men do for futa is so bizarre.
>draw a dick the size of mini-vans
>make it the main focus in doujin/fanart/etc, taking up 90% of the page
>b-but there's a hidden pussy in the back so it's straight

No. 677454

Samefag, found em

The six biological karyotype sexes that do not result in death to the fetus are:

X – Roughly 1 in 2,000 to 1 in 5,000 people (Turner’s )
XX – Most common form of female
XXY – Roughly 1 in 500 to 1 in 1,000 people (Klinefelter)
XY – Most common form of male
XYY – Roughly 1 out of 1,000 people
XXXY – Roughly 1 in 18,000 to 1 in 50,000 births

Feel so woke now

No. 677456

File: 1605808330937.png (107.83 KB, 300x300, sedfghjkl.png)

I never played a Resident Evil game ever but I want to play the RE3 remake just because Carlos looks hot and his face model is Franco-Algerian like me, representation matters yadda yadda. Leon looks super cute in the RE2 remake too.

No. 677458

What a gigastacy

No. 677459

Thx. it's very interesting tbh. but when it comes to there being 2 sexes isn't it like, only 2 types of gametes (egg or sperm)… you can only produce male or female gametes, and one of each is needed for reproduction. By and large most people have phenotypes consistent with the gametes they produce. I don't think any intersex person has both

No. 677461

It's possible to have both, but they just can't both be viable at the same time. I've been following the story of this intersex person on Tik Tok who's pregnant at the moment and they said only their eggs are viable but not their sperm.

No. 677462

>skulls have genders
You'd think that people who scream trans rights would know the difference between sex and gender

No. 677466

I don't have childern but the Show Rugrats gives me so much anxiety as an adult.
So much of the shit they got into was so dangerous, like the second episode with the dog and Tommy getting into the Kitchen at a restaurant.
It was so entertaining as an adult, their parents are so retarded.

No. 677469

entertaining as a child not an adult, I mean..

No. 677471

File: 1605809524242.jpg (41.73 KB, 564x569, 120062606897e562c9ccc2b9d987f7…)

I love fluffy phone cases but I feel like they're such a staple ddlg product,smh

No. 677472

I'm an adult and I still think the rugrats is fun to watch

No. 677473

Toddlers are walking, functional potatoes with a death wish.

No. 677474

Then buy one. Honestly who will give a fuck that you have a fluffy phone case

No. 677476

I feel like it will get real dirty real fast.

No. 677477

Seconded. You better plan on washing that thing like once a week. And it'll probably get wet a lot too.

No. 677483

it's fun but i'm just thinking, "this is so dangerous" every five minutes and for some reason I think something bad will happen even if I know it won't.

No. 677485

I've been wiping my phone down alot since covid so yeah this would be bad for that

No. 677495

Serious injuries and death rates from accidents are extremely low, and always have been, even before helicopter parenting. "death wish" is so dramatic kek. They have instincts from birth…

No. 677496

anything with that world is tacky to me, actors embarrass me. Maybe you feel similarly but didn't realise until this happened?

No. 677497

Some of you are just so fucking stupid. I know you think you’re smart, but you’re just painfully goddamn stupid.

No. 677498

No. 677502

Why don't you just reply to the specific posts pissing you off, it's more fun than vague posting

No. 677507

why vaguepost tho

No. 677511

she's talking about you anon

No. 677514

File: 1605813896848.jpg (86.07 KB, 800x556, 800px-Bloody_painter_photo_by_…)

Jeff the killer is overrated,I like bloody painter story more

No. 677518

You still a fan?

No. 677519

Fan or not fan. I'm confused lol

No. 677522


No. 677526

It’s true.

No. 677529

oh god today is pickme olympics on twitter

No. 677532

It was in snow or else I would have. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the covid thing but I’ve been seeing nothing but cancer lately and I don’t understand the uptick.

No. 677538

>It was in snow or else I would have
Yeah that's always frustrating

No. 677539

That could be it, I roll my eyes at that shit too. He wasn't being braggadocios about it at all, though. It came up naturally, and he said that he only did it as a favor to a friend. Still weirded me out, but I wish it didn't because it feels unreasonable and dumb.

No. 677541

I’ve been noticing they always redtext the simplest replies for derails and not like paragraphs of autism for some reason so. You know. Seethe in silence kek.

No. 677551

I keep thinking the OP image of the twitter hate thread is a sad Sonic.

No. 677579

File: 1605819325887.jpg (583.67 KB, 1089x1600, runes.jpg)

Viking runestones

also this little girl is more classy than I'll hope to be

No. 677580

it's not? jeez i'm retarded

No. 677584

File: 1605819559988.jpg (122.67 KB, 602x902, 4z7b9h9if8061.jpg)

Honor the cow. Love the cow.

No. 677599

I can't wait to be a middle aged lady that has a glamorous fashion sense and dresses like I'm going to the Met Gala just to stand on the porch.

No. 677601

File: 1605820293116.jpeg (117.09 KB, 1038x768, FE85DE36-B961-494C-A658-3D97BC…)

Fuck that’s cool, anon! I love standing stones, pic rel is my favourite site though the girl does freak me out.

No. 677628

God I wish I could also dress up in weird aliexpress bondage outfits and make music also they are all so hot even the weird alien singer guy and the dancing ladies are so cool. Also, are all icelandic people predisposed to growling? Also spoiler very homoerotic video.

No. 677636

this image looks like the story of some old myth like the epic of gilgamesh where the man fights the cow and they realize they are equally strong and they become friends out of respect for each other's strength

No. 677637

This is stupid but why do small subreddits that cater to men seem to be more fake than lingerie models or celebrity nudes?

Like on gone wild subreddits or even what was supposed to be body positivity subreddits are all filled with extremely fit girls with mild implants who clearly waist train and/or photoshop, but celebrity nudes and lingerie models seem to have natural breasts and bodies that can easily be obtainable to most women with simple healthy diet and exercise?
I also feel like it's more harmful to the general population that average or supposed to be average girls on reddit to all that, because it only makes men expect that from women in their lives because if girls on reddit look like that then why shouldn't every day women?

No. 677640

i wished my male friends happy men's day. does this make me a good ally?

No. 677641

should have punched them instead.

No. 677642

I have to stop "joking" about violence against men on my social media. I feel like one day some man is gonna take my "jokes" to serious and try to kill me.

No. 677645

Watching people clean extremely gross stuff is better than having an orgasm. I wish there were more videos of people cleaning truly dirty houses other than like Hoarders or How Clean Is Your House.

No. 677646

Christ on a bike anon, that is not cute. Seek some anger management therapy.

No. 677647

I loved rugrats. I had a rugrats game on my PS1 which I have vague memories playing

No. 677665

Are there any jobs where I can make playlists for a good chunk of my time? Besides radio.

No. 677668

File: 1605829861180.jpg (Spoiler Image, 33.06 KB, 640x480, scarlett-johansson-under-the-s…)

average women are more insecure and pressured to do those things, especially ones who feel the nude to post nudes to reddit for attention. Chances are no guy has thought of breaking up with Scarlett Johansson, JLaw, Rihanna, Beyonce or any other celebrity with a natural and not too extreme body. Meanwhile average men run around demanding women to look like sex dolls, put that with the fact it has never been easier for even poor women to get implants. I'd know, I work for a fast food chain and was easily able to set up a reasonable pay plan for my implants that doesn't affect me
>InB4 that doesn't happen
Please save it if you're gonna deny genuine complaints

No. 677691

File: 1605832421558.png (1.12 MB, 722x2048, qbi5dgci08061.png)

If this is real it's so blackpilling, wtf is wrong with men. This behavior is so shitty I'm almost convinced it's made up

No. 677696

Did you just find this recently? I remember this from before, maybe the manhate threads?

No. 677699

File: 1605833071167.gif (289.54 KB, 224x199, 7EB3D650-8CF5-4EAB-9F31-9DDFE4…)

using your non-dominant hand for anything be like

No. 677700

I love this gif

No. 677706

me too Im here listenin to crocodile rock. a little loopy. posting octopus

No. 677720

cleaning my ears and scratching them from the inside with a q tip feels better than masturbating

No. 677730

NTA but it was a fairly recent post from FDS…

No. 677747

File: 1605838919659.jpg (62.91 KB, 728x893, c8f51f7f98a07cf27fff54cfa0b3f4…)

Using a small paintbrush feels even better. The scratchy fibers really relieve that need to itch but can't scratch you badly. Mmm.

No. 677748

This is why the only men I deign to interact with are those that accept their role as my wallet/piss receptacle

No. 677750

I wish I could experience this. My ears are very small and weirdly shaped/bent on the inside, so I can never even use ear plugs, let alone a q tip.
Sometimes I wonder if my ear canals are super gross because I can never clean them properly. Someone told me their hearing was worsening and everything is crystal clear again after getting them washed professionaly. I might hold the potential to amazing hearing! Who knows. It crosses my mind every time I have to ask someone to repear themselves.

No. 677765

Woke up to a stomach pain and now i am shitting my brains out, fucking beans wtf i could eat tons of chili before but apparently not anymore

No. 677777

Am I in the fucking wrong for not responding to my boss's texts when I'm not working? I get this text from her to me and my coworkers in a group chat

> I noticed an issue with ______________. This can't happen anymore and ______ will happen as a consequence in the future. Respond to this within the next hour.

And all my coworkers responded within the next 15 minutes , kissing her ass

I saw it immediately but didn't respond because it was regarding something that had nothing to with me and I wasn't at work???? She felt some type of way about it and texted me personally an hour later like "can you respond to the text"

She also made us come in for an "emergency meeting" at 8 am and scheduled it two days in advance. I only went because I live so close and felt paranoid that her crazy ass would pass by my house to check if I was home if I were to tell her I'm busy.

No. 677784

My legs have now fallen asleep

No. 677787

I want date but I don’t want to write a bio on a dating app. Just the idea of like describing myself and putting pictures makes me feel so weird and gives me second hand embarrassment for myself.

No. 677795

File: 1605846046453.jpeg (54.17 KB, 478x407, 810E907A-793C-4DC5-A2BC-DCE86B…)

Fuck, I couldn’t agree more.
Too bad irl dating is dead. I’m just going to sit here and eat chips and entertain myself with the fujoshi meltdowns over supernatural I guess

No. 677806

I was on the front page just now and already forgot about a post I made less than 10 minutes ago. I clicked on it like, "huh? I wonder what this post says," only to find out it was mine. I definitely need to sleep but I can't because I need to finish some school work.

No. 677812

i want quarantine to be over so i can find a cute nerd to make fun of and lose my virginity with. fuck the chinese govt for cuntblocking me.

No. 677819

File: 1605850841504.jpeg (54.39 KB, 487x635, AA961A08-4A29-4069-939E-3D5CC8…)

Of course all the toilet paper niggers are back at it again snatching shit because we have a soft SAH order. So you know, everybody panic and run to Walmart because that’s totally sensible, right?

God I am about ready to buy some marshmallow vodka or prosecco or mango juice, just anything because I am so over this bloody pandemic and the retarded special ed people that roam this earth who are just annoying as hell.

At least I have a job now so…yay.

No. 677825

can't stop thinking about femboy kurt cobain

No. 677828

File: 1605853082287.jpeg (432.23 KB, 750x487, B10DBE7F-3C0B-4C7E-8C44-6454E9…)

Dammit. It would be ideal to have a career doing what the police are supposed to do, which is to help the public & stop actual criminals. As a woman I hate sexual crimes the most, well that and violence— I wish I could do something about it, you know. I'm figuring out my career plans and it seems like you can't go after the perpetrators without being a police officer first. My family is full of ex-cops, but of course the problem is knowing what I do now. How much of it is corrupt, the ineffective war on drugs, the racism, the brutality. Since officers protect their own, no way a scrawny female like me would have a chance standing up to them. So, I guess this field is a no-go. I just like investigative work, and really really want to help victims and see their abusers get served justice for the harm they caused. I know social work with the victims is an alternative. I guess it is bloodthirsty of me but I would be sad to see all the victims, that side only, while their abusers never saw justice. Of course I want those hurting to recover, but it's always so bittersweet that they're the ones left with the pieces. Oh well. it's a shame how things are like this
(repost cus forgot pic lol that's no fun)
(tl;dr I think acab is functionally true it just sucks because I want to fight actual crimes like sexual assault but that seems the only way?)

No. 677833

On sunday I will go to my old fuckbuddy's house. Which is also the house of the best friend of the girl who broke my heart pretty bad like a week ago. Some guy I was obsessed about for years might come with his friend whom I admire very much. Shes very smart and funny and addicted to hard drugs. Also this girl whos been hitting on me also lives there with her obscure musician boyfriend and I don't know what to do with my relationship dynamics anymore.

No. 677852

Maybe you can look into working for an organization that fights human trafficking? Some of them literally rescue girls from brothels and provide them with resources for education, mental health, normal lives, etc. All the good work and investigation you want to do without the institutional abuse and boys’ club.

No. 677853

Samefag, I know you also said you want to serve justice to the abusers, but I know organizations like this can also play a role in shutting down brothels and child trafficking rings, so that could be a part of it too.

No. 677856

call her a hag! call her a hag! call her a hag!

No. 677857

thanks anon, I'll look into that. I like how it taps into both sides of the issue, shutting down the sickos and helping those affected cope

No. 677884

I don't even understand what you're supposed to reply to that if it has nothing to do with you

No. 677888

No, in fact I think you're great for standing your ground and not letting your boss claim your private, unpaid time. Thanks to smartphones and groupchats it has become WAY too normalized for bosses to expect their employees to be available to reply or read things at all times outside of working hours and most people are too scared to stand up to it.

No. 677889

Trust me you can tell when your hearing has worsened due to clogged ears. I have a problem with my ears routinely getting clogged and I stop hearing normal, everyday things and constantly need people to repeat themselves when my ears are clogged again.

If you're really worried your ears may need a washing, just try rinsing them out with warm water. Because that's basically what they do, rinsing your ears out with warm water to remove excess earwax.

No. 677961

Last night I had a vivid dream that someone posted a picture of a rabbit here and said "hamsters in the UK are so cute, not like the ugly ones in North America" and everyone was replying telling the anon to look at its ears and that it was a rabbit, but the anon kept replying with pictures of what she considerd ugly hamsters. Maybe I need a break from /ot/

No. 678002

i’m literally the “everything reminds me of him” meme right now, fuck if i see another sex joke or stupid tiktok relationship advice i’ll combust

No. 678011

The nicest part about going through this phase is when you notice that things stop reminding you of him. Hang in there.

No. 678045

File: 1605888252991.jpeg (454.51 KB, 885x873, 5D8D49BB-47EB-40C0-91C3-A979EC…)

ah thank you so much nonnie ♥ i know time heals but since were in a long term relationship i already forgot how much breakups suck yeah didn’t miss that feeling at all

No. 678053

File: 1605889249228.jpg (179.36 KB, 1280x720, Red Velvet auoz_yqm yt (Russia…)

I seriously just want a friend, just someone who would be geniunely interested in talking to me.

No. 678057

I found a kitten outside last night, I took him in because it was cold and snowing. I can't really afford vet bills, I hope a shelter would take him in, I don't really know anyone that wants a kitten right now

No. 678062

This happened to my dad a few weeks ago and everywhere was full so he just has this kitten hanging around ever since. He's usually not a big pet lover but with no alternative he's been texting me kitten updates every few days

No. 678077

Join some local cat facebook groups in your town/city anon? I remember taking home a kitten from my college campus then frantically joining said groups and making posts asking for help because I couldn't afford to keep it. I luckily found a girl who lived nearby who fosters cats as a passion, and she took it in for me. You never know.

No. 678080

I got really high and listened to Cotton Eye Joe on repeat in my apartment last night and now that I have a clear head, I'm a little curious if my neighbors heard or smelled it at all. Sorry Miss W*

No. 678086

same. with quarantine i realize that my selfishness in that desire was getting in the way of it becoming reality. i was so desperate to be appreciated by someone that i didn’t fully reciprocate and they began to resent me for it. next time i’ll focus more on being a good friend and less on getting my needs met. my hypothesis is that by doing so my needs will be met organically and i will naturally be a better friend bc i’m not letting my needy ass get in the way of meeting theirs

No. 678091

File: 1605891896770.png (816.18 KB, 624x738, this.png)


No. 678092

i saw the Peter Coffin thread active and thought i was having a stroke.

No. 678096

because hipsters didn't all die out by 2015 apparently

No. 678107

it's kinda cool

No. 678111

unironically love this

No. 678115

taka taka
is nice

No. 678116

That’s what I was thinking,
that tcha tcha tcha must feel good. I would be embarrassed to carry it early for though lol.

No. 678117

I want this, can I have any link?

No. 678147

I hate it

Fair enough lol

Sorry, I screencapped it from a tiktok video on pinterest, but here's the link pinterest.com/pin/352758583317033523/, maybe you can find it on the girl's social media or something

No. 678159

File: 1605896573643.png (64.84 KB, 1112x241, uwu.PNG)

For all the ragging anons on here get for saying they look younger than their age, it pales in comparison to the mother of humblebrags I read in a marketing book today by a thirty eight year old Danish man who just had to inform everyone how uwu Scandinavian and young he looks. Behold, King Attention Whore.

No. 678163

File: 1605896860183.jpg (82.38 KB, 1200x675, 1.jpg)

He probably looks like pic

No. 678164

File: 1605897201188.jpg (65.13 KB, 760x428, martin-lindstrom.jpg)

You're close!
Wow look so boyish and youthful UwU

Seriously though, why is everyone in marketing somehow always insane and/or annoying?

No. 678165

>For all the ragging anons on here get for saying they look younger than their age
Tbh I thought it was just one insanely jealous anon that was flipping her shit every time

No. 678166

Along with the idea of the "nouveau riche" I propose the concept of "nouveau thin," people who only lose weight in their adult life and start dressing like shit because they're not used to their new body but want to show off that they are now thin/fit

No. 678168

I also love nouveau fats who dress like the thins, yall look like shit

No. 678171

File: 1605897815346.jpg (28.41 KB, 360x360, cool-runnings-800-75.jpg)

Jamaica we have a bobsled team

No. 678178

File: 1605898713264.jpg (24.86 KB, 257x529, 1605844561685.jpg)

Late but I do relate(ha), I've been daydreaming for god knows how many years now. I want to make my world some sort of series or comic some day when I have enough talent, but I wonder if writing a book about this condition will be worth it. How am I even supposed to explain to normies I've got an entire movie playing almost constantly in my head? It won't stop. It's like it's become a part of me now, it's been there for so long I don't know how to live without it.
Do other maladaptive daydreamers have problems writing/drawing their daydreams down? It's so weird, people who aren't maladaptive daydreamers seem to have such an easier time getting stuff on paper than me. I sit down, years and years of drawfagging under my belt, but I draw blanks when trying to bring my thoughts into reality.

