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No. 463022

Not trying to vent? Not annoyed? Not asking a dumb question? Post it here.

※ Take any discussion pertaining to feminism, trannies, and/or man-hate to the pinkpill thread: >>463553

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No. 463027

File: 1568671235043.png (157.78 KB, 1605x784, 8BCAD3E9-794D-4C62-996C-7435D2…)

I’m out of crocodile pears.
Why tf are avocados so high in calories

No. 463037

File: 1568688657500.jpg (71.68 KB, 1000x572, PicsArt_09-17-03.49.50.jpg)

dumb wannabe skater bitch from the previous thread reporting back, did end up getting a normal deck and rode around on it for the 1st time today and it was so nice! really weird bc the trucks are more loose but I can lean turn nicely now. can't wait until I get more comfy on it! have literally not been this exhilarated in good 3 years, thank u, overpriced piece of wood with wheels!

No. 463038

I feel the same way, I got hopeful that lolcow was developing into a real community when the /m/ threads appeared they've ground to a halt. It's depressing to accept that this place is always going to be primarily a gossip board, because I don't know where to go to next when I get fully fed up with reading about how some egirl edits her ass.

Unlike you I worry that the removal of those threads is going to just slow the site down more as some users feel like it's no longer a 'girl power' site, but it's not something I want to argue about and I agree the overspill of shitposting got out of hand.

Good for you anon, enjoy your rehab!

No. 463051

Overall I feel like the board has been cozier than it was last year. But I agree I wish some threads were more active.

No. 463067

i hate how ugly the update windows 10 is

No. 463079

Because the creaminess is fat
Supposedly it's good fat though.

No. 463089

I have a hilarious story for you girls. It's partly a vent, but I didn't feel like posting it in the vent thread since in the end I have nothing to complain about. Tl;dr: my abusive on and off boyfriend of 6 years used to tell me I'm dragging him down and am a sole reason he is not a famous millionaire yet, but have recently asked me to marry him for visa for fucking ~$800/month, lol.

So we both are from different post-USSR contries and both have moved to a EU country for uni in 2013, that's basically how we met. However, he was too smart for school (as he claimed, everyone was stupid there and he didn't feel comfortable to be around them), so he stopped going there after like 2 weeks. Then he used different shady ways to prolong his visa without actually having to work/study, such as private schools (where you just pay the money and they leave you alone and don't kick you out even if you never attend any classes) and fake employment. It's when you pay someone who owns a company to empoy you, get your work visa and then pay the "employer" a small fee every month so he could pay your health insurance/taxes/etc with it. He had to pay about $160 each month, which, as he said, "is nothing for someone who makes as much as I do" (with selling drugs). Well I was trying not to be judgemental and yes, he gaslighted the shit out of me, but sometimes (most of the times) he didn't have enough money to pay both rent (which was expensive since he lived in the city center and refused to move somewhere cheaper) and the $160 fee so I payed it for him. Please don't laugh at me, as I already said he gaslighted the shit out of me plus I was afraid he'd get fired and then kicked out of the country, and also me not being as smart as he is, I actually went to uni for computer science and even though I didn't graduated because of mental issues (duh), I was able to lend a good job in IT, so even though I obviously wasn't as rich and successful as he was, it wasn't some huge amount of money for me \s.

So I don't really want to describe our relationship since a) I'm still ashamed of being a dumb ass bitch for not leaving earlier and taking him back b) I'd have to write a fucking thesis-sized post, but let's just say he was constantly bringing me down, telling me I don't deserve him, shitting on me to my face and behind my back, cheating, all of that. I felt like shit all these years, to be honest I still do and sometimes think that he was right and I'm worthless. I was diagnosed with PTSD and depression this winter, this was when I started feeling so bad I had to lock myself up in my room not to fucking kill myself of something. Later when I got kicked out of my apartment for my "shitty" behavior and crying way to loud by my roommates (yes I did cry too loud, but guys I was literally fighting for my life there but yeah who cares), I asked him if I could stay at his place for a little while. At the same time I started having problems at my job since I wasn't going to the office for long time and "worked" from home, however I still offered him to pay 50% of rent. At first he politely told me to fuck off and asked for a break up since we were dating at the time, but I guilt tripped him into letting me in (well I reminded him that I was and am helping him financially through out all these years and supporting him so he kinda owes me and then yes he agreed). When I moved there he obviously started treating me even worse since he felt like he is in charge, even through I did pay 50% rent, pay for all the groceries and still helping him out with his employer and his tax fee.

I snapped the day I was returning from my doctors appointment. I already got my own place at that time, but I was using crutches to walk, so I paid for one more month of rent to be able to stay at his place sometimes or at least leave my stuff there. So I decided to go to his place since I was really tired of walking and he lived near my doctor's office. He wasn't at home, but when he returned he start bitching about how I entered "without permission". Reminder - I was still paying for this place and was using crutches and exhausted from walking up & down the stairs and idk, like I still was his girlfriend. After that I just payed for moving company to get my stuff for me and moved completely and I guess it was the day of the official break up.

So yeah this is just a snippet of our "relationship" so you could get an idea of how I felt and how he behaved. After I moved, he messaged me once and asked to pay his employer again (yes, the audacity), but I lied and said I didn't have money lol. His "employer" was already mad at him for not paying in time/not paying enough, so I guess as soon as I stopped paying for my ex he also snapped and fired him. So at the country we are staying at, if you have a work visa and you loose your employment you have 60 days to find a new one to prolong your visa with. Him being a "successful businessman" he managed to find some job through friends, but the authorities declined his application. I know that because he told me that, obviously trying to gain pity points and ask for help without actually asking for it, since he is a successful man I'm not worthy of, remember? I wasn't taking the bait and I was just like "well I'm sorry for you" or something, but he FUCKING OFFERED ME TO FAKE MARRY HIM. He said my work permit would be enough so he could get at least some temporary visa and promised to pay me $800 a month. I mean bitch you couldn't even afford $160 and you already owe me so much money ugh don't even get me started. So I started making fun of him because omg the audacity, he even emphasized that it'd be a fake marriage, he could at least say something like "oh I realised you are the love of my life pls be my wife" or something along the lines, but he thought I loved him so much I'd go through humilation of marrying someone who not only doesn't love me back, but has been putting me down for YEARS for fucking $800 (I make that amount of money in almost a week) he wouldn't even pay me, obviously. So yeah, I laughed at him, but I have to admit I still kinda have feelings for him (Stockholm syndrome?) and me generally being a beta bitch I felt bad about it and decided to say sorry. I said something along the lines of "I'm sorry, but I don't get it how you are not, since like after all you've put me through you're acting like that". I mean he could litrally at least say "sorry" or something. And then I went to sleep and woke up to a response text from him which said guess what?

"Don't worry about me, I'll figure something out, like I always do".

BITCH I CAN NOT. Imagine being that delusional about yourself. Imagine being a man.

No. 463090

The kpop takeover ruined everything, summerfags stay here because of those threads

I’d drink every time I scroll trough a BTS sperg but I don’t want to die yet

No. 463092

Damn. This was a ride.

No. 463093

kpop faces look so artificial and robotic looking. I don't understand how anyone can find something so fake attractive

No. 463098

how old is he? he's horrible. do not feel bad for him. do not get suckered back in.

No. 463100

Because they were conditioned to it by marketing.

No. 463101

He is 24, a year older than I am. Tbh I low key hope he gets deported back to his shit hole town, not because I crave revenge, but because that would mean I'd never have to deal with him again. I wish I could finally forget that shitshow and move on.

No. 463104

File: 1568716334018.jpg (74.41 KB, 611x600, 909.jpg)

After listening to Nina Hagen, most of the famous "edgy" musicians today seem so low-energy and sluggish.
She has such soul. Everything from her voice to the way she moves and emotes. "Banshee queen who scratched her way to the top and grew up around goblins" energy. Grimes and Billie Eilish are utterly unremarkable mice in comparison.
She really walked so these others can run. The rest of these girls are ASLEEP.

No. 463135

File: 1568734759716.jpg (2.1 MB, 1500x2222, MV5BMDI3YmEwOTItNDEyNC00MGNlLW…)

Seeing SJWs ree about this movie is weird.
Haven't seen it so no idea how it actually goes, but all the criticism revolving around "reeee no white/cis/straight girl can have problems or be bullied reeeeee" is bizarre considering no one complains when the billionth movie about a white cis straight FAT girl getting bullied is made.

It's gonna be funny to see them going back to "body positivity!!! uwu" tomorrow.

No. 463145

Is that Rei Hino?

No. 463146

Figures. Very tall girls of all races usually do get bullied relentlessly but this doesn't fit into their narrative of fat vitiligo bodyposi qtpocs.

No. 463147


The biggest irony is that if your biggest concern is being teased in Highschool and reeing about a movie about a girl being teased in HS then you are incredibly priviledge to begin with.

No. 463148

I watched the trailer on yt and all the comments are saying stuff like "uhm, tall girls never get bullied?! i know a tall girl and she's doing just fine!" (X000 likes).
It seems like manlets whining about people discriminating them because of their height and sjw who believe being white and "rich" (she seemed to be actually just middle class) absolves you from any problems, came together to collectively shit on this. She's supposed to be 6'1 and they're saying that this is not even that extreme…? How many women are this tall? This literally does make her a "minority". Plus the usual, "she could always model or play basketball".
How many movies are out there, in which the main actress is either the small and cute one or the not-extremely-attractive but quirky one, while the bitchy bully role is reserved for taller girls?

I had a hard time in school because of my height and think I would have enjoyed watching this back then.
Adults should just let teen girls have their light and silly movies, you can't complain about "the youth" being so horrible nowadays, while also not allowing them harmless age-appropriate entertainment like this. Not everything has to be deep.

No. 463149

IIRC the actress was actually bullied for her height. Can't some shitty b-movie for teens just be about overcoming insecurities? Does everything have to have a political message behind it?

No. 463150

File: 1568739758792.jpeg (303.49 KB, 1536x1534, 057808C2-B466-4562-975F-8DEC31…)

>TFW no cute Georgian BF that dances super nice

No. 463151

No. 463152

Amen, sister

No. 463154

In real life this girl would have been scouted by a model agency/coaches

Most pageant girls are her height and it’s so fake that her 5’3” sister would be the most ~cute~ this shite only worked in the help because the average guy was like 5’5” back then and modeling wasn’t heard of in buttfuck middle of nowhere

sjws may sperg but honestly it’s a dumbass movie that’s predictable for dumbass teens

No. 463157

>In real life this girl would have been scouted by a model agency/coaches
Are you joking? This is what only happens on movies.
At her height she would be too tall to model, plus being tall =/= being skinny and pretty.

No. 463159

You're kidding, right? I've known multiple girls around the height of 5'11" to 6'1" and all of them got bullied and made fun of for their height. If you're gorgeous and skinny maybe you'll get scouted, but if you're an average looking 6'1" girl who isn't underweight you will get called names and told how much cuter short girls are.

No. 463170

me: why don’t i have any friends?
also me: walks around while doing errands with my fly down for 2 hours
fuck my life

No. 463171

Maybe is different from amerianons because I attended EU catholic school for preppy girls but literally everyone not 5’7+ was deemed ugly or a midget because of “stumpy legs”

That’s only from my perspective due to having classmates and teachers comment on me being the shortest/getting rejected from most teams because I didn’t fit the “physical requirements” for volleyball and lacrosse.

During my first Home EC/sewing class my teacher gushed on how many “heads” my friend was.

No. 463172

Reminder that tall girls only get shat on if short guys are the majority

No. 463174

Where I'm from no one thinks short girls are cute. It's the tall girls (175/180cmish+) that get praised for their height and long legs.

No. 463175

Hahahaha aww anon this happens to me too

No. 463177

It's about how unusual your height is rather than the measurement.

No. 463185

I thought it was corny they gave her a sassy black friend, if it wasn’t for that I don’t think the movie would be criticized as much.

No. 463186

File: 1568745939469.jpg (415.86 KB, 1920x1796, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

I unapologetically love trendy shit like egirl fashion or kpop inspired fashion, society loves to shit on whatever young girls like and honestly i stopped giving a fuck about it.

No. 463188

I also went to an european catholic school and my teachers did things like saying I'm scary for being so tall, assumed I was actually older and repeated class, one even said I won't be able to get married and so on. Not even talking about how shitty the other students were.

If you're not tall then don't go around saying being tall comes with no problems. Same for the tall people (especially men) who weren't bullied, just because you were lucky, doesn't mean it was the same for others.
A 6'1 girl like in the movie is 8 inches taller than the american average; would you also tell a man who's 8 inches shorter than your average guy - meaning 5'1 - that it's not a big deal, that he should just suck it up?
And the "b-but long legs and modelling!" argument is dumb af, only a tiny percentile of all humans is deemed skinny and beautiful enough for that - plus why must I go into certain types of sports or the toxic fashion industry just because I'm tall? Nobody is telling short girls that they should be happy since their tiny hands are good for work like sewing or nail design either lol

No. 463189

i love this fashion and wish i could wear it but i'm 2fat

No. 463190

same, wish i was thinner and prettier so i could pull this emo revival shit off. was too young to do it when emo was in its OG full bloom so now it would be perfect redemption time but alas

No. 463193

File: 1568746811696.jpeg (85.95 KB, 780x520, 3e539f33-763e-481d-97e3-864f1d…)


Barbie Ferreira pulls it off quite decently, don't give up anons live your best dreams and tell other people to fuck off

No. 463194

I'm European (Britfag) and tall girls get made fun of and called ugly here too.

No. 463195

sorry, but if it's the girl on the right, she doesn't. that skirt doesn't fit her at all and she should have a different hairstyle.

No. 463196

yeah, they both look horrible tbh

No. 463200

>If you're not tall then don't go around saying being tall comes with no problems.
It's awful how people talk about tall women when they're out of earshot. In my friend group there's one tall girl and on another friend's last birthday, she was running late, they made such disgusting comments about her body. kinda makes me worried how they talk about my imperfections when i'm not around

Same thing happened whenever the one tall girl in class left the room; the guys referred to her with the male version of her name, called her "man" and stuff like that.

I wonder how many of these people are the ones who then on the internet claim tall women never get treated shittily?

No. 463203

Just got out of a 2 hour long anti sexual harassment seminar at my job. I was about to fall asleep but I got upset at some points because I was too nervous to report someone at my last job, and a male supervisor I confided in because I thought I could trust him told me not to/was also pretty much doing and saying shit that could be considered sexual harassment under my state's laws lol. I left already but it sucks knowing they're still there preying on unsuspecting new hire girls who were like me.

No. 463209

True. My sister is only like 5'8" and a bit of overweight, but she used to get called a tranny just because of her body and height.

No. 463210

I'm sorry anon. I hope you're able to still report them, or at least catch them on the act and report them. Maybe you can make friends with some new hire girls and just give them some tips/tricks and that it's okay for them to speak out and that they shouldn't be silenced. I'm sorry if I sound retarded and corny.>>463203

No. 463211

next time, don't go to your supervisor – go straight to the HR dept

No. 463212

File: 1568748758319.jpg (19.48 KB, 236x289, 0d850f1b562c720521ab41bb392f11…)

i hate the edgy side of it. it's way more tryhard than normie y2k clothing. i like y2k stuff kinda like pic related, though would prefer it more covered up, but not the mall goth stuff. it's really nlogy or nloby for guys too. i dislike edgy stuff bc lbr if life was that shit for you, you wouldn't be putting all this effort in to dress like this and draw attention to yourself like this. another thing is like, it's already alt to wear y2k stuff, you dont need to wear mall goth stuff to be seen as alt

this would look bad on anyone, but this looks really bad on her.

No. 463213

Ew. Why are people so shit? Like you can't help the way you were born. I've been seeing a lot more women get clocked as trannies lately and it pisses me off.

No. 463214

I saw a Reddit post the other day from a girl saying she got called names and put down for being tall. And she was 5'5", which isn't even tall.

No. 463216

Is she from the land of Oompa Loompas or something??

No. 463217

Yeah it was like within the first month of when I started there and it was because it was another supervisor. I thought maybe I would've been blowing things out of proportion by going to HR but now I know better lol. I did have to speak with management about it a few months after it sort of all blew over because we were both put to work an offsite event (with other people too) and I was uncomfortable about it, and all the managers then said I should've gone to HR about it (they didn't do anything besides make sure our shifts didn't overlap).

I doubted myself because the supervisor I confided in was just like "oh you should just talk to him!! don't go to HR!!" but as I continued working there, I realized he was another walking embodiment of sexual harassment. I was naive and too desperate to please everyone at work lol. I can report up to three years after it happened in my state, but I wonder if it's still applicable since I don't work there anymore… Guess I'll look into it.

We got a lot of creeps towards the end of my time there and I would try to speak with girls about some of the creepier people! It was a question of whether I should report or not for someone else because I never made it to supervisor level so it wasn't mandatory for me/I didn't want to make the girls uncomfortable by outing their problems for them. I tried my best to encourage them to speak to HR or other managers who I knew were trustworthy (some girls did, some didn't).

No. 463222

loving the 80s cringe

No. 463223

I'm glad you know how to handle things now, it's unfortunate having to learn from experience sometimes. I'm glad you helped other girls out and encouraged them to speak out.

I wish all creepy people would just off themselves. Ugh.

No. 463225

Anime cypher was one of the of the cringiest things I've ever seen

No. 463232

Truly the height of human achievement, thanks for posting, anon

No. 463244

god i wish i was alive in the 80s. they would've loved my non existant hips and wide shoulders sigh

No. 463249

“I’m reporting this for the sake of the company, what if I’m not the first to experience something like this our PR would be horrible”

HR doesn’t give a shit about you but they care about the image of the company ALWAYS make it an US instead of I so they actually do something

No. 463251

Probably Peru

No. 463254

>would you also tell a man who's 8 inches shorter than your average guy - meaning 5'1 - that it's not a big deal, that he should just suck it up?
yes, without missing a beat

No. 463256

I'm taller than the character/actress and only ever gotten compliments from women and "positive" attention aka creepy comments from men. I don't get it, shorter women literally wear high heels to try and look taller.

Then again I'd never heard of guys being insecure/judged about being short until getting on the internet and reading men being suicidal for being under 6 feet, beauty standards are a megameme.

No. 463274

A group of hoodrats tried to mug me on Saturday (my birthday of all days). They didn’t take any of my shit but I got fucked up and I’m on a bunch of pills and antibiotics. I should be doing other stuff now that I have all this free time but I’m too tried to do anything other than watch TV browse my phone.

I didn’t know that antibiotics can make you so tired and not want to eat anything

No. 463290

Reminds me that Aerobic Gymnastics is still an actual competitive sport.

No. 463323

File: 1568769595736.jpg (135.31 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault0.jpg)

Holy shit. I was trying to place where exactly I've heard this song, and I realized it's in the beginning of Helter Skelter.
Brilliant. I like that movie, this song and this singer even more now.

No. 463342

i mean its 2019 no one in the western world is going to give you shit for dressing alt

No. 463422

File: 1568791959861.jpg (171.42 KB, 1080x1080, e675d109a8d9c943c94eddfd16845f…)

my handwriting "font" is carefully crafted. I spent years trying different combinations of writing each letter, number, and symbol and then "training" myself to write that way. even different ways of holding pens, to get certain stylistic effects. I suppose it just occurred to me that maybe not everyone does this. or do they?

No. 463439

I completely forgot that mindless self indulgence existed for years and I'm listening to some of their songs. I'm feeling nostalgic all of a sudden.

I haven't watched it but from the reactions I've seen people want to make every single pieces of media about politics, one way or another. They don't get that kids can get bullied over literally anything, it's just a matter of looking or acting slightly different than average and going to school with unhinged sociopaths who were never taught respect by their parents and other authority figures. It's not that deep.

No. 463443

I don't think I've written something on paper other than my signature since like 2006 lmao

No. 463445

Signing your welfare papers Tammy?

No. 463451

i hate when people bitch about 'moralfagging' or 'moralfags'. if you use that shit past 2010 or on female imageboards you're an embarrassment

No. 463453

do you not ever need to take down a note while on the phone or make a to do list, a recipe or post-it note to someone?

do you use tech for that kind of thing?

No. 463456

File: 1568805415154.jpeg (8.81 KB, 318x159, Unknown.jpeg)

I have… to a degree. I've made a conscious choice to write certain letters in certain ways but I'm nowhere near happy with my handwriting! I really need the right pen/pen/surface underneath/hand pressure to write something I'm happy with and that is aesthetically pleasing to me.

I'm a perfectionist and this has been an issue for me since childhood. I use to write my name over and over again on my notes/work at school until I was happy - which was hardly ever and of course I wasn't paying attention to the teacher when doing this.

I actually want to improve my handwriting cause I journal a lot. do you have any tips or pen recommendations?

oh and another question - have you ever tried hand lettering (like the kind in your pic) I actually have one of those tombow brush pens and want to learn how to write all fancy.

No. 463466

Sorry for sperging, but I must:

I use a lot of calligraphy tools for drawing and may not be the same, still, ink is my favourite medium.
If you're thinking about getting into calligraphy you should consider the medium basics; every ink has its own properties, as in for blacks is the kind of black (some may be more or less black), opacity, whether they are matte or not (as I draw, I prefer matte finishes, but for calligraphy shiny ones give a beautiful glaze) or viscosity. Some are waterproof (and not all of them are usable with water based colours or inks right away), and ones you should totally avoid with water colours. I'd avoid cheap and low quality inks since they may discourage you because they're harder to control if you don't know what you're doing.
You should try off different types of pens or brushes before you find "your one".
Do a lot of exercises to develop your hand and wrist dexterity. There is no pen who WILL do stuff for you and is the only way you can discover what the pen CAN do for you. On a positive note, I find wrist exercises very meditative and calming.
Don't be afraid to experiment, it may be pricey, but building up your collection of materials and skills is fun and opens you a lot of doors.
There is no "better than", there is just "harder than" or "more compatible with" (mostly depends on your personality!).
Consider also the paper you're buying, as for inks, it is always best to invest in high quality materials, or you may get frustrated before even learning. The less smudgy, the better the paper is. Also, there are a lot of types of paper but it's another long story and someone into calligraphy may help you better on this.

Personally, I love playing around with different pens, nib pens, brushes and inks on a piece and each tool has different purposes, but I get to know them just by studying and experimenting.

Just don't forget to have fun, Anon!

No. 463470

Yep I'm guilty of this. I would rewrite entire sheets of notes in highschool and college, which actually works well as a study tool… but I did it so my writing was neat, small and meticulous. The obsession started in public school where I mirrored my dad's tiny all-cap lettering.

A lot of people with unique or neat writing styles probably do this planning and practicing thing, but for the majority, they don't think about it or care.

No. 463483

I'm a fan of thin, clean lines so I prefer .38 or less pen tip. otherwise, I don't care much for a specific type of paper or anything else.

>have you ever tried hand lettering (like the kind in your pic)

not really. I like how Chinese or Arabic calligraphy looks, but I have no interest in cursive or other overly… loopy/artistic styles. I guess to me, despite obsessing over its aesthetics, handwriting is still just a functional thing.

although I have designed fonts a couple of times, I just remembered this lol. but they were more sans serif and straight lines.

>The obsession started in public school where I mirrored my dad's tiny all-cap lettering.
ahh that's cute anon. i started obsessing about handwriting style after seeing my mom's. my earliest memory was recognizing her handwriting on a gift box.

No. 463518

File: 1568826430242.gif (3.52 MB, 498x338, tenor (1).gif)

Currently some people in my college are angry that the anime club got rejected, but gay club is still around. I know one of the guys angry about this. He wanted to show me a funny tweet, but accedently showed me his twitter porn account and he follows Ben Sharpino on his main account. I mean of course he does

No. 463519

My handwriting is messy but there are certain aspects of it that I purposely implemented, like looping my y & g’s and I write my a’s as they look typed instead of how most people write them. So yeah I think probably a fair amount of people purposely change their handwriting! I’m the only person I know who’s admitted to it though.

No. 463526

>mindless self indulgence
Ah yes, brings back cringy but fond memories.

No. 463541

I wish bidets were more commonplace here in the US. Every time my stomach gets messed up, I feel like I'm wiping for forever but I'm never truly clean so I just feel gross until I can get home and shower.

No. 463555

>class shaming
cancelled sweetie
I just put it on my phone or text it which I have with me at all times rather than a physical notepad and pen I'm not also carrying around for no reason and the other person might not see for hours

No. 463562

So many men broke their own dick with porn I feel like women who complain about men cumming too fast are humblebragging

No. 463566

i miss getting excited over things like music and tv shows and games. i've been listening to and watching stuff from my childhood to try and recreate the feelings back then but it's all been in vain. everything is just so… samey now. it just feels like things get made for money rather than to entertain or bring joy.

No. 463570

File: 1568844591427.png (36.01 KB, 647x447, aww.PNG)

Seeing 'this is going to blow up' posts on videos that didn't blow up make me sad

No. 463576

File: 1568845256160.jpeg (20.89 KB, 480x360, corgi.jpeg)

I really want to buy a vibrator online (either from my own personal amazon account or from another site) but I'm worried that ad-tracking will suggest sex toys in my family's amazon account recommendations somehow…

No. 463578

Buy it on your cell, girl. Get them vibes!

No. 463582

Porn addict dudes can come too fast, via training themselves to do 2 minute speedwanks in case someone walks in. Depends on how much privacy they usually have.

No. 463584

I never cared about a guy cumming too fast since I don't even do PIV and how long they last has no direct relation to my pleasure, unless maybe we do intercrural. I think cumming fast is cute actually.

No. 463589

File: 1568849856352.jpeg (105.89 KB, 593x591, C3F7BC74-4EA1-4C82-958E-E636B6…)

Same anon. I miss feeling genuinely excited for things like I did when I was younger, I didn’t realise getting older meant feeling more apathetic towards everything. Guess I’ll be chasing that feeling forever lol

No. 463590

kek I still lay my clothes out like that when I'm going away, just on my sofa instead.

I find that the best way to keep myself excited and optimistic about life is self improvement. Budgeting, dieting, exercising, studying, looksmaxing, just working towards goals in general. It fucking sucks as you do it, but at least you have something to look forward to.

No. 463592

I just got a spooky-Ass email from an address that yields nothing on google. It just said hello, I have a business proposal for you.

I know it’s probably just spam but also feels like the intro to a cheesy thriller movie.

No. 463593

I've been getting spam that almost scared me because it puts my password in the subject heading. But the actual content of the message claims they've hacked my webcam and caught me masturbating lmao, which I know isn't possible. If it wasn't for the dumbass blackmailing attempt I'd have freaked out.

I still wonder how they generate my pw but they obviously don't have access to my account if they're trying that shit.

No. 463595

Creepy. I just wish the address got a hit on google

No. 463597

I’ve finally got a garden and am growing so many plants. Even the amaryllises bloomed last season and they’re such finicky little bastards. My beehives should make surplus honey with all the lavender around and the raised beds keep the chickens out of the veggie patch so there might be actual produce instead of fat asshole chickens this year. It’s really exciting even though it’s really just plants being plants.

No. 463598

It is from a website leak like myfitnesspal, they get a list of emails and passwords, but no more info than that. Just ignore the emails and make sure to change your password if you use that one anywhere else. https://haveibeenpwned.com/ here you can check where the leak originated.

No. 463602

Ooh I did just start using MFP recently, makes sense. Thanks anon.

No. 463605

That's a scam that's been going around.
I've always had a piece of paper taped over my webcam just in case though.

No. 463610

bought a new pillow today, my neck feels in heaven, kicking myself for not swapping out my crap pillow earlier!

ahh anon, you're living the dream! what produce are you growing?
we used to keep chickens when I was little and I miss it a lot, if I ever get rich enough for a house I'm buying 3 fancy ones and will give them weird old lady names.

No. 463614

Someone please tell me what is the best notetaking pen? I'm thinking about the G-10 Pilot ones because when I write with the G-7 the ink doesn't come out sometimes, but the G10 is thick so idk

No. 463615

Weird old lady names for chickens are the best. I’ve got Layla, Henrietta, Eggwina, and Hennifer. Growing lettuce, kale, broccolis, strawberries, passion fruit, lemons, apples, carrots, onions, garlic, tomatoes, blueberries, chamomile, a few kinds of chillies, and heaps of herbs. Lots and lots of lavender, irises, daisies, lilies, and daffodils, dianthus, violas, pansies, camellias, ranunculus, some weird yellow rose, other flowers I can’t remember the names of lol.

Planning on adding more veggies once we build another raised bed. Really badly want to get a goat too, but the dogs already have a grudge against the ones down the road so it’s a terrible idea.

It’s a good life but has it’s shit bits. We gonna dig a whole new dam because the old one filled with silt during winter floods. Also chicken shit everywhere and constant weeding. Still recommend it even if it’s just a window herb garden or some pot-friendly fruits or veg. Strawberries, carrots, onions, lettuces, and brassicas all do fine in pots or those hanging gardens. Lots of other plants would as well.

