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No. 434494

Vent about scrots here! Share your experiences with annoying, terrible, worthless men you've encountered. Post screenshots of men being awful. Talk about how you avoid shitty men and why.

-Please do not respond to scrotbait. Taking bait will result in a 3-day ban from /ot/, no appeals.
-No femcel sperging.
-Gender critical discussion goes to >>429238
Previous thread:

No. 434497

File: 1563149938562.jpg (163.82 KB, 749x363, 1561397332655.jpg)


No. 434500

File: 1563150278695.jpg (608.82 KB, 500x750, toomessy.jpg)

Excellent choice of image, OP. I cri evrytiem.
Alright rudefems, here's to #24 being the most boisterous, man-hating-est thread ever.

No. 434503

Pic made me smile. Thanks, anon.

No. 434504

File: 1563150572740.jpg (62.37 KB, 500x437, tumblr_p0gx7ypn8W1vug77vo1_500…)

incels:all women are gold diggers who only want chad cock, you're not doing it right evil womyn
women:live humble lives, make their own money and mind their own business
incels: not like that either!

what do they want?

No. 434506


No. 434507

File: 1563150881333.jpg (54.73 KB, 712x558, 14932404350839.jpg)

This screenshot is probably fake but I find it hilarious. Recently this hideous incel tier guy tried contacting me on social media. After I didn't reply he sent the most pathetic message ''I'm probably too ugly for you''.. I'm so fucking tired of men I just told him yeah, you are. Let them fucking know.

No. 434510

Remember rudefems, you can't get through to scrotes by being a nicefem. When men rant about why they hate women, they're revealing their fears to you. So it would be irresponsible not to weaponize them.
You know that quote "Men are afraid that women will laugh at them, Women are afraid men will kill them"? Another way to think about that is that men's fear of being mocked is as strong a women's fear of death. So laugh often especially at their worthless dicks

No. 434513

Men use the whole "I'm too ugly for you" shtick to manipulate women into feeling bad enough to sleep with them. Nothing else will do. The woman in the omegle chat is clearly out of that guys league, if he doesn't want to feel ugly why doesn't he just talk to a less attractive woman? Why? Because that's not good enough for them, these incels wont be happy until they can manipulate attractive women to sleep with them instead of being realistic with their options like women are. I have never ever resented an attractive man for dating attractive women, I would especially never lash out at innocent people because of my inability to get a mate. The selfishness and ego of these men will be their own end, until they kill their ego and learn to appreciate what they already have they'll always be miserable.

No. 434517

File: 1563154290966.png (487.06 KB, 540x358, suffragette.png)

Women: We want the right to vote for the leaders of this alleged democracy in which we live.
Men: omfg why do you hate men you ugly bitches

Remember that there is no acceptable level of feminism in men's eyes, so get out there and be crudest, rudest radfem you can be, because you have nothing to lose.

No. 434522

I tried to do this, but the last time I let my radfem side sperg out here other farmers criticised me for suggesting that infanticide is actually a very valid weapon in the war against men and it hurt my feelings a little bit ngl

No. 434523

File: 1563155141305.png (14.42 KB, 486x101, huh.png)

Keep calm and abort all male fetuses, anon.

No. 434524

File: 1563155454297.jpeg (208.68 KB, 750x1334, 0A281113-EE3B-42BE-B851-05F5D7…)

a young /r9k/ camgirl was murdered by a fucking incel. her throat was slit, he took photos and posted it on her discord alongside the caption “find someone else to obsess over”… she was so young too. it’s on r/morbidreality i guess but i don’t want to post those photos, search at your own risk. this is very recent news.

pic related: it’s who killed her.

No. 434527

File: 1563155489359.jpeg (91.1 KB, 750x1334, CFE372B9-1334-46DA-ABC6-0E0B96…)

his IG story

No. 434531

File: 1563155630430.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 116.08 KB, 750x1334, E54F91EF-07A7-4FDF-A830-F28BFD…)

and finally this one — warning, particularly bloody.

her name was Bianca and she went by the username “oxy”. I feel absolutely sick over this.

No. 434532

Tl:dr version:
Catholic priest goes on about people not having kids, but actually blames feminism and women, ignoring all the valid reasons why people do not want kids and actually complains about people having the freedom NOT to choose to have kids as "a cancer".
Plot twist-people calling him out for not having kids himself.

>Also insert joke about why a catholic priest is eager for people to have kids

Heres the much shorter, less waffly version, some of the comments are great!

No. 434536

this and all the other murders should be proof enough that we're not"just as bad as incels!!!"

No. 434539

File: 1563156234106.jpg (184.03 KB, 1125x1666, beraicugs5m21.jpg)

men blaming women and feminism for all their problems, color me shocked

No. 434540

File: 1563156351069.jpg (48.82 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault(7).jpg)

Nah fuck that, I actually do want to be as bad as incels. Throw off the shackles of your "feminine" lower disposition to violence, comrades. Start luring men to their deaths. Kill your boyfriend.

No. 434541

Kill all men omfg I hope this is a wake up call to all the young attention starved girls and women who frequent cursed cum covered corners of the internet like /r9k/ for some fucking reason

No. 434544

lmao they're so angry. as someone who works in healthcare, is childfree, living completely 100% independent on my own and satisfied with my dildo, i gotta say it makes males look very unappealing to bother with.

No. 434545

>Men are in control of society and countries
>Have wiped out species, abuse women, children, other men
>Polluting the planet
>"I-its all WOMENS fault"
So not only are men violent they are as thick as cow shit as well.

No. 434546

Kill your fathers, while you're at it. Feminists have wasted all this time trying to make men better, but I say let's make women worse. I'm not even kidding. Women should strike back against every male crime with ten times the severity.

No. 434547

No. 434548

same, I work at a military hospital, you'd think with how much men run their mouths and scream their damn heads off about how all women are evil, all women are ugly and are gonna hit the wall, all women make horrible moms, MGTOW is the only option, etc, they'd be happy so many women are choosing to earn for themselves and live without them, but nope, they desperately try to convince themselves "y-you'll come crawling back you'll see!!!!" but nope

I hate men therefore I encourage them to MGTOW because they get out of my way, assuming their version of MGTOW doesn't involve spending every breath and energy they have screaming about women, wonder why they get so offended over humble, single by choice women

No. 434549

Holy fuck. Everything just became so real. The amount of jokes, memes, and general nonchalant reactions to this is scary. Where are the news articles? I hope this blows up and women will begin take online safety more seriously. What a cruel world. RIP to Bianca.

No. 434550

File: 1563157125204.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 71.92 KB, 750x1334, F5301AB2-AA0F-4BCF-A046-F358D6…)

some caps of the discord, apologies for the quality. the censored photo is of her corpse but i’m spoilering regardless because holy fuck.

No. 434551

Worst part, mens reaction is mostly ''she had it coming''

No. 434554

I'm so glad I stopped browsing /r9k/ and never agreed to meet up with any of these sociopaths. I'm so heartbroken, especially when I saw the picture of her body. She was just a girl; very petite. She doesn't look like she could harm a soul, and someone just cut her apart. /R9k/ is saying she deserved it because "she was a whore" but she was just a child when she started posting and she did it for the attention because she was clearly struggling with sexual abuse at home. I'm just so mortified. I want to hold her and help her through her mental health, but she's gone.

No. 434557

File: 1563157588533.jpeg (32.93 KB, 640x660, BE15DC12-8609-4467-AF10-5E868F…)

No. 434558

Here's an archived link about her

No. 434562

She was a very pretty girl! I can't imagine the shit she must has been dealing with irl to be seeking validation from these absolute maggots. The way they talked abt her is so fucking demeaning.

No. 434563

File: 1563157849149.png (Spoiler Image, 633.19 KB, 510x802, Porn4.png)

I know this is a fetish, but I mean.. A lot of men think this way unironically.

No. 434565

Judging by the dates she can't have been older than 17 or 18. I genuinely have no words, I just feel sick and can't stop shaking

No. 434567

I hate that I can't tell if you're just scrots LARPing at my expense, or if you're flirting with me, anons.

If we were to take a leaf from the book of other crusades, martyrs can never die. Then again, if I tried to memorise all the names of every woman ever beaten by her shitheel husband, or even the names of the victims in Isla Vista, I'd run out of breath before being able to do anything. And having just looked it up, USC was in 2014. 5 years ago, and incels still aren't being regularly classified as domestic terrorists. Women's lives truly do mean so little to them. Fuck.

No. 434568

They sure do love being violent whenever possible and bragging about overpowering women. Ladies, please consider getting a gun and taking classes. They’re always saying they’ll win in a fight, but fail to realize I will shoot or tase them before they can even lay a finger on me lol.

No. 434569

Those types of men are incels who complain why most women dont want to be near them. They need to remove themselves from the gene pool and from the sounds of it they are doing just that kek.

No. 434570

File: 1563158167943.jpg (223.46 KB, 750x1219, 000.jpg)

I just wanted to add this picture of her. Still don't know what to say other than please remember her face and not her bloody body

No. 434571

Dont worry they are not scrots anon.

No. 434572

I didn't cry until I read how 4ch scrotes reacted to it. She valued their attention and validation so much, and they laugh at her death. Harrassing her mother even. Men have NO soul.

No. 434573

yet again the stereotype of men wanting a """porn goddess""" when if you ever actually go on a porn site you will realize right away what they want is a severely underdeveloped girl who can pass as 12 and doesn't age.

and even if he does want a woman who looks like one in the picture, it wouldn't be good enough for them because we age, and then they'll want to replace us eventually anyway.

No. 434575

I'm dead serious, anon-chan. If an "innocent" man dies tonight, it's justice.
I'm planning on getting a firearm. I was on the fence for awhile but I've made up my mind
Definitely have made up my mind

No. 434577

No. 434579

Nah bro, the reason I don't wanna have kids is because the majority if men are pedophiles (which he probably knows amirite kek) and would probably molest our kids. Or just leave me for another woman when I gain weight from child birth and then be shat all over by society for being another single mother who is draining the system.

No. 434581

This. Even if your man isn't a pedo, your child will go on sleepovers and get abused by their friends dads. Or their teacher. Nowhere's safe.

No. 434583

This. I'm not bringing a child into this world no matter what. Either they'll become a victim or become a perpetrator. I'm glad so many women around the world are WGTOWing and choosing not to marry or have children.

No. 434584

This is what I tell myself when I feel lonely and want a kid, society is too degenerate anyway and I can't protect them from the greasy hands and perverted minds of men. If I had a boy he will grow up to make women miserable, if I have a girl she'll be abused and used all her life. I want to believe some child free women are waking up to the nightmare and birthstriking.

No. 434585

File: 1563160012483.jpg (84.4 KB, 600x927, do and don't.jpg)

>I'm planning on getting a firearm
I have a few
military anon here again
I usually keep a 22 caliber in my car when I'm out and about I like to keep a small handgun strapped to my thigh or in my purse, I suggest an M1895, and ofc spare ammo and a repair kit

I also suggest other anons get into mechanics and welding, not only is it fun and interesting you can also make some bomb ass weapons and other things you might be interested in

another tip is to know your gun rights, thankfully the conservatives have done something right so I live in a state where if anyone trespasses on your property or does anything to make you feel like you are in danger, you have the right to shoot them (and what increases your chances of getting away with it even more is if you call the police, report and send out an ambulance)

work on your aim too ladies, ammo is too expensive for warning shots, not on animals of course however since we aren't heartless scrots who think it's fun to kill innocent animals for game

any other anons out there, I 100% encourage you to get guns, know your rights, and know how to use them and not be afraid. Always be prepared especially when you're in situations like bianca, don't let the scrots win. let them taste what's coming

No. 434588

agree but I don't like the term WGTOW because it is a straight up copy of MGTOW.

No. 434589

>10 years old
>mom having male friend over for dinner
>she's in the kitchen cooking while I'm alone with him in the living room
>im eating a banana while watching tv
>male friend smiles and says ''Imagine what that banana could be, haha''

I had NO idea what he meant, but that gut feeling hit hard that something was wrong. His creepy smirk, the energy he gave off. I just suddenly felt unsafe. Didn't realize what he meant until years later. I wish it was crammed more into little girls heads how important that gut feeling is, and that you don't have to wait until they do something bad.

No. 434591

File: 1563160703737.gif (1.8 MB, 250x250, hesitate.gif)

Fucking thank you for this, based anon. I've seen discussions of self-defense in radfem spaces before and it's always discouraged. Men in this fucking country are all about gun rights until women start talking about arming themselves, then suddenly 'it's too dangerous'.
Time to take advantage of those lax laws. There's a gun manufacturer in my area that offers courses, I'm going to sign up. There's also a firearm megastore a few minutes away, I'm going to do some window-shopping.
Scrotes always trot out that "more likely to be used against you" bullshit, but I look at it this way: if I pull a gun on a man, it's a matter of life and death anyway. And if a man gives me a reason to kill him, >gif.

No. 434592

christ anon that's horrifying. and you're right. a lot of women get murdered when they have bad feelings because they don't want to be rude.

it's depressing when we realize the dark truth behind our childhood memories. like when I was 12 I would go on to chatrooms and chat with other girls my age, and now I'm realizing most of those were pedophiles because the very first thing they would ask were things like "do you have your period yet" and one time I said yes and they just said "ew" and stopped talking to me.

No. 434593

So apparently this was because he was jealous that she liked another guy. Men are children.

No. 434596

Firearms really are the great equalizer especially for women

No. 434602

File: 1563161675657.jpg (204.59 KB, 1000x764, Women with Guns in the Past (4…)

men who have issues with women having guns are 100% red flags to me and should be avoided
it's either
>projection, because they think because if they had a gun they'd shoot everyone that means women will too
>they are planning to do something sinister against women and are afraid of getting their ass handed to them

always have guns ladies and avoid men who have issues with that, they are always no good

No. 434603

File: 1563161698713.png (25.59 KB, 772x244, screenshot1.png)

So there's this movie called "The Autopsy of Jane Doe" and it's about an autopsy of a dead woman. I was watching a video called "Autopsy of Jane Doe Ending Explained" and SO MANY COMMENTS are pointing out her tits and saying she's hot/they want to fuck her. These are just 2 but there's a loooot of them. Men are vile.

No. 434604

And if you're religious you can count any sort of religious programs/camps/church services/whatever your religious gatherings are, etc as another place where their lives are in danger. That doesnt count anything they choose to pursue outside of school, religion, and family such as dance, gymnastics, any sort of sport or hobby etc. Having a child is no longer worth it. Let humans die the fuck out already.

No. 434605

Why do men as a collective seem to lack empathy? Everything is always about sex with their tiny monkey brains…

No. 434606

Because they are entitled whiny pissbabies who think they are the most important beings on earth.

No. 434607

File: 1563162152493.gif (2.58 MB, 500x277, vurvc01vnq1cro1_500.gif)

GOD that's terrible anon. Even worse to know that he was someone your mom trusted.
To add I absolutely hate how common this situation is. Like, most girls I know have at least ONE story of being prayed upon by a male family friend,neighbor,relative, whatever. Hell, the amount of stories I've heard from people about almost being kidnapped as little kids by random men is astounding. It's all so depressing.

Kinda blogposty but stories like this make me appreciate how my mom was/is hyper vigilant around men when I was a kid, and never ever allowed my dad's friends inside the house. She burned it into my mind that men are predators and I should never trust them so easily. I can't blame her for being so pink pilled since as a teen she was almost fucking kidnapped.

No. 434608

you know what's depressing? when men refer to olwen kelly they bash her, talk about how dead she looks in real life, how her tits are weird and saggy, how her butt is small, etc

it's alarming to me when men would rather sexualize and drool over a depiction of a corpse but bash her while she's alive
why do men like bashing and tearing the ever loving shit out of legal, healthy, alive, adult women but if that exact same woman they just claimed was the most hideous beast in the world was dead, a child, not mentally developed enough, etc they will drool over her

No. 434614

No. 434617

I'm a bit tired of people comparing male and female domestic violence as though they were the same thing.

I get that both can be equally as damaging psychologically, but no, your girlfriend hitting you and a man breaking his girlfriend's jaw are not the same thing.

It's important to recognize and denounce domestic violence in all forms but to imply women are just as bad is disgusting when women are being murdered all the time by their partners, and the opposite seldom happens.

No. 434619

File: 1563163274955.jpg (121.78 KB, 640x801, put a bullet in him.jpg)

When scrots start calling this shit out I will sympathise and listen to them. Until them they can cry until they bleed women will never hate scrots the way they hate us.

No. 434621

Peace out, dick.
I sincerely hope that there will be a reckoning with the pornography industry soon. I know libfems are all about ~sex-positivity~ but Jesus, how fucking bad does it have to get before they get the fucking picture?
Pornographers deserve death most of all. All you'd have to do is schedule a filming with them and show up with a weapon. I think about that a lot. It would be so easy.

No. 434623

I've literally seen men claim they were DV victims because their partner or friend playfully slapped or shoved them. They are true male DV victims but a lot of them seem to jumping on the victim and women are evil bandwagon for sure.

No. 434625

Reading Why Does He Do That has changed my perspective on DV a lot. The (male) author straight up says women don't/can't physically abuse men. The defining factor in DV is a pattern of fear, control and intimidation, a woman hitting a man just will not make him afraid and will not give her control over him. It's wrong, for sure, but without instilling fear in her partner it isn't really abuse.

I used to think that any hitting at all counts as DV but put in perspective, why should it when it has no actual effects consistent with abuse on the man?

No. 434626

I was getting hyped for the porn block in the UK launching today for all the scrote tears it will cause but the retard in charge (a male of course) had to delay it for months (again) because they somehow forgot to notify the EU.

No. 434627

i remember on ifunny there was a video of a girl pushing her boyfriend off the bed, men screamed "domestic abuse! domestic abuse! just as bad as men beating women! I hope he busted her head open!" but when I pointed out that no one cared when a man pushed his girlfriend off a cliff as a joke and everyone laughed, people played mental gymnastics to claim it was different

I use to try to take mens abuse stories seriously until I found out what most of them considered abuse

No. 434629

I think in that case the author is describing an abusive relationship as opposed to just abuse, which can be a one time thing or long-term.
In a sense, I agree. How much fear does a woman hitting you even with all her strength instill in the average man? A slight bruise, at most. The fact that the person you love and who loves you is hitting you is still damaging, but wouldn't it be worse if they actually really hurt you? If you fear for your life?
That being said women are certainly equally as capable of manipulating and gaslighting someone into control.

No. 434632

There was this video on reddit this week where a woman was repeatedly hitting this guy on the side of the head. Obviously, not okay.

But the guy was laughing the whole time and filming it in selfie mode.
Meanwhile, the entire comment section was raging about why he didn't punch her back or call the cops. I mean he could have done either of those things but the whole point of it was that it wasn't even hurting him, her fist was like a fly to him. And don't get me started on trash subreddits like pussypassdenied.

No. 434634

UK, you're doing amazing sweetie. I'd love for the porn industry to be sanctioned or outright outlawed in my country but I won't hold my breath.

No. 434635

My understanding is that abuse can't be a one time thing, that would be assault. It becomes abuse when it's habitual/prolonged.

I'm splitting hairs though, it doesn't matter much. When it comes down to it women rarely act violently except in retaliation or self defense, and on the rare occasion they are the aggressors they can't do much damage. Male on female violence is an epidemic and men make a constant effort to distract from it and silence us by focusing on the rare, trivial examples with genders reversed.

No. 434637

Statistically, 1/3 of female homicide victims are killed by their partners, for men it's something like 3%. I do think women can be just as violent as men sometimes, it'S probably vastly under reported but the simple reason is that women just can't hurt their partners the way men do. It doesn't make it "equal" whether men or women hit each other as much, it's always wrong but it's just not the same level of violence and lethality.

No. 434640

File: 1563166519616.jpeg (168.1 KB, 1400x1400, arthur fist.jpeg)

A man's unusable, worthless testicles boil inside their saggy ballsack like poached eggs every time a woman uses a verbal meme he doesn't understand, and his mircobeenis inverts when two separate women have a slightly different stance on a word's authenticity in relation to the speech patterns of women. Truly the superior sex.

No. 434641

And that 3% is mostly comprised of women who were abused by the men they murdered.

I dont really think underreporting is a safe assumption or that women are more violent than statistics show. That only takes self reported incidents into account, but many are reported by third parties, recorded by hospitals, then there's clear evidence like a dead body. And if our ability to inflict harm was the main cause of the disparity, it would be more equal in places where women have easy access to guns. But that isn't the case, because the disparity is caused by the inherent difference in violent tendencies. Not having a go at you but I think people are too willing to believe we're worse than we seem. But nothing supports that, sometimes reality is just as it appears.

No. 434643

File: 1563166993999.jpg (284.31 KB, 1200x1422, wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Que…)

men only hate women who do typical male jobs like hard labor for two reasons
>scrots know that's the only thing they're good for, knowing women can do the same will make them truly be worthless
>victim complex. if more and more women start doing the hard jobs they can't use the whole "us poor hard working men!!!" gimmick anymore

the medical field is already filled with women who are doing much better than what males did when men ruled the medical field, now women rule it and it's better than ever and men hate it

let's run this world ladies

No. 434645

I agree with you. Kfeminists have the right idea about equality. Niceties don't fucking work. Only sheer terror and the horrifying thought that we could become just like them will do.

No. 434646

File: 1563167450960.png (97.81 KB, 670x497, plaster.png)

Gotta love how they whine about how women supposedly only want equality in those "nice easy white-collar jobs" then pull this

No. 434647

File: 1563167725472.jpg (41.15 KB, 720x960, 1531432373889.jpg)

I hope homemade-poison-anon in the stupid questions thread wasn't kidding. Hope she went through with it and got away with it

Anyway get yourselves some muhfuckin guns farmers. Picture yourself as the one holding the gun and scrotes as the emoji pillow. You just know they'd be crying too.

No. 434648

anon the fact is that men on average are much stronger then women and attempting to kill a man might get your self killed(t. necessaryspeed4)

No. 434650

>men think they're stronger than chemicals and weapons

No. 434652


>women have stronger immune systems than men because men's colds and other medical issues are taken more seriously than womens, causing mens immune system to weaken because they always get babied when they're sick and women have to suck it up

easy mode huh

No. 434654

Die for the cause or shut the fuck up. I keep telling you martyrs live on in the memories of the righteous, and I have at least two anons here who would probably stan me within this very thread if I ever finally snap and start organising the all female death squads I love chatting so much shit about. Or just, ykno, punched back at a man for catcalling me and he killed me as retribution.

If you won't defend the future of young girls, who will?

No. 434656

This should be a lesson to any girl trying to get attention from 4chan gamer nerdy types…These men are dangerous and you're really putting your life at risk being involved with them at all. People like belle are playing a dangerous game.

No. 434657

I stan every single female killer no exceptions. Aileen Wuornos is a hero, as far as I'm concerned. So is Valerie Solanas, her only mistake was that she didn't get a clear enough shot.
Aileen Wuornos was treated like shit for long enough that she snapped, and even then she only killed people how deserved to die. But men? They mostly kill defenseless children and animals because they are cowards.

No. 434659

anon please your Y is showing

No. 434662

i find her manipulative and fake as shit. watching her interviews is creepy af because despite admitting she killed him she kinda half pretends to give a shit that she hurt his family when ofc she doesn’t. i get why she doesn’t tell the truth and admit she dgaf because it’d probably have meant more jail time but oh well. i don’t feel bad for travis alexander either but at the end of the day she committed murder and she’s where she belongs

No. 434663

>unironically defending a murder's actions
What she did is the equivalent if what incels do when they murder women who don't like them.
Jodi murdered and stalked Travis just cuz he didn't want her.

Shit like this is why people call us femcels.
I wish the US would do this but unlikely.
You sound underaged.

No. 434665

File: 1563170801811.png (468.49 KB, 500x611, you can't.png)

I'm a grown woman, I pay my taxes, and I shitpost on lolcow in the evenings because I… I just like it, okay
Anyway "people" call us femcels because they can't imagine having an opinion that doesn't revolve around having/not having sex. Incel projection.

No. 434666

took them fucking long enough

heard about this and was absolutely devastated. she was so pretty and her friends all said she was lovely. on god the reactions to this, as well as the reactions to that japanese girl who killed her bf a couple months ago just make me want to kill myself even more than i already did. what's the fucking point of living in a world where men can be like this and still be taken seriously.

No. 434669

you'll appreciate this
and of course scrotes send her love letters in prison wanting to marry her

No. 434672

yeah, i think it's counter productive to defend female killers. i don't think it's as severe as male violence or whatever, just looking at crime rates tells that it isn't. but it's like how incels praise retarded elliot rodger's micro dick. i do feel bad for aileen wuornos because she's went through so much shit but it doesn't justify murder.

No. 434674

>Dennehy hunted and stabbed men for the purpose of entertainment, telling Gary Stretch, "I want my fun. I need you to get my fun."
Wow, why have I never heard of this woman before?
Also, Gary Stretch lmao
Stab scrotes, collect love letters. That's the way of the crudefem.

No. 434676

Hybristophiles of either sex are always pathetic

No. 434680

But incels obsess over female ones and use it as a reason as why women need to be abused, not even here are we this obsessed with trying to justify men's abuse because they wanna fuck female criminals

No. 434682

word of advice ladies, never ever ever ever get married. I've literally trapped myself in a neverending emotional whirlwind and migraine of a relationship because I'm a stupid fuck.

No. 434683

File: 1563176759011.png (109.21 KB, 500x710, all-you-normies-out-here-fucki…)

I just found this and I want to vomit

No. 434684

spill / rant

No. 434686

"Lolicons aren't pedophiles"

Men - if normal, breathing, healthy adult women aren't enough for you that's fine, go your own way or fuck each other or fuck dolls or whatever, when you start fucking children, special needs women, dead bodies, animals, etc there becomes a problem

No. 434687

Once you're married any illusion of love you thought a man had for you is gone, you're just an emotional support bangmaid now. They all watch porn behind your back and sleep soundly like babies after spending the whole day bringing you down and arguing to death. If you're ever going to make a mistake this stupid at least have a place to get away and a job, never give up your job for a guy and become dependent on him, once you do that you become a slave. I know most of you here are probably smarter than this but sometimes men are really good at manipulating you into trusting them.

No. 434688

Even more reasons to not have kids jesus christ will it ever end?

No. 434699

File: 1563180663599.png (336.92 KB, 686x796, 1562987756775.png)

what are your thoughts on pic related(necessaryspeed4)

No. 434709

Anon how dare you insinuate people who watch lolicon are pedos, everyone knows lolis can be hundreds of years old and therefor not actual children and There for okay to watch them get fucked!!1!1

No. 434712

However there have been some r9k meetups where a girl and a boy got together just fine and even got married later.
Pretty much hit or miss at this point, but meh

No. 434716

I mean, I've dated within the pool of people that go on imageboards and I'd still say dating norm men is easier. Anyone who frequents these places usually has something wrong upstairs, and both of you being damaged is a recipe for disaster.

No. 434720

as a bi person who've met multiple girls and guys from imageboards it's safe to say that girls tend to be saner. i've seen other bi people saying otherwise but i would say that it's actually easier to find a girl to date than a guy in general, i was always more comfortable with girls.

No. 434721

I'd still encourage women not too, men are too entitled, let them know we won't deal with their shit if they volunteerily hang out with pedophiles and rapists all day

No. 434723

Obviously it happens less but it doesn't change that they're both equivalent actions. I'm not taking about frequencies lmao

No. 434726

He dumped her corpse photos in some random minecraft server she was part of too
Even if that hypothetically happened its incredibly likely to be abusive or worse. To those who are unaware, these r9k discord servers (both the dozens of incel ones and troon recruitment ones like r9cute) are crawling with sociopaths, pedophiles, pimps, necrophiles, child porn procurers, animal abusers, animal fuckers, etc. and I am not exaggerating one bit. Just look at the reaction to her death from her beloved orbiters, they're celebrating

No. 434727

File: 1563185293428.jpeg (194.62 KB, 750x772, D5390466-6EBF-4C9B-832C-355AAC…)

I wanted to look some figures up out of curiosity and stumbled upon this. Hard pink pill.

No. 434728

I think the premise you'll encounter in this thread is that by definition, the frequency makes them not equivalent. The murder of women by men under a patriarchal system is different to the murder of men by women under the exact same conditions. One of the ways in which it differs is frequency. Unless you don't accept the central premise that our society is patriarchal, in which case please fix your bonnet, Ofdan, your Bobby pins are showing.

No. 434729

I'm so heartbroken over this. I don't want to talk to my friends about it because I don't want them to be heartbroken too. That poor girl did not deserve to at the hands of that fucking pig. I'm just so scared and want all of us to be safe. Why is that so much to ask for from men???

No. 434732

Please stop a-logging. Femcel sperging and encouraging anything illegal under US law is against the rules.

No. 434733

The same action and motivations for a murder are not rendered unequal because of the gender.

Back with the handmaiden insults? How original kek

No. 434750

Men:scared to be used for free pasta
Women: scared to be MURDERED

No. 434753

File: 1563192675958.png (Spoiler Image, 35.48 KB, 297x289, upYrSa.png)

This was posted in a Discord server discussing the whole thing. One of the /r9k/ guys sent this to her mother. The photos are of his hand covered in cum.
I just can't understand it. I'm 99% sure he never even knew Bianca, either. Why do men do these things? What possesses them to be so fucking abhorrent and disgusting? Why would she deserve this, and why would her family deserve the extra pain?
Men really fucking do this to women, but they expect us to feel bad for them for being mentally ill or lonely.

No. 434754

Thanks, I hate it. I feel physically ill after reading this.

No. 434760

no offence, but y’all need to quit the hysterics of “whyyy are men so mean, how can they do this!!” males do what they do because they are sadistic and polluted on a fundamental and biological level. whining about that behaviour is only giving them the reaction they want. you have to remember, as another anon posted iirc, that misogynistic males tend to feel belittled by women. exploit that instead. express your anger through shaming, mocking and laughing at males, which in turn energises the spirit. undermine male supremacy in this manner, rather than pathetic sperging.

No. 434761

You're completely right, tbh. I think it's just difficult for women to lack empathy on the same level as men do.

No. 434767

She's beautiful. I can't believe men are so deranged to murder their ex girlfriends and post it all over the internet like they just ordered a pizza

Wtf is wrong with people. I agree with the anon in the belle thread. We need to remember the quality of guys who are paying for our "content." It is not easy money when you expose yourself to thousands of fuckin' creeps like that.

No. 434771

File: 1563194451778.png (106.99 KB, 1000x697, xxxy.png)

>Wtf is wrong with people
You mean scrotes.
As fully functioning human beings, it's impossible to understand what goes through their maldeveloped brains.

No. 434772

Off Topic but "Why Does he do that" is a great read I also highly recommend Just two seconds and The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker(t. necessaryspeed4)

No. 434774

Holy fuck and they try to make us seem like the crazy, hysterical, unreasonable ones for even questioning men, let alone hating their fucking guts. I want to actually fucking torture and anally rape the dick who did this.

sidebar: seems insignificant but the term "e-Girl" is retarded, I saw the literal description is a woman who spends too much Time on the internet and is thus considered a "whore". Are we not allowed to do ANYTHING? Every little thing we do is mocked.

No. 434775

I'm scared of men. I've never felt the need to post in this thread but I don't know what to do… It's the utter lack of empathy towards this girl. There's nothing that she's done that would ever justify this. Nothing. Yet men are cheering and enjoying her death.

No. 434778

The only ones who deserve a death like this is the entire male gender. They can all fucking rot.(Please stop a-logging. Femcel sperging and encouraging anything illegal under US law is against the rules.)

No. 434781

But what can we do about this? It's becoming more and more clear that they have no place in a civilized society. They're just not rational. Something is wrong with them. We'd need a massive overhaul of how we socialize our sons if the next generations are to be improved. How do we fix things?

No. 434782

Unfortunately it can't be fixed. This is the male gender. They are born defective, violent sociopaths.

No. 434783

I hope this guy was stupid enough to send this under his real name and that his name will be made public.

No. 434784

I absolutely agree, but I think it's hard for many women to understand. Women are simply better than men. More human. More developed. Trying to understand the male brain is like trying to understand how a diseased reptile thinks. You can't really understand something like that, but women are told the lie our whole lives that men are our equals, if not better than us, so we try anyway.

The sooner women realize men are defective and inferior and stop trying to understand how they "think", the better.

