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No. 421480

Last thread >>414785

No. 421485

I have my anniversary dinner tonight. I feel so bloated and disgusting. Stomach is sick and I've been running to the bathroom all day. Plus, I really didn't want to eat today but my coworkers went out and I had to force myself. Just ate half a wrap so not the end of the world but wish I didn't have to.

I know a lot of it is mental but I just wanted to look nice tonight and feel sexy. I feel like a massive bulky hunk of meat. Gonna dip out of work early and shower which might make me feel a bit better.

No. 421511

You have no right to diagnose me. You can't diagnose people over the internet. You sound like my sister. Diagnosing me. You probably project like she does.

Don't feel sorry for her. She brought all this upon herself. She aggravates people and pushes their buttons to the breaking point then cries when they finally lash out at her. She never learns or takes responsibility for herself. She brings out the worst in people then plays the "tee hee I'm so innocent" or "I don't know what you're talking about" card.

Once, she plugged a fan in and it caught on fire. She claimed she "never had a problem with it in months" and that "it suddenly had problems and I don't know why." Bitch you know why. Our parents could have been hurt and it would have been your fault. Instead of taking responsibility for property damage, she asks the fire department to investigate further because she thinks isn't sure it's her fault. Always very obtrusive to her parents.

I'm the favorite because I don't do half the trifling shit she does. Whatever money I loan to my parents, it gets paid back. Hers doesn't because she makes more than me and she causes more emotional distress. Then she complains about it even though it's basically chump change to her.

My father nicely asked her for money for the disaster. She was hesitant and told him that he still owed her $6,000. She asked him for his bank statement and was even more reluctant to help because she saw evidence of buying cigarettes and gambling. Because of her holier-than-thou beliefs, she refuses to help our family in our dire time of need. Just because we have a disaster it means our father can go without lotto tickets and cigarettes? Who died and made her boss? We pointed out that it was none of her business what we do with our money. She shifts the blame on us and said "Well if you ask me for my money, it will be my business." The sheer gall of this bitch. Who changed her diapers? Who put a roof over her head? My dad even bought her a bed and clothing. All that money spent on her growing up and for what?

Sexist ass board. No one can take this place seriously. Before criticizing me, look in a mirror!

No. 421513

today depression hit me so hard and idk what to do I haven't been this bad in like 2 years. when I was really depressed I transferred to a different school closer to where im from and I just never made any friends bc I dont know how. my whole life I had the same group of friends and we all went to the same school and everything so I never had to make any friends. now ive graduated and im working a 9-5 job and it all just hit me today that my life is completely meaningless. I get up go to work come home and hang out with my dog, watch netflix or mess around on the internet and thats it. there are days where I dont talk to anyone at all. I hate my job and it's literally pointless. every day when I wake up I cry and sometimes at work I have panic attacks and have to abruptly leave because of it, bc i'm thinking about how meaningless my life is. I still have one old friend that I talk to but she doesn't live heer literally everyone else has abandoned me or betrayed me in some way. I dont understand what's wrong with me because I try so hard to be a good friend to people but they just don't give a fuck about me. ive never done anything to hurt these people and I don't "act depressed" at all. my one friend here that I have straight up ignores me. one of my friends just abruptly stopped talking to me altogether but I can still see her posts on facebook and stuff. I tried to make friends but people just immediately don't like me and I don't get it.it's always been like that whenever ive tried to make friends. i'm not autistic or anything and i'm pretty much a normie. I don't even want to have friends anymore honestly because every friend I've ever had has abandoned me and I dont think I can get close to anyone ever again. on top of that i've recently been gaining weight and I hate going out in public, I feel so disgusting. my mom got me two tickets to my favorite band's concert for my birthday and I can't even go bc I have no one to go with me, and i'm too afraid to go alone. I wouldn't want to go anyway bc it's outside and I would have to wear shorts and a tank top to not like die of a heat stroke and I dont want people to see me. so i'm going to have to sell the tickets and lie to her and tell her that I went because I don't want my parents to know I dont have any friends. I tell them that I do and even make stuff up about hanging out with people because I don't want them to worry about me.

honestly the only reason I haven't seriously considered killing myself is I love my dog, and I love my parents and wouldn't want to burden them with my death because they would blame themselves. it hurts so much to realize that the only people in the world who care about me are my parents. my life is literally meaningless. friendships and relationships are so important to me and I feel empty inside. I dont want to go back to therapy because it just made me feel worse and more upset all the time. at least now I am pretty much numb except for moments like this

sorry for it being so long and ramble and dumb I just dont have anyone to talk to about any of this and I need to get it out

No. 421516

File: 1560462386594.jpeg (481.36 KB, 1242x1262, A7FE5531-F864-42D2-A388-DB2C5E…)

>Moid BTFO
>reeee sexism
Die mad about it, psycho

No. 421517

My boyfriend and I haven't seen each other in 6 months due to me moving away to study. We have been looking forward for ages to these two weeks we could spend time together. We've been talking about how nice it would be to cuddle up, watch Netflix and talk all day. I ordered the tickets in January already, missing him so much.

It's day 3 and he's already left me alone on the couch to go play video games or browse the internet on his computer. When I brought it up he said he pictured that I would sit beside him and watch this stuff, or I could get on my laptop and just sit and browse the internet or watch Netflix alone in the same room as him.

I told him that I didn't pay for the flight tickets and take two weeks off just to sit and do what I could easily and much more comfortably do in my own apartment miles away from him. We lived together before I moved away and understandably didn't spend every moment together, but after 6 months of living apart I thought he would be more excited to be with me, talk to me, share something with me and do stuff together.

Apparently he just missed having me there. So basically I wasted the money on the flight tickets just to be some kind of comforting background noise as he goes through his usual daily routine. I'm considering rebooking my flight home to an earlier date and just leave. It's summer and I would rather spend my free weeks with friends in the city I'm currently living in than wander around my boyfriend's apartment like a ghost.

No. 421518

Look in a mirror.

What about my sister? She is trying to squeeze blood from a stone. $6,000 is nothing to her. She treats the poor this way. She doesn't even need that money! She wants us to abide by the made-up rules she makes on the spot and insists that debts should be repaid.

Her coworkers hate her and said she doesn't need that money. They are single moms with kids. They pointed this out to her. Why should she make that much money and not they? Her insensitive response was "Why don't they show up for work when scheduled? Why don't they just control their attitudes at work?" Bitch you're the one with the attitude. Even her friends hate her. Her family hates her. We all hate her.

No. 421519

Instead of donating to the poor, she tells the poor like my father to cut back and circles shit on his bank statement.

I'm just waiting for her to eventually say "Let them eat cake."

She claims she does donate and volunteer but we all know it's for image purposes. Nothing she does is genuine. It's all for status.

No. 421521

jfc no one gives a shit about it.

No. 421523

Took me hours to get home on the train. Boston metro system is the absolute fucking worst. How about just stop derailing the trains all the time. I always hear how great Europe is.

No. 421524

so autism confirmed then. you're just making your sister sound more and more sensible with every deranged post of yours. get lost bro

No. 421526

File: 1560463181591.gif (1.44 MB, 200x150, ALL I HEAR AND SEE IS LAUGHTER…)

>Sexist ass board
>he thinks discriminating against y chromosoids is a bad thing

No. 421532

File: 1560464041321.png (Spoiler Image, 1.26 MB, 750x1334, 544C6F43-F712-43F7-A712-CEEBC6…)

No. 421533

>. Because of her holier-than-thou beliefs, she refuses to help our family in our dire time of need. Just because we have a disaster it means our father can go without lotto tickets and cigarettes? Who died and made her boss? We pointed out that it was none of her business what we do with our money.
Ummmm, your parents literally shouldn't be spending money on cigarettes and lotto if they've lost everything.

No. 421544

>You sound like my sister. Diagnosing me. You probably project like she does.
>she aggravates people and pushes their buttons to the breaking point then cries when they finally lash out at her.

Says the person who made a 3 paragraph response to 'u sound weird' . That sound like projection annon.

No. 421558

> Just because we have a disaster it means our father can go without lotto tickets and cigarettes?
yes. that's exactly what an emergency situation is, anon, you can't go spending money on lotto tickets when you've lost everything.

i stan this anon's sister, you're a retard anon.

No. 421561

I recently got out of an abusive long term relationship about four months ago. I felt so lonely I downloaded tinder mostly to have my ego validated and hit it off really well with this guy almost twice my age (I’m 18)…
he wanted me to come over and marathon anime with him a couple weeks after we started talking. I said fuck it and went, idk what I was thinking but I got pretty drunk after one cider bc I didn’t eat in like 2 days.

So I’m extremely tired and he says we can just go sleep if I want to so I got into bed with him and immediately he starts touching me everywhere and I wasn’t that into it at first but the alcohol was affecting my judgement plus I liked him. it kept going and i slept with him. It was really good honestly but I’ve never had casual sex so idk how to deal with these feelings. I think I have feels for him now but i think he just wants to smash. I’ve been so depressed since it happened

No. 421566

>this guy almost twice my age (I’m 18)

36 (or at least 30) year old dating an eighteen year old? Sounds sketchy

> I think I have feels for him now but i think he just wants to smash

He sounds like an older man taking advantage of you annon.

No. 421567

What confuses me most about this is that you pay for Netflix, but you're too greedy to share something which costs you nothing extra. Haven't you ever heard of 123movies?

No. 421568


>Twice your age, streaming anime, says you can just go to sleep but then is sexual with you anyway when your drunk

You’re heading toward another abusive relationship

No. 421574

>streaming anime
Made me kek

No. 421585

So essentially you’re angry because your sister has managed to break out of the cycle of poverty, okay retard

No. 421587

i keep binge eating food. i literally cant have anything in my kitchen without fear of eating it all in one go. i'm in the middle range of a normal bmi, but im afraid i wont be if i dont get this shit under control. im trying to meal prep as well as only keeping veggies/staples around. wish me luck anons

No. 421591

I struggled with anorexia for almost 7 years and had binges in the form of reactive eating. When I stopped restricting, the binges stopped. Have you talked about this with a therapist? Are you able to identify why you're bingeing? Is it in periods of stress, or have you been dieting? Is it really bingeing or just overeating? >>421587

No. 421596

I have no sex drive at the moment and am giving in to sex for my partner. I feel bad because I know they'd feel rejected if I said no or think they did something wrong.
They are really nice and understanding but I just don't want them to think something is up when it's purely just me.
I'm not even interested in porn, I just don't care. Any genital touching makes me instantly annoyed and I feel rushed. Like play with my hair or face or something and maybe I'd be interested. How can I ask for foreplay without sounding bitchy and what other excuses other than I'm tired can I use? Feels bad man.

No. 421636

Am broke and redoing my house and handyman are ALL charging $50-$90 AN Hour and everyone under $80 an hour is booked out the ass with no availability. Wtf is this shit??? $90 an hour to hang some blinds?????? None of them will do set prices for the job, so who the fuck knows how long they'll milk basic installs to get $90 an hour.

Uni is a waste of money. Electricians in my area are $120 an hour. Fucking insane.

No. 421639

Yeah I recently found out that trade school is amazing. I feel like the college hype made people look down on blue collar for some reason… Being a handyman pays 6 figure if you know how to hustle. I have a buddy who works weekends when all the companies are closed; if people Need something fixed they’re gonna pay whatever price you charge.

No. 421640

They're able to charge that much because that's what people pay. I'm sorry you weren't smart enough to get into the right trade.

No. 421643

I didn't spend a dime on uni for a career that didn't pan out. That's not why I'm broke. The condescending comment doesn't stick. $90 is objectively ridiculous for hanging blinds, though. That's why this is the vent thread. Obviously they charge what they can because people will pay. You sound like the kind of person that thinks every little thing you say is super revelatory as long as it's smug.

Yep, and the total cost of their schooling is peanuts. Meanwhile they're mocked for being dropouts, etc. Serves people right for shitting on blue collar types that often didn't have the means to go to university, tbh.

No. 421644

I've had a bmi of 15.6 since I was 13. I am not anorexic, I just don't have appetite. My mom is doctor but she doesn't care about me. I got a lot of exams done and none of show anything that can explain my low appetite. I really want good health. It's one of my goals but it seems so far away at the moment.

No. 421647

That's really fucked up that your mom doesn't care about your health but is a doctor. She sounds like she'd be an awful doctor if she can't even care about her own child. That's sad and I'm disgusted on your behalf. Does marijuana make you hungry? Even if you can't find out what exactly it is that's causing it, a bandaid is still preferable to being underweight and weak.

No. 421665

My husband hired a family friend of a friend as a contractor to build us a new kitchen + bathroom to get ready to sell our condo. He's mostly done but is dragging his feet and giving us vague answers as to when he'll be done. I want to sell this stupid place and move on with our lives, I hate contractors, never hire one just D.I.Y. from now on.

No. 421668

Seriously, you need to learn to do this shit yourself I'm currently dealing with a much bigger project and budget and trust me when I say 99% of tradesmen and contractors are total dirtbags. They never get anything done in time and will milk you for all you've got. Especially here in the states so many families get stuck with shoddy work or a project is totally abandoned and if you don't have the money for a lawyer you're screwed.

No. 421675

>internalized misogyny has brainwashed me into feeling ashamed and ugly for having fertility issues
>ashamed to go to the gyno out of fear of being a typical western roastie or whatever the alt right is saying about women who go to the gyno
>afraid to go on BC to regulate my horribly unregulated periods bc evil western roasties drinking the birth control kool aid
>having a vagina in general has made me feel disgusting

I hate myself

No. 421678

my dad is threatening to cut off my internet access after midnight because of something retarded and i'm just one inch away from moving into my friends house even though i can't afford to live at all. i'm so fucking angry and disgusted and i tried to talk to him rationally but i kept raising my voice, i ended up crying and begging him to stop while trying to explain that no, my mental health issues have nothing to do with the goddamn internet and maybe his jackass should consider actually helping or caring about my life instead of being dismissive and trying to use tactics that only work on fucking 12 year olds. i'm sure i can find a way to get around it but legit the fact that he thinks this is going to be effective and not make a person with bipolar disorder worse shows how retarded he fucking is. did he get his garbage advice from jordan fucking petersons self help book?

No. 421687

File: 1560493329477.jpg (84.4 KB, 540x713, tumblr_pmqb10xTvh1v13rxd_540.j…)

I'm convinced some people only get mad about rudeness because they're too worried about looking bad publicly to say whatever they want in response. That, or they want free reign for them or their friends to shit on you, and get buttblasted if you don't give it to them.
I got banned from some place for "being abrasive" after someone said something edgy and another person attempted to antagonize me for (harshly) telling them it wasn't cute or cool. Thing is, I'm 99% sure the mod or admin was having a little bitch fest of their own about it with a friend or in a private chat, while passive aggressively spamming and posting cold, weak takes at me in the main one and letting others at me. They probably got annoyed that I wasn't shrinking back, even though they and others continually escalated things to begin with.
I can't really imagine living like that on the internet. It's better to just call someone a dumb bitch to their face instead of trying to dance around everything.
I don't seek out conflict, especially considering that was the only argument I ever had in that group, but if someone starts something with me, I see no reason not to go in on them. If you're not ready for a scorching reply when you attempt to "dunk" on someone, why try it at all? Just be quiet and let it die.
I almost wonder if this is how Azealia Banks feels whenever she gets banned from Twitter, though she typically starts all her beefs herself.

No. 421689

btw thanks anon, you were right of course nothing happened and i panicked for no reason lol
i can just pay it off

No. 421692

Their time is valuable, including the travel to get there, and the smaller a job is the steeper it's going to be. I work in building and we straight up pay a minimum of $500 per job no matter how little work it is just to make it worth their while.

No. 421693

Oh please. They're half a mile away charging these crazy-ass prices.

I agree, but I can't reasonably do that for everything. I had lighting replaced, but my point was that it's insane for literally hanging blinds to be so much (which they apparently are, as one handyman relayed to me). I don't feel quite comfortable handling electric, that's a bit too far, and if I hurt myself or damage my property that's a larger chunk of change than just getting it done with them.

No. 421705

File: 1560497079891.jpeg (29.6 KB, 468x655, images (10).jpeg)

I wish I could ride my boyfriend, but he just has been so tired lately that he just crashes as soon as he lies on the bed.

Been like that for almost a month now.

Guess I'll grab my wand again, but I legit prefer penetration.

Pic not related.

No. 421716

It's her hard earned money. If she works more than you or her coworkers, shows up in time, and doesn't want to spend her money on your father's cigs and lotto tickets, she has every right to do so. Honestly she should cut contact with you leeches, she will be way better on her own.
We all support her here so gtfo.

No. 421717

I have had such a shit time with guys since I left my ex. I left him because I was tired of getting my feelings hurt by his coldness and immaturity mostly. I left so I could be happy and now I'm more miserable.

My depression (yes, I'm officially diagnosed) has reached a point that I doubt I can be fixed. I have been lied to, played, treated with no consideration like a piece of trash, and even sexually assaulted.
Tomorrow is my first day back in therapy after about two years. I'm not really looking forward to it, but I'm going anyways to try. Its my last hope.

I probably shouldn't date, but I have been seeing someone casually for about a month. We don't sleep together which is good I guess. I very much like him. In the back of my mind I feel like he's going to fuck me over somehow like everyone else though. I don't trust myself and my judgements anymore. I don't trust much of anyone. I feel that everything I do is wrong.

If I take another blow to my little heart, I don't think I'll be able to take it this time.
I have it kind of planned out, but it feels so alien from me. The idea feels distant from me, like it isn't mine which I see as more dangerous. Tomorrow I will talk about it with the therapist.

Life fucking sucks. I hate my feelings. I always wear my heart on my sleeve and it is going to literally kill me.

I used to physically hit myself. Also, I used to see how far I was willing to go to stab myself with a knife. Now I cut. I've been to emergency for it once. It is surreal how easy and painless cutting that deep is.

I'm 26 and have a fortunate life, but inside I'm so sad and alone that I can't fully grasp the wonderful things and people around me.
I hope I find power.

No. 421724

File: 1560500721982.png (80.97 KB, 348x234, cedq5Lm5m1r1f1je.png)

>Bf has heart issues and only gets worse until he can get a transplant
>Because of this he can't get fully hard during sex and gets winded and soft quickly
I know the best thing to do would be to get a toy but maaaaan sometimes I just really want him. I feel like a jerk for being so horny all the time and it makes him feel guilty for not being able to help.

No. 421726

I feel for you anon, we can't even pass inspection at the state our place is in and we're out 30k. Everything I've read about handymen is bad news bears.

No. 421727

Lol, why tho? It's not like the mgtow incel types that would say you're any less a woman for needing to see a doctor are having throngs of kids themselves.

No. 421728

Who calls women roasties for going to the doctor? The rest I've heard and makes sense but you are supposed to have checkups even if you aren't sexually active.

No. 421729

Imma let you finish, but isn't turning off electronics after a certain time at night a reasonable practice anyway? You could use the time for meditation, or journaling, or whatever, and then wake as fresh and motivated as possible.

No. 421730

Not that anon but I've seen a lot of robots say that declining birth rates are due to women being such whores, getting so many abortions and taking so much BC that they make themselves infertile.
Blaming women for infertility has also been a thing since the dawn of time, honestly.

No. 421732

I like it how you're not sleeping with him yet. The longer you hold out on that the more certain you'll be that he likes you for you.

No. 421733

What were you guys able to get done with 30k and what's left to get done that he's not doing? You can probably find an investor (or god willing, someone actually wanting to live in it who happens to have cash), but fuck, I know, it sucks worrying about having to take a hit in letting the buyer take on necessary repairs, especially since there's no way the banks will lend with these problems. I'm facing the same issue with a huge plumbing problem myself and IDK what the fuck to do, either replace all the piping (another 8k before I can even think about cosmetic upgrades) or sell as is and take a MASSIVE hit knowing eventually the pipes will go.

No. 421736

Who fucking says that? Just go see a gyno. You have to get a checkup once a year, what if you get cancer or some cysts? Jesus Christ people.

No. 421737

Honestly who cares what some smelly fatty pissing into a jug has to say about you. They're not politicians or influential in any way for you to worry.

No. 421739

This sounds really mean but I wish my roommate's dog would die already. He's so old that he pees on the floor at LEAST twice a day and I have to clean it up half the time. It's driving me insane! JUST DIE ALREADY. I have no attachment to him so I know it's easy for me to say, and I would never say this to her face but goddamn. I hate having to clean up after him.

No. 421741

All the exercise equipment is made for men!

Utter fucking bullshit. I am 5'3" not uncommon yet none of the stuff that is non-adjustable fits or is uncomfortable to reach. Fuck them all.

No. 421744

File: 1560505207997.jpg (126.4 KB, 650x650, 1560449450390.jpg)

> he still owed her $6,000
> buying cigarettes and gambling
> lotto tickets and cigarettes
> none of her business what we do with our money

hahaha stay mad poorfags, why should she stay forever chained to your stupid asses.

No. 421746

Lol, just lift some weights, you princess. Weights for strength and jogging shoes for cardio is all of the exercise equipment you'll ever need.

No. 421747

It's mostly men who work out, and of course they are larger than 5'3 on average. I don't think it's like a calculated thing to prevent women from working out

No. 421753

You'd think in 2019 when men are screeching that women are already equal and feminism is unnecessary, things wouldn't be made almost solely for male use/consumption.
This isn't even just a thing with exercise equipment is the sad thing. For example, women literally die more in car crashes because cars (and crash dummies) are made for average male bodies by default.

No. 421755

can't he get you off with his finfers/orally? even get you off with a toy? should be less physically taxing for him. hope the surgery goes well!

No. 421756

Forgot to add that I'm not the anon you're replying to, as a disclaimer.

No. 421757

I am pretty certain the car thing has nothing to do with test dummy heights. Airbags are enormous and designed so that just about any noggin around can hit them. I would personally guess that more women die in car crashes because female bodies are smaller, less built, and less resilient against physical trauma.

There is no conspiracy to prevent women from pumping iron. It's just more of a male interest, so of course they would set the machines to male height, right? Why would they set it to 5'3 if everyone who uses the machine is 6'?

No. 421758

And if it is for women it's usually hot pink and shit quality

No. 421761

The gender data gap is a very real issue, and it does have to do with dummy heights in the case of cars.
>Why would they set it to 5'3 if everyone who uses the machine is 6'?
Because evidently, not everyone who wants to use it is 6'0. In the first place, blocking an entire gender from using certain objects that would logically be unisex isn't any less of a problem just because you're doing it under the mistaken idea that it's more profitable. Not sure why this is hard to accept.

No. 421762

No offense intended here: but I don't think getting your opinions from Internet journals is a good way to go about life.
Those places have only one objective which is profit. 40 years ago they would have been telling you that you need to talc your vagina or men will hate you. Today they tell you that cars are made to kill women because that happens to be what's profitable right now.

No. 421764

Did you read the article itself, or are you just trying to dodge its content? Because it links to multiple sources to back up the information presented therein.
Alternatively, do you have any sources to back up your claim that the entire gender data gap is false and on the same level as women being told to talc their vaginas?
>Today they tell you that cars are made to kill women because that happens to be what's profitable right now.
What it's saying is that because cars are made exclusively for one part of the population, others are often inadvertently made to suffer. It's a massive oversight, and this whole thing of "Male is the default, so why bother taking women into account for our product" stretches even into the medical field, psychology (women being diagnosed with autism much later/less frequently because our symptoms manifest differently and male symptoms are focused on the most), etc.

No. 421765

Even from a engineering perspective it's much cheaper and easier to make ones machine for 5'3" women, and a second for 6'4" than one that works equally well for both of them - and it's only Planet Fitness that can make a functional business out machines that are never used.
Again though this is largely a moot issue as most machines are gimmicks anyway.

No. 421767

There's just no reason not to create machines (and technology in general) that would work for both genders. It's just a poor business model and an inconvenience.

No. 421768

The article links sources for claims like "women die more in car crashes than men." I don't need a scare journal to tell me that.

And… there is really no way to fix that, either. No matter how safe you make cars, women will always die more than men, because women do not handle physical trauma as well as men. The only way to make both sexes die equal amounts in car crashes would be to make it so NOBODY dies in car crashes (and we're getting there, btw - self driving cars ftw!)

I am really saying that articles like that are trying to prey on your fear and mistrust of others. This is profits 101 in journalism.

No. 421769

What you're missing is why. And that "why" is pretty well-documented. It's not a scare journal, it's statistical information and studies explaining the issue at hand and what links to it. Again, the article doesn't even just go into cars, but multiple examples of this problem and how it negatively impacts society and functionality. Don't be afraid, be informed.
"It's going to happen anyway!" holds as much weight as saying "Well, why make anything safer? Everybody dies eventually, and people will still make mistakes and have accidents". There's just no defense for it.
I don't fear or mistrust others because of this information, I just see room for improvement in several fields and disappointment that we haven't overcome these things in what's meant to be a "progressive" era.

No. 421770

>because women do not handle physical trauma as well as men
Women tend to be lighter and more flexible than men. Men do have stronger bones though. Do you have any source on your assertion?

No. 421772

I mean, how do I source that? I think we both know it's true, but what scientific journal is hitting men and women with blunt objects to determine who dies first? I guess your best bet would be… car crash statistics.

No. 421773

This is purely my personal experience but I've found the complete opposite after working in the ER

I've seen women who pretty much almost lost their limbs before and acted like nothing happen, breaking bones and not even crying or reacting but men will act like they're dying over the common cold

I think it has to do with the whole "girl who cried pain", women are so use to not having their pain taken seriously they just let themselves be hurt and allow everything to get worse out of fear of being accused of faking pain for attention or being dramatic

No. 421774

I can use anything I want. How about you stop being so complacent to the MAN'S world you live in. I've never read anyone so swiftly defend the obvious history of men designing things for themselves.
Women shouldn't have what they have, we should make do? Yikes.

No. 421775


>I think it has to do with the whole "girl who cried pain", women are so use to not having their pain taken seriously they just let themselves be hurt and allow everything to get worse out of fear of being accused of faking pain for attention or being dramatic

It is strange to see things viewed through such a lens. I doubt women are refusing to react to an amputation because they don't want to be embarrassed.

Actually in general I can't say I know what you mean by this point. You say pain is not taken seriously in women, but isn't the opposite true? Men have an inbuilt instinct to protect women and I've only ever observed them being especially sensitive to women who are in pain (bordering on coddling)

No. 421776

> blocking an entire gender from using certain objects

They aren't blocking anyone from anything. They are a fitness joint, they don't conduct social engineering. I swear, some of you think that every single entity (person or company) somehow owes the world and you special consideration about the social consequences of every single little thing they are doing.

A fitness joint will buy machines that satisfy most needs for most of their customers, while not being too expensive. Go join a women only gym, maybe they will have what you want.

No. 421778

How about you?
If there's a thing to design, design it.
If there's a gap to exploit, exploit it.
I've no respect for adults that can identify a problem but not also fix it themselves.
Make do, or make better. Just don't make others conform to your preferences by whining.

No. 421782

>I mean, how do I source that?
You know medical journals are a thing right?

>I think we both know it's true

Don't tell me how I think.

Women being weaker than men does not mean they handle physical trauma worse than men as there are multiple factors regarding both:
1) the impact of trauma
2) the recovery from trauma

Now I'm not saying women are better at handling trauma, nor that they are equal, not that they are worse, because I have zero idea.
I'm not making baseless assumptions out of thin air like you are, because "you just know how it is UwU"

No. 421783

I will. Also this is a vent thread. I was venting. Get over it.

No. 421784

>Don't tell me how I think.
If I did so in an Internet article you probably wouldn't have gotten mad!

Okay, agree to disagree, I gotta eat.

No. 421786

Not everybody's dream is to become an exercise equipment designer/manufacturer or fitness joint owner you know, some people just want to be able to work-out using equipment that fit their normal female size.

>If I did so in an Internet article you probably wouldn't have gotten mad!
Still telling me how I think. An internet article written by some rando without sources and a scientific journal aren't the same, ffs.

No. 421787

>taking a single line in a post, isolating it from the full context and challenging it as if everything else doesn't exist
Just dishonest and pathetic.
The fact remains: The gender data gap is a real problem. It's an inconvenience at best (in the case of exercise machines), and a detriment to women's lives at worst (in the case of cars, construction worker's material, police vests, etc). Whether or not you choose to look at data, and whatever painful excuses you come up with, this is reality, and it's backward.
Enough trying to derail any discussion of these things, you're not going to shut us up.

No. 421789

Again this is what I've observed
I've seen women with broken bones before who didn't even know their bones were broken until it became dislocated, huge bruises and cysts caused by impact and these women acted like it's no big deal, bleeding from crevices of their body and again acting like it's NBD, don't even get me started on parents who neglect their female children and teenage daughters by claiming their warning signs are all for attention/her being dramatic basically until their daughter is dead or dying, there's actually journals on it and I suggest you read up on things like "the girl who cried pain" there's definitely a stigma against women who are in pain, it also explains why women are more likely to die unless being treated by another woman


No. 421790

>Not everybody's dream is to become an exercise equipment designer/manufacturer or fitness joint owner you know, some people just want to be able to work-out using equipment that fit their normal female size.
They said that because they don't care. They just want women to stop talking about issues that affect us in the world, because it triggers them to think that we exist, the universe can't realistically revolve around men's interests and that society isn't as equal as they delude themselves into thinking.
The first tactic is to deny everything. When that doesn't work (especially when science contradicts their denial), they accuse us of making it all up and having mass hysteria, or they say all peer-reviewed data is somehow fake and wrong to push an agenda, often with absolutely no reliable data of their own to back up those claims. When that fails, the last thing is "Why don't YOU make it yourself, then?!". If they're not even trying to pretend they're arguing in good faith anymore, they'll finally resort to "Well, then women just shouldn't drive, exercise, work, go to the hospital, get injured or get pregnant" and show who they really are.
It's so transparent, and I'm sick of it.

No. 421793

Fucking legends. God speed.

No. 421796

Men kill themselves at 400% higher incidence than women. An exercise machine not being adjustable is a minor concern.(no1curr about male suicide)

No. 421797

Why do you only care about men committing suicide when you're trying to make women stop talking about literally anything? To use your own argument, how about you? Why don't you do something about it and try to help men?
If you've no respect for adults that can identify a problem but not also fix it themselves, then you must have the least respect of all for yourself.
And this was never only about exercise machines, but I know you're dedicated to lying to yourself and others.

No. 421800

Get back to me when Men and MRAs actually care about suicide rates and do something about them instead of using it as a political tool to say "Gotcha!" against feminism.

No. 421808

And nothing of value was lost.

No. 421824

I wish it was 10000%

No. 421829

I have a work appointment with a creepy dude I really don't want to go through.
This guy fancies himself an actor and always try to put on a "suave" low voice. It's annoying to no end. Most of the time, I just want to say to him to talk louder and to drop the fucking act.
It looks so shallow and weird, it's maddening to me that someone would spend all of their time, doing a menial job but pretending to be a ~mysterious and deep~ guy.
He's also supposed to be handsome by mainstream standards but I just find him bleh at best.
I like lanky long haired dudes, don't wink at me, weirdo.

No. 421830

lmao haven't seen an attempt to minimize women's issues this desperate before.
>anon vents literally about exercise machines being tailored for men
>b-but men kill themselves at 400000000% higher rates!! stfu you complaining bitch!
I wish all of them killed themselves at this point, sounds dreamy

No. 421831

You are the one moving the goalposts. First it was bitching about fitness machines, now suddenly it's the whole gender data gap problem like you were talking about that the whole time and I was latching on one thing.

You are moving the goal posts and you are one of those people who make ever thing into "I'm being oppressed".

No. 421838

Nah, you showed all your cards when you started crying about men's suicide.
No point trying to scramble for a response now, you're a joke.

No. 421858

I fucking hate my body because I have hormonal imbalances since I entered puberty and it's all running in my family because my mom and her sisters also have PCOS and developed nasty hormonal cysts in their bodies, not only on their ovaries.

I was diagnosed with PCOS 4 years ago when I was 16 and I never got any treatment for it. I saw a gyn a month ago and she told me I have a few small cysts on my ovaries but no big deal. I want to go to an endocrinologist because I haven't had my hormones checked since I was 16. I'm really hairy, I have hair on my breasts, around my areolas and on the rest of my body, I also have had acne for half of my life and I'm extremely horny a lot of the time or I become very angry and I know some of the things that I'm experiencing are also due to mental illness but honestly I think the hormonal imbalance makes my mental illness worse.

On the other hand, I don't wanna get medicated for my hormonal issues right now because I'm already taking Accutane for my acne and antidepressants and the Accutane is a pretty harsh medication, so I wouldn't like to take too many different types of medication at the same time. Anyway, I'm not even sure what medication is used for PCOS besides birth control and I don't really wanna be put on birth control since I took it back when I was 16 and it made me get a blood clot.

Also, this might all be in my mind since I tend to gravitate towards body dysmorphia at times but I feel like my hormones have influenced the way certain features have developed on my body and it makes me feel more manly, and I'm not only talking about pilosity but about certain facial features as well.

No. 421864

I think they can treat you with androgen blockers and/or extra estrogen if you have PCOS, right? Be forceful with your doctors and really tell them what you want, and shitcan them if you think they're blowing you off.

No. 421903

I intend to stop posting about her after this, I just don't want to adopt a moniker like 'momchan' because all I ever vent about is my narcissist mom. I just have no one that cares–last night proved it–and the only person that cares about my emotions (or at least pretends to) is my stepdad. The person my mom constantly tries to assassinate in front of me and to others because of how he hurt her.
Sorry if this is all over the place.

My stepdad cheated on my mom, confessed it to me first, but I later told her out of pity (but also because before that she theorized me and stepdad were consorting against her because he'd comfort me in the past whenever she'd fight me and I knew keeping that secret would be affirmation to her victimhood). She kicked him out of their house, but he's still paying the bills.
If the story sounds familiar, it's because I already vented about this part.

I've never had a good relationship with my mom due to her narcissism. Despite my initial sympathy, I realize that she was not a perfect victim. I made myself available to listen at first, but all she ever does is shit talk about my stepdad. Despite how wrong my stepdad is for cheating, I still care. This is a man who loved me unconditionally when my biological father mistreated and abandoned me when I was little. Not everything she is saying is true, and she only says some things because of the rejection she feels. Truth be told he treats me more respectfully than her–as in, he actually listens to me and talks to me like a human being. If he didn't call me twice a week nobody would care about my feelings right now. Only two people in my entire family have said shit to me since this happened. So hearing what she says hurts. I took her to a marital therapist last week, and the therapist even told her to stop putting me in the middle of her divorce. The first thing she did as I drove her home? Ranted to me about stepdad again.

Even a month now after it happened she demonizes me for wanting to talk about my feelings for once. She reverses victim and acts like I'm selfish for wanting to talk about my feelings, or even how this third divorce of hers affects me. It's worse yet if I call out her shitty behavior towards me, and how I won't accept "emotional woman" as an excuse for how she treats me. She gets hostile and vile towards me.
I'm called selfish for trying to talk to her and wanting her to listen (not criticize me under the guise of 'advice' like usual), and she's blatantly said she can't and will not listen to me because her burdens are soooo much greater than mine.
She lambasts me and tries to guilt trip me for not caring enough bout her feelings, however. She argues in a circle no matter how many times I try to reason and redirect her hysteria back to the original point. I opened up my vulnerabilities and insecurities to her the other night (I had asked for a hug), and all that did was give her a roadmap to hurt me and throw them in my face when she belittled me with them the next day.
She never apologizes.

Her attitude is all because she expects me to be at her beck and call now because she's divorcing. Fine, I've tried to do nice things for her. It's never enough though. And when I want reciprocation she doesn't give a fuck. It's all about her, as if she's the only person hurting. And if I try to direct the narrative about anything else she accuses me of being selfish and self-centered again.
It's sick. I can't trust her. Our relationship has never been improved no matter how much blame I've taken nor how much I've tried to appease her.

She takes out her hurt feelings on me and projects all of her bullshit onto me.
I work 7am-5pm most days. She's retired. She stays up late and has a fucked sleep schedule.
She accused me of sleeping until noon. How?
I try to go out with my friends and have fun so I'm not stuck at the house all day when I'm not working. She doesn't leave the house except for food and cigarettes. She says I'm depressed and I don't do anything with myself. How??
I know how. Projection. Because all she's done is sleep all day and feel sorry for herself.
Notice how these are backhanded to imply I'm lazy and she's not been. Trolling irl.

She originally wanted me to help her refinance the house mortgage so she could keep it. At first she used flowery language like the house was ours and it was my house too now. Also This house will be yours when I'm gone. Yet the second she's upset by something I said or did, she reverts and says THIS IS MY GODDAMN HOUSE and I'M GONNA SELL THE FUCKER!
The latter being the truths. When the cards are on the table it's still all about her and I'm just a piece of dog shit.

Last night was awful. I mean she'd been arguing with me a lot lately over insane and petty things. Yesterday she got into another nonsensical argument with me because I took a tone to something rude she did to me. It developed into her being hysterical because she didn't like my tone.
Remember: She's allowed to be an uncontrollably emotional woman; I can't even have a hint of annoyance in my voice without getting policed.
But the point is, because of the fight she had with me the day before, she had been giving me the silent treatment.

When I got home from work today, I went straight to my room. I expected her to ignore me and give me death glares like she had been doing. So she did when I did see her.
I could hear my mom calling people on her cell phone from outside (she talks really loudly and it echoes into my windows). She actually had the audacity to call my stepdad's own sister and try to get her to choose her side. It sounds juvenile, because it is. Yet she's an incredibly effective manipulator. She was ranting to my aunt about me as well and telling more lies about me to make me sound depressed and useless. It hurt a lot. If I were depressed for any reason right now, it's because of my mom being horrible to me.
And one thing my family hasn't done: Ask me if I'm okay.
They all just hear secondhand from her and assume she's winning the suffering Olympics. Nobody else has ever suffered so much than my mom has, even though she's partly to blame for choosing the men she has and neglecting her relationships in the way she's done.
What did I do?

Next thing I knew I got a phone call from my stepdad. Mom was texting him. They'd been trying to get together tomorrow to talk about the divorce.
Stepdad was meeting her; due more to financial questions. My mom wanted to meet to ask if they wanted to get back together (which is ironic considering how gun-ho she was about kicking him out and divorcing him). Stepdad had seen the therapist, and changed his mind and didn't want to meet with her. Mom texted him stipulations of getting back together such as the ability to search his phone whenever and to take her with him on his business trips.
And you know what? My stepdad is right. She should've went steady as planned on the divorce thing because if she can't trust her partner that much then the relationship is already fucked beyond repair regardless.
I know what it's like to be her prisoner and it's not healthy.