No. 678182

>when I have enough talent
NGMI, you get better by working on your passion project not practicing for it. Just keep at it, nobody needs to see it, you can re-do it all and edit what you have so far when you become happy with your current level

I hope all you maladaptive anons do make something oneday. I loved learning about Henry Darger's life, I'm glad he left behind something that allowed us a peek into his world

No. 678186

I've been a maladaptive daydreamer since I was around 5 years old and believe me daydreaming can either be great or awful (especially when you're talking to people) I just can't stop it.it helps as a coping mechanism sometimes.ive created bunch of characters,plot ideas, worlds and scripts.its like a tv show playing on your head except it can be changed at whatever moment sometimes when I listen to music I daydream scenes that correspond to the music ex:sad music=sad scene

No. 678193

I've never been able to find a comprehensive study of people that dealt with csa and how it affects their adulthood and their behaviours. At least not for free. I've really wanted to read more about it because I feel it like make me discover more about myself too. Does anyone know books or something about the subject?

No. 678197

File: 1605901601883.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.02 KB, 495x760, thicc.jpg)

Personally I just think those posts sound fanficish at times. Not that it's impossible, just less common than some people make it out to be, especially from images I've seen of people making those claims. It wouldn't be any different if everyone here claimed to have a body like pic related. Or how sometimes people over 5'3 keep talking about how "smol" they are.

No. 678199

sorry if this request doesn’t fit here but can anyone tell what song im thinking about? Im trying to find it but don’t know much not even the lyrics. It’s sung a guy, sounds like maybe from the 80s or 90s, altpop/rock whatever, and has a refrain(?) that i think is some word with like, “red red red, maybe wet wet wet? Does anyone know? Ive had it in my head and i just gotta find our, can’t use the google voice search ceyse im at work, thanks and sorry for all this

No. 678201

I just had a recovered memory of when I was in college and I was telling my friends that everything I know about judaism I learned from Rugrats holiday specials and this one girl was deeply confused by that statement, so I told her that Tommy Pickles was jewish. She said "Tommy can't be jewish, he's a baby!" She was an anthropology major

No. 678202

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/5_msHpEa3_Y" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Is it possibly this? I'm tech illiterate so hopefully this embeds properly

No. 678203

samefag but wow, I could not have imagined this post going any worse. But you get the idea, sorry

No. 678205

Shayna is so fucking ugly, her face is repulsive, how can she not see it? I don’t call people ugly just like that but her face, looks like something they could use on me on fear factor or some shit.

No. 678207

Oh man, I can't wait to be nouveau thin. I dress nicely and super feminine to compensate for/hide my frumpy bod, when I'm thin enough I'm planning on wearing basic ass casual clothes. Tshirts and shorts here I come.

No. 678208

Tbh I think she looks better now she's a fatty. Maybe she just learned to filter her shit better or something idk, but her face looks less raisin-y these day

No. 678210

Why didn't you just put it in the youtube thing?

No. 678211

Oh my god anon yes! This is it! Wouldve never guessed he was saying ring lol thank you so much!! I hope you have a fantastic rest of the day

No. 678212

With all due respect but are you blind? She looks like an undiscovered rodent human. Maybe it’s the way she looks like a special needs Ddlg slob, I just can’t find her pretty in the slightest, maybe almost during her weed babe phase

No. 678217

Why is Shayna such a big deal anyway? I've heard so many people talk about her that I finally took a look at her thread the other day and holy shit the amount of sperging that goes on in there is off the charts. I understand why people might rage and obsess over some cows on this site because they're actually hurting others with their actions (like that cursed zoophilia thread), but why do they let people like Shayna live rent free in their heads when it seems like all she's doing is being your everyday obnoxious OF thot? Idk if I missed anything because there's no general description in the OP and I'm not going through 60+ threads of sperging only to potentially find nothing at the end.

No. 678218

I just watched a video of this year's presidental debate but only the interruptions and came to the conclusion that it would be a high quality ship.

No. 678221

To my knowledge she never did disturbing shit like some cows, she has just always been so pathetic in a train wreck way. Her major offenses are dry and irritated vagina, ugly face, weight gain and delusions of grandeur.

No. 678225

Somehow her unremarkability makes her even more sad. Girl shoved a firecracker up her ass and still got barely any engagement

No. 678227

I think it's just that she doesn't know or want to flatter herself. She looked pretty average in her grunge days

No. 678231

My hair has showed its true texture after I stopped using shampoo with sulfates. It's slightly wavy now and I like it lots. I still need to find a conditioner without silicones/sulfates though!

No. 678232

What hair texture did you have before?

No. 678233

>be constipated for a week and a half
>Finally take the massive dump
>But it's in a high end restaurant
>On a date
>I had to go two times
>People keep coming in and out the small bathroom

IBS is a bitch

No. 678236

Typical east Asian hair that seemed straight but frizzy if I combed it wet or dry. My hair was pretty straight growing up, but after I hit puberty, it started to go slightly wavy which I got rid of by straightening it or brushing it out. I'm pretty surprised, especially so since I'm East Asian and we're known for generally straight hair.

No. 678246

I sent my resume Wednesday. Please respond please respond please respond please respond. I need closure so I can move on if this is a no-go.

No. 678252

Manifesting that job for you anon.

No. 678258

Porn. Celebs are obviously still popular but our culture has been moving away from idolizing celebs and more towards idolizing social media influencers, which consist of Kim Kardashian clones presenting themselves as semi-sentient sex dolls for male consumption. This has, obviously, resulted in an increased focus on extremely fake looks: tack-on tits, fish lips, tiny doll noses, ridiculously oversized asses.

Know that Reddit, while large, is still a very focused demographic of mostly young white men highly engaged with the internet and said social media. You are getting a skewed perspective of what's "expected." As >>677668 said, any normie and even most geeky guys would be entirely happy with a woman of average attractiveness who simply took care of herself.

No. 678259

Have you tried using an ear pick? They're much more slender and easy to manipulate with a scoop, q-tips can actually be bad as they can end up pushing wax further back in the ear.

No. 678261

Lmao I would love having you as a neighbor. Even if you annoyed me with the music and weed smell, the fact that you chose Cotton Eye Joe of all things makes it acceptable.

No. 678264

Holy shit, I was at least expecting him to look his age but honestly I would've guessed he was in his 50s! And a manlet at that, kek why the fuck would he mention his height as if it was something to brag about

No. 678271

Because they have to be that batshit insane to drink all that koolaid for their job. I dislike and do not trust marketing people. They're so fucking insufferable. All they do is lick each other's asses, human centipede style

No. 678279

File: 1605909996710.jpg (230.28 KB, 1080x1497, Screenshot_20201120-160538.jpg)

Which one of you works at Google

No. 678283

can we start calling scrotes spalpeens too?

No. 678284

this very minor fakeboi lolcow is posting about her animal neglect on tumblr and its really bothering me, i dont think its milk but shes not listening to people and bragging about it, kinda makes me want to beat her ass

No. 678289

I love the word varlet, it will be my new go-to word for men.

No. 678293

I like whoreson and swine.

No. 678305

i'm calling dibs on bad egg

No. 678323

drop url

No. 678335

File: 1605917134661.jpeg (322.38 KB, 1536x2048, Em4oMLjWEAEaF8b.jpeg)

Idk who this is but I support this

No. 678338

Just wanted to quick jump in and tell you he was complicit in grooming a minor with his boyfriend and jacked off while on a ft call with said minor. His name is Benji Krol.

No. 678347

kek being a degenerate pornsick fuck will always be the biggest red flag ever

No. 678350

Just looked him up. Apparently he made some kind of response video with screenshots and the comments/like ratio are in his favor, but I'm so brand new to this, that I don't know what to think. Fucked up if true.

No. 678356

If all bans are legalized on lolcow for 24hrs, would you admit to being male/tranny?

No. 678358

its truefaggot kek, im really into reptile/fish/critter care and her treatment of those hermit crabs is abysmal

No. 678360

Lol @ those chubby arms busting out of the too-small AliExpress maid outfit

No. 678361

File: 1605918937007.jpg (85.07 KB, 908x768, 0b8b0c9c57f2db7de67687fa2c73e1…)

This reminded me of pic related kek

No. 678362

I forgot about this, thank you lmao

No. 678364

His reasoning for continuing to communicate with the minor (who was overly sexual with him even before any of the ft calls) was that he believed he was 16 (despite Benji still being an adult) and his bf pressured him to do so? He didn't really go over this in the video, but he also attempted suicide when this all came out and his bf left him at the hospital. I definitely feel like his bf deserves the brunt of the blame, but Benji certainly shouldn't get off scot-free either. He's probably not a pedophile, but he definitely exercised a lot of oversight during all of this.

No. 678369

No because I’m not one

No. 678372

I think the "scream" in 80's metal is hilarious. It's so high pitched and theatrical and honestly I think it's super girly, meanwhile there are more masculine guys being like This IS METAL.

No. 678379

So you don't know what he looks like OR his personality? Just what is it that you like about him?

No. 678384

bought one of those mini cakes at the store that only serves like 5 people. am eating it for dinner because i can't be assed to cook. i live alone so no one is here to judge me. being an adult is awesome sometimes.

No. 678385

lol i have a crush on a guy who regularly delivers equipment to where i work (a hospital). he doesn't have a set schedule so idk when i'll ever see him next and i know nothing about him but he's just so cute and has a great energy about him.

No. 678394

I keep dreaming about getting into fights. When I get annoyed or angry lately my thoughts go immediately to wanting to attack the person too. Maybe I need to scream into a pillow or something…

No. 678402

It feels so stupid that I have so many long-term goals, but barely any short term goals other than everyday shit. I need to start focusing on the fact that I can't achieve long term stuff with short term stuff

No. 678403

Living alone is the best. You only have to worry about yourself. You can decorate how you want, be as messy as you want, don't have to worry about anyone being in the bathroom or having people over when you want a quiet night, walk around naked, the benefits are endless!

It is cheaper to have a roommate but as an introvert the extra rent is worth it.

No. 678414

File: 1605922883983.jpg (81.67 KB, 638x525, article-0-1A612161000005DC-762…)

Didn't know where else to put this but I figured someone on this forum might be able to help me? I'm looking to track down this girl I remember from my early days of Tumblr. She was from the UK (Dorset I think?) went by Flower/Flower Violet, she had a blogspot called bobblyrainbowsocks and I remember her room used to be so cool, nailed the 2011 Virgin Suicides aesthetic. She would have been blogging up to like 2014 until deleting/changing her name. I think she struggled with ana/mia. Her tumblr was called amijoanyett at some point. Idk i looked up to her so much and I'm hoping someone else knows who I'm talking about or has some info?
The picture is her from a Daily Mail article that was featuring young fashion bloggers

No. 678422

I don't understand the appeal of drinking at an airport or on an airplane. Well, I guess for some I can understand that it makes them drowsy and be able to fall asleep easier. Whenever I drink though I get super animated and talkative. The thought of being confined to your seat and having no one to talk with is excruciating.

No. 678426

I just realized something, I barely see black transbiens.

No. 678432

for me its the nausea. i think i would puke if i drank any alcohol while flying

No. 678439

my productivity would go up so much if i could just fuck regularly. instead of wasting time fantasizing Icould be done in 5-15 minutes.

No. 678444

why not just masturbate

No. 678451

went on their carrd and saw “im mlm and wlw”…yep i think ive seen enough

No. 678456

I started to refer to never as the nword in my head and I think that's funny. I just get anxious the if I use never in a sentence that it will happen and I will cause something horrible to happen.

No. 678465

It is 3:17am here and I can’t sleep. I feel lonely and want to sob :(

Hope you anons are doing okay

No. 678469

File: 1605928967887.jpeg (67.62 KB, 748x723, 4CE7A47B-5306-4A3B-B51D-837B73…)


No. 678470

Hey anon, I hope you're okay. I'm having breathing problems from anxiety rn

No. 678472

u know how how that singer said if he could turn back time he would make a candle of the smell of his childhood? my most memorable childhood smell is a pus filled scrape on my knee. love that shit

No. 678488

Ladies some of these new-new anons need to grow a couple hairs on their areola and get the fuck over themselves tsk tsk

No. 678492

File: 1605935101051.jpg (146.34 KB, 960x960, vivnjvg38g741.jpg)

I've been with Starbucks for six years. You will never get overtime and it's not good for your mental health lol, especially rn with the pandemic and stupid tiktok drinks. I'm moving up to ASM which is the only reason why I'm sticking with it since my time is paying off but unless you can handle insane multitasking, the most entitled customers, and high expectations for basically minimum wage, go for it, but I've watched so many people leave in the past six months. The Tiktok drinks have ruined our drive thru times and most DMs dont care, just want fast times, no matter the bullshit extra step drinks they come up with.

And while what you get paid I guess depends where you are, what they expect from you with customer connections (getting to "know them") and fast drive thru times it's not worth it anywhere rn. Most stores still run with not enough people on the floor and we're about to run on strict block scheduling. It's gonna be rough.

I know it's not what you wanted to hear but I can suggest maybe Target? I hear it's 15 starting now and chill. I have a friend who moved to the Tarbucks and now she does that on top of cashiering so she doesn't get burnt out in being in the Starbucks part.

That's just some two cents I can give for once and sorry if it ruined the idea of it but I do speak as someone who has worked only at high volume drive thru stores in big cities. If you're still into the idea though I can at least suggest work at a cafe only store and say you can never work Thursdays which is bogo hell day lol.

No. 678497

I dreamt I was mean to my mom and now legit want to cry, I love her

No. 678501


what do you mean by the tik-tok drinks? its funny cause I work at an indy shop and we always complain when customers come thru trying to order dumb starbucks fad drinks, but maybe tik-tok has been the culprit all along!!!

No. 678506

File: 1605937173649.jpg (288.2 KB, 1080x2220, h5i4dua6s5c31.jpg)

It's tiktok, we hate them too. Tiktok comes up with wildly complicated or stupid drinks that are off our menu! White mochas with caramel drizzle and sweet cream foam is the biggest shit stirrer. I hate how people say we always complain because it's not that we mind making weird drinks it's just that now it's 70% of what we make (at least where I am) and they don't think how much it fucks over the sequencing Starbucks made for us. The foam adds another step that wasn't originally there for most drinks and when you only have two blenders it gets…….so, annoying.

Idk how people even drink it either. It's SO much sugar! In five years I expect there'll be articles on how Starbucks and tiktok started a big wave of diabetes or other health issues lol.

No. 678507

I wish I could do that. I never get lost in daydreams these days. I wouldn't want it to take over my life but its better than having an internet/youtube addiction.

No. 678508

what other tik tok drinks do you have?

No. 678514

my throat/neck? area? has been hurting for like a month. i've been panicking lol because i vape (have been cutting down since this started) and i keep thinking i'm going to have some incurable disease something and it's scaring me alot but i tend to hyper focus on things and can't stop thinking about it to the point of obsession. my tendency for anxiousness makes this very very very very very fucking scary and frustrating lol
i have autoimmune thyroid problems and haven't been able to go to the doctor bc i lost my insurance and i'm poor (god bless america)
but now i don't know if its actually my throat hurting, or if its acid reflux/gerd? i've been taking pepcid and it helps a bit? but theres a slight nagging pain when i talk too much for too long. i also LITERALLY cannot burp no matter how hard i try. and my throat/stomach area has been making this near constant fucking gurgling noise especially if i 'flex' my stomach? its like i can feel air in the back of my throat and force it up but it just gets stuck at the top of my throat and i cannot burp it out. AHHH
has anyone else dealt with something like this or know how to force yourself to burp even if you physically cannot do it
please help anons my sanity is slipping at a rapid pace

No. 678530

Yes, I've dealt with it, it's gas that gets trapped from vaping. It's only a problem when I'm too sedentary. In those cases I use Simeticone I buy otc in the pharmacy. It helps produce burps.

No. 678532

Samefag, maybe also look into buying an e-cig with a wider nozzle. I gulped much more air when sucking through a thin hole, I get significantly less gas with a wide one.

No. 678536

one of my friends is suddenly going through a catholic/twitter trad thot phase and it’s really weird. she keeps interacting with and following “””esoteric”””” right wing twitter accounts and related “aesthetic” accounts and talking like them. shes pretty much a leftist but i think that what she believes is pretty much in line with the kinds of people in the leftthot thread, just general disgruntled-ness with the state of “the left” today and more specifically leftist men (in her case)… her personality hasn’t changed much but her online presence has gotten so bizarre and almost annoying because I can tell that so much of it is just aesthetic for her and its super obvious when she’s trying super hard to sound like one of the egirls from that side of twitter lol

does anyone else know anyone that’s like this?? i was raised in a super strict religious and “traditional” household and witnessing all these ppl turning toward tradthottery has been so strange lol

No. 678539

did it like…burn your throat too? even when you're not doing anything. i'm just having this constant burning throat feeling its driving me fucking insane and making me think im literally dying lol, idk if its heartburn, my vape, gerd, (spoilering cuz disgusting)phlegm, or from me being so nervous and trying to force mucus up my throat so often that its made my throat permanently sore. or from the fact that i'm constantly trying to force myself to burp to no avail and its trapping whatever im feeling come up my throat there, stomach acid or something…aAHHHH
also >>678532 that sounds like a good idea, im using a caliburn and its very very small opening, i feel like it could contribute to the problem along with the constant disgusting spitback

No. 678541

No, the throat burning is probably a completely separate issue unfortunately. I just had problems with not burping out gas.

No. 678561

My whole life I thought I had normal teeth but I only recently found out that my upper incisors having a small cup in the back is not normal.