No. 434786

thank you for adding her face, anon. what a sweet face. i hope she rests in peace. i'm certain she'll be remembered with love by her family and her friends even decades from now, while the subhuman thing that killed her will rot in a jail cell, unwanted and unloved until he is eventually forgotten by everyone. rip bianca.

No. 434788

And she wasn't his gf. He was her stalker but the incels brigade made up an entire history of her being a slut (which even if true doesn't justify anything but whatever). She wanted to be left alone and he tracked her down and did this. It's disgusting. Men are disgusting.

No. 434792

christ, she was a part of the same "side" of ig i'm on. it really could have been any of us.

No. 434793

I rarely peek into these threads, but holy shit I am so disgusted. Went to r9k and the total lack of empathy and basic human emotion in nine out of ten posts actually makes me want to vomit. I'm honestly at a loss for words? What is wrong with men? What is wrong with society that is letting this continue? This makes me want to die honestly. She did absolutely nothing to deserve this, I hope she finds peace and that her family will get peace to mourn their loss without these disgusting freaks contacting them.

No. 434799


The thing I find weird about the r9k threads on her is they're sperging about black men, when neither of these people were black and calling her a coal burner despite the fact there's no proof she ever dated a black man.

No. 434800


There's a great chapter in Susan Faludi's Backlash about this, following a few cases of women in the 80s who worked their asses off to learn trades and got bullied out of them by men. The whole book is great, but that part in particular stayed with me. So many trades are dependable and lucrative but I'll be real, even though my school had training for them, it wasn't ever even a possibility in my mind because of how dude-heavy and frankly douchey the atmosphere of the classes were. Any girl who tried had to endure an insane amount of harassment.

No. 434801

Honest question, why do you guys even visit r9k?

No. 434802


You're not stupid for trusting him, anon. I was in the same place as you not too long ago, and it happens so invisibly. Is divorce an option?

No. 434803

One time I was riding a bus and this elderly drunk man with dirty hands was harassing a girl sitting infront of me, when she left the bus he turned around to me and started to conversate with me, he eventually sat next to me and was way to close and he had me trapped.

No guy in that bus stood up to help me or ask if there is a problem. two girls came up to me and asked if i need help and if im fine. I exited the bus early.

at the end of the day I realized I cant trust guys at all, only girls.

btw I was 17 it was a year ago

No. 434805

In my case it I was just wondering "How bad can it really be?", but yeah it was actually way worse than I could have ever imagined. I really hope women stay away from that place as much as possible, this tragedy only cemented that imo.

No. 434809

I'm glad anons itt are finally letting their rage flow after seeing what these disgusting pigs are truly like. Never hold back, we've already seen enough to be fooled by them. Treat them like absolute shit, make fun of them, intimidate them by mocking their deepest insecurities. Express disgust and contempt whenever they say anything to you, and watch them run back to you. When you read posts on the internet made by them, don't let them hurt you, but use any weakness they make known to your advantage. Remember the way they think of you, and know that they are not human in the sense that you are.

No. 434810


Some anons (not in this thread but others) have mentioned going their to get boyfriends or male attention. They would join their discord’s than come back sobbing on here when it all goes array. I understand it was obviously their low self esteem, maybe genuinely having poor genetics, but going to that place for 5 mins should of been a huge red flag to stay far away.

No. 434811

Opinions on the youtube channel FaceandLMS? I hate him i went off in his comments, I found him on several incel forums.

No. 434813

Honestly not even 5 mins needed, more like 5 seconds. What kind of dirty disgusting creature would see a picture of a young, innocent, brutally murdered woman and first thought is to mock her appearance?

No. 434815

File: 1563201889080.png (257.97 KB, 301x434, 1496756860659.png)

This, nothing wrecks a scrote's ego more than a woman who doesn't give a shit or one that ends up laughing in his face.

No. 434817

File: 1563202185001.png (12.19 KB, 616x129, red.png)

The same goes for Reddit and other websites then. There are some instances (rare) where a girl decides to meet some guy a for a coffee (or blowjob…) and it appears they are the right amount of crazy to date that way but not enough to generate an abusive relationship which leads to really bad things.

No. 434819

Morbid curiosity. It’s interesting to see posts that reflect on how warped the world views of incels and incel-adjacents are. However their lack of empathy of not only sharing the murder photos untagged but also celebrating the victim’s death has left me utterly disturbed. Wouldn’t care if that board was shut down.

No. 434820

I’m so fucking sad about this Bianca girl. She probably bled out judging by the hesitation marks on her neck. What a fucking terrible way to die. She reminds me of me when I was her age, men are acting like she was an unredeemable person but so many girls can recover from mental illness and drug abuse, now she’s dead because of some piece of shit emo robot and there’s no way of knowing the woman she could’ve grown up to be. People act like I’m paranoid because I never share my location, keep my Instagram private, it’s because of shit like this. I can’t believe men are celebrating this girls’ death. Snuffed out by some 20 something creep. Rest in fucking peace.

No. 434821

I've read a lot of his posts on multiple forums. He is obsessed with ''jailbait'' girls and is highly upset that in the future he'll have to settle for a woman older than 25.
His channel started off with SOME good info about lookism and how it affects society, but soon turned into woman-hating podcasts where he has fellow pathetic stuttering incel guests join him to cry about how they aren't getting approached by VS models.

No. 434822

Same. I hope with the rise of deepfakes more laws are implemented and people get educated about the dangers of social media more.

No. 434823

Yes I agree completely! The places where this kind of shit mentality flows freely should not be allowed to exist. Not surprised things like this happen when we give these men a platform to discuss and circlejerk about their disgusting and warped world view. Shut it all down!

The amount of creeps who scoff at women for attempting to stay safe online is seriously disturbing. I honestly feel unsafe just telling people I'm a woman online because of the amount of hate/diminishing of my opinions/sexism it usually triggers.

No. 434824

What about adoption, ladies? I plan on adopting kids and giving them a good home. There are lots of kids who are already here and need love. Obviously if you don't want kids, don't adopt but I wish more women fostered / adopted kids. though it's not feasible for everyone. It's very heavy on your soul too, since these kids don't come from good homes.

No. 434825

that is sickening. how does this person sleep at night

No. 434827

Been thinking about that for years now, it's a really good option and, as a cherry on top, - no man needed.

No. 434829

File: 1563203031781.jpg (1009.56 KB, 1439x1659, Screenshot_20190715-110233_Chr…)

Oh I'm sorry I wasn't aware that you needed to have sex with every man you're nice to once or come into contact with or you deserve to be killed lol

No. 434830

The existenceof deepfakes and deepnudes disturb me. There are multiple threads of them on seedy places like 4chan, and many of the pictures used are pretty innocuous images of girls who did not consent. When I say innocuous, I’m saying images in which the girls aren’t wearing revealing clothing at all. Taught me that moids will find a way to sexualize a girl/woman regardless of what she’s wearing, yet whatever a girl/woman is wearing will always be used to shame her in cases of sexual abuse.

No. 434832

File: 1563203502688.jpg (94.51 KB, 989x559, the edge at play here.JPG)

And she was just 16. She was a fucking kid with a myriad of mental issues and a substance abuse problem, she could've been rehabilitated. This whole case just fucked me up on a whole new level because so many young girls are in her situation. People on Kiwifarms are turning it around like she was a mastermind manipulative whore who deserved what was coming her way because s-she shared nudes when underage and totally blackmailed the people for holding cp!! With absolutely no proof. It's fucking baffling. Some autistic posters are even fanficcing that "she probably asked him to/knew he would kill her so it's suicide in a way". Jesus christ. Why do people hate young women so much?

This motherfucker almost decapitated the girl over NOTHING and this is how men are reacting:
>Not gonna be the last one. E-hoes should think twice before teasing weirdos online. If you wear a shirt that says “I hate niggers” to Detroit, don’t be surprised that you end up all bruised up in an abandoned building sucking a black cock with a gun pointed at you.
>I am honestly disappointed…. everyone is going on how terrible the pictures are? Uhh guess you all haven't been around the internet very long? Would of been better if he did actually cut her head off, and his piss poor emo attempt to kill himself? Like he couldn't even do that right. "Woe is me" "so sorry you made me kill you ethot"
>Well, this is one you don't go around acting like the [Damaged] Queen of Dicks and bragging about it. Eventually, you get the one crazy motherfucker willing to finally off you. These situations are more common than you think. What a damn shame.
>shes dead, you dont need to white knight for her anymore. she literally cant suck your dick
>It sucks people died, but it's kinda a non-story really, especially considering it looks like the people who died here were people who would soon OD or an hero anyway.
>I think the message here for little e-thots everywhere is, careful which of your incels you talk shit to. #NothingOfValueWasLost

No. 434833

>a young /r9k/ camgirl was murdered by a fucking incel
Wait what? A random guy killed her?

No. 434834

I hope the mother sends what that bastard sent her to police and they manage to track hi down what a disgusting fucking pig.

Every day I feel kinda bad for having murderous rage for men but shit if they don't deserve it I hope the death of this girl would make people take seriously the threat the unhinged incel men are to women and girls.

No. 434835

Man, I usually go on KF for some cow threads that don't have proper threads here. This is really making me think about dropping the entire site.

No. 434836

The prick tried to kill himself by putting a knife in his neck. The police found him in critical condition and is at the hospital. This guy gets to live his life in prison and that girl will never breathe again.

No. 434839

I've been lurking on KF since 2014ish and I gotta agree tbh. Since it's gotten more popular in the last year it's become less about laughing at cows and more about being a shitty /pol/tier site.

I've noticed it in the last few weeks but this shit has solidified my opinion on it.

No. 434840

thread for anyone interested. a lot of posts calling out the fuckery of it all but nothing to write home about

No. 434842

KiwiFarms can have some good milk but since it’s full of right-leaning moids, you end up seeing opinions of this kind shared on threads about a girl/woman. I limit my sources of internet drama to lolcow and even smaller forums nowadays.

At least this fucker can potentially rot in prison now. No way can they let him go free after this, but moids in the past have gotten away scot-free with rape or stupidly short sentences for murdering women so who knows. Just a sad story overall for the victims and her loved ones.

No. 434843

File: 1563204393176.png (116.11 KB, 1522x600, tellonym.png)

I have to admit that checking her Tumblr, the callout posts, her aesthetic, all the edgy posts about wanting to die or kill, the fetish stuff, the fact that she was at a Nicole concert, etc was sort of eerie. We ran in the same online circles. I think I even read the callout years ago, and didn't make much of it. Looking through all this shit was almost an "I have to laugh (because if I don't, I'll cry)" thing. Painful, dark irony.

It's kind of a harsh reminder. If any of us die at a man's hands and it goes public, our online and IRL footprints will probably be collated just like this. Men will find absolutely any excuse to say we "had it coming". They'll cherrypick every time we were mad, said some edgy shit or told some fuckhead to leave us alone, and they'll say we were "bitches" or "whores" who brought it on ourselves by "taunting" men. That's the world we live in. It's easier to victim-blame than ever nowadays.
On that note, why don't these incels just kill themselves? Why not raise the male suicide rates? They're not human and they don't deserve to breathe.

No. 434845

I don't understand how people can follow the logic that it's somehow her fault. It doesn't matter how much you whore around, the fault is still on the perp and not the victim. Yes, she could have done something else with her life but why are we comparing being a camgirl to being a literal murderer?
Also these same scrots would cry the second all their precious porn gets taken away but still somehow feel it's justified to murder women for being SWs. Which one do they want?

No. 434848

That FaceandLMS guy was on PuaHate which is some kind of site where you complain how methods pick up artists dont work and stuff?

I mean this just explains where he is coming from with all of his videos. He cant get laid and now he is making videos about how shallow women are but he somehow still manages to sound professional enough for people to think he actually knows what he is talking about. He makes 45 minute long videos on his channel which basically proves he doesnt even leave his house to actually talk to women.

Also i found a picture of him but its kind of fucked up and photoshoped on another body? Idk i found it on some incel forum when I was trying to make sense of his mentality.

Anyways he is basically just a dumb cunt

No. 434851

File: 1563206254559.jpg (2.82 MB, 5394x2048, PhotoGrid_1563205919782.jpg)

The murderer is a self proclaimed "nice guy" of course, here are allegedly his interactions with a different girl who he was harassing at some point
Take these with a grain of salt because they came from

No. 434853

No. 434854

I used to visit r9k because I saw it as a more serious version of /b/. Threads weren't just pure spam of memes.

No. 434855


I don't, but I definitely used to (I'm a bit older than anons here, late 20s) and I'll be honest, it was because I wanted to be cool according to boys. I didn't want to be a dumb girl, I wanted to know the edgiest jokes and make fun of girls and talk about tits too.

I grew out of it, thank god. But I have nothing but sympathy for girls who haven't yet, or ones like this poor Bianca who take it a little further in looking for explicit sexual praise. It seems stupid to an outside observer, sure, but a lot of the time it's just girls trying to act according to what the world tells them: be sexy, don't be a dumb bitch, boys are important and smarter and funnier and cooler than you. Especially in the teen years…..it's a struggle. Sometimes you make bad choices. Bianca will never get to grow up and look back on this era with wisdom. Because some fucking boy couldn't handle not getting everything he wanted.

I hope he lives. I hope he has nightmares every fucking night.

No. 434857

>the type of guy who's loyal and faithful and has empathy
I hope these texts aren't real because imagining that this disguting murderer could have this fantasy of being a good person with "empathy" makes me sick.

No. 434858

I visited /r9k/ when shuaiby died and stayed for almost a year because the posts were mildly entertaining, but it got worse and worse, so I found lolcow and stayed here.

Reading the earlier replies in this thread, I'm definitely going to think twice about what I post. I've always remained anonymous on the web, avoided sharing my real name, but I still gave my address out once to a friend I made on 4chan and I'm definitely never doing that again.

No. 434860

Men think they are a gift to the world so I would not be surprised if it was legit.

No. 434862

I hope the bastard survives is there any news about his condition?

No. 434868

This. I used to be a Cool Girl as a teenager too and having been there I know these girls exist in a world very different from ours. For them male validation is everything. They've probably been ostracized by their female peers and haven't had a strong father figure in their life so they've drifted to hang out with older nerd guys because they're the only ones telling them they matter - as long as they're willing to put male needs first or at least pretend to. People are more hungry for social validation than we like to admit and it's right up there with food and shelter in the priority 1 needs that have to be met.

It's so easy for an average Kiwifarm faggot to hoff and scoff at a random e-thot for "asking for it" because they're the ones living a comfy life as a man who most likely never has to be afraid of being killed or harmed by a woman. Nobody's telling men to bend a knee and being subservient to women in order to feel needed. For them this situation is so unreal and detached from reality that they simply can't empathize with it.

No. 434893

I noticed my bf only agrees with my opinions after a male that he likes says the same thing. I remember a few months ago I told my bf that it's ironic how koreans don't like black people but kpop is so much like black American pop and they use all that slang etc he flipped out on me and said I make everything about race etc but then a few months later one of his male friends said the exact same thing and he's like 'lol that's so true it's really ironic".

No. 434895

No. 434897

it was a mix between being really depressed and wanting be seen as a "cool girl" on this shitty discord i was in at the time. I posted on r9k once when I was 22 because i thought maybe they would understand me (dumb i know) and they just kept harping on the fact that i was black and a girl. And i was like why am I trying to get sympathy from pathetic racist losers. Then i would lurk on there to feel better about myself like i may be going through it but at least i havent given up on myself like these people. The Bianca situation really scares/makes me sad because I know there are a lot of girls that are weebs and then join these discords/sites with the intention of making weeb like friends and you finally feel like less of a freak but then a lot of men who like anime are depraved as shit on those sites and you get exposed to degenerate shit and they gaslight and call you the freak for not knowing about it. So you dont want to be labeled a "normie" and be basically outcasted from your own community so you start looking up "edgy" shit and then start saying edgy shit etc. Ugh its this horrible slippery slope. My heart breaks for this generation of weebs online.

No. 434898


This, exactly. KF guys take being lonely weirdo asshole nerds and externalize the blame, make it all the fault of dumb bitches/SJWs/Jews/whatever. Lonely weirdo girls internalize the blame and try to hate the same people, but above all, make themselves perfect, to yank out anything about themselves that might be "cringy"/"bitchy"/whatever. Some become weird hybrids, like tradthots, but they're all just trying to find a sense of self according to men's value system. They're not stupid or crazy, they're in a society that's hurting them, at an age where trying to figure out who the fuck you're supposed to be is paramount, and desperately trying to win the game of girlhood. The game is rigged, but they don't have the confidence to know that yet.

It's like eating disorders, imho, or TiFs–we act like girls who do this are stupid or selfish, but they're not. They're listening to what the world tells them, which is that fat girls are disgusting, eat "clean," and women are dumb sexdolls but men are worth something. We're all just trying to solve the equation. Bianca was too. No one should ever have to die for being a girl trying to figure out how to exist in this fucked up world.

No. 434899


My ex did the same thing, even with gender stuff. If I complained about catcalling it was whatever, but if some woke bro on twitter condemned catcalling, then he'd care and retweet him and talk about it.

No. 434901

Ugh anon, are you me. This is it exactly. Thank god we got out. Can't even imagine what shit you took for being black AND female.

No. 434907

File: 1563213831015.jpg (133.5 KB, 1200x691, D_h8gkNWwAA7U7j.jpg)

>these girls exist in a world very different from ours
>They've probably been ostracized by their female peers and haven't had a strong father figure in their life so they've drifted to hang out with older nerd guys because they're the only ones telling them they matter

wow you described me to a T, anon. I'm glad I wisened up and stopped browsing brainworm sites like r9k, but in my early 20's I feel like I'm still recuperating from never really having a solid group of people to identify with in my upbringing. This Bianca situation is really depressing.

also, if it helps anyone at all: Bianca's friends + family have confirmed that the murderer was a trusted family friend (her ride to/from the party) and NOT an orbiter. It doesn't make the outcome any better (RIP), but at least it wasn't a case of a total incel stranger stalking and killing an egirl.
more info in this thread but take this Twitter journalism with a grain of salt https://twitter.com/NewsChute/status/1150806655166287878

No. 434910

I empathize with you girls so damn much. A large number of farmers were on 4ch and managed to get out. It took spending time here to undo the fucked up shit that place instilled. I’m Still deprogramming from all the degen hentai and fetish grooming in my tween/teen years… This Bianca girl was much like looking into a mirror.

No. 434914

lolcow is a mess at times but one thing that absolutely redeems it is the fact that a) scroties are banned immediately and b) it’s a decent substitute for those who are acclimatised to image board culture. i never really had much of an issue with internalised misogyny, even when i used to browse /r9k/, but i has unfortunately become desensitised to misogyny and male violence. since finding this site, my misandry and care for women has been reinvigorated and i’ve almost completely weened myself off of the chans, other than browsing /a/ occasionally.

No. 434915

Honestly For the betterment of the world the Internet needs to "shut off" for a couple months
like something happens and the whole internet is made unusable for the general Public(necessaryspeed4)

No. 434917

also the fact that women actually hold each other accountable for being assholes or generally shitty. sometimes it can be party pooper when i want to be a petty ass, but mostly i'm thankful for it.

No. 434918

You again with the crazy idea? I know where you are coming from, but it would cause as much harm as good. Not gonna happen the way you want it to.

No. 434920

File: 1563215341843.png (928.05 KB, 1024x1448, 9873313A-2579-442C-B3F9-5BCCF4…)

Wow, they really made this thing that makes no sense lmao its oddly specific, like some kind of delusion about an everyday life of a woman

No. 434921

I'm not saying I want the Internet gone forever,rather to just shut off for a couple months then come back as a blank slate(necessaryspeed4)

No. 434923

>Leave work, guy holds the door for you
Those always crack me the fuck up! Imagine thinking that a stranger holding the door for you is peak happiness/privilege or something.
It's a fucking normal thing that people in society do for each other, no matter the gender (or at least it's like this in my europoor country). If I see a guy carrying some heavy shit, I will hold the door for him so he can get through no problem. Other women hold the door for me if I am near and I do the same for them. It's not a big deal!

Imagine being such an unpleasant and delusional dick that you thing comnon politness is an unfair advantage women get.

Not even gonna touch on all the rest of bullshit (as always, mentally ill or ugly women do not exist. Also I would love to live in the world where you don't need to get shit done at work because you are a woman lmfao)

No. 434927

He thinks its easy for women at work and that their boss lets them go with stuff.
Well nuh uh sir male bosses are assholes especially to women, just really manipulative and sadistic most of the time. My boss is the worst and I am literally so scared of him and he knows it. He knows that i need to work for a living and he knows im doing it right here in his company and he knows i have to play nice no matter how obviously sadistic he is.

No. 434928

File: 1563216440609.png (1.32 MB, 1710x1198, rip.png)

I agree with this, I wish I hadn't have seen the r9k thread. they sent cum tributes of her corpse to her mother. meanwhile her family is suffering the shock and tragedy of her untimely and extremely cruel and degrading death. her poor sister, her poor mum.
fuck scrots. I literally feel so fucking sick about this. RIP Bianca. a casualty of many to come if incels aren't regarded as domestic terrorists like another anon said, and soon.

No. 434929

It's even worse now that the guy that killed Bianca turned out to be her friend. Christ. I guess it's just confirms the stats that it's more likely for us to get killed by a man we know and trust. It makes me feel ill in the stomach. And for her death to be recorded and made a mockery of. I really need to take a break from the internet.

No. 434932

i'm sorry anon. i feel sick too. i'm taking a break from the Internet for at least another full day, and you better take one too!

No. 434933

File: 1563216915218.png (20.78 KB, 531x186, yeetus.PNG)

I've seen a lot of petty things on this website, but this image takes the cake.
Like, are incels really that pressed about a barista not calling them cute lmao

No. 434934

a family friend supposedly.

also according to kiwifarms apparently he bragged on 4chan about "losing his virginity" to her, after she was dead.

No. 434936

Was in discord with him before. Expressed pedophilic sentiments. Makes the cringiest reddit posts (needs to learn basic graphic design for his "memes"). Like most "incels" on there he wasn't even ugly (saw his pic) and had a girlfriend in the past, he just enjoys faking to be a part of that community.

No. 434939

>the rope broke.

failing at everything in life. cant even shop for sturdy materials.

No. 434940

I saw the photo of her corpse, the one with her face showing, and I wanted to vomit. She's such a beautiful girl, she lives in my state, I wish I could have met her and gotten her away from these men. I feel so sick, I want to cry.

I hope he's hung from his ankles and tortured to the brink of death. I hope he's haunted forever, locked away in solitary confinement and loses his mind.

No. 434943

He wasn't a family friend, he was a guy off r9k who she dated. He also dated another e-whore named ciara.

And ciara is involved in some major grooming on discord via michael mantras (known r9k pedo)

Such a mess.

No. 434946

I don't know if scrots and incels realize this yet but it's getting very hard to convince people that women shouldn't feel threatened of men when they deliberately do acts like this out of pure vitriol and hate. My parents saw the news about this Bianca girl, and they're already saying pink pilled shit, this happened with some of my female friends and cousins too…this is already backfiring, they're literally scaring them off, fucking cum-brained r e t a r d s i can't believe they did all this shitshow just because they couldn't get laid, i can't believe i used to feel less to these absolute animals lmao if it wasn't for their strength these bitches would be extinct already, truly the superior sex.

No. 434953

I recall that one farmer that posted how she sent a few of those r9k psychopaths Christmas presents despite knowing that they'd probably cheer for her death if they knew she was a girl. I just hope this entire nightmarish case serves as a reminder not to engage with incels or feel any sort of empathy towards them, to farmers and other women out there. They will fabricate lies about you just to they could justify dehumanizing you. Though, most men would probably too. Incels aren't special snowflakes nor are they a minority of their sex. They're the true face of what men are, depraved animals with no sense of morals and unable to feel empathy.

No. 434957

No. 434958

I read the kiwifarms thread and that was a fucking mistake. I don't get it, kiwifarms is a site that is mostly dedicated to making fun of and occasionally doxxing other people on the internet. If Bianca's murder is somehow justified by her being mean once to the freak that killed her, then that means that the subjects of the threads on kiwifarms would be justified in tracking down and killing everyone who says mean things about them.

No. 434963

It’s literally all just scrots circlejerking over “ha ha, nothing of value was lost! Belle Delphine is next!”

Stay mad, Kiwi faggots. Sorry nobody wants your pathetic benis.

No. 434965

File: 1563225288502.png (172.46 KB, 529x598, 1563188838984.png)

you see what you want to see.

It's obvious these /r9k/ guys and /soc/ girls are mentally deranged and or disabled. I'm surprised a murder didn't happen sooner.

They are two sides of the same coin and you should stay away from those communities, they will lead to misery.

No. 434966

I read it and saw the pic as well, I feel so fucked and I have noone to talk to about it. To think she was so brutally murdered and raped, I can't stop thinking about it.

No. 434968

File: 1563225524621.png (353.93 KB, 916x578, Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 2.18…)

The comment section for her death is horrible. Even women are honestly believing it was the little girl's fault.


No. 434969

But that doesn’t mean she deserved to be brutally murdered and have her corpse shown to the fucking world what the actual fuck is wrong with you

No. 434970

She was 15 in that pic, and the man pursuing her was a paedophile. But sure, muh two sides.

No. 434971

yes i know it's the pink pill thread, im just saying people should stay away from those communities.

No. 434974

Don't be hate women for calling you replaceable, tumors. Hate yourselves for being replaceable!
I love seeing women treat their retarded orbiters like shit. You can mock and humiliate them and the cumbrains still come back for more, they have no concept of human dignity kek

No. 434975

I didn't know I should stay away from those communities when I first got involved in them; I was a mentally ill kid with an abusive father who talks just like the people who use /r9k/ and /pol/. He even married a "precious asian waifu." Come on. Stop blaming the girls. It wasn't abnormal to me at the time.

No. 434976

then why post the highly irrelevant pic and not sage your dumbass reply?

No. 434979

Scrots on kiwifarms and 4chan will vehemently defend their fellow scrots who attack people online and say “cyberbullying isn’t real lol you should have turn off your computer if you were triggered!!1!”, but their whole logic does a 180 when the person leaving rude messages is a woman. When it’s a woman it becomes “muh cyberbullying” and “don’t you femoids know provoking people online can cause them to snap?”. Bianca clearly wasn’t a perfect person, she had a lot of problems, but nothing she did was deserving of her being murdered and having her corpse plastered all over the internet. That being said, Bianca’s killer was too worried about taking edgy pictures of his suicide to actually succeed in killing himself, so I hope he enjoys life in prison without hentai and chicken nuggies.

No. 434984

File: 1563227210764.png (130.7 KB, 935x187, Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 2.43…)

The first two sentences of this comment. Oh my god. They're not very self aware, are they? I honestly wonder if incels are even sentient beings, and not some terrifying alien race disguised as humans, set on destroying us from the inside.

No. 434985

File: 1563227211801.jpg (33.73 KB, 419x279, kek.jpg)

Anyway, men are worthless parasites. Listening to the retarded shit they spew for even 30 seconds will make your superior brain seep out your ears. They're ugly and hygiene is not a word in their dictionary. Any man less than a 8/10 should end it. Any man with a dick less than 7 inches should go ahead and cut it off. The only thing they're better at than women is putting an end to their own worthless lives.
There's no such thing as a femcel and there's no such thing as a false accusation, because all men are guilty of having been born.
Glad we cleared that up and thank you for your time.

No. 434986

File: 1563227234825.jpg (21.11 KB, 225x319, Libertarias_Movie_Poster.jpg)

This might be off Topic but has as anyone here ever watched Libertarias
Its about a group of OG Militant Anarchist Feminists in Spain set during the Spanish Civil War

No. 434988

>The group of people known for blaming literally everything on women
>Blames women getting murdered on women
>Says it's women who don't wanna accept responsibility

No. 434989

File: 1563227511759.jpg (17.95 KB, 600x400, stock-photo-wow-look-at-this.j…)

Imagine defending killing a teenager because she said some mean things and acted stuck up. You know, like how all teenagers behave.

All I can say, ladies, is that I've got a lot of grown ass men that I gotta kill for saying mean shit and being condescending to me. After all, I'm justified! But oh wait, I'm not a pathetic psycho incel with a micropenis.

No. 434991

>Women, always remember, men ARE giant kids. They do not accept responsibility for their actions and they expect little to no consequences for their actions. They do not use common sense or rational to solve problems, they use their emotions and manipulation to get what they want. Do not put yourself, your safety, financial security or peace of mind at risk for a man. Race does not matter, class does not matter. ALL men will lead a woman to their personal doom or Hell should he "feel" the need arises.

Actually true and good advice kek. Why do scrotes always project so hard?

No. 434998

File: 1563228278257.gif (291.79 KB, 240x157, gentlekek.gif)

>when you lead a man to his personal doom and/or hell
Are they trying to insult us or stroke our egos?
I wouldn't get out of bed if I didn't have personal dooms to lead scroties to.

No. 435001

File: 1563229213770.png (45.09 KB, 385x363, Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 3.19…)

I got 12 updoots on my reply. I guess there's something the scrotes and I agree on.

No. 435003

File: 1563229227040.png (92.43 KB, 1889x353, xa.png)

well if you want to live the lifestyle of being the queen of a bunch of pathetic /r9k/ beta losers for sex/drugs/alcohol/money. Then knock yourself out I guess.

No. 435006

Sounds great. Ty anon.

No. 435007

PUAhate was one of the first incel sites, it got shut down because it was where Elliot Rodgers himself posted and the admin just pulled the plug after the news broke.

No. 435017

File: 1563231101958.png (88.19 KB, 678x284, kys.png)

A pile of steaming male bullshit fresh from The "Good" "Men" Project.
>saying no to request of pee-pee touch after meal hurts our pee-pee
>stop fueling our anger by not touching pee-pee, we are good men desu
This just in: scrote's retarded expectations of women actually women's fault.

No. 435024

>Cheapen your intimacy so we don't feel angry and resentful towards you if you honestly expect a date before sex.


No. 435030

See, manhandling both inches of your beenus to porn for three-or-four hours every day is fine, but having to pay for dinner just cheapens intimacy.

No. 435031

I remember back in the day this site was toted by feminists as a good example for men-also I think they used to publish posts by that lecturer-hugo something, he used to teach feminism and college or something-till it came to light he was sleeping with his barely legal students and that he tried to make excuses for beating the shit out of his then gf. Was my first introduction to "male feminists".

No. 435032

I think her family messed up by insisting the guy that killed her wasn’t from the internet. He was and I don’t think her family was closely following her internet actions, if they did they could’ve gotten her help years ago. He could’ve met her mom once or twice and have been an incel freak she met through the internet.

No. 435036

Men: western roasties are such WHORES, learn to respect yourself and stop fucking every guy that comes you way
Also men: why don't you sleep with me when I buy you dinner? Evil women, you deserve to be murdered reee

No. 435041

File: 1563233500972.jpg (45.48 KB, 1000x667, selfie.jpg)

Hugo Schwyzer (or sumpin like that). Male "feminists" do be like that, huh.

Anyway, ladies, if you really want to marry, marry a beta orbiter who pays for everything. Use his money to buy a house and fill it with nice shit, then divorce him and take house, the nice shit you filled it with, and half of his remaining assets. If you're feeling generous, pay for his motel room and don't forget to tip the maid who cleans up after he ends it all uwu

Nothing makes me kek like men suffering in the societal hell they created for themselves

No. 435045

Gosh poor girl.
Bianca's murder is just so fucking sad and disgusting. You really can't trust men. Fuck.
This can't be forgotten though, how, what can we do to alert girls on those awful online spaces about the danger they are putting themselves in with those creeps? I can't deal with the possibility this shit will get copycats, incels talk about murdering camgirls, or any girl really, all the time.

No. 435047

Daily reminder to ignore and report scrotes.

No. 435048

The worst part about her murder is knowing how she will always be tied to a sensationalized incel and have her character assassinated while in the grave. It'll be so much harder to silence the negativity while her actual life goes relatively unacknowledged–and so it goes for victims of crimes.

No. 435049

I can smell the smegma from here

No. 435054

Not a scrote, just believe we should mock men's fears, that's all. It's our responsibility.

No. 435061

If he cheats or neglects you than maybe, but getting married in general is a waste of your time unless he's a unicorn and everyone knows those don't exist

No. 435064

File: 1563235199156.jpg (102.79 KB, 848x735, compton.jpg)

This is more common than you think, the difference is everything played out on instagram. Underage girls who are from broken/abused homes decide to associate with teen criminals and drug dealers.

Go look and there is a dead teen girl every week.

