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No. 670137

Release your rage.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/662724

No. 670143

holy shit this thread pic is fugly

No. 670149

someone i was playing with on minecraft griefed my house which was fine then i found out they killed my dog so im about to start fighting some middleschoolers
fuck edp hes a creep but vid is related

No. 670151

It's anon posting with the army of pretending scrotes waiting to shitpost behind her

No. 670155

I don't want to get better. I don't want to gain weight or muscle I don't want to eat, all I want is to stay thin and sick. I'm tired of fighting and of recovering. Thank god these vent threads exist because this vile confession has been festering in my brain forever now.

No. 670163

File: 1604946839179.jpeg (65.89 KB, 933x693, 1604024150878.jpeg)

What the fuck is this thread pic? Someone make a new thread, nuke this one.

No. 670166

File: 1604947412590.jpg (32.63 KB, 750x468, web-md.jpg)

Migraine is killing me latest few days, painkillers dont help anymore, this is the worst. If any of you have any advice I'm willing to do anything

No. 670203

this is a really weird fix ive done before, and depending on what kind of migraines you get it may or not work.
> When caffeine is added to the combination of acetaminophen and aspirin, the pain relieving effect is increased by 40%.
medications for migraines often include caffeine, for any warnings of how you can use this method in moderation I'd suggest researching this. It personally worked for me.
> Vincent Martin, co-director of the Headache and Facial Pain Center at UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute, said that people with a history of migraines should limit caffeine intake to no more than 400 mg daily.
Stay within the 100-200mg range.
100mg is half a monster energy can for reference. 200mg is half a cup of coffee.
I'm sorry if this is long, ik it can be rough to read long ass shit with migraines. just click the links for a more simplified explanation. Sorry if this doesn't help, it's worth a shot.

No. 670213

I knew caffeine helps but had no idea it too much can lead to opposite results, I had definitely more than suggested 200mg yesterday in my desperation, so there's maybe a chance it backfired. Thank you, this is really useful, I will know to watch myself next time!

No. 670232

Every woman I've been compared to is always seen as very attractive to some people and extremely ugly to others. They're normally pretty average looking women to me but it makes me depressed.

No. 670249

A couple years ago my bf's mom became neighbors with a old friend of my family's by chance. The family friend is a gossip and I found out that my grandparents wanted to adopt me after my dad died when I was 5 and my mom was severe addiction issues. My mom decided on moving to the other side of the country with me instead.

I didn't know any of this. I feel shocked and angry. After my mom moved us my life went to shit and I dealt with all types of abuse for over a decade before I got out of the situation ( and surprise went to live with my grandparents.)

My life could have been so much better if my mom wasn't a selfish piece of shit. I'm also fucking pissed my bf's mom has all this knowledge of me and my family that I didn't want to share. Today sucks.

No. 670260

I am so tired of being gaslighted and dismissed whenever I try and speak up about my past abusive relationship. Even people who know my ex and know he's an asshole do this. It boggles my fucking mind. It's hard not to be paranoid that there's just something about me as a person, or something about my personality that makes people assume I'm either exaggerating things, or that I'm just not the type of person gets abused. I've been told every shitty insensitive thing in the book whenever I speak up about it. "It sounds like you two just weren't compatible," "you guys will smooth things over and go back to being great friends in no time," "you shouldn't let someone else affect you so deeply," "maybe you should have just accepted him for who he was and tried to change your own attitude," "you shouldn't be so hateful," "have you tried practicing gratitude?" or anything to the affect of "pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get over." Eat shit. It's not exactly easy to leave someone when they isolate you from your friends and family, coerce you into moving halfway across the country where you don't know anyone and have to depend on them almost entirely, and spend the next six years emotionally abusing you so severely on a daily basis that you become a literal shell of a person and no longer know up from down. Like, yes, he doesn't have this amount of power over me anymore, but it still hurts. This isn't the kind of thing you just "get over." This asshole preyed on me and nothing I did was going to change things. Nothing is going to change the fact that this happened to me and that I have literal PTSD as a result of it. Like, do I really need a doctor's note stating this in order to get a fucking ounce of sympathy from people who are supposedly my friends?

No. 670264

I'm sorry anon. I was dismissed recently with "if you're still letting it affect you, that means he wins " WINS WHAT??? FUCK YOU. People suck.

No. 670265

Anon,what souped up coffees are you drinking for half a cup to be 200mg?

To other anon with the pcos period shittery that started a low starch diet, hope you're still here.

No. 670272

Same anon, and no one will ever fully believe us. The only people that believe (and truly only ever matter) is my current boyfriend and my family. All of which have witnessed my panic attacks at banging on the door, fireworks and blocked calls, which all ended in me being a blubbering crying mess and hiding beside the bed. Thankfully I've had a lot of therapy and time and beefed up on security. But it still amazed me the people that would laugh or play it off when I told them "Yes my ex held a gun to my chest and threatened to kill us both" as if it's so hard to believe that could happen to me.

So I stopped telling people. What are they gonna do for us anyway? They wouldn't understand unless it happened to them.

No. 670276

>But it still amazed me the people that would laugh or play it off when I told them "Yes my ex held a gun to my chest and threatened to kill us both" as if it's so hard to believe that could happen to me.
Jesus, I'm so sorry anon. That makes me feel even worse about my own prospects, considering my ex never physically harmed me or threatened to. My relationship was just very severely emotionally and financially abusive, which are forms of abuse that apparently don't even exist according to the general public.

I'm glad your current bf and his family at least believe you. My bf does, but his family doesn't. They're actually some of the people I was talking about in my post who are saying shitty things/assuming things weren't that bad and I just need to stop letting it affect me so heavily. It makes me scared that he's going to stop believing me at some point too, since nobody else in our support circle does.

No. 670281

This is so dumb. Like, I get the idea of not letting the abuser see that they've affected you (ie: "grey rocking") if you're still in contact with them for any reason, because many of them do get off on knowing that they've hurt you, but the idea that someone can just let something stop affecting them, or that the fact that they're still hurting means they've somehow failed in their recovery, is fucking ludicrous and short-sighted. That's not how trauma works.

No. 670287

NTA but I envy these people. Imagine thinking you could just “get over” shit like that. Ignorance is bliss

No. 670290

I'm dyslexic and messed up the number lol. Thank you for noticing

No. 670294

Yep. I wish I wasn't so fucked up that other people's trauma didn't trigger me, because I pretty much exclusively only trust people who have been through similarly abusive relationships at this point.

No. 670303

I'm fucking sick of being a severely mentally ill fuckup. I can't do anything normally, the biggest issues is that I have apparently very severe ADHD, and BPD. I'm horrid at my job, I can't remember shit and can't get shit done properly and get yelled at constantly and reminded how hard I make things for everyone around me (real thing my manager said.) I can't have a normal relationship, I consistently fuck that up, I love my boyfriend so much and he loves me (I think lol) but I have so many toxic traits and thoughts that I try my best to never act on and just shove them away but they bubble up sometimes. My eating disorder is acting up again and I'm barely eating and having issues in my relationship because of that. I'm only not killing myself because of my bf and my family. The only thing I can do well is converse with customers but that's not enough to make up for everything else. I just want to be SOMEWHAT fucking normal.

No. 670317

I have like 50 sexual hang ups that are all intertwined and stop me from having an actual relationship and I hate it

No. 670352

I wonder if there's going to be a generation of boys raised to do chores correctly like girls are just because of the bullshit their mothers in my generation experienced from picking up after men?
I hate that while my boyfriend generally keeps up with chores without me having to ask, he still fucking sucks at doing them. Not even because he's doing it on purpose, he just doesn't realize methodology and details cause he's never been conditioned and trained for it. Because he wasn't raised being nagged, shamed, guilted, and disciplined for not doing chores correctly like I was. For example he's good about doing dishes and throwing out the nasty shit in the drain, but terrible at loading the dishwasher and skipping over real nasty stuff if he's gotta manually wash a pan.
My dad is even worse. My dad just doesn't do any chores period and feels he doesn't have to because he works (as if women don't). My retarded ass pickme mother acted like his maid for years and never demanded domestic shit from him. What little she did was always met with his indignation, and he'd often stall out until she did it anyway. Meanwhile she screamed and yelled at me to do his adult's share of the work cause I was the other female in the house when we all lived together. I hate her, and I hate how I was her backup maid and therapist for years for hearing her bitch to me about this useless man without ever making ultimatums for him or just leaving him altogether. Some fucking good that did us all! It's poetic justice that he wound up cheating on her with "fun" younger women, because obviously it doesn't pay to be a pandering miserable cunt that grooms her daughter into almost being the same way because she's too scared to set men straight.

I swear if I ever had a child and it was a boy I'd make his ass fucking useful and make sure he can scrub a god damn pot. If he turned out straight and treated his girlfriends shitty, I'd make him ashamed of himself. If my husband doesn't do a chore then I'm not gonna pick up his slack. And if the useless bastard continues then I'd fucking leave him. Of course men from generations past never changed cause there were never any consequences.

No. 670357

My relationship is going great so far and there's no signs of us breaking up but I sincerely think if it doesn't work out I'll never be able to find someone who can live up to my current partner. I'll probably still be able to be fulfilled by friendships and self-love/improvment but it's still sad to think about.

Like what?

No. 670361

I nag my boyfriend and I nag my dad for doing shitty chores idgaf bitch do it again, and they listen. If a man have a negative reaction to you correcting their mistakes, it’s subhuman. Men need to be trained like dogs for every little thing.

No. 670367

I'm on a Facebook group to help WOMEN network for jobs but for the past week there's been at least two bitches using the page to help their HUSBANDS find work!!!
Oh and it's not even that their husbands don't have work btw, they just don't like their jobs.
One was making $60k+ as a grocery store manager with no education, but waaaaaah stress waaaaaaah!
The newest one is a manager at a luxury car dealership and his pickme wife is having success at her business enough to let her scrote work 25-35 hours a week, but waaaaaah that causes him more stress when he does show up for work waaaaaaaaaAaaaah!!!!

Holy fuck. Holy fuck fuck FUCK!
Meanwhile I have several years of experience in retail and never got offered manager positions, two college degrees, and I'm lucky if I can find a job that breaks $35k a year. Must be nice having balls.

No. 670369

no words

No. 670370

Can you get in touch with the moderator of the group and bring this up with them? If it's a networking group for women only, using the group to help men shouldn't be allowed.

No. 670371

i hate that im attracted to men

No. 670372

a hug for you and a good tug on the windpipe for the pickmes, reading this made me livid

what >>670370 said sounds like a good idea, if they're doing so well they don't need mommy wife to arrange things for them

No. 670377

>several years of experience in retail and never got offered manager positions, two college degrees, and I'm lucky if I can find a job that breaks $35k a year.
At that point it's a choice

No. 670378

Same. Every moid except pretty dumb ones can die off.

No. 670379

Hello scrote.

No. 670384

Getting promoted is (unfortunately) 90% about making your bosses like you. I've seen plenty of good employees not get promoted because they didn't want to kiss ass and plenty of shitty employees get promoted because the manager liked them.

No. 670389

unpopular opinion = obvious scrote or tranny

No. 670390

i'm pretty sure my brother has developed full-blown OCD because of covid and its driving me fucking insane. he's on the spectrum so he's always been a rigid and ritualistic, and he's also immunocompromised so when covid hit, those two things combined and now he's developed extreme, rigid, and compulsive habits. he walks around with his shirt held over his nose whenever he's at home. when he washes his hands, he's too afraid to touch the towels in the bathroom so he just flicks the water off of his hands and covers the bathroom in water. he sprays his ass with disinfectant after sitting down in the kitchen. he accuses everyone in the family of not washing their hands. he scolded our mother for not disinfecting her SHOES before stepping into the house, because apparently now the floor where she stepped is infected. he probably spends an hour - 2 hours per day running the water washing his hands or other objects in the house. no one in our family has ever had the virus. if he thinks our family is living like fucking black plague rats, he can move out and live alone. he's fucking 25. i should buy him a hazmat suit for christmas. i pity him but he's driving me fucking crazy

No. 670413

What a meanie you are

No. 670416

Not even mean, that's just a retarded take.

No. 670420

File: 1604973292827.jpeg (30.75 KB, 495x297, images (4).jpeg)

The tumblrites/twitterfags sperging about male privilege in the confession thread gave me aids. Excessive buzzwords hold no weight here.

No. 670435

>gave me aids
>this reaction pic
Are you the 40yo anon shitting up other threads with reaction pics from 2012?

No. 670437

daily suicide ideation wave just swept over me…ohhhh boy, life is bad. life is really fucking bad y'all

No. 670452

I hate eating sounds so much
Especially slurping REEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 670454

I hate people who try and guilt trip you if you're suicidal by being like "but think about all the people who will miss you and will be traumatized by your decision!!!!" Bitch nobody is going to be traumatized by me offing myself. People will grieve about it for maybe a month at best and then move on with their lives. The degree of "trauma" that anyone in my social circle will experience if I die doesn't hold a candle to the lifetime of severe neglect and abuse I've suffered at the hands of people who supposedly loved me. That shit will haunt me for the rest of my life. Leave me the fuck alone.

No. 670459

>The degree of "trauma" that anyone in my social circle will experience if I die doesn't hold a candle to the lifetime of severe neglect and abuse I've suffered at the hands of people who supposedly loved me.
I know this probably doesn't help you and I apologize, but this puts it so succinctly and in such a way that people who were never abused or neglected don't seem to understand.

No. 670473

I’ve learned to recognize people like you. At some point I just want to say “hope you don’t but it’s your life”. If you truly do not wish to outlive your pain then you should have the right to end it. But of course you lot would just take this as affirmation that no one loves me :( and get triggered harder. Why you make it sound like a bad thing that people eventually move on from deaths. Would you not kys if someone can convince you that they’ll die without you? If you actually want to be left alone so much then why made your suicidal woes known as to bait others into reaching out, just so you can push them away. Sorry most normal people aren’t trained therapists who know exactly what will appease your warped brain. BPD behavior tbh.

No. 670478

>BPD fags screeching about other BPD fags
Oh boy, are we doing this again? How fun.

No. 670487

Serious question: What would you want someone to say to you?
Somehow I think if they said nothing, you'd take it the wrong way since you're in a state to be telling them about your ideations in the first place. You want them to say something, but what is the right thing to say?

No. 670497

Thank you, it does help.
Holy speculations batman. I can't tell if you're intentionally trying to be cruel or are triggered yourself and lashing out impulsively because I remind you of someone who upset you once. Either way, none of this is accurate. I'm posting anonymously on a vent thread about a thing I was pissed off about in the moment. I'm not "baiting" people into responding and wasn't even necessarily expecting anyone to respond.
I'm not sure tbh. As long as they don't make their feelings the focus of their supposed support and actually acknowledge that I'm in pain, I'd probably feel better. I very rarely even tell people I'm close with that I have suicidal thoughts because I'm pretty sure they either would be too uncomfortable to react at all, or would somehow spin it to put the focus on them. I get suicidal usually if I'm isolated for too long and not speaking to anyone, and I have a hard time reaching out to people. Someone offering to spend some time with me would probably make me feel better than any words could.

No. 670502

Not a guilt trip, this is fact. People don't grieve for a month then move on. Especially after suicide. Have you ever lost anyone? Did you think about them for a month and then stopped thinking about them?

At the point of suicide, a person doesn't gaf how their closest friend or family would feel. The pain's so bad you don't think. You just do it. It's not selfish, it's pain that can no longer be tolerated. I get it.

Have you ever tried to deal with your trauma? Have you spoken to professionals? Seen a psychiatrist? Therapist? They don't cure your memories but they help find ways to work through how it's scarred you.

Okay, you just posted this:
>I get suicidal usually if I'm isolated for too long and not speaking to anyone, and I have a hard time reaching out to people. Someone offering to spend some time with me would probably make me feel better than any words could.

The upside of being in the system for YEARS is that most of my friends have mental illness and it's easy to open up and tell them how shitty I'm feeling. Really, you need to talk about it or post on a MH forum. Damn, I'd give you my email address if you needed to talk. People care and you'd be surprised once you open up that the person you confide it experiences the same feelings. Yeah, sometimes they want to do a one-upmanship for really fucked reasons, but you just don't speak to them about it again!

Soz if this is long winded and makes no sense. It's almost 4am. Point is, it's not bs that suicide doesn't leave those left behind devastated. It does.

Idk, I want to help because I know how you feel. Really. There are ways to lessen the rawness of your feelings.

No. 670517

Covid hasn't been too friendly to me lately. Job market absolutely sucks. I'm losing my funds, chemo is still going on. I've been told to rest but I literally can't so I'm desperate for a job. I'm so desperate, I made a fake seeking.com account and browsed for 5 minutes before deleting.

God what's going on with me.

No. 670525

When I think about this fight me and my mom had, I feel this extreme rage. Earlier this year (before the pandemic) I wanted to visit my LDR bf. My mom ended up screaming at me that I was going to get trafficked and that I should come to our primary care doctor to talk about it (????). I just feel fucking rage that I am a grown adult and she was trying to control what I could do. I was using my own money for plane tickets, my own transportation, etc. The only reason I didn’t go was because she threatened to kick me out of the house (which she now denies). Now I can’t even visit him because of the border closures. Just fuck my life haha.

No. 670542

What's retarded is having TWO degrees and yet the best job you can get is some retail job that's not even paying a living wage, and then thinking that isn't due to your personal choices and acting like the situation is completely out of your control

No. 670548

That sounds horrible, anon.

I know this is very corny and not meaningful to many people but I'll pray that something turns around for you so you can rest.

No. 670562

I don't know what to do about my narcissistic mom. I have had her number blocked for months and recently unblocked her and saw that she sent me a message saying she had a radiography and they found a shadow on her lungs. She also sent me a list of her friends who are ill or have died. It made me feel really shitty and I know I should call her but the concept of calling her still terrifies me, she always makes me feel like a small, helpless child. I don't see us ever having a normal relationship. I don't have enough love in me to forget and forgive the things she did or said to me

Anon, I'm really sorry, that sounds terrible. You'll be in my thoughts

No. 670566

File: 1604987800398.jpg (67.38 KB, 482x427, d90.jpg)

>interview went great
>said they would let me know by Friday
>it's Tuesday afternoon
fucking end it, fuck this year, thought it was all going to come together.

No. 670624

Na I’ve just been on both sides, being chronically suicidal and dealing with other suicidalfags. At least I can get my head out of my ass and tell my support system what I think I need instead of shutting down and invalidating their concern for me. Wanting to die is cool and all but how would you like it if you told someone their action will hurt you deeply and they just laugh it off, deciding that it’s a lie. You’ll be dead, free from it all. Others have to live with the belief that they said the wrong thing which resulted in your death. Just because you’re too wrapped up in your own suffering to care about anyone else doesn’t make it not fucked up.

No. 670629

Heard about this 19 yo girl, who is definitely borderline retarded, doing porn. The thing is, she didn't even know what porn was before she did her first scene (got raped on tape) and I'm so horrified by this. At seeing the men being turned on by a mentally handicapped person get exploited. It's beyond cruel. She said she wanted to earn money for her mother/family. This is just evil.

No. 670632

there's so many girls in this position. it's genuinely eating at me at night. i can't sleep knowing how many people have turned to sex work due to trauma.

No. 670637

holy shit that is so horrendous, has anyone reported what's happened to the authorities and reported her family? fuck these fucking monsters

No. 670639

You sound retarded too, how can’t she know what porn was before she did porn? Not saying her first tape wasn’t a snuff, since I don’t even know who that girl you made up is, but seriously? Being retarded doesn’t mean you literally can’t/know do everything and functioning is possible unless her iq is in the 40s range. Anything up to the 50 range can understand what porn is.

No. 670656

File: 1605000106085.jpg (54.79 KB, 640x439, kkdk.jpg)

Why would I make her up? Okay I searched for it again, her name is Hannah Hays and what happened is that she got into a bad car crash which resulted in brain injuries. Here's a link to a post on this site and it has a few links to what she's said. Mentioned her agent tells her to take down posts which reflect negatively on them.

No. 670657

recently started going to the gym every day. wanted to talk to some women online about machines and their effectiveness because I am kind of stupid and intimidated by all the machines and people who look like they know what theyre doing. I know, first mistake, but I went to reddit to find a female fitness sub or something and the most populated one i see says

"this is a space for female and GNC and nonbinary ppl to discuss fitness!!!!'

great so some fucking man or transexual man can tell me their wisdom about the female body and workout plans….jesus fucking christ you just cant escape this shit

im just depressed and moody from PMS or something but god damn it all to hell i'll just go kill myself on the hip thrust machine or something ffs thanks for nothing ladies!!!!!(and mostly men larping as women!!!!!!!!!)

No. 670665

>4chan reddit meme
>looks kempt
I don’t buy it.

No. 670667

>female and GNC and nonbinary ppl
Kek, so literally anyone can be included? A man can just say he's a themlet, put a flower in his hair and his dick will be sucked. Maybe try a forum other than reddit?

No. 670677

>"this is a space for female and GNC and nonbinary ppl to discuss fitness!!!!'
It seriously enrages me every time I go on a female oriented sub and it has a big obnoxious disclaimer about accepting trannies pinned to the top. Racism, sexism, homophobia? Who cares? But you better make men feel welcome, otherwise reddit overlords will fucking ban the whole sub! It's even more insulting when it's on subreddits that specifically refer to chromosomes, an obvious attempt by the original creator to distance it from the bedicked.

Which subreddit are you talking about btw? xxfitness? I never noticed that message there if that's what you're referring to, but either way since they're about building muscle, TIMs don't tend to go there. I think they're mostly actual women.

No. 670685

Overdefensive coomer/coping girlfriend of a coomer vibes all over this post. You even claimed anon "made her up", like you're already annoyed at the mere possibility of this and are rejecting it for personal reasons.

No. 670693

Stuff that we think are so permanent like some flaw you have will rot ot burn away eventually and after some years, no one will quite remember your name, but close.

No. 670699

Why is being bored the absolute worst feeling for me? When I feel like I have nothing to do and I'm bored I just feel incredibly frustrated. Then I desperately want to talk to people, but I understand that talking to someone frustrated is not enjoyable, so I get even more frustrated! It feels like when I'm not distracted and have no means to distract myself (like if I'm in public) my thoughts just instantly go to self deprecation and just overall feeling bad. I feel like I have to keep myself busy 24/7, but sometimes I genuinely have nothing to do aaaaah

No. 670700

Maybe start a fitness thread on /g/ or something similar?

No. 670702

Seeing young (mid-late teens/twenties) parents or married couples make me sad. I just can't help but think about how truly inexperienced they are to be tasked with such large milestones. I'm 19 and I went to high school with this girl who got pregnant when we were still in school, the guy left her, she had the baby, and now she's pregnant again by a different guy. While she seems elated and content with where things are, it makes me wonder how much of her life she's had to sacrifice so young? I don't know if this is really a vent, but I still had to get it off my chest.

No. 670705

I don't get it. I can't do chores either because my mum always did them instead and I'm inherently lazy so I never gave a shit enough to learn. Why are you so mad about it?

No. 670709

Not op, but having to clean up after other adults is annoying as shit

No. 670721

Because some people have to live with you and don't want to clean up after a spoiled man/womanchild? What's there to not get?

My dog is neater than my ex and he's 12 and incontinent.

No. 670733

I hate when men are perfectly capable and aware of how to do chores because they have lived alone for periods of time and managed on their own but as soon as you start dating and move in together they just sit back and stop doing them…. like I know you had to wash shit somehow before I came along. Now you're suddenly blind to any mess that's in front of you?

I swear any future relationships I get into I'm just not moving in together.

No. 670735

I've seen girls like this where the first baby dad leaves them and they rush to get pregnant by another man because they just want a family unit. That then repeats every few years and they end up with 3/4 kids and dads that live all over the place. Their life revolves around dropping off kids for each dads allotted custody time. It's the furthest thing from what they had hoped for.

No. 670742

I saw how useless men were over the last few years of flatmates and boyfriends, so now my son (15) and I alternate cooking/cleaning duty for dinner and he does his own laundry, as well as knowing how to change a tyre and fix a leaky tap. I'm pretty sure heaps of us are sick of this shit and teaching boys as we speak, so the future will be different.

I wonder if it's enough though. I grew up with a housewife mother who either did everything or outsourced housework so I was like >>670705 as a teen, and yet when I moved out at 18, I just had to figure out how to do chores myself, before youtube even existed. It wasn't really mind boggling stuff so what's stopping men doing that? I wish that was what MGTOW really meant.

Like >>670733 noticed, it's more that dudes have learnt they can get chicks to clean up for them. It's learned helplessness of a different kind.

No. 670778

I still won’t buy it, and lol you don’t know me stop assuming weirdo. I don’t even watch porn/care about it. I just don’t believe half of the gimmicks on the internet, my only personal motive.

No. 670781

>No, I don't buy it! Women don't get exploited in porn! It's all a gimmick!
Yeah, you're free to cope or whatever. Just stop randomly telling people about it and acting like it's totally coming from a valid place, lmao.

No. 670791

There already is one if not more than one!

No. 670794

How do you know my personal political opinions anon

No. 670795

God, why do people think retail is the only type of job out there that doesn't require a college degree? If you honestly believe going to school is gonna get you out, good luck I guess. I know plenty of ppl who graduated college and are still doing retail because they are too scared to do anything else. Like, retail is the salary trap. There's people who get paid $18 an hour folding boxes in a warehouse.

No. 670835

My health failed me so now stuck in a clinic and a guy nurse helped me put the robe on when I wanted a woman. I havent even had sex and men scare the shit out of me when I'm alone I feel so gross now. I didn't want my boobs to be seen..

No. 670839

I live in an area that's gotten raped by house flippers and completely fucked up the housing industry, so rent and purchase has nearly doubled in the last 4-5 years. Some of our fast food companies and the Aldi are offering $12 an hour. Kind of seems retarded to do office work at $9/hr or retail for $8/hr when you can do shit work for more.

No. 670888

My friend's been reading online/browsing for mechanical keyboards for ONE WEEK and now refers to them as "keebs" (as in she types it out like that in messages). Is that really what enthusiasts call them? It's annoying.

No. 670897

It's pretty backwards out here, office work I would never do, I also agree it's shit pay, but I'd definitely aim for manual labor jobs such as custodial or warehouse work. Janitors are getting $16/hr because the sanitation expectations are higher now.

No. 670901

>I live in an area that's gotten raped
Call me triggered but I hate seeing the word rape used this way. Never been raped so I'm not even sure why it bothers me so much. Am I ok?

No. 670919

imo the only people that use that term are scrotes or edgy chicks. but that's just my experience

No. 670935

No I’m the same anon, it viscerally disgusts me

No. 670937

no anon, that's normal. People that use rape like pwn are immature and have zero empathy and awareness.

No. 670996

I guess it checks out anon automatically thought about low paying office jobs as an alternative to retail

No. 671000

File: 1605033281231.png (236.98 KB, 540x304, jbjhho1_540.png)

I spend too much time dwelling on the past. I constantly wish I could go back in time and convince myself to do better and stop being lazy.
I'm trying to do things now but sometimes I feel like I'm never gonna catch up.
It's ass.

No. 671006

Unless they're talking about what happened to Nanking (ie The Rape of Nanking) or an atrocity similar, yeah. Totally gross.

No. 671019

I hate the threadpic so much.

No. 671027

Don’t we all

No. 671051

a friend of mine is dating some guy who works on a popular podcast and she keeps gloating about her newfound internet fame on twitter and the like
i feel like this is pathetic of her. she's 30+ and only "famous" because she's the girlfriend of some guy. she just keeps blatantly bragging about it and it's so cringy to me.

No. 671053

Either say "who?" or talk about how pretentious and boring podcasts are, kek. Literally everyone and their mother has a podcast now, who cares? That's annoying though, sorry anon.

No. 671054

yeah i don't say anything about it unless she brings it up directly, then i just go "who" like you said lol, or "i don't care about that genre of podcasts" or something. i am so unimpressed. but i think even more annoying is some of her friends kiss her ass about it and act like she's anything noteworthy because now she streams under ~the official podcast twitch~

No. 671057

Holy shit, ew. Clout chasing on Twitch in your 30s is a new circle of hell. Good for you handling it the way you do, I'm sure she hates it, especially since other people do kiss her ass for it.

No. 671059

honestly i don't know, she acts like it's so amazing but it is super embarrassing for me to watch. especially when she starts talking about drama in the podcast's discord affecting her like… man, get a life. and get a real job

No. 671090

What podcast?

No. 671095

So fucking tired of having to look after my little bro to make sure he does his online homework. Moidlets literally drain your life force by annoying you into heart attacks. Fuck this my parents can deal with it.

No. 671099

Are people who preach morals just similar to religious hypocrites?

No. 671122

File: 1605039488372.jpg (348.84 KB, 750x738, 1602178285765.jpg)

We have a second lockdown in my country, I live with my family because I was abroad before and had to come back after I got really sick for two months and couldn't even go to the doctor because they didn't want to test anyone where I was. It took me months to recover by myself and then I had to get a shitty job I'm overqualified for. Now my family won't stop inviting other family members we don't live with or my little sister's bf despite the lockdown and the fact that it's forbidden.

I told my sister and my mother about it and that it could be dangerous, I don't want to get sick again right after getting my shitty job and they're more fragile than I am and now they're making fun of me saying that they're at THEIR home so they do whatever THEY want, and they legit think I'm severely depressed and I'm a hypochondriac. Even though I was actually sick for two months and had to ruin my plans just to come back home because they all promised they'll be careful and our home will be safe. Fuck them. If they die they die, I'm not calling an ambulance for them.

I don't even get why my retarded sister thinks the lockdown is affecting me that much since I've always been a turbo shut-in while she feels the need to invite her bf to eat fast food of all things. She's so retarded that despite saying I was coming back to our country to JUST recover after making sure I wasn't contagious and to stay safe at home, she still thinks I came back because I had no money left.

No. 671141

Had an impromptu intervention for my mum. I hope it went well and she takes to heart what I said, but I don't think she will. I got through it with a steady face and without a voice wobble, but the second I got to my room I started sobbing. Ugh

No. 671143

What was it about anon?

No. 671146

Good for you, anon. You're stronger than I, I cry like a baby when faced with confrontation. I can't imagine it was easy. I hope for the best outcome ♥

No. 671147

I hate how vulgar my mom is. Like if she sees I’m in a bad mood, she’ll be like “wow, you didn’t have a good fuck last night?” Like wtf is wrong with u. She also makes disgusting misogynistic jokes and laughs at the dirty jokes that men make. She was watching some bs on tv about trump and laughed at the dick jokes they made. Like just hearing her talk about this shit is fucking embarrassing, and she constantly degrades herself in front of my dad. She’ll be like “uwu I’m so weak and helpless pls help me”. No wonder he has no fucking respect for her. She has this pathetic mindset that all men are better than women, and I really hate that she’ll always say to me “that’s why you need a man” if I can’t lift some heavy shit. When it comes to women, the first thing she does is look at their makeup and be like “wow she’s so ugly, her brows look like shit”. She acts like a fucking 12 year old boy and can’t think for herself. This woman is 50 fucking years old.

No. 671149

Women who talk like perverted men are the worst. My grandma is like that, she’s very difficult to be around. She also stares at girls bodies like men and makes comments about them the same way, she grew up in an extremely misogynistic household and sometimes I wonder if her dad did things to her. I’m not in contact with her anymore. Sorry you can’t even feel comfortable around your own mother.

No. 671150

>the official podcast twitch
Do you mean the actual podcast called The Official Podcast?

No. 671152

lmao no just the channel for this podcast

some d&d podcast. basic boring stuff

No. 671153

It’s selfish but I wish life never had to go back to normal. These past few months have been heaven for me as I have an excuse to live my weird life. I’ve been so happy staying at home, never socialising, and for once that being okay

I don’t know why I’m like this, but I never want to change. My family and support worker try to force me to meet people and join clubs but it’s so boring. I do bare minimum to keep them off my back, obviously recently this hasn’t been allowed and I’ve felt so free

I am socialised and can act sociable when necessary. I’ve had a few friends and boyfriends, but they were boring or came with too much baggage

Why can’t anyone accept that I want to be alone? It’s not hurting anyone

No. 671155

She's been an alcoholic since I was about 8. During lockdown she's been fall-over drunk from 11am, everyone who knows her knows she's been getting worse but she refuses to get treatment (she had a horrid time in rehab for drugs in her early 20s, I think it tainted the place for her). She pushes away everyone except me, and she clings to me relentlessly when she's coherent enough to do so.
I gave her the ultimatum of if she doesn't get sober, I can't visit her when I'm moved out, because it hurts too much to see her killing herself like this. She seemed to take me seriously, apparently she's been in denial that I've noticed her being drunk which is ludicrous but I guess she had to cope somehow.
Most of the people she interacts with are addicts she knows or addicts she sells to (she doesn't do drugs much any more, but her ex is a dealer and her only real sort of friend, so). I don't know how she'll succeed in getting sober with a social group like that, but I also don't know how to get a woman in her mid-50s a brand new group of friends during a national lockdown, really. She's very artistic, so I might try and get her to join an art club type thing (or even teach one!), but… I guess I'm keeping my expectations low so I don't feel totally crushed if she fails again.
Also I know this is more information than you bargained for anon, sorry. It's been building up for a while.
Thank you so much, anon, I appreciate you loads.

No. 671168

I hate that I'm home for college. I have to share a room with my sister who snores like a grown man, my dad stresses me out, the house is super loud all the time, and no one seems to care that I don't have free time and want my own schedule and my own privacy.

No. 671171

I have so many things I want to learn to do that I could have started when I was young but didn't due to lack of self confidence and ridicule from family. Learning to sing or dance comes to mind first.

I've finally been getting help for a while and I think I'm starting to become ready to try to be a person I actually like after 23+ years of self hatred as a coping mech. While there does seem to be light at the end of the tunnel these days, I still have trouble seeing how I'll gain the self confidence to do all these things I've fantasized about for so long. I know everything is a process and it won't happen over night but I really wish I could pinpoint exactly what I need to do to start fixing this. Bless my therapist but nothing she says on this topic seems to really stick for me but maybe that's just me being asscheeks at explaining my feelings. I'm quite frustrated at myself for this as it makes me feel even more hopeless. I just want to finally enjoy my life and I'm trying so hard, but it seems like there's one final wall in my way.

