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No. 135420

All things skin!
Last thread not bumping anymore

No. 135439

File: 1585791310673.jpeg (115.6 KB, 652x895, F62AA805-2D67-4865-BFD6-4FC14B…)

My skin looks almost exactly like Pumpy’s. I’ve done pretty much everything short of Accutane and while I’ve had improvements it’s still not enough. I have blackheads everywhere: cheeks, forehead, chin. They will not go away even with BHAs and AHAs. I’ve cut down on dairy significantly and with quarantine I’m not wearing makeup anymore really. I wash my face twice a day with a very sensitive cleanser, moisturizer twice a day, drink about 40 oz. water, and do Vitamin C serums and raw honey face masks. I’m 24 and honestly my skin looking like this is the best it’s ever been. Still shit though.

Is there anything I can do to get rid of these blackheads? I can handle the whiteheads and I don’t get cystic acne anymore, but these blackheads are disgusting. If I run a finger over my skin I can feel all of them individually and it’s nasty. I’ve had them since puberty and they refuse to go away. I just want to have nice skin.

No. 135461

Did you get your hormones checked anon? I had the same issue and tried everything too (tbf mine was never as bad as that picture but maybe half that) and going on the pill completely fixed it for me. Like I get 0 acne now, I still can't believe it. I'd get my liver checked too. People always try to treat acne from outside but a lot of the time a systemic issue. Sometimes it has to do with food sensitivity for some people, observe if there is a certain food that breaks you out. Avoid foods that are hard on your liver and alcohol if you can.

I steam my face first to enlarge pores then do a peel-off charcoal mask on top of it for blackheads. You can try getting facials, they get the blackheads out manually after steaming but I don't do that myself because I'm scared of not doing it properly. There are videos on youtube that show how to do it if you want to try just search at home blackheads extraction.

One last thing that really helped me was salt face masks with the scarring I had.

Hope its helpful anon I feel your pain, hope you figure it out.

No. 135463

Pic related is a lot of pih.

Do you use sunscreen? Tried tret? Oil cleansers are supposed to help a lot with blackheads. Niacinamide?

If nothing really works then it's time to visit a derm.

No. 135479

Ive got bad hyper pigmentation inflammation on my legs since Ive grown up picking my scabs now i have to live with the dark scars it left how do i atleast lighten them up a little?

No. 135482

What is a good online course I could take to learn how to do my makeup well?

I mostly just use concealer if I have redness, eyeliner and lipstick but it's not done too well. My skin is good, I want to learn how to do proper makeup not drag queen Instagram/YouTuber style.

No. 135499

idk about courses but you can pick up tips here and there across the Internet if you look up stuff like "natural" makeup, etc.
I used to be someone who would beat my face everyday (contouring, baking, complex eyeshadow, etc.) because I wanted to hide my eczema and was super self-conscious lmao.
For redness you could also use a green color corrector/concealer.
For eyeliner, a simple small wing or mini-cat eye really makes them pop.
How is the lipstick not done well? Do you use lipliner?

No. 135500

Look up Lisa Eldridge on Youtube.

No. 135513

I mean the overall makeup isn't done well. It comes together neatly most of the time but I don't know what works best for my features. Sometimes it looks really off and I don't know why lol. I'd like to learn simple makeup and actually become skilled at it.

The lipstick is probably the easiest part. My most difficult is my eyes. Everything seems to make them sting, except pencil eyeliner. Also I have hooded eyes so it's tough doing anything with them

No. 135564


I don't know any courses either but I can suggest some tutorials

Snitchery - The Truth About My Lips… HOW TO FAKE LIP FILLER
Alexandra Anele - How I Blend Eyeshadow Perfectly
Alissa Ashley - Watch this if you have hooded eyes!
Crystal Lindy - how i do my eyeliner hooded eyes

No. 135608

File: 1585936311852.png (874.48 KB, 1416x908, Screenshot 2020-04-03 at 18.50…)

Can someone help me find out what undertone I have? I look different in every photo lol, from palest to darkest.

I'm quite pale, but I have a feeling that I'm more yellow or warm toned. Brighter colors look better on me. Any help?

No. 135611

sorry i can't help regarding undertones, but what's your skincare routine?

No. 135612

I exfoliate my whole body every week after soaking in a bath for an hour. This is the one thing that transformed my skin and removes any fine lines that could form (like mowing a lawn before it gets the chance to grow too much).

I used to moisturize a lot but I find I get more pimples that way. Other than that, a lot of sport and water. Nothing special.

No. 135614

Oh and forgot to add. When removing makeup, don't just use baby wipes. I always use that exfoliating scrub afterwards, because baby wipes don't remove it all. I wear no foundation other than concealer on red areas

No. 135618

I can't tell from your photo's. What looks better on you, silver or gold? Silver > cool, gold > warm.

For me, silver brightens my skin and gold makes it look dull and tired, my skin is cool.

No. 135622

does anyone know of a good moisturizer that doesn't have many ingredients, no alcohols, no silicones, no thickeners/texturizers, etc? something VERY bare bones but very moisturizing?

thanks, anon. will take some of these tips.

No. 135628

I really can't tell. I wear a silver ring and it looks good. But when comparing silver and gold to my neck or face I can't tell which is better or worse

No. 135631

I'm a total newb when it comes to skin care and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good moisturizer or cream for wrinkles/lines under the eyes? I've recently been getting them and it's really bumming me out! Thank you in advance!

No. 135702

Update: I've watched tens of videos, compared clothes on myself and jewelry and still don't know lol.

I suit brighter colors more: bright red, royal blue, yellow. But also deep brown, olive, and gray. Bright lipsticks go better on me (light lipsticks or peachy ones make me look absolutely dead), but a more blue toned one looks better. Another funny thing is warm eyeliners look better. I've always used dark brown eyeliner, because black looks too harsh, gray washes me out. I like adding gold to it sometimes.

In terms of jewelry, I still have no clue. I think gold but I'm so pale that silver looks good too.

No. 135722

before you do anything: get sunscreen and wear it religiously every day

No. 135843

Does anyone here have rosacea?

For the last couple of years I've had some redness in my face during the day and in the evening time it becomes full on intense flushing, lots of heat and redness to the point where I'd hate for anyone to see me like that. Does that sound like rosacea flush?

I'm not in a position to pay for dr visits so I've been ignoring the problem and hoping it's rosacea flushing rather than an underlying health problem. It's like clockwork in how it flares up at 6pm

No. 135845

what's your veincolor? I don't know how accurate it is but supposedly green > warm, blue > cool and both > neutral.

Anyway have you tried asking a familymember/friend what they think? Maybe you just find it difficult to see on yourself but it might be very clear to someone else. Also don't wear make-up and stand in natural lighting.

No. 135919

Can anyone spoonfeed me on how to start applying retin-a in my skincare? Which brand to get?
I'm in the EU and honestly don't know where to get it.
My skin is the common mixed type, mostly dry but with a slightly greasy t-zone. It's also very sensitive so I'm wary of applying something strong.
My facial skincare routine for now consists of using just facial soaps/gels and Cerave moisturizer.

No. 135921

My veins are green. Hm, so I think I do have warm undertones then. It would make sense, since I'm south european and we tend to have a more yellow tint.

No. 135991

Does anyone have this kind of acne? For context i have oily skin with big pores and black heads but my skin isnt incredibly acne prone so thats a plus, but lately i have these kind of acne that is very small, almost minuscule, tend to have the size of a needle head and they are always ready to pop. They and black heads are always the toughest for me to get rid off. Do you guys have any tips? Much appreciated.

No. 135994

Isn't retin-a persctiption only? Do you mean retinoid? The ordinary has some great products you can order online if there are no Douglas stores around.

You mean something like closed comedones or little whiteheads?