No. 435068

Unfortunately I think she’s going to become another Porsche Girl

No. 435070

Horrible idea, why endure a betas company, risk being abused, raped or murdered by him, just for money you could safely earn yourself? Divorce makes women poorer, the idea that we come out on top rolling in alimoney dollars is a scrot delusion.

No. 435072

>Porche Girl
What is that anon?

No. 435073

No. 435087

he didn't just kill her, he literally DECAPITATED her. he decided to kill her in one of the most painful and disgusting ways possible on purpose. and there are thousands of men on the internet defending this.

No. 435090

File: 1563241162158.png (211.25 KB, 960x942, 46958003_359490264622583_23619…)

very very ironic that scrotes are angry at her for having seemed unempathetic to the creep in this screenshot, and then use it to justify their far more extreme lack of empathy/regard for female life. they really have no self awareness.

No. 435096

She wasn’t decapitated, but still a horrible death nonetheless

No. 435127

It depresses me that this is the reality. There have been so many times I tried to not believe a man was a predator and he turns around and proves me wrong. I don't want to be wary of men but statistically it just makes more sense.

My mom pink pilled me too. She was groped by an uncle when she was 15. She drilled it into my head as a child to try to never be alone with a grown man. Teacher, friend's dad, maintenance worker, you name it. Always have your guard up. Always make it known that someone knows where you are and will look for you if anything happens. Never let people know when you're home alone, etc.

Very very few actually care about women and those few will understand why you have to be cautious and on the verge of paranoid.

No. 435128

Nigga, I'm not linking the photo but if you did look at it her neck is hanging on by a thread. Airways and aorta was CUT.

No. 435130

Decapitation is when the head is completely cut off.

No. 435134

> According to Newsweek, the Catsouras "accident was so gruesome the coroner wouldn't allow her parents to identify their daughter's body".

> Two CHP employees, Aaron Reich and Thomas O'Donnell, admitted to releasing the photographs in violation of CHP policy. O'Donnell later stated in interviews that he only sent the photos to his own e-mail account for viewing at a later time, while Reich stated that he had forwarded the pictures to four other people.[3] Catsouras' parents soon discovered the photographs posted online. The pictures had gained much attention, including a fake MySpace tribute website that actually contained links to the photographs.[3] People also anonymously e-mailed copies of the photos to the Catsouras family with misleading subject headers, in one case captioning the photo sent to the father with the words "Woohoo Daddy! Hey daddy, I'm still alive."[1] This led the Catsouras family to withdraw from Internet use and, concerned that their youngest daughter might be taunted with the photographs, to begin homeschooling her.[3]

Christ. The poor family. Men are such pieces of shit. Imagine going out of your way to email them such gruesome photos.

Also, why are men so shit at keeping things confidential?

No. 435135

the fact that "sharing my wife", "girl gets gangbanged by men of another race" and shit like that are so popular in porn sites makes me think that all men are inherently cucks incapable of exclusiveness.

No. 435145

I agree that men are inherently incapable if exclusiveness. Dunno about being cucks though.

What I can't figure out is how men can stand to watch porn dialogue without dying from embarrassment. I can't even get through the beginning part of a porno because the acting is so fucking bad and ridiculous I literally cant handle the secondhand embarrassment. I guess it's because men have no self awareness and are incapable of feeling any kind of shame/embarrassment most of the time and can't even detect cringe.

No. 435156

Romance, love, and subtlety is not a part of a scrots vocabulary. Women constantly degrade themselves for men in the hopes of receiving just a sliver of love in return but men don't see all the things women do for them from degrading anal sex to giving birth to their child as gifts of love, they just don't care because human relationships mean nothing to them.

No. 435162

The irony in this is that it proves my point that women support their men unconditionally no matter what, when have you ever heard of a man showing this kind of loyalty? I mean these people are all scum and deserve a long drawn out painful death but I think it ironically speaks positively of women when people like R.Kelly or Bill Cosby or whoever are back up by the women in their lives.

No. 435178

on having children: you do your 'le womanly duty' and give birth to some scrots literal child and all you get in return is a lifetime of pain and complaining about not being tight enough L M A O

No. 435181

yep. any 'feminist' that chooses to get pregnant and give birth with a man is an absolute fool. even having kids w/o men serves primarily male interest (economic) and is still painstakingly stupid. choosing to be a broodmare is peak stupid and raising kids is boring. you guys can yell at me if you want bc you want kids or whatever, but it's true. there is no pleasing men. men first start to cheat when women become pregnant or immediately following pregnancy, in fact.

No. 435184

File: 1563269458031.png (5.41 KB, 417x74, disgusting.png)

Fuck I just saw this and was gonna ask if it was in fact real, men do not deserve to live.

No. 435187

its this spoiler >>434753 you literally cannot make up something about scrotes since they do things that are beyond belief on their own accord

No. 435188

Just made the mistake of going to r9k to cap what these cunts are saying about her, instead see a graphic pic of her dead saying she deserved it and we should "feel sympathy instead for guys who get scammed for money by camwhores"(how tf has that anything to do wiht her?), seriously the last tiny bit of sympathy I had for boys is gone, I doubt this will ever reach the news about what those guys do men really are the fucking plague.

No. 435189

sorry if this is a dumb question but is there any way to report this stuff to the authorities? I remember after one of the school shootings in america (i forget which one) one of the boards on 4chan was locked down because they were worried about legal repercussions and outright banned anyone who even cryptically referred to it. They are still posting her dead pics and saying she and others deserve it.

No. 435192

/r9k/ and /pol/ absolutely are already in the sights of authorities. They know about these places and even have their own shills.

No. 435194

File: 1563271670929.png (47.13 KB, 181x361, -pol- - Politically Incorrect …)

I hope so, pic related thread is saying how men need to rise up against women bc feminism. Men do shit and blame it on women for wanting to be treated as human. This whole event may pinkpill the female masses. After today no one can say that womens fear of men is uncalled for.

No. 435195

Ntayrt but how did it even come this far? How did that board get so vile and disgusting without anyone doing something about it or shutting it down?

No. 435198

>How did that board get so vile and disgusting
>Implying it wasnt always like that
Any place infested with scrots will always be vile and disgusting.

No. 435200

I wish more women would hunt down, torture and kill men. Preferably those sick assholes.(femcel sperging)

No. 435201

RIP beautiful young Bianca who had her whole life ahead of her.

Meanwhile these less than scum creatures talk bout other camgirls being next…because the logical male response to seeing a young pretty man-pleasing girl is to want to kill her. Only women who are old and ugly and avoid men should be allowed to exist, is that it?

There have already been multiple incidents of violent crimes linked to internet incels now so ideally all the places where they gather should be shut down if the hosts had any sense.

No. 435203

They are their own worse enemy. They are saying porn is turning these girls into "whores" when in reality its porn turning them into entitled pissbabies, I hope all their dicks rot and fall off.
Btw sorry I did not keep up with the story did the guy get arrested?

No. 435205

No thanks anon
Men already put enough of that shit out into the world, and I don't want anything to do with it

No. 435209

>No sage
>Implying that murder is a natural consequence of being a teenage jerk3
>Implying a teenage girl is capable of "tormenting" an adult pedophile

Handmaiden ahoy.

No. 435210

Mods are fucking hypocrites if you don't get banned for this.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 435211

Yep. And no matter how much I hate men, or how sick and miserable their actions make me feel, I just don't have the violence (or the testosterone or entitlement) in me to feel any desire to hurt anyone. I'd say most women don't, and that's what elevates us above men. I just wish they'd leave us alone.

The alogging about killing men is getting annoying tbh. It's some real edgelord shit and I don't know what's worse, if anon are psycho enough to be serious about it, or pathetic enough to pretend they are.

No. 435213

Any advice for a 20 year old girl that recently took the pink pill? The whole Bianca situation hit pretty close to home.

No. 435215

Dont trust men.

No. 435217

It'd be so great if there was some kind of deadly disease that only affected men with abusive tendencies and anger issues.
I bet you it'd shave the world's male population down to 30%, and then we could make some real progress.

No. 435219

Some time ago an anon asked about men excusing their porn use with "being more visual" than women.
Which of course turns out to be false.

>Visual sexual stimuli induce activation in the same cortical and subcortical regions in both men and women, while the limited sex differences that have been found and reported previously refer to subjective rating of the content.

It's not that they are more visual, it's that they are more objectifying, entitled and don't have empathy for the girls and women in porn.

No. 435222

Brittani Venti posted about that girl getting killed and added that women online need to be careful.
The reactions…
>I disagree I think EVERYONE needs to be safe online…not just women (top post, 65 likes)
>She wasn't a child. Literally the first thing she did on r9k was post nudes to gain orbiters. I know that, I was there. She used to sell nudes for drugs, have sex with strangers she met through the same Discord server she met her murdered and brag about it…
>Correction, Women NEED to not say shit like this online: What she said in no way warranted his reaction, but there are some sickos out here. People will do anything because of love, and people will do even more because of heartbreak. Still. They were posted in 2017 so it (insert screenshot of somebody saying to somebody that they cheated on them)
When even an altright handmaidens tells males to stop…

Hopefully this will at least wake up the general public to the gigantic problem that incels/mras are. But they always leave out the supposed rape of her corpse and the thing with the pictures sent to her mother.

Also, everbody keeps writing "She wasn't even really beheaded, stop spreading misinformatio!" So what?! I hate that everybody calls her an egirl, because this immediately makes normies think of twitch titty streamers or people like Belle Delphine. She was just a child.

No. 435224

>Only women who are old and ugly and avoid men should be allowed to exist, is that it?
not that scrotes aren't also evil towards women they think are old and ugly, but this had me thinking of something. i have always seen the saying "men are only nice to women they want to fuck" but even that isn't true, they're only slightly better at sugarcoating their hatred for them. even a girl that did everything she could to be liked by robots ended up having her death mocked and celebrated by them. you can do everything considered to be right in men's eyes; be under 21, thin, beautiful, kind, care about men, have a genuine interest in "masculine" hobbies, tolerate unfunny edgy tryhard male humor, and they'll still find any reason to hate you no matter how small.
also, i read that she was sexually abused by her father and like?? no fucking wonder she didn't act like a perfect stable angel at all times! she was traumatized, mentally ill, and addicted to drugs, but incels don't care or see how that can impact a child's behavior so they continue to paint her as a demon. all because she sent slightly rude dms to a guy who was too old to be seeking a relationship of any kind with her in the first place. this shouldn't have happened, her problems started because of a man and her life ended because of one, it isn't fair and she deserved so much better.. she needed support, therapy, rehab, love, and her internet access to be monitored. the world failed her and i wish there was more we could do to prevent anything like this from happening again

No. 435244

File: 1563282989422.jpg (204.6 KB, 1200x843, GUJCQWJHOFCFBEVBSHYC3O3MYY.jpg)

Last month after the Dallas Courthouse shooting one Air Force base began educating service members about incels. Usually in the face of negative media exposure reddit will take controversial subreddits down, but for some reason they let /r/braincels (/r/incels ban evasion sub) stay up, perhaps as containment or as a way to monitor them. I often wonder what the reddit admins feel about the communities they allow to flourish on their site, I don't think the incel movement would have gained nearly as much traction if reddit didn't allow them to have a hub on a relatively popular website from the start and instead they were confined to more obscure places online.

No. 435257

hory shieet

No. 435258

Does anyone notice men get personally close to you to the point where they bump into your breasts and hips, even in normal situations? I dont see them do this with other men so it has to be a reason

No. 435268

Men hating women all day on /fit/ about they’re just lying bro haha makeup they’re all ugly (SEVERAL threads and several posts in non-related threads)
Make ONE post saying putting women down for using makeup is cope and get banned
Imagine a forum where men want to look their best put down others especially women where ALL they do is judge them on their looks

No. 435270

File: 1563287868595.jpg (59.33 KB, 760x340, 1562361532821.jpg)

/co/ is pretty nice though

No. 435271

She WAS a child. Fucking sixteen years old. There is no excuse for a 20+ man to even engage with a 16 year old. Everyone should remember what they were like when they were this age and shut the fuck up. Boys this age already spam dick pics everywhere but I can't see any of them being brutally murdered.

Now imagine if it was a young boy and a woman. She would become a staple for years to come to use in arguments on how women are exactly as terrible as men.

No. 435272

/Fit/ is cancer

No. 435277

Some of them, when they see me from a distance they'll steer closer and closer so that when we walk past each other we're almost touching. Some joggers do it too, so that when we cross each other I get to hear their repulsive heavy breathing. I don't know how to explain it, but does anyone else notice this?

And men NEVER FUCKING MOVE FOR OTHERS in crowded spaces. Women fucking contort themselves to give space for other people. Once a guy actually moved out of the way for me and I was shocked. The last couple of years my mom and I made a point of it to walk just like them, and expect them to get out of the way. Do you know how many guys I've bumped into, holy shit. And they'll look at me all baffled ''wait..you didn't move??????''

No. 435280

>unironically browsing /fit/
It's been cancerous and anti-women for several years. It isn't new. The only people who post there are mediocre autists who've gotta feel they're superior in some kind of made up hierarchy over gender, race, and appearances.

No. 435281

>the old /b/
lul even 15 years ago /b/ was full of retarded males

No. 435283

So the second dude admits to seeing an underage girl post nudes online and did nothing to report her posts, get her banned or get the content removed? And he insists it’s HER fault?

No. 435284

>And men NEVER FUCKING MOVE FOR OTHERS in crowded spaces.
I was just thinking about this yesterday. I go running a few times a week in my local park and I pass a lot of people on the narrow paths. Women ALWAYS move to give me more space even though I'm already moving to the side of the path, and a lot give me a polite smile or nod. But men facing me will make clear eye-contact with me and move to the middle of the path so I have to step off of it entirely. Cyclists especially will make a show of speeding towards me and passing me way too close.

I don't know if it's because they want to scare women by being close to them or if they just can't be bothered to be polite. Men act really weird towards me when I'm out running in general, I'm not sure why.

No. 435285

Playing chicken with men in public is p amusing. You should try it.
They do it exactly because they expect women to yield first.

No. 435287

Exactly. Make them move first. Don't ever give way to a man.

No. 435289

File: 1563291005427.png (605.13 KB, 805x859, bianca.png)

If anyone hasn't seen the news, Brandon Andrew Clark, Bianca Devins' murderer, is still alive and has been formally charged with the murder (there have been some rumors floating around he died from his suicide attempt).

He faces up to 25 years in prison. Not at all long enough if you ask me. Hopefully he won't pussy out and try to kill himself again, I hope he gets what he deserves in prison and I hope he gets the book thrown at him for any other charge that they can make stick. He literally documented everything, he has no defense and if the court system works how it should for this case, he'll be given zero mercy. Can't wait to see this fucker suffer and rot in prison. If we're lucky maybe an inmate will get word of what he did and give him exactly what he deserves.

The vast, overwhelming majority of comments I've seen on mainstream sites are of people who know how vile her murderer was and a jury is gonna see right through any sort of argument from his side. Good fucking riddance.


No. 435290

I've noticed this. Sometimes I intentionally don't get out of the way for people when I'm walking, as an experiment.

Women move and give me plenty of space.

Men don't move. At all. In fact sometimes they deliberately change direction to move closer TOWARDS me, and then crash into me. They do this even when I physically can't move any farther away from them because I'm up against a storefront or a wall. They're absolutely retarded.

No. 435291

i hope he gets the entire 25 years. i hope he spends every single second of it with the knowledge that he's a worthless sub-human creature that nobody loves and nobody is waiting for on the outside.

No. 435292

as a woman who's older than you but has been where you are: do not trust men. none of them.

that doesnt mean you can't like some of them, now and then, if you really want to. but always know, in the back of your mind, that men will disappoint you. be civil, be polite, even be friendly if you think it's worth it, but don't get emotionally invested. save that for your friendships (and/or relationships if applicable) with women. you'll save yourself so much time and energy in the long run, trust me.

No. 435293

They met 2 months prior and he was a r9k incel regardless of being her "friend" and her family knowing him.

Also I've read on /r9k/ that she used to sell her nudes when she was 15 and then extort more money from men who'd be interested in buying them by threatening she'd report them to feds.
Everyone there was like "What a sociopathic bitch, she deserved this!!! Those poor guys…" yet nobody even mentioned the fact that it was pedophiles trying to get nudes from a 15 year old girl. They deserved to lose all their money AND get thrown into the jail.

RIP Bianca.

No. 435294

This actually creeps me out more than the possibility of getting clubbed over the head by one of them. I get really hyperaware and antsy if a male is too close to me because they could just grab a part of me and probably walk away, because if you do something like punch them in the face, then YOURE the psycho.

Also what other anons said, I'm completely sick of moving out of peoples' paths. Usually its a pair of fat women taking up the entire sidewalk bc theyre chatting (and yuge), but one sole male will take up just as much space by himself. I dont know which I hate more. We really need to stand our ground on our side of the sidewalk just as we do while in cars on our side of the road.

No. 435296

Now it's a little personal but I have a little sister the same age as Bianca's and I can say I'm honestly terrified for her. I don't think she uses 4chan, but she has shown signs of CoolGirl-ism, posts sexy pictures online, has some orbiters (and there was a really creepy one irl who posted delusional instagram stories and tattooed her name on himself expecting sex from her), has a history of sending underage nudes to some internet guys in the past, and overall never had a strong male figure in her life as we were raised by a single mom.
I want to have a talk with her, but she won't be easy to pinkpill. What should I tell her to convince her to be careful of men, always, without sounding "crazy and paranoid"? Bianca's story really upset me today. I hate this world.

No. 435298

Everyone there acts the same as essentially every other board because they're scrotes.

No. 435299

Show her what happened to Bianca

No. 435300

She knows, she's the one who mentioned the news to me. But she only saw the dead body pictures on instagram and thinks that the man who did it was her boyfriend. I'll tell her the whole story then.

No. 435324

An ex-admin bragged how much work they put into moderating r/jailbait so it can stay up for "free speech"
They don't give a shit

No. 435325

This is a gradual process. Show her some male-oriented media and discuss it with her without telling her the source, so she won't be influenced by it. Show her what they really think of girls like her and women in general, and stress on the fact that "incels" and most members of the manosphere are not really the basement dwelling losers that people think they are, and, though pathetic, are men that walk among us. Tell her to think about her actions, and the actions of others around her, as sort of a heads-up. I think discussing the Bianca affair would be good for her, while I do believe you should be a little subtle. Also, talk about and bring up local crime, maybe she'll see a pattern without you naming the problem. I also believe you should play the role of a male figure, but don't be too authoritarian, and give her advice that would implement a moral compass. Tell her to have a sense of self and tell her to form her own strongly-held opinions on topics that specifically affect her, so she won't be easily taken advantage of.

No. 435329

Honestly reading some of these threads and being in a female space like lolcow pinkpilled me quicker than anything else ever could. Since she's underaged though you could probably start by recommending other female-orientated online spaces and showing her some of the crazy shit that gets posted in these threads.

No. 435330

please, please do focus on the Bianca case. i know plenty girls around her age who are the same as she was. teenagers often think they know better so she won't budge to you telling her the internet is a dangerous and shady place where no one can be trusted, so try to compare Bianca's case to her own past (meeting guys online, for example), start showing her more crime cases where women are murdered by guys they met off of Tinder/Instagram (do insist that it wasn't the women's fault, but that it is a safer bet to sterr clear from those platforms). please encourage her to private all her social media and weed unknown or untrustworthy people, namely men. show her how risky and degrading instagram fame is, read through belle delphine's ig comments with her, you won't take long to find disgusting scrote comments. show her the kiwifarms thread on bianca and read it with her, so she can see firsthand that kewl edgy boards like kf, 4chan and r9k are NEVER places she should frequent or talk to people in. as anon above has suggested, get her interested in local crime, she'll start noticing a pattern in how women are murdered and by whom.

make it clear you're doing this bc you know firsthand how shitty and dangerous men can be, and that she is not doing herself any favours by putting herself out there. you do this bc you love her and care about her, you don't want her to end up like Bianca.

kudos to you for looking out for your little sister. i myself will be having a heart-to-heart with young girls i know about this case soon.

No. 435347

Serious question, any proof of alleged extortion? I haven’t seen any. These guilty cp-having paranoid faggots say that about every girl on there

No. 435351

Maybe gently introduce her to female spaces online like lc? There’s plenty of edginess here that might appeal to her cool girl tendencies. Unless she’s like totally libfem-pilled of course. I think acting super serious and hysterical would have the opposite effect when dealing with teenagers tho. So be chill and kind of nonchalant about it. I find boy-problem vents are a really good time to subtly pink pill normies in general.

No. 435375

I'd definitely recommend encouraging her to at least lurk on Lolcow. The gossip in /pt/ and /snow/ is a good pull, and the threads in /ot/ and /m/ are good for light chit-chat.
I'd just pinkpill her with the occasional "Lmao, someone posted this" followed by an example of men's double standards or general bullshittery. Share the most unbelievable things so she eventually expresses curiosity in where you're getting all this stuff, and just say "Lolcow farm". She'll probably check out the site and figure it out herself.

No. 435379

Pol were making fun of brit saying they were waiting for when she would say something and said shes next. They are scum.

No. 435388

Yep-men being trash as usual. This event has erased any sympathy I have for men, its completely gone, I do not give a shit about them or their feelings anymore, i've hit peak pink pill, and I hope this does the same for other girls too.

No. 435389

Sorry for stupid question but what the fuck does someone have to do to get the death penalty because of what he did and boasted about it online I was hoping the very least he would get is life behind bars.

No. 435394

I've noticed this when I jog or walk too! Like it's funny bc when i pass a lady (most of them) move out of the way, but I always have to move put of the way for men!
I get really scared running too. I always feel like im going to get abducted. I loove running at night, but I am too scared sometimes. Because of men.
Do you guys carry anything while running?

No. 435401

One thing I noticed-which I wasnt doing consciously but will now, is if the guy looks like hes gonna collide with me I just stopped-and this would jar them, some jumped out of my way. If you feeling frisky maybe anons can try this too kek.

No. 435402

Carrying mace or a taser or a knife or actually anything that might protect you is illegal in the UK, because god forbid women are allowed to take any measures against being attacked. When I run I carry a rape whistle attached to my strap around my waist (so some piece of shit cant choke me with it) and a panic alarm in a small pocket on my hoodie.

No. 435403

Pepper spray isn't legal to carry where I live so I keep my keys in my hand along with my phone. When I run into a path that's more isolated and there's a man there, I put my keys between my fingers and make a fist just in case.
I find that men seem to notice when I do this and look upset/offended, which is almost amusing.

No. 435404

No proof. I think they're just saying that so they can try to justify being monsters about her and laughing and jerking off to photos of her corpse. They have no capacity for guilt or self-reflection, that requires a more developed mind than they possess.

No. 435405

Seriously our justice system is a joke.

No. 435406

The death penalty is illegal in New York.

No. 435407

TY for info anon. Is 25yrs the max penalty there?

No. 435409

Have any of you looked into the Japanese male host industry vs the female host industry? Male hosts target college students, while female hosts target wealthy men. The problem is that wealthy men are able to afford $10000 bottles of Cognac while college students are obviously not. As a result, male host bars open a 'line of credit' for the young women, and then when the women can't pay it back, they're forced by the club into 'hosting' or prostituting to earn the money that they owe.

I came across this comment that sums it up:

>This is how this "industry" works:

1) the attractive host picks up a potential client on the streets, just one drink, or whatever excuse.
2) once she is hooked, she buys a few drinks under her budget. But the host does a great job entertaining her and he manipulates her to buy more, either with drinking games, seduction or plain peer pressure.
3) She realizes she didn't have enough money to pay it all, then house extends a line of credit. (Like any loan shark would do in a shady casino)
4) the girl will need to find a new "higher" paying job to support her new "lifestyle" and pay up all her debt…
4) The girl gets trapped in an unpayable debt with usurious interests, and the place offers her an "alternate" way of paying them back: becoming a hostess or a prostitute in another of their locations that caters men.
5) the "training" for her new job might also increase her debt, effectively perpetuating the debt trap.

>The hosts are pickup artists and con artists. He will get a loyal clientele of women who are addicted to his charms, who will be willing to continue the support of her host… while he will pray on vulnerable women to pimp her into the business.

>The prey becomes a predator, and the predator brings a new prey.

It is a preverse system.

I linked the video in case any of you haven't watched it, though I'm sure some of you have.

No. 435414

File: 1563304257632.png (243.01 KB, 1336x814, hostexplained.png)

Since my formatting fucked up, I've attached a picture of the comment.

No. 435416

Patrons of host clubs are also often hostesses who struggle to find boyfriends who respect them because of their line of work. So they go to host clubs in the belief that since the men there do literally the same job, they'll find respect and mutual companionship there. And instead men just behave like the subhuman vermin they are, use them until they're drowning in debt, then discard them.

No. 435419

my gay weeb friend wanted to visit a male host club in japan but after looking a bit more into it online he gave up. there are so many stories of clients getting abused into giving more money or prostitution. it's really dangerous.

No. 435424

I've always been jealous of women who have the bravery to run outside. Where I live, women have been kidnapped, raped, and murdered after jogging alone. In one case, a man killed a woman but let her dog go free. Like really? How is it that a man thinks that a woman's life is less than a dog's?

No. 435428

This whole running around outside got me wondering; hmmm. I remember when I used to regularly run outside I also experiences some issues and got stalked and followed on seperate occassions which scared me from going outside to the park to exercise for a long time, especially when it got dark. Its unfortunately the reality of many women.

No. 435435

God the reports are all over for Bianca claiming she was terrible while her murderer was the victim. And majority of males seem either get defensive or flat out day
>some guys are crazy. Should have not done xyz. not saying she deserved it but..

I hope more handmaids see this shit and realize it isn't worth camping for them. They don't care if women are "one of the good ones"

>men celebrate over dead women, harass dead women's families over her death, masturbate over women being nurdered
>men get offended when women want to protect themselves from them
I hope more and more women online come out to say that women have to be safe and carry some form of protection 24/7 even around family and friends. It triggers scrotes being reminded of how terrible they are

No. 435438

>And majority of males seem either get defensive
Freudian slips perhaps? They are offended because they are exactly like the sack of shit who murdered her.

No. 435441

Don't give up too much of yourself for a man (marriage and children mean nothing to a man remember that) and never leave yourself alone with a man if you cannot defend yourself or have a weapon on you.

No. 435442

I think it has less to do with bravery but with there you live.
My town is in the middle of nowhere, I sometimes run up to 2 hours through fields behind my house and I never meet a single person. What are the chances of one day meeting somebody and that somebody happens to be a rapist? Why would a rapist hide in some field while risking that nobody will come by all day long?
One time nearly 10 years ago I saw a car from afar and immediately hid, just as a precautionary measure, but that's it.
You can't do that if you live in some big city there you know nobody, can't trust anybody, there every single stranger that passes you could potentionally attack you, pull you into some alley, a car, etc.

No. 435444

I agree with this. Protect your finances and your independence at all costs. Men will suck you dry and then discard you, or take you for granted, and before you know it that guy you married who you thought was "one of the good ones" is a lazy slob who screams that you're an abusive whore for asking him to take out the trash.

No. 435449

Tbh, nothing pinkpilled me more than the way men have treated me and talked about me themselves. At least there's a silver lining to being born and raised in a Middle Eastern shithole, you see through everything a man tells you and never fall for it after just one experience of being fucked over by them. You don't have to do anything to see this, let alone trust them. Every single thing they say and do is bullshit and is meant to manipulate you, they are such disguisting animalistic creatures, it disgusts me to no end. They screech about morals, but every single one I know lives a hedonistic lifestyle where the defining moments of their lives and personality are dominated by seeking pleasure. Truly hypocritical and utterly lacking in any self awareness. I know to stay far away from them after they open their mouths.

No. 435452

i'm vastly curious about pinkpilled women in the middle east. how is it, generally, over there? i mean i figure from reference it's hell on earth for women, but i mean day-to-day. how does a woman interact with and relate with men in the middle east? do you meet male friends or are they all just relatives/friends of relatives/husbands?

No. 435454

Depends on where the woman is from in the Middle East. I was born in North Africa, where young women can usually meet with men in a larger group with female friends, and can even go out to publicly smoke in bars and cafés. Usually only young women do this, though, and older women usually only go out with family friends and relatives. There are still many more conservative sheltered girls, where that's not apliccable.

On the other hand, there's the gulf, where most women only hang out with groups of female friends or relatives and then later on in life they'll go out with their husbands and children. There are some exceptions, but that's the general rule.

No. 435464

In some ways, it seems Islam isn't entirely wrong.
>women can only be around other women because men are predators that can't be trusted.
>women have segregated spaces of their own because men are predators that can't be trusted.
Now, if only the other 98% of misogynist nonsense could be taken out.

No. 435465

ah, this manlet rage feels good after all the bullshit lately. hope this dude dies mad about it.

No. 435468

Agreed, and I'm not even Muslim, girls tend to perform better in all-girls schools, and in Iran, women are becoming more educated, as well as overwhelmingly choosing to work in STEM compared to Western women. When women are segregated from men and then left to choose what they want to do, they will often choose to have an independent lifestyle, that is highly satisfying.

No. 435482

File: 1563314715097.jpg (907.94 KB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_20190717-000403.jpg)

Lmao well done

No. 435498

File: 1563316186409.png (67.65 KB, 535x840, -2- Tumblr 16-07-2019 23-26-46…)

Found this under a post about Bianca Devins-can you count all the u-turns before you get dizzy?

No. 435499

I run with my dad early in the morning, I feel kinda bad because he thinks it's to bond (and it kinda still is) but it's really because I want protection, it's pretty safe where I live but I like to run in forests so you never know.

No. 435505

File: 1563317274977.jpg (21.09 KB, 359x315, f46margqdka31.jpg)

>not realizing it was all a PR stunt to boost his YouTube channel

Pic related, him and his new girlfriend.

No. 435506

I used to run outside in my sketchy city where these huge power lines were. I eventually attracted an unwanted suitor because he lived nearby where I ran. While on my run one day, he drove up to me in his car and requested to “get to know me better”. At first I thought he asked for directions but he just wanted to “drive me home because [I] looked tired”. I politely declined and ran fast and far away as possible. I gtfo’d the next day and moved to a new apartment. In retrospect, I realized the van he was in had been tailing me for about a month. Call me paranoid, but I’m pretty sure he was planning to abduct me.

The world is scary. I hate that we don’t have the freedom to feel safe and enjoy exercise without any male gawkers and potential rapists living near us. The gym is even worse with all those dude bros who openly check out your ass when you’re doing squats or try to flirt with you when you’re running on the treadmill minding your own business. Female fitness nuts can’t win

No. 435507

A girl is murdered, her death is celebrated, her corpse is a prop and used as masturbation material, humiliation and ridicule. Her family is harassed and insulted but women still can't talk about how men commit these crimes overwhelming more than women, especially towards women. We still have to bend over backwards to say men.. AND WOMEN are bad uwu all so their feelings aren't hurt. Every damn time a woman is murdered by a man we have to hear how we need to also think of male victims of violence and include that bad women exist.

Scrotes truly just want women dead and women to accept all that bullshit they give without question.

Thing is that males don't want sex segregation truly. They want their own spaces but also full access to ours.

No. 435508

Ugh disgusting. That hog of a man is stereotypical Long Island douchebag. I can't believe they kept showing this morons melt down all over the local news.

No. 435512

Wow. She must be a pickme of the highest variety.

No. 435517

I think all women should learn and regularly practice self defense. It saved my life once when a crazy ex tried to kill me.I thought I’d never need it but I did. We should be able to be independent and run, go to the store or anything we want to do without worrying about our safety. And these horrible men need the tables turned on them.

No. 435519

File: 1563318986681.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, 63386074-1D75-40FC-A0F8-2A334A…)

I'm watching Lorena on Amazon.

John Wayne is a disgusting pig.

It speaks volumes that Lorena went on to be a successful DV advocate and he went into porn after this horrific incident.

No. 435520

>gets her name out there/gains social media followers/might get contacted by rich guy
>pathetic bagel mans fame dies down
>leave him

Can you imagine the manlet rage when she leaves him though? He'll NEVER get a girl that hot again. ''Give an ugly guy a chance and he'll think he rules the world'' is true, he now believes that girl is in his league.

No. 435521

What's her name.

No. 435523

The sad part is he probably nitpicks her and cries behind her back about how he finds her repulsive, no woman is good enough for men therefore they should just fuck each other and leave women the fuck alone if we're all hideous.