If any other anons are struggling with this kind of thing, I hope it gets better for you soon too. The journey is definitely a struggle but I don't think we have to go it alone.

No. 671179

One of my friends only talks to me for advice or help with her things, suddenly she started apologizing for it today and we talked it out but she started answering me half-assed, like, she started it out of the sudden, just because she's not in a good mental place and is very sensible at the moment, and when I finally get to it she wants to end it as fast as possible and continue with her stuff. I'm not even mad, just exhausted. I didn't even wanted to start this shit, we're not in high school anymore ffs

No. 671190

File: 1605045823308.gif (1.99 MB, 400x225, 1564045709865.gif)

I'm actually consciously thinking of relapsing back into my ED because my life is getting stressful for reasons out of my control, plus I've been reading /fit/ recently to help me stay in the habit of working out and eating normally, and even though no one on 4chan is worth my time, their insane coomer standards are nevertheless getting to me. I hate my body, I just have nothing I can do about the stressful situations around me, losing weight is the only project I can think of that will make me at least content with existing in the world. I constantly feel like dirt, and there is no future.

No. 671199

I always thought I'd grow up to be a huge failure and die alone. I surprised myself by becoming successful in my chosen career path but I am 26 and have never had a successful relationship, or really even liked anyone all that much. I thought maybe because my career fell in line in a way I didn't expect it to, so would my love life but I think I'm fully incapable of love and I'm going to have to be the spinster aunt to my friend's kids while I rot living alone and spending all my time on gossip forums into my eighties.

No. 671201

why do you think your dad has no respect for her?

No. 671225

I applied for twenty universities and the application fees were waived thankfully, but now I have to send them my transcripts and that's going to be $200 total. My family's fucking broke and I don't even have a dime in my savings. Transcripts used to be free, but now they're not, which is frustrating to say the least. I hate how capitalist this damn education system is.

No. 671226

I'm so tired of dating I've just given up.
1. Find someone I think is cute
2. They pay attention to me and care about what I say for a month
3. Once I start showing I like them they get bored because they like the chase
4. After they start acting bored of me or we stop texting and then a month later the same scrotes come back starting the same song and dance
5. Rinse and repeat.

1. Meet scrote
2. Expects me to have raw sex with him for free after knowing him for 30 minutes

All I want is a cute friends with benefits to cuddle with. It's not gonna happen. You win universe! I'm 29 and I'm giving up.

No. 671235

Samefag. I just accept that most scrotes on dating sites arent looking for genuine connections and friendships they're looking for people to abuse.

No. 671239

On Tinder and shit apps like it, they're just there to get quick poon without a fight. The ones on dating sites might be there for a conquest. I thought actual dating sites were more laid out for dating and not fwb.

No. 671242

I've been on bumble, hinge, okcupid and in my experience the men on there are no different from tinder.

No. 671243

I'm seeing alot of posts lately where anons are excited and looking for advice because they've been 'talking to a guy online for a while' kinda painful to see how a few weeks of messaging means so much to them. Cos really it doesn't mean anything.

No. 671246

That's odd. I don't really have experience on them, but nearly every male friend that I've had has used them and they're big soppy babies that are serial monogamists and just want to find more of that. I would say drag this to the dating advice thread

No. 671248

Because those dudes are probably hella ugly or fat. The semi cute ones act like sociopaths on online dating.

No. 671269

File: 1605053402775.jpeg (27.35 KB, 460x435, B4A2BB59-4197-41BF-8731-F4CCB3…)

TMI warning
Uh I feel weird posting abt this here but I don't really want to talk to anyone irl so here goes.
Abt a week ago I was at a party and I got pretty drunk. This guy I kind of knew was there, and he ended up coming back to mine. We drank some more, and he kept trying to get me to sleep with him and wouldn't stop going on about it. Eventually I decided I might as well, but he was too drunk to get it up lmao. We ended up just kissing, but he kept trying to choke me. I had to tell him several times to stop, and he only did bc I told him some pretty serious stuff abt my past related to it.
At the time I didn't rly think anything of it, and I saw him a few times after (coincidentally, bc we live pretty close to eachother).
Now though the thought of everything makes me kind of uncomfortable. I don't really know what to think of it all :(

No. 671271

File: 1605053511232.jpeg (12.24 KB, 225x224, B417962B-31E9-495E-9EDF-04EF7B…)

Where is he, anon?

No. 671275

File: 1605053968198.jpg (66.39 KB, 1200x888, All my angry reaction pics par…)

my god… anon, location please, we need to cut up that asshole

No. 671276

I was organizing pictures and remembered my "Love forever" folder with pics of my bf and it gave me a slight "meh" feeling. Feels bad. I used to look at those pictures all the time and now we hardly take any selfies together anymore. I know it's partly hormones acting up and making me uninterested in anything but… sad.

No. 671285

My true self is perky chaotic autism but I have to turn it off for most people because they just think I'm weird if I show my true self.

No. 671302

My parents are boomers who don't really understand how internet works and can't quite understand how some news are fake, so now I've got two otherwise adorable old people going rampant about how the rockefellers are trying to ruin the world and how there are aliens on earth among some other more outrageous bullshit and I get so pissed whenever im talking to them, it's so sad i wish i could get rid of the internet

No. 671304

Ily :)
I don't rly think I'm a victim bc of it, I think it was just a fucked up situation and the man's a dick, but thank u guys still

No. 671343

Found out rejection sensitivity is a real thing and common with adhd, read up on it and I’m kicking myself in the foot. I spent years convinced I was evil at my core, bpd like my mom because I would get really upset by things. I never let people see, but it felt like this manipulative beast in me that would bite anybody who came close. I’ve been desperately trying to convince myself to cut all my friends out and now I finally can without being scared of fallout. Just an insane level of relief knowing I’m not inherently poisonous ;_;

No. 671350

I have worked at my current job for over 4 years. I have literally done nothing for my birthday since I became an adult and for the first time I wanted to have an actual celebration because I accomplished some cool shit and wanted to give myself a reward. I have >100 hrs of vacation time banked and wanted to take off the week of my birthday. Manager said sorry, no one is allowed to take vacation then because it's part of our crunch time.

Fuck him. Fuck them all. After years of loyalty and hard work you can't give me this one period off? We have far more employees than when I started and I know we've gotten through the holiday rush with fewer people in the past. I wouldn't even be leaving until we were on the downhill side of things. It seriously makes me want to say fine then, here's my two weeks' notice and I'll take the fucking trip anyway. I know that's irresponsible and stupid considering it's hard to get work at all right now and I should be grateful for what I have. But I feel so pissed and betrayed. I just wanted to do something for myself for once.

No. 671352

>Watching "Who Killed Maria Marta?" on Netflix
>Her widower, convicted for her muder, casually tells how in prison, the second most "respected" prisioners are the men who have killed their wives, because "who hasn't thought about killing their wives?"
I just want to die. Fucking tired of this shit

No. 671368

>the second most "respected" prisioners
I don't want to ask who are the most respected

No. 671369

Ugh, crunch time sucks. Do you know how long will it last? Would that be possible for you to maybe take at least one/two days of vacation now? It's not entire week as you wanted but at least you'd have a breather.

No. 671372

File: 1605064213126.jpg (5.4 KB, 236x160, 024fa51bb5835a36e7fbe07cf7b43f…)

>want something sweet
>bf asks if I want anything from store before he comes home
>"yeah can you get those yogurt covered fruits?"
>bf comes home
>he brought fruit yogurt
He said the fruit candies I ate last time were actually white chocolate covered. Therefore when I said "yogurt covered fruit"………guess I meant "get fruit yogurt."
Either men are retards, or they're purposefully dense in order to save a couple of bucks.

No. 671376

Men are retards

No. 671377

It's the people who kill police officers, I'd take that over a man that killed his wife tbh

No. 671379

File: 1605065475956.jpeg (91.39 KB, 682x670, MY.JPEG)

It is time to annihilate men

No. 671381

It should really be men who've killed pedophiles but I'm guessing there aren't enough of them to be a category.

No. 671384

Omfg I’m laughing at your pain, I feel like I could’ve written this about my bf.

No. 671396

Why does every fucking recruiter and employer want to give a pre-interview 'assessment' of skills anymore?
Like okay Brenda, I'm sure I don't actually know jack shit about MS Excel despite using it on the daily at my jobs for the past two years and god knows throughout my college days. What does it stand to prove besides catching me off guard by obscuring some basic functions with retarded jargon and quizzing me on shit that I won't even use for the role I'm applying for?
All this needless anxiety for fucking nothing.

No. 671397

There is not a single good thing about being short. Literally male or female. Nothing.

No. 671408

idk if it's because i'm not talkative enough for him but this guy I'm seeing asks me to name three things of everything. like, if i'm talking passionately about something he'll ask me to elaborate, "name three things you ___." Maybe when I talk about stuff I come across as an annoying know-it-all? But really I've never thought of myself as an expert, so I'm not loud or anything.

No. 671410

I mean, I like being picked up and tossed around wrestling with my bf, but that’s the only thing. I think I agree otherwise.

No. 671411

i agree. i want that surgery where they break your legs and put metal rods inside, i hate having to wear heels everyday. my toes are always sore and bleeding.

No. 671428

Fuck, I don't even care if I get banned for "racebait" right now, but my apt suddenly has roaches and it happened around the same time that the Indian neighbours downstairs moved in. This isn't the first time I've dealt with Indian neighbours and them bringing in roaches. They're really nice and their kids aren't loud, however I just don't understand how the fuck this happens constantly.

No. 671430

We always got the massive ones at my old apartment, but we were right next to the water and the woods. This was with monthly extermination. Those massive bastards didn't care. Are you sure they're not seasonal with the rain or something?

No. 671434

Short people tend to live longer and have less health problems, among other things.

No. 671444

its not racebait to be a retard i guess. roaches can stay dorment (hence their indestructability) and stay relatively hidden until something disturbs that. odds are you had roaches, the move is what probably caused them to move too lol. its pretty much impossible to rid housing complexes of bugs, especially when you dont see them until a full disturbance happens and theyre forced to come out and see you.

bugs go where people go, and you are, infact, people.

No. 671448

I really fucking hate the socialist healthcare system in my country. I am fucking depressed all the time and think about kms yet I am on the waiting lists of 10 different therapists with a waiting time of over 1 fucking year. And I cannot afford going to a private doctor rn. And why am I even working?! I know people who collect 2,5k € of welfare checks every month and I am struggeling at work to make maybe 100€ more. My only hope is that corona kills all of the people clogging up the waiting lists so I can finally get therapy. We really need this pandemic to cleanse the scum off the earth.

No. 671456

I'm 22 and I already feel too old. I was groomed through my teens and lost everything and am legitimately mentally stunted along with just other severe problems. I know it's entirely on me being traumatized due to the pedophiles who took advantage of me, and spending too much time looking at e-girls and shit but it's awful how I already feel ancient.

No. 671464

The concept of "breakfast food" is one of the most stupid things about western culture. It doesn't make a goddamn difference to your body if you eat pasta or burgers at am or pm yet some dedicated dumbfucks will reeee if you don't eat the mandated selection of tasteless, sugary, fatty, greasy and/or beige food.

No. 671465

File: 1605082389496.jpg (5.53 KB, 194x259, tumblr_o2t7hukARb1qd0ario1_250…)

This guy I knew in HS is still on my Snapchat. I just now checked it, and it said I got a message from him something like 3 months ago.
My wi-fi was dying, so I switched to mobile data, then went back to Snapchat, and it said the message was received/opened.
It's gnawing at me now. What did he say? I literally have not spoken to him in years.
Should I message him and ask what's up?

No. 671468

File: 1605082739376.jpg (7.12 KB, 236x236, 4d6a0c28b9d07eaf96dc7dedf3fe36…)

My grandma's friend is over to visit and when I went to say hi to her one of the first things she said was "ew you're so skinny, you'd look a lot better with more weight on". Worst thing is she didn't say it directly to me, she directed it at my grandma like I wasn't even in the room, like I was some spectacle for them to glare at, joking about how if I had a boyfriend he would probably crush me. Like fucking hell thanks a lot, how nice of you. She has always said things like that throughout the years but somehow it still gets to me. Wtf is it with Italian elderly women and making rude unnecessary comments about someone's weight? And to think I was feeling kinda good about myself looking in the mirror an hour before….I wish my self-esteem wasn't so fucking shaky.

No. 671478

I'd try and talk to him anon, curious as to what he's going to say

No. 671479

God damn it, you're so retarded. >>671444 is right, you dumbass.

No. 671490

Fuck them, being skinny is fine as long as you're not ana-chan.

No. 671491

Agree, it’s so dumb and so is the feeling of superiority when Western food is objectively worse from a nutritional perspective.

The conditioning is deep though, I couldn’t stomach a non-Western breakfast but I also hate Western breakfast. Usually I just have coffee and I’m starving by lunch which is dumb.

Throw non-Western breakfast ideas at me, anons. I want to try a few because fuck this stupid culture.

No. 671496

I'm really starting to believe straight men can love their friends more then anyone on this planet.
My friend's boyfriend is literally mourning a dead rapper who is said to be a serial killer, like seriously in bed sad as fuck. He missed work, he's writing long ass love letter & shit, even implied HE may find out a way to get the person who killed the dude.
Yet when my friend's dad died he was barely there for her, then whenever his friend call he'll drop anything he's doing, when his girlfriend? 5/10 he may do it.
When a trans women exposed his friend online he was about to beat the fuck out of him for "Disrespecting" his friend, saying it wasn't the truth.
Yet, when some dude from my friend's job was starting rumors because my friend turned him down, he did nothing.

I know this guy is just a shitty boyfriend, but it's something i've been noticing a lot. Straight men act like fucking groupies to each other, I won't even call it gay because gay men don't even share that deep unconditional love that some straight men share with their friends.

It's like a love men ONLY have for each other when they aren't fucking.

No. 671498

simple omelette, japanese omelette, rice with veggies, bread with cheese

No. 671499

and yes I've told her to drop this fool many times and no I don't think he's gay or DL. Men are just more loyal to each other and more emotional than women. They kill over the dumbest shit and will love eachother more then their mom, wife, mother of child and children sometimes.

No. 671501

As our feminist philosopher friends usually say, men are homosocial, rarely heterosocial as we'd like them to be.

No. 671505

Just messaged him! Guess I'll wait and see.

No. 671524

Its hilarious because those same friends would fuck their wife or gf in a heart beat.

No. 671534

porridge/hot cereal?

No. 671537


No. 671539

File: 1605096354551.png (1.8 MB, 799x450, shakshuka-yemeni.png)

Yemeni shakshouka

It's sooo easy to make

No. 671555

File: 1605097851405.jpeg (63.34 KB, 415x633, 15160FA1-0210-4735-8D2F-A32A5C…)

So, one of my closest friends is a dude and our main thing to do is play videogames together. He recently got a girlfriend and I’m happy for him, tho he has been absent and I haven’t seen him much at all lately which I understand. There’s a big release coming up that we’re hyped for and planned on playing it together but now apparently he bought a console for his girlfriend and is going to play the new release with her instead.

I get it, he wants to include her in his interests and there’s the honeymoon phase etc etc but fuck man I can’t help feeling hurt over this. Sigh.

No. 671557

I started reading your post and i thought "i bet she has italian heritage" kek. my family is exactly like that, always forcing children to eat more cause that means they'll grow up stronger… NO! WE GREW UP FAT! it's "world war mentality": pack on the calories while you can cause you dont know when you are gonna be able to eat again, and somehow that fear (somewhat irrational at this moment) never left their minds. if you are healthy and happy with your body, dont listen to them. is not that they say those things to be mean (i hope) their brain is just wired differently

No. 671558

It be like that. It's not a game where all of you can play together?

No. 671564

It is, it’s silly I know but I kinda looked forward to having some one on one time together, just shooting the shit and catch up on things.

No. 671566

I love that stuff

No. 671572

eh i don't mean to shit on you while you're down but this is just a boundary that you have to respect, and you might not wanna hear this but one of the reasons why male and female friendships don't end up being what they used to be after one of them gets a partner is because the person with the partner simply gets the attention they need elsewhere, while the other friend misses having attention from the opposite sex without any strings attached. it eez what it eez…

No. 671575

Not Italian but my family is the same. My grandma lived through the war and always insists that everyone eats enormous portions of food otherwise they’ll get too skinny. All but a few of her descendants are morbidly obese and even people on the low end of obesity are “skinny” to her. Every time she sees me she tells me I’m sickly thin and about to keel over. She used to pinch me really hard and say that she could feel my bones.
It’s really sad and understandable in a way, but so many of her own children are disabled due to obesity-related conditions so you’d think she would eventually realise there’s a healthy middle ground and eating yourself into a wheelchair isn’t the answer.

No. 671577

I agree with you, anon. Unfortunately it might be the case that you were just the girl he could chill with and enjoy the company of before he finds a girlfriend he can direct that same energy into. Lucky her if he’s a decent guy at least, I want a boyfriend who’d buy me a console.

No. 671578

Nah man it’s all good. And it’s exactly how you describe it, it’s kinda the biggest flaw with having opposite gender besties. I’m just gonna have to get over it.

No. 671582

Why do people internalise the shit they see on lolcow so much and how do you genuinely let it manage to effect your worldview? I understand feeling slightly more self conscious since this site is very nit-picky about women’s appearances- but surely you can’t take stuff said on an imageboard that seriously. People crying about how they need a break from here and how it’s becoming toxic for them need to really get thicker skin and just brush off mean ana-chan comments.

No. 671583

Someone recommended porn for women. A website call "bellesa". I went on there and it was still all ugly scrotes fucking barely legal bimboa so idk how this is for me.

No. 671584

But anon, they put sensual, flowery titles on the DP bukkake gangbang videos! Clearly it's meant for us ladies.

Seriously though, they even openly admit they get their videos from the same place everyone does (ChildPornHub et al). Such horseshit.

No. 671587

I remember when Tik Tok started to try to make it the most popular porn site over PH because it was supposed to be "more ethical," but then people ran into the issue that there was a lack of representation and all the lesbian stuff wasn't even actual lesbian content. This is why if you actually want to view ethical porn that appeals to the female perspective, you go with independent female directors. I remember watching a Netflix documentary a while back that followed a woman who only shoots porn based on the submissions women give about their own fantasies.

No. 671588

I don’t think they’re internalising shit they see on here so much as internalising everything negative. Anyone blaming lolcow alone is using it as a cope. So many anons post about their shit lives, scrote boyfriends, major depression - that’s not all down to an imageboard and anyone who thinks it is needs to work on their self awareness

Like yeah if you obsess over your nasolabial folds you probably got it from here but also consider social media and the fact you care so much is probably because your boyfriend cheats and your job is dead end etc

They need to grow a thicker skin all round. It’s shit but that’s life

No. 671650


Thank you anon, haha yep I guess it's just Italian culture, especially for the grandparents, to obsess over food and make sure everyone is eating like a horse. My grandma treats everyone like children, fussing around the table and telling people to eat even though we're doing exactly that lol. She's also very bold and outspoken and she just says rude shit about people without shame. My parents are Italian but they're nothing like that regarding food.

No. 671654

File: 1605108637030.jpg (9.87 KB, 225x225, topkek.jpg)

> People crying about how they need a break from here and how it’s becoming toxic for them
THIS! or just take a break, you dont have to announce it, literally no one cares and no one will ever notice. attention seeking on an anonimous imageboard is peak 'tism

No. 671671

I live with my mom and during the summer she adopted two kittens, they went to the vet for their first checkup this week and they said both cats have heart murmurs in the 3-4 range. I’m pretty upset because my coworker had to have her cat put down earlier this year and it had a heart murmur that was so bad its life expectancy was only two years.

No. 671675

I can’t fucking stand BPD-chans and the people who coddle them to make them feel like their behavior is ok.

No. 671677

You’re 100% correct. It’s all internal. If you’re sensitive, why come to chans and boards in the first place? All you’re doing is setting yourself up.

No. 671686

Anon, I feel the same as you, and it's nice to see someone, feel the same. I don't bring it up to anyone because I feel guilty about everyone who has been uprooted/died from this pandemic

No. 671701

>I don’t think they’re internalising shit they see on here so much as internalising everything negative
One thing I've always loved on here is people misreading posts in a way where they are just projecting their own existing issues and insecurity onto innocent enough posts. They come here with plenty of issues already and will start shit because they can't even read posts at face value.

Or you make a joke and with the high autism rates on here that gets misread too lol

No. 671722

my husband is doing the dishes and theyre not getting cleaned all the way but he wont stop. i asked him to leave it and let me do it and hes refusing. now im thinking about how im gonna have to rewash them and find old crusted shit on my plates and im fucking mad

No. 671730

My friend offered to pick me up from the mechanic this morning since my car needs work. I texted her and told her I dropped it off at 9, she finally got back to me at like 10:45. When I said I was still here, she was like, “oh, you’re still there?” Like duh bitch, you said you’d give me a ride?? It’s not a big deal, but also wtf, why play dumb?

No. 671731

Men are so fucking annoying about things like this, I’m sorry anon

No. 671738

agreed. it's too easy to be fat

No. 671740

File: 1605114510017.png (1.03 MB, 1152x2304, Screenshot_20201111-113220.png)

I hate being so sensitive to animal Abuse. Its disgusting but finding out about these things ruins my entire fucking day. I really hope this person gets arrested.

No. 671741

File: 1605114513505.jpeg (136.16 KB, 854x640, 631CF7ED-A430-4BEE-955A-36BCAD…)

Okay now I’m annoyed bc she said “well you’re so close to my house, you should have just walked over,” how could I have done that if I didn’t know you were awake since you didn’t text me….We were supposed to spend the day together but now I don’t want to.

No. 671744

Males don’t really understand what “clean” means. For them, dishes and clothes just magically clean themselves and put themselves away.

No. 671746

Didn't a person like this get caught in Chile thanks to very active animal activists? There was an entire circle of zoophiles and animals abusers who shared this sick shit.

No. 671757

Don't do it for him. When he's done point out specifically what's still unclean so he can wash them again.

Sorry but taking over for men just teaches them that we're okay with picking up their slack and that they've done enough.

No. 671852

Was supposed to drive to cali and move in with my bf. Ended up losing control of my car and crashing into a guardrail several times going over 60.
Now im back home with no car and no job hurting like hell
Bf pretty much tells me his plans are ruined because of this
No sympathy what so ever
Tell him i can still fly out i won't have a car and if thats ok
And now hes going ghost and not really responding to my texts
I feel like shit and honestly just wanna fly out there to beat the shit out of him
Guess im single again….

No. 671868

If he cant have sympathy for you almost dying then it wouldnt have worked anyway

No. 671869

Men are insane omfg. I’m glad you’re okay, anon, fuck him.

No. 671871

Fuck Cali. Move somewhere cheaper with the option to walk to work.

No. 671872

Well you dodged that bullet, he was bound to show his lack of empathy at some point. Better now than later.

Is your back/neck ok?

No. 671874

Wow, consider this a testament to how he'd treat you if you ever fell ill or needed to rely on him. What an asshole. Did you promised him you'd help him pay rent or something?

No. 671876

Ew, what a freakazoid. It sounds like he was just worried more about how he was inconvenienced versus your wellbeing. I'm glad you're alive, anon. Good luck with your recovery and finding someone who actually deserves you ♥

No. 671878

My boyfriend is a very sweet guy but sometimes I wonder if I am setting myself up for heartbreak.
>Was trying to talk to another girl at least 6 months into our relationship.
>Another girl he was involved with was a 15-14 when he was like 18-17. They met on discord. He lied that he had stopped talking to her months before we even got together. In reality he was still talking to her at least a week before we began to date.
>Told me that he loved me way to early, like a day into our relationship.
>Lied to me about speaking to some lesbian chick for some God forsaken reason.
>Breath can be very not great as he doesn't floss.
>Lied about not being a virgin, don't know why he felt the need to do that when I was also a virgin.
>Generally is selfish in bed. I once cried while giving him a blowjob and he didn't notice. Not his fault I guess. He feels bad about it but doesn't do anything even though I communicate with him the best I can.

On the other hand
>Does not watch porn and understands how vile the industry is.
>Is very respectful to me and is generally helpful.
>Picks up the dog poop and washes dishes.
>Buys me gifts and likes to hang out with me over his online friends.
>Is aware of my OCD and does not think I am a freak.
>Likes to cuddle.
>Ghosted the girl he thought he was cheating on me with. She continued to message him over the year and he did not respond.
>We have great conversations and know everything there is to know about each other.

No. 671881

Imagine living with someone who doesn't give a shit when you get into a car accident. Better to find out now and quickly exit than to end up stuck with his ass and trying to dig your way out.
Hope you're okay, anon.

No. 671886

>understands how vile the (porn) industry is
>same guy who was grooming a 15 year old on discord
>who also has poor hygiene, lied to you about multiple things, doesn't listen to you when you try to communicate about sex
do you hear yourself?

No. 671887

Why do you believe he doesnt watch porn?hes already lied to u before

No. 671888

Uhhhh you needed to dump his ass like yesterday. He's lied to you about several things and he didn't notice when you CRIED while giving him a blowjob? What the actual fuck? Please have some self respect, you deserve way better than this lying piece of shit.

No. 671892

Anon, your boyfriend watches porn lol. Dump him, he’s gross.

No. 671894

This is why at 30 I'm just too old to deal with scrotes. This is considered sweet for a scrote? No thanks lmao

No. 671897

>>Was trying to talk to another girl at least 6 months into our relationship.
This cancels out all of the positives

And I bet he watches porn

No. 671902

>Generally is selfish in bed. I once cried while giving him a blowjob and he didn't notice. Not his fault I guess.
I remember you posted about this before. This shit gets worse and worse.
>He feels bad about it but doesn't do anything even though I communicate with him the best I can.
Lmao, guys like to do this thing where they show guilt and that's all. They don't try to fix anything, they just talk about how bad they feel until you let it go. How long are you going to waste your time like this? "Flirts/flirted with other girls behind my back, lies to me, and is generally an ass, but he likes to cuddle, doesn't treat me like I'm subhuman for having OCD, and washes dishes :')"? Stop this shit.

No. 671905

Women are trained to have minimal (or no) standards so men can have their cake and eat it too. It's so upsetting to watch girls rationalize away the worst behaviors because they think that's "just how guys are" or that they don't deserve better. As if having a few okay qualities makes up for being a lying, cheating, literally filthy coomer.

Anon, go check out the Reddit sub for FDS. I'm serious. They're overzealous at times but you literally have no standards whatsoever and you don't even see it. Having your views shaken up a bit would help. The things you listed as positives aren't anything special, like that's all basic "decent human being" shit that's also immediately voided due to the fact he's a sex-obsessed liar. Also listing this as a positive
>Ghosted the girl he thought he was cheating on me with.
Lmao. Wow what a Prince Charming, bravo.

No. 671907

He has lied to you about multiple crucial things throughout your relationship, you can't trust a word he says. Why are you with a man who actively lies to you? And that's besides the other valid points anon's (and you self) are making. Trying to talk to another girl 6 months into your relationship is basically unsuccesfull cheating. He is not a 'very sweet guy'.

No. 671910

You got positives out of her post?

No. 671929

I mean yeah
>Likes to cuddle
Where would you ever find that again… one in a million right there! And he cheats but then stops.. that's another positive

No. 671930

>Breath can be very not great as he doesn't floss.
This is the most gross part for me good grief. How do anons kiss men whose breath reeks of rotten ass? You know these are the most sociopathic men of all cause they don't think about how their gross mouth is an offense to their partners despite it being the easiest thing to fix.

No. 671937

File: 1605125082087.jpg (82.14 KB, 520x589, nomercy.jpg)

I'm never putting my eggs in someone else's basket or relying on anyone for anything again. It's hard for me to accept help from others at all and not feel like a burden, and yet any time I have allowed myself to do so (even during a pandemic) I end up being used or fucked over. I thought this time would be different, but I am in the exact same spot as I was two years ago and now there is a plague going on.

No. 671945

I know that it's not okay to have a boyfriend who has done and does what he does. When I confronted him about what he did he just seemed so genuinely sorry. He cried but when I was trying to maintain some space from him as we live together, he ended up self harming and I was so worried he would hurt himself. I am smart enough to realize that he probably would have never told me about these things had I not checked his messages. That doesn't change the fact that I do love him. I can't help it despite how angry and hurt I feel. He's just been through so much and I feel like I can't judge him when I struggle with my own trauma. I just feel like I deserve it or that I need to tolerate it because most men will at some point cheat or try to cheat, or are shit in bed. He may watch porn but he was the one who was super against it when I was still semi into it.

I know it's all incredibly laughable but I just don't think I could do better because I'm unintentionally easy to take advantage of. I would be very angry if these things happened to a friend. I don't think I deserve to be picky when there is nothing particularly special about me in the first place. It makes me feel like a dumb kid but I'm too scared to do the right thing.

No. 671951

> we live together, he ended up self harming and I was so worried
Anon you're in an insanely unhealthy relationship. You are doomed already so please save yourself the time and misery and do what you know you need to do.

No. 671952

>he just seemed so genuinely sorry
He's not.
>he ended up self harming
Classic manipulation tactic.
>I can't help it despite how angry and hurt I feel.
Yes, you can.
>He's just been through so much
Highly doubt it. But even if he has, that's no excuse.
>I just feel like I deserve it or that I need to tolerate it
No, you don't.
Dump him and get some therapy.

No. 671953

Anon those men are worthless. Never trust their standards or thinking. There’s an element of someone looking or percieving me when it comes to my body, I feel you in someway. I really wish the best and love for you. You’re important and beautiful and we don’t deserve to be under such standards to change. <33

No. 671955

Why do so many farmers hang around coomer spaces and let themselves get torn down by their opinions? Please love yourself, ladies.

No. 671961

I get the worst acne wherever clothes or whatever brushes against my skin all day.
Hair on my forehead=acne.
Face mask straps on the side of my face and tops of cheeks=acne.
Bra straps across my back and sides=acne.
My clothes are clean and it's not like I sweat. My skin just hates being touched in any capacity.

No. 671964

>I just feel like I deserve it or that I need to tolerate it because most men will at some point cheat or try to cheat
This hurt to read, it's like I'm hearing myself from few years ago. Don't do it to yourself anon, you really need to leave this guy. You don't deserve it, you shouldn't have to tolerate it, there are men who have values and it's better to be alone than to put up with a behavior like this. You may still feel like you love him but it will fade in time; and if you cut him out of your life it will fade much, much faster. You'll be grateful to yourself for not wasting time. Be strong.

No. 671988

I was wondering why there were so many bruised persimmons in the fridge and thought it was maybe because they got dropped accidentally or something after my parents bought them. Turns out my cousin, who is a male and came to live with us from abroad for college, bought them because my mom asked him to (she saw them on sale on her way to work). This idiot doesn't know how to fucking buy fruit, or any groceries for that matter. I said "well why don't you take him grocery shopping with you?" and she said "well what's the point, he doesn't even know how to cook" which is so infuriating.

I learned how to buy groceries from going to the grocery store with my parents, they would always ask me if I wanted to tag along (and I'd usually say yes because it also meant maybe getting them to buy me a snack or two lol). Everyone has to learn from somewhere y'know? Then my dad says "well he just thinks because he won't be living here for long that there's no point" and I said "what does that matter? does he think he won't need to buy groceries when he goes back home to his country?" Like how the fuck is knowing how to buy fresh groceries a skill limited to where you live? I hate that everyone in my family coddles him. I taught him how to do laundry because he asked me to, but before he asked, my mom never showed him despite me telling her to because "he's scared of using the washing machine." Like what the fuck? I have to do things because I'm one of the ~*~*women of the house*~*~ which is fucking bullshit. If I was as lazy and stupid about basic survival like my cousin I'd get ripped a new one for being so lazy.

No. 671993

Stop. He is manipulating you with the crocodile tears/self harm threats and you are addicted to the (even minimal) attention he's giving you, which is making it harder to leave. That's not love at all, you're just desperate. There are much healthier ways to go about getting validation. You obviously have very low self esteem, and that's what you need to concentrate on right now. Please get therapy if possible. If that's out of your price range you can even get a CBT workbook to start viewing yourself in a more positive light. You are special, you deserve a loving and respectful partner, and you are worth it. I know I'm probably not going to get through to you right now, it's so fucking frustrating because a lot of us have gone through the exact same things. But I hope this at least plants a seed of thought that maybe you do deserve better and you might start prioritizing yourself at some point.

No. 672002

Same, anon. I have went through my puberty without one spot and now, in my late twenties, my skin is a whole mess.
I started using benzonite clay face masks and I feel like it helps, but idk, maybe I am just trying to convince myself.

No. 672003

My boyfriend is a stubborn mule with an abysmal diet.
Before he met me all he ate was pasta, noodles, and chicken nuggets. I know this because this is how his diet persists when I don't cook or we don't eat out. He thinks that what he eats is fine because he gets this shit from Whole Foods grocery store. Therefore and ergo he can't possibly be eating like shit cause Whole Foods doesn't carry anything with "bad ingredients."

He texted me that he's thinking of cutting work and taking an absence because he's got the shits. He spent the night at his place so I asked him what he had to eat. He said he had pasta, olive oil, and parm cheese. I know how my bf cooks, and it's wretched. So I know for a fact that he used more than a tablespoon of olive oil to toss and eat that pasta last night, and who knows what he ate today so far but didn't tell me. I let him know that olive oil is actually a natural laxative and consuming any oil in great amounts will give him diarrhea. And I'm sure the white pasta didn't help.

It'll fall on deaf ears though. I think he feels that because I'm fatter than him, that he's thin, and I don't shop at Whole Foods that I don't know what I'm talking about. But whatever, I'm not the one shitting my guts out so bad that I have to take a sick once a month at work. The other night he accused me of "never farting" cause he got his feelings hurt after I ribbed him for the near constant gas he was churning out in my fucking bed. I told him it actually wasn't normal to be farting that much and he got more assblasted cause I recommended he try to shit or take a pill. Like sorry? But I know if the tables were turned I'd never hear the end of it.

No. 672009

If you two have seperate places it sounds way too early in the relationship to be ripping ass non stop, and then having you worry about him when he texts you about his shits. I mean if you live seperate he can leave out the details and go shit in privacy. Why is he oversharing his bowel habits this early?

No. 672013

Men are babies at the slightest discomfort, it's no surprise they expect to be mollycoddled esp over their bowel movements.