No. 135999

Yeah, that's what I meant. Sorry, I'm just new to all of this.
After going through TO's store, I was thinking of getting their best seller the BHA and AHA solution for exfoliating. Their granactive retinoids are out of stock so I'll have to wait.

No. 136001

Fyi, you can email them and they'll create a routine for you

Also get a good sunscreen if you'll be using retinoids and acids

No. 136010

Thanks! I will definitely email them then.
And yeah, I'll be getting a good sunscreen. Do you have any brand names you'd recommend?

No. 136011

I remember there was an app that told you which products were good for your skin and which ones contained potentially harmful chemicals. It would rate things like sunscreen so you could buy high quality, good ones.

I don't remember the name of it, but maybe an anon here has heard of it.

No. 136012

That sounds cool, I hope someone remembers. Thanks anyway. I'm constantly in the house due to covid 19 so there's no rush anyway, haha.

No. 136013

Found it, it's called EWG's Health Living.

No. 136014

Thank you so much! I hope others see it too.

No. 136023

You might wabt to look for physical sunscreens containing zinc if you live in a sunny place and dont want to reapply every 2 hours.
If you go chemical sunscreens i use LaRoche Posay Antihelios, its affordable and easy to carry around. Didnt cause any acne which has been a problem for me with other sunscreens.

No. 136034

After some googling, I think they are littles whiteheads yea.

No. 136094

Thanks, got a LaRoche in my cart right now.

Can anyone tell me what kind of exfoliator they use? I was considering getting TO's BHA AHA solution but I'm a bit scared to use it. My skin is dry but otherwise I have no problems with zits so I'm thinking that solution might be too harsh on the skin?

No. 136100

You can email The Ordinary for a routine? I think I need to do that.

Who here has tried The Ordinary or Paula's Choice, what are your experiences? Is it really as good as they say?

No. 136118

TO's lactic acid 5% is the mildest out of all of them, you can build up in % as your skin gets used to it

I use the ordinary and personally really like it especially considering the price.
The only negative thing I have to say about is that their natural moisturizing factors + HA sadly doesn't work for me. It made my skin feel tight, but that's more of a me issue I'd say rather than the product.

No. 136146

File: 1586397261072.jpeg (1.73 MB, 3464x3257, 4F6065B7-1E2E-452C-9EE6-A02581…)

I'm having the worst breakout I've ever had and I hope some kind anons can help.

Since moving a month ago, I started breaking out on the parameter of my face, which has never happened before. My occasional, hormonal zits are usually on my forehead or near my nose, but obviously they're mostly on my jaw/chin/temples right now. My skin type is combination and my routine is:
>Cleanse with Cetaphil hydrating cleanser, rinse off with cold water
>Apply rosewater toner
>Apply Cerave moisturizing lotion

I only wash my face in the evening. Sometimes I'll apply my Curology formula (4% azelalic acid, 1% clindamycin, 0.25% zinc pyrithione) even though it's clearly not working anymore and I'm going to have to cancel it soon anyway in order to save $$.

I figure stress might be causing the breakout since it's persistent?? I'm perplexed because I've never gotten those kinds of zits that are clustered and just textured without being inflamed, so I don't know what to do about them. I know I shouldn't care what my skin looks like right now since I'm not going out or wearing makeup, but I used to have clear skin and this is taking a toll on my mental health.

No. 136188

Ntayrt but I really like cerave's moisturising lotion with 30spf. It's also cheap and has no fragrance

No. 136216

If it makes you feel any better I wish I had your acne instead of mine. Yours is quite mild.

It's probably stress. I've seen many people on skincare and makeup-pages on reddit complain about skin issues during these tough times. In the future I might drop the toner if I was you.

No. 136267

How the hell do you lighten your bikini area ive seen the photos of momokun and im surprised to see her inner thighs are not that dark despite the chub rub around her thighs

No. 136292

Try AHA or BHA. I've used it to lighten dark dry skin around my pits and it melts ingrowns. I just some after I shower and then moisturize dry spots. The cosrx AHA spray bottle is very convenient.

No. 136319

CeraVe products break me out in that same pattern. Could be that.

No. 136329

cheeks look very much like milium to me. it my go away by itself if you take care and cleanse but it may not just as well - go see cosmetologist about it, they can easily remove it, just dont attempt by yourself bc you can mess your face up

No. 136338

liquorice root honey and rose water for 20 mins

Do not consume the liquorice root

No. 136345

Are the breakout itchy? It could be fungal acne it isn't inflamed like traditional acne and tends to be clusters of small bumps that don't often come to head. Washing with dandruff shampoo clears it up really well in a week or so.

No. 136355

Do you have a different moisturizer you'd recommend? That one's the only CeraVe product I've ever used and I like it mainly because my skin never feels dehydrated since it's so heavy-duty.

I'd never heard of milium before, so of course, I went to SCA and a bunch of people were saying the main cause seems to be heavy creams. That makes sense considering CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion is so thick. I had a travel-size version of Paula's Choice BHA and when I was using that religiously, I never had this issue. I just can't justify dropping $30 on the full-size right now when that money should go towards groceries, so if anyone has cheaper dupes I'd love to hear about them.

It's not really itchy, no. Though I suppose my Curology formula is for fungal acne when looking back at what the e-derm says the ingredients are for. That's currently leading me down a rabbit hole to these two sites:



No. 136447

Has anyone used Apostrophe? I'm seeing nothing but good reviews but you have to pay $20 upfront for a virtual visit and I want to make sure it's worth it.

No. 136452

File: 1586657565248.jpg (60.31 KB, 400x400, 1585479678876.jpg)

Methods for consistent/long term black head removal on and around nose? I've used the black face masks a few times but would rather incorporate strategies into my daily routine to manage them on the daily rather than ripping them out of my face every few months due to grime build up and poor maintenance on my part.

No. 136454

Oil cleaning followed by your preferred regular face wash. Use BHA weekly, stridex is cheap and works for this. Don't use blackhead trips they'll damage your pores, use clay masks instead.

No. 136457

File: 1586670338229.jpg (386.14 KB, 2320x3088, stachebabe.jpg)

is exploring skin care online worth it, for now I use cetaphil/cera-ve couple times a day. Along with pomegranate seed oils at night before bed. I just get my things at the store.

I need to save money but I would like to reduce my pores and lines on my face. I used to use retinol but stopped. Advice or similar problem.

No. 136458

Your skin looks really nice! I'm in my early 20s so I don't use anything fancy aside from my favorite toner moisturizer and vitamin C, sometimes chemical exfoliation. I think acids can help improve skin's cell turnover rate?

No. 136466

I like messing around with skincare but over the last 6 months-ish I kind of got sick of it and went back to a really basic routine. Cleanser, niacinamide cream, moisturiser, spf. My skin is definitely not as nice as it was in the autumn but it still looks fine. I notice the difference but I'm not sure someone else would.
Which cerave/cetaphil things do you use? I ask because I was going to recommend a BHA/AHA but the foaming cerave face wash has a BHA (salicylic acid) in it so you might have that covered already. A BHA that you leave on will do more to minimize your pores than if it's an ingredient in a face wash.
also spf. You didn't mention your skin type so I don't know what to recommend.

No. 136470

your skin looks great, anon

No. 136472

I feel bad because I've never found a regiment that works 100% for me because of how bad my adult acne is. It's not bad enough to require pills but it's just a mild constant that nevertheless fucks with my skin texture and leaves hyperpigmentation. Sad to say but some liquid foundation and some light translucent powder go a looong way for me.
But I'm just wondering what your skincare routine is for makeup removal? What products do you anons use? Techniques I should know about?

No. 136475

stop trying to fix it yourself and just go to a dermatologist. They're there for any skin problem/disease and adult acne most definitely falls into that category.