I guess he had texted her about his golf clubs, and she got extremely pissed off that he was trying to text her about "fun" stuff. So she started asking pointed questions about their relationship status, instead of waiting until the next day to talk like she had said, and my stepdad finally said fuck it.
Anyway, his "rejection" (I put that in quotes because in reality he just agreed to go along with what she originally said she was gonna do) absolutely destroyed her.
My mom became unhinged. I had been talking to dad on the phone when he interrupted me to say mom was trying to call him. Once again, she reamed his ass out and he made his final choice. I could hear it in my room.

When she was done I exited my room expecting her to speak and unload on me as she's done so many times before. Instead she gave me a stink face and ignored me until I asked her about that conversation she just had as well as the previous one. I told her how I had heard the things she said about me and how it hurt my feelings.
She accused me of eavesdropping.
Reversed victim, and then her woe is her went through the roof. She told me maybe it was too toxic, that she couldn't 'help' me, and that I should consider leaving. She went on and on about her nightmare situation and implied I was too stupid to have noticed.
Then she accused me of "needling" and "torturing" her because I asked her questions on why she was treating me like that. I didn't back down, I wanted answers.
It made her extremely angry because I wasn't giving her control. She got so furious that she started to screech through her anger until she started to wail. I didn't respond to that energy and kept calm, looking at her, and it just made her more incensed that I wasn't being persuaded by this behavior like usual. She probably thought I was being patronizing, but I couldn't help but find her so unreasonable and ridiculous. It kept escalating, and escalating, and escalating. She was going insane before my eyes.
She screamed at me to get the fuck out of her sight.
So I did, I told her I'd go back into my room now.

As I went back into my room she got on the phone with my aunt while she wailed and hollered. My aunt came over, and they pow wowed about my dad's rejection and what an asshole he was. It surprised me because the reason why she was so upset was because of me, and not what my dad had said. I guess mom just wanted someone to tell her how she was so right about how she was handling stuff. I wasn't going to be that person because I know who she is.

I didn't want to sit in my room the entire night so I went out to the dining room table with my phone. I wanted someone to notice and talk to me. They kept up their shit talk, and my mom kept narrating what a victim she'd been. Showing off texts, but not mentioning the things she had said on call or irl that would've put the texts into context.
My aunt didn't acknowledge me at all.
I was like a ghost.
What was disturbing is that as they talked my mom went from a crying mess to be oddly…confident? Almost smug. The shit talking wasn't stopping, and it's not like I wouldn't have heard this from my room either.
Within 30 minutes my mom was back to normal. In fact so normal she was back to bitching about her phone messing up and so they were focusing on that. Also researching stores open to go get cigarettes.
My aunt became her flying monkey, which isn't really her fault considering she only knew my mom's narrative.

When it got so unbearable I interjected, because up until that point they treated me like I wasn't in the room. When I said something they both looked at me like Who the fuck are you?
I wasn't getting anywhere, I tried to bring up how I was hurting again but this night–as all the others–were to be about my mom.
They didn't pity me, and I didn't pity her.
I told her to stop putting on a show for my aunt.
She reached to touch me, but I backed away. She was aggressive. Who was she to lay hands on me when earlier she'd told me to fuck off?
Actually, I realized my aunt being there was an advantage because it meant a lull in the abuse. My mom was going to pretend to take the higher road around my aunt for her image's sake. After all, she had a story to spin about how her daughter has never given a shit.
I went to my room to start packing my things after reflecting on my mom's tirade earlier before my aunt came that I should "leave."
As I was packing, my aunt came into my room.
>Your mom loves you! Your mom needs you!
I needed my mom. Where was she for me?
I've been here for her for over a month, when could it be my turn?
If she loves me, then why can't she listen to me and why is she allowed to say horrible things about me? If she loves me then why can't I trust her with my emotions without fear that she'll use them against me later?
No, she doesn't love me. All of these issues were present before my dad cheated and amplified times ten now that she feels victimized.
In the background I could hear mom: See what I deal with? This is how I'm treated!
My mom was getting her supply of duping delight. See aunty, look at what a self-centered daughter she has for not sticking around to endure more emotional incest, neglect, and verbal abuse.
My aunt called my stepdad from her phone. They thought it was his fault I was leaving and they wanted to use him to guilt me into not leaving. I knew they'd blame him, and not her. I told my dad what I was doing and that he shouldn't blame himself. I hung up.
I retrieved my birth certificate and vaccination papers.

They asked me if I had a plan. I said no.
They scoffed at me, but eventually both of them left me alone as I packed to go back to complaining about mom's phone and their cigarettes.
It was very early in the morning and I realized I couldn't pack it all in one night. I locked my door so that when my aunt left my mom couldn't come barging in and confronting me as I suspected she'd do. One thing I love about the house compared to my childhood house? I have a door that locks.

I was right. When my aunt left my mom knocked on my door and turned the knob wanting to "talk." I told her I wasn't opening it and she could talk to me through the door.
But it's not comfortable for me and I'm tired! she barked. Well, it was comfortable for me. Although I don't know how talking through a door makes someone "tired." What's the matter mom, can't manipulate when there's a physical barrier?

She attempted to talk me down from leaving but I told her it was my choice. She asked me if I'd tell her where I'm going and I said no, I would not be telling her.
Well at least stay until you have a plan!
I could agree on that but my stuff is remaining packed to take to my storage unit.
She can't fool me. She'll never change. She'll act normal for a bit to lure me back into complacency and abuse me once I've let my guard down. The cycle will constantly repeat and continue until I go no contact, and I'm sure she'll poison the rest of the family and use the divorce to paint how I was corrupted into despising her by my dad. Not that this was a long time coming.

She's still peeved I haven't unlocked my door and this morning she wanted to talk to me about her phone. She insisted I needed to let her in to talk about whatever is going on with her phone. I told her no. She left, because the her goal is to get to me.
I won't ever forget what she's done. I won't ever trust her again.

No. 421904

Oh anon, I wish I could give you a hug right now.

I mean it in the nicest way possible, but maybe try going to the gym! You might make gym buddies the exercise might be good for your depression, and if you really want, it'll help you lose weight if you're so distressed about the weight gain.

If not the gym, why not school clubs? I recommended it to another anon on the stupid questions thread. I met some of my best friends through joining a school club- you might be hesitant to go alone, but people are usually really nice to new people because they always want more people to keep the club alive!

My last suggestion would probably be a dog park. Maybe make some friends for yourself and your dog! Go outside and enjoy it! Of course, this depends on your dog (mine is a little demon so we don't take her to the dog park lol).

I really hope you go to that concert anon. I know going alone to concerts sucks, I went alone to see my favorite group because none of my friends like them, but I still had an amazing time because when they started playing, all that mattered was that I was there watching them. When they came back, none of my friends wanted to go with me again, but fuck it! That night is about me enjoying my favorite group! What's the worst that can happen if you go alone anon (besides some possible heat stroke)? Maybe you'll make a new friend who also likes that band, but if not, you'll still have seen your favorite band!

Best of luck anon, and happy birthday!

No. 421910

Why not tell your roommate to get doggy diapers for the dog?

No. 421915

NTA but I don't know why I didn't realize that these obviously exist. My dog is older and pees on the floor all the time too. Thanks, anon.

No. 422087

i'm in a relationship and i love him, i really do, but i have obsessive thoughts about my ex-bf. i can't stop thinking about him and memories of when we were together. i don't want to break up with my current bf, i don't want these thoughts, but they won't stop!!

i don't even see or interact with my ex ever, he lives in a different state, doesn't post on social media, we don't talk anymore. i just can't get him out of my head.

No. 422088

I want to learn my own language, but I also don't want to. I don't want my language to die out but I don't want to understand when my mom talks shit about me to other people, and I don't see myself using it to communicate with (mostly) old people who are the only fluent speakers. I've heard schools that teach it cater to white people who want to put it on their resume and it's a really shitty atmosphere for anyone else.

No. 422091

You should try to see if you like learning it. I don't know your mother though… Can I ask what it is? I understand if you don't want to say.

No. 422093

I would totally be your friend and go to that concert with you anon, I feel I'm in a very similar situation to you. I hope things improve <3

No. 422103

My mother is the reason why my brother has an eating disorder, is deep into depression and self harming, has been hospitalized more than enough and also has been at the brink of death all thanks to his underweight, but she still cannot accept it and keeps telling him to starve + kill himself and lose weight despite his therapist talking to her. She pretended to be all caring and nice when that happened but as soon as she came back home she started blaming him for stuff that’s not even his fault and made him relapse (he was 4 months clean). He’s still a minor so of course he has no chance to leave that house and I told him numerous times to call cps but he’s too scared to.

No. 422121

Is there a reason you can't do it for him? He's family, isn't he?

No. 422129

I am simply at loss as to why my coach of over 5 years has disliked me Being nice clearly has no effect and neither does the passage of time it effects me in a pratical sense as she is my " coach" who would prefer to ignore me or let me carry on using a bad tecnquie or posture so she can have minimum interaction. I feel like it is going to build up to the point, where I am gonna say ' Bitch what IS your problem' ( Paraphrasing) I am involved in an unusual sport, been going there at least once a week for the past FIVE years. She is one of the main coaches,

After each session a group Between 6-10 of us usually meet in a pub afterwards. I have been FB friended and included by all the members, we all get on fine. But this coach is the ONLY person that has declined by FB request after I tried adding her about a year since we met. Then again about a year ago, so fine, she declined my request twice , not ignored declined.
I would always chat and be nice to her, without getting anything back, I simply found her to much hard work to have a conversation with, there was NO friendship chemistry, but I have always been polite. Her attitude annoys me as I am paying her 20 per her to be ignored, other coaches have come over to correct things she should have taught me. She barelys utters a word to me. it is an expensive niche sport, the other coaches and the other people are friendly.
When her mum was ill, I asked her how her mum was, when my mum was seriously ill she never asked me once. About 2 years ago I was in ICU in a coma for a short while and took some time off,she did not even ask me how I was. She is not someone that is painfully shy ( she is a supply high school teacher group).
Neither of us drive. We have an important competition coming up and if we win, we will be going to Italy. so naturally people are working harder and extra sessions have been put on. Last week I overheard this team mate I am friendly with saying to her that he will give her a lift. ( This man never uses FB, his last post was a Happy xmas post) I messaged him and got no response. I messaged her and asked her if she could please pass on a message and give the guy my number as I want to fit more practice in and they would literally need to drive past my house. Her response was a blunt ' I think you need to ask him yourself, Regards ' I messaged back straight away saying I have tried and he is probably busy in work given the nature of his job. As you will be in contact with him, can you let him know I would really appreciate it, if I could catch a lift and I will have my kit ready so I can jump right in. please let me know if manage to get hold of him If for whatever reason you can't I can see who else is heading in that direction. hopefully I will see you later. She read it and did not reply. That pissed me off. I have ALWAYS been polite and pleasant she has 0 reason to be so rude and akward.when we are so close to winning a big tournament I explained I could not get hold of the guy ( with the car) and as he was contacting her later, would she mind passing on a message. a " I think you need to speak to him yourself' I felt like screaming ' Bitch, do you honestly think I have not tried that? how hard is it for you to say ' by the way X asked if she could tag along as we are passing her house and she feels as if she needs more practice doing x" Even if we were not doing a competition. I find it odd that the COACH ( coaches are not allowed to compete, just well coach) is being so unfriendly to the point of hinderance and making things akward,

I have never said a bad word about her, been rude, give her attitude, the other coaches get on well with me and YES I am FB friends with ALL of them.

she has no personality to engage in. I am naturally pleasant and friendly to be around, BUT, I also have the awareness to know when people do not want to be bothered. ( I did workshops in Autism and mental health etc) So it is not like I am this loud screeching extovert.
To be frank she is Boring. IDC if she finds me boring. What I DO care about, is that due to her being an oddball, I have cancelled plans with friends and sat at home when I should be out practicing some moves, or spending time with my friends. All she had to do is say ' Sure I will ask him " They are driving past my house FFS on several occasionas I have waited outside by garden and jumped in with my kit. I know him quite well and I very much doubt his response would have been ' F her she can make her own way' This ' Coach' pulled a similar stunt before, but that involved going out for a Chinese meal, where she ' Forgot' to invite me.

When I was ill a couple years back I was in a coma and took some time off, they announced it on the groups main FB page and people asked me how I was etc. She said nothing. IMO, you need to be pretty cold hearted not to ask someone who was in a coma and in hospital for months ' how they are'. her not being my fb friend is a nuisance as well for practical reasons idc what exciting plans her and cats have. I know that sounds bitchy, but I have been aiming towards this goal since a qualified for it and every session counts. it is a group activity. She is one of the coaches she should WANT me to do well, for the sake of the TEAM. As soon as that competition has finished I have decided to be distant, when she sees me laughing and joking with the others, I am not going to look up say hello, smile and move so she can join us. She can say ' Excuse me' I am not including her in any conversation. She can learn to take cue and join in or she can stay mute or speak to the others over me. I am not going to nod for her to join us, because she sure as fuck did not make me feel welcome, when I first joined and I knew NO ONE there. I had to learn everyone names from scratch and let the relationship grow to the point we can sit in the pub and have a laugh and make jokes. I have never heard her crack a joke, or say anything funny. intelligent yes. She is an supply teacher and trained coach, so it is not as if she suffers from crippling anxiety. The loudest people in the group are men. I have a boyfriend, every single man in the group is either married or in a serious relationship. I have a boyfriend. she has been aloof and cold to me for 5 years. I think Tonight has been the last straw. if she mentioned it to him he would have picked me up as we are in the SAME TEAM. we are representing our Country we all like each other and want each other to do well. he would have drove past house with the ' coach' beside him and 2 empty back seats. The Chinese dinner ' may' have been an accident. but tonight NO Fucking WAY.

Truth be told. I don't think we will make it. maybe she knows deep down we are not good enough either, but a coach and high school teacher should know that exluding people and people aloof and standoffish and not even asking ' hey x how is your health' we meet in a social context pratically everyweek for over 5 years. HOW TF, can you STILL be so cold and aloof. I just don't get it.

No. 422146

I'm really self conscious about my deep voice. I was a TIF for a year and took testosterone for 6 months. I never had a squeaky high pitched voice before but it's certainly way deeper than average now. It's not a MALE voice, but it's deeper than the average woman and it always grabs people's attention. I even got compliemented on it by some guy once but I hate it. Just now I got in a server to play a game with a friend and some friends of her and someone comments "omg what a deep voice", not to insult me or anything but… I just feel upset because I wasn't born with this voice. I fucking got it because of a misdiagnosis, some shit I did. I'm so embarrassed of my tranny phase I want to kill myself. I was never involved with gender shit or Tumblr or whatever the hell it is, I was genuinely sure and I was DIAGNOSED after months of therapy but it was wrong in the end. I was suicidal before that and I'm still suicidal now every time I think of it. It's such a minor thing but I'll have to spend the rest of my life being reminded of this embarrassing shit.

No. 422154

im same fagging as my thread is all over the place.

I don't understand why my coach of 5 years is so cold, aloof and rude towards me.

We are aiming for a huge competition, so every session counts. I told her I could not get hold of the person that is driving to the extra session put om tonight and as she is going and they will have to get to my house to get there, can I tag along, will have kit ready and hop in the back ( I have dont this a few times)

Her terse reply was ' I think you should ask him yourself'

I repeated again, I could noy get hold of him and can she please mention it, as I need more practice doing x

she reads but does not respond.

My situation with her is getting to the point I am feel like as soon as the comp is over I will say something. She has done other shitty things.

I have always been nice, friendly and pleasent , asked her about her mum etc.

She does not recipiate , IDC at this point, so carried on being nice to her.

When my mum was very poorly, she never ever asked me about her.

I was in the ICU and in a coma, spent ages in hospital, took ages for me to get well again. - she never once asked how I was.

she remained her cold self. I suddenly remembered she ' forgot' to invite me to a chinese meal. She has also declined my friend rquest twice, noy ignored declined. she accepted other people including those that joined the group years after me. I have been speaking to her every week sometimes twice for near 5 years.

I get on great with everyone else, they have FB ed me and are friendly towards me. The men are married, I am in a relationship so it is not about that and she is mid 50's. lives at home with her cat and mum.

I used to be confused as to why she was like that, but after tonight I think fuck her. I have always been nice, pleasent, etc.

As soon as this comp us over, there are gonna be some changes.

when we are in the pub, we sometimes have to split up into small groups or 2 groups. I am usually with one group laughing and joking with some people. I am NO LONGER, inviting her over, or giving her a nod or pulling up a stool, or getting her involved in the convo/ she can sit there MUTE or she can get herse;f involved, she is old enough to be my mother.

She is a supply teacher and occasionally does work in front of camera for a small TV station. She is NOT shy.

I have never said a bad word about her as there is nothing there and it is tiring at times to have a convo, so I mostly only speak if she speaks fiirst which is rarely and direct closed questions only.

I get that people like to listern as oppose to join in, and at times people do not mesh, but we are all adults. Both work in professions where we need to chat to people. She is excluding me and making me feel unwelcome on purpose.

I am fed up of making an effort, or giving a lots of space when the results are he same, she only speaks to me if she has to.

and what is with her accepting everyone FB apart from mine. it is not the social aspect, It is about her not being pratical, Today or last night if she logged into FB messenger, I could have my answer sooner.

Even if you dislike someone for whatever silly reason, if that person REMAINS being nice to you, it is rude to not ask after a persons health if they have been in the ICU and a coma. Also I always asked about her mum. she never once asked about mine, when my mum was sick.

Since i found out a qualified I have been working hard. she being one of the coaches should WANT all of us to succeed as a Team, as she is he Coach, she knows my weaknesss and strengths. The entire point of the extra sessions is because if we win we get to go abroad.

As soon as this is over, I am not going to speak to her. lets see how she likes one word closed responses with no eye contact.

No. 422157

I started intermittent fasting last year and now I do 3, 5, 7 day fasts. I lost a good amount of weight at first but gained it back after stress and holiday eating. I’m so busy that I have no time to work out, so choosing to not eat is all I can do to lose weight. But it’s so fucking tiring and depressing sometimes.
I’m making progress again but I miss food and I’m jealous of thin people who can graze all day without gaining a pound. Why are our human bodies so inconsistent and weird.

No. 422171

I'm going on a flight all by myself and my anxiety is at an all time high. I have social anxiety too so it makes it even worse.

No. 422172

yes this is what i'm on, the androgen blockers are what do it really. the estrogen is just for your bones since they're still growing in your 20s. (at least that's what my gyno said). i don't have periods anymore and i would say i'm less hairy than i was before. still definitely have patches on my tummy and back though.
i have pcos and endo though and the endo was what ended up getting me put on blockers (had surgery earlier this year to get rid of some endo and trying to stop it growing back). just ask if it's an option for you.
it gets me down a lot too though since i know they're literally tranny pills.. but it's to stop the pain so ohwell.

No. 422173

it's okay anon, i have a naturally deep voice and never thought much of it (in my country it's pretty normal to have a deeper voice) but ever since i started playing online games with americans i've gotten nonstop critique on my 'manvoice'. i still think i sound pretty normal and plenty of other women do too, it's mostly just males who notice i feel like.
personally i think deep female voices (not my own) sound really sexy, so just work your angle. accept you're not going to be a kawaii lilypichu ass bitch and just work it. deep female voices are sultry and beautiful and you shouldn't be ashamed, even if it wasn't natural i'd imagine if you thought you were a tranny you're something of a tomboy, so it works.

No. 422174

it's okay anon, i have a naturally deep voice and never thought much of it (in my country it's pretty normal to have a deeper voice) but ever since i started playing online games with americans i've gotten nonstop critique on my 'manvoice'. i still think i sound pretty normal and plenty of other women do too, it's mostly just males who notice i feel like.
personally i think deep female voices (not my own) sound really sexy, so just work your angle. accept you're not going to be a kawaii lilypichu ass bitch and just work it. deep female voices are sultry and beautiful and you shouldn't be ashamed, even if it wasn't natural i'd imagine if you thought you were a tranny you're something of a tomboy, so it works.

No. 422177

I don’t think I can do anything helpful, because I live in another country and I even suggested moving in with me and letting me take care of him but he dismissed everything, because he’d feel guilty for leaving her.

No. 422180

File: 1560550760822.png (104.41 KB, 500x415, large.png)

>tfw got tits like Micky
I hate them so fucking much. I've started thinking about getting a boob lift but I'm terrified of it being botched.
Maybe chopping them off entirely would be a better idea.

On a more positive note I've lost 6 pounds so far after changing my diet and exercising more. Feels great to see the changes and I can't wait to be able to fit into my old clothes.

No. 422182


If you have a hormonal imbalance (and it sounds like you do) then your acne is probably also hormonal. It's likely that you could get off accutane with proper treatment.

No. 422194

I noticed a woman where I worked that a similar situation as yours - she obviously had taken testosterone at some point, but was not making an effort to pass as male anymore. Her voice was distinctly just a smidge too deep for a woman to have naturally.

She seemed soft spoken and very self conscious of herself, but her voice was very influential and effective at getting people to listen to her and take her seriously even when she didn't intend it. It may be a disadvantage to have something you can't change draw so much attention to you right now, but maybe one day it could be wielded as an advantage.

No. 422197

I heard of a research showing that women with higher voices were taken less seriously in the workplace or something like that. I'm in a male dominated field so it may be an advantage. I don't know if it's obvious I have taken testosterone, though, I don't think so.

No. 422201

A lot of women habe saggy tits anon. Actually most of us. Don't give it too much attention, the snow and pt threads love to exaggerate about small body flaws and nitpick everything like that dum "nasolabial folds" shit that no one at all gives two craps about outside this place.

No. 422206

File: 1560560439140.jpg (13.47 KB, 300x300, the-amazing-spiderman---los-an…)

Is it stupid for me to be weirded out that my friend got a nose job to look like my (natural) nose?

She told me after she got it that she showed the doctor a picture of my nose and told him to make hers look like it. I didn't know before. Her nose still has bandages on it so I can't tell what it looks like but I'm vaguely creeped out. She copies me a lot in general and I feel like she's basically skin walking me and trying to become me.

Honestly my nose is not that great, I like it fine but there are better nose shapes out there. It looks like pic related but a bit bigger. If it did turn out exactly like mine, it will not look good on her because she has a long face and different bone structure

No. 422209

It kinda makes sense to pick a feature that your friend has seen irl from different angles and to go for a nose that isnt too drastically princess-y. But I guess it depends on how else she copies you or how severe it has been.

No. 422223

File: 1560568914254.jpg (28.41 KB, 563x702, 9ec5163ee.jpg)

Thank you anon, I appreciate that.
He's certainly trying but his hand/wrists get tired easily rip

related vents:
I've been trying to get into shape and lift more weights because I'm paranoid about the idea of someone attacking us or me. It's kinda ridiculous but I'd like to believe that if I'm at least in shape I'd be able to fend someone off. I doubt my bf would stand a chance against some nutjob, he can't even run or else he'll get a heart attack. I have pepper spray and what not, but sometimes I feel that it's not enough.

I'm afraid of him dying as a result of his condition/during surgery. I have no idea if I could handle it

No. 422235

I'm dog sitting for the next 36 hours and I just got here and I can feel my uterus FINALLY awakening from its 8 month slumber (I was on birth control but stopped almost two months ago now)

I'm just like noooooo because I have to take the dog for walks tomorrow and function but I'm gonna be in agony from cramps and super super sad because I hate having my period nooo

it's just bad timing, I have a week of no responsibilities starting on sunday so getting my period Friday night is 48 hours too soon before I could just lie in bed and sleep it off

No. 422236

I'm so jealous of people, even of the people featured and discussed on this site because most of them have money or at least more money than I do and ever will and they also have more opportunities but they are so dumb and entitled that they end up fucking up their perfectly fine lives over stupid shit because their ego is too big. I fucking hate everyone to be honest and I'm not even ashamed of it anymore, I'm suffering, I suffered and I will suffer and yet no one gave me compassion and understanding but I did have unconditional love and understanding for those around me and even for those that I didn't know. I can't even say that I'm full of hate now, I'm just done with this world and I don't give a fuck anymore because it's a world of dogs.

I even fucking hate this place because it's so hypocritical but I have nowhere else to go with my vents and I'm way too accustomed with this site and even with the misery that it sometimes brings. I like the anonymous concept of image boards and all the other boards are dominated by scrots and most of them have gone to shit, I don't even give a fuck about misogyny anymore because it's everywhere and there's no way to stop it, I just want to be able to find intelligent posts but honestly they are cumbrains that have lost their capacity to have a rational and meaningful thought a long time ago

No. 422241

She goes to the same hairdresser as me (fine, she's a good hairdresser lol) and asks for EXACTLY the same cut and color as me, does her makeup the same way as me & with the exact products I use, has completely changed her style to wear the same clothes as me, wears the same perfume as me, changed her major in college to mine. I know that when you're friends with someone you naturally become more similar, but it's like she's done a complete 180 since we became friends. Her style is just completely different now, like mine but … slightly off you know? A couple times I've suggested that she's clingy and joked that she's turning into me and she takes it as a compliment. I'm considering moving to a new city for a job and she said she started looking for jobs in that city.

At first I thought she had a crush on me but now it's like she wants to become me..

No. 422243

File: 1560573385477.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1125x1383, 2809BD72-580B-4D16-86BC-B49F39…)

I got everything I wanted in life and I’m bored with it

Anything I want is at my fingertips and I just don’t care

Life is empty when you act like an asshole to achieve your goals and hate how you got there

No. 422252

Give it up and help other people if you truly feel bad about it but you probably don't you're just like the rest of them

No. 422254

The thought of having sex or even doing foreplay with, or getting romantic with, with a man who doesn't see me as his "type" and finds other types of women sexier than me really repulses me and I find it extremely dislikeable for some reason. I don't know why I'm so unironically triggered by this to the point of autism but I find it infuriating and disrespectful and don't want anything sexually or romantically to do with that man and think he's settling for scraps when he's trying to get to me. I also find it creepy and it makes an uncomfortable tension in my throat and I know it's autistic and retarded as fuck but it just happens.

I'm also easily turned off by petty shit in potential male partners even those I consider highly attractive like differing world views, music taste, pretty much anything that's too different I dislike. I am starting to think I'm not that attracted to men in general and idk why

No. 422257

I was offered a job in a different state and despite having a steady life here was willing to take it… until i worked an offsite event with one of the company owners and he aggressively pressured me to sleep with him. I turned him down and went back to my room but now im verry upset and feel like i cant take the job

No. 422259

Making friends in ur 20's is so fucking hard. All my friends ive had since middle/high school and they are all slowly fading away and it just makes me feel so isolated and alone. I have 1 year left of college and have still to made 1 friend at my school (prob bc i transfered from community). Just feeling so alone and needed to rant, hope im not the only one dealing with this

No. 422260

It's not autistic tho at all. This feeling is reasonable. It's actually how you should feel about that kind of thing.

No. 422283

My SO won’t admit he has a drinking problem (not everyday, but when he does drink with his friends he gets smashed every damn time) and tries to turn it around on me when I’m mad at him or disappointed in him for not coming home until like 2 or 4am (when they started at like 6pm) or PISSING ON THE FUCKING FLOOR (last night.) He tries to pull the whole, “this is just who I am” thing. We’ve discussed this before, and other things as well (e.g. not taking out the trash in the morning when it’s the one thing I’ve asked him to do, leaving his hair everywhere when he shaves, dumb shit like that.)

I can’t take this anymore. I wish I never got married. It would be so much easier if we were just dating and could just break up, fuck. How did I end up with someone so tactless?

No. 422284

Adding: I can’t just go stay somewhere else or with my parents or anything because we live on a totally different continent from our family and friends. So I feel extra trapped.

No. 422341

start setting up a long-term escape plan. even if you choose not to use it, having that plan in place in case things get worse (which they probably will, this guy sounds lame af) will give you another option.

No. 422373

pregnancy scares the shit out of me. i'm not afraid of sex or anything but i am afraid of the whole process of pregnancy, i am afraid of giving birth, i am afraid of taking the responsibility of a child. i don't want to go through any of that and this has been my opinion for years.
my ex crush was the type of guy who wants 84578357 kids and our conversations would be very awkward when this topic came up. i'd hesitate to tell him how i actually feel because i didn't want to come off as a whiny girl who can't handle anything. it makes me feel anxious that i'll disappoint future partners and will never find someone who also doesn't want children. sometimes i think "if you are in love with someone that wants kids then maybe you should just suck it up, how bad can it be?" and it's weighing on me. once you do it you're not going back. i don't think i'll ever be comfortable with it.

No. 422389

File: 1560608611910.jpg (27.81 KB, 500x683, s19_04_a06_66774_3030_on_a.jpg)

I'm a recent college graduate and I hold classes in foreign language. It's not an uni/school class, more like a hobby class for local community, and people around my age attend it. It's not a professional environment with a strict dress code either.

Today was extremely hot outside, coupled with humidity it felt like it was impossible to breathe. As my other light stuff was currently put to wash or already waiting to be washed, I put on shorts like pic related without much thinking. A lot of girls/women here wear shorts and skirts during weather like this, I just didn't think too much about it.

So after class I got an email from one of the males in my class saying "Those shorts look hot on you." and now I feel disgusted. Disgusted at myself and feeling guilty thinking I looked like a slut, disgusted at him for telling me that. My aik wasn't to appear sexy, I just wanted to wear something that won't make me go uncomfortable from all the heat.
I don't know why this bothers me so much, to the point I feel so ashamed and embarrassed of myself.

No. 422401

WTF anon, wearing shorts in that situation is normal! You shouldn't feel ashamed at yourself, only disgusted at him. That guy has serious cro-magnon brain sending a stupid gross email like that out of nowhere. The guy is most likely somewhat retarded. Seriously, decently intelligent and empathetic men with normal moral standards and a sense of propriety at least find a more subtle and polite way to let women know they're interested if they really like their legs or whatever. In my experience of what guys speak to me respectfully and what guys act explicitly rude just because I wear something tight or show my legs, only absolute troglodytes do the type of shit that guy did. It's 100% his fault.
Hell, I'm a graduate student and our clothing is generally more formal than most undergraduates', and still when it gets sweltering out many of my peers wear tank tops and shorts. Nothing wrong with not boiling to death, as overheating draws attention away from classwork as well.

No. 422431

Were those the short you were wearing? Aritzia's clothing is pretty much entirely career friendly (great taste btw). Don't feel ashamed, you didn't do anything wrong.
It doesn't matter what you're wearing, guys will be horndogs. Obviously it's normal to wear shorts or a skirt on a hot day.

No. 422432

Get therapy. Your bitterness only hurts you. The world sucks ass, always has always will. You’ll die in a few decades so in the grand scheme of things, it’s pointless to suffer. Might as well learn to enjoy life a little.

No. 422434

My bf has so much hate for me is saddening. I can't break up with him because he manipulates me by saying he'll take our baby, plus he lives in my place idk how to kick him out. Makes me cry because I can't do anything about it, maybe in a few years.

No. 422435

He can’t just take your baby. Stealth film him being an asshole and since it’s your place, file an eviction.

No. 422436

Have you not gone to a lawyer…?

No. 422441

I let my mom sell some of my possessions online with the idea that I would get atleast a cut of the money. Some of it sold, but I haven’t seen a cent. She told me she needed the money to pay bills so I should be grateful, but I also needed the money to pay bills. I feel like a bad person for thinking she owes me, I did let her sell them after all, I just wish she wouldn’t have misled me into thinking she’d give me some of the money.

No. 422442

Thank you anon, your comment makes me feel a bit better. I guess what throws me off guard is the fact that I'm there to teach, yet I still get seen as some kind of sexual object or something which really bothers me. I keep a friendly atmosphere to make classes more fun and students more willing to participate, but idiots like him see this as a green light to send shitty messages like that.

Ty, it's not the same brand but they look very similar.

No. 422454

dumb vent sorry ladys

my cytology hurt like hell i screm and cry the nure was nice to me but i feel so bad, so bad, i hate doing this shit i'm still hurt by the exam is a fucking mess, i know i'm over reacting is not like i "lost m virginity" is juts i feel so bad and the poor nurse face when i star crying good i feel like a stupid cary baby

No. 422455

This post gave me an aneurysm trying to read it.

No. 422471

My friend says he is gonna kill himself in January. I got really scared and tried to help him in some way. Today he told me he's gone try to be happy and if that doesn't work he's gonna do it but on another date. He told me not to stop him because I'm not that kind of person for him and he doubts I can make him change his mindset. I feel terrible because I'm also suicidal too and I can't do anything to help anyone. I know that eventually it comes down to him but I wish I could help him in a better way. I feel like a bad friend.

No. 422472

i'm also suicidal and what im about to say is probably insensitive but i think that your friend is being an asshole. you shouldnt feel guilty about him killing himself, its not your fault. its his decision. if he truly wants to do it, you cant really stop it. if i was about to commit suicide, i wouldnt do these things to my loved ones either

No. 422484

I am upset over stupid shit. I have a cheap tablet I got for my bday that is supposed to be used for osu! But I use it to draw digitally. I have been extremely careful with it since I can't afford to replace it even though it's like $20. I went to go use it today and the tablet isn't responding to the pen on half the side. I'm not sure what happened but I'm putting it down to the fact I always have bad luck. I sent an email to support but I doubt they'll do anything and just say I must have done something to it. I'm legitimately sad over it.

No. 422496

I suggest Huion tablets which are pretty cheap but reliable. I drop mine on the floor all the time and it still works fine. (H610PRO is the model)

No. 422497

I had such a shit day at work and i I don't know how to deal with it. I work in retail in a really posh area. Its the nicest retail job ive ever had, but today was fucking awful. People were getting very aggressive, swearing, calling me names and accusing me of theft ect and everyone of those situations arose because of coupons??? WHY ARE YOU ACTING LIKE THIS OVER A COUPLE OF FUCKING COUPONS THAT DON'T AMOUNT TO MORE THAN A FEW QUID?!?! you're all fucking loaded. None of this issues were more fault either obviously. I dont control the terms and conditions of the coupons fs. The store isnt equipped to deal with that level of threat either, so i couldnt refuse to serve them. There was no manager. I had to give them what they wanted even tho i shouldn't have done. Now they are all going to keep acting like that because they know it works. I dont get paid enough to deal with that fs. I moved jobs to a nice area to get away from that shit. I working tomorrow as well and i know one of the customers is going to come back for the 3rd day in a row, as she accused me of hiding stock from her??? I obviously fucking didnt. I fucking hate the entitlement.

No. 422498

My sense of smell becomes crazy strong during my period. My neighbour (I live in a flat) is a HEAVY smoker.

I fucking hate this.

No. 422506

File: 1560633034116.jpg (57.63 KB, 540x713, d9a8698b8edad814c37e27d7deb93d…)

Not into husbando stuff but… tfw 3d "submissive" men are still misogynists that care most about themselves and there's no chance of finding a kind hearted submissive guy that wishes he could help you, but is very vulnerable and needs to be protected by you

No. 422508

I should kill myself, but I am selfish and I dont want to die.

No. 422521

I agree, a lot of "submissive" men just want someone to cater to their fetishes without them reciprocating or doing any work. They're entitled and selfish just like normal "dominant" men, just in a different flavor.

I am so extremely lucky I met my boyfriend or I would have thought good men didn't exist. I can still be vulnerable about him too. I've even told him I've had fears about being hurt in a relationship and such, he is the same way, and we're helping each other work through it. While the average "submissive" guy would just whine and complain I'm not being Queen Bitch and giving him JOI and other dumb shit.

No. 422522

I would not say all. I recently met a mega qt submissive boy but he lives too far from me which makes me sad because he is so pretty and sweet.

No. 422525

Ahh why do guys have to pretend to like me or think i'm cool or want to talk just to fuck me. I hate it. I can't trust men because the moment I feel like one is a friend he casually mentions how he is hard or asks me about sex or some shit.

No. 422526

I don't see how distance is a problem, anon. They're in such short supply that it's worth it.

It's depressing. There's no 'kind' of male that cares about us. They're all bratty bitches. At least their teen queen bee level of self-involvement is slightly more tolerable when they're not posturing with the 'dominant' or macho bullshit, but it's still annoying and disappointing. 99.999999999% are only ever submissive in bed, which is not cute. They only play the part of docile little fawns to get off.

No. 422527

Why is it selfish for you to want to live? Are you a pedo or abusive or something?

No. 422529

File: 1560637874437.jpeg (78.79 KB, 741x506, CC53AA4A-CE40-4393-8631-4C86F3…)

Oh hey, welcome to our fucking existence. Christ ugh

No. 422531

I think you probably think there are more guys like that than there are because you've (allegedly) experienced it (and I'll give you that your last few sentences sound conscientious), but I've seen a lot of them also make the claim that they are actually kind and truly submissive, but eventually the mask drops and they're just degenerates with similarly shitty attitudes as 'dominant' men, just maybe with less delusional levels of self-assuredness and ego. Plenty of them seem like maybe they're just 'submissive' because they're outcasts. You're right that society definitely fucks up what could be alright, or even good partners though, for sure. Sad!

No. 422533

I agree with you completely. I'd say the only thing good about "dominant" men is that they're easy to avoid. It's such a huge disappointment when a submissive guy is really just a bottom or a switch. Yuck.

>99.999999999% are only ever submissive in bed

This is always disappointing. I've read online a lot of guys who lose their desire to be submissive when they cum, and then try to manipulate their gfs to put them in chastity, deny/ruin their orgasms, while teasing them all day to make sure they stay "submissive." The focus is still always on their pleasure and not on serving. The woman has to put in all this fucking work to get him to comply with the smallest of requests, while she gets almost nothing out of it. It's such a gross and sleazy way to be and I feel annoyed just thinking about it.

To be a somewhat positive, I am really glad my boyfriend doesn't fit this stereotype at all. He didn't even know he was submissive until we got to know each other very well and I brought it up. He doesn't act it at all. I have really specific tastes and wanted to let him know before we did anything so he could escape and he jokingly said "but serving the person I love sounds like the best thing ever, why would I want to escape?" My heart melted and I knew he was the one for me.