No. 463626

Anon please take me in and teach me how to live like this!

No. 463632

Okay but it gets floods and summer is usually about 45c.

For real tho, you can learn it really easy. Buy a pot bigger than you think you’ll need, google watering and sun and feeding for individual plants you collect. You don’t even have to buy a lot of them. Capsicums, potatoes, carrots, onions, avocados, celery bases can all grow from seeds or the bases/tops of the plant. You can also look at the prop lifting community for harmless plant piracy. You can do it anon. Release your inner farmer

No. 463636

i woke up from a nightmare that i was back in school and taking a maths test and i feel stupid for being genuinely spooked, probably more so than an actual scary dream.

i hate maths.

No. 463637

If you want gel ink, the pentel energel is pretty good, comes in retractable and capped bodies, has a few different tip sizes. It's pretty juicy, the 0.5 writes pretty thick compared to other 0.5s I use.

The uniball signo line is also really good. Again, capped and retractable options available, and a whole lot of tip sizes (more than the energel, goes from 0.28 all the way to 1.0). My daily pen is the signo RT1, but I like the signo UM-151 and UM-153 (both are capped) too. You'd probably like the signo 207 or 307, the 207 only comes in 0.5, but the 307 comes in both 0.5 and 0.7.

The zebra sarasa line is also one to consider. Their regular pens come in 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.7, and 1.0. They also have more quick drying options, like the sarasa dry, and the sarasa mark-on (which is formulated to work well w/ highlighters without smudging), but they only come in 0.4 and 0.5. The sarasa dry runs a little juicy/lays down a thicker line too, like the energel, so you might like the 0.5.

If you want a ballpoint option, the only one I use is the uni jetstream, I can't really give you any options there.

Go have a look at jetpens.com, anon. They have guides/articles on the pens they carry, and swatches for every product listing. Foster the pen addict inside you.

No. 463652

File: 1568882901212.jpg (58.67 KB, 617x651, 1528372473960.jpg)

I've always felt that people saying "normies ruin everything" was dumb and exaggerated but honestly I've been thinking about it for some reason recently and I think there's some truth in it. I don't necessarily think it's normies but it's the mainstream culture/industry's fault for exposing certain things to the public that used to be more niche and fewer people knew about them. Punk for example kinda lost what made it special and unique when it got popular and the mainstream media tainted it and warped it into it's own creation - it took control basically. That's why i think vaporwave is honestly so important, because it hasn't become that popular outside the internet and that gives regular people, not a capitalist industry, the control over it. It's become a bit of a joke, yes, but that's also the point - PEOPLE have warped it into whatever creation they desire, not some industry people in business suits looking for trends and money.

No. 463653

>people in business suits looking for trends and money.

The only reason you know about any of those things is because trends and people making a living out of them.

No. 463656

NTA, but speak for yourself, anon. Some of us know about things long before they become popular among larger pools.

No. 463658

you clearly havent read her post, which is about organic communities and niche interests invented by regular people on the internet.

No. 463660

Does anyone have any good forums to browse to waste time and chill? I like off-topic conversations the most

No. 463661


I guess artists have to hide under a rock and never advertise and do stuff for free for the same group of 3 hipsters while they work in some construction site. Thats true art

>invented by regular people on the internet.

All artists are regular people, just the fact someone would upload something is for it to be seen and possibly live off of it. The internet itself is a product of capitalism.

No. 463663

Why are you so pressed about this? Do you only ever hear about anything if it's been regurgitated all over Buzzfeed 70 times or something?

No. 463664

That was what I was like when I was teen. Sargon of akkad was big so I was an anti-SJW. Back then the anti-sjw weren't as extreme, but if I was in that phase now I'd be like her.
Im even half black lol.

No. 463665

This, but with the zero waste movement.
The fucking irony of zero waste becoming a marketing scheme.

No. 463669

That's not what I'm saying at all. Trust me i really dislike people who whine about an artist making it big and being successful (and then defend it by saying they care about their art, but really they only care about them making art on THEIR terms). But it's just something I've been pondering over. I'm mostly talking about specific cultures in general becoming mainstream but being changed for the public and wondering if it's good or bad. I'm not sure why you're kinda defensive about it lol

No. 463670

I feel a generation of multicultural zoomers are becoming Anti-Sjws as a generational backlash to the stuff like cultural appropriation,snakry tumblr feminism,obese trans communists and trigger warnings which have turned an entire generation of kids away from the mainstream left

No. 463672

she's doing god's work, anon.

No. 463678

LOVE your hen names omg! straight up inspirational! I'm guessing you live some place quite warm since you can grow tomatoes just outside, jealous! and passion fruit, don't think I've seen one irl kek.

mby try growing sweet green peas? eating them just like that out the pod is such a treat, miss it dearly lol. and sad about your dog not liking goats, we used to keep those as well and they're such funny creatures, the little ones are super cute when they're just born and all wobbly still!

No. 463685

I'm in this very specific online community that does a lot of collaborative works in terms of online media content and every time I join one now they make use introduce ourselves and specify our pronouns. It's not a huge deal but I just found it interesting how apparent TRA stuff is even in things unrelated to politics.

No. 463689

This is actually kind of sad, like damn what a way to spend your childhood

No. 463696

this already happened with non-white millennials during the goobergate era

No. 463697

I've decided Jeffree Star is the only gay man I'd be down with fucking even tho he'd probably call me uglie

No. 463699

Yet here I am happy that these teens think trans issues are bullshit. Teens are smart. I've had to distance myself from a lot of middle aged 30 year olds because of their batshit liberal views, thank god they are not influencing the teens and are deemed cringe by them too. Feels good to be hip

No. 463700

Just because you share an opinion with them that doesn't mean teens are smart anon lol.

No. 463705

Out of all the handsome gay guys there are you pick Jeffree Star? Girl love yourself

No. 463706

nta but not blindly following trends and being critical of whatever social dogmas are being disseminated and proliferated is a sure sign of having a three-digit IQ, at least above the average.

Though teens are by nature rebellious so I wouldn't immediately ascribe high IQ to them. It's when you're a young adult and older when those things matter as it's only natural to do your best to fit in the environment as a means of survival. Certain things you say and do can result in social suicide which has always been true, it's just that in current times the list of those things is incredibly long with everyone being touchy about everything.

No. 463709

I finally, after 3 Semesters of one failed degree and 4 Semesters of another one, come to accept that I'm simply too stupid and lazy for academics.

No. 463718

Sorry to hear that anon. I think it's actually quite common for people to have nightmares about having to be back in school or university again for some reason. I just had one where a professor directly yelled in my face in a class and I broke down sobbing, really spooked me out as well.

Honestly I think even vaporwave started to suffer a bit from this although on a smaller scale because for a while as it was gaining steam there was a flood of low quality output that basically turned the whole thing a meme for a lot of people. There was also people using the vaporwave style for their “aesthetic” pictures or memes (and the right’s stupid and ugly as shit attempt at “fashwave”) and I think through that it just got watered down and began to feel kind of lame.

No. 463720

I love how the fakebois that grew up with South Park retaliated when it makes one jab at the tranny community, but like they didn’t bat an eye to the amount of racist and homophobic jokes the show made throughout the years. Given that the entire show was satirical, but hey that goes to show how hypocritical they are.

No. 463721

I love how the fakebois that grew up with South Park retaliated when it makes one jab at the tranny community, but like they didn’t bat an eye to the amount of racist and homophobic jokes the show made throughout the years. Given that the entire show was satirical, but hey that goes to show how hypocritical they are.

No. 463722

I love how the fakebois that grew up with South Park retaliated when it makes one jab at the tranny community, but like they didn’t bat an eye to the amount of racist and homophobic jokes the show made throughout the years. Given that the entire show was satirical, but hey that goes to show how hypocritical they are.

No. 463737

I'm relatively new to lolcow if you consider three year posting new, and I've mainly browsed /ot/, /g/, and /m/ now recently.
It's only today that I've bothered checking other boards and I really wish I didn't. It's fucking terrible.

No. 463740

Just goes to show people don't really give a fuck about shit until it's their feelings getting attacked.

No. 463748

File: 1568917896460.jpeg (505.38 KB, 1536x2046, C48F864F-4F18-4535-AFFF-930241…)

I wish I could become this beautiful out together woman but I’m stuck at Bridget Jones for the time being

No. 463767

feederfags ruined /g/

No. 463770

File: 1568926195397.jpeg (321.13 KB, 592x926, 3164DCB9-A979-43C9-9D77-255EE0…)

I just remembered that I’m still upset that Magical Girl Site got a shitty anime lol

No. 463771

thank you so much anon, you detailed everything I was concerned about!

No. 463773

Literally sounds like me when I was younger kek.

No. 463787

I find it hard to believe it's more than one or two anons.

No. 463793

this has been on my to read list for a while. i heavily prefer manga over anime but what was so bad about it?

No. 463800

i love you

No. 463803

the manga is an offensive shock porn turd. Unless you like such tasteless things, don't waste your time.
there is literally a scene of one of the magical girls' crush almost being raped by BBC, among other things

No. 463807

she's half black and I'm assuming half white and pissing off alt right and sjws. the balance makes me believe she's really doing this for the lols, and in this era of kids swinging heavily one way or the other, I gotta hand it to her.

No. 463812

The anime rushed some parts and took out my fave characters
Because people who read this are obviously looking for tasteful fluff lol

No. 463814

every time i run into momokun's dad it's the awkwardest fucking thing for me, i'm sure he wouldn't guess because i'm not autismo but i always feel like somehow he's gonna be able to read my browser history through my eyes kek. i would never dare say anything about momo to him or reveal my powerlevel. it's just weird to have to pretend i don't recognize him or have any idea who he is or what his trainwreck of a daughter is like.

No. 463816

Late to the party but this was so interesting to watch, thank you for sharing.
I wish dancing wasn't a 'gay' thing in the west, guys wouldn't have to go to the gym all the time if they did a fraction of this. The guy with a beard was such a chad.

They look like they're having such a great time, being apologetically enthusiastic and healthy and flexible together in spandex

TIL I want to get fit, maybe do a dance class

No. 463817

Male dancers are something else, honestly. The strength they have gives them such huge jumps with so much air time, I'm just in awe of them… something like Ukrainian folk dance or classical Chinese dance really shows how impressive they can be.

It's just sad and ironic that so many other boring athletic skills are put on a pedestal for men but when they can do something really amazing it's 'gay'.

No. 463830

I really don't know the difference - according to lcf mods - between genuinely pointing out horrid male behavior and pinkpill talk. And that says A LOT about men as it is. I type out and delete so much shit because I have no clue what the tranny side of the mod team will think. I don't even know if this goes in the yikes chimera GC/PP/??? thread or here or…..what. Women have no "safe space."

No. 463833

Actually i haven't seen or heard anyone say male dancers are gay for a long time. Maybe that stupid notion is slowly going away

No. 463851

File: 1568951000775.jpg (74.04 KB, 564x846, ee13b7a47914f60a977e702b1a9a12…)

I wish i was american just so i could easily change my name, my country is crappy about it, you can't change your name unless you troon out or are named something like Penison.

I know its dumb and petty but i hate having such a generic name (its something like Karen Smith in my mother language), specially as a graphic designer, boy does it make branding hard as fuck.

On top of that i can't legally use an alias that is not derivate from name either, since it could easily be seen as "identity fraud"

Ideally i wish it could be Bonnibel

No. 463854

Complaining about scrotes is a time honored tradition on the farms the real problem is with people replying to griping and overtaking the convo instead of sticking to their thread

No. 463855

As a graphic designer, can't you have a design house or company name?

>The mods did something I don't like so they must be men/trans/incels
You sound so stunted right now

The overlap between the transpassing thread on snow and the GC thread on OT confuses me, it isn't clear what is meant to go where except for how pink pill stuff just isn't meant to go anywhere. The transpassing thread seems like pointless nitpicking of low hanging fruit tbh, we might as well go back to having an ugly thread if that represents quality /snow/ content

No. 463857

Ideally in the future, but you need a company registration to use one (they call it juridic person register far as i am aware)
My freelance early twenties ass has no cash to be anywhere close to eligible to one of those

bureaucracy is a bitch

No. 463865

File: 1568955459587.jpeg (222.98 KB, 800x1424, 8BD15168-B0F1-4C5B-865E-4DBD80…)

Gonna build a tiny house. Pretty stoked.

No. 463879

Wow good luck anon! I'd love to build a cozy little house like that. Is anyone helping you out?

No. 463886

My bf brought me acid as an apology gift, but I can't do any drugs for several months from now so while the thought was sweet, I'm even more annoyed now from knowing that they are in my freezer but I can't take any.

No. 463894

I'm kind of obsessed with old Hollywood glam and the 50s-60s but I feel guilty be wise I know it was (and still is) rife with sexual abuse and pedophilia. Something about those eras and the aesthetic fascinates me.

No. 463948

My partner and I are gonna build it together, planning for it to be our forever home where we can raise a family - if we need more space we’ll just build a second as an extension, but this way we can actually afford a house and beautiful land before the ripe age of 50

No. 464005

That's fantastic, I'm happy for you! I love tiny houses

No. 464009

I like acid as much as the next guy but giving it as an apology gift seems pretty weird.

OT question though, how to best store your acid in the freezer? I've got quite a few tabs that I almost never use and I'm scared that they'll lose potency if I just leave them in a baggy for long periods of time. I've heard about storing it in the freezer but am kinda paranoid about not sealing it correctly and moisture ruining it.

No. 464041

File: 1568996835135.jpeg (11.53 KB, 275x272, 1559948269136.jpeg)

I always thought the dolan twins were loud hypebeast idiots, ended up seeing their videos and they seem actually kinda normal and nice, cute even. I never talked shit about them or anything, I just feel like this was a pleasant surprise and I feel like a judgemental old hag.

No. 464043

It was a throwback to a conversation we had had a while back so there was an actual meaning behind it! Also I really really like acid lol

I'm always a bit terrified about putting it in the freezer because i'm paranoid it'll get ruined (esp sugar cubes) but I've never managed to actually do that. What I usually do is wrap it in foil, vacuum seal it in plastic and then put it in a tight container, make sure there isn't any moisture in it and pop it in. The vacuum seal isn't really necessary, just plain zipper bags have been good too, but since I have a vacuum sealer around so might as well. I think the longest time I've stored tabs this way was like a half a year or so and I didn't notice a drop in potency.

No. 464051

I have half a xanax saved incase of a severe panic attack and half a hydrocodone saved incase of severe pain. Having them comforts me even though I'll likely never need them.

No. 464053

Ah anon I am also a wannabe dumb skater bitch and mine is sitting in my room because at first I was learning with my guy friend, it was soooo fun and to be able to be like a kid and do outside stuff again like that. But the guy friend ended up trying to date me and being weird, now we're not friends anymore, and I don't want to go to the skate park and see him or go by myself while other guys are there either.

No. 464068

omg I'm not alone! been snooping on /esg/ and their discord but it is literally so male and insufferable, I think lolcow has severely lowered my tolerance for male only imageboards kek.

fuck your guy friend for ruining your fun! maybe try finding a nice parking lot or empty street? I usually go to a further-out campus parking lot or a nearby roundabout (wide and smooth sidewalks!) after like midnight bc then there's next to no one passing by and I'm a shy paranoid idiot kek. it still does feel weird being like a bitch in her 20s fucking around on a skateboard all alone in a clearly amateurish way in such a public manner kek, but imo the fun is worh it! like I find myself grinning the entire time.
also very impressed that you have actually been to a skate park, still seems like the scariest place on earth and I haven't been a fat middleschooler in some years now lol. do you know any tricks?

No. 464116

Yeah omg I'm in my 20's too lol. Wish we could go together! The roads here are so shitty so I'm not sure where I can find a place to go that is out of the way and also smooth.
And yeah it's an outdoor park in the suburbs where I live, it wasn't too intimidating since some guys go there alone to do their thing, on bikes too. But still would not go alone haha. And no I don't know any tricks at all lol!! There are some small areas like behind the half pipe to practice dumb shit.
An indoor one recently opened here and they have girls nights, so maybe I will work up the courage to go one day! Maybe there is a group or something like that you can join in your area??

No. 464118

File: 1569017230111.jpeg (337.39 KB, 1920x1080, 63F6436C-1854-433F-988D-67EFA4…)

A few years ago I got an old drawing book that no one wanted and it had someone’s signature inside. This week I googled the name out of curiosity and it matched with a bibliophile from the early 1900s. He donated his entire collection to a Uni so now I’m wondering if I should email them to confirm if it was his or not

No. 464149

im going to japan this weekend and im excited

No. 464196

god, I do empathise with shitty roads, generally they're pretty crap here too, so jealous of all the people who can just skate to campus/shops (not that I would but in theory!). if it's such a local skatepark, maybe try going early in the morning then? should def be deserted but the commitment of getting up early (hmm emoji).

I don't think we even have an indoor skate park here, let alone have girls nights, def go and I'll live vicariously thru you! making sk8rgrl friends honestly sounds so dreamy lol (also then you could try getting a new skate buddy in place of your guy friend!).
I tried snooping around for groups in my area but I think it's just friend networks and such, nothing on fb or similar "official" exists. there's a local skate shop and they put on events now and again but for like people who actually know how to skate, like competitions and stuff, and I literally don't know anyone who'd be willing to go w me and spectate/try to mingle and stuff.

currently I'm just praying we continue to have a dry autumn, followed by dry and not sub-zero winter, don't want to atrophy whatever skills I have! can almost do decent kickturns now! next goal is figuring out how to pick up the board in a kool manner and do the weird running start thing as well kek

No. 464212

Why did this website stop doxing the tumblr shoplifting comm? Those threads were so fun to read. I took a little wander the other day and those blogs very much still exist and seem to have become far more annoying than they were a few years ago: 'hauls' have become competitive with girls exclusively lifting luxury items and trying to curate them aesthetically, there are nonbinary/trans lifters and some chronic oversharers. I wish we could start another thread because it was honestly the best milk this site has ever had.

No. 464213

Because we aren't 4chan and trying to put teenage girls in danger just for obsessing over shoplifting and being snowflakes

IMO they should just get in trouble with the law, not have their address and info being put out there for crazy people and perverts to see

No. 464217

I hope you guys have a great day!

No. 464218

Acid gets out of your system within two days anon

No. 464221

File: 1569063636079.jpg (72.14 KB, 900x560, kisspng-face-with-tears-of-joy…)

A girl i used to feel jealous of because she dressed cool and was pretty just turned into a fake boi and looks dumb af. Feeling good.

No. 464224

I tried keta for the first time and it was nothing like I've pictured it. I did it with my boyfriend at a party and was super fun, I vomited once I got home and felt super fresh after that. I also didn't got any hangover. Sadly, the effect lasts for a small amount of time and I don't plan doing it anytime soon. I'm kind of paranoid when I like an experience too much, lol.

No. 464231

I'm contemplating trying a rail or two off the streets first before paying $800 to get microdosed in a clinic

No. 464232

Are these threads still accessible?? lmao liftblr made me nostalgic tbh teenagers truly think they are immortal

No. 464244

It's amazing to see how children's get rich quick seems have evolved. My nephew made an adfly account ad he's just reloading the site.

No. 464251

Try to get the drugs tested before trying and get a controlled environment where you're not alone.
My first rail was too "shy" and I only got a bit euphoric, second one got me high, I don't think microdoses in a clinic would give more than mild euphoria, but I guess it depends on which effect you're looking for. I asked the guy preparing my rail not to give me an hallucinogenic dose since it was my first time taking drugs that are not weed in a room full of people I didn't know well.

No. 464269

I feel bad for this girl, she's only 16 and is 6'9" and seems depressed. Also her mom is an asshole.

I'm 5'9" and have been bullied for my height when I was younger and still to this day people make annoying comments about my height. I can only imagine how people, especially other kids, treat her.

No. 464285

I would've been interested in hearing more about the social aspects than the fucking clothes.
Who cares if she can't wear jeans? Lots of people can't "wear" jeans, and imo there was nothing wrong with the white pants that fit her like capris, or the shorts she was wearing.
Her mom is trying way too hard to prop her up like some kind of biological freak.

No. 464289

Now I know what anime proportions look like IRL I guess. I actually really like how she looks but I also feel very bad for what she must be going through standing out so much and being treated like a freak. It's hard enough even being a bit out of the norm as a teenage girl.

No. 464293

I feel so bad for the girl. Personally, I think she's very pretty. Her mom is another proof that not everyone's suited for parenthood. Poor girl.

No. 464339

Really weird but I really wanna drive an F1 car that be my dream job

No. 464354

this robot bitch literally just looks like pnp. this video smells like dried piss, stinky weed, and they/them pronouns.

No. 464367

I'm addicted to haribo gummi bears. Seriously they are more addicting than any drug I've ever tried. I like drugs but I don't do them too often because I don't like the side effects. WIth gummi bears there are no side effects for several years down the road lol

No. 464374

>WIth gummi bears there are no side effects for several years down the road lol
Sugar free gummy bears are infamous for causing severe diarrhea, there's an ingredient with a laxative effect. It's literally a meme https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/michaelrusch/haribo-gummy-bear-reviews-on-amazon-are-the-most-insane-thin

No. 464377

Anon didnt say shit about them being sugar free

No. 464390

Diabetes is a hell of a side effect, even if it's "several years down the road."

No. 464417

Haribo is the representative brand of sugar free gummy bears and dominates the meme so I assumed. I wasn't even aware they sold non sugar free because that's all I've ever seen/eaten.

No. 464440

I'm from the US and I've never seen sugar-free haribo sold anywhere. The stores here in Ireland don't sell the sugar-free kind either. Are you sure you're not just eating the regular sugar kind?

No. 464463

i thought kpop freaks on lolcow were spergy enough, but the twitter variety of them are even more aggressive. at least here they dont leave /m/

No. 464500

I posted like two threads ago about a guy I thought was hot until I saw him wearing cowboy boots but I think he’s hot again and I’m into the boots now??? What is wrong with me?

No. 464506

Fighting is fun, cute boys in sex harnesses are fun. Love kpop and being aggressive online.

No. 464616

I dont know why but this made me laugh

No. 464647

lmao i remember that. i feel bad for you but go get him pardner

No. 464648

lmao i remember that. i feel bad for you but go get him pardner

No. 464669

File: 1569170670568.png (454.07 KB, 760x751, Screenshot_20190727-195858.png)

There's a girl I like at my dorm, she's sweet and doesn't seem to have ill intentions towards anyone. She's learning programming and I want to help her so bad because she's kind of struggling with it, but I'm an artfag and I don't know shit about physics or programming languages.

I would do anything to help her and that's scary because I've only known her for three weeks. I don't even know if I have a crush on her because I'm not attracted to girls???? Idk, I just want her to be happy. She gives me really good vibes.

No. 464672

File: 1569171791708.jpeg (75.61 KB, 505x381, 90786943-A805-4D8F-8799-582A49…)

He has a big dick at least, yeehaw

No. 464711

File: 1569179060138.png (86.1 KB, 714x355, DxduJdGXcAMGy78.png)

No. 464783

Watched this video for educational purposes but now I have a huge crush on this schizo man. He's educated, handsome, kind, polite, self-aware and makes witty little jokes. I'm in love

No. 464789

omg anon I fell in love with him too when this came up in my recommended (and then binged the entire channel), you'd expect to be weirded out by a grown man holding a bunch of stuffed animals but I thought it was just so sweet and I wish I were brave enough to carry a sensory/comfort plush toy wherever I wanted. Totally expected to crush on the pretty guy who does the interviews but no, I love this dude instead lmao. It hurts a lot that his wife left. All his little tics and fidgets are weirdly calming too.

No. 464793

File: 1569191703298.jpeg (43.99 KB, 640x640, B5013D67-0B83-49B9-AB6A-B49F98…)

I wannnnnt a fucckin Starbucks cake pop

No. 464795

I thought he was really cute too when I watched the video a few days ago. Obviously he's good looking, but he also seems really smart and sweet. I hope he'll be able to get better.

No. 464917

Wow he’s very cute wth! I’ve been avoiding that channel cuz the host seems like a narcissist

No. 464928

File: 1569225428140.jpg (29.02 KB, 481x524, Chj9xqfW0AASQ5m.jpg)

I noticed that I've been WAY more emotional a week before my period than usual for the last year or so. My mood tanks so badly and I get extremely depressed and suicidal, way more than usual. I already asked both my gyno and general doctor to check my hormones or bloodwork, anything to see if something's wrong, but they both shrugged me off and said it's probably stress. Yes I'm stressed but I noticed that there's a pattern and it's never been that bad. Fucking doctors.

No. 464935

welcome to the PMDD club
everything is terrible

No. 464964

Been there, had a year of crying and almost suicidal depressive lows every month and had it shrugged off by gyno as I cried to her about it. I got SSRIs from my regular doc to take the edge off. I stopped struggling with it right after I became single so maybe the underlying shittiness of the relationship was really exacerbating it

No. 465013

File: 1569244339189.jpg (37.94 KB, 540x960, e93c7e8f-414a-4a93-bbb4-2a0089…)

This is my favourite picture on the Internet

No. 465024

File: 1569248475993.jpg (40.89 KB, 400x300, tumblr_o3j5lpSKoM1rjg64yo1_400…)

i just wish i could have a son and name him solaire but it will never happen (thankfully). sigh. why is adulthood like this?

No. 465026

My dog usually goes back to sleep after I feed and walk her, but this morning she came back outside after sleeping for a little bit to check on me while I was packing my bags for work. I gave her some pats and she sat by my parent's bedroom door (which is on the other side of our smallish apartment, but you can see the front door from) while I was putting on my shoes. She just sat there, watching. I said bye and opened the door and stepped out, but peeked back inside and saw that she finally got up to go back to bed. It's so cute when she sees me off. Sometimes she'll even come to the front door area and sit there while I'm getting ready to leave, and won't budge from there until I'm out the door.

No. 465030

it's so annoying that i have to pretend sad boys are more intelligent than they actually are

No. 465038


Why would you have to pretend that?

No. 465055

because irl i compulsively praise those that are vulnerable and i can't stop. not just men. and when people fuse their emotions and vulnerabilities with flexing their smarts, you don't want to hone in on the intelligence part when people are supposedly being vulnerable with you. you kind of have to drop it so they don't either have a breakdown or spite or kill you. this effect is magnified when youre dealing with men because we're told to value them. i dont even like these people, especially the guys, but i compulsively force myself to compliment them and make them feel appreciated even if i know it's not true. it makes people think i like them more than i do, when really i'm just trying to be helpful on a person to person level, not a friendly or romantic one

other than my habits, we are definitely encouraged to be hypemen for guys though and i feel influenced by that and feel like i don't really care to actually correct them about how inflated their egos are. it's too much work trying to bring those people back to reality anyways

No. 465059

File: 1569253232267.jpeg (73.35 KB, 1280x718, promare-movie-studio-trigger-1…)

I just wanted to stay home yesterday and enjoy my weekend by napping and maybe playing some more vidya games. A friend texted me early in the morning asking if I wanted to go see Promare and I said that I couldn't since I'm broke af right now, which isn't a lie, but I also just really wanted to stay home. He said he'd treat me because he really wants to go see it, so I caved and went with him. We got a quick bite before the movie and holy fuck 10/10 zero regrets, I loved the movie and the soundtrack absolutely SLAPS. I can only pray they put it on Spotify because whether I buy it or illegally download it, I'm just too much of a lazy asshole to switch between music apps nowadays lol. I'm a little tired today but yesterday was worth it (I'll probably invite him out to get pasta at our favorite place as thanks once payday hits).

No. 465069

Didn't like the host at first bc he seemed insincere, but after learning he was a teacher for special needs kids, the over-enthusiasm and way he talks makes some sense. The whole point was initially to teach other kids about the special needs kids in his class so they don't seem so alien and scary.

No. 465082

I watch sbsk a lot and saw this video thinking he was incredibly handsome too, and what a lovely person he seems in the video. I felt bad for finding him attractive honestly in a video where he was talking about his illnesses kinda. but I totally agree, he seems so lovely

No. 465084

what makes you think that?

No. 465093

I just noticed that both of his wrists are bandaged. Poor baby. Florence Nightingale in full effect rn!

No. 465204

The SJW have taken over the industry stuff is usually over dramatized, but sometimes it's spot on

No. 465207

Not to be offensive, but the true femcels on this site (and most of the internet itself) are actually just the whole "k-pop stan" community.
Everything makes sense when you realize that.

No. 465209

At 0:35, I suddenly lost the ability to understand English.

No. 465211

Nope, those people are enjoying with their interests. The true femcels are bitter and lashing out against other women that are happy.

No. 465212

Except k-pop stans are the main ones lashing out at other women all the time, to the point of sending death threats, doxxing, harassment, etc all because of their boy band faves.

No. 465214

Not really, the main vibe of the kpop community is an happy, excited vibe. A forum like this one has much more of a bitter, angry energy.