No. 136477

i want to kill myself when people like you post a completely clear face and ask for help with your skin. jesus christ. can i transfer my acne to you so you have some real problems?

No. 136479

not everyone has the time or money to just go to a derm. especially now. all the derms in my area are out for mnoths and months so i can't just run in and get a quick fix.

No. 136480

I thought I made it clear that I've gone to a dermatologist before by my mention of the pills. My bad, allow me to overtly say that I've been to multiple dermatologists throughout my life and I've never had a solution by them that completely worked on my skin. Right now my main routine, which is a face wash and zit cream, was actually recommended by a derm.

No. 136486

If someone doesn't have the money to visit a derm they probably also don't have the money to keep buying acne cures until something finally maybe works, and god knows most people can't just buy one random zitcream from the drugstore and have never troubled skin again. And anyone who has time to browse lolcow and research acne cures has time to visit a derm.

I misunderstood "it's not bad enough to require pills" as "I think it's not bad enough to see a derm"

No. 136508

Yeah I tried antibiotics but they didn't make much of a difference to justify their use. I have birth control but I've never noticed differences on versus off. I've tried prescription topicals. The only thing I didn't try was accutane but based on the side effects and all manner of monthly bullshit I don't really want to.

My mom has adult acne too, in fact her whole maternal side has weird skin issues. Mine is only mild because my dad didn't have any skin problems thankfully.

No. 136580

Sorry if this is a stupid question but does it matter what order you put things in? I want to use alpha arbutin and vitamin c, does it matter which I use first?

No. 136583

ingredients don't matter but viscosity does. generally you want to put product on, thin first then thick. thin product absorbs into the skin faster, and the thicker products will stop thinner ones from drying out faster too! if your products are the same viscosity then you can just put them on as you please.

No. 136584


No. 136597

File: 1586829521998.jpg (76.99 KB, 800x800, face stuff.jpg)

Thank you!! I am grateful my skin issues are minimal.I struggle bumps on my arms and legs
the most my mom calls them chicken bumps.
As for Cera-ve I do use the cleanser with salicylic acid. But I think I am going to invest in the moisturizer theu have with spf and see if that helps. Thanks Anon!
I think I have combination skin where my nose and chin are oily as hell.

I'm a sucker for "natural" remedies but I'm beginning to think its snake oil. Probably gonna switch back to Roc Retinol Deep Wrinkle Anti-Aging cream. What do you guys think? How do you guys combat fine lines that my main issue.

No. 136598

Do any other brown girls get slight hyperpigmentation around their mouth, if so have you found anything effective for reducing it? I guess I could try hydroquinone but I’m nervous to use it because of the side effects - it’s not a huge problem it’s just kind of annoying and I don’t want to make it worse by having some adverse affect to hydroquinone

No. 136605

me! i use a cleanser with niacinamide. it's made a difference definitely, but i'm looking to try a vitamin c cream as i've heard good things about them for this

No. 136606

Ty! I actually hadn’t heard of niacinamide before but I just looked it up and I’m going to try that first before hydroquinone because I would rather avoid using it if possible, I also just started using vitamin C so hopefully it will help a little! I find it so annoying because it’s the only thing that stops me feeling confident to not wear makeup but honestly covering it with makeup doesn’t even help that much because putting concealer over it makes the area look kind of ashy

No. 136625

I have puffy undereye bags on one side only. The other side is totally fine. Anyone know what could be causing that?? I tried googling but everything showed equal bags under both eyes

No. 136632

Could be fluid pooling on one side of your face when you sleep? Silk pillowcases, better pillows and sleeping in a different position could help.
Or could be linked to more sun damage on one side of your face if you spend a lot of time driving or something.

No. 136651

Anyone quit smoking and see an improvement in their skin? I’m on week 3 rn (thanks coronachan) and using extremely expensive dr gross vitamin c serum and I feel like I maybe see the teenyest subtle difference in color but not much.

No. 136671

I quit smoking a year ago and ive noticed my skin is less dull than it used to be. Before quitting i noticed i was starting to get really bad smile lines and they arent as deep anymore, and i havent used any anti aging stuff i just moisturize with argan oil every night

No. 136682

I've always had Photoshop perfect skin. When I stopped smoking, it became disgustingly oily and full of zits. It took a full year (or more? idk) for it to find it's natural balance again.

No. 136683

Also, it took 2-3 months of not smoking for my skin to start exhibiting changes.
You're probably just imagining the difference.

No. 136721

Can anyone recommend me a good moisturizing night cream or sleeping mask?
Retinol dries out my skin and my current moisturizer is not enough

No. 136781

I had pretty good skin before but jawline acne has hit me like a truck. Never done birth control and don't want to. Gonna try drinking spearmint tea 2x a day, some say it helps milder cases.

No. 136782

What's your diet like?

No. 136788

this is motivational. my skin got really oily too in the past 4-5 years and i always thought it was part of growth but maybe smoking is related!
can i ask if you replaced cigarettes with anything else or just went cold turkey?

i'm sure you're already taking care of this stuff but for me if i ever spot a zit near the jawline, cleaning my phone/changing my pillowcase almost always helps. if not, i end up getting my period in a couple days lol

No. 136790

Cut dairy

No. 136802

Product recommendations for red scarring left from under skin spots? I have very fair skin and about 7 years ago, maybe longer, this awful (maybe hormonal) under skin spot appeared on the side of my nose. Unbelievably painful, and me be super insecure about it picked it until it popped / bled. It's left a red mark that I'm now actually addressing. I've been trying Retin-C Scar oil for a few months now and there might have been a small improvement..nothing noticeable though. Anything else I could try? Thanks all

No. 136820

>can i ask if you replaced cigarettes with anything else or just went cold turkey?
I switched to vaping actually

Also, your skin problems are most probably from smoking, smoking ruins the skin's natural balance.

No. 136938

After lurking this thread for months I went into my local drugstore looking to buy some The Ordinary products, but due to the sale they were doing, had nothing I wanted to try left.
Instead I picked up some Trilogy products and holy moly they are the best products I have ever used on my face. I've tried all kinds of crap from basic Lush skincare to SK-II and nothing has really worked for me.
I bought the Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream, and the Vital Moisturising Day Cream, and my skin has never looked better. I struggle a lot with onion-tier redness, especially on my nose and cheeks however using these 2 products has dramatically reduced it, on some days my skin is all one even tone (!!!) and I noticed today it appears as if my pores have shrunk too. I would highly recommend this brand/products if you struggle with the same things I do.

No. 136960

File: 1587226535468.jpg (144.74 KB, 933x933, EVcXRkSWoAIWR8a.jpg)

Is my moisture barrier fucked? How do I fix it?

I wore some makeup and sunscreen last year that left my skin red, burning, and flaky. Since then, I haven't been able to use any products other than water and sensitive skin moisturizers without my face burning. Lately, it's gotten even worse. My face looks flushed and my cheekbone and forehead areas are super dry and flaky. Normally, I have pretty oily skin.

I used to have bad cystic acne so I'm always cautious and hesitant of trying new products and seem to have issues with most products, but I'm pretty desperate at this point. What can I do to fix my fucked up skin?

No. 136962

Anon, it sounds like you need to go visit a dermatologist…
What was the products you used? For how long before they gave you the reaction?

No. 136965

19 yo.
Has had pimples for the last year, it comes and goes depending on how often I wash my face.
I watch my bed hygiene and wash it every months, I drink a lot of water, I train 45minutes a day and I have a good diet.
I wash my face with an acidic face wash morning and night, use a normal moistirizer in the morning and one for bed time.
And the pimples just doesn't cease to appear.
I don't pop them, sometimes the blackheads and pimples literally makes me want to give up.
I don't wear heavy makeup to avoid the pimples to get worse.