I think maybe, rather than looking for someone who is labels themselves submissive, it might be better to become friends normally, build a relationship from there, and see how people react to your preferences… It doesn't have a 100% success rate but I think there are more guys open to it than we think


I wouldn't doubt this happens, and this kind of ties into what I said above. I think the "undercover" submissive guys end up being better partners in the long run, which makes sense. Guys who label themselves such and proclaim it are more likely to be promiscuous and just in it to get off

No. 422536

I think they are more common than you think but that does not mean common. They are still incredibly rare but not impossible to find. I agree that a lot of them do lie about it and personally, I find the ones who are upfront about it degenerate. Your average "submissive in bed" man seems to have sicker fantasies than your average dominant man. A lot of men will also pretend to be submissive if you're upfront about what kind of guy you are after because men are often manipulative if the end result can lead to sex. I used to catfish a lot as both guys and girls to see what kinds of people would add me and to learn about how different people talk and honestly, I could rant for an hour about how much I hated most men after that. It's almost impossible to find a truly submissive man and as you get older, it becomes increasingly difficult as some leave that lifestyle behind because they don't think they can get a girl that way. The easiest way I know of to find a submissive guy and know he is not lying is to friend someone online, not expose your gender for maybe a week or of talking, and come across as more androgynous as the way you type (but this is a lot of effort and a lot of the time you end up with a normie guy anyways). A lot of the "outcast" types I think end up being more dominant though because of their pent up rage at rejection.

No. 422541

Guys who label themselves such and proclaim it are more likely to be promiscuous and just in it to get off
I agree with that 100%. Submissive men end up being thots a lot, especially the bi ones. The "undercover" thing can be seen in all walks of life anyways. I don't have the source but I recall that a lot of people claim a higher iq than reality and the people who find iq to be bs or report theirs around the average are usually smarter than the people who claim to be above average. Actually, I just remembered a kind of funny story. A girl I was friends with dated a guy who would constantly talk about how dom he was as if it were his entire life. Then one day she finds out he was cheating on her with guys and he was the one bottoming, getting fucked in the ass and sucking dick.

No. 422549

They are rare, I won't lie. You are right, a lot of them end up being manipulative if they think it'll lead to them getting off. It's very hard and time-consuming to vet people and usually not worth it. I was on fetlife for a year (I know, but I didn't know anywhere else to look), and I had probably talked to almost 100 guys online, almost all of them tried to extort nudes and talk overly sexual within a few days. I went on dates with 2 of them who seemed ok online, before I realized they were also promiscuous and gross and didn't get involved with them beyond that. Those numbers crushed me and I almost gave up.

One of them who I thought was decent became my boyfriend for a year, until I learned he was just only sexually submissive and didn't want the same things as me. He would often throw a tantrum when I made a normal decision, like what movie to watch, where to eat, even if I asked his opinion he would get passive aggressive because I didn't always choose what HE wanted. He was also a shitty submissive sexually because whenever I tried to teach him how I liked to be touched or pleased, his ego would get shattered and he would get mad at me. The kicker was at the end of our relationship he told me he wanted to dom guys, despite us both agreeing in the beginning that we value monogamy. God I'm glad I got out of there. You almost turned me gay too, bud.

On the other hand my current boyfriend was my best friend for almost 6 years. Funnily enough we had crushes on each other forever, but I never made a move because I didn't realize we were compatible in that way especially because he was the gruff kind of guy who you would think is sexually dominant. He didn't make a move because he didn't want to make me uncomfortable (he's an angel). It took me 6 years, I can't imagine putting it that kind of commitment if it isn't natural. Makes me wonder how many other guys who don't seem it are actually submissive, but don't even know it, or are hiding it.

You are right, the people who are loud about anything in general are the worst. That is a really crazy story though, people like that are just complete degenerates. I never trust anyone who plays up how dom or sub they are, man or woman. If they make it their sexuality their identity rather than how they prefer their relationship to be, they're likely promiscuous and also batshit insane.

Also I'm glad you guys brought all this up because I've never been able to sperg about how annoying this whole sub guy situation is.

No. 422557

File: 1560642931184.gif (990.99 KB, 500x231, 498585854.gif)

>mom has a meltdown
>freaks out about her brand new phone suddenly "not working"
>she literally just got it a few months ago
>probably just fried it from all the malware and shitty apps she downloaded bc she refuses to learn to take care of her things
>last time I cleaned it for her there was a bunch of retarded shit on it
>she goes to our cell provider
>on our plan because it lowers cost
>find out she stole an upgrade I had so she could get herself a better new phone to royally fuck up
>mfw I've had my phone for three years and the screen is cracked, was literally about to upgrade to newest samsung
She's petty as shit. I hope it busts on her again.

No. 422609

I don't want you to die either. Whatever you've done in the past that's only who you were yesterday. It's not who you'll be tomorrow.

No. 422625

File: 1560680725287.jpg (72.73 KB, 540x538, tumblr_poar5zW6MO1v13rxd_540.j…)

I feel like I'm attracted to codependent, unhealthy relationships, and I can't figure out why. I even seek out media that features things like that because I can relate to the feelings in some of them. I thought it was just an angsty phase that'd pass with my teens, but I'm still like this.
I've walked out of an unhealthy, emotionally damaging relationship, just to walk into another one. This one is better, but I still see some of the signs. I talk a lot about wanting to be "healthy" and "get better", but it seems like I'm just perversely drawn to dysfunction. If I don't think someone is messed up in specific ways, I feel like I'm just an alien to them and a foreigner in their space. I have to keep up pretenses, disguise myself as a normal, well-functioning person and translate all my thoughts or feelings into their language. It gets tiring.
It's like things don't feel complete if both of us aren't at least a little bit crazy. Either we have to get better together, or we have to get worse together. My brain won't let me realistically imagine any other type of scenario. It sucks.

No. 422626

I hate how every fucking time I say something about a person, no one believes me until it is too late and I can just count how many fucking red flags they had to see to understand I was right.
I don't know to whom to turn to right now, because I am extremely bitter by the presence of said person and I can't let it all out because she's in my circle of friends (and even consider me a friend of hers) and I don't want to start drama. No one in said circle knows what happened so everyone is chill and she's acting as nothing happened. I don't want to avoid my friends for this bitterness in my tongue, either. What should I do? I'm too much of a coward to confront her and I hate drama.

No. 422629

File: 1560681879285.jpg (290.56 KB, 745x377, xlmvge4no9x21.jpg)

My boyfriend's so thin and has this perfect, delicate body, while I'm a fucking flabby piece of shit. I'm not even fat weight-wise (less than 120lbs and literally bony in some areas), it's just that my body carries all its weight badly, probably because I was fat as a child and lost weight later on. It's like I was just cursed to be badly built from the start.
At best, I can look like one of those "thicc" IG models, though that's not the aesthetic I want at all. At worst, I look like the fucking slug secretary from Monsters Inc. Kill me.

No. 422633

i have an irl friend who's basically taylor dean and she's annoying the hell out of me. we stopped talking like 3 years ago cause of a lot of drama. a few months ago she saw me again at a party and apologized for her "old" behaviors and i kind of let it go and started talking again, which was a mistake.

a few days ago she kicked up a fuss about my birthday party which she wasn't invited to, but probably saw someone else was. two friends i invited hate her cause of some nasty stuff she said to them, and she thinks that's why she's not invited. it never occurred to her that i don't want her to go. she kept trying to pin it on other people and trying to guilt me about my birthday. i was trying to be nice and told her i was just inviting my close friends and she seemed hurt. but we've only been talking again for like 2 months! i'm really fucking annoyed about the entire situation and it's made it pretty obvious she hasn't changed.

not really needing advice, but i'm probably going to ghost her even though i'm worried she'll be over dramatic.

No. 422645

Then just go lose some weight and stop humble bragging.

No. 422648

Did you read the post? Losing weight hasn't helped, I'm literally 108lbs at the moment. I'd most likely have to go down to like 86lbs and accept all the associated health complications for some semblance of a normal shape. My body just stores fat in a retarded way. It's not humblebragging.

No. 422650

Just work out dude, it's likely you're skinny fat.

Take up walking every day and doing medium-high intensity dancing or weight lifting while eating a good amount of protein, and then boom. You get toned.

No. 422653

At least you have the opportunity to go to the gyno, I've never been because my parents don't see the need and I'm still on their insurance so yea.

No. 422654

Also why the fuck is white male suicide so high, compared to others they have world literally catered to them.

The fact that theirs is so high when people will bent over backwards for them proves that they are a bunch of insecure babies who can't handle a challenge ffs.

No. 422655

After deleting Facebook in September I've finally deleted my twitter and Instagram. I don't have a Snapchat. I'm fucking sick of social media.

No. 422665

My mum is obsessed with my ex boyfriend and won’t accept that I’m in a new relationship and it’s making me so mad. Just because her relationship sucks that doesn’t mean she can be rude about the fact that I’m with someone else now and I left a really shitty relationship. She’s so unsupportive in general and I really hope I can get a job soon so I can save up and move the hell out

No. 422670

maybe because theyre so used to having everyone cater to them that every single small thing makes them fly off the handle

idk tho

No. 422671

I wish it weren't so taboo to cut out shitty parents, particularly shitty mums, as if it's not as beneficial as cutting off shitty friends and shitty partners.

No. 422700

My mom was/is obsessed with my brother's ex-gf even though she cheated on him and broke his heart. He got married to a woman that truly loves him, yet my mom still "mourned" him not being with his ex. I don't get it.

No. 422703

That's cool, how does it feel now? Like a big loss or a relief? I plan on deleting social media as soon as I graduate and only keep fb to talk to friends with the messenger app. Hopefully that will be in a few weeks. Then I'll finally be able to stop using my computer so much since I won't have any assignments to complete anymore and I'll go back to my hobbies like video games and tv shows without feeling guilty about wasting my time when I could be studying on my laptop, while actually browsing twitter and fb too much instead.

No. 422706

after reading the ariana thread, my HIV fears have resurfaced. i was last tested as negative in july but seeing as i’m a sexworker, i’m really worried i’ve gotten it. especially since whilst i use condoms/protection for the most part, i have done bareback and taken risks. recently found out i have chlamydia which can be cured with antibiotics but i’m so nervous about getting a HIV test, even though i have zero of the typical early HIV symptoms. i almost just wanna forego getting tested altogether and worry about it another day. sucks because i’m about one month away from leaving this industry…

No. 422719

nta but getting rid of social media really shouldnt be like planning for a major life event. its really not that big of a deal.

maybe because i grew up when there werent socials but even still i have people my age that see me every now and then that get mad because i dont have a facebook to send them hearts on their posts or reblog their tumblrs. i hate to reference south park but yea, that facebook episode really did have it right. its pointless and nothing but a money grab and data mine for companies and people sacrifice too much for literally nothing.

No. 422727

The only reason why I want to get rid of social media after I graduate is because I might need to use facebook to get important info related to college. I literally made my facebook account just for that and it has been a pain in the ass ever since. Once I had a teacher whose class started on Monday at 8am posting on fb about the class being cancel a few hours earlier, but since I expected him to do his job properly and sen us important messages by emails I woke up at 6am, read my emails before leaving the house and took public transport for almost an hour for nothing.

>maybe because i grew up when there werent socials but even still i have people my age that see me every now and then that get mad because i dont have a facebook

Same for me, I was in highschool at the time and I realise I grew out of friendships with all of my high school friends just because I didn't have a fb account.

>i hate to reference south park but yea, that facebook episode really did have it right.

I haven't watched South Park in a while, I'll check this out when I'll have enough free time.

No. 422729

>Once I had a teacher whose class started on Monday at 8am posting on fb about the class being cancel a few hours earlier

what a shitty teacher lmao. its just amazing how people are so willing to entrust important updates when it could get buried under other stupid shit. that or people who use messenger or private groups and freely give sensitive data away. i have a buddy that only uses facebook to communicate with employees and he will message them company bank info and customers info too over the platform. how fucking retarded.

No. 422731

I feel like dumb and naive.

>Have a friend I've met about a year ago. I'm in my mid-20s while she just entered her 30s.- I was in a new city and hardly knew anybody. We clicked well, have lots of mutual interests and topics to talk about. I'm happy that I'm not lonely.

>First weird thing I notice is whenever we talk to a mutual male colleague/friend, she talks over me and and it feels like she's trying to make herself appear as better than me in everything. When it happened first, I thought she had a crush on the guy and saw me as competition, so I backed out since I had no interest in the guy (neither he has shown interest in me). Make sure she knows that, ask her if she likes him - she vehemently denies it, even starts shittalking him.

>Notice it happens with other mutual male colleagues, friends etc. If both of us are talking to a guy, she tries to lowkey talk me down, while bragging about herself etc, flirts with them but it never goes anywhere etc…

>Some time passes, she applies for a doctorate scholarship in a foreign country. I support her all the way, try to give her courage. She almost gets it, gets rejected in the very last stage but has very good chances to get it if she re-applies next year, since there is not a big competition for it. Again, I comfort her, give her support etc.

>Meanwhile I've been planning to apply for a different scholarship. Told her about it before, she didn't have interest in it. Start planning it more seriously and tell her about my plans - she doesn't support me at all and instead starts talking about how she's thinking about applying and how she has more chances than even though the scholarship is way harder to get and it's not her "dream" scholarship (the one she still has good chances for) either.

>This is the part where I end up being a dumb naive idiot. Basically she constantly brags how much she loves the job she does. Meanwhile there is a job opening for a job in an industry that I'd really like to be part of. Again talk to her about, she says she'd wouldn't really want working there etc. I apply for the job, send my CV, get scheduled for an interview. Tell her about it, she seems chill about it but slowly each day starts asking me - first about which CV template do I use, then how do I prepare for interview and what I'm gonna say, on which day do I have the interview etc. Being the naive idiot, I tell her all about it.

>Lo and behold, one week later she informs me how she applied to the same job because she suddenly realized that it might benefit her. She also managed to schedule the interview one day before me because she's apparently super busy the other days. Can't say shit because hey, it's an open job position and she has every right to apply to it.

I'm dumb as fuck and obviously have some subconscious cuck tendecies because I should've called her out or cut her off sooner.

No. 422732

shes just an asshole. age has nothing to do with it. guaranteed she has acted like that her whole life.

what an awful bitch tho i hope she fucks the interview up.

No. 422737

I get so anxious seeing my dad. We hung out for an hour today and hours later I’m still sick to my stomach from stress. He’s paranoid and explosive, I feel like I’m walking on eggshells around him all the time. He gets along good with my bf but he can’t see women as anymore than walking incubators and I get that he will never care much about my life, but now he’s acting like he wants to be involved in my life? He wants to “help” us with our house and come to our summer vacations too. I was surprised and mildly anxious so I said sure because I felt bad turning him down on Fathers day but the more I think about it the more I am reluctant to have him around during our vacations. How do I work around this? I’d love to improve our relationship but I get so stressed out at the thought of seeing him.

No. 422744

Just being a bitter bitch

I don’t understand how so many people I either know or follow on social media manage to get significant others when they are undesirable as fuck

I am in shape, I take care of my hair and styling, I know how to wear makeup, I dress nice. I am conventionally good looking. I am completely independent and financially secure. I never find anyone interesting enough to want to ask out on dating apps (or if they are interesting they are poly or want kids or smoke or it’s some other dealbreaker). I go to social events and guys don’t talk to me.

Yet these people who leech off parents, are morbidly obese or made ugly by their own carelessness and don’t take care of themselves at all, have no job or will only work part time, have crippling depression or anxiety or both and go into Internet hysterics over it, hate themselves and wallow in self pity… can get a boyfriend or girlfriend, somehow?

What the fuck am I doing wrong

No. 422746

Seems like you just have a huge stick up your ass, who would want to be with someone that only cares about being desirable to others?

No. 422750

I’m guessing you’re one of the things I mentioned. It’s not desirable to be a self-hating lump of misery lmao.

No. 422751


People like her strategically seek out younger company to hang out with because people their own age have figured them out and they can't get away with manipulating or pushing them around anymore.

I am not saying don't be friends with older people but 9/10 times they can't fit in with their own group for a very good reason.

You have learned your lesson now. It only counts as being a cuck if you keep repeating it after knowing better.
Spine develops with age and experience, don't feel bad for somebody else taking advantage of that and being shit. You couldn't have done differently at the point in life you were at and that's literally why she picked you.

No. 422752

File: 1560722107915.gif (993.38 KB, 290x198, 1511735780862.gif)

Maybe it's your personality

No. 422753

you will die alone lmao

No. 422757

It's really easy to get a guy tbh. Idk how great they'll be but you girls that are like "why can't I find a guy but ugly fat loser women can?!?!?" sound retarded. You also sound like you have no standards if you're complaining about the fact that fat neet girls have bfs. Usually their bfs aren't great and their relationships are dysfunctional anyways. Tbh I have no idea how anyone complains about not having a bf. The thing to complain about is not having a quality bf. Idk what's wrong with you but it must be something major if you can't find ANY guy that wants to get with you.

No. 422763

This. You must have the most vile personality for NO man want you.

No. 422771

Yeah I get asked out all the time by neckbeards and guys with shitty ulterior motives like just wanting to fuck me or if they need a partner with a car and money.

Doesn't mean I want them. I want a quality boyfriend, and that's way harder to come by.

No. 422773

Tbh, I don't quite believe you now, because your entire post was a rant about how fat neet girls have bfs, as if their bfs aren't neckbeards or general undesirables, but allegedly you get asked out all of the time? Plus, not once in your post did you mention the fact that quality men are in short supply – you just don't want lazy fatties to have companions at all, apparently.

Like, unless they're quality men that are with unkempt neet girls, I don't understand why you'd even be bitter. Besides, being ugly and unaccomplished or whatever doesn't mean you don't deserve a romantic or sexual life.

No. 422806

The fact that you're whining about fat/ugly girls having boyfriends is an indicator that you have a garbage personality and that's why "quality" men don't want you. Envy is ugly, sis.

No. 422811

This is a really dumb vent but I've been really sad today thinking about how my boyfriend and his family don't really like bread, which is my favourite thing to bake. I bake different types of bread at least twice a week, I've learned lots of recipes (including some from their own culture), I give my boyfriend bread to eat for breakfast at work every day, and bring his parents some bread every time we visit them. I try really hard to find recipes they might like, but they're always pretty underwhelmed. But whenever I make cookies or cakes (which I don't enjoy making) they say it's "the best thing I ever made", even though I'm not nearly as skilled at making those as I am at making bread.

I feel like an idiot for being so upset over this, I know it's petty and inconsequential. I just wish someone would love eating my bread as much as I love making it.

No. 422812

Maybe you're just not a person people like to hang out with?
I was a pretty big loser when I found my bf while he had a job and most of his shit figured out, but it made up for it by being good company and looking as nice as I could.

No. 422815

That's shitty and they obviously have bad taste. I will eat and appreciate your bread, anon. I'm not gay but I'm willing to make an exception for an endless supply of artisanal bread. Let me be the boy you and your bread deserve.

No. 422820

Who the fuck doesn’t like bread

No. 422834

I've been taking antipsychotics for a long time, since I was a child. I never really had a stable diagnosis but recently I've been diagnosed with schizoid which makes sense and my doctor put me off my antipsychotics because she said she thinks I don't actually need them but I have started to experience auditory hallucinations and I don't recall ever experiencing hallucinations before. And I don't understand why she put me off antipsychotics.

No. 422838

I'm not the OP, I was agreeing with anon's point about quality men lol.

No. 422844

wtf i got so drunk yesterday im so hung over and i want to end me. didnt do anything embarrassing just cooked ravioli, cleaned and read but why did i have to involve alcohol??

No. 422847

My reply is a few days late, but I hope you'll find someone who respects your decision to not want kids/also doesn't want kids. I don't want kids either, and it's personally a very big dealbreaker whether I'll get with someone or even stay with someone or not in the long haul depending if they want kids or not. I don't think you should think that you should ever just "suck it up" and have kids because your partner does. If they won't suck it up and not have kids for you, then you shouldn't go through the process of pregnancy and childrearing for them.

No. 422853

Are you saying a store can't refuse service and call the police on an aggressive customer in the UK?

No. 422858

Were you bored? Trying to escape some thoughts? Imho getting drunk occasionally isn’t that bad if you’re not partying or anything, since it seemed like you minded yourself but I can definitely understand that post hangover feeling.

No. 422859

Could you sell them or give them away to impoverished people in your area? I’m sorry anon, if I was your boy I’d definitely be hunkering down two loaves a day. If there’s any specific flavor he likes, maybe try making bread that features those flavors if they’re not too hard to make?

No. 422871

File: 1560786377641.png (444.85 KB, 467x463, Wii-orangejuice.png)

Context: Me and a close friend have (or had, now) mutual feelings for each other for a while, but both agree to not make it "official" until we sort out some stuff in our lives, which would take a while. I guess we had a honeymoon phase for a few months, but the talking slowed since we got busy with other stuff.

It wasn't until recently that I found out that not only did he have a fuck buddy, but she moved in with him after only a month of dating. So now I barely slept because I was super upset of having my trust with him shattered. He was very supportive person and even offered to pay for some stuff that I needed.

From a mutual friend, his then explanation for getting a fuck-buddy? "Well, it seems like like she was losing interest, sooooo…." In the past, he would tell me his worries if I was losing interest in him, and I always reassured him that my feelings for him hasn't wavered, but he knows I'm a generally quiet person.

I guess I've been "too slow" for him to finish getting my shit sorted, so he dumped all what we had built up to get his dick wet. Thanks. Very nice. It's appreciated.

No. 422877

Fuck that guy anon. I hope you'll move on to greener pastures and find a man who is dedicated to you.

No. 422878

unfortunately he can. either parent can take the baby if there is a break up happening.

No. 422880

you pissed off a lot of insecure people but you're probably just intimidating to guys. or you're being too picky about the ones who DO approach you.

No. 422881

A stupid fucking silent spam number keeps calling. We get very few calls at my office, and it wasn't until the 5th time they called (they called about once an hour) that I went back to check the caller ID and saw it was all the same number (because 1 to 2 different silent calls isn't unusual, but 5?). I don't think I can block calls on this stupid office phone. I fucking hate this. I feel like it's bad karma because a telemarketer was being aggressive and rude to me so I hung up on him lol.

No. 422883

Getting a bit tired of seeing shitposts over Nessa from Pokemon's ethnicity. Like, people arguing over whether she's black/tanned/indian or whatever. Then you get the posts saying that dark skin's only nice with white features and it all a bit gross.

Why do people care so much about this stuff?

No. 422897

I feel this. I have to deal with a land line that has had its number compromised several times. Long story. I field at least 4-6 spam, robocall, or phishing scheme every day. During election season it can get up to almost 20 a day. When I move out I'm going to break my fucking phone in half.

No. 422900

because racism will never be abolished

No. 422909

>racism will never be abolished
you're right about that

No. 422910

why do some people on here (or any similar forum really) refuse to admit that a cow can be attractive or have a single good quality

like…if something isn't gossip-worthy just don't talk about it? no need to make things up

No. 422918

its easier for farmers to not feel guilty about what they do if they just canonize all the cows as hideous evil monsters. SOME of the cows are those things, but a large majority aren't.

No. 422919

White features to them mean anything symmetrical and small, lol. I've seen plenty black women with small and narrow features even if they use that retarded argument of WhIte FeAtuRes what are they gonna do, pretend black women with those faces and that skin color doesn't exist?
the funny part is Pokemon has no history of making Indian or any South Asian character at all (as with most Japanese creators) but have had obviously AA (not African, but AA) characters..

No. 422931

It's not a hill worth dying on imo. I think most cows have a few attractive or redeemable traits but despite that most farmers are absolutely going to shit on them because of the bullshit they pull. It's just not worth the potential argument, it's something everyone who's not deluded knows deep down, anyway…

No. 422934

This. I hate how they also unironically believe any semi-attractive black person must be part-white or mixed or whatever, or when they claim that you can't be full black if your skin isn't super-dark or if your hair is longer. I've been asked if I'm mixed before for those reasons (not to humble-brag), and it's just so fucking backhanded.
African people are one of the most genetically diverse groups on the planet. Racists can die mad about it.

No. 422954

McDonald's worldwide favorites menu reminded me of when I lived in Japan and they were selling the red bean pies. I'm so fucking pissed at myself thinking about it because I was in the midst of dealing with a lot of body image issues/started to heavily restrict my food intake and only let myself have it once, and it was so fucking delicious and great, I'm so mad I couldn't have it at least another time before they got rid of it. Not even fattychan, just really fucked hated myself at the time.

I really want to try the stroopwaffle mcfluffy ugh

No. 422959

even if you were a fattychan its okay to treat yourself to tasty food sometimes anon.

i tried the stroopwaffle mcflurry today and its delicious, and i don't even like ice cream at all. it's worth it.

No. 422970

Good to hear! I'm going to try and get it today after work…

I've definitely learned to let myself enjoy food again without guilty of every tiny thing I put in my mouth (hell, I would scold myself for eating a tiny package of saltines with a sliver of peanut butter on it because I was so starved from restricting all day). I guess the only good thing that came out of it is that I'm mindful of roughly how many calories I'm eating (especially treats that are like 1k calories in a single serving lol), but it sucks that I let myself miss out on so many good foods because I was being a dumbass at the time.

No. 422971

lol FUCK. An ad just popped up for me that ubereats is delivering mcdonalds for free until 6/23 so I'm definitely getting that mcfluffy no matter what.

No. 422980

I sent my 100 pages long assignment to my professors and my college and now I just realized I forgot to edit some things. I'm a dumbass. That'll teach me being a lazy bitch. My oral exam is in less than two weeks and I literally have no idea what to do because we're only given instructions about what we should NOT do during our presentations so I'm also going to half-ass it. I'm having nightmares and I'm feeling physically sick from stress because of this shit.

No. 422983

It's so hard to date gay women and even harder to get laid. I hate to say it out loud but the pool is incredibly small and they're either fullblown boring normies or into women only for the aesthetic and/or riddled with mental disorders. Where the fuck are all the weeb lesbians and bisexuals who aren't trannies or gender snowflakes? I wish I didn't have so much internalized homophobia when I was younger and got to date more.

No. 422987

1. Girls who are depressed, anxious, obese, not independent etc. are an easy lay to men. 2. These same girls make insecure men feel more masculine for having someone depend on them so much. I've seen this happen so many times and this is what it boils down to. You wouldn't want the men these girls are dating, they're always the bottom feeders and threatened by a woman succeeding them in whatever field.

Case in point, I have a guy friend who only seems to date low IQ girls with depression and zero life management skills because he very blatantly enjoys being the more intelligent and successful one in the relationship. Other men have a savior complex and constantly want to feel like they're needed, and other men just simply couldn't get anything better. Women who don't have crippling issues know their worth and that's why they prefer to stay single or wait for a more suitable partner.

No. 422996

*some but not all cases
Don't you think it's a little harsh to say any woman with depression, anxiety, or who has a weight problem is dating a covert scumbag? Yeesh.

No. 423013

This pride shit is getting too nuts and obnoxious. Like, the very obvious commercialization/cash grab is shit, sure, but worse than that is the corny-ass virtue signalling and turning it into a hobby. It's already bad enough not on pride month, but this is the worst I've ever seen the gay obsession. This month, this year, is especially unbearable. The weird obsession women, specifically, have with it is so awkward and embarrassing.

No. 423016

File: 1560813257365.jpg (655.07 KB, 800x943, 979df18a3b1dafd5a1661fb758ea05…)

I started a tiny little business, mostly for my own enjoyment as it's an activity I love. For the first 2 days, I had no success with it at all. I compared it to my boyfriend's struggle with his own business, saying we were in the same boat. (This was later a huge mistake)
Suddenly, I got a client. It was a tiny, tiny success, but a success nonetheless. I happily told my boyfriend the success I had and even showed him what I did for the client.
He said he was happy for me, but I could tell he was upset. He said he was a failure, his business was a failure. He basically turned my happy success into a nightmare about how much of a failure he is.
I started feeling like shit but I reassured him over and over that he's not a failure at all.
He then gets angry at me, says I don't care about his feelings, that I make everything about myself, etc. He switched between blaming me and blaming himself and in the end just seemed to blame me entirely.
We resolved it by the end of last night. I told him I would continue to share my success with him.
But… I'm scared. I feel like he's unpredictable in how he'll react to things. If my business booms and his shit is still at rock bottom, I'm afraid he'd grow terribly jealous. If I say one little thing wrong, he blows up at me.
I love this man to death, but I've posted about him at least 4 times at this point. It feels like our relationship is a mess and it's all my fault.
It feels like it's all my fault for having a tiny sliver of success.
Even though we made up, it still bothers me. I can't vocalize this to him because he'll just get upset at me again. He even told me today that it feels like we're growing distant.
I love this man, but I hate my life.
I don't know what to do anymore.

No. 423019

Uhhh dump him? He got upset over you getting One customer, Your first customer? He sounds like a psychotic man baby who needs to quit whatever it is he’s doing because yeah it seems like a failure.

No. 423021

Kinda hoping the pendulum swings away from the fanaticism and goes back towards an everyday acceptance type of thing. It seems very outlandish this time around.

No. 423022

The way he suddenly snapped at you sounds like he might have BPD. Tread with caution. Some of them are capable of love but they don't know how to handle their emotions. If someone is making you hate your life it might be time to let go. Out of curiosity, what were the other things you posted about him?

No. 423023

He sounds incredibly insecure and pressed, and by the way it's not your fault that you got a customer and he didn't.
If you really want to stay with him then I'd suggest keeping your success under wraps, and not that it needs saying but just in case: Never join your incomes and keep them separated. If his ego is bruised by your first customer then I can't imagine how injured he'd become if he found out you were more financially viable as well.

No. 423025

I know, seriously, it really does. I've never seen pride month like this. This is the most obnoxious it has ever been and I honestly think these levels are going to cause people to be less sympathetic. I understand being prideful, but this is clearly a hobby for some people, and to the point where it just is embarrassing for everyone.

No. 423026

She isn't talking about those girls but the type of guys they tend to atract, learn to read. Obviously not all of them want to date a scumbag, but a lot of scumbags would prey on them that's for sure.

No. 423027

Yeah I don't agree with "always", but it's generally true. And like, look at how terrible the men who go for certain cows generally are. It's actually sad and not at all enviable. Some cows have decent men, but many don't.

No. 423030

I've spent the last month or so spontaneously crying for no reason. I'll just be sitting down, watching something or browsing the web, and bam, tears. My only real friend right now is my boyfriend and while supportive, I'm pretty sure he's getting tired of my shit. How to stop crying like I'm five years old?

No. 423036

dude, run, this is some Single White Female shit. watch that and Perfect Blue/look at some of the skinwalking threads on here if you aren't scared enough.
tell her she needs therapy and bounce girl.

No. 423037

>she isn't talking about those girls
What do you think is implied exactly when someone says depressed, anxious, etc. girls are "easy lays" for men?

No. 423057

I hate that I unironically feel like I shouldn't have been born in this generation, I hate that it makes me sound like a le wrong generation fag, and truth be told I probably am, but I've been feeling this way since as young as I could remember back to when I was 2 or 3, and unironically feel dysphoric about it at many times. I'm basically a trans-boomer with how retarded I am about this, kek, but it's so autistic but I can't help it.

I don't really feel comfortable with the music, subcultures, and how people are getting more increasingly antisocial, weirder, and dependent on technology the more as years go by, and tbh the 21st century made a lot of strides but it seems to lack something (imo) the mid-late 20th century had. Now don't get me wrong I'd rather live in 2019 than 1930 but god if I could be like in the mid-late 70s or early 80s at my current age and be on my way out right now I'd take it in a heart beat.

No. 423060

you're retarded, and even more retarded if you think that people who are that age didn't have to deal with the same ebb and flow of societal norms. not digesting trends now means that you never would have been able to do so.

No. 423063

Nah, the advancement of technology during and after the 90's definitely changed a lot about current society as we know in for the 2000's and 2010's, and there's been a lot of studies put out about how it's drastically affected the modern human's way of communication and adapting to society, ffs, many complaints on lolcow and increasingly all over the internet and about it, are about pornsickness, weebs, ect, come from the fact technology and the internet is an increasingly prevalent part of our lives.

I also never stated that they didn't have to deal with the ebb and flow (though it wasn't the 'same'), so idk where you got that from

No. 423064

Dude you could say the same thing about the industrial revolution, or after any of the major wars. Take a history course.

No. 423066

That's why I explicitly said mid-late 20th century 'dude'. Why do you also assume I don't know shit about history, because of my opinion?

No. 423073

stop acting like a psychotic cunt and take your meds.

i feel you, anon.

No. 423074

It's probably that same male who's been trolling lolcow for a minute now

No. 423084

I've avoided sickness this winter and now its suddenly all hit me at once. I have a bad head cold, yellow snot, sore throat, pounding head, nausea etc. I also got my period at the same time (which I had not got in ages), my vagina/vulva fucking hurts. It's so god damn itchy, I gave in and scratched it now it stings like a motherfucker when I piss. The lower part like near the butt has been irritated for a while and I don't know why. I don't have sex, I don't use toys, I don't do anything to hurt her. I don't wanna take these antibiotics I got for my cold cos there gonna make whatever going on down there worse. My snot before I got this cold has been black. I don't live In a polluted air area so the only other explanation is lung cancer according to google. Yay. I wonder if my body is breaking down a bit form the constant abuse I put it through. Eating under 200cal Mon-Fri then drinking 15 beers, whatever drugs I get and eating till my stomach is very painful and stretched out. Damn, a bitch really lives like this..

No. 423100

how the fuck is >>423060 psychotic? anon wants to have been a housewife in the 30s.

No. 423104

My god- what? Why are there so many trolls on lolcow who purposely refuse to read posts just to start shit? I didn't say anything about 1930's or housewife but yet here you are projecting that nonsense.. the fuck.

No. 423105

Samefag I actually did said something about the 1930's but it was "I'd rather live in 2019 than 1930">>423057
which made your comment and the other anon's sperging because they also probably half assed read my comment more retarded.

No. 423139

i hate grieving. it just feels like it’s going to go on forever and there’s no conclusion to reach because your loved one is already dead and that’s like the most final thing the universe could ever possibly show you. i keep doing all kinds of weird shit just trying to distract myself because if i dont i might lose my mind and stop breathing myself. i mean i know i’ll be okay in time but fuck. i wish there was a fast forward. i kept saying i wish they were here but that’s not possible and they’re somewhere else now, if such a thing is even possible. nobody even knows. dying fucking sucks and i hate it. i hate it.

No. 423153

File: 1560852327037.gif (2.81 MB, 268x326, 16c71eec-37a3-4b8f-bc2e-056046…)

I want to enjoy some Cyberpunk fanart, gifs etc but the subreddit is full of dudebros and tumblr has the offended trans people.

I can't win.

No. 423154

i didn't know anything about cyberpunk 2077 but i really like cyberpunk as an art and photography style so i was going to check it out, then i saw all the offended troons and stuff but i didn't understand what was going on. why are they offended?

No. 423155

File: 1560853381808.jpg (38.88 KB, 580x334, cyberpunk-2077-trans-ad-580x33…)

Some people were upset as soon as they saw the white male protag but they got really offended by pic related, since they interpret it as making fun of trans women. I don't get it because non-binary people love talking about being "gender punks" and mixing gender up, but apparently in this poster, it's transphobic.

No. 423157

That + it's "racist" that there's a black gang calling themselves voodoo something… while the writer/creator(?) is a black man himself.

No. 423158

lmao whats so insulting about this? they complain about the lack of trans representation in media then they nitpick any kind of representation that exists. nobody does it perfect enough for them. if i was a creator i would just include lgb characters, who gives a fuck about the whiny and catty t.

No. 423164

Somehow a trans woman with an obvious dick bulge is offensive. I don't get it either.

No. 423167

Something that annoys me is that they're assuming the person in the poster is a trans woman. It could be a man who likes dressing feminine, it could be an intersex person, it could be someone who is non-binary. Not very "inclusive" or "progressive" of them. Also women are sexualised in advertisements all the time and they only have a problem with it now that a trans woman's body is being used to advertise something? Doesn't feel nice, does it? Fuck people who are "offended" by this, I'm glad they're upset.

No. 423180

Isn't the main theme of cyberpunk in general transhumanism? People are really fucking missing the point.

No. 423196

File: 1560864381282.jpg (121.02 KB, 800x617, flowers14.jpg)

>friend is having a Victorian themed tea party for her 29th bday
>look on etsy to see what I can find
>beautiful tea dress that looks like it wouldn't be too too hot for summer
>but it's $2.5k
>doesn't even include the crinoline
>I'd have to make a custom hat for it too
>and find matching jewelry
>plus buy time approprtiate shoes
>also mfw everyone is probably going to roll up in cheap crap anyway
The construction on it is gorgeous though. The price is well deserved, even the fabric choice is so deliberate. I've always wanted to look like the rich women from the paintings, it's so elegant.
Being a poor with no room to spend frivolously on clothes is upsetting sometimes.

No. 423198

It's because you can never fucking please these people. Just look at what happens when you draw a black character. They'll get upset if you don't draw it like a racist caricature but they'll also get upset if you do.

No. 423200

>in the process of moving out to escape my psychotic mother
>her outbursts are so bad and unpredictable I can't stay anymore
>it's been really sad and exhausting because it was spur of the moment
>been arranging and moving stuff to storage by myself
>tell my friend about it and how I don't really have a plan
>"You can stay with me next weekend anon, after all I'm hosting a dinner and you can help me prep lololol"
Do people lack subtlety anymore?
I actually did help this friend out by letting her stay with me for over a month when she hit a rough patch with her husband. I definitely never asked her to cook.
Maybe she didn't mean anything by it but I feel like it's ambiguously backhanded. I can't put my finger on it.
Maybe because I already feel like I'd do the right thing and help out in some way in exchange, but her saying it in advance feels more like an assigned or expected thing from someone in crisis? Idk.

No. 423201

>Just look at what happens when you draw a black character. They'll get upset if you don't draw it like a racist caricature but they'll also get upset if you do.
Ironically, I've only ever seen most of this discourse come from non-black "allies" who assume we want characters to look as stereotypical as possible, or racists who insist all non-stereotypical features are automatically white.

No. 423204

>her saying it in advance feels more like an assigned or expected thing from someone in crisis
That's exactly what it is.

No. 423205

I was walking down to the grocery store completely immersed in my thoughts when, all of a sudden, I felt a huge slap on my ass. I was completely startled and then I felt another strong slap few seconds later on the same spot.

It turned out to be some cyclists who thought they were funny. I felt completely humiliated. But what made it worse is that the group of cyclists, there were like ten of them maybe, found it hilarious and started laughing and even tried to do the same so I went as farther as I could from the curb into the bushes.

I wasn't dressed provocatively, not that it would excuse their behavior, and I was just minding my own business, why did they do that? I felt like crying, I felt impotent rage. It happened yesterday and they probably forgot about it while I still feel like shit, I feel like a can you kick on the road for amusement, a pushover. It took me back to not so distant high school days when I was bullied. I feel worthless and it's stupid that I feel like it over something so not important but I do.