Don't fall for the ugly man meme ladies, make the best of what men sterotype us as because no matter how much you try to prove them wrong they'll never take it, so go ahead, fuck Chad, use your beta orbiters, men aren't changing their minds

No. 435524

File: 1563319724080.jpg (6.39 KB, 197x216, jumba.jpg)

too bad he'll always and forever be a pathetic ugly manlet

No. 435533

File: 1563320501004.jpg (98.57 KB, 720x283, 20190716_193821.jpg)

So true, I encourage women to also subtly drop pinkpills when around shitty men, since they all think you're ruined by feminism no matter what you do or how much you try to cater to their sensitive feelings. I've tried it before, and it was a waste of my life. Women should go ahead and hate and use men all they like, make them feel hopeless, because women will be hated by men no matter what they do, pic related.

No. 435534

File: 1563320886733.png (203.86 KB, 540x265, tumblr_inline_p2n4c8pU2b1r1sry…)

Funny because I remember this pic circulating on that site and the guys were like "hes hot as a woman would bang no homo" yeah theres a slight difference in the pics but not much.
So basically, men are hypocrites.

No. 435537

I'd rather just not interact with men and keep my life thank you very much.

No. 435539

File: 1563321944763.png (38.88 KB, 619x333, METALSLUG on Twitter- -why are…)

And these edgelords wonder why women want nothing to do with them?
Men are so judgy and yet do worse shit.

No. 435540

>the wages of sin are death
Lmao, he doesn't sound a day older than fifteen.

No. 435546

File: 1563322872034.jpg (26.76 KB, 400x387, 6022459_700b.jpg)

but men are the exact same way. hotness VERY circumstantial with them.

No. 435551

Fucking anime pfp. Didn't find the tweet anymore. Probably deleted it.
Couldn't screenshot this either but he did retweet this..
>The Man who Hates Balloons @man_hates
>I hate women who say they wanted to wait till marriage but were "pressured" into having sex. Like nigga just don't have sex. Unless it was literal rape they are actually just whores.
>4:41 PM · Jul 16, 2019

But when women say no, they're fucking murdered.

No. 435557

File: 1563324944205.png (373.53 KB, 771x831, Tyrell Perron convicted of 1st…)

Men continue to be scum.
From last year but point still stands https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/tyrell-perron-convicted-first-degree-murder-1.4857616

No. 435558

Men always murder women. they are violent and overly emotional animals. Women dont do this. very rarely do women murder. and definitely they do not murder because of rejection.

No. 435561

And most times women murder in self defense against men, so again, proving your point!

No. 435574

no one thinks that tho it's all industry shill-bots and minuscule group of dumb bitches that fell for it.

No. 435592

I’m curious, what are the subtle pinkpills you drop? I want to use them

No. 435593

you can't convince me this isn't a child

No. 435596

File: 1563332361079.png (183.01 KB, 443x410, 9k2wh9di51qgrf4xo1_500.png)

>Very very few actually care about women and those few will understand why you have to be cautious and on the verge of paranoid.

Absolutely. The constant talk about how men are predators would get on my nerves as a kid, but the reality is that my mom was trying to help me be safe.
Watching true crime shows together also helped hammer in her reasons since most of the victims were always women or young girls. So, if any anons out there have daughters please don't be afraid to be persistent and brutally honest when you educate them about their safety.

Another blog posty bit but, in addition to my mother almost being kidnapped in the middle of broad daylight she also told me about two experiences she had as a kid;
One was when she, her sisters, and some other kids were waiting for their parents to pick them up outside a church. All the adults were inside when a car had pulled up close to them. Inside the car was a disgusting old man leaning back jerking himself off. When the adults came around, he fucked off. Ugh, how much of a pig do you have to be to do that in front of kids at fucking CHURCH? Second time my mom was walking home alone from school and had a dude on a bike coming head on the other way. When he got close enough she realized he was jerking himself off and trying to get her to look at him. She bolted. She was only 12 when this happened.
I think all that is enough to pink pill someone for the rest of their life tbh. This all happened in Mexico btw, which if you all didn't already know is a real shitty place to be a woman especially in the 70s/80s.

No. 435597

I like how they purposefully selected a tall attractive woman to interview.

>short, old, unattractive man buys a young gf
Well, is anyone shocked?

No. 435601

A good one would be when talking to a group, mention any mutually known couples and talk about how hard a time the woman is having, and how she should leave him, bonus points if you're single yourself. If you're at the age where it's applicable, mention how couples with children tend to have the "spark" die out, then bring up how men will statistically start cheating when a women becomes pregnant or when she's taking care of a young child. Say something about how men don't usually live a traditional life, if that's the case, and how women should then be better off not marrying. I'd suggest pulling the conversation out gradually, so it doesn't seem intentional.
If some of the guys are particularly dumb, talk about culture, politics, history etc., and when they inevitably make a mistake, point it out and laugh.
When someone discusses porn, mention that women are nearly just as visual as men, and see how they reply. Even better if you actually show them the source. If crime is brought up,talk about how most perpetrators are men, and that more men kill and/or assault their own children than women, and are more likely to kill and/or assault women than women are, so that the fallacy that women would be as bad as men if they were as strong collapses. Follow that up with "just saying", or "nothing personal". If they start seething, tell them that it's just facts, and give them a genuinely confused or annoyed face. If they're self aware enough they'll think that encounter over.

No. 435603

File: 1563333737187.jpg (21.51 KB, 256x154, 1563317274977.jpg)

Was about to say-maybe the GF experience now hes gotten exposure kek.
>inb4 dont do that to grumpy

No. 435607

the problem is a lot of teen girls rebel and want a bf at any cost, theres millions of fatherless teen girls flashing old men on omegle or posting nudes on 4chan, how do we pinkpill them?

No. 435614

I don't think they want a bf, I think they want attention and compliments. The solution is making girls understand they have value outside their looks and men's opinions of them, but goddamn convincing women of that is an uphill battle. Society is actively geared to make us feel that way and dedicate our energy to pleasing men.

The best we can do is work on our own self esteem and project it on others as much as we can, like praising girls for other, more important traits and not being nasty about looks. Even to ourselves, I'm so sick of hearing young women be self deprecating about their age. I dont think they genuinely feel old at 25, I think we're expected to feel old and they're just parroting shit they hear from every woman older than them.

No. 435616

I just want to say, if women started killing men for the same stupid, selfish reasons men killed women, men would probably be 0.1% of the world's population. If we repaid bad with bad, there'd be none of them left.
Too bad we're actually decent human beings, a concept that's alien to them.

No. 435635

On the flip side, if women started killing men for real & legit reasons, the male population would be 0.01%. Thankfully women on the whole are not as bitter and petty as men despite how the media projects, and as one woman on twitter put it "men should be thankful women only want equality and not revenge."

Women arn't as violent overall, and I feel thats, as you say, because we are decent human beings overall. If men, in general would be like this a lof of their problems, as well as ours would be gone.

No. 435674

Women : *exist, mind their own business, make their own money, reject creepy guys from time to time but still stay friendly and compliment them in fear that they will rape, attack, stalk them if they piss them off.

Some random bitch who migrated from Puahate: *Makes 40 min long videos and podcasts to "expoz they evil liar femoids and serv justicce to my dicc"

No. 435675


i want to correct myself: instead of "DICC" make that "Tiny worthless peepee"

No. 435676

The Bianca situation reminds me of something that happened in my country 2 years ago.
Basically a 15 year old boy met up with a 25 year old woman he met on some dating app (lied about his age) and stabbed her in the neck brutally. I remember talking to my friends from college and the first and foremost thing they said was "how could she meet up with a minor, it's all her fault" etc.
Reddit was obviously shitting on her for not picking up red flags and agreeing to meet at all.
Being a woman is truly like being born with a target drawn on your back.


No. 435677

i once publicly on tumblr rejected a guy, made a fool of him because he started to go on some anti-feminist tirade in my dms. he then got all his teen followers from his deepfake "poetry" bullshit blog to harass me for fucking days and every time i defended myself, he spun so i seemed insane and like i deserved the amount of hate.
i then found out i wasn't the only one who been a victim to his spergouts, girls who had met him irl, told me how he had sexually harassed them, touched them and pestered them about sex, just to blow up on them when they would reject him. as well he was violent and got into fights, really tryhard edgy.
and the way he spoke about women on his blog??? vomit inducing… he only saw them as sex objects and would constantly go on tirades that he was a nice guy or that he was JUDAS in person. like dude … but somehow it "worked"??? he had a lot of followers, mainly guys like himself and girls who had fallen for that shit.

i got death threats some time after still.

No. 435679


I swear to god, these kind of men are mentally unstable. I feel like incels have literal problems. Lets be honest there are decent men out there, there are great men even, a lot of them naturally have their flaws and dont deserve to be paying attention to.

But these literal problematic guys should seriously seek help from a professional to try and make their life a little better.

As much as I could be bullied online I can simply block and report them and not give a shit but at the end of the day they are the mentally unstable ones that probably live very self destructive lives.

No. 435680

I forgot to add that the girl was of Malaysian descent, but was born in Ireland. After blaming her for meeting up with him scrotes started speculating she ignored the red flags because she was a hurr durr dumb desperate asian female thirsty for white dick.

No. 435681

i blocked him like 2 minutes after he started talking shit to me, damn he got so fucking mad and started to send his hordes of teen girls after me. he was so delusional …. he kept saying he was bipolar and that feminism was cancer, like dude, shut up and go back to your fucking dungeon hole.

No. 435683

That behaveour will one day turn on him. Dont worry. With these kinds of guys you dont even have to send him death threats, he will destroy himself

No. 435684

i sure do hope so. i still have the screenshots, and it's funny to see him sperging out like some fucking idiot

No. 435693

In case you're forgetting how easy men's lives are, the only expectation of men to be most women's dream husband is
>Don't be physically abusive
>Don't be blantly emotionally abusive
>Show even the slightest interest in your wife that you're attracted to her, unlike all the "haha wife bad" shit men like to spew
>Have decent hygiene and take the bare minimum care of yourself
And that's not just to be accepted mind you this is what women will be happy with and satisfied with, but many men are not even capable of doing that's that are expected of women, it's sad how easy their lives are and they don't use it to their advantage at least

No. 435698

File: 1563364484214.jpg (6.17 KB, 300x168, disgust.jpg)

I've noticed Asian men do this "woe is me" schtick a lot. Except they mix it up with a racial approach.

>"Oh, no one likes Asian men, everyone thinks we're ugly because the media is against us. It's hard being an Asian guy, we're always made to feel emasculated. I bet you don't like Asian guys."

etc etc.

It's all calculated. It's an attempt to make us feel sorry for them and inculcate sympathy. I actually consider it to be a form of emotional blackmail. Watch out for this behavior among Asian moids, and call them out on it when they pull it up. It's pathetic pity pan-handling with the intent of getting us to feel sorry for them and give them pity sex.

No. 435699

How can I acknowledge women in work who are picking up the mundane tasks for their male coworkers?
Sometimes when I see a woman picking up coffee or briefings or anything else for the group of five unobservant men behind her I find myself saying "that's so nice/kind/good of you to do that" but I want to break this socialisation cycle and instead say something that calls attention to it in a way that the men might overhear and notice it's happening and maybe feel shamed. Maybe just asking if she is collecting on behalf of her coworkers would be enough?
I don't want to come off as possibly looking down on these women for doing what they need to do to get by, or potentially cause conflict between staff thoug especially in case they're actually meant to be PAs.

No. 435701

Really? I feel like Asian men are super popular since the whole K-Pop thing blew up. I've noticed a ton of Asian dudes dating women who are "out of their league". Then again I suppose incel mentality is all about acting like a victim regardless of race.

No. 435702

>I feel like Asian men are super popular since the whole K-Pop thing blew up.

Well they're entitled. They want 8/10 white girls (while also threatening any asian girl who dates white men, go figure), and most Kpop fans aren't really catches, much like they aren't, so I think they still feel aggrieved.

No. 435705

File: 1563366656632.jpg (63.43 KB, 1000x1000, 51kA2Tz46hL._SL1000_.jpg)

you can carry some deep heat spray with you anon! for you know… your sore muscles.
reddit males are pathetic. most of them think they're modern and progressive but the second a discussion about race or gender comes up they turn into squealing monkeys. r/ireland is particularly bad about this. any thread about racism or sexism is full of denial and guys claiming male privilege etc. is "american bullshit".
it sucks because most of the time the sub is okay and our population is so small that finding internet communities to talk about national issues is hard. outside of facebook groups, it's pretty much just boards.ie and r/ireland and neither are great. the after hours forum on boards is particularly shitty.

No. 435706

Lately I definitely see a lot of cute (kpop fan)girls dating way below average asian dudes. It's ridiculous, as if they're blind. Often they have huge height differences too. I'm so sick of all these amwf couples on youtube, the girls are always way too young (sometimes with "halfu" kids babies already) and way too much in love.

I also see many asian guys copy western incel rethoric, like saying all american/western european are ugly fat sluts and only praising eastern european women (or rather what they think an eastern european girl looks like). They're extremely entitled, 5'5, overweight, play online games all day, get babied by mommy, yet expect young Karolina Kurkova to knock on their door one day lmao

No. 435707

>I'm so sick of all these amwf couples on youtube

There's like a handful of them in the grand scheme of things, why do you care? I don't think it's always fair since there are some cool asian guys (I hate the woke male asian crowd though), but the fact is most non-Asian women don't find Asian men attractive either way, so not sure why it's a problem if there's a small subculture that won't. For the record I'm not a weeb/kpop fan and Asian dudes look far too childlike for me.

The only ones I care about are the ones who get stuck in marriages overseas where they can't really get out and end up miserable. Looking at a few of the lolcows we've talked about on here.

>only praising eastern european women

They're in for a nasty surprise then:


Article about marriage brokers in Ukraine, it says:

>Однако, говорит она, наши девушки не слишком охотно идут замуж за азиатов: «Все хотят познакомиться с европейцами, мужчин с узкими глазами украинки не котируют».


>The majority of our girls aren't willing to marry Asian men. Their eyes and physical features aren't attractive to us. Generally they prefer Western European and American men.

No. 435713

Asian incels tend to be half-Asian, with WMAF parents and no connection to their Asian heritage.

The part that almost makes me feel pity for them (almost, because they still choose to fall for the incel meme) is that white incels still fucking despise them and don't wish them to succeed. The entire reason those half-Asian men feel alienated is because beta white men choose to get self-hating SEA wives and teach their sons that Asians are inferior, and their white male peers don't recognise them as part of their group.
It's easier to blame white women for not wanting to suck your dick than it is to acknowledge that your male peers are the ones treating you like second-class citizens, though. God forbid men hold each other accountable for anything.

No. 435715

>Asian incels tend to be half-Asian, with WMAF parents and no connection to their Asian heritage.

I don't know about that, /r/hapas is bad, but /r/aznidentity is far, far worse, and its userbase are almost all full blooded Chinese born in America and Koreans born in America.

FWIW I think hapas are way better looking than full asian dudes. They look more masculine. Less whiny in my experience too.

No. 435717

How do I pink pill a female friend that has a lot of internalized misogyny and thinks incels are victims of our society? For example she thinks it's Bianca's fault for getting murdered because apparently she asked for it by sending her murderer those messages before he killed her.

No. 435718

She's a scumbag, she has to come to her own realizations. You can lead a horse to water… and so on.

It's heartbreaking people actually think Bianca deserved what happened to her. And it's doubly heartbreaking nobody actually ever helped her and just viewed her as an opportunity to easy sex. 4chan seems like such a more seedier place than when I remember browsing there. Full of young, unhappy underage girls and predatory men.

No. 435720


This reads like a screed from one of those asian incel subreddits, ngl.

No. 435722

I don't know how you fix someone who thinks that somebody who straight-up murdered someone is a victim. Empathizing with a murderer is sociopath shit.

No. 435724

File: 1563370266030.jpg (88.07 KB, 640x761, d67zzc98wla31.jpg)

>little girls not jumping on your cock is the blackpill
and they expect us to taken them seriously?

No. 435726

I used to read a blog written by a very bitter half-asian incel and picked up the lingo, sorry about that.

The "self-hating" part is accurate though, from what I've seen the South-East Asian women who marry old white men have resentment towards their origins and a lot of internalised misogyny. That's how they fall prey to the gross white men who promise them the American dream, as long as they can be subservient wives. They're victims, no matter how much half-asian incels like to pretend their moms are evil whores.

No. 435727

My god.

No. 435728

Reading this makes me feel sick. I really, really want to believe there are good men in this world. Honestly. Men who don't look down on women, treat us like objects, hate us for simply being female, blame us for their loneliness, feel entitled to sex with us simply for being "nice", aren't violent, aren't hateful. But literally the only man I know who even comes close to this is my dad. There's no one else. And he's ill and will probably die within the next 5 years.

I honestly want to cry.

No. 435730

File: 1563370480141.png (88.22 KB, 496x365, 9tpw6dgd0ja31.png)

scrots: wants a housewife
also scrots: can't be around women and act mentally stable about it

No. 435732


Remember girls you cant reject people and still be a good person.

damn this bitch is sensitive

No. 435733

That last part reminded me of some stories my mother told me. My mother was raped by her uncle. When she first got her driver's license and was on a freeway, she saw a guy jerking off to a porno mag sitting on top of his steering wheel. She's been honked at and catcalled her whole life. When she was in her late 20's, after she had me, she was walking to college in a skirt and some guy was staring at her while driving, not paying attention to the road, he crashed into a fire hydrant… LMAO
I was kidnapped when I was a child, and two guys tried to do it when I was 15 in the parking lot of a Target. Got molested as a kid by the school bully, and again by the school janitor when I was transferred to a different school :D
This was in the United States BTW, it's not much better. Men are shitty no matter where you are.

No. 435734

Tbf porn is one area where I'm more exasperated with libfems than I am with men. More and more men seem to be coming round to the idea that porn is bad, the industry is bad, using it is bad for one's health etc. The one's who defend it most vociferously are libfems in my experience. Perhaps that's just me though.

No. 435736

Am I the only one concerned that a 22 year old was okay with dating a 14 year old?

No. 435739

Go on any of the /r9k/ discord servers. They're full of underage girls and guys in their late 20s and early 30s.

No. 435740


Nope, that leapt out to me too. At the same time as it's good this incel got turned down, 14 year olds fucking 22 year olds is suspect as fuck and very illegal for a goddamn reason. Poor girl.

No. 435745

I remember thinking he was cute even before he got famous when he used to be on that show girls. He's not a bad looking guy.

No. 435746

I think so too. men are all watching porn and talking about it together, the smart ones will just see the negative effects in their friends and peers. or they feel it themselves.

libfems, I'm guessing, don't watch the same porn men do, or don't actually watch it as much as they say they do. or don't watch it at all and just don't want to seem like a swerf

No. 435747

Why do men act like women are the ones who hate each other when they can't even hug/talk on an intimate level without saying 'no homo'? Men are so disgusted by other men that they are afraid of even being perceived in the slightest as male-attracted. I've seen fathers so obsessed with masculinity and emotionally constipated that they won't even tell their sons that they love them. Yet… somehow women are the catty ones who never get along?

No. 435749

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has had boyfriends who have admitted to me they simply can't talk about anything vaguely emotional with their male friends. And even when admitting they feel more comfortable talking to me about it, they still beat themselves up and will caveat it with "I don't want to seem like a pussy/weak/etc".

No. 435751

more fuckery from my country. even male children are monsters.
guards/gardai = police


>Gardai are investigating allegations that a five-year-old girl was beaten and sexually assaulted by three boys aged seven, eight and ten after allegedly being lured to a shed at a derelict house.

>The child is understood to have escaped and raised the alarm following the incident.
>It is believed that the young girl knew the three young schoolboys who carried out the alleged assault.
>The incident happened at the end of June. Sources say the young girl apparently ‘fought back’ against the three boys, and that her account is being treated as ‘credible’.
>The allegations are being investigated by a team of gardaí from a specialist unit, the Divisional Protective Services Unit.
>Detectives are waiting to conduct detailed interviews with all four children.
>It is alleged the five-year-old girl went with the three boys – whom she knew from the locality – to a shed within the confines of a derelict house and was beaten with sticks.
>The child fled the scene after she was beaten and then subjected to ‘inappropriate touching’ by the boys, it is alleged. She managed to escape and ran home and informed her parents, who immediately notified gardaí, it has been claimed. The child was not seriously injured, but was taken for a medical assessment and is said to be ‘highly traumatised’ by the incident.
>Local gardaí have prepared preliminary reports in the investigation, but the ‘full facts’ have yet to be established.
>The case has also been referred to the Child and Family Agency, Tusla. Its role is to assess whether there is a child protection issue and whether a child is at risk.
>Gardaí confirmed that an investigation is under way but declined to provide any details about the case.
>Sources say it is ‘improbable’ that any prosecutions will result, as the three boys are under the age of criminal responsibility.
>The Children’s Act defines that no child under the age of 12 can be charged with a criminal offence.
>However, exceptions to this exist in cases of suspected rape or murder, and in such instances children aged ten and 11 can be charged. There is no suggestion the girl in this case was raped.

No. 435752

Trust your perceptions, they're all like that, and you'll be a stronger person for knowing this.

No. 435754

>5 years old
A bit young to be pink pilled. This is so sad.

No. 435756

My dad isn't like that, and my brother although he can be a dick sometimes isn't like that either. When he heard about the Bianca thing (he browses 4chan) he told me he never wanted me going on 4chan ever again, and that if any man asked to meet up with me online he wanted me to tell him so, I think some men are still good.

No. 435758

he is a very bad looking guy

No. 435759

I don't know what your relationship is like with them, but a lot of men tend to hide things from their families for years to keep up a good image, I myself dont trust any of them anymore because I've been disappointed enough times.

No. 435768

Thanks anons. I will do my best to make her understand, although I don't think I'm gonna outright introduce her to LC. Hanging out here would be good for her, but she really doesn't seem the imageboard type (for the best, maybe).
Let's see how it goes, because she's gonna leave for college soon and I couldn't sleep last night. You can think I'm paranoid, but I know that she meets guys from the internet, has been alone in the car with guys and she didn't even seem to take the Bianca situation very seriously, she just tried to show me the corpse picture and even reiterated the "Yeah, but apparently she wasn't a good person, she manipulated guys etc." bullshit incels are spreading. I'm gonna work on it, for her sake.

No. 435776

This video speaks the truth and it's got nothing but dislikes, lol. I don't deny healthy marriages exist, but the concept itself is rooted in sexism and is completely unnecessary unless you want to reap legal benefits. It can also bind you to an abuser and make it harder to leave. The lolcow Shuwu who married a cheater is in the comments section, kek.

No. 435778

Lol and the comment she left is so ironic. "Thank you God for this lolcow milk", when farmers are the ones milking her for milk, watching her absolute trainwreck of a relationship. Her neck beard husband can't go a day without sniffing on some younger, prettier girl.

No. 435781

>That comment about women convincing men to marry them
Umm traditionally men proposed, women had the power to say yes or no
Secondly old sayings don't really stand well in reality, like how people say dogs are a man's best friend but most dogs are terrified of men because they raped them and abused them, sad!

Anyways if men hate marriage then don't get married, don't date or just do women a favor and isolate yourself from us, I don't see why men who want nothing to do with women constantly go out their way to talk about how all women are horrible and evil

No. 435782

Does Shoe's husband really cheat on her?

Are there men who don't cheat? I've dated a few guys from /r9k/ and every single one of them actually physically cheated with some other girl they met online, or they exchanged nudes and sexted with other girls from 4chan (not technically cheating but still) while with me.

No. 435785

It's technically not cheating because they're in a "open relationship". Which means he can flirt and fuck any girl he wants meanwhile shoe can't fuck any other guys.

No. 435786

anon why are you finding guys on r9k? please love yourself

No. 435787

He's not her husband and he probably never will be as things are going now

He cheated on his ex wife and they're in basically in a mentally ill incels dream relationship which involves her not being allowed to have guy friends but he can blow her money on cam girls and flirt with other women all day

No. 435788

The smart ones will recognize that they only feel comfortable talking to women because of the shitty social norms and strict masculinity standards men have created for themselves but still won't call out other men on their toxic behavior.

No. 435789

Yeah, but they always tell me they don't want to seem weak in front of me because they "know it isn't attractive".

No. 435791

What's with the double standard on rejection?
It's seen as respectable when men reject girls who fling themselves at him because "she was a desperate whore"
But when women reject men who fling themselves at them they're ungrateful whores

No. 435792

They're not all bad…. Some are sweet.

No. 435795

That's what you always think until they reveal their true colors. It's impossible for any well-meaning guy to browse a place that deeply misogynistic without agreeing with it all to some extent.

No. 435796

shuwu is a cuck. her bf was married when they first started flirting. now they are in a bdsm relationship where they both are allowed to fuck other girls but so called bisexual shoe can't hook up with guys. her bf is flirting with e-girls and liking heir posts constantly. they've been saying that they will get married for years yet they haven't even started to live together. as much as i don't like her for multiple reasons she still deserves better than that obese npd retard.

No. 435797

Ehhh. I had a robot I spoke to on discord sometimes tell me the other day after Bianca's death that he realizes how fucked up male subcultures online are. He told me he understands why we're afraid of men, why we're guarded around them, why from an early age we are made to feel sexualized by men and so on. Before anyone asks, he seemed heartfelt and said he wanted to leave the place for good. We voicechatted for a while about it. The only thing I argued with him about was that he said it's not his problem other men behave like that because it's impossible for him and other men who aren't like that to make those toxic men change their minds.

There are good people on /r9k/. I think they just don't make their voices heard because they'll get drowned out in a chorus of accusations like "cuck" and "pussy".

No. 435798

I learned 4chan-style banter, used it in co-ed online groups because I wanted to be a Cool Girl who can Handle the Bantz. But only on men because I bought into toxic masculinity/internalized misogyny and honestly thought they could handle it. Most scrotes can't actually handle the banter, so I ended up destroying their self esteem instead. Their pathetic display pink-pilled some bystanders because I was simply more likeable than they were, and it wasn't really like I was lying or exaggerating anyway.

No. 435804

Why do mean all claim they want some loving grateful girlfriend yet when they get exactly that they'll take her for granted and be ungrateful themselves?

Seriously every boyfriend I've ever had I had to distance myself from and act uninterested every now and then to keep them interested, I hate playing mind games but holy shit are mutual feelings too much to ask for from men?

No. 435805

Isn't it funny how 4chan racism banter went from small jokes to them actually going out and buying Nazi and white supremacist paraphernalia, vandalizing places, etc?

With their history of quite literally murdering women and stalking them, it should be no surprise to them when people call them misogynistic and don't want them around or think they're mentally stable enough to have a normal life, which brings me to another point that it should 100% be alarming when a male starts acting misogynistic while they frequent forums known for murdering women

No. 435806

Hmmmm. I don't like the misogyny but I don't care about the racism and think it's occasionally justified. I guess that makes be a bad person, oh well.

No. 435808

in my experience a lot of guys on there genuinely are terrible and sociopathic. there are others who are edgy fucks who are isolated and depressed, but seem decent and don't know how or don't want to dig themselves out of the hole. i used to go there almost as a form of self harm, it's probably similar for those guys.

No. 435810

Don't fall into the trap of blaming x-race men when it's actually just men on the whole. They always gaslight and change the issue.

No. 435811

That’s a knee jerk reaction. How would playing mind games benefit your relationship, why not just stay calm and tell him to be more considerate or grateful in a productive way?

No. 435813

Men in general are shit, but the influx of middle eastern men into where I live has definitely made things even shittier. If it's racist to be against them coming here, then I'm a racist.

No. 435816


It's not racist at all, and I'm mid-eastern myself. These "people"are oppurtinisic vermin, the way they view women in general and specifically western women is repulsive, and I lived in one of the "good" parts. You're right in believing that some men are just worse than others. There's a reason why they disproportionatley commit rapes and sexual assaults, it's their filthy culture.

No. 435818

Yeah I'm not opposed to immigration per se, I just think it's crazy how millions of men with no skills, no education, an alien mind set etc can come over here and we're supposed to pretend its ok. Want to make people like racist and resentful? Do some quality control with who you allow in, I know Turkish PhDs, Lebanese Christians who have grown up here with doctor parents etc. These people are a credit to the country.

No. 435819

it's insane how different middle eastern women and middle eastern men are. i work with a few middle eastern immigrant women and they're all cool. meanwhile the immigrant men i've met are hit or miss. either they're also decent people or they're huge misogynists who think it's ok to treat me like i'm shit under their foot (that they're entitled to fuck because i'm a "whore").

No. 435820

It's such a cesspool that I can't imagine most people regularly posting there are especially well-adjusted, even compared to the rest of the site. People on places like /co/ might be spergs, but there proportionally are fewer full on male incel misogynists and self-hating women. /fit/ seems borderline if not outright incel homo at this point, is this their solution to not being able to get a gf? kek I would rather them date each other and leave women alone to some extent anyway
It's sad. With my bf, he has told me he wanted to hug his friends when he was a teenager, but felt like he couldn't hug his male friends. So yeah, >>435759, you definitely aren't the only one, although mine doesn't see it as "weak". As far as I know the "no homo" thing wasn't such an issue 100+ years ago in Anglophone countries and men would be more physically affectionate. I mean, some of it probably was homo, especially "romantic" and close friendships, but it wasn't seen as just gay. Men will talk to me about their emotions and tell me they cannot have these conversations with their male friends, that basically they're friends over shared interests and personality clicking but not "like that". It seems like the gay and bi men open up more and more with each other, I have to wonder if that's because they're already seen as "weak" and "gay" so it doesn't matter anymore. Although some like taking the opposite direction and being total misogynistic bros to compensate.
They obviously don't all like this, how and why have men as a class/sex dug themselves into this hole? I'm legitimately asking, does anyone know how and when this started? Why is it that any sort of actual emotional camaraderie is seen as gay unless it's on a battlefield or involves killing? (and even then, some of that probably actually was gay, it just seems like the assumption isn't automatically made, possibly because men are offended by the idea that this manly man killing stuff and bonding could be "gay" as it would threaten the sense of self they forge in masculinity via violence and war)

No. 435821

imho many of the men you're talking about have specifically misogynistic racism. It's hard to explain it, but think about things like blacked, or the offensively paternalistic way they act toward white women when they aren't demonizing them as roasties. Racist men are often just as misogynistic and aren't going to help you just because you're the "right" race, their protection is conditional.
At the same time, I am not going to pretend that some cultures tend to be way more openly misogynistic and that I think we should be allowing them to treat women and gays like shit in western countries to be ~accepting~ of them. The question is, how much more misogynistic are they actually on average?

No. 435822

>The question is, how much more misogynistic are they actually on average?

They're way more likely to engage me in street harassment than the average white dude is.

No. 435823

it's all the middle eastern men's fault that racism against us exists. all horrible stereotypes about us are understandably coming from their bullshit. we go through so much shit because of them in our countries and also outside of our countries.

No. 435828

Wow. More pinkpilled or GC white supremacists. Just what we need.

No. 435829

This post is an eternal WoC mood. All the shitty racial stereotypes are from the actions of men, and it's because subconsciously, society believes the only truly valid people are men. Women are just accessories and/or commodities.
And somehow, somehow, everyone misses that men always find a way to be shitstains in literally every racial group, country, religion, you name it. It's not a single civilization that they haven't harmed us in.

No. 435831

Trust me anon, it's not because white men value you or respect anymore than the others. It's because of the work western feminists have done to make that kind of catcalling socially unacceptable.

No. 435833

white supremacy hurts everyone else other than white scrotes. white supremacists don't care about white women, they just care about their own retarded male ego. they are trying to take all the progress western women made.

No. 435849

This is the right way to look at it. It was almost entirely by chance that some european countries acquired world hegemony, and later on due to this precedent, and again due to lucky circumstances (especially geographic location and its perks) we got the industrial revolution.

But have no doubt that if it had been another culture or race reaching that point first, they'd be the "good" men now. Skin pigmentation and phenotype has fuck all to do with it. White men are "better" because of feminism, and feminism could only be kickstarted in a period of economical and social stability, which "white people" reached first.

This is not to say that the situation of white women isn't better, because on average, it's true. But it's not because white men are gentler by nature. It's because we took the chance and tamed them while we could. Of course a man born in a country where his mommy works, drives, and might even live by herself divorced from a phisically abusive daddy, is going to see women as human more than a kid born in a country with sharia law…

But make no mistake, they are all rotten, and any religion and societal laws created by any kind of men will always wish to subjugate and use women. Full separatism is the only way out of this hell. Look at what's happening right now. As soon as the economy and social system enforced by men fails, they turn their pointing hand towards women and let their biological urge to abuse and oppress take over. It's always easier to have a class of slaves than to work towards a genuinely safe and free society for everyone; in men's minds.