No. 678562

whaat? I think I have them too. googled it really quick and I guess you mean "shovel shaped"? I think I have the same type

No. 678563

You don't need him. Plus, he's ugly. Remember that.

No. 678569

>NGMI, you get better by working on your passion project not practicing for it.
it would be indeed nice if i could get things on paper. maybe i'll catch the memo someday!
>I loved learning about Henry Darger's life
I wonder what differs a great maladaptive daydreamer writer from lolcows like CWC, altough some people tell me just the fact that i'm self aware is a good sign i still worry about creating the second biggest cringe of the century. maybe even lovecraft tier, good writing but still absolutely delulu and a god among spergs
i at least have the decency to name my pets properly

No. 678577

I do have the shovel shape but I also have a little bit of extra tooth growing behind making a small little cup/pit. My whole life I thought everyone had to use a tooth pick on the back of their top incisors to remove food particles.

No. 678580

File: 1605954428604.jpg (84.04 KB, 800x800, PU-Leather-womens-Waist-Pack-B…)

I remember when I was like 12 and saw these weird bags online, my friend and I were soooooooo fascinated by them, there was a whole site and we were picking out which one we liked best. Well I just remembered them and I decided when I become a working woman I will definitely buy one and a bunch of weird leather clothes to go with it too

No. 678582

She's like a pixyteri type of cow, a stupid trainwreck but also oddly charismatic.

No. 678586

I saw a woman yesterday with bags like that just 1/2 smaller attached to the sides of her leather boots just above the ankles. While walking she sounded like a cowgirl wearing horse spurs. It was very cool.

No. 678592


No. 678598


No. 678600


No. 678607

So cute to read this. Congrats anon!

No. 678618

In one thread we have anons saying mukbangers eating large amounts of food is the most disgusting thing ever. In another thread we have anons eating food out of the garbage and relating to each other because they all have binge eating problems…I just like the timing

No. 678669

I feel like most of you ladies are definitely mentally ill. Nothing else can explain it, istg.

No. 678687

God the celebricows thread has gone to utter shit ever since it was moved to /snow/

No. 678689

How old is she & do you know if her parents were atheists? I went through a similar thing in my teens (for not-Twitter reasons obviously) to try and fit in with new Catholic friends / rebel from parents (in the most boring way possible lol), could it just be that?

No. 678691

Aw, congrats! Hope he treats you right and you will be happy together

No. 678692

File: 1605968299751.png (344.89 KB, 491x652, omg.png)

mr j's leather ass shirt

No. 678697

Are you not??

No. 678699

Hell no. Though I'm sure if I went to a psych they'll definitely diagnose me with something to make me buy meds and keep coming back. Take care anon and i wish you good mental health.

No. 678700

I cant stand Mr. Jay. He's a sexist piece of shit. I was rewatching some episodes of ANTM being judged by a photographer on youtube and never realized how badly he gaslighted all the models every single season.

No. 678716

Group club for anons banned by trannymod who's in.

No. 678726

My response below reminded me of this article I was reading about bartenders' least favourite drinks to make and it was so stupidly pretentious. Their reasoning was all "it's a basic, white girl drink". Like, you're not Tom Cruise in Cocktail. You work at a shitty club. Shut up and make that girl her long island iced tea. No one is mad at basic, white men for ordering Jameson on the rocks or Fireball shots.
My friend is a Starbucks barista in a city known for being "quirky". She bitches to me about the tiktok drinks all the time. I'm a bartender and you guys have it rough. I get mad when some dude orders an old fashion. But that's only like once a year. I'm so glad those kids can't legally go to bars yet.
Do you remember the model who didn't want to do a shoot with male models touching her and kissing her. So she told Mr. J about how she was raped and he made her film anyway? Fuck him. I mean fuck everyone on ANTM, but especially him.

No. 678731

I randomly remembered that one of my teachers in university has a twitter account so I looked it up and found it pretty easily. She has a link in her bio to her instagram account so I went there and I just found out she moved to Japan with her Japanese husband and they now have a baby girl. I'm happy for her, she sometimes would sperg about how much she loves her then bf in class whenever we finished assignments, tests and presentations early.

No. 678746

Nevermind, I saw what her husband looks like and she could have aimed way higher than that. I hope his personality makes up for the extreme hair loss.

No. 678749

NTA but depends on the Target (of course). I worked there during the summers as a cashier and it was soul sucking. We had the same pressure for fast check out times (the monitor would literally grade how fast your previous transaction was and tell you, and if you fell below 80% fast check outs, it was grounds for a write up). Everyone breathing down our neck to sign people up for red cards, but even when someone agree, it wastes our time because the sign up process can take a long time and is even worse when the line is super long. I had customers literally me to stop scanning so fast so I was stuck between keeping my fast check out time or this customer yelling at me. Maybe my Target was just especially shit. A friend of mine left the next retail job I worked at for Target and loved it because he was on the floor and the standards were absolutely garbage so his work was a breeze.

No. 678756

I'm feeling a little nauseous right now and I'm sure it's because I'm a little hungry, though it's rare I get hunger nausea this early in the day. There's food in the office fridge but so many fucking people walking around in my office right now because it's break time, and I don't want to eat at the front desk with my mask down. I also don't want to go into the back and eat and leave the front unattended in case someone needs something (and don't trust my coworkers to not ask me where something is and just mess up the front desk). Guess I'll just have to hold out a little bit longer. I have tea but the thought of drinking any more liquid feels like it'll make things worse.

No. 678758

For real. I don't know how it got so bad so fast.

No. 678759

File: 1605976510424.jpg (314.45 KB, 1225x2048, 126361988_157348692739270_7094…)

>at Lidl
>i forget my mask
>my mum: ‘it’s okay, i have a spare!’
>hands me this

stinks of fags and foundation

No. 678762

Why is she putting on makeup under her mask? All you gotta do is the eyes and up.

No. 678763

Don't fucking touch the fabric part, retard.

No. 678765

it's ruined anyway

No. 678767

Bitch, the germs.

No. 678769

It's because it's ruined that you shouldn't touch it.

No. 678772


No. 678774

i dont care. the masks are a performative measure anyway. only reason i wear them is cos they're mandatory

No. 678776

Oh so you're one of those

No. 678777

File: 1605977668823.png (2.42 KB, 167x97, greatdiscount.png)

No. 678779

I wanna roast her too but let's not infight or spread (haha) the covid shit outside the covid thread

No. 678782

I know, I know. I just wanted to make fun of anon a little lol.

No. 678783

Nta but in the U.K. it’s only compulsory to wear them inside public places so most people still do their make up as normal because they’re mostly not wearing a mask

No. 678796

Masks reduce the viral load. Viral load directly relates to how severe symptoms will develop. Wearing the masks reduce the severity of infection I don't know why this isn't common knowledge

No. 678810

I'm finally quitting my piece of shit job after being abused and mistreated for ages. How do I stop myself from going absolutely ballistic and setting the place (figuratively speaking) ablaze before I leave? I'm thirsting for revenge and want my departure to haunt them but I know it's not the smart thing to do. I have some dirt on the higher ups and I want to dish it so bad.

No. 678812

If I make a lolcow guild on neopets would any of u bitches join y/n

No. 678816

Anon I have to wear mask for my job and my lungs literally hurt at the end of the day. Pls tell me how weakening your lungs and oxygen supply is supposed to protect you from getting sick. I hate having to make myself ill so public can feel 'safe uwu' during a pandemic BC they see masks. What a joke.

No. 678817

>Wearing a mask damages your lungs
Anon… Go back to school

No. 678818

Don't do it anon, just let go. I left my shit job with so much anger in me, but at the end of the day, you're out of there. It's time to move on and they aren't worth your time or efforts of revenge.

No. 678820

Depart peacefully till you find a new job so you can have a safe reference. Then anonymously create the shit storm after that.

No. 678821

Catch covid and then come back and tell us how your lungs feel.

No. 678822

That's…not normal, anon. I have friends with one lung who have no issues wearing one for hours on end whilst doing manual labor. Maybe consider going to a doctor?

No. 678824

People in east Asia must have some frail ass lungs then lmao. If your lungs are hurting (they would be hurting worse with corona btw) there was probably already something wrong with them.

No. 678827

Even furry autists can wear their fursuits at conventions all day without bitching. You're wearing almost nothing over your face. Peak retardation.

No. 678830

File: 1605982274967.jpeg (101.19 KB, 640x481, E91681CC-39EB-4B65-A5DB-5C51DC…)

Bitch you are so dumb

No. 678834

>Catch hoaxvid
lmaoing @ u. Have sent a letter to Santa telling him what you want for Christmas yet?

No. 678837

i think you just have anxiety

No. 678840

am i the only one who immediately loses interest in being online friends with someone when they show me what they look like (or ask to see what i look like)? maybe i've been spoiled by anon imageboards but i hate how exchanging selfies is always expected at some point… if i wanted to show off my face i'd be on instagram or snapchat, not discord

No. 678842

>I have friends with one lung
you have more than one friend who's missing a lung? how common of an occurrence is that

No. 678847

File: 1605983314768.jpg (350.39 KB, 720x720, PhotoGrid_1605982998903.jpg)

0/10 unrealistic, fixed it for the literal garbage of an illustrator
/s, since you lot get so jumpy

No. 678854

No, two friends who share a custody of one lung like a puppy. I typoed. Although i do have a friend who has approximately half of the "normal" brain, completely fine.

No. 678857

File: 1605983949800.jpg (1.96 MB, 4032x2268, 20200726_105608.jpg)

No. 678865

>two friends who share a custody of one lung like a puppy
……how? Pls elaborate.

No. 678875

Thick oversized clothing gives me visceral flashbacks back when all of my clothing was hand-me-downs from my form since she started to stop being obese and lose weight, so she just gave me all of her clothing after she lost all the weight, so I looked like a walking solid-color hill for the first 13 years of my life

No. 678876

NTA, but conjoined twins maybe?

No. 678891

File: 1605987736072.png (482.38 KB, 640x1011, 84hfHlJWPWePOlzxDYpXL9A4DXCACk…)

Anon! I work at starbucks too and everything you say it pretty much spot on. They never schedule you more than 40 hours. If anything, people fight to get 20 hour work weeks. Right now two of the Starbucks near me are shut down due to covid and we are expected to take them over in place.

The customer connections thing is all bullshit. I help out driv-thru stores a lot they really expect me to freeze my ass off at the window, talking to customers who could care less instead of shutting it and waiting for the 30th mocha frappucino to be made. I'm so exhausted and feel a lot of members of my team are getting fed up. We are working barely a skeleton crew, being over worked and underpaid. But the shitty store managers always assure us that 'we are essential.' My ass. I started in March of this year and got a second job during June. I'm probably going to leave Starbucks as soon as I get some stocks to sell. It's actually exhausting how much multitasking they really expect you to do for a measly $12/hour.

No. 678895

tik tok drinks are the worst. Every time some basic ho orders one too, it's always followed with a giggle and 'teehee, i'm sorry for such a complicated drink! tee hee' and i want to punch them in the face. The biggest issue starbucks has as well is that no drink has a limit. You can literally order anything and put it in a blender or whatever, so tik tok drinks are taking advantage over that. I once had someone order peach green tea lemonade with 23 pumps of raspberry and something else. it sounded awful

No. 678900

oi thats my mum ur talking about

No. 678902

yes, but not oudtdoors, thats retarded

No. 678903

writing here since the vent thread is at the limit.
I agreed with my two friends to have a study call as usual and they invited someone I don't feel comfortable around and above that my dad kept yelling at my brother I had to leave, I hate it here.

No. 678904

>Do you remember the model who didn't want to do a shoot with male models touching her and kissing her. So she told Mr. J about how she was raped and he made her film anyway? Fuck him. I mean fuck everyone on ANTM, but especially him.

Yup. He is literal garbage. he also made that girl got into an open grave after her friend just passed away a the day prior. I cant watch that show because it's problematic as hell and i have no idea why Tyra Banks isnt cancelled yet.

No. 678910

I am starting to like mustaches on men. Not all men. But it looks really cute if it suits them. I used to really really hate mustaches

No. 678913

I'm the anon who found the lost kitten. I posted an ad online about him and some man called me asking if he could "fuck my cat", I told him to fuck off but after I hung up I cried for like an hour.

No. 678914

I just remembered when I was a kid carrying my neighbor's cat home in my arms because I was afraid he would be attacked by a dog, and a jerkass classmate was driving by on his bike and yelled at me "hey anon!! Whatcha gonna do with that cat are you gonna fuck it? hahahaha!" What the fuck, we were in like third grade of primary school.

No. 678916

jesus fucking christ, it was a joke for fucks sake

No. 678917

Aw anon, I'm sorry. You're a good person for trying to re-home the kitty. I know this would require more work, but it might take some stress off if you tried contacting local cat shelters to see if they could take it in? They do a lot of proper vetting and health checks and all that to make sure they go to safe homes. In any case I hate that you had to hear from such a sick fuck.

No. 678922

File: 1605991475084.jpg (114.66 KB, 640x640, original.jpg)

I just made the perfect blackbeans and all the did was boil them but I'm still proud of myself

No. 678933

I accidentally ate an extra 2,700 calories unconsciously what the fuck

No. 678935


Literally how??

No. 678937

Wow i didn't know my dad browsed lolcow

No. 678939

I just ate some stuff and only realised hours later, when looking at the packaging, that it was really high in calories

No. 678940

File: 1605994288346.jpg (867.95 KB, 1600x2000, tom-selleck-magnum-pi.jpg)

Hell yeah anon mustaches are cool, depending on the guy of course
Also while I was looking for which pic to post I noticed a guy I went to high school with looks almost exactly like tom selleck

No. 678941

i haven't ate eggs in years but fuck it, I'm gonna try some today

No. 678942

looks like my dad when he was young
rip dad i miss you

No. 678944

My cat is so cute and sweet, I've had her for 11 years and I'm so glad shes here.

No. 678962

I wanna follow a bunch of radfems on tumblr and reblog their posts but I'm scared of having my account shut down lmao I know it probably wouldn't happen but the ones I like are pretty terfy and I can see tumblr shutting that shit down

No. 678964

that's cute anon. I have a cute and sweet cat too. sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am to share my home with such a perfect little creature

No. 678966

Picture pls?

No. 678968

File: 1605997145025.jpg (47.07 KB, 1200x720, cutting-hair-t.jpg)

I cut my own hair a little below chin length tonight, didn't do a fantastic job but fuck does it feel so freeing to have short hair again. I'm swishing it around and it feels so nice. will probably have to tie it up to hide the fact it's all uneven lmao until I can get to a salon after lockdown but I'm pleased lol

No. 678969

me too! I love my cat, he is still only a baby and he is the best little thing in the whole world

No. 678975

I found a string of anti men tumblrs that was really refreshing but was way too scared to like or follow them, they just did not give a damn at all when someone tried to say otherwise since men dont stand up for misogyny

No. 678986

File: 1605998204752.jpg (525.47 KB, 1440x2560, Snapchat-882303776.jpg)

fuck it, here she is

No. 678997

aww she's a tabby like mine. give her a lil kiss from me

No. 679003

My dad has black eyes from a minor face surgery and he just looks so old. His mortality can't be more obvious at this point. Many of his conversations with his friends revolve around strokes, deaths, illnesses now. I'm jealous of people whose fathers had them younger because of the extra time they'll have.

Aw, cutie. My cat's around the same age, and it's crazy to think about how I've gotten a decade's worth of snuggles from a kitty.

No. 679012

what a pretty lady, give her a treat for me!

No. 679013

It is truly astounding how comfortable some people are with bringing up their support for eugenics in casual conversation.

No. 679016

Most people agree with some kind of eugenics, like thinking poor, addicts or truly mentally ill people shouldn't have kids, it's pretty common to hear it and have others around agree. It's like an opinion on abortion or economics at this point.

No. 679018

It's funny how they always think that they are above eugenics.

No. 679020

Eugenics is normal and I don't get why people screech over it so much. No shit I don't want my kid to have autism, downs or some crippling deformity. If you want to piss away time and money on a crippled kid so badly, adopt one and see how it is.

No. 679023

true. I've had conversations about how all kids obviously deserve love and to be cared for by good parents and she sometimes veers off into saying how people should have to take some kind of test/prove themselves good enough to be parents. I'm sure not if that's really eugenics but it sure sounds it?

No. 679024

I agree with whoever you were talking to, I don't think it's about eugenics, which is about genetics, but about being a responsible and good person to raise a child into another good person. And not ruining their life

No. 679025

What about people who support eugenics for subjective, nitpick-y reasons?
i.e. "all x should be killed"

No. 679028

If thinking people who will most likely traumatize their kids beyond fixing (Narcs, Crackheads, etc) shouldn’t have kids is Eugenics, fine I am an Eugenist.

No. 679031

Imo eugenics is the elimination of certain undesirable characteristics from a population with the specific intent of making that population "better". If I abort my baby because I know it'll be born disabled I'm doing it for myself and because I don't want my child to suffer, I couldn't care less how pure my country or race is or if other parents decide to keep disabled babies. I don't consider that eugenics

No. 679032

Think anon is trying to conflate eugenics with genocide

No. 679035

No, I'm not. Genocide implies the mass killing of a group of people who are already alive on this planet. I meant what >>679031 and >>679028 are saying, which I don't agree with. Purposely barring disabled people and people with "bad" genes from reproducing is very sinister to me. You can personally not condone it, but trying to enforce it onto others is a no-go for me. I stand by nature taking its course and certain genes naturally being eradicated, not deliberate attempts to do so. A personal abortion when you know your potential child's genetic makeup is not eugenics, but expecting other people to do it on a large scale is.

No. 679036

Am I the only one who has gone back to old relationship advice threads on LC and finds posts that I definitely wrote a long time ago? Mine were all in regards to my ex (then-bf) who I dated for far too long. The posts that I've found (believe me, there's SO many) show how obvious the signs were and my mental gymnastics that I did to stay with him. I look back at so many things and I cringe thinking "why did I not let that be the final straw like it should have?" Ugh low self esteem is such a bitch.

No. 679045

Bad genes can't naturally be eradicated anymore because there is no natural selection in human reproduction so your argument doesn't work.