No. 672023

They want a fire sex life but also want to fart up a storm and tell you any time their shits are a bit off. Oh joy

No. 672032

I stumbled across the insta account of my old classmate and I fell into the deep hole of lurking on other accounts. I feel fucking pathetic comparing their lives to mine. I haven't done anything productive during this year, got depressed, dropped out of college and waste my time being a hermit. They kinda lucked out and go on vacations, have friends. I know they only show their best parts of their lives but… Their lives are way different than mine. I can't even showcase anything at all, because I don't have friends, bf, was an outcast basically my whole live. Sorry for this pathetic rant, I imagined my life way more different as a kid and I feel like I have failed my inner child.

No. 672036

File: 1605133599826.jpg (26.37 KB, 895x503, 20205.jpg)

Between this post and the one upthread about anon's bf having ass breath because he doesn't floss…
I don't know why you all put up with this shit, honestly.

No. 672038

Anyone here not interact with people at all?

I work from home and I live alone so I rarely see people. I have not seen another person in more than a week. I just have my cat. No one texts me or calls me. At first I felt lonely but now I accepted it and dont care as much.

No. 672049

i wish i had your life anon! embrace the antisocial life!

No. 672051

Well no you wouldnt. I could die in this house right now and weeks would probably go by before anyone even noticed.

No. 672052

Have you always been like this or is it related to the current situation?

I barely interact with anyone. I have a couple online friends I message, but I’ve been quieter recently as I’m happiest alone.

No. 672055

Mostly because of covid and my siblings moving out. I never had any friends. I've tried to get a bf but scrotes are too mean and or ugly.

No. 672073

I'd also like to add some of my isolation comes from the fact I have Jack shit in common with people. The only friends I had were 30 something pick mes who have no idea wtf I'm talking about. The guys I've met on dating sites just wanna fuck and we have nothing in common.

No. 672084

When girls are like “my ex this” “my ex that” it’s just so juvenile. I feel like I have ptsd from listening to annoying girls always prefacing anything they talk about with ‘my ex—‘

No. 672095

Still 10000x better than the “my bf/husband—” followed by extreme degenerate male behavior and ends with “but I love him”.

No. 672099

I don’t know if it’s just one or maybe two particularly pathetic anons that do this, and I want to institutionalize them.

No. 672104

It's definitely more than one or two.

No. 672106

This. I actually don't mind venting about shitty exes but anons that think highly of their bfs annoy me. Mine aint getting mentioned, if we split I'll bitch about him but I'm not singing an average mans praises on here

No. 672110

Is it really though?

No. 672111

i was called ugly-cute. bitch wtf. i'm either one or the other. means im ugly.

No. 672113

why are you going out with a man you think is average lol

No. 672114

I was talking about in reality though. Like the real world. Off of lolcow. Where those girls with three inches of roots and bad tattoos (and those really long gums) try to tell you about their ‘ex’ in every conversation you have. True sufferage.

No. 672117

Why are you in a relationship with someone you dont think highly of?

No. 672119

..read my post again

No. 672128

h-harry styles??
It’s okay, anon, it’s just that like everyone else, you got some cute moments and some plain moments.

No. 672195

My country is going through its second lockdown and I've basically become an hermit, I haven't texted any friend in weeks and the only people I talk to are my family because I live with them, and I only go out to pick some groceries. It doesn't help that the lockdown was announced at the beginning of my vacation when I planned to do stuff, it really killed my momentum and any kind of motivation I had to be social (can't even go to the shoemaker to fix some boots). I feel like I'm in a weird surreal bubble I can't escape, at least I'm focusing on my hobbies.

No. 672204

File: 1605145559490.png (18.82 KB, 288x512, unnamed.png)

Relating hard to this.

No. 672206

I can't stop binge eating because I'm upset but then I feel sick and fat which upsets me more so I binge eat.

No. 672214

File: 1605146540836.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 463.79 KB, 1171x559, 45FC8B29-6D9E-4432-8972-23C5E0…)

No. 672227

I’m not raging too hard but my flatmate comes to my room and sits on my bed, but he puts his feet up on the bed too and it grosses me out. Sometimes bare foot, sometimes dirty socks (he walks around the house without slippers) and they end up near my pillow, near where I put my head, on the blanket near where I tuck it near my face etc. Once I ask him to watch out he listens, but then there’s something else and I don’t want to keep asking and I’m just so conscious of it when I go to sleep.

No. 672229

File: 1605147563478.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 24.55 KB, 338x190, A13B9650-8ED4-408A-830C-77F547…)

See? You’re cute.

No. 672231

The hell is your male flatmate doing putting his feet on your bed. Grow a backbone.

No. 672234

See, my female flatmate does too but she keeps the feet away from face region and wears slippers so I know there is no grossness. I don’t know how to convey that his in particular are gross, because yes I lack a backbone and when I say something once I don’t like pestering again

No. 672235

You literally just say “get your nasty ass feet off my bed” in a playful way any time it happens, that shit is inconsiderate

No. 672236

Same, been trying to get back on track with my diet but then have this thought of "well I look fat and gross anyways so I might as well just keep eating" and keep fucking up esp when I'm stressed and need comfort

No. 672242

ok yeah, I’m trying to work on my assertiveness so I’ll try this, glad I’m not overreacting

No. 672245

You aren’t. You shouldn’t have to tell someone more than once that they’re putting their nasty ass feet on your pillow. It sounds like he’s doing it intentionally now.

No. 672286

File: 1605152987081.gif (2.59 MB, 540x540, 168546464.gif)

…a-acountability discord? lmao jk,,, unless

No. 672288

When dating guys they will always claim they like the opposite of what you are. It's a power move.

No. 672291

>i feel like they read what i post
Your SO uses Lolcow?

No. 672302

This cool chick left a Discord group I'm in because of an annoying drama queen who constantly tries to start shit, and that made be a little bit sad. It seems like shitty people with personality disorders always have mods on their side so they can't be kicked out for some reason despite they are making it worse for everyone.

No. 672303

Can't you pm her or something? I don't remember how the app works, but that seems like it would be an option

No. 672307


it'd be cute okay we'd play stuff together on our pcs and then chill out watching anime and getting pizza

No. 672308

I want this exactly

No. 672416

I realize I can never have this. I'm too intense and get overly nice and supportive and people hate that for some reason. All I want is a best friend to share things with and to love but nope. People thing I'm creepy.

No. 672464

File: 1605183643967.jpg (42.36 KB, 1069x1069, 1603225208706.jpg)

I got a raise but I didn't get promoted despite working my ass off. To be fair, I've only been here a year and a half but a few people that all started working at the same time as me got a promotion a while ago. I feel worthless despite being hardworking is one of my traits. I did get a 3% raise but that doesn't feel as great as being promoted. What's a girl gotta fucking do? I want to fast track to success.

No. 672489

Did you have an open conversation about your desire to be promoted? From my experience most of the time companies are more than willing to hand out raises and promotions when asked but if the topic is not brought up at all they'll pretend theres no need to do anything. Meet up with your lead / manager / HR, butter them up by saying you enjoy the work there a lot and see yourself in the company for longer; and then just tell them you would like to get promoted and ask what could you do to receive it, next to what you've already accomplished (list some specific things you did and are doing). It's gonna work!

No. 672495

me too anon. i want a best friend to share love with but not be in love with, yaknow?

No. 672496

Thanks for the advice anon! I have a meeting today to discuss it with my leads so I think I'll bring it up.

No. 672498

I hate how awkward I feel after the smallest thing happens in an interaction. I bought a coffee out today and asked if I could use some of my loyalty points towards it, pretty sure I spoke up clearly but the woman serving me didn't seem to hear and didn't ask me to repeat myself. I hand over the cash not knowing whether she just chose to ignore what I said. Chances are she didn't hear. So why does my brain dwell on that tiny shit and turn it into some confidence denting experience??

I know I experienced some next level bullying as a kid, am I doomed to always think people are shitting on me when it's nothing

No. 672501

huh, if anything the posters with mental illness and shit lives are the ones making those posts.

No. 672503

File: 1605188642637.jpg (27.15 KB, 274x275, 1602705253344a.jpg)

Was listening to a podcast I casually enjoy and one of the male hosts just made a "lol jkr terf" joke. Men are always so happy to take potshots when it lets them show how woque they are about something they barely understand istg.

No. 672515

I have an online friend who went turbo simp as soon as I broke up with my boyfriend and it's really making me feel bad.
He lovebombs me and sends me random gifts (when I tell him over and over that I don't feel comfortable accepting presents)
I start talking to and like a guy that lives closer to me and he has a complete meltdown about not being good enough on his public twitter and it's embarrassing. He constantly talks about wanting to come visit me assuming that's what will make us date.
I can't just cut him off either cause we're in so many mutual circles, and he already got deep into my interests so I feel bad for imprinting on him like that.
Sorry for word salad I'm complaining while in class.

No. 672516

i've seen it happen way too many times and have no idea why i still get pissed. twitter was a mistake.

No. 672517

>He constantly talks about wanting to come visit me assuming that's what will make us date.
Instead of feeling sorry for him, you need to treat guys like this like they are dangerous. No matter how how much he screams pathetic, you're the one with the safety issue here if you don't cut him off

No. 672520

My psychiatrist told my GP that I quit taking medication on my own without consulting with him first, which is a blatant lie. Even though the side effects were making my life hell and he was incredibly difficult to get hold of, I still waited for him to give me the okay and advise me on decreasing dosage. This isn't even the first time he's lied about me or blamed me for something I didn't do. Fuck him.

No. 672521

Look up the grey rock method. Basically act as boring as possible until he leaves you alone. Be polite but don’t engage with him any further. Eventually he’ll find a new target

No. 672523

I had a psychiatrist make up shit to my dad before. I was being discharged from hospital and I had to have a meeting between the psychiatrist, myself and my dad before leaving. She sat there and lied in front of my fucking face and there's nothing you can do in that situation. If you say they're lying you look crazy.

I don't know if they just get really sick of dealing with ill people and turn shitty

No. 672524

start meticulously recording and documenting your visits/calls if you haven’t already

No. 672525

File: 1605190816638.jpg (28.56 KB, 628x614, 1603822366975.jpg)

I just realized that my ex boyfriend was actually abusive and groomed me to the point where I almost considered being a trans dude for him. It took me months that it wasn't love and I was just being a retarded simp.

No. 672530

I swear doctors are gaslighting pieces of shit when it comes to mental health. I have similar experiences and blamed myself at first for not being clear. But even when I categorically say “X medication didn’t work at all” they’ll later say “you need to try going on X again because you said it helped at first”

The worst thing was when they discharged me from specialist mental health in the same letter where I was given a specialist mental health diagnosis… what’s the fucking point

And if you pull them up on their shit, they’ll turn it back on you and claim you’re refusing to engage with services. It’s like they’re trying to fuck you up even more to keep themselves in a job

No. 672531

File: 1605191229129.jpg (10.87 KB, 300x284, fuckthisgayrjeofnrjci.jpg)

Anons I am so absolutely tired of this hell. I saw that I had some spam messages (so from a blocked number) I went to delete it but curiosity got the best of me because I read it first and it's a message from this man probably a pedo who I used to talk to every day for months when I was a young kid and he still has my fucking number why won't he leave ne alone, it's worse that I'm pms-ing because I'm crying so bad remembering those times and how innocent and stupid I was and how I thought I loved him, he was twice my age, I hate this. I'm trying to better my damaged brain, why won't this leave me alone? Why won't he leave me alone? What if he still has all those pictures of me? I'm so tired.

No. 672532

Not having a go at you here but if someone can almost convince you to gender transition then you have to really examine your own state of mind. That's a whole other level of being vulnerable to suggestion. That's way more than simping. Hope you're doing alright and either getting or looking into therapy.

No. 672533

File: 1605191878700.jpg (83.37 KB, 960x721, girl-gamer.jpg)

It's a stupid thing to care about but it's so annoying to see girls like sugarf4iry from insta egirls thread on /snow just waste their youth away to pander to degenerates. Physical beauty is not all but it still is a huge advantage to have in the so called "real life", and she - and many other girls like her - could go out there, build a legit career and use their attractivenes networking with people that matter instead; and not even in a "sleep your way to the top" way, but just making friends and connections as it's just a fact that a lot of people are more likely to want to interact with attractive men and women as opposed to unattractive ones.
I guess I'm just ugly and envious, but while I firmly believe it's possible to achieve everything without beauty, it's upsetting to see someone have this advantage I don't and just throw it away.

No. 672536

I have been talking to a therapist and trying to connect back to people he isolated me from. I've been taking a break from other social media and things have been going well. This has just been pretty heavy and wanted to vent. I hope things have been good for you anon.

No. 672537

I had such a bad experience with a psychiatrist claiming that I acted a certain way while in hospital (I didn't and i've also never had mental health issues that cloud my ability to remember) I got out of the hospital and after that I never wanted to engage with help again. I'm a hermit type and too afraid to re-engage with services because despite me being this super-quiet anxious person… Never raised my voice in an argument even, I have this note now in my file making out like I'm explosive? Unless she literally mixed me up with another woman on the ward I don't know how she made that up.
>I swear doctors are gaslighting
Thats spot on what I had, walked away scratching my head at what just happened. It's sad that your word means nothing against that of a 'respected psychiatrist'

No. 672538

The people who are the most vocals about hating her are (aside from the troonsters) random straight men who feel the need to say how unwoke and transphobic she is, especially when the subject have nothing to do with what they were talking about. Go fuck a tranny if you like them so much, maybe you'll realize why no sane person likes them.

No. 672543

She's extremely pretty. What you're describing sounds pretty soul destroying though. I can't imagine using beauty to try to manipulate people into bringing me in their groups for social networking/nepotism.

No. 672563

Not really consciously manipulate even - though it's would be doable too; but sometimes just by being there and being pretty you naturally get invited and involved more as people want to be around you without you really trying. I'm not saying it's always like this but as unfair as it sounds, it does happen.

No. 672594


No. 672610

I have health anxiety and this covid issue is really making me go crazy sometimes. Heart attacks are also a big fear for me, even though I'm young and skinny and have no past history of it.

My jaw and neck are hurting a bit probably because of something tooth related or a muscle strain. But of course when you look online EVERYTHING is a sign of a heart attack. I'm tired ugh…

No. 672618

I don't usually have health anxiety but a few months ago I had a handful of times where laying in bed my heart fluttered and then beat extra hard right after the flutter. One of those times was particularly scary as it lasted longer

Whatever you do don't google that stuff. I did and the results were so mixed that you sit there not knowing whether you're totally normal or about to die. Sorry you're going through that. I know people with that hypochondriac type of anxiety often get laughed at or called attention seeking but it is what it is, anxiety is a bitch, in all its forms.

No. 672622

Thank you for the kind words anon, I have a brother that is a doctor so he's usually the word of reason and helps me haha but yeah, I haven't met anyone that called me an attention seeker (I don't really talk about it with people just quietly panic lol) but I've met people that do not "get it". It's a horrible anxiety and it can really make you lose logical sense sometimes.

I have a friend that started developing health anxiety and he gets me so much now when before he probably saw me as a bit ridiculous. I guess its one of those things you have to experience to really grasp.

No. 672626

ily anon remember if he's trying to blackmail contact the police fuck scrotes fuck pedos they can eat shit and die also if is possible change your number email social media everything dont give explanation to no one.

No. 672668

I suppose silver lining is that he isn't blackmailing or anything, I mean, it is cp. It's just messages about missing me or something we shared or whatever. I get a message from him every few months and it really fucks me up for at least a week. I feel really miserable. I've changed all my accounts and my mail, I hope I can change my number after this lockdown and finally be rid. But I'm really scared that if like, my number is gone, he does something drastic. Tired. But thank you for listening anon.

No. 672679

When I was in my 20s i believed the meme that women have it easier in dating because we have more options. Now I'm in my 30s and I realize that even though we do have a lot of options, all of the options are trash. So yes, incels are right getting a bf Is easier for women but the majority your options are ugly, abusive, broke, no hygiene, porn sick, think it's their god given right to look at younger women etc. At least men have the option of getting a gf they are not only physically attracted to but also treats them good.

No. 672698

It's not the case, being pretty just makes you confident because… well, there's fewer things you'd be insecure about.

I know several gorgeous women who have a resting bitch face or an autistic hobby and they don't even have many friends, let alone being invited places. Likewise, I know some women who are objectively not that good looking but they're outgoing and charming so people love them.

No. 672699

File: 1605207305690.jpg (62.13 KB, 800x450, lisa.jpg)

When I get old, I just want to die peacefully. I don't know why elderly people put themselves through treatment to prolong very painful, unfulfilling, and difficult lives when they're in their mid-70s to 80+. I would simply pass away. I try to maintain my health so that my body doesn't deteriorate prematurely, but once it does start its natural shut down, so be it.

No. 672730

File: 1605210200990.gif (814.35 KB, 262x200, 2CCCEC8F-524C-4704-8560-A9A0F6…)

I wish my husband would stop relying on me to find a boyfriend for him. His type isn’t mine and I can’t play bait because of his sexual preference in the matter. I am a girl after all. It’s impossible.

No. 672732

No. 672736

File: 1605211232582.jpeg (333.24 KB, 1169x1179, D48443B1-C26D-4CE7-BC0A-A7A105…)

It’s bait, anon.

No. 672746

Two fags huntin' for a third.

No. 672747

My husband is bisexual. He decided he wanted to go the poly route so he could have male attention without feeling guilty. We talked and set boundaries, I’m not the jealous type and am very open anyway so it’s cool with me. The problem is he wants my help in finding a boyfriend. He wants me to do all the talking because he has social interaction problems. I can’t do that though. I am a girl. So it gets tiresome.

Nah. Wish it kinda was though.

No. 672756

No. 672757

File: 1605212760444.jpeg (148.03 KB, 868x588, C3BBA91E-A5FD-440E-BC90-1AB7D1…)

No. 672765

File: 1605213771465.jpg (6.36 KB, 310x162, images1OJJC0SA.jpg)

No. 672771

Your husband is a clown

No. 672775

I'm pissed that beautiful people are treated better and perceived as smarter than others, I'm pissed they can get a career without any education not only as models but also as actors. Sure they need to have some talent/charisma too but if it wasn't for their beautiful face no one would've noticed them in the first place. Someone just spots them on the street or at a bar and BAM - they have a chance for a career. They don't have to try as hard as ugly or average people. I'm pissed that very attractive men can be assholes to women and do all sorts of fucked up shit and others will forgive them more easily, including the women they hurt. I'm pissed that beautiful people can wear ugly rags or something very basic, and they still will look amazing in it. I didn't care about that stuff when I was a teenager but I've seen a lot since then. Also people love to say that beautiful men and women still have problems, they can be mentally ill etc. and I'm not denying it. But it's better to be beautiful and unhappy than ugly/average and unhappy, just like it's better to be rich and unhappy than to be poor and unhappy.

No. 672784

I'll just take being average as a blessing. Men automatically see you as a fuck object anyway, but you're pretty much exclusively seen as that when you're beautiful, plus you probably get grabbed more, have other women treat you like shit out of envy/pettiness, and sometimes even actively try to sabotage or compete with you. I've had these problems as a solid 5, so it's probably shit for really pretty women.

No. 672789

Saw on a women's networking page some bitch who was banned from the cosplay scene for defending her male predator friend hawking her merch there from her etsy because the normies don't know that about her.
Like gee, you sure don't like women when they accuse your male friends of sexual harassment but you sure can like their money. The products aren't even that great, she just gets a lot of pity sales from her sob story about not being able to work a real job even though people have told me that's bullshit.

No. 672791

I wouldn't mind being a single woman with no friends or family if I were allowed to live my life freely. I work from 12pm to 9pm at home, so I never get to leave the house because if I tried to go for a walk at night some scrote could attack me…
I wish there was a female only city.

No. 672794

Couldn't you walk in the morning before work, anon?

No. 672801

Modeling is less than a one in a million chance of being discovered. I forgot the exact number, but my mom quoted it to me as a child. She did modeling and told me what psychological hell it was. She ended up not getting her contract renewed because they "found prettier." Even the most beautiful woman is made to feel horrendous on the job to encourage weightloss and competition against each other.

I see beautiful people on the street who live ordinary lives. You are amping it more than what it actually is because the media makes us all believe beauty is a criteria to be a worthy person OR to live an easy life because of celebrity status. Those Hollywood and Insta celebs like the Kardashians paid heavily with things like sexual abuse.

No. 672836

Im not close at all with my parents.

I grew up with my mother and my father lives in another city.

Depsite living with her pretty much all my life, I've never had a really close bond with my mom. I like her, but we never really had that mother/daughter bond.

It's been 1 year since I haven't seen my dad, we do we text daily and I know he cares about me , but he feels like a stranger.

They know almost nothing about me, an I'm uncomfortable talking about my life with them.

No. 672848

I don't want to die I just want another chance at life. Growing up, I didn't realize that my coping mechanisms for anxiety and depression were going to fuck me over in the long run. I didn't invest in my own life because I thought I was ugly and dumb and that everything I could possibly attempt , I would fail in. I didn't have parents who told me I was smart or worth shit. If I had my brain now , I could have done so much better in the past. I feel like my life is over.

No. 672857

I've been missing my autistic manipulative ex and stalking his socials and he still didn't take down that things I made and all his online interactions are with girls that he probably view the same way as me it's so god damn annoying because it makes me realize he only had a fetish for it didn't love me as a person and it explains a lot of his behavior.

No. 672886

I always end up stressing over Christmas presents, thinking it’s not enough but this year I am just gonna send the presents over and it kinda adds on my stress. I can’t even see their reactions. It’s so stupid, I would be happy to receive like tea, maybe some art print or even cute hand sanitizer. Yet here I am, thinking bath products, tea, socks, stickers, earrings and a nice pin aren’t enough. Last year I got a nice pin, earrings and cosmetics from this person so?? Why am I like this

No. 672901

My mask acne looks so so bad. I’ve tried everything, drinking more water, washing/moisturising my face every morning and evening, not wearing makeup, washing my mask everytime after being out- nothing works. My face just hates the material of the mask rubbing against it and now I have a beard of spots. At least nobody sees it when I go out because of the damn mask, thus the cycle continues.

No. 672904

File: 1605232244994.jpg (38.03 KB, 526x522, 1458062020685.jpg)

>look for easy recipes because I'm lazy
>find one that says ready in 15 minutes
>requires a shitton of food prep
>requires a bunch of pots and pans/mixing bowls/utencils
I just wanna cook something that doesn't require washing dishes for a half hour afterwards.

No. 672911

nah friend, it's not too late.

It's not rare at all that people end up doing great things in their lives and achieve success and happiness even after struggling with major obstacles through their twenties and beyond. With age comes wisdom and prioritization skills, a better ability to cope with mental issues, a stability that lets you flourish even if you feel like you wasted a lot of time.

Consistency in minor improvements, habits and feedback loops will let you move forward. In a year from now you can be in a much better place.

No. 672912

Get an air fryer

No. 672914

I think I'm going to drop a class bc of a group project. FUCK. Why can't I just text the gc? I'm so scared bc it will be awkward. I have only a couple days to decide if I'm going to drop it. Shit

No. 672922

>decide to actually scroll down fb timeline for first time in a long time
>"huh, a WHO post about measles. Wonder if I'll find an anti-vaxxer hehe"
>every comment is anti-vaxx
I didn't know there were so many of these people wtf. They're just so passionately set on getting viruses, it's astonishing.

No. 672930

Idk why scrotes says people care more about womens mental health. It's just not true lol when I was going through my worst time no one ever helped me, they just tried to tale advantage of myself for easy pussy.

No. 672932

pressure cooker, too. washing the tin itself is fucking annoying, but it saves you a lot of stuff

No. 672949

My unreality issues have been really fucking bad. I keep having delusional thoughts that there's some force controlling me and causing the things around me to happen and that I'm in some sort of simulation, along with bullshit like complete breakdowns at night convinced I have to kill myself and end everything here. I feel like my life just up and stopped at a certain age when my life started getting really fucking bad and now I'm in some sort of limbo (I've overdosed 2 times and that factors into my delusions of being in some sort of 'not alive but continued existing') shit. I hate this. I want to be fucking normal.

No. 672951

Send the text anon. Muster up the courage, you can do it.

No. 672952


No. 672953

I just want to find a hot stranger to hook up with I wish I knew where the hot male escorts are, why aren't scrotes forthcoming with that fucking information since they think paying for sex is so normal. I feel like they'd shit themselves if women decided it be easier to pay for sex than deal with a potential stage 3 clinger or sociopath

No. 672955

So the farmhands and admin have abandoned /snow/ at least. I've been reporting scrotes in the KF and celebs thread for days and get nothing back. They're still continuing days later calling users cunts and manhaters and nothing done about it. The celeb thread has been taken over by a few depp scrotes that attack anyone that doesn't hop on alcoholic dick. Depressing what this place has become.

No. 672960

>calling users cunts and manhaters and nothing done about it
This makes my blood boil, they have the entire internet for themselves and they are not allowed here

No. 672969

Yeah and people looking down on you for not look presentable even if you have health problems or lost your home. Least men can look awful while feeling awful.

No. 672971

I did it. Nerve wracking as hell but I did it. Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Thanks anon

No. 672973

File: 1605242892013.jpeg (31.51 KB, 452x325, 53C57118-3D55-418F-859F-6FE333…)

I got back into sports because no one gives a fuck about cowona anymore, and fuck I fucking hate being a woman, I hate this stupid weak body, I hate not being able to be as good as men who train half of what I do, Pregnancy disgusts me, I can’t find a single good thing about being a woman, Biology is unbearably cruel.

No. 672975

>I can’t find a single good thing about being a woman
Mother nature needs us and men are expendable, that's just facts. We generally have better health outcomes than men and live longer, partially because we actually go to the doctor but also we're just physically more hardy, less susceptible to diseases with high death rates, we have less visceral fat, estrogen has protective properties etc. And when it comes to sports specifically, we're naturally more flexible, which is an underrated physical trait especially as you age.

No. 672982

>Mother nature needs us and men are expendable, that's just facts.
Sigh, that always also makes me sad, the good thing about women is always uwu giving birth and life, and I loathe anything having to do with motherhood.
Also I have pretty shitty health and not the most spectacular life expectancy so I was dealt a bad hand with physicality in general, I think im just angry that if I was a man if I was as fit as I am it would make up for it but as a woman I have to exercise and be a health nut just to not feel like im rotting from the inside.

No. 672991

I just wanted to say that I understand you, I feel the same. How I wish I was stronger, faster, more resilient.

No. 672995

File: 1605246456828.png (489.21 KB, 706x538, 1603232701381.png)

My mom has scoliosis, chronic pain, untreated depression/ocd, obesity, a big smoking addiction, is probably malnourished, is losing movility and doesn't want help

And I try to be there for her as much as she lets me but she doesn't really let me. She wants to do everything alone and still treats me like a child. She feels like she wants to die soon too, she's almost 60 and didn't want to live this long. One time she even told me she "learnt to be suicidal" from me attempting to kill myself multiple times as a teen.

I try to be a good kind daughter but idk, there's days when her being super sick is grating to me. And I can't just say this to anyone because they wouldn't understand, she's always suffering and seeing her suffering makes me anxious. She always has something to complain about too, be politics, her job as a teacher, her coworkers, politicians, anything she sees on tv, etc.

It's hard to live with sick parents. My dad was super sick too and died 4 years ago after 8+ years of him needing special medical care (complicated diabetes, then dialysis). He was abusive but like, still, I felt bad for him at the time.

Having two sick parents as a teen and young adult isn't fun. Please if your parents are healthy and treat you well, please, try appreciate them.

I'm just stressed out, my mom stresses me out, it stresses me out that 80% of what she talks about is some gossip, complaining, or judging people. Never realised this wasn't normal behaivor in someone until now.

No. 672996

Thanks anon, maybe in another life aye?

No. 672998

File: 1605247088459.jpg (63.58 KB, 680x812, b8b.jpg)

I wish my mom let my brother go 4 years ago when he wanted to move out instead of crying and throwing herself on the floor, begging him not to go. My brother is abusive towards me and here he is, still being an asshole and yelling at both of us

No. 673000

File: 1605247291948.png (62.44 KB, 250x250, tumblr_123278c09fd1e03bf33c70a…)

Should I ghost my ex gf? she's is still a nice girl. But she's so dismissive and I hate her tone of voice. I feel like a bpdfag because I really don't feel as comfy with her and she ends the calls sooner and distracts herself with other things when we call but she still cares about me, she gave me a big sum of money the other day but like otherwise idk. I'm sorry for venting about this

No. 673001

pressure cookers are scary af though

No. 673002

I used to think I was really deep when I was younger because I would randomly get this feeling that something terrible was going to happen often. Now I am realizing that I've just been dealing with anxiety all my life and so many of my behaviors are a result of anxiety.

Also, I get really anxious about going to stores for specific ethnicities and it makes no sense why. I have nothing against them at all, I just get overwhelmingly anxious and will wait in the car. It stops me from going into cool places and I'm tired of it.

No. 673005

I’m so fucking tired

I’m not in a good place mentally currently dealing with quarantine,family death,clinical depression and people using me like a crutch emotionally but giving no thought to me or my wellbeing

I can’t do it anymore just today I tried to distract myself from it but no a “friend” wants to start drama over nothing and exclude me because of it and another friend (friend2) “can’t deal with conflict” so they just take said friends side

Mind you I’ve stayed up multiple nights for friend 2 when they’ve been struggling

Mind you when they’ve needed support I’ve been there I’ve even dropped things for them

I see no point in trying to help someone who ignores me unless they need a crutch, I’m not interested in being someone’s on call therapist, or being called “negative” whenever I mention anything I’m dealing with, I cannot continue to do so

I thought maybe things would work out and improve but nothing has changed in this “friendship” Meanwhile things have continued to get worse in my personal life

I’m at my lowest point once again and I can’t do it anymore

No. 673010

I’m glad himbos are a thing

No. 673013

My scale is slightly physically broken. A small part of one of the sensors on the back came off, and the number changes depending on what tile I weigh on. Can't buy a new one right now.
I know I can't fully trust the numbers, but do they work as an approximation? Like, if I count calories, fast and see the number going down week by week, should I take it into stock, or is it all pointless? If I get three specific numbers consistently, should I just estimate my weight as being somewhere in the middle, or take the lowest one?
Someone who's like 70kg can't get 50kg, even on a broken scale, and the same is true the other way around, right? This shit is doing my head in. Help.

No. 673014

exes are exes for a reason. instead of ghosting you could just tell her the truth about how you feel uncomfortable being friends with her

No. 673019

I feel like I'm going to get fired from my new job because I have social anxiety and I don't fit in. Every lunch break my brain is like 'QUICK, SAY SOMETHING SMART! SAY X! OR SAY Y! OR YOU COULD SAY Z!!' but then lunch break is suddenly over and I realize I spent it just thinking about what I was going to say without actually saying anything. I also struggle with small talk. I feel like people are already thinking of me as the weird one and if that is not a good reason to fire someone then Idk what is

No. 673031

Same. Literally to a T. You aren't paid to be social, you're paid to do your job at the end of the day.

No. 673040

It freaks me out seeing zoomers romanticize the early 2000s

No. 673042

It's so frustrating seeing people pay $30 for jewelry that cost $2 on Aliexpress. Just saw a set of beetle earrings I paid $1.50 for $52 and it has nine reviews! Oh my god. It's being carefully marketed as "nickel free hooks" because the rest of the body isn't, and you know that shit has lead! I'm afraid of anything I buy on there not being genuinely homemade anymore.

No. 673047

My thighs hurt so bad from switching to doing squats with weights.

No. 673051

Since my social life and life responsibilities in general really started to flourish, I feel so distanced from the sjw community (thank god). Now when I hear people talk about “privilege” and “pronouns” and other woke topics it feels like talking to an alien. And embarrassing because I used to be part of the community. I really think a lot of these people touting these values are really just doing it to look good on the internet + have too much free time on their hands for thinking about lofty ideals.

No. 673053

I'm so annoyed by my neet friend.

>had a steady job during these covid days

>complains that she doesnt earn as much during quarantine while some of her friends are nurses or work in super market (while we all know she loves sitting at home doing nothing)
>quits her job because she doesn't like it anymore (during covid while people lose their jobs)
>doesnt even bother to find a new job, instead just sits at home gaming and staying up till morning
>intentionally living on wellfare during these times
Wellfare is a lot in our country since half the paycheck of those who work is taxes. I feel like she's indirectly taking advantage of people who do work. She's been doing this her entire life now, going on and off jobs so they wont toss her off wellfare.
I just know she's gonna start complaining soon about her living situation not being ideal since she cant move out as long as she doesnt have a job.
Accuses me of being materialistic because I've always worked and can afford a decent house and car and such.

No. 673054

That's not pain you're feeling, thats gains!! You go, anon!

No. 673055

Word. Ever since I stopped using Twitter daily, I still get occasional glimpses of what's going on there through links from my friends and I'm always so shocked by what's upsetting them. It's mostly people who haven't accomplished anything in life so they decide that their big dream is to be known for their opinions. It's a sad life.

No. 673058


Try plain Dove soap.

No. 673068

Extremely stupid rant incoming but god, this dude. We've been talking for like a while I guess, met twice but then he got busy with exams and stuff and p.s he is definitely gonna fail, he doesn't study, says he can't, for the past 2 weeks all we've talked about are his exams but it's fine tbh, since that is something stressing him out currently. Today we were talking and he asked me a question, I answered and he proceeded to ignore what I said and talked about himself relating to the question he asked, well okay maybe it was something he wanted to talk about. Then after he is done asks a question again, I answer it and my answer is ignored again so he can tell a long story answering his question. I am really stupid, yes, because I got annoyed. I feel like I am only there for him to talk at, not talk to. It's not only this incident. Like I ask him about himself, questions and stuff and he never bothers to ask how I've been or anything. I mean, clearly not a good sign that I'm already getting annoyed by him. Maybe I should tell him about this trait of his? But what if he takes it badly?

No. 673071

If you tell him and he reacts badly then you’re saving yourself the trouble of being his fuckable emotional support pillow. Do you even really like this guy? Let him be while he’s got his things going on and if he still treats you the same after his tests are over then maybe you’ll have a clearer view of your friendship/relationship.