Fuck (not) all men.

No. 435853

Playing mind games never works out

No. 435863

Try living in South europe bro.

No. 435868

I actually have for a while, they're nowhere near as aggressive and abusive as nafris.

No. 435872

Old, but this is why hackers scare me.

No. 435873

No. 435879

how can you care about misogyny but not racism that doesnt make sense to me. Racism affects women as well. comments like these is why many woc push for inter sectional feminism

No. 435888

File: 1563391073744.jpg (83.42 KB, 552x624, 30830.jpg)

The fact that people now use loli/shota lingo to refer to actual, real life children makes me start to believe righties' claims that accepting homosexuality and transexuality would lead to acceptance of pathologies like pedophilia and zoophilia.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 435889

Galaxy brain.(Stop your derailing and infighting.)

No. 435890

>It's because we took the chance and tamed them while we could.
My mom says this all the time (she's African). She watched a historical drama about western women, and was very impressed by the way European and American women essentially trained their men and let them know they wouldn't take their shit. We both agree that it's the only way for men to become at least somewhat civilized (that and there being far more women in political power overall), but things like poverty, lack of education, war and strife make it extremely difficult to kick it into full gear.
It's also in this respect, IMO, that pick-mes and handmaidens hold everyone back.

No. 435892

NTA, but what part of "Racism affects women as well" don't you understand? Do all other women besides you deserve to be attacked or something?

No. 435896

File: 1563391587176.png (80.71 KB, 742x678, Capture.PNG)

so you dont have empathy? cool couldve just said that from the beginning.
Thank you i thought i was crazy!!! Anyway I saw this on twitter and thought it was interesting

No. 435897

lol Asian men are so fucking obnoxious. they perpetuate patriarchal bullshit, don't even try to break out of their shells, and wonder why Asian woman don't date in their race.
even my own mother told me not to date another Korean man because of how abusive and self-centered they are. i feel sorry for all the koreaboos that date Korean men…

No. 435898

That stuff has existed before accepting homosexuals and straight men have been pedos for a long time.

No. 435899

What part of DOESN'T AFFECT ME do you not understand? Europe has not been improved by being forced to tolerate backwards people from backwards cultures. So no I wont speak up for people whose presence makes me less safe.
I wasn't the OP. I just couldn't understand how dumb you must be to be unable to see the difference between racism and sexism.(Derailing and racebait, knock it off.)

No. 435900

why wont you blame anime and straight men in general instead? how are for example lesbians responsible for pedophile men?

No. 435902

So, you don't care about women in general, just yourself? That's pretty shitty, hope you don't go around calling yourself a feminist in any regard.
Also, no one was even talking about the Europe immigration stuff one way or the other, you're just being an ass. It's not "people" causing problems, it's men specifically.

No. 435903

i cant believe i read this and i doubly cant believe you wrote this….some of you on here are just as bad as the men you claim to hate sad.
Anyway the 14 year old girl who r kelly assaulted and peed on is finally gonna testify. The reason she didnt testify against him before was because he was bribing her and her family. What a sick fuck I hope he gets life.


No. 435909

I don't think anyone here has the time or patience to sit down and personally teach you why women's rights are important, or point you to all the statistics shown in both this and previous threads that tell you exactly which sex makes up the majority of shit people in the world.
You'll either get curious, lurk more and things will click on their own, or you'll figure it out yourself once some personal experience makes you peak.

No. 435911

anon that's a man

No. 435914

What difference does it make whether you care about somebody on the other side of the world, or not? Is your care protecting them in anyway? Is there not women closer to home who you could actually help, or would that be an issue because it would require you to do something instead of just caring?

No. 435915

I suppose you can hate men without actually caring about women? Weird stance but I'll take it. Regardless, no one is arguing for you to care about women individually but as a collective. It's about human rights and treatment in society relative to men on a fundamental level, not whether or not you have or even enjoy the company of women.
You could at least sage your autism. Are we being raided again?

No. 435916

Racism pretty much encapsulates everyone from "let's not have defacto open borders" to "gas the kikes race war now" in a lot of discourse these days, so it's reasonable to have grown tired of the term.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 435918

Report this dude to the authorities, I don't know how just do it!!!

No. 435921

i get growing tired but to say you dont care because it doesnt affect you is pretty fucked up and thats what that anon said which confused me. But upon reflection that anon was probably a man lol.

To change the subject are any of you the "cockblock" friend and if so what is your experience? I've gotten called a bitch, ugly and threatened with violence all for telling a dude my friend doesnt want him when they are too afraid to say it themselves.

No. 435923

Swing and a miss. I'm sorry that you can't see how ridiculous this kind of logic seems to anybody not in your circles.

No need to be a condescending bitch of you just don't want to answer the question.(*tips fedora*)

No. 435924

Do scrotes even realize that women are capable of not shitting on or dismissing the struggles of other women while also helping women at home?
I suppose the lack of empathy is something they can't help, but I wish they wouldn't project it on us.

No. 435925

I would hope the women here aren't seriously racist, otherwise how can we be feminist if our sex isn't what connects us to one another? Also, its pretty rare for women to be as hateful towards other races as the men, even the most racist white women are only copycatting their men and aren't as genocidal and enraged as the men. I've said racist shit before but I've never deep down hated anyone for example.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 435926

There is a lot pedophilies among homosexuals too.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 435929

I mean a large part of intersectional feminism is basically shitting on white women so…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 435930

>Women who disagree with me don't really disagree with me they're just copying men
Nice. I care about friends and family more than strangers. I don't care about some people at all. Doesn't mean I don't care about anybody.(And no1curr about your offtopic blogpost.)

No. 435933

In my experience, racist women are usually handmaidens who want to impress the respective guys of their race really, really badly. I've especially seen this as being most obvious with white tradthots and those super pro-black women on Twitter. It's all a big, embarrassing front.
Also, I really am starting to believe the anon(s) in here who kept going on about how racism "doesn't matter" was a scrote making trouble as usual.
The pride about their own ignorance and sudden mix of passive-aggression and direct aggression ("condescending bitch!", "a swing and a miss", "nice (sarcasm)") when told to lurk more or generally disagreed with was a pretty big tip-off.
They're getting less immediately obvious these days. It's almost concerning.

No. 435935

File: 1563394347058.jpeg (101.25 KB, 772x600, D_qG6TRUYAApYbc.jpeg)

>Intersectional Feminism
Do you know where you are?

No. 435949

This is what happens when kids hear about Ana Kriegel's tragic death combined with porn being so accessible.
All scrotes that oppose porn block are enabling this to happen over and over again.

No. 435950

Congrats. This is the dumbest comment in the whole thread.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 435953

Maybe 8 years ago.

No. 435959

notice how the thread went to shit and the focus completely shifted OT once the racist pick-me's showed up. that alone shows you how irrelevant race is to man-hating

No. 435963

a very male pattern of thought. how undeveloped.

No. 435966

You could easily bring up a different topic then?
The guy that I lost my virginity to told me my vagina was basically gross because it got “too wet” I really wish I was making this up. He would wipe it on me with disgust everytime he fingered me. It gave me the worst complex of all time I thought I was defective and had a diseased vagina. I wrote about this in the stupid questions thread because since then I would put toilet paper in my underwear to absorb it and my vagina got so dry as a result. I can’t believe this dude who was prob gay fucked me up so bad I was drying out my perfectly fine vagina. I feel so dumb lol

No. 435968

File: 1563397927256.png (596.37 KB, 708x1064, Screenshot 2019-06-19 at 1.04.…)

It was actually fine and felt like a civil, mature discussion on culture/race and how man hate plays into it until the "uhm racism is totally ok!!! i'm totally a woman too and i'm new to these threads wdym" started popping up. Shit sucks, but I guess it's to be expected.

Anyway, this shit reminds me not to trust men who constantly, endlessly talk about gore and other edgy shit. "Just fantasy!" and "Just fiction!" my ass. There's a line between a mild interest in the macabre and actual wrongness of mind, and way too many men cross it.

No. 435973

Imagine having sex with a guy and going "eww why is your dick so hard" when he got aroused.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 435981

You know most men are incapable of serious conversations or resort to gas lighting
I don't like it but it seems like the only option

No. 435983

I just wish men who hates women would not fuck us or even try to

Why are women expected to worship men's disgusting rotten yeasty dicks but most of them don't even want us to have normal bodily functions? Most vaginas look and smell better than dicks

No. 435987

I'm tired of all of you immediately linking racist handmaidens to the colour white.
American tradthots like Lauren Southern might spout shit on the internet, but immigrant/refugee women in europe tell their little daughters that they must cover up, that they have to serve men, that they're lesser, they keep them at home from school to help with the household, they allow their husband and sons to abuse them and so on. And the progressive, crop-top and makeup wearing female arabs act blind to these problems and instead concentrate on protecting their "muslim brothers" from the evil nazis (which usually means all locals in whatever "absolutely awful" country they happen to live in).

No. 435988

How many of those are lesbians? Seriously. Women molesting kids is almost unheard of. Majority of molested kids are girls that have been molested by men.

No. 435989

Black women's constant apologia for black male violence is another good example of what you're talking about. I've heard a lot of dissident black women talk about this too. How the obscene levels of violence in black communities are covered up beneath a veneer of racial solidarity with their men.

Meanwhile white women say something like "yeah I don't want middle eastern men to come here" and they get piled on.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 435993

No one hates men of my race more than me. I hate literally all men, yet I'm somehow still not racist. I don't know how you can still say that when WW post shit against race mixing and make jew jokes in the pinkpilled threads. Not to mention the constant 'omg all the brown girls are shitting on me reeeee victimization' and pretending everyone centers us too much in feminism.(You're not helping.)

No. 435995

Yeah, like that article racist-anon linked earlier. Black women shouldn't have to be lumped in with something men do. It's like society sees "black men" and immediately jumps on the "black" when it's obviously the "men" part that sucks. That footage shouldn't make you racist, it should make you misandrist.

No. 435997

Serious question: What's your take on someone who dislikes race-mixing not out of any muh aryan genes reason but just because it creates so many more difficulties than you would experience than in your average same-race relationship (potentially celebrating different holidays, not sharing native language, not coming from a similar value background, more likely to have hostile in-laws, having mixed kids etc)?

I'm not against it for reasons of "purity", but just because it seems a lot less comfortable than dating, marrying and having children with someone of your own race.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 435998

nta, but you have all the shit you listed even with people from the same race. It just sounds like you're making excuses to justify your own racial preferences. With the added shitty bonus of trying to police other people's preferences.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 435999

>nta, but you have all the shit you listed even with people from the same race.

You're right. It's just that on average it's much less likely.

And it also depends on cultural different. Like my current boyfriend is from another European ethnicity and it doesn't feel like there's the same massive cultural gap despite me being a native English speaker and him being a native Italian speaker that existed between me and my Korean ex for example, even though he was raised here.(This isnt LiveJournal, Susie.)

No. 436000

And you don't see lesbians obsessing over barely legal girls like gay men do with boys. Gay MEN would looove to go even younger.

No. 436001

Don't you just call that personal preference anon? Wtf?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 436002

Legit, my mom was criticised by her peers for being a white West European woman marrying a white British man, and all my life people have treated me as a semi-foreigner for being """mixed""" and having a foreign last name. People even decide I have a foreign accent in my native tongue (which I don't) once they learn that my dad is British. Human beings will always nitpick to find something "alien" about you.

No. 436004

NTA, but with all the stuff you listed, it sounds like you're more against cultural mixing than race mixing.
for example, i'm a different race from my bf, but i'm basically attuned to his culture and speak his language fluently from heavy exposure growing up, so none of those things are really a problem in our case. people often mistake me from being from his country if they just hear my voice.
i guess, your solution is to just…not race-mix? it's not like you have to date outside your race, most people don't.
i'm not sure why you'd be particularly against it for other people, though, esp. if you don't even know what both individuals are like and the intricacies of their personalities and relationship. everyone is different and all that
either way, i'm not sure what this has to do with man hate lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 436005

>i'm not sure why you'd be particularly against it for other people, though, esp. if you don't even know what both individuals are like and the intricacies of their personalities and relationship. everyone is different and all that

I'm not anon. But sometimes friends will ask me for advice and I'll give it to them in moderately blunt terms. I feel that on average, same-race relationships are more stable and happy. Not always of course, and it's not an absolute thing for sure, but on average they certainly are. You only need look at some of our most famous cows who ended up in the Far East married to some guy they met for a couple of months prior to see just how badly it can go.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 436008

Just look at the R Kelley situation and how many black women are defending him. This kind of thing happens all the time.

Between being black and being a woman, it's clear which is more important to them.

No. 436009

Weren't all of his victims black girls too? And then they have the audacity to blame us for the fact he got away with it for so long.

No. 436011

That's actually a good point. Men literally have no excuse for their pedo shit, lesbians certainly aren't obsessing over underagers.

I was ready to agree with you until
>Between being black and being a woman, it's clear which is more important to them.
There's tons of black women calling for the sick fuck to be jailed immediately. I've actually seen more "Lock him up already, it's been years, for fuck's sake" posts than whiteknighting at this point. Can we not try to paint entire races of women as handmaidens out of spite?
And FYI, I'm against people attacking all white women ever over people like Lauren Southern, too.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 436019

Wait a second who is us?? Do you mean white people? Not once have I heard a black women pin the blame on white women or men at least not in my age demographic most of the people who have been caping for him to be jailed have been black women it’s the reason he’s being indicted now. Also most of the women who defend him are middle aged hand maidens who are set in there ways. My generation and younger see through the difference. And the only time white property were brought up were by men defending him and comparing him to Harvey Weinstein for some reason. Just say you hate black women and go. This is exactly why race and women can’t be separated because the reason he got away with it for so long is because he was rapping black girls and no one cares about black girls. We are seen as women by the time we are 10 and then get victim blames because we are “fast” because we develop faster than a lot of other races (obv exceptions to the rule but you get my point)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 436044

>watches porn
>mad when gf uses vibrator

why are scrots like this

No. 436050

scrots: why wont hwamen show love to damaged degenerate abusive males. this is why we are violent subhumans

woman: shows love to damaged male degenerate and gets abused by him

scrots: why did she get involved with him lmao what did she expect. not all men

No. 436051

I have never been treated right by a guy romantically. At this point I have no reason to trust men even with just my own experience. A lot of the time I feel like I don't want to deal with guys at all anymore, but how do you deal with the loneliness, anons?

I hate that the fairytale, romantic, cute dates and marriage and shit has been nailed into my brain from tv shows, movies, disney and the media and whatever when it is just not reality…

No. 436054

OMG THIS!!! i dont have an answer sadly but as much as i know men are incapable of truly loving me the way i love them i cant help but think that i have a soulmate out there and i cant help but falling in love. Its horrible im honestly jealous of women who arent attracted to men or who are but are really good at suppressing it. I HATE that i still love men despite all of the horrible things they put me through. Empathy is gross sometimes

No. 436057

sorry same anon i meant feelings not empathy lmfao
Slightly OT but currently its a thunderstorm outside and after 9pm and the maintenance guy for our apt decided that now would be a good time to check on our ac which we complained about not working over a week ago!! My sister got mad at me for attempting to turn him away and im like ???? he didnt call and its a fucking storm so if he rapes and kills us no one will hear our screams. Maybe im paranoid from watching crime shows but like she watches them too so i thought she would understand my anger but she didnt. LIke the dude didnt even call before coming and again its fucking nighttime during a storm??? Luckily he was nice but STILL am i crazy???

No. 436058

Because I'm female and therefore born pre-equipped with involuntary empathy which unfortunately includes scrots. I need to manually turn it off by reminding myself how objectively revolting moids are. It's a form of inspo.

No. 436061

you're not crazy. there is an uncomfortable pattern of maintenance and service guys taking advantage of women in their own homes.

No. 436062

>implying she's interested in something as worthless as cocks

even in their weird self-belittling cuckold fantasies moids are weirdly optimistic about their value

No. 436066

Big mood tbh. He will look at porn and cheat on you anyways, might as well make it irrelevant by viewing the endeavor as a transaction. He can tip all the ethots he wants after the divorce kek.

No. 436069

why wish for death penalty when he can get all the """""sex""""" he ever wanted behind bars kek

i unironically love the idea of incels getting raped in prison bc it's poetic justice

No. 436073

hot take: extreme pickmeism and handmaiden antics in western women are due to being more or less comfortably isolated from men's true nature

all these beckies screaming about how 2nd wave feminism was too mean never had to get their husband's signature to open a bank account

No. 436077

File: 1563417075517.jpg (61.22 KB, 600x460, 427247_361819903846238_1222307…)


scrots like james damore always go "AKTCHYALY EXPLAIN THE EQUALITY PARADOX" but it all makes perfect sense.

it's not true for every extremely conservative society - just iran and other states in which sex segregation works in a particular way in schools. it's proven that girls perform better in academic segregation while boys perform worse. women are able to study on their own terms without being pestered by scrots and worrying about how they're perceived by them. if they're not getting married off by arrangement, sex segregation works wonders for their education.

in "feminist" societies like sweden and norway, everything revolves around biased notions of equality and gender blindness. women and men are forced to be together which ultimately ends with women catering to men. there's porn and other crap that "liberates" no woman ever, but there's a tremendous pressure to maintain a libfem sexpozzed facade. women give up and proceed to be homemakers because they're worn down by scrots' exhausting presence.

No. 436081

Show them Saint Hanna PosionIvy and make them realize that you don't need to bend over backwards to be adored by men. You can make them eat their own literal shit and they'll love you.

No. 436084

theyre just black tradthots anon

women who put racial identity before womanhood are always male aligned

No. 436098

You aren't crazy. My maintenance guy never calls first and lets himself in with his own personal key. He will say he's coming one day and show up the next after I waited all day for him. I'm scared I'll get raped or robbed one day.

On that note, today pest control came by, knocked on my door while I was sleeping, unlocked the door after less than 45 seconds and let themselves in while I was walking down the hall in my sleepwear to answer the door. I was home alone and could easily have been assaulted. I moved into this place 3 months ago and I keep discovering that multiple men have keys to my apartment. I'm scared, I have a one year lease and can't break it. I expect to be raped again at some point or at least have my shit stolen one day. I'm sure if I told this to a man they'd think I'm being paranoid but I know people here will understand why I'm worried.

No. 436102

Reminds me of a thing in South Africa where men think that a woman getting wet during sex is more likely to give them HIV (or cheat on them or is just not tight enough), so they dry their partners vagina out with a cloth or even leaves. Which of course results in vaginal tearing, bleeding and them being far more likely to get HIV.

No. 436105

has anybody else seen this?

out of all the men who were interviewed, the most infuriating one is defintely catfishman. he uploads videos of himself harassing women he catfished on tinder, and then berating them for being "shallow" and "ugly" while he jerks off to their pictures. he also has a restraining order against him made by his ex-girlfriend because of domestic violence.

and on top of that? he has the audacity to say women are shallow and don't like him because of how he looks. yeah okay you crazy piece of shit, it's totally not the fact that youre a fucking predator and abuser.

the comments are disgusting, but not surprising. probably redditfags who browse braincels.

No. 436119

File: 1563434292912.png (92.69 KB, 640x540, cheating1new-w640.png)

Never get married ladies.

No. 436121

I go on /fit/ for the weight loss and /fat/ threads. When I go on MPA (more women centric weight loss) it messes with my head because of all the bingeing, purging, mental illness stuff. Men seem to be at least more objective about weight loss.

No. 436122

File: 1563436277516.gif (3.13 MB, 720x720, y40JHCV.gif)

Kevin Spacey's case got dropped and the comments are full of male white redditors reeeee-ing about how #metoo is meant to oppress them

No. 436124

They can be, to women of other ethnicities and especially non white races, you wouldnt know because you are literally the same race as them and cant be othered by them in the way you are being by nafris. So you only care about yourself lol

No. 436125

You'd think they'd be more supportive of #metoo when gay men are the predators in question, but I guess the ability to freely sexually harass women without fear of consequences trumps concern for their fellow male.

No. 436126

Not true, women on iamgeboards just got EDs because of their internalized misogyny and trying to look like animu characters

No. 436127

File: 1563437038810.gif (1.45 MB, 268x150, VywxQfV.gif)

Some of the comments are like "I gUeSs YoU ShOulDn'T LeT a HaShTaG ThAt's MeAnT tO RaIsE aWaReNeSs rUiN sOmEoNe's LiFe"

Like, excuse me, what the fuck? There's 30 people out there accusing him and it's not illogical to be afraid of lashback when you're accusing a famous and wealthy actor. Case in point: R Kelly and Epstein.

But because he made every white male's TV power fantasy come true with House of Cards they're all bending backwards to suck his dick now.

No. 436130

Imho most white guys aren't interested enough in non white girls to harass them since they usually prefer us. So if they're going to harass anyone it will be us.

No. 436131

Kinda blogpost:

I live in Pakistan. The only family I know is my mom. All the institutions I partake in have been female exclusive for the entirety of my life. I've talked to about 2 dozen men in my life, and this includes random doctors and teachers I couldn't even look in the eye majority of the time. Life is heaven, didn't get harassed ever, my dad was an abusive fucker but he died when I was 12 so yay? And no threats of being murderered or stalked, and thankfully our extended family doesn't contact us so I don't even get proposals from ugly cousins. In places like Iraq, apparently men and boys get raped and harassed more because they interact with men and this is no surprise to anyone who lives in Muslim countries. Whine all you want bout them, but if your Muslim country has no shitty laws, you have a decent family and the circumstances are right I'd reckon you're better off than the vast majority of Western women because of the segregation. I've been a full proponent of segregation since I was 12, dammit. Men are fucking animals.

No. 436133

I don't disagree, but you said it yourself: things turned out well for you because your dad died early and your family doesn't pressure/contact you. That's one in a million in terms of probability.

No. 436139

>places like Iraq
To answer to you and tayrt: sex segregation at schools is good and necessary for girls but it turns guys into horny monsters who never learned how to interact with girls/women and see them as actual human beings.
It's all absolute hell for girls, especially for working-class girls.
As soon as they go to college they're being harassed from right and left by dudes who are in a mixed space for the first time. They get exploited, groomed etc. Its a common occurrence for girls to be harassed because they rejected guys, or when they break up with their bfs the guys release pictures of them or photoshop their faces onto nudes.

Casual harassment is also rampant. If you wear something a little tighter or if you're considered pretty enough you'll have a bunch of guys taking pictures of you secretly or not-so-secretly, cat-calling you, or following you silently or asking for your number, even when you're clearly a minor. Grown men have been doing this to me ever since I was 14. And those things I've mentioned are only the surface issues.
I haven't talked about all the pedophilia, the rapes, the honour killings, the kidnappings, the forced/arranged marriages, the laws, the lack of safe women's shelters, lack of women's healthcare…I could go on for hours and I'd still have more to add.

So I have to absolutely disagree. There are no "non-shitty" Muslim laws and I don't think that the "vast majority" of women in the west have it better.
I'm glad that you're not experiencing any of this but you best worn that even the most privileged women face some of things in these countries.

No. 436141

I meant to say you best believe* (sorry for any weird spacing too, I'm on my phone)

No. 436145

Stop with the gaslighting.

No. 436148

Shes the South European autist who is really triggered by non white women
Why is she even on this thread ? I recognize her post from other threads and she is male identified as fuck

No. 436151

I was just talking about my experiences and out of all these things your first response to my post was to accuse me of gaslighting? How exactly did i do that? I just disagreed with that anon on that particular point and shared my reality. I didn't dismiss anyone.
If you're talking about >>436139 that's me. I really am a young middle eastern woman. Although I made a post here and there I never really wrote anything lengthy or anything personal but since the Middle East came up I thought I'd share some of my experiences in this thread. I done why I'm getting these responses tbh I regret posting it now.

No. 436152

>claims to be white and that white men are only interested in harassing women like her ["us"] in >>436130
>claims to be a "young Middle Eastern woman" who spent her life in a Muslim country in other posts
Wtf. So then have you just been making things up about yourself so you could get replies this whole time?

No. 436155

I think her first post was actually saying middle eastern men are more interesting in harassing middle eastern women like her?
That's still bullshit, though. In my (western European) country, middle eastern and north african men target white women the most, while white men are obsessed with porn of arab "slutty" young women. Men like to consider women of other races to be good-for-nothing whores, while women of their own race are whores they can marry and impregnate.

No. 436156

I just wanted to say that women in Iraq face these things because all middle eastern countries are like that. It was a response to that Pakistani anon saying the vast majority of women from " non-shitty" middle eastern countries have it better than western women, and I, who's currently living in the Middle East, said that I don't agree with that cause me and other women face these things here.
I'm sorry if my post wasn't clear or well-written enough, English is my third language but please stop accusing me of things for goodness sake.
Only >>436139 and>>436151 are my posts.

No. 436157

>I'm dead serious, anon-chan. If an "innocent" man dies tonight, it's justice.

This is stupid. I'm just as shaken up about Bianca as anyone but my boyfriend was even angrier about it. "Why can't they just make that piece of shit dig his own grave then beat him to death with a rock? Why waste money and time letting him live after what he's done?" <- his words.

This stuff angers and frustrates a lot of men too.

No. 436159

girl install an interior deadbolt NOW you will sleep so much sounder

No. 436160

>Only >>436139 and>>436151 are my posts.
Uh….I was replying to >>436130, not either of those posts. I'm not sure if you misread what I quoted.

No. 436161

Is it France lol

No. 436165

It is, I've been told the situation in Germany isn't too different though.

No. 436172

Disagree, am from the balkans and we have a higher percentage of women in STEM, I was raised by my mother to fight for my own survival and a lot of other girls had the dream to get a well paying job and go to richer European countries.

If you look at statistics, more women have higher education than men in developed countries, especially black women in America are surpassing their male relatives in a high percentage.

No. 436186

Scrots have no innate motivation in life beyond getting their dick wet. Back in the day they could attain a dedicated fuckhole by building a life as a competent provider, since women did not have many options to provide for themselves and their family and were relegated to the domestic sphere. Now that that has changed many women realize that men are only a burden and often reject them altogether. And since there is no foolproof plan anymore of how to attract a woman, scrots just give up entirely and wallow in self pity.
But women are absolutely right to take care of themselves. No matter how perfect of a wife you are, chances are still high your husband will abuse you, cheat on you, leave you.

No. 436187

What in the ever loving fuck is that shit? Charges reduced to manslaughter?

A 21-year-old man from New York who allegedly killed his 17-year-old girlfriend – and then posted photos of her body on Instagram – might have done so out of jealousy after she reportedly kissed another man while at a concert Saturday night, officials said.

Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara said that the prosecuting office will likely treat the murder of Bianca Devins, 17, as a case of “extreme emotional disturbance” after an early investigation into the events that led to her killing suggest that the suspect, Brandon Clark, 21, didn’t plan it.

“Under the law, there's something called extreme emotional disturbance," McNamara told WKTV. "It doesn't negate the crime, but it mitigates it.”

He went on to say that it would likely reduce the level of crime Clark would face, bringing his charge of second-degree murder down to “manslaughter in the first degree.”


No. 436188

Yeah. And this is why I'm a conservative. You can't shit on conservatives and support liberals without realizing you've been supporting a weakening of law, order and the justice system's ability to deal with violent scum for the past 50 years. You literally vote for candidates that think rapist trash can be "reformed" if they're given a psych to talk to about their fweelings.

No. 436189

This argument is like saying we should all offer sex to men, because if we don't men will rape us. Or give our money to poor people, or else poor people will rob us. You're saying we should all be there for men to sexually harass, or else men will sexually harass us more when we finally are there. Dumbass.

No. 436191

This reminds me. Women should really try to utilize having pets for companionship. Pets will always adore you and won't rape you or belittle you. This is probably why men seem so triggered by "cat ladies" and belittle them. On some level they probably realize they can't compete with the cats. I mean look at Onision. It fucking figures that he was jealous of his ex wife's bond with her cats and cited it as a reason why she wasn't a good wife. His fragile male ego couldn't take it.

No. 436192

File: 1563456241515.jpeg (326.4 KB, 720x859, 56cd7b9988f89.jpeg)

>any intentional killing that involves no prior intent to kill, and which was committed under such circumstances that would "cause a reasonable person to become emotionally or mentally disturbed"
>literally posted an insta story saying "Here comes hell"
>still no intent, let's lower murder charges to manslaughter yee haw guys

No. 436193

How the fuck is trying to decapitate someone manslaughter? manslaughter is used to signify accidental death that could have been avoided. Livestreaming himself going to find her doesn't count as "planning???"


No. 436194

Mens rea has been so bastardised as a concept over the past few years that it doesn't surprise me.

No. 436204

Sp his defence is "but your honor, she friendzoned me with chad and I was very angry about it"… and its working? Literally getting a lighter sentence because he's a bitter enough incel?
Well reading this shit gives me an "extreme emotional disturbance" so…

No. 436207

Anon this has been going on for years in all sorts of cases. Like I said, this is the end result of liberal criminal justice.

No. 436208

>Men like to consider women of other races to be good-for-nothing whores, while women of their own race are whores they can marry and impregnate.
Really puts thins into perspective, doesn't it? We must be living in hell after all.

No. 436210

Is it even worth using men’s lack of control over their dick brains to manipulate them and get what you want from them at this point?

I’m trying to transition from my own pick me-ness to not caring about what men think of me, but I feel like I still value attention from men. Though, I’ve found a lot of solidarity among my girlfriends recently… I hate that I’m still attracted to men. Are there really any decent men? It seems that the best way for me to see a man’s true colors is to have them court me for at least a year before deciding I’d ever be romantic with one.

No. 436212

Just focus on yourself until you're fully independent. Then you can date and you have the opportunity to get away as soon as he shows signs of being a typical male. Also never sacrifice anything for a man, it's how it starts, they'll want you to move somewhere else or get another job out of "love" to "make things work", just get out if he does that.

No. 436213

i'm so fucking sick of the news claiming this scrote piece of useless shit virgincel was Bianca's boyfriend when 1) no he wasn't 2) we all know if Bianca had gotten the help she needed and hadn't been so vulnerable to these types of online communities she wouldn't have given this pathetic piece of shit the time of day or so much as the sideways glance you give to homeless people mumbling to themselves on the curb.

men are such literal fucking crybabies, ive seen it time & time again. they act like theyre so fucking superior and yet you tell them "no" ONCE and they throw a giant shitfit or murder us out of anger bc theyre such subhuman pieces of shit they dont even have control of their emotions. real fucking rich to call us women "too emotional for x" and yet you don't see us murder every and any man who's ever denied us something.

RIP Bianca. her murderer is not gonna go to jail, and if he does he'll be let out in 5 years on "good behavior". i hope someone cuts his dick off and stuffs it down his throat.

No. 436214

>tfw can't hookup with men because the hot ones are so rare they've probably had a million other partners and some nasty STD
>tfw can't form relationship with a guy because he'll probably be ugly if he's relatioship-maxxing himself and would probably be leering at other women in porn and real life.
>tfw can't look-max by makeup or plastic surgery because everyone else is doing it.
>tfw a hot woman gets with a hideous dumpster fire but a hot man can't even get 2 points lower than him.

Why do men exist? What purpose does their existence serve in Western society? They used to exist because they'd impregnate the women and hunt but even nature found them disposable af. I don't know why they exist; they're not hot, they're deadbeats, they're violent, they're mostly losers; and they're restricting society back by light-years because of their retarded ideologies and violence.

No. 436216

Genuinely curious but do you have a source on the fact that they weren't dating?

No. 436217

It's not just that. Scrotes always want the freedom to rape any hole they can think of, be it male or female. Homophobia is selective and performative for certain contexts, usually political. They treated it like a joke to begin with because he raped a boy

No. 436218

File: 1563460801491.png (244.27 KB, 828x324, Untitled.png)

so when do we get to start rounding up men into concentration camps

No. 436220

There are good men but unfortunately they're mostly family in my circles (would unironically bang my older brother if he wasn't my brother) or older. My grandfather is an unbelievably good man for example. Cared for my grandmother for years and years without the slightest complaint. Men like that are so rare nowadays.

The problem I have with good men my age is that they don't speak up about bad men and the issues women face. They just think "I'm not like that so it's not my problem". To be fair I don't blame them for not wanting to march alongside morons who wear vagina hats but I wish they'd openly condemn bad men more than they do.