No. 679046

Farmers you make me kek but I can't laugh it hurts after my surgery

No. 679051

I kinda hate having an oval face tbh. It's not really the "perfect balance/good for anything" shape everyone says it is. It's more like everything looks meh. With the "less balanced" shapes I feel like there are far more impactful looks that definitely flatter that shape. Oval is just mehhhhhh.

No. 679062

File: 1606009450390.gif (1.08 MB, 220x124, tenor (1).gif)

I don't think that's true but whatever you say.

No. 679070

Been there, anon.

No. 679088

Ugh my fakeboi friend was all like “I know I’m such a stereotypical gay person”

Bitch, you’re straight. You’ve only dated men. Being “genderfliud” and watching one too many episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race doesn’t make you gay.

No. 679091

File: 1606013403080.jpg (175.58 KB, 1080x1080, 20201122_044940.jpg)

All this eugenics talk just made me think of Eugene Levy and how wholesome it would be to have him as my dad :)

No. 679099

Why do cats smell so FUCKING good but their breath smells so FUCKING bad? Why don't cats absorb nastiness the same way socks do? They are basically socks. My cat sits on dirty laundry all day but always smells of perfection.

No. 679100

File: 1606014562770.jpeg (45.14 KB, 640x837, cat-in-sock-59d2d280a9d28.jpeg)

No. 679109

Probably because they eat canned fish and lick their buttholes?

I love sniffing kitty fur too :)

No. 679110

She looks a lot like mine lol. Looks good for 11.
Tabby's are orange. These breeds are called Bengals.
>The Bengal breed was achieved by pairing small, wild Asian leopards with domestic cats, producing the coveted “wild” look that people love—minus the feral aggression part.


No. 679112

Gray, brown and black tabbies, anon. That cat looks like she has a stripy body rather than the spots bengals have anyway.

No. 679113

Kek that is not a bengal. That's a run of the mill domestic short hair tabby. My fat one is right next to me.

No. 679120

File: 1606016589844.jpeg (1.18 MB, 5457x1033, bengal.jpeg)

Looks like a Bengal to me. I have one and I'm positive she's a Bengal. The marble pattern isn't always distinct but it's there.

No. 679121

She's just a normie brown tabby cat, a hoarder with a bunch of cats breeding with each other gave her to me as a kitten. Lots of traits you see in purebred cats exist in "randombred" cats, it doesnt (usually) mean theyre a mix with that breed but there are exceptions to that ofc. Bengals have a more distinct face and ear shape

No. 679122

anon it's actually disturbing if you're being serious. The two look completely different. The price range and availability is also, wildly different.

No. 679125

post your "bengal" anon. I feel like someone sold you a tabby for 2000 dollars.

No. 679128

you are autistic.

No. 679129

I bought fancy jars to decant my skincare goos into
I labeled them all with obscure cosmetic ingredients like, "snake venom," "whale oil," "fetal serum"
I don't know why I do this shit
I don't have any friends
I'm stupid and weird

No. 679130

I actually thought that was a really cute idea anon, til you got to the "fetal serum" at least, kek. Glad you're having fun

No. 679131

maybe it's just because i'm sleep deprived, but somehow this is sending me kek

No. 679132

File: 1606019855420.jpeg (38.11 KB, 640x640, 1579400755756.jpeg)

thank you anon, I'm wrong, lolcow is my friend

No. 679134

I've thought about doing something similar, but adding apoxie putty to the glass jars and painting them. I'm a fan of the Bioshock Infinite plasmid containers, and something similar would be fun to make/cute

No. 679195

I took out six figures in student loans and just realized I'm on track to have it paid off either next year if I go HAM with the payments or the year after if I stay at my current pace. I graduated in 2017. I feel like it'd be rude to share this with anyone I actually know, especially given the current financial climate. I'm just really proud of myself. My family has always been terrible with money and when I saw the amount of loans I took out, I was so scared because I thought I was going to be the same way, but I refinanced (and once more this year since the interest rate is 0), saved up most of my paycheck, and job hopped until I got myself a NICE job. It feels weird not to be stressed out for once.

No. 679202

lately I've been craving an idyllic medieval fantasy life so badly. I don't know why, I just want to wear beautiful handmade dresses and walk through a market town with lutes playing and green trees and flowers every where. Something as far from living in a city as I can imagine. I want to actually see the stars at night and look after livestock and dance next to a bonfire. Just for a few days, and then I'd be content.

No. 679204

That sounds nice. I keep fantasizing about living in the woods in a little cabin and patrolling the woods looking for fantastic creatures and finding a young handsome injured soldier and nursing him back to health :(

No. 679219

I wonder why some vent posts go unanswered. Are they too weird? I think that some of them would only get rude replies but people abstained lol.

No. 679234

My friend is convinced that every woman who's dating or married to Asian men are secretly lesbian because she finds Asian men feminine

No. 679236

Does she only believe this for non-Asian women or are all Asian countries full of secret lesbians? I need to know.

No. 679237

Only for non-Asian women. Although I love the concept of someone believing that Asia is full of secret lesbians, it's fucking hilarious

No. 679246

I sorta like the idea of a story about the apocalypse where all men are extinct but the narrative or the characters don't revolve around a man or men,and instead revolves around the female characters and the apocalyptic society they live in. And when the remaining female population hear that there's a man has been found, they're uninterested and maybe say 'oh, that's nice' and move on- sorta like office talk

But I know that wouldn't be realistic since a female-only society would be a utopia

No. 679249

Why am I laughing so hard at this. I need an update on this whole Bengal or Tabby cat debate PLEASE

No. 679262

I'm now making mad cash and I don't know what my budget is for presents for my family. I would literally spend all of my disposable income outside of my savings on family in the past, but i was shit poor so it didn't go over £100.

Now though, my disposable income is in the several thousands,so I'm not sure where the limit lies,or what to do. My mum deserves the best! Dad not so much, but it's like so i get mum a diamond jewellery set, or cashmere jumpers or what? What's reasonable??

Also in generally having a hard time managing my money actually. I've been super super frugal and any purchases outside of basic food + bills I would calculate how much time was spent working to earn that money (at £8 an hour) and make my purchases with that into account. But if I used the same logic here, I'd spend so frivolously. Right now I've been buying any small thing that caught my eye all month and it's barely made a dent in my monthly wages. A few hundred.

This might sound like some kind of humble brag, but I've been POOR poor, and only learned that I need to be careful with the little money I had because my parents spent money on things they couldn't afford. The idea of just having enough money to get what you need, AND what you like, more or less no matter the cost, it just sort of never was an option for me mentally? Like I'm still kind of shook that I can buy brand cereal without a second thought. Or a cute jumper from a shop, not second hand.

No. 679266

What area do you work in now, anon? That sounds amazing. Can relate, I’m been POOR poor too, I’m not making bank now but income is average, completely fucks me up that I can afford nice things now. Sorry no idea about the presents, but jewellery/cashmere jumpers sound like things you can’t go wrong with.

No. 679269

File: 1606050858210.jpeg (69.02 KB, 750x720, 59702C0F-BBCC-4FCA-8987-8E154A…)

I’ve been having really bad memory loss and confusion about little things for a bit lately, to the point where when it happens, I mention it to my closets friend to help me remember. Yesterday, she suggested that it may be co2 poisoning, and even though my apartment doesn’t run on gas, I’m a bit paranoid now.

No. 679307

I kind of feel bad for bengal anon. I'm sure her cat is lovely and I understand wanting to believe your cat is special. I'm sure the kitty is a cute one no matter what

No. 679333

I look at it as someone was just venting and don’t always want an answer, or if the vent is too long and Id have too much to say, I just let it be to prevent giving unwanted advice. If it’s really bad and no one has responded, I’ll offer words of support, but not everything needs an answer if someone is just posting a vent for catharsis.

No. 679335

File: 1606058743624.jpeg (970.64 KB, 1242x1166, B132BCF9-B1D5-4FC6-8466-0FABA9…)

I sent my mom a dumb “my grandchild is a cat?” thing I saw posted online because my sister is actually pregnant and having her first baby, parents’ first grandchild. She’s always said, “you’re not ready for kids yet,” because I’m unmarried and have kept my relationships secret, but literally earlier this week I finally mentioned I’m seeing someone. This time her response to that was “for now!” God help me anons, I’ve already told my family I’m probably not having children, and if the pressure starts I’m going to hurt some feelings.

No. 679337

File: 1606058948805.jpg (53.73 KB, 500x500, e608ed3a831129a4ac78da75512dca…)

i love when i yawn and have a lil leg spasm

No. 679341

I think she actually may have a bengal but isn't all that versed in cats? My sister is the same, saying her clearly weird mix of tabby and some idk a fucking lion is a bengal but a weird colored one even though we've had a lot of cats, she should know better. Bengal or not, she was just a little dumbdumb, perfect for the thread.

No. 679343

I really want a girlfriend but I feel like I don't deserve that type of relationship. I tried a dating app once and all the women there were so pretty and all of them seemed to have friends and a social life and I am the literal opposite of all of that. Why would any woman be attracted to a asocial uggo…

No. 679350

We're in the same boat anon. I feel like my life is a mess and I don't deserve anyone or even anyhting for that matter.
I wish I could find a fellow sperg lesbian gf that would like to take things slowly.

No. 679369

Im gonna see if i can donate plasma today, I hope i fucking weigh enough. Im kind of scared I wont because i need the money

No. 679370

date, date, date!

No. 679376

i disagree with the previous anon. don’t date. with a really low self-esteem, you’re only gonna attract either toxic people who will use you or you’ll start serial dating and fucking to make up for your self-hatred (which makes you even more depressed). if you’re not comfortable in your own body and with your own self how do you expect another person to feel comfortable with you?

No. 679382

With nothing but like kindness, I second this. We see so many girls with low self esteem ending up in bad relationships, and it's also not fair for a partner to have to "fix"the other
Someone will love anon, but I just want it to be in a healthy way

No. 679383

> I understand wanting to believe your cat is special
I love cats, even the vicious ones (their inability to put up with shit is worthy of respect imo), but each breed has maybe a handful of variations. Most times I see a photo of a cat I swear it’s one of mine. Once I almost kidnapped the neighbour’s cat in a case of mistaken identity.

Cats are special inside, but they all look the fucking same.

No. 679385

Throwing myself a pity party and just thought, bet Britney Spears never has to deal with anything and then realised Britney Spears probably had to deal with a hell of a lot more than me. Shout out to Britney

No. 679387

Sometimes I’ll drink cold milk alongside my latte and every so often I get a mini moment of panic thinking that the alternating cold and hot will cause disaster in my mouth like a tornado

No. 679391

my bf sounds like he'd make a horrible dad.
i have a little brother and he has horrible grades so we're not throwing a birthday party for him and i told him this and he said maybe we could throw him one ourselves i was like wtf? i think its a lenient punishment whereas he thinks it won't do anything to fix his grades? and that he's a kid and it's his bday. i was like he'll still have a bday just no party.

is this a man thing? i can already imagine him playing good cop to my bad cop and undermining me and it's nightmarish. like, at that point i rather be a single mom. or am i just completely wrong and he's right?

No. 679393

Don't be a mom at all if you think being a bad policeman is the right approach; my parents punished me with not allowing me to have birthday party as a kid and I'm still somewhat resentful about that until today because birthdays are something that only happens once a year and as a kid your group of friends will change a lot with changing schools, other kids changing neighborhoods and all that; there's always a chance that birthday party would be a last opportunity you'd have to spend quality fun time with some people which is exactly what happened in my case. Find some different punishment but not that.

No. 679397

I dunno, I think that's kind of harsh to cancel his whole birthday imo. How old is he? I could see not getting him all the stuff he wanted until he picks up his grades but not giving him a whole party is overkill. There's only so many birthdays I cared about before they became just another day to me, do you want him to remember one of them not happening because he was punished (especially this year?)

No. 679399

>it won't do anything to fix his grades? and that he's a kid and it's his bday.
While I don't think it's okay your bf tried to circumvent the punishment given to your brother by his parents, I actually agree with this.

>i think its a lenient punishment

How is denying a kid of a once-a-year thing, that's most enjoyable during his childhood, that they typically look forward to all year a lenient punishment? Yes he'll "still have his birthday" but it'll be overshadowed and ruined by punishment.

No. 679400

i dont think being a bad cop is a form of parenting at all but it's all that's left when your partner undermines you. I was corporally punished as a kid a lot which is why i think missing out on a bday party is the much better alternative, but your take is a good one i hadn't thought of.

No. 679402

idk anons, it seems like we'd be rewarding his bad behavior? why should this be year be exactly the same as all others when his behavior isn't? he's 11 yrs old, i think he'll be ok

No. 679403

Samefag, but I'm really curious as to what you think of as non-lenient punishment if you consider denying him his bd party lenient.

No. 679404

everything that isn't corporal punishment is lenient to me

No. 679407

>rewarding his bad behavior
Having a birthday party was never about rewarding good behaviour, it's about celebrating a new year of life, therefore it can't be rewarding bad behaviour.

I also think that you should look for the source of the problems and look for a solution instead first and foremost rather than be concerned with punishment. Maybe you're already doing that but since you didn't mention it.

No. 679409

Well if corporal punishment is normal where you are then perhaps this is simply a cultural difference. Corporal punishment is considered unacceptable by most where I'm from.

No. 679410

File: 1606064787545.jpg (4.59 KB, 212x249, e98.jpg)

A Photoshop file I was working on yesterday deleted itself. But it's not even in the recycle bin; it's just completely gone. It is only visible in Users/User/Recent but I can't open it cause it doesn't really exist anymore. I don't know how to feel. Why did that happen to me? How?

No. 679412

it's not like we won't acknowledge it's his birthday. literally everything will be the same minus his friends coming over. i can't do anything anyways, it was my parents' idea i just found it odd my bf thought it was such a horrible thing

No. 679416

Well I stand by my opinion that it's too harsh and I agree with your bf. If the same thing happened to my younger sister I'd be lobbying with my parents to allow her to have her bd party.

We have to agree to disagree I guess, I hope your brother enjoys his birthday regardless.

No. 679418

Parties have expenses I can see why a parent would deny paying those if the kid isn't putting effort in to simply pass or get an average grade. You can still give the kid a cake with candles, sing the song, acknowledge the day, but deny everything else. Non lenient punishment without physicality to me would be all electronics not involved in education taken away until grade improvements, taking away car rides to school, making them take public transport if it's far and the parent previously drove them, no take out, staying after school at a library for 2 hours to study, no presents until december holiday or grade improv, parental locks on non-education sites, etc.

No. 679419

I was watching old Simpsons episodes and I used to hate Lisa centric ones when I was younger but now they're one of my favourites. I relate to her issues a lot and see myself as a child in her and how she has no proper adult male role model in her life who respects her. The "Lisa's Substitute" episode literally made me cry lmao

No. 679426

These measures you've described make much more sense to me as a punishment, especially since they directly help improving grades.

No. 679428

Incels don't deserve empathy and should kill themselves. I hate that I see alot of youTubers empathizing with Incels and blaming "society". I can't empathize with a group that wants state mandated sex from women and has litterally killed people.

No. 679446

i know morphe and lisa frank are both shady companies but god i want that collab that's coming out. it's the tackiest shit ever and i love it

No. 679452

Once I read a news article and it painted this incel in a sad light, I specifically remember it noting on how he was eating canned beans and his bank account was draining down to zero and it just made me so sad. But then I have to remember that these men are terrible. In that article, he went on to kill a bunch of people in a yoga studio that he was staking out, so fuck that guy and fuck him for making me waste my empathy on him.

No. 679453

yep and as much as people want to say they're not all like that"… they sure are if they're self identifying as incels and willingly associating themselves with that "cause"

No. 679455

how's lisa frank shady?

No. 679458

Everything about the supernatural finale sounds terrible. I have never been so delighted

No. 679459

Didn't supernatural already end in 2019/18?

No. 679460

NTA but here's an article I read a while back about them. TL;DR they treat their employees like shit. https://jezebel.com/inside-the-rainbow-gulag-the-technicolor-rise-and-fall-1179495705

No. 679467

Sometimes I look at other people and I'm like wow. I could have been born anyone and this is what I get. I could have been a beautiful rich blonde 18 year old. It really blows my mind that how shit your life is going to be is all luck and chance.

No. 679481

You sound underage.

No. 679491

You could be a hot rich blonde, or an illiterate starving orphan laying in a gutter. Your life is likely better than most.

No. 679494

File: 1606071590614.jpg (60.49 KB, 720x886, cat_in_space.jpg)

As sad as it may sound, but you're my only friends. And I'll sound like a NLOG but I can't relate to other women irl despite wanting to but weirdly enough, I have so many instances here where I might as well have written the posts but I'm almost 100% certain I didn't.

No. 679505

women like that still have problems of their own and have things they wish they could change about themselves as well. you need to focus on your good qualities and not what you don't have

No. 679508

This one man raid going on has got to be the cringiest thing I've seen.

No. 679509


No. 679514

File: 1606074649257.gif (1.98 MB, 365x205, asobi.gif)

I can't stop listening to the one and the same artist since yesterday, I tried to listen to some other songs too but I just shut them off and came back. I dont know what's wrong with me I heard their music before and it was ok but right now it's like the best thing in the world to me. I feel absolutely addicted but I am afraid after a couple of days of listening I'm going to be sick of it and then I won't be able to bear listening to it again! I don't want that but I can't shut the music off, it's too good! AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaa

No. 679515

Vtuber thread in /w/.
One butthurt paypiggy scrote sperging out about his waifus.

No. 679519

ignore this autism pls, it's just something that really bugs me.

what's with some people having huge hate boners for goth and alt looking characters more than any other character? especially towards female characters, i rarely see people complain about male goths(they're always seen as ~cool and mysterious ~).

and i don't mean just the stereotypical angsty ones, but even the ones written with decent personalities. the common argument i see is that they're too played out or cliché but doesn't that also apply to tons of other character types too? it's not exclusive to goth characters.

No. 679524

Isn't "big tiddy goth gf" the general desired character trope at the moment?

No. 679531

that's mostly in coomer communities

No. 679535

I feel so sad for pets who've been surrendered to shelters, but at the same time sometimes I can't stand the shaming that goes on towards the previous owners. Yes, some people just don't care for their pets and they deserved to be shamed, but I'm sure there are some people out there who loved the hell out of those cats/dogs but couldn't help their circumstances and thought surrendering them to the shelter where they had a chance to find a new loving family was the best thing they could do for them. I really feel for those pet parents. I could never, ever find it in my heart to give up my dog, but shit just happens sometimes you know? I had a friend tell me of someone they knew who was forced to move on short notice, and finding a place that accepted pets was so difficult that she almost had to give up her two dogs or go homeless (thankfully she found a place).