No. 136967

The makeup was just a mix of drugstore and Korean makeup. I never wear makeup really, so none of it is super high end stuff.

When I first applied everything, it didn't seem to bother me, but as soon as I used my Colourpop setting spray, my face immediately started to burn. I took all my makeup off right away after that.

After that, I avoided using anything except water or a gentle cleanser and sensitive skin moisturizers for a few months. I don't normally wear sunscreen but was trying to get into the habit so I wore Biore UV Aqua Rich last month for one day, which didn't bother me in the past, but left my face red and burning the day after. Now here we are and my skin is fucked.

No. 136995

Skin history: I had moderate acne like >>135439 but the acne part has healed with the help of an aesthetician. Her acne facials include chemical peel, extraction, and LED treatment for hyperpigmentation but i haven't gone lately due to COVID.

Started to do my own TCA chemical peels (13% from Platinum Skin Care). The first time I did TCA, I fucked up on the application by applying too many layers (4-5 layers as a dark spot treatment) and ending up with more PIH which fortunately my aesthetician fixed. Learned the hard way that TCA peel doesn't work as a dark spot treatment. But my skin in general has improved so much using 1 layer of 13% TCA and then a second layer where my icepick scars are.

Video related shows the product I want to try for spot treating hyperpigmentation (Admire My Skin Ultra-potent Brightening Serum on Amazon). The pictures and video results look super promising. Once I get it, I'll update you farmers in 4 weeks!

No. 136997

File: 1587274459269.jpg (223.76 KB, 1000x760, face-mapping-areas.jpg)

After lurking the thread a little bit, I just wanted to say that I've tried a ton of other products before including The Ordinary. To me their products are pretty hit or miss. I reacted to their Alpha arbutin/ ascorbic acid which turned me bright red, the niacinamide made my skin really itchy and bumpy, the azelaic acid slightly improved my skin but it tingles for a bit. All the other products I've tried didn't seem to improve my skin much and I followed the regimen, in order.
I never had good experiences with dermatologists either. One pushed laser to me, which hurt like hell, and I expected more results for the price. Another dermatologist did an unnecessary biopsy on me, numbed me, scalpeled a chunk of skin off and cauterized it… Super traumatic for me because I was like 13 too. And I wasn't gonna go to another dermatologist only to have them prescribe me pills that wreck my liver and makes me vomit (happened to me in the past) .
So I ended up seeing an aesthetician that happened to practice TCM. Pic related

No. 137068

are these facemaps I keep seeing legit or just a meme?

No. 137070


idk according to this chart i should have cirrosis then, when my liver is doing top notch and i barely put any stress on it.

feels like bullshit.

No. 137082

A while ago I started a new skin care routine, it's been the first time I actually spent quite a bit on it, but it's absolutely not working as I wish it would, my skin is the worst it's been in years, redness, breakouts, greasy looking…
Maybe somebody could tell me what causes it? There haven't been any other chances in my life, so it must be one/some of the products.

>Neutrogena - Hydro Boost Hydrating Cleansing Gel (maybe too drying?)
>COSRX - AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner (too harsh?)
>MIZON - Snail Repair Eye Cream (not very hydrating?)
>Hada Labo Gokujyun Premium Lotion (looks greasy but doesn't feel good or hydrating as if there's something strong like alcohol in it)
>Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ PA++++ (that one's ok I guess)

>Neutrogena - Hydro Boost Hydrating Cleansing Gel
>Klairs - Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop (it says use 2-3 drops, but that's not enough to spread all over the face and neck at all)
>innisfree - Green Tea Seed Serum
>MIZON - Snail Repair Eye Cream
>Elizavecca - Milky Piggy EGF Elastic Retinol Cream
I was advised to first use the retinol after putting on another moisturizer so that it's not too harsh but after doing this for some time I now decided to skip that extra step.

No. 137084

For me it screams that its the neutrogena, i've only had bad experiences with their cleansers, i think you should switch to an gentle oil based cleanser ( i know that sounds ironic for greasy skin but just trust me lol), also switch the morning Hada Labo for a gel moisturizer, i like the pyunkang yul balacing gel for day use.

No. 137110

Doesn't seem very legit. Pretty sure I have dark circles because of insomnia, not because of my kidney. Weird correlations there

No. 137121

next time when you introduce a new product to your routine, wait at least 2 weeks before introducing another. That way you can see what a product is doing to your skin. Imo for now, strip away everything and start bare with 1 product and slowly start re-introducing the products to see what works and doesn't

No. 137139

anon are you still 13 because those face mapping stuff have been proven to be lies.
Jfc i cant believe there are adults who believe in that..you must be low iq digit

No. 137199

Is there anything you can find in thr house I can use as a mousturizer? I currently feel like the OP pic.

I ordered a new one almost two weeks ago but the delivery service used is absolute shit.

No. 137207

if you aren't very pimple prone, can try getting by with coconut oil (DO NOT do this if you are acne prone tho)? olive oil possibly but i haven't looked into it. obvi argan oil or something would be better but hard to get in a bog standard shop i reckon.

No. 137226

I bought a milder cleanser, hopefully that one's better.
But the Hada Labo does have a pretty fluid gel like texture…? I kind of feel like a "normal" white moisturizer (no idea how to describe it) would be the best, anything else like this one and other gels I've tried before never worked for me.

I guess I'll have to listen to you, anon. It's gotten even worse, for the first time I ever have acne on my forehead and real pimples on my cheeks, not just a few small whiteheads on my chin like before…and it feels itchy too. It just sucks because I was finally willing to put in time, money and effort and now it doesn't work.

No. 137228

You could make a mixture of equal parts honey and olive oil, massage it in your face and then wash it off with warm water &/or a damp cloth. I used to store it in the fridge & used it as a daily moisturizer when my face was really dry

No. 137236

…you don't need to store that in the fridge

No. 137273

File: 1587580845257.png (421.47 KB, 778x1042, Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 12.2…)

Is anyone into mists? I just ran out of pic related and loved it deeply but it's $30+ and if I'm going to shell out that much for mist, I'd like to try different ones before I get hung up on this one.

Thinking of trying Caudalie Beauty Elixir next

No. 137283

nta but I live in a hot country so I can't imagine putting that on my face being pleasant/easy if it wasn't stored in the fridge

No. 137288

What is the consensus about putting retinol on both lower and upper eyelids?

No. 137323

I use it on my eyelids ever since watching this video

No. 137331

Holy shit, 61?? She looks amazing.

Too bad I can't get retin-a over the counter and will have to use meh retinoids instead.

No. 137337

I remember reading that it can thin the skin or some shit like that + irritate the eyes of course. I just ordered some from TO so we'll see lol

No. 137498

File: 1587761607352.jpg (106.21 KB, 1379x1499, 71DVj546U9L._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

has anyone used products like pic related, 'blackhead remover vacuum' or 'pore cleaners'. Any good results? Worth investing in? Complete con?

No. 137503

I don’t really advice putting tret in your eyelids. The skin there is very thin and has few sebaceous glands. It will dry out the area and make it very sensitive. Just applying it over your face will work in the eye area since tret works in the cellular level and migrates under the skin.

No. 137505

Smh this looks like fungal acne, you should wash your face twice a day. That curology formula is great for your problem but you’re clearly not using it enough.
>Sometimes I’ll apply my curology formula
Well apply it more often, don’t be lazy. Anyway if you cancel it and want to get rid of that get a sulfur mask or soap and maybe get a different moisturizer, I heard the cerave causes break outs for a lot of people.

No. 137516

i'd like to try it on my asshole

No. 137526

I had a big pimple on my nose it died down but there still seems to be a raised layer of skin where it was and it has turned brown. I'm wondering how I can get rid of it?