No. 436225

Males exist because their sperm is required for procreation, it isn't more complicated than that. In so many species (some insect species, some fish) males die after ejaculating, are eaten to strengthen the female or are absorbed by her body. Human women would be so much better off if our species worked that way, too.

No. 436227

we should just use them for labor. the earth is vastly overpopulated; sterilize all men who carry degenerative diseases or any form of retardation or something that could negatively harm their children so that humans breed less and have better offspring. only use them for sperm when the human population begins to die more than it reproduces.

No. 436230

Eugenics is incel sperging. The tone of these threads changed in the last few weeks.

No. 436233

Scroll up.

No. 436235

File: 1563462501058.png (13.48 KB, 500x603, http_//com.ft.imagepublish.upp…)

No, Eastern European women only have the highest percentage of female STEM graduates in the EU, while the Arab world has the highest proportion, that is 34-57%


There is a link to the UNESCO report in the article, if you're interested.

>women make up 64 per cent of [Jordanian] students in the natural sciences, medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy” as well as 60 per cent of engineering students in the Gulf (compared with only 30 percent in the US and Europe)

>Jordan, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates are the only countries where women test better and feel more comfortable in mathematics than men, according to the OECD

Moreover, it's true that girls perform better in sex-segregated schools.


>Female students in single-sex classes obtained better math grades than female students in coeducational classes, with an average performance 

There are multiple studies done on this topic, the majority come to this conclusion.

No. 436237

Why does it feel like they're defending him?
>killed his girlfriend
>might have done so out of jealousy after she reportedly kissed another man while at a concert Saturday night
>extreme emotional disturbance
So when you put it this way, thousands of men will nod their heads and agree. He wasn't even her boyfriend, just a delusional, entitled "nice guy" orbiter whom even Bianca felt uncomfortable in the presence of.
How do they keep getting away with it? I felt that they would've reduced his sentence, because white guy and first crime, but fuck it. I hope someone gets him and gives him the same treatment he reserved to that girl.

No. 436239

Eastern European women are fucking amazing. I've met a lot of them. Pity there's so many western (and now even more Chinese) sex tourists going to those countries. Hope they have their tiny dicks cut off.

No. 436241

They really are. I hope those disguisting sex tourists get scammed.

No. 436242

>No, Eastern European women only have the highest percentage of female STEM graduates in the EU, while the Arab world has the highest proportion, that is 34-57%
Anon, that was meant in comparison to men

No. 436243

MPA is litrally a pro ana webside, anon, of course it's toxic. I recently browsed /fit/ and it's not much better. These men clearly suffer from body dysphoria and can't seem to get big enough. They're also sexist as fuck, a lot of them that aren't incels, just brag about pumping and dumping women. No thanks. MPA sucks less because there's at least the option to avoid the toxic side by going to the recovery forums. You can't avoid the misogynistic drivel on /fit/ because it's everywhere.

No. 436245

Something that's clearly premeditated and ideological is "manslaughter" """"crime of passion"""" because penile fee-fees were involved. But zero tolerance for domestic violence tho - fucking libcuck states and their cognitive dissonance. Meanwhile something that fits all the criteria for a hate crime isn't treated as such because the victim is a woman.



No. 436246

are there any women only fitness/weight loss forums that don't suck? even facebook groups or subreddits? I've never found one.

No. 436250

My mistake, In Iran, nearly 70% of university graduates in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are women a higher percentage than in any other country.

No. 436252

No. 436254

Can you screenshot? Can't access the article in EU

No. 436256

File: 1563466453361.jpg (242.45 KB, 1064x974, 472985.jpg)

No. 436258

I have no words. Thanks anon.

No. 436259

Almost like people who display strong hatred towards fat strangers have really bizarre mental hangups themselves….

No. 436261

File: 1563467813757.png (247.03 KB, 638x836, Care worker found guilty of mu…)

No. 436283

Holy shit

No. 436288

File: 1563475147016.jpeg (199.67 KB, 1200x1200, img.jpeg)

This is why I'm scared for women who advocate for breastfeeding in public. I want to support it, but psychotic scrotes will think it's an invitation to do something degenerate. Women can't just exist in peace. I'm all in favor of the Rick and Morty matriarchy.

No. 436293

>would bang brother in any way

Get help

No. 436295

I mean if your brother is the only decent man you've met around your age….

No. 436297

i remember a guy on a tumblr post about breast feeding in public who equated it to whipping his dick out in public. the misogynistic shit about women's nipples being sexual and men's nipples being neutral is so stupid.

No. 436307

lol what is he feeding with his dick tho?

No. 436322

File: 1563481028870.png (521.94 KB, 422x571, SPOOKY.PNG)

Kinda ot but that gif reminded me of the skeleton war meme on tumblr from a couple years back.
I know people shit on tumblr for its shenanigans, but they had it right with making fun of fuckboys.

No. 436339

What!? Didn't he post a pic saying, "Here comes hell"? Didn't he post that before he killed her? That sounds like it was planned. What the actual fuck, I'm so angry right now. Men are coddled, they don't deserve freedom.

No. 436340

Of course in the new Top Gun trailer people are ripping that Kelly Mcgillis isn't in it. God forbid a woman age.

No. 436342

Y'all should call the DA on the incel scrot case and tell him that being an incel is an extremist political ideology, not "emotional distress". By this logic white supremacists and ISIS recruits are "emotionally distressed" and thus incapable of premeditated murder or terrorism.

No. 436345

Anon, please. Your conservative shilling is disturbing considering the fact that conservatives in general lobby for extremely strict laws that are against women. Lest we not forget the woman in Alabama who was charged by conservatives for being shot and losing the baby. Or the conservatives who want doctors to go to prison for life for performing life saving abortions. Please try to be logical.

No. 436355

Can we all agree both political parties suck? This country is long due for an overhaul.

No. 436374

watch it turn out to be the same racebaiting moid who was shitting up the thread earlier lmao
they think they're clever

No. 436417

Clearly you don't even have a basic grasp on politics, you actually believe the lies republicans have been telling you kek

No. 436420

File: 1563499724321.jpg (46.91 KB, 564x514, 98b059f7dcb460c4fad4d5c065cd95…)

No. 436426

I'm with you anon. I can never decide which party I hate more. it's truly a challenge.

No. 436428

File: 1563501770614.jpg (111.39 KB, 820x550, biancadevins-820x550.jpg)

The Bianca Devins story is really hitting home hard for me. There's a lot of similarities between us when I was around that age. I even had the EXACT same hair she did in this photo. A fried cotton candy pink bob. I used to hang out on /r9k/ and attempted to make friends there until an experience that woke me up to what a bad idea that was. I was depressed, lonely, severely lacking in self-esteem, and mistakenly thought of them as kinda my people because they were also in the same boat. But the thing is, misogynistic men simply can't relate to women, no matter how similar they are. It didn't matter that I was also a suicidal weeaboo loser going nowhere in life who hated the world just like they were. All they can ever see a woman as is a piece of meat with life on easy mode who deserves nothing but pure disdain the moment you realize you probably won't be having sex with her. They are absolutely incapable of empathy toward females. /r9k/ and incel culture are what made me go from feminist lite to straight up man-hating.

It's not a coincidence that so many of the people in this thread used to be fembots. Being consistently exposed to so much rabid unreasonable hatred for women rooted in sexual frustration is enough to pink pill any woman who isn't absolutely drowning in internalized misogyny.

No. 436601

File: 1563541507377.jpg (37.28 KB, 820x98, retardedkiwifag.jpg)

Some galaxy brain shit from the retards of kiwi farms, because of course the solution for men's murderous nature is that women should fuck them!! Of course instead of men learning to behave, there should be a class of women to fuck these insane lunatics.

To all the lurking kiwifags: neck yourselves

No. 436607

Why do we have to bear the burden of keeping men from murdering us? Incels should just all fuck each other. Women are just holes to them anyway, so what's the difference between a female hole and a male one?

No. 436608

We should really encourage the use of sex dolls and robots so men can be degenerates on their own and leave women alone. It'd save SWs from having to deal with sexually violent men too.

No. 436610

i really doubt that all incel insecurities and problems would be solved after having sex with a prostitute.

No. 436611

This, and they always talk about how gross and nasty vaginas are and 99% of natural tits are unattractive to them, they should just half become traps the other half fuck them

No. 436612

Countries with legalised prostitution still have crime though?
It’s not women’s fault if men are psychos.

No. 436615

This is so fucking dumb. Whether or not it's legal, most men still have easy access to hookers. If hookers were the magical cure to this kind of shit then we wouldn't have the problem in the first place. Also, Elliot Roger's dad said he offered to take him to a prostitute, but Elliot declined because he wanted love not just sex.

The best solution is simple: treat any corner of the internet where these types congregate and celebrate/promote violence against women the same way places celebrating/promoting ISIS get treated. View them as terrorists. Put everyone participating on a terrorist watchlist.

No. 436616

Lol I remember a post on a certain manosphere subredit where the OP literally was like "female bodies are unattractive sacks of bones and fat while men are swole muscly vveiny greek gods uwu"
The Big Gay is showing so hard.

No. 436617

It's all a cope. In some cases it's closeted gay shit, but usually it's a cope.

No. 436618

They used to do that
but woman power too strong

No. 436622

>"vaginas are so gross, i hate women, traps are the best, the dick makes it better!!"
>"are you gay?"
>"reee i'm not gay, it's just that evil womynz don't wanna date me, pride is dumb!!"

No. 436625

Don't men kill prostitutes anyway? What does making it legal and accessible solve when all that seems to do is increase the frequency of the violence and killing?

No. 436628

It would make prostitution safer since it would make them less vulnerable, but letting incels legally get their kicks is by far the weakest argument in favor of legal prostitution I have ever heard.

No. 436629

>It would make prostitution safer since it would make them less vulnerable
In what physical way would it make them safer?

No. 436630

The incel shit has always been a smokescreen. It works perfectly when morons like this suggest dumb solutions. I don't think stuff like /r/inceltears actually helps either because they buy too much into what incels are saying they are.

Let's be real here. Most of the men in those servers have few problems theoretically getting any sex, as in like any female. The majority of them are average looking. The elephant in the room is that they are psychopathic, deeply entitled, pedophiles or otherwise extremely unpleasant which irl can probably be smelt a mile off. Look at how the orbiters of Bianca (herself groomed in those servers as a child) are all celebrating her death.

I dont think they envy 'Chad' for being a beautiful man with regular privileges, I think they specifically envy beautiful men because they believe beautiful men can get away with doing all kinds of evil shit

No. 436644

By regulating the field, they wouldn't be forced to walk the streets, being picked up by Johns and taken somewhere isolated, or turn to pimps, which are the two main sources of the violence sex workers face. In countries where it's legal, it is much harder to harm them because they are less vulnerable and brothels usually have security measures to protect them. They have a far far lower rate of crimes against them when it's legal than places like the USA where there's lots of prostitution but it's illegal. They would also be more comfortable reporting assaults to police because they wouldn't have to fear arrest. Assaults on prostitutes are extremely under reported because of fear of legal consequence.

No. 436647

Eh, I'm mixed about legalization. I agree that legalizing prostitution would regulate SW and help reduce the amount of violence and assault that prostitutes suffer but I don't think we should 'encourage' women to be prostitutes. Making it into a legal profession just reinforces the idea that women are sex objects and that sex can be bought.

No. 436650

Why do men bother to marry if they're going to bash their heads against the walls and screech like animals on the second day?
Why do men exist?

No. 436651

>By regulating the field
How is this enforceable in the prostitution world?
>they wouldn't need to walk the streets
They could still be alone with men in brothels or office spaces, it's really not a separation from danger if the man in question doesn't give a shit about the consequences and just needs to kill his target. Unless you're suggesting prostitutes service men in plain sight and within ear's reach of someone at all times.
What if the sex worker doesn't want to work in a brothel?
>they can't be taken somewhere isolated
So you would legalize prostitution but ban escorting and women hooking on the streets if it meant they were not the ones hosting?
>turn to pimps
This is about the only thing legalization would do. Cut out their overlords and middlemen but that's not gonna protect them from their customers.

We need to stop holding out hope that it will make things better, we just have to encourage women that nothing good comes from this line of work.

No. 436654

because what prostitutes do in the US is currently illegal there are often no legal recourses for them when something bad happens on a job, they must operate outside the systems of normal society. if prostitution was legalized more women would have the ability to seek help in these situations.

i dont think prostitution should be legalized but anyone should be able to see why it could be safer in theory

No. 436657

Something can be legal without being encouraged. Stripping is legal and generally discouraged by most of society. Also, sad to say it, but sex can be bought. It already is being bought. Whether or not it's legal doesn't affect that aspect.

It isn't a magical wand that completely wipes away all the issues with prostitution, but it makes it much safer and harder for men to get away with harming them. It's not really a "hope", it's proven that it improves things. Like I said, countries where it's legal have lower rates of harm done against them, so clearly it's better than the alternative.

>How is this enforceable in the prostitution world?


No. 436658

Don't forget men don't care about if it would be safer for women. They will still be complaining that they wouldn't be able to get sex for free because they think we "owe" it to them.

No. 436669

They want control, and are mad that women don't turn into slaves upon marriage.

No. 436670

Doesn`t really help at all.

>New Zealand’s Prostitution Law Review Committee found that a majority of prostituted persons felt that the decriminalization act “could do little about violence that occurred.” (pp: 14) The Committee further reported that abusive brothels did not improve conditions for prostituted individuals; the brothels that “had unfair management practices continued with them” even after the decriminalization. (pp: 17)

>A large-scale evaluation of the legalization of prostitution in the Netherlands, coordinated by the Ministry of Justice, found that licensed brothels did not welcome frequent regulatory inspections. This undermines their willingness “to adhere to the rules and complicates the combat against trafficking in human beings.” (Prostitution in the Netherlands since the lifting on the brothel ban: pp. 11)

>The German government’s own evaluation of the 2001 law that legalized prostitution suggested that fewer than 8% of prostituted individuals are “officially insured as a prostitute.” (Report by the Federal Government on the Impact of the Act Regulating the Legal Situation of Prostitutes (Prostitution Act): pp. 26)

This is about the USA (specifically Nevada's legal brothels) https://www.theguardian.com/world/2007/sep/07/usa.gender

>Those who support the system claim that the regulations may help prevent pimping, which they see as a worse form of exploitation to that which occurs in brothels. According to Farley's research though, most women in legal brothels have pimps outside anyway, be they husbands or boyfriends. And, as Chong Kim, a survivor of prostitution who has worked with Farley, says, some of the legal brothel owners "are worse than any pimp. They abuse and imprison women and are fully protected by the state."

>The brothel prostitutes often live in prison-like conditions, locked in or forbidden to leave.

>"The physical appearance of these buildings is shocking," says Farley. "They look like wide trailers with barbed wire around them - little jails." The rooms all have panic buttons, but many women told her that they had experienced violent and sexual abuse from the customers and pimps.

>"I saw a grated iron door in one brothel," says Farley. "The women's food was shoved through the door's steel bars between the kitchen and the brothel area. One pimp starved a woman he considered too fat. She made a friend outside the brothel who would throw food over the fence for her."

>[…] legal prostitutes seem to lose the rights ordinary citizens enjoy. From 1987, prostitutes in Nevada have been legally required to be tested once a week for sexually transmitted diseases and monthly for HIV. Customers are not required to be tested. The women must present their medical clearance to the police station and be finger-printed, even though such registration is detrimental: if a woman is known to work as a prostitute, she may be refused health insurance, face discrimination in housing or future employment, or endure accusations of unfit motherhood. In addition, there are countries that will not permit registered prostitutes to settle, so their movement is severely restricted.

>Sheriffs in some counties of Nevada also enforce practices that are illegal. In one city, for example, prostitutes are not allowed to leave the brothel after 5pm, are not permitted in bars, and, if entering a restaurant, must use a back door and be accompanied by a man.

In theory, it may sound good but in practice it`s hell. Just like everything else that panders to men and is controlled by them.

No. 436674

Didn't Amsterdam and Germany become human trafficking hot spots in Europe after they legalized prostitution?

No. 436676

But there's already not a very good system for reporting violence and sex crimes against women even for non-sex workers. Legalizing sex work won't make that better. The US legal system can barely tolerate women reporting rape or domestic violence in their monogamous type relationships. I know authorities would be doubly flippant about sex workers reporting sex crimes against men.

No. 436678

the problem with legalizing prostitution is that no government would be able to get past the problem of human trafficking. what government can protect human trafficking victims who are being blackmailed and silenced?

No. 436679

Men are always like "muh evolutionary psychology" when justifying retardation and honestly when it doesn't pertain to eye-roll-worthy savagery men 90% use it for I'm inclined to believe that the argument has a teeny bit of merit.

But why the fuck are men so picky? Why do these creatures flocking around hot women and whine and moan when they get ugly women? What the fuck? The only reason evolution made them was that we could get pregnant and shit. They're that disposable, heck they're supposed to be fighting over us for alpha dominance so we mate with the dominant ones and spread their good genes, that's how little their opinions on the matter should mean. But they start snarling like deranged creatures when an ugly woman shows up and it's confusing.

You get hot women putting up with hideous things that cannot be described as human, while hot men can't inch 2 points lower than them. Shouldn't men be going around building their abs and shit so to seek our approval? This is such a weird contradiction of what evolution has established, why are women seeking male approval in the modern world?

Why do I have to inevitably end up with a hideous, gnarly, mucus-blowing animal as an ugly woman with no chances of scouring someone hot?

No. 436682

according to incels all women are capable of finding men to fuck regardless of their looks and social status. i haven't known a single socially awkward woman who's having an easy time with their love life. even pretty girls with good social skills have their issues in relationships.

No. 436687

Men just pick and choose what they want from evolutionary theories so they can justify having as many ideal women as possible while putting in no effort themselves. Men want life on easymodo.

>Men: "We were meant to sow our wild oats in many women that's why sperm is so expendable and why we're justified in having many relationships."


>Men: "We only want the fittest women with the biggest breasts and widest hips. It means the women are in good health for breeding and passing on a man's genes."


No. 436692

I think it's true that most women can find a man for sex if that's all they truly want. But incels incorrectly assume that women are just like them and only value appearance and sexual traits. Most women look for actual values and personality traits that matter in a partner whereas men only care about 'unga bunga girl hot'.

No. 436694

>Men: "We only want the fittest women with the biggest breasts and widest hips. It means the women are in good health for breeding and passing on a man's genes."
basically the incel mentality. like how retarded do you have to be to say "i like curvy girls because evolutionary instincts" yet get triggered over women preferring taller and stronger men

No. 436700

Yesterday at work a man told me I was very soft-spoken. At first I thought it meant he couldn't hear me, so I apologized. But then he went on to say
>no, no, it's actually a good thing. Some women are just so loud and obnoxious these days you just want to…
And then he made a grunting sound like he was implying he wanted to hit women. Why did he feel a need to tell a cashier this? Did he think I would be flattered? I don't understand.

No. 436708

So, I just remembered Y-The last man is in production. If you don't know it's the Irish actor that played the young guy that needed to kill the infected puppies in Chernobyl that's set to play Yanick.

I can only imagine the scrotal outrage from the fact that all people with a Y chromosome is dead, and that's not even getting into the TRA outrage if all the transwomen are dead.
Even if a transguy's in the show.

No. 436722

File: 1563559764689.jpeg (67.2 KB, 750x882, 5C2A0CE6-D1A4-4A53-9715-6F8580…)

Implying other men aren’t to blame for most of those things.

No. 436726

>93% of prison inmates are men

Nibba how is this male oppression?

No. 436735

He didn't think anything. He just said what occurred to him. Maybe he has some bothersome coworker or person he has to see and talking to you was a nice contrast.

No. 436736

Have men considered not committing crime?

No. 436739

>98% of military casualties are men
women were forbidden from having combat jobs in the US until 2015/2016….

men think it's a woman's own fault if she's raped - but men killing themselves, committing crimes, ending up homeless, having high risk jobs, and enlisting in the military is not their own fault at all of course

No. 436741

Don't forget killing each other. 80% of murder victims are men but also 96% of murder perpetrators are men.

No. 436742

Literally all of those things are the fault of other men, or the men themselves. Or they're a byproduct of sexism against women backfiring on men.

>suicide rate

The result of the idea that women are the crazy and emotional gender, thus the stigma against men discussing their feelings or having any kind of mental health issues and failing to seek help for them. Also, men are just simply less capable of coping with shit in general.


Fucking seriously? This is obviously because men are significantly more prone to crime than women. There aren't even any variables that impact this statistic like socioeconomic status, they are just far more likely to participate in criminal activity.

>military casualties

The military is probably the worst fucking example you can bring into a debate about sexism. Just look at the insane rate of sexual assault and the discrimination and harassment women go through in the military. Women also weren't allowed in combat until just a few years ago. Not to mention, the US military is optional and when you join you are literally signing up to risk your life, so I fail to see where the male oppression is. Military participation has been totally voluntary for almost fifty fucking years.

>workplace fatalities and homelessness

Again, not the result of any sexism directed toward men. They're just more likely to pick risky jobs because they often involve upper body strength. If you wanna blame anyone for these two, blame capitalism and our lack of solid safety nets. Which once again you can thank men for.

Also, I love how how he's acting as if there aren't countless statistics where women are the ones fucked over most like sexual assault, domestic violence, sexually charged murder, work place discrimination, the war against reproductive rights, etc.

Because all crimes men commit are somehow a woman's fault. Duh, anon.

No. 436748


Which makes me wonder, what the fuck is wrong with men? What components in them makes them so fucking retarded? And violent? And generally awful? Like, I genuinely can't wrap my head around the causes of these statistics. I was going to go out there and blame their sexuality (because I'm exMoose and 90% of Islam's barbaric misogyny is rooted in male sexuality) but Idk.

No. 436766

testosterone's a hell of a drug

No. 436770

Men are more impulsive. Women attempt more. Also women are more often to develop depression and anxiety disorders.
68% isn't too convincing of a statistic to make a point, but homeless women are pimped out and become prostitutes. What are the statistics for prostitues, hmm?
Men are more impulsive and violent. Most perpetrators of violent crime are men.
Women weren't allowed by law. Doesn't count.
Those jobs won't take women because they require strength, or the women will get bullied out by men on the basis of their sex.


No. 436771

I dropped the comic series after 3 volumes or so because I realized that the amazing premise of all men dying was ruined by following the boring exploits of the lone remaining scrote. There was also a stupid plotline about murderous biker dykes who go around terrorizing any women who dare express grief over their male loved ones that felt completely unrelatable, must be some kind of scrote projection again.

No. 436772

Are men ever gonna be satisfied with a woman or a type of woman? They always act like they hate women because they aren't the way they're supposed to be but yet they hate absolutely any type of woman. They hated titty streamers because they were stupid and then Britanny Venti appeared but they hate her too. They hate "e-thots" because apparently they hate the thought of a woman looking pretty and playing into the fantasy of what a man wants, they hate traditional girls too because apparently they're boring and doormats and they absolutely hate women that are independent or feminists. So what type of woman do men want because I'm starting to think there's no type of woman that could ever possibly be accepted by men. But at the same time I think women are not asking anything crazy from a man I feel like women just want a guy that doesn't watch porn, has basic hygiene, a job and doesn't abuse or cheat on them which is honestly the bare minimum.

No. 436774

A self deprecating big titty fantasy egirl that's a virgin trad doormat who fucks like a pornstar and supports him financially as well as emotionally while letting him cheat.

No. 436775

in my experience a lot of men just want a young version of their mommy that they can fuck

No. 436780

lmao got it in one. how depressing.

No. 436783

scrote logic
>wants a girl to be emotionally and sexually attracted to him and only him
>expects her to not care about him cheating/sexualizing other women
lol okay

No. 436784

I’ve definitely toned down my pinkpill levels in the last few years. I am pretty chill. Bianca Devins death really was an eye opener for me, though. It brought me back into that angry mindset from years ago, the one I know that other women hated.

Now that I am a bit more mature and have gone through therapy to deal with my abuse and distrust of men, I want to try affecting other women and waking them up in a way that actually works. No anger or blaming them anymore. Just nudging them in the right direction. Do you guys have any suggestions?

One of the most important things I tell women who are not “pinkpilled” is that if they browse through their BFs private stuff, they will find something displeasing and in 99% of cases, horrifying. The thing about normal women is the majority of them are shamed into never snooping for fear they become the crazy girlfriend. In my experience, this plants the seed in their head.

I always be sure to tell them my stories, and tell them that living in ignorance is blissful and much happier, and encourage them to just go on with their lives without snooping. But at the same time, I let them know that snooping results in finding out things that you don’t wanna know.

Usually what happens is the woman will inevitably start snooping a while later, not get very far, and then bam! Her and the BF are either broken up, or they’re in a very volatile relationship where she is getting pinkpilled every day. This has happened with the majority of my girl friends.

But I want a faster way, a way with less trauma, a way to show them that even their boyfriends are “like that”. I want to wake them up… because I believe that as more and more women are pinkpilled, we can finally stand up for each other and situations like Bianca Devins’ death will be much less common. I feel like too many cases like Bianca are the result of women trusting men too deeply and not being skeptical enough.

Sorry if this is too long, Bianca Devins murder really upset me more than most news has.

No. 436786

Hearing someone say it on video this brutally honest is nice.

>I know if he hasn't cheated yet, he will in 10 years when he gets bored.

>I used to think ''oh, there's still good guys out there, I could still fall in love. But then it's like.. I have literally seen every single guy you can ever think of. Lawyers, doctors, teachers, construction workers, security guards, police.. Any type of employment, any type of person come and pay for sex.
>People will always be like ''oh, not every guy is addicted to sex, not every guy is a client,
not every guy is a trick but it's like - every guy IS a trick. It just takes the right girl to get it
out of him.
>If your man has this dream crush, dream girl.. He would pay to have sex with her. All these Instagram
models he loves, he would pay to have sex with them. If he had enough money and the chance to go fuck Kim Kardashian, he would.
>I see the way these men literally have the best women that cooks and cleans for them, takes care of
their kids..

No. 436787

My BF will show me his phone but not his tablet. In fact I tried to playfully steal it from him and he freaked out. Now you have me concerned about what he could be hiding…

No. 436790

>psychotic scrotes will think it's an invitation to do something degenerate
It already happens. I hated having to feed my daughter while I was outside because it nearly always attracted an audience. No matter how discreet I tried to be about it, I would cover myself with a shawl or coat, some sick fuck would find the exact angle where they could get a half second glimpse of my nipple or men without any self awareness would stare at me with their eyes bulging out of their sockets. In the end I gave up and just carried expressed milk everywhere.

No. 436795

File: 1563571483552.png (74.77 KB, 275x225, 1464040686737.png)

All the fucking stupid ass scrotes in the comments saying they would never cheat on her.

No. 436796

did you ever say anything to them? i can't imagine being in that position and not telling them to fuck off.

No. 436797

I’m really sorry for making you worry but that’s just the way these things are… I don’t really know what to tell you… but there’s definitely things on that tablet that are fucked up.

You’re not crazy, by the way. Your partner shouldn’t be hiding things from you like this and being secretive.

No. 436803

I find the snooping thing ridiculous as well.
Most of the time, girls have good reason to snoop, and I've been in an abusive relationship before so I know first hand how it's like to be driven bonkers by secretive behaviour, passive aggression and insults to my intelligence and appearance on a daily basis.
Besides, whenever à guy is confronted about his cheating, he always shoots back "but she snooped!" as if that somehow invalidates his infidelity. I've been cheated on and I found out by snooping. If I hadn't snooped I would've been played like a fiddle for god knows how long before he cast me away.

No. 436813

They aren't picky about sex, they will fuck anything. Uggos, fatties, animals, children, old people, other men, inanimate objects, etc etc. They are hyper idealistic though, their entire lives revolve around their desire for getting as many of the most attractive women as possible. And they have controlled society and the media for long enough to make OUR lives revolve around being the most attractive women possible. Everything makes sense if you see scrot behaviour as them trying to turn us into a pool of prospective partners - hating us for aging so that we're desperate and scared enough in our youth to fuck old men. Punishing women who don't fit their standards instead of just focusing on women who do, so they'll have more attractive women to pick from. Pitting women against each other, especially races, so that we compete to be the most attractive. And then drilling into our heads that women are not allowed to be shallow or visual. Everything men have done throughout history to oppress and control us is a concerted effort to give themselves the best chance of getting a harem of hot teenagers, and of course, prevent themselves from exiting the gene pool.

In that sense I absolutely see the truth in evolutionary psychology. Like the fact that 90% of them are disposable manual labour/canon fodder and the most effective sexual strategy for us is getting impregnated by the top 10% of high quality men and then living separately to them. They know that, they talk about the 80/20 rule all the time, they understand on an instinctive level how biologically unnecessary so many of them are. If women weren't desperate to please them and not so cavalier about human life to see men as mostly worthless, most would never survive.

No. 436814

I remember randomly finding a gif of a guy blowing his head off with a gun on my BF's pc. I wasn't even snooping he was right next to me and I tried to find a photo of my dog for some stupid reason.

So yeah, men.

No. 436820

I dont think they envy 'Chad' for being a beautiful man with regular privileges, I think they specifically envy beautiful men because they believe beautiful men can get away with doing all kinds of evil shit

This is something I've never thought of. You're right.

No. 436835

Beautiful men do get away with more than ugly men
Not saying it's fair or justified on the incels part, but there are SO many people willing to defend people like R Kelly because they like them while ignoring all of the terrible things they've done.
It's the Halo effect. I know I said R Kelly and he's not particularly beautiful, but I mean it's the same principle.

So many celebrities, mostly male if not completely, have gotten away with the skeeviest shit because they are icons in the public eye or look handsome

No. 436842

Actually your post is proof that its not true. These guys get away with it because of power,celebrity and connections, not looks. Take the likes of bill cosby, jimmy saville, gary glitter etc who got away with horrendous shit. And its projection, because these same men will defend girls they think are pretty but condemn the same shit in women they are not attracted to.

No. 436844

that gif was saved? you mean your ex bf right?

No. 436846

Someone put this on a wall.

No. 436851

File: 1563580579407.gif (1.49 MB, 357x296, source.gif)

The ultimate pink pill. All women and girls need to know this truth, it really will set them free.

No. 436855

File: 1563581802946.jpg (72.76 KB, 618x410, clark-devins-1.jpg)

So the man on the left is the one who killed Bianca Devins. Just as you'd expect an incel orbiter to look: balding, unkempt, fucking pitiful.

This just goes to show that in a man's simple minded monkey brain, no sex=someone must die. More proof that the notion of women being the more emotional and impulsive gender is a MALE projection.

Bianca did a service to the world "manipulating" these fucking 4chan dwelling tools, it really should teach them a lesson that no matter what area of the internet they lurk on, they will never find a real relationship, end of story. I hope they all feel pain.

I hope the same thing that happened to her happens to an r9k incel. I hope they meet a girl on their shitty board and end up killed as a result. It's only fair.

No. 436869

All men have a Madonna-whore complex, I'd rather be the whore than to be stuck in a miserable relationship where the man cheats and is repulsed by you

No. 436870

Imagine all the loser men never procreating, when the majority of women will. They know they are a genetic dead end, that's why they do crazy shit like kill themselves, kill others, troon out, attack and destroy children.

Sucks to suck

No. 436871

Dating a good guy made me realize how absolutely awful the vast majority of men treat women, men dont deserve women

No. 436877

No. 436878

Conventionally attractive, confident men absolutely get more passes even without money and fame. If a guy is "hot" and abusive, good luck getting anyone to ever believe you.
>>No way that sexy Chad raped or abused that fat ugly Becky. Maybe in her dreams!
The worst part is that these superficially prioritized men KNOW this. They target girls who are "beneath" them. Low self esteem is easy to take advantage of. People want to believe attractive people are good, ugly people are bad. You see this shit all the time.