No. 679553

I know this must be the most phatethic "raid" i have ever seen on lolcow. Someone post a screen from /jp/ saying they want to drag us to court, which just confirms that they must be a child if they really think that is possible kek

No. 679557

How does Aly Art get views and why do people follow her advice when she styles herself so poorly? Just look at the way she dresses, her haircut, her glasses. The girl can't follow the rules and guides she preaches.

No. 679567

dude you sound psycho, your bf should run

No. 679571

I have a friend who looks like Belle Delphine, and afaik, she hasn’t had any plastic surgery. I met her when I worked in retail, I almost couldn’t believe it when I found out she was only 18 lol. She’s a little awkward and into nerdy things, and I hope she never goes down the thot route even though I think she could easily make bank doing it because she’s so naturally pretty because she’s so pure and a genuinely good and funny person to be around. When I used to go back to visit she would get so excited to see me, like a puppy who was waiting all day at the door for their owner to come home. She’s so fuckin sweet and I miss working in that shithole just for her.

No. 679575

I've wondered the same thing. She states her opinions pretty authoritatively and a lot people seem take her advice seriously, but why?

No. 679577

This description is a little creepy no offense, someone who is nice to you isn’t a puppy waiting for you all day.

No. 679579

Yeah I realized afterwards that I sound like a scrote lol. I was thinking of how when I’m walking the floor and we see each other, we’ll both throw up our hands, yell each other’s names, run towards each other and then pull each other into a big bear hug lol. It reminded me of when my dog was younger and we’d excitedly run at each other whenever I came home.

No. 679591

I think she's started to look a lot cuter recently. I think she originally became popular because she was the only one on youtube posting in her niche, so there wasn't any competition.

No. 679603

I think it was cute anon, don't stress. I've called both men and women "puppyish" before and definitely didn't intend anything derogatory by it. They're just sweet, happy, excitable people.

No. 679612

It's okay anon, I think most of us are struggling to maintain friendships during quarantine, and a lot of us didn't even have them in the first place. I will say, I hope you reconsider the thought that you can't engage with women irl. Women, obviously, have a vast array of different personality types and interests. Some of us here do actually venture out into the world now and then, and just like in dating, you have to vet which people jive with you and which don't. But also, give women you might not think you have much in common with a chance. I say shit here I never would in casual situations irl due to being judged for it, but if I were friends with someone, then she'd get to see those parts of me. Most women are much, much better people than the average scrote and will relate to you more than you might realize.

No. 679613

have you never heard that before?

No. 679623

I wasn’t trying to like insult you, like you said it just sounds a really scrote way to depersonalize a woman kek you noticed yourself so it’s fine. It was just a disastrous combination with also saying she is only 18 and you couldn’t believe it etc haha like forgive me I just would advise you to not tell her that because it might raise some red flags for her.

No. 679689

Idk if I was dramatic for this but I was at wendys and waited in the drive thru for like 20 minutes, ordered, and then as I was inching towards the window I noticed the cashier wasn't wearing his mask properly. Like it wasn't overing his nose. I left without getting my food or paying. I get that it's tough wearing one for a multiple hour shift but come on. If the cashier isn't even wearing it right I can't imagine who is in the back making the food.

Also found out that the chipotle I go to is forcing employees who tested positive to come back to work immediately without any isolation. One of the employees outed them and said that 4 of her coworkers currently have covid and are working daily.

I'm over this shit. Shame on America for letting it get this bad in the name of "freedom". No one cares anymore because covid isn't as mysterious as it was in the beginning.

No. 679693

I miss the retard thread. I wish I hadn’t accidentally reported one of my posts in it while trying to delete because I think that’s what got it locked. You don’t see retarded posts anymore like you did in there. To be a retard yet again

No. 679712

It’s safe to avoid fast food altogether, just as any other restaurant right now. Expecting any ff place you roll up on to be doing things properly is optimistic bordering on naive.

No. 679717

I was at Qdoba the other day with a friend and every worker in there wasn't wearing their mask over their nose. I understand that it can feel kinda encumbering at times, but choosing to pull it down defeats the whole purpose immediately, which sucks. People who shouldn't even be considered essential workers are being forced to go to work because our government refuses to actually help its citizens.

No. 679745

File: 1606109761459.png (540.21 KB, 1338x686, 1.PNG)

I miss when you could search a term on YouTube and see more than 3 results on the screen at a time. I'm on desktop and I haven't changed my display size whatsoever. It's ridiculous how large thumbnails are.

No. 679759

File: 1606114224070.jpg (192.89 KB, 598x900, travertine-terrace-formations-…)

travertine/mineral terraces are my favorite land forms

No. 679790

Dear starbucks anons - do idiots ever come in asking for bulletproof coffees though, because I am constanly blending butter and oil into god damn HOT espresso drinks for these freaks and I almost prefer the 10 sugars type of people.

No. 679794

I want to laugh at pickmes like shoe0nhead for getting a taste of their own medicine when after years of shitting on other women and feminists they hit 30 and their coomer simps ditch them for the next barely legal thot. But it's still really sad at the same time. It's because our society encourages women to be like this and it's a survival mechanism for many to cannibalize your own gender's rights to exist by forcing all this "pick my tradwife ass instead of those dead egg roasties over 25" nonsense. I wonder if she would've turned out better if she had genuine female friends growing up instead of being surrounded by incel orbiters, Gregory and the rest of the skeptic trash.

No. 679806

File: 1606123127019.gif (483.96 KB, 275x183, 1596547371132.gif)

I just watched the last episode of Supernatural and holy shit it's funny how bad it is, people did not lie. I really loved s1-5 but damn I feel bad for the really loyal fans.

No. 679830

Gross! That sounds like such a pain to make wtf. Not a Starbucks, just a lil espresso shop in an airport, but I once had an American lady ask for coffee with cream (is that normal over there?) and when I said we don't have cream, she got really annoyed with me and wanted butter as a substitute. Butter?? In espresso?? AMERICA EXPLAIN

No. 679840

This is the second time in the last year a very specific crop I’ve made of an unpopular reaction image has been attached to a dumb lolcow post. Both images I’ve sent to only one person, and it’s a scrote. Turn around and die.

No. 679842

i'm dying to know what it is. although maybe he posted it somewhere else and other people started saving it?

No. 679843

I can think of one other person he would have sent them to, and that’s also a man. How annoying.

No. 679844

put them on blast anon

No. 679845

I’m going to rely on plausible deniability and am using this as an outlet of passive aggression to keep the limpwristed freak on his toes. Get a job dude.

No. 679848

I get what you mean anon, but I don't think June would have been drawn into the spaces she was without holding a lot of baggage toward her own sex already. Her oldest friend also hated being female so much she trooned out, and they bullied other girls in school. It seems like June would have turned out this way no matter what, imo the well was poisoned long before 4chan or Preg.

No. 679861

My period clots remind me of that little black slug that comes out of the gold statue that Haku swallowed in Spirited Away

No. 679870

>I wonder if she would've turned out better if she had genuine female friends growing up
Ohh no doubt about it, but that would've required some amount of risk on her part. To put herself in a vulnerable position, to maybe face friend rejection by girls.. who (for the most part) don't have any inherit self interest in being friends. I think going straight to the boys club for some girls might feel safer, more rewarding on the surface level, but it ultimately stunts development in this exact way I believe.

Essentially she is spineless and probably always has been. Idk how she grows from here. I was kind of hoping once she got married she might finally get off YT/twitter, start a family, and befriend some local moms but nope she'd rather larp as a teenager

No. 679894

File: 1606142520372.jpeg (53.46 KB, 387x640, CA6B7251-FC50-4A87-BA2A-D01E98…)

Hey I’m headed to IKEA, anyone need any DJUNGELSKOG while I’m there?

No. 679897

File: 1606142826185.jpeg (44.77 KB, 750x686, 4347A635-BD20-4547-8302-F5CD97…)

Swedish people, do the names sound as stupid as the English translations?

No. 679899

I want this…
I've never been to an Ikea despite living in a relatively large city, they never brought it to us rip

No. 679904

I'm not sure if I should hop on the tiny backpack trend train or not…should I buy one?

No. 679905

Not Swedish but have Scandinavian family/friends and speak a decent amount of norsk

Fun fact: because Sweden/Norway have a ‘rivalry’ of sorts they’ll sometimesname less glamorousi ikea items after Norwegian towns or things. Eg. A toilet brush named Oslo (shitty fake example, no pun intended)

No. 679907

As someone who's not into stuffed toys at all, that is one disgustingly cute bear omg

No. 679908

I also just went for the first time in my life last month and it was so amazing I felt like a kid in wonderland, sadly I had to leave after 2 hours. I hope you can go there someday because it's really cool.
here is my ikea blog: my friend and I bought among other things a shelving unit, we thought we got a white one but when we exited I noticed it was black so I wentto get a refund to buy a white one and when I came back I realized there were no white ones, only black kek so I bought the same thing again. It was 14 kg heavy and we carried it by foot back home

No. 679911

File: 1606144590393.jpg (88.06 KB, 1200x675, munimuni.jpg)

Farmers, what are you buying for black friday/cyber week?
I've been trying to look for something that I'm interested, or at least a good deal. I really want new makeup (since my collection from high school is outdated and expired), but I haven't found any deals or sites besides the obvious sephora/ulta that stick out to me.
Also room decor would be pretty nice, now with the pandemic feeling like it's going to be here forever I might as well make my room look lived in.

No. 679913

Oh god, my keto coworker does this. The first time I saw it happen, she was talking about how healthy keto made her feel and then took a sip of her butter coffee and I wanted to die on the spot. Like, just eat a cheese stick or something, that’s so…bleh.

No. 679935

File: 1606146156239.png (87.53 KB, 301x267, 1300673005053.png)

I've been trying to save up for a new phone, but thinking about it I'm sure I won't be able to because of covid forcing everyone to be in long ass lines. I'm considering just going to a store early before black friday or waiting until Christmas. Good luck with your black friday shopping anon!!

No. 679955

I get so confused by Meg the stallions too small ugly clothes, whose dressing her?
And her make up is always so horrible, such a pretty girl with the worst taste.
Like everything she wears is always small and she's gained some weight so it just looks bad. Why?
I'm starting to get tired of the "pussy" rap, and rap in general but the styles.
Someone said female rappers be dressing like WWE Diva's and everytime I see them I understand more and more.

I feel like men dress them and write their music thats why it's so one note and tacky. Gay men and Trannies.

No. 679960

>my keto coworker
the way you phrased it, it sounds hilarious

No. 679962

i'm making an assload of money past fews years and i honestly have everything i want. this is the first year i'll be just giving to charity. planning on it for thxgiving/black-friday and xmas, i'm excited!

No. 679963

It sounds like the title to some tv show or a manga
>My keto coworker can't be this disgusting

No. 679965

Pure oil and butter in coffee? I've never heard of this before lol, is that common in normal amounts?

No. 679967

File: 1606149727658.jpg (319.71 KB, 1002x1432, 005bf7dd-6220-4a47-be8a-eb266a…)

Got drunk and ordered a ton of random shit from McQueen and forgot about it. Just got them in the mail and I'm so excited it's like a mini Christmas. Everything fits perfectly even the heels fit without breaking them in. I wish Covid wasn't a thing I want to go clubbing in them so bad. Thinking about wearing them when I take my dog walking I already dress like a whore might as well take the next leap and wear heels.

No. 679971

>>Butter Coffee
what is that?

No. 679974

A morning on the toilet, probably

No. 679979

File: 1606152207759.jpeg (27.17 KB, 446x687, images - 2020-11-23T142146.900…)


Just as the name implies, coffee blended with butter. Key word being blended, if someone just drops butter on coffee and there's still butter chunks floating in it… Just run.
It's not that bad but it's not that good either. It's like a buttery latte. Picrel

I do keto for health reasons and never felt really compelled to drink it more than twice.

No. 680055

Why does anime food look so good?

No. 680074

No. 680083


Almost everyone adds cream to their filter coffee, which I think is pretty normal. I also get lots of orders for breve lattes which are lattes made with cream. Keto has people even requesting these made with HEAVY whipping cream. Which is absolutely insane, when our average medium size is 16oz. Sometimes they want syrups added too, so the keto purpose (which i think is nuts to begin with) is completely defeated. It's just wild to me the things people come in and order like its completely normal.

No. 680086

File: 1606164171672.jpeg (53.03 KB, 640x638, FE7252C9-3A83-473B-AC25-4E4A24…)

Not a Starbucks employee but reading about the insane orders people make is a huge guilty pleasure

No. 680090

As in Alexander?? Post the shoes. It's absolutely on my bucket list to to drunk shop like that and not novelty sunglasses from Wish.

No. 680101

anon post shoes!! i want to see!!!

No. 680103

I always have thought adding straight up cream to coffee is bizarre, I use oat milk though. I don't know anyone who adds cream, maybe old people? Sorry to hijack your post to ponder

No. 680105

I want to be anti-death penalty because there's an oblivious racial bias to its practice (I'm a burger) but a lot of times I read of the crimes death row inmates are accused of and it's usually rape, torture, and killing a woman and then I'm all like "Lol, don't care. This fucker should rot" I don't care if they changed in prison, it's not going to bring their victim back to life. I just hate the fact that no one really gives a shit about violence towards women in this country.

Granted, I know it's not true for all death row inmate and there are some genuinely innocent but some people should deserve to die, honestly.

No. 680107

I don't know if this is venting or dumbass shit.
Why are we expected to change our interests as we get older? There's all of this incredibly interesting stuff out there to jump into, but it feels like after you hit a certain age you're considered childish by other women for doing anything outside of being a candle collecting basic bitch that thrives on the live, laugh, love mentality. I've blogposted about similar themes before, but it's frustrating to be expected to drop all of your current interests to fit in with other women or risk being ousted for being weird. Is it too much to ask to find other women that don't expect you to change with societal expectations?
I'm so fucking tired of male friends that can't relate. Friendships with other women have so far been me withholding interests or opinions from them because their politics or beliefs are so wildly different that it can immediately spark arguments. Aren't friendships supposed to be the having your cake and eating it too of social interactions?

No. 680114

File: 1606166887742.jpg (17.08 KB, 500x331, tumblr_587b7848ffd763989f693ef…)

Someone cowtipped bogleech about a random post some anon made here about how they used to like him before and he went on an autistic rant and posted this picture to demostrate that yes he isn't fat at all

I feel like people should learn to chill out if they're posted and not make such a big deal about it, it's just a stupid gossip forum, best thing you can do is not reply imo

No. 680116

I kinda want a thread about anons working in fast food

No. 680117

It honestly just sounds like the current pool of women you're associating with anon. I'm almost 30 and I'm friends with a good amount of women the same age and older who still love video games, geek out over psychology, politics and history, garden, draw, read a lot, exercise and watch everything from art films to anime. (I do like candles too though lol.) If you don't want to hang with basic bitches then make the effort to find places where you're likely to find women with broader interests. Some of my friends are overseas and I met them online but we chat regularly, others I found in-person through groups or classes centered around things I enjoyed.

No. 680121

looks pretty fat to me

No. 680122

File: 1606167436948.jpg (38.76 KB, 700x394, 20201124_043639.jpg)

Sorry not sorry anon

No. 680125

Transphobia is fun, homophobia can die though

No. 680128

I do understand where you’re coming from. There’s some disgusting people out there who don’t deserve to live. However, I feel really weird about giving the government the right to kill someone regardless. The last country in Europe that has the death penalty is a dictatorship, so that probably clouds my thinking. I believe the guilty should suffer in prison though which is also giving the government a weird power to possibly abuse. I don’t know.

It is so weird to me that many Americans are passionate about freedom and owning guns to protect themselves from the government, yet seem to support the death penalty? I would like to understand this.

No. 680138

Only homophobia is bad in that picture.
>If you hate men, you will also hate mentally ill men with sissy fetishes/internalized homophobia um sorry sweaty :///
Sounds perfect luv

No. 680142

but i'm not homophobic or transphobic

No. 680143

This video popped up in my recommendations, and when I heard the music, I thought "It's no wonder most zoomers are depressed and mentally ill".

No. 680144

imagine caring this much if people think trannies are a joke
get a life

No. 680150

i was expecting this to be a subliminal based on the thumbnail kek

No. 680151

I will hate on disgusting men who pretend to be girls for the rest of my life. Aidens, Kais and fujoshis who pretend to be anime boys too.

No. 680156

>I think going straight to the boys club for some girls might feel safer, more rewarding on the surface level, but it ultimately stunts development in this exact way I believe.
That's really insightful anon, as someone who went that route myself I definitely agree.

I'm buying a new phone (I want a google pixel I think). My old one crapped out a few days ago. I might also buy a new monitor and a comforter for my bed.

No. 680159

i was thinking about having my belly button pierced next week but i had a dream last night where i was wearing a loose knit sweater that got caught on the piercing and ripped it right out. now i will never be getting a piercing of any kind

No. 680176

File: 1606172219521.jpg (193.36 KB, 1080x1350, f38312ea61ad659769652240168189…)

I showed a picture if baby grinch(pic related) to a guy in talking to and I said "awe baby grinch". And he stopped responding. I always scare men away being weird.

No. 680177

Hopefully he's reporting you to the authorities. Baby Grinch is an abomination.

No. 680179

File: 1606172413964.jpg (137.95 KB, 1080x1080, 1c5f185130c42f1946f2d33e06cd91…)

No hes adorable

No. 680190

the retarded shit thread died again

No. 680192

He’s sweet enough but then again most babies are. The fact he was a baby once invites too many questions though.