I cleanse, tone, and moisturize my face and apply aloe vera on it sometimes but it doesn't seem to be working.

No. 137532

it didn’t work for me, just gave me weird raised red bumps (blackheads didn’t change)

No. 137542

File: 1587810534136.jpg (804.12 KB, 1147x3095, 20200425_062915.jpg)

What on gods green earth is causing this? It first appeared when I had sepsis in 2017. It itches and sometimes it becomes raised and red. It used to be about just the size of small angel wings between my shoulder blades but has spread into this monstrosity. I couldn't find anything online that really explains my symptoms…

No. 137543

Please see a doctor anon, that's above our paygrade and doesn't look like something that will just clear up on its own easily.

No. 137544

i thought that was onision's back

No. 137545

Looks like tinea versicolor to me. It’s a fungal infection, you definitely should see a dr but in the meantime you should look into applying athletes foot cream on that. Have you tried putting something before anyway ?

No. 137559

No, don't use these, they could possibly break your capillaries. Also, they don't work. Your sebaceous filaments will not go away no matter what.

No. 137560

>sebaceous filaments will not go away no matter what.
that isn't true tho.

No. 137580

>Wash face at night, do normal routine
>Wake up morning with better looking clean, fresh, acne smaller, less inflamed
>Wash face in morning, same routine
>2 hours later face becomes an oily, inflamed mess with 20 more pimples, and snot coming out of my pores

The fuck is wrong with my skin. I swear, I want to rip my face off and start all over again

No. 137582



Other than seeing a derm,

Caprylic acid supplement, hibiclens wash. sunlight.

-anon who dealt with this shit before

No. 137602

Started using Vit C and bha power liquid 2 weeks ago but my skin only looks worse as far as I can tell, I got more pimples although a lot of them are small colorless ones but I also have redness in my face, is this normal?

No. 137610

File: 1587904215460.jpg (23.4 KB, 458x458, baba_de_caracol.jpg)

Does anyone here have any experience with snail cream for scars and general skin care?

No. 137612

Closed comedones? Or really slight purging due to the bha?

If your face wasn't red before the slow down a bit, worst case scenario would be a chemical burn or something.

Tbh everyone that I know uses it loves it. I personally haven't tried it.

No. 137616

Can you actually do anything about dark undereye circles? I have really deep-set eyes and pale, translucent skin. I just wish the skin under my eyes was more opaque lmao.

No. 137617

File: 1587915000250.jpeg (20.05 KB, 472x185, Snapchat-1259651818~4-01~3.jpe…)

Does anyone have lines like these? Growing up I had a bad habit at rubbing my eyes very hard and now I'm just starting to realize that I probably fucked with the skin there.

I'm only 20 and unless I get some filler or something I worried that I'll look like I'm 10 years old by the time I'm 25. Is there anyway I can reduce the lines or do I just continue with the undereye cream? My other eye isn't nearly as bad.

No. 137618


Those are from having deep set eyes in your skull, its genetic.
I think surgery or fillers are the only fix tbh.

No. 137638

girl that's literally just a crease from having eyeballs lol. also no one's face is 100% symmetrical so the reason one crease is more pronounced is probably just cause there's a minuscule difference in the position of your eyes.

No. 137639

I have those too. High quality eye cream with retinol in it and an eye specific moisturizer.

No. 137640

Honestly, I'm probably just hyper focusing in on it. If it's not my eyes it's my nose or other weird shit I don't like about my body.

Thanks anons

No. 137660

Looks like it could be closed comedones but I also got a few different pimples.. I feel like the products might just be clogging my skin and making it worse instead of improving it? But I know my issues won't sort themselves out so I don't know what to do. I hate my acne and acne scars and blackheads and milia and fine lines.

No. 137699

File: 1587973164650.jpg (55.46 KB, 899x427, 989818.jpg)

I'm white with yellow-greenish (?) undertones and my eyes always have this dark circle around them. Of course it's not visible if I use makeup but it makes me look so tired when I don't use foundation.

I read that it's genetic but does anyone know if there's other factors to it?

No. 137700


pic's not me btw

No. 137703

If it's really not genetics the it's either: diet, lack of sleep, water, smoking, possible illness?

No. 137708

File: 1587980983087.png (17.47 KB, 500x500, the-ordinary-supersize-niacina…)

Does anyone else break out when they use niacinamide? I've tried The Ordinary's niacinamide twice now and each time I've broken out within a week. It's not the kind of product that would cause purging, but it's also not the kind of product that would be comedogenic, so I have no idea why this keeps happening to me. My skin is cursed.

No. 137711

Some people are sensitive to niacinamide

No. 137713


What >>137711 said.
I personally use it only few times per week unlike some people who are able to wear it am and pm. It helps with redness but if I use too much it seems to break me out a bit.
The only suggestion I can give is to use a bit less of it and see how it goes. Sucks that so many products are such a gamble.

No. 137729

File: 1587997156518.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 63.36 KB, 640x495, E40C7A36-BC6F-47AF-9B3C-8FC8F6…)

What’s the deal with the skin around my chin, it’s so much more bumpy and textured then anywhere else. I’m happy with the skin of my face except for this one area. I have a bottom heavy face anyway so the worst skin texture makes me even more self conscious about it. Any suggestions or advice?

No. 137732

I put the tiniest, thinnest bit of it on my t-zone and chin last week and it was still irritating as hell. It is banished to the back of the cupboard until further notice.

No. 137741

Did you used to have acne there? My entire face looks like that due to acne scars. I don't think you can really do anything about it tbh

No. 137743

Nope, never had any kind of acne :/ never had a breakout on my chin either, its just developed this kind of texture

No. 137772

has anyone here waxed their face before ?and if so can you share what it was like and some advice ,i'm thinking of doing it to get rid of peach fuzz

No. 137820

this kind of texture without pimples/closed pores is usually caused by diet. First offender is usually dairy. To be safe, cut sweets. And less meat if that's possible for you.

imo not worth the possibility of ripping off your skin which leaves a scar that will fade or not… Mine mostly did but the skin is a bit different there still, and it's been months. I used to wax my moustache but honestly never again.

No. 137842

>disillusioned with skincare after teen years spent using every clearasil-type product and none working because they don’t do shit
>now want to improve my skin but overwhelmed with AHAs ,BHAs etc,

Any ideas on where I can start? Websites, skincare guides, idk?

No. 137845

It'll be overwhelming wherever you start, so at first don't go out and buy a thousand products lol

I really liked the r/SkincareAddiction guide to Ahas, bhas, skin types etc

No. 137912

>“The truth of the matter is, there’s two basic categories[talking about dark circles and bags] – one is actual pigmentation in the skin, the other is skin that’s thin and shows the dark veins and fat pads underneath… they’re two problems,” Dr Gross tells Hughes.
>So, how do you know if you’ve got dark circles OR under eye bags? According to Dr Gross, the easiest way is to try a little something called ‘the pinch test’.
>“What you want to do is take your skin [under the eye] and gently lift it up. When you lift it up, look at what happens to the colour of the skin at the dark circle,” he says.
>“If when you lift it up, off the skin’s structures… the pigmentation does not change and it stays brown, it’s telling you that pigmentation is the primary problem. If when you lift it up, it all of sudden comes back to a normal colour, you know it’s because the skin is too thin and more transparent.”
So apparently I'm the latter, my undereye skin is too thin so I would need some product with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to build collagen.
Anyone with the same issue? What are you using? Did you see an actual improvement?

No. 137949

great, seems like I am the same as you, anon. am very down about my under eyes as they had gotten quite permanent over this last year, am guessing its uni stress making me age prematurely kek (between acne and this, uni really does make me ugly lmao). are there any products you have in mind? i have used both the ordinarys HA and the cosrx essence and both gave me milia out the ass and acne on the middles of my cheeks (never happens normally). am i just supposed to be haggard af?