No. 465215

File: 1569281412469.jpg (768 KB, 1234x1024, 9nvs2fw7jkm21.jpg)

Sure, anon.
>A forum like this one has much more of a bitter, angry energy.
That definitely explains why the k-pop general/critical threads here are thriving, kek.

No. 465216

>That definitely explains why the k-pop general/critical threads here are thriving, kek.
That was literally my point though.

No. 465217

Why would a community that mainly has a happy vibe be highly concentrated on a forum that has a bitter, angry one?

No. 465221

nta and sorry about your autism. she's trying to say that most of the community in general is happy and only the salty-chans are here. not that the community is mostly salty-chans.

No. 465223

>the main vibe of the kpop community is an happy, excited vibe
Now that's a total lie. Kpop is tense and competitive af even within a group's fandom thanks to akgaes, and as a whole the community is constantly fighting over sales/popularity, bitching about the evil companies and frothing over trivial scandals that would go ignored in the west.

No. 465226

>No true Scotsman
Oh, so it's not just that the anon was self-contradictory. They were just making a retarded, fallacious argument that you agree with.
Now that's true autism.

No. 465242

File: 1569287881873.gif (976.97 KB, 252x252, 83F01D3A-C07C-4477-9972-3FF9B7…)

mfw too much anxiety to eat
>omg you’ve lost so much weight, you look so good

No. 465247

ugh I feel you. my body seems to look better than usual in some ways and not in others so I feel fucking torn. but I'm so tired of the stress. I'd rather have more weight on me and eat like a normal person than starve out of anxiety.

No. 465249

i honestly envy people that say they "stress eat". i hate force feeding myself just so i don't feel like a giant bag of shit 24/7.

No. 465270

The envy is mutual anon.

No. 465277

Finally bought a mini exercise bike and it’s great. The plan is at least two hours on it a day and back into size 00 ASAP.

No. 465284

God same. When I get depressed or anxious it's such a pain to eat and i have to force myself, but it only makes me feel even more drained. I wish my ugly skinny ass would hurry up and get better eating habits

No. 465353

File: 1569328594688.jpg (108.61 KB, 900x900, JJ.jpg)

So theirs this vlogger called James,he's a Gymcel who appeared on the BBC Incels documentary and other Incels hate him

Unlike some Incels he actually looks good apart from a slightly crooked nose and acne but he has so many body image issues and lack of self confidence that he never even tries to ask a woman out on a date,he doesn't even do any online dating and the comment section of his videos are filled with women telling him that he's attractive and asking him out but he think their all trolls that want to make fun of him

I really just wish he could at least try

No. 465354

Nostalgia can be toxic. it's so cliche to think that everything back then or when you were younger was better. the world will always have its problems no matter what year or decade it's at. Some bad things from before have improved and become good, and there are bad things still, but it's gonna be like that forever, for as long as there are humans.
I also wish people would wake up and see nostalgia getting handed to them mutilated and zombified by capitalist industries. they're taking advantage of overly sensitive people.

No. 465356

What size are you now anon?

No. 465357

He sounds batshit (paranoid schizo).

No. 465358


Nostalgia was originally thought off as a mental disease, a psychopathological disorder and from way back then to ancient times it was always seem as a melancholic illness.

I don't mean that all nostalgic feelings are to be shut down, but wallowing in it is not sane. People should learn to move forward and let go too.

No. 465361

I've watched a bunch of his vids before and tbh he has mentioned things like losing his temper, losing jobs because of his temper and being quite paranoid, by incel standards he's far from the worst but he's not quite right in his head

Last I saw he had met his long distance 'gf' for a few days and the comment section was all warning him to slow down on putting all his hopes in her. She seems to also have mental health problems and trauma around sex that meant they weren't even intimate and they managed to fight during their short trip

No. 465363

She was one of the women who used to comment on his videos to say that she was Interested in a relationship with him and after time he might have realized she must was genuine

he mentioned in some of his other vlogs that he did lose his virginity to her at age of 31

I hope they can make each other happy

No. 465366

I just remember the vid where he talked about their first meeting, every comment was warning him to slow down.

Checking on him now I see he had surgery on his nose, I never thought his looks were the real issue with him. I think his mental health could do with a proper assessment to see why he obsesses over various things looks-wise and why he has the paranoid tendencies

No. 465374

Yeah I went through a period where i got nostalgia over the smallest, stupidest things lol but i knew that shit wasn't healthy at all. Unfortunately culture nowadays is infested in it, it's gonna end up eating itself

No. 465386


Its very convenient for media corporations that want to keep milking their IPs in perpetuity. For example Disney owns everything and has like a hundred years of catalog of animation, superheroes and star wars to rehash so nostalgia and "retro revivals" are going to stay marketing as long as marketing exists.

Can't really blame them though, if i were an artist that has not been that popular since 20 yrs ago i would probably look to cash in on the nostalgic angle too because its more likely to sell to my aging nostalgic audience than find a new gimmick. And even the younger kids like larping like they know "oldschool" stuff so it always works.

Is another cultural toxic shit that builds organically , its taken for granted and its hard to get away from.

No. 465413

File: 1569337211110.jpg (665.12 KB, 3304x3304, Bonne_Maman_Lemon_Tartlets_-_T…)

Office sweets anon from the last thread. The company president just came back from a business trip and brought a bunch of cookies for the office. I picked out one from this box, and they're so good!! They looked like egg tarts which is why I picked it, but they have citron jam in the middle and I looooooove citrus sweets!! What a good day.

No. 465419

File: 1569338745823.png (364.4 KB, 500x802, 2_chocolate_tarts.png)


if you like those anon these ones are also really, nice the brand itself had lots of great stuff

No. 465429

These look freakin delicious

No. 465451

While I have known some lesbians who were man hating on Tumblr and twitter,IRL I have never known a lesbian who didn't have positive relations with most of the men in their lives

I have seen more lesbians defend men and criticize man hating behavior then most straight women

No. 465455

File: 1569343204741.jpg (22.32 KB, 728x455, 31-years-american-youtuber-jen…)

He looks like Jenna Marbles' bf to me haha wtf

I wonder how he acts when he's "suppressing" the symptomps? He talked about having people in his life who don't know about his mental illness until he tells them, so I'm kinda curious about that.

Also good on him for accepting that divorcing his ex was the right call to make.

No. 465482

I'm such a big baby but I hate those creepy screamer pictures. Now someone's posting creepy editted pictures on some threads. I saw one in the LJ thread since I frequent that, but just scrolling through the front page of pt (since I usually only ever go through the catalogs) I saw a creepily editted picture in the Yaniv thread too… I just wanna browse in peace.

No. 465500

Why are you scared if you know they are edited/fake?

No. 465501

Something about creepy pictures just makes me feel really unsettled. Growing up I had an overactive imagination and I thought ghosts/murders were lurking around every corner of my apartment/in the shadows, and putting a creepy face that I had the misfortune of seeing on the internet to those made up ghosts/murders made things worse.

I grew out of it, but even as an adult it still does make me feel uneasy. Just… creepy beady eyes staring at me and then if the image is clear/large enough, it just kind of burns itself into my mind for a while until I'm able to blur it out.

No. 465523

I think he doesn’t meet those people often irl but has contact with them. His socially media presence is obviously depressed sometimes but otherwise coherent and pretty normie, populated with other normies. Intersting that he seemed functional still in 2017, ex military who had a blog and was involved in theater. I wonder what happened that triggered such severe onset.

No. 465548

"your hazel eyes (..) are like two swimming pools"
-chris chan, 2009

No. 465550

if I had unlimited money I think I would risk it and get a tattoo from Vicky. i want to be full coverage and I feel like I could mask how bad it was or put it in a hidden place just to have a weird piece of internet history on me. i'd also try to play to her strengths as best as i could and avoid something that would look truly horrible like a person. some wonky bead/gem thing could be hidden??

I don't think I will ever reach a place where I'd have that kind of spare money to fuck around with (including travel costs) and feel sane spending it that way when there are really good artists near me (and in Canada I'd rather go to if I was there for some reason) who won't possibly give me some kind of blood-borne pathogen.

i just think bad tattoos are sometimes funny. I like when tattoo artists have dumb reasons behind their worst tattoos and you barely notice the shitty ones when they have a lot of big nice work.

The idea of going to great lengths to get one for the hell of it makes me laugh. (and the idea of trying to explain who Vicky is and why I did this to a normie friend asking about my new tattoo) I don't think I'd ever post about it and just take the whole experience to the grave though.

No. 465622

(this extra stupid)
I joked to a friend I need a sugar daddy cause I gotta get me that new Nintendo Switch Lite and they offered me. I actually thought about it, and we talked but now I rememberd I gotta have me some dignity and like im tryin to figure out if I even REALLY like men in the first place. Like men okay, but women are WAAY better. (He OBVIOUSLY liked me since I met him, hes only a year older then me, but dude kind of spends money like nothing at times but like its just game. I just want it to play Zelda then sell it cause I dont keep video games) Also I think it crazy how he kind of spending 200 bucks for sex. Like men monkey brain wild sometime.

No. 465628

Make it at least $400 anon, tell him to throw some games in there

No. 465644

File: 1569374381423.png (7.05 KB, 243x255, 7f42d4ae1ba15a267e388303a9669a…)

>Like men monkey brain wild sometime.
>she is selling her ass and dignity for a videogame

Girl, check your own monkey self

No. 465649

Breath of the Wilfd be looking fire af tho duude

No. 465655

I haven’t cut in probably over a year but I’m still so fucking peeved about hearing my dad talk shit and it put such a god damn fucking damper to an otherwise perfectly good day that I ended up cutting a bit tonight. Fuck.

No. 465657

this post is terrible

No. 465658


Hey, I have a bunch of old pokemon cards, I'll trade you that for surrogate motherhood, that sound ok?

I'm also in the possession of a bunch keys I can dangle in front of your face when you deliver so we can skimp on the painkillers.

No. 465662

I'm sorry that happened, anon. I hope you're not too hard on yourself though. Over a year of not self-harming is huge and you should be proud of that regardless of this bump in the road.

No. 465667

im down.

No. 465684

$200 is not a lot of money considering the risks. are you 12, anon?

No. 465689

I have to shit so badly, wtf
except my boyfriend's sick and I take a while to shit, and I don't want him to run in the bathroom to diarrhea shit while I'm relaxing shit

No. 465694

crossing my fingers you get to poopie anon. prairie dogging for hours sucks.

No. 465725

I can't believe there's actually girls going "im so smol uwu" irl. They aren't even that short…

No. 465726

The only girl I know who does that is like, 5'7. Hilariously pathetic

No. 465768

This. Prostitutes make round $350 an hour, and this was medicore looking strangers from when backpages was still around. But joking aside, don't. Work a minimum wage job for a week, or go thrift store shopping and buy name brand things cheap, and resell them on eBay. You'll have enough for a switch is two weeks, probably less.

No. 465770

File: 1569417339276.jpg (49.6 KB, 406x720, 101ff7773e3a48362f5c5a7ef5d627…)

I was walking into a coffee shop and briefly made eye contact with the guy opening the door on his way out; he was gorgeous and it felt like time stopped. He kind of just awkwardly stood there and forgot he was leaving for a few moments, and I feel a small sliver of self esteem from that.

I want his number

No. 465832

Without going too much detail I will say that I have had a difficult life and I'm not gonna lie when I see young able-bodied black women who come from two-parent, middle or uper middle class homes, who are in college or are collage graduates and have a large extended family and have other advantages I never ever had … when I hear that some way, somehow I am: a) supposed to lay out my whole life for them so they can convene a tribunal to determine whether I am "worthy" of being a feminist and b) play the arbitrary oppression olympics, I get a tad a bit PISSED THE FUCK OFF but then they act like this "discomfort" comes from the fact that I'm being confronted with your own unexamined "privilege"- making my discomfort a good thing. Sometimes that's this maybe true but most it's not. most times the discomfort comes from the fact that discomfort is a reasonable response to biased rhetoric. One of the things I find myself butting heads with both liberal and radical feminists about is the idea of "my discomfort means something is wrong with the system and that we need to change it; your discomfort means that our efforts are effective, and is a good thing".

No. 465854

I think he seems cute too, he's like the kind of guy you want to protect if that makes sense? But I wonder how he would act towards his loved ones when he was experiencing symptoms. Schizo + BPD sounds like a horrifying combo. I imagine it would be hard to deal with someone if they're outright aggressive and hostile, even if not intentionally directed towards you.

No. 465870

i am so glad you posted this in the dumbass shit thread because this is, in fact, some dumbass shit.

No. 465872

Dammit anon this sounds so cute, please let us know if there are any updates.

No. 465930

Unfortunately this was almost at around midnight last night; he looked to be in a hurry, and maybe not from around here. It'd be easier if it was in the morning or daytime, because he might be a regular getting a coffee before work, meaning I might run into him again, but this feels like a one-off thing. But hey, maybe. I don't think I have the guts to approach him myself though. He's pretty intimidating looking; he came off as stand-offish and was dead quiet when I thanked him for holding the door open. also, he's very model like. He was dressed very nice street wear, and I was a in a big punk patched army coat and ripped jeans. I feel dumb. It was only a few seconds; I'm likely over-analyzing that little moment.

No. 465934


Ok Lakwanda, you win the opression olympics, even when you are an upper class first world country Ivy league student from the suburbs(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 465935

Please just stop.

No. 465936

They aren't making you do either of those things. It's your insecurity and autism making you do that.

No. 465939

lol I thought the op image was a short haired woman but only now do I see the rest of her hair in the back.

No. 465944

File: 1569451317659.jpg (17.79 KB, 636x461, 173284a243cd44307d01eb106156c2…)

You're right.
I liked short better.

No. 465951

I have to trail my finger around the perimeter or circumference of pretty much everything and it skeeves me out if I don't do it. Some days its super bad and I look really dumb.

Like I need to circle my finger around round door knobs, trail it up and around door frames as far as I can reach, trace along the keys on my keyboard, move my cursor in a rectangle on all sides of the screen, its like I need to outline outlines? Around signs and books and stuff too, even my cats' ears. Its like I trace the shapes I see with my finger because I -need- to. It's probably some kind of really minor OCD thing but I just wanted to explain it to someone somewhere to see if anyone else does it.

No. 465953

File: 1569452997668.jpg (34.18 KB, 409x343, Sailor_Pluto_2.jpg)

But it's Sailor Pluto

No. 465954

File: 1569453559518.jpg (4.31 MB, 4160x3120, 20190925_154002.jpg)

My round son finally here

No. 465958

he's extremely cute, take good care of him!

No. 465961

Congratulations! He's so cute!

No. 465963

Is this pingweng a character with a name?? I saw him in this video and fell in love! Also this song has been my cope

No. 465964

File: 1569458609268.jpeg (33.47 KB, 736x416, E74BEA43-8CFC-4833-A4A3-443281…)

I thought it was sailor mars

No. 465968

OP photo has dark green hair, red eyes, and red diamond earings/white suit Setsuna wore in the episode she became a human/lived in the human world.

You ain't wrong tho, all main sm characters are drawn exactly the same, only major difference being hair cut and coloring.

No. 465971

I can't imagine people who read or watch the news every single day are mentally stable or completely happy. That shit has got to be so unhealthy for you. It annoys me that it's apparently super duper important to keep up with it everyday otherwise you're considered out of the loop or something. It's just a lie

No. 465974

i miss having crushes and shit. sigh

No. 465976

there are different kinds of news. I prefer national morning news, you get the gist of important info but they pepper in all sorts of happy/human interest stories to keep it light in the morning. anyone who watches evening news only will definitely get depressed.

No. 466039

Thankies… I'm so happy.

Sorry for the late reply, his name is Koupen-chan!!

No. 466160

File: 1569506903771.jpg (58.46 KB, 760x570, 2D11462485-140129-shining-twin…)

Twins are creepy. Some twins came in where I work, and they get the exact same order and then they talked about how they wear the same clothes and they tried their best to talk in unison.

No. 466374

it's just an act in most cases. They want you to be fascinated or weirded out by them. Read about Gibbons sisters if you want to get properly creeped out.
What I wouldn't give to read their spergy teenage novels.

No. 466479

File: 1569530489717.jpg (20.83 KB, 250x396, f3212f90-4182-4b76-9180-6816dd…)

This got mixed reviews in theater

No. 466486

I think the Russian navy have trained dolphins IRL

No. 466488


Its less goofy than it seems, governments have used all sorts of animals and then there's this:


>Scientists at Cornell University in Ithaca used microfluidics to manipulate metabolism in moths, dictating when and for how long they could flap their wings. Combined with established electrical stimulation techniques which influence flapping and flight direction, the method could eventually enable scientists to gain complete control over insect flight and, perhaps, create spy bugs.

No. 466494

File: 1569532442868.jpg (8.1 KB, 300x168, 3467p'.jpg)

No. 466496

Mental illness is all fake to old people until they get it, I hate how old people invalidate almost everything they don't like until it applies to themselves

No. 466547

File: 1569542081114.jpg (120.41 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

At Subway I like to get a footlong Veggie Delite on Wheat, no cheese, lots of garlic oil, toasted, with lots of spinach, little lettuce, onion, bell pepper, tomato, salt pepper, lots of jalapenos and lots of olives. It tastes very good! I just ate it, after I make it myself. I wish we got a free meal after working a certain amount of time, today I worked 7 hours no break, so a free sandwich would be nice. I still get 50% off discount for up to $8 worth of stuff, so my sandwich is like $2.70.

No. 466552

How cheap; if you work at Walmart a certain number of months, they give you 15% off all groceries.

No. 466555

I worked at Subway for one cursed year. We got a free 6inch per 4 hours of work.

No. 466563

for awhile my brother got a free full meal at chik fil a every shift he had. they had it made.

No. 466587

I used to work at a Ruby Tuesday and I would be able to get meals 20 percent off, but if I were with family members it would be only 10 percent. What sucks is that it had to be a main meal, couldn't shit around and just get some sides. I paid like $5 for a handful of sweet potato fries without realizing I wasn't getting a discount.
Free salads though. I always went home with a big salad for my boyfriend and I.

No. 466590

I wish I had a twin so I can see exactly how clownish I look all the time. Does anyone else feel bothered when identical twins look different from each other? Lol

No. 466649

Lmao I worked at Walmart and you only get 10% off groceries 2 months a year (November + December) and you have to be working there for 90 days and already have your employee discount card. Once a year if you work Black Friday you get an additional 15% off a single purchase so like close to 25% off when you combine the 2. Not worth working there if all you want is a shitty 10% discount on everything except groceries most of the year.

No. 466736

I worked there too, and got 15% on any grocery purchase less than $40. I worked in a Walmart superstore/outlet, so that may play a part.

No. 466804

The chorus of this song is stuck in my head, and it's kind of maddening.
>Babooshka, babooshka, babooshka ya-ya

No. 466821

shit, I worked at asda (part of walmart) and we got 10% grocery discount year round (after the first 90 days) plus some select dates 20% off and thought that was a kinda shit deal kek (in comparison to my friends who work at relatively upscale clothing stores and get like 70% off sigh).

No. 466838

I should bait people by putting this on my top 10 covers better than the album list

No. 466848

I wish i was a be a pretty elf lady herding cows in a pretty nordic prairie , why even live aaahhh

No. 466869

>nordic prairie
Kek this is the most American thing I have read lately.

No. 466891

File: 1569619481487.png (134.79 KB, 340x296, 1523905637270.png)


not a burguer, shut up

No. 466923

I had a dream last night where I had to rescue stray cats from Margaret Palermo

No. 466925

If you work part time at wholefoods (at least a few years ago) they instantly gave you 10%-15% off, more for full time and people higher up/longer lasting

No. 466936

Her content is so beautiful. You can be like her one day too anon!

No. 466937

File: 1569629829197.png (40.82 KB, 667x414, omg.PNG)

Once all the good true crime stories dry up god knows what will happen

No. 466958

I get bored of relationships so easily if my partner isn't passionate. I don't care about casual shit or flings so I've never bothered with that. What I really want is an intense life-long relationship… By intense I don't mean the guy is abusive, possessive, or controlling. Just eager, adoring, and happy to be with me, and actually showing it constantly.

My current boyfriend showed wonderful signs of this in the beginning. He constantly wanted to talk all the time, always asked for my opinions, made little things for me, complimented me all the time, etc. After several months that died down a bit and now he's not enthusiastic. I know he's still happy with me and he's still thoughtful, but he's not as cheerful and flustered and cute as before. I feel like I'm putting all the effort into conversations, and he kinda just floats around not contributing. I don't know how to explain it, but you know how a lot of people just don't have any vigor or passion for anything, mostly apathetic, and walk around with dead fish eyes all day? That's how he seems like to me now. I feel my sex drive going down a lot and now I just want more alone time.

I know all about the honeymoon phase and all that jazz, but I've seen some people talk about how their partners treat them just as amazing as when they first met. Even after they'd been married for 20+. So surely, the kind of relationship I want has to be possible.

No. 466967

Your subconscious is telling you to move to Japan and befriend venus, feed her properly, give her head pats and teach her that she doesn't need to turn into her mother. Follow your destiny anon

No. 467001

Why is there porn with "daddy" in it so much? Was Freud right about creepy incestual shit in our subconscious? OR is "daddy" a concept that's not exactly family related, but more.. role related? This is some real dumb ass shit.

No. 467003

on topic but unrelated, wtf is up with kinkfags looking down on people who legitimately like vanilla sex? what is so wrong about someone not calling you names or hitting you while doing something intimate?

No. 467006

They're trying to reverse society's views that their fetishes make them weird. "Oh, yeah? W-Well, you have BORING sex, so there!".
What I don't understand is why some people need the whole world to know what gets them off. Keep that shit to yourself. I'm tired of cumbrains thinking that their exhibitionist tendencies are politically valid in any way. Kink-shaming is not a real problem.

No. 467009

weird fetishes is what introduced me to lolcows but man i really could do without knowing just how many people get off to some nasty stuff.

No. 467012

I had this exfriend who told me that he isn't sexually free enough in society because if he were to accidentally send a selfie of himself in a collar to his work snapchat group… some toxic banter from other males would happen. Lol he also was the type who has huge self esteem issues but simultaneously has a fetish for showing off his body. He went to a costume party in nothing but a speedo.

No. 467031

before ddlg in sexual terms it just was a word to mean someone on top, like if someone said "he's the daddy of the group" nowadays ddlg fucktards are just sexualizing parent child relationships and it's disgusting

No. 467038

Insecure edgelords

No. 467040

When your entire personality revolves around what kind of degenerate sex you like, people having ordinary vanilla sex is a personal insult.

No. 467043

It's a pretty video and I'm glad you appreciate our Swedish nature but prairies only exist in north America, it was funny.

No. 467059

I feel like people care way too much on specific details on someone's face when it comes to finding them attractive or not. Like for example if I were to show a celebrity to a friend and say they're attractive they might go "yeah but I don't like that small mole he has there" and I've realised that none of that matters at all, because it's tough finding a human face that has zero flaws, and even with them people can still be very attractive. Life is too short to worry about what exactly your partner/crush looks like, just go ahead and love them, perfect model or not, slightly unattractive feature or not.

No. 467077

File: 1569670007929.png (17.25 KB, 275x275, 1496757911878.png)

>>467059 I agree with this 100% but also feel conflicted in a way that I find the smallest things to like in people's faces but hate it when people do the "yea but his nose is asymmetrical, too bad". What I also find super odd is how some people always think that unnaturally bright white teeth = healthy aka attractive. Inb4 healthy teeth are attractive, of course they are but I am talking about fake looking tile teeth.

No. 467078

For me I find it hard to be really attracted to people without knowing their personality, so when I'm presented with "do you find X celebrity hot" I find myself being much more picky than I would with someone I am dating (and the people I date definitely aren't 10/10 celebrities but I still find them hot because I am attracted to who they are as a person).

No. 467086

ugh i had a sex dream about jon favreau last night and i was really into it and now i feel disgusted with myself lmao

No. 467120


If you are not reenacting scenes from Blue Velvet with your romantic partner every night you are a prude and not woke enough, don't you know is ~current year~ ?

No. 467156

Sometimes youtubers aren't nearly as funny (theyre actually cringe) as the friends they have in their videos and its like justice against their narcissism. they want the fame of youtube but they would never make it on their own lol. weird modern version of talk show hosts. CallMeCarson and Jameskii made me think of it.

No. 467181


Never watched nostalgia critic despite being aware of his existence, why the fuck is Corey Taylor in this lol

No. 467206

I bit down on the inside of my cheek while eating like 2-3 days ago. It didn’t draw any blood, but the spot inside my mouth still feels very raw and if I press my cheek from the outside it feels sore/hurts. What the fuck lol

No. 467211

Ah shit, I do that semi-frequently and it's the worst. Thankfully the inside of the cheeks heal very fast, so it shouldn't bother you for much longer.

No. 467216

This just appeared in my youtube feed. I have no fucking clue whats going on

No. 467225

I highkey think that anyone who is going to college these days for any field except like hardcore sciences where you can’t get in without it —and even then only for passion— is a fucking chump

No. 467229

What do you suggest everyone does then, anon?

No. 467231

disagree. i've had this discussion in other threads and i didn't graduate from college and i've had to grind my way up to where i am now. your degree doesn't matter unless you don't have one so you should at least get something if you have the opportunity. it's just the economy now.

No. 467232

I think that getting into a craft is a perfectly fine idea. At the very least don’t be overpaying for degrees from even moderately pricey schools

I just can’t see it that way when everyone I know is complaining about the debt they will have until they die and how they’re struggling even though they went to fancy schools for fancy shit

No. 467234

Fuck, I looked up the average tuition price for American colleges and holy fucking shit how does anyone even afford it without loans.

No. 467236

There's no particular career or degree I want, so university would be a horrible financial decision for me
>spend tens of thousands on the degree itself
>lose tens of thousands a year in salary because I'm not working full time while studying
>lose retirement savings that are contributed by my employer
>lose even MORE in opportunity costs because I wouldn't have savings to invest
>all for a degree that might not even get me a job at all, let alone one I enjoy that financially compensates me for the above

I'm not American though, our job market is that bad so it's reasonable to expect a decently paying (if mediocre in status) job without a degree. My job isn't going to impress anyone or ever make me a lot of money but at least it's low stress, and starting young has made me extremely financially stable regardless.

No. 467241

*isn't that bad

No. 467257

If your parents aren't able/willing to foot the bill it's impossible. Unfortunately in the US the drive to get degrees and bankrupt yourself stems from the fact that lower paying/degree-less work doesn't offer health insurance, or if they do, it's exorbitant compared to your paycheck. It's a sad system and I feel bad for my peers. I'm glad I got out years ago to a country with free healthcare and willing to pay living wages even for people without degrees and high end jobs (like myself, I make double here what I did in the US on top of not having to pay for healthcare).

No. 467393

I saw a lot of it and AW/WM too in Europe at about a 2:3 ratio (other BW were with BM but rarely saw AW with AM).(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 467399

A co-worker watched me point blank do something wrong and didn't bother to utter literal two words that could of reminded me as I
I'm new and still learning. If I didn't realise what I forgot to do half way through and fixed it, iit would of been really really bad not only for me but for the company. I will never attempt to talk to her again and I will sabotage her work where possible.

No. 467403

File: 1569770718200.jpg (10.28 KB, 300x168, gothkidssouthpark.jpg)

I kinda wish there was a thread on goth sub culture, even though I myself am not a goth, I'm interested in the subculture and have a lot of questions and things I'd like to discuss with goths. there's a subreddit for goths but it seems like it's mostly cringey memes..

I wouldn't feel right starting a thread here though because I'm not goth and I don't know if anyone would even post in it? it wouldn't be just about goth music but the subculture as a whole, but since the subculture is music based maybe it would fit better on /m/ but there's already 2 music threads there and I don't wanna flood it with a thread for every genre of music. or maybe there could be a thread here for subcultures in general? just an idea.

No. 467409

I promise you you'll definitely be miserable holding grudges or trying to sabotage. Just try your best and tell that coworker to please correct anything you're doing incorrectly as you're new. Avoid that toxic work environment as much as possible.

No. 467462

My nose hurts and I know I'll have one of these super big and painful zits in a few days. Right before an important job interview.

No. 467521

I've always used tea tree oil, just keep putting it on multiple times a day (if you can) until your interview. It'll smell pretty strong tho.

No. 467524

I like using old fabric or clothing and making something new, even if it doesn't fit my own aesthetic. I'd like to sell some of it but now I'm feeling scared. What if my sewing skills aren't good enough and the items rip, what if I make items that I think are cute but nobody else likes them, what if people think my prices are too high, should I open an etsy just for the shop even though I already resell clothes on every other platform? Then there's the social media aspect. Do I use my personal, with less than 100 followers, or use a shop account, how do I get an audience, how do I get myself to post regularly when my attention span lives between my full time job and the dozens of other things I'm interested in, what if I can't maintain an aesthetic because I know everyone, that I follow at least, is obsessed with it. This shit is so stupid. These are just feelings that come with trying new things and I'm sure it won't be that bad but I still gotta worry.