No. 680199

File: 1606173741083.jpg (181.79 KB, 800x525, zorn.jpg)

I grew up poor, taking public transportation well into my 20s (sometimes over 2hrs to get to work), wearing hand-me-downs from my older siblings, etc. After years of ups and downs, I've finally been able to make enough money to buy a car, have a savings, buy new clothes that I actually like, pay bills without worry, etc. I still have that learned hesitation of spending money on things no matter the price, even though I can afford them no problem. Sometimes I open my banking app multiple times a day to make sure my money is still there(thinking back on all the times I embarrassed myself at a store because I forgot a bill was deducted and overdrafted my account.)
At the same time, there are days where it all feels so meaningless. This isn't to say I'm not thankful for the opportunity to improve my life or would rather be in poverty again. I'm also not rich by any means now. It's just that the initial euphoria I felt about my circumstances wore off a lot quicker than I thought. Some part of me thought that I'd be a different person when I wasn't scrounging for money anymore, but so far I don't feel different at all.

No. 680200

he's clearly not good enough for you, anon.

No. 680202

File: 1606174212075.jpeg (4.26 KB, 225x225, Unknown.jpeg)

lmao, the baby grinch you posted is cute but the one from the live action movie was absolutely not

No. 680203

File: 1606174298206.jpg (92.31 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Cute, but Who gave birth to him? Who are his parents

Speaking of a little ugly, but mostly cute babies, I love pygmy hippo calves. Have literally never felt more happiness looking at a baby animal

No. 680205

I can't even begin to understand how people can brush their teeth without scraping their tongue. So many people in this world just walking with white, stinky tongues.

No. 680208

i agree, it's so off putting seeing a tongue with a nasty white film on it too. i can't imagine not scraping my tongue after brushing, i feel so much better after getting all that nasty off at the end of the day

No. 680210

Tongues aren’t much different to wet towels left on the bathroom floor to fester.

No. 680212

I can sympathize anon. I haven't been through this myself but my ex grew up a similar way, always scrounging for cash, living paycheck to paycheck and wondering if he'd have enough to eat that week. For a time he was even homeless. After we got together I helped him with finances and he got his life straightened out, so his standard of living improved a lot. He was an adult but it was the first time in his life he had a comfortable, stable living situation. In addition to the relief he felt, he said he also felt weirdly uncomfortable sometimes. Not having to worry about those things anymore he honestly wondered, "Where do I go from here?" Basically, shelter, food, safety - those are all really obvious goals to chase, and they were the ones he'd been chasing all his life. Suddenly having achieved them and never having had the opportunity to wonder what he wanted to do beyond survive, he felt panicked and confused about where to go next.

So I'd say your feelings surrounding this aren't uncommon. Now that your basic needs have finally been met, it's time to start exploring loftier goals like asking what sort of hobbies you might enjoy, what makes you happy, what feels fulfilling to you for reasons outside of managing to stay alive another day? It requires time and exploration, but you've been through a lot, so please be kind and patient for yourself. You should feel proud of all you've accomplished but there are still plenty of paths to explore from here.

No. 680213

Omg ty for reminding me that this a thing. I meant to try it since ages but always forgot about it. In the western euro country i'm from noone cleans their tongue, i'm intrigued by the idea however.

No. 680214

Embarrassing to admit, but I grew up thinking having a white tongue was normal. I've regularly gone to the dentist all my life and no one ever said a thing. I would've thought/hoped they'd tell me if it was excessive. Finally an ex gently brought up that my breath seemed "a bit off" after kissing, which was mortifying but also super helpful so I could finally start scrubbing the shit off my tongue. (I used mouth wash before then and apparently it hadn't helped.) It is really frustrating and seemingly not common knowledge though, because he and a lot of people I know never have to scrape their tongue and still smell fine. I guess some unfortunate people just don't have the natural flora for pretty breath and have to go the extra mile.

No. 680216

I feel like the majority of people have bad oral hygiene, period. Really puts you off the idea of kissing someone, ever.

No. 680219

I saw a lot of tr00ns promoting the "let's not hate men…" shit on men's day and it made me lol. Loyal to the end. Cult of peen.

My bf has never had bad breath in the entire five years we have lived together and he's pretty lazy with brushing. I am scrupulous with hygiene and I still notice I have bad breath sometimes but it's not from my mouth, it's from my guts or something. I think I'm dying lmao

No. 680223

i think you have to drink more water, dry mouth can cause bad breath

No. 680224

Check if you have tonsil stones. I had them and my breath reeked no matter how many breath mints I took.

No. 680229

I downloaded tiktok and literally shrieked at what was recommended to me? Why is this dixi damelio bitch twitching and biting her lip and looking sideways have 4 million likes? Are teens really this cringey?

No. 680230

You might be right. I drink loads of water but my adhd meds make my mouth dry.
I used to get those when I still ate dairy. Discovering that phenomenon made me want to get my tonsils ripped out. The concept is so disgusting to me.

No. 680231

Do we have some kind of rage thread? Like, I know the vent thread exists but that's not exactly what I meant. I just read some stuff (so it's technically my fault, I know, but…I had hopes for a bait and switch but rip) and now really, really want some people to have rusty scissors shoved down their throat and want to rage about it lol

No. 680243

Try the annoying thread?

No. 680249

I know someone who's a dental hygienist so they know how important oral health is but their breath always smells bad like they're rotting from the inside or something.

Kids are just following who they think is hot. The FYP is always shit until you find the right rabbit hole to fall into.

The annoying thread or things we hate thread depending on how irked it makes you.

No. 680254

File: 1606177773676.jpg (345.42 KB, 600x600, ichigao_by_kr0npr1nz.jpg)


Thank you for your insight. I just want a fun looking job near my apartment that is easier than what I have now because currently, if i don't have to work through my only time off which is lunch, I still have to work 7-8 hours. and I have to be fully focused for all of it. If I don't it takes me longer and makes me want to cry and rip my hair out from the overtime and having no time to do things that are enriching to me.

I chose this fast paced industry but believe I went to the wrong side of things. I'm constantly envious of students who have part time job, study in cafes and have time to play vidya, read books, learn everyday.

I would never do target or a Canadian equivelant as I had worked in a grocery store for almost 3 years. While it was higher end I would hate to quit it just for that.

My ideal place would to be to work at a coffee shop in between industry jobs for maybe like. 30-35 hours a week? i make wageslave money anyways so the fact that I wouldn;'t have to work free overtime almost evens out.I know this should have gone in the careers or vent thread but I was crying and too lazy to switch. Thanks again for the anons who chimed in with their inputs as well!

No. 680264

I'm horny as hell, but I have been avoiding penis like the plague

No. 680275

As you should.

No. 680280

fry bread w refried beans, fried egg, b.pepper & ketchup > any other food

No. 680293

he is, indeed, a crybaby scrote

No. 680294

idk where to put this, but is anyone else just like… indifferent to their family? I am thankful for my parents, but beyond that- brother, aunties and uncles, grandparents- nothing. I dislike some of them and have basically no opinion on others. I don't feel any kind of connection to them and I honestly feel pretty uncomfortable around them- like there's this elephant in the room that we have nothing in common and no reason to interact apart from being family. I always spent time with extended family growing up (family members lived nearby/in my house or would visit for months at a time) so it's not lack of exposure. The arrogance of youth maybe?

No. 680301

Same here, beyond my mom I really dont care. My grandma is a narcissist and abusive towards my mom and my aunt is very stubborn that we should all be together like a family (and my aunt us kinda like a christian karen -as much s I hate that word, it fits-)

No. 680302

Yes, I feel the same way about my parents but then again, my parents were the type to tell me when I was a kid to sort things out on my own, they never helped me with homework, and they were the type to tell me to keep my problems to myself. My mother was abusive to me and my father would rather spend time anywhere else but with us.
Now that I'm in my late 20s, they've been trying to establish some sort of connection but I don't feel anything and they know this and I was surprised to see that they're sad about it. I didn't think they could feel emotions (other than my mom taking out her frustrations on me).

No. 680304

File: 1606181522048.jpeg (71.98 KB, 338x507, CE7782D0-6008-4FDE-85CD-9B27B8…)

More like:
>superior mashed potatoes with leafy salad and delicious roasted chicken.

No. 680346

Shakespeare stans are basic bitches.

No. 680348

who the fuck stans him

No. 680353

basic bitches, can't you read

No. 680373

There was a cockroach in my bedroom and it fell behind the dresser before I could kill it and then it fucking disappeared…I can't sleep knowing its in my fucking bedroom but it's late as hell…help

No. 680377

Put some bread or something done and wait till it comes to eat it

No. 680379

Sounds to me like you've got a new roommate. Congratulations!

No. 680385

thanks anon i hate you

No. 680387

you better hope that roach isn't pregnant

No. 680396

I hate how my pinky toenails grow in. I literally removed the whole nail once and they are still bad.

No. 680400

File: 1606191997853.jpg (499.05 KB, 932x1453, tumblr_oqa842oNWa1tthlcmo2_128…)


No. 680410

of course the girl one wears pink and acts as mom of the bunch of retards

No. 680414

Why do they all have the same OCs as "muh identity"? Always a mom, a bratty kid, an emo sad guy and a creature

No. 680422

>the last one is a furry
Jesus lmao

No. 680434


Mine grow up as much as they grow out. And they’re triangle shaped too, like a toenail tent but solid in the middle. Dumb pinky toes can’t do anything right.

No. 680444

I got my cat a new bed and he made biscuits in it before curling up soooooo small and going to sleep

No. 680453

i got high for the first time today and my ears were ringing so bad and i coughed so much it was hard for me to stand up and i almost threw up. it also hurt to breath for a while but holy hell id do it again, it felt like i was being cuddled and all i was doing was just watching organizing videos in my room alone, i also ate some pizza bagels. ill maybe do it again in a month.

No. 680482

File: 1606202099516.jpg (1.26 MB, 1440x2452, 20201124_020757.jpg)

I really dont understand where zoomers got the idea that alternative fashion was ever inclusive. Especially early 2000s scene culture which was the most toxic alternative fashion in history.

No. 680483

I have 0 clue how the youtuber Emmymade stays so thin despite trying/making so many high calorie recipes. I've seen her what I eat in a day videos and I know she eats mostly healthy to keep her figure but girl if that were me I'd blow up like a blimp having desserts and stuff in the house so often lmao I love her videos though she's so calming and unproblematic

No. 680490

I remember her mentioning a lot of what she makes goes to friends/family or her kids straight up eat it all. I was surprised by her what I eat in a day videos because her portions were so small (in the video I remember anyway) but that makes sense when you have her job.

No. 680499

Scene didn't exist until the late 00's, more like 2010. Early 2000s were goths and emo shit.

No. 680510

>basing alternative fashion on late 2000s teenybopper movements
This is also kind of zoomer-tier and cringe, anon.
"Alternative fashion" is just a catch-all term for anything that's not mainstream, so you have all sorts of communities with varying levels of inclusivity thrown in. It was all down to the actual subculture(s), region, era, etc.
I'd say that because some of the early, more ostentatious alternative fashions were directly linked to subcultures that rejected mainstream values (ie because they're heavily populated and/or basically started by LGBT people and/or non-white people), the TikTok person's claim makes sense. The rave subculture once it broke into house/electronic music is one big example of this, very inclusive with the PLUR mindset.
Where she fails is in trying to apply that to all "alternative" fashions under the false notion that there's a unified "alt" mindset. "Alternative" can go in many directions, from progressive to hyper-regressive in every sense of the word.
Plus, not all alternative fashions as we know them today even stem from from an alternative subcultures or lifestyle. Some are just normies who want to look cool and different. I think when goth made way to split into emo, and then scene, it was the beginning of that becoming common. It's essentially what scene is/was, a wave of "poseurs", and that's why back in its heyday, goths, punks, metalheads etc basically spurned scene kids. There was a music movement (Blood On The Dancefloor, BMTH, Black Veil Brides, Panic At The Disco, Millionaires, etc), but it wasn't respected.
Nowadays, clothing doesn't signify much about a person other than their aesthetic likes.

No. 680513

Don’t forget nazi punks, nazi death metal, nazi black metal, etc etc. I’ll never forget the thinly veiled racism rife in the emo movement. Ironically it’s her/him/it gate keeping alt fashion.

No. 680514

I wish zoomers would just shut their mouths they are so clueless about everything

No. 680515

Imagine letting politics get in the way of enjoying sick riffs.

No. 680519

Imagine thinking politics are so insignificant.

No. 680522

File: 1606207101442.png (197.76 KB, 739x492, image0c.png)

Nazi punks are funny because rock music was invented by black people. They should be listening to some bland-ass ancient European folk music and that alone.
The racist end of black metal tries to have its cake and eat it too by incorporating European elements with metal/guitar riffs, but when they do that, they're basically making "biracial"/"mutt" music by mixing different worlds, even if they refuse to admit it. IMO, this sort of thing will always just come off as them privately conceding that the realm of music doesn't belong to them, and never will. They just don't have the range or soul.
Like, this is their mindset, lmao.

No. 680524

The standard in those groups were still skinny white people so idk wtf shes on about

No. 680525

>rock music was invented by black people.
this has been debunked

No. 680526

File: 1606207447281.jpg (47.42 KB, 1024x702, kjndj2.jpg)

Not necessarily, those were just the examples that made it into mainstream consciousness because they were considered more palatable.

No. 680527

ive been spending more time lurking on facebook these last couple of weeks, and it made me realise just how obnoxious and horrible a lot of people i know irl are, especially the men. theres one guy from my uni, who used to be my lab partner, who spends all day commenting on incel and manosphere facebook groups, bitching about women. like as in complaining about how lazy and childish women are.

this is the guy that didnt want to do his work during labs, so he would pretend to be asleep until i would call him out, at which point he would go for a +45 minute "toilet break", and then he would saunter back into the lab like nothing happened and get mad at me for being behind on the work. wow kyle, its almost like im trying to do 2 peoples work at once while you fuck around.

other highlights include a man who i knew was really off irl anyway, who writes comments about how adult men should be allowed to marry little girls as young as 12, and that women shouldnt be allowed to apply for divorce, and another guy who would parrot liberal left wing talking points irl but then on facebook he makes posts about how abortion should be illegal and that all lgb people are mentally ill. some of the women will write obnoxious virtue signalling posts and comments, but what is it about the men that makes them air out all their misogynistic/homophobic/racist opinions on their public facebook profile with their name and face attached to it?

No. 680528

NTA, but how do you "debunk" that rock was derivative of blues, a genre pioneered by working-class black Americans?

No. 680529

oh no fun police arrive. BM is mostly about larping in the woods with your friends. NSBM is about as spooky as that Black Satans - Satan of Hell video

No. 680530

>Rock and roll emerged as a defined musical style in the United States in the early to mid-1950s. It derived most directly from the rhythm and blues music of the 1940s, which itself developed from earlier blues, boogie woogie, jazz and swing music

>Rhythm and blues, often abbreviated as R&B, is a genre of popular music that originated in African American communities in the 1940s

>Blues is a music genre[3] and musical form which was originated in the Deep South of the United States around the 1860s[2] by African-Americans from roots in African musical traditions, African-American work songs, and spirituals.

>Boogie-woogie is a music genre of blues that became popular during the late 1920s, developed in African-American communities in the 1870s.

>Jazz is a music genre that originated in the African-American communities of New Orleans, United States, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with its roots in blues and ragtime.

No. 680531

Okay blacks did the wingadinga music, punk and metal tho lmao?

No. 680532

I'm the second anon. I literally listen to Burzum. I don't care. I just know to meme on retarded, hypocritical Nazis who seriously think they're doing something by essentially reproducing black music and pretending it's the sound of their ancestors or something, lmao.

No. 680533

>thinking punk and metal music would exist without rock
Are you like 12? Have you ever heard a metal or punk song in your life, kek?

No. 680534

This is black culture.

No. 680536

No, I think black and white musical cultures have always bled into one another and bounced the good ideas back and forth. Punk was a white cultural movement though, same for metal

No. 680537

File: 1606208039751.jpeg (55.23 KB, 639x795, EnCg01sXMAAiRcF.jpeg)

By your logic, since this woman is dressed in European garb, European clothing is now black culture.
She actually has more of a cultural claim to what she's wearing since she lived within that era/culture, in stark contrast to those guys, though.

No. 680538

>"Punk was a white cultural movement though"
>she doesn't know the skinhead image came from jamaican immigrants in england that shaved their head

No. 680539

How did you not realize she was joking?

No. 680540

I cant believe she tried to claim scene wasnt about being super skinny.

No. 680541

So, you agree that it's mutt music and directly contradictory to racism? Good to know, anon.
>Punk was a white cultural movement though, same for metal
Nah. Both stem directly from rock, so it's dishonest to call them white.
Truly "white" music is springy sprangy suck my wangy 1500s sheet music or nothing, sorry.

No. 680542

It's the same anon who claimed punk and metal are white music, so she's not joking, just dumb, kek.

No. 680544

Your average american black wouldn't claim punk or metal, so that makes it white music duh

No. 680555

I think she just has a really healthy relationship with food. Might be an unpopular opinion but I don’t believe there’s necessarily a correlation between loving something and the rate at which you consume it, especially if overconsumption can cause issues elsewhere in life. The overweight people I know don’t overindulge on gourmet foods, they just eat too much junk. They don’t know anything about food and just use it as a way to feel better. Fatty and sugary foods are what people crave, they’re not concerned with the depth of flavours etc.

Emmy does cook a lot of basic shit but her approach is different, her aim is to see if the recipes work and taste the food. She probably savours and appreciates the small portions. Her goal isn’t to shovel down as much as possible.

At wine tastings, people spit out the wine despite obviously being there because they love wine. They do this to get a sense of the wines without damaging their ability to judge. A person who drinks vast amounts of all the wines, no matter how respectable or expensive, isn’t a wine lover - they’re an alcoholic. I don’t think it’s much different with food.

No. 680565

I just found out that the Captain Tsubasa manga is 40 years old. This kinda of news makes me feel super weird but not in a good way.

No. 680574

The dogfucker in shaynas thread…. what an experience

No. 680579

Probably not because she doesn’t even know about Shakespeare stans.

No. 680581

File: 1606215324126.jpeg (116.05 KB, 1242x872, DBF8D9AA-9828-40E1-AAF4-FBA1FC…)

Why the fuck is OP pic so hot? I just can’t stop thinking about it.

No. 680582

Me with most media. I get into something and find out it's like 10 years old.