No. 423206

File: 1560866292989.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1226x1690, 7C6E2C30-4825-4FE3-A0B8-EA1F47…)

First it would ruin YouTube videos and now it haunts me on Instagram, will this ad ever stop being a shit stain on my life

No. 423208

Never seen this but damn they made her eyes look tiny for her face.

No. 423209

>gang of ass-slapping cyclists
What the literal hell?

No. 423213

I'm sorry this happened to you, anon. The way you're feeling is normal, I know that this is my exact reaction to this sort of stuff, at least. It's disgusting that an entire group of men could think this is okay, and it makes them utter trash. It doesn't say anything about your worth, only theirs.

No. 423220

I'm sorry but I find this scenario really retarded because a GROUP of cyclists wouldn't just be all cruising down the sidewalk. They'd be in the shoulder of the road or bicycle lane surely. Which would mean they would ALL have to lean in very close to the sidewalk and endanger themselves just to slap anon's ass

No. 423223

Thanks anon. I know that their actions speak about them and not me yet it doesn't stop me from feeling like shit. Their laughter is etched into my memory. I hate that I didn't do anything. I wish that I even showed them a middle finger or cursed at them. Instead I just cowered.

I wish I was making it up. You don't have to believe me. I'm just venting here.

But to add, they had all the road for themselves and there was no one else at that moment in vicinity. Where I live is like a semi rural area and there's a makeshift(?) sidewalk where people usually go but it's not really a proper one. Whatever.

No. 423228

File: 1560868613928.jpg (12.66 KB, 200x255, 2018_NYR_16084_0065_000(john_s…)

Rant about bf's parents. We live about 2 hours away in our own place and usually spend time with his parents on the weekends. His parents are both blue-collar, in their mid fifties, nice people but definitely have some issues. When I first moved in with my bf 2 years ago, his parents had just started drinking again after being completely abstinent from alcohol for 5 years. Since they started, it's been a slow crawl to alcohol misuse and abuse. About 7 months ago, his mom fell in the shower while drunk and trying to clean the walls. She was standing on top of a cooler and slipped, breaking her arm. Then she got opioids and started mixing alcohol and painkillers. Her husband was away for work so my bf and I had to take care of her. I felt very uncomfortable knowing she was mixing painkillers and alcohol but felt it wasn't my place to say anything, so I encouraged my bf to but he wouldn't.

Anyway, the parents stopped drinking for a month but now they are in full force again. Last night they called us at 9pm screaming, fighting, crying, and apparently, very drunk. According to my bf's sister, their mother has gotten so drunk recently that she passed out and pissed herself. I am taking them on a trip later this summer to see my family and I am really concerned that they are going to act out. My family is very uptight and it was uncomfortable for me to even ask to bring them with me when we visit. It's putting me in a bad position because I don't want to overstep my boundaries or offend anyone, but I absolutely cannot stand chaos or dysfunction.

I also know it is hard for my bf, so I am trying not to nag him over it. I saw my mom VERY briefly hit a rough spot, and it was absolutely horrible. He says he "doesn't care" because it's their own choice to drink but I can tell it affects him.

I just don't know what to do.

No. 423230

where are all the mid-20s butch lesbians? tinder is just 30+ butches and 20 yo transmen/enbies.

the older butches are cool and all, but total normies. are all the butches who aren't normie just trans now????

No. 423238

You should have thrown rock into the spokes.

No. 423241

I haven't moved on from 2012 and it's hard to let go.

No. 423244

trans ideology working hard to subdue homosexuality which results in young lesbians accepting their internalized homophobia so they opt to being "heterosexual men" instead.

No. 423245

The more things change, the more they stay the same…

No. 423250


Could you post a pic ? I love Victorian dresses.
Live your dream, anon. Be an elegant lady having a tea party. That sounds amazing.

No. 423255

Please tell me if you ever find out. I've come to accept that I'm probably just a full on lesbian (instead of bisexual like I've always thought) and butch lesbians are definitely my type but it sucks that I can't just explore more relationships with women more without running into fucking enbies everywhere and then complicating a relationship more than it should (e.g. dating them while being explicit that my interest is only in women brings up so many fucking gender issues that I just don't want to fucking deal with).

I'm debating whether to redownload her/tinder because I just want a cute gf so much, but I'm also unfortunately picky and feel like dating apps are 99% crazies and it's not worth the effort.

No. 423256

I feel like there were a shitload of gnc girls my age until like 2014, I went into a deep depressive hole for 5 years, and now I'm out and they all disappeared?

I don't get it. gnc girls used to be so proud about being girls despite being gnc. I always loved that about them. how did they give in so easily?

No. 423263

It's easier to ignore people telling you how to live your life when they're you're enemy (conservatives telling you to act like a proper girl) but harder when it's your friends (other left leaning people telling you you must be a boy).

No. 423274

Gnc girls back in the days had terminal not-like-other-girl autism tho so it makes perfect sense they’re all gender special now

No. 423285

I hate it when I'm trying to find some good dubcon/rape fics for rival or hero/villain pairs and somehow people want to turn that shit into fluffy, consensual vanilla sex. Fuck. They're rivals/enemies for christ sake.

Funnily enough, I only enjoy vanilla sex irl lol.

No. 423318

anon i believe you and i’m sorry people are such cunts. i’m a cyclist myself but i ride solo because all the cycling groups in my city are dominated by young guys with massive entitlement complexes. honestly they’re the same as car obsessed douches, always one upping each other about new gear and mods, it’s like some kind of pathetic locker room dick measuring competition instead of what it’s supposed to be: just a fucking sport.

i hope they all wipe the fuck out and get dirt in their dickholes.

No. 423328

agreed, cyclist dudes are the fucking worst. pretentious behind belief.

No. 423355

I hate everything.
My stupid fucking upstairs neighbor is either a child running around or a goddamn retard. Either way, I banged on the wall because I'm pissed my best friends cancer is back and they will die. And I don't want to hear this fucking heavy foot ass bitch above me. I hate it here. Yet somehow I feel slightly bad for banging on the wall. It worked immediately. Theyre still heavy foot but they ain't doing laps or whatever. I just want some fucking peace for one moment. I want to get out of here.

No. 423370

Another anon said they gave their dog pumpkin puree when they were constipated, so I bought some for my dog since she hasn't been pooping regularly. I mixed in HALF A TEASPOON into her food and she sniffed it, looked at me, and walked away. I'm so mad I just want you to fucking poop so you don't explode!!

Also my eczema has been going crazy. It's the worse its been in over 10 years and it's driving me insane.

No. 423375

I'm so sorry for you anon. I know it doesn't mean much on here but I hope you'll make it out of there.

No. 423384

File: 1560905235933.gif (906.9 KB, 440x248, tumblr_pkotosXtVy1ukoi7g_500.g…)

I'm tired of hearing about gay men. If you go to YouTube there's like 10 new big ole gay men coming out like it's supposed to be a surprise even though they've looked like an absolute faggot for years already. Dan from Dan and Phil always looked like a ladyboy and of course the effeminate Asian guy from the Try Hards is gay. Now he's made 3 videos about how GAY he is. It wouldn't bother me so much if 99% of gay men weren't misogynistic. I'm tired of hearing how sex crazed and degenerate they are. I'm tired of seeing James Charles' fat baboon anus lips popping up as soon as I open the YouTube app. Why are gay men, men in drag, and trannies fucking everywhere?

No. 423387

File: 1560905601118.png (245.71 KB, 1129x558, a8758dc7-445c-4f01-baee-31ded1…)

came back to uni country after visiting family for a month, now I feel empty again and miss my kitty sleeping by my feet. this foreign education better be worth something in the end. i don't hate it here at all, rather i hate international travel, really makes me realise how detached from everything and alone I am and how I could get lost and fuck everything up so easily.

but mostly I just miss my sweet kitty making his weird sleepy noises and sensing he's just there.

No. 423392

Fuck everything I'm so pissed off. I've been assaulted and in abusive relationships so many times, after therapy and feeling frustrated with how widespread sexual violence is, I went to a rape crisis center to volunteer on their crisis line. Go through training, learn all about rape myths, then go and have empowering conversations with fellow survivors.

Get raped again. Go to the hospital and the nurse doubts how serious I am (I was pretty confused about what had happened, still in shock) so I end up not getting a rape kit.

Year later, get raped again. Go to the hospital and DEMAND a rape kit (evidence kit, whatever), get it (fucking awful btw), and then go to the police full aware they'll probably be shitty.

My investigator tells me it's my fault, I should have fought back, I did x y and z wrong, it's he said she said, she would have done things differently if she were in my position jesus fuuuucking christ. So now I've complained to a police review board and am waiting on that.

Moved to a location where funding was actually going towards sexual assault survivors. Arrive in town and it's a one year waiting list to see a counsellor fuck sakes.

Found services for recent cases and see a social worker. Of course she's telling me that nothing is unique about my case. I know this is to make me feel less lonely and ashamed but when I ask her how I can get justice, she tells me it's a matter of keeping the conversation regarding sexual violence going.

Fuck everything, I'm tempted to make a youtube channel for survivors. What to do immediately after assault, short and long term effects of assault, challenging rape myths, maybe documenting my experiences with ptsd. I was so tempted to turn on the camera right after being assaulted because I'm so tempted to document all of the bullshit that a survivor has to go through, I want to fucking scream from the rooftops and tear the justice system a new asshole.

I want that investigator's job.

"Keeping the conversation going" is not the justice I want, but it's likely all I'll ever get.

That I'm not alone in this is no comfort. I wish I could start a protest where everyone with a kit collecting dust goes to their local police station and pesters them for info about their case. Or every survivor goes to report on one day lol I know it's not realistic, not everyone is safe enough to report (and secondary victimization by the people supposed to protect you is no joke) but part of me wants the justice system to just be so fucking overloaded by people demanding something gets done that (gasp) something gets fucking done.


No. 423394

I am so sorry you had to go through all that, I can't imagine how painful and humiliating it would be to have an investigator tell you that shit. If it's any consolation I think a lot of people would watch a channel like that. You'd just have to be vigilant for scrotes in the comments. You're obviously a very strong woman and you should be proud of that.

No. 423398

Aw shit Dan Howell is gay? I thought he was just stuck in the late 2000s. Imagine if the gay is awakened by the amount of fanfic he’s made to consume.
But yeah Amen, the gay men worship thing we have going on is the worst. Is there a term for being gay men-phobic? I swear to god they got it in their heads that being gay gives them a pass to be more insufferable than straight men.

No. 423400

Woah, sorry to hear about your horrible experience anon.
>I want that investigator's job
Is it just me or are there a lot of incompetent people in important positions of power these days? It seems like a lot of Gen Xers are like that in particular, as if these people just wandered in or got grandfathered into these positions and have no idea how the fuck to handle them.
Not that it's related to rape, but I met the corporate coordinator for my company and she's a retarded bitch with no education and no idea how to organize. How the fuck?

No. 423402

Gen-Xers are just boomer-lites. They never had to work as hard as a millenial or gen-Zer does just to survive and they're about as out of touch as most boomers, too.

No. 423403

i'm into fandom stuff and the gay male worship is fucking everywhere. it's gotten really tiring at this point. you can't say anything to these people because they'll jump at you for ~~being a homophobe~~ if you say anything negative about gay men.

No. 423418

im fucking tired of gay man and tranny woman worship in general like even when they "hate" straight guys they still find a way to worship men it 's hilarious

No. 423437

WHY is it so normal to be violent and degrading to women in porn? This makes me wish I had a femdom kink. Can I force myself to be into it?

No. 423451

File: 1560919987533.png (19.14 KB, 747x113, sellout whore.png)

Always trying to get male attention no matter what, even if by doing so they're degrading themselves or throwing their fellow women under the fucking bus. I feel like beating the shit out of them every time I read shit like pic related. Get some fucking self esteem for God's sake.

No. 423457

So your response to a woman devaluing other women is to beat her..? That’s not a misogynistic thought process at all anon, and also most definitely not in the slightest ironic.

No. 423461

I googled the comment to try and find the video it's on and I found it repeated all over weird virus sites, I think this is like a canned spambot post they know will get high engagement or something.

No. 423464

This woman does want to be beaten, though. Just not by me.

Here it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKkmKq5PcAI
Really do hope it's a canned response, because I want to believe there aren't women retarded enough to say something like this.

No. 423467

>by the time we're done they want to kill themselves
Now this is pinkpill praxis.

No. 423468

I wish I could just turn my emotions off. I invest way too much of myself into relationships and friendships and try to always be there for the person, make sure they're ok, comfort them, make them feel better, etc. yet they NEVER seem to do the same with me. I'm so sick of it. And I know I should just drop them since they obviously don't care about me since they leave me on read and don't even try to reciprocate half as much. I don't even expect them to respond or act just like me or anything, but it would be nice if they just checked in on me sometimes or apologized to me or whatever.

It just gets exhausting trying to be there for friends when they're in a bad place mentally and when I come to them about my troubles they evidently don't give a shit. And I know I keep forgiving them and explaining it away even though it really hurts me, but I can't seem to rid myself of the cycle because I feel bad and guilty at the thought of losing a friend.

No. 423470

also: how the fuck do I stop apologizing for things, even things that aren't my fault and I don't need to apologize for?

No. 423471

A lot of the time its nepotism, there is no illusion of a meritocracy anymore and jobs/property are now all inherited. Working hard and being a good employee just isn't enough when you've got a son or nephew you'd like to turn over the company to.

No. 423474

I think its easier to relate to gay men for a lot of women because of internalized misogyny, they love feminine things but can't stand or feel threatened by other women whereas they don't see gay men as a threat so they're easier to love.

No. 423478

imagine becoming a young adult in this economy and job market hahah ( :( )

No. 423481

File: 1560926323120.jpeg (9.7 KB, 225x225, 00ZD02FF220.jpeg)

>Tfw my boss who's a total incompetent bitch inherited that position from her daddy.

He was a very competent and hardworking man, but his daughter just can't live up to him, she's there only because she came from his balls, bitch was already born a millionaire and had to steal some competent person job on top of that. I wish I worked there when he was still the boss, he was a self made man and I can respect that.

No. 423484

>can't stand or feel threatened by other women
That's not accurate at all, how often do you see a fag hag who doesn't have any female friends? It's always a group of women with a token gay guy or two. When women feel threatened by other girls they become 'one of the guys' and hang out with straight men who give them attention for having a vagina. The straight part is essential because that special treatment makes them think guys are easy to get along with while girls are ~catty bitches~.

Girls who fawn over gay men just see them as novelties for being men who don't hit on them and can share interests with, it's not that deep.

No. 423493

Why cant there be both types?

No. 423507

There's nothing more that I fucking hate more than when rich women from rich-ass families suck up all jobs for themselves because they think it makes them an independent "boss bitch" while under the umbrella of their incredibly wealthy husbands or family members. Like fuck, you can't just be a rich piece of shit with your unearned wealth without further impacting others, but you've got to actively suck up other positions and jobs from people who need them? How greedy can you possibly be? And 9 times out of 10 they're AWFUL at whatever they're "hired" to do and are horrible to everyone

No. 423509

I think if someone hugged me right now I would cry. I just feel so unhappy and unloved. I think about things my bf used to say to me at the beginning of the relationship, the little favors he’d do, how loving and affectionate he used to be.. there’s such a difference now and he seems so lukewarm toward me. I know that it’s normal for the honeymoon phase to end but there’s just such a difference. I was thinking about the sorts of things he used to say to me at the beginning and it made me start tearing up because im just craving affection so much because im already a depressed person and i just want to feel loved but i dont. I just want a hug

No. 423510

Sorry you're having such a bad time anon.
Do you have any friends you can reach out to and tell them how isolated you're feeling? Have you talked to your boyfriend about this? There's the end of a honeymoon period and there's being straight up neglectful

No. 423513

I do have some friends I can talk to. I told my bf a little while ago that I’d like him to “be more affectionate” but I could tell when he was forcing it and it almost made me feel worse. I don’t know if he’s neglecting me or if it’s just me overreacting because I have bad anxiety and am a hopeless romantic.

No. 423523

Why are you even with him if he makes you so unhappy? Either he's less affectionate because he feels less affection for you, or because he's not a naturally affectionate person. Either way it's a good sign he's not right for you, don't use the honeymoon period to excuse it.

No. 423544

Why do I feel so bad and why is my brain screaming that I should kill myself? I have enough to eat, a wonderful boyfriend and cool friends, a comfortable life and many decades ahead of me to do everything I want. Why does my chest and head hurt so bad. Fuck.

No. 423546

Humans aren't used to being comfortable yet. Our mind is still in hunter-gatherer mode. At least, I've seen that theory around and tend to agree with it.

No. 423561

I know, right? I guess our brains just get used to a thought pattern after some time. I spent 9 years in depression starting in puberty so it's like a neural pathway was formed just for the thought of suicide multiple times a day. I'm lonely as fuck but I try to appreciate that I have a house, food, a mom that loves me, a body without any defects… It just gets us sometimes. It's just a thought, meditation really helped me to sort of recognize them as just that and not "engage" with them. I really recommend it for anyone struggling, and therapy too if you will.

No. 423562

im hilariously codependent and stupidly kind, my biggest flaw is that I overhelp people and get shit on for it. im also super vulnerable and would really appreciate someone sticking up for me

No. 423564

I'm basically you, I'm the therapist-friend

What you need is another therapist friend just like you, who has overinvested in the same people and been burned for it. You need someone who matches your same level of selfless care. Someone who can give you more hope for people, and feel validated as a human being.

Your social worth is being drained on other people and it's preventing you from standing up for yourself, it's stopping you from apologizing for other people's abuses. As you grow you'll realize some of the help you offer is neither wanted nor helpful. I do not mean this in a way that hurts your pride, these people aren't ready yet, you're too mature and too caring. They often have to learn the hard way.

please e-mail me if you want a friend or someone to talk to

No. 423583

You sound stuck in routine and bored.

No. 423586


i feel both of you (also ironically enough, my friend who's a real therapist also relies on me a lot) i just hate feeling obligated to be emotionally available to everyone else all the time but when i reach out it seems that no one can be bothered.

No. 423590

I like Keanu Reeves but people are ruining Keanu Reeves for me right now.

No. 423600

he ruined himself.

No. 423621

i'm gonna puke out of stress. i hate being late, im late by 5 minutes and i hate it. i hate work, im really tired

No. 423623

No. 423635


Okay well then you've identified the problem is you lol work on it. You're not the first woman to feel obligated towards constant emotional availability and Google is your friend.

No. 423636

He's doing the thing that Nic Cage did in that he's saying yes to every project he's asked to be on, which means he's getting oversaturated and is going to be associated with bad projects and even more memes eventually. But you know what? Good on him. He's one of those people that I don't care everyone likes. He's been through enough bad stuff that if he wants to do stupid projects and become a meme, I say go for it.

No. 423639

File: 1560959608330.gif (483.86 KB, 480x270, giphy.gif)


The clinic(s) that the best trichologist that I've ever met and that I started my treatment with don't accept my health plan anymore

fuuuuckkk thiiissss now I have to start all over and my hair keeps fucking falling i hate this shittt

No. 423643

I'm very anxious. Although I've been fine for months I'm still getting tested for hiv today since it's the only std without symptoms. I feel like I'm just being ridiculous because I only had 1 casual hook up with a very familiar classmate but my anxiety is still through the roof. At least now I'll know for sure I guess.

No. 423646

My friend wants me to meet her and her sister at the airport on Friday. We live abroad but I’ve been here longer than her and have my own life. My husband and I recently adopted a 13 week old lab puppy who I swear to god is harder to look after than my niece was a 6~12 months. He’s on a set feeding schedule three times a day and is currently potty training. I work from home, so he’s used to having at least one person take him out constantly and give him some sort of stimulation. I told my friend that I cant meet them at the airport but would be happy to keet them later that same day at their airbnb at the latest 2PM (their flight arrives at 6AM as fucking well and I live an hour away by bus because most people take public transit here). I can’t take him with me because he hasnt finished his vaccinations and a “working on potty training” dog doesn’t exactly travel well. I can go on a huge rant about this damn puppy but thats a whole other post.

She keeps nudging me to meet them there, and I just really.dont.fucking.want.to. We used to do similar things like this for each other years ago when we were single and had no real ties to anything or responsibilities, but we just cant anymore and she doesn’t get it.

She also is planning this big mini trip out west of where we live, and I barely want to go because that same town is where my inlaws live and I’ll probably be guilt tripped into visiting or staying at their house.

No. 423647

god you sound like a whiner looking for excuses. Just tell her you have responsibilities and if they want to see you, they've got to do it at a better time.

No. 423650

i'm so fucking stressed out for the exam i have tomorrow. as if the one today went well…

No. 423654

Same here. It wouldn't usually be a big deal but I'm sick, tired and jetlagged (it's 2.30am rn and I cannot fucking sleep, just had toast because it feels like dinner time) and have had zero time to study in the past 2 weeks. I'm pretty sure I've forgotten all the content.

No. 423671

i feel bad for your friend tbh.

No. 423674

I have an awful home life and it has ruined another job yet again. It's so humiliating. Basically I am a possession, not a person. I am owned by my parents, which means they can do anything to me. Today they chucked several hundred pounds worth of my possessions away, which obviously upset me. When i voiced my upset, they went fucking mental and kicked me out. This resulted in my crying at work, which then raised questions. I didn't go into detail, but I explained some of it so they knew I was crying over nothing? Every job I have ever had has been ruined, which I know is my fault for being emotional. It just sucks. I am embarrassed.

No. 423675

sorry double post lmao I am sad. I am forever in debt to my parents because they raised me, fed me and housed me and I fucking hate it. I didn't ask to be fucking born. As a parent, you should raise your child. You chose to have them. I shouldn't be fucking made to feel forever in debt over it. That is what you sign up for when you choose to have a child. I didn't even get that shit for free, it had to be earned. Food ect wasn't a right for me, if I didn't earn it I didn't get it. It's fucked. The whole situation is fucked. I hate that this is my life.

No. 423676

I've realised that I can be exhausting sometimes. I often catch my self complaining about everything and making self-deprecating jokes and just being negative in general, and i never thought about how people around me thought of that but now that I've seen people behaving like myself I see how obnoxious that is. I wouldn't wanna be with myself either. But now that I've become aware I try to be like my other friends who are super chill and positive but I just end up being too conscious of every thing I do and so I fail. I hate this.

No. 423677

no offense anon but you sound a little anxious. you said you have responsibility over the pup but you also don't want to meet. if she doesn't understand how needy the pup is, just say you're busy. sometimes we're just not up for shit and it's fine

No. 423684

I always feel a little wrong and weird when I describe myself as a lesbian now.

For the majority of my life I've identified as bisexual, and that was the label that suited me best. There was no doubt in my mind that I liked both genders. It feels wrong of me to identify as a lesbian because I very much pursued men for so many years. When I read of other lesbians who took a while to figure out that they were gay, some talk about forcing themselves to like men because of hetereonormative expectations… I don't relate. I really wanted to date some of the men in my life, I really enjoyed the sex that I had with them. After my most recent relationship with a women it just… sort of stopped? I've never actually been in a real relationship with any men, but I've been in fwb situations where both of us had feelings for each other (definitely dug my own emotional grave there). Now the thought of a man pursuing me, strictly romantically or romantically and sexually, sort of repulses me. I feel like I'm playing into typical bi-erasure arguments that bisexuals will pick a side eventually even though I know that that's not true.

Can't tell if I'm gay now because I've always been gay deep down, if I'm gay now because people change and my sexuality has changed now, or if my most recent relationship made me realize that I will never find the same sort of loving treatment from a man that I would get from a woman so now I'd rather just strictly pursue women.

Also I'm lowkey worried about people in my life trying to argue with me that just because my type is butch/gnc women, it means that I don't really like women lol. I wish I could stop thinking so hard about my sexuality because I know labels don't matter and knowing that I definitely like women (and maybe/maybe not men) is a good enough step forward. No one cares about this but me but I keep dwelling on it lol.

No. 423713

Honestly, the only way to live as bi without being judged is to not tell people you're bi. Just date who you like and don't elaborate on your orientation to anyone. Both the gays and the straights are just gonna keep trying to invalidate you to validate themselves.

No. 423726

I think I know 100% what you're feeling, and I'm struggling with a similar situation. Would you be interested in talking offline?

No. 423739

I hear you anon, I'm in a similar situation but I've always pursued mostly women. But during the recent years I've started to find men more and more repulsive and women even more attractive, but I'm one foot in the closet and even my family doesn't know about my past girlfriends so I don't know if I'm a lesbian forcing myself into the heteronormative mold by claiming to be bi or a bisexual who's just repulsed by bad experiences with men. And I'm almost in my 30's so it's not just a teenage phase, it's a situation that has lasted ever since I hit puberty.

Honestly this. I'm afraid of telling people I'm bi partially because of my own internalized homophobia and partially because of the reaction it causes in straight and gay people. They always assume I'm either in it for the attention or just a lesbian in denial.

No. 423741

I've been homeless for the past two days. I sleep in a very big park that's basically a botanical garden. I feel safe sleeping in here because this place is really big and it's usually guarded and you need to pay a fee to go inside, so I'm kind of staying in here illegally because I found a hole in the fence in a part of the garden that's not really being taken care of. The only thing that bothers me is the damn mosquitoes but I do have a very small tent I sleep in, so they only bother me if I get out of the tent during the night.

During the day I go to a McDonald's that's like 30 minutes away from here, I go there to charge my phone and my laptop and I also eat the leftovers of other people but they aren't really leftovers because people buy so much food they don't even eat, touch or take home with them it surprises me, I have plenty of food thanks to that. I try to keep myself looking as clean as possible and not homeless looking so I won't seem vulnerable. I use the bathrooms of fast food places to clean myself, brush my teeth, I try to keep a good hygiene. I don't have much clothes so I know I'll run out of clean clothes soon and I don't know how I'll manage to do my laundry. I was thinking of shoplifting some detergent and then going to some fast food place at an hour where there aren't costumers to wash my clothes in the sink and then bring the wet clothes in the park I live in to hang them around trees and let them dry.

I'm not sad anymore, especially after my mother committed suicide. I just feel compelled with my life, I don't feel like I'm struggling anymore, I'm feeling at peace somehow although I still contemplate suicide everyday. I don't have anyone, I don't have friends, I don't really have family anymore, I don't have expectations from the future or from myself anymore. I do want to get out of this situation and I would also like to have a normal job one day and have friends too but I'm not sure if that's possible for me. One day I would like to write a book and produce music, I love art, but I know that won't really happen either. I write poetry and I read daily, art and literature give me a great sense of comfort. I was a camgirl until a few weeks ago but I stopped working due to how stressful it felt and how much anxiety it created for me and because I would get death threats daily, but I know I shouldn't have stopped, now I don't know how to get out of this situation. The thing I'm most afraid of is that someone will tell I'm homeless and rape me or kill me because I'm alone and honestly I don't want to seek the companionship of other homeless people.

I hope no one reads this because it's so miserable but at the same time I needed this, I had to vent somehow. Thank you lolcow.

No. 423743

Where are you? Are you somewhere in Europe? I'd gladly give you some safe space to sleep in until you put yourself back on your feet. Or maybe some other anon that's closer to you could help.

I'd say I was sorry for your situation but I know it doesn't really mean anything. It's cheap to type it out but I really am sorry and I wish I could help. You can still try and work on your goals but aren't there organizations that could help you out?

No. 423746

Anon where are you at? You don't have to be specific but I would like to help if I can.

No. 423751

Hi anon! This is my throwaway if you'd like to talk.

It feels good to know that others are going through the same thing. Is it too dramatic to say "I've only been treated like shit by men so I'd much rather just avoid dating them altogether"? Sometimes I hate that "all men suck" rhetoric because it feels so overplayed, but it's also… not not true lol. Shitty women definitely exist too, but I'd rather spend my time with them than with men who usually want nothing more than to get into my pants. Also my sex drive took a huge plunge into nowhere so now that I'm not driven by my sexual needs, I really, really don't feel like fooling around with men.

No. 423765


>the only std without symptoms


No. 423767

Maybe anon meant that it stays dormant for awhile…?

No. 423774

sent you an email!

No. 423776

I'm terrified of dying of cancer. It seems inevitable at this point, if you live long enough you eventually get cancer and die. My family has a history of breast cancer too. Fuck.

No. 423786

Sometimes i really hate watching animal documentaries ONLY for the fact it makes me absolutely repulsed what humans have done to the earth, and i end up crying. Animals do not deserve this fate :/

No. 423815

File: 1560992761610.jpg (60.43 KB, 640x640, Tl1TKsZilkqN2zoP7TLUuxA_UrcxpM…)

I'm a party pooper and I hate it

No. 423831

Me too, anon. Drinking helps but even then I'm just an awkward killjoy who misses all the jokes.

No. 423837

My existence alone is a party pooper since I'm not the best behaved or dressed…
I also come from low income so extra points for ruining everything I attend

No. 423857

File: 1560999015349.jpg (34.54 KB, 512x288, 2518614259973930954.jpg)

i've been actually standing up for myself lately and it has seemed to be working despite my anxiety about it

No. 423860

Yucky yucky. A really shitty ex of mine is now a high school teacher where my younger cousin (who lived with me while we were dating) goes to school and he has asked her about me multiple times. I told her to please take it to the principal or something if he keeps bothering her about me. I can't contact him myself because last time I did that it turned into 6 more months of trying to get him off my back.

No. 423861

He's really boring and looks boring. The people who sexualize him creep me out. There's no sexual appeal, he's just a guy. An actor guy.

No. 423884

you can never trust anyone. you can never ask anyone of anything, even if it's the smallest thing, they don't and won't ever care. no one actually truly cares about anyone. you can put so much effort to upkeep a friendship and they'll just walk all over you for no reason.

No. 423886

All people are just "guys". Driver guys, STEM guys, baker guys. Do you feel zero sexual attraction to anyone ever?

No. 423890

File: 1561012076933.jpg (41.32 KB, 780x439, keanu-reeves-as-ted-theodore-l…)

He's just a guy now he's old but he was top qt in Bill and Ted.

That said I don't really see people sexualizing him… More like putting him on a pedestal for being nice and down to earth and having a sad life. I assume that's what anon meant by people ruining him for her because the worship is getting OTT.

No. 423896

He was never cute

No. 423905

I’m sorry that happened to you anon!
I was sexually assaulted by a cyclist (not a gang tho) recently on the street too, it’s so bizarre. I’m convinced the bikes are their getaway vehicle more than anything. Fucking creep men all deserve to die.

No. 423912

I’ve come into work today, and I’m on shift with 3 older women and this guy around my age. I’m pretty shy but I always make a point of saying good morning to veryone when I come in, but when I said morning g to this dude he like completely blanked me. Rude, but whatever. He started bringing in these bulk drinks orders and it looked like he had a lot to carry in. I said in passing to him ‘are you okay with carrying that? Is there a lot more to come in’ and he kinda said past remarkable ‘I don’t need any help’. Fuck you then?? He’s continued to talk all friendly and chatty to the other women here and he barely even looks at me. Feels like shit when your supposed to work as a team in this shitty job.

No. 423913

All of you getting assaulted by cyclists should either carry a pipe or bat, pepper spray, and/or call the police. I think you should simply hit them with the pipe and say don't ever do it again. Maybe bend a wheel to drive your point home.

No. 423914

For a long time I've been encouraging my boyfriend to stop bottling up his feelings and to start discussing them with me whenever he feels upset or worried so that we can work through things together, instead of him ignoring me as I spend hours trying to get him to explain what's wrong.

He finally started expressing his feelings except he still doesn't tell me when he's upset or worried, now he just shouts at me when we have a disagreement. If I ask him not to, he says he's allowed to have feelings and I'm selfish for not considering his emotions.

I feel like I made a terrible mistake.

No. 423927

Bro this literally happened to me last week except they touched my vagina. My whole family was up in arms saying “elbow to the face!” like it would actually do something. These fucks are getting bold and I’m sorry this happened to you.

No. 423959

Last week I got semi-rejected.
There's this guy that I got along with super well (plus he's very cute…), but of course I never made a move, because I'm a coward.
Recently we were with some others and then the topic of what we like came up. I am tall and he's even taller (like 6'1-6'2), but when asked about his type he said that he's a bit ashamed, because he kind of finds really small girls super cute, like preferable no more than 5ft.
Great, I'm 5'10. I always thought (or hoped) he surely would want a girl who's not short either. I've always been insecure about my height and now it even hinders my chances of getting a bf…
But hey, at least I did not embarrass myself by confessing and then getting rejected.

No. 423961

I wish I stopped giving so much shit. I'm just too fucking sensitive and empathetic.
I care for my shitty friends who don't care about me and forget about me when they don't want me to be their therapist, I care for things and people that have not much to do with me or don't affect my life that much…and so much more.
I hear about something tragic or something unfair and I think about it for weeks or months, or I sit hours trying to make others feel better.
I sometimes feel like I have the weight of this entire world on my shoulders, and it's ironic cause I have no one to care a little bit for me.
I wish I could be a selfish, hedonistic narcissist and just put myself first.

No. 423962

my grandma has an obsession with old food. i ate this meal yesterday and it tasted off, like as if it was mildly rotten, and when i asked her about it, she said the ingredients have been sitting in the friedge for over a month.

i also think ive gotten mild food poisoning at least 3 times over the last year, and ive started getting diarrhea + nausea this morning too. the only problem is is that she gets triggered over being wasteful if you dont eat the old ass food.

No. 423964

I’m sorry. Im 5‘8 so I know the feel. Try for a European boyfriend from NL, DE, SE?

No. 423969

I really don't want to spend Christmas alone again this year. I started looking at tickets to fly out to see my BF but it's like $800 and I'm a poorfag. It's only June but anyone else dreading the holidays? Every year I'm alone on Christmas and I seriously just contemplate suicide.

No. 423971

Why would that change anything? He's already taller than nearly everybody and still prefers somebody who's very short.

No. 423972

I know that feeling all too well anon. I'm sorry.

Taller guys usually want short girls even more, idk if that's a good advice. Only short guys/guys my height were interested in me (I like manlets so I don't complain, but it's a nightmare for my 6'0 friend). I'm from European country (average height for both males and females is quite high), and still, according to research, women who are extremely short get the most matches/messages/attention. It's just something you have to accept.

No. 424025

Dump him, he probably wasn't socialized properly while growing up (like most men) and it's not your job to be his mommy. Let him tumble through life like the caveman he is. Maybe he'll read some books and grow but it's not your responsibility.

Expressing feelings in a conversation is extremely different from screaming like an ape. He's an ape.

No. 424032

>work hard on building arms
>feel self-conscious about big arms
>don't actually want skelly arms either
I'm just going to hate myself no matter what I guess.
I wish I could just forget about my body like when I was a kid and it didn't matter. Do conventionally attractive girls who never went through an awkward phase still feel like that? I want to be free.

No. 424051

honestly it doesn't have that much to do with being conventionally attractive or not, just insecurity. some really unattractive people can go through life with no insecurities and just be oblivious to other's opinions, while girls who are considered super attractive feel ugly constantly.

you just have to find more things about yourself that you like, and focus on realistic things you want to change like weight and strength or makeup, things like that.

i'm probably considered conventionally attractive, but i am very tall and built pretty big, never had skinny legs or anything and it took me a long time to embrace myself, but it happened.

good luck anon!

No. 424074

File: 1561051791390.png (14.78 KB, 640x480, stick-figure-boobs.png)

My boobs will not stop growing and I am literally underweight. I look fucking retarded because my ass is tiny and so is the rest of my body and then I've got these massive fucking cow tits. I've gone up two cup sizes in a year. I never used to need a sports bra while running but now I do. I have horrible backpain and I can only imagine its from the new weight on my chest. They fucking ache around my period like they're going to burst.

I hate my life

No. 424082

>moving out of narcissistic mom's house
>she packed up a lot of my shit while I was at work to pass off her unwanted junk on me but also to control me taking anything she dubbed "hers"
>can't say shit about this bc it's a passive aggressive way to be "helpful"
>saying anything would spark a fight
>notice she didn't give a few of my kitchen items back
>take back my pizza pan and my cooling rack, my Yeti mug
>she was hoping I'd forget
>in fact I helped myself to an extra cooling rack bc I was leaving my sheet pans and figured since she doesn't cook leaving behind one would be plenty
>receive a passive aggressive text about how I took the pizza pan and cooling racks and that it's okay for me to have taken her stuff but I must ask first next time
>text passive aggressively back that if I knew they were important to her I would have asked but I didn't see anything wrong with taking common kitchen accessories that were mine, apologies, smile emoji, I could return the extra cooling rack if she'd like

No response.
This old bitch getting petty and furiously taking inventory of her kitchen supplies in case her thieving daughter tries to reclaim a $5 pan and a $5 cooling rack. I know they're mine because I took pictures of my food on them. She never makes homemade pizza and she never fries or makes anything to require a cooling rack.
If it was all fine and dandy anyway then there'd be no need for a text.

Notice how I'm forced to beg permission to pack anything but this bitch can rifle through and pack whatever of my possessions while I'm away. The cognitive dissonance is astounding. Fuck her.

No. 424090

i hate my mother. she can't accept that i'm lesbian and now she wants me to troon out because i have short hair

No. 424110

I'm no doctor and I don't know much about tiddies but that doesn't sound normal Anon, unless you've started growing all of a sudden. Have you gone to the doctor already to get that checked out? I can't imagine growing two cup sizes in a year.

No. 424131

If you've only gone up 2 sizes from not needing a sports bra when running then your boobs aren't that big.

No. 424157

why do I feel like this is a larping neckbeard

No. 424166

Anon is probably just finally started growing boobs and is exaggerating because of how drastic it feels from her own perception.
Breasts that don't stop growing are actually a thing though

No. 424167

File: 1561071182525.gif (630.3 KB, 500x262, giphy.gif)

>drop out of a top university with a 3.2 gpa because narcissistic mother pushed me to attempt suicide with her bullshit
>get a 15 an hour job but can't keep shit because "well remember when i gave u that 2k loan for school? i need it back, also rent."
>eventually have to move states to live with estranged father because i literally had no other choice
?get to new state, father promised a 20 an hour job at his restaurant gig, surprise surprise hes a fucking liar too.
>in a new state with no car, no license (i didn't need one in my old state it was a northern state with great public transportation, i'm in the south now)
>I had to pay to get my birth certificate bacause mother dearest didn't have my OG one, paid for uber trips everywhere (including to my sick grandmas but thats a different story on its own), paid to get permit but now i have no one to teach me to drive and not enough in the bank to take classes on my own anymore.
>have less than 1k in savings but it was going to be enough to last me until i went back to school in august and got financial aid
>dad asks for money
>i've been here for three months not paying rent so i can't really say no
>now i barely have any money and i'm worried about wtf im going to do when it runs out before financial aid comes through or i get a job

all i want is the sweet release of death
currently having a mental breakdown and considering ending it all.