No. 467554

Whenever I see anything even remotely related to race being posted I know the Americans are out and about.

No. 467556

File: 1569799848618.jpg (18.31 KB, 275x227, 1557872746301.jpg)

>>467554 correct

No. 467574

Sounds interesting, that’s the sort of clothes I wear.
Maybe you could post some anonymous pictures of the less unique garments, or just closeups of seams and closures on sewing forums and ask for some constructive criticism before deciding about the shop.

They’re pretty friendly communities, and would be happy to tell if you if your construction seems sturdy enough and all that. Then you can get some honest feedback without your name or face attached to the pieces being critiqued.

No. 467587

File: 1569804665013.png (7.4 KB, 255x228, 3bcd67778aafb877255a8409a7116b…)


teach me your ways elf lady

No. 467605

Is it just me or did twitter break?

No. 467616


What happened anon?

No. 467618

There's a girl in my math class who gives off some farmer vibes, but fuck asking, I ain't outing myself as an internet autist on a gossip board.

No. 467823

I ate a burger today. It was fucking good.

No. 467824

Feel like an idiot because a scheduled visitor came to my office but the person he came here for went downstairs like 2 minutes before he arrived. I don't have her cell number and obviously she wasn't at her desk so I had to run off to ask someone else for her cell number, and in the middle of me walking away someone else called the phone so I had come back to answer and transfer them!!! I kept apologizing to the visitor for the wait and sort of nervously laughed to try and lighten the mood but this dude was NOT amused at all and I just had to awkwardly sit down at my desk and wait for this fuckin lady to come back upstairs (a coworker called her for me). I wish people wouldn't fucking go downstairs to wait. Just wait right up here in front of the elevators if you're so panicked about meeting them!!!

No. 467825

Fuck anon, I'm jealous. I love burgers so much and I've really been itching to have one.

No. 467827

I'm annoyed at the uprise of Poly relationships.
I am an extremely open minded person but it honestly sounds like a trend for edgy millenials and people who can't commit or want their cake and to eat it too- meaning people who want to fuck around but also get emotional support. I feel even worse for those who participate in this garbage when they have kids.
I don't get it at all.

No. 467828

Same here anon. I've basically given up on dating apps now because it seems so prevalent.

It's already hard as is trying to find a nice butch gf without all that ~*~demi boy~*~ genderspecial bullshit, and now on top of shifting through all that garbage, I have to shift through all this fucking poly bullshit!!! Fuck me for just trying to have a nice monogamous lesbian relationship!!

No. 467831

Person you responded to.
I find it annoying enough being fairly straight, but I could only imagine it would suck for lesbians and would be full of girls just questioning their sexuality or still dating guys and using the poly label so they can 'try' it out for kicks. Also yeah, I don't know what happened to plain old lesbian or gay, there's all these weird labels now and I feel old trying to wrap my head around it.
I don't even bother with apps. I prefer to meet people organically in life because I swear you can't pick up red flags online. I mean some people hide red flags irl pretty well, but I couldn't imagine dealing with this shit online.
Which brings me to another question, what is the world is a demiboy? Is that one of those grey area trans labels? And do people actually advertise themselves as it on dating apps?

No. 467833

Good thing is they'll grow out of it soon enough because feelings ALWAYS get hurt. Just be fwb for fuck's sake, literally.
t. ex-polyfag

No. 467841

You should get one, anon. What's stopping you?

No. 467864

i hate how condescending they are about it, too. like you're some repressed trad moron for not wanting to be physically and emotionally cucked all the time by your partner. you can tell just by side-eyeing the losers and pick-mes who defend this poly shit to death that they're absolutely broken inside and that the only way they feel they can be "loved" is by enforcing no boundaries whatsoever in some millenial effort to appear "woke" and "open-minded".

call me conservative if you will, but i think this "poly" fad is a big ole' excuse to be self-indulgent. if you can't handle being in a committed, adult relationship, then don't be in a relationship.

No. 467872

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but I believe it's when someone identifies only partly as male (and the same is true for demigirls). It's just another stupid ass fucking label, possibly one of the dumbest I've ever come across. I've definitely come across these people more than I'd like to see on dating apps. I'll download a dating app and use it for a few days before I realize how fucking tiring it is to shift through all these fucking genderspecials to maybe find one potential person I'd like to talk to. Then I jsut delete it, rinse and repeat every few months lol.

No. 467901

File: 1569867492429.jpg (192.62 KB, 1920x1080, Banner-PokemonCenter-Japan-Nag…)

I wanna buy a bunch of merch from this new Pokemon collection/collab but it's going to be so much $$$ especially since I'm in the U.S. and would be buying through a 3rd party… but FUCK ME I love pikachu so much and the art is so dumb but so cute and endearing at the same time.

No. 467903

I can't decide which thread and its posters are worse: kpop threads or gaijin/gyaru threads

No. 467905

stream jopping

No. 467908

still seething about my "poly" ex so you're in good company anon.

No. 467930

kpop obviously. the gyaru threads are /cgl/ style salty drama.

No. 467940

there's a terf farmer that trolls the general of one of my favorite video games. i want to play video games with her but we probably don't even play on the same server

No. 468023

Stan sperm

No. 468085


what sort of vibes?

No. 468092

I met a really hot guy at a con and the dumbass is hitting on me.
He is a friend's friend and he was always with a hot girl. I asked my friend if they were dating and she told me he friendzoned the girl long time ago because he has weird tastes.
And now he's hitting on my fat ass. Maybe he's a fatty chaser but hot damn I'm fucking him if I get the chance.

No. 468108

File: 1569925937637.jpeg (2.33 MB, 2582x1937, wpid-wp-1435221257946.jpeg)

I'm not religious in any way but I love beautiful, old, and preferably small churches. I've been googling the oldest churches in my country, hoping I could go see some of them this weekend, but they're all so far away. The ones that are closer to my hometown are all those ugly, "modern" ones. I guess I'll have to wait until my next vacation.

No. 468265

File: 1569964639234.jpg (38.96 KB, 672x1024, bf2eefc7018eeab3d333c495458ad9…)

why are all the words for genitals so gross, like "cock", i cringe every time i see that word. why couldnt we have had some nice-sounding words for genitals

No. 468270

I've got this annoying brain fog and now my hands feel funny and I could barely plug in my phone because my fingers just wouldnt do the motion. Parts of me are also just more painful than usual. Its finally happening

No. 468272

What the fuck, anon?
Call emergency services now.

Also good thing you can still type.

No. 468275

>like some idols' looks
>can't absolutely stand their music
What am I meant to do?

No. 468281

Thats why I'm not freaking out too much, I can obviously type on my phone fine and im using a stress ball to flex my fingers. I dont think the 2 symptoms are related, i think its just lack of sleep and video game arthritis or something.

No. 468288

Did you start a new med Anon? I started one recently and I didn't get the hand tremble they told me about, but I did get brain fog for like a week while I adjusted. It's better now.

No. 468295

File: 1569967436174.jpg (18.79 KB, 288x320, bruh.JPG)

Don't take meds.

No. 468326

Just die instead? Brilliant plan. People need meds

No. 468337

That Marie s'Infiltre thing at the Chanel show was hilarious. anyone here have any thoughts on that?

No. 468355

What a dumb stunt. Was there even a purpose other than getting attention?

No. 468371

nothing is uglier than modern churches. I honestly do like "modern" architecture for normal buildings, brutalism is my fav, but god are recently built churches absolute abominations. especially american megachurches. not religious but how tf can you even pray in one?? there's no aura, no mystique, no aesthetic, they just look like quirky supermarkets.

No. 468373

She was just saying she doesn't take any meds in response to the question, lol. Chill.

Anyway then idk. If it keeps happening I'd go to the doctor.

No. 468394

She's a comedian so, comedy i guess.

No. 468405

Wow she should try being funny instead.

Marie goes places she is neither wanted or welcome is a terrible premise to try and base a comedy career on.

No. 468641

I have no where else to scream about this, I’m still shaking- I randomly ran into Alex Hirsh and Dana Terrace in Nintendo World. HOLY FUCK I really love their work, I can’t believe I just happened to meet them… they were so fucking nice and cool.

No. 468656

are you me? even the brutalism bit. I hadn't thought of describing them as "quirky supermarkets" but that's genius.

No. 468678

Which idols do you like the looks of anon? Male or female? I also can't stand the music 99.9% of the time

No. 468706

Silence of the Lambs doesn't get enough Credit these days

No. 468707

sane fag
That film is still the best Hollywood portrayal of a woman's experience in a male-dominated workplace I've seen. When I rewatched it a while ago it struck me how clearly it portrays a predatory male gaze as the monster.

No. 468710

Cool anon!!

No. 468712

i've been semi-aware of the ongoing onision drama for several years but recently took more of an interest

i thought billie webb and billie eilish were the same person and i was so incredibly confused that exposure like that hadn't pushed all this stuff mainstream. i tinfoiled that 'bad guy' was poking fun at experiences with onion.

barely legal blue-haired e-girls called billie is a bigger category than i thought goddamn

also i'm very fucking stupid

No. 468713

i love both the movies and books of red dragon/silence/hannibal so much.

i agree that its a good portrayal of sexism, i also like to think that those situations only added to showing how intense, focused, and determined clarice was. her job was literally to deal with scum. and if she let that really get under her skin how could she stay focused on what really mattered at hand and that was to find buffalo bill? but buffalo bill on the other hand, really had some fucked up gender issues and that one stuck with me more than getting cat called. something about human skin suits to become a woman is high key batshit

No. 468716

File: 1570077200714.jpg (65.49 KB, 575x390, xbj7j.jpg)


It predicted r/transpassing

No. 468723

lel it really did

No. 468724

it was mentioned explicitly in the novel and film that Gumb(Buffalo Bill) was not transgender but merely believed himself to be and was just a extremely self-hating gay man who wanted to be someone else

No. 468726

So he's a HSTS with psychosis

No. 468728

>was not transgender but merely believed himself to be
What's the difference? The literal definition of being transgender is what you believe yourself to be.

No. 468729


They remark about it in the movie too, its clearly stated he was denied a sex change because he is just an AGP freak. Of course this was the 90s, today that part would make no sense because in the US anyone can get prescribed HRT just by asking nicely.

No. 468743

File: 1570089713288.jpg (128.09 KB, 1080x1000, 1566028468773.jpg)

>mfw seeing all the "#boycottdollskill" stuff on Twitter and finding out it's a shitty company in more ways than I initially thought, but I already ordered something from them
Well, shit. A lot of their stuff is overpriced trash, but some of the accessories can be cute. I can't use Taobao instead at the moment for logistical reasons, either. It sucks, but boycotting them will save me money, anyway.

No. 468745


May I ask what the deal with dollskill is? I've read it quiet a few times here that they suck but why? What's wrong with them? Why do people like it? Bc from what I've seen, it looks like some 90s raver clothes tbh.

No. 468748

I actually agree with radfems a lot (especially on the troon issue), but I just can't get on board with the whole man-hating part of it. I hate some men – the sexist jerks and the perverts, certainly – but not all. The vast majority of men I have known in my life are decent people. I've met just as many toxic women as I have toxic men. Both sexes can be equally shitty at times, it seems. And I like marriage and I think staying at home is a valid option (because that's what I do) and I don't think wearing make up or dressing feminine is necessarily an oppressive thing (as long as you are forced to do it). So, I don't think the TERFs would have me even if I wanted to join their team.

I wish there was a place for some kind of moderate feminism. But, it seems like most women get pushed towards either the submissive wife camp or the man-hater brigade. It's like we've lost the ability to recognize that there might be shades of gray to an issue.(>>>/pinkpill/)

No. 468752

So because you personally haven't been affected by obvious misogyny, you can't possibly comprehend why other women might feel differently.
Can you really not step outside of your own personal experience and look throughout history and time and see/understand the general experiences of other women? Or even those today in countries like India and Africa?

No. 468757

They steal designs a lot, resell shit from Taobao at high prices, their quality can be pretty bad (lots of people mentioned paying high prices for shoes that fell apart), their customer service can be crap (one person said they never received an item they ordered, and had to message customer service for 2 weeks for them to ship another one and to "be more careful", while another person received a broken item and asked for a refund, but only got a 15% off code, and one more noticed they said you can't return underwear/swimsuits with the lining removed, but they purposely send all swimwear and underwear without lining). They also fire their employees if they find out they've done sex work before (despite their entire brand kind of pandering to that scene/aesthetic).
There was also the time they put out a sweater reading "Goth is white" with no explanation, a shirt reading "Dead Girls Can't Say No", and those tacky Native American headdress and generic Chinese girl costumes.
Most recently, they cancelled a promo deal with a girl after finding out she was in a wheelchair, and she went public about it. They started saying it never happened, then had her account locked down when she posted proof.
As for why people like it, its items and overall aesthetic make it popular with raver types (as you said) and those who like alt fashion.

No. 468764

>It's like we've lost the ability to recognize that there might be shades of gray to an issue.
You mean, some women have lost the ability to pretend there are shades of grey after enough exposure to men and their actions? Refusing to bury your head in the sand is not an inability to see nuance. Unlike easy, thoughtless attitudes like 'both sexes can be equally shitty', which will never force you to confront uncomfortable truths about people you want to believe the best in, and patriarchal institutions like marriage or makeup that personally benefit you.

It's just so intellectually dishonest to baww about shades of grey and then be like 'but makeup and dressing feminine aren't oppressive unless you're forced to do it!' 'marriage is great!', like there aren't infinite shades of grey when it comes to the way social conditioning and pressure work within an oppressive system. Like, the very basic concept that just because you, personally, enjoy something doesn't make it good for women as a whole.

No. 468767

The radical in radical feminism doesn't mean extremism, it means getting to the root of sexism. Just because you like being a SAHM and wearing makeup doesn't mean those things aren't rooted in sexism. I like doing makeup sometimes too, but I'm not going to resent feminists for dissecting the sexist implications of the beauty industry. Lol.

No. 468769

>Both sexes can be equally shitty at times, it seems.
Ya might want to look at murder, abuse and crime statistics.

No. 468772

>Ya might want to look at murder, abuse and crime statistics.

racebait is not allowed anon

No. 468774

It's not actually racebait if the trend carries over for sex across every group. Making it racial is just how scrotes and handmaidens try to hide from the truth.

No. 468779

>Refusing to bury your head in the sand is not an inability to see nuance. Unlike easy, thoughtless attitudes like 'both races can be equally shitty'

No. 468780

this falls apart when you realize that everything you want to blame people of a race for is actually what that race's men do, not the women, lmao.

No. 468788

File: 1570102773723.jpg (43.49 KB, 380x499, 51huZg9eSfL._SX378_BO1,204,203…)

I feel like when i listen "Little people" it sounds even more belittling than "Midget" even when is supposedly the pc term for people with dwarfism. I mean, when i hear midget i know it refers to that specific condition but little people are gnomes.

P.d not a native english speaker and midget and dwarf both can only be translated to the same word in my language.

No. 468792

I'm obsessed with someone
I started growing some plants to give them a gift in case we ever grew closer
But we fell out of touch and I just never threw them away

I should throw them away, right?
It seems like a waste, but it's a subconscious way to keep them in mind I'm starting to think

No. 468794

It's still retarded like racism since at the end of the day a tiny minority of black men/men are going to commit a serious crime in their life. Just as autistic as MRAs going on about false rape claims or lying about abuse to win a divorce case or whatever as proof all women are bad when it involves a tiny minrotiy.

No. 468795

Race was at no point brought up, and men being the overwhelming majority of violent crime perpetrators is a global phenomenon. But sure anon, a post with no mention of race is racebait.
Guess the burgers are out and about again.

No. 468796

Don't throw the plants away if they're alive! If they remind you too much of the original recipient, you should gift them to someone else or even donate them to a school or church sale or something.

No. 468797

>a tiny minority

Tell that to the one in five women that experiences sexual assault. Or the woman that will die at the hands of her husband every week. But of course, abloobloo not all men!!

No. 468800

Well yeah not all men. Sexual abusers usually have a very high number of victims and men are more likely to get murdered but it's still an extremely rare way to die anywhere. This is why your ideology is on a second wind thanks to the trans backlash since the average woman loves the men in her life and if you could tone down the autism maybe you could effect real change rather than just make yourselves more miserable in echochambers.

No. 468804

Yes, but they’re murdered by other men.
No one believes all men are dangerous. But enough men are that women as a whole are not safe. This is something extremely basic that all strains of feminism understand

No. 468814

The funny thing is the women I know who have been the most abused by men in life i.e raped,abused,beaten , thrown out of their houses,had acid thrown on their faces e.t.c are never extreme manhaters they understand that the people who hurt them were bad men and still mantain healthy relationships with men in their live

The unironic manhaters from my experience tend to be middle class white women who had a couple bad relationships and read some books by upper middle class white femenisits in the 1970 and act as if they know better then everyone else

No. 468815

>scrots are so fucking predictable and unhinged to the point where it's literally instilled in women's minds from the second she is born that men are dangerous and to avoid strange men
>Men some how still end up hurting tons of women and girls even if they're cautious

>Not all men tho!!!

No. 468816

i hate to break it to you but we have quite a few insanons who think that all men (and women) hate women and want to kill them and are out to get them 24/7.

No. 468818

Find me one anon who thinks this way and shows illogical reasons and clearly states that they think everyone is out to get them.

No. 468819

Ah yes because upper class white women are immune to abuse, right?
Also nice undermining about "a couple of bad relationships"

No. 468820

You know, I’m willing to bet that many of those women no longer feel safe to speak out against men when they have suffered such extreme abuse at the hands of other men

No. 468821

chill out, there's no reason to get so defensive. maybe stop responding to scrote bait for 5 seconds. the anon i'm referring to posted on /ot/ a lot just a few months ago, not to accuse you of being a newfag, but she would cry in vent threads about how all the men and women in the world hate women and want her dead. if you don't know who i'm talking about sorry but i can't get caps atm.

there was also that anon who unironically started a femcel thread.

No. 468823

A few batshit anons discredits my statement overall how exactly? They’re outliers

No. 468824

1) What the hell are you on about
2) I've lurked man hating threads and pinkpill since it first came out and don't know what the fuck you are talking about

No. 468825

File: 1570106922884.jpeg (61.72 KB, 500x425, 489E8122-2680-47D6-AF82-87FBD8…)


No. 468826

again i said i would get caps later. maybe you should go back to lurking if you can't stop responding to obvious men and being a retard.

No. 468827

>If you can't stop responding to obvious men
Again. What the fuck are you talking about
>And being a retard
Could say the same about you. You know you lost when you can only make insulting one liners(infighting)

No. 468831

do you really think that >>468800 is a woman or are you just that stupid?(infighting)

No. 468832

Just because a upper middle class Jewish feminist said something dumb in the 1970s doesn't make it true

No. 468833

>I am only a woman

wtf, i would not have guessed, i thought it was Mick Foley

No. 468834

Could someone tell me if this bait or not? Should I just report it?

I'm honestly sick of anons presuming white women are immune to abuse and misfortune.

No. 468837

The last posts are just plain scrote bait.

No. 468839

do you really think it's not bait if you have to ask? also assume is the word you should use here since presume implies their opinion is somehow grounded in reality.

No. 468841

Okay, thanks. Learned something new today.

No. 468847

So this thread is giving me a dumb idea about a proposaly bad sitcom

A femele Jewish misandrist femenist and a 1/8 black anti-Semitie male have to share an apartment together and get into wacky situations

Here's the jingel

He's an anti-semite,she's a man hater living in a fabulous block

She hates all men,he hates all Jews

No. 468848

the real tell is how vehemently retarded the posts are. incels fight about this shit tooth and nail because they somehow think that doing so will get them laid.

No. 468899

alright back on topic,some real dumbass shit.
Silence of the Lambs Musical(which exists for some reason)

No. 468902

I know this is cringy, but I think it'd be funny to make (or play) a visual novel or dating sim with characters based on cows and flakes.
You'd play as someone who lurks their threads, and then suddenly run into them IRL somehow. The type of farmer you are (A-logger, milk-sharer, quiet observer, conspiracy theorist, cynic, optimist who wants to see them improve for some reason, etc) and how that'd play into your actual interactions with the cow(s) would determine the course of the story, as well as the ending.

No. 468906

get the himbo of your dreams, anon, and please keep us updated

No. 468908

Why is it always the frumpy, shy and kind-of-annoying girls that turn out to be identifying as ace or enby? We must dig deeper. I get enby due to the natural snowflakey foundation of the whole term and identity (I've got nothing going for myself/i'm insecure about what i've going for myself/i have internalized mysogyny so i'm going to be "other"), but ace is more reasonable. Yet I've still to meet a well adjusted ace individual.
I don't know, man. Maybe we're just too young.

No. 468915

maybe the asexual girls aren't asexual by choice lol.

No. 468919

this poster/album cover pic looks fucking retarded. i hate musicals and broadway singers. they all just sound like wanna be opera singers that couldn't cut it.

No. 468933

I'd play it but I think making an entire game of real people would have soooo many issues lol. It's also a little psycho but it would be really interesting if it turned out to be sympathetic in the end maybe instead of a "haha laugh at them" thing.

I'd try for Luna's ending wbu

No. 468934

File: 1570131888879.jpg (13.3 KB, 477x262, hqdefault.jpg)

My current boyfriend has been the 'smallest' guy I've ever been with but the sex is so good and he always hits my g-spot. I would also get really sore after awhile with others but I can keep going and going now. Used to be a self proclaimed size queen but really I think that all that really matters for me is how I feel about them emotionally and everything else seems to fall into place.

No. 468935

I find this stupid video funny for some reason

No. 468941

Contrary to popular belief women don't need huge dicks to get off. The g-spot is only a few inches in. Those who want big dicks like the idea of feeling slutty for taking them.

No. 468954

You know what, Instagram sucks, Twitter fucking sucks, I'm going back to tumblr. No other platform's mindless scrolling can compare.

No. 468958

NTA but holy shit same

No. 468960

I really feel like a giant "Honey is selling our data to company's" controversy is going to happen

No. 468961

True shit here

No. 468967

yo I keep thinking that too

No. 468974

Idk where to post this but the Gabi and Niki thread on guru gossiper is so hard to read. The things they drag Gabi for (copying, being rude, tanning so dark that people can't tell what race they are , being a narc, etc) are all things Ariana does and I don't think that they put two and two together because they are all Twitter stans that are upset that they don't get the same amount of attention. Like the threads could be interesting if it wasn't filled with "ArIaNa WoUlD nEvEr bE lIkE hEr ShE's aN aNgEl aNd Is DiSgUsTeD bY hEr!!!"
For examples of things they let Ariana do but not Gabi:

*Ariana just copies whatever ~urban~ street trend she can find and whatever is popular online at the moment and then calls it her original idea while Gabi just copies whatever Ariana is copying. Ariana has even admitted to copying black artist with the excuse that she thought people "would just know uwu"
* Ariana tried to call herself a black person because she's technically 12% north African and Gabi tries to call herself black because her mom is a small percentage. She's also been caught blocking people who in a non-aggressive way corrects people who think that she's afro-latina and say that she's white.
* Both tan to be darker than a lot of black female celebrities or will photoshop themselves to be.
* Both have gotten very butchered plastic surgery and refuse to stop so they look permanently like they are doing duck lips while pulling their skin back
*Both have been rude to fans, Ariana did something like throwing away a bunch of fanmail and will go on a rant about how she hates them or something along those lines and Gabi is always snapping at hers.

I dislike both but reading grown people say that Ariana is a legend and is pure and angelic with a complete lack of how they are in the same boat as Gabi is a little bit much. I kinda wish lolcow had a thread on them cause they are interesting without the Stan Twitter nonsense. Most of the posts those girls make would be banned here, some even permabanned

No. 468990

I like filming my sex life. I'd never post it online though. Sometimes I just film my face taking dick, maybe I'm a narcissist.

No. 468998

Just thinking about how my (probably autistic ass) doesn't really like nerdy shit all that much but I'm still adjacent to that stuff. I like reading about people/their discussions online and barely watch any of these cartoons/consume that kind of content and the people who like that sort of stuff. I never really gravitated towards other kinds of accounts because I feel like most other people really just use social media to casually keep up with friends/share memes and shit while the accounts I like to follow from "sjws" and shit are from people who broadcast a lot of their shit and social life online.

Also probably not that unpopular but the constant advertising in current pop culture and the consumerism really turns me off like no, I don't want to watch all those shitty marvel movies.

I was spurred to write this by thinking where the fucking preppy autistic girls at. Are they probably just a little quieter, really throwing themselves into other interests, trying hard to fit in? Maybe if they're older they can do so pretty well and it's nbd for them, they never even considered they were on the spectrum.

No. 469084

I'm a true crimefag that goes on the Unsolved Mysteries subreddit a lot. Yesterday I stumbled upon a thread that that was talking about internet mysteries and there was one post about "the most mysterious song on the internet" (not actually related to true crime in the slightest but still an unsolved mystery). I guess there's a song that no one knows who sang or wrote it but it's up there on YT. It was probably recorded sometime in the 80s. Curious, I gave it a listen and….I actually really liked it. I've always liked 80s synthpop shit so it figures. Sucks that we'll never know the artist because it made me wonder if they had any other good stuff. Also weird for saying that I unironically really like a song that's more known for being for being mysterious than anything else. Bummer.

The song in case anyone in interested.

No. 469087

Are you me? I just read the same thread yesterday and sent the link to that rolling stone article to a German friend who likes 80s.

No. 469108

File: 1570179695968.jpg (283.95 KB, 688x920, 1551688567749.jpg)

Will I ever find a job that I can live of off? No? Yea thought so.

No. 469110

Does anyone else's body temperature go completely out of whack when they're on their period? I swear I go from hot to medium to cold in the span of 2 minutes. Also the right side of my body especially my extremities like my toes get really cold and it's so uncomfortable, even when I wear thick socks I can still feel them all numb and cold. Ugghhhh

No. 469112

I can never get into fast entertainment, how people gobble it all up and never get tired of it is beyond me.

No. 469142

File: 1570197554149.png (33.68 KB, 624x420, COBRA.PNG)

Did G.I Joe ever do something like this? No. HAIL COBRA

No. 469146

File: 1570199337681.jpeg (166.8 KB, 1440x810, 2C403A59-B0DA-4B10-91A5-D8C0F8…)

Since it became October the weather immediately went from warm and sunny to cold and overcast with rain. I really love this but at the same time it also makes me lazy af in the morning and I already stayed in bed over an extra hour the last two days

No. 469179

I know someone is going to bully me for it, but yes I am in my mid 20s and just scored tickets to see Billie Eilish in my city and I'm SO EXCITED.

I got pretty good seats considering it's general public sales, though I think I might have been able to get even better seats if I noticed to change the ticket quantity down to 1 (wtf ticket master, why was the default at 2) since I did that with another venue in my city (had all 3 open to hopefully score at least ONE ticket) and noticed a lot more seats opened up. Not sure what was going on, I ended up only buying and paying for one ticket. Whatever, the seats I got are still pretty decent!!!

I saw clips of some of her previous concerts and they looked like so much fun I'd like to just see her in person at least once. She came to my city last year but I wasn't really into her well after tickets had gone on sale and wasn't about to pay a scalper for piss poor seats.

No. 469182

No shame! I hope you’ll have the grandest time. I think scalpers usually buy up good tickets and re sale. Watch out for the venue’s Facebook or Twitter, there are usually people trying to get rid of their tickets when they can’t make it. I got floor tix to like four Twenty one Pilots concerts (pre-Trench era) and tbh I had way more fun than a good number of other “respectable” artists I’ve attended lmao

No. 469185

People who use political parties as insults are automatically retarded to me

No. 469189

Thanks anon!! Billie is going to be my first time seeing a current and major pop artist!! I've only attended kpop concerts in the past (not BTS-tier popular, but still relatively well known) so I think it'll be a really nice and fun new experience!! I'm sad I won't be in the pit but I'll definitely appreciate a seat to chill out in while waiting for her to come out.

No. 469204

File: 1570208676891.jpg (74.64 KB, 1020x574, Amanda-Seyfried-in-Time-premie…)

I wish I could talk to lolcow's amanda seyfried hater cause I hate the bitch too.

No. 469212

fuck i'm glad i'm not the only one who thought this lmao

No. 469213

Oh no. What did she do to you anon?

No. 469217

File: 1570211513437.png (206.16 KB, 968x733, 1492864441960.png)

ok, i dont usually respond when im backreading, but
>the main vibe of the kpop community is an happy, excited vibe

No. 469235

Wonder what would happen if every crime would be solved overnight. Every murder, disappearance, rape, theft so on. What would that do. I have been sat thinking about this for too long, would this just create more chaos rather than relief?

No. 469236

>>469179 have fun my sweet anon, her shows do look a lot of fun!