No. 680586

I just ignored the pic but seeing how many anons are loving it I paid some attention to it and the guy reminds me of this one guy who always scores better than me on exams. I'd like to shove his face in some cake as well. I hate him cause he's an overachiever but also he doesn't even look like a typical nerd, he's handsome and muscular. Fuck

No. 680602

The same reason why many women are fujoshi.

No. 680603

What's wrong with old media? With being old in general? Zoomer ageism is more fucked up than I thought.

No. 680610

File: 1606219761134.jpg (600.04 KB, 1071x1068, Screenshot_20201124-130932_Fir…)

I hope that one day I'll be able to afford getting my nails done. I know it's not essential to living but I think they're so cute or really awesome looking. It was "a thing" at the last office I worked at and all the women were getting them do e bi weekly and I felt a bit left out lol. Wish the shit wasn't so expensive.

No. 680611

I have had a 40 day period cycle and I didn't have sex in those 40 days. My emotions have been annoying I have felt very low and finally today I have bled. Praise be to the highest. I cancelled a date because I felt bloated for a full week and ugly. Once the bleeding stops I'm going to the doctor my cycles have been so fucked this month but thank god its arrived I already feel happier lol

No. 680625

I'm the anon who found the kitten again. I took him to the animal shelter because I finally got an appointment, I was really sad about it but I think it was the best thing I could do for him. I can't afford vet bills and they will give him the medical attention he needs. I wish I could keep him but I think my apartment is too small for him. It would've been nice to give him to a home but I don't know if I can count on strangers online to take care of him properly, especially after that creepy guy called me.

No. 680626

I missed the part about the creepy guy, what happened?

No. 680627

I posted an ad about him and then a guy called me asking if he could have sex with my cat. It made me so upset, I cried for like an hour afterwards.

No. 680636

Keep having sexual dreams about women. Why?

No. 680640

i don't know your financial situation, but you can get your nails done for like $35-40 depending on where you go. its not terribly expensive if youre not looking for the absolute best nails in town.

No. 680643

anon you know why the universe is telling you to have sex with women cmon this is basic math

No. 680645

File: 1606226317481.jpg (Spoiler Image, 185.21 KB, 1200x1200, 71QTzHh7v5L._SL1200_.jpg)

You could buy those packs of like 500 nails and nail glue, they're way cheaper. Or even polygel. The only problem is shaping them and making sure they all look the same lol

No. 680653

File: 1606227096957.jpg (Spoiler Image, 17.24 KB, 370x252, hairy tongue 1.jpg)

Discovering hairy tongues has truly ruined my life. Pic isn't even the worst of it.

No. 680687

Send me your address please, homo. I'd like to murder you for making me see this.

No. 680696

File: 1606229312166.jpg (4.55 KB, 237x212, kms.jpg)

>Catching up on Shayna's thread this morning

No. 680705

> then a guy called me asking if he could have sex with my cat.
I’m so sorry, anon. Men need to be put in cages, I wish you could report him to the police or something, motherfucking sick fuck asshole.

No. 680743

The pest control lady showed up unannounced to spray for roaches and I wasn't able to tidy up and she saw my dangan ronpa body pillow

No. 680756

I'll never learn how to braid so I might as well just shave all my fucking hair off and

No. 680757

Hope she extra sprayed it

No. 680767

File: 1606234932432.png (498.28 KB, 500x635, 5db09570613bb78facbb72604b2b6e…)

I really love the current vent thread pic. Reminds me of biblical angels.

No. 680770

I'm not a zoomer to begin with and it's just that I grew up watching the first anime on TV and its shitty sequel or remake and it's making me feel nostalgic but not in a "ah yes, the good old days" way.

No. 680772

I'm happy you like it anon :3 I love this sort of imagery.

No. 680774

File: 1606235224317.jpeg (420.76 KB, 1177x808, EAA63C3D-7EB0-48C1-A43D-192F6F…)

>tfw you will never be as cool as biblical angels because trapped in corporeal plane and can’t ascend to angelhood.
Why live?

No. 680776

She must have forgotten to spray you too. Not that it would matter. You DR fans are about just as resilient as roaches. You never die. I'm sorry. I'm a DR fan too. Don't hurt me

No. 680778

Logically I know pomo means 'post modernism' and yet I can't help but read it as 'pear of missing out'

No. 680779

the way i want time to pass quicker just so i can finally get to the fucking stage with this one guy while he is extremely polite and is taking everything really slowly

is this what being a scrote feels like

No. 680784

I hope it was a prank call, that sounds like something someone would say on 4chan /b/, at least that's what I'd like to believe.

No. 680786

which character

No. 680800

File: 1606236677962.jpg (124.28 KB, 1200x800, image.6.jpg)

I don't think I've ever had a virtual waifu until now

No. 680804

File: 1606236827810.jpg (81.76 KB, 680x683, 985.jpg)

I feel so bad for the crow in this that I can't even enjoy meme variations of it. It's his first time up there you heartless bastard!!!

No. 680805

The stage lights were obviously too bright for him too! Ugh, the poor guy.

No. 680814


No. 680840


I'll try to look up some more places. I'm from eu and in my country/county nails are not that popular so the prices tend to be a bit high.
Ngl I'm somewhat lazy and come home late so I don't think I could manage to them myself lol

No. 680843


The fact that she’s 16 makes me not look forward to all the sexy art scrotes will inevitably make of her. Also I hope they balance her kit because she’s like the love child between taric sej leona pyke And skarner

No. 680853

She's 16? I wonder why they chose that age considering she looks like a badass war-mother or something. A character like Taliyah or Seraphine being 15/16 makes more sense. She's still cute and I love her metal horse.

No. 680943

File: 1606247860173.png (66.6 KB, 284x293, cute.png)


No. 680956

No. 680977

men of all species aren't funny. get over it.

No. 681004

I just made a Tinder account with meme pictures so I could lurk and snoop, and I didn't realize your account was instantly visible and you have to swipe on people to see more profiles. I don't know why but I feel immense cringe at the randoms already swiping right on what's obviously a burner account.

No. 681007

Men literally swipe right on everything. Have heard scrotes I know irl say this multiple times, they know women are much choosier and are typically just looking to get laid so they approve everyone and go from there. Even with that approach they're still lucky to get 1-2 matches for every 50 a woman does.

No. 681018

i've made accounts to troll tinder with and some dudes will try to meet up without even seeing a picture of you first, it's pathetic

No. 681025

Based on my ten minutes of browsing, men are entirely to blame for the lack of interest. They aren't even bothering to make themselves presentable, what the fuck.

No. 681029

Genuinely upset whenever i find a dude attractive, I am like 95% lesbian but this youtuber's dad is just oof yes thank u sir, lemme have a slice

No. 681050

Yep, 99% of them are hideous and looks decades older than their female counterparts, not to mention if they even bother to fill out the profile most of them are full of innuendo-laden "jokes" and bad memes. The serious ones aren't much better because they're pathetic ("I've recently been dumped by a woman who was clever enough to love herself and uhm be nice?") or bland as shit ("I work in tech and like hiking, traveling and drinking coffee").

No. 681066

> Yep, 99% of them are hideous and looks decades older than their female counterparts
That's because they LIE all the time about their age. I know some women do that too but men do this so much more and it's not even talked about nearly as much. They do it so they can bypass the filters and some will continue to lie until the girl finds out or they will say that they've accidentally put a wrong age or that somehow they can't change it.
I also hate how they spout things like they're in a better form than men your age or some other nonsense.
Men across all age groups think they look younger. They might feel young in their head but they definitely don't look young. Just because you're going through a midlife crisis and dress like you're 13 doesn't make you actually look young. You look ridiculous.
The most disgusting thing is when you have men in their 60s and 70s thinking they have a chance with you. The audacity! I blame the bots with fake hot women profiles who inflate their egos if that's even possible.

No. 681079

Great points, important things to mention I hadn't considered. But I can also attest to the fact that men do generally look much worse even if they are the age they list/fairly young. Most women have had skincare routines for ages, exercise, diet, actively attempt to dress and style themselves well. Men on the other hand are never told they have to pay attention to those things because obvs that's girly shit so they become flabby, fat, wrinkled messes by 25 or even earlier.

No. 681086

File: 1606262559640.gif (120.62 KB, 284x351, 15D9775D-3289-4FA6-B72E-4218F9…)

i am going to dye my hair to look like picrel and there's nothing anybody can do to stop me

No. 681088

Do it anon! I support you. One of these days I'm gonna cosplay as one of the MH girls.

No. 681116

File: 1606268742783.png (944.61 KB, 1059x600, twitch thot.png)

Ladies what's stopping you from stepping up and convincing men that they need to sexualize and objectify themselves

No. 681120

I didn't expect that accent. I guess some men really can be as hot as women if they put in the extra effort

No. 681122

I'd carve his pumpkins wink wink

No. 681125

the second half of this post makes me want to vomit

No. 681137

I have short and fine body hair, but a few years ago one single leg hair sprouted out and was weirdly thick and coarse. I let it grow out and have even shaved around it for years. When I’m sitting around at home I’ll twirl it around on my finger and for years it’s just been a funny little weird thing, but tonight… tonight I accidentally pulled it out with my bare fingers while twirling it around like usual… Goodbye friend, we had a good run and I’m surprised it took this long for the hair follicle to give out lol :(

inb4 SCROTE BEHAVIOR!!! i am just a fucking weirdo lol

No. 681142

I go on dating apps and on the rare chance I match with someone I panic and am immediately filled with disgust and want to shrivel up like a raisin. I don’t know why. I just want to meet a cute girl and maybe go on dates and hold someones hand again but FUCK.

No. 681144

ah sorry you deal with that. I'm also like that but in real life. i dont know whyyy

No. 681150

it's anxiety anon. have you you had bad past experiences with relationships or rejection?

No. 681152

Show dickkkk

No. 681154

moar male twitch thots

No. 681164

See? the absolutely retarded shitpost thread is up and here we are still using this thread fine and dandy, there was nothing to worry about, dumbas shit thread and retarded shitpost can coexist in peace like friends.

No. 681166

Who was worried?

No. 681167

All the anons who complained, reported and closed the thread because of muh redundant threads.

No. 681168

Sometimes when I’m eating, more often when I’m eating something that I usually enjoy, I start to think about the concept of taste and it fucks me up and I end up not enjoying my food at all. Like… all food is just a taste… just calories… it’s just a signal to my brain… people can become morbidly obese because of the reaction of chewing something up and that mush hitting your tongue…
I’m not ana or anything, but I would like to lose some weight (who doesn’t nowadays) and it annoys me that taste is basically the thing that prevents me from losing as much as I’d like to. I wish I would become lost in thought about the weird concept of taste when I mindlessly eat junk food but there you go…

No. 681183

Fuck this guy for mowing random peoples lawns. What if they just didn't want their grass mowed, you piece of gutter shit

No. 681223

When I lowcarbed, I would just chew on sugary shit without swallowing and spit it out. It's retarded, but it took away the craving for it and let me taste it. I was guilty of snacking on saltine crackers a Saturday every now and then though. Oddly enough, it did something to help resume weight loss a couple of days later, so there's that

No. 681239

Taste is so much more interesting than just that though, isn't it cool how we can train our palettes to enjoy different things? Cut down on sugar, spice and salt and eventually you will unlock a new appreciation for rustic wholegrain bread with just a little dipping oil etc. I'm also interested in the theory that we crave certain tastes because of vitamins we are lacking e.g. if you crave chocolate your body might just really want magnesium
Also, those berries that fuck your taste up seem fun! I want to try those one day

Bulimia lite. You still absorb some calories that way, waste food and are reinforcing the idea within your brain that you can't live without sugary shit, but good that it worked for you I guess

No. 681243

Thank you. I can't stand when people act like Shakespeare is the pinnacle of literature. There's a lot more out there than some mediocre screenplays.
> Punk was a white cultural movement
Yeah, let's forget about Bad Brains, X-Ray Spex, Death, and ska/skins in general didn't matter. I'll agree that metal is still mostly white or hispanic though.

No. 681245

My boyfriend walked in on me looking at Shayna's turkey porn and now he is genuinely concerned for my well being

No. 681260

Yes, it is retarded and yet it sounds like you're recommending it… why would any mentally healthy person chew and spit instead of just budgeting calories for occasional treats? Disordered eating isn't a cool dieting hack.

No. 681263

I was looking at Blaire's thread and my guy friend was like, "Thats a ugly chick" when they looked at my screen.
I'm like, nah, thats a trans woman and they were like,"oh make sense then"

No. 681266

I've been posting about a kitten I found. I didn't know my boyfriend cared so much about him, I was a crying mess when we went to the animal shelter and the day before but I haven't seen my bf cry about it until today. He told me he had to be strong about it and that's why he suppressed everything. Do men do this all the time? I wish he would've cried with me

No. 681268

my grandma caught a glance of pnp's thread while i was looking at it once

No. 681273

I have one of those on my fucking back of all places. Don't worry, it will grow again.

No. 681322


are you me? i didnt grow up spending as much time around my relatives as you, but i just dont have strong feelings about most of them. i love my parents and my grandma and a few other people, but i just cant bond with most of my uncles, aunts, etc. especially my cousins. i dont like being around them except for one, and i feel like such a weirdo because everyone else seems to be best friends with their cousin.

No. 681329

I used to but I bonded with some of them over the years. We used to not be very close and I was very emotionally detached from even my parents but as a child it just felt very lonely, especially since all my friends had families that they were super close with and I felt like I was missing out.

No. 681335

I think a lot of people feel this way, anon. It’s more surprising to me when someone has a super close, loving family. Even people who love their family don’t seem to like them much.

I’m distant from my family as they’re largely a mess. I couldn’t tell you the ages of most of my siblings, and forget about the existence of several nieces and nephews. Everyone assumes that a large family is automatically supportive but we have little connection to each other. One of my brothers ended up in a coma a couple years ago and I felt nothing, as if it was someone else’s relative. I don’t know these people kek, they could be murderers for all my insight.

I reconnected with my grandma last year (not been in contact as my dad died when I was young), she invited me to her birthday party and it was so fucking weird to see a loving family. My uncle, who I hadn’t seen since being a baby, couldn’t get over the fact I was there. Even a group of relatives who had fallen out for some reason were received warmly.

Sorry for the diary entry, just find how different families are so weird.

No. 681338

My bf's coworker told him that he has really appreciated my bf's efforts at work and he's glad they get along and then he told my bf "we're like peas and carrots" wtf that's so cute

No. 681345

Anon that's cute as heck lol. Reminds me of two of my bosses at work, they are absolutely dependent on making the other laugh/happy during shifts and it's so cute. One of them did something stupid to make me laugh and I didn't react and later (jokingly) confronted me about it and said "Why didn't you laugh at me being weird. [Other boss] would have laughed…"

No. 681349

I started watching Gossip Girl and I hate every single character (except Dan and Blair). Should I continue?

No. 681351

Yes. We prefer it when you suffer.

No. 681354

If you don't like it, don't watch it. You're not missing out on an intellectual piece of media if you don't finish watching it soo.

No. 681357

i only care about my mom, my extended family is stupid, rude, and obnoxious. i spent a lot of time with them as a kid and i'm glad i'm no longer obligated to do that

No. 681381

File: 1606309925065.png (203.29 KB, 617x403, 9YCBS.png)

I'm so happy that after all those years I can play this gem again.

No. 681384

Oh yes, I really love Minish Cap! One of the best mobile Zelda games.
Strangely enough, I used to hate it when it first come out. I didn't like the cutesy mood, I was more into the N64 Zelda atmosphere. It didn't help that I read the manga where Vaati is redeemed and basically a kid with issues. At the time I was quite young myself and didn't realize that the manga are a separate canon to the games (I thought they presented an extended and correct version of what happened in the games, but couldn't be shown due to technological limitations).
Now I adore the Picori world, it's one of the most fun and adorable Zelda gimmicks! I also loved sharing Kinstones, that was so fun! I wish this system returned in another Zelda title.
Why couldn't you play it earlier, anon?
why did you not post in the vidya thread on /m tho, we could use more topics of discussion

No. 681387

I just borrowed the game back then and i wish i could play it again

No. 681390

I personally love Gossip Girl and I'm not usually into shows like that at all. A lot of the characters grow on you pretty quickly, though Blair is iconic from the start so great taste kek. Like that one anon said, you're not missing out on much, but it's pretty fun. Give it a few more episodes, and if it's still not your thing, no big.

No. 681393

Samefag, you know it's been a while since I've rewatched it, and I think I'm going to restart it now. Thanks anon kek.

No. 681503

File: 1606323383123.png (692.42 KB, 1248x432, osnylig.png)

Ugh I went to the ikea website after that anon posted a djungelskog and I really want these scented candles because they look like they belong in skyrim and I bet they smell nice but they're so expensive

No. 681513

Maradona was reported dead like an hour ago and I'm already exhausted at the amount of media being produced about him, all the tweets celebrating this scrote, crying about it and defending him. This will last like a week, give me strength

No. 681517

just don't look at them

No. 681518

I read it as Madonna and got genuinely worried

No. 681521

I wonder if it's legal to use a lawnmower as a mode of transportation. It's seems so stupid to spend thousands of dollars on one just to use it to cut grass. Might pull up to the club on my John Deere E110 19-HP side by side hydrostatic 42-in riding whip.

No. 681522

I won't go into twitter at all but believe me, the whole country will talk about this for an entire week everywhere

No. 681524

I've thought this as well kek. I imagine people out in the country/rural areas might drive them out to different pastures/fields much like you see tractors while driving out in those areas. Not very ergonomic or quick, but good as transportation to continue the job it does.

No. 681525

I know, he's thought of as a borderline god here as well. Football is a brainrot but I just tune it out

No. 681527

>defending him
I'm not into football, what did he do?

No. 681536

Call me fat or whatever but holy smokes a lot of anons on here are very hellbent on pointing out when cows have "fridge bodies."

No. 681544

I notice this too kek it's something I've only ever seen here and it took me a while to realize what that even meant.

No. 681545

They're the kind of characters you love to hate, they aren't supposed to be likable

No. 681548

I thought it meant someone with no defined waist? Or is it something else?

No. 681552

It does mean that. People use it as an insult when in reality it's not always indicative of someone being "fat." You can't scroll through the e-girl/e-boy or celebricow thread without seeing it. It's a really shitty nitpick, imo.