No. 138025

File: 1588267913371.jpeg (57.07 KB, 800x800, 2546686.jpeg)

What's a good alternative for this toner? (I'm talking asian toners, not western toners) I liked it, but I find it a bit expensive for how basic it is.

No. 138029

I have cystic acne around my jawline that isn't caused by food and I finally found something that works. It's worth a shot, anon.

Differin for $10 at Walmart. I put a thin layer over my jaw, chin, and forehead and after a month my shit is crystal clear. I did have to go through purging which was not fun by any means but very much worth it.I used it after my moisturizer once over 3 days as I have sensitive skin but you should be able to just feel it out.

Also, you HAVE to wear sunscreen. Learned that the hard way.

No. 138034

another sunken-eyed anon here, I'm pretty sure our only option is having fillers

No. 138044

I have a clear skin most of the time except the week before my periods where I get gross pimples around the lips and chin. I don't really have a skincare routine (just put some moisturizing lotion after showering in the evening) and I don't wear makeup, do you guys have any advice on what I could do or use to at least reduce their size (they are very red and visible)?

No. 138057

I think iron supplements can help with this.

No. 138065

It's happened guys, I friken burnt my face with tretinoin…
Been using it for about six months, only once a week. I felt like my skin had gotten completely used to it, so I tried using it twice a week… Only got to apply it once on the new schedule and chaos already ensued. Two days after tretinoin I developed a rash above my upper lip and around my nose. It's been three days since the rash appeared and it's gotten a tiny bit better but not much. It's red and bumpy and it still burns but no big blisters or anything.
How is it that all the women I see on YouTube are already using this shit everyday by the second month, I didn't even consider myself to have sensitive skin up until now, and I've been following all the advice, the pea sized thing and waiting 30 mins after washing your face and 30 more before moisturizer.
To those taking advantage of quarantine to start retin-a (a good idea since no one will see your purge), pls be careful with this stuff. I got mildy confident with it and look at me now.

No. 138108

I've been breaking out really badly during quarantine and it's starting to be pretty upsetting. My skin feels really dry too, and lucky me, I've got eczema as well as chronic acne, so my skin goes between being really dry and painful and broken out as fuck. Too often both at the same time. I think it might be partially due to stress/hormones but is it possible for allergies to trigger acne? It's triggering the irritation on my skin, there's been tons of pollen and taking allergy medicine actually made the irritation go down. Idk if I already posted earlier in the thread and didn't get a reply or if I deleted and didn't post but I'm basically at a loss trying to nuke my acne while I have dry as fuck skin. I use oils (mostly argan or hemp seed, I've been trying sweet almond and have used coconut before) or Un-Petroleum when I'm not too broken out to seal the moisture in when my skin is really irritated, and CeraVe cream otherwise. I don't know if the CeraVe could be breaking me out, since a lot of anons had that issue, but in my experience it didn't make my acne worse before. I lay off the oils when I'm really broken out or try it and watch how my skin reacts before using it too heavily, so I don't think it's the oil/un-petroleum. Right now it's only going onto the skin around my eyes/cheekbones, and usually I only put it there unless my whole face is going off the shits with irritation and my normal moisturizer burns. I'm getting these nasty cysts on my chin and forehead and smaller pimples on my torso, neck, and cheeks. I think part of my problem is a lack of consistency, but I've been trying to be more consistent since my skin is really suffering. Could any anons recommend something good for cystic acne but gentle enough not to fuck with my eczema/dry skin? I'm already on topical prescription medications (adapalene 0.3%/benzoyl peroxide 2.5% for the morning, clindamycin phosphate 1.2%/tretinoin 0.025% for the evening) and have been for years. And yet…I feel like my skin is still out of control, it gets bad under stress but since going from irl college, really stressed but getting out more/probably healthier, to locked inside and in online college, it's been worse. I don't think I can go on accutane now in the current situation because it requires regular tests, but I'm considering it more…I've tried different masks/treatments on the side, but it feels like I can't figure out a routine that will both work and be something I can stick to.
Not as important, but I also would love recommendations for eye creams or any nice treatments. I was using an expensive cream before bc I got a sample cheaply, but don't really have that much to blow on it (it is at least $60 for a jar of what I had…) I use straight oils/unpetroleum or my face moisturizer otherwise, but I feel like there may be better options. I have a vitamin C serum that includes hyauluronic acid that I apply sometimes (since it's good for pigmentation/scars and had a good list of ingredients that seemed potentially beneficial to my eye area) and less often do under eye masks. I'm trying to reduce/prevent wrinkles and pigmentation, but am a little scared of using the trentoin gel regularly in case it makes my eczema worse around the eyes or somehow makes the dark circles worse.
I'm really sorry that this is so long and idk if anyone will read all of this lmao, I thought more info would be better than less since everyone's skin has different combinations of issues and thought that maybe someone who has dealt with this and has similar issues/skin to mine would have some insight.

No. 138133

shit, what strength is your tret? i started using curology earlier this month and i have .01% tretinoin in my formula. i started using it every day after like a week of using it every other day and only have had a bit of dryness around my mouth. i think 0.01 is pretty weak, so every night is okay, right?

No. 138149

File: 1588430512302.jpg (33.34 KB, 800x800, 2010.jpg)

Anyone uses this? Does it really shrink your pores?

No. 138151

Nothing shrinks your pores.
However, exfoliating chemicals can reduce appearance of pores and make it seem like they have shrunk.

No. 138162

I have smallish pores so I didn't notice any shrinkage but this is really good for texture and acne. MAKE SURE TO MOISTURIZE WHILE USING THIS because for the first week or two your skin WILL get crusty and it's because the old skin is shedding.

No. 138202

Is there a way to tan without… tanning? I don't want to use makeup that doesn't match my body, read about tanning pills but heard they can be harmful. I love how healthy my skin is but I'm also wondering what I would look like if I wasn't so pale. I'm just terrified of wrinkles lol.

No. 138204

spironolactone in conjunction with topicals. it's not instant but it has great long-term effects for women that go beyond clearing skin.

No. 138205

you can buy spray tan now that doesn't look like shit. or go get a spray tan done by a pro who can swatch you.

No. 138206

I used the bha once! Don’t remember what percentage, but made my skin so flakey and dry over the winter, I was a skin noob though, so it might have been that, my skin is combo, but more on the oily side and I switched to aha I prefer it more.

No. 138210

my skin has been really fucking dry for a while, but my t bone is oily for some reason. i moisturize twice a day and i drink 2 liters of water every day but nothing happens pls help

No. 138217

Tanning lotions that you rub on and after a bit wash it off. Easier to get an even tan then spray tan.

Jergen natural glow is a lotion that over time natural builds up a tan. So the lotion has a bit of time and has a little bit of slimmer to simulate a tan. This is the one I used to use

No. 138219

Sounds like you have combo skin that is dehydrated, not dry. I used this article to start figuring out what kind of moisturizer I needed to be using for my skin type.

No. 138240

I have VERY oily skin, so if you're telling me that it will turn my skin dry it sounds like a dream come true kek

No. 138372

Does anyone else with oily skin finds that their skin gets oily in other places too, not just their face?

At the end of the day the back of my neck and my shoulders get oily as well, sometimes the middle of my chest too. Sorry if this is gross I just want to know if it's normal

No. 138377

I found an article that claims vitamin c serums actually age the skin:



No. 138386

Help me, farmers. My skin is pretty good but since 21 I've gotten very fine lines under my eyes that weren't visible until I looked down. I'm 22 now and the crease under my left eye is there all the time. If it's not just aging could these things be making it worse?:
>started using niacinamide, vit C and azealic acid on that area of the skin
>not that great with sunscreen till recently but I'm never in the sun anyway
>bluelight from screens
>shitty sleep because insomnia
Should I be keeping all products away from the whole eye area as much as possible or is it fine to put certain things like on the upper and lower lids?