No. 424179


Anon these are shitty people in your life, they aren't worth taking your own life for them.

No. 424194


I keep doing what I’m supposed to do to make my life better but it just gets worse. Like wtf, it’s like I can’t catch a break.

No. 424198

I'm being approached by a 18 year old dude, barely out of high school. I'm 20. I don't generally like dating younger guys but I'm thinking of giving it a chance. Nothing expecting anything serious. Specially because my 28 year old ex behaved like he was 10 years younger anyway.

No. 424199

Yeah, I’m being overdramatic. I lived all of my life as an a cup up until this year. Coincides with starting hormonal BC but my mom said hers also grew in her early 20’s. Maybe we are just genetic freaks

No. 424237

I've never had a boyfriend before, but I think I'm ready to start dating. I've been debating downloading dating apps to try to meet someone but:

>i live on a college campus for most of the year so a majority of the guys would probably be fellow students

>100% sure any app I use would just be filled with douchebags looking for a quick fuck instead of a relationship
>although i want a boyfriend I'm not even sure if I'm quite ready to start having sex (intimacy is terrifying), and I feel like there'd definitely be an expectation for sex very soon after we'd start being together
>my college's campus is small so even if I did meet a guy, if our relationship ended badly there's a good chance I'd still see him all the time or even have classes with him

Happened to a friend of mine, she met a guy she liked but he ended being a psycho and she had to spend a whole semester in a class with him, which sucked. I could try to be more social and maybe meet a guy at a party or bar or event or something, but this whole dating thing just seems so intimidating, plus I'm always hearing horror stories about how awful men are. Maybe I'll just stay single and hope for the best lol.

No. 424242

i dont think thats a big deal anon
my bf and i met when he was 16 and i was 18, now i'm 20 and he's 18 and i don't notice an age difference at all. hell, he's surprisingly much more mature than i am, which is unheard of for a male lol

No. 424243

if you want to try an app get Hinge, the guys on there seem to be less shitty and more grown up

No. 424249

Younger guys are best guys (no pedo)

No. 424280

Boyfriend and husband fucker here if you've been keeping up with the other threads
I cut off all my fuck buddies and started getting serious with a guy who is helping me with my issues and I also had a miscarriage a few months back which snapped me out of it
Thank you for your concerns

No. 424290

Sorry for your loss. I'm glad you're getting your shit together.

No. 424291

Tablet anon here. The model I head was a huion. The 420 model. I'm emailing with customer service now (on like day 4 (and email 10) because of timezones.) I'm hoping they help me out.

No. 424294

I recently found out a guy in my building was a registered sex offender for committing a penetrative assault of a 10 year old when he was 13 in 2003. When I have discussed his case with other residents, male and female, the majority of them don't think it's a big deal and that he shouldn't have been prosecuted, excusing his behavior as kids experimenting. But obviously it was more than that if it went to trial. Am I a pearl clutcher or are my neighbors miscreants?

No. 424295


It's the hormones. Happened to me twice, the second time when I took a higher estrogen pill for only a month!

No. 424299

I have someone who absolutely worships the ground I walk on, who's dealt with all my bullshit for five years and has patiently waited through every up and down. Yet for some fucking reason I can't shake this crush on a friend I recently made. Worst part is? My SO is actually way more attractive than my friend. We don't even hang out yet I want to spend time all my time with him.

I'm mad at myself more than anything for not being to control this. I don't why I can't shake this crush at all. This hasn't happened before so fuck. I don't act on my feelings and I've limited my contact with my friend but this sucks so much. I feel so guilty and sad as to why I'm feeling this way. I don't understand. My bf is the best thing to ever walk the earth. Genuinely a great and GOOD person yet here I am having a crush on someone else. I feel so retarded and stupid because logically I shouldn't be feeling this way over someone I don't even find attractive?

Is it possible to have friendship crushes? Is this normal? help

No. 424312

maybe you're confusing platonic love with romantic love? or possibly getting LTR blues?

No. 424320

I'm not sure actually, I enjoy my friend's company so much (texting/playing games together)we don't even call each other. I looked forward to his messages all the time and missed him when he was busy. Is this the same as platonic? I haven't felt this way about other friends of mine who've I've known for way longer.

In regards to the LTR blues, I hadn't thought of that. I don't think so but maybe I've just been in denial. I'm starting to worry that maybe I don't love my bf as much as I thought I did or otherwise I wouldn't be feeling this way.

No. 424337

I'm a previous anon who was having trouble with my domineering, nasty younger uni freshman student sister. She started grating to me to the point where I can't take it anymore, ever since she's gotten back home from uni. my dad is projecting his anger onto me instead of her and threatened to turn off my phone service and restrict my wifi, specially target at me and not her, because he's too pussy to stand up to her abusive behavior. And I for one don't feel safe in that house with a bully sister who's going to physically and emotionally berate me.

I'm not in the best of straits with my mom either, she abused me for 10+ years; but I think she's a lot more medicated now than she was during my childhood and adolescence, and her attitude has become less resentful, though she is fully capable of being a bitch if she wants to, it's better than dealing with my sister rn. I'm temporarily living with her due to all that's happened and the fact that I ended up cutting my arm on some glass after one of my fights with my sister. She's going to make me go absolutely psychotic and my fathers not doing anything about it.

Aside from that, I was dealing with withdrawal symptoms that I tried best to not drive me scaling a wall… I'm bipolar, I've been forced to be off my meds because my insurance expired and was left un renewed for the longest time (my dads constantly getting laid off / rehired and never manages to retain coverage that lasts) and I need to consistently get back on a schedule, I have some leftover meds that I've been warming off of, now that I have insurance again I'm pleading I can get enough coverage to finally get prescriptions again. I also go to counseling a lot and have been keeping my psychologist therapist in the loop and she is aware of all this, and still thinks my family are being unfair to me. My sister, meanwhile, is a menace who nobody, nobody will fucking talk down. I feel like leaving is what I had to do if that environment aimed to further destroy the shambles of my mental health, they wanted no part of it. I had to emphasize that I wasn't going to take it.

I'm having a meeting with my therapist and my dad on Tuesday and am going to try explaining as calmly as I can that it feels like he's broken 5 years of trust with me by siding with my sister, and completely disregarding my mental health struggles, absence due to his job… my sisters been here for what… two months and preens herself like she owns the place? And yet she'll be gone in three. He needs to understand that nobody should be forced to abide by or adhere to anything she says, she's a fucking minor compared to the rest of us, and she probably needs medication and therapy above all else. Her severe anger issues aren't being helped by her birth control and sometimes merely nearing her makes me anxious and fearful.

No. 424338

I'm feeling completely hopeless about love. I'm 25 years old and very single relationship with a guy I've ever had has been one sided, at least towards the end. I always like them more than they like me and I've not once met a guy who was excited about me for longer than maybe a month. They always lose interest so quickly (but never have the balls to actually break it off) but I let them string me along anyway because I always hope that maybe one day they will realize my value. Needless to say they never do.

I'm so devastated because I thought I had finally found a guy who really liked me, only to be let down again after 2 months because he got bored of me (he literally said so). I wonder if I will ever be enough for a someone..

No. 424344

If someone is too good of a person, it can make them lose their mystique. Love is the strongest when you don't know everything about a person, when there is uncertainty and you are allowed some imagination of what the person is really like. Your friend being attractive but worshipping the ground you walk on makes him "too perfect" and thus less interesting romantically.

There is a thrill in wondering whether a person truly desires you, and working for it to really happen, as opposed to a man already being perfect.

No. 424350

>If someone is too good of a person, it can make them lose their mystique.
>Love is the strongest when you don't know everything about a person
>There is a thrill in wondering whether a person truly desires you
That's not love, that's just playing childish games.

No. 424357

>Men make stupid evopsych this is biologically more healthy!!!111 arguments for their preferences
>Shorter women have lower metabolisms and higher rates of overweightedness than tall women, because of this


No. 424364

Do you think you're hiding who you truly are until you get into relationships? Or falling for guys that so the same? Most people pretend to be slightly better versions of themselves to attract others, and then are overly nice at the beginning stages, and then just disappoint each other.
Also start putting your foot down. If you're waiting around for guys that can't be bothered to dump you then you're wasting your own time.

No. 424370

men are weird. i'm not european and 1.59 is the average height in my country and men are constantly shitting on our women for being short and insulting their bodies as if men here are all 1.95 muscular gods. they say they find "unusual" physical attributes attractive but they start shitting on them once they get used to it.

No. 424385

Holly is that you?

No. 424406

I didn’t know that juveniles are required to register as sex offender. Your neighbors are miscreants because it is a big deal. Though child on child sex crime can be sign of abuse of the child perp. I’m kind of concerned that branding a child for something like that may exacerbate the core issue and even justify the violence in his head.

No. 424436

She's a fictional Pokemon ethnicity from a made up fictional Pokemon country.

No. 424438

The people screeching that she can't possibly be black need to hear this most of all, to be honest.

No. 424455


Why can’t people just be happy for more dark skinned characters to cosplay and relate too?

Both sides gotta make everything so political.. it shouldn’t matter what her race is she’s a fictional character that black people can cosplay without being yelled at by neckbeards.

No. 424468

I'm not sure what my stupid lesbian brain even wants at this point.

I redownloaded the Her app recently, and I matched with someone. Surprisingly. We barely exchanged any messages besides hello before she asked if I wanted to grab a bite to eat today (I panicked, said I was working until the evening so I couldn't (not a lie) and pushed it to Monday). It makes me feel so sick and gross. My most recent relationship ended like half a year ago. I've been constantly telling myself how I want to date someone again, but now that I'm presented with a meeting with some random girl, I immediately want to go back into my hole. I know it's just to grab a bite, talk, get to know each other, not even a formal date, but I don't realized how uneasy I am about it. I don't want to deal with meeting new people, trying to map and figure each other out to see if we're remotely compatible (as people, friends, or girlfriends), trying to fill in the awkward silence. I feel so disgusted. I don't really want to be around other people, especially new people who I don't trust.

Also, even before I matched with this girl, I fucking hate shifting through all the people on this app. This app is littered with troons and genderfluid girls everywhere, and even cis men are on here! Get off this app! It's for women you disgusting fucks! And then when I think I've come across someone cute that I might want to talk to, they list themselves as poly. No, no thanks, I don't want to enter that trainwreck. No one can convince me that poly relationships are any good.

I keep thinking that I'm ready to date again, but I don't really think that I am. I just want to get over my ex, but unfortunately, everyone just sort of pales in comparison to her.

No. 424478

because neither neckbeards nor SJWs can accept something they don't like existing. i wish that people would accept that not every character design is for everyone.

No. 424479

That's very disturbing. Your neighbors are fucked. He probably was abused like >>424406 said.

Gail Dines was on On Point the other day. They talked about the rate of child on child sexual assault is on the rise. Likely because of cell phones.


I may post this in the radfem thread too.

No. 424485

>I didn’t know that juveniles are required to register as sex offender.

They aren't unless they're 14, and this was recent. They also don't have to stay registered for life most of the time.

No. 424544

ive finally decided to end a friendship and cut contact with them.

i dont know if i can do it, but i stand firm with my decision

No. 424584

I swear to God most of the people complaining aren't even dark skinned. Like the first person I saw try to say they saw an abundance of "light skinned" fanart, they were white. I went and took a look and the majority of art I saw were of her dark skinned like she was designed. People just want to be pissed off to act high and mighty. I'm tired of people trying to act offended for dark skinned people or try to tell us what isn't right. We have our own voices. We can point this out ourselves.

No. 424589

Agree. It makes me depressed honestly to see so many people use dark skin color to further their shitty political agenda. Sometimes a girl just wants to exist without being made into a political pawn.

No. 424621

I'm 25 now and I'm kind of sad I never made it "big" on social media or really capitalized on my appearance in any way. Unlike most girls here, I never posted a "thirst trap" (I barely understand what it is) or had a ton of people following me on my social media accounts lol. Now I'm too old.

No. 424622

Do you look like an insta thot? I've never done that, but I don't look like an insta thot, though I don't think I would want that even if I did, because being any bit internet famous or like, getting attention large-scale on the internet sounds terrifying and not worth it. Being famous or well-known, for any reason, sounds super scary to me though.

25 isn't too old though. People can't even tell what your age probably is because 18 year olds are slathering so much contour and drag queen makeup on to have angular, very mature features.

No. 424624

do you mean the cows? pretty sure most of the anons here wouldn't be able to do that even if they wanted to. no shade because i'm an ugly dumb bitch too.

No. 424626

I feel similar to that. Sometimes I'm overcome by the unbearable sadness, that I'm not famous, that I will never be admired by many, that I won't leave a mark in this world, that I'm destined to live a normal and meaningless life. Maybe I really would have made it as a model or an actress when I was younger? But I never tried, and women over 20 are considered old, so now my chances are gone already. I'm so jealous whenever I see younger, pretty girls, who are idols or who make big bucks because they're famous on instagram.

No. 424628

File: 1561151913270.png (22.23 KB, 204x186, tumblr_o5v485YM1b1sx4oc5o2_250…)

>tfw you spent most of your teen years planning your suicide and not living past 30 but then after an attempt you got lots of therapy and now you're 30 and don't want to die anymore but you have no idea what you want to do in life and it feels too late to even start

No. 424629

It's not too late. You had to deal with whatever led you to feel suicidal for that long. Most people don't have that, so their path is different. There's nothing wrong with deciding at 30. I'm just glad you feel better. The world is your oyster, etc, etc.

No. 424632

It's never to late, you have an indefinite number of opportunities! Just check this thread >>391065 , it's full of succesful people who achieved something even when they were old. 30 something is just the beginning, you still have (at least) another 30 years more to figure out your life! Good luck.

No. 424634

I had a near death experience a few years back and almost lost my life, I was held in the hospital for some time. None of my friends came to see me or barely acknowledged what happened. It still fucks me up thinking about how if I'd die, nobody would care sans my parents and the whole episode made me really indifferent towards life and the people around me. It really hurts to be so expendable.

No. 424635

>my dog is my life
>no rentals in my area that I can afford allow pets

No. 424637

Does your dog scratch doors or have accidents?

No. 424638

No. 424641

File: 1561154140673.jpeg (17.24 KB, 275x262, 1560006186895.jpeg)

My ex is now dating a try-hard hambeast and instead of making me feel better it just made me miss him.

No. 424642


He was convicted under 750.520b "Criminal sexual conduct in the first degree" in Michigan and registered under 14-208.7.A in North Carolina for ten years, but the internet is forever.

No. 424647

File: 1561155349730.jpg (56.73 KB, 919x720, 2cJJZym.jpg)

Honestly on this note I'm a fucking loser who is emotionally attached to a man who doesn't treat me the way I deserve. I don't care about validation from other men I just miss him so much and was doing better until I found this out. I want him to come back and be my best friend again.

No. 424651

Thank you anons! I know a lot of people start their careers later on but I spent so much of my life obsessing over dying and then working on not-dying that it feels strange to have this open, malleable future. I just wish I knew where to start.

No. 424664

I don't care about being smart. Kindness and sincerity is what matters and I'm kind of tired of being pit against a rubric in relationships that I feel doesn't matter all that much.

No. 424702

sorry if this sounds insensitive, but can you explain why you still like him? I can't imagine liking someone who treats me like shit (and my sense of self-worth is nothing special). like if someone doesn't do anything for you why would you like them?

No. 424709

File: 1561164037845.gif (679.82 KB, 353x302, amethyst.gif)

>get added by an old friend from HS
>She's dating a dude I used to have a crush on
>He got fat is and is ugly as sin now

the world is wild

No. 424721

My only two friends have boyfriends so they never have time for me anymore. I feel so lonely. I wish I had someone to hang out with on a friday night, have some drinks, chat and laugh, or maybe watch a movie at home, ugh…

No. 424727

People are telling me something that my now ex boyfriend did was sexual assault. I already knew it fucked me up and still does to this day and makes me feel panicky when I think about it so like really who cares if it was technically sexual assault or not, I'm not out to destroy the dudes life or pursue legal action, it just nice to know if it deserves a label or not. But sometimes I still think about sending him a message and confronting him but I know that would just make me look like a crazy bitch because in my mind I can just imagine
>oh my god anon its been 4 years and you're STILL not over it?! how pathetic i bet you're just making all that up so you can go ape shit on him all over again, he told us you were crazy back then and now its so obvious you actually are
And confronting him would accomplish absolutely nothing. Its just cathartic I guess.

99% of the time I give this no thought, but lately its just kinda crept into my thoughts and has been stressing me the fuck out. I feel like I have no one to tell, I had to go onto an anonymous advice forum to ask about what happened. I've tried telling my friends but all I could get out was "yeah he just did some really shitty things" and left it at that. Part of me never ever ever fucking wants to let anyone know the details but other parts of me want to finally just like let it out to a friend but I don't think that'll accomplish anything, I'm planning on finding a new therapist soon because I truly think that's all that's gonna help.

No. 424744

Not much of a vent but I just watched the Chris Chan sex tape and he was more passionate about fucking that blow up doll than my boyfriend ever is while fucking me. I feel offended.

No. 424758

I kek'd. I've had a rough night and this post made me feel better. Thanks, anon. Sorry about your passionless bf.

No. 424769

Ugh total vent cuz im tipsy af rn. Idk if its even a vent or a confession but whatever!! Im so miserable in my life it pisses me off!!! I graduated uni like 2 years ago now and have nothing to show for it. I got a temporary job, which i LOVED, but it ended and i moved 5 hours away to live with my bf. Since then i have not have a stable job. All i want is to work in my profession but i can't!!! Where my bf lives makes it impossible because it's just not a viable career in the area.

It's been 7 months. 7 months!!! Since I've held a job. My bf pays for almost everything. Even paid for a trip abroad. I pay my loans and our utilities off thru savings.

I should be happy i have an easy life but im not!! Im miserable. I just want to work in my profession and make money but i cant where im currently at. I shouldn't blame my bf but in the back of my mind i do. Even though i made the decision to sacrifice my career and live with him.

I feel so useless and worthless it sucks ugh. I absolutely hate not being independent. Ive applied to hundreds of jobs but have not gotten any responses cuz im "overqualified " for the positions.

Im just so aggravated!!! 23 years old and nothing to show for it. Im a oiece of shit!!! Drunk piece of shit

No. 424779

I hate having a deep-ish voice as a woman, it fucking sucks. I feel like my voice is so off-putting. I've heard some deep voiced women who can pull of a kind of sexy vibe but that is absolutely not me, I just sound like a caveman.

No. 424784

I never know what to choose between binging food, binging alcohol or drugs so I just end up trying to do food and alcohol at the same time but it just ends so shitty cos I can't get drunk with food and the food I choose is always so disappointing. It's so fucking hard. First world problem.

No. 424792

File: 1561192403871.jpg (19.83 KB, 447x127, whatlmao.JPG)

Every time I scroll past the anti-anime thread the folks over there are turning fucking psychotic with their hate against anime, acting like EVERY weeb ever is a disgusting pedo and all anime is about is sick fetishes and sexualizing kiddies, including the series made for children. How do you become so engrossed in loathing chinese cartoons that you have spergouts like this? Did a weeb grab a nipponese katana and behead your entire family one by one in front of you?

No. 424800

File: 1561195185289.jpeg (57.13 KB, 350x350, B99364B7-27F8-454D-B2B4-599A45…)

I don't know. As a fan of anime and manga I've kinda tried to learn to weed out the lousy crap. There's plenty of shows that aren't inherently fetishistic and sexualizing, if you scrape past the basic popularized isekai incestuous grime on the surface.

Like many genres it has its highs and lows and unfortunately what's been popularized in the last few years has fallen into the low category when it comes to the isekai boom. I will wholeheartedly say that I love Boku no Hero Academia and other things to come out of this new era, some moeblob shit, sports anime, and even Monogatari (where some of the sexualization seems more like a parody of itself than actually degenerate). There's still good anime out there if you wade through the crap. Plus the whole glorification in that thread of yaoi reeks of fujo anons leaking from their own threads. I frankly fucking hate yaoi as a sports anime fan.

Anyway I fail to see what's so harmful about anime as a whole when it has become significantly more popular in the West alongside jrpgs. I have run across plenty of people at my uni who are normal anime fans, and who favor the same anime I do. Even ten years ago, when it was a more niche thing, and I was a newbie fan, my friends who were into anime were relatively normal people. Does that mean there aren't degenerates? Of course not. Do degenerates dominants the general populace? No, not really, they're just usually the loudest of the bunch.

No. 424805

You seem super upset (again). NTA, and I don't think it all needs to be withheld from children, but as far as the whole "did a weeb ____???" thing goes (I've seen multiple farmers shit out this line, or maybe just you over and over again), yeah, unsurprisingly, people have had some terrible experiences with weebs (I've read their posts detailing their experiences in the grooming thread, and they haven't been too nice), so I'm not really sure how you think that backs up your multiple spergouts over this.

And I think the point that anon was making (though I can't be too sure) was that it has the capability to lead kids down a gross rabbithole because of the communities and stuff.

No. 424806

File: 1561195894720.jpg (43.77 KB, 956x294, clamp is pedo grooming now.jpg)

The anons in that thread seem to believe that EVERYTHING sexual is inherently degenerate and bad, especially when it comes to anime. Western shit is nothing but sexual innuendos and jokes, how the hell should anime be judged on different standards? In which universe do these anons live where "the majority" of anime is 12 year old dickgirls being raped by tentacles? Are people seriously so reserved their delicate ladybrains can't handle a pantyshot joke without going on a rampage? And how far gone do you have to be that you consider Card Captor Sakura as "pedogrooming" because Sakura is shown to have a puppy crush on her big brother's gay boyfriend?

It wouldn't bother me so much because I can always hide the thread but when they start leaking over to other threads and sperg out over trivial bullshit like pic related makes me think that they're either insane or false-flagging scrots because nobody else would be this retarded.

No. 424807

my poor old kitty cat has megacolon and i feel so awful for him. i’m staying up all night to wait until 10 am so the second the vet office opens i can get him in first in line for a check up. if he needs another deobstipation or a surgery to reduce his colon i’m going to give up what i’ve saved for college in the fall to pay for it. i don’t even care if i can’t afford to go anymore, i’ll take out a student loan, my course is only $10k so it’s not the end of the world. i just want him to be healthy and comfortable. i feel like the worst cat mom ever even though there’s literally nothing i can do except what i’m already doing. i wish i was a vet myself sometimes so i could just immediately make him better.

No. 424810

>Western shit is nothing but sexual innuendos and jokes
It's definitely not.

>In which universe do these anons live where "the majority" of anime is 12 year old dickgirls being raped by tentacles?

No one ever said or suggested this.

>Are people seriously so reserved their delicate ladybrains can't handle a pantyshot joke without going on a rampage

It's more than pantyshot jokes. It's actual pantyshots, are you serious?

>It wouldn't bother me so much because I can always hide the thread but when they start leaking over to other threads and sperg out over trivial bullshit like pic related makes me think that they're either insane or false-flagging scrots because nobody else would be this retarded.

Weird for you to say this when you've been dragging it to multiple threads. You, or another similarly autistic anon complained in the 'annoying' thread and are now complaining here, because you overreact and misrepresent those you disagree with in the exact same way as they did. You were also crying in the anti-anime thread. If it's not you, I'll eat my hat.

No. 424811


Why do weebs always get hypersensitive about their medium being criticized, is it cause they know it's bad? Not even music stans are this tenacious and retarded on other sites.

No. 424814

>We're calling a relatively harmless media form degenerate pedoshit and absolutely pulling facts out of our asses, why the fuck are all these damn weebs getting so upset about it???
And to address your other point, go ahead and try to slutty hold artists accountable for having their 14-year old fan girls emulate their style and "encouraging pedophilia", see how their fans react.

No. 424818

>relatively harmless

. imagine this is the hill you wanna die on.

No. 424822

>Did a weeb grab a nipponese katana and behead your entire family one by one in front of you?
>not being able to just once post something without using a dumb anime reaction image
Thanks for proving again how autistic you are.
Imagine being a grown women (at least I hope you're over 18. and female.) and thinking you need to defend animuh on the internet lol

And people do call out degenerate western thots, all the time.

It's never guys who were exposed to too sexy artists like Shakira or Beyonce as kids, who then go on to become basement dwellers who fantasize about killing everybody, no, it's always otaku neckbeards. And what do female neets spend their time with? I don't think it's watching or listening to western shit either… The retarded are drawn to anime and anime only serves to make you even more retarded.
Topping that of with girls getting depressed because the males in the community think 2d > 3d, and then attempt to get a tiny bit of love and attention by throwing any dignity out of the window and pander to them in any way they can… and you'll get 10-year-olds making ahegao faces (only for the lulz! nothing serious about that!) and 18-year-olds "cosplaying" in nothing more than a bikini (while getting called haggard and too old by men in their 30s and 40s).
Or 1000s defending and falling in love with somebody who tried to murder another person, because "she's the ideal yandere waifu!!!"…
Nothing good ever came out of manga or anime. It serves as a medium to depict things (without any consequences) that would be considered absolutely inappropriate in the eyes of any normal person.

No. 424843

Honestly, you're wasting your time anon. The second they called CCS pedogrooming shit you just should have accepted your loss of brain cells and move on. A lot of people on this website have puritan whitebread beliefs, just let them be. There's tons of places you can go to like anime.

No. 424847

File: 1561208649694.jpeg (45.42 KB, 441x391, BB230D63-C839-4CEB-8126-7F47DA…)

> girlfriend admits having a rape kink during facetime call
> is disgusted by it and confronts her about it
> why_are_you_attacking_me_anon.jpg
> she starts listing all the things wrong about me to make me look like the worse person in this situation, even going as far as bringing my past rape and sexual assault up and throws all the basically all the things i entrusted her with into my face
> when i tell her to stop, she just goes batshit crazy and starts yelling at me to stop being so selfish
> ends up writing a long genuine apology to her after she dramatically ends the call and i give her a normal logical reason why i do not like fetish of hers (hint: i was raped myself)
> she just leaves me on read

tfw you've been together for 4-5 years and you're really in love with her so even after a situation like this, it's really hard to leave her so you basically force yourself to ignore her extremely manipulative and lowkey abusive behavior that comes out sometimes

No. 424848

>they're fighting about anime again

No. 424850

>negative opinion on abortion
>What about rape annon?

Those two sentences summon a flame war hotter than hell.

No. 424851


No. 424863

How the fuck would she think it is ever appropriate to bring up you being raped in an argument much less one about her fantasizing about being raped and expecting you to support that? Does she not realize how messed up and counter to reason that is?

No. 424877

I feel kind of shit because I missed a meeting that was for an organization I helped out last year. Their President is retiring and she was the one I worked with, so this event was the last time she hosted it. I had received an invitation email a couple months ago but forgot what date it was, and it happened a few days ago when I even had the day off. I think I should send her an email to congratulate her retirement at least

No. 424885

I'm so fucking STOOPID. Absolute retard online.

No. 424891

i'm really stressed due to multiple things.

first, i'm in the process of moving into an apartment. i'm excited about my new place, and the fact that i won't be living with my current roommates who suck and i've been suffering for months bc of them.

second, my girlfriend has just been annoying me lately. she's too clingy and too in love with me and i need her to tone it back some. we talked about it last night which was annoying but talking about your feelings is always good. she's just so dramatic and stressful and over the top and it makes me not like her. i'm in a depressive slump and i told her i can't really be as there for her as i should be and i'm sorry, and it turned into her asking if i'm in love with someone who commented on my ig photo or if i want to break up. like no and you're making me talking about my feelings so much more stressful and it makes me never want to do it again. she then asked if i was in love with her, to which i said dude thats such a hard question i don't know, i don't feel anything right now about anything. then she said next time this happens, don't say extreme things like you're not in love with me.
plus her parents are moving away so it makes me feel guilty that i'm not 100% right now and she alludes to how she might lose it if i cant be 100% for her during that

No. 424893

did you see the light or anything?

No. 424895

sorry for samefag, but i also haven't been sexually attracted to her lately. i keep having sexy dreams about other people.

No. 424898

>Nothing good ever came out of
>video games
>It serves as a medium to depict things (without any consequences) that would be considered absolutely inappropriate in the eyes of any normal person.

No. 424900


just break up with her. itll save her and you more unneeded pain and suffering in the long run. not to be harsh but it sounds like you guys are just wasting each others’ time.

No. 424901

break up with her for the sake of both of ur mental health. u sound irritated by her so no point in continuing the relationship and it already sounds like she'll end up taking out things on u in the future due to her parents. you're not present (which hey for valid reasons anon) and should be focusing on urself and all ur own shit for now I'd say. like the other anon said you're wasting each others time at this point especially when she's relying on you so much while you aren't.

No. 424902

Don't ever be sad or angry or show any emotion other than happy when you're around others. Don't fucking cry or dare be upset about anything. NOBODY cares about that shit. Others have it worse than you so fuck you for ever feeling anything but happiness. You're just crying for attention. You just tried killing yourself for attention. You never leave your house fore weeks at a time for attention. Other people have it worse than you so FUCK YOU!

No. 424904

I feel like in constant limbo. Being in my late 20s I can't relate to people irl but I don't feel like I belong to any internet culture either. Even lolcow started to feel slightly alien to me. It's not criticism of others or this site, more of myself. I feel like an imposter everywhere and in all situations unless I exhaust myself by trying to blend in.

No. 424905

My air conditioning broke after being repaired 3 days ago. It's supposed to be in the 90s with very high humidity and I don't have fucking air conditioning. I had a repairman out because it wasn't working and he fixed it and acted like I was dumb and imagining that it wasn't working before, then he left after adding coolant and it worked for a few days. Now it literally is just blowing room temperature air around. It's already 80 degrees inside and it's not even the hot part of the day yet. I hate everyone and everything and I hope everyone goes and fucks themselves. Happy Summer.

No. 424907

that's fucking horrible. i live in the southern US so i understand how miserable that is. get a box fan in the meantime. if it breaks again, you'll have that to fall back on

No. 424909

I often feel like that too. I hang out with people or I'm online and I can barely relate to any of them in my age. I try to act in a "socially desirable" way, or act as if I enjoy the things my friends enjoy or think they way they do but i don't, and it shows. It really is exhausting but I'm sure many people feel like that. It's just that they tend keep it for themselves.

No. 424911

Yeah but then what's the point? What's the point of keeping up appearances if it's exhausting? I just thought it would eventually come to me naturally and I would get to relate to others in any way. I'm also depressed because I have never fallen in love. I'm in this period when lots of acquaintances even those that swore that they would never marry and have kids are going through that right now, and that makes me feel even more of an outsider because I don't want that but I also think that there's something wrong with me. Shouldn't my biological clock tick or something? Why am I not feeling anything?

If I were living somewhere alone it would be fine. Like this, I'm just constantly reminded that there's something off with me.

sorry for the blog post

No. 424913

nta but if you don't live alone, maybe you should? assuming you're in a position to. I want to live alone and I've always been the weird one out of the bunch like you guys. I can't relate to people who do the settle down, have kids thing. Not sure what's comforting about it tbh.

No. 424916

Living alone is on my priority list right now precisely because of that. Thanks anon, it makes me feel a little bit better knowing that I'm not alone in feeling like this.

I made a post way back wishing that there was a covenant for non religious people just wanting to study and meditate in solace, where you could occasionally talk to someone about certain topics but otherwise being alone would be the norm. I still wish that.

No. 424922

File: 1561224854508.jpg (37.17 KB, 400x400, IMG_0114.JPG)

I'm >>424911
My friends all have boyfriends and live fairly successful lives. I'm learning to accept that that's just the way my life is. I'll try to change the bad things about myself but I'm also learning to not be pressured to fit into certain standards set by people around me or my society in general.
So please be less harsh on yourself and don't try to force yourself to feel a certain way or set certain deadlines for things you must achieve or experience at a certain age.
It's easy to say that, I know. I really know how big the pressure is but all these things your friends do don't guarantee happiness either, really. Just do what feels right for yourself and stop giving fucks about what's considered "normal" for a woman.
Also, love can always come at any age.

Hope that made you feel a bit better, anon.

No. 424923

Oops I meant >>424909

No. 424926

Fuck I just found out something awful with my job and I have to go to a family party in like an hour. I’ve been crying and feel like crap but I can’t miss the party.

No. 424934

File: 1561226881307.jpg (43.04 KB, 540x361, bd3.jpg)

I went to the local grocery store and the cashier mistook me for a boy.
I have long hair, but my face is anything but feminine and my breasts are small. I was wearing a loose football (soccer) shirt that's comfy but makes me look even flatter than I already am.

No. 424976

>>424926 what did you find out, anon? i'm curious.

No. 425006

I recently got a new job and tonight starts my first full day alone. It's an overnight shift and I have to walk through 3 abandoned buildings and check the exits and restrooms. I've done overnight checks before but only one building. I'm so uneasy about this lol. I swear during my training I heard someone else in the building besides the guy who was training me. If anything, I'm gonna do the checks when the sun starts to come up hopefully it'll make me more comfortable. I thought I would be more brave.
I've been more anxious than usual, feeling disconnected and all that and I'm just trying to tell myself it's because I started a new job. It made training a little harder, but I think I'll eventually feel more at ease over time.

No. 425010

Thanks, I am getting one right now and also a big metal bowl and some ice. I'm going to call to have the a/c repaired on Monday morning. I figured I'd be okay but I have an older cat and I was worried that he would overheat. I'm holding an icepack to him now while my bf gets a fan. Also, nice to see another anon from southern US. It's miserable here.

No. 425049

>Shouldn't my biological clock tick or something? Why am I not feeling anything?
Because it's not real and believing in it is for rubes. "Baby fever" is real, but it has nothing to do with timing, when/what is most beneficial to have a child, etc. It's just something that happens when people are exposed to kids, their friends or family members having kids, etc. Nothing to do with chronology. Having kids is like, the shittiest of all pyramid schemes though. People are always trying to "sell" you into it, but it requires that you make physical, financial, and emotional sacrifices for something that people never speak truthfully about, specifically because they're already neck-deep in their 'investments'. Ones that they're now emotionally, financially, and especially, legally, liable for. There's no way to get a feel for what a mistake it is when people have that much on the line.

No. 425059

>i look and dress like a boy
>oh boy let met vent about getting misgendered

No. 425070

I often pass as a young boy when I'm with short hair like a pixie cut. I have a deeper voice than average, not a lot of breasts (and I prefer sports bras over average bras) and if I wear clothes that don't fit I can look like a dude. And guess what I'm often wearing oversized band tees. You're not alone anon. lol

No. 425093

I swear, anon sounds like they're looking to get offended kek
People called me a boy when I cosplayed Ness for Halloween. Made me feel like I was perfectly in character. Besides that, I have a feeling a lot of people assume I'm a troon at first glance but realize I'm not when I don't complain about gender.

No. 425112

my friend is american-jewish and keeps trying to claim she's "not white" and participate in race arguments on twitter

i wish i could slap her and tell her antisemitism isn't a poc issue

No. 425141

File: 1561258674568.jpeg (373.91 KB, 1031x1269, 2f5eb632bf1282f84e71fe74c4389e…)

>tfw my bf tells me i'm "driving him fucking crazy" because i have mental illnesses

No. 425142

Ask him which one?

No. 425143

It's all of them

No. 425149

What illnesses? How long have you been together? Is he actually there for you and is just 'drained' for the moment, or is he a useless dishrag that just complains about what you're going through?

I find that the people that complain like that often are the ones who do literally nothing helpful, offer no support, and expend 0 emotional energy.

No. 425153

>driving him crazy

Guess you can be twinsies now

No. 425155


A UK judge ruled to force a mentally disabled person to abort against her will and I'm so horrified. I feel like this is such a slippery slope to force a woman to abort because "it's in her best interest and she's not competent enough to decide for herself". Where is the line? Let the poor woman decide for herself.

No. 425159

Are you serious? She has the mental age of a child between the ages of 6 and 9. She absolutely should be aborting, and it seems like overreach, but I absolutely support it. She can't make that decision for herself. Her mom also sounds like a wackjob to even entertain the idea and not be horrified by her child even being pregnant. Her mother won't be around forever, and it's unfair to any child to have a parent that's that mentally disabled.

No. 425163

She's 22 weeks, she's far enough along to have already formed a strong bond with the baby and probably feels like these people are literally murdering her child. How is that better for her than letting her have it?

And where exactly is the line? What about a woman with schizophrenia or some other severe mental illness? So any woman who is deemed incapable of making wise decisions for herself should be forced to abort against her will?

No. 425165

> So any woman who is deemed incapable of making wise decisions for herself should be forced to abort against her will?

why do you want women who can't take care of themselves or make sound decisions in charge of a literal baby? even if you put up a baby for adoption bc their mother is literally mentally incapable of taking care of them, you're chucking another baby to an already oversaturated system of foster kids who outgrow it and become society's rejects.

No. 425166

I just hope they find the man who RAPED hee

No. 425168

I don't. Either outcome is shitty, but ultimately it should be the woman deciding what happens, not the government in either direction. Why do you want to force women againsg their will to have abortions, especially ones that far along?

No. 425170

My boyfriend's mother apparently made fun of something about my physical appearance he told me and I don't know why he would even mention that she said that to me. But it makes me feel embarrassed and like I want to distance myself from him now. Not sure if it's because of my trust issues from trauma but it also seems shady that he would say that to me. I wouldn't even bother to mention it or care if someone said something negative about his appearance.

No. 425171

He probably genuinely didn't think it would bother you. Most men are dumb af about shit like that.

No. 425179

>She's 22 weeks, she's far enough along to have already formed a strong bond with the baby and probably feels like these people are literally murdering her child. How is that better for her than letting her have it?
I care more about the actual, material ramifications of her being a parent and giving birth to a child she can't care for, seeing as how she can't care for herself, than her feelings, honestly. I can almost guarantee the soon-to-be grandma is a nutcase, too. She should be pre-occupied with enough worry about her already existing disabled daughter to know that this is bonkers, rather than deluding her. Pretty exploitative on behalf of the mother, actually, to use her disabled daughter's body like this because she's pro-life. Her giving birth is obviously not in her daughter's best interest.

>And where exactly is the line? What about a woman with schizophrenia or some other severe mental illness? So any woman who is deemed incapable of making wise decisions for herself should be forced to abort against her will?

She's not mentally ill, she's severely cognitively disabled. You must know the difference between the two. The child will probably be the one to suffer from this. A severely disabled person shouldn't have to worry about this, anyways.