No. 673072

hes gonna get aids and give them to you

No. 673075

No. 673076

>Do you even really like this guy?
Okay, well, I'll be honest, I'm not that sure. I mean, he doesn't seem bad, he is good, but am I attracted to him? I'm not sure. I downloaded a dating app a while ago while I was crying on my bathroom floor, idk, weird episodes. Anyways, he added him on other places and have since deleted the app. He is really nice so I was thinking to like, give dating a chance finally? Maybe I could like him after a while? After this current exam thing is over? I sound so retarded, but I hate confrontation. I think I will do what you say and just wait till the exams are done and see what's up. Talk to him about his lack of willingness to know about me.

No. 673081

File: 1605264999109.png (80.53 KB, 236x235, 1596815066806.png)

Having a DAP is no joke. It kills any crumb of confidence I can get my hands on. I barely even feel clit stimulation and have to fucking smash it around to feel even something faintly pleasurable. I'm not even sure I have a clit.

No. 673085

Lube is an option. Or maybe you're just not horny enough to feel anything

No. 673087

If you have a freezer, you could try light meal prepping. Like making a huge kettle of soup at once and freezing the rest. Or most one-pot meals really.

No. 673088

Divorce this dude, this is pathetic. He doesn't love you anymore and wants to cheat on you with a random fag, and has the nerve to even ask you for advice. You're blind, get rid of this bitch.

No. 673089

The thing is I still appreciate her a lot and she still listens to me when I need someone to talk to. But yeah otherwise she's very annoying for me to talk to because of how she treats me and says she doesn't treat me bad but I can clearly hear it in her tone of voice. Help

No. 673090

Girl…this is the saddest thing I’ve read in a while.

No. 673091

File: 1605266154782.jpg (585.08 KB, 1450x2048, yarichin.jpg)

My first ex gf ever was (and still is) a husbandofag that loves yaoi and nowadays she's into BTS and any flavor of the month anime and calls herself asexual and genderfluid even though she's clearly straight or bi. This is why I can't take yaoi seriously anymore, it rots brains. And this is also why I avoid anything that looks like it has boring and shitty bishonenuwu characters like these.

No. 673093

File: 1605266420372.jpg (268.54 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

samefag but this is an example of how husbandos and shit are already used tooooo much in media to sell and consoom shit. Disney made a bishonen dating simulator because of course, they need money from the girls who can't get off to anything but 2D. These character designs are so boring, bland, and samey. Even some fire emblen characters have more flare than this, lol.

No. 673095

Your next line is "I'm a lesbian~"

No. 673099

That's homophobic of you.

No. 673101

>This is why I can't take yaoi seriously anymore
Yaoi was never meant to be taken seriously, it's just a genre that your average fan read or create for fun, it's not that deep. If anything, taking it and its western, Americanized fandom too seriously creates people like your friend.

>Even some fire emblen characters have more flare than this, lol.

Depending on which Fire Emblem game you're talking about I'll have to judge you. If anything I think for this game the main appeal isn't "ooh look at these pretty boys, please download our game!!" but "ooh look at all these Disney movie references, pls download our game!", kind of like Kingdom Hearts.

No. 673108

>This is why I can't take yaoi seriously anymore
it's gay porn/fanfic

No. 673121

sorry, I meant to say "anyone who is into yaoi"
And I'm not just saying casual fans, but extreme hardcore fans as well. Idc

No. 673132

Oh yeah I get what you mean now. I can't take hardcore yaoi fans seriously either despite liking reading BL myself. If only they were just annoying online, they're obnoxious as fuck in anime cons too, but it's been a while since I went to one.

No. 673134

Yeah, like, if people were normal about it I wouldn't mind but in my mind I can only equate bishonens to the weird genderqueer not-like-other-girls type of fans.

No. 673144

Don't have an opinion about yaoi, but the designs in that picture aren't samey at all. What the fuck, anon? Kek.

No. 673147

>Disney made a bishonen dating simulator
They did what now?!

No. 673214

I live in a small town and all the small shops in my vicinity have been closed way before covid because of the larger supermarkets that have popped out on the perifery. I'm having a bad case of heavy period and since I don't have a car I have to walk 40 minutes with toilet paper stuffed in my pants before I get my hands on pads. I wish that corner shop was still there even though it was overpriced, it was the most convenient place to get the basic necessities. Arghhh I can barely walk straight fuck fuck fuck

No. 673257

i'm being stalked and i will no longer do anything against it. i'll be an open book from now. if one of you retards see this, i hope you realized it's me.

No. 673258

No. 673259

Let schizo-chan have her moment.

No. 673260

yeah sorry for being weird, i wrote that for specific people

No. 673266

> live in a small town
> I don't have a car I have to walk 40 minutes
Living in a similar situation and covid temporarily shut down certain shops giving me some a simularly shitty moment of needing things and having an uncomfortable walk (in the lashing rain) to get them, only to find out the shops that were open were operating with new 'priority elderly hours' so they wouldn't let me in lol.

I feel your pain. Treat yourself to choc or something nice to have to when you get back home and put your feet up.

No. 673277

File: 1605281487263.png (26.36 KB, 275x124, fired.png)

This you anon?

No. 673278

File: 1605281516667.jpeg (78.71 KB, 1095x366, 1601060505875 (1).jpeg)

No. 673283

are you the same anon who was talking about your so stalking you on lolcow yesterday

No. 673300

File: 1605283147783.jpg (466.43 KB, 1079x1070, 1605255398615.jpg)

> only to find out the shops that were open were operating with new 'priority elderly hours'
Yeah, that too. Sometimes even double checking on sites isn't reliable so it can be a hit or miss but it sucks when you urgently need something or the conditions aren't great.

> Treat yourself to choc or something nice to have to when you get back home and put your feet up.

Yup, I'm binging on some raw choco bars. It helps a little but I'll take anything I can get. Thanks anon! I hope you have a nice weekend.

No. 673326

Yes I did eat the leftover pizza you were saving out of spite, you raggedy bitch. That shit tasted like cardboard anyway.

No. 673328

So thankful I live alone

No. 673333

To be fair I also live alone but say this shit to myself when I go back to finish my pizza in the night instead of saving it for lunch the next day :/

No. 673352

She deserved it. I would do it again.

No. 673353

No. 673355

Our landlady is raising our rent by 10% in the middle of a pandemic. They haven't put our security deposit to good use either, ignoring our requests to get a sink fixed and utility bills separate from our downstairs neighbors. I hate it here but there's not much we can do.

No. 673384

i wish short brows were in they look so cute, like a shiba's

No. 673390

File: 1605290359921.jpg (43.74 KB, 400x401, image.jpg)

Admittedly a little bothered that my bf didn't want to start a guild with me in FFXIV. The truth is we used to be on a discord server with a bunch of people. He knew them for a few years. I joined and it was awesome, but at the same time I never fit in and since I was a newb at the game, I couldn't really do all the fun stuff with them. He hasn't played with them in 2 years and when we just started back up again, I got excited with the idea of making our own Guild but he declined and said he wanted to stick in that group. For fucking what? you havent played with them in 2 years and you never even talk to them anymore or chat with them…. what would be the point? they havent reached out to you…

at the same time, I guess I get it. if he left there could probably be some tension there and he might still want to play with them. I'm just a little sad. I stopped playing this game because I felt lonely, he was always playing with them and I just dont have a high enough level to play with them. I'm at least 3 expansion packs behind everyone. Now I feel the same way, lonely. I don't even really want to play with him anymore because he chose ppl he hasn't talked to in years over me. I get that he has fun memories with them though. guess i'm a little conflicted.

Still, sucks. I joined a fun FC to spite him and told him he's dead to me, game wise (jokingly) but I'm still a lil sad

No. 673406

Let me guess, your local housing authority are lazy assholes (if it's not just a red state). Landlords used that same bullshit to force my aunt and uncle to move out of Cali.

No. 673410

That really blows anon. Wishing for stability and prosperity your way I know that must be awful having to go through during a world crisis.

No. 673412

File: 1605293431177.jpg (179.23 KB, 1284x1261, 2331.jpg)

I just realized I'll be 25 when I graduate college
God how did I fuck up so badly, I'm going to kill myself

No. 673416

Children are so annoying lol

No. 673420

I'm about to be 25 in some days and will graduate at 25, chill out, it's not so bad

No. 673424

It's crazy how most of us wasted our youth whining about dumb shit to grow up and see kids doing the same thing lol

No. 673429

25 is not that old youre still in your prime, try a new hobby start a youtube chanel (if youre good looking or have a special talent or charisma) discover yourself a little, this is coming from an old hag who kept worrying about her age and didnt do anything, theres still time!

No. 673430

If it makes you feel any better I never finished high school, live with my parents, sell sports goods for a living at a dead end job and am 26 and a half

really am gonna kill myself one of these days

No. 673436

>start a youtube channel
has got to be some of worst advice I've heard in recent memory. Is there a more oversaturated platform of people screaming into the void?

No. 673446

The brown guys are cuties.

No. 673453

I think you’re taking a good route, or in the process of it. You deserve way better and someone that listens to you in turn. Praying for the best for you

No. 673461

>worked since I was 18
>just getting to college
>in the 30+ club
stop comparing yourself to others. people go back to school and get their bachelors, masters, PhD at 50, it really isn’t that serious. people lead different lives and there’s nothing wrong with it.

No. 673515

Some weird person online sent my Bf screenshots of me flirting with some other guy before we started dating, my bf was sleep deprived and didn’t look at the time stamp at first so he thought I was cheating. My bf says he doesn’t remember who sent it or is just refusing to tell me. It really makes me super anxious because he had to be in the same server as both of us to even get that screenshot, AND to know if my bf and I are in a relationship, and have something against me. I just wish he’d tell me so I could block them.

No. 673518

I'm 29, intended to finish high school this year and get in college next year but covid messed up everything.

If I'm able to get in college by 2022 or 2023 I'll be over 35 when I graduate. Nothing wrong with that.

No. 673520

Reminds me of when I said I wouldn't date bi guys and some anons said it was wrong.
Now you cunts can see why as an example

No. 673522

This is not actually a bad idea imo. If you have the passion for it, why not? You could even make a bit of money on the side if you gain a following. You don't even have to scream into the void, just doing basic or funny things is enough

No. 673536

My ex had slept with a couple guys before, wouldn't bother me too much if he was strictly a top… but he wanted his ass played with. He felt deprived without it.

I gave in a couple times thinking I had the right to change my mind and stop doing it at any point. I depriiived him of anal! Dude made out like I was the devil for simply refusing to perform a sex act that mpst women will also refuse. Go fuck other men then

No. 673540

wow didn't know we had people like that on here, usually people 100% understand why women don't want to deal with Bi guys.
I hope you didn't explain urself, I stopped doing that a long time ago, shaming no longer works on me.
I know what I want and what I don't want, I suggest women do the same, date who you want and deny who you want.

No. 673551

They really are. Imagine actually looking down on someone for the age they graduate college… If she thinks she's an old fuck up, what does she think of other students? It's such a nasty mindset, I can't relate to thinking poorly of people who are improving themselves at any age.

No. 673561

>If she thinks she's an old fuck up, what does she think of other students?
People usually don't look at other the same way they look at themselves. You're your worst critic or whatever.

No. 673573

If she doesn't actually look down on mature age students, she should reconsider being so harsh on herself. Either it's an irrational and unfair judgement, or she genuinely thinks older students are failures who've done something wrong, it's up to her to get some perspective and figure it out.

No. 673581

I have siblings with established careers and marriages that I am constantly compared to. My parents paid for all of my college and I basically just spat in their faces by failing everything and not graduating on time. I'm just angry at myself for being so chronically inept even after being handed everything, I'm a useless leech. I didn't mean to shit on older anons.
>if youre good looking or have a special talent or charisma
Why would you kick me while I'm down like that kek

No. 673610

I hate "reassure your friends when they ask uwu" culture. Yes, when a friend is having a rough time, reassure them that you're there and that you love them, but if they're constantly asking if they're annoying you, apologizing for existing, or expecting to have access to you 24/7 otherwise you must hate them, it is fucking exhausting. No, I generally don't think you're annoying otherwise we wouldn't be friends, but as soon as you ask, that changes. I don't know why so many people are like this nowadays. If this resonates with you, do yourself and your peers a favor and grow a spine. Please.

No. 673617

I hate that tumblr psa shit in general, because I'm not taking life advice from some computer touching kinnies. Plenty of it is common sense that's ridiculous to turn into a discourse. Or they end up ruining it by being so black-and-white they overlook exceptions and nuance. Like fucking duh I reassure my friends except don't come at me with that "am i… hhh… annoying.." every single day, then I'll drift. And shut up about the time you should reply/expect replies to texts. No, don't feel pressure to right away, we have lives so if someone's not replying it doesn't mean you're being neglected. But also you shouldn't be such a mess you take ages to get back because uuwwufhuu mmy mentnnal illnness. I've been there too, being stunted like that by our health is a fucking bad thing not something to enable or beg for head pats over. There's a point where after you pull that shit people will take the message and stop talking to you. No one has time to be everyone else's therapist.

No. 673620

I went into a wormhole of YouTubers making advice videos of how to be successful and rich like them when it’s practically impossible for your average joe and it pisses me off that they now see it as something attainable when there are so many factors and luck involved. there are a lot of downsides to putting yourself on the internet and not everyone wants that kind of attention or can put on a fake image for the camera. Like yeah I’m a fucking idiot for being poor and trying to get a “normal” job instead of trying to make children follow my social media and then selling poop tea or whatever. Then you see all the comments from people being like wow you’re so smart I’m going to try this and it’s like uhhhhhh god social media is a fucking stain on our culture. I just want a normal life without someone telling me how they’re rich from a blog or onlyfans and how stupid I am for not creating my own business. Im graduating college soon and it’s like what’s the fucking point when it’s gonna take me years to even be stable in life.

No. 673640

There is a Gorgia level attention whore on one of my discord groups(including claiming to be a Ana Chan while being morbidly obese) and she keeps suicide baiting then making other members feel guilty for not immediately responding back with ass pats. Sorry your parents are shitty crackheads but that doesn't mean you can get away with manipulating and treating people like shit when you don't get your way. Also pretty sure she uses lolcow so oops.

No. 673687

I absolutely fucking hate this culture of using your friends as personal nurses or caretakers. You see this shit enabled on social media constantly.
>Please keep asking me how I'm doing every day and pleasure reassure me I'm your world, you should absolutely have nothing else occupying your mind than validating my existence uwu
>Sometimes I ghost you for three months because I'm too ~anxious~ to reply back and you should just accept me back into your life like nothing happened because that's just how I am!!!
>It's veeeeeeeeeery anxiety inducing to not reply to my message in under 5 minutes, please don't do this or you'll trigger a panic attack and send me to the ER because I thought you were ignoring me!! thank you!! uwu
>Please listen to my very personal and threatening rants about being suicidal and wanting to self harm, that's your solemn duty as my fwend~
>I have the freedom and the god given right to fade every single occasion I want to, if we had plans and I just want to stay at home playing video games then you should be okay with it no matter what! I'm just practicing self care, mind my spoons uwu
All in all everyone should just revolve around you and your needs, you should not have any responsibilities but only rights to demand services from people around you.

No. 673693

Thing is nearly everyone is mentally ill now so I can imagine current teens just using mental illness against each other and nobody being the stable reliable friend anyway

I had depression in my teens and I remember quietly telling my best friend that I was on meds. She had no clue what depression was. Had never heard of it.. that was the early 2000s. How have things changed that much

No. 673706

I know it’s super hard to find a job right now especially for people with degrees but like maybe before saying someone like me (without post secondary) deserves the job less then you you realize while you were in school I’ve spent the last 7 years working retail and am actually proud I’ve refined my cx service skills? Like it’s all I’ve got and it means I’m probably better suited for the job. /rant
actually just got accepted into a winter uni program tho so anon abooooove ^ don’t worry I’m going to be 30 when I finish lol

No. 673713

Why are so many young people mentally ill nowadays, anyway? Did Tumblr just ruin them all?

No. 673720

File: 1605316611338.jpeg (664.83 KB, 1125x1904, 3A83D540-9A50-4C7C-9A3E-06F89A…)

Well I guess my weekend is ruined…and semester.

No. 673744

they always existed, they just make it public nowadays. so yeah, tumblr.

No. 673758

I don't understand why I'm retarded, I make stupid mistakes at work that even retards wouldn't do. Its like all cognitive function goes offline for 5 seconds. I get a balanced diet and sleep and exercise. What the Fuck is happening to me!

No. 673773

Maybe this is the right thread but I’m really fed up with twitter and yet I always go back to using it. Tired of being in a sea of small underrated artists. Nothing I do works and barely of my followers support me. I doubt myself every time I share art. Am I just that unlucky? Are small artists destine to be unsuccessful..

No. 673779

I believe the idea that art(ists) can be successful on merit alone is just a romantic fantasy. Lots of artists would feel that marketing their work and employing all the associated tactics to get attention detracts from the integrity of their work, and maybe it does, but I also think that's the only way to do it today. That means gaming/exploiting social media algorithms, manufacturing controversy, cross-promoting, paid advertising, all that shit. Treat it like a business. The days of lucking into a rich patron are over, have have to use the tools available to them

No. 673782

File: 1605330243120.gif (13.8 KB, 220x134, so546546urce.gif)

This has been discussed a million times on this site, and its autistic of me to bring it up again. But it fills me up with rage every time I see someone get mad over BL "misrepresenting gay relationships~" It maybe just me, because I see it everywhere online. Why can't they let women enjoy harmless things like these? All I wanted to do was see some cute animu bishies together and I suddenly see stupid articles about how awwwful it is for this genre to misrepresent gay relationships!!! and how it should be corrected so gay men will rElAtE better!!! It's just oooh sooo terrible!!! How daaare women enjoy these things!??? How daaare they fetishize US???

It just makes me so mad. There are worse things happening to women everyday and they wouldn't let us have this one thing but all I see are retarded articles like those. Why won't the world let women enjoy harmless things? It's probably cos I'm on my period but seeing another one of those triggered me and I just had to let out my rage.

No. 673799

Slow processing speed?

No. 673800

I'm extremely tired of meeting narcs. I hate them so much.

No. 673802

BL used to be consumed by fakebois but the modern fakebois are aware of that so they pretend to be all woke about it so no one will think they are fakebois.

Of course, real gay men have never cared about the issue at all.

No. 673806

The gay men i known dont give a shit or they enjoy it too maybe it's me not having social media but avoiding those people and remembering it's a small percent who give a shit will help
I think about the opposite where some day I want to marry another woman and god the thought of some dates turning out to be coomer straight men that want to get into lesbians pants scares the fuck out of me. Somehow it's fine for men to show off their lesbian porn then they to become it but when a woman enjoys two men in media may god have mercy on her soul.

No. 673811

File: 1605338310958.jpg (34.02 KB, 600x600, ec1.jpg)

i was looking at a picture of myself from a year ago compared to now and it ive notably aged, ive been taking adderall for 6 months now and have been really stressed lately which explains it but damn. im really sad about this, i dont know if bringing this up with my psych is stupid because of how vain i sound but its really getting to me

No. 673830

File: 1605342912958.png (333.31 KB, 820x456, grudge.png)

My boss gave me the silent treatment all day yesterday after I openly disagreed with him and called him out on providing incorrect information during a morning meeting. Despite one instance when he was trying to make a show out of attempting to ask my coworkers for help with things that are in my department (so he only got them looking all ??? as a response so he just quietly shuffled back to his office) it was honestly the calmest and most relaxing day we've had in the office since he started.

He has been acting like a fat bully ever since he started four months ago, the others hate him and occasionally dares to say no to him but I am the only one willing to argue back or put my foot down when he is being an ass.

No. 673832

Aren't you afraid of being fired, anon?

No. 673833

I never met my grandpa because he died when my mother was a baby. My grandma died a few years ago and I went to visit their grave. I only now paid attention to the dates and noticed that my grandma was born in 1930 while my grandpa was born in 1901. I know it was normal for young women to marry older men back then but it's still so fucked up.

I know that he was alcoholic and they had 5 kids together, my mother being the youngest one, and then she was left alone with all of them while managing as an entrepreneuer. There's also a 6th child who has a different mother thanks to my cheating scrote grandpa, my mother and her siblings didn't know about this person until they were adults.

It made me appreciate my grandma even more, and now I wonder if she really wanted to marry him. She never talked about him but she loved all her kids a lot.

So yeah fuck you grandpa I'm glad I never had a chance to meet you. Also fuck everyone who thinks that true love used to exist in older marriages, it never did, it was always just strong women putting up with scrotes who will never, ever change.

No. 673834

It makes me mad too anon but I’ll tell you right now the only people that make a fuss about it are aidens. Gay men generally don’t give two shits, they’re just here for the porn. Also who the fuck takes BL that seriously that they have to make a big deal about gays relating to it?This shit was made to appeal to women first of all. Most of it is consumed by lesbians anyway and I doubt there’s a high amount of women trying to force themselves on irl gays (besides troons I guess)

No. 673837

I gained like ten pounds after my mom was sent to the hospital for over a month. She's older and had to have minor surgeries as well. Ate like garbage because of how stressed I was. I was already overweight and was planning on watching my calorie intake when this all happened. She's home now and much better and I'm not stressing so much about how she's doing because I can see how better she is. So I started watching what I eat and making sure I don't overeat and in the last two weeks I lost about 4 pounds. I hope my belly goes away soonish. I've always had a bit of a belly which I don't mind but it's bigger then it was before and I hate it.

No. 673839

You’re all horrible horrible people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t care o failed choir whsttjegivkcj wtfgff I want to go a singer gawddammit my dreams are ruined I will beget try to sing again I hate my self aaaahhhhhhhh I just wanna ainfff singing the music 🎼 oil I mean he wavy heavy metal 🎸 I don’t want it in my car

No. 673841

I just wanna sing and move up why do those professors hate me they’re all out to get me because they’re jealous I Am the next door Pescih Amy Lee and whatever I’m want to drink more vodka I wish my sister didn’t lock my up I the room what a bichhh

No. 673843

is this making fun of >>673720 or something? Weird.

No. 673849

Girl are you drunk??

No. 673850

No I’m dunk and I’m miserable so I just stock took 2 shots of Swedish vodka and 6-7 shots at of body vodka and tow 2 modelo beers… I never felt so happy I was flying last n like a raven …..,.,,

I don’t wanna be drunkjkk anymore I don’t want to go to the internet anymore because I don’t know what if I don’t want to go back to sleep I just hope I don’t feel like I don’t want to get up and get a hold of you myself

No. 673852

He’ll yeeeahhhhbb rock on mother fuckerrrrrr?!!!!!!!!!!!’yyeiirgodx.21762

No. 673853

That's what you get for having the society consistently shaming women for harboring interests men don't find attractive. Starting from boy bands to YA fiction, everything (especially young) women consume is relentlessly nitpicked, hated, policed and overanalyzed while young men get to keep their absolute trash of entertainment and nobody minds.

In the case of BL fujos have always been looked down upon but now it's just made woke like everything else that has to do something with hating women or their sexual autonomy. Now it's just 10 times worse than before when it was mostly homophobic dudebros going "eeeww homos are nasty", now we have young girls trooning out after swallowing these narrative pills.
>Hmm, I really like this genre made by women for women that allows me to explore my sexuality in a safe environment without my gender being objectified or sexualized, instead replaced by characters that follow the concept of men but have a female-coded nature so there's a right amount of detachment from my own persona. But I'm not an evil fetishizing straight racist Karen fujoshi, so this must mean I'm really a gay man who's also obligated to shame all the other fujos to keep my head above the water!
What's really frustrating is that during the decades BL advanced from the "seme meets uke" setting to become a large genre with complex stories and character types yet people still judge it based on tired stereotypes. Meanwhile yuri is still about cute high school girls doing cute things and playfully groping each other but for some mysterious reason it's never targeted as hard. It's because it's predominantly enjoyed by men.

Like other anons said, I have never in my life seen a cis gay man give a fuck about the BL discourse. The gay men (not Aidens) I know are the thirstiest fucking fudanshis I've ever met and like their garbage anime porn even more degenerate than I do.

No. 673854

Help me help me help meeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 673855

Drink some water and eat something.

No. 673856

Those mean people won’t let me leave mr my room I wanna Thoreau throw up I feel something burning inside me guess I’ll throws yo in my bed

No. 673857

>guess I’ll throws yo in my bed
Oh my fucking god

No. 673860

I think they’re related to met but idk I live I. N a horse house and I do have don’t even know my name anymore sometimes they fall me gypsy but I don’t think or know if it’s mr really name I have three names apparently

No. 673861

I don’t think I’m supposed to say my names because we’re all anonymous; is that our only name? I wanna be calling Ricky powers cuss I’m a power ranger

No. 673868

Sort of, but he would get in trouble with the union for a number of reasons if he did and the company is already bleeding employees at the moment because of his behavior and dishonesty. I'm already looking for a new job anyway and have a couple of interviews lined up, of course it is not a guarantee that I'll get those though (so wish me luck).

Some employees have started speculating that he might be trying to push us that have been in the company for a long time to quit by treating us like shit, putting three times as much pressure on us until we pretty much break mentally, or trying to push shit jobs at ungodly hours without any warnings. It's easier to have us go by ourselves than getting into even more trouble with the union than the company already is at the moment, and thus also gives them a good reason to hire people that don't know better and agree to lower pay.

The whole company went to shit after they kicked the old boss, while he admittedly was pretty bad at making good economic deals he was still someone that would make you aware of your worth in the company and made everyone feel like a team. Now we don't even have time to eat lunch and watch the boss go out for a 1-hour lunch with his wife.

No. 673881

queen I'm sorry about what happened but your drunkposting is so funny

No. 673893

File: 1605355659238.jpg (133.81 KB, 638x465, pqz486p1pnz31.jpg)

godspeed ricky powers, let us know if you're alive in the morning

No. 673894

I hate men who blame everything on single mothers.I constantly see black men say that single mothers are ruining the black community, this is how these conversation go.

>>Hey what do you think is the biggest issue in the black community?

>>single mothers
>>what about the dads not taking care of their childern?
>> Women should choose better
>>what about those women did choose better? Also, men have better choices in women then the other way around.
>>Those men were probably raised by single mothers.

Then some of these men have the NERVE to be anti-choice. They hate single mothers but when a woman decides she does not want to be one, they find something wrong about that as well.

Both parties should be adults, wrap up if they don't want to be a parent, thing is men KNOW that if they leave someone's going to take care of the baby. Rather it's the mom, his mom or her mom, someone is going to take care of it.

So they can walk off and the mother STILL gets the blame for assumptions a child wasn't raised right because they grow up to be shitty adults, while no one cares about the dad who just walked off.

No. 673898

YES! I hope this isn't taken as racebait, but sometimes I feel like black men feel like they are exempt from taking responsibility. It baffles me because, so many of us were raised by single mothers. How can you feel like your own mother made bad decisions because your dad didn't stick around? And then these boys grow up to become deadbeat daddies themselves knowing how much their mothers struggled. A never-ending cycle.

I also think part of this has to do with mothers coddling their sons and encouraging them to be reckless, while the girls are kept on a tight leash and expected to pick up their slack.

No. 673899

>> Women should choose better
I love when women actually stick around and spend their lives raising and caring for kids and the excuse that makes up for a totally absent dad is the above. She doesn't even get 40 or 50 percent of the blame in creating the situation, all blame is dumped on the woman. The selfish fuck who lives every day as a deadbeat with no conscience gets off cause 'well what did you expect?' Talk about misplaced anger.

I'm childless but I've certainly found myself sucked in by men putting on an act in the beginning. I have signed leases I regretted, I had shared pets that were then dumped on me. Thank god I never got pregnant before their mask slipped.

No. 673900

Two flies got in my coffee :(

No. 673902

Make a new one that's better. It's what you need.

No. 673905

I hate the "women choose badly" stuff! No women gets punched in the face and then goes out with the guy that punched her because she loves a bad boy.

The worst men wait until they think you're trapped before the insidious things start to show. That might be when you're finances are tied up with his, when you live together, when you're married, when you have kids, etc.

And honestly, rather make a bad choice than BE the bad choice.

No. 673906

Do you listen to Chrissie anon ? she makes very similar points as you do

No. 673908

I think I did watch her video about that one man who keep scamming people with hair products. I'm definitely gonna watch this later though, cause this man in the intro is throwing me for a loop. Thanks, anon!

No. 673909

was it Benny Harlem?He creeps me the fuck out.

No. 673912

File: 1605358000780.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.34 KB, 192x238, 94313.jpg)

Yes haha. Him and his overfilled bee-stung face get on my nerves.

No. 673913

File: 1605358074644.jpg (75.07 KB, 1199x802, d177e0b65f09e8f88276661c5235f3…)

Literally anything to do with pregnancy and children is considered entirely the woman's responsibility. Men get pretty much no stigma for getting a woman pregnant or leaving the kid. If the kid turns out crazy, you can guarantee the wiki page for him and his psychotic rampage are going to include something about how his mom didn't love him enough kek.

There's no way to escape the stigma. If you're a single mom, you're a burden on society damaging your children. If you have an abortion, you're a baby killer. If you don't have kids, you're selfish.

No. 673917

My doctor could have easily fixed my situation already but he fucking didnt its driving me up the wall, instead im supposed to wait this part out to see if any of it is a success when it isnt, i cant keep my life on hold forever fuck i want to be normal again

No. 673918

>Women should choose better
keep in mind this comes from men, of all races, who also lose their minds when a woman has standards so much as "have a job" before she'll date them, then she's a stuck up gold digger who only wants chad or whatever sperging

No. 673919

tbf black American women have worse options then women of other races

No. 673922

by this post I don't mean to say that Black men=bad
Rather the lower economic situations many black men are stuck in

No. 673934

> I love when women actually stick around and spend their lives raising and caring for kids and the excuse that makes up for a totally absent dad is the above

Nayrt but I agree, it’s like these people live in opposite land. These deadbeat dads doing fuck all and you want to have a pop at the women actually raising the kids, being on duty 24/7, cleaning up their sick and shit for years, trying to do the best by them? The mental gymnastics involved in that thought process, kek.

That being said, I have no idea how sexism against women even came to exist. A person can grow and push a whole human being out and you don’t think they’re basically a demi god? I wouldn’t want to be fucking with someone with such power.

No. 673937

Easy, envy. Men envy women for being the life bearers, sure look at the fixation on abortion and not absent fathers.

No. 673939

>Men envy women for being the life bearers
I don't think that's true.

No. 673946

File: 1605362665479.gif (223.26 KB, 796x1106, amjph00539-0138.gif)

I don't know how much of this has been researched further, but according to this dude we had quite the stellar history working. Looks like religion fucked us for the most part, and likely gay men masquerading as hets with a hateboner for women (King James). Picrel.


Despite all my rage, this will still be a post I must sage.

No. 673950

This is obviously wishful thinking, but I never ever want to hear the words lockdown or virus or covid ever again. I'm so fucking sick of it, I'm exhausted, i'm just done. I hate the obsessive need people around me have to mention it every 5 minutes, how "2020 suuuckksss omg stay safe stay home uwu". Never ever fucking again. My cortisol levels can only get so high. Any time it's even slightly mentioned i feel this wild urge to smash something. I'm just so fucking done with it all. I feel like it's a neverending nightmare.

No. 673970

I understand how you feel, but just know you're not alone and that it will end eventually. My guess is that things will start going back to normal halfway through next year, if not earlier. It's really dependent on how much people (cough burgers) insist on fucking things up for themselves.

No. 673971

christmas is so fucking stressful and I hate it! It's non stop my family arguing and getting stupidly drunk. My parents have bad attitudes and so nothing I get them is ever good enough, even though I'm a good gift giver imo. I know because nothing is ever good enough, I should just get a cheap present since it'll result in the same amount of arguing as an expensive present. But I can't stop myself because I'm always secretly wanting to please them.

No. 673975

Make. Shit.
Girl, what are you even doing? Just make them some fucking soap in a thriftstore crockpot and call it a day.

No. 673986

Anyone who uses "meh" should be slapped, especially if they use it in real life.
This also goes for "'tis" and any other fedora - tier web slang that somehow went mainstream, but "meh" will always be king of my twisted panties.

No. 673989

Candles and socks are cheap

No. 674030

I have no value to employers or society. I've applied to 4 entry level jobs in the past 2 months never got a call. I tried to volunteer at a rehab lost to a very friendly girl with a better smile. I have zero experience aside from my internship from 2016 and I have 2 gap years from being depressed and just being a bad student. My internship was in HR and looking at my resume now even I don't want to hire me. Society doesn't even want me to contribute, I'm not even good enough to help junkies. I'm turning 24 nobody wants an entry level 24 year old. I'm not charming or diligent I'm literally just a loser who lucked into a family that can afford a worthless daughter

No. 674037

just lie on your resume.

No. 674044

Anon, can your parents or other family members put in a good word for you somewhere?
Failing that, maybe apply to do volunteer stuff in other places. You can't be turned away from every single one.
Lastly, If your parents can afford you being this way, maybe you shouldn't be stressed about it. It's not as if you're depressed on purpose. If you can survive this way, don't beat yourself up.

No. 674047

I'm going to sound like a piece of shit but I'm having a moment okay

It's hard being in a relationship with someone that got diddled. You're not going to save them and they're not going to heal unless they want to. And even if they do it's going to be a rough time for the both of you as they reopen those wounds. You're going to feel helpless. You're going to feel like a piece of garbage for bringing up how it affects you. Hell, you'll feel like a piece of garbage for even thinking it. All you'll want to do is help, to fix it, to make it better, but you'll know that you can't, you'll know it's a slow process and that you either have to work together through it or acknowledge that while you love them so deeply, you have to leave for your own sake. And it'll break your heart. I still haven't decided what to do. In my heart I know I want to stay with my love, but at the moment I'm venting because fuck does it get hard.

No. 674050

4 applications in 2 months? I'm gonna be honest with you here anon, you're not even trying. When I was looking for a job I've sent about ~40 applications before I've finally heard back from someone. I spent every day looking for job offers and sending my CV there, ultimately it took me 2 months to land a job but if i applied only 4 times, looking at statistics, I'd never make it. It's harsh, but you really have to try much, much harder.

No. 674051

Come on anon, 4 applications in 2 months is nothing. Whenever I've looked for jobs I've sent 4 applications in a week. You just have to bomb every place you come across with messages. Also I don't know about this talk of "nobody wants an entry level 24-year old", I didn't get my first junior position until I was 25.