No. 469239

File: 1570221114374.jpg (17.92 KB, 750x397, a0c574245d8ac81b2d49204d73f245…)

It took 3 months, but I just finished reading Homestuck. Not sure what to feel. I unironically like the story and enjoyed the journey, despite the clusterfuck that it is. I started reading it because I stopped a little after the end of Act 5 back in high school and it just felt like… I don't know, one of those things that I feel like I should read in its entirety at least once. I didn't really enjoy it back then, I skimmed through a lot of it just so I could meet the trolls, but damn I really enjoyed taking my time and really getting to know the characters and actually laughed at some of the stupid, corny jokes.

Sometimes when I go to conventions I'll see Homestuck cosplayers and it's sort of like "why the FUCK do homestucks exist in 2019" but now I'm like… oh I get it. It's fun. I really do want to cosplay some of the characters, I love so many of them, but damn I don't know if I have the dignity in me to do it lol. Thanks Hussie, I guess?

No. 469244

> Billie Eilish

Have fun anon! My neighbor's daughter keeps playing her on repeat so I've grown to dislike her music before I was indifferent. I just think of getting ear plugs if I have to listen to I'm the bad guy or whatever the name is one more time.

No. 469246

Thanks anon!

Thank you!! Oh man I'm so sorry you have to listen to it on repeat… truthfully I also will just play 'bad guy' on repeat for hours lol… I wasn't too big on her the first time I listened to her but for some reason when I saw her video on Colors, it just sort of… hit me? Like holy fuck what a voice! She seems like a very fun person too, edgy persona aside.

No. 469249

If you haven't watched it, Minority Report is a cool film that touches on this kind of concept. It is one of my favorite sci-fi films and the short story it is based on is good as well.

No. 469250

Philip k dick was a fuckin sci-fi blessing and his stories are so damn good.

No. 469251

I was just thinking about this the other day. I'm just an observer, aware of alot but not really that interested in anything.

No. 469257

>>469249 creepy how you just knew i was looking for some good scifi, thanks! I will check it out this weekend.

No. 469276


A scanner darkly is one of my favorite movies. Had to mention it.

No. 469278

holly fuck is political song parody's a rabbit hole

No. 469289

File: 1570240696060.jpg (25.04 KB, 326x353, 1565069592357.jpg)

Lmao this is me with MikuExpo in January. You frickin go and have the time of your life anon, enjoy every bit!

No. 469291

a girl I kinda know from uni asked me out for a coffee, I agreed bc yay socialisation but now I'm dreading it bc I hate eating in public and don't know how to order shit and am a socially retarded idiot in general. thought she was my level of socially retarded miserable bitch (she has legit not gone to one lecture in 2 years like) but apparently I'm still worse. I'm like one point above legit autismos I reckon.

No. 469310

My bf and all his friends are graffiti writers and super serious about it, over the past few weeks I started wondering why he and everyone he knows loves writing on any surface they can get their hands on and started drawing a little bit and fuck I'm hooked. I'm still horrible at it but its so fun to just write the same thing over and over, figuring out how to better stylize and space the letters. I know nothing will come of it cause its such a boys club, I wouldn't be able to go paint with them, and its so cliquey/you learn from your crew, plus the fact I got into it because of my bf would mean I'd never get taken seriously. I hate how hard it is to get into/develop new skills in male dominated fields!!!

No. 469334

File: 1570265070851.jpeg (447.4 KB, 2329x3146, 3E101A6B-324A-4E7F-AAB4-FA199C…)

I just found a lump in my neck around the posterior lymph nodes and am now convinced it’s cancer.

No. 469336

go see a doctor first tho

No. 469337

It could be anything anon don't jump straight to the cancer meme, you could have lupus or it could be a tumor which doesn't automatically make it cancer, don't be a dumbass but do get it checked out.

Autoimmune diseases are overwhelmingly more common in women than men but no one ever seems to say anything and only scaremonger about the symptoms.

No. 469340

Making an appointment in the morning, ew biopsy time.
That’s actually really a huge relief about the autoimmune disorders because I already have one. Now I can assume the lump is just part of that until it’s looked at. Ty anon.

No. 469341

File: 1570266660067.png (293.97 KB, 962x638, 20191005_041058.png)

I feel this. I have a swollen, painful lump under my armpit, right where my breast tissue starts. It's probably just a lymph node and probably because of some random infection or other my immune system is fighting off I'm not even aware of, but still. Isn't the first fear always breast cancer?

No. 469346

I hate how GC pretty much took over pinkpill and actual pinkpill posts get buried and ignored despite the fact we are supposed to share the thread.

No. 469357

I’ve gone dairy free, and gave nutritional yeast a try - after all, all the vegans say how it tastes like cheese only better! FUCKING WRONG. Never trust vegans when they say something tastes exactly like an animal product, it never does.

Now my dumbass is over here suffering from warm toots that smell like sourdough overcooking in an oven. And the yeast just made the whole dish taste sour, it was overwhelming.

No. 469358

It’s to the point that the OP images have been GC and it’s the front of the thread title

No. 469359

File: 1570276944181.jpg (87.63 KB, 640x640, 39877942_239615213412076_37519…)

younger Taylor was so pretty

No. 469360

File: 1570276967134.jpg (98.29 KB, 640x640, 39628512_514866902272269_36403…)

No. 469362

File: 1570277021170.jpg (119.91 KB, 640x640, 39538657_279997649498880_53659…)

wish she hadn't turned into an animal killer queen

No. 469363

File: 1570277060087.jpg (96.61 KB, 960x960, 39746065_2057507044562341_1525…)

No. 469365

File: 1570277227250.jpg (118.03 KB, 1080x1350, 39378702_1749938601770890_4161…)

No. 469368

File: 1570277464166.jpg (187.03 KB, 1080x1080, 64335301_1286658541497904_8713…)

No. 469372

File: 1570277621978.jpg (188.24 KB, 1080x1080, 70449085_770188876744974_21449…)

No. 469373

wtf is this love note to a druggie? one was fine but now youre looking fuckin stupid spam anon.

No. 469375

feel free to exit the Dumbass Shit Thread #7

No. 469387

Thank you anon!!! I hope you’ll have a fun time at mikuexpo!!!

No. 469390

i still get a little stressed out/mess up at ordering myself. maybe try going to a restaurant alone and order a drink or something? or if u can maybe wait to watch other people order if you're not sure.

i hope u have a nice time anon! and even if u mess up the employees won't care unless you start acting rude.

No. 469441

She's one of those people with a punchable face because she looks so goddamn annoying and stupid.

No. 469444

Turns out one of my most active followers on tumblr has a cannibalism kink AND named their child (who they call "them") Dorito. DORITO!!

No. 469452

She's my bf ideal woman, and I feel like shit every single time I come across one of her pictures.

No. 469453

File: 1570301160246.jpeg (65.61 KB, 750x561, F3A22CCA-5D7C-4863-8E90-592547…)

tfw i wanna go to mikuexpo in london but none of my friends like vocaloid and i'm too pwussi to go on my own

No. 469455

I remember that was a boy in the class who asked another boy if he liked me, and the other guy replied yeah I'd smash. It was weird because the latter guy never looked at me and always seemed to avoid me.

No. 469457

Just don't date guys who you aren't the preference for, especially since males can act very childish and unhinged when their girlfriend isn't their 10/10 preference

No. 469459

>look at rpg section on steam
>filled with anime porn and not real games
Uh…thought this wasn't allowed on Steam? What happened?

No. 469461

Pornsick weebs

No. 469465

I've recently realized I've been shaving my arm/leg hair bc I'm ashamed of people thinking I'm dirty, unhygienic and unfeminine. After thinking about it for a while I think it's ridiculous I've let some of my self-worth be tied up into a little bit of hair. I always see men walking around with a shitload of body hair 20 times more than me, which looks bad and is also actually unhygienic, since things get caught in it. My body hair is nothing in comparison. Also stupid enough, I have long hair on my head and that would be most unhygienic of all, considering how hair absorbs outside bacteria and how porous it could be… yet I don't cut it.

Basically shaving areas like arms/legs is dumb stupid bullshit I've been doing for 15 years but not really thinking about why I did it. If someone really thinks I'm gross for having body hair then whatever.

No. 469475

that's fucked up.

No. 469504

I get you anon.
I don't shave, for the most part, only in the mustache area every couple of weeks, but I would never have the courage to expose my unshaven legs and armpits, especially now that I'm living away at a more country/backwards area.
People that find only female body hair disgusting are just brain washed.

No. 469509

i've started to wear an eye mask to bed a few days ago and this has honestly been the best i've slept in so long. if i wake up during what i can only assume is probably 2-3am, i cant see shit and therefore go back to sleep. no idea why i didn't think of it sooner. the temptation to check the time or my phone has drastically reduced.

No. 469645

File: 1570356115774.jpg (65.31 KB, 625x833, w7TPw64.jpg)

yeah it's kinda fucked-up how a non-action is unacceptable for women in public. It's absurd. Nobody expects Jimmy to have smooth hairless legs and pits by default. I don't have the guts to not shave but I admire women who do. It also sucks because this simple non-action can be taken as a feminazi statement and can get a huge reaction. Maybe one day, I won't give a fuck what anyone thinks and just do it

No. 469649

File: 1570357423311.png (665.02 KB, 697x464, 2014.04.15-mrconservative-534d…)

adding to this, I know a super cute and well-kept person who sports hairy legs and pits that I admire a lot. No big agenda or loud personality. Looks nice and clean even when not done up. Just wants to let their leg hair live. Puts things into perspective for me.
I guess it's even more complicated for really hairy women.

I get that you adress an internalised issue and that's awesome but it's also still an interpersonal and societal issue. Expectations of others can add pressure and influence our choices. So, maybe you did it to be safe from judgement, too. Personally, I'm not brave enough to do it yet because I may get some odd looks and reactions but I may be one day and I could probably work up to it and soften up that wall. Just get more comfortable with it.
This Woman Caroline McHugh nailed it saying "It's impossible to be perception-less but it's important to be perception-free" meaning other people will still perceive you and form an opinion on you but you can choose not to let it affect you. Maybe that's what you meant, too.

No. 469650

File: 1570357708965.gif (1.56 MB, 400x225, bicsoleil.gif)

oh and don't even get me started on this bullshit. My Halloween costume is gonna be female leg hair since it's so SCURRY

No. 469651

I haven’t shaved in years, my skin has been super soft ever since I stopped. But while I’m fine with how it looks I still have internalised it’s grotty that if I my partner goes to caress my legs during sex I recoil, even though it’s dumb as fuck for me to feel insecure if he still finds me sexy..

No. 469653


ew, use the damn spoilers, i was having breakfast.

No. 469655

How weak are you to be grossed out by a bit of leg hair?

No. 469657

NTA, but women's leg hair is okay to me. Men's hair however? Disgusting.

No. 469669

Fuck I miss that one cow, Ash I think her name was. The one with the poop brooch. Why did her threads die?

No. 469671

Poop brooch? Like actual poop jewellery or a brooch that looked like shit?

No. 469672

Not actual poop. She was a shitty cosplayer and made a brooch that looked like literal poop.

No. 469679

Thinking about all the men online (and some women to an extent) that shame women who want to remain single and childless and using all sorts of nasty ways to insult and belittle them is really disgusting but it makes me happy knowing that most of them wont have kids themselves. Not only that, they will be friendless and they will die alone with their corpse that will rot for days or maybe even weeks before any notices because they're that irrelevant. The closest they will get to have a normal relationship is paying for company. lol

No. 469685

It can’t be good for your mental health to be that bitter.

No. 469686

We're on lolcow, being bitter is part of the lolcow spirit, idiot.

No. 469687

Sounding like an incel might be part of the experience for you, but most people aren’t seething because you hate other people so much you like to imagine their lonely corpses. We can’t all be so edgy.

No. 469691

fuck off newfag to whatever site you come from. This isn't reddit nor is it mumsnet not twitter nor whatever feel good social shite. If you consider my post to be edgy or incelish (just fucking lol), seriously kys retard

No. 469692

Go off sperg.

No. 469694

I wish more women felt this way and we all just kinda stopped shaving

No. 469695

how did you get this pic of my legs?? no but seriously, I'm not making a statement when I don't shave, I'm just existing in my natural state as a woman.

No. 469717

Watching cast away for the first time. I hope he survives.

No. 469724

Samefag. Fucking hated the ending.

No. 469725


Wilson best boy </3

No. 469786

File: 1570383499591.png (67.42 KB, 912x575, bepis.png)

I wonder why a lot of men who profess an exclusive attraction to a certain group of women are so god damned autistic and appear to be suffering extreme neurosis in that they feel like ranting about this all over the place of the internet.

I have seen this phenomena online for at least about a decade. So, take this random quora user who I saw on a thread about bmi. Nearly all of his answers consist of ranting about his perfect ideal woman and talking about his sexual preferences like it's the best in the god damned world.

This man seems particularly delusional basing his girlfriends' body fat percentage on the very inaccurate caliphers and scales instead of the extremely accurate DXA scans. Considering women very rarely dip below 20% bf except if they're rigorously training athletes and not even populations with thin women on average have low body fat like this I seriously doubt this man's statements. By the time women are 19-23% body fat abs become visible and so do other muscular structures in the body yet this person is somehow dating a mythical 11% body fat woman who doesn't look like a body builder at all times despite that body type being extremely rare? lol ok

No. 469796

File: 1570387021002.jpeg (111.65 KB, 1024x943, 5C1B0D10-F2C1-4D2A-88C6-0CD8C9…)

>For me the female attractiveness stops at 15% body fat
I am legitimately convinced he is retarded and can’t mentally link the women he sees in front of him with accurate body fat percentages. Women with 14% body fat aren’t just “slim and perfectly healthy,” they’re shredded. Like, extremely masculine and vascular with veins popping out of their brick-like abs. If not they would likely be extremely skelly. The female body doesn’t work the same as men’s and it is highly unusual for our bodies to have comparable bf%.

No. 469804

File: 1570389221491.jpg (Spoiler Image, 150.58 KB, 768x1011, 18_CATERS_SKELETAL_ANOREXIC_TO…)

Either they are ignorant or they are professing their desire to date someone who is extremely, extremely thin and likely anorexic like pic related. No musculature while also low fat %. These men hate women and see them as weak sub-humans so of course they think this is "healthy" lol

No. 469807

Doesn't amenorrhea occur at body fat percentage of under 15% too? Like I really doubt that the point when your menstrual cycle is so disturbed you start losing your periods is healthy at all, and I doubt even many professional athletes go under around 17% because it starts affecting your bone density and fucks you over with osteoporosis. Men have absolutely no idea how female biology works.

No. 469808

File: 1570390196133.jpeg (223.32 KB, 1125x1125, main-raw-698417877-aenmummqjsp…)

He's following this woman on Quora so I'm assuming this woman is closer to his type than that ana girl you posted. This woman is approx 16 bmi by her own account and looks around 18-20% body fat instead of an extremely low 11% body fat he says his gfs supposedly have. Add in this that she's East asian and their bmi standards are different as they're considered overweight at 23 bmi and are still healthy at bmis like 15-17. I'm now wondering if this guy has mostly dated South or East asian women and/or women with natural small bone structures/low muscle mass/high chance of gaining weight in midsection combo and doesn't realize their racial/physical differences doesn't account for other ethnicities of women.

Regardless, I have noticed a man never says a woman who is around a 20-25 bmi is "too fat" if she has high enough muscle mass and hourglass body fat distribution but they will do it for literally any other kind of woman. Do they realize this?

No. 469812

File: 1570390593306.jpg (126.76 KB, 745x745, tumblr_oqwb8pakWc1v5wpzho2_128…)

WHY are there always boogers in my library books

No. 469814

Yeah I'm sure this guy totally had a bunch of skinny/healthy/fabulous girlfriends and he isn't some loser on the internet living in anorexia fantasy land

No. 469818

I finally shook a fetish I had for 5+ years as a teen. I’ve pretty much had boyfriends continuously for the past 2 years so I don’t masturbate to pictures/erotic text like I did as a teen anymore, but today I got curious and looked up the fetish content and felt literally nothing from it. Im so glad, I felt really guilty and gross for being into this for so many years— I blame being in that first generation of kids who had internet access from birth and almost completely unrestricted access as my parents really didn’t know any better, but seeing fetish art on dA and later tumblr totally screwed me up as a young teenager. It feels so nice to know I’m past this now, and feel like, sexually “healthy “ for the first time in years.

No. 469822

Spoiler alert: Men like these don't get girlfriends and are lying.

No. 469823

Well done anon

I have a gross fetish that I've wanted to get rid of for years. Unfortunately I spent 3 years of my life with a guy who never cared to make me orgasm, so even throughout the relationship I got off daily to my gross porn ..

No. 469826

I forgot to mention that I do still masturbate, but last year I bought a hitachi and it was a game changer— the vibrations alone turn me on, I don’t need any stimuli other than my imagination. I’d completely recommend it or some other high powered vibrator, if you don’t have to put much effort into getting turned on maybe you won’t seek out content? In my experience anyway. Good luck anon!

No. 469835



No. 469847

dom men are literally the biggest fags alive. my friend recently became a 'dom' and its so lame and pathetic. i wish spineless retardo women didn't come crawling to these guys to validate their machismo on fetlife or whatever. men will never learn how fucking embarrassing their lives are. they're living on gay larp mode 24/7 (at 30+!) and it's so embarrassing. they always try to use some sort of retarded manospheric justification for why they should get to ironically humiliate themselves to everyone with eyes and ears, but anyone without a vested interest in trying to justify why women are more fulfilled by 'embracing their feminity' (i.e., being a slave) knows evo psych is literally just quizilla fanfiction

they always can justify their shit bc they have a line of spineless fools looking to appease literally the grossest men alive pming them on multiple scuzzy cybersex platforms. no amount of explaining how embarrassing it is will get through to them bc 'submissive' women are the stupidest pick-mes other than straight up tradthots. 'submissive' women should be ashamed, i truly do not care what they 'genuinely' like, they're doing serious harm to the movement of trying to make men grow a sense of self awareness

No. 469856

fetlife is a joke. So many doms that take themselves too seriously. If she likes being spanked or whatever then enjoy that but you thinking you are better than everyone else every moment of the day is like a mental illness

I spent years on there seeing all sorts of dodgy shit happen both on site and at kink parties and that was only in a my little country.. I can only imagine the amount of rape, underage abuse and abusive relationships that have come from the existence of fetlife. I think it's highly likely that the damage outweighs the gain

No. 469859

>'submissive' women are the stupidest pick-mes other than straight up tradthots. 'submissive' women should be ashamed, i truly do not care what they 'genuinely' like, they're doing serious harm to the movement of trying to make men grow a sense of self awareness
Honestly agreed. It's not a popular opinion and maybe it's not feminist solidarity or anything but being openly submissive is an embarrassment to the individual woman and women as a whole. It makes us look so fucking pathetic, it's humiliating. If 'submissive' women have any concern for women's dignity, they would never admit it to a living soul. They wouldn't even post whiny 'I'm a feminist but I'm submissive, wat do I do???' comments because that is exactly the fuel men need to think we're all secretly desperate to be degraded.

No. 469866

It's strange how it's treated a whole lifestyle rather than a fetish. I have a fetish that I'd rather not have so I just don't partake in it IRL… why can't 'sub women' see how the reality of being degraded… can truly be degrading so it isn't something you want young pornobrains doing to you

Men have a habit of wanting to break normal women and force them to do that submissive shit too, I spent all of my twenties informing men that my control freak habits don't magically leave me in the bedroom

No. 469871

>They wouldn't even post whiny 'I'm a feminist but I'm submissive, wat do I do???' comments because that is exactly the fuel men need to think we're all secretly desperate to be degraded.
omggg fucking thank you. that's what has me so bothered about it. in speaking w my friend he keeps bringing up all these 'feminist' and 'empowered' women "suppressing themselves" and claiming to him they allegedly feel soooo much cognitive dissonance. bullshit! if they truly felt conflicted, theyd never mention it to another person, let alone another man, or make dumb as fuck reddit posts that men will CERTAINLY later use to justify why they should be able to jam a spiked speculum up some woman's anus. ffs! it's all fake shit anyways. 'submissive' women are memed into the same way scatfags are but no one ever recognizes this bc obv it doesn't serve the status quo. not hating on them out of jealousy or cattiness, i just find submissive women to be incredibly unintelligent. a lot of them have decent careers, are educated, whatever, but speak to them about anything else and it becomes very clear they're annoyingly suggestible. the 'i'm a huge feminist but i really wanna be raped and controlled!!' bit is so harmful. they need to shut the fuck up.

yep. i mention this and allegedly "the same kind of abuse happens in domme/sub relationships". lies. nowhere near. reddit very popular for the same kind of sleazy pig disgusting web dev 'dom' males that apparently have decent looking women coming after them. pick meism is one hell of a drug.

No. 469920

Every girl I know who talked about the vagina being self cleaning reeks so bad you can smell it from a mile away

No. 469922

I feel like there is a communication breakdown because people use 'vagina' to refer to different things… The hole is self cleaning, the entire external area is fucking not and needs cleaning.

No. 469941

This exact thing has been argued over and over again in the vagina health or whatever thread, the vag itself does self clean internally, that's what people are referring to, not labia or external parts

The sheer amount of times this has been mentioned lately makes me think that there's an obsessed man posting and getting off on it

No. 469948

How did you shake it exactly?? Just went on a porn diet?

No. 469949

How many girls do you know who weirdly talk about vagina cleaning with you?

No. 469951

File: 1570408725593.png (60.2 KB, 523x312, Screen-Shot-2018-06-24-at-10.3…)

TBH, acting as if women are all closed off prudes who never discuss vaginal health or anything sex related among their friends makes you seem like the male or a femcel with no friends

No. 469952

This might be controversial, but isn't it pretty naive to trust what anyone says about taste? Isn't taste different for everyone anyways? You say "all vegans" but you know that's just silly. That stuff is good on popcorn though.

No. 469966

Of course taste is subjective, but it’s completely normal to want to try something out that others say tastes good to them. That’s how restaurants get popular, through word of mouth

No. 469968

Dunno where you got loner/prude/femcel all from me asking one question?? I'm a gay woman with a couple decades of dating behind me, I talk about sex with friends but every day cleaning isn't discussed cos most women know how to shower

No. 469974

>I talk about sex with friends
then why the fuck do you think it's weird for women to discuss vaginal hygiene? it's literally a step down from sex
>but every day cleaning isn't discussed cos most women know how to shower
now you're just backpedaling and sound even more male, it's not about "knowing how to shower" it's about vaginal hygiene, which any female knows contains more details than "just knowing how to shower" That's literally a male thing to say

No. 469975

Did you reply to the wrong post? I'm the Anon that mentioned the possible male poster on the vaginal health thread lately so maybe you mixed up two posts

No. 469977

Right post hence why I mentioned how the anon think's discussions about vaginal health means "weirdly discussing vaginal cleaning amoung friends"
but it could apply for you too if I knew what you were talking about since I haven't seen posts about vaginal cleaning being obsessively posted

No. 469980

NTA but how in depth is it for people to feel the need to discuss it in length, myself and all the women I know just wash the vulva with soap and water and leave the rest alone, like it should be

No. 469983

It's strange to describe it coming up a few times and those women all being so smelly! I thought the post sounded weirdly derogatory… So yeah I'm describing their story as weird

No. 469989

Not all women know this though anon, especially young women who don't get taught how to clean themselves and just take a wild guess of either never cleaning or pouring straight body wash into their vaginas and hope for the best. Not to mention how to care for and prevent things like yeast infections and UTIs, because of how common yeast infections and UTIs are it makes me think a male thinks the only thing to vaginal hygiene means to "just shower"

idk tbh I don't come to lolcow a lot

No. 469990

Exactly, similarly I brush my teeth without telling my friends that routine, it's a non event

This conversation all stemmed from yet another post about womens vaginas smelling bad, if there is a male poster it's likely to be the random 'vaginas smell bad' incel

No. 469992

A few weeks ago the subject of not knowing/ needing to be taught how to clean your asshole kept popping up in threads, then it became the same thing but with vaginas

Something about soaping up anuses/vaginas after noticing them smelling bad.. same old fantasy posts and then it somehow becomes an argument every time

The one about soaping up bfs buttholes was barf inducing

No. 469994

People discuss oral hygiene regularly too anon lmao. It's not about discussing "day to day" routines, and like vaginal hygiene oral hygiene is more than "just brush your teeth", if it was that easy dental offices wouldn't exist

>yet another post about womens vaginas smelling bad, if there is a male poster it's likely to be the random 'vaginas smell bad' incel

I honestly don't know what the fuck you're talking about considering I haven't seen any other "vagina's smell bad" posts. Human genitalia is just complicated and yes it may not be the most pleasing smell in the world but lying to women and telling them to never ever get soap near their vulvas is gross, just like people who advice women to pour soap or alcohol all over their vaginas. And acting as if discussions about vaginal hygiene NEVER happen amoungst women is naive and just seems like you don't have close friends and/or you're male, and also acting like "just taking a shower" is the only thing about vaginal hygiene is also pretty male or just plain ignorance

No. 470001

Anon this is the dumbass shit thread, it's not that deep

No. 470003

….I'm just responding accordingly

No. 470011


My local kink scene had a member who was on the sex offenders register, he openly told people and was still welcome at events for months afterwards. He'd been caught with child porn and somehow people were open to having him around. Boggles my mind but he still wasn't the worst I came across in that scene

No. 470025

NTA but
>my local kink scene….
I love your cringe, how do you even find a local kink scene? lmfao

No. 470028

I am really anxious tonight for no particular reason I don't know what to do and I keep compulsively refreshing the same threads on lolcow and it isn't really helping me feel better but nothing else is either

No. 470033

Yeah, basically got a hitachi and used that + my imagination thinking about my boyfriends instead of jerking off to pictures on the internet to get off! I just equated jerking off to pictures of real people on the internet to like, mental cheating and quit doing that cold turkey until I just found things about my boyfriends hot instead of this abstract fetish. Good luck anon!

No. 470036

Events for every city are listed on FetLife but I had an ex already in it

No. 470045

Have you tried arguing about vagina cleansing to help you sleep?

Only joking but yeah same tonight

No. 470078

The retard who keeps posting in the Heather Sparkles thread about being a ~real witch~ is so fucking stupid and cringey

No. 470082

All adults who think or say they are real witches are stupid cringey

No. 470151

I stay coming across pictures of my cousins on random threads online (Nothing scandalous, they’re attractive and tend to be posted online by creepy guys)…How the fuck are they finding these pictures? They aren’t even famous, we live in a small ass town. So creepy..It makes me thankful I don’t have an internet presence or post anything online.

No. 470164

Okay, this is one of those dumb things that bother me a little bit, but shouldn't.

But has anyone else ever noticed how people will name their kids after certain cities ir countries but not others? Like people will name their kids Paris, London, Ireland, Venice etc. But no one names their kid Cairo or Moscow (that I know of).

Same with herbs. Like Saffron, Basil and some other herbs are names but no one names their kid Oregano.

Again this is a dumb, pointless thing to think about… Welcome to my brain.

No. 470175

I cannot express just how bothered I was by the fact that the girl I knew as a kid was named India, but she was Pakistani

No. 470177

It's a prestige thing, of course you'll call a child ruby or Crystal but you won't call it granite or pebble.

I actually did hear about a child called after the small shitty town where I used to work, but the parents moved there as asylum seekers so I think it was partly to celebrate the hope of a new life for the family and also an attempt to help stop the child from being bullied in a racist yet proud place.

No. 470193

Can I agree with this but at the same time think that men being submissive to women in public is good? Like, I am trying to justify it as going against gender roles that make it good, but I do know that deep inside it's just because I find it pleasing? I kinda feel like a hypocrite considering I am all "euqality for all" and "equal treatment for men and women".

No. 470215

Anon please go!! I used to be really scared of attending concerts on my own, but I forced myself to see my favorite group because none of my friends liked them and I was afraid they wouldn't come back to my country (it had been 7 years since the last time they came) and I had a fuckin blast. It really is nerve wracking and you might feel lonely and awkward while waiting to go in and waiting for the performance to start, but once the music starts it only gets better!!

I actually really enjoy and prefer to go to concerts alone since that concert. I realized that I don't like people watching me go fucking ham at my favorite artist and then recounting what I did to me/other friends (even if it's not in a mean way), it makes me more self conscious than making myself look like a dumbass to people who will probably forget about me the second we leave the venue.

Go anon!!! Go and have fun!! Maybe make some friends there if you're that outgoing!

No. 470217

about 4 years ago, someone came busting into a public toilet i was using one time, kicked a stall door open and yelled 'little pig, little pig, let me on in"

i still laugh about that once a week

No. 470218

Found out my friend sent my crush an audio clip of me singing scratch vocals to get the melody of a song down, I was drunk and have shit tier voice so I got really nervous he'd think I'm cringy. Last night I had a dream that we got really close, and then this morning he was the only one who liked one of my posts on IG. So I guess me singing nonsense and being a flop online isn't a turn off which is a big relief.