No. 681562

Neovagina pics are spreading from mtf into other threads like a goddamn disease it is DISGUSTING

No. 681578

> Pictured with naked underaged prostitutes in cuba
> Had five unrecognized (until recently) children there
> Openly misogynist, even tattoed "bitch/slut" in his chest in "honor" of his girlfriend
> Violent with his partners, his girlfriend posted videos of him beating her up
> Constantly attacking journalists, paparazzis and was an asshole even with kids who were his fans
> An overall embarrasment as a football player, technical director and as a celebrity, I don't know how many videos there are of him being clearly drugged and lost on public events
The list is too long, I'm sick of people calling him "polemic" when in reality he was the personification of everything wrong in our culture

No. 681606

A lot of anons here are insecure plus we also have anachans floating around.
It’s a stupid nitpick imo

At least the shitty scrote is gone

No. 681608

What a fat piece of shit

No. 681611

It's fucking crazy that kicking around a ball or shooting hoops well makes people think you're a god or a saint.

No. 681621

My dog tends to bark after waking up from her naps because she wants attention. She was barking again just now but wouldn't stop after some cuddles and I thought it was strange. She had already eaten, she had already been taken out, she got snuggles before from me and dad, and I know she didn't just wake up… so why was she barking? I decided to take her out for another walk, maybe she just has some excess energy to burn… and as soon as I stepped out I saw like 3 fire trucks.

I actually smelled some burning in my apartment and went to check the kitchen to make sure the stove and oven weren't accidentally turned on, and when they weren't I chalked it up to maybe someone accidentally burned something elsewhere and the small was just wafting in. I went out the building through the basement since my dog can't use the stairs and the burnt smell was SO strong, I was actually a little worried that the dryer had blown out or someone burnt their clothes, but the maintenance dude in there seemed unbothered so maybe not. Turns out the fire was across the street, it looks like it was small and by the time I saw it, they must have put it out already. So horrifying, and I hope everyone made it out alright. House fires are truly one of my greatest fears.

No. 681624

Good on your little fuzzball to alert you of the danger, even if it wasn't directly in your apartment!

No. 681648

I feel ya anon… i HATE his guts and all of the retarded scrotes that regard him as a god. im so fucking glad that piece of shit is dead! i only regret him not suffering very much. now we will have to endure all of his pickme baby momma's battling out the inheritance, or what's left of it after he snorted most of it. of course in this mysogynistic shit hole of a country a violent fat fuck scrote gets 3 days of "national mourning".

No. 681682

Every 29 hours a woman is killed by a man here and nothing is being truly done about it, but a well known women abuser dies (on the day of the elimination of violence against women, mind you) and he gets three days of national mourning? The way we are treated continues being the saddest joke in history

No. 681691

I've been helping my grandma make food and WHEW this shit is tiring. I honestly haven't even done that much. I'm not excited for the day I decide to host thanksgiving at my house lmao

No. 681693

File: 1606339823023.jpg (366.58 KB, 1075x806, 43hq7m.jpg)

I want to go on a shopping spree right now since I'm missing out black friday deals and crap but I have no money

No. 681694

Me too, anon. Hell, I'm not even exactly sure what I want to buy, but I'm in the mood to shop/replace some pieces in my wardrobe. Sad for us. :(

No. 681695

I just bought a vibrator in the sales. It's my bday next week and nobody ever gets me shit so.. 70 percent off. That'll do

No. 681703

File: 1606340692841.png (338.92 KB, 421x421, concewrn.png)

I haven't been paying attention to videogames lately (thank god) but I saw some article about cyberpunk 2077 and that you can get a mod for your cyborg body?or whatever piece of technology you upgrade but anyway you can get a mod that translates foreign languages and I just thought that's sooooo cool and lately I've been listening to industrial music too much and appreciating those futuristic fashion styles a lot and I feel like I'm at the event horizon right before plunging into a cyberpunk black hole, please anons save me if this cyberpunk game is going to be any good I'm gonna waste my life on it like I did on skyrim

No. 681706

Be careful, if you're interested by that game there are spoilers around, someone managed to get a copy of the game (even though it's not complete yet) and posted things about it very recently.

No. 681712

Thanks, I'm gonna not google it then. I'm sure the more I know the less I'll be patient for it to be complete anyway

No. 681719

Hot chocolate always makes me sick without fail. Even if I use almond milk. I have no idea why.

No. 681723

I want to leisurely browse and shop but I work with an e-commerce store so it's all hands on deck practically 24/7 from Black Friday through Cyber Monday when our sales, and everyone else's on the planet, are complete. Whatever I don't need more shit anyway (even though I want it).

No. 681750

File: 1606343553086.jpg (90.88 KB, 857x811, help.jpg)

Does anyone have this reaction image of a crying buff guy being spooned by a giant teddy bear (or maybe a bunny) in a pink room?

No. 681751

>3 days of national mourning
Good god what the fuck.

No. 681756

I feel I'm mentally ill because I lurk/post here

No. 681762

It's so sad seeing woman I know constantly have sales on their onlyfans. Imagine selling your nudes for $4, you're still broke af and now look stupid.

No. 681763

Reading the Dakota Rose thread is like being frozen in time. Anons still going in loops repeating the same stale drama from 2010-2012, bitching about her filter shoops and how her career is failing because some brand didn't tag her or something, and of course all the wild tinfoiling that reads like a fanfic. Why do these people care at this point? Why is that thread constantly bumped to the first page of /w/? Anons literally posting christmas cake memes saying that she's an old spinster for not being married at 25 and how she "looks like a dyke", what the hell. And I'm saying this as someone who couldn't stand her in 2012 and was seething over everything she did, but that was 8 years ago and I'm just happy that she got away from the Ostrengas.

No. 681764

Reading this I thought the same thing, then had the thought, “it’s sad that everyone knows at least one person irl that does OF.” It’s that ubiquitous.

No. 681765

After dating my bf for almost two years, I’ve finally just told my dad what his name is. Kinda already regret it though, not gonna lie.

No. 681779

I was imagining someone singing increasingly higher octaves/notes and it gave me actual tinnitus for a moment wtf, is this mental illness?

No. 681780

I feel like some fucking ancient godess deity bitch whenever I reshave my head. it's this ritual like experience,I grew this shit and now I decided it, again, needs to go.
Irl I am just a bald fat bored bitch buzzing my head in my bathroom to girl in red but boy does it make me feel GOOD ANONS.

No. 681789

Without elaborating, my boyfriend has the grossest fetishes and I indulge him in each one because I love him, even though it's gross. In real life I'm very reserved and polite, so this feels like having an alter-ego or hidden life. Nobody would ever guess in looking at me or talking to me that I am Captain Disgusting except him, and I've never told a soul. It's taken me like a year of typing this anonymously and deleting it to finally hit send

No. 681794

Imagine when you break up and he tells people about it all kek

No. 681804

I love wearing jeans that are just a little too tight. They're a bitch to get into to and everyone else is probably wondering why I wear pants that are too small, but I love how they make my thighs and butt look.

No. 681814

The "destiel is canon in spanish" meme is hilarious to me for some reason. I also don't know if I should be happy or sad for destiel fans, and it kinda feels like it's the end of an era of fandom bullshit.

No. 681816

Same, but because they are more comfortable.

No. 681819

It'd be outing himself and he's even more reserved, thank god. But that would be kind of funny and might force me out of this shell

No. 681823

I snorted some special K and now I’m wishing farmers are my friends, Lemme love you all to death. Let’s hold hands in the wired

No. 681825

Only if you share the sniffables with me anon, i may even give a lil kiss

No. 681826

File: 1606351516315.jpeg (27.15 KB, 320x240, E1DF9F13-9EBC-4410-93C7-38EAC7…)

I love my retarded bastard of a cat.
>bf bakes cake at my apartment
>leaves paper towel on top to cover it with note that says, “[cat] don’t do it!”
>I come home and find picrel, ask bf if he did it
>bf swears he did not
>I am hysterical while my bf scolds my cat like a disappointed father

No. 681827

The note did not specify what "it" is so I think your cat was perfectly justified!

No. 681828

File: 1606351791674.jpeg (130.16 KB, 1174x658, 2ECAFEFD-70BD-4F3B-91F5-1A5A78…)

My friend made this pic as a response to the whole thing. I hope this makes you girls giggle as much as it’s made my night.

No. 681829

Idk what that is but they sure took a big old bite!!

No. 681830

It's a cake and i apparently am illiterate

No. 681831

Of course anon! I want to lie next to you. The clouds are HUGE and fluffy tonight

No. 681835

It absolutely gave me a chuckle. Your bastard is such a cutie, anon. A cutie with a belly full of cake kek.

No. 681838

My fave kind, I just julienned some cucumber we can share too

No. 681841

File: 1606353904237.jpg (49.04 KB, 828x810, FB_IMG_1604452127311.jpg)

No. 681845

File: 1606355084972.jpg (96.86 KB, 569x700, hairinspo.jpg)

I want to bleach and dye my hair like pic related.

>Inb4 "that's ugly as shit"

I'm 19 and I want to have fun.

No. 681848

do it bitch, also be sure to have lots of toner.
lol i just noticed i got a ban for saying hila was formerly clearly ana haha

No. 681849

cute! would look cute on a girl like that, not an egirl tho

No. 681850

File: 1606355473348.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1997x1117, 97A68ED6-9783-4131-9AB2-9F2728…)

Why can’t they be real, I just wanna get drunk and listen to music with them i wanna bang them as well.

No. 681853

Ew anon, I can see some of them but even Murderface and Pickles?

No. 681854

I always wanted to bang the lawyer tbh

No. 681857

anon i wanna fuck skwisgaar. we could be like the real housewifes of Metalocalypse.

No. 681858

I really love Toki

No. 681859

I hate how I can't stop wasting my empathy on people who don't deserve it!! Not to be 'uwu I'm such an empath' but whenever I hear or see certain sad things, it just makes me feel so sorry for them. A dumb example would be like Kyubey at the end of one of the Madoka movies, where he's shivering and beat the fuck up. I feel the same sadness that I would for a puppy abandoned on the street, but honestly fuck kyubey, he's an asshole he deserves it but FUCK I feel sad anyway.

Anyway, my aunt invited me over and my cousin I grew up was there with her new boyfriend. Seems like a super sweet dude, seems to get along with the family, and we have some overlapping series we like. I was telling her new boyfriend an old story that somewhat involved her ex (it was about him calling her and she misheard him on the phone) and so she was telling me about what her ex has been up to. I don't know why they broke up, but I was envious of her relationship with him because she was with him for 7 years (since high school!), and I have never had a long lasting or "normal" relationship. But she was telling me how they stopped loving each other around year 4 or 5 but kept putting off the break up, and then she told me she found that he fucking cheated on her!! She wasn't mad about it since she found out long after the break up but what the fuck! Fuck that dude! And now she says how he lives in the basement of his parents house, lost his two best friends (who are still good friends with my cousin), lost his job because of covid, and is overall just a sad sack of shit. His grandparents feed him because he's a fucking scrote who can't cook or do anything for himself and his parents are always worried because he constantly sneaks out at night (for what, who knows). The picture she painted of him feels like due justice for being a sack of shit and cheating on her, but at the same time my stupid brain can't help but feel sad. I guess because I sort of know him and he didn't seem like a bad person from the few interactions we had. I know he doesn't deserve my pity and he deserves all the shit he's gotten slung his way right now but ugh.

Also both my cousins got boyfriends and it makes me sad I don't have a cutie gf to hold hands with. :(

No. 681860

Saw Dethklok live about 12 years ago, can confirm it was an awesome show.
Gave a guy in the audience a handjob.
Good times!

No. 681862

The fuck, you're insane.

No. 681864

Actually it blossomed into a decent friendship. 11/10

No. 681866

File: 1606357524621.jpeg (1.13 MB, 2048x1117, B96733AE-ECE2-418D-97EE-D8C640…)

Absolutely, all of them. even magnus. murderface.. i’d make him take a shower first though and pickles is actually really cute!

same he’s great, the episode where he basically admits that he loves giving women oral had me dying.

Now Im even sadder that they aren’t real, lol. that’s hilarious

he’s adorable! i love how innocent yet dark he can be.

hell yeah thats amazing anon, glad you had a good time. I’m so sad the show got cancelled, fuck [as]

No. 681872

File: 1606359660507.jpg (101.75 KB, 1280x720, 1600617871972.jpg)

I found this in my reaction image folder, don't know where it's from or why I saved it. It grosses me out for some reason.

No. 681885

File: 1606361776601.gif (1.74 MB, 300x224, tenor-2.gif)

I can't believe New York really got engaged. She's come so far sniff

No. 681888

File: 1606363382241.png (42.89 KB, 300x218, stahprahn.png)

The Jersey Shore was an amazing show.

No. 681894

File: 1606364630176.gif (1.92 MB, 300x225, C24D0D45-6F9D-45BC-A5BB-E9C8F9…)

Jersey shore was peak television

No. 681900

i really wanna start driving soon

No. 681912

I can't tolerate it after watching Geordie Shore, the superior version. Turns out a bunch of trashy orange alcoholics can be entertaining and messy WITHOUT being absolutely horrible to each other and the people around them. It's way more fun to watch when the guys aren't calling innocent women 'grenades' and emotionally abusing their gfs, they're hoes too but with a conscience at least.

No. 681913

i hate being in college. i just want a boring 9-5 job already

No. 681925

Them being horrible people is like 50% of the entertainment value, you mormon.

No. 681929

I hate this phrase but normalize having a friend you can mutually "bully." Just one good friend where you've agreed to shit on each other for laughs.

No. 681932

its 2 am and i cant sleep because my pillow is uncomfortable as hell. feels like my neck is at a 90 degree angle

No. 681934

This is already normalized where I live. It's why you'll find a lot of grown people with childish nicknames like Stinky, Fatso, etc. that everybody addresses them by since they are terms of "endearment" used by their best friend that they ended up accepting.

No. 681974

File: 1606379356806.jpg (126.52 KB, 1200x1353, Smol anime reaction comp 1 lar…)

> mfw an underage girl joins h-artists discord server, eventually bragging over being underage
> mfw this kid says that she feels SAFE in this place, that is meant for adults
> goes to a point where she even said her age when she started watching hentai, always mentioning that "its okay, she is on twitter anyway. Seen worse" and whatever.

Man… I am happy this place doesn't have paedo people and is chill for the most part, because people know whats right or wrong, but for the love of god, i do not feel comfortable having an underaged person attention whoring on a big level in nsfw place because of how wrong it feels to me. And reminds me of all people who tried to groom me online. I just wish kids were smarter than that.

No. 681984

That is not okay at all. If you can't get that minor removed from the server by talking to the mods then you should leave because that is not the kinda community to be a part of. Adults and children can't be consuming porn together.

No. 681995

i have to study for my drivers aptitude test in five days but i'd much rather watch baccano or some shit reeeeeeeee

No. 682051

There’s too many good threads and I have too much to say. I can name at least 5 threads right now I could write up a giant comment for. But something seems very stupid about commenting on multiple currently inactive threads for thirty minutes to an hour. I feel like I’m better off saying nothing.

No. 682054

I feel the same! Maybe we can sperg together

No. 682061

As someone who participated in the original koti threads on /cgl/ I was genuinely surprised to see the posts in the current lolcow thread. Dyke being used as an insult, when she looks much better than she used to? So bizarre how some people can never let go

No. 682081

guys, please do that! I love this place but hate that it's not more active and many cool threads go to die (especially on /m). Sometimes I feel like I'm responsible for most of effort posts and I hate that. Nothing wrong with necroing if it's not a cow board, just let your thoughts out!

No. 682084

It's so weird. As someone who also took part in the first threads on /cgl/ I can understand wanting to keep track of where she is now, I have a fondness for her tbh, but the endless nitpicks that haven't changed in decades scream mental illness.

No. 682096

File: 1606392780654.gif (2.62 MB, 540x330, braidbraid.gif)

braids seem to be a thing atm. I like to imagine the girls in my town are cosplaying as Villanelle. It looks so fucking hot and I'm so damn here for it even though my own hair is too thin and short

No. 682148

File: 1606400734292.jpg (22.14 KB, 280x210, The Birds 17.jpg)

I had a strange experience today. I entered a parking garage elevator and the glass revealed to me dozens and dozens of black birds perched and flying towards me. It was surreal. As the elevator moved they all flew away in unison.

No. 682151

Isn't he the same guy in the OP?

No. 682199

This was a trend in my country in like 2016. It's pretty funny that it's starting to become popular again somewhere else

No. 682202

the absolutely retard thread is so cute to me. i just find it so endearing that bunch of apes in front of computers are like "hey let's pretend to be really silly and say really really stupid things together" and other apes are like "yeah let's do that"

No. 682206

I loove this hairstyle and I wish I could try but my forehead fucking gigantic

No. 682215

ive always been a giant dog breed kind of girl but lately whenever i see those little teacup chihuahuas when im out and about i feel my soul scream with joy

No. 682216

same. and all the tiny dogs in my area have little coats and boots for winter now. how can i scoff at that?

No. 682218

File: 1606409721213.png (177.44 KB, 500x377, original.png)

I've been binge watching shower routines since yesterday and it made me so excited to gear up my current hygiene with new products, call it consumerism but selfcare makes me happy

No. 682226

Men who use the x) emoji are to be avoided at all costs.

No. 682227

same with ;)

No. 682234

>Men are to be avoided at all costs.
fixed for you

No. 682242

for me? It's :P

No. 682272

Any gift ideas for my mom in the 5-10ish euro range? I already have an expensive gift she asked for but I would like to get one more little thing for fun. Alternatively, what do you gift your mom for Christmas?

No. 682274

File: 1606412943423.jpg (114.61 KB, 750x1000, Ej_-yV8XgAAcnqr.jpg)

I'm a bit paranoid that somebody could recognize me by my posts on this site.

No. 682277

You could get her an antique tea cup that's pretty, tie a little ribbon around the handle and place a pack of candies or chocolates that you know she likes inside

No. 682279


No. 682281

Nta but that’s so cute thank you for the idea !

No. 682304

Sometimes I feel like one guy I knew 5 years ago is still watching and stalking me. I don't have proofs I just feel there's something wrong and I know he's crazy and pathetic enought to keep doing that even after I told him to fuck off years ago.
All my friends tell me I'm just pa