No. 674061

I've been on the other side of this. It driving my first love away. In hindsight it needed to happen
> they're not going to heal unless they want to
Having had 6 or 7 seperate long rounds of therapy spread over 20 years my experience is that you're opening pandoras box and you get worse and worse before you get even slightly better. Deciding to heal.. is when shit hits the fan tbh. Then the timeframe for healing is years with no end point because it's never fully resolved.

You're certainly not garbage. There are men out there who specifically target abused women to date and take advantage of and those are garbage people. You're going through all these emotions in response to seeing them in pain… you're a decent person. You'll probably ideally need some therapy yourself when you move on. It's time to look after yourself and your own wellbeing here. The reality of that situation is that it's like trying to fill a bottomless pit.

No. 674067

Some anons on here put so much trust into one job application, lol. I have a sister and a couple friends who announce on Facebook every time they send a single application I just have to laugh because I know they're most likely not gonna get the position.
I'm so used to applying to like 10 places a week like it's nothing. Given the commute time I gave myself was an hour away from home, sometimes working in your city isn't the best option.

No. 674074

I'm in the same situation as you right now. We've talked a couple times about her speaking with a therapist, but I think she knows how painful and messy that's going to be and is putting it off. We both have a habit of pushing everything down and never acknowledging bad emotions until it's too late and everything comes out at once, and I'm worried what will happen if she keeps putting off her healing. It's not driving us apart by any means, but it hurts to watch. It affects our love life, it leads to seemingly random panic attacks and depressive episodes, there's memory gaps, triggers that we don't even realize are triggers until it's too late. I can't help but feel like a failure for not helping her more.

All my care and support to you anon, I hope your healing process has gotten less painful with time. Do you have any advice for someone who loves someone is afraid to start therapy? I don't know where being supportive crosses the line into being pushy, I just love her so much and want to see her start feeling better and less afraid.

No. 674080

My uncle came to my house yesterday and stole some food. Who the fuck even does that?

No. 674088

i know this is dumb as shit ans i deserve it but i spent all night talking to a moid. i went to pee and came back and he was ignoring me. Beforei left he told me i was perfect and 5 mins later i cant get a response from him. why do i talk to men. it makes me so sad because i assume the issue is me.

he went from calling me perfec to refusing to look at me withing 5 mins. why are men like this

No. 674092

Thank you anon you're gonna make me cry

You're right, I hate to see him hurting and I just wish there was a magic button I could press to take it all away. Knowing that there's no such thing makes me feel so helpless…

I know what you mean by it hurting to watch. I think the most heartbreaking thing was seeing the person I love crying and shaking, and instinctively going to touch his arm to provide some comfort, but being told to please not to, not right now.

My bf is in therapy atm, and it seems to be helping. It took both of us reaching our breaking point for him to realize that if he didn't do something I would have to leave for my own sake. If it gets that bad with your s/o, I think it's important to remember that you can encourage someone to get help, but you can't force them. And when reading about this kind of trauma specifically, advice I found mentioned the importance of not pushing. I think what that means is, if you're at your breaking point it's fine to tell your s/o that if they don't get help you can't stay. But you have to mean it, if they're not ready or willing then you can't force it, and have to be ready to actually end things for your own sake. Idk if that helps, hopefully other anon can give you better advice

No. 674096

He's probably masturbating and then knocked out. All their actions are perfectly explainable if you take their horny gremlin nature into account

No. 674099

haha relatable my uncle stole my virginity

No. 674106

Drunk anon/Ricky Powers is back yo,

My head hurts and is spinning, my cramps won’t leave me alone, I have to pee and throw up - I think but am too lazy and just wanna go back to sleep….

No. 674114

I went through this too. I feel like there aren’t as many resources for partners of people who have been sexually assaulted, because rightly the focus is often on them healing the trauma. But it does affect the partner as well, and it can be super confusing and difficult to know how to be there for them and to continually remind yourself that their reactions aren’t a reflection of you. You end up feeling so unloved and unimportant. Not to mention the guilt for wanting to be sexual with them without retraumatizing them, and never wanting to remind them of what they’ve been through.

Everyone heals on their own time obviously, but I can at least say that for us, sex felt good and normal within a year and a half. It’s not a long time in the scheme of things but it felt pretty miserable getting through it. Things definitely became easier once he was at least able to talk to me more openly and share what he was going through so I was less likely to blame myself. I hope you both come out of this stronger and closer than ever.

No. 674116

God made me such an uggo. It's so unfair. I have deep, dark eyecirles, a big roman nose, sunken cheeks, heavy uneven skintone to the point people think I have unblended makeup on my face, big forehead, and to top it off, boring brunette and brown eyes, I'm sad. I look like a headass.

No. 674121

File: 1605381358258.gif (920.84 KB, 360x290, tumblr_m4k37oIcfM1qd5658o1_400…)

I'm sick since yesterday and god I hate it so much. I woke up on Friday morning when I suddenly got overwhelmed with the worst stomach pain since forever. Shit was so heavy that I was covered in cold sweat within seconds out of pain. Of course I dragged myself to the doctor later that day, got some medicine but I still feel eeeh. God I hate being sick so much. I had some food plans for this weekend but for now I have to live from camomile tea, zwieback and soup ugh

No. 674125

I really cringe looking back at my old pick me days. Buying men stuff, paying for them etc and they never appreciated it. I wanna slap the woman I was a year ago.

No. 674137

Life is suffering, I can't with 2020

No. 674142

I want the type of friendship that makes you feel like never succeeding in romantic love is nbd

No. 674145

Having a man talk a lot to you about an ex they can't forget or refuse to get over is humiliating, even if we're not in a relationship.

No. 674152

You can get that feeling from high self esteem, aka having a good relationship with yourself.

I do wish I had a friend close enough that you just do everything together by default like in a relationship though, sometimes I feel bad asking less close friends to do things with me if it's not especially convenient or their preference.

No. 674156

The best company is being alone, by yourself. I have tried friendships and relationships and it has all been dissatisfying and during those times I could not wait to be alone so I'm thinking I was just born to be alone, I feel really lonely sometimes though.

No. 674160

you guys sound lonely.

No. 674161

I am. Extremely.

No. 674167

She literally said
> I feel really lonely sometimes
You're really good at picking up on things anon lol

No. 674168

thank you anon, you guys are making me cry

>Things definitely became easier once he was at least able to talk to me more openly and share what he was going through so I was less likely to blame myself. I hope you both come out of this stronger and closer than ever.

this is where we're at right now. when things first came to light, i was very scared, overwhelmed, and uncertain. but since then he's become a lot more open, about everything, so communication has been a lot better. now we seem to be much closer and i feel a lot more confident in our relationship.

i think i was just beating myself up badly earlier; i had brought up something that bothered me and it triggered him. which is never the goal, you know? we've talked it out and are okay now. and i feel better. thank you girls

sometimes i really really love this board

No. 674180

this is exactly how I feel

No. 674181

I've gotten to the point where everything is boring to me unless I'm drunk. Like movies, talking to people, screwing scrotes is all better when drunk. Halp

No. 674183

I almost went autistic at the store today. This obese family behind me was breathing down my neck (not literally, they were wearing masks) and kept bringing their cart up right behind me. There's literally no fucking reason to be that close? It doesn't get you to the register faster? Even if covid wasn't a concern, why the fuck has everyone forgotten what personal space is? They also kept walking in front of me to look at things last minute and just standing in my general area. Need I remind you that they are also fucking HUGE. I swear to god I even tried to hint to them to back up by inching my cart forward just a bit to create distance, and they just saw it as an opportunity to also scoot up a fucking inch.

No. 674185

I hate thaaaat shit, just last week I told some old couple off loudly for bumping into my fucking ass w their cart in the register line. Suddenly they can move backwards, funny how that goes

No. 674192

File: 1605390175565.jpg (82.88 KB, 1024x684, 1656165419781.jpg)

Welcome back anon, glad you didn't died or throw up in your bed.

No. 674211

Watch ryland’s 10k calorie video and was taken back to my years of being bulimic. Seeing him puke, I can taste the McDonald’s vomit and I kind of miss it. It tastes exactly the same coming back up but the bile gives it a lil kick

No. 674213

I'm currently back in college with a full-time course load, and the more that I look at wages offered in this area for positions requiring degrees and further specialized certs, the more I feel like women are set up to make dog shit for money. I know this already in the back of my mind, but it feels like the system is set up against us. Men bitching about how the wage gap isn't real, when there's hard evidence of it fucking everywhere.
>women don't work as much as men
>women want to spend time with family
>other assorted stupid scrote defenses
No, faggot. Taking a vacation that's scheduled shouldn't count against anyone. Not every woman even wants kids, and shouldn't be punished if she did, so what about the gap there?
That and wages going down as more women join a field. I guess we're just not allowed to be fucking valid.

No. 674223

Damn just when I thought I can make new friends I completely ruined it. I was at a meeting of theirs and I didn’t know they had a strict no filming rule. I deleted everything from my phone of course but the one guy just wouldn’t stop shouting and told me to fuck off. I‘m so scared and just want to cry. I apologized but he didn’t want to hear it. Now I’m alone again and I won’t be making any new friends now because of corona. I hate myself

No. 674228

Bless you, anon. I'm never having McDonald's again.

No. 674231

i’m so lonely i really miss him. i miss being held.

No. 674232

Were you meeting up with antifa or something? Who freaks out that hard over filming? Sounds like you dodged a bullet tbh, normal people would politely inform you of the rules, not screech like children.

No. 674234

Was it some cult or what

No. 674236

I'm in a child free group on facebook and someone referred to a kid as a cum puppet and I'm fucking disgusted.

Its a fucking animal crossing group too. I joined because I heard that people posting in the usual groups had their islands reported for inappropriate material, so wanted an 18+ group to join and exchange visit codes.

At that time, it was more relevant to just mature islands, and I appreciated there were no moms asking for raymond for their kids because they love him sooo much. But I'd see vents regarding other groups and moms posting about their kid trashing the island and all the comments insulting said kid and the apparently shit mom. But it's nitpicking, and I even saw people criticisng a childs drawing of some villager with people being like "christ kid nobody wants to see your shitty pictures"? It's pathological and sad af to see these adults talking about kids like that, yet acting like they're fucking morally superior.

I don't like kids and don't intend to have any. I also think it's good that there's a growing counter option of not having kids because you don't actually want any. I have misphona and I literally seethe when I hear a toddler cry, to a lesser extent babies too. I become actually enraged. But at the same time there's NO reason to shit on some strangers child, as an adult, unless you're seriously mentally disturbed.

A fucking cum puppet are you fucking kidding me, fuck off.

No. 674237

I am never having kids and hate the mommy squad people but cum puppet? That shit sounds so incel tier name calling, reducing mere children into some hehe CUM term? Fucking lame, I would have hurt their feelings I think.

No. 674239

I've also ranted about child-free people a couple months before, but those people are just so fucking weird. I'm sure the ones irl are cool, but the ones on the internet have this strange, seething hatred for children and parents (especially mothers for some reason?). I've always thought the nicknames they use were incredibly gross.

And I say this as a person who is probably never gonna have kids.

No. 674244

I feel like people like this never matured emotionally past childhood and are stuck in this strange stage of having their inner child dragged out whenever some other kid is brought up to the discussion. It always feels like some fucked up form of jealousy towards the attention the child is getting.

No. 674246

Hi, I just wanted to share a trick that helped me. If you want to be employed no matter the circumstances.

Find an job that you can do, preferably a little bit skilled because obviously entry level are the most competitive. If it's posted by a recruitment agency it'll usually let you know who's responsible for it. Then come up with a question to ask them that's not too stupid. Because at that point you've already made more effort than most. They'll look at your resume, and chances are they'll forward you to the company as a candidate of interest. I got a decent job that way despite no experience or connections because I asked the recruiter a direct, technical question. It sucks because when you don't have those it's so, so hard to get into something.

I'm giving you this advice as someone who had long bouts of inactivity because I got too in my head about applying for jobs, would apply to about 10 in a day then nothing for a month. I agree with the others that 4 in 2 months isn't much, but I really get how daunting it is for someone who just doesn't have that confidence built up.

It's funny with entry level jobs, because it is just a numbers game. Earlier in my life I had to apply to 7 jobs daily, then eventually I guess I just applied to the right place and they called me in and I signed the contract more or less without questioning. It sucks because you don't know what those places are, but they're out there. Just needs to be the right time and place. Good luck.

I'd love to know a bit more about this. I wouldn't want to be friends with anyone like that.

No. 674251

is it a bad thing to be upset over a friend coming out as trans/nonbinary? i feel like ive lost her to tra shit. now she'll likely go down a path of gender cult shit and she'll mutilate herself. it happens to so many of my friends. she presents feminine, she is 2000x more feminine than me, so why does she come out as nonbinary? literally cant you just be butch or some shit? just dont conform to gender roles? i dont fucking get it. im tired of feeling like ive lost a friend and watched their personalities get entirely fucking warped. i just hate this and im ashamed that i hate this. i hate seeing my friends go down a path of self-destruction, especially when i know they arent trans at all. they just follow a shit ton of trans/nonbinary people then oh so suddenly, theyve been this way their entire lives!! like stop it!! stop it i fucking hate this!!! every fucking time!!! every! time!

No. 674267

That happened to a friend as mine too, anon. Which I find odd as she's always been interested in feminine things. I actually cut her off recently because I couldn't take the genderspecial posts on Facebook anymore. I know it's a phase but I can't bear to see her go down the non-binary road. Anon really think about what that friend means to you and what they do to enrich your life. If they're a good friend then just stick by until they grow past it.

No. 674279

Don't be ashamed of hating it. We don't need any more people who encourage this shit, especially when it can ruin so many people's lives.
I lost my best friend to this. She went on hormones, chopped off her breasts, and the last time she posted on social media she said she had detransitioned but that she would have to live with the effects of the hormones and mutilation forever. There's nothing you can do for them though, I had to leave my best friend because I knew I couldn't support her decision and I knew she would get angry at me if I tried to change her mind. As much as it hurts, you just have to let them make their own mistakes and distance yourself from them for your own mental health.

No. 674318

fuck my ex

fuck sociopaths

men like him are inferior. they always will be

No. 674325

My social life is so bad. I can go days or weeks without getting any texts or calls, except for work if I'm not there on time. I know it's a retarded reddit meme that 'quarantine isn't much different than my normal life' but it's true in my case. Should I join a cult?
At this point I'll take any friends I can get.

No. 674342

this. i feel it in my bones.

No. 674353

nah anon, i'm in the same boat. my friend has always been a bit of a bleeding heart and moved to a very progressive area, it seems inevitable that she'd go down that route… she's very feminine and her reasons for identifying as non-binary are the same as my own, back when i did: feeling as if you don't conform to expected gender roles, not liking the size of your breasts or the attention you get from them, feeling like an "other" in general, stuff like that. it's a shame, her individuality and the more unique perspectives she had on the world around her seem stifled. i'm hoping she gets over it, she's still a lovely person but idk. it seems inauthentic to me

No. 674372

A few months ago I posted about how my boyfriend's brother is a pedophile and was sharing/collecting cp. My boyfriend ended up leaving and coming to live with me and my family after we reported it to the police instead of the fucking FBI.

The police never did anything because the family destroyed his phone with the gun. His family promised they were going to get him help and keep him off the internet but I've been stalking his Facebook page and he's on the internet again. He is not in therapy either as we have learned recently.

There's no way he just stopped viewing that shit. I know I need to report him to the proper authorities but my boyfriend gave them our address and I am scared of putting my family or him at risk. It's very unlikely that his family would hurt them but his mom is completely batshit. His brother has already offended against my boyfriend. He'll do it again and again to other children when he gets the chance. I've already told my boyfriend that I need to report his brother again, he agrees but he's just so hesitant that I fear he'll never be ready.

No. 674381

File: 1605427919665.jpg (28.62 KB, 400x500, citydwellers.jpg)

One neighbour keeps throwing wet wipes in the toilet, which keeps overflowing into the main kitchen pipe. My kitchen stinks of sewage sometimes because if it. I use water exclusively from the bathroom, but both my washing machine and dishwasher are connected to the kitchen pipe. The idiot has been confronted multiple times about this and told to dispose only toilet paper, but they keep being an idiot.
I'm exasperated. As if we don't have enough of a health hazard with the virus, I have to think about fecal contamination. I can't with these apes anymore, the morons from the 2nd or 3rd floor that keep throwing out food through their window, the retards two floors above that let their shower leak until it started leaking into my apartment TWICE and the idiots right below them who didn't react either, the inconsiderate twats floor below that keep stinking up the entire block with cooking entrails every day, none of these people are fit for living in a city.
THIS is supposed to be "civilization"? It's still just a bunch of dirty monkeys. Pic related, it's a perfect representation of my neighbours.

No. 674387

I hate myself because I can't talk to my siblings without getting upset and it bringing up really bad memories. They haven't even done anything wrong but I feel sick and uncomfortable talking to them because they just remind me of situations I never want to be in again. I'm the shittiest oldest sister.

No. 674390

I try so fucking hard to get through my depression and issues by brute forcing it and sheer willpower. It still isn't enough. I work so hard but it doesn't fucking work.

No. 674392

Pisses me off the milk is so sry on lc. Literally everywhere.

No. 674419

File: 1605436430779.jpeg (20.07 KB, 275x216, 8B1F5A7D-7D41-4AF4-9D39-31E49B…)

I was talking with my bf about how I love Christmas, and he goes “You’re not even Christian.” I say something like “Christmas doesn’t have to be religious, it’s just tradition for a lot of people these days,” and he replied “That’s sad.” I thought that was stupid but I just shrugged it off. I love him but I really wish he was also an atheist. It honestly does makes me question our future sometimes.

No. 674422

you know what to do, anon. Be the milk you wish to see on lolcow

No. 674424

I'm christian-raised turned atheist and I honestly don't think christian x atheist relationships can work unless the christian doesn't really practice. Especially if you take future kids into consideration. As for the Christmas-comment, there's dismay under Christians towards atheists for appropriating/stealing their holy holiday (don't come at me for the historical accuracy of this anons.)

No. 674425

On the surface he just sounds stupid but then the "that's sad" line sinks in more…and he sounds full of himself in declaring that people living differently to his way…are automatically sad or the ones missing out. Dude look outside of your own little bubble. I hate those types

No. 674428

>unless the christian doesn't really practice
He doesn’t really practice. He never was the type to go to church every Sunday. I really think he’s Christian because he was raised that way and for whatever reason has never questioned his beliefs. I don’t think he’s stupid or anything, but it does make me look down on him a little and I know me saying that to him would offend him..
>he sounds full of himself
Exactly what I thought. I squinted my eyes after he said that just out of confusion and irritation.

No. 674451

As someone who is agnostic, that "well you're not Christian so you can't celebrate Christmas!" thing is so annoying. Let me have fun and eat and shit with my fam.

Celebrate Christmas if you want anon. Yes, it's a religious holiday, but it's also a holiday to enjoy spending time with the people you love. Holidays can have different meanings to everyone. What's sad about that? Besides, if you weren't celebrating Christmas then what else would you even do that day? Even if you do stay at home by yourself, not doing anything special just sounds so depressing.

No. 674463

I remember you. Fuck, this gives me depression. I think your boyfriend just wants to bury his head in the sand, understandable. It’s a fucked up burden for you to bear anon… without evidence, honestly the FBI may not even bother with one single cp watcher. Only if there could be an abundance of vigilante hackermans around. I hope that motherfucker dies, accidental or otherwise.

No. 674471

Lmao tell him to shut the fuck up next time. Christmas is a capitalist holiday and god is dead!!!!

No. 674518

Not even Christian/religious but this is also annoying

No. 674538

My mom always threatened to kill herself when I talked about wanting to move out.
She refused to teach me to drive, my stepdad couldn't, we lived so far in the country, we literally did not have neighbors.
I had no friends, my mom always told me no one else's parents loved them, and at sleepovers, all of the children were getting raped one at a time, and none of them new better and that's why they kept going back.
She told me if I ever left her, I would be stolen, raped, and murdered.
Every time I tried to move out, she would threaten to kill herself.
She has gotten crazier and crazier over time.
She had a hysterectomy two years ago and ever since, she's been using it to act even more outrageous.
She's always flapped her hands and screamed and said wildly inappropriate shit, but now it's just fucking constant, it is like living with a furious special needs child.
I am now the biggest loser piece of shit in the world.
I had to quit my glorious job at del taco because my doctors couldn't figure out if I had a brain tumor or if my thyroid problem I can't get anyone to treat has finally gotten out of hand.
I had to quit because I was getting sicker and sicker, I have diabetes too, and my toes had started goign numb and I had some pretty big blind spots in my vision, and my endocrinologist said if I don;t want shit to keep getting worse, I had to get rid of stress.
I knew I couldn't move out. I tried to earlier that year and my mom was screaming that she would kill herself and it was my fault and I don't actually love her and I would leave her alone with my stepdad.
So I quite my job. I never saved any money anyway because she kept taking more the more I made, so I gave up.
This year has been good for me, I've been trapped with her for over a year and now I know that even if every horrible thing she says is true and happens, the other option is to die helpless crushed beneath her.
I don't know what to do now, I won't be bale to get a license until next october because they changed it since I was in high school, you have to have the permit for a full year now
And there's a global pandemic, and I'm not sure which job is least dangerous for a sick piece of shit like me, and who would even take me with a gap in my work history, which was taken for illness, and a GED
I need to get out of here so badly.
I am such a piece of shit.
I have to get out of here.

No. 674542

To me people saying they prefer the English dub in animes over the original Japanese one sounds like saying "I like crustless white toast with ketchup and raw fish heads on top of it" or something equally disgusting and incomprehensible. I'm not a native English speaker so I don't have any sentimental attachment to it and all (at least American-made) dubs sound like saturday morning cartoons with equally corny, overlocalized dialogue. I just don't understand how people like it.

No. 674548

File: 1605460844211.jpeg (2.8 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0278.jpeg)

Same anon, my mom and I saw this at FiveBelow and bought it

No. 674553

English dubs really make me realize how autistic anime really is. English voice actors also tend to be assholes.

No. 674554

C-list English VAs (the ones you see in anime dubs, Netflix cartoons, games etc) are always massive assholes and keep causing drama on Twitter. Can't fucking stand them.

No. 674560

I was working the entire weekend and there has been some family drama and arguments and now everyone is asking for my opinion even though I have no context at all. I'm just trying not to laugh at everyone while everyone is arguing.

No. 674569

I can deal with the American dub for One Punch Man but only because the plotline is bombastic Power Rangers shit anyway and that's the only place where the over the top American voices make sense and there's not many female characters, which always sound even worse.
Are dubs in other languages this bad?

No. 674570

ESL too and I can't take american anime dubs seriously either, it's always the same five guys in every series, and the delivery and accents are so weird. For some reasons video game dubs tend to be way better (like MGS or FFXII), are anime voice actors so cheap they don't give a fuck?
I don't watch dubs in my language either because it also makes me realize anime autism, but I think it still sounds awkward bad than in english.

No. 674593

You can't even scrote tinfoil anymore… why live

No. 674802

Tried to comfort a friend whose distant relative caught COVID. My response to them was to try not to worry about it since there’s no set symptoms that can make it worse, and it’s not a death sentence. To try and think positive thoughts. Their response was really snippy with me like I’d said something wrong or implied they were dumb for not knowing it’s such an uncertain condition.
Idk what else to say man

No. 674816

I love my bf to bits but he's gained so much weight and very fast, he carries it well but my main concern is his health. He gets out of breath easily and is generally lazier. I told him "you know what to do, I'm not gonna nag you". However on closer inspection he doesn't, completely underestimates how much he eats(thinks that eating meal sized snacks is ok etc) and doesn't exercise at all. Its starting to annoy how he doesn't take his health into consideration at all especially when his parents have obesity related illnesses.

No. 674831

Ugh, he sounds just like me, anon. I'm so sorry you're dealing with that. Chances are that he knows exactly what is wrong and is probably literally not able to stop in the mental sense. I'm certain there's something changed emotionally, there's probably some sort of comfort in him eating the way he does that he enjoys.

I know in this situation, the only person that can help the fatso IS the fatso kinda speaking to myself here, but what are some ways you can help? Here are some ways that I think my boyfriend helps me to be more conscience of what I eat and how much I eat: he suggests cooking more, he makes comments about me spoiling my appetite before dinner and gets me to agree that I don't want to spoil my appetite, suggests snacks I could eat, keeps me distracted by saying he's not hungry yet, etc.
I'm not saying at all that you need to do those things, but they COULD help him. Really though, it is all up to him. for the past few weeks i have been telling myself "today is the day I eat less" and every time, I fail.

My last super suggestion would be to get a digital scale that links to an app. I got one called Renpho and it was like 30 bucks? Maybe? And it links to your phone, gives you a full body scan (allegedly) and tells your your daily weight fluctuations. It has REALLY helped me. I suggest getting one like that and having him SEE the numbers for himself. Because when I saw the numbers, I lost 10 pounds because it's gratifying to see the numbers dwindle every day and disappointing to see them go up. Everybody always says "oh blah blah blah you shouldnt be obsessed with the numbers". Well the truth is, being conscience (not obsessed) with the numbers is one of the best ways to actually think about weight loss for the better.

(breathes) sorry for the blog

No. 674837

Step one would be being honest with him. If the weight gain isn't affecting your attraction to him at the moment then fine, but you should make a list of how the weight gain seems to have affected and altered his behaviors and overall health.
Sometimes people who struggle with weight assume that others are only concerned for selfish and shallow reasons. Seeing the changes here and there laid out in plain writing can be a serious wake up call for someone who either didn't notice gradually or is in denial.
Imagine the impact of "look how this weight is changing you" versus "look how this weight makes you unattractive." It's a big deal.

No. 674858

If his family is fat then he's probably going to get fat too, anon. I know people can change with a lot of willpower but it usually comes after a scare and a genuine want to change.
Realistically, why would your bf want to change right now? He likes eating to excess and it's clearly not affecting him in a way that matters to him - he's still getting fed, fucked, and financed.
I think decide how much of a deal-breaker him getting fat and unhealthy is to you and tailor your approach accordingly. Be blunt.
For example, if he can't perform because he's too out of shape, then he needs to get back in shape before you let him near you again, that sort of thing. Presumably you take care of yourself, so demand the same of him. Get into a moid mindset.
You can try the whole "let's exercise together!" or "let's go keto together!" thing but truthfully it won't stick unless he's personally committed to it.
t. ex fatty

No. 674881

i feel like my mom is so fucken controlling/wants to be in control of everything. she's not even home yet she calls every other day just to tell me to do shit. go grocery shopping and buy this specific item, make the bed like this, vaccuum the house this way, scrub the bathtub with this specific product, etc. so fucken annoying. i'm just like shut the hell up istg i'm about to start ignoring her calls.

No. 674916

I hate going to sleep at night. I just start to think about what sleep actually is, me being unconscious for hours on end (usually with bad dreams) and I get completely put off and start to toss and turn.

On another note I really want to lose 20 lbs but I’m finding it so difficult. Over the lockdown I was actually successful in losing 20lbs when I was focused on eating in a deficit and going on regular walks, but I fell off the wagon because of a frustrating plateau. I ate what I like for like 4 months and (thank god) didn’t put the weight back on, still at that plateau weight.
I think the difference this time is that it’s now the dead of winter. I live in a pretty secluded area so I was able to go outside during lockdown and I took full advantage of the sunshine. Now it’s cold and wet and dark early and all my body wants todo is stay warm inside and overeat. I’m halfway there, but this feels so much more difficult than the first time.

No. 674934

File: 1605495635205.jpg (39.51 KB, 634x504, anon yelling.jpg)

I really don't want my bf to bring his maladapted cat with him when we move in together. I wish he would just leave the cat with his ex like they're doing with the other (ofc the better behaved and socialized) cat.
The way he talks about the cat fills me with dread that I'm going to be cleaning up and caring after a cat that's never going to display affection and who I didn't even get a say in having. He himself doesn't even like the cat all that much, and says that the cat will be scared of and not like me. Which makes me sad cause animals tend to like me. I worry cause even though I brought up my preference, he says his ex has been withdrawing from the cat cause she's assuming he's gonna take it. Apparently she had some lame cop out about not being able to afford the second cat even though that's bullshit. She's constantly at their old apartment where the cats are, they are her cats, she's just too guilty to adopt the cat out and wants to push it on us rather than admit she raised a cat she doesn't like.
I wanted to adopt a cat when we moved into our place. I haven't had a cat in over a decade since mine died, and my abusive ex threatened to kill me over the cat that I adopted and paid everything for–but even then I didn't get to pick that cat.
I feel sorry for the cat but I'm sick of being expected to be selfless for other people when all I want is a pet that I got to choose. Whose responsibilities of care I actually signed up for because I picked a cat that I liked and got to bond with. I'm so sick of having my choices dictated and predestined. It's not fair. My bf's dumbass solution is to have two cats. Except we're gonna be living in a small ass apartment where two cats will be disgusting and a nightmare to keep clean, and that's even if the cat I adopt would get along with his reclusive hellcat. Maybe if we had a house, but he won't get his shit together for that anytime soon. I know this doesn't seem like a big issue but it is to me, and I want to fucking lose it cause I feel my happiness is being sabotaged before I even get a chance.

No. 674939

File: 1605495934265.jpeg (31.92 KB, 567x357, EhVgF4IUMAEmyMO.jpeg)

cried for two hours in front of my co workers. couldnt even make it back on the work floor i was so overcome with anxiety. we are woefully understaffed and i just want to die

No. 674977

I am wishing you so much strength. I’m sorry you feel trapped. My words are nothing but I just really wish for your betterment. I really do, please don’t blame or think low of yourself.

No. 674980

Didn't you already post this?
Also what the fuck a Cat is a Cat.

No. 674982

Fuck that I understand you anon since I came out of a hoarder house w pet shit n piss everywhere. Told my family they can keep all the pets then moved on with only animals I chose. Their place is a disgusting wreck from them and I don't give a damn if my room mate wants a canine there's no way in hell I'm agreeing to another pet I don't want where I'm at home more to deal with it.

No. 674990

not to be a total catfag, but cats are highly individual. unlike dogs whose temperaments are largely determined by breed, cats personalities are much more randomly determined, so a cat is a cat is a cat really just isn't true.

>I'm so sick of having my choices dictated and predestined.
>I'm sick of being expected to be selfless for other people
i empathize with you because i used to feel this way. however, you have more control over the situation than you're currently allowing yourself.

you are forcing yourself to do something you already know you will be unhappy with. why are you making yourself suffer? if your boyfriend is not compromising for you, why are you compromising for him? does he not have friends or family that would take in his cat? if the cats are bonded, the ex should really be taking both or neither. you can be in control of how this situation plays out by being steadfast in your choices.

No. 674995

Are you me, anon? I can't talk to my sisters without this feeling of apprehension even though I love them to death. And like you, I am reminded of situations I don't want to remember. Hang in there.

No. 674998

well I feel like shit, this entire week has felt like a fucking dissociation. I can't tell whether it's my period or actually me becoming a fatty, I've seemingly gained a couple pounds but I feel like a swollen and bloated fuck, like I've gained twenty in my abdomen and my thighs are rubbing together. Is the body dysmorphia back in full swing? Fuck if I know, I'm supposed to be starting new birth control after this cycle hoping it'll help my ungodly back acne. Watched a movie that I wasn't super into with friends and kept talking the whole time, only paid attention because my celebrity crush was in it. I hated the way he was styled but he's literally one of the few things that makes me happy besides my friends. Work has been breaking my back and I feel like I keep having heavy headache spell that lead to me functioning slower and slower. My coworker took over a task for me when I told her I had a blaring migraine and I felt so bad seeing her help me. Nobody seems to really care and I don't care enough to find out what the problem is. I feel like I'm being dragged along by a hair and losing my mind, when nothings changed in my life. I just want to fuck, lose my virginity, then die at this point, living is so monotonous, everything is pointless. My family doesn't care about me and I don't have enough friends to warrant saving my existence ig. I'm at the passive "please let me manifest and get what I want and then I can die happy and sooner rather than later" stage of quarantine acceptance because I would be surprised if I could hold out till February or March if not later for a vaccine without a mental episode or relapse, I'm going to be at the end of my rope

No. 674999

I am at rock bottom. The situation I am in, my failing or unfulfilling relationships, and the pure self-loathing I experience everyday make me want to just give up and not move. I can't even picture a future I want to live in.

No. 675003

my sister actually did do some awful things to me and I can only ever talk to her in the family groupchat with my dad and her, otherwise I never talk to her on my own unless I'm forced to. I dread her coming back for the holidays from her uni, I wish she'd just stay the fuck away from me, but I have nowhere else I can go when she would be in the same house as me unless I can switch residence for the season, which I doubt. I get this visceral sense of disgust that her sociopathic ass is going to try and egg me on into a fight and I'm not going to deal with anymore wounds caused by this pompous little bitch. I'm the shittiest older sister for not seeing all these years that she was never on my side at all despite us undergoing the same trauma of having shitty parents and shitty life experiences. she let herself become a fucking psycho who only cares about herself and knowingly stomps on other people, she's even worse than our mother because she's 100% aware of what she's doing, when I truly believe my mother is deluded to the point where she believes she's doing good, my sister has no empathy and full awareness of the fact she treads on others to get what she wants. I wish I had someone to confide in but all she does is criticize and mock me. no wonder my friends are my surrogate siblings

taking into consideration and witnessing how continuously horrible my family is the older I get, realizing how they shaped me into the disordered bitch I am, it's such an ugly and harrowing realization to come to, thought at least one of them would be on the right side of things, they're all horrible as it turns out, and they'll only get worse

No. 675006

This is like the 8th fucking post that I've read today about you bitches starting your period.
You made me start mine ten days earlier and it's not appreciated.

Look. You're fine, and there's something in the air. I had a nervous breakdown in the dining room the other day and full on ugly cried half slumped half standing like some kind of troglodyte with bpd because my cat shit on the floor (etc. but no one cares).
I'll make it, you will too. Drink some water.

No. 675039

I've been a depressed bitch my entire life. No fucking kidding, I remember vividly being 6 years old and crying to my mom because I was perpetually sad and couldn't understand why. Thankfully now that I'm an adult I've kind of numbed myself enough to coexist with my depression, like I might be absolutely distressed and crying inside and unable to feel any sort of joy in life but you bet your ass I'm going to work and will even do my make up and probably accomplish all those menial tasks in my personal life because everything is shitty enough as it is and I don't want to make it worse. I'm also mildly convinced that as an adult, half of the reason I'm unable to be happy (aside from the obvious chemical imbalance in my brain) it's because I wish for things that I just won't be able to achieve and that are 100% out of my reach, and that in turn makes me sink deeper into my inability to just feel happy with my current situation because somehow I keep hoping that a miracle will happen and some of those things will come true and trust me, they won't because they are delusional af. I just wish human nature wasn't such a bitch and would let me give up all hope so I could get rid of the sadness and just be left with the apathy, I mean I can sleep or drink the apathy away but sadness is a pain in the ass. Being a human it's so fucking tiring seriously.