No. 470225

File: 1570459248844.jpg (14.85 KB, 200x200, ae40f7a1fe2b29ccfd942750bbf7b7…)

I went to an outdoors store in my city for the first time to look at climbing shoes, and it reminded me of the main character of Yurucamp when she goes to a camping store for the first time. I know it sounds stupid and weeby to want to go camping because of an anime, but man do I really want to go camping because of an anime… The store was a huge three floors and had huge sections for biking, skiing, rock climbing, and of course camping.

I got my permit but have been putting off driving lessons, but this really makes me want to stop being such a pussy and start my lessons. I really want to get my license and then take my dad's car and go camping… My state is pretty big and has so many beautiful, scenic spots outside of the city, I really want to go visit them!

No. 470232

So i just found out that they put back 4chan in Australia and i checked out /mu/ and holy shit i've realised why i never missed that shit hole place. I don't even know why i'm still lurking there now, it's a literal cesspool of racist teenage retards.

No. 470234

4chan was never good. people are always harking back to some bullshit that was never good. everyone on there was always trash. a fair number of women turned out obviously alright (looking at you girls), but beyond that… literally could've been a database to just pre-emptively wipe out a concentrated source of baby sociopaths and abusers.

no, submissive men are alright. that needs to be normalized in public. not weird dog-leash stuff though, just in general, men being more submissive and less aggro, less assertive, and answering to women happily, in general.

No. 470236

NTA, but absolutely, I don't do any of the kinky stuff outside of the house, but I love seeing my bf grabbing my arm instead of me grabbing his when we walk, it's so empowering, but people still act like it's soooo terrible that we walk like that, it kind of triggers me. Submissive men are what all men should be, retarded agressive men is why the world is bad.

No. 470253

>I know it sounds stupid and weeby to want to go camping because of an anime
I don't think that's stupid at all. Anything that inspires you to start healthy hobbies or lifestyle changes is a good reason IMO. I get motivation to go running after playing or watching anything apocalypse related, and I like to imagine I'm running away from zombies or something (I even have Zombies, Run! on my phone).

No. 470262

Momokun's going to Japan soon, and you know what that means? A bunch of Nihongo experts who know Japan better than anyone else.
I don't even think that post of hers she posted is related to chikan, but I can't say that in the thread.

No. 470268

do it anon! as far as weeb goals go, it is a really wholesome one, I can't wait until you visit all those scenic spots! plus if you are from northern hemisphere, now's the time with autumn starting and all!

No. 470269

im still triggered from all the anime fig anons who shit themselves of their jealousy outrage at how she treated her new gets. get ready for two or three new shit threads filled with nippon sperging,

No. 470273

Every weeb's a cow

No. 470292

I hate that r/weirdboobs is full of completely normal tits that are either slightly uneven, puffy or dark nipples or inverted nipples

No. 470317

First page. I see
>pregnancy areola
>one boob slightly bigger than the other
>teased out nipple on normal boobs
>puffy areola
>pregnancy again
>breast reduction scars
>one boob bigger
>one boob bigger

There's honestly little shocking on that page. The bondage ones are the most gross imo because they're being manipulated to look that way. Same thing with the nipples and areola that he clearly been pumped and pinched out before the pictures were taken. What a stupid subreddit.

No. 470330

>dark nipples
Is anything except north european weird to them then wtf

No. 470336

it was one thing when the standards to have "perfect" boobs were perfectly round and even globes that sat on your chest with small pink nipples, but now they're just calling women who don't have that weird and deformed, like not have porn star boobs is now a genetic deformity to men

this is your brain on porn

No. 470337

File: 1570475613875.jpg (38.88 KB, 739x415, images242.jpg)

I feel like these companies are tricking me into doing fun, healthy things like that time everyone went outside cause of Pokemon Go lol. I even picked up rock climbing too because of botw!

Yes, Autumn is my favorite season and it's absolutely beautiful in my state!

Thank you guys for not bullying me haha

No. 470341

That's so cool anon! I loved botw and I wish I was brave enough to go rock climbing. I love the outdoors though and Yuru Camp reactivated my interest in camping as well though I haven't been camping much before due to lack of good equipment.

No. 470344

File: 1570478085240.jpg (83.31 KB, 864x576, nendoroid-yurucamp-rin-shima-m…)

I only started earlier this month and only have time on the weekends but believe me I'm far from brave! It's like each week I completely forget that I'm in a safe and controlled environment (I only go climbing in a gym) and I'll get a maybe a foot or two off the ground and then I'm paralyzed with fear of how high I am haha. Some days I overcome it pretty quick, but it really feels like two steps forward, and one back…

Yurucamp wasn't kidding about how expensive camping gear is!! I'm thankful my dad would probably let me borrow his car once I get my license/more comfortable driving long distances but oof, affording and finding space to store camping gear in my small apartment is going to be another big obstacle. I actually found a chair at the camping store that was like a little swing/rocker and I could only think of Aki's quest for a hammock, I wanted to buy it so bad but it was still $100 on sale!!

I hope you'll be able to go camping sometime soon anon!

No. 470351

tfw i wanna go to the berlin one but it's in the middle of the fucking week again and all my friends have to work
i cant justify missing classes if i'm just going alone

No. 470352

i think it started with some discourse about some VN getting censored in retrospect and huge weeb outrage ensued, so steam said fuck it and now absolutely everything is allowed onto steam, including porn

No. 470355

Southern European women do not have dark nipples anon, not the vast majority at least. It's general European.

No. 470360

Idk, I'm Mediterranean and have dark nipples, pink nipples are usually just a pale skin thing and most of the world doesn't have pale skin, even pale skin people have dark nipples too

No. 470372

Can still find neat things in the sharethreads.

No. 470374

File: 1570487511836.jpeg (194.53 KB, 640x615, 8B761E80-5A08-4F48-BBAF-67227E…)

why is this so fucking funny

No. 470376

File: 1570488818791.jpg (74.42 KB, 1080x529, Cu9WZXhW8AA7U_f.jpg)

I am Clay 1-2 and have pink nipples

No. 470387

I am clay 2-3 dark nipples (why are we doing this)

No. 470396

on this scale i would be albino 0

No. 470405

File: 1570495554816.jpg (205.27 KB, 1200x1200, janis-joplin-9357941-1-402.jpg)

I found it kinda stupid Janis Joplin was considered ugly by American audiences and her own peers back in high school. She's no beauty queen for sure but she's far from being hideous and plus she still has a petite frame. I think a lot of women in Europe especially around parts like Sweden, Finland, ect have a similar face to her and many of them don't wear heavy makeup so I wonder if its just Americans' obsession with women wearing heavy makeup and having perfect hair thing.

No. 470413

That's exactly why anon, king princess constantly gets called ugly by men but her facial structure is similar to Millie Bobbie Brown, who constantly gets worshipped as a goddess beauty queen, and Millie is usually covered in makeup with her hair professionally done and is styled

I just wish Americans would stop lying to themselves and claiming they prefer women in sweatpants, messy hair and no makeup when their reactions to women who do very that shows that it's a lie

No. 470420

>Americans are the only ones who obsess about celebrity women wearing heavy makeup and having styled hair
Sure Jan. Only in Burgerland does this happen.

No. 470437

East Asia and South America does for sure though

No. 470444

americans are obsessed with styling.

No. 470449

I feel like in America (source: American myself) she’s still would be considered plain but definitely not a bridge troll. I feel like OP is another salty eurofag who likes to shit on Americans to make themselves feel better. Lolcow has quite a lot of them.

Not one here really comments on her looks otherwise here.

No. 470464

File: 1570506224764.jpg (56.98 KB, 500x586, tumblr_mwacf7V0y81s310c6o1_500…)

I'm quite interested in the goth community and I really like the music and fashion, but I feel like I wouldn't be able to really dedicate myself to the "lifestyle" or live like it all the time, because I'm too self-aware of how I'd come across to people. Like I don't wanna be boxed in or seem cliche, like I can be put into a stereotype. I have a few vaguely goth outfits I like wearing I guess but it's not really my thing to define myself in one sort of group.

No. 470470

every man i've ever had crushes on turns out to be gay and it makes me want to die. this happened multiple times, like this might be the 4th crush this has happened with
like i dream about finding a man who loves pussy and eating me out and stuff and then the guy i like tells me "i'm not gay but i watch trans porn way more often than straight porn", "i'm more into buttholes than pussy", "i like futanari but i don't like two manly men fucking" and shit. where are men who exclusively like pussy? do they even exist? why can't i find them

No. 470472

is it because you're talking to weebs? never met anyone in my life whos said the word "futanari" to me

No. 470474

I'm reading a research paper for class and also 2 responses arguing against the og findings and they are not holding back, all while adhering to the academical jargon, it is so funny lol. reminds me of this clairvoyancy paper from the 70s that I read years ago, the author was so full of attitude lmao. in conculusion: seriooos scientists, despite everything, are still man babies

No. 470477

Wait and see is a terrible approach when you might have lymphoma oh my god this is hell

No. 470478

The girl on your pic is It's Black Friday and is a constant resident of an Alt-cow thread in /snow. She is very over the top and has no life beside ~~being goth all the time~~.
You absolutely don't have to be a walking stereotype to be goth, it's a subculture that is buit around music genres, the rest (interest in spooky shit, dressing certain way) just comes as an addition because it's, you know, feels similar to how the music sounds. The amount of it is up to you.

No. 470496

File: 1570526167630.jpg (278.59 KB, 1020x797, s4s1vd546xh11.jpg)

the guy I started seeing ghosted me for almost a week and stood me up. I knew he was stressed and figured he was over-worked and got cold feet and that it was nothing personal. He hasn't dated or even kissed in six years and is very sweet and attentive usually. We are also still getting to know each other intimately. This is the first time he's done something dumb and inconsiderate. I stayed calm and understanding for the most part except for one instance and he sincerely apologised yesterday and explained himself and I immediately forgave him. Little does he know I'm gonna tease the fuck out of him as a revenge and refuse sex until he fucks me really hard when I allow it. Let the teasing commence, fuck-boy!

No. 470520

right, I won't, I promise. This is just to set the mood for some sexual exploration and tension. And I deserve it just this time

No. 470549

File: 1570546010754.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.62 MB, 854x480, belledelphine.webm)

Was Belle Delphine really arrested? Or is it just a stunt?

No. 470561

File: 1570547756247.jpg (151.99 KB, 882x1200, belle-delphine-police-mugshot.…)

It's confirmed fake. That girl looks kinda rough on the edges for "19" though.

No. 470563

maybe it is because i'm sleep deprived but the shepherds pie part (11:15 onwards) is hysterical. the way it is filmed is borderline anxiety inducing but it is just shepherds pie you know? the cinnamon topography and juxtaposition (chef's kiss)

No. 470565

File: 1570548175400.png (97.65 KB, 1844x334, ui4.png)

I just finished watching Hereditary (good movie), decided to watch some videos about it, and then I came across this comment.
>5 minutes ago y'all were sexualizing the underage actor who played Dustin in Stranger Things and has the same disability
Were people really sexualizing Gaten Matarazzo? I always thought the adult side of the Stranger Things fandom was a little weird, but this is just bizarre.

No. 470572

I'm p sure he particulary was never sexualised, there was a large quantity of people thirsting over Finn Wolfhard but that's it? and you could say some poeple were too invested in Will's (idk the actor's name) sexuality but imo that's different.

No. 470573

Joker looks like Taxi Driver for normies.

No. 470586

I'm nearing 30 and today I had a really bad day that triggered my anxiety and panic attacks. I don't know why but I decided to put Linkin Park's Meteora on blast and that was so therapeutic. I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that I still remember all the lyrics of almost every track.

No. 470604

File: 1570556156903.jpg (91.71 KB, 736x1241, 9f44cca80a3a1b2d94e3d6abeb5127…)

I'm kind of regretting getting into NANA and bingewatching it. I am too afraid of suffering towards the end and it is even a completed series. I never thought I would get into it this much

No. 470605

It isn't even a completed series*

No. 470619

I too want to get off NANA's wild ride.
It got so depressing towards the end I had to stop watching. FUck it I'm still mad about how things turned out.

No. 470626

Where do you watch it? I haven't watched anime in years but that screenshot looks interesting and depressing just the way I like it. I've searched on 1337x and got no results.

No. 470637

File: 1570560178420.gif (994.18 KB, 498x434, tenor (2).gif)

NTA but try kissanime.
You might like Paradise Kiss as well (same author, just as good and bittersweet but at least it's complete)

No. 470644

thank you!

No. 470650

I spoilered some to myself and I want to forget everything about this series, I'm already feeling nostalgic…

I'm watching it on Netflix, anon.

Paradise Kiss was my first Aizawa's work, but it didn't catch me like Nana did, probably because I kind of edgy-ly relate to Nana Osaki and she's being inspo in my closet change of season, lol.

No. 470667

Why is my father such a manipulative narc

No. 470678

i'm really hot and cold and play mental games with guys when i'm not in a serious relationship with and i found someone that matches my bullshit and ??????? i desperately want the attention when they're cold and love the attention when they're hot. it feels like a competition between us at this point but i will not be outdone.

No. 470687

File: 1570568100121.jpg (15.76 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I miss disco culture honestly.. something is so fucking fascinating about a subculture made out of escapism, drugs, sex, love, but also social and political messages, and also real talent and heart and soul poured into this music and messages that just kinda unified everybody together.. male, female, black, white, jew, gay, straight.

The only thing we have close to that now is edm but you know how that goes. Basically the new disco (in terms of unifying people and providing people escapism from mainstream culture) is sadly anime and video games. I don't find that nearly as interesting and exciting so I hope the 2020s brings some movement where people will be together, again physically, and make beauty.

No. 470694

I read some anons experiences with things (like talking about cringing with a bad memory, but also other things) and wondered why other anons can also relate to stuff I thought only I had the misfortunate of having. When I would go to 4chan or any other websites I can't relate to the little things they experience like that. But when I'm on here and other female majority websites I relate to the things they say they go through and never see it any place else on the internet. I wonder if it's because we are women but idk really

No. 470695

I meant to say because women have some specific experiences to themselves like men do, except people don't even mention it mostly for obvious reasons

No. 470710

no shame in that anon, I'm almost thirty and will listen to avril, evanescence and linkin park from time to time. if it helps your anxiety/panic in any way I say go for it

No. 470718

music shaming in general is retarded. listen to what makes you feel good, fuck it.

No. 470721

We peaked as a species with disco, honestly.

No. 470722

Lol you fuckin hippie. Every subculture is a shade of that, some people come together because of shared ideals. Guess what, just like every subculture since, most discofags weren't in it for muh "social and political messages". They're there just for the drugs and sex, it's the drugs and sex that make people "unify" for a whole 6 hours on the weekend. The people who are making real changes are the ones marching the streets and pushing the bills. Not a bunch of toasted galaxy brains in night clubs lol

No. 470725

File: 1570573019639.jpg (11.64 KB, 520x400, 4340_Old_and_Wise_Pen_Final_52…)

don't have a reason yet to splurge money on trinkets but this would be a nice little gift for a friend who's a senior in inside jokes

No. 470728

File: 1570573098691.jpg (21.76 KB, 570x567, il_570xN.1773089436_25z8.jpg)

also this because I'm asking them for help with my plants

No. 470736

is a guy posing in a pic holding a fish he caught an excusable offense?

No. 470739

Boy, hippies were before Disco and Disco was a different movement altogether from the hippie movement. I'm not gonna pretend like most weren't in for the drugs/sex but early Disco and Disco during and after the Disco craze in the mid-late 70s was socially conscious stuff. Disco was so popular in that vein that people felt inspired and musically charged to create House music that shares the similar messages Disco had

No. 470740

for me personally, it would be punishable by guillotine

No. 470744

Off with their head, anon.

No. 470747

lmao i wish i could show him this

No. 470750

File: 1570577310257.png (388.72 KB, 488x782, 1557231565083.png)

I wonder what the next gay Overwatch character is gonna be now that Blizzard has gone and shit the bed by kicking out that Hong Kong streamer. I'm betting on Lúcio or Mercy to remedy their PR right now.

No. 470763

I was calling you a hippie because a 60’s Free Love/EDM PLURR anon could have written that exact post lol all of which are ultimately useless movements. Just listen to the damn music, it doesn’t have to be deep fam

No. 470770

Music can be deep and a lot of people were invested into Disco. Disco is important part of black american history and was extremely good for us as a community since music does influence people and pay important part in society and culture. I don't see anything wrong with being moved by art and seeing the beauty in art.

No. 470771

*play an

No. 470804

File: 1570597400434.jpg (149.27 KB, 794x1059, il_794xN.1901612899_seyr.jpg)

Does anyone know what language this is/what it says?

No. 470806

File: 1570597476112.jpg (51.37 KB, 794x596, il_794xN.1901613223_5jka.jpg)

back of the shirt

No. 470815

I see the two at peace
My support

Google translate says it's galician. Idk

No. 470820

Badly written Spanish, like a retarded cutesy way of writing.
Front says "My support" and back is "I give it to Pau"

No. 470866

File: 1570629496401.jpg (186.1 KB, 1024x768, lego-art-04-1.jpg)

There's a lego exhibit in my city and my dad really wants to go see it. I'm excited to go with my dad this weekend, and there's free admission on the day he's off from work to go! The only thing that sucks is that in the park right next to the museum holding this is a big intentional night market full of a lot of delicious food vendors, but they're only there on Saturdays (we're going Sunday). Win some, lose some I guess.

No. 470871

File: 1570630686315.png (12.04 KB, 422x220, gamers rise up.PNG)

Gamers rise up

No. 470875

File: 1570632168505.jpg (21.18 KB, 800x421, 498792_1.jpg)

Joker: 10 Society: 0

No. 470922

we really live in a society huh?

No. 470941

OH MY GOD I had a bunch of roasted garlic cloves (like 10) in my lunch and now I can't stop farting GARLIC farts. They literally smell like garlic so much. It's so pungeant holy shit

No. 470944

File: 1570650792840.jpg (44.25 KB, 472x645, 02f.jpg)

i'm not a fart fetishist or a scrote i just thought this reaction image would be a funny response sorry i'm silly and sorry about your garlic gas anon

No. 470947

That reminds me I got to watch some more Ducktales. Thanks Anon.

No. 470993

File: 1570664371560.gif (2.44 MB, 500x281, giphy (1).gif)

Got a new co-worker who just transferred to our companny from down south and the dude was suprised that none of us went racoon hunting with our dogs or liked country music.

No. 471010

File: 1570667458087.jpeg (35.37 KB, 498x400, 202CB274-15C3-486D-94BC-C9E72D…)

No. 471109

I just have to say it:

Little chiclet teeth are the #1 ugliest physical feature a person can have.

I saw some cosplayer trying to do a sexy/cute video earlier but she had this huge grin on her face and all I could stare at were those creepy tiny teeth. The snow app washing out her skin made it even worse.

No. 471117

File: 1570709060868.png (86.75 KB, 632x647, some things never change.PNG)

I think I just found the first anti-SJW

No. 471126

I used to hate normies, now I've become one of them.

No. 471130


Nothing has evolved since the millenium started, both mainstream, counter culture and underground has stayed the same for 20+ yers just trying to copy the same shit from late 80s early 90s, both in cultural trends and politics, even the conspiracy theories are the same as the 90s. The identity of the 00s is lack of identity, creative laziness and nihilism. We don't get new stuff we just get a lot more of the same rehashed stuff way faster.

No. 471139

is their a specif term for masculine adult straight women who people assume are lesbians but aren't ?

No. 471140

100% this. The 21st century SUCKS and has been a huge rehash full of nihilism and laziness. I hope the 2020's becomes itself

No. 471148

gender nonconforming straight woman?

No. 471153

disco freaks were just hippies that shower.

No. 471157

only the white ones tbh

No. 471179

File: 1570719289653.jpeg (70.75 KB, 500x363, 5159B58D-A1D8-499A-BAFD-78A588…)

I have college classes every weekday and then work Friday-Monday so I can’t see my boyfriend after tonight until Tuesday and I’m gonna be busy and tired this weekend, but my roomates visiting her parents this weekend and I’m picking up bud tonight and going to the library to get the first season of the sopranos on dvd and I’m really looking forward to having a “me” weekend outside of work, and finally getting started on a show I’ve really wanted to get into. Feels good to create your own good times.

No. 471181


No. 471196

File: 1570720123111.png (1.07 MB, 1080x400, pull.png)

i've always thought the prettyuglylittleliar banner looks terrible. i haven't been there for a long time and after seeing it again, i still think it looks terrible. why don't they change it?

No. 471210

Most of these cows aren’t even relevant anymore.

No. 471230

All art made to mock cows is terrible because they make it from a place of actual hate instead of fun, imo.

No. 471241

>>471196 there was an attempt to get a new artist to make a new banner ages ago but i bet they didn't wanna pay anyone to do it or something.

No. 471315

File: 1570739986351.jpg (1.29 MB, 2906x1943, 190309092034-yayoi-kusama-bril…)

Kusama is having an exhibit in my city next month and I'm determined to go. I didn't get to go last year because a friend who wanted to go with me couldn't agree on a date to go and also didn't want to wait around cold for hours. That's understandable, but there were plenty of people willing to stick it out to see her famed infinity mirror room. I'm determined to go this year, whether someone wants to go with me or not.

No. 471318

File: 1570741155527.jpeg (12.14 KB, 500x137, 4B80782F-A0A9-4FF8-84BF-9B3B2D…)

i wanna be a normie too. i'm waiting for the day i suddenly fall out of love with my degenerate weeby interests.

No. 471412

Sorry I just watched the pixielocks video where she talks about BPD and I didn't want to derail that thread with my dumb ass question.
It's a fact that BPD and female autism are commonly miss diagnosed with each other because they have similar symptoms, So do they know it's autism because you've experienced the symptoms since childhood? How do therapists eventually find the correct diagnosis if so many of the symptoms are on a thin line between the two?
Feel free to call me an idiot and point out the obvious to me.

No. 471427

do you have a job anon ?
A Job no matter how menial it is really helps with entering normiehood

No. 471435

tbh anon if you think the pixielocks threads are milky then you're already an idiot

No. 471447

psychology isn't a perfect science, ideally the person diagnosing you would look at stuff like family history and childhood behavior etc, but it depends on how competent and comprehensive they are (or overworked). most seem content to slap people with a depression or bpd diagnosis (the latter especially if you're a girl) regardless of your prior history and throw you on antidepressants even though the symptoms overlap with autism, adhd, ptsd, etc.

No. 471513

File: 1570797515184.png (567.61 KB, 1057x548, ow.PNG)

The fuck. I'm sad now

No. 471516


watch all marvel movies and shitty warner comedies, read buzzfeed and only watch front page videos when going on youtube. You'll Mk ultra yourself into normiehood soon enough, specially if you work a 9 to 5.


psychologists are like guitar teachers. You may get a great one that teaches you everything you need at the best pace, but most likely you get a cynical one that knows that if you improve too much too fast they will loose a customer because you don't need a guitar teacher anymore and can go on your own, so they'll always keep you in a redundant hamster wheel with the bare minimum advance to keep milking you for longer.

No. 471524

what do you think 19 year olds look like lmao

No. 471531


Jeez, most people start to have facial changes when you hit 24/25. Also don't racebait over stupid shit.

No. 471552

File: 1570805633405.gif (1.99 MB, 350x300, MVCEEZq.gif)


Makes me nostalgic for the more innocent, simpler times of my childhood when it was just Aids and the crack epidemic.

No. 471556

File: 1570806830917.jpg (62.64 KB, 640x853, 1554150325558.jpg)

How many times will I make plans and promises to myself to get my shit together before I actually start doing them and implementing those changes into my life?

No. 471559

I'm the same.

my prediction: unlikely ever

No. 471585

File: 1570814061562.jpg (118.1 KB, 960x610, js0edx9hzwr31.jpg)

I just saw these stuffed seal toys sold by the Osaka Aquarium on the front page of Reddit and now I want to cry because they're the cutest thing I've ever seen and I want to buy one but they're already expensive and the cost to import it from Japan is even more pricey so I'll never get one. Fuck I just want a cute ass seal plushie!!!

No. 471589

File: 1570817051840.jpg (143.9 KB, 1200x675, DoWdZMXUwAAL0hI.jpg)

A coworker brought back the snack on the left from his trip to Bangkok and I guess I'm the only person in my office who likes durian, so my coworker gave me the rest of the box LOL. It's a really strong durian smell and taste, I'm so happy.

I know people really hate durian, but it doesn't smell bad to me (just kinda smells like gas from the stove). I wish more people could enjoy how great it is.

No. 471599

Jesus anon, now I need these plushies in my life. So cute, damn it.

No. 471600

File: 1570820069069.jpg (247.08 KB, 1400x1400, 20190926050211.jpg)

Right? I'm admittedly a sucker for anything cute and cuddly but these made my heart stop. They're so goddamn adorable it's not fair

No. 471603

Just started reading the Feminine Mystique and when Friedan is thanking people, her mention of Maslow made me think of the dumb meme. kek

No. 471605

I feel you so hard. I HATE that all the cute stuff I want are all in Japan. When I was in Tokyo, I went fucking nuts buying all the cute animal stuff they had there. I swear, I'd become a shopaholic if I actually lived there. Why does America only manufacture the most generic crap?

No. 471610

File: 1570823613837.jpg (241.23 KB, 1280x1292, tumblr_oc3ehmB7xo1uegvy1o1_128…)

Don't be sad anons, be glad that you will not spend your money on useless, overpriced bulshit. You can enjoy those seal plushies on the pics just fine.
Remember, you can never have enough of what you do not need.

No. 471613

>you can never have enough of what you do not need

Good one, never heard this. Actually a pretty helpful mantra.

No. 471614

File: 1570823954976.png (639.71 KB, 639x519, Screenshot_2019-10-11.png)

Yeah, not to sound like a major weeb but how come Japan sells the cutest things and the West gets fugly shit like Funko Pops? Unfair.

You got me there anon, can't argue with that

No. 471616

File: 1570824227463.jpg (9.62 KB, 256x275, 1461227683070.jpg)

This sounds very fucking weird but does anyone remember a site possibly named deathnote that had links to real beheadings and all sorts of fucked up videos? It was all black with red japanese text links that lead into the fucky videos. My young weeb self was trying to find stuff about death note back in (i wanna say) 2004-2006 and ended up there. There were many military related "shock" videos, every so often I ask around and no one besides my friend I showed it to remembers.

No. 471622

File: 1570826528648.jpg (41.31 KB, 600x600, 505f1151b4d67117d1e51838709138…)

How do you know if you're actually changing as a person or going through just a phase in terms of style? For most of my life I've worn feminine/cheap/basic clothing because it was easy and looked passable but now I've been really trying to transform my wardrobe to reflect my true self. I want to wear more artsy and interesting pieces, and I've been getting a lot of shirts from artists I like on instagram. I've always worn a lot of pink and while I still do, I've been wanting to wear more black and expand my horizons. Even though I'm so tired of wearing PINK shit I feel like a fake for not exploring my horizons earlier.

No. 471626

black really? you want to expand your horizons, dress more artsy and the color you go for is BLACK? The most basic, safest color in existence.

No. 471627

I said black because it used to be the color I wore the least, not the only one I want to wear anon. I'm not really asking for advice on the actual clothes more just the whole 'feeling like a fake' aspect.

No. 471629

I read about it and it’s an optional video for people to seek out on their own and find on the website or through streaming, it won’t be aired on its own

No. 471630

File: 1570827933183.png (23.93 KB, 696x327, oh my.PNG)

Ben Sharpinos book looks horrible

No. 471631

If you want to change then it isn't fake, no? It's just clothing, it's not that deep and wear whatever makes you happy.

No. 471659

File: 1570837685638.gif (9.2 MB, 1440x1080, D6F8B030-A35F-4223-B2F4-CE3954…)

The ramblings of the walking dunning-Kruger effect made for a bad book?

No. 471672

i am craving grilled octopus so bad

No. 471680

Just bought my first dildo because I'm trying to be okay with being single (never been on anything past a second date) and I'm trying "new things"
Have I had anything larger than a finger inside me?
Is it 7.5 inches?

Wish me luck (I bought lube, no worries, right?)

No. 471681

During my lifetime i've seen the slow transition of people from being obsessed with health and diet and putting fat epidemic as a major health concern to giving up, spin it into the body positive stuff to whatever the fuck this is.


No. 471707

omg anon, at the time when you posted this I was playing a visual novel where the girl said the same thing. I am always so spooked by coincidences like this.

No. 471711

what vn? im single and ready to mingle (especially with someone who wants grilled octopus along with me…)

No. 471728

I've managed to almost completely quit biting my nails after doing it for over ten years, and my nail beds are finally growing longer. I no longer have weird short stumps or normal length but half pink-half white nails. My sausage fingers actually look kinda good for once, and seeing my nails in this condition (the best they've been in years) also deters me from biting them. I'm just gradually getting more motivated to take care of my nails, and it's paying off.