No. 138389

If labmuffin hasn't said anything about vitamin C being damaging then I'm inclined not to believe it, feels like fear mongering to me. You should be washing it off after each day (note that it hasn't turned your face orange yet) which I don't think is long enough for it to be a pro-oxidant. I don't believe there's that much iron in the air and water (where does this person live?) for that to be a problem either. Kinda sus that after their first point the article shills their own product line.

No. 138398

azaelic acid on eye area?! dude no
all of those are too intense for eye skin (vit C in high suspension). It's too thin and delicate, you're going to fuck it up more this way. Just moisturize, hialuronic acid + eye cream. Try those massaging rollers. Sometimes the wrinkles are from the way we sleep, you're squashing your face into the pillow which creases the eye skin. Silk pillow covers are the best and try to pay attention how you sleep (not an easy thing to do lol).
AND drink more water & fix your sleeping schedule. Every insomniac I know have fucked up eyes lol sorry, get pills if you can

No. 138403

Yeah, wish there was a way to fix it.

No. 138417

hi yes I've waxed my face before. I have thick sideburns and so have only waxed in that area. tbh it was fine, if a little painful (though waxing my legs I found far more painful). I don't know what kind of wax you use but I just used the kind that come in those packs where no heat is involved other than a little friction to warm it up. the only reason I don't use this method any more is because you have to wait for the hair to grow back in to a certain length.

my only issue was the pain (tho bearable), the fact it left areas of slight residue wax I had to use an oil to remove the leftover bits. if you're just removing peach fuzz (and not thick, dark hair like mine) you might have a different experience. DO BE WARNED THOUGH I know it's technically impossible as hair growth doesn't work this way, but I could've sworn the hair grew back in thicker, not such a huge problem for my already hirsute ass but might be something to bear in mind.

No. 138418

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT just wanted to point out about what anon said about ripping off the skin, this shouldn't happen unless you specifically use something in your skincare routine like a chemical exfoliant that would cause the top layer of skin to be compromised. I waited like 2 weeks after using a chemical exfoliant (I wanna say it was a BHA or an AHA I was using) to prevent this before waxing and I still tore off the top layer of skin and had a sore, red and scabby upper lip area for a long while after.

No. 138419

in my experience absolutely, but it takes a while, like months to see results. will also say my pores got bigger once I stopped using, so you've really got to keep it up

No. 138420

yeah I have oily skin on my face and get an oily back and between my boobs too

No. 138436

Yeah I was a skincare noob and while I read up a lot on the effects I'm not very sure on technique/application (also I wanna clarify holy crap I didn't put the acid on my upper eyelids but I did used to put it like… across my cheeks and cheekbones and creeped up from there if that makes sense). Is sunscreen okay to put in those eye areas?

But thanks for the self care reminder, I suppose it's really called beauty sleep for a reason. Hopefully it won't get any worse, I know I'm grumbling rn about tiny lines, I know when I'm 40 I'd murder to keep my current face.

No. 138497

piggybacking off this, what is everyone's preferred method to remove moustache hair? im thinking of waxing again then plucking to maintain. I want to try threading/one of those weird threading gadgets too. I've tried hair removal cream and it's ok in a fix but i don't like having the "stubble" still there.

No. 138498

I just epilate it. It's quick and easy. I've tried threading it before but I couldn't get the hang of it to do it fast enough

No. 138657

Are collagen supplement pills effective?
Has anyone taken them and noticed difference in their skin?

No. 138660

File: 1588951323967.jpg (105.34 KB, 1000x667, eyebagwrinkles.jpg)

I'm 21 and have these really deep creases and wrinkles on my eyebags. It has gotten worse than before. What do I do anons? I use sunscreen, moisturize my skin and use the ordinary caffeine solution.

Has anyone had the same problem? What eye creams would work the best?

No. 138662

They got bigger? I'd expect them to return to look like they did before using that product, but you say they got even worse?

No. 138664

I've been taking the powder version + some other stuff inside. Didn't really do shit after 2-3 months.

That's just skin. It's normal

No. 138666

oh no I meant they returned to their normal size, sorry for the confusion

No. 138754

Use eye masks every couple days

No. 138756

Sorry I missed your post! Mine is 0.05, it's prescription strength. The rash finally cleared up a couple days ago. My holy grail for irritation and sensitivity is usually the cicaplast b5 balm but it didn't work this time, it burn and didn't seem to make the skin any better, I ended up using an adult diaper cream (lol) with lots of vitamins that felt very soothing and nourishing but sadly i think it's comedogenic.

No. 138775

File: 1589122030452.jpeg (398.66 KB, 1355x1807, image.jpeg.0ab1a7e35b8868b82c1…)

What to do when your forehead looks like this? I have large ass pores and oily skin that makes them even more noticeable - plus, it looks like there are mini bumps all over it if I look at it under certain lighting, even though I don't have any acne. When I try to "spread" my forehead skin horizontally with two fingers, the pores flatten and my forehead looks normal. Is there any way I can treat this without resorting to expensive laser treatments?

No. 138776

Forgot to say, I don't think it's dehydration as I already have oily skin and I apply moisturizer day and night.

No. 138778

what's your skincare routine like anon? Oily skin can be a symptom of dehydration.

No. 138789

Looks and sounds like what I had.
AHA, heavy moisturizer, hyaluronic acid and sunscreen helped.

My skin was just reeeally dehydrated and I also thought it was oily at first. The oilyness went away after a few months of lots of moisturizing.

No. 138792

I don't know, I've been using a multi-oil product for months and my derm seemed to disagree with my choice of using oil to fight oil. I bought it because a girl recommended it to me saying it fixed her oily skin, but on me it didn't do anything sadly. It's got meadowfoam oil and argan oil, plus vitamin E and other two types of oils, just in case you want to know.
I've had very oily skin since puberty, and my skincare routine used to have more products until two years ago when I cut some products down because they brought me no benefit and only broke me out. Right now it's very simple, it's just
>mild cleanser/micellar water
Then I either apply that oil product, or use a salicylic acid one on my T zone because I noticed that it stops the sebum for… about one hour.
Right now all I want to fix is the oily skin, then if possible the dilated pores on nose, forehead and part of the cheek near the nose. I also have a strange problem where my skin gets red after frowning or smiling. But my derm is clueless, and so am I.

No. 138796

Just when my skin started clearing up, we started having to wear masks at work and it absolutely fucks me up! Do you know those small rash-like pimples you get when you sweat a lot? I now habe dozens of those around my mouth area and there's nothing I can really do against that. Fuck

No. 138927

Does anyone know a good body lotion with lot of active ingredients? Like vitamin e, niacinamide, urea, maybe retinol too

No. 138966

I feel like wearing masks everyday has been messing my skin up more. Like big ugly pimples that I am working so hard to not pop. Also the general stress of currently working during this pandemic doesn't help. But if you can, like with things, change masks and wash em' I guess.

No. 139069

Last winter I had a really bad cold and my lips were scabbed for like three weeks straight. Ever since I have deep lines on the outer 1/3rd parts of my lower lip (if that makes sense). Is there anything besides getting fillers to remedy this or am I screwed and stuck with grandma lips?