>I don't. Either outcome is shitty, but ultimately it should be the woman deciding what happens, not the government in either direction.
You don't, but let's just throw a helpless child into an already painful, complicated, and uncertain situation all because, what, the mother will be super sad if not? Do you care about the child at all, or what? This has the potential to be a frightening and painful situation for more than just the mother, and it's very unfair to prioritize only the feelings of a mother who can't even begin to take on or understand how to care for herself, let alone her child. It's really better for her to just have the abortion. The ends justify the means.

No. 425180

I hope you're right that it's just obliviousness.
>Tfw can't even talk to him about it without seeming like the crazy bitch gf

No. 425181

>She's not mentally ill, she's severely cognitively disabled. You must know the difference between the two.
Of course the two are different, but women with severe mental illness like bipolar 1 or schizophrenia are typically not capable of raising a child in a healthy environment either. Every argument you're using applies to them as well. Also, all your arguments against allowing the child to be birthed and put up for adoption also apply to every single kid put up for adoption. Should we just ban adoption and force anyone who can't take care of a kid to abort?

No. 425187

>Of course the two are different, but women with severe mental illness like bipolar 1 or schizophrenia are typically not capable of raising a child in a healthy environment either.
Bipolar disorder and schizophrenia are capable of being managed. She's not going to magically become capable. And there's a huge difference between an unhealthy environment, and having a parent that literally cannot understand or carry out necessary tasks to care for themselves and their child. Though tbh, I don't think people with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia should be having kids, but apparently they don't give a shit about the well-being of their children and how it can possibly be compromised by their illnesses, but w/e.

>Also, all your arguments against allowing the child to be birthed and put up for adoption also apply to every single kid put up for adoption. Should we just ban adoption and force anyone who can't take care of a kid to abort?

If they can't find someone to adopt and care for the child, yes. Kids shouldn't be forced into a world without people that can care for them and give them what they need. Even psychologically, I'm sure that kind of thing has to do a child's head in, just knowing you were alone from day 1, and so many kids who don't have advocates or a support system face truly terrible things.

No. 425203

Sick of hearing people make fun of others for being ‘sheltered’. Shouldn’t the end goal of every parent be for their children to not have to experience the atrocities of the world?

No. 425205

i'm so pessimistic all the time because the world honestly feels like it's ending. the state of it all is fucking terrifying. i don't know how anyone can be happy without ignoring everything going on around them

No. 425207

The problem is is they're going to anyway, even in a utopia one day you're going to die and your kid needs to know how to deal with that and look after themselves.

No. 425210

I also see people making fun of kids who weren't abused by their parents. They also think its ridiculous that a father actually cares about their children. I've been made fun of by "friends" because my father cares about me. lol. I've actually had to downplay the things he does for me because they think it's "insane". I think it's completely normal for a father to worship his children, to do everything humanly possible to support and love his children and find it completely ABNORMAL to be put down, shamed and ignored. They think normal loving things are "insane", like….. I'm sorry you're parents hate you. LMAO.

No. 425213

There's a difference between protecting your children from awful shit at appropriate ages vs ensuring that they're completely incapable of taking care of themselves into adulthood.

No. 425215

Nta, but see? That's the problem.
People always assume parents taking care and loving their kids = kids grow up to be entitled and dependent adultchildren, which simply is't true.

No. 425224

To be honest I'm wondering if we've had a big influx of normie radfems/libfems here lately because the moralfagging has been out of control at times. Literally everything is pedophilia and pedogrooming, everything to do with sex is rape, bisexual girls are devil sluts, gay men need to die, all erotica is harmful, fujos need to neck themselves for ~fetishizing~ and anime is inherently harmful and autistic. I wish there was a space for women where they could be as "degenerate" and mean as they please without men or other puritan women around. Men have multiple anonymous boards where they can let themselves go without restriction, women have none. You immediately get someone breathing on your neck about "not being ladylike" and how "women don't have to sink to the men's level".

No. 425230

We got linked on reddit, there has been a slow infiltration by radfags who think this is a radfem board.

No. 425237

>gay men need to die
>fujos need to neck themselves for ~fetishizing~
this can't be the same person. i've never seen anyone on lc saying the latter, people shit on easily offended fujos because they are cringy.

No. 425239

No offense anon but you've been living under a rock if you haven't seen those two arguments being thrown over and over again here lately. The mods even had to lock the "gay male bashing" thread because it was simply radfems screeching about how much they hate gay men and "gay men culture" for being so misogynistic. That thread is still in the catalog and a lot of their talking points can be found from other threads where the homophobic OTT pinkpillers leak over to. As for the fujos, recently there has been a lot of thread derailing about how they are disgusting for fetishizing gay men to the point even the fujo containment thread in /m/ even had people coming in just to pick a fight. Every now and then the GC thread gets the "yeah but what about the FTMs??? we never talk about those disgusting gender traitor fujos!!!" sperg coming in out of nowhere. They definitely happen here all the time now and it's obvious it's the same leddit radfems who ruin the movement for everyone.

No. 425242

i understand where you're coming from but there are aspects of gay male culture that is worth criticizing, no? it's not inherently homophobic to call out gay men on their misogyny. you can't go around in public criticizing gay men/mtfs because tons of people will jump on you and call you an evul terf. i'm personally not into fujo stuff so i agree that it makes no sense to go to the fujo containment thread to ree. i haven't seen people using the "fujos fetishize gays!!" argument on lc but i've seen it on tumblr and twitter, people here usually make fun of it.

No. 425247

There definitely is room to criticize the gay culture for its misogyny but the thread was just born dead and only used as a thin veil to be homophobic just for the sake of hating gays and making it Manhate v.2, most of the problems brought up there weren't specifically gay but instead just related to the male demographic in general. It also devolved into political lesbian radfem mess when they started hating on the Straight Woman Strawman for "defending the gays and picking the misogynistic men over lesbians".

No. 425249

>everything to do with sex is rape
Yeah, this. Any woman into anything other than vanilla sex is a handmaiden/cool girl apparently now too. You know shit has gotten out of hand with the trad shit when someone tried to bump a thread with anti-lesbian/dyke shit from 2 years ago. I think the radfem and GC crowd has also attracted an actual conservative woman crowd. It's the only explanation for the homophobia.

No. 425262

In a few hours we will suddenly see several small robot drawings here… lol

No. 425265

I keep dreaming about my BF doing terrible things. In one dream he hated me and called my body disgusting because I'm not a small asian girl(he's Asian). And then I had a dream where we were married and everytime I cried or tried to talk to him about anything emotional, he would ignore me and only use me for sex. The most recent one was about him going viral by making fun of a retarded kid in public and getting caught on camera. Then everyone started attacking/defending him and he started some kind of anti-PC movement and he became a literal cow online but refused to apologize. This made him spiral into conservative/incel/redpiller beliefs and he started treating me terribly again.

What a weird dream. My BF is actually a nice guy. What's wrong with my brain.

No. 425274

>"women don't have to sink to the men's level"
I hate this so fucking much. I know for a fact it's said by the same retard(s) with a fujoshi obsession, too, but I don't think they're radfems. They strike me as libfems fresh off Tumblr. Their main thing they love to do is proselytize to other women, and they want to dress it up and fit in here by adding sideways shit like "Ok men bad too but you don't need to be like them!!". Notice that Tumblr is also full of fujoshi-bashing, too. Genderspecials, FtMs and other assorted women with hang-ups about womanhood getting angry about women. The argument is typically that it's "fetishizing gay men". From what I've read, radfems don't care about that shit. Their concern is women, first and foremost, which means women's exploitation and the commodification of their bodies.

These same types will also shit on women to defend gay men with their lives, for the reasons I stated above. I realized this was a thing when the gay male bashing thread appeared (it was mostly women bashing gay men for the same reasons all other men are bashed), and then suddenly an insane self-proclaimed lesbian made a disgustingly long post shitting on women for being straight, calling them "dicklovers" or whatever the fuck, then ran to /meta/ to throw a fit about radfems and homophobia. It was horrible, and I still pray that was just an idiot transbian defending his fellow males, not a woman who pretends to love women, but will unironically go at other women's necks like an attack dog just to defend men who want to fuck other men.

No. 425275

Honestly the thread was shit from the beginning with a fair amount of autism on both sides. The people who had actual good points were drowned out by "Actually…that's homophobia, anon" and "Stop caping for gay men!" and then someone tried to derail by shit-talking lesbians in the same thread. I really wonder sometimes if a lot of LARPing men come here to lowkey derail discussion with nonsensical BS.

No. 425278

Lolcow is a place of many ideologies.
I don't like how almost every thread on /pt/ and /snow/ is about a woman, how the threads about men don't get as nitpicked as the women ones, nor I like the "I'm a dumb bitch" meme thread on /m/.
Not everything will cater to your tastes and morals anon, don't be a baby ffs. If you don't like a thread just HIDE IT.

No. 425303

If you want to bitch about gay men then do it in the man hate thread, nobody is stopping you. There's literally no reason to have a separate thread for gay and straight men, they're both trash in different flavors

No. 425312

That's actually what I said about the thread before it was locked. I just noticed how fucked up it was that someone thought it was perfectly just to shit on women to WK men, and frame it as gay rights.
Like I said, it's definitely a Tumblr libfem "Gay men are holy untouchable angels, defend them with your life" mindset. Just internalized misogyny on full blast.

No. 425328

File: 1561294626597.jpg (73.91 KB, 630x630, Cat1.jpg)

I had this guy friend that I used only to vent, he knew it and was completely cool with it that he even encourages at times (creepy I know), and he knows that I'm already in a relationship because I vent about my s.o. being closed off sometimes.
This dude who is also still in high school and is the type of boys who likes to collect as many females as possible and I straight up told him he has no chance for endless reasons but he confuses me, he talks about how no one wants to date his ass but then he is always in a relationship but doesn't want to admit it.
I had encountered men like him before but he is so stubborn, I told him about gross stuff about me, I sent him photos of my leg hair and other stuff that would turn off most men but he insists on being so flirty also sending me occasional 'I miss you' every once in a while, I tell him that I've been with this man for two years and I'm not leaving him any time soon… he is just horny it is freaking me out, finally I blocked him and it was a relief.
That was two months ago, today I woke up and found a 'I miss you' message on my discord that I forgot I gave him.
I'm blocking him there too, I just hate men sometimes, feeling entitled or acting like they care while having a bunch of other ladies who they treat the same, -men- like him just see a female as a collectible and my lord they want to collect them all.
PS: He isn't even my type and he knows even that.
PPS: He also used to try to send a dick pic all the time, luckily he was polite enough to ask first.

No. 425329

>tfw youre 27 and grew up on competitive games yet mean people in overwatch can still hurt your feelings

why am I such a pussy holy shit

No. 425332

Sending photos of your leg hair and "other stuff" doesnt turn guys off. If anything, they dig how blunt and open you are and they really love women they can talk about anything with.

No. 425336

If you collect Funko pop, I don’t want to be your friend

No. 425338

same, just people in dark souls when they make rude gestures and hackers that completely disable hits and so on.

No. 425340

this tbh, those things are some of the ugliest designs I've ever seen in my life. Nendoroids are much more appealing

No. 425342

Nendoroids are just as worthless and lame, maybe worse bc they’re weeby

No. 425343

My coworker liked them and she was super sweet and chill. Entry level geek/weeb is much better than some smelly nerd who collects anime figs.

No. 425344

you are friends with a big slut
and you still surprised he's a degenerate?

No. 425348


Please sign me up if you ever find such a convent! Or maybe we can make one ourselves? Haha! But, seriously though Anon, I totally get you. I can never click with the normies or even the weebs. Pretending to be interested in people that you don't click with is super tiring and disappointing in the end. I think I actually gave up trying to pretend to be normal last year to the point where all my normie friends and colleague just slowly drifted away from me and I'm basically alone now. It gets super lonely sometimes though being a lone wolf. Sometimes there are days that you feel like you want to talk to somebody about your day but then there's no one that you can even trust or comfortable to share your story with. I wish I can completely get rid of the feeling of loneliness and my lone wolf life will be much more bearable.

No. 425357

The Man Hate and GC threads were obviously going to be magnets for these types to come to the site. Not sure why anyone is surprised. It's annoying AF though. I miss when lolcow was mostly cgl refugees.

No. 425360

Why were you talking to a guy still in high school?

No. 425368

I like those threads and agree with a lot of radfem points but I do wish some of the radfem stuff was more contained. They've killed a lot of the discussion on /m/ particularly. Not every thread has to be political. The good thing about it though is that it tends to keep trannies away.

No. 425369

NTA but a lot of people on this board are 18 and 19, so it's not weird if the guy is a junior or senior.

No. 425374

This is so late but I feel it so hard.

I’m so sorry anon. It’s the most insane final thing. Like…. there’s a higher chance I’ll become president than my best friend coming back to life. How FUCKED is that? Literally, statistically, it’s more likely I’ll win the lottery or go to space. It makes me so sad, and it goes on forever.

It gets better. But I NEVER LEAVES. It never stops hurting. I think maybe I just cope worse than others, but I suspect maybe not? And they just hide it? Idk. I’m just sorry and please know you’re not suffering alone.

No. 425376

>fujos need to neck themselves for ~fetishizing~
A lot of males are the ones saying that, so you're ascribing the wrong thing to the girls here, you know. I've also literally never seen any woman on here say that all erotica is bad…

No. 425378

File: 1561307106186.png (277.39 KB, 1304x704, griefobserved.png)


I am so sorry for your loss anons <3
it never leaves. I feel like I'm still in shock, like something cracked.
you're not alone. I just hope it gets easier for you.

CS Lewis wrote A Grief Observed and I read it when I lost my dad, it helped somewhat. nothing but time helps, and that's only with digesting the loss.
take care of your hearts anons, I'm so sorry you're suffering like this. there really is nothing worse.

No. 425392

Fuck parents who cant take their kid to a restaurant without a tablet playing cartoons at a high volume for all others to hear. It shouldn’t even be an option between that or your kid acting like a lunatic. Parent your fucking kid so she can eat in public without mindlessly shoving fries in her mouth while watching peppa pig.

No. 425394

To be fair, cgl dislikes trannies too.

No. 425406

Hating trannies isn't a political issue, it's common sense.

No. 425418

Same anon here.
Turned out that had he sent me the same message on every social media platform that I didn't block him on.

>>425344 You're right, I should've seen that coming but I didn't.

>>425360 He started talking to me and I thought he just wanted to be friends, I have absolutely no interest in younger guys (regardless of legality). I was talking as in literally talking and nothing more.
Also, please don't forget that I'm in a relationship already and I'm not the type to cheat.

I've run out of smart answers to use since I've tried them all before and blocking him doesn't seem to stop him, I will just ignore him from now on.

No. 425426

hard agree. i feel like there's no point in trying to improve my life because society is maybe a few years from collapse and in the end, all the effort i'd have to put into it would have been for nothing.

No. 425432

>I think the radfem and GC crowd has also attracted an actual conservative woman crowd. It's the only explanation for the homophobia.
I think there might be something to this. There's also been a lot more pro life spergs around recently, as well as some unironic anti-jewish conspiracy talk.
>I don't like how almost every thread on /pt/ and /snow/ is about a woman, how the threads about men don't get as nitpicked as the women ones,
I agree, but I think if there was more of an emphasis on men on those boards, it would attract male posters. No offence to kiwifarms, they're pretty great at collecting receipts on dodgy people, but I don't want kiwis migrating over here and fucking with the vibe.

No. 425435

>as well as some unironic anti-jewish conspiracy talk.
That was our resident /pol/tard (and possible scrote) shitting up the pink pill thread. You can always tell it's them because they use the same shitty arguments and bullshit images about Jewish people every time.

No. 425443

>I don't like how almost every thread on /pt/ and /snow/ is about a woman
Let's put this into perspective, anon. Majority of our users are women. Majority of us surround ourselves with other women simply because we're born women and have that one thing in common. It's only natural we'd make threads focusing on other women.

No. 425445

I cry a lot every time I try to make myself look good enough to go out but then I stay home because its so bad. I cant believe my self worth is so crippled that I cant function. What a stupid fucking feeling to exist with and it majorly stems from men telling me im gross and undesirable since such a young age.

No. 425446

go to therapy.

No. 425450

I feel some relief reading this. Most of the time I feel like I'm going crazy. Friends my age will talk about saving for retirement or starting a college fund for their baby and they don't even consider that those things may not mean anything in 20 years. It's like everyone around me can chat about these things normally while I'm just screaming in my head about how nothing fucking matters. But I have to pretend everything is fine because otherwise I really will seem insane.

No. 425458

Had a similar issue, I got over it by the years, one of the things that helped a lot was seeing professionalists and talking with them on the things that were bothering me, I saw a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon and it helped me a bunch, I fixed some insecurities and discovered that some are just in my head.
Other quick tips:
>Try expressing yourself through painting, writing, singing…etc, maybe have a journal and write how you feel about certain things.
>Relying on a support group isn't always helpful from my experience, it just worsens matters.
>Try to be vocal about it, you might feel annoying but it does help.
>Do not suppress your feelings a lot, it's okay to let yourself feel sometimes.
>Try to get used to the way you look by always keeping a mirror by your side so you can get a sense of self.
>Get into fashion and find just the style that compliments you best, I'm certain you're not that bad you just didn't find what fits you yet.
>Expand your dictionary of what's beautiful and what's not, know that they are so many different shapes and they're all beautiful in their own right so don't limit yourself by trying to fit in one ideal of beauty.
>>Make an image board of photos of people who are beautiful but do not fit in the standards of beauty.
>Be kind to yourself, you're not as horrid as you believe to so just forgive yourself sometimes.
>Listen to people talking about their experience with it, you might feel better by knowing that you're not alone, Ted Talks isn't that bad.
>Maybe just look at lolcows who photoshop the fuck out of themselves proves they're not pleased with how they look either.
>Try cutting food/people/habits that would make you feel anxious.

Wish I can help but that's all I got, please do feel better soon xx

No. 425462

One of my co-workers always looks at my eczema scars. Not like casual glance, but she stares at it for 1 minute and starts going on how her mlm can help me. I mentioned I was diabetic to her once and after that she started calling me 'poor thing' and started shilling her mlm again.

No. 425465

File: 1561330291390.jpg (15.5 KB, 593x242, zuxv82mi26331.jpg)

My best friend is a TIF. I was okay with it and gave 'him' all my support when he came out. We've both always been GNC and I always thought we were just a pair of dykes. Out of the blue he's been getting annoyed with me, not wanting to talk to me, giving me attitude etc. When I finally cornered him, he told me that he hates how girly I am/have become and that it annoys him. He said he doesn't trust women anymore. How the fuck do I respond to something so obviously misogynistic? How does one fall this far from being a cool GNC woman to being a misogynist 'man'?

No. 425466

Oh my god what a douchebag. Internalized misogyny much?

No. 425470

Tell him he has some internal issues he needs to sort out. He's obviously projecting his insecurities onto you. Blaming you for his misogyny.

No. 425472

Go full petty pretend SJW and call “him” out for his misogyny and start talking about how “he” is privileged and is an oppressor, etc all the time

No. 425475

File: 1561332986421.jpeg (31.9 KB, 407x354, A0571F30-38BA-43FF-85CE-768444…)

I'm so fucking sensitive lately and it sucks. I have bpd and I suck at emotion regulation and not assuming the worst. My bf keeps snapping at me for it but like, we'll be in a gc and there's issues I have with it and I KNOW I repeat myself on it but it never gets fixed and it's making me feel uncomfortable being in the chat (with people I'm paying over 500 to visit ffs)

I just wanna cry because my bf is in a horrid mood and is snapping at me constantly, I can't take being snapped at, like for example he was mumbling about how he wanted a drink and wanted me to buy him one but I didn't hear him bc mumbling, but he got mad and was convinced I didn't hear him because I was on my phone, which I was but it was because he was mumbling, I was checking the time?? And just shit like that. It makes me feel so stupid.

No. 425479

I would suggest taking some time off from each other, would be hard if you live together but try to not engage with one another for a while.
Talk about it with him though and let him know that you're doing it for the sake of your relationship, he will be thankful.
Good luck, xx

No. 425482

Yeah, I'm heading home to visit family in a few days but.. it just sucks. Neither of us mean it and we did apologize just now I just feel so dumb and sensitive

No. 425483

It's okay love, all of us had been there once.

No. 425490

As much as I’m sad you’re hurting too, it’s nice to know I’m not just ‘broken’ and others feel the same. Reading things like you posted did help me; it still does.
I’m ok now, but it’s always a low hum. Getting older terrifies me because I’ll inevitably keep losing more people; and I’m scared the low hum will become loud and blaring and constant. I hope that’s not the case.

“She was no longer wrestling with the grief, but could sit down with it as a lasting companion and make it a sharer in her thoughts.”

No. 425491

File: 1561336855344.jpg (149.11 KB, 800x800, ap_090911089838_.jpg)

I hope you feel better anon!

No. 425500

I feel so very disconnected from my boyfriend lately even though he’s an amazing boyfriend who checks almost every single box I can’t help but feel lonely

No. 425522

>because Sakura is shown to have a puppy crush on her big brother's gay boyfriend?
There's a different character who ends up dating her teacher.

No. 425531

Hey anon, don't know if you're still in this thread but I wanted to tell you I'm in the exact same position. I could have written this post myself. I hope you're doing ok.

No. 425558

I would ask him why and tell him that it sounds like he's sorting through complicated feelings because of his gender identity, but misogyny is never ok, especially from a trans man. Judging someone he has known for ages for being "too girly" is just fucked up bullshit and it's completely unfair to blame it on ~I don't trust women~, if he wasn't assaulted no fucking excuses for that shit. Especially not from a TiF/afab directed at a lesbian he's known for a while, women and esp lesbians deal with enough bullshit policing for how feminine or masculine they are. Hating women doesn't make him more of a man, it makes him an asshole.

No. 425559

Can you tell her to knock it off? Say that you find it rude and inappropriate to comment on something you don't talk about. It's still weird to shill for the MLM with your diabetes. If you want to be mean tell her she's not a dermatologist and her bullshit creams/oils aren't going to fix it, and she's not a doctor so she can't fix your diabetes, she probably doesn't even have it.

No. 425565

im on vacation visiting my dad, im supposed to be here till the end of august but i might have to leave tomorrow and im freaking the fuck out
my dad just came into my room screaming and cussing at me and told me to get the fuck out and get the fuck out i will but also we just co signed an apartment together because im going to a new school this year and i know he wont pay for it if i leave and i know i cant afford it on my own im happy to finally have this evil fucker out of my life i honestly thought he changed and thats why i came im just stressed and freaking out and i have no one to go to if it all blows up and i dont have a plane ticket home

No. 425568

Gotta love how you and all the people replying to you are using the "preferred" pronouns. She's a woman, she will forever be a woman and never a man.

No. 425602

i’m seeing my sugar daddy irl for the first time today and i’m super nervous, i almost threw up yesterday. i’m really worried for myself and i hope i’ll come out of this alright.

i know anons are gonna tell me i deserve to get rape-murdered for being a whore or whatever but i just wanted to vent this somewhere.

No. 425603

you don't deserve to get hurt, but that's some really retarded shit

No. 425607

Be safe. If he has to pay for it, he is defective in some way and/or is devient or degenerate.
Please girl be careful.

No. 425609

If you’re calling him a sugar daddy then I’m assuming you’re coming from a reasonably privileged background, so I’ve gotta ask; why. Why are you prostituting yourself? Why put yourself through the almost inevitable physical and mental traumas? And I don’t think any anon with even a shred of empathy would say you deserve to be raped (although all sex with the exchange of money can be viewed as rape) nor murdered, those two reasons are why people tend to be against it.

No. 425629

did anyone elses parents ever freak out if it turned out that there was something wrong with them? i have mild scoliosis, like as in mild enough that the doctors started laughing when my mom asked if i need surgery for it, and an extremely mild case of a flat arch, but when my mom found out from the doctor she was extremely pissed, i remember i was about 11 when the doctor told her, and she was screaming at me telling me this was all my fault and that im a worthless cripple, all this outside the doctors office.

No. 425630

>>425602 not gonna moralfag you, anon. just make sure someone knows where you are and have some sort of a exit plan just in case, shank the pig if needed. good luck.

No. 425631

>>425629 sounds fucking terrible, my dad did kinda the same when he heard me mentioning some mental health stuff to my mom. later on during some fight with my mom, he screamed how i was a fuckup insane pos ofc it's my mom's fault. like bitch, it's not even that bad. doesn't even know wtf i have bc never wanted to give him methaphoric bullets lol.

No. 425634

Is this a cultural difference or am I objectively supposed to not be surprised by your Western creatures whenever they start screeching animalistically against a woman concerned that her brother is stripping her 3 year old daughter naked?

So I tend to browse r/gendercritical and saw them berating a post where a moid was babysitting his neice. Kid gets dirty so it decides to strip her down to give her a "proper wash." Mother is shocked at the creature for correct reasons because moids are scum who rape children so it posts it's sob story on Reddit and a bunch of other fucks are sobbing that women are afraid of them. Because women being afraid of you is sexism.

I ask my mom what she would do if her brother bathe her 3 year old with his own hands and she looks like I'm retarded but instead it's for the story and not because I'm actually retarded. And I'm like, yeah, why the FUCK would you want a creature to touch your child? But even the woke Bros on r/circlebroke2 which i checked out are crucifying me for saying "A child's safety should concern a mom more instead of your feelings" and they're going berserk and autistic with the downvotes. I've digged in and no comment that has spoken rationally been upvoted. They want full permission to strip down three year olds. Going to Reddit was a mistake and I suspect my brain-cells have died, I solely went for r/gendercritical.

So I'm wondering is this a thing in the West? Not sure whether this is private information but we live in South Asia, and yeah this might be cultural? I don't know. Would you let your blood-bound zoo animal strip your 3 year old naked? Would your mom allow it? Are your men swallowing the "3qu4l1ty" "s3x-p0s1t1v1ty" "D0nt k1nksh4me" so much to their own convenience that they're becoming deranged animals and causing the West's age of intellectualism to cease?

No. 425636

I'm really scared of that happening, which is why I haven't told my parents yet I was diagnosed with autism this year. When I was a depressed, self-harming teen they would already use that as a justification to punish and mock me, all while asserting I was making it up for attention. I feel like me now having an actual diagnosis would just piss them off, especially with all the stigma and misinformation around autistic women.

No. 425648

It depends on the household values, anon. Personally my mother let NO men (or other women) see me naked ever, and also never left me alone with adult men. Even into my early teens she was protective of me and wouldn't let me go anywhere too private with my friends or let me run wild. She has a past of familial abuse though which makes her very wary (even to this day when I'm 22).

Some people just don't care about their children. And men do get stupidly offended by shit like women being on guard around them at night or not having full access to all kids. I have no idea why. Even as a woman, for example, if someone didn't want me to interact with their children I'd understand. Kids need to be protected at all costs despite anyone's ego.

No. 425651

I'm ashamed. I started myself back on effexor because I know it makes me nauseous as hell and I have been putting on some weight lately.

No. 425653

the absolute dehumanization of men in this post is seriously impressive.

i grew up in a really "clothed" environment. like, i still get a bit uncomfortable seeing my brother's bare legs in shorts lol. so the idea of other people seeing my child's naked body doesn't sit right with me. i think i'm just really closed minded in this regard, compared to other people.

No. 425654

I guess I'm a western degenerate because I wouldn't mind a close male family member helping my child wash her/himself, but he should definitely tell me first and not just disappear with the kid and letting me find him with my child buttnaked. But I still thinks it's the mom prerogative and if she doesn't want any men involved in her kids shower time people should just fuck off and obey.

I had a lot of males figures around me when I was a kid and me and my cousins spent a lot of time completely naked as kids, so I'm not really bothered by nudity, I guess I'm a bit naive cause I just think childs are lucky to be able to walk around naked sometimes, I don't even think about the perverted males who enjoy it.

No. 425656

File: 1561384295934.jpg (35.18 KB, 802x523, Dw3C4OyWoAAihxq.jpg)

>i still get a bit uncomfortable seeing my brother's bare legs in shorts lol
"lol"… How do you live?

And the post you replied to is likely bait.

No. 425673

bralettes are glorified training bras and they should be just as cheap. it's a scam.

No. 425683

I'm so over having to look for a job. I wish I could go to work tomorrow, I'm not even picky, I just need some money to get my life started. I can't take being a NEET any longer.

No. 425684

well, tbf he also has really, really hairy legs so it's just gross to look at. I live by feeling slightly repulsed every time I see more skin on a man than you'd see on a standard t shirt and cargo shorts outfit, I guess. I used to be a lot worse though. now it's more like kiiinda gross in the way you see the occasional nasty shit in someone's teeth or nose? gross but doesn't affect your interactions with them

No. 425709

Fuck Zuck and Instagram for removing captions and comments from public view and impeding my ability to provide milk!

No. 425773

What sort of jobs have you been applying for? Have you looked into temp agencies? Good luck on your job search anon!

No. 425781

Trying so hard not to burst into fucking tears at work because I don't know if my dog will still be alive or not by the time I get home.

I can't stop thinking about it but it's not like I can just up and leave in the middle of the work day. I want my stupid ass brain to just shut the fuck up and be distracted for a few more hours by dumb memes or some shit.

No. 425817

i want a real boyfriend, not this stupid fucking e-boy i’m with right now who does nothing but like photos of random girls on instagram and follow “kawaii girls” instagram pages. i’m just so lonely and it’s nice to pretend im in a relationship online. but i want a boyfriend in real life so much, it’s the one thing i want above all tbh. i just don’t know how to meet people in person, especially since i just moved to a new city. fml

No. 425824

That's so horrible, I'm so sorry you're going through that, anon. Hugs.

No. 425828

My sister is so fucking spoilt and I fucking hate it. Whilst I was severely abused, she never was. She has always had her emotional needs met and now she's entitled as hell. I can't stand to be around her. She's so fucking lazy and dumb, but she's been made to feel like she is the shit.

No. 425837


Just keep thinking about how fucked she’s going to be when mommy and daddy can’t coddle her anymore.

Or how she’ll never truly gain independence

No. 425839

File: 1561412835378.jpg (24.64 KB, 506x960, 1495743124317.jpg)

I exposed my narc mom's abuse towards me on facebook hoping to get support, and it was actually very well-received. A lot of my friends reached out to me to offer help. Probably the most I've ever seen in my entire life.
I made sure to block most family members from seeing the post, especially mom's flying monkies like my cousins. I knew they'd never be supportive of me and would stan her hard. They've always treated me like a black sheep for one. Secondly, they have sucked up to my mom in order to gain material things and money so they're super into currying her favor. They never catch her nasty side so they don't give a fuck on how she treats me when no one's around, they don't live with her or deal with her anyway. They don't mind throwing me under the bus if it means they'll reach golden status with her.
One cousin in particular, K, is a master manipulator and drained my granddad before he died. Mom has always treated K peachy sweet, even when she knew how much she took advantage of granddad. Mom is even funding a huge portion of K's wedding that I wasn't invited into (not that I'm mad about that). I accidentally forgot to block K's sister from seeing the post though. It was easy to forget because I only see her once every few years and she never interacts with me. So she must've shown K who was blocked.

K sent me an aggressive text message, stopping none short of sucking the fluids from mom's vacuous cunt.
>omg anon im shocked youd say that abut ur mom shes a good person who has been good to you she needs you like are you for real? ur insane u know you could have come to me instead ive got ur back i cant believe you w that post shes blood and shes always had ur back maybe not in the way you wanted her to be shes gonna be so upset when she sees this you know its hard living w my dad but you talk it out and move on im so shocked
I was with friends at the time or I think I would've called this ballsy bitch. Luckily it's a good thing I was with people because it forced me to calm down and send a polite text after mulling on it a bit.
Main rebuttals were 1. Mom is blocked so if she "sees the post" I'll know K is the drama stirring snitch who evidently doesn't "have my back." 2. Shame and ignorance on K for being more "shocked" about being matter of fact over mom's abuse towards me than the fact of how I'm fucking homeless and in a bad position because of her emotional instability. 3. I didn't go to K to talk about it first because she's the type of asshole to try to convince a victim that their abuser is a "good" person and obviously I wasn't going to receive the support I needed from her clueless ass. 4. Her dad is NOT an abuser and she's an idiot to compare a common family squabble to my situation. 5. Gee thanks K, never thought about "talking it out" before with this crazed narcissist before, you're soooooooooo smart and I'm just a dumb dumb.

I'm being a lot more shrewd typing it out here but the reality was I was being meek and trying to keep the peace in my texts back to her.
I pathetically wrapped it off with a "Thank you and I appreciate your good intentions." Fuck that, I'm so frustrated that I let that spoiled twat shit all over me. I wish life had a redo button. She didn't deserve my calm after sending me that horseshit.

No. 425841

Well when you think about it, your reply is the nicer version of “k fuck off bye”. She’s definitely going to tell your mother though. You don’t live with her right ?

No. 425850

File: 1561413406742.jpg (90.97 KB, 781x768, Fashion, look it up.jpg)

>Boyfriend is an artist
>I do art too (as a hobby)
>Boyfriend watches porn, never been a secret, I'm okay with it
>Boyfriend is great and always tries to please me whenever, so no complains
My problem is the nude ladies that he draws, they do have similar body type as I do but they kinda resemble porn stars at times which bugs me a bunch although it is honestly nothing and I get inspired by fit boys on Instagram all the time.
Hate how it still bugs me, jealousy much?

No. 425853

I figured as much but if it makes mom give me a permanent silent treatment for the rest of my life, then mission accomplished as far as I'm concerned. It's just proof positive that my cousins were always the slimey, untrustworthy shits I knew them to be. K can have fun wiping mom's shitty demanding butt for that inheritance money.

I no longer live with mom. I packed my shit and left spur of the moment from her last abusive outburst at me. I couldn't take it anymore.
My only concern is that I had to leave my pet behind temporarily until I get a new apartment. She's not a bunny boiler, but I will need to stop back to feed and change water and I'm dreading at the prospect of having to see her ass. Maybe I'll sneak in at night.

No. 425857

there's the grade school girl engaged to her teacher (he seemed to be in his 30s) in card captor sakura. obviously they are not mad about sakura's crush lol

No. 425861

Whats your money situation like? Maybe you can board your bunny somewhere until you have figured out your housing. Or maybe a friend can watch it for you.

No. 425862

Have you considered signing up for dating websites?

From the way you describe the situation it doesn't seem unusual that your boyfriend would draw pornstar bodies if that is a media he regularly consumes. It is only natural for you to feel jealous about it Anon, but have you brought this up with him?

No. 425864

My dad fucking hates me and just burst into my room and started screaming at me. I’ve developed really bad chronic migraines since I went on my anti depressants a year ago and they have really crippled me. I spend a lot of days waking up and almost immediately develop a headache. It’s so painful and at best I can still function but just barely, at worst I need to lie down with an eye mask on completely silent. I woke up today with a migraine, did a few things to try and get rid of it, didn’t work so I went back to bed. Dishes weren’t done and my laundry wasn’t in the dryer so my dad made me get up and turned on all the lights in my room so he could scream at me about how stupid and lazy I am. I can’t take any painkillers because those interact with my meds so lying down and essential oils are all I really have and they’re only so effective. He just hates me and wants me out of his life and to stop being a drain on his resources.

No. 425866

Yes, quite a few time actually and he would laugh it off saying that I don't have to be jealous of drawings/photos and that I shouldn't feel the need to compare myself to every female ever.
Sounds about right, I just need to fix my jealousy issues which I fear come from the trust issues (with everyone).

No. 425873

Well if he laughed off something that genuinely makes you feel bad that's a bit concerning. I'm an artist too and I draw male nudes a lot, but if it bothered my boyfriend that much I would stop. Is it more that he draws nudes that bother you or only the fact that they look like porn stars?

No. 425876

I don't sound like I'm defending him but he does care and tried to be understanding, he has even drawn only males for a while. and I'm bothered that they look like porn stars sometimes*

*he tries to draw different body shapes all the time but often they end up looking like a prostitute.
I don't want to be a whiny bitch about drawings but I can't help but feel jealous sometimes.

No. 425877

I hate being poor. Just found out that my good friend growing up didn't actually share my money troubles, although she insisted (and continues to insist) that she has it just as bad. Her parents paid off her student loans, and she just had a $50,000 "frugal" wedding all paid for as well. She was a girl who posted pictures of noodles with #gradlife. She was complaining to our other friend that she was jealous as her parents didn't buy her a house as a wedding present.
>currently working two jobs so that I'm not homeless and sending money to my mother
>falling behind on student loans
I wish I had $50,000 for life, let alone a dream wedding. Like I just feel kind of isolated and betrayed for some reason, knowing my friends have this kind of support. I have to rely on myself, and I really wish I didn't.

No. 425878

your friend is a brat anon, maybe have friends from a working-class family so you can feel less of a failure.
I hate those spolied twats too if that's any relief, but she claiming to be struggling financially just as you do is outlandish… tell her that this is not a competition, she needs to chill her arse down.
Bet if you were talking about how rich you're she would do just the same.

No. 425879

i'm so sad. i feel like i'll never experience sexual pleasure. i love my boyfriend but we are long distance and he has no fucking clue how to touch a woman. it's the only downside of my relationship, but it's a big one. if i try to show him or explain to him what to do he half asses it or completely doesn't understand at all. i want to cheat so bad but we've been together for over two years now. i just feel really broken. even my IRL friends (admittedly they are male) are telling me to cheat…

i'm so frustrated. i don't like masturbating and i grew up Catholic so i've been sexually repressed my whole life. i only understand my anatomy because i study biology lol i have never orgasmed or really had a guy truly understand what i want when i tell him. it makes me want to cry, it breaks my heart.

whenever my bf and i try to find my clit we pull back the hood as much as possible and it's like there's nothing there. i can typically finger myself but when he tries it's like he hits a wall, and because of that we haven't even really had sex. to be fair, we are each other's first sexual experience. i enjoy giving him head and giving him pleasure but it feels like i get nothing back. it's not even really his fault, he's a really nice guy and isn't selfish at all… i feel doomed to never experience an orgasm. i want to be with a guy who already has experience but i don't want to leave my bf or break his heart. if i say anything i know exactly what he will say: "we're new to this, we'll figure it out, maybe you should see a doctor, don't cheat on me, you can't expect me to get everything down quickly" etc.

what do i do?

No. 425880

I just thought it was in solidarity, you know? And I'm sure she doesn't mean to be bratty. Our other friends are the "parents have multiple vacation homes and live in the richest areas with boats and shit" and both of us were from a farm area. And to them, she is closer to my income level. I just thought she was a lot poorer than she actually was. It's like we're both walking a tightrope, but I realized she had a bigass safety net under her, and now I feel super uneasy about my tightrope situation.