No. 436881

Holy kek 21 and already balding like a 40 year old
Nice attempt at suicide with that cat scratch
What a loser

No. 436885

File: 1563587960604.jpg (49.93 KB, 810x450, victimas_1.jpg_1956802537.jpg)

this post made me think about this: here in South America Cristian Aldana, the (former) lead vocalist of a popular rock band, "El Otro Yo" (lit. translation "The Other Me") recently was convicted and jailed bc he raped/abused a bunch of underage girls, mostly groupies. i'm not into the band but these accusations were sort of a known secret everywhere and the local feminist movements have been out for his blood for a while.

what resonated with me when i read the articles was that all of the comments on the news were about how godawful ugly the girls who accused him were and how could he ever have raped them if they were so goddamn ugly. if you know any spanish google this and feast your eyes on the incels down there in the comments of literally any news article talking about this.

pic related is the girls he allegedly groomed and abused. these girls aren't my beauty standard by any means and any of them would get torn apart if they were posted to lolcow (like they are now lol), but someone being unattractive isn't a goddamn impediment for them being raped or abused, and Cristian isn't the only rapist and pedophile leading a rock band in the local scene. he 100% strikes me as the type who would target thirsty underage groupies who don't know any better, are insecure about their sub-par looks and have rock bottom self esteem (which having sex with their favorite rock star would boost, and they [the abusers] know this better than anyone).

being ugly isn't an impediment to being a rape or abuse victim and i'm a bit sick of both men AND women finding it impossible for an "ugly chick" to be taken advantage of by a man.

No. 436886

>lawyers, doctors,…, police..
What's a safe profession that isn't littered with infidelity? Dog walker?
Pilots, military/leo, businessmen, lawyers and doctors especially surgeons are pretty notorious for it..

>If your man has this dream crush, dream girl.. He would pay to have sex with her. All these Instagram

models he loves, he would pay to have sex with them. If he had enough money and the chance to go fuck Kim Kardashian, he would.
And when you point out how all of those ig models edit their photos on ig, they'll get mad.

No. 436889

serial abusers are great at identifying potential victims, a man KNOWS that a less attractive girl will be an easier target because of her "low value" to society.

No. 436890

File: 1563589065364.jpg (112.81 KB, 1200x1200, whatthefuck.jpg)

there is no way on gods green earth that guy is 21 years old

No. 436891

Evolution. Men are universally retarded about women (especially female sexuality) because men cannot fulfill their reproductive function without experiencing cognitive dissonance.

For instance, the madonna/whore complex is a basic feature of the male psyche because while prudishness suggests fidelity (consistent with male interests), sluttiness suggests sexual opportunity (also consistent with male interests). Naturally, he is unable to reconcile these two contradictory objectives and thus spends his entire life coping. This is one of the instances where the male is biologically unable to know what he wants. He has to choose between feeling cucked by a dirty slut or feeling abandoned by a cold bitch. There is no way that both of these anxieties can be eliminated, which leads to perpetually simmering batshit insanity in the male's mind.

No. 436892


No. 436893

Genetics are montrously cruel to some people. No wonder he ended up being a homicidal maniac. I would be too if I looked like that.

No. 436896

I've watched a few of her videos and I really like her. It's god awful what women like her go through. I've been taken advantage of by men and abused to the point where I've reached the same conclusions as her yet I can't imagine being so valueless than to be bounced around between homeless shelters and pimp condos. She's got so much heart, I can tell.

No. 436899

Whom he will resent because she caters to him.

1. What males say they want and what they really want are two really different things. Pickmes never win.

2. Males' stated demands and standards are a) coping mechanisms of an inherently defective individual or b) attempts to dupe you. They know that they're using you and they will despise you for letting yourself be used. They are aware that their sexual role is inherently parasitic and destructive, so they are organically unable to respect women (or other men) who give in to their demands. In mammalian reproduction, sperm is the worthless gamete while the ovum is rich in resources. Due to this, males universally understand being given reproductive opportunity as a form of loss on the giver's part. Any claims otherwise are an attempt to negotiate a better arrangement (in which a male provides nothing in exchange for some abstract immeasurable benefit like "romantic love" while calculating the fuck out of cost/benefit on his end).

Because women cooperate with men without any rational or utilitarian reason, any woman who chooses to be unconditionally nice to them is (overtly or subconsciously) perceived as a useful idiot/retarded and low value. Understand that it's completely incomprehensible for a male to care for someone on a non-transactional basis - if you choose to do this, you're basically mentally disabled in his eyes, like a human equivalent of a sperm cell giving way to another sperm cell for literally no reason. It's kind of why they berate women for being "irrational" while realizing that they have to be irrational to willingly get involved with men. There are no truly good men, there are bad men who a) can't afford to be openly bad or b) find it more useful to LARP as good at the moment. A male is only as moral as his options allow him to be.

No. 436911

That explains men cheating. They want a prude wife but also want to fuck endlessly with "whores", you could think they would be advanced enough (like normal humans) to control and ignore these extremelly primal impulses but nope. This inner contradiction wouldn't be that much of a deal if they didnt harm so many women while coping. Whoever decided these bitches are the "superior sex" fucked up.
>Pickmes never win
>A woman who chooses to be unconditionally nice to them is (overtly or subconsciously) perceived as a useful idiot/retarded and low value.
I luckily understood this very early, but many do it late. Just take a look at tradthots, they all mock them and belittle them as they would do with any other women. Protecting them is not worth it they will NEVER do the same for you, if you defend them, they will not see you as a human being that understands and values ​​them, but as a useful and manipulable idiot. In their eyes, protecting them is not a good action, is an obligation.

No. 436912

>21 years old
Incels hitting the wall hard. kek. What a gross pig, how could he think a beautiful girl like Bianca would love him?

No. 436915

Wow anon, I didn't think I could get more pink pilled but you proved me wrong. I want to frame this.

No. 436916

You know when tradthots say things like "men these days are bad because women choose to be sluts instead of making men earn sex" or when moids mock seemingly kind men by implying that they're only being nice to women to get laid? It's because it's true. Men cannot conceive being nice without an ulterior motive, it's always a transaction whether you're aware of it or not. Women (on some level) can be unconditionally nice, because we are primary caretakers for the young and it's a task that involves only giving without a definite return. So on one hand males cannot comprehend being ethical for any reason other than personal gain or avoiding punishment, but on the other hand they also want women to love them unconditionally like their mothers do - all while despising the fuck out of them precisely because their love is devoid of conditions and therefore randomly extends towards scum like men. As a result they loathe themselves and anyone who would willingly put up with them while also hating those who reject them. Same idea as madonna/whore.

No. 436920

In evolutionary terms, if the moid wins (gets to reproduce with someone hot without commitment while being a substandard male), then his offspring loses. I doubt any of the incel scrots arguing for sexual handouts would enjoy having their own equivalent as a father. That makes "hypergamy" optimal for the species. So why don't evopsych moids make sense?

It's because moid arguments are nothing but half assed bargaining tactics. "But what about muh love, you're shallow for minmaxing to reproduce with 1% chads" doesn't mean that you're looking at a hopeless romantic, what's actually being said is "I'm ugly and poor and I'm using cold, calculated guilt-tripping to increase my chances with someone who is out of my league". Of course if you tell any of them to stop dreaming about 8/10 models or porn stars, they'll look at you like you're suggesting something completely insane. Transactional mentality for me but not for thee is the scrot motto.

No. 436921

>how could he think a beautiful girl like Bianca would love him?
Incels think they deserve beautiful women while being incredibly ugly themselves
>or when moids mock seemingly kind men by implying that they're only being nice to women to get laid? It's because it's true. Men cannot conceive being nice without an ulterior motive
Its almost like they're aware they're fucking scum but won't admit it, they know the only reason a scrot like them would be "nice" with a woman is because he wants to fuck her. They try their hardest to fool people into thinking they are capable of actually loving someone but then say shit likes this, it's like they're outing each outer lmao
>they also want women to love them unconditionally like their mothers do - all while despising the fuck out of them precisely because their love is devoid of conditions and therefore randomly extends towards scum like men
This shit always enrages me, how can you hate someone for LOVING you? what kind of mental gymnastics you have to do to unironically believe this? They hate women so much they even hate their unconditional love, what the fuck is wrong with them? are they aliens or something? Goddam men don't deserve women, or their mothers…or anyone whiling to care for them. Remember ladies, loving them is not a good action, is an obligation, and they won't even thank you for it.

No. 436923

>They are aware that their sexual role is inherently parasitic and destructive, so they are organically unable to respect women (or other men) who give in to their demands. In mammalian reproduction, sperm is the worthless gamete while the ovum is rich in resources. Due to this, males universally understand being given reproductive opportunity as a form of loss on the giver's part.
Well said, I've always thought to myself that sex is women taking an L but you're much more eloquent kek. Sadly, the only way to win this game is not to play.

No. 436929

Does anyone feel it’s an insult/self hate of being a woman when some girls try to transition? I’m talking the transtrender type. It’s sad that society has driven young girls to hate being a woman so much that they’d rather shoot up T because of the ridiculous standards and the internal, (and external), hate men have over women.

P.S. Every man thinks they’re superior over women, there’s no winning and it’s fucking depressing.

No. 436945

My expectations of men are so low that if a man is in some sort of cheating scandal and cheats with adult women I actually think "good on him, he cheated on his wife with adult women and not children/teens". And even so, most men fail to even live up to those expectations.

No. 436947

It's sad how easy mens lives are
They get praised for not being bad

No. 436950

I've noticed this too. Like how flat chested women get made fun of for not looking womanly enough but these people also molest children.

It's sad when men would rather be sexually attracted to children, corpses, and animals rather than living adult women.

No. 436965

A man trooning out its an insult, a girl however…it's a tragedy and a sing of a major problem in our society. I feel pity for them, seeing young girls do this to themselves cause society failed them is infuriating. Women, straight or lesbian, have collectively realized how much the world hates them for being born female so now they're talking back: "you guys said females are absolute shit and worthless fuckholes so guess what? now i'm a man!!".

No. 436980

If I'm a piece of shit, you're beneath even me if you love me. That's how.

No. 436991

Are you a man?

No. 437004

With all the truthbombs dropped here yesterday I think we have enough for a solid pink pill manifesto kek

No. 437005

So, you support the party that is fighting tooth and nail to throw our reproductive rights out the window and oppress lesbians simply because they're tougher on crime? I'd rather my rapist get a somewhat more lienient sentence than be forced to have his baby, honestly. Both parties suck, but one is inarguably worse for women than the other.

No. 437019

shuwu was talking about how men are being ashamed for their sexuality in some video and it got me thinking. are we living in the same planet? i'm not american like her and i'm not living in a first world country but where i grow up men's sexuality is very much encouraged while women's is seen as shameful. a guy losing his virginity is seen as something to be celebrated and something that makes him a real man while families and acquaintances lose their shit over a girl losing her virginity.
fortunately female sexuality isn't as much of a taboo in america but i really doubt that some people making fun of retarded incels is as bad as the shit women go through for their sexuality.

No. 437022

It’s definitely the same in first world countries, the only female sexuality that isn’t shamed are the types that serve men’s. If men were actually shamed for their sexuality I don’t see anal having taken off like it has considering it’s something that could very easily be made fun off by calling them faggots.

No. 437031

File: 1563628703201.jpg (27.39 KB, 340x512, zz1sqzq2xfb31.jpg)

This meme goes out to the hardcore Indian nationalists who call white women pigskin skanks but still sexually harass them online and IRL

No. 437032

I hate that society has conditioned me to feel bad for saying something about men's inappropriate behavior. Within half an hour I saw the same guy hit on two different girls at the gym, so I said something about it at the front desk. The woman seemed not to think I was overreacting, but I felt super awkward because when she asked for his description I had to explain he was black with an African accent. She said she knew I wasn't singling him out because of his race/nationality, but I still worry about being seen as racist and/or overreacting. He wasn't being gross with the girls, but getting hit on at the gym is really shitty for most women and if this guy is doing it twice in half an hour, that's not good.

No. 437033

A huge issue for Indian women is the extreme colorism they have to deal with from Indian men. Being light skinned is considered mandatory for a lot of men to date you and skin bleaching is very common. Doesn't matter if the guy is dark AF, he wants a woman that's pretty much white passing. It's vile.

No. 437034

She cant get through to these cunts no matter how well she explains the problem every reply makes me lose hope(newfaggotry)

No. 437035

^ her comment, he replied and she replied back

No. 437037

You posted some lookism video both times

No. 437041

>It's sad when men would rather be sexually attracted to children, corpses, and animals rather than living adult women.

They like things that can’t fight back

No. 437048

Disgusting fuck. I can hear Shuwu screaming in the back "nO THEY WERE FRIENDS!!! STOP".
Why couldn't that fire have started at some kind of /r9k/ meetup or incel congregation instead of KyoAni studios?

No. 437052

>implying incels ever leave their homes other than to eat and shoot up churches

No. 437053

File: 1563634425131.jpg (459.66 KB, 720x1137, 20190720_105312.jpg)

I'm sure most of you heard about the the recent Kyoani fire that happened. Out of I believe 70 employees 33 are dead and 36 are injured. Of course some of the comments I've seen are your typical edgelords along with comments about "nothing of value was lost" with a majority of the employees being female.

There were also a lot of grievances about employee names which weren't found and a grandfather wondering where his 21 year old granddaughter is and hoping shes alright and praises her accomplishments and being able to do her dream job as animator and then when her picture is released among those of the deceased theres the typical "shes probably/would become a slut anyway" "good one less whore" etc and those comments really push me off the most of how insensitive men can be with the situation at large and less empathetic because its women who have mostly been hurt. I cant say I'm surprised about the comments though at all and behavior.

No. 437056

The next time I see an incel try to guilt trip about the 80/20 thing and go on about how men are expendable, I'll just say "You know what? You're right. Thanks for opening my eyes. Most men are worthless. Society just coddles you too much out of kindness or pity, and that's why your kind even continue to exist. This is cruel, unfair and I hope you'll support me and other women in breaking this horrible cycle by only procreating with the best men available."

Can't wait to hear them backpedal and try to argue that we should keep bringing low-quality offspring into the world, then hit back with "Sorry, but it's for the good of humanity. All of this is bigger than just you. If you're lonely, chin up. AI is getting more efficient, so maybe you can consider buying a sex bot. Living an honest life and not spreading your genes is the most noble thing you can do, anon" and link them to MGTOW communities until they fuck off.

No. 437063

Sadly this is me too. I have met too many men that cheat by grooming teenage girls and even children in some cases.

I don't know how my girl friends date men. I'm confident that half of their boyfriends have tinder downloaded and the age range set to 20 or under. Most their boyfriends are 25-30.

I've snooped through an ex's phone before, and he had tinder installed, and matched a girl whose age was set to 18, but her profile said she was underaged and looking for alcohol/weed in exchange for favors.

In the age of dating apps, I don't know how women get into relationships with men. It is so easy for them to cheat. They ARE cheaating on you, hopefully with adult women. Just avoid men.

No. 437075

File: 1563638694021.png (27.31 KB, 616x371, bw.PNG)

No. 437077

I finally get it now. Watching women suffer and celebrating is an innate part of male nature, but when feminists highlight that issue, they get upset. They want you to let your guard down so they can manipulate you and then take advantage of you. Whenever you see a man, just know that this is how they'll react to your death, no matter how "nice" he seems. Just know that every man is hiding his depravity when he talks to you, and that they are all like this.
No matter what you do or say, men will always hate you for what you are. It doesn't matter if you devote time and effort into a relationship with a man, or if you devote your time and effort to a career. They will always hate you, so choose the path that will lead to better outcomes for you.

No. 437078

File: 1563639570732.jpg (650.39 KB, 1080x1569, 1562658908380.jpg)

No. 437082


KyoAni was also known for being one of the few studios who paid their animators well (majority of animators in Japan are paid below minimum wage).
And not only that, it employed majority of female workers too and they were known for having beautiful animations. What happened is truly a big loss.

But of course, a scrote couldn't help himself and made a video making fun of the tragedy. Complains about how the studio was "full of feminists" and that the ratio between male and female workers was 2:7, which was totally unfair to the poor moids! Then complains more about the series they did, hating the anime meant for women the most (the one with hot swimmers). Ends it with
>Maybe if we are lucky, the studio won't be garbage now. But I'm sure Kyoani will continue on its path of degeneracy.

No. 437090

File: 1563641685968.jpeg (9.98 KB, 368x245, images (16).jpeg)

Why do they have to be so fragile? Damn that's a ruined gender.

No. 437096

What a monster.
I just reported the video to youtube and I encourage you guys to do the same.
This shit can't stay up, it's basically grooming future women-hating murders.

Report this shit anons.

No. 437110

File: 1563644980402.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.65 KB, 652x408, 6k4qffvkhnn94wehhenzn4wrp.jpg)

There was a case similar to that in Brazil, a 55 year old woman met with a 27 year old man in her apartment and he beat her up and tried to kill her (it was premeditated). Of course people tried to put the blame on her saying that she shouldn't have met a younger man, or that it was her fault for trusting him yada yada. She only survived because her family members are professional fighters and she knew that her priority was to protect her neck. Pic related is the poor woman.
What the actual flying fuck is wrong with this man?
A guy just burned the studio and killed 33 people and this dude's main point about the situation is that KyoAni workers are ebul feminists??

No. 437111

File: 1563645425401.png (64.12 KB, 440x281, valerie-s.png)

A modern S.C.U.M Manifesto would be nice

No. 437119

Poor woman. Hope she doesn't have scars now that remind her of this horrific incident and I'm glad she got out alive. Does she have a blog or any sort of public social media?

But he was 27, a fully grown man. Not a teenager. He's old enough to not be excused for his behaviour with his age. Scrotes will bend over backwards to try and compare this to 30 year olds meeting teenagers.

No. 437120

File: 1563647243148.png (1.86 MB, 1780x1246, channel.png)

This pissed me off, but then I checked out this guy's channel and looked at the content he uploads.
None of these topics are the type of thing that happy, well-adjusted men would spend time making content about. Does he even have any hobbies besides lifting shit from 4chan threads to make worthless, uninformed videos on?
Even in the very video you linked, this retard couldn't take the time to read the article and find out why the perpetrator actually started the fire (he thought that they ripped off his novel). He just posted that bullshit 4chan rumor thread and talked about it like it was confirmed to be factual. He's literally too pea-brained to do any actual research during the age of information. He can't even pronounce the names of any of the anime he mentions besides "Free", or the word "moe", for fuck's sake. He literally thinks "fujoshi" means "women who are into yuri". Even the random clown honks are embarrassing. Something tells me his whole existence is just an embarrassment. Does he even try at all?

Anyway, from looking at the shit he clearly surrounds himself with long enough to make 10+ minute videos on, I take solace in the very, very high likelihood that this man is depressed and has struggled with suicidal thoughts throughout his life. I hope he and the rest of the incel gang act on them. They should cleanse the world of themselves so that real humans don't have to suffer their nonsense anymore.
Sorry if this is posted multiple times, I just keep noticing things that make the video more annoying.

No. 437121

File: 1563647366439.png (83.35 KB, 906x758, report.png)

Hope this is sufficient.

No. 437122

(Same anon) In hindsight, I probably should've added that this is officially the largest mass murder in Japan as of late.
"Praises the largest mass murder event in Japan to date in the hopes that it will stop the company from making content he dislikes or finds "degenerate"." definitely would've been more immediately pressing to whoever reads reports on YT.

No. 437125

I've actually halfway considered writing a pink pill manifesto but compiling info/comments from these threads would be a shitload of work I don't have time for.

No. 437126

File: 1563648342685.png (163.03 KB, 340x228, jf3tsYg2f1t49vpz_500 (2).PNG)

>most of the comments are edgelords defending le Dark humor~

At least there's also a lot of comments calling him out so not all is lost.

No. 437127

Idk it's tough to argue their lack of respect at least. Just look at reddit and their subs dedicated to cheating and adultery followed by thousands of guys just openly admitting to throwing away entire relationships for an affair because not enough sex :( they really don't care if you're the model gf or wife, gave birth to their children, raise them etc.

No. 437128

lots of scrotes on youtube are sperging about the bianca case. saying that she "didn't deserve to get killed, but it is her own fault for being on the internet". they bring up her past behavior (her being a child, who was most likely groomed by robots) while saying that she "played with fire and got burned". they also like to point out that she is not as "pure" or "innocent" as people claim she is. they are also reeing because women are tweeting stuff like "don't trust men online!" and thereby blaming men who are totally innocent in this case. it reeks of #notallmen.

the guy in the linked vid takes a lot of things out of context (he does not mention that she was 15 in the discord convo screenshot, chatting w a grown ass man). he also makes dumb points like "where were the thousands of people who are grieving her now when she was still alive? why did no one stop her when she was prostituting herself and doing drugs?" or something. she had a tiny following.. how were people supposed to know about her problems? his logic makes zero sense and hurts my head.

No. 437131

samefag but i'm a retard and just realized the guy in this vid is the same as >>437082 and >>437120

No. 437132

>it's her fault for playing with fire and being on the internet
>"Women should not trust men then."
They can't make up their minds, can they?

No. 437134

I've considered doing a short video or documentary on the Pink Pill community on Lolcow to get the word out. I'd frame it in a neutral way at first, like a "down the rabbit hole" type of thing, just to avoid angry scrotes and handmaidens crying about misandrist propaganda on YT. But, I'd make sure to focus primarily on all the good arguments, so that any girls and women on the fence watching can think about those things, hopefully get their first dose of the pink pill, and start investigating.
The only thing is, I know that it'd probably attract the attention of scrotes and more steadfast handmaidens to these threads, so I probably won't do it (plus, it's work).

If this place is still around in a few years, someone else will probably do it. These threads and the LC community in general are like an oasis. Being around other women who weren't afraid to speak the truth, even if it's unpopular, really took me off a path riddled with low self-esteem and self-destructive behavior stemming from internalized misogyny (and racism) and libfem stuff. I wish this place was around back when I was a dumb underager on 4chan. I would've been spared so many bad experiences.

No. 437135

lol I though you were gonna mention those Israeli women that want to hurt all men/take over everything.

Only read the first trade, because my library didn't have the rest and what they had was out of order.

No. 437137

This type of content is just really lame and kind of depressing in how dumb it is. Do the people who watch these videos ever even browse 4chan? I can't wait for this era of youtube to pass.

No. 437144

What makes you think so?

No. 437151

Such good posts on here lately. I'm a bio student so I'm always interested in the biological points.
So… from a biological stand point, why should incels have sex? Why should ugly, misshapen, short, fat, mentally ill men have sex? Nobody wants those kind of genes. Nobody wants to hand down that kind of person to their offspring. There is no reason why those kind of men should even have partners. It happens in nature. The unfit ones that the females aren't interested in enough for whatever reason die off and there's natural selection for you. Incels should just kill themselves.

No. 437153

Also sorry samefag but to add, is suicide one of nature's ways of saying someone is defective to be able to survive? And that's why most suicides are men, is that just nature's way of saying mostly men are defective?

No. 437155

File: 1563655057104.jpg (232.45 KB, 1023x811, 1440940471725.jpg)

this is an /r9k/ meetup apparently.

No. 437160

I'm convinced all men are toxic

No. 437174




If you ever feel like changing your mind on marriage and/or having kids, r/breakingmom is the subreddit that pinkpilled me. It's 90% rants, they have a man tag and it's horrifying. Most of the husbands are dead weight, yet the women still have up to 5 kids with them. Society is brainwashing women so hard when it comes to motherhood. Disgusting.

No. 437179

If you start going down this road, you eventually start arguing against the entire principle of modern medicine and interventional mental health care before you end up at eugenics. There are still plenty of women who are depressed and try to kill themselves. Some of them will probably agree with you that they clearly aren't fit to exist and this is why they have an ED, or BPD, or whatever diagnosis they have, but they're probably just agreeing with you because it relieves the guilt of wanting to an hero so much. A few even post on imageboards in third person.

No. 437184

File: 1563659122340.jpg (159.98 KB, 530x1090, 20190720_172854.jpg)

The comment section in his more recent video titled "The KyoAni Fire Tragedy Only Matters Because Women Died" is even worse. In the video he pulls up an NY times article which manages to make his audience seethe. They think a studio that hires females to produce media that caters to females is somehow feminist, and thus the victims deserve what they got. Obviously they will hire more women in a company that caters to young women. Feminism isnt even mainstream or encouraged in SEA, but they don't care, they'll just eat it this shit up.
Why do men screech about #notallmen, but in the same breath celebrate the deaths of women. They just want to direct their rage at "feminism", or "leftists", even if the people they direct their rage at are not the enemy, so to speak. They are incredibly hypocritical.

No. 437185

I read that sub a lot just to remind myself exactly what I'm 'missing out on'. A lifetime of undeserved misery, apparently. I feel so awful for those women, they do everything for their families and get their lives ruined in return. And the thing is, they aren't rare cases… every mother I know irl has similar complaints. It's just the norm for men to leave their wife with 100% of the childcare, and cheat a lot too.

Their medical issues (incontinence, tears, etc) are also a horrifying insight into childbirth.

No. 437187

This has been a thing for decades, black men have already had 1 foot out the door ready to date white women with no repercussions during the civil rights era.

Fun fact: Malcom X only got involved with black supremacy / NOI shit because a white woman rejected him. He should've been happy his retarded ass wasn't shot at.

No. 437190

>Fun fact: Malcom X only got involved with black supremacy / NOI shit because a white woman rejected him. He should've been happy his retarded ass wasn't shot at.
i looked this up, but all i found is that he dated a white woman named sophia for a while for the sex and status, but in typical scrote fashion, started to resent her…
she didn`t reject him, they actually stayed together for years, but she did sell him out for a shorter sentence when they were arrested for burglary

No. 437191


oh god, I love you so much anon. this is so beautiful to read. and so true.

No. 437192

I wish people like this would just die. No joke. You know these are the same scrotes who go "Don't like the fanservice and catering to pedos? Then don't watch it, stop ruining anime you butthurt feminists!" but can't follow their own advice on an anime clearly catering to women.

Before this tragedy, I didn't even know KyoAni employed mostly women. I don't think the arsonist knew, or cared, either.

No. 437197

If only the male suicide rates consisted entirely of these types. Too bad they're failures at killing themselves just like they are everything else in life.

Also, isn't Haruhi kinda the original fanservice anime? I'm not super knowledgeable about anime, but my understanding is that Haruhi is usually credited/blamed for pioneering the trend of relying heavily on shameless fanservice and moe shit. They of all people should be mourning this tragedy. Yet another example of men being not only pure evil, but completely illogical in the process.

No. 437198

incels are foaming at the mouth accusing Bianca of SHE DESERVED IT!!!!11!!!11! bc she told this virgincel scrot that she thought he was worthless and that their relationship didn't mean shit to her. all of these incel shits act incredibly rude and edgy towards literally everyone they encounter and were probably x10 worse when they were teenagers, but a literal 16 year old acts the same way they do as adults on a daily basis and she deserves to get murdered for it?

i don't agree with the anons on these threads who call for the murder and torture of all men, i think it's extreme and sperg-y; but when i read these types of things, adults victim-blaming a teenager for being a teenager, i want to lowkey unironically suggest that two can play this game and that it'd be fine if women started murdering every virgincel who ever slurred obscenities and profanities to them bc tHEy DesErvEd It!

No. 437203

File: 1563662527045.jpg (119.61 KB, 445x373, 1535822287011.jpg)

>Without the ability to recombine during meiosis, the Y chromosome is unable to expose individual alleles to natural selection. Deleterious alleles are allowed to "hitchhike" with beneficial neighbors, thus propagating maladapted alleles in to the next generation. Conversely, advantageous alleles may be selected against if they are surrounded by harmful alleles (background selection). Due to this inability to sort through its gene content, the Y chromosome is particularly prone to the accumulation of "junk" DNA.

No. 437205

>A clear, quantitative indication of this inefficiency is the entropy rate of the Y chromosome. Whereas all other chromosomes in the human genome have entropy rates of 1.5–1.9 bits per nucleotide (compared to the theoretical maximum of exactly 2 for no redundancy), the Y chromosome's entropy rate is only 0.84. This means the Y chromosome has a much lower information content relative to its overall length; it is more redundant.

No. 437207

In my ideal fantasy world, if I were dictator I would solve the incel problem by making ISPs create lists of users who make comments in the vein of celebrating these atrocities and then send a death squad over to their house to shoot them point blank.

I'm 110% sure if the tables were turned and the guy said it to Bianca, they would applaud him for being so alpha. They just hate women, that's all there is to it. They're a bunch of narcissists who can't accept responsibility for anything wrong in their lives, so instead they blame womankind for everything bad in their lives even when it makes no fucking sense. And to top it all off they take that misplaced blame to a literally homicidal level.

No. 437215

File: 1563663617470.jpg (32.09 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1562856004735.jpg)

>collecting incel IPs to collate data on their beliefs and entrap them into revealing their whereabouts

Damn anon that's a good idea. You could even start a chan, anonymous posting always gets people to reveal their dirtiest secrets. Think of a snappy name for the site and you're there. "farmlol.cow" has a nice ring to it.

No. 437233

These reactions are why I'm just not expecting any man to truly be concerned over violence towards women, rape, the Bianca case.. Anything.

They simply want all women to suffer and die, yet expect women to be completely ok with men wanting them to die horribly and still wish to be a quiet little wife that only makes babies with them

No. 437234

I've been pinkpilled for a while now, but the quickest pinkpill thread here is the projared thread. I feel physically sick and disgusted by the amount of hurdles dumbass men and handmaidens jump to protect some ugly piece of shit and mess with Heidi. Fuck them.

No. 437243

Anyone else really like the concept of men but the execution is just poor? Idk. Sometimes I find myself getting super sad because fictional men are always so nice and then I come back to reality, lmao.

No. 437244

I'm liking this idea a lot.

I hate to be all #notallmen, but most men I've seen outside of incel echo chambers are horrified by what happened to Bianca and at KyoAni. The shit we're seeing on 4chan and those revolting YT comments are not the typical male view on these situations.

It's so revolting how much people are defending him. Even worse are the people acting like he was a poor innocent victim of Holly's manipulation and never would have done anything wrong if there weren't an evil woman pulling the strings and forcing him to cheat. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 437263

File: 1563671717177.jpg (104.54 KB, 1200x1730, 1548239548206.jpg)

>concept of men
In other words you like the package but not what's inside?

No. 437271

Yeah, pretty much. Sometimes I even consider dating the more passing TIFs just because they're still essentially females with the appearance of males. Sucks to be male-attracted.

No. 437272

i really, really, really wish i was a lesbian. the fact that i'm attracted to men at all is proof sexuality is not a choice, as the quote goes. i hate men so much but i'm so attracted to their bodies and their dicks and everything. ugh

No. 437275

You mean like the protective, hunky dream guy in media? I feel you anon–we all hope that there's a guy out there for us who's "perfect" but the truth is, they rarely, if ever, exist. I have a boyfriend myself but every other woman I know has a scumbag boyfriend with one or more of these issues: A) has a porn addiction, B) is a man-child that gets mad when his gf acts like a mom though he can't do basic shit, C) is a cheater, D) makes fun of his gf around his friends, E) wants to impregnate her as soon as possible (hmm?), F) is a verbal/physical abuser.
I feel like the reason that men get away with shit is because we are taught to make so many excuses for them, when the truth is that our lives are unbothered without them in it; if only women could be conditioned out of the feelings that we must be mothers. We're fine on our own, except if you get randomly raped and killed, which even then has a chance of happening because men are parasites.

No. 437283


LOL anon. I love how your post sounds like a product review on Amazon.

"Review: Men by Dick Johnson.

Novel had a good concept, but the execution is poor."

No. 437299

The thing that's scary is a lot of these "normal" men may also be the ones posting about how they're happy to see biaca dead, internet people don't just come out of nowhere anon, you can never know who someone truly is unless you look at their internet history

No. 437301

That's so important to remember. The normie men you know hold the same opinions as ''internet guys'', they just haven't discovered these anonymous outlets.

If you have a man - keylog his computer. Snoop through his phone, tablet, all devices.

No. 437316

Every dude I've ever dated, they all had some kind of pushy, rapey behavior even though they never dared outright violently rape. It shocks me how "normal" presenting guys all have this quality.

At my lowest point, I considered presenting and acting like a man to escape their fascination. What worked instead was changing my outward vibe to be cold and looking like I have places to be. I never smile or show my real fun personality. When I looked and acted like a happy, giggly girl, it motivated them.
I literally gray rock every male interaction now. It's better to be boring and flat. Sucks because I like to be kind and friendly to people by default. But it just invited trouble.

I wouldn't hate and distrust men if I didn't have a lifetime of examples of this shit. I stay away from parties if I can see there's a bunch of men I don't know going.
I also refuse to befriend single men now. They're a lot safer if they already have a woman in their life. Isn't that a sad thing to say?

No. 437322

women raping men is a huge meme and any man sperging about how scared he is of evul wommin """""raping"""" him is jerking off to it.