No. 139070

i had a question about AHA usage! i've just started using the pixi glow tonic alternate days in the AM (i know it's expensive. will purchase an alternative from TO most likely once this bottle is finished), it's been a week.
i use the AHA toner by itself, once it dries up i top off with neutrogena water gel.
it seems to work really well on my texture and overall dullness, but it's also giving me large, closed pimples around the center and lower parts of my cheeks. i know this is the AHA that's causing it because
1. this is the only new product in my current routine
2. the pimples appear by evening-ish on the day i've applied AHA, and kind of harden up by the next morning which is a non-AHA routine.
3. the pimples don't go away, and a new one/two show up each day i apply the AHA.

does anyone know what's going on? is it the AHA, or the moisturizer aint sitting right with it? did you face problems like this with AHA?

No. 139071

i read this as baby lotion and was fucked up for a solid minute

the one thing that's been helping everything from my smoker's lips to budding crow's feet to old white thigh stretch marks, is the body shop amazonian multi-purpose balm
it's the best thing i've ever tried for my lips, maybe give it a shot?

No. 139090

File: 1589463392061.jpg (176.32 KB, 710x482, white_2.jpg)

Do these korean skin lightening products really work?

I have alot of dark spots from shitty cystic acne, i don't even pick at them but they leave dark marks anyways.

My face and neck are also darker than the rest of my body so evening everything would be nice.

No. 139091

No get laser or a skin peel

No. 139094


Im not a very good candidate for those treatments anon, im prone to getting keloids.

No. 139117

I wouldn't go as far to say it's genetic. It's rather ubiquitous. Most people have it to varying degrees. It would be rare to find someone who doesn't have this without foundation. Who wouldn't use foundation to cover it up?

No. 139187

Has someone here treated rosacea or couperose? This redness bugs me. I want to be less dependant on foundation.

No. 139227

I know Kojie San works but you really have to build up usage, I don't have sensitive skin but it felt like shit when I left it on longer than recommended at first lmao

No. 139235

I went to a dermatologist for my rosacea. He prescribed finacea and it's meh. Not as bad as before but my face is still red around my lips and not the same color as the rest of my body. Been using it for 3 months

No. 139242

i have it, i think it kind of comes and goes or just flares up sometimes? but i apply squalane oil p regularly and it seems to help, and it feels nice.

No. 139245

>squalane oil
Never even heard of it, thanks for mentioning it, anon, I'll try it.
I actually want to get laser treatment when I have "spare" money, but it's not gonna be soon.

No. 139295

File: 1589680011896.jpg (13.48 KB, 513x655, 8903558-1-rosegold.jpg)

What is a good sunscreen for wearing with strappy sandals? I don't want to ruin the shoes with residue.

No. 139306

I don't use korean products specifically but I have other things with niacinamide and vitamin C in them which I think has helped. I've also been using kojie san soap for 3 years now. My face and neck are still darker than the rest of me but not as much.
where do people find laser/peel treatments? I have no idea where to look for procedures in general but I've been thinking about it.

No. 139315

I had a skin peel, my sin was dull looking and I have type1 skin type but I am not a red head just from N Europe. tbh it did not to much for me. I have heard laser is better but more expensive if i were you I would save up and try that. Good luck

No. 139569

Anyone tried Inkey List's eye creams? People seem mixed on the Brighten-i cream but I'm curious to try the caffeine or retinol cream. I've got genetic dark circles (and don't sleep well either lel) and fine lines so I'm not sure which I'd benefit from more. I've got prescription retinol that's probably way stronger than what's in the eye cream but my eyes are really sensitive so I'm scared of putting it directly in my eye area. Idk if I should get a special retinol cream for the eyes or use mine very sparingly and combine it with other products?
I'm also curious about trying microneedling at home, but want to do it right because I'm a little scared of it. I've got a lot of old stretchmarks and some acne scars. The acne scars are fairly new and mostly pigmented so they might be fine with other treatments. Mostly targeting my hips/ass tbh so I know I'd need larger needles than the face (which I also want to try, but I think I'll start there). Anyone tried doing this? Does it work pretty well, what's the safest way to do it, good brands, etc.

No. 139571

File: 1590024634131.jpg (60.07 KB, 1200x1443, 6887034.jpg)

I'd give this Neutrogena spray a try. I really liked the cream version of this sunscreen because it would grip to my skin wet or dry and not be a slippery mess. To be real with you I've never used it with strappy sandals but it seems like the best option of all the sunscreens I've tried.

No. 139594

File: 1590042978739.jpg (9.06 KB, 406x406, ss.jpg)

I used this one last weekend at it was not greasy at all! I would still wipe the straps of the shoes down with a damp cloth and the tiniest bit of some mild soap

No. 139633

Unsure if it's been mentioned but Hyram on YouTube and CosDNA can really help find what ingredients are breaking you out. He was the only way I found a sunscreen that didn't break out my forehead. Cosdna is good for a quick look of what you're current using for potentially irritating ingredients or if you want to get something new.

No. 139638

File: 1590048751738.jpg (86.11 KB, 1125x1118, 61SKLiXR-6L._SL1125_.jpg)

Just wanted to tell y'all ladies.

After finding out that my favourite body cream (Light creme de corps, from Kiehl) was discontinued I decided that I would go with a different, cheaper brand just to try it out (I 've also used many Lush creams and they were ok). Especially since summer is coming I wanted my skin to shine like a Hawaiian goddess so I bought a pot of Palmer's Cocoa Butter and oh my GOD am I shining! Skin softer than a baby's butt. It looks so smooth , almost like photoshop, and for 1/4th (or less) than the price that I used to pay for the Kiehls one!

tl;dr if you want your skin to look shiny(in a natural healthy way) and beautiful buy this

No. 139640

I do and thats definitely normal. I didnt even notice I had them until that area under one of my eyes started itching like crazy and finally paid attention to that area.
Now Im having trouble because when I sweat a lot from exercise, the sweat tends to make that area dry and its itchy and then it gets swollen (so if that ever happens to you, just fyi don't scratch and put vaseline on it)

No. 139678

Dumbass question but should you be using body cream/lotion on your face too?
Asking since I seen some products advertising as face and body cream and some just as body cream

No. 139687

File: 1590073117437.jpeg (266.28 KB, 1122x1110, 4BD2FB19-9101-40FB-97C5-4DAEAC…)

I haven't had cystic acne in almost 2 years — until this bitch appeared literally overnight the other day. I managed to my acne under control with Curology a couple years ago, so I guess I'll start taking it again. In the past I only broke out on my forehead but now it's mainly my jaw/cheeks, which makes me feel like shit because I can't hide the marks with bangs.

No. 139744

I'm 28 and I just started a skin care routine tell me if I'm doing the right thing or not. Might as well start now than never.

First I wash my face with simple micellar water gel wash.
Then I use gommage rosette gel to exfoliate
After that I wipe my face with a stridex pad.
Next I spray on some Pyunkang Yul toner mist and I then use mizon 100% hyaluronic serum. For sun screen I used spf 50+++ canmake gel sun screen. I use the loreal charcoal clay mask 3 times a week

No. 139756

Sorry anon, I don't have any advice but your skin looks beautiful aside from that

No. 139757

So… Isn't that just a pimple? I've never had acne in my life so maybe I'm ignorant but I get those pimples once in a while, they just go away after a while and then they don't reappear until a few months later. Maybe you won't break out aside from that pimple?

No. 139770

I know this is probably bait but bitch.

No. 139807

Correct me if I'm wrong but from the two exfoliants and lack of a moisturizer I'm guessing you have oily skin.
Is there a reason you're using two exfoliating products? I purged like hell when I first started using a BHA and I was only using it every other day for the first month or so. I'd be concerned that it might be too much and could break you out and dehydrate your skin. Also I'd get a moisturizer and use a smaller amount of your serum under it.

No. 139830

The ordinary's retinoids are constantly out of stock, is there good alternatives for them from other brands?

No. 139862

I just watched the newest Alexander girly talk video and she used a high frequency skin care device. I didn't even know that was a thing but I it comes across as gimmicky. Is it tho or is there some legitness to it?

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