No. 425881

You don't have much right to criticize him if you won't masturbate and can't give yourself an orgasm. Figure it out on your own and then teach him as best you can, if he still sucks then consider breaking up. Cheating won't solve it. Experienced guys are likely to just not give a shit about you, having a lot of sex doesn't turn them into selfless giving orgasm wizards.

No. 425882

girl you need to masturbate a lot, you got a lot of self-exploration ahead of you.
try everything you can think of heck, even do some research if necessary.
here are some things I can think of off the back of my head:
-as I said, masturbate
-fingering won't do much and is generally harder, try playing around your clit, lips (labia minora), and nipples.
-fantasise before you masturbate
-warm up by doing lots of foreplay
-if he is that clueless maybe let him watch some porn? although porn is kinky and never sensual
-again, masturbate and find out where that clit is

No. 425883

bless your poor boyfriend's heart. get a vibrator, dump your friends that are telling you to cheat, calm down, and be patient.

No. 425885

From what you are saying it does seem to be more your jealousy that is the issue rather than your boyfriend. I 100% understand why this has become a jealousy issue for you, but I want you to remember that they are only drawings. Artists naturally want to draw what they feel is the ideal human figure. Both my boyfriend and I draw people, and the women he draws clearly show what he prefers. I don't have quite that body shape, but that is because I am a normal human that does not use my body to make a living (porn, etc.)

Your boyfriend loves you and you said yourself that he is a great guy that takes care of your needs. You just need to remember that and what a great thing you have when you feel your jealousy rising over some lines on paper.

No. 425887

>I just need to fix my jealousy issues which I fear come from the trust issues (with everyone).
This is silliness. You're jealous because you care about your boyfriend and don't want to lose him, obviously. It's a meme that jealousy is psychologically unhealthy. An example of unhealthy jealousy is how men assault innocent people over that jealousy. He watches girls on screen that he imagines fucking, then later draws them. How is that not concerning? It rightfully making you a little concerned and sad is not unhealthy.

Your boyfriend sounds scuzzy and imo, you're settling hard, because it clearly does bother you.

No. 425889

Excellent advice right there!

My recommendations:
-Search for porn that is tagged as 'female friendly' for professionally made porn videos where the woman is (usually) treated with respect and care, and you can easily see what is going on.
-Stop trying to push the blame onto your boyfriend.
-Stop thinking about cheating on your boyfriend. Seriously what is wrong with you? Be faithful or break up with him like an adult. Shit or get off the pot.
-Get better friends.

Boy we sure have completely opposite opinions on the situation. I wonder which one of us Anon will agree with.

No. 425891

WOW just wow, two polar opposites.
Thanks, this was a relief.
I value you your opinion but as I said, I'm okay with him watching porn, thanks anyways <3

No. 425893

The physical problems you're describing are from you not being physically aroused, your clit isn't coming out to play because it's not erect and he seems to hit a wall because your vagina isn't relaxing. Learn how to be calm and get into the mood by yourself, if you don't masturbate and don't even know how to get yourself off another person never mind a man is not going to know what to do.

No. 425894

i get horny a lot but i'm never in the mood to masturbate… and whenever i do i feel really ashamed and get too nervous to try anything. i don't know how to stop thinking the way i do.

No. 425895

so you think cheating is the answer? cheating?

No. 425897

Doesn't sound very Catholic to me, Anon.

No. 425898

True! maybe try messaging, candles, oils… whatever gets you in the mood, it's alright for it to take long so schedule it ahead of time, do some research on women's arousal.
From what I know women are more into talking and teasing than the intercourse itself, let yourself feel sexy (when you masturbate) and don't push for that orgasm to come it's okay to not reach it, try to not suppress yourself by holding back moans or anything in that nature.
As every other anon said, you can't expect him to do it if you yourself can't.
When you finally become natural around it -which will take time- try to make him give you an oral first.

No. 425899

i'm not catholic though i was just raised that way and it ruined many aspects of my life

No. 425901

Pardon me but how do you masturbate often?
It's probably the porn that makes you feel ashamed, and I honestly wouldn't recommend masturbating to porn if you haven't discovered yourself yet.
Also, do you know how do you look like down there? you should try that if you haven't already

No. 425902

I think oral is probably the worst thing for her to try in an attempt to relax, honestly.

No. 425903

literally just hump a pillow fam. easiest way to achieve orgasm

No. 425904

Read again, I told her to try oral when she is done with her current issues.

No. 425906

But even if she's comfortable with touching herself and orgasming, having his face down there is a really big step up, just my personal opinion. I can't even do that still, and I'm totally fine with touching myself, having sex, being touched, etc. I think a lot of people struggle with that one. It's pretty invasive.

No. 425908

Today I just found out my dog I thought my mom gave away when I was 12 was actually shot in the face and ditched in the woods behind our house by her (ex)husband. My mom never told me, I found out from someone else. I still live with her but haven’t told her I know yet because I’m too angry, I don’t even know what to say to her. She’s the kind of person that doesn’t view pets as anything but objects that are replaceable, so she wasn’t just covering his ass. She never liked the dog, because “it barked all the time” but her husband hated animals and chained him outside. The worst part? I came across a dog skull with a bullet hole through it a few months after he was “given away” and never made the connection until today.

No. 425910

I didn't need to cry tonight but this broke my heart, he is doing better dead than living a miserable life chained outside.

No. 425911

like, never. i do maybe a few times a year and i'm too scared to even go below my underwear… and i don't even watch porn. i guess i'm just really confused. and i'm too old to be at this point. it's frustrating to not feel like i can do anything.

No. 425913

he has given me oral and it was just okay. i liked it but it wasn't intense enough for me to orgasm.

No. 425914

That'so sad, anon. I'm so sorry. She sounds sick, and obviously her ex husband is a fucking psychopath that needs to be tortured. I'm so sorry, no animal should suffer like this, and I'm sorry you're cursed with a retard for a mother. RIP your poor doggy.

No. 425915

no, i'm comfortable with him being down there like that actually. we sixty nine and it's decent but nothing else we try works. it sucks because i want to get fingered or have a clitoral orgasm but it's so hard.

No. 425917

Ok I'm not going to say what I really wanted to in reply to that and this will be my last response before leaving this conversation.

It seems to me like you have a lot of issues to deal with, and one of them is your view on relationships and apparent lack of respect for your partner. Just the fact that you are entertaining the thought of cheating on your partner because he can't satisfy you sexually, when you yourself don't know what the fuck you like in bed, is asinine.

You are both virgins and it is your responsibility to know what your body needs in order to be satisfied sexually. Your boyfriend does not have a clitoris or a vagina. The only way he learns is when he is with you, and you can't provide him with the guidance he needs.

I think you are immature and choosing the easy way out (cheating) because you can't be bothered to deal with your issues.
Listen to people's advice here and start somewhere.

And make a decision. If you want to sleep around show some respect to your boyfriend and break up with him first. And don't be surprised when you've gone for a ride but never reached your destination/orgasm with other guys. Because surprise surprise, if you don't know what you need, Jim Tom and Larry sure as hell won't either.

You frustrate me, Anon. Goodbye.

No. 425919

Why don't you just buy a Hitachi and have him put it on you? I honestly think it'll force you to cum even if you're not in the mood or whatever.

No. 425923

File: 1561422260744.png (39.49 KB, 780x267, Capture2.PNG)

Many women think that they've never reached an orgasm for they don't know what an orgasm should feel like, an orgasm could be just feeling relaxed or a sigh, it doesn't have to be something magical.

No. 425927

I don't know about. An orgasm should feel very obvious because of the muscle contractions that literally define it. Without such that sort of clear physical symptom, it wouldn't be an orgasm.

No. 425928

>He watches girls on screen that he imagines fucking, then later draws them. How is that not concerning?
Anon said they’re both artists. Artists can often draw idealistic unrealistic bodies. Saying he wants to fuck his drawings and the anatomical references they come from is a damn leap only the neurotic heroine Jealous-Girl can make. Break his fingers and put blinders on your man anon for he will covet.

No. 425929

File: 1561423079315.jpg (26.75 KB, 300x300, 1520763804174.jpg)

I sent my boyfriend some really pretty translated lyrics from a song I really liked.
He made fun of them and mocked them and basically, not in exact words, said they were shitty lyrics.
…All while I am in an extremely stressed and unwell state.

No. 425931

> Saying he wants to fuck his drawings and the anatomical references they come from is a damn leap only the neurotic heroine Jealous-Girl can make.
I never said he wanted to fuck the drawings. I said it's concerning. I said he imagines fucking the pornstars. And 'male artists' are some of the biggest creeps going.

No. 425933

Sending a boyfriend translated song lyrics to explain how you feel is pretty underage-sounding, tbh. Not saying laughing was an okay thing to do, but you both sound immature.

No. 425934

To send him it and to laugh at it are both unmatured actions, they fit for each other.
and babe he hates the song not you, you can appreciate his honesty at least.

No. 425935


I wasn't explaining my feelings with them, I was sending him pretty lyrics because we like to send each other lyrics a lot.
They cheer me up and make me happy, they weren't sad lyrics.
He knows I was in a bad state due to my physical health and he chose to laugh in my face.

No. 425936

Wow, you guys saw that someone felt like shit in addition to her boyfriend being mean to her and your reaction is be cunts yourselves. Classy.
Don't listen to them, anon. It was rude of him to do that when it's something you like. I hope you feel better soon and he apologizes like he should.

No. 425937

She just said she liked the lyrics, not that they explained how she felt. I don't see how that is immature, it's just lyrics.

No. 425938

he draws literal nudes though?
clothed characters and nude ones(that arent figure studies) are two very different things, its pretty natural for someone to be suspicious of someone that just draws porn 24/7

No. 425939


No. 425940

Thank you.
I told him I was uncomfortable with him saying that and he raged at me saying I don't care about his feelings instead of apologizing.

No. 425941

I wish I can tell you to dumb him like a 2019 woman but I don't want to ruin a good thing based off one event.
It wasn't very nice of him but we don't know the whole dynamic of the relationship so I like to avoid causing more drama.

No. 425942

This happens every single night. We fight like crazy and he tells me how little I care about his feelings and snaps at me because I have a lot of mental health issues and get mood swings (That I never take out on him, I just tell him my honest feelings)
I'm terrified of him at this point. It feels like I'm walking on eggshells when I talk to him. Every little mistake I make gets him screaming his head off at me. Every little mistake he makes just makes me a little sad and I tell him it made me a little sad, then he screams about how terrible of a person he is.
I'm in hell.

No. 425943

oh wow anon that sounds terrible
i mean based off of what you're saying it sounds like it'd be better for your mental health to leave him. being scared all the time in a relationship isn't normal or okay.

No. 425944

I hate men like that, it is not good for you to stay.
but if you don't want to leave him for good maybe take a little break?

No. 425945

I just left a similar situation. Not screaming, but getting snappy and aggressive over nothing. He sounds like a pretty mean person. You were just trying to express yourself and share something nice with him. His reaction sounds disproportionate. You can't walk on eggshells for someone who can't even be bothered to be careful with your feelings, too. It's not fair.

No. 425946

also, the level of manipulation to tell you that you don't care about him while he is clearly the one to not care about you.

No. 425948

He was probably just making light fun of you for like a dumb song. Its no big deal.

If it was some weeby anime character song, then TBH the lyrics probably were stupid.

No. 425949

anon said them being nude isn't the issue, more so the fact some of them look like porn stars.

you're okay with your bf watching porn which is fine, but drawing crosses the line? i really don't understand this.
as if drawing lines on a paper is more intimate than cumming to strangers

is he drawing them for the purpose of studying,or is it just for fun? if its the latter that's kind of weird imo
if you haven't already, you should ask him why he prefers to draw nude than clothed. you'll be able to tell by his response if you should be worried or not

No. 425950

I love him to death and I think my mental health would be even worse without him. If I didn't love this man to pieces I would've left him long, long ago, and if he didn't love me to pieces he would have left long, long ago. We have promise rings and everything. It hurts because I want our relationship to last but I hate that every single day has a problem where, in the end, I get yelled at and blamed for it even when he's the one who started it.
He'd be so devastated over that. I could never, and I don't want to… perhaps it's a fucked up situation.
It isn't fair at all. He said he felt "irritated" so he felt like being a smart-ass about the song.
Something he always says is "I care about you soo much and you don't care about me" or something like that. And when I get furious and accuse him that doesn't care about me, he gets angry and yells enough that I submit to him and apologize for, as always, being in the wrong. Yet he's always allowed to say how much I don't care about him.
It was a very beautiful, emotional song. It wasn't really light fun, he was straight up extremely critical and sarcastic about it.
It wasn't some retarded weeby anime character song at all, and even then he's never criticized me so harshly in the past.
He didn't even listen to the song when I sent it to him, so he didn't know what it sounded like.

No. 425953

Thank you anon. She's still here, but I'm scared her time is running out. We enjoyed some snuggles and I bought home some of her favorite fruit to eat. She still has a little bit of an appetite, and despite slow, wobbly walking, is drinking water by herself and going to potty in her appropriate potty area. I'm trying not to stress myself out over it too much. Hopefully we can take her to the vet soon.

No. 425956

Imo, anon is a moron to excuse it. Let me just rub my dick while imagining fucking this certain type of woman, then have this type of person linger in my mind so much that I routinely paint idealized and sexualized depictions of the people I'm frequently imagining fucking. Nothing weird there! Dude's only as faithful as his options. Artfags will believe anything as long as male artists say it's "just tasteful art, an expression of the female form", etc, like the shit is that deep, lol. 20:1 his motivations are shallow and a reflection of his puddle deep lizard brain. Highly doubt he's out here painting porn of women who look exactly like the ones he chooses to jerk off to, and it not be motivated by his sex drive.

No. 425957

I'm not sure about that since I draw more nudes and straight up porn than he does, I've been doing it for longer too.
He does it for both? which is fine and I can't see why it is not fine unless you weren't into art, but they're pretty tame, to say the least.
The porn I asked him to keep private since I don't wanna hear about what he jacks off to (BTW watching porn IS okay by me, don't push your ideologies on me pls), but he likes to show me what he doodled and it makes me speculate as you guys did but I'm over that stage and -again- we talked about it, I wanted to vent about feeling jealous still even though I know how this shouldn't be concerning me.
If anyone here is dating an artist who draws humans often should say that same and frankly, anons who had opinions I could agree on were in a relationship with an artist themselves!
I'm not seeking an ideal prince charming who would only look at me since that isn't realistic, and to be fair most of his drawings look like me in a way or another.
Perhaps venting and hearing from different views can finally get over it, thanks guys, xoxo

No. 425959

can help me finally get over it*

No. 425961

My brownies are oily slop. This was goddamn box mix what did I do wrong????

No. 425967

just had my first day of work in a grocery store and i burst out crying when i got home. i dont even know why, it wasnt that bad but i guess it's just my sleep-deprived body reacting to change and stress.

No. 425981

this happened to me once when I used melted liquid chocolate, try making a brownie mix from scratch instead and using only powdered cocoa. There's tons of tutorials on youtube, there's a good one from the channel tasty that I used once.

No. 425984

This whole post:
>I'm fine haha so fine haha who said I wasn't fine hahahahah I'm completely fine I'm fine

No. 425986

After reading the other comments, I have to agree with the Anon who questioned why you are ok with him watching porn but not drawing characters inspired by the porn? Is it because those actresses creeping into the art suggests he is thinking about them outside of the time spent watching the videos, and perhaps you are worried he thinks about these actresses when he is interacting sexually with you?

Unfortunately you can't police his brain, but drawing porn actresses in his art absolutely suggests that they are infringing upon his daily life/he thinks about them outside of the actual porn use. There is no real solution to that unless he decides to stop being so reliant on porn/drops porn as a hobby.

No. 426008

Tfw phone decided to fall FLAT on concrete. It cracked, but on the inside. I can't even use my device to verify anything so I can get it checked at shit. Ggggrrrr. The fact that it's an interior crack makes impossible to use since the screen is unresponsive

No. 426011

What is adoption?

No. 426014

trying to find a second job is like putting a bullet through my skull, every time i get rejected even though i have the necessary skill set and no matter how much effort i put forth it feels like nobody wants me. took me 3 months inbetween jobs the last time and i can't afford it. my parents are angry at me and i don't want to beg them for money but i don't know wht to do on the side if my current job literally does not have the payroll to give us decent hours with the lack of customers during the summer in this specific type of retail. i hate it, i really do, and getting beaten down repeatedly by rejections fucking eviscerates me. idk basically anyone who can help me get a job and i'm terrible with interviews and on the spot sales pitches, maybe i'll try restaurants next even though i abhor the idea of working in food. i'm fucking desperate for money.

No. 426015

I've been applying mainly for a job in retail and waitressing and I am working with a temp agencies, they help me stay afloat and feed myself, but of course what I want is a real job with a permanent contract so I can start planing for the future.

No. 426019

How is that not more traumatic than just aborting, assuming adoptive parents can even be found? Having this severely disabled woman to carry the fetus to term, birth it, then take it away? All to reach what end? Why even? I highly doubt she hasn't been influenced by the pro-life mother. She isn't making the decision in a vacuum. She has the mental age of, at best, a 9 year old.

No. 426021

The end of saving a life. Plus, I guess the mother won't feel like a murderer either.

No. 426025

Why should she feel like a murderer for terminating a pregnancy. Murder implies killing an actual, living person. Not aborting the development of cells. You're not as good of a person as you think you are.

No. 426026

It's been 22 weeks, dude. With the right equipment that's literally viable already. Hardly a 'clump of cells' at all. Though there are arguments made that even a clump of cells can count as an actual living person. Even if you can personally dismiss them as being poor arguments, the disabled woman in question is clearly thinking otherwise. To force her to abort would be forcing her to commit an act that will be on her conscience forever.

No. 426032

you guys are against this, but will start screaming and crying about eugenics if it's decided she should be put on contraceptives at all times to prevent this from ever happening
i don't care what anyone says, all very disabled and deformed people absolutely should be blocked from getting pregnant or impregnating others. in fact, the whole fucking population should be. all men should be required to get vasectomies and have to fill a special form for them to reproduce, that also has to be signed by the woman he wants to have sex with so they're both accepting responsibility for any and all pregnancies

No. 426033

should i give weed or drugs a shot? a lot of shit went down in may with people in my life and i can't stop thinking about everything that has happened. it's almost been 2 months and there hasn't been a single day i haven't thought about them and blamed myself for not doing something different. these are people i need to see again in my life and i don't fucking want to escape from seeing them. i want to feel comfortable, i hate feeling like i'm walking on egg shells. over thinking is fucking my head up and i feel sick and i really don't know what to do. a close friend smokes pot and says that it helps him cope with his own family issues. i want to give it a try but i haven't ever tried any kind of weed, drug or even tobacco before. i'm kind of scared that i might become addicted if i get used to it while i'm in a vulnerable mindset. is it worth it?

No. 426037

Gotta be honest, I’m completely for eugenics when it comes to severe hereditary disabilities and diseases - the world gains absolutely nothing by continuing these gene lines. Nature would’ve taken care of this earlier on but now with modern medicine absolutely everyone has a fighting chance at life (not saying this as neither a positive nor negative, just stating a fact)

But of course then you have the slipper slope of these powers being abused and mildly inconvenient/undesired traits beginning to be weeded out.

No. 426059

Depending on drugs or booze is only a temporary crutch, it might make it feel better for a moment but because you're just running from it, you're never going to learn to cope with your reality, but you will need to keep using more and more and more to reach the same level of escapism that you feel at the start. It'll wreck your health and looks, in the case of hard drugs you might die, and it'll drain your finances.
In the long run you are better to focus on things that help you come to terms with this or equip you to escape the situation better. A friend of counselor can coach you through bad times, an engaging sport or exercise will help you to escape your thoughts whilst benefitting your body, focusing on career stuff can help you gain the money to physically escape situations.
If you are going to do drugs, stick to weed and try to find people to some socially with. I think you should avoid hard drugs altogether, the people who get into them with the intention to escape instead of just wanting to enjoy themselves always end up the worst.

No. 426060

Depending on drugs or booze is only a temporary crutch, it might make it feel better for a moment but because you're just running from it, you're never going to learn to cope with your reality, but you will need to keep using more and more and more to reach the same level of escapism that you feel at the start. It'll wreck your health and looks, in the case of hard drugs you might die, and it'll drain your finances.
In the long run you are better to focus on things that help you come to terms with this or equip you to escape the situation better. A friend of counselor can coach you through bad times, an engaging sport or exercise will help you to escape your thoughts whilst benefitting your body, focusing on career stuff can help you gain the money to physically escape situations.
If you are going to do drugs, stick to weed and try to find people to some socially with. I think you should avoid hard drugs altogether, the people who get into them with the intention to escape instead of just wanting to enjoy themselves always end up the worst.

No. 426066

File: 1561458696454.gif (1.36 MB, 300x204, 1559098955178.gif)

I wanted to go shopping today and my periods literally just started. So instead I'm agonizing at home. No way I'm shopping online, I won't control myself and buy useless crap that won't even fit me and forget to return anything if I do. Fuck this shit.

No. 426072

I'm so sick of trying to lose weight, it's ruining my life. I've been on some sort of diet since I was 12 (my mom told me I was fat, looking back I wasn't and that was such a fucked up thing to say to a child, I wish I hadn't listened to her). I must have messed up my metabolism so bad by drinking diet milkshakes before I was fully grown. She'd watch everything I put in my mouth (nothing was considered "healthy" btw: fruit is sugar, don't add salt or it will bloat you, you can look at carbs on the table but you can't eat them) and would praise me if she noticed I was skipping meals. Funny thing is that I've never had any permanent weight loss in all those years, just slowly gaining. I keep holding myself back from things in life because of it (don't want to dress nicely until I've lost enough weight to look good in those clothes or buy lipstick until I've lost fat on my face or travel because I'll stick out and I won't be able to buy cute foreign clothes or see my old friends because they might notice I've gained weight or try anything new sexually with my bf or update my social media with new selfies). When I try to eat normally (three meals a day and not obsessing over calories/carbs/sugar/fat) and I gain anything, I panic and go back to whatever diet is the flavour of the month again in order to maintain. I feel like I'm constantly trapped between trying to defy my mom and eat normally and dieting like my mom because I feel like everyone sees me the same way she does.

Thank you for reading my diary entry x

No. 426076

I think you should have a talk with your GP and perhaps consider seeing a therapist to help you regain a healthy mindset. I'm sorry that your mother ruined your relationship with food and I hope you can get the help you need to make things right again.

No. 426099

It's a dead dog from like what 10 years ago? This because your mother's now EX partner killed it. So you're upset over two things that aren't in your life anymore and the fact that your mother spared you the brutal truth because you were a 12 year old.

Get a grip and grow up you loser.

No. 426100

Exactly. Not telling this a kid doesn't make her a psycho.

No. 426102

both of you are morons

No. 426104

Why are you such a huge cunt?

No. 426105

i'm afraid i'll relapse and going overboard with restricting. i've had an eating disorder since i was 15 (i'm now 23) which has mainly consisted of binge eating, purging and restricting. my teenage years, and early 20s, were very rough and i used the binge eating as a stress reliever. i haven't purged since my late teens, but have been yo-yoing between binge eating and restricting for the last three years.

i have been going to therapy for years, and it has helped a lot. i feel like i'm better at dealing with my emotional issues and don't have to resort to binging anymore. i'm currently a size 38, but want to go down to a size 36. i recently got a gym membership and have started focusing on eating healthy. but i feel like i'll probably go overboard at some point. i have stopped counting calories, but a part of me wants to start. ugh.

calm down. her mom dated a guy who was unstable enough to kill her daughter's beloved dog. anon has the right to feel betrayed and angered, even though her mom softened the blow by covering it up it's still fucked up.

No. 426110

killing a dog doesn't make some one a psychopath
My Uncle had a dog who he loved with all his heart but one day his daughter started playing with the dog in wa he didn't like and the dog got mad and he bit her(luckily she never suffered any permanent damage)
when his daughter was in the Hospital he wasted no time and killed the dog
His daughter cried for days and days because she loved the dog as well but thats what he had do

No. 426113

Since I take the bus to work I listen to true crime podcasts and zone out. This has been going on for like months of everyday listening to some nasty murders. Now lately I've been having dreams about killing people. Not the act itself just the thought of "oh, I've killed someone" and then an overwhelming feeling of guit and just all kinds of terrible emotions. I hate it. I wake up and still feel terrible. It's happened at least 3 times and last night my parents were the victims and I'm so disgusted with my dream. I've become afraid to sleep and don't know what to do. I'm kind of worried for my mental state but not in the "i'm going to kill someone" way but rather the fact that it's not healthy to be dreaming of this shit.

I've decided to stop listening to true crime but god I just want to do a mental cleanse. I want to erase everything from my mind.

No. 426114

Is everyone in your family a total retard? Why couldn't he give the dog away to people without kids or who know how to watch them?

No. 426115

Taking a dog out back and shooting it is psychotic when you can literally give it up to a rescue willing to rehab it (or put it down humanely if all else fails). What the fuck are you on about.

No. 426116

>>426105 the thing with an ed is that it can get so out of hand so quickly. you really need to be careful. I've had every kind of ed over the course of 13 years, but I haven't been underweight for like 5 years. I thought I wasn't capable of restricting anymore, but bam I move and now I'm back to severe restricting? I'm not even trying ugh.

No. 426118

>letting a child play alone with a dog, even though children are known to be dumb with animals and not understand they shouldn't pull their tails or threaten them
>killing the dog instead of giving him to a shelter
People like you and your family shouldn't get pets. Your uncle is lucky his daughter didn't die due to his negligence.

No. 426121

Hey, I’m the anon you replied to, wasn’t planning on revisiting this memory but go fuck yourself. The dog never did anything wrong, I was a depressed homeschooled kid and was given him to be my friend. I did everything for him, I snuck him in as often as I could, he didn’t deserve to be shot in the face and dumped in the woods. He could’ve actually given him away and I would still be upset, but it wouldn’t be as bad as murdering an innocent creature. He was barely two years old and had his whole life taken away. I hope you get an UTI

No. 426122

>Killing a dog doesn’t make someone a psychopath.
>Anyway here is a story about my uncle being a complete fucking psychopath.

No. 426124

Shooting a dog to put it down is humane. Big gun + tiny skull = as quick and painless as possible
But yeah, it's also psychotic if there's no good reason for doing so. We've only done it with ours when they were old and sick and in unrelenting misery.

No. 426126

That's the dumbest shit I ever heard. How about you smoke some crack too? Jesus. If you don't already have the tendency to drown your feelings with the bottle or smoke to cope don't go down this rabbit hole because someone said it "helps" them. When I was a 14yo I also thought booze helped me cope but only got worst from there.

No. 426127

>Shooting a dog to put it down is humane. Big gun + tiny skull = as quick and painless as possible
Why do you people own pets? How do you weirdos think this is normal and where the fuck do you live? Are all of you in rural Bulgaria or Olathe, Kansas in 1926? Who the fuck does this anymore?

Why are you defending shooting animals when there are more controlled, less messy, and less generally sociopathic ways to put a pet down? And you can absolutely cause the animal to suffer.

No. 426128

weed being a cure-all meme needs to die fast. its retarded.

try some therapy or hobbies that keep you busy or feeling accomplished. see a psych maybe you could benefit from a low dose ssri or something.

No. 426129

My family dog bit my face when I was younger, still have lasting nerve damages but I don’t blame him because I was a dumbass kid. Do you want to know what we did? We weren’t absolute fucking psychopaths and found a rescue for him.

No. 426131

>killing a dangerous dog makes you psychopath
I think you need to look up the definition of that word

No. 426132

NTA but they said nothing about the girl being alone with the dog or playing with it in a stupid way. What is it with dogfags and always blaming the child for getting attacked? My parents had a sketchy AF dog they adopted as an adult that one day went from licking my face to immediately biting it (not to turn anyone off adult rescues, their other adult rescue is an angel). Luckily, she didn't do it hard enough to break skin, but hard enough to hurt a lot and scare the shit out of me. That dog lunged at my 8yo cousin one Christmas too, but my step dad grabbed her by the collar before she could get to her. All the kid did was pick up a gift and it freaked the dog out for some reason. We had to have a strict "no kids on the property" rule after that. Honestly, I feel extremely lucky we made it through the rest of that dog's life without her seriously harming someone.

Sorry for the blog, but the point is that it's not always someone's fault when a dog randomly bites them and I'm so sick of dogfags using this narrative literally any time someone mentions a child getting attacked.

No. 426136

>but one day his daughter started playing with the dog in wa he didn't like and the dog got mad and he bit her
I am a resident 'dog hater' but children don't respect animals at all. She said she was playing with it in a way it didn't like (as children often do, because they don't pick up on social cues from most animals). Children shouldn't be allowed around dogs for the safety of the dogs. It's unfair to them, and is dangerous for the kids.

She obv did something dumb to the dog. How about people not own dogs if you have children? It's not the dog's fault when children are repeatedly crossing their boundaries, and I don't even like dogs. Just don't get a fucking dog if you want a child, too. Simple as. It's not hard. You put the safety of both of them on the line when you insist on having both.

No. 426138

That still doesn’t justify killing an animal? I’m going off of my own experience, some dogs can be downright vicious don’t get me wrong, and I’m not saying the girl is at fault but sometimes people don’t know how to read an animal’s body language then get surprised when they lash out.

No. 426139

We live in rural Australia. The nearest vet is four hours away. If anything goes wrong with any of our animals they're not gonna last that long. Also, do more research into injections. They're always less messy more comforting for the owner, but with any tiny misstep can lead to extreme anxiety and suffering in the pet.

No. 426140

Daily reminder that animals aren't people.

No. 426141

only subhumans think that another being not sharing the same species as themselves is grounds for cruelty

No. 426142

french toast should have cinnamon on it

No. 426143

I've unfortunately had to put down numerous pets and not once have I seen them writhing in pain or anxiety. You're delusional if you think mistakes are common at all. There's hardly any information about botched euthanasia in animals. You're majorly overblowing something that already hardly happens. And how the fuck do you live in a place so rural that the nearest vet is 4 hours away? Where's the closest hospital? Are you tilling land most of the day?

this has to be a male, i refuse to believe this influx of pituitary retards isn't a raid

No. 426144

Cruelty? Who said anything about that.

No. 426146

No, not a male. Also, mistakes in euthanasia are very common. I guess you didn't see your poor, dying animals convulse hysterically before dying. If you people really think there is any greater justice in shooting an icy liquid into the veins of an animal to stop its heart than a direct bullet to the brain, good luck.

No. 426147

>this has to be a male, i refuse to believe this influx of pituitary retards isn't a raid
careful someone doesn't run to /meta/ to report you for saying this anon. summer is going to be heavy with scrote invasions….some of them have already figured out that if they just keep denying their raiding and avoiding mentions of their dicks they can somewhat blend in and RP as actual farmers

No. 426149

What are are you talking about, icy liquid? Pentobarbital is a literal anticonvulsant and they sedate the animal beforehand, even though pentobarbital sedates them too. Have you even ever put an animal down before? You sound like you have literally no idea what you're talking about. I feel like you're just talking about botched human executions and applying it to pets.

Ik, ty, it's gonna be a rough one

No. 426150

>not once have I seen them writhing in pain or anxiety.
That's the horrifying part. You'll rarely ever see them actually writhe in pain because they paralyze them first. But then just because they can't express their pain that doesn't mean they're not experiencing pain. Imagining freaking the fuck out not being able to breathe or move while your loved ones just smile at you. The process is not designed to reduce the suffering of animals, it's designed to reduce the suffering of humans.

>And how the fuck do you live in a place so rural that the nearest vet is 4 hours away? Where's the closest hospital? Are you tilling land most of the day?

It's a pretty big country. The nearest hospital is in the same town, but there's a flying doctor service to deliver patients faster.

No. 426152

>You'll rarely ever see them actually writhe in pain because they paralyze them first. But then just because they can't express their pain that doesn't mean they're not experiencing pain.
What the fuck are you talking about? For the tenth time, they're sedated beforehand, and you're literally just assuming pentobarbital is painful when it's the gold standard with very little to nil evidence of what you're claiming. Now you're assuming pets are frequently experiencing locked-in-states or something where they're actually fully conscious despite being both sedated, then given large doses of barbituates? Again, I feel like you're conflating the insane (often expired) and already toxic and poorly planned cocktails people are injected with in the US and pentobarbital and sedatives used in pets. They're not the same at all. You've never put a pet down and you just really want to shoot your pets in the head or something. You're weird as fuck.

No. 426154

I just want them to never suffer. Providing you don't miss their death is instantaneous. Meanwhile even taking them into a vet is scary for them.

No. 426155

>I don’t blame him, because I was a dumbass kid.
>Children don't respect animals at all.
>Children shouldn't be allowed around dogs for the safety of the dogs.
Could you at least pretend to not see human children as lesser than dogs?
"Children shouldn't he around dogs" - Wrong! Dogs shouldn't be around children for the childrens sake. But that's nearly impossible, because of course doglovers think not being allowed to take their babies to literally everywhere is discrimination. Just once I want to see a dogparent admit that it wasn't the childs fault for being bitten. Children are not adults, but when it comes to dogs people suddenly somehow expect them to take full responsibilty or even act as if they're deserving of being hurt.

No. 426157

Fuck, anon thanks for saying this. Blaming children instead of supervising adults (be it the owner or the parent) is crazy any way one puts it. The blame goes adult humans>dog>child.

Dog owners all think their particular animal is an exception to every rule and oh so well-behaved when they're extremely stupid creatures that are cute and affectionate, but also can be frightened or set off in other ways to unpredictable things. People completely misunderstand the level of intelligence animals outside our species posses, which is to say pretty much no intelligence in comparison to us. Even well-trained dogs have off moments and to think your barely-able-to-keep-pace-when-walking dog who won't reliably "sit" is stimulant-proof enough to be around small children constantly and go off leash in every area… Ugh.

No. 426166

File: 1561477251059.jpg (82.02 KB, 614x768, e7ld4g6cchy11.jpg)

Today is one of those days where I just want to give up on everything. Quit my job, quit my classes, I even want to quit the games I play. I just want to lay on the ground, be homeless or something, and not have any obligations or responsibilities. Life is so hard sometimes and I feel like nothing I do matters. Any progress I make is so incredibly slow towards my goals. What's the point, you know? Why are we here? Just to suffer. I just want to fade into non-existence.

No. 426173


And real vanilla extract. Not that fake shit.

No. 426175

File: 1561479409106.gif (975.45 KB, 500x281, tumblr_me2m05szLQ1.gif)

Hang in there, anon!! I am job hunting all week. my boss was transferred and we got a hell beast who has made my work life a living hell. i'm exhausted. we can hang in there, get a better position. homelessness aint fun. i just want more times for gaming though. ugh..

No. 426177

Not to deny some dog breeds are fucked up and dangerous, but humans bred them to be this way. We wouldn't have to worry about aggressive pitbulls, pugs being barely able to breathe and small dogs being angry retards if people stopped encouraging the breeding of complete biological abominations just because they're "cute" or signal high status/money.

Strangely the same people you're describing tend to love fucked up, suffering breeds.

No. 426193

Actual beans or bust tbh

No. 426198

>Male friends encouraging you to cheat
Sounds like they want to hook up with you, selfish dick thinkers.
Your boyfriend sounds inexperienced and just lacks confidence which is great if you teach him how you want him to please you. I'm honestly jealous because it sounds like you are on the road to have some great sex since you and him are actually trying to learn each others bodies. Most guys I end up with don't even try to please me. Hell I would accept an attempt of them trying to sexually please me if its just to boost their egos right in front of me. But you got to learn what your body wants, your boyfriend isn't going to magically know something that you do not. Time to self explore with masturbation anon.

No. 426219

I wish I could talk to my husband about my mental health. It feels so bad to keep it bottled up. Whenever he has a bad day, or is having negative thoughts, I focus solely on him. Make him his favorite food, let him watch movies and play games while he drinks and talks about his feelings, providing a shoulder to cry on and a lot of hugs. He always says he feels better afterwards and that he doesn't deserve me, but he does, but it just makes me feel so alone because I suffer as well.
Sometimes I cry for no reason, and instead of talking me through it or comforting me, he stops responding to me because he retreats into his own head. On multiple occasions he's gone into another room without a word. I have to swallow my feelings and comfort him instead because my sadness made him think about trouble at work or something. Every time I want to talk about my inadequacies, he turns it on himself. I slept on the couch once so that he didn't have to deal with me crying all night after telling him my repeating thoughts about how I would die, and the next day he checked himself into the emergency room with a plan to kill himself very similar to the one I described to him. I held his hand and comforted him through the whole ordeal, and he kept saying how glad he was that he didn't have to go through this alone.
I can't get support from him, and even worse, I have to watch what I say around him because he turns my intrusive thoughts into his own. I can't tell him about the memories of my mom beating me, and I have to push through the feelings of disgust when he touches me because it reminds me of gross childhood stuff. It's getting worse too, because I've been honest with him a few times about sadness, so every time he thinks I'm getting sad now, he stops responding to me, so I have to fake being happy and enthusiastic until he perks back up.
So a month of deciding that I lie to him about my depression, and here I am, looking at him with a smile thinking "I am worthless. I want to die. I want to fucking die." and here he is, hugging me and saying "I love you". He hugs me to make himself feel better. He says I love you because he loves the space that I occupy as a wife and caretaker. God forbid I'm unhappy in this space, or unhappy as a person. That just makes him unhappy too. I want to fucking die.

No. 426223

i’ve been on lolcow for at least 3 years now and i think it’s finally time to say goodbye. idk what happened but somewhere along the line, half the threads in snow and ALL of the threads in PT are milkless shitshows where the anons in the thread are bigger cows than the subject themselves.

taylor’s thread? full of retards talking about their own addiction. luna’s? same thing plus sperging about “if OnLy She JusT weNt bacK to ColLeGe anD goT cLeaN.” mira’s? don’t get me started lmao, it’s ESL hell. mariah? 10000 fucking weeaboos bitching and moaning and shitting their pants because fatty dressed up as their favourite sacred anime character. it’s fucking beyond pathetic.

as for snow, half the threads that float to the top only do so because newfags absolutely refuse to integrate and they aren’t punished until they start namefagging. i know this is partially because of summerfagging but it’s been so pervasive over the last year it’s fucking insane. it feels like this site is maybe 30% “veterans” and 70% complete newfags. people unashamedly talk about themselves yet never see a redtext until they post multiple times. nobody knows how to fucking sage or keep a useless opinion that’s already been said 287372 times to themselves.

inb4 some mongoloid fucking smooth brain tells me to put this in the meta thread for complaints. good joke, idiot, but we all know how useful that is.