No. 675076

Ok so a 19 year old writes a piece on one of the biggest news pages here about how she's felt extremely lonely during the pandemic. Very understandable and a topic that's definitely important to highlight (maybe especially for young people who are more used to frequent socializing and may have a harder time adapting than those with more life experience).
Well, wouldn't you know - as usually happens on facebook - some old person has to take it upon themselves to step in and berate this young woman's experience because "think of all the young people who are lonely during normal times due to bullying, maybe some young people can learn something from this sense of loneliness"
The complete lack of empathy, the sheer play of pain olympics or whatever, I can't. I see similar unconstructive shit comments from adults commenting all sorts of shit on young people (or immigrants for that matter) and it gets so fucking tiring.

No. 675084

File: 1605520130804.jpeg (93.01 KB, 1800x1012, 66CCF087-4673-44CE-909A-87C34D…)

Just had to console some crybaby qt emofag who was cutting himself he is sad over his ex. I am so .. idk how to feel? I like him but this mans in love w his ex and I wanna die my heart gets crushed over the fact that he still likes her so much also I like him slightly less cause he sent a pic of his bleeding Wrists prompting me to call right after I told him I was going to bed. I’m still crushing and idk why goddamnit he’s so ethereal To me

No. 675089

My god woman that headache just isn't worth it.

No. 675090

Lol my ex was never over his ex when we were together. He could cover my face with whatever he could get his hands on and fuck her through me. Heed this advice however you will.
This site is 18+

No. 675094

Im often conflicted by seeing both sides to similar situations to this. I hate the Oppression Olympics but then I hate people with small problems blowing them out of proportion because they have no bigger problems to compare them to for perspective, usually that's just through them being young and it being their first hurdle.

At the same time I think it's almost a necessary process that yeah teens whine about relatively small problems and then grow into adults with 100 times more stress on their plate and it eventually hits you how much you complained during relatively carefree times of your life. Life throws worse things at you and it gives you perspective that you kinda have to learn through lived experience.

No point bitching at those young people, I remember everything hitting me harder 10/15 years ago

No. 675097

Anon is now the perfect moments to get him, don't state your intentions outright that could scare him off but get close to him, hug him and comfort him and he'll get close to you

No. 675098

I think my roommate has the rona and I lowkey want to get it too so I can get 2 weeks off work.

No. 675099

This is the worst advice in the entire thread lmao why would she want to be with a (seemingly) mentally ill freak? You should be telling her if she had any brains at all she would run away from the situation

No. 675145

God I have this thought constantly, I wouldn’t even mind being mildly sick, I just sleep on my days off anyways. I don’t have roommates, though. That said, still stay safe, anon.

No. 675148

That is some untreated BPD level bullshit, imagine the manipulation he put his poor ex through. Run anon, run fast

No. 675150

I'm so uncomfortable and fed up with my irl friend group and I regret meeting them. I was agoraphobic a long time and still have poor interpersonal relationship skills, I got up the courage to introduce myself to some people in public which is how I got involved with them. One of them ended up sexually harassing me, one of them is an absolute petulant manchild and his doormat gf and one fakes having split personalities and the other night got drunk and groped me then vomited in my yard. We're all 25-30 fucking puke man is a father. These people are so gross and I don't want to hang out with them but get stricken with dumb misplaced empathy and guilt if I don't just go play dnd etc. I've had so many awful experiences since meeting them and I want to just get away but then I feel awful for potentially making anyone sad I just ugh. The puke guys "alters" are his "dark side" his "bdsm persona" and a dog.

No. 675153

Anon…..you don’t have to hang out with these people

No. 675156

I know I don't have to but I hate making people feel bad. I don't want to make anyone upset because of me. I told them I'm taking a break though and I might just not return

No. 675157

My boyfriend is coming over to my house for the first time today but isn't allowed in my room or upstairs (I live with my parents and they set this rule out). I'm 23 years old and being chaperoned, it's humiliating. I still have to ask them for permission to stay out. God this is depressing

No. 675158

>I was agoraphobic for a long time and still have poor interpersonal relationship skills
Same. A few years ago I befriended two women who had their own mental health issues, one having bpd, the other having biploar. I quickly figured out that I was better having no friends for a while longer. If they bring more stress than anything because they act kooky or don't treat friends well.. dip out. Especially with creepy male friends. Men know what they're doing.

No. 675164

i'm 24 years old and i can't just leave the house whenever i feel like it, if i wanna see someone in the middle of the night it literally doesn't happen because i can't just leave and shit like that. this gives me a funny memory of how i lost my virginity a few years ago with my parents just one door away from me. fucking hell

No. 675165

You're making yourself feel bad, and your comfort matters a lot more than the feelings of a groper, a harasser and a manchild.

You gave them a chance but you can't fix these people, please don't go back from your break.

No. 675176

My boyfriend is so clingy and useless, it's getting really annoying.
Even when we're around other people he follows me around like a puppy, whenever I ask him what he wants to do together he always says "I don't know" and just watches me while I do my chores or whatever when I get tired of waiting around for an answer. He doesn't have interests or opinions of his own and just copies whatever he thinks will make him look cool from the internet, or parrots whatever he hears some MGTOW-tier incel say. For this reason he thinks I'm sooooo smart, me, a dumb fucking bitch who doesn't even know what she's saying most of the time.

In the morning he always wants to cuddle, even when it's too warm, and he always pulls me back into bed when I want to get up and be productive. When I don't get up on time he'll start rubbing his dick on my ass in hopes of waking me up with sex even though I told him I don't like it and his breath smells in the morning which turns me off.
He always wants to stay at my place even though there's nothing for him to do here, I live in a tiny studio that's too cramped even for me and I can't study, work or exercise with him around and then I also have to sit around since I can't do my usual stuff.
When I go to the bathroom he sometimes likes to ask me things through the door as I'm taking a shit, I've told him multiple times not to do it and that it's too awkward but he just says 'I dont mind :)' and does it anyway. Plus whenever he's idle with nothing to do he whistles and snaps his fingers and it's driving me fucking nuts.

I just want him out of my apartment, but when I tell him to go home he'll start moping and sadposting how he feels useless and lonely and I'll have to console him and tell him he's handsome and nice. Manchild.
Whenever I feel bad he never comes to console me but instead offers shitty backhanded 'advice' that just makes me feel worse. He also loves to 'listen to my problems' and then only respond with 'hmmmm' and a long stare before turning around to whatever he was doing at the time.

I can't wait to break up with him (after Christmas, he got me an expensive present) but until then I'll just have to seethe quietly. Bet he'll call me an evil bitch and tell his mommy all about what a good doting boyfriend he's been while painting me as a manipulative whore who was just in it because he's a rich, spoiled mama's boy. Must be nice to have everything and be told you're perfect and can do no wrong your whole life.

Men are a meme.

No. 675177

I'm older now and living alone but my dad had a rule that no friends or partners were coming into his house full stop. That and once he's in bed you need to be home and either in bed or being quiet in your room.

Both my brother and I moved out at 19, in a way I think he was smart to uh.. encourage us out like that lol. It got both of us out early and independant. Then neither of us ever returned home after any break ups or money problems. Win for dad

No. 675182

I'm so angry at myself. I forgot to turn on my alarm last night and ended up sleeping through my morning work shift. My co worker texted me to make sure I'm okay but I'm too embarrassed to reply to her right now, I can't believe I fucked up like this. The worst part is that my job is short staffed which means my absence fucked up things for everyone. Kinda want to tell my manager that I had a family emergency so I look a little less like an asshole for not showing up without calling in first. I'm dreading going to work tomorrow cause I might get yelled at. Fuck. I hate being an absent minded idiot.

No. 675187

I have a few unhinged family members and lately they have been going mental and wish I wasn't related lol

No. 675193

So what, you're just waiting to get the present before you dip out?

No. 675199

Yes, I had to mop up his puke when he was drunk this summer and I feel like a perpetual babysitter so I deserve it

No. 675201

Just dump him, whatever he's bought you couldn't be worth another month if misery going by your first post? You don't seem to like him.

No. 675202

Kind of coming to the conclusion my mother is actually autistic and it’s fucking me up. She always says shit that comes off as antagonistic and insulting and then claims she didn’t “mean it like that” like one time I got angry that the trash men picked up my recycling as garbage and she says “well most recycling isn’t actually recycled anyway!” It seemed like something a seven year old would say to demonstrate something new they learned and it made me sick. She’ll latch onto certain aspects of the topic at hand and delve into them when it’s inappropriate to the conversation. It’s all so unsettling to realize and now I’m wondering if I’m fucking retarded because I came out of her. Realizing my parent is messed up was something I could accept but it’s another thing entirely to try to understand what it means about ME. I found some old notebooks from primary school and they contained some extremely autistic sounding shit. Please end my suffering. I don’t even want to try to socialize now that I know I’m probably easy bait for boolies because of my early socialization

No. 675206

I stayed with my shitty ex for 6 months too long because he paid the rent so I was getting to put money away every month…it felt like too good of a deal to give up. Looking back…. I can always earn more money, I can't get that time back. I can't forget how infuriating he was to be with.

You are kidding yourself if you think it's worth it

No. 675208

Normally I'd agree, but his family insulted me on a racial basis back when I did still like him and I hadn't done anything to warrant it, this way I'll at least get a nice coat for my suffering.

No. 675209

You have no self respect if you think a fucking coat is worth it, that is the opposite of you having some sense of self worth here.

No. 675215

Okay and? Who said anything about self respect? I don't have a job and I can't earn more money for something like this ever again, for reasons I don't want to talk about. Self respect is not something I can afford right now, I'm thinking purely in practical terms.

No. 675218

Just get access to the damn coat now if he's already bought it and yeet it and dump him lol

No. 675219

Take him for all he's got anon, I support you 100%

No. 675226

i'm not gonna travel to another country to spend christmas with my partner and my friends think i'm a bad girlfriend because of it. there's a fucking global pandemic going on for fuck's sake and this is new relationship, it's not that uncommon to spend christmas apart during the first year of a relationship anyway.

obviously i miss my partner and feel bad about not going but i don't need a public shaming from my friends

No. 675231

The sooner Christmas comes, the lonelier I feel.

I am half of the world away from my family, and its my first year of actually living without them being around. No matter how good relationships I have with my s/o's parents, I still obviously know thaf I will not be considered something as close as an actual family member to them anytime soon, after all I am only his wife. I always do my best to make sure everythings okay, I clean our house on daily basics no matter of how tired I feel (I am the only one who does that), taking care of clothes, while also always making sure his wonderful family knows that I am there for them, so whenever they need help with something, his mother always shyly asks to. But there is still one family member who can't stand me, even though i did nothing wrong. They hate me because they are a hysterical, spoiled person who is about to reach 30s that never had a job in their life. They always make sure I will feel as lonely as possible whenever they are on a meetup with us. They always throw tantrums and talk pasive aggressively towards me. It makes me feel horrible all the time because I cannot talk to anyone about it but my own family, to whom I talk only once or twice a week. But it still doesn't feel the same. On top of that my family are having health issues, my sibling needs surgery, along with grandpa and coronavirus in their country is going complete downhill. I also couldn't find any friends IRL because of neverending lockdown, let alone job.

I just feel so tired, I do not even feel like buying any Christmas gifts. I miss when times were simpler, I miss my family. It's funny how much I hate my countrys government, but damn, I miss my home's candies and nice New Years food. It sucks feeling so lonely.

No. 675232

Eugh he sounds like an ex of mine. Trust fund baby who only sat around smoking weed and putting off his homework because his parents bought his way into the ivy so they're not kicking him out anytime soon less they piss off their donors. These guys offer nothing to the world I wouldn't even put up with him until Christmas. Scam his ass and then tell us about it he sounds like a mega bum.

No. 675234

I'd do this >>675218 too if I where you. But if you can't, I'd sit it out for a nice coat too ngl. Milk him dry and have no regrets.

No. 675235

Keep treating him like he's annoying and worthless until you get your coat, babes. I support you too, kek.

No. 675255

I babysat a 3 year old and while checking his youtube history, I found some questionable videos. I told his mom and she said she was gonna block those videos. Why do parents leave their toddlers or babies with unsupervised internet access? If these times are bad in terms of degeneracy, I wonder how we're gonna be at 10-20 years from now if we have babies watching softcore porn at their formative years.

No. 675265

Good luck if he hounds you and plays dirty because he's bitter you dumped him right after the coat. Set things in place for your own safety if you can. Will you be reachable after the break up? Does he know where you and relatives live? How well off and connected are his family?

If hes the type to try everything to get revenge on you..then it's a case of stupid games (with crazy men) wins you stupid prizes. He loves mgtow talk… yeah he sounds crazy enough to try everything

No. 675266

Screen = babysitter
I don't know why they can't just put Barney or Daniel Tiger on and instead give them access to YouTube, but that's all it is.

No. 675271

> If these times are bad in terms of degeneracy, I wonder how we're gonna be at 10-20 years from now if we have babies watching softcore porn at their formative years.
I am afraid… "Think of the children" is hardly funny anymore as a joke. We know early sexual exposure affects self-esteem for one. And at this rate, how much more sex-obsessed can society even get? I am gonna live to see.

No. 675275

Why do people who watch anime have to make it their whole life? Like, they think a character who looks and acts nothing like them is "sooo them omg". Which, whatever, what I'm really getting at is that my weeb friend tries to do this with me as well and it's annoying. I don't give a shit about anime, but she always sends me characters saying "she's SO you" because we both have red hair and are "snarky"? And she'll say "do I look like/do you think I could look like xyz" character, and no, no you can't look like a hyper-cute cartoon. You barely groom yourself much less put effort into looking cute and nice like the characters you admire. But whatever. Live your fantasy, just stop trying to involve me, holy shit. I don't get it.

No. 675285

Isn't Christmas more a family holiday anyway? I don't know where you live or what is your relationship with your family like, but giving you shit for not wanting to spend Christmas with your bf is kinda weird, especially in those times like you said.

No. 675303

>it's not that uncommon to spend christmas apart during the first year of a relationship anyway.
This is normal. I was married before full on 'xmas merging' happened.

No. 675306

thanks anons, i'm glad that someone sees this the same way as i do

No. 675319

Maybe you should start looking for some new friends? Are they always so out of touch?

No. 675321

Do not listen to your friends, they are in complete wrong here. Even if pandemic wasn't there, it is only your choice on how you'd like to spend your Christmas. At the end of the day, Christmas does not mean much anyway.

No. 675331

Maybe you guys will last but tbh less than a year of dating…high chance your romantic partner could be gone from your life by next xmas. I don't understand why your friends would push you to prioritise someone that much this soon into dating.

No. 675332

didnt get any work done today due to various period problems and now im crying and angry fucking HELL

No. 675339

Sometimes I want to kill myself just so people in my life really understand how bad it's been for me lately. They shame me for being distant, cooped up in my room whenever possible, and tell me that I'm overdramatic. My brain feels like it's on fire all the time. I'm so severely depressed beyond what I think they can even comprehend. I just want it to finally click for them. Part of me thinks they don't even care. So at least they wouldn't have to deal with me while simultaneously realizing that I was in fact being serious when I said I was depressed.

No. 675350

Are farmers period syncing or some shit? I swear there's been like 50 posts about periods and pmsing these past couple of days

No. 675352

Was just about to comment this, hell in the last hour I've seen it on so many threads

No. 675358

File: 1605545165825.jpg (48.65 KB, 574x750, 1605464913140.jpg)

I've been feeling so hideous. I have fine lines and wrinkles under my eyes from lack of sleep and it's making me consider just donating all my cute clothes. I went through something traumatic that really fucked me up and I haven't slept a good night's sleep in nearly 4 years. I look like a hag and I'm only 24. I wish I could be 18 and young again.

No. 675361

Honestly it's worse than that. Children that age can't properly interpret what's going on on screen. For example there's an experiment where you show a child, a video of someone hiding a teddy in the next room over. Then you bring the child into that room and ask it to find the teddy. Most kids don't know where the teddy is.
Meaning that these people are essentially showing their child uninterpretable nonsense for hours a day and expecting their brain to learn patterns at a normal rate.

No. 675381

I feel like I ask this same question every month lmao. It might partly explain why so many anons feel more aggressive lately. I'm currently synced up with my internet friend too.

No. 675415

File: 1605549246382.jpg (62.75 KB, 1064x893, ksk535-1217284096415518720-202…)

i sometimes consider giving up on life and just taking up a miserable wageslave job. if i do this i'll have money, at least, and maybe even be able to afford my own place (even if i do live paycheck to paycheck).

it's an absolute last resort option though. i mean i go through these extreme periods where i hate myself anyway, for being a NEET leech tbh

No. 675457

File: 1605555370901.jpg (12.06 KB, 200x193, images.jpg)

I suspect that my etsy customer is trying to scam me. She ordered something a month ago and although the order should have arrived to her in 3 days(which I told her) she only now decided to contact me(a week after I finally decided to throw out the order number from the post office) that she hasn't received it.
Left a negative review right after sending me the initial message, without giving me the chance to sort anything out and now she proceeds to tell me that she's a single mother of 3 disabled children that just got out of the hospital and that her child spent her birthday money on my order…
like, don't go with all 3 of the sob stories. Choose 1 or else it seems too fake.

Trying to fix it has been so stressful because I don't want to refund the money, as it cost me both time and effort to make the product. But at the same time I know that I sent it out the correct way(checked the address twice and used the office to hand it over at the counter) and the way she's acting is weird, so I'm starting to suspect it's a scam.

I will feel horrible if it turns out that she truly hasn't received it lol

No. 675479

I ordered something from Etsy once and it never reached my mailbox despite the tracking number saying otherwise. I live in an apartment building with always two people at the entrance, they checked every mailbox in case it was put there by mistake, nothing. I opened an investigation at the post office, but they told me it was delivered. Either the courier was lying (would not surprise me) or the guy who received the parcel took it for himself (they change everyday and I only checked the mail the next day). I want to say it's possible, but the fact that she gave a bad rating and that she told such a story is highly suspicious (really, three disabled children?). Can't you see in her favorite list if there are some items that do not corroborate with her story, like useless trinkets despite being a desperate mom? I fear you'll have to refund it though, if she paid with PayPal they always side with the customer.

No. 675496

>the fact that she gave a bad rating and that she told such a story is highly suspicious (really, three disabled children?)
Exactly! I would 100% understand it if she had messaged me earlier and waited for me to respond(even just 2 hours, so that I could get as much info for her as possible), but then the sob stories just kept coming and she got pretty aggressive with me, with comments like "Shame on you for scamming an autistic child with learning difficulties out of her birthday money, that's so low".
Her account is totally blank, with nothing on it. No picture or anything else, no liked content either. This is what set me off, seeing as how she claims she has bought multiple items from etsy because I suggested for her to doublecheck the address(I print mine out instead of handwriting them for this reason).

She said that she contacted etsy support so we'll have to see what they decide on. All I know is that I'm in the right this time and that she's not even looking for a proper solution(besides getting a refund, of course).

No. 675499

Nta but did you send it with tracking?

No. 675503

Maybe if she had asked nicely she could have gotten a more positive answer, but being this agressive from the start is really stupid. If she's indeed a scammer, she's a terrible one. If that's not TMI, what's the price of the thing she ordered and what kind of product is it?

No. 675511

Sadly no. I'm new at this and for some reason I thought I could save money by not doing it, which was my only mistake. I thought that bringing it in to the post office and her living near me would lower the chances of anything shady happening. Lesson learned, I guess.
Thankfully there's nothing in the shop that states that I do tracking and I have marked it as not tracked, so at least I didn't lie about it.

Yeah, I was willing to work with her, but then she started semi-spamming me with messages full of typos, and the initial review just felt forced, if that makes sense. She even lied about me not contacting her, even though I informed her that I sent it off and that it should arrive in 3 days max. I don't think there was anything else I could have done, as I was under the impression that she received it, seeing as she didn't contact me after a month of not receiving it.

It was slightly less than $120 and furry shit lol

No. 675514

anon. i have been selling for years and you are 100% not in the right here. it's your job as a seller to make sure the package clearly arrives to its destination. even though she's lying it's totally your fault for not getting tracking and etc on the package. being new at it is no excuse for not looking up what to do and your rights as a seller.

No. 675515

Are you a furry headband maker?

From a business perspective I think it's a mistake to guarantee a three day delivery unless she paid for and specified a priority delivery service that can make such promises. Most services I know of currently have delays, and maybe even because of her address it could have taken an extra day or two.
Honestly life happens, and her story could be true. Some people get too caught up in their personal dealings to notice missing packages, and maybe she gave benefit of the doubt for so long due to the mail issues I mentioned.
Did the parcel have tracking? Were you able to verify it had been delivered before you threw the number away?

On orders that go a bit pricey ($100+) it's a good idea to send all tracking and delivery numbers in the message so no one can claim there wasn't an attempt to deliver on your end.

No. 675520

File: 1605560244908.jpg (6.52 KB, 298x169, 1604456326260.jpg)

My father depresses me at times because he's so, SO obsessed with people. He wants friends. He wants to "form connections".

He wants me to do the same shit and is always going on and on about how inexperienced and silly I am for not wanting to engage with people unless I absolutely must…because everyone has an important lesson for me to learn or whatever. It's miserably hilarious to me.

See, ALL of his "friends" and "connections" regularly take money from him (despite having more money than he does lol), treat him like shit, don't even like him, and only ever call to complain about their own lives, etc. He's in his mid fifties and should KNOW better but he just fucking doesn't. Or he's so weirdly obsessed with the idea of having a large family and companionship that he'll put up with anyone.

And I've been around for some of these sessions where people just bully him. He always plays the role of clown-fool idiot-bastard so the insults hurt less. I know that's what he's doing, because I used to do it too before growing enough balls to just tell people to fuck off. I have to tell THEM to fuck off then he gets mad at me for saying it. Am I just supposed to stand there and let them talk down to you in your own fucking house? Get real holy shit.

I want him to adopt my mindset of not giving a fuck about "family" who wouldn't give you twenty dollars if you needed it without a lot of grand-standing and self-righteous behavior. Want him to grow some damn balls.

No. 675524

Welp. Thanks for the clarification and warning. Hopefully I'll receive a response from the mail service, just so that I know what happened. I'm starting to come to terms of having to give her a refund after these 2 replies. Not the best learning experience, but it is what it is.

I told her 3 days because that's what the post office claims to provide, I even checked their website to make sure of it.

>Are you a furry headband maker?

Furry as in fursuits.

>On orders that go a bit pricey ($100+) it's a good idea to send all tracking and delivery numbers in the message so no one can claim there wasn't an attempt to deliver on your end.

Yeah sadly I was too trusting of the mailing process. It's a shame because I was actually proud of the product and the way it came out :(

No. 675531

Do you talk to your father about this?
He's probably never had a model of a healthy friendship so he doesn't even know, would it be weird to make him watch films or shows where friends are actually good to each other?

No. 675544

nta but thanks for this. My mother is similar to anon's dad and the movie idea is brilliant

No. 675550

When I was still living at home with my mom we had to put a bunch of bills under my name and card info since I was the only one who worked. I didn't mind it at the time because I had a retail job and I didn't want to leave my mom with nothing. Also, I was a stupid teenager and I didn't know anything about credit or finances. Fast forward to me growing balls and moving to another state. My mom completely flips out on me because she can't put the bills under her name because she has bad credit and only gets government neetbux. I felt so bad and I agreed to pay her bills along with my own bills only for 3 months and then she'd have to figure it out. Welp it's been a fucking year and I am still paying her fucking bills i'm so fucking angry at myself for ever putting these bills under my name. I wish I could just cancel all the bills and leave her with nothing but that would be too cruel. I've tried asking my dad (who doesn't live with her) and other family members to please throw me a lifeline but they're all just as useless. I already don't make a lot of money and I got furloughed from my job for a few months due to covid and I almost reached my credit limit. I begged my mom to let me remove the bills from my name because of it and she ended up FREAKING out at me saying that I just wanted to leave her without any electricity/internet no connection to the outside world. I just want to die anons.

No. 675559

I'm thinking of filling up my car and driving ~30 minutes to go binge on ayce sushi for $16.99 because I'm suffering from major feelings of failure.
Found out I'm being let go from my job at the end of the month simply because no one in management cared to renew my contract after over a year of being here. Despite hours of job applications, I've heard back only from the recruitment agencies who are low balling me on behalf of their clients, and it's no guarantee I'll even get these jobs I interview for. I need so badly to make a living wage where I can pay my rent and bills.
Despite everything I've done, no one seems to think I'm deserving of employment with job security, and direct hire that equals benefits.
I'm demoralized and dejected, and all I want to do is eat my feelings. My friends don't really care and my family doesn't even remember I exist. They must figure I'll be ok, or that my bf will help me (lol), or maybe they just have their own unique problems and don't have the capacity leftover to care about mine. I understand, but it's shit. I feel like shit. I just want things to be okay and for it to work out, but so far I'm looking like I'll be screwed in t-minus two weeks.

No. 675563

No offense anon but your mother is a manipulative leech. If she's collecting govbux and has bad credit then she needs to talk to social services to see how they can give her aid. Cancel the bills, tell her you're broke and can't help her anymore. No child should ever be expected to work so their parents can live on easy mode. That's not right. Also, seeing a therapist might help you through this.

No. 675565

I'll try the movie thing. I doubt it's going to work, though. He's had good friends in the past, he's just too fond of keeping shitty people around and he's apparently too old to listen to anyone younger (me).

No. 675637

She can get aid for her bills and potentially downsize her place to a one that she can actually afford. You have done more than enough anon, don't feel guilty, you gave her A YEAR.

No. 675655

i wish i had a friend to talk to

No. 675659

trust me anon, you will need to cut her off sooner or later, and the sooner you do it the easier it will be on both of you. Don't let this become a habit more than it already has.
The fact that you've given in so many times makes me sad, as I used to be the same. I can assure you that she will manage on her own. You've given her plenty of opportunities to save up and if she hasn't done it then it's on her. You've already helped her out a bunch.
My mother did the same thing, using my credit card for certain purchases so that it wouldn't show up on her card etc. The fact that you had to literally beg for her to be more considerate of you is insane.
My heart aches for you, especially with your other family members not helping you out.
Please listen to the other 2 anons who replied to you.
Best of luck

No. 675661

>I went through something traumatic that really fucked me up
So that shit can not only fuck you up internally but also your face? Kinda explains my situation

Food as a coping mechanism is only good when there are other (good) coping mechanisms you use.
Otherwise it'll just make everything worse.

No. 675672

Yeah you're right about it being a bad cope. Don't worry, I didn't wind up doing it. I went grocery shopping and bought meal stuff for the week and threw in a junky snack like a normal human instead of behaving like an unhinged binger driving 40 miles for sushi lmao.

No. 675690

File: 1605573737276.jpg (44.45 KB, 640x750, a43wnOd_700b.jpg)

I hate this country so much, there's nothing I want more than to leave this shithole.

No. 675693

Same. I'm poor so I'm stuck here forever

No. 675703

If it makes you feel better I like Brazilians a lot, you're a fun bunch (not the men though)

No. 675719

I was today years old when I realized that I’m actually dumber than I thought I was. I’m so fucking sad I actually thought I was smart so I decided to major in tech but my brain just can’t keep up and nothing makes sense. Every time I try to read my textbooks, I just get so sleepy and I can’t focus. I need to switch out but I can’t right now since my gpa is too low.

No. 675720

What are the chances you have some medical issue that makes you unable to focus? Even as simple as anaemia. Because that doesn't sound like simple being dumb.

No. 675731

No. 675737

Why is it so hard to find someone who just…fits you? I can't say I've had one good relationship. Especially the ones where between two people you have xyz in common. It's beyond frustrating seeing everyone around me happy and enjoying their person. I'm happy for them and glad they have that. But I feel like I'm going to be forever alone

No. 675748

I second medical anon, you sound like my friend who found out their ADHD was worse than they thought. it could be that, good luck

No. 675749

I can't tell if I'm pretty or ugly. I think that means I'm ugly

No. 675757

the reality is that everyone around you isn't as happy as you think. i recently found out that my friends who look like the happiest most loving couple, the ones always cuddling when we hang out together, have dead bedroom and are totally pornsick. they also fight all the time at home. things aren't always as nice as they seem.

No. 675763

File: 1605584593723.jpeg (10.46 KB, 325x392, 7502F181-A176-4852-8B08-5F6F88…)

tfw bf got promotion from getting 27$/hr to now getting over 30$
and still won't give me a break during these times or help me with bills… this guy actually complains to me that he makes too much fucking money and that he doesn't want it.
Fuck off, I hate this dumb shit.

No. 675766

He complains he has TOO MUCH money? Have you asked him to lend you any? If you haven’t then he might not have even thought of doing so. Maybe he’s obtuse AND bad at connecting the dots.

No. 675770

Yeah, he is complaining. He's going through this phase of "minimalism" he got rid of the couch and a shitload of things. I also asked him to help me and he told me to "get a job" and I've been trying, it's hard with covid, chemo, and stress among other things.
Yes, I'm THAT anon. I feel retarded for complaining all the time here, but I don't have anyone to talk to.

No. 675773

not to be that person but is he worth it?

No. 675776

You should get a job and also a new boyfriend who isn't stingy for no good reason

No. 675784

Men shouldn't even be allowed to have a girlfriend without spending money on/for her, they turn into selfish babies otherwise. This one does not even know how to spend the money he's making. Minimalism?? Lol. Loser is living for aesthetic/lifestyle principles spearheaded by women richer than him and too attractive to even look in his direction.
This man has made himself into a couchless bitch and is still whining about dumb shit while you're suffering. And you're paying for chemo? This is self-harm anon
What will you do when he stops using deodorant because some skinny YouTube girl said she considers it a luxury? Lol

No. 675790

I fucking hate the term "fur babies" with burning passion. Fuck everyone who says that.

No. 675794

I’ve recently realised I don’t give a fuck about most of the people I’m “friends” with online

I don’t know if I’m just exhausted or it’s something else but I realised I was more interested in what was happening than who was involved and even now that interest has faded

Maybe it’s larger groups of people or something but it’s just boring to deal with and I don’t have the energy to pretend to care right now

No. 675814

anon you are not the problem. couples that seem perfectly compatible and totally in love with each other are usually
>still in the honeymoon phase (from what i’ve seen it can last anywhere from around a few months up to 2 years) but after some time passes their relationship is pretty much only gonna go downhill
>have plenty complains about their partner and sex life but keep suppressing their feelings for months and years until one or both of them realize they’re wasting their time and snap

sadly relationships are just fucking hard overall and nothing is ever guaranteed

No. 675816

My shitty T.A Decided to be petty for my essay that’s worth 10% of my mark and marked it 0% because I wrote the wrong T.A name. Fuck you too bitch.

No. 675824

Kek, is that P.A 12 yo? Who the fuck does that?

No. 675827

i don't read the ban messages anymore on this site since the admin and farmhands have been refusing to respond/mod the site. I got a vpn and just post whatever because talking to admin/farmhands in /meta/ gets ignored and I never heard anything back from appeals.

I noticed the other day a farmhand wrote a 3 paragraph response in a ban message over a 5 word post made by someone else that uses this range. I just want to make it clear no one is reading your sperg outs. They're not even being seen by the people you ban.

No. 675832

File: 1605603796501.jpeg (60.34 KB, 617x576, fuck.jpeg)

god i fucked up again, i'm so stupid. why is my brain like this? fuck

No. 675838

I've given my boyfriend everything in my life. We're on the verge of having more money than we ever wanted or could even use and I have realized that I hate him literally more than anything in the world. we're getting married and if I know anything about him he'll make me sign a fucking pre-nup. I hate him. I really, really hate him. I hate being with him, I hate being around him, he is literally the personification of evil.

But I'm a dumb materialistic bitch. Do I stick with him and be miserable and rich or do I ditch him and hope I luck out again with someone more tolerable?

No. 675840

Why do you hate him?

No. 675841

He's just a nasty, evil, spiteful person. He's emotionally volatile, he hates women, controlling, difficult, egotistical, thinks he's the best man in the world.

Tbh I'm just venting. Nothing about the situation will actually ever change. He branched off to start a tech start-up and it just got funded, he's going to make a shit ton of money and it will only make him worse.

No. 675842

I wanna deck my roommate in the face.

I TOLD this bitch that I was expecting roommates to stay a min of 3 months because the whole process of finding a new roomie is exhausting. She knew that. She assured me she’d stay til mid next year.

But now this cunt decided that she’s too sad when she’s not living in a nasty ass hostel with a million other backpackers. And she ended her text with “I hope you understand how I don’t feel happy because of the situation and I need to put my happiness first”

Fucking hell. It’s not my fucking responsibility that she decided to rent a room in a quiet and relaxed apartment. She decided that for herself before realising she liked the party lifestyle too much. I can’t believe this bitch is 26 and trying to make ME feel sad because she thinks not partying is making her depressed.

I’m mad at myself I didn’t put anything properly in writing and took her word for it. I’m mad I got played again by selfish people. And I’m mad that people think that because they send me their share of the rent money, that I’m somewhat like a renting agency or an hotel they can leave anytime they want and I don’t have my own shit going on.

I hope she gets bedbugs and gets robbed in her nasty ass hostel.

No. 675843

You need to leave him then. Preferably before you get married. Not sure why you're acting like it's a life sentence when you have a choice. Even the richest man in the world couldn't justify such shittiness. Are you sure he'd even share his money with you given how shitty he is?
It's better off being a little poorer than having this man drain the life out of you every day.