No. 437327

>boyfriend asks me to make a cake and cookies for his group meet
>Comply because I thought it would make him happy
>Make them
>He brings me
>Spends the entire time flirting with other girls, ignoring me despite him knowing I was depressed lately
Why are men like this? And yes I'm breaking up with him, sometimes the ultimate pink pill is your own experience

No. 437346

I wonder how many men will feel threatened by this

No. 437348


Disclaimer: I'm not American.

I don't know. Maybe it's because I'm from a degenerate culture, but I was skeevy over the prospect of free speech being present even when you aren't voting and shit. Like legally speaking free-speech means sense in a "necessary evil" sort of way. Then you see just how barbaric men act on the internet and these narcissists are so into themselves they cry about "free speech" and it runs me the wrong way because such guilt-tripping has been effectless on me. Mainly because I'm not American and haven't been told that there'd be nineteen-eighty-four ohmygod guys!!! When retardation on the internet is censored.

Men have porn, incels, TRAs, deep-fake photo-shopping, masturbation to violence, masturbation to children doing innocent things, on the internet. It's retarded to go "muh free speech" and expect this all to die down softly, I'm starting to lose all fate in women and can't bring myself to realise that the majority of women would recognize anything wrong in men, so activism wouldn't solve shit, and besides, their presence is enough to indoctrinate the youth. There are no female majority spaces on the internet except this, men are everywhere.

No. 437357

good riddance, I'm proud of you anon, keep your chin high and never look back. your baking is too precious for his trashy selfish self.

No. 437361

imo men are just weaker psychologically and their ego is very fragile generally. They are degenerate and psychopathic, they can watch degenerate stuff or hurt other people without feeling hurt or any guilt but if there's something that hurts their ego one way or another they become suicidal. Women have a stronger desire to live, even if they were abused and are hurting psychologically they still keep their desire to get better.

No. 437364

Off topic but The majority of suicides in the US are done by middle age working class men who live in rural communities,the reasons for these suicides is not that complicated, due to lack of proper access to proper mental health resources and the fact that their bodies are completely broken due to the manual labor and they have no health insurance so they would rather kill themselves then deal with the pain
Africa and Asia have incredibly high suicide compared to west done by very Young men and women cause of the horrible conditions they live so they too would rather kill themselves then deal with the pain
making The Suicide issue in the US about masculinity distracts people from the real issues,US Government not being able to properly take care of their working class in the long run(necessaryspeed4)

No. 437368

This is so embarrassing, everyone is dragging him in the comments lmao

No. 437389

>The majority of suicides in the US are done by middle age working class men who live in rural communities,the reasons for these suicides is not that complicated, due to lack of proper access to proper mental health resources and the fact that their bodies are completely broken due to the manual labor and they have no health insurance so they would rather kill themselves then deal with the pain

How does this debunk the idea that men are more psychologically fragile than women? It only strengthens it. Just as many women are in the exact same boat and don't kill themselves nearly as often.

No. 437402

File: 1563714835503.jpg (100.19 KB, 512x288, AAAABXaCeLxuMGxyuw4pJjJuL3eQVK…)

Anyone has seen the Katherine Ryan special on Netflix? Nice pink pill comedy.

No. 437403

I just watched that this week, I had literally never heard of her before, but now I love her

No. 437406

She plays to the middle-class white liberal guilt and it's a winner.

Men laugh at her sexist humour because "Haha, I'm not a misogynist! HAHA, I'M NOT A MISOGYNIST!!"

No. 437435

women can never win. if you leave a relationship with a violent, abusive man and keep him away from your children for their safety, then scrots will reeee about "muh parental alienation" "false accusations" and women getting primary custody, not to mention the crazy scrot himself will probably try to hurt/murder you out of revenge.

if you stay in the relationship then people will screech at you for not protecting your children. there is no winning.

No. 437453

That's not true though, keeping your children away for safety is always the best choice considering you'll only need to deal with scrotes reeing and a law suit. Otherwise you'll still live with a piece of shit toxic scrote, have your children growing up not respecting you or any women, feel the weight of losing your agency with time and still get reed by scrotes. I really admire women that find the strength to flee that kind of husband.

No. 437460

I have yet to see a woman that actually passes as a man, especially attractive one.

No. 437461

we spay and neuter our pets so they don't go psycho and destroy everything. is it too much to extend this to incels?

No. 437464

cause they've been given human rights
for some unknown reason

No. 437466

The bit at the very beginning about how men are like nature's gun and you're statically most likely to be killed with the one in your house and how men always deflect to the fact that they die more was like it wasstraight out of this thread.
It got a earthy chuckle out of me.

No. 437473

File: 1563728612348.jpeg (61.22 KB, 750x655, 6BA95589-2900-432B-907B-FE1A55…)

Men are truly the weakest link

No. 437480

Kek, something a bit lighter in the pink pill for once, made me laugh.

No. 437482

Damn, she's hilarious.
>the bit comparing men to dolphins

No. 437511

I hope she gets embarrassed too, realizes she can do wayyyyy better and dumps his ass.

No. 437513

This was amazing!! Her honesty shocked me.

No. 437517

1. Become distant and medium chill him until he does something useful for you. Moids are like dogs, you never dispense a reward for no reason.
2. Juggle other more useful moids in the meantime. When a moid senses that you're guaranteed to be fully exclusive, you become a secure option that no longer needs to be earned. That's when they start branching out.
3.Tell him what he wants to hear. When he asks you for favors, be a moid about it. Say that you love him and you'll do it later, then say that you forgot, then call him crazy if he tries to dig deeper.
4. Remember that moids never ask high value women to do things for them. If they like a girl, they act like orbiters and do things for HER. It's in their nature. Don't be a Great Value gf that builds him for high value women who don't lift a finger for him.

No. 437522

Nta, but I don't think becoming a manipulative sociopath is the best path if you have a shitbag bf.
Why all the effort if she can just break up with him?

No. 437526

Entertainment. Also, straight women will never give up men completely. Might as well learn some tard wrangling before getting cucked by the next Nigel.

No. 437542

Because it teaches men a lesson and prevents women from getting manipulated and used

If you're not manipulating him he'll manipulate you

No. 437566

File: 1563742761383.jpg (7.68 KB, 462x260, 56ceccb49a40d1b2d0e4896bc6d930…)


Men are utterly batshit crazy by design, see: >>436891 . Most of what they say about you is projection. No moid on this Earth would be able to survive the kind of treatment they subject women to. That's why prison and other male exclusive spaces (with no female staff to unload their insanity on) is one of their greatest fears. TL;DR ahead.

The male psyche is characterized by mild to severe narcissism. The only reason why it's not rightfully pathologized is because it's part of their biology - they all meet the criteria, so it's their "norm". They come pre-equipped with Dunning-Kruger and positive bias because males are largely expendable (just like their gametes). Their reproductive strategy favors retarded risks because the sole reason why they exist is being a vehicle for genetic diversity and the worst possible outcome for a male is to not reproduce - it's equivalent to death (incels in particular are very truthful about this). So to them, risking everything to make it as a glorified sperm wagon (or doing absolutely anything to spread their DNA as much as possible, whether it's immoral or not) makes sense because it beats quietly waiting to perish. This is what they evolved to do, and absolutely everything about the male mind revolves around this premise. They are not full humans, they are a highly specialized evolutionary crutch with a very narrow task to perform.

Of course on a purely cognitive level they realize this, and it's a highly unpleasant and nagging realization - one that hits hardest around puberty, when they correctly observe that they're slaves to their erections. Because of this, the moment they become self aware they invest a colossal amount of brain resources into nurturing a false self - a grandiose delusion of independence, agency and humanity. This is what we commonly refer to as "masculinity", something women as a class are tasked with maintaining. If masculinity is all about independence and superiority, why does it require external nurturing?

Why? Because it's not something males are organically not equipped to perform. It's a self-soothing falsehood, a cope. The reason why it's so fragile and dependent on being propped up externally is because it's not real, and the moids fronting are fully aware of this. That's why they lash out with extreme violence if it's questioned and that's why they can't be around each other. That's why their sexual fantasies make seemingly zero sense and reek of wishful thinking and autosuggestion. That's why they'll never be content with their sexbots and porn (or whatever it is that they say is going to replace you, just wait for it!) - those things are projections of their obsolescence anxiety and only further remind men that their view of themselves is not real. Women as a collective are men's flying monkeys, their source of narcissistic supply, a class of therapists duped into enabling their patients.

In order sell this one sided arrangement to women, men tell you that the sexes are "complementary" or create artificial conditions in which you are forced to participate in the farce. They resent the fact that women can reproduce and perform labor (while men can perform labor but rely on external cooperation to reproduce), so they have created a cultural idea of labor division to create a pretense of a unique niche that's naturally fit for men only. The idea is that if you can do something that men can't, they will make it the only thing you can do in the interest of "fairness" and "being needed".

The arrangement also allows them to monopolize resources and thus get a better bargain when shopping for a female. Obviously if men's artificial "exclusive" niche was actually a part of the natural order, they wouldn't have to fight so hard to artificially keep women from partaking in it or being given credit for their work. The only evidence you need is the fact that in times of dick shortage they always send women off to work as factory workers or soldiers, and that women across the world actually do slave away in fields all day while actively pretending that it's something only men are biologically capable of.

Once again, that's because the male niche is merely a performance, they're not actually fit for any of the stuff they pretend-tasked themselves with in order to make themselves appear as essential as women are. Men's suicides are a direct consequence of biting more than they can chew.

No. 437578

Nice. One for the manifesto

No. 437579

This. Scrot psychology 101: men lack theory of mind and on some level don't actually understand that something feels bad until they experience it themselves. Unironically the only way to teach them empathy is to do to them what they do to you, then follow up with a verbal cue. They're not responsive to nagging, pleading or other appeals to morality that work on people, they need hands on training. You'll be doing him a favor. Build-a-scrot bitches, pay attention: this is how you actually make him a better person.

If you really care about your scrot, you will approach him in a way that he understands. Think of it as raising a dog - do you know that treating your dog as a person is actually animal abuse? You're confusing it about its place in the pack hierarchy, thus causing it great mental distress, possibly leading to canine schizophrenia and worse. You think you're treating it well by seeing it as human, but in reality you're just trying to make yourself comfortable. Same idea applies to men, you need to understand that they don't see the world the same way you do.

No. 437580

It's amazing how much sense all of this makes, you're on a roll lately with your analyses anon.

No. 437585

Excellent analysis and as other anons have said, it makes complete sense.

I recall another anon posting in previous threads how just the act of sex has many zombifying effects on the woman to increase the chance of procreation. There are so many pieces of these puzzles that are now making sense. I just wish it would be possible to pink pill other women irl.

No. 437590

Why do men fucking YELL when they talk? It's so absurd, you'll see some random guy talking on the phone in public just yelling his entire conversation.

No. 437592

Since other farmers are sharing their experiences with scrotes in this thread, I am feeling particularly inspired to share this one…

I had a friend I met on Twitter because we had the same music interests. He was a guy, okay cool, no biggie. We both found out we lived in the same city and we arranged to meet a year after talking to each other. We didnt flirt with each other, altho we exchanged pictures, he never showed romantic or sexual interest in me until after we met.

After we met he became a slightly different person but not much, I judged him as being trustworthy because he didnt rape and kill me despite meeting me at night time ( such low standards lmao ). The second time we met was when we got awkward. I feel the most shame writing this part but, before we met the second time we used to make sexual jokes with each other and I used to be more open with my sexual experiences and general emotions with him and treat him as I did a female friend, because in my naive teenage mind I thought men could feel and think the same way as women could. Also, he always seemed to assure to me that I wasnt his type because I wasnt a MILF or whatever and lowkey neg me despite calling me beautiful and gorgeous sometimes. I didnt feel attracted to him and I made it known to him on several occassions and he seemed to accept this or so I thought.

He tried to have sex with me the second time I met him and I refused all his attempts to, after that he began acting like a complete shit to me and ruining what I thought was a good friendship. He began to emotionally abuse me and verbally abuse me, and reward me when I would act childish an d innocent around him, which btw I do with people of both sexes I talk to most of the time as a joke because I genuinely find it funny, but not only with him but with men in general I found out how oddly sexually aroused they got by it which ended up making me feel dirty inside.

I also remember him getting strangely excited when I mentioned I was bipolar to him. Later on, I found out he was a pathological liar, and lied about seemingly unimportant things overall. And he enjoyed making me feel like shit and picking on all my physical and emotional insecurities.
I didnt like the feeling of feeling in a forced relationship with a man I didnt choose, which is something I realize a lot of men do, they seem to force you into a relationship type of thing with them like parasites no matter your interest level in them. He also was constantly deluded that I wanted him and the final straw for me was when he admitted he verbally abused me to let off steam so he could pass university.

My naive behavior at 19 and 20 about this whole shit was stupid in retrospect but I grew up as an extremely sheltered child with no friends and no surprise I got taken advantage of by scummy men in the past. This whole experience for me was the ultimate pink pill, along with my other accumulatin experiences with men, I am no longer the male identified, self internalized misogynist I used to be. Im really glad I finally see the true nature men have and that they simply cant view anything women as anything other than sexual objects or caretakers.

No. 437597

>act of sex has many zombifying effects on the woman
Where was this posted at the thread? Care to elaborate?

No. 437600

Even if a man is dating a woman, that still won't stop them from raping you. I feel like some men know that women are more likely to trust them if they have a partner, so they have one to avoid suspicion and use it to their advantage to get closer to other women. So then when they come off rapey, you say, "But you have a girlfriend," then they'll play it off like, "Of course I do, what were YOU thinking I was doing?" Next thing you know, you ignore that thought in the back of your mind, and he rapes you.

This poor woman, who is speaking nothing but truth, is likely going to be a target of hatred from men all over. She'll probably get hounded with hate and have to "apologize" and take it back to avoid getting killed by some delusional male with a fragile-ego.

No. 437602

My moms boyfriend keeps negging her and it hurts to witness. A recent one was ''wow, never knew you had dimples haha!!'' and pinching the tiny bit of cellulite on her thighs. She had been really nervous about wearing shorts and he does that. He made another comment about her weight when I was there. Note she's 135lbs at 5'7, perfectly healthy. The fucking nerve of this guy, I told him ''are you fucking serious?'' and he lets out his fake ass laughter and says ''relax, it's just a joke!'' classic. My mom now thinks she's fucking obese and refuses to wear clothing that aren't literal tents. I tell her to stop taking shit from him. She says she's fine, but I can tell this hurts her a lot because she's become so insecure. I'm so fucking angry tbh, he does this because a lot of other guys want my mom and he knows it.

No. 437605

i hope your mom dumps this sack of shit.

No. 437673

File: 1563755560991.jpg (23.11 KB, 238x275, 1425107270906.jpg)

Anon, bravo. This is so perceptive and on the point, it's crazy.
Screencapped for future use.

No. 437675

On the topic of male prisons, why do men like placing the blame on women for their own issues?
>Commit crimes
>Get sentenced by other men for the crimes they commit
>Go to prison with male guards who don't care when other men rape and abuse them
>And somehow all of this is women's fault and proof women have it super easy
And of course when you point out that any of this is in no way women's fault, they pull the "typical womimmz blaming everything on men" card
Degenerates I tell you

No. 437683

This is the most damning post I've read about men on this site. Wow

I never considered your point which is absolutely true that the reason why they guard their various passages of employment so fiercely is their strong, imagined belief that it is the thing they can do that we can't. Of course we can work and create babies which makes us…better…than them, so they force the narrative that we can only make babies and only they can work.

Sorry for repeating what you said in worse words, you just wrote it so well. You're absolutely right. This explains all the gatekeeping and claims that women are "just not smart enough" for x job or that their self selection into different careers is entirely merit-based.

No. 437684

>Due to this, males universally understand being given reproductive opportunity as a form of loss on the giver's part. Any claims otherwise are an attempt to negotiate a better arrangement (in which a male provides nothing in exchange for some abstract immeasurable benefit like "romantic love" while calculating the fuck out of cost/benefit on his end).

Jesus christtt I love this anon. Wish you had a blog I could read for some more of this

No. 437689

Also curious about this one. Im guessing something about dopamine?

No. 437690

Power tripping and animalistic ways of seeming dominant.

No. 437703

Iirc their pheremones and specifically sperm is like a poison to women, it was a couple of threads back/posted a while ago. It makes us passive and bonded whereas they do not bond to us.
Also male sperm is an extremely aggressive organism (wrong word, but) which is meant to survive in a hostile environment aka our vaginas and wombs, and also carries various pathogens and diseases. Extreme paraphrasing but that was the gist.

No. 437716


Men are seething because we are outperforming them in school, while some are starting to give up and instead wasting away while masterbating themselves to death. They're so easily discouraged now that they realize they can't stop us anymore. I relish in it.

Where their famed sense of competition here?

No. 437726

File: 1563766629723.png (27.98 KB, 566x141, movie.png)

Can't imagine what it's like working with certain male directors or even actors with their attitude problems. Is it just me or when you read stories about actors being abused on set by directors like 70-80% of the victims are actresses.

No. 437732

File: 1563770271040.png (63.91 KB, 900x900, Religious_Symbols.png)


>They resent the fact that women can reproduce and perform labor (while men can perform labor but rely on external cooperation to reproduce), so they have created a cultural idea of labor division to create a pretense of a unique niche that's naturally fit for men only.

Well-written and thought out post anon! This point in particular sheds light on a curious contradiction of the claims by all the major world religions. If women were created by a supreme (usually male) being to perform housewife tasks that serve men (cooking, cleaning, child care, etc.), then why are women able to do science, math, create programming languages, art, write novels, perform manufacturing work, and many more "male only" roles? Why would a supreme being create women and give them these gifts and then say they should be prevented from using them? How can a god be "perfect" and "divine" if he made such a major mistake?

I remember growing up Catholic as a girl, and wanting to perform the role of an altar boy so badly. I wasn't allowed to, of course, so one day I confronted the bishop. I asked where in the Bible it says that girls cannot perform the altar boy role. He couldn't come up with an answer beyond it being tradition and that's the way it is. I did some research of my own and found out it is true that there is nothing in the Bible saying the altar boy role MUST be performed by a boy. I also learned more about women in church history and found out there used to be female deacons, bishops, and presbyters. Guess the almighty infallible God changed his mind about women, huh?

Religion is clearly one of the many social structures invented by men to keep women in a low-caste, subservient position. When religion is looked at in this light, many of the things that seem odd for a divine being to be focused on -like demanding death or rape of female adulterers while issuing no punishment for male ones and the paranoid fear of menstruating women- make sense as male anxieties manifested in religious doctrine.

No. 437761

I love how even if I hide this thread and try to give men "a second chance", I'll still be disappointed again in the wild, no matter what.
It's great how "Not all men" is the argument, and the implication is that we should just ignore that it's too fucking many men so we can avoid hurting the feelings of men who don't do horrible things. Because that's what women are supposed to do, right? Avoid making men sad or mad by any means possible, and let them walk all over us to preserve their own peace (even as they disrupt ours).
Everything is just so irritating and disgusting.

No. 437789

You should defend her next time he does this and ask him to knock it off. My mom dated a literal homeless dude with ptsd and the one time he raised his voice at my mom I threatened to call the cops and he bounced. Don't let him walk all over her like that, she needs your support.

No. 437807

I've been turning down more and more friends requests online (PSN) from men because eventually they all show their true colors. they're all shit and i have never met a man irl or online who isn't sexist and extremely privileged.

No. 437808

Oh hell no, if that was my mother, there would be words.

No. 437810

>She says she's fine, but I can tell this hurts her a lot because she's become so insecure. I'm so fucking angry tbh, he does this because a lot of other guys want my mom and he knows it.

So on top of this man patronizing your mother into silence, he's a jealous man baby who wants to treat her like trash because he's upset other men find her attractive? Holy shit, she NEEDS to dump his ass. You should talk to your mother seriously about this. her self worth is more than any man.

No. 437811

Men can't handle the violence and accepted violence they created in their own society. kek

No. 437821

Thats horrible/ I would fight that guy and do everything I can to kick his ass once he starts having the nerve to make my mother feel like shit

No. 437838

Girl won a design award that stops guys from 'man-spreading'. Comments are predictable.


No. 437842

i really like these as art pieces. men could never

No. 437846


This was a really depressing thing to read. It made me start crying lol

No. 437857

From all that I've heard and seen, I'm going to have to agree.

No. 437860

I'd say latino and arab men are worse.

No. 437861

EVERY single indian man I've met, not just online but in real life, were creeps. Even the good looking ones, the ones with good jobs, money etc who have no reason to act desperate..

No. 437869

I hate that everytime a woman brings male violence/murder statistics men go "b-but men are the real victims!! look at these stats, men are far likely to kill other men than women!!"…umm, sweaty, you only changed the victim but the perpetrators are still men lol so the initial point remains: men have a fucking PROBLEM, whether it affects women or men, they have (serious) issues and they need to fix them asap.

At this point the handmaiden who doesn't want to assume the reality that men are full of shit, dangerous and sadistic is delusional, actually, it's more obvious than ever these shitheads don't want to change for the better and act very psychopathic, disrespectful and gross towards women, they only get worse and worse and worse.
Imagine mentally breaking a whole generation of girls just because you can't live without your stupid hardcore porn, if the feminists of previous generations saw this shit i think they would oof themselves, we finally got the vote but of fucking course men had to get revenge, they had to humiliate us (again) in some way for everyone to see, now not only women but even minors, who are often mentally ill or abused, are internalizing all this violent shit and humiliating themselves to please them. This is what happens when you try and live under scrotal law.

No. 437870

I like how attractive the author is. She looks exactly like the type of woman these subhumans would want to fuck and hurt, but she's too smart to ever fall for any of them/that.

Don't forget "My family is very progressive, Im not like other indian men!"…

No. 437878

is there a reason behind it? indian men's behavior towards women, i mean. i know that bobs and vagene is sort of a meme but there HAS to be a reason, any reason, to explain the widespread behavior of an entire gender of indians, maybe it's cultural and idk. every time i see indian men online they're acting like depraved monkeys violently masturbating to anything even remotely feminine-alligned, like they've never seen a woman in their lives and think their only purpose is sex.

No. 437890

She is beautiful, and it’s honestly an irrelevant point, except you know that whenever you make radical feminist arguments online you’ll be mocked as some woman “who can’t get any” or an ugly woman in general. Every time I’m arguing with a cumbrain online and they resort to assumptions about my appearance, I call them out. Why is that relevant? I’m not going to post my picture and risk exposing my identity just to prove to some scrote that I’m fuckable.
Men think all women can be subdued into thinking that their subservience is “empowering,” and so they’re always caught off-guard when they encounter women who see through their bullshit, especially on male-dominated platforms like Reddit. They have to discredit us, immediately grasping at things like attractiveness and how we’re femcels who can’t get a man. Like yikes, I’ve been in a relationship with a man for 2+ years but go off, Jeffrey. Do any of you ladies also get comments like this via the internet? It’s pathetic, even moreso when they start backing each other up to try and bully your looks because you’re saying truths about the male race.

No. 437893

File: 1563813932999.png (91.86 KB, 659x869, iMSPvgy.png)


>You pompous little cunt-seriously? Men Have Balls and a COCK! In case you didn`t notice? Some gay soy boys have tiny balls and a small COCK. The can cross their legs. Men spread them wide open -this is a directive from a real MAN. Some women might need to air out their cunt-go ahead and spred those too-it`s kinda sexy!

can we make this one a copypasta?

I'm not Indian so pinch of salt here. From what i understand it's to do with the sexes being heavily segregated and more recently, widespread access to porn on smartphones.

No. 437910

>tfw going to the deep south of India soon
tell me it's gonna be ok anons

No. 437912

Speaking of indian men.. This is absurd

No. 437919

File: 1563816853485.jpg (358.01 KB, 697x1046, 20190722_132327.jpg)


The thing that gets me about this article is why is a pregnant woman here at the protest getting beaten by men with sticks, bats and metal pipes protecting her HUSBAND and this piece of shit is under her being protected by his pregnant wife he must not really care about her or the hell seed he put in her if he could use her as a meat bag.

On another note with the anons talking about Indian men yes they are shit subhuman that always think with their primal sexual instincts and I'm glad that they get a death pentality when they rape young girls. I dont even know why they act so desperate like that and go on rape sprees I feel so bad for Indian women who have to deal with the bullshit moids in their society

No. 437925

I just learned about the dogpill. As if I needed any more reason to hate men.

No. 437927

I'll bite: is this men's new response to "muh feminist oppression" advocating for bestiality? Are they too frustrated by not even being able to groom children that they're now claiming screwing the family Labrador to be the solution to their woes?

Like, I'm ready to believe it. Men are subhuman already and laws around child molestation have never meant much to them, plenty don't seem to give a fuck about animal rights either. Am I close?

No. 437928

Ok I googled out of curiosity and at least it’s not men swearing off women and fucking dogs instead , just some brain dead theory that women want to fuck dogs. Unless I didn’t read far enough

No. 437929

It's men making shit up about women. Like the roastie theory.

No. 437932

>scrotal projection of their desire to fuck dogs and rejection anxiety

No. 437935

tfw zoophiles, necrophiles and pedos are overwhelmingly scrotes yet incels find a way to make it about women somehow

No. 437936

Time for a "joke" about his height then.

No. 437938

He's overweight and lives with his parents at fucking 50 years old because he's a penny pincher. Like where do mens confidence come from? Even the lowest of the low thinks they're hot shit. Thanks for the replies, I actually thought I was overreacting but apparently not.

No. 437946

File: 1563820121294.png (17.08 KB, 640x452, c279285faf0fb7aeacdf9517cd46b8…)


Because moids have evolved to externalize. See: >>437566 . It makes no sense for them to stop and self reflect, they're basically mindless cannon fodder that exists to reach the egg or die trying. You're approaching this like a woman - someone who evolved for caution, self-reflection, error monitoring and general self awareness (to make sure you survive for as long as possible, being more scarce and valuable in sexual reproduction). You also have the ability to have unconditional empathy for creatures that don't look like you, because this is what you need to raise infants. Understand that this is not what males exist for. By design, they actually require complete inability to see that anything could be wrong with their decisions in order to perform as nature intended. If a male hesitates and loses opportunity, he is genetically dead. From the male perspective this is tantamount to literal death. Therefore, being a pompous cretin yields better results than being a self aware human with sane levels of self doubt. Obviously more cerebral males exist, but they will always be a minority.

It's one of those obsolete directives that initially let us become the dominant species, kind of like extreme tribalism or being unable to resist high calorie foods. In a technological society, these behaviors are a liability.

No. 437954

I've been really enjoying your manifesto posts of late, Dworkin-sama.

No. 437955

File: 1563821717381.jpg (188.18 KB, 1920x1080, fkrnk0i.jpg)

He thinks he's hot shit because a decent woman validated him. This is what actually happens when you award yourself to a moid (especially a self admitted beta male) - he sees this as evidence of you being beneath even him. Remember, they see being given unconditional affection as a loss on the giver's part because they know they're parasites with less to offer by default. In a moid's mind, if you're giving him what he wants without asking for anything in return, you're the simpest simp who ever simped, someone who willingly placed herself at the lowest place in the hierarchy. This is because moids are inherently hierarchical so they see those who are at the bottom of the food chain as scum that rightfully belongs there (as opposed to poor oppressed beings). The only time a moid sees this as unjust is when he's personally at the bottom. You will see a direct reflection of this in most moid-centric social justice movements (the Black Panthers, for instance). They're not really concerned with the abstract idea of inequality, they take issue with not being at the top of the hierarchy (not being white men). Do NOT help low value moids, it will never be appreciated. If you love a man no matter what without requiring anything, he will end up looking down on you. See: >>436899

There are many instances of extremely high value women falling for scrot propaganda and trying to be everything MRAs say a woman should be. The man instantly stop seeing this woman's value no matter how objectively hot/rich/willing to please sexually/agreeable she is and proceed cheat on her with someone who's objectively inferior but more unwilling to please. There is also literally 0 instances in which meeting men's stated requirements has yielded any benefits for the woman. If anything, being the dream uwu r9k waifu with no self esteem will get you the Bianca treatment.

Tl;dr scrots evolved to defer to those above them and abuse those beneath them, it's either one or the other. Learn this to survive, stop wasting brainpower wondering "why", focus your tendency to empathize and please on those who are organically able to appreciate it, or continue getting clowned by moids.

No. 437957

Genuine question: you talk in terms of reproduction and biology, but what about the scrotes who don't want children/don't give a fuck about reproducing? What's going on in their brains?

No. 437961

God that gave me so much anxiety I couldn't even finish it, and it was only a 32 second video. I'm 100% sure they would have raped her if they had the opportunity.

Because they don't want the responsibility of being a parent. All these "but muh fertility" scrots only care about impregnating women, they couldn't give a shit about actually raising a child. Just read all those mothers on reddit complaining about how their husbands do nothing to help them with childcare, or just look at our own Onion boy, who contributes nothing whatsoever to child rearing and doesn't even talk to his youngest child because she can't talk properly yet. Men don't give a shit about their offspring.

No. 437962

On a lighter note, has anyone seen this? A bunch of old fat MRAs declaring they would not let Jessica Valenti suck their dicks, as if they ever had a chance lmao

No. 437964

File: 1563822893307.jpg (51.47 KB, 1024x640, Free-Windows-8-Logo.jpg)

I don't know if you have also noticed this, but a lot of men's speech is structured like wish fulfillment fanfiction. They always come across as short circuited autists trying to convince themselves of something that even they don't believe. I don't know how to put this into words better, but it's usually a desperate barrage of unsubstantiated masturbatory claims, like a stream of consciousness from someone desperate to self-soothe after an unsavory realization.

Not sure if you've ever seen the absolute assburgers that is captioned porn, but it's a good example. Male philosophy (which obviously includes religious texts) reads very similar. It has a distinct panicky/autosuggestive tone.

No. 437965

>implying his rice grain of a dick warrants doing splits on public transit

Males really are the ultimate positive thinkers, aren't they?

No. 437968

File: 1563823811512.jpg (29.76 KB, 760x475, windows-10-wallpaper.jpg)

There are people in the modern world who are fasting on purpose or undereating because of depression, but it doesn't negate the fact that we need to eat to survive and much of our psyche is fundamentally built around pursuit of resources. There are introverts and even schizoid people, but it's undeniable that humans have evolved to cooperate and stay in close-knit groups. Cats are small prey predators, but they will often prefer to chase laser pointers. This is not to explain the reasoning of every individual human being, but rather to contextualize human tendencies at large. Scrots in general find it hard to deviate from their instinctive behaviors because a) testosterone impairs impulse control and b) they expect to be coddled and served, which is unfortunately still enabled by most women (once again because women are maternal, even the childless by choice ones). Most humans by definition are a product of archaic behaviors like this. Everyone's male ancestor has raped and pillaged, there is no way around that.

Even if a scrot's behavior doesn't follow his initial evolutionary directive fully, it's still a direct consequence of it. Many migtoes have "renounced" reproduction, but it's self admittedly a defense mechanism. One that they wouldn't need to employ if their psychology wasn't built around their reproductive purpose in the first place.

No. 437969

What were they looking to accomplish with this? Do they have any self-awareness?
God, please grant me the confidence of these haggard creatures.

No. 437970

Be careful with the avatar-fagging, anon. This thread would be much poorer without your input.

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I'm just trying to make these posts easier to see, kek. But yeah, I'll cut it out.


Dworkin had a lot of things right, but it seemed like she desperately wanted her ideas about men to be proven wrong. She was a feminist first and foremost, and feminism is inherently idealistic. Because of this, it will always be less effective. Its solutions are based on what we want men to be rather than what they actually are. Even radical feminism (one that's supposed to address the "root cause") is guilty of this.


I am not really interested in being credited for my thoughts. I just want as many women as possible to benefit from them. So if you wish to consolidate them someplace outside of lolcow then you have my blessing, anon.

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Forgot to add - these scrots still very obviously want sex. A lot of them are childfree because they think that it will make finding sex easier. Men's higher interest in recreational sex is still a direct byproduct of their reproductive niche. Besides screwing, they also want to siphon caretaking resources from women, so truthfully they're not really deviating from any of their default programming.

A true deviation from the male norm would be someone like Nikola Tesla, perhaps (assuming that our ideas about his personality are correct).

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I was just about to warn you from the avatar-posting as well, please consider this comment as echoing >>437970.

From what I've read from Dworkin I feel you've put words to something I've always felt, even though I was just being silly. Are there any theorists you'd recommend over her?