No. 426239

That’s male-typical bullshit — expecting their woman to act as therapist and provide a ton of emotional labor and not reciprocating. Upwards of 90% of men are this shitty. This is another reason why I stopped dating

No. 426242

Yeah, you're right. Writing that post actually helped me realise that I need to talk to a professional. This isn't a mentality I can fix by myself. Thanks anon.

No. 426243

He sounds very selfish.

No. 426244

Getting a dog and not introducing it slowly to his daughter or teaching her how to interact with the animal makes your uncle a fucking idiot. She's lucky that that's all the dog did, he could have fucking mauled her to death and it would have 100% been your idiot redneck uncle's fault. Makes me angry that literally anyone can buy a dog and they end up in the ownership of irresponsible scum like this.

No. 426245

You both need to see a mental health professional or one of you is going to end up RIP.

No. 426246

>and the next day he checked himself into the emergency room with a plan to kill himself very similar to the one I described to him.
That's so strange. To me it sounds like he wants you to give him all of your emotional support, listen to him, focus on him and if you ask any of that from him, he finds a way to "one-up" your emotions and make things about him. Like it reads as outright manipulative and narcissistic, not just him being bad at dealing with your mental health troubles.

No. 426247

He doesn't mean it, and he tries so hard to not retreat, but it's unconscious on his part. I actually feel like the selfish one since I'm directly making both of our emotions worse. I wish I didn't have to lie. It's not like he's doing anything wrong on his part. If I were happy, things would be great.

Definitely. We're working on getting him meds and therapy now. I'm going to wait until we can afford more.

No. 426249

Anon wtf, get out of there. That's not a healthy environment for you to be in at all. What would happen if you ignored him? It you're telling him that you're suicidal and his first response is to redirect the attention to him, that's not someone who loves you. You're going to feel so much better when you run from him and start seeing a therapist. He's holding you back from recovery. Stop babying a man who doesn't even have mental health issues, he's just a selfish attention seeker.

No. 426250

File: 1561487908035.jpg (50.92 KB, 450x323, 1544528130157.jpg)

The fattest most disgusting fedora neckbeard just tried to ask me for my number and I still feel so gross
Dude looked like a real carricature of how you'd describe your typical 4channer, every time i've seen him around town he was wearing his fedora, and he's american levels of obese - I've never seen a person take up two whole bus seats before him
But the worst was the grime on his fucking teeth when he opened his mouth, it looked like he's never touched a toothbrush in his life!!!! I'm gagging thinking about it!!
And then when he asked me about my age and I said I was 20 that fucker looked visibly upset and went "oh I thought you were younger"
WHAT ???? DID HE THINK HE CAN SCORE A 16 YEAR OLD OR WHAT?? Why approach me if you think I'm a teen, you're at least 30!!!
Hold me, why do I always attract disgusting creeps like that? Where do guys like him even get the confidence?
I'm gonna avoid the bus for a while now and walk to uni.. Thankfully when he approached me my bus came the exact moment and I could flee from the interaction, but he shouted after me that hell ask me to exchange numbers next time he sees me
Fuck. Sure I'll just say no and hope for the best, but I really don't want to deal with this stress right now

No. 426251

File: 1561487968649.jpg (188.53 KB, 720x510, 20190625_113632.jpg)

>I actually feel like the selfish one since I'm directly making both of our emotions worse.
You're not selfish for wanting your partner to reciprocate, and needing help with your mental health. What's the point of being so self-sacrificing for someone who seems so fucking self-absorbed from everything you just wrote? If he cared about you he'd make an effort.

No. 426252

Same. I used to come here a lot and then stopped for a few years before returning back to catch up on Charms' threads. Now that she was merged into camgirl general, I just don't feel like shifting through all that shit for a little bit of maybe skim milk.

The ProJared drama was fun, but once Holly returned and shit things up with her stupid mental health advocate ass, I got the fuck out of there. Fatvegfemme is the only real entertaining one, but her thread can be slow at times. I honestly spend most of my time in ot nowadays.

No. 426254

maybe you spend too much time on this board

No. 426255

he sounds fucking insane
you need to leave him, you really do deserve better than whatever the fuck that is if its even a "relationship" at this point. youre human too, probably more so than he is, and not just some caricature of a perfect wife. get out get out get out

No. 426257

I guess I can be honest about it (but I feel TERRIBLE that the thought even crosses my mind) but I think about divorce often. I want to go back to my home country and live in a shitty apartment and work a shitty job because I'd be alone. I want to be alone. But I'm really happy here too, and I love him and he loves me, and we just have stuff in our heads. I really don't think the answer is leaving, and it's probably not as bad as I made it out on here. I was just venting. I dunno. I am happy besides my depression. I just don't want to be depressed. I just wish I had help from him with dealing with it. But it'll be okay eventually once I can get therapy.

No. 426261

I'm just a stranger on the internet and don't know the details 100%, so you can take my words with a grain of salt.

Your last sentence really struck me. "Everything will be okay when X happens" but what about now? What about your happiness now? Of course therapy will help, but that's in the uncertain future. You know what makes you happy.

I was going to write out some more but I can't really remember it off the top of my head. There's a passage about love and relationships in Mark Hanson's "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck" that think might be useful for you to read if you can bother finding a copy. It deals with wanting to help the ones you love and all that jazz, it really opened my eyes when I read it.

I wish you the best of luck anon.

No. 426265

What the fuck. A marriage is about helping each other through good and bad times. The man who is supposed to be with you for the rest of your life treats you like garbage. When someone loves you they naturally want to help you heal and vice-versa. They don't avoid you and force you to deal with your problems on your own, or even worse, make the problems about themselves. Enough people are selfish and uncaring already, do you really need your SO to be that way too?

He's obviously a piece of shit but you would help from working on yourself too. You don't need a therapist to help yourself now. Once you build up enough self-worth you'll realize it's not worth staying with someone like that. Your depression probably makes you rationalize it as you deserving it, but obviously your logical mind is trying to give you a hint by how miserable and doubtful you feel. It's telling you to get the fuck out of there.

I'm usually the one to advocate to work things out but there is a fundamental compatibility issue here. He does NOT care about you. A relationship can't survive like that.

No. 426276

Erika killed himself. This sucks.
Why do people always jump.

No. 426279

i've been feeling devastated since i've heard the news. it's really saddening to see how such a bubbly, bright person has been dealing with mental health issues underneath. i haven't kept up with him for a long time so i didn't know that he had obviously shown signs of being suicidal multiple times. he was really young. rest in peace.

No. 426294

>“Let my story be one that advises caution on too much of the social media s–t, man,” Etika said. “It will f–k you up and give you an image of what you want your life to be and it can get blown completely out of proportion, dog. Unfortunately, it consumed me.”

No. 426295

This is fucking me up so much. It's horrible how everyone around him knew something was wrong with him, his fans and himself included, but trying to help him didn't work since he blocked his friends' and his ex-gf's numbers. I've seen people try to put the blame on pretty much anyone possible for his mental breakdown some weeks ago when he got in trouble with the cops and knowing that his ex-gf will be even more harassed by his fans is frustrating.

No. 426304

File: 1561496924599.png (50.14 KB, 675x547, sigh.png)

I came here to vent about this, specifically because it's brought up some trauma that I completely blocked out.

My close friend died of terminal cancer last September and his dying wish was to play the new Smash game early, since he wasn't going to live long enough to see the official release. Etika was one of the online personalities to help promote his cause and he ended up having a Nintendo rep sent to his house so he could play the game as a result of that. Etika went above and beyond to help my friend, the dude even deleted negative comments about my friend on his videos (like the fucking morons that kept saying "lol I'm gonna pretend to have terminal cancer so I can play games early", "why would his dying wish be to play Smash? lol what a faggot", general edgelord shit). I suddenly remembered today that during one of the last times my friend and I hung out together, he told me that Etika was helping him get to play Smash, and he was thrilled by that. I wasn't even really a fan of him, I just knew him as a guy I'm endlessly thankful for because of his selfless actions.

I was already upset when I found out initially, but the moment I started having traumatic memories pop up in my head, it wore me down to the point where I almost fucking cried at work today. I don't believe in an afterlife, but I hope that Etika and my friend are playing Smash together if it does exist.

No. 426306

Fuck anon, I remember seeing that in the news. I'm so sorry about your friend. I'm sure the both of them are up there, having the time of their lives playing smash, living a carefree life free from their illnesses.

No. 426313

There were so many cries for help over the last several months, he was even hospitalised at one point, I wish someone could've kept him locked up on suicide watch but I know that's not how hospital watch works in the US. It's so sad.

No. 426324

what even is the right thing to do when a stalker starts talking to people you know just to get to you? my close friends ofc know about it and are staying away from her but then theres other people we know who arent that close with me but shes purposely talking to them to try to get into like the group/friend circle and hang around me and my friends. this person gives me horrible anxiety that causes my vision to go dark and i get chest pain just recalling the abuse she put me through. what am i supposed to do in this situation? just stop talking to the ppl she manipulates until ive surrendered all off my friends and allow her to isolate me again? i dont know what else to do but run away and stop going to the places i love and doing the things i love to do because its all destroyed by ptsd and anxiety. im so confused and lost.

No. 426343

Get a restraining order

No. 426350

why is my advice completely worthless to you? why do i have to listen every time you need to blow off steam but you've shut me out for months once i start to do the same? why do you keep belittling me when i just want some time to talk once a month? why do you pretend you don't know me when it comes to certain things and go off on a tangent about what you think i'm like instead? why don't you tell me about your life? why won't you come visit me when you're in my city? why do you even talk to me at this point if i'm somehow too much to deal with? what kind of relationship is even this

No. 426355

id love to but she hasnt done anything violent shes just extremely manipulative and emotionally abusive, plus sends hateful messages to any social media she can find out about (which ive deleted ALL just to get away from it) and makes multiple accounts to keep doing it even going as far as to join online games i play and send hate messages and try to manipulate my friends on there. what are u supposed to do with people like that without everyone just thinking its some silly feud and ignoring it? its like i have to keep running away and isolating myself to get away from this one person that's on a mission to destroy what little happiness i can manage to find in my life. it sucks so bad.

No. 426356

File: 1561503851205.jpg (34.92 KB, 750x500, iaf.jpg)

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a virgin for good due to circumstance and my ideas about relationships being too old fashioned.

I want to lose it to someone I trust and who I have a future planned out with, but because I'm moving across the (huge) country as soon as I graduate that's unlikely to happen within the next four years. I doubt anyone could like me enough to move with me. So I could wait until I move of course, but because I started university late I'll be 26 by that time. Men who are in their mid to late twenties are more likely to have already settled down with someone so my options will be low and getting lower with each passing year.

I wish I wasn't so monogamy obsessed because I'm a horny bitch and could just be having promiscuous fun if my character was only slightly different. Yet here I am, a prospective permavirgin.

No. 426358

Download any dating app and specify that you are only looking for ltr.

No. 426362

Anon, this sounds a lot like my ex bf who had BPD. Lots of males with BPD (especially the ones who aren't aggressive physically) are not diagnosed. Please be careful in the therapy, don't let yourself be manipulated, focus on facts, on things he did and didn't do. If you decide to break it off, make sure you have family/friends support.
Sorry for armchair diagnosis, just please be careful anon. I hope you will be able to get through this.

The fuck? No, this is not normal, 90% of men certainly aren't like this.

No. 426373

It really fucks me up that someone as well-known as Etika, who displayed tons of signs of instability and made repeated cries for help, has been hospitalized before and had the cops bust his door down on livestream, can STILL just go and kill himself and no one could do anything. The laws concerning mental health/holds/hospitalization need to change, and this is proof why. There is no fucking reason that after all of that, that he should've been killing himself. He should've been holed up in a hospital somewhere right now in therapy, not dead. It's fucking insane to me. No one gives a fuck about mentally ill people until they're already gone.

No. 426392

File: 1561511097763.jpg (16 KB, 480x208, DtrEoihWwAYTOxw.jpg)

Thank you for saying that, that's really sweet and it's definitely a comforting thought (I teared up a little, lol). Ever since Etika went missing I've felt so uneasy, and I couldn't put my finger on it. My brain just kept bringing up old memories at the wrong time (most memories being good, but still incredibly painful). I think my brain was going into defense mode again, desperately trying to block out what happened to my friend. Now that Etika's gone, my brain's given up and I'm suddenly flooded with all these memories that I tried to forget. Kind of silly that Etika caused this to happen, but trauma works in mysterious ways.

He put a lot of care into how my friend's campaign was handled. I didn't even know that Etika actively deleted edgelord comments until my friend told me today. He didn't have to do it, but he did anyways. And I was so, so, so appreciative at the time, and I still am. It's sad when you think about it, the guy was selfless and helped my friend get through the worst fucking thing imaginable, the thought of being dead at 21 years of age. And in the end, Etika couldn't save himself from the same fate, even though he didn't have to die and could have stopped himself. It's so unbearably depressing to me. Suicide is something I've struggled with for a really long time, and my friend helped me through a lot of really rough patches.

Watching Etika push away every one of his friends until he ended up offing himself was a huge eye opener for me. When my friend died I basically had to force myself to not isolate myself, because just a few months prior, I had pushed everyone away for a solid year. And when I finally decided to break out of my shell and start interacting with people again, I found out my best fucking friend was going to be dead in a few months. Shit was fucking terrible.

No. 426396

I got rejected from regular hospital service to check out my bowels (even though my mum has confirmed IBS and has for a long time and my symptoms are the same as hers) so I got sent to some tiny charity hospital.
They literally called and booked me in for what I thought would be some kind of starter appointment, but then they sent me a letter in the mail to (quite literally) prepare my ass for a sigmoidoscopy. Okay sure, fine whatever. Bought my own enema like they told me and used it this morning.
Mum dropped me off to the appointment and all the nurses were really lovely so I was pretty hopeful.
Then the doctor came.
For context, i'm pretty fat (especially because i'm short), but technically healthy (i'm in my early 20s so I guess that helps).
He started off nice and asked me about my medical history, told him that I had endometriosis and had a surgery for it earlier in the year. Okay. Any heart problems? Liver problems???? Diabetes??????? Respiratory problems???????????? Nope. Are you SURE??????????????? Yes, i've had plenty of tests. Kept side eyeing me and acting like I was straight up lying to him. Yes dude, I am fat but I don't sit on my ass eating KFC all day, I was immobilized in bed most of the past 4 years due to my endometriosis. Shocker.
Anyway he puts away the papers and I get taken away into the room they do the procedure in. They ask if a student nurse can watch, and stupid me assuming they would be female like all the other nurses ended up having an 18 year old boy look at my ass cheeks being spread and inner bowel broadcasted for 10 minutes.
It was extremely painful for the majority of it but i'm pretty used to being in bad pain so I didn't react to it much.
Procedure finished, doctor tells me there doesn't seem to be anything wrong except I have some moderate hemorrhoids. Sure makes sense.
Then he starts telling me that I REALLY need to start drinking water (mfw???). I tell him I actually drink 2-4 litres of water per day or else I get extremely dehydrated, and my GP told me I need to try drinking less. He looks me in the eyes and tells me "well. No you don't. Or else you wouldn't have hemorrhoids". BITCH WHAT THE FUCK???????????????ok
Then I see on the paper he's filling out that he put my pain level for the procedure as a "1". Despite not fucking asking me once.

I'm so glad it was free or else i'd be finding out how to fucking murder this cunt. I probably sound like a delusional fatty-chan but straight up being treated like and told i'm a liar drives me up the fucking wall. I was rejected public healthcare for about 8 fucking years for my pelvic pain and treated like I was lying or overreacting to the pain I was experiencing until I went private and got a laparoscopy to find endometriosis all up my pelvic walls. Fuck doctors, especially male ones.

No. 426401

File: 1561512130197.jpg (34.04 KB, 540x540, HzhotRDl.jpg)

I don't have any friends and my boyfriend can't hang out with me all the time. What do I do? Men express interest in me but the second I tell them I have a boyfriend they ditch me. I never meet any females who I share hobbies with because my hobbies are stupid dumb nerd shit and I have spaghetti for hands. I've been staying with my mom for the past few days under the guise of being too lazy to pack up after housesitting but really I just can't stand to live alone and be alone all the time anymore. I feel pathetic for being mid-twenties and running back to my mother out of sheer loneliness. Should I just off myself?

No. 426404

Tell me about your hobbies, anon! I'm interested in what you mean by "stupid dumb nerd shit", as I have some pretty atypical hobbies and interests myself.

No. 426416

If she stalks you around the places she knows you will be and harasses tor friends, I’m pretty sure you can still get a restraining order for that creepy bullshit

No. 426467

I swear to God if any of you are out here actually fucking old men, fat men, seriously deformed men (provided you're not madly in love with them), and are overall inflating expectations of unattractive men and are consequently lowering the 'value' of us normal looking girls because you have 'quirky!' taste (as shown in the guys you're ashamed to fuck threads), I will personally put a hex on you hoes so your sunglasses (and prescription glasses) repeatedly break the hairs that frame your face so they're forever an awkward and unblendable length.

No. 426469

I adore you anon

No. 426471

lmao fucking agreed.

It's transparent that the preference is not legit physical attraction but a subconscious defense mechanism (he's 20 years older than me, surely he won't dump me for a teenager when I hit 30! He's an ugly nerd, surely he won't cheat on me with a Stacey!) and a cool-girlesque attempt at being unique, more tolerant, etc.

No. 426472

My gawky manlet fetish is stronger than my need for perfect hair. I'll take the L.

No. 426477

I don't get it either. But at the same from personal experience with hospitals for physical problems their staffs are often underpaid and overworked, and then you have these laws about how you can't force patients to stay hospitalized for a certain amount of days if they don't want to get a diagnosis or treatments which doesn't make sense for many cases of mental illnesses. I think he was hospitalized twice, so they really fucked up though.

No. 426480

when i was a socially inept dumbass i had absolutely no standards and gave ugly fucks a chance. let me tell you, it's never worth it. they tend to be even more narcissistic and inconsiderate than conventionally attractive types. and if it doesn't work out with an attractive guy you can think well at least he was hot. if it doesn't work out wih an ugly fuck you can't find excuses to make yourself feel better.

No. 426483

My in-laws want to go on vaction together with me & bf. My gut feeling says that this would be a bad idea and I really do not want to go on vaction with his parents. Does anyone here have experiences with that?

No. 426484

I know it's far more complicated than just saying "do better" and you can't just point the finger at any one person, but damn if the system as-is doesn't suck. The mental healthcare system in the US does not advocate nearly as much as they should for the mentally ill, and I know it doesn't because of limited resources that are in no way the fault of hospital workers. But I'm just in disbelief that they could admit this suffering man twice and just…let him go. I know he refused help on multiple occasions, but where's the line? When do we say "this severely mentally ill person does not have their own best interests in mind and needs to be advocated for whether he likes it or not?"

You can't make someone who doesn't want to be helped to help themselves, but you could at least give him the tools to do it. Maybe he would've killed himself anyway, but maybe he would've given it a shot. Who knows.

No. 426491

what about wanting to fuck pale lanklets

No. 426492

No, that's attractive. I'm mainly concerned about you guys rewarding creepy raisin-faced men made of literal dust or like, fat tabletop gamers that are physically and behaviorally indistinguishable from actual goblins.

No. 426494


tl;dr: don't do it unless you're close and comfortable with them

parents have a certain dynamic with their children, which is very different from the way spouses interact with each other. in my observation a lot of tension arises from the simple fact that due to feeling a certain ownership over the person, mothers-and daughters-in-law don't get along super well.
second thing is the poisoned well. i faced this personally but it might not be the case for you so take it with a grain of salt; but if a person assumes from the get-go that you're terrible and wants to see the worst in you, they'll point out everything you do from holding your fork wrong to dressing like a hobo. you could be a literal saint and they'll find something to talk shit about, and that kind of thing will spoil any vacation.
third thing to consider is, do you want to spend an extended period of time bonding with people who are/soon will be part of your family? you are not obligated to. i haven't done any vacationing with my in-laws but in the past every couple of months they would force me to take a leave and come down to their place to just spend time with them for 10-odd days without their son present. (by force me, i mean emotional manipulation until either I or my husband would cave) needless to say both parties were left with diminishing opinions of each other every time, and now i don't do it anymore because i know how it'll end.
hopefully you have a better relationship with your inlaws anon, but remember that you get to decide how much work to put into it and you get to decide your personal boundaries. don't feel forced to spend time with someone just because they're family, because it can go wrong unless both parties are comfortable and willing to become close with each other.
(sorry if the answer was a bit rambly lol this is still a sore topic for me but i'm working on improving my emotional strength when it comes to thinking about this objectively)

No. 426498

File: 1561538954206.png (8.42 KB, 324x82, shit.PNG)

I fucking hate it when companies try to be relatable and quirky. Ffs people these companies are not your friends. Also I wish Arby's would stop pandering to weebs.

No. 426499

I remember the sauce waifu thing (wtf). What else are they doing to pander to them?

No. 426507

I would go with your gut feeling. While I love my husband's parents I still would not go on holiday with them. I've learned from experience that there are certain situations that I do not want to be in with my mother-in-law.

No. 426511

I never trust male nurses and doctors because I always feared they would dismiss my symptoms or whatever. I've been lucky enough to only have female doctors for some important issues when I was a kid and then a teenager. But even some female doctors don't give a fuck about their patients sometimes. I don't think your doctor only dismissed you because you're a fatty-chan, some do that with everyone because they're just incompetent overall. And the fact that you have (had?) endometriosis and were neglected by doctors doesn't surprise me at all. Next time you have to go see a doctor or go to the hospital don't hesitate to refuse seeing a male nurse if you think they can send a female nurse instead. You're allowed to if that makes you uncomfortable.

Speaking of shitty female doctors, I remember last year passing out at home, throwing up for a week and only being able to eat a small bag of chips and drink a glass of water for the entire week and when I was healthy enough to get out and see a doctor she told me 5 or 6 times I'm most likely just pregnant even though I'm a kissless virgin and she didn't want to write an official document so I could ovoid going to work until I insisted for 30min. I turned out to have a stomach virus and it only took her a few seconds to test me for that but I still had to insist for it because she somehow thought I was still pregnant after I told her I was a virgin. When I told her about my previous health issues that could make me feel sick she dismissed me even though she could have consulted my medical records in 5 seconds and seen that I had a congenital disorder that could contribute to me passing out from time to time. Another dumb bitch, an endocrinologist, made me wait up to 7 months to check something very specific and important and because I didn't completely shave my legs for the consultation she told me she'll check my male hormones first after my blood work. Once I had the results none of what I asked for was mentioned in particular. If you see that shit don't hesitate to ask questions over and over again because some doctors are just straight up retarded.

No. 426512

I just bouhgt some Lays because I wanted some chips and holy shit it tastes like fucking oil wtf ew

No. 426518

>brother wants a dog
>tell parents he won't look after it
"Silly anon, that won't happen"
>it happens
>they defend him instead of admitting I was right

Just spent 20 mins cleaning a mess the dog made by stepping in a big diarrhea shit and smearing it all over the house. I don't blame the dog but I do blame whoever saw him doing that in the garden and didn't immediately clean it up. I also blame my parents for feeding him shit he shouldn't be eating even though I've fucking begged them not to because this mess happens on a near daily basis (I know they're trying to be kind but when someone tells you that it's giving the dog diarrhea maybe…stop?). Asked my brother (who is still in bed at 11am and doesn't normally wake until 2pm) to help and he said he was "too tired" (from doing what? playing games and watching instagram stories all night? boo hoo). My brother also taught the dog this great "trick" where he jumps on people so now he does it all the time for attention. You can see where I'm going with that one.

I'm so fucking sick of it. I begged them not to get another dog because I knew I'd be the sole caretaker of it and here we fucking are and I haven't been offered a single apology or thanks or even any acknowledgement that my brother isn't doing the things he promised he'd do.

No. 426520

File: 1561544330938.jpg (37.34 KB, 466x600, DYpA8JYU8AAHTwu.jpg)

I am so crippled by my fear of people getting angry at me and I fucking hate it. I can't ever speak up for myself or do literally anything that might involve the possibility of mildly inconveniencing someone else in the slightest way. I feel like my existence is just a burden on every person who ever interacts with me and I wish I could disappear. I'm so bitter that I grew up with an explosive unstable narcissist and how my entire life has been poisoned because of that. I fucking hate being like this.

No. 426524

Go to the police. The worst that happens is they say no. But at least if she murders you the cops will be punished for inaction.
It sounds like you're still in school maybe, contact school and show them the messages etc.

My in-laws are insane so that would be a nightmare. However, I have girlfriends that go on family vacations every year with their bfs' (correct punctuation?) parents.

Therapy may help you discover and work on self confidence. Or take little steps.

No. 426529

I don't know what to do anymore. I have applied to SO many jobs and every single time I get rejected or no answer at all. My current job is breaking me. So many people have quit because they can't handle it. I wish I could swap brains into one that was actually functional. Nothing ever works out for me.

No. 426540

Why do men feel so entitled to say what they like about a woman's appearance and what they don't like? Are we supposed to care or something…?

No. 426552

Move on retard.

No. 426553

I’m in a happy relationship with someone who’s incredible yet I still find myself checking up on my alcoholic ex boyfriend that’s raped me. He’s got a new girlfriend now, she seems sweet and that makes me terrified for what being with that man will do to her eventually, his past ex before me has had to call the police on him a few times because he was abusive

No. 426564

I just found out that one of my close friends, who says I'm her best friend, tried to get with my step dad. She had gone on about how hot he was, but told me "obviously I would never try anything" but then a few months later, I mentioned it to my step dad and he confessed she had come onto him and he had to shut it down.

I don't know how to feel about this. I'm her only friend and I feel shitty cutting all ties with her, but SHE TRIED TO CUCK MY FUCKING MOM. She was totally willing to damage my parent's marraige with obviously very little regard for what that would do to me. I feel so disgusted and betrayed.

Also, it's so fucking hypocrital of her. She shits on any girl who has fucked her ex as a "homewrecker" and considers it cheating (even though they were long broken up) yet here she is trying to break up her best friend's parents. Absolute trash.

No. 426569

I don't want to come across in the wrong way but how hot is your step dad

No. 426573

Sorry anon, I chuckled at the cucked mom line.
Anyway good riddance to her. I guess there's a reason you were her only friend.

No. 426576

Please, anon. Situations like this don't happen because the step dad is exceptionally "hot". It's obviously because anon's friend is pathetic and wanted to feel soap opera tier desirable.

She sucks. Don't feel bad. What an asshole thing to do, and why would you risk a friendship and try to ruin a marriage for wrinkly balls of all things? Madness. I wish the older man meme would die. This is what it causes!

No. 426582

By real world American standards he is considerably better looking than your average man in his mid-40's, but not attractive at all by Hollywood standards. One of my friends who is into older men said he is not hot at all, just not a bridge troll like most American men that age.

You're right, I shouldn't feel bad. If this is how she treats her "best friend" she doesn't deserve any until she makes some serious fucking changes deep within herself.

No. 426594

File: 1561562539218.gif (4.38 MB, 360x270, do your best.gif)

Don't give up anon! I believe in you! I was in a terrible job situation that only seemed to get worse as the days went on. I was job hunting on the side but I absolutely couldn't take it, it got to the point where I was contemplating suicide and reverted back to self harming on a near weekly basis because I felt so trapped. I ended up quitting without having a job lined up (only because I'm in a fortunate enough situation that I could do it) and continued job hunting for about a month after before I landed my current gig, which is significantly less stressful. I think I applied to over 200 jobs before I was (very luckily) approached by a recruiter about my current job. It's only a temp position so I'll be back in job hunting hell in just a few months, but it's a step in the right direction.

It sucks. It really, really sucks anon. Look into temp agencies, take some time off if you can. I hope something good comes your way, just keep on trying your best.

No. 426596

I’ve recently been confronted about my cocaine use. I agree but also have dropped 10 pounds and am functioning at such a higher level in literally all parts of my life… I’m scared to go back to being tired and hungry all the time

No. 426597

Honestly what's the point in living when you're poor, physically and mentally ill and have fucked your life beyond repair? There's none. Yet I'm still going living the most miserable existence.

No. 426600

Thanks anon.

No. 426626

My husband is an alcoholic and says hateful things to me like how I’m fat (200lbs at 5’9, just started weight Watchers)) or that my skin looks horrible (I’m trying to fix it but nothing is helping). Just today he said when he looks at me his penis shrives up (direct quote). He pays all the bills (except car insurance) because I’m in school and he told me when we got married he would take care of the bills until I’m finished. Yet he constantly holds it above my head. I clean everything. He can’t even be bothered to mow the lawn. I’m so tired, it makes me resent him. He told me he wanted kids but now says he doesn’t. I feel trapped because I followed him to a different country for his work and am all alone here. I don’t feel respected or even loved (he won’t sleep with me…it’s been like three months). I feel so alone. I have no friends. I’m completely isolated

No. 426630

I'm so sorry about your situation anon, but why the fuck did you marry this sad excuse for a man? You deserve better. I wish you the best of luck for the future.

No. 426631


Go out, find some friends and a side piece through tinder or w/e, leave his ass, profit.

No. 426639

I married him because he said he loved me. Sounds stupid. He just told me less than five minutes ago that I need to work out and lose weight. Like I just joined weight Watchers how fast do you think I can loose weight. Idk, if it doesn’t get better by the time we move back to the states, I’ll leave. I just feel so emotionally abandoned

No. 426650

Have some hook ups (go to bars, don't leave a papertrail by uing Tinder), keep your head down til you've finished school. Keep records of his abuse and try and get some video or audio footage, then divorce him. You said you're moving back to the States? Make sure you move to a state without no fault divorce. Whip the evidence you've collected out in court and make sure he pays damages.

No. 426663

File: 1561573757604.jpg (849.26 KB, 906x936, 1515973940739.jpg)

fuk, man. i just want to find a nice qt boy i get along with. why it so hard

No. 426665

I fucking hate how much my family takes jabs at my appearance. It makes me feel so ugly. I wish I didn't give them the power to ruin my day(s) but its hard not to.

No. 426689

Sorry to say this anon, but he's treating you this way because he thinks you're a desperate fat girl who will stay as long as he dangles the carrot of finance over your head. It feeds his big fat ego.
If he's willing to tell you that you kill his boner, then the only thing stopping him from cheating on you is lack of options. What a completely loveless thing to say to anybody and no less a wife!

I agree with other anons about keeping your head down; improve yourself if you'd like but don't feel bad about cheating on this sack. Take advantage of him like how he emotionally takes advantage of you.
Regardless of what some anachans here might say, 200 pounds at 5'9 isn't deathfat tier and there are men out there who would still pop a boner for you and love you.
Ditch the ungrateful drunk.

No. 426712

Yeah funny you mention lack of options. He literally just told me a few hours ago that he wants to sleep with other women but just not me. I then spent the next few hours bawling my eyes out. He’s now flip flopping saying he doesn’t know what he wants to no, he didn’t really mean it.
I’m very religious and I don’t believe in divorce except for abandonment but I’m going to talk to others about this because I believe this is emotional abandonment.
He doesn’t even care enough to try marriage counseling or couples therapy.

No. 426714

>>421480 I get my results for my degree tomorrow and I just know I'm going to disappoint my parents. They always ruin my achievements, because you can always do better. I'm going to get a lecture on how I let myself dowm, even tho I'm pretty much confirmed a good grade. I'm never enough for them. I want to be proud of myself, but I never can be.

No. 426719

Now i want to try coke, cause my life already fucked

No. 426722

Just concentrate on going to meetups or classes for your hobbies. One will show up when you least expect it.

No. 426733

Just kill yourself already then. Easier. I just can't handle this teenage mindset some women here have. "Oh my life is already fucked so let me smoke some crack teehee who cares"

No. 426736


No. 426737

>bad skin

Have you been tested for PCOS? If not, you should. With treatment you'll fix both of those problems.

Also your husband is an abusive asshat. Please leave him ASAP. Even if things improved as you lost weight would you want to be with someone who would say/do those things to their wife?

No. 426742

I have not been tested for pcos but I know it runs in my family so I’ll make an appointment tomorrow…I never thought of that.
Also, I know that if it’s not my weight or skin, it’ll be something else that’s not up to his standards like him saying I’m nagging him when I just ask him once to take the garbage out or something stupid.
I’m just tired of all this.
I wanted love not someone constantly making me feel worthless.
I’m fucked up enough as it is without his help

No. 426747

Give him an ultimatum. Tell him that if he gives up the alcohol you will stay and support him through it, if he doesn't agree to this, leave him. With alcoholics there's nothing you can do for them unless they want to change themselves. You do not deserved to be abused and should not put up with it.

No. 426748

That's not going to solve the problem, addiction and abuse are two separate issues. Alcohol doesn't turn someone into an abuser, they just use it as an excuse.

No. 426763

I'm not trying to be edgy. If she's trying to ruin her life further by including hard drugs on it it's better to just kill herself already.

No. 426770

Got notifications from fb and had a split second of thinking my friends were interacting with me. But no, it was actually the woman who's been stalking me ever since I was kind to her once on the bus as a freshman in high school. I'm 27 now. She went through and liked anything that was public.
After all these years, and after so many accounts of hers blocked, she's still fucking trying.
She just messaged me over the winter but I blocked her then too.
I'm just glad I don't live in my hometown anymore so she can't roll up to my house uninvited or hold me hostage as a customer at my job. She must have lost my phone number because it used to be a real treat to accidentally answer a call from her from the many numbers she'd use, one being from her involuntary boarding at a psychiatric ward.
One time when she was particularly unhinged, she made very aggressive threats to me over the phone because I didn't want to talk to her. She wrote me a love letter in high school and stuffed it in my locker, after I gently let her down I tried to avoid her.
No, she's not attractive or intelligent. She's a ham-fisted bridge troll who wants me that fucking badly.

I know anyone who's this obsessed is mentally ill and inherently undesirable, but it makes me mad.
Why can't a handsome man with ambitions and money go after me this damn hard? No, I get a crazy lady and neckbeards. It makes me want to die.

No. 426779

this is pretty ignorant anon, sorry.

No. 426780

Anon I miss taking uppers so much for those reasons. Problem is the more you take them the worse you get about it. Like you'll start staying up for days at a time and you won't be as productive. You'll get cranky when you don't have any and push people away. Your skin is going to look like shit from dehydration and maybe picking. It's better to be a little fat and tired than to create so much damage for a little boost. It's not worth it long term.

No. 426787

Feeling upset that my younger sisters all have perfect teeth because my mom decided to get her shit together after I turned 18. I had to beg her to make appointments for me as a kid and she said I didn't need braces. I have always had a crooked front tooth and small overbite I felt self-conscious of (Thinking of adult braces now that I can afford them) All 3 of my younger sisters have beautiful smiles due to braces and regular check ups. Just one of many reasons I she will never be part of my life. I feel so pissed tonight!

No. 426789

I have a horrible fucking hairline, it's so embarrassing, it's genetics and fucked up because I'm a recovering anorexic. The word of my abusive ex are still burned into my mind "If you want your ugly hairline to not be so bad, stop being anorexic."
It's so embarrassing. I can't wear so many hairstyles…
On a similar rant, I'm recovering well but all my friends nonstop talk about keto and how fat they are and weight, it's EVERY conversation lately…

No. 426792

>NEET for 3 years cuz muh mental illness
>finally get my shit together
>start massively applying for jobs over the last year
>exactly no call backs…until a few days ago!
>have a really good interview, ask lots of questions and show interest in the process etc
>"thanks anon. there are more interviews today and tomorrow. we'll be in touch"

Now I'm second guessing the entire interview. I know it's stupid to have expected a job offer immediately but I'm so fucking desperate for work. I'm slowly running out of savings and I feel like a job would vastly improve my mental health but no one will give me a chance…I have SO much retail experience too, I can't believe none of these shitty stores want me. I guess with my big fat employment gap they can tell I'm a desperate NEET.

No. 426794

there are a million reasons for an employment gap, anon!! i doubt that is the conclusion they are coming to. they offered interviews to other people and need to fulfill that obligation so please don't let it make you think your interview wasn't good enough. i wish you luck, anon. sorry if my words are dumb!!!

No. 426796

Omfg Amoxicillin is one hell of a drug. I though that mf pill would help me with my laringitis but im feeling WORST wtf this never happened to me with any antibiotics, fucking poison. I just had mid fever until treatment but know i have diarrhea, vomit, urticaria, dizzyness and my head hurts a lot, it's been 4 days since the first pill and my laringitis hasn't got better, this is hell.

No. 426820

I live in a really small town where I know everyone, and it’s really difficult to find a boyfriend. I’ve always been really awkward and find it difficult to approach people- therefore I’ve never had any experiences. I’m 20 rn and I’m going to university somewhere else soon, are things different? I’m going to push myself out of my comfort zone once I’m there, but I’m scared that’ll I’ll be rejected. I’ve heard so many bad things about tinder that it’s really put me off dating apps, so I’d like to meet someone naturally. I’m feeling really hopeless about all this though, I know that a relationship isn’t everything, but I can’t help but feel a little sad when nearly all the girls I went to school with have had multiple relationships and boyfriends. Did any of you ladies get into relationships later in life with no experience ? Or am I just an unwanted loser lmao

No. 426821

File: 1561622255061.jpg (55.19 KB, 800x800, IMG_20190627_094847.jpg)

At two exams and my final thesis to get my second degree, I am so fucking tired of having anxiety each time, I can't study anymore, it's like I lost every bit of reading comprehension I once had.
There are 40°C out there and I'm about to leave before I get called for my exam.
Too much pressure, I wish I could live off lottery money and do whatever I want for the rest of ny life. Fuck education.

No. 426841

There is a disgusting tranny on Poshmark that hoards AA disco pants. I have been trying to find a nice pair in pink for the last few years and EVERY FUCKING TIME they pop up, there he is, within the same day it’s posted to buy it. Like he has bought them in multiple sizes in the same color, why?? Why post a picture of yourself on your profile clearly showcasing your gross fetish and that you absolutely cannot fit into any of their old sizes. I can also tell he has been reported before as he keeps popping up under a new username… like for fucks sake dude, stop

No. 426842

update: I GOT A PHONE INTERVIEW! Only problem is I lied massively on my resume out of pure desperation to stand out. I understand lying about some little things but this is really bad, I'm in way over my head plus its on the phone so they're going to choose you based purely on your tone of voice and how confident you sound and you can tell how weak a person is based on that. I'm fucked. Anyone got a crash course in charisma for someone who can barely string a couple of sentences together? Fuck.