No. 675844

File: 1605607087390.jpg (18.23 KB, 540x540, iadjeifjrnfueur.jpg)

I am so retarded. I have been having panic attacks since last night thinking about this, I am livid at myself. Why did I let him take pictures of me with him, I was ass naked and SIXTEEN and evem though I wanted to refuse I didn't! I am so retarded. He was 30, he had more power than me, more power than me, what if he just decides to ruin my life one day and post those two fucking pictures online? I cannot let thay happen, I live in a muslim state, I would absolutely fucking kill myself before my mother does, I am so stupid. I cannot imagine. It won't dent his reputation a bit but I would be absolutely disowned and hated and beaten up I am sure. I am so stupid, I was so stupid. Why did I allow it to happen. I am so afraid of checking his social medias wokdering if today is finally the day he decided to take revenge for me blocking him everywhere. He doesn't know why I blocked him, it's because you forced me into sucking you when I really did not want to, and you recorded it when I explicitly said no!!!! I am sure you have shown those pictures and videos to your friends and they all laugjed at my whore self probably but I JUST want peace, some peace for a single day without being riddled with anxiety over this. Over my own retardation. I am so over it. I have no one to talk to about this, who would i evem? I would get judged to hell and back and it is partially my fault yes but everyone would say it was FULLY my fault, which I don't think so!

No. 675847

Fucking orbiters won't stop orbiting my bi girlfriend and I'm going insane!!!!

No. 675849

anon you better stop right now with that "I was so stupid" and shit! You were 16, a minor, IT's NOT YOUR FAULT. I'm really sorry that you have to live with this pressure but don't blame yourself for being manipulated by a 30 years old. Is it even legal in your country to sleep with a 16 years old when you are 30 ? When did all of this happen ? If he wanted this videos out he would have already done it by now if it was a long time ago. I'm wishing you the best and don't forget that what happen doesn't diminish your value

No. 675851

If he's making you sign the pre-nup and you're not willing to live a life where you're tolerating an awful person because he has money, I'd say get out now. He seems like the type to be extremely spiteful with his wealth if you do ever decide to divorce him and you might not see a dime. I would honestly steer away from marrying someone with money, girls online will tell you it is the most important thing but I went to school with children millionaires and I can tell you right now, my friends parents were often miserable. Especially the younger wives of these evil type of men. Money doesn't make up for the years of turmoil you may be subjecting to yourself by staying with him.

No. 675852

She should put a stop to it. Girls who act like they can't help having so many men orbit them know deep down, they're normally giving these losers just enough attention and acknowledgement that they see it worth their time to keep trying to have their way with them.

No. 675856

I agree! Her official version doesn't though.

No. 675857

You are right anon, I should try and change my way of looking at it. Like, it was the result of years of bad actions that lead to that moment, I just felt, I still feel, worthless, because I have been fed since I was a child that my only worth is being pure till marriage, it's everywhere, when a woman gets raped, what people say is that her family is now dishounoured, but I got molested for years and years and it stopped when I was 11 but at that point I already felt that all my worth in society has diminished and I can just do whatever and I was so reckless for so many years. I am 19 now, and I am trying to let go of this way of thinking, but it's so hard to do alone, anon. Premarital sex here is illegal I think, and legally the age for marriage is 18 so I'm not sure what I should classify those times I did it with him as. It doesn't matter anyways. But you're right that if he hasn't done anything all this time, he probably won't do it now. I just hope he deleted those files, he didn't show them to his friends. I still autistically look at his twitter every day. Venting has made me feel a little better, thank you for listening to me anon.

No. 675858

Any chance you can sweeten up to him again, delete those pics and cut him off again? That's what I would do, although the risks may not be worth it to you since you live in a muslim state. I'm sorry you live in such a backwards, women-hating place. I'd be very anxious too.

No. 675861

>I just hope he deleted those files
nta but if he took those pics and video on a phone, it's entirely possible those files are simply lost. Me and just about everyone I know have loads of lost pictures from broken phones without backing them up properly.

No. 675868

I really don't think I'd be able to handle it all again. He's also married now, and I remember he told me he was gonna get married soon and if we could continue this relationship even after he was married, and I was so shocked he didn't find anything wrong with that. Sorry, weird tangent. But it's even risky now with a spouse by this side. But this also makes me think that he might not post those images now since he is married with a good muslim wife and all.
I hope you're right anon, he's changed his phone twice since then so I hope those files are just lost. I really pray that's the case.

No. 675869

My anus is bleeding and staining my undwear and it also itches so baddddd. All because I've been pooping so much lately, body why!?

No. 675870

Do you have one of those extra long nighttime pads?

No. 675874

No, but good idea. I'm going to the pharmacy soon to pick some up.

No. 675875

Just remember that your brain is a muscle. I used to be the same because all I did was browse the net without bothering to learn or properly memorise something, as I had always gotten good grades without trying, but after a few weeks of memory games/trying to remember poems/reading books without distractions my focus and memory issies have gotten a lot better.
I unironically believe that many children nowadays who are diognosed with ADHD just need to lay off the phones and focus on their own brain more. There is still a chance that it could be medical, of course.

No. 675876

If you marry for money, you'll earn every penny of it

No. 675878

Instagram frustrates me more and more with each update. Are they trying to purposefully tank their application or something?

No. 675883

Not a current vent but one of those old shitty situations that pops into my head every now and then and annoys me again lol

In my last relationship we had a discussion in the early stages where he voiced an interest in anal and I put it out there that it was a no-go for me. One of those things I couldn't budge on so I adddressed it early and being that early in it wouldn't of killed me if he dipped on the basis of anal of that big of a thing to him. But he accepted it was something that I wouldn't do and that was my permanent stance on it. I don't feel like I need a good reason to opt out of it but I do have a medical history that'll scar anyone when it comes to feeling violated in that area. I told him all about that.

Two years later we're living together. He's older so things were feeling serious enough even after just 2 and a half years. His parents have a holiday home down the country and we drive 2 hours to it and plan to stay for 4 days. He spends the 4 days in a mood. He ends up giving me the silent treatment and avoiding me while we're stuck in his parents house. I don't drive and I'm desperate to leave but feel stranded in this house of deafening silent treatment. I finally drag an answer out of him on why he's so moody and it's because he expected anal….?? He thought that because it was 'a holiday' I would be kind and give him anal. I have no idea where that massive leap came from or why he thought a few days 2 hours down the road staying at his parents house for free is such an insanely romantic getaway that it requires me to have a form of sex I'm opposed to. Fun memories.

No. 675888

I cannot believe men sometimes.

No. 675889

We're under a lockdown but my little sister made her bf come at our home twice so far. Despite this being illegal. I told her she shouldn't invite him here because he's not part of the household, because it's literally illegal and I know barely anyone cares about wearing masks these days too, and she was like "but technically we plan on getting married some day so it doesn't count" anyway we argued and she didn't like it when I said he's basically a stranger since he isn't physically, literally living with us because she was trying to argue stupid shit about legal documents you have to show cops if they see you outside and ask why your outside. She was mad at me and told our mother that she won't forgive me for what I said. I really don't give a fuck but I'm surprised she took it personally when I said the exact same thing about our big sister who doesn't live with us but wants to come home just to eat without cooking in the exact same conversation.

And now my big sister and my mother are arguing because she and I were raised like we were religious fanatics, as in not allowed to communicate with boys AT ALL, being called whores for just being girls, my sister was insulted a lot for dating a white guy before and then for trying to live by herself so she forced herself to dump him just to be """respectful""" towards our parents and our religion, but our little sister has a bf or fiancé or whatever who's asian and christian and my parents don't give a fuck whatsoever. They're both yelling at me for a bunch of shit related to that because they don't want to talk directly to each other so I have to repeat what they want to say to each other. My mother is blaming my big sister for her life choices but she's too retarded to notice that I have never done anything wrong according to her and my mentally ill father's own criteria and that precisely because of this that my life sucks and that I'll die of old age as a kissless virgin so I don't even want to listen to her shitty arguments

No. 675890

He sounds like a piece of work, it's good that you're not with him anymore. Entitled bitch scrote.

No. 675900

Time to get out of the house as soon as your financials and corona allow it. Your mother sounds like the type of person who can't be reasoned with with substantiated arguments and common sense so you might as well just let it go for your own sanity. I have one of those type of parents as well and I've learned the hard way that it's not worth it.

No. 675913

True, she's very clingy and tends to be anxious or depressed super fast. I tried to move away in another country for a year and see if I could stay for longer but she was calling everyday and begging me to come back despite spending years telling me that if I didn't like my shitty life at home I could just fuck off. I got a fulltime job more than a month ago and I'm saving money, as soon as my probation is over I'll get the fuck out of here and won't look back. My mother is far from the biggest problem, my father is way worse, but he's not too involved in the argument between my big sister and my mother (or rather he's responsible for a lot of things but nobody wants to admit it for some reason except me) My mother was on the verge of crying because since my sister moved to a plce closer to ours she never invited our parents to her place and my mother takes it very personally and thinks she's hiding things from us. She doesn't realize that the reason why they're never invited is because they're nitpicking everything we do and my sister just doesn't want to cook or clean for them or she's outside when they want to come unannounced. I have to stay in our city because of my new job but I'll try to go somewhere a bit further away, even if that means a way more expensive rent price.

No. 675935

I'm having a fucking panic attack at work because the guy I have a crush on doesn't care about me and I am so fucking lonely I could just jump out of the window. Why even live if everything is pointless and no one likes me anyways.

No. 675936

So he makes too much money and he doesn't want it.

But he also can't use any of it to support you and make your life easier while you deal with chemo, and has actively done shit like gotten rid of your couch under some blanket excuse about aesthetics.

That man is either mentally ill or doesn't love you.
It sounds like he's actively trying to make you miserable with him so that you'll end the relationship.

No. 675945

Are you two living together?

>He's going through this phase of "minimalism" he got rid of the couch

He honestly sounds equal parts asshole and loopy. You might aswell be single and broke than date someone who will still leave you broke at a time like this.

No. 675947

I found out this month that i was misdiagnosed as autistic and depressed ten years ago. This diagnosis has had a big impact on how doctors have contextualised my symptoms when I came back to say treatments weren't working and has really affected my life. I spent over a decade being fobbed off and not examined properly, taking SSRIs that don't work, and feeling like I am genuinely incurable and that life will always be painful.
I kept my problems to myself and bullied myself into functioning properly, going to uni and work and trying hard, and not talking to people more than necessary so that I didn't overshare or burden them. I stayed away from sex, drugs, and alcohol because I knew they all made me worse. I've gotten pretty far doing this and now I'm doing my PhD and working as a lecturer at 28, but I don't have any close relationships and I don't have any personal joy or happiness. I was only working hard to make sure I didn't end up homeless like my dad. I didn't understand what the point of being alive was.
I got so tired of living like that that I tried to kill myself at the start of October and was found unconscious by a family member who came to the house unexpectedly. I was taken into hospital for a few days for emergency surgery and a blood transfusion. It came as a shock to everybody and I've spent the last six weeks being assessed and medicated and they said I've been historically misdiagnosed and that I actually have bipolar and EUPD. The doctors are now giving me lots of treatment and listening to me and I feel really overwhelmed and emotional.
I'm grateful for the help but I also wonder where I would be if I had been correctly diagnosed and supported back when I first got referred to the mental health services. No wonder life has been fucking horrible and difficult living with unchecked bipolar. Everyone who has worked with me says I'm very strong and resilient and should be proud of what I've accomplished while managing two illnesses alone, but I keep grieving who I could have been with earlier intervention.
I'm also grappling with the new idea that I'm borderline. I'm worried that I'm an intrinsically abusive, manipulative person, so maybe it's just as well I never got very close to anyone. Everything I Google about it is so negative and that's understandable. I've been referred into long-term treatment to fix it, but I am genuinely wondering what the point is. I don't know if I deserve all this help if I want to die anyway.
Sorry for the long post. It's been a lot.

No. 675949

I was told I had bpd after a suicide attempt and a ten minute talk with a psych… 6 years later I was told I do not have it and I was sent for an autism assessment. We're kinda opposites here but I feel your frustration anon. Such a drastic change in diagnosis.. it almost makes you question who you. It's an unsettling feeling.

No. 675960

Saw your post, and while I don`t have bp to provide better advice, I wanted to comment that I'm sorry you went through all that and offer a reassurance about at least one thing. The fact that you're concerned about the possibility of "intrinsically abusive…" tells me , a random stranger, that you won't be. You want to be good to others and I believe that you'll do your best to do so. Hope that offers some comfort.
Saged because i'm not venting but i am tired of dealing with my rhuematism ( even spelling the word is annoying!)

No. 675961

Anon, there will be other guys out there. I know it hurts right now, but your life is worth so much more than any romantic relationship.

No. 675965

A few years from now you might not be able to recall this guys name.. I get that it hurts for now but most scrotes (bfs, crushes) they come and go and get replaced anyway. You're the only constant in your life so work on building yourself up regardless of how they see you

No. 675967

>have friend that works in hospital
>new requirements say that they're required to wear medical grade masks
>they received boxes of non-medical grade
>still required to wear
>tells me they tear a hole in them before putting them in trash
>ask why
>when the hospital "resanitizes" the masks, friend has gotten them where they smell heavily of women's perfume

No. 675975

What the fuck kind of podunk hospital…I also work at a hospital where we're
(obviously) required to wear masks, and in the spirit of conserving PPE for medical and clinical staff, we're to wear cloth masks from home and they have some they provide and launder nightly for people who forget theirs. How is this a difficult concept? Their director or whoever enacted this practice is an absolute retard.

No. 675980

Not podunk. It's one of the main hospitals in the region and it's nearly monopolized the other medical facilities around here and through the state, and northern part of the state below. They have hospitals all over the country.

No. 675983

Frightening. Godspeed to your friend and patients of that facility, anon.

No. 675991

What the fuck, that's the hardcore version of "put a shit ton of salt in your ruined dish at the restaurant so if you're given the exact same plate with just one removed ingredient you'll know". And wouldn't the hospital be in trouble if someone from outside the hospital knew they reuse dirty masks? Like the police or whatever medical organization?

No. 676008

I couldn't imagine that it hasn't already been reported. There's just too many people who work there that would be pissed about it. It should be reported to the health department, but if it's been reported there and they still haven't done anything what could you do?
This company also had people come in and interview employees to tell their story and evidently offered one of the immigrants money to go back to Cambodia after writing his story on how he and his family fled camps there

No. 676009

File: 1605629397309.jpeg (92.11 KB, 699x464, 01980E93-17B9-47CE-88CD-17548B…)

I become irritated and have a visceral reaction when people give advice in the context of religious philosophy. Religion is personal and texts written thousands of years ago have nothing to do with the issues of today in the way people tend to frame the advice. Blind faith in yahweh, god, Jesus, Mohammed etc isn’t going to fix your sons crippling depression Janice, or your financial troubles Gertrude, or your husbands coma Yazmine. What got me today was a youtuber saying “may your heart soften to him as he fellowships with you” (talking about Jesus) and I felt so violated hearing the same bs I had to listen to constantly in the past, like I was the one who needed changing despite being a child. I think I’m definitely traumatized from growing up in a conservative household and being forced into performing a narrow way of thinking lest I be rejected by everyone for it. I can’t help but feel just a little bit of hatred towards organized religion after dealing with the hypocrisy my whole life and getting literally chased around the house with a bible for liking women.

No. 676011

i relate heavily, neighbour… im from argentina and i've always wanted to leave this stupid country

No. 676013

sorry for the ignorance when you say poor you mean unable to afford moving out of the country? i always had the impression internet access=not poor perpetuated by the weird impression in my country that south americans are either wealthy or living in slums/huts.

No. 676017

>finds restaurant I like
>orders from them constantly
>a month later they up the prices
Every. Fucking. Time. Fuck you!!!!

No. 676032

Damn price inflation. I hate this when I check my purse to see how much change I have, oh I have the exact amount that a coffee costs so I'll grab one on my walk to work and it'll feel like I'm not really spending money (coins don't count as real money in my head lol) Then I get there and the price went up 10 or 20 cents so I've to put my change away again and pull out my card anyway

No. 676033

Nta but I’m from latam too and in order to move out of your country legally you have to have an absurd quantity of money. Sometimes we can’t even apply for a visa because our countries are not even considered to be on the list of countries that can apply for them, so that means entering by investing on something, so you need at least 60k dollars in a bank account so they consider accepting your ass.
Latam is a trap, it’s difficult to create bank accounts outside because most of the times you will get a bunch of buts and ifs from them, but you need the bank account to be able to say “I kind of would like to live here?”.
At the end of the day it’s easier to create your own bubble in which you can try having your best life but shit happens and then you remember you’re living in Latam.

No. 676045

God I feel like a child. I’m like 20 years old, yet still watches cartoons and anime like I’m 12. And the issue is, half the live action I see others rave about either don’t appeal to me or were much better animated. There’s some I like but there like part of the 1% I can tolerance. I feel kinda lefts out because I can’t find the appeal in them.

No. 676049

Enjoy what you enjoy. Don’t let other people make you feel like you need to change that because it’s too childish. Having cartoons on can be quite comforting imo

No. 676052

nta but a latin anon here, exchange rates are obscene and fuck up our hopes of ever leaving this shit show. we pay really high rates for internet but at least is in our local currency. and also everything >>676033 said.

No. 676067

My current bf and I sometimes vent to each other about our past relationships. I tend to let him vent more because he had a more serious ex (10 years married) and right now he's dealing with the finalization of their divorce which is coming to a head since they were separated for years. He pushed to finalize recently cause he wants to marry me. I understand why he's frustrated right now and why their relationship is on his mind. Whereas mine were mostly short, I never married. Plus I know men disdain hearing about their gf's past relationships so I tend not to bring it up. The past is so behind me that a part of me feels stupid for bringing it up, but another part wants my bf to know my struggles. Sometimes it just feels nice to commiserate and talk about shitty exes.

So I dated a pretty abusive guy for about 4 months during the lowest time of my life about two years ago. Back then I broke up my 4 year relationship and was so distraught that I rebounded with this lovebomber. This man abused me, financially took advantage of me, the works.
I can't for the life of me remember his name. I remember all the abusive shit he did and I could probably pick his face out from a crowd, but I can't think of his name. Perhaps this is my brain on trauma. Maybe this man was such a fucking monster that my mind zapped his name because it might have lended him some humanity I don't feel he deserves. I don't know, I'm not a psychologist.
Anyway his bullshit came up during a vent because it's kind of a key piece of my timeline between breaking up with my last long term relationship and how I got here now.
My bf thinks it's weird that I don't remember his name, implying that I'm being flippant, but no? Why does it matter if I don't remember an abusive dude's name? I feel like my bf is being insecure and takes it as a sign that I've just been with so many guys to remember this one in specifics. But all it means is that I really hate that man and don't find his name worthy to remember.
I'm going to ask my bf to stop bringing up his ex wife around me from now on. It's not fair that he gets to vent all his emotions, but when I vent mine he's not really hearing me because he's jealous.

Oh and haha I just remembered that dude's name as I typed this up. No wonder I forgot it, it's a stupid name that sounds like a comic book antagonist.

No. 676076

File: 1605638083075.gif (870.03 KB, 500x269, source (1).gif)

goddamn it
i've been on venlafaxine and it has killed my appetite, i lost a lot of (needed) weight. i've been happily subsisting on maybe 4-700 calories a day with no hunger because of the appetite reduction (NOT an ana-chan) but i'm losing less weight now than expected with my bmr. this would be fine but now i'm so so hungry right and i'm worried if i start eating any more i'm going to gain all the weight back fuck. but i'm so hungry.

No. 676079

File: 1605638437061.gif (1.63 MB, 500x282, j.gif)

>i lost a lot of (needed) weight
>happily subsisting on maybe 4-700 calories a day
>i'm so so hungry right
>i'm worried if i start eating any more i'm going to gain all the weight back
>but i'm so hungry.
>(NOT an ana-chan)

No. 676082

sorry maybe i worded it wrong, i'm fat so i needed to lose the weight and i don't wanna gain it back. but i'm not losing a lot of weight on very little food, even with a new bmr taken into consideration. and now i'm really hungry but i don't want to eat to hunger in case i gain all the weight back.

No. 676084

>He pushed to finalize recently cause he wants to marry me
I'm divorced, I've dated a newly divorced guy and my country is pretty strict in making you seperate for fucking years before you can divorce. IME even in circumstances like that don't rush to marry too soon after a man has just finalized the divorce of his last marriage. I don't know what time frame you have in mind but when it's rushed it never ends well. Plus seeing the emotional fallout of a divorce can tell you alot about a person. Take your time and use this as a chance to watch out for signs. How he treats her might be you looking into your own future.

No. 676086

Yeah, they're being pretty amicable towards each other but they're both passive aggressive in their own ways which is why the venting to me right now makes sense.

If I did marry him, the timeline wouldn't be for another 2-3 years which is good news in regards to vetting him more before making any commitment.

No. 676087

>i'm worried if i start eating any more i'm going to gain all the weight back
You can only gain weight in fat if you eat more than you need to sustain your current body weight. 400-700 calories is really little, you could easily bump it up a bit and continue losing weight. Weightloss is just slow. Also don't forget to count liquid calories!

No. 676088

Ahh, I see. If you keep eating under your TDEE (not even BMR) you'll keep losing weight though. You may gain some of the numbers back, sure, but that's because not all you lost was purely fat, but also water weight (and probably food weight, if you get the shits like me from fasting). You won't gain any weight if you keep eating like this (not even an underweight short woman in coma would), and you won't gain actual weight as long as you keep under your TDEE either. It's just daily fluctuations, food weight and water retention depending on your cycle, so please don't keep starving yourself like that.

No. 676095

Aw anon, I've gone through this with meds as well (topamax) and I understand exactly what you're talking about. It's scary to think that you'll gain all the weight back instantaneously, but that's not how it works. >>676088 anon said it pretty well. Just eat when you're hungry, seriously. There's no need to starve yourself. It'll be okay. ♥

No. 676098

After focusing on building strength and muscle for a year I decided to lean down over the summer, and did a proper cut. There is a point that everybody will reach eventually when in a caloric deficit, where your body begins to compensate
for further reduction of calories by just lowering your non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT), everything your body does besides exercise, eating, and sleeping. You get into a cycle of chasing this moving goalpost where your caloric intake is already miniscule, but even when you try to lower it you dont lose more weight you just "do less" without realizing (little things like how much you fidget, move around etc), but the worst part is that you are also consuming less basic nutrients, and probably not getting enough protein to maintain lean body mass, so you start to feel awful. This state really can't be maintained.

What I would recommend instead is just eat more in general, lots of veg, and protein until you reach 1.6-1.8g /kg bodyweight, and whatever your coloric intake ends up at, accept that that's what you'll be eating. If you need to lose more weight beyond whatever that puts you at, then introduce a deficit by adding more exercise, not by eating less.

No. 676102

thank you very much for the reassurance, anons. i know it's silly but i've been really upset all day over it and worried i'm going to snowball into being a fatty again. i'm going to eat a little bit more and try not to stress out too much about it.
topamax anon, thank you for empathising and sharing your experience. you made me feel a lot better. sorry for the personal question but did your med weight loss stay off for you? obviously you don't have to answer i would just like to think it's possible while eating a normal amount. hope you are doing OK

i really like your approach anon, it sounds sensible and healthy. i'll look into this more and start thinking about some nice meals. thank you for sharing with me.

hope you all have a lovely evening ♥

No. 676105

File: 1605640860905.jpg (603.6 KB, 3194x1764, 20201114_014037.jpg)

Ngl im drunk and bummed. Out of all the scrotes i fucked the past few weeks, i never heard back from the one scrote i actually kind of cared about. Its not like i fuck around and expect anything serious… but the sex was outstanding even for my hardcore porn standards and well, he did mention getting back to me and i mentioned i fucking hate ghosting, i never ghost if i can help it. so yeah im stupid and deserve the sad… I do have another manlet to distract me at least..

But i still wanna rim and finger that other moid, i wanna get inside so bad… sorry for being disgusting…

No. 676111

No worries! Yes, it has stayed off. I find myself not wanting to binge when I take it, which is where a lot of my weight gain occurred. So yeah, I lost my appetite overall for a while and lost, but when it came back, my stomach was a bit shrunk anyways, and I physically wasn't able to eat as much, nor did I mentally feel the need to. I worried when I stopped losing as much weight too, but when I realized I was actually maintaining at a good place, I was really happy with that. I just eat when I'm hungry now–including the odd occasion when I'm ravenous and do want to eat a bunch of food. You won't gain it back all at once, and probably won't snowball back into old habits as long as you're mindful. Take care of yourself pls!!

No. 676121

Anyone fearful avoidant here?

I just do some work with my shitty mental health. Reparenting, changing beliefs, understanding cause of my all problems.
But it's hard, I can't remember when was the last time that I felt so badly emotionally. I wish I could just hang myself.

How are you coping anons? Therapists failed me so I need to help myself somehow…
Kinda feels shitty to be so lonely emotionally in this shit.

No. 676123

Live in place with 4000+ new cases of corona virus every day!
No stay at home orders or mask orders, fucking nothing.
Quarantining since January because we can.
Property manager wants to inspect all apartments over the next three days… 300+ people live in this complex.

I’m so fucking tired.

No. 676133

Time to do an entire semester of coursework in the last two weeks. Fuck, I hate my dumbass brain and how I can't function and accomplish basic things.

No. 676136

I need to go outside more but I'm so bored and there's nothing I want to do. I've become such an agoraphobic the last few years and the whole quarantine thing didn't help. Like I don't have a panic attack or something like that but I just have no will to go outside. I don't want to go shopping, and I'm bored of walking the same streets all the time. I don't know how to break the cicle considering I have such low energy and every day I'm stuck inside I feel worse. Fuck this year and fuck me.

No. 676141

I hate entitled tech (Canadian) workers who have willingly moved to the States for a way higher pay (ok fine) and now want to come back here because I DON'T FEEL SAFE HERE and I DON'T LIKE TRUMP ANYMORE AND I'M TIRED OF IT!!! Yeah you're right, but you guys keep saying just one more year and you'll move back here. Yeah, right. Stay in your grave full of money.

You can do it, anon!! You can lay out your course outline in front of you and organize what you need to do in a schedule. You can also try doing the pomodoro method. It helped me out a lot. I'm gonna spoiler this in case you don't want to hear my unsolicited advice. You can do it!

No. 676142

I've been following kpop for a while now and I always knew to differentiate real people from idols, but lately I've noticed my confidence has been low and I feel fat all the time.

It kind of snuck up on me and I feel like even more of an idiot since so many idols are like 10 years younger than me. I don't want to be them but I hate that I'm getting older and uglier.

No. 676148

I really appreciate the advice, anon! Just gotta calm down and start chipping away. Pomodoro method is ace.

No. 676156

Renting a place and living on my own is freaking me out. I discovered a huge roach corpse yesterday and that find out that the light is on in a section of the house I don't have access to. Had it been on for the weeks I've lived here? It's too quiet here, I need some housemates to hurry up and move in so I can be annoyed by their habits but at least I won't be thinking of fucking serial killers hiding in here, waiting for me to leave my bedroom door open.

No. 676163

Same anon. Especially the pics of their body parts i get on my explore on insta. I’m sometimes sad because I know I will never be as petite as the beautiful female idols. Makes me feel like an ugly potato

No. 676173

File: 1605649587758.jpeg (83.58 KB, 700x552, 548CE268-0CD9-4F3D-9B20-2981E9…)

I hate being a hoarder so much.

I’ve spent so long learning about decluttering and minimalism and I love those ideas. At this point I care about few individual items, but I have a compulsion to retain and grow a hoard. It’s getting so bad I’ll probably end up like pic rel in a few years which scares me as currently the bathroom is fully accessible and I never leave dirty dishes or laundry around. The day I can’t maintain hygiene will be dark.

Therapy fucked me up before (went for different reasons), can’t afford it currently anyway. I’ve had several times I’ve purged a lot of stuff and maintained normality for a few weeks but always end up hoarding again. Fuck my life.

No. 676174

Lol just throw away your shit bitch

No. 676176

that was retarded

No. 676181

File: 1605650496183.png (Spoiler Image, 265.65 KB, 354x380, iwillgowiththatcat.PNG)

today has been so shitty. I just wanna curl up and cry

No. 676182

Why do you think you have this compulsion to keep things you don't need, anon? (Not a psychologist, but I have lived with people who hoarded stuff, and I feel like it happens b/c you may feel you have no control over your life? Just an idea)

No. 676185

Anyone else go a bit manic with hobbies? At the start I'm like crazy, reading online, watching videos, buying the tools or accessories needed for it, thinking about it all day long.

The problem is that after a few weeks, I lose interest entirely or only do it from time to time. I burn myself out, its like I can stay up all day doing that hobbie or reading about it, to the point that I start to go crazy.

I started crochet recently and bought so much yarn and a lot of the needed hooks, did several beanies and practiced some stitches and lost interest (also because it's summer and can't really wear scarfs or hats lol). But at the start I could stay like six straight hours crocheting without realizing. Like I will go to bed and wont stop thinking about the particular hobbie and my mind will be racing like crazy and I can't sleep.

I just want to stick to a hobbie and get good at it, why can't I be normal lol

No. 676188

File: 1605651324962.png (149.31 KB, 500x624, main-qimg-4b2ba3cd7c839d85a2e4…)

samefag but I saw this comic and I can't stop laughing lol so much this

No. 676189

Yeah I think that’s the case with some people but it makes me feel less in control as I’m weighed down with all this shit. It started in my mid-teens; I didn’t know who I was so would collect so much stuff from different phases and feel bad about discarding. These days it has just developed into meaningless compulsion, I just gotta do it, it’s part of life.

No. 676190

I'm the opposite, I love donating and discard shit I'm not using

No. 676191

Hang in there, anon. The fact that you think about others' feelings i.e.that you don't want to hurt them, says a lot about you. It sounds to me like you're just burnt out mentally and need some rest. Take the help offered; maybe in time you will learn to trust a few people here and there.

No. 676200

Anon are you me?

I know I’m only going to be hyper fixated for a month, I’ve just accepted it and changed my spending habits. Now I just buy things I need for specific project I want to accomplish. Then everything gets stowed to be pulled out the next time it catches my fancy.

Focusing on specific projects has helped me stay interested longer too. I enjoy the rush of deep diving into hobbies and so long as I’m not overspending I just enjoy it while it lasts.

No. 676202

So I'm not a specialist or anything, but what you say sounds like all the stuff you surround yourself with, you feel is a part of you? And that's why you can't let it go, b/c you feel like you're losing smth important?
Would it be possible to try and select only the items that you cannot live without, and slowly get rid of less meaningful stuff? Like one thing/one category at a time? I know it's hard!!

No. 676203

Lol same but sometimes hobbies you want to try are expensive from the start and you know it's a bad idea. I like that I get really into it but I can't shut my brain off when I'm that way and I feel like the hobbie would last more if I didn't burn myself out so quickly.

I like the deep dive too, I guess I enjoy planning in a sense? Like another example, this is the second time I've downloaded Sims 4 and all of the expansions and I keep building perfect worlds and perfect townies to fill all of the maps and then just lose interest and not play the game. Why can't I just make a sim and play without making things so difficult? lol

No. 676212

Just had to put my kitten down due to an enlarged esophagus full of food. This was at my second-opinion vet. What I find hilarious is that my go-to vet didn't see anything wrong with him, despite his neck being uncomfortably swollen. That was the first thing the second vet noticed. Like…why do I even trust my animals with the first vet if they overlook details that fucking huge.

No. 676215

That’s a different process to try, thanks anon! A big issue for me is focusing too much on what is going rather than what remains, so hopefully this approach works better.

No. 676224

Seconding >>676202, but I also think you should consider finding out if you have OCD if you ever to get to talk to a professional (which i hope you do eventually).

I have ocd and also have a connection to inanimate objects, even if it's not worth anything. Idk if my ocd is apart of it, but apparently a lot of hoarders do have it so it's something to consider.

No. 676237

Good luck, anon! I know it's not easy. Again, I'm not a specialist, but just the fact you are aware of the problem is an important step in the right direction.

No. 676238

File: 1605655904956.jpg (14.18 KB, 380x380, download.jpg)

I hate always being older than everyone.

I was born at the beginning of the year, even as a kid I was the oldest in class and teachers treated me like the class's big sister, while the kids bullied me because I was the smallest and youngest-looking so I never got the advantage of being the older kid people are scared of. I was always expected to be more mature and rise above everything while the teacher ignored the bullying.

Most of my friends are younger than me by 3-4 years now because I went to college later after caring for a sick parent as a teen. People are always surprised to hear it, but now that everyone knows it I'm treated differently.
The youngest girls in the year are telling me what I can and can't wear (apparently I'm too old for Brandy Melville and Ann Taylor is way more age-appropriate, despite being in my mid-20s) and calling me jealous of teen girls when I tell them I'll wear what I like.
Both my exes so far were 2 years younger and it was nbd in the relationship itself, but outside of it people were calling me a cradle snatcher as if I was attracted to pimply teenagers and not guys with beards and forehead wrinkles who just happen to be younger.

I don't know if they genuinely see me as a hag or not but I'm bothered that men can be wear the same Captain America T-shirt ages 4-54 without anyone saying anything and impregnate women 40 years their junior but I get so much shit for having a boyfriend who's just a tiny bit younger.

No. 676241

I hope tomorrow is better for you anon.

No. 676255

I hate how fucking bitter I've become, or at least how often I find myself thinking how fucking stupid some of the issues my friends open up about are. I never tell them to stfu because woe is me, I have it so much worse and you wouldn't even know nor get through it like I am, because you are too soft. Then I think how it's good that they don't know because this shit isn't fun but I feel so fucking alone in all this and I keep playing it "cool", making jokes so no one gets too worried even though just today I was at a doctor's appointment realising how fucking lonely I was. No one even knew I was there and I don't even live alone at the moment, no one fucking forced me to not tell and I am not some "uwu I don't need anyone" I just cannot fathom explaining everything to anyone, I will just get through it, make it into a funny story and tell about it then. Everything just feels so distant yet too much haha

No. 676265

File: 1605658272779.jpeg (37.09 KB, 750x154, C54DD18E-8AB4-4CB4-B0DA-20F194…)

sounds like they're jealous of your "cougarhood", and in a few years will face the same shit. and when brandy melville only sells one size, if you look good in it embrace it.

No. 676268

For all the insidious, pedophilic behavior that's (deservedly) being called out on social media, I made a really sad realization while reading through YouTube comments earlier today. A channel popular among young children recently uploaded a video specific to pet care. Some kid left a comment about how she wishes her dad wouldn't threaten to throw her pets outside all the time, and eventually revealed in a reply that he does this because he gets mad at her for asking to go to the hospital (for what sounds like a concussion). She doesn't phrase it that way though, doesn't say how she hit her head, and actually tries to downplay it as her dad being "not that bad."