No. 471731

Ughhhh my GP made me go to the hospital yesterday for abdominal pain and the gyno ambulance is making me come back again today. Not quite a vent but it was so funny when the doctor was like, incredulous that I didn’t wanna stay the night in the creepy communist era hospital. Ew lol.

Congrats! I still bite mine occasionally but I’ve gotta stop.

No. 471753

File: 1570867890328.png (258.12 KB, 750x1334, 93A324B9-310E-4094-928E-4E92B8…)

I started following Dogen for his funny and sarcastic videos, but today and yesterday his translations of NHK tweets about the typhoon have been flooding my timeline on twitter. I saw this tweet and it made me want to start crying for some reason.

I have a friend that I met in Nagasaki a few years ago JUST move to Tokyo like a few months ago. I havent messaged her in 3 years so I felt a little weird about appearing out of nowhere but it seems like rivers are flooding over now and I’m really, really worried now. I messaged her to let her know that I hope she’s safe. I know it won’t change anything, but I want her to know in case the worse happens.

No. 471762

I am the Nana OP
I had to drop Nana, it was being a heavy toll on me and I feel like I risk depression again if I go on on this ride.
When Nana heard Takumi and Nana was my breaking point too, the abusive relationship is written kind of… good, which adds depression points.

I just wanted a romcom…

No. 471764

File: 1570874387830.jpg (173.63 KB, 734x582, 1449789045769.jpg)

>I just wanted a romcom…
Didn't we all want a romcom…

No. 471778

this anime broke me as a teenager but it's still hands down favourite to this day. I suggest you get into the manga if you need more closure, a lot more happens and you get some answers to what happens to the characters.

No. 471787

If anything it's even more frustrating to get more answers and then the now 10 years old hiatus, and it's more depressing starting from a certain point. The manga is great so I'd recommend it too normally but maybe not to that anon right now.

No. 471806

File: 1570888079324.jpg (200.27 KB, 960x960, 5m.jpg)

Dont know if i should buy any makeups for myself tho…I want to learn how to use make up and change myself but at the same time i dont think i'll use them quite frequently and put them to waste ( sorry, i cant find the stupid question thread )

No. 471809

I harshly judge people who buy overpriced coffee every morning, especially if they live in a small town, it seems extremely pretentious to me

No. 471815

If you're hesitating but you think you'll have to use makeup at some point just buy cheap brands. Makeup goes bad after a while except powder so it would be a waste of money to buy from expensive brands. And no need to buy big palettes either.

No. 471817

>Find a cute gothy dress online
>For once feel happy about my ugly ass and buy it
>store was from the uk but they shipped it from china
>took 3 weeks, have updates by text
>your parcel has been delivered
>they delivered it to somewhere in London
>I live in scotland

I didn't want to be a cute goth gf anyways , makes me wanna reee

No. 471846

I am a bit salty because the only lets play channel i have ever liked to listen to never took off. They dropped it, came back again 2 years ago and tried again with new videos and then dropped it again. Lame, but they only got like 4000 subs after all those years so its understandable to quit something that is not profitable at all, but it makes no sense how some things just never get anywhere online while other similar but inferior things take off super fast. I saw some videos again on my "watch again" and im listening it today.

On the plus side, one of the guys (El cid) is doing an interview series with industry animators talking about art and stuff (Shot talk) Surprise, surprise, the videos have almost no likes and comments and he would probably drop them eventually but i really recommend them. His channel has a lot of subs because he used to have a few retarded humor animations that went viral years ago, yet no one watches the current content that is actually informative and comfy smh, says a lot about the nature of youtube.


No. 471851

The Adele x Linkin Park mashup song is too damn good. She should change genre.

No. 471854

I bet some some really delusional anorexic has tried to sign them selves up 'my 500 pound life'

No. 471872

My bf is mentally ill and has had some family issues lately that have left him bummed out, didn’t text me for 12.5 hours last night when he usually sends me a text when he goes to bed, I spent most of the morning silently worrying that something happened to him or that something really serious happened regarding his family issues just to get a text that he slept for over 12 hours last night.
>tfw considered + worried about everything relating to his mental health other than 13 hour depression sleep

No. 471928

I'm thinking of making a ex/recovering Neet thread,for former neets and neets that are in processes of escaping neetdom
and learning how to be a normie

No. 471935

I hate the whole sexuality thing. I'm 100% bi but I HATE the days where I start doubting it because I might be x or y. Fuck this

No. 471954

Which one? Link please?

No. 471966

Lola, the last of the Hartley Hooligans died

No. 471968

I hope both she and her sister are finally at peace. They didn't deserve the bizzare existence and suffering their mother put them through.

No. 471969

Agreed. I'm glad their suffering is over….I know it's too much to hope the parents will try and focus more on their healthy son now and try to make up for the years they ignored him.

No. 471980

I hate how bronies are the center of attention in the mlp fandom. everyone forgets about
the Pegasisters who from my experiences outnumber the bronies and the younger intended female audience

No. 471988

>the pegasisters
>the younger intended female audience
Are you a MtF? I liked MLP as a kid and thought the reboot was cute, but I would never fucking call myself a pegasister, NOR would I call myself the "younger female audience." Just go away.

No. 471990

even MTFs identify as bronies cause they really don't even know we exist(thank god)

No. 472008

can we do this please?? I'm an ex-neet vetran/oldfag who slips back in and out can give some unusual tips. hate to think of anons suffering the same way, neetdom can be hell

No. 472013

farmers I met a seriously creepy neighbor guy who implies he's been watching me and talked to me in a creepy way

he also approached me when I was walking my very large dog so he seems to have no sense of fear at all

I don't even live in a bad neighborhood and I'm thinking I need to start toting my pepper spray around…

No. 472015

I just escaped my neet-life less then a year ago and honestly my life has dramatically improved for the better,I still live with my parents but I now actually contribute to the household and don't feel like a mooch,I actually talk IRL with my colleagues about normie stuff like MCU films and early 2000's nostalgia and have even made a small group of real friends

for the first time in my life I feel like a normal person

No. 472044

>have bf
>Guy at work who literally every girl is thirsting after, is after me despite me being cold and avoiding him
>Not even the first time "the guy all the girls want" type boy chases me despite putting no effort into them
>Don't care, friendzone but enjoy the attention I get and the jealousy I get

No. 472048

Why do fetish artists exist? I understand that an artist might highlight their fetish in their art here and there, especially if all their work is sexual but like… don't you get tired from drawing the exact same shit over and over? I'd get tired if all I had to draw for one week was foot fetish art. There are artists who do it for years somehow

No. 472050

Money. People are ready to pay a lot for their disgusting shit do be drawn

No. 472053

No. 472129


When things get rough a lot of artists moonlight as furfags and hentai artists with pseudonyms, the bar is much lower and clients pay a lot for custom commissions of their degeneracy. Some people enjoy doing it more than others but for most people i've known the incentive is the extra money and they just do the fetish that the clients ask for.

If you are trying to make it with art either you are part of the lucky ones who finds good paying work in something you love early on your career, can count on daddy and mommy's checkbook while you work on your projects and find yourself or you eat your pride and work of whatever you find to support yourself on your own. The non-porn work can really make you hate art too, for a lot of people porn commissions can be a lifeline when you want quit a job or finance your personal projects or just eat.

No. 472156

File: 1570981773792.jpg (66.66 KB, 894x894, d191edfa98ac3da22f1b96afe79691…)

Hey guys, I just want to drop in and say have a wonderful day and week and I genuinely hope you're happy

No. 472160

How can you reliably find out what you look like? I feel like I'm never really able to tell.
I look so different in a mirror vs a photo someone took vs a selfie. And other people (close to me) don't really want to talk about this with me or tell me "I don't know, you look like yourself". Nobody really tells me I'm ugly, but nobody really calls me pretty or compliment me at all. People mostly just ignore me and I've never really been hit on or catcalled, guys just don't pay attention to me. My boyfriend and mom get angry when I ask if it's because I'm ugly and try really really hard to convince me that I'm not but I don't really believe them.

I don't really consider myself ugly or beautiful or anything, I just really want to know for sure once and for all, and I don't know how to find out.

No. 472162

Maybe try to find video of yourself? Recently at work I watched our security camera footage and I had to see a bunch of clips of myself. I used to be really hung up over having a masculine face but seeing the video made me realize it’s not as bad as I thought. And that I also need to learn how to walk without swinging my legs out too far.

No. 472166


Full body mirrors in a well lit room with white diffuse lighting maybe. But nothing accounts for your own perception, all ana chans see themselves as fat for example, its all in your head at the end of the day and you may look pretty for some people and ugly to others, its highly subjective.

No. 472169

The bible man OST is surprisingly good at times

No. 472173

i relate w/this completely. I have no idea what I really appear as to other people and unfortunately I don't think I'll ever be able to tell. It's like how every house has a certain smell to it but you never know your own houses' smell..

No. 472186

This got me (bi woman) thinking… how do you straight people even asses your own sex appeal?
For me it's a simple "would I fuck me?" while looking in the mirror. Do you always need a third party for that? Weird.

No. 472198

File: 1570987989659.png (20.74 KB, 730x83, da vinvi.PNG)

Da' vinci must be rolling in his grave

No. 472232

>comparing manufactured idols to renaissance artists

No. 472243

writing journal entries for my counselor visit and I wrote down the phrase "feeling bitchy but pg-13". damn

No. 472353

>Almost every website or forum with scrotes have massive pedophile tendencies
Literally the only scrote board I can think which is very misogynistic and anti-woman still that actively shames pedophiles (most of the time) is TheColi. This is also the only website I've seen that lusts over women over 30/40 without mentioning them hitting the "wall" over and over again obsessively (except on the threads where the black MRA/TRP types lurk the hardest) or even sayin things like a 19-20 year old celeb wont fill into her shape and look like a woman until she's 30. I never see websites like 4chan/bb/ect do this

No. 472382

too bad it's full of black men who throw tantrums if black women date outside their race, but think it's fine when they do it lmao.

No. 472414

>too bad it's full of black men who throw tantrums if black women date outside their race, but think it's fine when they do it lmao.

In my experience when some black men date white women they kind of see it as sticking it to the white man. Obviously this isn’t always the case, but I think the guys who get upset over black women dating white men are subconsciously or consciously viewing the whole situation as a racial competition among men. They think when a black guy dates a white girl he’s overcoming centuries of oppression, but if the roles are reversed it’s just white domination continuing.

No. 472425

I like sewing but the sewing community is filled with crazy American Christian types who make the most hideous and unflattering bright clothes possible that all look like Vera Bradley gas station knock offs. Sorry but Vera Bradley just looks so fucking cheesy and childish. If they're not that they're Yumi king level weebs who abandon the hobby after a few months and poorly put together corny cosplays that would look better if it came from the drug store

No. 472440

File: 1571054026261.jpg (112.11 KB, 975x758, Screenshot_20191014-125227_Chr…)

man, kuromi is the OG and also gf goals

No. 472494

That's the same reason why BM/WW pairing got subtly pushed by BM in the community in the 60s/70s because they said they were as getting to the "man" after all these years while BW/WM was shamed because WM spent hundreds of years raping BW and forceably inserting a amount of European DNA in the vast majority of blacks in the USA, during Slavery and Jim Crow.

Now that bm date out in much higher rates than bw maybe bw can stop being brainwashed with the race loyalty madness as bm dilute the genetic genepool and freely date and procreate out the race like bm have been doing for the past 50 years. People can deny and say bw can't get non bm but it's frankly easy to get a man of any type because men are always willing to pair with a woman. At least that has been my experience as a bw in her life and if more bw traveled out and mingled with other races this would be their experiences too.

No. 472501

remember the biracial anon whose black dad was mad at her for dating a white man, even though he married and had her with a white woman? he said what the other anon said, claiming it was out of rebellion to the white man when he did it so it's okay.
it's not even the first time i've heard a story like that. men are pathetic hypocrites lol.

No. 472506

It's like that with men of all races. They'll

>Bash the everloving fuck out of women their own race and worship women of another race (bonus points if they claim there's feminine and masculine races kek)

>Date women of said "feminine* race, encourage other men to do so, thus leaving women of their own race to date men outside their race
>Now they get upset that said women they claim to hate are dating men of the race of women they like

Men are a trip

No. 472528

File: 1571070501651.jpg (154.3 KB, 1250x972, hummus-31.jpg)

Hello I'm Anon and I'm a hummus addict

No. 472543

File: 1571075555951.jpg (198.13 KB, 1080x1350, 67764092_101894651123000_77496…)

I got bored, took a trip down memory lane, and started looking into some of the girls involved in the whole Dakota Rose clone "living doll" scene from back in like 2010-2013. I Googled around and found the new IG account of Floretta aka Florettafiore/sofiaiwi, a lesser-known "living doll". There's an old /snow/ thread about her and some old gossip in /cgl/'s archives.
It seems like she's living the typical "hot IG girl" life these days, travelling and thotting it up. She has an SO now, too.
She's clearly had some plastic surgery done, but you can tell it's her from the browbone, hairline, nostrils and eyes.
I didn't expect this outcome, considering her internet history, but good for her, I guess. I wonder how many old weeby lesser flakes are now complete normies. It's interesting, especially in comparison to the path the "idols" of that time (Venus, Dakota, etc) took. She used to be really jealous of them, made "parody" videos and pictures that were really just skinwalking attempts, and reportedly sperged out about them getting to go to Japan while she was still stuck in Russia.
Another one is NekoNyapii (aka Lisa Ring). She took the far more predictable path of becoming a koreaboo, moving to Korea and continuing her YT vlogging.

No. 472546

File: 1571076064937.jpeg (223.56 KB, 878x1280, 1460316061967.jpeg)

This is her old thread, btw, in case anyone was wondering what she looked like before. There are pictures of her dressed up as a Nazi and a swastika drawn on her chest, lmao.
Pic related is just after her weeb era, when she was trying to be edgy and artsy.
The glow up is real.

No. 472552

File: 1571078499726.jpg (54.72 KB, 1280x720, DSP.jpg)

goatees like darksydephil's are one of the most overlooked (and ugliest) red flags in history and I wish we would shame men for horrible facial hair more often. it's the saddest half-assed attempt at styling yourself and they're always worn by predatory men who think they deserve attention from young women because they think they made an attempt at being hip. bonus points when paired with a sad balding ponytail. it sounds so specific but i've seen it so much and they're all the same personalities. i never hear anyone talking about how characteristic it is to nasty men, its a modern pedo stache. literally the "I don't think you tried at all" gold star meme.

No. 472553

What's her IG? I remember her trying to get a following on tumblr and following a bunch of popular twinks at the time lol. Does she have more of a following now?

No. 472555

i'm working on getting better at not being outraged by shit. political things in particular. i'm starting to realize i feel better if i just pull back and don't engage rather than yell at someone for a different opinion since my frustration will change nothing. cutting off news helps a lot too.

No. 472567

File: 1571083323980.jpg (115.4 KB, 332x416, 1543529587533.jpg)

Why does every fandom turn to absolute shit the second the grubby little woke people get their hands on them? You cannot even like a villain in a show anymore without people accusing you of condoning Pedophilia/Abuse/etc. and it's just getting so god damn tiring.

This one ex mutual of mine on Twitter said that liking problematic characters doesn't make you edgy and cool at all but then they are the exact ones who bash on the bad characters at every chance they get aka "do not follow if you like X character!!!! proceeds to put that character on their blacklist and triggers" and only like the good and pure ones because they gotta prove everyone how uwu woke they are uwu say no to bad people uwu.

The same thing with people who have to racebend every single anime character out there.
I'm fine if it's characters like Naruto or Kurapika from HxH, because they're not even Actual Japanese or have realistic names so they don't really have a proper race imo. But when it comes to the fully Japanese or whatever race coded characters, everyone just HAS to make them out to be some genderqueer mixed race disabled woke icon and if you tell them to stop then you get yelled at for "ruining the fun" - "let people headcanon their stuff in peace you racist" - "OP is autistic why do you love ruining things for autistic people".

Am I looking too much into this? I don't care either way, it's really annoying.

No. 472577

it annoys me too, anon. it's fiction, let me like whichever character i please and let me ship whatever the hell i want. it annoys the shit out of me, esp when they pull the "X is TRANS it's CANON because -I- said it!!!" shut the fuck up you actual retard.

No. 472578

Are you the anon who posted Hisoka in the husbando thread?

If so, I have to say after many years of loving and obsessing over HxH I have never once come across someone who would criticize me for liking his villainous pedo ass. Because I do not go on tumblr or twitter or anywhere else sjws congregate, it's literally that easy. Talk about it on /a/ if you're desperate for discussion.

No. 472580

It's _sofiabalashova_. She has 1k followers. A lot of the comments on her pics look very same-y, so she could've bought a small handful just to stroke her ego.
I kind of wonder if this is enough e-validation for her, or if she still wants to achieve some sort of "fame" for her photos.

No. 472591

Yes, I am that anon. It just riled me up so bad I had to make my own post and sperg about it on here.

It might be easy to avoid all of this and spare yourself a headache and just do whatever the fuck you want because it's just the internet, but it's still really indescribably annoying. And I'm someone who basically lives and breathes social media so that's also another wound for me.

No. 472614

Shit I remember floretta/sofia from back in a day! May or may not have had a crush on her. Kinda sad she's turned into another instathot complete with the fillers as imo she was very slavic-cute before and also like only 21/22 rn? Literally wouldn't recognise if I just came across her ig and nothing else, but I'm happy she seems so well adjusted all things considered kek.

No. 472649

Whenever I need to kick my own ass to get something done like clean my place or just not be a slob, I always imagine myself as a cow and think of all the horrible shit people on /pt/ and /snow/ would nitpick about me. I know it's weird but it really helps me get shit done.

No. 472715

I really wish that I had some ice to crunch on right now

No. 472717

IIRC liking to chew ice is a symptom of iron deficiency

No. 472720

whenever I see women with plastic surgery who have daughters I always think about how they will explain to them if they get the features they changed. one of my friends growing up had a mom who had fake boobs, nose job, veneers, constant lipo etc. and was an insecure mess bc of it. how can you tell your daughter to have self confidence or assure her that she's pretty when you got rid of the features she has

No. 472721

hell yeah im anemic as fuck

No. 472725

I wonder how celebrity children feel when there’s a timeline of just how drastically their parents have changed and they end up looking nothing like them

No. 472757

>They think when a black guy dates a white girl he’s overcoming centuries of oppression, but if the roles are reversed it’s just white domination continuing.

The pure autism needed to reach this conclusion.

No. 472758

I don't know, how do you explain it to biracial girls who might not have their mom's features? It's hardly any different than that.

No. 472764

Or just literally the countless girls that didn't inherit their mother's looks. It's not like it's a guarantee to the point that a kid could assume her mother specifically got rid of their common features…

No. 472776

so i don't shave my legs or armpits but do shave my vag. my leg/armpit hair are coarse and pretty long and idk the contrast of my vag and the rest of my body hair made me laugh when i caught my reflection

No. 472787

you must stink so badly

No. 472790

File: 1571125948120.jpg (21.26 KB, 600x600, hgsrh.jpg)

No. 472803

File: 1571127603554.jpg (44.65 KB, 450x449, stock-photo-old-angry-woman-th…)

My coworker is being annoying as fuck today. She asks me shit like if she can write this email like that, can I send this question like that etc etc etc and keeps constantly bugging me with questions that I can't answer because it doesn't matter what I say because it doesn't matter what she does. Jesus just do it yourself I don't need to reassure you about this crap.

No. 472808

Sounds like she just wants to talk to you

No. 472822

Nah, we do talk normally, get along well and all that, but when she's stressed she starts asking really stupid questions and asks for reassurance. Which usually isn't a problem and I always help her, but today it's a bit much.

No. 472834

I hate it when people assume swearing means you’re mad. I’m from trashy rural Australia, we say fuck for everything. ‘Fuckin’ huge’ is used in the same way others use ‘really huge. ‘fuck off’ can be an exclamation of surprise, joy, anger, disgust, or disbelief depending on how it’s enunciated.
It’s not always being mad on the internet, sometimes it’s just a trashy vernacular.

No. 472850

this is really dumb but i feel like i'm losing it.

i fell asleep last night with my bedroom door locked and my cat sleeping on my leg. i woke up this morning to no cat anywhere to be found and i freaked out, thinking he'd somehow got through the heating vent in my room or something. my mom heard me frantically searching and calling for him and told me to stop worrying, he was eating his food downstairs. my door was still locked so i was confused how he could have gotten out, but sure enough, there he was, eating his food downstairs.

i have no recollection of waking up, letting my cat out, re-locking my door, getting back into bed and situating myself EXACTLY the way i was when i fell asleep the first time (i don't move in my sleep and when i woke up, even my leg was in the same awkward position it had been in to make room for my cat).

so i asked my mom if she opened my door and came in my room while i was asleep (it's got a shitty lock you can literally open with your nail) because she's done it before to snoop bc fuck privacy i guess. she was acting weird and kept deflecting, talking about coffee and stuff when i just wanted to know if she'd opened a door. she eventually said, "i just woke up too, how would i know?", which was a complete non-answer. then she said she didn't open my door, it must have been me, i must have forgotten doing it, etc., which… no, i don't forget things, i just don't.

i'm certain i never got out of my bed last night, so how the hell did my cat get out of my room if my mom really didn't open my door? am i actually a secret sleepwalker or some shit? am i developing memory issues? what if my mom's right? if i did wake up to let my cat out and forgot about it, what else might i have done in my sleep in the past and forgotten about? apparently i can't trust my sleeping self to remember anything if i'm to take my mother's word for it. such a stupid little thing is causing me to question everything and i feel like i'm crazy now.

No. 472908

File: 1571150361104.jpg (32.21 KB, 679x273, 71SQKHzSN1L._SX679_.jpg)

These are really fucking good.

No. 472912

It sounds like she did get in and let the cat out. You said she acted weird so she didn't want to blow her cover for future "break ins" and hope you start suggesting to get a new lock or something.

No. 472915

Sounds like your mom did it, why do you lock your door at night? Just curious

No. 472941

i don't give a shit if it's considered 'baby chocolate' kinder is the best fucking chocolate ever. fuck your cadbury

No. 472978


your cat is a badass ninja that cannot be contained. That's what happened

No. 472984

fuck yes, little sticks of heaven

No. 473021

File: 1571155174698.jpeg (22.24 KB, 285x352, live-plant-1-vamsha-nature-car…)

A friend gave me some cuttings of a spiderwort plant a few months ago. I don't have a green thumb, but I've always wanted to keep plants, so she gave me this one because she said it would be pretty hard to kill lol. I named him stripes lol.

I've repotted him twice now, and each time I've been tremendously worried about whether or not I've just murdered my beautiful plant. He grew originally from just two long cuttings, and the first time I repotted him, I cut him up into smaller ones when I replanted him to try and get him to become nice and bushy like pic. He grew nice and tall, but still looked really sparse, and was starting to fall over, so I repotted him again a few weeks ago. I know they're supposed to be hanging plants, but I don't have anywhere to hang him from so I've jsut been trying to contain his very quickly growing branches. After my most recent repotting I've been really worried about him, and I just took a closer look to inspect his leaves today and there are SOOO many new little leaves growing!! I'm so happy! They're growing in at all sorts of weird angles off the cuttings so it's going to be a sort of disaster until he grows enough that I can repot him again, but I'm so happy I didn't murder my little plant friend.

No. 473026

>start drinking spearmint tea for acne
>libido increases, which is apparently the opposite of what should happen wrt side effects
Is it not working or what? Or is it all a meme anyway?

No. 473038

Hard agree. These fuckers and Cadbury creme eggs are the two sweets that make me lose all fucking control. I could eat an entire warehouse of either of those.

No. 473048

there's multiple things than can cause acne (hormonal, bad diet, bad hygiene, bacterial infection, probably more) Idk what underlying problem spearmint tea's supposed to fix, but if the tea's not fixing it then something else is causing it.

No. 473067

Not sure if there's an OT advice thread but I don't think this would fit in the /g board.

I'm quitting tobacco (only 3 days so far lol but still!) and weed (3 days too). I smoked daily and it helped with my insomnia I've had since I've been wee.

What I want to ask is that after the 3rd night of no sleep have an UK anons had any luck with cbd oil that they've legally bought or any brand names? Would it help with insomnia. Thankfully I've no cravings for tobacco, but my appetite and sleeping is shot to hell right now, I think my appetite will come back fine but just really worried about my insomnia being a constant thing. It felt like torture growing up not sleeping and these past few days I've been like a zombie with a pinging headache.

So looking for anyone that's had experience with legal cbd

No. 473103


if it helped the insomnia, why'd you quit?

No. 473116

It's supposed to mildly reduce testosterone production for those whose acne is caused by androgens.

I know that taking a probiotic caused this (and before that an antibiotic gave me bad fungal acne a few months prior) but I'm just unsure exactly what it did to my body. Since fungal-unsafe, antibacterial products still make it worse, but antifungals aren't working their magic anymore, and I do everything else correctly when it comes to skincare. I don't even consume dairy.

My line of thinking was maybe the gut imbalance fucked up my hormones. I'm grasping at straws at this point while I wait for a derm appointment.

No. 473120

I smoke for insomnia too. I still do but I've found a few other things I rotate with to keep my tolerance down.

I take prescribed medication for it (off label) I don't think knowing what that medication is will help you at all and I don't want people just trying it for fun etc. but I would try talking to a doctor if at all possible. When I don't do that I take melatonin or an over the counter antihistamine.

I've hear people who do really well with CBD and there really is no harm in trying. For me it's been quite a crapshoot and I need a lot but you will know quickly if it works for you.

No. 473121

In between work at the minute and can't afford it. I've had people say it makes me lazy but I honestly don't think it did. If I had the money and someone near by to sell I'd probably take it, although lately I've been over using it spending over 70 a week on it. It's illegal here and can be a hassle to get so driving around to find it costs petrol then dropping 70 etc. Hopefully I can't at least kick the tobacco I started mixing it to make it last but then I needed the nicotine hit so was increasing my use. If I could vape it secretly I probably would but my bf was heavy smoker and quit a few months back and maybe he's negging me but I did have some bad habits with it.

No. 473124

Thanks for the advice. Insomnia sucks I might talk to my doctor I need to make a birth control appointment anyway and will bring it up. Think I'm going to research cbd and see where's best place to get some. I just want to feel normal hah

No. 473126

Good luck anon! I think they will take you pretty fucking seriously and I'm hopeful for your experiment. I pray for your good naps.

No. 473130


Idk about where you are but cbd products (including high cbd strains of weed) where I am are way more expensive than regular weed. Might be something to consider? I agree that antihistamines can help induce drowsiness.

No. 473133

Yeah I was looking online there and they're expensive enough, but maybe a drop before bed would give me a hit? Probably best to speak with my doctor, just I'd rather take something natural you know, I had bad side effects with antidepressants a while back. I'm not great with tablets lol don't like taking them but I've just got myself in a financial rut and owe someone for a half next month when I get some money lol. Might just have to learn self control and stop smoking it like fuck when I have it.

No. 473140

met my one and only friend of 7 years today and she really makes me happy i am glad that i have her in my life because she's the reason why i haven't committed suicide yet after deceased parents and siblings in a car accident, having to live with your abusive aunt, failing school and getting fired from work all thanks to the clinical depression and now i work in a shitty mcdonalds but i am still very happy whenever i see her. and she knows that too. i just really love her so much.

No. 473147

File: 1571165450052.jpg (53.08 KB, 1080x1167, WZVDtU2.jpg)

I'm not sure if it's you but you have a really similar history to someone I lived with for a bit.

If it is you I'm sorry I didn't do enough to let you know how cool I thought you were and how much I admired you. There was a lot of silly drama in the way but I really regret it. I wouldn't have asked you to stay or anything you didn't want to do but I always felt bummed not telling you before you left. I'm really glad you have a true friend.

If not I still wish the best for you anon. From knowing someone who went through those things for a short time I have a small idea of how painful it can be and I wish you luck finding connection and love in the future. You deserve it.

No. 473160

File: 1571169375603.jpg (54.45 KB, 340x500, 51I9qHjFN1L.jpg)

Animorph covers give me life, holy shit

No. 473161

File: 1571169426223.jpg (571.44 KB, 1308x1900, Animorphs_22_The_Solution_eboo…)

No. 473162

File: 1571169674869.jpg (80.06 KB, 749x694, pJzIIsQ.jpg)

Sometimes i just wish i was academically skilled enough to make my parents happy, graduating on top of my class, study overseas at a top school with some fancy shmancy degree majoring in something that would HELP people so they can atleast boast abt on family gatherings. My parents are happy with the way i am now but i cant help but feel bad because they sacrificed a lot for me but i kept letting them down. I'm trying my best now keep my grades up and taking commissions to at least help them with my tuition fee.

No. 473166

File: 1571170966855.jpeg (63.82 KB, 448x500, EDCD58D4-6AE9-4784-83A5-201E2B…)

god i am craving a mcdonald's so bad right now but i live in bumfuck nowhere. i crave… cheese bites… and nuggies…

No. 473170

>>473140 you're so strong and i hope all the best for you in life, anon.

No. 473179

oh anon, can you believe that i've been having these thoughts for the past few months as well? My friends are in STEM whereas i'm stuck with something pretty much useless that i don't even have passion for. and i feel so bad about it cause i'm making my parents pay for that useless shit. As much as i'm happy to see high-achieving young women, i can't deny that i do feel envious. i always wanted a job that would make me feel accomplished or make me feel like i'm directly helping someone but i can say goodbye to that now. i'm still trying to do my best and i feel so pressured to do well cause i feel like that's the least i can give them but my mental health isn't really the best and even if it were, i'm still not above average in any so i'm just kinda going with whatever…hoping for the best..

hugs and good luck to you, anon

No. 473182

>tfw don't like Shane or Jeffree but I'm obsessed with Shane's new merch bc piggies

Oh well, at least it's all sold out so I won't be tempted.

No. 473190

i'm away to block lolcow and other such sites from my phone because i spend too much time opening and uselessly scrolling through, wish me luck ladies. hope i can resist temptation.

No. 473195

whenever I'm so depressed and camt function my boyfriend just kinda abandons me here until I get better on my own and I can be fun for him again. idk what im expecting but now im really into dreamy fake romance media where the guy will do sweet things for the girl

No. 473197

that's not normal anon. when i'm feeling sad or depressed my fiance brings me flowers or treats that i like.

No. 473206

i'm so sorry girl. my ex used to do the same thing to me, so i know what you're going through and i know it's terrible. whenever i was down about something, my ex would ignore me until i got over it because he just didn't want to deal with it and would tell me as much. he'd even frame it as 'helping me learn to cope with negative emotions on my own'. i guess he was right about that part though, since i learned how to cope without him to the point of not wanting or needing him at all and dumped him lmao. but i would also lose myself in books or movies with sweet male protags and daydream about being with a guy like that. when reality sucks and no one's there for you, you need to escape somehow.

i hope your relationship has a happier ending than mine did, anon. try talking to your bf about how you feel and what you need from him and find out what's causing the disconnect - if he's intentionally neglecting you, which is super shitty, or if he's just ignorant to how you're feeling because men are dumb. from there, you might have to make some tough decisions for the sake of your own happiness. just know that you deserve someone who's there for you and who's considerate of your emotions and makes you feel acknowledged because that's what healthy people in loving relationships do. best of luck anon.

No. 473210

File: 1571182660102.jpg (4.13 KB, 320x180, 256966521008202.jpg)

found out a medium-sized lolcow is actually from my country. it always feels weird when I come across comrades in the great big world as we contribute like 0.02% to the global population, much less lulzy internet ones. how do amerifags cope with like 89% of chrischan-tier subjects hailing from us?

No. 473226

> how do amerifags cope with like 89% of chrischan-tier subjects hailing from us?

If this board wasn’t mostly in English, we’d probably have a beautiful array of cows to laugh at from all different countries. I bet there are some real gems out there.

No. 473249

Honestly you're right! We must be missing out on a huge biodiversity of cows, unearthing the eunuch sisters was like a happy little exchange trip, imagine if that was happening on the reg!
God was such a bitch with the whole babel tower sitch and giving us different languages.

No. 473251

Dump him
You don't really know if a partner is truly a good one until you see how they react when you go through hard times together, and he's just shown you his true uncaring self

No. 473300

the idea of your partner doing nice shit isn't "fake," it's like the bare minimum.

No. 473550

File: 1571257419499.png (1.49 MB, 1122x1500, ann marget.png)

I miss it when popular sex symbols and beauty icons used to carry on the effortlessly cool and charismatic image based on some Post-Feminism Feminist thing going on after the super dolled up and barbie beauty image that was popular in the pre-60s world. It's like after the early 2000's we returned back into the same shit but with more pornification or lolita shit thrown in though.

No. 473552

File: 1571257659910.jpg (38.84 KB, 480x720, ange-angel-de-ernstlubitsch-av…)

Going on that though I even thought many pre-60s stars could be cool and just ooze and drip in swagger. it's now coolness and swagger has become tertiary for female sex symbols where our femininity is now instinctively linked to just our physical nudity and visibility as opposed to charisma and swagger being used.

After the 90s we had beauty icons like britney spears, christina and paris who were more sexy and lolita or porny than super cool and confident blended in with their sensuality like a type of exotic and matured sex appeal. Rihanna fits in the category of a cool and sexy woman, which is probably why she's so fucking popular compared to the boring sex symbols of today who are just hot and nothing else interesting about them.

No. 473564

Marlene Dietrich herself "invented" some early version of a face lift, causing her to get insane headaches on the daily, just to look young and beautiful. Just because you think she seemed cool or strong doesn't mean she wasn't desperately trying to fit beauty standards for the male gaze. Exercise also really wasn't a thing back then, so most actresses simply starved.
Female celebrities nowadays are probably live more comfortably despite looking more slutty or girlish.

No. 473574

they also did coke to stay thin, anon, don't forget that! anon sounds like those "good old days" people but she's got rose colored glasses about different stuff.

No. 473575

File: 1571260438480.jpg (575.67 KB, 1180x1799, diahann-carroll-dynasty.jpg)

I knew this was coming if I used black and white pictures or used pre-60s actresses because people really get triggered by that on here for some reason and can't read anything else beyond that point

I know that fool, which is why I said on my first post "super dolled up and barbie beauty image that was popular in the pre-60s world." and why I used the word "even" when saying I still liked some pre 60s actresses

I was speaking about the mid-late 20th century and early 21st century for the most part. Shit just came back like it was before by 2008.

No. 473577

Ya'll soooo mad when people like the older stuff better than new shit. Tell me what is in your psychological state to get unnecessary angry at that and carry a mocking arrogant tone just for a difference in opinion? I'm going to make this a racebaiting shit because you're obviously speaking on your lame and mentally ill community.

No. 473579

My dog is really old and I love her so much, even if she annoys the fucking hell out of me every morning when she gets up at the ass crack of dawn and starts screaming for food. I think she's still got some time, and I'm so grateful for it, but she had a death scare a few months ago and I can't stop thinking about the first day after we lose her.

I'll wake up to my alarm and wait for her to start barking as my cue to finally get out of bed, but the barking never comes. I'll finally get up but she won't be waiting for me outside of my door. There won't be the cute little pitter patter of her feet behind me as I walk to the kitchen, nor a cute little face popping in to check up on me as if to say "hey? are you done prepping my food yet?" when I stand in there for too long. Her leash and harness will sit untouched, she won't be walked before I leave for work. She won't be sleeping by my parents bed when I go to tell them that I'm leaving for the day. When I come home that day, she won't be there to greet me. I know I'll go looking for her (I always check around the house a few times every day to see where she's sleeping cause she likes to change spots all the time), I won't find her anywhere. There won't be any barking for dinner, or any goodnights or i love you's to her anymore.

God I'm making myself cry for no reason. I'm about to get off work and I know once I get home, she's going to greet me and scream at me for food and I'm just going to tell her she's a big ugly pain in the ass while she wipes her snot, eye boogers, and whatever else is on her face all over my clothes. The thought of never seeing her big beautiful boba eyes, little snoot, or cute little pink tongue sticking out ever again makes me want to fucking die. She's the light of my life, I love her so much. Sorry for being such a fucking dumbass.

No. 473580

No. 473582

I'm right though. I don't care about your coked up whores when I talk about this and I'm tired of hearing your garbage perspective. The same thing happens to old music and I'm not talking about your shitty pop clap my hands snap snap shit music.

No. 473583

You thought celebrities were cooler in the past? What a freethinking opinion?

No. 473584

people like you who romanticize other time periods are all the same. a sex icon is a sex icon is a sex icon, being a sign of the times doesn't change anything.

No. 473585

Yeah, I did and? I don't know anons always get combative and angry when someone has any slightly nostalgic sentiment on here it's like you all have borderline personality disorder

No. 473586

I think what people like is the fact that people appreciated female beauty a lot more, people were easily able to go into romantic poetic comments about how beautiful a certain woman was, now beautiful women have to deal with flocks of men being extremely unhinged and creepy, nitpicking, or insecure men trying to cope with their insecurities

Also extremeness seems to be what is needed for female beauty nowadays, you have to have extreme features to be attractive. Back then you can have an average feminine face and an average figure with curvy proportions and boom if you style yourself you'll have hoards of men chasing you until you're 45, back then "the wall!!" Wasn't until 45 unless you age bad mind you, most female celebrities were easily worshiped well into their 30s

No. 473587

You're literally only saying that because you think I'm romanticizing the 1950's though.

No. 473589

lol no i'm not retarded. you just for some reason think hollywood between the 60s and early 90s was pure. it wouldn't matter what era you like, you sound the same as everyone else who can't deal with the era you live in.

No. 473590

I never said it was pure you dumbfuck, I said I liked it. You're projecting as typical for bpd farmer cunt.

No. 473592

Why do 90% of you hoes have no reading comprehension on here?

No. 473594

okay anon, i think you need to try some lighter websites to share your shitty opinions on. you're not really coping with the backlash very well.

No. 473595

You have absolutely no reading comprehension because of your autism though.

No. 473599

for someone who has insulted everyone, you sure don't know when others are insulting you and not being 100% sincere. i'll put it plainly. you are naive. and you're too immature to deal with nonconstructive criticism.

i don't get why you sad cunts bitch so much about the site and then refuse to leave.

No. 473600

Porn ruined female standards of attractiveness. Porn ruined society.

No. 473602

All these words typed because you won't admit you have no reading comprehension and obvious chronic aspergers'

No. 473603

No. 473605

File: 1571261643903.jpg (55.04 KB, 436x623, a1b08eb942c8e05b48540815e2e58f…)

Here's a 80's woman to make you triggered anon. F.

No. 473607

i'm sorry about your severe mental condition, for your own good i'll stop replying to you.

again i feel like that was just a sign of the times. with the explosion of media, people have their pick of women and teens so it's harder to say relevant. and even super divas are constantly fighting to stay valid in the public eye.

No. 473608

you're on lolcow bitch you're crazy too.

No. 473609

File: 1571262110786.gif (498.22 KB, 228x126, tumblr_inline_p2hl0y3PSf1s54rz…)

Just found out Ayesha Erotica is a man. Shocked and upset.

No. 473610

i didn't know who that was but looking them up, they look like a man.

No. 473613

File: 1571262296583.gif (1.27 MB, 350x210, 35tryr6ut77y79i.gif)

I was blissfully ignorant but I see now after learning the truth.

No. 473616

i'm sorry anon. do you hate troons, or do you just think it sucks that a woman you found cool is a dude?

No. 473619

Because teens are taboo and something new, back then the same woman could easily be famous for years on end, now you have idols like cardi b, Kim k, Ashley Graham, etc who the crowd worships for a few months then gets tired of. You have to be shocking and dramatic to be interesting to, you have to have controversies surrounding you to get fame and attention, being a good role model and also an actress or model is considered boring

No. 473624

the latter. All of ayesha's songs seem strange to me now(as petty as that sounds).

No. 473627

I know the feeling, anon. "Yummy" is a good trashy song, but I always thought the line "Shout the fuck out to the girls with the big ass dicks" was a little sus, even for an "ally".
Ever since I found out, the songs don't even hit the same way anymore. It's sad.

No. 473629

File: 1571264918056.jpg (80.69 KB, 644x960, Gb5MHXf.jpg)

This kind of stuff always bothers me since a lot of this isn't gaslighting. I feel like these kinds of things make light of actual issues. Most of what's on here isn't anything bad on it's own, especially if you take into account fights based on emotional opinions. Teaching people they're being gaslighted just by these phrases isn't a good idea.

No. 473630

Depends on the context anon, some of these phrases can be used for gaslighting but alone, aren't gas lighting

No. 473654

im so excited for blizzcon to see what hoops they jump through this time.

No. 473666

File: 1571271332392.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1275x1326, 7B3E25ED-7B9F-4E81-80C8-BA8953…)

I’m a big dumbass and got my car booted for the second time in like 5 months, different lots too. I shouldn’t have to pay to go to class.

No. 473685

File: 1571274619416.jpeg (409.24 KB, 1242x701, ED0A199C-4037-4885-AF4D-9525EC…)

I came across THIS tweet today and this shit drove me fucking insane I went on a huge rant about it and then deleted it bc I didn’t want to be attacked by ass suckers.

Literally refusing to apologize for offending people is NOT GASLIGHTING. Especially related to like, jokes or opinions??? People expressing themselves verbally?? Why the FUCK would that be gaslighting???

No. 473691

File: 1571275999553.jpg (55.5 KB, 638x479, defense-mechanisms-11-638.jpg)

Yeah most of those are gaslighting. The biggest problem when using gaslight and projecting is people assume ill intent when there is none. Its funny when someone describes their foe and it actually describes them, but it isn't projection. People assume projection/gaslighting > mistake.
Most of these are also more minimization than gaslighting. It depends on context like ypu said

No. 473693

Gaslighting is extremely overused, actually trying to make someone question their sanity is rare since most shitty people don't have good enough theory of mind to even consider it, most instances are just bad lying. When someone says shit like that they are probably not initiating their master plan to drive you crazy they are just saying whatever excuse avoids a stressful conversation. Actual gaslighting would be that "egg" shit on tranny spaces where they overtly ask and suggest users have a mental illness over and over again so users are considering it more with more exposure.

No. 473697


I think the point is that if you’re not sorry… don’t say sorry?

No. 473708

Thats what I said.

Someone tried to actually gaslight me by making me and other people think I was crazy and remembering something wrong/lying. Turns out he was trying to get with another girl and just didn't want her to know we spent an entire day alone together at his place. It really messed with me. Usually when people say gaslighting they aren't talking about those cases, but just cases where the people disagree with eachother and aren't being purposely malicious. All of those examples aren't gaslighting by themselves, especially since the context is usually during an argument, and most of the time one person uses them when they think the other person actually isn't correct, not that they're trying to make them think that.

No. 473729

Does anyone else get really uncomfortable and embarrassed when someone says they're worried about you? I really hate getting exposed like that. I guess this has something to do with me dreading doctors and hospitals because of some past experiences and disliking being sick or feeling anything negative in front of other people. It's not really a hypochondriac thing lol, but it's similar. I hate not being in control of myself in terms of feelings. I find it demeaning, something deeply embarrassing. I stayed for a few weeks in the hospital and when I when out I've been like this ever since.

No. 473771

File: 1571290418430.jpg (47.07 KB, 750x499, 1571281391086.jpg)


yes, but i am a total schizo who overthinks and assumes the worst of everyone so i am not exactly a good rod to measure normalcy. It does feel like a backhanded insult, it feels patronizing and i think they are just measuring me to see if i crack and expose my weaknesses or flexing one over me.

No. 473773

youtube just recommended me a video that my ex-girlfriend showed me once. But when she showed it to me, we had already been broken up several years ago and were recently rekindled as friends, and were having an unexpected sleepover but the ~festivities~ were over and it was just her and I in her bed listening to Pandora radio and her showing me videos, pretty drunk and kinda high. She's so nostalgic for me and I haven't seen her in a couple years now. This is usually how it is, though, we just run into each other in town and reconnect so easily but our crowds are so different, so it doesn't stick. life is weird. I think we'll always care for each other even though it works out this way.

No. 473775

Keto diet is just another crash diet but it's dangerous and horrible for you, even funnier when lunatics insist the evil government brainwashed everyone and keto is to "regain your health" but everyone on it complains about smelling bad and feeling like shit lol

No. 473783

I confess that I'm lonely and I hate my life. At 9 pm I went to the store to escape my messy apartment, where I ended up spending too much and got an energy drink. Stupidly I drank it when I meant to save it. I got in bed at 2 and started talking to strangers through a hello talk, because I felt so sad. Eventually, a pakistani man gave me long rants about financial advice which was oddly calming. Now it's 3:30 AM, I have a headache and I hate myself.

No. 473784

When I’m sad I make the poor mans quesadilla. Throw some shredded cheese on a tortilla, microwave it for 30 seconds, and dip in got sauce. Yum. I want to cry.

No. 473785

It’s 4am kms

No. 473786

i ususlly rip the tortilla in half, put cheese on half of it, fold it over twice into a lil triangle and put it in toaster. gets nice and crispy on the outside but soft within. honestly it's good without cheese, just tortilla too!

No. 473828

WHAT ? How is she/he a man? I mean okay (s)he always looked weirdly bulky for a woman but i'm honest to god so shocked!

No. 473830

honestly being made think you are insane is fucked up, my parents used to always call me crazy and implied i will always be mad no matter what i do and it's been a struggle to get out of that mindset, the fear that some day i will snap and become a schizo or something.

completely unrelated i thought the pic in the op was supposed to be that weird staring guy as an anime girl

No. 473876

Watching this and the main episode made me so nostalgic for the time I studied abroad in Japan lol. I lived with a host family who was actually just an older, unmarried woman (she was a church pastor. I had frequent stomachaches and had a really hard time stomaching breakfast and my poor host mom was always so worried about me (I think it was a combination of nerves and also I didn't use to regularly eat breakfast at 7AM/at all before this so it was uhh… very hard on my stomach lol). She used to always mix umeboshi with hot water and have me drink it to help my stomach. I don't know if it did anything, but all this umeboshi talk sure does make me miss her.

No. 473879

I just realized everything feels better once you stop thinking of "what if" and just start telling yourself the path your life's taken was always the only one available.
I started regretting some choices I made in the past, but I feel a lot better now.

No. 473882

It fills me with impotent rage that Tsubasa Chronicles OST will never get the recognition it deserves as a Kajiura Yuki masterpiece. The anime may have been garbage, but god damn did the soundtrack go above and beyond.

No. 473985

Yuki Kajiura is one of the most famous and popular composers in the industry, she gets a metric shittonne of work and recognition. Are you saying that particular OST is underrated compared to her other music? All her OSTs are pretty similar so it's not that much of an offense and is likely just a direct correlation with the popularity of the series. It's obvious why the Madoka or Fate Zero OSTs are more popular, more people watched and enjoyed them.

No. 474002

File: 1571345657792.jpg (66.37 KB, 1024x1001, hs1tHq[1].jpg)

I've noticed that LC has gotten angrier and angrier over the past month, or so. Interestingly the rising anger has coincided with a drop in the number of Braco OPs on the first page.

Coincidence? You be the judge.

No. 474061

/pt/: momo and onion
/snow/: nitpickers
/w/: extreme nitpickers, cosplay fags and turbo autists
/g/: the most "normal" board
/m/: kpop cringe but otherwise almost "normal"
/ot/: man and troon haters

No. 474108

[Autism intensifies]
Yes I am saying this particular OST is underrated. In fact in my opinion, it's her best. I can feel that it was a passion project for her too. She was no where near as big in 2005 and the TRC anime was a let down. I love some of her more recognizable work of course, but you're kind of right in that, some of the later work are straight up recycled. So yeah I'm indeed mad that true gems go unappreciated, while other lukewarm involvements get more praise than deserved and we know it's only because it's in an otherwise popular anime.

No. 474111

>still talking abut momo

yep, that board really isn't worth it anymore

No. 474112

I actually agree here. i loved a lot of songs on that soundtrack even though I wasn't a huge fan of the anime. i also really love her work in .hack//SIGN. it's so funny to me knowing that she got laughed at by her college professors and parents back when she graduated and decided to be a video game composer. she composed guile's theme, the most popular fighting game character's theme ever and she got invited to an anime con in the US this year and got paid to wave at the audience while someone else conducted her music.

No. 474196

They're angrier because of the merging of the radfem, pink pill and GC thread.

No. 474198

They're angrier because of the merging of the radfem, pink pill and GC thread.

No. 474204

so…? your point?

No. 474207

spot on lmao

No. 474320

Roaches are so resilient I'm simultaneously amazed but also extremely disgusted.

I was spooning my dog's food into her bowl on the kitchen counter when one scurried past me and I stabbed at it with the back end of the spoon I was holding. I took off quite a bit chunk of its back end with some legs and the rest of it fell to the bottom of the sink, and figured that was the end of that, I'll rinse it all down the drain once I come back from setting my dog's food down. Not even a couple seconds later, what's left of the roach (it wasn't that big) starts fucking moving!! What the fuck!!! My dude I just took out your entire back end and some legs!! It only had maybe 2 legs left on one side and one leg on another and was still moving pretty fast for a crippled roach. I made sure to smash the rest of it before I left the kitchen. Sorry for the graphic detailing but I was so fucking bewildered at how this stupid thing was still going.

>inb4 'why do u have roaches in your apartment thats sooooooooooo gross why don't u clean more'

I live in a building in a city where roaches are just an unfortunate part of our life. Diatomaceous earth has helped curbed it quite a bit but… I'll never be free unless I jump ship into a whole different state lmao

No. 474351

File: 1571427083818.jpg (484.27 KB, 1080x1343, Aa1.jpg)

I wish I was half as cute as Lisa

But I'm a total grump, smiling is against my nature

No. 474362

why are they so resilient like that? anything else would've died. I'm sorry you have these nasty little creatures running about your home

No. 474365

>Diatomaceous earth
Get ahold of powdered boric acid, it's more efficient. Especially if you can pinpoint the source and powder in there. Dump some on the roaches and let them live. They'll carry it back to their nest, die, and be cannibalized by their colony who will also die from the exposure.

No. 474381

Does anyone else have random things that make you anxious? Like, for me it's the sound of people knocking on my door (even my bedroom door) or the voice of a person who just woke up.

No. 474387

Same anon, there was a time a few weeks ago where I stabbed at a roach on the kitchen wall with something else that cut it in half and its insides were obviously exposed, and then I looked away for whatever reason and by the time I turned back to look at it, it was fucking gone! At that time I figured 'oh it's obviously dead, it must've just fallen off' but now I wonder if that fucker crawled off. I mean, there's no way it could survive for much longer but… god… just die the first time!!

Thanks anon! I've seen it suggested before but I'm always a little worried about using it because of my idiot dog. I know the DE is fine, especially since I bought it off chewy and it's meant to be mixed in with her food, and I dust the DE pretty fine in the main areas/cracks and she doesn't care about it, but I did catch her licking at the wall once where I put down some DE (because she somehow knocked her food into that spot like an idiot lol). I just looked it up and I saw answers ranging from 'it depends on the pet's size' to 'it will only be harmful if ingested in large quantities' lol. She's old and has kidney problems too so I'm extra cautious.

No. 474391

Same, I don't like blackpink but I'm so jealous of them, especially her, she's so cute, of course everybody can't help but love her. And I'm also envious of her body lol
No idea why smiling is so goddamn hard for me…

No. 474394

Samefag, I don't care about kpop at all, she's just an exception

She's living her dream so she has plenty of reason to simle i guess

No. 474398

Seriously anon? An idol just committed suicide and you still think they're worth being jealous of? A lot of people felt the same way about Sulli, just goes to show that being pretty doesn't guarantee happiness. Especially in a messed up industry like kpop.

No. 474400

Way to overreact.
Lots of normal people also kill themselves and just because some idols have depression doesn't mean all of them do. I never said I want to be an idol but atm I'm very lonely, ugly, fat and unhappy, so looking like her sounds pretty good in my book.

No. 474401

I'm not jelaous of her career, I'm jelaous cuz she's pretty, has a cute smile and looks like she's enjoying her life which I want to do too.

No. 474402

At the end of the day, Koreans live in a toxic culture and would rather put the "blame" on themselves for their own suicides rather than the actual industry that preyed on, exploited, and overworked them.

No. 474404

Ok but what does this have to do with us calling Lisa, a thai girl, cute?
It's not that deep

No. 474406

The point is that it's a waste of time to be jealous over specific people, you never know what their lives are actually like. Wanting to be pretty is one thing, fixating on an individual you perceive to be happy is silly especially considering Lisa in particular is in a situation known for causing poor mental health.

I am >>474398 but not >>474402 btw I don't see the relevance in that comment either.

No. 474409

What makes you think I'm fixating on her?
I want to be a cute smiley girl, Lisa seems like a cute smiley girl and I see her on my instagram a lot
That's it lol

No. 474417

File: 1571440289270.jpg (93.02 KB, 800x600, 1571375085598.jpg)


a million ugly poorfags kill themselves daily and no one cares , i know being pretty and famous and having money doesn't guarantee happiness but it helps, would be worse to be a deppressed fat poorfag than a deppresed idol.

No. 474425

>kpopfags pop up ironically at the same time a farmer mentions roaches
are four threads not enough to contain you all

No. 474464

you're right, men who don't watch porn or masturbate frequently are much better in bed than guys who do, too bad they're rare

never going back to sex being interrupted by guys inserting porn shit into it. when a guy doesn't have a warped view of sex it makes it mind blowing tbh

No. 474465

who are you replying to?

No. 474483

Is it weird that I like this video because it's sort of teaching me how to act "normal"?
Things like this boil normies down to their most important stereotypes. I feel like if I can embody a toned-down version of this, I can make friends more easily.

No. 474486

File: 1571466583239.png (853.86 KB, 621x922, Stand2020.png)

Is it me, or does this look evil as shit? The stare is strange.

No. 474489

i love poorly cobbled together christian scams. its so sad when people desperately believe they are real. goes only to show how depraved the scammers are.

No. 474494

Please don't be like this. If you want real friends, just don't be cringy. This is plain boring.

No. 474502

File: 1571476915716.jpg (76.92 KB, 700x400, tibetan-700.jpg)

not to sound like I have a weird racial agenda, but I genuinely like the diversity of the planet, and how many different kinds of humans there are.
it’s neat that I can find someone who looks like me, but is almost entirely removed from anything even resembling my bloodline or culture, and also that there are people who don’t look like me at all, and their culture seems completely alien to mine, but then I get digging and notice there’s some esoteric tradition or belief in some spirit that both our ancestors had, seemingly without ever making contact.
it’s also interesting when different peoples mix and have their own types of cultures, like how there are communities from the border between e. europe and asia, with ancestry from both and their own customs.
it’s really cool how mixed up and weird we are. not entirely sure why anyone would want to wipe out anyone else in this day and age, or feel threatened. i’d like to keep the species in a giant dome, keep them well-fed and cared for so they don’t go insane genociding eachother for resources, and watch them all, like a living museum exhibit or an ant farm.
i can't really find any places that seem to focus on this kind of earnest enthusiasm for human diversity without it turning out to be some creepy racist ego shit. it's all actual white supremacy under covert means, weird hotep essays about everyone secretly being black, very surface level content that only discusses diversity when it's to boast about about how london, new york or some other western place is a ''melting pots'' without much explanation on the actual cultures except that to say they’re not white, people vendettaposting about how this group they don't like has no culture or history (when you can easily google the group and find out they do have culture and history…), or other very transparent attempts to denigrate or reduce whatever group of people the author has a hateboner for. i hate it, it's like people can't keep their negative emotions out of things.
caste shit and dick-measuring contests are a boring distraction. the existence of differences and similarities are what's interesting to me.

No. 474525

Anthropology, anon.

No. 474526

ty. know any good anthropology enthusiast forums?

No. 474544

File: 1571498322388.jpeg (165.37 KB, 1024x1024, 91B5F77D-F65B-4E4F-B625-CE2E2F…)

i made out with this hot guy at a house party last night after feeling like shit about myself in depressive mode for two weeks straight

it felt so good to get my confidence back and let loose for a night

No. 474548

the radfem farmers, idk nobody, im high

No. 474553

File: 1571500518780.jpg (35.69 KB, 815x633, Capture.JPG)

I didn't want to admit it but dunkey and leah's wedding video made me cry my eyes out and it still makes me cry. Even dunkey's stupid vow speech made me cry because even though it was childish it felt genuine and all i want is a relationship like theirs.

No. 474554

just had to cancel a court hearing over the fact that my evidence can be dismissed with the defendant simply saying "that wasn't me". I hope the cancellation goes through, I don't want them to go after my family, pets or property if they get informed of this.

No. 474583

My Sharona by the Knacks is a song that I've heard of several times through out my life but for whatever reason I couldn't remember the title OR the name of the band/artist. The only thing that I knew was that it was something like "Mike Shinoda" but whenever I tried to google the track I end up writing Mike Shinoda which was not what I was looking for lol. Today, I came across some video on youtube that mentioned the correct title and artist, which made me finally listen to this song and finally moves me one step closer to live a fulfilled life.

No. 474589

I'm tired of fandoms being overrun by waifufags and fetishistic cumbrains now. Can't even have a discussion without having cumbrains wank over their favorite waifu and cheapen look of whatever it is they're stanning. What happened to all the female-dominated and interesting fandoms over the years? Now every fandom is as autistic and cringe as the Sonicfags they made fun of in the 2000's, lmao.