How fucking awful, this poor kid is not only being physically harmed, she's being punished for wanting medical attention and is living in fear of losing her pets as well. To make things worse, other children who are completely oblivious reply to her with things like, "Stop making your dad so mad or you'll be killing your pets." This is blatant emotional abuse, I am genuinely afraid for this girl, but what the hell can be done about it? I left a short comment telling her that she was justified to be upset and to talk to another adult she trusts can keep her and her pets safe. But who fucking knows what good that'll do, who fucking knows if this kid has any other adults at all. I dont know where else to talk about this, it is one of the most disturbing things I've ever read

No. 676271

Damn, that's disturbing! But you did a good thing, I hope she will ask someone for help.

No. 676272

>in my mid-20s
>Most of my friends are younger than me by 3-4 years
So your friends are barely outside of teendom. Trust me anon, you're not old at all and their behavior is blown out of proportion because they're basically still children. I recommend you try to find some other adult friends because once you get past your current age no one gives a shit (unless they have self esteem issues and vent by sperging to everyone around them). I'm almost 30 and wear whatever the fuck I want, and my friends do the same. Don't waste time on immature idiots and just enjoy your life.

No. 676287

i want to have sex with my boyfriend but he's not coming over till tomorrow. grr!

No. 676306


No. 676307

File: 1605664698920.png (522.17 KB, 740x854, yestheydo.png)

Ann Taylor Loft is the shit, they actually have petite sizes for my short ass legs and their skirts/dresses often have pockets. Pockets!

No. 676312

You're not a hag anon, your friends just sound retarded. There's no way in hell they're going to cope with the next 3-4 if they already misplacingly target you for your "age". I doubt their Disney thot idols like Ariana Grande would receive the same treatment for being mid-to-late 20s. This all sounds like jealousy and cope out of the mouths of women who haven't managed to grow up yet and you deserve way better. I don't remember bullying people slightly older than me when I was their age, so I don't see their lack of maturity as much of an excuse.

No. 676322

I hate who I have become. I'm angry all the time, cynical, critical, easily give up on people and things. I think people hate me and care way too much about that. I was never like this. I don't even know how this has happened.

No. 676342

I really just cant stand when liberals who sorta fetishize black and brown people and sorta view us as these noble savages, like recently a grad student I have on Facebook posted a picture of Stacey Abrams (lol) with a long self-indulgent caption about how “we are forever in black women’s debt,” telling black women to rest, and offering free babysitting services to black women for that reason. Like How do these people not realize how completely unhinged they sound?

I’m black and I've come to realize that the most negative race-baed experiences I have had has been with obsessed libs and have been on the receiving end of this sort of treatment esp in the wake of this summer. In fact I’m realizing now as I type that the worst offenders have been professors and grad students. What the hell are they putting in the water at academic conferences? It’s genuinely extremely weird and though I don’t doubt these people care very much about the plight of black and brown people but it comes off as so demeaning and infantilizing.

Treat me like a human being that's all I ask, I'm not special just view me as anyone else

No. 676343

Ah, yeah. I was born at the beginning of the school year, I feel your pain.

Thanks for the nice rec anon, gonna check them out

No. 676348

I have SO MUCH shit to do for uni but I keep avoiding it because just thinking about the amount of work I need to do makes me extremely anxious. I keep falling into this trap each semester but bc of online school it's so much worse now, days are all melting into each other so I lost any sense of dates

No. 676353

Anons can you pls give me some words of affirmation over a dumb vent about my boobs? My boobs sag so much and look relatively small on my fridge shaped torso even tho they're technically a bigger size. I'm as fit as I can be and it kills me knowing that this is as good as my body naturally gets (toned but fridge shaped with saggy tits and I'm 22). I've lost weight repeatedly which is why they're so deflated. I know that men dgaf but I feel so so damn insecure about it. I have no problem taking a bra off during sex but I'd be lying if I said that I wouldn't get a lift or implants if I had the money. I mean they look like a combination between pancakes and rocks at the bottom of tube socks and I have no kids at all. :(

No. 676357

File: 1605671847844.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 356.89 KB, 957x957, image-asset.jpeg)

Same OP but I've attached a pic of boobs that look similar to mine. The left obviously.

No. 676360

File: 1605672279790.png (1.47 MB, 783x806, 1595548440587.png)

how can I tell my toxic hispanic mom that I don't wanna eat her fattening food without her lashing because I'm getting fatter and wanna diet

No. 676361

You call that sag? pffft. They look absolutely normal to me, cute boobs. I wish mines looked like those, my nipple is close to my belly.

No. 676362

If the left boobs look saggy, I must have literal udders

No. 676364

Those aren't saggy boobs, they just lack volume. The after picture shows implants were put in to address that issue, the placement of the breast didn't change at all.

No. 676365

The tits are fine. Are they instagram tits? No. Mine aren't either, and probably the vast portion of this site has a personal problem with how their boobs look. It's weird how obsessed with what are effectively just sexualized feedbags we are.
If you come into money, get a fat transfer if it really bugs you. But honestly, they're as good of boobs as any

No. 676375

Fuck, I have the exact same problem. Being in quarantine hasn’t helped either

No. 676393

Are you me lol? I'm attempting to finish my essay that I've put off for over a week

No. 676396

I fucking ruined myself and my stomach today.

>ate pancakes and eggs for breakfast

>milk with breakfast
>kombucha for lunch
>antibiotic (which causes diarrhea) twice today

I've never felt more pain in my life but God I must love suffering because I keep drinking milk and eating eggs.

No. 676399

I hate how other girls can be imperfect and have BFs but I have to be perfection in a bottle to even be considered. If people knew who I really was they'd quickly loose interest. God I feel so unloveable sometimes

No. 676410

Are you sure that's not actual (hypo)mania cause it kinda sounds like it….

No. 676411

Sounds like autism or adhd, I'm not trying to be mean, it just sounds like it

No. 676416

File: 1605685240782.jpg (36.48 KB, 256x320, AsZNCYZ.jpg)

I want a 80's japanese delinquent bf, we could do a lot of fun things together and I would gladly take care of him when he gets hurt from fights…

Why did I born so late?

There are so few interesting guys, why can't I found a guy who does something more exciting than watching porn and complain about their ex-girlfriends.

No. 676418

Gen z is nothing but a bunch of sensitive faggots.

I literally hate being gen z, on the top end age wise at least.

No. 676419

File: 1605686496644.jpg (86.76 KB, 563x626, 0c19f9bb3e7433f24a2b758162b71a…)

Same anon. I'm such a sucker for delinquent characters. Just want to smooch their injuries away

No. 676422

In three days I am never going to see my crush ever again….
Feels fucking awful.

No. 676427

Same. Wish I was born 10 years eariler

No. 676429

This sounds like something I would write when I was 11

No. 676430

File: 1605690058052.png (184.81 KB, 498x252, 8409327509476.png)

I found out my boyfriend did some things that I really, really don't agree with in the past. He told me himself, feels bad about it now and was young and dumb, but like… I feel there are youthful mistakes, and then there are gargantuan fuck ups that no amount of explanation in the present day can reconcile. I don't feel like breaking up because I love who he is now and he's good to me not to mention we live together and moving is a pain in the ass, but it doesn't sit right with me either. Fuck. He knows the kind of person I am, why couldn't he have told me earlier when we weren't as serious? Men are shit.

No. 676432

What was it?

No. 676434

what was it anon? dont let us hanging wtf

No. 676436

As someone that got bullied through most of her school years and as an adult watched how some friends changed for the worse the moment they got a following online or when they became friends someone that do I have these weird conflicting feelings towards popular people, I wish I could put words on it. It is some sort of combination between disdain and indifference? Does anyone else feel like this too?
While I do wish I had as many friends as some of them, I am not interested in getting attention and keep my lifestyle and online presence very low-key so I wouldn’t call it jealousy either. Maybe it is just a sense of loneliness

No. 676441

My best guess is anons bf used to buy sex

No. 676444

Let us know how he fucked up so we can hate on him too anon, pls.

No. 676445

File: 1605692314972.jpg (45.67 KB, 769x600, 452845785.jpg)

I had a very, very detailed and realistic sex dream last night in which I gave Adam Driver head and then proceeded to violently throw up all over him and his dick, after which he got offended and kicked me out of his house. I do not watch anything he's in and definitely would not have even remembered what he looks like enough to dream about him if not for Adamposting. So thank you anons for ruining my day once again.

No. 676449

Honestly anon, I think they’re probably pretty lonely too. Most of their friendships are probably a result of their success, either other influencers wanting to boost their profile or nobodies wanting in. Must be hard to trust anyone, and feel shit that every time you hang out you must be looking your best because there will inevitably be a photoshoot. Then you have people gossiping about you online, even if you’re pretty inoffensive you’ll get many people criticising you and it’s hard not to focus on the negative. Overall, I think it would be really hard not to feel deeply lonely even if you don’t want to acknowledge it.

Just my two cents, probably some of them are really deluded and genuinely feel like gods gift.

No. 676453

Can't the mods redtext Adam Driver? I'm sick of seeing his name and I don't even care about him in the first place.

No. 676454

File: 1605694075226.jpeg (59.65 KB, 583x455, F6EC078B-4537-4A32-8145-15E396…)

i hate when professors give us easy assignments that can be done in like 10 minutes because the demons in my head convince me “it’s so easy anyway you can finish it later” and i procrastinate until the very last hour before the deadline

No. 676456

Seconded. Also ASD, bipolar, BPD…

No. 676460

It really bothers me how bad her posture is in the "before" photo compared to how she is obviously pushing them out in the other picture. I have similar breasts and of course they look sad with sad posture, anyone's tits would.

No. 676461

guy i knew in middle school who i have not spoken to in probably 9 years now just messaged me, at 4 AM, telling me that i gave him a "degradation fetish" i guess because i gave him attitude and wasn't super sweet to him, then also added, "i wish we had what we had in middle school"…. why. please just tell me why.

No. 676466

I have similar boobs and feel shit about them too so I get it anon. But they’re fine, boobs are supposed to look like that. They’re not even saggy, just big (ish) - the only boobs that won’t eventually fall like that are really small ones. You’re a woman, not Barbie.

If you can’t accept that they’re just fine then I think a reduction would be a better option. You can have a lift or implants but it might not work on your body type (research breast roots) or would only be effective for a few years before they sag again. Maybe you’ll grow out of the insecurity when you’re older but it’s not a good sign if you’re already upset by your young, relatively unsaggy boobs. The only way to avoid sagging completely is to reduce them to a small size but you probably don’t want that on a fridge torso.

The best option is to work on your mindset.

No. 676472

File: 1605697709098.jpeg (200.08 KB, 1057x754, 6D0CDB90-91A2-4721-B91D-E4E347…)

I fucking hate the retards in my French class, like, I’m not some goddess of pronunciation, but these people are constantly stuttering and it’s so fucking annoying, I feel like I’m in some sort of ED group study and not with grown ass people that should be thinking something along the lines of “HMMMMM my pronunciation sucks! Maybe I should practice on my own instead of waiting for the class to correct my hell a bunch of speech issues! I should remember that I’m learning another language!” but no, these people just don’t fucking care and it makes the pacing of the lesson extremely slow, because we will always get some asshole unironically asking just what the fuck is the meaning of fucking chocolate or how the fuck should they pronounce motherfucking prendre fuck!

No. 676474

fuck french, that language doesn't deserve 5 mins of effort

No. 676475

File: 1605698351838.jpeg (29.92 KB, 800x533, BAB07623-187E-4007-BC47-134E83…)

>mfw people say “everything will be different after the pandemic”
>bitch people couldn’t even keep themselves from clubbing and travelling the moment their city/country got a bit more lenient

Humans are creatures of habits, things will be different but our habits and most of our lifestyles will be the same. Hollywood is probably already casting for six upcoming covid-19 movies.

No. 676480

true and based
we've seen how the likes of ellen/madonna/other hollywood dipshits reacted. special mention to vanessa hudgens "yeaaah people might die uwu but it's unavoidable uwu" fucking hope they all get the coof. pedowood needs to burn

No. 676502

samefag i formatted this wrong sorry im so fucking anxious

No. 676508

I'm proud of you anon, you're absolutely doing the right thing. Hope it goes well.

No. 676512

trust me please anon bounce the fuck out of there. you're only seeing the tip of the iceberg of degeneracy, and that's based on what he's told you. if you had a machine to go back and watch it, could you ever look at him the same?
scrotes and shit but hoes and tricks, dump him. love yourself please.

No. 676537

It's finals week and my boything is extremely clingy and always trying to sleep over, I tell him he's not gonna enjoy it because I'm cramming but he says he doesn't mind, but he gets so mad at me for not paying attention to him? So fucking annoying, what did you expect.

No. 676540

get out of there asap, anon, if it's as bad as i'm suspecting then call someone to help you move your things while he's not around and cut all contact. seriously.

No. 676542

Based anon that's why u should always put on a facade when u meet scrotes be all free no judge good vibes pro sex and shit and then caught that motherfucker when he's spitting that degeneracy and leave.

No. 676548

File: 1605710042472.png (398.44 KB, 549x480, sunbear.png)

I have no friends, my friends treat me like I don't exist no matter how hard I try to force my way into the convo or be on the same level as them, my family hates me because I'm their worst child, I don't have online friends and I don't have a dating life when I'm not completely ignored and dismissed I somehow just make people uncomfortable because I'm an unpleasant person to be around. my life is endless stress and headaches, I have nothing to look forward to in life and nobody cares if I live or die even when I disappear and isolated myself for days and weeks nobody cares or asks, I'm struggling in every aspect of life and I waste so much time without getting anything done, I have so many health issues that I can't even get checked and it's all so meaningless and the suicidal thoughts never leave and I couldn't quit self-harming… in fact, I just did after batteling the urge and laying in bed for two hours and after I was done I looked in the mirror and saw the most hideous face I've ever seen and it made me feel all worse.

I have no reason to live and nothing to look forward to,, my past is awful and my life is meaningless, I wish that my suffering would've made sense but it doesn't, I'm just a faulty clump of cells and a waste of space.

No. 676549

no close friends**

No. 676556

I have a similar problem to this >>676185 Besides that, I get fixated on one meal and one piece of clothing. I only eat and wear one thing for a few weeks, and then I'm moving on to another thing. I've been like this since I was a kid but back then my mother would literally force me to eat and wear something else. Now when I live alone nothing is stopping me. I know people judge me for wearing the same thing every day (I wash it btw, it's not like I'm stinky), but I can't help it. Could it be autism?

No. 676565

File: 1605711029156.jpg (23.03 KB, 600x434, 745.jpg)

I fear that maybe I'm becoming a more annoying and unrelatable person over the years, mainly due to trauma that I don't realize seeping into the way I present my side of things. I know no one likes a victim, but perhaps furthermore I just come off as aggressive and people don't really see reason to empathize with women who express a deal of anger even if it is justified?
I know this is a poor metric to go by, yet I was perusing old vent/advice threads on lolcow from a few years back and I noticed I got a lot more genuine and sympathetic types of replies to my posts back then. Whereas now it seems what I post doesn't get much engagement at all and when it does it's usually an attempt by anon to shitpost me as if they have a problem with what I talked about. Although I won't discount one or two good egg anons who do try. I can either believe lc userbase left or changed that drastically, or maybe it's just me. I admit my problems are a bit more bitter and jaded so maybe everyone just has too much empathy fatigue anymore, and my issues are likely exhausting, or maybe they just make me an easy target to berate sometimes.

Combined with everything else taking a nosedive in my life, even if it's laughably small like a lack of engagement during my interneting, it truly feels like death by a thousand little cuts. I barely exist, and it makes me want to avoid the internet altogether just so I don't have to be reminded of how much I don't belong even in unconventional spaces.

No. 676573

I'm >>676548 and I feel like I can understand what you mean aside from the engagement thing since I hardly ever use those threads but I feel like few years ago I was shy and isolated in a relatable way for people to invite me along or try and talk to me but now I'm just intimidating and I get aggressive and angry more times than I'd like to even online and it's getting worse.
Not to dismiss your vent by "same"-ing you but at least I feel like I can relate to this, can't tell you much since I'm planning suicide all day in my head but keep on pushing I'm sure something will change either to the better or worse.

No. 676575

i can't speak for everyone, but i don't sympathize with vents where op tries to make herself good even if she wasn't 100% right and shittalks other people in the story to the max. you seem like that type. being smug doesn't attract people

No. 676586

File: 1605712778477.jpg (45.49 KB, 720x754, D2upzjrX0AA6If1.jpg)

my mother is so disconnected from reality it's fucking insane

No. 676596

I think the user base has changed quite a bit. This place isn’t as niche as it used to be. A lot of people are feeling very alone right now. It’s been a difficult year.

Your poor grammar made me throw up in my mouth a little. I would get off lc and study a little if I were you.

No. 676599

Nta but her post was fine/understandable, get the stick out of your ass kek

No. 676600

What does she do?

No. 676601

sorry for being esl:(

No. 676602

No worries anon, the solidarity is appreciated and it comforts me to know I'm not the only one with these issues. That's so funny how you posted that around the same time I started typing mine. Guess we're on that same wavelength shit~

My friends are ignoring me too for what it's worth. One deactivated her socials so I talk to her much less, another has her own problems and is withdrawing, another doesn't care about me anymore cause I have no online clout, etc.

What gave you that impression? I wouldn't really say every post I made is all negative towards other people in particular, most times it really is about myself and my stupid situations.
And anywho, how would you recommend airing out grievances without coming off as smug and shit talky? I wouldn't want sympathy I didn't earn and maybe there's a better way to talk about things that I'm not seeing. If you're being serious.

Yeah it's true. The world is a chaotic place and I think most others like me just feel trapped in our own problems and feelings to reach out to anyone else. It's a vicious cycle.

No. 676626

I feel bad putting all her business out here, but we're all anon so fuck it.
>probably a narc
>medical neglect
>yells all day
idk how to explain this one cause there's so many layers. it's like she's imagining she's having an argument with someone else.
>would beat me for the smallest things when I was a child
This only happened a couple times, so honestly it feels small on top of all the things she did. It wasn't just hitting me with a shoe or a belt or something, she would literally beat me up like I was some girl on the street. And then when she was done would come back and convince me it was my fault and that I had done something wrong to deserve that.
>also pats herself on the back for not beating me like other parents. (delusion).
>gets pissed off whenever she sees/hears someone smiling or laughing, including me.
>making up stuff so she can cause an argument. Like saying "did you just tell me to shut up?" despite the fact it was dead silent and no one was saying anything.
>she literally demolishes every relationship she has ever had. I rarely saw most of my family members when I was younger because of this.
>she believes everyone is out to get her

there's more but tbh its too much to write. I feel like she solely exists off of drama and negativity. I'm glad I'm going to be moving out soon, this shit is draining.

No. 676633

why do people get triggered when i say im a strict top. no i dont want things shoved up me, no i will never change my mind. its my body

No. 676634

My sister complained to my mother that i blocked her on social media. Seriously?

No. 676639

Well for most people female means submissive, unfortunately

No. 676642

Are you gay or?

I don't like penetration either, and I'm straight so that's been fun

No. 676658

My favourite pajamas just tore from the crotch area i'm livid

No. 676664

I just woke up from a really shitty dream. I dreamt my sister died, and it was so vivid when I woke up I thought it was still real. Ive been ugly crying all morning.

No. 676669

do an invisible stitch on them

No. 676690

I used to be really scared about dying, because like what if I go to hell even though I’m not really religious or believe that and I feel like I jumped back and fourth between like yeah I’m gonna die and it’s going to go black and being scared of hell. But now I’m like what if all my mistakes from the past just stay attached to my internal fibres and my soul is never free from all my past shame and It’ll be like that for eternity.

No. 676752

Sorry ladies, I had to sleep on it because I was in a state of shock. It's partly what >>676441 said. And there's something else. I don't want to get into too many specifics because he does know I use this site, but fuck it. He had sex of questionable consent with a girl he used to know. She came to him drunk and made passes at him, but when they started having sex she was clearly upset. She didn't verbally tell him to stop, but it was obvious she wasn't having a good time. He did not ask her what was wrong, he did not stop fucking her until he came. He used a sobbing human woman to get off. Later he tried to talk to her (maybe in a delayed sense of guilt?) but she acted blasé about it and uninterested, probably to cope if I had to guess. At "best" he took advantage of her feelings and allowed her to hook up with him while drunk. Worst case he raped her.

Thank you anons, I'm fucked up right now. He has never done anything remotely coercive to me. He spends the majority of his time with me and at work so I know he's not going off to do drugs or cheat, he doesn't even have social media. He's been a great boyfriend to me but even if it's in the past I can't spend my life with a potential fucking rapist.

No. 676757

Honestly, reading your OP, I had a feeling it was what you said it is… If he's both bought sex from women (ie partially that one anon) PLUS this horrible event, then he doesn't respect women or view them as anything but sexual object, anon. No matter how much time he spends with you, he's probably doing something degenerate in his spare time, even if it's looking at violent porn. My friend and her bf live together, and he's been managing to lie about his sobriety to her for months. It's scary how men can hide shit from their girlfriends and seemingly feel nothing or expect forgiveness. You should probably leave.

No. 676763

File: 1605726607267.jpg (8.2 KB, 259x225, 125185742_2742434202697607_344…)

anon i have no words this is really fucked up if i was you at that moment i would probably jump off the window.What is on your mind right now? if u wanna leave u have the right honestly he's no good man because he lied willingly about this,he waited for this moment to ""confess"" about this is like a predator playing with his prey what a disgusting piece of shit he's totally testing you,probably a potential rapist.

No. 676764

Oh also, samefag, my ex was still living and sleeping with me while dating and sleeping with a new girl and lying to both of us about it. Men are snakes regardless of how much time you think you spend with them/they spend at work. I guess it's good that he told you, better than keeping it a secret, but I don't think I could live with myself knowing that I was dating a rapist. I'm sorry anon. That's a really hard place to be, I don't envy you.

No. 676766

Ok so breakup with him

No. 676770

>It's scary how men can hide shit from their girlfriends and seemingly feel nothing or expect forgiveness.
Thank you for the kind words. I'm terrified by this exactly, we've been together for years. I can't believe he's kept this from me and not only that, doesn't feel anything about it aside from, "It was a bad thing and I regret it but she came to me (so it wasn't coercive) and I wouldn't do anything like that now, so…" I will likely avoid dating for a long time after this. Or forever. I'm so sorry you were lied to by a partner as well.

I feel like jumping out of a window. I'm stunned honestly. It's such a fucked up situation that he himself was the one to tell me about this, you know? I could've gone my entire life living with this guy and having sex with him not knowing he took advantage of women (and probably worse) except for the good graces of his honesty. I never want to be with a man again when even the seemingly good ones can pull shit like this, and I might not ever know about it.

No. 676771

Imo, he’s not that far off of a rapist. Not only that, he’s sick enough to not feel enough empathy for a sobbing woman to stop the process of getting his dick wet. You’re someone of questionable morals if you stay with this man and you need to realise that. If it was something like cheating or slutting around, I could understand staying completely. But this man is clearly someone who lacks empathy and will take advantage of someone vulnerable.

No. 676773

I hope you can leave him as soon as possible. Wish you all the best anon. I'm really sorry about all the emotions you must be dealing with. A possible rapist, plus someone who has purchased women's bodies for sex… he's dangerous anon.

No. 676777

>You’re someone of questionable morals if you stay with this man and you need to realise that.
You're right, I appreciate you saying that. Part of me wants to find any reason to explain it away. This is the person I truly thought I could love and trust. But all the good things we had were based on lies and he doesn't deserve me or any woman for what he's done to others.

No. 676778

You need to leave him. You are puting yourself in a lot of potential danger. do not wait for a second warning. Wishing you the best

No. 676779

Ugh. It's frightening that he's making excuses for himself and blaming the woman
> but she came to me (so it wasn't coercive) and I wouldn't do anything like that now, so…
Obviously a cope, but if he truly regretted it and understood the weight of what he did, he wouldn't make excuses. Like, I'd be more likely to…forgive isn't the right word at all, but I can't think of a better one. But something, if he owned up to it instead of throwing the woman under the bus. It just kinda shows that he's not very sorry or wants forgiveness for something he hasn't even forgiven himself for.
> except for the good graces of his honesty
Probably why he expects forgiveness. You know what's right, anon. I'm so, so sorry that he's put you through this. Purchasing women's bodies is bad enough, but potentially if not straight up raping that woman really solidifies his character and attitude towards women, no matter how much better he seems. Really think on your relationship and things he's done, too, you might see things differently. I wish you the best. Big hugs.

No. 676782

I’m the anon you replied to and I just want to say you’re strong for leaving him. It’s completely fucked men purposely delude us into loving versions of them that don’t even exist but this guy is clearly a complete jerk and I’m sure you could do much better. Can I ask how you found out about him doing this and the purchasing of sex? Did he openly tell you?

No. 676795

The reveal about prostitution was very indirect, which makes me even angrier about it. I was curious about a certain period of his life and he explained that it was a blur to him and that he regretted a lot of his behaviors. He said he would have big parties with friends that involved a lot of drugs and sex. I dug more about that and he said he couldn't remember many specifics about the parties, but there were obviously a lot of addicts there hoping for freebies and "some were actual prostitutes." I may be reaching here, but to me that translated as, "I and/or my 'friends' paid those women and I had sex with some of them."

>if he owned up to it instead of throwing the woman under the bus
Exactly, I specifically asked him, "So do you feel sorry for her now?" And he basically said he doesn't feel much of anything for her. That seems straight up sociopathic to me which is why I'm in shock. He is usually quite empathetic. I guess just not toward his victim(s). Fuck.

No. 676803

I barely did anything for a group project and I don't know if I should bother contacting my group asking if they need help, considering that the presentation is this friday. I did set things up in the beginning but fell off last month due to several breakdowns, should I bother trying anons? I'm that useless group member.

No. 676811

anon holyshit he is traaaaaaashhhhhhh leave for the love of god u cant be with a man like this he is dirty.

No. 676813

i'm 30 and every time my mom visits she brings me bags and bags of groceries. i feel this is her trying to make up for not being in my life as much as she should have but at the same time it's completely overwhelming to have tons of food i'll never finish before it expires dumped on me.

i finally put my foot down and refused all of them, telling her i just went shopping and had no room. she at first acted ok with it then tried to guilt trip me into taking it and then finally was like "okay that's fine" and left. i feel really upset and like i did something wrong. i know she's going to text me later telling me most people would want their mom to care for them like that and make me feel worse.

No. 676818

Christ. Very sociopathic and disturbing. Idk if it's just men or what, but I had one event where I thought I pushed my partner a bit far and had a panic attack and couldn't look at him for like 4 days, despite him specifically telling me otherwise and that he didn't feel violated. I worked through it in therapy I felt so bad and sick. Like, that woman still probably thinks about what he did to her–I know I still think about my attempted (thankfully) violent rape as well as times moids have simply coerced me into sex I didn't want. Like. He's not empathetic, anon. At least not wholly. Even if it's just him coping, which I wouldn't give him the benefit of the doubt of tbh, it's not excusable. Every new post you make just makes me think you should run more and more. Again, I'm so sorry, and it may take a long time to heal, but you will be okay and far better off. There are genuinely good men/people out there, and he's not one of them if he's capable of using women in those ways and lying about it.

No. 676822

A nurse made a male gynecologist shut the fuck up during my colposcopy a few days ago and was such a fucking cool older nurse, years ago I would have just seized the hell up seeing a male in that room but I kept my cool and ground as well. I just don’t get why a male or a female doctor I guess would tell any patient who doesn’t have the same organs as them how they are feeling even when they say the opposite. “Damn that hurt can I get a second to fix my position” “No that part never hurts anyone, you just need to concentrate on relaxing, it doesn’t hurt”, he wasn’t even the doctor doing the poking around! Shut the fuck up, ugly. I fucking love women in the medical field telling men to stfu, maybe I will send that department some Christmas goodies FOR THE LADIES.

No. 676825

I've had gastro issues for years, usually nothing too bad and seems to be stress related, but for the past four days I've had a really vague ache in my colon and small amounts of blood and mucus in my stool. Really scared that it's something serious. I have an appt in two days but can't stop panicking that it's going to end up being cancer. Fuck my life anons.

No. 676832

Thanks anon, it helps to hear you reinforce how messed up he is. I don't want any of it to be true, but I can't hide my head in the sand when the words are literally coming from his own mouth. I'm the same way and I feel horrified if I even slightly come across like I'm pushing a sexual partner. I can't imagine continuing to do things while they're straight up crying. I'm really sorry you've dealt with traumatic experiences, none of us should ever have to go through that and thinking that my own partner was/is part of the problem is sickening. I will get out asap.

No. 676840

Ugh I feel for you anon. I'm the same age and my mom is like this as well, either bringing food or random little gifts that I don't need nor want. I used to appreciate the spirit of that but when you've repeatedly said "Thanks but please save your money, I can't use these things" and she still does it, the situation changes from naive to manipulative. Don't let her guilt trip you for having boundaries, she is trying to control your outlook and emotions surrounding her by essentially bribing you and that's not cool.

No. 676844

I've had more than the average amount of colposcopy appts and even across three different hospitals there was an all female team every time and I was glad to see it. I went to one of my appts with full on hairy legs because I felt like it's bs to feel pressure shave when it's medical professionals seeing you anyway. Once I was laying back I almost regretted my decision, the lady looks at my leg for a moment…. compliments me on my tattoos. By the time I had explained what they were it was all over. Swiftest one I've had, Their bedside manner and ability to put you at ease is so important.

No. 676846

>I can't imagine continuing to do things while they're straight up crying.
Because you are normal. We're normal. This is the sane reaction from both men and women. Thank you for your kind words as well, and again, I'm so sorry you're going through this. Nobody wants to face their partner or loved one being part of the problem, much less blasé about it. It's okay to feel hurt, sad, heartbroken, and confused about it. It's okay for it to be hard to leave. You loved him and he was a different person to you than he was to those other women. Wishing you the best. You'll be okay.

No. 676854

i need to move out of my current place, i'm miserable here. here's hoping i start 2021 in a place i can feel safe and happy in

No. 676869

Good luck anon, hope it's nothing serious. Even if it is, it doesn't sound like it's gotten too bad so I'm sure you'll be okay in the end. Keep us updated.

No. 676873

Glad to hear you’ve had good ones! This one was surprisingly painful and there was lots of bleeding, the clean up and iron stuff was at least half of the appointment. I never shave anything, under arms sure but legs or vag, hell no, they can operate and we are all women there (till the last appointment at least, the other hospital I go to has more men as well). I love it when they compliment tattoos, I have lots of on my legs and I know it’s just something to keep my mind off of it but it warms my little heart, I love women.

No. 676880

We have this fairly new girl in our social circle. She brought her boyfriend with her a couple of times. She just turned 21 and he's 28. Lately I found out they started dating in early 2014, so she was 14-15 and he was 22. I just find it gross. Am I a bigot for not wanting to be around him?

No. 676884

yes i am lesbian

No. 676885

Obviously not, anon, come on.

No. 676886

that's creepy as shit and i wouldn't allow her boyfriend to be around you guys again. you have every right to be bothered by it.

No. 676887

What the fuck's wrong with me. I want to loose weight and there's healthy food in the fridge yet my first instinct was to order Indian food

No. 676888

You mean potential partners or like strangers passing comment on it?

No. 676891

both really. i have gotten into convos on twitter about it and its like people get weird because im not being gay right or something

No. 676892

Bit strange that you even think the word bigot comes into this. No 22 year old should be dating a 14 year old. No matter how long they stay together, that's still so fucked up

No. 676895

I mean 'stone lesbians' are a well known thing, or they used to be at least

No. 676909

Age of consent in my country is 15, sure, it's still not a very popular type of relationship, but it's more accepted here than, for example, in America. I find it gross, but I know people would treat me like a weirdo for being so bothered by it. I remember turning 15 and having adult creeps telling me they can now legally fuck me etc., and I knew that if someone raped me, he would get a lighter sentence because it wouldn't be considered as a rape on a child. I was so scared just thinking about it. I know adult men would date 15 year olds anyway, but I think the AoC makes it more acceptable

No. 676912

I hate using masturbation as a coping tool. I get so stressed and anxious everyday that my head hurts and feels like a tight band or a cloud of pressure is around it. It's gotten to the point when I masturbate, I automatically cry and feel sad because I just do it when I'm stressed (which is very often). I don't even like masturbating and really want to stop, I just use it as a dopamine boost. If any anons have advice for healthier ways of relieving stress, please send it my way.

No. 676915

File: 1605736088652.jpeg (101.78 KB, 500x493, 1598571180335.jpeg)

At this point all I want to is get my diagnosis so I can finally work on whatever the fuck is wrong with my brain, pour all my effort into school, have sex without freaking out, and help my mom with shit because she deserves to be happy and not stressed for once.

No. 676919

For partners perhaps they just want to pleasure you and feel guilty if you don't get off. Idk about randoms though, if anything it's gayer to have sex center around the other woman.
I'm the same but have yet to date and it worries me. Have you been successful finding anyone who is accepting of this?

No. 676920

Cringe this just makes me remember I had a 20yo bf when I was in my last year of highschool. It was a 2 year age gap, but he always wanted to meet me at lunch and I'm now only realising how odd that was. He always creeped on his younger brothers friends and they were like 7 years younger. He loves school kids Omg, he use to allow his brother to have parties at our house to my dismay I use to have to wait on drunk girls in the bathroom while I was trying to get to work. Just remembered why I hate him. This has been cathartic

No. 676921

I just want to leave but I can’t drive and a majority of places are closed due to corona, I feel like I’m getting cabin fever

I just don’t want to be here anymore so much keeps happening in my personal life it’s exhausting

No. 676943

I fucking hate when people call Eastern Europeans Slavs. Slavic refers to a language group, not ethnic group. I understand that there is a cultural similarity within the people who are referred to as slavic and that is what people often mean, but to me it often sounds as an excuse to make yourself sound exotic or not like other white people. And before anyone kicks off, I am born and raised Eastern European, so jump on my dick, we are all white, you are not special.

No. 676945

With the fact on how much people call every EE country slavs, I am seriously confused on what countries are considered to be slavic honestly. Either way I cringe when people do that for whatever reason, even though I am from the most "slavic" country that is known for its stereotypes.

No. 676947

No. Differentiating yourself from the other white people (you know which ones) is a good thing.